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Mynderse Academy - Myndersian Yearbook (Seneca Falls, NY) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Cover

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4. . ,tag L .-A ' I iv, WN! mf.-a 'U i ' X i 41, .wx ..k': ' f 'N 1-I . f! ww s ,-f, A +1 + iw. Q1 ' v 9 - , 53 QA. .fi uf 'X gyi, ,nv fa IT, E X I THE SENIOR CLASS MYNDERSE ACADEMY I SENECA FALLS, NEW YORK 41 ivx loreaenla T H E 19 4 8 MYNDERSIAN REWO Tlns IS the logbook of the school vear Nmeteen Hundr ed and lforty elght As we semors e11tered our last xe xr at Myn derse Academy we reahfed Vlltll regret tl1at we were nearmg the home stretch of 1 long voyage We h 1d started o11t llllllll full sall Ill September 1911 after an QUSPILIOUS launclnng a11cl now 111 June l9l8 we are lt last pullmg 111to port Our voyage l1as been cventful full of adv en tures and new exper1ences qmce we haven t room to relate them all to vou only the lngh hghts have been recorded 111 tl11s log We started out as 'XPIJIQIILICG Seamen F he faculty acted IS OU1 Sli1pIl6lS Ieadmg us teach mg us and Sll'lI'1I1g our expcrlenees Wltll just 19 much zeal md Ll1l,llUS1ElSIIl as though 1t 11 e1e then Inst CI'll1SG We cngoved VSOI'lx1Ilg together 111 the classroom and 111 all the act1x1t1es aboard our slnp even though at UHIGS our S9dIIldIlSl1lp left somethmg to be deslred 0111 crevv l1as lear11ed to pull toge ther through calm ww aters Hllfl stormy seas The compamon slnp vse have found 111 0116 another IS somethmg we shall llvvays Cll6I'lSll Fo preserve these IIILIIIOIIGS of our school year we have puhllshed tl11s vearhoolc feehng, tl1at the Il3lltlCcll theme we haxe chosen for tl11s 1948 My Ilflf-31 slan tres 111 mth tl1e story ofthe students of Mynderse Academy As the reader sc a11s tl1e pages of tl11s log we hope he xull become ac quamted Wlllll Mvnderse and get a better llI1Cl6I standmg and c1pp16ClHlL10Il of our scl1ool 5 s 4 o s o MQ. . . . Q I 'I '1 I' . A s S LDIIIQP IXII WFCAY SIIANNDIX A B Su uuan IIIIlVLlblI,y leacher ol IIIQIISII TO YOI MPS QHANNON NNI OI IIII1 C 99 OF NINI1 I'I4I+N IOIIIY I IGII DIIDICATE THI9 IVIYNDI IIQIAN IN IRI BIITIL TD YOUR IINQILLI4 IQH AND IXSPIII INC II AL AQA IILACHILH CLASS ADX IQI Ii AND C IRI QCOLT LILADILR NAM ,Ulf JJQ-Ov-f .Ju I VM kkxgf 117401 1 JI s 0 0 O D 0 O I I .Ag 0 l 0 I a I I I LOG I LEADERSHIP SCHOLARSH P X FRIENDSHIP sPoRTsIvIANsHIP 5 5 Q fE -ff 5 lgf --E ' , WW! X 4 g xg, N" uw' V J fx .K mf XX-fN,E,, f fi I T' Hi 3 fi , Q ig 3 vi iz ,S 5 if 2 , ,W L: gh a W W -v M gp Q. Q, fi N U 1 E K: E15 Q x in 'z l Al um' W . :w""f-wh: ,mmm These slalely Elizabelhan galleons, rnemenloes of lhe days of Drake and lhe Armada, have ever been a herilage of marilime history. Plying lhe Spanish Main with cargoes from Darien, lhey were the leading ships of lheir lime. Oar adminislralors aol as sach lead- ers, gaiding us on the sea of knowl- edge and inlo safe harbors. Mrs. Manii, Hilbert, Knigllt, Bruchl, PKUIIICU, Vergamini, Glanville. Seneca Falls has a six-member Board of Education to whom the community intrusts the responsibilities of local educational services and the solution of problems pertaining' to school administration. lVlr. Jolm Bracbt who heads the organization as president, has the impressive record of twenty-four years on the board, having succeeded Mr. George Gob in l92-11. Second in years of service is Mr. lfrank Knight, who became a board member in 1937. Mr. Earl Hilbert joined the board, June, l9fl2g lVlrs. John Mann, in December, 194114, Mr. Robert Glanville and Dr. Angelo Romeo, in July, 19173 and Mr. Bernard Vergamini in October, 19447. The latter is filling the unexpired term of Mr. James Romeo. BOARD OF EDUCATION 5 Ten years ago lVlr. Page calne from the Dryden-Freeville Central School to head the Seneca Falls school system. Since then, the vari- ous buildings have been put into good condition, courses have been broadened, and notable progress made in charting a successful edu- ca tional course. FRANK PAGE Superinlendenl Qf Schools OUR ADMIRAL AND VICE-ADMIRAL All students salute Mr. Vogel for keeping the U.S.S. Mynderse ship- shape and remaining faithfully at his post for twenty-five short years. During his years here as Principal, he has advised Inany students "never to abandon shipf' They seldom forget Mr. Vogcl's e cellent advice. 17" FRANK YOGEL Principal of Nlynderse Academy 6 IN MEMORIAM R EXFORD ROCK WELL Vice-Principal of Myndersc Academy The death of Rexford Rockwell on September 29, l947, shocked and deeply grieved the faculty and stu- dents of Mynderse Academy and the people of the community. Down through the years lVlr. Rockwell showed his devotion to his work hy his painstaking efforts to help students with the guidance problems which they took to him so eagerly. He was a good friend, not only of the students of Mynderse Academy, hut also of the townspeople. He as a veteran of World War One under- stood the G. lfs and was invaluable when they returned to school in such numbers immediately following their demobilization. lt is easy to understand why Rexford Rockwell, loved hy young and old alike, is missed so greatly. 7 THE PILOTS Julia ll. OiBI'lCIl7l'3llgliSl1 F our Years Louise M. SllHllllfJII7El!gllSll Two and Three Years Doris Wilsonflinglisli One and Two Years lVlargaroL Allen - English One, Dramalirs, Publn' Speaking Grave and lfifrlitli Lflllffllkllfi? Arts rn rw zu Q, Teresa Compilello-Librar- ian Mary MilleraLating Tenth Year Social Studies Anne Sold--Frenclig Ninth Year Social Studies Hoy L. Heed-Advanced lYlHtllCIl'lHlilC'SQ Atlilelivs Doris L. .lacobsfSeventli and Eiglilli Grade Mathe- matics Helen .l. TTEIIIIIIIOIlil-Sll0l'lr hand, Secretarial l'racl.ic'c, Typing lVladeline Smilli - Algebra, Typing, Inlroduc'tion Lo Business Raymond G. Boc'laer-Book- keeping, Com. Aritlnneliv, Business Law, lntroduczlion Lo Business Emily B. Smilli-Elevenlli and Twell'Lli Year Sorial Studies Lillian Oliver-Tenlli and Eleventh Year Social Studies I K is ,f M" y N A f , 1 George H. WilberfNintl1X'7 ' Year Social Studies, Guid- m I- H ance Direc-Lor KK, "Vi 'X Birdena E. CampanyfSev- ' J ' enth Grade Social Studies Hazel Wolelier G Eighth Grade Social Studies - N ' 4 'f X . x N X I X X T l8. 19. 20. 21. 22 23. 24. 25. 26. 27 28. 29 30. 3l. 32. 3-l. 35. HE PILOTS Stanley Marshall - Physics, General Science, Biologyg Athletics John A. Bourdon-Seventh and Eighth Grade Mathe- matics, Scienceg Yisual Edu- cationg Athletics John Ganale-Seventh and Eighth Grade Re1nedialgAth- letics Raymond M. Hadtke-In- dustrial Arts, General Science Vincent Davies-Industrial Arts, General Science Edna Trulan-Art Roberta Schlosser-M usic .lohn C. Fraser-Instrument- al Music Wallace Slllll,ll7Sll'lllgI ln- strinnents Lucy Cardwell--lloineniak- ing, Ninth Year llome Eco- nonncs Dorothy SlIIlllltJIlS-HOIll1?- making, Grade Ilome Eco- nonncs Florence E. Anderson- Nurse, Attendance Olfieerg Hygiene Ramona Sehind ler-Asst. Nurse, Attendance Officerg Hygiene Lois Pontius-Dental Hy- gienist lfrank Cooley - Physical Education, Director Athletics Anne Driscoll - Physical Education, Athletics Aileen PoolewSecretary Betty Sherman-Clerk -V Aa, This is a tramp steamer, a smoke- begrirned gypsy ship, answering the call of the seven seas and bent on mattifarioas errands. Our classes can be pietared as saeh Steamers, bent on the errands of learning and eo-operation. As the ship stearns oeeanward with the pro- daets of the hintertand, so may oar classes go forward with prodaets of work welt done. As we pulled up our anchor and left port in September, we realized that this was to he our last, happy voyage together. First of all came elections! From our crew of eighty-seven, we chose Jack Carpenter as presi- dent, Mary Frances Zona, vice-presidentg Jean Bentley, secrctaryg and Mark Sinicropi, treas- urer. The first event on our voyage was our three- act comedy, HEver Since Eveff in November. The highlight of the social year came next- the Senior Ball with its winter night theme and King John lll and Queen Jean holding court. OUR ADVISERS and O Miss Hammond, Adviserg Sinicropi, Treasurer: Carpenter. Prcsidcntg Zona, Vice-President: Bentley. Sccretaryg Smith. Adviser. 17 -2 , ' 'ff f 'ili Q 6 'AF ff I '- ' V I ly" 2... ,- I - . . 11 S I Y- 0 f, 4, h. N!-sa-"i , ' JA Miss .I ulia O'Bricn Adviser FFICERS We forfeited some of our pleasures aboard ship for the all import- ant 'task of collecting data for this Mynders- ian which went to press in early spring. As June nears, we look back with affec- tion and gratitude to Miss O'Brien, our chief adviser, and Miss Smith and Miss Ham- mond who assisted in guiding us patiently and successfully through senior year. CLASS OF Josephine Agnello N. Elizabeth Amidon Robert Andrews Robert Aronson !l!nv..,..l' Richard Ashbaugh Charles Baker, .. ' Delores Belcher Marv Bellomo Q -fl -f' M7 U 'F ..,- ..,-Qu-Us . , V v l,,f"' , ,IOSEPHINE JEAN AGNELLO-Junior Jumbles 33 .lunior-Senior Party Committee 33 Library Club 43 Hearth Club 4. Judging by .losie's skill al law, she should help Porliaface life .... NINA ELIZABETH AMIDON-Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 43 Tumbling 1, 23 Senior Choir 1, 2, 3, 4, Festival 2, 3, Opcretta 33 Band Majorctte I3 Freshman-Sophomore Play Tournament Committee 1, 23 Pan-American Assembly 2g Junior Jumbles 33 .lunior lied Cross Council 3, Secre- tary 33 .lunior Dance Committee 33 Junior Play Committee 33 Junior-Senior Party Committee 33 .lunior Prom Court and Committee 33 Le Cercle francais 3, 43 Senior Play Committee 43 Senior Ball Committee 43 Myndersian 4. Does Belly wan! lo be the lady of lhe lake? . . . ROBERT GRANT ANDREWS-Intramurals 1. He gradualedffrom scooler lo car .... ROBERT BERNARD ARONSON-Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Competitions 2, 3, 43 Wig and Rouge 1, 23 Freshman- Sophomore Play Tournament 13 Freshman Dance Committee 13 Football 2. 3, 43 Microphone 2, 3, 4, Business Man- ager 43 Pan American Assembly 23 Sophomore Dance Committee 23 Class Treasurer 33 Block M 3, 43 Baseball 3, 43 Orchestra 3, 43 Boys' State 33 Junior Prom Committee 33 Junior Play 33 Junior Jumbles 33 Junior-Senior Party Committee 33 Junior Dance Committee 33 Student Council 43 Junior Kiwanian 43 Honor Student 4. Even lhough van- quished, he could argue sllll-with apologies lo Golrlsrnilh .... RICHARD ROY ASHBAUGH-Freshman Dance Committee 13 Band 1, 2, 3, 4g Stage Crew I, 2, 3. 43 Movie Operator 1, 2, 3, 43 Intramurals 2, 3, 43 Wig and Rouge 2, 3, 43 Orchestra 2, 3, 4, All-State 3, 43 .I unior Jumbles 33 Senior Ball Committee 43 Senior Play 43 Myndcrsian 4. Dickus is a bil of a dreamer, who likes slage, screen. and lheaier arls .... CHARLES BORROMEO BAKER-Football 1, 2, 3, 43 Freshman Dance Committee lg Sophomore Dance Committee 23 Le Cercle francais 2, 3, 4. President 33 Track 3, 43 Block M 3, 43 J unior-Senior Party Committee 33 .Junior Prom Committee 33 Junior Dance Committee 33 .Junior Jumbles 33 Senior Ball Committee 43 Myndersian 4. Happy-go-lucky, lhal's Charlie .... DELORES JEAN BELCHER-Transfer from Elmira Southside Highg A Cappella Choir 13 Tri-Y 13 Humane Society 13 Mynderse Academy: Tumbling Club 2. 33 Latin Club 33 Hearth Club 4. "Chuck,' will probably appreciale her lzomemaking abilily. . , . MARY LUCILLE BELLOMOWGlee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Operetta 3, Music Festival 2, 3, 43 All-State 43 Pan-American Assembly 2g Library Club 2, 3. 43 Intramurals 3, 43 Junior Jumbles 33 Junior Prom Committee 33 Myndersian 4. One of lhe leading HG1fbson Girlsi' in Mynderse. 12 FORTY-EIGH-T JEAN BERTHA BENTLEY-Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 43 Band Majorette 1, 2, 3, 4, Head Majorette 43 Girls' Gym Exhibition 23 Junior Jumbles 33 Junior-Senior Party Committee 33 Junior Prom Court 33 Senior Play Committee 43 Class Secretary 43 Senior Ball Queen 4. Ahead of the band marches gay, popular .lean. I s il any -wonder slie was Senior Ball Queen? , . . RICHARD FRANCIS BLUE-fJunior Play 33 .lunior Prom Committee 33 .lunior Jumbles 3g Wig and Rouge 4. A cheerful cherub-1968 vinlage .... JAMES MATTHEW BOWERSM-Transfer lrom Suncrest .lunior High School, Morgantown, West Virginia: Art Club 13 Science Club 13 Basketball 13 Softball 13 Class Play 1. Myn- dcrse Acacemy: Freshman-Sophomore Picnic Committee 2g Intramurals 2, 3, 43 .lunior Jumbles 33 Junior-Senior Party Committee 33 Baseball 33 Senior Ball Committee 4. This brawny Virginian lives lo conquer lhrough leasing .... DORIS ELIZABETH BRADY-VVig and Rouge 1, 2, 3, 43 Library Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 43 Freshman Dance Committee 13 Freshman-Sophomore Picnic Committee lg Freshman-Sophomore Play Tournament Committee 1, 23 Drum Majorette 1, 23 Tumbling Club 1, 2g Girls' Gym Exhibition 13 Pan-American Assembly 23 Sophomore Dance Committee 23 Junior .lumbles 3g .lunior Play 33 Junior Party Committee 33 .I unior Prom Committee 33 Fresh- man-Sophomore Play Director 33 Senior Ball Committee 43 Senior Play Committee 4-3 Myndersian 4. Prelly, pelile Doris, llze willing worker, is one :J lhe class assels .... BETTY ANN BRAUN-Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 43 Junior Prom Committee 33 Senior Play Committee 43 Junior Red Cross Alternate 43 Myndersian 4. Blond Belly is an alhlele of dislinclion .... BERNARD FREELAND BROADBENT-Basketball 1, 2, 3, 43 Baseball 1, 2, 3, 43 Football 13 Intra- murals 1, 2, 3, 4g Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Freshman Dance Committee 13 Sophomore Dance Committee 23 Junior Party Committee 33 J unior-Senior Party Committee 33 Senior Ball Committee 4. Bad's nickname is shorl, but he's nol .... RALPH ANTHONY CAFARO-Freshman Dance Committee 13 Band 1, 2, 3, 4, All-State 3, 4, Music Festivals 1, 2, 3, 43 Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 43 Sophomore Play 23 Orchestra 2, 3, 43 Football 2, 3, 43 Basketball 2, 3, 43 Awards 1, 2, 33 .lunior Party Committee 33 Junior Prom Committee 33 Boys' State 33 Junior Jumbles 33 Student Council 3, 4, President 43 Junior Kiwanian 43 Block M 43 Senior Ball Committee 43 Honor Student 4. We l1aven'l heard llie -, ,, lasl from Maesiro Cafaro and his golden lrumpel .... NIARCIA FRANCES CALARCOw1ntramurals 1, 2g Pan- ! American Assembly 23 Freshman-Sophomore Picnic Committee 23 Junior .lumbles 33 .lunior-Senior Party Committee J 33 Junior Party Committee 33 Senior Play Committee 43 Myndersian 4. Sl1e's no! from the South, bul sl:e's our L'Swanee N ' Gal. . 3-3 3 Meta Q33 is - my 3 4 4, . - . 4 Y, .lean Bentley Richard Blue .lames Bowers ,4V,xy7,,k,23or1s. rady Pix: gn xfig - Je U J 1 A' 3: l-Q 1 X mi K' an x 'I 1 E4 3 ,X E35 - 2 -X 3 3 N32 1 'M " 3 Lg Betty Braun ,Bernard Broadbeht Ral h Calaro Marcia Calarco Q if 5 , , P .H-:ii . " , TQ, , 'S '-4 A N, Y x F' X 3 I if 'fl 13 3 ' -. i, ,Q .. ,Q uk , '- tux ,Q if is-lx il ,. Il LYQLQJFA. ,R y,4..uj.,f,.f.,-3 Vera Calareo -N l'Iionor'Callancl Vincent Caraecilo ' Carpehter t - 1 .4 , .fx L l m,-- .. Q7 . , S Julia Carter V .Benpy Caruso , - KL. Edward Eiiatheiglan Angelo Cherchia J r f1w"sff',f . ,ai-4 ' ,gs-u. .5 if ' 7 es-5 V faq, 'A .fi's.u. wif:-f"' i E ' 'F ' . . 9,74-,yfr -I 'f,,5,.:L ., wlk:,ll,As.'f5'-fy. ' J ' ' ' ft 1 ,' , nf. I VERA MAY CALARCO-Intramurals 2, 33 Pan-Afherihan Program 2: .llll1 lI1lllCS 3g Junior-Senior Party Com- mittee 3g Senior Ball Court 43 Senior Play Committee 4g Myndersian 4. lnlroduiring Vera, the other half of that dynamic lwosome .... HONOR EILEEN CALLAND-Library Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary 2. President 43 Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 43 Pan-American Assembly 23 Microphone 2, 3, 4, News Editor 4: Bond and Stamp Committee 2g Junior .lumbles 3: Senior Play Committee 43 Myndersian 4. Honor-bright? Qf course, and amusing loo .... VINCENT LEWIS CARAC- CILO-Basketball 1, 2, 3, 43 Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4, Freshman Dance Committee 13 Sophomore Dance Committee 23 Football 2, 3, 45 Track 3, 45 Le Cercle francais 3, 45 .l unior Party Committee 3g Junior Prom Committee 3g Junior- Senior Party Committee 3g Junior Jumbles 39 Student Council 4, Sergeant-at-Arms 4. Vince, with his impish grin and personality plus, is one ofthe Romeos of '48 .... JOHN ROBERT CARPENTER-Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 43 Band and Stamp Committee 1, Award 1, Freshman-Sophomore Play Tournament 13 Freshman Dance Committee 1g Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Festival 1, 2, 3, 4, All-State 4, Manager 43 Football 2g Sophomore Dance Committee 23 Glee Club 2, 3, 4, Festival 2, 3, 4, Operetta 33 Track 3, 4g .lunior Prom Committee 3g Junior .lumbles 3, Boys' State 33 Orchestra 4: Junior Pnotarian 4g Senior Play 4g Class President 4g Senior Ball King and Committee 43 Student Council 4, Mynders- ian 45 Honor Student 4. Piano is to President Truman as the baritone is to President Jack .... JULIA MARIE CARTER WGlee Club 2, 3, 4, Festival 2, 3, 4, Operetta 33 Intramurals 2, 33 Pan-American Assembly 25 Science Club 33 Junior .lumbles 3g Junior-Senior Party Committee 33 Latin Club 4g Senior Play Committee 43 Myndersian 4. Blushing Julie is one of Room 19's friendliest girls .... BENNY MICHELE CARUSO-Intramurals l, 23 Freshman-Sophomore Picnic Committee 1g Freshman Dance Committee lg Sophomore Dance Committee 23 Senor Play Committee 4. I . G. A .-Intelligent, generous, ambitious-that's Benny .... LEWIS EDWARD CATHER NlAN-Freshman-Sophomore Picnic Committee 1, Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 43 Science Club 1, 2g Clee Club 2. 33 Junior Prom Committee 3: Junior Play Committee 3, Senior Play Committee 4. Ecl's reputation jbr quietness doesn't extend to Fayette .... ANGELO JOHN CHERCHIA-Freshman Dance Committee lg Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 41 Le Cercle francais 1. 2, 3g Sophomore Dance Committee 25 .l unior Dance Committee 3: Track Manager 3. Angelo has a hard name lo live up lo. but then ll'R,l'P all very helpful-ahem! 14 ' s So H5 if 35 F5277 P P' Q. 1,27 gf:-.ff Jeff? 'f - ..f.4i'x' 9 - . FORTY-EIGHT A ELEANORE MAE CLINE-Library Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary 3, Treasurer 4, Intramurals 1, Freshman-Sophomore Picnic Committee l, 2, Bond and Stamp Committee 1, Sophomore Dance Committee 2, Pan-American Assembly 2, Junior Jumbles 3, J unior Play 3, Junior Party Committee 3, Junior Red Cross 4, Secretary 4, Wig and Rouge 4, Senior Ball Committee and Court 4, Myndersian 4. Eteanore's gatety and iriiiaciousness can well account for her rnany friends .... DONALD RICHARD COMISKEY-Freshman Dance Committee 1, Freshman-Sophomore Picnic Com- mittee 1, Football l, 2, 3, 4, Co-Captain 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4, Sophomore Dance Committee 2, Block M 2, 3, 4. Treasurer 3, Secretary 4, Track 3, Junior Prom Committee 3, Junior Jumbles 3, Junior Party Committee 3: Junior-Senior Party Committee 3. Here's M. A.'s crashing tackle .... DONALD EDWARD CRAMER- Basketball Manager 1, 2, Science Club 1, 2, 3, 4, President 3, 4, lntramurals 1, 2, 3, 4, Tennis 2, 3, 4, Football 3, Junior Prom Committee 3, Junior Play Committee 3, Senior Ball Committee 4, Senior Play Committee 4, Myndersian 4. Don'l blow your lop. Ask Don for the chemical answer .... DORIS ALBERTA DARK-Wig and Rouge 1, 2, 3, 4, Freshman-Sophcmmore Play Tournament 1, 2, Director 3, Intramurals 1, 2, 4, Freshman-Sophomore Picnic Commit- tee 1, 2, Class Secretary l, Library Club 1, Junior Red Cross 1, Freshman Dance Committee 1, Latin Club 2, 3, Acdile 3, Sophomore Dance Committee 2, Pan-American Assembly 2, Junior Play 3, Junior Dance and Prom Com- mittees 3, .lunior Jumbles 3, Senior Play Committee 4, Microphone 4, Myndersian 4. Her serious ambition is to be a doctor, but in the meantime she brightens our days with tireless energy and infectious giggles .... KENNETH WILLIAM DEAN-Intramurals 1, 2, 3, Freshman-Sophomore Picnic l, 2. Ile left us in February to return to the land .,.. JEAN ELIZABETH DEAR Y-lntramurals l, 2, 3, 4, Playdays 1, 2, Freshman-Sophommire Picnic Committee 1, Tumbling Club 1, 2, Gym Exhibition 1, 2, Majorette 2, 3, Girls' Athletic Association 2, 3, 4, Pan-American Assembly 2, Junior Prom Committee 3, Junior Jumbles 3, Senior Play Committee 4, Myndersian 4, Announcement Committee 4. Sl1e's good in sports, and clever in relorts .... DAVID GILBERT DEMINGfIntramurals 1, 2, Science Club 1, Sophomore Hop Committee 2, .lunior Party Committee 3, Senior Ball Committee 4. A grin -l-a girl-l-a gun-fllflort ..,. NANCY GUY DOANE-Freshman Dance and Party Committees 1, Glee Club 1, Tumbling Club 1, 2, Gym Exhibition 1, 2, Student Assembly Committee 1, Freshman-Sophomore Play Tournament 1, 2, Director 3, Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4, Playdays 1, 2, 4, Wig and Rouge 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice-President 4, War Bond and Stamp Committee 1, Awards 1, 2, Fresh- man-Sophomore Picnic Committee 2, Pan-American Assembly 2, Sophomore Dance Committee 2, Junior Red Cross 2, Vice-President 2, Latin Club 2, 3, Cantor 2, Consul 3, Microphone 3,4, Associate Editor 4, Empire State School Press Conference 4, Girls' Athletic Association 3, 4, Vice-President 3, President 4, Student Council 3, Corresponding Secretary 3, .lunior Play 3, .lunior J umbles 3, .lunior Dance Committee 3, .lnnior Prom Court and Committee 3, Empire Girls' State 3, Junior-Senior Party Committee 3, Senior Play 4, Senior Ball Court and Committee 4, D. A. R. Essay Contest 4: Mynclersian Editor-in-Chiel' 4, Valeclictorian 4. Viiiifl. vibrant Nancy has playerl a stellar class role will: grace. , ., Eleanore Cline I Donald Comiskey Donald Cramer Doris Dark Jean Deary D. Gilbert Deming Nancy Doane 5 5 15 eth l.e an is LC., rl ,. UT' C ,. 1-3' ,,J,,.- ,f f,,..- II, ...f- ,f- rg F-fx s in xx. . K .X ,H I s X 1 ' A 4 , I .fl ff' kj I l 1 .lf 3 LH.. 1 3 ff' Vx if T ' Wljjy M53 c: L A s s o F n l x ,K 0 4 Joseph Dombrowski James Durnin Marco Errico Dino Francesehi Wendell Frankenfield Albert Gallina .lohn Gilmore JOSEPH FRANCIS DOMBROVVSKI-Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 43 Freshman Dance Committee 13 Freshman- Sophomore Picnic Committee li Sophomore Dance Committee 23 Airplane Club 23 Junior Dance Committee 33 .I unior Play Committee 3g Junior-Senoir Party Committee 33 Junior Prom Committee 33 Senior Play 43 Senior Ball Committee 43 Bowling Team 4. A bubbling personality in a carefree boy describes Joe .... JAMES NICHOLAS DURNIN- Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 43 Freshman Dance Committee 13 Freshman-Sophomore Picnic Committee 1. 23 Sophomore Dance Committee 23 Baseball 23 Junior Prom Committee 33 .lunior Play Committee 33 Senior Play Committee 4. According lo the cards Jim's business future should be brighl .... MARCO PETER ERRICO-Intramurals 1, 2, 3. 43 Pan-American Assembly 23 Junior Jumbles 33 Band 4. Judging from his auto's hue, Merccfsfavorile color is blue. . . . DINO ENZO FRANCESCHI-Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 43 Freshman Dance Committee 13 Tumbling Club l. 23 Sopho- more Dance Committee 23 Junior Dance Committee 33 Senior Ball Committee 4. A playboy-we rnean inlramurals. . . . WENDELL SYLVAN FRANKENFIELD-Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 43 Pan-American Assembly 23 Airplane Club 2, 3g .lunior Jumbles 33 Senior Ball Committee 4. "Windy" enjoys nothing beller llzan being girls' "pest" friend. . . . ISABEL RENA FRAPPOLLI-Pan-American Assembly 23 Junior Jumbles 33 .lunior Prom Committee 3. Isabelle majors in La Verne. Interesting subject, isn'l he, lssy? . . . ALBERT ANTHONY GALLINA-Glee Club 13 Tumbling Club 13 Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 43 Freshman Dance Committee 13 Basketball 13 Sophomore Dance Committee 23 Junior .lumbles 33 Junior Prom Committee 33 Stageman 3, 43 Award 33 .I unior Dance Committee 33 Senor Ball Committee 43 Bowling Team 43 Senior Play Committee 43 M yndersian 4. A live wire who can slring fhern along .... JOHN EMAN- UEL GILNIOliEfTumbling Club 13 Freshman Dance Committee l3 lntramurals l. 2. 33 Freshman-Sophomore Picnic Committee 1, 23 Sophomore Dance Committee 23 .lunior Dance Committee 33 Senior Ball Committee 4. John wanls lo be a millionaire and relire at lwenly-one. 16 FCRTY-EIGHT HENRY EDWARD GLEASON-Intramurals I, 2, 3, 43 Glee Club I 3 Tumbling Club I3 Freshman Dance Committee I3 Sophomore Dance Committee 23 Junior J umbles 33 Junior Prom Committee 33 Senior Play 43 Bowling Team 43 Senior Play Committee 4. If you need a goozl man on an fnlramural team, holler for Hen-ry .... JANE ARLENE GOODWIN-Turnliling Club I3 Freshman-Sophomore Picnic Committee I: Band I, 2, 3. 43 Glee Club I3 2, 3, 4, Operetta Committee 3, All-State 43 Music Festivals 2, 3, 43 Intramurals I, 2. 3, 43 Orchestra 2, 3,43 Junior Jumbles 33 Junior Play Committee 33 Junior Prom Committee 33 Junior-Senior Party Committee 33 Junior Dance Committee 33 Senior Ball Committee 43 Junior Red Cross 4. President 43 Senior Play 43 Myndersian 4. Jane is a girl with a song in her hearl and a smile on her face .... JOAN MARIE GORTON-Glee Club I3 Freshman-Sophomore Picnic Com- mittee I, 23 Cheerleader I, 2, 3, 43 Intramurals 2, 3, 43 Pan-American Program 23 Junior Party Committee 33 Junior- Senior Party Committee 33 Junior Prom Queen and Committee 3g Junior Jumbles 33 Class Vice-President 33 Senior Play 4-3 Student Council Secretary 43 Senior Ball Court 43 Microphone 43 Wig and Rouge 43 Red Cross Alternate 43 Myndersian 4. Gay, attractive Joan, who could help but love her? . . . LILLIAN BELLE GREEN-Intramurals I, 2, 33 J unior-Senior Party Committee 33 Hearth Club 4. In school, dernureg outside, nol sure .... DONALD COMSTOCK HADLEY-Intramurals I, 43 Wig and Rouge I, 2, 3, 4, Vice-President 3, President 43 .Band I, 2, 3, 4, Festival I, 2, 3, 43 Freshman Dance Committee 13 Microphone 2, 3, Magazine Editor 3, Empire State School Press Conference 3: Basketball 2, 33 Junior Jumbles 33 Junior Prom Committee 33 Student Council 43 Senior Play 43 Myndersian 43 Junior Kiwanian 43 Honor Student 4. Born with a gift for laughler, Don can make some-pun out of nothin' .... JOHN EDWARD HANLIN-Intramurals I, 2, 3, 43 Le Cercle francais 2, 33 Baseball 3, 4. Jack always has ezcuses bul he never brings them to school .... FRANK RICHARD HECKER-Football 2. Bud, our ea:-Marine, looks quite shy, but Nancy knows better .... KATIILEEN DORIS KENNEDY-Glee Club I, 2, 3, 4, Competition Festival 2, 3, 4, Oper- etta 3, All-State 43 Freshman Dance Committee I3 Sophomore Dance Committee 23 Pan-American Assembly 23 Junior Party Committee 33 Junior Jumbles 3g Junior-Senior Party Committee 33 .I unior Prom Committee 33 Junior Play Committee 3. A girl and a voice-both very nice. 3' u' ,- - ' 3 '. ' ' W L! Q. ' . - ' -. f ,- ... .5 fx ya-fl-l ,:f4t!!,lC: l D ' lLs9,,J0Qgf ,1E,,,5f:. ,f,54f4!9f,. ., f1,' en ' A . A-V f .'gA,gf',f,.b , ff'-9 rigs: ' - jf". , ,. ' .ia I ' f. - ' Henry Gleason 'Jane Gooclyvm .loan Gorton' W -' Lillian Green fd-' IP'-' ' ' ' 3 bonfxyflldlffgli 'F f' A 'I John Hanlin Frank Hecker ' 34 I ,W ' ff ,' J I i li ,vi I X N- f. .l. D. King Carol Kissel Angeline Klandatos Rose Klionsky Rose Lama Marvin Lay Lee Letizia John Mahoney J J. D. KING- Unfalhornable describes J. D. Even his name is myslerioas .,.. CAROL HELEN KISSELfGlee Club 13 .J ' S' Library Club 13 Tumbling Club 1, 23 Freshman Dance Committee l3 Intramurals l, 2, 3, 43 Le Cercle francais 2, 3. 43 Q -53 Minister of Programs 2, Minister Without Portfolio 43 VVig and Rouge 2, 3, 43 Microphone 2, 3, 43 Pan-American Q3 Q Assembly 23 Sophomore Dance Committee 23 Elmira Key Award 33 Junior Play 33 Junor Prom Committee 33 .lunior - 3- Party Committee 33 Junior-Senior Party Committee 33 Junior Jumbles 33 Assistant Director of Freshman Play 3g ' LE Senior Play 43 Myndersian 43 Student Council Alternate 43 Honor Student 4. A small parcel of dynamic energy, llzafs X 2 Carol .... ANGELINE KLANDATOS-Glee Club 1: Freshman Dance Committee 13 Sophomore Dance Committee 4.59 23 Pan-American Assembly 23 Junior Dance Committee 33 Junior J umbles 33 J unior Prom Committee 33 Acanthus -3---lFClub 43 Myndersian 4. A good looking mimic, ihafs Ann. . . . ROSE RACHEL KLIONSKY-Library Club l3 Wig o sand Rouge 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary 43 lntramurals 1, 2, 3, 43 Tumbling Club 1, 23 Freshman Dance Committee 13 Awards 4 -I 2, 33 Latin Club 2, 3, Janitor 2, Consul 33 Junior Prom Committee 33 .lunior Play Committee 33 .lunior-Senior Party I-P if, Committee 33 Junior Dance Committee 33 Junior Jumbles 33 Microphone 3. 43 Junior Red Cross 3, 4, National .--74 N2 f Convention 3, Adviser 43 Senior Play Committee 43 Senior Ball Committee 43 Myndersian 43 Honor Student 4. lf il's possible, Rosie'll do it .... ROSE MARIE LAMA-Glee Club l, 2, Concert l, Operetta 23 Library Club l, 2, 3, 43 f- .lxlntramurals l, 2, 3, 43 Pan-American Assembly 23 Hearth Club 3, 43 Junior Jumbles 33 Junior-Sehior Party Com- Q -.1 3 mittee 3, Junior Play Committee 3, Senior Play Committee 4. My love is like a red. red rose. by Emerson. Cof course 3 we know aboulBurns.J . . . MARVIN WILLIS LA Y-Science Club lg Football 23 Band 2, 3, 4, Festival 2, 3, 43 Micro- 3 33 phone 2, 33 Pan-American Assembly 23 Junior Jumbles 33 Junior Prom Committee 33 Orchestra 3, 43 Glee Club 43 hi Senior Ball Committee 43 Myndersian 43 .lunior Kiwanian 4. Love makes lhe world go 'roand, and "lVIarv,' is dizzy. . . '35 LEE ANTHONY LETIZIA-Football 1, 2, 3, 43 Basketball 1, 2, 3. 43 Baseball l. 2. 3, 43 Class President 13 Micro- rg phone 13 Glee Club 1, 2, 33 Freshman-Sophomore Picnic Committee l, 23 Sophomore Dance Committee 23 Pan- fs American Assembly 23 J unior-Senior Party Committee 33 J unior Prom Committee 33 Junior J umbles 33 Block M 43 . . vjfDSenior Ball Committee 43 Junior Kiwanian 4. Lee's very flaliering in his allenlion lo lhe girl of the moment and does his lechnzqae workl. . .JOHN PATRICK lVlAHONEYwIntramuraIs I 3 Freshman Dance Committee l3Sophomore Dance li , Committee 23 .lunior Jumblcs 33 Junior Prom Committee 33 Airplane Club 33 Junior-Senior Party Committee 3. A ' Q3 Pal Jack behind the wheel of his falher's car and walch lhal Ford go! fi " .1 Q gg A 18 .1 'R - 3, .fx X, X , s. xy -r if L FORTY-EIGHT EDWIN MATHIAS MARSH-Football 1. 'LHe1l" is a Navy man, and also quite ll man with the Waterloo girls. . .. HAROLD JAMES MARTIN-Football 1, 2, 33 Basketball 1, 2, 33 Class President lg Wig and Rouge l: Freshman- Sophomore Play Tournament 13 Band 1, 23 Baseball 23 Sophomore Dance Committee 23 Junior Prom Committee 33 J unior-Senior Party Committee 3. .lim's been in service in Japan: the things he's known and seen! . . . BARBARA JEAN MILELLA-Freshman Dance Committee 13 Freshman-Sophomore Picnic Committee 1. 23 Glec Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Sophomore Dance Committee 23 Pan-American Assembly 23 .Iunior Jumbles 33 .I unior Prom Court and Committee 33 Senior Play Committee 43 Acanthus Club 43 Announcement Committee 4. A fashion-wise dancer, who has added a gay note to 1908's parties .... JAMES ALBERT MILELLA-Freshman Dance Committee 13 Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 43 Basketball Manager 43 Senior Ball Committee 43 Band 4. He's rather short but mighty "hepl" . . . MARGARET AILEEN MORGANYTrasnfer from Lawrenceburg High School, Lawrenceburg, Indiana3 Glee Club 1. Mynderse Academy: Glee Club 2, 3, 43 Competition Festival 2, 3, 43 Sophomore Dance Committee 2g Pan-American Assembly 23 Acanthus 3, 4, Vice-Presdent 3, President 43 Junior Party Committee 33 Junior-Senior Party Committee 3g Junior Prom Committee 33 .lunior Play Committee 33 Junior J umbles 33 Award 33 Le Cercle francais 4g Senior Play 43 Senior Ball Committee 43 Myndersian 4. Peggy, as a Southern gat in the senior play, nearly started another Civil War. . . RITA ALBERTA OLIN- Her manner is incarably gentle .... THOMAS HARVEY OLMSTEAD-Freshman Dance Committee 13 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 43 Tennis 1, 2, 3, 43 Sophomore Dance Committee 23 Junior Dance Committee 3g Junior J umbles 33 Junior Play Committee 33 Microphone 4g Junior Kiwanian 4. Whether it's shooting for baskets or debating in history, Tommy always sinks them. . . . LEONARD JAMES PASSIFIONE-Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Co-Captain 43 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 43 Baseball 1, 2, 3, 43 Intramurals 1, 23 Pan-American Assembly 23 Block M 2, 3, 4, President 43 Student Council 33 Junior Party Committee 3g Junior Jumbles 33 Junior Prom Committee 33 Junior-Senior Party Committee 3. Lenny is an all-around sportsman and an all-around pal. ., 11 ffl 3. A It cuff- -as vs 551 V -gwg' Edwin Marsh H. James Martin Barbara Milella James Milella W 0rg Rita Olin Thomas Olmstead Leonard Passilione E lj ,Qu V:'J' f," Tflf, Medi-3 ' IA g il it 'fa ' yfl5.56if1f- 'EEA Q'?v.-.E+fjfi1:f4'f ,Q f M. f VV ff, gm If 1 5 .U-hiv f y -,Z YQ X ...M !',,l,E,J41,21j'. Eiqasll. T. , -V I f l - J' V -' 1 1 Z .ld -, I f Q' l iff ff ffl 'f'1f',,... Ski' l J A fi - I 3 cf.-,f I 4, , JV' -A ik I yy, ,fCLASS one . , IV, V4 J -as-... ,-,Q X ' lull if fi! .' 3 iff' M 4' f fi I X ' Anthony Piscitelli ormau Pontius Dorothy Reynolds L. Hosclimw Reynolds 3 I, i NR, l 9 ,X 'Q Q 3 by .. x. ' '5 ir Q' l i X N is. X S. N X fi J x Q X 2. X Pi. 1 , m Qs: M x N x ix Helen Riley Louis Rizzieri Dorothy Rogers Ronald Schaertl ANTIIONY JOHN PISCITELLI-Basketball 1, 2, 3, 43 Intramurals I, 2, 3. 43 Freshman Dance Committee I3 Football 2, 3, 43 Sophomore Dance Committee 23 Track 3, 4: Junior Party Committee 33 Junior-Senior Party Com- mittee 33 Science Club 4. For football, basketball, or track, "Ptsky" really has a knack .... NORMAN ANSLEY PON- TIUS-Freshman-Sophomore Picnic Committee I, 23 Freshman Dance Committee I3 Student Assembly Committee I, 23 Sophomore Dance Committee 23 Pan-American Assembly 23 Microphone 2, 3. 43 .lunior Play 33 Junior Party Committee 3g Myndersian 3, 4, Photographic Editor 43 Wig and Rouge 43 .lunior Kiwanian 43 Senior Play Committee 43 Senior Ball Committee 4. Here is incomparable Norm-philosoplzer, photographer. and "pl1r1'enrl." . . . DOROTHY IRENE REYNOLDS-Freshman-Sophomore Picnic Committee I, 23 .lunior Jumblcs 33 .lunior Dance Committee 33 Junior Prom Committee 33 Intramurals 3, 43 Senior Play Committee 43 Senior Ball Committee 4: Glec Club 43 Aean- thus Club 43 Myndersian 4. We neverfind "Dol" without "Don," . . . LAURA ROSELINE REYNOLDS-Intramurals I, 23 Glee Club 2, 3, 4, Music Festivals 2, 3, 43 Junior Play Committee 33 .I unior .lumbles 33 .I unior-Senior Party Committee 33 Hearth Club 4. Brown-eyed Roseline has the legal mind .... IIELEN PATRICIA RILEY-Glee Club I, 2, 3, 4, Vice-President 3, Secretary 4, Music Festivals 2, 3, Operctta 33 Cheerleader I, 2. 3, 43 Intramurals l, 2, 3, 43 Library Club I3 .lunior Red Cross Council I3 Tumbling Club I, 2, 33 Freshman-Sophomore Picnic Committee I3 Freshman Dance and Party Committees 13 Gym Exhibition I3 Sophomore Dance Committee 23 Pan-American Assembly 23 Play Days 2, 43 .lunior Jumbles 33 .lunior Dance Committee 33 .lunior-Senior Party Committee 33 .lunior Prom Court and Committee 33 Le Cercle francais 33 Girls' Athletic Association 4. Vice-President 43 Senior Ball Committee 43 Myndersian 4. A Mroolin' tooltn' " Mynderse clzeerleuder aml Reveille colamnisll . . . LOUIS ROY RIZZIERI-Freshman-Scmphomore Picnic Committee I, 23 Freshman Party Committee I3 Intramurals l, 2, 3. 43 Sophomore Dance Committee 23 Pan-American Assembly 23 Baseball Manager 23 Le Cercle francais 2, 3, 4, President 43 Football 2, 3, 43 Basketball 2, 3, 43 Track 3, 4, Captain 33 Block M 3, 43 .lunior Prom Committee 33 .lunior-Senior Party Committee 33 Senior Ball Committee 43 Microphone 4. Objective: girls and sports. Mission acconzplislzert .... DOROTHY AUGUSTA ROGERS-Hearth Club 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 4. Conzforlable describes Dorollzy, a homemakiag major, . . . RONALD SCHAERTL-Football I, 2, 3, 4, Co-Captain 4: Basketball l. 2. 3. 43 Baseball I3 Tumbling Club I3 Track 3, 43 Class President 33 Empire Boys' State 33 Student Council 33 Block M 3, 4. Oar' brawny athlete. 'N ' 20 ff-. .a-A Ve. FCRTY-EIGHT 5. - 34. LEWIS ACHILE SCIALDONE-Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 43 Freshman-Sophomore Picnic Committee I, 23 Freshman Dance Committee 13 Sophomore Dance Committee 23 Senior Play Committee 4g Senior Ball Committee 4. Louie gets a tot of thinking done by being quiet .... PETER CARL SHUSTER-Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Solo 2, 33 Glee Club 3, 4, Operetta 33 Senior Play 43 Junior Kiwanian 4. Deliberate describes Pete who nevertheless gets just about what he wants- eventually .... ELIZABETH RITA SINICROPI-Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Class Secretary 23 Sophomore Dance Com- mittee 2g Pan-American Assembly 23 .lunior Prom Committee 33 J unior-Senior Party Committee 33 Junior Jumbles 33 J unior Red Cross Council 4, Treasurer 43 Intramurals 43 Announcement Committee,4. Agreeabte "Liz" has manyfriends. . . . MARK ANGELO SINICROPI-Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Music Festivals 1, 2, 3, 4, All-State 33 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Music Festivals 1, 2, 3, 4, President 3, All-State 43 Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 43 Tumbling Club 13 Junior Bed Cross Council I, 2, 3, Secretary 23 Freshman Dance Committee I3 Class Treasurer 1, 43 Freshman-Sophomore Picnic Committee 13 Sophomore Dance Committee 23 Class President 23 Pan-American Assembly 23 Orchestra 3. 43 Student Council 3, 4, Vice-President 33 .lunior Dance Committee 33 .lunior Jumbles 3g Junior Prom Committee 3g Empire Boys' State 33 Senior Ball Committee 43 Senior Play 43 Myndersian Business Manager 4g .lunior Kiwanian 4, Next is Mark, our top salesman and promoter, a "regular" person with a high batting average in popularity .... PAUL SMITH SISSON- Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4g Freshman Dance Committee 13 Freshman-Sophomore Picnic Committee I, 23 Microphone 2, 3, 4, News Editor 3, Editor-in-Chief 43 Football 2, 3, 43 Baseball Manager 23 J unior Dance Committee 33 Junior- Senior Party Committee 33 Empire Boys' State 3g Junior Play 33 .lunior .lumhles 33 Junior Prom Committee 3g Senior Ball Committee 43 Junior Rotarian 43 Senior Play 43 Block M 43 Myndersian 43 Honor Student 4. Ambitious, serious, and always ready with the right answer sums up Paul .... MARY PATRICIA SMITH-Glee Club 1, 3, 4, Music Festivals 1, 3, 43 Hearth Club 13 .lunior Jumbles 33 Intramurals 3, 4. Attractive Pat is our demon speedster .... SEY- MOUR ARNOLD SPIEGELMAN-Baseball 13 Freshman Dance Committee I3 Basketball 1, 23 Football 1, 2, 3, 43 Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 43 Ban,d I, 2, 3, 43 Music Festivals 2, 3, 4, Solo Competition 1, 2, 3, All-State 3, 43 Freshman- Sophomore Play Tournament 23 Sophomore Dance Committee 23 Pan-American Assembly 23 Glee Club 2, 3, 4, Librarian 33 Junior Play Committee 33 .lunior Prom Committee 33 Junior Jumblcs 33 Block M 3, 43 Orchestra 3, 43 Senior Ball Committee 43 Senior Play 43 Myndersian 43 Student Council Alternate 4. The class QI' '08's reason why teachers get gray-irrepressibte Seymour .... LILLIAN ELIZABETH STOWELL-Junior Red Cross Council 33 J unior .Iumbles 3g Junior Prom Committee 33 Hearth Club 3, 4. "1Wums the word" is Lila's motto. Lewis Seialdone Peter Shuster Elizabeth Sinicropi Mark Sinicropi in . . ,... 1, . .' ja s ew , g 3 Q Paul Sisson M. Patricia I ith Seymour Spiegelman Lillian Stowell 63 247 + r W - v ' fl ' s .ti it engulf we 3' -Lqib .1 l .' 'ii lfxlhfvv .I r -' j jf. ,asfff 7431! J., 3 3 3 iii?-."'iil -Clif. J c LAss CSFQFDRTY-EIG HT 1 1 ,li ,pyfl so , Wfl' .pb bf' 1 K Doris Suglia Y Westen Lawrence Wetmore June Woll' ' J 1 41' s. N! if 'if' Ralph Worden Richard Wright Mary Frances Zona DORIS TERESA SUGLIA-Glee Club 2, 3, 4, Operetta Committee 3, Competition Festival 2. 33 .I unior Jumbles 33 Junior-Senior Party Committee 33 Junior Prom Committee 3. Where ll1ere's music, one can always jnd Doris .... KATHLEEN WESTENSTransfer from Lake Shore High Schoolg Glee Club 1. 23 School Paper 1, 23 Freshman Dance Committee 13 Class Picnic Committee 1, 23 Sophomore Dance Committee 2. Mynderse Academy: Junior .Iumbles 3g Junior Dance Committee 33 J unior-Senior Party Committee 3: Junior Prom Court 33 Senior Ball Com- mittee 43 Myndersian 4. Our intriguing blonde from out Detroit way .... LAWRENCE WARDELL WETMORE- Band 1, 2, 3, 43 Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 43 Freshman Dance Committee lg Sophomore Dance Committee 23 Pan-American Assembly 23 Baseball 2, 3g Wig and Rouge 2, 3, 43 Football Manager 2, 3, 43 Junior Play 33 Junior Jumbles 3g Junior Prom Committee 3g Junior Party Committee 33 Orchestra 3, 43 Senior Play 43 Senior Ball Committee 43 Basketball Manager 4. Meet Larry who is going to be a pharmacist and drug the customers with his smile .... JUNE ARLENE WOLF-Glee Club 1, 23 Intramurals 1, 23 Freshman-Sophomore Picnic Committee 2g Junior J umbles 33 J unior-Senior Party Committee 33 Junior Prom Committee 33 Senior Play Committee 43 Senior Ball Committee 43 Hearth Club 4. What's in a name? . . . RALPH MARR W0RDENWlntramurals l, 2, 3, 43 Freshman Dance Committee 13 Band 2. Living in the country doesn't stow Ralph clown any .... RICHARD WESLEY WRIGHT-Transfer from Union Springs Central Schoolg Glee Club 13 Intramurals 1, 2, 3: Basketball 1, 2, 33 Baseball 2, 33 Wrestling 23 Football 3. Dick came to the Wright place, to Mynderse from Union Springs .... MARY FRANCES ZONASGlee Club 1, 2. 3. 43 Intramurals 1, 2, 43 .I unior Red Cross Council 13 Freshman-Sophomore Picnic Committee 23 Pan-American Assembly 23 Junior Jumbles 33 Junior-Senior Party Committee 3: Junior Prom Committee 3g Junior Play Committee 33 .lunior Party Committee 33 Student Council Alternate 33 Senior Play Committee 43 Senior Ball Court 43 Class Vice-President 43 Myndersian 43 Salutatorian 4. Although Mary Frances has a certain reserve and lots of intelligence, she's fun to know. 22 gl ?5,1:' As we leave zfhee, Alma Nlaier To lread palhs anew. 23 ,W 3 - - x .q .A KI X ix X ,A v Q ,, ,it 9 ,H .- ' ' X Q- N I-3 OFFICERS ' KX .. . JACK SEITZ . f . g . Preszdeni J OSEPHINE BLAWSKI . . Vice-Presidenl 1: X. Xl We were unable to present the annual Junior talent show, however, considerable bl a xx, ,, . 1 X. j . ANTOINETTE LILLA . . Secrelary DONALD MJACKIEY ...... Treasurer MRS. OLIVER, Miss MILLER, MR. BECKEP. . Advisers y Hil Here we are as upperclassmen. We have lived through the trials and tribula- tions .of the past two years to become Jolly Juniors. The Junior Class started the social ball rolling with the lirst big event of the year, the Junior Party. The theme was a Country Carnival. Any cares accumulated so early in the year were danced away to the music of Pete Beatini's Orchestra. The decorations and refreshments helped to provide an evening of entertainment. That the Class of 7.19 is versatile was proved this year by the number of its members participating in the activities of such organizations as Wig and Rouge, Glee Club, Band, Acanthus Club, Science Club, and French Club. Many of the boys were on the Varsity teams in sports. There were also intramural teams for both boys and girls. Some of our best athletes qualilied for Block M and G. A. A. talent was displayed in our Junior Play, a hilarious hit called "The lnner Willyf, Never will we forget Bob Sullivans capering around the stage in his long flannel sleepers. A vote of thanks goes to Miss Allen for her fine directing, which helped make the play a success. The next venture on our program was the J unior-Senior Party. This was really a jolly send off for the grave, old Seniors, with the 3 l7's, F un, F ood, and Frolic, for all. Toward the end of the year we started working on plans for the Junior Prom. lt is our desire to hold a Prom delightful in every wayaone that will be remembered always with pleasure. Back in the fall we elected Jack Seitz to the presidency. He took his job seriously, and with vice-president Josie Blawski to assist him, he led us competently through our Junior Year. Netta Lilla took care of the duties of secretary, and Don Mackey was kept busy keeping track of the funds of the class. No class history would be complete without mention being made of the advisers, who guide us so well. Our thanks go to them. , lt has been a good year, with much fun thrown in with the work. Perhaps next year we will have to settle down more, but we will always remember, rather wist- fully, our year as Jolly Juniors. 1 4 . L,vn,,i,J,,1 I,-1,7 I A. . ff, A Qi- ,, .f . ..f 5 . ..,, ,, ,-uv... ,r ' 9 'Q f f-A. ..... ..Ja'.'.- 12- M1 f--+A' ' "A . Class of 49 Q' Y sw... .,,...,g - , :.a....... 'v A L' "--'lr f if 1. if I, Q 4, ,, l .,... 4. J.. - I. .V K 1 - 0 I . , . OF ix Ji li' I Eff 1 C L A S S . --f I " X ,K-,:,,-1 f - N., W, , M, M ff f , 5 L . - f F Fourlh Row: Rossi, Taber. Scaramuzzino. Zettlcumyer. Sandroni, Freeland, Waters, Sullivan, Vergamini. Pl?liCI'SOIl Rutz. Lemma. Third How: Martel. Oakes, Odell. Del Russo. Deming. Seitz, Pratt, Deal. WearL.Sec0r1,1l lfuw: Blue Payne. Hartman, Verzillo, Giovannetti. Mackey. Lyman. Wilson. Giuvannini, Snyder. Jones. Firsl How: lVlastmleu Bennett, Desmure, Faioli, Paradise, liiglimey. Capacci. Serling, Hibbard, K ' per ' N rj!-'fV.'ig, 1 if :Fi 1.---n . M S ,Zin J x l"u1u'll1 lfow: Suglia. Blawksi. Larnuraglia. Didiu. AIlIll'lili2l, Zuma, Grecnly, Bromley, Green, Dragnne. l.alVlamm Auiidun, Faruuy, lVIellini. Third Row: Byrne. Lapomarda, lluckern, Shepherd, llugers, Johnson. Second How: Bmven ,lllllllllUllS, l,anLllJerg. Stahl, Cappello. Hawson, Reynolds, Colley, llolcmnlm, DeVVall. Cruugll. Beatini. Firsl Row is . Mackin, Jurgensen. Van Cleef. Lilla. lN'larl,L-llo, l,1-mm, Allen, Yates. Walls-, lluwuian, llayes. 1 P ,1 y . , V, z, K ,, T X YI. Q, -- 2 25 N xx. ,. Q CLASS OF OFFIC ERS DICK CLARK . . President FRANCES TEBRUSI Vice-President ANNE DEPASQUALIQ . Seerelary FRANCIS TURKE'l"l '...... Treasurer MRS. SHANNON, MRS. WILSoN, MR. ATARSHALL . Advisers "Rusty Sophomoreslw That's what we were called when September found us back on deck for school. Settled in our respective homerooms, our lirst task was to elect a slate of officers. Dick Clark came out on top as president and Frances Terrusi was elected vice-president. Anne DePasquaIe became our secretary and Francis Turkett was given the job of treasurer. With selections successfully completed We Settled down to our studying and activities. We were well represented in Latin and French Clubsg Band and Glee Club. Still others of us entered Wig and Rouge, Science Club, Hearth Club and "M icrophone. " We didnit let our school down in basketball either. Many of our boys can really be praised for their teamwork and sportsmanship on the J. V. Team. , ln intramurals both boys and girls were active participants, engaging in basket- ball, volleyball, and baseball. With the advent of Midyears we settled down to real studying. For a time we showed the serious side of our nature, but when that eventful week was past home- work was once again neglected in favor of tl1e more interesting things in school life. Our annual Soph Hfop was the first on the schedule of fun and good times that were to come. With the co-operation of all it turned out to be a big success and the gym was really packed oI1 April ninth. The Frosh-Soph Play Tournament which followed really made us proud of our class talent. A few of us, at least, will have little trouble finding a place in Hollywood or on Broadway. Our Frosh-Soph Picnic at Cayuga Lake State Park closed the jam-packed year. We had plenty of fun and more than enough hot dogs and lemonade. As we remember the good times we have had through the year, we think of our advisers who did such a splendid job in making our second year at Mynderse some- thing never to be forgotten. .Although we are going into dry dock now for the summer, we expect to set sail again in September for a gay Junior course. in untroubled waters, thanks to our collective experience from this last year. DONNA FREELAND Class of ,50 26 v 1' i A- ' I'--'aj ffqffc Ji ,ff " 3 A I ' , I I ff, , ff . .-, f f 1, ,, J A f ., -' 1' " , .a f v 1 If M ,Y in A my .. , I A F I F I Y ,f f - A, f ,,--c N , 1 J Fourth Row: Sharp, Sandy. Lama, Freeland, Batty, Reynolds. Babcock, Seman, Amidon, Jorgensen, Knight, Me- Parland, McBride. Crane, Vreeland. Terrusi. Third Row: Smith, Mastroleo, Rossi, Brown. DePasquale, Lind, Knapp, Ryan, Duonolo, Magill. Second How: Klandatos, Toni, Woods, VV00dward, Dalessio. Piscitelli, Manzari, Lombardo, Eno, Hosford, Colgrove. Selleck, Firsl Row: Bolich, Fisher, Stahl, Horle, Jones. Barrett, Meeks, Gaines. Buck, Costello. Campbell, Berry. l"ourIl1 Row: VV. Hughes, Perrotto, Lama, Knapp, Keach, Kreutter, Dombrowski, Borden. Krantz. Third Haw: W Shuster, Twist, Hiegel, D. Shuster, Sinicropi, Peone, Reardon, Craoknell, Baker. Second Row: Turkett, Russo, Parker Messmer, VV. Smith. Cammuso. C. Smith, Staley, Povero, L. Smith. Fir-sl Row: Piloi, Doher, Brand, Peterson, .I Hughes, Brady, Dowd, Yeo, Marsh, Clark, Carpenter. 27 .wif W n 1 fi.. gif CLASS C,F , in OFFICERS Wi f , GERALD SCHAERTL . Presidenl '- ELMER FARNEY . Vzfee-Presidenf DINA FRANCESCHI . Sec-relary SAMUEL CHERCHIA ....... Treasurer Miss TRULAN, Nlns. SMITH, lVl'ns. SELD, MP.. REED .EAE ldiziisers Early in September many excited Freshmen scurried to board the waiting steamer before the warning whistle should blow. The beloved old vessel upon whose decks generations of loyal passengers had trodden was about to sail once more on the Sea of Knowledge. The destination was a' year of fun and adventure. As the majestic bird glided out to sea manned by the experienced crew, it carried aboard several to whom the ship was strange and awesome but also many who knew it as the familiar guiding light. The boat sped on and those within its cabins grew to know each other well and all enjoyed immensely the entertainment provided by the many clubs. Often the sea was rough and the clouds were gray, but this did not dampen their spirits as they gathered to watch their schoolmates compete in various games and to cheer them on to victory. Then as Christmas neared, the ship drew into the home port and all departed for two weeks of winter pleasure. On January 3 the lirst class boarded the boat once more and the waters became stormy and the clouds hung low overhead. They were passing into the channel of Midyear Exams. But soon the sea calmed. the clouds lifted and the studious sailors went about with lighter hearts. lf an eagle had flown overhead in the days that followed it would certainly have wondered what caused the excitement in the vessel below. The object of all this confusion was the annual Freshman Dance held in early spring. This event over, on they sailed but now upon an angry sea while thunder roared and lightning flashed. Everyone was hard at work rehearing the class play. The greatest desire was to triumph over the Sophomores in the annual tournament. Days followed when the sun shone through fleecy white clouds and azure waters gently lapped the sides of the ship. lt was a spring day like this when the two classes were brought together once more for the annual Freshman-Sophomore picnic. But this meeting was one of friendliness and gaiety. Then 1951's steamer sailed on and conquered the dangers of the troubled Sea of Exams and approached their destination-Sophomore Land. With grateful hearts to their pilots, those helpful teachers who had made this possible, the faithful vessel reached port and docked. As the Class of 1951 stood on the gangplank and looked back over the waters they had travelled they knew that their lfresleunan cruise was a great adventure. ALICE BOLICH Class of '51 28 ..p lFIFTY-ONE 1' X. Plflllflll How: l"mI1cusclli. llauss. Aslilvv. li. Conlvw. li. Coulnw. llilmlrs. llillrorl.. Bromllu-nl.. Clark, Joslwn. Lind Holland. N. Sosa-ia. Brown. Tlzfrrl li'ouv: Smith. Cou'rI,. ASl'll1Hllg.Ill. Muruu4f1'ili. lqllifll. CllrisloplienlAndreas. D0Sl,ol'z1l10Lll. Soscfia. livating. Second liow: WValLcrs, Zona. ll. Smith. Curlvono. Van Ploulen. FI'l'll0I'llJllI'g.Ill, Bells Dclmlys. Ixcfauli. Lllla. U, Carroll, Rossi. liolich. Griggs. Firsl l?ou': .loam Carroll. Mills. liuriiielfli. Potorman. Buck Hcynolds. Platten. Kinney. W1-:ix nr. .lzmv Carroll. Healey. Nlarrapvsv. Fourlh How: Rrliglit. DlYl72lSflllHll'. Vvrgamini. Malonv. Vlialters. Jones. Rogers. llllbbarcl. Lufler. Malloney. lrish Alford, Galgano. Smith. liiunclii. Third How: Sl'llHCI'l-l. IjlDQ'lIllK5IlllTfJ, Fzuwiuy. ,Bos-rsv. Eiglimvy. Marroni, Saracino Kreagcr. lienassi. DiNatalu. H. Brown. Second How: Appell. Nugfmt. Annis. Desmond. Pilrulla. Dark, Grinstoad Staudms-yer, Cooley, D'Urso. Fahey. Van lloulicn. Urwin. Firsl How: Swinehart. l'lilberl,, lionacoi, fliovannvtti Chervllia. Hilmlrzird. Wolf, Lancllwrg. Laude. .l. Brown. VVedgc'. Johnson. l ff X ll ..,. L. I 29 ,MA ' I HJ: ' J , . w L . lu ,f, 1 -v of I 9 ., 1, M1 , -V E 3 -4. Q .1 359.gif EIGHTH GRADE Q ff ,W 0. I A FUILFUI, Row: Wade, Brewer. Yates. II. Jones. Gurlma, Zona. Bears. Twist, Meeks. Kidd. Lamuraglia. .loan Parks. P. Jones, Decker, Santoro, Gigliotti. Third Row: Martel. Dutton. Beers. Salone. Kline, Walters, Moulton, .lean Parks. Del Russo. Brand, Jorgensen. Second I?ow.' SLruhle, Hughes. VVal,kins. Rawson. Sinicropi, Timmons, Barrett, Blue. Sharp, Chubb, Eastman, Amidon, Morehouse, Souhan. Firsl Row: Hartman. Murphy. Reigel. Bromley. Annetla. Thorpe, Church, Klandatos, Irland. Sharp, Farncy, Buck, Knight, Decker. Paulich. Fourlh How: Caraecilo, Denman, Rice. Garnsey. Shupp, Jackson. I.. McCann, Olsowske, Schroeder, Wlard, Gallina Third Huw: Eno, Carello, Palumbo. Von Bergen. Westen. Congdon, Reynolds, Conley, F. lVleCann. Second How. Wolfe. Yeo. Bona, Smith, I-libbard, Parish. Dober, Stuck, Bonacci. Leno. lNlcNaney. Blaisdcll. Firsl Row: Lapomardo Deal, Campbell, Lawrence, Forshee, Wilson, Crull, Meyers, Cunningham, Decker, Cooney, Zwick, lrland. . V - 5 l V ve? ,Je-. f. ' 9 T? ,3- 1 ' LV" Klip! ' i'- V NF. li tp 4, ii , 'Ly' Ly lu.-. ' an Ya- ff .---ll V+ if A 1 '- r milf n v 1 ki x .ix shi, .Aj ,ll bb! N ., ., X ,lg 1 li Qu . Q fi: of i ' x 6. -,fist ,sr ly K , lr? N N1 '2:"?4,.. 'Q fl 'Q' ll 5 fig! fx, ig ff- N' .fb W iii.. . xl 'Si-Jx . 5 V. N SEVENTH GRADE Fourllz Row: Lilla. Pollard, lluIl'. I'lul,l,n'l1. Z1'ltl1'inoys-r. SllllSl1'I'. Schrovdcr. Stzipluton. Amidon, l5unm'l.l,. Suyrlvr. Potter, V. Bennett. Sherman. linigllt. Bird. Thirrl I1,Ull7fASllllHlIg.Zll. Aldrich, R. YVilson. H. Wilson. B. Wilson. Sullivan. Soscia. Lockwood. Nlartin, Sl.. Germain. Brown, Bishop. Serum! Row: Cline. Denard. A. Amidon. Spano. lVl. Snyder. Struhle, Jones, E. McCann, Van Horn. Buluwr. Drum. G. Conluy. Forjono. Mc:CoInb.Firs1f Row: Sahatini, G. lfiorolli. l.. Fiorelli. Scharett. Urwin, G. Baker. Salerno. .loan Brown. Broun. Reynolds. Morehouse. Parker. Howland. Tift :M if Fourllm Row: 0'Conncll, Green. Bastian. Congdon. livzms. Morey. llillrort. Dznid Eugene Rogers. Zwick. Third Row: Ellison, liornco. 'l'urkett,, xXllIllLB1'II1l1tC, Shephard. Dvckor. Prosuus. Second Row: Magill. Scharctt, Sanderson. Andruas,SchmitL, Morehouse. McNabb. lrland, Young, Domlmrowski. Firsl How: Cator. Livingston, Yates, Rauscher, Grinstead, Cusimano, Whiting, David .Nosel Rogers, Brunskill, Sherman. 31 ww V L, FW B 'N XD M .fn 1' ' lf f ' 1 I! 1 , ' 1 ,- L F 1. The grand uxltlwullm. 4. Pause that refreshes, T. S1-ning.: fltillllllw 2. CI'OWI'llI1g Qucl-n .lvun. 5. King John Ill. 8. lmn and VIYOIII on the prowl 3. "W aiting Ladies." 6. CUIIl1Ilg ln on a wlng and a sung, 0, P0143 looks the crowd over. 32 f ml 34, Q "Q i x gi. E! fi I 1 rl Si in MJ 1 1 ' ?IxElimxrlmG'mlQ :wmv : . ' t f W '1"' ' I Vi X ,. ,J f l 'N' w Q ' ,M , Vw K fe , I U , at X JI NA s . , J U 'lf ,2 4 if ' w 5 AVN!! X IV' From the ragged battlements of Tyre, the Ancients looked down apon Ceralean waters crowded with these retarning Phoenician B iremes-lad- en with trophies from many lands. The members of oar activities and organizations have pulled together, like the oarsmen of these ships, and have returned-laden with their tro- phies of friendship, accomplishment and good fan. xi' .I' L' 1' ' .1 . A ., , . V AFSJTUDENTCQUNCIL 'F ' if' ' oF1+'1cERs RALPH CAFARO . . . . President ALLEN ODELL . Vice-President JOAN GOB'l'ON . . . , Secretary J AMES CARPENTER . . T1'easii1'er Miss TERESA COMPl'l'ICl,LO, MR. VINCENT DAv1Es ...A A ldvisers 'll he council continued its activities of last year besides supporting the Bundle Drive for needy foreign childreng co-operating with the P. T. A. in a demonstration by Mr. Fraser, Miss Driscoll, and Mr. Cooley to show progression in teaching instrumental music and physical education, col- lecting 3100 for the March of Dimesg lilling' a CACHE package and sending fruit baskets, flowers and sympathy cards. Carpenter, Miss Compitello, Adviser Sinicropi. Under council auspices live ranking seniors competed on a WGVA quiz program Facilities of this station were used also for a 6'Career" program. To increase friendly feeling the council held a dance for faculty and sudents and also promoted a game between the intramural champions of Waterloo and Myn derse. The council will miss the expert guidance of Miss Compitello who is completing her second year as adviser. Mr. Davies carries over. Back How: Garnsey, Marconi, Staley, Rossi, Smith, Dober, Alford, Carclla. ilfliddle How: Miss Compitello, Advisir Ruiz. Aronson, Clark. .lack Carpenter, Hadley, Seiliz. Schacrtl, Sinieropi, Stahl,. Mr. Davis, Adviser. Firsl Row Cusimano. James Carpenter, Gorton, Odell, Cafaro, Dldlo. Caraccllo, F. Carpenter. 33 I l 1 3fL 6 ' .- v r f i ,J Q Ax 1- . t -Z., J . ,. :fn f.. 5.-. . A - , 3 - , , ft. ',..'. Xl' . ,. , .-. t . 1 , J i I I X ! .f I Back Row: Dragonc. Wade. Gorton. liuckern. Reynolds, Klionsky, Carpenter. Bennett, Marconi. Holcomb, Hayes. D. Freeland. Bolich. Woods. Annetta. .Middle lfow: Beatini. Mellini, Leno, Terrusi. Hizzieri. Blawski. Olrnstead, R. Freeland. Oakes. Bowman. Sullivan. Kissel, Yates, Dark, Lilla. Firsl How: Didio. Pontius. Aronson, Nliss Compi- tcllo, Adviserg Sisson, Doane. liandberg. Calland. THE MYNDERSE MICROPHCNE The Mynderse Microphone, hi-weekly puhli- cation of lVlynderse Academy, is still holding its own among papers of other leading schools. The paper was ahly represented at the Empire State School Press Association meeting held in Syracuse where the lVlicrophone was given a superior rating hy E. S. S. P. A. The Microphone has increased its circulation in school and out. lt now carries on a Ugood ncighboru policy of exchanging papers with other schools. This year, each member ol' the stall' has had the opportunity to write for different sections ol' the paperenews, editorial, and magazine. Cur- rent topics, their pros and cons. are an added feature. The achievements this year are due chiefly to Miss Compitello under whose guidance the paper remains in a 'top position with many high schools that have regular journalism courses. 35 N -' E --.- . f . f.- ..,, . Q lg' it ' " I 'F 2:5 Sisson. Editor: Miss Compitcllo. Adviser Doane, Associate Editor: Pontius. Photo graphic Editor. 1 X 4' 'fa A '- -'la 3 :- . A 1 ',Ao.,A,w M .A 1- - AL. W I G A N D RO U GE , I Jw :S r OI"l"lCEPiS v 1 I DONALD llADi,lf:v . . Preszdenl I X NANCY DOANE l' f ice-Presidenl In Rosiz KLIONSK Y . Secretary .--T TT p ROBER'lf SULL1v AN . Treasiu'er -2 Mlss lVlARGARE'I' ALLEN fldvzfser Under the ellicient guidance ol' Miss Allen, and the newly elected officers, the Wig and Rouge started off with a hang hy presenting a special Christmas program, HA Miracle for Maryfi for their lirst dramatic production. The next accomplishment was the revision of the constitution ol' the dramatic clulm. During the year, the members did make up for various school and local produc- tions. Donations received from this work and from other organizations were put into a fund for the repair or purchase of curtains for the auditorium. Other activities sponsored hy the Wig and Rouge were the Frosh-Soph Play Tournament, the Prize Speaking Tournament and the annual dance, held this year in May. The usual cluh picnic marked the end of a successful, cnjoyahlc and worth-while -'ly ear. Back Huw: lim-atirli. Drag.5onc, Cline. Allen, Hluc, Pontius, Wctluore, Kiwi-I. Dark, liolich, Selleck. fllirlrlle How: Maglll, liowman, Gorton, Luekcrn. llolcomla, B2llll,llVHflIS, Freeland, Brady, Tcrrusx. Sandy. Colgrovc. Sharp. Flrsl Row: Sullivan. Duane. Miss Allen, Aclvlserg Iludlcy, klionsk y. .Ju M 7 A, 1 . , 1 ,J 'Ima- 36 rf 1 SENIOR PLAY l'Ever Since Eve" boys have had troubles with girls. just as .lohnny Clover did in the Senior Play. Susan, l1is childhood friend, and Lucybelle, the Southern gal, complicated matters for Johnny and his friend, Spud. The lun really began when the two boys caught the measles, and alI'airs were left in the hands ol' Susan. Miss Allen directed this comedy which was presented November 20 and 2l. QM, Back Row : Spiegelm an, Go wdwin, Gleason, Carpen ter, Dombrowski, Ashbaugh Doane, Shuster, VVetmore, Sinicropi. Front How: Had ley, Gorton, Kissel, Sisson Morgan. Luckern. Shepherd. Sullivan, Reynolds, Seitz, Verzillo, Bowman, Bantuvanis, Dra- gone, Allen, Bennett. A fKav...'.-AKA "The lnner Willy," a rollicking, three-act comedy, was produced by the Junior Class, February I8 and l,9 under the direction ol' Miss Margaret Allen. The play brought forth many hidden talents of the junior class. Willoughby's conscience, the lnner Willy, helped him override the srnolhering influences of three maiden aunts. ln fact, the Inner Willy helped him so much that Willoughby found himself with three dates for the school dance. JUNIOR PLAY 3 , ' v f 4 - l .V ' 't xx' . S' -, ... 2 H' " l - wi Q f xg , X l gl if 'Jil -.Y 3' -'N FT 5" 'A Q NK Q17 -pl' Xxx YQ' V' bf B N x x 2 .V Xu 4' ij, xt X .Ek 1 ,x . V .ll xn 'J Back How: Lay, Hubbard, Ashbaugh, Shuster, Carpenter, Wetmore, Spiegelman, Carpenter, Semens, Goodwin, Vreeland, Shepherd, Shepherd, Hadley. Third How: Weart, Zona, Rossi, Dowd, Seitz, Mackey, Clark, Erriuo, Car- penter, O'ConncI, liigbnlcy, Ashbangh, Carbone. Second Rom: Piagcntini, Del Russo, Scaramuzzino, Oakes, Aronson, Mr. Fraser, Director, Carpenter, Soloist The band started the year parading at the home football games. With representatives of the beginning, inter- mediate, and advanced. groups, Mr. Fraser demonstrated the progressive steps in band in- struction at the Open House Night in November. Besides the excellent concert given March 19 at home, the entire band broadcast from Geneva. Also, Jack Carpenter, baritone horn player, after participating in several eliminating contests, Won the grand prize in the linals as the outstanding soloist on the HSearch for Talentw program con- ducted by this station. The band Will attend the Music Festival, May 21 and 22, in Auburn. The orchestra, as usual, has performed at as-- semblies, plays, and other public functions. Mr. Fraser directs both band and orchestra. 38 12 Q M . fefmef Gibbs, Knight, J. Shb' gh. Sullivan. Pratt. Kinuiper, Leno, Mastroleo, Shuster, Cafaro. Frou! How: Sullivan, Del H1 'so B1 rr , 0 , ugh, Lind, Mills, Sinioropi. l4HM3IlI1H, Forshoe, SmiLh, Reynolds, Coffey, Parks, Rlartin, EM Mr. lfrwiser, Director. 61 Agway R C H E S T R A Slunrling: Lay, Mr. Fraser, Director. First How: Aronson, Sinicropi, ll. Gibbs, Goodwin, Second How: Wllil,illg, Iiumissi, Del Russo, E. Shuster, Spiegelman, B. Gibbs, Wetmore, PraLL. James Carpenter, Parks, John Carpvnlur, N. Ashhaugh, D. Shuster, Mastralvo, Cafaro. Third Row: li. Ashhaugh, P. Shuster, Clark, Weart, 39 A B l N . fl 'J .W ,E . ,Nh L: it ff 1. 5 . ,.,. Q X5 x V5 X X y' ' W ' I, - . .KA mf? Ov, : . .Tv - i Rx., ' . . ., R kj 7' l N15 SQ, I Q' . J F5 ,R . K, ' -, 'N I ' N Xi V x I 5 il. ff g. g - x - . 'Q' . .J ' 1 w li .I . y -OGLEE CLUB EEZ g f I OFFICERS ' DONALD MACKEY . . . . . , DIANA Rossi , 'T V ice-President - . President rg HELEN RILEY ....... . Secretary JOHN SINICROPI ........ Treasurer 1' my HELEN LAMANNA, JOYCE LIND, BARBARA STAHL, X ,gg RITA HORLE ....... . Librarians X X P15 MISS SCHLOSSER ......,.. Adviser The Glee Club, directed by Miss Roberta Schlosser, presented an excellent pr gram of Christmas music in December and at its annua l spring concert May 1 and Iwi IH the auditorium. 5 - Fourth Row: Deming, Scaramuzzino, Weart, P. Mastroleo, Deal, P. Smith, Knapp, Lapomardo, R. Reynolds, Gaines, Ryan, Brady. Third How: Christogher, Brown, Greenly, Johnson, Carter, Colley, Seitz, Clark, S. Eighmey, Faiola. Snyder, Marcuccilli, Lamuraglia, overt, Barrett, Lynch, M. Zona. Second Row: Andreas, J. Broadbent, J. Stahl, B. Stahl, A. Mastroleo, I. Amidon, J. Lind, Allen, LaManna, Milella, Kennedy, l. Lind, Martin, Goodwin, Morgan, Byrne, Lama. First Row: Bianchi, Pratt, Benassi, Fahey, Yeo, Lemma, Peone, J. Sinicropi, M. Sinicropi, Hibbard, Swinehart, Mackey. . 53 1 L F .. ty A-. xx c. W. f "N, xx Fl S Fourth Row: Crough, Ashbaugh, Buck, Peterman, Reynolds, E. Sinicropi, Crane, Spiegelman, Hubbard, Del Russo, Carpenter, P. Shuster, F. Eighmey. Third Row: Riley, Mackin. Manzari, Marrapese, Fisher, Horle, Toni, Eno, Weaver, Fredenburgh, Mills, Knight, Barbara Amidon, Franceschi, D. Suglia, C. Clark. Second Row: Betty Amidon, Woodward, E. Smith, Bellomo, DePasquale, Lombardo, R. N. Brown. Farney, Batty, Conley, Meeks, Keating, Leeta Smith, Carbone, M. F. Zona, Gibbs, Carroll, .l. Suglia. First Row: Staley, W. Smith, Landherg, Parker, Lawrence Smith, Pitrella, Denman. DiDomcnico, DiNatale, Lay, B. Broadbent. Odell. 40 QLL' . 6560599050 ' Buck Raw: Francesehi, Peterman, Bolich. Midzlle How: Annetta. Manzari,ALarua, Frcdenburgh, Brady, Reynolds, K Conley, li. Conley, Bellomo. Firsl How: Agnello, Knight, Miss Compitello, Adviser, Calland, Blawski, Cline, Diclio - In the latter part of September the Library Club resumed its work. Elections followed after an early meeting and nine new members were accepted into the organization. The first event following the election of officers was the observance of American Education Week and National Book Week, which by co- incidence came at the same time. Many new books were on display in the library which was well prepared to interest the many visitors. During the past year, in addition to regular desk duties, the girls read books, gave reports, and learned how to select and process new vol- umes, took inventory during Regents week, and carried on a campaign to restore to the library all missing books. Many of these were found in the gym, the ollice and in empty lockers. Committees have already been appointed to make plans for the picnic which will close a satisfactory and successful year for the Library Club members who work under Miss Compi- tello's supe1'vision. LIBRARY CLUB l Ol+'l"lClillS l loNoR CALLAND . Presidenl .I osEPH1NE BLAWSKI l' 160-Preszdenl CAROLYN KNIGHT . Secrelary liLl1:ANoRE CLINE . 'lrmszlrer Miss CONIPITFILLO . ,fldriser Sluruling: Blawski. Miss Compitello, Ad vism-rg Callancl. l"rom': Knight, Cline. Back Row: Rossi, Vergamini, Krantz. Sandy, Fisher, K. Conley, lf. Conley, Deljasquale, Hubbard, S. Cherchia, Durso. Middle How: Beatini, Bowman, Luckern, Landlucrg, Allen, Holcomb, Caraccilo, Verzillu, Lyman, Bantuvanis, Amidon, Dragonc, Morgan. Fronl How: Lemma, Bromley, Hayes, Mrs, Selcl, Amlviserg Hizzieri. Freeland, Bennett, Kissel. Baker. fi' f OFFICERS ' LOUIS RIZZIERI . Presidenil du Cercle .IOSEPHINE 'HAYES . Presidenf du Conseil l10BERT FREELAND Mimslre sans Porlefeuille WILLIAM BENNETT Minislre de l'Ecril1u'e JOSEPH LEMMA M inislre des Finances ROBBIE NELL BROWN Wlinislre des Progranws Mas. SELD .... Adviser Silllldliflgil Bennett, Freeland, Rizzieri. Lemma, Mrs. Scld, Adviserg Hayes. Sealed .' Brown. LO Cercle l'rancais sc mit a ses activites en automne avec l'electiOn des Ofliciers capalmles sous la conduite de lVlme. Seld. Envers la lin de l9l7 le Cercle donna aux classes de francais quclques films rlepeignant les gens et lieux dans l'l1istOire francaise. Le Cercle commenca ses danses en decembre et les continua une annee. De liargent amasse, On en donna a CARE, pour eleve en France. Une soiree d'iniatiOn a la Maison lilanclie eut lieu en fevrier pour terminer une semaine d'iniatiOn, pendant laquelle M nouveaux membres reciterent des parties de la Constitution et des regles d'Ordres pour les seances. Le Cercle jcurient d'une promenade a bictyclette en mai et un banquet final eu -juiu. LE CERCLE FRANCAIS 42 OFFICERS NORMAN DEMING . . . Presideul JOHN SINICROPI Vice-Presidenf FRANCIS TURKETT . . Secretary JOE DOMBROWSKI . . Treasurer MR. STANLEY MARSHAIJI, Adviser Many new members were adrnittcd to the Science Club this year, swelling its ranks to thirty. O Under the supervision of Mr. Marshall, several projects were carried on including a hydrophon ics Slamlilzg: Deming, Turkett, Mr. Mar- shall. Adviser: Cramer. Sealed: Sini- experiment, the construction of a terrariuni, and vnpi- Dombwwski- the rejuvenation of the aquarium. White mice ' and various types of trees were also raised. At the meetings new members gave short talks on ymfli 1 of Science," and chemistry and physics demonstrations were held. , ' The club Opened the laboratory and sciencefroo ,Air Ri?KJIWwMllSC Program in November. Projects worked on during the yef- wer le iivjgc , and several ex- periments wereiconducted. , Social activities included an initiation 1 , I li Ei .1 6 in thc gym, and a spring picnic. 1 I Back Row: DcStephano, Ashley. Deal, Walters, Farney. Mid le Row: alone. Barrett. Marrapcse, llolcomb, Mr. Marshall. Aclviscrg Cramer. Deming. Van Honten, Reardon. ombro ski. Weaver. Marcuccilli. Firsl How: Hilbert, Amidon, Magill, Pitrella. Hibbard. Turket . J. Sinicropi. Brady. -L3 SCIENCE CLUB C LATIN CLUB The Latin Club, with Miss Miller as adviser, pursued further the knowledge and interest of the Latin language in everyday life. The officers of the club are Erik Landberg and Donna Freeland, consuls, .Ioan Carroll and Lawrence Fahey, aedilesg Judy Jorgensen, censor, Leeta Smith, questorg Carol Clark, cantorg and William Dark, janitor. The club completed its activities with a Roman banquet, Where the members followed the original procedure as closely as possible. Back Row: Lynch, White, Smith, Clark, Jorgensen, Dark, Keach, Carter. Fronl Row: Carroll, Freeland, Miss Miller, Adviser: Landherg, Fahey. Back Row: L. Green, Miss Cardwell, Adviser: Griggs, D. Rogers. Agnello, Zona, Car- rol, Belcher, Lama. Mifddle Row .' Seman, .I orgensen, Brown, Buck, Reynolds. F irsl Row: Lind, A. Green, VVolf, lVl. Rogers, Nlagill. J v , . Under the guidance ol' Miss Cardwell, the Hearth Club, open to the members of the Homemaking classes, elected president Carolyn Seman, vice-president Mona Rogers, Secretary Anna Green and Treasurer Dorothy liogers. This organization teaches the girls poise and etiquette and gives them a chance to have some social life in school. Some of the l'unc'lions held this year were an initiation supper, a Christmas forlnal dinner dance and a Valentine dinner. HEARTH CLUB .IUNIGR RED CROSS The officers of Junior Red Cross are: Miss Jacobs, sponsor, and Rose Klionsk y, assistant sponsor, president, Jane Goodwin, vice-president, David Weartg secretary, Eleanor Cline, treasurer, Eliza- beth Sinicropi. Junior Red Cross maintained its record ol' 1002 membership in Mynderse. Under Miss .lacob's direction, many worthwhile projects were completed, the biggest being the sponsoring cg a belmefit dance for the collection ol' games, puzzles, books, etc., for the Canandaigua Veterans' osplta . Back Row: Hibbard, Lom- bardo, Denman, Fahey, B. Cline, Sherman. Middle How: Thorpe, Yates, Vreeland, Col- grovc, Miss .I acohs. Adviser, Coffey. Mellini, Ashley. Hol- land. Front Row: E. Cline, Weart, Klionsky. Goodwin, Sinicropi. Back How: Klandatos, Ban- tuvanis, Reynolds. lVI1fddle How: Didio, Annetta, Decker. Beerse, Freeland, Dolier, Gal- gano, Turkett, Bowman, Mi- lella, LaManna. Front Row: Bromley, Holcomb, Miss Trulan, Adviser: Landberg, Morgan. Acanthus began the year with the election ol' other-rs: president, Peggy Morgan, vice-president, and treasurer, Marion Landbergg secretary, Betty Bromley, and the initiation of eleven new members. Group projects, including painting stage set llats and assisting organizations with decorations and publicity, were completed. Individual entries were made for entrance in the National Scholastic' Art Contest. The year, 1948, under Miss Trulan's direction, has been an interesting and profitable one for ACANTHU the club. ' ' Ai V' ,,, Y xvqlfx Q 5 7. F yn fam' . n Q xx: i A' A A 'y 5 1" . A-RUIIIPU. Ihnmru, wI1m'vl'm'1: :WL Lhuu, Hmne0.'? 5. Thu Suu Sczrmuls pluL El course. Solno gals with a llllhkltih air. 6, CIOIYIIJEIIIIUII pieces al, Lhc Alps. 0 . '.DL'lIlV.l3lllIlS.', T. Swing: with lhc Myndcrsc MHiiIlll!n . An mmlus I-I'lllll Miss Muller s rorun. , - af 1' 46 -' ,,i!'f' ', 1 ,vu 5 E E , 2 1 i I i I QW C-Zjgg tqf.-a V , goof x 1' 1 Q rf! jj I 'ffjf JULL 3 J With full canvas and all sails set, these clipper ships, ifnpelled by the unleashed slaves of Neptune and the ojshore winds, drove over the sea of diverse quests. Similarly, our ship, the lblynderse Academy, ilnpelled by a crew of strong athletes and excellent coaches, has driven over the sea of sportsman- ship on its quest of adventure. 'it N 1 CHEERLEADERS AND COACHES ,fy r - an ,,,,1,ff Cheerleaders: Riley. Gorton, Beatini. Hihbard. DePasquale, Yates. Hayes. Coaches'-Back Ho1v:Canale, Cooley, Smith. Front How: liourdon, Driscoll, lVlarshall. Under the peppy spirit of our stall' of cheerleaders and with the unlailing aid ol' the coaches, Miss Driscoll, Mr. Cooley, Mr. Bourdon, Mr. Marshall, Mr. Smith, and Mr. Canale, We concluded a successful year in the various sports. Our cheerleaders with a variety of cheers, both old and new, provided color and enthusiasm at all the sports events. This lusty cheering plus untiring coaching proved to he a very successful com- hination. 447 S. Q 1 A T f wx rf lj? ' ' Y 'M x, f ax Q ri A L5 " ' , .Qs it ' D if P. . Y H vu 1 t l A Nb, ,C . ,A 'X N vi Rf Q x YQ, T: . it Si F X l X Q X l C v"ll. t ' "'- 4 if-'11 ' Sixlh Row: Reardon, Coach Cooley, Povero, Seannell. Fifth Row: Lyman, Smith, Eighmey, Kreager, Knight, Peone, Galgano. Fourth How: Eighmey, Caraeillo, Sehaertl, Serling. Hubbard, Del Russo, Lemma, Verzillo. Third Row: Faioli, Rutz. Odell, Sandroni, Spiegelman, Pratt, Russo, Piscitelli. Mackey. Second Row: Sisson, Cafaro, Aronson, Letizia, l". Paradise. Capaeei, Rizzieri, Giovannini. First Row: Coach Marshall, Poole. Baker, Comiskey, Passifione, Schaertl, Johnson, D. Paradise, Coach Bourdon. Another great Mynderse team rolled up an impressive record this year. Led by its tri-captains Ron Schaertl, Len Passifione, and Don Comiskey the team bested all comers except Canandaigua, scoring 244l points to their opponents 35. Much credit must be given to Coaches Cooley, Bourdon, and lVlarshall for their work in molding this team. Nlynderse played most of its games on dry fields where teamwork and a last breaking T-formation paid big dividends in points. This was the third year that Myndcrse has been unmoved upon on the State Street field. The three year record stands at 18 wins, 3 losses, and l tie. Two ol' the losses were to Canandaigua and the other to Lyons. The tie was with Water- loo. The total number ol' points scored by Mynderse during this time was 467 as com- Bourdon, Marshall, Cooley, Coaches, Sehaertl, Comiskey, Passifione, Tri-Captains. , , ,,,, ,.,,, Q 5 ,,,,, tgg, ,A W pared to 68 scored by their opponents. 1 V The season ended with a Football Banquet 5 .. sponsored by the Elks Club. The speaker ol the evening was Mr. John Bateman, line K coach at Columbia University. Mynderse The sr-ores l'or the 1947 season were Holy Family Nynflersc Clyde . M yndcrse N ewark . lVlyndcrse Lyons lVl yndcrse Palmyra . M ynderse . 7 Canandaigua . I9 Nl ynderse . 6l, Penn Yan 0 Mynderse . 20 Waterloo . 2 FQOTBALL BASKETBALL 'I'he Mynderse Varsity fought. a number ol' Closely con- tested games this year and as a result shows remarkable rerovery from the underdog position. Often times the f games were won or lost by one or two points. Our blood rivals, Waterloo, had two lucky nights when they missed defeat by one and two points respectively. The boys were in there fighting, though, and managed to emerge from the season with 7 Wins out ol' 12 league games. The srores will be found below: Myndm-rse 32 Geneva . 23 N1 ymlmisc 34 Xcwarli ' ill Mr. Canale, J. Varsity Coachg Milella lVlyllClCI'SC 28 xv?llfCl'l00 . 29 Manager: Wetmore, Time Keeperg Gio- , vanetti, Scorerq Dowen, Managerg Mr Mynderse 56 Penn Yan all Cooley, Varsity Coach, Mynderse fl6 Lyons . . 117 M ynderse 39 Canandaigua . 24 M ynderse 35 Geneva . 30 M y nderse 50 Newark . fl2 M ynderse 33 Waterloo . 35 gk M ynderse fl2 ,Penn Yan fll M ynderse 20 DeSaIes . 25 M ynderse 26 Lyons . . 40 Mynderse 26 Canandaigua . 2 Giovannetli. Managorg Passilione, llizzicri, Letizia. Caoaeei. Cafaro. Sohaertl, Olmstead, Caraccilo, Piscitelli, Mr Llama M 1, 49 JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL l The Mynderse Junior Varsity presented a favorable score card by lighting hard and taking 8 wins out of 12 league games and adding DeSales for good measure. Many of the boys showed themselves to be excellent material for next year's varsity by their accuracy and aggressiveness. M ynderse . 25 My nderse . 43 Mynderse . 20 Mynderse . 44 Mynderse . 56 Mynderse . 38 Geneva . Newark . Waterloo . Penn Yan Lyons . Canandaigua Mynderse Mynderse Mynderse Mynderse Mynderse Mynderse Mynderse Geneva . . 43 Newark . . 43 Waterloo . . 33 Penn Yan . 38 DeSales . . 26 Lyons . . 13 Canandaigua . 41 2 Buck How: Eighmey, Serling, Dombrowski, Lemma. .Middle Row: Dowen, Manager, Fai- ola, Staley, Sinicropi, Oakes, Peterson, Mr. Canale, Coach. First Row: Paradise, Butz, Freeland, Sandroni, Knapp Hartman. Lombardo. Eno, Vreeland, Ashley, Franceschi. Holland. Three new cheerleaders were added to the Mynderse .I ay Vee squad this year. They are Mary Ann Ashley, Dina Franceschi, and Nona Holland. Beverly Vreeland, Anna Lombardo, and Eleanor Eno have served two years as junior varsity cheerleaders. Under the supervision of Miss Driscoll and the varsity cheerleaders, these girls have learned and directed Mynderse cheers with much pep and enthusiasm. They have cheered our Jay Vee basket- ball team on to victory. JUNIOR VARSITY CHEERLEADERS 50 l f TENNIS Ably coached by Mr. Wallace Smith, Mynderse's tennis team entered into competition with Canandaigua, Geneva, Penn Yan, and Waterloo. Two matches were scheduled with each, Mynderse winning them all except the two with Canandaigua. This year, a junior varsity or second team, was formed for those who are not quite experienced enough for varsity work. This team competed with Geneva's second team. The varsity anticipates a successful season this year. Cafaro, Broadbent, Mr. Smith, Coach 3 Cramer, Olmstead. Back Row: Rizzieri. Schaertl, Comiskey. Carpenter, Baker, Mackey, Del Russo, East- man, Caraccilo, Mr. Mar- shall, Coach. Middle Row: Piseitelli, Martel. Mastroleo, T. Galgano, Yeo. Curry. Gi Jvanetti, Butz, Odell. Front Row: Cammuso, Seitz, Brady, Galgano, Reardon, Povero, Cherchia, Manager. This was Mynderse's first track team in thirteen years. Coached by Mr. Stanley Marshall, the team competed with Geneva, Waterloo, Penn Yan, and Newark. The locals defeated the Geneva "Bn team twice but lost to the others. Mynderse then entered the conl'ercnce meet at Canandaigua where Captain Hizzieri, Sehaertl, Mackey, and Carpenter qualified to go to the District IV meet at Rochester. All four were on winning relay teams at that meet. TRACK Back Row: Moio, Lemma, Hanlin, Waters, Hibbard. Middle How: Coach Cooley. Rossi, Bowers, Paradise, Sandroni. Giovannini, Noble, Verzillo. Fronl Row: Letizia, Capaeei, Avveduti, Poole, Broadbent, Giovannetti, Page, Woods, Passifione. The Good Ship Mynderse, piloted by Mr. Cooley, set forth on the Baseball Sea but found the waters too rough, losing all eight contests. ln the lirst game at Geneva, Mynderse lost 6 to 2. ln the second game at Canandaigua, the Blue and White was given a 3 to 2 defeat. ln Waterloo another storm was encountered and Mynderse was turned back 6 to 2. On the home front for the first time, Nlynderse lost to Geneva 15 to 7. Next, Penn Yan invaded the home field and defeated Mynderse 9 to 6 and duplicated the feat at Penn Yan in the next game: thescore again was 9 to 6. Canandaigua Came down to Seneca Falls to defeat the Blue Devils 4 to O. In the final game against Waterloo, Mynderse was upset with a 6 to 2 count. Bowers- Hamlin' GOWN, Cfmchl Paul Avveduti was awarded the trophy for the Waters, Letlzla. ' highest batting average. He batted 346, the only average above .300 on the team. Avveduti, Poole, Giovannetti, Paradise, Wood and Page, graduates of 1947, will not be available for the 1948 season, but it is hoped that plenty of good, strong material will be developed before the playing season begins so that Mynderse may have a winning team. BASEBALL Suspense! L96 went ox vr. Don Colniskvy up for repairs. Frank place-kicks. Ticket sullws. 6. .loc Poole receives at Lyons game. T. The Bench. 8. Lvl, us in on that huddle. 9. Thu feminine contingent, featuring young Miss Ilzxdtke. 10. HUIAVPCII halvvs thc- band iakvs over. l x 1 l l f l v l 1 4 fl 1 i Odell, Hutz, Carat-cilo, Piizzivri, Sisson, Letizia, Comiskey, Schaertl, Passilionc. Cooley. Adviser: Baker. Spiegelman, Aronson, Cafaru, Sandronl, Glovanninl, Capavci. Paradise, Fflllllii. The Block M Club of Nlynderse Academy in its promotion of better sportsman- ship has during this year accomplished its goal in an admirable sense. Witll Leonard Passiiione as president, assisted by vice-president Ronald Schaertl, treasurer Dominic Paradise, secretary Donald Comiskey, and adviser Coach Cooley, the boys have been working on various projects. After the initiation of new members, the Block M pitched right in with donations to the Curtain Fund and to Care organization. Their working for a memorial to Mr. Rockwell is perhaps their greatest single achievement. However, their football programs, annual Block M Dance, and the Block lVl salutes to those persons or organizations who strive to create a better Nlyndersc Academy are also tributes to a line group of athletes. BLOCK CLUB GIRLS' ATHLETIC ASSCJCIATICN Miss Driscoll supervised the organization meetings of the Girls, Athletic Association in the early fall, when officers for the year were chosen and plans made. Next a formal constitution con- cerned with the aims, objectives and procedures of the club was adopted and the weekly meetings established. One of the important functions of the G. A. A. is to aid in directing sports activities throughout the year. ln line with this objective the club planned Play Days with other schools so that the participants might broaden the scope ol' their activities. A group of Avon girls came in De- cember and others from Penn Yan in February. On the home front, winning basketball games were played against both Le Cercle francais and girls from Room 59. Return Play Days with Avon and Penn Yan proved so enjoyable that it is hoped to increase the number of participating schools another year. To top off the year an all-school spring dance was held in the gym in April. Miss Driscoll, Adviserg N. Doane OI+'l4'lCEHS NANCY IDOANE . Presidem' HELEN RILEY . lflC6-PF6.9lld0lI.l ANNA DEPAsQUALE Secrelary BARBARA STAIIL . Treasurer ANNE DRISCOLL . Adz-iser Back How: Horle. Carroll, Clark. Deary, Lilla. Middle Ifow: Stahl. Riley. Miss Driscoll. Adviser: Doane, Deljasquale. Ffrsf Row: Yates, Kissel, Beatini. 55 .1 V sw Q37-f mf!! ff if A' ' LJ! ' gf, f xA Lf' jf QYLWF! H-if 'I N af m9f1'fMf 7L4.o-'C faf 'S O 1. Hvarly-Aim-P 2. Bowling 'vm mor. Chunlpum baskotlnull L4-zml. 5. Phe llghl, fzmluslic- Pxpmwrlls. .lane gives it a lift. 8. Hold 1'Nl'I'ylIlillg! 56 ' l947"'48 3. The ufiicials' club Q'I'lwy Call '4'nLj. 6. Grade- Cllampimmsf 9. G. A. A. plays husl lu th? Avun girls. M l, A strikvl' 2. Vulloyhall vxpvl 5. Ping-pong champs. lm. Morale buildvrs 1 f ' . J. A xxlnmng hilly 58 S We build HIlNl,llillg. 4. Junior High baskotlmall x'iutm's. xviflllillg Junior buslwtball If-alll. 8. Suspcndcd action in the gym. I0 ' highly agumst "Eight," ll. A XVIIISUIIK' twusunw lIllPI't'SI,CLl lll llllfiilllllfkili 59 1. Joyce and Honor in a happy nmml. 3. Patsy registering surprise. 2. Ifree Parking. 6. MEN OF PROPERTY!!! 3. Spring fex er! T. The nmnvy C!lil!lgl?I'S in I,hPir bflfltll 4, Ralph and Kal,l1lHeI1 drink a toast at the Barn. lf lf, 13 ,C,.4rf" f ' ,-Cf'-' , , g,.4.4l,iyff W ' I , , A, ,W S , .fl 6,4 1, A , ,f 3 V-Aff , . 1 - ff W , J fx , , " !V' ' , gi 4 fJf"A-1 -f I Com Afllefltj 0 I0 346 BOARD 0F EDUCATHDN SENECA FALLS, N. Y. ir 'A' 61 C Emenla of GEB AND GARVAN E C0l'l'l,0Al'Yl en fd of LT. CYRUS GARNSEY 3rd POST No. 1323 LADIES' AUXILIARY AND AFFILIATED DEPARTMENTS congrafufafionri lo jlw Cfaaa of 7948 MAY THE GOOD LITCK THAT BIIUIIGI-IT YOIT THRULIGH TO GIIADIIATION BE WITH YOL' ALWAYS 'ki' KIRK-CASEY POST N11366 AMERICAN LEGION Compdmenfd of SENECA PRESS PUBLISHING CO. INlIORPORATI'1ll CDHLFAIHGH td of I I Kellogg s Garage, Inc. I7-21 State Street SENECA FALLS, N. Y. IIIIUNIC IT2-M IKM Med Card in jawn U 0 ibidfincficfe !Q'inling 5' .jwla ffmarg greefing Carala C0lnpAWl2ntJ of Cray'ron's Drug Store 614 Red and White Store 6 f I OWLP ll'l'lel'lf.'f of Grocerws and Meats MARCO SINICROPI 18 Pmumsey St. ' SENECA FALLS, N. Y. I 'A' 'k P R I N T I N G gida Wi44en DODGE PLYMOUTH PHONE T58 DODGE Job-Rated Trucks 207 Fall St. SENECA FALLS Qt. 1Bat1fick'5 burnb 'T' , 65 SENECA FALLS HAS EVERYTHING .EV CHEVROLET OLDSMOBILE SENECA CADILLAC MOTOR CO. MYNDERSE MADMEN "SHANNON'S" BQBA. DICKC. BOB C. DICK A. fJl1LfTLLCI'S Lo Mj'HCiCI'SC B. JACK H. Men FRANK D. R. JIM O. JACK, S. JACK P. PATSY M. DOM. S. HFST WISHFS The Teen Agcrs Dance O1' TO jim glam of 7948 Kea! malea 0 Shann0n's Clothes Shop Seneca Music Center 79 FALL ST. SENECA FALLS, N. Y. 66 Sullivalfs Candy Store Best Wishes to DAGGE'r'r,s CANDY The and GLASS OF '48 MILK SHAKES D IOTOTTO- Florist Flowers of Distinction THANK YOU FOR YOUR PATRONAGE 0 Rlay Good Heallh and Good Fortune Be Yours in the Years Ahead Your School and Office Oak Street Dillliels Street, Headquarters phone 776 Seneca Typewriter Exchange SENECA FALLS 12 STATE STREET Compliments INCORPORATED 67 To the Graduating Class of Mynderso, wc, al, TVIooro's extend heartiest Congratula- tions, and if your future endeavors lead you into college, or the business world, our thoughts and best Wishes will be with you always. MOORE FURNITURE COMPANY fr., Jem., of gzum, " 72 FALL STREET SENECA FALLS 3 W. MAIN STREET WATERLOO COI1'I.lJAl'YleIlf5 of T H E ROLFE MOTOR 'ki' GAY Sz SON AGENCY Insurance Experts Strand 'l'l10al.rc Building SENECA FALLS, N. Y. Mal wakes lo Me CAM of 1948 W. T. GRANT 87 FALL s'1'aE1s'r Carnevale's Men Shop FORMERLY CLARY BROS. Fine Clothing for the Particular Alan Curlee Clothes Shapely Shirts Champ Hats SENECA FALLS, N. Y. PHONE 51 W ADAM HATS MANHATTAN SHIRTS CLIPPER CRAFT SUITS CLARK'S BODY SHOP Q Tri niLy Lane 9 Seneca Clothing Company SENECA FALLS, N. Y 9 FREEMAN SHOES INTERWOV EN SOCKS .IOI-IN'S SERVICE STATION 6 CAYUGA STREET John Paradise, Proprietor Guaranteed Auto Repairing TIRE-BATTERY-ROA D-SERY ICE 8 A.M.-I0 P. M. RICHFIELD GAS AN D OIL PHONE 571-W 69 60l'l1l0Al'l'l0l'l fri 0 SE ECAF LLS NIACHI E C0. c-din 60h'l,9AlYI.0l1f5 of PUTNEY PHARMACY CONRAD SABATIN I DRY CLEANING and TAILORING ca Phone 275-J Corner State and Fall i' PHONE 330 OPEN 8 A. Nl. - 10 P. M. Stubbs Lumber Co., Inc Jolms-Mauville Service Center 0 27 STATE ST. SENECA FALLS, N. Y. T0 This store has been the school supply C0l7'tPlil7l6fLlS headquarters for lVlynde1'se Academy pupils for many years Of A Your Paironage is Greally SINICROPVS flpprecfialed RESTAURANT Compliments of 44 The Pennysaver " lt will be a pleasure to continue to greet you Glfts for the Graduate Gibson 81 Norcross Greeting Cards for all Occasions TALLMAN 81 LOOMIS THE BOOKSTORE SENECA FALLS, N. Y. Congratulations to the Members of the 1948 Class of Mynderse Academy THE SENECA FALLS SAVINGS BANK SIQNIQCA FALLS, N. Y. COIYLIDAFYI ell iii of WESTCOTT RULE CO. INCORPORATED Q26 . F d M ' 8. s Kalser-Frazer re am' ons QThe Cars of T 0-morrow, To-dayj BEST WISHES T O Jfw gum pg '48 K-B MOTOR CO. Building Materials Blue Coa Class Building Blocks Pre-Fabricated Houses 193-195 FALL STREET Phone 2 .7!1e Mal .glzowa .xaguayaf Schinf-fs STRAND THEATRE J. T. Dlc'1'W11,l+:,n, Mgr. 72 Compliments of SI-IERIDAN OIL COMPANY Distributors of Atlantic Gasoline and Heating Oils LEE TIRES EXIDE BATTERIES Phone 143 GRACE E. SEITZ, Owner Congralalalions and Success to I THE CLASS OF Coin Qgnlen Il 0 ' f X 1948 Dr. Milo H. Sahler W' W. H. BURNS Congratulations I I . . . Class of 348 from THE ALPS IT HAS BEEN OUR PLEASURE TO KNOW YOU AS UNDER-GRADS . . AND WE LOOK FORWARD TO KEEPING YOUR FRIENDSHIP . . . 73 LILLIAN RUDOLPH COWIIOEMQH ltd of M. J. COSENTINO SYLV IA ITA LO Compliments ,tg of John Bellardino, Inc. DOY LE 81 MIDEY ,YQ 4'Keep An Eye On Your Eyes" M. W. SCHULMAN Optometrist Phone 799 ABOVE A XL P t 74 C0111-,9El'nel'lt5 of GOULDS-PUMPS, INC. W0rld's Largest M anafacturer of Pumps Eazctasivety gomphmenb of Comphmenfa of H. W. K ' ht 81 S WILLIS c. LAY 'iii on General Contractor 5 Seneca Falls, N. Y. PHONE 669-J-l SENECA FALLS, N. Y. Jfadtaqh Jfwzdwafm PLUMBING SPORTING GOODS Phone l2 Seneca Falls, N. Y. HARRIS HOME and AUTO SUPPLY Complimenls Tires, Batteries, Recapping Repairing Qf GOODYICAR TIRES mul TUBES WELLS W. PERKINS o M A N U E L 9 S QUALITY FOODS Modern Restaurant o "Famous for Good Food 0 SCHOOL SUPPLIES 69 Full Street SENECA FALLS, N. Y. RASTIAN BROTHERS CO. Rochester, New York Mar1,1Lj?zcl1Lrers of HIGH SCHOOL AND COLLEGE PINS AND RINGS ENGRA VED COMMENCEIMENT IN V I TA TI ONS ANNOUNCEMENTS AN D PERSONAL CARDS GEORGE D. KILLIP ROCHES'I'lCR, NEVV YORK Dislricl IVIanager T6 60l'l'll0Al'l'lel1f6 of B R O TA N 7 S Quality Clothiers Since 1925 Succedd fo KOWLQAYUPH 0 , , ' H f THE CLASS OF 1948 The ' LYLIC D. VAN GUHDER VAN GORDER PHARMACY O 50l'l'l,l7Al'l'lel'll.4 of SENECA FALLS NEW YORK DR. ANGELO A. ROMEO 77 Komlahmenfb of B6Sl WfSh6S to SENECA F0013 etfxss or 1948 S T E WA R T ' S MODERN RESTAURANT MARKET Complimenis of W' NUHON6 Gulf Sl-3I'ViC6 Stati0l1 11oMp3Co0KED FOOD AT ITS BEST 20 Cayuga Street 'Ulm Beacon ,jqmicm " ,Every poultryman and dairyman who buys Beacon Feeds gets much more than mere bags of feed. He gets a carefully developed system of feeding and management wh1eh,when followed, practically assures his success. ln the Northeastern States where Beacon Feeds are sold, specially trained service men devote their entire time to giving practical aid to their customers. Back of this corps of service men is the Beacon Poultry Research Farm and the Beacon Dairy Research l"i21I'IIl which are con- stantly alert to develop progressive steps in feeding and management. Specialized C'BEAC0N', Rations for Every Feeding Need THE Beixeoiv Mittnve COMPANY, Inc. CAYITGA, NEW YORK 78 600119 Alflenfd of jim STATE BANK William J. Malone, D.D.S nf . SENECA FALLS, N. Y. MYNDERSCENE Mynderse Own Column N Q v gxcfuaiue in 110 I ears of Bankir g S THE REVEILLE Qwefingd fo gui ann! Cflferyone of you HENRY WM. KOCH 6017117 AW! EILL5 of COOLEY'S WALLPAPER AND PAINT STORE 344 Fall Street Phone 226-M Horry's Smoke Shop ml Recreation Parlors FALL ST. - LAKE BLVD. 'A' ICE CREAM AND FROZEN CUSTARDS Jw! wjmidon, prop, Our' Very Besi Wishe.9 Fon CONTINUAL SUCCESS TO YOU- THE CLASS QF '48 4-01 N0rma's Beauty Salon Phone 349 1 18 FA LL STRE ET gedf IUMAAM fo THE CLASS OF ,418 Lawrence W. Van Cleef CJ0lYl,96l'fl,2l'lt:j of LAMBERT'S GRILL gent 'IJMAIM fo me GRADUATING CLASS OF 194-8 KIWANIS CLUB Seneca Falls Sales Co., Inc. Hlford Dealers Since 1927 H FORD CARS, TRUCKS and TRACTORS Phone 24 126 FALL STREET COI'YllJAl1l2l'ltJ of J. Souhan and Sons Dairy Phone 591-W COWLIQAIHQHFJ of gedf IIXIAJLM PHILIP SERLING R E D .IA C K E T F I R E M E N and A U Xl L I A RY Smead fo flu. CAM of 218 Seneca Falls Frozen Food Locker Plant 4 to-I Cayuga St. Forks Phone 243 SENECA FALLS, N. Y. Masten Supply Co. jarm gguipmenf K. F. P A R K E R .jwlome .fdlapkanced FRIGIDAIRE ' SALES SERVICE KINGDOIVI BRIDGE and 102 FALL ST. HOUSEHOLD COMMERCIAL Phone 760 SQ Cofnfgklnentlf of T H E C A R I B 0 U ' Fine Foods - Legal Beverages 141 E. MAIN ST. E01 WATERLOO, N. Y. Phone 185 I PHONE 49 Stevenson St. I 878-J Seneca Falls, N.Y. ""' ' I 6001 AFYLQHIJ of c...,.n.....f. .f 'g Klionsky Scrap Iron and Metal Co. CHAMBER OE C O M M E R C E SENECA FALLS, NEW YORK Compgmenb O! PETER M. DORAN if if 0 , FlARNlTURE FUNERAL DIRECTOR 60Wl,9Al7lQnf5 of Colniggffleflflf of The Rotary Club S.1Vl.S. SIPCIETY Chrysler ancl Plymouth SQ 'k FRED L. HUNTINGTON A N D E R O ' Funeral Directors Ls1AB1,1sHLn 1829 AINIBUIJANCE SERVICE Plioue 360 gorniagmenfd of COH'l,7A'lYl6llf5 of The South Side CHEERLEADERS Sandwich Shop JOE BQERRETTA Choice Groceries and Meats 1177 67 Ovid Street SENECA FALLS, N. Y. Phone 519 ENGAGEMENT RINGS 1 1 SENECA FALLS WHEN IN NEED OF Furniture, Floor Coverinms or Draperies Try Wait's First Also Complete l30c:o1'al,ive Scrvioc The H. R. WAIT CO. AlllJlll'lllS Largest, Most! Completely SLoc'Iwd and Best lfquippcrl Home Furnishing ESIJHIUIISIIIIICIII Main Store Slow Store TT-83 Genesee SL. 22 Dill St. Used Furniture and Auliqucs 2-I-26 Clark Street UPIIOISIOFIIIQ and Furniture licpairs Now ul. Ivlillll Store BEST WISHES foflw C LA S S O lf' 1948 WILLIAM D. ROYCE Insurance 0 RealEstate Clongrafufafionri fo fAe 6466 of 1948 Viv TIIE BULLOCK STUDIO gomlagmen fi of Frank Zona 81 Sons Tailors Cleaners Pri-ssers gone! GZTMCL jl'0I'l'l WARD'S CANDY SHOP I-9 'Fall Street ICE CREAlNla"Delici0L1sly lJ1lffe1'e1zt" CANDY-"We Make It" FOUNTAIN SERVICE 60111104711 ell fd 0 IVIOREHOUSEIS RESTAURANT, BOAT LIVERY AND BOAT BUILDING LAKE ROAD gomphmenfa of IN A U B U R N Pure Ice 8m Coal Co. Tfg LUMBER and BUILDING SUPPLIES THE BIG STORE SMITH xl kgggggsow, INC. H A R D W A R E W1lo1,1csA1,12 - RETAIL PLIIIXIBINO and HEATING IXIILLINO SUPPLIES 'A' DEVOE PAINTS - BUILDERS SUPPLIES WESTINGIIOUSE PRODUCTS SHEET METAL -A' IIOUSEWARES GIFTS CARRIER AIR CONDITION 'A' PIIONE 21 AUBURN, NEW YORK 60l'lll9Al'Yl,El'Lt5 of Larry's Shoe Store 86 Genvscc Sl. Aulrurn, N. Y. I'Iomo of wIGilIIlCl'IJIl'iI Shoes Yclvvt Stop Shoes CiLy Club Shoes CLIPPER - CRAFT HUNT SCHAFFNER Sz MARX UNIVERSITY STYLE CLOTHES 940 D O W D - L E O ' S 127 Gencsvo Sl. Auburn, N. Y Comfahmenb of Martin's Jewelers The Diamond Siore of illl.1JlIl'II, 117 Genesee St. Auburn, N. Y. VVe Extend Cheerful Credit To You KOIYLIJAITLBFLL4 of F R E D R O N D I N A FliRNI'I"l1RE STORE Quality Furniture ul, Lowest Prices G E APPLIANCES Stoves and Kitchen l4'urnil,ure Department 56-66 State St. Auburn, N. Y. High School Fellows If you Want Real Quality Clothes- Suils, Slaeks, Sport Outfits-Built the way college men like them, styled the waxy prep school men Wear them and priced so low you'll have money left for Ol,ll1?I'WEllllSi COME T0 MARS HAL L'S Clothing Store 13 El GENES EE STREET AlLbLlI'll,i-Y Leading Slore for Wien and Boys 600119 Amen!! of SENECA FALLS DRY CLEANING COMPANY i' PHONE 246 A Complete Stock ol' McGregor Sportswear for Men SLACKS SPORT SHIRTS JACKETS SWEATERS 4 4 E C B E R T S 5 7 A ll Blk RN Arrow Shirts lliokey Freeman Clothes Stetson Hats lntcrwoven Hose .Iomlg Jaahinna lon jim glllllbh mm aged 1.5.1 sun sneer AUIUII, I. Y. 60l'l'll9AI'l'l ell ld of CONRAD I. ARNOLD A. 1. A. 'THE CLASS UF 1948 Appreciates the support of the Board of Education, Faculty, Students, and Loyal Ad- vertisers Who make each Myndersian possible. 87 Complimenls Qf DORAN BROTHERS Plumbing and Heating Complimenls Qf GIBBS AND MARKIN Opposite Entrance to Gould Hotel Success fo The Class of 1948 C. S. FEGLEY Complimenls of THE HOMESTEAD GRILL M. L. BEAUTY SALON Margaret Leone Phone 71W I 13 Fall St THE ELECTRIC SHOP Frank McCarthy, Prop. Seneca Falls, N. Y. Complimenls of DEMATTIA,S FRUIT MARK ET 352-W 119 Fall St. JOHN CLINE'S GARAGE Tel. 172-J 74 Green St. Seneca Falls, N. Y Complzfmenls QI' SENECA FALLS GRANITE WORKS W. G. Nelson and Son Insurance of Every Description M. J. OIBRIEN GEORGE H. LEET For the Best Permanents Go to LORETTA'S BEAUTY SHOP Complimenis of SIMONE AUTO PARTS 44 Bridge St. Phone 788 CURRY APPLIANCES Appliances and Repairs 36 Water St. Phone 712 J Com pl imenis of DR. ROBERT J. HOWLAND Com pl imenls Qf LEO .l. HOLLAND STORY AND STRONG Hardware Heating, Plumbing, Tinning and Paints Compliments QI' E. B. KIBBEY MACHINE CO. LOUISE BEAUTY SHOPPE Minnie George Phone 498 Seneca Falls GROCUTT'S STORE Groceries-Ice and Boats Cayuga Lake R. D. No. 2 Phone 202-J DR. E. F. DOWD FRANCIS M. MeNANEY Meats and Groceries E. C. GIUSTI AND SON Expert Watch and Clock Repairing 73 Ovid St. Seneca Falls BYRNE FUNERAL HOME East Bayard Street Compliments Qf JOHN T. MCKEON 67M Fall St. Phone 514 Hardware Compliments of DEER HEAD INN CLlNE'S GARAGE Trinity Lane Phone 329-W-I, Compliments of F. W. WILLIAMS Optometrist Compliments of CARUSO'S IGA STORES 25 Bridge St. 22 Daniels St. Tel. 121 Tel. 491 WALTER S. WARD Lumber and Builders, Supplies Phone 206 RALPH CAFARO Leader in Shoe Repairing, COIll11llill'lI'II,lS of ERWIN F. AUSTIN Western Auto Associate Store Compliments of JOHN J. BRADY THE SENECA SHOE SHINING AND HAT CLEANING PARLOR Jerry Pleases All Compliments of liEN'S BAKERY Tel. 32 141 Fall St. Conzpttments of MlLLER'S QUALITY MARKET A Market ol' Distinction Compliments of JOSEPH RAFFERTY Compliments of PAUL J. MORGANTI FRANK, LARIZZA Groceries and Fresh Poultry 47 West Bayard St. Phone 277R AGNELLO AND SONS Fruit and Vegetable Store 45 Fall St., Seneca Falls Tel. 137M LORY'S BEAUTY SALON Tel. 863 128 Fall St. Seneca Falls Compliments of GLANVILLE AND WERNER, INC. Congratulations to the Class ol' 1948 FRANKLIN HOTEL Best W ishex to the Class of 1948 S. S. PALMER CO. Heat Headquarters for Over 50 Years J. CALARCO Retail, Wholesale Grocery and Confectionery 64 Ovid St. Phone 540 W. J. MACKIN Men's Furnishing Store of Cheerful Service Seneca Falls, N. Y. Compliments of MRS. B. R. ARMITAGE 2 Terrace Row MALON E BROS. Coal, Wood and Briquettes Phone 313 Compliments of V1TETTA'S Compliments of MR. AND MRS. DON MERRIAM Compliments of A. G. FARRELL Retail Wine and Liquor Store SAMMY'S BARBER SHOP Ladies, and Children's Haircutting At Lower State Street WHITING'S IGA STORE Groceries, Meats, and Vegetables Lake Rd., Seneca Falls Phone 574-J FINGER LAKES ALLEYS 15 State Street SENECA WOOD PRODUCTS CO. Ironing Boards-Stepladders-Pier1ic Sets 201 Fall St. Seneca Falls, N. Y. Compliments of PETER AND ANGELO LUCCHESI Friendly Service Station Compliments of WILLIAM H. USHER Insurance WILLIAMS AND SONS Reliable Jewelers for 112 Years Seneca Falls, N. Y. Compliments of VICTORIA RESTAURANT For Fine Food Peter T ardelli, Prop. ECONOMY HOME AND AUTO SUPPLY 123 Fall St. Seneca Falls N. Y. Compliments of GEORGE L. AYERS SPRING BROOK POULTRY FARM Donald E. Kuney Route 89 Compliments of SENECA FALLS MILLS Phone 207 Compliments of LOTZ'S EVENRUDE SALES AND SERVICE 28 Ovid St. Seneca Falls, N. Y. CONNOLLY'S Women's and Children's Apparel 61 Fall St., Seneca Falls, N. Y. Phone 50-W HORLE'S Red Hlld White Store The Trading Center of Fayette CANOGA STORE E. B. Bishop and Son LELAND J. ABBOTT AND SONS Trucking Fayette, N. Y. Compliments of PAGANO'S GARAGE df' , Fayette, N. Y. I Y' 1 Com ptiments of JOEL D. RITTER Fayette, N. Y. Compliments of ECONOMY SHOP Quality Furniture JERRY MANZARI Contractor-Mason Work 22 llaigh St. Tel. 896-M AMIDON GARAGE Les Amidon Canoga, N. Y. I ,' f I 14" ' ' .-uf. 11.1-f4'f"' ' 7 45,6 Insuranee VERN H. HARTRANFT Phone 628-M Fayette, N. Y. Complimenls QI' JOHN G. PRUTZMAN Expert Upholstering M. S. MATTERSON General Contractor and Builder Seneca Falls, N. Y. Compliments Qf MR. AND MRS. WM. L. BAKER C0mpI1'men.z's Qf CALARCO,S PASTRY SHOP NYILLIAM B. HISLOP AND CO. Auburn's Leading Dept. Store Auburn, N. Y. W. C. CROSMAN AND SON JEWELERS Diainonds,Watches, All Popular Silver Patterns 92 Genesee St. Auburn, N. Y. BAIN MIISIC CO. Pianos, Records, Sheet Music, Band Inst., Repairs 8 Exchange Sl. Auburn, N. Y. THE FASHION STORE Over 50 Years GownsfDressesfSuits I6 North St. Auburn, N. Y. LOUIS BROS. Clothing, Shoes, Mens and Boys' Furnishings 27-29 Genesee St. Auburn, N. Y. THE BONNETT SHOPPE Fine Clothes for Fine Women 103 Fall St. Seneca Falls Con1p11' Qf OWNEY'S GRILL Seneca Falls Council 222 li NIGHTS OF COLUMBUS Complimenfs of GRACE TRIANGLE BENNETT AND TRACY Shoes-Luggage-Hosiery 82-84. Genesee St. Auburn, N. Y. HARRY F. ALLEN AND COMPANY Fine Footwear IMI Genesee St. Auburn, N. Y. Conzplzfnzenls of SQUARE DEAL FURNITURE STORE 54-58 Genesee St. Auburn, N. Y. NLTGENTS l.07 Genesee St. Auburn, N. Y. Sponsoring Beau Claire Fashions JULIANA Infants' and Childrenis Center 'Tops for Teens" I36 Genesee St. Phone I098.I Auburn, N. Y. A FRIEND Slowaways? No, jus! some of our crew in 1937. M57 15-1 L44,'7 COLOR PLATES COURTESY FIRST NATIONAL BANK BOSTON. MASS. THE DU BOIS PRESS COLLEGE ANNUAL BUILDERS ROCHESTER,N.Y. XM'-1,1242 -Z Pyfwf-Lv-' ,A M ZXU71- .pax . 4-1-gf -v L50ff550v,MM7ef, A 0 MQ zfwz f . ' TWJQZ 4516 ,JW fizxjdwd U12 , 9' if ffm f fMf5 Q- fij jo flmwf iwvff' 4251 '19 ,VMQX fn ' My M 770. 47 C y,Z24f fha, 1"-5 K X--V,, ,' , V' 5 A 4 1 1 ' 'ii- vl' J W 4 'a

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