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r,4xvm,..' , 9. od- has QQJW ff .fb-asf 1 W 1-r-q--f a.a"q-4 ,W nl ,ix , ,V ' 14 'i 'fx' N ? a Nxt l' vi A 4 L V M rl ,xy sl K 1 f" I 1 I 1 ff..-v ,-1 . ,,., ..,, V , , ,, ,M ' ,, 'W Y V uh' ' f'IIT.'T77' , ., ..--M - '--, - ' . ' 'L ' V."'1"f L '..,V.. 1 . . .. .A -. -. uf. -,-f . Ap. .-. , '.-. V -A-1 .JU--fu -c.,,. - .1-,Z X .lgpj,,,,...g,:.Lj,g,-,,,- MY DER IA SenBy K HAEWV lg M M A i9l"06el'l ted THE SENl0R CLASS MYNDERSE ACADEMY SENECA FALLS, NEW YORK QD l 'Z gf' 7 If I gf With September came the end of vacation and our return as seniors to Mynderse. Then we realized how important it was to capture the highlights of this year of years for our remembrance in time to come. Since We were so much a part of it all, We decided to let two observers, whom We shall call J ack and Jill, give their impressions of this school year as they saw it through their contacts with Myn- derse life and personalities. Here is the result of their observations. JACK A D JILL LA D OUR DEDICATEE We the Class of Nineteen Forty-Seven dedicate this MYNDERSIAN to you TERESA COMPITELLO as our tribute to your outstanding contribution to Mynderse life. Through the years, your guidance of the MICROPHONE has given staff members invaluable training in high-school journalism and the community an accurate picture of our activities. This service, to- gether with your important role in establishing the Student Council, marks you as one who deserves our sincerest gratitude and respect. 4 i Miss TERESA COMPITELLO Q Librarian 5 Mynderse Academy l 1 A 3 JACK AND JILL Interview Our Administrators Adniire Our Seniors and Study Our Underelassmen Enjoy Our Activities Applaud Our Sports 4 xv' y' I fff -E -f-" fe- ,fx xW WX NN-j? I X QX 5 xx! I 'Q' JACK AND JILL INTERVIEW 0UII ADMINISTRATOIIS 1 Mr. John Braoht., President Mr. John Fyfe Hr. James llonieo J CK AND JILL PPROVE 0 R B0 RD OF EDUCATIO The governing body of the public schools ot' Seneca Falls is its Board of lidueation. Headed by Mr. John Brachl, these six civic minded citizens are responsible for formulating the educational policy of our elementary schools and Mynderse Academy. In the hands of such alert. citizens rests the vocational, academic and social training our youth receives today. In accordance with one of their duties of improving the school, they have done many things this year. A set of bleachers with a seating capacity of I500 has been purchased for the athletic field, as a contribution to school life. Another accomplislnneut has been the construction of Hre exits at Mynderse, thus insuring the safety of the students. Mr. Frank Knight Mr. Thomas P. Bevins I X I Mrs. John Mann Mr. Earl Hilbert. 5 OUR SUPERI TE DE Cnr democracy demands that all public institutions be organized and developed upon the prin- ciple of appreciation and understanding. Of all democratic institutions, the public schools are out- standing in their need and justification of public support, both morally and financially. The public school is the most vital instrument for determining and developing the attitudes, ideals and re- sponses of' our citizenry. Consequently, one of the most important objectives of the school should be to inform the public concerning the goals and practices of modern education. A proper type of education for all the children of all the people should be known by all tl1e people of all the children, as Well as by children and youth themselves. There are many public relations devices used in varying degrees by schools throughout the country for the purpose of interpreting the educational philosophies, activities and objectives to students and patrons. Most common among these perhaps are the school annual or yearbook and the school newspaper, both of which are very prominent in Myuderse Academy. Our school yearbook, the illyndersian, is very effective in interpreting, by narrative and pictorial method, the many activities in the daily school life of our students. It proves its effectiveness each year by virtue of a wide circulation and an outstanding quality based on a very carefully chosen central theme around wl1icl1 its contents are planned and developed by a competent editorial staff under the skillful leadership of Miss Julia O,Brien who deserves much credit for her efficient and inspiring guidance as the .Wyndersian staff counselor. A companion and no less effective publication of the school, used as an instrument of interpreta- tion, is the Mynderse Academy semi-monthly newspaper, the Microphone. This publication also portrays in narrative form the daily school life experiences of the students. The faculty adviser of the Zllicrophone and 1947 illyndersian dedicatee, Miss Teresa Compitello, is to be highly commended for the excellent manner in which she has directed the editorial activities of the school paper for many years. Both the Myndersian and the Microphone rank among the best yearbooks and school papers published in the state. To Miss O'Brien and to Miss Compitello and the editorial staffs of the two publications we are indeed grateful for jobs most excellently well done. FRANK PAGE, S1Lperinienden,l of Schools 6 FRANK W. VOUEL Best Wishes to the Seniors of 1947. During your four years with us you have established an excellent record. Your future is ahead of you. May it be just as brilliant. Success in life seems to depend upon three factors: loyalty, intelligence, and hard work. By loyalty we mean following that which the individual believes to be right. l hope that each of you is well grounded in these factors and will make use of them. Don't depend upon luck, but know an opportunity when you see it, and after that take advantage of what your wisdom has shown you. Always meet your problems directly and each of you may well expect to make a real success of living. FRANK W. YOGEL, Principal of illynderse'Academy Ac" W J 0 lt PRI CIPAL D ICE-PRI CIPAL Congratulations to the Class of 'eLT. Your number has been augmented by re- turning Veterans who have the desire to complete their liigh-school education. Important as this achievement is, we hope you won't feel it represents the ultimate in education. Rather it should represent a stepping-stone to greater things. You should remember that life itself can be a "learning processf, once one is equipped with the tools of learning. Wlietlier you go on to higher educational fields, or into a trade or training period, or to a job, keep this objective in mind-that you shall continue to learn, to grow, to en- large your capacity for service by your all-around development, and achievement. HEXFORD ROCKWELL Vif'e-P1'1'11,cipal of Mynderse Academy REXFORD ROCKWELL X s E Back How: Block, Jacobs. Miller. Seld. Second How: Gibbs. Wilson. Haig, Cardwell, Oliver. Weleher. Hammond. Fronl How: Holt, King, Campany, Compitello, O'Brien 8 C LTY ITRANK NV. VOGEI.fB.S., Colgate Uni- versity: M .S., Syracuse University, Principal of Mynderse Academy, Chem- islry. REXFOIKD M. lJl0CKXVELL, B.C.S.. M.- C.S.. Rider College. Syracuse Univers- ity, Vice-Principalof Nlynderse,-1 cademy, Guidance, Social Science. JULIA H. fVJiBlKIEN-A.B., College of New Rochelle, English Four Years. LOUISE M. Sl-IANNON+A.B., Syracuse University, English Two and Three Years. BAABY KlNGwA.B., William Smith College, English One and Two. Doms WILSONWBA., William Smith College, English One. IoNE RoBEnTsoN HoLT-B.L.l.. Em- erson College ofOratory: BS.. Syracuse University, M.A.. Columbia Univers- ity. Dranzalics and Public Speaking. VFERESA C0MP1'rELLoSGeneseo State College, Librarian. fiRACE G1Bus-Geneseo State College, .lunior Iligh English. MARY MII,LEIK-A..B., Albany State College: MA., Columbia University, Lalin, World History. ANNE SELDfA.B.. lVl.A.. New York State College for Teachers, French, Social Slullies. FLORENCE HAIG-A.B., Barnard Col- lege, Physics, Biology, General Science. .loHN A. BfJlIliDflN'QB.S., Plattsburg State Teachers' College: Syracuse University, .lunior High Science. As- sislani Football Coach. Rov L. REED-B.S., Bullalo State Teachers' Collegeg MA., Syracuse Uni- versity, Senior Iliyh lVIalhelnalics. Dems L. JACOBS-B.S.. Bulfalo State Teachers' College, .I unior High Mathe- matics. EMILY B. SMITH-A,B., Syracuse Uni- versity: MA., University ol' Wlisconsin, Senior American H islory, Junior Ameri- can Hislory. LILLIAN OI,IVI5l!fA.B,, Syracuse Uni- versity, Junior American History. Worlrl Hislory. H.AZEI. WELCHER-Brockport Normal, Junior High Social Sludies. LTY B1HDENA E. CAMPANY-B.S.. Bnllalo State Teachers' College, Junior High Social Studies. HELEN J. I'IAMMOND4B.S., Syracuse Universityg lVI.A., Northwestern Uni- versity, Business and Guidance. MADELINE BLCJCK-B.S.. New York State College for Teachers: Syracuse University, Business and Algebra. RAYMOND G. BECKER - Plattsburg Normalg B.C.S., Biderg B.S. in Business Administration, Syracuse Universityg MS. in Education. Syracuse Univers- ity, Cornnzercial Subjecls. Minn' THULAN-B.S. in Art, Education, Albright Academy ol' Finc Arts. Buffalo State Teachers' Collegeg University of Rullalo, Arl. RoBEn'rA SCHLOSSER-B.lVI.. Eastman School of lWusic: lVl.M.. University of Rochester, Supervisor ol' Vocal illusic. .loHN C. FRASER+B.S.. Ithaca College, M.S. in Education. Cornell University, Band and Orcheslra. VVALLACE Smrru-Nlynderse Acadcm y, Slring lnslrumenls. LUCY A. C.AlKlJNX'EI,l.-B.S., William Smith College, Home Economics. DORUTHY Snmoxs-B.S., Syracuse University. Home Economics. FLORENCE li. ANDERSON-R.N.. Penn- sylvania Hospital. Hygiene, School Nurse. Allerulance Supervisor. TSANCY CCJFFEH'-R.N.. Brooklyn .lew- ish Hospital, Hygiene. Assislanl School Nurse. Assislanl Allenalance Supervisor. Lois PoN'r1Us-D.H.. Rochester Den- tal Dispensary, Denial Hygiene. .I Mugs STANLEY lX'IAnsuAI.i,-B.S.. Slip- pery Rock State Teachers' College, Hygiene. Plzysical Ellucalion. Track Coach. Assislanl Baskelhall Coach. FRANK Coouzv-B.S.. Springfield, M.A.. Columbia, fl0IlCll, Physical Edu- calion. RAYMOND lVl. lh.ADTKE+B.S.. Bullalo State Teachers' College, Induslrial A rls. VINCENT .l. A. DAv1Es-BS., Oswego State Teachers' College, lnduslrial Arls. AILEEN Poou-:fSecrelary, Boarrl of Educalion. BETTY Samui.-xy - Clerk, qllynderse Academy. Back Row: Radtke. Davies. Cooley, Bourdon. Becker. Second Rockwell, Coffey, Trulan, Marshall. Fronl Row: Fraser, Smit mons, Reed. 9 Row: Sherman, Pontius, h, Sehlosser, Poole, Sim- 3 ? i 1 N 1 I 'N-J l. Shop With Interest, 2, On the Bus to VVz-rterlam, 3. Hollywood Has Nu Corner on "Stand-ins." -1. "Mike" Pronll readers. 3. Mr. Rccd's Cheviu Guts Students' First Aid. 6. XYatc-h Your Step, liuys. 7. Those Marlim-n Doafeu Miss Svhlusser. 10 JACK AND JILL ADMIRE THE SENIORS JACK A ll JILL CON ULT ITH tlUll ADVI ER l Miss JULIA H. O.BRIEN I've been asked for my impression of the present senior class. That would be a difficult assignment any year, for all classes are different. However, it seems to me they follow a certain patterng senior year marks their coming of age. The reason doesn't lie entirely in their greater age so much as in their sudden realization that graduation, a "must" in their plans, is just around the corner. Then it is that they find they can assume greater responsibilities and do. This year reflects the post-war era in the return to school of many veterans, Who brought a maturity of thinking that has made a distinct contribution to class discussions. Since they have been to many places we talk about, we have learned much from them. Although many lived dangerously in the War, these G.I.'s have adjusted themselves to the peaceful tempo of Mynderse teen-age life very Well. ln general, the seniors have pooled their abilities to make their schedule of activities successful. They have talent and scholastic skills in abundance. However, as one who has Worked closely with them, I can say that they are comfortable to Work with-creatures H., . not too bright or good For lnnnan nature's daily food." JULIA H. OYBRIEN, Senior Class Adviser 11 . . . . SAL iii our SE 101: onion: Wvho would have believed four years could pass so swiftly! As for this last ylear, it has flown, from the time We elected capable John Paddock as president, Shirley Kreutter as his able vice-president, efficient Helen Amidon, secretary, and honest Joe Poole, treasurer, till now when we are talking Commencement plans as June approaches. To mention the highlights of the year, after election came that senior smash hlit, the play, Hlieady Made Family," in November, followed shortly thereafter by the election of Queen Ruth and King John who presided at our Hheavenlyi' Senior Ball with its eherubs, knowing and gay. Then we found ourselves deep at Work on this Nlyndersian, which Went to press at Easter time. With our return from vacation, will come the Scholarship Exams, perfected plans for Commencement, final parties and then the graduation of the Class of Forty-Seven from M ynderse. As We look back, pleasant memories of classes, games, concerts, dances and contests fill our thoughtsg sadness creeps into our hearts that we must leave all this. We feel deeply grateful to all those who helped make our year successful. We thank especially Miss O'Brien, our adviser, who guided us competently through the difficulties of our senior year, assisted by Bliss Smith and Miss Hammond-all three being our senior homeroom teachers. Back Row: .lohn Paddock, President, Miss O'Brien, Ad- ' viser, Hammond, As- sistant Adviserg Front Row: Helen Amidon, Secretary: Shirley Kreutter, Vice-Presb dent. Miss Smith, Assistant Ad v iscr: Joseph P1 role. Treas- urer. if 12 CLASS 0F FORTY- E E MILLAHD SEELY ABBOTT-lntra- murals 1, 2, 3, 4: Senior Choir 1, 2, 3, 4, Operetta 2, 4, All-State 3, 43 Band 2. 3. 4, All-State 2, 43 Sophomore Dance Committee 2, Junior Play Committee 3: Junior Prom Committee 33 Pan-Amery can Assembly 31 Senior Play and Play Committee 43 Junior Kiwanian 43 Student Council 4, Sergeant-at-Armsg Myndersian 4. Fayette produces Frank Sinatras, too. 3 ,,,j3',,,z Ju-.fJ4J..! 'o-'xx , OMJL-ld, 7 DONALD WALTER ALLEN-lntra- murals 1, 2, 3, 43 Freshman-Sophomore Picnic Committee lg Sophomore Dance Committee 23 Tumbling Club 23 Junior Play Committee 33 Student Council. Alternate 43 Senior Play 43 Wig and Rouge 41 Myndersian 4. He's always laughing, even if the joke is on him. 'DJJ M434 0-ji-7'7l"'3 HELEN MAY AMIDON-Pan-Alnerh can Assembly 33 Junior Play Commit- tee 3, Class Secretary 43 Senior Play Committee 43 Myndersian 4. llero's Helen, one of 1947's gifts to business- a nicely packaged secretary. I I if l X l UL 0 I ' I' Tl-lntru- ural , 2 41 Bas all l, 2, 4: F an ll:-9 ' l 13Football ager J 43 ' -H 3, 4, Secretary 4: ti . uh , edile 33.T ior Jum- Sgs 3' nior- or. Par ' mmittee . , Ju nh ro Co ' 1 ' t 3 Student C ncil , Senior if mmittee 43 Modem' . For - easant moments, y Paul d his engaging grin. ,, RICHARD MARTIN BAKER-Foob hall 1, 2, 33 Class President 23 Block M 3: Junior Prom Committee 3. This Baker boy has talking eyes-and oh, what things they say. GEORGE MANUEL BANTUVANIS -Freshman Dance Committee lg Microphone 2, 3, 4, Business Manager 43 Sophomore Dance Committee 23 Freshman-Sophomore Play Tourna- ment 23 Le Cercle francais 3, 4. Minis- ter without Portfolio 33 Yvig and Rouge 3, 43 Junior Dance Committee 3: Junior Play 31 .lunior Prom Committee 33 Senior Ball Committee 43 Myndersian L13 Acanthus 4, President 43 llonor Student 4g Junior Kiwanian 4. "For the home ol' your dreams" -consult George. 65314 cufsfps- Q70 76- 010047 gum-6, .. 5 JOHN CARMEL BISHOP-Band 1. -. .., 43 Senior Choir l, 2: Camera Club 13 Science Club l. His friendly manner will carry him far in the business world. LENA MAE BLAVVSKI-Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4, Award 1, Play Day 33 Library Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 2. Vice-President 3, Bond and Stamp Committee 1, 2, 3: Freshman Dance Committee 13 Latin Club 2, 3, Censor 2, 3: Microphone 23 Sophomore Dance Committee 2: Senior Choir 3, Festival 33 Gym Exhibition 33 .lunior Jumhles 33 Junior Play Committee 3: J unior-Senior Party Committee 3: .lunior Prom Com- mittee 33 Senior Ball Committee 43 Myndersian 4. Red. our titian athlete, is a winner at any time. Us Q, v3 PAULINE ADA BOYESkJnnior Red Cross Council -1. For she is just the gentle type, whose uaturetnever varies. ,fviy W tt . QW' .ly GLADYS FAY BRAND4Junior Play Committee 3: Hearth Club 3, Lt. Fay has her own brand ol' haircut. What happened to the Buster Brown one? AILEICN MARY BRlSCOfLatin Club 3: Junior Jumbles 3: Pan-Ameri- can Assembly 3: Junior Play Commit- tee 3: Hearth Club -L, Treasurer 4: Intramurals 4: Senior Play Committee 41: Senior Ball Court. and Committee 4. W'ith a Homemaking major. attractive Aileen won't have a hard time putting it to use. K . 1 - f X T . X. Q42 'a X 'L by i w-.Que-'K V552 eiafib W LOUISE ANN C.-XFOI.LAfIntramur- als l. 2, 3, 'leg Senior Choir I, 2, 3. tl. Operetta 2, V1-. All-State 3: Band Major- ctte I, 2. 3. tl: Freshman Dance Com- mittee l: Sophomore Dance Committee 2: Freshman-Sophomore Picnic Com- mittee 2: Junior Dance Committee ll: Junior Jumbles 3: Pau-American As- sembly 3: Junior Prom Committee 3: Hearth Club 4: Senior Play 4: Myn- dersian -1. Our star i11 two lieldsf homemal-:ing and acting. Flemember Begonia? CLASS 0F MARGARET LUCY CAFOLLA- Intramurals I. 2. 3, Alt: Senior Choir I, 2, 3, 4, Operetta l, -I, All-State 3: Band Majorette 1, 2, 3, 4: .Iunior Dance Committee 33 Junior Juinbles 3gHeart.h Club 4: Science Club -tg Senior Play Committee el: Senior Ball Committee 4. Nlargaret, the girl who gave a party touch to the refreshments at the Ball. ls she good at it! JOHN HOMER CALLAND-Intra- murals 1. 2, 3: Senior Choir 2, 3. Li- brarian J5. Operetta 2. 3, Concert 2, 3g English Club 3, Shy, good looking Jack has been places. via the Navy. RAR BA RA MAE CAMPBELL-Class Viet--President 1: Freshman Dance Committee l: Freshman-Sophomore Play Tournament Committee I. 2: Freshman-Sophomore Picnic Commit- tee l. 2: Intramurals l. 2. 3. 1: VVig and Rouge I, 2, 3, ft, Treasurer 2: Library Club I, 2. -1. Vice-President 2: Micro- phone 2, 3, ti. Co-News Editor 3, Associate Editor ft: Junior Red Cross Council 2, Secretary 2: Sophomore Dance Committee 2: Latin Club 3, Consul 3: Student Assembly Commit- tee 3: Junior Jumbles 3: Bond and Stamp Committee 3: Junior Dance Committee: Junior Play 3: Junior Prom Court and Committee 3: Empire State School Press Conference 3. -'tg Student Council 4, Secretary -le: Senior Play 4: Senior Ball Court and Committee LI: Nlyndersian Editor-in-Chief' -lt: Vale- tlictorian l. Our intelligent blonde, whose bright light is Johnny. HARRY l'Il,'GliNl'1 CATOR-Hunting and fishing:-that's the life for Harry. FORTY- EVE ROBERT ANDREW CEl'liCH-In- tramurals 15 Freshman Dance Commit.- tee 15 Band 1, 2. 3. -t, Competition 3. 4, Assistant Manager -l: Freshman-Str phomore Play Tournament. Committee 2: Junior Jumbles Zi: Orchestra ft5 Senior Play Committee bl. The Gene Krupa ol' Mynderse. who, by the way, likes the grape country. JULIA MARIE Cl-IERCi'llAfIntra murals I. 2, 3. -I: Library Club 1. 2, 3: Junior Play Committee 35 Gym Exhi- bition 3: Junior Jumbles 35 l'au-Ameri- can Assembly ZS: Junior-Senior Party Committee 3: Junior Prom Committee 3: Le Cercle francais 3. -1. Secretary 35 Myndersian 4-5 Ilonor Stud:-nt. -1. Little, but oh. so nice. ' 1 l i , ti' , 1 N V hyff' 5 Y ff ' I' I H Lf 7 . .fb ,Q , si If 1 I 1 P, ' My v 1 'fy 3 nie, 1' 4 XA, L gi. EE DONALD AKRON Cl-IRISTOPIIER gBand l, 2. Don nf-eds a bigger and better alarm clock. PAUL FREDERICK CHRISTO- Pllliltflntranuirals l, 2. 3: Senior Choir 1. 2. Operetta I. 2: Basketball l: Football 2. 3. "Bobo" and his milk cans go trucking along. ROGER DALE CH UBB-Intramurals l, 2, 3, 45 Freshman Dance Committee 15 Sophomore Dance Committee 25 Microphone 35 Junior Jumbles 35 Foot- ball Manager 4: Junior Kiwanian 4. What has Penn Yan got that Mynderse hasn't, Hog? Has she a long or a short wave? ANNA IVIARIIC CHIfLEY-lntramur- als l, 2, 3, 4. l'lay Day Il: Tumbling Club 1, 2. 3: Freshman Dance Com- mittee 1: Freshman-Sophomore Picnic Committee I. 2: Sophomore Dance Committee 25 Senior Choir 3, 4, Oper- etta IL5 Girls' Athletic Association 3, -I-5 Junior Play Committee 33 Junior-Senior Party Committee 3: Junior Prom Court and Committee 3: Senior Ball Court 45 Myndersiail rl: Acanlhus 114. "Annie get your gun" il' you're going in for the Army. WILLIAM LOUIS CIRONEfIntra- murals 1, 2, 3. 4. Award 15 Band I, 2, 3, Jig Freshman Committee 13 Tumbling Club 25 Freshman-Sophomore Picnic Committee 2: Junior Dance Committee 35 Junior Jumbles 3: Junior Prom Com- mittee IS5 Myndersian 4. Girls don't in- terest this good-looking, fun-loving kid -not yet. anyway! ICIJIZABETII TYLER CLARK-ln- tramurals 1, 2, 3, 4: Wig and Rouge l. ZZ, 3. 4, Vice-President 3, President fl-5 Freshman-Sophomore Play Tourna- ment l5 Bond and Stamp Committee 1 5 Freshman-Sophomore Picnic Commit- tee I. 25 Sophomore Dance Committee 2: Student Assembly Committee 25 Microphone 3. 4. Fashion Editor 45 Junior Play 3: Junior Dance Committee IS: Junior Jumbles 3: Pan-American As- sembly Bg Junior-Senior Party Commit- tee 3: Junior Prom Court and Commit- lee 3: Senior Play ft: Senior Ball Court and Committee 11: Myndersian 4,5 Honor Student L Charming by dayg glamorous by night. v 4. . I-4.4-f ap LA'-4' SJCA-Q - ":'g'5""""'4'J' 15 MM. gat... -L-1 f I "-sf - 1 DOLOREA ELAINE COLGROVE- Junior Jumhles 3: Junior-Senior Party Committee 35 Junior Prom Committee 35 Hearth Club 3, 43 Science Club 4. Dolorea is expert in the sewing field, so-o we feel she'll make somone an economical wife, DOROTHY IONA COLGRUVE-Le Cercle francais 3. 4: Junior Dance Committee 3 1 Junior-Senior Party Com- mittee 35 Junior Prom Committee 3. The girl with the Mona Lisa smile. ELIZABETH HELEN COONEY- Hearth Club 3, 4. Betty is busy up in that North country-what with the farm, and square dances. I 2 A I . F ' , . a i , I ,J ELAINE MARY CROSS-CheerIead- ing I, ZZ. 3, 4: Senior Choir I, 2, Operetta 15 Freshman Dance Committee 15 Sophomore Dance Committee 2: Tum- bling Club 2: Junior Jumbles 3: Pan- American Assembly 3: Junior Dance Committee 3: Junior Prom Court and Committee 35 Hearth Club 3, 4, Vice- President 3. Secretary 45 Senior Play Committee 45 Senior Ball Court and Committee 4. The Cross girl with the sweet personality. 5 .Q b gif gk? t,fi,,fQy M CLASS 0F FRED LOUIS DEARY-Intramurals 1, 2, 35 Airplane Club 15 Senior Choir 35 Junior Prom Committee 35 Junior Ki- wanian 4. Whether you're jerking sodas or reciting English, you always have the right mixture, Fred. MARY FRANCES DePASQUALE- Cheerleading l, 2, 3, 43 Intramurals I, 2, 25, 45 Freshman Dance Committee lg Sophomore Dance Committee 25 Micro- phone 2, 3, 4: .Iunior Dance Committee 35 Junior Play 35 Junior Jumbles 3g Pan-American Assembly 35 Junior Prom Committee 35 Wig and Rouge 45 Senior Play 45 Senior Ball Committee 45 Myndersian 4. A vivaeious brunette who cheers 'em up. MARY VIRGINIA DeROSA-In- tramurals l. 2, 3, 4: Library Club I. 2, 3, 4, Treasurer President 45 Fresh- man-Sophomore Picnic Committee 15 Sophomore Dance Committee 25 Junior Dance Committee 35 Junior Junibles 35 Pan-American Assembly 3: Junior Prom Committee 35 Junior Red Cross Council Zig W'ig and Rouge Make-up Committee 3, 4. "A stitch in time saves nine" is the DeRosa philosophy. ALBERT LAVERNE DeSANTO- Freshman Dance Committee I5 Sopho- more Dance Committee 2: Freshman- Sophomore Picnic Committee 25 Junior Jumbles 35 Junior Play Committee 35 Le Cerele francais 3, 45 Intramurals 45 Senior Play Committee. Issy takes up all his time, i l FORTY- JEANETTE MARIE D'URSO-Jun- ior Jumbles 33 Pan-American Assembly 33 Girls' Gym Exhibition 3: Junior Play Committee 3: Junior-Senior Party Com- mittee 33 Junior Prom Committee 3: Senior Play Committee 43 Myndersian 4. She likes soldiers. D'Urso nice. Mt W+::5"ffC. V-9,2 'ls po. ws they WILLARD LEE EASTMAN-Band l. 2, 3. Ili, Festival 2. 3. -13 Freshman- Sophomore Play Tournament 1, 23 Freshman Dance Committee 1, Micro- phone 2, II. I-, C0-News Editor fl, Wig and Rouge 2, 3. 4. Secretary 4, Student Assembly Committee 23 Sophomore Dance Committee 2: Empire State School Press Conference 3, 4: Junior Dance Committee 3: Junior Jumhles 3: Junior Play Zi: Empire Buys' State Zig Junior Kiwanian flg Senior Play fl: Senior Ball Committee li: Myndersian Ll: llonor Student -l. lvhere there is an argument. there also is Willi X. aM! 9 U 7,0-are .di LOUIS ARTHUR FAIOLAfTransfer from Rochester: Baseball Ig Swimming l. Transfer from Romulus Central School: Baseball 2: Intramurals 2, Mynderse Academy: Football I, Intra- murals -I-. From the Navy to Mynderse for unfinished business, came Louise- the lad ol' distinction. El.lZABE'l'lI ANN FLYNN-Clieen leading 1, 2, 3. 41 Intramurals 1, 2, Zi, -1: Wig and Rouge 1, 2, 3, 4g Frwhman- Sophomore Play Tournament Commit- tee 1: Freshman Dance Committee 1: Latin Club 2: Sophomore Dance Com- mittee 2g Junior Play Committee 31 Junior Prom Court and Committee II: Senior Play Committee 11-g Myndersian 4: Acanthus -l-. Our pretty Irish rose- that's Betty. 1 17 x MILTON LEE FRIDLEY-Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Festival 2, 35 Freshman Dance Committee li Sophomore Dance Com- mittee 2g Junior J umbles 3, Intramurals fl-: Senior Play Committee 4. He has a serious allergy for school work. THOMAS MICHAEL GALGANO- Intramurals 1, 2, 3. fig Senior Choir 1, 2, Operetta 1, 2, Freshman Committees lg Freshman-Sophomore Picnic Commit- tee 13 Junior Dance Committee 33 Senior Play Committee -Ig Senior Ball Committee 45 Acantlius 4. Tommy's dramatic interpretation of a bit ui' Tyre history established his reputation as a humorist. ROBERT FLINT GIBBS4Band 1, 2. 3, 4, Manager 4-, All-State 3, 4, Festival 3, 413 Intramurals 1, 2. 4: Orchestra 2, 3, ft, Junior Prom and Senior Ball Music Committees 3, 4, Microphone 33 Myn- dersian 4. Gibbsey plays a mean sax, It has to be mean to lead "the Mynderse Madrnenf' GEORGE ROBERT GIOVANNETTI Alntramurals 1, 2, 3, 43 Football I, 2. 3. 4, Basketball 1, 23 Baseball 1, Fresh- man Dance Committee lg Freshman- Sophomorc Picnic Committee 1, 23 Sophomore Dance Committee 23 Junior Jnmbles 3: Empire Boys' State 3: Block M 43 Student Council 4, President 45 Senior Ball Committee 4, Myndersian 41, Junior Kiwanian 4. Mynderse's gift to the political worldfmeet our George. I I SHIRLEY ANN GllRBA-Intramur- als 1, 2, 3, 4, Awards 1, 3: lVig and Rouge 1. 2, 3, 4: Freshman Dance Com- mittee 1: Freshman-Sophomore Play Tournament Committee 1: Freshman- Sophomore Picnic Committee 1, 25 Bond and Stamp Committee 1. 3: Freshman-Sophomore Play Tourna- ment 21 Sophomore Dance Committee 23 Latin Club 3, Aedile 3: Junior Dance Committee 3: Junior Jumbles 3: Junior Play 3, Junior Prom Court and Com- mittee il: Microphone 4, Girls' Athletic Association 43 Senior Play 4: Myn- dersian 4: Salutntorian 4. Gentlemen prefer blondes, JOHN HENRY GU'l'EfJobnnie. be CUTE! RUTH MARIE GUTHRIE-Intrw murals I, 2, 3. 1: Freshman Dance Committee 1: Freshman-Sophomore Picnic Committee I, 2: Senior Choir 2: Band 2: Hearth Club 3, 4: Junior Dance Committee 3: Pan-American Assembly 3: Junior Prom Court 3: Senior Ball Queen and Committee fl. Meet Queen Ruth, whose King is Sailor 0 l. LILLIAN MAE HOS'l'ER-lnlralnur- als 1, 2, Il 4, Awards 3. Play Day 3: Tumbling Club 1, 2, 3. fl: Band Major- ette 1, 2, 3, fl. Drum Majorette lg Senior Choir 1, 2, 3, 4, Operetta 1, 2, Festival 3: Freshman Dance Committee 1: Freshman-Sophomore Picnic Commit- tee 2: Gym Exhibition 2, 3: Junior Dance Committee 3: .Junior Jumbles 3: Pan-American Assembly 3. "Strike up the band," cries "Lil," our cute major- cite. with a twinkle in her eye, QQM LASS OF EDWARD EARL JOHNSON-Intrw murals 1. 2, 3. 4. Award 1 2 Orchestra 1, 21 Freshman Committee 1: Freshman- Sophomore Picnic Committee 2: Sopho- more Dance Committee 2: Basketball and Baseball Manager 2, Il, fl: Junior Dance Committee 3: Junior Jumbles 33 Junior-Senior Party Committee 3: Junior Prom Committee 33 Football 3, 43 Senior Ball Committee 4-: Mynders- ian fl-. As sturdy as thc Rock of Gibral- lar. FLOYD WILLIS JONES-Junior Red Cross Council 3. lle's not a shy mouse, nor a grizzly bear. Is he a wolf? GRACE ELLEN JONESfLatin Club 3: Junior Jumbles 3: Intramurals 3. 4: Senior Choir 3. 4. Grace is continually surprising us by her hidden talents. wN"!:", ',:f in up ,. ! Q . . ,ir i ' .- il l , -LV - mi- L 1' i . -'v ' X A ni" ' . ll L. I t ,Jwfno ral., SHIRLEY MARGARET KREUT- 'l'ERfIntramurals I, 2. 3. -1. Play Day 15, Band Majorettc l. 2, 3. -1, Head Majorettc 4: Senior Choir I. 2. 3, Operetta l, 2: Freshman Dance Com- mittee 1: Bond and Stamp Committee 1: Freshman-Sophomore Picnic Com- mittee l, 23 Sophomore Dance Com- mittee 2: Tumbling Club 2. 3. 4: Girls' Gym Exhibition 2. 3: Junior Jumbles 3: Pan-American Assembly 3: Junior Play 3: Le Cercle francais 3, 4, Treasurer 3, Vice-President -1: Class Vice-President 43 Microphone 4: Nlyndersian 4: I-If nor Student 4, Vim, Vigor and Vitality in one cute trick. FORTY- JOHN MICHAEL LAWLER-Senior Choir 1, Operetta 1. "Punchy." a Navy man still, with worldly ambitions. LADONNA FAE LINDSlCYgTrans- fer from Naples Central School: Intra- murals I : Student Council 1: Glee Club 1. Nlynderse Academy: Senior Choir 1. 2, 3. 4, Operetta 1. li, All-State 3, Festival 3, -1: Freshman Dance Com- mittee l : Sophomore Dance Committee 2: Class Secretary 3: Junior Dance Committee 3: Junior Jumbles 3: Junior Play Committee 3: Bond and Stamp Committee 3: Junior Prom Committee 3: Le Cercle francais 3, el, Secretary 4: Student Council 4: Senior Play Com- mittee -l. Our sparkling lady from the lake who is a popular vocalist. VVALTER JOHN LUCKERNiBand l. 2, 3, 4: Glec Club I, 2, 3, 4: Intra- murals 3. 4. "Hungry" saw plenty of' girls while in service. but we hear that he has settled on one from Waterloo. MARY ELEANOR MACKIN!Intra- murals 1, 2. 3, 4, Award 3, Play Day 3: Freshman Dance Committee 1: Junior Rerl Cross Council I : Freshman-Sopbo- more Picnic Committee 1: Freshman- Sophomore Play Tournament 1, 2: Sophomore Dance Committee 2, Wig and Rouge 2, 3, 4: Junior Dance Com- mittee 3: Junior Play Committee 3: Junior Jumhles 3: Pan-American As- sembly 3: Junior Prom Committee 3: Latin Club 3. Aedile 3: Microphone ftp Myndersian 4. "Mac," a vivacious beauty. with a sparkling personality. X J V - D ,Xa Q QNX U . wt 5 BARBARA ALICE MARKEL-Intra- murals 1, 2, 3, 4, Play Day 3: Library Club 1. 2, -1-g Freshman Dance Com- mittee 1: Sophomore Dance Committee 2: Latin Club 2. 3: Junior Dance Com- mittee 31 Junior Jumbles 3: Junior Prom Committee 3: Junior-Senior Party Committee 3: Senior Choir, 3, 4. Operetta 4: Junior Red Cross Council 3, 4: Myndersian 1. Gay. that's Barb, who has to be seen in action to be appreciated. JOSEPIIINE MARY MARRAPESE - lntramurals 1, 2, 3. 4: Freshman Dance Committee 1: Freshman-Sophm more Picnic Committee 23 Sophomore Dance Committee 22: Tumbling Club 23 Microphone 2. 3. fi: Junior Dance Com- mittee 3: Junior Jumbles 3: Pan- American Assembly 3: Junior Prom Committee 3. Meet Jo of the long, black tresses. and the nice manners. BEVERLY JUNE lVllLLERf1ntra4 murals 1. 2. 4, Award 1, Play Day 2, 3: Band 1, 2. 3, fl-. Festival 1, 2, 3, 4: Senior Choir 1, 3. -L, Opcretta 1, 4, Festival 3, 4: Freshman Dance Com- mittee 1: Sophomore Dance Committee 2: Junior Dance Committee 3: Junior Jumbles 3: Girls' Athletic Association 3, -1. Vice-President 3, President 4: Orchestra 4: Myndersian 4: Honor Stu- dent 4. "Dynamite" in any sport, shc's led us to many victories. WILLIAM JOSEPH M010-lntrw murals 1, 2. 3, 4: Freshman Dance Com- mittee 1: Sophomore Dance Committee 2: Junior Dance Committee 3: Pan' American Assembly 3: Junior-Senior Party Committee 3: Junior Prom Com- mittee 3: Senior Play Committee 4-: Senior Ball Committee 3: Basketball Manager 4. Earnest, ambitious, with a glint, oi' humor, describes our boy Bill. T. 'VV K' r' 1' Q '7' Zi' -. .sv ' -5 .3- K 1 iav .V K I X , ' 1. Y' - f."sf .7 tk JOHN JOSEPH PADDOCK-Intra- murals 1, 2: Senior Choir 3, Operetta 3: Acanthus Club 3, 4: Airplane Club 3, President 3: Class President 4: Senior Play 4: Wig and Hou e 4: Student Council 4: Senior Ball lging and Com- mittee 4: Myndersian 4: Junior Kiwan- ian 4. Four years in the Navy Air Corps gave Johnnie poise, whether he be King of the Ball or enacting "Papa Turner." FRANK WILLIAM PAGE4lntra- murals 1, 2, 3, fl-g Baseball I, 2, 3, 4: Freshman-Sophomore Play Tourna- ment Committee 1: Freshman Dance Committee I: Sophomore Dance Com- mittee 2: Junior Dance Committee 3: Le Cercle francais 3, Vice-President 3: Football 3: Junior Prom Committee 3: Microphone 3, 4: Band 4: Junior Rotar- ian 4: Myndcrsian 4: Honor Student 4. He speaks French courageously, with a Seneca Falls accent. JENNIE ANGLINE PALANDRO- Senior Choir 2, 3, 4, Operetta 2, 4, Festival 3, 4: Sophomore Dance Com- mittee 2: Junior Party Committee 3: Junior Jumbles 3: Pan-American As- sembly 3: Junior Prom Committee 3: Hearth Club 4: Science Club -1: Intra- murals 41: Senior Play Committee ll. VVe'll always remember Jennie by her gay laugh. 'Q FRANK JOSEPH PARADISE-In tramurals 1, 2. 3, 4: Basketball I. 2. 3, -t- Senior Choir l: Freshman Dance Com mittee l: Football 2, 3, 4. Captain -1-- Tumbling Club 2: Sophomore Dance Committee 2: Freshman-Sophomore Picnic Committee 2: Junior Dance Committee 3: Junior Play Committee 3: Block M 3, 4. Muscles and brawn, that's our gridiron captain and star. Boy, what a job he did! CLASS 0F JANET ELAINE PARKER-Senior Choir 2. 3, 4. Operetta 4. All-State 3: Junior Jumbles 3: Pan-American As- sembly 3: Hearth Club 3. 4. Secretary 3, President 4: Student Council Alter- nate 4: Senior Ball Committee 4. What a jolly t'armer's wife Janet will make, and is she skilled in 4-Il activities! ww MARY FRANCES PENNACCHIO4 Intramurals l. 2. 3. 4: Senior Choir l. 2, Il, 4, Operetta I. 4: Freshman Dance Committee l: Freshman-Sophomore Picnic Committee I: Sophomore Dance Committee 2: Junior Dance Committee 3: Junior Jumbles 3: Pan-American As- sembly 3: Junior Prom Committee 3: lVig and Rouge Make-up Committee 3. fl-. Even though it's raining, itfs al- ways "Sonny," JOSEPII LEE POOLE-lntramurals l, 2, 4: Football I. 2, 3, rt: Baseball l. 2, 3, 4: Freshman Dance Committee I: Freshman-Sophomore Picnic Com- mittee 1, 2: Class Treasurer l. ft: Class President 2: Tumbling Club 2: Sopho- more Dance Committee 2: Wig and Rouge 2, Il: Block M 3. 4: Basketball 3. 4: Latin Club 3. Consul 3: Junior Dance Committee 3: Junior Jumbles 3: Junior Prom Committee 3: Empire Boys' Stale 3: Student Council Alter- nate 4: Senior Play Committee -l: Senior Ball Committee 4. Mynderse's pride: Mads delight! JOAN ANNE IIEARDON-Library Club I, 2, 3, 4. Secretary 2, President 3: Intramurals Ig Freshman Dance Com- mittee I: Latin Club 2, 3, Aedile 2, 3: Microphone 2, 3, 4. Co-News Editor 3. Editor-in-Chief 4: Sophomore Dance Committee 2: Class Vice-President 3: Empire State School Press Conference 3, 4: Junior Dance Committee 3: Junior- Senior Party Committee 3: Elmira Key Award 3: Junior Prom Committee 3: Senior Ball Committee ft: Myndersian ft: llonor Student 4. Sober, steadfast and demurc-but only in school. FORTY- EVE ALBERT WILLARD ROBBINS- Transfer from King Ferry Central School: 4-H I: F. F. A. 1: Intramurals 1, Myndcrse Academy: Intramurals I, 2, 3, -lg Junior Prom Committee Zig Myn- dersian 4. Ilis kingdom for a horse! 'Q' . 'Q 73 I. JA M ES ALOYSI l IS ROGERS-Intrzb murals 1, 2. 3, 4: Freshman Committees I: Sophomore Dance Committee 2: Freshman-Sophomore Picnic Commit- tee 2: Class Treasurer 2: Tumbling Club 2: Tennis 2, 3: Football 2, 3, 45 Junior Play Committee 31 Junior-Senior Party Committee 3: Junior Prom Committee 3: Block M 3, 4, President 4: Junior Kiwanian 4: Senior Ball Committee -I-1 Myndersiun Business Manager ill. He snys he's a woman hater. VVho is going to change his mind? FREDERICK SAMUEL SALONE- Intramurals l, 2, 3, 4: Football 1: Tum- bling Club 23 Junior Play Committee 33 Myndersian 4. Keen, that's Fred-the other hall' of that Avveduti-Salome utwinshipf' MARIO J. SCARSELLET'I'A-Intra- murals l, 2, 3, Qi: Junior Prom Commit- tee 3: Senior Play Committee 4. The languorous Mario seems lo belong south of the border. GEORGE ROBERT SEITZ-Intra- murals I, 2, 3, 45 Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Fresh- man Dance Committee lg Freshman- Sophomore Picnic Committee 1, 2 3 Tumbling Club 2: Football 23 Sopho- more Dance Committee 2: Tennis 2, 3: Junior Prom Committee 3: Orchestra 3, 4: Block M 3, 4, Bob likes the girls, but oh, that Ford!! NANCY SIMS-Junior Red Cross Council 1: Freshman Dance Committee l g Senior Choir 2: Latin Club 2, Consul 2: Sophomore Dance Committee 2: Junior Jumbles 3: Junior Play Commit- tee 3g Le Cercle francais 4, Minister of Programs 45 Senior Play Committee 4. This attractive senior looks like the quiet type, but looks can be deceiving. NORMA ALICE SMALLWVOOD - Senior Choir 1, 2, 3, 4, Operetta 1, 4, Festival 3, 43 Intramurals 1, 3, 4: Freshman Dance Committee 1: Fresh- man-Sophomore Picnic Committee 1, 2: Class Vice-President 2: Sophomore Dance Committee 2: Junior Dance Committee 3: Junior Play Committee 3: Junior Jumbles 3: Pan-American As- sembly 3: Junior-Senior Party Com- mittee 3: Junior Prom Court 3: Senior Play Committee 43 Senior Ball Court -i. "Chips" is just full of spice and every- thing nice. Ask Johnny. . I Giant, r I Md 'L ,L 1 J ROBERT E WARD S YDEB-In- tramurals l. 2, 3, 4: Freshman Dance Committee 1: Tennis 2. 35 Basketball Manager 2. 3. -l-: Sophomore Dance Committee 2: Airplane Club 3, -1, Vice- President -I: Junior Jumbles 3: Junior Play Committee 3: Junior Prom Com- mittee 3. Bob has a sleepy sort of charm that seems to get him in and out of trouble. CLASS OF FORTY- EVE EDl'I'l'I STRIIBLE-Junior Jumbles 3: Junior-Senior Party Committee 3: Intramurals -lt. A good! forward in basketball, who should go forward in business. GERALDINE MARIE SULLIVAN - Lnramlirals I. 2. 3: Cheerleading I. Z. 3: Wlig and Rouge l, 2. Sl, 4. Treasurer 4: Freshman Dance Committee I: Fresh- man-Sophomorc Play Tournament Committee I: Freshman-Sophomore Picnic Committee I. 2: Latin Club 2. Acdile 2: Class Secretary 3: Junior Dnncc Committee 3: Junior Jumbles 31 Junior Play 3: Junior Prom Queen 3: Microphone -I: Myndersian -1. Our Junior Prom Queen. and Diz's too. AN'l'0INET'I'E HELEN 'I'ERHllSl- Intramurals I. 2, 3. -1: Library Club I. 2. 3, l:Junior Jumhles 3: Pan-American Assembly 3: Junior Play Committee 3: Junior Prom Committee Ii: Vllig and Rouge Make-up Committee 3, ll: Micro- phone -l: Senior Play Committee -1: Myndersian -It. Lucky is the hoss that hires Toni. a jolly but ellicient secretary. WILLIAM EDWARD TIM MONS- Intramurals I. 2, 3, -1: Band I. 2, 3. 4: Freshman Dance Committee l: Fresh- man-Sophomorc Picnic Committee lg Sophomore Dance Committee 2: Junior Jumhlcs 3: Junior-Senior Party Com- mittee 3: Junior Prom Committee 3. Bill is quiet until he gets a pair of drum- sticks in his hands. XVILLIAM HENRY XVARD. JR.-Irv tramurals I, 2. 3, -I: Band I, 2, 3. 43 Orchestra I, 2, 3, 4: Pan-American As- semhly 3: Junior Play Committee 3: Senior Choir 3, -lt, Operetta -lt, All-State 3, -l. Bill always has a smile, a voice, and most ogtlieftfiknc, a broken log too. 1522! GILBERT VAIIGHN WATKINS4 Intramurals l, 2, 23. 4: Football l, 2, 3, tg Freshman Committees lg Freshman- Sophomore Picnic Committee I: Tum- bling Club 2: Sophomore Dance Com- mittee 2: Class Prsident 3: Block M 3. fl-, Vice-President el: Junior Dance Committee 3: Junior .lumhlcs Zig Junior Play 3: Junior-Senior Party Committee 3: Junior Prom Committee 3: Junior Rotarian -1: Student Council fl-: Senior Ball Committee fl: Myndersian Business Manager 4. Oli, he sits high in all thc ladies' hearts, but especially Betty's. DONALD EARL WO0D-lnt,ramur- als I. 2. 55: Sophomore Dance Commit- tee 2: Baseball 2: Junior Dance Com- mitteefi, lsn't love granrI.Dot, and Don? JAMES ROBICFUI' WOODS-lntra- murals I, 2. 3, 4: Senior Choir 1, Oper- etta l: Freshman-Sophomore Picnic Committee 1: Sophomore Dance Com- mittee 2: Pan-American Assembly 3: Junior-Senior Party Committee 3: Junior Prom Committee Zi: Senior Play Committee 4. Not the Chief ot' Police, just our quiet Jim. l. The Quecrfs Court at thc' Ball. 2. NVilly Crnwns Ruth. 3. Norma in a Reflective Mood. 4. Let Us in on the Secrets, Girls! 5. Taking a Breather. 6. Ottalie-the Girl with the Orchid-and Louie. T. Grand OJ March. 8. "Drink Lo Me Only with Thine Eyes." 23 JACK D JILL PECULAT OFFICERS RONALD SCHAERTL . . . . . President JOAN GORTON . . Vice-President JOYCE ALFORD . . Secretary ROBERT ARONSON ........ Treasurer MRS. OLIVER, Miss SPENCER, NIR. BECKER, MR. REED .-tdvisers The Jolly Juniors lived up to their name this year. Wie returned from summer vacation full of pep and raring to gol Starting the year OIT with a bang, we elected the famous football hero, Ronald Schaertl, as our class president. To add even more pep, we chose J oan Gorton, our vivacious cheer- leader, as vice-president. Joyce Alford was elected secretary and with complete CPD con- fidence, we placed our funds in tl1e hands of Bob Aronson. We were proud and happy to have several veterans added to our class this year. They have proved themselves to be good class members and we admire their determined spirit. Realizing fully what they have done for us and for our country, we welcomed them to our class and wished 'them the best of luck in their studies. The sensation of the year was our Junior Cabaret. With the music of Ray Costello's orchestra, reserved tables, waiters, entertainers, and of course, plenty of food, how could it help but be good? Our next big event was the junior play, "Some Babyf, Not only was it "some baby," but it was "some play." It will be a long time before we forget Bob Aronson and Paul Sisson crawling around the stage, looking for babies. With a mixture of ghosts, babies, and sheriffs, the play was a great success. We were fortunate to have Mrs. Holt as our dramatic coach, her fine directing and the splendid performance of the cast, gave us a super play. Stopping just long enough to catch a breath, we started work on the Junior Jumbles. Scouts were sent to junior homerooms to dig up hidden talent, and what talent they dis- covered! Now that we had attained the high rank of Juniors, tive of our members were chosen for special honors. Two outstanding boys were picked as Junior Rotarians and three were selected to attend Boys' State this summer. We gave the seniors a gala send-off at the annual Junior-Senior party. Our class really outdid itself in decorations, entertainment, and refreslnnents. Of course, the seniors were hazed a little but they didn't mind it . . . much. Our last social event of the year will be the Junior Prom. It will bring to a close our junior year. As we look back, we can remember days of sorrow, happiness, worry and joy. The Prom will be the climax of all these days and we can be sure that it will be a highly successful and memorable one. This annal would not be complete without making mention of our class advisers. They have spent a great deal of time helping us plan our dances and arrange our programs, their guiding hand is greatly appreciated. To Mrs. Oliver, Miss Spencer, Mr. Becker, and Mr. Reed, we would like to express our sincere gratitude. NANCY DOANE, Class of '48 24 B0 TTHE JUNIOR Back How: Brown. Frappoli, Olin, Clarissen, lVlorgan, Platten, Reynolds, Klandatos, Kissel, Stowell, Sinieropi, Rogers. Tlzirrl Row Bellomo, Carter. Cline. Rogers, Parker. Belcher. Saracino, Calland. Braun. Decker. Second Row: Suglia, Klionsky. Westen, Brady Calareo, Dark, Zona, Milella, Bentley, Calareo, Deary. Lama, Fegley. Fronl Row: Gravina, Riley, Doane, Alford, Gorton, Kennedy Wolf. Greene, Ellison, Reynolds, Smith, Agnello. Back How: Dean, Caraeoilo, Letizia. Nlahoney. Hecker. Wetmore. Hanlin. Bowers, Cooley, Sehaertl, Rizzieri, Pontius. Franeesehi. Third How: Marsh. Gallina. King. Catherman, Piseitelli. Broadbent. Passilione, Comiskey, Frankenfield, Andrews, Blue. Second Row. Baker, Olmstead, Sisson. Cafaro. Shuster. Aronson. Sinieropi. Svialdone. Mahoney. Durnin, Caruso, Gleason. Fronl Row: lVleGreev y Gilmore, McGuire, Dornbrowski, Ashliaugh, Jones, Carpenter, l.ay:,Cramer, Hadley, Cherelua. jwwwlfi. WM 25 ALLEN ODELL . BARBARA YT.-XTES JEAN SUGLIA . JACK SEITZ . M Rs. SHANNON, MISS SIMMONS OFFI CICPIS MISS ISING, MISS ATILLER, , Mr.. DANVIES . . CHAT WITH . President Vice- Pres td6I1l' . Secretary TI'6fL.S'lU'Pl' A d L' i .vers Sophomores! One l1und1'ed and five of us, strong and raring to gog that's how we felt in September. We worked olf some of our energy in a stiffly contested election, choosing fun- loving Bruce Falconer as president. Wvheu Bruce moved to Schenectady in November. Allen Odell ably took over his duties. Ready and willing to do things in a big way we gave all the activities our whole-hearted support. Those Sophs interested in languages joined Latin or French Clubsg those yearning for drama entered the Wig and Rouge. Many of our musical classmates participated in band, orchestra, Senior Chorus, and our vocal geniuses came to light in the operetta HHollywood Boundfi Still other Sophs took part in .llicroplzmze Block M, Hearth Club, and Science Club. As for sports, we were not in the background. Many of our fellows helped the glory of the undefeated and unscored upon football team. A large part of the .lay Yee basketball team was made up of Sophs, and the baseball team also benefited from our skill on the diamond. We are very proud of these boys, because they have shown grand sportsmanship all the way. Those Sophs who were not able to play varsity played volleyball, basketball and baseball iutramurals between classes and homerooms. At the same time, the girls were also showing Skill in intramural sports. They even won the basketball ehampionship among all the classes. After the holidays, gloom descended upon our class. Sophomores wandered through the halls quoting "Julius Caesarfi mumbling infinitives and participles. On all sides were heard discussions concerning Napoleon and congruent triangles. What caused this studiousness among the Sophs? You guessed it-Midyearsfthe scourge of our existence! But when the eventful week was over, books were once again thrown aside. and we turned our attention to the brighter side of life. First on our list was the annual Soph Hop, which was bigger and better than ever. On April eighteenth all the students gathered in the gym for a wonderful evening of dancing. food and fun. With the advent of the Fresh-Soph Play Tournament, local Bernhardts and Barrymores were unearthed. Witli our Soph year coming to a close we all turned out for the Fresh-Soph Picnic for plenty of fuu, food-and sunburn. As we look back on our Soph year, our trials and tribulations seem to fade into the back- ground aud our good times come to the fore. Our thanks go to our advisers, who have helped to make this a happy and memorable year. Although we feel a little sorry to have our second year end, we are anxiously looking forward to our third year at Mynderse. ELEANOR BEATINI, Class of '49 26 s fM,wfWQm Eifqrlwf gon 4 AK-'P' - 1 , , f Bac Qfoiwgisic 1. Hayes. Lanianna. liapurn rdo. rzigm lia,lBlawsicjlfSlicpherdi. Johnson. Lainuraglia. Landi. Thirll Row: Allen. AnnctLa. Didiu. Luckern. Grc-unley. Green, Rogers. Bowen. Farneyl. Tinnmmns, Mellini. Second How: Byrne Wade, Yates, Brady, Bowman. Martcllu. Capello. DeVVall. .l3antuvanis, Landlmerg. Hawson. Reynolds. Leno. Fronl Row: Van Cleefw Nfilhoney, Lilla. Bcaftini, I , , Davis. Stahl. Judson, Mackin. Croug!li. Bromley, Holcomb. Coffey! ' -V 'f 1' 'N DQ , ,1"V Q 1" ' V! G f V-fha. ,, ui ' THE ZQWZ1l1g,9,1,qi5E ifgjkgfffl- i l I l 1 ! 4 E fi' ' , , . 1 9 vg I Buck Howf D'Ursu. Sandroni. Falconer. D4-!?1l. Scararnuizino, Hyde. Capacci. Sanders. Scrling. Freeland. Gioyannini. Third Row: Snyder. Waart. Ginn anotti. Deming. Del Russo. Paradise, Martel. Piagentini, Vcrzillo. Jones. Second Row: Mackey, VVaLers, llutz, Pratt. Rossi. Zettlerrmfyvr. Faiola, Kninner,"l'abcr, Vergamini. Mile-lla. Bennett, Sullivan. Front How: Odell, Payne, Peterson, Lyman, Eighmny, Vllilson, Lemma. Mastruleu. Seitz, Oakes, Hartman. :il,k,1 , ' lf- J , I ,.,-f., , ' , 'LA.-'i , .A i -- K--1-JJ -4' 577 I ' K KJ .' , .15 - V I' 1 it ' kr 5 , N , fb A .' ' yr - A ,Q A V 5. . - . .J -, '- 'X I . N S IS' -2 - S- N hi ,l ,.. fi 'fit XQ, ...Ltltllt 0VER OFFICERS J.uIEs CARPENTER . . President ROBERT CRACKNELL Vice-President WINIFRED COLGROVE Secretary RICHARD CLARK . Treasurer Mas. SELD, Mlss BLOCK A drisers After school opened oI1 September fourth, the trials and tribulations of the Freshman Class began. Many of the boys and girls that came over from St. Patriekis School were entangled in a maze of schedules, bells, and periods. Vile Hnally emerged, however, and fou11d ourselves in our respective homerooms on third floor. Vile still canit figure out why they put us way up on third floor, u1Iless We are a little better than the rest of them and have to breathe a special form of purified air. Even though we are only "pea-green freshmen," it certainly felt better than being called Eighth Graders. We held our first and most successful class meeting ill Room T8 to nominate class officers. This made us feel as if we really belonged to Mynderse. The iirst class activity was the annual freshman dance on January tenth, to which we gave the name "Hillbilly Hop." A few of the boys put on an act, and it certainly was too bad that a group of talent-scouts didn't see them, because 1 know they would have given them contracts to act in the next Judy Canova movie. Our class advisers, Miss Block and Mrs. Seld, have helped us through a very successful year. The Fresliman-Sophomore play contest in May is the biggest event of the year, and climaxes the rivalry between the two classes. The Sophomores have won this contest for the past two years, but the Freshmen are a much brighter class this year, so we are positive we will walk away with the cup. But no matter who wins, weill settle our differences at the Frosh-Soph picnic in June, where we'll forget all hard feelings. Many of us during the first semester spent long hours over the drudgery of homework, and shed a great many tears, but when mid-year exams came along we felt it was worth it. Now June exams don't fill us with too much awe. Glee Club, French Club, Wig and Rouge, Science Club, .-Xeanthus, Latin Club, and Library Club have interested many of us. Most of the boys and girls were also quite active in intramurals. When Coach Marshall and Coach Cooley sent out a call for basketball candidates, the freshmen responded splendidly. A class team was organized and we certainly gave our opponents a still' fight. Freslnnenl How that word thrilled us. lt marked our departure from the grades and the beginning of our four years' struggle into the upper classes. Does it find us the same green Eighth Graders on the lirst floor? Absolutely not! Wie aI'e full-fledged Freshmen with privi- leges accordingly. Next year we shall be Sophomores, and we shall soon reach the end of our high-school road. A t times it makes us sad, but I don'l think Mynderse will ever forget the Freshman Class of 1946. CARQLYN KNIGHT, Class of '50 28 1 I THE F . - allull . ,. V1 j s NPIJJW L, LJAAX ,- Back How: Ryan, Knapp. Third How Colgroxe Hosford frm x Lawrx Veator, Sandy. Longstreet. Seman. Amidon. Mcljarland. Peterman. McBride, Freeland raneg roka Coxtello Imd Klandato Kama Rexnolds Woods DePasquale Second Row rl8I'I'l1bl : ' , .' , C '. , 31 . Q . J' , 'I S. i.' lp. , ' , . 1 .V ' ' " Vrceland, Selleck, Jones, Sharp. Smith, arret Lombardo, A., Dalesslo, Bohch, Duonolo, Carroll. Buck, Lama. Prunl Row: Woodward L":..L,... n.,....: 'Tu.-: mnzfn 0.4.1 rrwu, rv, n r 1 v fn rv -. u- . 1 v. s 2 Back How: Borden, Maroucoilli. Parker, H., Keaoh. Kroutter. Knapp. Cracknell, Dombrowski. Third Row: Twist, Cook, DePasquale, Parker, R., Smith. C.. Staley. Galgano, Stuck, Shuster, B.. Curry, Povero. Second Row: Camuso. Ricgel, Smith, L., Tnrkett, Russo, Shuster, D., Baker. Yeo. Lama, Hughes, Clark, Carpenter. Perrotto. Fronf How: Peterson, Krantz. Andrews, Dolrcr, Van Houton, Hihbard, Smith, W., Brady. Reardon. Scanncll. Bonacci, Pcone. 29 S if N lf' fjfffff LL A yy lllfffffffwlwfff wwf. v. f . w . U Back How: Nugent, Dark, Annis, Nlahoney, Schaertl. Smith. Laller. Walters. WVolfe. Staudmyer. Rogers. Alarrapesc. Jones. Johnson, Swinehart. Alford, Denman, Cooley, lrish, liighmcy. Landherg. Third Row: Beerse. Pcterrnan, Vtfalters. Beers. Freeland, Soscia. R., Soscia, N.. Smith. NVeaver. Nlaracoulli. Christopher, Broadbent, Bells. Dowen. Hubbard. Farney. VVedge. Hurlhut. Brown. Second Row: Covert, Griggs, Bennett, Vrecland, Carroll. lVlartin. Lind. Lynch, Lilla. Kinney. Carbone, Catherman. Desmond. Hibbard, Brown, Kreager. Urwin. Bonacci. First Row: Wolfe, Appell. Fredenburgh. Joslyn. Bergman. Smith, White. Platten. Reynolds. Buck. Keating. Mills, Clark, Gihhs, Hilbert. Catherman, Decker, Conley. Hauss. EIGHTH GRADE The Class of 1951, numbering 86, from Homerooms 37 and 38, have helped all the causes of Mynderse Academy. They have participated in intramurals, basketball and volleyball. Some of the Junior Pted Cross members in the eighth grade helped to distribute literature to the different residences in town. There are representatives of lhe eighth grade in the Science Club, Junior Hearth Club, Junior Red Cross, Airplane Club, and Junior Chorus. Serving as ties between the students and faculty are Student Council members, Gerald Schaertl and Francis Eighmey, and alternates, Brien Rogers and Carol Clark. Activities inside and outside of school have been generously supported by the class. At the beginning of the second semester Cary Plankey left to attend school in Chicago. At the same time Sally Martin from Clyde joined the loyal Mynderse supporters. BBIEN ROGERS, Class of 1951 SEYEXTH GRADE The Seventh Grade this year was introduced to Mynderse Academy-its clubs, general rules and regulations, and activities-through a handbook which acted as a guide. The preparation of this handbook has been a project. of the seventh graders for the past three years. Our class finished it by supplying the covers. These useful books will be left in the school for future seventh graders. Ptoom 31 elected officers, with Cyrus tlarnsey as president. The vice-president is Janette Thorpe, secretary. Louise Farney. a11d treasurer, Ann Morehouse. Committees were appointed in each seventh grade group to take charge of the class business. We seventh graders have taken part in the HChristnias Concert" and Spring Concert with the Junior Choir, and made Fire Prevention Booklets, held Valentine and Christmas Parties and took field trips to the County buildings at Waterloo, Yillage and Town Board Meetings, Seneca Falls Waterworks, Historical Building, and Cayuga 1n- stitute of History and Art, and the radio station VVMBO at Auburn. Plans include a June picnic. DARLENE CHUBB. Class of 1952 30 k Back Row:McNaney.Beaisdell. Schupp, Larizza, Evans. Crough. Rice. Caracillo, Galina, Jackson, Olsawski, McCann. Hilbert. Zwick Third How: Hihbard. O'Connell. Marrapese. Yeo, Salonc, Reynolds, Lawrence, Vona, Eno, Decker, Van Bergen, Bonacci. Doher, Comp- son, McLaren. Second Row:Parish.Brewer, Mceks.Salone. Zona. Murphy, Meeks, Gurba, Kidd, Ensworth, Moulton. Twist. Cooney Russo. Fran! Row: Green, Timmons, Sinicropi. Jones, Bells, Pavio, Walters, Hibbard, Hyde, Dutton, Bears, Palumbo. l E 4 2 Back Row: Deal. Leno. Carello, Stuck, Weston, Becker, Conley. Lathcy, lrland, Smith, Lapomardo, Congdon, Hauss, Ward. Third Row: Meyers, Forshee, Wilson. Parks, Hiegel. Bromley. Sharpe. Watkins, Knight, Dell Russo, Bergman. Decker. Second How: Hughes, Brand Chubb, Buck. Farne-y.1Parks. Souhan, Morehouse, Ireland. Barrett. Gigliotte. Thorpe, Yates, McLaren, Blue. Front Row: Eastman, Wade Annetta, Church, Klandatos, Lamuraglia, Gurba, Hartman, Struble, Amidon, Rawson, Northrup, M artell. V' i M In Evgen W 0 Y 1 ,f 5 1. .V ,- .4 "yi , ' ,Q fo, ' . , J, 'E "J Y 2 -1 7 K, my ti .ghfhs 1 . 1 1 ,fwfr ,,r- "" , U42 ' l '92 fi, ' - i T 'g's1.-Q a 1 AL TE OUR G .I. 9 Back How: Nissen, Cute, Cooley, Baker. Rizzieri. Third Row: King. Heeker, Deary, Paddock. Second Row: NIcGreevy, Vtlood, Mumford, Faiola, Hampton. Fran! Row: Crothcrs. Carissimi, Luckern, Calland, Ryan. Rice, Mahoney. This year Mynderse opened her doors to the returning service man who wanted to quench l1is thirst for knowledge. ln this group we find: Name Richard Baker John Calland Gino Cologgi Lloyd Cooley James Crothers Fred Deary Louis Faiola John Gute Earl Guthrie Frank Hecker .l. D. King John Lawler Walter Luckern Cornelius Mahoney Edwin Marsh Frank MeGreevy Paul Mumford .lohn Paddock Pat Bizzieri George Ryan Don Wiood Hating Electricians Nlate 3 c Seaman lfc Tfft Seaman llc Radioman 3f"c TXS Boatswain Mate 3 'c Seaman llc Physical Education Teacher Hospital Corpsman lfc Sergeant Hospital Apprentice l c PFC - Tail Gunner Fire Controlman 3 'c Seaman 2!e Gunners Mate 3 'C Aviation Machinist Mate Sergeant PFC Fireman 2,'e Lenyllz and Type of Serrice 33 months in Navy 29 months in Navy 20 months in Army I year in Navy 2 years in Nayy 21 months in Army 3 years in Navy 28 months in Navy 2 years in Army 2 years-M arine Corps 3 years-Marine Corps 21 months in Navy 3 years in Army 27 months in Army CEighth Air 33 months in Navy lk years in Navy 3M years in Navy 4 years-Navy Air Corps 34 months-Combat Engineers ZZM years in Army 1 year in Navy William Hampton and James Nissen, veterans of the European theater, and Alex Carissimi of the Pacific zone, left us before their courses were completed. Tlzealer fy' Uperalion For Asiatic All Three Theaters Panama Atlantic Pacific United States Atlantic-Pacific Pacific United States Pacilic Pacific United States European cel European Atlantic United States Pacific United States European Pacific United States I- I vs :CHI mio' HOLLY LIBQMW i WOOD BOUND" 52.125 LQ 25" X 'gin' 2-5-4- UW ry' :ws .AMG S- Ts JIACII AND JILL IINIII oun ACTIVITIES 4 I V 5 1 1 E P F 1 S 51 11 1 1 ,A 1 NIYNDER IA liditor-in-Chief . . . Barbara Campbell, assisted by Betty Clark. Beverly Miller, Shirley Curba, .loan Reardon, Barbara Mar- kel, Betty Flynn, Lena Blawski, Julia Cher- ehia, Eleanor Maekin. Business Managers .... lames Rogers, Gilbert Watkins, assisted by Willard East- man, Millard Abbott, tleorge tliovannetti, Frank Page, Paul Avveduti, Fred Salone, Vlilliam Cirone, Donald Allen. .lohn Pad- doek, Bobert Gibbs, Shirley Kreutter, Anne Chuley, Louise Cafolla. Photographic ltlditor . . . liarl Johnson, assisted by Geraldine Sullivan. Albert Bob- bins, Norman Pontius. Art Editor . . . George Bantuvanis. Head Typist . . . Helen ,-Xmidon, assisted by .leanette D'lirso, Mary DePasquale, An- toinette Terrusi. Adviser . . . Miss Julia ll. O'Brien. Composed of Seniors, this year's Myzzders- ian stall' has endeavored to publish a year- book that will keep the year 19-I-6-47 in your memories. Familiar events and places are t f recorded in the form ot' Hsnapsu that have been mkeu tlu.Uu0.h0m the Year While dass Back How: Amidon. Miss O'Brien, Rogers, Watkins. f an . - ' - - . v- v Frou! How: Campbell, Pontius, Johnson. pictures and organization groups yvill make old friendships live again in years to Come. Barbara Campbell was named liditor-in-Chief as a result ofa competitive examination, and James Rogers and Gilbert Watkins won the shared honor of business manager. llowever. it was only through the eo-operative and hard work of all the staff, that this book has been completed. We hope that you will enjoy this 1917 ,l'lyr1,der.v1'an, that was of course put out under the direction of Miss O Brien, and with the assistance ot our observers, .lark and .lill. Third Row: Bantuvanis, llobbins. Gibbs, Paddock. Clark. Blawski, Wlatkins. Rogers. Miller, Gurba, Sullivan, Allen, Giovannetti, Abbott. Eastman. Page. Johnson. Secoml Rout: DePasqnale. Cherchia. lVliss 0'Brien. Adviser, Cirone, Terrusi, Caliolla. D'Urso. Firsl Row: Avveduti, Aniidon. Salone, lieardon, Maekin. Campbell. Kreutter, Chuley, Flynn. Marks-l. 33 C l T DE TCOUNCIL OFFICERS GEORGE t.i1ovAivNETT1 . . . . President NIARK SINICROPI . l'1'ce-President BARBARA CAMPBELL . . . . Secretary DONALD MACK:-:Y .,.. Treasurer Mlss COBIPITELLO AND NIR. COOLEY Adrisers Thoughtful nominating conventions, Hery campaign speeches, novel campaign methods and finally a close election of the student body witnessed the Whole-hearted adoption of a Student. Council in Mynderse Academy. George Giovannetti, candidate of the Blue Party, was elected the president of this first Mynderse Council, winning in a spirited election over Gilbert, Watkins, candidate of the Vtvhite Part y. ,-Xll this was done in accordance with the constitution drawn up earlier in the fall by a hc-ross section" of Mynderse stu- dents and approved by M yndersians in an open assembly program. V , Holding their meetings during Tuesday noon hours, the twenty- four faithful members have done n1uch for the students as well as 53177111.7711-'luiiffkvblf Cfilflpbtfll- the school. By sponsoring benefit games they raised the money 56111645 SIIIICFOPI, f11UYHHf1f'lf1- necessary to buy a flag for the auditorium, and for sending flowers to faculty members and students in case of illness or death. School spirit, was furthered when tl1e council took an active part in other phases of Myndersian life. They provided transportation during the basketball season games for more than four lnmdred students. Other members served the administration of the school when they took tickets at home games. To carry out another provision of the constitution, they led the student. body to higher scholastic ratings by striving for a position on the Honor ltoll. The Open House Night. program held May second provided an opportunity for all members of the com- munity to visit the school and review the talents of Mynderse organizations, as well as the various class projects. Bliss Compitello and Mr. Cooley offered capable leadership for the Student Council and brought it through its first year of infancy. Back Row: Mr. Cooley. Adviser: Smith, Lainanna. Blawski, Lindsey. Yates, Del Russo. Second Row: Odell. Eighmcy. Miss Compitello, Adviser: Schaerttl. G., Av veduti, Oakes, Watkins, Cafaro. Cracknell, Passifione. Von Bergen, Carpenter. Front How: Paddock. Doane, Nlaekey, Sinieropi, Giovannctti, Campbell, Abbott. Schaertl. ll. l l L , 34 f v h A O . K I a I I V . A ,i ' , . . u i l Q u 1 y h 4 ,, . Back How: Calland, 'l'errusi. Marrapese, Luckern, Holcomb, tlurba. Sullivan, G., Reynolds, Hayes, Doane. Landbcrg, lvlackin. DePasquale, Kreutter. Middle How: Beatini, Annetta, Bowman, Sisson, Sullivan, li., Aronson, Lay, Freeland, Cramer, Pontius, Oakes, Dragone, Mellini. Didio. Fronl How: Page, Clark, Bantuvanis, Miss Cornpitello, Adviser: Reardon, Campbell, Eastman, Kissel, Hadley. THE Y DER E Bi-weekly Publication ol' M ynderse Academy .loAN lhs.-uioox ....,. Editor-1'n-Clzitjf ISARBARA CANIPBELI. . . Assistant Editor XYILLAIKIJ EASTNIAN . . . News Editor Assislanls Kay Annctta. Eleanor Beatini, Dorcas Bowman. Honor Calland. Mary DePasquale, Nancy Doane, Gloria Dragonc. Iiolwrt Freeland. Shirley Gurba. Josephine Hayes, Betty Holcomb. Shirley Kreutter, Marion Landberg, Antoinette Lilla. Josephine Marrapesc. Julia Mellini. .Iohn Oakes, .Ianct Reynolds. Paul Sisson, Robert Sullivan. Antoinette 'llc-rrusi, David Wveart, Hose lilionsky. Dowfxco IIADLEY .... rllugrzzine Editor limkz,-won NIACKIN, GIGIKIKY SU1.LIvAx . . ,flssfslanls C,-moi. IQISSIEI.. IJUNALD Cunnan, Mfxnvm lin' . Sports Nl.-vm' I.UcKEnN ..,... Book Section Xomr-xx' Poxrits . Stall Photographer Hmvrv CLAiux , FfISlII.0IZ Column tli,on1A Dioio . , . . Special Colzumz ClI5onG1z BiKN'l'lIN',-KNIS . BllSlIl6SS llamlyer FRANK PAuI4: , . . ,.,. A lssislmzl ROBERT Anowsow , . Circulation Jltlllllfltv' Nllss Tisixilism M. Co31P1TELLo . . Faculty .lllrlser The .llIit'I'Uf1l1UII8. the bi-weekly publication of M yndcrsc Academy, is still the favorite paper ol' the students, who look to it for all newest information on the various activities and personalities about school. Miss Compitello, Without whose direction the Ll1l'Cf'0lJllllIIB could not exist. has continued as its adviser and has been chosen as dedicatee ol' this yearbook for her many con- tributions to school life. ICROPHO E New methods, such as the featuring of a larger number of pictures. the printing of pictures relating to "scoops" in the same issue as the story, the allotting of editorials to dilTerent members and the relating of editorials to news stories, trends of the day and school life have been put into practice by the stall. Also, this year the illlcroplzone achieved its highest paid circulation as well as the greatest number ot' advertisers. Sllllllllillflf Bantuvanis. Sealed: Campbell, Reardon, Miss Cornpitello, Adviser. IG A D ROUG OFFICERS ELIZABETH CLARK . . . President DONALD H.ADLEY . . Vice-President WILL,AHD EASTMAN . Secretary GEHALDINE SULLIVAN . . Treasurer MRS. fl0LT . . . fldziser The Wig: and Rouge, under the leadership of its new officers, and with Mrs. l'loIt as adviser, en- tered into the first ofthe year's activities 'mid a turnult of screams and Wails, for their first ven- ture was an assembly presentation, "Bigger Baby Contests." The Yuletide season again drew out the club's dramatic spirit. .M a special Christmas program, Sflllilflillgi Hadley, Mrs, lgalgtgkliastrnan. Serllerl: Sullivan, H mle-3C-i play, "A Sign Untcy You," WHS Staged, ' after which the curtains parted, presenting a beau- tiful Nativity scene. Not being able to resist the lure of the stage, members of the club were dutifully on hand doing make-up for school productions throughout the year, and presented another one-act play for the Open House Night. Later in May, Wig and Rouge members stepped into the roles of directors for the Frosh-Soph Play Tourna- ment, and then acted as hosts at their successful May Dance. Back Row: Dragone, Dark, Flynn, Bantuvanis, Sanders. Paddock, Serling. Ashbangh, hflaekin. Campbell.'DePasquale. .Mifddlc Row: Pratt. Kissel, Vtietmore. Gurba, Alford, Klionsky. Holcomb, Gravina. Doane. Allen. Brady, Sullivan, R. Front Row: Eastman, Mrs. Holt, Adviser, Clark. Sullivan, ti.. Hadley. 36 E l0R PLAY "A Ready-Made Family," presented November 7 and 8 under the direction of Mrs. Holt, displayed fully the talents of the Senior Class. The plot centered around Agnes Martyn CBetty Clarkj and Henry Turner CJohn Pad- dockj, whose marriage was bitterly opposed by their children, Whose efforts to separate the newlyweds produced gales of laughter from the audience. Will we ever forget Boh's CMillard Abbottj foaming at the mouth fits? Nicodemus and Begonia, the colored servants, who were skillfully portrayed by Donald Allen and Louise Cafolla, stole the show with their antics. Slanding: Clark. Paddock. Gur- ha. Cafolla, Allen. Sealed: Fal- coner, Abbott, Campbell, East- man, DePasquale. Standing: Gravina, Blue, Mum- ford. Doane. Aronson, Wetmore, more, Brady. Seated: Pontius, Cline. Sisson. Kissel, Dark. 'Second Childhood" or "Some Baby," a three-act comedy, was presented by the Junior Class, February 14, 1947, under the direction of Mrs. Samuel Holt. Paul Sisson, an eccentric professor who believes he has fou11d the 'glgilixir of Youthf, tries to sell it to an old general CNorman Pontiusj to pay off the mortgage o11 their house. The old general is quite interested because he loves the professor's daughter CNancy Doanej, but there is a mix-up, because the professor's assistant CBob Aronsonj also loves Nancy. Everything turns out well, as Nancy and Bob are finally married. UNIOR PLAY .... ME. X. N, ,,,,.. EU. t, Back How: Lay, Wetmore, Rossi. Ashbaugh, Shuster, D., Hadley, Miller, Hubbard, Carpenter, Jimg Carpenter, Jack: Spiegel- man. Fourth Row: Kreutter, VV.. Scaramuzzino, Oakes, Del Russo, F.. Gibbs, B., Knight, Bishop, Abbott, Eastman, Parks, Jean: Goodwin. Third How: Gibbs, R., Mackey, Aronson, Sinicropi, Seitz, R.. VVard, Weart, Shuster, P., Mastroleo, Clark, Cafaro, Seitz, J., Clarissen. Second How: Del Russo, J., Mills, Ashbaugh, N., Leno, Horle, Timmons, J., Batty, Alford, Hart- ranft, Reynolds, Martin, Crough, Parks, Joang Vreeland, Forshee, Shepherd, Smith, Leno, V. Front Row: Bentley, Kreutter, S., Cepuch, Fridley, Cirone, Timmons, Sullivan, Hoster, Mr. Fraser, Director. OFFICERS ROBERT GIBBS . . Band ilflanager BETTY HARTRANFT Librarian ROBERT CEPUCH . , Assistant Manager MR. JOHN FRASER . . . . Director Mynderse Academy and its alumni are extremely proud of their band, and well they should be. For whether it's the concert band or the body of musicians in blue and white that march majestically down the football field, it is rarely surpassed. Under the able direction of' John C. Fraser, one of the finest conductors in the state, the students work co-oper- Hartrani-L, Gibbs, Cepuch, MI.. Fraser. atively to make a high rating band. In the past year the band received an excellent rating at the annual music i festival. Each year the Outstanding musicians from the band are invited to All-State, which is a band composed of select instrumentalists from schools throughout the state. This year our representatives were Robert Gibbs, Mark Sinicropi, and Seymour Spiegelman. ln the spring the band presented to the public their achievements in the mastery of difficult music in the form of a concert, March fifteenth. This year there are sixty members in the band. Much new timber, comprised of younger students in Junior High School, is being added continuously. Differing from war years there are more new and used instruments available this year, and many new students have come inlo the band classes. A junior band was recreated this year. After a lapse of three years, Mr. Fraser has reorganized this band to be composed solely of students from the First Ward and Stanton Schools. This group participated in the annual spring concert. 38 0RCHE TR tlnder the direction of Jolm G. Fraser, Nl ynderse Academy maintains an orchestra of twenty-seven students. This orchestra plays for weekly assemblies and such school functions as the Junior and Senior plays. A resumption of interest in string instrument playing has been noted by Mr. Wlallace Smith. Quite a few promis- ing students have started and some string ensemble work incidental to regular orchestra procedures was carried on this year. Several of the string players as well as the wood- wind players in the orchestra participated in the animal solo contest.Although the string section of the orchestra has not been as large this year as formerly, it is hoped that this resumption of interest will result in a more balanced orchestra next year. Select members of the regular school orchestra played for the annual Rotary Minstrel show. Several members A T Y have formed an independent orchestra, 6'The Mynderse Ward- ltlflstwleo, Cafa1'0,Mr. Fraser- lX'ladmen," under the direction of Robert Gibbs. They played for dancing after basketball games. The orchestra this past year has put increasing emphasis on the lighter type of good quality music. This music was more interesting for the players and also seems to be more pleasing to the audience. Mynderse Academy was represented at All-State Orchestra in Auburn by Ralph Cafaro, playing trumpet, and Richard Ashbaugh, playing trombone. In June several seniors, Beverly Miller, Robert Gibbs, Williaili Ward, Robert Seitz and Robert Cepueh, will be lost to the orchestra by graduating, however, there will be good replacements. Back How: Carpenter, Jamesg Goodwin, Gibbs, B., Mastroleo, VVard. Middel Row: Spiegelman, Sinicropi, Mr. Fraser, Director, Aronson, Miller, Gibbs, R., WVetmore. Eighmey, Cafaro, Seitz, Mr. Smith. Lay. Front Row: Cepuch, Parker, Fraukenfield, Shuster, Whiting, Beerse, Wedge, Seman, Hibbard, Meeks. 39 t i lo ts A E l0R GLEE CL B OFFICERS BTARK Snyrcnorir ..... President HELEN 1iILEY . Vice-President .l'oYcE ALFOHD . Secretary ALLEN ODELL . . Treasurer Miss SCHLOSSER ..... Director With a heavy schedule planned for the year, the Cilee Club, with Miss Schlosser in eharge, opened its activities with their elections. This year the chorus is well equipped with voices as it is composed of tifteen basses, four baritones, thirteen tenors, thirty-one altos, and forty-seven sopranos. Joyce Alford and Bill Ward, selected as dele- gates to the All-State Glee Club, attended that l meeting at Auburn on November fifteenth and l sixteenth. The club presented its first concert during the Zena, Wade, Miss SC'hl0SS91', Ward- Clerk- Lafldbefg- Christmas season in co-operation with the Wig and Rouge. The best vocalists displayed their talent in the operetta "Hollywood Bound" on February twenty-sixth and seventh. Millard Abbott, .loyce Alford, Kathleen Kennedy, Ladonna Lindsey, .lack Carpenter, Bill Ward and a good supporting east gave an enjoyable performance. The Spring Concert, held on April twenty-fifth, was well received. At this writing practice is being held continually for the State Music Festival at Oswego State Teachers' College, May sixteenth and seventeenth. Mynderse will be well represented at this event, which is the last contest of the year. Back Row: Odell, Mackey, Abbott, Catherman. Sinicropi, Faiola, Smith, Yeo, Scaramuzzino. Clark, Del Russo, Mastroleo, P., Deming, Lemma, Seitz, Shuster, Stuck, Smith, L., Carpenter, Sinicropi, Broadbent. VVard, Bonacci, Deal, Letizia, Fiano, Staley, Eighmey. Smith, Landberg. Fourth How: Markel, Chuley,'.lohnson, Hartranft. Allen Woodward, Amidon, Barbara, Horle, Stahl, Parker, Shepherd, Coffey, Cafolla, Lawrence, Reynolds, Gaines, Costello, Mastroleo, A., Byrne. Third Row: Suglia, Mackin, Pennachio. Toni, Smith, Carter, Sinieropi, Barrett, Davis, Morgan, Farney, Riley, Brown. R., Eno, DePasquale, Piscitelli, Manzari, Lombardo, Lind, Greenly. Second Row: Lamuraglia Zona, Milella, Lamanna. Goodwin, Ryan, Mahoney, Rossi, VVood, Brady, Cafolla, Brown, J. First Row: Lapamardo Zona, M. F., Sharp, Fisher. Amidon, l., Wade, Amidon, B., Clarissen, Alford, Lindsey, Kennedy, Bellomo, Miller Palandro, DeVVall, Smallwood, Knight, Miss Schlosser, Adviser. s v s li N I fix 40 Back Haw: Miss Compitello, Adviserg Bellorno. Manzari. Peterman, Reardon, Decker. Blawski. L.. Colgrove. Brady, Calland, Ylarkel. Annetta. Lama. Front Row: Campbell, Didio, Blawski, J., Dellosa, Cline, Bolich, Terrusi. Limiting its membership this year to twenty students, the Library Club reorganized under the direction of Miss Compitello, holding elections first. The club continued its activities centering around the promotion of better understanding of the library and general reference procedures. Keeping continual desk duty, the members gathered information in working with the library tools, as well as experience in keeping the pupils quiet. During Regents, week the members, mak- ing use of the lull in the use of library books, participated in the inventory. VVhen American Education Week came around, the Library Club displayed books by well-known authors to those who visited the school, Hlld served refreshments for the social meeting of the parents and teachers. For the Student Council Open House Night, the club niadc posters which portrayed the best- known books of famous authors that the library possesses. Members also met visitors who came to the library and explained to them the library and its operation. Plans are being made for the animal banquet, which will take place at the end of the year and close its activities. THE LIBR RY L B OFFICERS NIARY DEROSA . . . President J OSEPHINE BLAVVSKI . . l'il.C'F-Pl'8SI.d8I1l ELEANOR CLINE . , Secretary AIARY ANN BOLICH . , Treasurer Miss CONIPITELLO .4 deiser Bolich. Cline, Blawski, Dcltosa, Miss Compitello. l l Back Row: Lemma, Caraeeilo. V.. Alford, lliley. Cherehia, Amidon. Dragone, Hizzieri. Braun. Poyero. .Mifldle Row: Rogers. Holcomb. Bantuvanis. A., DeSanto, Banttivanis. G.. Cherchia. Bromley. Hayes. Colgrove. Bennett. Front How: Mrs. Seld, Adviserg Lindsey, Baker. Kreutter, Kissel. Freeland. OFFICERS CHARLES BAKER . . SHIRLEY KREUTTER . CAROL liISSEL . . Minislre sans POFlQfFllI-,IP ROBERT F REELAND LADONNA LINDSEY NANCY Suns . . . President du Cerele . Preidenl du Conseil lW1fn1'sire des Finances .Winistre de LiECl'l.ltlf6 . iWz'n1'slre des Progrunnnes Back How: Baker, Freeland. Second Row: Kreutter. Mrs. Scld. Lindsey. Sealed: Kissel. Under the supervision of Mrs. Seld. Le Cercle francais resumed its many activities early in Sep- tember with the election of officers. To provide a broader knowledge and understanding of the Freneh language and customs. the meetings are conducted entirely in French. ln the fall the club held a French dinner at the Homemaking Center. for which the Hearth Club prepared a meal of typically French foods. As entertainment, the members played French games and sang songs. Among the activities planned for the club this year were translating the constitution into French, sponsoring noon-hour dances. a11d participation in short plays for the amusement of the club. The Cercle conducted a typical meeting as its part in the Open House Night. Plans were made for the acceptance of new members immediately following mid-year examin- ations. The new members were to write an auto- biography in French and were to read it to the club, learn the French National anthem, carry banners or posters, and for final acceptance were obliged to pass a written test covering facts per- taining to French history. After this vigorous initiation the new members were entertained at a luncheon and welcomed into the club. To conclude the year's activities, the club plans a bicycle "hike" in May. LE CERCLE FRA CAI SCIE CE CL B C OFFICERS DONALIJ CRAAIER . . . . . Presidezzl SHERMAN ICIGHMEY . lrl.C8-PI'6Sl'dPIII' BETTY fl0LtZONlB . . Secrelary JOHN S1N1cnoP1 . . Treasurer Miss HAH: . Adviser N The Science Club, under the supervision of Miss Haig, resumed its activities in the early part of September. Many projects we1'e planned for the year such as finishing the telescope, which was started last year, making a barometer and de- veloping pictures. Officers were elected at the first meeting ofthe year. Un the evening of November first, a party was l1eld in the gym to welcome the new members and ' ' to put initiation plans into effect. The members enjoyed themselves by dancing and eating refresh- ments. Holcomb, Sinieropi, liiglnney, Cramer, Miss Haig. A Christmas program was substituted instead of the regularly scheduled meeting on December nineteenth. At tlns time oral topics were given and a quiz program, consisting of questions pertaining to science, was held. To the boys and girls who could answer the most questions, candy canes were given as prizes. The completed barometer was shown as the Science Club's part in the Open House Night exhibit. For the enjoyment and recreation of the student body and public the club sponsored movies in the audi- torium lhroughout the year. These movies have held a prominent place in the elub's program for the last two years. Back Row: Turks-tt. Cammuso. Brady, Carter, Amidon, Van Houten. YVeaver. Barrett. Fran! How: Cafolla, Palandro, Colgrove, Serling, Cramer. Holcomb, Sinieropi. Deal, Vliedge. hflagill, Fisher, Nliss Haig, Adviser. 43 HE HTH CL B The Hearth Club, open to members of Homemaking classes, is an organization whose purpose is to offer social training through participation in club and class activities at school. In pursuance of this aim, the club sponsored a formal dinner dance, in December, when twenty-five, including the members and guests, enjoyed a holiday party. A supper and luncheon are scheduled for later in the year. Officers for the year are Janet Parker. president: Carolyn Seman, vice-presidentg Elaine Cross. secretary, Aileen Brisco, treasurer, and Louise Cafolla, club reporter. Miss Cardwell is the faculty adviser. Back Row: Brisco, Zona. Colgrove, hliss Cardwell. Adviserg Cooney, Seman, Lind, Parker. Second Row: Stowell, Rogers, S., Cafolla, L.. Brand. From' Row: Cross, Palandro. Cafolla, Buck liow: Belcher. Bowman, Luckcrn. Allen. Beatini. Fronl Row: Landberg, Dark, Klionsky. Bliss Miller. Adviserg Doane. Cravina. Blawski. The Latin Club with Miss Miller, adviser, a11d consuls Nancy Doane and Rose Klionsky, has worked this year to further the knowledge and interest in the Latin language. Other officers are Doris Dark and Josephine Cravina, aedilesg Marion Landberg, censorg Josephine Blawski, quaestorg Eleanor Beatini, cantor, and Dorcas Bowman, janitor. The club closes its activities each year with a Roman banquet, which has always been a source of much enjoyment and gaiety. At this feast everyone comes dressed in Roman attire and those Latin l students with the highest average act as slaves for the occasion. C B 44 UNIOR RED CROSS Under the efficient leadership of Barbara Wade, president, Miss Spencer, Miss Campany and Miss Jacobs, teacher sponsors, the Junior Red Cross began its year's activities by maintaining a IOOWC membership. The Council attended a tea, February 25, at which time Mrs. Rodney Smith, Chapter Chairman, announced that a Junior Red Cross representative from Mynderse would he sent to Cleveland in May to attend a conference. The projects for the year included New Year's Day favors for Sampson Hospital, filling gift boxes for underprivileged children abroad, and exchanging albums of Written and illustrative material with children of other lands. Back How: Cafolla, Markcl, Boycs, lrish, Schaertl, Miss Jacobs, Faculty Adxiserg Klionsky. Sandy. Second Roux' Mrs. Smith. Chairmang Reynolds, Amidon. Wade, Didio, Miss Campany, Faculty Adviser. Front Row: Lombardo, Nlartcl. DcPas- quale. Rawson. Murphy, Stowcll. Back How: Marcuccilli, Lamanna, Bow- man, Chnlcy, Bromley, Freeland, Morgan, Holcomb, Landberg, DeWall, McBride, Klandatos, Yeo. Sealed: Trulan, Adviser, Didio. liantuvanis. Acanthus, the art club of Myndersc, was reorganized in January under the direction of Miss Trulan. Officers elected were George Bantuvanis, president, Margaret Morgan, vice-president, Gloria Didio, secretary ,and Robert Freeland, treasurer. Marion Landberg Was named program chairman for the year. Co-operating with Wig and Rouge, Acanthus undertook the refurnishing of the old stage set and the girls, dressing room. Acanthus also took charge of the art exhibits on Open House Night. Individual projects included entries in the National Scholastic Art Contest, American Automobile Association safety contest, and work for Open House Night. A ANTHU 1. Lil Svls Thom Up al, Wzn'cl's. 2. The Pause that llcfreshes at the Barn. Il. Gil lDl'lllHIlSl,I'lil0S Prim' in tht' lilOcl,i4u1 4. The Line Forms aL the Right. 3. Fnml for Lhe Fans. 6. Carl and Those Cl10cr'l'lll Girls al El IIOIIIK' Gzulw. T. "Hr1llv- wood Bound ." 1 1 , 5 JACK AND Jl LI. RO0T FOR 0UR SPORTS w . --"W , H-4 - V YY, ,, 1 l I , f! f95f J 2 Miz wwf! auf A 0 v m ,Md LJQMQ. ZMMWZTF M fwwmmlfmw mffffiwjalwffggi 6 MQW LWJ Q MMMMJ, ,L0wf..,,,,,Ly.,o YQ jim, MJWMQ MMNWZJQJMQLUWQAM 2 x435f'C6ZaM.,Qf,j 04.9, CHEERLEADER Yates, Bcatini, Cross, DePasquale, ilurton, Iiilvy. M-Y N-D E-H S-E 31-Y lx-D E-B S-E M-y-n-d-e-r-5-e FIGHT, TEAM! F lGHT! -L7 FOOTBALL Rogers. Calaro. Sandroni. Aronson, Giovannini, V., Rizzieri Coaeh. Franz' Row: Passihone. S1IllCI'0pl, Nicandri, Johnson G., Watkins Coach Cooley Undefeated-lhitiedvlfnseored upon-that was the glorious record with which the Mynderse eleven finished the 19116 football season. lfnder the able direc-tion of Coaches Cooley and Bourdon, Captain Paradise and Quarterback Sinioropi, a team with a superb lighting spirit came through to Win the Tri-County League Chanipionship. Mynderse 13-Clyde 0. The opener was under the lights at Clyde. Dave Giovannini went over for both taliies and Captain Frank made the second Conversion. Mynderse 21-Newark 0. First hoine gaine. Sehaertl crossed the line all three times and Paradise made good the three extra points. Mynderse 20-Lyons O. In the pouring rain, Sinicropi and Sehaertl did the honors while Fornesi and Passifione made the tries-for. 48 Back Row: Coach Cooley. Scannel. Caraeeillo. Verzillo, Weart, Piscitelli. Serling, Giovannetti. B.. Reardon. Middle Row. f l KC H A M P I 0 1WYNDEHSE'S RECORD AS 1 TRI-COUNTY FOOTBALL y l 1 V CHAMPIONS 1 Hutz, Farola, Paradise, D. Del Russo, Cramer, Odell. Pratt, l Wetmore, Sisson, Letezia, Spiegelman, Capacci, Baker, Poole, 1937, 1938, 1940, 1946 Chubb, Managerg Avveduti, Managerg Bourdon, Assistant P Comiskey, Paradise, F., Captaing Giovannini, D.. Giovannetti, X Fornesi. Schaertl, Mynderse 12-Palmyra 0. After a bad start, the team pulled together to put Schaertl over for the points. Mynderse T-Canandaigua 0. This was the toughest game of the season. They threatened once from the five, but l Sinicropi went over and Paradise made good the point. f Myndcrse 20-Penn Yan 0. Giovannetti snagged an aerial for one and Sinicropi crossed for the third on a spectacular 1 60-yard rung the pennant was clinched. Myndcrsc 18 - Waterloo 0. Passifiione and Schaertl did the scoring to complete a perfect season by defeating our arch-rivals and avenging last year's tie. 1 The team totaled 111 points to 0 as compared to the 170 to 0 record of the 1938 team. 49 l Left lo Right: Passifione, Olmstead, Schaertl, Fornesi, Broadbent, Poole, Giovannini, D., Comiskey, Paradise, Cooley, Coach. Although our 1946-47 basketball team did not establish a very impressive record for the year, the games were hard fought, and clean play was a noticeable achievement. Coached by Mr. Cooley and Mr. Marshall, the "Mynderse five" proved to be the better squad in three games, but in the remaining competitions bowed to superior teams. The Blue and White topped her traditional rival, Waterloo, on the home court, only to lose to her by one point on their court, after a fast and furious game. The most exciting game of the season was played at home against a strong Geneva team. After losing to them at an earlier game by a 66-22 score, the Mynderse team startled everyone by tying the Geneva score all through the game until the last few minutes of play, when the Genevans pulled ahead for a 27-25 victory. The team, this year, was aided by the return of 'three of last year's varsity for post-graduate work. To provide a more equal opportunity for all the players, the Captaincy was rotated this year, giving all the players a chance for this honor. High ,scorer for the season was Bud Broadbent. The scores for the 1946-47 season were: M ynderse Geneva Mynderse Geneva . Mynderse Newark Mynderse Newark . Mynderse Waterloo Mynderse Waterloo . 'Mynderse Penn Yan Mynderse Penn Yan . Mynderse Lyons . hlynderse Lyons . . Mynderse Canandaigua Mynderse Canandaigua ASKETBALL Back Row: Coach Cooley, VVetmore, Weart, Durnin, Verzillo, Sanders, Sandroni, Page. VValters, Del Russo, Asbbaugh, Eighmey, Johnson. Middle Row: Rutz, Lorenz, llausch, Sinicropi, Giovannini, D., Passiiione. Broadbent, Poole, Seattaglia, Avveduti. Front Hou: llizzieri, Giovannini, V., Letizia, Sisson. The Mynderse ni11e for the 1946 baseball season, captained by Dave Giovannini,won four of the eight game schedule. They lost both games played with Geneva and defeated the Orange and Black at both en- counters. Lon Passifione Won the baseball trophy for the highest batting average, 385. Dave Giovannini and Len tied for reaching first basenlthe greatest number of times. This year's squad lost by graduation such valuable players as the fast Catcher and Captain, Giovannini, outiielders Lorenz, Bausch, and Butz, and pitcher Sinicropi. , As com-pared with previous years the scores for the games played during April and May showed ability and team work on the part of all, even though the team met some 'Chard-iightingv' superior opposition. Mynderse Geneva 5 Mynderse 8 Waterloo . " Mynderse Waterloo Mynderse Penn Yan . Mynderse Penn Yan . Mynderse Canandaigua Mynderse ' Canandaigua Mynderse Geneva . BA EBALL N Back How: Stahl, Deary, Chuley, Markel. Middle Row: Horle, Doanc, Gurba, Miller, Lilla. Front Row: Riley, Bcatini, Yates. The Girls' Athletic Association, started in 1945, is one of the newest clubs in the school, and owes its ex- istence largely to the efforts of Mrs. Ruby Smith Doane, physical education instructor, who sought to en- courage girls to participate more actively in sports and in caring for gym problems. lt is a kind of feminine version of the Block "M," whose members are chosen by their classmates on the basis of athletic ability, scholarship and sportsmanship. This year the G. A. A. is composed of twelve members under the direction of Mr. Marshall, who assumed responsibility in January, when Mrs. Doane resigned. Beverly Miller is president. During the home football and basketball games, the G. A. A. members sold candy in order to raise funds for their treasury. Pins were also sold to the student body. In order to encourage better sportsmanship among schools, the G.A.A. sponsors Play Days at which time girls from out-of-town schools are invited to play whatever sport is in season. Waterloo and Geneva High Schools are two of the co-operating schools. This year we are looking forward to a continuation in Softball Play Days with girls from Waterloo during the late spring. One of the club's important duties is to help the coach figure out the award system by which recognition is given in the form of certificates and school emblems to girls for superior athletic participation. This is a big task since it involves a study of the records of more than 265 girls, members of the physical education classes. In connection with Student Council Open House Night, members participated in a tumbling exhibition in the gymnasium. GIRL ' ATHLETIC ASSOCIATIO if amass' f?gj?ggf4i2f425'g4f5Q5,eg?g?3,g5g'f4,4,5f:4.' , . . .... . 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YW zu 7 My 4' 'rf . , 4 .4444.:t 'a,,5. 4mfff4t-w..,f 4,45 -4 rgwsf A 'v , t -. I f f Y ffowlww ' ,gqfp4'g':5bygfs:yf45sm ,1w:Mwgw.fff:v'Qffffiiii'G Q' 54 ' " Q1 . .4 , 4 -ff: res wszfs-kewf'44'5:ai wi, ,41svf2h,4W., .MET ifMfxYm1?'v14,'w:w ,,4-444 3.l:.a,,..4 250' A Mi. Seitz, Un Paradise, F., Giovannetti. P 01 xle, Aronson, Schaertl, Baker S ie ellnan, Hizzieri. Watkins. Avveduti, Rovers. Mr. Coole '. Comiske ' P . . . . . . U 5 5' . Paradise, Sandronl, Glovannml, Passlfione. der the able direction of James Rogers, president, and Mr. Cooley, adviser, the Block M has Carried on its aims of service Lo the school. The Block M members sold football programs at the home games, took part in the American Education Lek program and assisted with the d1lCCtlOI1 of spectators at home basketball gan1es.The improved sports- manship of Mynderse students has been accomplished largely through the efforts of this organization.Block M has continued to publish salutes in the Microphone as its way of drawing attention to lVIyndersians who have shown outstanding school spirit. 53 1. llutllrie. Anlidon. Pcnnaccliin. Chulcy, Flynn, Dellnsa. 2. Cafulla. L.. Briscu. Clic-rcliia. Calolla. M., lVlar1'zxp0s1-. 3. Clark. Miller. Blawski. 4. Back How: Clark, Brown. Chcrchiu. Gaines. Smallwmmnl. Sollvck. lVlill0r. Second lfozv: De-l'asqual0. Pvnnuccllio. Amiclon. H. Firsl' How: lxllllflfbll. B.. Pvlerman. Lmrilmrdu. 5. Gr' vina, liisscl, liiley. Dvary. Duane-. Amidnn. Cream, Callnnd, Kliunsky, Gorton, Brady. Calaroo. Bcntlcy. Braun. 6. Back Rauf: Zona. uvk. Iioynolcls. Pl'l6'I'lllHll. Frunl Row: Broadbent, Andre-as. Christophor. Bulls. 1. Nludvrn Dianas. 2. Skipping: Girls. 3. Bvtiy and l 1 a .lump fur li. 4. Girls' llockvy Play-rs. 5. .lnninr Tuarn-Vullcyball, 6. Eighth Qradc liaskc-ilmll Yin-mrs. I l 51 GIRL ' x ENN-au5xA5T5 l. Lama. Belloi . B .LJ no antuyanis. Brand. Cooney, Lanlurnglia, Palanflro. Salono. Lapamarclo. Dragone. Cline, Carter. 2. Dragone. Colgrox 0, Dotg Colgroxe. Doloruag llapamardo. Bantnyanis. DOYYall. Leno. Bowman. 3. Lama. Cline, Carter. Bcllomo, Cooney, Brand, Palandro, 4. Back lfozv: Brady. Amidon. Suglia. Fran! Row: Allen. Yates, Waflv. Coffey. Hayes. 5. Dcllasqualc, Kreuttcr. Campbell, Mackin, Hostor, Gurba. 6. Holcomb. Bcatini. Calarco. Vera: Lilla. linokorn. Brand. Timmons. Lannlralglia. 1. Ping-pong with Booting Svction. 2. Tennis AspiranLs. 3. Strike Two! Elvanmg. 4. Tlwse Soplis Boat the Seniors. 3. Senior Tuniblers? 6. The Girls Pyramigl. PORT 55 1 l. Salono, Scitz. Rogers, Johnson. Giovannctti. Page. 2. Frank Paradise. 3. Back How: Carpenter. Baker. Cramer. Frurzl Row: Bowers, Broadbent, Caraccillo. Comiskoy. 4. Marco Erriuo. 5. Bonacci, Turkvtt. Smith. Peterson, Staley, lVlarcuccilli, Yeo. 1. Boys' Basketball Champs. 2. Frank Docs a Hand Stand. 3. Junior BoysSVollcyl1all Wlinners. 41. Coach Looks for a Strike from Nlaroo. 5. Sports' Potpourri. BOY 1. Wlolf, Jones, Knight, Rogers, Walters. Vllcdgu. 2. Back Row: Freeland, Mackey, Sanders, Scrling. Deming. Second How: Scanncll Butz, Cararcilo. Letizia, Cafaru. Front How: Piscitelli, Sandroni, Paradiso. Capacci. Hizzieri. lingers, Jones, Schacrtl, Knight., Wlalters 4. Olmsbead, Rogers, Snyder, Seitz. Fronl: Mr. Smith. 5. Peterson, Yeo. Smith, Turkett, Staley. Marcuccilli. 1. Eighth Grade Volleyball Tram. 2. Junior Varsity. 3. Eighth Gradcrs+Future Varsity. 4. Nlynderscz Tennis Team. 5. Frosh Turnblcrs PORT l l I F l 1. Olmslcad Scores at the Lyons' Game. 2. The .l. V.'s-Sauk That One. 3. Another Mynderse Score! 4. Point After Touchdown at Newark Game. 3. A Touchdown by Capacci at, thc Newark Game. 6. A Little Footwork by Mr. Bourdon. T. Coach Tells 'Eml C0mp!z'mem'5 Of GEB GARVAN m W Complimmrr 0f Rumsoy Manufacturing Corporation and Rurnsoy Products, Inc. RED AND WHITE STORE Grocerifs and Zllmts BHK WZ'gh65 MARCO SINICROPI to 18 Rumsey St. CLASS OF 1947 SENECA FALLS, N. Y. S T E WA RT ' S MODERN RESTAURANT PK Best Wfishw PHILIP SERLING HOME COOKED FOOD AT ITS BEST Complzhzerzts of WESTCOTT RULE Co. INCORPORATED 326 61 Complimefzfy of eneca Knitting Mills Cn. Incorporated QQ? Compliment: of MYNDERSE MADMEN PETER M. DORAN BOB BILL U FRANK DOM PAT DICK FURNITURE FUNERAL DIRECTOR The Teen flgefr Dance Orchefira Succesr to the Class of 1947 Seneca Falls Frozen Food Locker Plant Frozen Fruits and Vegetables Turkeys - Chickens - Ice Cream CAYUGA ST. FORKS PHONE 243 SENECA FALLS, N. Y. 62 C0mpfz'mem's of M O R E H O U S E' S RESTAURANT, BOAT LIVERY AND BOAT BUILDING LAKE ROAD Succfsx to lhf CLARY BROTHERS CLASS OF 1947 CLOTHIERS AND FURNISHERS 0 ra LYLE D' VAN GORDFR H Thf Oldfst on zhe Street" VAN GGRDER PHARMACY SENECA FALLS and WATERLOO SENECA FALLS HAS EVERYTHING INCLUDING CHEVROLET OLDSMOBILE CADILLAC SENECA MOTOR CO. 63 Complz'mem'.f of Goulds Pumps, Inc. SENECA FALLS, NEW YORK W' WORLD'S LARGEST MANUFACTURER OF PUMPS EXCLUSIVELY ADAM HATS MANHATTAN SHIRTS CLIPPER CRAFT SUITS ir Seneca Clothing Company SENECA FALLS, N. Y. 'A' FREEMAN SHOES INTERWOVEN SOCKS Cl077ZlD!'l.77LE7LZf.Y of C O O L E Y ' S WALLPAPER AND PAINT STORE 34 Fall Street Phone 605-J Compliments of Ke1logg's Garage, Inc. 17-21 State Street SENECA FALLS, N. Y. PHONE -l-72-Nl H3551 Und Cary in Townu 64 THE ALPS W I L LI S C L A Y Restaurant and Candy Shoppe Home Made Ice Cream GEMM! Contractor Good Food is Good Health FALL ST. 55 Masten Supply Co. Seneca Falls, N. Y. Farm Ewffmfnf Home Alppliauces PHONE 669- 1-1 KINGDOM BRIDGE and 102 FALL ST. Phone 760 Complzhzenis of THE BOARD OF EDUCATION SENECA FALLS, N. Y. 65 Complzenenziv of Seneca Falls Machine Company ? Compliments Compliments of of J O E SI A L 19 Bridge Street J- S0uh3I1 and SENECA FALLS, N. Y, Sons Dairy 3 Greetings to Each and Everyone of You Phone: 591-W HENRY WM. Koen 66 "Keep A71 Eye Un Your Eyesu M. W. SCHULMAN OPTOMETRIST PHONE 799 ABOVE A 51 P MYNDERSCENE t Mynderse Qwn Column 4. John Bellardino, Inc Exclusive in dl' THE REVEILLE bt. iBatrink'5 Qllhurnb ENTERTAINMENT COMMITTEE PB 67 C0n,gratulatz'o11s to the Members of the 1947 Class of Mynderse Academy The Seneca Falls Savings Bank SENECA FALLS, Y. MANUEIJS Modern Restaurant Compliments Famous for Good Food" -ow Uf 69 Fall Street SENECA FALLS, N. Y. RED JA C KET FIREMEN Best Wfishw to the AND Clam of 1947 AUXILIA RY W. T. GRANT 87 FALL STREET Compliments Comphmgms of of DOYLESIMIDEY PUBLISHING CO. INCORPORATED DISTINCTIVE PRINTING HARRIS HOME AND AUTO SUPPLY cow i' HALLMARK GREETING TTRES BATTERTES RECAPPING RPIPAAIRINQJ Complzhzefzty 0f M. J. COSENTINO 69 Good Lzwk From WARD's CANDY SHOP -I9 FALL STREET ir ICE CREAM --"Delz'cz'omIy Dzj-ferent" CANDY-"We Make It" 'A' FOUNTAIN SERVICE SPRING BROOK POULTRY Emi Hjishgj FARM DONALD E. KUNEY Zo SENECA FALLS, N. Y. Rhode Island Reds THE UF 47 Single Comb White Leghorns Baby Chicks and Eggs K' B C0- VISIT THE H O T E L G O U L D WEDGEWOOD ROOM at GAY NINETIES for FINE FOOD for BEVERAGES Bat fffixfzfs to thc Claw of1947 70 C omjJ!i1Y1ze1zz',v Qf Complimmzts S1N1cR0P1'S of RESTAURANT WELLS W. PERKINS 'A' QUALITY FOODS Complivmfvzis of 'ff CHAMBER OF SCHOOL SUPPLIES COMMERCE SENECA FALLS, NEW YORK C0n,qramfatz'011s to THE CLASS OF 1947 MAY THE GOOD LUCK THAT BROUGHT YOU THROUGH TO GRADUATION BE WITH YOU ALWAYS 'VEST KIRK-CASEY POST No. 366 AMERICAN LEGION 71 Compliments Of B R O T A N ' S Quality Clothiers Since 1925 Complimevzw - of Comjmmmzts of "The PennySaver" THE SENECA COUNTY - TRUST CO. Complimfnzs of Dr. Milo H. Sahler 5 SENECA FALLS NEW YORK 72 Emi Wfishes to the BEST WISI-IES GRADUATING CLASS OF 1947 TO THE KIWANIS CLUB CLASS OF 1947 E 5 E. K. DILMORE MAGIC CHEF GAS RANGES WILLIAM D. ROYCE INSURANCE REAL ESTATE Phone 342-I ujlw Hinton n When the Beacon Milling Company, lnc. was started in 1920, it established a precedent in feeding service. Instead of following the prevailing practice of mak- ing poultry and livestock feeds primarily as an outlet for specific by-products, Beacon formulated its feeds to meet the requirements of the poultry and livestock to be fed. Beacon's conception of feeding service, then and now, calls for the un- restricted use of ingredients in its formulas according to their proven feeding value, and for the production of the best possible rations that science, experience, and modern equipment can make. To complete this feeding service, specially trained Beacon service men give up-to- date practical aid to the farmers using the feeds. Back of this corps of service men are the Beacon Poultry Research Farm and the Beacon Dairy Research Farm which are constantly alert to develop progressive steps in feeding and management. - THE BEACON MILLING CO., Inc. CAYUGA, NEW YORK 73 BASTIAN BROS. CO. ROCHESTER, NEW YORK MANL'FACTL'R li RS O If HIGH SCHOOL AND COLLEGE PINS AND RINGS ENGRAVED COMM ENCEM ENT INVITATIONS ANNOUNCEMENTS AND PERSONAL CARDS 'USSR' GEORGE D. KILLIP Rochester, New York District Manager This store has been the school supply headquarters for Mynderse Academy pupils for many years Your Patronage If Greatly Apprfcialed Ir will be a pleasure to continue to greet you For the Mynderse Graduate-Visit Our Gift and Card Departments bk MARIE E. MURPHY Books, Stationery, Gifts and Rental Library 117 FALL STREET Best Wlvlwf to THE CLASS OF 547 Lawrence W. Van Cleef Complimfmx of the WATKINS BROS. Builders and Contractors UYVQ Build for Tomorrow by the Service of Today" is '13-re Ave. Seneca Falls Phone 35-R 7-I Fred Maier 81 Sons Building NIaterials Blue Coal Glass Blocks Prefabricated Cottages 193-195 FALL ST. Phone Z Compliments Of H. W. KNIGHT St SON, Inc. SENECA FALLS, N. Y. JOE BERRETTA CHOICE' GROCERIES AND MEATS 'A' 67 Ovid Street SENECA FALLS, N. Y. Phone S19 JOHN PARADISE, Propriezfor John's Service Station 6 CAYUGA STREET Guaranteed Auto Repairing TIRE i' BATTERY if ROAD 'if SERVICE S A. M.-10 P. M. Richfield Gas and Oil Phone 574-W Compliments THE ROLFE MOTOR COMPANY OUR VERY BEST WISHES CONRAD SABATINI DRY CLEANING and FOR CONTINUAL SUCCESS TAILORING TO YOU 5 THE CLASS OF '47 Phone 275-J Q PRINTING Seneca Novelt and Norma's Beauty P , t, g Cy rm 1n 0. Salon CLICMENT P. PISCITI-ILLI 118 FALL STREET Phone 758 PHONE 349 201-207 Fall St. Seneca Falls, N. Y Had1ey's Hardware PLUMBING . . . Comp!!-mem SPORTING GOODS 61 0f PHONE 12 SENECA FALLS, N. Y. S. M. S. Society Compliments Pk Of Frank Zona 81 Sons TAILORS - CLEANERS PRESSERS HARRY'S SMOKE SHOP AND Recreation Parlors FALL STREET - LAKE BOULEVARD lee Cream and Frozen Custards 'UEG5' H. VV. AMIDON, Proprietor 77 To the Graduating Class of M5fDd6fSS, we, at MOOl'C,S extend heartiest congratula- tions, and if your future endeavors lead you into college, or the business world, our thoughts and best wishes will be with you always Moore Furniture Company "For the If-Iomaof Your Dreamsn 72 FALL TREET 3 W. MAIN STREET SENECA FALLS WATERLOO Congmtulaiiom H , ,, SHANNON S to CLASS OF 1947 Outhtterslxtlo Mynderse CH Altur Tool and Mfg. C0mPanY BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1947 Compliments of 5 DITOTTO'S FLORIST- GREENHOUSES 48 Oak St. Phone 776 Shannon's Clothes Shop WARREN'S Radio and Electric Sales and Service 97 Fall Sc. SENECA FALLS Telephone 573 34 RECORDS Eweryzlzing Elefiriral for thc Home and Shop But Wishes to The Graduating Class of 1947 '-01 STEPHEN L. KELLEHER, Compliments Of DON CALARCO JEVVELER Compliments ENGAGE MENT of RINGS Pure Ice and Coal Y Company sf-+2 5 LUMBER AND BUILDING A 9 A I SUPPLIES I? I hgilggt 9 STUBBS LUMBER CO., Inc. W JOHNS-MANVILLE SERVICE CENTER ROBIHQTTC 27 State Street SENECA FALLS, N. Y. SENECA FALLS High School Fellows If you want Real Quality Clothes- Suits, Slacks, Sport Outlits-Built the Way college men like them, styled the Way prep school men wear them and priced so low you'll have money left for other Wants- Compiiments Qf The STATE BANK coME TO 0 f MARSHALL'S Seneca Falls, N. Y. Clothing Store 131 GENESEE STREET .'1z1burn'fLeadiflgSt0rz 110 Vfaff Of Bfl'1kfI"2 Sf"f'fff for Mm and Boy: IN AUBURN ITIS THE BIG STORE Quality Apparel and Furs PHONE 21 SMITH 81 PEARSON, INC. S1NCE1S10 WHOLICSALIC HARDWARE PLUMBING and HEATING MILLING SUPPLIES DI-QYOIQ PAINTS - BUILDERS'SL'PPI.IES - WESTINGHOL'Sli PRODUCTS - SHIQI-1'l'NlIi'l'Al I-IOUS EWA R ICS Carries Air Conditioning GIFTS AUBURN, NEW YORK Jumps nesilz p Ann Haviland Schia ar ll' P f , p e 1 er umes, Sachets, Bath Preparations Coats, Snitr, Drerrer, Corsetr, Lingerie, Acceyro ' S rier, port.fwear,Cortn1ne jewelry 1-12 GENESEE STREET, AUBURN, N. Y. A Complete Stock of McGregor Sportswear for Men SLACKS SPORT SHIRTS JACKETS SWEATERS "EGBERTS" Compliments of FRED RONDINA FURNITURE STORE Quality Furniture at Lowest Prices AUBURN G E APPLIANCES S cl K' h F ' 'DI Arrow Shirts Hickey Freeman Clothes toves an HC cn ummlrt Lpartmem Stetson Hats interwoven Hose 56-66 Sf-TCC St- Auburn, N- Y WHEN IN NEED OF TO THE CLASS OF 1947 COME TO OUR ANNUAL CARNIVAL ON THE Ovid Street Field July 15 to 19 P-. Games, Rides and Free Acts Each Ni 'ht Thir Field Will Soon Be Lighted for Soft Ball Garner THE Seneca Falls Firemen's Association, Inc. Furniture, Floor Coverings or Draperies Try Wait's First A150 Cornpleze Decorative Service The H. R. WAIT CO. Auburn's Largest, Most Completely Stocked and Best Equipped Home Furnishing Establishment Main Store Stove Store 77-83 Genesee St. 22 Dill St. Used Furniture and Antiques 24-26 Clark Street Upholstering and Furniture Repairs Now at Main Store COMPLIMENTS Chrysler and PUTNEY Plymouth P H A R M A C Y CORNER STATE AND FALL Phone 330 Upen S A. Nl. - lO P. M. FRED L. HUNTINGTON COMPLIMENTS or Demattia's Fruit Store Compliments of MCMILLEN AND BROWN Congratulations Electrical Contractors Radio and Electrical Appliance and Success Repairing 8 State Street Seneca Falls, N. Y. ZL0 Phone Sell THE CLASS OF 1947 Su11iVan's Candy Store DAGGETTS CANDY and MILK SHAKES W. H. BURNS Complimfnzfs of SHERIDAN OIL COMPANY DISTRll3UTORS OF ATLANTIC GASOLINE AND HEATING OILS Phone H3 Grace E. Seitz, Owner . y. , SANDERSON'S Comjblzmmm Funeral Directors Of Klionsky Scrap Iron and Metal Co. Since 1829 0 PHONE 360 Gay 81 Son Agency Ivzsfurance Experts P14 Strand Theatre Building SENECA FALLS, NEW YORK THANK YOU FOR YOUR PATRONAGE May Good Health and Good Forrzmzz Be Your: in tha Yearf Ahfad Your School and OH:1ce Supply Headquarters Seneca Typewriter Exchange 12 s'rA'rr s'rRi:r'r aaa o 7947 83 Compliments Compliments of of Mr. and Mrs. Wm. L. Baker Crayton's Drug Store CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS Compliments Of The Rotary Club OF 1947 THE BULLOCK STUDIO Compliments Compliments Of Of ANCELO A. ROMEO, D.D.S. Always ez Good Show! SCHINE'S STRAND THEATRE SENECA FALLS MILTON FRYE, Manager SENECA FALLS DRY CLEANING COMPANY FIC Phone 246 Compliments of KEN,S BAKERY Tel 32 141 Fall St. LOIfISE BEAUTY SHOPPE RIINNIE GEORGE Phone 498 Seneca Falls Compliments of THE HOMESTEAD GRILL Compliments of SIMONE AUTO PARTS 44 Brid e St. Phone 788 Congratulations to the Class of 1947 FRANKLIN HOTEL CAPPARELLFS GROCERY 14- White Street Seneca Falls, N. Y. Compliments of THE RATHSKELLER VITO C. SCATTAGLIA, Prop. RALPH CAFARO Leader in Shoe Repairing Compliments of DR. ROBERT J. HOWLAND SAMMY'S BARBER SHOP Ladies' and Children's Hair Cuttin At lower State Street Compliments of CARUSOIS IGA STORES COWIJZIWCVLIS Qt' 25 Bridge St. Tel. 491 22 Daniels St Tel PAUL J. MORGANT I WILLIAMS AND SONS Fine Repairing All Work Guaranteed Seneca Falls, N. Y. AIALONE BROS. Coal, VVood and Briquettes Phone 313 FRANCIS M. McNAN EY Meats and Groceries Compliments of DR. WILLIAM J. MALONE SOBER,S STORE 24 Ovid Street. Seneca Falls, N. Y. FINGER LAKES ALLEYS 15 Slate Street Compliments of GEORGE L. AYERS Compliments of ROTARY SERVICE STATION J ERRY SULLIVAN, Prop. Compliments of WILLIAM H. USHER Insurance Compliments of SENECA FALLS GRANITE WORRS W. G. Nelson and Son THE SENECA SHOE SHINING AND HAT CLEANING PARLOR .Ierry Pleases All Compliments of FRED HAMILTON Lake Rd., Cayuga L Compliments of ALFRED RAUSCH Fayette, N. Y. Comp! zfnzen.1f.Q Qf FAYETTE HOTEL CANOGA STORE E. B. Bishop and Son THE BACK-ROAD GARAGE With Main Street Service Canoga, N. Y. Compliments of SMALLWOODS Complinlenls of WEST SIDE BOAT LIYERY WH l'Tl NG'S IGA STORE Groceries, Meals and Yegetables Seneca Falls P CLlNE'S GARAGE Trinity Lane Phone 2329-W-I GROCUTTIS STORE Groceries, Ice, and Ice Cream hone STI-J ake, R. D. No. 2 Phone 202-J Insurance of Every Description IVI. J. OIBRIEN GEORGE H. LEET THE ELECTRIC SHOP FRANK NICCARTHY, Prop. Seneca Falls, N. Y. WILKES SERVICE STATION Gulf Service Seneca Falls, N. Y. M. S. IXIATTERSON General Contractor and Builder Seneca Falls, N. Y. WILLIAM J. INIACRIN Menis Furnishings Seneca Falls, N. Y. IJAT Down THE GREEN FRONT STORE Fayette, N. Y. W 47' Compliments Qf' 4 ' ' J P.xc.:ANOfs csAliAGiQ I ffl, I I ' I Fayette, N. Y. yff Q: ' LELAND J. ABBOTT AND SONS Trucking Fayette, Y. CHARLIE SCARAINIIJZZINO "The Professional Maxis Barber" Bridge Street Pl'1'Illl1IilI Waltwr Softeners DORAN BROS. Plumbers Conzplimenis Qf LAYERNE AND ISABEL Classes of ,447 and '48 Gorrzplinzelzls Qf HTHE WILLOWS' Complirnenis Qf JOHN T. MeKEON Hardware Compliments of PIN EHLRST INN Compliments of MRS. B. R. ARMITAGE 2 Terrace Row Compliments of .IOLLY CO-ORS al-H CLLB C0mpI1'menlS Qf E. B. KIBBEY MACHINE CO. Seneca Falls Council 222 KNIGHTS OF COLIIMBLS WALTER S. WARD Coal, Wood and Builders' Supplies Phone 206 'INSURANCE Y ERN H. HARTRANFT .I . CALARCO Retail and Wholesale Grocery and Confectionery 64 Ovid St. Phone 5-I0 HORLE'S RED AND WHITE STORE The Trading Center of Fayette Compliments of AIR. AND MRS. HARVEY ROBENOLT Fayette, Y. Colnplinzenfs Qf AIR. JOEL D. RITTER Fayette, N. Y. Phone 628-M Fayette, N. Y. Success to The Class of 1947 C. S. FEIVILEY Co1npI1'n1.enls of ERWIN F. AUSTIN' Western Auto Associate Store Complinzenls of LEO J. HOLLAND CLRRY AND NIACKAIN Radio Appliances and Repairs 36 Wa ter St.. Phone 61 Fall Best. Wishes to the Class of 1947 S. PALNIER CO. Heat Headquarters for Over 50 Years Conzplilnenls of NIILLERS QFALITY MARKET A Market. of Distinction Complzhzerzls of DEE RHEA D INN Colnplinzenls of IIIBBS AND MA RKIN Opposite Entrance to Could Hotel DR. E. F. DOWD THE BONNETT SHOPPE Fine Clothes for Fine Women 712 103 Fall Street. Seneca Falls Complzfmenils Qf A. G. FARRELL Retail Wine and Liquor Store CONNOLLYS L. M. RtfTHRAI'FF Woinenis and CliiIdren's Apparel FlorisL-Greenhouse St., Seneca Falls, N. Y. Pllone 50-VV 18 Daniel St. Phone ,127 Conzplinzenls of KILANYILLE AND WERNER, INC. Compliments Qf Y ITETTAIS sr at TOWN CLOCK SERVICE STATION Seneca Falls, N. Y. CLARENCE C. CONKEY, Jn., Prop. E. C. GIUSTI AND SON Expert Watch and Clock Repairing 7 Ovid Street Seneca Fa Compliments of THE SENECA BOOT SHOP Compliments of Peter and Angelo Lucchesi FRIENDLY SERVICE STATION Compliments of F. W. WILLIAMS Optometrist Congratulations to the Class of 19-L7 TOMMY'S BARBER SHOP STORY AND STRONG Hardware Heating, Plumbing, Tinning and Paints ECONOMY SHOP New and Used. Home Furnishings A FRIEND AS SPOKESMEN FOR THE MYNDERSIAN STAFF WE SAY "PLEASE PATRONIZE OUR FRIENDLY ADVERTISERS" S LOUIS BROS. Clothing, Shoes, Men's and Boys' Furnishings 27-29 Genesee St. Auburn, N. Y BAIN MUSIC CO. Records-Sheet Music-Band lnst.-Repairs 8 Exchange Sl. Auburn, N. Y W. C. CROSMAN AND SON .IEWELERS Diamonds-Watches-All Popular Silver Patterns 92 Genesee St. Auburn, N. Y Compliments of SQUARE DEAL FURNITURE STORE 54-58 Genesee St. Auburn, N. Y HARRY F. ALLEN AND COMPANY Fine Footwear 144 Genesee St. Auburn, N. Y JULIANA Infants' and Children's Center 136 Genesee St. "Tots to Teens" Auburn, N. Y VVILLIAM B. HISLOP AND CO. DEPT. STORE The Store that Saves Your Money Auburn, N. Y. WHIPPLE AND FORMAN, CHARLES A. WHIPPLE Auburn's Most Complete Sporting Goods Store 49 Genesee St. Auburn, N. Y BENNETT AND TRACY Shoes-Luggage-Hosiery 82-84 Genesee St. Auburn, N. Y ll ' .ig , 9- . QI' + Q I "X xt 'au' XLLALJIG, 19447 ' R , ZQJ ,gyf,e,4.1J, 041510 Lau-014611 J.u.J' aj -iflfliafu X'AA,u-Lf! f'f1f?afx,fyu - 1 i 4 i W E 3 I 1 1 1 Wit, .-.4-wsuufgduvf war- Qun.-.,,,. Q M was M4 Q ' - gi. R,-Q1p.ghAg. AQ ma,

Suggestions in the Mynderse Academy - Myndersian Yearbook (Seneca Falls, NY) collection:

Mynderse Academy - Myndersian Yearbook (Seneca Falls, NY) online yearbook collection, 1944 Edition, Page 1


Mynderse Academy - Myndersian Yearbook (Seneca Falls, NY) online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Page 1


Mynderse Academy - Myndersian Yearbook (Seneca Falls, NY) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Page 1


Mynderse Academy - Myndersian Yearbook (Seneca Falls, NY) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Page 1


Mynderse Academy - Myndersian Yearbook (Seneca Falls, NY) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 1


Mynderse Academy - Myndersian Yearbook (Seneca Falls, NY) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 1


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