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Mynderse Academy - Myndersian Yearbook (Seneca Falls, NY) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Cover

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411 , .1 A, 1 af fm , 1 1, w..'. 1,15 jg,V:1,v f"'-S-. 2 M r. Radwell luqu Fran! after his diubafge. jfmmi: arldjaan :il one out al Ib: ball. jnbrmy Frarrlexchi gclx down lo work. Barbara primpx in a drusing morn, jean Bentley plan: a new paint jab. . x K Ex l 1 1 i I ! I gi?-4-F'--,, , as A trio of ta Play Day in Geneva. jmie, l:e's cute! Meet General Wainwright wba reviewed tbe jon Gorton in a last minute :beck up. Pretty M411 Ellen .' XfM"WM n..A., ,,... . .e,. M M." N NN-s""'----tv.. ,..,. , .. mv.,-1 ,,.,,.e-""'! 9 ,ff . X 41- ' J 'Vbwm off WJ-Knduese, ,-we, 51.-.livdkx nwhial Vu-L+ oufse, Lwk -wwe Anmumhal Ju a. close. Cl nun- wsu! -Aa. Qzeesluu uxqmckfg 4-0 vgiguzpa, Mute, vn.svn.o-42,425 'uxeafb A-0-Hd Slum-Y-L5 so we -L-ofxaxnua UMRALL , NLLLW1-E..ALvn'nvLI.'EAs an 1 L0 W T 0-vue niwnnwubtaxkce. 4-Lmfw. mi 4-Lai' Kas yxmvpwel-mwwb XG,-.n.Sf4.x Class bww x'-uJ'E. 21cuJ'E. 0-1fYi-fbskxd' Kms 'L12,o-mdfexiki yvaqkqw a. lamina, flown. Ovvul 0..!a,1ol2t,cuQa.Jr1.a-fv-No-g0-.JLA,lQ.'bQ,'JL.o-4s-'0x u'i'.A'2-L ftp: , Qvs- 0-u-AL o-uv! cL:u.xS1'Ga.Q,LQA2,s NLA5-Qbb Q., fn-gf C1-AUTJYI-il'LvQ.?, 3S'ku-leJvn,+ lamina CMF UC1.4Q.-LLL-1.1.3 0.d'LiAi'1i,5 . cxevhlue 12.5518 Cm. sQl..,wJL ' Q. ., as Ut is all Yx-2,4213 cn-4,.4Q., eqfL51m KRS QAP0'iJQ'2.ex we A.XiaAQ,H,,ol5HL'u.S, CLS -ufa'l-wen RUG. Xooqag Oi abuse, A-L.Ds.A0.AK, us Gwyn! Qfif' 4-ous Rico-nfl wg kx'eQ-.5 Axeax, g'VLl,f.-e:H.e,v1 Q-A,.f.Ae9,A QM! of M-mam adm. ECOGNITIC Your unfailing interest and understanding in helping us to know ourselves and evaluate our abilities in planning our futures, we dedicate thistwentg-first edition of the Myndersian to gou, Mr. Rockwell. NDF M R. REXFQRD MARK ROCKWELL Vice-Principal of Mynderse Academy Proudly stands our glorious Mynderse, Beautiful to view." l l LEFT T0 RIGHT: zWrs. John Mann, Mr. Earl Hilberl, Mr. Frank Knight, Mr. John Brachl, Mr. Thomas Bevins, Mr. James Romeo, Mr. John Fyfe. What the citizens of the next generation Will be, our schools of today Will largely determine. And what the schools are today and tomorrow, our Board of Education largely determines. In New York State the legislature and the people of various local communities delegate to Boards of Education the responsibility of insuring that the schools are properly administered in accordance with state law and local regulations. There is probably no more important work than that of serving as a School Board member, and there certainly is no Work which requires greater wisdom, patience, common sense, judgment a11d devotion to duty. Boards of Education have as their responsibility a most important, technical and difficult public business. More money is spent on schools, more people are employed in them, and more people are affected by them than by any other local and public institution or undertaking. Every Board member must spend much time in becoming acquainted with his responsibilities, which are: 1. Select, and support in the discharge of his duties, the chief executive officer of the schools. 2. Pass upon the annual budget, and submit same for final approval at the annual school meeting. 3. Pass upon recommendations for buildings, improvements, extensions and readjustments of the educational program. 4. Appoint, upon recommendation of the chief executive officer, all principals, teachers and other school employees. 5. Determine, after proper analysis and recommendation, the schedule of' all salaries. 6. Approve bills for expenditures, as recommended, for the operation and maintenance of the schools. 7. Approve the adoption of all school textbooks and courses of study as recommended. 8. Consider communications, written or oral, on matters of administration or policy. 9. Visit the schools to observe the efficiency of instruction. 10. Bepresent the needs and progress of the schools to the public at the annual school meeting and on other appropriate occasions. Komen! of givlucafion FRANK PAGE, B.S., M.A. Alabama Polytechnic Institute Cornell University 4 Superintendent of Schools ...--v Ci Sept. 5-Schools open 8:30 a. m. Oct. 9-Report cards issued Oct. 12-Columbus Day Nov. 12-'Armistice Day observed Nov. 12-Report cards issued Nov. 21-Thanksgiving recess be- gins 3:45 p.n1. Nov. 26-Schools re-open 8:30 a. m. Dec. 18-Report cards issued Dec. 20-Christmas rccessibegins 3245 p. m. Jan. 2-Schools re-open 8:30 a. m. A jan. 28-31-Regents' examina- tions ' Feb. 4-Second semester begins Feb. 5-Report cards issued Feb. 22-Washington's Birthday -f-" -Air! T If aff- sfa Mar. 5-Report cards issued Apr. 2-Report cards' issued Apr. 17--Easter recess begins 3:45 p. m. Apr. 29-Schools re-open 8:30 A a. m. May 14-Report cards issued May 29-Memorial Day rc-cess be gins 3:45 p. m. h june 3-Schools rc-open 8:30 a. m. june 14-Report cards issued in high school june 17-20-Regents' examina- tions June 23-Baccalaureate june 24-Class Day june 25-Commencement Z-.Ag W , C A si-' . V , Y J T mcuuv Um, tn,Qf,Le1Q5 6.z,hAw'vx.ui xxflxxn QL ESLJV KL Qxkkkx kiE0vnMl Ss.umA1m2J2', uf Q.4J.XtL1L,xo+4e.5f U-'P Pi-CHX Cs 115,45 hkllwmx bca-MLXLY jr kin? QQQ5. liltll Q6-vuiani k-U'NtLl 5:5-gvX3'RL'Nx5 CML v , U-L. fu.Lc4M eL, g5Yw.e.e and wvficefmf w, QQ M, Sim YfL4xLz's Ccwmm. Mug uw mum ,K NLL, LB'wYLiYL?1' fxix.ng1x MMA KMA JMJW X312 Qi-Qikimug QJu-42.h.X uf we YYXLLSGAAL Wwvxt cm'-ff! VWQ.. M.-5 MA as vm! JUNE IQ SOMA f Mi 5 Q uvuwjrigl Lrgx 'X-Q..Qle Qgwlw rQLuQ uiweA Q..-'Lwms 046- UQQLA 'G-'yy FRANK VOGEL Principal Qf Mynderse Academy Greetings to the Class of 1946. In your four short years with us you have established a fine record, both in and out of the classroom. We hope that you have also developed ability to evaluate yourselves in such manner as to en- able you to make a wise choice in the future life you will lead. Analyze your abilities, then make the most of them. Remember that the world is too busy to bother much about the fellow who is too lazy to make tl1e most of the stuff that is in him. The world today, in its present unsettled state, needs young men and women with ability in scholarship, citizenship and leadership. We believe you have these qualities. Our best wishes go with you for a successful future. FRANK VOGEL REXFORD ROCKWELL Vice-Principal Our Seniors and Juniors in the fall of 1946 and 1947 will be directly affected by the peak- load of veterans going to college. This will also apply to those who are planning on entering Business and Industry from High School. The limits of achievement and purpose within the groups must necessarily rise above what in the past l1as proved acceptable. For the younger groups below the Junior Year this situation seems likely to maintain for an indefinite period. Pmeassuring plans, however, point to future opportunities for higher and a better level of preparation for more students beyond high school. A progressive and well-planned pro- gram, therefore, would seem imperative for all who can and will avail themselves of the opportunity. REXFORD ROCKWELL Our principaf an uae- rinciiaa 1 Q-1' ' C4 x J fo Ll' ENGL XI Uqfsfgh. 41,9 1 C., ,L ou, ,L 'Q S3 'J 'lm I-.,, ew 1. SCIENCE: Bourdon, Haig, Vogel. 2. GUIDANCE: Rockwell. 3, LANGUAGE ARTS: King, Gompitello, Gibbs, Allen, Seld. Miller, Shannon, O'Brien. 4. MATHEMATICS! Jacobs, Spencer. 5. SOCIAL sTUDIEs: Smith, Welcher, Gampany, Oliver. 6. HOME ECONOMICS: Cardwell, Simmons. FRANK W. VOGEI,-B.S., Colgate University: M.S., Syracuse University, Principal of Mynderse Academy, Chemistry. REXFORD M. ROCKWELL+B.C.S., M.C.S., Rider College, Syracuse University, Vice-Principal of Myrzderse Academy, Guidance, Social Science. JULIA H. O'BRIEN-A,B., College of New Rochelle, English Four Years. LOUISE M. SHANNON+A.B., Syracuse University, English Two and Three. MARY L. KING+A.B., NVilliam Smith College, English One and Two. MARGARET ALLEN-A.B., Williarn Smith College, Moravia College for VVomen, Royal Academy Of Dramatic Art, Cornell University, English One, Dramatics, Public Speaking. TERESA COMPITELLO-CTCIIGSGO State College, Librarian. GRACE GIBBS-CTBHGSSO State College, Junior High English. MARY MlLLEIi+A.B., Albany State Collegeg M.A., Columbia University, Latin, Wrarld H istory. ANNA SELDgA.B., M.A., New York State College for Teachers, French, Social Studies. FLORENCE HAIG-AB., Barnard College, Physics, Biology, General Science. JOHN A. BOURDON-Syracuse University, Plattsburg State Teachers, College, Junior High General Science, Assistant Football Coach. ESTHEB Fl. SPENCERSAB., Syracuse University, Senior High Mallzematics. DORIS L. .lACOBSgB.S., Buffalo State Teachers' College, Junior High Matlielnatics. ENIILY B. SMITH-A.B., Syracuse University: M.A., University of Vllisconsin, Senior United States H islory, Junior United States History. LILLIAN OLlVER+A.B., Syracuse University, Junior United States History, World H istory. HAZEL VVELCIIEIIfBrockport Normal, Junior High Social Studies. UI" Wgl'l6!el"52 jCl,Cbl,Ag 12 - Ml' Wgfljefrfe Cl,CM,hg BIRDENA E. CAMPANY-B.S., Buffalo State Teachers' College, Junior High School Slud ies. HELEN .l. l'TAMMONDiB.S., Syracuse University: M.A., Northwestern University. Business and Guidance. MADEl.INE BLOCK-B.S., New York State College for Teachers: Syram-use University, Business and Algebra. RAYMOND G. BECKER1B.C.S., Plattsburg Normal: Rider, B.S. in Business Administration: M.S. in Education, Syracuse University, Commercial Subjecls. SYBIL A. RINIJONE-B.S., Buffalo State Teachers' College: Albright Art School, Ari. ROBERTA SCHLCJSSER-B.M., Eastman School of Music: NLM., University of Rochester, Supervisor of Vocal Music. JOHN C. FRASERfB.S., Ithaca College, M.S. in Education, Cornell University, Band and Orchesfra. VVALLACE SMITH-Mynderse Academy, Slring Inslrumenls. LUCY A. CARDNYELL-B.S., William Smith College, Home Economics. DOROTHY SlMMONS+B.S., Syracuse University, Home Economics. FLORENCE AYDERS4JN'fR.N., Pennsylvania Hospital, Hygiene: School Nurse. NANCY COFFEX'fli.N., Brooklyn Jewish Hospital, Hygiene, Assislanl School Nurse. LOIS PONTIUS-D.H., Rochester Dental Dispcnsary, Dental Hygiene. RUBY J. SMITH1B.S., Ithaca College, Physical Erlucalion. FRANK COOLEY-B.S., Springheldg M.A., Columbia, Physical Education: Coach. RAYMOND M. RADTKE-B.S., Buffalo State Teachers, College, Inzluslrial Aris. VINCENT J. A. DAt'IES-B.S., Oswego State Teachers' College, lnduslrial Arls. ELAINE BALSLEY-Secrelary, Board of Educalion. . BETTY SHERMAN-Clerk, lllynderse Academy. I , . f 4, , ' I .V 4 ,,1f,. l. BUSINESS: Hammond, Block, Becker. 2. FINE ARTS: Schlosser, Fraser, Rindone. 3. HEALTII AND PHYSICAL EDUCATION Smzlh, Coffey, A nflerson, Ponlius, Cooley. 4. INDUSTRIAL ARTS! Davies, Bafllke. 5. OFFICE: Sherman, Balsley. 13 it f m gif. ,A I fl 7 J" 2, ALM. ff " 'r 'f '31 AX WMA ,Q N- ,AM U ,ff A w V , 4 K hu A U1 ,ff 4, 4 I I ,K 4, 4 1 137 A I J' Lf ,M Vx fs M ,. Q. . f,4 ' v"Vf,f ' yiklvqlflqiu ff riff, ,,Q'f',jJ?- A ,- IMA' f' 'V f " J V 'S f V ?ff?"" ' f ,H X: ' PQ f J - ., 'N .5 HW fx by ,f , Hu, . H931 R qw I J JL ' ' .Q I f X 2 If , ', W, ,ly U YY f Q , R '+ WN r' ,v'i"' , -' Q' . L- . ' Ji: u , V, ' f fi, , A, 4 A x, f- uk , A WM", 1-, ,ff M W. -Q.-JJ' 'J , K 'x 13'-fin' Y ,psf ,, K- ., -1 A K . H 3' V 'Q ' N, bf . 1 ,"J,f f' f X W 4 Rf, 4' Ss, M ,D " .l2,wl,,aR.U LJ X E T, ' , g'v.' qt'-A 3 Y f We f,ff ' . ,A 1 Y 1 Al A U' Xi, R I 5, ff XXX 2 'I , px ' .f . X ,rx , X X ll .fl F 3 o LCLQJ CLASSES Af 2:5 anal mu Fdasxzdio mxxnJpasa glosjn. u.+Ln,z,,.- i wma uruaf, MSQLA , bu,Ud's cosif c,lasse.s.'w-rule, Qemfkxx ivib we we sf,,.+ wf.. 0. K..iSiJ MA Plums f vu., MA ul3QaUlU,7!Coosf,'. Y qww cm w. .,J 49.83 i3..H0,...E, qgr wu41A+u av-.A owe mmf-11 QQQAQIIDA us ' Qikn Aves: wvfief. 'uw qi-bLl'0'QS uSlw.LR-hosvl' Qxcnng Ms Auaa. 'Qll Ct-Yrs. Amo! Gnome Rn. Mau-nu QE Qu avi Kcxjge. QM A SLAIGRS qu 'l'YLIx0 l.AR , EE 9- Since Senior advisory work starts in September and ends after graduation, it is difficult to list the most significant event of the year at this date in March as we go to press. To me the greatest experience each fall is learning to know and to work with a new group of seniors. So it has been this year. There has never been a dull moment from September when the class organized and yearbook photography be- gan, through each succeeding activity: their play, the Senior Ball, and the rami- iications of editing this Myndersian. Seniors are stimulating and these are es- pecially so. As I write this I know that we shall soon go into their graduation plans and then the class will be leaving us. These blithe young seniors have enjoyed Mynderse life and we have enjoyed them. May their tomorrows be proportionally happy. JULIA H. O,BRIEN aaa of 1946 Miss JULIA H. O'BRIEN Senior Adviser N zck N icandri, President: ZW iss Smith, Assistant Adviserg Miss Hammond, Assistant Adviser: Bob Fornesi, Treasurer Barrie Doane, Vice-Presidentg Miss 0'Brien, Class Ad11iser,' Mary Ellen Vreeland, Secretary. ROBERT DOBBIN ALCOTT-Science Club 1, 2, 3, Presi- dent 4, Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4, Tumbling Club 3, Soph Hop Committee, Junior Party Committee, Myndersian Staff- Give Bob a pack for his back and a place to hike to and hc's happy. One of the best looking boys in our class, Bob has been very active in 4-H Club outside of school. He well earned his trip to the 4-H Club Convention in Chicago this year. THOMAS EDWARD BAKER-Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4, Band 2, 3, 4, All-State 3, Glee Club 2, 3, President 4, Operetta 1, 2, Freshman Party Committee, Soph Hop Committee, Junior Play, Junior Party and Prom Committees, J unior-Senior Party Committee 3, Junior Rotarian 4, Senior Play, Senior Ball Committee, Myndersian Staff-Do you have "down in the mouthw spirits? Well just ask for Tommy, our class come- dian. His portrayal of such parts as a "brother goose" have had us in stitches more than once. Not only does he have great acting ability but great musical ability as well. When it comes to pounding the ivories he's always around. KATHLEEN MARY BALDASARI - Glee Club 1, 2 - "Kakie" is a girl who intrigues with her sultry, mysterious personality. She makes you think of far places where temple bells are ringing, etc. However, she's a typical American gal in her love of sports, especially skating. And she has a good- neighbor policy that centers around Waterloo and Clyde. EVELYN LOUISE BEERSEeFreshman Dance Committee, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Band Contest 3, 4, Glee Club 1, 2, Secretary 3, 4, Glee Club Contest 4, Operetta 1, 2, Intramurals 1, 2, Awards 1, Frosh-Soph Picnic Committee 1, 2, Le Cercle Francais 2, 4, Soph Hop Committee, Junior Party, Play and Prom Committees, Senior Play Committee, Senior Ball Co- Chairman, Myndersian Stalf+Evelyn is our class artist. While in school, most of her time is spent in the art room designing clothes. Beersie gave much of her time and ability to decorating our prom and ball. She made a good job of it, y too. Out ol' school-well, there's always Clyde to keep her busy. If Only Our Diary During These Past Four Years Were More Complete, What a Tale Could be Told About The Class of Nineteen Hundred Forty-Six. It Would be a Cross Section of the Work and Fun, Laughter and Tears and All the Little Things That Made High School a Thing to Remember. FRANCIS XAVIER BELLOMOelntramurals 1, 2, 3, 4, ' Glee Club 2, Operetta 2+Vague5that's our Francis. Facts just seem to belong to another world. We will always remember him as the boy who was born with tardiness ir1 his blood. What other reason could there be for his being late for school every morning? VIRGINIA MARY BERRELLS-Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4, Myndersian Staff-Virginia is the envy of all the girls. She has naturally curly hair. Her height comes in handy when it comes to playing basketball and she can sink 'em too. Maybe it's those air corps wings which she proudly wears that bring her such good luck. WILLIAM HENRY BODEN-Transfer from James Madi- son, Brooklyn, N. Y., Junior Party and Prom Committees, Junior Play, Wig and Rouge 4, Senior Ball Committee-A new comer in our junior year, Bill made his debut in the Junior play. His two favorite hobbies are animals and dream- ing. Bill has been a hard and efficient class worker, full ol' enthusiasm for Mynderse, although occasionally he speaks with a bit of nostalgia for his native New York City. BETTY LOUISE BOWERS-Transfer from Morgantown High School: Glee Club 1, 2, Dramatics Club 1, Freshman Play, Freshman Party, Chairman, Modern Dancing 2, 3, May Day Festival 2, 3, Tr-Hi-Y 2, Art Club 3. Mynderse Academy: Intramurals 4-Betty is the girl 'Swho comes to dinner." Always full of fun and laughter, she joined us in September. Although she has a lively gift of "gala," she has her serious moments, too. More than once she's been caught dreaming, of what we know not. 16 , RICHARD LEWVIS BRAND-Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4, Awards 1, Basketball 2, 4-Tall, good looking Dick is considered "quiet" at Mynderse, although he and Maurice seem to have their private jokes. Rumor has it that out Tyre way our Dick is quite the Romeo. Maybe it's the hunter in him! WILMA BERYL BURCHIMEB-and 1, 2, 3, 4, Intramurals 3, 4, Junior Red Cross Representative 3, Band Contest 3, 4- "Billy" really surprised us this year in intramurals, especially basketball. No one can make a basket when VVilma's guarding her. CAnd kids, Wilma can really speak above a whisper.D MARGARET ELIZABETH BURGESS-Newport Harbor Union High School: Girls' Athletic Association 1, 2, Chorus 1, 2, Freshman Dance Committee, Student Court 2, Inter- scholastic Hockey Team 2, San Diego: Girls' Athletic As- sociation 2, L'Russ" Cub Reporter 2, Chorus 2, Red CrosS Council 2, Wednesday Y's Up 2: Tri-Y 2, Mynderse Academy: Intramurals 3, 4, Chorus 3, 4, Hearth Club, President 4, Senior Ball Queen 4-"Burgie" came to us last year from California. Since then she has won a place in many hearts, particularly that of Ronnie. One can understand why, though, for a combination of beauty, personality plus, and a winning smile is hard to beat. Didn't they make her Senior Ball Queen? RITA LOUISE CAPPARELLI-Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4, Freshman Party Committee, Library Club 1, Science Club 1, 2, Frosh-Soph Picnic Committee 1, Junior Red Cross Repre- sentative 2, Junior Party and Prom Committees, Junior- Senior Party Committee 3, Junior Prom Queen's Court, Senior Ball Committee, VV ig and Rouge 4, Bond and Stamp Committee 4, Myndersian Staff-Our "Cap" of many charms and the happy face is the possessor of a great many hearts. But do you wonder? Not when we think of Miss O'Rrien's pet phrase, "And is she comely!" NVherever there's excitement you'll find "Cap" with her priceless humor and fund of amus- ing stories. BJ :Ska-VL!-, 43-,,,, Ugg , ' fkr.J's,Q-1 --- W, --YB Q-SX But Let:'s Draw on Our Memory for the Unrecorcled Facts of the Pgist. The Author mis Diary? X- No One Person in Particular. First, what About Our Beginnings as a Class? We are Chiefly Veteran Myndersians From First Ward and Stanton, Joined with St. Patriclc's Grads, who Came in Our ALICE CLARE CASEY-Glee Club 1, 2, Awards 1, 2, Bond and Stamp Committee 2, Junior Party Committee, Junior-Senior Party Committee 3, Class Vice-President 3, Microphone 4, Intramurals 4, Senior Ball and Play Commit- tees, Myndersian Editor-in-Chief, Salutatorian-Who said you can't have good looks and brains, too? Meet our editor- in-chief. The mathematics wizard of the class is bound to go far in teaching her favorite subject and we believe 'SKCI' will find Ways of making it popular for those less mathematical. ANDREW JAMES CAZZATO-Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 2, Operetta 1, Camera Club 1, Frosh-Soph Picnic Com- mittee 1, Soph Hop Committee-This quiet classmate keeps most of his thoughts, brainstorms, and any other conceptions entirely to himself. or at least they are limited to only a few close friends. We are told that he is fond of hunting, which explains beyond a doubt his success in Lyons and absences during the pheasant season. HELEN LOUISE CHALKEReIntramurals 1, 2. 3, 4, Award 2, Frosh-Soph Play Tournament 2, Junior Prom Committee, Le Cercle Francais 4, Girls' Athletic Association 4-Helen is an outstanding athlete of the class and a good sportsman. What an excellent arbiter she would make! But whether she's engaged in a fast game of basketball, deeply absorbed in the classroom or just gabbing with the gang, Helen is a popular gir . MAURICE HARTFORD CHALKER-Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 4-Another one of the usually quiet boys of our class, .lohnny has a definite interest outside of school and her name is Peggy. T hat's easily ex- plained, for Johnny can be lots of fun, as we have found out , this year. 17 i I . NORMA JANE CLINE-Drum Majorette 1, 2, 3, 4, Band ' Contest 1, 2, 3, Glee Club 1, 2, Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4, Frosh- Soph Picnic Committee 1, Class Secretary 2, .Junior Party and Prom Committees, Junior Play, Junior-Senior Party Com- mittee 3, Junior Prom Queen, Senior Ball Committee, Senior Ball Queen's CourteWe predict that pretty Norma, who was our Prom Queen, will make some business man a decorative secretary. Chatty and sparkling, she is chuck full of enthusiasm, but her heart goes now just to six feet of "Bud." SILVIA CONCETTA COSENTINO-Wig and Rouge 1, 2, 3, 4, Frosh-Soph Play Tournament 1, 2, Director 3, Frosh- Soph Picnic Committee 1, 2, Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4, Awards 1, 2, Library Club 1, Microphone 2, 3, Soph Hop Committee, Junior Play, Junior Play, Party and Prom Committees, Junior-Senior Party Chairman 3, Senior Class Play and Ball Committees, Senior Play, M yndersian Stall'-"Sil" or "Cosy, i take your choice, but you'll still have the same attractive, energetic personality. You can always depend on "Sil" to get a job done and still have some sizzling ideas left. She'll always be remembered for her arguments in history class and her matchless recitations in English. DOROTHY JEAN DILMORE-Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Band Con- test 3, 4, Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, All-State Glee Club 2, 3, 4, Operetta 1, Intramurals 3, Junior Prom Committee, Senior Ball Committee-VVhatever the occasion or task you can always depend on Jean to be there unselfishly working for its success. To her the school is particularly indebted for selling "bus" space for out-of-town games. Her chief interest is in music for which she shows real talent. LEWISE BARRETT DOANEeMierophone 1, 2, 3, Co- Editor 4, E. S. P. A. Conference 4, Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4, Awards 1, 2, Frosh-Soph Picnic Committee 1, 2, Wig and Rouge 1, 2, 3, 4, President 3, Junior Party and Prom Com- mittees, .lunior Prom Court, Senior Play and Ball Committee, Class Vice-President 4, Senior Ball Court, Girls' Athletic Association, President 4, Myndersian Stall4Barrie is interest- ing from any angle you consider her. Take her name, for instance, itis perfect for her-challenging-individual-per- sonalized. She shows a zest for living and her talents range from facility in writing, to skill in sports. Freshman Year. As to Our Characters, We Quote: Freshman Year-ulrresponsilalef' Sophomore Year-"Slightly Improved," Junior Year-"Completely Reformed" and Senior Year "Sludious at Times" and Sprouting Wings CD. Now Back to Our Freshman Year. Dear Diary, Our Debut as Those JAMES CHARLES FEGLEY-Frosh-Soph Picnic Commit- tee 1, 2, Frosh-Soph Play Tournament 1, 2, Soph Hop Com- mittee, Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4, Football 2, 3, 4, Awards 3, 4, Wig and Rouge 1, 3, 4, Glee Club 1. 2, Junior Prom Com- mittee, .lunior Play, Senior Ball Committee, Myndersian Staff-J im is the boy who is clever with his hands. Whether it be building an airplane or working on Wayne, the finished product always shows skilled workmanship. Good natured, easy going, Jim is the morale builder of '46, ARLENE JOSEPHINE FLEURYM'I'ransfer from Port Byron: Chorus 1, 2, Band 1. 2, Class President 1, Camera Club 1, 2, Intramurals 1, 2, Mynderse Academy, Intramurals 3, 4, Tumbling Club 3, Hearth Club 4SThe "girl with the bright smile," that's Arlene. Her many admirers in Clyde and Mynderse verify the fact that Arlene is very attractive. Al- though she may seem to be the quiet type, just let her get near a roller skating rink or a basketball court, and your opin- ions will be changed. ROBERT LOUIS FORNESI-Fresh-Soph Picnic Committee 1, 2, Intramurals 1, 2, Football 2, 3, 4, Basketball 2, 3, Co- Captain 4, Soph Hop Committee, Tennis 3, 4, Captain 3, Empire Boys' State 3, Junior Party and Prom Committees, Junior-Senior Party Committee 3, Junior Rotarian 4, Senior Ball Committee, Block "M" 4, Class Treasurer 4,,Myndersian Stall'-Behind those thoughtful eyes and seriousfmanner is a fella who is a streak of lightning on many basketball Ctilglft. or in Englgh class too. Bobis wish finally came true wg 'en he reached six feet plus and boy,,,are those long legs convenient when it comes to,keeping up with Rita. MARY LOUISE GALLETTI-Class Secretary 1, Glee Club 2, 3, 4, Frosh-Soph Picnic Committee 2, Intramurals 2, 4, Junior Play, Party and Prom Committees, fJunior-Senior Party Committee, Seriior Play, Senior Ball Committee, Myn- dersian Staff-Mary is tiny, but oh my! Remember her as a dynamic bundle of football energy ip the senior play? Popular and talented, we are sure she will prove herself in the field of design. The future looks bright for our little classmate with the warm brown eyes. : vi 18 -W , . I ROBE i ANUEL GEBAGHTY-Science Club 1. 2, lee 1, ,,45, Operetta 1, 2, Frosh-Soph Picnic Committee amur 1f13,, Soph Hop Committee, Junior Prom mi'iee, unictr-Senior Par y Committee 3, Senior Play Bal Cor glifttecsg My,nders'aI Staff: Junior Kiwanian 4- not ' "BG i ur class is an authority on fishing and hunt- ' . efh' e fo id Ililllkylllii ayvery dependable worker, and as vn ch class. ' ifitkeais sense of humor is invaluable Q lig ing e wwoinents t school. And can he sing! X f gj24N4'If1'E PIIMPWCES GIANNOTTI-Intramurals l, 2, , 4, eshmani, arty Committee, Frosh-Soph Picnic Com- I 't e 1, 2, qsnd and Stamp Committee I, 2, Soph-Hop bmmittee, Gl e Club 2, 3, Majorette 2, 3, 4, Junior Party ommittee, Junior-Senior Party Committee 3-Only a few know what is behind those dreamy grey eyes. A quiet girl on the surface, Jeanette is really one of our most spirited class members. In the class room fespecially when there is a heated debate in progressD or in a basketball game, Jeanette is always full of the three V's. DAVID ANGELO GIOVANNINI-Freshman Play, Science Club 1, Soph Hop Committee 2, Glee Club 2, 3, 4, Baseball 2, 3, Captain 4, Award 3, Football 2, 3, 4, Basketball 3, 4, Block HM" 2, Secretary 3, Treasurer 4, Junior Prom Commit- tee, Aviation Club 4YDave of the soulful dark eyes and un- failing interest in your particular problem is a very flattering lad. He looks at you with that force that says "I'm interested in you, and you, but especially you." Athletics, girls and fun- erals, all claim Dave's attention and he's quite a smoothie at them all. ROLAND LEBOY GUSTAFSON-Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4, Soph Hop Committee, Junior Party Committee, Class Treas- urer 3, J unior-Senior Party Committee 3, Senior Play-Yes, this is another of those Gustafson boys from up the lake. Tall, blond and good naturded, Gussy's popular with the girls who find him challenging, and with the boys who enjoy his friendship in school and in the field as a hunter with a past, a present, and a future. Little Freshman in September, 1942, was Successful. We Progressed Through Our First Year of High School Activities and Studies, With Trials and Trilaulations. In Short, we Got Acquainted at Our Hot Dog Roast, Elected Leaders, Collected 1150 Keys for the Scrap Drive and Ended Our Frosh Year with .IAN OUISE GUY-Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Operetta 1, 2, Awa s 1, 2, 3, 4, Band 1, 2, 3. 4, Awards l, 2, 3, 4, Freshman Par ommittee, Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4, Soph Hop Com- mittee, Class Vice-President 2, Junior Prom Committee, .lunio ' Prom Court, Drum Majorette 3, 4, Junior-Senior Party Con mittee 3, Junior Play, Senior Play, Senior' Ball Com- mit , Myndersian Staff-Jane is one of our high stepping ma' ettes and a very good one, too. She plays basketball, dan s, sings, and acts in plays. No matter what she does, sh ' good. Take all these talents, add real business ability, a ou have an all-round Nlynderse girl. J AILEEN HANIIIN-Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4, Frosh- Picnic Committee 2, Soph I1op Committee 2, Junior y Committee-A shy approach, gentle voice and charm- ner expresses our JoAn in classes, but who makes the s oise at a game, and who leads the fun making at parties d i the homeroom? That too, is JoAn. A certain frequentor MA Y ELIZABETH HABTMAN-Freshman Dance Com- mit e, Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Operetta 1, 3, Intramurals 1, 2, Hop Commmittee, Frosh-Soph Picnic Committee 2, Juni mr Party Committee-Mary's perky laugh makes the glo iest person feel gayer. As for her helpfulness, just look at r record in the Girls' Friendly Society. You'll find she's an ig its most active members. BE TY JANE HABTBANFTfBand 1, 2, 3, 4, Microphone -'Editor 4, E. S. P. A. Conference 4, Intramurals 2, 3, 4, So p Committee, Bond and Stamp Committee 2, 3, J u or ay, Party and Prom Committees, Junior Prom Court, 3 o ell's can confirm this. S ' all Committee, Myndersian Staff, Valedictorian- Whet it he history, English, music or men, Betty's tops. ESQ ef iency and pleasing personality make certain her ad- ' ncem nt in the particular career she chooses. As an example er chievement in one field, take her men. On second thoug you canit, she's got them. 3 gn n1or Party Committee 3, Elmira Key Award 3, oi 19 DORIS IITENE IIIBBARD-Tumbling Club I, 3, Hearth f Club 4, Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4-Give petite Doris a cooking dish and a broom and she's happy. Her homemaking course makes evident the career she has planned. A nice choice, Doris, we're sure he'll be happy. GERALDINE BEPINICE JONES-Soph Hop Committee, Junior Party, Play and Prom Committees, Junior-Senior -V Party Committees-Gerry's quiet manner only covers up her jolly, friendly spirit. As for her knowledge of Business Law, .. fits evident that she may some day be a great lawgiver. She ,- J, .Y H . . U1 surely is a welcomed addition to any homeroom. rf 1 .. 'rn' V! BRIN ADAM KISSEL-Class President 3, Science Club I, 2, Orchestra I, 2, 3, Baseball Manager 3, Junior Play 3, Micro- phone 3, Business Manager 4, Block "MH 4, Senior Ball Committee-Dashing Brin, one of the younger members of our class, found that he has two loves. One is the Navy. For this reason he left our class in February, but his interests will continue to remain in Mynderse, especially through next year. WVhy? His other love, naturally. VIRGINIA ANN KLANDATOSeFreshman Party Commit- tee, Glee Club I, 2, 3, Operetta I, Bond and Stamp Commit- tee I, Library Club I, Fresh-Soph Picnic Committee I, 2, Soph Hop Committee, Le Cercle Francais 2, 4, Junior Party and Prom Committees, .lunior-Senior Party Committee 3, Senior Play and Ball Committees, Myndersian Stalfgfiinnyis strong desire is to travel to France. And no wonder. With her gifted knowledge of French, she could make as many friends in France as she has here in Mynderse. a Picnic of Hots, Lemonade and Fun .... In 1943 as Sophomores we Proved Ourselves to be far From Rusty. Our First Big Class Project was a Success, as Everyone Had Fun at the "Sophomore Swing Shift." Although we Were Older, we Still Ended a Year of Good times with Another One of Those MARIAN JANE KREUTTER+Glee Club l, 2, 3,4,0pcretta I 1, 3, Freshman Dance Committee, Intramurals I, 2, 3, Soph Hop Committee, Junior Party and Prom Committees, Junior- Senior Party Committee 3, Bond and Stamp Committee 4, Myndersian Stallewhy are all those good-looking boys gathered around that smartly dressed gal? One reason is that Marian's selling bus tickets to a basketball game, but that sparkling smile isn't doing so had for itself either. Is it boys? JEAN ELIZABETH LOAHeLibrary Club I, Camera Club 1, Frosh-Soph Picnic Committee 2, Junior Party, Play and Prom Committees, Latin Club 3, 4, Treasurer 3, Senior Play CommitteeeWhenever important work was to be done for any class play or party, .lean was always there. Her interests always lay solely in benefitting her class. She commutes from the lake country, and is pricelessly entertaining about her part of our world. EDWARD JOSEPH LOIlENZSTumbling Club 1, Intra- murals I, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Football 3, 4, Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4, Frosh-Soph Play Tournament I, Science Club 1, 2, Empire Boys' State 3, Block "M" 4-With a basketball on the court, or a girl on a dance floor, Eddie's right at home. I-Iis famous long shots warrant his popularity as high scorer on the Varsity. Presently his interests in regard to the fairer sex lic chiefly in NVaterloo. Good luck in this long shot, too, Eddie. MADELINE LOUISE IVIAIKTELLO-Intramurals I, 2, Glec Club 2, Junior Party, Play, and Prom Committees, Myn- dcrsian Staff-L'To be seen and not heard" is the motto of quiet, demure Madeline. VVhen a responsible person is desired, our class can depend on "Marty." If you ever need a lesson on stage make-up, this well-experienced backstage hand can give it to you. 20 gg JUNE ELIZABETH McMILLEN-Camera Club 1, Intra- murals 2, Junior Prom Committee-Those sparkling eyes and that beguiling smile are evident wherever June is seen. She's extra good at making jokes and ducking in English class. The diamond on her finger foretells that in August, our nice class- mate will be keeping house for her one and only, Leroy. ALBERT JAMES MCNANEhf-GICC Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Oper- etta 1, 2, 3, Intramurals 1, 2, 3, Tumbling Club 3, Junior Prom Committee, Senior Ball Committee-"A girl, a song, and a car" sums up our incomparable "Bud." That Irish voice sounding out, "I Met Her By the River of the Roses," will certainly be missed at M. A. Although Bud is here physically, his heart is over in Cayuga with a certainJoan. Goodluck, Bud. THEODORE ROY MEEKS-Intramurals 1, 2, Freshman Party Committee 1, Soph Hop Committee-Tom Sawyer never had anything on our boy Ted. Be it summer or winter, Ted may be seen with a fishing pole or gun slung over his shoulder, on his way to catch the game of the season. Indeed, the outdoor world plays an important part in Ted's heart. BENA MARIE MELLINI-Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 1, 2, 3, Operetta 1, 2, Frosh-Soph Picnic Committee 1, Freshman Party Committee, Soph Hop Committee, Junior- Senior Party Committee 3, J unior Play and Prom Committees, Senior Play Committee, Microphone 4, Myndersian Staff- Quiet and more studious than the average, Rena really sur- prised us when she displayed her diamond ring and a ruby set watch. Ed certainly isa lucky man to get a girl with such enthusiasm, intelligence and gift of friendship as is shown by her many friends in Mynderse. Tl Hilarious, Memorable, Climaxing, Frosh-Soph Picnics .... September, 1944, Dawned and What a Year we had When we were Gay, Young Juniors! Who Knocking Knees at Our Party, "The Haunted House," Will Ever Forget the Chattering Teeth and and at Our Play, "Ghost Wanted?" Our JOHN THOMAS MILLER-Band 1, 2, 3, 4, All-State 2, Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4, Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4, Awards 1, 2, 3, Freshman Class Play, F rosh-Soph Picnic Committee 1, 2, Freshman Dance Committee, Soph Hop Committee, Micro- phone 2, Baseball 2, 3, 4, Basketball 2, 3, 4, Co-Captain 4, Band Contest 1, 4-Every class has an imp, so here is 1946's contribution. Il' it be playing a clarinet, basketball or making glyeerine in the lab, 'SJack" is tops. As for the "fairer sex", John shies away and leaves them to drool. At present he is more interested in his joint possession with Jack VVatkins- that bright, shiny, 1922 Model T. FERDINAND LEO NICANDR1-Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4, Freshman Dance Committee, Frosh-Soph Picnic Committee 1, 2, Baseball 1, 3, Soph Hop Committee, Basketball 2, Foot- ball 2, 3, Captain 4, Awards 3, 4, Junior Play and Prom Committees, .lunior-Senior Party Committee 3, Block HM" 3, Vice-President 4, Junior Kiwanian 4, Senior Ball King 4, Class President 4, Myndersian Staff-Our boy Nick has proved his ability in two particular fields. As Captain of this year's football team, he was a capable leader. As for his other ability, ask almost any fair damsel who the brave hero of her dreams really is. You'll find its President "Nick," beard and all. RICHARD ALAN NUGENT-Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Orchestra 2, Frosh-Soph Picnic Committee 2, Soph Hop Committee, Intramurals 3, Junior Play, Junior Prom Committee, Tum- bling Club 3, 4, Senior Play 4, Band Contest 4, Junior Kiwan- ian 4-If it's a woman in distress, just call our "lady-killer" Nugent. Dick is the spark and live-wire of our class when it comes to humorous stories or play acting. It is impossible to analyze adequately the attractive Richard. ALICE LOUISE PAGE-Intramurals 1, 2, 4, Latin Club 3, Junior Party Committee 3, Hearth Club 4-Alice is one of the more versatile members of our class. She can do anything from sewing to planting a garden. Her awards for 4-H activi- ties are the envy of every girl. NVC also heard that she is quite accomplished in the line of square dancing. NVith such a record as this behind her, Alice is one girl who can't miss. 21 ALBERT WORDEN PARKS, JR.-Intramurals 1, 2, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Band Contest 1, 2, Orchestra 2, 3, 4, Frosh Party . Committee, Soph Hop Committee, Fresh-Soph Picnic Com- mittee 1, 2, All-State Band 4, Junior Party and Prom Com- mittees, Senior Play, Senior Ball Committee, Myndersian Stafi4Jolly, ambitious and a really hot saxaphone player- all three describe Parksie. Since Wayne is in service, heis leader of Wayne Cuy's orchestra and has proved himself to be well on the way towards his musical career. As for girls, he has decided to take a middle road position. ANTOINETTE THERESA PENNACCHIOeIntramurals 1, 2, 3, 4, Camera Club 1, Glee Club 2, Soph Hop Committee, Frosh Party Committee, Microphone 3, 4, Junior Party and Play Committees, Junior-Senior Party Committee 3, Wig and Rouge 4: Senior Play-Ann, Toni or "Chocolate drop"- Antoinette answers to all three. One of our more lively class members, she always has the situation well in hand. Full of laughter and chatter, there's never a dull moment when Antoinette's around. BARBARA ELAINE POTTER-Intramurals 1, 2, Frosh- Soph Picnic Committee 1, Science Club 1, Soph Hop Com- mittee, Wig and Rouge 2, 3, 4, Microphone 2, 3, 4, Junior Party and Prom Committees, Junior Class Secretary, .lunior Prom Court, Junior-Senior Party Committee, Senior Ball Committee, Senior Ball Court, Myndersian Staff-Barb, of the saucy smile and turned-up nose, is our girl. Her subtle sense of humor is something to write home about. Her fast, fancy and famous dancing is something to comment about too. Of course Bert makes up the other half of the dance team. GLORIA MARIE POVERO+Camera Club 1, Frosh-Soph Picnic Committee l, 2, Glee Club 2, Soph Hop Committee, .lunior Party, Play and Prom Committees, Junior Red Cross 3, 4, Treasurer 3, Miscrophone 3, 4, Wig and Rouge 4, Senior Play, Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4, Awards 1, Myndersian Staff- Gloria, we are certain, is headed for a bright future for she has proved her ability in the line of secretarial work. She doesn't limit herself to work, though, but has a gay time with the boys from Geneva, who find her interesting and jolly as we of Mynderse do. Monster was a Masterpiece, and Our Prom, with its Queen, Norma, its Rose Arbors, the Fountain and atmosphere of a Magic Ga rclen. How we Loved it! . . . Then Came the Long Vacation with its Lazy Summer Days, and Finally in August the Lo MAwaitecl V. J. Day. what a Day! We, Along with the RICHARD JOHN RAUSCHeIntramurals 1, 2, 3, 4, Sop I Hop Committee, Junior-Senior Party Committee, Baseball 3, Q Le Cercle Francais 4, President 4, Senior Ball Committee' Junior Kiwanian 4, Myndersian Business Manager-DiciX- has been our "strictly business" man for the past three years but seems to have gone a little romantic on us in his senio X X year. He seems to prefer them pretty and "oh-so-feminine." X Anyway, they can't seem to resist the ways of our latestfb Casanova. ,J 'L' RICHARD REESE-Tumbling Club 1, 2, 3, Glee Club 1, I 2, 3, 4, Rand 1, 2, 3, 4, Junior Party Committee, Model Air- f plane Club 4-"Red-headed imp"-that describes Dickie per- f fectly. That mischievous twinkle in his eye didn't get there . Q for no reason at all. Dick's interests lie in the fields of hunting :T and fishing, but his favorite pastime is teasing his friends- F the girls in particular. CATHERINE REYNOLDSeTumbling 1, 3, Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 1, 2, 3,4, Operetta 1, 2, Majorette 1, 2, 3, 4, Freshman Dance Committee, Fresh-Soph Picnic Committee 2, Soph Hop Committee, Junior Party Committee, Hearth Club 4eKitty, an all around athlete, is especially good in basketball. Square dancing is listed among her many ae- eomplishments. Other than these, her special interest lies with a certain someone in Clyde. NVith her friendliness and pleasant sense of humor, she has won a place in the hearts of many of her classmates. JERRY ROSS-Freshman Party Committee, Camera Club 1, Soph Hop Committee, Junior Prom Committee, Junior- Senior Party Committee 3, Senior Ball Committee, Junior Kiwanian 4, Myndersian Staff-Jerry is the gentleman with a camera for a side-kick, and heis still trying to find that neces- sary model. An excellent stud ent, he has a friendly personality, along with a knack of telling ''roll-them-in-the-aisle'' stories. He could easily be our most versatile senior. 22 JACQUELINE MARIE ROTIIERTeTransfcr from Amity- ville High School, Long Island, New York: Field Hockey 1, Basketball 1, Tumbling 1. Mynderse Academy: Intramurals 2, 3-Laughter-loving, fun-loving Jackie is bent on having a merry time. VVhen she flashes those expressive eyes, you know she's up to something. Behind the wheel of a car she shows verve and dash, in fact she's always way out front. fThe Trooper in her, we thinkj DOLORES ANN ROTUNDO-Intramurals 1, 2, 3, Frosh- Soph Picnic Committee 1, 2, Soph Hop Committee, Glee Club 2, 3, Junior Party Committee, Bond and Stamp Committee 3, Myndersian Staff-If "packaging" is important, certainly, Dolly makes the most of herself. She-'s tiny and tidy and oh, so attractive. As for friends, she makes them easily with her smile and that littlcness that makes every one feel protective toward this small senior. WVALTER VVILLIAIVI R UTZ-lntramurals I, 2, 3, 4, Fresh- man Party Committee, Ifrosh-Soph Picnic Committee, Basket- ball 2, 3, Football 2, 3, 4, Baseball 2, Soph Hop Committee, Junior Prom Connnittee, Junior-Senior Party Committee 3, Senior Ball Committee, Junior Kiwanian 4, Block NM" 4- The story of VValt and his romances might be this: he meets her, he dates her, he loves her, he leaves her. The other interest of this big chap lies mainly in sports-football in particular, next, basketball. His future depends largely on Uncle Sam. JOYCE IVIARIE SCATTAGLIAeIntramurals 1, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 1, VVig and Rouge 1, 2, 3, 4, Freshman Dance Commit- tee, Frosh-Soph Play Tournament 1, Frosh-Soph Picnic Com- mittee, Library Club 2, Soph IIop Committee, Le Cercle Francais 4, Nlicrophone 2, 3, 4, Junior Party and Prom Com- mittees, Junior Play, Senior Play, Myndersian Staff-Pretty Joyce with her animated smile and her quick sense of humor has many interests outside Mynderse. A good dancer, actress and singer, Joyce will iind her greatest dilhculty in choosing a career from these many talents. Rest of the Country, Went from the Touching Religious Observances in our Churches to the Tumul- tuous Street Celebrations in our Towns. One Thought was Shared by Every One-Thanlc God it is Over. A Month Later we Returned to School .... Our Last Chapter, our Senior Year, had Come. MARY ELIZABETH SEITZ-Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Awards 1, 2, 3, 4, Library Club 1, 2, Fresh- Soph Picnic 1, Soph Hop Committee, Junior Red Cross Repre- sentative 3, Junior Play and Prom Committees, Junior-Senior Party Committee 3, Tumbling Club 3, Senior Play and Ball Committees, Myndersian Staff-"Peanut', is one of our peppy seniors. She's small, but oh how that comes in handy in basketball and tumbling. When it comes to classical music, "Peanut', is right at home at the piano. VVith her sweet personality and quick laugh, she will surely be an asset in the nursing field. CATHERINE PAULINE SINICROPI-Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4, Freshman Play Committee, Soph Hop Committee- Katy is known for her friendliness and willingness to help others. She really makes you forget your troubles, when her laughter bubbles over in English class, whether it be over her pronunciation of words, a classmates excuse for late home- work, or something else. One of the prettiest seniors, she is definitely decora ' 'e anywhere. . R H II NI PI In ' ls 1, 2, 3, 4, Frosh- S h P ni G I e 1' p I C mittee, Baseball 2, 3, ' tb 1 3, , sk bal 3, ' J ior Party and Prom C ees . e " ' 3, r de t mischievous twin- l an eas 0' alk, an th ' n v -be-forgotten laugh . de ri R o T th ee tt r ,fE if " has proved hi self 0 1 e o In c a in a aluable ath- le '. y i b ca v al r o cheer for . hi' . x s L ETH ONT- ien Club 1, Soph Hop R o mit e I ra 2 , 4' i an Rouge 2, 3, Secretary 4, uni r art , a P m mittees, Myndersian N t - o r 7 ' ,y i h n d gal to al with in study hall Liz d1 f es S3 e rg e 'ei he so ' nd her scholastic life. in i i -her i y ' a ' a ure the latter. She even e ' fs ?n Og' e b. at a ! 23 +34 3 Q Q S 5 Egy . . . Att c ' e in gi a ys has asunny smile, 0 in ' ROBERT CLAYTON SMITH-Freshman Play, Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4, Science Club 2, 3, 4, Frosh-Soph Picnic Committee 2, Soph Hop Committee, Tumbling Club 2, 3, Junior Play and Party Committees, Junior-Senior Party Committee 3, Junior Kiwanian 4, Senior Ball Committee, Wig and Rouge 4 -Smitty is fun to know, combining a gift for friendship with a willingness to co-operate in school projects. Whether it is intramurals, Junior Kiwanis or studies-Bob will take it in stride and make and keep friends-yes, even if they are in Syracuse. , BETTY ARLA STONE-Tumbling 1, Freshman Dance Committee, Frosh-Soph Picnic Committee, Soph Hop Com- mittee, Intramurals 2, 3, 4, Junior Party Committee, Hearth Club 4-Betty of the bright hair, with her soft voice and slow and easy walk, entertains her interests outside of Mynderse. Maybe that accounts for her far-reaching ideas of becoming the wife of a writer. By the looks of A'Stoney's" incoming mail, she has a good start. ALICE JEANNE SULLIVAN-Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4, Awards 1, 2, Freshman Party Committee, Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Operetta 1, 2, All-State Festival 2, 3, 4, All-State Glee Club Contest 3, 4, Library Club 1, Frosh-Soph Picnic Committee 1, Science Club 2, Band 2, 3, 4, Junior Play, Junior Party Committee, Tumbling Club 3-Tall, willowy Sully likes music, swimming, horseback riding, giving first aid and doing a number of other worthwhile things. Since she's been a Life Guard at the State Park, her summers have been full and stimulating. VVell-rounded in her interests, Alice should have an interesting future. CARMEN JEANNE SNVINEHART-Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Awards 1, 2, 3, 4, Operetta 1, 2, Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4, Band Majorette 1, 2, 3, 4, Soph Hop Committee, Junior Play and Prom Committees, Tumbling Club 3,4, Senior Ball Commit- tee, Senior Ball Court, Hearth Club, Treasurer 4-To look at Rusty who would dream that she is the domestic type? And her talents run in other directions too, for she sings and also excels in sports. She plans to be a children's nurse, where her quiet ways will always win friends among her patients. Highlights were "Brother Goose," a Super Ball, and our Yearbook of Memories. How we'll Miss Those Dreaded Demons-Exams, Those Nights in Detention, the Minutes of Chatter Before the Bell, Miss Smith's Discussion Questions, Miss O'Brien's Theme Day, and Mr. Vogel's Equations. We've Looked FRANCES JANE TARQUINO-Glee Club 1, 2, 3, Vice- President 4, Operetta 1, Cheerleader 1, 2, 3, 4, Intramurals 1, 2, 3. 4, Award 2, Frosh-Soph Picnic Committee 1, Freshman Party Committee, Library Club 1, 2, Soph Hop Committee, Tumbling Club 3, Junior Play, Party and Prom Committees, Bond and Stamp Committee 3, .Iunior-Senior Party Com- mittee 3, Senior Play and Ball Committees-Fran is an ath- letic senior who plans to make good use of her ability in future years. She has been active in Glee Club, and she is also one of our morale building cheerleaders, who are always "on the jobf' BETTY JUNE VAN BURENeFreshman Play Committee, Intramurals 1, 2, Frosh-Soph Picnic Committee 2, Soph Hop Committee, Glee Club 4eReserved-that's Betty, but her quietness hasn't prevented her from knowing the Navy. Her latest is a former Blue Jacket who likes to jitterbug, and she's getting good at it. To complete, she's good at homemaking, too. Attention, Boys! MARY ELLEN VAN CLEEF-Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4, Awards 1. 2, Frosh-Soph Picnic Committee 1, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Awards 1, 2, 3, 4, Sectionals 2, State Finals 2, Contest 3, Soph Hop Committee: Junior Play: Junior Party Committee, Wig and Rouge 1, 2, Vice-President 3, President 4, Senior Play, Senior Ball Committee, Senior Ball Court, Myndersian Staff -The Marines play a big part in Molly's life, and who can blame her? She also likes dramatics and is famous around school for ber portrayal of difficult character roles. Her other interest seem to lie in band, sports. holding initiations out at her farm, and, of course, work in the nursing field. MARY DOLORES VlERZILLOYlntramurals 1, 2, Freshman Party Committee, Fresh-Soph Picnic Committee 1, Glee Club 1, 2, Soph Hop Committee, Junior Party Committee, Myndersian Staff-Mary will never have to worry about the damaging effects of rain, for her dark hair is naturally curly, and looks neat, whether rain or shine. Her nice ways and willingness to help will win for her friends, no matter where her work leads her. 24 ' VILMA ANN VERZILLO-Class Vice-President 1, Cheer- leading 1, 2, 3, 4, Awards 4, Glee Club 1, Library Club 1. 2, Frosh-Soph Play Tournament 1, Director 3, Freshman Party Committee, Frosh-Soph Picnic Committee 1, 2, Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4, Awards 1, 2, Soph Hop Committee, Wig and Rouge 2, 3, Treasurer 4, Microphone 2, 3, Business Manager 4, Junior Party, Play and Prom Committees, J unior-Senior Party Committee 3, Senior PlaywWhenever a cheer is needed, whether at 'ipep" meetings or at games, "Hungry" is always there to help out. She is also interested in dramatics and other school activities. But if the past can be used in foretelling the future, her main interest will always be t'Ebo." KATHLYN VOSH-Library Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Clee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Operetta 1, 2, 3, All-State 4, Intramurals 1, 2, Freshman Party Committee, Frosh-Soph Play Tournament 2, Soph Hop Committee, Junior Prom Committee-Library Club is lucky to have such an active member as Kathlyn, who plans to be a librarian. She has many interests outside of school, having carried on an extensive correspondence with many servicemen during the war. Now her post-war interest lies solely in Waterloo. MARY ELLEN VREELAND-Science Club 1, Frosh-Soph Picnic 1, Intramurals 1, 3, 4, Band 2, 3, 4, Soph Hop Com- mittee, Junior Prom and Play Committees, Junior-Senior Party Committee 3, Class Secretary 4, Senior Play Committee, Senior Ball Court, Red Cross Representative, President 4- ,Mary Ellen could easily be our cover girl of 1946, for who doesn't appreciate her pretty features and blond hair. Mary Ellen is also liked for her quiet ways and pleasing personality, her many friends, both in Mynderse and outside, prove this. JOHN CLARENCE WATKINS-Science Club 1, 2, Frosh- Soph Picnic Committee 1, 2, Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4, Soph Hop Committee, Junior Red Cross Representative 1, 2, Junior Play, Party and Prom Committees, Senior Ball Committee- Shy, that's Jack. Yah! Girls have at least been added to his list of loves but we're afraid they'll never surpass that be- utiful car or his false tooth. They're his pride and joy. Full of the ole Nick with a little seriousness thrown in, no one in the class will ever forget him. Forward to This Moment of Class Night Stunts, a Peacetime Graduation, Tears, Congratulations, the Class Dinner, the Myndersian Dedicatee Dinner, Our Last Prom, Goodhyes to Classes, Pals and Teachers, and Yet We've Dreaded it. It's All Been so Wonderful. Yes, Dear Diary, This ls it! JOAN KELLOGG YOUNG-Science Club, Secretary 1, 2, Intramurals 1, 2, 4, Glee Club 1, 2, 3, Soph Hop Committee, Junior Prom Committee, Le Cercle Francais 4-What G. I.'s life wouldn't be bright, with petite Joan standing by? Joan plans to be an occupational therapist and work with wounded G. I.'s only. Her sympathetic and quiet manner will make her popular in this work as it has won her many friends in Myn- erse. IRENE HELEN ZONA-Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Operetta 1, 2, Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4, Freshman Party Committee, Girls' Athletic Association 4-Somehow Renee always manages to be on the winning basketball team, but we do feel that her skill has something to do with this. She's also very interested in the square dances at Waterloo, every Friday night, but per- sonally, we think there's something else attracting her atten- tion there. 25 71 4.-QL-,op gulls, tri' n 4,-5' ozrr, L.'W ,fL...3,.-f"fr""- , V 'A-,..llKi'4'fJl BAQK now: Bantavanus, Abbott, Fridley, Gibbs, DeSanto, Martin, Giovannelti. THIRD now: Johnson, Watkins, Paradise, Seitz, Ward, Robbins, Salone, Avveduti, Gatgano. SECOND Row: Judson, Dyson, Page, Timmons, Rogers, Snyder, Moio, Searselletta, Poole, Sealtoglia. FRONT now: Chubb, Denman, Eastman, Cepuch, Christopher, M ills, Cirone, 'Woods. GILBERT WATKINS . . President J OAN REARDON . . . Vice-President GERALDINE SULLIVAN . Secretary RICHARD DYsoN ..... . Treasurer MRS. OLIVER, Miss SPENCER, MR. BECKER Advisers September 5, 1945fDear Diary, Last June when they sang, "Where, oh where are the Jolly Juniors PN andlwe, the Class of 1947, Walked down the aisle to take our new places in assembly, a war was raging throughout the Whole World. Today as We embark upon our junior year, guns have ceased firing, our armies have triumphed. We know We must pledge ourselves to those ideals for which so many men and Women sacrificed their lives. November 16, 1945-Oh, Diary, Before I drop off to sleep, I must tell you about the Junior Party held tonight in the gym. "Hobo Heaveni' was the result of Weeks of diligent thinking, pencil qhewing and hair-pulling, on the part of the committee. Beverly Miller and Bob Judson were crowned king and queen of the hobos, while other Juniors, dressed as typical "men of leisuref' entertained. Be- freshments were served in hobo knap sacks, While the main decoration was a large mural painting depicting hobo life. 675444 0 7947 26 gfaafs o 1947 January 11, 1946-Well, Diary, today the Whole class presented our Assembly program, "Junior J umbles," a Kay Kayser radio show with Paul Avveduti portraying Kay and Bill Ward as lshkabible. A variety of talent was uncovered by this program. Perhaps the greatest feat was Joe Poolels display of juggling. February 14 and 15, 1946-Dear Diary, Since all Myndersians love a good comedy, we selected "Shiny Nose" for our play. Betty Clark, as J aney, with the other members of the cast and support- ing committees did us proud. Above all, our thanks go to Miss Margaret Allen for her skilled direction. June Tth-Tonight, Diary, was the J unior-Senior Party! We gave the Seniors a "send-off" into the Wide World that will surely linger in their memories for a long time. June 26, 1946-Oh golly, Diary, this is the big night! After many hours of decorating, the gym is arrayed in all its finery and we are awaiting our guests at the Junior Prom. Excitement reigns and beauty is everywhere, music fills the air, and soon there will be silence, as the queen with her court steps forward to the throne. We have come a long way this year and our success is due principally to our helpful advisers. And so, Diary, now llll close this chapter of our Class History-but you may be assured that We will meet again as Seniors in Mynderse. BARBARA M. CAMPBELL A Class of '47 BACK now: Lindsey, Campbell, Krenller, Hasler, llliller, DeRosa, D,Urso, Jones, Slruble, Marrapese, Terrusi. 'rH1RD now: Sulliivangvwackzirz, Clark, Flynn, Falconer, Curry, Gurba, Crass, Blawski. SECOND now: Smallwood, Colgrove, Dorollzyg Gpwridve, Doloreaj Simms, Cajblla, L., Cross, Cafolla, M., Falola, Parker, Harvey. FRONT Bow: Clzercia, , Markel, Clzuley, Boyes, Arnidon, Pennacchio, DePasquale, Scoll, Brand, Brisco. - K I. 1-.-Mil' Kilb- .ay is 27 its is I .5 .,-, . BACK HOW: Sisson, Aronson, Baker, Lay, Hadley, Broazlbenl, Cramer, Scliaerll, Wfnrden, Dean, F rankenjield. THIRD now: Gilmore, McGuire, Jones, Gallina, Blue, Caraccilo, Comiskey, Passijione, Bowen, Rizzieri. SECOND ROW: Piscilelli, Mahoney, Dombrowski, Scialdone, Compson, Smith, Andrews, Ashbaugh, Wetmore, F rancesclzi, Bowers. FRONT now: Ponlius, Schuster, Gleason, Errico, Calaro, Olmstead, Spiegelman, Sinicropi, Vreelanfl, Durnin, Cherclzia. QA - MARK SINICBOPI . President DOROTHY STRUBLE . . Vice-President 29 J ELIZABETH SINICROPI . Secretary VINCENT CARACCILO .... . Treasurer MRS. SHANNON, Miss KING, Mn. DAVIES . Advisers September 4-Well, what do you know, we made it. After a hard year of struggling as pea-green freshmen, we finally pulled through to become rusty sophomores. The first activity of the year was the election of class oflicers on October 30. We Sophs showed Outstanding abilities in sports, Red. Cross work, band, orchestra, glee club, Microphone and various clubs. Our hoys went out for every sport played this year. Among these athletes are Lenny Passifione, Ronny Schaertl, Tommy Olmstead, Bud Broadbent, Don Comisky, and Lee Letizia. Our hats off to them! They showed outstanding sportsmanship. We also admitted some new personalities to our class. They were Joyce Alford, Margaret Morgan, Cathleen Gearon, and James Bowers. Kem of 7948 28 'V G' 'fwav 676444 of 7948 Soon the time had come to get serious and settle down for some studying. For some reason the office was suddenly free from the Sophs who had forgotten to do their homework. I t was January 28 before we knew it, and we went into our midyear exams with chins up and came out on top. After that, the office was no longer a l1aven of peace. Again Sophs had to eall on Mr. Vogel and explain certain lapses. On the whole, life was pleasant, however. X . April was the month of dispute between freshmen and sophomore in lpfeparation of the Frosh- . X, , , Soph play tournament on May 17. New talent blossomed forth andjoblnedians and tragedians Came out from hiding to display outstanding talent. JL' Everyone looked forward to the annual Soph Hop.fYVi.tlr't.lie aid of all sophomores, decorations, entertainment, and refreshments turned out to be a huge success. Wexhad a "ripping" time. J une was finally here, and we closed our li y and suecessfulxffgarfwith our Frosh-Soph picnic at Cayuga Lake. We tucked away egiouglfll dogg and leinioiradefo carry-'us over to the next year. ' ' f 'il 'Ji A V Xxx- ' as as And, oh, Diary, before we xcloseg we should ,say that our cl. ss advisers were tops. VVell, Goodnight dear Diary. 'Cui' Soplionilfife' Year is over, our Junior Year is marohincf in D , ,ye ,fifflj ...f -f to ,, we ,J f Me f 2- ff V X .-L J fjtygff L59 Jf BACK now: Benfley, Calarco. V ., Gravina, Klionsky, Green, Saracino, Jllorgan, Kennedy, Goodwin, Calareo, NI., Cooney, Klandalos. THIRD now: Parker, Callanfl, Ellison, Riley, Gullzrie, Arnidon, Alford, Palandro, Kissel, Gorlon, Deary. SECOND now: Rogers, Ol in, Sinieropi, Reynolds, Snglia, Braun, Decker, Reynolds, Plallen, Doane, Lama Brady, Agnello, Slowell, Cline. FRONT now: Fox, Slruble, Wolf, lllelella, Zo , Rogers, Esposito, Elliollo, Carler, Bellomo, Frappoll ', Wt?f X X rifle . 29 5, J if s.. 1 sri we , K J' ,N 3, -' 4" ' Q .K Ld., eve, Vw y. , if 1 .lf -' - 1, V J stu 'fkurv ' P. ff-' f'BffQ3iiKB5yi7ilI Kliipperf Belliusso, Sandroni, Capacci, Giovannini, Sc amzxzkino, Verzllld, Keach, Esposilo, Freeland Ifgfoe, Piagenlini, Lamanna, Paradise. THIRD Row: Prall, F ' Iaf Jones, Serling, Odell, Decker, Bennell, Hartman Page, Russo. SECOND now: Maslroleo, Giovannelli, M ilella, Dedyr nyder, Vergamini, Mackey, Ruiz, Taber, Zelllemoyer, Walers, Rossi, Eighmey. FRONT now: Welzel, Wilson, Pollard ff 'Urso, Lemma, Zelilemoyer, Sullivan, Seilz, Dening, Oaks, Weart, Lyman, arlel, Falconer. s fi: . l Q. . T 'A' A f ' ez- 5 U"'Qw.4,-f "' Ai " 'IX 1, K.. ., VA . DON MACKEY . . . . . '. President BETTY LENOV . .... ice-President ELEANOR BEATINI . ii' . . Secretary ALLAN O,DELL ......... Treasurer MRS. SELD, Mns. RINDONE, Misses BLOCK, ALLEN, AND HAIG ........ Advisers UWell, we made it!" was the surprised but jubilant remark made by all of us as We assembled in the auditorium, one hundred and sixteen strong. Quickly getting into the swing of things, those who Were interested joined Wig and Rouge, Micro- phone stall, Senior Clee Club, Science Club, Band, Orchestra, and enrolled in the Junior Red Cross. Library Club, Le Cercle Francais, and cheerleading held initiations and you Werenit able to Walk down the halls Without seeing some freshman, with clothes on backwards, carrying a sign, or count- ing the bricks on second floor, at the top of the center stairs. Both boys and girls Went all out for sports. The boys formed intramural 'teams between the homerooms and more than the usual number won places on football, J-V basketball, and baseball teams. Over half of the girls Went out for soccer, volleyball, basketball, and baseball. Cfafsa of I9 9 v Q Y lf, .lp , fr ,K ' ,4 J , iv ' ,pf - 44.4515 tmykivx ,WL M fl T " - , 'oy ' , , - - , In 1 ,QT Q' ,, L-.4 jfzziifz 'L -' WA, sffL..4J",v 'L ' J 'fri Q4 V -4 i fi' X '.:14..i , .111 MQ , 1 . CALM o 7 94 9 B-B as ' 'V , J Althoug t ese ac vities took up a lot of our time and energy, we still l1ad a great ! eallef ' with which to ha - fun Upper-elassinen were a bit in awe of us, because we were so i gf' Q . 4 ' o his fact was more noti 'eablefwhku some,ofjliem tried, in vain, to get to C fv: ' a , , i D' , . a 1,2 1 , g Before theueiggw arkeiuing cloud of mifl-Steers we sew to or K fl .uw 4, 5 A roam the hal d-tif' ,D study ffricids or le?L,ot3r,F1o1nework sli , ut ' le s a f or ' Cast off our gloo Tfahd prepared for spri1Iig.,lPfi1cE,wlga'g a sprin 'tQvas! ' , l ' f ' , 1 J . ' -' - First oarue the!Mii'ffLi,! Freshman daruzefx This was our P st socia 32151-i,Q,,b Ciyrdi eny that it was ifbdre line. D decoratiqlisfentertpynlgei ,si ,.aL-si: ie . I May! J ,ought Lhqlllosli-Sophibplay tflllljlfi-lflflliilll, , an E , er years, We led merr X hase. efjj ,V .2-' ld, ' . . l With ,th bflose of tliffefsiilio I je'ar1fanie.,t,l1e Fros -Soph picnic with food for all.,-T is afparticulf' Ygalafeveiitebeeausce it marked the last of our , . 'la .f , . V B , We again Went t,l1r?f1f,fl1 With, the necessary torture of taking final exams, out most 3 of us did all right? 'l 'ft' Weive had our fun and frolic but we have our serious e, too. The of our successf i enterprises is due to our elass advisers, Whose frien l lp and this a memorable ear Q, 0?- r5..1-,fi Juvgkrtk Gr 21-ffl? I 07'7'Pfv'..f9'r'D BACK Row: Larizza, Farney, Lapa lo, Coffey Banluvanis, Brown, Carler, Crough. THIRD Row: lon, Odflo, Belcher, Lawrence, Blawski, Byrne, Bowman, Wade, Yales, Davis, Didio, Struble Van Cleef, Slahl, Leno, DeWall, Malzoney, Lombardo, Clark, Hayes Suglia, illerrick, Cappella, Ecling- ROW . lllackzn, Brady, Bealini Judson, Bromley. FRONT Row: Annis fuel- -i3,y-r , ng i.NX, a . v 0'-ack .4 'z1.Q4-Jia.. i 5553345 I i 1 1 V wif' , grade KK. N395 " ' 9 , L 4, - September 5, 1945-What a wonderful day this is-we're Eighth Graders, and if we are careful ' I where we say it we may even claim the title-Class of 1950. As we look around our new home- . . 1 . . . in .. ms we see old friends and 116W pupllsg teachers we have had and some that will be new to us. U' So w, with new studies, activities and clubs of various types, it looks as if this year is going to J? ,Af asant one. Music, both instrumental and vocal, appeals to many, and you will hear from Y, Sie uni Chorus in our operetta in the spring--"Saucy Hollandaisef' I hw BACK lk Qber, Siegel, Stuck, Vosburgh, B., Smith, W., Knapp, B., Baehman, Cook, Bennett, Kreutter, Curry, Caimano, caccilli, Craeknell, Dombrowski, Smith, C., Shaster, D., THIRD Row: Pollard Smith, L., Jones, D., Parker, R., 0, Shuster, W., Parker, H., Twist, Borden, Staley, Sinicropi, Turkztt, Fiano, Marsh, Clark, Carpenter, Brand. sEco now: Peterson, Batty, Knapp, B., Klandatos, Green, Costello, Buck, Sandy, Stahl, Crane, Terrusi, Vreeland, Delis , Knight, Large, Reynolds, Peterrnan, Selleck, M ilanesi. FRONT How: Hibbard, Andrews, Alnidon, N Colgrove, F reelan , Lind, Jones, B., agill, Mastroleo, Smith, E., Horle, Woods, Woodward, Meeks, Fisher, Barrett, fa ' Brown, Brace, McBride, Bonacci. .nm 'tbC,5'l'o'FlvrcL-5. X , Cx J, 'L 'Ag a,z!6f'7m:4-'l'?,lfiY' Q3 , wil 5 ,,.f"'v .6 5 A v Y 5 I"'S I- fb J LTKTXNX 'H .kk ,K Q V' ,C ,J 'RL - euenf pa e KX '25 f u fi LM: Xt -M J I 0 .. 1 . V September 4, 1945-We entered Mynderse for the first time as a class and elected homeroom officers ,Q ' ' for the year. Space won't permit us to mention all of these, but the presidents are Jack Hibbord,. , fax, in Miss Campany's room, Eugene Wolfe, in Mr. Bourdonis, and Lloyd Hosford, in Miss Jacobs. Y ' f l Ti Our class, the youngest in Mynderse, participated in all the activities that we can joi11, including the mx A , band, glee club, Red Cross, and Airplane Club. Our social life includes gay homeroom parties and 'fi y picnics with oh, such food. Everyone joins in the fun, and we won't forget this enjoyable year. l ILM- Q? "WWC-fl-V - -'- ,,,,I,42 .am -me f a N . . 001411 W: af- 1 X I. I :T 71 Clffifi-f,-:Pi 5 1 1 MIC u i 'nh . -l,'-1 ., j Y.,-be , f JY- , . 1, , ':'n, 'fr' frsfff-"Wiz "WWA IAQ 17 i C if -ji 4 .nie-'slit i ' ,fy J uw N' X ew ,fy ll 'S V, ' A 1 'S' . I J N F elleflfh QPCLJQ BACK How: Larsen. Johnson, Fiorelli, Lafler, Hosford, Lalhey, Beerse, lrish, Knight. THIRD Bow: Alford, Schaertl Walters, Becker, Smith. Russo, Noble. Staudrneyer, Hilbert, Denman, Cuy. SECOND Row: Wolfe, D., Urwin, Farney Wedge, Eighrney, Ellison, Johnson, Nugent, Dowen, Brown, J., Hause, Hubbard, Brown, H., Annis, Kroeger, Cooley FRONT now: fllahoney, Swineharl. Parish, Hibbard, Dark, McLaren, Underwood. Plankey, Landbery, Bonacci, Reid, Davis, Wolfe, E., Grirnstead, Appell, Desmond. BACK How: Buck, Vreeland, C., Meeks, J., Joslyn, Salone, Andreas, Heed, Broadbent, Christopher, Fredenburgh, Gibbs THIRD now: Decker, Ashbaugh, Blue, Hauss, Kidd, Brewer, A rnold, Walters, Catlzerrnun, Srnith, L. SECOND now: Soscia, B.,fSoseia, PV., Smith, J., Conley, E., Conley, C., Beerse, Zona, Reynolds, Platten, Bennelt, Keating, Lilla, Pelerrnan, Clark., FRONT now: Griggs, JWcCrain, Kinney, Holland, Mills, Carroll, Hilbert, Vreeland, L., Lynch, Lind, Bergman, J i ,' blaracuccili, White, lVIcClaren. A' .mi 'lj y . -2' , 1 gn Ay' h L 49,6 ef' , f if K J Tflfl f J ,'- 1' A, Q. Q D -D If. I as .gf 33 ' ,ff J 1 N 1 1. Bonnie and David steal lhe show. 2. King Fernando and Qu, en Elizabeth. 5. Barrie arrives with her deer. 6. Nancy assisli 9. Powder room sexleile. 11. he line up. 12, Grand march. r - ' ' ' J 44, ,ww Dflwlf 34 i 3. Brin crowns Nick as lhe courl looks on. 4. Perkins al noon. 7. Cheerleaders in aciion. 8. Bruce has callers. 10. Tlzafs 1Wolly in llze background. 13. And llze music comes out lliere. M. Poppa Ford and Baby Austin. 35 W , enior way November 8-9-10 are memorable for the performance of the seniors in "Brother Goose," their play coached by Miss Allen. This amusing comedy gave Tommy Baker a chance to interpret the harassed domestic type of man who housekeeps while trying to supervise the lively young people of his family. Mary Galletti stole the show as the tomboy in love Wi th football. Gloria Povero oozed Southern charm, while Silvia Cosentino gave her usual good performance in a character role. Dick Nugent was involved in all kinds of difficulty, not to mention Joyce Scattaglia who was simply poisonous when she met up with the ivy. A good supporting cast helped put 'the play across. STANDING: Nugenl, Povero, Scallaglia, Parks, Pennacclzlo, Cosenlino. SITTING: Van Cleef, Gallelli, Gay, Verzilla, Baker. l i E STANDING! Denman, Sullivan, Euslman, Clark, Garba, VValkins. SITTING: Banlavanis, Kreuller, DePasquale, Campbell. "Shiny Nosef, a three-act comedy, typical of almost any American family, was presented by the Junior class, February 15, 1946, under the direction of Miss Margaret Allen. Betty Clark, who played the lead, tried to convince her parents that she was old enough to be engaged to George CWillard Eastnianj, but she had a hard time doing so, even With the help of her younger sister, enacted by' Mary DePasquale. Gerry Sullivan, in the role of a sophisticate agreed with her parents, for she was trying to get George for herself. The parents were particularly Well played by Barbara Campbell and George Bantuvanis. The play, of course, ended Wi th all the conflicts straightened out. unior Way 36 ocrzs +21 Q' OW A Maw A Mud Qual .X DMA ggpfg wui A 'Ci A CK MLMQMA ACTIVITIES nu aural 4 9-Que,-xo-w.e is '-Qs. bo news. vu past, an EVLB +L, gag Phu wma hx MEM Ghz Cl,-.jarullus 0. Clmxfmmb 'K-v4.i'L. 0.11 munguas Lx o.. c4,,.,AlL-,L1LLj- A 4. 'Vg -- 1 "uf S-'u Ei: JFxN.lO YX Aw A SL CWA - WW . Mm if qzwkb ngzfiiygjm ckwrm xx 422. YM-4-Xvx.clL0?-Sljoqfl. cxcres M A Q iw R35-V56 pE55+9-LQUSCM usb 55-Q-C61 M. .M IWYLJLX Qxuplinp 91my LJQOQJ Wooancksxiakii qoas Wieck-mais. QQ jlze I9 6 WynJer5ian STAFF Edif0F-ill-ChtQf1ALICE CASEY Literary Staff SILVIA COSENTINO, J OYGE SCATTAGLIA, GLORIA POVERO, BARRIE DOANE, MARION KREUTTER, BETTY HARTRANFT, BETTY SEITZ. Business lllIflTtClg6I"RICHARD BAUSGH Business Stajj' MOLLY VAN CLEEF, ROBERT GERAGHTY, JAMES FEGLEY, BARBARA POTTER, ROBERT ALCOTT, VIRGINIA BERRELLS, JANE GUY, RITA CAPPARELLI, FERDINAND NICANDRI, BOBERT FORNESI, THOMAS BAKER, ELIZABETH SISSON Photographic Edif0P1JERRY Boss, assist- ed by ALBERT PARKS and VIRGINIA KLANDATOS. Art EdiffJF'EVELYN BEERSE, assisted by MARY GALLETTI. Head Typist-BENA MELLINI, assisted by lVlARY DOLORES VERZILLO, BJADELINE MARTELLO, DOLORES ROTUNDO. Adt'l.SPI'-lVlISS JULIA H. CYBBIEN Miss fyBRIEN, Adviser: RICHARD RAUSCH, Bus. Mgr.: ALICE CASEY, Editor. Dec. 13-Staff tryouts today, Alice Casey named Editor-in-Chief of the M'yndersian.. Jan. 17- Ptest of staff announced with Dick Bausch as Business Manager. Jan. 28-Ad and subscription campaign are on-result, a bumper crop. Feb. 1-28-Mr. Sutterby covered activities While the Bul- locks took the individuals. Mounting dlSlllUSlO11Ill6llt among seniors about Hollywood chances. We're strong for retouchings. Mar. 1-We have typed, indentitied, written, rewritten, sketched, altered dummies. Who said a diary theme would be easy? Mar. 15-Since the Myndersian. has gone to press, the staff can return to normalcy and forget luncheon meetings in 19. April 15-Proof reading. More harried days! May 20-Year books out, autograph hunters on the prowl. June 26-Tonight We don formals for the Dedicatee's Dinner. Our work done, we close the Myndersian Diary with the hope our public likes it. STANDING: Seifz, Mellini, Povera, Scaftaglia, Cosentino, Sisson., Doane, Van Cleef, Geraglzly, M iss 0'Brien, Adviserg Baker, Berrells, Parks, Beerse, Nicandri, Klandalos, Verzillo, Marlello. SEATED: Hartranft, Gallelti, Rolando, Kreutler, Rausch, Business Manager,' Alice Casey, Editor: Guy, Capparelli, Ross. FRONT ROW: Poller, Alcoll. 5 H Q .-.. if ' A " J ' A . A i l 37 BACK ROW: Moio, Marrapese, DePasquale, Kissel, Aronson, Calland, Verzillo, Page, Potter. Mellini, Pennucchio, Poniius. lN11DDLli Row:4Dyson, Povero, Banluvanis, Casey, Gibbs, Clark, Hadley, Lundberg, Lay, Scallaglia, Sisson. FIRST Row: Reardon, Kissel, Duane, Miss Compilello, Adviserg Harlranfl, Easlrnan, Campbell. C0-Edll0l'.S7BAR11IE DOANE, BETTY HART- RANFT News Editors-BARBARA CAMPBELL, JOAN REARDON Assistants-ALICE CASEY, BETTY CLARK, HONOR CALLAND, MARY DEPASQUALE, RENA MELLINI, JOSEPHINE BJARRAPESE, MARION LANDBERG, ANTOINETTE PENNACCHIO, VILMA VERZILLO, ROGER CHUBB, PAUL SISSON, WILLIAM Moro, NORMAN PONTIUS, JOYCE SCATTAGLIA Magazine Editor-WILLARD EASTMAN Assislanls-BOB GIBBS, BOB ARONSON, DON HADLEY Sports-CAROL IQISSEL, FRANK PAGE, MARVIN LAY Special COIUTHH-GLORIA POVERO F'ClSlZi0f7,S-BARBARA POTTER Business Manager-BRIN KISSEL A19.?iSlGIll-'GEORGE BANTUVANIS Circulation fllanager-RICHARD DYSON F aculiy A dviser-Miss TERESA M. COMPITELLO September 19, 19"l457OI'gE1l1lZZ1tl0Il meeting. Good grade paper is still "few and far betweenw so twelve issues, publishd bi-weekly, will continue to be our program. Our aim this year is three-fold: a more widely read editorial page, a close editorial and news rela tionshipg all and all, a super paper. The Microphone activity period will be devoted to different phases of journalism such as writing leads, headline writing, reporting and news writing. Erasers are sure going to begin to disappear! October 25, 1945-The lirst 'iMike,' was issued to our four hundred subscribers. Our business staff has gone over the top with advertisements. October 25, 1945-NVhat a weekend! Barrie Doane, Betty Hartranft, Barbara Campbell, Joan Boar- don, Willard Eastman and Miss Compitcllo attended the Esspa Conference held at Syracuse. Journalism discussions and lectures were only a part of the program. What a dance! Those elevators -that Friday night-that football game! May 1, 1946-'4Mike7' banquet. Activities were concluded with much food a11d gaiety. Great credit should be given Miss Compitello, whose never tiring efforts are the real key to the success of the paper. Wgnderde icrofa one 38 ig ana! gouge MOLLY VAN CLEEF . . President ELIZABETH CLARK . . Vice-President ELIZABETH SISSON . . Secretary YILMA YEHZILLO . . . Treasurer Miss NIARGARET ALLEN . Adviser Another fascinating year of grease-paint and quick changes go11e by. Weive had some rough spots, but-what funl We started off the year with a bang, our first project being our December 17 program. We called it the Wig and Rouge Hodge Podge. The antics of those kids had the audience howling. Next we staged the HPot Boiler," a one-act play, which also proved to be very amusing. Then came that fatal day. CFatal, that is, for our Mynderse he-men.j When you started seeing the fellows shy away from the girls, you knew that it must be nearing April 5, the night of the Sadie Hawkins Dance. As usual, the dance was a memorable success, with the boys losing out in the end-as usual. Then came the Frosli-Soph Play Contest directed by members of the Wig and Rouge. The rest of us were kept busy separating the two rival classes. On May 24 the Annual Prize Speaking Contest, sponsored by the Wig and Rouge, was held in the Auditorium. Our other activities included the drafting of a new eonstitutiong the holding of classes in make-up and our helping in the payment of a new stage set. BAcK now: Easlman. Poller, Cosenlino, Capparelli, Dark, Campbell, llflackin, Brady, Kissel, Poole. THIRD 1iow:Scalfaglia, B. Doane, Povero, Welmore, Parks, Sanders, Smith, Falconer, Garba, Klionsky. SECOND now: Sullivan, Flynn, Verzillo, Van Cleef, Miss Allen, Adviserg Clark, Sisson, N. Doane, Gravina. FRONT now: Hadley, Aronson, Banlavanis. 39 il X . l l Zgepfuw' N Jace Jzpeectat BACK Row: Shasler, P., Marlel, Miller, B., Ward, Dyson, Ashbaugh, Nugent, Shusier, D., Lay, Jbarfl, Carpenter, Jack: Carpenter, J.: Maslroleo, Sanders, Hadley, Welmore, Spiegelman, THIRD ROW: Clark, Zona, eiiz, J., Cafaro, Seiiz, R., Goodwin, Gibbs, B., Parks, DelRasso, Kreuiler, J udson, Crough, Shepherd, Beerse, Baker, V5RCleef, Vreeland, M., Harlranft. SECOND Row: Barchim, Sinicropi, Dilrnore, Aronson, Bally, Mackey, Miller, J., Gibbs, R., Abbotl, Eastman, Caraccilo, Reynolds, Leno, Mills, Vreeland, B. FRONT ROW: Mr. Fraser, Directory Cirone, Fridley, Sullivan, U e Cepuch, Denman, Guy. ALBERT PARKS . . Manager BETTY HARTRANFT . . Librarian MR. JOHN FRASER . . . . . Director September 16, 1945-Mynderse Band organized with old and many new members attending, the field being wide open for new talent. September 25, 1945-Much excitement today. Buses took us to Skaneateles to join in the Welcome Home Celebration for General Wainwright. We were proud to see a hero in the close up and play in Central New York's tribute to a great man. September 29, 1945-Starting with our first home football game of the season, Mynderse Band played for all our home games except Penn Yan. Under the baton of the Waterloo director, both the massed bands played at final game. November 11, 1945-The Mynderse Band joined the Legion Bugle Corps in our Armistice Day observance. March 13, 1946-Another musical treat-the Band put on the assembly today. March 15, l946mTonight another Fraser directed success-annual concert held the spotlight. May 17-18, 1946-These days marked the opening of the Competition Festival of New York State School of Music Association, which we attended at Port Byron. May 30, 1946-This, the first Memorial Day since V-.T Day, was a special occasion with the band playing for the parade. Many Veterans of World War II were marching, and we were proud to supply some of the music for this 1946 Decoration Day. Band OPEL 25 tl"Cl, September 11-We began our year of Work and entertaining under the direction of Mr. F1'aser. Some ofthe boys. with Al Parks as leader, have played at our informal dances and after the games. The weekly assembly is on our regular schedule. November 9-Tonight We supplied the music for HBrot.her Goose" before and between the acts. February 14 and 15-6'Shiny Nose," the Junior play, needed music so Mr. Fraser directed our elforts during the evening. February 28 and March 1- Selected members of the orchestra assisted by Mr. Bay Costello and Clarence Balsley played for the Rotary lllinstrels show. This was probably the most exacting performance of the year, because of the variety of demands on the players and the exacting requirements of accompanying singers. lt was a super experience and fun loo. J une 22-Rebearsed with the seniors today for graduation. Keeping the tempo slow enough to prevent a race to the stage was difficult, but we managed it. June 25-Tommy Baker, Johnny Miller and Al Parks Were graduated today. All of us will miss these musicians who have been with us since Freshman year. Al for one hopes to go on With his music. Luck to all of them! BACK Row: John Fraser, Directory Aslzbauglz, Cafaro, Seifz, Dyson, Vlfard, Baker, Denman.. FRONT Row: Eiglzmey, Parks, Illiller, Goodwin, Gibbs. 41 9 1 Nl X A A A Ax X X KY S fel Vi i X 1 'Q Vi Baker Broadbent, Spiegelman, Parks, Sinicropi, Lemma, Geraglily, Mackey, I Sullivan, R., Deal, Gale. FIFTH Bow: Johnson, Allen, Mackin, Brady, N Iones, Parker, Ellison., Holcomb, Cojfey, Sinicropi, Plallen. FOURTH now: ' L., Cross, Cajfola, M., Larizza, Mahoney, Mellini, Suglia, D., Farney, Annis, IHIRD Row: Dragone, Gallelli, Bellorno, Lama, Russo, Lapamardo, J udson, Blawski, Buren Cliuley, Reynolds, D., Brown. SECOND now: Gearon, Guy, Lombardo, Tar 7 l ' ' . ' quzno, bezlz, Lamuraylia, Kennedy, Morgan FRONT now. A., Goodwin, Lindsey, Dilrnore, Vosh, Miller, Srnallwood, Mg . ,jj r, Director. 11 . President 2 fp' . l . Vice-President A . Secretary A ABBOT .WJ ,.... . Treasurer . SEITZ ...,.... Pianist 01 BURGESS, JANE GUY, ALICE SULLIVAN, I JOYCE ALFRED, BARBARA BYRNE . . . Librarians J 2 MISS BOBERTA SCHLOSSEB .,.... Director , I' 7 Kept Ib r 10-We organized under the direction of Miss Schlosser with a membership of 110, G! Ql whi is the largest chorus Mynderse has ever had. There are 46 sopranos, 43 altos, 9 tenors, 7 li b ses, and 5 baritones. Donlt think the balance tone is too uneven, because those 21 male voices ny K W ' e volume. Ijfoylilovember 17 and 18-Five of our members attended All-State Musical Festival, Where they re- ply' G hearsed the music with many' others and presented it at a formal concert. i December 19 and 20-The Christmas Carol Sing was our first public performance, and we thought It especially effective as We marched i11 a candlelight procession to the stage. The audience was later invited to sing, and joi11ed in with a Will. April 12-At our annual spring concert today we sang selections ranging from "This is My Country" to 'iThree Blind Mice." We thought it a success. May 17 and 18-We attended tl1e competition Festival in Port Byron which was the highlight of the year. June 25-Eighteen of our seniors are leaving, and we Wish them the best of luck and much happiness. enior Le . pgs 9 ,av 1. ' - i ii in V 5 of . lfiiljlf 'i Ae idrary LLL if' ' r V1 Y E -. JOAN REARDON . . President " " LENA BLAWSKI . Vice-Presidenl K "' --rf AIARY DEROSA . . Treasurer K Mft HONOR CALLAND . . Secretary i Miss TERESA COHPITFJLLO ....., Adviser October 26-Big event of the day was election of President, of Library Clubl November 8-Elected remaining Officers d uring activity period. November 13, let, 15-American Education Week. Library Club members served refreshments for social meeting of parents and teachers. November 29-Library Club, with Barbara Campbell as Chairman, gave book reports on new books, in Observance of Book Week. December 13-Annual Christmas party with gifts and refresliments was held today with Dorothy Davis, chairman, assisted by freshmen members of the club. January 10-Jeanne Decker and her committee of sophomores gave a demonstration On the pur- chasing and processing of new books. February 20-Silver Tea Dance was held in the Library by the clubg first social function of its kind since before the war. March 28flN"lembers entertained library cadet teacher from Genesee State College. June 1-Library Club picnic at State Park eompletes social functions for year 1945-46. BACK now: Lama, Carler, Terrusi, Brazly, Campbell, Clzerclzia, Bellonzo. SECOND Row: Davis, lllarkel, Coffey, Judson, Decker, Baniuranis, Hayes, Reynolds. Cline. FRONT now: DeRosa, Reardon, M iss' Compitello, Aclviserg Blawski, Caland. 1' - . -,NI 4 S ci l 43 BACK Row: DeSanto, Cherchia, Stahl, Hayes, Judson, Young, Rizzieri. SECOND Row: Lindsey, Klandatos, Beerse, Colgrove, Vreeland, Chalker, Baniuvanis, Bromley, Baker. FRONT Bow: Kreutter, K issel, Bausch, Mm Seld, Adviser: Page, Bantzwanis, Cherchia. X j Qu RICHARD BAUSCH . .... President all FRANK PAGE . . . President of the Cabinet ' M y 41 GEORGE BANTUVANIS . Minister without Portfolio as on JULIA CHERCHIA . . Minister of Writing . SHIRLEY KREUTTER . Minister of Finance ? Q CAROL K1ssEL ...... Minister of Programs X ' October 31, 1945-For practice in speaking French we reorganized "Le Cercle Francais." Today we held our iirst meeting and elected the governing body modeled after the French government. November 15, 1945-Richard Bausch explained parliamentary procedure for conducting a French meeting. Carol Kissel supervised the playing of French games. November 29, 1945-Business meeting. New constitution discussed. Played French games and as a finis, sang "La Marseillaisef' December 19, 1945-Christmas party. Angelo Cherchia and Joan Young explained Holiday customs in France. Gifts were exchanged. Carol and George presented the play "The Doll." January 3, 1946-New constitution approved. , January 10, 1946-Held a noon hour dance in gym. January 17, 1946-New members from the French One class were present today while Mrs. Bindone displayed articles from France. Noon hour dancing with door prize as added attraction was decided on. February 7, 1946-Initiation for new members began under direction of the cabinet. All survived. February 21, 1946-Noon hour dance with Ladonna Lindsey singing. We ordered our emblems which will show a rooster and the letters LCF. March 9, 1946-Luncheon in honor of new members was held today. e Kerri jrancaio 44 . j .a vt 0 ,fs J My ak .. .A,A ., . , , . 'iddi ..WQ,Qfff.m 1 , . 2 . 'i , . .t..xWJ-Nuff A l 5 4 af Q? A fx gs s ef it fl it 'li 3 35 , M sgmialiewet BACK now: zllaslroleo, Amidon, Sinicropi, Deal, Caiherman, Turkell, Serling, Holcomb, Cramer, Mr. Bourdon, Faculty A dzviserg Pelermarz, 4UcGilI. SECOND now: Pollard, F iano, Alcoll, Burrell, Caimano, F isher. SEATED: Bachman, Demming. ROBERT ALCOTT . . President BBIN KISSEL . . Vice-President BETTY HOLCOMB . . Secretary SHERMAN EIGHMEY . . . Treasurer MR. JOHN A. BOURDON , Faculty Adviser November 15, 1945-Organization meeting. We set forth plans for an enjoyable and pleasant year. November 22, 1945-Today we elected our head officers and viewed specimens of a volcanic eruption. Before adjourning our meeting we laid plans to wow the new members joining February 23. December 6, 1945-Scientific meeting. The period was devoted to the study of coal creation and products. January 11, 1946-We presented an evening movie, 'iSo's Your Aunt Emmaf, a11d did we drag in the public, the show was a riot. January 18, 19416-Our public begged for another movie so we seared them out with a Sherlock Holmes show. February 23, 1946-Brin Kissel left for service, so today we elected Bert Serling to carry his load. For scientific study, we examined the magnesium silicate, Hlalcf' Initiation in the evening and you should have seen our new members. We surprised them and did they surprise us! November 1, 1945, to March 1, 1946-We joined with the G. A. A. and sold candy at the basketball games, and split the profits. Uur plans call for closing the year with a farewell party at Watkins Glen, so we had to finance those appetites of ours. cience 45 .NQCZFM October 2-The Hearth Club was re-established to increase our social training and to acquire more knowledge Of happy and intelligent living. Election of our club ofiicers held, today. October 164We launched our finance program. November 12AOur bullet supper helped in kitchen and social techniques. December 18-Christmas dinner party with all the trimmings! January 4-Joined the Future Homemakers Of America. January 10-Today the new girls were given lists of initiation Hmustsf' February 64Served Block M dinner as part of our program of cooperation with other clubs. March 20-Buffet dinner. April 1-Health program inaugurated in grammar schools. May 3-May Dance. June 8-Picnic. BETTY BUnGEss . President ELAINE CROSS Vice-Presideni JANET PARKER . Secretary CARMEN Sw1NEHEAR'r Treasurer ALICE PAGE . Club Reporler Miss CAHDWVELL . Adviser BACK How: Swinehearl, Fleury, Reynolds, Stone, Colgrove, Cooney, Rogers, Smith, Miss Cardwell, Adviser. SECOND now: Zona, Cross, Parker, Burgess. FIRST ROW: Page, Guthrie, Cross, Curry, Scoll, llibbard, Brand. ClIVLSUISwBARBARA CAMPBELL, JOE POOLE A8dil6S+SHlRLEY GUBBA, ELEA- NOR MALIKIN, JOAN HEARDON, PAUL AVVEDUTI Censor-LENA BLAWSKI QUd6Sl0P-NANCY FALCONER CanioreNANCY DOANE JlULl'l0T'1ROSE KI,ION'SKY BACK ROW: Dark, Mackin, Fal- coner, Doane, Gearon, Jones, Brisco. SECOND now: Blawski, K lionsky, Avveduii, Gurba, Loar. SEATED: Reardon, Poole, Miss Miller, Adniserg Campbell, Mar- kel. October 4, 1945-Whoever thought Latin could be as much fun as thisl Miss Miller has proved to us already that the Roman language and culture can really be interesting and fun to know. November 1, 1945-More fun translating song titles from Latin to English. To think that '5Non Passum Facerew really means "No Can Do." Even those ancient Romans knew the score. May 2, 1946-Everyone will go to the Roman banquet dressed as Roman citizens in tunies. Latin I students with the highest averages will act as slaves, serving the food and providing entertainment. Jafin unior Zo! Crow The Junior Bed Cross with its one hundred per cent membership in school has continued the worthwhile work that made it outstanding in the war years. Among its activities of tl1e year were projects for overseas and those on the home front. The former consisted of filling boxes for the needy and the making of stuffed animals for children in war ravaged countries, the latter, the designing of hundreds of George Washington favors by the art department for sailors at Sampson and the assistance given the publicizing of the Adult Pied Cross membership campaign. BACK Row: Smilh, K n iqhl, Crack- nell, Lind, D'Urso, Reynolds. SECOND now: Markel, Jones, Pouero, Miss Spencer, Faculty Adviser: Mrs. Garnsqy, Chairman,- Reynolds, Scoll. FRONT Row: De- Rosa, Seilz, Doane, N., Vreeland, Sinicropi, Doane, B. BACK now: Dombrowski, Bally, Hubbard, Eighmey, Salone, Lind, J., Underwood, Knight, Back, Knapp, B., Stahl, Cracknell, Selleck, Krealler, Beers, Colgrove. SECOND now: Hilbert, Nagenl, F isher, Horle, Woodward, Knapp, B., Gibbs, Andreas, Kraeger, Chrislopher, Jones, Smith, J., Weaver, Plallen, Woods, Decker, Reynolds, Freeland, Carbone, Mills, Zona, Broadbent. FRONT ROW: Clark, Turkell, Plankey, Holland, Slaley, Terrusi, Lind, I., Landberg, Parker, Srnilh, W., Kealing, Bergman, Carroll, Crane, Pelerman, Brown, Barrell, Smith, L., Vreeland, Urwin, Smilh, E. Under Miss Roberta Schlosserls direction, the Junior Chorus produced the colorful operetta "The Saucy Hollandaisen on March eighth. The story in its setting in the palace garden, concerns a Princess llrene Lindj who knows the state secret of Holland. The Queen lFrances T errusil appoints Hans lGary Plankeyb to keep her from telling it to a Prince llirik Landbergj. Gther highlights of the story were the mutiny inspired by Joe Cflichard Parkerb, the trephining operation performed by Dr. Quick lliugene Staleyj on Joe and the King lWalter Smithl, and Meena's QNona Hollandj saving Hans from the Prince. unior 5A0l'll5 47 fy lf , X xf Q 1. Touch Down! 2. Normarfs hots went strong! 3. Slralegic harldle! 0, Ebo holdsg Paradise kicks! 5. Mary leads one! Tickeis! Get your tickets here! 7. Time to eat! 48 ATHu.ETnc 5 'QL e,-JA nnwi 0-4.-i -ian-MSS-Qi czncxx ire xg-eZi5o.ii QfCQ.uu.i5 VCLJFQRDXTQXGL ug Ste-nf, L SQTQJSOM. Q3loek M Rvi-Mains +3 -Q5-.m.pl1jL macyqc, huxrngbi, - me Yoecims semavn-A ' Euz.,1QAAo4..g, -K5 Kit,-eQ.,gx Rau, W 10,-vvnL.S. oe0 V f Xodg N1 Yana 'ds xhfxdll, - - Q ' 2u'iJlnxo'n-E.'1Jd'PAf:+' 0-,ui it-Q. LQnrCLK1unmu!u1Si In cku..vLfXL!nwg11,,yg,L,,xx2f-,hx +o1oll LA..iJ W H 'CQ cJ.,m,0,,-,fx u59Q.g.4p,. s.L'JfX'a!3C tx-42 5 .Un -ux vvw . I l Qmm OM 569,-my My Q MQ Xxa,-, an-wk Cjfkxvnifg CJt+fg,4v'Lxk'K.b"n Q , T C11 6 M5 C190AuCfiLA c1 fn.A r1LPs,uEC1,.Jxvui, UQ . ---- -- -- - - --H x ta., AWA q 4: A, 3M,,,V,D,,q,H, , i W mxiffwfkx, MM lLa'fr5uuQ,,krl1'2f?fawffT,!Q!UJlt ,,VcpufL,Q,lt,hJ pdwfw JD-4,QLf.JJW . ! ' Y ' JMJC9,-Wwv?. N El ww fwwzwww, WM 'W WM i?3.g3Wf- L ww, d5h2bwwML7 We3i'Z2,imQ i iiowfmh , Eg,.4u,,4,1L4,Amf f M WM2-Mmmw LEFT T0 RIGHT: Tarquino, F lynn, DePasquale, Cross 49 HV ,V , " f Vff :gV-gg:- - --V :f QW? :M S, in V 2 V Y V S 3S'Mfl "'1M QT ' ' 1 ' 4 U A M i jgf Ly? . A V',, I . ' 1 A v..,.. W ,Z . ,. .L 42 3. K .. . , V M H M AV.A.: V i'M5.g-:f555f.l'AVeiQ --PQ- V V 1 ii 'iz' if 1355 . 1 A K dwg! .V Y .fi , , H, 4-.W 2, ., .V , , ,e 'V :V , , ,, WM Q- . , 1 ?ff?:f'i ' f'hbf:1Pf , . - - , ' - '- ' t 5 K A E95 ,V, .Iffiliizifizfi 32 it ""' -. -M 'g? 5l'54'W V ' ', x 1 iff: Vi . 113' " ' ' ,' ' , I MQ! . .X'L,,, tw 'V 1 U A z. -ii. V - f " ""'. is ' V L ' ,N 5.1 . . ,V E . v . . f X 'iifiiflflf' . ' 5: fw'W,g'::Lf 'xrgrifnr X "fs A Q Q A Qv:r.:w:r:- rfrsiszfzigf ' l fi 1-wqzifiwf ' ' V X E. ,XV 1 were gg ' V g?'?f35fi'K VEf,Ai.f"Ii 5iNliQRf3?i . . , !"2'wrl'3wfi 3 t . , , E 5i?i5,,QV7ig1ziiSgNANi3 NHLABLWK2 , nm-.ifmffraaff i .A wriv Glfiwfvwffl V V V r QV QV QV 1 Q f E77'f 'fiU'44'B.Flf3 ZNBMYNX , . Yswewm - i :i 2 'ILV " , V W 5225. fm- 'f fl 15451 , M ' V ffl . Ve U 25 in fre,-MH.fMNfiVf1f4'f21VfiY V V V VffVffff-Vs ra .si YVV2. 1 1 ' V .,., . ..... V S Vt ' - S -V .5 , 7' 1 .... , A F H it . , ,. ----- M H ..,. S " 'A it "-'-'- 3 JL HKA aa: 'nf-Zlf V V. 2.,f2.:. A K - 4 -Viz? 52: 1 it 2 ' w -'V' . I 'fEi1: "'- "" ' . ' - .... 1 ' 3 V ' ' A " "k' ' 2 ' S wsww . , , , ?lf55'KZfi' bw :' ' E S t i September 14, 1945-Important bulletin of the day-Coach Cooley becomes adviser!! September 21, 1945-At our meeting today Block M voted to buy the cheerleaders new uniforms. February 6, 1946-Father and Son Banquet at the Home Center. Included among other guests were our good friends-coaches Baker and Wormuth and also "Red" Shannon. May 25, 1946-Loads of both good food and fun classed this year's picnic as something never to be forgotten. ELCA W CM goothaf FERDINAND NICANDRI . . Captain FRANK CooLEY ......... Coach JOHN BOURDON ....... Assistant Coach PAUL AVVEDUTI, DICK DYSON, LARRY WETMORE . Managers September 2, 1945-First call for football brought promising ma- terial out to meet with the new coach. September 3, 1945-What a workout! Evidently our muscles have been on a real vacation. Are we stiff' l September 11, 1945-Day by day, boys showed good team work, improved blocking and passing. September 29, 1945-Off to a good openerg we beat Clyde 20 to 0. Celebrated with a dance at the "Rec," October 5, 1945-Another victory! This time under lights at Newark. Score 25-0. October 12, 1945-Lyons downed our eleven, 14 to 6. October 20, 1945-Victorious over Palmyra to the tune of 32 to 0. October 27, 1945-Feeling a bit humble after a 19 to 0 drubbing 3 by Canandaigua. November 3, 1945-Victorious today over Penn Yan 26 to 0. November 10, 1945-Mynderse 0-Waterloo 0! What a finale for Mynderse. FRANK COOLEY, Coach As we look back over the season, we find that Mynderse scored 109 points to our opponents' 33, that we won all home games although all these games were played on wet fields. BACK Row: Coach Cooley, Dyson, Caraccilo, Pralt, DelRusso, Sanders, Lay, Cafaro, Carpenter, Serling, Page, Piscilelli, Eighmey, Wetmore, Assistant Coach Bourdon. SECOND ROWVC Sisson, Rizzieri, Scaiiaglia, Spiegelman, Rogers, Johnson, Fegley, Baker, Capacci, Sandroni, Giooannini, V., Aronson, Paradise, Leiizia, Avveduli. FRONT Row: Fornesi, Ruiz, Giovannini, D., Schaertl, Martin, Sinicropi, Nicandri, Giovannetii, Passijione, Lorenz, Watkins, Comiskey, Poole. in-me---M-Ag--A-qw 51 BACK now: Cooley, Coachg Snyder, Johnson, lwanagers: Olrnslead, Poole, Passifione, Cramer, Dyson, Managers. SECOND now: Paradise, Gzovannmt, Broadbent, Nlariin, Schaeril. Fmsr now: Lorenz, Zlliller, Fornesi, Co-Capiainsg Sinicropi. November 30, 1945fA tall and fast Canandaigua quintet scored a 31-20 victory over Mynderse for our SGHSOIFS opener. December 4, 1945-T his game proved to be a top tliriller with Mynderse eking out a 29-28 victory over Waterloo. December 7, 1945-The Mynderse five was defeated by a fast moving Lyons team by a 40 to 19 margin. December 14, 1945-We watched Mynderse Blue and White defeat the Clyde quintet with a 34 to 26 score. December 20, 1945-Crowded buses took students to Geneva to see Mynderse crushed 45 to 22 by a much superior team. January 4, 1946-The Penn Yan game was another close score thriller. Mynderse trailed near the end but came ahead to win 34-33 i11 the last 40 seconds. January 11, 1946-Our next game of the year was lost to a fast and aeeurate Newark five, 40-21. January 15, 19464A good Palmyra Hve invaded our court and earned a 37 to 23 victory before the usual capacity crowd. January 22, 1946 -Mynderse again bowed to Canandaigua on an exceptionally "off" night 44-13. January 25, 1946-Mynderse and Waterloo clashed again in another good game with us the victor, 26-24. February 1, l946- February 5, 1946- A ,lighting M ynderse five lost to Lyons 52-38. Clyde upset 1V1ynderse 36-29 in a rather disappointing game. February 8, 1946fCeneva invaded and defeated Mynderse 46 to 25 in a lopsided game. February 13, 1946-Mynderse won over Penn Yan 42 to 34 in a well played game which sent Mynderse to the Sectionals, undefeated in Finger Lakes Class A League. February 21, 1946-The only overtime game of the season was played tonight with Newark downing a fighting Mynderse live 44-43 in an exceptionally interesting game. March 1, 1946-Palmyra closed our League season with a 48 to 41 defeat administered there. March 8, 1946-At the Iirst Sectional game the Blue and White five defeated rival Perry 25-21 at Brighton. March 14, 1946-Painted Post outplayed the Mynderse five 49 to 35 in a fast game which ended basketball for Mynderse during the current season. galeidaf 4 1 4 BACK Row: Passifi0ne,'Sinicropi, Martin, Broadbent, Schaertl, Poole, Coach Rallis. SECOND Row: Lay, Giovannini, Amsworth, Gwvannellz, Jarrett, Mzller, Lorenz. FRONT Row: Spiegelman, Scailaglia, Avvedali, Page, Lelizia. CARLO GIOVANNETTI . . Captain MB. BALLIS, Mn. PARKIN . . Coaches BBIN KISSEL, EARL JOHNSON . . Managers April 1, 1945-"Play Ball!" What a welcome sound to our baseball minded Myndersians! Everyone at school is either a player or a rooter. April 23-First game of the season and off to a good start. Trounced Romulus, 19-2. May 8-Played Penn Yan today and won, 2-1. May 9-Waterloo game brought out a crowd who watched us win, 11-10, in a close contest. May 11-Winning streak continued. This time won from Geneva, 8-2. May 15-Canandaigua downed our nine today with a score of 4-2. May 18-Our luck has changed. Waterloo took us over to the tune of 7-6. May 23-Another defeat! Today it was Geneva who beat us by the low score of 3-1. May 25-Return game with Penn Yan netted them a victory, 8-4. June 1-Last game of the season and the laurels went to Canandaigua, 13-2. June 1-Carlo Ciovannetti was voted the most valuable player of the season, while Dave Gio- vannini won the award for getting to first the greatest number of times. In summing up the season we can say it was only a fair one, though the pitching of Ainsworth and Sinicropi was excellent at times. J une 23-Graduation took only Captain Giovannetti, J arret, Ainsworth and Lay, so we are look- ing forward to a good showing next year with a nucleus of seasoned players to represent Mynderse on the diamond. gCl,5e6Cl,f ennid Since the spring of 1945 tennis has enjoyed varsity status among our school sports. Racquet men captained by Bob Fornesi and coached by Mr. Wallace Smith, entered competition with high school teams from neighboring towns in the Finger Lakes Tennis League, comprising Geneva, Canandaigua, Penn Yan, Waterloo and Seneca Falls. In as much as most of our players were untaught in the fundamentals of the game at the begin- ning of the season, it was necessary for Mr. Smith to teach them essentials such as the various serves, strokes, and stances, before they could seriously consider competitive play outside their group. With practice, they improved to the extent of making a fair showing against the more seasoned players on teams with whom they contended. Eight matches were scheduled, and Mynderse won five of these-not too bad a showing for the first season for this team. It is expected that since all the players are in school this year, and already practising, that this more experienced team will fare better in this year's competition. The local boys have shown enthusiasm, ability and persistence in practice, so this coupled with student sup- port and interest in knowing the game, should guarantee the future of tCI1I1lS as a varsity sport. at Mynderse. Last spring Mynderse won both matches from Waterloo, one from Penn Yan and two from Canan- daigua. Each match consisted of three singles and two doubles. STANDINGS Smith, Rogers, Fornesi, Olmslead. FRONT Row: Seitz, Snyder. 55 v lll""' , 1. Up goes the pyramidggirl gymnasis in iniramurals. Q. "1fVinged V1'clory"fformed by afew girl iamblers. 3. Look out ahead-Helen Chalker and Jean Dilmore have a bead on you. 0. The Senior High Girls' Basketball Champs. Slanding- 56 Pozzero, Reynolds, Van Cleef, Herrells, Doane, Burgessg Srnzflh, Coach. Kneeling-Swineharl, Zona, Cllalker, Caplalng Seilz, Tarquino. 5. Wcllclz and learn as Miss Srnillz shows how il's done. 6. Boys and girls from gym classes clo zz "Grand Left and Riglzlf' 7. "Ladies chain!" K7 parks 57 9 Ogd 1. Boys Tumblers Pyram id. 2. Higher slill goes Seilz and company! 3. Senior Volleyball Victors. Back Rowgllalz, Watkins Miller, Nicandri. Fronl Row-Lorenzg Smillz, Caplaing Bausch. 0. Junior High Volleyball Champs. Back How-Knapp Borden, Jones, Fiano. Front Row-Andrews, Carpenler. 5. The Winning Junior Class Baskelball Team. Back Row- 58 Sporla iffmiw QYQLJGAA Qrrb gif' Ab Denman. Johnson, Walkins, Allan, Poole. Front Row-Avreduli, Sloane. Seilz. Rogers. 6. J unlor High Basketball Top nolchers. Back How-Sclzaerll, Hosford, Lalhey, Ellison, Denman. Fronl RowSCooley, Coachg Noble, Russo. 59 Tender memories of our high school Shall forever last." 60 .fdfma Waifer Proudly stands our glorious Mynderse Beautiful to view, Walls resound with Words of Wisdom To each student true. CHORUS Mynderse, Mynderse, Hear our praises, As each voice is raisedg Glory to the Alma Mater Of our high school days. Tender memories of our high school Shall forever last, And our love for thee, dear Mynderse, Cannot be surpassed. CHORUS As We leave thee, Alma Mater, To tread paths anew, Grateful hearts have we for Mynderse And her teachers too. CHORUS Q l cn. Q: X- " mm X WF l 61 Complimemiv vf GER aw GARVAN Compliments of RUMSEY MANUFACTURING C O R P O R AT I 0 N Comjllimefztf of Complimenztr of G. D. Porter, Prop. M O R E H O U S E ' S Restaurant and Boat Livery Town Clock Service Station L9-ke Rwd Seneca Falls, N. Y. CLARENCE C. CONKEY, JR., Proprietor ggi? Compliment of DR. ROBERT J. HOWLAND Beit Wisbef to the Class of '46 W. Be a Satisfied User of Our Famous D 81 I-I and LEHIGI-I VALLEY COAL COKE - WOOD - AMBRICOAL 5543 MALONE BROTHERS 28 Clinton Street Phone 313 BASTIAN BROS. CO. ROCHESTER, NEW YORK Game? M071Z!fdCfZl76Vf of HIGH SCHOOL AND COLLEGE PINS AND RINGS ENGRAVED COMMENCEMENT INVITATIONS ANNOUNCEMENTS AND PERSONAL CARDS A994 'VOGQ' GEORGE D. KILLIP Rochester, N. Y. District Manager 64 Compliments of B R 0 T A N ' Qzrolizy Clorhierf Since 1921 Success to the Class of 1946 D. W. ODELL ODELL'S PHARMACY E. C. GIUSTI 8: SON Expert Wofoh om! Clock Repairing 73 Ovid Street Seneca Falls HADLEY'S HARDWARE Plumbing . . . Sporting Goods Phone 12 Seneca Falls, N. Y COMPLIMENTS OF VICTORIA RESTAURANT For Good Food PETER TARDELLI, Prop. RALPH CAFARO LEADER IN SHOE REPAIRING HARRY'S TIRE SHOP Q2 Recapping by Firestone Factory Controlled Methods Compliments of THE BOARD OF EDUCATION SENECA FALLS, N. Y. Campllmenff of Compjimmn gf CARUSO'S IGA STORES 25 Bridge St. Phone 491 C 0 O L E Y 7 S 22 Daniels St. Phone 121 Wallpaper and Paint Store Complimenfr 34 Fall St. Phone 605-Ll of "THE PENNYSAVERH GEO. L. AYERS Beyf Wjybgy ig Fine Picture Framing Window Shades Venetian Blinds The Graduating Class 38 Millff Sf- 13110116 30 of 1946 me-f WILLIAMS AND SON Reliable jewelerf 111 Yefzrf L. Sr. Fine Repairing-All Work Guaranteed 74 Fall Sr, Phone 250-R Seneca Falls, N. Y, SAMMY'S BARBER SHOP Ladies' and Chilclren's Hair Cutting Our Specialty AT LOWER STATE STREET RED AND WHITE STORE Groceries and Meats I Carzgmtulatianf to CLASS OF 1946 FRANKLIN HOTEL MARCO SINICROPI 18 Rumsey St. SENECA FALLS, N. Y. Compliments of Compliments VITETTA'S PETER M. DORAN Fzmzitwe Compfimenrf gf Funeral Director A FRIEND Congratulations to the Members of The 1946 Class of Mynderse Academy 'fir The Seneca Falls Savings Bank SENECA FALLS, N. Y. 67 C ompliments of Goulds Pumps, Inc. W0rlrZ'J Seneca Falls, N. Y. Q Larger! Manufacturer of Pzmzpf EXCZZLUUEQI Camplimerzff Best Wiffaef to the of Clam of 1946 A FRIEND W. T. GRANT Compliments 87 Fall Street of PHILIP SERLING Iron Fireman Stokerf DORAN BROS. SANDERSON'S Plumbers Funeral Directory Since 1829 Save With Safety at Phone 360 THE REXALL STORE E. H. HOSLEY, Ph. G., Prop 68 Bert Wirber to the Graduating Class of 1946 . S. S. PALMER CO. Slmone Auto Parts Heat Headquarters for over 50 Year: 24,HOur Towing Service New and Used Parts We Sell the Best and Junk the Rest MAYNARD'S BICYCLE SALES 0 AND SERVICE Phone: 788 44 Bridge St All Work Guaranteed 26 State St. Phone: 316 L. M. RUTHRAUFF FLORIST-GREENHOUSE Comphmenn 18 Daniels St. Phone: 427 ef CURRY 81 MackAIN Radio Appliances 8: Repairs Ke11ogg's Garage 36 Water St. Phone: 712 This store has been the school supply headquarters For Mynderse Academy pupils for many years Year Patrorzalge if Greatly Appreceated It will be a pleasure to continue to greet you For the Mynderse Graduate-Visit Our Gift and Card Departments MARIE E. MURPHY BOOKS - STATIONERY-GIFTS AND RENTAL LIBRARY 117 Fall Street 69 bt. ilBatrirk'5 harsh Entertainment Committee Cenzplimenly of WHITING'S I. G. A. STORE Groceries, Meats and Vegetables Lake Rd., Seneca Falls Phone 574-J Complimentr of Seneca Falls Granite Works w. G. NELSON AND SON Trinity Lane Compliment? of PURE ICE AND COAL CO. O ICE - COAL - FUEL OIL GAY AND SON AGENCY INSURANCE Strand Theatre Bldg. Seneca Falls, N. Y. Camplimentt of The Homestead Grill and Rathskellar vno c. SCATTAGLIA, Prop. STORY AND STRONG HARDWARE Heating, Plumbing, Tinning and Paints A FRIEND of the Class of 1946 Always a Good Show! Schine's STRAND Theatre W. J. MACKIN Men's Furnishings and Wornen's Hosiery "The Store of Cheerful Service" Seneca Falls, New York Seneca Falls 714 Compljmefztr Milton Frye, Mdfzdger af THE SENECA BOOT SHOP T H E A L P S Restaurant and Candy Shoppe Cofzzpfimofzff of A. G. FARRELL Retail Wine and Liquor Store Home Made Ice Cream Good Food if Good Health Complzmofm Fall St. of BILL WALTERS To the Graduating Class of Mynderse, we, at Moore's extend our heartiest congratulations and if your future endeavors lead you into college, or the business world, our thoughts and best Wishes will be with you always. MOURE FURNITURE GO. "For the Home of Yom' D76!l772J"J 72 FALL ST. SENECA FALLS JA Compliments of WESTCOTT R LE CO. YA! M. S. MATTERSON M Y N D E R S C E N E GENERAL CONTRACTOR and BUILDER SENECA FALLS, NEW YORK Mynderse Own Column Phone 75 43 Clinton S: Ei Exclusive in Cangplimmn of THE REVEILLE OWNEY'S GRILL campzzmem of FRANK ZONA 81 SON Camplimmtx of LEO J. HOLLAND BAND BOX CLEANERS Camplimmtx of ERWIN F. AUSTIN WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE 72 ' Complimentf of Cgmplzlnem GIBBS AND MARKIN of Opposite Entrance to Gould Hotel CHAMBER OF COMMERCE THE BONNETT SHOPPE Fine Clatbex for Fine Women SENECA FALLS 103 Fall Street Seneca Falls Camplimentf DR' E' F' DOWD 0f Complimenff of - M- S- SOCIETY SCALZO'S BILLIARD PARLOR E. T. SCALZO, Proprietor Camplimemif of Seneca Knitting Mills, Inc. 73 GOOD LUCK FROM WARD'S CANDY SHOP 49 FALL STREET SQ I ICE CREAM S"DeZZcZ0mU Different" CANDY-"We Make It" SQ FOUNTAIN SERVICE Camplimentsr . of Complzmentf , 5 THE WILLOWS , , af I Groceries and Provisions Ice and Ice Cream Cayuga Lake, R. D. 2 Phone 202-J Compliments of Complzmemzf of HARDNVARE of SENECA FALLS, N. Y. A Established 1837 IO9 Years Complzmenfr , , af Service Security DR. MILO H. SAHLER 5ffiCf1Y Modem 74 Compliments PRINTING of Seneca Novelty and J 0 H N LIT T L E Printing Co. CLEMENT P. P1sC1'rELLi Ph 758 Compliments of one Peter 8: Angelo Lucchesi 201-207 Fall St. Seneca Falls, N. Y. Friendly Service Station Compliments of MR and MRS Compliments NARZZETTI NICANDRI of 7 u Congratulations to the Class of Ferry S Red 8: Whlte 1 9 4 6 Store TOMMY'S BARBER SHOP ongrafufafiond fo glue Cfaaa of 1946 May' the good luck that brought you through to graduation be with you always 34 KIRK-CASEY POST No.g366 AMERICAN LEGION 75 325608 si' X Every poultryman and dairyman who buys Beacon Feeds gets much more than mere bags of feed. He gets a carefully developed system of feeding and management which, when followed, practically assures his success. In the Northeastern States Where Beacon Feeds are sold, specially trained service men devote their entire time to giving practical aid to their customers. Back of this corps of service men is the Beacon Poultry Research Farm and the Beacon Dairy Research Farm which are constantly alert to develop progressive steps in feeding and management. '4' SPECIALIZED "BEACON" RATIONS FOR EVERY FEEDING NEED + THE BEACON MILLING COMPANY, INC. cAYUGA,NEvfYoRK Cawplimwzttr 0 f SENECA PRESS PUBLISHING CO. Cwnplzmmm of PINEHURST INN INCORPORATED 1? .Alu KKIYLCLPL greefing Garcb Complimenlf of DOAN'S MEAT MARKET Phone 49 Fall St. Complimentr of MRS. B. R. ARMITAGE 2 Terrace Row CONRAD SABATINI D131 Cletznifzg and Tailoring C07?ZPli77767ZfJ' of GANOGA STORE 13110116275-J E. B. BISHOP AND SON 76 Greetings to each and every Complifzzentur ef DEERHEAD INN one of you :aa C O N N O L L Y ' S m, XVOITICILS and Childrelfs Apparel Phone SO-W 61 Fall Sc. Seneca Falls, N. Y Camil1a's Beauty Shoppe Cgfnphlfzenff Uf Complimentf of Jim, John and Jack The Model T and Austin--"Kings" H. W. KNIGHT AND SON, Inc. Seneca Falls, N. Y. Cemplimemir SENECA FALLS MACHINE CO. HARRY'S SMOKE SHOP and Recreation Parlors FALL ST, o LAKE BLVD. Ice Cream and Frozen Custarcls I-I. W. AMIDCN, Projzrietor Cofzgmtulafiofzx CMP!! "Ze'l ff of to ANN'S RESTAURANT C L A S S O F 1 9 4 6 202 dum Jw! and mfg. CGW ffff M of 60. Roy's Service Station CLARY BROS., CLOTHIERS Seneca Falls and Waterloo, N. Y. E Camplimenty of WILKES SERVICE STATION GULF SERVICE . K. DILMORE Ma gic Chef Gas Ran ges O PHONE 3425 78 Complimenfy of eo: Capparel1i's Grocery John Bellardino Inc. 0 Complimentf of WILLIAM H. USHER INSURANCE M. W. SCHULMAN Optometrist C Z I Seneca Falls, N. Y. Phone 799 0772? Zmenm 0f Complimentr of Q TOMMY'S BARBER SHOP Across from Lambert's Grill Mr. and Mrs. Wm. L. Baker 34 Camplimenrf Uf M. J. Cosentino if' 79 SMITH 81: PEARSON, INC. 87 1 HARDWARE PLUMBING 8: HEATING MILLING SUPPLIES DEVOE PAINTS - BUILDERS SUPPLIES - WESTINGHOUSE SUPPLIES - SHEET METAL HOUSEXVARES -4' CARRIES AIR CONDITIONING -P GIFTS AUBURN NEW YORK 'nv IPL:-.l'S Temporary address at 16 State Street, Auburn, N. Y. Compliments' of FRED RONDINA Furniture Store Quality Furniture at Laweft Prirer GE APPLIANCES Stoves and Kitchen Furniture Department Clothing, Shoes, Men's and Boys' ' FREE PARKING ' Fumlshmgs 43 Water St. Auburn, N. Y 27-29 Genesee St. Auburn, N. Y. WHIPPLE 81 FORMAN Charles A. Whipple Auburn's Most Complete Sporting Goods Store 49 Genesee St. Auburn, N. Y. BENNETT AND TRACY Shoes o Luggage o Hosiery 82-84 Genesee St. Auburn, N. Y. IN AUBURN it's THE BIG STIIRE Bandlnstruments-Pianos RECORDS Victor, Columbia, Decca, Capitol and Others All the Latest Hits Sheer Music and Records THE BAIN MUSIC CO. 8 Exchange St. Call 328 Auburn, N. Y. A Complete Mmic Servire Bert W2.rf9eJ to the GRADUATING CLASS OF 1946 KIWANIS CLUB Best Wishes to the Class of '46 Bei SAM VAN DITTO MOVING AND TRUCKING SERVICE Phone 86 69 Ovid Street Seneca Falls, N. Y. JOE BERRETTA CHOICE GROCERIES AND MEATS 34 67 Ovid St. Seneca Falls, N. Y. Phone 519 Compliments LOUISE BEAUTY SHOPPE of May George THE ROLFE MOTOR CO, Phone 498 Seneca Falls, N. Y Complimenff of Complimentf F. W. WILLIAMS of OPTOMETRIST GLANVILLE 8: WERNER, INC. THE HOTEL GOULD A Pride of the Community R. M. GRINSTEAD, Pres. RICHARD VAN NOSTRAND, Mgt. Camplimemir gf SINlCROPI'S FLORlST ANTHONY DI TOTTO, Prop. Phone 776 2995 Class Of 194 29661 Camplimemif of FRED MAIER AND SONS Building Materials Blue Coal Paint Automatic Stokers J. CALARCO Retail and Wloofe.rale Grocery and Confectionery 64 Ovid St. Phone 540 CANOGA HOTEL Legal Beverages and Good Food DENNISTON SLJONES, Prop. Sheridan O11 Co DISTRIBUTORS OF , ATLANTIC GASOLINE AND C0mPW'1"f FUEL PRoDUeTs of A FRIEND "SHANNON'S" O1ztj5fz'erf fo Mj'lZd61'J6 Meri Q BEST WISHES to the CLASS OF 1946 SHANNON'S CLOTHES SHOP GOGD LUCK to the CLASS OF 1946 Come FO our ANNUAL CARNIVAL on the OVID STREET FIELD July 14 to 21 GAMES, RIDES and FREE ACT EACH NIGHT This Field Will Soon Be Lighted For Soft Bull Games THE SENECA FALLS FIREMEN'S ASS'N. INCORPORATED BEST WISHES CLASS of 1946 'al' .Siewaffl 0Jel'n Qejlff-llll'Clflt Home Cookelf Fowl at Ilr Bef! WALTER S. WARD Coal, Wood and Builders' Supplies Phone 206 Complimenff of COLELLA'S BOWLING ALLEYS Complimentf of DE MATTIA'S FRUIT STORE Seneca Falls Frozen Food Locker Plant FROZEN FRUITS and VEGETABLES, TURKEYS and CHICKENS Cayuga St. Forks Phone 243 Seneca Falls, N, Y. CONGRATULATIONS Congmmlazfiom TO THE CLASS OF 1946 to the CLASS OF 1946 6'Wayne Guy's 0rchestra" I THE AL PARKS, JR., Mmmger Tel' 307-J BULLOCK STUDIO A MYNDERSE FRIEND W ARREN'S Radio and Electric Sales and Service Comphmmm Of 97 F111 Sffefff LAMBERT'S GRILLE SENECA FALLS Telephone 573 Compliments O 7 of Eveqyfbing Electriml for the Home and Shop PAUL J . MORGANTI 84 High School Fellows If you Want Real Quality Clothes- Suits, Slacks, Sport Outhts-Built the way college men like them, styled the Way prep school men Wear them and priced so low you'll have money left for other Wants- COME TO MARSHALL'S Clothing Store 131 GENESEE STREET Al!blH'72,.l' Leading .ftere for Mefz and Beyr HARRY F. ALLEN Sz COMPANY Fine Footwear 144 Genesee St. Auburn WILLIAM B. HISLOP AND CO. Department Store The Dore Tha! Sewer Y 011 Morzeki' Auburn, New York Cemplimenfr ef ROTARY SERVICE STATION Seneca Falls Auburn Road Jerry Sullivan, Prep. Bert Wi.rber te Ike Clezrr ef '46 Bill and Chuck Carroll Mynderse '40 and '41 CHRYSLER When in Need of d Furniture, Floor Coverings an or Draperies PLYMOUTH Fred L. Huntington Cemplimentr of The Rotary Club Try Wait's First Alfa Complete Decewzfiee Service THE H. R. WAIT CO. Auburn's Largest, Most Completely Stocked and Best Equipped Home Furnishing Establishment Main Store Stove Store 77-83 Genesee St. 22 Dill St. Used Furniture and Antiques 24-26 Clark Street Upholstering and Furniture Repairs Now at Main Store Complimentx of WELLS W. PERKINS U83 QUALITY Foons SCHOOL SUPPLIES Adam Hats Manhattan Shirts Clipper Craft Suits SENECA CLOTHING COMPANY Seneca Falls, N. Y. Freeman Shoes lnterwoven Socks Complimenn' of Com !.7 N SENECA COLLISION I' 1 'W SERVICE vf Sinicropi's Restaurant Complimentf of McMillen Radio Sales 8: SQFVICC 8 State Street, Seneca Falls, N. Y SPRINGBROOK POULTRY FARM DONALD E. KUNEY Seneca Falls, N. Y. Rhode Ifland Redf .Yingle Comb White Leglmrnf Baby Cbickr and Egtgr MARKET BASKET STORES Complimerzff of MILLER'S QUALITY MARKET A Market of Distinction ECONOMY SHOP NEW AND USED HOME Francis M. McNaney Mofzty and Grocerief 'lf 30 Gvid St. Seneca Falls, N. Y. FURNISHINGS Cowpliozozztf of CHEX7ROLET JOLLY CO-0P'S 4-H CLUB OLDSMOBILE and CADILLAC Tlomzk You For Your Paztromzcge! 714 God Speed, Best of Luck and Good Health ro You All Seneca Typewriter Exchange Seneca Motor Co. Congratulations BEST WISHES mmf TO THE Szocceff CLASS OF to THE CLA55' OF I I W. H. Burns WILLIAM D. ROYCE INSURANCE REAL ESTATE l 37 Cenzpltmezzti' of GUS COLOGGI Confectionery Store 19 Bridge St. IRENE E. WOLF Clwice Meettf am! Grecerief Fayette, N. Y. Complimentf of Klionsky Scrap Iron and Metal Co. Cemplimefztf of MR. JOEL D. RITTER Fayette, N. Y. HORLE'S RED AND WHITE STORE The Trading Center of Fayette Complimentr of ALFRED RAUSCH FEED GRINDING Phone 622 Fayette, N. Y. Cemplimentr ef Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Robenolt Fayette, N. Y. Confgmtztlattom to THE CLASS OF 1946 from L A Y B R O S . General C07'll'7'6ZClL07.f Harold Lay Willis Lay Phone Phone 667-W-l 669-J-1 Seneca Falls, N. Y. 3 Qfff 'Q 1. 1 I7 YE L .L Sine Sxmiffzg k 7 S ,7, QX 'fllx . D' 0 ll , 7' . XX just as students carefully select the stepping stones of life, We select with utmost care the precious stones, dia- monds, that will enrich and beautify their lives. .J E VV E L E R Seneca Falls, N. Y. 3 GENEVA. N. Y. THE SENECA SHOP J. F. Hobbins GENEVA, N. Y. Complimwzff of RAY'S BIKE AND KEY SERVICE 444 Exchange St. Geneva, N. Y. ROYAL TYPEWRITERS Portables Oflice Machines ' Office Supplies Refrain- All Maker Konen Equipment Co. YMCA Bldg., Geneva Phone 2084 J. W. Smith Dry Goods Co. GENEVA, N. Y. IS THE PLACE l l l TO GO! ' 83 years' leadership in training youth for Business as a Profession. 9 New terms in day school begin every 3 months. Many career courses, all offering diplomas. ' No previous commercial training required. ' Associate Member of American Association of Junior Colleges. ' Homelike Residence Halls. Rochester BUSINESS Institute 172 Clinton Ave, South Rochester 4, N. Y. Phone Main 3869 With Luck to Futura C lafmr LAVERNE DeSANTO Complimentr of JOLLY COMRADES 4-H CLUB Seneca Falls Council 222 K. of C. NOBLE'S DAIRY Grade A. Pasteurized Milk PHONE 484-W Cwlzplimefztf of C0112 limefztx SENECA FALLS P 0 DRY CLEANING f COMPANY RED JACKET F I R E M E N 10' a 11 d AU X I L I A RY Phone 246 JERRY KLANDATOS THE ELECTRIC SHOP 104 pau St. FRANK MCCARTHY, Prop. Seneca Falls, N. Y. Phone 311 Seneca Falls, New York INSURANCE C0772Z7!j77Z6'1lf.f VERN H. HARTRANFT of Phone 628-M Fayette, N. Y. MANUEL'S RESTAURANT Cafzzjvlimmtf Cozzzpljwezm' of of B. KIBBEY HOLMAN'S RIDES MACHINE CO. Complimelzlf of Cwzplimefztf of CLINE'S GARAGE FRANK FINCH'S BAKERY Trinity Lane 141 Fall St. Seneca Falls 90 SOBER'S STORE Tfbool Xzzppljef mu! Tobacco and Ice Cream 42 Ovid Sr. Seneca Falls, N. Y. Complimenry of CAPITAL FINANCE CORP. 90 Fall St. Seneca Falls JOHN GRAVINA'S BARBER SHOP 17 Bridge St. Seneca Falls, N. Y. .fzacoefy to THE CLASS OF 1946 C. S. FEGLEY BYRNE FUNERAL HOME Bayard Street Irzmnzfzce-of EWU Dorcrjption M. J. O'BRIEN GEORGE H. LEET Complimefzzir Complimsfztr of of DOMINICK ROMEO, JR. DON CALARCO A Compliments 0f J. SOUHAN and SONS DAIRY 'Q Phone: 591-W Complimenrf of THE SENECA COUNTY TRUST CO. Seneca Falls, N. Y. DEDICATION . FACULTY . CLASSES . ACTIVITIES . SPORTS . . . ADVERTISEMENTS MU! flfwl JI: PAGE PAGE PAGE PAGE PAGE PAGE 6 9 I5 37 49 62 92 l 2 1. Mr. Rockwell bays: Frank after bi: dixcbarge 2. jirnmie andjaan sit one out al the balL 3. johnny Francexclri get: down lu work. 4. Barbara primpx in a dressing room. 5. jean Bentley plum a new paint jab. X s 1 N'vh..,,,.m-H. W'-H,.u.mM,,,.,,.. 5' -l- f "--, QL 7y K A 4 7 6. A Kris aj to Play Day in Gennw. 7. juif, be'x ull!! 8. Mui General Wainwright wbo rlrizwed lbe band. 9- jun Gorton in a laxl minute :beck np. 10. Prslly Mary Ellrn! L , I H 15 ii E ig is il fi if I ii i il il z' Eg E Xxmxt Ixjf' .E,-,, .v,, , W., . Li, ,.,, ..,, , .-.-.,....-

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Mynderse Academy - Myndersian Yearbook (Seneca Falls, NY) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 1


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