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'uv-nygiv ef , Q 6 x Q if llll Ill' Pl- , P Y' : .- wmgm presenhng 1 The lVlyrialoQ1I96O FOREWORD We present this Myrialog as a fulfillment of what we feel is one of the fine traditions of our school. The Class of 1960 has lived together, played together, and studied together. The twelve wonderful years were filled with precious moments from learning to playing hopscotch to receiving a diploma. These memories we have tried to recap- ture and record in the succeeding pagesg they bring back memories to us, perhaps they will to you, too. With this we invite you to turn the page . . . TABLE OF CONTENTS ADMINISTRATION SENIORS UNDERCLASSMEN SPORTS ACTIVITIES VALENTINE DANCE I w ALMA MATER Faithful and true-hearted, Let us cheer our dear old High, We revere her and defend her, and her colors proudly fly, We will stand for her united, Of her deeds we gladly tell, Her colors streaming, Glad faces beaming, So here's a cheer for her that we all love so well. ' Chorus Joyous and ever loyal, Let us boost for our old High, Let eviry heart sing, Let ev'ry voice ring, There's no time to grieve or sigh. It's ever onward, our course pursuing, May defeat ne'er our ardor cool, But, united, We will boost for her, our Old High School. II Honors she has taken, On the track and with the ball, May she always rank the highest, May her colors never fall. There's no other that can match her, When her team. is on the field, Her boys the fleetest, Her girls the sweetest. Then here's a cheer for her, for her who ne'er will yield. SCHOOL HISTORY The Hill School, which is located on North College Street, was erected as a result of the consolidation of the early limestone school. The community library and the Hill School served as our educational institutions until the erection of our present high school. Architect, Edward Z. Schell, and contractor, Andrew J. Fink, built our high school in l9l5. V The members of the first board of directors were Dr. D. U. Wolff, George Uhrich, Ephriam Bleistein, John Schoener, and Harry Kline. We have had the following principals: J. J. Strahl, Ralph Davenport, Chester Hartzler, Henry Hollinger, Walter Richter, John Auld, and presently Harvey L. Nitrauer. Engravings on the cornerstones of our school are: "Education is the cornerstone of success," and "Wisdom is the birth of freedom." DEDICATION We the class of 1960, are proud to dedicate our yearbook, The Myrialog, to Mr. Robert Hoffman, whose wise counsel, patience, and willingness to help us have been a source of inspiration. In seventh grade he helped to guide us through our first year in new sur- roundings, and he has served as boys' physical education and health teacher for nine years. Mr. Hoffman also serves as coach of soccer and junior high basketball and in 1957 brought Myerstown High School the state soccer championship. For his helpful instruction, for his unfailing efforts, for his humor and under- standing, and for his good sportsmanship, we sincerely wish to thank him. MYRIALOG STAFF VARIETY EDITORS: Sharon Lebo Suzanne Nitrauer Carole Wagner CIRCULATION MANAGERS: Lee Saunders Glenn Dreibelbis Brian Wagner John Hain BUSINESS MANAGERS: Sally Ressler Elaine Feeg Joyce Wagner Pamela Stechman Robert Hibshman TYPISTS: Grace Diem Barbara Blatt Mary Ann Wenrich TRIBUTE To Miss Mabel C. Immel, our capable and hardworking Senior advisor, who has directed us throughout our final year of high school, we pay this tribute. Through her untiring efforts, she helped make a success of our Landis and Landis Club, our magazine campaign, the street fair, and our yearbook, thus in- suring our graduation and our New York trip. We truly appreciate Miss Immel's assistance and guidance, and the sacrifices she has made on our behalf. i K z JM lAxclminisTra1Won Mr. Harvey L. Nitrauer Supervising Principal Highspire High School Steelton High School Lebanon Valley College Pennsylvania State University PRINCIPAL'S MESSAGE Do not venture into life with a closed mind. Become a positive thinker, ac cept constructive opinions and criticism. Harvey L. Nitrauer Principal MYERSTOWN SCHOOL BOARD MEMBERS Seated, left to right: Mrs. Dorothy R. Henry, Secretaryg Dr. James D. Yoder, Vice-President William L. Derr, Presidentg Ralph R. Kline, Treasurer. Standing: Leslie P. Groff, Directorg Harvey L. Nitrauer, Supervising Principalg Earl V Schaeffer, Director. SOCIAL STUDIES TEACHERS Front Row-Mr. Noll, Miss Immel, Mr. Graybill. Back Row-Mr. Blantz, Mr. Fake, Mr. Yeagley, Mr. Kugle. MR. NORMAN V. BLANTZ B.A. Social Studies Annville High School Lebanon Valley College MR. DWIGHT FAKE B.S. Social Studies Lebanon High School Lebanon Valley College Temple University MR. DONALD J. KUGLE i B.S. Social Studies Marietta High School Millersville State Teachers College MR. LEONARD D. NOLL B.A. Social Studies Reading High School Albright College Miss MABEL IMMEL B.A. English and Social Studies Myerstown High School Albright College Millersville State Teachers College MR. RONALD A. GRAYBILL B.S. Social Studies and Geography Lebanon High School Millersville State Teachers College , ,,, SCIENCE AND MATHEMATICS TEACHERS Front Row-Mr. Hottenstein, Mr. Whitfield. Second Row-Mr. Mentzer, Mr. Ayers, Mr. Arnold. MR. PETER HOTTENSTEIN MR. ROBERT ARNOLD, JR. B.S. B.S. General Science and Physics Science and Mathematics Myerstown High School Cornwall High School Lebanon Valley College Penn State University Temple University Lebanon Vnlley College MR. LARRY MENTZER MR. JAMES WHITFIELD B.A. B.S. Mathematics Chemistry and Biology Myerstown High School Saxton Liberty High School Lelmnon Valley College Slxippenshurg, State Teachers College Millersville State Teachers College MR. ROBERT AYERS B.S. Trigonometry, Geometry, Algebra I 8: II, Business Mathematics Lebanon High School Lebanon Valley College University of Pennsylvania Penn State University LANGUAGE TEACHERS Front Row-Miss Fanelli, Mrs. Papson, Miss Dech. Second Row-Mr. Kugle, Mr. Bomberger. MISS CARMELA FANELLI MR. PHILIP E. BOMBERGER B.S. B.S. Spanish and English English Bell-Avon High School McCaskey High School Indiana State Teachers College Millersville State Teachers College MRS. CHRISTOPHER M. PAPSON B A English and Public Speaking Lebanon High School Elizabethtown College Duke University VOCATIONAL AND BUSINESS TEACHERS Mr. Lansberry, Mrs. Saunders, Miss Smeltzer, Mr. Sherman. MR. DONALD LANSBERRY Miss Lois SMEL'rzER B.S. B.S. Industrial Arts Home Economics Clearfield High School Centre Hall Potter High School Penn Stntc- University Penn State University MRS, LENA SAUNDERS MR. JOHN R. SHERMAN B.S. B.A., M.A. Business Education Vocational Agriculture Myvrstown High School Bethel High School Elizabethtown College Elizabethtown Preparatory School Lvlmnon Valley College Juniata College Columbia University Pc-nn State University MUSIC AND PHYSICAL EDUCATION TEACHERS Mr. Hoffman, Miss Dech, Mr. Yeagley, Mrs. Brightbill. MR. ROBERT HOFFMAN B.S. Health and Physical. Education Myerstown High School XVcst Chester State Teachers College Temple University MISS KATHRYN DECH B.S., B.A., M.A. Vocal Music and German Myerstown High School Albright College Ithaca College Columbia University New York University MRS. RUSSELL BRIGHTBILL B.S. Health and Physical Education Myerstown High School East Stroudsburg State Teachers College Lebanon Valley College MR. HAROLD G. YEAGLEY B.S., M.Ed. L History and Instrumental Music VVilliam Penn High School Lebanon Valley College Penn State University University of Michigan ART. GUIDAN CE. DRIVER TRAINING AND LIBRARIAN Mrs, Bomberger, Mr. Lantz, Mr. Hess, M MRS. DANIEL BOMBERGER B.S. Art and English Kennet Consolidated High School Kutztown State Teachers College Yvest Chester State Teachers College Penn State. Summer School MR. FREDERICK W. LANTZ B.A. Guidance Counselor Muhlenberg High School Muhlenberg College Columbia University Lehigh University Temple University Albright College Millersville State Teachers College Kutztown State Teachers College rs. Lantz. MR. EARL HESS B.A. Driver Training Lebanon High School Elizabethtown College Millersville State Teachers College MRS. FREDERICK W. LANTZ B.A., M.S. Librarian Wyomissing High School Bucknell University Columbia University Kutztown State Teachers College Temple University ELEMENTARY TEACHERS-HILL BUILDING Front Row-Miss North, Miss,SchelI. Second Row-Miss Brandt, Miss Laderach, Mrs. Clay. Mlss DORIS JEAN BRANDT Miss JANE NORTH B.S. B.S., M.Ed. Second Grade Second Grade Lebanon High School Millcreek Township High School Lebanon Valley College Millersville State Teachers College Penn State University Penn State University Miss NORMA LADERACH MRS. JOHN CLAY B.S. B.S. Fourth Grade Fourth Grade Paradise High School Myer-stown High School Kutztown State Teachers College Millersville State Tenchers College Miss IRENE SCHELL B.S. Third Grade Myerstown High School Temple University Lebanon Valley College Millersville State Teachers College ELEMENTARY TEACHERS-HIGH SCHOOL BUILDING Franz Row-Mrs. Shaak, Mrs. Groff. Second Row-Mrs. Shenk, Mr. Chapman, Mrs. Nitrauer. MRS. FREDERICK SHAAK MRS. LEON GROFF B.A. B.S. First Grade First Grade Mycrstown High School Smith Lebanon High School Dickinson College Millersville State Teachers College Cednrcrest College Albright College Lebanon Valley College Lebanon Valley College Millersville State Teachers College Penn State University MRS. LESTER SHENK MRS. HARVEY NITRAUER Fifth Grade BS' Mycrstown High School Slxth Grade Millersville State Teachers College Lebanon Valley College Reading High 5011001 Lebanon Valley College Penn State University MR. MARTIN CHAPMAN, JR. B.S. Fifth Grade VVest Reading High School Kutztown State Teachers College DR. CARL S. MILLER M.D., B.A. School Physician Palmyra High School Gettysburg College Jefferson Medical College Germantown Dispensary and Hospital Miss GLORIA PHILLIPPY School Secretary My erstown High School MRS. ROBERT F. KERCHER R.N., B.S. School Nurse Lebanon High School St. Ioscplfs Hospital- Millersville State Teachers College Driver Training The Driver Training program was started in the school year 1939-40 with twenty-four members in the class. Today it is under the able leadership of Mr. Earl Hess. DRIVER TRAINING CAR MR. HEss, GLENDA BICHER, KAREN BOYER Our Custodicms MR. C. FINK MR. G. DUNDORE MR. AND MRS. E. BENNETCH Throughout the year the work of the Custo- dians goes unnoticed. To show our apprecia- tion for the untiring efforts they have put forth, we, the Class of 1960, say "Thanks" by dedicating this space in our Myrialog to them. Truant Officers HERMAN HAAG RUSSELL BORDER-Chief of Police Zin Memoriam RONALD SMITH Passed away-August 10, 1957 4 MR. MILES STEINER DR. GEORGE FLANAGAN Passed away-November 25, 1959 Passed away-May 24, 1959 There is no death. What seems so is transition: This life of mortal breath is But a suburb of the life elysian Whose portal we call death.-Longfellow 63I'1iOFS 94. CLASS SONG 1960 Lyrics: Kathryn Stauffer' Music: Sally Ressler We gath er HOW, our class mates dear, To sing a part .ing song' 5 ,lr Pip FI? VHF Andf think a again of lhigh school joys That in our minds now throng. rlf 51 Fl? FFF' .ai iiiflfxffisml We add our num bers to the ranks Of grad u ates gone by, ,J ,P .r J-iff -L H: H5 W And hymn the prais es loud and clear Of dear .old Myers. town High. We think of teachers fond and true And, though our ways may part, They e'er will live in memories Engraved upon each heart. We cherish all the pleasant times And friendships through the yearsg For these will last, whate'er betide, On pathways far and near. We came together filled with joy, And joyful may we leave, For tears should never mar the hearts Of those bless'd such as we. l ln farewell, now, we clasp our hands ln never ending tie Of loyalty to classmates true, And dear old Myerstown High. -Kathryn L. Stauffer SENIOR MEMORIES This, our Senior year, has been the busiest of our high school career. In addition to the usual studies we had to secure Landis and Landis members, present our class play "Almost Eighteen," sell magazines, and edit the Myrialog. After many trials and tribulations we were rewarded for our work with a three day trip to New York City. Then our final days to- gether as the Class of "60" arrived. There was Class Day, Baccalaureate and finally that all-important Commencement. Though our high school days are over, they will never be forgotten. ln our minds there will always linger fond memories of M. H. S. as we explore new and broader horizons. CLASS OFFICERS PRESIDENT-Ralph Auchenbach TREASURER-Elaine Feeg VICE PRESIDENT-Kathryn Stauffer SECRETARY-Darlene Miller CLASS FLOWER-Talisman Rose CLASS COLORS-GTCCH and White CLASS MOTTO-'rT0 be conscious that you are ignorant is a great step ro knowledge." -Disraeli-Sybil JOHN ANTHONY ATKINS Myerstown R. D. .1753 "Ars" Academic Electronic genius-attracts trouble-would make a good disc jockey-WLBR's 5'1ittle" helper- loves chemistry. RALPH CHARLES AUCHENBACH 115 North Railroad Street "Tubby" Academic Smooth dancer-loves to attend Greenwich Vil- lage-good eye for clothes-ideal class President -pals around with Sally. Class Vice President 10g Class President 11, 125 County Band 9, 10, 11, 123 Soccer 95 J. V. Basketball 9g Hi-Y 105 Newsgram 10, 11, 12 CBoys Sports Editorlg Senior Play 125 Band 9, 10, 11, 121 Myrialog 12 Cartistjg Sci- ence Club 11. Hi-Y 123 Newsgrarn 11 12 Science Club 11 12 CAROL SUSAN BECKER 206 West Carpenter Street ' "Carol" Commercial Beautiful dark eyes-usually found with Betty- always laughing-future secretary. Tri-Hi-Y 9. BARBARA BLATT Myerstown R. D. 1791 "Barb" Commercial n Speedy typist-interest in Junior Class-enjoys swimming and rollerskating-always eating pizza. Newsgram 12g Girls Chorus 9, 10, 113 Mixed Chorus 115 Band 9, 10, 11, 125 Myrialog 12. J OAN NE BOYER Myerstown R. D. 33 "Jo" Home Economics . Quiet and shy-interest in Lebanon-wants to be Home Economist-flashes a bright smile. Tri-Hi-Y 9, 10, 11, 125 F. H. -A. 11, 12. GEORGE DAVID BRIGHTBILL Myerstown R. D. 1753 "Ducks" Academic Class, clown-always has a trick up his sleeve- future Penn State student--usually seen with a camera. Hi-Y 12g Newsgram Staff 11, 12g Senior Play 12g Science Club 11, 12g Myrialog Staff 12. ELlZABETH JANE BROWN 111 South College Street "Betts" Commercial Class clown-usually with Carol-always laugh- ing or telling a joke-good basketball player. Softball 10, 11, 125 Basketball 10, 11, 12, Tri-Hi-Y 95 Newsgram Staff 12g Band 9, 10, 11, 12. SONIA KAY BUGG Myerstown RD, 411 "Bugs" Home Economics Always on the go-good softball outfielder- usually seen with Dorothy-very friendly-talka- tive. Softball 10, 11, 12g F. H. A. 11, 129 Future Nurses 12. BARBARA ANN BURKHOLDER b 100 South Locust Street "Barb" General The true blonde C?J in the Senior Class-often seen with Donnie-future beautician--a petite lass--well-equipped wardrobe. County Chorus 11, 12, County Band 9, 103 Cheerleading 10, 11, 123 Hockey 9, 10, 11, 123 Tri-Hi-Y 10, 11, 123 Newsgram Staff 9, 10, 11, 12, Senior Play 12, Science Club 11, 123 Octette llg Girls Chorus 9, 10, 11, 12, Mixed Chorus 9, 10, 11, 123 Band 9, 10, 11, 12 lSecre- taryjg Myrialog Staff 12. .,4, VERNA NAOMI DAY Myerstown R. D. 42 "Verna" General Excellent horseback rider-loves to hunt-beauti- ful blue eyes-active in all sports-always laugh- ing. Softball 9, 10, 11, 12g Basketball 11, 123 Hockey 10, 11 123 Student Council 10, Band 9, 10g Science Club 11, 125 Myrialog 12. MYRON EUGENE DERR Richland R. D. ifl "Rolo" Agriculture One of our future farmers-always willing to help someone-loves school K? ? ! !J-enjoys having a good time. F. F. A. 9, 10, 11, 12. GRACE ARLENE DIEM Myerstown R. D. 43 "Gracie" Commercial Excellent business student -- quiet - wonderful personality-attractive-efficient. Newsgram 123 Myrialog 12. i J UDITH LORRAINE DINGER 115 South Broad Street "Judy" Commercial Usually found in a "Simca"-wants to be a secre- tary-active club member-quiet and shy C??!!!J -known for her impersonations. County Chorus 125 Cheerleading 10, 11, 123 Hockey team CManagerJ 11, 125 Student Council 11 fSecretaryJg Tri-Hi-Y 9, 10, 11, 12 iTreasurer59 Senior Play 12g Girls Chorus 9, 10, 11, 125 Mixed Chorus 10, 11, 12g Library Club 9, 10, llg Myrialog Staff 12. GLENN WALTER DREIBELBIS 111 Locust Street "Dreibs" General Tall, dark, and handsome-future manager of A 8z P Food Stores-usually found with Doris- drives a "hot" Olds. County Band 9, 11g Soccer 11g Basketball 9, 10, 115 Baseball 9, 105 Student Council 9g Hi-Y 103 Band 9, 10, llg Myrialog Staff 12. CORWIN CYRIL HARRY ERDMAN A Myerstown R. D. 41:3 "Corky" Agriculture Loves English Class CI? ?J-wants to join Air Force-enjoys dragging with his '51 Chevy- pint-sized-ardent car fan. I. V. Basketball 9g F. F. A. 11, 12. ELAINE MARIE FEEG Myerstown R. D. 45:2 "Fig" Commercial Will make an excellent secretary-indispensable hockey player-interest in Senior Class-snappy color guard. Hockey 10, 11, 12g Tri-Hi-Y 10, 11, 12 fChaplainjg Band Ccolor guardl 9, 10, ll, 125 Myrialog Staff 12. SHIRLEY ANN FULLMER 310 South College Street "Shirl" Commercial Sports a beautiful diamond-will make a good housewife-always Willing to help-a true blond. Newsgram 123 F. H. A. 9, 10, 11, 12g Girls Chorus 10. JOHN EDWARD HAIN Myerstown R. D. 41:3 "Butch" Agriculture Tall, good-looking blond-interest in Seniox Class-good soccer player-wants to join Air Force. Soccer 11, 125 F. F. A. 9, 10, 11, 12g Myrialog Staff 12. MILESETTA HELEN HAUER Myerstown R. D. 4,63 "Etta" Commercial Pint-sized member of the Senior class-quiet on the surface--good little tumbler-full of fun: Newsgram Staff 12. ARTHUR DEPPEN HEILMAN, J R. 807 South Railroad Street "Arr" General Tall, handsome star of the Senior Class Play-will make a good minister-magnetic personality- well-dressed all around fellow. County Chorus 11, 123 Science Club 11, 12 CTreasurerJg Soccer 9, 10, 11, 12g Student Council 125 Hi-Y 10, 11, 12 CChaplainJg Senior Play 12g Boys' Chorus 9, 10, 11, 12g'Mixed Chorus 10, 11, 123 Band 9, 10, 11, 125 Myria- log Staff 12. GARY LLOYD HIBSHMAN 321 South Broad Street "Lips" General Mechanically inclined-enjoys sports-chief in- terest is Mary-talented soccer player-loves English class C? ? ! D. Soccer 11, 12g Basketball 10, 113 Baseball 10. ROBERT ELWOOD HIBSHMAN 111V2 South College Street "Bob" Commercial Usually found handing out checks-small but mighty is he-often found laughing-Harris' first- hand man. Hi-Y 11, IZQ Myrialog Staff IZQ School Treasurer 12. CHARLOTTE LOU HOFFMAN 226 West Main' Street "Char" Commercial Petite-peppy cheerleader-flashing smile-usu- ally seen with Bill and his jeep-our pint-sized Queen. Softball 10, 11, 12g County Band 99 Cheerleading 9, 10, 11, 12 fCo-captainJ9 Hockey team 10, 11, 12g Tri-Hi-Y 9 CChaplainJ, 10, 11, 12g Newsgram 9, 10, 11, 129 Girls' Chorus 9, 10, 11, 129 Band 9, 10, 11, 12S Library Club 9, 10, 11 fSec.J, 12 QV. PJ9 Myrialog 12 CGirls' Sports Edtiorjg School Treasurer 12. HARRY ANDREW HONKER 36 West Main Avenue "Shell" Academic Musically inclined - good student - active in sports-enjoys P. O. D. Class-friendly. County Chorus 10, 11, 12g District Chorus 12g County Band 9, 10, 119 Science Club 11, 129 Hi-Y 10, 11 CSec.J, 129 Soccer 9, 10, 11, 129 Basketball 9, 10, 11, 129 Base- ball 9, 11, 12g Newsgram Staff 10, 11, 129 Senior Play 129 Band 9, 10, 11, 129 Myrialog Staff 12 CCo-Editorjg Boys' Chorus 9, 10, 11, 129 Mixed Chorus 9, 10, 11, 123 Mixed Octette 10, 119 All-Eastern Chorus 12. JOHN THOMAS HONKER 108 West Carpenter Avenue "Crash" Academic Expert in chemistry - very handsome - loves school Q? ? ?J-woman hater. Hi-Y 10, 11, 12g Science Club 11, 12 fPresidentJ3 Boys' Chorus 9, 10, 11, 12, Mixed Chorus 9, 10, 11, 12, Band 9, 10, 11, 125 Soccer Team 10, 11, 12g County Chorus 11, 12g Myrialog Staff 12. LOUCETTA ANN HOUSER Myerstown R. D. :,lf3 "Loucetta" Commercial Nice personality-always willing to help some- one-unpredictable-enjoys having a good time. JAMES EDWARD KEENER Myerstown R.D. :lil "Keener" Agriculture Good basketball player - wants to join the Marines--never forgets to study his P. 0. D. lesson C? lj-easy to get along with. Basketball team 10, 11, 125 F. F. A. 9, 10, 11, 12. MARVIN HAROLD KLEINFELTER Myerstown R. D. .1753 "Top Flame" Academic King of the Senior Class-can be found anywhere or with any one of his many girl friends-always laughing-terrific personality. Soccer 11, 123 Student Council 12 CPresidentJg Hi-Y 11, 12 KVice Presidentlg Science Club 11, 129 Myrialog 12 fBoys' Sports Editorl, NOEL KOPALA 14 East Carpenter Avenue "Flash" General Photography whiz-fond of chemistry-usually found roaming the halls with Atkins and a camera. Hi-Y 10, 11, 12g Newsgram 10, 11, 12g Science Club 11, 12 lVice Presidentl. JOAN ELIZABETH KRALL Myerstown R.D. 4-1 "Joanie" General Quite studious-college bound for Penn State- usually found with Carol-always talking. Softball 9, 11, 12g Senior Play 125 Band 9, 10, 11, 12. RICHARD ALLEN KREISER Myerstown R. D. 11:2 "Dick" Generai The silent one-future in military service-wo- man hater-one of our "flat-top boys." Myrialog Staff 12. RUSSELL RAYMOND LASCH, JR. 15 East Richland Avenue "Lash" Agriculture Tallest member of class-always found talking about cars or girls-loves school C! ! ? ?J-faith- ful sleeper of the Senior Class. F. F. A. 11, 12. SHARON KAY LEBO 203 West Carpenter Avenue I "Sharon" Commercial Beautiful blue eyes--neat dresser-good hockey and softball player-usually seen with Jerry- future legal secretary-vivacious cheerleader. Softball 11, 123 County Band 9, 10, 123 Basketball ftime- keeperj 10, ll, 12g Cheerleading 9, 10, ll, 12 fCo- captainjg Hockey 9, 10, 11, 12 fco-captainjg Tri-Hi-Y 9, 10, 11, 12 QPresidentJg Newsgram Staff 10, 11, 12g Girls' Chorus 9, 10, 11, 12g Band 9, 10, 11, 12g Myria- log Staff 12 fVariety Editorjg Basketball Queen 12. ROBERT RICHARD LENGLE, JR. Myerstown R. D. :,b':3 4rB0bby:: Wants to join Air Force-good sports manager- always smiling-everybody's friend. Basketball 12 Cstudent managerl. MARIAN IRENE MAUSER Richland R. D. :lil "Marian" Halls from South Lebanon - friendly - loves Math Class C? ? ! lj-enjoys a good laugh. F. H. A. 123 Science Club 12. General RUTH ANNE LONG 355 West Main Avenue "Ruth" Commercial Good shorthand student-quiet-usually found with Betty and Carol-has naturally curly hair. Newsgram Staff 12. Academic FRANZ HARRY EDGAR MESSERSCHMIDT Myerstown R. D. 4362 "Messers" General Enjoys playing "hooky" and dragging-excellent actor-very good musician-loves cars. County Band 10, 11, 125 District Band 11, 123 Soccer 11g Hi-Y 10, 11, 125 Senior Play 125 Band 10, 11, 12g State Band 12. DARLENE FAY MILLER 131 West Main Avenue "Blackie" Commercial Talkative, friendly and versatile-always has a joke to tell-ready to try anything new to eat- always listens to anyone's troubles. County Chorus 12g Girls' Softball 11g Girls' Basketball 9g Hockey 9, 10, 11, 123 Student Council 10g Tri-Hi-Y 9, 10, 11, 12 CVice Presidentjg Newsgram Staff 12 CGirls' Sports Editorjg F. H. A. 9g Girls' Chorus 9, 10, 11, 12g Myrialog Staff 12 CCo-editorjg Mixed Chorus 9, 10, 11, 12g Class Secretary 11, 12. MARY ANN NEISWENDER 18 East Jefferson Avenue "Mary Ann" Commercial Beautiful blue eyes-tall-good sales lady-loves the out-of-doors-mixed-up about boys. Tri-Hi-Y 9, 10, 11, 123 Girls' chorus 9, 10, 11, 12. SUZANNE JAYNE NITRAUER 125 South Locust Street "Suzie" Academic Plans to attend Millersville-tall and attractive- musically talented-best "shot" on the basketball team-likes horseback riding. Softball 9, 10, ll, 12, County Band 9, 10, 11, 125 Dis- trict Band 9, 10, Basketball 9, 10, ll, 12 fCo-Captainjg Tri-Hi-Y 10, 11, 12 QCorres. Sec.Jg Newsgram 9, 10, 11, 12 CCo-editorjg Science Club 11, 12 CSecretaryJ5 Senior Play 12, Girls' Chorus 9, 10, 11, 12g Mixed Chorus 10, ll, 123 Band 9, 10, 11, 125 Library Club 9, 103 Myria- log Staff 12. PATRICIA ANN PFAUTZ 228 West Main Avenue "Patty" Commercial Quiet girl-active member of F. N. A.-warm smile-nice personality. Future Nurses 12. SALLY ANNE RESSLER 723 South Railroad Street "Sara" Academic Will make a good nurse-hot rods around in "that,' Dodge-works at Twin Spruce Home- beautiful blond hair-fine pianist. County Chorus 10, 123 Hockey Team 9, 10, 11, 12g Student Council 11, Tri-Hi-Y 9, 10, ll, 12, Senior Play 12, Color Guard ll, 125 Girls' Chorus 9, 10, 11, 12g Mixed Chorus 9, 10, 11, 12g Ensemble 10, 11, 123 Library Club 9, 10, Myrialog Staff 12, Science Club 11, 12. MABEL RUTH SADLER Myerstown R. D. 563 "Mabel" Has a nice personality-will make an excellent nurse-always willing to lend a helping hand- very quiet-thoughtful. MARLENE BEATRICE RHINE Myerstown R. D. 43 "Marlene" Commercial Quietest in the class-has neat wavy hair-pleas- ant smile-conscientious-velvety smooth com- plexion. Newsgram Staff Ctypistl 12. General LEE BRIGHTB ILL SAUNDERS West Richland Avenue "Lee" General Ace in all sports-very active-handsome and popular-usually seen with Art. County Chorus 125 County Band 11, 125 Soccer 9, 10, 11, 12 CCO-captainjg Basketball 9, 10, 11, 12 CCo-cap- tainjg Baseball 9, 10, 11, 12g Student Council 12g Hi-Y 10, 11, 12 CPresidentJg Science Club 11, 12g Boys Chorus 10, 11, 125 Band 9, 10, 11, 12 CPresidentJ3 My- rialog 12 CCirculation Managerj. LY, JUDY MAE SCHAEFFER 210 North Railroad Street "Schaeffer" Home Economics Future Home Ec. teacher-avid sports fan-good artist--an accomplished seamstress-travels a lot. County Chorus 12, Softball 9, 10, 11, 12, Basketball 9, 10, 11, 12, Hockey 9, 10, ll, 12: Tri-Hi-Y 10, 11, 12, F. H. A. 9, 10 CHistorianJ 11, 12 CPresidentJ, Girls' Chorus 9, 10, 11, 12, Mixed Chorus 10, 11, 12, Band tColor Guardj 11, 12, Myrialog 12 Cartistj. KATHRYN LOIS STAUFFER 38 West Main Avenue "Specs" Academic Pleasant voice-a genius--versatile and depend- able-always has a warm smile--college bound. County Chorus 10, 11, 12, District Chorus 12, County Band 9, 10, 11, 12, Tri-Hi-Y 9, 10, 11, 12 CCorres. Sec.J, Newsgram Staff 9, 10, 11, 12 Cco-editorlg Senior Play 12, Girls' Chorus 9, 10, 11, 12, Mixed Chorus 9, 10, 11, 12, Ensemble 9, 10, ll, 12, Band 9, 10, 11, 12 QV. PJ, Library Club 9, 10, Myrialog Staff tLiterary Editorjg Science Club 11, 12, Class Vice President 11, 12, Lebanon Daily News Reporter 11, Mixed Octette 10, ll, All-Eastern Chorus 12. PAMELA HOPE STECHMAN 311 South Railroad Street "Spamie" Commercial The girl with the beautiful hair-active in sports -usually seen in a white and red Plymouth- peppy cheerleader. Tri-Hi-Y 9, 10, 11, 12 CSecretaryJ, Girls' Chorus 9, 10, 11, 12, Mixed Chorus 9, 10, 11, 12, Ensemble 9, 10, 11, 12, County Chorus 10, 12, Basketball 9, 10, 11, 12, Cheerleading 9, 10, 11, 12, Hockey 11 Cmanagerjg 12 ftimekeeperjg Color Guard 10, 11, 12, Myrialog Staff 12 tBusiness Managerj. FREDERICK WILLIAM STROBEL 130 North Railroad Street "Fred" Commercial Always thinking of the next trick to play-keeps classes from being boring-friendly-has a nice personality. Soccer 9, 10, 11, 12 CCO-captainjg Hi-Y 11, 12 fTreas- urerlg Newsgram Staff 12 CBusiness Managerj. CHRISTINE ANN SWEIGART 120 South Cherry Street "Teeny" Home Economics Often seen in a '55 Green Ford-pretty blonde hair-will make a good housewife-McCrory's best check-out girl. Softball 115 Student Council 9g Tri-Hi-Y 9, 10, 11, 125 Future Nurses' Club 12 CPresidentJg F. H. A. KVice Presidentj 11, 12. ARLENE EMMA UMBERGER Myerstown R. D. 4363 "Dutch" Home Economics Usually seen with Joanne-drives her Dad's '51 Chevy-has lots of energy-humorous giggle. Tri-Hi-Y 9, 10, 11, 12g F. H. A. 11, 12. BRIAN ARTHUR WAGNER Myerstown R.D. ifl "Yapper" General Good athlete-future owner of his own bowling lanes-main interest is Linda-ardent sports fan -good-looking. Soccer 11, 12g Basketball 9, 10, 11, 123 Baseball 9, 10, ll, 12g Student Council 105 Hi-Y 10, 11, 123 Myrialog Staff 12. CAROLE IRIS WAGNER 26 North Railroad Street "Elsie" General Always talking-plans to attend Kutztown State Teachers College-Spanish fiend-silky brown hair. Senior Play 123 Band 9, 10, 11, 125 Library Club 9, 10, 11, 12g Myrialog Staff 12. JOYCE LORAINE WAGNER 837 South Railroad Street "Joyce" General Avid Chevrolet fan f????J - outstanding P. O. D. student-good Blue Star waitress- likable personality. Tri-Hi-Y 10, 11, 12g Myrialog Staff 12. RICHARD ALLEN WALTER 7 West Maple Avenue "Dickie" Very quiet-the midget of the cl member-Mr. Whitfield's right-hand man. Science Club 11, 125 Hi-Y 10, 11, 12. DAVID HAROLD WALTER Myerstown R. D. qff3 "Dave" Academic . Only pilot in the class-has an interest in Mary- land-quiet-easy to get along with--good typist. Student Council 10, 11. General ass-active Hi-Y MARY ANN WENRICH Richland R. D. gil "Rebel" Commercial Always talking-nice personality-likes a cer- tain Bill-will make a good mother someday- pretty, naturally curly hair. County Chorus 11, 123 County Band 10g Tri-Hi-Y 10, 11, 12g Newsgram 123 Girls' Chorus 9, 10, 11, 123 Mixed Chorus 10, 11, 12g Ensemble 10, 11, 123 Band 9, 10, 11, 123 Library Club 9, 10, 11, 123 Myrialog 12. RONALD HAROLD WENRICH Richland R. D. 41:1 "Fabian" Agriculture Friendly and carefree-loves school CPD OJ- drives a "Hot" Buick-never would miss an Eng- lish Class C? U. Soccer 9, 10, 11, 129 F. F. A. 9, 10, 11, 12. DOROTHY ANN WILLIAMS Myerstown R.D. 31 "Dot" Home Economics Good softball player-friendly and dependable- usually seen with Sonia-loves English classes C? ? ! !J. Softball 10 11 12' Future Nurses Club 12' F H A Umberger Kreiser Pfautz Kopala Wenrich Hibshman Saunders Lebo J. Keener M. Rhine D. Williams G. Brightbill M. Mauser M. Hauer R. Lasch S. Ressler M. Neiswender E. Feeg R. Long J. Atkins S. Fullmer J. Hain F. Strobel C. Wagner B. Wagner G. Hibshman M. Sadler M. Kleinfelter C. Hoffman M. Wenrich G. Diem S. Bugg To me u 'fawlnd' 3500 . ,xL my sig 41. Shim? have Jane Thai- ffl, This feels J, Q ,Q H. Q. r 3 N QA Q R5 N E. is i 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 4 ,. D 5 py girl. .gx ., 'E xx .563 - Oh daflncxfzfyf 52. ' 45. Y... " l .smile C. Erdman 40 A. Hellman R. Walter 41 G. Dreibelbis 42 D. Miller 43 C. Becker 44 R. Lengle 45 r'oh2 F. Messerschmidt T. Honker J. Boyer M. Derr E. Brown V. Day L. Houser fhaf 46 47 49 50 Nitrauer Schaeffer . Honker . Sweigart P. Stechman . Auchenbach . Burkholder J. Krall J. Wagner J. Dinger K. Stauffer B. Blatt h CAN YOU IMA Barbara Burkholder not working in her father's store. Glerm Dreibelbis riding a unicycle. Fred Strobel on a diet of solid foods. Joan Krall with a bass voice. Ralph Auchenbach wearing blue jeans to school. Judy Schaeffer wearing a dress not made by herself. John Hain without the word "swell" in his vocabulary. Ruth Long misspelling a word on a spelling test. Shirley Fullmer doing a fast forward roll. Pat Pfautz rushing around the halls. Grace Diem not being pleasant to anyone she meets. Lee Salmders without a fan club. Arthur Heilman organizer of the Myerstown beatniks. Marvin Kleinfelter without his sense of humor. Vema Day riding a "hobby horse." Joyce Wagner driving a Renault Dauphine. Susie Nitrauer playing hooky from school. Kathryn Stauffer flunking a test. Darlene Miller with blond hair. Charlotte Hoffman and Richard Walter winning a con Barbara Blatt typing 20 words a minute. Mary Amr Neiswender short and fat. John Atkins without Noel Kopala. Russel Lasch rushing to English class. Jim Keener jockey of "Nashua." Richard Kreiser winning an oratorical contest. Judy Dinger without a story to tell. Carol Becker not neatly dressed. Betty Brown not clowning around. ' Marlene Rhine with a "poodle cut." Sharon Lebo incapacitated-with two broken legs. Pam Stechman coaching M. H. S. Marble Team. Franz Messerschmidt repairman in a toy car factory. Brian Wagner champion of the "U. S. Tiddley Winks." Corwin Erdman filling gas tanks with water. Myron Derr chef in the Waldorf Astoria, Loucetta Houser with no energy. Mary Ann Wenrich winning the 1500 Meter Race. Elaine Feeg buying gas at Shelley's. Bobby Hibshman robbing the Myerstown Bank. Milesetta Hauer without tumbling ability. Mabel Sadler copying in chemistry class. David Walter firing the rocket at Cape Canaveral. Sally Ressler driving her "kiddie car." Ronald Wenrich coming to school on the bus. Tom Honker timechecker at Winthrop Laboratories. Andy Honker singing off key. Christine Sweigart going home and saying, "Look Mom, Carole Wagner speaking French. Joanne Boyer and Arlene Umberger being enemies. Gary Hibshman bus driver on the Trailways. Sonia Bugg not being ticklish. Marian Mauser sitting still. George Brightbill headwaiter in t-he Conrad Hilton. Dorothy Williams making hard biscuits. GINE? test for being the tallest in the class no hair." Robert Lengle losing his voice for a long period of time. Neither Can We! 'ff' J CLASS HISTORY Once upon a time, around the year 1942, fifty-nine packages of joy were sent to earth via the stork express. These packages ranged in size, height, weight and physical character- istics, but their destiny was already charted for them. They were to become the honored class of 1960 of Myerstown High School. - In 1948 the class organized itself under the title, "The First Grade Terrors" and began its school career under the able guidance of Miss Loose and Mrs. Snavely. The students were fascinated reading the exciting adventures of Alice and Jerry, and Jip. To add to the wonder of first grade was the Christmas operetta, featuring the beginners as the children of the Old Lady in a Shoe. The second lap of the journey through school took the entire class to the "school on the hill"' with the fire escape, the "battlefield," and the wonderful old maple tree tjust right for playing housej. Second grade was supervised by Mrs. Emrick and Mrs. Snavely. This year the second grades became unofficial postmen with their own special Valentine post office. Health habits led to daily morning inspection of hair, teeth, fingernails and handkerchiefs. Third grade, taught by Miss Schell and Mrs. Snavely, resulted in the addition of English grammar and geography classes. School was beginning to seem more like "school" as the reading became more difficult and arithmetic definitely more complicated. Weather charts were kept, sand tables built and kept in ship-shape order, and the classroom library increased in size. Tramp, tramp was the sound that echoed through the halls each morning as the flock of proud fourth graders marched to their new home with Mrs. Weaver 'on the second floor. To add to the excitement, they had the use of shiny new lockers. Lining the walls every Wednesday was an assortment of musical instruments, belonging to the new members of the Junior Band. What a thrill! But school became more and more involved as Fourth grade led into fifth with Mrs. Snavely. A new member, Renata Mundt, was added to the group, while Tom Honker made his extended visit to the "Sunshine State" of Florida. Book reports became a requirement, and every week the fishbowl had to be cleaned by some unsuspecting student. Sixth grade! And the class became the revered "seniors" of the Hill School, What a year! The days were punctuated with such coveted tasks as answering the telephone, ringing the bell, carrying the milk cases, taking care of the library, and playing softball in the field behind the school. Chalk flew as Mr. Snavely disciplined his most ingenius scholars. And after school hours, Barb Burkholder's parties started love a bloomin' and Cupid's arrows a flyin'. Judy Dinger and Andy Honker reigned as the Sweethearts of Sixth Grade in the of- ficial Valentine's Day celebration. The next year we found the confident sixth graders as rather confused and frightened seventh graders, awed at the magnitude of their new gray stone school. With the help of Mr. Mitchell and Mr. Hoffman, they settled down to their new Junior High School life. Mr. Mitchell freqently conducted various after school sessions which were usually well attended. The year rolled around, filled with the peanuts, popcorn, and candy apples of the fair, a hilarious pantomime for an assembly program, and a new class called Guidance. In eighth grade we found the busy spring salesmen selling soft drink at the fair under the direction of Mrs. Brightbill and Mrs. Shover. George Brightbill started his dramatic career in the play "G. for Gettysburg." Onward they went and the young "sophisticates" finally were given the title of "fresh- men." The Anvil Chorus became the key song in music class, and civics class was very colorful due to the many arguments they had with Mr Kugle. The highlight of the year was the trip to Gettysburg that was enjoyed by the whole class. By the time tenth grade rolled around, the Sophomores were referring to their home- rooms as cell blocks and their homeroom teachers as Wardens Jeffers and Kugle. The class was divided into the various courses: Business, learning penmanship and math OJ from Mr. Hauerg Ag, learning all about farming, Academic and General, learning a new and exciting language-Spanish. It was this year that the amazing score of 44 was attained at the class bowling party, and the Sophomores became the proud owners of flashy, green jackets. Eleventh grade, usually "the quiet before the storm," turned out to be a very eventful year for the class of "60". During December a trip to the office made the eager students very proud as they received those shiny new rings. Much excitement was aroused as a shrill cry coming from Room 19 signaled the race between Darlene Miller and that little white mouse. After many nerve racking hours in that new Buick, they finally gained possession of a small card which gave them permission to drive t?b a car. The Senior year is one of the most exciting years of any class's life. It was certainly so for the Class of 1960. Landis and Landis, magazines, the play, contests, and studies GJ kept them busy and on the run. The senior year is one of the most exciting years of any class's life. It was certainly so beginning of farther education. For all it is only the gateway to a richer fuller life. The history books of the future are waiting to record the accomplishments of the present. Cer- tainly there will be many. i CLASS WILL We. the Class of Nineteen Hundred Sixty, of the Myerstown High School, of the County of Lebanon, of the State of Pennsylvania, being in sound mind, make and declare this our last will and testament, thus making null and void any writings heretofore made. To the Class of '61 we will our class trip to New York City. To the Class of '62 we bequeath our brains and scholastic achievements. We will to the Class of '63 our varied talents and abilities. To the Junior High School, we will our class parties and assemblies. Darlene Miller wills her deep alto voice to Candace Nitrauer. George Brightbill wills his speeches from Public Speaking Class to some unsuspecting Junior. To Janet Darkes, Judy Schaeffer wills her sewing machine. Ralph Auchenbach, Andrew Honker, and Franz Messerchmidt will their midnight New York trips to Ronnie Garloff, Mike Lebo, and Fred Souders. Her southern accent Mary Ann Wenrich wills to Larry Ziegler. Dorothy Williams wills her homemaking talent to Joanne Flamini. To George Arnold, Corwin Erdman wills his treasury of girls. Grace Diem wills her nice jokes to Donnie Miller. Loucetta Houser bequeaths her skill at pressing hamburgers to Kenneth Burkholder. John Atkins wills Mrs. Papson to his brother Robert. Her slimness Christine Sweigart wills to Delbert Gassert. Mabel Sadler wills her reserved manner to Ruth Ann Wiley. David Walter wills his pilot's license to Charles Lindbergh. Shirley Fullmer wills her tumbling ability to any Junior who wants it. Elaine Feeg wills her noisy muffler to that nice policeman. To Sandra Houser, Gary Hibshman wills all his back homework assignments. Her pestiness Sonia Bugg wills to Delmas Tevalt. Marian Mauser wills her chemistry class queries to the Atomic Energy Commission. Brian Wagner wills his all-around athletic ability to Larry Forry. Kathryn Stauffer wills her "specs" to Peter Rabbit. To Jimmy Yoder, Carol Becker wills her black leotards. Russell Lasch wills his ambition to Perry Moore. To Georgetta LeGay, Suzanne Nitrauer wills her love-letters to the Air Force. Ronald Wenrich, Myron Derr, and John Hain will their Ag. classes to Martha Reed, Sandra Miller, and Corrine Shenk. To Monroe Haak, Joyce Wagner wills her arguments with Mr. Whitfield. Lee Saunders wills his speeding ticket to Charles Wilson. Betty Brown wills her abundance of freckles to Judy Trout. To Charles Schaeffer, Robert Lengle wills his wise cracks in German Class. Barbara Burkholder wills her blond hair to Mary Jane Houtz. To Henry Althouse, Fred Strobel wills his knack for planning parties. To Penny Honker, Verna Day wills her "horsey" personality. Milesetta Hauer wills her weakness for blushing to Priscilla Brubaker. Marvin Kleinfelter wills his flame to the nearest candle. To Shirley Brown, Joanne Boyer bequeaths her politeness. Glenn Dreibelbis wills his record of days absent to Edna Haak. Her flightiness Joan Krall wills to Betty Boyer. Sharon Lebo wills her Tri-Hi-Y gavel to some lucky t?J Junior. James Keener wills his basketball scoring record to Mr. Hess. Carole Wagner wills Spain and Spanish Class back to the Spaniards. To Glenn Mader, Noel Kopala wills his darkroom technique. Pat Pfautz wills her slow motion to Shirley Phillippy. To Sally Watson, Marlene Rhine wills her love for English Class. Robert Hibshman wills his Friday morning banking sessions to the next school treasurer. Judy Dinger wills her Brigette Bardot act back to Brigette. Pamela Stechman wills her pony tail to Faye Ellen Krommes. To Ronnie Sadler, Barbara Blatt wills her typing skill. Richard Kreiser wills his univac to the United States Government. To Elaine Auchenbach, Mary Ann Neiswender wills her salesmanship ability. His pointed eyebrows, Tom Honker wills to Dianne Garlin. Ruth Long wills her shorthand speed to Gay Wagner. Richard Walter wills his height to Richard Smith. Charlotte Hoffman wills Willard's Willys Jeep back to Willard. To Carol Rager, Arlene Umberger bequeaths her long, black hair. Arthur Heilman wills his Boy Scout record to Ronald Scipioni. Sally Ressler wills her blonde French twist to Jennifer Kenny. We sincerely hope that the gifts we have bestowed upon our friends, the underclassmen, will be deeply appreciated and cherished. In Witness Whereof: We have hereunto set our hand this 20th day of May, in the year of our Lord, nineteen hundred sixty. Lenla B. Saunders, Witness Dwight C. Fake, Witness PROPHECY As we look into the future, we see travel by jet-powered planes, new won- der-drugs, and missile stations on the moon. At the same time, what are the members of the Class of '60 doing? The year is 1980, and we see that: Scout Hellman is head counsellor of the nearby Girl Scout camp where Russ Lasch is chigf cook and bottle washer and Verna Day and Milesetta Hauer take charge of the livery sta les. Darlene Miller and Andy Honker are working to publish The Myerstown Gazette. On the capable staff are Marvin Kleinfelter, writing advice to the lovelorn, and Judy Schaeffer, illustrating her tips on dress and style. It carries daily Shirley Fullmer's syndicated column, "Aid to the Ailing Homemaker." Franz Messerschmidt, first chair sousaphone booper for the Deutschmeister Band, is tour- ing Germany and has just visited Professor Robert Lengle, head of the German department at Heidelberg University. Professor Lengle is still trying to teach Glenn Dreibelbis the dif- ferences between die, der, and das. In New York City, Carole Wagner is setting up a rescue mission for mistreated Spanish students. Joyce Wagner is doing a booming business in her Ford Auto Business. She is sure to send all her customers to Elaine Fig's Sunny Sunoco Station. Her chief mechanic is Gary Hibshman. Ronald Wenrich and Corwin Erdman, winners of the Pennsylvania Safe Driving Contest, sponsored by the first woman governor, Pat Pfautz, are establishing a new taxi service, "We Drive You Anywhere, Anytime, Any Way." Mary Ann Neiswender has just opened her exclusive dress shop, Potato Saks, Fifth Ave- nue, with branches in Kutztown, Weavertown, and Reistville. Seamstress of the shop is Stitch-a-Seam Diem. Joan Krall, the psychiatrist of the year, is kept busy trying to analyze Charlotte Hoff- man's gurgling giggle. Joan's right-hand girl, Pam Stechman, has finished publishing her book, "Don't Tell a Soul," adapted from Miss Krall's files. Fred Strobel has just made another smashing sale of aluminum cookware to Myron Derr, proprietor of the Bronze Spittoon Cafe. In Myron's employment are: his most efficient "bouncer" Loucetta Houserg Sally Ressler, his British cigarette girlg and Sonia Bugg and Richard Walter as the successful "Mutt and Jeff" performers. In the operating room of the Navy hospital, the atmosphere grows tense as head surgeon, Ralph Auchenbach, prepares to perform a delicate eyebrow operation on Tom Honker, the noted cartoonist of "Mad" magazine. Mabel Sadler, the capable nurse, is taking charge of the knife-sharpening detail. Covering this record-shattering operation is Kathryn Stauffer. author of the popular column, "The Woman and The Challenge." Slenderella Suzanne Nitrauer has just returned from her weekly visit to Barbara Burk- holder's Slim Jim Reducing Salon. This week's extra ,feature is a course entitled, "How to Be a Blonde-And Like lt," by Sharon Lebo and Marlene Rhine. Star of the Broadway hit, "I'll Cry a River," is Judy Dinger, who has just arrived at the plantation of gentleman farmer, John Hain. Her airplane pilot, Dave Walter, insisted on refueling in Maryland. Carol Becker is now water girl for the Globegallopers, Yap Wagner and Stilts Keener. Pickadilly Pickle Packing Palace President, Lee Saunders, now employs a secretary for each kneeg they are Barbara Blatt and Mary Ann Wenrich. Among his other employees is Robert Hibshman, who is in charge of his mint. Richard Kreiser is developing a miniature uiniyac for overworked housewives at the re- quest of two frustrated homemakers, Dorothy Williams and Joanne Boyer. At the same laboratory, John Atkins and Noel Kopala are working on the complicated formula of water. Marian Mauser is just completing her experiments with "dingling tem- peraturesf' George Brightbill and Betty Brown have the top clown act in Barnum and Bailey's three- ring circus. In the second ring, Christine Sweigart and Arlene Umberger are racing against time to complete a safety net before Ruth Long attempts her quadruple somersault with a three-quarter twist and a double pretzel from the trapeze. SENIOR PERSONALITIES Mosr TALKATIVE VOCALLY INCLINED Carole Wagner, George Bfightbill Andrew Honker. Kathryn Stauffer MOST ARTISTIC Mosr POPULAR Judy Schaeffer, Tom Honker Charlotte Hoffman, Marvin Kleinfelter Mosr VERSATILE INSTRUMENTALLY INCLINED Darlene Miller. Lee Saunders Franz Messerschmidt, Suzanne Nitrauer N BEST DRESSED BEST LOOKING Judy Dinger, Ralph Auchenbach Marvin Kleinfelter, Suzanne Nitrauer CLASS CL0wNs Mosr LIKELY To SUCCEED George Brightbill, Betty Brown Kathryn Stauffer, Ralph Auchenbach 4 y E Mosr DRAMATIC MosT ATHLETIC QUIETEST Franz Messerschmidt, Judy Dinger Verna Day, Brian Wagner Marlene Rhine. Richard Walter Name Carol Becker Barbara Blatt Joanne Boyer Elizabeth Brown Sonia Bugg Barbara Burkholder Verna Day Grace Diem Judith Dinger Elaine Feeg Shirley Fullmer Milesetta Hauer Charlotte Hoffman Loucetta Hauser Joan Krall Sharon Lebo Ruth Long Marian Mauser Darlene Miller Mary Ann Neiswender Suzanne Nitrauer Patricia Pfautz Sally Ressler Marlene Rhine Mabel Sadler Judy Schaeffer K thryn Stauffer Pgmela Stechman Christine Sweigart Arlene Umberger Carole Wagner Joyce Wagner Mary Ann Wenrich Dorothy Williams John Atkins Ralph Auchenbach George Brightbill Myron Derr Glenn Dreibelbis Corwin Erdman John Hain. Arthur Hellman Gary Hibshman Robert Hibshman Andrew Honker Thomas Honker James Keener Marvin Kleinfelter Noel Kopala Richard Kreiser Russell Lasch Robert Lengle Franz Messerschmidt Lee Saunders Fred Strobel Brian Wagner David Walter Richard Walter Ronald Wenrich HERE AN D THERE Recognized By Quietness David Long, blonde hair jovial mood Shoe size Ronald ? ? Athletic ability Sweet personality Joel Class money handler Her diamond Her laugh Riding in a jeep Strong volleyball serve Play part of Miss Dalrymple Her fill Volkswagon Tumbling ability Questions in Chemistry class "Blackie" Job at Rose Singer Smile Walk Hot rodding Her blonde hair Her many subjects Artistic ability "Brains" Pony tail Gene Cooking ability Her Spanish Chryslers Fondness for boys Sonia Wavy hair Dinger's able assistant Clowning in class Love of school His Oldsmobile His bloncl hair His blond hair Part of Eddie His Ford Bowling ability Singing ability Scientific ability Shortness His personality His camera Sleepiness V His crew cut "Tough darts" His attending school Travels to Annville Neat clothes Athletic ability Flying ability Tallness Chewing gum Wants to Be Secretary Secretary Fashion designer Factory worker Factory worker Beautician Secretary Secretary Secretary Secretary Housewife Factory worker Secretary Factory worker English teacher Secretary Secretary Factory worker Teacher Factory worker Elementary teacher Practical Nurse Nurse Typist Nurse Home Economics teacher English teacher Secretary Un decided Working girl Spanish teacher History teacher Secretary Housewife Electronic Genius Doctor Hotel Manager Rich Store manager Mechanic Steel worker Electronics technician Mechanic Accountant Sportscaster or recrea- tional director Professional student In Marines Accountant Science teacher IWM Military Service Rich In military service Teacher of music Business executive Salesman Air Force General Skilled Workman In Civil Service Steel worker Should Be Water girl for the Globetrotters Bouncer Head of a girls' school Clown Entoinologist A 45: P Store Manager Horse jockey Pan-cake tumer VVriter of a love-lorn column Owner of a Texaco Station School teacher Phys. Ed. Teacher Dancer Tap dancer Football player "Mad" musician VVeight lifter Sanitary engineer Bouncer Head salesgirl at Mary Sachs President of Boys' Town Chief Cook Wrestler Ballet dancer Social worker Betty Crocker's right- hand girl Car hop Wave Coin Collector Piano player Cow Milker Ford Saleswoman Cowgirl Hair stylist Barber Fashion designer Tightrope walker Manager of a Slen- deralla Salon Elephant trainer Policeman Building Contractor Minister Drag Strip racer Car salesman Street Cleaner Ditch Digger Manager of Rolfing's Orchards Fireman Ladykiller Univac Psychologist Gennan teacher Farmer Jer Pilot , Disc jockey Bottle washer Traveling salesman Mail carrier Bird Watcher Fondest Memories Those "rare" parties in room 2 Good times in Mrs. Saunders' classes Home Economics classes Unusual gym classes Fun we had in gym classes Homeroom and play practice Unusual gym classes Mrs. Saunders' classes "Rare" room 2 classes Algebra classes Mrs. Saunders' birthday Party 12th grade Christmas BMW Queen of Hearts Dance 12th Grade Christmas Party Class functions Cheerleading for '57 "Championship" soccer Exciting volleyball games Fun in Chemistry and Trig classes Jammed Halls and Myrialog Fun and parties in room 2 Sr. Class Play practices Vacations Trouble I got into Shorthand "parties" Chemistry Class Decorating for school dances Classroom fun Championship Girls' Basketball Game "Rare Home Ee." and gym classes The F. H. A. parties Miss Gudemann's Span- ish classes Crazy 9C section and Chemistry Classes Room 2 and gym classes "Rare" gym classes My friends Anything but classes The teacher's grapevine Days off Mrs. Papson's English classes Science and Biology English classes Sr. Class Play Visits to office in 11th grade Business class and AS- semblies "Times" in algebra classes Friday aftemoons Fun I had with my classmates Homeroom and Gennan class After school in the print shop Mrs. Jeffers' English class 8:00 sessions English classes Friday afternoons Championship soccer team Mrs. Saunders' enjoy- able classes German classes Mrs. Papson History tests The F. F. A. Educa- tional tours "ALMOST EIGHTEENH CAST WILLIAM BARRY . . . .......... .... F ranz Messerschmidt GRACE BARRY . . ....... ...... K athryn Stauffer BEATRICE BARRY .... .... . . Judy Dinger MABEL WARREN . .... Suzanne Nitrauer MRS. GRANVILLE .... Carole Wagner EDDIE BARRY ..,... . . Arthur Heilman GEORGE .... . . . . ..... George Brightbill ANN SHERMAN ........ Barbara Burkholder TOMMY GRANVILLE . . ..... Andrew Honker SALLY DAVIDSON . . . .... Sally Ressler MR. MERRITT ........ .......... .... . . . ........ . . . Ralph Auchenbach MISS DALRYMPLE . , , . .....,.......... . ........ Joan Krall ' SENIOR PLAY COMMITTEES DIRECTOR ................................ . . ,.,.. . . . . . Mrs. Esther Papson STAGE SETTING-MF. Donald Lansberry assisted by 10th and Ilth Grade Shop Students. MAKE-UP-MTS. Daniel Bomberger, Elaine Feeg, Sharon Lebo, Darlene Miller. COSTUMING-MISS Lois Smeltzer, Judy Schaeffer, Mary Ann Neiswender. STAGE CREW-NOCI Kopala, Brian Wagner. STAGE PROPERTIES-Mr. Larry Mentzer, Christine Sweigart, Loretta Ernfield, Glenn Dreibel- bis, Robert Lengle. - PROMPTERS-Verna Day, Joyce Wagner. ADVERTISENIENT-MF. Dwight Fake, Lee Saunders, Marvin Kleinfelter, Pamela Stechman, Robert Hibshman, Elizabeth Brown. TICKETS-Mrs Lena Saunders, Fred Strobel. Barbara Blatt, Richard Walter. Punucrrv-Mr. Donald Kugle, Charlotte Hoffman, Russel Lasch, Shirley Fullmer. Us:-:ERS-Seniors. SYNOPSIS OF SCENES The entire action of the play takes place in the living room of the Barry home. ACT I-Early on an evening in May. ' ACT II-Three weeks later. ACT III-The following day at noon. ' BETWEEN THE ACTS The Girls' Ensemble, composed of Edna Haak, Candace Nitrauer, Georgette LeGay, Mary Ann Wenrich, Nadine Donley, Faye Krommes, Karen Sholly, Ruth Wiley, Sandra Miller, Martha Reed, and Pamela Stechman sang, 'LFollow Me Down to Carlow," a Scottish folk song, and "Serenade," from 'The Student Prince." as arranged by Lawrence. The accompanist was Mrs. Harvey Nitrauer. A trombone solo entitled "Maid of the Misti' by Herbert L. Clarke was also presented by Lee Saunders, accompanied by Nadine Donley. "HE LOOKS LIKE A GREEK GOD . . "THERE IS THE ORIGINAL WORK TM GOING TO GO CRAZY IF YOU DON'T STOP CRYINGP' VICTIMIZED BY CUPID'S ARROWS. lf ' 'I QQT' L' x i x mfg R , fg:-f 11-ff l X N X J' ' X K. K I , xi: i l 1 ef , X, is ig A ' . . ' A- f ff Underclasgmen I UNIOR CLASS HomERooxu TEAoHERs-Mr. Kugle, Mr. Mentzer CLASS ADVISOR-MIS. Brightbill . STUDENTS-H. Althouse. R. Althouse, E. Auchenbach, D. Behm, G. Bucher, W. Blecker snr-per-farm:-g-7: Boyer, S. Brandt, B. Brown, E. Brown. E. Brubaker, P. Brubaker, L. Copenhaver, Crouse, J. Darkes, R. Deck, R. Deck, N. Donley, B. Donmoyer, G. Dubble, S. Dubble Ewing, L. Feaser, J. Flamini, D. Gassert, D. Garlin, B. Garman, B. Garrett, B. Gettle Haak D Harnish R Hess S Houser M. J. Houtz R. Kleinfelter, F. E. Krommes 'Laschi Gi LeGay,,B..Lengle, 'G. Madier, C. Mmerfn. Miner, R. Miner, S. Miller: Moore, J. Morris, D. Moyer, C. Rager, M. Reed, R. Royer, S. Ruoss, R. Sadler Salem, C. Saunders, C. Schaeffer, D. Schoener, R. Scipioni, C. Shenk, M. Shuey Smith, R. Smith, S. Smith, M. Snoke, L. Snyder, S. Souders, G. Spitler, D. Stonesifer Swanger, D. Tevalt, J. Trout, H. Troutman, S. Umberger, G. Wagner, S. Watson Weik, R. A. Wiley, C. Wilson, L. Ziegler. K JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS PRESIDENT .................................. Richard Smith V1cE-PRESIDENT .... . . . Sandra Houser TREASURER ...... ........ J udy Trout SECRETARY ..... . . . Charles Schaeffer s SOPHOMORE CLASS HOMEROOM TEACHERS-Miss Fanelli and Mr. Whitfield STUDENTS-G. Bicher, D. Bicksler, C. Boltz, S. Bordner, N. Boyer, T. Christman, M. Daub D. Deck, G. Dubble, C. Eckenroth, K. Eiler. J. Ernfield, L. Feeg, L. Forry, R. Garloff D. Gettle, L. Gettle, M. Gibble, P. Gogets, D. Haag, G. Haag, M. Helder, J. Hibshman P. Honker, N. Hower, K. Keener, C. Kline, L. Klick, M. Lebo, M. Leed, M. Lindermuth H. Lutz. K. Lutz, H. Mann, B. Mauser, H. Miller, J. Miller, M. A. Miller, B. Neiswender J. Nevius, N. Oberholtzer, I. Reed, M. Schoener,M. Schnoke, C. Schworer, D. Scipioni G. Shaeffer, R. Smith. F. Souders, A. Strauss. D. Troutman, R. Weirich, R. Wengert J. Yiengst. SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS PRESIDENT .....................,................. C. Kline VICE-PRESIDENT . . . ............... R. Wengert SECRETARY ...... .... D . Scipioni TREASURER .... .... S . Bordner s n s 1 N INTH GRADE HONIEROOLI TEACHERS-MTS. Papson and Mr. Blantz STUDENTS-G. Arnold, R. Atkins, J. Bird, B. Blauch, R. Blouch, C. Bowman, B. Boyer K. Boyer, E. Brown, D. Christ, C. Deck, F. Derr, D. Field, B. Fisher, D. Fisher M. Garlin, M. Gaylor, D. Gettle, M. Gingrich, J. Gogets, M. Good, C. Haag, H. Haag T. Hain, J. Haverstick, L. Helder, R. Hess, C. Himmelberger, E. Hibshman, G. Hibshman R. Hoffman, P. Hook, J. Houtz, L. Houtz, A. Ilus, J. Kenney, R. Leander, C. Lehman M. Lessig, R. Lutz, D. Maurer, S. McKnight, M. Mentzer, G. Miller, C. Nitrauer, R. Noll N. Pfautz, M. Phillippy, S. Phillippy, S. Reber, R. Reed, B. Rittle, G. Ruppenthal S. Schaeffer, I. Sell, R. Shenk, K. Sholly, J. Smith, R. Smith, S. Smith, E. Snoke, W. Suhr, E. Sweigart, D. Umberger, D. Urich, T. Valerio, L. Vindich, L. Wenrich, M. Wiley G. Williams, I. Williams, S. Yeakley. NINTH GRADE OFFICERS I PRESIDENT ........... .. .. ................... G. Hibshman VICE-PRESIDENT . . . . . . . . E. Brown SECRETARY . . . . . . .... M. Mentzer TREASURER . . . ..... W. Suhr 9 s 1 s EIGHTH GRADE A HOMEROOLI TEACHERS-MT. Ayers, Mr. Hottenstein and Mr. Noll STUDENTS-C. Althouse, K. Balmer, R. Banks, J. Becker, N. Berger, R. Binkley, J. Blatt R. Bollinger, S. Boyer, R. Brandt, D. Brown, S. Brown, K. Burkholder, M. Burkholder, R. Deck, K. DeLuca, B. Dinger, B. Donley, D. Dubble, E. Dundore, J. Ebling, J. Ecken- roth, F. Eisenhauer, L. Eisenhauer, L. Eisenhauer, K. Erdman, A. Fake, M. Field R. Flamini, N. Firestine, R. Firestine, G. Fisher, M. Forensky, K. Fullmer, N. Garlin R. Garman, J. Garrett, G. Gettle, J. Gettle, R. Gibble, D. Haag, D. Haag, H. Hacker C. Hain, G. Harnish, J. Hauer, J. Henry, E. Hess, A. Hibshman, E. High, C. Himmel- berger, B. Houtz, C. Hower, B. Johnson, C. Johnson, C. Kapp, D. Lausch, L. Leed H. Lehman, N. Lewars, J. Loeb, J. Long, B. Lutz, W. Lutz, A. Martin, E. Martin M. Martin, A. Mays, N. Miller, R. Miller, L. Mower, D. Moyer, A. Nordman, J. Page L. Peiffer, E. Pierson, D. Pohronezny, M. Reposki, J. Rittle, C. Ruoss, D. Ruppenthal D. Sadler, P. Salem, R. Salem, R. Sando, G. Sanger, L. Schaeffer, J. Schaeffer, W. Schaef- fer, P. Schott, D. Schnoke, S. Shaak, C. Shepler, K. Smith, R. Smith, W. Smith, R. Sonnon E. Sprecher, L. Stauffer, L. Sterner, E. Sweigart, H. Swisher, H. Snyder, M. Sunder J. Trout, E. Umberger, Y. Valerio, D. Wagner, B. Wartluft, M. Wartluft, J. Weaver K. Yeagley, R. Young, S. Zearfoss, L. Ziegler, A. Zimmerman. EIGHTH GRADE OFFICERS PRESIDENT .......... ........................ .... . J . Trout V1cE-PRESIDENT ............................... R. Firestine SECRETARY . ..... . . . . . K. DeLuca TREASURER ..... L. Eisenhauer 1 1 i SEVENTH GRADE HoMERooM TEACHERS-Mr. Bomberger, Mr. Graybill, Mr. Hoffman. TEACHERS-MT. Bomberger, Mr. Graybill, Mr. Hoffman. STUDENTS-D. Banks, D. Bashore, S. Becker, W. Behney, Z. Berehulak, D. Bicksler, G. Blatt, W. Blatt, J. Blauck, M. Bliss, R. Boltz, E. Boyer, G. Boyer, K. Boyer, D. Brandt, L. Brightbill, K. Brough, D. Bugg, L. Bugg, L. Burkholder, C. Caskie, C. Christ, J. Christ- man, J. Demmy, A. Diem, R. Donley, J. Fehr, J. Gassert, R. Gaylor, G. Geist, R. Gerhart, D. Gettle, B. Gibble, G. Gibble, J. Gingrich, E. Groff, E. Grumbine, J. Hammar, P. Haverstick, P. Heilman, F. Hibshman, L. Hibshman, R. Hibshman, S. Hibshman, J. Hill, T. Hipp, L. Hook, J. Hoover, R. Houtz, M. Hummel, V. Hurst, T. Keeney, V. Klein, D. Kline, K. Kline, M. Klopp, N. Knarr, D. Kohr, D. Lausch, S. Lengle, K. Lutz, N. Lutz, D. Marquette, E. Martin, F. Martin, L. Martin, N. Martin, H. Mauser, K. McKinley, W. Messerschmidt, B. Miller, C. Moore, D. Moyer, M. Nye, A. Reber, M. Ressler, J. Rhoads, G. Ross, L. Salem, L. Saltzer, D. Schaeffer, L. Schaeffer, L. Schoener, C. Schworer, D. Shaak, C. Shellhamer, J. Sherk, J. Shuey, I. Smith, P. Spitler, Z . Stager, D. Stutzman, K. Stutzman, R. Snyder, B. Troutman, C. Umberger, N. Umber- ger, T. Umberger, F. Valerio, D. Walter, A. Weaver, J. Weaver, W. Weaver, P. Weiant, F. Weidman, C. Wetzel, R. Whitmoyer, J. Witter, P. Yingst, J. Yoder, D. Ziegler, L. Zuck. SEVENTH GRADE CLASS OFFICERS . PRESIDENT ...................... ......... .... D o nna Kline VICE-PRESIDENT ....................... Dennis Shaak SECRETARY ...... . . . William Messerschmidt TREASURER .... ...... S andra Hibshman SIXTH GRADE TEACHERS-MTS. Nitrauer and Mrs. Shenk, STUDENTS-D. Bicksler, R. Border, H. Eckenroth, D. Eisenhower, D. Garman, T. Haag, G. Haldeman, C. Hardy, P. Haverstick, B. Hibshman, E. Himrnelberger, J. Hoffman, Y. Hoffman, M. Ilus, O. Ilus, M. Krick, H. Laudermilch, N. Layser, G. Long, D. Miller, R. Miller, C. Morris, L. Ondrusek, J. Page, L. Palm, J. Pearson, S. Pierson, R. Pohronezny, C. Rabold, D. Ream, L. Rhoads, E. Salem, S. Scipioni, R. Shuey, D. Snyder, E. Sprecher, J. Strobel, M. Struthers, E. Swisher, M. Troutman, R. Wartluft, A. Weaver, J. Yeagley, B. Yeiser, D. Zeigler. FIFTH GRADE TEACHERS-MIS. Shenk, Mr. Chapman. STUDENTS-B. Behney, K. Biever, M. Billman, M. Bliss, T. Burkhart, J. Christ, S. Daniels, J. Deck, R. Eckenroth. R. Friend, P. Fuhrman, J. Fullmer, G. Garloff, R. Gerhart, N. Gettle, R. Haag, D. Haak, S. Hanley, D. Heberling, C. Hill, L. Jones, S. Kohl, D. Koeler, M. Kopala. A. Layser, D. Leininger, K. Line, F. Lucas, A. Maurer, B. Miller, D. Miller, L. Miller, S. Miller, M. Ney, K. Palm, R. Ream, D. Royer, S. Rudy, L. Salem, R. Shenk, D. Smith, G. Smith, B. Stokes, R. Suchanek, M. Sweitzer, C. Tevalt, S. Uhrich, M. Wartluft, T. Wartluft. ' FOURTH GRADE TEACHER-Miss Laderach. STUDENTS-D. Anspach, C. Bickel, M. Botty, D. Brough, R. Derr, D. Firestine, D. Forry R. Grumbine, L. Hibshman, C. Hoffman, R. Jones, M. Kauffman, K. Kieffer, D. Klein B. Kreiser, S. Krlck, H. Lindermuth, B. Link, V. Long, L. Lutz, J. McKnight, B. Miller H. Nye, S. Reppert, R. Schott, R. Schriver, B. Seager, D. Slayton, S. Smith, J. Suchanek M. Swanger, B. Tice, B. Troutman, C. Wagner, E. Weaver, G. Wenger. THIRD GRADE TEACHERS-Mrs. Clay and Miss Schell. STUDENTS-B. Barrall, B. Billman, J. Bortz, H. Brown, I. Brown, D. Courtney, M. Crouse, G. Derr, J. Diffenbach, M. Eisenhauer, R. Eisenhauer, R. Fiddler, S. Firestine, S. Fuhr- man, K. Garman, S. Garman, S. Garman, W. Gassert, M. Haak, S. Heiland, R. Hibsh- man, S. Hibshman, C. Holdren, L. Hook, D. Immel, R. Jones, L. Kemble, M. Klick D. Kohl, J. Layser, P. Leininger, L. Leininger, J. Long, B. Marquette, V. Migliaccio D. Miller, P. Miller, T. Miller, V. Neiswender, M. Palm, H. Peters, T. Ream, J. Roney A. Spangler, R. Scipioni, G. Shellhamer, J. Stokes, D. Stonesifer, R. Strobel. B. Struthers D. Swanger, T. Sweitzer, D. Swisher, K. Swope, L. Weaver, K. Weiant, T. Wetzel J. Wiley, J. Zimmerman. J 9 9 9 SECOND GRADE pawns-7: Wilson, T. Zimmerman. FIRST GRADE TEACHERS-Ml'S. Shaak and Mrs. Groff. STUDENTS-V. Auman, C. Beyler, D. Billman, R. Blatt, N. Boltz, M. Boyer, L. Brown B. Brubaker, R. Degler, D, Dieffenbach, D. Edris, R. Eisenhauer, C. Firestone, E. Garlin G. Garrison, G. Gerhart, D. Gibbs, J. Good, M. Haag, S. Haak, M. Heiland, K. Hibsh: man, R. Hoffman, W. Honker, R. Howard, Jr., G. Hower, L. Hower, D. Jones K. Jones S. Kauffman, G. Kemble, B. Kieffer, F. Lausch, D. Long, D. Miller, M. Miller, W. Neis: wender, S. Noll, L. Patches, L. Rabold, E. Reichard, D. Reppert, R. Salem, S. Snyder, J. Strause, R. Troutman, G. Yarnall, K. Yingst, L. Zechman. TEACHERS-Miss Brandt and Miss North. STUDENTS-R. Anspach, G. Berger, P. Bliss, G. Bicher, S. Bickel, F. Billman, D. Boyer, C. Brown, J. Brown, M. Courtney, P. Eckenroth, L. Edris, D. Fiddler, D. Frederick, L. Gettle, D. Gockley, C.'Hain, D. Hardy, J. Haverstick, D. Heberling, C. Hess, C. Hoff- man, S. Holdren, R. Houtz, R. Karsnitz, J. Keiffer, J. Kline, B. Krall, B. Kramer, . Kramer, S. Krick, D. Layser, W. Lucas, D. McKinley, D. Miller, R. Miller, D. Palm, Pohronezny, B. Reppert, J. Roney, D. Royer, M. Salem, K. Sandoe, R. Schaeffer, . Scipioni, R. Seager, W. Seager, E. Shutter, D. Singer, S. Smith, D. Sprecher, A. Swanger, . Sweitzer, C. Tice, T. Uhrich, A. Weaver, M. Wenzler, D. Wike, M. Williams, 9 HILL SCHOOL SAFETY PATROL ADVISOR-Miss Jane North. STUDENTS-D. Anspach, C. Bickel, M. Boltz, R. Derr, D. Firestine, D. Forry, R. Grumbine, L. Hibshman, R. Jones, K. Kieffer, D. Klein, S. Krick, B. Link, V. Long, L. Lutz, J. McKnight. S. Reppert, R. Schriver, B. Seager, D. Slayton, J. Suchanek, M. Swanger, B. Tice, B. Troutman. SCHOOL SAFETY PATROLS The Safety Patrol was organized in 1931 by Mr. Robert Mitchell. Mr. Snavely was the second advisor and held this position for four years. This year the Hill School Safety Patrol has Miss Jane North as its advisor. Each year the Myerstown patrols march in the annual Safety Patrol Parade which is held in Palmyra. On the completion of a semester's service, the members receive a certificate and badge. Letters are given to Junior High members for their outstanding services. The Patrol takes a traditional bus trip which is sponsored by the police department and the faculty advisors. These trips included Trexler Game Farm, Hershey Police Barracks, Lebanon County Jail, Miniature Village, Pennsylvania State Museum, and the State Capitol. The Patrol proudly displays a record of no accidents or injuries to pupils on patrol- covered corners in twenty-nine years of service. SIXTH GRADE SAFETY PATROL ADVISOR-MTS. Shenk. STUDENTS-D. Bicksler, R. Border, D. Eisenhauer, D. Garman, C. Hardy, E. Himmelberger, J. Hoffman, Y. Hoffman, O. Ilus, M. Klick, H. Laudermilch, N. Layser, R. Miller, C. Morris, L. Ondrusek, J. Page, L. Palm, J. Pearson, S. Pierson, C. Rabold, E. Salem, S. Scipioni, R. Shuey, D. Snyder, E. Sprecher, J. Strobel, E. Swisher, M. Troutman, R. Wartluft, A. Weaver, J. Yeagley, B. Yeiser, D. Ziegler. f x X 'X 'J A h A, I. qi' ll N1 .W 3 1 dl, XCQX , 1 x X55 ,sg , 'X .-f 1' ' ' 25. f" 5' -2 1 --- :f. ,,.af' IH l . ,Ap ,-1 - - ll' . 6 L E ,N - - 171-5 1fs7 ? ' qifi - -Agia if ' ' - 1 T TSW? Q - S OVTS VARSITY BASKETBALL First row, left to right: R. Lengle, managerg E. Hess, coachg and S. Smith, manager. Second row: L. Forry, F. Souders, A. Honker, B. Wagner, D. Bixler, L. Salem, L. Saunders, and J. Keener. R. Garloff, Myerstown Bethel .... Myerstown Patton Trade Myerstown Bethel .... Myerstown Alumni . . . Myerstown Elco ...... Myerstown S. Lebanon Myerstown N. Lebanon Myerstown Cornwall .. Myerstown Annville . . . Myerstown Elco ...... Myerstown S. Lebanon Myerstown Patton Trade Myerstown N. Lebanon Myerstown Cornwall .. Myerstown Annville .. Myerstown Elco . .... . Myerstown S. Lebanon Myerstown N. Lebanon Myerstown Cornwall .. Myerstown Annville . . . Myerstown Faculty . . . The basketball team rounded out the season with a scorecard of 6 wins and 15 losses The season was not too successful but there is always a next year. Mr. Earl Hess coached the Mohawk Cagers. A. Honker B. Wagner L. Saunders J. Keener 5. L. Salem 6. F. Souders 7. R. Garloff I. AV. BASKETBALL L. Mentzer, coachg R. Garloff, M. Lebo, D. Bixler, F. Souders L. Forry, G. Haag, H. Lutz Myerstown Bethel ........ . . 16 Myerstown Patton Trade . . . . . 18 Myerstown Bethel ....... . . 19 Myerstown ELCO ..... .... 3 1 Myerstown S. Lebanon . . . . . . . 55 Myerstown N. Lebanon . . . . . . . 34 Myerstown Cornwall . . . . . . . 54 Myerstown Annville .... .... 5 6 Myerstown ELCO ....... .... 5 8 Myerstown S. Lebanon .... .... 4 6 Myerstown Patton Trade . . . . . . . 15 Myerstown N. Lebanon . . . . . . . 42 Myerstown Cornwall . . . . . . . 60 Myerstown Annville . . . . . . . 52 Myerstown ELCO ..... .... 4 0 Myerstown S. Lebanon . . . . . . . 62 Myerstown N. Lebanon . . . . . . . 20 Myerstown Cornwall . . . . . . . 52 Myerstown Annville .... .... 4 1 The J. V. squad, under Mr. Larry Mentzer in his first year as coach, posted a record of 6 wins against 13 losses. IUNICR HIGH BASKETBALL First row, left to right: G. Hibshman, B. Rittle, L. Helder, W. Suhr, C. Kreiser, D. Fields Second row: J. Bird, M. Lessig, B. Lutz, E. Sweigart, P. Hook, L. Eisenhauer, E. Brown. Third row: R. Hoffman fcoachj, J. Schaeffer, R. Firestine, K. Burkholder, R. Deck L. Schaeffer. Myerstown Myerstown Myerstown Myerstown Myerstown Myerstown Myerstown Myerstown Myerstown Myerstown Myerstown Myerstown ELCO ....... . . . 61 No. Lebanon .... . . . 28 Palmyra ...... . . . 38 Cornwall ..... . . . 51 So. Lebanon .... 42 Annville ...... . . . 50 ELCO ....... . . . 26 No. Lebanon .... . . . 17 Palmyra ........... . . . 31 Cornwall ......... ..... 3 6 So. Lebanon CForfeitJ .... 2 Annville ............... 52 The Junior High basketball team was first organized during the school year 1952-53 by Mr. Robert Hoffman. The boys who play on the team get a great deal of experience to help them prepare to play for the Junior Varsity and Varsity teams. SOCCER First row, left to right: R. Hoffman, coach, F. Strobel, R. Wenrich, B. Wagner, J. Hain, M. Kleinfelter, T. Honker, G. Hibshman, and A. Honker. Second row: L. Saunders, R. Kleinfelter, R. Garloff, L. Salem, C. Saunders, D. Bixler, W. Blecker, L. Forry, F. Souders, and R. Royer. Third row: R. Leander, R. Shenk, L. Wenrich, R. Weirich, M. Lebo, D. Gettle, and J. Bird. Fourth row: M. Lessig, G. Hibshman, W. Suhr, D. Field, B. Rittle, P. Hook, G. Haag. L. Vindich, and E. Brown, manager. A. Heilman was absent when picture was taken. Myerstown Garden Spot Myerstown Garden Spot JV Myerstown Penn Manor Myerstown Alumni .... Myerstown No. Lebanon Myerstown Elco ....... Myerstown So. Lebanon Myerstown Annville . . . Myerstown Lancaster . . Myerstown Lancaster JV Myerstown No. Lebanon Myerstown Elco ....... Myerstown 2 S. Lebanon . Myerstown . . . . . . 2 Annville . . . . . . . 1 Myerstown . . . . . . 1 Reading . . . . . . . 0 The varsity soccer team, under the coaching of Mr. Robert Hoffman, ended the season with a record of 4 wins, 6 losses, and 3 ties. The junior varsity team, under Mr. Larry Mentzer, had a record of 0 wins and 2 losses. Everyone will be looking for a better record next year. BASEBALL First row, left to right: W. Blecker, L. Saunders, D. Fake Ccoachl B Wagner and A Honker Second row: L. Helder, G. Haag, F. Souders, W. Suhr, R. Garloff R Wengert H Lutz G. Hibshman, and L. Forry. Myerstown . . Myerstown . . Myerstown . . Myerstown . . Myerstown . . Myerstown . . Myerstown . . Myerstown . . Myerstown . . Myerstown . . Patton Trade Cornwall .. Patton Trade So. Lebanon No. Lebanon Palmyra . . . Elco ...... Annville . . Cornwall .. So. Lebanon The 1959 baseball team, under the coaching of Mr. Dwight Fake had a record of 4 wms and 6 losses, finishing just under the .500 mark. The team had an abundance of underclass men, however, and should' do better in the 1960 campaign. GIRLS' HOCKEY TEAM CoAcH: Mrs. Brightbill. SCORE KEEPER: S. Bordner. TIMER: P. Stechman. MANAGER: J. Dinger. AssrsTANTs: M. Helder, B. Neiswender. TEAM: P. Brubaker, B. Burkholder, V. Day, C. Deck, R. Deck, E. Feeg, L. Feeg, B. Garman, S. Himmelberger, C. Hoffman, P. Honker, K. Keener, C. Kline, S. Lebo, M. Mentzer, D. Miller, S. Miller, D. Moyer, C. Rager, S. Ressler, S. Schaeffer, J. Schaeffer, C. Shenk, K. Sholly, A. Strauss, G. Williams. Myerstown . . . . . . 1 Northern Lebanon . . . 1 Myerstown . . . . . . 0 Cornwall ..... . . . . . . 3 Myerstown . . . . . . 1 South Lebanon . . . . . . 1 Myerstown . . . . . . 0 Annville .... . . . . . . 3 Myerstown . . . . . . 1 Elco . . . . . 1 This year's record was three ties and two losses. Although our girls' hockey team wasn't quite up to par this year, the girls still had enough spirit and energy to tie three games. We were the only team to tie Elco. We all wish the best of luck to next year's team. GIRLS' BASKETBALL Front row, left to right: B. Brown, P. Stechman, S. Nitrauer tco-captainj, P. Brubaker, J. Schaeffer, V. Day Ceo-captainj, and R. Deck. Second row: B. Neiswender, M. Helder Qmanagersj, M. Schoener, B. Garman, M. Mentzer, P. Honker, C. Shenk, S. Houser, S. Miller, E. Feeg tscorekeeperj, and S, Lebo ftime- keeperj. Third row: G. Williams, K. Sholly, N. Pfautz, M. Miller, S. Schaeffer, C. Himmelberger, L. Feeg, G. Schaeffer, M. Schnoke, C. Nitrauer, and Mrs. Brightbill Qcoachj. The county girls' basketball league was started in the 1950-51 season. During the ten years of its existence, our girls have won six county championships. Mrs. Brightbill's team was undefeated in three of these seasons. This year the team will lose five seniors, which means next year's team will have to do a great deal of rebuilding. The scoreboard for this season reads: Myerstown . . . . . 44 South Lebanon . . . . Myerstown . . . . . 57 North Lebanon . . . . Myerstown . . . . . 44 Annville .... . . . . . Myerstgwn . . . . . 44 Elco ..... . . . . . Myerstown . . . . . 31 Cornwall . . . . Victorious Seasons: 1952-53 1954-55 1956-57 1957-58 1955-56 undefeated 1959-60 undefeated undefeated Nitrauer Schaeffer Day Brubaker 5. R. Deck 6. P. Stechman 7. E. Brown GIRLS' SOFTBALL TEAM CoAcH-Mrs. Helen Brightbill. SCOREKEEPER-S. Bordner. MANAGERS-B. Neiswender, M. Helder, M. Reed. TEAM-R. Althouse, B. Brown, P. Brubaker, S. Bugg, V. Day, C. Hoffman P Honker I Krall S. Lebo, D. Miller, S. Miller, S. Nitrauer, J. Schaeffer, C. Shenk C Swengart, E Swisher S. Wike, D. Williams. Myerstown ...... 1 Myerstown ...... 17 Myerstown ...... 21 Myerstown ...... 16 Myerstown ...... 15 Myerstown ...... 1 Myerstown ...... 14 Myerstown ...... 0 Cornwall .... South Lebanon No. Lebanon . Elco ........ South Lebanon Elco ........ No. Lebanon . Cornwall .... The 1959 softball team had an even record of four wins and four losses Eighteen girls participated in this sport, which was started by Mrs. Brightbill in the school year 1950 51 VARSITY CHEERLEADERS We present our cheerleaders, who during the year 1959-60 have maintained the spirit of enthusiasm among the students. They have been hard-working girls who have cheered for our soccer and basket- ball games. They have conducted pep meetings. The cheerleaders are selected by Mr. Hoffman. This year the squad chose Charlotte Hoffman and Sharon Lebo as co- captains. IUNIOR VARSITY CHEERLEADERS Front row: S. Phillippy, M. Mentzer, G. Williams, and M. Phillippy. Second row: M. Lindermuth, C. Kline, P. Honker, and K. Keener. Junior varsity cheerleaders were organized in 1954-55. The number of cheerleaders chosen depends on the number of varsity cheerleaders who graduate. These cheerleaders are selected by a committee with Mr. Hoffman as chairman. i'?' gnc I N.-4, Ein 3-4 Z 2500 Q. 4. :Ili : 5'1" E.. f-' 5. 5 X vw X3 S 'A ' ' I A NX Wu 1 tt - -- f -"""+':"' 'A .1 E ' ' ' ,,, ' 4 qx : ' ,.1f' -SSX NQYEN 2 :L V- ' ' A. 7: ,f 4, gig, " X . - V , -zzz , , 4111 N' 2, 1 -2 . Mc. -, .f 2 1:1 E- , ' 41' N-. X ' x .N 9 : '-'ii ":::1L- an ' I ' " S- " "' :.q55,'- W2 Q lil v :A g i H- - 1-1-- up 2 IN r WX 1 1 1 XR "am . - ' V ' ' Y . 4 'E 1 '- A -L ' , 'l VX -K 4- ' ,. .. ki' ' .425-E fr Y 1- j I -A .1 JL-, .. , ' ' ...1- T Shall A O -... Y A, 5, . 'L I Ev - A f-XCTIVITIQS STUDENT COUNCIL First row, left to right: Mr. Blantz, C. Schaeffer, L. Saunders, E. Feeg, M. Kleinfelter, A. Heil- man, S. Houser, and Mr. Ayers. Second row: M. Bliss, C. Kreiser, C. Keener, F. Souders, K. Deck, and R. Deck. N Mr. Blantz and Mr. Ayers are the present advisors to this organization. The Student Council is made up of four members from the senior class, two from the junior, two from the sophomore, two from the freshman, one from the eighth grade, and one from the seventh grade. Their fellow-classmates elected them to these positions. Their various jobs include sponsoring several school dances, arranging special assemblies, and taking part in such drives as Red Cross, March of Dimes, and Christmas Seals. SENIOR TRI-HI-Y ADVISORS: Mrs. Esther Papson, Mrs. Lena Saunders. MEMBERS! E. Auchenbach, S. Bordner, J. Boyer, K. Boyer, N. Boyer, S. Brandt, P. Brubaker, B. Burkholder, L. Crouse, J. Darkes, R. Deck, J. Dinger, N. Donley, B. Donmoyer, J. Ernfield, E. Feeg, L. Feeg, J. Flamini, B. Garman, B. Garrett, B. Gettle, E. Haak, M. Helder, J. Hibshman, C. Hoffman, P. Honker, S. Houser, M. Houtz, M. Hower, K. Keener, C. Kline, F. Krommes, S. Lebo, G. LeGay, R. Lengle, M. Lindermuth, D. Miller, S. Miller, D. Moyer, B. Neiswender, M. Neiswender, S. Nitrauer, N. Ober- holtzer, C. Rager, M. Reed, S. Ressler, J. Schaeffer, M. Schoener, C. Schworer, D. Scipioni, C. Shenk, G. Spitler, K. Stauffer, P. Stechman, A. Strauss, C. Sweigart, J. Trout, H. Trout- man, B. Umberger, S. Umberger, S. Watson, J. Wagner, M. Wenrich, R. Wiley. SENIOR TRI-HI-Y OFFICERS PRESIDENT . ................................ .... S . Lebo VICE PRESIDENT . . . ..... D. Miller SECRETARY ...... P. Stechman TREASURER ..................................... I. Dinger CIIAPLAIN ........................................ E. Feeg The Sr. Tri-Hi-Y, a Christian organization, invites girls to become members. Seventy girls are now upholding the purpose of the Club-"Create, maintain, and extend throughout the home, school, and community high standards of Christian character." It was organized in the school year of 1942-43 under Miss Betty Anne Rutherford's leadership. The following year with the help of Miss Esther Zug. they organized and coached a Tri-Hi-Y basketball team. This remained in effect until the Board hired a physical educa- tion teacher, who then organized a high school team. In February of 1944, the Sr. Tri-Hi-Y sponsored the first Valentine dance, an event that has become a tradition in our school. In this year Miss Rutherford left Myerstown and Miss Zug assumed full duties as advisor. Miss Francene Swope became the leader when Miss Zug resigned in 1951-52. In 1953-54, Miss Welch took over leadership duties. In 1955-56 Mrs. Merrit Jeffers became leader and in 1956-57 Mrs. Lena Saunders became assistant advisor. In 1959-60, Mrs. Esther Zug Papson rejoined our Club and is advisor along with Mrs. Lena Saunders at present. Some of the Senior Tri-Hi-Y's activities are: making Thanksgiving favors for the Old Folks' Home, Campfire service, the Christmas pageant, caroling through the halls at Christ- mas, Christmas parties for the first grade, the Valentine Dance, and active participation in the County Y Clubs. ' HI-Y ADVISORS: Mr. Whitfield, Mr. Lansberry. MEMBERS: H. Althouse, J. Atkins, D. Behm, D. Bicksler, W. Blecker, G. Brightbill, T. Christ- man, M. Daub, L. Ewing, L. Forry, R. Garloff, D. Gassert, G. Haag, M. Haak, A. Heil- man, R. Hibshman, A. Honker, T. Honker, M. Kleinfelter, L. Klick, N. Kopala, M. Lebo, H. Lutz, T. Mays, F. Messerschmidt, C. Miller, R. Miller, R. Royer, L. Saunders, M. Shuey, R. Smith, F. Souders, D. Stonesifer, F. Strobel, D. Tevalt, B. Wagner, R. Walter, C. Wilson, J. Yiengst. HI-Y OFFICERS PRESIDENT ...... .................... ..... L . Saunders V1cE-PRESIDENT . . . ................ . .. M. Kleinfelter SECRETARY ...... .... T . Honker TREASURER .... . . . F. Strobel CHAPLAIN . . . ................................ . . A. Hellman The Hi-Y was organized February 17, 1950, under the capable direction of Mr. Bucher. Mr. Lansberry followed Mr. Bucher as advisor of the Hi-Y. Presently Mr. Whitfield and Mr. Lansberry are the directors of this organization. Each year the Hi-Y, along with the Senior Tri-Hi-Y, present the Christmas and Easter assembly programs. In April of this year a group of boys from the Hi-Y visited New York. As in former years, the Hi-Y Club has sold ice cream at the soccer and basketball games, at lunch time, and after school. The number of boys who belong to the Club has almost doubled this year. The mem- bership for the 1959-60 school year is forty. IUNIOR TRI-HI-Y ADv1soR: Miss Smeltzer. MEMBERS: D. Banks, C. Christ, D. Christ, K. DeLuca, C. Deck, B. Dinger, A. M. Donley, F. Eisenhauer, M. Gaylor, G. Geist, J. Gettle, P. Good, E. Groff, C. Haag, J. Hammar, I. Haverstiek, J. Henry, E. Hess, A. Hibshman, F. Hibshman, S. Hibshman, C. Himmel- berger, L. Hook, J. Kenney, V. Klein, D. Kline, D. Lausch, S. Lengle, N. Lutz, R. McKin- ley, S. McKnight, D. Marquette, A. Mays, M. Mentzer, R. Miller, C. Nitrauer, N. Pfautz, S. Phillippy, S. Reber, J. Rittle, D. Ruppenthal, G. Ruppenthal, P. Salem, D. Schaeffer, W. Schaeffer, L. Schoener, P. Schott, J. Sell, G. Shepler, J. Sherk, K. Sholly, J. Shuey, I. Smith, B. Snoke, P. Spitler, T. Umberger, D. Urich, L. Urich, D. Wagner, D. Walter, P. Weiant, M. Wiley, G. Williams, S. Yeakley, S. Zearfoss, L. Ziegler. JUNIOR TRI-HI-Y OFFICERS PRESIDENT . ....... . . . . . . . ...... ......... . . .... C. Nitrauer VICE-PRESIDENT ........ . ................. ....... M . Wiley SECRETARY ........... . . . S. Yeakley RECORDING SECRETARY ..... B. Dinger TREASURER ........... ........... ........ u J . Sell CHAPLAIN ................................... A. Hlbshman From available information the Junior Tri-Hi-Y was probably started by Miss Donough who was the Junior Tri-Hi-Y advisor from 1947 to 1951. Mrs. Brightbill was its leader for 1951-52-53 and in 1953 Mrs. Shover became its advisor. In the school year of 1956-57 Miss Gudemann and Mrs. Shaak took over leadership. In 1958-59 Mrs. Shaak and Miss Smeltzer shared the duties of heading the Junior Tri-Hi-Y and this year Miss Smeltzer alone has the Junior Tri-Hi-Y Club. , The Club takes part in various projects throughout the year. They send care packages abroad and Christmas packages to the Twin Spruce Home. They also have Teen Talks, panel discussions, the Thanksgiving assembly and a spring dance. The Club has approximately sixty-six members from seventh to ninth grades. NEWSGRAM STAFF EDITORIAL STAFF: C0-EDITORS ........ . . . K. Stauffer, S. Nitrauer NEWS EDITOR . ........ B. Burkholder ASSISTANT ....... .......... E . Haak CLUB EDITOR ........ .. . C. Hoffman ASSISTANT ........... ...... M . Reed GIRLS' SPORTS EDITOR . . . ....... D. Miller ASSISTANT .... ........ S . Houser BOYS' SPORTS EDITOR .... .... R . Auchenbach ASSISTANT ......... ...... A . Honker VARIETY EDITOR ..... ...... S . Lebo ExcHANGE EDITOR ..... . . . S. Watson HEAD PHOTOGRAPHER ...................................... N. Kopala HEAD ARTIST ............................................. L. Ziegler REPORTERS .......... S. Miller, L. Feeg, P. Honker, N, Donley, S. Bordner, C. Nitrauer, A. Strauss, D. Moyer, B. Gettle, R. Deck, M. J. Houtz, R. Smith, B. Donley, H. Althouse, R. Hoffman PHOTOGRAPHERS ............. G. Brightbill, J. Atkins, L. Sterner, M. Haak, K. Sholly, S. Reber ARTISTS .......... ................ W . Schaeffer, S. Siverling BUSINESS STAFF: FINANCIAL SECRETARY . . . - . . . M. A. Wenrich TYPING MANAGER ..... ....... B . Blatt BUSINESS MANAGER ............................. . .......... F. Strobel CIRCULATION MANAGER . ......... . ......... . .............. . A. Honker TYPISTS ..... . B. Brown, G. Diem, S. Fullmer, M. Hauer, R. Long, M. Rhine ADVISORY STAFF: - CHIEF ADVISOR ........................................... Mrs. Lantz CHIEF ASSISTANT ADVISOR ................ . ............... Mr. Kugle ADVISORS .......... Miss Fanelli, Mr. Bomberger, Mr. Graybill, Mr. Arnold, Mrs. Bomberger, Miss North, Mrs. Shenk The first Newsgram was published in 1928 with Kendig B. Cully as the Editor-in-Chief. In the first few copies of the paper, the title was written in hyphenated form, and its sub-title was "The Advocate of School Spirit." In its early years the paper, which cost only five cents, was published every two weeks by a staff consisting approximately of thirty-five members. Mrs. Ruth Lantz, who became chief advisor of the Newsgram in 1948, is assisted by an advisory staff comprised of eight other teachers. The Newsgram, a monthly publication costing twenty-fifle cents, is published commercially and has many local patrons to help Support it inancial y. The main objective of the Newsgram is to help build a greater and better M. H. S. It accomplishes this aim by improving the material in each issue. The Newsgram staff, which consists of forty-six students and nine faculty members, does its job well in order to fulfill this objective. LIBRARY CLUB ADVISOR: Mrs. Frederick Lantz. MEMBERS! I. Bird, B. Boyer, K. Deck, R. Deck, F. Derr, N. Donley, J. Emfield, B. Fisher, J. Garrett, C. Haag, E. Haak, M. Helder, J. Hibshman, C. Hoffman, J. Houtz, M. Houtz, S. Houser, K. Keener, S. McKnight, G. Miller, N. Pfautz, C. Rager, S. Reber, C. Ruoss, S. Ruoss, S. Schaeffer, K. Sholly, S. Siverling, G. Spitler, L. Sterner, S. Watson, C. Wagner, M. Wenrich, G. Williams. The Library Club was organized in the fall of 1938 under the advisorship of Mrs. Gil- more and Miss Ruth Livingood. 1 The purpose of the Club is to provide service to the students and faculty of the high school. - In 1945, Mrs. Lantz, who is our librarian, became advisor to the Library Club. Various events are sponsored by this Club, such as: the faculty tea, assembly program, and a Christmas party for the club membership. Awards are presented to those who have given three years of service. LIBRARY CLUB OFFICERS PRESIDENT ............................... ..... C . Rager VICE-PRESIDENT .... . . . C. Hoffman SECRETARY ...... . . . G. Spitler TREASURER . . . . . . . S. Houser EUREKANS CSCIENCE CLUB! ADv1soRs: Mr. Hottenstein, Mr. Arnold. MEMBERS: I . Atkins, E. Auchenbach, R. Auchenbach, W. Blecker, G. Brightbill, B. Burkholder, L. Crouse, V. Day, R. Deck, N. Donley, B. Garrett, E. Haak, A. Hellman, A. Honker, T. Honker, S. Houser, M. Kleinfelter, N. Kopala, F. Krommes, M. Mauser, S. Miller, S. Nitrauer, M. Reed, S. Ressler, R. Royer, C. Saunders, L. Saunders, R. Scipioni, R. Smith, R. Smith, K. Stauffer, J. Trout, R. Walter, S. Watson, R. Wiley. EUREKANS OFFICERS PRESIDENT ............................... .... T . Honker VICE-PRESIDENT . ......... ............... .... N . Kopala SECRETARY ......... . . . . . S. Nitrauer TREASURER ...... . . . . . . . . . ............ . ..... . . . A. Hellman The Eurekans Science Club, the newest extra curricular activity of our school, was organ- ized by Mr. Whitfield in the fall of 1956. Students from the chemistry and physics classes are eligible to join this club. Bi-monthly meetings are held on Thursdays, with special evening sessions at which demon- strations, films, or discussions are presented. The Club visits various concerns and museums of scientific interest. FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA ADVISOR: Miss Lois Smeltzer. MEMBERS: R. Althouse, B. Boyer, J. Boyer, P. Brubaker, S. Bugg, D. Christ, J. Darkes, J. Ernfield, L. Ernfield, L. Feeg, B. Fisher, I. Flamini, S. Fullmer, D. Garlin, M. Good, J. Hibshman, P. Honker, J. Houtz, S. Reber, J. Schaeffer, S. Schaeffer, M. Schoener, C. Schworer, D. Scipioni, S. Souders, A. Strauss, C. Sweigart, E. Swisher, A. Umberger, D. Urich, D. Williams. F. H. A. OFFICERS PRESIDENT .............................. . . . J. Schaeffer VICE-PRESUJENT ........................ .. C. Sweigart SECRETARY ...... .... P . Brubaker TREASURER .... .... R . Althouse HISTORIAN ..... . . . . . ......... . .......... . .... . . . . J. Boyer The first year for the F. H. A. was 1945-46 with Miss Edna Miller as the advisor. The present advisor is Miss Lois Smeltzer. Some of the activities of this club are the preparing of refreshments for the faculty tea, bowling, attending the Farm Show, a Mother-Daughter banquet, and lectures. Judy Schaeffer received the State Homemaker's Degree and was elected Chairman of Region C-II. COLORS: Red and White. Morro: "Toward New Horizons." FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA ADVISOR! Mr. Sherman. MEMBERS: G. Bicher, E. Brown, E. Brubaker, M. Derr, G. Dubble, C. Erdman, L. Feaser, D. Gettle, M. Gibble, J. Gogets, P. Gogets, I. Hain, D. Harnish, R. Hess, J. Keener, R. Kleinfelter, R. Lasch, C. Lehman, H. Miller, P. Moore, E. Shuey, S. Smith, L. Snyder, T. Valerio, R. Wenrich, L. Ziegler. F. F. A. OFFICERS PRESIDENT ............................... R. Wenrich VICE-PRESIDENT ......................... ..... J . Hain SECRETARY .... . . . G. Dubble TREASURER .... ..... J . Keener CHAPLAIN . . . .... D. Harnish SENTINEL, ....................................... E. Brown REPORTER ....................................... R. Lasch The Myerstown Chapter of the F. F. A. was organized in 1934 under the supervision of the agriculture teacher, who at that time was Mr. Brubaker. Mr. Sherman, the present teacher and F. F. A. advisor, has been with Myerstown High School for sixteen years, as of March, 1960. Each member is required to produce a project of either crops or animals he has raised. Upon completion of the project, it is exhibited at the Pennsylvania State Farm Show in Har- risburg. For the musically inclined, it is possible to become a member of the F. F. A. state chorus or state band. The repair of farm equipment and the building of new equipment gives the boys in the shop practical experience. FUTURE NURSES OF AMERICA ADVISOR: Mrs. Kercher. MEMBERS: R. Althouse, E. Auchenbach, P. Brubaker, S. Bugg, L. Crouse, R. Deck, N. Donley, L. Ernfield, B. Garrett, B. Gettle, M. Helder, F. Krommes, B. Lengle, D. Moyer, S. Ruoss, C. Schworer, D. Scipioni, G. Spitler, C. Sweigart, E. Swisher, R. Wiley, D. Williams. FUTURE NURSES OF AMERICA OFFICERS PRESIDENT . . . . .. ............................ .. C. Sweigart SECRETARY . . . . . . . ..... . . ...................... P. Brubaker TREASURER ............................... E ...... D. Moyer This is a new club started only this year under the leadership of Mrs. Kercher, our school nurse. This club was established to help future nurses. Their meetings occur once a month. Although a new club, they have taken part in many activities. The members made favors for George Washington's Birthday which were sent to the infirmaries and old folk's home. They saw films on nursing and heard a speaker from the Coatesville School of Nursing. They visited the Practical Nursing School in Lebanon and toured the Reading Hospital. My- erstown was represented by the members of the Club at the annual district meeting for future nurses. ,W SENIOR BAND DIRECTOR-MI. Harold Yeagley. BELL LYRE-B. Blatt, J. Trout. ., . , . BAR1ToNEs-W. Blecker, W. Suhr, J. Yoder. CLARINETS-B. Brown,'B. Burkholder, B. Donley, J. Gettle, D. Haag, J. Haverstick, C. Hoff- man, S. Houser, D. Kline, J. Krall, C. Nitrauer, S. Nitrauer, C. Rager, M. Reed, K. Sholly, C. Wagner, M. Wiley, R. Wiley. BASS CLARINET-D. Marquette. CORNETS AND TRUMPETS-G. Arnold, D. Bashore, D. Behm, K. Burkholder, J. Christman, R. Flamini, A. Heilman, T. Honker, W. Lutz, D. Maurer, J. Nevius, C. Schworer, D. Shaak, J. Trout, N. Umberger, M. Wenrich. ' DRUIEJSVV-R. Auchenbach, W. Behney, L. Klick, N. Knarr, W. Messerschmidt, C. Shenk, . itter. FLUTES-N. Donley, E. Haak, A. Honker, K. Yeagley, S. Yeakley. ' HORNS-L. Forry, K. Stauffer, D. Wagner. SAXOPHONES-LK. Brough, B.-Dinger, L. Eisenhauer, G. Hibshrnan, C. Himmelberger, F. Krom- mes, S. Lebo, S. Miller, C. Schworer, F. Souders, D. Urich, L. Wenrich. SoUsAPHoNEs-R. Hoffman, F. Messerschmidt, C. Wilson. TRoMEoNEs-T. Christinan, R.' Garman, L. Gettle, R. Miller, D. Pohronezny, L. Saunders, R. Shenk, B. Troutman. 1 MAJORETTES-S. Bordner, L. Crouse, C. Kline, G. LeGay, M. Lindermuth, N. Oberholtzer. COLOR GUARD-E. Feeg, L. Feeg, M. Hower, R. Lengle, S. Ressler, P. Stechman, S. Umber- ger, J. Schaeffer. SENIOR BAND OFFICERS PRESIDENT .................................... L. Saunders V1cE-PRESIDENT ................................ K. Stauffer SECRETARY .......... .... , . . B. Burkholder TREASURER ............ ............... C . Rager LIBRARIANS ........................... D. Maurer, M. Wiley . ASSISTANT LIBRARIANS .................. R. Gar-man, R. Miller Our Senior Band was started in 1933 by Mr. Myers, and for the past eighteen years the band has been directed by Mr. Harold Yeagley. To prepare the students for their various activities, such as the annual Spring Concert and parades, band rehearsals are held weekly along with the special instrumental classes. This year the Senior Band played at the Pretzel Bowl, the annual Spring Concert, many parades, the annual Summer Concert, and the Burd 8: Rogers' Memorial Home. In the spring the best qualified players from each instrumental section are sent to tne County Music Festival where they compete to secure first chair. There are approximately S5 members in the band. IUNIOR BAND DIRECTOR-Mr. Harold Yeagley. CLARINETS:-S. Becker, B. Boyer, S. Daniels, B. Donley, P. Fuhrman, J. Gettle, P. Heilman, S. Hibshman, C. Hill, S. Himmelberger, M. Kummel, D. Kline, D. Koller, N. Layser, D. Marquette, D. Miller, J. Rittle, P. Schott, K. Sholly, D. Slayton, R. Stager, P. Weiant. DRUMS-W. Behney, D. Bicksler, N. Knarr, W. Messerschmidt, P. Yingst. FLUTES-A. Donley, K. Yeakley. BARITONE-J. Yoder. HORNS-Y. Hoffman, D. Wagner. SAxoPHoNEs--K. Brough, B. Dinger, L. Eisenhauer, G. Hibshman, C. Himmelberger. SOUSAPHONE-R. Miller. TROMBONES-T. Burkhart, R. Garman, R. Miller, D. Pohronezny, R. Suchanek, B. Troutman. TRUMPETS AND CORNETS-D. Bashore, D. Bicksler, M. Bliss, K. Burkholder, T. Christman, R. Flamini, T. Haag, D. Haak, P. Haverstick, A. Layser, W. Lutz, A. Maurer, L. Miller, C. Schworer, D. Shaak, J. Trout, N. Umberger, F. Weidman. MAJORETTES-K. DeLuca, D. Garman, C. Hardy, V. Kline, D. Lausch, L. Ondrusek, S. Pier- son, C. Rabold, P. Salem, W. Schaeffer, R. Shenk, P. Spitler, E. Sprecher, Y. Valerio, M. Wartluft, B. Yeiser, L. Ziegler. JUNIOR BAND In 1942, Mr. Harold Yeagley formed the Junior Band, which is the stepping stone to the Senior Band. About eighty-five band members have their own annual Spring Concert. They also participate in the Dental Parade, the grade school Halloween Parade, and the Myers- town Halloween Parade. COLOR GUARD SQUAD Left to right: E. Feeg, S. Ressler, L. Ernfield, J. Schaeffer, R. A. Lengle, P. Stechman. The Color Guards precede the band in all its parades with the squad presenting our school's colors. GIRLS' ENSEMBLE DIRECTOR: Miss Dech Cseatedj. Standing, left to right: C. Shenk, K. Sholly, C. Nitrauer, M. Reed, N. Donley, F. Krommes, P. Stechman, E. Haak, G. LeGay, K. Stauffer, M. Wenrich, and S. Ressler. The Girls' Ensemble was organized in 1936 under the direction of Miss Dech. The group is composed of twelve girls from grades nine to twelve. Each year the girls perform at the Spring Concert, at the Senior Class Play, and for local organizations. MIXED. CHORUS DIRECTOR-Miss Kathryn Dech. - SOPRANO I-R. Deck, J. Dinger, E. Haak, G. LeGay, C. Nitrauer, S. Nitrauer, C. Shenk, M. A. Wenrich. SOPRANO II-N. Donley, F. Krommes, S. Ressler, K. Sholly, K. Stauffer, R. A. Wiley, S. Yeakley. ALTO I-B. Burkholder, P. Honker, S. Miller, M. Reed, P. Stechman. ALTO II-C. Kline, D. Miller, J. Schaeffer, G. Spitler, G. Williams. TENOR I-T. Christman, G. Miller, J. Nevius, R. Royer. TENOR II-A. Heilman, L. Helder, E. Hibshman, W. Suhr. BASS I-D. Bicksler, W. Blecker, L. Forry, A. Honker, C. Kreiser, D. Maurer. BASS II--R. Garloff, T. Honker, L. Saunders, C. Wilson. - The Mixed Chorus is composed of twenty-five girls and eighteen boys from ninth to twelfth grades. Each year under the direction of Miss Dech, they present a portion of the annual Spring Concert. .Another annual performance of the Mixed Chorus is at Commence- ment exercises at M. H. S. It is interesting to note that in the chorus there are nine members from ninth grade, eight from tenth grade, thirteen from eleventh grade, and twelve from twelfth grade. GIRLS' CHORUS to DIRECTOR-Miss Kathryn Dech. R SOPRANO I-K. Boyer, L. Crouse, I. Dinger, L. Feeg. B. Fisher, C. Haag, E. Haak, C1 Hoff- man, S. Houser, G. LeGay, M. Neiswender, C. Nitrauer, S. Nitrauer, R. Noll, C. Shenk, K. Sholly, A. Strauss, H. Troutnian, M. Wenrich. . SOPRANO II-B. Blatt, L. Ernfield, M. Gaylor, J. Haverstick, F. Krommes, S. Reber, S. Ress- ler, E. Schnoke, K. Stauffer, E. Swisher, D. Umberger, D. Urich, R. Wiley, S. Yeakley. ALTo I-S. Bordner, B. Burkholder, P. Honker, M. Houtz, S. Lebo, M. Lindermuth, S. Miller, M. Reed, C. Schworer, P. Stechman, J. Trout. ALTO II-B. Boyer, C. Deck, B. Donmoyer, C. Himmelberger, C. Kline, M. Mentzer, D. Miller, J. Schaeffer, G. Spitler, M. Wiley, G. Williams. The Girls' Chorus originated in 1935 under the direction of Miss Kathryn Dech. The Chorus, which consists of sixty girls from grades nine through twelve, sings at the annual Spring Concert with Miss Dech directing them. The Girls' Chorus is composed of fourteen seniors, sixteen juniors, nine sophomores, and fourteen freshmen. BOYS' CHORUS DIRECTOR-Miss Kathryn Dech. TENOR I-R. Blouch, E. Brown, T. Christman, M. Daub, M. Haak, M. Lessig, G. Miller, J. Nevius, R. Royer, R Shenk. TENOR II-I. Bird, A. Heilman, L. Helder, E. Hibshman, G. Hibshman, P. Hook, W. Suhr. BASS I-D. Bicksler, W. Blecker, L. Forry, C. Kreiser, A. Honker, D. Maurer, F. Souders. Bsss Il-R. Garloff, L. Gettle, T. Honker, M. Lebo, L. Saunders, C. Wilson. The Boys' Chorus, under the direction of Miss Kathryn Dech, consists of thirty boys from grades nine to twelve inclusive. The boys sing at the annual Spring Concert. Four seniors, three juniors, ten sophomores, and twelve freshmen are members of the Boys' Chorus. I UNIOR CHORUS DIRECTOR-Miss Kathryn Dech. SoPRANo-D. Banks, J. Becker, N. Berger, D. Bicksler, J. Blatt, C. Caskie, K. DeLuca, A. Donley, M. Field, E. Groff, J. Hammar, M. Hummel, T. Keeney, M. Klopp, N. Lutz, H. Mauser, G. Sanger, D. Schaeffer, L. Schaeffer, J. Sherk, I. Umberger, D. Walter, J. Yoder, L. Zeigler. ALTO-D. Bashore, K. Brough, C. Christ, B. Dinger, F. Eisenhauer, J. Henry, E. Hess, F. Hibshman, S. Hibshman, C. Himmelberger, L. Hook, D. Kline, S. Lengle, W. Lutz, D. Marquette, R. McKinley, R. Miller, L. Saltzer, W. Schaeffer, C. Schworer, P. Spitler, L. Urich, P. Weiant, R. Whitmoyer, P. Yiengst. TENOR-W. Behney, M. Bliss, K. Burkholder, J. Christman, B. Donley, D. Dubble, R. Gaylor, P. Haverstick, N. Knarr, K. Lutz, C. Moore, B. Troutman, C. Wetzel, J. Witter. The last of the musical organizations to be formed was the Junior Chorus. This group was started by Miss Dech who still directs it. It consists of sixty-five students from grades seven and eight, who perform at the annual Junior Band and Chorus Spring Concert. I I r If If V 5 I 1 f X, ll! 1 If , 7 , , 1 . f , 'Z fm 1 , img' I f faq ff W ' I WW h e gWlWb X W WW PII W 'f h HI X r A X f, I' 1 1 .iff Vale lffine Dame ' QUEEN OF HEARTS DANCE The traditional Queen of Hearts Dance was held Friday, February 12, 1960, at 8:00 p.m. The royal court, composed of senior students, was elected by the students in grades ten through twelve. King Marvin Kleinfelter crowned lovely Charlotte Hoffman to reign over this gala affair as Queen of Hearts. Attending our royal couple were Maid of Honor, Judy Dinger and her escort Lee Saunders, Barbara Burkholder and Arthur Heilman, Sharon Lebo and Brian Wagner, Suzanne Nitrauer and Andrew Honker, and Pamela Stechman and Ralph Auchenbach. Kim Neiswender and Cindy Seager were the flower girls, and Kirby Oxen- reider and Ricky Beyler were the trainbearers. "Alice Meets the Queen," the theme of the dance, was carried out by a skit on "Alice in Wonderland," which was presented by Saundra Daniels as Alice, Glenn Hibshman and Gene Haag as Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee, and narrated by Ann Strauss. The Junior girls danced the traditional minuet to "Mozart's Minuet" played by Nadine Donley. Sally Ressler then played a piano solo-"Theme from the Warsaw Concerto," which was followed by a vocal selection by Kathryn Stauffer entitled "Ich Liebe Dich." Samuel Dabich, a Lebanon violinist, who was accompanied on the piano by his wife, played "Fascination" and "Etude" The presentation of former royalty, a new addition to the program, followed this musical in- terval. Darlene Miller served as emcee for the festivities. After the entertainment portion of the program, an officer from each class presented gifts to the Royal couple, and Elaine Feeg and Mary Ann Wenrich presented the flower girls and trainbearers with gifts from the Senior Tri-Hi-Y. Saxie Schollenberger and his orchestra provided the music for the Royal Dance after which everyone was invited to dance to their rhythmical interpretations of many well-known melodies. The dance was sponsored by the Senior Tri-Hi-Y and supervised by its advisors, Mrs. Papson and Mrs. Saunders. ' Andrew Honker Ralph Auchenbach Arthur Heilman Brian Wagner Lee Saunders Judy Din get Sharon Lebo Barbara Burkholder Suzanne Nitrauer Pamela Stechman FLOWER GIRLS AND TRAIN BEARERS Cindy Seager Kim Neiswender Ricky Beyler Kirby Oxenreider THEIR MAJESTIES King Marvin Kleinfelter Queen Charlotte Hoffman 5 f A 8: P Food Store, C. J. Rohrbach, Mgr. Albert Brothers Bakery George Arnold Mrs. Roy Auchenbach Rev. Donald J. Backenstose Bahney's Furniture Store Ronald Banks Beauty by Semo, Lebanon Bethel 8: Mt. Aetna Tel. 8: Tel. Co. A. W. Beyler 8: Son, Inc. Bingaman Ford, Inc. James Bird Bleistein Coal, Grain 8: Feed Blue Star Diner Susan Bordner Priscilla Brubaker B. B. Buffamoyer Burkholder's I. G. A. . Supermarket Buy-Rite Food Market Casino Roller Rink Church Center Press D. Ann Coppenhaver Dr. and Mrs. Drew Courtney Crescent Plastics Co. Linda Crouse Marlin Daub Deck's Gulf Station Rose Deck Kathy DeLuca Dinger's Shoe 8: Clothing Store Nadine Donley Dotty's Beauty Shop Dundore Signs 8: Displays Ebling's Meat Market Fay Eisenhauer Dr. John A. Embich Feeg's Esso Service Center Fern E. Feeg Marlene Field Ruthann Fisher Linda Fredrickson Bonita Garman ' Garman Sheet Metal Shop Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Gass Mr. John Good, Jr. Carol Haag Mr. and Mrs. Monroe Haak Henry Hacker Jo Ann Hammar Harnish's Store Harpels' Studio Mr. and Mrs. Miles V. Hauer Dr. Donald Haverstick Jean Haverstick PATRON LIST Henderson's Card 8: Gift Shop Hershey Chocolate Corp. Eileen Hess Hi-Way Lanes Sandra Hibshman Helen Hixenheiser Hoffman's Lunch Room Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Hoffman Penny Honker Mrs. William C. Honker Sandra Houser Linda Houtz Jane 8: Harry's Twin Kiss Kapp Advertising Service Kline's General Store Kohl Brothers, Inc. Edgar M. Landis Landis and Landis Darlene Lausch Layser's Jewelry Store Leininger's Lunch Room Daniel I. Lengle, Jr. Lessig's Dept. Store Verna Light Mr. and Mrs. Robert Long Charles C. Loose 8: Son, Inc. Loserls Music Store Lupinetti's Atlantic Service Station Mader's Beauty Shop Marion House Dianne Marquette Marty's Music Store Ted Mays McQuate's 5 8: 10 Marcia Mentzer Barbara Miller Russell Miller Sandra Miller Miller's Sunoco Station Mr. and Mrs. Walter Miller Doris Moyer Earl Moyer Renata Mundt Myerstown Appliances Myerstown Bank 8: Trust Co. Myerstown Cleaners Myerstown Hide 8: Tallow Mr. and Mrs. George Neiswender John Nevius Nissleyls Bottled Gas Northside Service Station Arlene Oberholtzer Old Mill Co. Lynnette Ondrusek Walter Penman Pinkyis TV 8: Appliance Publix Shirt Corp. Quaker Alloy Casting Co. Carole Rager Shirley Reber Martha Reed Rowena Reed Mary Reposki H. W. Reppert 8: Sons, Inc. Barry Rittle . Mae Rummel Betty Rutter Earl V. Schaeffer H. F. Schaeffer 8: Company Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Schnoke Dr. F. W. Shaffer Shellhamer's Atlantic Service Janice Shuey Shenk 8: Tittle Mr. and Mrs. Jacob M. Sherk Janice Sherk Karen Sholly Mr. and Mrs. John H. Smith Fred Souders Glenda Spitler Delores Spitler The Rev. and Mrs. Stauffer Mrs. Paul Stechman George S. Steinmetz Lynn Sterner Stitzel's Pharmacy Mrs. Harry Sweigart Swope's Store Judy Trout Helen Troutman Dolly Umberger Mr. and Mrs. Howard W. Umberger Calvin J. Wagner Sally Watson Mr. and Mrs. Harold J. Wenrich Carl Wetzel John Weaver Webber Chevrolet, Inc. Dr. and Mrs. Wiley Wilhelm's Hardware Winthrop Laboratories Kay Yeagley Mr. and Mrs. Albert C. Yeakley Sylvia Yeakley Mr. and Mrs. William Yerger Cindy Ziegler Larry Ziegler Mr. and Mrs. Clifford R. Zinn 1-'fi' ' -fe'-'1"-i'f.a--iw, .-rr - -rv L .g':.:4.. 1,-.', ,'??kf5Zgf:5.?f,.1fE'1.'I', 1. ' ,. F My lm., --ff .U - f, - - V .. , Av' V .Kyiv-Ig. e-'fi :.,z . Jw. Lf- X -1- 4, ,FN . ,. df, ,A f-, Y . ,,v. , -nf, , .31 .. if-. w, . .. v K .av - . ': "fix --,'.'f5'Q1i'Lfff- ' 1' i ' ' 'litnfl 5- 4 ' " .l , 1.1 -JA Lf '4- .-:f- nf- f . ' -- -- -,F-.-.aa .. ' H .1 .,--L-1.- rv- H ,1.Q,. .fi..V,3.cs,' ' - . 35.2.--if --n-.g.g113 .-23.1. , gv'.I,. L. 5.1,-2--11 'fix .FY . L-67: ' X-3-qgia jar -Abi j nf,-,f:,,f ,K . V., iw. W... X. ,i-QSM f. ' -2 '-. 1-fu? M, - 1: . .. .L -....: -V 1 1'- z --3 if 'vin-.1 3 A", - f uf, .. . -.,,. A, -,. , - .. - .- -,. 'f. , .. 'f'--" "-9-I?" ff.-Q-,-f' 1 - . ..-,.ff-f2.2TQf"ffi'?fff-'W ' .' 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