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X ,, , . g,gY p .1 f f L W f if 4 fffffy wwf " CK AX Q 's W , Y A? 1 . A ,. , - . M, Q , , W . . 1- I "iffy f--- .:r-Ii'-'Y-" f ,A K A. ET, V :',..'.V::. ,J -I J ....' b . 5 ,J 2' 7 -:1t:.1::' J .1 Wai, fi L----. ' 1 N- V -. H -A ------ Q wuk' A X gi .I ' if gf W me , f f Q Lf. 55 If 7 my 5731 A V V, M-ff ' wif- ' if f '-A' 'J , A M . ff M M' K' ..,, f f ' -af IL. Q,,,i,Q ,S fr 19' The MYRIALQG 121 M Cmmirw af .Summa . ui A Wosc6mL1,ZfJex90a29C ygzcwfam H NYERSTOUN HIGH SCHOOL MYERSTOWN, PENNSYLVANIA 1949 - 1950 DLDICATION L ss of 1910 dcdlcan FHL MYRIALOKI to Mx Mxle-. H Stemar om coun-so p xtxoncc zu mms! mt source of xnspxmtlun Pom 1c Wx'-.0 1 dllor Gu. N Ws. th'cr1a.'.' . T , 1 'ntl f 41 - A- .4 ' ,L. l kv X, 1 wh wise: 9.1, af .yard vCi11i!2g1!10Sf'S to hvlp us. have bcvn ll W . . . .,, ' . ' . ' T ln' '12 W Appreciation We, thu Chiara of 1950, wish to express our apprifciziiiori to Miss Esther M. Zug for her undm-standiugg, patience and willingness to help us in our Senior year. Bonnie Wise Editor "The Myrialog" Staff Seated, left to right: Edgar Landis, Mary Miller, Ronald Youse, Joyce Himnielberger, Bonnie Wise, George Brightbill, Betty Gass, Lee Smith, Norma Wolfe. Standing, left to right: Robert Albert, Lucy Bamberger, Carolyn Schott, Jean Himimelberger, Miriam Firestine, Lorraine Schaeffer, Mildred Deck, Elmo Wagner, Grace Hacker. Editor-in-Chief - Bonnie Wise Chief Advisor - Miss Zug Co-editors Business Managers Joyce Himmelberger Betty Gass George Brightbill Ronald Youse Class Editors Club Editors Mary Louise Miller Lee Smith Miriam Firestine Norma Wolfe .lean Himmelberger Lucy Banlberger Girls' Sports Editor Sports Editor Lorraine Schaeffer Robert Albert Artist Photographer Carolyn Schott Edgar Landis Fypists Mildred Deck Elmo Wagner Grace Hacker Lt WFACULTY me if f ,N xl ,. Harvey L.. Nitrziuci' Supnrvising Principal To understand and know the beauty and contentment in life, I like to think of thc words of Browning: "Let us be content in work, to do the thing we can do, and not pre.-surxw to fret because it's little. " lv Board of Education Seated left to right: Ralph Smoyer, Monroe Huak, Edwin N011, Rodney Steltz Standing left to right: Robert Schaeffer, Harvey Nitrauer, George Bleistein, .T Supervising Principal -------------- Harvey L. Nitrziuer President ------------ --- Monroe S. Haak Vice-President ---- --- Robert I3. Schaeffer Secretary ------- --- Ralph D. Smoyer Treasurer ---- -- Rodney P. Steitz Director --- -- Edwin R. N011 I u Y s t 4 0 , , I X r 1 1 25 SENIORS ' Sc-nior Class Officers llrvbxdvntz ,Tay lirown Socrciary: .lean Himnmlberger View-Prrlsidelnt: Miriam Firestine l-l'QllSU1'L'1'Z L90 Smith Class Mottu: Followers today, lenders tomorrow Class Flwwer: Armsriczxn Bvzxuty Rose- Clu:-ss Colors: Iiluv and White Class Advisor: Miss Esthvr Zug Class History In 1937, our doting mothers started us on our educational career by taking us to Miss Loose, our first grade teacher, who taught us our A, B, C's and 1, 2, 3's. We advanced in '38 to Miss Bittle, our second grade teacher, where we learned the 3R's. Miss Schell guided us through third grade, Miss Klopp, fourth, Mlss Uhrich, fifth, and finally we reached the height of our hill school career, sixth grade. Miss Gruber bade us farewell and then we were launched on a new and exciting part of our school life--junior high school. We entered junior high school with a wonderful feeling and with new hopes because we could now go to the dances and join the varlou activities. Many romances began to blossom ln eventh grade. In eighth grade we became more confident of ourselves. We knew the various rooms and we were no longer late for classes. In tenth grade we selected pennants, hats, and our class colors, blue and white. As juniors we sported flashy class rings and sponsored that gala affair-- the Junior and Senior Prom. Now we were the leaders of our school--Seniors. We had many happy tlmes in our senior year. We had worked hard but our labors were rewarded. On May 8th, we left for New York City, and after 3 wonderful days we returned to Myerstown on May 10. Class night saw us together, having fun as a class, for the last time. Finally, with tears in our eyes, we reached the highlight--graduation. We were sorry to leave you, dear Alma Mater, but happy to join the ranks of the alumni. Our First and Final Will We, the class of '50, well-known Myerstonlans, well-educated at Myerstown High School, situated at Railroad and Carpenter Streets, a most beautiful a.nd southern section of this borough, grant this publishment of our most cherished ownings unto the said party, to have and to hold--or else, put these things, which we so dearly bequeath, in a wheelbarrow and haul them to success. We contrlbute the following: 1. Jay Brown bequeaths all his power as president of the Senior class to a Junior leader. 2. Dorothy Mattey wllls her place in Mr. Nltrauer's heart to some poor, unfortunate J unlor. 3. To Joann Donley, Lucille Schell wllls her love for chemistry. 4. Robert Albert bequeaths his title, "God ' s Gift to Women, " to Joseph Oberholtzer. 5. To a lucky lad or lass, Miriam Flrestine bequeaths her office as school treasurer. 6. Elsie Peffley bequeaths to Joyce Keeney her manly power. 7. Jean Himmelberger wills her pleasant manner to Marilyn Heffelflnger. 8. To Clifford Zinn, Mary Miller wllls her towering height. 9. Mumbles are bequeathed from Kenneth Leffler to Jerome Spangler. 10. George Brightblll leaves his interest ln girl to Raymond Phillips. 11. Peculalr laughter ls left to Mary Jo Shaffer from Arlene Smith. 12. To Lester Klntzer, Ray Dietrich bequeaths his jovial stunts. 13. The candy room is bequeathed by Betty Jane Gass to some sucker in the Junior class. 14. To Joann Layser, Grace Hacker wllls her unforeseen fllrtatlons. 15. Neal Hower, popular with the glrls, leaves his great influence to Clarence Richards. 16. Jean Balthaser wills to Betty Brubaker her interest ln home economics. 17. Lorraine Schaeffer leaves her feminine charms to Nancy Shanaman. 18. Carl Wenger wllls his crazed driving to Jeannette Ylengst. 19. Many appeals are willed from Gene Helms to John Clay. 20. Bonnle Wise bequeaths Lanny Schott, with his basketball abllltles, to Mr. Daniels, temporarily. 21. To Jeanne Harding, Donna Miller leaves her monkey shines. 22. Harold Swonger wllls his low, manly volce to Richard Dohner. 23. Paul Hauer wills his love for vacations to Walker Diamond. 24. To Marvin Weidner, Lee Smith wllls hls intelligence. 25. Thomas Donkel bequeaths to Leonard Schott his handsomenessand secret charms. 26. Jeannette Miller bequeaths her never forgotten history book to one more interested. 27. Carolyn Schott wllls nothing for she wants it all herself. 28. Kenneth Lentz leaves to Thomas Lehman his shyness towards girls. 29. Richard Brown leaves his tricks to Ray Shaak. 30. Her man Noll, a sports-spirited fellow, leaves his athletic ability to Donald Uhrlch. 31. Joyce Hlmmelberger wllls her attractiveness to Betty Jean Layser. 32. Russell Heffelflnger wllls his watchful eye to George Eisley. 33. To George Lessig, Donald Wetzel, a man of few words, wills his quietness. 34. Patsy Swonger bequeaths to Lila Wise her "pep" in cheerleading. 35. Elmo Wa gne r , always ready for a laugh, wllls to Frederick Shaak hls idea of keeping teachers happy. 36. Clark Levengood bequeaths his good looks to Larry Zartman. 37. Lucy Mae Bamberger wllls her reCiPe for fluffy, flaky ple crust to Mr. Batdorf--May he rest ln peace. Ill To Marion O'Bryan, Shirley Keeney wills her ability to attract attention. 38 39. Theodore Ressler leaves his love for school to Joseph Smith. 40. Stella Schnoke, a girl of jokes, leaves them to her sister, Betty. 41. To Ronald Seibert, Ronald Youse bequeaths his thinking technique. 42. Ray Moyer wills his bashfulness to Jack Blcher. 43. Lois Dundore leaves her kind, lady-like tone of voice to Ruth Lutz. 44. Ernest Troutman wills his love for traveling around to Robert Wag-ner. 45. Harvey Rupp wills to John Wilhelm his slim figure. 46. To Paul Mease, Edgar Landis wills his activeness. 47. Helen Houser bequeaths to Jeannette Ylengst her interest in Trl-Hi-Y. 48. Robert Kohl bequeaths to Joel Wlest his musical instrument-a trumpet. 49. Glen Balthaser wills the slogan "The best fun is found ln school" to Paul Blouch. 50. To Sally Ann Whitmoyer, Norma Wolfe bequeaths her interest in gram- matical structures. 51. Mildred Deck wills to Marlon Alspach her typing ability. 52. Neil Pelffer leaves all his books to the next possessor. 53. To Robert Houser, Elwood Schnoke bequeaths his quiet manner in school. 54. Richard Sholly wills to Larry Mentzer his school spirit. And now, we, the Class of 1950, will our final possessions to you, the students of M.H.S. Our cheerful dispositions we bequeath to the Freshman Class. May they keep smiling! To the Junior class we will our undying love for work. Our old, treasured books we will to whoever ls stupid enough to accept them. Some sleepy members of our class will their unending yawns to whoever finds the classes too boring. To the shop boys of the Junior Class, we bequeath all our excess energy. We hereby, with all the authority invested in us, appoint Mr . Harve y L . Nitrauer, our esteemed supervising principal, as the sole executor of this, our last will and testament. I5 Class Prophecy The sands of time in the hour glass have been running slowly for twenty- five years. This is nota usual hourglass which fortells birth, youth, marriage, and death, but this is the senior hourglass of the mid-century class of '50. With cherished thoughts of these students--in first grade, in sixth grade, as freshmen, and finally as Seniors in M. H. S., we see the same pupils, but mat1u'e, in the year 1975. As the sand runs slowly and regularly through Father Time's Clock, we see the faces, some which we recognize, butothers which are wrinkle-streaked, gray-haired, and worn with success or failure. As we examine these sands we see them in their present occupations-- Betty Gass and Stella Schnoke are operating the "We Mess You Up Beauty Salon." Commercial flying is being introduced to the community by Dick "Crack-up" Sholly who owns many new '75 models. Clark L eve ngood is proving to be a very successful businessman by using feather s from his chickens to operate the "Fuzzy Feather Foundry." After attending the "You Learn Nothing Secretarial School, " Lorraine Schaeffer is kept busy by Admiral "Swimm or Sink" Ressler, who has charge of the foreign navy. For sub- mitting her famous recipe of how to boil water, Lucille Schell is voted "Best Cook of '75" by the Myerstown Future Farm Women. Herman Noll and Helen Houser CMrs. Nollj are retired and living in Florida after they made all their money by operating the "We Sell Nothing Electrical Appliance Shop. " Thomas D onkel is continuing his great business which he started in high school--monkey business. Other partners in the firm are Jay Brown, Donald Wetzel, and Ronald Youse, manager. Harley Rupp is a famous author after writing his startling book, "How to Shoot Tame Ducks." Inefficient nurses in the Myerstown "Come in and Drop Dead Community Hospital" are Jean Balthaser, Patsy Swonger, and Mary Miller, George Brightblll is vice- president tothe secretary of the janitor inthe Brightbill, Brightbill, Brightbill and Brightbill, Inc. Grocery Store. Paul Hauer, who has changed his name, is in Hollywood, starring in G.M.G. pictures as "Shop-Along Gabbidy. " Now working at the "Everyone Welcome Town Jail" is the lawyer who knows nothing about law, Kenneth Lentz, and the sheriff, Lazy Lefty Leffler of Lebanon County. The sailors of the class, Glenn Balthaser, Harold Swanger and Dick Brown, will receive their honorable dishonorable discharge as soon as they can be located on the high sea--Strack's Dam. Arlene Smith ls living in Atlantic City and has received the Beauty Contest Title "Misfit America of 1975. " Speedy office personnel of our town are Donna Miller, Grace Hacker, Miriam Firestine, Norma Wolfe, and Jeannette Miller who have broken all typing records by typing four words a minute! Ray Dietrich and Ray Moyer are mechanics at the "We Take It Apart Garage." Ernest Troutman, who is operating a dry cleaning plant will be given the title "Bachelor of the Year Who Will Most Likely Be Caught." Private secretaries who sat on their bosses knee and are married are Jean Himmelberger and Mlldr ed D eck. Washington, D.C. is the home of Elmo Wagner, in the Civil War Service, and O. Neil Peiffer president of the I.B. F. Russell Heffelflnger is the millionaire of the class by discovering olive oil wells in Texas. Busy keeping the "We Carry No Books Library" out of shape is Bonnie Wise, the librarian. Neal Hower is now making world concert tours with his singing partner, Margaret Truman. The Esquirest, the least read magazine of '75, has employed Gene Helms, the famous photographer without the camera, to do feature work. Members of the 4-H division or "Heaven Help the Happy Housewives' Club" are Carolyn Schott, President, Lois Dundore, Shirley Keeney, Dorothy Mattey, and Elsie Peffley. After taking ten years to raise one wheat crop, Carl Wenger is voted the "Slowest Farmer of the Future. " I6 Edgar Landis, who is operating the "Ed's Sloppy Stopover" restaurant chain, spends his time raising flowers for his wife. Joyce Himmelberger is a model in the "John Robert Horrors Model Agency. " Robert Kohl will be voted "The Biggest Wheel of the Year" by the Myerstown Energetic Engineer Association. The dying dietician, Dr. L. Mae Bamberger has just discovered a new food plan--"How to Live Without Eating. " Two other very successful businessmen of our community are Lee Smith and Robert Albert who are raising cain. Elwood Schnoke is a professional bartender at the El Schnoke Plaza, Mt. Aetna. The sands have slowly run through the hourglass. The vision has faded. We are now back to the year 1950. School Census Number in the school ............ Number who think they are perfect students . . Number who are perfect students . . . Number who think they are executives . . Number who are executives . . . . . . . . . . . . Number who think they can outsmart the teachers Number who do outsmart the teachers . . Number who think they are athletes . . . Number who have athletes foot ...... Number of books taken home per student . . Number of books opened ............. Number who said we ought to have good teams . . Number who came out for athletics ..... . . Number who thought they would make the team . . . Number who made the team ........... Number who think they are clever . . . Number who are clever ........ Number who think this column is funny . . I7 . 194 . . 194 . 7 . . 51 . 1 . . 194 . . 1 1f2 . . 45 . . 46 . 5 . 0 . . 194 . . 50 . . 50 . . 18 . . 180 . 4 . . 18 The Myrialog Staff '50 Best Dressed Best Looking Most Likely to Succeed Most Popular Best Natured Most Athletic Most Active Wittiest Cutest Most Talkative Most Flirtatlous Peppiest Most Pull Class Clown Quietest Best Musician Most Studious Shyest Most Dramatic Most Artistic Outstanding Couple Most Courteous Best Singer Biggest Wheel Brainy-est Senior Personalities Robert Kohl Clarke Levengood Lee Smith Jay Brown Robert Albert Ronald Youse .Tay Brown Edgar Landis Richard Sholly Theodore Ressler Russell Heffelfinger Richard Sholly Theodore Ressler Richard Brown Harley Rupp Robert Kohl Kenneth Lentz Donald Wetzel Ronald Youse Edgar Landis Herman Noll Kenneth Lentz Neal Hower Carl Wenger Lee Smith Betty Gass Joyce Himmelberger Lucy Bamberger Lorraine Schaeffer Jean Balthaser Joyce Hlmmelberger Bonnie Wise Bonnie Wlse Shirley Keeney Dorothy Mattey Mary Miller Stella Schnoke Carolyn Schott Donna Miller Grace Hacker Helen Houser Lucy Bamberger Mildred Deck Lucy Bamberger Carolyn Schott Helen Houser Norma Wolfe Betty Gass Lorraine Schaeffer Miriam Firestine 3 ' at Y fb x. I 5 , 5 4 Q Q E go O, Q 'G jf M nga. -11 K 'K b. 1 Lv A 1 ', "lf" f 1 "WLM 'J ' F 1 K! Q E? A , 'TN Q -1 an I9 QUT Class SONS I..M-5C'IGlff-Ch L..f5nmbe.v-'geo- JIAN H"'IMelbcv-Ser B.J-QASS , Y - , W ull :El I I F - ll ' T Phu' Q 'HI - r-Fit!-ll . . ie- Mle 'Hue CIASS 9+ 50 as w,",,g -hav cle! +kw +he. Q99 55-S+ +0 S"'.'I"" ' W I ' I If F I IB f I' I I Illllfl-Url n I 46 - I I ' IV' I I l I . I e 4 -o j M H 5 Q N C55 and -fggv-5 H5 We to 'U' Bern.. pn-+1 wav: . I I v Y I vga? Pl I . r rr r ' ld' I ll 'Y V n V ' ' .I Mt, 'uc wwk -by he Q51 TM51. HNPYY I-Nik Sch-aId:,?3Pgu+ n 'HRS' qnwd Hills- it J ' ' I H ' L nl' I v . ,I ll I1 ll-M-I ll l I C I , ll I A V P' I I L I 7 I Fl I IPP' FIll1l ll fl- 1 .Pl IYYFFI-IKQTIPPFPIIllFll11-I1 lim: Pf Ll! Y'-l1khhLIfQfI f'f lhll, Zl Y'--I ' . u I ' 0 mm +o+h:flm. M A 5 ue. IenuQ.+.Jnn 4 J. M4 M! ou' Mmm Maxine wish +k"b:s ng. ' I . I ' . lllml - - li'1lllllFY1lll1lI-LII A Idlli I , . " i y W John Robert Albert 5 Pee Wee Remembered for--hie natural unawareness of girls. l Sr. Band, G yrs' Student Council 1 yr: Myrialog Sports Editor' County Band 2 yrs "ws, Glen Paul Balthaser Bal sie ing. H1 Y lyr Chef Club lyr Jean Pauline Balthaser J eame Remembered for her homemaklng ability F H A Zyrs Library Club 3yrs l Ea if YY IV , Q fi. LX Ki ' K e 55 Iv Iv 'E M Remembered by--all his teachers. 4 l' 1 -I n - align .mx S l 'Gu . , K ' ix 29. Lucy Mae Bamberger "Luce" Remembered as--editor of the Newsgram. ,gf--ev Sr. Tri-Hi-Y. 2 yrs. QV. Pres.l: Girls' y Chorus. 4 yrs., Mixed Chorus, 4 yrs., Girls' Ensemble, 4 yrs.g Sr. Class Play: , F. H. A., 3 yrs. fPres.lg Library Club, 6 yrs.g Newsgram, 4 yrs. -,X fEditorJg Myrialog Staff, 2 yrs. g 4 County Chorus, 2 yrs. George Michael Brightbill 5 "Norgie" A Remembered for--his neat appearance. Sr. Class Playg Basketball, 2 yrs.g Soccer Team, 2 yrs.g Baseball Team, 4 yrs., Student Council, 2 yrs. fPres.Jg Myrialog Staff CAssociate Editorl. .Tay Isaac Brown ?VFatYY Remembered for--his all round X, athletic ability. Sr. Class Play: Basketball, 4 yrs. I' 'M' iCo-Captainbg Soccer Team, 4 yrs.g 4 V Baseball Team. 4 yrs.g Sr. Band, 4 yrs.: V. D.R.D., 2 yrs. KV. Pres. jg County Band, 2 yrs ' 'M - Ricllard Frederick: Brow, I , "Dick" Nash, X ,,,.-N Remembered for--his antics M , e. in homeroom. L XLLA. Hi-Y, 1Vr.1 Baseball, lyr. Cllflzmzzgerl. Mildred Emma Deck "Deckie" Remembered for--her shy, quiet manner. Myrialog Staff Cfypistl. fan Xu h Ray Elmer Dietrich "Bossom" W Remembered for--his vigm-ous hoe-downing. 2'-4 N x "if MG-'V' .sf '----.....,,, .,., , in-u LUIS Marxe Dundore klxckm Remernbered for her gxggle T rx H1 Y 2 yrs G1r1s, Chorus 1 yr Lxbrary Club 2 yrs 6- "f2.':f-'Y' Thomas George Dunkel "DinRQl" Remembered by--Marian O'Bryan Sr. Band, 5 yrs.: Basketball 1 yr.g Camera Club, 1 yr. xrlam Man Frrustmc N xmmxe Rememborgd for her ts pmg ablhty Myrmlo St1fflChss Edxtorj School Treasurer Sr. '- '- , ' .xg ' " , .Q , . K N iv if Q Nj' ' , ' 15' 1 Mgxmp, K U X- ' uv ,ff 1 3 -- ' , - . , . 9.5 Q,-xi Grace Elizabeth Hacker "Gracie" Remembered for--her rare but sunny smile. Girls' Chorus, 2 yrs.g Mixed Cho I,.iiirary Potty .lame Giiss "Ciu:ssif:" Rcxxienilwrcd for--hor pzitlvncv in the candy room. Sr. Tri-Hi-Y, 3 yrs. lChz1plaiuig Girls' Chorus, 4 yrs.: Mixed Chorus, 3 yrs.g ' Girls' Ensemble, 3 yrs.: Student Council, 2 yrs.: Myrialog Staff Wusiiwss lvlziiiugcfri. County Chorus, 2: yrs. 'Q Club, 4 yrs. QV. Pros., Pr0s.l ,fly HW rus , A l 2 yrs.: Myrialog Staff lTypistJ. 2 N.. ' r . ' Paul Isiah Hauer 'i i s K ? C 5' . or '-Gabby" Remembered for--his sincere, polite manner. F. F. A., 4 yrs. lWatch Dogi. 16 Hi-Y, 1 yr.g Soccer Team, 3 yrs.: l Russell Loc Hoffclfingcr "HeffiC" NV' Remernbcrcd by--all the girls """"' with whom he flirls. Hi-Y, 1. 2 yr. CSec.lg Baseball, 1 yr ChcfC1uh, 1 yr. KSQCJ. n . K Gene Irvin Helms ' l S 1 h if Q me .Q R- Rememberod fur--his hzxphazardness. ' u Sovcer, 3 yrs.: llaselaalll, 3 yrs.: Vw' ChQfClul1. 1yr.: D.R.D., Z yrs. X 1 'M My Jean Betty Himrnelberger -v-N L "Himmic" "lm,,,. 1. Remembered for--her interest in boys. K' Sr. Tri-Hi-Y, 3 yrs. L'I'rea:s.J: f ,M Girls' Chorus, 3 yrs.: ,f ' Mixvd Chorus, 3 yrs.: 1, fu ' m Student Council, 2 yrs. CV. Pre-5.71 3 tk 'V' lv yrialou Staff fClass Editorlg County Chorus, 2 yrs. 9-7 Helen Jean Houser "Helen" Remembered hy--"Buddy' Tri-Hi-Y. 2 yrs. IScribeJ: Girls' Chorus. 4 yrs.: mixed Chorus, 1 yr.: Sr. Band, 4 yrs. g County Band, County Chorus. 1 yr. lf b Joyce Anna Himmelberger ".Tenoyce" Remembered lor'-her accuracy with n basketball. Sr. Tri-Hi-Y, 3 yrs.g Girls' Chorus, 4 yrs.: Mixed Chorus, 4 yrs. 3 Girls' Ensemble, 4 yrs.g Sr. Class Playg liasketball. 3 yrs. CCupt.J: Newsgram. 2 yrs.g Myrialog Staff fAssociate Editorl: County Chorus, 2 yrs. 3 yrs.g Neal Russell Hower "Laird" Remembered as--the crooning Lothario of the senior class. Hi-Y, 1 yr. 1Pres.lg Mixed Chorus, 4 yrs. 5 Chef Club. 1 yr.g Sr. Band, 4 yi-s.g County Band, 2 yrs.g County Chorus, 3 yrs. g 18 X ., 3 3 . ff, 3 1 . Shirley Mae Keeney A . "Keeney" A H Remembered for--her peppy cheerleading. gag, Sr. Tri-Hi-Y, 3 yrs. 3 Girls' Chorus Harry Robert Kohl "Bob" Remembered for--his accurate foul shots. Boys' Chorus, 4 yrs.3 Mixed Chorus, 4 yrs.g Sr. Class Play, 2 yrs.g Basketball, 4 yrs. g Soccer, 4 yrs., Baseball, 4 yrs.g 2 yrs. 3 Basketball, 3 yrs. 1 Cheerleaders, 3 yrs. it .sl V g m N l U al H J Stud0ntCounr:i1, 4 yrs., Sr. Band, 6 yrs.: y,. District Band, A yrs. 3 County Band, 3 yrs.3 t t 1' C County Chorus, Z yrs. sg' Edgar David Landis "E-:lor Rod" Remembered for--his excellent portrayal of "Ruby" in the sr. class play. Boys' Chorus, 2 yrs.g Mixed Chorus, 2 yrs.g Sr. Class Playg Chef Club, 1 yr. fPres.lg Newsgram, 4 yrs. CPhotographerJg Student Council, 1 yr. fTreas.Jg Sr. Band, 1 yr.gD.R.D., Z yrs. CPres Myrialog Staff iPhotographerJg County Band, 1 yr. 2. A Kenneth Isaac Lentz vvxennyvv Remembered for--the love notes he ' ' w Q 1 slipped to glrls ln assemb y. Y 1 r - Boys' Chorus, 4 yrs.g Hi' 9 y -v IN ixed Chorus, 3 yrs.: F. F.A., 4 yrs.g ' Chorus, 2 yrs. Chef Club. 1 yr., County ' Remembered fo F.F.A., 4 yrs.g Kenneth Elias Leffler "Ken" r--his low manly voice, Hi-Y, 1 yr.g Soccer, 4 yrs.: Chef Club, 1 yr. Clarke Erie Levengood "Clarke" Remembered for--his handsome profile. F. F.A., 3 yrs. lPres.J. 30 X l Dorothy Joan Mattcy "Dottie" Remembered for--her attractive clothing and pleasing personality. Sr. Tri-Hi-Y, 3 yrs.g Girls' Chorus 1 yr. 3 D.R.D.. 2 yrs. Donna .lean Miller "Don" Remembered for--her frequent trips to Stouchsburg and Shartlesville. Sr. Tri-Hi-Y, 3 yrs. 3 Sr. Band, 3 yrs.g D.R.D., 2 yrs. 3 County Band, 1 yr. Jeannette Katherine Miller "Nettie" Remembered for--her glowing tales of "Bommy" and the big Buick. Sr. Tri-Hi-Y, 1 yr.g Girls' Chorus, 2 yrs. I 4'-b Ray William Moyer llRayH Remembered for--his wavy hair. Chef Club, 1'yr.g Hi-Y, 1 yr. N 1 in aff" , 1 nf.. ix f A-Vw . . K . 1 ,Kit i Mary Louise Miller "Acres" Remembered for--every inch of her 5' 11l,'2" Sr. Tri-Hi-Y, 2 yrs.: Basketball 2 yrs.g Library Club, 1 yr.g Myrialolr Staff fClass Editorl. 4 ,Q 1, ber gig Qie , l 93 Herman Eugene Noll, Jr. v1Buddyn Remembered by--Helen. Hi-Y, 1 yr.: Basketball, 2 yrs. Soccer, 2 yrs.: Baseball, 4 yrs. Chef Club, 1 yr. 32- Elsie Lucille Peflley "Dolly" ,l1l l Remembered for--her love affairs. 9d Basketball, lyr.g F.H.A., .Z yrs. Library Club, 3 yrs. Neil Odell Peiffer 5 ,El 5 an uLefty" A W: ,alr Q Remembered as--the wizard of . E1 the chemistry lab. A' . il "l X Theodore Arlen Ressler "Teddy" Remembered by-- Lorraine. D.R.D., 1 yr. 3 County Band. 1 yr Q 33 Soccer. 2 yrS.3 Sr. Band, 5 yrs.: in W lv 5 I Harley Henry Rupp will "Ruppy" M S Remembered for--his remarkable W ability to shoot tame ducks. 5 , Lorraine Mae Schaeffer "Blondie" Remembered as--the petite blonde Pres. ofthe Tri-Hi-Y. Sr. Tri-Hi-Y, 3 yrs. fSec., Pres.Jg Sr. Class Playg Basketball, 3 yrs.g Library Club, 4 yrs.g fSec.. Pres., Trea.s.Dg Newsgram, 1 yr.: Student Council, 1 yr. g Myrialog Staff. Lucille Eileen Schell E1-.. "Celie" Remembered for--her jovial nature Girls' Chorus, 4 yrs.g l F.H.A., 2 yrs. qsocqg Library Club, 4 yrs. '5'l' Sr Tri-Hi-Y. 3 yrs.g F.H.A., 3 yrs.g W'-is-nn. Stella Mary Schnoke "Schnookie" Remembered as--the silliest female in the Senior Class. Library Club, 3 yrs. , 57, ,L Elf' ifarrff all Elwood Lee Schnoke "Woodie" Remembered for--his feminine interest in the Sophomore Class. Boys' Chorus, Z yrs.g Mixed Chorus 2 yrs. 3 D.R.D. , 1 yr. Carolyn Eileen Shott "Mitzie" Remembered for--her marvelous artistic ability. Sr. Tri-Hi-Y, 3 yrs.g F.H.A., 3 yrs. iPres.Jg Library Club, 4 yrs. fSec., Treas Myrialog Staff. 1Art Editorl. 35 uoMgaM3 :Q H H+-wwf 5'N-meow Arlene Mae Smith VlLeniYl Richard Ardell Sholly "Dick" Remembered as--the "little boy" of the Senior Class. 15' 3"J Mixed Chorus, 3 yrs.g Sr. Class Play lProp. Soccer, 2 yrs.g Baseball, 3 yrs. CManagerJ: Chef Club, 1 yr.g Sr. Band, 3 yrs.g D.R.D., 2 yrs ' County Chorus, 1 yr. ' 3 li Remembered for--the peculiar 4 expression on her face when she 4 chews gum. V ' N' ,... W Q!-.W um .. Sr. Tri-Hi-Y, 2 yrs.g Girls' Chorus, 2 yrs, 1 D.R.D. , 3 yr W' .ik S . X Lee Crist Smith "Smitty" Remembered because--his only fault is that he hasn't any. Boys' Chorus, 4 yrs. g Mixed Chorus 4 yrs.g Sr. Band, 6 yrs.g Myrialog Staff, 1Club Reporterlg County Chorus, 3 yrs.g County Band, 2 yrs. 36 Hi-Y. 1 yr.: Boys' Chorus, 4 yrs.g 'ii X ,V ,S ii. lb' '? Patricia Ruth Anna Swonger Hpatvi Remembered for--her attraction to the opposite sex. Sr. Tri-Hi-Y, 3 yrs., Girls' Chorus, 4 yrs.' Harold Pearson Swanger "Doris- Remembered by--Edor Rod and the rest of the A1 Capone gang. Basketball, 1 yr., Soccer, 2 yrs Mixed Chorus, 3 yrs., Sr. Class Play, Basketball, 3 yrs. g Cheerleader, 4 yrs.g Library Club, 6 yrs.: Sr. Band, 5 yrs., County Band, 3 yrs. 5 County Chorus, 2 yrs. 'll' , A., ", may . CA'C .-x---'r:' . .v e yuqb sftir DJ ,Mk Ernest Richard Troutman "Ernie" Remembered as--the pig-pen keeper at the fair. F. F.A., 4 yrs. 37 "N, S M. w 7 3 Q Carl Irvin Wenger "Wenger" Elmo Edward Wagner "Lena" Remembered for--his activities in the Library Club. D.R.D., Z yrs.g Sr. Band, 4 yrs.g Library Club, 6 yrs.g Soccer, 3 yrs. iManagerJg Basketball, 3 yrs. CManagerJ Remembered for--his "cowboying" in his big, black Oldsmobile. F.A., 4 yrs. fSec., Treas., V. Pres. . l Donald Rodger Wetzel v1Donvv Remembered for--his dashing, daring approach in the feminine world. Bonnie Ann Wise "Bunny" Remembered by--Lanny. Sr. Tri-Hi-Y, 2 yrs.: Girls' Chorus, 1 yr,g Sr. Class Play: Basketball. 3 yrs., F.H.A., lyr., .g Library Club. Cheerleader, 4 yrs 4 yrs. CV. Pres., Pres.Jg Student Council, 2 yrs. KSec. J, Sr. Band, 3 yrs. Ulead Majorettelg Myrialog Staff, KEditorJ. Norma Mae Wolfe Q- "Norm" Remembered as--the only demure, retiring senior girl. Girls' Chorus, 2 yrs., F.l-I.A., 1 yr., Student Council, zz yrs., Myrlalog Staff, CClub Editorl. l Ronald Bomberger Youse "Yousie" Remembered as--the "shcik" Lv of the Senior Class. "js Sr. Class Play, A yrs., Basketball 3 yrs., Soccer, 3 yrs.g Baseball, 3 yrs.: Student Council, 3 yrs. g Sr. Band, 6 yrs.g District Band, A yrs.g County Band, 3 yrs. 39 Myrialogz Staff, ffiusiness Mgr. lg s0Xl5f1L 5 Q 1, I ' W x ' 'N 4-'Q X. flgix '40 C ASS Q IIWYIRSQ Y. seg lauumnxlllllvamht, I 2' Q 1 mnzzaazu nassaui H5221 2 U 5 xf 5 Junior Class Officers Seated left to right: Donald Uhrich, Vice-Presidentg Sally Ann Whitmoyer, Secretaryg Joel Weist, Presidentg Frederick Shaak, Treasurer. Time goes on at a fast pace. Soon the Juniors will be walking the halls of M.H.S. as proud Seniors, leading their underclassmen. By participating in all school sports :ind activities, these students develop their ideals and goals for a brighter future. The Seniors of 1950 advise the Juniors to set their goals high. By end- less labor and perseverance they will enjoy success and be content with the satisfaction found in their final achievement. I5 H "' it ., ,wi A f F1311 fl: if f pg get "" fu 1 P- 12- Tunior C lass Picture First QV, Q 'Q right: Rosene Sonnen, Blanche Hunsicker, Patricia Koppen- haver, Elizabeth Brubaker, Frederick Shaak, Sally Ann Whitmoyer, Joel Weist, Donald Uhrich, Theresa Ferretti, Mary Ann Bollinger, Betty Schnoke, Geraldine Swope. Second row, left Q right: Monroe Krall, Lloyd Kreiser, Elmer Derr, Jerome Spangler, James Bowman, Larry Zartman, William Weirich, Irwin Kreider, Joseph Oberholtzer, Melvin Rudy, Clifford Zinn. Third r-fav-, left to right: Nellie Pfaltz, Doris Kintzer, Joann Layser, Patricia Light, Jeannette Yiengst, Marion Alspach, Nancy Shanaman, Joann Donley, Verna Showers, N ary Firestine. Fourth row, Q-QQ right: Robert Wagner, Paul Blouch, Ruth Lutz, Bernice Achey, Leona Miller, Betty Layser, Dorothy Moyer, Betty Ruhl, Grace Schaeffer, Mary Jo Schaffer, Stanley Deck, Arthur Mahaffey. Fifth row, left to ri ht: Walker Diamond, Carl Katzaman, Stewart Keener, Jael? BicEe1fT.loyd undore, Richard Swope, Richard Dohner, Robert Muth, Donald Duffy, Clarence Richards, Ronald Seibert, Leroy Wentzler, George Pfaltz, Lester Kintzer, Ray Shaak. H3 K rs. 6 - -1: X' 15945 53's lj" 9. 1 66- f , X-ff S'JDf'1UI71'JI':: C lass Qfficzefrs Fwst xww. LQ LQ Yluflfi .?wQmm: 'Y'e1ug1w.'. Vlcfff-Presidff et. Haynwzzd Phillipa Tre-uaur+,r. I,AfAmm.1rd Sfxhfm. S+2ftre'mrx': Shirley' Labs. Prflsidffm. Ihruuggh jmur industry and strong Cif'lE'I'I!1IU'illIiUi'!. jswu. the S',1ph.1murfA5 ufM'.'fre,t0f.'1x High Scffmol hiiff' 2.'m'f:cd Lfmnrd the ulmmule gwal--be-Coming: Sf-niurm. As Iuniwrs. fmefuf your mf,-at lrnpurtam duties xiii he to shox the under- f'1zas,sn1f-1-1tmf':xgfw-llvrzte-.x.1zm11ef uf jxwur lvuciwship and ywur fine schfulzxslic' quuiitif.-5, In ull jfwuz' uncis4rtz19:iz:us we- .wish you grzxtsficatiwm in the successful atmizarmfm uf your raduzilnm. , 0 9 ' , .W Sophomore Class Front Q-v. L-ei tg Right: Emerson Hauer. Gwendolyn Miller, Evelyn Stecher, Marlene Garloff. Joyce Keeney. Joanne Yeagley, Raymond Phillips. Shirley Lahe. Leonard Schott. Grace Clay. Lila Wise. Elaine Hacker, Arlene Shower. Maryellen Frantz. Second Row. Left Q Right: Howard Brandt. Geraldine Boyer. George Eisley. Ronald Moyer. Guy Wartluft, John Gettle. Joseph Smith. Ronald Lehman, William Shuey. Ray Fohias. Ronald Sell. Kenneth Yiengst. Ellen Snyder. Harry Shaak. Third Row, Left Q-Rig ht: Paul Hoover, Patricia Umberger. Della Long, Mary Rothenbach. Joan LeGay. Alta Hess. Phyllis Kline. Rita Zug. Shirley Ranaldi. Carol Bird. Marilyn Schell. Nancy Ream. Fourth R-ol. E Qliight: Robert Brown. Marvin Weidner. John Clay. Wil- liam Rittle, Marion O'Pryan. Millie Clay. Barbara Schott. Jeanne Harding. Gladys Zeimler. Eleanor Briqhthill. Anna Peffley, Lois Noll, Richard Andrews Calvin Beamesderfer. Neil Hoke. Fifth R-oy, it Q Right: Paul Mease, Lloyd Long. Orval Garloff, Emma Katzaman, Doris Keener. Esther Klick. Jean Wengert, Shirley Muth. Shirley Frantz. Marion Umberizer. Carolyn Lebo, Carolyn Ressler, Russell Yost. Bollinger. Glenn Donough. Richard Souders, Conrad Usner. 'IG if! -fri QL 1- Tr- Vw W 2A 1 51 -5, My if 4 .Na It ' A ?v""?- ' W x '-Sim. A si s ,5 , Am . . gk. Q4-.-3, 1 A V l, -" Tn , 5 Q I 1 A Q I, I U r xi J-HT f .15 I , . x A P R H N I xl 8, 1 wg 1. 4 F 1 'Q 'I J'-L, ,.,l a , n. Aw, if ,,,,1""ff, ., Q . ,xx N S L H Q E L ,M ,, . -- 'x F S Q A .M a tr' W 8 'f K Ii . 'N -... , ,Q 5" 'IL K, - 4 ., i : ,-f' y ' ki , T ' ' 1 Y- ' , ffg Hz X , , Q- . Q A Freshman Class Officers Icrft tw Rifht: kzxthlvcn f'wOI'I'f,', TI'CllSL1YL'I'. RUkvC1't House,-r, Secrmflnrv iF!1illi2lHllll1IT11Ul, Pu-mich-111. Hv1cuGusss, Vice-PreSidc'm4 LIS 4 y -f'f-r-W-35 B , t w 3 . ' f ls gf 8 . 2 R 5, 25' geo a its f A 'A 1 W v ,gf lim gf ' , K Qi rf' 7 57 K 2 , , 'I -'Z' 4" i t A at E 2 M ,aw . 4 V 5 5 iam: 5 l.-A' f , W , L. ' W L f ,4.. N Freshman Class LQQ tg Right, 131: Harold Caskie, William Krick, Lester Phillipy, Gerald Wieant, John Royer, Charles Gassert, Robert Houser, Kathleen Forry, Helen Gass, Virginia Haulman, Carl Firestine, Gordon Lehman, Dennis saylor, Harry Hunsicker, Charles Duffy, Carl Weihs. Second Helen Lutz, Alma Shenk, Erlene Gibble, Doris Heydt, Katie Martin, Janet Shanaman, Nancy Brown, Shirley Achey, Mary Kurr, Lucia Brown, Julia Schaeffer, Ardell Keith, Shirley Andrews. Third Row: Ronald Weik, Carl Brubaker, John Wilhelm, David Hain, Ken- neth Delgt, Peter Hottenstein, Larry Mentzer, Robert Schoener, Robert Bashore, Phillip Pfaltz, Irvin Smith, Robert Krick. Fourth R9-vi: Richard Wagner, Frank Kreiser, Ernest Lutz, Harvey Wise, Rebecca Peiffer, Shirley Heffley, Gladys Bliestein, Marie Stauffer, Naomi Williams, Joanne Gassert, Gay Seibert, Shirley Sholley, Shirley Rhoads, Robert Kleinfelter, Ronald Schoener, Donald Landis. Richard Muth. Fifth I-195 Barbara Yost, Joyce Miller, Marion Tice, Nancy Fetter, Janet Spitler. Alice Horne, Sara Bennetch, Shirley Lessig, Doris Mader, Shirley Miller, Jane Rothenbach, Beatrice Garloff, Evalyn Thrasher, June Donner, Gail Geib, Hilda Light, Nancy McCurdy, Eetty Tobias. -:fc ' -g l, V All - Aa! I ix m -, , wg lf: f 4 if 5 x 'tt 441, , E, V, . ,. v ,IQ n .4 , 1 . GMU, 'S x gh' Xl af' J - V, -x f , ,we .n.., Q'Wf5 . .Q z Y. .mfr V A 3"wM'1v ,T hwy- Y, My , v. 3 v -L nv""'?' H s 5 we , '.,- , Q . 15 - 7 x A' 3 J K QA' ' S' ,AX 1 Iv xp 1 Q ng , -'W ,.,.f.w.L,,, K R gg., . li X L.. .VY. ,,4. jx - "-'lib' Altrm ' ' I X 1 ' H' , .p..........i, x A ' nn., x al R K if" ,W Q Q 'L M 4 x 1 .nib Q f 4 ,f-+im3,s -' lv . uv ' Q 532'-4, ,Lg N-1 have-u , u. glfswifsfw . af H -- 4r 1. 5 "- A I U -P., .. , . 1 ,M ,- 1 YY, -.. A ,. .' A' 'f'.'2'a.g If "1 F, 1. L v ,Q '. y., -. www. :bv . ,F "" f11..4-1 .0, A a I 4.1.5 'A 'J' . .1 -' 1 -f ' 'fm I. ..f Q Q, , - 'ww' .J -, --. , N . .mg . t , ' ' ' I .1 I - , F ti if ,Aw Ml sl! l!iL,iilAl2lf r, 1 'Ki . 'Hal 1, A ' . . ' " 4 vw nl S Q A ' '-' ' - " . I ,H t Sm - fl.. , 4 ' 4 W A ' V if ' . ' ig . J 4 A X . K . .',.f " q 'I' r-,,1,3f . as ' -5 'Q an lwililt.. ' Melt? r Sd lii ,Jat- f-- ,, , ,. 'N f x Eighth Grade First row, EQ Q right: Peter Lehman, Richard Dundore, Ronald Yeakley, Gene Eberly, Paul Shartle, Norman Brown, George Lessig, Walter Whit- moyer, Shirley Schwear, Gladys Duffy, Gerald Heberling, Roy Schaeffer, Robert Andrews, Franklin Stoudt, Eldon LeGay, Ronald Hunsicker. Second Q Q2-QQ right: Rita Brown, Darlene Brandt, Gloria Scipioni, Betty Mays, Pauline Shartle, Thomas Hafer, Robert Strauss, Ivan Hopkins, Betty Long, Luanne Werner, Delores Phillippy, Kathleen Smith, Mildred Kreider, Dorothy Evans. Third QE, Left toright: Michael Hottenstein, Richard Koller, George Eisenhauer, Gerald Yeakley, Erwin Mahaffey, Irene Condran, James Schaeffer, Paul Hibshman, Rudolph Marcozzi, Kenneth Nelson, Ernest Brown, Charles Donley. Fourth row, Q-Q right: Barbara Spangler, Julia Peiffer, Myrna Stecher. Virginia Lebo, Lucille Betz, Nira Wolfe, Grace Brandt. Fifth LCE, Left Q right, Robert Zeigler, Richard IN iller, Eugene Moyer, Ronald Swongger, Robert Hicks, LeRoy Grumbine, David Schell, Walter Rittle, Earl Long, Russel Shaak, Donald Brown, Lloyd Kreider, Gerald Moyer, Dino Marcozzi. Sixth left Q-rifght: Gene Bucher. Henrietta Fetter, Linda Stohler. Jean Gettle, Carol Hollinger, Lois Mentzer, Dolores Fortna, Carol Honafius, Ruth Ream, Nancy Gingrich, Alice Hardy, Fay Hartzog, Helen Hixenheiser, Mabel Sadler, Allen Bamberger. Richard Derr. Kenneth Miller. Another member of eighth grade is Richard Miller. ,fl f Q L. A it 't 55" 41- il' A-1 riff? Zmaik' -an Aig.. -al X , o J "ro S . sg iq .J , , . 4 J I ' 2 t f x 6 I Tw , W 4 f F - A , L., K IM -an We "H Q A mf., X FN ' Fw 'R L Seventh Grade First ,rg-v, QQ Q right: Barbara McCurdy, Mary Ellen Sheetz, Ruth Ben- netch, Betty Holdeman, Gladys Gingrich, Marie Troutman, Helen Yingst, Terry Schott, Peggy Garloff, Geraldine I-Ieverling, Marian Sadler, Irene Fox, Shirley Gassert, Alma Hoover, Mary Ellen Dean. Second Loy, leg-Q right: Ronald Rittle, John Mentzer, Bernard Webber, Curtis Houtz, Franklin Seigfriecl, Joel Zinn, Charles Miller, Harold Mann, David Wartluft, Dilton Wieant, Ronald Swanger, kenneth Wolfe. Third gy, Left toright: Sandra Koller, Geraldine Honker, Joyce Linder- muth, Marlene Hibshman,.Nancy Honker, Marlene Schoener, Sylvia Wandell. Fourth roy., Q-QQ right: Robert Hofer, Ernest Firestine, Jay Wengert, David Ebling, Patricia Forry, Mamie Rittle, Lorraine Zimmerman, Florence Holdeman, Arlene Deck, Verna Gibble, Verna Deaver. Fifthrg, le-it Q right: Larry Morris, Kermit Hower, John Tice, Warren I-Ieilman, James Williams, Jere Pearson, Authur Noll, Marlin Umberger, Robert Howell, Donald Brown, William Fencil, Carl Grumbine. Sixth Q, Leg Q right: Gloria Duffy, Thomas Cox, Thomas Nixon, Paul Snyder, Wilbur Wagner, Carl Deck, Charles Geib, Mabel Martin, Shirley Tobias, Jeanette Bowman, Rita Bowman, Virginia Saylor. Other members of the class are: Roseann Kline and Harold Baker. "7'f"'F' "gi ,J Q P NA ' O ,-A P F N Q2 - 0. L 5 3 - Qin ,' + T' 5 A 'tlflg--K ' .,--,I-.sws X X S 6 . Km., A . N ' Q . Q 0' '. 2 f - x Ni 3 I :Et , f G "Q .,w fi F- 'V x 'Nil -E " QQ , ,X 4 4 ' it S ,- R nun I I - I .4-p-"2 ' . hi-,RS 1.25 '1 X... 0 . sf-1 -. ,lfi 53 MACTIVITIES g ilx 57 X Senior Tri-Hi-Y First Q, Qgt-Q right: Bonnie Wise, Stella Schnoke, Carolyn Schott, Helen Houser, Sally Whitmoyer, Lorraine Schaeffer, Lucy Bamberger, Dorothy Moyer, Betty Gass, Patricia Swonger, Shirley Keeney. Second Q: Patricia Koppenhaver, Bernice Achey, Mary L. Miller, Joyce Himmelbcrger, Donna Miller, Jean Himmelberger, Lois Dundore, Jeannette Miller, Mary Jo Shaffer, Jeannette Yiengst. Third Lal: Nellie Pfaltz, Betty Ruhl, Leona Miller, Joann Layser, Betty Layser, Joann Donley, Grace Schaeffer, Nancy Shanaman. Fourth Q1-: Shirley Frantz, Rita Zug, Jeanne Harding, Eleanor Brightbill, Pat Umberger, Shirley Muth, Shirley Ranaldi, Carol Bird, Betty Schnoke, Carolyn Lebo, Elizabeth Brubaker, Carolyn Ressler. Last row: Gwendolyn Miller, Shirley Labe, Evelyn Stecher, Joyce Keeney, Marian O'Bryan, Joan Le Gay, Ellen Snyder, Lois Noll, Joann Yeagley, Marlene Garloff, Lila Wise, Della Long, Phyllis Kline, Shirley Frantz. The Tri-Hi-Y, under the leadership of Miss Esther Zug, has a three- fold purpose--to create, maintain, and extend throughout the school and community, high standards of Christian living. The programs are arranged to fit the physical, social, and religious needs of the members. The club has been very active this year. Some of its accomplishments are: The Queen of Hearts Dance, the Christmas and Easter Pageants, the first grade party, the Faculty Tea, and the annual caroling through the halls of M. H. S. May success accompany the Tri-Hi-Y in the future and may the girls continue to lead the school as they have done. Officers President - Lorraine Schaeffer Treasurer - Dorothy Moyer Vice-President - Lucy Bamberger Chaplain - Betty Gass Secretary - Sally Ann Whitmoyer Scribe - Helen Houser Sun. al ,i"i I i'7 ly - Q 13 . f f.. . 7 ,X 1 J oirie ff ggf-ff.: " My ..nw1g,.,.lU' ' ...l.Q..:, Q Junior Tri-Hi-Y First.:-gy, ligu-right: Mary Ellen Sheetz, Helen Yiengst, Marlene Hibshman, Shirley Gassert, Barbara Spangler, Gay Seibert, Virginia Haul- man, Betty Tobias, Peggy Garloff, Irene Fox, Sylvia Wandell, Marlene Schoener. Second -xgvl, Q Q right: Nancy Honker, Pauline Shartle, Henrietta Fetter, Lois Mentzer, Carol Hollinger, Linda Stohler, Evelyn Thrasher, Janet Spitler, Sandra Koller, Rita Brown, Ruth Bennetch. Third 511, lg Q right: Alice Hardy, Carol Honafius, Rebecca Peiffer, Dolores Fortna, Nancy Brown, Shirley Achey, Joyce Lindenmuth, Fay Hertzog, Virginia Saylor. Fourth Q-av., Q Q right: Gloria Scipioni, Jane Rothenbach, Shirley Lessig, Virginia Lebo, Doris Mader, Marian Tice, Luanne Werner, Gail Geib, Shirley Tobias, Julia Schaeffer. Junior Tri-Hi-Y This worthy organization of 43 junior high girls, under the leadership of Miss Donouqh, strives to create, maintain, and extend throughout the school and community high standards of Christian character. I S6 N W. iq-1,-1506. A A 15 G - Hi-Y Firstrgw-, QQ Q right: Richard Sholly, Glenn Balthaser, Herman Noll, James Bowman, Kenneth Leffler, Larry Zartman, Paul Hauer, Ray Moyer. Second Q: Clarence Richards, Robert Maze, Kenneth Lentz, Neal Hower, Richard Brown, Jack Bicher, Irwin Kreider. Third Q: Robert Wagner, William Weirich, Walker Diamond, Paul Blouch Stewart Keener, Richard Swope, Clifford Zinn. Fourth roy.: George Pfaltz, Kenneth Yiengst, Ray Tobias, Russell Yost, Leonard Schott, Ronald Sell, Emerson Hower. Qwj Marvin Weidner, John Clay, George Eisley, James Bollinger, Ronald Lehman. The Hi-Y Club, under the advisorship of Mr. A. Lester Bucher, is a newly organized club composed of senior high school boys. The purpose of the club is to create, maintain, and extend throughout the school and community high standards of Christian character. 57 L. S 1 ,L he 7 .W Y ff? a ,,,.f Newsgram Members of the Newsgram Staff are: Lucy Bamberger, Editor: Sally Whitmoyer, Mary Firestine, Associate Editors, Staff: Betty Layser, Cla- rence Richard. Dorothy Moyer, Verna Showers, Mary Bollinger, Joanne Layser. Petty Prubaker, Patsy Umberger, Edgar Landis, Marlene Garloff, Phyllis Kline, Evelyn Steeher, Joann Yeagley, Shirley Lessig, Theresa Feretti, Carolyn Ressler. Millie Clay, Shirley Labe. Virginia Haulman, Gorden Lehman. Shirley Rhoads, Marie Stauffer. John Wilhelm. Nellie Pfaltz, Rohert Wagner, William Weirieh. Stewart Keener, Charles Kribs, Lester Phillippy, Leona Miller. Philip Pfaltz. Leroy Wenzler. Advisors: Mrs. Lantz. Miss Kopp, Mr. Marquette. Mr. Mitchell. Mrs. Groff. The Newsgrram. a self-supporting monthly publication, is the student paper of M. H.S. The purpose of the Newsgrarn is to provide adequate news Coverage of school activities, to promote school spirit, and to give students who are interested in journalism an opportunity to use their talents. Phe Newssfrarn, first puhlished in 1923. is a member ofthe National Scholastic Press Assoffiation. and is orinted commercially, 58 Future Homemakers of America The F. H. A. of Myerstown is an active club well-noted throughout the school. It is comprised of twenty-five girls from grades ten, eleven, and twelve. The percentage of members has greatly increased this year, this may be due to the fact that there are more vocational home economics girls. This club, like our government, has a constitution which each girl is obliged to uphold. It states the purpose of the organization, of homemaking, the importance of worthy home membership, the encouragementof democracy, the promotion of international good will, and the furtherance of interests in home economics. This year the leader, Mrs. David Lockart, wishes to have the club take a first step toward a formation of a county organization of F. H.A. First table at left: Carolyn Schott, Marilyn Heffelfinger. Stella Schnoke, Lucy Bambergzer. First table in front: Marian O'Bryan, Norma Wolfe, Lucille Schell, .Tean Balthaser, Elsie Peffley, Julia Schaeffer. Second table in back: Doris Keener, Dorothy Moyer. Patricia Umberger, Mary Firestine. Standing, left to right: Elaine Hacker, Anna Peffley, Betty Brubaker, Esther Klick, Arlene Showers, Naomi Williams, Bonnie Wise, Nancy Shanaman, Shirley Frantz, Joann Donley. F.F.A. First row, le-Lt tg right: Ernest Troutman. Clark Levengood, Kenneth Lentz Stewart Keener, Carl Wenger, Paul Blouch, Emerson Hauer, Monroe Krall. Second Q: Carl Katzaman, Kenneth Leffler, Paul Hauer, Arthur Mahaffey Irwin Kreider, Leroy Wentzler, Elmer Derr. Third Carl Brubaker, Melvin Rudy, Robert Muth, Paul Mease, Glenn Donough, Harry Shaak, Lloyd Long. Fourth Q: Harry Hunsicker, Carl Firestine, Donald Landis, Robert Schoener, Richard Muth, Harold Caskle, Ernest Lutz. The F. F. A. is an organization under the leadership of Mr. John Sherman, for the purpose of helping those boys interested in farming. Every fall the members are busy preparing for the Myerstown Community Fair. The boys spend much time in the F. F. A. shop where they repair and paint farm implements. They also spray trees in the town and the surrounding county with their own 400 gallon sprayer. 60 Boys' Homemaking Club Members of the club are: Larry Zartman, Joseph Oberholtzer. Paul Bloueh, Richard Shelly, Kenneth Leffler, George Pfaltz. Glenn Balthaser. Richard Swope, Paul Hauer. Robert Wagner, Stewart Keener, Robert Muth, Neal Hower, Kenneth Lentz. Ray Moyer, Russell Heffelfinger, Thomas Lehman, Edgar Landis. The Boys' Homemaking Club, organized in 1949, is composed of twenty junior and senior boys who are interested in learning how to apply various phases of homemaking to everyday living. Learning how to prepare snacks for themselves, learning to select clothing suitable for each individual for various occasions, and learning proper table and dating manners are some of the activities of the club. The club advisor is Mrs. Edna Lockart. W"'1 Girls' Ensemble Members of the Ensemble are: lLeft to rightl Shirley Rhoads, Della Long, Marilyn Heffelfinger, Shirley Frantz, Marie Stauffer, Betty Layser, Helen Gass, Lucy Bamberger, Joyce Himmelberger, Maryellen Frantz, Betty Gass and Kathleen Forry. The Girls' Ensemble, a high school musical organization, is composed of twelve girls selected from grades nine to twelve. They are under the direction of Miss Kathryn Dech, vocal supervisor. The Ensemble sings at community gatherings throughout the year, the Senior Play, the Community Fair, the Sen ior C hor al Concert and at the meetings of various civic organizations. This organization was begun in 1938 and has continued through the years. Three Senior girls will leave the E n semble this year. They are: Second Soprano, Lucy Bamberger and Altos-Betty Gass, Joyce E-Iimmelberger. During the past few years the Ensemble entered the Forensic and Music League Contests which are sponsored by the University of Pittsburgh. In 1948 the Ensemble participated in the State contest at Oil City. Last year, 1949, the Ensemble received the highest honor, a Superior Rating. The girls journeyed to Pottstown to receive this first place State Award. David Schell has accompanied the Ensemble this past year. 62. -wifi' I Aa 4-12' X 74 i t 1 I I - , an ' ' 4, A ', k I VA .2 a v- nag, ' 1 wg lusts, -..a 'J n T, f tt. 1 . P G-ffl -...reefs me ,.. MY N Mixed Chorus First gay., lg tgright: Richard Sholly, Grace Hacker, Kenneth Lentz, Jean Himmelberger, Robert Kohl, Joyce Himmelberger, Neal Hower, Lucy Bam- berger, Lee Smith, Patricia Swanger, Edgar Landis, Betty Gass. Second Qld, lg Q right: Della Long, Shirley Frantz, Joan Layser, Arthur, Mahaffy, Leonard Schott, Paul Blouch, Clarence Richards, Richard Muth, Patsy Umberger, Marilyn Heffelfinger, Lila Wise. Third Q, leltg right: Marvin Weidner, Joan Yeagley, Marie Stauffer, Betty Layser, Ruth Bennetch, Carolyn Ressler, John Clay, George Eisley. Fourth Lo-w, Q-Q right: Janet Shanaman, Kathleen Forry, Helen Gass, Jerome Spangler, Robert Brown, Howard Brandt, William Rittle, lmarlene Garloff, Mary Ellen Frantz, Shirley Rhoads. The m ix ed c hor us is composed of students chosen from the ninth to twelfth grades. Under the direction of Miss Kathryn Dech, they present an annual spring conc ert . The chorus also presents a few selections at the commencement exercises. Certain members who work hard are chosen to participate in the county and district choruses. Sometimes a member also has the privilege of going to State Chorus. 63 I ,H 2 t i I 1, ,553 ' A 4 'ffm me v it ,. af- ffl fl if-5 sl 1 Fi 'N G t Junior Chorus First Q, lgtg right: Peggy Garloff, Roy Schaeffer, Bernard Webber, Curtis l-Ioutz, Joel Zinn. Ruth Bennetch, Geraldine Heberling, Helen Yiengst, Nancy Honker. Franklin Stoudt, Charles Donley, Harold Mann, David Wartluft, Dolores Phillipy. Second Q-vg: Luanne Werner, Darlene Brandt, Patricia Forry, Linda Stohler, Richard Miller, William Fencil, Thomas Cox, Ronald I-Iunsicker, Sylvia Wandell, Carol Honafius, Joyce Lindenmuth, Sandra Koller, Marlene Schoener. Third in James Shaffer, Harold Baker, Shirley Tobias, Gloria Scipioni, Henrietta Fetter, Barbara Spangler, Mildred Kreider, Mary Ellen Sheetz, Jere Pearson, Gerald I-leberling. Fourth Q: Ivan Hopkins, Walter Rittle, David Schell. Virginia Lebo, Dolores Fortna, Carol Hollinger, Terry Shott, George Lessig. This group is voluntary and the young singers are students from grades seven and eight. Once a week they rehearse numbers for the spring concert. Among their numbers are: "Deaf Old Woman, " "Pretty Skylark," "Lullaby of the Christ Child. " This organization has the good purpose of furthering interest in singing and preparing students to become better members for the other choruses of the school. Miss Kathryn Dech, with whom the members co-operate to make their concert a success, is the directress. Accompanist - David Schell M A . n , AQ K Y "lf V fair at Q' - mse- K-.. -e W gil -na. Q i Safety Patrol First row, left to right: Kenneth Miller, Gerald Heberling. Kenneth Nelson, Franklin Stoudt. Walter Rittle, Robert Andrews, Roy Schaeffer, Eldon Legay Second row: Ronald Rittle, George Lessig, James Schaffer. Warren Heilrnan Robert Hicks, Ronald Swonger, Rudolph Mareozzi, Charles Donley, Charles Miller. Third row: Curtis Houtz, Thomas Nixon, Dino Marcozzi. Ronald Yeakiey, Gerald Moyer, Larry Morris. The Safety Patrol is a group of junior high school boys who accomplish much good under the supervision of Mr. Mitchell. They are very helpful inaiding the pupilsof the first grade aerossvarious street crossings, We hope that the boys will keep up their fine work in pro- tecting the younger children. 5 P , 3 ls 'I'-fu ,Q 1131? Senior Band First row, left to right: Bonnie Wise, Lila Wise, Sally Ann Whitmoyer, Jeanette Yiengst, Gerald Heberling, George Eisley, John Clay, William Rittle, Robert Ziegler, Kathleen Forry, Shirley Rhoads, Elmo Wagner, Richard Sholly, Gladys Bleistein, Joan Yeagley, Monroe Krall, Gene Bucher, Marvin Weidner, Marie Stauffer, Patsy Umberger, Virginia Haulman, Emily Kern, and Mary Kurr. Second row: Marlene Garloff, Charles Miller, Nancy Honker, Terry Schott, Ronald Seibert, Lee Smith, Donald Landis, Robert Kohl, Ronald Youse, Joel Wiest, Shirley Andrews, and Betty Tobias. Third row: Marian Tice, Della Long, Helen Houser, Carolyn Ressler, Betty Layser, Grace Schaffer, Mary Ellen Frantz, and James Bollinger. Fourth row: Millie Clay, Sara Lou Bennetch, Shirley Frantz, and Carolyn Lebo. Fifth row: Marilyn Heffelfinger, Arthur Mahaffey, Robert Albert, Jay Brown, Clarence Richards, William Fencil, Helen Gass, Shirley Sholly, Jere Pearson Donna Miller, Marilyn Schell, Leonard Schott, Thomas Lehman, and Mary Jo Shaffer. The Senior Band, under the direction of Mr. Harold G. Yeagley, is composed of junior and senior high school students, interested in instru- mental work. The band participates in the annual Hallowe e n parades and other parades of various celebrations. During the M ye r stow n Community Fair they always present a short concert. They also pr ese nt an annual spring concert. Gb v , .e ga fw .ai- ?. A' X -13' 'V i ll i S any JH' in Q , "" M- 1' Junior Band First row, gtg right: Sarah Bennetch, Delores Fortna, Delores Phillipy. Mary Ellen Sheetz. Second row: George Krall, John Tice, William Cox, Michael Honker, Martha Brandt, Gerald Heberling, Robert Ziegler, George Lessig, Joel Zinn, John Mentzer, Franklin Stoudt, Dale Achey, Lawrence Shenk, Stanley Achey. Third Q: Barbara Ann Yost, Robert Hicks, Jere Pearson, David Hain, Sue Zearfoss, Violet Houtz, Alice Horn, Susan Suhr, Kathleen Forry, Nancy Fetter, Charles Miller, Gladys Bleistine, Raymond Wolfgang, Donald Landis, Thomas Cox, Gene Bucher. Bernard Webber, Allen Bamberger, Edward Wolf gang, Shirley Andrews, Sarah Bennetch, Richard Miller, Henrietta Fetter, Kenneth Wagner. Fourth gay: Gay Seibert, Helen Gass, Betty Tobias, Janet Spitler, Marian Tice, Terry Schott, Constance Yeagley, Nancy Honker, Virginia Lebo. Last gc Luanne Werner, Curtis Houtz, Dale Fake, William Fencil, Shirley Tobias, Gail Geib, David Schell, Shirley Sholly, James Schaffer, Robert Garl Richard Schaeffer, Conrad Youse, Lester Phillipy, Carol Hollinger. The Junior Band, under the direction of Mr. Harold G. Yeagley, is composed of pupils from grades 7 to 9. The purpose of this organization is to teach the fundamentals of playing instruments so that these young people may later be advanced to the Senior Band. During the year the band has played for the Halloween Parade, the Band Concert, the Dental Parade, and forother hill School occasions. off, 67 ,M--'W' Senior Library Club Members of the Senior Library Club are: Jean Balthaser, Lucy Bam- bergrer, Carol Bird, Iris Bricker, June Dohner, Joann Donley, Lois Dundore, Kathleen Forry, Marlene Garloff, Betty Gass, Helen Gass, Jean Harding, Shirley Heffley, Alice Horne, Joyce Keeney, Phyllis Kline, Patsy Koppen- haver, Carolyn Lebo, Shirley Lessig, Virginia Haulman, Doris Mader, Gwendolyn Miller, Shirley Muth, Marian O' Bryan, Elsie Peffley, Rebecca Peiffer, Shirley Ranaldi, Carolyn Ressler, Grace Schaeffer, Lorraine Schaeffer, Lucille Schell, Marilyn Schell, Stella Schnoke, Carolyn Schott, Gay Seibert, Nancy Shanaman, Marie Stauffer, Evelyn Stecher, Patsy Swanger, Patsy Umberger, Bonnie Wise, Lila Wise, Joann Yeagley, Barbara Yost, Elmo Wagner, Gail Geib, Alma Shenk, Betty Tobias, Gladys Bleistein, and Janet Shanaman. Interest has been maintained to such a high point that it became neces- saryto initiate a Junior Library Club. This new club has twenty-two members. The fundamentals which must be learned by a prospective club member include these duties: alphabetizing cards and books, repairing books, helping fellow classmates to use the library, stamping books and magazines, writing and delivering library notices, signing permits, making attractive displays for new books, understanding the Dewey Decimal System, and being a good club member. W 1 in-I 1 at Student Council First gow, QQ Q right: Larry Zartman, Sally Ann Whitmoyer, Betty Schnoke Clifford Zinn, Bonnie Ann Wise, Ronald Youse, Norma Wolfe, George Brightbill. Second r-Q-xi: Virginia Haulman, Helen Gass, Robert Krick, Robert Houser, George Eisley, Marlene Garloff, Mildred Clay, Robert Garloff. Standing: Peggy Garloff, Helen Yiengst, Joel Zinn, George Eisenhower, Darlene Brandt, Shirley Schwear, George Lessig. The student council is the most important organization of the school because it acts as a law-maker for the betterment of the school. The twenty-three members are chosen from the homerooms to represent the classes. Members are responsible for setting dates for the various dances. for securing entertainment for assembly programs throughout the year, and for discussing problems relative to the school. The assembly programs presented this year were: International ping- pong players, Ambassador Quartet, Hand Bell Ringers, and Tommy Bleeker, juggler. Officers President - George Brightbill Secretary - Bonnie Ann Wise Vice President - Larry Zartman Treasurer - George Eisley Boys' Chorus The Boys' Chorus, under the direction of Miss Kathryn Dech, is com- prised of boys from grades nine to twelve. They present a few selections at the annual choral concert. Three of their numbers are: "Good News. Chariot's Coming!" a negro spiritual, "Fifty Cents, " a humorous song by George McKey, and "The Bells of St. Mary's" by A. Emmett Adams. Accompanist - Janet Shanaman 'Q X T' Seated Q Q Right: Jay Brown, Lorraine Schaeffer, Robert Kohl, Joyce I-Iimmelberger, Bonnie Wise, George Brightbill Standing EQ to Right: Miss Esther M. Zug, Edgar Landis, Ronald Youse, Lucy Bamberger, Patricia Swonger Isabel Jordon Betts Jordon Kathi Jordon Wally O'Shane Buss Bassett- Stan Lawler - Lucindy Peck Dora Devine - Dixie Devine - Directress - - Stage Setting - Costuming - - Make-up - - Tickets - Properties - - Publicity - - Music ---- Class Play "Hilarity House" Cast - - - - - Joyce Himmelberger - - - - - Bonnie Wise - - Lorraine Schaeffer - - - Ronald Youse - - Edgar Landis - George Brightbill - Lucy Bamberger - - Patricia Swonger - - - - Robert Kohl ------------------M1ssEsrherM.zug Theodore Ressler, Harold Swonger, Elwood Schnoke, Mr. Steiner, Mr. Sherman, Mr. Lantz Betty Gass, Lucille Schell, Jean Balthaser, Stella Schnoke, Mrs. Lockart, Miss Dech, Miss Werner Carolyn Schott, Miss Neal, Mrs. Lantz Russell Heffelfinger, Miriam Firestine, Jean Himmel- berger, Mr. Batdorf, Mr. Reed Richard Sholly, Elmo Wagner, Helen Houser, Lois Dundore, Miss Immel, Mr. Marquette, Miss Donough Neal Hower, Dorothy Mattey, Miss Kopp, Mr. Daniels, Mr. Mitchell. Shirley Frantz, Miss Dech The Senior Class Play, "Hilarity House," under the direction of Miss Esther Zug, was acclaimed a great success by the audience. The play was held November 17 and 18, in the Myerstown High School. 3' r-ga? f :CN Q n. V ,..V- - ... .. -, A .H In M mm ., 5 W -0' .-...-Q- fo-a., . -. ,--- -anna, -1 so-nn. f --A ,,-,. VV.. in ,X . , I '- .,,,, , , 1 Q ,,,,,,.,..m-n l,, ,t ' ..., .su t -5 ,.,, ,,,.. V.. ......,,..-,... .,,,.-V----V-V---1+ --M' ,M 'f-" " ' ,...- .,., -,..,. - .W ., wg. ..,, . ...,... H... A , .M-.....sH ,--- - ,:.,- V- "T",g"'-- V 1""f' ,,,,., ,,,, .,..,, ..,., ....., Wm. .... . ...V "',--1...l,.i....f,vf---w., is , ,.. .... .,... . - '--P-.T'0+ vt fu' 5 1. 43. .L M W , , ' 6 1-11 ". -:I Jr- 332-fi-27:3ir4v.:,s at .:. A-. : -- 'L' 1 1-5 -- Q , V ' ' 'A' ' W .,, ,y 1: 1,133 me 1LiL.h,: E?,ii:.,L. - . - - v xi. , W - 'X t . ' - x f V ., 9 wi , .Q 1 ij ' X . , 4 L' e J' H I ' ,, Y' 7.. A if E L' r A I . . , 1: J p X 1 . r - - x A n N 4 I The Queen of Hearts Dance This gala affair sponsored annually by the Senior Tri-Hi-Y was held Saturday, February 11, 1950. Steve Baer's orchestra provided delightful music for both dancers and spectators. Ronald Youse and Joyce Himmelberger were the attractive King and Queen. Bonnie Wise was the Maid of Honor. Lorraine Schaeffer, Jean Himmelberger, Mary Louise Miller, and Helen Houser were the Queen's Attendants. The adorable flower girls were Jeanne Haverstick and Susan McKnight, who were dressed in white. James Ebllng and James Bird were the attentive train bearers. Twenty members of the Senior Trl-Hi-Y presented the Mlnuet. W1 f if Xpf5 Q., .l, , MW 3 - k 1 A 4, r K. , ' . f 4. k M ,' U i 53:5 uw ,. I K Q, - JF. P W h.m. r ,Aww ,ggi Lf'X gt.. X V Q.,--ii V7 , wi Cheerleaders Kneeling. left to right: Patricia Swonger, Shirley Keeney. Bonnie Wise. Sally Ann Whitmoyer. Standing: Joyce Keeney. Mary .To Shaffer, Shirley Ranaldi, Lila Wise. The eight Varsity and Junior Varsity cheerleaders are seen and heard at every basketball game. Their purposes are to cheer the boys to victory and to show them the crowd is rooting for them. 74 ca Soccer First row, left tp right: Herman Noll, Robert Kohl, Jay Brown, Ronald Youse Larry Zartman, Kenneth Leffler, Gene Helms, Paul Hauer. Second row. left to right: Donald Uhrich, Robert Maze, Richard Dohner, Jack Bicher. Iryin Kreider, Frederick Shaak. Third row. left to right: Thomas Lehman, Mgr. Elmo Wagner, Mgr. Leonard Schott, James Bollinger, Neil Hoke. The Myerstown Eleven had a very successful season with seven wins, two losses. and three ties. The team will lose eight seniors, but with much material in the lower grades, there will be many und er gr aduate s to take OVQT. Mr. Norman Daniels did a splendid job with the boys. All the students and faculty of the school wish Mr. Daniels and the future teams the best of luck and hope they will make us proud of them in the coming years. 75 'S 5' - -af Q ' "' Va r :sity Basketball First Row: 'llhomns Donlc, Robert Kohl, Ronald iousff, Jay Brown, Herman Noll. Second Row: lorry Zzirtmfm. Donald Uhrich. Richard Dohncrr, Frodoricla Shank. Third Row: Elmo Wagner. Mgr.: Thomas Lohman. Mgr. The M. H. S. Driblnlors had an on and off f4C'2iSOI'l. 'l'hc'1y :tnrtc-d out in slow fashion by only winning 5 of their first 10 grlnios. Out of the lust 9 thoy won 7 and still had Ll vlmnco :xt thc county flag. Through graduation the team will lose 2? boys, all km mon. Under the direction of Mr. Nlnrquotto and with some boys Coming up from Mr. Daniels' J. V's who had Ll good season, wr should have Z1 top flight team in the Coming yoxuwe. Myorstown 40 Womolsdorf 25 Myerhtown l'll1ll'lyI'Zl Myorstown 41 Denver 42 Myvrfstown Hoidelbvrg Myorstown PF? Womelsdorf 19 Myorsatown Cornwall Myorstown '29 Manheim 33 Myorstown Annvillc Myorstown 37 Hummelstown 50 Myerstown South Lebanon Myerstown 43 Palmyra 45 Myvrstown Palmyra Myerritown 47 Heidelberg 32 Mycrstown Heidelberg Myerstown 38 Alumni 36 Myvrstown Cornwall Myerstown 31 Annville 40 Myerfstown Annville Myerstown 50 South lmbanon 34 Myorstown South Lebanon Myerstown 42 Cornwall 43 -.-..........,,,., n M f Q., S z M :xv Si' ' 1 ff l Y VM I JH , M , M M u A f- a n , , I 'b 1 J , , 'X Girls Basketball First Row, left to right: Bonnie Wise, Lorraine Schaeffer, Mary Louise Miller, Joyce Himmelberger, Captain: Pat Swonger, Shirley Keeney, Elsie Peffley. Second Row: Joyce Keeney, Sally Whitmoyer, Mary Jo Shaffer, Dorothy Moyer, Nancy Shanaman. Third Row: Grace Shaeffer, Scorekeeperg Mary Bollinger, Mgrg Joann Donley, Tlmekeeper. Coach Werner's protegees strove for the girls'Championship with Lebanon, Annville, Heidelberg, and Bethel. The girls were in second place last year losing their only games to the Lebanon Cedarettes. This year the girls placed fourth. Serving as captain was Joyce Himmel- berger, forward. Scoring honors for the team were taken by Joyce Hlmmelberg- er with 157 points, and following her was Mary Louise Miller with 61 points. X W .4 as , .. N K C? '-"'?'f' ,fm WHQX J 5 fr -d-X X A 5 W f va f Y 0 I QD 1 1' 1 jf! :zru N f IZZZI 3 f El..- ! X L21 nf ,....-ia sf 5 -Lx ny -fx S J 'Z J.-LL-Z 'Z Q x:,,N' Ai - .-v-""? THEN N N ,- ,,, - dffi ' N- -1 I f nz' - 1I'- ,-.ll ,q, , . . Ev 'Q Ni ,ff5!i51.".' Kg: ' 'X x X -'1g1f':i-11'- '.--. - .- . . , f . ...- ,,--.., . X . N. N- 14 ,ghlshp -3541 :..:1g- . y X XX . in lhggltvsf 'q7i:,f L ' - x g p -ulhn' 1 gf' 1":.t'y 5. n'1',,n.,.d' ,, ,. x g,,w'w'5.l"1 , -. :-.v X lfawpnplk '.,.,c,:,' ff, l Q.. f- -1---an .pw m m'-"11-'Q wr-1" X X v f, 159121. f.,:- -K :ffl "-hl'1v" :52. ., 0 JC! S q I 1 ,ni.,xlQ - Q .j -' II' 1n'5fz ' - 931' ' if 4-,:,g15qv.: 61.0 - I f 7 i+:'fs-s-94 A- 1 1 ig 4- "wV'l-" e"'fi A' I 1-- 09,0 xx -' - our '- f s 5 O. -. " 5 'f 1 I X4 ,va -zzcv. - W' ' Vaqb -1.,I,.,., ,wif xv N,'o -"M .'o'o X311-' 'MV w :fy fi n,-If .0 ' If ,WP I ,K '-. .157 fm-2 if "xl "Q, ' .f " M ', Xl: W f ,-. .. -Q, ,.-ff,-1 " 's?e.':Q'g"5-'S "'1'g---'.':'Sf 'iv' Q -4. --L 5 '.': ,:' -1 .. :kl'g31:L'."i?' 2:-,f-nw J-222.3 .- . s ' ' ' f f. . .' 3:5911 515.- - 93:37:25 A-a - 'if QQNJFPN H" ..s -,-N:.PIx ,, 1. H 'J3f:5X 6 "". N 'ai ,--- Teri: fl! '::55i V -Tl Nm L ' wif. f - fy' "W: ,T. I f", ' ".:"-, 'VP' lf, :il-. k ,-,A-' - 1, " - 'IQ' 'tk jf' 1, .-1f- -A gr. I . , , .x - ,, IC , N N , En, :mx , 4, " ' - , 4 .' "' Y " ,-fc, N- 5... - wg., .M 'tx E '. W gfilis 84445 li e,N ' ' , f?S'w5 p3,uJL Shirley xi .ff 5 'W 1. lk' Elsie - fav? I 1 Betty .Tam e, - vi. zldr d J-cage 5wQ42.f' Bonnie " c. 5"""5 K' 5 g ' M' X Y- fl ,,, 4 - . "' vm: be Q Yin f' K 1 gf' X' f If 2 Cjlmrke, f ' A - ?5 Q. 1 , K Q .V nf' i I iq' I' I gv ' Q i I K' Leitz Arlene Loist.E4sl-Y" Teddy Kopp ' ,.E U R P E T F Y LANTZ 2 -f , L 5 t iq b 3 9 S a Damels -r f L K' B Bwcken- Ll' v Lockaw 0 OP? M arcluertc 80 ,Lf Eb-no Q55 life, aussi-ic Elsa A U Q Pye: "I I W Russ: Il Stelll LL, c. I I lc, ' . fi 1, 4 W . '13 U"e,a.N+Gle.,NN 4' L. 4 w'wf F fmw Hmmm g',qu.,' , - ' . ,1rv'-- 'lf H.. Dottie I JL A2441 1 3-,M Carol n Pa-1:53 uv- J. Ne al 'T'-3 ggmiq' T LL: My 9 if mmwtgf X, A Dewi Norma ,g'f'1 DnckS. D:ckB 82- qjflnr: Stations ly NOW AVAILABLE AT YOUR LOCAL FRANCHISE DEALER FOR NAME OF CLOSEST DEALER WRITE TO qohnhans 608 DELA KANSAS CITY 6, MISSO DAV-SON CORK BACK F BULLETIN BOARDS DAV-SON cork back and changeable letter bulletin boards are constructed with light walnut finish frames. The cork posting surface consists of Wi inch cork mounted on V4 inch 3-ply veneer. The changeable letter insert is of grooved wood felt covered. These bulletins are made to endure as only the finest of materials are used in their construction. Bulletin board with two set FOR USE IN Bulletin board with 'Wo Se' , I d B th ,d SCHOOLS in glass doors. One side cork ln 9 055 cols' O 5' es CHURCHES the other changeable letter cork. FACTORIES insert. STYLE: TWO SETIN GLASS fLelters are not includedl 30"X43' '... . ...... ...... . H ..,.,.,, , 30 60-I .,,, -SZZZZ STORES 33-X23-I ...,.,'..........,....,..... -52f'.f5-.3 Q2 gig Agggew jigs... Q15-.QQCLUB5 32"2SC3gi5giJ1i ...,, fiii"'f S3 32 ALL PWS F. O, B. CHMGO PglUI?iHgN G S SPggg,A,L,ggi,OggQ4ggg 35533 THESE BULLETIN BOARDS ARE FITTED WITH A LOCK AND KEY TO INSURE NO UNAUTHORIZED CHANGE OR ANNOUNCEMENTS. DISIRIBUTORS: SCHOOL GIFT SERVICE 4925 GLENDALE L KANSAS CITY 4. MISSOURI WI HIVI I CHINGHIBII lllllll llll IIIIRK BUIIIIIN FUR EVERY Nllll-EUNSIIII IIS 4 4 4 4 A QS Q YS asstixkwssswixssxssxxxxxxsxstm , X ,mg A A ,X i 5 2. 5 U 'U r 5 9 z rl' 5 8 5 - S , 5 z c Z Eg " cn ,Ji Z fl O il , 0 'T' Q 713 5 I'I'I I ' 3 E FP Q W U1 N 0 -4 Y' 5 L Q Q, 'A 7: Q JP rn -Q 3 70 5 Iv U7 w If Z '- s U -A um '- E U3 Y Q S' rn 75 f C V 'K IP .. 1, sg S uw Q 5- C. cn 1' 3k gy, Q .. " 'U G Q O -1 P 'U 2 Z - 4 -I : 0 70 ff. Q 5 ' mf "H K Q 25: gg E U Z 2 3 rn V E Q 5 CD I 2 uw , Z w J cn S . , S sssssssssssihvssxshrgssxsssxsxxxs ssxxxxsxsssssssxxxswumsssnn " sssrssiwsssjs' uqsnsqgy S A .4 , - . . . ,, fw- mnri in 14.4. 5 ,M p and q 34 -Yi 1 bp 'BL 1, -K , A - ,J 2' --,V-iw , , ., we -Q-S' , - - '- , -- -ff ' : ., , ' ' M wa' .. - vi, 2' 1:-L .mf z, V- , 1 :M V ,. ui, Wmvrl, 'ri 1-5 ' 15211 ,. - . v., 9. '-v-, - W--' : H 1 L4 5? - ri g. 4 ' y' -QQ .- Y' 4 , .- - :f-' 3 1-1 1 " -f" '?lg.' - L- . 3,551.11 .. f- .- -. ,. I ,, ...Q-: gig, 152 . 1... -:..'gg,gA., 1--'Q' ,'-,'Lz,A . .V ., .,1 LQ. J , .YI - V , , : Q r - V ,A wmv, ., ...ff-z...,., - . b in :U . Q, HIV E ' . - . -.xv :JAH . ,- V ' ' 0 'L' "1:'2: 11 V Sf rr' Q "A-1 W' V . , 511 ,.. 0 X Q, N ' I Q I 419 -P 051' " . L .. in . 44.4. x - ,gwrxvsw ,A-', sky- 1 inf' L'::-'-- -:.1,.L5.-fi-2 4 , -,,, :',.I,- N., Hs ,. ,int -,xx ph' ' 3 . . gif A I 'LE -32, A 4" F' - W " ' f 5fj z g. , ,,' 1fG .Q:?. " -. 2" "" ' H" ., ,, 1v- .- w y

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