Myerstown High School - Myrialog Yearbook (Myerstown, PA)

 - Class of 1951

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,p.,4 -' ,N-, ' ff 1' -. 1 . X .. -, , 4-." . -' " 1 Y f ,' .1 N. l 4fl".:yA'V .T ' f 'r fl' . . ,cp 5 . .. 'I ' 0' -v . H ,, 'n 41-I ' . al., Arg, ,.s A K 2 f ,. . r. x ,fag -A 1 - ,xkyl-4 .sir P I: ,, Y I 0 1.1 ' , . ,.- 'V' L, lk-' in ,JL Y CV 1 K 1 , 1 C 1 li 4 5, .,, . M I if L-: ,'. Q1 0'5- Q' Q. Of' -.-4 ' 53 , I . I I 5:1 Q, .-L ,A O . X' A f'-Q, . 9 A V ' - A X- N ' f1"' ,. QL 'ix f"!"Q'f 1,1 Aff' 7 b ' ,cd , I N Q -A all -9-' ' 'X '53 " . -' Q? KB. .. S ' I I., N '1 'j,.. ' Ml - N-7 vnu, Mills. or-i " -, X . 3 fs ii' S- "f- 3 Y1.-' '5 5 1 1 4-l:':'1x'h ' . 'Q -Q, -sl , ' . '4 ,4,,m 1 . " ' -T N fx" ' , . 7' 1.: V, F' -8 ' ' ' . . 'L' ' rx mb! um.. . ,x ' .1 ,YN-R R . 41. I ,J fr x ew' x 2 LIBBI nl -X -Y , DEDICATION We dedicate our MYRIALOG to Miss Ethel L. Donough whose most kind cooperation, inspiration, and guidance has given us courage to face 1ife's prob- lems. Her smile, helpfulness, and exemplary life will give us a goal for which to strive. Grace Schaeffer Mary Firestine Co-editors IN APPRECIATION The Class of 1951 would like to express their appreciation to Mrs. Papson and Miss Kopp for their kind and helpful guidance in our senior year. Grace Schaeffer Mary Firestine Co- editors Miss Kopp N N I Mrs . Papson f Qi f '-"" " -4,..-ng-1--.T...1, First Row: Second Row: Third Row: YEARBOOK STAFF Frederick Shaak, Boys' Sports' Editor, Richard Swope, Photographer, Larry Zartman, Business Managerg Mary Firestine, Grace Schaeffer, Co-editorsg Thomas Lehman, Business Manager, Leona Miller, Art- istg Dorothy Moyer, Girls' Sports' Editor Miss Hoffman, adviserg Esther Aulenbach, Class Editorg Patricia Koppenhaver, Class Editorg Bernice Achey, Class Editorg Jeanette Yiengst, Betty Schnoke, Marian Alspach, typistsg Miss Kopp, adviser. Verna Showers, Club Editorg Mary Ann Bollinger, Club Editorg Theresa Ferretti, Club Editorg Sally Ann Whitmoyer, Club Editor, Betty Brubaker, Club Editorg .T ames Bowman, Reporter, Walter Dia- mond, Class Editorg Mrs. Papson, adviserg Donald Uhrich, typist. 6 0 wk First Row: Second Row: f BOARD OF EDUCATION Edwin R. Noll, Directory Robert B. Schaeffer, Vice Presidentg Monroe S. Haak, Presidentg Rodney P. Steltz, Treasurer. Harvey L. Nitrauer, Supervising Principalg John B. Shenk, Non-member Secretaryg George S. Bleistein I r. , Director. Harvey L. Nitrauer PRINCIPAL'S MESSAGE The aim of the Myerstown Schools is to meet the educational needs of our youth for Democracy. It is our hope that the youth will understand, appreciate and contribute toward Democracy. Harold Batdorf Mathematics Norman Daniels Physical Education A. Lester Bucher Science Kathryn L. Dech Music, German H-'P Ethel Donough English, Latin Mabel Immel Geography 9 Helen Hoffman Physical Education X x 9 5 ,.f:A QQ a 4 uv f::,':' ' 59 .nw V Z X Howard Klopp Social Studies Audrey Kopp Business Ruth Lantz Librarian Frederick Lantz Social Studies , .H 'S 7 fi 25 Robert Mitchell Science Rosanna Art Ness Albert Reed 1. Mathematics - Esther Papson English WO' John Sherman Agriculture Miles Steiner Shop Harold Yeagley Instrumental Music Arloa Stickel Home Economics in X4 Q ,J Leah Loose First Grade 955 Irene Schell Third Grade f .Q 5,412 .V A ff Lillian Emerich Second Grade Irene Snavely Third, Fourth Grade Blanche Weaver Fourth Grade ?"'I Adam Snaveley Sixth Grade Mabel Groff Fifth Grade w Lillian Seager Secretary Charles Rouh Doctor " Q '- v Q , E.: 2 o o Charlotte McC lure Nurse 9 Q ,lg 9 as Lil C, .v l fa CLASS MOTTO - Out of Schoo1's life and into 1ife's school CLASS FLOWER - Yellow Tea Rose CLASS COLORS - Gray and Green CLASS ADVISORS - Mrs. Esther Papson Miss Audrey Kopp 'e 5. .A .""- .iq w., .. a i W . 1 .1-, ,,. 'X fi' 'ni '11 'Q . . ' far 45, 551 , If-f, -5 xr 'af ,, X fi Xa- 'w5g5"4 President - Richard Swope Vice President Grace Schaeffer Secretary Theresa Ferretti Treasurer Frederick Shaak Richard Horting Swope "Dicker" Academic Temple, here I come! "Brother Gooseg Chef Club, 3g Yearbook Staff, 45 Hi-Y, 3, 45 Camera Club, 2, 3g Newsgrarn Staff, 3, 45 Class Vice Presi- dent 1g Class President, 4. ?x Marian Verna Alspach Bernice Mamie Achey "Bernie" 4 Business Remembered as a faithful car hop at the Mary Elton "Drive In" Tri-Hi-Y, 2, 3, 4g Yearbook Staff, 4 "Giggles" Business QPS- Either seen in the office or with Richard. School Treasurer, 4 Yearbook Staff, 4 4+ W J' 14 Esther Kathryn Aulenbach "Es" Academic The petite blonde from Stouchsburg. Tri-Hi-Y, 4g Camera Club, 45 Band, 45 Yearbook Staff, 4g Newsgram Staff, 4. X fr .Tack Christian M. Bicher Q' "Jackson" Academic w Remembered for his big mouth. Hi-Y, 3,45 Soccer, 3, 4, Baseball, 2, 3,4. ,g-n2'Rw3lx- I 4 VV: r It ' Paul Ronald Blouch 'N ., 1 'Pablo" Agriculture V , , X' One of the c1ass's "Don Juans. " ' A - , 3 Hi-Y, 3, 4, County Chorus, 2, 3, 4, Chef ' A Club, 33 Boys' Chorus, 1, 2, 3, 4g News- gram, 1, 25 F. F. A., 1,2, 3, 4, "Brother ,ff Goose", Mixed Chorus, 1, 2, 3, 4. ' Mary Anne Bollinger F. "Tiny" Academic You tell 'em "Tiny"l You know all the answers. Girls' Basketball Manager, 2, 3, 43 News- gram Staff, 3, 4, Editor, 4, "Brother Goose"g Yearbook Staff, 43 Girls' Chorus, 1, 23 Camera Club, 2, 3. I , , 3 . j, -1 James Koller Bowman ' Academic K1 ".Timmy' The boy who has brains but doens't use "-- them. ' - book Staff, 4g Art Club, 13 ' H1-Y, 3, Year S, . is .. bi uk ' . ' B l 541. c Morris Miles Brown Yock" General The immigrant from South Lebanon. 'EN ',,, lv. aseball, 1, 2, 3, 4. ,iq Q I.. if ...W AY! Elizabeth Leah Brubaker Home Economics HLizVI d for "cowboying" with Mark F. H. A., , , , Tri-Hi-Y, 2, 3, 4g Yearbook Staff, 4 Newsgram, 1, 2, 3, 4, Girls' Chorus, 1. Note 's car. 2 3 4' Treas. 3, Pres. 4g I it I . ,il Stanley Bicksler Deck "Deckie" Business Never a dull moment when this character is around. Noted for the answers he gives Mr. Lantz 'uk Richard Melvin De Hart J "Dick" Business 6 ' Qin... The expert candy salesman. I t A - we 4 - Af: Q ,H ' " 'L b h -Y ' V ' lf, - d E -"-'vwNw.x W gl- Elmer Albert Derr, Jr. i ti Lo ' "E1mer" Agriculture ln, 1 L TELL- ,c in history class. F. F. A., 1,2,3,4 Walker Ray Diamond "Sam" Academic T .Noted for his queer antics in M. H. S. H1-Y, 3 Yearbook Staff, 4 Q, . -'r . NV 1 X Z. x -, X X AX A 4 lx Richard Irvin Dohner 1 Dohner" Academic L Q 'K Fred Fu1k's favorite truck driver. 1 x Hi-Y, 3, Basketball, 1, 2, 3, 4, Soccer, 1, ai Wa:- 2, 3, 4g Baseball, 1, 2, 3, 4. "gf . -. ,him Joan Elizabeth Donley "Io" Home Economics Y' Sorrow is born in the hasty heart. Girls' Basketball time keeper, 3, 4g - '- '-Y 2 3,.4g "Brother Goose", Art Club, 1, Li brary Club, 1, 2,3. F H. A., 2,3,4, fSec. 41, Tri H1 , , il Q' Donald Eugene Duffy ,STN "Duffy" Business Stanley Deck's right-hand man. Lloyd Earl Dundore 5, ig... L1oyd" Business "Si1ence gives consent. " Theresa Ferretti "Tessie" Business SQ' Efficient little secretary ' Secretary of Senior Classy N e w s g r a rn Staff, 3, 45 Yearbook Staff, 4. r '7f-. 'i Mary Elizabeth Firestine "M21'Y" Home Economics The girl of many questions. Yearbook Staff fCo-Editorjg N ew s gr am Staff, 1, 2, 3, F. H. A., 2, 3,4. s ' ,wmv ,l ,QL Gerald Ray Fleagle , 1 5 1 5 Gerry" Agriculture 1 - ' P lv , He surely knows how to handle women! 'iv J' F. F. A , 4 , X 0 E if 'a . W 7 Marilyn Jean Heffelinger "Lyxm" Home Economics See that sparkler shine. Girls' Chorus, 1, 2, 3, 4, Band, 3, 4, Girls' Ensemble, 1, 2, 3, 45 Mixed Chorus, 1, 2 3,4g F. H. A., 2, 3, 4. Li Blanche Arlene Hunsicker "Blanche" Business Her dreams are in the "c1ouds Tri-Hi-Y, 4 Girls' Chorus, 1 i' Curtis George Himmelberger "Curt" g Agriculture Idol of many underclassmen. F. F. A., 4 Carl Dechert Katzaman "Carl" Agriculture Active member of the F. F. A. F. F. A., 1,2,3,4 .bg ,V . Wh! "QQ, Lester Lee Kintzer Les" The ace carpenter. tw Stewart Robert Keener "Keener" Agriculture A senior with a sense of humor. F. F. A., 1, Reporter, 2, Sec., 3, Treas., 45 Newsgram Staff, 2, Cir. Mgr, 3,45 Chef Club, 35 Hi-Y, 3, 4. 6- ' General .5-" fi e K, Patricia Ann Koppenhaver "Pat" General Giggle, giggle everywhere that's Pat. Yearbook Staff, 4, Tri-Hi-Y, 2, 3, 4, Li- brary Club, 1,2, 3, 4, F. H. A., 4g Girls' Chorus, 1, 2, 3, 4, Band, 4. L. in .-- 'ff . I H 4,94-5, . - 4 . Irvin H. Kreider l "Fat" Agriculture The innocent looking girl-lover F. F. A., 1,2, 3, 45 Hi-Y, 35 Soccer Baseball, 4. 5 F Calvin Monroe Krall "Krallie" Agriculture Blows a "mean" trumpet! . F. A. , 1, 2, 3, 4 Band, 1, 2, 3, 4. ,gg ea- it ff" , 3, 4: Lloyd Robert Kreiser C - "L1oyd" Business The unspoken word does no harm. Jr 1' Joan Ruth Layser l!J'oaI-ll! Quiet but efficient. Newsgram Staff, 2g Page Editor, 3, 4, Tri- Hi-Y, 3, 45 Mixed Chorus, 1, 2, 3, 4, Girls' Chorus, 1, 2, 3, 4. 5 'x WF!-1 Betty .T ean Layser "Baz" General The girl with the voice like a bird. Girls' Chorus, 1,2, 3,45 Band, 1, 2, 3,45 "Brother Goose", District Chorus, 4g Mixed Chorus, 1, 2, 3, 4, F. H. A., 45 Girls' Ensemble, 1, 2, 3, 45 County Chgrus 1, 2, 3, 4. General .pw Thomas Leonard Lehman "Limber" Academic Just a character, period! Vice President of class, 2, Hi-Y, 3g Boys' Chorus, ,lg Student Council, 4, Basketball rngr. , 1, 2, 3, 4, Chef Club, 35 Camera Club, 2, 3, Soccer mgr. , 1, 2, 3, Baseball ' mgr. , 1, 2, 3, 4. P-,I l Robert George Maze HBobH "Ta11 oaks from little acorns grow. " Camera Club, 2 6. xi 1 'K -fi 5 Arthur Mahaffey "Art" Agriculture If you think he's quiet, you'd better get to know him. Mixed Chorus, 2, 3, 4gBand, 3, 4g F. F. A. , 1, 2, 3, 45 County Chorus, 35 Boys' Chorus, 2, 3, 4. General Hi-Y, 3 , 14 ,,-'V ' fr! J F5-2?. .3 5 L :CAI CT f f Leona Erla Miller "Lee" Business 'lkhe artist of the class of "51" Tri-Hi-Y, 2, 3, 45 Yearbook Staff, 4, News- gram Staff, 33 Artist, 45 Art Club, 1. Robert Richard Muth Dorothy Irene Moyer "Dot" Home Economics The lass with the cute answers. Newsgram Staff, 1, 2, page editor , 3, 43 Tri-Hi-Y, 2, 4g Treas., 35 F. H. A., 2, 3, Treas., 45 Basketball, 2, 3, 4g "Brother Goose"g Yearbook Staff, 43 Girls' Chorus, 1. QV' Bobby" Agriculture "Where did you get those eyes? " F. F. A. , 1, 2, 3, 4 Basketball, 1 i-is A. Q, k ,1v'...-it - 'lf-,-1j..Nil'-Q3 ,' 5: , . : fy ,,'1.gizy f ' ' Q 5k'.'-Jr"-'E . ' EEF - 2 .V P- ,F "-N-1'?.4yu .tw raw! .,.'1:.. i:1-- "i, iwizg nfl j -' xqg ,QQ WJ-' F-' wif., " -fe.. ,x ' uw" in . - - V- , ' 7 iffy' --.fur ', .hm Joseph Samuel Oberholtzer "Joe" Business The red-headed "Van .T ohnson" of the Senior Class. George Philip Pfaltz gc i L' ' "Pfa1tzie" General ' Q He has a general interest in the "Casino" ' Newsgram Staff, 1gHi-Y, 3, Art Club, 1. Q Nellie Theresa Pfaltz "Nell" General The silly little Home Ec. student. Newsgram Staff, 2, 3, 4, Band, 4, Girls' Chorus, 1g Art Club, 13 Tri-Hi-Y, 2, 3, 43 F. H. A., 4. Clarence Harold Richard "Clarence" Business 43 Boys' Chorus, 1, 2, 3, 4, Band, 1, 2, 3, 4. The official announcer of Station M. H. S. Mixed Chorus, 1, 2, 3, 4g Newsgram, 2, 3, L Melvin Joseph Rudy 1-. "Me1vin" Agriculture "Not ready! " F. F. A.,-1,2,3,4 'UN Bernetta Mae Ruhl Betty" Business QE, Short wavy hair and twinkling eyes. Tri-Hi-Y, 2, 3 Grace Irene Schaeffer "Dutch" General "Just a big flirt" Co-Editor of Yearbook, 4g Newsgram, lg Vice President of Senior Classg Camera Club, 2, 4, Treas., 3g Girls' Basketball, 1 3, 45 Band, 1,2,3g Library Club, 1, 3, 43 Tri-Hi-Y, 2, 39 "Brother Goose." 1 li Betty Marian Schnoke "Scl1nokie" Business Small but mighty! Assistant Treasurer of School, 4g Girls' Chorus, 1, 2, 3, 45 "Brother Goose" Year- book Staff, 4, Tri-Hi-Y, 2, 3, 45 Student Council, 3. ivlggfttig K--w , Y -, V 4 , y Ronald Uhrich Seibert f 1 ff "Ronnie" Academic ,... , - in Gentleman of the Senior Class. Band, 1, 2, 3, 4 . J ::lf":g f V .. ix3 E?7f , , fe fi' Agni' . W, 5 U' f ."' tu' ffbffy F :N '-iota' i. 1 'iff' S A ' Frederick Lee Shaak it F5 A "Fritz" Academic "A11 I want for Christmas is my two front teeth." Class Treasurer, 3, 4g Hi-Y, 33 Basket- ball, 1, 2, 3, 45 Soccer, 1, 3, 4g Yearbook Staff, 45 Camera Club, 15 Baseball, 1,2. Ray Royer Shaak "4 4112! ' "Ray" General 5 1 Can be found at Kerchner's anytime. it 3 --11 Q ,V 1, g , .E . T Mary Johanna Shaffer "Jo" General Constantly singing "My Buddy" Tri-Hi-Y, 2, 3, Vice President, 4, Girls' Chorus, 1, 2, 3, Band, 2, 3, 4, Cheerleader, " 2, 3, 4, Newsgram, 1, 45 Basketball, 3, 45 Camera Club, 2, 3, 4. Nancy Ann Shanaman "Nan" Home Economics Visits Womelsdorf quite frequently. F. H. A. 2, 3, Vice President, 4, Library Club, 1, 2', 3, Art cmb, lg Basketball, 3, 4g Tri-H1-Y, 3, 4. Q Elwood Paul Sheetz i' ' - 4"- "El" General Lost sheep from New Hampshire flock. ,ps fbi Verna Magdelene Lillian Shower "Verna" Academic QQN She surely knows her way around! Yearbook Staff, 45 Girls' Chorus, 2g Newsgram, 2, 3, 4g Tri-Hi-Y, 4. Rosene Marie Sonnen "R0xie" Business Always knows a. new joke. Tri-Hi-Y, 4g Camera Club, 2 Q Geraldine May Swope avg. ,X I Ll .A n Gerry" Business ' "Gee, but I hate homework! " Donald Mark Uhrich " Uhrich" Business "He'11 look cute on the boss's kneel" Basketball, 2, 3, 4, Soccer, 1, 2, 3, 4g Yearbook Staff, 45 Baseball, 1 , 2, 3, 4 . Robert Hexu'y Wagner x "Bob" Business "x The fellow with the variety of cars. Boys' C hor us , 2, 3g Hi-Y, 3, 4, News- gram Staff, 2, 3, 4. lkfn 1 7 hw., ff. vm, I William Shaak Weirich ki t 6. "' "Bil1Y" General Q "Where do you get all those girls?" QL., 1 Newsgram Staff, 2, 3, 4, I-Ii-Y, 3, 4, Boys' , Chorus, 1, 2, 3, Chef Club, 3. ' 1 C Patricia Sally Ann Whitmoyer "Sally Arm" General Studious, yet fun-loving. Tri-Hi-Y, 1, 2, Sec. , 3, Pres., 4, Cheer- leader, 1, 2, 3, 4, Girls' Chorus, 1, Year- book Staff, 4, Band, 1, 2, 3, 4, Newsgram Staff, 1,2, 3, "Brother Goose", Secretary of class, 1, 2, 3, Girls' Basketball, 3, 4. Joel John Wiest "Wiesty" Business JZ as Myerstown's Harry James. - County Band and Chorus, 2, 3, 4, "Darling fb Brats", 2, "Brother Goose", 4, Sec. of -' Student Council, 2, Soccer, 1, 4, Band, 1, 2, 3, Pres. , 4, Newsgram, 2, Mixed Chor- --W us, 1, 4, Boys' Chorus, 1, 4, Class Presi- dent, 1,3. I -.- ,J P Q. A f 0 l 4 - 4 l I Jeanette Emma Yiengst "Netch" Business "The girl who plays baseball with a lucky u strike. " Student Council, 4, Yearbook Staff , 4, Tri-Hi-Y, 2, 3, 45 Cheerleading, 4, Band, 1, 2, 3, 4. 5 Larry Franklin Zartman "Larry" Academic Adonis of the Senior Class. -1-rm Hi-Y, Vice Pres., 3, Pres., 4, Pres. of class, 2, Soccer, 1, 2, 3, 4, Student Coun- cil, 3, Yearbook Staff, 4, Basketball, 1, 2, 3, 4, Chef Club, 3, Baseball, 1, 2, 3, 4, Band, 1, 2. A . L . L 1 .1 3 Clifford Ream Zinn, .Tr. if' HBUZZY " Business Miss Kopp's most willing helper. Student Council, 3, Soccer, 1, 2, 3, 4. Muslc: B.'.aL:x,:1seJv P1-ifgov-Js:k C. ' . a ey, K H.H:.:cF-Pggiviaev' C, S 3 5 5 So yn 3 ,, Doflfie., We' 9' ' l f rx -5 il 1 r J A I I Y' 0 I UQ' ke - ' - one, Y5 vt rm u we ve 1 I r L H t ' 6 L an x 11 Uerehnve ATI? hP2A gan: ha,v.-lskiilg But we? hgj ovv Skmve 2" Q T - f ' ' I in I ' O O L ll in I' 4l1--- , 1 lg '4l1iFiII l H--ilr' Ill if 1 ,Q A-1-ur'r'mnqr'!' ll':ul Q " ' 0 I O 9 - y avs, U: an guvvq to be fe uiwi herelandaw eyes a. e Pull of: f ar I fait! we lure 5'tb-v11le,J'tkvov1L ovv- ch.SSYo4M Ck"'f5,hoUoUl- wow- Kih 5Clxo-1' is Joy-.Q T ' Y f Q Y Y Y ' Lf Y : I - 5 QQ f I I Q 9 0 C '1 OYu5 I e' g 1 - er J1 ,1.4 .r JJ 4J-Jr a L: f f ' -0- Eg- I F are - w if to thee, Jem- E. H. S., we, are sow-mi 'tu Je- Pm- , O -91 Y ig , O I I 0 O Q 1- 'i V 1 'Ck fkwe, all A.-PFcv'ewt wa, n ver Laura ous- Z I -' i 0 ax., I "' CLASS WILL LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT OF THE CLASS OF 1951, Myerstown High School, Borough of Myerstown, County of Lebanon, and State of Pennsylvania. Be it remembered, that we, the Class of 1951 , polygamists and bigamists, Borough of Myerstown, County of Lebanon, State of Pennsylvania, being of unsound minds, hot air, crazy ideas, short memories, flightly character, moronic mentalities, unprintable lazi- ness, and unscrupulous politicians, do make and publish this our first and last will and testament, hereby revoking and nullifying any and all former wills and testaments, or writing in the nature thereof, by us at any time heretofore made. FIRST: We direct that our funeral shall be of the cheapest and not in keeping with our station in life and that all our class debts be fully paid and satisfied, as soon as con- veniently may be after our decease, by the Class of 1952. SECOND: To the School Board, we express our sincere appreciation for the ex- tension of Senior Week. To the janitors, we extend appreciation and bequeath floors free from paper and desks free from nicks and scratches. THIRD: To the teachers, we express our sincere thanks for everything you have given us to build a better life and for your graciousness in giving us passing grades. FOURTH: To the Junior Class, we bestow our Senior Dances and success in your yearbook of 1952. To the undergrads, we extend our left-over gray matter if we have any left. FIFTH: To the following lucky or unlucky individuals, we wish to will the desig- nated personal traits: Donald Uhrich leaves his athletic ability to Leonard Schott. Esther Aulenbach transfers her long distance to school and her ability to be tardy to Virginia Haulman. Elwood Sheetz wills his frequent phone calls for that big moment to Ray Tobias. Lloyd Dundore leaves his handsome profile to Kenneth Yiengst. Carl Katzaman leaves his title as "Romeo" to Julia "Juliet" Schaeffer. Patricia Koppenhaver leaves her freckles to Warren Heilman. Blanche Hunsicker leaves her load of troubles to Janice Bashore. Joseph Oberholtzer leaves his temper to his brother. Joann Donley leaves her rare jokes to Joanne Yeagley. Dorothy Moyer leaves her filled date book to Joyce Lindermuth. Joann Layser leaves her quietness to Jean Harding. Jeanette Yiengst leaves her secret place in Mrs. Papson's heart to Carolyn Lebo. Betty Schnoke leaves her hoe-downing technique to Carl Deck. Theresa Ferretti leaves her man-hunting energy to Millie Clay. Joel Wiest donates his sleepiness in Shorthand class to Ronald Sell. Larry Zartman leaves his feminine appeal to Jimmy Bollinger. Richard Swope leaves his leadership as president of the Senior Class to a Junior leader. Betty Ruhl confers her manly power to Joanne Moore. Betty Jean Layser bequeaths her height to Ruthie Schaeffer. Lloyd Kreiser leaves his absenteeism from school to William Shuey. To Walter Whitmoyer, Thomas Lehman bequeaths his photographic technique. Geraldine Swope wills her giggles to Mary Ellen Frantz. Richard DeHart transfers his pet expression, "What's it to ya?" to Iris Bricker. Curtis Himmelberger leaves his love for chemistry to Emerson Hauer. Marion Alspach wills her cute blushes to Mr. Daniels. Clifford Zirm generously gives his ability for eye patrol for girls in the halls to Harold Mann. Mary Anne Bollinger wills her 'Wheat Puffies" to Lila Wise. Lester Klntzer leaves his Toni hair to Joyce Keeney. Mary .To Shaffer leaves her love for Florida sunshine to Lois Noll, unless she prefers New York. Frederick Shaak leaves his proficiency in figures to Mr. Batdorf. Gerald Fleagle wills his love to any girl who desires it. Grace Schaeffer leaves her technique for necking to Barbara Spangler. Clarence Richard leaves all he has to Neil Hoke. George Pfaltz wills his noisy shoes to Terry Schott. Nellie Pfaltz wills her plaid and stripes to Grace Brandt. Stanley Deck leaves her popularity with the teachers to Norman Brown. Elmer Derr wills his secret charms to Calvin Beamesterfer, Donald Duffy leaves his DEER to Charles Duffy Sally Ann Whitmoyer donates her studiousness to Shirley Lessig. Leona Miller leaves her artistic ability to Carolyn Ressler. Nancy Shanaman gives her pleasing personality to her sister Janet. Robert Maze leaves Evalyn Thrasher to the Junior wolves. Monroe Krall confers his shyness towards girls to Joel Zinn. Arthur Mahaffey bequeaths his big broad shoulders to Bernard Webber. Steward Keener gives his managerial ability to Russell Yost. Ronald Seibert confers his powers to make girls swoon over him to Neil Dohner. Verna Showers wills nothing for she wants it all herself. Rosene Sonnen bequeaths her incomplete homework to Guy Wartluft. Robert Wagner leaves his ability of going down hills at 90 miles per hour to Marian O'Bryan. William Weirich transfers his cigarettes to Mr. Yeagley. Richard Dohner gives his ability to impersonate a woman to David Hain. Bernice Achey leaves her absentmindedness to Mr. Mitchell. Walker Diamond bequeaths his ability to sit through one P. O. D. class without losing his temper to Raymond Phillips. Jack Bicher leaves his big mouth to Robert Brown. Paul Blouch transfers his slimness to Lloyd Long. Betty Brubaker confers her domestic ability to Eleanor Brightbill. Mary Firestine leaves her candy room to some imlucky Junior. Irvin Kreider leaves his M. H. S. boxing title to Gordon Lehman. Melvin Rudy transfers his mumbles to Rudolph Marcozzi. Ray Shaak leaves his happy-go-lucky ways to John Wilhelm. Robert Muth bequeaths his favorite seat in Mr. Bucher's room to Howard Brandt. Know all men by these presents, that we, the Seniors of Myerstown High School, in the County of Lebanon and Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, in consideration of two cents, do hereby remise, release, and forever quitclaim unto Harvey L. Nitrauer all our books, pencils, tablets, desks, coke bottles, candy boxes, test tubes, and chewing gum. In witness whereof, we, the said Seniors of Myerstown High School, hereunto set our hand and seal on this twenty-fourth day of May, in the year One Thousand Nine Hundred and Fifty One. HISTORY Our dear, sweet little cherubs with eager anticipation, which dimmed in later years, entered the first grade in 1939. There We learned our A, B, C's and all the girls picked their first boyfriends. .Tourneying to the Hill School, we entered second grade where we met Miss Bittle. Under her supervision we continued our studies in the 3R's. These two little cherubs can't remember too much of second grade, but in third grade we remember our various trips. On one occasion we visited the Krall farm to better acquaint ourselves with farm life. Another time we traveled to Albert's Bakery shop to see how our bread was baked. Our teacher that year was Miss Schell. Continuing our climb toward the top, we invaded fourth grade and added a few gray hairs to Miss Klopp's head. After our little demons left fourth grade, we entered fifth grade and were met by Miss Uhrich. We remember Miss Uhrich for the hair ribbons and various seat- ing arrangements. Before leaving, Joel Wiest wrote a song entitled, "Let's Re- member Miss Uhrich" sung to the tune of "Let's Remember Pearl Harbor. " Finally we reached the top of grammar school. There with the help of Miss Gruber we were introducedto our first school library. After finishing our grammar school education, we left, looking forward to our first year in junior high. Oh, dear! Seventh grade and we'll never find all the different rooms. New to us -was the moving from room to room, doing without recess, and participating in extra-curricular activities. And Study Hall, what a horribly noisy place--maybe that was because we were there. Do these little cherubs recall how "ga-ga" they were over their young hand- some math. teacher, Mr. Hammerman? Eighth grade, where steady couples bloomed like dandelions and faded just as quickly, was a glorious experience. After selecting our courses in eighth grade, we pushed on to ninth where many students were found inhabiting the corners of science classes. On the last lap of our education we entered senior high. While in tenth grade we chose green and gray as our class colors. Then for awhile everyone was sporting his new hats and jackets. Our studies were harder and we spent more time doing homework than we had in our previous grades, at least we thought so. No one, during the eleventh grade year, wore gloves, just so he could exhibit his lovely class rings. It was surprising how many we saw on the underclassmen's fingers. Our Prom called "Moonlight And Roses" proved to be very successful and very beautiful. We actually made itl We were seniors! Now we really began to work. Money, Money, Money, that was our theme. Our yearbook, class play, and our climactic trip to New York kept us as busy as beavers. As we graduate into the world, we remember these wonderful years, spent with our teachers and friends. PR OPHE CY With the aid of Papson's and Kopp's Little Gem Time Machine fReg. U. S. Pat. Off. 25647839984763478j we see into the future to the year 1976. We find the members of the class of '51, now in their early forties, engaged in various occupations and activi- ties, etc. Robert Wagner is the proprietor of "The Crying Dutchman's Used Car Lot. " Re- tired, and living in Florida with his manager, Elwood "The Drip" Sheetz, we find Irvin, "The Mangled Mauler" Kreider, famous wrestler. And also living in the South tSouth Phila. , that ish we see James Bowman, who is the owner of "The Honest Slob's Floating Crap Game. " The owners of the "You Die of Hunger before you Get Your Food" Drive- in Restaurant are Rosene Sonnen, Blanche Hunsicker, Jeanette Yiengst, and Bernice Achey. Two of the local businessmen working together are Dick Swope fowner of Swope, mvope, Swope, and Sons' Drug Storey, and Larry "Digger" Zartman, mortician, who is doing a thriving business. The nurses of the class Mary Anne Bollinger, Verna Shower, Dorothy Moyer, and Nellie Pfaltz. Two famous musicians are Clarence Richard, maestro of the Blowhard Philharmonic Orchestra, and Joe Boy Wiest, trumpeter, with Joe Banana and His bunch Player-Manager of the famous Penn Baseball team QState Penn that isj is the one and only Jack "Strike Out" Bicker. In the stands cheering madly is his fan club-Grace Schaeffer. The two famous chicken tycoons, Arthur Mahaffey and Paul Blouch, are touring lower Slobivia, teaching the peasants how to milk ducks. Tom "Lim- ber" Lehman is Vice-Pres. in charge of pains at Lehman's Glass Shop. Also serving in an executive capacity is Fritz Shaak, who is "Secretary to the Vice-Pres, in charge of Janitors of the Cod Liver Oil Dept. at Whitmoyer Laboratories. Mrs. Shaak fthe former Sally Ann Whitmoyerj is his assistant. Some of the famous athletes of the class are Donald "Go For Ball" Uhrich, Star? pitcher for the "A"s, and Bob "Pussy Foot" Muth, Star Cricket Player. Joe Oberholtzer, still recuperating from the infamous Lantz- Oberholtzer debates of 49-50, is vacationing in Outer Mongolia. Owners of the "You Ring- We Mess Up the Order" Grocery Store are Mr. 8: Mrs. Richard Dohner, the Mrs. being the former Marion Alspach. Providing capable competition is Ronald Seibert's "Giant Food Store". Bobby Maze, Ray Shaak, Lester Kintzer, and Billy Weirich are the owners and operators of the "We Fix Anything" Repair Shop. George Pfaltz is the general man- ager of the Myerstown Manuf. Co. Inc. Betty Brubaker is the head of the Home Ec. Dept. of "The Betty Layser School for Backward Gir1s". Joann Layser is the Dean of Women at this same school. Carl Katzaman, author of the famous "Atomic Theory of How to Shoot Marbles", is working on his 56th book. Melvin Rudy, prohibition candidate for Pres., was asked to give a speech, he replied, "Not ready yet". The props. of the "Wine 8: Dine Amongst the Pines Bar and Grill" are Curt Himmelberger and Jerry "Flexie" Fleagle. Some of the teachers of the "K1einfeltersville Monkey Business School", located on the road between Kleinfeltersville and Schaefferstown, are Theresa Ferretti, Betty Schnoke, Geraldine Swope, Betty Ruhl, and Mary Jo Shaffer. Now shooting at ducks in- stead of decoys is Elmer Derr, big time wild game hunter and author of the book "How to Repair Shot-up Decoys". Buzzy Zinn has gone into banksuptcy selling insurance for Nancy Shanaman. Sitting in his private office with his private secretary, Marilyn Heffelfinger, sitting on his private knees, we see Walker "Sam" Diamond, international known private investigator. Leona Miller is the creator of the famous comic strip "Lloyd and Lloydie" featuring Lloyd Dundore and Lloyd Kreiser. Donald Duffy is the Vice-Pres. in charge of pin-boys at Stanley Deck's bowling alley. Recently honored by the Ex- Farmers of Ameri- ca for developing headless chickens are Monroe Krall and Stewart Keener. Morris Brown has just become door keeper of the Myerstown Rotten Gun Club for the 13th time. Richard Dehart, who is the owner of a fleet of 5 112 ton pickup trucks has been acclaimed "Trucker of the Year" by the "American Truckers and Hijackers Associations". Happily married and looking forward to their divorces are Esther Aulenbach, Pat Koppenhaver, and Mary Firestine. And last, but not least, we see Joann Donley, well remembered actress for her part in the hit play "Men prefer Women", who just returned from a sensational tour of the South Pole, where she recited Shakespeare to the penguins. Any fault in these predictions is due to the "Little Gem Time Machine", they aren't making them nowadays the way they used to. SALLY ANN WHITMOYER 'Z.lE1"Zl"'IU'I ,' J V as , N467 if 1 E 1 f 3? 'f . :if GRACE SCIJAEFFEP. EILIZBQ 'Ei LARRY ZARTMAN , rx Gb 11 Z! Ai Sm A. -'QI ,A . Sally Ann Whitmoyer Joann Donley Dorothy Moyer Mary Jo Shaffer Mary Anne Bollinger Mary Firestine Grace Schaeffer Grace Schaeffer Betty Schnoke Marilyn Heffelfinger Marion Alspach Sally Ann Whitmoyer Betty Jean Layser Dorothy Moyer in Joann Layser Leona Miller BALLOT BOX We Select as the Best Dressed Class Clown Best Looking Most Talkative Teachers' Pet Most Polite Gum Champion Most Flirtatious Cutest Best Singer Outstanding Couple, Most Studious Most Musical Best Athlete Most Quiet Most Artistic Larry Zartman Walker Diamond Larry Zartman Jack Bicher Richard Swope Ronald Seibert Donald Duffy Gerald Fleagle Clifford Zinn Paul Blouch Richard Dohner James Bowman Joel Wiest Larry Zartman Melvin Rudy Joel Wiest if mv 4 if 5 ' ' "' ' ' .-4, -' i A 1 'GQ V aww silt -1 - -:-3 f42:5.55'?75v?71. fzigif: -f 1 3559? 6? fx ff ' ' ' - C,...,vG ' 2 I Q ' 2' w lx i,-vi,-Vg nm,-24 'iffy ' if? B ,,,. F I I M19 rf n Rn i' X Q 62 LAM 0 , . N A", A ' I, Z L 5 y d 1 :V rf? Z' -Y V Q! jf., 1 I 'a " 'Z " - HQ C .Agi ti? 5-.QAWQK ai 'A PIX g .y --v k r we 425 LL- ' I l 1 . fic If .4 , , , A X . ,.. I Q1 , .-q , ,Q ' w 'EAM W pig, ,N . '4 V v QC 1 '-9 M ' X -LU A Q . 'Q . l, "' '- I -'ff X 5?'f-P -H n - Y' f . up ' fi f V I V113 at MQ i ly ,G 1 -I H E255 I-1 is L S M1 f ' rdf .Ona 11 D ZZ- Vf Q FY . rx fr'--' 0 x I w r f .f . ' 1 Q 1 Q . . 5,1 Y 5, N r .X 1 'f ug rl L -' ' , .L 2 Q -u. , 3, .- ij ,Mir 5 - 571: :ku " ' 1 ,., ,ry-wg ,. Q I1i'gf:f??- ,. A, Q. .C ,151 A . ,c-w-..' ?Rmf,Jg1':7-'.:f,-r.. 'u ,f P A'm.:H'if.,::r1111e,"35fQfxa-'-1:-'Iwi Y ,J T, ---.wa-0.-5l5,3G:g.: ,wgffh 5 ,- .. . . ,.c.x-W: . -.-Af".- - we-'at -,.f, Sf.. - . . , :iJJ,i.,1?i:q45"'1:L-fmt? . l , I Yin Q it wi, J za .-up " ,U-'Q -ag 5 A gsm " f ' 5 -J' '25 ' h W ' - . Q I X - J . - '-J .i.15?5,k 5 3 Q ' Wwe, gm '. ' '42-' .1-,qv .L v, '. lQ3mp"' ' z'.5i..AL' 'Eel fx -- 0 U, I- l. fo I e f ' -" '.,'x S- , -qgg , A. N, A A.. 4 3 A , ck 4"" V' - '!"f"' 1 rr lui 3 1 1 V ' 7 liz r X , ,gn W v ru f I I n Fl wvnghe J' .J , HH , ul flfjff' K x M' ...a- I r x E " - . ,-. -,- .aw -.15 'ffniwf 4' sk 4- ., : ff f3'f:fff??f5'?f"HW5i: ff in A -U .- -1 - I C?"w 54 -,i':s " :P it N AN, g Q Il -5 D - A Q . AND if if Q 19 1146 Paras DUPEAE' ms "df 5- -G -v E x Joes 5555, ..4- ui 38 W mavioh Beiftui R. v I if , v -:N , 4: K V A 1 V '1' Q iz, il . ' . 4 .Q .v:?J. .:,, , -I. r - V:-. " V 5' , U ., '-13" ' Q f5.f"" ' f . " , Q ft ". . V K U I Y - I " v T . 4 ' .gg X .V Q .AA fa., -,Qi ,, Y ' X X gf '.1': ' f 0 O title . gl. Q QSQTQ LQONE., ...,,..1.. ' If FY I-tg? - im A .,. '-.f' -5--574 wr , ,, . .. F ,,.,,,, ,N ,.,, , - - -. f ff if S w V' - -V 1? ' f-.' -as S 5' Bef?-"1 5. 1 . X Joan L. 'Ci r'4 4- 1. 7 f, fix.:-. r '5' X G k N. -1 . N u, -v- . .N RQ- .. -v. , ' . V ',.,,v.A, y.. rf' A Y ' ala.--,I -- '-x SAN'-1 AMN 'P E -JZ if .." gU". 4 3 2 S me F Gs-a.ce Mnvitwh VW Y 4 -I Y J 'S r fs ' f -. -.., N: . 1 . I 4. I '-1 UW V xv' wwf. if" f . . 17' 4,4 , ' - - 4---if A. ' -, N-'4 9' . , 307' PL 'E ' .555 1 . - . . .1 , . I '- 'u-'I Aug , if 'E' 5- 'V 1. ,I ,.,f1ww., . 4' , ' 1 " - 1 U n f,,:, - .. AJ Lavrq .. , Q . 1 - -. 5 'u ,Q f . 'S Irvin 'X .J Beiftkt Jeaix MLYWE 7,.. , , lu FT , " pai' Paul DTCK S- 11 . ki.. ' 'I K xx Tessie Jac Saba, M- Bowman Robert W Bam, LL . 4 K Thomis N 3-YXCA1 'vt-3..Y'xi Jo 1, A4 -ryl W b .Q ' Q, ' 'f3.A.451'!a7 :- . . , . 2 ,L q fer' 1 -91 1 0 4 JCLMEHB Ve V' Y' 1 M ' F aft! ',l5u33n1v+f3iUj ,L ld 'J P' DUHJOV-Q KK if 1312169 D WE 9 fv I -s 1' Nfl ,, ZZ I vv N 5? J' Q In v WEQ UN ER E! AD:-S Q Q 75'- A IVY , "gift, - . JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS tg Ellen Snyder, The class officers are: George Eisley, Presiden Vice Presidentg Joann Yeagley, Secretaryg Raymond Phillips, Treasurer. S iors made the year more en- The Juniors striving to become en joyable by operating a hot dog and hamburger stand at the Fair, by ' 'n the front hall of M. H. S., and by decorating a huge Christmas tree 1 sponsoring the Junior-Senior Prom. 'F -u'r,Nbw.,-1 4'-I 1+ 4 .wrt if U LLL SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS .gg . To you, sophomores, we give this message: Work for high honors, attain scholastic achievement, and display good sportmanshipg then you will achieve your ultimate goal in life. The officers are: John Wilhelm, Presidentg Marie Stauffer, Vice Presidentg Helen Gass, Secretaryg Gordon Lehman, Treasurer. FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS President A Vice President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Walter Whitmoyer George Lessig Ivan Diem Darlene Brandt Shirley Schwear 1-1-1--Y---sq--1 - . .. , -- ' - 1 -,iv l A ,--M ---- - -M 0 w lg!!,VfW? !!!! U 111 'J 1 -l ' - w,.,z. TENTH GRADE . u'5WWN!i ' T ll ,H .Ja fy Y d.,- ELEVENTH GRADE ., , .wg-.-1-rf ,...:AH -tem' E 'I H "' lla Ill I llll llll I 5 ,.',A .Ax . ff gi Af' Gi- ' 1 .., . 'ova , N KG ' +- -Q...-... ..- 7 'W J -H ililfll IIIE .g s , --1-g-gi-v'-i fi 'SI11g:.1"fL1:A 4 E I GH T H GR A D E i u, fr gi, lg Q H.. if . v 'nv' ' A A Q Q L 4 -3 " MQ. ' ,-., NINTH GRADE fi 53i.z V 'iw 'W SIXTH GRADE .-- .... , -- ... -.., f , I 'I I .4 4, 'FF' ill: i f35f N? an e- ,11-...n.. ni f i '41, if -if SEVENTH GRADE ,'-J.m!l LVM Y 1 fl A ' .l 7 v wife K ,., 8 gf 1. 4,4101 2-5 I FOURTH AND FIFTH GRADES I ' THIRD AND FOURTH GRADES WT ll ll ll ll ll EE ll il ll E .Il ll ll ll :SH I!! Q. QM ,- .4,m. 91' N gl A 537' X,- FIRST AND SECOND GRADES . Q if at Q ,ALJ-9' Q X Q CHEERLEADERS First Row: Joyce Keeney, Lila Wise, Sally Ann Whitmoyer, Captaing Shirley Ranaldi, and Mary .To Shaffer. Second Row: Lois Mentzer, Mary Kurr, Shirley Achey, Jeanette Yiengst, and Patricia Umberger. The above named lassies, who this year sported new uniforms cheered the boys on toward victory. In keeping up the school spirit, the girls did a splendid job. Under the capable direction of Miss Hoffman, the girls learned several new, snappy cheers. Let's all get out to the athletic activities and co-operate with our cheer- leaders. First Row: Second Row: .M x SOCCER TEAM Frederick Shaak, Clifford Zinn, Irvin Kreider, Donald Uhrich, Larry Zartman, Richard Dohner, Curtis Himmelberger, .Toel Wiest. James Bollinger, .Tack Bicher, Thomas Lehman, Leonard Schott, Larry Mentzer, Coach Daniels, Gordon Lehman, Neil Hoke, Charles Gassert, John Wilhelm I!! c v k" 9' ,x -S X Co-Captains , , Uhrich and Zartman i o ! G. - . If. '-ff: .1' 5? ,. , First Row: Second Row: ...- -- , ,- . SOCCER TEAM Frederick Shaak, Clifford Zinn, Irvin Kreider, Donald Uhrich, Larry Zartman, Richard Dohner, Curtis Himmelberger, Joel Wiest. James Bollinger, .T a c k Bicher, Thomas L e h m a n , Leonard Schott, Larry Mentzer, Coach Daniels, Gordon Lehman, Neil Hoke, Charles Gassert, .Tohn Wilhelm it 99 W KZ, 9 1 S L - - Co-Captains .,. , E259 Uhrich and Zartman V - . -. -rt? I. . 1' ' B 'll' we CH ARL! E s . U . ' ls . - 'Q fx., mi L ,. -x'.'-'w , ,. ,,. .,,,- .s - .' M 'ar' " .www JIM wr.. 1 WIEBT az' ,, I ...q '-' wa, 4 Ft' e , U Jax! - ,Q 1: - 4, . , ,. -13-H .-,gi -' - 4 l Qlx' ,, . . 3 -'. KREloER 'Y 1 ,' 4 ' " ,f-,., 7 . ,r 'W 'ash 1 fi 1 9' - 3. Q-,. '. ".-. J "1,- ' CURT 1 v v-- , L' ' 'ff mliz DICK J E ,w -f 4 .Qu f. -,QQ N, ,. E ..,- "4 - . -v ,'2"'v.,i" " - l--L , , F ., f-- u -, , 119.5 . -r,-,. , .-.. - my Y.,..n5lg,, "if, Y. .,, p -s .F 'y Jig?-215-.-1 T "J:-w--f ,,-at-M f 4.1: , ,,.'1gj'. '- xv ' '.55',."" 44 lygx' BU ZY LRNNY LARRY NEIL I. -- 'f A -A i . 1 Jeff: Qiifai ' A ..' ..., -0' . x 1.3, - A 4 L-v .-.H-.. ' ,. - .-. -uf' . ,,, .- ,-- 11, 5. . -. Q. .' sv . - sr . Stop it, J ACK! . 'S - ul V x. 1, 1 N I3 boots OHS iv Q,-P v- I .. ..-L Y V, 4 0 NSU, it, DICK Lcfsfleffkms che W 1.4: ,lrgg Q ' TAFP' 'ing 3, ,... f' w . ' . N1 . -L ' fl U Q' 4 44 I 'N' Aiftm- I-mm 'BU33," '7 Aff, 51.6 l bg.. ' .iv 1 I - 1, Q ' . ' L--All?-.4n.a..A.z Tough Coach. A -.L-1 ,..- . P' , ll II .iz LQ J ' I 4 34' 3 'I 4 , "1 r v -C. Z G' ? J. P 1 vi-, -'in 2' 'BW11' +.t14d ' u ' 1 Et 4-"7 VARSITY BASKETBALL First Row: John Clay, Larry Mentzer, Larry Zartman, Frederick Shaak. Second Row: Ronald Lehman, Robert Maze, Russell Yost, Leonard 5 Schott, Donald Uhrich. Coach Daniels ' an-Q. I " x4 ' 4. fr: -uf. YP. Y , 1'l', ' 'i.,4: ew- .1 in s'f ',, ,Q 1 ,. ,',.c'.'. -, :Ya-Y . S 'll w .. 'x .Bu 'vw 1,1 L",-3 , Q 'A- .9 A 1 'un , mf -o , 1 .vi 'u WIMQ DTW I3 ILE fun- 4' . ,l wr' lj jlfd. , . . n :J D JL A -' "-i"-"' ,,,,,m -'If if-'Spf R 5 T 0 1 . ,JArv' -x xxsr M5704 N9 ' 0 QQWGI L, Q . 5 ix I- fezh Q-og' A5 5' r 4 , Ly' L , A H ' V ' .f""',:-XJ "1 .Q',,,, -9.54, '5.Q1'1u Q are -1.1 -as in ' .cllfft fc- L lffat. BASEBALL TEAM First Row: Russell Yost, Ronald Sell, J'ames Bollinger, James Bow- man, Leonard Schott, Larry Mentzer Second Row: Coach Daniels, Donald Uhrich, .Tack Bicher, Richard Doh- ner, Irvin Kreider, Manager Thomas Lehman First Row: Second Row: GIRLS' BASKETBALL TEAM Barbara Shott, Nancy Shanarnan, Dorothy Moyer, Sally Ann Whit- moyer, Captaing .Toyce Keeney, Mary .To Shaffer, .Tean Wengert. Miss Helen Hoffman, Coachg Joann Donely, Timekeeperg June Dohner, Rebecca Peiffer, Evelyn Stecher, Carolyn Lebo, Barbara Yost, Shirley Achey, Grace Schaeffer, Scorekeeperg Mary Anne Bollinger, Managerg Nellie Pfaltz, Assistant Manager. Coach Hoffman W ,- 'Q Q -K I lil , MIXED CHORUS The Mixed Chorus of 1950-51 elected the following officers: President, Betty Jean Layserg Librarian, Joann Yeagleyg Treas- urer, Marlene Garloff. The 42 members are selected from volunteers from grades9 to 12. The Chorus is under the direction of Miss Kathryn L. Dech. The Chorus participates in the Spring Concert and sings at Commencement. Some of their most popular songs are Waring's arrangements of "God of Our Fathers", "My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean", and "Give Me Your Tired, Your Poor". "Laudamus" by Protheroe and "Of Thee I Sing" by Gershwin also rank high in the opinion of the Chorus. fl lliflwflw, 1 ' ' v JUNIOR CHOR US The Junior Chorus is a selected group of boys and girls from the 7th and 8th grades. They meet every week to practice certain songs which they present in the spring. Some songs which they sing are: "Simon, the Fisherman, " and "To Theeg O Country. " GIRLS' ENSEMBLE The Girls' Ensemble is a musical group composed of twelve girls who have great singing ability. The members of the Ensemble are chosen by Miss Kathryn Dech, directress of the group. Regular rehearsals are held in order to be prepared to sing at the Fair, at the Senior Play, and at various civic programs throughout the year. Their music is usually in a light vein and includes such songs as "Winter Wonderland, " "A Wonderful Guy" from "South Pacific, " and "Song of Paradise. " They are accom- panied on the piano by David Schell. Seniors leaving a vacancy at the end of this year are Marilyn Heffeliinger, a first soprano, and Betty Jean Layser, a second soprano. e ff "A-., p .Ax l' H ' 'js - A Y N 'fr f'- 1.5 1 :ru ,JR ffm. 1 '-' . 'Fri J ffl? . l . 'HA in 449' SENIOR BAND The Senior High School Band under the direction of Mr. Harold G. Yeagley is composed of junior and senior high school pupils who are interested in instru- mental work. The band participates in Halloween Parades, the Myerstown Memorial Day Parade, and presents a concert at the Community Fair. The highlight for the band during the school year is, however, the annual Spring Concert. The officers of the band are: President, Joel Wiestg Vice President, John Clayg Secretary, Marie Staufferg and Treasurer, Leonard Schott. JUNIOR BAND The .Tunior Band under the direction of Mr. Harold G. Yeagley is composed of high school pupils who are learning the fundamentals of playing instruments. When these fundamentals are successfully mastered, the pupils are advanced to the Senior Band. During the year the Junior Band took part in the Halloween Parade, the Dental Parade, and the Spring Concert. ll J V'l NEWSGRAM First Row: Verna Showers, Dorothy Moyer, Joan Layser, Mary Ann Bollinger, Phyllis Kline, Elizabeth Brubaker, Mrs. Lantz, Marlene Garloff Second Row: Richard Koller, Leona Miller, Walter Whitmoyer, .Tohn Wilhelm, Evalyn Thrasher, Shirley Labe, Stewart Keener Third Row: Shirley Sholly, Evelyn Stecker, Gordon Lehman, Lester Phillippy, William Wierich Fourth Row: Esther Aulenbach, Gail Geib, David Hain, Robert Bashore, Millie Clay, Mary .To Shaffer, Jane Spitler, Shirley Lessig, Virginia Haulman, Theresa Ferretti. The Newsgram, a self-supporting monthly publication, is the student paper of M. H. S. Membership to the paper is open to students in grades 9 to 12. The Newsgram, which is in its twenty-third year of publication, was consistently ranked high in the National Scholastic Press Association. The purpose of the Newsgram is to provide adequate news coverage of school activities. to give students interested in journalism an opportunity to improve their talents, and to promote school spirit. NAU' . . . , I ggi: J 'K E! Il ' 'g ,I p. W E, il I - I' '- " 1--.Q f,,,- 1 -.K ,mms ' is ' - . n . in V Q. 'I SENIOR TRI-HI-Y The purpose of the Senior Tri-Hi-Y is to create, maintain, and extend throughout the school and community high standards of Christian character. Mrs. Christopher Papson and Miss Helen Hoffman, the Senior Tri-Hi-Y advisors, guide these girls so that they will make the club purpose their purpose. The club program is planned to fit the social, physical, and religious needs of each member and also to render service to others. Included among its numer- ous accomplishments are the Queen of Hearts Dance, the Faculty Tea, the First Grade Party, Christmas and Easter Assemblies, the Father and Daughter Banquet, and the Mother and Daughter Banquet. The officers of the club are as follows: President, Sally Ann Whitmoyerg Vice President, Mary Jo Shafferg Secretary, Joann Yeagleyg Treasurer, Ellen Snyderg Chaplain, Mary Ellen Frantz, and Scribe, Joan Layser. '1 ' I 'gm' if .43 , V" JUNIOR TRI-HI-Y The Junior Tri-Hi-Y is under the leadership of Miss Donough who teaches the girls to live up to their platform "Self Improvement, Christian Fellowship, United Service. " These seventh, eighth, and ninth grade girls annually pr e s ent the Thanksgiving Assembly program. Their service projects this year were fill- ing Red Cross boxes, making favors for the Old Fo1k's Home and donating a Christmas basket to a needy family. The officers are: President, Barbara Spanglerg Vice President, Gloria Scipionig Secretary, Shirley Tobiasg Treasurer, Beverly Ranaldig and Chap- lain, Marlene Schoener. -'K fu! " H ,J idk! fit' I. ,1! E ' 1 l ,,, , ef -Q 9 ' Ha M A .Utd JUNIOR TRI-HI-Y The Junior Tri-Hi-Y is under the leadership of Miss Donough who teaches the girls to live up to their platform "Self Improvement, Christian Fellowship, United Service. " These seventh, eighth, and ninth grade girls annually pr e s ent the Thanksgiving Assembly program. Their service projects this year were fill- ing Red Cross boxes, making favors for the Old Fo1k's Home and donating a Christmas basket to a needy family. The officers are: President, Barbara Spanglerg Vice President, Gloria Scipionig Secretary, Shirley Tobias, Treasurer, Beverly Ranaldig and Chap- lain, Marlene Schoener. HI-Y The Hi-Y of 1950-51 elected Larry Zartman as Presi- dent, Leonard Schott as Vice President, Richard Swope as Secretary, and James Bollinger as Treasurer. Membership is open to boys from tenth to twelfth grades. This year's group numbers twenty-one. The club adviser is Mr. A. Lester Bucher. FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA The Myerstown Future I-Iomemakers of America is a member ofthe Nation- al, state, and county organization. This club sends delegates to state and county meetings and also follows the program set up by the higher organization. The projects of the FHA during the year were abake sale after the operetta, entering the kitchen planning contest, entering afloat in the local Halloween parade, and packing Red Cross boxes. The girls, with Mrs. Arloa Stickel as advisor, enjoy such social events as bowling, skating, dancing and meeting socially once a month. The officers are: Betty Brubaker, Presidentg Nancy Shanaman, Vice Presi- dentg Joann Donley, Secretaryg and Dorothy Moyer, Treasurer. -, -. tm"- , J , ,VJ ' .. .' :EL-.' ' +2 - 1 II' - 1 - .- 'Y' fi: "1 .E-':aXL.-'H A r.2 11T:' .'EffEg5v'5z-4. lQ.',.-'V' "T , ,- " ... . Cjl j ,'J--. , -' ' -1 T4 "f 3 , L 'r ya ,Tfw"Fs'1: 5-. : - - -,',-v4---v --- . .,,, V. -Z r. ,V . . . 3. f Q gr .. If K tj, , .-.,. .: . V, , awk, ,, W yin 4. 4' 5h45fh'T:. iffy.. ,JVM .QL :V Y: - vac, L1 'T- -'ff-lkfg,-'li Qqiglwvvyxgg . U, -1 .. -' ,f 1 --.,. ,.-5 Lg- .L -- . K- h'j',. 1'-, ,A --:ve . - WA ,-it I' - . , -, :fm " 70- ,tx kvly.-i' ,5,agJE!',,i- ,,c, .,,1,. 1, 'rg' I, ,,,9r,1Fg,..,.H, , ,' - fflgfai 1 :W M: -ia,-y-g, z rl' ',-Rtllrgq ' XMYQ' , " ., Ng, 3-V , +' ff.: 'ta-al 11-w:a:.f!-. ," ' -f f--'T 1-'L -1' i". -. ,"-..4 L .-, ' JA- 'J' s "- '- -qi, g'4-:fr nM-4 "1 Y' 'H-'fx,...,g, .--" .- .'. 'TFNF -7'-1.152-,B ,, -sf , ,,,.1mEwgf.,,, Jrs,-.N . ., - 2.1 slag YM ,:,. --.WSJ I, fy A -4- 1 .A 244, . Q,-.V qv- - ,ll it ,,-. ,ev ,, ,L , '. ,Q ' In. f' Y' A-I-j. AiV w, . . ,,,.n- 152,-c 'T--14 . ---, U-L FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA The purpose of the Future Farmers of America is to give to those boys in- terested in agriculture a chance to get together and express their ideas. The FFA sponsors a dance during which they crown their "sweetheart". From the proceeds earned by using their spray truck, the boys 'enjoy the Ice Follies, hockey games, and a trip to the Farm Show, with Mr. John Sherman, the club advisor, as chaperone. The officers are: President, Paul Blouchg Vice President, Irwin Kreiderg Secretary, Donald Landis, Treasurer, Stewart Keener, Reporter, Robert Schoenerg and Watchdog, Carl Brubaker. . M V' M X: l, L -,tin ML.-,,',,:,lq,,-Lv ' rj J? Wl".i' -' . --wii:ZwX1El QiQfB-Wai-vf X 'E . I L . 'N , SENIOR LIBRARY CLUB First Row Phyllis Kline, Grace Schaeffer, Carolyn Ressler, Vice President, Joann Yeagley, President, Helen Gass, Treasurerg Marie Stauffer, Secretaryg Pat Koppenhaver, Gwendolyn Miller. Second Row: Lila Wise, Shirley I-Ieffley, Alice Horn, Kathleen Forry, Shirley Les- sig, Carol Bird, Virginia Haulman, Gay Seibert. Third Row: Iris Bricker, Evelyn Sticker, Janet Shanaman, Rebecca Peiffer, Shirley Muth, Jane Rothenbach. Fourth Row: Barbara Yost, Gail Geib, Mrs. Lantz, Shirley Ranaldi, .Tune Dohner. The Senior Library Club under the supervision of Mrs. Lantz is open to students of grades 10 through 12. Members are required to serve as assistants in the library for a minimum of one period a week. The purpose of the club is to give the school better library service and to teach club members some of the fundamentals of library organization. JUNIOR LIBRARY CLUB The Junior Library Club, under the supervision of Mrs. Lantz, is open to students of grades eighth and ninth. Members are required to serve as assistants in the library and to master certain simple principles of library procedure. Upon satisfactory completion of these duties, they are eligible for membership in the Senior Library Club. The officers are: Carol Hollinger, Presidentg Dolores Phillipy, Vice Presidentg Marlene Hibshman, Secretaryg and Julia Peiffer, Treasurer. STUDENT COUNCIL The Student Council is the most important organization of our school. Its major aim is for the betterment of the school. The members are responsible for setting dates for various dances, for securing outside assembly programs and for discussing problems relative to school. The entertainment provided for by the Student Council, this year was: Cecil, the Magician, Merry Mirth Marionettes, Deep River Jubilee Quartet, A11 American Athletes, Trampoline Stars. The officers of the club are: President, Paul Blouchg Vice Pre sident, Leonard Schottg Secretary, Dorothy Moyerg Treasurer, Raymond Phillips. SAFETY PATROL The functions of the Safety Patrol are to instruct, direct and control the members of the student body in crossing the streets and highways at or near school. The Safety Patrol is open to boys from grades seven to twelve, but only boys from the Junior High School participate. First Row: Franklin Fields, Lee Zartman, Eugene Lessig, Elwood Miller, Dale Fake, and Roy Schaeffer. Second Row: Raymond Wolfgang, Larry Shenk, Mr. Mitchell, Kenneth Wagner, Neal Dohner, and George Seibert. 23 L -- l-A-rf' A-5 'E '...f. N, .80 . CAMERA CLUB First Row: Mr. Bucher, adviserg Mary .To Shaffer, Shirley Heffley, Grace Schaeffer, Alice Horne, Esther Aulenbach Second Row: Marvin Weidner, John Wilhelm, David Hain, Elwood Sheetz, Ronald Sc ho e ne r , Robert Bashore, Gordon Lehman, Richard Swope The Camera Club was organized several years ago to further the interest of photography among the students. The members of the clubbeginthe various ways of tak- ing pictures and the development and printing of pictures. Many phases of photography are taught to them. If.- rf? UU FlY'tLI"F'T"E1' J qi, Eve --- Wes ----- Mrs. Trimmer - - Helen ------ - Class Play "Brother Goose" Cast - - Sally Ann Whitmoyer - - - - - Joel Wiest - - - Dorothy Moyer - Betty Jean Layser Lenore ----- ----- .T can Donley Jeff - - - - - Richard Swope Peggy - - - - Grace Schaeffer Carol - - - - - - Mary Jo Shaffer Hyacinth - - - - - Mary Anne Bollinger Sarah ----- ----- B etty Schnoke Truck Driver - - ----- Paul Blouch Directress -------------- - - ----- ------- M rs. Papson Stage Setting: Stewart Keener, William Weirich, Ray Shaak, Lester Kintzer, Robert Maze, Mr. Steiner, Mr. Sherman Costuming: Nancy Shanaman, Elwood Sheetz, Jeanette Yiengst, Geraldine Swope, Marian Alspach, Mrs. Stickel, Miss Hoffman, Miss Donough Make-Up: Mary Firestine, Betty Brubaker, Marilyn Heffelfinger, Mrs. Ness, Mrs. Lantz, Betty Ruhl Tickets: Frederick Shaak, Esther Aulenbach, Verna Shower, Carl Katzaman, Bernice Achey, Mr. Batdorf, Mr. Bucher, Mr. Reed Properties: Thomas Lehman, .Tack Bicher, Patsy Koppenhaver, Nellie Pfaltz, Dorothy Deimier, Miss Immei, Mr. Lantz, Mr. Klopp Publicity: Stanley Deck, Richard DeHart, Joseph Oberoltzer, Donald Uhrich, Clifford Zinn, Miss Kopp, Mr. Daniels, Mr. Mitchell Music: Miss Dech, Mr. Yeagley What's in there? What are you doing? Such incompetence!" "But gee, whiz, Mr. Spieglebaum' I Fin?-v , "Just an old dishrag. " "Wesley Adams, don't you dare!" "What do you think I am, a plumber?" "Wait till YOU S96 my Cadillac!" We'11 spend the rest of our lives together. 5 I "What is this, a race riot?" "But Mrs. Trimmer---" is "C1oser and C1oser" 4,1 K+' .N " J 2 fu N vb B QUEEN OF HEARTS DANCE Popular Larry Zartman and Sally Whitmoyer reigned as King and Queen of Hearts at the annual Valentine Dance held in the high school gymnasium on February 10. They, plus the members of the Court, were elected by popular vote of the student body. The Qu e e n ' s Court consisted of the Maid of Honor, Dorothy Moyer 5 A t t e n d a n t s , Esther Aulenbach, Elizabeth Brubaker, G r a c e Schaeffer, and M a r y Jo Shaffer 5 Flower Girls, Judy Henry and Shar on Spitlerg Train B e ar er s , Michael Lessig and Ray Young. Music was furnished by R onni e Kess1er's Orchestra. L 'x N 'Fl v iff' z E Q .3152 V! 1 1 KW X Nf X L XS X9 X '. es v,:, 1f. ! 'H ' ., 1 4, r ,eb 'I :,'- J, " 1 W I It ' I 1 ' "N" I :r l .: if .-wAp1'.-- 'R Q -, , .Q . Wg - . . ' -' W 5, , . . Ea 1 .' 1 E n " if ' ' ff N , '.D ,' . A nv I ffm: N ' A I , U I ' I M' ' ". 3 V , q ' ., :-.. .I 4 mflrfe, ', .Q - i, T - J., I . V. .. .. ,,lg, , ' ,, 1. f. u J 155.5 - :fs ' Lf -mv . rv I 5 ,. ' .52-215' rs 'sig N 1' if , 1 ' f r' el L 41 3. ! I ' v K u ir l V . i ,F A,- .,f,f,f .EJ NA ,.Ic' ,i . ,,. , .. W. att.: , A ,b .4 I ' f, . ' .V v ' :A '--V. 1 , M , ,U 'A . 'i k Z ... 'I .JT 6. :5,5.,:b,. -LAI I' . f ',,r-'H M-. - 257 g i'LlY'u.1 4. 3 ' -- 1 .-. , . .1 . I - 1--1':Hau-I gf g F JA, I" U - We' . It U: .A AN f - 1 L , LJ 2 f ff 1 V , Mg"-f-is..t. '-9-'if 5' ' Pi Y I" I 1 ' A ,, 5 of 5 H, 1 . 7 A x , J, ' .5 I V f IV' ' '71, 'Wy ' Q. L 4. ,f - A v igrx, . 2 ' . . -.D 1- -. ' 1 . ,.- , 1 on f,,,- , Q 1. ., - . X' I: Jil ' t , ligf,,', ,, 11' .4 , , 5, ,- , . ' ' -. ' V ' .I ' l A 'ln' h 1 . . I, -t- +L ,i . A :- ir- ,.,-v K 1'-1"' , d ...---- EU . ll Q I Q U' -if 1 '-. . VL LV: AY? " Y ian I gr t u - YI 1 - I. ' ' . S , ' xl.. I , M I P51 I J ' I vi Qi .1 ' Q1 ' m 11 ' -pi'-rin -r" ,ii "1 1 if L :.siTQZ5'!: 'T lx "xii 4' 'i I , . I .ff.f9gL" u I Good Will Fire Co. Elmer Plasterer Swope's Store Palmyra Bologna C0. , Inc. Amy Bicksler Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Bowman Mr. and Mrs. E. M. Lehman Marie R. Stauffer Grace Kreider Beck's Esso Weaver and Keener Mrs. Earl E. Wilhelm John H. Gibble Donald C. Layser Turner's Lumber The Corner Store Steinmetz's Garage Edwin Noll Harnish's Store Feeg's Auto Repair Shop Beyler's Flowers Kohl Bros. Thomas Batdorf Studio A1bert's Bakery Barbara Schott Rebecca Peiffer O'Bryan's Store Nancy Fetter Russel Heffelfinger Ernest Troutman David E. Katzaman C. F. Rouh, M. D. Mrs. Walter H. Kurtz Krall's Meat Market Calvin J. Wagner Gollam's Ice Cream Mr. and Mrs. Harry Lehman PATRONS Grimes and Hauer Manbeck and Kissinger Calcite Quarry Corp. Wengert's Dairy Mr. and Mrs. John Umberger Anne Koller Harry L. Lehman a.nd Son Isaac J. Gass Mr. and Mrs. Rufus A. Swope Richard T. Shanaman The Mary-Elton-Drive-In Carl S. Miller, M. D. Hacker's Grocery Store Walter Whitrnoyer Gibson's Frigidaire Nissley's Bottled Gas Inc. Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Rettew Stitze1's Pharmacy Mt. Aetna Fire Company Winthrop Stearns Inc. Church Center Press Buy-Rite Food Market George Bleistein, Sr. Publix Shirt Corp. Barbara Yost Lois Dundore Schnoke's Luncheonette Edgar M. Landis Miss Jean Harding Henry W. Reppert George I. Dohner A Friend Mr. and Mrs. Ethan A. Krall Bright's Food Store Rhoad's Pastry Shop Wiss' Amusements Harpel's Store and Studio PATRONS Gantz and Uhler, Photographers Lebanon County Farm Bureau Kingsley and Brown, Cleaners Carlos R. Leffler, Coal and Texaco Pro Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. and Mrs. Stephen W. Eberly Richard Mahaffey Samuel Seibert Walter C. Layser Louis Bollinger Allen Schaeffer Edgar N. Bahney Mr. . Hershey Chocolate Corporation Wi1helm's Hardware, Earl Layser, Prop Mr. and Mrs. Mark Gibble and Family Whitmoyer' s Laboratories, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Martin Mentzer Mr. and Mrs. Linwood Wagner Dinger's Shoe and Clothing Store Brown's Cut-Rate and Lockers B1u'kho1der's IGA Super Market Mr. and Mrs. Isaac R. Schnoke Charles C. Loose and Son Inc. Bethel and Mt. Aetna Tel. and Tel. Co. Mr. and Mrs. John Wandell Mr. and Mrs. Emanuel L. Deck Mr. and Mrs. Earl Heffelfinger Myerstown National Bank Mr . and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs and Mrs Luther Koppenhaver A. L. Ranaldi Peter Ferretti Warren Hunsicker Edward Yiengst Hal M. Swveezy William H. Schaeffer Miles Umbenhen George S. Karsnitz Mr. . Lloyd D. Hower, General Hauling Myerstown Hide and Tallow Co. Automotive Trade Association Myerstown Police Department no OGRAPII OUR YEARBOOK WAS SUPPLI ED BY THE INTER-COLLEGIATE PRESS KANSAS CITY DIPLOMAS M 5WWW YEARSOOKS ANNOUNCEMENTS 505004, ,f ,qmww PERSONAL CARDS CAPS AND COWNS 0M4'4fWfL TREASURY OF WISDOM STATIONERY Y 1' -A if-'at 1' m5 ,. .4 3 T' gt' Ab fi ' ' I :A . :'v-'- x - I -4 -A EK qu' gd QJQN 1' lv I .a+ lqy- -'- 41 1 u' .r' f if Q61 F , ,.1 -r -1 F .' -1 ' .1 Av, .fe T 1 A. - ,, f ff' , Fla , ,-Q. . gg --ef" I I I' iff . '- .f:.1f'.Ai 4 X -a . ' 1- 'Q04 5. V.. X , A iff Li T . ,L 1-A 'I ,.

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