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Myerstown High School - Myrialog Yearbook (Myerstown, PA) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Cover

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f:1ixfXwnEfAw-vWmMWwm fuwwwwwwwemwm'ww- XIWUZWYGQQ We X75-8 XQJMMW Forward The Class of '58 offers this, our Myrialog, in hopes that it will be one of My- erstown High's best. Captured here in these pages are our past and present realiza- tions and fulfillments. Dear reader, as you leaf through this Myrialog remember kindly the Class of '58. Begun in 1921 our yearbook was dropped two years later till 1949, when the present Myrialog series was started. May this tradition last with the school, for the fine memories it recalls to us. We want this book to remind us of our happy times and wish to thank our patrons and all others who made this publication possible. Table of Contents ADMINISTRATION SEN IORS INFORMAL SNAPS UNDERCLASSMEN SPORTS ACTIVITIES VALENTINE DANCE Alma Mater Faithful and true-hearted, Let us cheer our dear old High, We revere her and defend her, and her colors proudly fly: We will stand for her united, Of her deeds we gladly tell, Her colors streaming, Glad faces beaming, So here's a cheer for her that we all love so well. Chorus Joyous and ever loyal, Let us boost for our old High, Let eviry heart sing, Let ev'ry voice ring, There's no time to grieve or sigh. It's ever onward, our course pursuing, May defeat neier our ardor cool, But, united, We will boost for her, our Old High School. II Honors she has taken, On the track and with the ball, May she always rank the highest, May her colors never fall. There's no other that can match her, When her team is on the field, Her boys the fleetest, Her girls the sweetest, Then here's a cheer for her, for her who ne'er will yield. School History As the result of the consolidation of the early limestone schools, the Hill School on North College Street was erected in 1885. The community library, once our high school, and the Hill School served as our town's educational institution until the erection of our present high school. Our high school has been standing since 1915 and compliments greatly the work of its architect, Edward Z. Scholl, and its contractor, Andrew J. Fink. Dr. D. U. Wolff, George Uhrich, Ephriam Bleistein, John Schoener, and Harry Line were members of the first board of directors. We have had the following principals as supervisors of the school, J. J. Strahl, Ralph Davenport, Chester Hartzler, Henry Hollinger, Walter Richter, John Auld, and presently Harvey L. Nitrauer. Engravings on the cornerstones of our school are: "Education is the cornerstone of suc- cess," and "Wisdom is the birth of freedomf' I Dedication To Mrs. Helen Brightbill the Class of '58 most sincerely dedicates our Myrialog. In our Junior year she acted as class advisor and consultant to us. We have always found her friendly and willing to assist us Whenever needed. When, as Juniors, We decorated the gym Mrs. Brightbill helped us make the Senior Prom a decided success. In her regular line of duty Mrs. Brightbill is the hardworking Physical Ed. teacher and also coach of our girls' basketball team. In the past four years she has produced three girls' Championship teams. For the many ways she has aided us, for her patience, humor, and understand- ing we wish to thank her. Myricrloq Staff Sitting-J. Knapp, G. Hanley, B. Shuey, J. Yeagley, Miss Immel, M. Hain, G. Daub E Keener R. Loose. Second Row-Standing-S. Houtz, K. Harding, M. Mastro, A. Miller, P. Beyler W Fulk N. Phillippy, E. Swanger, N. Kohl, J. Yeagley, M. Yeakley. Third Row-Standing-E. Eiler, P. Wolfe, L. Darkes, P. Haag, L. Nixon, K. Zearfoss J Rittle L. Long, S. Pearson, E. Strauss, B. Bingaman, H. Hibshman, M. Schwear Not present when picture was taken: Peggy Smaltz. EDITOR Mary Hain VARIETY EDITORS Peggy Beyler William Fulk Peggy Smaltz CIRCULATION MANAGERS James Knapp Lloyd Nixon Herbert Hibshman Edward Swanger BUSINESS MANAGERS Mark Schwear James Rittle Patricia Haag Jay Yeagley CLASS SONG Nancy Kohl Elaine Strauss Barbara Bingaman CO-EDITOR Jerad Yeagley ARTISTS Gerald Hanley Suzanne Pearson Elson Eiler PHOTOGRAPHERS Richard Loose Kenneth Harding SPORTS EDITORS Gene Daub Arnold Miller Kay Zearfoss Pearl Wolfe LITERARY EDITORS Eileen Keener Marilyn Yeakley Linda Long Marilyn Mastro Nancy Phillippy TYPISTS Shirley Houtz Betty Shuey Lucille Darkes Tribute Our fine hardworking Senior advisor, Miss Mabel Immel, has been a major factor in our success. Throughout our Senior year she has Worked side by side with us to make a success of our Fair, Landis and Landis Club, and magazine sales respectively. We consider ourselves lucky to have Miss Immel directing the work for our yearbook, and helping wherever and whenever needed on this project. Sincere thanks to Miss Immel for her assistance to the Senior Class. DMI I TR Tlll Mr. Harvey L. Nitrauer Supervising Principal Highspire High School Lebanon Valley College Steelton High School Pennsylvania State University Principa1's Message Give us the wisdom to know the beauty of life in order that we may accentuate a lasting peace. Harvey L. Nitrauer School Board Dinner Clockwise--Mrs. Monroe Haak, Mr. Monroe Haak, Mrs. Raymond Henry, Mr. Raymond Henry, Mrs. Eldred Stauffer, Mr. Ralph Kline, Mrs. Ralph Kline, Mr. Harvey Nitrauer, Mrs. Harvey Nitrauer, Mr. William Derr, Mrs. William Derr, Mr. Eldred Stauffer, Mrs. Leslie Groff, Mr. Leslie Groff. Myerstown School Board Members Front Row-left to right-Mrs. Raymond R. Henry, Mr. William Derr, Mr. Leslie Groff. Back Row-Mr. Eldred K. Stauffer, Mr. Ralph Kline, Mr. Harvey L. Nitrauer. Row 1 Row 2 Eastern Lebanon County Ioint School Board -left to right-Lee Eck, Ray Moyer, Eugene Rudy, lra M. Krall, Stewart M. Klopp, Glenn A. Trout, William L. Derr, Thomas L. Dierwechter, Kenneth Krall. -George Holstein, John Leidich, Cyrus Krall, John E. Fletcher, Mrs. Raymond Henry, Leonard F. Strickler, Rev. Eldred K. Stauffer, Leo Blecher, Raymond H. Strickler. Row 3-Harvey L. Nitrauer, Ralph R. Brooks, Ralph Schaeffer, Lewis I. Keath, Leslie P. Groff, Ralph R. Kline, Howard B. Weiss, Daniel Leib, Earl L. Horst, Roy E. Houtz, McKinley Baker. ,MW Mrs. Helen Brightbill, B.S. Health rmcl Physical Education Myerstown High School East Stroudsburg State Teachers College Lebanon Valley College Mrs. John Clay, B.S. Fourth Grade Myerstown High School Millersville State Teachers College Mr. Robert Ayers, B.S. Trigonometry, Geometry, Algebra I, II Lebanon High School Lebanon Valley College University of Pennsylvania Mr. Norman V. Blantz, A.B . Social Studies Annville High School Lebanon Valley College Miss Kathryn Dech, A.B., B.S., M.A. Vocal Music and German Myerstown High School Albright College Ithaca College Columbia University New York University Mrs. Frances Doll, B.S. Music Immaculata College Penn State University Mr. Dwight Fake, B.S. Sockzl Studies Lebanon High School Lebanon Valley College Temple University Mr. John J. Gates, A.B. English Altoona High School University of Pennsylvania Mr. Earl Hess, A.B. Drive:-'s Training Lebanon High School Elizabethtown College Millersville State Teachers College Mr. Robert Hoffman, B.S. Health and Physical Education Myerstown High School West Chester State Teachers College Temple University Mrs. Mabel Groff, B.S. South Lebanon High School Millersville State Teachers College Albright College Lebanon Valley College' Pennsylvania State University Miss Marilyn Gudemann, B.S. Spanish, English Schuylkill Haven High School Kutztown State Teachers College F 1 Mrs. Ruth Jeffers, A.B. English Perkasie High School Ursinus College Drexel Institute Mr. Donald J. Kugle, B.S. Social Studies Marietta High School Millersville State Teachers College Mr. Peter Hottenstein, B.S. General Science Myerstown High School Lebanon Valley College Miss Mabel Immel, A.B English and Social Studies Myerstown High School Albright Colege Millersville State Teachers College Mr. Donald Lansberry, B.S. Industrial Arts Clearfield High School Pennsylvania State University Mr. Frederick W. Lantz, A.B. Guidance Counselor Mechanicsburg High School Columbia University Muhlenberg College Kutztown State Teachers College Temple University Lehigh University Millersville State Teachers College Mrs. Ruth T. Lantz, A.B., M.S. School Librarian Wyomissing High School Bucknell University Columbia University University of Pennsylvania Kutztown State Teachers College Temple University Mr. Dean J. Laubsher, B.S. Math Lock Haven High School Lock Haven State Teachers College Miss Jane North, B.S., M. Ed. Second Grade Millcreek Township High School Millersville State Teaelicrs College Pennsylvania State University Miss Gayle Mendenhall, B.S. Art and English Kennet Consolidated High School Kutztown State Teachers College West Chester State Teachers College Pennsylvania State Summer School Mrs. Harvey Nltrauer, B.S. Sixth Grade Reading High School Lebanon Valley College Pennsylvania State University Mrs. Frederick Shaak, A.B. First Grade Myerstown High School Dickinson College Cedar Crest College Lebanon Valley College Millersville State Teachers College Mr. John R. Sherman, A.B., M.A. Vocational Agriculture Bethel High School Elizabethtown Preparatory School Juniata College Columbia University Pennsylvania State University Mrs. Lena Saunders, B.S. Business Education Myerstown High School Elizabethtown College Lebanon Valley College Miss Irene Schell,B.S. Third Grade Myerstown High School Temple University Lebanon Valley College Millersville State Teachers College Miss Lois Smeltzer, B.S Home Economics Centre Hall Potter High School Pennsylvania State University Mr. Adam Snavely, A.B., M. Ed. Sixth Grade Jonestown High School Lebanon Valley College Pennsylvania State University Millersville State Teachers College University of London Mrs. Irene Snavely, B.S Fifth Grade Jonestown High School Millersville State Teachers College Mr. Harold Yeagley, B.S., M. Ed. History and Instrumental Music William Penn High School Lebanon Valley College Pennsylvania State University University of Michigan CBand Conference? Mrs. Blanche B. Weaver A.B. Fourth Grade Myerstown High School Elizabethtown College Wyoming University Millersville State Teachers College Albright College Mr. James Whitfield, B.S Chemistry, Physics, Biology Saxton Liberty High School Shippensburg State Teachers College Miss Gloria Phillippy School Secretary Myerstown High School Dr. George E. Flannagan AB., MD., c.M. School Physician Avonmore High School, Ontario New York University 1Medical School? New York Polyclinic QMedical Schoolj Mrs. Angela Kercher, R.N. School Nurse Lebanon High School St. Joseph Hospital Millersville State Teachers College Truani Officers Russell Border Chief of Police Herman Haag Mr. Earl Bennetch Mrs. Earl Bennetch Our Custodioms This place in our Myrialog is given to the people who deserve credit for the fine work they have done in keeping our school neat and clean. We can thank our custodians properly by being careful and considerate of the schoolas property. Remember to help them in the the future. Theirs is not an easy task. Mr. Guy Dundore Mr. Clafron Fink Jmw Music: Nancy Kohl Class Song WORDS: Elaine Strauss and Barbara Bingaman in 5 5 , r I he - r r r r : IIE. 59 I I - Ili I I 1 ..I l lvl' ll: IQ ln: o' 1 r Q -. o QI . . . ol ' ,Q I I- 'llv I - I ii ' '11 I: - II Y F--I -I' . I fl : lv' U I I ' fill! I if I . I lr! :Lil . 'llal I IP-l'lF-"lK?I X0 if . te itil? We are the Class of '58, We are the Class of ,585 I Y x Q Y I I I . l - Im. ' g 4 un: llill :IIE I I I 5 I r 0 C , I . I n W9 3 s is e We are about to graduate. We played a lot of jokes and pranks, And called a lot of teachers cranks. We studied hard, and gained some knowledge, While we prepared for jobs and college. We are about to graduate. The future is stretched before our feet, And maybe our paths will never meet. But this one thing we'll all remember, All the twelve years weive spent together. i Senior Memories The school year of '57-'58 found us entering the doors of Myerstown High as students for the last time in our career. We looked forward to our Senior year with hopes and fore- bodings. First on our agenda came the fair. And what a fair! There was lots to be done, but everyone pitched in and made it a success. Our Senior Play, "Keep Moving," was a hit and a lot of fun as everyone who saw or participated in it will agree. Our Landis and Landis Club goal and magazine quota were reached after much persuasion by Miss lmmel and Mr. Nitrauer. Finally after eight months of hard work tfor some of usj and waiting Cvery muchj came the big three days in the grand city of New York. From the twelfth to the fourteenth of May we enjoyed our reward for twelve years of faithful attendance. On May 23 we had Class Night and May 25 and May 26 Baccalaureate and Commencement respectively. What a time we had! Everyone was a little nervous and proud. This, our last year, had its very sad and happy times mixed with a lot of the in between days that are expected in a normal year. We leave our Alma Mater with a feeling of regret and will cherish the fine memories we leave behind us. Class Officers Bill Fulk-President Eileen Keener-Secretary Peggy Smaltz-Vice President Elaine Strauss-Treasurer CLASS FLOWER-Red Rose CLASS CoLoRs-Gray and White Morro-"Knowledge is but folly unless it is guided by gracef'-Herbert MILES PAUL BRANDT "Cheeky" Agriculture Usually seen working like mad OJ-has a hot black Chevy-just adores short girls-an excellent sales clerk. Soccer 1, 2, 3, Basketball 1, 2, Student Council 1, 2, Hi-Y-3, F. F. A. 3, 4, Mixed Chorus 1, 2. EDNA MABEL BROWN "Edna" Home EC. Short and cute-very polite-good Home Ec. student- takes an interest in school. F. H. A. 2, 3, 4. PEGGY RAE BEYLER "Peggy" Business Works at Harris'-very quiet! ! !-pleasant to be around -willing worker-loves two-tone Fords-will make a good wife for some lucky fellow. Girls' Basketball C3, 4 scorekeeperlg Student Council 3 Csecretaryjg Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Newsgram Staff 1, 2, 3, Q4 circulation managerlg Senior Play 4g F. H. A. 2, 3 Ctreasurerl, 4-3 Girls, Chorus 1, 2, Myrialog Staff 4. BARBARA ANN BINGAMAN "Barbie" General Gay and carefree-likes to read-has a friendly smile- loves spaghetti. Girl's Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4g Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4g Library Club 1. 2, 3, C4 vice presidentj Myrialog Staff 4. LLOYD RONALD CLAMAN, IR. "Lloyd" A griculture Specializes in motorcycles-likes farming-very friendly but quiet-studies regularly in school. F. F. A. l, 2, 3, 4. LUCILLE JOYCE DARKES "Lucy" Business Likes to hot rod-the shortest girl in the senior class- wears neat clothing-wants to be a secretary-can be found at Casino Roller Rink. 'Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 43 F. H. A. 1, 2, 3, K4 presidentjg Myrialog Staff 4. GENE CLYDE DAUB "Gene" General The class Romeo with all the girls-loves the tune 'Tm Walkinn-a hot Old's-good athlete and student-will make a good auctioneer! Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Myrialog Staff 4, County Chorus 2, 4, County Band 3, Soccer 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball CZ, 3 Managerj, 4, Baseball 2, 3, 4, Hi-Y 2, 3, 45 Senior Play, Science Club 3, 45 Boys' Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4. RALPH ERNEST DERR "Carly" Agriculture Loves to argue-long wavy hair-enjoys out door life- possibly a future farmer. F. F. A. 1, 2, 3, 4. WILLIAM EDWIN FULK "Bill" General Noted for his snazzy crew cut-has a 5 8z IOC laugh- Will make a good man some day-a naturally fine athlete -visits Cleona regularly. County Chorus 3, County Band 3g Soccer 1, 2, 3 Q4 co- captainjg Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Senior Play 4, Science Club 3, 4-3 Boys' Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Band 2, 3. 2, 3, 4, Class President 3, 4. DAVID WARREN GRUMBINE "Dave" College Preparatory Argues with the girls-drives a cat car, Mhis father's, of coursew-good math student-will follow in his father's footsteps. Boys' Chorus 2, 3, 4, Band l, 2, 3, 4, Hi-Y 2, 3, 4. ELSON ELWOOD EILER "EIs0n " General Real quiet type-can make an art Pencil talk wonders- always friendly-likes sports. Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Myrialog Staff 4. JOHN LUCIAN ERNFIELD "Tex" Agriculture Sports a black leather jacket and motorcycle boots- hangs with the gang-loves to sleep in class-will make an excellent BACHELOR! I ! F. F. A. 2, 3, 4. GERALD LEE HANLEY "Hans" General A rare case of what ever it is-like a mad scientist at work-prefers under class girls-a real cat dancer, an artist, an actor. Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Newsgram l, Senior Play 4, Boys Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Mixed Chorus 4, Myrialog Staff 4. KENNETH LYNDE HARDING "Kenny" College Preparatory Speed demon of the road-eating is a hobby-enjoys school-goes all out for girls in a big way. Soccer 2, 3 Qmanagerj, Basketball 2, 3, 4 Cmanagerl, Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Science Club 3, 4, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Myria- log Staff 4. PATRICIA ANN HAAG "Pat" Business Long dark brown hair-daughter of a policeman-has interests in Schaefferstown-fun to be around-a real flirt! ! I-drives a black Chevy. Basketball 2, 3, Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4, F. H. A. 1, Library Club 1, 2, Myrialog Staff 4. MARY LOUISE HAIN "Touts" General Very fond of pork chops-the type of student a teacher likes-plans to get a job after school-brainy-always laughing. F. H. A. 2, 3, 4, Myrialog Staff tEditorJ 4. JOHN PAUL HESS "Hessy" Agriculture Enjoys painting cars-drives a hot Dodge Convert- studying a chore-will make a good farmer. F. F. A. 1, 2, C3 secretaryj, C4 presidentj. HERBERT HAROLD HIBSHMAN "Herbie" Business Noted for his height-usually clowning around-loves opposite sex t?J-walks a mile a minute! ! ! Soccer 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Myrialog Staff 4. SHIRLEY ANN HOUTZ "Shirley" Business Found with Bud--very quiet-likes to type??-probably will be a housewife-pals around with Barbara. Tri-Hi-Y 4, Newsgram Staff 4 CFinancial Sec.J, Library Club 2, 3, 4, Myrialog Staff 4. EILEEN MAE KEENER "Keener Weener" College Preparatory Always seen hurrying-very studious-very conscientious -a peppy cheerleader-loves cocoanut custard. Class Secretary 3, 4, County Band 2, 3, 4, Cheerleading 2, 3, Q4 captainjg Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, C4 presidentj, Sci- ence Club 3, 4, F. H. A. 1, 2, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Library Club 1, 2, Myrialog Staff 4 fliterary editorJ. JONAS HENRY KRIEDER 'flgnggu Agriculture Loves cream puffs-just loves out-of-town-girls-likes CRobert Burnsj-will someday own a bakery. LINDA CAROLYN LONG "Linda" College Preparatory Elaine's right hand girl-nice dresser-drives Q'???J a hot Ford-one of our future elementary teachers-very interested in out-of-town boys. County Band 2, Hockey 2, Student Council 1 Csecretaryjg Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4, Newsgram Staff 1, 2, C3 Page Edi- torj, 14 Co-Editorj, Senior Play 4, Myrialog Staff 4, Library Club 1, 2, 3, C4 presidentj, F. H. A. 1, 2, 13 secretaryl, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Science Club 3, 4. JAMES ALLEN KNAPP '1Knappy" General One of our few brains-tries to say he doesn't study- likes certain blonds-will be a success in whatever he attempts. County Chorus 4, Science Club 4, Boys' Chorus 3, 4, Mixed Chorus 4, Myrialog Staff 4. NANCY ELLEN KOHL "Nancy" Business A good student-one of the brains of the class-found usually with Jay-wants to be an accountant-likes Italian foods. County Chorus 2, 3, 4, County Band 1, 2, 3, 4, District Chorus 4, Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4, Newsgram 1, 2, 3, 4, Girls Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, En- semble 1, 2, 3, 4, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Library Club 1, 2, C3 treasurerj, Myrialog Staff 4. MARILYN GAIL MASTRO "Marilyn" Business Possesses long blond hair-found in a two-tone Chevy with Allen as the driver-has an attractive wardrobe- excellent cheerleader-visits the Dixie often. Cheerleader 2, 3, t4 co-captainl, Basketball C3, 4, time- keeperJ, Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4, F. H. A. 3, 4, Girls' Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Class Secretary 2, Myrialog Staff 4. ARNOLD PAUL MILLER "Arnold" General Can argue his way out of a tin can-sports a Toni "mus- sie"-has to push the girls away-should be with the Dragsters Club-loves to sell shoes to girls-just loves William Penn Cigars! Soccer 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 1, 2, Science Club 3, 4, Hi-Y 4, Senior Play 4, Myrialog Staff 4. RICHARD CHARLES LOOSE "Dick'i General Sports a crew cut-hot "56', Plymouth-loves out-of-town girls-and the thrill of hunting-good eye for the basket and through a camera. County Chorus 3, 4, Soccer 2, 3, 4, Basketball C1 Jr. Highj, C2 Jr. Varsityj 3, 4, Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4, Student Council 2, Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Science Club 3, C4 Vice Presi- dentj, Boys, Chorus l, 2, 3, 4, Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 4, Band l, 2, 3, 4, Myrialog Staff 4, ' GENE ALLEN LUTZ "Lntzy" General School his pet peeve-just adores all girls-one of the taller men-drives a hot shot Dodge. LLOYD MCKILLIPS NIXON "Sc0rby" General Noted for his light blonde hair-always found where there are girls-goes all out for bowling-real quiet type. Soccer 2, 3, 4, Baseball 3, 4, Myrialog Staff 4. SUZANNE OMIE PEARSON "Suzie" General Often seen with John-plans to be a nurse-really goes for pizza-loves to sew-finds chemistry interesting? ? ? County Chorus 3, Hockey 1, Tri Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4 tchaplainj Newsgram Staff 1, Senior Play 4, Science Club 3, 4, F. H. A. l, 2, 3, 4 Cvice presidentjg Girls' Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Myrialog Staff 4. NANCY LOUISE PHILLIPPY "Nan" Business Loves Pizza Pie-works for a dentist-favorite subject is shorthand? 7 'Z-loves to tell jokes and imitate people- wants to be a secretary. Basketball 2, Student Council 2, Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. A. 2, 3, 4ttreasurerJg Mixed Chorus 3, 4g Myrialog ta 4. JAMES LYNN RITTLE i'fil11'y General Working his way up in the bakery shop-has a green hunk of car with 3 tone paint job-keeps the girls step- ping--likes pastry. Newsgram 1, 2, Myrialog Staff 4. MARK LESTER SCHWEAR, JR. "Mark" Business Tall, dark, and handsome-is our class clown-drives a hot Ford-a lady-killer--fun to be around-never a dull moment. Student Council 1, 3, Class President 1,2g Myrialog 4. MARGARET JEANETTE SMALTZ "Peggy" College Preparatory Loves English C??'?J-sports blond hair and blue eyes- versatile-takes part in sports-is hard on David's hot Dodge. Softball 1, 2, 3, 4, County Band 3, Basketball 1, 2, 3, C4 co-caqptainjg Hockey 2, Student Council 2 Csecretaryj, 3, t4 vice presidentjg Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4, Newsgram Staff 1 12, 3, page editorj, C4 co-editorjg Science Club 3, C4 trcasurerjg Band 1, 2, 3g Class Vice President 1, 2, 3, 4, Myrialog Staff 4. ' JEANETTE ROSE RUTTER "N0okie" Home Ee. Goes to Newmanstown quite frequently-Ronnie should be her middle name-knows a lot of jokes. Tri-Hi-Y lg F. H. A. 1, 2, 3. BETTY JANE SHUEY "Betty" Business Another non-resident-shorthand and typing whiz- usually seen driving an Edsel-alias is Emma Knight- came to us from Warwick at the beginning of the year. Glee Club 1 tWarwick High SchoolJg Dramatic's Club 1 tWarwick High Schoollg Basketball 1 tWarWick High Schooljg Tri-Hi-Y 4, Newsgram Staff 4 Ctyping man- agerbg Senior Play 4, F. H. A. 2, 3 tWarwickJ, 4, Myria- log Staff 4. EDWARD JOHN SWANGER Ujuiggn G6'l'lEl'6ll One of our top athletes at M. H. S.-knows the difference between the head and tail on a hot dog-will make a good house wife-an average student. Soccer 1, 2, 3, 4 Cco-captainlg Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4, Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Myrialog Staff 4, Science Club 3, 4. CALVIN LEE UMBENHEN "Lizard" General Can make you laugh almost any time-likes pizza-has a hot little scooter-lives with the chickens-likes school in an odd way. Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, Band 1, Science Club 3, 4, Boys' Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4. L, . . LEROY HENRY SOUDERS, JR. "Leroy" Agriculture Noted for his fan club for girls-waits for oil pressure to rise-goes all out for skating-has a real Weird voice- makes everyone laugh. F. F. A. 2, 3, 4. ELAINE LOUISE STRAUSS "Straussie" College Preparatory Good student-gets kidded all the time--always found laughing-nice personality-has an interest in a certain boy. Basketball. 2, 3, 4, Tri Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Newsgram Staff 2, 3, 4, Science Club 3, 14 secretarylg Girls' Chorus 3, 4, Class Treasurer 3, 4, Myrialog Staff 4. PATRICIA JOANNE WILSON MPa!" Home EC. Wonderful cook and baker-her chief means of trans- portation, a salmon Ford-will make a good house wife. Tri-Hi-Y 2, F. H. A. 2, 3, 4, Girls Chorus 2, 4. PEARL IRENE WOLFE 'AUny" General Giggles and giggles and giggles-everybodyls "Uny" to her-good guard in basketball-likes a certain black Chevy. Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Tri-I-Ii-Y 1, 2, 3, 4 Csecretaryjg Senior Play 4, Science Club 3, F. H. A. 3, 4, Girls' Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Myrialog Staff 4. JERAD LEE YEAGLEY "Jerry" General A tall, good-looking athlete-a future phys. ed. teacher- easy to get along with-polite and intelligent-admires girls-tells jokes. CAbe Catsj County Chorus 2, 3, 4, County Band 1, 2, 3. 4, Soccer 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball Ur. High 11 KJ. V. 25 3, 4, Base- ball 1, 2, 3, 4g Student Council CPresident 45, Hi-Y 2 CTreasurer 31 fVice President 41. Senior Play, Science Club 3, 4, Boys' Chorus 1, 2, 3, 43 Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 43 Band 1, 2, 3, 4g Myrialog Staff fCo-editorj 4. JAY ALLEN YEAGLEY "Yeagley" General Knows all angles to open a car-is interested mainly in well drilling-can handle a fast car-will make a good companion. Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4, Science Club 3, 4, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Myrialog Staff 4. KAY ELLEN ZEARFOSS i.Kay,, Active in all sports-works hard at the Dixie-plans to enter East Stroudsburg State Teachers College-easy to get along with. Girls' Softball 1, 2, 3, 4g Basketball 1, 2, 3, C4 captainlg Hockey 2, 3, C4 captainlg Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, C4 vice presi- dentjg Newsgram Staff lg Science Club 3, 4, Girls' Chorus 1g Library Club 1, Myrialog Staff 4. MARILYN LARAINEA YEAKLEY "Shorty" Business One of the gang--swell dancer-loves to eat hot dogs- seen frequently at Schaefferstown-drives a hot Ford- future beautician. Student Council 4 Csecretarylg Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4 Ctreasurerl F. H. A. 3, 4g Girls' Chorus 3, 43 Myrialog Sta 4. BARBARA KAY YORDY "Barbs" Business Always laughing-talk! talk! talk!-found driving in a blue and white Dodge with Rodney-likes gym classes- plans to be a housewife. Tri-Hi-Y 1, 4, Mixed Chorus 1. General Zn iwlumnriam Robert Prescott Lee Donough When the clouds break open and the stars shine through, One is born. As the stars fade into the dawn, One must die. This is life-all the love, fear, and sorrow are gone from this earth. . . . . Gerald Hanley 3 ! 1'.:, 1 .3 f w X -My H M x 5 N fnmfw wwwgygg ci, V I , 5 W 4 W Q I 4 KAW 5 N -56' 1 , 4 Y Our Q' ,, .39 X 1 V Q . . ,,.. 1 Early Youth ,, wx Q -Q A -im ., " " - M , Q sg: . 1 x.x. I 1 o w n? ' " 1 2- . .' .,., -5, ,QE -5: ,, ,. N ' is 1 X if EX up 'Q' Xi , 1 gk X 5 gp 1 ak X, 3 ,fw his Q W Yr X K wa' 1 1 . 1 f p , .Q A """- I I Q, ,. ,MW I. A A 1 1 ' "" , .. , .,..,. , K W -f 5 ,- .. .. X . ua --'- . A ria: . sw- ,usigg 3 .. A - X f QS? f gvfw R :- Q V3 1 Eileen Keener ff Q. .. , if 2 ,. -1 ' 1. -3. 2.31 11 5 Vw x K A-is awixwk I.. ' S S , 31:5 gf-f 'sq '--I-'r5r::g:,2:2s5:: Suzanne Pearson Mark Schwear Lucille Darkes Edward Swangei Jerad Yeagley Richard Loose 10 11. 12 13 14 Miles Brandt Peggy Beyler Elaine Strauss Kenneth Harding Elson Eiler John Hess Marilyn Mastro 4 -A.: , -s 9 , Q :wax -wx 'sw 110 3 K A, aww 'I:f5' - - :'iE:f:5S"'r"' -.ff Q4 :ff , ,. 1, -52. y,5y,1,33 We '::',, .E .:...s2-5:::, -.: ::S:'1r.'i:Im: ':' .,., 1 'S Q31 2212, .- we as as G bl 1 ii X N x my X Q , a. Nssasgsigg, 5 1 1 3 , e 1 .,.., ,... is W 1 . ,gig -I .... s Q, ,Ji x Mile ' fig ? 4 as sf. W x X 4 N bf av- 'Q 1 fr. ww , James Knapp John Ernfield Nancy Kohl Arnold Miller Gene Lutz Mary Hain Barbara Yordy Edna Brown Nancy Phillippy Patricia Haag X 24 S 2 Sw iiai.. 25 X S NRA. . x E X x ,X Xa? ,Q X A 23 I ? 1 8 aa 5 S7 gg 19 i 28 ' . I ' 1'- 3 ., , :'q- - - , ..: -5. L :Z 22 H-Q' I X x I -Sl,-:I ..,' N 55 v,,. :::f zz. a,.2 3 I 30 25. Betty Shuey 26. Pearl Wolfe 27. Gerald Hanley 28. Jonas Kreider 29. Lloyd Claman 30. David Grumbine 31. Leroy Souders 32. J ay Yeagley 1 a ta we .g.g:,.5:j-1 , , , B ,, . s 5' K ix x 55. ,IW ,S X wa 'Y' 3 . . .,,:. ,, Q w , Q? ug X ia? 36 34 44 William Fulk Linda Lgng Margaret Smaltz Barbara Bingamen Lloyd Nixon James Rittle Herbert Hibshman 38 Patricia Wilson Marilyn Yeakley Calvin Umbenhen Jeanette Rutter Gene Daub 45. Ralph Derr 46. Kay Zearfoss 43 History Our climb toward higher education began in 1945 when we were put under the supervision of Miss Leah Loose, our first grade teacher. After a few days we found a great love for recess and thought ringing the bell a privilege. While reading about "Puff and Spot" we also learned how to play "trap" which became one of our favorite pastimes. P. S. Jerry Yeagley was already making a big hit with the girls. We then moved up to the little red school on the hill and met our second grade teacher, Mrs. Emerich. Later our grade was spilt and Mrs. Snavely was also given the privilege of teaching some of us. Crack-the-whip seemed very thrilling to us, especially when Kay Zear- foss was the "cracker." Miss Schell, our next teacher, stressed penmanship quite a bit and is the reason for the very neat and legible handwriting of all the seniors. "Can't you come up those steps any quieter?" was one of Mrs. Weaver's favorite expres- sions. This was the year Mr. Yeagley tried to make musicians of some of our classmates. We were now almost seniors in that little red schoolhouse and Mrs. Groff let us put our desks into groups as long as we wouldn't talk. Cally Umby, alias, "Lizard" favored us with many a solo throughout the year. Coal gardens fascinated our little brains beyond repair. Oh well! Sixth grade found us putting away childish games like boys catch girls. Mr. Snavely taught us more refined games. Basketball became a favorite. Professional chalk ducking was our pride. Guess who was Santa Claus in the operetta this year? You're right. It was our chuckling Bill Fulk. As we once again entered the halls of Myerstown high school we felt pretty small and unimportant. Mrs. Brightbill and Miss Welch served as homeroom teachers for the town students while Mr. Hoffman took charge of the Jackson township students. Students shared their first experience in making class money by selling cotton candy and candy apples at the community fair. We now felt at home in this big school and Mrs. Brightbill and Mr. Mitchell were our homeroom teachers for our eighth year in school. Gene Daub, Dick Loose, and Kay Zear- foss could usually be found out in the hall or in the corner during science class. Ninth grade began with a bang as we now held the title of Freshmen and were proud of it. Explorers Fake and Klopp took us on an expedition to Gettysburg. The climax of the trip was a water pistol battle between Eileen Keener and Mr. Fake. The lucky homeroom teachers were Mr. Batdorf and Mr. Bucher. Class jackets, gray and white, were our prize possessions during our Sophomore year. We launched a new idea in assembly programs when we presented "The Hit Parade." Of course "Straussie" had to lose her shoes when completing her part in "The Rock and Roll Waltzf' There's one in every crowd!! This was the year Cally became a professional dic- tionary carrier between our homerooms where Mrs. Jeffers and Mr. Klopp were in charge. Now promoted to Juniors under the direction of Mrs. Jeffers and Mr. Ayers as homeroom teachers, we ordered our class rings. Decorating the gym for the Valentine Dance and spon- soring the Junior-Senior Prom were quite a chore but with the help of Mrs. Brightbill, our class advisor, we came through with flying colors. The highlight of our prom "Polynesian Paradise" was the music of Saxy Schollenberger and his orchestra. Bill Fulk put on quite an act as Simon Legree, the villain, in our assembly production of "Uncle Tom's Cabin." Seniors, at last! A year of hard work was ahead of us which was to bring great rewards. Mrs. Saunders and Mr. Fake were a great deal of help although Mr. Fake could be really troublesome when he made us come in to 8:00 o'clock classes if we were even a minute late. The Senior play "Keep Moving" was a big success even though Gerald Hanley almost lost his goatee and the curtains didn't always close on time. Miss Immel led us to success in all our efforts, some of which were Landis and Landis Clubs, Magazine campaign and the fair. The Myrialog, the trip to New York, Class Night and Commencement were memorable highlights of our school careers. Class Will - 1958 We, the class of 1958, of the Myerstown High School, residents of the Borough of Myerstown, Jackson Township, County of Lebanon, State of Pennsylvania, make and declare this our last will and testament, under no pressure of the faculty or underclassmen, in the following manner: First, to the class of '59, we will our class trip. Second, to the class of '60, we leave our brains and co-operation. Third, to the class of '61, we leave our sense of humor and athletic ability. Elaine Strauss wills her intelligence to Faye Sterner. Calvin Umbenhen wills his reputation as humorist to George Brightbill. Linda Long wills her job at the Taste Good to some lucky under classman. To Dennis Brubaker, James Knapp leaves a pleasing personality. Nancy Kohl .and Peggy Beyler will their positions as school treasurers to some lucky mathe- matical Juniors. To Delmas Tevalt, Herbert Hibshman wills his height. Suzanne Pearson wills her sewing ability to Judy Schaeffer. Shirley Houtz and Elson Eiler will their quiteness to Judy Dinger and Tubby Auchenbach. Ralph Derr wills his avoirdupois to Richard Walters. To David Lessig, Mark Schwear and Miles Brandt will their black hair. Bill Fulk wills his fan club to Russell Spitler. Barbara Bingaman and Mary Hain will their mental abilities to Kathryn Stauffer. To Charlotte Hoffman, Pat Haag wills her flirting ability. Betty Shuey wills her typing ability to Bernice Brandt. Peggy Smaltz wills her true blonde hair to Joan Kohl. Gerald Hanley wills his dancing steps to Jim Longenecker. To some lucky junior, Eileen Keener leaves her position as President of Senior Tri-Hi-Y. Kay Zearfoss wills her athletic ability to Faye Ellen Krommes. Nancy Phillippy and Marilyn Mastro will their friendship to Pat Miller and Phyllis Leininger. Marilyn Yeakley and Pearl Wolfe will their trips to Schaefferstown to Pam Stechman and Elaine Feeg. Jerry Yeagley wills his good looks to Glenn Mader. Jeanette Rutter and Pat Wilson will their places in the Home Ec. Room to Shirley Fullmer and Mary Jane Houtz. Edward Swanger wills his athletic ability to David Hipp. Barbara Yordy wills her sweaters to Sandra Waltermeyer. David Grumbine wills his romantic traits to David Shenk. Kenneth Harding leaves his gracefulness to James Bird. Lloyd Nixon and James Rittle leave their trips to Landis and Landis to two prospective seniors. Gene Daub wills his good driving record to Mr. Hess. John Ernfield and Leroy Souders will their interest in school to Terry Hoffman and Mike Hibshman. Edna Brown wills her cooking ability to Doris Houtz. Lloyd Claman and Gene Lutz leave their love for girls to Skip Steltz and Terry Witter. Lucille Darkes wills her neat wardrobe to Carol Kratzer. Dick Loose wills his love for chemistry class to John Atkins. John Hess and Jonas Kreider will their musical ability to Brian Donley. Arnold Miller wills his good manners to John Whitmoyer. Jay Yeagley wills his love for typing to Bill Siverling. It is our hope that the gifts we have bestowed upon the underclassmen will be cherished by them. In Witness Whereof: We have thereunto set our hand this 23rd day of May, in the year of our Lord, 1958. Witness: Mrs. Lena B. Saunders Address: Borough of Myerstown, County of Lebanon, and State of Pennsylvania. Witness: Mr. Robert A. Hoffman Address: Borough of Myerstown, County of Lebanon, and State of Pennsylvania. Class Prophecy "For I dipped into the future, far as human eye could see, Saw the vision of the world, and all the wonder that would be." Grand opening!! Eddie Swanger, head of the interstate chain stores, has just opened his fifty-third "Sheer Shop." Kay Zearfoss is in her glory as basketball coach of the state champion team the 'Teddly Toddler Widdly Woddlersf' Arnold Miller and Mark Schwear are the stars of the M. B. A., Metropolitan Ballet Association, which is leaving America to give a great production in Holland. These boys just love to "Tip Toe Through the Tulips." Teacher, Elaine Strauss, is now trying to prove to her fourth grade class that copper nitrate does not make your tongue green. New York's top marriage counselors, Lloyd Claman and Elson Eiler, have just reunited oil tycoon Jay Yeagley with the President's secretary, Nancy Kohl. Peggy Beyler has become the chief flower smeller at the convention of the "Prevention of Cruelty to Flowers Association." Top petunia growers of 1988 are Ralph Derr and Gene Lutz. James Knapp has won the Interplanetary Peace Prize for transporting bubble gum to the planets with his newly invented "Napnik." "Twenty-eight Ways To a Delicate Giggle" the outstanding novel of 1988 was written by our own Mary Hain. Pat Wilson and Jeanette Rutter are co-owners of the "I Can Boil an Egg Studio" for prospective brides. Herbie Hibshman has just put on the market his newly devised "Schocker soccer shoes." The guarantee on these shoes was made personally by Jimmy Rittle, founder of the Tutti Fruitee Corporation. .Visiting M. H. S. again is the great trampoline artist Barbara Yordy who will attempt a triple twirl with an extra twist. Tying for first place in the National Traffic Safety Slogan Contest are John Ernfield and Leroy Souders with these slogans: "Too many ponies under a hood surely bring trouble and that is no good," and "Dragging is a little wicked, you will get a traffic ticket." Believe it or not Cheeky Brandt has finally learned to play checkers while sitting on a flagpole. "Don't mope when you can joke" is the favorite expression of Miss Nancy Phillippy on her TV show "The Dramatic Squirrel." Lucille Darkes is now top mechanic at Richard C. Loose's "Hot Rod Shop." Dick's motto is "I can take apart anything you can put together." Still trying to prove that logarithms do work is Barbara Bingaman in her class for "pro- motion of an interest in trig." Cally Umbenhen is head warden at "Smack-A-Traz Reformatoryf' for naughty boys who shoot water pistols at English teachers. Pearl Wolfe and Patsy Haag are co-engineers of the newly built highway from Myerstown to Schaefferstown. The other one was badly worn. We never could understand why Pearl's car kept sliding off the road every time she got as far as Reistville. Gerald Hanley has just won the Oscar for his performance in "The Professor In the Red Flannel Negligeef' The M. C. of this annual event was that hilarious jokster Jerad Yeagley who took honors for the evening with his story of "Abe Cats." If you have never heard this story, please forget we ever mentioned it. Peggy Smaltz, whose main ambition has always been joining the Navy, finally reached her goal. She now holds the post of look-out on the "U. S. S. Swangeri' Dave Grumbine is our famed long-distance hiker. He has reached the top of Mt. Everest by hopping up on one foot. Edna Brown is the founder of the "State Square Sewing Circle." Suzanne Pearson is practicing her nursing as she administers medication to those unfortunate souls who have pricked their fingers. "Bop Hop," a kangaroo farm in northern Australia is owned jointly by John Hess and Jonas Kreider. Betty Shuey is trying to teach the kangaroos to do forward and backward rolls without using their paws. Bill Fulk has won the Olympic prize for teaching more girls how to dive than any other boy in the U. S. That wink must have done the trick. Winner in the "Me No Speak Um" marathon was Shirley Houtz, who hadn't uttered a word for 362 days, 9 hours, alld 6 minutes, until Marilyn Mastro started playing dominoes with a hippopotomus. Lloyd Nixon has just received a letter from Chief of Police, Gene Daub, telling him he has lost his license for ninety days. Remember Lloyd, Dauby's only there to make the high- wa safe. y Monsieur Kenneth Harding is the proprietor of the most dazzling fashion salon in gay Paree. Marilyn Yeakley has made quite a hit in the summer showing of the leopard skin "Get-Me-A-Man" outfit. Ken seems quite proud of the fact that the model was noticed by the Queen of Morocco. Attention all Hot Dog eaters!! A new and better hot dog is now on the market. This hot dog is an orginal, started by Eileen Keener under the trade name of "Keener's Weenersf' These "Keener's Weenersf' sold at Long's Meat Market, owned and operated by Linda Long, come in all colors, shapes, and sizes. Senior Personalities VOCALLY INCLINED Nancy Kohl Jerad Yeagley MosT VERSATILE Richard Loose Margaret Smaltz Mosr ATHLETIC Fulk Kay Zeaffgsg Mosr DRAMATIC Gerald Hanley Linda Long Mosr COURTEOUS 1 BEST LOOKING Marilyn Mastro Mark Schwear Mary Hain Jerad Yeagley Mosr TALKATIVE Calvin Umbenhen Elaine Strauss QUIETEST Elson Eiler Shirley Houtz MOST STUDIOUS James Knapp Mary Hain l NICEST PERsoNALr'rY Mosr POPULAR William Fulk Margaret Smaltz Arnold Miller Elaine Strauss Mosr LIKELY TO SUCCEED Nancy Kohl James Knapp What's What I Name Recognized By Where Found Prize Possession Wants To Be Ought To Be Peggy Beyler Her laugh In the office Her long hair A medical Secretary A Ford salesman Barbara Bingaman Her curly hair At home Her brains An accountant A cleaning lady Miles Brandt His eyes At Bethel His Chevy In the service A grocer Edna Brown Her shyness In the Home Ec. Her eyes A housewife A torch singer room Lioyd Claman His timid smile Driving his His Home room seat A farmer A cattle breeder motorcycle Lucille Darkes Her height Roller skating Her "hot" DeSoto A beautician A Driver Training Teacher Gene Dauh His traffic tickets At Buffy's Susie A mechanic A Chef Ralph Derr His hair At Millardsville His cigarettes A state Trooper A romeo Elson Eiler His artistic ability At home His trumpet In the service A lawyer John Ernfield His absence from Driving his motor His English Book In the service Mr. Nitranrer's right- school scooter hand man William Fulk His versatility At Cleona Iudy A Physical Education A movie star Instructor David Grumbine His freckles With Ruth Ann His hair A forest ranger A marriage Counselor Patricia Haag Her flirtatious eyes With 1en'y Her Chevy A beautician A11 old maid running a bachelor's home Mary Hain Her studious attitude At Strack's Dam Scholastic ability A housewife Annie Oakley Gerald Hanley His dancing ability Hunting Elbidridges His artistic ability In the Navy A weight lifter Kenneth Harding His slowness Sleeping in class His motor bike A business A dance instructor Administrator John Hess His politeness On the farm His car A carpenter A cowboy Herbert Hihshman His low voice Shooting basketball His height An accountant A tall man in the circus Shirley Houiz Her quietness With Bud Bud's Olds A secretary A housewife Eileen Keener Her ambition With Betty Her versatility A nurse An IBM machine James Knapp His pleasing On Broad Street His Ford A business executive Pat Boone personality Nancy Kohl Her musical ability With Jay Her Shorthand ability A bookkeeper A well driller Jonas Kreider His love for school With ? His job A carpenter A race driver Linda Long Her walk With Elaine Her clothes A teacher A chauffeur Richard Loose His pleasant smile Anywhere His car A lumber man A janitor Gene Lutz His sleepy expression In the Ag. room His engineer boots A state trooper In the Foreign Legion Marilyn Mastro Her long hair With Allen Her diary A secretary A movie star Arnold Miller His catty Walk At Dinger's Store His hot Ford Air Force Officer A Fuller Brushman Lloyd Nixon His silence Bowling Alley His bowling ability Fireman A professional pinboy Suzanne Pearson Her walks with john In the Home Ec. Her ability to sew A nurse An understudy for f00lTl Liberace Nancy Phillippy Her blond hair Working in the Her appetite A secretary "Toni" girl Dentist Office James Rjttle His love for German At the Baker Shop Betty A policeman A doughnut filler Jeanette Rutter Being with Pat In the Home Ec. Her cooking ability A housewife Roller-skating l'00m Instructor Mark Schwear His black, wavy hair At Harris' Store His charm An automobile Elvis Presley Q Mechanic Betty Shuey Her typing ability Behind a typewriter Her Dad's Edsel A medical secretary A truck driver Margaret Smaltz Her blond hair Drglraiea blue David An IBM operator A model Leroy Souders His wise cracks At Alberts His wittiness A good husband A comedian Elaine Strauss Her intelligence Taste Good Shop Her teaching ability A teacher A can can girl Edward Swanger His build At the Doggie Shop His fan club In the service A soda jerk Calvin Umbenhen His mischievous Playing cards His popularity In the service A bartender manner Patricia Wilson Pearl Wolfe jay Yeagley Jerad Yeagley Marilyn Yeakley Barbara Yordy Kay Zearfoss Carrying her brother's papers Her laugh Driving on Railroad Street His clothes Her naturally-curly hair Her endless talking Her height With Jeanette Baby sitting With Nancy In another town Schaefferstown At Lessig's At the Dixie Her black hair Dale Nancy His good looks Her fingernails Rodney Athletic ability A housewife A nurse A mechanic A Physical Education Instructor A beautician Secretary Physical Education Instructor A swimming Instructor A laughing lady A race driver Mailman Champion gum cracker Dagmar Police woman Senior Play MKEEP MOVING" CComedyJ Anne Baldwin .... ..................,.,...... ........ L i nda Long June Harris .... . . . Marilyn Yeakley Rush Harris ..., ...... G ene Daub Tom Jeffrey ..................... . . . Jerad Yeagley Douglas Wells ..................... .... W illiam Fulk Professor Edmund Enoch Randolph .... ..... G erald Hanley Harriet Mason .................... .... S uzanne Pearson Emma Knight ................... ...... B etty Shuey Loretta Phillips .. . . . Peggy Beyler Charity Lynn .... .... P earl Wolfe Sam Vine .... . . . Arnold Miller SENIOR PLAY COMMITTEES Mrs. Ruth Jeffers ....... .. .............. ASSISTANTDIRECTOR ...... Miss Marilyn Gudemann STAGE SETTINIRMF. D. Lansberry, Miss Gayle Mendenhall, Miss Lois Smeltzer. MAKE-UP-E. Keener, M. Smaltz, E. Strauss. STAGE CREW--J. Rittle, C. Umbenhen. STAGE PROPERTIES-E. Brown, M. Hain, K. Harding, J. Yeagley, under supervision of Mr. Fake. ADVERTISEMENT-G. Daub, R. Loose, A. Miller, B. Bingaman, M. Yeakley, P. Haag, under supervision of Miss M. C. Immel. TICKETS-M. Schwear, K. Zearfoss, J. Knapp, under supervision of Mrs. Lena Saunders. PUBLICITY-R. Prescott. E. Swanger, B. Yordy. UsHERs-Seniors. This year the senior class presented a hilarious comedy, "Keep Moving." It all began when an eccentric trombone-playing professor moved in to spend an entire summer with the Baldwins. Trying to move him out kept everything on stage moving and everyone in the audience laughing. fwfwfmg ,, w v 1 , W 4 1 1 ' YW Umhcfwwzm, I1 JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS Standing-left to right--Robert Phillippy, Treasurerg Ronald Steiner, Vice Presidentg Betty Row Row Row Row Row Schaeffer, Secretary. Sitting-Faye Sterner, President. Iunior Class Pictures 1-left to right-A. Oberholtzer, E. Derr, E. Boeshore, R. Fisher, P. Leininger, L. Brandt R. Steiner, F. Sterner, B. Schaeffer, R. Phillippy, C. Kratzer, C. Lengle, B. Brandt D. Nevins, L. Gogets, H. Troutman, A. Smith. 2--J. Wise, C. Kopala, D. Lengle, D. Hipp, M. Loeb, R. Long, L. Firestine, H. Houtz D. Steiner, W. Siverling, R. Bicksler, D. Lessig. 3-D. Brubaker, D. Beiver, S. Waltermeyer, R. Schoener, N. Geist, M. Gettle, P. L. Ziegler, S. Umbenhauer, S. Bordner, R. Steltz. 4-J. Longenecker, L. Blouch, T. Hoffman, G. Blair, B. Donley, G. Troutman, D. T. Witters, R. Spitler, J. Hess, M. Grumbine. Miller Shenk 5-A. Bollinger, J. Neiswender, D. Houtz, D. Miller, J. Garloff, J. Kohl, F. Himmel- berger, A. Schaeffer, R. Morris. SO PH OMORE CLASS OFFICERS Standing-left to right--Darlene Miller, Secretary, Ralph Auchenbach, Vice Presidezztg Elaine Row Row Row Row Row Feeg, Treasurer. Sitting-Franz Messerschmidt, President. Sophomore Class left to right-R. Walters, T. Mays, R. Hibshman, G. Gardner, A. Honker, N. Kopala D. Miller, F. Messerschmidt. J. Dinger, F. Strobel, B. Burkholder, C. Erdman, L. Fredrickson, M. Kleinfelter G. Dreibelbis, R. Long, V. Day, R. Kreiser, E. Swisher, G. Spitler, C. Wagner. B. Wagner, S. Fullmer, G. Hibshman, R. Long, S. Atkins, J. Whitmoyer, G. Brightbill J. Krall, A. Yohn, J. Wagner, M. Derr. R. Lengle, J. Hain, L. Saunders, K. Stauffer, D. Walter, E. Brown, P. Stechman S. Ressler, M. Hibshman, M. Wenrich, A. Heilman, R. Lasch, J. Keener. S. Bugg, L. Ernfield, J. Schaeffer, M. Neiswender, S. Nitrauer, G. Diem, B. Blatt M. Rhine, I. Wolfe, D. Williams, C. Loeb, P. Pfautz, S. Lebo, C. Becker, L. Houser 9 9 NINTH GRADE CLASS OFFICERS Standing-left to right-Bonita Garman, Secretaryg Sandra Houser, Vice Presidentg Richard Row Row Row Row Row 11 Smith, Treasurer. Sitting-Georgetta LeGay, President. Ninth Grade , left to right-G. Spitler, H. Troutman, C. Engle, K. Boyer, N. Donley, C. Rager R. Lengle, B. Lengle, R. Smith, S. Houser, G. LeGay, B. Garman, L. Lutz, P. Moore R. Miller, I. Morris, D. Stonesifer, R. Sadler, D. Tevalt. -J. Swanger, E. Auchenbach, D. Gassert, L. Crouse, R. Kleinfelter, L. Labe, L. Ewing L. Labe, D. Trautman, A. Gettle, C. Wilson. D. Schoener, C. Schaeffer, S. Umberger, D. Behm, J. Trout, E. Brubaker, G. Wagner R. Deck, D. Spitler, L. Feaser, M. Hower, L. Ziegler. -D. Merkey, M. Hunsicker, G. Mader, H. Leed, H. Althouse, S. Souders, L. Salem S. Ruoss, H. Deck, B. Gettle, J. Marko, G. Bicher, D. Harnish, G. Dubble, C. Miller G. Gogets. 5-S. Watson, J. Lasch, R. Althouse, B. Brown, L. Blair, B. Garrett, I. Darkes, B. Don- moyer, M. Reed, G. Kiehl, M. Shuey, R. Wiley, S. Miller, M. Houtz, F. Krommes M. Snoke, S. Dubble, C. Shenk, E. Haak, P. Brubaker. EIGHTH GRADE CLASS OFFICERS Standing-left to right-Mary Schoener, Secretaryg Kathryn Keener, Vice Presidentg Ronald Row Row Row Row Row Row Garloff, Treasurer. Sitting-Robert Wengert, President. - Eighth Grade 1-left to right-S. Bordner, J. Claman, J. Blair, M. Schnoke, J. Ernfield, N. Ober holtzer, R. Wengert, R. Garloff, K. Keener, M. Schoener, M. Sadler, L. Klick H. Christman, H. Lutz, M. Gibble, P. Gogets, M. Haak. M. Boyer, L. Forry, M. Lindermuth, E. Habecker 2-L. Martin, J. Hibshman, H. Miller, M . Helder, H. Mann, K. Schworer, J. Nevius, D. Haag. 3-M. Reed, R. Smith, N. Hower, M. Haak, H. Johnson, D. Gettle, G. Bicher, E. High L. Burkholder. 4-P. Igolt, N. Hower, F. Souders, G. Schaeffer, M. Deim, G. Dubble, R. Fredrickson S. utter. 5-L. Gettle, C. Boltz, R. Rupp, D. Bicksler, B. Neiswender, E. Martin, A. Strauss C. Kline, P. Honker, M. Lebo, J. Yiengst. 6-L. Houtz, D. Smith, B. Beckley, D. Louser, N. Martin, B. Leibig, J. Miller, L. Feeg J. Bowman, D. Deck, K. Eiler, M. Daub. 7th GRADE CLASS OFFICERS Standing-left to right-Jean Haverstick, Secretaryg Edward Hibshman, Vice Presidentg Gregory Row Row Row Row Row Row 11 Miller, Treasurer. Sitting-Candice Nitrauer, President Grade 7 left to right-M. Gaylor, S. Yeakley, G. Ruppenthal, M. Phillippy, J. Burkholder, G. Miller, E. Hibshman, C. Nitrauer, J. Haverstick, J. Klick, R. Hoffman, G. Hibsh- man, R. Rubright, R. Leander, M. Lessig. 2-I. Horst, S. McKnight, J. Gogets, S. Phillippy, R. Bollinger, J. Neidig, C. Lehman J. Blethen, C. Johnson, T. Hain, J. Kiehl, G. Hurst, M. Garland, L. Vindich. 3-P. Hook, B. Fisher, E. Shuey, C. Bowman, J. Ebling, B. Boyer, R. Blouch, G. Wil- liams, B. Rittle, M. Gingrich, J. Sell. 4-J. Houtz, D. Maurer, B. Blouch, D. Field, K. Sholly, R. Atkins, R. Noll, C. Kreiser D. Umberger. 5-G. Arnold, J. Bird, R. Longenecker, R. Shenk, S. Reber, E. Sweigart, N. Pfautz J. Zimmerman, D. Boltz, L. Helder, F. Derr, W. Suhr, D. Gettle, D. Fisher. 6-C. Himmelberger, N. Gardner, P. Engle, L. Houtz, S. Schaeffer, D. Christ, E. Dun- dore, E. Brown, L. Wenrich, T. Valerio, R. Smith, E. Snoke, J. Smith, M. Wiley D. Urich, I. Williams, M. Mentzer. 7 5 Sixth Grade Teacher-Mrs. Harvey Nitrauer Teacher-Mrs. Frances Doll Number of Students-Twenty-nine Number of Students-Thirty Fifth Grade 1 Teacher-Mr. Adam Snavely Teacher-Mrs. Adam Snavely Number of Students-Thirty-three Number of Students-Thirty-five Fourth Grade Teacher-Mrs. Blanche Weaver Teacher-Mrs. John Clay Substitute Teacher-Mrs. Lester Shenk Number of Students-Thirty-two Number of Students-Twelve Third Grade Teacher-Miss Irene Schell Teacher--Mrs. John Clay Number of Students-Thirty-two Number of Students-Seventeen Second Grade Teacher-Miss Jane North Number of Students-Thirty-seven First Grade Teacher-Mrs. Frederick Shaak Teacher-Mrs. Leon Groff Number of Students-Thirty-two Number of Students-Thirty-two Child Care School The room formerly known as the scout room was made into a classroom for the mentally retarded children of this area last year. Two well qualified teachers, Mrs. George Ross and Mrs. John Swope, help these children in their learning. They attend sessions from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. each school day. Mrs. Ross attended: Henry Hauck Junior High School, Denvereux Schools, Moore In- stitute of Art, and Special Education. Mrs. Swope attended M. H. S. and Lebanon Valley College. We are very fortunate to have two such devoted teachers to help these children who are less fortunate than we. Mrs. George Ross Mrs. John Swope Child can School Child Care School Henry Houck Ilmror High . School Myerstown High School Denvereux schools Lebanon Valley College Moore Institute of Art Special Education Special Education High School Safety Patrol Mr. Snavely is the present leader of our high school Safety Patrol. The Safety Patrol was organized in 1931 by Robert W. Mitchell shortly after the time when the Palmyra Lebanon County Auto Club began sponsoring school safety patrols. Myerstown Patrols accompanied by the High School Band have marched in the annual Safety Patrol Parade since 1935. Selected representatives attended the National Safety Patrol Parade at Washington, D. C., during the years 1936 to 1941. Members receive a certificate and badge on the completion of as sernester's service. Junior High Members may earn a letter. The bus trip sponsored by the police department and the faculty advisors at the close of school term is traditional with the Patrol. Points of interest visited by the Patrol were Trexler Game Farm, Hershey Police Bar- racks, Lebanon County Jail, Miniature Village, State Museum, and the State Capitol. The Patrol is proud of its record of no accidents or injuries to pupils on patrol covered corners in twenty-five years of service. 177041121 Row 1-left to right-E. Swanger, R. Loose, H. Hibshman, D. Brubaker, W. Fulk. Row 2-Coach Hess, R. Bicksler, G. Daub, R. Steltz, I. Keener, K. Harding, manager The team this year was fast and well balanced, capturing a majority of the rebounds and converting most of their tries into goals. Under the direction of Coach Earl Hess the Mohawks brought home a fine record. Varsity Basketball VISITORS Patton Trade .. Bethel ....... Patton Trade . . . ELCO ...... Alumni ....... North Lebanon . . . Palmyra ...... Cornwall .... Bethel ........ South Lebanon . . . Annville ...... ELCO .......... North Lebanon , , . Palmyra ...... Cornwall ........ South Lebanon Annvllle ............... 12 Wins-5 Losses SCORES Myerstown Visitors ...70 .. ..,.58 ...83 .. ....44 ...75 .. ....55 ...69... ..,60 ...74 .. ....50 ...63 .. ...53 ...55 .. ....58 ...50 .. ..,.47 ...89 .. ....48 ...82 .. ....65 ...55 .. ..,.7l ...53 .. ....58 ...74.. ...52 ...52.. ...68 ...66.. ....59 ...83 .. ...75 ...48 .. ....50 X Jerad Yeagley William Fulk Dennis Brubaker Herbert Hibshman I Richard Loose Edward Swanger I. V. Basketball T Left to right-Coach Hess, G. Gardner, B. Wagner, A. Honker, J. Keener, R. Steltz, R. Bicksler J. Whitmoyer, L. Saunders, G. Dreibelbis, R. Spitler, C. Erdman, R. Phillippy, manager This year's Junior Varsity has done fairly well under Mr. Hess. -By next year, as the Varsity Squad they should improve and be able to do all right. Their record for the year was 7 wins, 9 losses. VISITORS Patton Trade . . . Bethel ........ Patton Trade ..,. ELCO .......... North Lebanon . . . Palmyra ........ Cornwall ...... Bethel ........ South Lebanon Annville ...... ELCO .......... North Lebanon Palmyra ....... Cornwall ...... South Lebanon Annville ............. . . . 7 Wins-9 Losses SCORES Myerstown Visitors ...27 .. ....23 35 .. ....41 ...38 .. ....29 ...28 .. ....32 ...24 .. ....l8 ...28.. ....44' ...32 .. ....43 ...31.. ....29 ...53 .. ....41 ...36 .. ....59 ...37 .. ....26 ...27.. ....36 ...18 .. ....49 ...37 .. ....39 ...4O .. ....38 38 .. .... 48 Row 1-left to right-Coach Hoffman, D. Miller, B. Beckley, L. Salem, G. Mader, R. Garloff Row 2-G. Haag, D. Bicksler, F. Souders, C. Saunders, R. Fredrickson, H. Lutz. Row 3-G. Hibshman, P. Hook, D. Fields, L. Helder, M. Daub, R. Shenk, R. Hoffman The members of the Junior High team are varsity players of the future. We hope they will all keep improving their experience and abilities in the future. The Junior High team is under the direction of Mr. Hoffman. Iunior High Basketball VISITORS Cornwall ...... Palmyra ........ North Lebanon . . . South Lebanon . . . ELCO ........ Annville . . . Cornwall ...... Palmyra ......... North Lebanon . . . South Lebanon . . . ELCO ................ 1 Win-10 Losses SCORES Myerstown Visitors 17 .. ....43 17 .. ....28 16 .. ....28 .. 8 .. ....3l ...24 .. ....37 ...30 .. ....71 ...29 .. ....48 17 .. ....23 ...28 .. ....l9 ...30 .. ....44 19 .. ....39 Soccer Team Row l-left to right-H. Hibshman, R. Loose, J. Yeagley, E. Swanger, W. Fulk, G. Daub, A. Miller, L. Nixon, L. Saunders. Row 2-C. Kopala, A. Hellman, L. Blouch, R. Steltz, D. Brubaker, R. Spitler, B. Donley, R. Bicksler. Row 3-R. Shenk, P. Hook--Managersg F. Souders, A. Honker, H. Deck, J. Whitmoyer, F. Strobel, H. Lutz, L. Forry, B. Suhr-Manager, Coach Hoffman. 1957 was the magic year for Myerstown High's soccer team as they, under the direction of coach Hoffman, turned in one of the greatest records in the history of the school. After a shaky start with 2 losses, the Mohawks proved to be unconquerable in winning just the Leba- non County Championship and going on in P. I. A. A. play to win both the District 3 and Eastern Regional titles. Their record for the season was 11 wins, 2 losses and 1 tie. Myerstown Win PIAA R any P 0 S, Give Mohawk: Nl A 0 . , xiii -wx' nf QB rw. X 'rl sk' lliflws 59,36 Nfmilefeeu ag. .nl za II' Tiny vmv Sports sliiulr are 56065 rel' oe P' V350 any 5-Q vlolias Q we N n . Nil wif. 1-X' 0 ,Q S III6lonfi,II,afYH0 I lwlf wr wllll me Lebanon ocunly DIS- QW' i QW: lol! Q ll-lol 3 llllcs under lnell- bells, mo . U si l 5 lvlllfgv qIlln5QIa,,on Sllanbllnce lllllllllll lrllleloli lo wool cheslvr lc nil? W rv - 2 il l s-lllr Tlllloliors college 10 mmf . ell e r, A N'llX,,QcX all rn?-" nl Wtlel . new 0 -ye in sll lll ,116 ll-l',,,,lw'l WWI .lac nil' Vw ' wi' K 'QQ ll III nglnlifxln ,ls N wfuwll f' ,,,ll III,r nfl M so? :ron as-S 'pi , 09 alll' 1,1 Y-'Nil -"Wie -05 l V" A WN' alexa., Y 'Wfnln Baa Yung all . l Wllxbllf wgoYmiSxXl lgllaflnll U,,,,l.l- Dllroy, for llle Eoslerll Pf'l1l1A5'lK'1lK'll3 Soccer Tllle on Fri- rilly. Noll-lllllcr ls. Till' KIOHIWNK5 SllOWCK'l Ulf lhiill' ullllrr lnnloy. alle Div:-. l1l.ll'll-: ll cllalll S. lla.: lllnll lllll-ole rll-l-il-ed so llllyl llllll vll-lrlry. lilo lilo llolrllfllll lin lilo l-lllli llclrl ln. Ido ii li-1 ,nl X! an me " io-4 fins Vt null M. H. S. Stars Top Team of E. Penne. pnrlollly lll Sorter. my ll llil' l'l'llll'C 5035011 nflll ,l ill:-so lllllllolol- ln Dllrlllil llll' llrl er's Overhme Goal I Mohawks 3-2 Win bullsrye hom lnln game, and sam llverllml-. The first nl ,wal llllllml. llllll nel, allll mn- will alllnl lor lllo lllllllli lun fill--nllnlllo llll- llllf he lellms T' Mohawks Blank Upper Darby Disiricl 1, 2-O lllyerwwxfs Mohalwkll closed out llweir soccer season with A 240 vlcwry UWT LDPC? muddy West Chester Stale Teachers College Friday to add the PIAA Regional title to their pionship records. I I The Lebanon County and Dlslrlct blanked the District One rlfiamps fnr loss of the entire season as the only team Title Myefsf-O OCCQI- Co P Leo., fflrr, Jam 'lon Colm ef 4 3 feqf 3fBuChqnaSyjChOm . Tying Seasonx -o'."f First S many as two lzoals on lil. ml...-Il. ....el.l... phia area hooters. Victory Dance Hall 154111111 Swell Sponsored by Seniors 'nw :oar ood-ni Upper U union nln of lllleen rlralxlll PFOV ml-leon by lilo anllllllllrlllll. l,,, e . only l-.ln learns rnlllaani in .3 ., I . we goal agolnll all nlllnl II H I lrlngpnl lllllll ole ilolloa-lo - ' -l es Successful . ns nl al fflfd .. "' fl .ll-l'ff."f'nol M. -" Tlwy tr' -'Pnl Pill Q ovLit.7h1'l-E OW? .v ,iynh RY' -Wing GOUIS Ch lime II. im-N., I ani.. - s,,,,1IE I '9"lDl'0 YIM- . "Nm . 'Mol- .,,.: xlnllllool I I ll VICTORY DANVF sen nd mal raoord yeelerday ll.lll:.l..f.1 :no x:C'l'clRlEs ol llll 5 ser-eral llllllami onsllln l.llll Tal :.lll-a- lllllllll ll ffl lllrvfswwn fans ffillw' ':l -lllli, llllllslnlll lllllllr il llll 4 Hubby Hoffmf' 'nd he 'Jl'l'li.illl'll lllllllslllfli ni ll I l ill fb" lllng llloliawis all mo mel I 0-1. . r lonal championship IIIJ nl 53 mem tab som in II' gl. and iollnh pei-lolis MA' :ll bell loam f.hcy've mel flag, BUI rlllll, lilo :llyemown oll,,, I 1-ill l liorlglfkfe lr l - If43ba,,,ifQ lg' fm. cf, Irdibaral emu, . "The Champ" llllllllllllll-ll lor ills lllxk lllprclllc. Ill: - I' ll IIIirlw,Ip III? nfl ffl-14 , ll . I,"f1 r,,, gwn. III:rla,.. III o , ' lf L..f"""0f- of ' 7IIva.rll-rI aI fl W... 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' - 31: , agile ' I. I . l . XX... ll llolllqlll ln a lllllnpillns ncwr oily Honllllph. ,,fgI1'lI3l,. w:I:lII11ll,,S E'-ml 0 the ll' , '04 Ha ' lm-lllli 'Mi-frpf?--will E SAUN on Goaliea vim sunlirnllll I I I I .:l,l,,hI,I -wr, ,J DER Naf, alllil cllrl. ll- incur lilo game l blld hrellks. Mm III? f,,,IIII S IN S i' ll I l llYf'F5"""' cnds, lo knlln lllsl whlll ll llkolz 'H' from P0721 me W Qi ll l l ll lh'-lr fllli lhin' llf"k"""" ri GHT 5,1 ands.l lll llllr' llrllllg lo ll . --ook hw fl 1 min . - 'V l l' may . -- gf: , .. oncsl chzlnlplllns pllly lo llln. Ifl.,a:i'fI,":eRll onllllly I . II l.,llll.l,,,,f'1 on between soccm CHAJPB .n.ll,,qI III l MV 4'hamP' lconilnued from Pu' U nlbililnll lil develop mm 'HHH film. f S1PC0Y1d'll3ll """"0r5' . lc-llnls cllme close to scoring, bill I I Tin Sc: 'File !lfly2fSl0lm FLYT ,We held hack by good saw-5 lll blllnel lhlll Knld clldllnl. time MII: . ll -. I l :Qiuilli iilfiiilnv Gels lllllll goalios anri llil- oxrlllll-nl llllll .ming ml, U, mm ,iw ml ,hIIf::II,, flfsl 0' 'Wo 'W' Emi' Player ll1"l"lmg U' me backg' Mymmwn -llllll illll lllllll. lll lla lilo lwll. fl all, ' periods playllli alll Minialure Trophy llllnlly l-ollie llirollgll to lm-fllr lllll l L P BIdIIIIIr Kem Wed 'll 3 r Y 7 grill-lllllg lnonololly. by nollnla lil ' Nvflfbfn 10" Men of '36 mlm' T00 ll- allllllllli qllorll-r on Fllllcs ll.llri I I I h oc , nm ll. 'H had lim- For llll- lll-ll xilffolvllll llllll lrolll lwcnu- yanls lllll .lrloli .lnll lnllolllli nlllrl lr c g el fghall ml-ll. - , . , X .I - iliiuiliiii lllllllllf .ll-.llll lll ollllg lllllllv my ff llnlo slowly llrlroll oy. llllol lrlllllll. lllll lo llllr I: qlllfllly llloli nl. ,.,,,,,,,,ll,lll.l Roglollll ul ,ll:,lllllle IIII Imp WI A Emma, or lm lg.. IIIIIIIIIIII II In MIIIII ,III I lively alla lllerl- lllll no pllrll-ll sro-an lollnl lo In defmmc plnymg fymllllql. I I I mc file llall our ine IIIIIIHIIN Im, me... ,l,,l,l,,:,,I,1..s IIIII wwe IIIIIIHEI ull, lm... lnlusl lll llll' llrlllr s sl.ll III Top I illzrrifllilrid l,ll ll'v, solllloi llllllrrl lllllllliilrlw. llii llielr gl-l-lll doll-llsli-ll fi' lealfgh' Align' leolu, llrmllll. nollllll ...,l lllnllxllllr. allrl lining, lll,llll IIIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIIIIIQ me .,II,,I.. I, l,l.l IIII IIIIIIII IIII IIII IIII IIIIIWI III Bl-p,,n'g .n1a,IITl,,I,,I Le, he I uf. :nd nlllmnl ,,I,,l ,llzllllll-is to lil-.lil ulwll lll"lll I., I, H ,W lmglil- Y-lr -M l - - IIHIZI c-l,,,2IIIn Iylanpach i24,unIII all l..Illl. llllr-nl l..II PM mmliw.,-,Uilll'll,ll'o1'lf"' lil. lollllil. llllrl llll.ll ll.llln-. lllgging lllllly lll lllllirlllc . pIIgwlllo, l Calvi,,"lIf3.IIIg11r,,,nI?. ,H TII l'::LI2':fI:',' '.l.llll. lll ,llly lllolralalllo. llilll llllIlIl1' .llllll..l alll-lslonli sllil lllll lll IIMIIIIII-I. .Um hc-ll ,wwf WI :gel from I ml,e,I2fI:I,,,IIIlr.I ,egII:li, ,IIIIII P. l 'l ' 'iillll 1- ' .. v . Ill. l R ' l f I -lllll l..lllllll llll lllll- -lm ' l-. l 1-0 1-ld llll Lllllllr I ull., -In 'HI I sup, u iZ'ilii'iiiiiilliil mil ml" "Mil "x""55 5""ll' "1 "hh", .ill lllll ln-illilg llll ll ll.ll-ll.-.l oorlo.. llllllll.. lll.l lrl lll lu, I fi. 'P llnllll-l'if,f1l.la5fe, ' ggel-ml ' " ' . . ll ll ll.. 1 - f - - .,. l- 4' X1 cllsll llllll " 'W' 'A lllfg setlodlill-riulll. ll-1. lllll ,ll ll.ll llll 4 II, IWI4, Wm. l...l,l .lllllllw ll , I,,.III 1.-n 'my dmliv 3 iinlililmmimiwii im bw H i'W'l M l.. ll, lllllnonl s,nl-S 'filo rrllll...-.llll x lllollnll. Y ,I llllldiiiilff MOHAWK5 SCM-P DANIEL BOONE ever. an vlll H0 - A ,, li..lgll1lll :lllll lilo '-'lllllfll l , W. , , . l ll lfrllll qllllr- l - . -W...-ll W--ll I - lr.. " , , lwrrl Y lmlll T""iW l l-lll ...l l' ... ll iw' " "Um lit: l.ld,ilDblI,I,, ,.,,,I,I.I QIIQIQS .. II llleii for lllolfiiim FITUIW S . N, , 0 I I I be, ,I ,.,.l,,, may llllli MII 2' I II I, :ol-, nlllll Bill.-.ll. A- II I-II ohm, Red Hoi Mohuwks elf whiff llll,,,f"' I mli ,gil lli ,.i sulfur vicronv . ll . .lll.l,ll ,ll..g-..ll l .,. W. gr -1 lo or :ll l .. ll lap.-I ,- l - el 5 If-T 1-HM33 l .. iinixilirllltrrgnlzrililllllllii-rio-all l'l.l.ll. li..llll1l.- ' l ll riilisillz-1 ' ' 'H'-ll BFS" Take Buchanan For liijh Ulf ioilQf""l2 T , . . i mfmmm? -, I I III., IIIII -. - - I, I I I D. I . I 3 S ,I . . 1 ,mn -ook. ulsllll. rllllil-llrllllr iz rl-,ll ill. du, D,.,,,,,. ,d Juhlela and lfl-fl lllflll lll ll.l sll.o . .mul ,.,., ll, sll.,.l, .l ls rlc emlFlnuls .ww 5 Wm ., I , --ll Gum TIII FIIAII IIIII I I II I I I IIIII IIIIII IIIII . , I I IIIIIIIII, ,I .. ,MII Ion .. ans lllll ol llllllllllllrl l-xl-lll-7 ull- lnlll , nllllnl llll.l l.ll . III Im Img., . . MI mm and VI, , I I in Y-he fill' and ' . . ml 1-ll.l: :ll.,i ll.l all .ln-1 .. .. .-l. l ll -.l lllll .lllll-rl - LTUR3- UH Ulf' Pall- nledlllll-li llfllw wmpl,.,,,,, ,,,,ll,., .l,lll.. . 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'Allen ll '.ll'lI-hinted k lui llll i lr l itle Soccer These are action shots taken from the District No. 3 championship game in which Myerstown defeated Daniel Boone by a score of 2 to 1. The game was played at Elizabethtown College. ,. 1 M, Q 5 iw va, 4: Y is , - W x W Q 4 A 9 6 ,Q 5 9 0 Xia Z' 6 Q an Q I Herbert Hibshman Lee Saunders ar W A ------- , . ,. V I Q 2 5,5 UQ, ., A ,Q l V Dennis 1 l l i l ,, 5 . . : -1 N333 ' l 1? l Arnold Miller I Brubaker C 'b i , , i i . U li Lloyd Nixon Rusgell Spitler ffl 'ffm 'gp .... ., Edward Swangvci' 3, bzl gi . ff Q., L-3 William Fulk 3 'QS' A if A Coach Hoffman flour: Dauh Q ,--' Richard Imuw G we-so Q xx Q' Q, New X S si . .Q 1 f' if 1 .Q ' .lerad Yeagley :s:, Richard Bicksler 3 .1 EHFI .,.,. W F5 0 -fv fv 'Y 04555 U PBX l r X Baseball Team Row 1-left to right-B. Wagner, B. Donley, J. Whitmoyer, L. Saunders, R. Bicksler, A. Honker. Row 2-F. Souders, Manager, R. Spitler, P. Jeffers, L. Nixon, R. Loose, E. Swangerg M. Haak and H. Lutz, managers. Row 3-Coach Fake, W. Fulk, R. Prescott, D. Brubaker, G.Daub, J. Yeagley, G. Dreibelbis. MYERSTOWN OPPONENTS 2 Bethel 0 1 Cornwall 2 8 South Lebanon 1 4 North Lebanon 2 1 Palmyra 8 3 East Lebanon 6 16 Annville 2 16 Cornwall 1 5 South Lebanon 1 8 East Lebanon CChampionshipJ 14 In 1957 the Myerstown baseball team won the Eastern Division of Lebanon County for the third straight year, but lost the championship game to East Lebanon. Next year the team should be able to bring the championship to Myerstown for they have lost only one player. The record for 1957 was 6 wins and 4 losses. Girls' Softball Row 1-left to right-I. Krall, V. Day, I. Schaeffer, K. Zearfoss, S. Nitrauer, F. Sterner, M. Smaltz, M. Gettle. Row2-J. Neiswender and E. Feeg, Managersg E. Bashore, K. Meiller, C. Hoffman, A. Schaffer, S. Bordner, Scorekeeperg H. Brightbill, Coach. Myerstown Opp. Myerstown Opp. Cornwall ...... .... 9 12 20 14 South Lebanon . . . . . 22 21 30 14 North Lebanon . . . . . . 14 15 19 8 ELCO ........ . . . . . ......... 5 12 11 8 Softball was organized in the school year 1950-51 by Mrs. Helen Brightbill. According to the scores, the team had a successful season winning five games and losing three. Row Row Row 21 Girls' Basketball Team -left to right-P. Wolfe, E. Strauss, P. Smaltz, Co-captain, K. Zearfoss, captaing F. Sterner, S. Bordner. E. Boeshore, M. Gettle, M. Loeb, C. Kratzer, P. Stechman. N. Geist, J. Schaeffer, S. Nitrauer, B. Garman, B. Brown. Row -P. Brubaker, M. Mastro, Manager, P. Leininger, Manager, Coach Brightbill, P. Beyler, Manager. Myers. Opp. Myers. Opp. at Home Away Annville vs. Myerstown .. 59 Won Lost Cornwall vs. Myerstown .... 47 Lost Won South Lebanon vs. Myerstown 46 Won Won ELCO vs. Myerstown ....... 56 Won Won Myerstown vs. Alumni ...... 42 Won In the 1950-51 season the County League was started. Basketball was originally played in the county in the form of a Tri-Hi-Y League. Under the leadership of Mrs. Brightbill, our present coach, our girls have won five championships, the first being in the '52-53 season. Since 1954 to the '58 season the girls have been champions of the county. This record will prove a challenge to each ensuing team. , l 4 Pearl Wolfe , Margaret Smaltz Elame Strauss Sally Borduer Mrs. Brightbill Elsie Boeshore Faye Steruer Kay Zearfoss Girls' Field Hockey Row 1-left to right-A. Schaeffer, Co-captain, V. Day, C. Kratzer, S. Lebo, K. Zearfoss, F. Sterner, J. Kohl, C. Hoffman. Row 2-C. Lengle, S. Ressler, E. Feeg, M. Loeb, D. Biever, P. Brubaker, D. Miller, M. Gettle, C. Shenk, S. Houser, S. Miller. Row 3-H. Brightbill, Coach, S. Bordner, Scorekeeperg D. Houtz, C. Loeb, B. Burkholder, J. Neiswender, P. Leininger, E. Haak, Manager. SCHEDULE AND SCORES Myerstown Opp. Myerstown Opp. ELCO ....... .... 0 4 0 1 Annville ....... .... 2 0 1 1 South Lebanon .... .... 0 0 1 0 Cornwall .............................. 0 2 0 1 Our girls put forth their best effort but the opposing teams have been too strong. This year was a build-up year, so next year should be a successful one for our girls. We wish the best of luck to the future hockey teams of M. H. S. Varsity Cheerleaders ' Front Row-left to right-M. Mastro, E. Keener. Back Row-L. Ziegler, S. Lebo, F. Sterner, C. Hoffman. Our cheerleaders show more vigor and encouragement each year in comparison to previous years. The success of our teams is a reflection of these energetic girls. Iunior Varsity Cheerleaders Row 1--left to right-J. Dinger, S. Miller. Row 2-B. Burkholder, C. Shenk, P. Steckman, B. Garman. The J. V. Cheerleaders were organized in 1954-55. The six cheerleaders are seen and heard at every basketball game. They try out in the spring of the year. The J. V. Cheer- leaders are selected by the faculty committee. Mmm Student Council Row l-D. Shenk, F. Sterner, H. Hibshman, J. Yeagley, M. Yeakley, R. Phillippy, P. Miller. Row 2-S. Dubble, C. Saunders, D. Miller, B. Wagner, V. Day, D. Walters, G. Bicher, D. Harnish. Row 3-N. Gardner, W. Suhr, M. Lindermuth, M. Lebo, L. Feeg, R. Wenger, M. Mentzer, G. Hibshman. Missing-M. Smaltz. OFFICERS I erad Yeagley-President Marilyn Yeakley-Secretary Margaret Smaltz-Vice President Patricia Miller-Treasurer The Student Council is composed of four students from each grade who are elected by their fellow classmates. The Counci1's responsibility is to arrange the dance and assembly schedules, and sponser these dances. Their recent project, hall patrol, has aided in controlling traffic in our halls. The advisors of this organization are Mr. Ayers and Mr. Blantz. Row Row Row Senior Tri-I-Ii-Y 1-left to right-L. Darkes, M. Mastro, P. Beyler, B. Shuey, N. Phillippy, M. Yeakley, P. Wolfe, E. Keener, K. Zearfoss, S. Pearson, B. Yordy, P. Haag, S. Houtz, N. Kohl. Bollinger, D. Houtz, J. Garloff, L. Firestine, R. Fisher, M. Smaltz, L. Long, E. Strauss, S. Bordner, J. Neiswender, K. Geist, P. Miller. 3-R. Schoener, C. Lengle, C. Kratzer, L. Zeigler, E. Boeshore, B. Schaeffer, F. Sterner, A. Schaeffer, L. Brandt, M. Loeb. 2-A. Row 4-F. Himmelberger, P. Leininger, K. Miller, J. Kohl. Row 5-S. Ressler, K. Stauffer, L. Frederickson, J. Dinger, D. Miller, J. Wagner, A. Um- berger, J. Boyer, J. Schaeffer, M. Neiswender, P. Stechman, E. Feeg, S. Nitrauer, S. Leob, B. Brubaker, C. Hoffman, N. Neiswender, C. Sweigart. OFFICERS Eileen Keener-President Pearl Wolfe-Secretary Kay Zearfoss-Vice President Marilyn Yeakley-Treasurer Suzanne Pearson-Chaplain The Senior Tri-Hi-Y, which is under the direction of Mrs. Merritt Jeffers and Mrs. Lena Saunders, is composed of girls from grades nine through twelve. The activities of the year consist of: the Christmas pageant, Christmas caroling, Christmas parties for the first grade and the Retarded Children, Valentine Dance, and Teen talks for T ri-Hi-Y and Hi-Y members. I unior Tri-Hi-Y Row 1--left to right-S. Watson, E. Haak, E. Auchenbach, P. Honker, A. Strauss, C. Shenk, S. Houser, J. Trout, L. Feeg, S. Miller, R. Wiley, R. Lengle, S. Dubble. Row 2-M. Reed, F. Krommes, C. Rager, S. Umberger, N. Houtz, M. Hower, L. Crouse, M. Schoener, K. Keener, M. Helder. Row 3-S. McKnight, S. Reber, M. Garland, P. Schnoke, J. Blethen, J. Haverstick, D. Urich, M. Wiley, G. Williams, S. Bordner. Row 4-E. Derr, S. Phillippy, C. Nitrauer, D. Christ, G. Ruppenthal, K. Sholly, D. Umberger, N. Pfautz, B. Boyer, J. Smith, R. Noll, S. Schaeffer, J. Sell, M. Gaylor, S. Yeakley. OFFICERS Sandra Houser-President Judy Trout-Treasurer Corinne Shenk-Vice President Penelope Honker-Chaplin Ann Strauss-Secretary Linda Feeg-Recording Secretary The Junior Tri-Hi-Y was started by Miss Donough who supervised the Senior Tri-Hi-Y in the year 1947 through 1951. Mrs. Brightbill continued its guidance for several years, fol- lowed by Mrs. Shower, while at present Miss Gudemann and Mrs. Shaak are its advisors. The annual project of the club is making Christmas favors for the Byrd and Rogers Memorial Home and the County Home. Their yearly activities consist of teen talks, panel discussions, Thanksgiving assembly, and the sponsoring of a dance. Hi-Y The Hi-Y is a Christian organization composed of boys in the Senior High School and under the direction of Mr. Whitfield and Mr. Lansberry. Our Hi-Y, sponsored by the Young Men's Christian Association, is held in high esteem throughout the county, being one of the largest in number and one of the most active. Row 1-left to right-W. Fulk. Row 2-R. Steltz, J. Yeagley. Row 3-D. Shenk, C. Kopala. Row 4-E. Swanger, G. Daub. Row Row Row Row Row 5-A. Miller, G. Hanley. 6-D. Grumbine, D. Loose. 7-J. Yeagley, K. Harding. 8-R. Auchenbach, J. Whitmoyer, F. Messerschmidt, G. Dreibelbis, L. Saunders B. Wenger, R. Long, A. Heilman. 9-R. Walters, G. Gardner, A. Honker, R. Bicksler, H. Houtz, R. Spitler, T. Witters M. Grumbine, B. Donley, D. Lessig, D. Hipp, R. Phillippy, N. Kopala. OFFICERS OF HI-Y William Fulk--President David Shenk-Treasurer Jerad Yeagley-Vice President Rodney Steltz-Secretary Conrad Kopala-Chaplain 5 Newsgram Row l-left to right-A. Bollinger, B. Burkholder, H. Stauffer, Mrs. Lantz, S. Nitrauer, C. Hoffman, L. Long. Row 2-S. Houtz, F. Sterner, B. Shuey, L. Ziegler, J. Kohl, D. Shenk, C. Kratzer, E. Derr, P. Beyler, N. Kohl, S. Bordner, E. Strauss. Row 3-A. Honker, S. Bordner, M. Houtz, P. Schnoke, M. Reed, S. Miller, S. Houser, S. Watson, E. Haak, S. Lebo, L. Feeg, A. Honker, A. Strauss, M. Haak. Missing-M. Smaltz, R. Auchenbach, N. Donley, D. Hipp. CO-EDITORS ........................................... M. Smaltz, L. Long ASSISTANT EDITOR ....... A. Bollinger NEWS EDITOR ...... .......... K . Stauffer CLUB EDITOR ..... ............ S . Nitrauer SPORTS EDITORS .... F. Sterner, S. Bordner VARIETY EDITOR .... ......... B . Burkholder EXCHANGE EDITOR . . . ................. C. Hoffman PHOTOGRAPI-IER ..... ...................... D . Shenk ARTISTS ............. .... J . Kohl, L. Ziegler, C. Kratzer FINANCIAL SECRETARY . . . ..............,...... S. Houtz TYPING MANAGER ....... .................................. B . Shuey CIRCULATION MANAGER . . . .................................... P. Beyler CIRCULATION STAFF . . . ......... P. Beyler, E. Derr, N. Kohl, E. Strauss, D. Hipp REPORTERS ........ ........ M . Reed, E. Haak, S. Houser, S. Watson, S. Miller S. Lebo, L. Feeg, P. Honker, N. Donley, R. Auchenbach CHIEF ADVISOR ......................... .......... ..... M r s. Lantz ADVISORY STAFF .... .... M r. Kugle, Miss Mendenhall, Mrs. Jeffers, Miss Gudemann, Mr. Gates, Mrs. Saun- ders, Mrs. Doll, Mr. Whitfield, Miss North The Newsgram is published monthly at a nominal cost and has many local merchants patronizing it. The Staff is composed of students from seventh to twelfth grades who are interested in the procedure and publication of a school paper. Library Club Row 1-left to right-C. Kratzer, L. Long, I. Garloff, Mrs. Lantz, E. Derr, B. Bingaman, S. Nitrauer. Row 2-E. Derr, K. Stauffer, S. Ressler, L. Frederickson, C. Wagner, J. Dinger, M. Neis- wender, C. Hoffman, L. Ziegler. Row 3-K. Keener, M. Houtz, S. Houser, E. Haak, S. Watson, F. Krommes, M. Reed, C. Rager. Missing-S. Lebo, M. Helder. OFFICERS Linda Long-President . Carol Kratzer-Secretary Barbara Bingaman-Vice President Suzanne Nitrauer-Treasurer The Library Club was organized under the direction of Miss Livingood and Mrs. Gillmore. Over the years it has grown in activity and membership through the help of the present advisor, Mrs. Lantz. The Library Club, besides providing efficient service for the school, takes part in assem- blies and other school activities. Eurekans The Eurekan Science Club was formed in 1956. It is a fine organization composed of those students from the Chemistry and Physics classes who have a special interest in science. Besides the bi-monthly business meeting held on Thursday, evening meetings are scheduled at which demonstrations, talks, discussions, or films are presented. The club also plans trips to various business concerns and museums of scientific interest. The sponsor and advisor of the Eurekans is Mr. Whitfield. Who knows, maybe one of these scientists might invent another Sputnik. OFFICERS William Fulk-President Elaine Strauss-Secretary Richard Loose-Vice President Margaret Smaltz-Treasurer F. H. A. Row 1-left to right-E. Brown, P. Beyler, C. Kratzer, S. Pearson, L. Darkes, Miss Smeltzer, N. Phillippy, M. Hain, M. Mastro, M. Yeakley. Row 2-E. Derr, L. Ziegler, S. Umbenhauer, P. Wolfe, P. Wilson, B. Shuey, L. Firestine, C. Lengle, P. Leininger. Row 3-K. Boyer, R. Fisher, D. Houtz, J. Schaeffer, S. Fullmer, K. Miller. OFFICERS Lucille Darkes-President Mary Hain-Secretary Suzanne Pearson-Vice President Nancy Phillippy-Treasurer Carol Kratzer-Historian When the F. H. A. was organized in 1945-46 it was a very small club. However the club has increased in membership and activity within the last few years. Under the supervision of Miss Smeltzer, the girls attend the Farm show, serve at the Faculty Tea, participate in assemblies and have a banquet for the senior girls at the close of school. Delegates, elected by the club, are sent to the State and Regional Conventions. Future Farmers of America Row 1--left to right-L. Souders, M. Brandt, I. Kreider, L. Claman, J. Hess, R. Long, D. Lengle, R. Derr, L. Donough, J. Ernfield. Row 2-A. Yohn, J. Hain, G. Troutman, J. Keener, M. Derr, G. Spitler, R. Brubaker, P. Moore. Row 3-D. Harnish, M. Hunsicker, H. Leed, L. Ziegler, D. Merkey, G. Dubble, D. Tevalt. Row 4-G. Gogets, L. Feaser, J. Marko, L. Snyder. OFFICERS Iohn Hess-President Richard Long-Secretary Lloyd Claman-Vice President Jonas Kreider--Treasurer F. F. A. was begun in our school in 1934 by a former teacher, Mr. Brubaker. The club requires that its members have one animal or crop project a year. On the completion of the projects, some may be entered in the Harrisburg Farm Show. Outside activities include a State Chorus and State Band which may be attended by the members. F. F. A. prepares young men for an agricultural career. The advisor is Mr. Sherman. Senior Band The Myerstown Senior Band has been an integral part of the sch0ol's extra-curricular activities since it was started in 1933 by Mr. Myers. Under the capable direction of Mr. Yeagley, the band has attained a reputation of producing outstanding music while playing at the fair, in a program for the Byrd Memorial Home and in the annual Spring Concert. There are approximately seventy-five members in this organization. Row Row Row Row Row Row Row 1-left to right-F. Sterner, L. Klick, S. Rhoads, R. Schoener, R. Auchenbach, L. Ziegler, D. Shenk, C. Shenk, B. Blatt, S. Umbenhauer. 2-C. Kratzer, K. Harding, G. Daub, L. Saunders, W. Fulk, R. Shenk, J. Longenecker, L. Gettle, H. Christman, R. Bicksler, W. Suhr. 3-D. Maurer, D. Behm, A. Heilman, V. Day, R. Fredrickson, J. Nevius, M. Wenrich, E. Eiler, T. Honker, G. Dreibelbis, B. Donley, D. Loose. 4-S. Yeakley, B. Brown, C. Nitrauer, C. Rager, R. Wiley, B. Beckley, I. Krall, S. Houser, N. Kohl, S. Nitrauer, B. Burkholder, C. Hoffman. 5-R. Hoffman, L. Forry, K. Stauffer, A. Honker, N. Donley, E. Haak, D. Hipp, S. Miller, S. Lebo, L. Long, E. Keener, F. Krommes. 6-G. LeGay, K. Miller, A. Oberholtzer, M. Gettle, M. Grumbine, E. Feeg, P. Stech- man, R. Fisher, L. Crouse. 7--C. Lengle, B. Garman, D. Grumbine. SENIOR BAND OFFICERS Alice Bollinger-Treasurer Ierad Yeagley-President Sandra Miller, Larry Forry-Librarians Brian Donley-Vice President Carol Rager, Larry Klick-Assistant Librarians Color Guard and Maiorettes Row 1-left to right-G. LeGay, L. Ziegler, head majoretteg K. Miller. Row 2-B. Garman, A. Oberholtzer, and L. Crouse. Color Guard-M. Gettle, P. Stechman, F. Sterner, S. Umbenhauer, E. Feeg, and L. Firestine. At all parades and concerts our Senior Band is preceeded by the Color Guard and Majorette Squad. Twirling to a stirring march is often a feature at band concerts. The captain of the Color Guards this year is Mae Anna Gettle, and the head Majorette, Loretta Ziegler. Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row 2.. 3- I unior Bcmd 1-left to right-S. Bordner and C. Kline. P. Salem, S. Zearfoss, J. Ernfield, D. Zeigler, Wm. Behney, D. Bicksler, L. Schaeffer, L. Klick, M. Schoener, D. Bicksler, R. Banks, N. Knarr, J. Witter, P. Yiengst, M. Lindermuth, J. Hibshman, K. Balmer. 3-N. Oberholtzer, J. Yoder, J. Christman, R. Garman, B. Beckley, R. Shenk, D. Poh- ronezny, M. Troutman, T. Fredrickson, L. Gettle, L. Forry, R. Hoffman, D. Wagner -W. Suhr, D. Bashore, J. Nevius, L. Ewing, K. Burkholder, C. Schworer, N. Umberger R. Fredrickson, D. Maurer, M. Bliss, L. Ziegler, J. Yiengst. 5-B. Leibig, D. Bicksler, C. Hibshman, F. Weidman, M. Gibbs, S. Hibshman, J. Rittle, H. Schaeffer, I. Smith, E. Himmelberger, D. Kline, S. Weik, R. Stager, P. Heilman, D. Marquette, C. Himmelberger. 6-B. Neiswender, T. Haag, E. Salem, B. Donley, S. Becker, C. Leininger, J. Haverstick, M. Wiley, K. Schworer, J. Claman, C. Nitrauer, K. Sholly, A. Hibshman, J. Gettle, B. Boyer, D. Urich. 7-M. Hower, F. Loeb, J. Christman, B. Yeiser, J. Blethen, S. Yeakley, K. Yeagley, S. Reber, L. Wenrich, R. Miller, L. Helder, B. Beckley, M. Helder, B. Dinger, S. Siverling, L. Eisenhower, G. Hibshman, K. Brough. Iumor Chorus l-left to right-M. Wiley, D. Umberger, B. Boyer, M. Gaylor, S. Phillippy, J. Neidig, K. Sholly, J. Haverstick, S. Yeakley, S. Bordner, M. Lessig, D. Maurer, J. Nevius, G. Hibshman, L. Forry. -C. Kline, K. Schworer, C. Nitrauer, B. Neiswender, J. Claman, B. Fisher, R. Noll, M. Helder, M. Lindermuth, J. Ernfield, J. Blethen, E. Shuey, B. Rittle, L. Helder, R. Shenk, D. Bicksler, R. Bollinger, Miss Dech. P. Honker, A. Strauss, M. Miller, N. Gardner, S. Himmelberger, P. Engle, D. Urich, K. Keener, M. Mentzer, G. Arnold, E. Hibshman, Wm. Suhr, L. Gettle, R. Garloff, R. Hoffman. Mixed Chorus Row I-S. Miller, J. Dinger, G. LeGay, C. Kratzer, N. Phillippy, N. Donley, B. Burkholder, N. Kohl, M. Reed, A. Bollinger, D. Hipp, D. Lessig, W. Fulk, J. Yeagley, D. Shenk. Row 2-Miss Kathryn Dech, S. Pearson, F. Krommes, S. Ressler, K. Stauffer, R. Fisher, P. Stechman, C. Lengle, D. Steiner, A. Heilman, A. Honker, B. Donley, L. Saunders, T. Honker. Row 3-M. Wenrich, S. Nitrauer, E. Haak, B. Bingaman, J. Schaeffer, D. Miller, M. Loeb, R. Bicksler, R. Steiner, M. Grumbine, G. Daub, R. Loose, J. Knapp. The Mixed Chorus is composed of forty-one girls and boys from ninth to twelfth grades. The chorus is under the direction of Miss Dech. The chorus sings at the Spring Concert each year. It is interesting to note there are nine members from twelfth grade, twelve from eleventh grade, fourteen from tenth and six from ninth grade. Girls' Ensemble Left to right-G. LeGay, M. Wenrich, C. Kratzer, E. Haak, F. Krommes, K. Stauffer, S. Ressler, N. Donley, P. Stechman, N. Kohl, R. Fisher, M. Reed. For the past twenty-one years the Girls' Ensemble has been under the direction of Miss Dech, its' originator. The group is composed of twelve girls from ninth to twelfth grades. Special performances they have participated in are the Spring Concert, the Fair Concert, Woman's Club and the Senior Class Play. Girls' Chorus Row 1-left to right-J. Dinger, E. Auchenbach, L. Crouse, M. Mastro, H. Trautman, C. Hoffman, M. Yeakley, N. Donley, N. Phillippy, L. Fredrickson, C. Rager, B. Burkholder, P. Steckman, M. Reed, A. Bollinger. Row 2-G. LeGay, B. Donmoyer, M. Wenrich, S. Miller, C. Kratzer, C. Shenk, S. Pearson, M. Houtz, S. Fullmer, E. Swisher, F. Krommes, K. Stauffer, S. Houser, R. Wiley, J. Trout, N. Kohl, C. Lengle, R. Fisher, D. Miller, Miss Dech. Row 3-P. Wilson, B. Schaeffer, E. Haak, L. Ziegler, R. Schoener, S. Nitrauer, P. Wolfe, B. Blatt, E. Strauss, S. Ressler, M. Neiswencler, L. Ernfield, J. Schaeffer, M. Loeb, F. Sterner, S. Lebo, B. Bingarnan. For approximately 22 years Miss Dech has directed the Girls' Chorus. The fifty-two memherglof the chorus sing at the annual Spring Concert. Girls from grades nine to twelve are e igi e. Boys' Chorus Row 1-A. Honker, D. Lessig, M. Grumbine, R. Steiner, D. Steiner, R. Bicksler, D. Hipp, G. Daub, J. Yeagley, J. Knapp. W. Fulk, R. Loose. Row 2-L. Ewing, A. Heilman, D. Grumbine, C. Umbenhen, L. Saunders, B. Donley, D. Shenk, D. Hipp, T. Honker, J. Whitmoyer, Miss Kathryn Dech. The Boys' Chorus is composed of twenty-two boys from the ninth to twelfth grades. The Chorus is under the direction of Miss Dech. Each year the Boys' Chorus sings in the Spring Concert. It is interesting to note that there are eight boys from twelfth grade, eight blqoyshfrom eleventh grade, five boys from tenth grade, and two boys from ninth grade in t e c orus. Uv, "Uv W Mikzepmce Queen of Hearts Dance On February 14th the annual gala Valentine Dance of Myerstown High School was held. The King, Queen, and their attendents were previously elected by the tenth, eleventh, and twelfth grade students. The court was presented to the spectators with piano music played by Nadine Donley. After the coronation and thank you message the minuet was danced by the junior girls. A trumpet fanfare announced the acts. Members of the trumpet trio were Glenn Dreibelbis, Rodney Steltz, and Jan Wise. Gifts were presented to the King and Queen by class Presidents and representatives of the Tri-Hi-Y. Also on the program was a clarinet quartet consisting of Alice Bollinger, Barbara Burkholder, Suzanne Nitrauer, and Candice Nitrauer who played the composition "Alice Blue Gown." A solo was sung by Kathryn Stauffer entitled "Love Sends a Little Gift of Roses" followed by two beautiful numbers by the octette, "Walk Hand in Hand With Me" and "Young and Foolish." Octette members were Carol Kratzer, Susanne Pearson, Pamela Steckrnan, Ruthann Fisher, Richard Bicksler, Rodney Steltz, Thomas Honker, and Andrew Honker. The program was announced by Master of Ceremonies, Gene Daub. After the program the official pictures were taken and refreshments were served by the sophomores. Following intermission the King and Queen with the court danced to the music of Barnay Luciotti's orchestra. Train Bearers and Flower Girls were Shannon Smith, Chris Hoffman, Cynthia Brown, and Patricia Bliss. King William Fulk and Queen Margaret Smaltz were attended by the Court consisting of Jerad Yeagley and Marilyn Mastro, Elaine Strauss and Richard Loose, Linda Long and Arnold Miller, Eileen Keener and Edward Swanger, Kay Zearfoss and Mark Schwear. William Fulk Margaret Smaltz Linda Long Kay Zearfoss Arnold Miller Eileen Keener Elaine Strauss Edward Swanger Mark Schwear Marilyn Mastro Jerad Yeagley Richard Loose CORONATION Marilyn Mastro TRAIN BEARERS AND FLOWER GIRLS Jerad Yeagley Shannon Smith, Cynthia Brown, Patricia Bliss, Chris Hoffman Kay Zearfoss Eileen Keener Edward Swanger WMark Schwear Elaine Strauss Linda Long V Master of Ceremonies Gene Daub Richard Loose Arnold Miller MINUET TRUMPET TRIO CLASS REPRESENTATIVES A. 8: P. Food Store Albert Brothers Bakery C. S. Rohrbach, Mgr. Ralph Auchenbach Bahney's Furniture Store Ronald Banks Darlene Beaver Bethel 8: Mt. Aetna Tel. 8: Tel. Co. A. W. Beyler 8: Sons, Inc. Richard Bicksler Bingaman Ford, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. John Bird George S. Bleistein, Sr. Mrs. Malcolm Bliss Lee Blouch Alice Bollinger Dr. Daniel A. Bomberger Joanne Boyer Boyer's Radio 8: Appliance Brown's Atlantic Service Station Franklin Brown Brown's Lockers 8: Cut-Rate Dennis Brubaker P. B. Buffamoyer Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Burkholder PATIIUN S D. M. Grumbine Upholstering Mr. and Mrs. Herman Haag Dorothy Haag Mr. and Mrs. Monroe Haak Henry Hacker Herb Hammer Allan Hamish Cities Service Shirley Harnish Harpel's Studio Hershey Chocolate Corp. H. H. Hibshman David Hipp Charlotte Hoffman Hoffmanls Lunch Room Andrew Honker Penny and Tom Honker Sandra Houser Doris Houtz Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Hower Kapp Advertising Service Gene Kiehl Marvin Kleinfelter Kline's General Store Kohl Brothers, Inc. Conrad Kopala Dr. and Mrs. Kurtz Burkholderls I G A Super-Market Mr. Edgar Landis Buy-Rite Food Market Church Center Press Mrs. Helen Claman Drew Courtney, M.D. Crescent Plastics Co. Mrs. Nester Daub Oscar Deamer, Jr. Dingerls Shoe 8: Clothing Store Dotty's Beauty Shoppe Glenn Dreibelbis Eblingis Meat Market Fay Marie Eisenhauer The Mary Elton Feegls Esso Service Center Ruth Ann Fisher Mrs. Earl Fritz Nancy Gardner Bonnie Garman Garman Sheet Metal Works Mrs. Sherwood Garrett Mr. and Mrs. I. J. Gass Maeanna Gettle John Good, Jr. Grimes 8: Hauer Poultry Processing Corp. Landis 8: Landis Leiningers Lunch Room Carole Lengle Daniel Lengle Lessig's Dept. Store Carole Loeb James Longenecker Charles C. Loose 8: Son, lnc. Mader's Beauty Shoppe Anita Marks Norman L. Marks McQuate,s 5 8: 10 Franz Messerschmidt Carl S. Miller, M.D. Dolly Miller Pat Miller Sandra Miller Miller,s Sunoco Myerstown Bank 8: Trust Co. Myerstown Cleaners Myerstown Hide 8: Tallow Co. John Nevius Nissley's Bottled Gas, Inc. Northside Service Station 8: Garage Arlene Oberholtzer Old Mill Company Quaker Alloy Casting Company Leanna Oxenreider Pinky's Television John Pollack Publix Shirt Corp. Martha Reed Mary Reposki H. W. Reppert 8: Sons Barry Rittle Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Ray Rutter Mark Sadler Mrs. Eugene Earl V. Schaeffer Glass Service Shellhamerls Atlantic Service Corinne Shenk Janice G. Sherk Shenk 8: Tittle Mr. and Mrs. Jacob M. Sherk William Siverling Delores Spitler Russel Spitler Stanls Record Shop Pamela Stechman Ronald Steiner George S. Steinmentz Rodney Steltz Faye Sterner Stitzells Pharmacy Fred Strobel Swope's Store Taste Good Restaurant Helen Troutman Uhler 8: Kline Hardware Mr. and Mrs. Miles Umbenhen Dolly Umberger Brian Wagner Calvin J. Wagner Joyce Wagner Lee C. Webber Mary Ann Wenrich Whitmoyeras Laboratories, Inc. Dr. and Mrs. James R. Wiley Wilhelmis Hardware Store Winthrop Laboratories Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Youse Larry Zeigler Loretta Ziegler Mr. and Mrs. Clifford R. Zinn Elias Rittle Salem

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