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-- nwmyi uv -.-Js,,::' , W 1-' CL- '.-. "'+ -M ,Z ..- ,5 f 1Yff.1'fZ -1,2 ' nA .r- ...f 2 w .... - aww h XY? X VCT-HB-wgekymi 4'?a sf,:Zi '2'v, .f3'3 '3 ' -W Sm' 221,31 'ELS' ., fbi 4 - uf 1 V I 3 jim 1945 MYNIHHSIHN l i RUTH HOLCOMB ..... Editor-in-Chief WALLY W HART . . Businem Manager JULIA H. O,BR1EN . . . . Advifer 1 Q, .5 5 di 52 ,: 5 ,. is E QE X 5 A 2 X5 jk Q52 1 INETEEN FORTY-FIVE has focused our attention as never before on the friendly is taking shape before out eyes, as history is made and distance, annihilated. It see I United States, Great Britain, Russia and China, who are bringing victory ever close made militant by necessity. In them we see qualities of courage, stamina and self-s that sacrifice, as many of our members leave for the services before graduation and . .x.?vj2,, - ' ... "" "'v..' A. r , 'I ""fi"x f N ' I ., u 24 ""'. ' '.1'T"ff.'5x A '..-"- Qffor 1 43- - ' - l Z - IM, r. M, ol " I. oaoocvf . ,X I i nf, ' JH. C 1' f n .r fl 4 A ' :fi-f f- W"-13 if -X' " -:P 'Q u , I ff A .A,". ,,f I- if f H ,I ,fi r , .ss -- -vii'-Y --if-Im : -A Acfu xr. . gr ' v nf- ,Vx fi, X . .. I , ,they if . .aff . '-,f. ,Ms I. v n -I 'X-4 H!-0 w nvgw ui , '. lf' 'ff PA X X X 7" J' 0: fif th' ' V .. ,LI X, -yrs-. IIUCEANI -V ,I -4 E Q! I-W ff if, -1 ---f.,,-,.,-,.,.,- ,, f f of X Z' f . .. .t .-. . , ,..' .. f ,A , L do 1- V 1 .-::- ---...,,,-f, .-.. --- -----.. " -L'-"' ' ' f " -' ' 4. """" '-A ' '-'--..- .-.. , , 5 ,, . f" ."'7f.',g--- U --.I M X rl Q--I+ ' .-3-' :Q , h ...., 'um-4 E--be gm--- --N U' fuk .wi u.-.42 '- Q " ' '-,-f 3 . ' fr ff- - , 1 sg 1 4 """f'4' ' r " ' " ' ' - 'Y ' V .x any ,. F -f 1. 4:1-::. 3 l -P X . H' ' - ,' 1 " :- '- A c Wit' f - 1 ' f if f 'i V . - I A., .xxx r -- - ' K n -- ,-- - - .,--M.. 5--3 M .H ms - 'XR?i2.f"'X"'K.f7'X A b Y, - . Q, ' i'-' ,- 7' - tw 1. x 3 ' g - is ' X Mg:-51 F, 99 5.6. . ... ..-iw XX XXX X 3 5 A X XQXXX. 'fx -P'f'R2-,, ' . W -- - -l Xl TNX X X .. H . VN i xxx - . xg- K X Xxjxcx' X52-.T-V-' ' T' 'V' i NX Q --iifxsx F- . ers that are carrying on a united iight against Germany and Japan. A new relationship propriate that our class in this War year, honor those staunch, undaunted Allies, .the at is the reason We have chosen to pay our small but sincere tribute to these nations ce that is bound to bring peace and happiness on a global plane. Our class is sharing us go out into a World that thunders with War. AQCYIC if ,ul ez""-1,-"kN, , Y.?L"'7lQf-'df' '.' Bieln '. - .1 W .LA T'-QHILS.- X .., OCEAN V-'H ...we- 0114 I, .mln X X rf J 77" f its ln: ff, , '4!NAfjSff. Qfi,EAyf i', --1 M", I " - f." a '11, .ytglf ,. ',' f,- Y, f, fy Z 1 If-13-3, -1 ' 4.1-,6'? J 'f:.?" '-'li f - WMWM WQQQMQM gmfmm p7?ff"fy..x A mwggiazzvww 9 iloiifzfzgx Z"74Z ,.,,,,L,,, u?mL.z' UWM, Q44 aww, itwcs ffflizfgf ew, E41 Qfifywnamjg, awww .EMM U?Mac fgld gpVJb0W60 ' 4 J2ab4a Q41 Zranw am JM Zywfffgew f 44 jalfugdfmluma 49.4.5 aww, of 645 E Xfvgvw d5 Q List as released, April 7, 1945 I S WE OF THE CLASS OF NINFTFEN FORTY FIVE START ON THE FINAL TERM OF OUR SENIOR YEAR WE LOOK BACK WITH PLEASURE OVER OUR FOUR YEARS AT MYNDERSE ACADEMY RECALLING THOSE TREASURED MEMORIES THAT BRIGHTENED OUR DAYS IN SCHOOL THOUGHTS OF HAPPY FRIENDSHIPS CROWD INTO OUR MINDS AND CHIEF AMONG THESE LOOMS LARGE A TEACHER FRIENDSHIP THAT WILL ALWAYS BE IM PORTANT TO US THAT OF MRS OLIVER SO IN RECOGNITION OF HER KINDNESS AND LEADERSHIP IN OUR EARLIER YEARS IN HIGH SCHOOL, WE DEDICATE THIS OUR TWEN TIETH MYNDERSIAN TO LILLIAN BATTENFELD OLIVER x 9 ' 9 ' ' 1 . ma Wafer . I QUA1:'1'n:l I 0 I I Q ' . i . ,Z 1- 'ii 1 1 .F-" f ' .---1' has 12 - V pltlig , , sg- V Tug? iff V ,F 3 Proud-ly stands our glo-rious lfvlyn-dcrsc, Beau-ti-ful to vicw. l As we leave thee, Al-ma Bla-ter, to trend paths 11-new, N 1 -l Walls rc-sound with Grate-ful hearts ham l L-l 5 ' n 4 4 I. gl 4 --l -5-J-H 3 , AQ!"-q"': T' s P 1' r' g - ' ,gg , T' ' ,- - -" Yililv- v 5- av ' F if 5 K ling,-l f' 5 V 2 - ,Mt-ll J 4 3 ll xvi.i 45-J--"Li , . as ' A A 3 . -0, A ef- , 4--4-0 Q, : 1. I Q 9- 5-2, 5 3 :l t,E? grae.-3 l J' J 5 -- 4 , , , .. .- .1 AJWL.---J ' li? ll- ' 13-' f TWT' 3!f"' 's I? - l .955 Q- 5 -. 5-if 3 V I, -V-5 -W' sl? fi.. 3 .. -fl 'J -I -I D J I iffnrjnus. i 'Q- 'r-'ill' iff: If 5 5? E Jil?-'F'l 1 words of wxs-dom to Cach stu-dent true. Myn-Llcrsc, Myn-llcrsc, Hun' nur prais-L wc for Myn-alcrse, And her tea-chars, too. I J l -. s .- --- s - -J 'P 'P' M15 E f --I 5: ss- 1-J 1 Q-w l , ,J l -1 fy - ' l- ' -N -1 l -2 5 :sl 1 1 V55--11 lsais--:r'z4 Jw 1 id j .5 5 A -3---5 3 lg? A --'---'gli--ligg-3-l -o-- -9- -4- -o- W,--- 1 3-fffwsaff my P U 5 l H mf BE El 'Z--?' i.,,El"' - 'Lili 1 I F P T . 1 l . . 13 V---V -V GN 'xg 1- 1 , -1 f , 1 J v J 1 , k fi -I Q' u - , 0 1---0 -f 0 f- P i fp - 7-- U-9 4 3 , E- nil g-5 jp . as 3-5-E - 535- '- As each voice is msicd. Glo-rv to thc Al-ma Ma-ter of our high school days .1 rs I N A 1 ' 'jg'-:Q--t jigs- S-4-F-5-Fl., ft--Ji.---..-.-- -if . V-FQ is T Q D--1 f5 Q ,I Ig I .. v rl .l , 31 3 N l -A 3, - nf- f E 1 Y as P f-Ifzvliii Efiifi 2-.-Ig! s a if 2 " ng'-11:fZ'f, F ' '1,'g.,1l.5,Q-:+j. f 5-'FZ' P ' fl., Qi? 5 V Fa 5' " Er- 5 v- Er E -H 1'-3,14-r ' yvqfw-5: XX , W t -,., 'X gf-fynll' , . " I 4' t A Xl' My I 5 H 0 0. 1.3.1, Mui 3+ 1......l-M gf. ww' H , ,-- M' jglklfx fl ' 1 -' ',"'..- V. ,, -' ' I xi'f'l"" ' ge "' - . .- ,i I 5 Of-I' Q I 'W' " """ " gil? Q, -1' . it L-gs X ' 5 xi- .Q 'I 4-2 6 : -1' ...W-31. N t, cu ,,- W t : mv .. V 1 1,3 ,L A 1 Q ... M.. .. -. . . , '-M , X Tic., 'Ge " ' s . ' 5-f.,.. f- 1 t' , :':, P-izgrlgl T, t c giaqq s ec e i so . t- M. F e , j- Xxx. "-5 'J' ' 0 Q L lim ' c ,L -'-- -"- . .4 Cf ,AQMJ . N H f 'flft -g . J... 'I , ,... uk .4 Q X ' 'I Q .M E- V f ig. , Sgr ' ' A K I I 'rw h : ffj-A 1 'jffs thu 'ill i Q" Na! X 'bf . f T 'fesftw-sew-imfsszs cuffs.. .?.5,..,1p, NJ 44 s 4 --.-- ... ff -- qc Q 145' 191121 r if ' is i r 1 rz itsm. ff-.e--if P- g rifgiiweeee , c N este W 5- A711 mwlwff l - -fn 45!i"v'.L hs? " s gv- c - ' g -L s ,I V. N .,, ..?. M JwE if-'aa-idf2is5,?,:wr- . Q . f 0"B 7' I J - X-..."",,, " . :X 1 4 , ' ,. ui:-gg xxahj. Fam na' N-HNF' "LF ig,-f'x2f52M 1, 9' E, . 'wg l ,, Q 1, 3 e' f : J rr-' im 1 G G' W ' """" .A i' 5 Q -gig -f " ' . hs ' gl- s W. ,fx Q. AFT? 5 1, 'H Tl' -' s J L f' 4 -, A ., K ss. D .1 j X!! 5.-f 4 ggi' - . , I NJ .,, N. A- I ' E 45 it i mfg.. v4 x V 1 XS fs Q4 ,rf ' ,514 :A v 'H 7"""'x . J! N r 9 ' .al --' - '-'5 5.- ' i e 4 f - e, WE? :gf ei +5 so-?5' e if E A--:fe sw ...ze 1 QQ E .4 , T- 'IIT' 5 . ,.. . . ,te fs 4 ' ' 41' 1 R QW' ' 9 if ' K 'WM 1 we H i ii ' "ff :"?"i':"'?a: 'ci ll T' ' Q ' '-755 " N X x ' -" ' 'gt' , ug: 'A s ' 'ff 'J i te .-HP " N u . FZ 112' N. ' iq ?-. his-fig' , 1 q I ' Aff-I, t J 0 Q 'ARK' 1. X A ' If-BCL , 1.-B gh, -se 'gi' . . ' '7 ' ' - ' - I "L . v' """" -'V' -' . -- Y '- N- ""f:.:' ' "H . , uv 1 ." 1:ff-U' - in ' 'Q-4. -' r f " . si . . 'Q' . 4 - 1 V R , I I Q ,mu A I U, 1 SYJQV, , A - wk bvy., u .l d X , 167 .,, A V41-rr . TAA as gg' f , if s ., f, fun... , Q " . , 1 ' I1 .. ' ' ' - .3 f ' . Y Ni r ' ., Y M-" NB s vw ' ' "- .:. :xi 15" ' .ffl ' F ' I. f J 4 I 'f . -to-I" W." ...e . W ,n -une 1 .J--. :' , L ' fy! 1 JN, 92-5.5 1 '-i5 ,,,,.....- . f an . , a N -,.,, . -"if A Rte! xii? 09 K 5 ff : . zzi... YQ AMN si " W 03 5 3 Q .1 --: ,. - -. s .X fs- en.-:tu s .f "'- . f . ...T --. - - 1"-51. 'C....,:---- ' 0 A ,':-1 ' ng N-sn. 1-:rn "" ' "" 1-1. ,ps tif 5 5 -f 'N ' - 1-. '. 144: ' t ' 1' 3, 'list' iff:---'L R'a58TQ 1" hz i 'rgriia' Th - 1 . 5 E -, ' ,, 0 ' . - .'.,, .- ,M ,g. ,, - . I - an f A meow t A . ggi 5 Hn fat, 4 NFA F J Q qa4.!? mv ly' E12 I -' U L ., e -7 '.., '- 4' l . """ f . - Q W' . ' ...l'-ei"-"' ' " ':""W I Sgr if g- A Y 0 L -.. i I . Q , x gary., lp M warp' I hs F L,.- N, 3. 1 "- ' A ' -'nl 'E'-...."Qi"-227'-'H I Llf' .. 5 , f ' .- - . ' 1. ref ,Jr-':. X ' " ' W" S 1 s an-1' 'J N G .4 " 7 T-Qin H 1315 6- Q L! .ok 1 l S 0. ULT,i'. R ,fsln L xg- XX I' Af ar 5 ' . ,- V AQHH A xc-uv-'W un'v::',,,l , . i 9 3- ....,.,,- -4.:.:... . Q4 W .sl JN TATES . ,.f" F-Tx' --....,., . 1 V' Q : H-" Ds., HUMINISIHHIIHN China, with her syrnholic dragon, has through the centuries given highest honor among the professions to teaching. When one thinks of the intellectual great of the world one recalls Confuscius, the great philosopher and teacherj so we have naturally chosen China to introduce this section devoted to our administrators and the faculty-those friendbf guides to learning in Mynderse Academy. Board of The Board of Education has the responsibility of formulat- ing the educational policy for the Seneca Falls Public Schools, Comprising Mynderse Acad- emy, the First Ward and Stan- ton Buildings. Its members are progressive, forward looking citizens who provide instruc- tors in a well-rounded curricu- lum. This includes besides the basic grade instruction, aca- demic, scientific, vocational, MR. JOHN BRAcHT President s MR. JOHN FYFE MR. FRANK KNIG MR. JAMES ROMEO MRS. J HT OHN MANN 9 Education and aesthetic training for the students attending our schools. The personnel of the board has changed but little in recent years. Mr. John Bracht is the veteran president, while other members include Mr. John Fyfe, Mr. Frank Knight, Mr. Thomas Bevins, Mr. James Romeo, Mr. Earl Hilbert, and Mrs. John Mann. The latter is finishing out the unexpired term of Mrs. William Medden, who resigned recently. MR. THOMAS P. BEVINS MR. EARL HILBERT Frank Page BS MA Alabama P0bll'6?Ch7ZZC lmtztate Cornell Unzverfzlyf The Mynderrzan Staff IS to be congratulated for 1ts dec1s1on 1n selectrng a year book theme that pays tr1bute to the four great powers the Un1ted States Great Br1t1an Russ1a and Ch1na nat1ons that w1ll CXCFCISC a most profound 1nfluence 1n developmg 1nternat1onal democracy throughout the World The future dest1ny of man k1nd a dest1ny of contmuecl 1nternat1onal hatred and SUCCCSSIVC wars based on 1gnorance selfishness and mtolerance or a destrny of world peace founded upon the Chf1St13D pr1nc1ples and ract1ces of truth freedom and respect for human d1gn1ty depends upon the co operat1ve efforts of the our great powers For a few years 1nternat1ona1 democracy and world freedom w1ll be only an asp1rat1on Part1a1ly by force but ma1nly by precept and example of the leadmg nat1ons w1ll It be poss1ble to extend de mocracy to all countr1es The 1deals of The B1g Four among the Unrted N at1ons must be made ava1l able to all peoples 1f democracy IS to be made safe for the world ust as Amer1Can boys are bemg called to fight where the fortunes of free men are at stake so w1ll Amegcan youth be needed 1n every land to 1nsure Amer1ca s contr1but1on to the bu1ld1ng of a better worl The development of that better world IS a funct1on of educat1on Our type of world twenty five or fifty years hence w1ll depend upon the educat1onal OPPOYEUHICICS prov1ded our ch1ldren and youth of today and tomorrow Let s not sell them short FRANK PAGE Saperznrendent of School: Seneca Falls 10 1 l E , 1 I, u I Q . 1 s 9 ' J . I J a a fp 9 Q s ' 9 a ' , . J , -4 1 Q1 9 Congratulations to the Seniors of 1945. Your record in scholastic and extracurricu- lar activities have been outstanding. The theme for this year's Mynderrian, shows that you are thinking clearly of the re- sponsibilities you are about to assume as citizens of the United States and of the world. If we are to have peace during the coming years, some sort of international organization must be formed that will work. There must be a system for world co-operation in all spheres of life. We must realize that our own domestic policies affect peoples of other countries, and must cultivate the practice of consultation on international and social problems. Only through knowing the backgrounds and aims of other people can this be accom- plished. A FRANK W. VOGEL Principal Mynderse Academy We on the Home Front, temporarily or permanently, have a definite responsibility to help win the peace in a way that hasn't been stressed so much of late, it has even been de-emphasized and spoken of as over- optimism. It calls for close co-operation with our Allies, the Big Four. The only chance for the Axis now is through negotiated peace, to split, not our Armies, but our home front, through public opinion or the lack of it. Let's jettison fuzzy thinking, and be prepared to win the peace by being realistic -straight thinking-not sloppily senti- mental, or antagonistic to our Allies, but forthright partners to do a complete job. REXFORD M. ROCKWELL Vice-Principal Mynderse Academy gli E 1. Science: Bourdon, Vogel, Parkin. 2. Guidance: Rockwell. 3. Language Arts: Standing-Brutan, Gibbs, Allen, Shannon, Compi- tello. SeatedfSeld, O'Brien, Miller. 4. Commerce: Standing-Block, Becker. Seated-Mrs. Huntington, substitute for Miss Hammond. 5. Social Studies: Campany, Smith, Welcher, Oliver. 6. Mathematics: Spencer, Jacobs. FRANK W. VOGEL'B.S., Colgate University, M.S., Syracuse University, Principal of Mynderse Acaderny, Chernistry. REXFORD M. ROCKWELL'B.C.S., M.C.S., Rider College, Vice-Principal of Mynderse Acaderny, Guidance, Social Science. JULIA H. OYBRIEN-A.B., College of New Rochelle, English Four Years. LOUISE M. SHANNON-A.B., Syracuse University, English Two and Three. MARY A. BRUTAN'A.B., Syracuse University, English One and Two. i MARGARET ALLEN-A.B., William Smith College, Moravia College for Women, Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, Cornell Um- versity, English One, Drarnatics, Puhlic Speaking. Tenesa COMPITELLOQGCHBSCO State College, Lihrarian. Guace GIBBS-GCHCSCO State College, junior High English. MARY MILLER1A.B., Albany State College, M.A., Columbia University, Latin, World History. ANNA SELD'A.B., M.A., New York State College for Teachers, French, Social Studies. WILLIAM R. PARKIN-B.S., Shippenburg State Teachers' College, Physics, Biology, General Science. JOHN A. BOURDON-Syracuse University, Plattsburg State Teachers' College, junior High General Science. ESTHER E. SPENcERfA.B., Syracuse University, Senior High Mathematics. DORIS L. Jacons-B.S., Buffalo State Teachers' College, junior High Mathernatics. EMILY B. SMITH1A.B., Syracuse University, M, ,A., University of Wisconsin, Senior United States History, junior United States History. LILLIAN OLIVER1A.B., Syracuse University, junior United States History, World History. HAZEL WELCHER'BfOCkPOfI Normal, junior High Social Studies. BIRDENA E. CAMPANYmB.S., Buffalo State Teachers' College, junior High Social Studies. IVIYNDERSE 1. Home Economics: Cardvvell, Simmons. 2. Health and Physical Education: .Ytaniiing-Pontius, Smith. .feared-Anderson, Coffey Rallis. 3. Industrial Arts: Davies, Radtlce. 4. Fine Arts: Ross, Rindone, Fraser. 5. Oflice: Balsley, Sherman. HELEN HAMMOND-B.S., Syracuse University, M.S., Northwestern University, Bufinerf and Guidance. MADELINE BLOCK1B.S., New York State College for Teachers, Syracuse University, Buxinem and Algebra. RAYMOND G. BECKEII-B.C.S., Plattsburg Normal, Rider, B.S. in Business Administration, M.S. in Education, Syracuse University Cornrnereial Subjertr. SYEIL A. RINDONE-B.S., Buffalo State Teachers' College, Albright Art School, Art. BETSY Ross-B.S., Ithaca College, Columbia University, .Yuperoiror of Vocal Mario. JOHN C. FRASER'-B.S., Ithaca College, M.S. in Education, Cornell University, Band and Orcbertra. WALLACE SMITI-I-Mynderse Academy, .String Instruments. LUCY A. CARDWELL'B.S., William Smith College, Horne Econornirr. DOROTHY SIMMONS-B.S., Syracuse University, Home Econornirf. FLORENCE ANDERSON4R.N., Pennsylvania Hospital, Hygiene, School Nurfe. NANCY COFFEY'R.N., Brooklyn jewish Hospital, Affirtant School Nurse. Loxs PONTIUS'-D.H., Rochester Dental Dispensary, Dental Hygiene. RUBY SMITH-B.S., Ithaca College, Phyrical Education. CHRISTOPHER K. RALLIS-B.S., Springfield College, Plsytical Education, Coach. RAYMOND M. RADTKE-B.S., Buffalo State Teachers' College, Inrlurtrial Arts. VINCENT J. A. DAVIES4B.S., Oswego State Teachers' College, Industrial Artx. ELAINE BLASLEY-uferrelary, Boaril of Eauration. BETTY SHERMAN-Clerk, MyntlerJe Academy. FACULTY s 14 - 'nm mis' q .P I- - - e .-M " . .. ' C t ---L -V 33- ' p v r ug, o v1......v vi.. 1-LIL, g ,,, ll -Um if Q "'V "Ak, 4' 5 'Q N was Nu vm? w i '::",- , -r-U- 3 F fi ff K :sms 2:75 Q- g,v' 1l1gg1gg,Y .. ,.. M., :E V P TX, ...,., , 3-Zh. , 2. unusual? 5 g ,. e. .rr M93 P W : E t U"--' N , ,,,. , 3 3 Qi" '-:rf 'i-t page 5 '-1. w 454125, I 'niivc aff 1 4 ' " ,E " ' I nslgl, 'hu-DJVQ: f f .Gu . "l gf Fkn Q--1, .- f we rl e N7 """- ,' 'f'..L".-"' ll'-LY I 'fd lnuiintul' V3 N xxx. 00+ page , fxf .e4:Tlle.n- E N s.,XXK gg z,,v:' , .A im ? g f A r-. -- .. - rs-. i?w' ff 'Q n e - "i4.' ,.,f'.'fz1F-N , ,IH - 5 4' -4 glen HH VQ- -' n,,, ' A p .. , e n1::.?'.i', , m .- w g , -.1 Q .1 2. fE "e-fe ?'!f5, f.1 ---- """ r Q ' ea 1 493' fit """ ff , gggw - . i ts agp -Z im, 4, 1 Q'---. 5 eil'-2 ' ' 'i 'J' A '-'E-'nr """f,' r"l'fiS ' - Q ,, 53 13 , .faq 5 yi, f oe:-qQQl9'59. .- ' .f f'T'a'L., "' EE. r rl fi, j" "' .. ' ff gm- if " M"-"M t' Tm' ' ft -4? k e - p 'e JF lung? -- ' a " ,X Vlggzli ga' . A-hd - um In "" f f'L9 ' -4 wi- Lf, ' x "'7R1sH sa 'M .f - 'e . " , ' 'F ilu! nk2'I1""!lmuhql,5-7.32154 u-mx. ' .mugs 14,5 l A ' , 'Q ' ,, oil-Q 'CA .aid V hr 1 . Ju... is ' . I I j. .lu .Q 55 to fe.: e .:: 1 - g It to lid' Tfgfe- .a a f ftf 1-. ,M , .,QQ4n..,,. X r ws x- I ,T q l h jhi-Q, fm- R9 1 '--- W sh Q 'f'Q?S , fngiB f N-Q L 4 6 a dm ' oe' M'-rf 'fee e . at l t ee me Q - . A, an e Gifafwvf , .4-"-Fi f , be x. , 1, ' 'lk 'I -.Ay-1 ,Q .rf ' .h Y . tb ' . sf 535 'd 7' L A N 7' C' ,j r g . e ' W ' NAS t tit HIHSSFS To England we are indebted for tbat priceleu beritage-tbofe democratic principlef of A government ber pioneery brongbt to America. Here we bare applied tbofe principlef and see r democraqf at work in a free land, and in our feboolf, in clayfes tbat .rpeak tbe lan aa e b England ioen. T d ' ' ' Z Z J' g o our auntlexr ally, Great Brztazn, we dedzcate tbif .reetion of onryear book. .....--f--, Anna Ludovico Miss O'Brien, Senior Adviser Betty Cross Charles Campbell James Jarrett Our class officers are the envy of every other class in Mynderse Academy. They, with Miss Julia O'Brien, Senior Class Adviser, have led us along "Senior Street" with amazing skill. Our class president, Charles Campbell, should feel the satisfaction of a job really Well done. He kept our class meetings in order, and that's not easy when you have a group to deal With as peppy as the Cpresent sniors. Chuck has Worked hard on class activities and seems possessed of the gift o finding kin red spirits to follow his example. If We don't miss our guess,he Will one day be a leader in industry. Competent Anna Ludovico served as vice-president and stood ready to pinch hit for Chuck if he weakened. We picked Betty Cross to be our secretary, because she can keep notes well, and what is more im- portant, read them back a month later. Too, she gives her ovvn individual touch to the performance, so that we used to look forward to that phase of the meeting. The man in charge of our finances was tall Jim Jarrett. After he got our money, he kept it out of our reach lest we should change our minds about paying up. Conlidentially we nominate him for the Federal Tax Office, he has such a gift for getting your next-to-the-last cent. So now ou see Why we traveled along Senior Way so confidently. With Miss O'Brien, Chuck, Anna, Betty, anclijim to lead us, how could we miss? Senior Adviser and Officers 15 DONALD HERBERT A1NswoRTH-Band 1, 2, Orchestra 1, 2, Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 2, 3, Glee Club, Operetta 2, Class Treasurer 2, Block M 3, 4, Junior Play Committee 3, Senior Play Committee 4, Senior Ball Committee 4, Wig and Rouge 4. Once you agree with Don that "Leapin' Lena" is the hest Model A Ford on the road and that eating and sleeping have lots of future in them, you're the host of friends. Don has heen active in sports all through school and possihbf that accounts for his Sinatra- like following from the seventh grade. EDNA MAY AM1DoN-Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4, Tumbling Club 2, Glee Club 2, Junior Party Committee 3. Edna's ahility as a haskethall player far .surpasses that of the other girls in the class. Those long shots are the envy of the whole team. 5'he can sink them at will. Social item: she's engaged, too. MARGARET MAURETHIA BARTHOLMEW-Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4, Soph Hop Committee 2, Glee Club 2, Operetta 2, Junior Party Committee 3, Junior Prom Committee 3, Junior Play Committee 3, Senior Play Com- mittee 4. Next comes Margaret Bartholmew, a slim hlond whose interests center around hecoming an aviation hostess. .S'he's an agreeahle girl whose ahility to quote Keats or .fhelley ejestfulbf has made her conspicuous among less gifted in that field in English. MARJORIE MYRTLE BARTRAN-Library Club 1, 2, Frosh-Soph Picnic Committee 1, 2, Frosh-Soph Play 2, Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4, Junior Red Cross Council, President 2, Junior Party Committee 3, Junior-Senior Party Committee 3, Senior Ball Committee 4, Senior Play 4. "Comfort- ahle' '-that's Marge who seldom gets riled up, as she possesses all the qualities that make for calmness. As to her out-of-school work, she's realbf a good clerk at Perkins if she can he rounded up. Her slogan is "Don't fence me in." HAROLD JAY BORDEN-Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Operetta 1, 2, 3, Freshman Frisk Committee 1, Aviation Club 1, Soph Hop Committee 2, Junior Prom Committee 3, Intramurals 3, Senior Ball Committee 4. Aviation and eating sundaes are Harold's hohhies. C. A. P. takes care of the one,' and the drug store, the other. Lest you think this all he does, you should see him work on committees or stramhle out an answer in history. That is another story. PHYLLIS MARIE BRADY-Glee Club 1, 2, Operetta and Concert 1, 2, Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4, Physical Education Demonstration 1, Frosh-Soph Picnic Committee 1, 2, Library Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer and Secretary 3, President 4, Soph Hop Committee 2, Frosh-Soph Play Committee 2, Junior Red Cross Council 3, Junior Prom Committee 3, Junior Party Committee 3, Junior-Senior Party Committee 3, Latin Club 4, Consul 4, Myndersian Staff 4, Senior Play Committee 4, Senior Ball Committee 4. Phyllis is going to he a nurse and we are certain shelll cheer up patients with her lively chatter. Her sympathies are so keen that she practicalbl floats out of sad movies on her own tears, and does she love it! MARGARET ELIZABETH BRowN-Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Operetta 1, Class Secretary 1, Drum Majorertte 1, 2, 3, 4, Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4, Junior Prom Committee 3, Junior-Senior Party Committee 3, Senior Ball Com- mittee 4. Give Margaret a horse she can ride and she's happy. An outdoor girl, full of pep and gayety, she finds all sports fun. Too, she's a snappy, high stepping majorette, a real addition to any parade. JoAN ELAINE CAFARO-Freshman Frisk Committee 1, Freshman War Bond Committee 1, Freshman Hot Dog Roast 1, Frosh-Soph Play Tournament 1, Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 1, 2, Operetta 1, 2, Physical Education Demonstration 1, Soph Hop Committee 2, Junior Party Committee 3,Junior Prom Chairman 3,Junior Play 3, Microphone 3, Associate Editor 4, Wig and Rouge 3, 4, Junior-Senior Party Com- mittee 3, Junior Prom Court 3, Le Cercle Francais 3, Vice-President 3, Senior Ball Committee 4, Senior Ball Court 4 5 Senior Play 4, Mynders- ian 4, Honor Student 4. Clever and original-that's joAn. There is a sultry .quality to her that is dificult to explain, hut she'.r a gay and witty companion, chuck-full of ideas, as "Porky" tan testify. When she rolls those eyes, she expresses volumes, and what volumes! CLASS HISTORY ONCE UPON A TIME MANY YEARS AGO WHEN THE GODS OF FATE WERE FLITTING FROM CLOUD TO CLOUD A DISCUSSION AROSE IN REGARD TO A WEIGHTY PROBLEM AN ORDER HAD COME IN TO THE PRODUCTION DEPARTMENT FOR A NEW CLASS FOR MYNDERSE ACADEMY AND EACH OF THE GODS WAS MAKING HIS CONTRIBUTION ..., "I," SAID ONE, "SHALL 16 JAMES ALOYSIUS CALLANHFreshman Frisk Committee 15 Glee Club 1, 25 Football 25 Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 45 Sophomore Picnic Committee 25 l Soph Hop Committee 25 junior Party Committee 35 .llmior Prom Com- mittee 3 5 Basketball Manager 35 Wig and Rouge 4. Who can rerirt that heartening ehuchle when "Parlay" fndf something that tielzler hi.r funny hone? Rememher the way he would .rtroll in around nine when he'd oeerrlept? AJ a follower of Jportr, jimmy attended all gamer, in and out of town. CHARLES THOMPSON CAMPBELL-Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Captain 45 Science Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 2, Vice-President 3, President 45 Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 45 Frosh-Soph Picnic Committee 1, 25 Freshman War Bond Committee 15 Microphone 2, 3, 4, Co-News Editor 3, Editor-in-Chief 45 Soph Hop Committee 25 Block M 2, 3, 4, President 3, Treasurer 45 Empire Boys' State 35 Junior Party Committee 35 Junior-Senior Party Committee 35 Junior Play Committee 35 Junior Rotatian 45 Empire State School Press Conference 45 Class President 45 Senior Ball Com- mittee 45 Senior Ball King 45 Myndersian Staff 45 Salutatorain 4. Rating down the gridiron, or popping ojff in Chemistry, Chuck har alwaw thone. He'J heen top: in his exeeutiee po.rition and an all-round .rtudent and athlete. True he'.r "the right eomhinationf' hut what a gleam ix in hi.r eye! GERTRUDE ELIZABETH CAPLE'Tf2HSfEf from Brighton High School: Band Majorette 15 Library Club 15 Intramurals 15 Archery 1 5 Art Club 1. Mynderse Academy: Marjoette 1, 2, 3, 45 Sophomore Play 25 Class Vice- President 25 Intramurals 25 Junior Play 35 Junior Prom Court 35 junior Party Committee 35 French Club 35 Wig and Rouge 3, 45 junior-Senior Party Committee 35 Senior Ball Queen 4, Senior Ball Committee 45 Senior Play Committee 45 Myndersian Staff 4. Betty, our hlonde yuhurhanite, haf proved to he Mynderre'J gain and Brightonlr lon. Her friendly manner and good rpirit have made her Jomewhat .thort Jtay with u.r a ruceenful one. GINA MARY CARUso-Camera Club 15 Red Cross Activity 15 Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 45 Physical Education Demonstration 15Junior Prom Committee 35 Junior Play Committee 3. Little Gina with the hig Jmile if well on her way to hecoming a Jeeretary. Gina has alwayx heen quiet and unohtruriee hut valued a.r a friend hy thoxe lucky enough to know her. GERALD F. CASTER-Intramurals 1, 2, 35 Freshman Frisk Committee 15 Glee Club 15 Soph Hop Committee 25 Junior-Senior Party Committee 35 Football Manager 45 Senior Ball Committee 4. Gerry, our hrielz-topped friend, if a perxon defying the faying ahout red-head.r' having temperx, for he if a good-natured, eary-going .fenior with lotf of friend: and good times unmarred hy temperamental outhurxtr to rememher. WILLIAM ELL1S CEPUCH-Freshman Frisk Committee 1, Intramurals 1, 35 Soph Hop Committee 25 junior Party Committee 35 Junior Play Com- mittee 35 junior-Senior Party Committee 45 Junior Prom Committee 35 Microphone 45 Senior Ball Committee 4. No Senior Clair could he complete without a rhark in .rtatixtirr and that hoy if Bill Cepueh. He hay an uncanny memory and if a good Jpeaker. With ouch qualifeationx he might grow up to he a jirft-:lan lawyer. At any rate he'ell he a .ruccess at whatever he attemptf. MAURICE HARTFORD CHALKER-Intramurals 1, 2, 35 Glee Club I, 2, 45 Basketball 4. "johnny" i.t one of the quieter hoyf of the clan, hut he har a very infection: laugh. Until thi.r year no one knew what potential aualitier he had ar a harkethall player, hut he up and .rurprised us all. ELEANOR JANE CnERcH1o-Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 45 Library Club 1, 2, 35 Physical Education Demonstration 15 Soph Hop Committee 25 Junior Party Committee 35 Junior Prom Committee 35 Microphone 45 Senior Play Committee 4. Belonging to there rparkling eyei and hright xmilex if our Eleanor. Not onb' if the vieaciour and fun, hut oerxatile in all her endeaoorr at Jchool. We .ree onb' .rutcen and happineu ahead for Eleanor. l CONTRIBUTE INITIATIVE AND RESOURCEFULNESS' '...' 'AND I," SAID ANOTHER, "SHALL ADD A SPARK OF GENIUS," QSO HE DROPPED A CAMPBELL AND A WEART INTO THE CAULDRONQ . . . "WELL NOW," REMARKED ANOTHER WITH A TWINKLE IN HIS EYE, "THIS CLASS NEEDS A LITTLE LAUGHTER." SO HE DROPPED A CALLAN CAPSULE, SOME COLOGGI SOLUTION, AND A SPIEGEL- I7 V GINO FRANCIS CoLoGG1-Intramurals 1, 2, Freshman Frisk Committee 1, . Baseball 1, 2, 3, Football 2, 3, 4, Basketball 2, 3, Block M 3, 4, Soph Q Hop Committee 2, Junior Party Committee 3, Junior Prom Committee ' 3, Junior Play Committee 3, Senior Ball Committee 4. Among those lost to us through the armed forces was Gino, whose good-natured "rihhing" has hrightened our days. With his candid camera shots and manual art skills to fill his days, he has still had time to hecome a gay Lothario-a night worker, we take it. SHIRLEY MAE CooMBs-Glee Club 1, 2, Operetta 1, 2, Freshman Frisk Committee 1, Camera Club 1, 2, Soph Hop Committee 2, Acanthus Club 2, Le Cercle Francais 3, Junior Party Committee 3, Junior Prom Court 3. To .Yhirley goes sincere thanks for her morale huilding effect on us all. As a result of the antics of this little pixie have come many hearty laughs from her classmates. Her smile and cherful ways will keep her happy always. BETTY JANE Cnoss-Frosh-Soph Play Tournament 1, 2, Frosh Hot-Dog Roast Committee 1, Frosh-Soph Picnic Committee 1, 2, Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Operetta 1, 3, Freshman Frisk Committee 1, Intramurals 1, 4, Freshman War Bond Committee 1, Class Secretary 2, 4, Soph Hop Com- mittee 2, War Stamp and Bond Committee 2, 3, 4, Le Cercle Francais 2, 3, Junior Play Committee 3, Junior Party Committee 3, Junior Prom Committee 3, Empire Girls' State 3, Elmira Key Award 3, Senior Ball Committee 4, Junior Red Cross Council 4, President 4, Myndersian Staff 4, Honor Student 4. Betty sounds almost too good to he true hut she isn't. Enthusiastic, untiring, co-operative, friendb, ejicient-yes, she's all this and heavenly humorous as well. No class Who's Who would he complete without mention of this all-round, third ranking scholar of 1945. LEONA MARGARET DEAN-Margaret joined us in .Yeptemher and is aregular commuter from Canoga. How we enrg' her heing ahle to leave for the wide open spaces hefore lunch! MARION JANE DEARY-Freshman War Bond Committee 1, Camera Club 1, Frosh-Soph Picnic Committee 1, Intramurals 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 2, 3, Operetta 3, Soph Hczp Committee 2. Though she's always making jokes, Marion is a girl with alance. You can laugh yourself silbf at her antics, or draw her into a serious conversation ahout her soldier hrother or her home econo- mics training. In fact, she's a very interesting person to know. MARY RosE DESARo-Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 2, 3, 4, Senior Ball Committee 4. Mary need never worry ahout heach styles, for she'.r a sort of modern stream-lined Venus. As for her nails, she may yet model Revlon products. To most of us, she seems a reticent pereon, hut her sparkling, dark eyes register a keen sense of humor. FLORENCE RosE DESTEFANO-Intramurals 1, 2, 3, Library Club 1, Glee Club 2, 3, 4. Pretgf, hright-eyed Florence has collected more pink tardy slips than anyone else in Room 19. .Y he just can't get to school on time with all the delays attendant on mailing letters to her hrothers in service, though as all of you must know, Pete alone is excuse enough. ALICE THERESA DURNIN'FfCShmHH Party Committee 1, Physical Educa- tion Demonstration 1, Acanthus Club 1, Intramurals 1, 2, 3, Junior- Senior Party Committee 3, Junior Prom Committee 3, Senior Ball Com- mittee 4, Myndersian Staff 4, Senior Play Committee 4. Alice carries herself with a quiet dignity in keeping with her reticent personality. .S'he's at- tractive too, hecause she isn't the ohvious Upe. She doesn't helie her last name, for she has a quick sense of humor that makes her responsive to the hest and the worst wit in the class. MAN PILL INTO THE POT .... AND SO ON DOWN THE LINE. HARD WORK, GOOD FUN, INTELLI- GENCE, TALEN TS, DILIGENCE, AND COURAGE WERE EACH ADDED IN THEIR TURN. SO THEREIN, GOOD READER, LIES THE STORY OF THE BEGINNINGS OF THE CLASS OF NINETEEN HUNDRED FORTY-FIVE .... THE MAIN ACCOMPLISHMENT OF FRESHMAN YEAR WAS OUR ADYENT IN MYN- 18 junior Play 3, C. A. P. Cadet 3, 4, Senior Play 4. Modern in her intererts ELBANOR ANNE F1LL1NGHAM-Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4, All- State Band 2, 3, 4, Soph Hop Committee 2, Junior Party Committee 3, ' if Eleanor, who if aviation-minded and lover flying. That .the iJn't one-.vided if Jhown hy her .rociul activitier und her work in ilramaticr. MARY ELIZABETH FINN-Library Club 1, 2, 3, Vice-President 3, Intra- murals 1, 2, 3, 4, Acanthus 1, Frosh-Soph Picnic Committee 1, 2, Frosh- Soph Play Tournament 2, Hearth Club 2, Soph Hop Committee 3,junior Prom Committee 3, Microphone 3, 4, Myndersian Staff 4, Senior Ball Committee 4, Senior Ball Court 4, Honor Student 4. Ejiciency if one of Bethfr chief characterirticr. The can alwayf he counted upon to get a joh well done and on time. Who can ever forget her long glide a.r .the walkf into the clau- room? Stately, deJcriheJ her hert. ETHEL MAE FLICKINGER-Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Orchestra 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Operetta 1, 2, 3, Camera Club 1, All-State Music Festival 3. A Homemaking Major plui' a diamond .rhould indicate the direction Ethel ir headed, and we are Jure .rhe will he a real .vucceff in the glorious adventure with her genial dicrporition and adaptahle ways. JEAN WILMA FRIDLEY-Intramurals 1, 4, Glee Club 1, 2, 3, Operetta 1, 2, Physical Education Demonstration 1, Myndersian Art Contest 2, Soph Hop Committee 2, Science Club 2, Red Cross Displays 2, 3, Junior Party Committee 3, Junior Prom Committee 3, junior Prom Queen 3, Art Award 3, Wig and Rouge 4, Senior Play 4, Senior Ball Court 4, Myndersian Staff 4. "Feaner" if one of our prettiert and mort talented seniorr. Her art ahility Jhowed up Jophomore year when the capped the Mynderrian art prize, and :he har heen ,rhowing it ever Jince. CARLO LEWIS GiovANNE'rTifBaseball 1, 2, 3, 4, Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 2, Soph Hop Committee 2, Football 3, 4, Junior Play 3, Junior Party Committee 3, Junior-Senior Patty Committee 3, Junior Prom Committee 3, Block M 3, 4, President 4, Myndersian Staff 45 Wig and Rouge 4, Basketball 4. That Jtreak of lightning which you noticed on the gridiron waJn't caused hy the weatherj it war "Carta" Although he lookf like a .feriouy fellow who never had a mifchievour thought, he'J not kidding anyonej we all know him hetter than that. AJ for the romantic, well, he ha.rn't thofe soulful eyex hy accident. BEATR1cE ANN GRAVINA-Physical Fitness Demonstration 1, Camera Club 1, Freshman Frisk Committee 1, Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4,Junior Red Cross Representative 2, Soph Hop Committee 2, Junior Party Commit- tee 3,Junior-Senior Party Committee 3, Senior Ball Court 4, Myndersian Staff 4. Bea is a competent little girl who will make good in huxinexr or any- thing elfe she attemptr. Her gayety maker her good company and the pouefror of many friendy hoth here and in Geneva. WILLIAM ARTHUR GR1GGs-Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4, Baseball 3, Tumbling Club 3. To look at Arthur one would think he war thy, hut little can anyone tell what he is heneath the surface. He if a man of contrtant, one of which war hir heing old enough to he called into the .fervice in March, and the 1 other, hit note writing activities with one of the junior girlr. EARL RITTER GUTHRIE'FOOtb3ll 1, 2, 3, 4, Frosh-Soph Play Tournament Committee 1, 2, Freshman Frisk Committee 1, Frosh-Soph Picnic Com- mittee 1, 2, Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 1, Soph Hop Committee 2, Block M 3, 4, Baseball Manager 3, Junior Play Committee 3, Junior Prom Committee 3, Junior Party Committee 3, Wig and Rouge 4. You can alwayfr tell when Earl'f around, hecaure if you can't .tee him you can hear him. With a mirchievous twinkle in his eye and a happy grin on hir face, thaf: our hoy "Rag" He left uf for the Air Corp: in March. DERSE AS FROSH. THE SAGA OF OUR YEAR MIGHT BE SUMMED UP IN THIS WAY: ORGANIZED, STUDIED A BIT, WORKED MUCH FOR THE S5100 WAR BOND WE DONATED TO THE CLASS OF 1955 THEN KINDERGARTNERS, FOUND OURSELVES IN ACTIVITIES, AND FINALLY PICNICKED IN JUNE ON "HOTS," LEMONADE, ETCWRESULTS, TUMMY ACHES AND PRECARIOUS SURVIVAL FOR 19 WAYNE D1xoN GUY-Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Band Solo Contest 1, 2, 3, Orchestra 1 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 2, 3, 4, Operetta 3, All-State Band and Orchestra 2, 3, Frosh-So h Play Tourna- ment 2, Junior Play 3, Block M 3, 4, Secretary 4,Junior Prom Commttee 3, Class Treasurer 3, Senior Play 4, Senior Ball Committee 4. Waynehr interettr feem to lie in three fieldr-hafkethall, muric, and girl.r. Known affec- tionateb at the Romeo of the Clare of '45. Wayne li11e.r up to hir title. He ix new .reroing in the army and we onbf hope they diecooer hi.r talentf and put him in a hand. He': a great morale huilder. RUTH SHIRLEY HoLcoME-Glee Club 1, Orchestra 1, Freshman War Bond Committee 1, Physical Education Demonstration 1, Freshman Frisk Committee 1, Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4, Frosh-Soph Play Tournament 2, Frosh-So h Picnic Committee 1, 2, Junior Red Cross Council 2, Latin Club 2, Sjoph Hop Committee 2, Microphone 2, 3, 4, News Editor 4, Junior Play 3, Class Vice-President 3, junior-Senior Party Committee 3, Junior Prom Committee 3, Wig and Rouge 3, 4, Senior Play 4, Senior Ball Committee 4, Editor-in-Chief, Myndersian 4, Honor Student 4. Ruth get: Mike aryignmentr out when due from you or her.relf and har done a fine joh af editor of thi: Mynderxian. Lertyou think of her at jurt an efiriency expert, take a good look at her. Shelf pretty and good fun and neighhorly, eh, Bernard? BERNARD RODERICK HORLE-Airplane Club 1, Band 2, 3, 4, Orchestra 3, 4,Junior Prom Committee 3,Junior-Senior Party Committee 3, Senior Ball Committee 4, C. A. P. Cadet 4, Intramurals 4, Myndersian Staff 4. When Bernard pickr up hir trumpet we gale rimply swoon. Why? Of he can play red, hot and true, hut there looks, oh man! When reminded of thif fact he jurt Jtammere, "Oh, you're jurt .raying that 'cauie if: true." Bernard, af you can gather, i.r rome lad. BARBARA JEAN HUsoN-Transfer from Ovid Central School: Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Orchestra 1, Intramurals 2, Library Club 2. Mynderse Academy: junior Prom Committee 3, Senior Play Committee 4, Senior Ball Com- mittee 4, Myndersian Staff 4. Our golden topped Barhara, a comparative new comer, haf many friendf at Mynderre. .Y he haf worked hard in Jchool, erpecialb in rounding ur up for Mynderfian picturer, and played hard with the "gang" "Barb" har earned a place in the happieet memorie.r of our Senior year. JAMES STANLEY JARRETT-Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 1, Frosh-Steph Picnic Committee 1, Frosh Play Committee 1, Basketball 2, 3, 4, o- Captain 4, Soph Play Committee 2, Football 3, 4, Baseball 3, 4, Junior Play Committee 3, Block M 3, 4, Vice-President 4, Em ire Boys' State 3, Wig and Rouge 4, Senior Play Committee 4, Senior Clhss Treasurer 4, Senior Ball Committee 4, Myndersian Staff 4. jim if one of the outstanding athlete: of our clan. Becauxe of hir 6'4'! frame, he can catch payee! and jump center hetter than mort people. Another of hit talent: i.r hir ahiliy to recite dates almo.rt ar fart at Mirr .S'mith, which ir quite an accomplirhmentr. JOSEPH KEMAKtGlCC Club 1, 2, Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Co-Captain 4, Baseball 2, 3, 4, Junior Prom Committee 3, Junior Play Committee 3, Senior Ball Committee 4, Senior Play Committee 4, Wig and Rouge 4, Block M 4, Myndersian Staff 4. foe is a good natured chap who lendt wit to the clan. Whether it if .roda jerking, play ground work, where he'.r the idol of all the little girlr, Jportt or recitationr-he'll hrighten the joh. All Mynderre if hir rooting Jection. ONESTA LORETTA LAMA-Class Vice-President 1, Intramurals 1, 2, 3, Frosh-Soph Picnic Committee 1, Library Club 1, 2, Freshman Frisk Committee 1, Physical Education Demonstration 1, Glee Club 1, Soph Hop Committee 2, Junior Party Committee 3, Junior Red Cross Council 3, President 3,junior Prom Committee 3, Junior Prom Court 3, Micro- phone 3, 4, Senior Ball Committee 4, Senior Ball Court 4, Senior Play Committee 4. Onerta, our .renior whore head is in the cloud.r, comet out of her roxy colored dreamt Jo Jeldom, that not many of ur know the real girl. We underxtand .the ha: intere.rt.r in Geneva, you gueer what they are-Right! MARY CARMELLA LAR1zzA-Physical Education Demonstration 1, Intra- murals 1, 2, 3, 4, Drum Majorette 1, 2, 3, junior Prom Committee 3, , Senior Play Committee 4. A Marine from Geneva reemr to he holding Mary'.r , intererte at present. He murt he "all right" from the dercription the gioer u.r of s , him. After rchool, Mary works at the Knitting Mill where the exerciret her 5 huxinefr ahiligf. ANOTHER YEAR .... OUR SOPHOMORE YEAR SAW A VERY VICTORIOUS CLASS GLOATING OVER A SOPH-HOP WHICH WAS THE REALIZATION OF A HALF YEAR OF WISHFUL PLANNING. WE WERE GROWING UP BUT NOT TOO MUCH FOR THE LOVE-FEAST WITH THE FROSH AT THE YEAR'S END. . , . OH THOSE DOG DAYS! MOVING-UP DAY AND WE WERE JOLLY JUNIORS .... CAME THE FALL 20 DOROTHY MARY LAWSON-Freshman Frisk Committee 1, Hearth Club 2, Junior Play Committee 3,Junior Party Committee 3. Dot ha: two lover: Art Cwe mean drawingy and a derire to travel in Rnuia. Shelf exprening the former in many chart.r and derignr, and the latter vocalbff hat who knowr, later the may comhine the two and go arty in a Ranian way. WESLEY HAROLD LAY-Airplane Club 1, Science Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice- President 4, Baseball 2, 3, Glee Club 2, Operetta 2, Soph-Hop Com- mittee 2, Frosh-Soph Picnic Committee 2, Intramurals 3, 4, Football 3, 4, Junior Play 3, Junior Party Committee 3, Junior Prom Committee 3, Senior Ball Committee 4, Tumbling Club 4, Microphone 4, Myndersian Staff 4. Nothing it ever too hard for Werley, our likealzle red-head. When trig har everyone elre ,rtopped cold, he alwayr haf a Jolntion whether it he right or wrong and if: IlJ'7ldlljf""T. And Werley hehind a wheel it a low-flying pilot. RONALD L1TTLE-Football 1, 2, 3, Wig and Rouge 1, 2, 3, 4, President 3, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Frosh-Soph Play Tournament 1, 2, Orchestra 3, 4, Junior Play 3, Glee Club 4, Senior Play 4. ".S'cotch,"the nnpredictahle red- head, ir at pretent on hi: way to the Air Corps. Later in life he hopef to go on the Jtage. What a comedian he will make! Will his clarrmatef ever forget him in thoce red flannelx in the Soph play? PAULINE ANNA Lunovico-Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 1, Freshman Frisk 1, Camera Club 1, Library Club 1, Physical Education Demonstra- tion, Soph Hop Committee 2, Junior Party Committee 3, Junior Prom Committee 3, Junior-Senior Party Committee 3, Le Cercle Francais 3, Senior Ball Committee 4, Class Vice-President 4, Myndersian Staff 4. Oar "Annie" of the Jpotlen' dickey and neat :weater if a fine example of jane High School. Her warm, cordial perronality har endeared her to ae and marked her for .rnccen in the fntnre. A: for her French-ah tres hien! MARGARET MURRAY MACKIN-Glee Club 1, 2, Concert 1, 2, Camera Club 1, Intramurals 1, 2, 3, Soph Hop Committee 2, Junior Play Com- mittee 3, Myndersian Staff 4. "ArreJting" deicrihec tall, :lim Peggy who har a dirtinctive Jtyle. AJ to her interertf, they lie chiefly ontride Mynderie. CHe wearer navy hlne doern't he, Peg?D JULIA JANE MAmcs-Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Concert 1, 2, 3, 4, Operetta 1, 2, 3, Hiking Club 1, Majorette 1, 2, 3, All-State 1, 2, Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4, Tumbling Club 1, Physical Education Demonstration 1, Camera Club 2, Library Club 2, Frosh-Soph Picnic Committee 2, Junior Play 3, Junior-Senior Party 3, Junior Prom Committee 3, Myndersian Staff 4, Senior Ball Committee 4, Wig and Rouge 4. "julian my name hat my friendi call me jane." Thi.r ir jane'f favorite explanation. Her greateft lover are .rportr and converration and, of toarxe, hor famib, erpecialh thofe famous Marko hrotherr in the service, here and there ahoat the world. THOMAS JOSEPH MARSELLA-Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 2, 3, Base- ball 1, 2, Frosh-Soph Picnic Committee 1, Tumbling Club 3, Soph Hop Committee 2, Junior Prom Committee 3. Ifyoa think Tommy can't jitter- hug you .rhonld have .teen thi.r dark eyed Romeo at the Senior Ball. He looked quite the wolf, not in :heep'J clothing, hat in hir tax. Then just when we were finding the reayon Geneva girlt like him, he up and enlictr in the Navy. HELEN JANE MARTIN-Freshman Frisk Committee 1, Library Club 1, 2, Physical Education Demonstration 1, Frosh-Soph Committee 1, 2, Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4, Soph Hop Committee 3, Microphone 3, 4, Fashion Editor 4, Junior Party Committee 3, Junior Play Committee 3, Junior Prom Committee, Junior-Senior Party Committee 3, Senior Ball Com- mittee 4, Myndersian Staff 4. "Marg" Jhonld have heen a hoy. She love: load plaid Jhirtr, and is alwayr wearing her hrother'J. Deeply intereoted in rportf, the doeJn't min a game, and ir a rahid rooter. AND MOST OF US CAME BACK TO ROUND OUT A THIRD YEAR AT MYNDERSE. WHAT A TIME WE HAD WITH ACTIVITIES! THEY CAME WITH A TRIPLE BONANZA-OUR PLAY, "SPRING FEVER," WAS A SELLOUT, OUR JUNIOR BABY PARTY WAS A RIOT, AND THE PROM . . . LUSH! . . . THIS YEAR TOO THE WAR CUT INTO OUR RANKS .... WE ARE PROUD OF THEM, OUR SERVICEMEN .... OUR 21 PAUL FRANCIS MCNANEY-Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Operetta 1, 2, 3, Concert 1, 2, 35 Frosh-Soph Picnic Committee 25 junior Prom Committee 35 Junior Play Committee 35 Senior Play 4. "M4c" is 4 popul4r m4n who hits hut one trouhle. Al4s.' it is not study-hut girls. You c4n 4lw4y.r see him with them, 4nd his f4vorite expression is, llHdI she got 4 sister?" BETTY JANE Moneuouse-Camera Club 15 Band 1, 25 Frosh-Soph Play Tournament 15 Intramurals 1, 45 Soph Hop Committee 25 War Stamp Committee 2, 3, 45 Junior Party Committee 35 Junior Play Committee 35 Junior Prom Committee 35Junior Red Cross Council 4, Vice-President 45 Senior Ball Committee 45 Wig and Rouge 45 Myndersian Staff 4. Onbf 4 privileged few know wh4t 4 light 4nd g4y he4rt Bets hides under her serious deme4nor-4 very useful tr4ir in the nursing profession. Let's hope she won't suhstitute pl4in w4ter for hitter medicine out of comp4ssion for her p4tients. JULIA MARY MULDOON-FfOSh Hot-Dog Roast Committee 15 Frosh- Soph Picnic Committee 15 Freshman Frisk Committee 15 Camera Club 15 Soph Hop Committee 25 Junior Prom Committee 35 Junior Play Com- mittee 35 Intramurals 4. On the surf4ce, fudy 4ppe4rs c4lm 4nd very serious, hut .rhe's reulbf one of the jolliest girls in the cl4ss 4nd ever so 4ttr4ctive with her gre4t-hig-he4utiful eyes 4nd regul4r fe4tures. ASUNTA RITA PALANDRO-Intramurals 1, 25 Library Club 15 Band 2, 3, 45 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Operetta 1, 2, Concert 1, 2, 3, 45 Latin Club 25 Camera Club 25 Senior Play Committee 4. "Suzy," 4s she is known to 4ll her friends, is noted for her friendliness 4nd 4hiliU to co-oper4te with others. Whenever there is 4 joh to he done you c4n 4lw4ys count on her. She h4s 4 nice sense of humor, which huhhles over in cl4s.r occ4sion4lbf to lighten even tense situutions. WILLIAM ROMAYNE PALUMBO-Frosh-So h Picnic Committee 15 Frosh- Soph Play Tournament 15 Freshman Frislz Committee 15 Wig and Rouge 1, 2, 3, Vice-President 25 Microphone 1, 2, 3, 4, Circulation Manager 3, Business Manager 45 Soph Hop Committee 25 Intramurals 1, 2, 45 Le Cercle Francais 3, President 35 Junior Party Committee 35 Junior Prom Committee 35 Senior Play Committee 45 Senior Ball Committee 4. All six feet plus, our Bill seems to he conrentr4ted on heing 4 super s4lesm4n. His 4fter school s4lesm4nship h4s m4de us w4ry of him, for with little persu4sion he could proh4hbf resell the Brookbfn Bridge! However, outside of husiness he's heen 4 loy4l friend 4nd true hlue senior. MARGARET EMMALINE PARISH'GlE6 Club 15 Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Orchestra 1, 2. M4rg4ret is the shy type in school hut she h4s some impressive 4chievements to her credit.' 4 six-suhject schedule, senior ye4r, 4nd 4n eng4gement ring for home work. Isn't fbdf "somepin'?" RICHARD PERL PETERMAN-Glee Club 15 Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4. Dick is usu4lb' so quiet, one forgets he's in cl4ss except in intr4mur4ls where he shines. He is 4 good looking 14d with 4 shy, disarming smile, espeei4lb1 when he's not "prep4red" on theme d4ys. Oh, yes, he's interested in the 4lmost lost 4rt of penm4nship. MARY AXLEEN PooLE-Cheerleader 1, 2, 3, 45 Science Club 15 Physical Education Demonstration 15 Glee Club 1, 2, Concert 1, 2, Operetta 15 Freshman War Bond Committee 15 Frosh-Soph Picnic Committee 1, 25 Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 45 Freshman Frisk Committee 15 Soph Hop Com- mittee 25 Frosh-Soph Play Tournament 25 Junior Play Committee 35 Microphone 3, 45 Junior Prom Committee 35 Junior Prom Court 35 Secretary Junior Class 35 Wig and Rouge 3, 4, Secretary 45 Senior Ball Committee 45 Senior Ball Court 45 Myndersian Staff 45 Empire State School Press Coferenceg Honor Student 4. This is 4ttr4ctive Aileen, 4n 4ll-round girl, ejicient 4nd dependuhle. Although usu4lly the tctilored type, she c4n he delightfulb feminine, especi4lly when hirthddy greetings 4re s4id with ' orchids. LAST YEAR HAS BEEN WONDERFUL-FULL OF MEMORIES WE'LL LOOK BACK UPON ALWAYS TO COMFORT US .... "BARGAIN BRIDE" WITH ITS "LITTLE" MOMENTS .... A SENIOR BALL THAT WAS "TOPS.' '... A YEARBOOK REPLETE WITH "WORLDLY" VIEWPOINTS .... CLASSES, TEACHERS, FUN, AND FRIENDSHIPS .... UNFORGETTABLE EXPERIENCES .... GOOD-BYES TO THE GUYS .... 22 ALLIENE MAE Ro1a1a1Ns-Transfer from King's Ferry Central School: Freshman Picnic Committee 1, Literary Club 1, Class Reporter 2, Year Book Staff 2, Sophomore Picnic Committee 3. Mynderse Academy: Glee Club 3, 4, junior Party Committee 3, Myndersian Staff 4. From King? Ferry to My1zder:e came Alliene to join u: in her junior year. Seemingly carefree and jolbf, :he can neverthele:: roll up impremive mark:, although :he would he the la:t to admit her .rcholar:hip. IEAN Cactus Rooms-Intramurals 1, Junior Party Committee 3. Although jean i: very quiet, you can alway: he :ure .rhe': there on the joh. In the future jean hope: to hecome a nur:e,' and we know that :he will accompli:h her goal, hecau:e :he i: the type that Jucceed: at everything :he trier. MARY JOSEPHINE Russo-Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 1, Junior-Senior Party Committee 3, Junior Prom Committee 3. Mary look: at you with tho:e warm, dark eyes, and :omehow you feel all glowy in:ide. Sympathetic and helpful, :he': a nice per:on on whom to lean. Mutic, in which :he ha: made real progre::, i: her chief intere:t. LORRAINE Louisa SABATINI-Cheerleader 1, 2, 3, 4, Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4, Library Club 1, 2, Glee Club 1, Frosh-Soph Picnic Committee 1, 2, Physical Education Demonstration 1, Freshman War Bond Committee 1, Freshman Frisk Committee 1, Soph I-lop Committee 2, Frosh-Soph Play Tournament 2, Wig and Rouge 2, 3, 4, Junior Party Committee 33 Microphone 3, 4, Junior Prom Committee 3, Senior-Junior Party Com- mittee 3, Senior Ball Committee, Senior Play 4, Myncletsian Staff 4. With :parkling hlack eye: that he:peak her gayety, Bahe i: to he found in the thick of the fun that it life at Myndeme. Whether it i: ha:ketball or cheerlead- ing, :he draw: 'em.' foul: in the former: cheer:, in the latter. Gaonoejosmrn Scnana-rt-Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4 , Frosh-Soph Play Tour- nament Committee 1, Freshman Frisk Committee 1, Frosh-Soph Picnic Committee 1, Class Treasurer 1, Football 2, 3, 4, Soph Hop Committee 2, junior-Senoir Party Committee 3, Myndersian Staff 4, Block M 4, Honor Student 4. George i: :omething of an unrung hero hecau:e mo:t people don't realize hi: accompli:hment: in intramural: and :cholar:hip. With hey: he': at home anywhere, and although no lady killer, he doe:n't exactb avoid 'em. ANDREW JOHN SCIALDONE-Frosh-Soph Play Tournament 1, Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Operetta 1, 2, 3, Concert 1, 2, 3, 4, Finger Lakes Festival 1, American Legion Concert 1, 2, Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4 , Frosh-Soph Picnic Committee 1, Freshman Frisk Committee 1, Soph Hop Committee 2, Tumbling Club 3, Myndersian Staff 4. Whoever fir:t uttered the phrare, "Good thing: come in :mall package:," mu:t have had Andy in mind. If not, we can vouch for it. Efficiency plu: epitomize: our Andy. Such good work and friendly :pirit have left their mark in the annal: of '45. Josxzpu DOMINICK SINICROPI"R2diO Club 1, 2, Camera Club 1, 2, 3, English Club 3, Science Club 3, 4, Vice-President 3, President 4. After the midyear :now:, f oe joined u:g and ure've decided he i: :omething of a philo:o- pher, erpecialb :ince his famou: comment on the weather. Someone deplored the deep water on the walk: and foe :aid, "Well, at lea:t you don't have to :hovel water." STELLA PAULINB SMITH-Camera Club 1, Acanthus 1, Intramurals 1, 2, Freshman Frisk Committee 1, Frosh-Soph Picnic Committee 1, 2, Soph Hop Committee 2, junior Play Committee 3, Le Cercle Francais 3, Junior Prom Committee 3, Senior Ball Committee 4, Senior Play Com- mittee 4, Myndersian Staff 4. Ea:y to look at-that': Stella.' A: to talent:, :he': e:pecialbf good in art work. Her capacity for friend:hip and di:cretion i: one of her higgeert charm:, and the chief rea:on we like her. THOSE "FORMER" CIVILIANS .... GAB FESTS FOR THE GALS BULL SESSIONS FOR THE BOYS BURNING THE MIDNIGHT OIL OVER THE BANE OF OUR EXISTENCE HOMEWORK WEEK ENDS OF FUN .... PREPARATION FOR OUR "TOMORROW ENTRANCE TESTS CLASS NIGHT AND JOKES .... THUMPING HEARTS AND COMMENCEMENT FLUSHED CHEEKS AND CAP N GOWNSU' . . . THE GLORIOUS ENDING OF THE WONDERFUL BEGINNING OF LIVING' ll 23 IRWIN SPIEGELMAN-Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 49 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Operetta 15 Frosh-Soph Picnic Committee lg Soph Hop Com- mittee 2, Frosh-Soph Play Tournament 25 Intramurals 3, 4gJut1iot Prom Committee 35 Football Manager 45 Basketball Manager 4g Block M 4. lrwin, eommonbf known a: "Spook:," left u: in March for the Army. Prior to that he proved hi: efeiency hy managing the foothall team. He': helpful in other way: too, eypecially to pretty girl: hy taxiing them home from :chool in hi: dad': tar. And can that hoy toot a tuha!! VIRGINIA ARLENE SWlNEHART'GlC6 Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Operetta 1, 2, 3, Music Festival 2, Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4, Junior-Senior Party Committee 3 g junior Play Committee 3, junior Prom Committee 35 Senior Play Committee 45 Senior Ball Committee 4. If you are looking for mu:ital talent, page Arlene, who po::e::e: a nice .ringing voice, which mo:t of ui have heard in the operetta:. A: to her ta:te in clothe:, :he know: what to wear with her Titian hair and how to wear it. GUY BENJAMIN TORCHINELLI-GIGS Club 1, 2, 3, Operetta 1, 2, Intra- murals l, 2, 3, 45 Tumbling Club 3, 4, Honor Student 4. No clam: i: rom- plete without a hey like our "Torch," Hi: di:arming frankneff ha: provided many a chuckle in tla:.r, and hi: geniu: in math ha: earned him many admirer: among the den:er craniumtr. It would he nice if he would tome out of hi: :hell :ocialU, however. VITA MARY VRRZILLO-Physical Education Demonstration 1, Library Club 1, 2, 3 5 Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4, Junior Red Cross Representative 3, junior Play Committee 3, Senior Ball Committee 45 Senior Play Com- mittee 4. Mary i: one of our Home Economi:t.r and :he will prohahbf make .romeone a nice home :ome day. .Y he alto take: an attive part in :port.r, in which :he exeel:. HARRY WALDRON WEART-Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Soph Hop Committee 24 Junior Party Committee 3, Junior-Senior Party Committee 3gJur1ior Prom Committee 3gJunior Play 3, Empire Boys' State 3gJunior Rotarian 4, Senior Ball Committee 4, Football 4, Block M 45 Myndersian Business Manager 4, Valedictorian 4. "Walb'," our clan magician and Bettyf: current heart throh, i: ejioienq permnzfed. He it a fla:h on the foothall yield, and on him, a tromhone look: good. A: to hi: :en:e of humor, well, it': perfeet. RI-IooA ANN WENTZ1B3Hd 1, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, O eretta 1, 2, 3, All-State Music Festival 2, 3, 4g Intramurals 1, 2, 45 Pliysical Education Demonstration lg Science Club 1, Freshman War Bond Com- mittee lg Freshman Frisk Committee 1, Soph Hop Committee 2, Junior Party Committee 35 Junior Prom Committee 3, Senior Play 4g Senior Ball Committee 45 Myndersian Stat? 4, Honor Student 4. With a flair for reporting, Rhoda rate: a column in a village paperf hut if :he': wicked there, you :hould hear her Jing. It doe: thing: to you! And when Rhoda :mile:, the world i: jolly, too. 'kit 19455 OWN SERVICE GROUP, PRIVATE GINO FRANCIS COLOGGI PRIVATE WILLIAM ARTHUR GRIGGS PRIVATE WAYNE DIXON GUY PRIVATE EARL RITTER GUTHRIE SEAMAN THOMAS JOSEPH MARSELLA PRIVATE IRWIN SPIEGELMAN 24 Senior Play Smndifzgx Fridley Holcomb McNaney Little Fillingham Wentz 5'e4ted.' Cafaro Guy Bartran Finn Sabatini From the ranks of the Senior Class, several illustrious members were aptly chosen to emote before the footlights of Mynderse Academy in the Senior Play, "The Bargain Bride." Under the able supervision of Miss Margaret Allen, the talents of our Thespians were developed with the result that we vvill always remember our blushing red-haired goddess "Scotch," and our roving Lothario Wayne, Who, with the rest of the cast made our play a memorable occasion, tuned to the rollicking antics of the players and the echoing laughter and enjoyment of the audience. 4 Mynderse Went all out for the mystery-thriller, "Ghost Wanted," which the Junior Class presented. Laurels went to Tommy Baker and Jimmy Fegley, playing Hugo Bromley and Jeff Hall. From the time our tvvo heroes applied for the job of haunting an island mansion, the plot moved swiftly, intro- ducing Hne comedy, a fevv 'izombiesf' and Brin Kissell as the monster. Romance entered when the tvvo boys savv Rita Capparelli and Joyce Scattaglia. The play was a success, thanks to the fine work of the cast, the committees, Miss Allen's excellent coaching and Norma Cline's last minute substitution. O tfmndingr Baker Nugent Cline Kissel Botlen Smith Sullivan Guy Van Cleef .S'eaterZ.' Fegley Scattaglia Cosen tino Capparelli Junior Play l . 25 Back Row: Rausch, Ross, McMillen, Sullivan, Rothert, Potter, Pennacchio, Povero, Klandatos, Nicandri, McNaney. .Yemnd Row: Brown, Sinicropi, Rotundo, Loar, Giannotti, Reynolds, Hibbard, Mellini, Guy, Kruetter, Martello, Jones, Parks. First Row: Nugent, Rice, Page, Zona, Galletti, Scharett, Cline, Capparelli, Verzilla, Van Buren, Stone, Meeks. Serious minded and grim faced, we the junior Class, with our heads packed full of book learning, look back with delight on the eventful year we have left behind us. . The beat of the orchestra drummer at our Junior Party was barely distinguishable above the clatter of numerous pairs of knees knocking and teeth chattering-after effects of our Spider-webbed Staircase and Chamber-of-horrors that were in keeping with our theme "The Haunted House." Turning for a moment from the air of mystery prevailing at the party, we featured a fashion parade of today and yesterday. Every costume was shown from bathing suits to formals. Tom Baker, who is a really good sport, made his appearance in daring red flannels, straw hat, and a bushy raccoon coat. At the conclusion of the parade I think the majority of us were convinced that though odd, the fashions of today are "tops." One of our spectacular achievements was an amateur show put on as an assembly program. Did we ever dig up hidden talent, and to this day we're sorry some of it was ever uncovered! We are glad that the students of Mynderse can still gaze upon Seneca Falls with an air of pride after our rendition of its discovery. But we brought down the curtain in hilarity as we had as our finale a group of boys garbed as girls in a song and dance. What grace those fellows possessed, namely Jim Fegley and Ferdinand Nicandri. Finding terrorizing the students of Mynderse such great fun, we decided to have another fling at it, therefore, we chose as our Junior Play "Ghost Wanted." This starred such well-known juniors as Rita Capparellihloyce Scattaglia,Jim Fegley, and Tom Baker, to mention only a few. And it seems to be agreed upon that Alice Sullivan did a wonderful portrayal of the woman of mystery, Madame Zolga. .CLASS 0131946 CLASS OF 1946... Here may we compliment the make-up committee on their horrifying masterpiece, the monster. Mystery must be in demand in Mynderse, for we considered our play a success. Days and months rolled by, days of worry and sorrow, joy and hilarity. We loved every one of them. Then came the Junior-Senior Party when we gave those grave old seniors an evening of super fun that we'll never forget and hope they won't as they file out into the cold world. It is our ho e that this ear we will ut forth one of the bi est and best unior Proms held in . Y . gg . . . Mynderse, and if the class members respond to this as they have to our other activities I can say for sure that it will be a success. Our class was evenly distributed among the various activities of the school. Such organizations as the Band and Orchestra, Wig and Rouge, language clubs, and athletic organizations found among their ranks members of the Junior Class. Perhaps our year wouldn't have been quite so successful if we hadn't had such well-chosen class officers as Brin Kissel presiding as nresident, never tardy at class meetings but always in school, assisted by capable Alice Casey, vice-president, Barbara Potter, secretary, and last but very important, Roland Gustafson, treasurer, who was elected because of his charming personality. Much credit is due also to our splendid class advisers, Mrs. Oliver, Miss Spencer, and Mr. Becker, who guided us so ably. Soon we shall abandon our life as gay, young juniors, and fill the seat of the seniors. Let's hope we can make as good a showing as did the previous class, before we begin our work in a world new to us. CLASS or '46 BARBARA POTTER Back Row: Baker, Reese, Wood, Giovannini, Rutz, Sinicropi, Burlew, Lorenz, Fornesi, Kissel, Alcott, Smith, Brand. Semmi Raw: Geraghty, Watkins, Bellomo, Baldassari, Fleury, Carella, Vreeland, Sisson, Van Cleef, Doane, Tarquino, Miller, Fegley, Gustafson. First Row: Cazzato, Scattaglia, Casey, Chalker, Burchim, Young, Cosentino, Berrels, Hanlin, Dilmore, Seitz, Swinehart, Boden. 27 ...CLASS OF1947 "I-Ieyf We're Sophs !" This was hard to realize as We started the second round of the battle facing us, as a class, at Mynderse. Although in the first round we had contracted some scars of battle, the success we enjoyed healed them quickly. So it was in the second round, too, though the hardships increased and the good times became more sparse. To represent us in the punching line we elected as president, likeable Joe Poole. His able assistants in executive powers were Norma "Chips" Smallwood, in the role of vice-president, Ladonna Lindsey, a willing secretary, and Jimmy Rogers was custodian of our funds. We had as our able advisers, Miss Bruton, who offered us no end of excellent counsel and advice, Mrs. Shannon, who tried to show us the way, Miss Miller, who proves every day that Latin cannot be forgotten, and last but not least our own Mr. C. A. P. Davies. Many thanks to them for making this round a successful one. We made many valuable additions to our class in the form of Helen Widger, whose father is at Sampson, Berta Ostberg, Ruth lXfIcGhan, and Betty Burgess. However, we also suffered losses when Doris Clayton moved to Gorham and when George Bastian enlisted. Round two started more seriously for us, and the responsibilities outweighed our thoughts of pleasure as a class, so relaxation did not come until the hands of the timekeeper's clock neared the zero hour. But as individuals, many of our boys showed superfluous skill in varsity sports as well as in intramurals. Meanwhile the Soph girls carried away top honors in soccer. With Betty Burgess directing the blows they put up a hard fight in girls' intramurals basketball and concluded the season in second place. Bark Raw: Dyson, Denman, DeSanto, Cepuch, Judson, Fridley, Johnson, Cirone, Lurie, Deming, H. Cator Eastman, Gibbs, Faila, Hooper, Jones, S. Kreutter, Hoster, Annis, G. Giovannetti, J. Martin, Chubb Marapese, DeRosa, D'Urso, E. Cross, Burgess, Clayton, Mackin, Gurba, Clark, N. Falconer, B. Miller DePasquale. Fmt Raw: F. Brand, Boyes, D. Colgrove, Flynn, Brisco, Lindsey, Kuney, Markel, A. Chlueyi grove, Blawski, Cherchio. . Third Row: Galgano . Secand Row: Coonev B. Campbell, Cross Cook, Dorothy Col 28 Fourth Raw: Salone, Timmons, Scarselletta, Poole, Paradise, LeBerteaux. Third Row: Hay, Snyder, Rogers, Cafolla, Turner, White, Terrusi, Tennies, Scott, Seitz, Scattaglia, Christopher. Seanad Raw: McGreevy, Bantuvanis, Wait, Struble, Palandro, Parker, Sinicropi, Sims, Reardon, Sullivan, Pennachio, Smallvvood, Harvey, Abbott, Page. Firff Raw: Moio, Worden, Jones, Pagano, Mills, Watkins, Cafolla, Amidon, Woods, Bastian, Chuley, Ward, Allen, Christopher. Again we made a "bang up" showing in extracurricular activities offered at Mynderse. Sophs fought their way into Band, Orchestra, Senior Choir, Science Club, Wig and Rouge, Library Club, and Microphone Staff. Of course the spotlight eventually turns to our fine slugging in the war effort. Through our repre- sentatives on the Mynderse Junior Red Cross Council we joined the rest of the school in its 1001, membership. We bought our share of War Bonds and Stamps, striving always to keep the Minute Man Flag flying over the halls of Mynderse! Some of our number made scrapbooks for servicemen, while others folded vast amounts of newspaper bedside bags. After the struggle of Mid-Years our aspirations turned to the annual Soph Hop. Our theme was the "Soph Mardi Gras." Side shows such as the famous Madam, the fortune teller, preceded the gala parade of our own much publicized caricatures. Clowns, a bearded lady, the fat lady, and the renowned Flora Dora Sextet offered utmost amusement to those in the ringside seats. By slugging away our representatives produced an undeniably superb masterpiece for us in the annual Wig and Rouge Play Tournament. Our contribution was L'The Ghostly Passenger" and our sincere thanks go to Miss Allen and her assistants who trained us to the ninth degree. Closing round two in collaboration with the Freshmen we held the Frosh-Soph Picnic. Exhausting good times that only a picnic can provide made this conclusion one to be remembered. With the concluding gong, we marched out wearily from our role as Sophomores into that of "Jolly Juniors. " BARBARA CAMPBELL CLASS OF '47 CLASS or 1947 . .. 29 Back Row: Lay, Cafaro, Hyde, Gilmore, Comisky, Broadbent, Cramer, Carpenter, Decker, Baker, Blue, Andrews, Denman, Wilson. Third Raw: Bowen, Aronson, Caruso, Cherchio, Franceschi, McGuire, Dombroski, Wetmore, Pontius, Byrne, Catherman, Dean, Hadley, Gleason. Secand Raw: Piscatelli, Carracilla, Frankenflelcl, Scialdone, Vreeland, Shuster, Doty, Brewer, Annis, Braun, M. Calarco, Dark, V. Calarco, Deary, Decker, Dimmick. Firft Row: Errico, Durnin, Brown, Bellomo, Brady, Amidon, Comis Calland, Agnello, Cline, Carter, Bentley, Sisson, Milella. s On that eventful autumn day when we assembled in the auditorium, there was a grand total of one hundred and seventeen freshmen. We started our year off with a bang by electing that small but powerful Lee Letizia as president. The other class officers were Dorothy Struble, vice-president, who always has a smile for everyone, Doris Dark, secretary, who did a good job keeping up the minutes and Mark "pa-leese pay your dues" Sinicropi, treasurer. Because there were many strangers in our midst we decided to have a Freshmen Get-together Party. This was our first occasion of the year and one not to be forgotten. Dancing, entertainment, and, of course, refreshments all united to make the party a great success. But now the fun was over, at least for a while. We all settled down to school work and went out for various activities. We proved to the upper classmen that the freshmen weren't so pea-green by displaying our various abilities in Wig and Rouge, Library Club, Microphone, Band, Tumbling Clubs, A Cappella Choir, basketball, football, and baseball. Homerooms 78 and 79 maintained the honors in 10075 War Stamp Sales and banking. Volunteers were always available to do Red Cross work and other war projects. At last time had come, and deadly silence fell over the one hundred and seventeen freshmen. Everyone seemed to appear more studious, books were carried home at night, and no longer were spit- wads thrown during classes. What was it? What had happened to the invincible freshmen? Ah yes, Midyears. Dear, sweet Midyears! We tackled the examinations bravely, however, and after a hard struggle came out on top. When at last they had been safely passed, the dark cloud of gloom rose from around us as quickly as it had come. It wasn't long before spring arrived and with it . . . yes, you guessed it, spring fever. I'll have to ...CLASS OF1948 ...CLASS CDF1948 admit that it hit the girls harder than the boys this year. In Latin class we dreamed not of Julius Caesar but of that boy that sits in the last seat in English, we thought of Frank Sinatra for Bing CrosbyD instead of Robert Louis Stevenson, and in Science we just sat there utterly fascinated by Mr. Parkin's dazzling ties. In April the Wig and Rouge sponsored a Sadie Hawkin's Dance, and the fresh- men girls certainly did rise and shine. Each pursued her man and succeeded in dragging him to the dance. lt must be those gals had heard of the man-power shortage. April also brought the Frosh-Soph tournament and hope in the hearts of the freshman class. We were a dauntless bunch and the sophomores could say nothing to discourage us. New talent blossomed forth and comedians and tragedians were unearthed. The annual Freshman Dance came about this time, and the freshmen really outdid themselves. Decorations, entertainment, and last but far from least, refreshments, made the dance a hit and one for Mynderse to remember. The year was drawing to a close but not before the Frosh-Soph picnic was held. There were the usual hot-dogs and lemonade, and of course wherever there's food, there's fun. This was an especially gala affair because we were marking the end of a memorable school year. Before we can draw the cur- tains on the Freshman Class, however, We all want to bestow our thanks and appreciation on our class advisers. They have been kind and understanding and willingly gave their time and help to make our class a successful one. Mrs. Seld, Miss Allen, Miss Block, and Mr. Parkin all receive a full vote of thanks from the Class of '48. NANCY DOANE CLASS or '48 Farfrzb Rauf: Letizia, Passifione, Gallina, Thom son, Rizzieri, Smith, Schaertl, Mahoney, Vitetta, Sinicropi, Vacca, Olmstead, Spiegelrnan, Ryan. Third Raw: Kissel, R. Reynoldjs, Peterman, Green, Suglia, Saracino, Platten, Parker, Olin, Klandatos, Stowell, Gorton. Parker, Second Row: Gravina, Riley, Olin, Johnson, Wetzel, M. F. Zona, Goodwin, Doane, Lama, Sinicropi, Frappolli, Rogers, D. Reynolds. Fin: Row: Struble, Milella, Klionsky, Rogers, Kennedy, Leone, Fegley, Elliotto, Guthrie, Wolf, Belcher, Esposito, Ellison. 31 .zu f C3 will ,f-Us . ' 4 'i f ?-ff'ff'- Ga . AA , .. , .,, Q ds. . NN ,KF . U no Y-f. , 1 MMD- ....u , My. ith, plain uric , ucuuctt, uaie, nlgnllley, L... Andrews, 4 Stuck, Fieorelli, Wilco Keach, Peter C , lglibbrgll, Faiola, R. Zettleinoyer, Rutz, Kuney, fa 4 sk Qi- 'N Q' N Q f Lev x li I 1 5 P E I H A D E - ex fl Q y I KJ ' . 2 Tie We 've been told we Were an cocky class but after all we have cause to be concerted. Aren't-evve the 'L sg. .1 first eighth grade to be considered part of Mynderse and have our handsome faces portrayed'bF'the X . Q A Myndersian? 'Xi is ,Y A X Back in September, 1944, about one hundred of us began our second year at Myndersev oglongikrx Qi up K l were We the youngest in the school. Never had vve felt as big as when We graduated from 'te ,sixth A .f x yrs? UT SLE Taxa grade or so small as when We were measly seventh graders, but novv in the eighth grade vvghave le! Q reached the happy medium. '4 fm X Establishing ourselves in rooms 37, 38, and 21 under the watchful eyes of Miss Welcher, Miss Gildbs, .3 Ci and Mr. Bourdon We started off the year with our fingers in many pies. Some joined the Junior ChoiQ,.- 4,9 Science Club, and the band. The'more athletic members formed six teams for basketball intramurals. ' If K A All of us have participated in War Activities,Junior Red Cross purchases of War Bonds and Stamps ls ,Rr and paper salvage. The Junior Red Cross members made scrapbooks,paper bags, and favors for Sampson W Naval Hospital. The scrapbooks were especially original and represented tireless elforts on the Part , XX. . of their contributors. y ' FQQX? Most of us don't seem very interested in politics, for only room 37 has elected officers. l ' 'Q H Under the direction of Miss Ross the members in the Junior Choir put on a one act operetta, entitled A K. Shooting Stars," for an assembly program. As a result We discovered many a budding songster or songstress among us. A Next year, as the "Forty-niners," vve become freshmen with four years of enjoyable high school life before us, but We vvill always remember our last happy year in Junior High! If H . DoRcAs BOWMAN W, CLASS or 1949 .- fa . . ' 2 G' ii' " 1 f rf v Jvqflltj ffl ,gg , ,ff-ftfef ,f'3f0..fs:fa1,f2,,a6"S-'i"l'J"hj 32 M i" 4 472 ,H wi," , ' Q t r t :' 'H 44 Ldaffivffi Vai ,x Lj'gf'ifO"' 'lf l'x'i"'t-'ffm fills., .A7.ff!'J""!'!N, JJ if ' 'Vl Jflgfb .4 i"F4' 4 ffpilway . 'Wg .- ' SEVENTH GRADE . . in Mynderse Academy is a new school to most of the seventh grade students, and we decided that electing class officers would help us in working into Mynderse ways. Our president, by appointing committees to attend to the class business, would prepare us for high school classes. Our onicers are president, James Carpentergsecretaty,Clara Anne Batty, and treasurer, Winifred Colgove. These omcers and committees have made the work very simple for pupils and teachers. The seventh graders, among the many things we have to be thankful for, can be especially proud of our nice teachers, special teachers, and our principal. They have been wonderful and have always been glad to help us in any way. We have found that Mynderse Academy is a very nice place in which to get an education. We have also enjoyed the good books in the library and the othersources of pleasure that the school offers. During the year pupils participated in school projects. The program, "Peace Through Brotherhood," was one of these. The Junior Choir members took part in the "Christmas Carol Sing." The seventh grade Junior Choir put on a minstrel show for entertainment before Easter. The girls furnished the music, while seven boys did the acting. V The day is rapidly drawing nearer the time when we will leave our 'lGlorious Myndersen for a summer vacation, but we will be longing for the day when we can come back as eighth graders. ' 7 ' ' ' CLASS OF 1950 4 ' . T . . i ., N C 4 V " I , . , v .Y i .iw K A , i . , I XLLCQL DUANE SHUsTER V Q, Hi' is -,.. Q 3 ,A X 'Y W- Y ax ' " ' --L .4 , 4 inn. T 3 Bark Raw: W. Shuster, Turkett, Parker, Yeo, Parker, Meeks, Sinicropi, Caimano, Twist, Knapp, Wise, jones, Smith, Fiano, Swine- hart, Large, Borden, Deal, Peterson. Third Raw: Batty, Sharp, M. Large, Buck, Brewer, Costello, S. Meeks, S. Johnson, Klandotos, Selleck, Mastroleo, B. Knapp, Woods, Smith, Lind, Mayo, Brace. Serena' Raw: Amidon, Colgrove, Crane, Barrett, Sandy, Fisher, Vreeland, Stall, Delisso, Magill, Horle, Woodworcl, Knight, Reynolds, Crawn, Walters, Terrusi, Freeland, Brown, Chamberlain, Fredenburgh. First Raw: Cracknell, Dombrowski, D. Shuster, A. Chamberlain, Dober, Clark, Brand, Milanesi, Kreutter, Babcock. Smith, Cook, Spano, Bennett, Soscia, Bachman, Carpenter, Bonacci. Front Row: Galgano, McCann. Marcuccilli. 33 34 5 f 36 .tx 1 N E - I . V 1' .ssh - 5 E I KT' ... Liv f 1'-I n Q x I fl. J . 6 I H' . 'Pg 12. - u . '- - ' K 4. , ' ,LS x i lv,,b:unn W.: ' '-xl 1,.,'- - .1 H. - '--. ' . -' ' ' x A ' E I.,LL.A Q -i , :du I -, o , n 1 -5- . - :,. V-"W , ,-x..Lw.,1-S-t,iffQ, -5 :ff X 1 A Q- " ' f . 7 - .4-L -fe 1 x u-"sum S' Y "' - fr: A . . , : I L i I , ' H A I T l , J i V. I U in E .. ..,,, , x. U fl V V, V I ij! x Ol, N .1 A J g-Ml'fPEi- -Y . WH Xa as K 3 5-if rf, I - Q I -J . z f J' -.C -1- B .3-fl.: ix -Ji 'Y . A vw -' :rj Fx 'mfxu W a-H I "'xA .yi -. y X -Alu 'kj-P132 HIIIIVIIHS Opportunity, freedom of enterprise, frdternezlixrn-thefe ore the pronzixes fulfilled hy our great country thot lrftf the lamp hexide the open door to the people of the world . Onr octioitiex expreu-thexe ideals-our reaching for the good things of life thot enrich ond ennohle the whole. Whether it if mufic or dronzn, science of hzenzetnitezridn entere.rt.r--oll thefe Jhope our lives. S749 Nineteen Forty-Five MYNDE RS IAN The Myndersian is headed by Ruth Hol- comb, Editor-in-Chief, Wally Weart, Busi- ness Managerg Mary Elizabeth Finn and Barbara Huson, Photographic Editors, and Aileen Poole, Head Typist. Miss O'Brien, as usual, is adviser. Centering around a theme of world co- operation and international brotherhood, this Mynderfizzn, produced by a staff of 29 Seniors, is presented to you in order that I HHSOH, P0016 , , , , H. O'Br1en FIHH there will be a tangible reminder of the Holcomb Weart 1944-45 year at Mynderse. Since the opening of school, months before our staff was organized, Miss O'Brien had Mr. Sutterby covering events. That accounts for the almost complete photographic coverage of the year. Amateurs among the seniors contributed some of their snaps, too. The Bullock Studio took the individuals of the seniors and the class groups. We have included our young friends in the grades because they are an important Wing of the Mynderse family, and soon will be a part of the entering high school classes that are formed from these grade students, the graduates from St. Patricks, and rural pupils from out- of-tovvn schools. The staH of this 1945 Mymierrian wish to express their sincere gratitude to Miss O'Brien for her experienced guidance of this the twentieth Mynderrian. Back Row: Giovannetti, Lay, Schaertl, Horle, Kemak, Robbins, Jarrett, Smith, Weart, Marks, Martin, Ludovico. Secafzd Raw: Cross, Gravina, Huson, Durnin, Finn, Miss OYBYTCH, Adviser, Holcomb, Cafaro, Fridley, Sabatini, Campbell. FrwztRaw.'Sc1aldone, Mackin, Morehouse, Caple, Brady, Wentz, Poole. 37 Bock Row: Moio, Lama, Potter, Cherchio, Reardon, Martin, Scattaglia, Marrapese, Povero, Pennacchio, B. Campbell, I-lartranft, Letizia. Middle Row: Verzilla, Dyson, Cosentino, Kissel, Doane, Cepuch, Finn, Eastman, Blawski, Bautuvanis, Sabatini. Front Row: Lay, Holcomb, Compitello, Adviser, C. Campbell, Cafato, Palumbo, Poole. MYNDERSE MICROPHONE Under the capable leadership of Charles Campbell and Joan Cafaro and the guidance of Miss Compi- tello the Microphone has completed another successful year. In addition to their regular activities, the Microphone staff published a G. I. Issue, which contained the names, location, and activities of all Mynderse graduates who were then serving their country. This information was obtained by staff members through the service men's families. This issue was distributed free to these families in order that it might be sent to the service men. Another wartime feature of the Microphone has been sending issues to Mynderse servicemen stationed in the United States. The Microphone has co-operated with the war effort in va.rious ways. It has published articles, and stories which have been sent from the Treasury Department and reports on War Stamp Sales and editorials on various phases of the war effort. By publishing twelve issues on inferior paper the Micro- phone has done its bit to preserve paper during this wartime emergency. Several new features have been introduced to the Microphone this year. These are biographies of some of the students in Mynderse and questions based on present and past Mynderse students and activities special column. Without Miss Compitellds vigilance in keeping us to our deadlines the staff would many times have been lost. We owe her a deep debt of gratitude, because without her help the bi-weekly publica- tion of the Microphone would have been impossible. Our wish for the new staff of the Microphone is "Good Luck and continue to publish a good paper." Microphone activities will conclude with the annual banquet held at the Armitage in the spring. 38 BAND The band, under the direction of Mr. Fraser, is still one of the most important activities in Mynderse. Some difhculty was encountered in procuring musical instruments this year, and for that reason not all the students who wanted to start band classes were able to do so. However, a reasonably good job was done in acquiring second hand instruments from music stores and from people who were former members of the band and orchestra. By the acquisition of these instruments, it was possible to start a number of the students in the ward schools and the grades at Mynderse. Two valuable band members went into the army just before the band concert. These were Wayne Guy and Irwin Spieglman, but the younger players stepped in and did a iine job nevertheless. The band is now showing the results of the advisability of starting large beginners' clasess, for the band at present is composed to a great extent of people who started in pre-war and early war years. It is hoped that an early resumption of the manufacture of musical instruments will once again enable us to start larger beginning classes. This is all, of course, contingent on the progress of the war. A band class that increased notably was the drum majorettes. The enrollment in this is the largest in the history of the school. The class operates under the joint direction of the senior majorettes. The band played at all the football games and, of course, the annual band concert, held March 15, introduced many new and interesting numbers. The musical festival was held at Port Byron, May 12, the entire band participated. Back Raw: Shuster, Nugent, Seitz, Wetmore, J. Carpenter, Horle, Miller, Ashbough, Martin, Little, W. Weart, Spiegelman, Fraser, Director. Third Row: Masteroleo, Palandro, Freeland, Huson, Weart, Cafaro, Carpenter, Dyson, Ward, Flickinger. Second Rawsj. Miller, Abbott, Sinicropi, Mackey, Aronson, Dilmore, Burchim, Shepherd, Gibbs, Beerse, Van Cleef, Fillingham, Wentz, Hartranft. Franz Raw: Baker, Cline, Reese, Guy, Cepuch, Fridley, Denman, Cirone, Sullivan, Del Russo, Parks, Kreutter, Parish, Russo, Goodwin, Brown, Caple, Eastman. 39 Back Raw: Fraser, Director, Little, Weart, Horle, Flickinger, Ward, Baker, Denman. Front Row: Gibbs, Miller, Guy, Parks. ORCHESTRA . The orchestra, which is under the direction of Mr. Fraser, is continuing its policy of last year in playing a lighter type of music. This seems to interest the students more than the classical composi- tions and also provides more of an incentive for band members to play in the orchestra. The orchestra has played for all the assemblies and has participated in both gym exhibitions 5 one of them put on by Coach Rallis and the other sponsored by Miss Ruby Smith. It accompanied the students while they were performing their various stunts. From the encouragement received at school, a number of the boys formed a dance orchestra under the leadership of Wayne Guy, which has played for numerous school dances and after basketball games. It furnished music for the Recreation Center and several dances at St. Patrick's school. Among the places Where the orchestra has played outside of Seneca Falls are Port Byron, Moravia, Clyde, and of course, Waterloo. Members of the orchestra include: three saxophonists, Albert Parks, John Miller, and Robert Gibbsg tvvo Violinists, Brin Kissel and Sherman Eighmey, While Bernard Horle, Ethel Mae Flickinger, Rich- ard Dyson, and William Ward play the cornets. Tommy Baker is the pianist and the trombonists are "Scotchie" Little and "Wally" Weart. Last come the very important drummers, vvho are jimmy Denman and Milton Fridley. Of the thirteen members of the orchestra, four will be graduated in june. These are "Wally" Weart, "Scotchie', Little, Bernard Horle, and Ethel Mae Flickinger. Two former orchestra members, Wayne Guy and Irwin Spiegelman, graduates this year too, are in the armed forces having left Mynderse shortly after Midyears. Both of these musicians have been missed very much. 40 SENIOR A CAPELLA CHOIR The Senior Choir is a professional organization or so we try to make it. Our members belong not just because of a desire to sing nor for the credit to be obtained, but because in singing we work as a unit and aim toward the highest point, musically. The choir has a membership of eighty, under the direction of Miss Betsy Ross, thirty-two sopranos, thirty-one altos, eight tenors, and nine basses. As you can see, we need more boys in the choir, but those we have are doing much to give balance to the whole. Two of our basses, Irwin Spiegelman and Wayne Guy, were called to the service of their country. We hope that they will always remember us and the fun that we all had together. We had two concerts during the year. Our Christmas Carol Sing was given for the community December 13, and for the school as an assembly on December 15. We sang sacred and secular songs of the Christmas season. Our Spring Concert was given as a school assembly on April 12 and the regular program was pre- sented on April 13. At this concert we introduced to our audience some new arrangements of rare, but beautiful, folk songs and patriotic songs. Several members formed a triple-trio as an additional entertainment. Our last endeavor of this year was a Gay Nineties Assembly Program. We were glad to welcome back a former member of the choir, Charles Cator. He received a medical discharge from the Army last year and resumed his position in the bass section. The ones who will be members of the choir next year want to extend their thanks and appreciation to Miss Ross, who has resigned, and congratulate her for the fine work she has done as their musical director. To our fourteen seniors who are leaving us we wish the best of luck and much happiness throughout their lives. Back Row: Robbins, Flickinger, Marks, Brown, N. Doane, Ostberg, Sullivan, Beerse, Goodwin, Elaine Cross, Dilmore, M. Cafolla. Fourth Row: Baker, Abbott, Spiegelman, Platten, Vosh, Harvey, Kuney, Riley, Parker, Ellison, Baldissari, Wentz, Smallwood. Third Row: Bordon, Reese, Reynolds, Gorton, A. Klandatos, DeSarro, V. Klandatos, DeStefano, Guthrie, Cafolla, Brewer, Brown, B. Cross, Burgess. Second Raw: Guy, S. Palandro, Lindsey, A. Swinehart, Melini, Zona, Giannotti, Kennedy, Kreutter, Milella, C. Swinehart, M. Kreutter, Hoster, Lama, Byrne, Cater, Chalker, Christo her. First Raw: Galgano, M. Sinicropi, Scialdone, Galletti, Seitz, Tarquino, Young, Hartman, Bellomo, Ross, Director, Rotundb, E. Sinicropi, Pennacchio, I. Zona, J. Palandro, Ethel Cross, Comis, Little, Broadbent, P. McNaney, A. McNaney. 41 Bank Row: Brady, Dark, Scattaglia, Sisson, Morehouse, Klionsky, N. Doane, Sullivan, Fridley, Flynn, Cosentino, Gurba, Falconer Caple, Verzilla. Serami Raw: Marks, Cafaro, Clark, Van Cleef, Poole, Allen, Adviser, B. Doane, Campbell, Potter, Sabatini Holcomb. First Row: Eastman, Callan, Kemak, Hadley, Jarrett, Ainsworth, Giovannetti, Aronson. WIG AND RGUGE . .. Wig and Rouge began the year by electing officers. Barrie Doane was elected president, Molly Van Cleef, vice-president, Aileen Poole, secretary, and Barbara Campbell, treasurer. The round of activities began under the capable leadership of Miss Allen, the new dramatic coach. On October ninth the club contributed some of its talent to a school assembly program in which they presented a short two character comedy, "Table Service." This was followed by another assembly on December eighth when they presented two plays. On February twentyfthird the students were again treated to an assembly sponsored by Wig and Rouge. This time it was in the form of a radio program, the subject of which was, "Little Known Moments of History." It consisted of humorous skits and commercials in honor of the month of February. Included in these were: "Paul Revere's Ride," "Pocahontas Saves the Captain," "George Washington's Cherry Tree," Aunt Sally's Hour, a public speech on the topic "Health," and a musical offering. The program went over with a "bang" and was conclusive evidence of the talent of Mynderse students. With the coming of spring, Wig and Rouge sponsored a Sadie Hawkins' Dance. The date problem was solved by having the girls ask the boys. Everyone wore old clothes, slacks and overalls being included. Corsages were sold at the door to the boys. Once inside, the girls kept their dates far away from the long stag line of dateless girls who, because of the man power shortage, came unaccompanied. It was a novel and successful party. Thus the year of activities closed for Wig and Rouge, but it was a year filled with fun and happiness for all its members. 42 1 1 LIBRARY CLUB. . The year opened for the Library Club with the election of officers. Phyllis Brady was elected presi- dent, Barbara Campbell, vice-president, Joan Reardon, secretary, and Lena Blawski, treasurer. The club continued under the able leadership of Miss Compitello as club adviser. Eleven new members were admitted to the club. The members of the club sold sandwiches at one of the football games and they were welcomed by the spectators who discovered that they were hungry after standing for an hour or more. The proceeds from the sale were used to have the library drapes cleaned and for new books. During the Christmas season, the club had a Christmas party. Invitations were library notices in green and red ink. The Freshmen members who had charge of the meeting, entertained the upper classmen. Games were played and gifts were exchanged, and the party was a huge success. During Regents week, the members, taking advantage of the lull in library reading, took an inven- tory of the books in the library. After January exams the members were quizzed on library questions, prepratory to a library exam given to all students on March twenty-first. During the whole year the members aided Miss Compitello in keeping the books in order and in the general upkeep of the library. Members volunteered for desk duty during their study periods and performed their task of keeping the students in the library quiet and the books, coming in and going out of the library, in order. This work is valuable to the students in that it teaches them the basic library problems. Thus the year proved a valuable library experience to many Myndersians who became better ac- quainted with the books and book readers of our school. Back Row: Cline, Lama, Riley, Cherchio, Kissel. Middle Row: Callan, Markel, Terrusi, Decker, Vosh, Klionsky, DeRosa, Gravina Dark, D. Brady. Front Raw: Reardon, Campbell, P. Brady, Compitello, Adviser, Blawski. 43 SCIENCE CLUB . . This year the guidance of the Science Club was taken over by Mr. Bourdon. In the beginning of the school year Charles Campbell was elected president, Wesley Lay, vice-president, Joan Young, secretary, Rita Capparelli, treasurer, and Brin Kissel, program chairman. The program for the year has been lectures and demonstrations on astronomy and various other science subjects. Two ofthe members ofthe club, Charles Campbell and Harry Weart, Won honorable mention in the Fourth Annual Science Talent Search conducted by the Science Clubs of America, to discover and develop scientific ability. Bourdon, Adviser, Marsh, Deming, Holcomb, Camp- bell, Sanders, W. Lay, Cra- mer, Serling, M. Lay, Ca- therman, Kissel, R. Smith, C. Kahle, Alcott, Robert K. Smith. Buck Raw: Markel, Flynn, Sullivan, Blawski, Loar, Reardon. First Row: Brady, Miller, Adviser, Sims. Nancy Sims and Phyllis Brady, Consuls, presided over the Latin Club under the guidance of Miss Miller. Other oflicers included Geraldine Sullivan, Betty Flynn, Joan Reardon, Barbara Markel, Aediles, Jean Loar, Quaestorg Lena Blavvski, Censorg Alice Page, Janitor. The year's activities will reach their peak at the annual Roman banquet. At this feast in the Home Center everyone will come dressed as ancient Roman citizens in tunics. The Latin I students having the highest average will act as slaves Whose duty it is to provide entertainment and to serve the Roman food. The aim of the club is to increase the interest in the Roman people and their language. LATIN CLUB . 44 JUNIOR RED CROSS. junior Red Cross organized since January 26, 1942, has had a busy year. They filled Christmas boxes for foreign children, made utility bags, scrapbooks, hospital bags, international scrapbooks and wash clothes. They have designed Christmas decorations and favors for trays, and writing boards for Sampson Hospital, besides assisting in the War Fund Drive, and Blood Donor campaign. The Red Cross is proud that Mynderse Academy is eligible to fly the Minute Man flag. Heading the organization under Miss Campany's supervision are Betty Cross, president, Betty Morehouse, vice-president, Barbara Campbell, secretary, Gloria Povero, treasurer. Back Row: F. Terrusi, Dark, B. Falconer, M. Zona, J. Sinicropi. Middle Row: Bur- chim, Tennies, Paradise, M. Lay, N. Falconer, M. Zona, Riley. Front Row: Povero, Campbell, Mrs. Garnsey, Chairman, Campany, Ad- viser, Cross, Morehouse. Back Row: Shephard, Hol- comb, Lawrence, Greenly, Bantuvanis, R. Freeland, Kruetter, Serling, Leo, Buck, Byrne, Judson, Mackin. Fourth Row: Crough, Hayes, Bowman, Wade, Russo, Rog- ers, Dimmick, Dombrowski, H. Parker, Cracknell, Bab- cock, Del Russo, Batty, Landberg, Dewall. Third Row.'Johns0r1, Stahl, Sandy, Knight, Colgrove, Crane, Jones, R. Parker, Peterson, Deal, Mackey, Lamuragalia, Guy, Lapomarda,G. Buck. Second Row: Jackson, B. Knapp, D. Freeland, Brown, Fisher, Woodward, Vreeland, Mastroleo, Knapp, Smith, Seitz, Caimano, Sullivan, Lilla, Terrusi, Meeks, Selleck, Lamanna, Zona. Firit Row: Farney, Bowen, Stall, Scharett, Woods, Meeks, Davis, Smith, Stal- ley, Sinicropi, Peterson, Clark, Fiano, Galgano, Bar- rett, Leno, Yates, Allen, Amidon, Ross. The Junior Choir is made up of boys and girls from the seventh and eighth grades, under the direction of Miss Ross. Our membership totals 85 this year: 36 sopranos, 25 altos, and 24 alto-tenors. The songs we sing are not only three-part, but unison and two-part as well, and we learn to sing the folks from countries all over the world. Besides our performances at the Christmas Carol-Sing and the Spring Concert, we have staged two assembly programs-the first, a one-act operetta, "Shooting Stars," and the second, "Radio Minstrelsf' JUNIOR CHOIR. 45 Brown, Sabatini, Tarquino, Verzilla, Poole. CHEERLEADERS 46 X X f I C V I.. 09" S111-gn S! U IO FE sv 301' QL O.. FE .-1' guru! il -ssssmfieg SP H IS In tbexe wut' iluyf uf we remember tlae ooftucley that the Soviet Union lmx overcome-tlee Jloeer, rugged plvyoicul enclurunce of itJ people in conquering ezlmoft infurmountuble oclcls in the conflict with Germuny, we tlout Jtuminu infpieing, Ployficul jitnesf but its place of laonor in America, tooj loence we have cleoeen Ruffin to introduce our artloletic Jection. Back Raw: liallis, Coach, Caster, l. Spiegelman, Broadbent, Baker, Schaertl, Rutz, Martin, Watkins, Byrne. Middle flow: Nicandri, Denman, Fornesi, Giovannini, Rogers, Commisky, S. Spiegelman, G. Giovannetti, Poole, Lorenz, Fegley, Seitz, Passilione, Simcropi, Paradise, Letizia. Firrf Rawsjarrett, Guthrie, C. Giovannetti, Campbell, Cologgi, Lay, Schaertl, Ainsworth, Weart. At times the 1944 football eleven, playing an unpredictable season, looked as though it were as good as the best of -them, but on more frequent occasions it just couldn't reach its stride, seemingly displaying youth and inexperience. The first game Cresulting in a 6-6 tieD was a night affair with Clyde. Earning a first period score the Mynderse boys held a scrappy Clyde eleven to the only remaining touchdown. Invading Penn Yanfs home field the locals held that undefeated team to their lowest margin of the season. Mynderse scored first but couldn't keep the Keuka boys from inflicting a 20-6 defeat. Playing for the first time on their home field the Mynderse eleven showedlremarkable spirit in their game with Newark by ending the game with a 13-13 tie after trailing 13-O at the half. - - The local lads dropped the next game to a strong Lyons team, 36-O, on the .State Street field. The following week Mynderse turned in their only win of the season by defeating Palmyra's eleven 33-6. The following Saturday Mynderse stubbornly tried to stave off a 14-12 defeat at the hands of Canandaigua in one of the bitterest con- tests of the season. - One of the best teams Waterloo has had in recent years defeated Mynderse in the last game of the season its first win over Seneca Falls in sixteen years. The aggressive Orange and Black playing on a wet field had imposed a stinging 28-0 defeat on a lighter but fast Mynderse team when the final whistle blew. .Mynderse will lose from its football team through graduation Don Ainsworth, Charles Campbell, Gino Cologgi, Carlo Giovannetti, Earl Guthr1e,JamesJarrett, Wesley Lay, George Schaertl, and Harry Weart. F O O T B A L L . . . T 47 Back Raw: Baker, Coach, Giovannetti, Kemak, Jarrett, Cologgi, Giovannini, Sinicropi, Guthrie. Front Rauf: Suffredini, Amidon Marsh, F. Sullivan, Lorenz. BASEBALL . .. The 1944 Blue and White baseball team, playing an eight game schedule, won three of its games. Relying on only a few 1943 regulars, the squad showed "fight" although they met teams with superior skill. The Mynderse nine, after losing three straight games, beat their traditional rival Waterloo. A Win was again chalked up against the Black and Orange in the last game of the season, which Was, inci- dently, Coach Baker's last athletic contest at Mynderse. James Jarrett had the highest batting average, hitting .333. - Burt Marsh, who played a "bang up" game at first base, was chosen by his teammates as the team's most valuable player. Those who did not return to the 1945 squad because of graduation are Burt Marsh, Florance Sullivan, and George Amidon. The season's results Were: a Mynderse Penn Yan . Mynderse Canandaigua Mynderse Geneva . Mynderse Waterloo . Mynderse Penn Yan . Mynderse Geneva . Mynderse Canandaigua Mynderse Waterloo . BASKETBALL . .. The 1944-45 Mynderse basketball team coached by Mr. Rallis, assisted by Mr. Parkin, turned in one of the most impressive records for that sport in recent years. Of fourteen league games played, the Blue and White won six. They also beat non-league Sodus twice. With James Jarrett and Joe Kemak as co-captains the Blue and White hve annexed the Class A League championship. The Mynderse quintet was defeated in the quarter linals by Irondequoit with the score of 30-27. Irondequoit went on to win the Section V basketball title. Eddie Lorenz led the team with a total of 197 points scored on an average of 11.6 points per game. The team will lose through graduation the following: Carlo Giovannetti, James Jarrett, and Joe Kemak. Wayne Guy left for military service just before the last Canandaigua game. The season resulting scores were: Mynderse . . 33 Sodus . . 17 Mynderse . . 24 Geneva , 32 Mynderse . . 17 Geneva . 30 Mynderse . . 28 Newark . . 26 Mynderse . . 24 Newark . , 26 Mynderse . . 39 Waterloo . . 33 Mynderse . . 48 Waterloo . . 20 Mynderse . . 37 Penn Yan . . 11 Mynderse . . 32 Clyde . . 21 Mynderse . . 37 Clyde . . . 28 Mynderse . . 33 Lyons . . 37 Mynderse . . 33 Lyons . 35 Mynderse . . 24 Canandaigua . 33 Mynderse . . 41 Sodus . . . 26 Mynderse . . 26 Penn Yan . . 27 Mynderse . . 22 Canandaigua . 31 Jarrett, Martin, Miller, Kemak, Guy, Lorenz, Denman, Fornesi, Giovannettig Rallis, Parkin, Coaches. 49 I GIRLS' SPGRTS At the beginning of the girls' sport season this year a new game was introduced to Mynderse. This was field hockey. Answering the call for players were teams of junior and senior girls. The junior team succeeded in winning the field hockey championship. They were offered very little opposition as the senior team often failed to show up for their games. The sophomore soccer team walked away with the honors by winning all of the eight games played. Between seasons the senior volleyball team, captained by Rhoda Wentz, led the league by scoring four wins over Aileen Poole's team's three. A - ee- Interclass basketball was the next athletic activity to promote interest. Fourteen players were chosen to represent each class. The captains of teams representing them were Margaret Brown, seniors, Helen Chalker, juniors, Betty Burgess, sophomores, and Nancy Doane, freshmen. These teams competed in after school contests. The Junior Class emerged undefeated. Miss RUBY SMITH, Girli' Coach Spring brought forth archery, tennis, and softball. Softball teams composed of members of various classes contested for the championship. When Mynderse girls went out for tennis and archery the courts burned and the targets stung. FIELD HOCKEY CJUNIORSD GIRLS' VOLLEYBALL CSOPHOMORESD Back Row: Berrells, Van Cleef, Sullivan, Doane, Cosentino, Back Row: Falconer, Chuley, Blawski, Miller, Clark, Gurba, Dilmore, Cline, Capparelli, Swinehart, Zona. Frm! Raw: Markel. Front Raw: Cherchio, Kreutter, Hoster, Campbell, Tarquino, Seitz. DePasquale, Reardon. GIRLS' VOLLEYBALL CSENIORSD GIRLS' BASKETBALL C-IUNIORSD Back Row: Marks, Wentz, Martin. Fran: Row: Fillingham, Back Row: Verzillo, Capparelli, Cline, Van Cleef, Cosentino, Cross, Holcomb, Robbins. Doane, Zona, Guy. Franz Raw: Reynolds, Swinehart, Chalker, Tarquino, Seitz. 50 BOYS' FOOTBALL BOYS' BASKETBALL Back Raw.'Torchinelli, Kemak, Horle, Marsella, Goivannetti, Back Raw: Weart, Lay, Ainsworth, Horle, Jarrett, Coach. Coach. From' Row: Borden, Peterman, McNaney, Callan. Front Row: Peterman, Campbell, Marsella, Schaertl. BOYS' VOLLEYBALL BOYS' TUMBLING Bark Row: Scattaglia, Mills, Martin, Scarselletta. Front Raw: Bark Row: Watkins, Kemak, Lay, Ainsworth. Third Raw: Paradise, Snyder. Faiola, Mills, Nugent, Torchinelli, Fegley, Poole, Odell, Alcott, Giovannetti, Coach. Second Raw: Smith, Paradise, Peterman, Mackey, Pagano, Ward, Matsella. Firrr Raw: Andrews, Peterson, Hartman, Cirone, Reese, Smith, Hibbard. In a sea of mud the Seniors defeated the Juniors in a championship lay-off game to win top honors in the intramural football league. The game was featured by some fgncy place kicking and running of Wayne Guy and the circus pass receiving of Joe Kemak. For the losers Gustafson, Miller, and Meeks starred. Most of the touch football encounters were played on a wet and muddy gridiron thus hampering the potential brilliant play expected. There were several excellent footballers in the ranks, among which were Guy, Kemak, Torchinelli, Callan, Gustafson, Miller, Meeks, Page, Johnson, Allen, I. Spiegelman, Griggs, Hadley, D. Paradise, L. Peterson, D. Peterson, and J. Sinicropi. Following the football season two volleyball leagues were organized, known as the American and National leagues. The Seniors once again appeared in the play-offs for the school title. However, the Sophomores, winners of the National league title, stung the Seniors thus emerging as champions of the school. The Sophomores were sparked by Martin and Paradise: the Seniors, by Jarrett and Gi ovannetti. With the conclusion of volleyball all eyes turned toward basketball. Since the intramural program was encouraging "play for all," a promising number of basketball hopefuls were on hand. To make a more equitable distribution of com etition two basketball leagues were established, known as Class A and Class B leagues. The process ofp segregation relative to abilities brought the more proficient players in the A division and the boys whose talents were more latent, in the B division. The seniors continued to show their superior playing by emerging as champions of the A division. The graduates were undefeated in their schedule of eight games, the Juniors being in the runner up position. In the B division the Tigers and Giants were crowned co-champs. In their march to the basketball championship the Seniors were led by Ainsworth, Griggs, Lay, and Weart. The Tigers and Giants had such fine performers as Pratt, Serling, Eighmey, Bonnacci, and Sinicropi. An intramural wrestling tournament program commenced in March and is still functioning with divisional championships of the school to be decided. Some of the outstanding wrestlers are D. Allen, R. Worden, M. Sinicropi, G. Torchinelli, C. McCann, Bonnacci, Hibbard, and C. Andrews. A softball intramural league will be featured for the spring program along with a tennis tournament. BOYS' SPORTS 1. Nicandri, 2. Campbell, 3. Giovannetri, 4. Lorenz, 5. Guthrie, 6. Weart, 7. Jarrett, 8. Guy, 9. Spiegelman, 10. Cologgi, 11. inicropi, 12. Giovannini, 13. Schaertl, 14. Parkin, Adviser, 15. Kemak, 16. Ainsworth. BLOCK CLUB . .. In 1938 representative athletes started Block M with Mr. Wormuth the central figure in shaping its policies. Until he resigned from Mynderse teaching, he continued in this capacity. Now Mr. Parkin is club adviser with Carlo Giovannetti, president, James Jarrett, vice-president, Wayne Guy, secretary, Charles Campbell, treasurer. This year Block M-ers have assisted at games and sponsored projects to finance the giving of sweaters to members completing two years in the club. Wayne Guy, Gino Cologgi, Earl Guthrie, and Irwin Spiegelman were entertained before leaving in the spring for the Army. 52 BASTIAN BROS. CO. 20' Manufacturers of High School and College Pins and Rings Engraved Commencement I nvilaiions, Announcements and Personal Cards WM. R. TIEFEL Rochester, N. Y. District Manage E95 Cfaaa of 1945 395 53 Compliments uf MANUFACTURING CORPORATION E Huy More War Bonds 54 C pl imenzf Of GEB ad GARVAN Compliments of Compliments of CRAYTON,S DRUG STORE G. D. Potter, Prop. lVIOREHOUSE,S Restaurant and Boat Livery Town Clock Service Station Lake Road Seneca Falls, N. Y. Clarence C. Conkey, Jr., Proprietor . Compliments of Compliments DR. ROBERT J. HOWLAND Of ENDICUTT-JOHNSON Be a satisfied user of our famous D Si H and LEHIGH VALLEY COAL COKE-WOOD-AMBRICOAL MALONE BROTHERS 28 Clinton Street Phone: 313 William D. Tracey Compliments of SENECA LAUNDRY Phone 51-M SENECA FALLS M. P. TEDESCHE, Prop. 56 ' HARRY'S SMOKE SHOP 311 RECREATION PARLORS SP5 ICE CREAM AND FROZEN CUSTARDS H. W. AMIDON, Prop. HADLEY'S HARDWARE Success to the Class of 1945 D. W. ODELL HARPST PHARMACY Plumbing Sporting Goods N' E. C. GIUSTI Phone 12 Seneca Falls, N. Y. Expert Clock and Watch Repairing 73 Ovid Street Seneca Falls HARRY7S TIRE SHOP ESE Recapping by Firestone Factory Controlled Methods Compliments of VICTORIA RESTAURANT Peter Tardelli, Prop. RALPH CAFARO LEADER IN SHOE REPAIRING 3 57 Compliments of tGOULDS PUMPS, Inc. SENECA FALLS, N. Y. M World's Largest Manufacturer of Pumps Exclusively Comphmemfs of Best Wishes to Class J. LEO HAMILL Phone 175 Seneca Falls, N. Y. of 1945 10 . W.T.GRANT Compliments of SINICROPPS RESTAURANT 87 F311 St, IRON FIBEMAN STOKERS 7 DORAN BROS. S Plumbers Funeral Directors Since 1829 Save with Safety at Q THE REXALL STORE Ph 360 E. H. Hosley, Ph.G., Prop. One' 58 3 Compliments of TONY AND TONY RED AND WHITE STORE Groceries and Meats 81 Fall St. 20" Marco Sinicropi Compliments 18 Rumsey St. O T. J' WALSH Seneca Falls, N. Y. Congratulations to Class Qf 1945 Compliments FRANKLIN HOTEL PETER M. DORAN Furniture Compliments of Funeral Director 'S VITETTA'S Congratulations to the Members of The T945 Class of Mynderse Academy C9100 The Seneca Falls Savings Bank SENECA FALLS, N. Y. 59 Compliments of Compliments of CARUSO,S IGA STORES 25 Bridge St. Phone 491 9 22 Daniels St. Phone 121 C O O L E Y S Wallpaper and Paint Store Compliments Of 34 Fall St. Phone 605-J HTHE PENNYSAVERH GEO. L. AYERS Fine Picture Framing Best Wishes to Window Shades Venetian Blinds . 38 Miller St. Phone 30 The Graduatmg Class of 1945 WILLIAMS AND SON N' ' Heliable.Jewelers for I 10 Years 74 P1fgieS11:seP81f1n8-All Work G11-if 351265210-R STEPHEN L. KELLEHER, Sr. Seneca Falls, N. Y. Compliments of THE BOARD OF EDUCATION SENECA FALLS, N. Y. 60 l This store has been the school supply headquarters For Mynderse Academy pupils for many years Your Patronage is Greatly A ppreciated It will be a pleasure to continue to greet you For the Mynderse Graduate-Visit Our Gift and Card Departments MARIE E. MURPHY BOOKS-STATIONERY-GIFT S AND RENTAL LIBRARY 117 Fall Street Tony Vacca's Restaurant Special on Friday-Fish Fry Spaghetti and Meat Balls Legal Beverages Phone 277-M 23 Bridge St. L. M. RUTHRAUFF FLORIST-GREENHOUSE 18 Daniels St. Phone: 427 WARREN,S RADIO SERVICE 26 State St. Phone: 316 Seneca Falls, N. Y. MAYNARD'S BICYCLE SALES AND SERVICE All Work Guaranteed 26 State St. Phone: 316 Best Wishes to the Graduating Class of 1945 S. S. PALMER CO. Heal Headquarters for over 50 Years SIMONE AUTO PARTS 24-Hour Towing Service Old and New Parts Phone 788 44 Bridge St. 0l'l'll0 Am ell fd E Toon 1: LE Co., Inc. Compliments ,nf MYNDERSCENE LEO J. HOLLAND Mynderse Own Column sow Compliments of ERWIN F. AUSTIN Western Auto Associate Store Exclusive in THE REVEILLE Compliments . Compliments of Frgm POHLE'S BAKERY Frank Zona Sz S011 Compliments Band Box Cleaners Qf OWNEY,S GRILL 62 Compliments of A. G. FARRELL Retail Wine and Liquor Store Compliments of LARIZZABS GROCERY STORE Always a Good Show! Schine's STRAND Theatre Seneca Falls 395 Milton Frye, Manager T H E A L P S Restaurant and Candy Shoppe W. J. MACKIN Men's Furnishings "The Store of Cheerful Service" Seneca Falls, New York Home Made Ice Cream Good Food is Good Health Compliments Qf Fall St' THE SENECA BOOT SHOP To the Graduating Class of Mynderse, we, at lVloore's, extend our heartiest congratulations and if your future endeavors lead you in the armed services, college, or the business world, our thoughts and best wishes will he with you always. MOORE FURNITURE CO. 4'For the Home of Your Dreams" 72 FALL ST. SENECA FALLS Compliments Of CHAMBER OF COMMERCE Seneca Falls Complimenis of GIBBS AND MARKIN Opposite Entrance to Gould Hotel THE BONNET SHOP Hats, Dresses, and Smart Accessories 103 Fall St. Seneca Falls , DR. E. F. DOWD Complzmenis Of Compliments . M. S. SOCIETY of CODY,S BILLIARD PARLOR Comp! imenis of Seneca Knitting Mills, Inc. 64 s St. 1Batri:k'5 flllburch Entertainment Committee C Z. t Compliments of OW' mlm S WHITING'S 1. G. A. STORE of Groceries, Meats, and Vegetables Lake Rd., Seneca Falls Phone 574-J Pure Ice and Coal Co. '0' Compliments of ICE-C OAL-FUEL OIL Seneca Falls Granite Works W. G. Nelson and Son Trinity Lane Compliments of The Homestead Grill and Rathskellar Vito C. Scattaglia, Prop. GAY AND SON AGENCY Insurance Strand Theatre Bldg. Seneca Falls, New York STORY AND STRONG HARDWARE Heating, Plumbing, Tinning and Paints VICTORY and HARDWARE in 1945 with SMITH and PEARSON, Inc. Phone 21 Since 1870 Auburn, N. Y. Plumbing Heating Mill Supplies Glass Sash Doors Automotive Supplies Roofing Tools Paints Sheet Metal Work Gifts Housewares Texolite-' 6330,' Compliments of FRED RONDINA Furniture Store Auburn, N. Y. Quality Furniture at Lowest Prices GE Appliances LUUIS BROS- Stoves and Kitchen Furniture Clothing, SlIgoes,.lgien's and Boys' Department 27-29 Genesee Sn. mms lugs Auburn, N. Y. 43 Water Street Free Parking Phone 2035-W WHIPPLE AND FORMAN Charles A. Whipple Auburrfs Most Complete Sporting Goods Store 49 Genesee Street Auburn, N. Y. IN AUBURN IT,S BENNETT AND TRACY Shoes Luggage Hosiery THE BIG STORE Auburn, N. Y. 3 State 82 Genesee 66 Compliments . Of , NTHE WILLOWSH Gompllments Of GROUCUTT'S STORE Groceries and Provisions Ice and Ice Cream Cayuga Lake, R. D. 2 Phone 202-J JOSEPH J. DOYLE Compliments of JOHN T. MQKEON Compliments of THE STATE BANK HARDWARE of SENECA FALLS, N. Y. Compliments Established 1837 108 Years of Service Security DR. MILO H. SAHLER Strigly Modern ongrafufafiono fo jne Cfaafs of 7945 Q53 ' May the good luck that brought you through to graduation be with you always. KIRK-CASEY P0 T 0. 366 AMERICAN LEe1oN 67 Compliments Compliments of of SENECA PRESS PINEHURST PUBLISHING C0-5 INC- Compliments of S F 1 DOAN'S MEAT NIARKET eneca a ls Phone 49 Fall St ROY W. YAWGER Coal, Wood, and Builders' Supplies CONRAD SABATINI Phone 206 Dry Cleaning and Tailoring 10: Compliments of MRS. B. R. ARMITAGE Phone 275,J 2 Terrace Bow GQTHE BEACON SYSTEMW Every poultryman and dairyman who buys Beacon Feeds gets much more than mere bags of feed. He gets a carefully developed system of feeding and management which, when followed, practically assures his success. In the Northeastern States Where Beacon Feeds are sold, specially trained service men devote their entire time to giving practical aid to their customers. Back of this corps of service men is the Beacon Poultry Research Farm and Beacon Dairy Besearch Farm which are constantly alert to develop progressive steps in feeding and management. '-01 Specialized " B EA C 0 N" Rations for Every Feeding Need 400 THE BEACON MILLING COMPANY, Inc. CAYUGA, NEW YORK 68 Com pl iments of SENECA FALLS MACHINE CO. Compliments Compliments of DEERHEAD INN Of HENRY WM. KOCH CONNOLLY,S 20, Women's and Children's Apparel Phone 50-W 61 Fall St. Seneca Falls, N. Y Camilla's Beauty Shoppe Compliments Of H . W . K N I G H 'I' Compliments D S O N 9 I n C' of Seneca Falls, N. Y. SHERIDAN OIL CO. High School Fellows If you Want Real Quality Clothes- Suits, Slacks, Sport Outfits--Built the way college men like them., styled the Way prep school men Wear them and priced so low you'll have money left for other wants- COME TO lVIARSHALL'S Clothing Store 131 GENESEE STREET Aaburn's Leading Store for Men and Boys When in Need of Furniture, Floor Coverings or Draperies Try Wait's First Also Complete Decorative Service THE H. R. WAIT CO. Auburnls Largest, Most Completely Stocked and Best Equipped Home Furnishing Establishment Main Store Stove Store 77-83 Genesee St. 22 Dill St. Used Furniture and Antiques 24-26 Clark Street Upholstering and Furniture Repairs Now at Main Store HARRY F. ALLEN AND QOMPAN Y CHRYSLER Fine Footwear 144 Genesee St. Auburn and PLYMOUTH DOWD-LEO'S Fred L. Huntington 127 Genesee St. Auburn, N. Y. WILLIAM B. HISLOP AND CO. Compliments Department Store The Store That Saves You Money of Auburn, N. Y. THE ROTARY CLUB Compliments of ea: ROTARY SERVICE STATION Seneca Falls Auburn Road Jerry Sullivan, Prop. CLARY BROS., CLOTHIERS Seneca Falls and Waterloo, N. Y. Compliments of WILKES SERVICE STATION GULF SERVICE Congratulations to CLASS OF 1945 Altur Tool and Mfg. Co. M. W. SCHULMAN Best Wishes to Optometrist THE GBADUATING CLASS Seneca Falls, N. Y. Phone 799 OF 1945 '0' Compliments of KIWANIS CLUB Friendly Barber Shop ALBERT IZZO 122 Fall St. f4SHANNON'S" Outfitters to Mynderse Men 10" Best Wislles to The Class of 1945 102 SHANNON' S CLOTHES SHOP Compliments Of PAUL J. MORGANTI Compliments of 0 WILLIAM H. USHER INSURANCE John Bellardino Inc. Compliments '0' Qf PAULINE SINICROPI c FRED MAIER AND SONS Compliments Building Materials Blue Coal Paint Automatic Stokers Of MASTEN,S FARM SUPPLY Phone: 760 at Kingdom Bridge Compliments of LORETTNS BEAUTY SHOP Phone 691 Best Wishes to Class of '45 306 SAM VAN DITTO MOVING AND TBUCKING SERVICE Phone 86 69 Ovid Street Seneca Falls, N. Y. JOE BERRETTA CHOICE GPLOCEBIES AND MEATS 34 67 Ovid St. Seneca Falls, N. Y. Phone 519 Best Wishes to The Class of ,45 DOJ WILLIAM D. ROYCE GK Insurance Real Estate Congratulations and Success to THE CLASS OF 1945 102 W. H. BURNS '01 Francis M. McNaney M eats and Groceries 34 30 Ovid St. Seneca Falls, N. Y. Compliments of MILLEIPS QUALITY MARKET A Market of Distinction ECONOMY SHOP NEW AND USED HOME FURNISHINGS Compliments CHEVROLET of and JOLLY CO-OP'S 4-H CLUB OLDSMOBILE , 40" Seneca Motor Co., Inc Thank You for Your Patronage God-Speed-Best of Luck and Good Health to You All Seneca Typewriter Exchange THE HOTEL GOULD A Pride ofthe Community R. M. GHINSTEAD, Pres. RICHARD VAN NOSTRAND, Mgr. Compliments Compliments Of Of THE ROLFE MOTOR CO GLANVILLE 8z WERNER, INC. Compliments of LOUISE BEAUTY SHOPPE F, W. WILLIAMS Louise George Goff OPTOMETRIST Phone 498 Seneca Falls, N. Y Adam Hats Compliments of WELLS W. PERKINS C05 QUALITY FOODS 101 SCHOOL SUPPLIES Manhattan Shirts Clipper Craft Suits SENECA CLOTHING COMPANY Seneca Falls, N. Y. Freeman Shoes Interwoven Socks 5320? A ,MLB ' ilvl " l lx 4x ffyl XS MXN D 1 0 IJ I Just as students carefully select the stepping stones of life, We select with utmost care the precious stones, dia- monds, that will enrich and beautify their lives. .J E VV E L E R Seneca Falls, N. Y. Congratulations to THE CLASS OF 1945 from L A Y B R 0 S . General Contractors Harold Lay Willis Lay Phone Phone 667 -W-1 669-J-1 Seneca Falls, N. Y. Compliments of GUS COLOGGI Compliments of ALFRED RAUSCH FEED GBINDING Confectionery Store 19 Bridge St. phone 622 Fayette, N. Y, FAYETTE HOTEL Compliments Joseph Sorrentino, Prop. I of Fayette, N, Y, MR. AND MRS. HARRY WEART IRENE E. WOLF l Choice Meats and Groceries Comphments Fayette, N. Y. of the 1 Compliments of MR. JOEL D. RITTER '-0" Fayette, N. Y. Compliments of SENECA FALLS DRY CLEANING COMPANY E021 Phone: 246 Compliments Of RED JACKET FIREMEN and AUXILIARY JERRY KLANDATOS THE ELECTRIC SHOP FRANK McCARTHY, Prop. 104 F311 St' Seneca Falls, N' Y' Phone 311 Seneca Falls, New York INSURANCE Compliments VERN H. HARTRANFT Of Phone 628-M Fayette, New York MANUEUS RESTAURANT Compliments Compliments of Of E. B. KIBBEY HOLMAN'S RIDES MACHINE C0- Compliments of CLINE,S GARAGE Trinity Lane Compliments of FRANK FINCH'S BAKERY 141 Fall St. Seneca Falls Compliments of Compliments SINICROPPS FLORIST of Anthony DiTotto, Prop. Phone 776 PHILIP SERLING Compliments of Lt. Cyrus GHIIASCY Post No. 1323 VETERANS OE FOREIGN WARS OF THE UNITED STATES Seneca Falls, N. Y. Compliments of CAPITAL FINANCE CORP. 90 Fall St. Seneca Falls Comloliments I nsurance-of Every Description . i of M. J. O'BRIEN Mr. and Mrs. Dclminiclc Romeo, J r. GEORGE H. LEET Success to Compliments THE CLASS OF 1945 of DON CALARCO C. S . lFEGLEY P - Coml liments Of J. SOUHAN and SONS DAIRY '-0' Phone: 591-W Compliments of THE SENECA COUNTY TRUST CO. Seneca Falls, N. Y. Compliments Compliments of Of RAY'S BIKE AND KEY SERVICE DeMATTIA'S FRUIT STORE 444 Exchange St. Geneva, N. Y. THE SENECA SHOP J. F. Hobbins NOBLE'S DAIRY Grade A Pasteurized Milk GENEVA, N. Y. Phone484-W MARKET BASKET STORES Thomas Redcleft Willis Rhinehart i Wi , aber? furthe E CASH I Dill PIICI CLDTNIKIS Compliments GENEVA' N'Y' Of M. J. COSENTINO Opportunity For You suunrssful TRAI NG g CA EEB Let R.B.I.'s famous "Success Clinic" show you the career for which you are best suited . . . and let R.B.I.'s ex- clusive "Balaneed Business Training" properly prepare you for that career. You will find training here a real pleasure. New day school terms at the newly modernized R.B.I. begin every 3 months. Write today for full particu- lars. Rochester BUSINESS Institute 172 Clinton Ave. S., Rochester 4, N. Y. With Luck to Future Classes LAVERNE DeSANTO Compliments of JOLLY COMRADES 4-H CLUB Compliments of the KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS E. J. ROGERS CHOICE MEATS GROCERIES 56 W. BAYARD ST. One Door West of Bridge St. Seneca Falls, N. Y. Phone 8 SOBERS' STORE School Supplies and Tobacco and Ice Cream 42 Ovid St. Seneca Falls, N. Y. Congratulations to the Class SAMMY,S BARBER SHOP Ladies' nd Ch'ldre ' H ' C tt' ,, a OurlSpetll:ltyalr u mg Of 1 At Lower Fall Street J. CALARCO '0' Retail and Wholesale Grocery and Confectionery 64 Ovid St. Phone 540 THE BULLOCK Compliments STUDIO Of LAMBERT,S GRILLE HORLE'S J. W. Smith Dry Goods Co. GENEVA, N. Y. RED AND WHITE STORE The Trading Center of Fayette Compliments of Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Robenolt Fayette, N. Y. JOHN GRAVINA,S Compliments BARBER SHOP of 17 Bridge St. Seneca Falls, N. Y. COLELLA,S BOWLING ALLEYS BYRNE FUNERAL HOME Bayard Street A Compliments of SENECA FALLS FIRE DEPARTMENT 5 I I F. i -, '- '-' - N' - rw' -- --r - - ----A-wa,-1-far 4.,-.M 5 S, m .. .,:,W5.,Wkg-Lid K- . " , , . . . . , 'i.C'Znbxn2:EQABZr u.""135:,-idk -WED .SAL RQLQABUMS- kzi-11:21:17 'valid .aL.4'afr.:,.,v.... A .f,v.'.:,w.1,.,y..v4L.v-,,.A.,5,. , .f. 'J 1.-... A . .- .. .... -.,, ,..re4-'rr ,. - mr .- ,, 'J-n-1 !

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