N R Crozier Technical High School - Wolf Pack Yearbook (Dallas, TX)

 - Class of 1913

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N R Crozier Technical High School - Wolf Pack Yearbook (Dallas, TX) online yearbook collection, 1913 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 130 of the 1913 volume:

l w W N J N W 4 5 JEL K 1 - GREETINGS THE SENIOR CLASS . NINETEEN HUNDRED AND THIRTEEN xmas: Q 1 THE ANNUAL DALLAS HIGH SCHOOL DALLAS, TEXAS Nineteen Hundred and Thirteen PUBLISHED EVERY YEAR BY THE STUDENTS if l 5 ,V was as Haw We 1:55 :gsm 419 15 '55 2 if This Volume is Respectfully g sis Q: s D E D I C A T E D t 0 Rush M. Caldwell Who has encouraged us to do better in everything by his close friendship and interest dh 3:- . ra ? in our work. S 5 5 saggy at mt nu in. .1 ggi' stem W new C69 l 13 W' ' SWK X , X Km P 'J , vssfil-'GX wt. - P ' - X N . 27' L -xfbkikx x Q ' Nr Sblgl l Y , g H-r - 9 it S "'v2'i,. lx F S1ff.'f'f"' ' ,X f Q X 'f' lir.m.NY3fX -ma ,I In----f ' ' ' l ' Qlifrwinfflagyjld l q xp- Qv4W:1'7ff-53126 if A ' C 5 X Q 1 sfkifgjia .gflell -,l ,X - 3 l ifjyusw-aEwf:kx'qN. xx if .I A . gf gp R N 5' . - p t 5 .11,-igf' ,Qs-5.9-l?.QQQ',?7 I ,N Y 9 ' ' ,, .1 ""r1..- 0 AT! Xf Nr NF-'F V" W 4 l-ff Q Il lu Im X I D CJ D Q L rpm FX 4 C Fl I-X A! Greetings frwm Senior Class of l9l2-- 3 Science Club .......... ..,. I 10. Ol ljgtliggltifm ------,--,-,-,,,,-,,,,-,,, 0 Home llconumics Clulm -- .... 02. 413 Table of Contents -- --, 7 Literary League ------ .... f 34. 65 The lktgulfy ---- ---8-12 Glec Clulw ....... .... 4 nfl, 67 SQUQOVS --.---- ---- 1 3 ,lt0l'fLlllZl ...... .... f JS, O9 Ohigcfg -,-,--- - -,--- 14 PllllOlU2ltlll2l1l -- .... 70, 7l Class Records -- .... l5-33 Phi KHDD21 --A----- 72- 73 Class Histury --- -034, 35 Gamma Lambda -- ,... 74. 75 Junigfg ,.,,-,--- -,MSO uL'ESSUI'U ..... 76, OQHCQ-fs ----- ---37 lfclitorial Staff -- 78. 79 Class History --- ,038 AVhll?YlCf -------- v---4- - -30 Suplmmores ..,. -U39 Fllllfllall -------- 31- SZ Qmfcfs ----- H--40 Girls' llaslcct Hall ,, ,,.. 83. 84 C1255 Histm-y - ---41 Buys Basket llall ,-- ,,--, SS, Sc, Freshmen --- -,-42 Tfafk ------------- -..- S 7. 88 QHHCQI-5 - ---- ---- 4 3 liasclmall ........,... ,,,.,- S 9 C1155 liigtury - ----- 44 Athletic Directory --- -----90 Clulyg --------, ,---,-- 4 5 XYCIITCFS of the "D" - ,,-- 91 Eta Pi ........ ..... 4 6, 47 Llff?1'31'Y -------- 4- .... 92 Forensic .......... ---48, 49 MUN15 il M311 -- .... 93, 190 D. H. S. Congress - ---50. Sl The M3515 ---- .... 9 7-99 Alpha Kappa ..... ---5Z, 53 QfChC.5U'?l ------- ---lllll Art Club --------- ---54. 55 EEIIEEQIOII SCl'lOOl -- ,Hbtfigi Latm Club '-j "'-" '---- 5 6' 57 Allvertisements -- ii10E-127 Reporters' Somety --- ,--5S, 59 The End ,--,H-- ----- 1 28 677 J My ? 1 5 ,Q L, ' A 'T' , o A." up -fg " , 5 3, 1 7 . 3 1 ' T22 J -,Q 4 5, D WN M4 x ZA ' +1L, f -x 1'-4 X fa gy ' x I 1 I, yqk,',sf I 'N 4' , 0 f , . -vi- , N, I I 1 X1 x: i. ' 1 W Y Ykg. 4 1 5 1 1 P W N P n I 1 .x w The Faculty A MR. 1. MORGAN, Principal, MR. E. H. LANG, MR. I. O. MAHONEY, MISS GERTRUDE LIPPELT MISS RUTH DeCAPREE, MISS MARY LOVELL, MISS SOPHIA PAPPENHAGEN, MR. H. T. MATTI-IEW'S. MISS EDNA ROWE, MISS FLORA MORGAN, MR T. B. KENDRICK, MISS MARGARET MOSBY, MR. J. F. KELLY, MR. R. C. PANTERMUEHL, MR. R. S. COVILLE, M R. H. C. HEATH, MR. S. HETHERINGTON, MISS MISS LAURA ALEXANDER, EMMA BRASWELL, MR. R. M. CALDWELL, MR. O. C. CHARLTON, MISS MISS MISS MISS SUSAN BATES, PEARL CLARK, MARGARET CULBERSON, ELOISE DURHAM, MR. T. L. EYERLY, MISS MISS MISS MISS MISS MISS MISS MISS BURNEY FLANIKEN, MARY JOHNSON, ETTA FULKERSON, EVA GREEN, PHOEBE HENSLEY, CARRIE JOSEPH, ANNIE KAYSER, ANNIE MAE KANOUSE. MR. SIDNEY B. SXVAIM, MISS RUBY TERRILL, MR. C. D. TOMKIES, MISS HELEN THOMAS, MR. J. T. USRY, MR. R. C. TAPP, MISS EMMALINE DONOHL E MR. I. L. GERMAN, MR. J. S. HENRY, MISS MAY HOPKINS, MR. C. I, KEXNERLY, MISS AUGUSTA NIELSEN, J. T. ROGERS, MABEL TOLES, EDITH THORNDIKE, BELLE NVALNE, M. S. SINEX, LOVELLA SPENCER MRS. MISS MISS MISS MRS. MISS MR. GEORGE MEDDERS. MR. G. L. ASHBURN, MISS LILLIAN E. OLSON. x C123 B1 if S ag, i-LL11 Vo . 7 fiafi M lab - ' .1 1 - . 5 7 X1-w Nb X .:" Y' ' V- - M.. 'R QXQ-ii -X JA- , 7 . Ar .-,,,r Y , ,Y ENIO I I l 4 l I SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS CYRIL WYCHE, Pres. Miss ANNIE ENGLISH, Secy. FRANK BROWN, V. Pres. and Orator OTIS BEEMAN, Journal Editor EX'ELX'N FINTY, Historian T1-IOS. P. STEPHENS, Journal Bus. Mgr. Senior Class Records A V' ANNIE ENGLISH Alpha Kappa Secretary of Class '13 ERIN HUMPHREY "A fricnll to thc true." .Xlpha Kmspa Spanish Club JENNIE LAIDLEY 'IHOW fm' a little .Xrt Club Kappa llnrunla Senior Play ASBURY BROWN "Brave as man is Science Club Q4 K CORA SUE COLE Entered '09 UI live for him who lives for rue." Home Economics Club IMOGENE MICHIE Entered ,ll "Y ur 'in idle moment. hut thrifty and - e '- . A thoughtful of others." German Club Senior Play MARY TOOLE Entered '09 "lu mzitchless lvcauly, tenrler and serene, This lady reigns an l.111fllS17lltCLl queen." Alpha Kappa Class Beauty ROSA SPEARMAN Entered '09 K'Roscs in her cheeks, And a rose in her name." Latin Club Home Economics Club Senior Play liutcrecl '09 "Queen rose of rose-lvucl garcleu of girls." Entered '09 Eutercrl '09 cnnrlle throws its be-z1n1s." Entercrl 'O , soft as woman." grr M U57 JOSEPHINE MITTENTHAL Entered '09 t'Tresses flowing l And as musical." Senior Play RENA CROWN "What I most rai ike water Entered '09 se in woman I3 Is her affections, not her intellect." Delta Lambda Basket Ball '09, '1 Senior Play LUCILE BROCHIERO 'AAlways thoughtful French Club Senior Play CLARA KIRKLAND "Night after night s with books" Basket Ball 0, '11 Entered '09 and kind and untroubledu Entered '09 he sat and bleared her eyes CATHERINE SPLAWN "Grace was in her step, Heaven in her eyes, In every gesture happiness an Gamma Lambda Students Council '12 Senior Play Journal Annual Staff CHRYSTALE HIBBARD 'iShe was tall and stately as a French Club Senior Play FLORENCE MCCLURE Entered '09 d love." Entered '09 queen" Entered '11 "How pretty her blushes are." Kappa Gamma MARIETTA VOORHEES "If frankness be a fault, Entered '09 Then there are none faultless" Kappa Gamma Art Club Glee Club Senior Play 1,,.t, r Q E 3 C165 as, MILDRED CHANDLER lfnturevl 'OO "I think boys are just horriml KU" Clzinnna Lmnblla Senior Play CLYDE MCCOMAS lfntereil 'lil "Good looks run i clear past mc" n our family. but they run VERNE GARRISON lfnturenl 'UU "Love nie, love niy pipe LILLIAN MILLER lintererl 'U9 l'Cute, llecimlerlly cute." French Cluh Home Economics Club Senior Play GERTRUDE HARRIS "Filled was her heart with lo of an opening heaven." Kappa Cannnzx lllec Club Snanish Cluh Senior Play BRUCE MCDONALD K'lYc grant although he hail very shy in using' it." Congress Science Club Manager Senior Program Journal-Annual Staff Minstrel Senior Play VALLIE E. RANKIN "Her hair that lay along her VVas yellow like ripe Corn" Spanish Club Senior Play JACK ATKINSON "Poor lack, farewell, I couhl have hettcr spared a Entered 'll ve and the dawn Entered '09 much wit he was Entered '10 back Entered 'IZ hettez' man." Congress Senior Play .7 r , v. N gas A-Q? i Z E EX ,gm it C175 ALMA LIEBMAN Entered '09 UO, I am stabbed with laughter" Delta Lambda Gamma Lambda MARIAN BRADFORD Entered '09 "And still they gazed and still the wonder grew, That one so small could carry all she knew" Latin Club Kappa Gamma Glee Club GLADYS WILKES Entered '09 'XX taste for boolfs which is still the pleasure and glory of my lifen Philomathians Home Economics Club HELEN PEACOCK Entered '09 "Her hair is like the trees, YYhen twilight makes them brown" summer tresses of the Gamma Lambda German Club Senior Play JAMES CHEEK "'Twas his with beauty, Valor's gifts to sharell Congress Art Club Manager Senior Program journal Annual Stair .Xrtist llinstrcl Senior Play HERBERT FULKERSON "His heart was in his worlcf, Forensic t Glee Club President Student Council Track Team Journal-Annual Staff MARGARET ROBINSON Hlleautiful beyond belief" Gamma Lambda Glee Club Senior Play LENA BALISTERI "ller hand is ready Glee Club Art Club Senior Play and willingw Entered '09 Entered '09 Entered '09 Entered '09 KX C183 I O Q MYRTLE GEBHART "A maiden never Kappa Gamma French Club Latin Club Senior Play RUTH GARDNER "Her air was so modest, her aspect so meek, So simple yet sweet were her charnmsu Senior Play GERTRUDE HURLEY Ifntercd 'll K'She same adorned, like aweet May" INA WAGGNER 'IX fair and courtly ladyi' Entered '10 bold of spirit, Still and quiet" lintcrul '09 PRESTON BRYAN lintcrcd 'll "Ideas troul-le nic even more than womnen' Science Club Senior Play VIRGINIA LEE SWINDELLS "XYhat you do Still hctters what is done' Illlliflllliltlllilll Senior Play BARNARD HEND RICKS l:'1tL"'L':l '09 Entered '12 Hllis very frowns are fairer than smiles of oth- ers are" Science Cluh LORRAINE ROSIEN Uller step was Spanish Club Kappa Gamma Senior Play royal, queen like" Entered '09 O C 4195 -1 3' OPAL WALLACE Entered '09 'iVVisdom married to immortal verse" Clee Club Senior Play WILLIAM M. ROBINSON, JR. Entered '09 "Look he is winding up the watch of his wits, By and by it will strike" Journal-.Xnnual Staff Stage Manager and Director Minstrel MARY ALINE MAXWELL Entered '09 CLIN "She hath more wit than woman need" Alpha Kappa T WATTS "For he was a man generous nature" President Class '12 Phi Kappa 1 Debating Students Council Science Club Entered '09 of honor, of noble and Teanij CYRIL WYCHE Entered '09 "I am monarch of all I survey" President Class '13 Congress CDebating Teamj Glee Club Baseball Team Assistant Manager Football '12 RUTH CASEY Entered '09 HA maiden modest and self-possessed, Youthful, beautiful, and simple dressed" Kappa Gamma Glee Club Senior Play BRYANT SEAY Entered '09 A'Nothing hinders me or daunts me" Glee Club KATHERINE LOVE Entered '09 "A face with gladness overspreadu Kappa Gamma German Club Senior Play R32 5 Q3 C205 YE 651 MATTHEW SMITH 'ullhou hast a noble face" Congress Orchestra 'l0 LOIS MITCHELL "Her air, her manners, All who saw admired" Clee Club German Club Senior Play FRANK BROWN Another honor? Thank you" Congress fllebating Teaml Science Club Yicc President Class '13 Class tlrator Il. H. 9. Debating 'fc-:ini Senior Play ORLENA WYNN "Merry as the day is long" llasket llall Team Glee Club Journal-Annual Staff A I Secretary Athletic Association Entered Entered -Entered Entered 09 09 '09 '09 OTIS BEEMAN Entered '09 'lllappy am I. from care I'm freeg VVhy :n'en't they all content like me?" Phi Kappa Science Club Erlitor Journal-Annual Vice President Class 'll Business Manager Minstrel FRED ANDERSON Entered '09 "Hy tongue within my lips I reign, For who talks much must talk in vain" Congress THOMAS P. STEPHENS, Jr. "A busier man there never was: Anil yet he seemed busier than he Congress Cllel-ating Teamj llusiness Manager journal-rXnnual Spanish Club Science Club Cheer Leader Minstrel HUGY GRADY Willie heart of honor, The tongue of truth" Phi Kappa CDebating Teaml President Athletic Association Entered '09 was" Entered '10 .Mx .J . if ' ,fl f' A 'W A Q55 C215 LOIS MAE FRIEDA BAUER Entered '09 "And her modest and graceful air, Shows she was graceful as she was fair" Philohathian German Club Home Economics Club Senior Play WILLIAM W. KEITH, JR. Entered '12 mln arguing too, this person owned his skill, E'en though vanquished he could argue still" French Club Congress lllebating Clubb Science Club Spanish Club Senior Play LINNA GARNER Entered ,ll 'KA perfect woman, Glee Club Senior Play nobly plannecli' CARLETON WELLS Entered '09 'AA man of such a genial mood" Phi Kappa Students Council Science Club Basket Ball Team Senior Play C225 GLADYS WOLFE Entered '09 "XVith her blue eyes in iloods of laughter" MARIE MAKLEY Entered '09 "The countenance is the portrait of the soul" Ilome Economics Club Senior Play TRICE Entered '09 MS-he is charming to talk to-ffull of wisdoznf ripe in judgment-rich in information" Kappa Gamma Clee Club Art Club Senior Play MCGINNIS Entered '10 "Blue were her eyes as the fairy flax, Her cheeks like the dawn of day" Senior Play .MARY PIERCE EDWARD HOFFMAN Entered '09 "That he was more than over-slioes in love" BESSIE COBB Ffntereml '09 "A common name but a most uncommon girl who bears 1 tn Spanish Club Glee Club Senior Play Entererl 'll K'NYith eyes that look into the .very soul, Bright--and as black and burning as Coal" A lnha K anpa Senior Play PEYTON SHELBURNE C Entered '09 "He fooled some of the profs. all the time, And all of the profs. most of the time" Science Club Baseball Team Basket Ball Team i233 LYNDON McCUTCHEON Entered 'l l "The defects of a preacher are soon spread" Glee Club Science Club Congress Stumlents Council Senior Play MILDRED MABRY "Dark eyesAeternal soul Glue Club Ilasket Ball Team French Club Senior Play AGNES BROWN K'Thoughtless of beauty, self" Kappa Gamma Glee Club Senior Play C MARGARET KESSLER linterecl '09 of pride" Entered '10 she was beauty her- Entercd '12 'AVVl1en you do dance I wish you a wave of the sea, That you might do nothing but that" Clee Club Senior Play . LILLIE BELLA COLE Entered 'KVVhich becomes a woman cafm and holy" GEORGE PURL Entered 'KI am not only witty in myself, But cause that wit in other men" Spanish Club Minstrel Senior Play WILLIAM MCCRAW Entered "The world only knows two, Rome and I" Forensic CDebating Teamb MAGGIE GERSHON LANE Entered ' "She was so thrifty and good" 12 '09 '09 12 HORTENSE DREYFUSS Entered '09 'l LEDA CARWILE A' 'he glass of fashion and mold of form, lhe observed of all observers" Entered '09 "Sweet promptings unto kindcst deeds in her ver look" Y Latin Club Home Economics Club Senior Play LA RENA PORTER l'She is never sad scarcely sad then' Spanish Club Senior Play ETHEL LARGE Entered 'l0 except when she sleeps and , ' Entered '12 "0 glorious friendv German Club Glee Club Senior Play I I i C243 LOUISE HUDDLE Entered ,ll "Rosy lips and a brow of snow" HAZEL FORGOTSON lfntcrefl '09 '2Xnd you must love her, ere to you, She will seem worthy of Gamma Lambda your love" Entere ' LEXA LAVINA COLE "A mairlcn as a maillen should be" LAURA TOPLETZ "There is many a black, black eye they sax' but none so bright as thine" French Club Kappa Gamma Senior Play lfntcrcml 'U9 VIOLA MCCLURE "Beauty and momles-ty go haml in hand" RICHARD BROCHIERO t'Ilchol4l me for I ani for I love thee' Students Council HAROLD FOURAKER "Speech is great but ELIZABETH MARTYN "Tell me pretty maiden home like y0u?,' Cantina I.amlnla Senior Play linta-red '09 wortliy of thy loving Entcrcrl 'll silence is QQl'CZllSl'U Entert-cl '09 are there any more at 'Q at .. Qin FV: 9- I,- U53 l l tv' A Ci Q RENA FINKLEA Entered '1l9 "She is pretty, she is Winsome, She can win man's heart and hold itn Home Economics Club Senior Play NAOMI WHITE ullush, hush mouse" Latin Cluh German Club Senior Play MARY LEE ROBERTSON 'LX maiden not of words, Kappa Gamma French Clulx Senior Play VIVIAN RUNNER "Kind words are sweet friends" French Club Glee Club Senior Play Entered 'U9 dear, be quiet dear, quiet as a but of and Entered '09 actions" Entered '09 make many C269 KATHERYNE WILKINSON ".Xnvl on her cheek, lilushes the richness of an Senior Play ADA BURLEVV Entered 'l autumn day" Entered '09 'llfavors to none, Smiles to all" Delta Lambda Basket Ilall Team '10 ' Senior Play KATHERIN THOMPSON "lint to see her was to love he Love hut her, and her forever" Art C,lL1lD Glec Club Kappa Gamma Senior Play FRANCIS WCRRILL "And now my task is smoothly or I can run" Kappa Gamma Art Cluh Entered '09 ry Entered '09 done I can fly O' CD i ,, , CJ 46.63 K MARVIN STETLER Hllc is silent. he is shy, llut there is mischief in his eye" Congress Science Club MARY GIBBONS "XYith none mlisprwscrl to rlisagrce, llut like them hest who lvust like nie" Eta Pi Inurnal-,-Xmiuztl Staff Clee Cluli Senior Play HELEN MAPES lintereml tiller clark eyes-lmw eloquent, Ask what they wouhl 'tis grantt-nl" Kappa Gamma Senior Play Out-Door Club CARL CALLOWAY lfnterecl 'A'l'here is no true orator nhn is not a he Phi Kappa Cliebating Teamj Minstrel Senior Play lfntcrcsl ' lintcrenl '09 ELIZABETH GEORGE "ln all her wnrlls an: lfntereil '09 l ways she seems much olnlcr than she is in truth" Plnlmnatliiztn Senior Play WILLIAM H. CLARK lfntcrcll '09 "Sensitive, swift to rest-nt, lun :is swift in atnning for powcr" Congress tilt-c Club Science Club HARRY VICTOR "Une million great ill RUTH STUART "Eyes of unholy tlrchestra Glue Clulu Senior Play blue" lfntercil as fill his niinrl" Entered 194' is 6. 09 1 3 'll YO ukmv ll 09 Q C275 CHARLIE HINCKLEY Entered '09 "His clieerfulness is an offshoot of goodness and wisdom" Phi Kappa Science Club Football Team Vice President Athletic Association Minstrel Senior Play RUBY RUSSELL RHODES lfnteretl '09 'HX lovely lady garmented in light" Spanish Club Senior Play RUTH DEAN Entered '09 '4Character is a wish for perfect education" EDWIN LIVELY ' Entered '12 'kSerene, and resolute and still calm, and self- possessed" of MILDRED DOUGLAS E11iC1'Cll '09 'tThe march of intellect" Delta Lambda Latin Club liasket Ball Team Senior Play MILDRED HORTON Entered '09 "Her smiling eyes with truth were storedu Home Economies Club EARL GROGAN Entered '09 'AGen1le of speech, but absolute of rule" Vice President Class '12 Phi Kappa Science Club Football l-Zasket Ball, Captain ll3 Glec Club Nlinstrel Students Council Senior Play IRL BROWN Entered '09 "Dt-rned old long-legged, good-natured 1rl" XVinner Dallas Declamation Contest '13 Congress P. C235 Cl RUBY LEE FRANKLIN 'KI nm devoted to study' French Club ' Senior Play MAUDE EMILY TAYLOR 'lShe moves Z1 goddess and she Alpha Kappa Senior Play WENDLA JOHNSON "lie to her virtues very kind, He to her faults a little blind" Spanish Club Senior Play NANCY BRACKEN "Kindness has Latin Club German Club CARL NICKELS 'Alle ain't much on looks, But he's got such winning ways" Manager llasket Ball Team '13 HENRY KNIGHT Uliipe in wisdom was he simple, and child-like" Phi Kappa ALICE MAUDE TOWNSEND "Little, but Oh! My!" Alpha Kappa ,l resistless charms" but iatieut and l t MINNIE LOU FRANKLIN llxYlSKl0!l1 she has and to her French Club, Entered '09 Entered 'll looks a queen" Entered 'l0 Entered '09 wisdom courage" Aft 63 Entered '09 Entered '12 Entered '09 i Entered '10 'Cl ILS C295 Q BLANCHE SMITH Entered ,UQ i'She was a jolly maiden, and in her eye just that soft shade of blue we sometimes see in evening skies' llasket llall Team, Blanager '13 Spanish Club French Club Senior Play FORREST HOLLAND Spanish Club Senior Play GEORGE ANDERSON Science Club Football Team Science Club Q , HARRY TAYLOR " ' Entered ,09 1 "He was the milflest mannered man" Basket Ball Tea Science Club Senior Play CARL CLARK "Of heart more Glee Club Congress Science Club Minstrel Senior Play RUTH MELEY "Her sunny loc Hang on her teni Glee Club Senior Play LOUISE EGGER "Fair, fat and j Latin Club D1 kind, of hand more bold" ks, ples like golden fleece" olly' Entered '09 Entered '09 Entered '12 'KA merry heart maketh a Cheerful countenance, Entered '09 "Like a living coal fC0leD his heart is" Manager Baseball Team '13 EDWARD BROWN Entered '10 '4Tut, tut my man, The girls wun't hurt you yi ' v Q gg ,Lwgw Entered '09 GCD J l Y ,L J e-Sty" ESTHER CORENBLETH Entered 'lll "Her face was like a summer night, All flooded with a rlusky light" Clee Club KATHLEEN O. VARGA Entered '09 INA DAISY DUKE "I am not stepping over the hounfls of moal- LOIS LIVELY German Cluh MARY REID "Beauty is Eta Pi .Xrt Club Senior Play if KATHERINE TERRILL "My heart is ever at LORENE FLETCHER "Anil luut yourself, a Glee Clulm Senior Play Kappa Gamma German Club Senior Play l'Slie that was ever fair autl never proud" llaskct llall Team Out-lloor Club Spanish Club Senior Play RIDLEY Enterecl '09 "Her voice was C-entle and lowfan excellent thing in woman" ever soft, French Club Senior Play 1315 linterccl '12 "I love a frienmlship free :mtl frank" Ifnteretl '09 the gift of God" Entered '09 your service" lfnteretl '12 clmits no parallel" y E MAUDE DAVIS Entered '09 "Her step is music and her voice song" Glee Club Latin Club Senior Play EVELYN FI NTY HVerily, Evelyn, Alpha Kappa Class Historian CLARA SAAL "Rich in qualitic , a noble woman' Spanish Club FANNIE HAWKES "Nature hath cr and highu Latin Club Senior Play Entered '09 thy giggling delightest mc" '13 - Entered '09 s of mind and heart that make Entered '09 eated the heart true, and pure PAUL LACY Entered '10 "Anil all the girls loved hirn for his modest race, g And countenance of figure and of face' Congress Senior Play MARION MACAULEY l'1Ql'ltSfCd yU9 'Since I cannot govern my own tongue within my own teeth, How can I hope to govern the tongue of others?y' Gamma Lambda ROSSIE BURT Entered '11 "As sweet as a bud in the spring" Kappa Gamma JOHN ELLIS Entered 'll "'Tis not love Llisturbs thy rest, Love's Z1 stranger to thy breast', Congress Senior Play ' in C325 KATIE MAE JACK lfunere "'l'oilin,q. ra-joicing annl '4nrrmring" Glen- Club 1l'l' WILBER SHAW Entered '09 W 'XX guneral favorite and a general friend" Senior Play Journal-Annual Stall' I Stage Manager and Director Minstrel NORMA BATES Iintcrunl '09 "l'lcaQan1 company nn a journey is hr-tter than Z1 carriage" liillrjifl Ganrnm Senior Play FRANK STANBERY l':1llL'l'CKl '09 "Ilia cnnmvnancc was :x lmene-diction" F4-otlmall Team liaschall 'l'cam llaskct llall 'l'r-am HELEN EATON I2lllEl'Cll '09 'HX glorious mainlen beaming with anhurn hair" Horns 1':Ct71'lOll'llL'S Club LUCY CAGE BASSETT Entered '09 A'ln all things minnlful. nut nf ln-rself, but hearing: the hurnlens ot otlu-rs" l I,alin Clnh Philcmlatlxian P w C333 Senior Class History NE briffht Se utember morning ffour ears affo we enrolled as Freshmen D 6 fb at D. H. S. At nrst we were frightened, and scarcely knew just what to do, who to say or where to go. But as we were a very BRILLIANT bunch we soon learned, and felt our im Jortance althouffh all the others laughed h D at us and called us "little greeniesf' That year we elected Gabriel Allen. President of our class and C. li. Carter, vice-bresident. No sane-minded l person demes that our programme was exceptionally good for Freshmen, and every one began to realize that we were a class to be watched with in- terest and respect. The next year we were Sophomores. which meant that we had mastered Algebra, Scott and Denny, Ancient History, First Year Latin. Manual Train- ing, etc. Now, we to-ok up Geometry, Rhetoric and Physiography. Perhaps some of us found geometry and rhetoric difhcult. but we studied hard Q Pl and got the best that was to be had out of both. Me gave a minstrel that year, and it was splendid. Wilbur Shaw and Otis lleeman showed their wonderful ability as minstrel men. Me elected as our president Earl Cullom, who was one of the best foot ball players that ever played on high school team. flle in married now, howeverj Another wonderful thing we did was to give a picnic out at llighland Park Lake, and it was a grand success. In 1911 we were Juniors. Could it be possible that we would soon be Seu- iors. There was one thing that confronted us and seemed as impassable as thc Trinity during Flood times. The thing was 1'hysics. Me made our minds tc learn, and we did, thanks to Mr. Pantermeuhl and Mr. Kelley. There were other things such as llurke, Cicero, 111 Manual, etc., but we managed to get through in them all. VVe elected, as our president, Chiril lVatt5, who made a splendid officer, and to whom a great deal of credit is due. On the foot ball team thejuniors were Earl Cullom. Earl Grogan, George Anderson, and others with Herschel Everett as manager. Une sad event of the year was the loss of Mr. lllillington. XYe hated to have him leave us, but we were tc live through it. Our dance at the Country Club was the "swellest stunt" ever given for a Senior Class, and will long be remembered in the history of D. H S. But that was not the greatest thing we did for we won the BANNER at the track meet. At last the year of all years was at hand. XVe were Seniors. There were one hundred and sixty of us, by far the largest number that has ever been in a graduating class at dear old D. H. S. lVe began our year aright by electing Cyril Vlryche, presidentg Frank Brown, vice-presidentg Miss An- nie English, secretary, and Mary Toole, Class lleauty. The class meetings will long be remembered by all members of the class, for they were indeed full of interest and excitement, especially those held for selecting a class pin C345 and propounding theories on the honor system. lYe. now, took English Lit- erature, American History. Yirgil, "Trigg and and many other things. The lessons were sometimes long and tedious. but we managed to get them all and to pass with flying colors. XYe can never forget that no one ever won a point from Miss "Pap," that Miss de Capree was always lovely and sweet, that Mr. Kendrick made our Senior year full of many happy moments, and that Mr. Mahoney did get mad a few times. but soon got glad and was nicer than ever. Mr. .Xshburn was one of the biggest surprises of the year and those of us who sat in his assembly know First how nice he can be to Seniors. ln our class there were many pretty gi1'ls such as Mary Toole, Mare garet Robinson, Mary Reid, Rena Finklea and so many others that it will be impossible to name them all here. Of course all of us were smart, but those that shone out as extraetine were Marian Bradford, Clara Kirkland, Max Roseniield, Mildred Douglas and Lois Trice. In the athletic world Mildred Mabry, Blanche Smith, Charlie Hinckley, Peyton Shelburne and Marietta Voorhees have proven themselves worthy to be noticed. Peyton Shelburne and Marietta Voorhees won the llanner for us at the May Day Festival, something all of us were and ever will be proud of. Our play "Dido" with Maude Emily Taylor as "Dido" and Carl Calloway as "Aeneas" will be the best play ever given by Seniors, and surely worth the price of ad- mission. There are many things in our history that can not be told here, but in leaving U. ll. S. we, the Seniors of l9Jl3. wish to thank all who have helped us during our school life at D. H. S. and wish for those we leave be- hind all happiness and success. .Q-Q fs. .vp at W il! 121 xy . l F. le. .M .4 .g. 'SQ 52' 4-hid Luk C353 JUNIURS 45-1 N N W cm N JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS resident -P C6 ,Vi KNIGHT M .uuox ecretary S ,IVE Rolxllzlwsos, Ol JEROME CRUSSMAN, President Junior Class History List to the tale of the juniors Ul our deeds and exploits so exciting' llow We went thru the halls of old High School The whole school provoking' and brightening. As to our brilliance, 'tis Simply astounding That one class Could hold so many So bright as are Charles Gulielc, Lucia Reynolds Ura llishop. and, the sutfragette Ruth lleniy. ln athletics, there are none who can compare XYith Harris on gridiron and track. And xvithout our Putzie. .Xllie Mae and Agnes How the ll. ll. S. llasket-ball team would lack! XVe have far more than our share of dehaters For ,leronie Crossman has them all beat And Marion Knight can argue and argue Till the rest have to take their seats. Marjory Leaehman, Moninda lioxvles and fair Sarah Are bequeathed with a beauty so rare That the poor lesser men mortals Upon seeing can only gasp and stare. We love our studies, yes indeed And our dear teachers too For -luniors are models of propriety And never naughty things do. But yve're leaving' the realms of Junior joy And the parting is sad you see But we have the one consolation That next year Seniors ive'll be. DORQTHY SH ER I DA N C383 I 6 0' 1529 'N Vo X ,if 'I Q01 u-yt gi QA xx 95 sv av" "1 in-" I ffl B X mx NX XW N NNN NV 5 MAA nO v gtk W 'RN n IX X . ,Y ., pi,W? V ul .iw-bn lk .. qw lhgif . is? L- gg 55313233 Fat .I-Q., v. '. aw w XS . We ' gig z,,-Gu! mm L ,ar, f.- ,,..,...- ii? 'o 5253? .... sem i - S ' 7 , , Q x .XV 3 P A mf X 1 W . O 7 1 5 -1 ff C395 SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS ent Vice-Presid IH PEYTQN. 5 sa v-1 5, r. M 4-1 412 x. U 0 CD uf :z H U2 zu -. G o O u-I 1 2' 3-1 H z 1: 2 -I-I C1 ID 'U -as U B4 Q.. :Z O U! P1 Z LQ Q O D3 Q-I H M E : P-1 CD Sophomore Class History X SEl'TEKllEER. 1911, one of the most momentous events in the history of the Dallas High School occurred. 'l'his event was the entrance of the class of 1915 into the mysteries of lligh School life. During our Freshman year xve were unusually intelligent for a class hear- ing that generally considered insignilicant name and hy the end of the year we had added considerable honor to the name "Freshman," llut during our Sophomore year vve have heen equally successful. XXV: are a promising class of three hundred and thirteen members and though xve have not alvvays found "originals" in geometry and "imprcnn'ieties" in ling- lish easv tasks, we have attaelcetl them xvith much enthusiasm, vt' 'n the hat- tle and carried our prize el knowledge valiantlv onvvard. We have gained respect, love and confidence from our teachers, so diligently have we ner- formed all tasks Set by them. llnt notvvithstanding our vvorlc, we have had much pleasure socially. The annual play entitled "Smyth vs Smythef' presented by the Soinltoinores did justice and honor to the Sophomore class. arousing the vvonder of the Fresh- men. the admiration of the 'luniors and the jealonsies of the Seniors. Notwithstanding the hrilliance of our past vve have reason to expect a still more brilliant future and our name shall he xvritten as one of the great- est classes in the annals of Dallas High School ltisterv. FRANCES JOHNSON. Class lliszorian. 4411 .'-f7'-- X Ak -Q 'f -xpswaf' . - ful lljp ' A. W 1 xxx , 'E .. iff' C C u Ng IEQJ? s,- .Q S-, in Jffl xkw jf, A sw XAAA Q A X ' ' 'x X SH X cl b N .- 7 w. X f . X ---- ,,l11, A Qx - ' N X ' - X X 5 - -1, V, 1 XXX? Q 9 xii- 5 ' . 5- - 9 ' -Y S 'I' -.1 J ' M F R E l'I IT C425 FRESHMAN CLASS OFFlCERS resident Vice-P Innlmu-:'ros ENGLISH, IN ooniz, Secretary M BEN En ETTE ent esid Pr INFREY W TIN MAR Freshman ClasseHist0ry HE Freshman class kept up their standard of attendance and good work during the year, The Freshman officers are Martin lYinfrey, president: Middleton English. Vice president, and Benedette Moore, secre- tary. llve have been ably represented by the m-embers of the Students, Council, who are Alden fllellman, Earnest Hart and Arthur Everts, and the athletic committee have also done well for their class. XYe hope we have not offended the Seniors of l9l3 by our class colors being the same. The original selections were orange and black, but not being able to get one of the colors stated we had to take black and gold. The honor system was introduced and was unanimously endorsed by the Freshman class. Some excellent speeches were delivered by Mr. Herbert Fulkerson, Mr. Emerson Davis ann Mr. Alden Hillman. On the Friday before .Xpril Sth the Freshman class gave their play com- memorating the llattle of San Jacinto. We hope it pleased our fellow stu- dents. It was a success owing to the coaching of two of our lligh School teachers,-Misses Eva Green and Laura Alexander. The play was wriiter by Miss Green. The program committee was chosen by the president of the Freshman class and included Misses R. Stern and D. Snelling, Messrs. T. I. lfluckingham, L. Xash. M. XYinfrey, presidentg and Mill-er. The Freshman class has had several athletic rallies and has responded to them. At the mleet which occurred just recently the Freshmen took saveral honors. Those of our class who took them were Mr. M. English, Miss D. Snelling, Miss C. Schafer and Miss I. Stephens. The Freshmen for the meet were Miss Mary Lovell and Mr. Henry, and the Freshmen as a class wish to thank them. On April 22 the basket ball team on which there are several Freshmen' were given their sweaters by the athletic association. Miss Lovell was given one as an honor for the good work she has done for the team in the past year. i445 l f Z ,eff XXX is X -4ie:,N sw A Y - -is-eil fx K ? 51:3 in- l 4l-- jF' -i V'Nf VU' Gil!! 3: Rf ' ' X I f .i Wx X fXN , f fg Qggiaf , Y x XA If LYS? X - Q 2 1, 1- A A -ig E ,Lf 3:1 , X I I EQ- I j 1 1, ,iffy -gw1:,, f5 E h U ff ?f'42'1,1fA--,521 5 N 'Q f ' -if " 5 A- Q , jf f ,I A, ff fix .X "! 1 ' .:' X - ' MV S X C, if S Y Q5 ' xx lfzszfigiifgf- ,. ii . X x X X I 1 K Z RQQEQQ? g .E if , 7' ,-h. ' N ' E ' X X X gi s- E g I E , F. " 'f'iig-Q Q 5 " is q - - A, 1: A ' . A-- T23 4 QL X -9 1 41-'! ' ' ' S f rm V 7 Y .. A , P, 5,11w.,- e. 151 W ... J1+ - lWL 1453 D , X. A L ax Y! fag A .mf ,, Q Wx Qi, K 'R Q-:W ,4' ,f.1Q K im SOCIETY ETA PI Eta Pi OR the P1121 l'i this has been a most sueeessful year. The girls have clone good work and feel that they have profited by it. The sturly of the short story which was eontiuuecl from last year has been very interesting. Indeed. it furnishes us variety from our regular school work. The pledges have all been faithful, obeying with markefl loyalty the eoninianfls of their heartless masters. The initiatious also have affowlecl 11: many enjoyable :1fte1'uoo11s, each being elosecl by a "lJUl11It6!1llS S11I'C21Cl.n The 11IClIIlJC1"S of the Club wish to express their sincere gratitunle to Bliss l311l'lIZI.III for her thouglitful Zlllfl lcincl eritieism and C1IC4Jl11'ElQC1IIC11l.i Members Il12R'1'RL'1D1C AIJRISSUN, '15 FANNIE NICY liIS'l'lfNAl.XClI- ICR, '15 MARION ITXZCZ, '15 NIILIDREII RUSSICR, '15 MARY REID. '13 FIUIQF Rlflll '16 MURINDA IHJXYIJCS, '14 1CLIZ.X131iTII IIVIHIJY. '14 FRANCES IIURIQN, '15 IIELICN CARNICS. '14 LIDA LEE e.x1114:RoN, '16 H s 1 1 - NWI, CHAPMAN ,16 11111115 s'r1c1'111cNs, '14 GRAC12 11E1x'1'11151:111c:1:, '16 Rlflllf ffffELAfR1l- ,'15 NANCY LEE FINLY, '15 1lI,.X L. ILRNER, 1-1 MARY GIIWWS ,ls nxicv XYl'IIT.XIi1iR, '14 czrueii czimzoxs, '16 911'-1,11-lv11f!"3U1-,VA V i RERNICE IHGUON. '14 14,1.1L.x1.1-..11 w 191.1412 14 C471 SOCIETY FORENSIC l E on . ' K- , eppyp ..gj..g , Forensic y ' ,, , f Lite1'2l1'Y 1 , ,i..li.- - Society NDER the leadership of our most worthy critic, Bliss Rowe, Forensic has just completed the best year in its history. lt is but just that we should here voice our appreciation of the one who for three years has at all times been our untiring, always helpful, leader and adviser. It is to her then that we attribute much of our unparalleled success of the past year, al- though every member has stood at all times for the cause of Forensic. During the past year our society has held several open meetings, all of which were successful. XYe have little space at this time and must turn to our public debates. which are of more consequence. On January 21 our representatives, XY. N. Coe and I. L. Gruber, met the representatives of the Greenville High School Debating Club in Greenville in a very interesting and spirited debate on "Capital Punishment." Although Mr. Gruber made the speech of the evening and our team were the masters of the occasion, we lost on a very minor point brought up in the last refuta- tion of the opposition. One month later Mr. XYilliam lXleCraw and Mr. Jerome Crossman, representing Forensic, debated the question of "Municipal Ownership of Public Utilitiesl' with Phi Kappa Society. lllr. Charles Guilick and Mr. las. XYinn, the representatives of Phi Kappa, were defeated and Forensic took the championship of our school. NVe are sorry to lose two of our highly esteemed members-Mr. Herbert Fulkerson and Mr. XYil1iam lXfcCraw-by their graduation. Mr. Fulkerson has always been a good faithful member and much to be depended on. Mr. McCraw has been on our debating team. By his untiring effort and extra- ordinary ability he has held every position of honor in the power of our society and filled each position with credit to himself and to his society. Al- though we are to lose two of our most able members, we already have those C493 D. H. S. CONGRESS in our ranks who will take their places. Thus we are already prepared for a greater Forensic next year. Members ISADORE CRUISER, '14, I'residcnt JOIIN S. LOOSIIS, '15, Treasurer JOHN S. CAVE, '15, Vice President TVN. MCCRAXY, '13, Sergeant-at-Arms VV. F. GILLESPIE, '14, Secretary HAROLD HALL, '15, Reporter ALIIERI' ANDREVYS, 114 EARL I:,xrEM1xN, 115 ALIIEN IIELLIIAN, '16 IIILLS c.xI1ERoN, '14 GRI1frI'r1IS CARNES, '15 w. N. CAVE, JR., '14 JERoI1E R. cRoSsI1.1xN, GEO. P. CULLUII, '15 RVSSELL ERIE, '16 I1YRoN EVERTS, I5 EARL EDMUNDSON, '15 MISS EDNA RONYE, Critic LOIIIJLE EX LINE. '16 H ERIIERT FU LKERSON, LEE FLLKERSON, '15 TOM GIYENS, '15 cLIr'roN GRICE, '15 NHIIANIEL Lxcits, '15 TIIEormoRE JoNEs, '14 GEO. KNIGHT, '16 HARVEY LAMBERT, '15 REEVES LANE, '15 MCIIENRY TEMMON, '15 FRED MALLINSON, '15 '13 DICK MARTIN, '15 GEO. MORRIS, '14 LEXYIS PEYTON, '15 CLAIRE REED, '16 GILBERT ROBERTSON, '15 ORAM ROBINSON. '16 JAMES SPELLINIAN, '16 MAX SPANGLER, '14 JOE VVILKES, '16 XVATT VVINN, '14 D. H. S. Congress HE Dallas High School Congress in its two years of existence has made wonderful progress. Some of the best speakers in High School are tlIe result of careful training 1I1'CO11g1'CSS, under the watchful critic, Rush M. Caldwell. Twice Congress has been represented in the state debating team and once in the state declamation contest. Twice she has been represented in the Phi Kappa oratorical contest. Congress arranged for two public debates this year, one with Terrill School of Dallas, and the other with Forensic Society. The Terrill debate was called off owing to a disagreement oyer the selection of judges, the Forensic debate will come off May 23rd. Congress regrets to lose many of its senior Inembers this year, but will start again next year with renewed determination to win honors, which spirit has predominated throughout her existence. Senators IYAI. VVELLS, ICEITII, Pres., N. Y. IIOBIICR GRIZZLE. Treasurer, Ill. DICK DIXON, Vice-Pres., Texas. JACK ATKINSON. Sergfeant-at-Arms, Idaho. LEON THURKIOND, Secretary, N. Dak. GVYON COLIJING, Reporter, AA'Z1SlI. FRED ANDERSON, Cal. JUIIN ELLIS, Pa. LYNDON AICCINTCHEIJN, Ala EARL IIOALS, Ariz, ALIIENN CARY. Colo. AIATTIIIQIY SMITH, Ohio. JACK BRADFORD, Ry, XYALLACE GREEN. Iowa MARVIN S'l'EI.L12R. Mich. IIERRERT BROXYN. Kan. IIENRY JACORY, Ark. XYILLIAAI SIRXNN. R. I FRANK IIROVVN. Olila. RAYKIOND JONES, N. AIARTIN XYINFREY, La. IRL IZROXVN, Ind. PAIJL LACY. S. If. FRED IYIIITE, Nell. IIENRY CATTO, Vvyo. IZRFCIC AICIIONALII, 110. CYRIL XYYCIIIC. N. E. IIREIV 12I.LE'I"1', Ore. XYILLIANI AIUURE, Ala. THOMAS STICPHIENS, Fla. JAAIES CIIEEK, Vtali. KIBIIILE PUPHAAI, Ga. CURN1fI.IL'S ILYCUNNER, N. CARL CLARK. Nev. MAX ROSENFIELD, Maine. IHXXYRENCIC lS.XSSICTT, Mont. XYILLIAM CLARK, Ya. EIXIERSON DAVIS, XY. Ya. HORACE SCOTT, Tenn. CIRARD SMITH, Mass. C511 ROI! ERT K1cCURl7, 11 d. VERY RARE, Ng? ,..- Alpha Kappa 1112 terin 11112-13 has indeed seen Z1 wonderful progress in the ,'X1pha Kappa Club. The e1ub has not on1y leurned to work and produce good papers, but has been ez1refu1 to keep "Jack" from being a du11 boy. 1.iterz1ry progress has not interferred with a 1ittle 5oeia1 1i1e and the reputation of the Alpha Kappa! who have proved that it is possible to have "work and play" in a high school e1ub has been nrinly established in Dallas l1igh Sehoo1. Although the e1ub is beginning to mourn the departure of many oi its Senior members, sti11 it wi11. as usual. continue its upward course. lt is need1ess to say more of the .Xlpha Kappa gir1s. Look and judge for yourself. Members MARY PIERCE. '13. President CAROLINE DAVIS. '11, Treasurer KIARIURY 1,lQ,XCHN1.XN, '14, Vice President OLIVE RI11!ICR'l'Sl'1N. '14, Sergezuit-nt-.Xrms Rl.Y'l'l'l UUAZ, '14, Secretary ALICE l1.X11lll'f 'l'01YNSl':NlJ, '13, Reporter M4XRC1'IiR1'l'IC DALE, '14 .fXl,1NFQ QX1.'xXXYliI.L. '13 .XGNES DURAN, '14 X1,XR'1'11.X RUl1lfR'1'Sl'lN. 114 1i.X'l'11l,lflfX 1lflR.XN, 11-1 N1.XL'ID1C lfK11LY '1'.XYLOR, '13 ANNIE lfXG1.lSl1, '13 Kl,XRY 'l'flO1.l'1:. '13 EYICLYX FINTY, '15 NANCY IHILLIC llARNEb. '14 ICRIX HVRIPIIRIPIS. '13 NIAIRIQL UNIHIQIUYUUIJ, '14 ' RUBY KXICUT, '14 LVCY 1Yll.XR'l'UN, '14 L51 ,Qs 4 A7 UB TCL AR we Art Club IIE fARlf CIJQII has been uwwking steadny aH year and has aeunn- pbshed rnuch ni ns chosen Hne of wink. 'There have been kodaknig trips to the various parks: interesting talks on famous paintings and artists: indbidualxynrk. and severalfeasts. IAS a yvhCJe.the past year has been a niost successful One aiul every nienlber has enjoyed the pleasant feHcnyship anclinterestnig yvork of die elnlr Members IIANNAH PRESTON, Presifient INICZ KIAGEE, Treawnin I MARY REID, Vice President RL"l'II H ENRY, St-eieii x I MISS NIARIEARICT CVLIZERSUN, Critic IHJNNAIZELLIC AARUN ALICE ALDRIDGIQ LENA BALICSTICRI GIZNIQYIICYIC IQANNELL LUCILIC IEECIIICNIIACII IJURHTIIY CIIANIJLICR YLOISE COKIPICRE Ii A'I' I I ICRIN If FASTM A N ELIZA ll li'l'II I I AR RI IQTT RUTH IIICNRY SUI! XYFIYI1 IIIGGINS DORIS GHODMAN NENA CREICNLIZA HELEN IRISII MICLRA JONES KIISS RANUI'Slf NIQLLI I2 KI RIQGARIJ JI-,NNIE I,rxnLi2Y IN EZ MAGICIC MAVID McI.AL'GlII.IN c11,,xDYS xlt-QL',x'r'1'1QR5 AIFELIQ PETICRS HANNAII l'RES'l'UN MARY REID I.I'CIA REYNULDS CATHERINE SCIIAFER IiA'I'IlERINFf 'I'lIHMI'SU WII.3lUTH THURNIIILL LURENA WILSUN FRANCIQS XYURRILI. N - Concilium Purpureum Latin Club Ofiicers FIRST TERM. LAST TERLI First Consul-fAIISS ICSTIIICR XYICl3S'l'ljR. First CuusuIfNIISS GRACE XYAI,Ix x Second Cm1SuIffyNIISS RUSA SI,lfARB1.'XN. lnfl Crmsul-YRIISS NYII.LlFf IZIQII I Tlx SC1'i1vi01'fBIlSS LICDA CARAYIIJC. Sc1'iptox'fINIISS LIILIY CAGE IIASSI ll Quucsturf MISS GRACE 'WAI,IiICR, Quzxc!-ztorfIXIISS lII,AIIYS LACY ilu ne I'1':l61o1'flIISS IXIILIIRIQIJ lIUI'GI.,AS. MISS AIILIJRIQIJ IJUVCI .Xewlilcf-MISS NAOIXII AYIIITE. I'1'ncI01'ffNIISS I.I'fI7A CARAYILIC Aulilc--MISS ISAIIEI. PUAYIVQLI Members IIASSIC'I"l', I,I'CY CAGE GEIZIIART, AIYR'lII.lQ IERACKICN, NANCY BRADFORD, RIARIAN IIRAZZIQLI., IRENE CARVVILE, LICDA ClUlFOR'l', GEORGIA CARSNVIQLL, DORIS DAVIS, MAYBE DANIELS, ICLSIE DOVGLAS, AI ILDRICD EGKIER, LOUISE EVANS, AIARGARIZT C575 IIAXYKS, FANNIE IIAYICS, NIARGARFIT LACY, G LAD YS RlIl,I.ER. AIAYBIIC PERRY. NYILLIE I1 I'ONYIfI.L. ISAIBEL. SPICARXIAX. ROSA XYALKICR, GRACE XYIQ RST If R, IQSTII ER XYIIITIC, NAUNII Fw ' REPORTERS' SOCIETY RICHARD AIIERNATHY TIYIELMA KEITIILEX The Reporters The Reporters Club of the Dallas High School, a society little more than a year old, is one of the hardest working organizations in the school. It has a membership of about forty-tive boys and girls. The club is especially proud of its girls, refined and intelligent ladies with the right kind of spirit and of high principles. As to the work the club has done. it may be said that this shows up in the imlprovement in spirit, character and mind of the members rather than in any ostentatious display of attainments. The Reporters are, one and all, doing their level best. They may not all believe alike, but they are a unit in believing in each other and helping each other and giving everybody a square deal. Their motto is, 'iHonor firstg then honors." Members AYALLACE ARCHIBALD, Treasurer ,I. T. HUCKINCI-IAM, Librarian JULIEN ELFENIZEIN, Editor EVA GREN, Critic SCIIAYARTZ. President CHARLES ERNEST HART, Yiee President CHESTER MAY THEYENET, Assistant Secretary VYI NN, Secretary DOROTHY ALEXANDER XYALLACE ARCIIIRALD ELIZA BALL MAIJELIEN IIEDLOXY LULCILE RROXYN J, T, IZUCKINGHAM NELL CAPERS EUGENE IJAYENPORT HENRY DICKEN IULIEN ELFFNIIEIN J. F. GILES OSIIER GULDSAIITII XYILL GOLDEN TERRY GILL MARY LOUISE IIARRELL ERNEST HART PAUL NASELUFF ANNAIZEL HENRY JAMES HILL RODNEY IIHRNER IUANITA KUHNELL CLARENCE LACY GLADYS LACY LUCILE MARTIN CHARLES MCCOMIIS I.EI.A MQMURRAY SAM AICAIIjIi.R,AAY DARRELL METCALF MINNIE LOUISE MURRI13 ISAIEEL NICIIULS URBAN NIIZLO XYILLY BEL PERRY RANKIN YERGIL EYANGELINE ROREX CHARLES SCIIXYARTZ DOROTHY SNELLING THOMAS SPENCER MAY THEYENET MORA TURNER RUSSELL XYALLACE CHESTR XYINN LELIA LACY C595 SCIENCE CLUB secretary: Snyder KlcCutclieon, treasnrerg .lohn Booth, sergeant at arms: Mr. Science Club T XYAS not until the Zlst of November of this term that the D. ll. S. Science Club called its iirgt meeting. XYith this was an invitation to all the Juniors and Seniors interested in science to join. A fairly good enthusiasm for scientiiic research was shown by the attendance at that meeting. The club, with Mr. Kelly as critic, continued the line of work set forth by the organ- izersg that is, the study of the most important current topics of the scientific world. The club as it now stands is doinff nicely and has the followino' officers: 'Cs 1 b Lawrence Goodale, president: Harry Taylor, vice-president: Charlie llmckley. Kelly, critic. MR. KELLY, Critic LAXYRENCE IEASSIQTT JOHN BOOTH ASHVRY AJRUXYN FRANK IIROXYN PRESTON BRYAN OTIS HICEMAN CARL CLARK VVILLIAM CLARK CHARLES CASTLE LAXYRENCE GOO I DAL If EARL CRWCAN Members IZARNARIH HENIJRICKS CHARLIE IHNKLICY HENRY KNIGHT HORACE LOYIQ LYNINJN McCl'TCll ENN PliYTt iN SHELIITQRNE THOMAS STEVENS MARYIN STETLER HARRY 'l AYLOR CLTNT XYATTS CARLTON XYICLLS 1611 B CLU ONOMICS EC HOME KATIE RVSSELL, '15 GRACE RURICRTSUN, '16 Home Economics Club JN FEBRUARY 19, 1913, about thirty girls met with Mrs. Rogers to organize the Home Economics Club with Mr. Coville as critic. The purpose of the club is twofo1d: practical and socia1: practical in the sense that the girls miay become better acquainted with the scope of the subject of home economics and the artic1es relating to that subject in the current periodicals, socia1 in the sense that the girls in the various divisions and classes of the manual each other and with arts department may come in more direct contact with the teachers of the department. Refreshments are served once each month, carrying out in color scheme and designs used the idea of the anniversary nearest that date. This year the anniversaries observed were St. Yalentines Day, XYashington's Ilirthday, "Natiora1 AYeek," St. Patricks Day, San Jacinto Day and "Confederate XYeek." On alternate dates programs were rendered. Notwithstanding the fact that the club was organized late in the year and after many of the pupils in the manual arts department were identified with other clubs, we feel gratified with the progress made and hope to ac- complish much during the coming year. The membership has increased to fifty-four. Members MARIE AIAKLIQY, '13, 'I'rcasurer RENA FINIQLIQA, Sergeant-at-Arms AIARY TOULE, '13, Scrgeantsal-Arnis LEIDA CARXYILIZ, '13. President ROSA SPEAAIAN, '13, Yice President MARY SELF, '15, Secretary .IUSEP1-IINE IIENRY, '15, Reporter LILLIAN MILLER, '13 GLADYS XYILKS, '15 EIDITII BRIGGS, '16 CLADYS ROGERS, '15 MARY ARNOLD, '16 FRIEIJA 1!AL'ER, '13 MARGARET CLARK, '15 YLOISE COBIPERE. '15 EIJNA E-ASTERLINC, '15 HELEN EATON, '13 EL1ZA13E'1'H ICDXYARDS, '15 EI.lZA111i'I'11 IIARRITT, '1-1 FRANCIS KLIN12, '14 SAIJIIQ IIELI. LAKE, '15 NELLIE MAE LIGI-1'1'IfOU'l', '16 DORA LINDSAY, '15 LULISE LINDSAY, '15 MARY STONEIIAM, '16 ALLENIQ TIIOMAS, '15 YIDA AYEIZIIER, '1-1 LYNETTE IZOYIJ, '15 RIIICA IKLRGESS, '16 GRl"1'A MOORE, '16 4631 BIARGARET N11'RP11Y, '16 CATIIERINE LINCENFELIJER, '15 IOSEPIIINE A1I'I"l'EN'I'11AL, '15 R1"l'II JABIESUN, '15 CLYDE MITCIIELL, '15 FANNIE TOIZIAS, '15 IHULLY 12. CHIZIZ, '14 MARY 1'lAN1EI.S, '16 R1'T1I SAIITII, '16 IIELEN LEXYIN, '16 AL'I3YN II1'N'1', '15 ELLIS SASSE, '15 CARLINIC IEYANS, '15 ,IANIC Mi-GVIR12, '14 A1YR'1'l.E 1l1iNN1f'1"1', '16 1IICNRI1i'l"1'A NlcALIS'I'12R, '14 MILIPRI5 IIORTON, '15 CORA SLE C'U1,1-1, '13 'FHERESA CUSS, '15 TENEYIRE IIANNELL, '15 LENA SIIERRILL, '15 AIR. C4J1,'I1.LlZ, Crit-it. LITERARY LEAGUE Literary League N NOYEMIIER, l9l2, a 1n11nber of pupils met in Miss Clark's room and organized a literary society for the purpose of securing to its members opportunities of practice in English expression and extemporaneous speak- ing. Miss Clark assisted them in organizing and became their iirst critic. In April, 1913, the league regretted to give up the good services of Miss Clark, who voluntarily resigned: but they at once unanimously elected L. German, a teacher of history, as their counselor. The club has since revised their constitution, adopting a motto and in- creasing their membership. This society is different from others in that its membership is composed of both young men and young ladies, by which ar- rangement many advantages obtain, chief among which is that a varient program can be arranged, thereby removing the monotony of programs ren- dered by boys only or girls only. The work has been in debate, current events, story telling, essays, orations, etc. The league gave an open pro- gram Christmas. They went on a picnic trip to XYhite Rock on another occasion. M'ith our star-like flower, the daisy, to remind us of the beauties of heaven, with a banner of riches and purity, with a motto to inspire us to "speak excellently," with a society to arouseiour loyalty and to cheer us, with a competent and experienced counselor in Mr. German to advise ns, with a membership of ready and true workers to advance our interests, the Literary League will surely soon be recognized as among the first of the clubs of the High School: Members NYALTER IEVHRER MARSHALL HARNETT XVILLIE IIANSON STACIE SMITH ARTIILR VENER IOIIN XY. IZCSIZY S. J, HAY, JR. COLEMAN MOSS HENRY SIIIELS TED STOPPLE CLARENCE REYNOLDS GEORGE I.'NI'JERXI'OOD XVI LLA R D NORTH ACRELIVS SCOTT SCOTTIIS MCCUAILYS LELAND O'RICIIIE GEORGE TIIOMAS JCLIAN TIIOMAS CECIL ZE'l'IIREAL'S NVILSON CONDICT LEROY COCHRAN LEON LEVI LESLIE GROVES C655 CLARENCE MAAS ETHEL STEEGER RUTH IIARCRAVE RESSIE NEYYLAND THERESA COSS KITTIE BRANIIENIZER KATHARINE BROVYN IONE CAMPBELL ANNIE DAY EDITH DREIV EDNA ECKENFELS PALLINE ELSIEY XYILLIE FRENCII LYDIA YOYNGIILOOD KATIIARINE GARRITY MARY TAYLOR LULA MAY RAY FRANCES M. LEDDY EDITH DIEHM Honorary. MISS CLARK MR. GERMAN Shu GLEE CLUB Glee Club The Glee Club closed this term with a very successful year. The Annual Concert was the most successful concert ever given. Every year has brought on more Success and every year more songs have been learned. The following is the program for the Annual Concert: HD. H. S. Glee Club" and Alumni Club. assisted by Mr. I. VVesley Hubbell, Bari- tone: Mrs. Chas. Cecil Latimer, Readerg Mrs. Harry C, Ard, Directorg Miss Lucile Cloud. Accompanist. 1- Daybreak .......................... ...... E aton Faning Glee Club and Alumni Club. 2. Cal In the Harbor ....................... from "Martha" Chl Join in Pleasure ............ -- ..... from "Ei-mine" Glee Club. 3. The Two Grenadiers .................. ---R, Schumann Mr. E. NY. Daniel, Ir. 4. Miller's AYooing .......................... Eaton Faning Glee Club and Alumni Club. 5. Kal The Sweet Little Girl and the Quaint Squeegee .......................... H. H, Warner Misses Ilellman. Davis, Newland. Evans, Lake, Sherill, Bradford. Cobb, Evans. 6. Lovely Flowers, VVill Ye CFaustl ---- ---Gounod Mrs. Harry C. Ard. 7. Old Folks at Home .....................,...,.... Foster Hass solo, trio and chorus, Messrs. Roberts, Crecelius, Ard and Chorus. 8. Reading ...................... .............. S elected Mrs. Chas. Cecil Latimer. 9. Cal La Paloma ..................... ---Gradier tbl Old Madrid .................... ............ T lrotier Alumni Club. 10. Ilridal Chorus ................. from "The Rose Maiden" Glee Club and Alumni Club. ll. Solo ...............,............................ Selected Mr. J. AVesley Hubbell. 12. The Storm Fiend--. ......,................ ---Roeckel Glee Club and Alumni Club. 13. tal Vikings .......... , .......................... Faninq tbl In the Time of Roses .................... Reinhardt Glee Club and Alumni Club. Members C. R. Carter ..... ..-.- ---President Carl Clark -----.----- . ---Treasurer Esther Corenbleth -- ---Secretary Thos. B. Kendrick ----. ---Manager LUIS MORRISON GERTRUDE IIARRIS IIAZEL YATES LENA SI-IERILL FRANCES RELLMAN MARGARET KESSLER IDOROTIIY EVANS KATE SCIIOOFIELD RVTH IIOAZ RUTH CASEY MAITJE DAVIS IIAZEL LAKE NELLIA KIRKGARD ANNA VYCUNNEL NELLIE MAE SINEX KAT H ERI N E TH UMPSO N ESTHER CORENIELETII LEONA MQCONNELL ANNIE SLATER KATHERINE LAUFLIN HAZEL HIEATT AGNES IIROVVN RI'TH MEI-EY IRESSIE NEVVLANIJ IIAZEI. POVVERS IIELEN XVELFARE LENNA GARNER IIENRIETTA SCIIVLTZE ESTIIER CURENIRLETII HOLLY CONT! LOIS TRICE MARIETTA VOORIIEES SARAH KENNEDY KATIIERINE EVANS I'AL'LINE AICCITRKLE KATE CVLLOM KATHERINE TERRELL MILIJRED IZEDLOAV MAGGIE XYIIITE OPAL XVALLACE MARIAN BRADFORD LORENE FLETCHER ETHEL LARGE IIENRIETTA SCHI'LTZE ELIZAIKETII CRAFTS ALICE ABERNATIIY RUTH HENRY KATIE MAE JACK ROSIA Il,-XTO FRANCIS KIRKPATRICK C67l PERSIS JONES Lots m'rcHELL oRI-ENN WYNN LENA n.xLiS'rERr ELSIE 'roxGt'E Lt'L,x LVTHER 'rnERES.x Goss EIADYS RODGERS RFTII EVANS CARI, CLARK EARL t:RoG.xN HERnER'r Ft'LrqERsoN BVRT Ricrrxieosox 1s.xnoRE GRI'llI'IR CYRIL WYCHE ERNEST REEVES .xLIZiEEN HELLM-xx r:1w.xN SE.-XY JoE XVIIITE LENnoN Mt-cL"rc11 EON ROBERT Mccokn ROY txmuxi wxrn wixx C. B. c.sxR'rER Avm, CLARK. TERTULIA Tertulia T THE request of some of the students on December 5. 1912. Miss Nielson organized Tertulia for the purpose of helpful instruction in studying and speaking the Spanish language. Many interesting programs have been rendered, from which the members received much pleasure and benefit. AYe have also enjoyed several feasts. The club wishes to extend its heartiest gratitude to its beloved critic, Miss Nielson. for her thoughtful suggestions and criticisms throughout the clubs brief existence. Members VIRGINIA NICCLENITON LEONA Mt-CONNELI, RUBY PENN DOROTHY ALEXANDER LELIA MAE ISLACRLTM LYNETTE BOYD KATIE BRADFORD VIRGINIA BRISTOL NIAYBELLE HROXYN IEESSIE COl1lI HOLLY E. COBIE RCTH COIZIZ YIYIAN CURTIS IIELEN EATON FAYE EVANS FRANCES FINNIE GERTRUIJE HARRIS FERN IIILL FOREST HOLLAND ERIN l'IL'BII'IIREY NEYELL JEFFERSON XYENIILA IOIINSON ERIN ,IONSES FRANCES KLINE LORAINE LASTER C695 LA RENA PORTER VALLIE RANKIN LUCIA REYNOLDS RUIIY RHODES LORAINE ROSEIN CLARA SAAL KATHLEEN YARGA TOM CIVENS CIIESTER IIALE NATIIANIEL IIALE XVILLIAM VV. KEITH ROBERT MQCORD REITIBEN MILLER GEORGE PURL HURT RICHARDSON GILBERT P. ROBERTSON MYERON ROIEINOXYITZ TOM STEPHENS FRANK TIIOLL PHILOMATHIANS Philomathian XDER the leaclership of Bliss Rowe the Pliilmnatltiarts have spent a busy. delightful year. The first part of the schuul term was spent in studying the play "Ci'arift'u'cl," which was later presented in the High Sehotul Auditorium un the night of March 7. The appreciation uf the large audi- enee and the financial returns were alike must gratifying tt: the club mem- bers. The latter part of the year has been Spent in the sturly uf current events in literature. music, art ancl science. Many interesting papers on this va- riety of subjects have been reacl, which have prnvecl interesting anal in- structive to every girl in the club. The new members have enterecl into the work uf the club with a will. ancl have helpecl to make this year One of the n tif the club. Members MISS FIIDXA RUXYIQ, Critic IfR.XNflfS IUIIXSON LVCY Cjlllf ll.XSSIC'l"l' I,liII..X .IUHXSUN FRIIQIXX ILXVIQR If.XTIlf PEARL IUNICS KIILIJRICD llEDI,lJXY IQATIIIQRINIC EASTNIXX GLADYS IfURGO'I'SHX lCl.IZ.XI!lC'l'Il GEORHIQ t2I,,-XDYS GILI,liSPIE l'1S'I'lCI.Ll7f GOLIJSNIITII NLXRTII .X L EX GRIGS IZY RTT I-I l I ICN RY t7ll I.tbL'ISIC Nll'NZliSl-IEIBIER Xl.XtEI7.XI.IfNlf LURCH Rl"l'I-I S,XXIJlfRSUN Rl"l'H STEIX VIRGINIA Llil-Q SXYINIIITI. NIQLLIIC TIIURNIIILI. .XLICIC XYEIIUXNIJ GLAIHYS XYILIQIES rust successful in the history PHI KAPPA Phi Kappa Program of Fourth Annual Contest for the Phi Kappa Medal for Oratory, the gift of Mr. Victor H. Hexter ---- Friday evening, May 9th, 1913 Jules Hexter, 15 .......................,...,,.,...,,..,...,,,,,,,,,,,,, SCl1QOl spmt The Phi Kappa Literary Society. Julien Elfellbcin, '15 --- ................,........,.........,.. The Problem Of Bread The Reporter's Club E111C1'SO11 DaViS, '16 -- .................................... The Brotherhood of A1311 Dallas High School Congress YYilliam MCCraw, '13 --- ............................... .... D reams and Dre uners The Forensic Vocal Solo -..... ........................ ...... - - -Miss Ruth Boaz 14 Hugh Grady, '13 --- ..................................... ........... r X1'116YlC1I'll51T1 The Phi Kappa Literary Society. Emil Corenhleth, '15 ......................................... Compulsory Eclucrtion The Phi Kappa Literary Society. Jerome Crossmau, '14 ........................................ Ideals of the Republic The Forensic Charles Schwartz, '15 .... ............................. - ..... T he Class Struggle The Reporter's Club Duet ............ ......... N athan Fechcnhach, '15: Sam Fecheuhath 16 Award of Medals ............ ................................. ll Ir. Victor H Hcxter Presiding Officer: DR. NVILLIAM M. ANDERSON JUDGES DR. R. S. HYER DR. RUSH JONES REV. GEORGE Glljlfll i MR. ROBERT 13, ALLEN MR, GEORGE CLIFTON EDVVARDS Members HENRY KNIGHT, '13. President GLENN All17ING'l'ON, '14, Treasurer CARLTON XYELLS, 'l3. Vice-Presitlent EARL GRUGAY, '13, Sergeant-at-Arms JAMES AYYNN, '15, Secretary GLENN AUIJINCTON, '14 NURXYOOD REACH, '15 OTIS REEAIAN, '13 PUXYELL IRREC, '14 FELIX BRYAN, '14 XX'A1.15O R1'RNE'I"1'. '15 CARL CALLOXVAY, '13 CHARLES CATTO, '14 EMIL CORENIILETII, '15 RICHARD C!lI'CI1ANOl'R, XYARREN SALE, '14 NATHAN FE'1'L'HEN1!ACR. KENNETH FUREE, '14 HVGH GRAIJY, '13 EARL GRUGAN, '13 - CIIARLES GYLIC, '14 ROGER G1"1'11R1E, '14 ALLEN IIARGRAVE, '15 COLEMAN IIASIE, '15 JYLES HEXTER, '15 CLIN '15 '16 1,731 'I' XYA'I"l'S, '13, Critic LUIIIS 1-IEXTER. '16 CHARLES IIINCKLEY, '13 JAMES IIALOXYAY. '15 HENRY CORE RNIGIIT, ' MARIAN KNIGIIT, '14 RICHARD KNIGHT. '15 FRANK LACY, '15 HORACE LOVE. '15 S'1'A1"1fORIJ LOVE. '14 H1'l11I A1eI,A1'RIN, '1-1 GRANYILLE MOORE. '14 THUAIAS NASII. '16 MOTIIAM PRESTON, '14 XYALTER REID, '15 HENRY RUIIEN, '14 TIIOAIAS SCVRRY, '15 CLINT XYA'1"l'S, '13 CARLETUN XYELLS, '13 JAMES XYYNN, '15 13 I . 'N J' 2 v -152 3 x Shaw Cv.. Q . ff W, W 's , 3 fx : 3,1 M. i il f JK 'K is K ? 8 it r 81 X 251 Qggvs K Q X Gamma Lambda 1112 semi-nnwntlily meetings of tlie Cantina Lamlafla have been deux tc to tlie study of tlie principal cities ul the world. The attendanet ras been goofl and the prugraius interesting and well rendered. Miss Flaunixcu has been nur eritie. The first social event of tlie year was the annual New Year German xxlutn was as usual greatly enjoyed. Kliss Durntliy Logan entertained us deligi fully at lier lunne witli a Yalentiue party and in lllareli we entertainu our friends at a spread in the luncli rrmni. Members E'1'l112L ROGERS, '14, President. I1 IQLFQN P1Q.XCHL'1C, '13, Yiee President. .XLLEEN SMITH, '15. Secretary. 411XN '1-1 DORO'1'11Y L 2. 1i.X'1'E CL'L1,UM, '1-1 MARIE KING. '14 GlfNl7lYII'fY12 l.lNS NELLIIC MAE S1 N IQY ICY VIRGINIA XY1Ll.5. '16 SAD1 IC SCOY1C1,I,, l!lfSS1E NYlflI1lICR. ' YARINA 1J'11.XR.X, ' MARLXN Bl.XC,Xl'l.. 121255115 Kl,XR'l'1 N, 16 1-1 14 XY 13 4753 li.X'l'111Cli1NlC S1'1,.XXX'N, '13 1.l'CY SL'U'l"ll, '15 Bl1Ll1Rl-Ill Cl1.XND1.12R, '13 llHR.X CANIJLER, '1-1 1l.X1'lJ B11'NlJ1iN. '15 l'R,X 1115111112 '14 DHRUTIIY C11.-XNIJLICR, '15 31,X1Ul.XR1i'1' RHIRINSUB, '13 1fR,XNL'1CS 1!1Cl.1,B1,XN ,XNN1FQU'CUNN1iLl,. '15 1i.X'1'l11.1'flfN IQXYINC, '15 CURINNIC R1'1'Cll11f, '15 NI.X1'l3 KIel.1X1'G11 LIN, '14 , "L9Essor" 1112 nieinhers 111 1..1iSS1rI' have he011 sttirlyingrj ii1vl1C Se111z1i11c ft 1,llI'1S.u 11 very interesting 211111 1l1S1I'11C'E1X'C 1JlPl11i t1CSL'1'11J1I1g the pz1h1ic 1JL111111l1g'S, 1302111111111 parks z1n11 XYE11C1'XYZ1f'S 111 1'z1ris. "1,a K1ll1'SC111E11S6,H the 11i1t11111211 hymn 111 F1'z111ce. is heing 1e:1r110c1 1111112 111111 1110 011111 111011113013 h11pc 111 he 111110 to sing The joyuhle it like natives when they reach 1jZ11'1S. social si11e 111 the club has 11111 hcen 11Cg'1CC1C11, 1111w0ver. A 11111st en- feast 211111 a 1c1'111z111i11g' picnic party have 111111011 much pleasure to the 11rc1i11a1'y 1D1'UgI'21l11S. gX1111011g11 this C11l1J was 11rgz111ize11 this year, it has 11121110 much lJ1'4JQ"l'C5S. Manx' of its inemhcrs are Seniors 111111 115111 I1 it he in 13. 11. S. next year, therefore their IJZlI'f11lQ" 11'1mr11s are "May the g1'11111 11111-k continue." Members 31155 L11'1,1fi1U1', Critic NIIXNIIQ 1,1111 1'i1Q.XXK1,1N. IIS. Yiic 1'1'csi11:IlI MARY RU1iF:R'l4SllX, '13, 1'1'esi11et1l 1,11,1,1.XN X111,1.1fR. '13, Scrret:11'5'f1'1'1-11-21'ei' 1,1'C11,E 11RUf11':1UJ. '13 K1.X1'111f K1L'N1J1':N, '15 1i.X'l'1IL1iI2X RRYXN. '1-1 X1YR'1'1,1f N11fRR1L1,, '1-1 XYXXUAX C.XST1.17:. '14 1X111,1iJR1f1T BIXUKY. '13 Rl'Tl1 ICYENLXN, '15 KZIWXIDYS NASH, '15 1i.X'1'111fR1N1'A 1i.XS'1'NI.XX. 414 1X.X R1D1.1iY, '15 RVIBY FR.XX1il,1N. '13 Y1Y1.XN R1vNN1':1Q, '13 CliYS'l'.XI, 1111111.X1i11. '13 XLXRY S1f1,1:. '15 XY1L1,1.XN1 K1f1'141"1. JR.. 11.1 1..X1'R.X 1,.XY1.1f,1iZ, '13 S.XR.X1l 1iIfNX1f1JY, '15 ISITSS XY1':11111':R. .1-1 17.XXX11f NlfY liIS'1'ICXB1.Xt'11- X'11T.X 1Y1'11211lfR. '14 IQR. 715 cff, JOURNAL-A NNUAL STAFF Journal-Annual Staii OTIS 1'!IQEA1:XN, '13 Ediwl' in Chicf THOS, P. ST1iT'11ENS. JR.. '13 lliusiucs Manager NYM. M, ROB1NSON,jR., '13 CATHERINE SPLAXYN. '13 BRUCE Ah-IJON.-XLD. '13 Assistants JAMES CIIEEK, '13 Stuff Artist HERBERT E. FULIQERSON, '13 ORLENA XY1NN.'13 EAIMETT THURMON A1h1etics 31E'I1101'I1I1t,1Z1 Alumnorum XYILIEER SHAXY. '13 MARY GIRBONS, '13 AGNES DORAN. '14 HURT RICHARDSON. '14 RUTH SCOLLARD, '15 RICH.-XRD KNIGHT. '15 RUTH STERN. '16 . MIDDLETON ENGLISH, '16 152111215 STELLA CASPARY RALP1 1 DAN! ELS Oak C1111 A C791 .ASSOC12ltCS bsucintcs TH M Xxxx ' X 1, , W ,,, .X- IX 'Q 3- ' .-. x 5 N xx ,ik ' ' I 4 'QNX' - 24' lflkivf '- X P , X X X 5? mix 595 19' s X x 'N f s X x Q N .Lx AX f' i fy XE ' . H V. A - X Q . .h N xx . , . W ,Z s y ELQ ' K . ' 7... X Z' ANY. K nw, N Nm ij 5 1 S Mu, , ii-gl Y Y 5 xx XX x -- 1 . xx -szgx 'ELS -ati? - 'E ' X 'Xu-. - Q C307 D, H. S. FOOTBALL TEAM Football The Season's Record D. H. S. vs. Sherman H. S., 42-19. D. H. S. vs. A. C. I.. 30-20. D. H. S. vs. Decatur H. S.. 42-12. D. H. S. vs. Sherman H. S., 34-25. D. H. S. vs. Sherman Y. M. C. A., 33-26. D. H. S. vs. Decatur H. S., 27-35. D. H. S. vs. Fort Worth H. S., 7-17. D. H. S. vs. S. XV, Medical, 10-4. D. H. S. vs. Baylor Medical, 5-4. D. H. S. vs. C. M. A., 4-5. D. H. S. vs. McKinney H.'S., 21-6. D. H. S. VS. S. W. Medical, 5-5. D. H. S. vs. Fort XVorth H. S., 2-1. D. H. S. vs. Terrell, 4-13. D. H. S. vs. Baylor. 6-6. D. H. S. vs. Terrell, 5-4. S D. H. . vs. Dcnison,2-2. XYhen Coach Tapp called football practice last fall only four old men were back. Five more were expected, but they either went off to school or went to work. The old men who were back were Captain Thomas at quar- ter, Grogan and Stanbery on tackles and Loomis at guard. Ilefore the sea- son had got well under way Coach Tapp had the fastest, most aggressive and cleanest school football team in North Texas, and they well earned the names given them-Bull Dogs. From present indications there will be about seven old men back next year. If the student body will work just about one half as hard as Coach Tapp and the players will Work, Dallas lligh School will have a team any schoo' might well be proud to have represent them. C821 D. H. S. GIRLS' BASKET BALL TEAM Girls' Basket Ball HE end of this school term closes one of the most successful seasons of girls' basket bali in the history of the high school. The season started with only two old players from D. H. S. 1912 team. Miss Lovell. as coach, trained a large number of girls from all classes, finally composing D. H. S. 1913 team of the best players. Owing to ill-health Miss Lovell was forced to give up her work. Her place was taken by Miss Kanouse who has certainly worked faithfully with the team. No other teachers would have spent their time, energy and influence as these teachers have done. On trips out of town, due to these teachers as coach and chaperons, the team has gained for itself an A1 name. Both Miss Lovell and Miss Kanouse have endeared themselves in the heart of each girl on the team. 1Vhatever honor and glory we have won we owe a greater part to our faithful coaches. D. H. S. girls played eight games, winning all. By defeating Sherman we won North Texas championship. Bonham High School, who held the championship, was defeated by Sherman, who in turn was twice defeated by D. H. S. Both games with Sherman were hard fought. D. H. S. winning the first by 3 and the last by 1 point. NYith most of the girls back next year D. li. S. is sure of championship team for 1914. Two players graduate this year, Mildred Mabry, forward. and Blanche Smith, guard. It might be added that both these girls have won a place on D. H. S. team from their freshmen to senior year. They have cer- tainly earned their HD" sweaters. Laura Putz, Agnes Doran and Allie Mae VX'hitteny, '14, who have so bravely upheld "maroon and whitei' this year, expect to be back next year to once more defend D. H. S. Also Birdie Daughartry, '15, and Katherine Schafer, '16, who have both done excellent work, will without doubt be stars on next year's team. The association awarded the following team "D" sweaters! Mildred Mabrey, forward: Laura Butz, forward, Katherine Schafer, center, Agnes Doran, center, Birdie Daughtartry, center, Allie Mae XYhitting, guard: Blanche Smith, guard fmanagerlg Miss Lovall and Miss Kanouse, coaches. It might here be said that the association was able to award these sweat- ers only by the aid of the D. H. S. minstrel. To the association and minstrel boys each recipient of the "DH wishes to express her thanks and apprecia- tion for the Slvemfs' BLANCHE SMITH, Manager- '13. C845 2 '-ff FII E-4 A A 41 EQ D. H. S. BOYS' BASKET H H Boys' Basket Ball K1eCk-Right guard. SHe1burne -Center. HArgreave-Rigllt forward. Ed Mundson-Left guard. TaPp-Coach. Nlckles -Manager. TaylOr-Left guard. StaNbery -Right guard. NYeIlS-Left forward. The Season's Record . S. Vs. Fort Wbrth H. S.-43-14. . S. YS. Sherman H. S.-42-19. . S. vs. A. C. I.-30-20. . S. vs. Decatur H. S.-42-12. . S. vs. Sherman H. S.-34-25. . S. vs. Sherman Y. M. C. A.-33 . S. vs. Decatur H. S.-27-35. C365 -26 Track HE track season this year was far the most spirited and the best one Dallas High School has had for years. XYhen track season opened only two of last year's team showed up for practice and with these two men as the nucleus she carried a green team into the meet with the Y. M. C. A. and was beaten, 55 to 28. After that nneet Robert Chatham was elected captain and Dud Everett, an old High School track man and A. ik M. College star hurd- ler, was secured as coach. YVithin one month from the Y. M. C. A. meet Coach Everett had rounded his bunch of greenhorns into such condition that they beat Fort XVorth High School on their own grounds. Fort VVorth High School won the A. K M. College interstate interscholastic meet last year and also beat us in our annual meet with them, and had done so for the past four years. But beating Fort XVorth, the State champions, did not assure our ulti- mate success in the variety interstate interscholastic meet that was held at Ausin. Coach Everett and his squad worked hard and faithfully towards that end and entered his boys in the Austin meet, although Harris was the only one to score. The rest made records far better than they had ever made before. Eulkerson, in the distance run, is the only man that the team will lose this year. XYith Everett as coach, Harris, Chatham, Byron and Har- grave and the new men that will come in, Dallas High School should have an excellent team to send to Austin next year. The results of the varsity interscholastic: The High School Meet Fifty yard dash: Betts, Marlin, first: McCarter, Temple, second, Epper- son, Cameron, third. Time-5 3-5 seconds. One hundred twenty yard hurdles: Sens, Cameron, first, Stevens, Co- manche, second, Harrell, Brownwood, third. Time-16 1-5 seconds. One hundred yard dash: Betts, 'Marlin, First, Quinn. Houston, second, McCarter, Temple, third. Time-ll seconds. One mile run: Prentice, Brownwood, First, Carr, Marlin, second, Fields, Spur, third. Tinie-5 minutes 4-5 seconds. Broad jump! Parker Roby, first, Harris, Dallas, second, Robertson, Marlin, third. Distance, 2 feet, 8 inches. High jump: Simmons, Houston, first, Cottle, Orange, second, Howard, Rowscoe, XYatson, Orange and Robertson, Marlin, tied for third place. Height, 5 feet 4 1-2 inches. Two hundred twenty yard dash: Stevens, Comanche, first, Lee, Spur, second, Quinn, Houston, third. Time-24 4-5 seconds. C373 Hammer throw: Green, San Antonio, first, Dittmar, Houston, second, Hudson, Comanche, third. Distance, 127 feet. Pole vault: Niday, Houston, Hrst: Houck, Houston, second: Wlilliams, Texarkana, third. Heighth, 10 feet 4 inches. Four hundred forty yard dash: Epperson, Cameron, tirstg Stevens, Co- manche, second, Cunningham, Comanche, third. Time-55 4-5 seconds. Shot put: Harris, Dallas. first: Settegast, Houston, second: Odell, Brownwood, third. Distance, 41 feet 4 inches. Eight hundred eighty yard run: Prentice, Rrownwood, hrstg Harris, Roby, second: Davis, Xacogdoches, third. Time-2 minutes 18 2-5 seconds. Discus throw: Kelso San Antonio Hrst' Scttefrast Houston second' 9 2 1 5 , 7 9 Giles, Temple, third. Distance, 94 feet. Relay race: Marlin first, Brownwood second and Nacogdoches third. The points in the relay were 10, 6 and 2. The Marlin team was composed of Curry, Betts, Carr and Robertson. Final scores: Houston, 265 Marlin, 4 1-3. Comanche was the runner up with thirteen points. C939 Baseball The Season's Record up to May 7, 14713: Q A v '1 f- f- H. 5.-1'm't XX crrfll N. 5.-X-lf H. S.-Hcliillucy H. S.-Zlffm. H. S.-S. XY, Kleclicul-10--L H. S.-Terrell-5-4. 1 H. S.-Uzxylor Medical-5-4. H. S.-C. KI. A.-I-5. H. S.-S. XY. Medical-5-5. H. S,-Fort XXYOIJEH H. S.-24. H. S.-'fe1'1'e11--4-13. H. S.-Uz1ylf+1'-6-6. H. S.-Denison-2-2. CS93 V 4 Athletic Directory Athletic Association HUGH GRADY, '13 President CHARLIE HINCKLEY, '13 Vice-President ORLENA XVYNN, '13 Secretary MISS MARY JOHNSON Treasurer PROF. MORGAN, Faculty Representative Football R. C. TAPP Coach HERSCHELL EVERETT, '13 Manager JOE THOMAS, '15 Captain Boys' Basket Ball R. C. TAPP Coach CARL NlCKLES, '13 Manager EARL GROGAN. '13 Captain Girls, Basket Ball MISS KANOUSE, Coach BLANCHE SMITH, '13 Manager Track Team G. D. EVERETT Cof A. Sz M. CJ Coach HURHERT FULKERSON, '13 Manager ROBT. CHJXTMAN, '15 Captain Base Ball R. C. T,-XPP Coach GEO. ANDERSON, '13 Manager VIRGIL HUGHES, '15 Captain C905 TAPP. Cuach THUMAS M. HARRIS IIVGUES STAXIZYRY LEXVIS .XTXVELL VPEHAXV RETTLP1 XICKICLS KIRK MEAN NYE LLS KLICCK SHI'fLllL'RNIi 'l'.X YLHR STA N ll U RY Il.XRGR.XYli .XXIJICRS1 IN, IIUGII ES l7PSH.XXY PICIQLES LOXYRY CII.X'1'II.X51 HARRIS Wearers of the Football EVERFITT. BYRON N. HARRIS IIIXCKLEY RICEYIZS IJ IOMIS CIIATH .XM .XXDERSI JN G ROQLXN Basket Ball SMITH HARRY SIIAFER PVTZ XYIIITXFIY DURAN 66 99 ll zumgur ILXYGII ERY Base Ball Nlanagc I Track C91v W YC H IC HARRISON Rc JDICN .XNDIUCWS CU, RAIZ Fl'I.lilCRSlJ N, Klanu II .XRGRAY li sf alfa X sy 'Q - s ,tx .9 i 1 Z! Xl, f 'Mx ' Xq gg Zigi! 'K fix qt Efaffffffw M g 1' ' ' Q sew 39663 V-L W . .Q o -f 1.- QggVlVa!!E H . 'f5y"E' 4 1 . I 9' 11111 .Ll Uffff AIX 7 4 J' n'p"1'i,f, fr 3, , ff' wifes? Q 4. 4, 1,3145 Q V, ....w.. ,,.-M s Wu- - D 9 : , ' 'Bug f :gr 57 I' ' 35 W f wysg f- 3- - -, . w.XXT-EQXg5XX,- ,L :XA X E- 0 , k x ,Y X 3.LVvv x Y KY K -C X W C923 inns a jllllan Ep Margaret 'ilangfnrh 66 ll, hm, hm!" yawned Gertrude, HI wish there was something to do!" losephinef' exclaimed Xassie, suddenly sitting up in the hammock, "if I were you l'd slap her jaws for her. The idea of it! XYishing before her hostess' face that there was something to do. Young lady, you ought to feel highly complimented that you are sitting near me." "I hardly blame her, Xassief' answered Josephine, miserably, "I didn't know when I asked you girls out here that the boys were going to leave. I believe Carl did it. Girls, you don't know what a hateful cousin I've got. I believe-No, I know that he purposely took all the boys out on this camp- ing trip when he found out I was going to have a house partyf, "The nasty thing!" said Gertrude, wrinkling up her nose, "and to think I was crazy about him when I first met him." "Uh, john!" exclaimed Frances. in mock wonder, as she nudged Joseph- ine. "Uh, Eliza!" returned Io. A silence fell upon the group. Suddenly Dorothy sank, "Frankie and Johnny were sweethearts, they had a qua--" "Oh, shut up, Dorothy," snapped Gertrude, "that jars on my feelings." "NYell. I do wish you'd get in a better humor, Gertrude," and Dorothy subsided. . "lf this is any good news-if began jo. "Finest," chorused her audience. "There's somebody else coming." "NYho? Who? XYho?" "Is it a boy?" asked Gertrude and Stella. eagerly. 'tNo. I'm sorry. but-" her voice was drowned among the groans. "Oh, be quiet," snapped Frances. "But what. Jo ?" "It's only a girl. Stella," she pleaded. "I'm as sorry as you that itis not a boy, but as it isn't, can't you be satisfied with Gertrude P" "Gertrude?" gasped Edna, 'be satisfied with Gertrude in that humor?" "Oh, the new girl's name is Gertrude, too," exclaimed Josephine. "l'd never thought of that: how will we keen them separated?'l "Call this one 'Trudyf " suggested Frances. " 'Trudv!' Fine. Frances." then taking one of Gertrudeis curls, Dorothy danced round and round her, singing, "Trudy Curly, Trudy Curly, Tru-!" "You nasty thing!" Gertrude jerked her head away and rising, walked to the house. "The darling is peevedf' explained her tormentor. Josephine opened her watch. "Gertrude is due in half an hour," she an- nounced. "Shall we go to meet her?" "By all means, No!" mumbled Edna from the depths of her cushions. 1935 "Emphatically noll' said Vllassie, lazily, from her hammock. Frances leaned over toward Dorothy. 'lLet's turn her out, kidf' "I've got you, come on.'l Noiselessly they rose and advanced upon her. "Scene H.-On the groundlv yelled Frances." VVassie picked herself up. "Run, John!" warned Dorothy, "I see danger in her eyesf, "Coming, Elizafl answered Frances, right on Dorothy's heels. t'Help me, Stella, you and Ednaf' begged W'assie. "All rightf, answered Stella. "Pull me up, Ed." As Edna went toward Stella, Io put out her foot. Although Jo's foot was not very big, it was enough to trip up a tall girl and that tall girl fell. "Jo," said Ed, reproachfully, as she went down. However, in the meantime, Stella had gone to aid Vtlassie. There they went chasing two culprits who dashed in and out among the great trees on Josephine's big lawn. Frances and Dorothy were pretty nearly done up, but still they ran, knowing full well what awaited them if they were caught. Wassie and Stella were hot on their heels, grimly determined on victory. "Uh, run Dot," screamed Jo, "she'll catch you." Once Frances dashed across ahead of Dorothy. "Oh, John!" she gasped. "Oh, Eliza ll' They couldn't go further. Barely being able to drag themselves to the pillows, they threw themselves upon them. Jo raised her handkerchief. "They surrenderf, she said, as the pursuers came up, Ubut wait until they are restedf' "Not" began the victors, but just then somebody came across the lawn in a pretty white linen dress, white shoes and big panama. f'Oh, it's Gertrude!" exclaimed Josephine, and ran to meet her. "Oh, girls, we're so dusty," said XYassie, sorrowfully. "And so hot," gasped Frances. "And so perspiry," panted Dorothy. "You all run to the house before she comes over here," suggested Edna, congratulating herself that she had not joined in the chase. 'Come on over and meet the girls' said Jo, as she pulled Gertrude over toward the hammock, but the girls had disappeared. Edna was introduced and then explained the disappearance. Gertrude turned from the piano. "You sure have got that raggy motion," Gertrude, Hcomplimented Stella. She, with the others, had re-appeared, considerably refreshed, and the new- ness of the new guest had worn off. ,"YX'ouldn't it be glorious if we could go on a hay-ride tonight." asked "Trudv Curley." "YX'e could if there were any boys in town." The little line of worry again settled on her fair young brow. "'Twould be ve'y stenaciousf' assented Stella. " 'If there were any boys in townf " repeated Gertrude in surprise. 4943 "Yes," burst out Edna, 'fthere's not a single boy in town. VVe have been out in Dad's auto every day trying to catch sight of one. I never saw such a scarcity in all my life." "Boys! Boys!" mused Gertrude, "little things-fmighty, mighty little things to cause so much discontent." The others stared in open-mouthed wonder. f'You idon't m!ean'to say you've been here all afternoon and haven't no- ticed that there were no boys here ?', asked Trudy incredulously. "Unbelievable!" exclaimed Stella. "Astonishing!" supplemented Edna. "Do you really wish there was a boy here ?" asked Gtrtrude, a twinkle in her eye. "Yes," nodded Trudy. "XVell,', began Gertrude, the smile growing in her eyes, but she herself remained perfectly serious, "I have a brother at homefy "Oh l" "Goody!" "XYill he come out here ?" "He's a perfect dear. You'll all go wild over him,', Gertrude described her brother to the enraptured girls. "Of course he'll come, he'll be delighted, because he loves to be made a lot over and that's what he'll get here." "Oh, it's too good to be true!', "Isn't it glorious?" confided Dorothy to Stella. "XYe'll have to put in the paper that Trudy Curly's temper was saved by Gertrnde's illustrious brother," teased Edna. "lYell, I'll go put in my call for him now,' said Gererude rising, "and if he starts this afternoon he'll get here tonightf' "Oh, ump te tu1n ump te tum!" sang Trudy, dancing a jig in the middle of the floor. Gertrude's smile had spread now from her eyes until it entirely covered her face: it couldn't exactly be called a happy smile. Instead, it had some- thing mysterious about it. She left the room to phone her "illustrious" brother. If the girls had seen her, just outside the door, enjoying herself at their expense, what would they have thought? The girls were arranging themselves in graceful postures about the room. Stella, singing little tra-las, ran her fingers lightly over the piano keys. "Oh, Trudy," she begged, "stay away from the window. Ile and Gertrude may be coming now and might see you. XYhy didn't you go to the station with Gertrude if you were so crazy to see him?" "For the simple reason that I wanted to have my patent leather pumps on when he first saw me and I couldn't wear them to the station. You are not at all anxious to see him, are you? I notice you appear extremely agitated." "I wonder what his name is?" said Stella, adroitly turning the subject of C955 Conversation from herself 'I e . ' hope it's gEdward.' " "l think tXYhitney' is a pretty name," said Frances. "Or Ralph," said Xllassie. "Or Gordon," put in Dorothy. lrudy. l wonder whv 'llrudx l' "Ur Carl," added M if lkes the name 'Carl'?" ask-ed lfdna, innocently "But listen here, folks. l wonder who he'll like best. lt he likes to dance he'll like Franeesg if he likes folks who sing, he'll like Stella: if he likes-- oh. there's nothing about me that he'll like," she added miserably. "Your automtobile, my dear," reminded XVassie. just then some one came upon the porch. Mutfled exelamations were heard as the girls rushed to their prearranged positions and tried to appear at their ease. t'Uh, jo!" whispered ltassie, tragically, "is the powder on straight?" The front door opened and then two figures appeared at the parlor door. "lYhere is he?" "Didnt he eome?' "VX'hat,s th e matter?" For there stood Gertrude. holding by the hand haired. tive-year-old hov! a little blue-eyed, curly- ! 'mt tr ' ' i""'f ' C309 ill -uh' f K ,HL N--1nj , i' XX sw C963 Ulbe master 33? Eorntbp Sijzriban G the man behind her, it seemed she was working like lightning in long beautiful clear outlined strokes, brushed here and there in shadowy shapes and masses. At first he could make out little of the lines, they were ah so dark hitint,thhL and thiged with a soft phun color. liut graduahy the curves appeared, long delicate outlines, casting definite shadows. Only then the man recognized the human head bathed in an iris tinted light growing lovely under his gaze. All this he watched intently and wonderingly, 'til the girl, with an impatient toss of head, turned and consulted him with a keen impersonal gaze from her clear grey eyes. A deep Hush spread over the man's browned face. "I say, Miss Grey," he stammered, quickly, 'ibut you can paint!" f'Paint!" she laughed, incisively, stretching out her long slender arms. "XYhy a blank canvas sets me mad! Before I touch it I have covered it with more intricacies of color than I could paint if I had twenty arms. Ever stroke seems to have been planned ages ago. My brushes fairly Hy over the canvas saying exultantly as they go "I told you so.'l She stopped short, selected a more fiat and slender brush then resumed setting tiny iiecks of color on the white expanse. The strong yet slender figure of the Master passed on but there was a smile on his clean cut lips. XYell that he should smile for Allyana Grey had at last spoken to him. Not only that but had, in some mysterious way, con- fided to him of that too powerfully perfect, too omniscent power of hers. That power which all Paris has found in Allyana Grey's paintings and having found not only discussed but criticised. Yet who was there who could criti- cise that, wherein there was such facility, such cool self-confidence and wherein their every sense of beauty, color, form were satisfied by her ex- quisue oceans oflinipnllight? lI'as hzreahy possdne for her to paint pain, misery and hunger that she had never known as if it were her daily diet? "Yet," the Master deliberated as he passed between the rows of students. HlIdiy should she ever knowfthe pain ofxvork?N There was a suppressed murmur among the students as the Master ap- proached. Great blue eyes and deep brown ones were lifted in silent adora- tion to that indifferent species who trod carelessly on all their hearts alike. But there was no answering smile from the Master as he, heedless and pre- occupied, pointed out their defects and praised their good points. Some weeks later, the studio blazed with light and music from the Sun- day night jolliiication floated up to where the Master stood aloof. But he knew that down there, when the smoke was thick, glasses clinked and the girls made merry, he would never find Allyana Grey. She never came to these gatherings and he thought how her eyes, grey and clean and tender as thy were, would blaze at a scene like this. And this thought was not without C973 a certain subtle effect upon the Master for, under many protestations, he closed the doors early and stood gazing long and silently at Allyana's latest picture. The very light of her eyes seemed to shine thru her work and the Master knew that this light, striking his soul for the first time, had come home. They were ever so good friends now, the Master and Allyana, and he was helping her clear away the remains of their feast. They were sitting to- gether on the floor before the fire when, very seriously, he told her that he had a great deal to say to her. "So the time has come to'talk"-she started Hippantly, but the light in his deep brown eyes stopped her and she swiftly adjusted herself to his mood. "Itls the same old story, dearf' he began in a different tone, Hand what can you say to me Pl' Her face hardened ever so slightly and she leaned forward, strained and intense. g 'fListen to me and understand if you can. I want to paint, how much you will never know. Success means life to me and this tiny bit of fame has stirred in me a desire to develope, to the utmost, my power. To work out my life problem by myself, to try my plan of living! I must do it-no I canft give it up even for youll! "But,,' he insisted, "what of love? Is there no room for love in your career gn "Love,y' she laughed sarcastically, "you mean man! That is your idea of love." He cringed slightly wondering how Allyana could harbor such ideas, such ambitions. '4My work is all sufficientfl she cried, proudly, "there is no need of manf' They were silent for several seconds and, when he could no longer bear it, he sprang to his feet. Leaning over her he told her, coldly and harshly, that such women as she, who made themselves fairly vital to man then of- fered cold friendship, were too cruel. That they fairly ensnared a man with their charms, then- ' She shrank back stunned under the brutalness of his voice. He was silent a moment then his self-control returned and he said, gently, "Forgive me, comrade. I am going away so I can promise that this will never happen again. My one wish is that you may have all you desire-but his voice broke and he hurried out into the hall. She stood, silent and trembling, until his footsteps died away. Allyana had been working ceaselessly and untiring on her "Masterpiece" as she called it. Night and day she toiled yet she seemed to work less rapidly, with less descision perhaps. The calm and cool self-confidence, the careless certainty, all were scarcely perceptible. How often she would stop, wonder- ing at those moments of grave perplexity and mental uncertainty which came to her so often now and fearing her lack of, authority over her brushes. She tried to analyze herself but found a total stranger. Everything about this ' C985 new person was unknown and she had thoroughly decided that she did not like this dual personality. She seldom saw the Master now so absorbed was she in her work yet, when she did, he met her with a light comrade air which, woman-like, she resented, thinking of his vows, the sincerity of which she now doubted. At last it was done, her picture, and she called it "The Bride." She had put in it all her immature idea of the love she had never understood and she sent it out to the world, wondering how it would receive her painting. She was seated on the rug before the Ere when the papers were brought to her and quickly she searched the columns for a notice. There it was! And her soft coloring receeded. leaving her face, blanched and strained. Slowly and determined she read every word, biting and sarcastic as they were. A cut shook her body and she starred at the fire-her dulled brain failing to comprehend. But slowly the bitter truth struck her full force and a dull, small voice seemed to fairly shout "Failure lu Suddenly a repulsion of all ,her work came over her and she threw herself on the rug, as a blending rush of tears came as a relief. It was some days later when the Master came and he found her before the fire gazing at the licking red names. This was the girl he loved and it hurt him to see her so pained and broken hearted because of those ambitions which she could not obtain. Her head was bowed and he laid his hand on the soft hair, saying, "Dear one, I have come." She raised her tear-stained grey eyes and saw the Master. There was something so infinitely tender in his eyes that she wondered didn't she really love him after all. Then the long-walled-up tears surged forward, unbidden, and she sobbed out her tale of despair. 'fAnd is there really no room for love?" he asked softly when the last tear has been wiped away. Shyly she raised her luminous eyes to his and whispered softly, "Love. nothing else, my Masterfy Then the thwarted ambition faded away into the grey mists. -JKT ' " ' Q 'Ive , QV xfizfm . - o J-1 e, .Jw-kv, ' Q X , ,W :.1':x.:g4g 6 jiri-Qi ' T ..1w--s- -n'- fo-s sr C995 Orchestra HE Dallas High School Orchestra was organized in 1910 and since that time it has never failed to assist in every Freshman, Sophomore, Junior and Senior class entertainement and has taken part in all social ac- tivities at both Oak Cliff and Dallas High Schools. The orchestra gave its third annual recital on Friday evening April 25, and scored another brilliant success. Officers are elected for one school term and the following are the present officers: President, Julien Elfenbeeng vice president, Nathan Fechenbackg secretary-treasurer, Emil Corenblethg librarian, Louise Andersong director, Miss Birdie Alexander. Program: Part I.-March King Cotton fSousaJg Cad "Constancy," duet for cornet and trombone Cbj Flower Song, Yiolets fLaurendeouQg Sizilietta CF. v. lilonjg selections from Bohemian Girl flialfelg Pickaninnies' Patrol fLaurendeauj. Part H,-Overture, from Dawn to Twilight CBennettDg in- termezzo, La Rose Climil Ascherk harp solo fSelectedD, Mrs. L. L. Jcsterg march, Signal Corps tEarl McCovJ3 Caj America, Cb? Star-Spangled Ban- ner. Assisting artists. Mrs. L. L. Jester. Members FIRST VIOLINS LOVIS ANDERSON RUTH STUART LOUISE FEICKERT .TULIEN ELFENBEIN LOUIS HEXTER 'CELLO NATHAN FECHENTLXCK CORNET VIRGIN RANKIN NVALLACE GREEN SECOND VIOLINS LEONA McCONNELL RUBY SCIIESSLER LATINA SMITH EREL JONES EMIL CORENRLETH SAM FECIIENBACK TROMBONE XYILLIAM BRIGGS PIANO MISS XYILLIAMS C1009 Vacation School HE iirst summer session of the Dallas public schouls will begin Klon- clay, june l6th, at the lfligh School building and continue ten weeks. The daily session will begin at S mfclock ancl cwntinue till l. All High School ' ' 'K ' U" X ' "ll l ffereclh and grade subjects tor which there ls a sufficient demand ui me o , and the same credits can he uhtainecl as if taken in the regular school ses- siun. The work will be given hy niemhers of our present sclitwl faculty. This session offers a splendid opportunity for irregular pupils as well as for those desiring' to obtain advance ereclits. XYatch for future announcements. P N w tion If N Vat 1335 Mr. Usry-"On what grounds did the U. S. claim part of Brazil?" Dillie Tinchpoo-1'Coffee grounds." Peyton-"Mr. Kelly there must be some mistake in my grade, I don't think I deserve absolute zerofv Mi. K,-"I know it Peyton but that's the lowest I can give." Pls Ik is Miss Lovell-K'Gene, what became of the city of Tyre?" Gene Mc. Cdreamily thinking ofthe au- to ride the night beforej-"Tire, tire, oh? it got puncturedf' if 24 if Teacher-'gVVho was the First man?" Pupil-1'George XYashington, he was first in peace. first in war, lirst ." Teacher-"No Adam was the hrst 77 y man. Pupil-::I didn't know you meant for- eignersfl if if "Pat, do you understand French?" Yes, if I spoke in Irish." Sf 254 2? George Purl-"I sure have a smart dogg he traced me hve miles one day." Hob Mc.-'AlVhy didn't you take a bath and fool him?" Mr. Kelly-f'Tom when atoms com- bine what do they form?" Tom S.-"A.tomizers." Hr. Kelly-HlYe'll excuse you from the room, Tom." "How may a foreigner become a citi- zen ot the U. S." Freshie-"He must take an educational test betore he can become a natural born citizen." 41025 Our high school is a ffreat human fac- h 6 tory." "Yes, they've canned Bill Robinson three times." sg: "NVhat is the difference between grand- ma and her grandchild." 'tDon't know, what?" '1One is careless and happy, and the other is hairless and cappyf' bk Max R. fto fruit vendorl-'How do you sell oranges by the box?" Vender Ceagerlyl-"Five dollars a box, sirfl Max-"Give me hve cents worth ol' bananas please." Curious Senior-f'How can the Sophs keep their little caps on their heads?" junior-Vacuum pressure. Miss De Capree-XVhy did Milton write Comus? Vern G.-To make some money? X if hNancy," said the teacher, 'tgive 1ne the detinition of word 'gurgeu and make a sentence using the word." Nancy li.-"Urge means to press. The man urged his trousers." bk Pk if Miss Nielson Cin Spanishj-"XVhat is gender of leads?" Mildred C.-'tFeminine." Miss N.-"NYl1y?" Mildred-"l3ecause masculine is never leader." X I V XYill B,-"XVill you love me until the bank breaks." Ag. D.-"No, but I'll love you until your account breaks." Girls Cin Cheniistryl-f'Oh Mr. Kelly we are simply freezing to death." Mr. Kelly-"XN'here do you go next period?" Girls-"VVe go to Sr. English." Mr. Kelly tconsolinglyl-"Oh that's all rightg you'll get warmed up down there." Teacher-f'NVho was Joan of Arc?" Small pupil-"Noah's wife." is ff ff Anna B.-fIf I should attempt to kiss you. would you call for help? I Geo. XV.--Yes, if I thought you needed it. :xxx VVilliam K.-I want to propose to you. Marian IXI.-Oh? VVilliam! this is so sudden. Williani fcontinuingj-that we go to a picture show. Marian-Oh! Delighted. XVilliam Ccontinuing5-Sometime next winter. if we :K A certain young miss named Cora Allowed a young man to court her. The fellow, you understand, VVas named George Anderson, Whose marriage will take place soon, als Pls Dk Frank S.-"Skinny,y' what state is Rhode Island in? ' Otis B.-I suppose a cramped state, Judging from its size. as Dk wk Some Senior boys once in clrass To give the Senior girls a dance. The boys are kind, we girls declare! To spend money and their care. George. our man with manners bold Has picked Cora. the tale I've told. XVillia1n Keith, who argues not brief, Picks a maiden who silent will keep. So, as a victim went Margaret R. XVho feels her task a burning fire. Now Richard with 'his' smiling face, Says, Bessie, I choose your dreamy grace. And Bid says Bill won't you come be my Grace And dance wtih me in perfect lace. Bid says, yes dear. how will we race In an automobile or a nice foot race. Ye Gods! Ye Gods! says Rose jannes I will huddle in a dark corner. For Louise is so big, I feel like a piggie To say waltz again with me biggie. 0033 First Girl-XYhy has Margaret K. look- ed so happy for last few weeks? Second Girl-Don't you know? XlVell you'll be that way too, when the right one comes along. ff wk wk Virginia R. foverheard in.drawing- roomj-"VYhy are you wetting your sheet so much?" Rachel A.-f'XVhy, you have to keep it wet until it gets dry." as :lc :ic Mr. Usry-"VVhen does a concern. or hrm liquidate itself.' E. F.--'WVhen it turns to waterfl J. NV.-"Something spurs me on to tell you that I love you." .Kath. Spllawn-"May be you are sit- ting on a pin." if Y :sf Miss Pap.-"Can you tell me why the sun rises in the east?'l Lab. Ex.-f'Yes mam, east makes ev- erything rise." Pk is ik Miss Mosby fto Freshmanl--"Percival what is made from elephants" tusks?" P. D.-f'XVell-piano keys and Ivory Soap." :xc PK :sf Mr. Charlton giving a lecture about the rhinocerous, found the class very in- attentive. 'fXow pupils., said he Hif you want to realize the truly hideous nature of this beast keep your eyes fixed on me." sf if PK Mr. Pantermuhl-"Kathleen, if' I turn to the east and look at the rising sun what is behind mefl "Kack" D.-"Your shadow." Powell B.-"I haven't paid a cent for repairs since I have had 1ny car." T. J.-"Yes, that's what the man that did the repairing told me." Pls if all Peyton S. Cin shoe storel-"I'd like to see a pair of shoes that would tit me." Clerk tlooking at P's feetj-"Yes, so would I." Frank Stanbery-f'Can I get into the baseball field? Gatekeeper--"I horses just went think so a team of through." Bid-l'XVhy is a goat?" Bill-A'Ah, quit your kidding." Miss Lovell-"Fred, spell mountain- eersf' Fred H.-"I didn't know mountains had ears." if zo: Question-Could snoring be called sheet music? Sk Ik Y Mr. Heath-A'Can you name the larg- est diamond known?" R. P.-"You bet, the ace." lk bk Dk Mr. Charlton-For what is Austin noted. Maggie NV.-For its dam site. George P.-'llliss De Capree was Vir- gil a man or a woman?" Miss De Capree-'AVirgil was a poet." sf He sf Miss Rowe-"Dorothy, give a subject for debate." D. S.-"Resolved, that a rooster cannot wear socks." Miss Johnson Cin IO Latinl-Natalie. what happened to Orgetorix? Natalie K.-He suicided himself. To Mr. Mahoney-"Pa, what did pre- historic inonsters look like?" Mr. M.-"T don't remember Pat, ask your mania. ' 4' ff? Q owqR,v-P4441 :"m Ang? bw Y Q. xl ov 5 vxyo ltsz,-i f fgffifirll KNA9' .. - WN I D N H043 POST N0 8 if-' N u-I PARKERS PILLS Fan PALE vtovua X GIQUPE K1 , in frames uoaensom ., LL 3 1LLL ff 9 . W5 -Yi! uh 4 r H -f I a Q x X 1 1 0 I ' F nf I F 1 ur v My X ' x 'fm S 79 slfxvxbcfnn L - , V -'WHL xv.: k I- l 'L A3 Q mm WMM--...,.. Wlkffm.-fff1Q H4fnLlKW Llfgl.fmmJ'l- 11055 i A---ss pl X QLAS A U5Hl3llES1Sp 1ExAs QQLLEG "The School Dallas People Endorse and Patronizeu A strictly High-Grade, Meritorious Home lnstitution ESTABLISHED IN I887: A Qgarter of a Century Ago Absolutely Thorough 6000 uccessful tudents Financial Responsibility S200,000 l. The BIETROPOLITAX employs Eight Expert Teachers, each a Specialist in his line. 2. The METRUPOLTTAN owns and occupies the hnest exclusive Business Col- lege liuilding in the United States. 3. The MlfTRUllOLlT4XX has the most completely equipped departments oi IZOOKKEEIJING, l3.'XNKlNG, PENNANSlllP, S T E N O G R A I' HY SHORTHAND and TYPEXYRlTlXG in the South. 4. The Ml2TROl'Ol,lTi-XN gives the most thorough and practical courses of study. and has more calls for its graduates than it can fill. a. The METRUPOLTTAN enrolls more students from its home city, and places more students into positions than any other business college in Texas. A most cordial invitation is extended the High School Students to visit our up to date institution at the corner of Commerce and St. Paul Streets. PHONE MAIN 4569 FOR CATALOGUE Something New in Dallas This cut represents the exact loca- tion of the new Prescription Pharmacy IN DALLAS This little store is the Multum in Parvo, attractive and very unique, and is called the 4 story drug store. Teachers, pupils, and their friends will find this store to be an ideal place to trade besides a saving of about 25 per cent. lVlcParlands Prescription Pharmacy l602 Ma S Opposite Praeton n Bldg DELIVER any where Both Phones sale A at NEXT FALL -lv TI-IEI TER RBA Will be running from DALLAS to Waco and Corsicana and all intermediate points. It HOW YCHCTICS Denison Sherman McKinney Waxahachie and intermediate points. Dont forget KIRKLAND and GLENDALE TDARKS TEXAS TRACTION CO, SOUTHERN TRACTION CO t l3I6 C rce St, Dallas Phone Bell M. 3245 d A t M 77 No Further than the Phone Both Phones: Edgewood l935 lVlen's Suits Sponged and Pressed FIFTY CENTS "Real Pressingv We Call F or and Deliver Same Day. g a . . M V GARMENT CLEANSERSMHDATTERS it C. E. NEFE President I. B. HEINEN, Seal:-Treas. Kid Gloves Cleaned. Feathers Cleaned, Curled and Dyed. Our French Dry Cleaning Process Will do your clothes more good than half a dozen so-called "cleanings." Our Antiseptic Steam Pressing Machine cannot Scorch nor injure the finest fabrics. 1200-2 S. Ervay St. DALLAS ,nn .J L G, ,ci ik Made claily in six varieties-just to suit your taste THEY are the UTMOST in CANDY QUALITY Assorted Chocolate Covered Nuts: VVl'1ole Strawberries in Cordialg Marischino Cherriesg Bitter Sweets: College Edition: Alumni an Assortment of all Sold only under our prhwafc Seal If no! alzsolulely aalisfaclory, please nolmy us Graduation is your first great step in life. At this important time your picture should be made by those of real ability in art as photography has advanced far beyond the camera stage, igrutnne Erumne bntngrapbers fake infniie pains to this end at THE STUDIO DE LUXE .- .- ,- 1 .- Leading Photographers hl of the South i Over l2l 8 Elm Street, Dallas See our New Photography in Natures Own Colors Direct, No Paints or Brush Used ---- Sold only at Our Studio and for the First Time in the South. ,Ox HE Engravings in this Annual were made by The white Qingrahing CEU. Give us your next Annual. Prices and f-i quality will please you. Largest and best equipped Engraving House in the South- Wa- it if was Do not hesitate to consult us. 5,3 f t Estimates cheerfully furnished. '22 2 ji , , ww -W, , ,,wr....mw- "'f-'-eeWw.vg+Jg, Hpgvmidn W - V .7 -,.f-fi,n--- .i V Z, ,emi -ww 'e s 4 A- 4fTtk:ifJZsvi23fw3afffiS+w::,vitaef't:'Lf-f-Fleas.za M: 'f1fisa7f:zzra-K wait-S f,,:gm:fa'stew...z' ggi? DTI A , FNS 1: :gs ? Q 15: ? TES: V 2:85 'Q E Patromze if S ? ur gg? Q A d v e r t 1 s e 1' s F u In :Fm ..,4,.,.,31!'5.,oQ,.c mai: :lf G lf 'G ' ' Ruff: o ers. et ln an p l P ,J S l Epi , Iv 7 - tx- -T 51 I-'fr' . f Ofllfl hour s more play! I ef III I p g Q.-F7531 1 lv? Goods Why waste valuable day- 4,,,y - - M . vw. 1 ,Q light getting to the golf r'51,?tf,f amgiifin CO. ' 'ii-R - -"x1'fg5":' gms lmks, when a motorcyle -Q - ' - " ,N jf -L fiifx Incorporated will make you entirely 1 I' fr 'mg' '. S independent? Ilu gg if .4 Bay me .X L, , fm? -gl -1- ' Qu-S :Jw G0 to the golf pg ccfurse 011 an N if Distributors if y North Texas The Indian will take you anywhere at a moment's notice from 4 to 50 miles an I hour absolutely without fatigue. Easier to ride than a bicycle. A twist of the I ' t ap lies and releases the o er. Upk ts t t th' g. N d gizrrizige. pSaves its cost in no ininiie by the aiiillerffimieailiiii aiidniihelilime yoeiie sivriaii Why stop playing at thc 13th hola to catch the "5:39" P Get an Indian! Among the 1913 improvements are the Cradle Spring Frame, new style Luggage Opposife P, O, Carrier and Footboards giving choice of 2 comfortable riding positions. Nlost comfortable, powerful and reliable mo Qrcycln on the market. Prices 3 4 H.P. Single, S200 g Rob. F at y Phone M. 628 7 HP. Twin, S250 a or Auto. M. 1294 Ask for a free demonstration - UNITED STATES COFFEE and TEA CO. We roast Coffee every minute of the day. FINE TEAS, SPICES and BUTTER Phone Main 703 Compare this Store's Claims with our GOOD SHOES and you will find that they tally exactly. KAHN'S, 1008 Elm Street Save 20 per cent on DIAMONDS JOS. SAMUELS CO. IOI4 IVIAIN STREET Established 27 years HOURS PHONES Drs. McReynolds 8z Seay 9 t., 1 c.,,,,,L,.t,,ti,,,, office M. 1090 and Treatment Residence H' 2176 Practice limited to Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat 2 to 4 opuzations or - - M. 3034 TRUST BUILDING 4 to 6 s"e?"" Appointments READ THIS! Une of the glories of the I-Iuman Race is its beauti- ful Hair. Try a bottle of EAIYS QUININE TO IC your hair falling out. L Satisfaction guaranteed or your money refunded. For Sale 'by all Drug Stores, or Phone EAD'S TONIC COMPANY, S. W. H. 1988 for past favors and look forward to School openi g We.. next September when we hope to see you all agai SUMMER READING Is a very satisfactory way to pass hot summer Clays. We have a most complete list for Grown Folks, Boys and Girls. You are Invited to visit our store. Mififif TI-IORNTCN Sz BRACEY Mi??'LT Clothes that are Real Clothes 7 7 ,,,, 7 - 7, f FOR 7 77 777 77 7 7777 MCD, Y'OLl1'1g MCH, 8I1Cl Boys DREYFUSS 81 SON, Main MAI-IONEY 8: KENNEDY --1-4 Ehutngrapbers --i-- We mvlte you to v1s1t our New StUdlOS. .. .. High-Gracle Photos at Prices that surprise all. 13065 ELM ST. . . .6775 n Shoe S W. M. Clower Electric Co. Electrical S33f,1i?5Q0fS S Fixtures 1413 Commerce St. Phone Main 1307 GENTRY STUDIO Makers of Photographs l502 l-2 E.l..lVl ST. GRADUATES We Wii'.t..f.'L DIPLOMAS A Special 'Price to the High School Class THE CAMERA SHOP .-...Y 2 H Y 7 -A. GREEN C . DEPARTMENT STORE POPULAR PRICED MILLINERY const-:rs and UNDERWEAR EilllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIllllHllllllllllllllllllllllllHlllllIllIl!'E5Ell1'3Flllllllfllllllllllillllllllllllllliillllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllw Wie are now showing the new moclels in Seminary lewis, a variecl assortment of Linfferie Messaline Silk Fall and Enibroiderecl Dresses for the COIl1lll0' season. 1: i , s Every opportunity is at your clisposal when buying here as our prices will be founcl most moderate. NVQ feature many attractive styles in Lingerie Dresses as low as 36.50. Specializing an extremely clesirable assortment of Silk ancl Klessaline Frocks, at 39.95, S1295 and 5515.00 Your inspection is invitecl. Imported Embroideries and iLaces WllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllslilillllllllllllllllIllllllllllllllllllllllKillllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllltllllllllflllllllllllllllllllllllllm Correct Styles in Ladies' and Children's Shoes Gloves, Ribbons, and Hosiery Silks ancl Dress Fabrics White Goods, Linens Mattings, Rugs, and Carpets A Cafd of T1'1HHliS Now that the school year is closing we clesire to thank the entire stuclent bocly of the llallas lligh School for the generous patronage we hav-e enjoyefl at their hands. It has been our aim to keep constantly in stock whatever is required to fully equip the stuclent. lfow well we have succeeclecl our patrons will testify. The future is full of hope and we shall encleavor to give you even better ser- vice next year than this year, if possible. Come and see us. Make your wants known, and see how quickly ancl easily we can supply your needs. There are but a few steps between us. If you will put them behincl you, we will rlo the rest. Van Winkle's Book Store -----Compliments of SEARS, ROEBUCK 8: C 0 M PANY im: TEXAS Q o and ARNOLD STREETS Dallas, Te L Matthews Brothers "SELL BETTER CLOTHES " DALLAS, Across from 'Praeiorian fBui1a7ing P Cutlery, Kodak Finishing ennantsa and Films The Siore Qgeaufyful C. WEICHSEL CO. E. G. mARLow, Mgr. Very Good Clothes , Enhances Durable Value BITULITHIC A f Progeny THE 20th C ENTURY PAVEMENT Sanitary Texas Bitulithic Co. 1101-6 Praetorian Building Dallas, Texas I. M. COLVILLE CHAS IVI COLVILLE Dallas High School' 96 ESTABLISHEDZSYEAQS ' I 'II 8 J.+l1I.6?u,o1, , B - un PRINTERS Y - Commercial Qfflce e o I ixuvgimil I I , Prlntlng 4-J D' X55 Statlonery Printers of HIGH SCHOOL JOURNAL for the last ten years Cataiogues, Price Lists, Seed Cataiogues, ScI1ooI PeriociicaIs, Year Books for Ladies Literary Societies, Brochures, Invitations, ancI Fine Printing of Every Description CATALQGUE PRINTING a SPECIALTY 911 Commerce Street DALLAS ez' the Nexl Box be ADGLPI-IUS CI-IOCGLATES i "Every little morsel has a Havor all its own." For Sale Everywhere - 1 COMPLIMENTS Dallas Trust and Savings Bank Solicits Savings Accounts of Young Gentlemen and Young Laclies, on which we pay Liz interest Remember always fha! The Dallas Trust and Savings Bank is "THE HOME or sAvERs" Lawther Grain Compan Wholesale and Retail Grain, l"lay and lVlill Pro- ducts Manufacturers of CHIC-A-NEED-A Brand Poultry Feed 2527-29 Elm Street, DALLAS, TEXAS Phones S. W. lVl. 536 ancl 537g Auto M, l24l ,,,,, ,,,Y YY i ,, , Be Sure it's a VOLK SHOE Always priced right. Always styled right. Always riglxt in every way. Twenty-two years' reliability. 12081210 ELM STREET V Q I , K , S H Diamond Importers tl Manufac- turing Jewelers Silverware Watches Cut Glass anti China Engravers and Die Cutters OUR COPY of our Complete Illustrated Catalogue is reacly for mailing. Sent Free upon request : : : : Order Yours Early ittrlermuh, jannarh Xe iaing Qiumpanp BRoADWAY AND Locusr S A I N T L O U I S - Federal Au2,',2dM,3'iE,'Q',fii',C'e Tires YALE MOTORCYCLE Columbia, lver Johnson, Racycle, Sterling, and Ott Special Bicycle CHARLES OTT, 1003 Elm Street Phone Bell M. 6079 Phone Auto M- IS44 Young Man! This is YOUR Store,wl1erein your ideas of "wl1at's what" in correct attire receives every consideration. Come, let us Dress you as you should be. The On Elm at Poydras The Texas Glass and Paint Company Glass, Mirrors, Paint, Brushes ECorner Pearl St. and Pacific Ave. T. E. JACKSON, Sec'y and Gen'l Mgr. Qnce Trzed Always Worn Satisfying all demands of Comfort, Style, and l Economy WILLIAMS SHOE COMPANY, ELM'2l?1EET ll I- N5 fi ' :ZH Q NX :Nt XX S X u J 1-1: f' ,-A f if X ii, New X - , 9 .. f'fawWV 'S "K J'J1 Q . XX? er 0? . EMMA -ff 1 X -bf ggi? Hs XTFTR ',,-as-3471 QFJZL , gf '. we X. 1 1. ff: " we 2-iff f. ,141 1 N- i --'?ms.,xs,, Yxwar, , ,f- ., ?'k '1 1'7f1,",a,f544 N! f! , AN .,. QQX W Wm,i,.Q,J.i.,.,.E,f,1 fy' 4,: 1? fi-I-'Y 1 . ' -an 'fy .5 1 ,t ' ' - ., f: V ' ff ,T . 4' ' " , jf' XQV limillifmlhlllniklfa'-..ff.'fi - if l-. .. i..mgaqg--n'l.meff:,f-f- .11 ,me nw ni my - . - -C I-V124 if v ff f . X hx, .JJ M , A ,1 ,.,,,-f , i i-7 G iilqx z . N -- x uf" H 7547- Y im, , fl fx " 5 '1,y'-'3-f-it-Lglgge ATX i ' il' ' A u- 5? P -J' M IML f s a ..., f beef - f -X 'fs V . ., i 'N R i -' '?'jf ,-f7-v- Qqp: b 511.11 1 QQ- Pm F ge Y w " V, N G- - - Q :E S S Eff:-,Zvi , a A l S S " li ' E E E S 5 Q Y QQQ Y xii. xiii 3'X"'x' .. E -E S ', 1 S S S Svg S 3 S Si.-1:-xt..,.'Si ' f-f'r"fTi:: :RN '-5325-e5ENt'Q"""'QL - S ' ... ill., va-ZZ 2 Z 51M X-"' E eggs ESX? -.ff Q we , ee free H we :sf ere S ee The Road to Comfort A vanished thirst-a cool body and a refreshed oneg the sure way-the only Way is via a glass of CJ Ideally delicious-pure as purity-crisp and sparkling as frost. Delicious-Refreshing Thirst-Quenching Free our new Demand the Genuine alliggkolgoea- as made Whenever Cola vindication CO. AD, Ayou Selina: Ch ,f 215. 0' ATLANTA, GA. 0, 6f,'1'Z,ECjQ, 12 ' ' f Y S Gracluatlon Day Da5ghe?iiF?12nd .Xlili that ilay in ll httiug nianncre-in :L pcrluunent. worthy XYH5' they will ncvci' forget. lt is an epoch making' doy, lull ol high hopes-ol aspirations n'o1'tl1y of hcing' CllllllllCllll,ll'2ltCll with ll life lasting gill, as il watch, fliznnoncl or some other well chosen zu'iiL'lc ol jewelry. 'lll1Cl'C is no gift so app1'op1'iatc. 'lxhey will always he proud of it. chcrish it thc more lroni thc vicwpoint ol sentiment hcczinsc ol its real worth-a present that honors lmoth you :incl lhcni in Il iitling trihutc of your lovc and alifcction. XVQ lnzikc a specially ol lile lasting gill ihings. Noxvlicim- else will you hurl such real values for your money. Thu nznnc "lCx'ci'ts" on thc lmox zulrls much in vziluc anfl prose ti-fc hut nothing in cost. IN Arthur A. E erts Co., Jewelers, Main and Murphy Sts. Dallas, Texas is A L The . - . .A 'T e lf it ,jugs f'1"11mf3vfmz1ill3i5a5?vg1fyQ, U 1' d U- 1-1-W'.'i ' l - -4 " Vx '. sigiggi rsu me Aca em A --J-fryv . A ii A --f- V ., Q Dallas, Texas -'il Urgzuxizucl in N74 for thu cfluvntion of young lzulius :mal lil in liii ,7 it if- YQ" ' llc girls. This well-lcnown aczula-iny possvsscs many llcsir :xhlc IlllVIllllZl.lICS, locate-nl in ilu- most mlm-lighlful suction of the city: colivviiiviillg' 1'L-ucluwl hy thrn-u nmin lines of Sll'CL'I uavsg bnilnlings wall ligliiwl, vcniilziti-il znnl ln-ntl-nl: ilu- full coinsc of sluvly fzxvililzilurl hy l,ilnAm'ii-s, flu-niicul Lula ornlory, Cnlminci of Plxysius, sln-cial zulvnnlzigcs in Musical, Art, lilocniionnry lJc1r:u'tn1cnis: Lzuigunguse Latin l:l'L'llCl1, Ci-rxnzin and Sii1l.IllSllfl21llg,lIl. lvy nnliu- luzxcln-rs. without cxlru cluwggc, hcsi-les all kinils of plain :inrl f:muy llCCllli'XY0l'k. XYith such opportunities I1 young lfuly may til ln-rsi-lf for any station in lifc. livfcrciiccs sux- rcnluirwl for rlzxy nnfl lrozmlixng pupils, School oiu-ns Svptciiiln-1' 7. For Catalog :nmly BlO'l'lllQN PRIHRIQSS. COMPLIMENTS OF DALLAS TAX CAB CO AN Phone Main 835 Automatic Main 3848 J. B- Adoue, President T. W. Griffiths. Vice Pres. R. E. L. Knight Vice Pres. George Miller, Cashier J. H. Cumpston, Ass't Cashier W. F. Metcalfe, Ase't Cashier Capitals Surplus and Undivided Profits over The National Bank of Commerce Corner of Elm and Poydras Street DALLAS, TEXAS Solicits YOUR Patronage DIRECTORS J. B, Adoue E. L. Flippen C. A. Robertson, T. W. Griffiths R. E. L. Knight J. B. Adoue, jr. Ira T. Moore ON THE BASIS OF EFFICIENT SERVICE and the ability to properly care for its customers The First Stajteymgank of Dallas IN VITES YOUR ACCOUNT CAPITAL - S100,000.00 SURPLUS and PROFITS - Sl20,000.00 RESOURCES OVER - S1,500,000.00 OFFICERS AND IJIRICCTORS corpre W. Riddle, President E. W. Ruse, Yicn- l'resiile:nt A, Rngrlzunl, Yice President Cullen F. Tlioinas, Vice Presirlen .I, Deilmev Day, Cashier Albert ll. Idstos, Assistant Cashier W. A. Green J. H. Power Jos, 141, Cockrell llenry Dorsey George W. Lolnlermilk The Oldest State Bank in North Texas Commonwealth aiional Bank of DALLAS, TEXAS Solicits Your Business OFFICICRS John W. Wrigrht President R. l'. Wolford, Cashier Forrest Mathis, Ass't Cashier W. H. Gaston, Vice President ll. L. Tenison, Ass't Cashier II M. Hardie, Ass't Cashier The Officers ancl Directors of the GUARANTY STATE. BANK 8: TRUST CO., announce the increase in Capital Stock of the Bank to SI,O00,000.00 and Surplus Fund to 5350,000.00, all fully paid 1... I The Largest State Bank in Texas lv Sisyphus Was No Worse Oli Than Mythology contains the story of Sisyphus who was condemned to eter- nally roll a rock up hill and never make any progress. Every time he rolled it up a foot it would slip back a foot. The man or woman in business with no special training and no capability to do well one special thing, is con- demned to roll the Rock of Drudging Detail up the hill each day only to Find he has to begin rolling it up the hill all over again on the morrow. Dreary ettin an where- drudgery-never g g y and wages never getting higher. Don't be doorned to drudgery, lit- tle pay and less thanks -get a good business training and get in line with the successful " climbers " in the business world. J. W. Manager. The Untraineil Man Don't make the mistake of under- estimating the chances the business world offers you-if you come to it trained to the hour and with the effi- cient power to do well some of the tasks the business world wants done. And don't overestimate the chances that a professional career may offer you. Get at the facts. Know that the professions are sadly overcrowded. Remember that in one American city alone, Chicago, there are over 6,000 lawyers-more than in all the German Empire and as many as there are in all England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales combined! The medical profes- sion is as badly congested. The business world is crowded-with opportunities. There is, a prepared place for every prepared person in the business world. There are generous wages and there are Fine chances to ad- vance yourself awaiting you there. All you need do is to gain the superb training as a Stenographer or Book- keeper that you can gain at Harrell Business College, 1407'9Dlf2lZ'ZSt"e' Good Positions for All Graduates. More than 2,llllO former students of the llarrell llusiuess College are holding.: splendid positions in Dallas, and their salaries range from S350 a month to several thousand dollars a year. As these friends of ours advance to higher positions. they call upon the Harrell Col- lege for students to take their places. The demand thus created takes all our students di- rect from the school to good position as rapidly as we can qualify them. There are a great many reasons why the Harrell llusiness College is entitled to the lirst consideration of every one seeking the kind of business education that will he of the greatest value to hini all through life. lt has always given the hest Shorthand and 'l'y,pexvriting Course, and its students al- ways get the best positions. lts courses of instruction are clearer, lietter illustrated, more easily understood, more thorough and comprehensive yet more easily mastered than the courses provided hy other schools. CtJ1Xll'ARl2 the Harrell College Shorthand and 'llypexvriting course with any other course in existence. and you will readily understand why the Harrell College student ad- vances more rapidly. lieconies esoert within less time, is hetter qualilied-better erlucateda has greater powerAgi-eater ahility-does hetter work and more of it. gets a lietter position and holds it. earns more money and gets it than students from other business schools. Here is a Reason, Lidvgfggg why you should attend The Harrell Business College The Harrell College Course raised Mr. J. B. llaird from the Gregg system of shorthand at S40 a montii to the llitman-llarrell at 3375. then to S100-and now he is Chief Claim Clerk, Wells-Fargo SL Company's Express. Dallas, 'l'e:ras. lt raised Mr. T. G. Murnane from the Chartier Electric alias Spencerian Chartier alias Speneerian at S525 to the l'itman-Harrell at S60-then to S70-then to S100 a month, and a little later to 32,0041 a year. lt raised Nr. jesse llond from the Byrne system at S25 a month to the Pitman-Harrell at S90 a month,-then to Sllll-then to 55145 a month. lt started Mr. Roy Sowell ta lad of 171 direct from school with the Lf. S. Government at S75 a month, then carried him to more than S100 a month with the Praetorians.

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