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i qvia o In presenting this composite .impression of the year, we have left much untold hut have attempted through picture, story and record to recreate the design for more complete living that is one of the aims of our educational system. In this opening section, we give you glimpses of typical Myndcrsians w ho work hard and keep physically fit hut find time for play too. We go to the Home Center and sec some home economic students learning proper table service. Following this we enter the library—one of the busiest centers of student activity. Since in addition to the serious business of classrooms, laboratory, studio and gym, there are mans' opportunities at Mvnderse for social gains, we picture a few of these. Attractive senior girls were ushers at their play. This Myndersian Dinner at the Armitagc recalls the hospitality of Myndersian staffs to their dedicatees. No social event is more popular than the Junior Prom. Here in a Hawaiian setting is a cross section of that party. Remembering all this simplifies an understanding of how the well-rounded student, the embodiment of good health, intelligence and social awareness, is developed in Mvnderse Academy.John Bracht President of Board of Education WE APPRECIATE THF. BOARD OF EDUCATION OF THE SENECA FALLS UNION FREE DISTRICT FOR W THEIR UNSELFISH SERVICE TO OUR COM- MUNITY AND IN PARTICULAR FOR THEIR FORESIGHT IN SPONSORING PROGRESSIVE EDUCATION IN OUR SCHOOLS. PROUDLY WE SALUTE THESE REPRESENTATIVE CITIZENS. 1. John Fyfe 2. Mrs. William Medden 5. Thomas Bevins 4. Frederick Marsh 5. Frank Knight 6. James RomeoMR. FRANK PAGE, DEDICATEE OF THE NINETEEN THIRTY-NINE MYNDERSIAN, WHO CAME TO US LAST FALL AS SUPERINTENDENT OF SCHOOLS. SINCE THEN I US SOUTHERN CHARM AND COURTESY, HIS COOPERATION AND KEEN INTEREST IN ALL PHASES OF SCHOOL LIFE HAVE ENDEARED HIM TO BOTH FACULTY AND STUDENTS OF MYNDERSE ACADEMY, WHO WISH HIM MUCH HAPPINESS IN-SENECA FALLS. 7H 12 . I I V N l PAGE Superintendent of Schools .Mr. Frank Page, born in Americus, Georgia, received his early education there and his B.S. degree at Alabama Polytechnic Institute and his M.A. from Cornell. After teaching science, mathematics and athletics in Winder, Georgia, and in Groton, New York, he became principal of Groton, then, superintendent of the Perry schools and later, principal of Dryden-Free-villc Central School before coming to Seneca Falls, in October, 1938, as superintendent of schools.rACULTy Of HyNCECSf ACADEMy 1. Frank Page, B. S., M. A. Superintendent of Schools Alabama Polytechnic Institute Cornell University 2. Frank VV. Vogel, B.S., M.S. Colgate, Syracuse University Principal, Mynderse Academy, Chemistry 3. Rexford M. Rockwell, B.C.S., M.C.S. VTice-Principal, Social Science, Rider College 4. Julia H. O’Brien, A.B. English, College of New Rochelle 5. Arthur A. Hoppe, B.S. English, Syracuse University 6. Bessie Wickes English, Cortland Normal 7. Jean George, B.L.I. Dramatics, Speech Work, Emerson College 8. Hazel Riley Jenkins, B.L. French, Guidance, Syracuse University 9. Mary Miller, A.B. Latin, Albany State College 10. Frances D’Urso, B.A. Italian, Adelphi, Advanced Study in University of Toulouse 11. Emily B. Smith, A.B., M.A. History, Syracuse, Wisconsin 12. W. Elliott Wormuth, A.B. Mathematics, Hamilton 13. David J. Doyle, B.S. Commercial, Syracuse University 14. Elsie Keller Huntington, B.S., M.S. Typewriting, Algebra, Albany State College 15. Helen J. Hammond, B.S., M.A. Commercial, Syracuse, Northwestern University 16. Raymond G. Becker, B.C.S. Commercial, Plattsburg State Normal, Rider College 17. Harold E. Marble, B.S., M.S. Science, Syracuse University 18. Arthur E. Baker, A.B., B.S. Physical Education, Syracuse University 19. Ruth Huyck Physical Education, Cortland Normal 20. Rena MacKinney Steigerwald, B.S. Art, Syracuse University 21. Lucy Cardwell, B.S. Home Economics, William Smith College 22. John C. Fraser Band, Orchestra, Ithaca Conservatory 23. Marjorie Burnham, B.S. Music, Ithaca College 24. Teresa Compitf.llo Librarian, Gcnesco Normal 25. Lillian B. Oliver, A.B. Junior High, Syracuse University 26. Birdena E. Campany, B.S. Seventh Grade, Buffalo State Teachers College 27. Hazel M. Welcher Grade History, Brockport Normal 28. Grace J. Gibbs Grade English, Geneseo Normal 29. Doris L. Jacobs Grade Mathematics, Oswego Normal 30. Florence E. Anderson, R.N. School Nurse, Pennsylvania Hospital 31. Lois A. Pontius, D.H. Dental Hygienist, Rochester Dental Dispensary 32. Mary Harriet Maif.r, B.A. Secretary, Wellesley College 33. -Alyce Trulan Clerk, Mynderse Academy 14CLASS CL “With a hey, and a ho, and a hey nonino,” we freshmen boisterously descended upon a hapless Mynderse in 1935 with all the fury of a miniature thunderstorm. Although we were immediately confronted with new surroundings, new faces, new problems, and new modes of thought and action, we were disturbed not at all. In truth, so exuberant were our spirits, that the sounds of our laughter and shouts reverberated from every wall. However, under the skillful guidance and tutelage of our advisers. Miss George, Miss Wickes, Miss Cardwell, Mr. Doyle, and Mr. Wormuth, we early learned to adapt ourselves to our new environment. The results of our class elections held early in the year were Bob Dvson, president; Joe Cerep, vice-president; Jane West, secretary; and Dale Kissell, treasurer. At the annual Freshmen-Sophomore picnic held at Cayuga Lake State Park at the close of the year we veritably stuffed ourselves with weiners, washing them down with deeps drafts of lemonade. Between that and the swimming, the rowing and the popcorn and candy that we indulged ourselves in, it is little wonder that we returned home in a state of extreme agony, our proverbal constitutions having, in all veracity, revolted. As sophomores, we selected Bob Horton to play the role of executive. During this year, although we again distinguished ourselves in the field of athletics, we spent most of our time making rapid inroads in the paths of learning. That, our second year, also concluded with a picnic; and having pledged ourselves to eat more than the freshmen; we returned home, as one may expect, barely able to toddle, not a whit wiser from our former experience. Our first two years passed like sand through our fingers; we became jolly Juniors, basking in the Mynderse sun at long last. With Dale Kissel as our President, we immediately proceeded to make hilarious plans for our all-school party, which featured “A Night of Horror.” Our presentation of “The Patsy," a three-act comedy by Barry, was an overwhelming success; indeed,’all Mynderse was positively astounded by our realistic portrayals of the various characters. In April, two of our number, Philip McEneny and Dale Newman, were chosen as Junior Rotarians for a combined period of one year. Miss Julia H. O'Brif.n Class AdviserTHICTy NINE The Junior Prom, with its Hawaiian theme, was in effect, the crowning point of our entire year. Barbara Jcnner with her pages, Billie Baker and Cameron Fraser, and her court led the grand march; and “soft, Lydian airs” were diffused through the gvm as we lightly danced away the glamorous hours. Thus it came to pass that the Class of ’39 occupied the senior homerooms; and September, 1938, marked the advent of an epoch-making year at Mynderse. Election day came and was gone, leaving in its wake the following results: Bob Cologgi, president; Barbara Jenner, vice-president; Duane Gustafson, secretary; and Joan Harrigan, treasurer. Our tea-dance w as held at Homemaking Center in October, at which time the student body was formally presented to Mr. Page, our new superintendent of schools, and Mrs. Page. Many guests, good music, and good food w ere the order of the day. Robert Cologgi Again, the Class of '39 triumphantly scored a hit Class President when we presented to an appreciative audience on November 10 and II, the “Royal Family,” a three- act play bv George Kaufman and Fannie Ferber, which was based on the turbulent life of the Barrymores. Then, came the Ball! Flic spicy fragrance of evergreens permeated the gym as Joyce Lindsey, surrounded by the fair maidens of her court, was enthroned as Snow Queen. As we glided to the music of Pete Renzi’s Band we felt very proud of our gay party—a happy prologue to the holiday season. In parting, due credit must be given to perennially good-tempered Aliss O’Brien; we can feel ought but immeasurable affection for her kindly, lovable personality, her efficiency, and her far-sighted judgment. All too soon is our shortest, but fullest and sweetest year, coming to an end. As we complete our cycle of days at Mynderse, it is truly with deep regret that we leave this school we love so well and turn to the new ventures that lie ahead.Norman Aronson Intramurals (1, 2, 3, 4); Band (1, 2, 3, 4); Orchestra (1, 2, 3, 4); I.atin Club (2); Football (2, 3); Science Club (3); Junior Play, Party and Prom Committees (3); Wig and Rouge (3,4); Senior Ball Committee (4); Myndersian (4). Leo George Baldassari Intramurals (4); Senior Ball Committee (4). Emily Joanna Barbieri Intramurals (1, 2, 4); Library Club (1, 2); Junior Party, Play Committees (3); Microphone (3, 4); Debate Club (4); Senior Tea Committee (4); Myndersian (4). Joseph Samuel Berretta Football (1); Senior Ball Committee (4). Veto Joseph Berretta Radio Club (1, 2); Junior Party Committee (3); Baseball Manager (4); Myndersian (4); Senior Ball Committee (4); Intramurals (4). Michael John Blawski Intramurals (1, 2, 3); Basketball (2, 3, 4); Baseball (2); Football (4); Senior Ball Committee (4). Jean Tripp Boardman Junior Party Committee (3); Glee Club (4); Operetta (4); Myndersian (4). Josephine Marie Bonacci Senior Tea and Ball Committees (4).cr 1939 Evelyn Gretta Boyes Flora .Mary Calarco Library Club (1, 2), Secretary-Treasurer (1);' Intramurals (1); Commercial Contest (2); Italian Club (2, 3, 4), President (4), Play (3); Glee Club Concert (2, 3, 4), Glee Club (3, 4), Treasurer (4), Checker (4), Festival (2, 4); Junior Party and Prom Committees (3;; Senior Tea and Ball Committee (4); Glee Club Operetta Committee (4); Myndersian (4). Anna Marie Caraccilo Library Club (1, 2), Marshall (2); junior Part) and From Committees' (3); I.e Ccrcle Francais (3, 4), French Club Play (3, 4), President (4); Microphone (3, 4); Senior Ball Committee (4); Myndersian (4). James Ralph Carnevale Italian Club (I, 2), Play (2); Glee Club (2, 3, 4). Operetta (3); Microphone (3,4). Veto Joseph Ceo Italian Club (1, 2); Intramurals (1, 2, 3, 4), Intramurals Manager. Volleyball (4); Junior Party and Prom Committees (3) ; Baseball Manager (3, 4); Science Club (3, 4); Senior Tea and Ball Committees (4); Senior Play (4); Wig and Rouge (4) ; Myndersian (4). Daisy Pearl Clark Intramurals (2); Glee Club (4); Senior Ball Committee (4). Robert William Cologgi Italian Club (1, 2), Treasurer (2) , Play (2); Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4); Baseball (2, 3, 4); Junior Party and Prom Committees (3) ; Football (3, 4); Science Club (3, 4); President (4); Block M Club (4); .Myndersian (4) . John Francis Coyne Band (2, 3). 19Helen Agnes Decker Library Club (1, 2, 3, 4), President (2); Glee Club (1, 2, 3,4), President (3), Awards (1, 2, 3, 4); Operetta (1, 2, 4); Musical Comedy (1, 3); Wig and Rouge (2, 3, 4); Le Cercle Fran-cais (3, 4); French Club and Wig and Rouge Play (3, 4); Americanization Pageant (4); Vice-President (3); Junior Play (3); Junior Play, Prom, and Party Committees (3); Senior Play (4); Senior Play, Ball and Tea Committees (4); Myndcr-sian (4). John Anthony Dellefave Italian Club (2); Junior Party and Prom Committees (3); Basketball Manager (3, 4); Science Club (4); Senior Tea and Ball Committees (4); Senior Play (4); Wig and Rouge (4); French Club and Wig and Rouge Play (4); Myndersian (4); Prize Speaking (4). Burr George Deming Junior Orchestra (2); Junior Party Committee (3); Microphone (3, 4); Science Club (3, 4); Senior Ball Committee (4); Myndersian (4). Pearl Louise Deming Acanthus (1, 2, 3, 4), Treasurer (3); Junior Party and Prom Committees (3); Senior Ball Committee (4); Myndersian, Art Editor (4). Martha Wiggins DeRidder Glee Club (1, 2); Junior Prom Committee (3); Acanthus Club (3, 4); Senior Ball Committee (4). Donli.i Genevieve DeSanto Library Club (1); Glee Club (1, 2, 4), Musical Comedy (1), Librarian (2),Operetta (1,2,4), Awards (1, 2, 4), Glee Club Concert (3, 4); Intramurals (2, 3, 4), Awards (2, 3); Junior Play, Party and Prom Committees (3); Junior Play (3); Wig and Rouge (3, 4); Lc Cercle ITancais (3, 4); Wig and Rouge and French Club Play (3, 4); Microphone (4); Senior Tea and Ball Committees (4); Myndersian, Fditor-in-Chicf (4). Anna Marie DiNatalf. Library Club (1); Glee Club (1. 4); Italian Club (2, 3, 4); Italian Club Play (2, 3); Junior Prom Committee (3); Hearth Club (4), Secretary (4); Senior Play and Ball Committees (4). Robert Chester Dyson Class President (1); Basketball (1, 2, 3, 4); Football (2, 3, 4), Captain (4); Block M Club (3 4); Senior Ball Committee (4).Leonard Edward Edington Football (2, 3, 4); Basketball (2, 3, 4); Glee Club (3); Tumbling Club (3, 4), President (4); Block M Club (4). Margaret Teresa Elliotto Library Club (1); Intramurals (1, 2, 3, 4); Junior Party and Prom Committees (3); Senior Ball Committee (4); Sports Night (4). Mary Agnes Gargan Band (1, 2, 3, 4); Wig and Rouge (2,- 3, 4); Latin Club (3); Junior Party and Prom Committees (3); Junior Play (3); Le Ccrclc Erancais (4); Senior Tea and Ball Committees (4); Senior Play (4); Myn-dersian (4). Florence Catherine Greene Latin Club (3, 4); Wig and Rouge (4). Americanization Pageant (4 ; Lc Ccrclc Franca is and Wig and Rouge Play 4); Debate Club (4); Senior Ball Committee (4); Myndersian (4). Leonard Duane Gustafson Fumbling Club (3); Inrramu-rals (3, 4); Glee Club (3, 4), President (3), Operetta (4); Junior Play (3), Secretary (4); Science Club (4); Myndersian (4). Elizabeth Anna Hamill Library Club (1); Glee Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Junior Party and Prom Committees (3); Hearth Club (4); Senior Tea and Ball Committees (4). Joan Marie Harrigan Library Club (1); Glee Club (1, 2); Operetta (1); Latin Club (2, 3), Cantor(2),Quaestor (3); Treasurer (3, 4); Lc Ccrclc Francais (3, 4); Lc Ccrclc Francais and Wig and Rouge Play (3); Junior Play, Party and Prom Committees (3); Junior Play (3); Senior Tea, Ball and Play Committees (4); Myndersian (4). Mary Elizabeth Henry Library Club (1); Glee Club (1, 2); Needlecraft Club (1, 2)% Vicc-President (2); Intramurals (L 2, 3, 4); Junior Prom Committee (3); Hearth Club (3, 4); Senior Tea and Ball Committees (4); Myndersian (4). 21Robert Elmer Horton President (1, 2), Wolcott (1); Glee Club (1), President (1); Tennis Club (I); Band (1, 2, 3, 4), Drum Major (4); Baseball (I); Basketball (I, 2, 3, 4); Intra-murals (1, 2, 3, 4); Orchestra (2, 3, 4); Junior Party Committee (3); Wig and Rouge (4); Senior Play (4); Senior Bali Committee (4); Myndersian, Business Manager (4). William Henry Hulby Aviation Club (1, 2, 3). Howard Darwin Humphrey Glee Club (I, 2, 3, 4); Aviation (3); Operetta (3); Junior Party Committee (3); Harmonica Club (3, 4); Debate Club (4); Senior Play (4); Senior Ball Committee (4). Barbara Elizabeth Jenner Library Club (1). Vice-Presi-dent (1); Glee Club (1, 2), Awards (1. 2); Indoor Track Meets (1, 2); Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4), Awards (2, 3, 4); Glee Club Concert (2); Tumbling Club (2, 3, 4,); Wig and Rouge (2, 3, 4), Recording Secretary (4); Secretary (3); Physical Education Demonstration (3); French Club Play (3); Junior Play (3); Junior Play, Prom and Party Committees (3); Ee Cer-cle Francais (3, 4), Secretary and Treasurer (4); Microphone (4); Myndersian (4); Wig and Rouge Pageant (4) Senior Play (4); Vice-President (4); Senior Ball, Play and Tea Committees (4). 22 Ethel Mae Jones Glee Club (1, 2, 3, 4), Vice-President (4); Latin Club (3, 4), Cantor (4). Harvey Seneca King Glee Club (I, 2, 3, 4); Operetta (2, 3, 4); Intramurals (4). Gilbert Lee Kinnetz Science Club (4). Dale Wilson Kissel Secretary (1); Trcasu rcr (2); Latin Club (2, 3), Aedile (2, 3); Junior Party, Play and Prom Committees (3); Science Club (3); French Club Play (3, 4); Wig and Rouge (3, 4); Junior Play (3); Microphone (3, 4), Business Manager (3, 4);.Le Cercle Francais (3, 4), Vice-President (4); Senior Play and Ball Committees’(4); Wig and Rouge Pageant (4).€f 1939 Stephen Ki.op Pauline Mary Lamanna Library Club (I); Glee Club (1, 4); Italian Plays (2, 3), Italian Club (3, 4); W ig and Rouge (4); Hearth Club (4); Senior Lea Committee (4); Intramurals (4); Senior Play Committee (4). Fannie Genevieve Larsen Margaret Elizabeth Leonard Library Club (1); Latin Club (3); junior Prom Committee ( 3); Hearth Club (3, 4), Award (3) , President (4); Glee Club (4) ; Senior Tea and Ball Committees (4); Myndcrsian (4). Joyce Carol Lindsey Tap Club (1); Intramurals (1, 2, 3, 4); Awards (2, 3, 4); Tumbling Club (2); (ilce Club (2), Operetta (2); Physical Education Demonstration (3); Wig and Rouge Plays (3, 4); Junior Prom and Party Committees (3) ; Junior Play (3); Cheer-leading (3, 4); Le Cercle Fran-cais (3, 4) ; Wig and Rouge (3, 4); Microphone 3, 4); French Club Plays (3, 4); Senior Play (4) ; Senior Tea and Ball Committees (4); Acanthus (4); Myndersian (4). Philip Patrick McEneny Radio Club (1); Latin Club (2, 3), Janitor (2), Consul (3); Glee Club (2, 4), Secretary (4), Award (2), Operetta (2); Microphone (2, 3, 4), Assistant Editor (3), Editor-in-Chicf (4); Wig and Rouge (2, 3, 4), President (3, 4), Wig and Rouge Play (3, 4); Prize Speaking (3), Intersectional Speaking Contest (3), Honorable Mention (3); Junior Party, Play and Prom Committees (3); Junior Prom General Chairman (3); Junior Play (3); Junior Rotarian 4); Senior Play (4); Senior Play and Ball Committees (4); Intra-murals (4); Myndersian (4). Idoi .o Francis Mastroleo Radio Club (1); Glee Club (1); Intramurals (2, 3); Band (1, 2, 3, 4); Orchestra (1, 2, 3, 4); Junior Prom Committee (3); Senior Ball Committee (4). Frances Warren Miller Hearth Club (1); Library Club (1); Indoor Track Meet (1); Intramurals (1, 2, 3, 4). Awards (2, 3); Microphone (2, 3, 4), Assistant Editor (4); Junior Play, Party and Prom Committees (3); Physical Education Demonstration (3); Junior Play (3); Acanthus (3, 4), Finance Committee (4); Le Cercle Fran-cais (3, 4); French Club Play (3, 4); Wig and Rouge (3, 4). Vice-President (4), Wig and Rouge Play (4); Senior Tea and Ball Committees. (4); Senior Play (4); Myndersian (4).William Norton Moore Band (1, 2); Operetta (1, 2); Glee Club (1, 2, 3); Wig and Rouge (3, 4), W ig and Rouge Flay (3. 4); Junior Play (3); Senior Play (4); Senior Ball Committee (4); Le Cerclc Fran-cais (4); French Club Play (4); Prize Speaking (4). Covert Lester Morehouse Radio Club (1); Football (2); Junior Party Committee (3). Aurora Mary Morganti Library Club (1); Glee Club (1, 2); Italian Club (2, 3, 4), Secretary (3), Italian Play (2, 3); Junior Prom Committee (3); Hearth Club (4). Vice-President (4); Wig and Rouge (4); Senior Play (4); Myndersian (4). Dino John Morganti Intramurals (1, 2, 3, 4); Italian Club (1, 2), Treasurer (1, 2), Italian Club Play (2); Baseball (2) ; Junior Prom Committee (3) ; Wig and Rouge (4), Wig and Rouge Play (4); Senior Ball Committee (4); Senior Play (4). 24 CLASS William George Moyer Band (I, 2); Orchestra (2); Latin Club (2); Football (2, 3, 4) ; Senior Ball Committee (4); Myndersian (4). Janice Arlene Myers Library Club (1, 2, 3), President (2); Intramurals (1, 2, 3, 4), Awards (3, 4); Prize Speaking (3); Wig and Rouge (3, 4), Corresponding Secretary (4). f Dale Edward Newman Le Cerclc Francais (2, 3), Treasurer (3); Junior Party Committee (3); Junior Rotarian (4). Josephine Rose Nicandri Library Club (1); Commercial Contest (2, 3); Acanthus (4).CF 1939 Robert William Noble Tumbling Club (2, 3); Athletic Tournament (3); Senior Flay (4). Anna Marie Nozzolio Glee Club (1, 2); Latin Club (2, 3); Italian Club (2, 3); Italian Flay (3); Junior Party and From Committees (3); Intramurals (3); Lc Cercle Francais (4); Senior Ball Committee (4); Microphone (4); Myndersian (4); Christmas Flay (4); Saluta-torian. Anthony Louis Nucci Radio Club (2); Orchestra (3); Operetta (3 ); Band (3, 4); Wig and Rouge Flay (4); Glee Club (4); Senior Ball Committee (4). Paul Edwin Perkins President (1); Band (I, 2, 3, 4), President (2); Orchestra (2, 3, 4); Junior From and Flay Committees (3); Baseball (3); Senior Ball Committee (4). Rosa belle Marie Library Club (I); Glee Club (L 2, 3, 4), Librarian (2), Awards (1, 2, 3); Operetta (1, 4), Musical Comedy (3), Glee Club Concert (3, 4); Intramurals (1, 2, 3, 4), Awards (3, 4); Volley Ball Captain (3); Physical Education Demonstration (3, 4); Tumbling Club (3, 4); Wig and Rouge (4), Wig and Rouge Flay (4); Senior Ball and Tea Committees (4). Robert William Plunkett Band (1, 2, 3, 4); Orchestra (2, 3, 4); Junior Party Committee (3); Senior Ball and Play Committees (4). Eunice Mary Pollard Intramurals (1, 2, 3, 4), Awards (3, 4); Glee Club (1, 2); Indoor Track Meet (1, 2); Glee Club Concert and Operetta (2); Rotary Minstrels (2); Tap Club (2, 3), President and Instructor (3); Commercial Contest (2, 3, 4); Physical Education Demonstration (3);Sports Night (4); Junior Prom, Play and Party Committees (3); Tumbling Club (3, 4); Prize Speaking (4). Ella Mae Probst Library Club (1); Glee Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Glee Club Operetta (1, 2, 3); Glee Club Concert (3); Junior Pam and Prom Committees (3); Hearth Club (3,4), Treasurer (4); Senior l ea and Ball Committees (4); Myndersian (4). 25Henry LeRoy Reinbold Tumbling Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Intramurals (1, 2, 3, 4;, President, Intramural Athletic Association (4); Indoor Track (1, 2); Football (2, 3, 4); Science Club (3, 4), Treasurer (3, 4); Block At Club 3, 4), President (4); Intramural Club President (4); Physical Education Demonstration (3); Basketball Manager (3, 4); Junior Prom Committee (3); Lc Ccrclc Francais (4), Play (3, 4); Senior Ball Committee (4). Lucy Jane Rhinehart Band (I, 2, 3, 4); Intramurals (1, 2, 3, 4), Awards (2, 3); Indoor Track Meet (1, 2); Orchestra (2, 4); Commercial Contest (2, 4); Tap Club (2); Rotary Minstrels (2); Junior Play and Party Committee (3); Physical Education Demonstration (3); Senior Ball Committee (4); Myndersian (4). Catherine Marie Riley Intramurals (1, 2, 3, 4), Awards (2, 3, 4); Library Club (1); Indoor Track Meet (2); Latin Club (2, 3), Censor (3); Physical Education Demonstration (3) ; Junior Play and Party Committees (3); Sports Night (4) ; Glee Club (4), Secretary (4). Mary Eleanore Rogers Library Club (1); Needle Craft Club (2); Junior Prom Committee (3); Hearth Club (4); Senior Tea and Ball Committees (4). 26 I Sara Elizabeth Ross Intramurals (1, 2, 4); Library Club (1); Indoor Track Meet (2); Commercial Contest (2, 3, 4); junior Party and Prom Committees (3); junior Play (3); Microphone (3, 4 ; W ig and Rouge (3, 4), Treasurer (4); Americanization Pageant (4); Senior Play (4); Myndersian (4); Valedictorian. CLASS Joan Elizabeth Royce Library Club (1, 2, 3), Marshall (2, 3); Glee Club (2); Intra-murals (2, 3), Award (3); Wig and Rouge (2, 3, 4), Christmas Pageant (3); Latin Club (3, 4), Consul (4); Junior Play and Prom Committees (3); Senior Tea and Ball Committees (4); Senior Play (4); Debate Club (4); Americanization Pageant (4); Myndersian (4). Angelo Thomas Russo Intramurals (I, 2, 3, 4); Italian Club (1, 2, 3), Treasurer (1); Junior Prom and Party Committees (3); Football Manager (3, 4); Senior Ball Committee (4); Senior Play (4). Louise Irene Schreader Inrramurals (I, 2, 4); Tap Club (2); Acanthus Club (4); Senior Ball Committee (4); Myndersian (4).©F 1939 Rlbyk Sabina Stanton Band (1, 2, 3, 4); Orchestra (I, 2, 3, 4). Dorothy Marion Sharpe Intramurals (1, 2, 3, 4), Awards (2, 3, 4); Library Club (1); Glee Club (1,2), Awards (1,2); Indoor Track (1, 2); Glee Club Concert (2); Tumbling (dub (2, 3, 4); Commercial Contest (2, 3); Junior Party, Play and Prom Committees (3); Lc Circle Francais (3, 4); Junior Play (3) ; Wig and Rouge (4). Americanization Pageant (4); Senior Tea, Ball and Play Committees (4); Senior Play (4); Microphone (4); Sports Night (4) ; Myndersian (4). Dominic Sinicropi Commercial Contest (3); Intra-murals (4); Senior Ball Committee (4); Prize Speaking (4); .Myndersian (4). Eldora Edith Smith Glee Club (1, 2, 3, 4), Awards (2, 3, 4), -Concert (2. 3, 4), Choral Festival (2, 3, 4); Myndersian (4). W inifred Marie Smith Library Club (1); Glee Club (1, 2). Concert (2), Operetta (2); Hearth Club (3, 4), Secretary (3); Needlecraft Club (2); Intramurals (1, 2, 3); Senior Tea and Ball Committees (4). Mary Angeline Tarqcino Library Club (1); Glee Club (2, 4), Choral Festival (2), Concert (2); II Circolo Italiano (2, 3, 4), Play (2); Junior Prom Committee (3); Senior Ball Committee (4). Virginia Dell Towner Library Club (1); Indoor Track (L.2); Intramurals (1, 2, 3, 4), Awards (2, 3); Glee Club (2, 3), Secretary (3). Operetta (2), Musical Comedy (3), Concert (2, 3). Festival (3), Award (3); Tumbling Club (2, 3), President (3); Physical Education Demonstration (3) ;Commcrcial Contest (3); Junior Party. Play and Prom Committees (3); Senior Ball Committee (4); Sports Night (4). Pearl A rune Trotter Needlecraft (dub (3); Hearth Club (3, 4); Junior Prom Committee (3); Senior Ball Committee (4). Barbara Grace Trumbi.e Freshman Councilor (1); Cheer-leading (1, 2, 3, 4); Intramurals (1, 2, 3, 4), Awards (1, 2, 3, 4); Glee Club (1,2), Awards (1,2), Operetta (1, 2); Indoor Track (1, 2); Secretary (2); Wig and Rouge (2, 3, 4); Tumbling Club (2, 3, 4); Sports Demonstration (3); Junior Play (3); Junior Party and Prom Committees (3) ; Microphone (3, 4); Lc Cer-cle Francais (3, 4); Senior Play (4) ; Senior Tea and Ball Committees (4); Prize Speaking (4); Sports Night (4); Myndersian (4). Dominic Louis Valenti Intramurals (1, 2, 3, 4); Italian Club (2), Play (2); Senior Play (4); Wig and Rouge (4), Play (4); Intramural Manager, Basketball (4). Marguerite Marian Van Ditto Glee Club (1); Library Club (1, 2), Marshall (2); Italian Club (2, 3, 4), President (3), Play (2); Microphone (2, 3, 4), Award (3); Junior Party Committee (3); Senior Play (4); Wig and Rouge (4); Senior Tea and Ball Committees (4). ALMA Albert Robert Vedora Intramurals (1, 4); Commercial Contest (1, 4). Jane Adell West Treasurer (1); Library Club (1); Glee Club (2, 3, 4), Concert (2, 3, 4), Festival (4); Intramurals (1, 2, 3, 4), Awards (2, 3, 4); Indoor Track (1, 2); Rotary Minstrels (2); Tap Club (2, 3), Treasurer (3); Junior Party, Play and Prom Committees (3); Physical Education I demonstration (3); Commercial Contest (3); Sports Night (4); Senior Ball and Play Committees (4); Myndersian (4). Ruth Eloise Worden Glee Club (1, 2, 3, 4), Librarian (3) , Operetta (2, 3, 4); Latin Club (2, 3); Junior Prom Committee (3); Senior Tea and Ball Committee (4); Prize Speaking (4) ; W ig and Rouge Play (4); Myndersian (4). MAT E C As we leave thee, Alma Mater, To tread paths, anew, Grateful hearts have we, for Mynderse And her teachers, too. Chorus Mynderse, Mynderse, hear our praises As each voice is raised Glory co the Alma Mater Of our high-school days. 28OUTSTANDING SENIORS 29Back Row: F. Russo, Rausch, H. Verzillo, Tcrrusi, Peterman, VVchnes, Sozanski, Swanson, Mart, Vergimini, Peagcntini, Delia, Giovinnetti; Middle Row: Palumbo, R. Sinicropi, Sanderson, Spcigleman, Hess, Clark, Horton, Moll, .Miller, Ayers, Stevenson, Reynolds, Somers, Brancefort, Perdicco, Blawski, Verzillo, Riley; From Row: Pirratto, Peters, Swinehart, Fsposito, Giovinani, Jones, Grahling, Chalker, DeLelys, Ingersoll, Forncsi, Gutherie, Dyson, Baker, Cooley, Pokrzywa, Luckcm, McParland. With gleeful anticipation of many happy days to come, we juniors, ninety-nine strong, returned to school in September to fill our homerooms veritably to overflowing. We wasted little time in electing new officers and emerged from our huddle with the following as triumphant victors: John Marsh, president; Betty Horton, vice-president; June Moll, secretary, and James Van Etten, treasurer. With tempestuous blasts, chill November winds proclaimed to all and sundry the news of our All-School Junior Party. All laughed heartily at the witticisms of Joe Comernisky, who acted as master of ceremonies; and by participating in contests and games galore and intermittently dancing to Prank Tamburrino’s orchestra, everyone appeared to be having the time of his life. To prove to the world that we were possessed with a goodly amount of histrionic-ability, we invited the public to attend our junior play, “The Family Upstairs, in which Julia Sanderson, Helen kemak, Vito Lilia, and Philip Balsley enacted the leading roles. On this occasion, we set a precedent for successive productions bv giving a matinee and evening performance, instead of two evening performances. We juniors have participated actively in extra-curricular activities. CLASS CfHack Row: Krciglestein, Lynch, Jones, Ireland, Marks, Grahling, Comcrnisky, J. Marsh. Brand, Ryck. Ricci, Wilson, Allen, Gleason, Decker; Middle Row: Ludivico Lent, Beatini, Fcltus, VanEtten, R. Marsh, Barbi, A. Marsh, Vedora, Sutterby, Moreland, Leonard, Bentley, Crully, Stevenson, Crull, Galiina; Front Row: Lawrence, Hulby, Kcniak, l'rricco, Koziraski, Speers, Watkins, McCarthy, Lilia, Conley, Carroll, Merritt, Malone, Morse, Brown, Balsley. Janet DcLelys was credited with having superior musical ability, thereby playing a solo at the band concert in February. Prize speaking claimed Virginia Lawrence and James VanEtten, both of whom won second place. Then, too, athletics is a field in which the Class of 1940 has long distinguished itself. We shall again inaugurate a new movement in Mynderse when we select a junior to attend the Empire Bovs State in July. The junior must possess the requisites of scholarship, athletic prowess, and potential leadership. At Boys State, the lad who is selected will be taught, through actual participation in governmental activities, that Americanism is far superior to all other “isms.” As this “Myndersian” goes to press, w e have yet to choose two boys from our number to be Junior Rotarians. To be able to participate in Rotary activities is indeed as great an honor as any that can be bestowed upon a boy. As we have never been wont to undertake anything on a small scale, it may be well to note the fact that the plans that have been brewing in oUr minds regarding the Junior Prom are positively “stupendous.” In truth, we will admit that our aim is to fete the seniors in an even more royal manner than that to which they have been accustomed. NINETEEN ECRTy 31CLASS Cf NINE YVe are the Class of Forty-One, Enjoying our special place in the sun; One hundred and thirty strong are we, A nobler class there never will be. This is our second year in Mvnderse Academy and we feel quite at home. We haven’t scored many history-making events; nevertheless, we wager that you have heard a thing or two about us to make you sit up and take notice. First of all, we elected officers, and an able staff it is. Roland Lind is president; Shirley Rice, Back Row: Page, Gleason, Burchim, Hoster, Magili, Ko .iraski, Conley, Amidon, Ricse, Reynolds, N. Gustafason, Gallina, Calabro, H. Marcella, Torchinclli, Terussi, P. Marcella; Middle Row: Gustafason, Bowman, Angcrola, Fitzsimmons, Laws, Kinnetz, DiNatali, Sufferdini, Caraccilo, Fridley, Jones, Cafola, West, VonBcrgcn, Beck, Gicsc, Parker, M. Carroll, McGuire; Front Row: Deal, Uticonc, Reach, F. Amidon, l amburrino, V. Deal, Parisi, Marsh, Stromak, A. Carroll, Moio, I. Sanderson, Riel, Peters, Sabitini. Olmstead, Masten, Rice, Nearpass. vice-president; Janice Olmstead, secretary; Harold Bartran, treasurer. Then we became interested in various activities about school, especially in sports. No doubt, you’ve heard of Shcl Miller, Varsity Joe Carrissimi and other sophomores who did their share in assisting our football team through—undefeated, untied and unscored upon. In basketball, the Junior Y’arsity team is literally made up of sophomores. The Lind brothers, Roland and Leslie, and John Hartman will, in all probability, be members of next year’s varsity squad. No need to worry. Coach! As to other activities, we have been distinguishing ourselves also. Don’t you think our members of the Glee Clubs gave splendid performances in the operetta, “Crocodile Island?” Quite a number of them went to the Glee Club festival at Penn Van. 32TEEN ECETy CNE Wc should like to say for your information that there is a budding, young artist in our midst, Hetty Masten, by name. We are rather proud of her. Ordinarily, sophomores do not join the Wig and Rouge; but this year you will notice that those of our number in the group have been doing rather outstanding work. Instrumental music hasn’t been slighted cither in our class. Several students take part in both the band and orchestra. We have several radio-minded people in our group who arc doing rather promising work in the Radio Club. Furthermore, we have a fair representation in the Library Club, the Latin Club, the Italian Back Row: Ragan, Ritter, Marsh, Saunders, Youngs, A. Sinicropi, Zona, Rizzicrri, L. Lind, R. Borden, Smith, Hayes, Zona, Delia, Barbi, Callahan, Giovanninni; Middle Row: DiDominic, DeSarro, Carruso, Tamburrino, Lamanna, Ceo, Tanzerclla, Klionski, Klop, Bartram, R. Lind, Vedora, Carasimmi, Miller, Ferara, A. Bianco, Marks; Front Row: Matthews, McGelligot, Hartman, Kelleher, Carroll, Chalkcr, Brignall, Fagana, Scmmons, Cumin, Riesc, Conley, Durling, Durnan, Humble, Brown, Luckcm, Vergamini. Club, the Tumbling Clubs and the Block M Club. You all have probably remarked on the showing of the sophomores at the dances, now and then. You see, we arc preparing for future balls and proms. Right now we can hardly w ait for the Freshman-Sophomore picnic. Wc expect to do a great many things besides eating refreshments and harassing our advisers. Miss Miller, Miss Smith, Mr. Hoppe, Mr. Marble, and Mr. Rockwell. This year has been a fruitful one for us atid wc feel a little sorry to have it end. Hut we arc anxiously looking forward to Moving-Up Day and a happy next year. 33CLASS CL NINE With the coming of September, old Mynderse was once again swamped with swarms of freshmen—one hundred sixty’ of them filled w ith anticipation of a glorious four years of life in high school. Class elections were held in October; Norton Bachman was chosen for president, to lead his class through its turbulent first year of life in high school. As his assistants, the class selected June Holland to fill the office of vice-president, Helen Rogers as secretary, and Robert Gillispic as treasurer. This important activity over, the class as a whole settled down to the important business of acquiring passing marks in at least a majority of the freshman subjects. Apparently they were successful in this attempt, for each honor roll of the year has had its share of freshmen names. In addition to this achievement of the class, a majority of its members seem to have heeded the advice of their elders and become members of the various clubs open to them. The Library and Glee Clubs have been the most popular choices. Indeed, the Frosh have proved themselves not only useful but practically essential to these organizations. All freshman boys who are blessed with brawn as well as brains are eager to become handsome Back Row: Sentinello, Lamaraglia. Riccardo, I.udivico, Fitzenberger, Killingham, McEliigott, Page, Jones. Larsen, Bianchi, Giovennetti, Drumm, Russell. Farquino; Third Row: Peterson, Gargan, Barbi, Blawski, Torchinelli, Stahlnecker, Casey, Rogers, Pioli, Moio, I.aninia, Marino, Frcdinburgh, Holland, Malone, Fitzgerald, McCarthy, Cazzoto; Second Row: Johnson, Bonacci, Annctta, Denting, DcLelys, Hatch, Little, Fulton, Mann, Riley, Sabatini, Humphrey, Callan, Hosier. Alderman, Zona, Scale, Gionnotti, Pannucci; Front Row: Lamanna, Sozanski, Gleason, Trotter, Laude, Ross, Holcomb, Plunkett, Fornesi, Clark, Austin, Mackey.TEEN ECRTy TWC football heroes—well, at least football heroes. As a result. Coach Baker has not lacked volunteers for the scrubs, and undoubtedly by 1941 these boys w ill be the backbone of the team. They are also eager to play a good game of basketball, and they spend all their spare time in perfecting their passes and foul shots. Without a doubt, there is some potential basketball material in their ranks. The freshmen girls added another activity to their program this year, in the shape of a tea given in the library just before the Christmas holidays. This came as a result of Mrs. Jenkins orientalization course. The tea gave the girls practice in social graces and their mothers, an opportunity to become better acquainted with the school. By the time these freshmen become seniors, they will be adept at the art of juggling the teacups, napkins, and the tiny cakes without disaster. Chalk up a social gain for the yearlings. As we go to press, training is starting for the annual F reshman-Sophomore picnic, for it w ould be unthinkable for any sophomore to be allowed to boast of consuming more hot dogs and lemonade than a freshman. This strenuous activity, scheduled for June, just before final examinations, will terminate the year for the freshmen. Back Row: Rhinehart, Yells, Esposito, Giovannetti, Cappcllo. DcSaro. D. Hutchings. Pagano. Dragone, Capacci, Ludovico, Hall, Wayne, Updycke, F'arney, Cooper, Marks, Snyder, J. Sinicropi, Comisky; Third Row: Ashley, Spencer, Burroughs, Antidon, McFarland, A. Sinicropi, Grahling, Chalker, Lind, Flatten, Gillispic, Jones, McCahn, Praync, Brand, Bruch, E. Lamaraglia; Second Row: Piwinski, Delia. Fisher, Mastrolco, Ponitius, Relfe, D. Sinicropi, Brower, Lamaraglia. Luchcssi. Gargan. Peterman, Wilcox, Trowbridge, DcStcfano, VonBcrgcn, Peterman; front Row: M. Fisher. Jones, Rausch, Stuck, Kemak, P. Hutchings, Lancer, Lattimer, Ritter, Faulkner, Westcott, right, Bachman, Kuncy, Rosctti, Bianco.1. A double portion of MacParlands. 2. Mr. Vogel steps in. 3. A skin you love to touch? 4. What the well dressed Carroll wears. 5. Barbara looks pensive. 36 6. It takes Dorothy to be Sharpe at five A. M. 7. Betty, how dare ya do it? 8. When we were a couple of Sophs.LITERARY STAFF Standing: Greene, Smith, Gargan, Worden, Caracillo, Ross;Seated: Nozzolio,Leonard, DeSanto, Jcnncr. BUSINESS STAFF Back Row: Henry, Ceo, Dcl-lefave, Rcinbold, Moyer, Deming, Cologgi, Gustafson, Aronson. Moore, Probst, Royce, Calarco; Seated: Har-rigan. Miller, McFncny, Horton, Boardman, Decker, Schraeder. PHOTOGRAPHIC AND ART STAFFS Bullock. Yearbook Photographer; Berretta, Lindsey, Trumble, Morganti, Deming; Seated: Mrs. Rena MacKin-ney Steigervs aid. Art Consultant. TYPISTS Sharpe, West. Barbicri, Ross, Rhinchart. 39• i4 Vrww TVn Lr «du««min K«4 Wrck B Myodm hirj Roiv: Ko .raski, (,« n.crmsk . A. Marsh, J. -Marsh, I cltus, Dcming. Stevenson, Carncx ik . v v"- D|9BI d e ', I rumble, Sharpe, Honon, Van Ditto, DeSanto, Barbicri, Caraccilo; From, Ron-: I o oho. l_______ _ ii n41 OA CV -2WSSX „x «♦ U n«w VCMV V V l W 't«SK t s t TOTOVt 4WV» m 4%mrtiv W™ vA Xvi vAc vvs Vkrnrn «nsr , trvra tactv, vrsxvisL ' viwiv xx -xvA V)v w ?rev TCasurct. N.'S VttWN vA xta K. » 'Wt. NNvftX., v yyc tavmec swv wvwtw vw, SSSlWW'i A A fc , Kc vWv 1 awvVft . V® nkVJcv a «» NC » rc« w ' - » XSX3X ■ 'XiSLVMV V WCVCV XWQ » „ VW 'HwtwW, -M Y wwswj «ft VO v . _ SVVC A Vs Nal VvAv x. ostvsysisA A tasv cvs vA. svw wxs vA xW y v A»c A V v yyo'cy. W o s mv yc % te xwt i nk s -a. wv« COS NVK fc. — XO NMYOV Wc tOOWS w ™CXVY '“■ nv ct. ' 'A VVs __r("s 42 acV oroi . "X NR. vs V WmK V-Awv w, Umm, Vxvkv,Njwhvk ea «d S m Wwvvj, xvi « W nC , Vix's.u'A':. v XXx v XxVcNx XVX L LVS WsXv VLV w C R. W WWiVCX- WW Ai.Nxv .x X s sxx . cCwcCv s x S N VLTVK n Nr.olycv% vv axA. :Xw v» x X x N - t s cv Xv w XXx xvA s twi-s v Wx VwAxsx w A Wvs axmn CaxAw 0 olvcv% 3cs Nx . v Ax Anxsrx . :i,x x vcv XSXvx .wAx x Avcvr. kxr k rxv xws w . WmW w .vx Xvfc. A Ax - yt vx x w wxv«A xx«. V vAycxr. ,a x avrt a Ocvsys as s xXv AXVt 'SvxAvA tAvvvcv , w vvc v NN tvs vxvw w vW n-Awxws ww xVXx tvviv x .s vA vAi_ c vAx. xXw: tvss yvAAx i u w x s N«8X Avt, dNv£e s .vnx .'A ‘vtvAxwxw 'Awxw . Wxvxw x . otvAv txtwxs TvtvX wvv xW ol A t TvAws x JVvss CaiAwOiV v wl Ax s vA x t VWaxxXx Qvta Yv vt Avcv A wwe xvA evvcA A ix ct X v x xW w A s nst vev x tw tslW WX .. •S»i W $$ x"x v 3 ■ ..— » -NN... '■ » . xvx rZxV« l " :x ' « • -r; « « oswwfe r. A'.' X . ...WVXNV' ,N " X _ x V X ‘fcviXVN 3 N ‘ 'v- kVV sN rs sSWsa Yx ' vv x v ws. »w v "wvuv w v jns n 'wvxswvnvn js« ' a ' y0kX t 'wnw kx ' jx vt v v n.' s wv '.ccvxr _ ' «r -. I • »- V ,.TEE DCyAL EAMILy Front Row: Russo, Humphrey, Sharpe, Ceo, Moore, Royce, oblc; McT'ncny, Trumble, Horton, Ross, DcIIcfavc, Kissel Miller, CCCCCDILC ISLAND Back Row: Spencer, DiDominic, Board man, Stevenson, Reach, Hosrcr, King, Worden, Barbi Matthews, Ludovico Trotter; Second Row: Decker, Allen, Lancer, Leonard, Vedora, DeSanro, Pitrella, Sanderson, Reynolds, Masten, Spicgleman, I. Rhinehart, Gustafson, C. Carroll Sinicropi, Carroll, W’ehncs, Russo; Front Row: lamburrino, L’ricone, l .sposiro. Rice Calabro, Tcrrusi, Jones, Humphrey, Torchinelli, K. Mastrolco, DeStcfann, Lawler. Orchestra: DcLelys, Speers, L. Rhinehart, Aronson, I. Mastroleo, I rumble, Ryck, I amburrino, Clark, Lykc. FEE EAMILy I I M AII A Front: Ingersoll, Bush, San derson, Bearini, Kemak, Balslcy.» ► 5= A I f' V .. v v«.V X « NV V VVS ' ' 4wx ws Wk . : v_ w . «« • 7 " v xx - r; vrt xx ovscvs x. •» - VvtX XwX ys s® .,-V-_ n; «ct « ■ 'SX" _ _vs VVsSUWv. Vs . „tttfi., «»«' " • w » •w 'C VC'S- XV v xwX Y ' . _ s« l V»«« . , _„£s » i- " CSS'S ' fcotf ' • Xsi«llNi.v» ( ’! Xvto vxoix- -c»' SV OXVa''''.s', ' X""®'' oWI S -. _v-v o rt 'vs iSN° « « • ' s eas- _- to V—- %JS.V ' . ofSSX «• CSB - w«S»«l S. " vc " ck Vv»-' " - Ov O' .» S ” - C. '■' Xvc ' eN «cA V ' VO» vc x- X» Vk«S x . .  Miss D’Urso Club Adviser it - ?-£ , V sags -■••'- «?o Avb'' . , A . .- „ -Vv 'SaSritSSt v . ITALIAN CLUE 47X . 'Xvac.-tx X .. WvA, ■ W W-'N nvxawc ..- . v xnv. n-w.x . w.w. cvcV VvO sii'. : X V . TV' tK'j „ NSv xv x v . Vosssx. X va xxvn x, vv cvx, AVxvwxv •xns» ’swwio'j , • W®" "' X .w, X A v, A , v, oW W C . v «RXW«V - . v VAV . W XW. the cand 4 Hxn Vo - • s. w“ °'S! ' '®t. S ««'W !C : l'' ' ’ ■ N V® - •OcxR. QfS. 0! . BSS VSV ,. _. . - oV , . V» ,W v 2“ t V oK ---, _ « «««? «5 sfcecw- V o — W vsc«»«ce., xvVc» V ‘ x« a. to®k WSwsft « «VSS «s 'Owi.Yt WN - x»»c " v »’“' "■ G'tCi ''V5 X'V t- ■ 'a 'GV a ',Y'' C- .V .o'-XylO'.'. cS' „ v CC lit6 oS V C‘ V c Jpi •■. e.V ' a''c vn . » _tA . .« .Miss Burnham Director c°vV' ft, ,xo ;,ov Oc V vSfe v 4' 6‘ « ; CVCV y c ., 0 «.«$• «J V x O -sv -oP x O . vC" . , v°.xe,v’ , ..c' AO ,vjS deV -X v » ‘S'- ,- O' x V xS o'- x $ ? ■' i • - •»' , 'f' oo V e f- P'‘ ,oY tAV ojj5'v o 'VV , s'V ,-cY £ V c Xf C V'V: C ' o ',«' GLEE CELE! 50 ' vV x tV V " V 'e s= »s s’ NV ji i „e«t«» 5 • x xx evx r'.vco S«® ' ... VCt w « -.«vW N ttt xVNN' ®SK NNV XX V Av SV oX' x x X N VXX - W ' Q.. V k XtX ,w NSNVNvfN ,« £. YVv V , xWvt «N«tCSS WC. X-.X tTx v'i - xw' "" sav«% 'es' 'S WS N V. CiX AV XKVX oAxfxsjex _ NXx . NN, WVv X Nx vs •» X V LIBC4Cy CLUE 1 he cmcr aim of the Library Club is to make its members independent users of the library and to assist other students in the use of the library. The members arc divided into groups who report for a week at a time for special library duties. Outstanding projects include the annual Book Week exhibit, Christmas party, entertainment of out-of-town library clubs and a picnic. Back Row: Yells, Fredenburgh, Ross, Blawski. Ashley, Plunkett, Malone, Sanderson, Fillingham. Clark, Peterson, Zona, Forncsi, Humphrey, Pannucci; Second Row: Conley, Hess, Horton, Riley, Jones, Moll, Clark, Miller, G. Forncsi; Front Row: McCarthy, Marino, Gargan, Saharini. Mann, Little, Giannotti, DeLclys. IAIH CLUE Back Row: Drumn, Mann, Mackey, Fridley, Stuck, DeStefano, Romanick, Page, Nelson, Crelly Snyder, Fillingham; Second Row: Beck, Merritt, Bowman, Gillispie, Marble; Front Row Cumm, N'clls, Sinicropi.DCEATE CLUB Second Row: Brady, Reach, Smith, Burrows, Hall, Ludovico, Humphrey; Front Rrn, Somers, Royce, DiDomenic, Barbicri, Greene. The Debate Club spent the first semester studying the fundamentals of debating; the second, in debating with other schools. Delegates were sent to an Interscholastic Model Congress at Syracuse University. The major event of the year was an all-day inter-scholastic session, followed by a banquet. Miss George and Mr. Hoppe are co - advisers; Howard Humphrey is president; Frank Tamburrino, vice-president. SCIENCE CLUE The Science Club, with Mr. Marble as its adviser, was organized last year to learn more about science, and at the same time, to have fun while doing so. T his year the club, which consists of nine members, elected James VanEtten as president, and LcRoy Rein-bold as secretary and treasurer. The club has successfully undertaken many projects and has some interesting ones for next year. Deming. Dellefave, K inner .. Watkins, Rcinbold, Cologgi, VanF.ttcn, Cco, Gustafson, Marble, adviser. One could hardly say the expression. Tumbling Club, is a misnomer for the athletically minded boys and girls who make up its membership. Although they have given no public exhibition this year, they have had “loads of fun" during their meetings. Leonard Edington is president of the boys’ club; Leonora Sabatini, of the girls’ club. Mr. Baker and Miss Huyck are the directors. Back Row: Lind, ITrico, Dellefave, Rcinbold, Ricardo, Ludivico, Edington, Buck. Schnieder, Cumin; Middle Row: N. Riley, McFarland, Reynolds, Sanderson, Sharpe, Jenner, Trumble, Sullivan, Newell, Olmstcad; Front Row: Cerep, Rhine hart. Yells. M. Riley, Tarquino, L. Sabatini. Mumford. TUMBLING CLUB1. False Alarm! 2. Study of a Lady. 3. Mass dejection. 4. “Which one? I don’t see him.” 5. Just pals. 6. Jolly Juniors(?) 7. That proverbial rose. 8. Mr. Howes about to take THE truck for an airing.Back Row: Tanzerello, Stevenson, Conley, Smith, Plattcn, Carrol, Brower, Ludovica, Leonard, Rizzicri, Pagona, Burtrai Angarola, Zona, Hayes, Lawler, Vcrgamini; Middle Row: Baker, Coach; Carnevalc, Carrissinii, Youngs, Moreland, Bordc Johnnie Marsh, the best blocking linesman since Ccc Fitzgerald starred for Myndcrse, was largely responsible for the success of the running attack of the 1938 season. Marsh at eighteen tops the scales at 181 pounds, and is five feet eleven inches tall. He, too, won a place on the Tri-County team. Captain Bob Dyson of the Myndcrse team is eighteen years old, six feet in height and weighs 160 pounds. He showed good leadership as quarterback this last year. He is probably the best pass receiver developed at Myndcrse yet and is exceptionally fast. He is also a good defense man. 56 loggi, Blawski, Woodward, Lyke, Soper, Edington, Miller, McCann, Izzo, Ryck, Wormuth, Assistant Coach; Front Row: inbold. Stromak, Amidon, Comcrnisky, Pioli, Dyson, Salotti, Marsh, Barbi, Joe; Barbi, John; Moyer, Russo, Manager. Louie Pioli, superior blocker and hard charger, was a good defense tackle and earned a position as end on the Tri-County League team. A member of the varsity squad for the past three years, this eighteen-year old, six footer, topping the scales at 175 pounds, will be missed next fall. Johnnie Stromak, Captain of the All Tri-County team, is eighteen, weighs 178 pounds and is six feet of brawn. This hard running back was an excellent pass receiver and a good passer. At safety he did a fine job of returning punts, being the leading ground gainer and scorer in the league.Louis Pioi.i John Marsh The 1938 football season stands out as the tops in football accomplishment in our school history. The story in brief is this: Mynderse went through the season unbeaten, untied and unscorcd upon. For the second successive year the Bakeritcs have won the Tri-County League Championship. That is no mean accomplishment in the light of the strong competitive spirit of the participating schools. At the opening of the season a host of postgrads, Stromak, Pioli, Salotti and Soper, turned out for practice so the varsity w as composed of all lettcrmcn. Mynderse opened the' season at Dansville. I hey trounced the Dansville team by the overwhelming margin of 52 to (). Perry, Clyde, New ark, l.vons, Penn Van and Waterloo all met the same fate—bowing before the Blue and White. Power plays, reverses and tricks pass plays played an important part in w inning these games. I lard practice under the critical supervision of Coaches Baker and Wormuth had ironed out mans weaknesses and smoothed the execution of plays. The success of the team was largely due to the efforts of Coach Baker anti Coach Wormuth, and the man power they developed. Under the svatchful es c of Captain Bob Dyson, the team clicked both offensively and defensively. The hard running, passing and punting of Stomak and Amidon wearied the opposition. The linesmen—Marsh, Reinbold, Joe Barbi—opened the holes for the backs to plunge through. The slashing drive of Pioli and Salotti helped keep the opposition from our goal line. The alertness of Myn-derse’s secondary defense helped check passes and kept opponents a safe distance from scoring territory. Although Mynderse has had a very successful season, don't be inclined to think that it was an easy one. The opposition of Clyde, Newark and Penn Van illustrates this. Penn Van offered the greatest opposition. They were constantly threatening to score throughout the game and for the major part were in Mynderse’s territory. The spirit and light of this battle in which Penn Van tried to defeat Mynderse demonstrated the caliber of the Mynderse team. John Stromak, triple threat man, was chosen captain of the All Tri-Countv team, and John Marsh and Louis Pioli also secured spots on this team. Comernisky, Salotti and Reinbold rated positions on the second team. Dyson, Amidon, F.dington, Soper, Stromak, John Barbi, Pioli, Salotti, Cologgi, Marsh, Moyer, Reinbold, Blawski and Lvke will be lost by graduation or ineligibility. Joe Comerniskv and Len F.dington were elected co-captains for the 1939 season. The scores: Mynderse 52 Dansville 0 Mynderse 18 Perry 0 Mynderse 12 Clyde 0 Mynderse 19 New ark 0 Mynderse 21 Lyons 0 Mvnderse 7 Penn Van 0 Mvnderse 41 Waterloo 0 58BASKETBALL Close league competition, ineligibility, forfeited games by opposing teams, a subsequent four way tic for first position at the end of the season—these were highlights in a hectic basketball season. All through the season, the hold on first place fluctuated among four determined teams—Geneva, Mvnderse, Canandaigua and Waterloo. The closeness of the games made it difficult to forecast results, but the league ended with Geneva in first place. It was then discovered by Geneva that one of their players was ineligible and all the games he participated in must be forfeited. This made Mvnderse the league champion. Under the circumstances, Mvnderse refused the cup, and a four-wav tie was agreed upon with the competing schools concurring. Mvnderse was to play Canandaigua at Waterloo; Geneva, Waterloo, at Canandaigua. This play off resulted in Geneva's winning the right to represent the league in the sectional contests. The Mvnderse team had two outstanding players—Bob Dyson and John Stromak. I he former was chosen forward on the All-1.eague Team, composed of individual stars from the various league teams. His chief merits were reliability and fast cutting. John Stromak, who always played a strong defensive game and w as particularly useful in getting plays off the backboard, made center on the second All-League Team. Since Dyson, Stromak, Pioli, Blawski, Edington, Marsh, Amidon and Horton won t be available next year, the 1940 team w ill probahK include R. Lind, L. Lind, Kelleher, Hartman, and Flatten—all promising players. Arthur Bakkk Conch Dcllcfavc. Mur.; 1 dington, Amidon, Horton. Dyson. Blawski, Pioli, Marsh. McCarthy, Reinbold, Mgr.; Stromak, Captain. 59The scores of the 1938-39 season were: Myndersc....................... •Mynderse....................... •fMynderse....................... Mynderse....................... •Mynderse....................... Mynderse....................... •Mynderse....................... Mynderse....................... •Mynderse....................... •Mynderse....................... •Mynderse....................... Mynderse....................... •Mynderse....................... Mynderse....................... Mynderse....................... ••Mynderse....................... 40 Shortsville............................14 27 Canandaigua............................26 2 Waterloo................................0 39 Clyde..................................20 23 Geneva.................................26 34 Newark.................................25 19 Penn Yan...............................17 36 Onondaga Valley ... 20 24 Canandaigua............................14 26 Waterloo...............................28 12 Geneva.................................14 24 Newark.................................27 28 Penn Yan...............................23 42 Clyde..................................26 27 Onondaga Valley........................29 26 Canandaigua............................30 • League Games t Forfeit ••Play-off 1. So foul and fair a shot 1 have not seen. 2. I eat spinach. 3. Go-o-o-i-i-i-n-n-g! 4. Dyson, Star Forward. 5. Butch, you must have been a beautiful baby. 6. GONE! to Waterloo for two points. 7. Fioli takes a practice shot. 8. The jump. 9. Reserves' coach, Hoppe.Back Row: Mr. Rockwell, Assistant Coach; Angoralo, Vcdora, Perkins, Giovannini, Pioli, A. Marsh, McCarthy, Youngs, Platten, Carrisinii, Baker, Coach; Second Row: Cologgi, Comemisky, Woodard, J. Marsh, Amidon, Stromak, Moreland: First Row: Soper, Manager. Last season, Coach Baker was faced with a green squad, having lost by graduation the team that had won 27 games out of 32 played in three years of varsity ball. With Marsh, Stromak and Amidon, the only remaining lettermen, Coach Baker, assisted by Mr. Rockwell, set out to build a team. Rain and adverse weather conditions hindered practice. Because of these conditions, the season was the shortest ever experienced by a Mynderse team. Only six games were played, all of these being league games. Mynderse opened the season playing Penn Van at Penn Yan. Behind the effective pitching of Amidon and the timely hitting of the team, the Blue and White won its first encounter by the score of 6 to 2. The rest of the season was not as successful; for out of the remaining five league games played, Mynderse won only one—that being over Penn Yan. John Stromak was awarded the cup for being the most valuable batter of the team. Lettermen who will be lost for 1939 because of graduation or ineligibility are Stromak and Pioli. The scores: Mynderse 6 Mynderse 5 Mynderse 3 Mynderse 6 Mynderse 0 Mynderse 5 c€: v . «£ i ■ ' '? « '° O' ,. C ' _A 9V‘M s Miss Ruth Huyck Director of Girls' Athletics wcV v 0"' V' %d " v ACTS. A vAC C , Vl « ■ « cV631. Wide open spaces! 2. Len ready for action. 3.. Paging victory at the Waterloo game. 4. Captain Dyson in waiting. 5. “Gabby” holds the ball. 6. Hold that line! 7. Why the mourning? 8. Rest period for Stromak. 64ADAM HATS THE ALPS MANHATTAN SHIRTS Restaurant and Candy Shoppe Home Made Ice Cream • Good Food Is Good Health SENECA CLOTHING FALL ST. COMPANY Seneca Falls, N. Y. CHEVROLET • AND OLDSMOBILE FREEMAN SHOES INTERWOVEN SOCKS Seneca Motor Co., Inc. Compliments of COMPLIMENTS Seneca Press Publishing Co., Inc. RUMSEY PUMP Seneca Falls, N. Y. CORP. Seneca Falls Rule Block Company, Inc. “Pumps For Makers of School Rulers Since 1883 All Purposes” Seneca Falls, N. Y. 65. . Compliments of . . WESTCOTT RULE CO., INC. Compliments of SENECA BOOT SHOP Best Wishes to the Class of 1939 JOSEPH J. RAFFERTY BARBER SHOP 28 STATE STREET HARPST PHARMACY Drugs and Sodas 53 FALL ST. Town Clock Service Station Seneca Falls, N. Y. Clarence C. Con key, Jh., Proprietor Congratulations to The Class of 19 3 9 RED WHITE MARCO SINICROPI. Prop. A Complete Line of Quality Meals Groceries and Vegetables At All Times Orders for 50c Polite Attention Or More Delivered Prompt Delivery Free Open Sundays 7:30 A. M. In 11:30 A. M. PHONE 300 66“SHANNON’S” OUTFITTERS TO MYNDERSE MEN Best Wishes to The Class of 1939 SHANNON’S CLOTHES SHOP W. H. BOARDMAN Coal and Coke 153 OVID ST PHONE 95 Compliments of BOLIN MUSIC HOUSE Geneva, N. Y. A. H. FORD GARAGE CO. Graham Cars Richfield Gas Compliments of DR. ROBERT J. HOWLAND Compliments of SENECA KNITTING MILLS, Inc. 67HOWARD’S CHILDREN’S SHOP 504 Exchange Street GENEVA, N. Y. KARR ’ s Exclusive Apparel for Ladies 520 EXCHANGE ST. GENEVA, N. Y. J. SOUHAN SONS Dairy Guernsey Milk OBNtVA. IN Y. Compliments of THE SENECA COUNTY TRUST CO. Seneca Falls, N. Y. COMPLIMENTS OF GOULDS PUMPS, Inc. SENECA FALLS, N. Y. World's Largest Manufacturer of Pumps Exclusively 68BASTIAN BROS. CO. ROCHESTER, N. Y. 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Phone: 8 82Endicott-Johnson Shoes For the Entire Family Latest Styles Newest Leather, Full Quality and Value in Every Pair Also HOSE for the Entire Family at Prices That Are Right ENDICOTT - JOHNSON Earl Haycook, Mgr. 71 Fall St. Seneca Falls, N. Y. SANDERSON’S Funeral Directors Since 1829 Phone: 360 MARKET BASKET STORES Thomas Redcleft Willis Rhinehart Compliments of SOUTH SIDE HILLIARD ROOM Mario Giovannini, Prop. The Best Repair Shop We Weld Anything Auto Repairing Machine Work Phone: 323 Olin DeLelvs, Prop. 40 Water St. Seneca Falls, N. Y. Compliments of New York State Electric Gas Corporation A Friend 831. Dam! A run! 2. The Big Four. 3. What! No publicity? 4. On the sidelines. 5. Just before the battle, mother. 6. Relax, now, everybody. 7. Presenting Captain Marsh. 8. The Fditor-in-Chicf says, “That’s all; there isn’t any more.” 84 lirho by »h« Colony Pr«ts, Inc., RochetUr, N. Y.GJt f £ A J , ......... ‘ • J.K.W ■ . "‘V f j H, ■%. Hxl yi vVx "V J ' f N ” 'S-" ' v £ya L 7 ? ' " ,cA "x ' tJii 'r t x vtv. ,Z yy c • - .. V J1 0 y JL ' yi f w f sL 1 2 b" (r SU . (3 ■ ' ' . (i %“ ‘ ■ . 'U, s , "' V “"e A o¥r th. f -r r , ' w ’' _ , - %. v_ %_ v Y Hj jufcb 0 X r , A !l an V 4 11 yuS i ST____

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