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...f- C0 P Y 'Z Ma- Jn f , ,, , xxx A O' 'W -' 1 V, - "9 ' W 'XL'5f'vj,,- . ,I , tb ,, cw R Q , ,gf P' ' ALMA MATER . Proutlly stautls our glorious Mynderse, Beautiful to view, Wiills resountl with wortls of wisdom To each student, true. 'l'entler memories of our high school Shall forever last, Ariel our love for thee, tlear Myntlerse, Cannot he surpassetl. As we leave thee, Alma To tread paths, anew, Grateful hearts, have w And her teachers, too. Ciioiws Mater, e, for M yntlerse Mynderse, Mymlerse, hear our praises, As each voice is raisetlg Glory to the Alma Mater, Of our high-school days. iii' A 'FX THE 1935 MYNDERSIAN publifbedby THE SENIOR CLASS MYNDERSE ACADEMY SENECA FALLS NFW YORK F 0 R E W O R D 63? VERY COMMUNITY HAS ITS HISTORY, BUT FEW CAN BOAST OF A FINER TRADITION THAN THAT OF SENECA FALLS. CIVILIZATIONS POINT WITH PRIDE TO THE EMAN- CIPATION OF THE OPPRESSED, BUT FEW PEOPLE REALIZE THAT PIONEERS IN THE WOMEN,S RIGHTS MOVEMENT THAT FREED WOMEN FROM THE TABOOS AGAINST THEIR SEX FIRED THE OPENING GUNS IN THEIR CRUSADE FOR WOMAN,S POLITICAL FREEDOM IN OUR LITTLE TOWN. IN THIS ANNUAL DEDICATED TO THE PRESERVATION OF THE RECORD OF A SCHOOL YEAR MAY WE PAUSE TO HONOR THOSE DISTINGUISHED WOMEN OF THE PAST WHO HAVE GIVEN SENECA FALLS A PLACE IN THE SUN. MISS EMILY BENNING SMITH History Instructor WHEN MACAULAY SAID THAT TO BE A TRULY GREAT HISTORIAN IS PER' HAPS THE RAREST OF INTELLECTUAL DISTINCTIONS, HE MIGHT HAVE HAD IN MIND OUR MISS EMILY SMITH. HER WEALTH OF HISTORICAL LORE HAS BEEN SUCH A VALUABLE CONTRIBUTION TO SCHOOL LIFE THAT THE CLASS OF NINETEEN THIRTY-FIVE IS HAPPY TO NAME HER DEDICATEE OF THIS, THEIR MYNDERSIAN. S EDICA IO SQ In an age when women have entered into every profession and every field of labor naturally and efficiently and have disclosed the great variety and relative importance of their achievements, it is proper that we look back and reflect upon the change in women's position and pay due respect to the agi- tators and organizers of the movement. The entering wed e of the movement in the legis- lature had been madge by Ansel Bascom, a practicing lawyer in Seneca Falls, in the legislature of 1845. Married women for the first time had the right to hold property. In the constitutional convention of 1846 and 1847, women were given the right to earn money and to be the uardians of their own children. Now it was demancied that there be a still more revolutionary bill giving them the right to vote. Seneca Falls not only had the honor of being the first village to recruit that crusading army, but it may also claim four of its outstanding leaders for her own: Mrs. Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Mrs. Lucretia Mott, Mrs. Amelia Jenks Bloomer, and Miss Susan Mrs- Elizabeth Cady Stanton B. Anthony. On July 19, 1848, the first convention for women's rights was held in Seneca Falls in the old Wesleyan Methodist Church, which then stood at the corner of Fall and Mynderse Streets. This meeting was called by Mrs. Lucretia Mott and Mrs. Elizabeth Cady Stanton, who had been a delegate to the Anti- Slavery Congress in London but was refused admittance because of her sex. Therewith, she conceived her idea of woman suffrage, and it was she who inspired Mrs. Mott with her crusading zeal. Both women were natives of this village of Seneca Falls, and together they convinced the women of this community of the necessity of improving their legal and political status. At this early meeting, the first proclamation that women should have the right to vote was voiced. After two days of discussions and conferences, a bill of women's grievances called the "Declaration of Sentiments" based in form on the Declaration of Independence was drawn up. Fifty women and almost as many men immediately sub- scribed. Mrs. Amelia Jenks Bloomer, who is well-known for her famous Bloomer costume, attended the first meeting but did not enter actively into the movement at this time, being fully occupied with temperance reform. Later, however, she threw all her influence and that of her paper, The Lib, the first newspaper Mm Lucretia Mott published by women, into the cause. It had been started as a roject to further the temperance movement, but Mrs. Bloomer wrote hersel and accepted from Mrs. Stanton numerous editor- ials explaining and electioneering for the cause of woman's rights. This paper attracted wide-spread attention and was instrumental in interesting Miss Susan B. Anthony in the movement. I Miss Susan B. Anthony came to Seneca Falls in 1850 to attend an anti-slavery convention and was a guest of Mrs. Bloomer. The two ladies were return- ing from one of the meetings when they stopped on a street corner to wait for Mrs. Stanton. It was here that Mrs. Stanton and Miss Anthony were intro- duced. Afterward, they met at Mrs. Stanton's home, and the path was opened for future intercourse. It was, as Mrs. Stanton says in her history, an eventful meeting that later shaped in a measure their future lives. Neither Mrs. Stanton or Miss Anthony could have accomcplished such great things without the Mgssgum Bamhony help and a vice of the other. Miss Anthony in- '1'P'ff"f1'M"fG- 14- Wffwfb fluenced Mrs. Stanton to go abroad into active life, and, without this encouragement, it is highly improbable that Mrs. Stanton would have attempted such an extensive movement. On the other hand, Mrs. Stanton's complete knowledge of the subject made her invaluable to Miss Anthony. They worked together in perfect unison helping and strengthening each other in accomplishing great things for women and humanity. Many of the greatest movements in the annals of this country have had their beginnings in small towns, and Seneca Falls has contributed no mean share to the advancement of our state and nation in giving those determined leaders to the country. Their dauntless spirit has Carried women from a con- dition of servitude to a place equally respected with that of men. Seneca Falls will be forever proud and grateful to these workers for their contributions to the advancement of the station of womankind. What of the future? It has been said that "emanci- pation without duty is a mirage of pleasure which raises thirst but never quenches it." Every woman of today is a leader in this action and must bend every effort to preserve the place which these women of yesterday have obtained. Will women respond to the call that comes to them out of the past with its limitations and the present with its onrushing of events? The future holds the answer to that query which must be in the affirmative if the march of Time for the women of the world is to lead them to achieve the heights these women we honor envisaged. Mrs, Amelia Bloomer CONTENTS 636' INTRODUCTORY THE THEME THE SCHOOL THE YEAR ADVERTISEMENTS Tlw .SiI'I'UUf Cffmluz' IIlfI'Il4lllt'ff0lI of Elfqabetlw Cub' .swfdllfflll dm! .S'11.n-5111 I3. Aurfwzgy THE SCHOOL CM THE FACULTY Hiriuzici' I.. Mo'i"i', BS., M.A. Snjuinlftlltltvil uf Scfmnli .' ll"eift'i.1r1 I'21ii'e1'.iily ffurutflf L'11i1'erijIA1'. Suct ess in any undertaking depends upon the loyal- ty and devotion of those supporting it. This Myn- dersian is a success due to the loyalty of the start and the leadership of its faculty adviser, Miss iulirien. You are all proud ol Mynderse Academy and its past achievements. Will those who are to enter in tlze lirture be as proud? If you put the welliare of Mynderse before per- sonal desires, and remember that sportsman-like conduct in and out of scfiool reflects Mynderse spirit. and that individual cooperation without un- itecesrzary use of di: ciplinary force develops respon- sibility and trustworthiness for the futurefthen you are sincerely loyal and will leave a heritage of which Myndersians may be justly proud. fx,0,MeMf Not long ago a mother came to talk with me about her son's school program. She described the sacri- fices necessary to keep him in attendance at school, and told of her hope that he would have opportuni- ties denied his parents. "I tell him," she said. "that he must get an education because, if he does, he will have nothing to worry about." My startled response was, "My good lady, the more education your boy receives, the more he will have cause to worry." This answer of mine is not literally true, ol course, but I think you understand what l meant. Your possession of a high school diploma does not make you a favored group: in fact, it increases your responsibility to society. During the twelve years spent in the class rooms you have contracted a great debt. Wlietlic-r or not you repay that debt to the so- ciety that made your schooling possible is the test of your "education," FRANK XV. Vomit., BS. 1'ri11cip.1l nf l7ll'l7IlJt'I'lL' Ac.1dt'm.1 5 Cu!,g.1It' L,'r1f1'w'ii13. ll.-umm ll I.-xx mu, Bb.. . . ,. lQulg.1tn- l'11n'cl'a1ly, Scn-l1u'. .lvllfx lI.O'li1mfN,A.B. .. flwllvgc' nf' NLM Rvdltllv. llf.'xN XVI5A'IllIfIil,OXX, A.l5,. -Kcuka Cfullvgn. lirfssllf Wluufs , , , fiul'll.lIkl Nu1'm.1l. tllu-XN 1,4-:mum IS.l.,l.,., l2IlXk'I'5Ull Clnllcgc uf f,l'.lIUl'y Il.-xf1f1,C. R11 FY. lil... . . .. 5y1'.u'mm- lXI1IYL'I'5lIY. AN'1'1mNx' fiUSlfN'l'lN0, A.l3,. .. Ilamillun Cjullcgc. l'iu'-I'1'if11'ijf,1l . . ....., lfalgfnff , . . .lfflgfivfv , . . ,lfutqliuly . . . , .1jI'.IUl.IfjlW . . ,lfrwlrlr . . NAM' fNIIl.I.IfR, AJS. .....,, ... l..1fw Allmmy Smtc Cullcgc. EMILY H. SMH14, Ali., MA, .....,.,....., Ilimfzw SSIXILUSC l'nivL-rally, l'11iw.-fairy uf XYVINLHIINHI. W. lfl.I.lO'I"I4 vc"0liMIf'l'Il, AB. ...... . ,A1,1f!uw.1mx II.1miIwn Clrllvgc. Rlfxlfomm M. Rocilwc'm.l., li.Cj.S., MIQS.,c.ffwmLm.1! Rider Cfullcgu. I.0l'ISl' Glmvlfli, BS. .,...., ,,.. C ,mzfzmrdll Sylllfllhk' l'11ivc1'sity. Rominw' S. Hn1m1mQlM, BS.. ,. .,.,.. f,'fwnmm'I.1! Syracuse University. Ali'l'llUli I.. BAKER, AB., HS. ..., l'!mn'.1I lfflmnfzmrz Sylxlcusc University. I II.xImII+ MAIIIIII, 15.8, . limlfpuy H 5XI.lKIINL' I-IIIXVINIIY. J. H.xIwIIw fXllIll'l4, A.IS.. . ,.., fjfllll I2 Klum II IVIIIXL INIIIL S. l.I I Y C.xIIIwxx I I I. ISS. . Mllwm lfffmffrzffm IO XY'IllI.IIII 5IIlIllIf.1IIlK'ILQL'. I. I-'MIIY M. lfII,xxIfII . Aixam' ll l"lL4i1'IlI.lNUl'IIl.IlStl1Il1II, H IIIIIN C. IfIzxxI-II li,mJ ll. lIlI.II.I f .nm I'x.mI1I'. II, I-'mmf IN AIIx,xNI1III , . ..,HnIiI IS C IIllc'.egL'. 1 RI NA M.-If KINNIRY S'1I'1c.IfIIxx'.IxI,II, li.S,. .Aff 5II.IuIw Vrmxvcrsmty. l I l'I1I'I'II ,IuIINswN, I f,IlfI1lIl5Pl'lI1gN 8.111 Il llll C,.Ix'I'IIIfIcINI-' l'YII' .I I I1 IIRFSA fUMl'IlI'I IU lf! HIHI I4IIIImIfN.x CMIIMINI S III fff CII ,XI HwX7I'IfX1.XX'ILlfIIIII mm Il vm Cmfxm If KIIIIIN fn III If L1 If jljlxv XY'cI'IIxIL'I'. CQUIII-sy-In NIIIIILII I5IIff.Ilu SIJIL' 5I'c.In l1Il'IK'I'iPHI'.l NUI'IlI.ll fIL'IIL'SL'Il NIII'I1I.Il. Dmus l.. ,l.xcuIIs, C, I I I I Oswego Normal. BACK ROW: Romeo, Lailing. FRONT Row: Doran, Fitzgerald, O'Brien, Adviier. SENIOR CLASS HISTORY In September 1934, Rooms 19 and 21 registered over eighty seniors who began their last year under the leadership of Cecil Fitzgerald, assisted by Elizabeth Doran, vice-president, Naomi Latting, secretaryg Angelo Romeo, treasurer, and Miss julia O'Brien, class adviser. For its initial activity, our seniors held the annual Silver Tea Dance in the gym with jerry Lyman and his orchestra furnishing the music and Miss Smith presiding at the tea table. Next was the senior play, "Square Crooks," which proved to be a success both from the financial and entertaining standpoints, with Bette Peck and jimmy Snyder playing the leading roles. During the Christmas holidays, an active senior committee with Cecil Fitzgerald as chairman, under Miss O'Brien's direction, set the stage for another successful Senior Ball in the Masonic Temple. It was an attractive partyg snowmen blinked their eyes, icicles hung glistening from myriads of spruce trees, colored lights winked on and off, and most of the younger set in their formal best danced to Larry Harrington's offerings and liked them. Mr. and Mrs. Mott and Miss O'Brien received for the seniors. Our greatest achievement of the year we hope will be this Myzzderzriafz dedicated to Miss Smith, history teacher. In a few weeks comes Commencement Week with gay Class Night, followed by the Senior Sing out under the stars. Next is graduation and the formal dinner at the Gould that the Myfzderzriau staff gives in honor of the dedicatees. Later that night the junior Prom will claim the spotlight. The festivities will end next day with the class dinner at Spring- side, and eighty seniors will close one of the happiest chapters of their life-Mynderse days will be over. We know that the success of this last and most important year is due to the never-failing plans and work of our adviser, Miss O'Brien, who has made our dreams come true. 13 Orchestra 11, 2, 3, -133 Iiasehill 1fRANCIlSI,lZOPOl.D CONLIQY ,IIUIW tw! m.11111tii fire in fzmiif 'l'fft,r' lilfllcl um I1'l'!l4' ill trailer. Senior Play 1-131 Iiantl 11, 2, 5, 13: Oi'cliestra 11, 2, 5, 433 Wig .mtl Rouge 1-l3QACt1l1Il1l1S 14, 43, Myutleisian Staff 1-13 3 Senior Ball Committee 1-l3Q Glue Cluh 123. CLARK CROIIGH ,Vfftttfl I1 iifitr. v.'fi'f1c'u ii guldwl. BARBARA LOUISE BOSWELL A 7IlL1'7'i3' hear! goei ,111 ffm din. Yum' iud final' in ti mile-41. Glee Club 11, 2, 331 Basketball 11, Z, 53 3 junior Play 153 3 Acan- thus 13, 43 3 Wig and Rouge 15. 43 3 Senior Tea Committee 143. ROBERT ALLEN BURGESS A man fha! bulb no muiif in him' ieff. And ii no! mowed by L'07lt'U7'llI nf 1ll't't'f mu12a',i'. Ii H1 for trefiimz, ,itmltzgevz and .ip0il.f. Band 11, 2, 33, Manager 143 3 Orchestra 11. 2, 5, 43, Manager 1433 German Band 11, Z, 5, 433 Musical Comedy 11, 2, 5, 43 3 Glee Cluh 15, 43, President 153 3 Wig and Rouge 13, 433 Microphone Minstrels 13, 43 3 Wig and Rouge Play 133: Senior Tea Committee 143 3 Senior Ball Committee 143 3 Mymlersian Business Manager 143 g Senior Play 1433 Senior Dinner Committee 143. EDWIN CARLTON BURROUGHS flaw- ye no! Ibe bum of 7111181711 1l'lI?'kf77gl,7 Radfo Cluh 13, 43. HAROLD FRANCIS CURRY l'd like In gn irlaere muiir gmfei. Bantl 11, 2, 5, 43 3 Orchestra 11, 2, 5, 43 3 Basketball Manager 143. RICHARD I-IARDING DAVIS To ub.iw'1u1if1n.i which UIH'.ll"lI't'1 we mtlbe. II"t' graze more fmrfiul for lbe ob- ,1L'1'I'L'1".l mic. Bantl 11, 2, 3, 43 3 Orchestra 11, 2, 5, 43 3 Microphone 15, 433 Wig antl Rouge 13, 433 junior Play 133 Q junior Prom Committee 17131 Senior Play 1433 Mynder- sian PASQUALIT FRANCIS COMMUSSO Ifz Ilia uri !i3I.l34l1lUP'll uf lui yuntfv. Ripe for exllvlfiili .mtl I1lf.Qfll,3' un- it 7'.f77'1ll'l'. Wig anti Rouge 1-13 3 Senior Play 14 3. MARY ANN CAPACCI Ii flu' 71.17116 131.113, rfmfdefl fair? Surb .ilwnM, zzzelfiiflii. iii mniiz' lie: The .iteeeleif mzrm' Ifnff lflllfftlll funn' uYYL'1'L' 1101! fieflflfllg Ifu c'. Baskethall 11, 2, 53 3 junior Party Committee 143 3 Senior Play 1433 Wig and Rouge 11, 43g Acanthus 15, 43 3 Senior' Tea Committee 1-13, jANIZS GORDON COMSTOCK 7'lwn' it 1, !,Vnl1.1l1ifili' of i1ft't'twf- ing .ilwnr ffm! feffnu' lfhll ii 11IfKQl7f'3 fr1'r11'nlf11g. 11. 2, 5, -133 XVig and Rouge 15. -135 -Iunior Play Committee 1133 Senior Pull Committee 1-l31 Myn- dersian Staff 1-133 Football 1-13. GRACIZ IEDITH DFMONT Hu' I1 .1 111.1111 of .rrllett gruzre. f1't'Illl4'fllfrl7'I1l 1111df.11r111 f.11't'. Ileartlt Club 11, 511 junior Party Committee 1 51 1 junior Prom Committee 151 3 Senior Tea Com- mittee 1-113 Senior Hall Commit- tee 141 Q Invitation Committee 141 3 Myntlersian 1-11. IiI.I.IiRY DIZ SANTO ll"f1.11' 111.111 I Ju In fu' fm'tt'1r' llllllfll And 111.1l1' ffm' JKQL' 111 1111114 1111 1Ill'N.j llatul 11, 2, 5, -11, French Club 12, 513 junior Play 1513 -Iunior Party Committee 151 3 junior Prom Committee 151 3 Glee Club 15, 413 Ort'hestt'.t 1411 Mttsitxtl Cotituiy 1-11g Senior Tea Com- mittee 141, Senior Ball Commit- tee 1-11 3 Wig anti Rouge 1-11. MARION ALICIQ DICKOXV 1.115 life term11.tl1 .md lt'l7.lf 1.1 ll 1l'lll'f!7,j junior Party Committee 151 3 Mi- crophone 15, 41 1 XXftg atttl Rouge 1411 Senior Tt-,t Committee 141 1 Invitation Committee, Chairman 1411 Senior I5all Committee 1413 Senior Pl ty 141 Q IX1yntlersfan 1-11. BRINFY THOMAS DOMBROVUSKI It lfwre 1111 re.tj2e4'l for ,bl.u'e'. fwf- 11111- or time nz E11111! Football 11, 2, 5, 413 Aeanthus 11, 2, 51, Vice-President 121, Presitlent 151 3 Track 12, 51. MARY IELIZABFTH DURAN Tlvrzie gfuwflfl 11111. Ifvrzw Iban- tlJ6l.'t'IlL'jt'I 111111 deli!-1' flow, 15111111 1111 bw' z1'r11'd.v 111111 .1L'11r111.i. I5.1sketb.1ll 11, 2, 513 Cwlee Club 11, 213 French Club 15.-41gWig aml Rouge 15, 41g Microphone 151, Iitlitor-in-Chief 1413 Iunior Party Committee 151 1-lllllitvr Play Committee 1513 Vice-Prcsitlent 141g Myntlersian 141, EtIitor-in- Chief, Wig anal Rouge Play 141 Q Senior Tex Committee 1413 Sen- ior Play Committee 1413 Senior I5aII Committee 141 3 Senior Din- trtr Committee, Chairman 141. FRANCIS PATRICK FARRF LL 111' lfret .11 f7L'dl.'L' 116111 11.71 1.71111- 1111161 Ir: f7'.L7?lf1Z7lIf7, ln' I1 frne. Iiantl 1513 junior Partv Commit- tee 151 3 junior Prom Committee 151 3 French Club 151. PAUL JAXWN FISHER He ifznzzht' 1t'Z'1.l1l,t' zebut. .md 16.11F 11.1 lwigb At f,'1e111f1bw11ti1' 1111 11111 fly. Debate Club 1513 Acanthus 15, 41 3 junior Party Committee 151 3 Senior Ball Committee 141. CECIL PATRICK FITZGERALD He 1111.11 11 p.11'fiI. gentile krzigbl. President 11, 5, 41g Football 11, 2, 51, Captain 1413 junior Party Committee 151 3 junior Prom Committee 151 3 Senior Tea Com- mittee 141 g Myntiersian 141 3 Senior Dinner Committee 141 3 Senior Ball Committee 3 Track 11, 2. 3, 41. FRANCIS PATRICK FLYNN 111111111 .1111 I, from JH LIIVL' l'm j i 7'L'L', Unfty 1m'11'1 Ifnjy 1111 m11lt'11f1'd like we? Basketball 13, 5, 41 , Baseball 12, 513 Acanthus 15, 41g junior Party Committee 1513 Football 1413 Senior Dinner Committee 141- MARGARET JUNE HOLLENBIECK Thy 111f1Jet1.1' it .1 411114110 M1 llry merizs. Junior Prom Committee 151 3 Sen- ior Tea Committee 1413 Senior Dinner Committee 141. NAOMI HARRIIZT LATTING Tn gt! lftfllt' Midi 1.11 fuilwflrlfzeo tlllzje. llufm 1t.lV't In Jil, drzlfv lexlffi In lat' ilwzfd. Cleo Club 11, 2, 5, Hg junior Party Committee Q junior l'iom Committee 155 3 Senior Tea Committee 1-IJ Q Secretary 15, 'U 3 Myntlersian 1 lj. lllfl.lfN ADDELIA LAY 5'f1ru'o will lic mm' rvzzxzrd. Hearth Club 123 Q Glee Club 1-U3 Musical Cometly 1-lj 1 Senior Tea Committee 1-ij. l fill! wily fmfu iii eff fm. H IERBERT LAXVRENCE LEIET Self lore. my liege. ii fmt in file iz tin Ai lL'If-7lL'fQlL'l'f. Glue Club 11, 2, 3, My Orches- tra 12, 5, -Hg Debate Club 1351 junior Party Committee 13, Q junior Prom Committee 153 1 junior Play Committee 1511 Ratlio Club 131 Q Musical Comedy 15, -11 1 Prize-Speaking 14j 3 Sen- ior Play Committee 1-UQ Senior Tea Committee 1-U3 Senior Ball Committee 1413 Wig and Rouge 1-lj g Myntlersian 1-U. MARGARET THORNDIKIE LEWIS lfimfmfo, zmlzlw' ever 111.111 fe- iwzge. Basketball 11, 2, Hg Glee Club 11, 2, 51 1'-rfllCli Manager 11, 413 Musical Comedy 11, 213 Micro- phone Minstrels g Junior Party Committee 131 5 junior Play 131 g junior Prom Committee 131g Microphone 13, fij 3 French Club 15, fij 1 Wig and Rouge 13, till Senior Tea Committee 141g Senior Ball Committee 14j 3 Myn- tlersinn 141, I2DWIN HUMPHREY I lmru IZU rpm' T11 prick Ibe .iizfw of my infwllx lrillllffllf tzmbitiwz. zwlvirlv rfur- And frzlli ml Mn, olfver. Band 11, 2, BD 3 Ratlio Club 153. CARL HUNTINGTON line are all at God mride ni. .md nflwz rl g1'e.1l dull zwrnwe. Band 11, 2, 5, 433 Debate Club 152 g junior Play 1U g French Club g Wig and Rouge 15, -1 H. GERALD WILLIAM KINNE A1141 lrmki llve zwlmle 1l'01'ldf71 lfw For be uuw nu! any man. Acanthus 13, 41 FLORIENCE ANNI2 KINNFTZ Lurgt' tlrmwi from lillle foun- 1.11711 firm: Tall ruin frfzm lfllfu .lrflrrli 'Qfllll' Glee Club 11, 2, 3, -Hg Senior Tea Committee 1-I J. IESTHITR HUFF KNAUSS N11 f.n'lfn'r wel fwr mvrili to :fli- ICXUIL' 01' dmtt' Iver fruzflillw fwmi lfwiv' :fluid .zfzmfu Bantl 11, 2, 5, -H Q Glee Club 1-ij. QIANIST BIZNHAM LARZELIZRIZ For nn! of the .zluuldruzrv nf ilu' !7t'J1if Tlu' muullr ifwrlicffl. Hearth Club 11, 2. -if 1 Glee Club 11, ,Hg junior Prom Committee 1511 Acanthus 1-H3 Senior Tea Committee 1-H 3 Senior Dinner Committee 143 1 Iwlyntlersian 1-H. IiI,ISA AI.ICIi I.II.I.A fl liml lwilrl li .1 fllllilltllil 11fgl.11l- nvi i' M.1,f'l11g vl'e1'1'llil11.q 111 ilu l'1i'i111f1 f1't'ilu'11 into illlilui. Hearth Club 1215 junior Party Clominittee 1513 junior Prom Committee 1 31 3 Sp-nior Tea Com- mittee 11113 Senior Ball Commit- tee 1-111 Senior Play Committee 1413 Glee Club 1-111 Wig antl Rouge 1 I1 5 Musical Cometly 11311 lSIi'n1Iersian 1-113 Prize-Speaking 1.11. ix1AittsAiua'i' I.I'I'TI.Ii xl! 11'l111it' i1.ql1f.1ll ilu' il.11'.i Ilhlu llwir 1ll111i111.il11'1l l1e.111's. filet' Club 1I, 2, S, -l11 Musical Cometly 1 I, Z, 3, 'I1 Q -Iunior Prom Committee 1311 Wig antl Rouge 13, 1111 Senior Play 1113 Senior Tea Committee 1-l11 Senior Ball Committee 1-113 Prize Speaking 141. ANNA MARY LYNCH Still 111 flu' l1t'.11'r L'.H'!'-1 gwztle 1u'.11't', To sll1'1111'e111'lr1l1i l111111.1ge,i. Hearth Club 14113 Senior Tea Committee 1-11. DOLORITS MARGARET LYNCH Gin' me ilu' tII'Ull'llI, flu' ererf. tln' NIJIIIA1' foe. Iinld I 11111 ll1L'L'f-7!7L'7'f7tlf7.l 111111 111111 lvli l1lr111'. Basketball 1l, 2, 51, Captain 1513 Track Manager 12, 31g French Club 13, -113 Operetta 1111 Q Sen- ior Ball Committee 141g Senior Tea Committee 1111. H Ii LIEN MAR I IT MCCARTHY 'Iif11l.11', 11'ln1lel'e1' Ulil1' t11111r11. Tln' 11'111'1l fm' 1111' 11 jay, fllll jar. junior Prom Committee 1313 Senior Ball Committee 1-I1 1 Wig ani' Rouge 1411 Q lNfyntIersian THOMAS CLARK MAGILI. B.lll7llll7IL'.l.I' li 1111 0flI1IUlL'Ill 111 jyrznllv 11111 11 1'L'f71'04lL'l7 fo Qld age. Baseball 12, 3, 415 Wig and Rouge -113 Junior Play 1311 Senior Play 11113 Senior Tea Committee 1413 Prize Speaking DORIS ELAINE MALONE fm' 1'11d1.11e.u 11110111 ben F1111 dll'L'll,I 11116 ber. tl l1r111,wlml1l gllckil. Glee Club 12, 3.41gjunior Prom Committee 131 3 Senior Tea Com- mittee 5 Wig and Rouge RICHARD HUGH MARKIEL 15111111 .1 flllj' ,fj1,11'k 711:11 lmriil .1 1111gl1I1' flt1111e. Acantlius 12, 3, 415 Wig anal Rouge 13, 41. MARGARET MARTINO And llww illlllllf l1e1'. l1'11111 bw' Shall le.11'11 flu' j1w'fec'f Il'il,'1'.l of hfnmr. ANTHONY ROBERT lNlASTRUI.IiO A 111.111 .ffter lvii 01171 l1e.11'l. Band 11, 2, 31, President 1413 German Band 1l, 2, 3, 41g Or- chestra 1l,2,3,1l1gGIee Club 12, 31, Vice-President 1-113 Football 11, 2, 31 g Baseball 11, 2, 31 3 Bas- ketball 12, 3, 111gWigz1ntI Rouge 12, 3, 41, Treasurer 1111 g Musical Comedy 12, 3. 41 g Microphone Minstrels 12, 31 g Senior Play Committee 1111 3 Senior Tea Com4 mittee 141gMyndersian 141. ANTHONY THOMAS ORTINO And flint lu' fum' frillmnl J,il1lL'. 'Hn ,urizud wld 11.m1u of ge7Illc'lIldf1. Basketball 12, 5, 41 3 Football 1-I1 3 Myntlerstan 141. VINCliNT,1AMIiSPANNUCCI .firlimi it ifuqlzufzre. Baseball 12, 5, 41 3 Basketball 11, 2, 3, '11 3 Radio Club 1513 French Club 1-I1. JOHN VINCENT MATTHEWS Manhood. not .irbfzlm-ibijv, it fbe fzrtf aim uf edlnuzliwl. junior Play 1513 junior Prom Committee 131Q Wig and Rouge 15, 41- MARGARET ANNABEI. MILLER llnearing all fha! zreigbf of lmrrz- ing Liglvffy Uh' 41 flrlzvcr. Glee Club 121 ,MyHLlCfSI2II1 141. VIOLA KATHERYN MINOR A .faugfa it tmrtla 41 1190111217151 ,Q7'11dl?.1' on any nmrbel. Acanthus 11, 2, 5, 41, President 141gGIee Club 11, 2, 3, 41 3 Vice- Presiclent 11, 2, 51 3 Basketball 1113 Wig and Rouge 12, 3, 413 Musical Comedy 12, 3, 41 3 Micro- phone Minstrels 15, 41 3 junior Party Committee 151 3 junior Play 151 3 Senior Tea Committee 141 3 French Club 13, 41 3 Wig antl Rouge Play 141 3 Senior Play 141 3 MARY IELIZABIETH PIZCK Queen mae of Ibn miebud garden nf girfi. Glee Club 11, 211 French Club 12, 5, 413 Musical Comedy 12, 31 3 junior Party Committee 151 3 Iunior Prom Committee 151: Microphone Nfinsttels 1311 Mi- crophone 15, 413 Senior Ball Committee 1411 Wig and Rouge 1-'11Q Myntlersian 1413 Senior Play 1411 Senior Dinner Com- mittee 141. CATHERINE ELIZABETH PFTFRMAN Crea! mindr lnzre p1z1',' Oliver: bare 11'f,lh1.',l. Debate 13, 41. Myndersian 141. WARREN RAY MUNDT Sllldivlm to ftfuizw. yer mil .l,ll7Jl1It'd In f.lif. Track 151 3 Baseball 151 3 Actin- thus 141. DORIS ANNA NELSON IIN' mudcil lrmii ilu' mllizge might iltlillfll, Sl4'c'e'f .Il lbs' fH'iNlfr1w f74'L'.f71 fit'- mfizllv live flmrn. Glee Club 12, 'a,4111ul1iol' Prom Committee 1 31 3 Senior Tea Com- mittee 1211. RALPH FTI-lIiI.BlfRT NICOT Hit lwiH'l'i Nh' mince pic, in Hill' He ruli fur 1'lllHI1Q fiidiei il ififu. Football 1l, 2, 5, 413 Band 1113 Treasurer 11 1 3 President 121 3 Senior Play 141 3 Wig and Rouge 1 11 3 Acanthus 1 11. ROSALIA ANNE PIOLI llw' I'Uil'L' tim e1't'r mfr. gwllle .mtl low, Au t','Yt't'1lt'7If llwmg ln tl ZIYJIIIJIY. Hearth Club 1513 Senior Tea Committee 141. GEORGE ALLEN PLACE 'I'ii lm! .1 fwfr 111' iw .md :ml tl trlwlv. Baseball 12, 5, 111. CAROLINE MARY PRAYNE Tit flu' wind ffm! zutihxi fbe body rirlv. Glee Club 1l, Z, 5, A113 Junior Prom Committee 151 1 Musical Cometly 15, -11 g French Club 1-11 3 Wig antl Rouge 1-113 Senior Tea Committee 1,11 3 Senior Ball Com- mittee 1113 INIyntIet'sian 1-11. XVILLIAM ALBERT RAGAN Tlm modexi, an bfi' 11716711bcII'fc1.f.l'c'd 17IY11l', Ntillzre had 1l'1'Ilft'7Zfg9l1f1t'7lldf7. JOHN CHARLES ROMANICK Ifulwn fore and JMU 1r'01'k lo- yuflwr, Ifxpevl tl fm1.iIerj7iez'e. Acanthus 13, 413 junior Prom Committee 131. Y I WII.I.IAM THEODORE ROMANICK A17 if more god-like flmn irienfe. Sflenire dn m1'e11i 5 dr! H'euIe.f, ACHHIIILIS 13, 413 Junior Prom Committee 151 3 Myndersian 141. ANGELO ALLESSIO ROMEO The rzolsleif wind be rfm'ie.r Tfmf eww' -Q'0I't,'7'I1'd man. Lang fmzy he lim' in forfznzei. Orchestra 1213 Baseball 13, -11g Football Manager 131 g Treasurer 141g Senior Ball Committee 1411 Myndersian 1-11 3 Basketball 13. 41, Captain DORIS ANNE RUSSELL 564111 I fomfmre lbee Io 41 ,tum- mer-',r day? Tlwu url nmre lnzfely and more fem,I1erale'. French Club Tea Committee 131 1 Junior Party Committee 131 3 Junior Prom Committee 131 Q Senior Tea Committee 141 g Prize- Speaking 141 g Myndersian 141. ROSE MARY RYCK Slu'rei,f liar. 11111 in ucbiwing uilmr you .rim uf. But in .zimiug .11 14'b.1l you .ibmrld tidvietv. Junior Party Committee L junior Prom Committee 151 1 Myndersian 141. AN NA LOUISE SALATO Age 111121201 uuilber ber, not fm- Illlll ilrzle Her infinite fwrlety. Hearth Club 11, 2, 3, 415 junior Prom Committee 131. CHARLES DIERMOTT S'l'lfl,HlfNS llnliwlrr' it flu fCtJ1'l1f7I4Q.J lltllfi 1111 will 011' lmnli 1'fIIlllll1lL'Lf lfn' nlidnigfyf ull ' lI'.lCli 1-15. MARY IZDNA STROINIAK Sfu' it f.1.'r .Hill fillrw' llmn ffm! fflllllj of 11'IH1lltf'IIlIl I'fl'fllLf. Glee Club 12, 5, -153 Ivfusicul Comedy 13, -15. JAMES MORTON SALATO I am nolbing if not critical. Football 13, 45 g Baseball 13, 115. MARIE ELIZABETH SARGENT Be good, .iu'eel maid, And le! who will be defer. JAMES SINICROPI I remember him well, and I rv- memlner him llnorllay of 111-51 praise, CAROL VIRGINIA STRONG Tfww iv gran! ability in knowing Hou' In mnceal onefi abilily. Glee Club 11, -15, Microphone 13, -15, junior Party Committee 155 3 junior Prom Committee 155 g Senior Tea Committee 145 3 I-lenrtli Club 13, 115 g French Club 155g Mynclersian 1-15. GRAYSON ARTHUR STUBBS Dui! than lore life? Then do nal rqfmndw' fime .' For fha! ii 1196 .mmf life ii made nf. Glee Club 11, 2, 3, 45, Musical Comedy 12, 35 3 Track 135. RALPH THOMAS SLY The KQ?7lf!6?l?.l'.f of aff the grnlr 'qu 111117 rlwe. Glee Club 11, 2, 55 5 junior Play 155 1 junior Prom Committee 155 1 junior Party Committee 135 1 Senior Teri Committee 1-15 Q Senior Play 1-15 3 Senior Hull Committee 1-15, Basketball Main- alger 1-15, Mynilersiatn 1-153 Wig and Rouge. l'reSi1lent 1-15. IWARGARET MARY SMITH Be good by tlmfllv, Illld fzllmlr lo find if func. French Club 1-15. ROSE ARLINGTON SMITH Thu! ubirlv um' ml! .1 frm' by .my ollaw' mime would inluff at ,ru'1.'c'I. Glee Club 11, 2, 55, Secretary 1-151 VC'ig antl Rouge 12, 3, -151 hiusical Comeily 12, 5, -15 QJlll1lOI' Play 155: Senior Teil Committee 1-15 g Prize-Speaking 1-15. GABRI ELLIS ROSEMARY SULLIVAN I lure luuzrd of ilu' filify. Ami grind zzvmfi uwil zrillv bw' nimfu. junior Party Committee Q 51 g junior Prom Committee Q51 3 junior Play Q51 Q Debate Club Q51g Wig antl Rouge QAI1. jUHN FRANCIS TC JOMEY Ili llilllted iwillmizl llie.ili'ir.1l lm'- lem'c'. No! like il l1.illul-:miller iii the IKNI Of liii ifrillll lIj'llIf1lI,l, lm! like .1 luwillunmil. Ifoothull QI, 2, 5, -113 Basketball Qi, 2,B,-l1gI'n1seb11ll Ql, 2, E13 Acanthus Q2, 51, President Q413 Microphone Minstrels QS1. jl ILIA BRIDGET TOOM EY ll"lfw'e mi' fllffilll Iifn do simile, 'I'lwn"i lfn' Liml, rn' a'lu'1'r'j'-i,iIe. Glue Club Ql, 2, 51 1 junior Prom U1- ALYCE ATHELIA TRU LAN Her lmir, Iver' iilrmiier, all who mu' tzdiiiircd, rnizrleoiii lfvollgb my. junior Prom Committee Q31 g junior Party Committee Q31 2 Microphone Q3, 41 g Senior Tea Committee Q41 1 Library Club Q41 5 Mynclersian Q41 3 Senior Dinner Committee Q41. RICHARD PETER TURNER Aly only books' were Zl'0Ul677i,l lriolfi' And frillyfr all fbejfzfe laugh! me. Baseball Q11g Glee Club Q21g Acanthus Q21g Radio Club Q51g Truck Q31. ROY WILLIAM VAN ETTEN You .ire noi like Cerberu.f, Three geiiflemen all mire, are you? Football Q1, 2, 3, 415 Treasurer fl 311 Truck Q2, 3, 41g junior Prom Committee Q31 g Micro. phone Minstrels Q31 Q Microphone Q3. 41 1 Senior Ball Committee Q-111 Myndersian Q41g Tumbling Club rio. ' ELIZABETH jEAN WARNER Mliiif re,ieii1ble,r poelryg in etzrh are N ailzelei ,i gmrex zrbifb no melbodi 11121 Ieizrh, And wbivh iz immer found alone um reach. Glee Club QI, 2, 3, 413 Hearth Club Q21, Treasurer Q31, Vice- President Q41g Orchestra QB, 41 3 junior Play Q31 5 junior Party Committee Q31g junior Prom Q51 :Musical Comedy Q31 gMicro- phone Minstrels Q31g Wig and Rouge Q3, 413 Senior Tea Q-113 Mynclersian Staff Q41. NEVA ELIZABETH WHEELER ll"l9r1l ,fuvet deliglol ri qiziel life zlj701'd,l' J Hearth Club Ql, 2, 31. 6 ANN WlI.IfY And .ill tlmlfi bell of dark rind bright Nleel in fun' .iifwfl rind ber eyw. I-Iearth Club QI, 2, 3, 41, Presi- tlent QS, -111 junior Prom Q51g junior Party Q51g Senior Tea Q-315 Mynrlersian Staff Q41. PAULINE WILLIAMS She Ionian' in beu'i!t'l1ii1gl-y riuijife Ye! 1buw'.i riiiffbief in ewry dimple. Glee Cluh Q2, 31g junior Prom Committee Q51 g Musical Comedy Q51 3 Senior Tea Committee Q-11 1 Wig :intl Rouge Q41. Virgini11Sti'ong I 'irludirlfzriufl lilizahcth Doran S.1l1zf.1Io 1'i.n2 PROMINEN T SENIORS Robert Burgess Clmmpion Cornet Soloiil of Uliiled Slfllei, Deir Moirzey, Iowa. 1934. Anthony Mastroleo Clmmpion Srzzmzplaone Soloiif of New York Smfe. 1933. Pasquale Commuso Member of Cbizmpiofz- .ship Team in Bookkeep- ing, New York Slule Bluilieii' Cwifeil, 19.34. Rose Smith W'inner of I:i7'.lf Plure Prize-Speaking Cornell. 1934. Cecil Fitzgerald Czjvfizin of Cf7.I7Ilf7f0I1tf7if1 Foozlmll Teiun. Cwzlmf 1z1Iw'si'bolu,itir Leugfw 1934. Dolores Lynch Bei! All-Rolnld Girl Alblrlv fri Cilillf of 1935. BACK ROW: Ctlfllf. I?.1clw1.n1. B.l1'f1'tlNl, Birmw. Cln'li.i, Aj're,r. BlH'L'bfNl, LJVMQ. FIFTH ROW: G'rigg,s. O.. 1llrll"lr.u'l. Al.IlIl!1c'. Hnlzlzifrd, Mmlmlera. V.. Fiorelli. Kerzfzedy, Kwzcy. Freelauzd, N. FOURTH Row: limnuzi. Clwti. Bmrzd. B6'llflL',j'. li., Iilynn. Crwlplftfll, F,, Ar1d1'eu'.r. THIRD ROW: Crull. Crzlfellu, Ci1ff.:cci, All'Dll!fTt', Iri'l.n1d. R., Mtrilelz, Hwllley, T.. Cllnljbbelf. Al.. Denzing. SECOND ROW: McKwf. I.lH'jt',!m. P.. l"rwI.n1d, T.. I1'vl.111d, F.. Ihzpcfmk. Htzdfey. Milli, Dlzrlirlg. FRONT ROW: Geiie. Almiilv. Cirfggi, R., Kfmx. jnlmimz. Speefxi, Afzlwziizi. Cnlermm. Htzzciw. BAVK Row: l'r'.1lf. l'.wDifm, Ct1p',Inn'cUi. Ilnillvfc. Abram. Fjt1Z7L'1'1VJ'. Zwm. Slllfic. Parker. Sll'L'7I.lUfl. l:Ollll'l'll ROW: Pmfzil, Rv.vmr'l. Lilrfzfzrrf. Ne.n'jf.1.i.i. Cfaulker, Tm1'e1'. Sulml. lizfllzzfbrz, Illlbfamd, Mm'- 17m1.1lJ. THIRD ROW: llvlmzf. Sllmriu. Tfaozzflflmaz, Rtllllfb, Sllflirunl. Reiie, ll".11'a', N.. Moibef, Illlfjtllld. Slic:oNn Row: Lffllv. liilll Alarlw. Ritfer, Szwenimz. Skimzer, Bmrlyl, Orlirzo, Deal. FRONT Row: Il".1rJ. G.. Sfmid, SUNIIIIUIIJ, intel, Iiilzwck. A'lIllIlffl1'd, Ileirlricb, Rogeri. JUNIOR CLASS HISTORY liarly in the fall, the juniors elected the following class officers for the year: president, Douglas Spaidg vice-president, jane Andrewsg secretary, Nellie Ward, and treasurer, Thomas Masten. The class advisers are Miss Hazel Riley, Miss Louise Grover, Mr. Robert Brumagim and Mr. Anthony Cosentino. The annual All-School Party held in the gymnasium on November the sixteenth marked the beginning of junior social activities. The music was supplied by Pike Burritt and his orchestra. For further entertainment two short skits, "The Professors Magic" and "School Days," were presented. Francis O'Grady, Stella Antoniak, Gordon Curtis, Ruby Spears and Irma johnson as chairmen helped to make the affair a complete success. Under the direction of Miss George, the juniors presented three one-act plays in the place of the usual three-act play. These included "Submerged", "The Londonderry Air" and "The Tangled Web." Great plans are now under consideration for the junior's last party of the season. The Prom is to be held in the gymnasium on june the twenty-sixth in honor of the senior class. liven the freshmen are practicing dancing early and late for this popular Mynderse party when the juniors will play the role of genial hosts. llixek ROW: PflIl',LIlL'1', llwnndi, 'I'1n'ief1. Sietlrfz, ll"r11'dwz, Smilb. Sfrezlrer. Sirzicmffi, S.. Iimdvy. I., lfililnll, Situ 111011, Miller, Rtlgtlll, Iildducb, Pffll'lZl7L'v1'. Newell. l'erzill.1. Tt1llll7ll1'1'fI1f!, R.1Her'I.7. THIRD ROW: lltlfjlfl. l'r.1II. Miller. Il".lr1f. llyrk, Snrrenlifzo, Rngwi. T0ll'IIUl'. Mrn'el.1mf. Tfwfmzi. Lvlcfv, Sfiiml. ,ll.nmm. Almet, I.t'zei-, SIIHIIIWUII. Mizrilv. Vrrwlmzfz, limdy. M.. Mrzgill. Illtlfleiwl. lfddi, Cl.1v'1. 15.11114 1. lN'et1'lin1J, llpillie, Muff. SIQCOND Row: High. Sburff. Rytm. Sjmlw. IJQTAQIIHIII. liwledicl. lizllml- fm, Slmrzvq. 'l'r1w1fJft', i1ltIl'L'l1ll1', FRONT Row: Mtzlfbetei. A1L'DllU1lc'. Rice. M.1.iIr.n1d!. 0'Cfur111rn'v. 'l'rnl.n1. SfIIjt'7'flAf7i. M., Mifz'f1eU. Rizlerri. liixtili Row: lflvm, lifuzmilii, Ashley, Mtzriellu. Smzltmmiu, Seigfrid, Slilbl, ljcfflflfl. Kt'!Iltl,l'. Klujf. finaly. ffilrfef. l:tJllIi'l'lI ROW: Ll1a'i1'it'r1. Hulilejy. Iiofnmzt, Hayet, R.. Amidrnz. Crwzfrimz. IILHIU. King. Ilaiti, T.. Cflmlf, jmleu. Tllllill ROW: Gniuli, Hltlbeliey. C.m1f1l1ell, Dll1'lfIItH. f,i.lf7f7.1fL'Hl. Cluzffcll. lflimlily. l7m'111z1, l7icluu', Lcieii. Ilmzfiflglmz. SECOND Row: High. Ailrlevt. Sjmrii. Iimli. linireell. I"i't't1'tz1lffn'Iql1, I7emfn1l. Del.efyi, Blzfllefl. FRONT ROW: Eteeni, Ilfmjfer. Cftzfgtrzzn, G'fflI.UlPIfI1f, G11- leijvie. Leer. Htmfilrrnl. Crnvzellzii, Cfuzrzwfriiigm. SOPHOMORE CLASS HISTORY The freshmen of 1933, true to type, were very numerous and very greeng so the third floor seemed tt safe abode for their year of taming. Here they elected class othcers, headed by Henry Lewis, president. Advisers were Miss Wic'kc-s, Mr, Taylor, Mr. Rockwell, and Mr. Wormtttli. The year came to a climax in the joint picnic with the sophomores. New records were made in "hot dog" and lemonade consumption, and it was only the next day that we had our regrets. It was a good party, even the advisers had an enjoyable time. Of the one hundred and one boys and eighty-eight girls who started in '53, there were left only sixty-one boys and seventy-three girls to renew the struggle in sophomore year. Our new otlieers are president, Howard Colving vice-president, Knox Iiianog secretary, lfdwin Rogers, treasurer, Doris Wilkie. To Miss Weatlterlowf, Miss Miller. Miss Smith and Mr. Marble goes the responsibility of advising us. Our sophomore record is not Complete at the present time, but our chief claim to dis- tinction seems to be our showing in the Indoor Meet in March. Here we crowded the win- ning seniors by eoming in a close second. The sophomores are bidding for the seats of the mighty! naw- liatik ROW: Clarl, Cf.1g:.1m, lazlnfe. Cfrzfnlqgi, Iilutrmff, Brand, Piicileff. Iilvm, C.'Ul!lllllL',L, DeI.t'fyi. l:ll"l'll ROW: li.n'lw1.n1. Ii.1fd.1vi.n'i, Gilnnmlli, Ct:-em, l3w're1l.1, Cfffzzfzfflfin, l'iufi, BllI1IIllt'L'f, Keflelver, rllmlrrllew, Killfldg. Ifeiculf, fllrlby. C,'ltn'y. FOURTH ROW: Cftfftmfli. l.ilzw1l11n',ew', Rt'v'HIUfLJl. Nicufe.t. Giu1'.n1r1i21i, flcufu. zllrmru. Lyle. !ll.1fr1m', I,t121c'w'. l'.1,Qt'. THIRD Row: flljer'-. DVTYIIII, l.tI-1. Neliml, liarlftri, I.11cier'u, c.'IUlIL'7'lIlll'Y, Iltzmilmu, Cirigkqin, Kemdif. SECOND ROW: L.l7'lL'll. Alt'Guldericl'. Ii.1lil.w.n'i, li.n'f1i, lflfjufm, Igw. Clafff. flrwper. 'I'w11i.ycif, jrwev. Iirfifti. FRONT ROW: l7w'nm1l, lifnzfzffrri, C.'.1ll.1!1ru. lYft'.ll1llJ?'j, C.'.1j1j1.zr'elli, Iimfmz. Dmnnz, jrnzet. lieumfll. lI.ll'l'f-Qtlll. lS.xcK ROW: l't'tfm'.1. P., Mtnufrt-ie. Sleugfeizz. I'lm1itfl1, Mirclrefl, Cl!!-YIIU, 1lllNl!7l71'L'1. l'.4cier. Sufulfi, lvt'I'1Q.lNlfllf, p1l7'llf.Hl, l'.u1Hr11rIe11. llNiIfiL'1'. SIXTH ROW: Rrlfzluim. R.1g.111, Lernan-d, lizirlfd. K.. l'edrn'.l. A., McI7w'nmft. C.m'i, lla-fer. Bllffvlltlll, Mundi. Iheilele-Itfifz. FlIf'I'H ROW: Rn'-0. U"ilim1. Rt'icrn'l. rllmtf. Illiwfl, M.. lflfwlll, St'.11'1f1.15:irm. StI1'yL'Ilf, Zwm. Slrrwhzi. Rfclfefli. FOURTH ROW: ll".1v'11w'. ,ll.Iffl1l.l!I. f,..IH!H'f. B.I!Lj.l.l.hH'I'i, fjll7'l'V1'. 'l'r.1cy, Zami, Rlftjm, Ii.. Shrurltf. THIRD ROW: H.u'le, liugmre, l711frfwr, Iarffiflg, S.n11i11rffr1, SMH. Smarl. Gxunfrm. Slt'1't'r1ir1z1. SECOND Row: Sl'!7.lMLf7', ll".1rd. Sllytjllfflli, llfmlw, Olqtfwz, L.Hlt'1I. lUni11elv,1rr, 7'1n'ri, Slflfllxul. ll. FRONT ROW: Small. Yelfi. Ililey. M.. liugeri, fl.. Otlell, lfnlqert. If.. Slzllirunl. G.. 'l'm1ff. SLXIIIHNI, liieie. FRE HMA HI TORY History that is, extensive historyf- ean't be made by infants nine months oldg but fresh- men prospects look bright, and they certainly are much wiser and better than they were last September when they descended on Mynderse in such numbers. The frosh were given quarters on the upper Hoor where Miss Wlickes, Miss Cardwell, Mr. Taylor, Mr. XVormuth and Mr. Rockwell, their advisers, could keep them out of mischiefg and their higher train- ing was begun. Precocious? Of course. Since the beginning of the second term, they have been given the franchiseg and they used it to elect Patil Perkins, presidentg jane jones, vice-presidentg George Lyke, secretaryg and Dorothy Yells, treasurer, of their class. They took part in the Track Meet in March, but decided not to show up the sophomoresg so they just didn't half try, but wait until next year! Since they've been fairly good lately, there is a rumor afloat that their advisers are plan- ning a real picnic' for them down at the state park where they can forget that Moving-up Day is at hand, and they'll soon be grown up, Now they still can wage war on lemonade and hot dogs. Wlmo wants to be dignified? Not the freshman. s.. ' ,..,.-- ,....-- I. fA11111111c'111.1l f,I1.1111ps .11 W' J. 51111114 lf1'ul1111c11 S1111Iu. A. XX114 .1111l Runge lI11Il.llL'S. 1. 511111c M4111-f1l1.ll11p141l1s, S. li.1m-1 l'p' 6. A I'11x1-xd11111l Sn-n11111 111 IU. T A P11-x11lc1111.1l f:1hl1fL'l'l'I1L'L" f. .IXXf , AfL'L'I P.111l 111111 l,.11'1'1'. . bww .md l'I11l 111 IMI11111. XX,L'HAkI1UXXll hIyllkiL'I'N1.lIlN ill fl.ll XX'l141t1.1 .1 H.11f Y l'.1141-Q114-1111 M411 ' 'I'1111c-11111 fur I11111, A1.lIg.lI'CI .lllxl C11 lu. XX"l111 Owns 'I'l1.11 l"I.lI1x1f W.--...nn .S'1f.m11 li. ffllfllfllfl' inn! lffjgzbvffv Cfnzfv .Yfdllfflli Pflm TfwZ1'C11111fn1iAq11 THE YEAR I I I if Arthur L. Baker Head Cnuvh R. S. Brumagim W. E. Wcmrmuth A. F. Cosemino R. M. Rockwell Tmrk Football Busketfmll Buyelmll Assistant Coaches 28 BACK ROW: Martin, G. Barlrrman. Vaceer, Eavfon, Sinirropi, Mgr. ,' Hadley, DePa.fquale. Zona, Boorar, Cc1.l'6'j'. SECOND Row: Balfer. Coacla: Faiola, Vergamini. Clark, Wfilkie, Salalo, Van Elfen, Flynn, W. Bachman,, Vogel, Youngr, W'ormutla, A.r.fl. Coach. FRONT Row: Rogerf, Mofelaoure, Perronr, Romeo, W,j'fk61', Filzgerald, Slenglein. Nicol, Few-elli, Braclat, Miller. FOOTBALL Head Coach Baker, assisted by Mr. Wormuth, developed a championship team that won the 1934 title in the Central Interscholastic Football League. The silver trophy was pre- sented to the team by Coach Edd Pond of Penn Yan, president-elect of the association, at the Victory Dinner given by the Masons. Captain Cecil Fitzgerald, without doubt the best blocker Mynderse has ever had, sparked the team's play by his all-around ability. Miller and Van Etten gave good performances in kicking. Wycker, Persons, Salato and Bachman gained most of the ground for the Blue and White. The success of the team on the field was also due to the generalship shown by Philip Wycker in running the team as quarterback. The whole line, consisting of Nicot, Miller, Romeo, Stenglein, Bracht, Rogers, Morehouse, Fiorelli, and Moses was very effec- tive in resisting the opponents and breaking up their plays. joe Fiorelli, capable of playing any line position, was elected captain for 1935. Next year's team is expected to be light but fast. It will lose the services of Fitzgerald, Wycker, Miller, Flynn, Nicot, Stenglein, Romeo, Salato, Van Etten, W. Bachman, and Bracht. The traditional game played before hundreds against Waterloo, resulted in a decisive win for Mynderse and clinched the title. The summary for the season follows: O Mynderse ............. Newark O Mynderse 0 . . . .... Geneva "Mynderse 6 . . . . . . Elmira Heights O1'Mynderse 13 . . . . . . . Penn Yan Mynderse 0 . . . . . . Geneva 6HkMynderse 19 . . . .... Watkins Glen 0 "'Mynderse 6 . . . . . Painted Post O,kMynderse 14 . . . . . . . Waterloo 'l' League Games 29 1 All Applr .1 Day! '111lc1'xl.111 Rmmmntws in Gcm'v.1, Vhcy BYHLIQIII Hmm' thc 'l'1'1upI1y. Mx AI.ll'I11lL' 'I4.1kcs Al Shut. Iilc.11l1cl'1tc's. H10 15.11111 Al'n11w.11l. C'l1 1-1'rl11g Section .lt Gc11cv.1. f.llL'k'l' l,l'.lslL'I'S Hold 1111 limi Dow .,.-x.. Cil1.1111p1m1 IXl.lkL'I'N, II11- C1-rpn 11 Iwprur, I'c-psmlclmt CQ111x1p.111y. IXIIUIIIIHIIY 1xi.lI'jL.lI'l'I f1L'Ix .1 R1'sc1'x 1'1l S . O11L'.1111i lun H.1l1'1-N. HB115' .1 pI4lL'kL'I 111' " l5L'INYL'L'll H.llYc'S. BACK ROW: lrltmd. Trlrlmz. Mull, Sln11',l1, Peck. Fredenhmgb, Il"a1'd, Palumlzo. Hau'ke,s, Leer. Orlinn. SifrioNn Row: Dirirur, Campfaell. lfugel. Drmul. liugerx. Wilkie. Cfwzpifella. Adi'i,iw'.' Alarlino. FRONT ROW: l'.n1 lillwl. Leiwir. T1'11l.H1. A.. O'G'l'tId1', THE MICROPHO E The Alicmplmfze. now at the close of its eighth successful year in Mynderse, has become so established that many Myndersians covet the desire to be members of the starf even for a short time. The entire stall meets every Thursday morning in the library during the special activity period when a great deal ofthe work is done. The loss of practically half of last year's staff through graduation, illness, and change of residence has necessitated the admission of ten new members. Most of these were chosen as a result of a competitive examination held in the spring of 1934. Anyone trying these spring examinations must have and maintain a scholastic average of about eightykrive per cent. Particular attention is paid to English. The members are always tried in the dirlerent lields ol' work on the paper to decide for which they are the best fitted. This not only im- proves the paper but also gives the student opportunity to develop his talent. The staff, headed by Elizabeth Doran, editor-in-chief, consists of: Florence Campbell, Richard Davis, Marian Dickow, Mary Hawkes, Francis Irland, Mary Edith Leet, Margaret Lewis, Helen Martino, Helen Mott, Leo Ortino, Francis O'Grady, Florence Palumbo, Betty Peck, Charles Rogers, Harriett Sharpe, Alyce Trulan, Edna Trulan, Roy Vanlitten, Philip Vogel, and Lester Youngs. The stali, like those in the past, owes its success to the able supervision of Miss Cfompitello. On February ll, 1935, the 1llft'l'0lf7l70lN3 held a benefit circus, The Brlyflllll mm' Btzrlevq' C.'irr1f.r. This circus, for which many not on the staff offered their services, was a very suc- cessful and enjoyable entertainment. At the end of the school year, the staif expects to conclude its activities with the annual dinner at Owasco Lake. 31 BACK ROW: Pdflllllfillf Cfmfzrell. folvmon, Ad1'i.teri 5 Leland, Su'an.i'fm. Flynn. Slrfillg. SECOND ROW: ll"i1rr1u1'. Arzdrerri. Cafmcri. 'l'm1'e1', Crumerifzifii. Uyiley, Tmrer, Ltuzelere, Cnnzelizii, FRONT ROW: Prfzfl, llniltrm, Smizrl. Paflmzbo, Lynch, .Mtzllffezznu THE HEARTH CLUB The members of the home economics club under the supervision of Miss Cardwell study "for health, home, and happinessng and their activities have been along these constructive lines. With Ann Wiley as president, Elizabeth Warner, vice-presidentg Virginia Strong, secretary, and Margaret Wilson, treasurer, the club has had an active and successful year. The first event of the season was a picnic at janet Larzelere's home in September to honor the prospective new members, who were initiated at a supper in October. The dinner given just before Christmas probably was the major social event on the club calendar. Miss Miller was the faculty member honored as guest of the club. The entertain- ment carried out the holiday note, from the exchange of gifts made by the members, to the Christmas carols. Prizes were given for the most attractive gift made and wrappedg and lively competition brought out the originality and ingenuity of the members. Other affairs sponsored by Hearth were the parties in February, on St. Patrick's, and on April Fool's Day and the picnic at the end of the year. The club has been very active in project work this year. Knitting and Crocheting have been the most popular crafts. The girls have an opportunity to see what the other members are doing by working on their projects during the Tuesday activity period. Among the articles they have made are scarfs, hats, pocketbooks, handkerchiefs, and collars. Many of the girls have been awarded pins, which in keeping with the club name, bear the hearth emblem. In order to wear a pin a girl must have earned a hundred points by taking part in the club activities, passing home economics courses, and obtaining good ratings in scholarship. 32 BACK Row: High. llllmdl. T. Hrzyet. Flafvefw. Mrzrefmuue. Nicol, Fiflwer. SECOND ROW: E. Trulrm, 'I'1n'r1er, Sfeigerunzld. Adr'i,ier.' Bairrell, Campbell, Flynn, ll". Ramaniri. DI. Rfillldllifb, O'G7'zldj'. Irltwd. Alariel. FIRST ROW: Lrzr':elw'e, fllirmr, jwzw, Kfrme. Crnife-J. ACANTHUS The Acanthus leaf was an ancient motif used in Greek ornament, and this symbol was chosen as the name of the RFI club, since the Greeks came nearer perfection in their art than any other people. The motto of the club is that famous saying of Ruskin, "Art is the making of beautiful things useful and useful things beautiful." The membership is made up of those having credit for three art courses. The aim of the members is to beautify their surroundings, profiting by the experience of the past. They try to interest others in the art work by endeavoring to produce works of art, to stimulate its study in Mynderse and to excite a greater public interest in things aesthetic. Also, another objective of the members of Acanthus is to bring together the many mem- bers of the art classes for study, thus promoting friendship and social relationship. These meetings are held in the art room during the activity period each Tuesday. This has been a busy year for the society. Early in the year, the club was very active in several poster contests. The theme of the program for the rest of the year is "Art in lndus- try." The annual gift sale, held during the week of December tenth, was very profitable for Acanthus. Next came a successful tea dance in the gym at the end of February. In june the annual banquet will be held in honor of senior members of Acanthus who will be pre- sented with some appropriate art memento. The ollicers elected at the beginning of the term were as follows: president, Viola Minorg vice-president, Gerald Kinneg secretary, Francis Conley, treasurer, Katharine lonesg publicity chairman, Edna Trulan, and program chairman, Williztm Romanick. Mrs. Rena Steigerwald is the organizer and faculty adviser of Acanthus. 33 THE MYNDERSE BAND Remarkable strides have been made in the Mynderse Academy band this year, and too much praise cannot be given to Mr. john C. Fraser who instructs and directs the thirty- four members. Although smaller than bands of other years, critics think it the best band the school has ever had. The band has been divided into six sections, each coming to its lesson on one of the six periods of each Tuesday. Under this arrangement, each member is absent from one of his classes every six weeks. The entire band meets for ensemble practice Wed- nesday evenings and Thursday mornings. The band did not elect officers this year, but in their stead a manager, Robert Burgess, and a librarian, Anthony Mastroleo, were chosen. The Board of Education equipped the band with new uniforms this year, consisting of white pants, braided vests, satin-lined capes and Prussian military caps, featuring the school's blue and white colors. The band has participated in numerous activities since last spring, and members have distinguished themselves in contests, for instance, Robert Burgess and George Lyke won national honors at Des Moines, Iowa, on the corner and drums respectively. March 21 the band gave their annual concert, when they played to the largest and most enthusiastic audi- ence that ever attended one of the local concerts. Next comes the Central New York State Band Contest held at Palmyra on May 3 and 4. At this contest the band will put forth their best efforts to bring recognition to Mynderse. A new feature in the school's musical system this year is the junior Band. This consists of thirty-five beginners whom Mr. Fraser organized to act as a subsidiary band to fill any depletion in the ranks of the Senior Band. This new band made its debut at the Eighth An- nual Band Concert and were very graciously received. Under this system, graduation of seniors will not affect the senior band as much as formerly. BACK Row: T. Marlroleo, Leonard, Balrley, Knaurr, Van Marter, Wheat, Perkinr, Comrlork, Manly, 0'Graa'y. SECOND Row: Stanton, Warner, Aronion, I. Martroleo, Prayne, Clark, 1. Marlrolea, Conley, DeSar1to, Burgerr. FRONT ROW: Fraier, Dirertor, Rajerty, Horton, Bianco, Moore, MrDermolt, Curry, Mumford, Plunkett, Lyke, King, Heinriclaf, Ortino, Moyer, Rhirlelvart, Tamburrino. 34 ..s.-.- Q l l l l SIXTH Row: IHJNILII. C.l'IVf1.lH'Nf. Delifiqfmle. FIFTH Row: D.' jffuw. Mnmfmll. Iifmmi, Cflfrlii, lrfmlif. ,'lfH'Ll1i4 Milli. FOIIRT ll ROW: l"u'4Q11iw1. lf, l'i'.1.111e. Srzxmimz, 7l!'.II'Lf1ll7'. liwlllei. Min-lull. IlffH.m.!. Xfium. Srncl, Lcd. ljfffc. Tulum Row: Kfumfg, Cf. l'r,1i11t', Slllllvnll, I7tI.tl1i. Al.1lflitu'i. Clllffl, Sf.l!ll1H1, Iifiirztfmzrf, Alclbilfi. Sfumi. Iflimz. Lillz. Slicltwn Row: 17, Nt-fimz. lf. ll".1H1ir, ill, ll".n11ir, lf Xlrnrzg. f,l!.ll'ii. liiuufi. C.'f.1f'i'. liumxzi, D. 5'fi'fwg. FRONT ROW: YI. l..1i, 'Iliff- 1u.H1. ll. NJHHJ, lfififi. 'l'i'1H11Wc, Allin flft'x1ll.'J4'i', f1lf1'fiw'.' Cflftmul, 'l'fwr1.fjvim1, 1ll.lilmftf1. Cflefl. L.1fli11.q. GLEE CLUB and ORCHE TRA The Glee Club ol lXlynclerse Acrulemy untler the clireciion of Mrs. .lohn Fraser gincl lieiulecl by lirrtncis lNlcDullie, presiclent, is composed of sixty girls nncl twenty-live boys. Successful public .lPPL'.lf.lIR'L'S were mrule this year in "l.L'lLlWLllAln, the musical cometly, and at the Cfliristnms .lssc-inbly. Since Mrs. l:ftlSCf'S resignation in january, these vocal units lmve been clitectetl by Miss lirnnces Alexnncler. The Mynclerse Academy c,fL'llL'SII'il of twenty-six members tlirectecl by Mr, john Fraser furnishes music for .ill high-school plays :incl rtuclitorium entertainments. In October, the orchestr.1 l5f0.lklL'.lSI over XVSYR, in Ll program sponsored by the liclwnrcls' Store. A junior orchestra to supply new ITl1lfL'flLll for the senior orchestra is uncler the supervision of Xvullnce Smith. BMLN Row: Ilnfnpzf. j. Aluifmlw, I7eS.n1lf14 BlH'xQL'U. Cl.1rl. P1'.l1IIL'. THIRD Row: Alfnuffmf, If. ll".I1'- mr, l'l7'lII1llHl. Cfuulti. Lilly Alf. Smiffi. ,4LJl'jlL'l'.' ll. Almfmluf. SIPCONIV ROW: M, ll".n'mi'. Slmllml. f,llH'l'l', Mr. lfmur. xlif1'iur.' Iihiucff, Ieilf!L'l'fl', l7r.14en11c. Cfnzffiffwl. FIQUNT Row: 171lmm't. Ilorlffff, ill,11llf1lIl'l'lll!l. Leif. f,.Jl7'.I1.1l. f,'i1l.lf2rr1, U'Cfr.nfv1. 35 WIG A D RQUGE The Wig and Rouge. organized in 1950 by Mrs. Erwin Worm. began its fourth year of activity under Miss ,lean George. The requirement for admission to the club is taking a major part in any dramatic effort of the schoolg such as plays, operettas or a public-speaking contest. The first activity of the Wig and Rouge was the building of a float, "The Rose of No Man's Land," for the Armistice Day parade. They next cooperated with the Boys and Girls Glee Clubs in the presentation of "Lelawala", an operetta. To close the semester, the club was given the opportunity to present "The First Dress-Suit," by Russell Medcraft, in the annual Rotary Minstrels. The second semester was begun very auspiciously by the initiation of forty-hve new members or "worms" who were forced to conform with strict initiation rules until lieb- ruary 5 when they were received by the ten old members. On February 19, the club held an open meeting in the auditorium with the Collegiate Players from the Auburn Collegiate Center as their guests. Ralph Sly was chairman of the committee, with reception and re- freshment committees headed by Gabrielle Sullivan and Helen McCarthy assisting him. Mr. Dillingham, head of the Collegiate Center, addressed the club. On May I I, Wig and Rouge will journey to the Little Theater Contest at lthaca in pre- ference to the annual banquet at Lakeside. Plays will be presented during the day, and many social activities such as tea dancing and informal gatherings will be enjoyed. The final activity is the presentation in the evening of the three best plays of the day. The ollicers for the year, l97afl-55, are as follows: Ralph Sly, presidentg Viola Minor, vice-presidentg Thomas Magill, secretaryg Margaret Lewis, treasurerg Miss jean George. adviser. ISMZK ROW: lx1flll1'4.', IX'imf, Mimrford, Ttmlhfrfiflo. DL'StIllffl, Crlmitrzvlf, Mtirkel. THIRD ROW: Dicfuu: li'l.1ml. ffoliltfv. ffnmzzlzztiu, M.1f!lvezzw, rlltzilwfefz. Lillle. SFCONU Row: Tlflllllfifth C.1jt.1t'ci. Pill-1110. l.ill.1. lifnguwi, Cfwrge. fiLl1l'flL'l' 5 .fllt'Dnffie. llwillitzmt, Alt'C.rrlfry, llHtJ7'7Ic'!'. Smiffv. Slmug. FRONT Row: Clnlii, Dumfl. 1'll.1,qfff. Luzrft. slot, Putvf. Leaf. 36 An Old Spanish Custom Lelawala Square Crooks Casts of junior Plays Thrills, laughs, tears, comedies, and tragedies-all were found in the dramatic productions of the year. The musical comedy, "An Old Spanish Custom," was presented by the Glee Clubs. The leading roles were taken by Helen Moore, Rose Smith, jack Mumford, john Worden. The setting was laid at the beautiful ranch of General jose Ramon Riveda in California. The exciting plot gave excellent opportunity for singing and acting. Mrs. Fraser directed the singing for the production, Mr. Fraser, the orchestrag Miss George, the acting, and Mr. Baker, the dancing. In the operetta, "Lelawala," an Indian tribe was faced with war unless a virgin were sacrificed to a vease the ods. "Lelawala" volunteered. After man com lications she and Y i her white irl com anion were saved, and b the sudden for iveness of the ods, her eo- 8 P Y 8 P ale were ke t from war. Mrs. Fraser directed the music, Miss Geor e the dramatics Mrs. l P 8 , Steigerwald the painting of the stage set, and Miss Cardwell, the costuming of the operetta. The senior play, "Square Crooks," had in its leading roles Bette Peck, Elizabeth Warner, James Snyder, and Thomas Magill. Despite the efforts of the police, Eddie Ellison and Lanny Scott, two young ex-convicts, proved themselves innocent of the theft of Eddie's employer's pearls, and Eddie's former position was restored to him. Humor was supplied by the trouble the colored maid, Sorrow, caused the "great" Detective Walsh. The junior class presented three one-act plays, each of a very diHerent type. The first, "Submerged," was about five men and an officer trapped in a submarine at the bottom of the sea. The second, "The Londonderry Air," told the love story of a red-haired, freckle- faced country maid. The last play, "The Tangled Web," showed an absent minded pro- fessor's attempts to save a girl thief from the "bulls." 37 l l BACK ROW: litlfer, Cmzclvg Romeo. Ct1,f1t.: Feorelli, Pannurci, Bmcbt, Rogerr, Ortino, W'yrker, Sly, Mgr. FRONT Row: Firma, Vogel, R. Htlyev, T, Htzyer, Cvlriu. BOYS' BASKETBALL Wfith only two regulars and three sub-varsity men back last fall, Coach Baker whipped them and some formidable substitutes into an impressive outfit which won their first four games. The most sensational of these was the Auburn game which Mynderse won 25 to 2. their opponents failing to make a single field goal. Following these victories came some close league games. In the first Canandaigua con- test, Mynderse was leading until the last minute and a half when Canandaigua scored six points to win. Both games with Geneva were lost by close scores, the first by two points in an overtime period, and the second by a single point. In the game with Wziterloo on our home court, Mynderse reached their height. The visitors came to Seneca Falls credited with sixteen straight victories, but were rocked on their throne when Mynderse outplayed and outwitted them in every period until the last twenty seconds when Denard of Waterloo sank a set shot to win by a point. After a mid-season slump, the boys again hit their stride and ended the season with three wins. Among these was the decisive victory over Newark for the first time on our court. Captain Angelo Romeo, high scorer of the team, was picked as forward of the second All League Team. Lettermen to be lost by graduation include Romeo, Ortino, Pannucci, Bracht, and Miller: but Coach Baker will have Feorelli, Rogers, and Hayes in addition to some promising looking material on the second team from which to build a winner for next season. The record of the season follows: Mynderse 25 Phelps 19 Mynderse ll Wzlterloo 29 Mynderse 23 Newark 22 Mynderse 30 Penn Yan 16 Mynderse 21 Jordon 20 Mynderse 3-1 Auburn I2 Mynderse 25 Auburn 2 Mynderse 18 Canandaigua 42 Mynderse 21 Canandaigua 26 Mynderse 22 Geneva 23 Mynderse 25 Geneva 27 Mynderse 18 Waterloo I9 Mynderse 15 Alumni 18 Mynderse 21 Penn Yan 19 Mynderse 19 Lyons 32 Mynderse 40 Phelps 24 Mynderse 32 . . Newark GIRLS' SPORTS In keeping with the recommendations of the New York State Athletic Association all in- terschool sports for girls were dropped for the year. An extensive intramural program was organized to take their place, and more girls were given the opportunity of participating in athletics. During the year many girls have been earnestly trying to garner the necessary 40 points required for the intramural block M. Competition has been extremely keen and in- teresting to everyone. The large number of girls who have taken an interest in athletics has more than compensated for the dropping of the varsity teams. During September and October, soccer, a new activity, occupied the after school hours of about 60 girls. Bad weather called a halt to the tournament and left the seniors and sophomores in a tie for first place. They will play off some'time in the spring. During November and December volley ball was enjoyed by about 60 girls and again found the seniors and sophomores tied for top honors. In the play off the sophomores beat the aging seniors in an exciting match. Three basketball leagues made up of 150 girls played through the winter and finished in early March. A basketball tournament was staged in March to determine the holder of the cup for the next year. The seniors came through with flying colors in their attempt to win a championship. For two weeks those acrobatically inclined practiced diligently for the annual Indoor Track Meet. In an exciting contest the senior class finished on top. The next week the annual foul shooting tournament was won by the sophomore class. It is hoped that with increasing facilities that several new activities can be added to the list in order to give a large variety from which to pick. An opportunity for wholesome recreation is being offered in hopes that every girl will take advantage of some part of the program. Soccer Team Basketball Team Volley Ball Team Hockey Team 39 LE CERCLE FRANCAIS After successfully concluding last year's activities with a French presentation of "Cin- derella," whose leading characters were Helen Moore, Cinderella, Mary Deal. the step- motherg and Philip Olmstead, the prince, for the Teachers Finger Lakes Conference, Le Cfercle Francais resumed its activities with much enthusiasm in September. At the second meeting of the club, Mrs. L. Walters, a former teacher at Syracuse, de- scribed her interesting travels through France. This entertaining discourse was a source of valuable information to the club in carrying out its work of making a French Album, con- sisting of clippings, pictures, and other information concerning French customs, activities and occupations. Miss Riley brought French life nearer yet to the club's imagination by illustrating with slides the habits and customs of the people of Normandy and Brittany, and by showing the most famous chateaux in France. The club endeavored, by music, readings, poems, and a short skit, to show the freshman girls the benefits to be derived from studying foreign languages. Informal meetings, presided over by members of the club, were a special feature of the club, this year. Since no one knew in advance what program had been planned, the meet- ings were interesting and surprising to all. These programs gave the French students an excellent opportunity to speak French in public, other than in a class group. Bridge-loving members were instructed how to play in French. This was amusing as well as helpful in acquiring an excellent vocabulary. Some of the other meetings presented plays, fairy stories, and folk tales. The dramatization of "Les Trois Petits Cochans" and "Le Voyage de Monsieur Perrichon" were presented. A strictly French banquet will con- clude a happy and profitable year's work under the careful supervision of Miss Riley. The guest speaker will be chosen from the French staff at Syracuse University, and it is hoped that other guests will include a few of the former and present faculty of Mynderse Aca- demy. BACK Row: Alilfllffefd. fjffjflfli Pfutf. Clfflii. Ptllfllllffj, Rrzgeri, Vngef. SU7'1't.'IllfI1ll. L.. Pmfnl. SECOND ROW: Iinzlle-3. lllrlxltel, lirmmi, I'r.zyr1e, Botzwell, Alias Riley. Adz'i.ier,- jnbrzmrz. A2ldf'c'1l'l, Reiw. Cheri, SlH'7'L'7IIf71U. P. FRONT Row: Smith, Damn. Peck. ll"t1rd'. LlH'fe'. fl.1u'ket. 40 THE MY DERSIAN To the Class of Nineteen Twenty-five goes the credit for the first Alyzzdeizriiziz, but to the recent classes goes the honor of the progress in year book building that has won such high place for the last few annuals that have been entered in the National Scholastic Press Con- tests. Last year's book, with its original treatment of the seasonal theme, got the best con- test rating so far-"First Class Honor Rating." The excellence of workmanship characteris- tic of these books, makes competition difiicult for this year's staff. The staff for this year is headed by Elizabeth Doran, editor-in-chief, with Barbara Bos- well, Margaret Miller, Bette Peck, Caroline Prayne, Virginia Strong, Alyce Trulan, Eliza- beth Wairnc-r. Ann Wiley and Viola Minor as her assistants. Robert Burgess, business man- ager, is assisted by Gordon Comstock, Francis Conley, Richard Davis, Grace Demont, Marion Dickow, janet Larzelere, Herbert Leer, Alice Lilla, Helen McCarthy, Tony Mastro- leo, Tony Ortino, Angelo Romeo, Doris Russell, Ralph Sly, and Roy Van Etten. Naomi Latting and Rose Ryck are the typists, and Williztrn Romanick, assisted by Mrs. Rena Steigcrwald, is responsible for the art work. The staff members were chosen for their abil- ity in English, art. and business and their cooperation in class activities. We of the illym1'ei1riiz11 staff wish to express our appreciation to Miss O'Brien, publica- tion adviser, who gives so unselfishly of her talents and time to direct our efforts to pro- duce a worthy successor to the preceding flIy11dez'.i'i.z11.i1 As we depend upon her for guid- ance, so do we look to the school community and our business friends for the financial sup- port which they have given so generously, To her and them we make grateful acknowledg- ment. BACK ROW: Dwflwlf. lfifff. Pmyne. Romeo, Cunfey, M4J.lll'f!16!l. Dizrir, Cozzrrlrzck. Oflino, Ruiiell. SECOND Row: lliriuug Li1rzelef't', Slrong, Lezwii, IJULU6. Hnirvefl. ll"i1e-V, Lilltr, ilfliller, Mrffizrlby, Tru1.n1, ll".1rr1er. FRONT ROW: Vim Eflen, Liztfirzg. Leer. Damn. Bnrgei i, 0'I3rien, Ad1:i.ier,' Fifzgertrld. 41 OTHER CLUBS The Faculty Club officers for this year are Miss Mary Miller, president, Mrs. Edith Neal, vice-president, Miss Hazel Southworth, secretary, and Miss Lucille Watson, treasurer. The club sponsored several activities. The first was a roast at Cayuga Lake State Park. Fol- lowing this was a Christmas party. The money realized from the three one-act plays given in january went to the Teacher's Welfare Fund. A dinner Patty in May will round out the social calendar of the club. The Mynderse Academy Amateur Radio Club elected for officers this year, Edwin Bur- roughs, chief engineer, George Stevenson, assistant engineer, and Howard Van Marter, secretary and treasurer. Mr. Marble is trustee. The faculty advisers are Mr. Vogel and Mr. Miller. The aim of this group is to study and investigate the theory and practice of radio construction, transmission, and reception. To be eligible for membership, a student must have at least one-half year of science, be able to receive and send code at the rate of eight words a minute and have a fundamental understanding of radio. The Mynderse Debate Club, headed by Doris Strong as club correspondent, held a fair- ly successful debating season. The topic of debate this year was as follows: Resolved: That the Federal government should adopt a policy of equalizing educational opportunity throughout the nation by means of annual grants to the several states to promote public elementary and secondary education. Debates were held with Ilion at Ilion, December 15, Syracuse Vocational at Syracuse, March 8, Syracuse Vocational at Seneca Falls, March 18, Oswego High at Oswego, April 13, Geneva High at Seneca Falls, May 3. The Aviation Club has Richard Heindrichs as its executive officer and Donald Pinckney, ofiicial timer. The main aims of the club are to learn to fly and to design planes. To be a member, a boy must have ability to build planes and enough money to meet expenses re- quired of him. The club has already made over one hundred models of the different types of planes. It has also built a glider whichis large enough to carry a man twenty feet into the air for a distance of sixty to three hundred feet. Mr. Anthony Cosentino is faculty adviser. The Tumbling Club, organized March 5, 1935, proposes to promote health and recrea- tion through advanced work in tumbling and heavy apparatus. Any high-school boy, suc- cessfully completing rhe ren necessary feats, is eligible. The tumblers hope eventually to put on an exhibition in assembly. The present members are Ray Clark, john High, Harold Tavener, Lester Youngs, and Roy Van Etten. The club is under the supervision of Coach Baker. The Audubon Society, directed by Mr. Marble, consists of sixteen members with Norton Moore, president, Eunice Harle, secretary-treasurer. The purpose of the society is the study and conservation of birds and the building of bird houses and bird baths, and field trips on bird study. The Library Club, composed of freshman girls, under the supervision of Miss Compi- tello, voluntarily helps keep books and magazines in place by working after school and in study periods. Alice Rogers is president. 42 liatix Row: Iizlw. C,'u.zrlv5 Trllllllgf, Rumen. Ptlllflllfff, Guiili. G. Sllllflklfl. Slllljlllll. flIH'lL"l'. SIQLZOND Row: C,'f1I1'ir1. Miztqill. S!1V1'4jL'1', Xlf.v1,ifit'fd. fllgvzx Smith, L. T.n'w1er, FIRST Row: ll. T,lI't'!lL'f, Pl.1c4'. R. lltlyei, Fhum, l3r.1111bft'y. Stljtlffl, CIIIIIIIIJKL. BASEBALL and TRACK Coach Baker's 195-I baseball team finished second in the Finger Lakes Baseball League. A summary of the season shows Mynderse won from Ovid 10 to 6, Canandaigua I7 to IO, Wtitt-rloo I3 to S and I I to -i, Geneva 6 to 5. The losses were the Alumni I3 to 8, Ithaca Il to 7 and I2 to IO, Geneva I2 to ll, Canandaigua I2 to IO, Penn Yan II to 6 and I2 to I I. The IGM track team won the Finger Lakes Championship in track. Coach Brumagim trained the runnersp Coach Baker, the field men. At the Renssalaer Polytechnic meet at Troy. Fitzgerald, one of the three Mynderse entrants, took fifth place in the discus throw finals. Mynderse won the Canandaigua and also the sectional meet at Geneva, and sent six to compete in the Rochester Sectional where Knox placed second in the shot put. The season ended with a victory over Newark and Penn Yan in a three-way meet. HAQK Row: Alvrwzi. Lmrb, Kzmx. Filzgemld. SECOND Row: G. Semmeni, Mgr., Slurling. Sl4't'IllL'l1, llllllltff, H.ll'l7llI.llI, l3r'u111.1giz11, Coach. FIRST ROW: Vogel, T. Swzzfllem. F. Milli. F7'1'L'fJ7Id, llnilkie, ll". flffffy. 43 is J fl , .J -v . - f P P 'u me 'mm sl M? 53+ , W . f m ll . Q .hw FFS 7 P F7 ww. EVN . V, fx ' , .,,, :,. N2 , :'..f, :Sa 4 ai? M, f Ella: mv u .ri '1 X' Q, 4- ,511 ,. wr 11 fr" . gf Q 'z -Qi, 9, 'TP fs +12 , wi .515 V I n..V' 13, ,, R W P1 f . , , ' HL, , .f--N ., .. -4 , .- yt' I M X , A f. , V 1 . f 9, , f , X' ,.r"3Av-fn f 2 3 1 'Q j-51-f Qai- '1 . , f , I 1' , .1 . ? 2 :f A Nga 51' A KL '. . , K - 1 '. , . X"2 , v Y ' ' . ""f- 4. 4? ?l7" ' , fx V , iM1'llp , .nr - fn :rw-mv-,L-v1z," Q f' Q. 'W rv ix A W 1 I ,f 5 - . X, k Q , . 8. Y . . , . , . Y ,T , L4 V 1 ' 2 J K - 4, ' ., A . . . Compliments of . . . The Beacon Milling Co., Inc. CAYUGA, N. Y. SME BEACON FEEDS "The Standard of Compararanu Confgratzdatiom to the Members of Tlae I93j Clan Q' Mynderfe Academy Gb? The Seneca Falls Savings Bank SENECA FALLS, N. Y. 45 . Compliments of . The Board of Education SENECA FALLS, N. Y. ANDERSON'S Headquarterx for Quality Mervbandixe GRADUATION DRESSES . CRAYTONS CLASS DRESSES Meet Your Friends at Our EVENING DRESSES Soda Fountain If we haven? what you want, .03 we ge' 'M' MW' 64 Fall street seneca Falls, N. WEADD... To Your Interest Account Whether You Do or Not REGULARLY with COMPOUND INTEREST MAC DONALD BROS. T00 THE STATE BANK OF SENECA FALLS, N. Y. Complimentf of 46 Complimentx of THE HOMESTEAD GRILL '0- I. P. Jones, Prop. Best Wiylsey to THE CLASS or 1935 B.P.O. ELKS 992. SUU-1VAN'5 Hoon COAL co. CIGAR STORE All Grades of Coal N-1 Dagget's Chocolates Dairylea Ice Cream 101 Seneca Falls, N. Y. Compliments of CLASS OF 1934 47 . Compliments of . Seneca Knitting Mills, Inc. Complimentc of FINGER LAKES BOWLING ALLEYS '00 Bill Fuess, Jr. Ray Costello SENECA FALLS RULE 84 BLOCK COMPANY, INC. Milken of School Rulerc Since 1883 Seneca Falls, N. Y. When iff cold Keep warm with SEMET-SOLVAY COKE J. L. HAMILL Seneca Falls New York Phone: 175 Complimentc of JOSEPH DOYLE Richfield Gas Latest Computing Pumps Richfield Oils Goodrich Tires A. I-1. FORD GARAGE CO. Ben' Wixber to The Graduating Class of 1935 Sl'-1 EXCHANGE CLUB Complimentx to Cnmplimentf of The Class of 1935 CUDDY'S BEAUTY sHoPPE 0 CAMILLA M. SCALMASSI M. S. MATTERSON General Contractor 'Oi SENECA FALLS NEW YORK 12.8 Fall Street Phone 560 Better Light . . Better Sight Twenty grade children out of every hundred have defective eyesight. They need eye glasses or better light, or both. Proper lighting can do much toward preventing this alarming condition. Science now tells us exactly how much light we need for easy, effortless seeing. Empire Gas 84 Electric Company 49 Compliments of GEB and GARVAN WILLIAM MACKIN Dealer in Men'J Fumifbingx A. E. NICOT Custom Tailoring Hats and Caps "The Store of Cheerful .S'ervice" Manager of W. T. Grant Store S9 Fall Street Compliments of Everything in Instruments for BAND AND ORCHESTRA CLARK MUSIC COMPANY Complimenrx of W. KNIGHT 84 SON, INC. Seneca Falls, N. Y. SYRCAUSE, N- Y. GAY 84 SON Complimentf of I"m""'fe E""em HENRY WILLIAM KOCH Seneca Falls, N. Y. ENKIIUNALBANKGF Gnnwx 50 TYPEWRITERS-NEW and USED All Makes of Portables Ribbons and Carbon Paper R. M. FLICKINGER DOAN'S MARKET FRESH and SALT MEATS Free Delivery Phone 49 Complimentf of SOCONY SERVICE STATION M. HALL, Manager T. CUNNINGHAM, Axxixtant .Slave with Safely at THE REXALL STORE E. H. HOSLEY L- M- RUTHRAUFF THE HARPER METHOD SHOP F100-ff Mus. D. H. MAYNARD Gfeen House Phone 585 2.3 State St. 18 Daniels St. Phone 417 Seneca Falls, N. Y. Complimentx of M. A. LURIE, CLOTHIE11 Men's Furnishings and Shoes 55 FALL STREET E. C. GIUSTI A Expert Clock and Watch Repairing 73 Ovid Street Seneca Falls - Compliment? of C LAS S O F 19 3 3 IT'S A TREAT TO EAT AT THE ALPS A Modern Confectionery and Reftaunznf 88 Fall Street CONGRATULATIONS GRADUATES! May this success be but a small ' t fth h' h 't par 0 at W IC aww S you Bert Wiflaef to the Clam in your life's work. 0 ef 1935 HAROLD E. GREEN N JEWELER Gmduatien Gif! Hmdquarterx THE POST OFFICE EMPLOYEES YOUR FAMILY STORE CHRYSLER AND PLYMOUTH ENDICOTT-JOHNSON SHOE CO. X .,,,, 4',z fl, 1 I Qi... ' FRED L. HUNTINGTON l 1 5 S r ' if 7 frl fi :TIS ix i f- ,. i N SNA SANDERSON-S The Warld'J Largert Manufacturerf of Children's Shoes and Misses Straps Pumps and Oxfords in All Sizes Funeral Directory and Widths from A to D .fince 1829 The Very Latest Styles in Boy's Dress and Sport Oxfords phone 360 ENDICOTT-JOHNSON CORP. 73 FALL ST. SENECA FALLS 51 Complimentx of THE DE SANTO SHOE STORE M. J. O'BRIEN AND GEORGE H LEET Imumnee of Every Deseription Phone 348 Interwoven Socks Stetson Hats '0' S E N E C A CLOTHING CO. SENECA FALLS, N. Y. 10: Middishade Blue Suits Jantzen Bathing Suits Freeman Shoes UOUTFITTERS TO MYNDERSE MEN" CONGRATULATIONS to the Class Of '35 "RED" SHANNON HBERNIEH VERGAMINI, '31 19' S H A N N O N'S CLOTHES SHOP Seneca Falls' .fmartext Men'J .Ylaop Compliments of The banana :lfalls Rzheille -0- Printers of the I9 34-31 Mynderfe Microplaene JOHN BELLARDINO GENERAL CONTRACTOR Q0- Seneca Falls, N. Y. ELEANORE PAULINE CROSBY 2.5 State Street Camplimentf of RAFFERTY Van Tine's Barber Shop Cemplimentx of THE HOTEL GOULD E. E. BOSWELL Lemee and Manager THE PARAMOUNT PRESS CWPUWFWFJ ef - PRINTING - THE Ph - 2.7 State St. one 472-J Seneca Falls STRAND THEATRE "HOUSE or SOUNDH Cemplimenn of BENNY LAMBERT AND ENTERTAINMENT Elda Van Vost, Manager MANSFIELD'S STORE T. MANSFIELD Cayuga New York Compliment: of DR. ROBERTJ. HOWLAND Quality and Quantity Beverage: ROMEO RESTAURANT 165 Rumsey Street Success to the Class of 1935 CHARLES S. FEGLEY JAMES SOUHAN 84 SONS JERRY LYMAN AND H15 WATER FALLS ORCHESTRA 150 Fall Street Phone 166-J Seneca Falls, N. Y KELLOGG'S GARAGE A Complete .Service for the Motorixt State St. Phone 58 SENECA FALLS, N. Y. Lobenhofer MAX Quality MEATS Choice Wutern .fren Beef Phone 68 Free Delivery 57 State St PHOENIX 84 KLINE MUSIC CO. Syracuse, N. Y. 5' ole Agentx for the Celebrated King Band I mtrument: Complimenn of Fof Good Candy' CHARLES C. INSHAW and Seneca County Clerk Tasty Ice Cream -0. See BOORAS First! Compliment: of CHASE'S Compliments' of Complimenty of E. W. KIPP ST. PATRICICS SCHOOL 10' M. A. NEARPASS BUICK PONTIAC REVEREND B. L. Quuuc 161 Fall St. Phone 18 PAULINE SINICROPI SHERIDAN OIL CO. Florin Ovid and Bridge Streets 48 Oak St. Phone 641 Seneca Falls, N. Y. Wholesaler: and Retailers of Compliments of J. F. FARRELL Gasoline, Oils, Kerosene and Greases Tank Wagon Deliverief TELEPHONE 305-J Compliment: of SENECA FALLS SALES Co., INC. "Waffle the Fordr Go By" PINCKNEY 84 I-IADLEY SPORTING GooDs HARDWARE Senaca Falls Phone I1 Complimentf of C. F. HAMMOND Complimenty of The Fayette-Varick District 3 Complimentf of WELLS W. PERKINS QUALITY Foons SCHOOL SUPPLIES School Bus 1885 1935 Complimemtr of S. GEORGE M. BRANDT, M.D. Qhzffk llll DINGI 4MY, 'NmACX SENECA FALLS, N. Y. F. R. CRUISE Dealer in Dry Goods and Ready-to-Wear Garments 61 FALL ST. J.CALARCO Rltml and l4'hnlua1r GROCERY AND CONFECTIONARY 64 Ovid St., Phone S40 Seneca Falls Compliments of SULLIVAN BROS. GARAGE Complimentr of GOULDS PUMPS, INC. Seneca Falls, N. Y. 19' World 'J Largest Manufacturer of Pumpx Exclusivebf PHILIP SERLING STORY 8: STRONG HARDWARE Heating, Plumbing, Tinning and Paints Complimentf of POSTAL TELEGRAPI-I CABLE CO Compliments of GRAND VIEW INN GEORGE E. Monauouse, Prop. Sewers Chimneys Sidewalks JOE D. LAMANNA Phone 2.o5 SI Walnut St. Phone 7.05 Seneca Falls, N. Y. General Contractor Cellars Moving Buildings CONGRATULATIONS' TO THE CLASS OF 1935 Complimentf of THE ROLFE MOTOR CO. SQ Complimentf of DORAN BROS. T H E B U L L O C K Complimentx of S T U D I 0 THE T. B. BAIRD STORE Compliments of The SENECA COUNTY TRUST CO. 'lf SENECA FALLS, N. Y. Compliments of A. S. HUGHES HOWARD WARNER Electrical Contractor and Dealer Compliments of HEINRICH'S GARAGE THE BONNETT SHOPPE Ladies Dresses and Smart Accessories IO3 FALL ST. SENECA FALLS DR. F. E. DOWD FRED MAIER 84 SONS Building Materials and Blue Coal Compliments of THE HAND CAST BRONZE ART COMPANY Wilson Brothers, Prop. Bird geport-on-Cayu ga VOSBURGH 84 CORY QUALITY FOOTWEAR Seneca Falls, N. Y. SPRINGSIDE INN West .fide of Owasco Lake Auburn, N. Y. With Beit Wiibex to All the Scbolarx THE ELECTRIC SHOP Frank McCarthy Best Wishes to The Class of 1935 W. H. BOARDMAN COAL, COKE AND WOOD Phone QS 153 Ovid 'S Complimentx of WEBSTER A. KUNEY PETER M. DORAN Funeral Director Compliments of J. D. POLLARD M. CAPPARELLI CHOICE GROCERIES AND MERCHANDISE 14M White Street Vifit Our New Reftaurant Cgmpljmgnfy gf C077Zpli77ZE7Zl'J' of FRANKLIN HOTEL STEPHEN L. KELLEHER WILLIAM WOODS, Prep- RALPH SINICROPI CHOICE GROCERIES, MEATS AND VEGETABLES Phone 143-W 7 Walnut St. '5 Olive Oil Cooking Oil P. MASTROLEO Notaiy Public 36 Water St. Steamship Agency New Apex Washers S9 BASTIAN BRQS. CC. ROCHESTER, N. Y. 59 Manufacturers of High School and College Pins and Rings Engraved Commencement Invitations, Announcements and Personal Cards 53 WM. R. TIEFEL Rochester, N. Y. Diftrict Manager E. W. SPEERS Phone 171 STUART GRACEY EXPERT AUTO AND RADIATOR REPATRING Compjjmmfj gf Best Wishes to the Class of 1935 WILLIAM D, RQYCE ROBERT A. AIKINS. Grocer INSURANCE REAL ESTATE R. A. AIKINS BERTHA CLARK Compliments of LAKESIDE INN WALLACE SMITH OW'-SCO LMC v1oL1N INSTRUCTOR Chicken F' h 7 5 C Dixik 75 C Dinners Compliment! of Dancing Every Nite MARTIN CASEY No Cover Charge Phone 339 Auburn, N. Y. 'nm nu aoxs muzss ma ANNUA BSTER, N. ,514- -N N X 4

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