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V W I E? if X Qi 4 9 IEEE? Q-:xx sf 31 J f 'X fihff-i.':"U ,. W-,. H 4' fi - A- . N -'-.-, Nw,-. , ,, . Effl' a 7 k k A 5 . ,.,. M -"- 1: K ' I -1,12-vs, . K: '-'- 11- ff' ' rfgf " .ff . diff. ..,. ,ml ,ef --pw. ,.. Ji .. f, lem I . M ji 1 an ,,.,,.- af ' mr , 2 W' ' L W ' fm" : , ' ' , A , QQWQQW' , MW 5 H W W 1 13. ' flu' - ' If - fr , f TL . , MEM fart? M ',,, - .. fi H ' -Y " Mr, ,V N 'A ' -X-A'N1 WY 3 A " '15, ff 'X X lv 5. ' A ' L ... 'A f H 5 , f f ff .M W 1 mf ', ' 1 V W -Pwu"m"'m my ,X Mwgfgfvg W W'-1+ "f 'H W Q 'M V -, M . , W' A Q 1' 'if K' .' il 9 ,,x.w W ,M 'Q X f J my ,yy ' J M 1 ' 1, M My V K w . ' - :L W M,.X J V , f ff 1, 1 ' ' Ma Jin, 4' W , 11 ll L. g:gggs1"f4 .M 2.3 11' 1 X' . Fyiqgjg ' f f F -1 ' 1 Q51 A ' I 2 X" ' i -M'--MW 'M " , 1 ' Q A nw ,L I uyvq. -v N.. army Hmm . .. I W gy Q 4 Y .V Y I s A ,, ,Q vi- - f K ,S MW N K - lm , X 'Q -1 . Y S- x V Y x r 1... -- - AWUWFI, 'W TL 1' - 'i'T5W' 255' 5 'H A-Aw yn' ,, M FW, Q 1f'S.w- 5.3 X " M ' ' ,,N, Y , ,L-ew- we 22 ' , .u ffywvd . cn,W,,xyfmllmaxkxwrikrxiiqw:t AV. F I ,ff , .., :W X A , I mf .Awww , , . , f 1- 'X V ? l ri in , ' . F I , Cnc? .-M-ffff ""'W"T7 ' J , "bf E Q 4 -:wr-W5-gfav A 'A i TC " ., f .ag-'m-1-f W . ' Y, ' gf ' W.. 1 , K w f F "M fn., W A M X V' A 'ef e: e . fa N - . fu I Twfhg 42,.w'j""m A M' iw Y ' ' fr' Ng my +5 ' - 'X 3 7 . 'aw 5 1 wi. Q Q 4 as "" J, Y 'W ,LV H X i XL X ,D X' . N 'V p 5 ' X X 3 J 4' A , 1 A AV ' ' ', KV? ,ws K "5 'nd 5 ' V - - , - , , u W ""'2a. m V. ,, M ' A W 1 ' Q '- w1,5Q5f, 5V Ef,.If f 2 W : I -l V XTX ' I' ' 'l I 'fiilif ' I 1 , . X f w F 1' - M M gg ,wg I B A- I1 M' W , f , A 1 , LJ I ,T..wv-'-'.- ' H W my, . 4 I X ' I ' . f vm' K I . ' W f' ,J Q, 5 x 1 ' A H , A ,,: ,MQW '- ,. ' M Lv. . W -Q w , , New York University is a private, metropolitan university that offers the advantage of a great urban setting to a highly diverse student body. As President Brademas said recently, "NYU, by virtue of its size, quality and location is the principal center of learning for those who want fully to take advantage of living in this international capital of finance, commerce, and culture." As the largest college in the largest private university in the country, WSUC is able to offer its students a kaleidoscope of settings for learning, living, and 1 Q il wh . 1. flu. f at Q ilu lg tm . if gmnvli we diff M i M... F loving. As we gaze through the kaleidoscope of these pages, we are able to catch a glimpse of the people, places and things that are NYU. Firsts 4 if ' W,,,.,:L.. . , W Wlllll .wil W . l.wl,! , ,Ml 9' ig W w ww' V O -2135, ' iii n ik, ' 'QW W' eww' wt .',3u.il.1. if ' 1.2. y i if W. Li J sfw in KM Q5 172 JE" , sk ,, , 0 if ' I 1' -A R . 3, S ,A t .P 1 . 11 'L :UE is I ,, wx ,, X V1 yrlfx gm is if E , , - ,yy Mwwpv EW' W s -f 19,277 1 -Q MU' F, .PH fi.-4.-3 i , ..,.. . .. ,Hy , , 4 T 'W zwyzviifx 3 W wr 'LM' , Fi rg 1 mm ify ,yew . . 5:i,.ii'Y" , M... M ': -v- - Q 1 .., A M f ' 445f:"U,' 'T"1wwW-, V 2.5"--. ww v ' 1 -K 1, my Q QV W Nil' 'if' 'W1 1 ' a ff? Y W ' M at QQT""""""f-v. - . a -' TM IU W 'lifws 'v f,. wMF' 3w,2 F V ,pifffw fi 1 9 x 4, Q31 21:55 . IW , ., 1 ' wiv -. W , x 45 The following page, clockwise, left to right: Happy Zeta Psi members at the Club Fairg Sylvio Gelsomini and friends "working out" in the weight room at Colesg Stacy Hennessey and friend at the Club Fair in September. Catchy sign, Stacy. i ilfif K S Clockwise, left to right: D. Slick back in bed where he belongsg "I slept through Twister?" asks Slu- dent Council President Doris Varleseg Alpha Epsilon Pi performing the limbo at the Greek Olympics. 'S l ii. at ai, 156' ,wif A --si .NN I S il I .' 'C A li.. lm my V ' ,- h M 2 'K ,s ,- l S , l ., 6 f Kaleidoscope Nfilf i ' 5 wwqv: I 5 'am-.lraf f ' 4ir' B, ' . 312 ' fill " N i bij f,.J H v' .X F N ,J Q ..., 4 Kaleidoscope f 7 V . gy 4 Q2 zu 4 a f aff it nazi? 1, . 4 3129-n. "J?Af ' ' MSM iw. gy: A W, , ft may, 1 . 5N?f'1.9Q'55?' Mm , 13.142 'Y 'Y .f -1'25:ixW5,,:w' - imsu gffp.-.W M W S-5 1 Q2 Q Q' 'Btwn fs A2 P gi, if v Q ' I Q i X w ,pf . ff V A an W. Q 4 E, -I up If 5 . N fb I V tc 0 ff, 'bn - if C"'P"E 171' ww ,JZ p4 ,xp H rf RSS RW.'51KS9r M .4- 5, ,fx Q ,, ,wg 'V' fx rpm: A QQ.. f. M N 5.1 lol' 0"n," Fi al' .sl-15. tgglli. I'-l.,,g1QhllllilQ1 - 4-aQ.slcli!'i X K Q 'af' an-.M 1 Viunwh , ,, l..."::lllag ,"""ng .""'f1: :."si-"hui 4 its if '.,"m.. M. ,Ri .sh qsqchgmf tin ,, r wk' V M I W' 5 1 1 I . Lai uri' 'W ff ,f 'Q b "'-ws 9-.uw J . A if Q 2 1 mu if Q n .. lm Q! pm, . 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'wwf 'mf AM S-rw ' 4 N xrfisif ' Q1 'Q gMWW" - 'QQ- ' 'Q l51.f.,a , , Az 1 :fp wwf' N ' N . , , Q, , " ' W' lim , Au-QU ' N' jv ' du K w 3-Q. 4 1' -Q-an-......... x- ' T3 Eg , If . UEEJLQ ' 'fi 1 -9 -v. WWW W -'Mr ' ,fr-. 'ks Q' u v M 9 fo If SAE: . ,Q A , m... 1 f 1 ,,,,.,, 4. ,J I " , Ae. 1. - " ? ' 452. 'F , , I fl' Q' n. My ' Y f mcwlib is " ,V-ww 'hy F -' . ,-5 my 4 . , ' fq? ' , , 'L ,. WL' My amy B W., '-"ww lm? ' 'M ws'3"72b' 173.75 I A A' A1319-AQ, .Q fe, be h ., . 'f - N44 4, ,Q ' W .Q Q ' A 1, , Wx Uff' ' ' ' -. . ,. P :mx 3 - V.. . , ,,,, 'N xl 5,1 jf, 5' - rwvn , 3' - 4 ' ' 'Q 'M ' .H :0" 1ss-'T 4'V ,M- V -M. ff "V fQ ,mfs 1 W fly , 'W 'A 1 vi :mg azfzggg , . gi ii 'W W W '-WV! ' 1. 2' . W. . M , ' W VW'fW'H1: ' fn? M v '- Abwg,,M..Q'y' ,M s 'A ""4Qf'j 5, . . ww M 'mg 'A ' .4 ' ,Q , I .Q ,wanff 1 QF 0 'y?,,, - A QM L , rug ?:.'g gl wrwfnfgs' I 'J , l N ' 'V fa ' " f- ' M "W 'W A V w'o f'. -aw Jr? Q I If -. 'I ' "- ' ' - f MMF N,-Wd: IF, ,4...:.w S X , . , x,f',,,,, Sp, , 1. M . f .4 Wm N , ,'-.BL M ,,52a.,.,, . . kwa. N, M m,. ,c'fMMf. W -MMA 1 ' W1 Af ".fwsf'ff " -+ A Q wk ,',:1 -1 ' , ' 5 A V '1 . Y .AIMBW "farm, .- ' av ,w3.3'4 'A y '- -if iffy :whim '- Qkifgila' ' ' 1 is K 9 .g Q ,Q-a The -I-OYCI1 p.71 p.129 p.195 p.2o9 FQ Table of Contents Kaleidoscope . . 2 Dedication . . . . 18 Administration . 24 Faculty ...... .29 Organizations .47 Athletics .... .71 Seniors ..... .80 Events 129 Graffitti .... 161 Celebration . . 195 Graduation . . 209 Etcetera .... 225 Senior Index . 236 17 lbeclicafion As the first class to graduate under the Liberal Education Program lL.E.P.l it is appropriate that we dedicate this year- book to two individuals who have dedicated their lives to the principles of education: Dean Jill Claster and Professor Rita Cooley. Jill Claster became Dean of W.S.U.C. in 1978 and in- itiated the L.E.P. format in 1980. Though it has been the program which has brought her recognition as an ad- ministrator outside the college, it has been her unswerving devotion to the members of the university that has earned her the love and respect of faculty and students alike. Rita W. Cooley received the Great Teachers Award in 1967 both for her skills as an educator and for her unusual relationship with her students. To our college, Professor Cooley is more than just a professor, she is an institution. Participating in her classes is not only an educational ex- perience, but a privilege as well. During the past year both Dean Claster and Professor Cooley have been on sabbatical and the college has been the poorer for their absence. It is with love and respect that we dedicate this yearbook to them, realizing that it is only a small gesture when compared to what they have given to us: the gift of knowledge. ,Q N f W 'I "W 5 ,w I 'WN , ,.+ Q ' W 4' ,sm , ki ' ' L: Q' . . M - .fr 1 .- nd: wr -,M Q iw Q - '65-5 7 Sig... , ,LL . X Q .W - nzi- f .WM i., .4 NEW YORK UNIVERSITY A private university in the public service Office of the President ELMER HOLMES BOBST LIBRARY 70 WASHINGTON SQUARE SOUTH, NEW YORK, N.Y. 10012 June 1985 To the Class of 1985: Please let me extend to you my warmest congratulations on your graduation from New York University. That you have achieved this distinction in your academic career is a tribute not only to your abilities but to your tenacity and hard work. New York University has, in its 153 years, held fast to the concept expressed by our Founders of a university located in the heart of a city and dedicated to serving the urban community without racial or religious discrimination. We continue to reflect in our character the excitement of the city whose name we bear - the vitality, vigor, diversity and internationalism of a world capital. For you, this is a time of pomp and circumstance, and you bring honor to this University. We hope you carry the intellectual curiosity and educational excellence that we have sought to provide you. As you assume your new roles in life, I hope you will continue to value the University as an essential resource and will maintain a close relationship with us Best wishes for every success. Sincerely, rid John Brademas President New York University A private university in the public service Washington Square and University College of Arts and Science Office of the Dean 910 Main Bllildilll June 1985 Washington Square New York, N.Y. ltXJ03 Telephone: C2121 598-QA25 To Members of the Class of 1985: Each class has a special character and a special quality, which the class as a whole takes, of course, from the individual people who make up the whole. Your class has an unusual number of remarkably talented people - gifted students who have done exceptionally well academically. Those of you who have elected to go on to professional schools or to graduate schools have had an unusually high number of acceptances to the most prestigious professional and graduate programs in the country. Those of you who are going on to begin your careers immediately after graduation have accepted positions with leading companies and organizations. I am confident you will carry with you in all your endeavors the drive and the spirit that you have shown in the College. You were the first class to complete our liberal education program. So you have joined with the faculty in studying the disciplines we believe are a vital part of a real education. You have examined the legacy of knowledge from centuries past, and you have demonstrated what the faculty and I believe to be one of the most important aspects of a liberal education - a commitment to understanding what is important to people's lives and what is crucial to human development and personal fulfillment. I extend to each and every one of you my deepest and best wishes for your continued success and for the fulfillment you each deserve in the years that lay ahead. I hope that you will know that you have a very special place in my heart and that I will certainly remember you very warmly and with great affection always. I also hope this will be not the end but a new beginning of a relationship that you will have with the College as alumni, as well as with the faculty and me. With affection, Qu? Jill N. Claster Dean 5 O O Om UNIVERSITY ADMINISTRATION The NYU triumvirate: Chancellor L. Jay Oliva, Vice-President Ann Marcus, and President John Brademas P055- Dickerson, Beverly Peace, Larry Kruger, Silverio Montenegro Stephen Polniaszek, Carlton Christopher Sally Arthur, Director of Student Life Administration I 25 The Office of Student Activities: Linda Hassan, Annette Warren- COLLEGE ADMINISTRATION 1: Dean Friedrich Ulfers I Lawrence Bornstein, Acting Dean of WSUC I Dean Sharon Carnicke 3 fm- M in m Dean Gail Noppe Dean Thea Brown Mr. Phillip Moore Dr. Ott l Dean John Delgrosso o Sonntagg WW I a K ,,...4... Ms. Heddy Tracey Student Service Support Staff: Ida Williams, Mr. Joseph Hemmes Ophelia Harper and Rose Olivito W """N-as 5'-'Ons-wi hun-'--Q KVX Dean Joe Russel Dean's Support Staff: Mary Negron, Vivian Chang, Christine Ross, Linda Michos Ms. Jane Brown-O'Gorman W. 28 Mr. Ken Bromberg All Karen Levine, and Jennifer Ditsler Dr. Daniel Burt Cr' 3 HTHMUVULU Y Q LULUE E 30 ,V , ff l - 7 A I A . '- -- n f ' Q ,. ,, 1 ,P ' . gadd.-3:25 ,M w, .!, M., , ...rf l ' , , Q If, 5 'ff - ,1- , P+ V M af' '92 , av . of :I , 1 ' Q 4' r w K v yv, ' .5 nv F e, Awww Fei SM W' .::'- Professor White Professor Boaz I '1' Mgt, H 1 f ,f.wwsf- , K K' ff , A V z '17 gig, X ' -Q1 Y I vid? ' fi Professor Stotzky Professor Flax .5 iv. ffli Professor Frischer ,L X VCV Professor Dowling Professor Strand rofessor Hellman 'rofessor Gettler 'ofessor Dunmore Leff 'rofessor Peachin Professor Rhodes Professor Shapiro Professor Pope Professor Schuster y iff 'm Professor Kosak Professor Bell Professor Bonfante Professor Bernadete i fif i:-' 2 , my' A 3.,.l,, N- I Q mf A 15- iff 'Nr F . w Q 5? KV 1' K 7 eff YA f ' W7 31, ":j,j'1 V X M , lv ,Q ' Mg ', I, , 1 3 5:34 . I -. yy' -5 lv fe, L. gg ff ': 77' 24 f ' i- :ug if f '-"H 'FQ 4 if Q f zfffkf-Q eg frr 2 Professor Trell if Professor Russell Af' 117i wiv Professor Otte Professor Smith l 3Tl'17lTI7l -1 391 FUTITI 'IH BFI O3 .A L xx-IJ-I . il :lil il.: Professor Chioles Professor Clements 3 f. f ij ,rr1,r2rr :I ld f Professor Mullish ,,,, 1, , M 32 Professor Schwartz Professor Dewar Professor Schonberg Professor Harriso Z Professor Gately Professor Byrnes E Professor Marley so wezsslf if Professor Ward Professor Deakins yxwey rd, f -f.ffg,::, 511, . -I -f WW, ,lf .W lv li J l 7 4? E 4 if , Professor Krinsky Professor Kuehl u ,. 'Q J Professor Sandler gg fe A S -my l A f N, Professor Wasow Professor Katz IT IT I7 I5 E I-xv T5 I? ITF l Z 3 if X ff ,IAW M ,. r ,r L . Of' .. r gi FT ,. is . :QL r" L K,.. as 135 . 51 gp sf r.oor gi ff- 331 - f F S 75 '--- ff' Professor Collins E A Professor Raymo Professor Magnuson Professor Hoover Professor Leitner Professor Sullivan F' F3 l l fl UU as f S Q g """' Q Professor Baudin Jrofessor Denlinger X. ' ' Q i '19 iw X Professor Laspina Professor Hewitt runux ,haw Professor Sander Professor Parker kws if Professor Guillator Professor Rudavsky 'T -P1 flu? .-.E 'EP - I: I' Professor Bishop IT IT F .T P A Professor Streese r -rf ',rA f 1 , JM.. I M .K kk Professor Reutershan ITT - -fi .EFT nfl UTYQ Professor Schiffman 35 Ir' :F P 4-U L11 ..a :f 111 -a -I Ci' F' if :I :I -.I 36 Professor Schult Professor Winder Professor Low Professor Carossq Iligil P ,W.4L'49h'-nv. Professor Johnson Professor Reimers Professor Bonomi Professor X Professor Young Professor Baker Professor Scally Professor Prince i Professor Rubin Professor Schwartz Professor Stephens Professor Kampa ww E Lu il :J 44' er 5' in 9' 4-' SQ' S 38 W ,,,x ' W -. .af W F " W Rf 12' 'Gr' IX Professor Lax Professor Ahluwalia rm'- Ds Professor Ting Professor Novlkoff Professor Isaacson Professor Ungar Professor Karp .gr Sage? Professor Roesner Professor Karchin Professor EI-Shawan il. ..,., '- ,J- 'Nw MQ.-is-Q Professor King Kortepeter Professor Chelkowski Professor Peters P Hx I: FT I' IT F IT rf,-Eg ,Cr-T I: IT 39 ...I ...l J' Ir' :J Ld .I 40 fy. or- For-. 'UN 51 on f x'- as "N, XX f. '-W! ,.k. K ff'f'gT , 1,5 Professor Wilcox Professor Richardson Professor Unger Professor Mclendon .-A-rf-av-M-.,W.,..,,, syr- V H-'swan--awww-u Professor Eickelman 3 , 5 1' 5 A 'V , L,,. i , Q" . fi f hwy -...ga ff . .g:, , k:L5.sk 5 .DJ il -.I l1.I Ir' :f in Q f?? Professor Rosenberg Professor Brandt Professor Huggins Professor Bornstein in if I lf- 42 L... Professor Berman o f me 1 Egg 15 Q- ' iii. , ' J ES ?u 1 E 525531 A S S 55 3,225 , if g hx R22 . , X ,x.. Q M, 6 , M -. 'fl 5 i ZF X , Q ,, ,f if X px. 1 "' X 9' J xi 'B H A Q J M ,ff W Us ' - N .f,.. A 1 - f 'R A . 1 gg , M NM ki 3, .A ir V all it ' V L s, n I H Q do 1 1 V fr A,NN , N . ,mf ' X' I v 'xx X V! , I ! ... if , A Professor Mead Professor Roelofs Professor Koenig QV? wr W Professor Berger Professor Rodman of , +1 A f, Professor Janosik as N r 2 kk -51515 3 of J' " f' 1f'rIj'kf"Ms.?Fl gf Ax Txvi , YQ , Zo Yxffv. . 1 K fwkxfs Q X Q X Q saws? ofessor Goldberger Professor Guzzo Professor Glanzer Professor Katzell www 'T FT r'2 IT J: IT I" I7 IT r'2 45 :lb B fr El 3 AQA sg, .f Q,, fl El lil Professor Lehman Professor Wrong Professor Klapper Professor Heydebr Il B E G' il fl QI :J 3 2 1D Professor Kodjak :J :E :Ja . La ,.l 2- , if 5 eff? if in 1:1 Professor Pollin 46 Professor Anderson WWA 'lm- ff 41, . Q ' N,,,w"'fv..,n. '. RN I I ,Z 'f ,. M:-W it fs ,mfwvauaupm African Student Association Mohammed Ayei Ntaganda, Makuru Olukayode Akinrolabu Gheysika Agambila Alesec Hermanso Mangal Kyri Stefatos Michele Iacouelli Andrew Zappell Mary Manna John Flutgliano Daniel Okoro Ali Agra Josepa Perez Ftoselyn Strazza Sin Lung Maria Carone Rosemarie Augoustatos Jean Feeney Manuel Rondon Jacqueline Vanlang Tricia Farrell fi? O '74 619 'M To help incoming students become familiar with and adjust to college life. ay P 00499 2' 9 lxoo QS' 'lfQf Oo To enhance the social and academic life and the NYU community. Affiliated with Alpha Phi Delta Fraternity. All-University Orientation Club Debbie Runkin, M a t t h e w Marino Alpha Phi Della Sisterhood Organizations f 49 Alpha Upsilon Pi Sorority Cultural Union Back Row, Left to Right: Donald Lee, Jerry Goh, Judy Dong, John Chan, Ivan Mah Middle Row: Terry McGov- ern, Andrew Leong, Lucinda Sang, Sau Cheun Yu Front Row: Kin Ng, Charles Alexander, Ted Lanting. 50 l Organizations Biology Honor Society. X To inform and entertain people interested in biology. f tl -f N 7 l Beta Lambda Sigma Front Row, Left to Right: Heidi Fleischmann, Jean Carabuena, Rajiv Bansal, Ales-sandra Zulio Middle Row: Debra Heitmann, Howard Egre Back Row: Charles Fiorenti, Alan Adler, Aijaz Alvi, David Green- field Biology Club Front, Left to Right: Vivian Taboada, Jean Carabuena, Alessandra Zullo Back: Maria Mou- kides, Aijaz Alvi, Debra Heitmann, Sanjiv Bansal Organizations ! 51 ediib 9,69 rl- O 6 xy. QQ' V GQ' ox' Q5 Black Science Students Club Front, Left to Right: Yvette Wells, Regine Eugene, Sadie Gordon Back: Cel Via Jones, Marie Mombrun, Dan Jennings, Roxanne James, Annette Ham-ilton Caducean Society Left to Right: Paul Lama Q V i c e - Presidentj, Alan Adler iPresidentQ, J o a n Cangiarella fRecording Secretaryy, Sridar Chalaka iCorresponding Secretary! 52 I Organizations Education for spiritual development and for creating an alternative to Marxist-Leninism. qv! ,fr in! To coordinate the necessary information and services to accommodate the law school aspirant. -L Lfvv , I L, t .,,, -.. Lg ' I ,Q .,tk.z.i,5:, i Q ,d1.-' S in k'-ii c l l 2 .,.............--- ,,,,-.-a--'- -9--iv-"" C.A.Fl.P. Heidi Marolla, Mary Cullen, Sharon Pace, Tim Davis, Dave Tabo, Kati Vigh, D av e G o o d - m a n , F r a n - cesca Sancais Charles Hamilton Houston Pre- Law Association Marlin Adams iPresidentJ, Mavis Littlejohn Q E x e c u t i v e Vice-Presidentl Organizations f 53 To offer the opportunity for NYU students to pursue their interest in chess at all levels of expertise. 'ti 55" Chess Club Q.-wr l To unite the Chinese students and expand culture to the NYU community. Chinese Mei Society K u o - Y i n g Wang, Sharon Pan, William Chang, Eileen Lee, Steave Su, Shru-Fen Chen, Sandra Sun, Brian Yu 54 I Organizations International service organization sponsored by Kiwanis International. Projects range from hospital visits to annual dance marathons. 1 i fsrs s X ,five ,4.3'rnit Q X To publish The Courier, a fortnightly newsmagazine. Circle K Courier Association Vicki Vasilo- poulos, Mat- thew Barton, Vivian Kart- sonis, Carol Xanthos, Caro- lyn Gordon, An- thony Timpone, Roy Peabody, Dafna Galili, Jennifer West, Marlon Camp- bell Organizations ! 55 Debate and Speech Society Vanni Cappelli lPresidentJ, James McDon- nell lFormer Presidentl, Alex Kogan QT reas- urerl, Theresa F u g I i a n 0 lCoachl, Maria Araujo, Keith Allen, Victor Rivera, Missing: John Strugar Nice-Presidentl D e I t a P h i Fraternity 56 I Organizations To promote intellectual and social activities for students interested in the chemical field. To sponsor social events and activities of interest to the students of Economics. 'QR ft Draper Chemical Society Toros Kapoian lVice-Presi- d e n t l, E v a n Ayala, Philip Lograsso, Lisa Mazzulla Economics Club Hemansa Mangal, Amy Salzman, Andrea Zalaznick, Eugene Brai- gen, George Zombeck, Alex Kogan, Rick Stoddard Organizations l 57 Economics Society Bert Kaminski, Keith Aurand, Jon Dworkin, Ali M. AlhuS- sein, Alicen Puebla, Jo- seanne Gano- za, George Nader, Uwe Hans Roder, Jorge A. Chambergo Equestrian Team Jennifer Lee Lapinel, Cheryl Sch6n, Caitlin Benson, Cheryl Lechtanski, Drew Kodjak, Geralyn Led- erman 58 I Organizations 6 K. he Fa u c h a r di a n Society Rick Anderson, Charles Fiorenti P hi G a m m a Delta Fraternity Organizations I 59 ,ll Gamma Delta Sorority Higher Educa- tion Opportuni- ty Student Council Bottom: Carol Frets, Lorraine Warnsley, Marisol Fig- ueroa, Cheryl Carter Middle: Eddie Sanchez, Charlen Harris, Jill Collie, Genette Al- varez, Dianne Woodburn, Alicia Holmes, Elvin Lopez Top: Kevin Fleevey, John Smith, Tarik Brown, Robert Natal tFaculty Advisor! NYU Sorority. To provide services for students in the Higher Education Opportunity Program HongKong Students Association Robin Lee Helen Wu, Jay Chan, Paul Cheung, Eric Ting, Fanny Yeung lIC1rcolo Italiano Rita Arrigoni qPresidenti, Vito A. Pulito, Mariangela B a t t i s t a fTreasurerj, Amelia Scar- puli, Elizabeth V a n a c o r e, Flichard Sor- rentino, Jean- in e l e r a c, Patricia J. Cac- ciola, Claire Martin, Maria Polemini Nice- Presidentj, Leonard Ro- mano lSec- retaryj LUCHA Victor Liu, Eddy Castillo, Estela Rodriguez, Je- sus Fuentes Dedicado al adelantamiento del pensamiento hispano en NYU. Dedicated to the advance ment of Hispanic thought and action through a variety of cultural, social, and education: events. To provide an educational and social atmosphere beyond the classroom. MathClub Chut Lam, Ken- neth Cusick, Evan Ayala, Alison Plight, Anna Marie Ficarra, Julie Santaniello 62 I Organizations To serve as a vehicle to solve and address the concerns of Black Women. 'ff "uhh '-..,,"" Q To aid the hungry and homeless through volunteering, food and clothing drives, and fund raising events. s v"'m"X. 'oo 44 042: lpf fv QO QQ '7 'f"77, OO 0 42 Organization of Black Women Organization of Students for the Homeless Left to Right: Mitch Fuhr, Lin- d a S e g m a n, Howard Pol- lack, Walter Lewis Organizations I 63 Peer Counsell- ing Group Debbie Fiukin, Matthew A. Marino, Cate- rina Civera- T o m a s e I I i, M a r i a n g e I a Battista, John Vullo Political and Social Awareness Group Daniel Haugh- ton, Matthew A. Marino, Rose- A n n Ki ts o n, Mary Gorman 64 I Organizations To promote awareness of law and the legal profession while assisting pre-law students. To deal with issues in psychology and human behavior, and to provide a casual forum in which students can get to know one another. Pre-Law Soci- ety Bottom, Left to Right: Mike Stein, Dave Starr, Howie Pollack Top: Bart Pisella, Val Lico Psychology Club Joe Ruggiero, Phyllis Anne McCarthy, Mi- chelle Clarke, Maria Per- dicogianni, Valerie Ghent, Jon Gregory, Ted Nicholson Organizations I 65 Society of P h y s i c s Students Students for Environmental Awareness Left to Right: Claire Lieber, Lynda Bage, Carol Chulak, Daniela Biebl- Kuehl, Joan Shapiro, Lynn Lau, Diana Romero 66 I Organizations Service organization which promotes unity in the NYU community. 9? Q ,S if K , Q A I iii in' I, Za Social Fraternity. Student Ser- vice Organi- zation Front, Lett to Right: Gerri Destefano, Julie DeBellis, Mitch Fuhr Back: Paul Lama, Anna Maria Asuncion Tau Delta Phi Fraternity Front, Lett to Right: John Chan, William Wong, Anthony Lucatorto, Mid- dle: Jon Dworkin, Jesus Fuentes, An- thony Ferraro Back: Ray- m o n d Ferguson, Frank Longo, David Ling, Mark Messer Organizations! 67 United Students Alliance Political Party U.S.A. Party Left to Right: Vicky Jelich, Kenneth Kap- lan, Hal Ziegelbaum, Patrician Clark, Keith Aurand, Denese Flam- anac, Jorge Chambergo S.U.C. Stu- dent Council Top Flow: Ben Wu, Ted Lant- i n g , J o h n Whalen, Leon Barson, Rose- ann Kitson Evan Kornrich, A l e x Ko g an Mary Gorman, Saultan Bap- tiste, Danny H a u g h t o n , Sean Lane Bot- tom Row: Mary Hope Griffin, Beth Lewis. Diane Hanan, Grace Cam- pagna, Flobin Krause, Janice McGayhey Sit- ting: Andrew Kosak, Doris To represent students in WSUC '-'np I Zeta A I p h a Beta Sorority Lori Duggan, Lisa Alper, Joanne Boiano Doris Nagel Zeta Beta Tau Sisterhood Organizations I 69 05 -x 'X Y' QQ w Sl sg-f. ff A Sb 460,53 QQEQQ5 gif - - 1 4 7' 1 'I 9 f4z'4Zez'6c4 Xwwwmwwwwvwaww.mNYxwNwQmamwrmwmxwmwmm ., - ,ii - 11 ., - , g ,L Eggs ,, I I Q Q x - ' K R V . . . Saga, fy' 1 '- . X ' -f ' .. aw- , V, gg , .N ggfmig, V -1-1 L L r gi pix, r iv ,J .f , A I Q E I i Top Row, L-R: Larry Lee, Mohit Bhatia, Ron deCastro, Rodney Alejandro fCapt.J, Marina Pena, Mary Lennon. Zappia, Coach Page Bottom Row, L-R: Jimmy Wen, Thomas English, Rich Wilson, Mark Salzinger, Roxanne T1 iCapt.J, Lisandro Irizarry E E W' x 5-, 1 A V 4' . , . --' Q' K J' W i':". nf' Q i-.ri , X ' ff"""" 1 I I J A ', V " ff' '53 ' .. iff . - . VAMQ .. . - U- - tx. I.. lift, , - Z V A 'L-45-'JK f X. -. M WW HWX X X lWXXX,XXXXWWrXMX'X'flW?FS?TXiwX.: X inn XX. X , t, , , KY 4 I ,M ,I kj l , Q Q f' Q A E U 0 KI .. .Ly cv!! A lf' U, Q as , . ' ' ' Q i 1 , r. l I' . , , , I -36 2 J 1 . X. sl , , I J . bi f x. . if ,si , , , , I 41' A I Y gay E I t W 'Q Y 1 ach Gene Ftoberti, Gary Glasberg, Asst. Coach Bob Palmieri, C. J. Papa, Ed Monahan, ce Henry, Patrick Krudup, Hai Sai Suh p, Left to Right: Francois Dupont, Clark Gregg, Nick Cernatesau, Ken Ventry, Chris Brienza, Aaron Watson, Ber- rd Tubiana, Tim Maloney, C. J. Papa, Kevin Gormley, John Parella, Paul Cimino, Julian Cernatesau, Sadat Dusi, arre Abitbal Bottom: Larry Lee, Milton Thomas, John Hernon, Jean La Dan, Stacy Katz tManagerJ, Bill Dauber, Jor- n Anger, lonnis Oxynos, Jose Montenegro, Charles Kassimis v 'mf X ,.,, X it , swilin 1 ' , XXXXXX 4 ,MQXXXXXXXX X XXX X V X X b YA. X ' 9 ' b. .,,,, il nf ,.,. X, ,nw X WW XXXXXXX XXXXXXXX ,IXXXJXX X XXX IXX-X NXXXSX XXXXXX XXX X ' will vi XX aw XXX 'XXXX GSXXXXXX iw' , X,sdXiXq,lJwX XXXXXW . ,Mx . f L . ik 7 X X S L SL Q 'L ,V VL.. 1 R L A is we , I W , l X X f,-'I , Q Q , 3 ' 1. V ' . A In " we : ' ,iw ' '3g,,FM A. , v 5. -egg , J Top, Left to Right: Alexander Stephano, Andrew Lichtenstein, Dominic Stellini, Scott Willett Giovanni Valencia, Edmundo Correa Jonathan Berk John 0 Connell, Michael Davis Bottom: Sal Variello Diving Coach, Matt Andrews, Anthony Daiamonte, Manager, Philip Curcio, Adam Kanciper, Qulrin, Robert Stovall, Paul Schaeffler, Darius Bork, Robert Sorenson Head Coach wg wg Top, Left to Right: Gail Schaefer, Laura Sita, Dierdre Duffy, Liz Principato, Elaine Braun, J nifer Crosby Bottom: Martha Carlson, Tammy Levy, Kerri Tamorini, Sion Prior, Joan Bru Pam Lipis ' wp 11,15 -' J' Q ,on t xx, I n: Coach Mike Rushton, David Kelley, Joe Siebecker, Jose Mazas, Dean Stackel, Ala Piket, Mark imian, Howard Newman Bottom: Panayotis Kontos, Gurinder Ahluwalia, Johny Camcam, Holace ay, Scott Clarke ia p: Didi Emmons, Monica Esteban, Linda Leishman, Rachel Hecht, Maria DePuthod, Jackie lribello, Cora Evelyn Hannon Bottom: Didi O'Brien, Fay Eng, Sandy Siuagnanam, Patty ilsh, Patti Samper, Judith Henshel, Mgr. Catherine Jefferis TRACKANDFELD is L L 55 Exe ffxlx .ff . L 2 ..-.213 f L .fm Y if . K J L 4 W O ' T N y I vf if Q VOLLEYBALL Standing Left to Right: John Eckle Chris Chuba Tony Lombard O Paul Mastropietro Jon Kaplan Jon Stuart Marc Emsele Mike Smolinsky, Pete Cavrls Mike Montefusco Alex Polozofi Kit McQuiston Mike Mankovich Lana Rynczak Coach Dr Jack Peckett Kneeling: lan Lue John Minutillo Robierr Cassetti Tony LaBruna Darren Fails Oliver Armas Gary Louis Charles Larry Golen Sitting: Co-Captains Kurt Brungandt Larry Lee , . ,fr-tr,,..,. ,M M stgmmil 1 .av-if ..'-53' KJ Iahmoud M Abdelnabl Paul J Aceto Alan A. Adler Lydia G. Alfred r:onomlcs!Polmcs Biology Biology Biology Mark 0 Allmen Kay Allyson Lisa R. Alper Hlslory!Polmcs Biology Computer Science Aceto Phi Beta Kappa, Dean's List, Cadu- cean Soc., Beta Lambda Sigma, Bristol Soc., Fine Arts Club. Adler Caducean Soc. lPres.l, Beta Lambda Sigma, Biology Club, Jewish Found., Circle K, Yearbook, JCF, intramural Sports. Allcock Intramural Volleyball, Circle K lTreas.l. Allmen Phi Alpha Theta, Pi Sigma Alpha. Alper Zeta Alpha Beta, Phi Beta Kap- pa, ISSC QV-Pl, Intramural Sports. Alvi Beta Lambda Sigma fTreas.l, Biology Club lTreas.l, Intramural Sports. Alvo Science Fic- tion Club. Seniors ! 81 Amendola Delta Sigma Pi CV-Pl, Omicron Delta Epsilon, HABIT tPres.l, Econ. Review iCo-Editorl, Intramural Sports. C. Anderson Caduoean Soc., Dean's List, Bristol Soc., Draper Chemical Soc. R. Anderson Fauchardian Soc. Anticev College Republicans. Anton Phi Alpha Theta, Intramural Volleyball, Washington Sq. Chorus iTreas.l. Appelbaum Society for Pro- fessional Journalists, Armand Club Hispano. Carl F. Amendola Mark T. Anders Carla A. Anderson Economics Computer Science Chemistry M. Randolph Ambrecht Politics Rick L. Anderson Biology Stella Anticeii Frederick J. Anton Renee Appelbaum Cynthia Armand Computer Science History Journalism Spanish!Linguistics ' 82 I Seniors lathalie M. Augustin olitics Iarie L. ambach-Castillo sychology!Spanish 4 , , .JE Nicole S. Avrami P Nehla Azzo Donna A. Bahr Metropolitan Studies Chemistry Computer Science Augustin Honors Political Program. Azzo Alpha Phi Delta. Bambach- Castillo Spanish Club iPres.l, Ski Club lTreas.l, W. 4th St. Journal tCo- Ed.l, Psychology Club, Newman Club. Bansal Beta Lambda Sigma tPres.i. Biology Club, Brittany Dorm Coun., intramural Sports. Bentley Pi Mu Ep- silon, Intramural Volleyball, Hungarian Club tPres.l. ajiv Bansal Ela J. Basulto Richard A. Benson Roy A. Bentley iology Economics Biology Mathematics!Biology X Seniors X 83 Harold D. Bertram Angela ll. Bianco Leonard M. Bley Diana Blok Economics Biology Chemistry Malhematics!Compuler Science Bianco Dean's List, Beta Lambda Sigma, Biology Club, Bristol Society, ln- tramural Volleyball. Bley Phi Beta Kappa, Caducean Soc., NYU Volleyball. Bostany Karate Team, Economics Club, Pre-Law Soc., Newman Club, Marketing Soc., Ski Club. Bove Fine Arts Club. Boyce Black Students Ser- vice, Pre-Law Soc. Brick Student Service Organization. Brod Dean's List, The Plague, The Courier. Maria Bove Coreen L. Boyce Paul A. Brick Douglas A. Brod Fine Arts Sociology Urban Design Journalism ' 84 l Seniors tbe Bronner Juliana Brown Kathleen L. Bruen Diane Brussell Ilology Psychology History Psychologylkeligion 'auline T. Fudd Gina Y. Campbell John K. Capetanakis Vanni Cappelli dathematrcs Computer Science Computer Science History Carabelian Bruen Gaelic Soc., Newman Club, Spanish Club. Brussel Oxfam Project. Budd Wash. Sq. Chorus, Caribbean Stud. Assoc. QV-Pl, Spanish Club, Inter-Varsity Christian Club. Campbell NYU Tennis Team. Capetanakis Delta Phi, WSUC Stud. Coun., Commuter Club, Hellenic Heritage Assoc., Intramural Sports. Cappelli Debate and Speech Soc. fPres.l, Edwardian Society 4Pres.J. Carabelian International Students Org. Seniors! 85 1' Jean M. Carabuena Jude Roberto Cardenas Biology Biology lil Mary M. Carroll Georges Casimir Eddy A. Castillo Psychology Applied Sci.!Mech. Biology Engineering Carabuena Caducean Soc., Beta Lamba Sigma QV-Pl, Biology Club lPres.l, Intramural Sports. Cardenas Delta Phi, Bristol Soc., Intramural Sports, NYU Cheerleader. Carmeli The Forum lAsst. Ed.l Carrol Alpha Phi Delta Sisterhood. Casimir Pi Tau Sigma, Tau Beta Pi, NYU Fencing lCaptainl. Castillo Student Activities Board, LUCHA lPres.i. Caviris NYU Wrestling, Hellenic Heritage Assoc., intramural Football. Mildred. Cardona Tidhar T. Carmeli Biology Computer Science Gina M. Cavazzini Computer Science Peter Caviris Psychology I 86 l Seniors Chacon Psychology Honors Psychology Club Chan NYU Program Bd Asian Cultural Union, Classics Club Fme Arts Club Chang Math Club Orientation Leader, Yearbook Staff l Chen Chinese Mei Soc lSecl S Chen Math Club iSecl HKSA NYU Engineering Club W Chen NYU Var sity Volleyball Team, Math Club Comp Science Club Julia Chang Mathematics!Economics Wan Shuen Chen Computer Science E. Chin Computer Club, Math Club. G. Chin Economics Ctub, HABIT QV-Pi. Chiulli Phi Gamma Delta, tntramurat Sports. Cho Koreanyilhristian Fettowship, Korean Stud. Assoc. Chow Math Club. D. Chung Caducean Soc. Edward G. Chin Computer Science v.fw'v .mal I mirrii Glenn Chin Joyce S. Chin Mabel T. Ching Donald Chiulli Biology Economics Computer Science Music mp- ' QW Won Cho Winifred Y. Chow Elaine P. Chu Denise L. Chung Mathematics Computer Science Psychology Biochemistry ' 88 I Seniors twang C Chung Tracie E Clayton Gigi Coffinas Brian J Cohen omputer Science Psychology Politics Psychology K Chung Korean Student Assoc. Clayton Student Service Org tChalrper sonl Cnrcle K Psychology Club. Cohen Psa Chl Dean s Lest Psychology Honors Cole Sigma Delta Chi tSec.lTreasl Comstock Choral Arts Soc Wash Sq Chorus Org ol Students for the Homeless Frank Colon Journalism Paul J. Corradi Economics John M. Cosenza Anastasia S. Costaras Carol A. Crespo Physics!Electrical Politics Dramatic Literature Engineering Corradi WNYU Cosenza Sigma Pi Sigma, Engineering Club, Soc. of Physics Students. Crespo APD Sisters. Cutrofello Brittany Council, NYU Students with Hart. D'AIIessandro Classics Club, Intramural Volleyball. Dainesi Caducean Society, Dean's List. Dallas Pre-Law Society, ll Circolo italiano, Choral Arts, Sigma Delta Chi. Efrain Cubides Computer Science Thomas Cutrofello Vincent J. D'AlIessandro Edward G. Dainesi Deirdre Karen Dallas Economics!Classics Computer Biology Journalism Science!Mathematics ' 90 ! Seniors in. Angela Damiano Nicholas A. Dangelo Lisa Dannibale 0tra Davidoff Chemistry Biology Computer Science Broadcast Journalism Patricia De Maio Constance E. De Palma Richard A. Dellheim Frank J- DeMar!in0 History Journalism Journalism Mathematics 'Effie -' B - 5536 1' .C J 1 Katui A. Demasio Biology 1 Dellartino Caducean Society, SSO DePatma PRSSA. Seniors f 91 4 s E Antonio Di Caro Bill Diamantopoulos Beatriz Diaz Eunice A. Diaz Computer Science Psychobiology Biology Computer Science Rose Diaz Joann Dimaria David Dong Judy Dong Urban Anthropology Psychology Biology!Philosophy Politics Diamantopoulas Biology Club, Hellenic Heritage Assoc. Dimaria Biology Club, Newman Club. Dong Asian Cultural Union, Wash. Sq. News. ' Jayne B. Drucker English ' 92 l Seniors du Drevil Dunn fPtFlS5A. Caribbean Club. Egre Beta Lambda Omega lPres.l, Rubin Hall Stud. Govt., Biology Club lSec.l. Eng Asian Cultural Union. Ercole ln- tramuralrvolleyball, Economics Club. Fahmy Dean's List, Le Cercle Fran- caise, SSO, Bristol Soc., lnternational Stud. Org. Falzarano ltalian Club, Pre-Law Soc. Fasano Karate Club. f A. Dunn Howard R. Egre Roger S. Elkind Jeanette Eng Biology Politics Mathematics Mar it ie Ercole Hannan A. Fahmy Deborah Falzarano Charles Fasano Biology Politics Psychology Seniors I 93 Ferber Della Phi Epsilon Sorority. Fiorenti Fuchardlan Soc. lPres.l, Beta Lambda Sigma, Dean's List, Biology Club. Frazzetto Math Club, SSO. Katherine Fengos Mathematics!Computer Science Erica S. Ferber Marina Feygin Charles P. Fiorenti Steve Fleisher Politics Biology Biology Hebrew Lit.!CIassical Civiliz. ' x 4. -wi 1' li if Page W. Fletcher Elaine Frankel Anna A. Frazzetto Robert Freire Economics Politics!PhiIosophy Computer Sociology Science!Mathemaiics I 94 I Seniors W' D. Fristoe rg: JA .1 3' .V eela L. Furman 'tics Mitch Fuhr Kuojueng Fung Siu-Kay Peter Fung Economics Chemistry Computer Science Fristoe Dean's List, Psychology Club. Fuhr Omicron Delta Epsilon, Circle K lPres.J,.SSO, Stud. for the Homeless, Math Club. Fung NYU Fencing Team. C. Gallagher NYU Women's Swimming lCo-Capt.l. I8 Fuscu Julianna K. Gabriel Clare Gallagher Daniel G. Gallagher 'nputer Science Computer Sociology German Science!Hebrew Lang. Seniors X 95 Eduardo E. Garcia Juan C. Garcia Computer Science Biology Carl R. Gaudinier Journalism!PoIitics Gaudinier Zeta Psi Fraternity, Wash. Sq. News, NYU Equestrian Team Gelsomini Pre-Law Soc., Ski Club, ll Circolo italiano, Rubin Hall Stud. Govt., Newman Club, D. Slick Fan Club. Georgiou Hellenic Heritage Assoc. ' Silvio J. Gelsomini Politics Susen Genc Politics Ilona Genis Christopher Georgiou Daniel E. Gil Karen S. Gilbert Chemistry Biochemistry Chemistry Metropolitan Studies!Politics I 96 I Seniors lnthony J. Giovanniello 'sychobiolog y 'Nw J. Godbey dward A. Gregory nglish Literature Bruce S. Gitow Athanasios Glekas Paul Gneco Public Relations Biochemistry Computer Science Amy S. Gordon Nancy Gracin Greta E. Green Economics Chemistry Politics Gitow PRSSA, The Courier. Glekas intramural Football, Hellenic Heritage Assoc, tTreas.l. Gordon Omicronylqelta Epsilon. Phi Chi Theta, llflferfllarslty Christian'FelIowship.1S3iiing Club. or 5.1 is Seniors I 97 Debbie Grillos Stacy Gross Chemistry English Andre M. Grosser Drina N. Guneri Linda M. Gustatsson Kunsang P. Gyato Politics Metropolitan Studies Psychobiology Grillos SSO, Circle K, Yearbook Staff. Grosser ZBT Fraternity, NYU Fenc- ing Team. Guest Delta Sigma Theta, WNYU, Org. of Black Women, Org. of Black Student Journalists. Guneri Gamma Delta Sorority, Pre-Law Soc., AIUTO iPres.l. Hager Wash. Sq. News, Dean's List. Hakim Pre-Law Soc., JCF. Pamela Guest Biology Journalism Rachel B. Hager Journalism Edward Hakim Politics I 98 1 Seniors Wash. Sq. News. 'illiam R. Hamel athemalics J. Han Diane Hanan Science Biology Hamel Bristol Soc., Math Club. Han Korean Christian Fellowship, Wash. Sq. Chorus. Hanan WSUC Stud. Coun., Yearbook Staff, ABDDS. Haram Pi Mu Epsilon. Haughton Phi Gamma Delta, WSUC Senator, SSO, Circle K, . Pre-Law Soc., WSUC Stud. Council, Pol. 8t Social Awareness Soc. Heekin Allegra-Jo K. Hannon Masood U. Haq Journalism Biochemistry 1aIed Haram Alison E. Hart Daniel Haughton Francis J. Heekin mmputer Science!EIecl. Psychology Economics!PoIitics History rgr. Seniors f 99 Heitman APD Sisters, Dean's List, Beta Lambda Sigma, Circle K, Biology Club, Pioneer Club. Hemmings Caribbean Students Assoc. Hennessey Stud. for the Homeless lPres.l. Hertz Woman's Center. Hogan PRSSA. Hom The Courier, SSO, Yearbook Staff. Hong Caducean Soc. L l l Erica R. Hemmings Politics Debra W. Heitmann Biology ill Stacy L. Hennessey Laura Hertz M. Jeffrey Hessel PsychologylPolitics History Sociology Andrea Hindes Kathleen A. Hogan Peter M. Hom Kingsley B. Hong Biology Journalism Politics Biochemistry I 100 1 seniors Le- 'tb A-fl Q O Varren C. Horowitz Masahiro Hosobuchi Mark V. lngrassia Charles E. Isaacs Iiology Computer Science Politics German lsaacs Meontic Soc., GermanlClub,li CfSsHC. Italiana DeltaiPhi, EnttaQnuraI Football, Math club, Iwinski yimraqwurai Basketball. Chinese Christian Fellowship. . J T ' 3 Y ' J ohn M. Italiano ?omputer icience!Mathematics J. Iwinski Salvatore Insinga Michelle T. Jackson Catherine 0. Jarrat Biochemistry Psychology Philosophy N Seniors! 101 i .f V - N 1 X2 .KK ' i . A ev. l 1 A Allison Johnson William E. Johnson Siva S. Jonnada Lauryl E. Joseph Journalism Computer Science Computer Science Economics W. Johnson Meontlc Soc., AJIS. Jonnada Asia Society. Joseph Ski Club, Hayden Govt. QV-Pl, Economics Club. Karacostas Intramural Football, Hellenic Heritage Assoc. Karounos Hellenic Heritage Assoc. Kassot Pre- Law Soc. Ian Y. Jung Chemistry Laura M. Kapoian Nicholas A. Karacostas Angela Karounos Claudia L. Kassof English Sociology Psychology Psychology I 102 1 seniors Michael Katz Andrew Kavesh Michele S. Kaye Computer Science English Journalism i serman Ian Angus N. M. Kerr Lynn Khafif Yoon M. Kim PoIltics!History JournaIism!PoIitics Chemistry!Spanish Mi. Katz Zeta Psi. Magyar: circpigiiiralianogiwashign.ZaiScggj53?iayers4ffgigiggifhbtl Wash. Sq. News, NYUigTennis Financen Society Chi, PRSSA. Kaysennaig Draper Qijiemical asia L81 christian.esexwwshirp. - M u. . n... 'ril Q3 orrs. M uiir Q ...r Qyfxf aiikn ... - f ,Q f'-,, Q . , ' -N, , Seniors! 103 Oneil King Leon Hirant Kircik Thomas J. Kirdahy John S. Kissel Politics Chemistry Politicslbramatic Psychology Literature Nancy A. Kito John H. Kitson Alan M. Klarman French!Classics Computer Science Computer Science King Caribbean' Stud. Assoc. qPres.l, Pre-Law Soc., Black Stud. Service Center, Black Business Stud. Assoc. Kirdahy WSUC Stud. Council tPres.l, Student Senator, NYU Resident Assistant. Ko Korean Christian Fellowship. Kollias Bristol Soc., Hellenic Heritage Assoc. Hoon C. Ko Chemistry Penny Kollias Biology I 104 !SeniorS Konis Draper Chemical Soc. Kosak WSUC Student Coun. CV-Pi, ISC, Classics Club, Judson Hall Council. Kozuch Gamma Delta Sorority. Krause University Scholars, WSUC Stud. Council, Meontic Society. Laiks Omicron Delta Epsilon, Univ. Scholars. Lama Caducean Soc., Beta Lamb- da Sigma, SSO. Lamarre Zeta Alpha Beta, ISSC, NYU Volleyball Team, Dean's List. Lampropoulos Hellenic Heritage Assoc., ACM, Black Lightning. Konis S. Kosak Beata I. Kozuch Robin F. Krause Faye S. Kroshinsky E conomics! Classics Near Eastern Politics Studies!Politics A. Laiks Paul J. Lama Marjorie R. Lamarre Candy E. Lampropoulos Biology Politics Computer Science i l Seniors 1 105 Lanting Wash. Sq. News, WSUC Stud. Coun., Circle K QV-Pl, ACU, SSO. Larsen Phi Alpha Theta iPres.l, Pi Sigma Alpha. Law Assoc. for Computing Machinery iPres.l. Lazzaro APD Sisters iPres.l, ACM, Intramural Volleyball. Lechtanski Gamma Delta Sorority. Theodore T. Lanting Psychology Christopher J. Larsen Politics!History X Ayako E. Langley East Asian Studies Raymond Law Computer Science Virginia M. Lazzaro Computer Science Cheryl L. Lechtanski Anna S. Lee Anne Lee James Lee Biologyldournalism Psychology Computer Science Computer Science I 106 1 Seniors 415 ,Gm ,K I 'Uh-f mv' 1 lane K. Lee Keith K. Lee Kyong-Hee M. Lee Robin Mae-Saun Lee Mathematics Computer Science Mathematics Biology Math Club. Vl'ina Lee lournalism T. Lee HKSA, JASA, Biology Ciub. Lei Computer Club.'Chinese Mei'Soc., i Arm ' x5 N li grace Lee-Hin Jacqueline Lefkowitz Patricia C. Lei Leonarda Lemoine iology Politics Computer Science Psychology Seniors! 107 Wi Dominick P. Leone Pene Chene Leong Anne H. Leong CIassics!PhiIosoph y English Chemistry!Engineering P. Leong Inter. Stud. Assoc. Levy Black Science Student Serv. Org. tPres.l. Lew Intramural Volleyball, Biology Club, HABIT. Lewis SSO, Math Club. Li NYU Volleyball Team, Chinese Christian Fellowship. Nachum Levin Biochemistry Donald Levy Chemistry David C. Lew J. Claude Lewin Reginald J. Lewis Thomas Y. T. Li B'0'09.Y Psychology Mathematics!Computer Computer Science Science I 108 f Seniors 5 S i 2 1 it 1 Lim dathematics ennoula T. Lukas olitics V. Lograsso Olga T. Losada H. David Loshin . ,l its . v Ellen Y- J- Lin Michael P. Lisanli Gina Lodolini COMPUYGF Science Chemistry Chemistry Benson C. Louie Journalism!Economics Computer Science Computer Science Lim Math Club Lisanti Caducean Soc., Draper Chem. Soc. Lodolini Draper Chemical Soc. Lograsso Rubin Hall Stud. Govt. lPres.l, UCSL, Draper Chem. Soc. lSenior Rep.l, D. Slick Fan Club. Losada Women in Comm. lPres.l. Loshin The Plague, WSUC Stud. Coun., Univ. Scholars. Lukas Hellenic Heritage Assoc., Pre-Law Soc., Black Lightning. Seniors 1 109 . .l Jack G. Lutkowitz Jim J. Luttrell Paul S. Malc Economics Journalism Psychology Sajid M. Malik Chemistry Salman A. Malik Edward Man Rolland A. Mandel Biochemistry Computer Science Economics Lutkowitz Omicron Delta Epsilon, Caducean Soc. Luttrell Wash. Sq. News. Malc Intramural Volleyball, Psychology Club, JCF. Sai. Malik SSO. Sal. Malik Delta Phi, Caducean Soc. Mandel Dean's List. Marino Phi Beta Kappa, Dean's List, SSO, Circle K, Pre-Law Soc., Pol. and Social Awareness Club. Mary Mansfield Psychology Malthew Marino Classical Civilization 110 l Seniors Math Club, Armenian Club, Computer Club, ACF. eidi Martinez conomics lim S. Martinez Kim Mazza Kimberly A. Mazziotta riology Journalism Psychology K. Maritnez Biology Club, Circle K. Mazziotta Psychology Club, Spanish Club. McCarthy Wash. Sq. News. McDonnell NYU Speech 81 Debate lPres.l. McGayhey University Scholars, WSUC Stud. Council. Melkomian Charles J. McCarthy Journalism J. McDonnell Sharonne A. McDowell Janice S. McGayhey Edmond Melkomian French Language Metropolitan Computer Science Studies!Politics Seniors! 111 Melnik ACM, Computer Club, Science Fiction Club. Mercado SSO, LUCHA. Merchant Tau Delta Phi, Asia Soc. QV-PJ, Bristol Soc., Biology Club, Inter. Stud. Assoc. Meskouris Pre-Law Soc., Social and Athletic Club. Michos Hellenic Heritage Assoc. Milani Benjamin Salom Award. Milgrim The Forum, JCFQV-Pi, PBSSA, Pre-Law Soc. Edward A. Melnik Computer Science Si . Elsie Mercado Nipun B. Merchant Andrew A. Merola Trista B. Meskouris Psychobiology Biology Chemistry Journalism Paul A. Michos Haleh Milani Pamela L. Milgrim Erika Misaki Chemistry Biology Politicsfdournalism Computer Science I 112 1 seniors l Christopher Morik James R. Morocco Maria Moukides Journalism Politics Biology Monaco Beta Lambda Sigma, Biology Club. Morocco Pre-Law Soc. Dean's List. Moukides Biology Club CV-Pl. Moyer Economics Club, Pre- Law Soc., SSO. Murphy Sigma Delta Chi. Nardiello Soc. 81 Ath. Club Black Lightening, PRSSA. Newman Math Club, Draper Chem. Soc. Hebrew Culture Musical Ensemble. D. Ng Alpha Upsilon Pi Sorority, ACM Circle K, Chinese Student Soc., Computer Club. e i li, " ly ' uv l A E X . -3 . ' Joseph A. Nardiello Karen J. Newman Debra Ng Journalism Chemistry Computer Science Seniors f 113 Lily Ng Chemistry Rowena Ng Computer Science!Mathematics Munwai Ngai Linda R. Niedermuller Computer Science Computer Science L. Ng Pi Mu Epsilon, Math Club, Computer Club. Ngai ACM iSec.J. Niedermuller Alpha Upsilon Pi Sorority, ACM, Math Club. Oak Math Club. Cecilia G. Oak Computer Science Mariella C. Occhipinti Grace D. Ong Alexander M. Padro Songsil Paek Dramatic Literature Computer Science Journalism Biology I 114 1 Seniors , 1 , , Despina Papadopoulos History!PoIitics Matina Perlegis Psychobiology intramural Volleyball Pre Law Sao Hellenic Heritag a1 Ass9c,1Papadnpoulns Pre-Law Soc AQUTO W P1 Pappas in tfamural iffontballf Heiilenw Herrtage Assoc Maria L. Polimeni Joyce A. Poliseno Giovanni Porcelli Nancy Portoghese Politicslltalian English Politics Politics Margo M. Powell Janice M. Quinn Rosanna L. Ragone Karen A. Ramos Psychologyldournalism Economics Journalism Philosophy Poliseno Literary Club, Meontic Soc. Portoghese Zeta Alpha Beta Sorori- ty, IRSC, Pre-Law Soc., ISSC, NYU Swim Team. Powell Black Student Ser- vices. Quinn Omicron Delta Epsilon, Dean's List, NYU Women's Basketball Team tCapt., MVP, 1000 pt. scorerl, NYU Resident Assistant. Patricia Recalde Computer Science I 116 I Seniors 11 'Q 1'1,1'1-1,"1f1,1,11,1 ,A1 x1f1, , '11.w1.' 11-1- 1'1 1 1 W1 ' 1 1'11f.,: -' ' 1 ' 1 1 W1 1 1,1"'1wg''1'1':'11y."""'.1f"'x,"if W., '1,'1.g1'. 411' ,'1,,,1w'1:,1w"1,.' , ". in ,yy-' 111 ' 1,1 X ' 1 11 1 X 1' 1 1 ,Q 1 1 M M 11,11 .,1',v,M111g',,,"1'1"M"',"g11.,1 'ab 1 1.1.5 "1 'X I ' ' '11 11,1 ,1 H 1 1 W 11: fl, 1 ' 1 1s "9 1 ' -1' 1"""'H'vm:"1"' "1s'1 " 1' 1'11 1v f.w1',1" '1 "' 1 'w,'f1"'f 1 ' ' 'vw , ' ' ' 1 ' ' '1 0 ' 1 ,. ', 1, ', I 1, 1 ,1 1 ' . 1, ""h'b111'1'1,,1,1'2w"a'i'5kf,1,Q:few1-','1w"1:1,s'ki'1'11V'sw! 'l " 1 1"'fJ,1z '1 f, ' ' 1 1 'L 'I1 1' 11 1 , ', , 11 1 E11-1 M1,-!1,.i1,f1,'rgfG1g,uf,111.j,' 111'-1, 1-1'31,, 1 JN- -1 '-11 -',Qf,'1: , Y ,' 3 -W111' ,""! -1' ' ' 1' '.1'f WFQWF 'f3?f'e"T!:v iWQ?i3P W?'F'WW'1 1 ""' i WW? 1 MQ NPUQ 5' -2 '1' 1 1 lML'1'ifliTff'Q ' f, "11 f w 5 F d I 2' ,"w"j'1',f,' 1.,,,w'f',.!-'V' ,' 'u2"'C"' 1:,1'!,g. 3' 'f11w'1j',"' j:"1,,,, 'Ng uh! 1 ' , f' 111, 1- '1 r , i - 1 ' 1 thristopher A. Rhodes 7hemislry Y 3 9- ' Q' ka S. Rodriguez Dina M. Romano Diana R. Romero Alicia D. Rooks rench!German Journalism Biology Journalism ilison B. Rosenfeld Sandi Rosenfeld Richard Rothberg Marsha E. Rubin 'olilics Journalism!Hislory Polilics!History Biology Seniors f 117 Russo NYU Basketball Team, SSO, Hungarian Club. Salzman Dean's List, Intramural Volleyball, Econ. Club iSec.D, HABIT fSec.D, Meontic Soc., Year- book Staff. Samson Jewish Culture Found. Saneii Phi Beta Kappa, Dean's List, NYU Soccer Team. Santaniello Math Club. Sarnicola Students Ser- vices Org. 3 X I Amy H. Salzman E. Selena Samm Economics Economics ..u'. ' " hqgig. . ug-D ' ., ,bm , ,-,--'..' , r ,.-. ,-'..,.-3.1, Ai..-, - 4'u."'i'i'.l" i-'H ,,,, , ,nv .,w, , . -1.-.vi-...nip .- .f,-.wr wg., ,-,nt 1' ., nf ' tl- . -'wht-' 1. wil- - Henry R. Russo Biology Kian Kevin Saneii Computer Science David B. Samson Computer Science Julie C. Santaniello Marie P. Santos Frieda Sarhadi Anthony Sarnicola Mathematics Economics JournaIism!Politics Computer Science I 118 f Seniors esley S. Sayarack Carol A. Scarso Michelle B. Schallamach Douglas M. Scheinman fomputer Science Biology Politics Politics Iatthew T. Seedort sychology Scarso Bristol Soc. Scheinman Pre-Law Society, Students For Hart. Seedort Delta Phi, Dean's List, Intramurals, WSUC Student Coun., Psychology Club. Seiden Political Science Club. Shah Caducean Soc., Phi Beta Kappa, Asia Soc. Sherman Washn. Sq. News lSports Ed.l. obert Seiden Jinnie Seo Sonal Shah Joel Sherman olitics Biology Politics Journalism l l Seniors l 119 KN, I Wayne D. Shideler Jaeri Shim Peter Sikora Keith A. Siller Politics Computer Psychology Psychology Science!Malhematics Siller University Scholar, Bristol Soc., NYU Band. Simms Pre-Law Soc. I .. Alison P. Simms History!Politics Susan A. Sipos Valerie A. Sirani Adam D. Smith David T. Smith Mathematics Psychology Psychology!Philosophy Philosophy I 120 l Seniors .5 . Stuart I. Soloway Steve J. Song Wooyoung Song Barbara Soo Hoo Jramatic Literature Physics Economics History Eisele Speiser Julia M. Spicher Douglas Spitz Iwona M. Spurgiasz 'olitics!His tory English Broadcast Journalism Computer Science!Mathematics I S. Song Korean Christian Fellowship. W. Song SPS QV-Pl, Korean Chris- tian Fellowship. Soo l-loo Pre-Law Soc., Orientation Leader. Speiser Gamma Delta Sorority tSec.l, Pre-Law Soc., History Soc., Politics Club. Spicher Minetta Review tEditorl, English Org. Stein UCSL, Student Senate, Yearbook Staff. Vlichael Ashley Stein Politics Seniors 1121 Yaron A. Steinbuch Karen J. Stern Robert H. Stovall, Jr. Roy O. Slrinberg Journalism Psychology Journalism Psychology P I , John G. Strugar Jeffrey S. Suchman Kalhy Tam Ford T. Tan Chemistry Psychology Computer Science Stainlmch Dean's Listqstem Oxfam Fundraising Program. Stovall Wash. Sq. News, NYU Swimming Team lCapt.J. Strayer WSUC Stud.: Conn., Speech and Debate Soc. Suchman Phi lGamma Delta, Ski Club lPres.7. yTan lPhl.BetaKappawresidentialScholars. . y y y Computer Science Anil Taneia Biology I 122 1 Seniors Tannenbaum The Forum, AlPAC lPres.l. Taravella University Scholars, SSO, Circle K, Pre-Law Soc. Teebor NYU Cross-Country Team, Pre-Law Soc., Orientation Leader. Terazzer Universily Scholars, WSUC Stud. Coun., Circle K, Circolo Italiano. Terry Refi Psi Chi. Teshineh Org. of Black Women, Org. of Black Stud. Journ. QV-Pi, Yearbook Staff, WNYU. Tigmo Sigma Delta Chi. Tom ACM.Tong.Classios Club., . T T in lm' tindy G. Tannenbaum ournalism Q 27 ymily J. Taravella Daniel A. Teebor Linda A. Terrazzer Phyllis B. Terry Reff nglish Politics Computer Science Psychology Iarghiee Teshineh Myrna E. Tigmo Juliel S. Tom Jeot J. Tong :Jurnallsm!Politics Journalism Computer Science Computer Science Seniors! 123 .3 Toomey Literary Club, Meontic Soc., Newman Club. Tortorici PRSSA. Tovmassian Pre-Law Soc. Tremblay Rubin Hall Stud. Govt., D. Slick .Fan Club, Avon Spy Club lPres. and Founderl, Rubin Zoo Club, Camp Git- chigumee Couns. Tsamasiros Orientation Leader, SSO, Psychology Club, Hellenic Heritage Assoc. Turim Presidential Schnlars, Phi we yKappa,p Wash. Sq. News. Varleee Phi Beta Kappa, Psi Ghi, WSUC Stud. Coun lPres.l, UCSL, SSO, Orientation Leader. Kristel E. Toomey English Literature Tamil A. Tormos Frank C. Tortorici Henry Tovmassian Marc A. Tremblay Politics Journalism Politics Biology Anastasia Tsamasiros Gayle C. Turim Bernard P. Udo Doris R. Varlese Psychology!Classics Journalism Polilics!History Psychology!Politics I 124 f seniors Qi licki Vasilopoulos Francis Verna Christina D. Viola Lynn Vogel lournalism Biology Economics Economics!Journalism Peter J. Waibel Chemistry!Biology!Malhematics Vasilopoulos The Courier lEdilorl, Hellenic Heritage Assoc., inter. Rela- tions Club. Viola Pre-Law Soc., SSO, Econ. Club. Walworth Dean's List, Classics Club. Wang Caducean Soc., NYU Volleyball Team, Chinese Mei Soc. lPres.l, Draper Chem. Soc. Weerbrouck Alpha Upsilon Pi Sorority. Mark A. Walker Mark C. Walworth Debbie Kuei-Jung Wang Barbara Weerbrouck Psychology Computer Science Biochemistry Psychology Seniors! 125 M. 9 Robert J. Weinstein Larry D. Weiss Mitch S. Weitzman Yvette L. Wells Psychology Philosophy Politics Psychology Weinstein Psi Chi, Sigma Delta Pi, Pre-Law Soc. Weiss Alpha Epsilon Pi, Wash. Sq. Players. Weitzman The Forum, JCF QV-Pl. Wells Psychology Club, Newman Club, Black Student Service Center iPres.l, Circle K. Whalen WSUC Stud. Coun. lTreas.l, Univ. Scholars. Whitener Black Science Stud. Org. Williams Black Science Member. M. Wong Wash. Sq. News. E. Wong Computer Club, Math Club. L. Wong Econ. Club, HABlT. John Whalen Computer Science i l mr: A, , Miriam Whitener Cheryl Y. Williams Edna Wong Grace W. Wong Biology Biology Computer Science Economics I 126 l Seniors D. Wong Mona Wong John Woo Benjamin H. Wu Journalism Mathematics!Economics Politics!Metropolitan Studies or-4' Xanlhos iandy Yeh omputer Science X N 5 Q ' A Mark J. Yannuzzi Maria Xiradakis Biochemistry Mathematics!Compuier Physics Science Yoshiyuki Yamamoto lV-Pl, WSN, WSUC Stud. Coun. l0mbudsmanl, Rubin Hall l Stud. Qovt.ylTreas.3, WSN, Yearbook, lntramurais. Xanthos The Courier. lKilWFW41iP.rlHdll?lllG HQFWQGASSOC- WIQHNQVU AGM? Maul C51-llilfzafif in-l lllldlllevybalh lByli:llrlgy'lClulb, S304 Zakakis 'lYlUl'3Fl'lUl'f3l llFootball,f circle i Ki, Hellenic Heritage Assoc. Zias Sigma Pi Sigma, Soc. of Physics Stud. Zombek Eta Kappa Omega, Econ. Review 1Editorl, Econ. Club QV-Pl, SSO, Computer Club. Zullo Beta Lambda Sigma lSec.J, intramural Volleyball, Biology Club lSec.l. Seniors X 127 . W , if J K , , , U 'ii M xv 4 M M N jk M, 1 :IWW X .7 N X. Q ' Yi: M H115 Hia ww' 1 fm M A W ? ww 5 ,WLM Mi y . 5 A XA W fx-HW f w 30"- 4 A V1 V n w 'W M W ,f f, W. :Q we "QE ,mem 4, Q N q , gawk A, 'Y 1 ,1 5 tj 'r i ..n,? 54 RAD 132 Clockwise, From Left to Flight: Cheryl Dunn getting down for the AEPI Sisters: Zeta Psi throwing down another spike in the volleyball competitiong A Delta Sigma Pi brother reaching low in the bean- bag relayg The inner-tube backstroke race held in the natatorium. The Following Page, Clockwise, From Left to Right: Pete Sullivan rounding his cone in the bean-bag relayg Sororities racing to the roof in the rope-climbing competi- tiong The Sisters of ZBT harmonizing in the song contestg An example of el- fective teamwork in the volleyball competition. 1 S ,ti 4' -1 U' Q' 1.-5 M ... it , ? Vstum U ugifw f nt ...W mini? Pt' iii' T wg' wa? .. .N ..- 14, ,. 'jf,'fi,'.Q, -"eg, x. - ' 4 .. W f--ki, , '-'ff t U, in , . . . I .win ,, 'W KG- .N I My I SSH M .tr-3,4-f.7,, flp M- ww il' ,mf , 'i fl Y' -v--...- I f I al -wk gl H' - 4 5 ,qi . f"lf X 2gSi Q A 'I v Q, f J-N s f J S-Xxx s f N, ' al"""'1- A f , A , ff i fi as V' L':L1 ii? ? Q A M l' Kg if , , , 1 , ,.,,.:,.V 4, LVVIV, 5 Vlalg , vs ' ' ,, 1 3 , fd' I K ,ik , H.. ' 5 .if g""'h-...W L ,, I' nf' if ' an Ya 7 f Events I 133 ww -It My ,,, K 5 5 Ev . 1 1 L , ' F .1 ' M., I .,,. H 5' 41424, 'JV '," 4 . I L22 .if xg KX 2 M. , , ld 6 Clockwise, From Left to Flight: Flounding the cone and heading for the finish line is the ZBT bean-bag relay anchor: Zeta Alpha Beta sister Lisa Alper showing her punchg Dribbling for APDQ Delta Phi's winning en- try performing in the limbo competition. Events ! 135 The World Breakmg Twister Event In an effort to create student involvement and fight apathy, the Student Council spon- sored the World- Breaking Twister Event on November 29 at Coles. Although over 700 people showed up to play Twister, the turnout fell far short of the record 1036 people. Nevertheless, the large crowd was not only en- couraging but served to prove that NYU students can really show their school spirit while having a good time doing it. ll iii' wil ' Q5,,S5,,,,tJ .... -- Wtt., 5, gf 2 fw f I ,, . MR ww ff WY' X 1 if In Top to Bottom, Left to Right: Twister - A view from the rearg Happy students playing Twisterg Duncan Logan substituting a megaphone with his party hatg Tommy "The K" leading the pre-Twister calesthenicsg Stu- dent Council members laughing at the thoughts of playing Twisterg Seeing dots. o':z o':'. ..'. - O.. O63 ff-'T 6. 4 O 0 O 9 9 Qs QOOQ 2.0, 0 C .Q.Q o'o' 'og .o".' ,' ,O di 9P,0 ,J f .0 .oz S It ' ' '. 'Q' ' o'. o'2'l "' 0' ' 0 x Q Q9 9 9 05 Q Q Q We 9 Q Q. 0 Q 0 0 Q 0 Q J as 9 , 0 O - Q .0 as o'o' ' ' 0' ' ' 9 if 0' os""f- 1 1 ' 7 3 1 1 3 QQ", 1 1 fm"-It Q Q I 1 I t nfs. Q 1 Q 1 fn, Q Q 1 1 35 'sg 1 D J v,,'0 1 3.3 t n Q f . 's '.0. 9' . - 1.0. 0' 9 9 l , O. Q.: ,C C P ' 3 331 Q 3 Q ts", at Q Q n Q QQ.: f,C .95 N, QQ. oC,gf.f,.f',Q Q et? O 0 os Q .0 ' O Q 6 J., - + O 0 0 0 0 Q 0 0 Q '-,. O -O 0 'O Q Q00 .0 .0'a,..,: '-, Q " 0 Q. ' QS , "i . 0 0 0 , "- QQQQ as oc: .,,,!.x. Q 'C .C 0 ', 0' C'o' ' ' o'o. 5 , - . 0.x o'o' ' . 0' ' ' 0 Q. OS X9 0' 0 C. O C O Q 0 0 'f- Q 0 0 OS 0 Q 1. 0 Q on 6 . W 0 0' ' ' ' Q' 9 3 9 9 .o.Q + 0 -0 Q' - o.,' .Q ..sv'9 it 0 9 0 ' f 0 9 "" " ' O o'o' -fo' 's 'M ' 0' ' "'f 1 . Q . . 1 ' - . Q, , . ' 9 Q 6 3 C "v, Q ,, 3 0 0 1, + 0 0 Q f 0 0 os O o 0 Q .' 'mi i 0 Q 0 ' 0 ,O 0 0 Q 9 CSN, wa. Q O Q . o ,s 0 0 Q eb 4 0 .0 0 f ' O 0 o'q. 'V My 0 0' o-sv ,O 0 f ' ' 0 0 .' ' no O Q 9 4 Q C O Q v. Q' ' 0' ' ' 0' o""' " 9 0 f, 0' t 0-V09 'S 0 0. o'o. I' O V . ' 0 Q 9 'H 0 f- Q 0 0 0 0 O Q Q 1 O 0 QS C 1 O C Q ' Q Q Q Q ' Q " Q Q Q Q '-f,. Q Q S Q 0 o o ' -f " O 0 f os O o W., ' 0 0 g .S ' I . ls Q . .ua "f . f 0' ' ' X P 0 0. "V, 0' 0 .5 .0 .0 .0 W., ' 1 's . . 0 Q ' Q ' sw Q o Q ' 0 9 O M O 0 Q O Q of 6 1 'y 9 . O, Q 0 4 0 ' 'Q Q I I C 4 Q Events f 137 Clockwise, From Left to Right: Roseann Kitson announcing the movesg "The King of Twister," Andrew Kosak, in his domaing Twistin' the night away. I i grggg. N iggg ggg.r r .-Q MMR I 1.35 .5 .... i E o cu in , " lu " lf' ---vifg.--ni" fr' ,W--we M rv ,.W f.LgM- -. "iI...."f" W--fe i, ru.-1' -e . -'..."' MRA :Q ,M My Wrxk. .gang-gf 1,--Y W, Uv .U ,,-- M .. ',-- Q ee. J- ..s"'f'x MM.. '-My M N' ,xr wiv-' kv QM ,N-As... ... A "" ..,,, ,,.V, NM .JM .xr .,,.-Q' W kkrgg Ms, W M .-,..-M MN-Wsjga.-. nf.: LN up ... . alle ,ew Q.-W 'D' - ..,., ' ' .W "' V iii.,-' Me,,.'- M ,.,-W. is -Q M . ... g,,,, ,.."' W " my - -ff I L-..i"e . W . i,., ..-'f WM... -0 A w "' -, . rg -.N ...M g ,WF W we H.-. N. 0, . K ..- We .... . . ,K :vw YN" " fair ru -439- W.. of .W -,N --Q""' -wr erm K we 'M' -N, ,Q .W A--. -- I K- as f +G- Q.. Q .W ,..-M .W ,W I 'N K - A ,. iw- .wfwk gg..." W- M N" :,,g""' ,.f""' --wiv' ,... X., -Nw Q- N' we- Xi- we Q -,-fm em Q -1 "N .M .-N .gr W- 4- ' , M " "H" W. K . me Q im. -me -'V' -' M.. -N. N, .-. W. -M vw .W New -W ,,,, ,WM ,,.:. an ,, A up my . .... ,k,x .,,,,,, .vw l,. W, ---.. .W.t:,,x. ws- ,Q,. .M an M, .0 -me ,,:. nm , .xegwgmmw -dll N b- ' N f- .. W wan- .- :H gmt, l Q L ' N snr ,WW su' Q --W In .-mm, . , vw., -wr--Q, was -- .- NN- .eww k,f--- an- -me . - www , 'ww -z-ffzsias: V L f wwe'-w 'fe - , V i Q is .. K ww - mm saw N i Nw' 'W' Q .,. ' . .fm ' W' ""' , .. .,,.., l fx '45, '."',., ' " f -1 gr.rr e 'JRN r,ewhg-I? 23216. ii M 4 i ,r 1 Q Ji 138 X Events RQ X l e e , tiie l V r A' t 4 , .mt -W, if Clockwise, From Left to Flight: Student Council President Doris Varlese can't stop smiling at the success of Twisterg Shawn Long amongst the dotsg Another Twister participant falling all over himself. wmv ,MM Km-,. E' I WWW as 'K etrr e F ""'4'f,l 'ls 1 .XA X N eiee eeee X1a..Xzeg,sw5gSf X 4 at-ga , , XS, .wxlw fiaaxm. . A K' iw -W xr-129. i ,FX W' , . x .XR-.L 0 , 5. . -,za . : . Qmigffi. . - - xi.. Events I 139 x - w K K X 1 , uf ' K J 140 I Events ,if 'Ld' N 'iii W , , at-'M Whm. hx, Clockwise, From Left to Right, Starting From Previous Page: Ellen LoBue doing the splits: Grace Campagna, Diane Hanan and Peggy Chao responding to the call of "Flight hand on redf' Watching Twister from ground levelg Vivian Chang and Alex Kogan doing the Twister waveg Yes, even freshmen can play Twister. Events I 141 Club Fair With the commencement of the school year came Club Fair. Clubs set up booths along Washington Place in an effort to recruit new members, enlarge their ranks, and display their wares. Meanwhile, students, new and old alike, meandered through the booths in search of new organizations which they may be interested. ,Ng .. ., .4 M.,.-.bv-11 kyENIC Herfffk "' YV' HSSUEIHTIUNV I 1:55 . fit 1 it Q,-if S. 142 I Events -Q4-H i Q S 3 fi N kgs S y A 'Q Vibwyvyw y W www 1- fi , Q2 --. V --'N--ff :uv-waxy a ww. .,,,.M ,,, -qv.. s .4- fw ,., f-W my mf. A ,QM M-1 . -e ,, ,, J y .. I , Yi. 'W N fx' ,L 3 X H if 'yum .L f 1 mu 5TRMYBfRRY FESTWM' Strawberry Fest The first day of May was the date for the first annual NYU Strawberry Festival. The Festival was held in Gould Plaza. Dozens of bushels of strawber- ries were distributed along with ham- burgers, hot dogs, ice cream, and pop- corn. The many attractions included the presence of a large, paper-mache "Talking Strawberry." , in ,1, , I .... , t - 145 ,W f, SHS Dix? h, ix? H- ws vi ,f-f""'wj,1 f" s EN QEW was INIVERSUY Q' Q . 6 r" x 3, Y I Robert B. Dow Award: Andrew Kosak Dean's Service Award: . Julie oeaeuis Mark Cerrol Award: Ben Wu Edna Ables Key Pin: A Robin Kraise E. Glaster Award: Linda DiGiosaffalte WSUC Aware Anthropology Prize: Frances Devi A. E. Hill Prize: Carla Anderson A. Tuttle Prize: Georges Casimir B. Salom Prize: Anthony LaBruna Beta Lambda Sigma: Alan Adler B. Trell Prize: Allanah Thomas c. var.-rakis Key Pin: Sherry Wolf r C.:H. Wiley Bio. Honors: Michelle Miano A CMP Pub. Prize: Brendan Noonan Comp. Science Prize: Lisa Alper y D. J. Burrell Prize: Sharon Eberstein Dean Bouton Award: Mindy Plotkins Delta Phi Alpha: Nancy Kheck Allan Seaman Jason Krosinsky D. R. Mellet Prize: Robert Cole Fine Arts Award: Laura Kalzrnan E. W.Nye Prize: Barbara 0'Brien Recipients . Bailey Award: Richard Staddard :merican Lit. Award: Eileen Ledwith i. B. Literary Prize: Jennifer Gordon i. Bee Prize: Sharonne McDowell i. Legon Prize: Bernadette Miragliotta lusic Prize: .Stacey Laurer Gare Yellin l. Seidenstein Award: Nachum Levin l. Charipper Award: Rajiv Bansai listory Prize: Alasdair McMullen l.W.S. Scholars Prize: Steven Dailey tiology Prize: Jean Carabuena .rabic Prize: Christa Salamandra . F. Cooper Prize: Gayle Turim . G. Bennett Prize: Karine M. Hollis . Herschman Prize: Richard Rothberg . Kilmer Prize: Rachel Hager G. LaPanna Award: Frank Ricciolo L..H. Hornstein Award Arleen Dallachiesa A. L. Shugler, Class of 1914 Award: Craig Smith A. H. Zagor Prize: Steven Dailey A. l. of Chem. Prize: Christopher Rhoades as we - 1 + : ff Qigfir' , V A ww A 5 mf 'f .1 nary , M IM ,Q at I Q3 fx 0 what. WQQ1- eff:- ligizeg 5, .N ,k:, K f Q A ff W,-1 FE5Q5 ., -SE iMwQQwW"q:Ww2f2Mpq, z fwwwagf af, WmaL,M,1Wwf , W ii eg A QQMQMQQQ 11 ,.., - 2555 w,ig E ,iii . A 2355 Council Cffice Dedication On March 21st, the new WSUC Student Council Office, room 905E Main Building, was dedicated. The NYU Brass Ensemble provided entertainment while the WSUC com- munity celebrated with refreshments. Dean Jill Claster returned from her Sabbatical Leave to attend the Dedication. She and Acting Dean Lawrence Bornstein hosted the of- ficial inauguration of the new office. The refurbishing of the office was made possible by a gift from Dr. S Jerome S. Coles. ...g...w....-.au-um-o-n--we-an Clockwise, from left to right: Dean Claster present- lng Councll President Doris Varlese with the dedica- tion plaque, Dave Spiegel having a swinging good time with the refreshments, Pre-Law advisor Ken Bromberg and friends getting a leg up on others at the Council office dedication. From the previous page, clockwise from the top left: Among the speeches of the day being given were from Acting Dean Bornstein, former Councll Presi- dent Tom Kirdahy, Doris Varlese, and Council Ad- visor John Del Grosso. Events ! 155 -1. xiii ! W -I f 'MJF A 'fm 4 Award Recipients ChanceIlor's Award for t Volunteerism Black Science Students Organ. Dental Health Organization Org. of Students for the Homeless The Soup Kitchen at NYS Chancellor: Award for Charity APD Fraternity and Sisterhood NYU Cheerleaders and Bobcat Circle K Club Phi Chi Theta pi Zeta Psi Fraternity Chancellors Award for Programming The Advanced Nursing Student Org. Asian Cultural Union A.l.E.S.E.C.r The Black Business Students Assoc. g Black Student Service Center Brownstone Magazine Deaf Awareness and Friendship The Debate and Speech Society The Gay and Lesbian Union inter. Relations Student Center Organization of Black Women Editors of,P.olyphony.g t Students for Environ. Awareness USOISEH NAP WSUC Student Council g Chancellor: Award for Leadership Ira Borenstein Dan Jinks Thomas Breslauer Tom Kirdahy David Brooks Andrew Kosak Chantee Cade Matt Marino Francis Canavan Tracy Present Paul Cole T Alan Queen Angeia Colon Janice Quinn Nick Crincoli Joe Stargensky John D'Antonio Mike Stein Julie DeBellis Chip Stovall Dan del Puerto Pat Tagenstein Helena Echegoyen Doris Valese Mitchell Fuhr Dave Verducci Robin Heagan Mike Widman David Heath Ben Wu Rich Handler 157 Purple and White Olympics Over 700 participants took part in the third an- nual Purple and White Olympics held at Coles on May 8 and 9. A combination of team and individual events, such as basketball, volleyball, squash, rac- quetball, tennis, swim meets, track and fun races, weightlifting, and a tug-of-war, were held. Medals and T-shirts were awarded to the winners. Par- ticipants were divided into sides of either purple Of white. This year the white side was victorious. 158 I Events Rf! 'SWH 'iffifi f 1 Qu , Q - W2 A 7'f"'?"ff"!'4'5fg1gf5iy joys A X wl- Q. i w J' 5 '-we-,. fx , K 7 fm. if 1- .,12,,'X ' , 7 W 'Mafia 'FWF , ,1,w1g:vw' WI 'ul .lfnf 'sq V Y V. A --K 6 v :A iff :-Q., v-..f.,.,A V NM, Z 'wa-I nfl-V 'flfu X 2 57" x 'L F? f 1 su gui. gg, y...-nn-vf . Q 160 f Events O O The Magic of a Face x 0 NY -Y' Mill, -wwiglk .. K' k' K ' ' m i m.A, rwH X Q q ' Xi. ,N .mx ,. - " . Graffiti I 163 3 64 'ia-.... 2 3 esiden tial Life A32 Graffltl I 1 A 1 , 4 I r ,, .F f"" 3 A " 5 'A , , I The Vlalet ew F' ' . 1 1 ,' e f 4 ' 'qm fl EX ray, awk Spirit: Nvu ' 1 Cheerleaders e .Lima ,, . A uve ng.: I 1 ""lh. Nw eq., 166 I Graff!!! ---...QM ,I 1 'Ma -Y'- :W ,A-- N 4 u "if if - QS X? -.. k , Q' 6 Nlmi .4m...,,- Graffltll 167 Around the Campus ,, , , ,,.,,, .,,,, ,. J,, , M 'iyff :', 1 W , , V' ' " H : ' - 1" L , fwfsh , z, wsw3z zsrzY A ','g , , X ' 'A fl 4 ,jzzwcmty J'L Mmmz.ss'1w , Lmm, A ' , fffffzff -IH -' pf V fi .X 168 I Graffiti 5 , WM aw W we FW ami 1, ,,,, 3, ., .,", M 5 Q 24' 4 xr, i n 4 I, .,,. Q .5254 fe!" 3' Y Graffiti I 169 Friendly In terac tians 1. B! HK Xlk if F X 1701 G ffltl E Q . mm I f ,1 f f ,Q , ,, V A Ag I fn .,Q...f - J Lgmw ew 'fi 'Q Ngff 172 X Graffiti . .,..,, x,.... :1f1111Q,,S, H, S, 1, .N.w.-- i , 5.3 '-f:1.1:se::z1s2f.gf ,.,- if ww: -- f,--- W A AQ: IQ,-.:.,11., :K f,il: kk:.h X3 QQ? www? fi ga 1: gi, . --f- Q, ,S , ,Q fi, , . ...kk i ,. + . f ' :-.,.W- -- --kg, M. Q, i : . N5 S 5 vs 58' X M WW lbw -- :gg..,.Q 'xt R J ,Z I . l l2 M, K RQ 'Q vi f ,A 1-4-rr,.fMfl VQAK, N , , , X S or .3 H : I Q '.. 1. s I tb' :" S. I . Q' 5 5 M nigh ai Q ,xp , iv v sw--dfjfnud an ,i , In tram urals 4700 students participated In Intramural competition this years in over hundreds of events and after it was all over, the winners were: Football: FIJI Water Polo: Titanics Basketball: NYU Law Water B-Ball: Titanics Co-Ed V-Ball: Leaping Lizards Frat. V-Ball: Zeta Psi XS-J , r 5' Springtime in Washington Square Park 174!G ff'i V ' " S NVQ , ,SQ ,vt '--..,,, an I S v- -P- ,hh i ,Im - ihffi Graffiti! 175 Student Governance Hailed in the past two years as "ones to judge others by," the WSUC Student Council has been striving to provide better services and forms of governance to the college's students. This year's Council members were: President- Doris Varlese Treasurer - John Whalen Ombudsman - Ben Wu Communications Coordinator - Senior Rep. - Diane Hanan Soph. Rep. - Viv Change Curriculum Committee: Sean Lane Janice McGayhey Student Affairs Committee: Ted Lanting Leon Barson Communications Committee: Evan Kornrich Diedre Fitzpatrick Student Advocacy Committee: Dave Spiegel Vice-Pres. - Andrew Kosak Senator - Daniel Haughton Secretary - Floseann Kitson Mary Hope Griffin Junior Rep. - Peggy Chao Fresh. Rep. - Chris Gallea Beth Lewis Grace Campagna Alex Kogan Saultan Baptiste Robin Krause Duncan Logan Mary Gorman K Q .gk ' ,.., . I N.. ., 1' Q. X12 J begin -me A M ,,f..,a ,K I W" " .i I fe' 1 , - f it V tl A Aggg, ' kgt l z , .kk 1: .N so ...- ,,,f' asm ws. "WMP ' I' kgs' . .4 fiwQ?""'w-smug., Each Spring, students campaign in the hopes of being elected to the campa n g Student Council. There were 70 people vying for 23 positions this year. When it was all over, the USA Party had gained a sweeping victory in becoming next year's Council. f 3' VOTE The Art of Studying 178!G f , y,f1 Q I ! 411 5 -A gap 1.. ...1...1 f ggilm 'I ullglllcl Iliff! .-9 V 2 x U f- ' 115 ' ' wi ' 6 jf ' 1 wi O a N ix W llx A, - ml , JRR , , I Q, ':"L n ,,.w 'W x X- ,f Collegia te Relaxa tmn Z? Lectures Many speakers came to NYU this year orating on various interesting and informative topics. These lecturers in- cluded: Supreme Court Justice Harry A. Blackmun ttopj, Eugene Kummel, Chairman of the board of McCann Erickson, Inc. Advertisers tmiddlei, and the Mayor of New York, the Honorable Edward I. Koch. 182 I Graffiti sg. Vx 1 , I b QQ X y J i t of t E l I i Freshmen i A Orientation Every year thousands of newcomers to NYU are formally introduced to NYU in a week of frenzy during Freshman Orientation. Hot dogs and ham- burgers ltopi, a Freshmen Commencement featuring Chancellor Oliva ltop lefti, a barbecque tbottom Iefti, and balloons tabovei are all part of the festivities. Graffiti! 183 N' 1' XR I 1' Hallo weel Although in Greenwich Villa everyday seems to be like Hallowe October 31 allows even "norrr people to dress in costume. ' following are a few examples. 2 K. Q 'N 14:5 Q , 1'ff"Z15 -5, 5-faq 4 rf 3 2: xr J- if fxx A r .sf "'M..A,,f Q , in .. 'M 3 in H hi f Q , wh ' .e . N.S1 1 ,5"ki 5 if . f m .. , ff? ' Y 4 , 'fi ,,i g g:LmgfN, w.Q'N Q, 3 A Ar 'V Y' W mf 95' M 2 1 1' 4 . I ed' U H1 . ,Q x. ff 1 .C ' 2 I Oldies, but Goodies The Second Annual Alumni Basketball Game 'F'-r-HJ . ib., . i xl'-.-..-----wvmmf j 1niU'illlinill' ri! ,Q , bw +V!! 'SVU S l 1 I M .,. I W-Www, ,,,,,,,,,.v 9 l A K fm' '35, SS E Graffltl I 189 190 I Graffltl ami? , I Af, I i ,Q A .,,, I I , ,N,, . F . A "W M ,A Ea ' ' Rsmfxcfigggwv K eepmg Flt W" 'il1lW's The Coles J! FW -. at K X ,, i ses 5. - ' Q Sparts Center -sl Wifi? ll' My ww ' 1 v . Wh!-N-Q 1, ' Y . - ' n 5 . I is 931 I YM! 2313 4 'aff ' ' '-F39 Seiya i b aj. 3 ,Q Sai .-" if 3' """ ' mv ff-14.944 ' -::,"- ' . 5' in E, Q 1 l 3-,,w2iiC'fff A ' E !'ggff .-.5369 2 "-h , , 6 A! 'I 5 WM F r-,--,--- - gn 295 -,N 545-.xx Q ob. Q11 "'5f5n'-f 'ff Lf ',. ' f' is xf fs' . M'-ff 'Q 3 - uv ' 4' Ln .V x.. QM i K V-Nh xi' -v A- .- gg .J A - ,.. 11 .,,, i s T1 4 Graffitiif 193 if 5 - if 1 1' Q, ,A iig, W-4.-m,h F Loeb Student Center Cafe on the Square lv n ,xx r .. , Q. K7 1 . . '11 i 1 1 1. iv 5 e N E Q I i Q2 . 'NIJ Qt, A , QQ! E , Mm -3.1. 2. s .N .X Tx 5 3, Q :E 5 . . ,,. g H V . ,. Z LZLL . g ,L 5 E L Q ix 5 2 2 'gy Q xg ,MWC 55+ QS... JR ' R : - . 1 Y' 4 . N A ,W g L 4 W ,V ,. -V 'ew .1 X 194 M e its , Q-' A m A Q eefefmfiaa inner ance The breathtaking New York City skyline provided the backdrop for this year's WSUC Spring Dinner Dance on May 2 aboard the Cabaret Yacht. Despite a cool rain, over 150 people filled the yacht to capacity setting off on a cruise of the island of Manhattan for over four hours. Good music, songs from the past, a buffet dinner, a plentiful supply of liquid refreshments from a well-stocked open bar, laughter and friendship were all shared that evening. 196 at Nl? ,,. but JB' we 5 if 'Y' Celebration! 197 198 I Celebration vs , www- ik .qv ' 1 Q T ?l'T"' by 8 Q X 1 4 Q 4 , , 4 O a S 4 , . sr Q 'Q . 'A I' 202 I Celebration Baccalaureate Ceremony The fifth day of June marked the second time in twelve years that WSUC held a Baccalaureate Ceremony for its graduating seniors. ln comparison with Commencement, which is University-wide and encompasses 14 separate schools, the Baccalaureate provided for a more intimate exchange between faculty and students who have worked closely within the College of Arts and Science. The Ceremony also provided for several prestigious award presentations - among them the S.V. Memorial Prize to Georges Casimir, the Valedictory Award to Tom Kirdahy and the Alumni Award to Mike Stein - and for a presentation of representative graduating seniors by department, poetic and musical entertainment, as well as a number of speeches - including an inspiring, rousing address by Valedictorian Kirdahy. Celebration I 203 -, 0 nr ,, mi 5 2 y 5 -,,"f 4 o lil Q ' 'jivre 5'z,5:'L a.'g3.S4 K , it I H --.,,-n. S 1 , ' .,, Jw , .QNNN iff? l Jgj 2 K, ,m an-wm,s."" ,4.m..7 ocial Sciences 'he Ceremony Program recession of Faculty and Graduates S elcome twrence A. Bornstein, Acting Dean of the College S esentation of the Aiumni Bowl Award l Mike stein iesentation of the Sherborne Vernon Damerel emorial Prize to Georges Casimir l ' reetings ohn Brademas jesident, New York University culty Address Liens Anderson, Professor of Spanish and Portuguese usical Interlude tok Kreiselman and C C C 16 NYU Concert Band g resentation ot Representative Graduating Seniors y Discipline i nthropology genomics urnalism inguistics l letropolitan Studies i olitics sychology ociology tciences .pplied Science iiology Fhemistry r Fomputer Science llathematics 'hyslcs Georgia Aixendiou Jack Lutkowitz Gayle Turim Cynthia Armand Benjamin Wu Michael Ambrecht lnez Anders Craig Smith Georges Casimir Jean Carabuena Carla Anderson Lisa Alper Meir Ben-Reuven Yuk Yun Li Languages C CC A Unsil Yi French and Italian C C David Adams German Hebrew riir g Juiianna Gabriel Slayjg Spanish. r , - Amy HQVUSWU Presentation of the Roland Beattie Valedictory Award to Tom Kixrdahy ireni L. Jay Oliva, Chancellor Valedictory Address Thomas J. Kirclhyc y U , it Poetry Reading . Robert A. Raymo, Professor of English Banner Ceremony: Doris Varlese, Senior! Vivian Chang, Sophomore C Alma Mater A r Recessional Reception Humanities g y g Classics Allannah Thomas C Camp. Lit Andrea lprivitere Dramatic Lit. Catherine Scagnelli i English. James Ransom y y Fine Arts Mayra Rodriguez History Christopher J. Larsen MARS Ann Scott Stadnik Music David Garo Yellin NELL Robin Krause Philosophy Steven McSloy Religious Studies John Hamilton 2 05 M ww X1 , Y ' 4- 1, . -K' 'mai if VN!!! 694 IQ, msnki ET PRWARE r T2 MDOOGXXXF l N W. gc '-F' i 5 V' 5 wr If wk J I N5 if ,iw is as Q 5 f 1 f i gm-, M,-1 Q Wie 0 Q! ' A 1:2 W s 5 ng J rahuatinn WERSITY fir eu AK, Graduation Program and tr w Xin? M President s Welcome X M ' lt 7 Wm ll reeungs rom the Prcszdent f Q 1' T2 0 elcome to the One Hundred Frfty thrrd Commencement Exercrses of New York Unrversrty' Our ceremony, whrch rncorporates academlc tradrtlons that PQISI ffm 0 07 9 , go back as far as the Middle Ages, also symbolrzes aspects of our NSU Ax X W Kjos nfl P k own proud hrstory as n Qfemflff be Frat more than a ceintury and a lsali NewfYork Unrversity has en e ucatrng outstan mg men an women or a contmua y Q' YW ll expandmg range of careers The more than 7,000 members ofthe K Class of 1985 Jom a drstrngurshed alumnl of nearly 200 000 New 'X York Unlversrty graduates throughout the world N f NN Whlle all of us are Justrfrably proud of our past achrevements, fmjgi j A i J New Yorklilnlversniy Looks vgth strlll greatecri expectatlon toward the accomp IS ments o t ose w o gra uate to ay X XX 'X X In thls sprrrt, l extend my warmest congratulatlons and best wrshes to the Class of 85 and to the parents, famrlres, and frrends who have helped make th1s spec1al day possrble 614 l john Brademas 210 I Graduation A, X X, X , fxyyry , . X XXX Vlg. X , . . X , iv A, ,XP X XX, ful: X X X XXX X, "X " ' it X Z Z X XX 4. 5 1 Lf-X1 Y, 1 r XX? " . Wf, Z X ', ' , I ' Z "M ' t 1 ' -t 1 - , 5, , 1, , , Y A .L 1 ' V., "lv ' 1 ' :Q I' 0 A Y ' f' , Q . , 1 W1 1' .. f 'Q r 't fl? A J at l'lf fr ' W r ' -' H ., .1 1, 'z ' V rf. A ri - , ' , -lf f ,. J A H' W , fx' N' 'W J lf 1 A rl r -my 'X 3 f f gi X ,srgggpf r , '- ' lr " ' f 1 M Eff r 7X M, . - T H l A F ' lllllilqf 4' f J , , fr V " 1 X rr 1 , 5 X, X Xf , ry. ,f XX If E l'Xf'fX'5'i rg X ,X 1 X -X yr. X . , jf XX X, X X QX' 0 ..X, f 5 KX , "Xl . XIEF ,if 'k,A " , ' X M. . ' , ," " ' 1 I f r " ' ' 1 . XXX! V X :'i,:,f.fX,.f' QXX f " mm ff L A "jf A , X ' fl or or garr an - r 1 '-S' ' 3 19- l 'rf ' .. 6- - 5 3 f af rf 'MM .11 f f ' . A- l-' P .. A , 'wi' 5. 1 4 ff J: ,, fl 2 El 1 11 u Al ' S41 A . " 1 ' P- 1 1" f ' ' , , 1 'iii' ' V2 . ' H 1 ' 'V lg 1 , rz.,. I., I -, . , X, 4, , .,f ts. . - , g . sf,-3 ,-- , , .L . - v fi - ,Nl l '."'4 52' " N X - J K C' 1 'x 1 'Y ' 0 ' 'L' I Xc,XXr,X. X, R ,f tn HN j tX,,..,.A ,.,,,, ,, , x. Aqhh XX X 2, ,. K, ,X , :V ' ,333 z K7 , - .rf ' nfl 4 ' ,ji fl f 0'k'j,:::1'T' XX, X N X W X X Ax ,- X KH- X X NX g XX '- ', W H 1 , 7' - hx wrt. f , .. 0 A' ,- ' ' ' Aw 'N 1" ll Y CW, .. l fi , 2 1 all ff 5 . f - ,V E CXX ' i .X : H gl 'A A - . 5X A ff 5 lf tl: , 1f J"7 . 5 'riff : 3 f I gg ff , Y r .rw . lf '- M - lx ' 49 'L 'X Q s' l Q, p - 1 I c ,, ,.s., ... , , f , . . X f X I , - 5 ' ' s-f,-e- fb 'f -. u H , ' tX' - W -- - V gp . , if ,x , fan' -so ,W eeerr fy N, feffk. fl-Q-Q .r - V-it ,flllfi fl ,. pp g ' ' '- 'f'4,NAX F Nm . f , .Q 1, . 02 f XS, ,X .. ..r.,,, ., , XX, X ,X , EX fr as , 5 X .H f Z SM: lffiln rf - H Qgijf l if .J rf? l L, ' ' Q, X ,f X N 2. 1 of ff., I 1 rf' x 5 ' 5: , 'L , , X ' - v '23, T:-5 " l' V 'I 71' ' ' ' ff R ' Q - ', I " k"W""" 0"' 'A -Q '. ., U11 -A X AXNXX-.M7,,.,f"! .,xNQm'.X,,1 XXNL'Ld',,' , . ,---- ., '- X' ,ff"""'-.g ' -Y., W--.E . ,.-rr iffy! X' Nm A A X ,Xxx , , ' xi-F fix 'M . . - 170' X A ft 9 'JV X l :A-, ' X ,X ' X fr. fu: Q' ffm! 3 f f 1 r Y 1 s sf 4 ' --fu-L----W if , ..f-lf r X l....,4.L,l..,.u.,J x f A' -, 'Q,,s. L- A 'L , XX X - gg X- , . . . . 0 . 5 AA- ls se , 'L ff . . 'EJ X ' .tr X 1 X . ruff . c .sp i 1 - ' .EJ t - run 'TQ ,- fl W-'J of ,f V ' K ..,,,Xg . X , ' .A X X ,,,,.u,XXX - 4 J -A -L H33 5" . ..fH. ' ' ' , c New N .X s at 410 J X' Q wiv , sir, ' t X5X-X , 4 1 re, ML . , M, ' s serif Nm ,ff - - , ,,,.,M..,XNX ,, ,t.. dy, .... ,ww . Bkrqql Xt V QLXXXXTM . X Q . . . ' rf, 3 ,f V M, 5 X: gg l f . . , . . ' ,fe-f i f fy.. V-M Jw. fr RL. I X. K 5 if X. , l ' X 'ff'-,,'. , 0 . X .- ,, V ,... X GQ: , 2 at ' ' NX-mfr, 1' . .. . ' " 1 LNNCQ.,-ff . X , . . . 01 Av In-un' 1 7 xii Pgf! 1' U"'J',. 'I' ,- ff..- , ni .f . fc' ' sa..-.1 rf n ., -Q - ,Ar U D s I Y I I X 'I t I- -:.'- I 'f " .f 'E -4'- Q. , ,. ,ll .1 . 1 - L- . 1. - lf- , V S '-.-,' . gf 1 v Y.-Q, f-M'-if ,ff , X an by A .f e-'Q -ul i tim' ' ph W gui I 5, 1 qwwwf-W K, ,. Q, I J " ,ft "tm wit P x mv , it- i, .. Q.. , 5:5 . fs? X 2 33 Q O it Senior Doris Varlese accepting the diploma on behalf of all graduating WSUC students. I rf if 1 "x N. M? WV. ,K ar 'Q Ev' v w K ,, M tv wwyw 'lug ps an M fw Jw df 4 " MW ' in A H M , J 5' 'U J . " I A ii "if W , 'ILM m,....,.,.i- ww' ' :I Wifiiiiff' lffqxk lj 6 in I I ' 1:-.- MQW i .. r 'X A fs Q. A e Q.-T' ix! A Y V Tit? X me 2 4, f5s'?ff 'V ' g. xxx-LH .'. Qi., NYU . , iftts l . -. -,s- . ,, fdfi EQQAJ My A-1Q"9 4 "' K W r, if 1-I: 5,41 ""?X1'm,fQ,,: .,-. M4 Q45 Si X Q .10 f 1' , ga fn.. X an A-1 QI ,JH iff fi' , , , 1 7 ' ,Am ,, .,,, V , r W F 6? f H ' V? J' 1 4 ff Graduation f 215 sw vii Was, N fm iv NX W, V wr , QM 5' Q il ' si! 9 Q F an an 'M QI MM k"""--- L41 if A L .. ,A ' fi rr' .mfg J, w 1 1 I I N ' f his A . .y 3: Ja. ,,4 ,,. , XX av W. MH' v .Qi t f, fi x ,F X' x xi H . six' 4 I 'u X .N W f a' N wr- -1. -X - N 9 'H-. I EN v i 1 'hr xl xi I N.: L "': 1 , 3 in MIP' ,- 1 I -in k 4 gl s six wi' Q my ,W if wiv. ve' lam 'ur ' fam.. 'Www' .N W - x' wfix C'. Mg r " M501 W F Q15 - if " be .nf 1 m u X . W V ' ,. xnxx. K , , H .Vx . ' .5 1 IG Q. Lyyiag awk' V' 'KM Q I 4, 1 wg Ak' 6 2 H , ' .55 , , - 3 -, xg Q ? V 4? C . N 1 Q 3 Wa- 5 mm wi , .,,x -. A L ,, . X .. A x:f5jfAwQ iwwreili A 1--'As Emmy ff yngiicix.: . W , riffs 1 Wkziwrwg JVM F W fs m ffjfuw ,f F? K, 4 1 f. X! 1 - X53 S EWWM K ,dp N '25 K rn 5 km 5 z ! , Aa y f 9 U. .fm lf W' -- , N ,523 ww' x 'L ui 5,1 gf M113- , M ' ' X 4-.rm ,, I ,55QQ,7 w we 9,2221 ,Ap 4 wtf i'f kg ru I 6' 7 I -5-Q M S is 'A T s .IL- x ., A ,.,' 1 1 '-2 'L L X Q AM. -2 'V 2 V Q X , . 5, M ' 2 M 'J ' ,..,,K V V. :mx ' EQ g W L1 I , PW Q it K V Wwffigffm - 'Y,v""'Q'b?1QT ml' , , , , K, Q . , fpfsi , 1 1- , W, , yiv 11 F NAM. ,swing ' Jw. Wu QW f-Maw X il-. , i 'i 1 AML N X. .A J 5g-f'gsyy , 1 4.1 vi, My- .W Q, 'lv 44 V 1' -Z!!! 5 A t V41 ii.,-fy' V 1 nt. K Aa? 354 MX E, f a,,,,,5m ,!,, r x 5' K . v 4 f W A QPF' mf, ,br f, it fag 555, 4. ,W ' KX 2, J, , MN.. Qi-SS' 1 if fs. , 1 : , AW ' , , ,4-1" po 4 'fffigf i ffm I 5 ' 'WLT -"' A ' R 'wigy f f - 1 if ff " 'wifiii A 3 P -if '3'."f'+iAE 3 ' j ' P .5 if K 1 N. 'f fx-If .':?'LfQg4. , ' . -T ' 'F-V .U ' ' ' " "". all fsff?'f1':"5.In iii-fialftf' ' ' f 2 ' ' , F' Fas? In-"I"" "7-g12f.f-sL-- mfr? .1 ' NT", " r FHA 'L " ' ' ' - 'I' :Q '.,,,4 'Q yup! r . ,Q L -.f g r . ra-7" '. !"',fj:-ilgb. -r t.,k ,tl " 5 J , '. :N..,,j.gE-96341 1 ' 2 ff' y . - A in: lx, V P -4.1 ' ' g g'25T1'F',6pQ, ' 2 , ' j 1' , ,., A ,iq iii' ' I X A x' V51 s f g 1. Q 1 -T' As M 1 'f' 'f vp' X- ' -My 1. ' A 'f ,f 'X L M 1. rj 4 s Q . P Q We NA ,4 I2 r V M AAS fx v yi X' AR! t F ' - 'Xq 1 -VV 'x i 1 -9 'x , ,, 7 .- -, 1 X If . ww ' an ,S -4 f! - A V . V . f ,.-.., Y 'in W' .6-E 's .. -- - .:...-- -"""" ' -- hh- .., A 2 3 L-,r , nn--v - U H ,' . ,t , gk 5:9 "Q J 2. ' if 2 1 ' 222 W Q X x"'X MQW' Q52 Q- sf ,1"'-2'-Q' 2 - r ' W ' 'Ml' x -am, .- W. A? ,V Graduation I 223 QW H1 --,H Aims? 'N .1 an qf 5? '55 4 WW E ,, -ww . - e E as . . ff-, H ,M . 'J f L W 1. K ffm if tv R I V - HQ 'WTA 5 V F , ng , gil? :MM Wu slams! vi, if W Xu Q w f b k i f qg 4. ,W-r a k -- aw M' Q G' WW. F ,ag ' .1 1, 'M if Aymdkmvaw -vw v may M J- VV Q5 1 , i M ' 4 ,FW- wl V i Q'W- 4 .Lg V K Q. f n n N V I 1 ,- A , ' K . Nh :U x if M W' 'B 35 1 . S Ft x f. . ts S Z R . K Sh I .x 3 . X N w Q v TQ. gh y Wai , "Q ' K Q , H 4 iv ,A .. A 55. M M lx i 4 , Q N, , ' Q b g A . U Q, Z ' YN ' 1- 4 W A SEE? HELPING To IT ,Q Wfisw I "W-. VJ' P' eminizicefl Ima Mater O Stately Square that lies before us, Those stony portals straight and strong The birthplace of our Alma Mater We'll ever praise in splendid song. Erect the archway stands triumphant, Protecting all we seek to do, With thee for e'er our inspiration O honored N.Y.U. But college friendships all must sever, And fade as does the dying day, And closest kinships all be broken As out in life we wend our way, And yet, whatever be life's fortune, Though mem'ry fail and friends be few, We love thee still, our Alma Mater, Our dear old N.Y.U. 230 I Etcetera Memory All alone in the moonlight I can smile at the old days it was beautiful then I remember the time I knew what happiness was Let the memory live again Daylight I must wait for the sunrise I must think ofa new life and I mustn't give up When the dawn comes tonight will be a memory too And a new day will begin Burnt out ends of smokey days The stale cold smell of morning The street lamp dies Another night is over Another day is dawning -A. L. Webber - T. S. Eliot Etcetera l 231 ff 'cticaken 19- 55-,021 alas of NYU on Death to people who take buses to protest in Washington D.C. because of the cheaper rates and then go to museums! Iknow one! Q: Who would shovel snow in a state of anarchy? A: It wouldnlt snow in a state of anarchy. I am not a man. I am not a woman. I am something that you'll never comprehend. Bring back "Hazel STUPID GRAFFITTI SHOULD BE . . My uncle is a closet hornosapien. ENCOURAGED 232 War doesn't prove who is right, only who is left. Spelling is a lossed art. I t's better to be pissed off than to be pissed on. gigfztlfiiiiisfzgfgsd hard sleepers go to bed with? Did you know that some plants are gay? They deny it at first, but that is the root of theirlproblem. If it's worth doing, it's worth doing for money. Donde esta el beefo? School does make you smart, Here I sit and excrete away a meal that I'm still smarting from my last exam. cost five bucks today. It is 2:00 a.m. Nov. 20, 1984 at Rubin Hall. The guard downstairs is a prick, I want to kill him, I'm full of hate. Out ofplace in mellow New York. How many TSOA students does it take to screw in a lightbulb9 One, but they get four credits for it. Being the 79th billionth person on this plant, I now realize the impossibility of being, or saying anything new or original. In fact, this very thing has already been said before. I know it has been. All we can do is discover the old for ourselves. Everything has already been discovered except, perhaps where Amelia Earhart is or if there's a planet in Earth's orbit on the other side of the sun which we can't see because the sky is always in the way. he offered her honor Ehonored her offer. i With my luck 0 all night long When my ship comes in, gums Hon hers and Hoff hers, I'll be at the airport. 233 Abdelnaol, Mahmoud M. aaos 34th Ave. Apt so Long Island City, NY 11106 Aceto, Peel J. : 2447 W. Third St, Brooklyn, NY 11223 Adler, Alan A. 568 Grand St. New York, NY 10002 Allred, Lydia G. 104-59 212th Street Queens Village, NY 11429 Allcock, Edward G. 1743 E, 52nd St. Brooklyn, NY 11234 Allmen, Mark V. 13 St. Marks Place New York, NY 10003 Allyson, Kay 16 Greenwoods Road Old Tappan, NJ 07675 Alper, Liea Fl. 8617 Farragut Bd. Brooklyn. NY 11236 Alvl, Ailaz 5 1326 Spruce St. Philadelphia, PA 19107 Alvo, Lea F. 2447 W. Third St. ' Brooklyn, NY 11223 Ambrecht, M. Randolph 2084 Smith Street Merrick, NY 11566 Amendola, Carl F. 1247 Tabor Ct. Brooklyn, NY 11219 Anders, Mark T. 274 Bard Ave. Staten Island, NY 10310 Anderson, Carla A. 2218 Starling Ave. Bronx, NY 10462 Anderson, Flick L. 363-72nd St. Brooklyn, NY 11209 Anticev., Stella 1024 64th St. Brooklyn. NY 11219 Anton. Frederick J. 1379 Chicago Ave. Bay Shore, NY 11706 Appelbaum, Renee 1650 Ocean Ave.. Apt B8 Brooklyn, NY 11230 Armand, Cynthia 825 E. 214 St. Bronx, NY 10467 Augustin, Nathalie M. 11 -55 232nd Street Cambria Heights, NY 11411 Avrami, Nicole S. l li 11 l l 3 ii iili i 1 1 1:11 1 l 1 1 1 1 11 ilii 1 nn 11 a-unnnllllll ll i il if i' 4PaulaCt, Morristown. NJ 07960 Azzo,Nelha 144B-03 Bayside Ave. Flushing, NY 1 1354 Behr, Donna A. 2232 E. 24th St, Brooklyn, NY 11229 eambacn-casmioi, Marie 1.3 3 North si, Greenwich, CT 06830 Bansal, Rajiv 70 Tulip Lane Williston Park, NY 11596 Basulto, Ela J. 430 58111 Street 5 ' West New York, NJ 07093 Benson, Richard A. 348 Orchard Terrace Bogota, NJ 076031 Bentley, Roy A. 61-55 98th St. Rego Park, NY 11374 Bertram, Harold D. 25 W. 16th St. New York, NY 10011 Blanco, Angela T. 25-53 47th St. Astoria, NY 11103 Bley, Leonard M. . 7 Cedar Fld. Malverne. NY 11565 Blok, Diana 144-31 41s1Ave...Ap1.6G Flushing. NY 11355 Bostany, John P. 8038 Harbor View Terrace Brooklyn, NY 11209 Bove, Maria 96 Bridge St. Metuohen, NJ 08840 Boyce, Coreen L. 1119 Rogers Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11226 Brick, Paul A. 1 Washington Sq. Village New York, NY 10012 Brod, Douglas A. 23-82 Bayswater Ave. Far Rockaway, NY 11691 Brenner, Abe I. 3070 Nostrand Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11229 Brown, Juliana 538 E. 51st St. Brooklyn, NY 11203 Bruen, Kathleen L. 144 W. 41h St. West Islip, NY 11795 Brussel, Diane 25620 Via Grotal Carmel, CA 93923 erica, Pauline T, zao Parkside Ave., Apt. MW Brooklyn, NY 11226 Campoell,G1na it 231-03 130171 Ave. LBUYBNOD, NY 11413 Capetanakis, John K. 156 97th St. Brooklyn, NY 11209 Cappeili. Vanni 6 Bolton Gardens Bronxville, NY 10708 Carabelian, Jores, 53-27 196th St. . FlLiSh1r1g, NY 11365 Carabuena, Jean M. P.O. Box 87. Fleetwood Sta. Mount Vernon, NY 10552 Cardenas, Jude Roberto 89-18 184th St. Jamaica, NY 11423 V Cardona, Mildred 102-26 86th Fld. Richmond l-llll, NY 11418 Cramer, Tidhar T. 123-33 asm Ave., Apr. we Kew Gardens, NY 11415 Carrol, Mary M. 448 E. 20th S1546 New York, NY 10009 Casimir, Georges 42-95 Main Sl., 11314 Flushing, NY 11355 Castillo, Eddy A. 555 w. 18-im si.,e1F New York, NY 10033 Cavazzini, Gina M. 149-33 22 Ave. Whitestone, NY 11357 Cavirls, Peter 22-54 77th St. Jackson Heights, NY 11370 Chacon, Diana 6130 Jackson St. West New York, NJ 07093 . Chan, Alison 147-13 Hoover Ave. Briarwood, NY 11435 cnang. Julia seo w.17am sr., Apr. ze New vm, NY rooaz Chernali, Antoine 527 W. 110th Street, 1186 New York, NY 10025 Cheri, Wan Shuen 42-25 80th St., Apt 3H Elmhurst. NY 11373 Chen, Shiela 87-25 62nd Rd. Rego Park, NY 11374 Chen, Isabella 44-15 64111 Sl. Woodside, NY 11377 Cheung, Chuklin 86 Mulberry St. New York, NY 10013 Cheung, Virginia 73-O8 188 St. Flushing, NY 11366 Chin. Edward G, 91-42 50th Ave. Elmhurst, NY 11373 - chin, Joyce S. 127 Mott si.. New York, NY 10013 Chin, Glenn 5701 Mosholu Ave. ' Bronx, NY 10471 ching, Mabel 1. 3831 New Place Seaford, NY 11783 Chiulli, Donald A. Cho, Won 42-42 Colden Sl.-. Apt D18 New York, NY 11355 Chow, Winitred Y. 9218 4th Ave., 2nd Floor 1 Brooklyn, NY 11209 Chu, Elaine P. 369 Broome St., 4131 New York. NY 10013 Chung, Denise L. 47-09 48th Ave. Woodside, NY 11377 Chung, Kwang C. 12-33 Robin Lane Bayside, NY 11360 Clayton, Tracie ii. 473 FDB Drive, rrK2002 New York, NY 10002 Coffinae, Gigi B414 10th Ave. Brooklyn. NY 11228 Cohen, Brian J. . 1410 70th St. Brooklyn, NY 11234 Cohen, Howard L. 1311 Brightwater Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11235 Cole, Robert D. 12375 Bimini Ave. Lakepark, Fl. 33410 Coleman, Peter M. 23 Parktield Fld. Scarsdale, NY 10583 Colon, Frank 30 Ditmars St. Brooklyn, NY 11221 Comstock. Eric T. 219 Hope St. Ridgewood, NJ 07450 Corradi, Paul J. 249 Eldridge St., 014 New York, NY 10002 Cosenza, John M. 214-08 35th Ave. Bayside. NY 11361 Apt 7 Zostaras, Anastasia S. E4-49 Crescent St. lstorla, NY 11102 Irespo, Carol A. i76 Main St. Jew York, NY 10044 Iubldes, Elrain '.O. Box 370 Boldans Bridge, NY 10526 Jutrolello, Thomas i5 E. 10th St. iiew York, NY 10003 i'Allessandro, Vincent J. 3 Grand Blvd. stip, NY 11751 , i'Angelo, Nicholas A. 722 W. 2nd St. ' lrooklyn, NY 11223 iainesi. Edward G. 41-48 South Drive Vhltestone. NY 11357 lallas, Deira Karen 250 Fifth Avenue, ii8P low York, NY 10029 lamiano, Angela 2 Franklin Ave. lew Rochelle, NY 10805 Fennlbale, Lisa 56 N. Fulton Ave. At. Vernon, NY 10550 tara, Elaine 05 3rd Ave. low York, NY 10083 Davidoff, Oira 17-14 63rd Dr. . lego-Park, NY 11374 7eMaio, Patricia i7 Wyatt . Berrien City, NY 1 11530 3eMartino, Frank J. E8 Old South Ave. ianwood,-NJ 07023 lePalma, Constance E. 1224 Beach 12th St. iar Rockaway, NY 11691 Dellheim, Richard A. 'Caveswood La. Jwlngs Mills, MD 21117 Jemasio, Kafui A. i15 W. 122 St. tlew York, NY 10027 Ji Caro, Antonio 1919 81st St. Brooklyn, NY 11214 Jiamentopoulos, Bllt 3411 First St. fort Lee, NJ 07024 Diaz, Beatriz S0-42 40th St. Sunnyside, NY 11104 Diaz, Eunice A. S850 Hudson Manor Terrace Riverdale, NY 10463 Diaz, Rose 55 E. 97th St. dew York, NY 10029 Jimaria, Jo Ann 10561 Flatlands, 10th St. Brooklyn, NY 11236 Jong, Judy 36-29 24th St. .eng island City, NY 11106 Dong. David 1640 E. 13th St. Brooklyn, NY 11229 Drucker, Jayne 1401 Park St. iAnamic Beach, nv 11509 Du Brevil, Francois 49 E.86th St. :MOC New York City, NY 10028 Dunn, Cheryl A. 55 E. 31st St. Brooklyn, NY 11226 Egre. Howard Ft. 203 Maytiower Ave. Williston Park, NY 11596 ' Elklnd, Roger S. 71-14 lngram St. Forest Hills. NY 11375 Eng, Jeanette 40-11 28th Ave. Astoria, NY 11103 ErC0le,A11n Marie 17 Kilmer Ave. Dlx Hills, NY 11746 Fanmy,Hannan A. A B00 E. 41h St. BYOOKIYU. NY 11218 Falzarano, Deborah 199 Gibson Blvd. Clark, NJ 07066 Fasano4 Charlesi 1 154 75th St. Brooklyn, NY 11228 Fengos, Katherine 145-37iWillets Pt. Blvd. Whitestone, NY 11357 Ferber, Erica S. 1423 E. 89th St. Brooklyn, NY 11236 Feygin, Marina 395 Ft. Washington Ave. New York, NY 10033 Fiorenta. Charles P. 151 South St. New Hyde Park, NY 11040 Flelsher, Stevie 64 Portridge Lane Cherry Hill, NJ 08003 Fletcher, Page W. 868 E. Broadway Stratford, CT 06497 Frazzetto, Anna A. 75 Montgomery St. New York, NY 10002 Freire, Robert 133-20 Roosevelt Ave. Flushing, NY 11354 Frlstoe, Darcie E. 9 Stuybesant Oval 1180 New York, NY 10009 Fuhr, Mitch 2925 W. 51h Sl. Brooklyn, NY 11224 Fung, Kuolueng 2392 Valentine Ave., it 19 Bronx, NY 10458 Fung, Siu-Kay Peter 55 E. 10th Sl., Rm. 1104 New York, NY 10003 Furman, Angela L. 1254 Lincoln Pl. Brooklyn, NY 11213 Fusco, Gina 2048-57 St. Brooklyn, NY 11204 Gabriel, Julianna K. 37 Overlook Terrace, Apt. 6F New York. NY 10033 Gallagher, Clare r 95 North 17th St. Wheatley Heights, NY 11798 Gallagher, Daniel G. ,. 83-45 116th St., Apt. 4B Kew Gardens, NY 11418 Garcia, Juan C. 545 W. 126th St.. Apt. SL New York, NY 10027 Gaudinier, Carl R, 382 King St. . , Port Chester, NY 10573 Gelsomlni, Silvio J. 56 Laflln Rd. L L Wilkes-Barre, PA 18702 Genc, Susan 82-45 135th St., rt2J Kew Gardons,1NY 11435 Genis. Ilona 2050 E. 18 St., Apt. F-2 Brooklyn, NY 11229 L Georgiou, Christopher 38-27 70th St. Jackson Heights. NY 11370 eil, daniel E. 9 A 1384 Carroll St. Brooklyn, NY 11213 Gilber1,Kareni8. A 309 Kenrick St. Newton, MA 02158 Glovanniello, Anthony J. 6777 Arbuckle Ave. Woodmere, NY 11598 Gitow, Bruce S. 75 East End Ave. New York, NY 10028 Glekas, Athanasios 23-31 26th St. Aloria, NY 11105 Gneco, Paul 87-82 172 St. Jamaica, NY 11432 Godbey, Margaret J. 318 6th St., 1163 New York City, NY 10003 Gordon, Amy S. 975 Park Ave., Apt. 148 New York, NY 10028 Gracln, Nancy 56-30 211th St. Bayside, NY 11364 Green, Greta E. 21-38 76th St. Jackson Heights, NY 11369 Gregory, Edward A. 630 Victory Blvd., Apt.6G Staten island, NY 10301 Grillos, Debbie 1749 E. 16th St. Brooklyn, NY 11229 Gross. Stacy 633 Lydia Ave. Bronx, NY 10462 Grosser, Andre M. 40-16 73rd Street Woodside, NY 11377 L Guest, Pamela 100 Edgecombe Ave., 3W New York, NY 10030 L Gunerl, Drina N. 28-10 38th Ave. Long island City, NY 11101 Gustafsson, Linda M. f 29 Crescent Ave.. fit Staten Island, NY 10301 Hager, Rchel B. . 14 5 49th St. Brooklyn, NY 11219 Hakim, Edward . 2473 Ocean Parkway Brooklyn, NY 11235 Hamel, William R. L 54-'17 94th St. A Elmhurst, NY 11373 Han, Jeannie J. 43-15 45th St., 116F '- Long island City, NY 11104 Hanan, Diane 230 Piermorit Ftd. Norwood, NJ Hannon, Alegra-Jo K. 21 Dogwood Rd. W. Orange, NJ 070525 Haq, Masood U. P.O. Box 503 Heimuth, NY514079 L Harem, Khaled 55 W. 14th St., Apt. 11L New York, NY 10011 LL Hart, Alison E. 2 Springhill Rd. Fiostyn Heights, NY 11577 Houghton, Daniel 172-30 126th Ave. Springfield Gardens, NY 11434 Heekin, Francis J. 3130 Klngsoridge Ave. Bronx, NY 10463 Heitman. Debra W. L 104-46 120th St. Richmond Hiil, NY 11419 Hemmings, Erica Ft. L 116-28 Van Wyck Expwy. South Ozone Park, NY 11420 Hennessey. Stacy L. 201 W. 81st St., MSF A New York, NY 10024 Hertz, Laura 2922 Barnes Ave. . Bronx, NY 10467 Hessel, M. Jeffrey 8 Promenade Dr. Huntington, NY 11743 Hindes, Andrea 2930 W. 5th St. Brooklyn, NY 11224 lrlogan, Kathleen A. 1565 Lincoln Ave. eonemsa, NY 11716 Hom, Peter M. 1423 Ovington Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11219 Hong, Kingsley B. 32-32 83rd St. Jackson Heights, NY 11370 Horowitz, Warren C. 90-09 Shore Parkway Howard Beach, NY 11414 Hosobuchi, Masahiro 14 Plant Lane Westbury, NY 11590 ingrassla, Mark V. 2258 79th St. Brooklyn, NY 11214 lsaacs, Charles E. 35 Bedford St. 362 New York, NY 10014 Italiano, John My 190 Chesterton Ave. Staten island, NY 10306 iwlnski, Matthew J. 915 Sixth Ave. New Hydew Park, NY 11040 lnslnga, Salvatore 361 Onderdonk Ave. Ridgewood, NY 1 1385 Jackson. Micheile T. 10 Confucius Plaza, 11351 New York, NY 10002 Jarrat, Catherine 0. . 241 E. 24111 St., N6 New York City, NY 10010 Johnson, Allison . 1369-79 St. Y Brooklyn, NY 11228 Johnson, William- E. 3245 Bedford Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11210 Jonnade, Siva S. 77 Hillcrest Ave. Morristown, NJ 07960 Joseph, Lauryl E. 54 Randolph Dr. Dix Hills. NY 11746 Jung, lan Y. 48-15 91st St. Elmhurst, NY 11373 kapolan, Laura M. 1151-78 Street Brooklyn, NY 11228 Karacostas, Nicholas A. 144-31 Barclay Ave. Flushing, NY 11355 Karounos, Angela 547 Hollywood Ave. Bronx, NY 10465 Kassel, Claudia L. 633 Barlow Ave. Staten island, NY 10312 Katz, Michael 3018 Brighton 5th St. Brooklyn, NY 11235 . Katz, Marte L. 44-69 Kissena Blvd., 114-P Flushing, NY 11355 Kavesh, Andrew B. 390 Highland Ave. Upper Montclair, NJ 07043 Kaye, Michelle S. 98 Rockville Ave. Staten lstand, NY 10314 7 Kayserman, Larlsa 105-25 65th Ave., Apt. 4H Forest l-lifts, NY 1'-1375 Kerr, lan Angus "Derrydown" RFDN1 - Newport, Rl 02840 Khaflf, Lynn 2335 E. 17th St. Brooklyn,iNY 11229 Kim, Yung-Sin 3.1-48 29th St. , Astoria, NY 1 1 106 Kim, Yoon M. 32-06 47th St., Apt. 2-A Long island City, NY 11103 feng, O'Neil 3954 Duryea Ave. Bronx, NY 10466 Kirclk, Leon H. 61-12 81st St. Middle Village. NY 11379 Kirdahy, Thomas J. 15 Merrivale Dr, - Hauppauge, NY 11787 Kissel, John S. 361 Short Drive Mountainside, NJ 07092 Kite, Nancy A. . . 32-45 54111 St. Woodside, NY 11377 Ki1s0n,JQhn H. . 437 w. 26151 si. efonx, NY 10471 Klarman,-Alan M. .- 1190 E. 56th St. Brooklyn, NY 11234 KO. H0011 C. 40-51 77th St, Elmhurst, NY 11373 Koilias. Penny ' 47-09 215 St. Bayside. NY 11361 Kcnis, Allen 220 W. 93rd St. New YOl'k, NY 10025 Kosak, Andrew S. 271 Storer Ave, New ROC1'lBllB, NY 10801 Kozuch, Beata l. 283 St. Paul's Ave. Jersey City, NJ 07306 Krause, Robin F. 254-19 73rd Fld. Glen Oaks, NY 11004 .A Kroshlnsky, Faye S. 2054 Holland Way Merrick, NY 11566 Lalks, Jennifer A. 11 Ogden Place Parsippany, NJ 07054 Lama, Paul J. 1422 Dltmas Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11226 Lamarre, Marjorie R. 49 E. 19th St., 1143 Brooklyn, NY 1126 Lampropoulos, Candy E. 105-14 86th St. Ozone Park, NY 11417 Langley, Ayako E. 300 E. 40th St., 112612 New York. NY 10016 Lantlng, Theodore T. 59 Morse Ave. Staten Island, NY 10314 Larsen, Christopher J. 17 Curtis Ave. Bellport. NY 11713 Law, Raymond 47-32 39th Place Sunnyside, NY 1 1 104 Lazzaro, Virginia M. 14-19 30th Dr. Astoria, NY 111025 Lechtanski, Cheryl L. 42 Hutchinson Dr. Port Monmouth, NJ 07758 Lee, Keith K. 136-75 37th Ave., 113D FIuShlng, NY 11354 Lee, Kyong-Hee M. 410 Grand St., Apt. 10C New York, NY 10002 Lee, James 1702 64th sz. Brooklyn, NY 11204 Lee, Anna S. 2892 Brighton St. V Brooklyn, NY 11235 Lee, Jane K. 157-59 Allen St.. 1138 New York, NY 10002 Lee, Anne 5719 16th-Ave. , Brooklyn, NY 11204 Lee, Tina 2553 w. 17111 Sf. ..,. 7 Brooklyn, NY 11214' L6e,F10bil'l M. 5. 12 w, 72nd S1.,Ap1Q,7D New York, NY 10023 Lee-Hin, Grace 1 143 66th St. Brooklyn. NY 11219 Lefkowitz, Jacqueline 417 Grand'St. A New York, NY 10002 Lei, Patricia C. 305rMarcetlus Rd. Mineola, NY 11501 L6I'l1Oll'lB LBODSF B , d . P.O. Box 305 Prlnce'Statlon New York, NY 10012 Leone, Dominick P. 1766 E. 53rd St. Brooklyn, NY 11234 Leong, Anne H. 31-04 46th St. ' Long Island City, NY 11103 Leong, Pene Chene 58-55 8181 St. Elmhurst, NY 11373 Levin, Nachum 37 Overlook Terrace New York, NY 10033 Leg, Donald 57 t. Paul's Place Brooklyn, NY 11226 Lew, David C. 89-17 55th Ave. Elmhurst, NY 11373 Lewin, J. claude 322-77th sr. North eergen, NJ 07041 Lewis, Reginald J. 3349 Tlemann Ave. Bronx, NY 10469 Ll,Tt10maS ' 79 Chrystle St.. Apt. 16 New York, NY 10002 Lim, Rosemarie 96-09 50th Ave. Corona, NY 11368 V Lin, Ellen 41-27 Forney sr. Elmhurst, NY 11373 Llsanti, Michael P. 8200 Shore Front Pkwy. Rockaway Beach, NY 11693 Loaolsns, cena 218 Bay 13 si. Brooklyn, NY 1121-1 p Lograsso, Philip V. 48 Electra Ave. Port St. Lucie, FL 33452 Losada, Olga T. 30-33 87th St., 312 Jackson Heights, NY 11369 Loshin, David 5 Fernwood Rd. White Plains, NY 10605 . Louie, Benson C. 462 Bay Ridge Rd., Apt. 3 Brooklyn, NY 11220 Lukas, Annoula T. 125 Fairview Ave. Oceanside. NY 11572 Lutkowitz, Jack G. 120-16F Dabs Place, Bronx, NY 10475 ' Luttrell, Jlm J. 282 Raritan Ave. Staten island, NY 10305 Mate, Paul S. 314 Vlrgnlaveve. Jersey ny, NJ 07304 Malik, Salman A. 168-49 44th Ave. Corona, NY 11368 Malik, Sajlcl M. 94-42 46th Ave. Elmhurst, NY 11373 Man, Edward 65-75 Pike St., 2116? New York, NY 10002 Mandel, Floltand A. 2617 E. 65th St. ' Brooklyn, NY 11234 Mansfield, Mary , 5758 Scottsdale Memphis, TN 38115 Marino, Matthew Whitaker PI. aten island, NY 10304 trltnez, Heidi Bleecker St., Apt. 6J iw York, NY 10012 lrltnez, Kim S. 08-21 Avenue ooklyn, NY 11214 lzza, Kim -23 31st Ave. Jodside, NY 11377 lzzlotta, Kimberly A. Enclosure tley. NJ 07110 :Carthy. Charles J. 3 Adelaide Ave. lten island, NY 10306 :Donnell, James J. 41 Hone Ave. Jnx, NY 10461 lDowell, Sh aronne A. 33 Woodridge Ro. ltimore, MD 21229 Gayhey. Janice S. Alden Place znxville, NY 10708 llkomian, Edmond -23 Douglaston Pkwy. uglaston, NY 11362 ' llnik, Edward A. J-60 Beach Ave.. Apt.,5K string, NY 11355 rcado, Elsie 5-42 St, acklyn, NY 11232 rchant, Nipun B. i14 149th Pl. shlng, NY 11354 role, Andrew A. - . I Forest Dr. glewood Cliffs, NJ 07632 skouris, Trista B, 3-02 47th Ave. shing, NY 11358 thas, Paul A. I2 Ridge Blvd. loklyn, NY 11209 ani, Haleh 5th Ave. rvYork,'NY 10003 1 grim, Pamela l.. I0 W. Fifth Street , roklyn, NY 11224 aakl, Erika 3 Sowa-Cho .i" ' ckalchi City, Mie JapenlSIo naco, Robert , 51 266 St. ral Park, NY 11004 rlk, Christopher '7 independence Ave. lnx, NY 10463 rocco, James R. E5-69th SI. loklyn, NY 11204 ukldes, Marla L1 Mackay Ave. t Lee, NJ 0702.4 yer, Connie lCllnton PI., Apt. 2C zkensack, NJ 07601 rphy, Kathy J. 42 Brownlee Dr, zker, GA 30084 Nardiello, Joseph A. 337 President St. Brooklyn, NY 11231 Newman, Karen J. 40 First Ave. New York, NY 10009 Ng, Debra 28 Scott St. New Hyde Park, NY 11040 Ng, Rowena 32-29 60th St. Woodside, NY 11377 Ng. Lily 40 Hobart Pl. Springfield, NJ 07081 Ngal, Munwai 105-13 Liberty Ave. Ozone Park, NY 11417 Niedermuller, Linda Fl. 104 Crescent Dr. Searlngtown, ANY 11507 Oak, cooma G. ,907 40m st. Brooklyn, NY 11219 Occhipinli, Mariella C. 50 Geller Pl. Staten Island, NY 10314 Ong, Grace D. , 2245 Randall Ave., Apt. 4B Bronx, NY 10473 Padro,'Alexander M. T 336 Ft. Washington Ave., ar New York, NY 10033 l586K, Songsll A 70-19 53rd Ave. Maspeth, NY 11378 Pangalos, Helene 182-68 80th Rd. Jamaica, NY 11432 . . Papadopoulos, Despina 3610 Ditmars Blvd. Astoria, NY 11105 Pappas, Frank J. 42-29 217 St. Bayside, NY 11361 Park, Jean 2670 Bainbridge Ave., 3168 Bronx, NY 10458 Perlege, Malina 1751 . 27 Sl. Brooklyn, NY 11229 Petrover, Jonathan S. 948 E. 8th St. Brooklyn, NY 11230 Pevny, Olenka Z. 83-67 116th St. Kew Gardens, NY 11418 Pllghl. Alison R. 31 Bennett Ave., 823 New York, NY 1-0033 Polimeni, Maria L. SA 29 E. Broadway Staten island, NY 10306 Poliseno, Joyce A. 2 Claridge Dr. tr2AE Verona, NJ 07044 Porcelll, Giovanni 2826 W. 17th St. Brooklyn, NY 11224 Portoghese, Nancy 80-34 223rd Sl. Hollis Hills, NY Powell, Margo M. 52 St. Mark's Place, 1110 New York, NY 10003 Quinn, Janice M. . 1384 Gardiner Dr. Bay Shore, NY 11706 Ragone, Rosanna t.. 706 E. 227th St. Bronx, NY 10466 Ramos, Karen A. 45 Park Terrace West New York, NY 10034 Recalde, Patricia J. 105-03 63rd Rd. Forest Hills, NY 11375 Rodriguez, llka S. 39 Byrne St, Hackensack, NJ 07601 Romano, Dina M. 2345 E. 70th St. - Brooklyn, NY 11234 Romew. Diana R. 4145 52nd St., 350 Woodside, NY 11377 Rocks, Alicia D. 7 125 W. 10901 St. :HOG New York, NY 10025 noooorola, Sandi ' 71-07 170 St. Flushing, NY 11365 Rosenfeld, Alison B. 2675 Fairmount Blvd. Cleveland Hgts., OH 44106 Rothberg, Richard 1 Cedar Lane Glen Cove, NY 11542 Rubin, Marsha E. 1470 Ocean Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11230 Russo, Henry R. 86-05 Santiago St. A Holliswood, NY 11423 Salzman, Amy H. 2820 Ocean Pkwy. Brooklyn, NY 11235 Samm, E. Selena 97-15 Hor Hrdng Expwy, rl4E Rego Park, NY 11368 Saneli, Klan-Kevin 68 Carthage Rd. Scarsdale, NY 10583 Santaniello. Julie C. 9703 161st Ave. Howard Beach, NY 11414 Santos, Marie P. 160 Euclid Ave. Ridgefield Park, NJ 07660 Sarhadl, Frelda 214 Cook Ave. Yonkers, NY 10701 Sernicola, Anthony 19-67 80111 St. Jackson Heights, NY 11370 Sayarack, Lesley S. 84-09 Penelope Ave. Middle Village. NY 1 1379 Scarso, Carol A. 91-25 91st Sl. Woodhaven, NY 11421 Schellamech, Michelle B. 7 Locust Dr. Great Neck, NY 11021 Soheinman. Douglas M. 240 E. 27 St. New York, NY 10016 Seedorf, Matthew T. ' 1611 Mahan Ave. New York, NY 10461 Selden, Robert 200 Corbin Place Brooklyn, NY 11235 Seo, Jlnnie 11 Elston Cl. San CHVIOS, CA 94070 Shah, Sonal 104-20 Queens Blvd, Forest Hills, NY 11375 Sherman, Joel 1366 E. 99th St. 1 Brooklyn, NY 11236 Shldeler, Wayne D. 5138 W. Wood Dr. Glendale,'AZ 85304 Shin, Jaan 1 43-22 157th st. Flushing, NY 11355 Slkora, Peter 7 'V 73 Cathedral Ave. Hempstead, NY 11550 Stiller, koiln A. A asa Park Ave. Moonassez, NY 11030 . Simms, Alison P. 70 Greenwood Ave. Montclair, NJ 07042 Slpos, Susan A. 31 Fleet St. Forest Hills, NY 11375 Sirani, Valerie A. 45 Garden Dr. Rye. NY 10580 Smith, Adam D. 247 W. 12111 St. New York, NY 10014 Smith. David T. 7 Parsonage Hill Rd. Short Hills, NJ 07078 Solowayy Stuart l. 3715 kings Hwy. Brooklyn, NY 11234 Song, Woo Young 2038 Gates Ave., 123B Ridgewood, NY 11385 Song, Steve J. Ridgewood, NY 11085 Soo Hoo, Bafbara 1 A'-:' 3,1-88 47m St. Asroraa, NY 1.1103 Speiser, Gisele y 751315 ,gr North Bergen, NJ 07047 Spichezf, Juliatvt. , Box 208A Rd. 10 Irwin, RA 15642 Spitz, Douglas olo Gwen Green , 1160 310 Ave., 125623 1 'f New York, NY 10021 Spurgiasz, lwona M. 300 E. mn Sr., Apt. 2B New York, NY 10003 , Stein, MiChae1A. 4,11 west Eno Ave. New York. NY 10024 E Steinberg. Roy O. , 2.10 Wf90th St. A 7 New York, NY 10024 S1einbi3oh,Yaron A11 it 300 E. 56th St., 112.1 NQW YW' NY1002? Stern, Karen J. 8iPeal'lf,D1'. . Nionseyd NY 10952 ' Stovatljlobert H. . PHO. Box 308' ' ' Honesdale, PA 1843 1 Qtrugef, Joni1G. ' 78-12 35th Ave. J'1-1CkS-011 Heights, NY 1 13172 Suchman, Jeffrey S. QardenRd. , Harrison, NY 10528 il Tam, Kathy 5803 8111 Aveg gt Brooktyn, NY 11220 Ian, Ford T. 2441-A E. 14th St. Brooklyn. 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"BrDokilyr1,NY11'229 Udo, Bernard P, ,,243201t0,Dr. 1. . iss1ock10n,oA 95209 A Variese, Doris R. 157157 25111 Ave, Whitestone, NY 11357 Vasiiopoutos, Vicki 232-14 88th Ave. Queens Village, NY 11427 ' Verna, Francis AVI' A in 1070 E. 42110 st. Brooklyn, NY 11210 vsoia, cmisuna D. 77075 761081. Glendale, NY 11385 VQQQ1, LYTW ' 115nE. 60111 St. NewVY0rk,kNY 10022 iwaibel, Peter J. 84-33 249th St. Bellrose, NY 11426 . walker, Mark A. 120-51 226:11 sz. A Jamaica, NY 11411 Walworth, Mark 31f'Stony mage La. Riverside, CT 06878 Wang, Debbiekuei-Jung 7 70-38 lngram St, Forest Hills, NY 11375 1 Weerbrouck, Barbara 10'-JonoS'St., Apt. 251 New York, NY 10014 Weinstein, F1ober1S.r. . 1531 Corinth Ave., Apt. 4 Los Angeles. CA 90025 y Weiss. Larry 0. A 2365 E. 70111 st. Brooklyn. NY11234 il' Weitzman, Mitch S. 32419 Oi-d Franklin Farmington Hills, Ml 48018 Wetls, Yvette L. S 567 E. 108th St. Brooklyn, NY 11236 V Whalen, John V 86-36 Somerset St. Jamaica, NY 1:1432 Whltemer, Miriam 73.6 union St. f Brooklyn, NY 11215 Wiiiiamsg'Cheryl Y. 1320 Stratford Ave. Bronx, NY 10472 Wong, Mona 19 Mcfiuinness Blvd. Brooklyn, NY 11222' Wong, Grace W. 84-43 Corona Ave. Elmhurst, NY 11373 Wong. Edna 1' A 48-14 20111 Ave, Aatoria,YNY 11.105 Wong, Lisa D. 1382 E. 14111 St. A. Brooklyn, NY 11230 WED, John . , 1184 E, 83rd S1. Brooklyn. NY 11236 Wu, Beniammi-1. 1 9824 Wilden Lane Potomac, MD-20854 Xanthos, Carol L 2803 Ditmars,Blvd. Astoria,'NY 11-105 Xlradakis, Maria 4506 Eighth Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11220 Yamamoto, Yoshiyuki 3-43-4 Uetiara Shibuyaku Tokyo, Japan 151 Yannuzzeg Mark J. P.O. Box 354 Old Greenwich, CT 06870 Yen, sandy 355 Vesta Ct. . iRidgewo0d,nNJ 07450 Yeung, Steven 1 , 87-89 Columbia St., 11110 New York, NY 10002 Yin, Pamela A A 122 Forsyth St. New YOYR, NY 10002 ' Yip, Jenny 120 Catherine Slip,-Apt. 11B New York, NY 10038 Yoshida, Yukiko A 2-35-1 Okamoto Setagaya, Tokyo Japan Yuzgasiglu, Laurie A. 150-60 71st Ave.. 118-2K Flushing. NY111367 Zafar, Jabbar B. 53-27 ,.lunc1.,,Blvd. Queens, NY 11373 Zakakis, Peter V 28- 19 46th St. 7 Astoria, NY 11103 Zalobag Elaine M. ' 651 Vanderbilt St. Brookiyn, NY 1 1218 Zias, Elias A. 152-14 32nc:,Ave. . Ftushing, NY 11354 Zombek, George , 2558 E. 19th St. Brooktyn, NY 11235 Zutlo, Alessandra' 1 292 Grayson Pl. Teaneck, NJ-07666 'he 1985 Torch Staff: :lltor-In-Chlek Ben Wu ssociate Editor: Mlke Stein lanaglng Editor: Dlane Hanan ltotography Edltor: Wal Wong dmlnlstrotlve Consultant: Dorls Varlese nanclal Manager: John Whalen :zptlons Coordinator: Andy Kosak Dear Friends, Stafh Alan Adler .lean Carabuena Evan Kornrlch Mary Gorman Julie DeBellis Ted Lanting Steve Kang Mark Landas .lohn Woo Photographers: Wal Wong Marc Tremblay Kwok Lee Marghlee Teshineh Dlane Hanan Ben Wu Linda Nledermuller Joseflna Alba John Whalen ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS The Staff wlshes to extend their ap- preclatlon to: - John Delgrosso for hls suppon and guidance - Rose Ollvlto and Ophelia Harper for their invaluable assistance - Tam Kehoe of Taylor for his In- novative Ideas - The WSUC Student Council, of which The Torch is an indepen- dent studenr-operated division - Roz Schles of the NYU Press Of- flce for the use of Unlverslty photographs - Karen Lltt of the NYU Bookstore for her ald In creating the endpoges This yearbook strives to be a pictorial record of one of the most important years of a NYU student's life - the Senior undergraduate year. In attempting to reflect the emotions and capture the events of the 1985 school year, over 1400 pictures have been taken, of which approximately 700 photos have been selected for the 1985 Torch. This book also brings a different look and feel from yearbooks of the past. From the cloth cover to an expanded Graduation section to the inclusion of a Senior Index to a stronger, higher quality paper stock, it is felt this edition qualitatively offers you more than the yearbooks of recent years. Our small, but dedicated staff has worked diligently throughout the year to bring you this book. Although each staff member's contribution has been exemplary, there are people whom I wish to personally convey my gratitude: Doris Varlese, Wai Wong, and John Whalen. Doris was invaluable to the staff for her continual administrative support and to me for reviving my initiative to continue work on this book during the times l lacked the en- thusiasm to do sag Wai, ever helpful and never complaining, was the cornerstone of the yearbook staff in our first six weeks of production, and John could always be counted on for virtually anything, especially in a pinch. In addition, I would also like to thank my parents for teaching me that through hard work and perseverence comes success. Thank you to those people and everyone else who has helped out with this yearbook. Through the long hours and endless frustration of compiling this edition, there has only been one goal - to create a yearbook which is able to rekindle the warm memories of the good friends and good times of our college years. It is my sincerest wish that we have done so. I hope you have enjoyed this yearbook. Sincerely, ,dyes 10, Ben Wu Editor-in-Chief Everyhody's got a hunger, a hunger they can't resist, There's so much that you want., you deserve much more than thi But if dreams came tme, oh, wouldn't that he nice, But this ain't no dream we're living through tonight, Girl, you want it, you take it, you pay the price. Prove it all night, prove it all night girl and call the bluff, Prove it all night, prove it all night and girl, I prove it all night for your love - Bruce Springsteen U X 1 QP if L W, .vp 3 Xxx .xx Ulla. "hug Y 3 ,Q 'if' u,....,M+w'4ek 1' 7 Vyfv 3 .X my ,.. ,3,wwxu , 4 H15 A A. V u,.,.,:,l.'.l ,tg u kk fi? wwf ,LS " t1'iEK, L may ...NA P 5... J iffy , f .N -1 w w -. .ma ivan' , .yi Qwzfg V' N ..., ,qv w J A , ,A z I . 5fwJ3..w- ., ,,E,,,,,,,,,lW,,mWi -K. - W Y- ,4Y?:g2Q x QW - .. .,,, . .. . " f:.,,:Mf-iS"J,,fS25g,w5,,,u, , . , A ., . ' W ,W.uN,,,,k,mW.,1" 5,.,.Q "-- M ' , ,

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