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fx DALH I ANNUAL - 124 E.. M ogo E5 VYO 57759 for ' 9 'l-L0 ?S?3 Q19 W X36 Sip COPYRIGHT 36-f-M,m.'1frwafvwvu Of? 7LQ,f,JQP?,,Q E EDITORA Q ' BUSINESS MG . 9 CQZLS31' uw 9-NX 512 'X Cru? 'N 'Xl' 'Xl' FOREWORD t Pg NAif,Y.,+ p hth hpp bkt Y .. ,fth1924D1h' t H' Sh lfD1l T I' C113 'X 'XI' 'XI' 'STQI' "N'?T? il fl o e MTEQIAQQQQ1. :M f 9 O QQ 0 g N o ffs rw- f off-s .. Q ' R R ' 4 o R ' I ' - ' A ' A ova ,po - - G90 G0 5 I, f oj -f - HAT as you turn 'X f F' If he ya es in this fs 3135315 book the Clays H I g,fs'fQ3y? of the ast year CI I I ..-,- V 41-M 'J-A spent in old 1- Bryan, w e er in rain or in ' . shine, in a iness or in sor- . . "' row, may come ac o you " ' more clearl 3 th1S IS the pur- ' '15 pose o e a 1 An- " 1, nual, of he Bryan Street 1gh c oo o a as, exas. CLF CIP 9 , 4 n y 5 C DEDICATION THIS, the twenty- fourth Dalhi An- nual, is respectfully dedicated to Mr. N. R. Crozier, former Principal of Bryan High and now our new Superintendent- Elect, as a mark of ap- preciation for his splen- did services to and unfailing interest in our school N. R. CROZIER IJ: nl, If. Iilmzxyl., win' hm x'wig11fX1 I,X'Hll1 ilu- rlll5L'!'ll1IL'l1Cltl1Cy OI Ihr 111111215 l'ul+lw Sflnmlx Hilti' itll 51-Lux .11 mort clxftixlglm md cfiicicnt 5L'I'ViL'L'. Hs Ima xwu fm' himwlf the laftiug 21131 :lticm of tllc 110111110 of Dallas. , I N r M? 'f'i1 f" ? ff' V . . 7 , , L ,L if J .. ,. QR-7 Y W L , i i U A i Sf 'L il f 5 5 , 11 ' l 'T W 1 L I i , g 5 .au - 5 1 5 i r-n F 'F' S 95 s ' . 1 , .r - , Administrative Qjiceis of the Dallas gi , Public Schools ' ig i 'Q V . . W o W 4 L DR. -T. In Ix1M1z.xLL X. R. CROZIER i l i Sufveriizfcnzdvzzt --Issistonf Sltf7fI'il2l't'l1dCIli mi E. B. CAUTHORN C. P. RUSSELL Q -L' District Supcrintendenf President of the Board ggi of High Schools of Education M gf BOARD OI' FDUCATIUN LL i s QLINTON P. RUSSELL, President XV, C. LEMMON, Vive-President N . . , 1 . MRS. Kumi ILXLL ii 4 . BOUDE S'roREx' i f MRS. H. L. I'EoPLEs 1 ,E f ALEX XV. SPENCE I .. gg E. H. STEGER L L H f . 1 LW ' f f U 1. f ,S i . ifff I L l LFQ . ,-,-,,,,,,, ,w4,,.g,,., ...,,L ,A , ,,,, L, ..,. ,. .,.-,,.., ,, fm' Y V' M -if . ' A ,.,,,- .. , - ,,,,. ga-: -.1., L.-. 4 -,,.,M,,.,,,,,, W , fi '.,,s 19 . .af Page Ten ii, i i 1 r ni l r l 5 3.1 , if gg :mem e+e:.'ll:: sH sax'i.-:-:e..i.ss-san i W W Y -if , rm F i l W l 3 1 l g z if 1 ? 1' L fi at g l i x l T , W 'fi l i l l f T . Y l g 1 l l ,An i I Q . . B is l i 1 l l l A L'- a T l i f 'f 'lx 1 ! I l l M,A ,A il li T If l 5 Bryan High Parent-Teacher Association y ' l 'Q ' oFF1cERs E Mrs. B. F. Hambleton .,,.,AA.,,..,,..,..... ,,,,A,.,.,.........,,,..,A,........ P reszlienyt dj Mrs. Barney Pearson.. ,..,......... l7i1',vtVifc-Pwsident , Q 1- ' Mrs. W. F. Bray .,.,..,....., ..,.,,,., .S 'nrnna'Vim-Pre5z'de11,t ,t l l l! Mrs. lf. A. Decherd .......... .,,.,... Y lllird Vice-President i i in i Mrs. C. C. Bulger ..... .. ............................. Trmszzrvf' l ' Miss Ruby Keith .......... .........................,........... S crrctary f Q I Mrs. J. H. Knott ......,.... ...,..... C '0r'1'v.rfm11di11g Sl'Cl'l'f1Tl'j' l 3' 3 Mrs. R, R. Holland ....... ....... ,,,........................ I I rmx Reporter i l v 115 Miss Olatia Crane ...................................................... l,lIl'lfl1HIF11ffll'l'lIll ,F ' History is the bane of the average stn4lent's life, but the polish of his 1 X , education. But few people enjcy memorizing dull historical facts and 1 Q remote dates. The facts, however, of the history of the Bryan Parent- . 1 E Teacher Association are not dull, nor the dates so remote, as to make it 1 Q 'L ' B such a laborious task to read it. ,gi l In April, nineteen hundred and twenty-two, at the call of the Mothers' 'F I X Q Council, there assembled in the auditorium of the Bryan Street High School, ' f g mothers of the students and the teachers of the school with the late Mrs. xl 1 , E Bagley, one of the Vice-Presidents of the Mothers' Council, in the chair. ' ' fp' This group of earnest friends of the school formed the present Bryan jigxf' 3 1 bl High Parent-Teacher Association with Mrs. Van Zandt as President. :Q 'W ,QQ Memory draws aside the veil of two years alld discloses the present 1 , 5 5 Association. It awakens echoes of hard work and conscientious efforts l i on the part of our predecessor, whose works and deeds have stimulated 3! 3 A us and will be an inspiration to those who follow. I i 1 , l The purpose of the organization is to bring the school and the home il W E into closer relationship. air QQ A -L . ., 95.3. ,s.,.,.c,....,gs,..-,. -c f.....c.. . fi A-T ggggm., '..4.....-....4.-...-..n,,ga1.:ll 1 1924i Page Eleven Y ' I - ju V emnriam - XYALTER CURTSINGER Class of 1923 Sterling qualities of miml :mel clizwactci' ciulcmccl him to Slllflelll hotly :incl faculty alike. XX'lifNlJl1l,I, Sl'l',lNi lu Qllass uf 1917 XYitlirlrcxx' in his sciiim' yczii' to enter mmvcrsczxs scrvicc-the hrst student to enlist from thc Dallas High Schools. Gassc-cl at Cllatn-:ui Thierry after sixteen months of clistiiigiiislii-cl service. ANNIE CATTO Class of l9Zl l.ox'4-liiicss nf nzitiirc :mil hi-illiaiicu uf mind cusliriiw hor in our memories, Page Thirteen ORDER WFBOOKS BOOK I The School BOOK II The Classes BOOK III Organlzauons BOOK IV Athletlcs BOOK V Physlcal Tram BOOK VI School Llfe mg Qu BUCK f 1 QQ 'sv THE SCHQQL G5 l F-x ,gg lage r-' '15 2'f"'F'B"'59ffl""-'E"'9f"""f'E r 1 i l il . 3 4 i Q 1 s l . N l l e- ' 1 a px ' i A i I i f 5 1 ,gi l ' L N ' 1 l i 1 1' l l i t l lJ , l l , I 1 , , E ' M 1 M JL U 1 l 1 i m 1 1 i f 5 : t .vi , , I 4 if l l .J M i l il' I 1 I 'lf ' l l e . ' 2 I. l l ' ' ' History of the School l l is l , 1 l ' rl l i N ' HE first Dallas high school came into existence about the year 1884. The building l lg stood on the same ground on which the Bryan Street High School now stands. Q The school was originally a Methodist College and church until it was bought . l by the School Directors and put into use as a school building. The first floor of the I building was used at first as offices for the School Board and others, the second floor 3 ig F X was divided into classrooms, and the third floor was a dormitory for pupils who did l l J l not live in Dallas. ' Y 4' Children from the fourth grade up through the fourth year of high school were E l taught here. The enrollment the first year was only two hundred and fifty, the pupils fl i A' in the high school division numbering only one hundred, and one of the first senior in classes to graduate was composed of 4 pupils. This is in striking contrast to the lim' Q I-1 present enrollment of 1500 or more in each of the four high schools with senior classes 3 1 E of 100 and 180 pupils graduating in January and June respectively. The old Methodist College was used for Z3 years until in 1907, when the building if used at present was built to care for the needs of the fast growing city. This did i 1 V not long prove adequate to serve the needs of the city, however, so shortly after the 'H l 4 annexation of Oak Cliff, a new and larger high school was built there. In 1917 the . Forest Avenue High School was built and half the student body and faculty of Bryan iv' High were transferred to the new school. In February, 1922, the North Dallas High I ,1 I School was built to accommodate the overHow from Bryan and Forest Avenue. 'l !, x i 1 'N Q Ti ' yjlfl i 2 I l f .5 li l A Lia M 15... ,,,,.v,, 5,1 W, :VY . ,-....,. ..- ' -, ,ww ,,,,AmM,,WAf Page Fifteen Page Sixteen 1,-n-f- A M? M4 wg.. 5 1 , -A X 1: . 157 wi, .? -V ialfx, mags ' Qi? 'W y . .V Q ' EE Page Seventeen l l ffff iff ,5'f'ie" fi rs t:-ze ' s-an 1, ,L H1 iii i iq V l it l "L l ? 5 its i, ' ' i l t ' 3 3 at an V ,I i t You Crm Do lt W l Over the ofFice doors of cnc of our national magazines is written the laconic in- l l l scriptifn, "You can do itfl In this simple phrase is couched the deeper meaning of tv! l l c-ne of the manifold benehts of education, and much of the explanation of what is , , M usually termed success. One of the most necessary and gratifying experiences that can 32 come to an individual is the acquisition of positive belief in his own powers and capa- i l bilities, and knowledge of his limitations. Of the numerous good results that should lg!- W accrue from high school training none is more important than the development of self- ful 'ig reliance and initiative. For without self-confidence, without faith in one's own ability Hg and decisions, nothing can be undertaken with any assurance and satisfaction, and, JL without self-trust, fear, timidity and hesitation will always be present to disturb and W is annoy. Q I - V Ii lb "Self-trust," says Emerson, "is the basis ,of success," and again, says he, "Trust M Ii' thyself, for every heart vibrates to that iron string." This does not mean presumptious In belief based on false pride, egotism, or ignorance, but rather confidence that springs from x -3- knowledge gained from difficulties overcome, from powers tested and proved, from gg 'll' desires and, aspirations felt, and from determination that knows no hindrance. Self- qu Y-Q1 reliance, while based upon conscious knowledge of present powers and limitations, must 3 anticipate future attainments by making adequate preparation for their realization. Q In This implies study and testing of self along the line of native bent and desire. ix E Some one has said, "Count that man your worst enemy who shakes belief in yourself." W ml just as truly it may be said, "that individual is our best friend who believes most in us N1 , and who causes us to believe most in ourselvesfl Likewise, that teacher is the greatest 'Q if teacher who can best draw out the pupil, thus causing him to have confidence in himself. l -5 believe in his own possibilities, and face out upon the world with the feeling that he's ' eg able to achieve something and contribute something to the world's needs. The earlier i tg! one learns to rely upon himself and the more fully to discover his powers the more -l meaningful life will become. On the contrary, it is one of the sad but not uncommon E sights to find pupils everywhere who are utterly lacking in self-confidence. pupils who 6- have not learned to rely upon themselves, and who have never experienced the satis- Q11 faction that comes from self-reliance and achievement. Im lt is the increasing purpose of the high school to provide. through varied courses and -if varied methods of instruction, adequate means for giving each pupil the fullest oppor- Fu-l tunity for self-realization. Indeed, the wonderful expansion that has taken place in the ml 5 high school course of study is but the conscious attempt on the part of the school to E- M minister more adequately to the varying needs and capacities of all pupils-to provide is Q., some work that will be within the reach and the interest of all. , X It is the glory of America' that men may and do rise above native environment and Uh social conditions-that positions from the lowest to the highest are open to all who will 1 1 qualify for them. Not fate, net chance, but the fiat of one's own will is the criterion I . 1 of success. The measure of achievement is in direct proportion to the determination and effort put forth to meet the conditions of success. Ability to do, ability to achieve. ,Q ability to excel in any line will not be possible in a large measure without insight and , i j desire. without application and preparation. without courage and determination, without integrity of life and honesty of purpose. L V S ' i . . T KARD. - -gi OC i, i I ti ! 1 Q f , L all ' i , 1 1 , l i i ' A f . ...... H 'J l .L,.,-.4--..-.-. ..a---- ,.--.,.4.. ag .4 . .i " ' , L.. . . -s-... . ..K gi a sq, pa'-if 1924 1-as-i-5-2-ra t -ive 'PUyefEigltteen ' ' M " ' T VRINVIPAI. I.. Y. STOCKARD P L1 g L1 LXWT11? tam ll, ggggggswy ifwiwwwfgegffiwwewwwwwewi s W Us creerrw reMWAim w F ,- ' v i s l . 2 ' ' K w . l 3- T -E- -5 A '5' 'E 5 .vh- T E 'l' . 4 l i F6 3? E ' i l W L Q 4 5 Ki lg, L. V. Stockarcl ........ Virginia Adams ......,. G. L. Ashburn .......... Nell Baker .................... Erna Beilharz ........,........ Eleanor H. Benners ....... Alfred I. Bommer ..,....,.. Allys Field Boyle ,......, A. C. Burnett ,.............. Eine Butler ...................... Rush M. Caldwell .......... Eunice Carman ........... P. C. Cobb ................ Belle W. Collins ...... Abbie Crane ............. Olatia Crane ................. Florence A. Davis ...,.,..... Ruth de Capree ........... Carrie -Deen .............. Sue Denny ............ C. G. Dotson ............. Susie Downs .... . ..........,. Eloise Durham ................. Lena Lee Edwards ......... Burney Flaniken .......,. W. D. Franks .....,,,.. Cecilia Gillmore .,........ May Gleason ............ Dan B. Goodrich ..... Anna May Henderson.. Anna Belle Henry .,....,.. J. S. Henry ................ Iris Jenkins .....,......... N. H. Johnson ........ Mary G. Jones ........ Ruby Keith .............., H. K. Kuehne ,............ Flora E. Lowrey ........ H. T. Matthews ...,.... Edith A. Moore .......... Nell Moore .......,..... Flora Morgan ......, H. B. Morga .......... L. Zoe McEvoy ..........,.,... Sophia Pajgipenhagen O. E. Parris ,................... W. A. Pile ......,..... . .Reagan ...... . Ethel Reed ......,...,.., E. R. Roberts .,....... Clara Rowe .............. C. H. Rutledge .......... Florence M. Spencer .,.. Minnie V. Sprott .........., Beulah Talley .........,.,.. Pauline Warner ...... Bonnie VVilkins .... ...............Principal ,........Domestic Art .............Chemistry ........................Typewr1t1ng ...........Drawing and Design ....................Machine Shon .......................Commandant .............,..................Shorthand .........Civics and Economics ...,......Ma.thematics and Coach ................Oflice Assignment ..............................Librarian ......................Spanish ..........Spanish ......,...Mathematics and Science .......................Manual Training ...,.................Office Assistant ........Business English ..........................History ...................,....Mathematics ........Spanish and French .,.........Domestic Science .........................Pr1ntmg .................Mathematics .....,...Physical Training ........,.................Physics .,................Spanish ......................,.................Mathematics Class .,........Public Speaking and Marketing and Office ...,....Office and Study Halls ........Mathematics and Science .............................Mathematics ..........Mechanical Drawing ...............,.,..Accounting ...................English ........,.....,...,....Biology ..............Dornestic Art ...............,.............Mathematics ..,.....English and Mathematics ..................English and Latin 'E 45' it 'ff W JL ? its i ll 1 ' 2 -L ' l Faculty ' l l FS w 4 a T 23 Nl '-? if if 'l M ............,....,....................... English lf JV. lm 7l' if fl E 38 33 Ei E 'ff til W' 'll' 'il' H W 'll' if G H 'll' W mb 'V' il - Page' Twenty LLM., .. l . .. V E it e4s:f....:: 1: ...-4g., n.:---..-.,.-Y.,.. 'P-W M FN ,--7- .. .,..-.,.A-,g., ELM, 454, ,,,,,w,,,,. ' - --ll swwagmgsWQQQNAQEEQQEMQQQEQQ Y Class Qjqcers, June ,24 IQIPMUXD DELTHICRIJ Prvxidmzf Axlcla CARLISLIA: EARL HAL!-:Y I'i4'v-P1'miz1'v11f .S'm'1'e'!ury-Trm1.vzlrfr J. O. MAILUNEY I1-:SSE XYEST Cfluxs Profwlzct Ser'gea11t-at-Af'u1.v HERB1-:wr STO KES Class lI1fSf0I'1l1H B. XYRENN XYEBB Clasx Port Page Twenty-one T24-M Sl - . L .,......J. "Lv, Qll,',...,L ' 11, ,,,.,,,, ,gin Y-if-by-4 wr - --,Iwi ig W L f . mmmn- Y Y Y , ,W , ' ' . QT' ,,75?' ,lik , 4 Y ,ha Y ' 'T' Ti M- 52, 1441 -I-Si' Q, Mi, ,iW,-wiv-f1:m .,55,,5 -1 .1,gs.f,.1,. ,.g.g.g,:-4111,-:ggmg ug: , - ' "'7"' i V - - 1 1 ' W E .1137 1 5 1 il 1' A 1 A . 5 : w 1 1 T l j . i l 1 1 1 1 l . 1 . 11 1 'lf I f 1 1 ' 1 1 l 1 1 1 1 1 1 Ji- 11' .. e Sli UP Nl 5 JL as HUBERT EUGENE STOKES GAYLORD HART ' i 'Q' llorn May 21, 1904, Mineola, Texas. Entered Born January 14, 1906, Hackensack, New Jer- W llryan September, 1921. Phi Kappa, Student Sty' Entered Bryan IQZZ' Hi'Y' 5- W Critic, Good Scholarship '21, '22, '23, '24, Linz "EIC iS 50 full Of Pleasant alwcdpte, . H 'lf' Q Award, Annual Staff. ,o r1c1, sox gay, so poignant m his wit. 'W' my "Lare-brained, c1ear-eyed- JL Of such as he ANICE CARLISLE If .55 Shall Freedom's young apostles be." Born Pecos, Texas, June 20, 1902. Entered 1 .: W Bryan September, A1920. President Girl Reserves W1 f 1 '20, '21, '22, '23, P '20, '21, s '11 C1 b, 15 ELIZABETH STEPHENS GoodVSchcilarship, Ezzlchalixege Editor lgjihis Annhal Svc - 7- 1 - '22, ice- resident Senior Class, President Little 9 Born May 9, 1907, Danville, Nxrginia. Entered Theatre 124, Associate Editor Annual- JL Bryan September, 1920. Dalhi Staff, Good Scholar- - U 'N 4 ship. "Th'1olu arts queen, Fan? Anilcie W 1. "Her feelings have the fragrancy, , 5 Su 'gels we' . 8 ol-gt ee' , J Thou art devme, Fair Anice, ml The 5651111655 of young Howers." The hearts 0' men adore thee." 'F' 3 ROY SETTLE MIXON CHARLES STOVALL HUNT I I Born April 2, 1905, Hermleigh, Texas. Entered Born Dallas Texas April 18 1907 Entered 1 ' llfyall Oftflbel' 15, 1933- U00d 5011013311191 Mili' Bryan September 17, 1920. Militaiy, Seciond Lieu- W Nfl", I tenant: Rifle Team '22, '23, Good Scholarship. '1 1 "A kind- true heafly 3 Splflt high, "A man whose name none can know but they l l That cannot fear or will not bow." will honor." ? 'N' f W E DOROTHY RUDOLPH VIOLET LOUISE COMPTON lg Q1 Born Gainesville, Texas, 1906. Entered Bryan Bom Lexington, Kentucky, March 5, 1906. En- M 1921. Good Scholarship '21, '23, '24, Fred Bryan September, 1923. Spanish Club, Girl ? eserves. 5 ig: "Her voice was ever soft, gentle and low-an ex- --'I-hy Step is as the windy that weaves do cellent thing in woman." lts playful way among the leaves." W 'V' N' ll- 1 JL 5' ' l 'll' ' 'IT W W 2 1 1 119 1 5 L 1 11 1 1 1 1 1 ' l 1' ll 1 1 W 1 1 .1 ,, 1 JL 'Q 3 1 l i 1 . 1 1 , - 1 M. 5 ' l ltf . - 1 s E -111 es, E . - 1, 1 5 - N F-4 . . I A X ,.-,E,.,.,..-,.-.........-, ,ww .,v...-,H,,..,, is 1- 1 11 1924. 4 - J 1 , 'I'1'1y'e Twen tie two ' ' I 1 1 1 1 1 1 I 1,1 ' E ilil ,. 11' l 1 ,T l 1 1 lr 1 l 1'l ' s 1,1 V I I 1 1. .mn SAMUEL MARTTX XX' HITE CA RL XV. XYA L L 1? ii 3 1 l i 1 1 9 1 1 1 1 5 1 1 351-e 1i1f-A -i a:- -1-- -112224-11 er as ur e- 11-sax:-1-F-ze-11532111 -311152-41,3 'S '1 eeeee ewi'W do i i i ' so ' i is e li l l l 1 M 11 1 l i l liorn Denison, Texas, March S, 19410. Entered Bryan September, 1919. Assistant Business Man- ager Dalhi Annual, Good Scholarship, Linz Pin Award. "A genius so shrinking and rare That you hardly at First see the strength that is there." ROVVENA VVHEELER Born Dallas, Texas, April 1, 1905. Entered Bryan September, 1922. "VVhen she had passed, it seemed like the ceas- 'ng of exquisite music." J. o. MAHONEY 4 Born Dallas, Texas, October 16, 1907. Entered Bryan September, 1920. Forum, Commercial Cluh, Art Club, Good Scholarship, Radio Cluh. Dalhi Annual Staff '23, '24, Class Prophet, Senior Bulle- tin Stad. "Genius must be horn and never can be taught." VERNA HARTIN Horn Mabank, Texas, September 12, 1907. En- tered Bryan September 1923. Good- Scholarship, "Her every tone is music's own, Born Springfield, Missouri, June 7, 1906. En- tered Bryan September, 1922. Good Scholarship, Hi-Y. Assistant Editor Dalhi. "His high, broad forehead, marble fair, Told of the power of thought within." ALICE CROW Born Cleburne, Texas, Feb. 18, 1906. Entered Bryan September, 1923. Little Theatre. "VVere there more like her on earth, Life would he all poetry, and weariness a name." COLE STEPHENS Born Danville, Virginia, March 18, 1906. En- tered Bryan September, 1920. Dalhi Staff, Hi-Y. "impulsive, earnest, prompt to act, And make his generous thought a fact." JUANITA GLASGOVV Born Dallas, Texas. April 27, 1907. Entered Bryan January, 1921. Girl Reserves, Good Scholar- ship. "VVith many a social virtue graced, And yet a friend of solitude." 1 l 11 'Q 11 .1 li if l 1 . 1 1111 liz 11, 1'l , 1 i l 1 1 1 11 H 1 1 1 l V1 I1 1 v 1 Like those of morning birds." . 1 F ' ' 1 1 1111 p ilu' I i7 1 U 1 1 13 E 11 11 1 5 ,Hd ' 1 ? iii I A W, p ij W ll ,Mg Vu, Y 4 Www, ag, ,, .gk ...-i,..,.-,.,::. ,,....s.,. ...ML .L..,,A.i ' f L , A 1924 gf f t f Page Twenty-three in i 15435 lim' lililll ilfffrli. il!-'Pull F-Q ill - WTI: 1 ggi if s 1 i 1 ll I i 1 JC M V l .V W 'fr i F 1 l E A i 12151 5151.1 iid: 1.-Wt, 'Qai' .,iv',:g,. 'Wlfi' it 'il V'f.i ig,w lg.- '---- ---'-N t- M,-N - -f --v---f-.....-.-.-....7................-.....-4-... ,,,.,,. ,,,,.,,,. an 1 Q . , -, , - wg-X-1 F, ap- iff. ,W-,..W,.,.,,.,..,,,.-...Q-, Im,,,...,,.--.,,,..,,,,,,,,. ,s , -. p ij: g-gg.-Qj5'...Q.f..g,Fi Q" as.. 1-1e...-..e.vg..1.-,:,a.y.4ase-1n.t.J.-n.t,s3g..ff.s...1.f51.:,s4..m.9.'.5li 'M' --- -v--..-----N-4...-...........L.-.. ' - 1. -6 1 E is i" 2 5 ' . rg M i I ' ' H l Yu' if ', I RALPH FORREST LOVVMAN Born Dallas. Texas, July 26, 1906. Entered Bryan September, 1922, Hi-Y Club. "A full rich nature free to trust, Truthful and almost sternly just." CORA GUNNING Born 1906, Dallas. Texas, Entered Bryan tember, 1922. Good Scholarship. Sep- "Peace charms the street beneath her feet And honor charms the air." JENKINS HRACHEN llorn Dallas, Texas, June 10. 1907. lintereil llryan September. 1920. R. O. T. C., llood Schol- nrship. "VVith rarest gifts of heart and head. Frorn nianliest stock was horn and bred." M ARION DALLAS ANTHONY Born Quincy, lllinois. Iuly ,G, 1908. Entered Bryan September, 1920. Semper Ficlelis, firculo, Hispanico, President of Girl Reserves, Good Schol- arship. "The sunlight of the trees and rocks Is in the light shade of her locks." XYELDON RUDOLPH ALLEN Horn Chandler, Texas, Feb. 20, 1903. Entered Bryan 1920. Forum '23, '24, Bryan Minstrel '23, Captain R. 0 .'l'. C. '24, Camp Dallas '22, '23, Good Scholarship. "Few hearts like his, with virtue warmed, Few heads with knowledge so informed." MARY LEE VANCE llorn Holden, Missouri, October 28, 1907. En- tered Bryan September, 1922. Atheneum, Girl Re- serves, Good Scholarship. Spanish Club. "She is rich in the qualities of mind and heart which make a noble woman." TOM CREWS Born- Opolusas. Louisiana, March 3, 1905. En- tered Bryan September, 1920. Phi Kappa, Military. Minstrel '23, Senior Bulletin, "He essays one hundred per rent pure gold." G RAL' li P.-X YN E Born Dallas, Texas. November 26. 1905. lin- tered Bryan September, 1922. Orchestra. Girl Re- serves. Student Council, Good Scholarship. 'AA woman of her gentle sex The seeming paragrmf' J MM. Ml. ,MX 5 . nf, 2 .- ...-...,. .-..-.-....,.-...........1....... ,....,.,....- .f ........,.. , - N, "f' rl,-11, -saw , . 11. 3 Page 1 wenty-four if-M-W----'H-f 1 1 Q er 1 Q 1' 1, Us il .'- W , ?1'3'i', .4 :ig fri ,. .4 A rib . J i l if l l 23 'Y' 'E l . i i i 'ii .ll .7-I v ,iijl Fi rf 1451 1 l . , . nw ,- 11,15 5 l if 'v 'fills Us ,gr 9-if 'EYES 13? rx Il I liflj 'T3 i 1, .1 2'-ll'54?s8ll'522Sll'f"i'CG'l'E'82l'EET4'l"lK 'I'5S2i'l'5'-igi-'AIESI-"-el'5i?5'lSEi'k5'5'll51'g'lI?2'1S'l'Sf!F-."l'a"15I8:l1S 2'-ill: 1 , .. TTI"-' W W ' Y A gg- We--W - - - --11-F l A 1 1 1 ll. Ji. 1? 1 1 1 1 M 1 1 1 1 . 1 'rr 1 w 1 li' 1 'lf 'f A 1 M . L1- 1 ICDMUND DECHERD GEORGE LEEMAN 1 Born Dallas, Texas, August 5, 1906. lfntereil Horn ,lune 14, 1907, Duncan, Oklahoma. En- 3,1 1 Bryan November, 1920. Good Scholarship, Foot- tered Septvlnber, 1922. President Orchestra '23, 'EQ 1 ball '23, President Senior Class, Track Team '23, '24, First Lieutenant R. 0. T. C., Leader of Bryan 1 1 '24, Basketball '23. Band, Little Theatre, Choral Club, Good Schol- ' 1 in arsliip 1 1 1 "One of the few, the immortal names ' 1 1 1 That were not born to die." 'AHis strength is so tender, ' 1 His manner so meek, I , That a suitable parallel sets one to seek." 1 T .. 11 JOSEPHINE JACK M 1 . . . . ' H1'.LILN M. OLSEN 'E' i Born Cleburne, Texas, May 19, 1907. Entered 2 gi' . Bryan September, 1920. Girl Reserves, Good Schol- liorn llzillas, Texas, july 9, 1907. Entered Bryan 1 arship. September, 1923. Good Scllolarship, Spanish Club. 1 W 1 "One made up of loveliness alone." "Ot her sweet voice in echoing hearts 1 'f A sound must long remain." ' 1 . 1 1 W 1 v 1 1. ,F 1 LHESLEY HENRY THEODORE CHARLES KR.-XMOLIS 11 1 Briiggn Sl3Sg:,i:SiR,,,iFCTg?0. IWFHUYT' hi?l?gry.ll'l1E?gS:i1 liorn liftllzis, Texas. December 9, 1906. Entered 1 1 as Sl'l10l3!'Slllp1 Students coumii '21, Thrift Club Yzi. 1mfl'1 5fPff'11l1f'11 1920 Mmmfy' f'0"d 'Chow' 1 1 s . , gilhliirlegjr siigar and salt agree '- 'Jllllllll whom tl1e rich heavens did so endow, lb 1 ' ' ' XVitlx eyes of power and jove's iron brow." ' Q- 'Vt' J THELMA 'WEAVER RQSA BERZ 1 Q- llorn Tyler, Texas, December 14, 1904. Entered Bom New york City, December 11. 1903. En, E- M Bryan September- 1920- f"f1 Reserves- Secfetzify tered Bryan September, 1920. Good Scholarship M 'M and Reporter, Athenaeum Club, Good Scholarship. Cluh. "A form so fair that like the air, "A mind rejoicing in the light fi 'Tis less of earth than heaven." Unfolding like a morning flowerf 1 ui 1 1 1 1 1 , . 1 1 1 1 1 'lf 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 K 1 'ar 1 A .1 1 1 1 1 1 5 lf 1 1 k . ..-5. e M 1 1 1 1 f-------f VY Y V V V V V ! i I H .O 'S L4 V 2 ll ' Q-,S 1' Q? - A' ,.1r3m -stage.-1-s a e -in-sell 1 1 r as sa isszzu.. hm--r Page Twenty-fifve ,,....,. L. -.,.---,,-,.. ., , . . 1' l. l a t ! 5 1 I I 1 . 4,-.Fm ,r .s are ,ak f. 'C' ,923 'Nfl l in Zig? if? L4 be +5-1: 'fi .1 at , in 1 lf? 1 , H,-5 , J- 'www :Qf'j1,f'F-'N'vgf2 YYINW V 2 .,y1g.Lfi me ,' 'f 1 i r:. wr: .5 :pug-R-mfg. L-'L'svgg:zfgagu15gi:ev f"f,,'f'jI-VJWT. F I- ,j"vj,' ,WN 7 Ax.iv.t1.,4:.Wux:m',,.i:.1,.ea1:15,-g.a..4,tm:.f.l4.et.3,.5n-g,n:fsg1Xl:i:"ws,zi.,.,..,e.'.1frJ1,.Q EA . Y ..--....-, ,..-..... .. --.W ..... , - , , , ., , ..,......,-. . gil , gi: slsj Q' ff, 4 . . t JY E , 2 r l , Aj 5 It 4 L vt f .Nl Q4 II 'MESS'-5. .'2'-EB 92-.' -JL' fqts vl I4 me? 2- J? T332r2:f23fQf5r"f,,.-jQg..g1.Q"Vi" '9 ' I "1" 324' Q NATHAN PHELPS Horn Dallas, Texas, June 10, 1907. Entered Bryan September, 1922. Good Scholarship '22, '23, Military '21, '22. "The stateliest type of man In act and speech Olympiamf HELEN HAMBLETON Born Cleveland, Ohio, January 23, 1905. Entered Bryan, September. 1921. Philomathia. "Imbued with all the beauty VVhich we worship in a star." , JOSEPH LOUIS BENOWITZ Horn New York City, May 16, 1908. Entered Bryan january, 1921. Good Scholarship '21, '22, ELTON VV. JOHNSON Born Dallas, Texas, January 30, 1905. Entered Bryan, January, 1920. Hi-Y, Dalhi Representa- tive, Military '20, '21, '22, Student Council '21, Thrift Club '21, "A man for the ages." MARJORIE ELLSWORTH liorn Morgan, Texas, September 5, 1906. En- tered Bryan, 1923. Good Scholarship '23, "Strict honour fills her spotless soul, And adds a lustre to the whole." RICHARD VVILLIAMS E it Q in Dr. . 1 .5-i4 J-,ff f. i s I 35 . 1 . 'l ' a . . . Born Sulphur Springs Texas August 23 1907. . 'ffm 123 '2 , t ,L P . ' ' l My ' 4 Drum ml in Entered Bryan September, 1920. Hi-Y '23, '24. 'QL "Noble and high-minded, he is a seeker after U , , ' , , H knowledgefi An abriflgment nt all that is pleasant in man. MARIETTA STONE FLORINE MILAM li- V Horn Dallas, Texas, August 3. 1907. Entered llorn Duncan, Oklahoma, May 5, 1907. Entered Briifn t-lj'1nl'5'aryf 'gm' Svamsh Club' hood Sfhol' Ilryan September, 1923. Good Scholarship. Ng 1 , arsrp u . 4 " ' nshe was 3 phantom of delight "She looks as clear as morning roses newly- ,lr i XVhen first she gleamed upon my sight." washed with dew." X ' i 1 l , , . -1. . l 2 1 f f 2 E, T fl it ' L Ly 5 1 3 Lili if 'jr ' . , U f .fi V232 5 ' f il Ll, 3 ' 1 . ' 1. g I ' I ii! tl l . A QQ gwfyx Ck? E 'C' Q' 5 iv . TH xwg:f..a-yffra.,effl- 2 ?4,,.,,,.,.,,,E.V-g,.,g,,,mW,c,:W,.,,,,5Kggi.,,,,,',"ggi,T,1' 'ij-U.lt.HI''AlixfPYfaKeCli.n1QiwfL2i.It.m.f1Qih:illnQc1.4'?1i':'t.i..-HC!-'.h'i-Q: g' '.'. Qi-1 'tim -J qfli 22-e7fn'l4.t'.'i-tl-f".a11.t"- -wm1.:..mIS'.fhai w...:f" IM Page Twen t y-sir ' --N---V----V--N -fvv -J' L Q. . Vg A 1 G .74'7i-5"11"'V"f"'?"F"f?"f emma. A A -1-.ff ff eww ftllfi -.1-.spa-, . fwim-rs. X - 2fL,'sf::,.':,.t1"y-.Aix-:J,'.i1p,'..LgLe1.,.'.i-zx.?.11z:e....an:.g,'...zxLit.ra,:I4,1..2..1s11:4,L.sxLx!-x.1.t.:us.AA1I.'4i'44u. ' 1 ' ' " ' 3 ,, ,- ,,..,. ,.-.,,......,.....- . . 2- . . . ,-.......... M.. . . .,. P :Lv 11' ' 1 I , lvl at T21 .f if'4 T. 354 if Q.. ,s fi 43 , ,-.4 . A 14 ' A E . fr , rj h' 4 91 if ,I - 77 Y 7 1-'i I T5 'Ll f. FE RKYXIOXD ll. XYli.-XYliR M.XL'RlXli MARTIN if liurn Kaufman, Texas, March 31, 1904. Entered H H0191 gliflillld- Tcxiisi ,lilltlfilii 50, 1907. ljlliffflfl ffg. ., '15, , . v Y ryan feptember, 19 U. 'ir eserves, 'panis 1 uf. Rmim s'ptEmi'H 18' I922' Ph, kappa' Club, Semper Fidelis, Good Scholarship. Sill . --A nam,-Q3 ggne,-Gus and full. 'Her glossy hair was cluster'd o'er a brow F2 , A hem! as true HS Steely Bright with intelligence, and fair and ,, smooth. ,' .- " , . . , . , N 1 Q :ff iv LAL RA MARIE. 510101 IZARLIL HALEAY A A l Horn October 11, 1900, llallas, Texas. linterenl Born 1 Dallas, Texas, july 3, 19062 Entered gli T' Bryan September, 1922. flood Scholarship, Girls' Hiya? 5ePtenIl'Qrv ,lg-20 ,hood 5Ch013fSh'P 23- '24, " ,, . , President H11 23, Secretary-Treasurer Senior ' 1 E' Llul" Perlgon muh' Ulass, "IJ" 1'lub.'24, Football "Devoted, anxious, geneious. void of iquile Eisdeiressiuxilgsllg f And with her whole heart s welcome in her That people will stop !f'Q L, Smile," Taking him for a fish." '-lf' at gt! M. K 1 - PAUL MQFORLAN SKINNER CMNUA RHODES 12,75 , M , , 1501 n Dallas, Texas, August 25, 1907. Entered 1 ' V Horn Austin. lexas. 1903. ltntered liryan Sep- H! yan Scqnembery 1920. An Club, Dalhi Staff, 2. tember, 1923. Spanish Club, Good Scholarship, Zetha Nee'. 57 1 'l he best things of the world come done up in 'gi Q, 'floodly and stately and grave to see." small packages." f Q4 2 KATHERINE MARIE THORNTON HARR4 11 IU-IAM SMITH 'QA H X Horn Cleburne, Texas, November 16, 1905. En- Mg" 1-J 14011111 JUN? 24, 1006- H1111-915' ICXUS- l"'lter"'l te-red Bryan September, 1920. Forum, Phi Kappa Q 'E Bryan September, 1920. Philomathian Club, Dalhi '24, Hi-Y '24, Good Scholarship, Linz Pin '25, '24, 'rf f 1 ' f ,. ' Editor Dalhi journal '24, " , Annual I rmcess' hood Stholarshlp' ' Q11 his modest, unembarrassecl brow 3 ' Quen-rose ofthe rosebud garden of girls." 531919 has Wrmen ibelltlefnall ' . 5-5 A -'1 P Z 5 Q .. :X-1 1 Ui 1 :Q if W- 2 3 .K 2 Y ,ali 1 1. 1 'V ,g - - -.2..-- V .ff WK- AM--s 1 ...,, 1 1 --- - -H . .. . , M .H , - t, .,,,.,,,.. ,N .,,,.,,.,g.. if-t N1 -,-V - 3 T1 i ,f 'fit' 5-1-1-qw. wwe fo" g ' ... 1 a Iv w f ' Q sf 4 sf - 4.2 f 54- -ts,,q'1.i,veV .1-H: ,uf .J -. 1 - J f . . if . . MJ Page Twenly-seven Y. .........'....,.Y....-..a--.---..i.1.......-v,..- . ....---..,,,.,..,,-,,,,., ,,,, A ,MW Y Y ,,A.,, ,L , LW., .......,.., '13 -RCI''uafJ1?ST.'i2?"ZQ3fi'I'lTf2'ZD1Q'b:Z1"S?-:F'1 :-ss., up g Q I. K A , s ,y1g',. -QW gt-an ,-7,2-fr. zrmfgrgyn-t'74j3sIf.'.segf'-Qgggf r'-c...':. - I.: f..T?za'e.L .a.-ge.z:lKg1s.ua,4..'.Lzima.-x.m'1.I.., ww3.e.:.mQsa. aw I t.1.p..:.--:..r f mt... .wiv aa.4.xe:.siT.,:.etg,s.uuv.JxnL.1Slii5f'..Z:2sxg,x::ms:aLe:J.rssx..r. I fgi viii 1 1 f -ii! 5 ai iifliw gif I 121 2 He 1 if 1 I 'lf W I 'E 1 l 5 .aiu W' 5 , lg: i i-.5 i l i r 'E' g F I .. 1 l 11 i M1 ga-.9 l H1 Iifii gg , iii ii!! . ,,., 5151 r I fi U., la EDXVARD R. BURR Born February 7, 1905, Linden, Michigan. En- tered Bryan September, 1920. "VVher'er he goes, he's welcome truly." VIRGINIA STOREY Born May, 1923, 1905, Mexia, Texas. Entered Bryan September, 1920, Spanish Club, Good Schol- arship '21. "The pure, the beautiful, the bright, Stirred in her heart so true." HOVVORTH DOWDY liorn Dallas, Texas, November 25, 1906. Entered '21, '22, 23. 24. Lhoral Club. Linz Pin '23, '24, Student Bryan September. 1921. Good Scholarship Council '22. "A scholar and a gentleman." CHARLOTTE DeBECK Born Dallas, Texas, December S, 1906. Bryan September, 1920. Entered " 'Tis modesty that makes her most admired." BLANCHE MARIE JAY Horn l"ebruary 21, 1906, Monroe, Louisiana. En- tered Bryan September, 1922. Dalhi Journal, Dalhi Annual. Good Scholarship. "Fresh, glittering with graces Of mind and mienf' LEVVIS DUNCAN MILLER Born Dallas, Texas, December 20, 1905. Entered llryan September, 1922, Hi-Y Club. "Quiet, honest, unassuming, he is determined to rise to the top." KATHLEEN NEWTON Horn Midlothian. Texas. November 6, 1906. En- tered Bryan September, 1921. Pliilomathian Club '21, '22, Dalhi Staff '21, '22, '23, '24, Choral l'lub, President Iittle Theatre '22, "D" Pep Squad. "Is she not more than painting can express. Or youthful poets fancy when they love?" JAMES VVAGNON Born Marshall, Texas. 1906. Entered Bryan September, 1920. Hi-Y, Phi Kappa, Good Schol- arship, Editor Annual, Linz Pin Award. "He was a man, take him for all in all, I shall not look upon his like again." i H, -Q ,,..,,.,,,..,.,. Q H LN A i V V - -.......2,...., .. . Lf 1, t -.,.......ifV.........2..-ff-rf..--.... -...--WM. 1 '- If4"-LTTE''F":',-i'?vf7"!T'!".117f1Tf?"f"f"l'i"'t'3IZ"'l'55"'?i?'ff' Eel? ff fi, 1. , ., 1.1.1. ,asain , -,,..,.,,1,,,,g:-'7,.q,- ...st-za: .sa sr.. af.. F i. 1. - . 1.3 .yi ,sf Mgfsif I -. 2 - is Mate. 1: - :fm , . aux' Page Twenty-eight WM"-MNST f"' ,. 3 L....T,.H.. "A Qhggag -v.. 'f'.??'7I'f5i5Ei5f3i'i5i5!f'iZ'gi:':F9153531FF' iifffri- Q 1 1-1-1494793-1-'V ,,,,,. ,,. .,.-..,.. . Y, ... . , ., , . ,. A. , , ,Y Y ,H ,,, ,,-, ,gs ,,,.. I iiiifg' 111 1. .tr 1 S 1 Q. 1 1 A ,s ,. . 1.171 1 fi 1 111 1211 1 .511 if tug. V i 71 l 1 1 lag' A li . 1 1 . . . 1 . 1 W 1 1 ll 1 . . . 1 1 . 1 , 1 1 is I 1 1 i .Jf i Ai if 1 fl 'iii ' 1 f 1 JEXVEL SELMAN EDMIQND LYNCH V1 1 Y' I Born Thornton, Texas. 1906. Entered Bryan Born St. l.0uis. Missouri. August 17, 1905. En- .. , . September, 1922. Art Club Athenaeum, Girl Re- tered Bryan September, 1920. llaseball'2-1. W1 fig esrvesft , "Like Truth. he has such a face and such a mien, is , 'li Her Wayg are Ways 0' llleaiallmess That to be loved he needs only tu be seen." 1,. And all her paths are peace. 1 I 1 A 1 L1 1 Q - Y 1 X1 1 Y BDNA NIAY GIFIA ORD " .' g JOHN BERT L 1 1 1 ,' h I Born Spokane. XYZlSl1lllg10ll. March 16. 1908. ' " 1 If 3 Born Opelousas, Louisiana, October 29, 1906. Entered Bryan September. 1920. Good Scholarship, . lg K1 Q Eflfeffd Bryan Sebtember. 1920. R. O. T. C. Students' Council '22, 'Z.1. Spanish Club. Girl Re- ' 1-' 5-41 --For his heart is ever like the Sea.. Serves '21, Zetha Xee, Swimming Club '22, ,23. V71 ,gk Ever Open' brave and freed, "Her active mind and sparkling brown eyes, 1113'- ln brightness sweetly l11ll'1l1OIllZC.U 1314 VIRGINIA BROVVN ' El, ' ' ' 1 ' Y Q , X Born Marietta, Oklahoma, lNIz1y 6, 1906. En- A OLAN he AN I tered Bryan October' lgzs' . llorn Dallas, Texas, September 19, 1907. En- if .4 4 ig "Strength and honor are her clothingg and she ff-red Bryan September 19, 1920. R, 0, '11 CM 'ggi 11. gl, . shall rejoice in time to come." Baseball 124. 1' 'l , 'ill iiillli "His modesty is only exceeded by his merit." 'F-1 ROBERT HANCOCK 1 Y' . . . . 1111 . '31 Born Pilot Point, Texas, May 27, 19075 Entered 1' RANCIBB MAE LURTIS MM N Ji- H ' S b , 1921. D lh' l tff '23, 1' 1 fir Rllgl ,liepgimpig Kappa. 3 1 Jourua 3 Rorn Fort 1Vorth. Texas. 1906. Entered Bryan H . U September, 1922. Little Theatre. '. Q' , 1.15111 He is a handsome fellow . 1 His humour is both frank and free." "She walks in beauty." 1Qii A 1 ani . Q I I I 1 QI.. 1 1 s 1 1, 1. . V L . 'liiili 1911 71,35 1 , i fi, 1 rr 'il i l 'i me iii ill? . M. ,, 11.5 l 1 iff . 1.1 ' 1 'fa if 1 1? pi 3 1511 lt' I gag - 1 ee-- 31 11373 11.31 112. 1 P1 21 i ' ful 1111 11,1 ' 1 1 if t Mi 11.2 . 1, A V11 1243 1111 1 T- w fi 1' .lfeii Y """" "" ' 11:55 .V -1 SEWQ iff' Tm." , , Y Y Y I 1 ..-.,-s,f-Y--W . - . .f.. V... 2 --31--H V--W-1--1 W ---W-ff - - --,1 , ,, V, . ff , 1 ?+"":-'er -f - : ...fffvf 1 . .4 "'fr'.t"':i -.1115 t.,.Jg , N M. 1 ,ay 1 ,ff Kg. Q- viii- rgfggfi-wqggg-i-:w 1 1 V N 1 Y ,Q-Qcvgrgfvjf. 3 'jf .1 5 ...L ogg .. , , V . . ..., . .V .,.. ...., , -27 .. -,........,..:H- I Ll... Z Y V K , , .I Carr Y Page Twenty-nine - G.. ,. . l 501151 , 3, i.".,, lik' -vi ii 1 'IT W 'E 'il fi 1 , . I , 1 i il i g Q if "fmt:1-mv'-.tfi..'.,1..+vf, -rw pq W-,W - A ,. 2 i H , 1 Q.. , . 1- M... a 2 ,rw zz ff r was fg ef . i . , 4, '..,,,l3t.,,V,,, ,. K. -.. f.,.,dw.... ' az '..,.J-f,...' t.T'-wakes. an" ...A-....,-.1..1. , , L., 3,1 ,. .- - t at ,..' :,.'. i-.xv: cu- .L'.w....,. .,.-. 5-er ., GORDON K. TEAL Born Dallas, Texas. January 10, 1907. Entered Bryan September, 1920. Hi-Y Club, Track Team, Good Scholarship, Phi Kappa, Forum '20. "Merit like his, the fortune of the mind, Beggars all wealth." THELMA EVELYN AUTRY Born Gonzales, Texas, March 29, 1907. Entered Bryan November, 1920. Girl Reserves, El Circulo Hispanico. Good Scholarship '22, '23, '24, Dalhi journal. Linz Pin '22, '23, '24. "The beauty of stars in her eyes. The purity of lilies in her heart," ARTHUR SIMPSON L. R. VERSCHOYLE Born Dallas, Texas, May 24, 1907. Good Schol- arship '22, '23. Phi Kappa, Dalhi Annual '24 Busi- ness Mgr., Second Lieutenant Military Band '21, '22, '23, '24, Orchestra '23, "A moral, sensible and well-lived man." ALICE HARTMAN Born Detroit. Mich., Oct. 31, 1905. Girl Reserves, Good Scholarship. "Those eyes, whose light seemed rather given To he adored than to adore." JACOB LIPSITZ Born August 27, 1907, New York City. Entered Bryan September, 1920. Forum Club, Commercial ,.... .... A .,., E.. fi-m.1':'?.,-, ..-, ,l likig lsijg im :Fifi F536 was 'I ifzlgill i W' 2 i , . Ll ,a l ! i i l 1' 'I s,Qs31 'l li" ,Weir ,ifrvyl , uw . 1 'xi Born San Antonio. Texas, March 29, 1907, Mm' Club. .Camp Dallas Cluh, Radio, Good Scholarship, hw 2 tary. Little Theatre. Debamm Team' 'iF1' "The rnildest manners and the kindest heart." tithe heart of 'm"0"J, E lhe tongue of truth. V L "tr V 1.1 E ,R A , f i . . . v If ' E , 12, MARJORIE GRAY 1'LOY INILHOLSON it-fn , V , , i v, i i I Born IN eodesha' kansas' Ma' 7' '907' Entered Horn Septemher 24. 1906, Dallas, Texas. En- 'ii'-L, ,5 ' Bryan Septembefy 1922- tered Bryan September, 1920. ' ? l . H V - . . 1 I 1 All that S best Of dark and hflghf "A heart which like a fine-toned lute, i l Meet in her aspect and her eyes." From eye and lip in music spoke." l A 1 ' Ji? l ,T , ' ' W 1 , L 1 1155? :L . it 2 " " li .i e i is-Q 15.14 . 1 1 r 'fx ' :xi wg gil? Q il 5 J iiiif e j 1 'f , FQ , P572 1 Qi T Si: S in '-s ' V1 E ,F ffm'-1 Q , i 1 'ff I ll j ei ,, 5 gi S frjgsi if , ,m,-.,,-e.-, 7 ff 1 ,.,.,m,,,,,-M,M,mm.,,,,,,,.,..,,.-,s-,.,K1 W , E e-.-.-,...e..-a,.,. rig, ' , Q-N... at f pw 1,--swf-ky iw if -'v5'?..fnf7-'var-2"-v"f" Qija ,ff V ifvwf-1: we 4:1-45-A re ' ' '2T1i1fff"""j"P"i' Hr' -f'::f,- ,eg .1 ,,,'t.Q...'...M.1,.' -LQ .im,,H..i ,,..,p,f.- ,.e.r..., 2 W Ei ,Y Kiwi. . .. . -. 9 .. ..,,,1,-.sg 5 f......,-,...........--....,..w-......2...,..............,....,Y ,,.-..---.. ,-. ..,.. -., ., . M.- .... ...---.,....1. ...ci ' 2 -J Page Thirty, Q .1 E. E .i E , 1 +21 1 i 1 1 4 1 4 i Q , 'W 5 :fi Qi . 3 ,i ,Q . 4 F"-4 A 2 -ul: L 'H " A iffzitifsisysz-2QzEsgfQ,,W+:-aA:.,,.1 ,Y 1 A A A A fe A ,Y A - A-'F-Ma yi. 17.4 Lia ' :1"fviq'xQ?'i-ifrgf' f riwx' ' , N J, i 'r - I Y YV Ame .Ai .f -Y H K 3 iii!! 3 z 'f 3 ix 5 , fi All f', I i , 'dl Fri 1 f - 0 NLM ' w 2 f N ' ' f 1 1 2 5 gil 1 , r Z3 .5 K 1 af -5 l .r ' Q 7' 5 s i ibm ' I 3 47 .-1 3 H ' I, I' 4 1 ' Y DOROTHY JEAN SBHTH MILDRED MARIE PHPPLE . 1 1 Burn Yernun. Texas. April 1.1, h 1900. Entered lirirn Dallas, Texas. March 12. 1906. Entered ,, 4 - Bryan September, 1925. Reporter ot Atliezineanni. Bryan Se itemher, 1920. Philomathian '20, '21 L' , ' Zvwfl .,, Al 1 1 - -7 V, .. -1 ' ' if Hour Dorothy is an angel. icilgilgilllll Staff, I-ood bellolarslnp -0, ..1, ll Pep 1 " . Hflt H9f,'ff1m H'fm'ff'1? mrthi I . "Her laugh will lead on to the place, 'Q 1, - She s ne ei twanged lyies in heavenly el1un's-- W-IWW lim the lm ,mess vnu Wqm H n X Af - She came here from Fort 1Vortli." ' 1 pl ' ' ' ' 9' 'Q J i 1, f- , , . , , , All 1 V v WAX NE ARNISTROYG 1 Moss BROVX N N A 1 1 i W if llorn Dallas. Texas, .lamlary 1.1. 1900. lfnterefl lifml 5hi"Y1'efg Oklahom g'May IZIQO7' hnfqred 1 4 I fl 4 . llrxan September 1973 Forum Klub Asmciate ' - 1 i' N 1 llryan September 25. 1922. Good Selmlarslnp '22, Fdkmr Immun ' " ' ' ' A ' 'Q V gui '23, A ' I I . V A . 1 1,513 h ' - The trne knight of learning. the norlfl holds him Allawi, Liwii "A combination anrl a fnrm, indeed. deap- E- 5 yyliere every gud flifl seem to set his seal. INV? NFSS him- JOY vruwn him, jirgn il K-MM! lu give the world assurance of a man. Kind speed his vareer!" ' F .FE MARGARET ELMINA LEVVIS NAN JONES ll ' ll L Q J Born Dallas. Texas. l"ebruzu'y 5, 1907. l-filtered H0111 P1llCSliljf'. Texas. Sepielnllfl' l5. 1907- EU' E. 4 Bryan September. 1020. Philornetllian, Good Schol- lf'Yf'll Bryan 5ePf6l11lH?lf, 1920. Good Scholarship 'fum Qigx glyghip 'gl' '33, '2j. '20, '21, '22, '24, Dalln Annual, Students Council jfihii fi, ' . . . . 'zo. '21, jp. uflllf Shi' 15 Hflflfl 215 Shf' 15 lfl"'vu "She is a friend worth having." 1Vhat more can lflfill Rollei--nuiip on earth ahove her. we my of imyone? V i - 'T w i ' v ' ' ' 7 ' 1 7 Y ' . 4 i l DALE WXLDRQP HQRAEE HERSOA xx XLIE -Mi '-'li , , ,. ' ' Z , 4 , 4 - . - Horn Dallas. lexas. june ZX. 1901. Entered l 5 Z y llorn ljurman, Texas. Septemhei 19118. lzxiterzegl Bryan Sewtenlber. 1922. Hi-Y .21 '21 ,ZLL Presi- 43.31 ,., 3 lvryan September, 1921. hood Snholarslnp I--, l t ,74 Q r t R 0 T C ,W W3 Food gcholv ,ilk S Q Q SL-argent-at-arms :if Forum Club. Second Lien- fuf':Lip'.,5,' E2?ie"f,4 1jiu",7Q".,Q 'wg Fgotban 111 i In Q tenant R' O' Fl' Q" Srluacl '23, lqanip Dallas '22.- A KW' "Nolmody thinks nf him utlwr than fi: a fri:-nil "Fall him what you may. it it he good. and you I! lgkkfjl anrl a wrsrl-fer." will tell the truth." .Q - Q M E I " " 1 1 T. ' 1 wil l rf 5 , lik! l A ai? ig P 1' 6 H4 2 I : :givi I, ig ersii is fi f 31 ' 'I -I 4 . ,gif I ' l YM ' ,, , ... l-T44 I A 1 yn ' 5 " - i Fifi 2 1454 1 7 fl 2 5 15315 ' :gl Q ki . 5 fg 1- 3 1. M-W A 1 rs: -' , f I! 'A 1 Y Y Y 'g"""-ff l l'.,fi i itilli''f"T'1T'Tff"T1"""1'7'1'I""Tf"f"w'T"T'""I'fT'V"'T'l"T'WM.,..wf'1"l...1 and 1 1 1 ffm' 1 -. A A 1 A 1. - - A '1 -A-'A sl'-ll E W-5'-'4ff+1.Vx ,la 1. gf. :.j5fvf..'?'-.vmrwtvw .A yy: - A Y Q . 'A V U 3 Alf, 1 L' 5..::E:.w .qfl.:r"1.fuf ,1L,ra.l.: 1. we -.1 a7.2,,J1..am 5. 1 fm.-gg yi? - A. I 1 I-ix-ak. n-4.9 gxtxfqggugbfjg Lx'.1-'.'Auu1h5Qnl:lif'f. Page Thirty-one 7 at v . le ' Vt Vs. S 11 P ,...m-... .J . L 1,1 11 5 -5- 1' 5 '11 -521 .J 11. 5 1 1 1 1 1 '1 P11 ,, 1 1 '1 rw 51 at YE 1111 53 1 A 1 1 1 1 1 1111 I' 11 'IT 111 1 :fx 3 1. gi, 1 'f'1"i i"f""' A e""""i A 961151 f snr 1 O iefree?-ie5e"f.Fier53a'w'e":OO 93i?'i'i""i"7?'ii'f"'17ffm7:fi'i Marr: r M. 1 - f .' . '. ,. .-.' ' 'ss . -'FUI -' v , ,T+L . N1 affaz' . .. xg, . ,.,,Q.-4 . . , -. ,ji-, ,-.1....L V V ws H iJlR:M.:....w.v,.: " ,l. CLIFFORD LONG Born Dallas. Texas. July 15, 1902. Entered Bryan September, 1918. Phi Kappa, Minstrel, lst Ser- gcant R. O. T. Ci. 'Honest dependable, and sincere." BAILEY WOOLLEY Horn Hico, Texas. Ian. 2, 1904. Entered Bryan September 19, 1921. "He possesses a peculiar talent of producing effect in CVl'I'y11l1l1g he says or dues." DAISY HOLCOMB Horn llallas. Texas. August 28, 1906. Entered liryfin September. 1920. "1Ve grant 211111011211 she has great wit. She's very shy in using it.', OTTO MCCUTCHEON XVithrlrew from school at mid-term. MARY CLARK Born Dallas, Texas. May 15, 1906. Entered Bryan September 21, 1921. "A pure heart and a fair face." HONEST ROTHELL Horn Dallas County, August 3, 1905. Entered Bryan September 17, 1922. R. O. T. C. Band. "As true and straightforward as his namef' DONALD BLACK Born Tulsa, Okla., 1906. Entered Bryan 1921. Sergeant-at-arnts, Phi Kappa. Forum in 1921, Hi-Y 1923. joke Editor Dalhi journal, Good Scholarship 1923. "My tender youth has never yet known the pas- sion of flaming lovefl HENRY COHEN Born Austin, Texas. january 1. 1907. Entered Bryan September, 1921. Good Scholarship, 1924. "They say best men are moulded of faultsg And for the most, become much more the better, For being rt little bad." 11 F31 Lf I 1 . 1. 'I 1 41 111 1. i'i1 11 11 1 1 1 1 5 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 7f 31 '11 JL ir W 1111 SLE . 1 .'1 , N1 Z! 1 1 1 1 1 1 f 1 1 . 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 i i '11 1 1 1 1? 15111 ,g 113 f , , 1 , 11 vi- . I 1.3 , ' 111 1 Q t : . i1 . J' 1f1 .WW,,, O 1 1 O 1 it J O .1 O eefe or A e,H,,rL.,,sL .... L .. ,..,,,., 111+.f To el :ire Q' 1 Z 14-ifete-1i'Z1 We +V' 'T M""1""'fe7"'E""T, 1511.1 1 Lfsgffitwzsatamslfxxna' j " Lf' Q, f - 5 1 J W,-misss-5 'ug-injkrf-jgrggwg-XBQQA or N125 gtg Y egg -'f' 1: Y fe H- f- --f fe f :Y M ---M-2'-:Alesis "W" s"' """j x , fr "" "fm "e -, .. ...W V V - V M' , W Page Thirtyltwo 4 r- "' 'Y-'ff' -.,. H fi. . . Y , 1- - -- H . A. .- ----v-V---W--v--V------H.w .1 ...Ms Wm... .........,.......... , Q ,cj C-?TV"Y'KU'E':f'i'j". f1LvP1ff2'f":'-vfw nu.. fpprnw ,qw-Jerri,-V .W 11,-..1,7.1 . .f 21, Lu.. 1-, wi.-.-,ma fig M yfXi,'.i..1, an - nuff? tai, ' ei.. ,.,,.,.,,... if? 1 1 it .1invzg.s....lf. ' 5 2' . , .7'r .vg.z,u.:x:.m ri 2 L31 si E31 1 ,LE 1.3 I 1. .3 lj A Pg le! ef 22 S13 if Fi E95 i v i il! ,' 1 13 E55 if a 8 I 21 ag, If sf E23 if 3 If if F5 Q.. ,J af, 1 fi ,il E215 pq.: lk refs 71173 is X1 'L 5' --,- - . . ., ,W-,k,..:., '75--'ee'e?'L7g!l?3?JE-?ef1Y3J'5ifC51usl!,lSrlL4i:..:1hliLhnd,' N' ,I 1,rmiiliml1-.hC.ase'i2cl.a:,1'L:'.f.nl.1 ' ' '?:az.ffFe91flsi'Je..rff Y ' MERLE PHIFER Born Xormangee. Texas. September 18, 1904. Entered Bryan January, 1920. President of Por- tia Public Speaking Club. ' A matehless shape. a graceful mien. All center in my Highland Queen." FRED MCMILLEN Born Murphy. Texas, Iuly 10, 1906. Entered Bryan September. 1923. "His heart is free from all dishonest tl10ught.', MARGUERETTE COCKRELL Born Stephenville, Texas, July 8, 1905. Entered Bryan September, 1922. Zetha Nee, Art Club, Gir1s' Club. "Ot her society be not afraid, For she is a very wmsome maid." LOUIS VV. CAMPBELL Born Dallas. Texas, December 18, 1906. Entered Bryan November. 1920, Spanish Club, Good Schol- arship, Radio Club. ' "A man of sterling worth., nf deeds rather than words," MATTIE BELLE BROVVN Born Pine BlutT. Arkansas, May 7. 1905. En- tered Bryan September, 1920. "VVhen she says 'I will'. On her you may dependg 1Yhei1 she says 'I won't'.-- She won't and that's the end." GEORGE PATTERSON Burn January 22. 1907. Lzmcastvr. Texas. En- tered Bryan September, 1923. "Aye, every inch zo. man." MARGARITE MCKINNEY Horn Dallas, Texas. August 21. 1907. Girl Rc- serves, Good Scholarship '21, '22, '23, '24, "No sordid wish, nor trifling joy. Her settled calm uf mind destroy." TERRY GOWEN Born June 17, 1906, Dallas. Texas. Entered Bryan September, 1922. First Lieutenant R. O. T. C. "Men are uf two kinds. and he is of the kind l'd like to be." JW... --,,, ,Msg -flgfsafiexeyqevi-,,.1iu-ivgf , .. -5, ,r3,q5'.1-.ztjeejq -1 jr 'ii ' ' Lf?-1.-fm 4 L E.. .Mtmf -f.::.u.131:.ii:iz3.s'.,esof:LL,!..,:.i:g-2..xi1...,1,,.,i '.:.L:.1.,m..Li4iG -r Ag, V fl - , L..,...-.,.................-....---..,,-.-....- ..... ,W .--L J Q ' . 1.22, ...-..,1,f Page Tlzirty-three vi if if 1 dz r l x l iii I-ui 4 x 5 f : ..s Et 5.1 lt ei w I", ui - f 1 1 1 9-3 rf, M - .-4, T .- 4..,, V, r V, V 4. .....L.,,t.Lm:4a..adf,.? pf Q.'Li-1..:.'s:..u.J',. Q. Page HERBERT E. TOMLIXSOX Born November 20, 1905, Sulphur Springs, Texas. Entered Bryan September, 1920. Good Scholarship '20, '21, '22. '23, '24, Linz Pins, Dalhi Annual, Dalhi Journal. "Beneath a veil of calm reserve. There beats a noble heart." JUANDOLYN CONSTANCE WRIGHT Born July 4. 1906, Dallas. Texas. Entered Bryan September, 1923, Choral Club. "Nice to talk to. Pleasant to walk with, Sweet to think about." FRANCES VVELLS llorn October 9, 1906. Tvarren. Arkansas. En- tered Bryan in 1921. Athenaeum Club. "lf she haul been forgot, it had left a gap in nature." MOIE EDMONDS Born November 14. 1905, Quitman, Texas. En- tered Bryan, September. 1923. Literary Club Bryan, Texas. "Delieately pure and marvelouslv fair." RYLLIS BULGER Born April S, 1907, Dallas, Texas. Entered Bryan September, 1920. Good Scholarship, Girl Reserve. MAS pure and sweet, her fair brow seemed Eternal as the sky, And like the brook's low song. ber voice-H A sound which could not die." HERMAN BOETTCHER Born December 20, 1905. Dallas. Texas. Entered Bryan September, 1919. Little Theatre. Choral Club, The VVorsted Man. Military Quartet, R. O. T. F.. Sehubert Scholarship. UA very genius of song." NANNIE MAE HOUSE Born October 24. 1907. Entered Bryan january 23. 1920. "A pearl without price is she." FERNE ISABELLE BLACKMON Born February 16, 1907, Dallas, Texas. Entered Bryan 1922. Good Scholarship Club, Perigon Club, Girl Reserves, Public Speaking Club. 'She is excellent in her books and fair to look upon." J "5 .... . 1, , -, .M,,,,,.....s,--......-,..-.-,-,.,.-.V.. -1 , , ,hwy 'wr :iz 'V Na. e , .- ,. Ti 1 N. x.L,..... N., ,. -L. -,-.... Thirtyifaul ' 1 1 4 . le ""' " ' ' f ' ' - - f -H V -V 1 ---f -7 --N fy xy- v--.... V --.-.,.. .., Q4 . E15 . :QQ f fi , -f + ffl ,rg . h , .Y 1 1 5 ff :Ee I rg a , Q 3 ' . ' 'v al ' izftl z XL' 2 'sf 5 WR P Tr 'L i T55 I 42 A 3 2,-1 , 1 Sf? Q .vw 3 Sf 3 1 px 2 'ff 1 VI ty. I 1 y ,. 1511 Syl j F35 1 3 yn 25195 I 'iii 5 fi, 1 We ' - - 5 ': JAMES L. REID ROBERT XY. PAINTER fi - wkyix WE , 5 APFOYII 1 Dallas, 'gCX3?., .lunek 12, 190Z. Etitered llorn Dallas. Texas, l"ebrunry 2, 1906, Entered H ll'-fan 5eptembqr,"0' U'U' Phi kavpaf hood Sfhol' Bryan january, 1920. Spanish Clulr, Forum Club, !.,f1. .nslup Llub, Military. . . . 1 f lu U I F Minstrel, Dalhi Muff, Captain in R. O. T. C., f .j Heitgsfilflf H0 eulogy' IHS clu"'u"'lt'r Spmks 'ml f'r:u'k Company, Annual Staff, Radio Club. n - -4 . . 4 1 P 2 E .. Y . ., , i ,' 5 VN ortli made this man. I , I Z w A . . . - , .2 , 'xiii CJENEVEIVIL I-IIPSKIND rf 1 w af. - - Y 3 A EQ! Born 1Xxi2.l72lSll, ll1dlZ1!lIl.vJll!'lK: 12. 1904. Entered H R' 5-is ap . Ii1'giz1'l S?EgS'l112fi::is'l Club: M i'h35h Vlloru. Mzmnington, YV. 4V:l, liutered Bryan April, ,y . 1920. flood Scllolarshlp Club. V' tl ,. , B' XVRENN XVEBB, JR. "Like summcr's dawn. sl1e's fresh :md fair." A Q sl If 5 2 Born Sherman, Texas. Sepia-:uber YZ7. 1.90Q. En- Al.lXlA . ' , tered Bryan September. 1922. H14 . Phi kappa. C Amluill 51215, 91255 Poet. SEFHCHNY R- 0. T- 4 - lim-n Dallas. Texas. September 5, 1906. Entered 52 I '-His bmmy locks Sm. 5-,mow llryuu Smptemlwr, 1022. flood Scliolarship Club, 5, Like gold they glittcrerl in my eyvg Qi,-I Rest.,-X-QS. ah in His poetry sae mellow, i ' jg ,- Like music passes Ivy." "K-rzwc was ui all lier speecllf' 2 . . 113 1 fu ll? -A 4 Q 2 V35 1-Frlvm D PRADFCRD as leffg xuvwr D'XVlS X " 'A ' ' if Y H at A 1 4 . 4 . . y. fy ziffif 141 lf. . 1 .- 3.1 .E I Born Greenville. Texas. June 26. 1907. Entered R A in H ll, in .L K it 7 I untill y 0 905 . ntered ,Lg Q Bryan February, 1920. !jdI1 Se-ptenilxei . 11-0. Cond Scholarslnp Club K f ' 'Rfli '22, 23. '24, 2 i "Sho keeps llfl' flirmgllts in licrsrlf and grvri 5 " 1' iii scrrnely on her way." Hllmlrsty of rlcrorum nmrks this lad." Q 1 I V ' Pi J 1 1: 1 ' i if? E "A 3 Q ls 22: -1 ii' ' ' Li i Z I 1 1 iz: 1 i gi .ff , xii ' i 1 ' 3.16 l ii 1 ii if' 5 if 1 l'ig:E'i""""-f""-"w-'---'--r---'-i-----"---- Q W 1 - -- - . . - N . . -1 j-'7-mx-1 if f.?.?ff7"'5',vf'f7::7v:fe?w121f!'5' :.s2'7'1r?2fkFfI'i'?'5"T . 1-3 -x I ' ' ' ' , ' ' " ' K: ".,.:-- . ' . ,123 4 jew-1523-'wwiffeffvi-L-ijsw HPV- e13+42f-Eiviivlfii N4 355-isxv-'Baa-q4g4Auf...fxSL'Lf,ffHl'f:.a .512 Page Thirty-jizgc ,M--A-N-----W---M----.----WM-MQ-I W N.-.-.-..--.,- ....--...-.-,2...-.-...,.,.,-,,s .,., ,,,., . .,,..,,,,,,,, ,,.,-..,,,,.,.,,L,,,,,, ,Mi .. lf .UI i----Tl lfwifill is l gigifvi iw? raw? 5 .-Zi i ,fzli ' l :fl 'D , 'er ir "4 l . l ff if , 77 I -1 3 , il l I ll I i I - l . K ,i g 5 his. l ...sig H511 wi fill Agl 1 1qji':"f ylyfsgfrfzve. f gy-gp. -,re gg-g: -'nil-'g'5,, Q: --vtqgzvnfres 'eW"7Qv'g, f wx 2. we . - - if y- ' A .W N- rr., , --.gp N.. , A - M., Q..--.. ,K -ie M. ,3.f..,p- 5 f ."'L -.,'.'- J-.:. '. ." R - "-.., 4 ', ef- 'f -. -f - .". f-. .AM - - '--'.'f'L--'L' "L"Fi:'r-:--'- -ff wi-2f..,-5e:1-. .sez 12..- .. -..g....:1..Y-f.,. ':..:,.:.::..c.:3..a W - ug mg.f'.i.,f.w..wga.fL.+e.eS..7i-,re.,L:x,,'f,as,- - -1-:.n.r..fia "'z',' , - A WORTH RATLIFF Born April 3, 1905, Ranger, Texas. Entered Bryan, 1920. Band, Hi-Y '22, '23, Minstrel '23. "Know him, then you'll like him." RUTH MAE ALDRI CH Born October 13, 1906, Dallas, Texas. Entered Bryan September, 1920. Vivicentia Club, Spanish Club, Good Scholarship, Girl Reserves. "As pure as a pearl and as perfect, A noble and innocent girl." MAURICE EIKNER Born September 23, 1904. Mullin, Texas. En- tered Bryan September, 1919. Phi Kappa '24, Good Scholarship '23, R. O. T. C. Sergeant '19, '20, Staff Senior Bulletin '24. IRENE VVILSON Born February 3. 1906. Dallas. Texas. Entered Bryan September, 1922. Good Scholarship. "In her the world has a friend." DEN SLEY HALL Born October 18, 1903. Entered Bryan january, 1919. Good Scholarship '21. "A thorough-going business man, A loyal friend." MARY VIRGINIA STOREY Born May 23, 1905. Mexia, Texas. Entered Bryan September, 1920. Spanish Club. Good Schol-1 arship '21. "The pure, the beautiful. the bright, V Stirred in her heart so true." ROBERT L. MOON Born San Antonio, Texas, 1903. Entered Bryan October. 1923. 'LAlways faithful to his duties, and pleasant withal." MARGARET GALLEY Born September 14, 1905, Nlineral YYells, Texas. Portia Club, Orchestra. "Nu sun upon :ui lizistui' :lay is half so fair a sight." "'.'I'f W' "" """"i"""""""'7""i""""""'f"""""""""""T 'rf' , ,X , V i 4 1 'x ' 'ws A." ' N,-ww--1-1-----ff 1 .1 eg, 3 ?,...a 2 rgwm- H - -. -.-. ,i Y-.,..f. . .. . .gf-, --., qi, I r ? .1 .T-uf, . .,x,M.,,.7.. ., .2 1 X .i- .. ., , , . V. ef. -, gee... - 4 if .- -4- :-1- - -, - .f.y,- mf - -:-+, , -- . .P 2,-A. -'.'3:Z2n.?m1z.z:: 2.1 r-tm:.e,......n:!..L1f.fa'L,...:.2x.f-gn....foie 1..- sn,.x.La.a.:b...-.. 4. 1 J, ,,q.,f --:-,.- Q... . ....1s.,, .- . ... --.J . . f I.. - , ix . Page Thirty-six i I i , l i i . l' - 1.1 1 Q - 5. ,.. 5.1 sf-5 Iii ng, - v X tt I l l i i r l il, I in ii ii I ,E is llljai ESQ! vii TT 1- .1-:gl .. ,, iillil l i l i i gl I 33 i,l,',, 5355 i if 'ri I is il? E31- QL. lg , . E 1 .,f.e - .-- 1..- . . iewe-'1-sie:- mere"-sf-in i l l Vli A311 I 4 M l PAUL CESSNA GERHART Born March 9, 1908, Dallas, Texas. Entered Bryan September, 19241, "His dimpled chin, and rosy cheeks. And face sae fair and ruddy !" CLARA MAE CANNEFAX Born April 28, 1905, Dallas, Texas, Entered Bryan September, 1920. "Sweet prompting unto kindest deeds Are in her look, We read her face, as one who reads A true and noble book." FREDERICK BELDEN IESTER '.2U, '21, '22, '23, '24, Vice-President of Polygon Club, Honor Counselor. 'Quiet and modest, but a student in every sense of the word." TEDDY HARRIS lioru March 10, 1907, Newark, New Jersey. Corporal R. O. T. C., Gold Pin in Shorthand National Contest. "VYisdom and worth is he, l.ove's a stranger to his breast." JAM ES VVILSON BURRAGE Horn May 25, 1906, McKinney, Texas. Entered Bryan September, 1923. McKinney Athletic Club, lst Sergeant Military, Good Scholarship Club '24, "His youth foretells a useful life," THEODORA ELLIOTT Born November 19, 1907, Corsicana, Texas. En- tered Bryan September, 1920. Ata Pye Club '20, '21, '22, Art Club '21, '22, Good Scholarship Club '20, '21, '22, '23, '24, "A perfect woman, nohly planned To warn, to comfort, and command." RUSSELL MARSHALL llorn July 2, 1906, Valparaiso, Indiana, Entered lhyan September, 1920. Good Scholarship Club llorn September 8. 1905, Temple, Texas. Hi-Y Club, Captain in Military, Band, Orchestra, Foot- ball '23, Track '20, Business Manager Senior Bul- letin. "The noblest type of man." MILDRED SMITH Born April 11, 1908, Dallas, Texas. Entered Bryan September, 1922. Good Scholarship Club '22, '2:3. uxxvlltfl I forget that the stars shine in air VK'hen 1 forget that beauty is in stars, Shall I forget thy beauty?" it l l l l l y . 1 l . l . r l ll 1 ' M 4 . ' , I S2 if N il l l 1 - 4.2 I l il I l ,I I r Ai. l 1 6 1 I , l i lt ! V 1 li l H131 sw i l 5 S -Af . . . 1 . Y l , ' i f l l l . i , , . 4 , I l ' l . A Fw , fill i ll ' ' . .. .... 5 Q - 4-----f-4-------'A-f----Me-er' ----" "'-- W r r'-"1"Y"'W"" "'A's" ' i eQL.,f - f A 19 44 Q-. ... . 1 Page Thzrty-seven lv . 1 f GEORGIA CAXTRELL Born February 3, 1907, Nashville, Tennessee. Entered Bryan September 18, 1922, Yolley Ball Team, Scholarship Club. "Bright are her eyes with the sparkle That glows from a heart true and loving." GLENN COPPEDGE Born December 12, 1905, Dallas, Texas. Entered Bryan September, 1920. I "Nothing but himself can be his parallelfl "3'1fZ:':-..., .. .. " A r -f .,, . 4. .. PEARL FLINT Born September 17, 1904, Pine Bluff, Arkansas. Entered Bryan January, 1919. Commercial Club. "The most beautiful object in the world. it will be allowed, is woman." MlLDRED SMITH Born 1908, Dallas, Texas. Entered Bryan Sep- tember, 1922. Good Scholarship Club. "She walks in beauty." DOROTHY HALL Born Dallas, Texas, June 22, 1907. Entered Bryan September, 1920. Secretary-Treasurer of El Circulo Hispanico, Business Manager Orchestra, Good Scholarship '24. "Always ready to lend her services to 'put things thr0ugh'." BILL SHIELS Born March 8. 1904. Commerce, Texas. Entered llryan 1921. R. O. T. C., Minstrels, Annual Staff. 'AA Finer man than he there never was." NlX.-X SMITH Born Dallas, Texas, September 22, 1906. Entered llryan September, 1925. "She came late, but she made her presence felt." ,1 Essiz WEST llorn Dallas. Texas, September 18, 1904. Entered llryan September, 1920. Football '22, '23, Basketball '23, 'Z-1. Trask '23, '2-1. Hi-Y Club, "A superb athlete, a skillful mechanic. a high- class gentleman." Ei' 151 .531 -fr N Page Thirty-eight t 5 5171 if l L 521 123211 , ii V'-5. sa, 4 .. .,. . A . .. -2 . .L S...-.-. --,- -. . W, . W. A 1 'r ' er" "ew ae W M . ... at Q.. ,. A -' if. -Hz x "-frqam ... ag... rw, .i,f.,w . -Q .. ar . '21 -2 . Q. 1 . .. ' FRANCIS BAIRD Born Little Rock, Arkansas. September 26, 1906. Entered Bryan September, 1920. "D" Second Club, Captain R. O. T. C., Rille Team '22, '23, Second Team Football '23, Track '23, Crack Company '23, '24. "An :ill round man, a credit to his class." DON l'lCKLE Horn Fort xvllflll, Texas, May 23, 1903. Entered Bryan january, 1919. Basketball '24, "D" Club, ,U "His smiling eyes, who can resist. BROOKS COFFIN llorn Tyler, Texas, 1904. Entered Bryan 1920. Band, Orchestra, Captain R. O. 'l'. C.. Minstrels ,N "His joys in life were only threef A girl, a band, and chennstreef' ALAN REED liorn August 11. 1905. Guziyziquil, Ecuador, S. A. Entered Bryan September. 1922. Good Scholarship '22, '23, '24. UA very genius." M. M.XXXN'ELL P.-XlNTER llorn Cowan, Indiana. November S, 1904. En- tered Bryan january, 1924 Journal Staff, Second Prize in City Thrift Slogan Contest. Phylosophian Literary Society. Boys' Glee Club, Camp Dallas. "Studious, poised and a worthy citizen." IRIS KILMAN Born XYzieo, Texas, September 18, 1907. Entered llryan September, 1920. Good Scholarship '22, '23, '24, Zetha Nee. "Her overpowering presence made me feel lt would not be idolatry to kneel." CLARENCE BROVVNING Born Ardmore, Oklahoma, ,Tune 17, 1904. Forum '21, '22, '23, '24, President '23, '24. VVinner of Greenwood Contest '22, lleclziniation '22, '25, Ile- bznte '23, '24, First Lieutenant R. O. T. C., Rifle Team '23, '24, "Eloquent he is and commanding, too." ROBERT L. HUMPHREY Born Muskogee, Oklahoma, March 7, 1907. En' tered Bryan September, 1922. Jan ,lnbber Staff '24. Hi-Y. Senior Play. "X1'isdom and worth was he." I "w ,-,..., ..,,.-,..,..........ff..- ..-V .' M. fx . ve 1 - .. Q ' tp x ,vt A .. . ,. . ,, I.. f..e .- 'r f Page Thirty nine ?tg: :.411.-4..- V. .. ' A -LL L-L i - S, , , 1 3 .-- j . T fi 5 -1 S !"5"4'l'?653'l'5i'e"'l'9'?5"'5 ' if-" "5'lg'i -' !"Tx'T' 1 ' I -"T" T' O" T T1 'lf 1 1 1 1 RUTH GASKINS LavONEE LOGAN I 1 i Born Centerville, Texas, June 15, 1905. Entered Born Dallas, Texas, March 19, 1906. Entered 1 1 ' Bryan September, 1922. Bryan February 14, 1924. Little Theatre. 1 "Sweet, lovable, dependable." "Can any mortal mixture of earth's mold , 1 . . - i 1 Breathe such divine enchantment?" 1 GRACE ELIZABETH DAMON in 1 ROYAL GOLSON ig Tr Born Dallas, Texas, April 9, 1906. Entered Q - 1 Bryan September, 1920. Good Scholarship '22, '23. Born Tyler, Texas, February 211 1902- hllfefed 'V' 1 H . . ,, Bryan, 1922. M 1 A very gentle maiden and of good conscience. . I I JL as "He never brooked nor claimed superiority." , N1 11' I DANIEL Q LOU SE JOHN MADISON LaRUE M 2,2 Born Kaufman' Texas' October 29' '909' En' Born Venus, Texas, August 25, 1906. Entered it tered Bryan February, 1922. Good Scholarship. gh I di U d Bryan September, 1920. Q " t I .U ,io " every ge' "6 'gm ' an grace --Genius hath marked him for her own." N? ' .5 MAURINE INGRAM ARTHUR MOORE W M Born April 19, 1905, McKinney, Texas. Entered Born Dallas, Texas, January 7, 1906. Entered fi W BFYHH Semember, 1921. Bryan September, 1922. Corporal R. O. T. C. gil' 5 "Grace was in all her steps, heaven in her eye." --Not even genius compares with grit, 5 my And a man can't lose if he will not quit l" it VALIMA KIRKPATRICK MARVIN SCHULZ ui U' Born Hillsboro, Texas, March 4, 1906. Entered N' B,-yan September, 1923, Born Seguin, Texas, March 29, 1906. Entered " ..There,s newer a Bower that blooms in May, Bryan September, 1920. Forum '22, Phi Kappa '24, 2 ' Thatvs half as welcome as thou any President Choral 'Club '23, Football '23, Baseball Tl' JL '24, Sergeant Military. KN 'F --H 1 ' th 'd r fl hp-d 'd f - r LENNIE KNIGHT eaii ZS:-integrals o xero wors 1 evoil o 'rm W Born Nashville, Tennessee, january 31, 1906. En- , JL tered Bryan January, 1920. Girls' Reserve. THQMAS FIELD SMITH 24: 9 . tt ' ' tered Bryan January, 1920. Football '23, "D" "3 lm Club, Minstrel '23. 'lm 5 ELIZABETH PIEL "His heart is full of goodness and his face is J Born Port Sullivan, Texas, November 12, 1905. good to see' mg Good Scholarship Club. W .. - - ,, ACK TANN ER - -r Just a little bit of heaven come to earth. J 1 fm Entered Bryan January, 1920. Captain R. O. T. fm ELSIE QUIST C., Rifle Team '21, '22, '23, Camp Dallas '21, '22, 'E' '23. 7 Tr Born Chicago Illinois September 26 1906 En- H1-Ie is ' , , , - gentle, he is shy, W EJ' tered Bryan, 1922. Yet there is mischief in his eye." lg! A "Blessing and blest where'er she goes, and heaven fi! wt reflected in her face." LAWRENCE STELL 'H' ii- Born Dec. 16, 1907, Dallas, Texas. Entered M RUTH RUGEL Bryan September, 1920, Vice-President Forum, gg . Camp Dallas Club, Crack Company '23, Captain lg Born March 8, 1905, Mesquite, Texas. Entered R O T C Annual Staff ,24 .5 iw Bryan September, 1920. "" ' ' 'lp Si A d I d H 6 d "A versatile and a valuable man, and a scholar Y . " mai en gent e, yet at uty's ca , rm an Withaljv I unflinching." ? l WADE RUSSELL W W GLADYS TINNIN Y! 5 l ' D Born December 22, 1904, Fort Worth, Texas. " F Born Farmington, Missouri, January 1, 1905. EH' Entered Bryan September, 1917. First Lieutenant Q A tered Bryan September, 1922. Art Club, Good Schol- R. O. T. C. -n l arship, Girl Reserves. "Dignity of bearing, true worth in character mark 'ff 1 "Of winning speech, endearing, kind." this man." L -2- E I s -r-'- , 1 s 2 A ss JL 4 . I -1- f " "'-H """"""" "" . ., 'MA' , -1 A 1. :I+ - if 1924. ia:-:eff-has-i i ei iiew Page Forty - Ie I-exerts zeumzesfn-aswazrani-'F ,gn-asa-v samazzzi-.':a-alias-1-n'.:safnt'.s:':.f-nl.-:f:-:i-se::w-.':-:e'u-seem" l s 9 i 9 it ' it 9 9 9 W tt 'F' Q3 1 1 s 'W . HT' ' W- , 'll' E if QT fm 93 17 Q ' VICTO TEDE Entered Bryan January, 1921. Corporal R. O. T. C., Crack Company l22, Annual Staff. "All the earth might rise up and say, 'This is a man'." STUART WALKER Born March '19, 1905. Entered Bryan January, 1919. "Quiet and unassuming, but with sterling quali- ties of heart and soul that win our love." ELTON WILLIAMS Born Altus, Oklahoma, November 19, 1907. En- tered Bryan September, 1919. "No matter what the weather He and duty travel together." JACK YOUNGBLOOD Born Dallas, Texas, November 24, 1907. Entered Bryan, 1922. Baseball '23, '24. "As merry as the day is long." ONA BARTLETT Entered Bryan September, 1921. "She loves her fellow-creature And does all the good she can KATHRYN BENNETT ' Born Dallas, Texas, September 6, 1906. Entered Bryan January, 1924. "Those true eyes Too pure and honest to disguise The sweet soul shining through." LAWRENCE ANDERSON Born Taylor, Texas, November S, 1906. Entered Bryan, 1923. Corporal, Good Scholarship '21. "A kind and gentle heart he has, To comfort friends and foes." WELDA BALDOCH Born Texarkana, Texas, September 29, 1904. En- tered Bryan January, 1922. "D" Club, Track Team, Baseball Team. "Every inch a man." GALE CALLAHAN Entered Bryan January, 1920. R. O. T. C., Corporalg Baseball Team, Captain '24, Football '23, "D" Club. "Earth changes, but his heart stands true." JEFF COX Born Rockwall, Texas, November 14, 1905. En- tered Bryan September, 1922. "His merit wins the soul." RAYMOND DOWNEY Entered Bryan September, 1923. Corporal R. O. C X R S Well bred well read well liked - T. . ,... Club. . W . r . W U fi 'ff ttf 'V' . 'ii 'W li 'KI , 'fl' ! 'V' li W' w 1 M, . J Y V , , . 3:-gi.s.g.g',.p.g,-gag...afgg.,.g,-,+.-git..-:es-ifeq:-1-stages: 1924 nfszfzeisisezelulssaiufxzefisara.-:eats-az-.1s.. Page Forty one .EI'?'-38'l'5E:ilI'?4l'-E'I'l'S'52t1 '-'illhiz 55'-si'l'a'23BllI52?-1'E!lHZG1lIS-3'-1'Il'FZS'hSi?1'f'IIFPSI5-9 4 561152-'ll','5 'if ' W Q 'Y' E 92 'w ii' 'ff 'E fi' 53 'ff il! .JL ar 'll wr ill 'il 572 Class Poem Y Out there a land of golden dreams, Out there a beckoning call, Out there a castle of deeds to build And color its spacious wall. Maybe your stones are stronger than mine, Your color a dlfferent hue, Your summrt hlgher your b2S1S deeper Yet a castle wxth all rn vlew Yes, color the walls wlth a l1fe well spent Wlth tlnts of deep, r1ch red So when your castle IS bL.1lt, lt stands As one Wlth naught to dread B Wrenn Webb 24 3 . if . fr - . W , Q n . . . 5 EQ . . 1. E o if .- . 'V' if E 'F' Y 'Y 'V' 1? if 3? it!-2-fzizlhasxlll 5.141211-S-22:11:41 -l-.'i'+E:-elle.-fees! nzfrem.-'-:?s l'2 :.!fl',2+..i.'flaaxmk-"5'u.'-iz-,1l.': Page Forty-fwo A History of the Senior Class of June, IQ24 By lllvlllflil 5'l'tJliliS NYU blocks away l saw lllL'lllff two young men, each about the age of Seccnd-year college men, each about the size of a hero of the gridiron. and as I came nearer and nearer I noticed more and more that the appearance of each somewhat resembled that of the other. I gazed upon that pair, presenting as they did, a picture of manhood such as swells with pride the hearts ot mothers. There in the dusk of evening they stood, and from their speech and action I knew there was discussion between them. Closer and closer I drew until their words, sharp, ringing, fell distinctly upon my ears. Then it was that I saw the difference of the two-that difference that distinguishes the learned from the unlearned, the cultured from the uncultured. I saw the one, a college student in whose mind and soul ran the thoughts of higher things, and as he spoke, his every word thrilled with ambition and determination. The other, his boyhood friend, had found school life too dull to follow beyond the second year of high school. Now he strove, as best he could. to show his companion the uselessness of education. I passed those boys but I could not forget what I had seen and heard. As I walked to my room that night I wondered if I too had not found school life dreary and dull. I turned my thought back to four years ago and this is what I saw: Four hundred of us there were, in 1920, rushing, pushing, lighting our way into the new life, running here, there and everywhere looking for knowledge. That first year was rough and stormyg many were the perils, but we survived, and next September found us ready and waiting. XVe had become somewhat more civilized, more dignihed, and perhaps a little more educated. VVe had learned that there were others in the world who too had been Freshmen-even the Seniors ahead of us admitted it. XYe looked around, and behold there were Freshmen behind us. liven thcugh we were Sophomores, our hearts and sym- pathy really were with those who now were just where we had been a year ago. A third year dawned-became a reality, Not one of us remembered ourselves as Freshmeng only the bright spots of our Sophomore year remained with us. Now we were Juniors-everything allead lay within our reach, everything past. forgot- ten. Here and there we saw members of our class as leading figures in clubs and social lifeg we saw them upholding the honor of the school in athletics-on the gridiron. court, track and diamond, in the debating, declamation and spelling contests. VVe saw and really became acquainted with Seniors. Near the end of that year we were made to realize more fully that we were to become the leaders of the school, and it became necessary that we elect from our rauks those who would direct and handle our Senior publications for the ensuing year. VVe dreamed and studied and hoped. and almost before we knew it, examinations were over and we were juniors no longer. At last-ah, hardly would you recognize us, so proudly do we move. All doubts as to our importance have left our minds, and we fully realize that nowhere can our equals be found. As for knowledge, no longer do we search for that. XYe are here mostly as shining examples of what high school training can make of mere boys and girls. But lest we forget just what we are, we meet and elect our oflicersfah, the honor we bestow upon them. And why should we not be proud? Gaze upon our football team and what do we see? VVho are the leaders in our every activity? Truly we reap the reward which is justly ours. Nine mcnths pass and we lind ourselves upon the threshold of life. As we step out to take our place in the world, may the life of each of us reflect as a mirror those great and manly ideals, the obtaining of which should have been the goal of each of us, and may the last years of our life be as this last year of high school life: Filled with sweet 11lC1l'lO!'l6SiZi1lCl crowned with success. Page Forty three J it l fi ' Soap ook . 9 New " , Dio. mg wi Ye . -v---m0----- 1 GIRLS S'l'ARTI,ES EUROPE TO REDUCE Miss Geneva Rhodes, popular young American heiress, recently startled iiuropean society by crawling' on her hands and knees from Picadilly :fir- ,cus to the Eiffel Tower in a snowstorm land a bathing suit. The seeming eceentricity of her behavior vanished Y . d when she explained that the procedure had been reccommended by Dr, Theo- dore Harris, famous nerve specialist, to reduce her weight. MI I""'l ' U ' S f"" I ab .e .,. tvgt-1-lo-1--1-i 400 MILLION IS u f l C i I. .t o f f POPULATION OF P The 1934 Census has just been com- -t 9 9 rlflflafv-alla.-l9'5'-l .A - . . ,l-oii AUTHORESS 'SUES SLOPPY STORIES Blanche Jay, more or less popular writer, author of the season's Best Seller, "Bungling Bessie," and whose work has been rejected by some of the most exclusive magazines in the country, has filed suit, through hor lawyer, Coffin and Cohen, against Harry Smith, Editor of "Sloppy Stories". Smith is charged with stealing the plot of one of Miss Jay's short stories. Miss Jay points out that the simi- larity between "Beulah the Bootleg- ger" and the story published in "Slop- py Stories" under the title "No Flies on Flossieu leaves no doubt but that dirty work has been done. Both stories reveal the efforts of two wo- men to gain the affections of a man, pleted, according 10 an eagerly await- Miss Jay knows how to handle a plot ed report given out Wednesday by ' likg this to g,-Cat advantage' Carl Wall, head of the Bureau of Very Q 4--01-M Vital Statistics, and the population of 4 " R S' r'I 11 v I the United States, exclusive of Central 1 America and Greenland, is -100 million unless somebody made a mistake and fi - I PII e counted wrong. f " near future- O ,,, ,, lui? Y lx IIROWNING f ' ADDRESSES STUDENTS . G'6?'vvmE'!5'u " 'D -.. 'M0--H-'M I Clzirenee Browning, wealthy shoe OPERA SINGER SEEKS PET xx HC polish manufacturer addressed the 'i' n tr.l lf students of Bryan High School F'ridav, Kailllven Newton, Of G1'21I1Ll Prairie I ul, Ile wus introduced by Gordon Teal 'Y OI-'BTH C0-, 11415 been ZISSUYOG the HF- C the new principal, and talked on "Hou: Slstauff' Of the Police Dcpmlfmpllt in Good I Am, and How I Got That Wav" the Search for her Andalusian Cheese- N 1-I Owe mv success to two ,MHQQ vi h0UUd, Yvette, Whivh WHS St0l0ll fffml 3' said Browning, "drinkin1f Postum niid bfi? umousluc in from Of the EWU' Lf reading in my spare bmoments the D1' Will Department Sl101'9, Wlfefff MISS W 8 best contemporary authors, such as he Newton was attending 21 mark-down in ve ifimfin white, Dm-only Jean Smith, 8, sale of Celluloid flat irons. f S Robert Hancock, B. Wrenn Webb and d Russell Marshall, Miss Newton's d Alice Hartman. tg- cliautleur, was asleep when the das- il 0 ' ,Lau-diy deed was done by some shame- . 1 v v e less crook. ' O, 1 I --01-L fp' E, C Fnn im I utr-four "7'TY ' - Ch " " l ,Aieness o tlaffoik. K. me Spirit 0 1'e:l X, -A-4,-0-,H-,H El- - 1 AQ MAYOR MEETS WITH Mlsimr 515 Y llAl,l,ASl'l'E EXPQRES L Q Nlayor Horace Wylie received a A -0 I IN bANIlARIUM ,t ln-oken neck and other minor injuries , "lags, L-M-W xr! x , ' Y this morning when he was struck by P 'NSI :now or less, lijuiliildirlzilti iiiiifnliinaiiti I irysogitlhmlioupriicilnitxl-bage wagon driven . ling- James Xvllllfllfilflz ' . ' X, ' I ' - Spectators declare that Painter 6 Monday after an iilliiieijltiiiid-I of? Iam' seemed slightly inelsriated and did not I of years. Experts iii. sucli 'limb"" stop, urging his stecds in their erratic i Jill say that the ailment' wfhich Ignattcfs course at a tcrrilic rate. According' to pet 'l on his sad demise was caused b mug it B Rudolph Allen, head of the Sanitary H C work when he was Editor of tlii ljimn a l llcpartirient,llfainter received permilss hell Schiiol Annual. IL 'gh Ii , sion to 'eep is wagon out over nlpfit 0 'agnoifs lust wquost WM, th for a hay 1'ide. . Drill-lzeai-Q1-S b. . ,, ' at ai 1- Although the police are investigat- I ilorial Stall, iiiiimdiliiig Sintlitihc Ed' Ofx i ing, Painter is still at large with the H S Lih was found that 1i1'actiealltruiiiiltlld? hi wagon. l rsc had mass, , , ' ' 3 The Mayor was removed to his home 1 the same iiihlziclylldiiir tinge rgsuglg of under the care of his personal phy-!L Iona difficulty. L ' so orc P sician, Dr. Theodore Krainolis. ' retails of the funer. V , 5' 1 ..,.....0,.,., A! being perfected by W4iiithMli:iilifli i XI Tom Crews, of the lion Ton Undergaki- ' 1 1, UNI Parlors. Music will he furnished L ii by Jesse lVest's Jazz: Ol'L'lll',sil'!I .Adi pl pf- mission- Adults 250, Children io., Yi" CLASS or 192-1 REUNION HELD. X 'D Pigsrug-sul-,,NWll,,Qnu, J 2 -...L1 ' -v'-J The nrst reunion of the 1924 Grad- 1 Q -xr' uating Class of Bryan High School e S was held at the Zoological Park, b all day Friday. Edmond Decherd, E Q M president of the class, camel frornl the b ' University of Montana, w ere e is b Professor of Applied Plumbing, to s"'bU Q,f0'1Al'A M Km preside over the gathering oi talent, fl brains and beauty. A number of the members were unable to attend but t - , ,.. sent letters, cards and telegrams that a K Mio -QLD John were read later. scl A note of sadness was felt at the af' -absence of those more or less dear ,Cl 5 Jacob ipsitz . deceased ones, but by the time food tl gineer for the lvas -construction en, was passed around all that was dis- o' is the river to dll Fifffo tunnel Under sipated. Nobody was dead toqspeak h as venience of pox! .l1ff, for the con- of anyway, except James llagnon a to be seencomin Pfe. who domt want and other members of the Annual 2 Wayne Armstg mm there' t Staff, and they didn't matter, because ter cracker trusiong ,OPCTMGS the 0yS- c they put themselves permanently in 0 . the brilliant nqiw igiucil Donald Black diwpgrace by publishing an Annual in trying to breaki 'Strict attorney is i which not a single Wolf appeared in - 1 Charlotte DeBgIli 'k the decorations. - 1 ing and French C tteadles Q09-dana t ' Everyone present was called upon 8 L. R, Vcrscho I 21 Midlothian, and, to rise and regeal to the multitude C tracks. . ye greases Street car C what they ha done since eaving 0 Mildred Peppye - gy Bryan. ro not a ' ls 3.3915 di er- ' Howorth Dowdy has made millions B di shop oiinlrifcalil gl? a mamcufisr if an 'in oil, sewing machine oil, and George of son helps her twig' where lrene Wil- cha Leeinan bangs the piano demonstrat- a uf-M K ,yr b o o the dirty work. wc ' - - A: ' In ing song hits by Arthur Simpson in v the music department of Dale Wal- W drop's ten cent store. Camsxnlnau QDOL rqsm 'af Page Forty-firm I I . Z FN" IWW? I,x,iI P6125 ,MI , I Ili I fl ifi I I Jus , I I I. 'T I I iz, E N, gre: iff? I- 5 I 'I I! I ' Y I I I E I I if I MII ., II "I,-S11 ESE 5393 IQJQ ii, I .PW Forty-W Class Oyiqcers, January '2 5 JOHN LUTHER EVANS PI'1'.vi1I'fIIt EI.IzIxHIzTII DURHAM XrIRGINIA STRANGE Sm'VUIIII'-I'-T1'I'IIIvII1'r'1' ljfft'-IJl'l'5flY'c'lIf XIIVIAN HACKNILY RQBERT GREENNVOOD S'w'gv0I1t-at-I-4rms Claxx Hisfm-ffm C'lII5.v PI'npl1vI.v VIIIGII. Honrzris M.xIzG.xIzIQ'r Boom: lxv l.IcIs BI'I'II.xN.xN - 1 1 5-1 1 sa r'-as . es, We-M f - AAA- at - 2' 2 ' E ' e ,,, 1 ew :av sf-1 e+ a:.'-1.-1-zs11ss:'i1a:-.efuss ugg I F-f"' "" ' - V V . V Y W M, W , Av, N., , , ,,, , ,,,, -7, H V , W V Y rn Y F., i 15 111. 1 131111 1 M11 ' 1 15:31 til., ip! 1 1 11.5.1 1 :aw 1 gg 5 1 1 1 Emil + 1 f J Y-H - - ' 9 ' E np , lf 'S CARTER BURNS JOHN LUTHER EVANS J: 1 :t 'Q Born Dallas. Texas, February ln, 1906. Entered E111 Bryan September, 1922. 522,11 "VYl1ere there is a will there i a way." 11 .gtg ELIZABETH sooo 5 ff ki? Born Chatanooga, Tennessee, September 18, 1907. 411 Entered Bryan January, 1921. Girls' Reserve, ' Public Speaking Club '24, Art Club. 1 1 1 "XVhen fun and duty clashg 5 Let duty go to smash." PAUL CRUM Born Oswego, Kansas, February 25, 1907. En- tered Bryan September, 1921. Second Team Foot- ball '23, Good Scholarship '22, '23. "You can't appreciate the good nature of a boy ,elf-5111 by his red hair." 'iw 'W1 , 1 11 LOL ISE MAYS fi 'i 11 Born San Antonio, Texas. October ZS. 1906. En- "Ll, tered Bryan September, 1922, Secretary Art Club. "Her wants but few, her wishes all confined." Born Dallas, Texas. May 3. 1907. Entered Bryan January. 1921. President 4-B Class, Hi-Y Club, Good Scholarship '21, '22, '23, '24, Linz Pin '23, Phi Kappa. "lu lorcgabsolutely, with his work." N. LOUISE DANTZLER XYithdrew at mid-term. FRANK SCHULZ VVithdrew from school. ' "Great always without aiming to be great." BERTA BARNETTE Born Mabank, Texas, June 5, 1906. Entered Bryan January, 1921. Good Scholarship '23, Pep Squad '22, '23. "Quiet and unassuming, yet loved by all." 1 53 f v , 5 112 'WP St , M , 1 1 1 , 1 1 1 1 1 1 I 1 11.111 11 1 A if., :Q 1.1, fl t W- ,EAM ' J 2' 1 1 ..3, 1 5 fi -F51 .WL 1 V355 ,, WTA . 11351 , E' '1 1 5 1131 Wi 1 ' 1 " , . 11 11 , Hifi , 4 5,1 ., , W 5 541 1 1 1 1 A 1 1 1 , V 1 111221, 1 1 1 . , J. 111, '1 Page Forty-seven Il. ez.4z..g i 15 ,-i igqql ini ' 1? ie' i 1 Gi 'if Wi W1 529 77 F l i y "-ffwigvf, vn6y1':'f:':'j'r un. s. fu.. - ni v. - . -if -f lu: A vw ,V ,lf Y' ,aw ,va , ny. i',nmna'ng rAw:"'p::39fg.r:,wmie'7s-gelejc.j"2-,x'f -TNQ f A K-aL.i:f.5,,f:..inL1,L.1-4-..e.-" Yg..'.iss.k.eLgisLc.k.s.2:.,m'fQ1L.ueg...g.,1..',:s,f.,g,,....,,.,,- 2- 2Q,.ags1'L-I-LZif.,,:mL,s ESTHER LYNN Born Dallas, Texas, May 16, 1908. Entered Bryan January, 1921. Good Scholarship, Athenaeum '23, '24. "A jolly good nature and a big smile for everyone." . JAMES WALTER McKAY Born Fort Worth, Texas, March 6, 1907. En- tered Bryan, January, 1921. Polygon Club '23, Sergeant R. 0. T. C., Annual Staff '24, Band '22, '23, '24, "The man who needs no recommendation, his integrity a safest bond." ALLIE MAE PARTLOVV Born Austin, Texas, March 6, 1908. Entered Bryan January, 1921. Good Scholarship, Linz Pin '22 '23 ELIZABETH DURHAM Born Dallas, Texas, August 18, 1907. Entered Bryan January, 1921. Good Scholarship, Girl Re- serves. "Maiden with the meek brown eyes, In those orbs a shadow lies, Like the dusk in evening skies." ISADORE ROMOTSKY Born Dallas, Texas, March 19, 1908. Entered Bryan January, 1921. Spanish Club, Good Scholar- ship. 'Two-fiftlls of him genius. three-fifths sheer fudge." VIRGINIA STRANGE Born Dallas, Texas, September 19. 1907. Entered Bryan 1921. Athenaeum '23, '24, Good Scholarship, Girl Reserves '23, Linz Pin. i' JL 51712 E 1 LV .s 1 -. ,Q , . eigi. fi fi 4 Ni f I . 4.5. ,,. .f , l i ii if , l . i,l 1' 1 . 1 U L .1 i "'i ' "She has a friendship that is dependable and I" '. ' "She makes friends by being a friend." sincere." ' 2 ,I Q 17 LAVVRENCE RAY PAYNE POVVELL GARRETT A i l Born Dallas, Texas, May 26, 1907. Entered Born March 7. 1908, Dallas. Texas. Entered Rv, l l Bryan January, 1921. Good Scholarship '21, Radio Bryan january, 1921, Polygon Club, Band. f 'W Club '22, Military, Spanish Club '21, '22. . . . . . . , Q "The best-conditioned and unwearied spirit , i "Firm, steadfast, and dependable." In doing courtesiesf' 5 'IT e W I - 4 - i I s Q E lg.: : J 1 I I i f 1 f , Y i , - iii ,V V . vii' 5212 .7155 me :fl "wi 5 Q Q" il l i .3 2 14 " ..,-,........W.....,,... ' E , W, ,f im WW ,WWMU-mm,-,,,,MW,,, in, ' A ,Q f .-IffffI-Tiff'if-ififiiilfy-fi'I "A555Ef?i"i-emi-' 'ilrff If fd? ' I? . Zami?-an-rw, . ' "iT-5-ei" ' i - 5: will L ,M-A,w,,, - H , ,, , ,,--, ' " ,,,. '.:.,::::" '11 " 1' , - - , ,.,,,.,a.......--.1-..............-...4.......-.-4......L.-'.:44,.....:.A Page Forty-eight , . 'r"Q""'-M f '-'f-- , ,. ,. .Q ' fi' , .-.V HV V-W, -Y -A-Ig Agry 'WWW -V-1 - U W , .L W . ....-..-- VA 'Tl' X'fP'?"'Y?'Ti!F7 ."f'W,l?1F"?f7"i'fff,V'fLll5iFA4 Y?-'I IXUS-,fgvvtrixiu rq xii: '. rv::.a-r", 1-1 1-:'vv:-3913 ifgrfz. .zvpzsvrq ri A pig -'lf " -4 .. 5,3-...l!s,L'-4"'L-"", f"iiv.A."..1.' ' ' N-hi'-' " ' ' ' .-' ' L " ' '13 E ' '5' ' ' ' ' 1 " W- .. ' 22-fini 'rrlflil -- ..- V - W- ' - Y - V Y In ,, .-. .. W. . , ... .u.., , Ji. . .... . A - 1 f if . . ,- . .-.. 1... 1 gg' fi 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I i 1 4 1 . 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 5 4 1 I I i 1 1 1 e 1 1 E I 1 1 1 1 1 I 1 1 i 1 l 1 1 1 1 1 1 P v 1 1 1 1 LI. C. l"ERGL'SON MARIE SCHEUB Boru Mt. Vernon. 'l'c'xas, July 22, 19112. Entered Horn Kansas City. Kansas. llvrcinlmer 5, 1906. Bryan Jamuuiy 21' wil' All Llull' Lmud bdmlml' I"utvred llryzm Nlllllllllfj' Zl. 1911. Good Scllolzxrsllip, ship Club. . .. S z 'pl ' 1. ' He that lmtli kuowlulge spzirrili lvs words, U mlm 1 lu I "A flour littlu. nent little. Swv:-t little girl." UOROTHYFQRMBY 4 ,,, , , bl.lLfNlX RO I'Hlf.Ll. Born Moran. Texas, August 2.1. 19117. Enter:-cl liryzm'Septclnlxvr. 1921. Goofl Scliolzwsliip l'lulJ. lloru Dallas. Texas. Smit. 28, 19116. liuterewl Pei' Sfllwfly Bryuu Scptciiilvci' 18. 1922, Good Suholzirsllip fflulv. "lu uizmy ways floss tllc licurt l'cv1'z1l Tlu- presence ot the love it would couccnlf FJ GARDNER COLE LEXORA NASH Iioru 1izu'lnml. Texas, 1907. liixtwcrl Bryzm. 1920. Hi-Y Ululi. "A livu wirc that Cilllil lic 1Ul1L'llCll.U IFRED PH I LLI PP lloru llullzts, Texas, Scptcxnlier 9. 1'-Jllri. "He works on quietly luut well," "NYitl1 licr whole l1c'nrt's wclcouu- in lu-1' smile," EYELYN GAY Born Huntsville. Texas. Octolier 7. 1907. Entered HUM' Xml' York' Ocmllcr 115 woo' h 1'1"ffff1' llryan llaluiary. 1021. flood Scllolarsllip Club, Girls' Bryzm hlzmuary. 1921, flood Scliolzirslup Clulv, ReS91'Vl'- Linz Pm- ' Privzttv in Military. ' "Graceful :mtl useful all she rloes. Q I V H Rlcssiug :mal lulest wlu-ru'er Shu gratis. 3 "A lioy ot sterling' wortll. f""ffh'f"'x ' 1? lf. 1 af Q. 2' 1 1 I 'Vi 1 4 Q E ii 'e E 1 5 "-e as I 12 li ! 1 , 1.5 1. 5 . A ax ,A .54 - sg -5. R 1 .5 V wif' 'A f.'4i,gw?f-iq?vv-i'.5v5- 'r'f51ff"f'7igf'.',Zjf'1K..z'::-f4wfFf'vf'z5xfQ"vg:-'i , Q A 1 5-grr::r1p1-'V K 'ffm' ' x.':..m.1.s1.,..1.gg,-.4-1.. we ,g-,f:4i..1.?,n.: n41r.,f.-sl:-ing ' ,mf .wzrngmzg -4-Ifff.-xg1.umu4'n.e.,i1g,.al:ga:f.uL ..Eiri..L ,if-:..f.t,..-. 1 Page 'Fo ifty-'nifw 1- I -ti yi: Lil ,f-,gl tsl 3232 ,. ., 211952 l LUN' l l 1 1 np 1 l 1 1' 1.512 151311 12,3115 fy 1 JANET MORRIS Born January 16, 1908, San Marcos. Texas. En- tered Bryan January, 1921. Girl Reserves, Polygon Club, Good Scholarship '21, '22, '23, '24, Dalhi Annual Reporter for class of '25, Linz Pin. "Good sense and good nature are never sepa- rated,'l-in this instance. CLAUDE VARBL E Born September 23, 1900, llartlesville, Oklahoma. Sergeant R. O. T. C. "His dignity and nobility lrespeak the gentleman that he is." VIVIAX EARL Born April 8. 1906, Mt. Pleasant, Texas. Entered Bryan. 1921. Girl Reserves '23, Good Sclmlarship '21, '22. '23. '24, Linz Pins '22. l23, "A good brain. which she uses so surprisingly often." VYll,l.lAM CLOXYER Born Oallas. Texas, January 24. 1906. Entered Bryan September. 1920. "A nimlest lad. though cnmely withal," JAKE TOBOLOXYSKY Born December 21, 1907, Dallas, Texas. Entered Bryan January, 1921. "A quiet, but very enthusiastic student." IRENE MARTIN Horn November 26, 1906. St. James, Missouri. Entered Bryan January. 1921. Advertising Chair- man of Girl Reserves '2.l. "An open-hearted maiden, pure and true." JOHN GOOD Born September 2. 1907. Farmers Branch, Texas. Entered Bryan September, 1921. Good Scholarship, Radio Club, Crack Company '22. "Great in heart anfl great in mind." JEVVEL l7lNLEY Burn April 14, 1906, Ferris, Texas. Entered Bryan in January, 1921. '4Friendly, lovable, sweet and helpfulg can we Find another to ill her place?" l I ' ' "fm """"""'-"'X F . v-V V -.0 1" - mu--Q .4 1 1 .ff-.59 1 J, I qw 1 nk X. t A-4,f.,-- 1' Aa: S-we , 1-Ma. ...., . 'l y 4 -Page-Fifty - f ---We--V-,mf 2. in it 'li of 1 '41 All Z 4 1 17. P ii. ti' H 'if fs -1 v w 2 'MA-eg-H11-fzfxt-vfc. -' H-ff' 'fer-fum. - rr. as yy-w.g-1-1-,f 1-. 7' In 1.vv,.H far- -...Q-,nf-f,-.gqvn-1-311'-uni,-gg-57.---1-,W ww' 19 - -- ' -4 H v pf.-25541-lun-wf.Q4Q. RUTH PEARK VVILLIAMS Born Alexandria. Louisiana. November 21, 1907. Entered Bryan, 1923. 'She was just the quiet hand. whose nature never varicsfl ROBERT GREENVVOOD Horn Hillsboro. Texas. 1906. Entered Bryan September, 1921. flood Sclmlarsllip '21, '22, Forum Club. t'All great men are dead. and l'in not feeling well." .,,. YIYIAX H.-XCKNEY Born Burleson, Texas, November 24, 1907. En- tered Bryan January, 1921. Forum Club, Sergeant R. O. T. C. "The sort ul buy we all like." OZ1 E MAE DAVIS Born Dallas, Texas, October 22. 1007. Entered Bryan. 1923. "The eyes are thi' winflovrs of the soul." HARVEY MTZE llurn january S, 1907, Mineola. Texas, Entered Bryan September. 1920. Forum fluly, Sergeant in Military, Good Scholarship '22, '23. "One who is willing to share his great knowledge with others." B ERTHA CROVVDER Horn Snyder, Texas. October 9. 1906. Entered Bryan September. 1922, Girls' Reserve, Librarian and Pianist of Orchestra. Good Scholarship. "Anil she is fair. and. fairer than that word Ot' wondrous virtues." VV 1 LLIAM OSBORN Born Vleburue, Texas, May 16, 1906. Entered Bryan, September, 1920. "He has fought a good fight and his Finished with good faith." MAJORIE CLOSE Horn San Antonio, Texas, 1906. Entered Bryan, 1923. "lust as fair as she is popular." M""MT'N -- V- Hi 5 .- A j - 'iw wif-gf-1 Q -, 2-:fy-r:.gajp-Q-nn,1'.,,j'v:ff!Ufq'9Kj7' 'm'-rzvwazww 'A-- H1-in e . 1,-.g..:., 5.1 'pg taxa' amy ...ni jj. fl ,321 5' fiiia E VAL: was Uluuw. .xiii '.-he. M he.-V .. ' . A -.- L ..-,.- -H 2... ........... ..... - .....,...,..4- " - ' ' . . ' Page Fifty-am' sp, 5.12 rg KM ,. 1134 -P X ig sg it 53 5 ffm: l r.1Q 15551 S1351 ET? Z' 5 a 11 r. Xe 4. if Hg, 5 1 ,,,:. -1 -4 .L RJ MARY ELLEN RINKER Born Atlanta. Georgia. 1906. Entered Bryan. 1921. Girls' Club '21. Orchestra '21, 122, '2.5. Good Scholarship '21. '22. '23. "Love, sweetness and goodness in her niusicallyv inrlined person shine sn clearf' EDDIE KANNEXHERG Horn Dallas. Texas. january 17. 1907, Entervrl Bryan january. 1921. lforuni Club. Good Scholar- ship '21, '22, '2.1. "One that we hair to lusrllimivst. steadfast and dependable." M,-XRTHX BROOKS DICKEY liorn San Antonio. Texas. February 12. 1908. Entered Bryan September. 1923, "W'ork while' you wurk and play a littlv. ton." ,lL'L1A ANN DUKE llorn Dallas. Texas, l':l'lb1'11Zlff' 5. 19117. lintcrccl Bryan January. 1021. Girl Reselwcs. Bryan 1Veek- ly Staff '22, Art Club, Student Council. Public Speaking Club. " 'Tis better tn have lnrc-rl and lust than to have never loved at all." RUTH WUNDERLICH Born 1906, Dallas, Texas. Entered Bryan Sep- tvmber, 1920. "Love, swetncss, goodness in hor person shine." STANSEL STOREY Horn January 19, 1908. Mexia. Texas. Entered Bryan january. 1921. Girl Reserves. Cond Scholar- ship. 'Tiirv her enough note paper and sho will tell you all she knows." L'ORlXE HRISTOXY liorn Septvniber. 1904, Teniplc, Texas. Entered llryan September, 1923. "Can we s-ver iorfct hvr bright. rvcrlaslinf is , ls smile?" M.XRGARE'1' AUSTIN Born january 25. 1908. Ft. Smith. Arkansas, En- tered llryan ,lannary. 1921, "Hr wise rare smile is sweet with cc-rtai11ties." Page Fifiy-two 1 ,,.i fi .Qi Sis it-fi tsl 2 i 1 -'4 in le? fT'i"'E"i " M 7 5-"""AE"i?""T""i EW?-T"e'i'Ifi'5 'g d "" f"""""'s'f"'?ss "" """"'eWf'A'--"- 2-IH7..-,' L :I:1I.I..f'fl'?'1-1T..'Lf2I,.I'f"!,5:3.Ef1Z1'7"!,.,...wl"fT'f....f'E?'s..I:i'.L..If'T q5f"'j ...I-5.I5""'5'fg lil iii? I -I 1 ll I v v V 1 4, l 'I HI i1 lin ' rf 2 lla if " 1 I iff? 'Z 4 I 2 I Wil? I A ppl. III . lld I E I ik I I QI I - I I 4 I: I I ki 5 I il ,gl lin' 'gif f I I, I v Y ,ia . .559 IX I LEE BUCHANAN WILLIAM HOOD II'-"ll Born Dallas, Texas, Entered Bryan, January, Born Dallas, Texas. July 19, 1906. Entered Bryan Q' 4 I 'luis 1921. Good Scholarship' September, 1922. Sergeant Military. Q ' 5 ll T "1Vhy aren't they all jolly like her?" HDlgnlfled' Sffuaff and righteous, ll I 'Eg I Great, even among the great." lfl H I l l ,151 JACK MILTON PRIGIIORE Y j , I M1RIAM HUNT I., 1 If I Born February 9, 1907, Denton, Texas. Entered A 5 ' I B .K - 1920. L' 1, -I Z .1 5. . J . Born Tipton, Nlissouri, April 12, 1908. Entered I I l rl Blum 1 k In L V1 lemle' Sn lesha C uh Bryan January, 1923. Good Scholarship Club. A' ' f ' ' ' I ask: , . . Z' Al I , VI I gum lungs wme m sml In l' U "I:,arth's noblest thing--a woman perfected. ' Weil l " I' Q MARGARET BOONE N ,IG 151 VIRGIL HODGES Ikgl'-2 Born December 20, 1906, Jonesboro, Texas, En- lil! if-1, ll tered Bryan September, 1922. Girls' Reserve. Ath- Born March 26. 1908, Fort Smith. Arkansas. En- ips' if , eneum, Public Speaking Club. Good Scholarship '22, tered Bryan January, 1921. Forum '21, Good Schol- I-5 I 1 FI M . . arship, Baseball Manager '23, " il jll Mischievous, good-naturerl. and an all around ' I ll V is good sport." 'tNoble by nature, but nobler by deeds." l X' I I I I I I DEE BRADFORD BILL SHIELS l l " . . 1 I L ll BOTH SHVUY' 'lexus' hmefed B"5'a'l- Jmluaryv Born March 8, 1904, Commerce, Texas. Entered 1 V I ,S Q' 1921. Corporal Military, Director Hi-Y Club. Bryan, 1921. Minstrels, Annual Staff. M lf ' " A lion among ladies is a terrible thing." UA Finer man than he there never wasfy Il 1" IQ 1, 'I ' qi YY' ,' 'QU 'EAI fl Wea: IJ Ah wffi ll ' lk'- lf?f-lgg-: Mil an II I2 , III Z-I '1 I?-14 gf 11 IRL! I.. .1 EL' ffl' Il I 5' lg gl ii Us 13 E11 I I: 'SH .l lllifl gm-, 1171 I 5'-4 I I GH -I 1,1114 Il:-:I L sa EIEQI I . Sign PM +55 1231 : I llfl ' IQ: A :I II llzgx, vii., A. L . .,,-.,... .:,...Lg.,!.1 .L-I 1: TRL -- ,-,Lib Q ei!-F, ,Ld NL, .-.t I . 4. . .xr .. V I, ..,.. ..,.4g1,?g.,'1ilL I I -L Page Fzftg three :I- z flasaeillae-elite:-2.111 earl- Earlies t: 15124 .-:si e -it-: tis -ar ea-isa,-sin.. r. . ..,... , .... Y ... .v .. .. , ,, i e- . -.-l 3 " 55'l"55-' f:'3'l" 4' ' l 2 D D D1 ' 'O 1 il l l Al l i 5 l f RUTH ALSTON WINSTON COTTON 1, l l Born Nov. 8, 1907, at Thornton, Texas. Entered Born September 18, 1906, Shreveport, La. En- 'lf N Bryan January, 1921. tered Bryan September, 1920. Hi-Y, Phi Kappa, IN ' ' HI ' ' h d h k 'll H Color Sergeant in R O T C ' l 5 K - ts a wise ea t at eeps a sti tongue. ---' , . E "Popular, promising, princely." 3 CECILE BARCROFT i s A l ' l Born July 12, 1906, at Henderson, Kentucky. En- GABRIEL EMMETT i Tf tered BTYHH January, 1921. Girl Reserves. Dr'-lhi Born 1906, at McAlester, Oklahoma. Entered wg l N Staff lived SCh0l3f51liD- Bryan, 1920. Public Speaking Club. fn l "A Charming ylllmg lady and quite an artist, too." "I have an arrow that will find its mark." 5 I , , fr Jl. LHAS. BATLHELOR, JR. GRACE ERWIN UQ Bom Feb. 19, 1906, at 1721112151 TCXHS- Ellfefed Born July 7, 1906,-at Mineola, Texas. Entered E' W Bryan January, 1921. Good Scholarship Club. B,-yan, 1921. M E 'AWG know 1115 Sterling WOYU1-H "We shall miss none other more." N? 1 if JL L. JACK BEASLEY FRANCES FAIR W I Born Jan. 31, 1906, at Toronto, Canada. Ente ed B F l, . 2' Pr Bryan September, 1922. Wilsonian Society, Chleer Om E mary 4' 1906' at Dallas' Texas' En M 1 d B s r b 1922 DA Q81 Leader, Forum, Top Sergeant. ere ryan ev em er' ' JL 5 ..A small boy with big ideaslu "Her name is no IT1lSHOmCf.,, A Nw V . Jl- MARLO W 4 MALCOLM BOONE WE CARR FISHER vb E Bom April 29, 1904, at Jonesboro, Texas. En- Born November 30, 1904, at Chicago, Ill. En- ml A tered Bryan September, 1923. fefed BFYHYI, 1924- JVL I "A little nonsense now and then is relished by flTo see him is to love himg to love him is forever." - the wisest men." lx JL 43 PHILLIP FORREST 'f GRANT BRADSHAW 3 ml B JI 17 1906 BA b A . E d Born September, 1906, at Godley, Texas. En- N1 orn u , , at is ee, riz. ntere - I W Bryan Septgmher, 1923. Forum, Track' tered Bryan, 1920, Second Lieutenant. Zi. ya 'KAn abridgment of all that is pleasant in man." Efect m body and m Soul' I -Q? . - IULIAN GREER . 11' MAY BREN ER in W B D ll T O h 23 1906 E N' tg i Brgggn genlnuary 3, 1908, at Dallas, Texas. Entered Brygtinsepiegqslgeryefggl Cm er i ' mated A "Silence is golden." "Quiet and unassuming, but of solid worth." l J ss 9 EMILY MARIE BRITTON LQUIS HAMILTON 5 fl i..?35F,l1Ly25'1i?Q...'i.'5dlZ?.'Ef.TES'GE'?5'?..EI525 Bom Bm-1 Im 'll L Students Council, Art Club, Scholarship. nary, IQZZ' .3 '4VVln're could we find one more noble and high- 'U minded?" ARTHUR HANSYN W 'iii CORINNE BRIGNARDELLO Born Dallas, Texas, 1908. Entered Bryan Jan- ml Nl nary, 1923. Forum, Radio Club. Born 1906, at Memphis, Tennessee. Entered ...H y d f . h d . . ,, i -? Bryan September, 1921. ie vtor s o wise men are ear in quietness. I 'l US ' Loyal and leal is she." mu' Q YVALTER HOTZENBUEHLER E, Y Pm HELEN BROCK llorn Dallas, Texas, 1905. Military, Glee Club. S? id: Bom Novembel' 8- 1900- at Dallas- Texas- En' ""One ofthose you Can't help but admire." . ,Y I tered Bryan January, 1923. L "Good humor is the health of the soul." 1 qu NILLROSS HELSLEY I -.Q i m W PAYE BLISHANAN llorn Ardmore, Oklahoma, October 24, 1907. En- l -no Born March 2, 1908, at Ardmore, Oklahoma. En- fffvd BVYHU Sflbtember, 1923. 'i-5 tered Bryan January 1921. -.XV I-k - 5' -' e 1 e her for she has all the attributes of a 7 1 W "Her eyes reflect the beauty of her inward life." lady." 3, l l E- E N1 l . E A i f I Page Fifty-fouri' 44" 1 252'-. Il 'I .:L 'E 3 e35'1'52-f"'f'siB'?'2':1'?2 'I'- 1SS'-4'1'f-ess-'-1'e2:'.1-'.f-fs-3-usa'-.'vfxs-sluuazfxluexfstu-55:4 ::-zemsssc VIOLET HOWARD Born Dallas Texas January 12 1906 Entered Bryan 1920 Good Scholarshlp Speech IS great but s1lence IS gerater ROLAND JOHNSON Born September 7 1906 Camp Dallas 21 Im strel 22 Busxness Manager Mmstrel 23 Presndent D Second Club Dalhn Staff 23 Annual Staff 23 Sergeant R O T C Football Camp 23 Crack Company 22 Class Football Champions 23 Sesond Football Team Z3 A combmatxon of brams athletxcs ab1l1ty and good looks RAY JOYNER Born Pans Texas Apr1126 1906 Entered Bryan September 1919 Football 23 D Second Club Mmstrel When shall we look upon hls like agaln DAVID LEBOWITZ Born Dallas Texas January 16 1908 Entered Bryan February 1921 Why all thls toll for the trlumph of an hour SAM LETT Born Dallas Texas October 25 1907 Entered Bryan September 1923 We loxe hum well m spmte of hrs mtschxevous nature MARGARET LOTT Born February 4 1908 at Nashvxlle Tennessee Entered Bryan September 1923 Choral Club How great IS her vlvaclty and kindness' BILL MAGNESS Born 1906 at Coleman Texas Entered Bryan January 1921 Second D Club Second letter 1n football La7y and good natured thats B111 POVALL MARTIN Born September 13 1905 at Chectotah Okla homa Entered Bryan January 1923 Out for Foot ball and Track Umversally beloved JAMES Foy Born 1904 at Dallas 'lex1s Entered Bryan January 1923 Second Team D Clubs Second leam Basketball We may be as good as we please uf we please to be good CHARLIE EDWARD FRITCH Born July 25 1907 at Demson Texas Entered Bryan September 1920 Mnhtary Band 22 In Charhes case A good nap ns to be chosen rather than a great knowledge of economics ELMER GESSELL Born Salford Arnzona February 25 1907 En tered Bryan January 1921 food Stholarshxp Wise to resolve p1tlent to perform ANDY MUSE Born 1904 m Oklahoma Entered Bryan 1921 D Club Baseball Basketball A great boy a greater athlete BERTHA NEEDERM AN Born August 3 1906 at Los Angeles Caht' En tered Bryan 1921 G1rl Reserves Tenms Clfl Vol ley Ball Team Orchestra In love-absolutely wxth her tennxs WILLIAM N PEACOCK Born November 2 1906 at Dallas Texas E tered Bryan September 1920 Ixttle 'lheatre Rxtle Team F1rst Lleutenant For never d1d man trod wxth step not Hashed wnth eye lxke thme CHRIS PETERIVIAN Born December 25 1906 at Dallas Texas E tered Bryan September 1921 Cood Srholarshlp Club and Lnnz Pm The qulet mlnd IS rlcher than a crown MILFORD ROSE Born 1906 at Dallas Texas Entered Bryan January 1921 Hltch your wagon to a star GAGE SHARP Born March 10 1906 at Kansas Cxty Mo E tered Bryan January 1921 Efflclency and merlt are lus strong pomts RAY SHELTOIX Born at Fayettevxlle Tennessee Entered Bryan 1991 Football D Club food Scholarship Club Ca tam nn R O l' C My lessons nexer bother me El SIE SPRAYBERRY Born Aprnl 14 1907 at Cleburne Texas E tered Bryan January 1921 She IS an exceptxon to the rule that beauty only skm deep I ll!! l . IC -4 . ' ll I W 214 ,C-1 H '. . . -4 . . . I I .,I,, H 3 1- H H ' Y A A 9 f f f 2 I ' - 1 M 1 it .IT , . . , . " ' , '23. 1 H . . . ,, ., H . 1 ,iq W .. ,, ' .' , y ' l , '.. 1 .C 'l '21, lip 2 , ' ' , '24, M ' ' 1 I' fr J-L . W ,E H . . . Y . Y ., A ul, -Q , , . M 'ff . ' ' ' ' Q 5 BF .. . I , 1 - ' , . P8 ww 1 - 4 T ' ' ' ." I v v 1 ' M i 'U ' ' I ' ' ll' ,, . . . . M J 1 3 . ' . ,L 15 'U' ' ' lvl '41 " ' M Q, A -, . . y y 1 . Y O nh E an -f - A f e I - f-31 M - - 1 - M 'll' ' I 1 . ' ' - .A ,, ' I -, . ' 5 'rc W i t , - L. 4 1 M ,, ' ' ' , ' ' 1 ' JE .. , ' . .. . ' Y ' ,i -B .H , I .U . s .F 1 ' ff, 1 , 'I' '11 ::I-:-zzemssr-'.u'+.-as-I-sexual:feetsax:-1.-:gen 1924 ts:-2:11.-:ge.,.l.gg.a4.,-,.:,-4.-,.pgg. ra-gg...g,,.g Page Fzfty-five V ,W L in gh-as J -1 ,. s v VA. 1. li-, la. 51+e:5s'iSa:en1f-f:1i.efi'a-2-:av -4-I'-an ' 1-SSL-4-vszeemssxinlzzgeinlss-4-ivzzieiisszewr-1 sii's:-:ew'.:ae-elss-.efu'- if e e e R f as 'Fu' I + Je. V I LOUISE VVILLIAMS i Born 1906. at Duncan, Oklahoma. Entered I ' Bryan Septemher. 1921. I 'ASO gentle and so shy, yet there is mischief in l her eye." I - .ll 1 .ii CHARLES YANCY PM Born Oct. 3, 1909. Dallas, Texas. Entered Bryan -2- june,5l92j2. Sergeant in R. O. T. C. Good Scholar- - hip u . up s 52 "Studi0us and serious-minded-sometimes." XVILTON C. MOORE Born April 29, 1907, at VVehb City, Missouri. Entered Bryan January, 1921. Second Lieutenant in R, O. T, C. "Not very bold-hut exquisitely cunning." FRANK MOXLEY Born December 12, 1906, at Luikin. Texas. En- tered Bryan September, 1922. First Sergeant in R. O. T. C. , 'R' TROY BARNES "A cl d 1 j." W Born 1905, at Mead, Oklahoma. Entered Bryan, courage IO en ure an Owl 5 1923. Hi-Y Club. , A "Up ' ht, ne t-a e I man 's he." V : 5 "g W S ' 3 ' WALLIE MULLER A if VIRGINIA MERRITT - Born January 6, 1905, at Dallas, Texas. Entered lg UU Born 1906, at Longview, Texas. Entered Bryan, Bfyan September' 1922- M lg 1920- Aft Club- N "Let's hope she will never lose her good-natured JL Qi "An artistic genius, a queenly air." , way." '+: we as x ., . Q 'lf 1 4 1 .N 'T 93 - ar ' J if 215 1 1 Z J I 111 A 'lf Sl if if 'F 'E 'ff if 'rl 'V' , 'li' ii 1 1 E 12 zzuiazfsluasafiuf41251:-ssautfxeainissxlalxgeii 1924 :-aaa-sta-zefilsazlsisgaeiula-2-za-s:-re-ilsz-:azz Ifqge Fzfty sur, History of January Class, 1925 Hy RC 5lllfRT fiRlflfNXYCX ill T came to pass on the twenty-eighth day in tl1e first n1o11th in the year l92l, that there was a great gathering of the children of liryan lligh School. They came together from tl1e lands beyond and around about with their backs turned to the land of death and darkness and their faces toward the Temple of Light. They did with desire press in, but there was llll1L'll fear and trembling those days because the Seniors, a fierce tribe, were to be found there. They entered in the auditorium and there a decree was heard which spoke these words 2 "Thou shalt not be late to thy classes, Thou shalt prepare all thy lessons daily, Thou shalt not slip into the line of lunch, Thou shalt not poke fun at the boys in uniform, Thou shalt 11ot converse with fair maidens by means of paper, Thou shalt not converse with thy neighbor, Thou shalt not jeer at the folks who enter, Above all things thou should'st love thy teacher, lf thou do otherwise than is above ordained, thou shalt be east into the dungeon of lO2." ,Xfter experiencing for nine n1onths many things that were new and strange, these Freshies rose up and threw off their freshman bondage. lslaving passed through the tumultuous waters of the dread Sea of final exams, they entered i11to the territory of the "Sophs," a desolate country, wherein lay many difficulties. lt came to pass at this time that a Fierce tribe from the regions around about the cacti came up with much boasting and great noise, a11d the people fearedg but their courageous men went out to contend with them, and did prevail over them with great slaughter. .Xfter these things they did pass on and came into a place called Vacation. The waters were found to be sweet. Having pitched their tents, they sojourned here for a few months. partaking of the, waters and resting beneath the cool shade of the trees of recreation and pleasure. And again they arose and took up their journey and drew nigh unto the land of juniors. And it came to pass in those days that there was Page Fifty-seven ?,gl'F?s3'l' E:'i1l'?'-Z'Ea"l'E'2 E2f4'l"5' 5541? 'lls?53'!l!53i'5'l'S'2f-G'll'?-:Zi'l18f.?2'-'s'l1F'16'I'SE'-'1'a'l a'1i43'II 524025 5 ' '71 'V' M .lt 3 i a great falling-off-even below 70-and a going off into things that JQ1 were not lawful in the eyes of the Faculty. They tasted of the bitter I E waters of Math, were beat upon by the blinding rays of a notorious 5 luminary called Science, and were greatly perplexed by the many differ- M -ii ent Languages. ' ig E And after these and many other like things grievous to the body H Q Q and to the mind, they passed on and pitched their tents in the land of Ji. the great Vacation. Now word has come that they must enter within all F the border of the Seniors. Aforetimes they had seen many Seniors e- ff, and accordingly they feared them not. ff gg This history with the fourth year hereof draweth to a close. Our Q- Seniors have prospered within their borders. They dwell therein with W complacency and without fear. Verily, there is even a rumor among 5 lip the "Fish" that our Seniors, not unlike the others, have become high Si' Q minded even beyond measure. Thus must it ever be, for it has been g so decreed, ' P ' fig' vu i . A 'll' Eg r r 3? fi' J M 3 T M W W if W' JC iii 3 , . . ,. . , W QT' . 'JS if lf if - - 'fr W I I szlifszeflasxiaffgceIf-2241:-neil'ssrem-.xgen 1924 isifzella- : err- -:el-sa l : P4191-' lfiftal-159111 Who's Who in America, 1943-44 This book is especially edited for the january Class of IQ25, of Bryan Street High School Alston, Ruth-l.ilJrarian3 Xl esquite, Texas. Austin, Margaret - lix-manager of anti-fat drive. Barcroft. Cecile-Painter: paints all kinds of faces. Barnette. Berta and llorotliy Forin- byh-Vtiootlworkers1 wash second-hand tooth picks in a restaurant. Batchelor, Charles Y Manufacturer: Has manufactured a remedy to get thin, "Peddling hot tanialesf' Beasley, Leonard- -Surgeon: ttluts classes every day in collegel. Bristow, LlOI'll1L'--S21ll'5XYOl1lil1lI Ruh- her tires in Canada. Britton, lt:Illilj'--SCC1't'l2iI'y1 ti o s s i p Gossip club. Buchanan. Ivy Leefhlissionaryi Sandwich Islands. Burns, Carterflleptile Tamer Hired in Asia for life. Close, Majorie-Afrplane owner: Carries passengers from lft. NYorth to Grand Prairie. Crum, Paul-lnyentor: "How to keep the chickens from scratching the worms out of the garden. Dickey, lhdZlI'tl1Zl-Ki11tlt'Yg2ll'illCYI Has largest kindergarten in the world. Duke, -lulia Ann-Beautiher: Beauti- lies all immigrants in New York Pity. Durllam, Elizabeth - Promoter of matrilnonial attairs. Earl. Xr7lVl2ll1-.Alll.l1OI'-Hhhlllill Makes the lloys Love Me So?" Emniett, tiabriel-l7ealet'3 :'Xll kinds of junk. livans. john Luther-Editor: "The Philippine Daily Hamburger." Finley, Jewel-Director: Directing trattic at lilm and Ervay Streets, Dal- las. Texas. Fisher, Marlowe-Hauler: XVood and coal. Clay, Evelyn--Lfhiropodistq tfenti- pedes a specialty. tiarrett, Powell-Banker: Banks all kinds of rivers and streams. Greenwood, Robert - Edueatorg Ttaches high school students how to pass without studying. Hatzenhnehler, NValter W- Malcolm Boone-Dee Bradford, Players: Enter- tain animals at Yellowstone National Park with their stringed instruments. Hackney, Vivian-VVeather Prophetg Equator Region. Hodges, Virgel-Singer: Sings to tish in Gulf of Mexico. Hunt, Mariam-Cultivatorg A fam- ous Maearoni Held. Hood, XVilliam-Circus Clown: Holy Land. Kannenherg, Eddie-Author: "You L'an't Tell How Old a Prune is by counting its wrinkles. Lynn, Esther4Manufacturer: Green cheese factory on the tnoon. Klartin, lrene-Private insane asylum for girls. M c K ay, Ja in e s-Manufacturerg Makes pin cushions out of his arma- dilln shins. Mize, Harvey-Head of an .'Xnti-rol1- ing pin campaign. Page I'1fty nine 1 Q 2 "rx 3. 'nr I 'V' St wr vu db ZQZIPSEKPIWFSZR I EQIPH'-'s"l' PK 'vgsgdfgg5'l4E?5-'H'f":g'g'l'i"-":'F'n4gg'llg9g'l'ga:7g'l' -w'l'3f-si! IISS'-fd" Moore Wnlton Snake Charmer Rlnkel Mary Ellen Halr Dresser West Indxes Morrls Janet Ixtevvspaper Reporter Her latest story How to Make Love Moxlev Irank Merchant Kansas em sells exclusnelv wheel barron seed Osborne Wxlllam Lawyer Con unced the vt orld that he IS good look rn Partlowe All1e Mae Checker checks all oysters that go for shlpment Payne Lawrence Chrls Petcrman ,I C Ferguson Scxentnsts Solved mystery' Has a wood pecker a san null m hrs dlgestxve organs? Phrlllpp Fred Astronomer Ifx ammes every star that huts the ground Prxgmore Jack Ocuhsts Fxammes potatoes eyes Rotmotsky Isadore Inventor I vented How to get meat tor a hot dog stand by a dog catcher Rothell Glen Hearse Drlver Indla Sheltcn Rax Dealer Bells mouse traps lll Chma Qtrange Vxrgnna Presldent The Dunlbell Club Scheuh Marme Inventor Machine patented to make sunshme for the dark Storey Stansel Teller Tells all people how to lower and razse wln dovxs mn Statue of Llberty vsrltten the hlstory of an egg plant Sugg Ehzabeth Snlger a11d author of You cant tell how far a toad wlll Jump by measurmg lts tail Tobolowsky Jake Rope walker In Rlllgllll r' Brothers Barnum Balley Clrcus Wunderhck Ruth Balcony Owner Feels at home at the Old M111 Bal cony Yancey Charles Phvsxczan Sure Cure for sprlng fever NW C if - V A A . ' A4-,-la w-F-.rib Q , f r ' . L, V - .J rn Y 4 T I 'T - I V 1 W 'ff A-' ,, --'- . ,ff , , - E .. 'JT , ' - L I' 1 - ' 3 l ' - Y , . I ' Dv- 3 B - H wr fb 5 '-'Q l 'A .3 E , U v - v .' . at K ' .. , I - ' 1 52 . -, - , 2 1 I ' Q ,P - ' Stone, Marretta-Hrstorxang Has If -. . - ' ' g " ' ' - 6 1 ...- . U , v V . E 1 ' , -C - I - . . . .I 'll' ' ' ' . , - 5 'ix v 1 n 4 ' . Fo' ' . v , 4 , - I . ' ' - 1 K ii 1 1 , V V .fs - W v ' y . L 1 . . Z i' n fi ll? 'W wi' ' E 'li i' s:u...H-Q I V- 1924 g l azeaz-ae.. 'lil . 'iildf '2"1S"'Il"Z. fl- 522111 QBIIIS-5.A"l"i-'Cell Ili'-'4'li'.-'-1E'l'52":."lI""-BII' " ll' 9 'II ll ' Page' Sixty gl-azzlvsazsulla-Kerala-swazrellv-.': ''mesa-1-ax-za-1'sara:-5:2-2'I'S-2f'-4'vw'f-SG'I'5i'2-"I'2'x'Z?-'l'5f-'Z-""'f:'T4?-"'Sf"1-"Ii'gi 1 41 2 M l 5 l 4 E s a 1 ' l if W M Ju at fi' W N' it To the Graduate 3 5 ' You've got your sheep-skin clutched in your hand and your trunks are packed M to go- 'If JL Your bills are paid and your way is clear-it is over at last, you knowg lm F And you think of the hard, hard gri11d it was, and the thoughts come back to you ii W - Of the four long years that are Finished now, and you say you are glad you are M Q N through. 'll' :ge There was many a thing in those four long years that you did not like at all- W '?' Many a rule that irked your soul, petty Zillll mean and small, 5 7. And you say to yourself, "Thank God, I'm through-through with the endless M - grind, . ' Q2 Away from stricture and 'straint at last, and leaving it all belnndl' gg JL ii lt's all right, here in the heat and dust of a room you are ready to leave- I 1 BU And you think to yourself you can quit it all, with never a thought to grleveg fx .ltl l But wait till they're calling, "All aboard!" and the engine's whistles blow- And you're really leaving it all. old man-you'll find it is hard to go! A Ji. il And it's plaguey hard to keep lighting back the choke that your throat endures, 3 W VV'hen the thoughts well up of all the years have meant in this life of yours- M Q ' Of the friends that are scattering far and wide-of ways that may never meet, 1 When the pathways stretch to the press of years to be travelled by weary feet. as J Q- "It's life outside," you say to yourself, Hand this is but schcol-boy play!" 2' 'ffl -But a tear wells up with the crowding thoughts of all that you leave today- ma jf It's nothing to be ashamed of, lad-you'll know with.the passing years i ,i That the further you grow away from school, the prouder you are of tears. I ' i For there's many a time in the years ahead, when cverything's breaking wrong i is That you'll think of the vanished high-school days as one grand stream of songg 'Q It's life-outside-all right, old man. but life is frequently pain, A ,LL Q- And there's many a time in the years to come you will wish you were back again! , l p -Selcctrd. l l uh S -9 ' l fr' 1 M -ls. 4 s gg, a s 5 'F LS Q l r du -2 re g l t J , ,VVY - ' 7 7 ' , 4 L -fg,.gg .E z-,...i,f.-3 .,.g,g:',.,.,-ag-,g.1.95s,f.r1,-1 1 1924 rarf.-au'-:ze-uv Sarnia-sell'as-:asf-rellazssuzz ' Page'Sixtyrone r F E : s lf:-L' L . l v lr.. , W. i. i , 1 l 25 ' I V - - -V--W V W H, . f "T'1' "" "" ' Tr'1"T" "' im? ""'7""'j,f'ff, "" '?"""N-"mr m"""'-f ' i d I I . 2 isa s 1 I Y , ' , lp i -iv ' - 11- , l Juniors . i s i . , - , I 5 'iz F LLAS5 OFPICILRS .1 I . il 'fr Preszdmzl ....,...,,,.,.,.,.,.,........,...,......,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,.,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,. Lloyd Slaten Q if Vive-Provident ....................,.,,.,................,...,,..,......,.....,..,.,.,.,. Yates McGuire I ffi SOC1'effI1'y .....................................................,................,.,...,.,,,. Nedra Newkirk , Sergecmt-at-Arms .....,....,.............,..,..,,,,,,,,,,,A.,,,A.,.A,A..,A,,,,,,, Walter Doughty A 'E Reporter ......................................................................,...., Priscilla Robertson IQ! I ii ,M M 5 ' OW, that another year is almost completed, we like to sit back and think fig of what our class has so far accomplishedg how, as Freshmen, we entered jf lp 'T 4Bryan, probably a little green, but with the determination to further the W F ,good name that our school had acquired, to make a good name for our class, li' 'as and for ourselves mdividuallyg and of how, as our first year passed by, we had Q1 H, been' molded into the very. life of the schoolg and then how, as Sophomores we M Q- cbtamecl, not only the admiration and respect of our fellow-students, but, also of -il: M our tezchersg and we hke .to remember that even at that time many of the students JL in our class were becoming prominent in school and invarious lines of extra W ri- school activities. Q3 W , As Juniors, due to our late organization, we'have not accomplished a great deal Qi 5, as a,umt, but we have done remarkably well in scholarship, in clubs, in athletics is and in other phases of the-school life. Again, we have our distinguished mem- ? SL bers, having a representat1ve,.Nedra Newkirk, on the Girls' Debating Team, as E and the student who led the entire school in scholarship for two years, Alan Reed. L5 Lowizu. Hooxizu. Q1 W Nl iii I As.an athlete trains for weeks in order that he may triumph in the test of lg N1 his skillg as the violinist labors unceasingly to give to his hearers a perfect pre- if Qi sentaticn of a wonderful strain-uso, have we constantly striven to prepare our- g g T selves for our Final act in the Drama of School Life. ' ' Though we have each one of' us labored incessantly that we may be prepared -E' to hold aloft those standards which are to be entrusted to our care for the ensuing year, we realize that all great works have been accomplished as the result of l thorough and intensive preparation and concentrated effort rather than by a i i ? force dependent entirely upon the isolated achievements of individuals. V fm Therefore, we, the members of the III-A class, do join hands one with another im and pledge our ugitfed .efforts to the attainment of those objectives which cul- lt 3- mlnate in true an astlng success. 5' ggi A -MARTIN PICKETT. li :.. U 'E' 'W WHY NOT? W' M y N' Ji. The Junior Class of '24, as it appears to me. 1 .F ' Iirbound to be the very best 'in Bryan's History. . Q I 1th only one great aim in view, and that to win or die, l l I VVe buckle down to do our best and heave a wistful sigh, ' l E W Our tutors all are interested, and that is plain to see, M , And if I tail. I blame no one but just this "little me.' I ,' We have right here within our walls equipment quite complete, I 4 VVhy would 'wr fail, when. others won and never knew defeat? f . 1 l f Their destiny they have in hand and on life's way they go. va' g 1 31 Some sailing. smooth, some .struggling hard at the meeting of each loc. 'P , ' il Q So as I see it, I must say. it seems quite plain to me, 6- , 'Q To all of us who work and try, it spells out rficfory. a , I I --RUBY CLAYTON INICKEE. i 'R Q . .rl I 4 I i iH.........,...,,,...-...-.euagg ........,, ... -'F-AM I V017 Meng. .1 .,,, WH, 3, ...,,--,- .,,,,.4ew,,,gii i ::l+:-s a- azewsil 19244 Q e a A 1. . -. 1 , a , ,- ,,,,t , 7. . '-1--. .. .. 1 I H, W-M-M -' 'eee fe-W Q A---W-fi f 'Page-:S'i,vJyefw0 I-'dye Sixiy-tlxrec I 35 'f or esee .-g-:else-all Y Y, ,H "'-mv'- , , ,,,, ,, , T-'i ,i "'fT1i? ""' fg' H Y W Y YYY ifrfr V7 V -77 V V , ' 4 Q1 1' l l l f- 4 , l 3 l 4 l L W I fs f M 'll' vo 05' Q4 Sf Th s h Sl Q e op omores Q., fi By BERT PITT Q it e if: -'ff HATEV ER qualities the Sophomores may lack, even their fi-3 lfff - A most exacting critics must admit that the class as a whole is 5'-ll E distinguished by three outstanding features. These three Sf. dominating qualities are,-to use apt allite1'ation's artful aid,-vigor, W ii vivacity and variety. Vlfhatever this class finds to do, it does with all 3 dd its might, be itsolving problems in algebra or writing poetry. It is H Q alive, toog not a colorless, lifeless bunch that goes to sleep during the ,L recitation. Nor are its talents restricted to one small field. Cn the 3? Q- contrary, you find its members making good in all extra-school activities, a- W p as athletics, club work, R. O. T. C., debate, declamationg spelling and 'til 'E' essay contests. Last, but not least, they carry on in the "honest-to- goodness" school work, i. e., lesson getting. Many students quit after A Q, one year of high-school, but we stay on, both because we love Bryan and Q my because we know the value of a higher education. WA -fi NVishing all the students of Bryan a long and happy vacation, we take our own. X Q l if T' 'il N' wi' lf W W rm 12 '15 33 M it Q 1 l 'ff l l 'll' X Tl' z a t if :w e an-see ssxiuixseiu 1924, 3, xwkzaiv zav-.:-ze-l-szfiuxz , , ltlt , , . l 'nj . . - ,t P Page-Sixtyffouf ' Page Sixiy-five " - ?-33415 '!l'a-'13":1"'i1'a3!'1-"'s'h"zii'v'l15'i?2-."'I+?-' E"'.!f-flu-1.Sfll8'i'P-f The Freshman Class By FULLER BRAY s N September, 1923, Bryan High enrolled what we think is the 'feltassiesw bunch of Freshmen ever enrolled in the history' of the l school. The Sophs gloated gleefully over the initiation of the "Fish," but just 'wait until next Septemberl' The Sophs think they are better than we are and the Juniors and Seniors think they are- terribly impor- tantg but we are just as good as any, although we are not as big. Every class has its stars. but ours are brightest of all. Luther fSl1ortyj Coleman, one of the best football players Bryan had during the season of 1923, is a freshman. In the group of Stars in the Annual, you will find the picture of two Freshmen: Margaret Harris, a I-A, Whose average for the year is 963M,Zy, and Harold Smithson, a I-B, who made 94MfZ,. When Mr. Stockard calls for the "Good Scholarship Club," he asks how many are Freshmen, and a large percentage of the pupils rise. Our numbers exceed those of the Sophs and juniors. Only the Seniors outnumber us. To our good, patient teachers and our beloved Principal we are indebted for this great number of good scholars. Watch us graduate with the finest record of any class that has ever passed from the doors of the Bryan Street High School! l 1 l g V 1 .mat .es .,..., Neg.-. a..,.M.... l , A eg' +::zs.'1res:.+o f -laszew f 19241 fn -we -l .,-,.y.ig.2.,4 Page Swty-six " " ' F P P f K Page Sixty-sevqn - A Q. li? ?"f7'7:A5i-f'f4"." 'fvgivilffffxlgffv V-.V"Q"' -'i?".f'Y YW' 1 A +"f'af . aw x sf nv, . . ar- .. r my v- ww,311fr':'-'.i 'M nf -fn, 'pvgpqy-V31 .7 Qi.. i 71543--S2ffI9iTmf:stz,s.s,u:,.,,.t.s,..,,..w..,f''A ritz,-.::...:i?..Z:.:.i-.-xm..wn' l+:,-,:,..-".3I.g.bafagv.'mf:L.r:f.L 'i 'V M ' f ' " milf s H a H H H 1 1, -s wi z 5 " ' 1. gf Y - 1 .'-'gal l 'X 5 l we f it 1 QQ 1 " lbw 1 55575: if 'H ' e 5 5 . -1 fl Ll 5 3 5 " 54 llililg :fgi ,,.,, Il .1 iff, ,W l l ll 1 ' . . . if . 'il 1:1-6 . 77 1 t l s , V 1 l K V I X fps 5 . i' f L . l i Tr m l 22 JL l R2 1 iz. -f v ri v 1 A 4- 5 l l .-'H 1 la . . , iff . Stars of the Fzfrst Magmtucle l Edmund Decherd ,,..... .......... Best all-round athleteg football, lil , it basketball, track ' fl' :is , JL Harold Smithson .......... .......... H ighest average in I-B Class Wiz'-" if Margaret Harris .......... .......... H ighest average in I-A Class U X , I O. Mahoney .,......,. .,........ F irst Prize Little Theater lfnl - Poster Contest 1 3 1 Il! 4 yt 1 Alan Reed .....,...., Highest average in junior Class T l l Gordon Teal .......... Highest average in June '24 Class sl . 5 and in the entire school H li ., ,L 2 fl. Elizabeth Durham ,...... .......... H ighest average in January '25 Class , w 1-1 - ' if vw a 3' Walter Doughty .... Eagle Scout ' Beatrice Peebles .. Highest average in Sophomore Class 1 wp, I L James Kreuger .......... .......... F irst Prize Thrift Slogan Contest gil William Peacock ..... .......... High-point man on Rifle teams of I City Schools gg 3 l la.: lm ll . , 5 if -ffsltm E., on "'M""N- - E 12:41 f"'e'1.l3Tr,:e H ' w-5ieL,.,.,.., ss'g H. i1ulQs,YT.4-aww' ii--JS . W' lla-f!""l .- fir. -,.s 1..:ia'f': rw ,,,.eE,-.. E .- ..,.E,, .. M -ML ,,,ER- HMM.,,,,,,.,,,,-,,,M,.,,,, ,,.,,.,..,,,-,N ,..,,,.,,-, , , Page Sixty-eight V 1 A A 'F n B 0 0 K 1 HI Q P' Q ORGANIZATIONS 6' - --- 1-fo 'Wi stu! CLTELJU A 'rqp,T..I UD" Club The "D" tfluh is an mgziiiizatioii composecl of those who have mzule their letters either in footlmll, hztslcetbztll. track, teimis, or hasehnll. lts purpose is to mztlce the "D" it more lioucired ziml coveted letter. lt tries to get new men out for the various sports so that llryaii will have good tezmis. This ih impurtaut, :ts at school is kimwii hy its winning teams. Tllli Ol5FlCERS OF THE "D" CLUB Luther lilztsiiigfztiiic ,......, ,.,, ., .,......., ,,..,.......,..,,..,,.,...,. P 1't'. f idmzt liztrl Haley .....,,,,,,,,, ..,., .,,,. V i r'l'- P lwxriilrnt licl 11111 llil lleehercl , ....,,. N' l'l'r'r' ltll'-X"Tl'F t1.x ' ilrcr Bill Coit ,,,,,,,,...., ,,,, , ,,,,,,. S it'l'tjt'tllIl-ill-51FIIIX Xliys Zhu NlcFvoy,, ,, , .....,, , , , ,,,.,.,., ,...,, , ,,..,..Sfmrz.mr Other iiiemht-rs are Wvelclii Uwlcltick. IR-reg' :XllLl1'UXYh, Gale Calhilmn, Fred ljlztsiiigztme, liurtly llrtiwu, Luther Coleinuii, Ailtliouy Muse, Xyllllkllll Naylor. Ray Sheltuu. Aziruti 'll-ztgtie, Don Pickle, jesse XVest and Field Smith. Page Sixty-nine I 5 1 1 VT ' V Q" ""' Q" " 'N ""' "' ' H' """i""'Q 'fi' 1-' ' if--A--W ------P-f V-W-----. M!-.1-f-L-...-Y-f .a ., we ..L.w. ,.....,,g 1: , ' . 'lf M e is W L li E 4 all f ft 3 l 1 , , The second Team MDM Club 53 l lil The members of the football second team of 1923, who made second team l - i .5 D's were invited by Coach W. D. Franks to a meeting on March 6 to ' e M ' fcrm a second team D Club. 'Q The following boys were present at the first meeting and were later i f CN recognized as the charter members: Roland Johnson, H. F. Pettigrew, I ,fy Bush Jones, Floyd VVoolridge, Russell Marshall, Lawrence Evans, Ray f Joyner, Chester Donnally, John Simms, Robert johnson, Paul Crum, l- fig Ollie Barfield Frances Baird Howard Walker Bill Magness Lloyd Slaten and James Foy. W Coach Franks explained the purpose of the meeting and the idea of form- FTW 5 . ing the club. Each boy expressed himself as being heartily in favorof the QQ Nl formation of the club and the purposes for which it was to be organized. 'F gg if 3, The coach then called for an election of a president and a secretary- W 'l treasurer, the only officers needed by the club. Roland Johnson and ' :L Lloyd Slaten were elected to the respective offices. rj? N At the next meeting the name, Second Team D Club, was adopted and ? it several forms and ideas in the secret ritual of initiation were adopted. Lg i Paul Crum, Bill Magness and Lawrence Evans were named as the initiation ,I J committee. At this same meeting Ray Joyner, Russell Marshall and Robert ' lil Johnson were 'apcointed to act as a social committee. The initation and X J social committees have both done excellent work. I l When the basketball season ended, there were several members of the w l basketball second team who were applying for admission. E, W 1 The followin ' ' ' ' M .L ' g members of that team were initiated over a period of ll, two weeks: J. B. Johnson, Lowell Hooker, Harry Eastman, Richard 1 , VVilliams, Raymond Cobb, Vertrees Stephens and John Weaver. if Each candidate expressed himself as delighted with the club and its 5 V precepts, even if somegaf the candidates were frightened by the initiation. 7 .3 Eastman certainly likes to carry books for two weeks, and Hooker says Q6 that you certainly can have a fine time at a banquet, but with a D Second as du ' meeting a banquet is not to be compared. uh The club was formed to keep the members of the second teams together E .L and to keep ever before them the high ideals of clean sportsmanship, clean jj, Ii. living and clean thinking. Also, one of the main ideas is to back the I Siu: athletic teams of Bryan High. As practically all the members of this l -5. club will be back in Bryan next year and everyone has played on some team, l l 1 it will be seen that the club will do much good for those men who will S I represent Bryan in future athletic contests. A E, il i This club has already shown its spirit, and next year it can be counted upon to keep up the good work. 1 7 A . lm , , . I . . . . lil. jl --5-ll "7 "Wi W' ' H I' I .. ,- - Y-NF ..,-,5,1.--:,g...:g4. ' l . a .-. . l 1924 e .. l - WEWWS Page Seventy -M: My . -.W-fs ... -- ,A V I kk K. J A h 'tw HW Y 1 sf - 2.5 Q .wrt . fn-,v.:t,m' ,v..e:.:..1x:-'...1..-. 2 ,.,.,a.t 1-34: . ya , . , ,rg ,y Girl Reserves "To find and give the best." That is the national purpose of the Girl Reserves. Every member of every one of the hundreds of Girl Reserve clubs throughout the United States strives to live up to this purpose. The purpose of the Girl Reserves of Bryan High is "To further the cause of Christ in everyday life." That is one of the reasons, and the main reason, why they have worked so hard this year to make others, with whom they have come in contact, happy, why they have tried to provide wholesome good times for Bryan High students, and why they have tried to create a general atmosphere of friendliness throughout the school. In one of the first meetings of October, when the new members entered the 'fCircle of Light" of the Girl Reserves. they determined to live up to this code: "As a Girl Reserve, I will strive to be: Gracious in manner, Impartial in judg- ment, Ready for service, Loyal to friends, Reaching toward the best, Ever de- pendable. Seeing the beautiful, Earnest in purpose, Reverent to God, Victorious over self, Eager for knowledge, Sincere at all times. I will try to face life squarely." The first letters of the above phrases spell Girl Reserves, and the code contains all of the virtues of an ideal member of this gigantic organization. The Girl Reserves of Bryan have ranked high among the clubs in the high schools of Dallas. This excellent standing was made possible through the untiring efforts of the head advisor, Mrs. A. M. Henderson, the assistant advisors, Miss Carrie Deen, Miss Ruth de Capree, Miss Erna Beilharz, Miss Ruby Keith, Miss Elouise Durham, Miss Bcnnie VVilkins, Miss Benners and Mrs. I. E. Harder, the Girl Reserve Secretary from the Y. W. C. A., who advised the club. The officers for the year were: Marion Anthony, President, Evelyn Howard, Yice-President and Membership Chairman, Thelma NVeaver, Secretary, Juanita Glasgow, Treasurer, Bertha Busch, Good Times Chairman, julia Pillet, Service Chairman, Josephine black, Program Chairman, Maurine Martin, Reporter, Ruth Cockrell, Advertising Chairman, Pauline Anthony, Telephone Chairman, Helen Dorothy Winters, Music Chairman, and Beatrice Peebles, Representative to the City Council of the Girl Reserves. --W-, v-...- .,,Y. . . ff , as K-if ' it lf", iff, , . - i "A, A 1. Page Seventy one l i x Wil l i 1 i li-5 I it. i .Wi ' .i 5,-4 sl, l 1 :ij l r a 1 l ' Q 51:5 Elk . 1 'v 15 it, li l. in lil' 133 lik: S35 4 Annual Staff XYe wish to take this occasion to thank those who have made possible this book. Our lfaculty Advisers have given us invaluable advice and assistance. The art classes and typewriting classes have generously given us their time and service. The ad getters, and all the people you see listed on these two pages have turned out the material that has really made this Annualg so if you like any part of the book, and it is possible that you will, you will find the picture of the person responsible for this on one of these pages. To those who were unable to Jrocure an Annual this ear we ex- 3 tend our greatest sympathy, and our advice to subscribe early next year and save ye Business Manager and ye Editor some tearing of hair and nashinff of teeth. 6 Yours sincerely, JAMES XYAGXOX and L. R. YERSCHOYLE. . -....,-,X Page Seventy-two V-1 4 1 .. , E--T twig .. ! in 9 l E i l l l vu. ,.- Pff'-1 1 J. .-A Fl Eff! '71 I I . n 22-11 1-,gg ,333 ii. '?' iff, ' M., l. . S ', as ., 'Kiwi ilkgi i F93 tri .1-I ll? 5'-.if iiff s,-gi le gg lift? 5:5- fe 4 4 lidilur-ill-Cl1icf,,, ,-1sx0l'l'az'u lidftur ,,.., , Assarnvfv Editor ....., The Annual Staff 111rzrlty-.Ald'z'isclzx '..... Nllisses lflcanor H. Bcnncrs and Pauline XYz1r11c1' ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,, A.,,.,........,........,,,,,,,,,,, ,I zuncs XVagnon ...,,,,,,XY2ij'llC Armstrong ..,,,,,,,,.,,,A11icc Carlisle jones Ol'fjtIlliSt1flfIJ1S ,,,,,,, A A tl1lIf't1'f'.v .,.........,....,,.., ..,,,.,, 1jl'lIlIltIlll'X ,,,,,...,...,.......,,,,,,..,., Dvlmlv and Dvvlflllzzllzmz ,,,,,,, ,,,,.,,,,,,,..B1ll blncls ..,.Enla Gee Gantt Clarence Browning fllllllllfj' .S'l'11f0r.v ........., ,,,,., , .,,...,.. ,I anct Morriss L'In.v.v Prufvlzvt '24 ,..... .,,..,... j. O. Mahoney Cllnxx Hl.l'lf7l'li1lZ '24 .,,. .,,,,,, , , ,,..... , ,, ,,,,, H ,, ,,,,,,., , . ,,....,,.. Hubert Stokes Cllzxx Pav! '24 .,,,,,,,,.,,, ,,......., .,...., ,,,,,,,,,, , ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,.,,.,,,,,,.. B . N Yrcnn VYcblJ Cfluxs 1Jl'0f7l1CfA' "Ji ,A,, Ivy Luc RL1Cll21Il2lll, Virgil Hodges zlnfl Margaret Boone L'lax.v Hi.vlm'fa11 '25 .,...,......,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ...., , ,,,, ,, ,, ,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,, , Robert Greenwood qlrt Iiditnr .,..,.,...........,w, ,.,,..,, ,,,,,,,, .,...,...,,,,.,,,, , . ,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,...,. j . O. Mahoney .'lI1'lz'Il1ry liditorx ............,,,,,,,, , , ,,,, .,.,,., , I.2iWV0llL'L' Stall and Dale XValdrop lfrrxllnlmz C'la.v.r Rcfv1'l'.vm1ll1lQ-zu', , . ....,,,,,,.,,. ,......, ,, ..,,,,,,,, Fullur Bray .SlOf?l1UIll0I'n' Clzlxx KCf1l'U.Yl'1IflIli'Z'l' N . ,,......,,,,,,,,,, licrt Pitt Junior Clnxs R4'fv'r'sw1ln1'1'-zu' ,,..,, , . ,..l.. Lowell Hooker 1.1ff'1'l1l'y lidztor ,.........,......... V....... ....,,,,,,, B l anche jay BUSINESS 5'l'Al"F lsflflllfj' Jl1I't'f.s'C1' .........,,,.....,,, ,..,.,,..,... ,.,,.. X Y, A, Pilc B11.vz'11f'x5 ,Ufzlzagvr ...,.....,..,,,.....,,.... .,.,.,... L . R. Versclloylc .I-15.vi.s'lz1rzl lizlsillmfx Ellnrzayvf' ,...,,,, ,.......... lX ffartin VVl1itc .ld'Z'Cl'flSll!fj fllnmzgw ',,,, ..... . . ,,.,,. ........ R Obert Painter .-ld1'vrt1szng ...., . ...,....... .. ........Victor Tcde Pugh .S ezenty three necessary. Lloyd Slaten deserves credit for the fact that the bills are paid Harry Smith Lloyd Slaten The Dalhi journal The Journal, under the management of Harry Smith, editor, alld Lloyd Slaten, business manager, was the most uniformly successful magazine ever published at Bryan. Every issue could have satisfied alike the most serious minded. or, cn the other extreme, the most fun-loving person imaginable. A full measure of good stories was found in every issue. some long, some short, and some "to be continued" to suit a variety of tastes. livery club was given a full write-up and the assemblies and student activities were covered fully and in an interesting manner. Physical training, Radio, R. O. T. C., and Athletics were presented in every issue, and all drew favorable comment from the students not only of Bryan, but of other schools as well. The editorial section indicated that a great amount of work and redection had been spent upon it, for the subjects were all interesting and timely. Now we turn to the jokes and the Hall of Fame, which were probably the most popular departments in the entire magazine, and rightly so, for even an inexperienced observer could see that a great deal of care had been exercised to get just the right kind of jokes. And now for that hard cash proposition, the business management, which is the most unobtrusive part of the magazine, but still the most ii 'F Nr'r"j 5 praimptly, or almost promptly, and so far not thrown its shadow across the threhold of the was well advertised by signs and billboards the building. The campaign for subscriptions even a small mortgage has journal office. Each issue placed conspicuously about has always been a success, as proved by the circulation of 800 copies every issue. Page Seventy-four l l l ffii iigil if . F. ffl lifil' 1 i l l ,ll E P l l lg, T525 1 I x in if. ifhfllg : ' 5 Ri 3 :lp .J it 'ii , Ii' s f Dalhi Iounal EDITORIAL STAFF ffditor-in-f'l1ivf ......... , ,,,,,,......,,,,,, , ,,,,, ,,,,,,,,, ,,,.,,,, , , Harry NY. Sniitli A-lxsofinfv Editor .A,,,.., ...,,,,,. l Elizabeth Stephens .-lsxistmzl Editor ...., ,.,,,, .,...,,,,,,,,,,,,,..,,,,..,, C arl VVall Llifl'I'1Il'j' lidilor .........,,. .......,...,,,, ,,,,A,,,,,.,,,.,.,..,,,,,A N e dra Newkirk .Wizdmzf ,'Il'fl.'Ilif1.FX ...., , ..,... Kathleen Newton and C. li. Shortt OI'fjL1l1l-Stlfft71I.Y ....,....... ..,,,,,..,. , ,, .,,,,..,,......,,,.,, Thelma Autrey li.i'f11u11yrx .........,,,,,, .. ,... .. ,...........Y,,,,.,..,, Blanche Jay ,ltlzlviivx ,,,,,,,,.,. ....,.. X Valter Littlcjohn flfilifnry ........,,,..... ......,.......,,. ,,.,,,...,,..,,,.,,,.,Y, R o bert Painter llnll of lfmxn' ,.,,, ,.,,...,,,.,,.. ...,...,.,.......,.,...,.....,. I i ieneva Rhodes Jnlevx ..,,.,.,,.,,,,A.,,,,, , ,,,, , ,,,, , ,,..,.. Dunzilcl Hlrxck ancl Clement Romanet fizlllfilff lfflifm' ..,.., ,, ,,,,,,,......, , ,,.,.A,,... ., ..,,....,... . ....., .... C ole Stephens .Irf lh'fmf'I1f1n11t, ,,,, ,, ,,,, Cu-flc ii2l!'L'I'UfT. VI. O. Malizncy, Elinor Moxley, Ii. Lnttrcll and Paulo Patton l,lfL'I'LIl'y irztwx ,,,, ..,,,... , Misses Beulah Talley :ind Bonnie VVilkin5 .Irf Critir ,,,,,,,,,, ,.,, , ,, ,, ,,,,,,,,,,, ,, .,...,,,, Miss ltleanor Benners BUSINESS STAFF Is'11,yi11u,v,v Kllflmrgrr .i,..,.,,.,.,.......,,,.,...,...,,,,,,,,..........,,.. . ,,..,,,. ,.....,..,. L loyll Slaten .slsszkfnnl lfzrsilzrxx .llilfnlgfvl ',,,,, , ,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, VVilliam Noble firfzzliziinrl ..........,,,,,,.. .............,,. , ....... F anna Belle Robertson Business .-ld':'z's0r ,,... ........ N lr. R. M. Caldwell Page Sewzzty-'vim' 4 : 1 .safe 3? 1,3 S94 ,thi J a :sig 'ii lm. his V ,gag 1 ,vi The Athenaeum Club u The Athenaeum Public Speaking Club has had a very successful year, both in 11 business and a social way, under the supervision of Miss Ruby Keith. The officers for the fall term were: Nina Baird. President, Irene McCutclreon, Yice-Presidentg jewel Selman. Secretary and Treasurer, Vera Vise. Reporter, Edith Angrist, Sergeant-at-Armsg and Miss Ruby Keith, Sponsor. The following were the officers of the spring term: Irene MeCutcheon, President, Anna Donnelly, Vice-Presidentg Esther Lynn, Secretary and Treas- urer, Paula Patton, Sergeant-at-Armsg Dorothy ,lean Smith, Reporter, and Miss Ruby Keith, Sponsor. Each program of the year has been in celebration of some special day or has commemorated the memory of an American hero. The club has also studied various questions of the day, paying special attention to the Bonus Bill and to the League of Nations question. Dorothy Jean Smith, a member of the Athenaeum, made a place on the school debating team. The club was well represented in the interscholastic deelamation contests, Virginia Strange and Irene McCutcheon both went out for this contest. The members of the club are: Iiclith Angrist, Goldy Angrist, Nina Baird. Laverna Beevile, Margaret Boone, Anna Donnelly, Vera Evans. Elva Guthrie, Guendolyn Losee, Esther Lynn, Zelma Mabry, Irene Mcffutcheon, Alice Pickens, Paula Patton, jewel Selman, Virginia Strange, Doris Swytcer, Dorothy Jean Smith, Avis Weaver, Geneva Brown, Lenora Hall, Estelle Davis, Frances Lavine. Page Sweilty-si.r un. L 1, -WE The Choral Club Although the Choral Kflnlw lost some of its members last year hy graduation. others have come in this year to fill the vacant places. The eluh has progressed steallilv from the hrst clav of school nnrler the efficient leadership of Miss Allys Field lioyle. i The elub gave the musical eomefly, "The XYorstecl Klan," in Ileeemher. which required hoth work and talent. lt gave the "Reeessional" hy De Koven as part of the program at the ,lannary Senior Cmnmeneement. Also the eluh sang' at the memorial assembly for XYr1:rll'UW XYilson. On March Z0 the elnh Have ,, e a flanee. which was prononneszl a most enjoyable anfl prohtahle 'utfwir OFFICERS Kathleen Newton ,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,....,,,, , ,..,....,. Arthur Simpson ...,,,,,,, D ,,,,....,.., , , , ,, Alice Louise Buckerirlge ,... ,, Clement Romanetu, ....,.... George Leeman ,,,..,t....,...... Herman lloetteher , M ICM BERS Neva Crowder Florine Dyer lflla Frnst liula Gee Gantt Jessie Dawkins lra Herrin Katherine Higgs Rubylee johnson Alice Louise liuekeridge Marguerite Lott Lillie Carter Herman Boetteher Glenn Coppeflgze George Knowles George Leeman Rayinmul Cohh Paul Ramey Clement Ronianet Arthur Simpson Kathryn Martyn t . . . .......,,Y,.,,,,...l,l'L'SldCIZf .llzfxzzzcsx rlitumger' ,,,,,,,.,..,.,.,.,...lfefvorter H,H..,.........1.Z17I'LI7"LU1L ,.....'1l'f'Ulllif7U-11'ZSf ......,..,,,,.S'aI0zst Louise Mehlnrray Kathleen Newton Lois Parker llanna Rnmanowski Lois Smith Mabel Stafford Josephine Thiell fleo VVilliams ,luanclolyn VVright Page .S'ezf'e1zty-sezfen The Orchestra The orchestra has been organized to create an appreciation of good rnnsic and to develop skill in ensemble playing. The orchestra has been under the flireetion ot Miss Allys liielfl Boyle tor past three years. George Leeman ,,,,,,,. Dorothy Hall ...,. ,,,, Grave Payne , OlfIfll'liRS .. .5i1'L'f't'fiI7'j' XYilkin lfaton ,.,.....,,, , ,,,, ,V , , ,..,.,,..,,,,, Dorothy Hall anfl Bertha Neeelernian ..,....,. Brooks Coffin ..,,,,,.,, .....,,,,,,,, , ,, , ,,... Bertha Crmyrler, , Don Christian llrooks Coffin 'l'heodo1'e Deere XYilkin Eaton ,lack Prigninre lfrank Riser Robert Trotl Myrtle Attenbnrg: filaclys Baker Page Sr21,fenty-eight MICM HIQRS Charles lfwell Yiyian Haekney George Halloway Loys johnson Bertha C'rnwcler Margaret Galley Dorothy Hall Ruth Harper Rosebud Higginbotha 111 H,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,111'z'side1zI ,li'11xi11r'x.v ,7lff'll1Ufl4'V rrrvz' 411111 Refworfw' ,,.S'f'i'11m111Y-nl-.4i'111.v , ,K 'rnzewf .lltISf1'I'X .bifllllfllf-Q-Olldllfflll' , ,, , l.l17!'l1I'lflIl George l,eernan l', ll. Mahoney Dayicl Morris lYalter Nlonrsanrl llertha Neeclerinan firaee Payne Lois Smith The Spanish Club The Spanish Club under the sponsorship of Bliss Olatia Crane. this year had the fcllowing officers: XYillie lfroehlieh. President: Maurine Martin. Yiee- l'resident3 Dorothy Hall. Seeretary and Treasurer: and Louis Campbell. Program Chairman. Maurine Martin was President during the second term. The elub was very unfortunate in losing Pierre Daguet, Sam Raehoisky, XVillie lfroehlieh and Gabriel Martinez at the eonelusion of the first term. l'ierre Daguet and Sain Raehofsky graduated: XYillie lfroehlieh left Dallas. and Gabriel Martinez tinished his Spanish eourse. Une of the interesting programs of the year was a musieale which consisted of piano and violin solos. Spanish songs, and a Spanish dance. A Spanish atmos- phere was ereated by the numbers. as eaeh one was typieal of some Spanish speaking eountry. The elub was honored by visits of Senor Barrera Guerra. the Mexican consul. and his brother, Senor Pancho Guerra. who made talks at two of the meetings. At the beeinning of the seecnd term. the club began work on a Spanish play. "lil Dilema del Tio." whieh was presented April 19. The east was: Helen Olsen. Fransiseag Allan Reed. Carlosg Louis L'ampbell. Don Diego: Marion Anthony. Dona lreneg Dorothy Hall. Rita: lsadore Romotsky. Simong and Harry Reed. Calamoeha. Candy was sold during: the program by students dressed as Spanish Senoritas. and some of the boys, in Spanish costumes. acted as ushers. lt is interesting tn know that some of the prominent members of the club eame from foreign eountries. Harry and Allan Reed. although Americans. were born in lfeuaclor. and lived there always until the last two yearsg Pierre Daguet. who was active in the club the lirst part of the year. is a lirenehmani Gabriel Martinez eame from Guatemala: and KYillie Froehlich. President for the First term. was born in Mexico. The purpose of the club is to familiarize the students with speaking and under- standing Spanish. which is used at all of the meetings. gklientras el mundo aliente. mientras la esfera gire Xlientras la onda cordial alimente en ensueno. Mientras haya una viva pasion, un noble empeno, Un buseado imposible. una imposible hazana. Una Ameriea oeulta que hallar. yiyira Espana! filzumt Dario. Page Seventy mmf Page Eighty The F orum The past year has been one of increased activity in every line of oratorieal endeavor. and to excel this year's record will be a hard task for the club next year. Although our teams are sometimes defeated, our spirit is unconquerable, and our sportsmanship is nnstained. It is this spirit. connected with the verbal manifestations of genius that has brought the club into such prominence in our school and city. The representation of Bryan High in the State debate for this year are both Forum boys, namely. Clarence Browning and Rudolph Allen. Although the Phi Kappa was not represented in this contest it is still the hope of every one inter- ested that the Forum and the Phi Kappa will go hand in hand in the coming years. Etting representatives of our school. to achieve for her. to the detriment of all her rivals. a permanent place in the field of public speaking. OFFICERS Mr. H. R. K. Kuehne ...,,...,...............,,,,,,,.,,,,., ..,...,.......,.,.. S' pon-sol' Clarence Browning ,,,...,,..,. .....,.....,,,.,,,,.,,,... ,,,,...,....,,........ P 1 'csiden-t Lawrence Stell ............,,,,. ,...,........,. V ice-President Joe Benowitz ............,,,,,,,,,.,,..................,....,...........,.,,... Secretary-Treo-suyrer Dale VValdrop ..........,.,,,,........,,,,..................,..,,,.,.,,,r...,.,.,. Sergeant-at-Arms VVatch the Forum next year. To the boys of the student body of Bryan Hivh the Forum extends a friendly invitation to membership. Rudolph Allen VVayne Armstrong Leonard Beasley Joe L. Benowitz Secretary-Trea.ru rm' Grant Bradshaw Clarence Browning President Verner Brown Powell Garrett MEMBERS Vivian Hackney Arthur Hanszen Eddie Kannenberg jack Keehan James Krueger Jacob Lipsitz Maurice Mann Charles Martin Harvey Mize Arthur Simpson Lawrence Stell Vice-President Bonny Strange Dale Waldrop Sergeant-at-Anus Russell Holland Mr. H. R. K. Kuehne Sponsor cmd Critic It-:K new 1-,ge an f ,- ' ,,.gaa.u.ss--e.,a:,.v.i...,..:.a-...Q ' . 1 v 1 HyfY Club "To create, maintain and extend throughout the school and community, high t standards of Christian character." This is the standard which the members of the Hi-Y Club have endeavored to follow throughout the year. The club has held its meetings at the Y. M. C. A. building each Monday. where, after a quickly devoured meal. a business meeting was held in which 'ill campaigns and elub activities were discussed. At the beginning of the City Series in football. the four clubs of the eity decided to hold a joint banquet and have as their guests the football teams of the various high schcols in order to encourage clean sportsmanship. Each captain pledged his team to good sportsmanship. The affair proved a huge success. judging from the unfailiug .clean play in the series. Later. the club sent a representative to the State Older lloys' tfouferenee. held at the A. at M. College. The representative. besides having a good time himself, brought back to the club a very beneficial message from the numerous speakers at the Conference. The club has been unusually fortunate in having speakers at their meetings from all parts of the United States, who have not only delivered good talks. but have helped to make the meetings more interesting and better attended. just after the mid-term graduation, a full membership was reached. There has been a commendably high average in attendance at every meeting. to say nothing of the numerous visitors. The members one and all feel that the club has an important place in the student activities at Bryan High. OFFICERS Horace Wy'lie ....... .............. ................ . . .,..,........ Pl't'.Vl'lfUIlf Gordon Teal ....,.., Gaylord Hart ...... Cole Stephens Dee Bradford XX renn VVebh Bill Noble Bill Balz R. Wfilliams Dee Bradford Donald Black Gaylord Hart R. V. Shamburger Cole Stephens ,lohn Luther Evans View-Pzeviderzf ......S'ecr'vfu1'y- 'l'reu.m1'e 1- ..........,.,........,...R0pn1'fe1' Gordon Teal Horace Vtlvlie James VVagnon Elton Johnston Harry Smith ................IJ!-I'FL'f07' Field Smith ,lack Ilgenfritz Carl VVall Ralph Lohman Henry Mood Duncan Miller N, V - f ,.-,.,. .nk ,. ,g,...-aY,1,, ' M' .,1,,..' . .t,1i,j.,.-V Page Eighty-our Ii' :Z it 55 1 ,.g. 2 2:13 li il all if ltslis 1-22 li! ll, lf? figiii. I I ' " in ft... The Little Theatre The Little Theatre has progressed rapidly this year. livery meinher is ex- tremely enthusiastic and anxious to make the club a success. In December, the eluh gave a very interesting production, "The Trysting Place," ill which many of our most talented members took part. Other plays have been ordered and will he produced later on in the year. New officers were elected in place of the former ones, the majority of whom graduated in January. The present officers are: Miss Jenkins ,...........................,...,...,.............. Anice Carlisle ..,......, Herman Boettcher ,,,,, Joe Dudley Buckner ',,,,,, ..,.......,,.,,,.il1"I'l.YUI' ...........,,..,..,....:.....PVesidmzt .....,..,,,........,...Vive-Presidmit ......Sl'l'1't'fa1'y and TiI'f'l1SItl':'7l' Gardner Cole ...,.,,,,, ,, , ,, ..,,,,l,., .....,,,......... S crgmizzf-lit-.4rms Eula Gee Gantt ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,. .,....,........ .,,,,.,,,.,,..........,,.,.,....,.. I Jullzi Reporter The membership is limi Anice Carlisle Herman Boettcher Mary Rothhaum Joe Dudley Buckner Kathleen Newton Brooks Coffin Fula Gee Gantt Gardner Cole ted to thirty. The Rowena XYheeler Arthur Simpson ,losephine Smith XYehster Curtsinger La Yonee Logan George Leeman Lillian Norris Paul Gerhart personnel is as follows: Alice Crow Jack Priginore Virginia Treadwell Daphne Campbell Nell Brown Fannie Belle Robertson Louise Golson Charles 'Wingo A The Little Theatre hopes to do great things the coming years for the heneht of Bryan High, Page Eighty-two Phi Kappa After a term of school in which there was no marked activity on the part of the Phi Kappa Literary Society. a meeting was called on january Z1 and the club elected ofhcers. Then it began to work in earnest to reorganize the club and build it up to its former place as the foremost public speaking club in the state. After the reorganization in the first meeting the club members began to really work and soon the names of candidates began to come up before the club for membership. Several good speakers were elected to membership. All these boys began with vigor and soon the meetings began to take real form. At a later meeting Mr. H. R. Morgan was selected as faculty sponsor. He has given the society much good help and advice. Tlll Tom Crews, ,, Alames Reid Lloyd Slaten , 2 UlfFltfliRS XYHO XYIQRI-1 ELlCC'l'lilJ: ,, .........,..,...,...,,,,,,,.,,,,..,,,,,....,.......,,,, ,,,,l're.v1'1ilf11f Hubert Stokes ,,,,, , Donald Black, .......,..,,vs,,,,,.,.l'1'c.ric1'm1t 9'm'1'i'li1i'y-'l'1'ciis111'ar ..,,..,v..,...S'f11rIi'11l Cfrzfzc ,,.S'e1'gei1i1l-nt-.lrnzs MEMBERS Ulf 'l'Hli PHI liAl'l'.-X LITERARY SOCIETY Toni Crews Hubert Stokes ,lames Reid Carl VVall Harry Smith Donald Black Marvin Shultz Chesly Henry Robert Hancock James XYagnon Clement Romanet Martin Pickett VV ren VV ebb L. R. Versehoyle Lloyd Slaten Raymond XYeaver Horace Lawler ,lack llgenfritz Maurice lkner Paul Rainey ,lohn Luther Evans Roy Klixon Page Eighty-fhreie J. O. Mahoney ,,,,, , Jewel Selman ,,,,,... Louise Mays ...,..,. Geneva Rhodes .,,,,,.,,, Jack Dugger ..,....,..,,,,,, Miss Eleanor Bennersn. James Krueger Hence Griffith Elnora Moxley Ethel Margaret Allyne McGee Cecile Bareroft Cleo W'illiams Pauline Beezley Preston Page Eighty-four Art Club OFFICERS ,,,,,1,,,,,,,1,,,,,,....,,P1'e.vidc1zf ,,,.,.,M..,..,1,....,...,........Vive-P1'csia'f11l ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,.,.....S'rr1'1'1't111'y- T1'1'11.v111'1'1' .......C'l1 KI Ill' 1111111 l'1'r1g1'1I111 C'0IlI1Illfft'!' MEMBERS 1. C. Ferguson Elizabeth Sugg J. O. Mahoney Louise Mays Fern VVilson Ozie Davis Mable Ashley Virginia Meritt Catherine Hartman , ,..,...... ,S'4'1'gv1111!-411-1-1 1'111.x ,,,,,,,,,,,.,,V,.,,,,r,1r,S'jv11115111 Maurine Gray l1aVonee Logan Frank Ramsey Jewel Selman Sophia Durst Geneva Rhodes Jack Dugger Paule Patton GOOD SCHOLARSHIP CLUB-90 GROUP GOOD SCHOLARSHIP CLUB-80 GROUP Page Eighty-five 1 lE:.. '- mines-11521-1 . . fr , sf., if it Y" ' ' KT' H1- ef fi J il l, t q rgw r jm 1 I 'il 12 ' 1 I N J l wr 1- , 1 '1 f Good Scholarship Club 1 1 1 - 1 : , INO GRADE TSELCVV 90 Albert Warren F V li l . ' 43115, John L. Phillians Adelaide Ji. Aldrich, Ruth Evans Thelma - Pickens 'AHC 1 ' '1' . Y y C 1 :AJ glujres, Ben Gifford, Edna May Powell, Dorothy W Ju n rews, Nan Hall, Lenone p M. L g Angrist Edith H . Ower, lldred . Qi . ' afflsi Margaret Protheroe Evel n PP! Anliker, Margaret Harris - , . ' y , M , 1 Nellie Rankin, Alma Lu 'N' 'E' Anthony' Marlon Hass'-311, Marjorie Sue Robertson Thelma Autry, Thelma Helsley, Wiggs Russell Datherine W all BallCw,, Edith Henderson Hel n , 1 7, Barnette, Berta Hightowery, Rueif 5223, Hiiiii' is ge gelleill Gsraldine 13111, Mary Louise Reid: Joe y -1- .14 C , 31' HY21- oward, Evelyne R b t R 1' 'lla llgell, Helen Howard, Violet Rzgirzlrss, Razlslllliwnd Q W enowitz, Ben Jay Blanche Romotsk 3- - . ' y, Is d E genowitz, Joe James, Jessie Roysey Fred a ore m JL Batik 1223531 geitef, Frederick B. Scott, Laurin 5. 1 01-HSC oinson, Cl ' S ' 'l' f Bradford, Leona Johnson, Loayzne E01-othy Jean Wil J Brown Helen K 1 arry Wm. - ,, 1 elly, Alfred smiihsou Harold V Brown Moss K ' N1 wi B 1 ennedy, George Stevenson, Ruby Mary JL ll Broggliifzl Foy Kleinman, Ethel Story! Marie 1 Yf 1 aelle Landress Robert St ' ' l f ,. a range, Wlllpllgllby 1 l Eahooll1,uAdele Leddy, Virginia Sullivan, Faithie l l 1 C3339 E, Louis Lyle, Elizabeth Tanner, Kathleen I Co k, Hoigthy Lynch, Edmund Teal, Gordon l l . cc re , uth Mason, Porter Thompson, J. C, F Cook Ethel M - . . 1 -y C ' , 93115, Virginia Thornton, Katherine l otton, Johnnie M' ' 90 iller, Margaret . . . jill Crouch, Eloise Morris Ra Treadweuy V'rgm'a Fil ig? Daniel, Lillian Moore: Evgiyu Tritch, Ruth Sf be Davis, Estella Moore, Mary Tom Tobolowsky, Esir ,E gavliqsolgf Grace Morris, janet Tomlinson, Herbert my M Djgirfigilkigrlilisiniliid Morris, Loraine Warner, Lucile 5 , ll on M - ,gg Dmmauyy Anna Y Mf2gt23'V,aI?aHl1ne I Weaver, Jewell 'il' lic! Dowdyi D0f0thY Newkirk, hledaijagllervte VVCHVCF, Kathryn 1 'gf Dowdy, Howorth Pa ,ne,,Gm Weidler, Annie . y 1 ce A W X Igurham, Elizabeth Peebles, Beatrice Wliite, Martin ll-' Q, urham., Drace Peebles, Fannie'Leall VVillingham, Nadine 1 'ff Earl, VWH111 Pellet, Julia VVilson, Helen K, 3 W Elllott Theodo A ? 'lu Ells oth M fe , PefefmH'11ChfiS Winter, O. R. 'lf w - Q- . , 1 , arlorie Philipp, Marguerite Wylie, Horace Ji. 11 T i I '? 1 1 L V 1 5 7 11 '11 1 1 E I 2 WY V-.-. ' 4g:.gj,.-, ,,rg, ,,,,,, .., j1iLLig,5 ul" I N""""'f Www H W -Mi 47, .-fF'7'1+F3YQ1'f'EQ:':if5:g ,, ai'!glig 4,5. iLlQl Pug? Eighty-six Y. .. , 'Y-v 'T '-5-' 4 4 gllkzetvsazeinezeell-aaa 2:-MI'-.'-1 'as :zestasain-sfzewlsawe-:var-esfatsazs-is-zz l-sf.-:stu-azeeeflss-:e 5 , , - Y Y . 1vr W l d s A 1 it cz 19 'L' i C500 c o ars 1 u 'W J, P , l W NO GRADE BELQXV 80 th' I 1 E Allen, Rudolph Hambleton, Helen Pickett, Martin i l hp Alston, Ruth Harris, Dolores, Piper, Frances Nl I Altenburg, Myrtle Harrison, Elizabeth Pitt, Bert l M l Anderson, Alfred Hartman, Alice Queal, Josephine' gl ' Anderson, Howard Hassell, Mary Grace Ratledge, Virginia ln, Angrist, Goldie Hawkins, Jessie Redd, Mildred M -I Baldock, VVelda Helsleyblgelfoss lliedilen, Vivian i Bartlett, Ona Henry, es ey ei , ames - , I Behr, Esther Hickman, Louise Richey, Marion :E 1 Bevill, Laverna Hill, Goldman Rinker, Mary Ellen uh 'ff Blackmon, Gerne Hodges, Virgel Riser, Gladys 5' , Bobo, Carl Holland, Ted' Robbins, Lawrence M , , Boyd, Alberta Ililluclgiiisi Torrence Eogbms, Lhoulse Celeste JL 1 ' B ' lf d, R ginald unt, argaret o erson, -anara i' l Biigyhliullere Hu11t, Miriam Rothbaum, Mary N LE Brener, May 1rwi11, James Rothell, Glellll 1 Brown, Edwin Jackson, C. B. Rothell, Honest 5 , Brown, Mattie Belle Jackson, Elizabeth Ryan, Pearl 1 , Brush, George Jones, Bush, Jr. Bchenework, J. F. it 9 Burrage, James Justice, Felix Beale, Ernest eg- E Busch, Bertha ganneiiberg, Eddie ieeman, iklicei gg Campbell, Daphne iman, ris Se man, ewe 1 Cannefax, Clara Mae Eirkpagiiiclz galnia Zhefaherghgohn g , Cas ll, Dudle nott, ut ear - 116 s, 1 + f Cdawvtlliilcgl, Lolay iaigicforc? alfred glatgn, kloyd tt W 5:8 'a , enner a ue, o n mi 1, noine e Q:- I Chg, Alice Lebowitz, David Smith, J. Frank K ,IL Cola man, Gwendolyn Lipsitz, Jacob Smith, Josephine 5, E Con lon, Edmund lIj1ttle,gls:Ee d gorrfils, llslalph Con din, Laura ong, i or pea er, amye ' 1 C ok, Eul Lyle, James Spong, Hellen xl l Cgdr, Loi? Manina, John Sprayberry, Elsie 1 Cooke, Willie May Martin, Maurine Stone, Marietta R Cotton, Winston Meredith, Nina Storey, Katherine N- Crews, Tom Milam, Clifford Storey, Stansell i f W Crowder, Bertha Mitchell, Fannie Strange, Virginia il Q du Crum, Paul Mixon, Roy Teague, Georgia l l S' Daniel, Louise Mize, Harvey' Terrill, Alle11 Davis, E, C, Mize, Marjorie T1nn1n, Gladys 'lf J Davis, Maxine Monroe, Lurline Tinsley, Willard w h Davis, Ruth Moore, Claude Tobolowsky, Jake ffl DeBeck, Charlotte Moore, Wilton Tritch, Roy rn Dyer, Marion Moran, Glen Trott, Robert i l -,L Edmonds, Albert Mueller, Wallie Tucker, Joe I l E EdmondsVMoie lltjlflclgfee, IT-Ialgry h Stleyuirenet I 111 E 'l"l, ' c onne , orot y ogt, ugusa 1 , ' Felfgilbshli, YAC, McGowan, Maxine VVHg11OH, James Q ' Forester, Maurine McGwier, Yates VVall, Carl I t, v Formby, Dorothy McKee, Ruby Clayton lVatson, Della ll V 5 Fuller, Mary Alma McKinney, Margaret XVatson, Eddie lt ! l Gay, Evelyn McKinney, Sam XX eaver, Thelma 5 l Gessell, Elmer Newton, Kathleen NYest, Alma l Gill, Kathleen Norcross, Eugenia Nlzest, Nell 1 , Glasgow, Juanita Nott, Elsie uvlllfei Rflbffft l l Godwin, Preston Ulsen, Helen Williams, Richard 4 l Golightly, Lillian O'Neal, Raymond VVilson, Clarence 1 i Greenwood, Robert Owen, Irene Wlilson, Ferne ' l it Grube, Louise Page H. G. vvllson, Mary Alice it f gg Id ll, H0 ,ard Patterson, Rex Vlfinters, Helen Dorothy 'I 1 i' Hgckiz., Guyrx Payne, Lawrence Vlfooldridge, Floyd N l Hacker' Lota Peel, Elizabeth VVrightt Anna Belle 1 Haley, Earle Pepple, Mildred XVright, Juandolvn , V Haley, Helen Phelps, Nathan Young. Glenna Faye 1 1 l Hall, Dorothy Phifer, Merle Young, Mary Sue 1,1 4 Hall, Mamie Philipp, Fred 1 1 V . r 1 Sf - - W ' , , Q ,,, , ' ' 'l I few-szewasf,-me-I-ssatteset ww--gee--1 1924 E-, ,,., -1 .V,Y,.M-.-,,,a,...,.- -L N.,--,...-....... W- Nj 7 Page Eighty-seven Us mv, rw, -f. -gpg N-W-... , -avg U V. ,. ,i 1 t,1s,,,.,.,,4 .,u-.fth... .Y in -W Agar, Q . sf- le 31- 15 i' lfiil li:-1 1'Q'i ,,.e4? 1'-,ts til 1 tl lf is i".il Zfaiig grisly ,V , 11 F 1 I vffv il , 4 L I l, s 1 t l l l lv , , i X , l llii l 5 fipei 2-If-it Lemfgl fy-'il V15 lkig it If 2 , I Q 1 .Ju list. iilil itntl ffl all EHS 'l-if ol Eff -E' gi-all gl Lfl V VZ", Clarence Browning Nedra Newkirk Rudolph Allen Dorothy Jean Smith Debate and Declamation In the Bryan High Auditorium on March 5, before an audience of enthusiastic supporters, the school held its preliminaries in the State lnterscholastic League Debate, The subject was, A'Resolved: That the United States should join the League of Nationsfl The following boys tried for places on the boys' team: Xlfayne Armstrong, Rudolph Allen, Clarence Browning, jacob Lipsitz, Harvey Mize and Lawrence Stellg and from this group Clarence Browning and Rudolph Allen were finally selected as the winners. The following girls tried for places on the girls' team: Louise Golson, Helen Hambleton, Nedra Newkirk, and Dorothy Jean Smithg and from this group Nedra Newkirk and Dorothy jean Smith were selected to represent the school. Both teams have met two other teams from out of town schools in debate this year, Sherman and Masonic Home. The boys' team won both dehatesg the girls' team won from Sherman, but lost to Masonic Home. The boys also won by unanimous decision over North Dallas 'in the city Dreliminaries. In the declamation contest, the following students tried out in the preliminaries: Arthur Hanszen, Herman Boettcher, Grant Bradshaw, Harvey Mize, Moie Ecl- monds, Virginia Brown, Nell Brown, Louise Golson and Marjorie Sue Hassellg of these Harvey Mize and Marjorie Sue Hassell were chosen to represent our school in the city contest. - V 2 SP- 'S Q ai-'P-":a"f:'f ",,-..f .-,s-..f- +.......-....,..,.......... .,........,...,.,....,M .........,, ow. . , , Page Eighty-eight Q Q ia iii! ,gs -i , 5 avg! it tal El NVT1f Nlflfl ' ' 'YNY X'f7NY 2 ,o,0X!fo.o. ' B0 CK 1 IV ATHIZZTICS Q Q OC' f Q5 Q 'RJ' :Wi ff ...I , Rl IS S McliYO Y "Miss McEvoy, I just know I'm failing in all my subjects." "VVell, come by this evening and l'll try to straighten it out." Such is the conversation that can be heard almost any morning at Miss McEvoy's room between one of Bryan's aspirants to athletic fame and Miss Mclivoy, By teaching history classes all day, helping our athletes in the afternoon, and thinking about the dumbness of some of these athletes at night, Miss McEvoy manages to keep busy throughout the year. Miss Melivoy has been largely respcnsible for the uniform good scholarship exhibited by all our teams this year. XYhen any suggestion reached her that an athletes grades were falling, she immediately called into conference the would-be Thorpe or Paddock or Babe Ruth. Drastic relief measures were invariably adopted. The boys always responded admirably to her advice, and throughout the year, as in former years, her influence has been wholesome and invaluable. not only to the boys individually, but to the tone of athletics generally. Page Eightyfnim' nge' .Yizzffvv .. 4 P V Lf 11 A 11 .1 .1 1, .1 Lf T, A .1 K 4-3 1 Q, , 24 5 7 , , Z 14 J 7 Q N. N... 4 Ralph Mcliricle Huroltl Niue. citlflltll-II lftlicritlge Bailey 77 ' Ctntw "Nlz1c." Ctlflftlllll '-- "l5rotl1cr," 'lllrkli' "l,nck." " -lth tn fill 111 lil -lth ntl Y -2 'fh t ' rr fl 4' ' Year tAll-Lfity '22-'ZSJ 2 Year Football IERYAX 9, li,Xl'l7Kl,XX O The XYulvt-s opened their 1025 cznnpztigii in Z1 hrillizlnt nizlnner, do XY Il- ing :tn ancient foe zlncl settling :ln nhl score with the liilllflllilll lligh Sclicml Clnh in the inzlngnrzxl gains ut' their schcmlnle. The linztl score llryztn 9, lX:2lUlIll2lIl 0, :incl the XY:wlx'eQ were t'm'cetl to extend theinse in orcler to clefeztt the strong Kzntftnzni Qluh. was lves 'llhe classy work ul Klcllritle. Xte untl Shelton sttmml out in this gznne, anrl the XYcmh'es luninecl np :is Il tnneliine that wunltl give :tnv vlnls :1 hztrcl light. lizntfinztn lllZlll2lgC.l th tie the XYtmlres in l922, :intl the victory tltnthly welwine, :ts it settletl the suture with the lxziuftnztnites. XYZN Page Ninety-one Q f'f,'I' Ray Shelton XYilliam Naylor XYillian1 Coit so," G1111111' 111111 l"11lll1111'i' "ll11d." ll11lflu11'lq "Bill," H1111 Znd Year lst Year lst Year ' I """" t ' iii I l 'J l Q f 1 5 I i 1 N' ' iiiailxxksz, 1X'l'llliX5 11 Opening up a great attack which was directed hy Mcllride, tl1e NYolves swept the fast Athens lligh School cluh oft' its feet and chalked up a 32 to o victory. 'lesse West, Klcllride Zlllil liordy llrown were tl1e stellar performers in t11is game, with Noe and the other men coming i11 for a great share of glory. Coach Cohh gave a 1luIll1JCl'Ol: men a. tryout, and tl1e results were most gratifying. Tl1e XYolf haclchelcl furnished wonderful interference and at no ti111e was tl1e outcome i11 doubt. Tl1e .Xthens team fought hard, and managed to score on tl1e Klaroon VVZ1l'l'l01'S-1116 first touch- down of tl1e year against llryan. However, tl1e XYolves won, and as Coach tlolih stated after the game, a toucl1down LlOCS11lt hurt anything, as long as the 1Yolves make more points. BRYAN 30, Nlc-KIXXICY O Une of tl1e greatest victories of the year was rolled off against the Xlcliinney team. Tl1e liorest a11d C Jak Cliff tea111s l1ad 11161 the Klcliin- ney aggregation Zlllfl won, but the XYolves were out to trim tl1e Collin County represeiitatives i11 a more decisive maniier, Zlllfl accoinplished lllell' purpose, wimiing 39 to U. Tl1e stock of the Maroon juniped after this Wi11. Tl1e entire team starred i11 this game, playing almost perfect foothall. Tl1e llcliinney haclcs were never ahle to penetrate the stro11g llryan line, w11ile the XYolf hackhelml quartet inanaged to gain almost at will. lt was tl1e third successive victory for tl e XYolves, and tl1e cluh took its place as one of the strongest contenders for city honors as a result of "con1parative scores" against Oak Cliff and liorest, 130111 of whom met Klclfinuey. Page Nuzrty-twc, 4' .,g.-M., , .q,,.XL,,V I M ,gk A37. J .1 -." ,T i r 4 M . s. 1 it i T' ' 1 f fn it 6 ,FV-J yr W , fjft . ,ff K -Jesse VVest lgaley Iidmond Decherd 'lee-man." Hfzlflnirlc "lJnteh." lizrlllmrk "Ueek." llnlflwrk lst Year lst Year lst Year IVCJRT XYUR'l'll CliX'l'R,,Xl. 19, IERYAXX 6 The Maroon colors were lowered for the hrst time on Cletolmer l'l when the Cohhmen journeyed over to lfort XYorth and allowed the Cen- tral lligh gridders of that eity to carry off the large end of a 19 to o count. lt was one of the hardest fought games the XYolx'es ever played -and they went down with all of the men fighting, so the defeat was nothing to be ashamed of. The fact that the Central lligh team later won the eity champion- ship of Fort Xliorth makes the loss less stinging-and shows that the XYolyes put up a nice tight against a great elull. The XVolf line stood ont in this battle, checking the husky Fort XVorth tCZlllllS offense and smearing many plays. The offensive work of the Maroon team was marred hy a few fumlmles, and this may have heen responsible for the defeat. Considering the class of team the XYolyes were playing' and the fact that it was the first battle on foreign soil, the Klaroon loss was not so bad4though disappointing. FORT XYORTII XURTH SIIJIE 13, BRYAN 3 The North Side l ligh team of lfort XYorth handed the Klaroons their second defeat of the year on October 26, trimming Coach Coblfs men I3 to 3 in a game reeled off at the lfair Park stadium. The work of Page Ninety-three Aaron Teague Gordon Brown Field Smith limi' and Half "firmly," Ttzrlelt' t'i'11ft'r' lst Year lst Year CAll-City 'ZH lst Year ' ' ,lgly 'XM Y. , ' I :I li in llrown, Xue and the line ttgtmi stood out. However. the North Siders were a classy outfit, and deserve credit for their victory. The XYolves battled hardfin fact. hoth cluhs offered plenty of tight and the game resolved itself into a rather rough anfair hefore the Iinal whistle. Several of the North Side players were injured in the game. and reports from l'ort XX orth a clay later told ot tive men who had to he lreated at the hospital. This shows how tough a game it was. MYSIQKJLSICIC 15,1lRY,XN 12 4 lne of the jfreatest Wunes every played in the Southwest was offered , bt 1 by the XYolves and Muskogee high eleven at Muskogee, when the Nlaroon journeyed to Oklahoma on November 10. The game was :1 nip-and-tuelc affair from whistle to whistle and the Xluslmgee crew finally won. 15 to 12, after hattliug for four quarters with the Xvoli eleven. Ralph Klellride and the entire haelqtield stood out in this game. lu fact, every man that entered the game for the Nlaroon school might he stzunped a star, for they all fought to the last ditch, and several times had apparently snatched Il victory from defeat. llad the game been played on Dallas soil, the XYolves would unquestionably have won: for the Cohb machine has never heen a successful road eluh, :md the fact that they were within three points of defeating the lluslqogee cluh, one of the greatest high school elevens in Oklalimuzl, proved the XYolf is Zl lighting animal from start to finish. Page Ninety'-four l.uther Blasingfaine Milton llrown l.eslie ,lones l,ukc." llulf mul lim! llulf and Clam! "Cotton," Emi lst Ycar lst Year 1, lst Year Lf... " 4 J , , fuk Cl.ll'l7 22, BRYAN 7 Maroon and XYhite hopes for a city championship suffered a severe jolt on Xoveinhcr 17. when they tackled the Oak Cliff Leopards in their first city series game. The XYol'.'es lost, 22 to 7, and while they were somcwhat disappointed at not trimming the Cliffers, the game offered some consolation in thc fact that the highly touted lllue and XYhite machine was forced to extend itself, and in the opinion of critics, thc XYolVes might have won had the hreaks of the game not favored the Oak Cliff club. .Xs it was, the XYolyes did better than was expected against the hlue, a team that appeared to he greatly over-rated. Coleman, llrown and Noe were the outstanding stars in this game -little Coleman, particularly, displaying a wonderful amount of nerve. Cilordy llrown stamped himself as a candidate for all-city team, as did Noe. who played a whale of a game. For Oak Cliff, King and l,ynch were the stars. The XYolyes got the jump on the Clittcrs, scoring in the lirst seven minutes of play. Checking the Oak Cliti' attack, they managed to hold the lead throughout thc first quarter, and went into the second quarter Fighting. lt was not until the last few miutes of the second half that the Cliffers were able to penetrate the llryan defense, and push across the touchdown, which. with the extra point as a result of a goal kicked, tied the count, The XYolx'es were outlucked in the second half. the breaks all going to the Cliffers, and the result was that the Maroon warriors failed to count again, while Coach JXllen's men pushed across enough points to run their total to 22. Page N inetyifive r,,... X' f M..,.r. . .1 V Gvid Cole K114herlCilfen1an Gale Callahan "Bull" Fiilllnzrk "Shorty." HCIIf17C1Ck "Trinkus." End lst Year lst Year lst Year A v g ' .4 1. HRYAXN 9, NORTH D4Xl.I,AS 7 The most thrilling game of the season was reeled off on Novem- ber 23, when the North Dallas llulldogs sprang a surprise on the Cobb outfit by pushing them into the third quarter on the small end of the count. ,X spectacular rally during the last few minutes of play netted the XYolves enough counters to emerge from the battle a 9 to 7 win- ner: but not, however, until after the majority of Orange and lYhite fans had left the stands, believing their team had won. The lighting spirit this game better than of the llryan high team was demonstrated in ever in history. the team never giving up the light, and coming through victorious when it was almost sure of a defeat. l.uther Coleman again distinguished himself in this game, although he was attempting to average football player play with injuries that would have kept the in bed. The gritty little backfield man insisted on starting the battle, however, and played a jam-up game. The North Dallas team played wonderful football, especially Frank Davis and Eugene Teasly. who proved real threats to the NYolves. the Page Ninetyysix The victory over the llulldogs checked the long list of defeats that Maroon and NYhite club had suffered. I E, . .. i J Lloyd Frost ",t21LfsEtQf I, ci coin, .S'f1lI1'l'lIf Jfmzugfcz' - "lawn," Cfimrfl Cotlclz Znd Year lfoollui-lll and Hast-he FURIQST 33, RRY.-XX O The curtain for the 1023 season dropped on liecemher l when the XYolves ollfcred the poorest exhibition of football that they had put up the entire year, losing to the lforest team, 33 to O, in at game that was almost a farce. The lYolyes, though they battled hard, were simply outclassed hy the Green Terrors, who Hashed an overhead attack that mystilied Coach Cohlfs men. liryan was never successful in her oltensiye work, and failed to ers played much lmetter football against the llryan team, however, make substantial headway against the heavy forest line. The lforest- than they did in their game with Oak Cflilf. llad the Green eleven llashed the wonderful passing attack against Cliff that they showed against the XYolves. they might have annexed the city championship. The loss to lforest killed the llryan hope of landing in second place in the city series and shoved them into third place, a notch alxove the North Dallas team. ' The llryan teanfs record for the year is four games won and tive lost. The Wolves had the hardest schedule ol any local high school team, and the Maroon officials should avoid such a rough road for the team in 192-l, as it will hinder the Maroon chance at the eity title. Page .N metv :mm 5' The Second Team The second team is the bunch that gets out every day to be ground in the mud for the glory of the first team. These men knew they could not get any glory out of it. and they knew that their efforts were not appreciated by the school, but they got out there and fought every day, oftentimes in the mud and rain, to make the Hrst team better. llut besides the serininiages against the first team, they played some real games. Under the able direction of Mr. Franks they won 3 games, tied 3, and lost only one. They won two games from the first teams of high schools near by, and lost one. These three games were with teams which were heavier and more experi- enced than the second team, but they came out with flying colors. Most of the men composing the second team will be back next year to battle for places on the iirst string. The scores are as follows: Bryan O ,,,.,,,,... ,,,,, ,,..,,.,,.,......... l 7 orest Seconds 0 Bryan O .,,, ...., . . ,....,, North Dallas Seconds 0 Bryan O ..,,..,,,. ...,,.,....,,,....... ......,,,,.....,,... ln' l ano 31 Bryan 7 ..,,,,.... .. ,,..,..........,,,,..,.... ,,,,...,,,....... l Terris 0 Bryan 6 ....,,,,,, ...,,,,... X orth Dallas Seconds G Bryan 19 ,,,,...,,,, ,,,... North Dallas Seconds 0 llryan 'P ,,,..,,, . ,,.. ,,,., ,,....,,... .....,,,...., L z 1 ncastcr fi D-Second Letter Men FULL J , Simsiu 'MI' .Ka ,fa-A-,B ' l HALF aw' am ' HALF llarfleld Joyner ' 'XQUARTIQR ,.,, .- Q 4 XYooldridgew A: W- Lehman 5 cg' CENTER Crum A jones QCapt.iVi,, U, ,Ay f- .Ax I- " GUARD GUARD R. johnson B. Johnson ,V LL 'K' " ffl f n Marshall .- f ,N -if 3 ' 1 ' K 4 ,o'G4.f TAQKL4. pi 1 y, K1 f 1At.ki,r.1 Magness ,r "' L' , Knabenshne Pettigrew' , 'A , A1 ' END ETSU Nichols Evans Donally ,Dm , Page Ninety-eight ,,-,,... .,,.,,,, N..,,,.,,,,,,,,,,A,,,, ,,,, M,,wM,,,,.,MW,wh A W ,V ,, V V V- VV .V ,, ,V-V--V-VV VV ,V ,-, Eg X ' ' .'H"Kgf7T"?':77"""i:f?'?'?7x"-"fi H-117:-.pq J- 'V 1, K ' , 0 4' ' ' ' V f" T':"'r-'J".r""' f -. V 511:g1mgg3,.-.n:l1Tw,1.,:Mf.f.:1:5231' 'Wi' 'ff' 'H'-" .1- 5Ifl'94"7'5f"' fC"T""-'7f2"l"f:T'z'?"J"S"?C1 fi? '-""'m'-----H-W-W---v--V' - ' . V1-V V-V - -V VV-VV V VV .-"cl-. .- .,, ,W , ,W Hn, V i 5' ,., 1V' "Ts if We .ww ifrif 5 . J K Vfff ' il iii: 3 Q, fias 2 ' -W 1 ffi. S V135 ' ska QE-Sf 11' ' us M: rx .H A. ii A , A, 'R l'1 ,.. x, V 3 siiii g 5' H Q V I 9'K :,.f I., iw ff' JW ig MF 1, , gn, -1? lrw ,Vs QI 5-fy :ii Eg? gy-fr! air'--' 1"W'HQ 2 ? :L v xex W ilgli x 5 , A ss Y -'ff 5 PM lk gsvn if-'is ., 51 4,5 ' i' pl' Y , -. if il! if'- 1 we ! 1' hr . M A , wc A , I 5 , ,., ,aj siiii 1 Z 5 , Ji .2 'ig 35-Af M :jpg il' .lv Vai EE? fiffl 1, 'sf 4 V fiffv' vi ww- A 'X A :Hi 1 Q S ef X ' 15,2 1 5 55 V? 1 Qi f ,ax . Q L . Y A , Ia, . if .i A 233 2 1 3 li iig ' fax l ff Y if ' , 3 1 ,A ..........,.,.. 4 Nj :ff-VV-VNV ,..V,...-h.. .,... ,-,m.,,,. ....-..,M-, .q..m..,-..-A..M.,, ' 5 ,- 1. W qw-2-fri" r' "'r"W--151-15---ASW' ' """"'f " ' ' 2 Wf' A" H -1:2 W- f Q',YVQVfi1fQ5J?.f1V4g,T 13-,V,2Lf,Li'i,V3 lihfii fiii Baja 2,1 fn' gi? 'FF 'V- f V: XV "'-,s"" fWfT-'?f'ffdf-v'ff x -SGMW-IV--LV--4-Q ---V VM.-V ,l3.i:.gg1,gi,g i' 'ff'j5Vi 1 f-M9 113545 :ww -4 F135--1' E.: ww Y K PageNinety-nine S v., 4 . V "5 iw IM ,hf,, f Mui was I ai.-2 ilifi. I l 'll' e l r 1 i l l l . 2 uf .fi iti? E r N '11-1. p .FQ ,. is 3. i. We I I 3 2 Percy Andrews VV. D. Franks Jesse VYest Center Coach Captain. 1I0l'7l'lI!'!I' Basket Ball BRYAN 20, DALLAS U. 4 Bryan swamped the Dallas U. boys in a one-sided game in the Bryan Gym. The game was much more exciting than it appears to be by the score. As Coach Franks had not picked his first team he ran some men he thought to be rookies, but who proved themselves worthy of representing Bryan High. The outstanding stars in this game were Hooper, IYeaver. Deeherd and VVest. better known as "Ice Man." BRYAN 29, HCIQY it l'Hll.l' 27 Coach Franks again proved himself a worthy coach when his flock of green liasketeers took a hard fought and exciting game from the Huey K Philp Ramblers. in the Bryan High Gym. He put a combination 'of five on the Floor that had such perfect floor work. that the older and more experienced Ramblers didn't know whether they were coming or going. That five consisted of Andrews, Pickle, VVest, Decherd and Noe. IRVING 27. BRYAN Z4 The Irving Independents gave Bryan their First defeat of the year. It was au exciting game throughout. in which Bryan showed great talent and skill both in Floor work and in looping the baskets. This game was just a practice game and will not go against Bryan. as the Irving team was an independent aggregation. In this game Coach Franks gave all his men a tryout, and those showing the greatest headway were Decherd, Weaver and Shot Lang. HUEY 8: PHILP 24. BRYAN 23 The Huey Sz Philp Ramblers gave Bryan their first defeat in Bryan's own gym. which put them on even base with the NVolf quintet, Bryan having defeated them in a previous game. This game will long be remembered for its clean lighting. It was anyones ,fm "'- 'A""" """" X ,-... .......,,....W..,,a.,. .....-.w.,.. ,,....... .. .., .M M 'fx "Hb, I .,,,.,s... ..,....., ,.., . . .. '. 1 - V a- 1.51-y.vff5. f Page One Hundred D"'t"'-'M-'-are l i , 2 l"' ,lfei F33 I .-5 .4 :li is .vi fe l 25. ga.. I1 1 X 1 -. . E 1--it Q.,- iff 'Y 1?-K 5- I , ' www-,1-N ta. - -f LW, - W , , ,, . , . .,.,, ,, f. . ma ., .'-:.':.1sf W male. -, f K Anthony Muse lfdmund Decherd Don Pickle 1"u1":t'tH'd Gmiru' Grrurjzl X game the first half-each team scoring the same with both tives still fighting: but with the opening of the second half, Bryan took the lead and held it up until the last five minutes, when they started playing for time. Bryan started playing for time just a little too soon, for the game was not over and the Ramblers were fihting hard, and they looped a basket just before the whistle, putting themselves one ahead. Those featuring in this game were Decherd, Andrews and VVest. BRYAN 20. KAUFBIAN 12 The Bryan quintet added another scalp to their belt when they took the Kaufman basketeers into camp to the tune of 20 to 12, The game was exceedingly fast in spite of the one-sided score. and was marked by spurts of brilliance on both sides. Bryan's excellent floor work and passing told on the fast Kaufman quintet in the end. The first half was nip and tuck, neither team being able to gain a decided advantage, although Bryan managed to hold a lead by a small margin. The lighting of both sides was the feature of the second half. Coach Franks used every first string man and all of his subs to down the comeback of the Kaufman five. The oustanding stars in this game were Decherd, Pickle and Andrews. NORTH DALLAS 32, BRYAN 25 Vtith nothing but a Heck of green basketecrs to select a team from, Coach Franks was unable to develop a basketball quint that could stand the gaff in the l924 city series, and the W'olv:s went down-fighting. Only one game was won by the Maroon hve, a victory that did not keep the Bryan High lads from occupying the cellar position in the Hnal standing in the city championship. The North Dallas Bulldogs administered the First defeat of the year, which fn-. .......,.. ,,- ..., , "H" ' ' """""' "'Tj"f " ' K as -,, f-A If. , . 1' 5,1 .' 1- 'lf ' .'. I fr -' , ks, F WMU Page One Hundred One - 5' .4 14,31 ing lflil l ,C lx vi if lt' 'l ju. :nfl ,ali If-fs. .r l ,,.s3' lgvfl 'E lm .,. Wil l 1 1- lei :hae Y will was no surprise, in view of the fact that the Wolv'es had so much rookie talent that was unknown to the coach. The final score was Q52 to ZS, and the game was hard fought, as the score might indicate. Conover of the North Dallas team was high point man with seventeen markers to his credit. OAK CLIFF ZS, BRYAN 13 The Oak Cliff Leopards, who later wo11 the city and state title, handed the XYolves a Z6 to 13 wahopmg in the second game, outclassing the Bryan team in the second half. The Maroon loopers were unable to stand the fierce pace set by the Leopards. Muse and Decherd of the Maroons starred on the offensive, and were instrumental i11 nearly all of the Bryan scoring. The entire Cliff team played good basketball, and the game was a clean-cut contest with gocd basketball being offered almost throughout. FOREST 23, BRYAN 9 Coach Loos' Foresters displayed a wonderful brand of teamwork in thethird game of the city series, and walloped the W'olf entry 23 to 9. The Maroon team was never able to get started, and Coach Franks had trouble finding a five-man combination that would work together out of the flock of men in uniform. Andrews and Decherd stood out as stars for the Wolves, and it was the work of these two me11 that prevented the Foresters from having a walkaway. The Maroon team displayed a fine spirit, fighting to the last 1lOtCI1, and only acknowl- edged defeat when the final whistle had sounded. OAK CLIFF 25, BRYAN 7 The Maroon and White five suffered its fourth consecutive defeat in the city series against the strong Cliff team, losing by a count of 25 to 7. The Cliff outfit played much better ball in this battle than in the opening game, and the Wolves were forced to resort to a defensive game, in which l'1ckle starred. Andrews again stood out from the scoring angle, and showed an improved game. Coach Franks continued to shift his men about trying to solve the team play problem, but with little success as far as the ultimate outcome of the tilt was concerned. FOREST 29, BRYAN 3 The Forest High Lions put up the greatest game of basketball ever witnessed in a city series in the fifth game of the title tourney, beating the XYolves by the score of 29 to 3. As the score would indicate, the Lion defense was almost like a stone wall, and the Bryan forwards were seldom allowed to get within firing distance ot the goal. West turned in the only three points made by the Maroon team. Estes and Swift of the Green five played wonderful basketball at guards tor Forest, and the Franks men where hopelessly outclassed from whistle to whistle. Pickle played a nice game at guard for the Bryan team, but lack of a suitable working mate prevented him from holding the score down. BRYAN 15, NORTH DALLAS 10 Coach Franks' five pulled the curtain down on the 1924 series by walloping the North Dallas Bulldogs, and finishing in a temporary tie for third place with the Orange and VVhite. The score was 15 to 10, and the Wolves won by fighting every inch of the way. In fact, the Bryan team fought throughout the entire series, even though not conceded a chance to win from either Forest or Oak Cliff. Blasingame was the star of the final battle, registering seven of the Bryan points. The guarding of Pickle agai11 featured, and the North Dallas team had trouble solving the defense that he put up. It was by far the best game of the series, for the two clubs were evenly matched, and fighting for a position in the final standing. NORTH DALLAS 18, BRYAN 12 With the four teams tied for places in the city series, it was necessary for all teams to play an extra game to decide the final standing. Bryan and North Dallas were tied for third place and in the play-off Bryan was pushed into the cellar by the ability of the North Dallas players to make long shots. The Bryan team played a good guarding game, and the North Dallas players got very few short shots at the basket, but their surprising ability to sink midcourt shots put them ahead. The Bryan team seemed to have used up all their scoring powers the day before, when they defeated North Dallas, and their basket shooting and fioor work was erratic. r 'i Page One Hundred Tivo '54, 1 Q bf, 114. .rl E351 H.-'wi itil .l' .r-fl 'n,i .asf If Nfl 113. -i 3. l.JQl 131 ij' Q Q 1? 5 iw Bt i 'fl' Baseball High School Champions of the Southwest! That s the title the Bryan High baseball team held last year and the one they hope to win this year. Last year Bryan ran away with the city championship, losing only one game to Forest, the only loss of the year. Besides winning the city title, Bryan had beaten some of the best teams in this part of Texas. When Waxahachie High School claimed the State Championship, Bryan challenged them, and a three-game series was arranged to be played in Waxahachie. Waxahachie, besides having a good record in Texas, had defeated the Okla- homa City team, champions of Oklahoma and Missouri, and the Shreveport High School team, champions of Louisiana. In the series between Bryan and Waxahachie, we won the first two games, making a third unnecessary. Over a hundred Bryantstudents made the trip from Dallas for the second game and were rewarded with a victory. Our team ?L,:l's'3f-"P924 'ki 'l'2' e" "" 5 he 1:2224- se-:Isa-4-P 'll5'.ii'lli'-'-?. ' f-'.-i.':-zeiussxnzx 1 ' " ' T ' f -P1 v- v '--- ' s W' .li 'IP St' 5 Y . outhit and outpitched Waxahachie and defeated them decisively in both games. 5 These victores gave Bryan the championship of Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma and 3 Missouri. 'fl' As we go to press Bryan is leading in the city series with 3 games won and 1 lost. 7 This was the only loss of the year, and was the first game of the city series, which ' . was lost to Oak Cliff. E Bryan has a fine chance to win the City Championship, as Oak Cliff, in second JL place, has 3 games left on their schedule and Bryan has 2. The series standing, .il as we go to press: 'F 1 P W L Pct. Q l Bryan ..........,.........................,.................,..,...... 4 3 1 .750 M 1 Oak Cliff ..................,...,...,....................,.,,....... 3 2 1 .666 ,L 1 Ilglorth Dallas ,...................,.,.,.................,....... .3 1 2 -L ' orest ...........,......................,..,.......................... 2 . if Q , SCORES or THE GAME OAK CLIFF Z-BRYAN 1 ik Batteries for Bryan: Pitcher, L. Blasingameg Catcher, F. Blasingame. fi BRYAN 9-NORTH DALLAS 5 Batteries for Bryan: Pitcher, L. Blasingameg Catcher, F. Blasingame. e BRYAN 5-FOREST 4 E Batteries for Bryan: Pitcher, L. Blasingameg Catcher, F. Blasingame. 'Er i BRYAN 15-OAK CLIFF 8 M Batteries for Bryan: Pitchers, L. Blasingame and Haley, Catcher, X F. Blasingame. Oak Cliff used too many pitchers to keep up with. il' W .. l ll. 38 fl 3 i' Q JL l . . 'lf' 1 1 ii - M . :: +azefias:zu' +:e-s-afz-:zwe:eeIl-.5-sr.-ni.-:Q-311 1924 iaazema-fzefva zs-sefzefrlaa i-z:-:ewes-sails: Page One Hundred Three 4-E , 1 1 1 1 ,,,,,,,...,, . . f ff--ff-1- - - 77 7-111 If - x I.-Vgvggggq-gj4j'.,.' ,,g..fj ' ',f,...,..lf43133,-4.66-va?ir'fif11'f'.rf.f'vgfqifffif'"l'ffjf2'1:f 2 fig i1i41,ngLfLL1L1-nyfwfi-A-L -.f 7 --"'11""" 11 . -4 x ,H - 1' E Z 4 fvfjf 'f' 1 1 iff! "SH 1 1 , 1 .af 1 1 'z 1 f fs 5 1 Q 1 wi f"1', 1551 115 leg 1,11 55.51 iff H1 111 . ff F111 1 12 iff' 1 2 1 1 1 1 L . 5 1 , Tl' E ' I 1 J! 1 1.1. 1 1 1 1 1 1 l i 1 2 W I 1 we 1 15 1 I 1 1 -4 1 1' 1 1 1 1 T 1 ' , ' -I1 1 , 1 1131 5 M 5 1 11.11 I Y l 1 1' U, I 1 1 1 1, A E . 1 Q :lg 11 1 T21 1 1 E - 1 1 1 1 I 1 1 E , 3 1 1 E1 1 31 '1 1 2 - 1 'Q 1 3 1 1131 1 , 1 . 3 111 .1 . A I 11 Yfx' 1 KQ 3 kg, 1 il 311 1 1 1g 'J-11 11,1 1 fs 1 51 11 1 uw E3 1 1 Q 1 . 1 , , ,- 1 if 1 153111 1sg.Fi1 3Qi'r11f1 I - 'f 2, ,--,,- . N - 1 g fig? ' ,,g,,i,,gi'f if-1f'3"'ai"-'sf",.,N1':11IH'E"? 1, -,lf 1:31 2,4 :A 1, 1 547 M -W, 4-m,,,v 7 -- t:4fz-wj:.f.Qs..A-v,,A.i, A ,WL , - , . V- ! Page One Hundred Four HL W, i i f I Q P51 1 4 H A 3 w as ssaewszfze-vase-rsaglulsfasiv 5-gm-sz-ze.-1.2 :azz 17 V- - , Q'T11"'f"l+1 "QW , , YW. , ' , ' W 1 1 2 . 1 ' I ! 'Z' .. ' H4 I g . JL fx L if 1 'R' 1 f . 1 ' L ! g 1? fy 22 M 4 + M U E H f f ' j Q f , 1 i l 4 Q i i ' gl . M ? a i f Q 5 F ,g nw w .... A -4,. 4 1 ' -k V P 3 " 'W " ' E ' ' W' Mi g T 'l a wr- Page One Hundred Five we hi! 11355 Jlnf f-in 1231 1,- ...Q 1141, l l fit ll . Q, 'V i l l l ,. ,f ill Msg, ' 5.1 1 Viifl 'l - Li? i I 5 . get g .5 ,-. wil Q i 2 I Track BRYAN WINS C1'1'Y 1N'l1fET Bryan ran away with the city meet, held at Lake Cliff April 12, scoring 72 points to Oak Cliff's 46, 17orest's 36 and North Dallas' S. The Bryan team broke four eityireeords. Teague set two marks that prohahly will never he equalled, running the 100-yard dash in 10 seconds and the 220 in 22 2-5 seconds. Coit threw the javelin 158 feet for a new record, and llaldock hurled the discus 110 feet, breaking his city record of last year. Teague was high point man of the meet With 15 points, followed by Captain Decherd with 1.5. As the Annual goes to press the District meet is ahcut to he held. ll-ryan has a tine chance to win this, and then go to Austin, Where the State meet will he held. Xllith the fine material which Coach Franks has uncovered we should make 2111 excellent showing' at Austin. and the most im- pressive thing about the team is that almost all of the point winners will be back next year. VVe wonder if the other schools will think it worth while to enter a team next year? Results of the city meet: Summaries Cmorning eventsl: Four minutes and hfty-five seconds. Shot Put Balcom Cliff -12 fee-t5 Broad JumpADecherd tliryanl, 19 - ' X t D, - inchesg Teasley QNorth Dallasj, 41 feet 11 inches, Estes tForestJ, 40 feet ZZ inchesg Hackney tBryanj, -10 feet M inch. Javelin-Coit Cliryanb, 158 feet -l inches, Evans Q13ryan1, 150 feet 7M inchesg Teasley CNorth Dallasj, 150 feet 6 inches: Estes CForestj, 142 feet 1 inch. Discus-H-oldock Cljryanj, 110 feet 10 inchesg Shelton CBryanJ, 10-1 feet 4 inchesg Bryan tForestb, 103 feet 5 inchesg Howard CNorth Dallasj, 90 feet ILQ inches. 100-Yard Dash tFirst Heatjg Teague tliryanl. VVhite tForestD, 102-5 secondsg second heat, Brown tBryanj, l'faff ttfliffj, 10 3-5 seeondsg third heat. Seely CForestD, Prather tflitfl. 10 4-5 seconds. 120' High Hurdles-First heat, Mann CForestl, Cohh tliryanl. Smith Clfor- estl, 173-5 secondsg second heat, Decherd tliryaul, Mize tliryanl, Pfaff CCliffl. 18 seconds. 220 Low Hurdles - First heat. Teague tliryanl, Darnell tForestl, 22 2-5 seeondsg second heat. 1Yhite CForesth, Reynolds tfliffl, 22 5-5 sec- onds: third heat, Seely tFoi'est7. Potts tClitfl. 22 4-5 seconds. Afternoon events: 100-yard dash: Teague Cllryanil, llrown C111-yan l. Seely fliorestl. NVhite CF'o1'estl. 'l'en seconds tlat. 120 High Hurdles: Mann C17or- estl, Decherd Cliryanl. Mize Cliryanl. Cohh tlfvryanl. Sixteen and four- hfth seconds. Mile Run-1Xlayes ttfliffl. Mclean CCliffl, Burch Cfliffl, Peach tForestJ. Page One Hundred Six feet and 105 inehesg NVooldridge tliryanj, 19 feet and 2M inchesg VVest tl-Eryanl, 18 feet and 11 inchesg Smith tForestJ, 18 feet and SM inches. Pole Vault-Three tied for hrst place, McGuire tBryanJ, Eulpanks tOak Cliffl, Robinson COak Clitfh, 10 feet and 9 inches: fourth place tied lretween Jackson tForestJ and Balz tliryanj, 10 feet and 6 inches. 220 Low Hurdles-Mann tForestl. lVhite tlforestj, jones tNorth Dal- lasb, Cohh Qliryanh. Twenty-six and two-fifth seconds. 440-yard Dasli-Teague C13ryanj, Potts Qtfliffl. Seely fForestJ, Rey- nolds tCliffl. Fifty-six and three- lifths seconds. High Jump--Johnson fliryanl, 5 feet and -1 inches: tour tied for sec- ond place. Simpkins tForestl, Mayes tfliffl. Clower Q13-ryanl, Coit tliryanl. 220-yard Dashgleague tliiryanb, Potts Cfliffl, Seely Cliorestb, XVhite f17orestl. Twenty-two and two-fifth seconds. 880-yard Nun--1Xlc1.ean Ctflitfl. lfstes CForestl. Mayes t'CliffD, Burch tflitfl. Two minutes a11d eight and one-fifth seconds. Hop, Step and Jump-Decherd tllryanl, Mize Cliryanl. Keahey COak tlilfl, Hackney tljryaiil. Forty-one ,feet and three inches. Relay-Cliff fReynolrls, McLean, F. Robinson and Pottslp second. Forest tliarnell, blackson, lirown and Puck- eltlg third. Bryan tCohlm. Yancey. lYest and livansl, Three minutes and forty-tive and one-fifth seconds. rin! J iii! l iii 1 lr? lem ' N 1 f 54.4, 15:56 all 3 1 n W 1 1 4 E nl 'I-5-:ze-isa-fu'-was-,' I 2-2:11526-I' V W .4 -uss:+1::aew'.-ss-1-rS.:s'aws'-2 ul.-'su sf:-in-..+?. us -2 -E: I , , 'S 5 'V' , Z- R E ! "' L' l' 'J U ' " s 1 I'-' 1 -'ra'-"' n L i i Q.-'I 4 A. -5 an 5 if 'V' '71 'if gf . W e YE I M 'ff MJ 1 31' r JL r 34 'if ,lp 35 f 5:2 1 E 'U' JL 38 f W S M Y , Q -E J Es? 5 '71 ? 'ft' , 2 'V' if l 'YT LE 1 e 'V' w 1 e f "T ""' H " 'W' ' ' " n :sl-af was we-sae!!-ssfmsssamsq-1-v::ze:l 15124 u-5224+ - -I' :Inez-:e':-s x xze-uszawx: Page One Hundred Seven l x 14 4 . , Q fs' ref' 7 V85 x E gg 'F' ' . m ' H B J : . f a 32 W Q 4 'V' F 'ff fi' ww ' W 1? ww fu' l T Q 35 3 M W' , s 'LS w if U 'Q 5 V I l E f 4 ww, M 2 'T' wp M Q I s Q 'fl' , f vu E J i' f N 42:2 3321 ,M , Q 1924? Page One Hltl1l1'P'CliElgIIf F v Q QW l B 0 0 K 1 V Q2 M I L I T ZRY AND Q Q PHYSICAL TRAINING 'Wi sz-5 cf f? -2-I l , ....... Y.-,, , ,N -V" . 1-,W 1-Me, -in -4.vv,. www- rf 1'-sax nfjsv-M. x,.'wij.'.'rnas'sq M1,V111'v,'fy-,ep -- - - s ' at- , .QLLM g,:.kL.:Lu-5aa,a41,.'t.,4Qgw.LwuiaL.Jenr012z ..a-s:.L.f.' l MAJOR A. C. BURNETT Military Hitch your wagon to a star. You may not get thereg But yon will get a good ride. So it is with the Military Department of Bryan Street High School. NVe have hitched our wagon to a star, and we expect to ride a long way. There are two reasons why we expect a long ride. Une is that Bryan has the best commandant in the city. The second is that the city is taking a greater interest in the Military work. Last year Bryan won the competitive drill between the "Crack" com- panies of the several High Schools, and by doing so had the honor of keeping the regimental colors last year and the first part of this year. This is a great honor, and Bryan is now working hard to win the drill again and keep the colors another year. YVe now turn to the Rifle team, a most important feature of the military department. Again, Bryan has won the city match. and as this year makes the third consecutive year she has won this match, the cup offered 'by Cullum Sz Boren is now the permanent property of the school. The members of the team were awarded "D" sweaters with the cross-rifles on them. Cullum 8: Boren also offers each year a medal to the boy who makes the highest score in this match. This honor also came to Bryan when First Lieutenant VVilliam Peacock made a score of 196 out of a possible 200. CVVilliam doesnt hate that medalb A1 ,ET .XA 5. .3 'V EEl.i,..T.......1.a...i:..i.....,.....:.T..T:.:..a....,-...,.4.........?,N,..:.,.5g?.1u 3-I-3.1. sf' ,,if.fvf-aw,...i'.fafrr.-snmiyl A -:cf f ta-. V. 'M if M, ,. ,.. .. -,,. .. 1 .., Q, W .-..,-Q' .., j,,.-., ,.,-,,....,.,,.4g.a-..,...........,.. ,-...a,.. . . na... ...,..4g,.. " ""M"A' "Wa Page One Hundred Nine L . '5 -Tm' "M""i i 'M 'kgs A4 .J I rin fc E 45 56 15 - A 5 A 1 X 'u 1 1 I 4 4 5, I, u sv 5 Z i ,4 I 'K A 3 '+ Pl . I "Y 1 'F I .Z ? ml ,4 as ,Q TE V5 ' 1 4 gs 's A 1 'S 4 4 .2 ,l . r A V sazsn-z u-2-srr a r M -1- f rr rffffer :rv p. r r-rrrqgrr J ,V K W V K K ,WWW M VYVV -L Y, -,,,,w.:-, , ,,T,uTwYYf,,,i,,,V, ,4., S ,7,,,T,Vmf,,, ,,,, sL,,,,,L,.,,--,--- M of ill 3 ' i, 3 Q V fini. , 2 ur E ? f 1 5 ROSTER COMPANY HA" K f Jn Captaizzs l ti '32 M i E HUNT, Stoval Teague, Aaron JC ml 17 np 1f' I lst Lieutenant E W Young, Teddy his 5 ll. E 2nd Lieutenant.: E Lee," Herbert Scott, Preston 3 W ' lg, Nl M Ist Sergeant 4, Daniel, Robt. W 17 . A fi Q Sergeant.: LQ Downey, Raymond Hollan, Russel Browning, Hall if JL Varble, Claud Bert, John, Allen, Ollie W -E Chappell, Harold Houx, Huffins ' -if N E1 Corporal.: gl- if Hood, Wm. Freeman, Robt. VVorsha1n, Cole it Burns, Carter Hudgins, Torrence Stroud, Raymond ' Rb Buckner, Franklin Kruman, Morris Brown, George I W J 1 i- ., Privates 1 Adair, John Green, George Pressly, Tom 'E E Mackey, Asa Hale, Preston Patterson, Rex ' QA Anderson, Robt. Hurst, Louis Rowe, John JL Adams, Elmer - Humble, Leslie Reid, Harry Q iff Anderson, Jack Hill, Joe Shelly, Edgar if W Bodenheimer, Zaner Isom, John Scherzer, Wm. W UU Berger, Harold Ivey, John Schenewerk, Robt Ju E Blankenship, Wayne Ilgenfritz, Jack Strawn, Weldon 031 M Blaine, Buford Kitchen, Louis Smith, jowel M JL Clark, Wm. Kilpatrick, Marion Spencer, Robt. .LL i' Croslin, Leonard Lawson, Harper Houghton, Thos. ? 'll' 'lf DeGrazier, Anthony Murphy, Jordon Troy, Clay um, W gm Dawson, Vannoy Malone, Charles Ramos, Fred W 1 Davis, D. B. Murray, Clifford Thornton, Warcl 5 'ln Ephran, Fields McMillan, Ben Timmons, Joe E Sf, Enloe, Ben Moody, J. W. Vermillon, Leland .lg 5- Gruben, Jack O'Neal, Raymond VVatson, Rowls , as Godwin, John Luther, Joe VVheeler, T. V. Us W lm Gaskins, Wm. Peak, Frank lilsworth. VVetsel 1 .:'- 1 ' WI T P l rr F ' 'Q l l L4 Sl, , 'f , V T V 'I ----Q-.NH L., --.-,,f. , ,... ,U , A . ,,.. - ff. f,,..L -,.l,.l,ii :arse asxrn-Q-:Q-1-as uezesmsszernlggeru 1924 was-gms, yyy, f 4 Page One Hundred Ten Y ,rf 5X F Q TY W gm! ON ANY A 'u Cz QQ N Q E N F E W N Q- E c VB ,. 'E -' rf -f ' ?l6i3Q'l'5222'1'rs?-i:,"l'S'6:1fE-2'-al'-5-I 'l'55:E'l'4-'K -has za-u5:fr4-.r:Q-lv5-:vx'l1::':sll- rsivfszfzeiusssfsg E D H eeee or H 11 ,W W ig Q 1 N Nl l A ur T W lf I E M E if if rw fr Ji. 541 gil' ROSTER COMPANY HB" 5,5 A, M ,EW Clipfzziwz fi Baird, Francis gk 3,2 ' A Lilillffllfllllfi E fi Ivey. 'R Chard Coll'ns, English Phipps, Rex Nl i . -gf .lst Sergeant I E Q Moxley, Frank gg as LL ,E .Ycrgcants ' . Ji Morris, Chas. Newland, Milton ' McMurray, Harry W lf Peacock, VVallace Booker, Otis Short, C. E. - M Ries, Laun we - . J. W1 h C orporals -3- Nl . harrison, .ar McVV'1ll1ams, Paul 5 L Q E 1 - ' ' ' is i. Soct 1, Ro ert r1il01'll, Eiland E W 'V' W Privates M f- -E- Alexander, Toni jacob, Berry Rector. VVilliam xi' Austin, Holman Killough, James Richmond. Stanley W Q. Beckham, Lelon Keener, Arthur Rothel, Glen .5 N Brockhouse, Emil Keehan, Harry Rough, Thomas Nl it Brown, Edwin Jameson, Klidc Schenewerk, J. F. Sf i Clower, William. Long, Hudson Smith, Doyle - Q 'ff Emery, Chas. ' Lohman, Phil Torien, Zollie TI' W Gardiner, Preston Maguire, Haskell VVhite, William mi il Golden, Lowell Mathews, Lloyd Credillc, R. L. L rv! Graham, Frank Ycffaghren, C. B. Orville, Coad IK! E Holbrook, Earl Neville, Ben 'yi' 'fl' M W fa si! 351 'li Q- -M- Ts 'ff L W Pl' I W1 'JT' M JL JJ. if 52 W Q Q l Pill 'il' ::l-aaa-llasxiuigeeIn-a-sf.-neges-itss:ew::g-an 10124 ifas-ff-ilgaeiiiasafiuilgze-riasrewze-niaz-fffaxs Page One H zmdred Twelve 1 COMPANY B FU Q QQ m 9 3 Q: 2 E- 'K-I Q. gl 5 '1 Q. . m 73 fvr, u,g ., l ' gi so etesatezetsf e as- t t -tes ' PCA E fy! u l if U li ' W ft v ! t,, JL , V 3. V l l ROSTER COMPANY "C" - tl M i Captain. L Shelton Carrol 'Y' Y Q tt M fi lst Lieutenants fl: Gowin, Terry Painter, Max tw, 1? McGuire, Yates Peacock, William - gg 38 .3 V Znd Lieztteuauts ig! Duncan, Horace Shuttles, Bill Smith, Alfred -ll: Hackney, Vivian Slaton, Lloyd Gallegher, John W Moore, Wilton fi tg . lsif Sergeant . 'T ye Mize, Harvey -'ii B I Bl " Sergeant.: . ig a z, il Dowdy, Walter Picket, Martin E Blasingame, Fred Hall, Charles Pickle, Don " Blasingame, Luke Hodges, Roy Weaver, Granville 5 W Buckner, Joe Magill, Rankin Jf JL Donnally, Chester Morse, Allan W - M W C orporals JL 1 Evans, Lawrence Moore, Will Werla, Clifford ir: ' I Freman, Sanford Mount, Howard VVooley, Bailey ag gl' Graham, Hatch ' Murry, Bodv W 1 Hill, Goldman Sillick, Jack 5 , tm Q i Privates 'Q 'ff J Anderson, George Johnston, Longs Schultz, Edward t Barnes, Troy Jordan, Archie Shuford, Prato W e- Beaty, Burgass Keller, Cleo Smithson, Harold 5 gg Bliss, John Lankford, Alfred Sorrels, Ralph M JL ' Bozeman, Fred LeBell, Jessie Stephens, Vertress lt 3- Canifax, Jack Lindsley, Willard Story, Earl 'lf ' Carter, Horace Long, Charles Strange, Booney W 111 Cherry, Tom '- Maddox, Wilton Strange, Willoughby My do . , Chllcoat, J. R. Q r McCovey, DeAyuse Swift, Llovd 5 ' Crestman, Robert McDonald, William Shepherd, Howard M ' Cole, Lewis Mann, Buddy Swartz, Fred JL . JL 5. Cousins, Walter Martin, Charles Taylor, Dyer 5 'tr Doon, Rupert Martin, Royal Tooling, Jomor M W Elsby, Charles Milam, Clifford Vining, Walter tg, tht .5 Farmer, Clifton Millot, Alfred Walker, Finly E 1 Floyd, Lamar Moore, Claude Worthington, John , l JL Gomez, Jose Nailer, Albert Watson, Royle, JL 4-, Gregory, Harold Newton, Bentley Wheeler, Edwin g g Griffith, Hence Poroolio, Gratis Williams, Corrtou if ' l Harris, Benard Pruett, Vernot Williams, Odell ' W , gasisrisll Julius Ilieezes, liloyd Weir. Robert E ' ll i , oma us in, con 1 r, , . ' N 1 1 1 , MW C . el , lg , o We I so f"'eh"'M r A 1 at r G or -lt 'few o tr-of 1924 t o- ' teB .et-22-:t l Page One Hundred Fourteen "ini sew L, NY PA LOW Q Q 45 Z - ..,, S- 4 Y, ,,., ,M A ,vxm 1 V H I V W M Q ., -7 - M N I ay ' W x W " . My-lizygxlz '-www Q we-'fri f , 5. , , , , , ' '14 " hm W M 1 V. Y' 4 .. r 174 ' 'V f 'Q Q V H N 'x all ' f- .... ' X N , .. 1. --,. ,X Y- , R N N , ,, , 1 I ' ' f , use-al -sllla-swea r le: llazxllszs-3-ll aww?-is-llazwzzlllfazsll- 3 llarse-l-sssllzg , 2 , 3 Z l 'll' ? l t l -2- l Nl -il: ROSTER COMPANY "D" L Tl' ' yu , . 'll' M Captam M -5 -Ll- fhlg Stell, Lawrence JL W ai? lst Lieutencmts lg., Q Browning, Clarence Stoneham, Douglas gg? 2nd Lieutemlnts it Jones, Cecil Lipsitz, Jacob if w nl' E ' lst Sergeant my Burrage, James JL - W .:. A dll 'jf Sergeants 5 S Blasingame, Harold V Keehan, John Terril, Allen M fi Cherry, Max Hill, Roy Yancey, Foster Si Eaves, Octavius Payne, Guy xl Q du K, Corporals IE lj-l Boyle, Edward Garlits, Howard Loggio, Lloyd JL WI Cook, Earnest Graham, Leroy Shaffer, Tom ? 348 Haton, Donald Payne, Elijah 2,5 -L db Tr Privates 'E tb M lg Anderson, Anthion Harris, Edward Murphy, Howard ll. Armstrong, Paul Harrison, Elzie Nunnally, Grady J Baird, Walter Jackson, C. B. Parker, Jack W W Ballard, James Johnson, Howard Rodgin, Orbia W 2- Baker, Frank Joyner, Charles Robbins, Lawrence 5 md Baker, Jerome Knight, Everette Scott, Douglas M JL Barnett, George Luck, Hal Smith, J. Frank JL Q- Boettcher, Herman Maddox, Boryle Stevenson, Marshall 'lf Brown, Moss Mahoney, P. B. Stowe, Leroy A W Bray, Clayton Manina, John Taylor, John ,fu .5 Busch, Edmund Marshik, Frank Teter, Alvin 'E' 'lf' Carlson, Ivan McAlfee, Harry Todd, Odise M gf: Davenport, Robert McClung, Luther Toland, Albert JL 5 Erwin, Gus McGrath, Thomas Watson, W. F. -i- 'W' Fuller, Robert Mills, Douglas Watkins, Ralph 3,5 W Glooloo, Gerald Mlxoo, Roy Wilson, J. E. fm .5 Gilbert, Kenneth Morgan, Eugene VVilliams, W. E. -3 fm Goldgar, Morris Moxley, Harry VV'oodford, Rex lv 'ji Guldahl, Howard Murdock, Ernest gf i- 'li W W PH W l 'F 1? W W dl 'Ti M, M S1l-l-:gallas::ll-x+z-e'.-l-'.ez+:.2ll-xeell-2-sxll-.wee-l 1924 llaz-re-lo'-.:ae-lla:-2.2-l-a-callas-xx-leafs-ll22:4-lx: Page One Hundred Sixteen x 3, 1 u w 4 -E 'x ,4 'J Q f ji :'1-Wxffzff 1-ff'55ii!Q'-51'E'j?1:?Q 'i"V",f3vYE:j,Qk '.fr1j3f.l:lnNrqvi4,L-:Q qipijg .gqlafihigpfjgiffffg-Sign Lfgrilg -Q, 1 zyx,,:?Y,,M-345.3 s.'rm,..LfI,n,1 : :.n.1.f.Lm-14' 'A " " , 3g,.e-inn. w.LSai'.5a.umf.z:1.a.:bt1nssjiQiku.c.:1ls.4L:.,.ggzmA.,2 ' ' W I rg +1 QQ 2 'F sq .H Y 2 Q ff , . , A 4 U '1 X el i W5 ,4 if i I b 2. A E ' g Ts if ,z 1 S ! if I L, 4 ,L , 1 if x is I F , ! V1 , 2 I fi '91 . f i Y W 5: ,f . ' ,lik 9 If 1 3 3 9?-32 . 'Aj' P' 1 by . V QQ 3.5 XA 2 . ,5- Q rf.: ?. Q fi-Qi L f' :Q E S .rf A gt , 2 5 A N O fy L , U W 4, . , W 5 ,, Q 1 A N. A +11 K Q-. Q, 2 iii ' ' 3 'i I FP' V E 514 F, if ,.i1 3-1 , ,, 52 W gil? A 5 LJ . . 5 We fn ' 5 ,. ' Q 1 Mew? , Q .- -1 . .wg 2 'ff s 5 f . . , c ' 5 1- ni . X 7 E . . n A .A Q , 5 E a ' 4 5 ll Y T I 3 - -Q . L' . 3 gg 3 5 if Y 1 gt 1 3 f X TQ I 3 ', A L. :QAM-N V Y Y W Y W V 'Y b, . I -1 YW Y Y V V W favs . I "nf:-an : , W if-If j5'g?:'i'hxgqfwq'gf5g,.'-:t'fr'Z!'4flrfr:-vpqf-qf? 1 A Q CF ' 55711 M,--.wr1x',.f'wf5f:irj.ii:r:r"'Yf4-4.'i.vfzm ,wwf '--"fi"w5'1'ffA:vwrf'5E fi 1 ' . " in A 'A - 'A' 4-,- ' . 1' A w' ' , ,"' ' - uf , . N ' 5 , ' v .. .. . - .." ", ', . "X ' ' ' 'A r' . ', J - , ,-4 " - ' '7 . ,. MM- 1. f,, ee-:.ff.:..,.',n -.ww . mn. . A... iv. gunz wh 4. j gi-5 '- , :.-,:f,,.f - -yy f u. .,L fm, -L M.: -..E lf A Am. 5.....:. ,ay ..,. MQ., UMM.-- .,,......,....-...........,.,....-Q-.-........-A-..., 1 ,V mr-- ' V-, - ...-.....V :Y.z,......,.4 Page One Hzmdrmi .S'e4z'rmtem1 I.CL3l1l2lll, Guy, Ezmm. XX'illqiw Ycxwclmfnyh-, l. R Evam. jiilllux McKay, Jzum-N Riwcr. Ifrzmk K101'1'1s. Dzlvlcl Rwtllsll. H4!l1L"fl Hill, IJCXIVI' Bllll!'L'I', Richard LsllI'iSl21!1, Dull Kurtis, XYl1i1luy Dvcrc, Tllczl llzmrrctt, l'mx'cll Hf'llmx'ay, Goo. I'lllIChCIlS, Rubcrt. Pug? Om' llmzdrml lfz'g,1l1tcvH ILXNIJ RUSTILIQ lJVl'I'xIfU.f ,imu-s, Bumlx Jullvs. Hm'1lcC xlL4j'L'l'S. Lk-vil I'1ll'kL'I', ,lack l'c1'ki115. rl, D. Rico, VYIU, Smith. Jas. ,,,,,,,Ixf l,ir11z'wm1ul lxt !.iuzLtum11rt 2nd ljvzrlwzalul , ,,.I,ff.S1l'1'gLw41l1t .5.Ilf'. ,Sl'1'gm11z1 .,....,..SvFI'fICLlI1l ., ,,.S'NrgU4lH! ,,,,,,,,Q4rvr'jv0mzl , , L4u1'p0111l Smith, VI, l'xl'Zl1l1i Suucd. Hal Ticlwcll, Ray XYuod, Eclxx'zu'd XYuod, Xvlillghll AND E TH 'F HE fu 9 2 F 5. X fu D-. 3 3. 5. fr. 5' A-x r--1 The Rifle Team The Rifie Team-that's one winning team we've had this season. The team had one of its usual successful seasons this year and up to date has lost only cne match, They won the city match for the third consecutive year and brought the cup offered by Cullum K Horen to Bryan. XYe have had the cup in our trophy case for three years, but it had to be won three times before we could keep it, The team tied with its old rival, El Paso, and beat the VVest Texas Military Academy of San Antonio, Texas, besides coming second in the Eighth Corps Area match. The Hurst trophy match is to be tired soon. Hryan has a good chance to win in this match. For the consistency with which they have worked and for their record of three years of victories, each man on the team was awarded a regula- tion "D" coat sweater with crossed rihes to distinguish it from the athletic sweater. MEMBERS William Peacock Clarence Browning Alfred Smith Francis Baird Herschell Maguire XYeldon Dowis Row Hill lack Tanner Horace Duncan Stovall Hunt Fred Vifinkler Carros Shelton Richard Ivy 1 tigt Our Hundred Twenty ii B E' -. 4-mg'-' it Battalion Battalion Battalion Battalion Battalion Battalion Battalion Battalion Battalion Battalion Stay? Commauder--Major, ..,...... , . Executive Officer-Captain. ,, .w'1l"N""'! , ,,.,, Rudolph Allen ......,laCk Tanner Adjutant-lst Lieutenant ,......... ,. , ,,......,, , ,, ,.Yatcs McGuire Intclligt-nce Officer---Zucl i.lCl1lL'll21Ill ..,.,, , ,..,,.,,, Lloyd Slaten Plans or Training Ofticcr---Captain t.., , ,,,, Robert Painter Supply Officer--lst lieutenant, ,,,,, , ,,,,.,,-ltlllll Gallagher Finance Oficcr-f2ncl Lieutenant ,..., ,, ,,...... llill Shuttles Sergeant-Major .,..,,,,... ,..,,,,.,...,., ,,,,...,, ,,,..t..,,, , , , ,Huntcr Bickhanl Color Scrgeants .... , .,Rol1crt l'lElllCOL'li, Leonard Beasley, Walkvr Donglcty, Rankin Magill Supply Sergeant ..., , ,, . ,,,Laun Reis iptlhffz' Out' llzzizrirvd Trurllty-.9114 Department of Physical Training Anna Belle Henry, Director Nell Moore. Pianist Physical Training has been very popular at Bryan High this year. Over 300 girls were enrolled in the classes. An unusual feature of the work this year was inter-class and inter- scholastic volleyball and baseball games. Volleyball was played in the fall and baseball in the spring. Each class had a selected team which played the other class teams. and then a picked team of the best players from all the teams represented the school in the inter-scholastic games. The girls were intensely interested in the games. as this is the First time anything of the sort has been attempted at Bryan. A typical week's work in a gym class consists of the following: Mcnday-Marching tactics and formal Swedish gymnastics. Tuesday-Dancing. VVednesclay-Apparatus work. ThursdayiDancing. Friday-Games. The work is carefully graded. each class doing a little harder work each term. ln the I-B and I-A classes. dancing consists of simple folk dancesg in the lf-B classes it is more difficult, and in the TI-A classes it is em- tremely difficult, consisting of aesthetic technique and aesthetic dancing. Marching is practically the same in all the classes, but the Swedish gym- nastics eontinue to grow more difficult. Ncne at all is given the I-B's. The I-A's are given simple commands and elementary positions. The exer- cises gradually become more complicated until the II-A's are doing work which wculd have been almost impossible for them as IaB's. Apparatus work is carefully taught. Light apparatus is given as follows: To I-A's. wand exercisesg to ll-l3's. dumbbell drills: to ll-A's, Indian club drills. Heavy apparatus work is interesting, also. The II-B classes do work on the stall bars and traveling ringsg the Il-A's do all of these, also jumping rope and climbing. Friday is to many the most enjoyable day, because then dignity is for- gctten. and nothing matters but the thrill of some exciting game. The advanced classes play volleyball or baseball: the lower classes play pro- gressive dodgeball. end ball. relay races or some kind of tag game. A phase of the work which tock some by surprise is the teeth and fingernail inspection This brought some noticeable improvements. Many girls raised their grades from L' on the tirst inspection to li or A on the second and third. The Physical Training department gave an assembly the early part of the year and every one was greatly pleased with the performance. The climax of the year was reached when. in the latter part of April. the annual Demonstration was given. The huge success of this affair was due to the combined efforts of the 300 gym girls and the indefatigable efforts of their able and efficient instructors. I t ge One Hzmdrm' Twenty-two iii: i fv , l ?i753i32mui"r Kfi' L 'ff' 'JF' 'l' ' .C , Tl lm All "T ' ' T: W 'T' ' " ' ' ' ' " Tl 1 l i i ali' i ' 1 f' 5 111 'gig' 1 , i i an i :ful f Q 5513! at l gkk 1 ' lilii if H-'-if Wil will Wt We Z xx .l " 'X -5 l 2 ling! VETI naifl HE55? 1351-S! lr" Q ini? V Q s - 1 f l t 5 1 We liijl f I s. ', ge A SE ' Ll nf., li Virgil ig 23515 isis, if'-if 1559: :Ali ' W5 F lishil? A--'1 'i l l 4 1 i i LM, vi I l l i 2"l , L! fi , , X rv H-A PHYSICAL TRAINING CLASS-FIRST PERIQD Alford, Lura Kelley, Nell Pike, Ovie , Andrews, Elizabeth Kirk, Iola Pilkey, Rita 1. 'I Bailey, Claribel Kirkgard, Elizabeth Reddick, Ruth 5 Bevill, Laverna Knott. Ruth Pearl Rinkey, Mary Ellen 'l f' Bloom, Ray Loomis, Margaret Roberts, Iltalee '1' ' Carr, Georgia Ludwig, Alice Sawyer, Norene Cole, Jewell Lyle. Elizabeth Shea, Harriet ,lr 1 Cranford, Christine McGowan, Marguerite Smith, Francis 2t','z Davis, Edith Meredith, Nina Twitty, Lucile Fagg, Gladys Merzbaeher, Kathyrn VVatson, Delia ,Fil Gantt, Alberta Miller, Bonita VVilson, Ferne giljqi Gill, Kathleen Mize, Elizabeth VVinters, Helen Dorothy 'gig Hall, Eva Moore, Evelyn Zeller, Elizabeth ifjfn, Hatzenbuehler, Lena Morris, Lorraine Jackson, Elizabeth Mottley, Caroline ifgit P! 1 lit -ii id! , .1 ll , 1? 49.13 E Exif,-il lvsifi ,Mr 'Q Hill -,, il i7-M-,V-iQ'--'QM i-Q, 'A A ' E , t """A"' """"i""'AV'h' '.1""""' ., , ,f,.i."Qi'5'5z Z,.f..if:c13,27tif-,ggLf-,,i'3f,,:?1i.efflXf4g34 QQ 3:5-,t,'a.s-:.v,z1g.a.ri ..:.1:- tem..W--H,,.....-.........0.-a.-,--.,.........-...........z.-w.--..i--Y H M V. - --A V Y , H x w nw-.. ,. vw. e,...N... Page One Hundred Twenty-three '15 '5 L. -1 Sw! at, , ,gl at .v will 225, :Rei la: llia, J f :H 4 ',. 'lf n , l i l l l i l l WLM ailiill .S-il I ' J? l Ni! ,Q 1 nl? iff! :iffy hifi gf? ii, , A , , ,www-.wi my--1.,..,-f ,-..,'..., . , , . ..,, w,,:.fa., '- xv. ,a,,ses. sf: , , , I-.X I'IIYSlC.XL TRXINIXCI CLXSS-SECOND PERIOD Andrews, Blanche Arledge, Bonnie Arrington, Ruby Beatty, Mozelle Iiehrencls, Marcella Bell, Helen Boone, Marjorie Boyd, Alberta Brown, Margaret Burk, Ina Sue Cade, Elizabeth Clift, Alice Cole, Eunice Coleman, Gwendolyn Cotton, Johnnie Dickenson, Lura Faulkner, Sidney Gillin, Dorothy Hart, Jane Hope, Marguerite Hutcheson, Birdie Johnson, Jennie Knott, Fredna Lyon, Catherine Mabry, Zelma Macon, Thelma Maguire, Hilda Martin, Annie Laurie McGowan, Maxine McKinney, Ruth McKnight, Ollie Milam, Flossie Miller, Celia Miller, Margaret Morris, Mary Porter, Estelle Protheroe, Evelyn Rankin, Alma Lu Rodgers, Naomi Rubin, Rose ffl ' Q! 1 TITQI R13 My :'-'ill I 'fl !"""'i"""""""x H1-ilbqaa. V, ,. .J14.W'.Q'Z'q' "m"W"i""'l 1+ fe EFI ' J a.L,!'f'sff. , ' YW.--,ff-2 4, V. 2 Qin!" f, , . Va.:-ri 121: ' - 1. .,.-1. :, ,ii:.s..Lzai Page 0118 Hundred Twentyifour Sledge, Bonnie Smith, Josephine Smyre, Lillian Sprayberry, Dorothy Stein, Sylvia Stephenson, Evelyn Stewart, Thoman Tanner, Kathleen Treadwell, Virginia Trimble, Barbee Tritch, Ruth Tubb, Ione Utley, Irene Wilson. Helen VVood, Margaret Woodruff, Georgia Lee Zafron, Mollie Zilliox, Lois :vii ya rw , Y . 5? i t r l g i l l l l l 2 'Y F .Qi Qs ,ns itil, K I if l i 554, ing: itil im itll! iigs' llfili IS,-:E ,tial iw II-li l'llYSllQXl. IILXIXINM LIMXSS-'l'lllRlD PIZRIUID Anderson, Carroll Anthony, Pauline Ashley, Mable Ballew, Edith Hell, Barbara Betts. lira Lon Brown. Helen Bryant. Margaret linrchhel. VYauneta Cantrell, Georgia fook. linla Dearing. NYanrinc Dc-chnian, Rena Mac IJcShazo, Vera Dobson, Addie Mac Durst, Sophia Forster. Helen Goorlwin. Isobel Gray, Maurine Hartman. Catherine Henson. Alma vlones. lflclrefl Jordan. Muriel Lawrence. Sarah Lccnarcl. Ina Ruth Lost-e. Gwendolyn Nlonzingo. Fredna Newton, Mabel O'fiorman, Lorraine Palmer, . Doris Pickett. Elizabeth Price, Juanita Rhodes, Nell Robertson. Thelma Ross, Bess Spong. Ht-len Stevenson. Ruby Mau Verschovlc. lftta Mat Vogt. Augusta XYllllllgl1Hl11. Nadine Page On-e Hundred Twenty fide i.'i .45 .fl gf l .-15 xg'-E wi Mil ith, ll Q 112 I Til li " il iff, 1 E 1 l , 53 54 7. Q5 'il Z9 77 , 5 Hx , . - f.W,,,L g-w,-wfr'.- .'-'wah ,-.., , - 1 , , .--A ill-1-'l.S-Lw141.:gff..T.x3w,L.mwpL.,-of . ll-,X PHYSICXI, Brashers, VVillie Brown, Nell Burns, Olive TRAIN I NG CLASS-SIXTI l PERIOD Gray, Elton Hacker, Lota Hay, Mary Frances W Campbell, Daphne Henderson, Virginia "E'il1'2 Clark, Leta Howard, Evelyn QU gf Collett, Joanna Karnes, Jean 3 ii Cook, Elizabeth Kennedy, Frances l 1 Davidson, Grace Lemons, Alice l Douglas, Juanita Lilly. Helen J 3 Gentry, Helen Moxley. Elnora Q l Graham, Florence Parma, Mary 1 1 , 'W l, 5 Q i liiiglii Hifflll lifilg l ,511 :Eesti 54 'J W-, ,M oe-, o J, oooooa ,ae ae,aa.,o,,.,f'w 2, 4 ,fp i'ff'? i 55 L H V wr" Page One Hundred Twentylsix ..,...s....,...J Payne, Annie Rnth Ramsay. limma Reid, Geneva Robbins, Celeste Ryan, Pearl Shanks, Clara Bell Vifeaver, Jewell Vlfeaver, Katherine NVilliams, Hazel L Y 'Iii , 3 511 f fi fifth E ffl iii lf W I 5 , l Q M., . .- 'v 144 wi. Q 55? 1 fills .gall E lull? Y Q ff' 5 :1-,E "Eg g -ggggygggirzwiirl aryr, - 'ZA' ,- 'B :' f.:-le s:- w.-:-'Eli sa-.4 5 K M K- , W.. .VY- Y--- A A- - "7 - -- V-, . -- 1 r l 0 E , ,l E fit egg . ,K E l xA', I I 5 l il We iltil I t 1 I l r .il Yi all 1 A i l , 1 ,ff , V I J v 1 gl I , l ,h i il Hi WH: K gr. lvl! H El if fx , A! 0 i i r 5 I-.AX PHYSICAL Aiken, Clytlis Anderson, Ellen Bedell, Geraldine Bradford, Leona Bush, A11ita Grace Cain, Edna Cahoon, Adele Carraway, Alva 'FRA l NING CL.-XSSe Freeman, Lula Mae Green, VVilla Haley. Helen Hancock, Margaret Harris, Margaret Hassell. Mary Grace llgentritz, Betty Alames. Jessie ,lenkin's, Naomi SEYENTII PER Rightberger, Hazel Robinson, Pauline Rogers, Trella Speaker, Mayme Starling, Sybil Thomas, Avis Tucker, Antoinette Twitty. Bessie XVaCldell, Frances l i J 2' T r 11, i l Q 3 , Cherry, Marguerite . ,Q 33' "S Coats, Lillian jones. Hazel Vtfarner, Lucille ll 1 Q! Collier, Estelle Lanier. Virginia VVarreu, Helen ,vi a Connell,Verna l,i-lmxritz. Lillian Vtieldler. Annie ,l ' like Qook, Ethel Little.. Elsie VN est, Frances Qox, Rosa Mae Manning, Thelma Vtfieat, Nell. - -, Crouch, Eloise Metlann, Gertie A XKLl11tlOXV, Elizabeth xl i Dalton, Dorothy d g'leL:oTlcyiiLouise Rfiley, Hlglen K Dolliuger, Milflre .lite le , 'annie ' ison, een . 5 E Dowzly, Dorothy Moore. Clella Vtfriglu, Dovie Nl Dunham. Dorothy Moore, Marie Zilliox. Alma 1 E3 Durham, Grave Oliver. Kathleen 'N I, ll' - English, Vera Riclenour, Geneva , , ig 5 ' 1 l ij ll VR' Jffl I-A ll il NE l at 5'a-Jjli Ai 3 l'41i ff tsl, we K' "'1':" ' 'r ' ' ' Wm' '---- V'-f HA'--'Y f I 'V at .,,,g 4,4 ' ' 'ff Q X 1, g ' . , ., i 4' . 5 -r,,, ' ' M4 ' ' Z " ..,,.m ,--W, ,gE ,2Q3-1 -':'- 'A ' "N--H-R "" --'ff '--"""" ""' ' ' -W" ,wfn 1 Y wjqmwf ... V. -. f .- V V-. -- Y- - V - Page One Hundred Twenty-seven 5 4 il wr i t i s i t 4 , g i i , 1 ' 1 l 3 5' 'M :C ?' W ,.,, I ' P wi 'ff ll FF' 'E Q 77 lf ., L, , l l 'fr l E ll i -., A ,a i il , a ,i .ws 'if an ,,..,t1. rea ,muy v,.'f-Kivirx J, ,av--,--H :viii-."E .W X . , .V V-. iv ,,...,f . .. .slew ' ,.,s2.1f,.i,l: .g.Lfie.f.:a1'g' :-Lario . t. Ji r 'l 'Y sf ll' , 1 rf ml ' l 1 1 f ifk ggi l 211 it , X s 1 fi, ,1-45 ,M fri 1 fl' M 5 I 'Q P5 L' '3 ly, ,K . 1 I-I3 l'IIYSlCi'Xl, 'l'R.X,lNlNG CIJXSS-EIGH'l'l'l PERIOD li l, 1 LQ Abbott, Gracie Mae Frazier, Pauline Marion, Ethel Angrist, Goldie Fulbright, Vera Martin, Frieda - H Anlicker, Margaret Garrison, Mary Martin. Ola 4'-3 ,N Barrett, Pauline Golightly, Lillian Matlrck. Juel its 5 Booth, Louise Goodwin, Elizabeth McCallum. Jessie Fay ' Bostic, Marie Graves, Gladys McGrew, Louise F4 Brown, Genea Gray, Catherine Mize, Marjorie Pig, V Brunette, Mary Grube, Louise Moore, Louise , ," Bullard, Sybil Hacker, Lucille Morrison, Helen V! Burnett, Vera Hall. Lenore Neederman, Bertha i 1 ' Butler, Pauline Harper, Pearl Newton, Helen 1 A' ,, Byrd, Attalene Harris. Helen Norris, Lillian 4 K Coley, Catherine Harris, Mary Lee Oliver, Zelma :rqil 1 Cash, Willie Hembree, Naomi Peebles, Fannie Leah , Cawthorn. Lola Herrin, Marie Piper, Frances ,.3,, - Coniglio, Rosie Higins, Sallie Ratledge, Virginia li'-fi ' Conklin, Laura Hughes, Ruby Roberson, Janara ' Cook. Lois Jarvis, Marguerite Rowland. Martha wr 1, 5 Cook. Willie Mae Johnson, Clarine Rubin, Evelyn .QL .N 1 Cooper, Ruth Johnson, Pauline Scott, Lois 'A Y Coppedge. Margaret Jones, Anne Stallings, Grace lf . l., Cox, Lillian Labruzzo, Sophia Stewart, Clara Mae Craddock, Lynne Leddy, Virginia Stewart, Hazel -Alf, Dobson. Pearl Levine, Frances Turner, Marian Mig Eaves, Dorothy Luther, Mary Vinson, Lena 5.5 igflf, Evans, Gladys Mackey, Inez Wilburn, Vada Mae if l 'Sd Fort, Juanita Marino, Catherine Willerford, Lois Fil in 5-1 . tiff' lik V f'7"qf"f"'N"'N'1, 'Q 1 ,.,:,,f,.,,,g5 fF ,gg-Gfaiaai as ,,,,s,5r,,a2Q,j,.3,,,'1eg.,eQ,,g, ' -5 51, 3j?"1' 'hfrjii W""""'ffi'j'7'f""',I""'F"""""""' r' il4gj7'F"f"'L""7'T'F?'iLfTffffff'fQ?"??2f'Q'i.fI!Q,5f"'fiif-ff'?'7'l'Ll 2, 1' 'if 'i" P". f ,A,., QM ' lwLLL.-,,....f Page OllPAHl1Ild7'Fd Tweniy-eight - A-1 I !x' "" ' ixrl , NQfQ91QfQuf0a,bY,w3QIgg1Q ' 130014 1 VI Z SCHOSL LIFE ii Qifex W 'svflab 'gi xii C5575-.:J'o rg . ":'1'l-I 3f3'llS51ifl1'F?SIl'H2"e FEB 224 3 S2-1 li 2jl'E-f?s8'lS2'2'elI'1-"3ZB'l'S'.iv:t1?i'-'QII'-R 'v!v5S9-419:-:EglinSgr,-'-114-gggqr53-,41pf-,.:gg,'1l1,'53:,21l1,'.1ggq.53:',f1.,ugg.g.g5g-1,3 Dramatics J CIRL RESERVES The Glrl Reserves presented two brlef plays 1n the fall Revolt and Theodore Jr on the nlght of December 16 1923 A dance was rendered by Josephme Sm1th accompamed on the p1ano by George Leeman and the Bryan H1 Orchestra furmshed an mterestmg programme REX OI T Cast of Characters Mrs Gregg Mar1e Orr Susan Jane Jones Mllttant Suffragette Ruby Lee Johnson Pau11ne Harr1s scrub g1rl Maur1ne Martm Ida Maxwell Irene Martln Mae Marsh Nell Brown Grace Brown Beatrme Peebles Edlth Marcus MHYIOH Anthony Kate Jackson LOUISC Golson D1rector H Bush Morgan The scene of thls play was IH a school for glrls wh1ch offered the tfallllllg of Maklng a Perfect Wlfe The glrls were taught all the home econom1cs wlth Mrs Gregg or Grandma Gregg as she was called by the g1rIs at the head She had engaged a lady Susan Jane Jones whom she thought would be a11 1deal teacher for her young housekeepers but she was really a mllltant suffragett The glrls all declded to become man haters and plrates but when the boys whlstled for them they forgot all else but their young boy frlends Thus the suifragette suffered a complete defeat THEODORE JR Cast of Characters Stancel Storey Ohve Jones Bell St Clalre Hele11 Dorothv Wmters Ruth Lockrcll Lotus Teagarden Hanna ROmaUOWSkl Robert Cockrell DIFCCYOY H Bush Morgan Nancy Darrln Maude Weber Governess Theodore Jr The first scene of Theodore Jumor reveals a cond1t1on of h1gh exc1teme11t A letter has come saymg that Theodore Jr would come and spend a few davs wlth one of the glrls They began to prepare for th1s young pI'1llCC charm1n for they wanted to look the1r best When lt was tlme for h1m to come the door bell rang a11d 111 walked a gallant voung gentleman He thr1lled many of the young unsoph1st1cated g1rls but as he was 1n the m1dSt of h1s capers 111 walked the real Theodore Jr a tot about four vears old accompanled by h1s governes -0 U., Q-ap.. I 1-.p,l.. ,, -suv., H ..o,o..p I l 1 ' ' N t CK . 77 T u X l l , Sl ,, l . , 'W '. . . N . Q R is 1 7 sv ' 7? ' 5 au , 'll' . c..........,,.,.t 3.1 e...,,...1...1.....,....ccc,o.....,.,..,...,cct.......,.....,.,... M fi . . ' . '-r""---'---r--'---- . . 1 if e ' """"""''"'A""""""'t't"""'t"""" - 1 ' T' ---------------.Y.----.........................4...v.Y..-.1.............---..... 1 Q .....,...,....,................,...,.,.....11.......,...........,.................,. np 3: J . ""' G """""""""'"'A""""""""""'""'A"'A'A"'""""' f . U Li , '---'-'-------'-"-'--------------'r-e----------"-'Q'A'--r---------"'----'-' ' 1 1 Li! I an ' ' In ' ' 1 To - - - ' . - l l JL l 1 - .. Q 35 'TE . . ' - . y l 1 . . . M , 1 . 'fr sm ll ' -75 5 1 . ' 'I ST S 1 f .iii Kate Spears ....,.................................................,......................... Louise Golson W A lfo' . ''V'UfflfffffffflfiQfifffffffffQ"" "" I , ' - r l V ' "--"r'----'-'--r'-" , '-----r-'-"'-r--''-""''--'r'-r--"'-----''--'--"-- ' 1 a 'yi' """"""""""""""'t"'"A"""""""""""""""""" f E ' ......... fffffIfffQJlilfQQflilfffffQQfffffffQlQffiQffffffffffffffffffHH. , rw H . ,, . . . ' . . T ' 'E' ' J ' . . ' u ' - 'rf J 'V' ., ' , ' , ' ' .S. 11 l 'W' ' 7? E a ll PG as 1 ::r+:-fzef1'.ss-iwxe-e'.fn-es:.a111-ee.'1l-S..-.-1been 1924 ua.,-fn..-zenas-iur.-:e.'1a2-1-1,-,eus-z-:-4112: Page One Hundred Twenty nmc f 'I i" i glfa ae mx -n-a z:-It-as -fn it we--e lse. zelsa:em::z-sli'.ss -ul.'-1a-afu- o -rel -ze.-u sers N L xl so A A A or A A A l li im lie '1 E ' ig ' 1 fm 1 "THE XYORSTED MAN" A .Q i: E i 10' 5 r Cast of Cl1a1'artc1'.r 1 Mr. Wooley, The XYorsted Man, a doll, an 'expedient and a E , 1, e V , Miss Patience VVilloughby, an ingenious young woman known as "Impatience" 'ff A . - I ' Kathleen Newton W Miss Marianna Jones, a summer girl willing to be wooed ,...,..,....., Mable Staffmd ,E Miss Babette Hawkins, another anxious to be courted .,.,..,...,,....,.., Nocona Glngles N Miss Janette Barrington, a third desirous of being won ..,,...... 1 ..,,. Katharyn Hlggs QQ Miss Susanna Darrow, a fourth not averse to gallantry .................... lra Herrmg i Miss Priseella Middleton, a fifth looking for a cavalier ,............... Louise Douglas 'ff Miss Prudence Andrews, a sixth with her cap set ,,.,..,,......,...,............. ..Edith Sharpe W Miss Ethelinda DeWitt. a seventh except in years where she is easily first, lm . . : being quite thirty-seven ..,..............,.......,.,..,..................... Alice Louise Buckerldge JL rib Invalid ,............i..,i....,i.,..,..,............,.,.,....,,,....,.,...,..................,,.,.,................. Haworth Dowdv T' Nl Nurse ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,.,,...,,.,..,.,.i,........,.,...,..,,..,.....i..............,. .......... H anna Romanowski eg -E Sambo Front, Esq., a bell boy of ebony hue ,....,., .......,.. .,... G e orge Knowles W ,,,,,,.,,.ii.,.,.,.,....,..,,.,.......,,...... ..,......,.. M arvin Schulz 5' 31 ,......,., ..,.....................,...,..,. ...i.......... g e ntlem n- a El, A ....... Iuandolyn Wright ,QL jvl glefli ------,-- ,,.,. , .,....... I osephine Thiell ' Nl Juesfs -4-4---- ......,,.,....,....... M arguerite Lott JL Kathar W .:. ...,...... yn Scarborough ut 'KJ .,.,.,..,....,. Iioigse MEMIEYYZY fi-1 ml ....... ..............,................, ,.......,,.. 0 e rta an ress M 4- l L'- rw Buvsimfsx Management ff M W Q Terry Leeman ,,,.,,,,,4 ,,,,,,, ,,..,.,...,.,................... . ,....... A Cl Veftislng MaU3gCf lm 35 Arthur Simpson .......... .........w. ...Stage LRZHUHECY 73: W Clement Romanet ........ .....w. Y operty 21f13gCl' JL - Paul Ramey ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ..,......................... U SllCl' .t W' H s 'tx Usher 'r N1 erman mi 1.2 .......,. ..........,------------- 1 f C t nt Pianist .......... ..........,.......,.............................A.......................... t .George LCSITIHU W I Dtilzglgfogii AA.,-,.,,,-.,,.,s,.,,.,,,,,,A,,,,,,,,,.,A,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,..,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,i,.,i,,,,,,,,,,,,, A lys Fields Boyle ll! lk "The Worsted Man," an artificial flirt, tries to ruin the hearts of eightibeau- mi 4. ' tiful young ladies. He proposes to all eight of them in less than twcnty'm1nutes, giving them each a big red heart. Each one takes him seriously, until all the 3 hearts are discovered distributed among them and he is rejected by themgall. W W The operetta was very interesting indeed with many beautiful and well-trained LQ 1' voices participating. The success was most due to Miss Boyle. . li mx The Choral Club intends to present another playlet in song. entitled "The rip JL Lamentable Tragedy of Julius Caesar," which will be a roar of laughter from M, ' start to finish. vv SPANISH CLASS Uv a E' Casif of Clzarartfws lvl E Dona Francisca ......... ........................................... .............. H 6 leg CgllS6I'1 if 5, Dona Irene ,,,,..,,. ......... M arion nt ony 5 'W' Rita ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,, ............... D orothy Hall 'lf W Don Diego ....... ............... L Ouis Campbell QE E, Samon ............... ..,...... I sadore Romotsky 5 lvl Don Carlos .......... ..................... A lan Reed M Calamacha Harry Reed M 'N' Director .WH-im-Olatia Crane ' BS Dona Francisca, the heroine, is destined to marry a very rich old bachelor w ' . through the schemes of her mother, although she has given her heart to a gallant in ' young officer in the army, Don Carlos. , fm M A few days before she is to be married she sends for her young lover. When M is it is discovered that the rich bachelor is the uncle of Don Carlos. her mother , l consents to her marrying him, as the fortune will stay in the family. 'R' W ll ::i+ -zf sszem fn-s afe -c+ s - ee.11 1924 it5:-2:-it-.za-3inas-:aux-te.-luis:-:w.:-:ellsafe-nz: Page One Hundred Thirty THE -I.fXNL'ARY SIZNIORS' PLAY The january '24 graduating class presented its senior play "Officer 666," January 12, at 8 p. m.. in the liryan High auditorium. The play was a concentrated solution of mystery. love. tragedy and comedy. and involved artists. thieves, millionaires. policemen and beautiful girls. Travers Ciladwin. a millionaire returned home from an extended travel in order that he might upset a plot which he had learned was on foot. lle and his friend, XYliitney llarnes. set about to prevent this plot, and after a series of experiences, thrills and other adven- tures, met their affinities. This was probably the best senior play ever presented at llrvan I-Iigh, .X matiiiee was given at 3 p. ni., january 15. for those who did not purchase desirable seats. The matinee was just as interesting as the night performance, and both were a great success. "1 Jl"l"lL'lfR 666' Travers Gladwin ...,.t,,, .,,.,,.,,...,,,.,, ,,,,.,,,, ,,,.... .....,,,,, l 7 r a nk Harting XYl1itney Barnes ...... ,,.,.,, C urtis Nichols Alfred VVilson ........,,.,.........,...,,,,,,,, ,,.,....,....... J ohn Shero Michael Phelan, Officer 666 ,,,,,,,,, .t.,....t li itheridge Bailey Helen Burton ,,,,, ,. ,..,, ...t...,...,..., ..,,... IN ' lary Allen Nelson Mrs. Burton ,,...,....... ......... R nth de Spain Sadie Small ,,..,........,.,t,,,.t..,,,.,,,. ...,.,... T helma Ergle Bateato, the Jap Servant .......,., ............ I .loyd Frost Thomas VVatkins .....,...,,.,.,.. .....t,t li Zarley Holland Captain Stone ....,.,... Kearney .....,..,,,.,.. Ryan .............. Policeman ....t,,. Director .,...,,, .. ,....,..Fred VVinkler ........Henry Griffing' ,......e,.......l.auner Patton ......Arthur Gardner . .........,... ....,,.,..... ..........,. X 1 r. H. R. K. Kuehne THE jL'Xli SENIOR l'l,fXY The .lune Senior Class has selected as its play, "Green Stockings," by A. lf. XY. Mason. The members of the committee for the selec- tion are Kathleen Newton, chairman: llelen llambleton and Field Smith. lt is to be directed by Klr. ll. R. li. liuehne. who has chosen the following cast for the play: Admiral Grice ...,.,,.,.... .........,....... .,.,,., I 4 ussell Marshall VVilliam Faraday. .... .. Colonel Smith .....,.... ,,,,.,....,,..To1n Crews ...,......Maxwell Painter Henry Steele ,.........,, ....,.... H arry Smith james Raleigh ..,,...t,.,. ,,...,.. G aylord Hart Robert Tarver .,........,.....,.t, . ..... Robert Hancock Martin fa servantl ,,,.,,,.. , ....... Horace Wiley Celia ..........,............................... .....,.. Madge .........,,..,............................ ...... La Vonce Logan .Helen Hambleton Ethel fLady Trenchardl ..,tt...,.....,,.... .......... T heodora Elliott Phyllis .,,,.......................t,c.,................. : ........ ....... V irginia Brown Mrs. Chisholm Faraday CAunt Tdal ,,,.,,, ......... K athleen Newton Page Ona lluurired flzn lx one' l ma ' 4 5 l . is 1 2 ' ' . X Q s ' f,s.'.nfs :sn saw z+:e :- -zm e wl.-25 11's fv m ug Ei 1 wi N 5 1 f p it 5 ll. y i 5 N ,v. W N e I I v 5? i g 1 it BEAUTY m Bryan 5 Q- ILAUIY and popularity are indeed coveted all 1? treasurers, and certainly the young ladies of 5. W Bryan have their share of these charming 5 riches, for our school is overflowing witluprettyl Jj. Pg girls, from Seniors down to Freshmen. Even though a Senior won the coveted honor of being the most beau- W tiful girl, the other three classes were well represented : in the annual race. rm 35 Us I M In the Dal-Hi Journal contest, Bliss Kathleen New- - ' Qi ton was declared to be the most beautiful girl in Bryan W -ff High School, and the justly awarded honor was the 5 ig reward of four years of consistent friend making, ' 12- throu hout her hi h school da s. .LL my 9 9 Zi T SQ Miss Mildred Pepple was the winner of the popu- gg 5? larity contest of the Dal-Hi Journal, and her never- lljl like failing smile and good nature reaped the harvest for M N her also. She has never been known to refuse an W1 encouraging word to an associate fespecially to her nu- QQ merous boy friendsj and has created a friendship that w i' anyone would be proud of. L:- W ' VV' Q Jesse West was declared winner in the boys' popu- X X larity contest, by receiving the greatest number' of '?' ik ' votes, His ever increasing "f1'ght,' won him a place in E Q. the heart of every Bryan student. After the second is- Q ff' sue, there was no doubt as to the winner 0 his section nl' 41 M JL of the contest. "Iceman's" bashfulness caused him to -E hand in his resignation several times, but when he was W , told that only his picture was desired, he decided to let W lily it stay as it was. Q JL Dallas is the center of Beauties in the South, and JL :' Bryan is the center of Beauties in Dallas, and everyone 1- wi' . . envies a pretty girl. , Q? COLE STEPHENS, 5 if W Beauty Contest Dlanager, Dal-Hi Journal. i A F . l Q-' it 'lt' t ' W M . M t 1 32I+ Zl:'.1l1 rIf ,q.g na g.p .p,.'-eggs: I gg-.1-4.ng-gg.1.gg4r.,2.1,,,'-g.gg.yigg.:.-',.1w,-:a3g,'.pgggiqgg Page One Hundred Thirty-two M 0 9 Q . J a 1 4 ',...-i..........s..A......il........... -WA .... -Y -.. ,..., .,,, M.. ,Y ...., 0,.,,-,,. M- MM. ,. - f - -V f s . 'P f' T F 1 1112 H3 l 2513 Hfffli il 2 'fr 53 'lf' E if Ili 'lil 'Il 'E- it W 'il 22 lf r 'JB The Class of ,24 It's the class with the pep and "get-upf' Better than any before, Everyone's in for a good time In the class of '24. Edmund Decherd is President, Vice-president, Anice Carlisle, Earl Haley as Secretary and Treasurer Counts money by the pile QPJ. Mildred Pepple plans our parties, Which always come thick and fast. The rest of us-well, we're all necessary In the activities of our class, Miss Pauline Warner is sponsor, Who helps to keep everything right, She's always ready to help us VVith difficulties large or slight. just another class to leave Bryan, But we hope our four years when "enthralled Have meant that we've helped her a little When for our service she's called. For we'll never be able to repay her For the knowledge she has helped us to store, So here's, to Bryan Street High School, And the June class of '24. -MARION ANTHONY. The Village Shiek CVVith apologies to Longfellowj Under the spreading drug store roof, The village 'Lje1ly" standsg The 'jelly'l a mighty shiek is he, With small and delicate hands, And the muscles of his puny arms, VVeek in, week out, from night till morn, He's always on the gog He has lots of dates, and stays out lateg They never call him slowg The reason is he travels fast, Htl , , P5 F l V 'lf' Sl' lf lil' 'll' ll E QP Sl ll 'W lil TT 5 'V' I wr 557 'T' 'lf 'll' ll' W' 'll 'lf 3 if 'IT null 1 1 JL ll ll 'll' J Are strong as rubber bands. And takes in every show. 'f His hair is slick, and black, and longg He goes on Sunday to the church, 90 His head is like a can, And sits among the girls, W .QL His hat is flat, and pulled down'lowg He never hears the parson preach, i ? It looks like a frying pang 'Cause he's watching all the curls, 'f ig And he looks starvation in the face, He flirts with all the pretty ones, lm For he owes most every man. And bouquets at himself he hurls. 3 nqli Thanks, thanks, to thee, my worthy shiek, A For the lesson thou hast given, 'Q if If youllkeep on like yogre going now, du You' never get to eaveng l V3.1 So don't delay to change your way, ri Or you'll regret some other day. 'ji -BOB CRAWFORD CHI-AJ. 4 'T l W - 5 W , li: 5 i 'T 1 l V K V H Q 1 S S ...-.Jag-,v t i s iCT l il 2:v'sze.ie5a.teee.l1-sea fe 'Mall 51924, , t, , f , a s 1-r"""'1"'f'j'--"""-i"""""" .XnV-V-Vwvvrwwdx Y, W W V W., Y W Page One Hzmdrm' Thzrty-ezght N IR ABOUTQ-ll'5 E190 YEAR--V m f A 1 ,gg , ,. 1 . pf' X322 gsm, V4 gy, vm' ',, , X Ax, 1 X 1111.1 41111l.4u1i1: W W v - , I .mug 4 ,Q If-1 , '. ' r - K lf' qfwml fi V1 S 5 I MII , . 1 . 0 ' gs. -V I '--,33N,,... 5 1 --...af f' .i 4 1 15:1 2. ' ,A bruoanr ALTIQIIYY4 , my!!! Mlm 111111111111 ' Ii V XV V Y W., f f,-XY!--S Fog 1-113 1:1 I A, 5U,,tH,0K Fzrunq Kiwltiivxgtnuimnusx ,M if I f 'TN q,4-xpliavbu . ,f 1 ,qua 4 VX , 1.1 M - I 19k1vEaQ11 .XN,N HY T V X x , 1 g '- fi- i '-V53 1 ,, ., N 1-ff-I-. X ' ig?-il 'L 1112-11e:1.1se1 '59-fasff 1 9 if my W-1-,mf 1 . if ,E Q gf, 6 K Xf Q ' A V1111-1 D511 A V1 fol4lOf11'9T1f F., 0 V F-W 4 E N121 xc' ,ce A fs, 1' ' NC., I -a5!s- O .40 Y lo , ' ' 50 Ln . 1 Yi '-F' v"1-NC1-1" 1 - 1-ff " 11 1, " 11 gi INN Q1 LQV x Q 'Mx,.Qf 'U L , -4111 "Swv-" V ' e- A r I1 A X f ' ' li f 'IND 1 X' th" 1 K Q My .4 1 I Q X V 11 .4 7' ln" I ,ii i , X if 1 x M1 I1 1 SC Q 'W'-f ' . I ' I M- 'y,'1 '- 1 1 1, 1 ,.,, I FHM W - 15' -1 If fm-g-na C,,A,,h,uN. Ill! ll X"7'DA-A XJQ sl ' 'Q W - . Cv-12 -faAa AFTER C,o-f1m1irs1c.emEN1' fl'f'1"""2EY 0' ,lamvs R1fi1I--'tllarliiigg will y1111 1Il2ll'l'j' Illj' 1:1111 again. Xxlllilf sl1all I 1l11P"--- mc lSig111'1l1 Huy Xlix1111. Nma Slllllllf-Auxxilly, l11,w I1111lisl1! Y1111 .AllSWL'l'f "IQais1' a l11'ar1l, a111l 1l11111 go 1'1111l1l11't CYUII k1-1111 m1- 111 l1a11clk111'1'l1i1'1s." l1111'k," 71211111-s-"XX1 can Well! 11ll ylllll' 1'11l1l 111-ts 'I Y I l11-111111 L'2l11't wc?" "i2RIi,1XSY SPUONH ICNCZLISII M Q X I IIl.llIi Ill lfj' .111 111'1lc1' 111 lJL'2il15. says Iom LV1-ws -"I k1111w u l1:1l1y 1l1:11 was it I-Lmmmla lmlllglll UD fill 1'lS'lll11'1'll H Ullllf ilfllfl Slilllwfl "A 1l11111sz1111l kill il pla11z" sl11111ts 1l1c waiter. ICH PUUWIS 111 NYUMIIIK UWU' IIHY5 l "I31'1-1st11al4 Zillll 1111i1111s," says Z1 1'11st11mc1'. IRUIWVI H-ll1CUfk"' Mlm- NUU14' UNIX- "-l11l111 I311lll Make liim 11 g'i1111y!" sl111111s XX.l111s1: llllllf' was l1I'Ollglll 1111 1111 1-l1111l1z1111s 11111 yx'ai1111', mlrllff N V N HFl'ZlllIillll'lL'l'S zmcl m2lllCl'lil'2il1l,n says :1 I11111---" I l11- clc1ll1z11:1sXl1:1l1y. k.uqmmAl.A v 1 I H V X V N , 1 "I711I11, SI11-11 Zlllfl 21 l1z1lc 111' l1:1y." sl111111s We will 1111xy sing: IAXI5 XX lxlylz HR, wuitcrl ' ' 1"' F ' ' '. Y I ' ' ' I ,A .. VIIXX IQLD 15 Q LVHIINS 1111-M514 IIZINII. says ll 1'11s111111U1'. IHI'-I MO lloxl' IXUXV "fl11111l1'111a11 yx'a111s 111 talw il k'Il2lllL'L'lil I I ik sl111111s1l11'1y'1it01' I WWII IMI Wllllfls lfllll UUl'1l'1f'5'- "I'll l1:1V1' l1asl1, 11111," 52153 2ill11lllCIA 1'11s- zxllfl I am IL'L'IllIg llllL'Q l,,,m.,.. IWW ,lt WU UU 11 l'K"'Vl5 WIIQVI " "A11111l1u1' s11111'1 5" sl111u1s II11' wait1-1'. His s1-211 was next 111 llllllt. 1 1 Pk sk M . . . . h ik xi 51-11 l1111'1-. L11l11'11. lllli Sllll y1111 s1,1l1l 1111' Xl11r11111 :XIIIIIOIIXY-U5Il2lII we 1z111g1'1i 1, full uf mil Sl,4,13"' IJ111111111 Milvlcr-"It s all 1l11- 52111112 10 INC. "XX'1- aim 111 please, mistcrg 1li1l11'1 you ask MHI'l0l1i ICS- I llullfml lllal- I111' ll smt V111 w1111l1l y1'z11' lilw iron?" 11 ff PF 1 11 1 MV cl1-ar 'If M. 'I'.--"A1'11f1' mv girl z1111l "Rz1s111s. yyl1a1's an alibi?" I had 1111r lz1s1 L1ll2lI'I'CI. slic l1i1'k111l mc 11111 Hlrllillw 111'11yi11' 1lat y1111 wuz at 111'z1yc1' 111 the l111us1', telling 11111 sI11- IICVUI' waiuccl 1111-1-tin' XYIIZII' you 1vas11'1. i11 111'1l1-1' to show to see my face Zigliilll. I l11y'1- l11f1' clcz11'ly. 1la1 y1,111 xyz1s11't at cle 1'1'z1p game xyliar H111 l'111t slic 111111 me slic 111'y'1'r xyamecl to see wuz." P11111' O111' H11111I1'rU' Tlzirly-111111 qlwhl 1 if W ' " I f - f "":' '7- 6" , - ,gi , , - '1' , ' 3 , l i l I , E l. , 1 E I I Wi, I M l I 1 l l l DEGREES OF DUMBNESS There was a young man from the city ,.i I Ph D hphenomenal Dumbnessb A Who saw what he thought was a kitty, 1 I l l Those who admire banana songs, Fish, gZg1:xlfgiiuZ1epCgi.thaty ," E iilllglecjglglglhfi Slfli Vlfflo Puihon toohmucll They buried his clothes out of pity. temit' to crofsrihg stbreietgbn :iJSiiedNsiJg1i:ai- ' Ii W i .' . t N 1 Field Smith was a husky young lvlr. 5 Q lovehs ci ljazzl, tranfk callers, boys who Who hugged hard each girl as heikr. .. smo e, gir s wio wa arm in arm down He kissed with Such glee 1 wi il Crowded hallway' , That the girlie said, "See." 'IT -2- D. D. fDeCided Dumhhessbz Your lips upon mine raised a blr." tw' 'ff People who read aloud the movie captions, at uk 4 5 NA prccrastinators, those who praise them- M 5 selves, would-be sheiks, those who get put SOME CATS JL f A f ' ' -5 M out c ssembly or persistent talking. A dangerous cat-astrophe. ,Eg MAD. fModerate Dumbnessb: A aspiring eat-amount. 'If Sflsbgigebfifvi Zlliasaliiy ,fiffiig 'ISE A Ca' that Swfmsmtsh- iii W ' - A cat that Hes-bird. . U0 expect to get by every teacher without . I M 5 studying Csomel, teachers who expect a A Cat that W111 HY-e1'D1l1H1W . M boy to be good every day in.every way, A library cat-alog. 'jf fi those who break into lunch line. A cat that asks questions-echismi W 'ir LL.D. CLeast Little DumbnessJ 1 A Cats near relations-kin. fi W Everybcdy not included in the above lists A cat good to eat-sup. V M E- except high school Seniors. A horned cat-tlei 3 'I 4' ll' A cat that throws stones-apult. Tf Lg- Fred J.-"I hear you are to be an archi- A tree cat-alpa. W ex tect' V . U A water cat-aract. F lg shi-:elgE1erteE'E',i,YeSf I always dld llke to A subterranean cat-acomb. X il D D C ' 4. ,K 4, A cat with a cold--arrh. it if Ticket Agent-"Your train is 1:50." A dlseased Cat-alepsy' W if Clarence B.-"Make it 1:48 and I will A dlagfmal Cat-epcomered' Q W takg it," A nautical cat-boat. M W 4: 4: 41 at lk gk J -2- L IN 1934 Miss Durham-+"Does your landlady keep 31 james B.-"I hear you are a preacher her boarders long?" , W e HOW, Earle., what method do you use In Miss Flaniken-"No, but she keeps them 5 IH your Dreachlllgf so thin that they look long." M JL .Earle H.-"I give it to them this way: ,, ,,, ,,, M, g- Firstly, 1 tell them what I am going to Pg tell thehmg then I tell them what I said I Juanita-"It's awful the way Henry is W do was going to tell themg and then I tell them reducing!" lm it what I done told them." EVelyn-A-15 that SO?" 5 M 'l' all 'K Juanita "Yes, he lost 115 pounds last M if Henry Cohen, a boy we call fat, week." 5' 17- Once thoughtlessly sat on his hat. Evelyn-"Not, really F" TC W lggdfeijoiiefggritg Exhale' Juanita-"Yesg his best girl quit him." :B -5- . y C I rm That he uses it now for a mat. 4' 4' 4' 'lf' M , M Though H. Wylie has a football physique, Mr' Reagan-HA baby geflalllly does i Ji. His heart is exceedingly Wique. brighten up a home, doesnlt it ru -ff Uij Though he much loves a maid, Mr. Stockard-"I should say it doesl W I He is so very afraid We have kept all the lights in the house .. 031 That he hasn't the courage to spique. burning every night since our baby came." 1 M I 'V' I W f r Ql gi U9 24,1 Page One Hundred Forty Mr. XYilliams---"Yes. I have two hoys in high school." Mr. Smith-"XN'hat is their yell?" Mr, XYilliams -"lik 'Mont-y. money. Mf7Nl'fY'l" lk :lr Sk .ltldg1e"'l'wenty days for y21ei'21iii'y1 lfzek him up. Dan," One of Miss Det'apree's former studentsff "l5ut. your Honor. l am not as corrupt as Swift. as dissipated as Poe. as depraved as Ryren. or as pervert as-" .ludge4"'l'liat will do. Get the names of those other fellows. Dan. and hring them in. '1'hey're 21 had lot." ak ff wk Nan--"Hare you re21d 'l"inis'?" Mary Lee -"Ning what is it?" Nan--"'Oh, it's the last word in liwiilisf' if if ik Tlieodore Kramolis took her hand in his and gazed proudly at the engagement ring he had placed on her tmger only three days hefore, "Did your triends admire it." he inquired tenderly. "They did more than that." Maurinc re- plied eoldly. "two of them recognized it." Dk lk Bk lidna May-4'Really, I didn't hit you in- tentionally." lrate Yietiin-"NYliat have you got that humper on your Car for, if you aren't aim- ing to hit someone?" if at :if NYithout consulting any of the authorities on etiquette. we will answer the question. "XX'hen is the proper time for It man to lift or remove his hat?" for the heneht of our readers. At the following times and on the following occasions. respectively, the hat should he removed or lifted as eireumstanres indicate: VVhen mopping the brow: when taking a hath: when eating: when going to hed: when taking up 21 eolleetiong when hayingf the h21ir trimmed: when heing sham- pooedg and when standing on the head. ff if if DIC DICVII. COMIN' lfollowing is Z1 leading question from 21 sermon preached hy a eolored exhorter re- Gently: "Oh, mel XYhat you gwine ter do w'en you see de deyil comin' in 21 hailstorm. driyin' a pa'r er white hosses, wid de lightnin' fer reins en de thunder harkin' lak Zl him' dog at his heels. an' him kickin' de lmig hills out of his way. en drinkin' up de sea at a mouth- ful w'en he feel thirsty. en takin' de roun' worl' in his two han's en pitchin' it at de stars l21k hit wuz 21 hasehall? l ax you. plain en constant. what you gwine ter do en' whar you gwine ter stan' w'en de devil do dat?" ,als-1 Up Against a Hard Proposition -Lemon Punch. MUDICST MAH! At twelve o'eloek lilizaheth stified 21 yawn, Lawrence, who always spent the evening-- and nothing' else-asked: "Are yoti sleepy so soon?" "Uh. no." she replied. "it's just my retir- ing' disposition. :ls Pk Pk NVayne Armstrong-"Are you llun-ry? Geneva Rhodes-"Yes. Siam." XYayne- -"Come on, I'll Fiji." if at K Ruth Aldrieh4"l.ast week he sent me eandy. saying. "Sweets to the sweet." X irginia Story- "A pretty sentiment. M'hat of it?" Ruth Aldrich--"lint now he sends me an ivory hrushfl lk Dk Pk Dee Bradford tjumping little hrotherlf- "Your sister's spoiled." Malcolm Boone-"Xaw, she ain't! lt's that perfume you sent her. sk si: 1 Henry Cohen fhpillll-1. why did Fido hite you when you were trimming his tail?" l'apaH-"lle was taithful to the end. my son." bk :lf lk lfarl Haley- "Say, Pop. do the heathen pXfricans wear pants3" "Sh-h. no Y" liarlff-"'l'lien why'd you put that pants hutton in the rolleetion they took up for 1 'em today i" Bk wk Pk Ruth Painter- -"Do yon eyer draw pie- tures in the nude?" l, 0. Mahoney--"No, I usually wear 21 smoking jaCket."' Page One Hundred .Forty-our t i Field Smith-"And here is my diploma in Public Speaking." Prospective l2mployer+"Very well, go out in the other room and address thesc envelopes." 4 4s 41 "You never can tell," said the bandit, as he shot the only witness to his crime. ik 4 wk 20 YEARS FROM NONX' Cole S.-'tVVhat are you doing?" Buddy A.-"Reading the want ads." Cole-"But you are looking in the female column." Buddyf"VX'ell, ain't my wife a female?" 4: 4 4 Visitor Cat zeoj-'tVVhat is that monkey acting so funny about?" Keeper-"Oh, don't bother about him, lady. He's just looking for the key to the elephants trunk Z" 41 4 41 "Can you keep a secret. Uncle ..YeSA,, "VVell, auntie has eloped with the chauf- feur. and they've borrowed your motor." 4: 4 4: "Thank goodness. that's over." said the dropkickerf' 4: 4: Pk Soph.-"I was over to see her last night. when someone threw a brick through the window and hit the poor girl in the ribs." Frosh.-Did it hurt her?" Sopb.-"No, but it broke three of my Fingers." wk wk 4: Penn-"VVe had a wonderful wrestling team this year." Vassar-"VVe have some good dancers, toofi lk lk lk A chink truck driver recently presented the following bill to the school: 10 goes. 10 comes at 50c a went. SS. 4: 4: 4 Gardner C.W"Did the operation cost much?y' Gay H.-"No, The doctor gave me his regular cut rates." fklkilf One-"I see by the paper that Angie left town after a short stop." T'other-'KNO wonderg she always was crazy about athletes' from One Hundred Forty-two lirnest H.-"I have a chance for the track team." I liarle H.-"VVhy. are they going to raffle ll off?" Dk ak if jerrye-"XYliat makes that red spot on yczur nose?" Harryf"Glasses." ,lerry--f"Glasses of what?" Ik lk lk There was a goil named Mawreen VYhose face wasn't bt to be seen. But by taking a tub Of gooey facial mud. Her map looks that of a queen. HK Pk IF An elderly lady was visiting the Univer- sity Hospital in Oklahoma City. "Poor boy," she said to an ex-soldier who had been wounded. uyou must have been through some pretty tight squeezes." At this he turned a violet scarlet and stut- tered, "NN'ell, madam, the nurses here have been pretty good to me for a fact." Ik Bk Pk Squire--"Did you send for me, my lord?" Launeelot-"Yes make haste. Bring me the can-openerg I've got a flea in my knight clothes." lk lk if King-"XVhat ho, the guard! Prime Minister-"Sire the guard has lost his umbrella, and it's raining." King-"Then, what ho. the mud-guard l" Pk 42 Pls Tom C.-"Dick and I got in a tight last night and he started running." Harry S.MUVVell. how did be hit von. then?" Tcm-"I stumbled." lk lk wk "Now, Mr. Brown. if you wife was dying and you had Just one wish to make, what would it bei" asked the religious dispenser. "That she'd go to heaven." answered Hrown. "A noble wish-a noble wish indeed-vour last thought would be your wife's happiness." "No, for my happiness. Then I'd never see her again." fL9x G "Sh 1-1111'1'e 111-1-11 111 81111111 A1111-111-21 for the 1111151 1111'1-1- years? A111- 11-111'-111-2111s 11111111 1111211-?" "N11. 111- S1-1110111 gm Zlllj' 1111111111011 1'2111111'." Y11'g11111:1 1l1'1111'11- "111-1 s111111- 1Hl'L'l1j' 1111011 111-re 111-s 111111111 112111-liff, 1111 sl1111'111ess 1':1l1- e1'21111-si 1-11 Rat. N12lX-1116 IJf11'1s-.THXX ell, Ilkllll' 11111 1-1111111111 l,1111ke11 pretty 111-11 11-111.11 1,0 had on his hat- 11111l 11'11h 21 1'1,1r11, I "' 1' 1 44 -11 Here 11es 11L'I'17l'I'l TI1ll11llli1Tll. 1111- S11Ol'1l1l'!S "Oh 11'11l 1-1111 1111ss me," XX'2ll'111l'f1 1111- H 111111-11 9111-1-fly. 5l'1'Cll2lf1111Q 11111-1'. I 111 1110 111- 11':1s 121s1. 11111 111111' 111- is s1-1-111: "N111 11 1 1-2111 he111 1t,' 11111tter1-11 132111, 4111 4 - I 1 111 4 111- 11111k 21 11111111111 11-1111 1111- 111111-1' 11l1C11L'l', S?11L"11'11l11 the 1111zza1-11s 111-s 11111-11011 Teale. ,1 ,1 1 H1s 1211111-r 1111'est1-11 111 2111 2111t11111111h11e. . . .- 1 le A 511111111 S1-1111111 T1'ZlL'11k'lA --" 1 he 1.11111 11121111- 1 . ' ' '-i . S1L'D 111111- - 1111- 11'11r11l Ill s1x days 211111 1111 the s1-1'1-11111 He D11 1? NK' luqgrof U1 IW" 0111 HUWP- HMU1-,, 11 ll s1e .1 11-11 111311.11112 2111 2111'1111 11lllT11l. 1'1111'111-11 I,1111gYw.-I 11111-11 11- 2111111111-1' L 1111111 Here 111-s 21 11111 f 111111 "1'111- nk ak Ak Whose 11211111- 1s "L1111-sf' xx, ,I W I h HH 1 . .K H11 5 H1- 1111-11 of s111'111'1s1- . 1 111111 s 111111 111-A 1111 ls 1 151 11111 11 hw his girl mid WS' 81211111 s11 11111011 11111'e1' lll f'1'1l1' 51l1f11l's 111 if lr :ez ' AI:11111a1'y41112111 111 DQ1-1-111111-1'i n I S411-11 1111111 1111- g1'211'e 111 1111111 C911-1 113111. XX. 1A111XX'L'1' 7'-UO11, '.'YL'l'yl11lllQ s 11121rke11 11111 Slll1'1i 11lI' r111111111g' 11111111 the hall 11111111 11111-1' 1111- 1101l112lj'S, 111111 111111112 -If 41 1 Pk bk 111 HL -re 111-s 1111- 1111111 of l11111- "Fat C1111CIl,u 1"1'11-1111--'A111 11'1121t eo111-se 11111-s 11111' s1111 111- 11':1s 1111 111' 51 11411111 1111111-11 1,0 11101111111 - 11 2l'?lf1ll211C. fklr, Muse?" A - 11'z1s11't g11111', Mr. N111S1'7U11l 1111- e11111'se 111 111111-. 11-11111 -1 1 11 1111- l1111ks 111 t171l1Q'9.7. 11 11 fr 1sRA1'E s'roNEs or 1931 11'111Jks 11111111 11-t's '111 1lr111 '1 tear 111-re 111' 1111- 1'1-11121111s Of our 111-211' 1':111ll1lllllf1 L1'111'11, He 11101111111 his 21ir111a11e 1 111111111 s11r1- he Il 1-1111-11. 11 1 11 1-'111' 11111 I-1 . , , 2 1 2 . A XY111' 5111111111 21 1112111 11ke 111111 111- 111-re? HSV' 1113 Pi 1103' they 02111011 T11111 Crews. He fe '1111Cl1 11r11ke her 111-art---s11 we 11111'11-11 111111. Pk ff 21 11 111 111ve 11'1111 h 1'11111-1' 1111s ITJC11 11es 111111 13111 S1111-ls. 1311-11 1111111 the s111111k 111 111s 11'1fe's 1110111 111 lls. 11 wk 11 Lvl1f1Cl' this mek 1.1es Neshitt 1iCC111I1Q He 11'1-111 111 a 11211111111-1 A1111 kept 1111 1'2l11l1y. 11111 0311111111 gm.. D11-11 1111111 the H211'11r 111 the 11211111 she 115011. 1 11: 111 Here 11es 11111111 1.211Q11e, 1j11l' 1:11-211 1112 st1'1111g 1112111. 111- 1111-11 from 1-111-cts 01' 111s 11'ife's1lis11112111, 11 1 1 H1-re lies 1,llt1'1l H2111-y. A 111111111211 g1111f. "l'1s said he 1111-11 XY111le 1,1111 111111 Ruth. Page One Hzmrlrcri Forty-ihree -1 . 25 : 6 7 "'f?5'-4 1l' 3Qi1,,'7f:f'5'5"'3n E5F 1 l "' "1'QfTf" , Q Y Fir' . E, ,f 5'-'T 7 V '. . . Y Y .-f-- Y -- - - ' Y - 7 ., ,, 35 F 'lf l I l f l fi 1 '1 gl . l 11 LS If E1 Paso says he is going to be a chemist, Can you play any musical instrument?" , but personally we think he would make a Roland-"Well, I can pick out simple tunes ll - better prize-fighter. on the saxophone." -5- 1' 1- It rr St. Peter-"jI'he next boat for Hades 1 ' JL Miss Flanniken-"VVhat does otwmz leaves 111 tC11 m111UtCS-i ' M -1 JL -i mean: 'K 'lt 42 9. 1 X Frank Ramsey-"Egg" A She dropped her glove, 'lf' 3 lm Chelsy Henry-"Miss Flalllllktlll, does He raised his lid, N2 -3- the English word ovation come from that?" And picked it up M as at 41 With-"Oh, you kid!" 'IT Jg. IN Two Acts ,, I . ,. ' g , How dare you, slr! :Q 'lf . Aff I . He smiled at her- tx Mistress-"Mary, if anyone asks if I ani HEXCUSC me, miss- M T at home, just give them an CVHSIVC a11swer. JL an Mafy-"Yea Mum- It's just like this- i- M R ld Aft I6 I meant your glove." W L rs. egina Smit -Jones-"Is your ,,, 4, 4, ' mistress home?" . ,, . ,, ' 2' 35 Mary-,Was ycur grandmother a mon- Field- Iilave you seen Mildred lately? m W kc .1 Russel- No, I quit going out there be- JL M' y ,K ,,. ,, cause she made suggestive remarks." + M Mother Cto callerj-"What do you think Field- What? . :iff jj, ,H Russel- Yes, she was always suggesting ,M A of my daughters. h d h. ld t ,, 'R' Gentleman Caller-"I am sorry, but I am S OWS an t 'HES We cog go 0' E W no judge of paintings." " "' 1' M 5 4: lk 4 WHEN ALL BY THEMSELVES 'W Farmer Brown-"I-Iow's yer son, josh, Last night my 'ff 562 makin' out at collidge?" Friend and I W .5 Neighbor Green-"Tolerable well, thank W'ent to a show downtown and W L81 gs ye. Reckon he must be workin' in some Sat in the second balcony. just before, mi furrin exchange bank or other in his spare The first act started we saw if .. time." Dorothy Rudolph and Elizabeth Stephens, 5 fm Farmer Brown-"Thet so?" . Two classy looking girls that we know, JS Neighbor Green-"Yes, he writ hum he And they were sitting back of us, Oh, W , was puttin' in a lot o' time at the Pole Murder! It was only two weeks ago that ill 'N' Vault." We spent sixteen perfectly good QW iz Y if J' 4' U Dollars to take that M 3. Chesly-"Gee, those guys are a circus Pair of Janes into the when they get together ?" Best Box Seats in 'ff' Ed. B.-"Who?" The House! W J Chesly-"Barnum and Bailey." 4' if 'Y ' gil' . 'K "' 4' . Miss Reed had been struggling with a N' M Bill Moble-"Is your chauffeur CCOHOITII- dumb Freshman who stnttered, especially fy? Ji. Cal?" when saying the letter HT." 4 II? J. LaRue-"Very, he never runs the car "Now," she said, "Repeat this after me: Tf' w on more than two wheels or three cylin- "Tommy took two tickets to take Theodora mi tin d0l'S." to the theatre Tuesday night." T ': 4: "' "' I "T-T-Tommy swiped a couple of papers 031 M Employer-"I hear you were away ill yes- so he and his Sheba could see the show M JL tergiay,kSnoolQs." - T-T-Tuesday evening," he replied. -3 noo s-" es, slr." -gf 'N' E 1 JY d'd 'tl k 'll 1 I " " ' w gg 1 Saipyliierat theofacksnin idiie Xlfiiiooliim YELL AT THE NEW BARBER it E- Snooks-"Didn't I, sir? You should COLLEGE :Ti M have seen me after the finish of the third Glover's Mange Cure, M JL race." And Mahdeen, -5- if 'l' 'K Rinktums! Rinktumsl ill' Barber-"Good morning, sir. I haven't Danderine! W 83 seen your face for a long time.", and N 1 E- Customer-'tThat's funny. I left most of Get 'em by the sideburns, fi ' M it on your razor the last time I was here." Slap 'em on the jaw, M 1 R Igolagd Johniciln-JI wislg to bi admitted." Shave their necks and leave 'em. Ji. Q- t. eter--" e o nee anot er harpist. Raw! Raw! Raw! ' 5' 'rr ' . I 1 ' if li ' li 5 - - A-gm -,gm , ' -,, i -.g . '-l I sE1r.L- S.' 1- 2-f111f,ff: 1- 4 11 111-:e.11 1924 1.-as-x azfx -:er as - as- 2:4131 Page On,e'Hundred Forty-four ' 17' r 'mi'-1' 1"""' """" "fl-' MY' Am' "sn--'H -4-"r'-- -W' swf-'-'--'fd T ' " g aehsazemxss-I-ss gj gg gi ,gpg-Qggh w f -nasal:-S.:-:eil -ze-I-az-:el-assets 1 1 l l 1 , , 1, , 1 ll 1 Cofltmue New page 45 1 1 Tha SCRAP BooK 1 1 1 s 1 I Thelma Autry is translating XYeb- Louis Campbell is conducting tours . ster's Dictionary into Swedish, and to laurope. Dorothy Rudolph and , Dorothy Hall is running a matrimonial Elsie Quist are booked for the next 1 1 ' l bureau with the help of Floy Nichol- one to get a rest from the wild, wild 1 1 5011 and M31-jorie Gray. life they are leading in this jazz-striek' 1 Clifford .Long and Blaurice liikner Cn flty' A 1 1 1 are publishing Latin ponies by the hun- GlCl1l1 Loppedge and Noland Allder- 1 1 1 dreds. son are the most able divorce lawyers , - 1 . , . - , - ' he countrv. Some of their recent 1 1 Maurine Maitin and Marion An- m. t 1 -. I - 1 V thony have established a home for de- Ellillw 669. I?1alSyTI-1E9lC9mbh'fngfCanes' 1 1 crepit horses and cows, and Fred Jes- wolf? D fl? 121 . dlsl lsd t. L t 1' 1 1 ' ter has discovered a cure for pink eye. lout 1 3153 ids In U ge ln' 1 I 11 1 l lilton johnson is editor of The Eve- Mar-lone hllsworth and Pihzabcth 1 1 1,113 ning Blah. wiiiie Bill Shields is sport Sfyhslls life more Of 1055 haPP1lY mf- 11 1 5 1 editor and Aniee Carlisle, society editor. Dev' I K1 k 1 k 1 I d d 1 1 l Among the reporters on The Blab are .C ma 11' DHUIC 15 H H Y Cllflst 1 John La Rue and Genevieve Hipskind. l1?3V11lgIh3l11l?10TQ1l 011 thc teeth of SOUR! 1 51 Mary Lee Van.-e and Nina Smith are OI our JCSt ann ies. I 1 l 1' 1 1 manufacturing henna on a grand scale. v ThC0fd0fH 5411101 hiis fcflfcd V313 C011' l A Edward Burr is traveling over the Wm A fsf the fep Ofdblff dffalr that 1 1' . . . I 1 took place at her weddm with Dens- S 1 - countrv giving recitals 011 the ukclele, g .i I 1 and Herman Boettcher is perhaps the 131iiuIgalIi'1aC2lVgii3V:f1l?e I-fgginlfglydigzgs , 1 , i . ' , .. . 1- ' A 1 1 - ' 1 1 '. wlorrldrs most high D0XWYLd Mrmomca pointed suitor, gulped a glass of rat i 1 A D alt ' poison. and Federal officers arrived and 1 l l1 Wclda Baldofk OWSH.'fH'11'f901vla11- took Hunt on a charge of embezzle- l E- fHU0U for makmg Mah'-long UIQ' D ment. Dr. Terry Gowen, who was to 11,51 ' Maxine Davis teaches school in P1llC have performed the ceremony, stated 1 Blllff, AfkH11511S- Wh'lC MBU' ,Clark IS that it was one of the most unique 1 ' in premiere danseuse of the Midnight Fol- prog,-ams CWI- given 111 1119 1-hui-Ch, 11 li, HCS' "El Paso" and Don Pickle are ladies' 11 t 1 l Lennie Knight and jewel Selmanlare tailorg under the firm name 'L Passe et lf in the chorus and almost any night 1 Piqugllc. 31 1, Paul Gerhart, Roy M.lX011 Hlld Milfvlll 1 Rowena Wheeler runs the Opales- 1 ll Schulz may be S0011 in the bald head 1 Qcnt Qctapus tea room. on deep Pacific 11 l ,, l 1 . ,. . 1 i row, ' Avenue, the Greenwich Xiillage ot Dal- " 1 The VVoolworth Building has been 1 lag, Waitrcsgcs in this tea room, the bou rht b ' Jack Tanner. who gHVC Af- walls of which are painted red, yellow, 1 s y . , 1 Qin thur Moore and Earl Hal6Y J0lPS HS i green and .orange respectively, are 1 f1 111 1 elevator boys. k h 1 Mililred gmith and Elizabeth Peel. li, 1 1 Nan jones is coo on a ranc .near i oss rown is Professor of San- 5 i 1 1 Del Rio and Stuart VValker and C hes- 1 scrit at University of Utah and Alma 'l ' ley Henry are aCtOrS tOL1Y111EZ the "BCH S 1 NVest is preparing a book on the Dino- l 1 1.1 Big Blunder" Company. 1 1 saurus. l . ' Edna Mav Gifford and Ruth Rugel l Lawrence Stell looks up peo Jle's an- 1' 1 .1 . l 1 .. , 1 1 12 are playing in those senseless musical cestors. For twenty-five dollars .he will i11!1"' 1' ' comedies written by John Bert.. H 1 trace you back to Ben Frankling for l ' gl Cora Gunning and NHl11.1lC -1 HC 1 forty. to George VVashington. etc. 1-1 1 1 l House are i11 the movies. playing small Clara Mae Cannefax runs a girls, 5 ,E 1'-1 114 A 1' 11 oh. so small parts. Margaret Lew-is has school in Passaic, New Jersey, in which if 1 gained fame from her interpretatron ot Ruth Aldrich teaches bl-icklayihg, 1 - 1 l the emotions of the scrub-lady in the Fern Blackmon, safe-blowing and Mat- 1 7 1 13 "Poor Woikiiig Goilf' which was pI'0- tie Belle Brown. boxing. 11 ' 1 1 . I1 duced bv Lawrence Anderson. Moie Edmonds writes the "Aunt Ag- 11 1 1 1 On Broadway Grace Payne is Star- gie's Answers to Anxious Hearts" col- gl 1 T7 11 ring in Hubert Stokes' great success. 1 umn in The Daily Sandpaper. 11jjl '1Gertie the Gun NVoman." 1 1 Marie Storey has married the Czeeho- 1 l il Richard Williains runs a souvenir 1 Slovak Ambassador and Francis Baird 11 I l ll post card factory at Yellowstone Park. ' has married a Spanish princess with ' i i ll with agencies at Niagara Falls and the lotsa money and a dirty neck. Frances 1 1 grand Callyon, managed by Helell VVells has captured a French Duke. 1 '- Davis and Louise Daniel, respectively. with granulated eyelids. .1 l 1 l j 1 1 fl 1 ' . 1 1 A pm"-i 1 ll 1 gh 1- c " as ' ,. 1 fl 2 l my 'cc c .Q -- f- 'te-wif-1-E' 1 1 "5f'e'4" " W' if- lf- l i V, , , , .W , , .. -mmm, .. , , W, L., Page One Hundred Forty-iw a mes-i'as:va'a:4-u- 1 ls 24+ was gala-asm.-:Q-Bivafsafiit.-ez was -I-ez-:ei-ss-:en,':.. 1. .. "' " W f Y - " n g tv: H lil! i l 2. L l ig l Y l l 1 The SCRAP BooK 'lf 3 , i ii lris Kilman manufactures a neat sub- Paul Skinner is a preacher in the lit- ffl JL stitute for worn-out inner tubes and tle town of Mud Hole, Maine, bringing M ' hot water bottles. Field Smith has the light into the lives of the rude, gl 'lf patented a process for converting rough inhabitants, the rudest and Q, 1 banana peelings into facial cream . roughest of whom is Wade Russell. M i The name of James Burrage, the G?1Yl01'Cl Hart W1'1tCS. 1'1Y11111S 31141 'lt' np -9 M chemist, became famous the world over Robert LCC HU111PhfCY 15 Poet L31-11" 'ff' Ji- when he recently announced the dis- 03-te Of Lapland- W - . . ul, - covefy of a new acid, which he named Royal Golson manufactures invisible g. if . . - lm "ldiotie Acid." window shades, and Jack Youngblood 5 Florine Milam makes and sells in- 15 a Blshop' , U r QU t d Rosa Berz IS a traveling saleslady JL sec ow er . -: RP' Id B 'df d di. 6 1 .lk w of vacuum cleaners. 35 Q onegma fd or HWS d ml ua' Honest Rothell works in a gasoline lh, jf g ' ' D filling station and Ona Bartlett is a 5 W JCE Cox 1? fi b00tl0ggC1'y S11DDlY111g medium and phrenologist when she's E 5, regularly William Clower, who is a ngt in jail , JL M representative from our district. Pearl Flint is a Stenographer . Q- I-lie Gale Cuallahall is 21th16fiC C0-21011 at Raymond VVeaver is a traffic cop and 32 ffl: BTY311 Hlgh and Mafgueflte ,C0CkYCll Helen Olsen and Josephine Jack are lg' ,N teaches S0ph0m0re math6mat1CS. on the Board of Censors for the Movie QP Q Violet Compton, Mae Curtis, Mau- Theatres' M . .. . JL Nl rine Ingram, Margaret McKinney and V11'g1111-21 BFOWI1 and RY1l1S BUISC1' ? 50:1 Mel-le P1-lifef have formed a Last wash windows of down-town office as 4, Wonlaii Club. All unmarried members lJLli1d111gS - BI meet once a year until there is one left George Patterson ehauffeul-S the pa- 3 U6 and then she drinks the bottle of Mul- trol wagon while Nathan Phglps is a M .- sifted Coconut Oil. l professional auto racer and is seldom ,Tl Ralph Lowmau and Robert Moon seen without a broken arm, spine or .lf are barbers, and Elton VVilliams is a 0f11sfff1f1s-U I W ii. Shoe elel-k, Gladys Tinnm dances at the Rotten ll! . Y 1 . Cabbage Cabaret. She received internal ': w Kathcriglc . Tlhomiou Hu ai Siugymg injuries recently while giving a demon- ml 'z' Voice m. dflsfut was HH y.m UCC stration of the new Hawaian Fling. t d t Sh t l n En lish n w "" 0 mp 1' CS eac U g g ' 0 ' She was carted off by Claude Varble 'gi' gm Raymond Downley and Maxwell and Jelnkens Bracken, regular patrons W ., Painter are Life Savers at Coney Is- Of the 301111, Wh1Cl1 15 111-H11agCCl by Milf- Q gg land. " garet Galley. Q 1 V- t T d -N , h t I h f d Edmund Lynch and Fred McMillan ' Geoigiczir Caiiztrilllivadshesobcottfesciii lille Taasufacturmg a patented remlahlc lit, kitchen of the White House . ' W du . . . . Thelma VVeaver thinks up the names W ri ..li2:ri:1.Zi:112a.1:2.23322we Am C016 ft M . A - ,I poses for their advertisements. M tery of the Purloined Stomach Pump, Q which he solved. He also caused a Virginia Storey demonstrates oil M frightful scandal when he discovered mops from house to house' and Alice 35 W that James Reid vtias' manufacturing Crow IS cashier in a Cafeteria. du , Root Beer with artificial coloring. Bailey Nvooley presses pants while E 1 Herbert Tomlinson is Justice of the YOU Wait at 3- little 511019 011 Akafd M i Peace 'at Grapevine and they say hiz- SUCH- 15 ZOUCY lslm-:fkmg It hot for PC0916 who Grace Damon drives the ambulance 1T be arek slo indvscreet as to pass wooden for the Emergency Hospital . W mc 6 S' Helen Hambleton writes the verses lil' M La Vonee Logan writes novels of a that go in Campbell Soup Advertise- M ll highly romantic and improper nature. ments. 11 1? is ' w J 12 k l , X I il V M . 1 ' " I I f-Sat'-1-2'-fl 19 24 11 1 ,11 Q11 -eff-1 112+-fr-1-1: Page'One Hundred Forty-six 1 1 1 'f - - . A ---'--e-w- - 1 - - J, A, I , . , . 2:1'kgQfS251l1?igB1l'g'5 gf-4111'? 41222445 41521.-P,-gjrggggqqg gms- , ':,-ans.-,p H ..q, 5,-s """'g' 5 7 7 W iff o V , I- 115-.-1If-.SIS-I?-.114-'lsglllssaqqn 1 I I ' Z 1 1 1 a , , ,, . 1 1 5, st, 1 f Wh P 1 I , y ene ope Came Home 1 I 5 . . . BY BLANCHE JAY - 1 1 1 '11 1 "Now dad don't look like ' h- - "XVI ' - Y ' ' ' 1 1 , . A y 3 Y H Iour r cu ly, there was nexer a finer boy ln- - , rnatig is comin on, Penelope Forbes ad- side or outside the state." '1 1 momshed, as she breezed into Forbes' Dry HD Y Q I . f V, , 51 I M Goods, Grocery K Meat Market, and set - 1-tfzldlqu NME nm so aw ul much' 1611 . her suitcase down peremptorily and began mu L HS Con dence' '1 1 I to look about the cluttered store . Lem took his pipe from his mouth and 1 1 , UBMV Pen' ya. School? Lam Forbes! tlgouglhtldhow absurd it was for that nmitc xi U Well on his way to the sixties. slightly OI ic I h xlslltmg att his feet to be Coutenf' 5 bent, and trusting the world at large, ex- 13 'img 1 ipmgh mg and Tom mu hw 1 1 fa cept lns nnpetuous Pen, took his old, mbmcsb' Cm L uc cd' JJ, tasty cob pipe from his- toothless mouth "Better run 'long back in the store and 1 ancl eyed his daughter critically, but pleas- see 111111. He'll be surprised, sure." Q. KJ? mg: y' U Pen had no intention of obeying her P 1 9 'Forget about that school, dad, Pen dad, but in another minute she was quiet- f l said as she pushed Lem gently back into ly opening the door to the office, that is, I 1 V his chair by the stove. 'fYou know I to a small room where Tom had a desk 1 hate books, and anyway, I didn't belong at and where they kept the safe. She opened I 1 1 'Stat schoiol. Id raltlher be home riding old the door. Yes, there he was. i 1 so r t , . ,. , . I A Ijiftzghgr elpmg L Lomb out of tht mm .Tom Walsh, the bookkeeper from the 1 1 ... Th . f I I I city, perchedlupon the high stool, work- f t Q U ere was a wist u , a most sac express- ing vigorous y over his books, did not .1 1 Ji ion in Pen's blue eyes. She was sitting on notice the intruder. Pen went in without 1, 3? the .Hoon her head of curly auburn hair knocking. 'E, if 1 f ' 1 . . . ' ld rcs mg on Lem s knce. uworkm, hardy. 1 ... 'Whats th matter, Pen-did.va' teach- .. 7 -,, 11 1' ' I 11 ers get cranky?-1 ' V1 1133 P011-3' "Io H Pen laughed: she jumped up from the Cxtfrigigplfgr P,13ji,C5' She '11f0f1m'd 111111, iid Tr oor now. r - all 1 W f'How silly, dad. You don't think I'd ,3Ff1mEhP'1 hghbook and Offellffd Pen the il: 4. let the teachers run me home, do you?" 3.1 Lf C ang' ' C took 11 graciously and 11 F 3 U G , om was aware of the grave expression 1,-. Say, Peng why did ya come home, on her face. .1 y 11 anywa, P" 1. ' .k -l ' t'dl '. ,, , A My ,V Cm df Lf Dom L 5 D Mr. VValsh -- Mr. XValsh-" Pen 1 E 5 CQHSC 1 1111111011 10- I got tired of coughed slightly- as she reiterated the ,1 318 SC1'10f1L,311f1 1151011 112151, 101 1110 tell YOU MISYSI'-"dad writes me that business is '.1, 1 501119 111EI- - failing." 1 'li -i- H , , F J , 2 'ff S1110 3130113 1011 S8 0111 1121113 110 ll 1111- . Foni frownedg he did look so business- 1 1 1501 f1C1'Sfa11C1- like XYl1Cll he contorted his forehead and is .-vyoll' no going to work in your had that far-away look in his brown eyes. , 1 51010-1 P'f11,SCfCW?f1 11191: 11059 1111 With fi "I hope that's not what brought you 11121 1 . 1. delightful giggle. Wont it be fun, dad? ' honqe, P011-.Miss PCN," 1 . 1 - VV11Y, Pff111y 1-C111 1111511041 1112, P1119 to ' Penelope, please. That 15 exactly what I g Q 1110 0f1'101' S1510 Of 1115 1UQUf1'1-D Me 21151 brought me home." Pen looked straight 1 't 1 Tom can take care of th business here. mio T0m'S face, Peng eyes were heaven- 5 1 V "I don't know whether you can or not," ly blue in the ray of sun that came thru , iq JL Pen said pcrtlyg "but anyway, I'm going the window, and such an earnest, gracious t , 4 to help you." emotion illuminated her face when she 1 1 , , 1 evvimmen doo-t know anything about smiled. And those impish freckles across -1 . -, 1 1 businessy her nose!-Tom shifted his eyes again. 1l,.i, i l 1.-I-hey may know moreithan Vou think frowned and climbed upon his high stool. 51173 3 I 1 dad, andfsay-" Pen sat down on the "Business is just about the same. Did s o lflloor aigam and looked earnestly up at you think if you came home people would '1 im " 0 vou like Tom so awful much?" buy more?" 1 1 35 1 ' ' it . V 1 mil Q Qtr! 5 ' - ' f , - -H! Y " ' " ' .. 1,2 s.I' i.'3III S IluSfQB1l- 11613 9 1-51 5611 pg-3:',.u,1:gg.pg.gzg.l.gzggip L-g m - ag 1, Page One Hundred Forty-seven 2 t-----f-:-cT,-- - -- ----1-------,S A ---T --------bf-WA - f..A...--- .. ,W Y. . -. Y W H A --W --L-.fi leg I4 v x Em'fgf.f -P'.M..,'ff"g.fsalf',w-,.:gif s arg ef - is I-'fe I . 'ex-:sw -ma-:-as-a a..' ' Wi i ' " "" ' ' "" ""'if'T' ' K " "aff Y L " 'T "i.TS'f f-'-f""f'1t,,'1T"'i1ff. f::ei:f':g1sr:Tti1":ff A"" 'TQ NMP"'Q' T--E7-:':..i'1',g,ax . lniiff as a l v ll fl Vfiig ll E mfr l . . I! "This is business, Mr. lValsh, and I'm 'fBut you are little,'l Tom laughed, I -4 judging from what dad wrote and from "you're just as little and cute as you can 3+ 1, V ,l if 'ff wi- I ir flf fi' 'I' 'll' E' W Nl T f' fs ' ' J 'IP' I 'ff Q' i l g i f g l i f l i l g l j, ' 1 I 5 vii what you wrote Marie Trevors. I met the young lady." "You did? Quite naturally, if she went to the same school. I niet her shortly af- ter you left. I went to the city with your father to see Mr. Trevors on business. I met her then, and-well-" "And well what?'y Pen smiled, "you never told me that day at the picnic when you tried to make love to me, that you were engaged." "I beg your pardon, Miss Pen, but this is business you know, and besides, I just explained that I met Marie after you left. Did Marie show you my letters?" "VVell, no-and, well, yes," Pen said pensively. She got 'sorta' confidential with me when she found out I knew you, and she seemed to delight in lording it over me because she was engaged to you." "Did she show you all my letters?" Tom was interested, no doubt. "No, oh, no-she wouldn't read any of them except where you said something about getting married. Frankly, I don't like her." "Let's get back to business, please. VVhat did you read?" "VVell, what I really came in here to see you about is this: Dad writes that business is failing. and you write Marie-the fluffy- headed Marie-that business is picking up, that dad is going to give you a raise, and you can get married when school is out, Now, do you see the point?l' "Of course I do, Miss Penf, Tom was opening the door. "Your father has been worried lately, but everything will come out all right. He trusts people too much." "So I notice," Pen interrupted Tom. "He trusts people too much," Tom ig- nored her last remark, "but you run along nowl'-he looked at his watch-"I've got some work to do, and I want to take the 4215 to the city. I'm going to see Marie over the week-endfl Tom opened the door. He had a way of treating Pen as if she were a little girl, yet she was a woman of eighteen. But Marie was two whole years older than Pen and Tom probably thought of her as just a child. She looked at him mischievously for a minute. 'Tm glad you came in to see me, little girl, but you better be going." Tom was indeed business-like. "Don't 'little girl' mel" A granite streak shot through Pen's eyes . az be. Pen Hounced out of the office without another glance toward Tom. He had asked her to leave so he could finish his work and go to see Marie Trevors! A choking, fearful feeling clogged her throat. Then suddenly Pen realized that she was about to cry. How silly to cry because she had come home to straighten out her dad's business! The next day Pen asserted herself in her father's store. At first she suggested that she be assistant bookkeeper, but Tom had persisted so obstinately against "school girl figures" on his books that she had to be satisfied to set her salary at S1550 a month. This of course would prevent Tom's raise and would give her the satis- faction of knowing that she could run ev- erything in the big store room. Occasionally she would slip back into the office where Tom worked. He stayed back there most of the time now. She did so want to look inside those big books! There was something wrong some place, and there was a remote uneasiness in Pen's heart that it was concealed in those books. No one ever looked at them, or ever thought about them except Tom. Pen suggested once that her dad look over them, but he said that his eyes were not any too strong, and when she mustered enough courage to suggest that she get an auditor to go over them, Lem only laughed at her. Men could be so stub- born and so perplexing. But she would get at the bottom of this thing anyway. She had a month now before school was out-before Tom would marry Marie. When Pen tried to think of some reason why her father should have been worried a few weeks ago, and why he should have written her that business was failing, and why he should have gone to see Mr. Trevors on business, Pen would give up in desperation. Then she would wonder if Mr. Trevors was the silent, mysterious person promoting all this trouble, or was Tom, the bookkeeper from the city, of whom she and her father knew nothing. taking her father's money in order to marry Marie Trevors? The month before graduation passed- one uneventful month. She saw less and less of Tom. He was gone most always now, and he even locked the office door when he was busy. Tom went to the grad- uating exercises. VVhen he returned, Marie and her father were with him. lt? rf if 'V' 53 mr tif WP if W 3 JL Q- Sf Tr W A 4 ' 5 4 I I l 'W 'S W A 1 i 'lt' lil ft' 'St' ar W W' i Nt' . 1 35 I .LL il l fl 1 if it 'USE . , , ' , V iiI.,,,,-,,.. ,-, ,, ,,,, ,Moa ,,,,,. ,, ' Mm m ,,4.,,..,-,,,,,,,,A IM-, ,,,,,,,D A , l ,ttf .... a ,i:g, g.l,f.,e e,.,. 19241, ,axi al ..,, 1 L Page One Hundred Forty-eight I i gl i '-4 11 11 --1 S2211-23 1152 1 35-11524-11 si- ..:'s'l1a"1'1!G1 S2'3Il 1 . 1 ' 1 L l r Trevors was going to be busy at some- followed.innnedately by the boy himself, , 'lf 1 thingg Pen d1dn't llllClCI'StZllld exactly what. who daringly 1J0111tCCl. a gu11 at the two. 'lf l Pen had found 11ot one clue to tl11s mys- A cap was pulled down over his head, and I Q terious situation, Ellld she a11d Tom were he even had a burglar s mask Don.. 'loin did : P i almost strangers. 11Ot even suspect thatd Plainvillle could 5 "O Tllll so sorry you had to come llO1HC, boast -gf Such 3n'uF',tO' 'ite ml? 'ESI H Y ' 1 a11d couldnt gI'21ilLl2l.lC-1.111 so sorry, tohifgllf Utlcfe d 3-mt Scream du '- U la g l 5 dear," Marie cooed sweetly. - . ' rr , k. d . Y 1 l , V "Take ya' hands off hi111 and put 'emgup 'T f YFJB re ,So 1-3 to gg? me Hifi Dalia- high-as high as ya' C811 get 'e111!" 'lhe l L' l paddy' Pun Sal ' as S. L rang le Cab? bov rolled his words around 111 111s mouth, if registers' andhgzilvii glarlitazduclgig Cxgrm Marie managed to get l1cr arms up, and I l ' a quar er'-S e an Ong, C-6 - Tom also threw l11s ha11ds above his head. l 1 A of lemon drops- but Ive enjoyed belllg H v .RH I x M. . ut of hcrew the i l A here very muchg and, besides, Tom 11eeded N013 VL A g2Aul fgrhtr mm growl. T - help-I've helped him lots." boy sai ,rougi 5. ix -1 g ,Y Y Q 1 I a11d dO11t try to run,and dont make mc Nl l Merle Went back t9 the Flfflce' She had 11ervous, either, or my linger might slip ! .ll no right to worry 'lom hkelthat. Marie on this trigger? Come on now," I L had been back there over thirty minutes ,,Wait a minute just a mlmltc' Young- 1 -5 i now' Pen difl not lllfeud to be an eaves- man, maybe we cduld explain." i I 3 dropper, but impulsively she went to the H , , d d V . E 1, .uinr it l 1 office door a11d started to ODCII it, when Putlya nuts up an O Xa 'Xp dl 5 i M 1 . 11 ' f ' 1 h rt where 1t'll do some good. bet O11 out ot 1 l 1 1 she heard. All right, Marie, Je 'ere a d PM h Y f, vhcre to ro-do va. I J l A ' 11:30 sharp-every olelsnoozer '111 this l'lCYC all dans Ow ya xi 1, ,X 1 L town will be i11 by that time and Ill OpCl1 Ulldcfstall - U Q - r . .il W the window Clfen heard the lock cl1ckD- "O yes, perfectly, 'loin assuied hllltlllllci M l I be here at 11,3031 abut bwhat were. you doing 111 here, 1 - . ,, t t t- ' 2 i nbure' In be here at 11:30 y0'l1Doiiiit ixaik csol much," the boy said u11- JA .LL Pen's TCIICCS felt weak, shaky, her body der his breath. 1:We111 be gomg down to I 7' was cold. They were coming back ltlhere fto the sheriirfrsy r , get the money that was kept 111 t e sa e, HO T vh douyt you do Something?-1 M 1 k and were going to leave 011 the 12:l5l The Marie 62283 hir Voice Shaking' Wi 1 1 SlCkC11l11g thought rushed thru Pen smind, H V Y hx h tw th bm' in thc 11 I l and she had that choking feeling 111 her Vthy flflllg L get S EJ - If C - J. throat again. It was exactly what she 1113514 Yefllllle CfJ11'fCmP 01153-l V 1 , had expected. It was exactly' what she had "There's 11Otl11llg to do, Marie. That fool 1 ' if hoped, passionately prayed against. lint boy might shoot if we tried anyth111g. Bet- .. ' yet it could not be-it could not be t at ter walt." i Tom, Tom VValsh, who could be so lJ.L1S1- "Yes, this fool boy might Shoot," the J nesslike and could look anyone so straight Stranger Said as they Vvalkcd thru the , l in the eye-was going to steal money, and Silent Street, Tom and Marie in front, with I steal it from .her daddy, too. It only she the boy only txyo Steps behmd. HH yor, E5 I could help him reaso11 - but there was doiyt believe it just try a11d see. It wonvt ,E 1, nothing she could do. The 111ev1table had be th' first trigger that Ilve plan-Cd wlth, 3 , l happened- All Plainville slept Hllll snored while tl1e i l In the small, still hours of tl1e 11igl1t a three adventurers walked ClOXVl1lllg street. l l? manls figure crept stealthily along the rear The sheriffls house was da1'k. The boy 5 V 1 5 - i building and fmally stopped at the side of marched them up on the porch Zllld rang , I V Lem Forbes' store. The figure crouched the bell a long, long time. Finally Sheriff l ' 'I beside the wall. In a second more a figure, Sam Smith came to the door and, poking I 1 ii slightly smaller, joined himg and, in anoth- his head ont., asked: t 3 er moment, they were climbing thru tl1e - "XVhat'th 'devil do you want at this i x wi11doW as tho it were not the first window t1111e o night? H . 5 i l they had climbed through. O11 the inside, "Open tl1e door, the boy said, Zlllil 51 , i i the man flashed a searchlight a11d the girl pushed Tom Zlllil Marie into the house. Q I took something from beneath her cape. 'land push th' light on."' I , i He was fumbling with the safe and she VVhen Sam Smith realized that this was ' N L was standing close beside him. E1 'iCaS?' 110 2lSS11111CCl all the dltllllfy dm' 1 A ,, . a sheri . ' , 'AHurry, she whispered, nervously. nfl-hesc ppople were trying to rpb 010 Wi i '-'Nor'1111'i'5::if.i1aQ1i2isf25.'g.?2215 253531,ifPzifclii-tl1Z1l3Zu?f1'5l' S111 hcndmg l 1 . voice rang ou - , . 1 , - W1 1 1 . i f l 1 1 t 1 - if V A W' Y V if V .J Q. "W 'Q ' SM -H i RSIIFZGIPSFXUXEG1I"5'?-'-20l1i1?S'lASE2's'l'a-Sill 1 H52-a lt 31053 - 1I'?Z'-ill s T ' -'M-v Y Y ' .1 Page One Hundred Forty-miie fjffl kgziii is R-Lil -9 I X J ti , it- f, 'A' l K ' f I if 'if fi 'N 'XC T if I i , I :rg - I JL i' , ff i f i w! E W l 4 31 I "NVhat have ya got to say?" the sheriff asked as he clapped the handcuffs on Tom. UThere's quite a bit of explaining to do," Tom said, "but maybe I had better tell you." "Yes, out with it," the boy saidg "ex- plain everything and don't leave nothing out, and don't put nothing in." "Lem Forbes bought some bonds from John Trevors last fall, and I found out they were phoney. A man in the city tip- ped me off. Then I told Marie, and asked her to get me the real bonds. She did so, I was going to change them, and Lem would have never known the difference. He was worrying, poor old man, and I thought I could save him. Marie has the bonds, the real ones she got from her fa- ther's safe. You see it was her idea that we go through the window. We were go- ing to catch the 12:15." "Let me see those bondsf' Sam Smith said to Marie. "No, there's no use," said Marie, pulling her cape closer. "Give them ,to him," Tom said patiently, "he won't believe us unless you dof' Marie took the bonds from her cape hesitatingly and handed them to Sam Smith. The Sheriff scrutinized the package for a second, then took one from the rubber band to examine its contents. The un- comprehensive frown that confronted Sam Smith's brow prompted Tom to snatch the supposed bond from his hand. A blank piece of paper confronted him. He showed it to Marie quickly. HI know," she said, with a tremble in her voice, "here, take your ring, and please don't say anythingfl Before Tom could fully realize that Ma- rie, the girl whom he had intended to marry, had duped him and had broken her promise within the last twenty minutes, the front door slammed, and he was un- consciously obeying the sheriff's com- mand: 'fCatch that boy!" Tom ran out the front door and as the boy was making his way through the front gate, caught him by his shoulders, jerk- ing him around. The boy pulled the gun again, and said: "Now put your hands up, will you?" pulled her cap and mask off and stood there smiling up at him in the moonlight. She looked just like a small boy with those clothes on, and she did feel so ridiculously small beside Tom. "It's me," Pen broke the silence. "l see it is, but, Pen, you didn't sus- pect me-say, Pen, did you, think that I was stealing your dad's money-is that why you came home?" "Well, I-I-," Pen screwed her nose up, and Tom could see those antagonizing freckles even in the moonlight. "Yes or no?" Pen kept on looking at him. "Did you come home to straighten out your dad's business?" Tom asked eagerly. "No," Pen replied quickly. "Then why did you?" the sarcasm that Pen had thought she always detected in Tom's voice, when he spoke to her had given way to impetuous eagerness. Pen screwed one small foot around in the earth, and looked at the stars and the moon, as if to find an answer in the great heavens above her. "Pen, look at me." Tom was almost rudely shaking Pen by the shoulders. "Did you think, did you believe I was cheat- ing?" Pen met his gaze franklyg she smiled ingeniously. "I believed in you, Tom, I trusted you, but I knew you were engaged to Marie- and-well, I told you I didn't like her, Tom. I'm sorry about Marie." A shrill whistle, followed by a great roaring puff of a train brought Tom and Pen back to earth. A tiny something sparkled in Tom's hand. "It's the 12:15," Pen whispered. "Pen, tell me why you come home ?" "I came home because I wanted to help you-Tom, I came home because-" "Pen, I love you." Then the stars shone brighter, the moon winked and blinked, all Plainville slept and snorecl, while the 12215 carried two more happy passengers on its journey, and the tiny something sparkled on Pen's finger. The 12:15 had long left Plainville in the distance when Pen whispered to Tom Q, "Pen - Miss Pen - Penelope!" She why she came home. Exif nf? fiflg, Mit 5511 o' - . 'fff a 2----1'1----W---- -W-.----1.-....T..-,....1 ,Mil-- fin RVYY It ' JT-'Hi .Lg1:4g3...,,- W QQQ44 M-Mn,-img ,E - 11 1924 M., Page One Hundred Fifty gg fi D , x Y G F-jg mfiez- C-EV' 1" 1 1 f ' OV f K if , jf? ' W l , ,H I ii..- , X-4,1 I will 5 11111111 1 11111, f 1 nnll lllluzlulk' C T I' . 4, ,-v1,.z.flI,'lHm O gl. tiilittkl' 1 iff' ,X X 5 FV TJ "'11 K ' A Z K. Jki -XX 12A WJ T xdfx, 1 TT A Q 4.1 fjgvf 'lf'-X ' V1-:QSM ij ATI I jf' K The Coast of Africa -Yellow Jacked. S1'l.lfNT HUT NUT SIQCRICT k4IIll'Cl1CCI "Nk'clI.1h1tl1is 11110 1111- 1110. T13 Il 5111111 I t1111k ui Il wl1alC.x 'AO-o-11-o-off1-11-Q1-11I" if T lk 4'1-himy Sccmlds 5m,m.C'9 R11y111r,1111l IJOXY1lCj'fHT'lT llc 11111ch butter nlfm? Um?" "Ooh yoof' UU111! lfm! l,'111f" UU111? Oh! Lfhl111l1.' 'HAZIZIZITI I" "iX21Zl2l2lZi2l3.21Tl. 11311. Notcfliow muld 51111 thi11k meh Il thing, gcutlc 1'cz1dc1'! They wcrc 111611-ly thrcc m1111ths 11hl,J Pk 1 Q1 'H A 1DL'2ll'TT 0111110 XVHTTQTIIQJQ 111111111 thc strccll Sho was more than pass111g 111111 1-X 5111111-. Z1 111111. 21 111111-clnmscd cya-. A1111 thc pouch hcc11111u 11 112-1111 Pk 111 if CT2:lI'CllCC B1'11xx'11i11g--"Du you 11111kc Tilly'- sizc C11T2ll'gCI1ll'lll5 from pl111t11g1'apl1s?" PTlOtlJgl'2iIJTlL'1'- V-HYQS. sir, 1111113 um' uf 'llll 5111-C1111 TillL'S.u 1111 11 they cl 11111 that Sigll 1111 the Illllil box." R11y11T GQIB1111: "XYhz1t High?" -, H 11. IXll5'lTTf'I1TfT Punt 1111 hills. 11 11: Pk Dick XY, -That lJ2l1'l'Of has Z1 l'2lI'U vc1C:1h11- lzxry. WELS hm' lI'Ilil!k'fT O11 ll ship?" K111l1l1-Q11 "Oh, 11411 the girls l11'1111gh1 him f1'1,1111 c11llcg'v." 1 21: Pk Dah' xYllTfTl't71J" 'Wkwhflt is thc Illllxl ch-zully p11is1111 D111'c1tl1y Ilzlll-"I'111aas111111 cy11111chz" LJZLTCYUTYIIXY, CHITJLLTIIITIIQ' Huicl. Y1,111'1'c dead In-f111'u 11 10110111-s you." P11111' O111' ll11111l1'1'11' lfifly-0111 I J lp .1 I 11121, 117 7 llll'll lllllllllrr. 1 Nll IF Ili 1 i!1v,1ll ,ll 0 lllllllllllll 1l1l1l llI' :Zn J ' LJ ,fqijl I .. I nllll llll ll' llll' M4-1'RA1v-gg !!!!. .hull 1 .,..-:- 1 1:1-QQ - ,ff 1,-E '5i'z1f.-'-g'13t71- - :.,::'. ,, , V 1- -,'4Z. :,'1': 11 -'.' . -'---, 46 ' 4, 1. I. . .zip 6 6 . . ,.-.1 11. D, , Al- y 'H-2' ' - 1 ' 5 I 'BQ o 0 -i 1 ,' . --" ,'1 15 ' 4-5 '-. I ' 4 . 0 9 Q X 5 0 5 V 5 I TQ.- 'A ,' 1 I ' l ' -. ' o ' l.. ,lg-.I "Jim :I I og 9 q . Q be I I I .1 0 ll Wli1g-i . 'o U v 0' .4 1 -"i-1111 , ' , , -I 1 . ' 9 L-- j I Q- -i f ....., ---4 V -. ' Jil." I f ' Bo-Ah Just heard dat dey done found Napoleon s bones. Rah-Faw de 1an's sake! Ah did not know he ww. a gamblin' man. :X u'ez11'1-l1:11lQi1114 l.L'lll7XX' u'l111 l1a1l 1l1K'llL'Ki all the 1l11i.1's l1111ki11g f111' u'11rk l1z11111e11e1l 111 see 21 huge 111'1l11'e z11l1'e1'fise1111-111 l1ez11l1-1l: "Mu1'1lere1' Vllilllllfflfl "XYell," he Silill. 5Cl'2llCllillg l1is l1ez11l4 "i1's l1et1.er'11 1111tl1111g, 2lllj'l11!XY. lllll e'1'1111e lll :1111l ask for the job!" ff 41 11 SllS11iCilbLl5 Fz1tl1e1'--"XX'l1:11's tl1e i1le:1 E11 Ylllilllllg 1111 to New Haven every week-e11cl. Helen? I su111111se you have s11111e e111l 111 view?" Helen Ha111l1leto11 fcleiuurelyb 4A'll1'1w Clever oi you to guess. Dad! But lu-'s 11111 2111 e111l 1111111 l1e's Zl ill1Eil'IC'!'ll2lL'li,H Pk lk Uk XYClfl2l l3z1ld11ek--"Big lllly, wuz kieorqe XYasl1i11gt1111 as l11,111es1 as cley sez l1e wuz?" I.l.1IllL'I' COlCI1l2l1l4",Al1 tell you. 11igge1'. George wuz the l11111estes1 1112111 clat ever wuz l1or11," XXvClil2l'f"DC1l, l111w C111111- 1ley 1'l11se lllx llFlIlliS 1111 l1is l1i1'f1lny?" 11: 111 1 "1'll 11e1'e1' lf1uel1 1111111111-1' 1l1'1111." g:1s11e1l the l111ll player us l1e swuug 111 llll' l1z1ll 111 vain. -Punch Bowi. ll1-re lies :1 e11il 11111111111 .Xll111i1er Slie Sl1l'L'lf' wus 21 lJ11i1l. She liverl 1111 lllilitj'-SCCCJllil street, Right next 111 1l111ity-1l111i1l. 1 1 PF 'l'l1e1'e wus El lltltll' l111i1l 11z1111e1l Black. Xxillll liyecl ill 1l1e slums ill :1 slmeli. Hut l1is 1111111121 striiek oil, :Allll IJ1111:1lcl l1z1s :1 goil, l1:u'lQ. xxvllll XX'R'1lI'S 21 tl111usz1111l l1u1'l1s 1111 lltl' 1 1 21 l".'XYORl'l'lC IQXPIUCSSIONS S1 1-11-ty-M2111 ,I1111g'. l111111legg'ers' .1Iyg111, li, 15. 'lf Kms My jll11lQ. i'xl2l1l1lL'l'S7Nlj' .l11l111. liziselmllists--My jiux. 1lellyl1ez111s- -f" My .l2lk'li. Miss iDllT'll2Hll'S 11ll11ils My vl4Jlb. lf, lfs-My vleuy li1'2lflll2llCf-Nl y ,l 1111e. lifllilllllit' z1ls11W-My joy, S11:111isl1 Class 'My j2lllll4'l'. l.11111'l1 R1111111- My jillll. 5te1111g1'z111l1e1's Myj111Ii11g11111l111y li. guru, Ik 41 X Miss P11 11e11l1z1g:111 "l 21111 s11rry we 1l1111't l l lmve l1l1I' l.lfC1'2ll'j' Digests ltlillljlll Alessle NX est 11us1 u'z1l4i11e 1111: "XYl111 1l11l you sllj' lllCCl j'L'Nli'l'4l2lj'?U Signatures 15,1 F- , ' 1 . x 3 P K A-A-Aga-A ' 1 A.. AA 5 Z TSTCDP! You are now about to look through the most important part of this book. Without this section, this book would cost you twice as much. You are about to turn through the advertising section. The larger this section, the smaller the cost of this book to you. It is the wish of the business manage- ment that you support these advertisers, because they are supporting you. 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Our Guarantee with Every Box A most complete line of Sc and IOC packages Also "l.et's Gow IBROVVNS I GI DPI I Z QI I HI I CU HI I U I JP me rrrr - rrrr e rrrr - rrrr A rrrr A rrrr H rrrr I1 33 I 552 I 53-:SI :04qI UQ-AUDI 25+-4? 55-f'2feI CD I 'ZJcn'.3SDi I I I I IX.A!LJllL.J4 I '41Q:111g ,,,,,,, 144, ,, , ,,, , ,, , v1cToRY-W1LsoN, Inc. X-6079 1007 Elm St. Upstairs at l6l3M Main St. T ' V V V V V V V .L V D!AILW!JNlILWflILUJ.VA .V...VA .VA..V...V.Lk9'JLW!JLk!'-I V V V DSJJDSJLV. V DSU LKWLVA LW-IDSJJDU-IDUJ V LKWJLXVJLWLILWJJLUJIEAI V JA V V IW-IDQJILUJ E O A VNVRdVMVA1f6dhiVVA1VMVMVM1VNVA1mN1MVP6NIMVfmdh6N1hi'd'o'IOGDWYIPQGFEYIITKIIYA1 A DZYIVMDVNMYIVNIYRGDWGITM1VNVMVNVMVNVMMYTEVMVVNMHMVMVMVVNVNVNMVVMVMMVVNMVVHMMVV I 1 I I , 5if "1"A 'i'x'A x'Izi "" "'yiF "'1IW i N1V' YK71 K" E CW' Y YIIT' X17 YIIY YIIY' YWY N1' h 7" """V"'fxi i f : fil l IW W K- 4 X1V 'T ITYI A A E IW Ii i I MT ? H ' E H Ti E D r. 5 B d Ic I C I 5 0 9 Q Q 1' C Q I' Q 21 In . 5 . 5 3 . U I C C ' D7 I Q C It ff I 5 MVS Q I Q Q QT I E 5. . 5 2 ""' " ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' -""""'?"""' "' ' - ' ' ' ' "' ' ' "' ""I 2 V0:l'gn1111.wIf--Now, WIN-rv cI i cl Ile' kim X 5 Used on l'l11i111i-fl'-On llw lips. Sir. 1 I THE OAK, THE DAT-HI. THE VIKING l'u11n.w'f NUI No! You fIUll,t un' Q THEFORESTERIUHITHEHIGHLANDE-R z cIm'St:1mI. I mu-:ul YVIIl'l'i' wvru YOU? 1 . E Were designed and manufactured i Pfllillfffll IIWIIINIIIIIQD ' -In Iris arms 0 I IN DALLAS T Sir- - , by the , E 4' XVIIVII I Illi1l'l'X' I'm fruinv' to ll1Jll'l'X :x E jx American Beauty Pass Book SL Cover Co. : ,- , , H , A - 5, , I5 I 41 C 71e.vignrr.r and .Ilrlnufarlnrrrs of 5 ful V Im KAN taht ll -Iold ' ' SChOO1Annua1and Decorative Covers Ilmft worry. littlv Imy, it's the only . for Every Purpose kind y0llIII gctf lirnu Poi. 1. I ' 1- .... --.-. . ,.-- ,... - .... - ..,. - .... ..-.. . .- ,,.. -.:5..- .... -- .... ..- ,,,. .. ..,. - .... - .,.. ...-..,- .... -.-..--..-..- . C Q I 5 '. I A. L. EGAN YV. I. CASEY .I. H. CASSIDY E I P ' ' C E U H H 1' 1 H t 1 H O H1 21 fl E Q E g g I3 . 5 . 5 .'IlIII1llft1!'fIU'ilIf Printers una' Binders 0 ' 5 5 . . . . - 3 Commerclal, Rallroad and DIFCCIOTY Prmters . ' 4 5 LOOSE LEAF SUPPLIES - 5 . I .bl Dependable Institution 1 ' 0 5 Established 30 Years in Dallas E 2 X-1213-Phones-X.1214 E 5 E C 2 910-14 Ross Avenue DALLAS - ' . 5. . YUUUUUUULQAUUUUOUUUUIUUU UU AA N JLJJLN PM! .. ng A b, ,, 7, -A 1, 'if 5, ,f,,,:A . ML , WJLMQS: VOORHE1-is E35 BURDSAL Uffczkzl 7JA0f0g7'd1DA67'J' fbi' MQHE CQDALHV ,:, ,? i Studio: I2 I S15 Elm Street Dfx1,I,As Z E E E E E E E E E E E 'E E fi 5 E E E 2 E E E 1 E E E E E E 'E lllfn . I7 lim. 17. E 5 , E ' E E f 5 E 5 5 E E E E E E E AAWFHYMAAA ' WW 'WW 1 Q1 LU-IIXALKA LL!-IU!! N.i4 LUJ lf244lLLl ' - L V - - - L ' LWALKVJLKVJIWJ-ILUILKVJIXQULWA ' IL, G BALFUUR C11 'ymym ,Ig 1 ww OH-1e1aI ewelers to 111 Classes of IQ23 and IQ24. NORTH DALLAS HIGH SLHOOI OAK CLIFF HIGH SCHOOI FORLSI AX ENUE HIGH SLHOOI BRYAN HIGH SLHOOI HIGHIAND PARK HIGH SCHOOL SOL IHPRN MPTHODISI UNIX ERSII1 0 L0m!Brzm6f1 L M CLINE DlYffl6f Zlflanagw 4OI Deere Bulldlng Dallas Tems Ihones X 5290 H 682 J f j OPPILIAI DI: 'XIOIAY IPINPIRX IH the T asia that T 6115 612520115 TICKETS for any entertainment given by Bryan H1 will I Qi' be furnished and sold Wlthout charge by the I OLD MILL DRUG STORE, Inc 1 2 I Q51 :I 41 4I 5 O O , ' 4 0 0 . , . 5 Q 11 1 II fri 1fTUiKl'.f f1111l'1 1 1 llt'7'.1' gk . 51 ' . 1 I C 11 . 4' 1 1 1 4' 1 1 . J D 1 " , 1 1 1 1 II I f 1 ., Q , 1 , . 5 :I 4 , x 1 Y' N " Y H r 1 Y V - r 1 v 1' I . . , L L f , . fr I :I G . . 4' . . I 3 1 l 5 . . , , Q , , 2 2 5. Q 1 1 1 1 -1 1 y 1 1 3 Q llfo fzffzzffgfafllzr' fJ 0 I , , .f , D , , , 5 U 3. Q 1 4k..,-1..-..-.......-----------..,.-----....,..-----..-..-.1-1.- 11 11 :I I 5 ff 7 7 5 5 Q 5 . . 2 , I n O . . 2 I 'IIYHI1-11i.....1.,TTiii-.iiii-..1,TiT.T,T.,i.1-i,,-1-,1-,11un:-Hlh 5, 5 . 11 5 11 Q . 1 O fx s' I 'Is we - 0 fe .0 ,L I 020.1 5 l ,.::'1L'S.Zg., 4 I o'Q""""" - ' 41 1 J.,-.o mm! I Lf onus 51004-I - ,, :X :mt-Q 11 ' 11 P 5 E" "" " " " no aaao ooaaaoaooooaoo 0 A A VYI D'N1hiN1VN1 " Pf6dPfX1h'X1ffYI ' 'Y PfYIPfN1h'TI IYTHYN1 "W" " " " ' I E I P :P I - I' 22 on Eg' I E 7 IH If ii fm Z I Q " Z rn-:I CD 3? 5' E ss 'fra pg I-5 I gf Q N CD I. il, SML CI-5' I III it Z 3- E 512:21 Com :wwn-OSiOcn' S, 'I-I 'bg 5 I Emo fs I 5 I- -mg E I m Q O E 3:4 EE -I-H N I 53 2 I-...S 5 E -. '-' m : UGO' m F' H 5,25 Om an i www E G 3, E will D: U, 2 'O P1 Q I-I U2 it F? Who 5 m N 'N "' N 1 -- o-I D' -- ... u 2 If 2.2. :Q 5 l F' E I-4 B . sg sz, 77429 T fs 2 CD f asa Ui I 5 cn W2 ' .., ,C FD x N g N IE X C 1 5 I I Q W I E . U S P I EQ 5 CDP 3 f"ig?3a.g E DF' -. Z - ,T FU sag an 4r C, 1 -5431 aww 5 ' 4 ' D5 V, mm HP 2' 71' I QIESEQIJQQSEN 5 R C' Q CI N' -n 0 mm IC ZCD I Q N E 'I 2 'I"9'I5'O'f Evinfha' I me UU Q Ei :I-IEI:-2-10,355 ,. CD Q ' W '45 I. 75 3 r-I I rs 53.216 5'i'-'Nw-3 "" II- UUC If I ew--s.-fwiigd I -. 2vO:Isv.,::w5,:'1'1 I' Pm X H gf: .D ,Q-70.1-+ 24 ' I gfa-aff2"sJf1'.?s,.1 Wg E E Q 'O-935355 S 2 I S 225-oe Q- S C: I ,Er 52262 I' E 'C .Igg- lX..J3i'KAa4-Air ILA LUJXA ILLJLUILUJI-U4 lX.i-ILU-ILUJLUIILAJ IMA Ds.!JIrV!4ILZll'l.!44L14lIrU4lX.4JLkJJ Dallas Prov1s1on C0 H X 28 13 Capital, One Million Dollars II.-,,,1,..-,...-..1..1,.1,...1,.1,.1,.,.1..1.....I...-q.1,.1 Mercantile Bank SL Trust Company Capital and Surplus S650,000 470 Paid on Savings GROW Wl'l'H US ...,...,.,,- im...,.....1........-,,.1........-.I.-...-w........I.-..1m.- - Rule the Street Can Save the Difference DALLAS RAILWAY C0. A UvvutgvlrqlvvfvvvtQLAQOOQUJIQQAQIOQ L I I It I I3 I I5 2 I - I? 9 I cu 'JU 5 I2 f I . .P ' I I -A S I , 31 : I I -f Q I 'CJ 2 ' I Q, ' I ' I 5 5 I . I2 2 : 5 Q lr I I-3 w I I . I .1 mmmmmm . I . mmm ' . . m 9 x lei Q i ii i wi A 5 . 5 . l , 5 1 iff'ifv5ff 4,4,4,4,4,9v,4?, 4 , , l l ' 4 ' ' ' 1 r r'y'f. E Q xl 14 I ff iL'kdT ff :l 2 ln Q UgQtl1QI' l V Q4 , . s E 5 m Service Q I 5 g The Pu1'POSe of education is ser- E 5 Yice-an We acquire an education . 2 x in order to be able to render high- 2 er service. The great educational E 5 factors are: E I 5 The Church - Th 3511 ' ' ' S 8 'ge gchool - Thr?-high igstggiilslirs l N 9 ewspaper-Through its editor Q 2 E S Q 22 it c-H1959 are not all the educational mediuins, but they are the mogt 5 unselfish, for the men and Women E 22 engaged in these pursuits get their 3 greatest reward through Service- 2 In a rnore modest way the tele, 2 phone is an educational factor, and ' itdis our gbigeatest pleasure to serve 5 a equate Q E 2? 3 2 SOUTHWESTERN BELL 5 LX A TELEPHONE COMPANY 2 E WW 5 X f " 'N NWWV2'WV''s'm9fs's9v,sf,v,'sa'ss+s4'sv Q' 3 3 a s A o o o 55 Ili I P r 1 -I5-VI ' 1. ,I I ' 1. ' 994 , N A 1-A, 1' I : E I ' Y M I N ' h'ng Food I Our OS 0ul'lS l I g CIIIQ home of good j Q ' , I, I Hafdwafe ' KLEBER S Q 33 - BUTTER-KRUS I1 BREAD 'Q "The Tasty Loaf, I f HUEY 8 PHILP I 2 Elm and Griffin ' All Good Grocers Sell It ,I I- ----- oooo - I- oo.o - - - oooo oooo oooo - oooi Q Qi 4 P I II I I I he Buv W ord 1 J gl , fwf I 15 1 I Toung M en 5 I - 'S I C 10171 65 .5 IQ E I II ,,..,,,.. 1 1 1 111- -111111 " "1""'!"1l"'- 1 101Hniwivl-MII-1HI1MH-vu-uw--um1 ... 1 15 I ' I ' ' 9 I 1,11 plicn f f pri11f.s' of II n .ly of H111 I S E Q group yzlzotos in this 5007: 7710.71 Ile S 1 C QI ' 1 ' ' f - ' ' ' . I I' 01 trmzed upon npplzc IIIIOII p V O 0 CHAS. C. MCAXALLY i 2 Comlm'rCiaI PI1otog'1'apI1e1's - Wrholesale and Retail E Q ' I 2 I'11oN1c Y 1637 ITIISIQ I.lv1-2 LIAR pg 5 I MARTIN WEISS, Proprieior 903 ELM 0 3 I' , VW A VNVRG A I A A " PfM1I'6N1DiY1 ' A A " " ' ' I" ' T' ' A " T" I'hi1f ' 1 , ' , A 71 IK H 7FY'7fK71'XKj' m,-e-bf3.fA4x.AAf-JvvgAA.f-f AfiAfvsrAn:LAiwmAA.fiAxAA. ,xAAA5AAtA A.feA.:Q,f-A -A.,-EEA,-A A 1 .igv-EA AA4.f-f-.AJ-.,,, 1 , 0 , 1, ,Q 4 4 5 4 4, l 4. 1 4. gl 14 3 Q l i ff 4 if , V 1 4, I 5 5 ,- SIGNED f, NTEIR Y CQU Qu lil: T J A T T l l VVE ARE SPECIALISTS T of Q T 17 YEARS' SATISFACTORY SERVICE l E INQURANC E AND BONDS O14 ALI KINDQ l D0 not he ln the unwise class md wat untll too late but let IIS protect sou now Our counsel costs xou onls the effort to call us over teleohone Nou know no' what tomorrow will bring We Insure you the sure way not the problematlcdl Whx worrx xour lmfe :wax fzhout sour protection when we wlll rellexe song Our lnstltutlon wie hullx unon sdtwfactors serwce square dealings and prompt paxment of losses Below le JuSt one of the mam mlm lossee that we haxe pnd Thus was paul ln less than Exe minutes after proof was pre Qented It paxs those who hmk before and not after Of course xou are xers nartxculwr to lmeitlgate the financial strength of the lnsumnce compam in which sour nohcs me written hut do xou IUXEGIIQTYC the flnancml resoonslhlhtx of xour agent Think It mer H 2222 VERSCHOYL.E'S INSURANCE AGENCY SURETY BONDS AND rnsuaxmqg J 3 I ' ' . DALLAS TEXAS Wendt, 1:-12.35. N '1 1 L A 4 st 1 st X O ' 5 ' 1 2 ' : , , j E '. ' ' S U' V' . ' . . 1 ' , ' ' . C ' ', . 4 . I' ' -' ? ' 4' 4 I' ' ' ' P , 7. - , - C E E O E A 'H I"' O ' . . : .I 0 O ,, , Q ' . 0 wh MXH n ,tm ,, , . ' , 1 , ,Kgozlm -W , . , 1 0 H gnc ' '.: :G AY TO THE FPML mime 'E' '. 'il .BHK U H Q 5424 "L V F P oRoeR or., . ,,,,... W 5' rw ,SE . , In T5'XE'3 . 5,51-'mmf H-ff.,i..t G , ' I , K A 5 ,rt ,Wo-LJ' ",.Qv' Ag? as ,gf f 11: ,nge . M ,. ,Q " A 3 we we ., vs, ,..We?:' Q- K 2 as ,wg f hggfffy W ' 1 , ,tr . Y - 4 Azf. Raju , 1 Q 9 , ' ,. t ' ,b . a Bv.i,g5', - ,NME 5 A? THrg7c34Rm-1,3 1 LL SEYYLEMQNT or Accotmi A5 sl-sow:-4 QQVGUCHER, Q AccRP'rAr-:cc mf SNDORBEMENT cousflrufzs RECEIPT m FULL 0 " VERSCHOYLES INSURANCE AGENCY TQ THE CENTRAL STATE BANK 32.-17 DALL.AS.'TEXAS cxs res 6.10110 'Wx 1 , ":' 1 wcvvrvwxggva iQ 1 ' i n CJVlQll32-1 Clwheatre - i Where Everybody Goes Q CP. G. CAMERON, Managing Director E 5 Endorsed by: The Council of Mothers and Parent-Teachers Association : 5 The Shrine of Motion Pictures and Their Allied Arts li 0 E. A QJVIELBA 4 3 GRANSVIOIEEHESTRA Meltba NOVELTY FEATURES V 5 Paul Harris, Conducting The SOHIWS FITICSE Tl'LEclITC Always Something New ' v - ,VII - .AII - Ill' - - IYII - IIIV - W' - -DSiiSi'iiim'M'ii'AWN-i'i"'ii-iii"D-in-'N-inMi-hill-Will" ll ? Q Ask for 1 I: Q . 1' l 5 AND GET E if IT E 3 IN B o T T L B s E Z CoCA.CoLA Bo'rTL1NG oo. f g DALLAS A 0 - "" '------ ' '-""- "" -""""' "" -' "" -' "" -"' ---------- "" - "'-m'-""- - -5 4' --.. Une.-., . . t- .fe-1 .--.1. -A-N,--.,f-fren. ,,:,- ,. Q , ,. -K. E- ,, ..y-Ltwvff-txi --L- , .... -, . -.,. .UNL A fig,-.B-:sri-s-zzvfflefnn i I ,.'-:v-. Z Ei: '." if ..,, ".'-,'.i" .vA.-.-i ,. 'lz' V ,A".-'.. I l',-. T55 32. ,v,.i -,-, 1 2 A , i - 5 ,, ,,,,f :.' es V- ,-:, , .Q t Q H H ,..:V!A,ivV 5 ,'.,: A". ,,:. . 'vvl ' H nilvv j i,,i 5 'jf-L .Q E: 5 .k itl Z j-K , .,-A' - +05 . ,v:v . -'.v Q, A 'V ,. 5 5 ,,,- ,,,, - ,, ,,,, ,,.- , ,,- ,,,. - ,,,, - - ,,- - - ,,,, - L -,,.-..M- ,.,. - .... - ..,. -...- - -- .-...- -i.,.-,..-....-,.,- - 5 -..,-,.,-, 2 Have Your Nlagazines Bound by 5 5 B H E RY U S S 5 2 BOOK BINDER and PAPER RULER i 5 STAMPER Q i 4 olf1f1CE 1517!5 Main Street HOBIE ii 5: AUTO Y-5561 DALLAS, TEXAS BELL H-4613 N Loose Leaves and Transfer Binders Blank Books to Order X, 132751396 TQ p as C as I I ommencement Helps gi . : -Clem not only furnishes fine building I materials, but also helps in many g 1,et,..Us Help Ways with the commencement. ' You fo Own --VVe plan, make speciiications, finance, I YOU" Home furnish the materials and build com- g plete. I W-VVe guarantee the finished home. Clem Lumber Company . 5 ln Business 30 Years Q 2 Y.634s Live oak at Hawkins . - -vlf -'-'- - '-'- - 'III - ffll - -III -I'- '-" - III' - '-'- - - '-'f - lfl- - f--. - - .-.. -IIq:..- ,... -....- .,.. .... - .... - .... .. ..., - ,... - .... - .,.. -,,,-,,,.-.,,,-,,,.-,,...u., I Z 5 5 5 5 Q 3 5 3 I 5 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I f I O1 11-mi- Quality-Service-Price Athletic Equipment for Every Need Lowe Kc Campbell Athletic Goods Co. 1302 Young Street 1 I-nu-im1uvI.-iminn-im-I.ii.-mi-ian-mi-ni'-. .-nu YVILKINS TRUNK MFC. CO. Makers of "Sandow" Trunks and Traveling Goods In Dallas 21 Years At 1109-ll Elm, facing Murphy St. -im...iiu1uu1u.i ...Ilii-mi--iiii-.iiiin1mi-...I-...I-.in.1i-ii-my1-in-:Iain TEXAS CONFECTIONERY CO. 1114 South Akard Street Phone X-5263 Dallas, Texas Wholesale .lobbers of High Grade Candies. Exclusive Distributors of Walter Nl. Lowney Company Products Full line of Sc numbers and penny count goods, as well as Package Chocolates 5 THE LEADER'S CANDIES The 1.eader's Candies are always Fresh illade daily in our own factory .... . Special attention given to orders for Parties, Luncheons We Deliver to Any Part of Dallas Three Busy Stores for Your Convenience 617 So. Akard Street - Phone Y-5096 1519 Elm Street - - Phone X-2957 A. Harris Sc CO. Candy Dept. Phone X-4181 LEADER CANDY CO. ..1un..iui -miluni.miiniiunlnnluii..iIii1.Iii--.mil1 1 Office Phone X-4448 Chapman 8a Rinker Managers Dallas Department The STATE LIFE INSURANCE CONIPANY of Indianapolis Liberalify of contract our specialfy 601-2 American Exchange Bank Bldg. Dallas, Texas OV" O Y 'YA 0 MWO1 A I A MX1PlBN1h'A1M'i1I'6N1tfid MVMVMHVMMVVNVNMVVWV A A if' LU-ILl..A4DJJLUJLL.J4 LN.lI2x..1-YIXIJLKADJJ IXALUJLKII lk!J9A.!-llX.ADJJLkALXJJDJ4LkALl!fILL.ll Ds..4-WUJLUJ FWJLUI ' LWlllfK.!JLU4LkJJlL..J4LU4 hs , A !,",',""","1,,""!?'YLU-ILU4' 'lf' A!",?'N9KwkWWV4WUKV4L?ANALWAWABV4lW4lV4LS?JWV4LYAkX9QWANA LBVJLXVJPUJDUJF' Service- lus 1 Qua itq exas ublication ousc-: Magazine and Newspaper Publishers Commercial and Society Printing 1704-10 St. Louis Street Phone Y-4193 -.,.1.,..1,,.1l-11.1-11 ... ... ,1....--.,.,1 .- 1 .4 1,..,1u.,1.....-...-H,-...,......-....,,,.-,.,,... 1 1 1 .... -. .. 1uu...,.1 Southern Fuel Company 1vuNERs and sH1PPERs OF DOMESTIC STE M C 0 A L Dallas Oklahoma City McAlester L vvvvvvvvv' W W vvpvf. "' - ' " 'fx-V M ' ' ' Q ' 1 1 ' P P- I ,: Compliments 5 66Nature,S Giftn Q W E lg LJRSUIA HALL LAUDERDALIQ Q WHIgI,I:EY E 1 A. Munster "f1ffiff" ? 5 Sons CO' Staple and Fancy E ' P 5 .J 5 - ' 3 Shoe 4 1 Grocerzes 5 ' ' ' ,ff 2 ' 1 Repairing E V. 7. P S4 1 ffl l Cor. Carroll Ave. E 5 g ' i :'. 1 1 " ,. 'i' Y and Terry St. E 5 1103 Elm street ,E 51: 1 'gg Z E E Near Griffin 5 I 5,5 ' fi Phone H. 1866 . 3 15111 "Til: 1 l 5 , ' -1'1" iii" - K,,: 1 Q r e K ": 2 -H-mini..1l'1ul1ll1lu1- . -1- --------'-"-' 1' at 1 1 E . i,4,25.,j . i" T . 5 at 5 N C o mpl i ments Of A F 1, e d E D . K' "I 2 OLYMPIA 1 W C b b C 1' 1: 5: I 'zilh 'UP' 1 GROCER li 5 C0 o1aio.NA1. c1ANvAsEs T Y ' ' Thumb Box Sketches and Gifts, appropriate T E - for Graduations .and Weddings. 2 3229 Swiss Ave, 1: 5 Restoring and lgepairring Oil Paintings Q . , t 1 : ' , l St. Bush Temple - Roolin 311 - Phone X-675-l L Phones - Haskel 2194 'I Q, Dallas, Texas . Residencei Haskel 2195 f 5 3401 Princeton Avenue - - Phone A-0203 l ....... ,111 - 111. -.1-..-1- - 1-1 ..... 111. - 1-1- 1.11 -.1- 1111 -1.,1- 111. ,1-s-,-i.g 'E - E 11 E B I I ? 3 5 FROM g 5 Ii ' , J: 1 CARRDLL S ARMY STORE h 11 1 AND SAVE MONEY I Q , 5 1 208 NORTH AKARD S ll. BACK OF QUEEN THEATRE 5 ir 4' . I Q 1 3 I' u 1 S IYN IYA1 " Y A A " 'f" " 'm1hix1rm1nm1 rm1rmnrm1rrm1 I RfM1f6N1flO I M?-lQlilMMMMWJilKLMMQLWB QlUgMAN5l WT IQTIUA,-Aamaamimlal L7 Lk Qi Graduation Day Draws Near i Whatever is correct in Dress you can find in choicest assortment at Sangers, interestingly priced. Young lWeu's Suits for commencement and the day after. Good fabrics excellently styled on specifications that make for maximum Wear. Beautiful and acceptable gifts that will be heartily approved in assortments far greater than ever. SANGER CBROS. . Lake View ersey Farm REGISTBERED JERSEY HERD l Under stare and Federal supervision 5 Pure, Clean, Raw Milk 5 Telephone X-7008 titi iiti - ittt - - tttt tttt a tttt Q tttt Q tttt - tttt e ittt e tttt M titi - t ti e titi itit itit f ittt - tttt - titi f tttt tttt - titt e titt e titi - Q A. W. CULLUM a coMPANY , of c WlelOLESAl.li GROCERS I 312 North Pres tcmim Street y gl "MMS itfiiiiisiiiiaum on mask: 422555 :airsMv"Ww"WWwWeNWWfWWWWWmWWWw-vwca c W Www 1 1 ,,.i... ,gl IaI.M,uu1aM, I 1 H-7942 Y , ',,f,,,A,cAQ,-,aN,.,, ,S-,.,,a,.,,,i,.,,,,.,,,,,, F Nl NO -P I0 Fellows Tell Your Dad 2 Q That He Does Not Need to Worry About the Distribution of His 1 Advertising Literature v GUARANTEED SERVICE f TEDE ADVERTISING CQMPANY 4 Circulars Distributed 5 Novelties Distributed Letters Mailed Mailing Lists Prepared 111.-..111141-1-i1i..1....111...1111111111-.-.11 O 1 4 n Inst1tut1onf5 founded on principle integrity of purpose built for the service it may render To Promote true appreciation of better printing ruling and binding Was Created with the entrance of THE. SOUTHWEST PRINTING Co HARRY 1. ouizris ROY W COWAN J fP VAN HUSS HUNTER GROCERY CO Grocery and Market FISH and OYSTERS 4303 Lol mb a at Larroll lho es U 1318 H 9402 H 8818 DALLAS TEXAS SU1l'R.SlRVIC1: Razno 5 e into the Graphic Industrf MOORES FRUIT STAND All K'nds of Dr' k sand Sandw'ches ce C ea a d Ca 'es Cu 'b .Se'vice Open 6:00 A. M. to 12:00 P. M. C. I. MOORE Prop 2203 L've Oak corner of Pearl All K'nd- of L nches P epa ed to Take e nd Short O le s H12 HASKIILI C,AFllTlIRIA I'e C la' W te' eon 4100 Flm Street phone H. 3603 Dallas Texas plLw'uf!.s.4!-Dwllvkgqxf lm ' ' ' ' DUJLVALKVJ 1. LUUIXUIDUJDUJ ' V DPA V ' 7 'A ' KWNAWUJKWKWQKWWAKWLWA ' ' LW!! ' ' LUQLXQUFWJJLVJ-ILNJJ I . , 1 1 , l 5 '. . l ' ! : - :1 1 E .4 I . i . I . n . x: : g , M L I , ? I 4- L I 5 ef ' f. .1 A 1 , 3 . - , 1 . . l 1 A 1 1' . - .-.- .... -.!... ..-.. '-B 2 l . A 1 I ' . W E s 2 4 - K , , 1 . l ' :V f -' - .. 0 I 3 5 " w : , ' I 4 r 5 'Y . . Q A N E Q I . . . A 5 3 ,, 5 D : , ' . 5 I . Q K - N 5 : : - 5 l . 5 1 " - i ' 'N -1 5 'J 5 5 . ' H 9 1 . . ' l I ' ' l . . - f 1 3 3 . I QT cttw' 0 v v v 0 U 0 0 v v v vtyyqv otpgo vtpggwvgwgwtg pgg lkglg 1 ,1. W. LINDSLEY St COMPANY 1209 Main Street REAL ESTATE and FIRE INSURANCE Let Us Serve You -. 1 1 1..-1111.-11111111111111.,1111... ... .. 1 1. ..1,,,1.1 BETTER SHOE REPAIRING Albert Cffiunster This shop was built for your convenience. Let us take care of Your Shoe Troubles. 1:09 LIVE oAK s'1'. .- 1- 1111111111111 111111111111111111111111111111 1 1 -1.1. THE FEDERAL GLASS St PAINT CO. Distributors of BREINIG BROS. Brenig Bros. Paints and Varnishes All Glass for the Building Trade Zouri Store Front Construction Phones: X-6146, X-6147, X6148, X-61493 L.D. 628 2001-15 N. Lamar, corner Caruth 1 1.1ni11.1111..-1.,1.....,1.1.11 1 ..1111.....,... 111111 -1. Compliments of Hughes Bros. Mfg. 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Loxo LEAF P1N11: LUMBER Sash, Doors, Cement and Plaster Y-6566 - Y-6567 2514 Commerce Street , E 152 5 , E 11 1, 1, 1 1 1 I E Q E E E 1. I5 E E E E E 111111 11111111111 s 11111 1x11I 11 E 1 1111 11 t1111 11 111 1111 111 lt IIN E I 1111 11 111 1111111 s111111 lt 111 11 Img 111 1111 lll 11111 11 11111 1 1111t1t1 Il 1111 111 E ll 11111111 1111 1111111 111 11111 ll pp 1 1111 Il 111 111111 111 1 11 11111111e11111 1 1 E ith 5111111 t 1111 1111111 t 1111 111 1111 1 5 l 11 E 1 X 4 11 15 33 1 E E E E E 5 Q E FF ' f if 15 i"o..an:.a"5 E c 1.-o ., 13 g"H. 7 .-': '- . ,:---2, . 'Fi 'o' 5 N' C .Q :S Q.. V : ,a':oo:'o..: :P I, I Tg 1 7 E 1: IQ 1 1' 11 E 1 1: I1 '1 1 N 1 1. 1 1 .- 1 4 9 Drink Fulton Market g 5 f E 5 1 Fresh and Salt E Z MEATS E qi 0 f Sausage - Dressed Poultry lg fl 1,6 WATER, AND 904 Mein Street 5 GINGER ALE : Phones: X-3127, Y-2239 rrrr - rrrr rrrr -e rrr - rrrr - rrrr - rrrr e rrrr - rrrr rrrr - rrrr rrrr A 1 2 W HITE 1 Cowser E4 Co. g 5 I i ' I Our Famous Brand : E of Fine Coffee 1 E I E ! SINCE 1876 2 Order a can from your grocer I E today and try it for breakfast : 2 E I ' 2 4 l'-' ' E 4 I DALLAS E V Roasted in Dallas by : E Waples-Platter : 1 It G C ' E 3 PUCQP Umpany I r 1 phones: Y-2466, Y-2467 E D I . frr - rrrr - errr - rrre - rrrr e erer - rrrr e rrrr - eerr e reer - rerr e erer r-rr - rrer - rrre - erre - rerr rrrr rere 11 , Q ' ' W7 ' i Adkins Polk 1 van mkles Q I I 3 Company : Book Store y WHOIJESALE : Everything for the Schools Q F Party Favors, Decorations, Etc. I: g DALLAS FORT WORTH : 1603 Elm St. - 1614 Pacific Ave. M F M qwfvw w ' P M , - i f QQ ' v mm v . Mi v mmtxwnwamrswmm v v v v A v M , t Q Y! lt's All in the State of Mind 4 If you think you are beaten, you are, Full many a race is lost If you think that you dare not, you dorft Ere even a step is run, I If you'd like to win, but think you ean'f find many a coward fails i It"s almost a Heinchj' you worft Ere even his work's begun, If you think you'll lose, you"ve lost, Think big, and your deeds will grow, For out in the world you hnd Think small and y0uJll fall behind Success begins with a fellowfs will, Think that you can and you will, Itjs all in the state of mind. It's all in the state of mind. If you think y0u're outclassed, you are, Yoifzle got to think high to rise, I Y0ZtJ1l6 got to be sure of yourself before 4, ,You can ever win a prize, 1 Life's battles donft always go To the stronger or faster man But soon or late the man who wins 4 Is the fellow who thinks he can. 1 1 The Ballers Hinrnxng News 4 41 3 and EVENING JOURNAL 4 CN ew Beaut l CN ew Riding Comfort Old Depencflahilit i DODGE BROS. 3 1 Q 5 Q Q Q 3 MOTOR CAR g g E an VM aaPf6f1DiN1rnYloafm1DWdD'A1omYI 4 VKIVMA VMMVMVVMMV hiN1h0r1IYA1MN1ff8f1 'Fatima QVNDWQIVNVMA A A 4'7aDiN1D6N1 E E E E E E ....,....-.1,..-..- -...-.,.. ----- .....-....- .-..t-..........-.......5...-.... --.- lL-....-....-H..-....-M..-....-.N- - -.-..-,,... "lt's in Dallas" Phone X-6210 z HUBERT SMITH RQBERTSQNS 1 Simtiglstiio matt 39533, Qiemfgae l . , SANDWICH sHoP N Where - Excellent Service and Courteous Treatment Quality-Service and Economy meet Z Manicuring Cjgaths Something Different Z Cphones l - Southland X 2866 - St. George Y 4243 W 5 10076 Quality 100W American 10071 Serv1ce . , We Especially Solicit , 107 North Akard Street Dallas 2 Ladies' Hail' Bobbine . : O' H " r 4 f i g I W b A l Tell Your Troubles . rl HE aim of the Dallas Gas Company is Q to render the public courteous and 1 continuous service. If for some reason 5 your service is unsatisfactory the Company 5 ' Wants to know it. Notify the Company's ' office. Give the details of your trouble 5 l and the matter will be promptly looked E into and your service kept up to the high standard by "Dallas Gas Service" 0 I , r THE DALLAS GAS CU. E Gas Service E . , -ri --------------- i-" - Iii- - H+- fii- - '--- --- -i --------- M-n---------- . E f Y r CD0 You Realizefo E How essential the Power and Light : i Company is to your modern pleasure 5 l in the Tlieatreg in the Seboolg Homeg g - in Business? E . Work with your Utility that it may lg I give you the utmost in 5' ? E , 2 4 E 5 Service. 3 AC? 1 g l 4 l il? . 5- J at 2 l f " Q ' Dallas Power 35 E A . 1 LW Company I Q 'Er "' f - X: E 5 1 3 ""' 1 A ' ,'4'TY'4 'vvrvfihelgevgvvrv' V 'Y 'Y V' -Q X 'NX if 'X XNTWQ X XXXXXV Rexx fx ex we X M W M X N . xx QOWOWWNV' Siwpemzer Yewzgce W Wzzpreme Qualify eye conveued bu the s1mple legend wwwww QF rmlzh J Zeese V '27 L Il: will pau ueu lo have your nexl: annual bear the IZQQSQW imprinl' -Qumran-N. .-,,,,N,., Jie! IZZVZQZQ Paemuza coufef ANNUAL ENoRAveRs Cpalas' CEM fzib Q Q9 N Q XXX X Rx -' ses X MSX X5 X ' XWQ x S l X. S x X sw SQQQNXXMX xxx K N E - X EQ MX Nx M N W . , mmm xx, X k -Xgxx-'Q egg X W XSS W .X W fx sm-Q Xxxw-X Ne e-egg xSXxx.eN vsx MAX xxxx X N 3 , A 0 1' U 1

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