Myers Park High School - Mustang Yearbook (Charlotte, NC)

 - Class of 1955

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Myers Park High School - Mustang Yearbook (Charlotte, NC) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Cover

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... ,. .. , N7 V, , x ,wmn .2- KA, 'YU F95 xx .Q ,k R 23.5 1 Lx 'ri- "' 'fx :N met: ' 1 5: f ini' ,. ,, ew img am. 35:2 -gw fl? u., if -'Sir .5 Ui wg nv fu '1 ,..-. ,VF -Q- Y, fi 1 Ltd fb., A ff' Q, 5 - , '44 , ll ag fi' - , ' 4" I 5 .W , ' '1 ' 1 '. 2 Q -.-fig, ' Y '19 - I, ' t -' " . ' ' V ' k' " " , ggi' Adm' " N .' '. 'f 31 -ua' Q Q . 5' '.u3':i'R?r1'9?' an-J. T' Q ' 1 'A , Lrma A 95'-3 J. ,Jw .gffv 4 3?'r""'1'w H HI L Jaw f :iff f'NN W - he ... 1 X Q. ' ' Q f u 51151 5 X XX 'S V, V in np, ' , 411.4 al-S af X U . f , Q., 1, I f' 1 'Y 1'fv4'5' 22 - 'f' 7' - ' Aw 'F' .V s as 5. Y 1 . lux , x f xx i Q R T 7 my - vi' A x R X K 1 x rg I Q V t 1, 1 , , P ' X . ' 8 L 4 ...K W .1 HIGH SCHOOL A Z ."i?if.'f5 'nf-' 4, --wif. ,,-f- 1 L , ,pf R aim ,f-Gp 4 e sing to theeg faithful forever and glorious be. -51 11, I- 'Q' ' 4 hm' ,-w+2!'E' N f G' ,- 1. . ..'A.-t. T' I -11-1-ip ,-,-Jlifg., ' ,.'.-N1 V ' .-..-we '1 ""'1'f f . F 1-.-:M " , 5:1- .'-Jp, 1, ,wg Jim. A 7. 1 -, U- 531. If .1 I-1413? , N031 -4- lguiffjifu ' ""T.! -ws.- fur :M ,K ' -'-11+ - -- 1 s - - f wi vis if p 'fin' .fl E. :,.b4f 1 1 vm Ax feb X 1 -2. Wg A Na - 'f' A Qi ax I-YZ P f- fi' ,J 172 ' 'iw fi ,gf A U 8-I Nm, W, X J . '4rj'A,,xygff if?'?s5!f1'f"!" Hqvt' wie. kyy x We' e trod our ways on this campu dearg X 64 honor and praise will always be near. HTYEHS PHRH we serve thee In loyalty I X , Ik ' H L f1sf'A,lQL l'i5 k" 112 .??i?l7w cn- K i f " 3 ' , , , Q V X I . , . . . , e MYERS PARK 1 ,,-Xb ALMA MATER Du' HUUH IU HTER forever to be x 2 ,W Q , .,.,.,. ..-M .,, , , . i K K j " in Qpk , in 7 A W? ' .VI K. . Emul Wrltlng captlons one of the many ways Mass Curry has helped the Mustang Staff We the 'I955 Mustang staff feel that there IS one person above everyone else who deserves appreciation for she has contributed something lastmg to Myers Park Hugh School She has glven the school and the students an outstanding yearbook which IS fllled with lastmg memories It took many long tiresome hours to put together what you see In the following pages many hours spent outside of our regular fourth period Into the lunch hour unto the late after noon and even into the night There was always something to be done and she was always there to help do It Only through her knowledge and patience to share that knowledge are we able to present to you thus 1955 yearbook Everyone who comes In contact with her IS Immediately Mustang Staff feel a special closeness to her We know that she has helped every student at Myers Park Hugh School either directly or mdlrectly by asslstmg us In producing an outstand mg annual In appreciation for her guidance and understandmg throughout the year we dedlcate thus fourth volume of the Mustang to our advisor and friend Elizabeth Curry lm... I . I I . I I I I . -. I . - , . , . I aware of a warm and cheerful personality. However, we, the , . I I - I , . Q - Me 1 41' ,, .. . ' .1 Miss Elizabeth Curry Dr. Elmer H. Garinger When the students enter the new buildings this year they can recall the preparations made for this memorable event. Over a wide range of years the planning ot these new and modern structures has been envisioned. Under the able leadership of Dr. Elmer H. Garinger, the super- intendent ot the Charlotte City Schools, this dream has become a reality. When the 1955 graduates leave their alma mater, it is certain that they will carry with them a deep admiration tor Dr. Garinger, a man with a quiet, simple dignity and under- standing personality. admini tration Dr. John E. French page twelve HIQKIH! W-nmmwfwfff To Myers Park Dr. French is more than just a princi- pal. He is the friend of every studenty our advisor who always judges with an open and fair mind. His excellent guidance has led Myers Park through the first tour years ot its existence-years of planning and organization. Dr. French worked untiringly to make this school the best in the city during those years. To him in numerous ways unmentioned we owe our gratitude and many thanks. Mr Robert W Whetstone Mr J Porter Sheppard Mnss Frances M Gunter Assistant Prmclpal Dean of Boys Glrls Advisor Patuence frnendluness knndness These are some of the tralts of our counselors who always are ready to lend their and to any one wuth a problem Changing schedules sendung out the daily bulletnn and the week s calendar are only a few of the manv gobs they wnllmgly perform We want them to know how much we apprecuate theur guudance by saylng a sincere thank you on behalf of all th students Mass Wlnnne Davis Moore Eleventh Grade Counselor Mnss Lula Evelyn Baker Tenth Grade Counselor Miss Patsy Lee Slfford Engl-nth Grade Counselor Mr Hershall Ray Hunt Seventh Grade Counselor Nil 45" X Q page tlurteerm wif' sll l ft ""'Q C , lgilv, G C MISS MARTHA CABELL AKERS Spannsh BA Randolph Macon Womans College MA Unlverssty of North Carollna Columbla Umverslty Unlverslty of Vrrglnla Unlverslty of Mexuco MR U S ALEXANDER JR Mathematics Sclence BA Dulxe Unlverslty MRS ELIZABETH B BETHUNE Mathematics Science BS Threl College Unlversuty of Puttsburgh MR PAUL P BETHUNE Mathematics Scuence BS ln Education Thiel College MISS EMILY ROBBINS BOWEN r B F A Woman s College of the Umverslty of North Carolma MR T F BRAATEN Mathematlcs Athletuc Coordunator BS ln Educatlon Mlaml Unlverslty of Ohio Unlverslty of North Carolina MISS MARGARET R BURDETTE Dlstrlbutlve Education BA Catawba College BA Bowllng Green College ot Commerce MBA New York Unlversnty MR CARL G N CRONSTEDT MUSIC BM In Muslc Educatlon Columbla School ot Muslc MS North western Unlverslty MA Columbia Unlverslty MISS ELIZABETH B CURRY Biology BA Greensboro College MA In Educatlon Umverslty of North Carolina MISS CATHARINE IDA DAWSON French Latln BA Unlverslty of Richmond MA Middlebury College MRS SUSIE W DEVEREUX Enqlush Soclal Studues B A Queens College MISS ROSE DUPREE Buble BA Shorter College MA In Bnbllcal Educatuon Columbla Buble College Baptust Trammg School of Louxsvllle MR FRANK W ELLER Physics Chemistry Head of Sclence Department MR ERNEST D FEIMISTER Engllsh World History A A Lees McRae College B A East Tennessee State Teachers College M A and Professional Duploma Columbua Unlverslty MISS GORDON Q FREEMAN Engltsh Social Studues BA Queens College Dulce Unlverslty MRS JEAN DeWITT GLASS Mathematlcs Science BS Unlverslty of North Carolina Umversuty of Rlchmond MR JOHN H GUITON Cnvlcs Physical Education MISS JANE ELIZABETH HARRISON Business Education BA Randolph Macon Womans College MBA Unlverslty of Indiana MR JULIAN WILBUR HELMS Band Orchestra BA Davtdson College MM Umverslty of Mlchugan Professuonal Diploma Columbna University Teachers College Unlverslty of Southern California MISS ELIZABETH A HORTON Englush Soclal Studies AB Mercer Unlverslty Peabody College AKERS BRAATEN DEVEREUX If page fourteen E BETHUNE P BETHUNE BOWEN CRONSTEDT CURRY DAWSON ELLER FEIMISTER FREEMAN "Ulf y . . , i , I . . - -, , - -, - -f - I . . I . . . . . I . . Q . . . , , 5 I . . . . . U . ., . ' . ' . . , - - I ' . . ., 1 ' ' ' . . . . . . - - I - - F , . . I . . . -, , - -, A . , l U I I I .I . . l . h A 1, . . . . - I I - - - . . . . ., . . I, 7 . - - - , I . ' 7 ' . W , ' ' ' ' ' I ' l I' . . . I . . . . ' B.S., Davidson College: M.A., University of North Carolina. . -, : . ., 1 . . - . ,, : . . ., u 'I . . . I . .J . .I u . . . I l -I . ' . P . - ' ' ' ' , ' ' 1 I - 7 , ., ' ' ' 1 . ., ' . . ., ' I - , , X it A I 5 iw 1- MISS SARA ADDIE JONES Englishg Social Studies A.B., Winthrop College. MISS OMA CLARE LAFFERTY World History B.A., Tulane University: M.A., University of Chicago. MR. ROBERT WAYNE LEITH Industrial Arts B.S., North Carolina State Collegep M.S., Bowling Green State Uni- versity. MRS. JANEY LYERLY Home Economics B.S., in Home Economics, Womans College of the University of North Carolina: Queens College. MRS. MARGARETT E. MCKEEL Englishg Social Studies A.B., Greensboro Collegeg M.A., George Peabody College for Teachers. MRS. HELEN L. MACON American Historyg Family Living B.A., Womans College of the University of North Carolinap M.A., University of North Carolina: Columbia Universityg University of Berlin. MISS ELEANOR MALLORY MARKHAM Mathematics B.A., M.A., Duke University. MR. THEODORE P. MATUS Art B.A., Limestone Collegep University of Georgia. MRS. DOROTHY I. MESSERLY Mathematicsp Science: Reading B.S.C., Ohio State Universityy Capital Universityp Rutgers University MRS. MARGUERITE E. MORGAN Home Economics B.Ed., Southern Illinois Universityg Winthrop College, GLASS GUITON HARRISON HELMS JONES LAFFERTY LEITH LYERLY MACON MARKHAM MATUS MESSERLY "The faculty has parties, too." HORTON MCKEEL MORGAN 'li hers' gg 'IEY .S S-1:9-" Jap. page lilteen "Come on, teachers-show your mightl' MISS CLARA ELIZABETH MORRIS Mathematics, Science A.B., Woman s College of the University of North Carolina, MR. FRANK WALLACE MOTLEY English B.A., Lynchburg College, M.A., East Tennessee State College: Uni- versity of Virginia, Duke University. MISS MARGARET MQCDOWELL NEWLAND English B.A., Salem Collegep M.A., Teachers' College, Columbia University. MISS BETSY NORWOOD Physical Education Winthrop College, B.A., University of North Carolina. MR. OLIVER JOHNSON PARIS English, Social Studies B.A., University of North Carolina. MISS JEAN LENORA PHIFER Librarian B.A., Winthrop College: B,S. in Library Science, University of North Carolina. MR. GEORGE PARKER POWELL Physical Education B.S., Appalachian College, M.A., University of North Carolina, P.E.Dir., Indiana University. MR. AUGUSTUS B. PURCELL Physical Education A.B., M.Ed,, University of North Carolina. MISS JESSIE RANKIN Social SIUCIIGS A.B., Woman's College of the University of North Carolina, M.A., Teachers College, Columbia Universityp University of North Carolina, New York University. Q MORRIS MOTLEY NEWLAND NORVILO '4""U PARIS PHIFER Poweii PURCEII +,,,, ' - RIDDICR SCOTT SIBILSKY SINK ON, AJS OH SMITH .-1X bv 1:-Pt ft x . "Ghan- elif I f 'Ii, Q E ,Q vi' 4qs...., 7 i I, 4 ,V I sl V 'T M I IQ 5 R '5 I Y Li Q-'ii , - 'Cf 1 --R6-I 3 V . fi: .- 5 i sgk jk 5 I 2 iy W5 I I it ,,' A T' N D I Hn ....,, X ,, H page WfgJ'IwffP7' ' VQQIWM Nbr' ff, f ,,, .14 SOMERS SPRINKLE STEWART STOKES THROWER TUCKER WARWI MISS EDITH IMOGENE RIDD'CK French Latln Samt Mary s Junlor College B A Randolph Macon Woman s College MA Unrverslty of North Carolma Sorbonne Unlversuty Institute de Phonetlque MISS HILDA VIRGINIA SCOTT Physical Education BS In Physlcal Educatuon Womans College of the Unlverslty of North Carolma MR EDWARD L SIBILSKY Mathematics A B MEd Unlverslty of North Carolma Unlverslty of Georgia MR JACK H SINK English Sorlal Stuclles Physical Educatlon A B Lenour Rhyne College Unlversuty of North Carolma MR FRED SITTON English Public Speaking Dramatlcs BA MA Texas Western College MFA Unlverslty of Texas MISS DOROTHY HOPE SMITH English Journalism BA Michigan State College MA Unlverslty of Michigan MR GRAHAM W SOMERS English Social Studnes AA Mars Hull College AB Berea College MEd Duke Umversuty MISS PAULINE SPRINKLE Mathematics BA Carson Newman College Unlverstty of Vlrglma Unlversnty of CGIITOFFIIU Unlverslty of Colorado Unlverslty of North Carolma Unlverslty of Georgla MISS EVANGELINE STEWART Typing A A Campbell College B B A Wake Forest College M E Unlverslty of North Carolma MISS ALICE FRANCES STOKES English Soclal Studies BA M Ed Unlverslty of North Carolma MISS MARGARET JEAN TAYLOR English Social Studies AB University of North Carolma Wlmans College of the Uno versuty of North Carolma MR R G THROWER Mechanncal Drawing Industrial Arts BS North Carolma State College Unlversnty of North Carolna MISS HARRIETT ELIZABETH TUCKER Librarian B A Woman s College of the Unuverslty of North Carolma MR LEWIS A WARWICK Mothematucs AB Asbury College MA Unlverslty of Michigan Appalachian State Teachers College Furman College New York Unuverslty Wofford College CK TAYLOR WILLIAMS WOODSON MR JOHN FOX WILLIAMS Mathematics Sclence AB MA Unlvcrslty of Tennessee Teachers College Columbna Um versity MR MARSHALL S WOODSON JR Science Druvers Educatton Avlatton Education Unlverslty of South Carolma BS Davrdson College Unlversuty of North Carolma Florxda State Umverslty Emory Unlverslty Unx versity of Colorado STAFF Reading left to right Mass Mary Parsons IDletltlanD M Matthew Breeden lCustodlanJ Mrs Alma McCracken tNurseJ ' page seventeen " I 0' p L - I ,A 5 A I ' M. 0 I - . L ' L 'QE as , 2 as 1 sf- Ex E 01' L ' 23' , ly 0 - f' .1 , r :. U ,. 2, , ,Jn ' 5 25 ff 'ft .4 I -'922 ' 4 I . I ' ' ' . 1 . . . , . . . , ' ' ." . . . ' ' -1 - -I 1 A ' lr I ' , , . . , . , . . . . . . . , . . I I " I 1 1 1 1 1 . ' , : - .. 1 , I : : - ' 'I - -I . . . I . . . I - - I - I . ., ' 2 I ' I . ' I I 1 I'- . . . . , - - . 1 1 Y 2 . ., . ., 5 . . ., ' ' . D . is , , 7 gyms . . ,. . . . . , -I gm - -f f - -1 ' A ffixvz' . . 5 H I-fy L ,V . ., 5 . ., 5 . ., ' ' . Q, ' :I - E g . I . .I ' . . . I . . . A y i I I I A - -, : - - ., 7 - ., ' ' ax 1 . ., . ., . , 1 J 73 . . . . , . v -1 I ' ' , . . . . sy . . . , . n . . ,. - -, f - . . I H H I I .I . . . . I . f 1 1 ' I 1 .Mn-4-Q 1 I 1 -MN" X 43 UDDI!! U DIP 72 HT. 'WW 'XG YSQ E E' classes The rauny hukes the sunny ones too from S C to P to M B doggers an Enghsh and xs In Algebra chemistry partles the clock to hut the 3 I5 mark the end of one more blue Monday Yet every day spent an class was one more step toward achlev mg maturity We trod our ways we learned now we appre crate. I .. .. II ll ' ' Il I II night before-waiting for that Il ll ' ' ll Il SBFIIOYS page twenty fm O F if M Prepqm6f0f fcefs Rim X W Pcrrlsh QTFGOSUYGY, S :Eff Ella Sec reforyl and Doug Ste 1 e sldentj fffffw 305.-5,-uk In H f '55 ww.. 7 3 N'-6-1 In 79 rl 53,3 N... H 7383930 "Bla-1,,-, "-'UhlnuuA F is Nu, f 1 S fi ft, fee, 11 . 54" Q X y 7 'N s X N X ABERNETHY ADAMS ALEXANDER ALLEN ARDREY BARRETT BERANEK BERNSTEIN BIGGER BIGGERS MARGARET WARD ABERNETHY Wardie DAVID NICHOLAS BERANEK Nick Entered 537 Honor Society, Secretary 557 Junior Marshal 547 Student Entered 55. Congress 557 Girl Ambassadors 53, 55, Treasurer 547 Miss-Hi-Miss 557 Letter Girl 557 MUSTANG 54, 557 Social Committee 557 Citizenship CONSTANCE RUTH BERNSTEIN Connie Committee 557 French Club 54, 557 Bible Club 54, 55. SONYA ELIZABETH ADAMS Sonya Entered 53: MUSTANG 557 Spanish Club 557 Bible Club 54. MARY CHARLOTTE ALEXANDER Charlotte Entered 537 Public Relations Committee 557 French Club 54, 557 Bible Club 557 Palleteers 55, President 547 Girl's Athletic Association 55. JACQUELINE GLADYS ALLEN Jackie Entered 537 French Club 547 Bible Club 53, 54, 55. AMELIA DeLANEY ARDREY Amelia Entered 537 GirI's State 54: MUSTANG 53, 54, 557 Red Cross Repre- sentative 557 Poster Committee 557 French Club 547 Bible Club 547 Palleteers 55, President 54. ELIZABETH MARIE BARRETT Betty Entered 537 Honor Society 557 Quill and Scroll 54, 557 MYERSPARK 53, 54, Co-Editor 557 Public Relations Committee 54, 557 Citizenship Committee 557 Spanish Club, Secretary 557 Bible Club 557 Basket- ball 55. "This dance better be pretty good after all the hard work we've done on it." Entered 537 Honor Society 54, 557 Junior Marshal 547 Student Con- gress 557 Girl Ambassadors 54, 55, Secretory 537 Letter Girl 557 MUSTANG 54, Editor 557 Homeroom Officer 53, 547 Citizenship Committee 557 Spanish Club 557 Limelighters 557 Chorus 54. RICHARD ANDREW BIGGER, JR. Randy Entered 53: Honor Society 557 Junior Marshal 547 Key Club 54, 557 Citizenship Committee 557 Monogram Club 53, 54, 557 Hi-Y 53, 547 French Club 53, 54, 557 Junior Engineers 557 Baseball 54, 55, Man- ager 53. PAUL WILLIAM BIGGERS Paul Entered 53: Junior Marshal 542 Student Congress 557 Key Club 54, 557 Homeroom Officer 531 Citizenship Committee 557 Monogram Club 54, President 557 Hi-Y 537 Bible Club 557 Football 53, 54, Most Valuable Player 557 Baseball 537 Track 547 Chorus 53. JOHN WILLIAM BLACK John Entered 535 Homeroom Officer 53, Monogram Club 53, 54, 555 Football 54, 55, Basketball 53, 54, Co-Captain 55, Baseball 53. MARTHA AGNES BLACKWOOD Martha Agnes Entere 53, French Club 53, 54, 55, Bible Club 5V4, ' Limelighters 54. BAR ARA AU ' Bobs Ente d 5 - Fr c ubfl , g'B'ible Club 53, 54, 55, Limelighters 55, Secre- tary 3, . ' BARBA RTLIN Barbara Entered 53, Re ross Represe t ti 3, h Cl b 53, Distributive Education Club, Secretary 55. CALLA ANNE BOLEN Calla Anne Entered - Spanish Club 55, Band , 54, 55. TOM COLLUM BOS Tommy Entered Monogram Club 53 54, 5 g Hi-Y 53, 54, ior Engineers 55, Football 53, Tennis 53, 54, X! 55, v' al ' S .S A E C ETT!'5OY .---""' Jimmy L ,uf Az r sr. f, l All RASWE Mike ntered - omeroom Office 3, R Cross Rep 3, Spanish Club 55, Basketball 53, 54, 55, aseboll 55, Track 55, Visual ' ' J NN RIE BRIGH Jeanne-Marie d 53, M STANG 557 R os e senta' ' renc Club , 55, Bible Club 53, Lime- X h 55. L NN E I BROWN l Dina tered - Stu nt Congress 53, Girl Ambassadors 5, omeroom Officer 54, French Club 53, 54: le Clu 53, 5 , 5. MERRIE ANE BROWNE Merrie Jane Entered 53, MUSTANG 55: Red Cross Representative 54, 55, Social Committee 55, French Club 55, Bible Club 55. SHIRLEY ANN BROWNELL Shirley Entered 53, MYERSPARK 53, Red Cross Representative 53, French Club 54, 55, Limelighters 53. BLACKWOOD BLUTAU BOHANNON BOYER BRASWELL BRIGHT BROWN BOST BROWNELL .WI 4 BRYANT BUSBlN seniors BUCK BURKE BURNS CALDWELL CALLAHAM CAMPBELL JOYCE ANN BRYANT Joyce Entered 55. DONNA KAY BUCK Donna Entered 55, Chorus 55. DARLA SUE BURKE Darla Entered 54: Quill and Scroll 55, MUSTANG 55, MYERSPARK 54, 55, Poster Committee 55, Spanish Club 55, Bible Club 55, Limelighters 55, Palleteers 55, Future Teachers of America 55. WALTER WOODROW BURNS Woody Entered 53, Student Congress, Treasurer 54, President 55, Junior Rotarian 55, Key Club 53, 54, 557 Monogram Club 54, 55, Football 53, 54, 55, Baseball 54. DAVID ROSS BUSBIN Buzz Entered 53, Dance Committee 54, Monogram Club 55, Limelighters 55, Football 53, 54, 55, Baseball 55. MARIE TRENHOLM CALDWELL Marie Entered 53, Honor Society 54, 55, MUSTANG 55, MYERSPARK 55, French Club 54, 55, Bible Club 53, 54, Band 55, Orchestra 55. MARTHA JAYNE CALLAHAM Jayne Entered 53, French Club 54, Limelighters 54. HUGH BROWN CAMPBELL Hugh Entered 53, Junior Marshal 54, Junior Rotarian 55, Key Club 54, 55, Homeroom Officer 53, 54, Ways and Means Committee, Chairman 55, House and Grounds Committee 54, 55, Hi-Y 53, 54, French Club 54, Bible Club 53, 54, 55, Junior Engineers, Treasurer 55, Football 54, 55, Band 53, 54, 55. page twenty three ww 'mf' is M. l. CARPENTER M. F. CARPENTER CHRISMAN CLARK MARTHA IRENE CARPENTER Martha Entered 535 Future Teachers of America 55. MYRA FRANCES CARPENTER Myra Entered 535 Honor Society 555 Spanish Club 555 Chorus 55. MARSHA WOLFE CAUDLE Marsha Entered 535 Distributive Education Club, Treasurer 555 Chorus 53. CHARLES VINCENT CHENEY Vin Entered 545 Chorus 555 Band 54, 55. NANCY CAROLYN CHESHIRE Nancy Entered 535 Honor Society 54, 555 Quill and Scrofl 555 MUSTANG 555 MYERSPARK 555 Homeroom Officer 535 Public Relations Committee 555 French Club 54, 55. CAUDLE CHENEY CLIFTON CLINKSCALES MASON RILEY CH RISMAN Entered 535 Junior Marshal 545 Hi-Y 53, 545 Spanish Engineers 555 Baseball 535 Visual Aids 53. JULIAN JEROME CLARK Entered 535 Student Congress 535 Key Club 54, 555 Homeroom Officer 53, 54, 555 Monogram Club 53, Club 53, 545 Basketball 53, 54, 555 Tennis 53, 54, 55. JUDITH DARREL CLIFTON Entered 54. MARGARET CLINKSCALES Entered 535 MUSTANG 55, Bible Club 53, 55. NANCY ELIZABETH COCHRAN CHESHIRE COCHRAN Mason Club 555 Junior Jerry MUSTANG 545 54, 555 French Judy Margaret Nancy Entered 535 Girl Ambassadors 54, 555 Cheerleader 555 MUSTANG 555 Spanish Club 555 Bible Club 54, 557 Limelighters 55. SQ 'Qc coLuNs coNNoR CONRAD CRAFT CREIGHTON CROCKER NICK COLLINS Nick Entered 53, Homeroom Officer 54, 55, Football 53, 54, 55, Band 53, 54, President 55. DAVID LEE CONNOR Buddy Entered 53, Limelighters 55, Track 54, Visual Aids 55. THEODORE CHARLES CONRAD, III T. C. Entered 53, School Spirit Committee 54, Monogram Club 54, 55, Bible Club 55, Limelighters 55, Junior Engineers 55, Football 55, Basketball 55, Baseball 53, 54, 55. MOLLY JEAN CORNELIUS Molly Entered 53, MUSTANG 54, French Club 54, 55, Bble Club 55. CAROL MARIE COURIC Carol Entered 53, MUSTANG 55, Spanish Club 55, Bible Club 53, 54, 55, Limelighters 55, Chorus 54, 55. "Do the Bunny Hop-hop-hop-hop." Q CORNELIUS COURIC CRUMBLEY CULBREATH Sl'llRLEY BABBS CRAFT Shirley Entered 55, Bible Club 55, Band 55: Orchestra 55. JAMES HILL COWAN CREIGHTON Jimmy Entered 54. DONALD CROCKER Duck Entered 54, Red Cross Representative 54, Dance Committee 54, French Club 54, Distributive Education Club 55, Football 54. Louise MARY LOUISE CRUMBLEY Entered 53, MUSTANG 53, 54, 55, French Club 53, 54, 55, Lime- lighters 557 Golf 53, Chorus 54. MARY ANN CULBREATH Ann Entered 53, Junior Marshal 54, Student Congress 53, MUSTANG 54, 55, Homeroom Officer 55, Club Committee 55, French Club 54, Bible Club 53, 54, 55. - - seniors page twenty five LINDA RICHARDSON CUTTER.- Linda Entered 53, Girl Ambassidorf-,55,,Coro,usel Queen 55, MUSTANG 55, Public Relations Committee 55, 1 Bible Club 53, 54, 55, Lamatiqhgafs 55. A r - , ' Q SUZANNE HELEN DAVIS - J Susie Entered 53, Honor Society 55,-Girl"'Ambassodors 55, MUSTANG 55, Homeroom Officer 54, 55, Red Cross Representative 53, Public Relations Committee 55, Spanish Club, Vice President 55, Bible Club 53, Secretary 54, 55, Palleteers 54, PPesidenl055. FRANCES ANNE DeARMON A Frances Entered 53, Girl Ambassadors 55, MUSTANG 55, Homeroom Officer 54, French Club 54, 55, Bible Club 53, 54, 55, Umelighters 55. JEANl'E POWELL DEAN Jeanie Entered 53, Bible Club 53, Palleteers 54, Dlstributiva Education Club 55, Chorus 54, DONALD HEMPl'llLL DENTON, JR. Don Entered 54, Junior Engineers 55, Chorus 54. DALE KATHERINE DICK Dale Entered 53, Spanish Club 55, French Club 54, 55, Bible Club 55. CLYDE CECIL DICKSON ' Dickie Entered 55, Footbgll 55. JOHN ELWOOD DOUGLAS John .Enterled 53, Citizenship Commitlee 55, Hi-Y 53, French Club 54, 55, Limelighters 55, Orchestra 55. RUTQ-I CROWELL DOWDY' Ruth Enteried 53, Juniot Marshql 54, Student'Copgress 55, Girl Ambassadors 54, President 55, Homeroom Offiir 54, French Club 54, Bible Club 54, 55, Chorus 55. s ' BARBARA ,RAIE -DUCRWORTH lf D Barbara Enteyed 53, Red CFOSS' 'Represfoqiafive 531 Pi,stribu+ive Education Club 54, President 55. MARY sue DUDLEY be 5 sae Entered 53, Junior Marshal 54, MUSTANG 54, 55, Homeroom Officer 55, Public Relations Committee 55, Dance Committee 55, Spanish Club 55, Bible Club 54. JAMES WALTER ELLER Jimmy Entered 53, Student Congress 53, Homeroom Officer 54, Hi-Y 53, 54, Bible Club 53, 54, 55. CUTTER DAVIS DeARMON DEAN DENTON DICKSON DOUGLAS DOWDY DUCKWORTH DUDLEY page twenty six .awf- DICK ELLER seniors s..,,f,set.mG-2:35 , EMBREE ESKRIDGE Ruirfistyztfe fs EMMERKE EMMRICH ERVIN EVERETT FAIRCHILD FARR ELEANOR JANE EMBREE Eleanor Entered 53, MUSTANG 54, Homeroom Officer 53, 54, 55, French Club 54, 55, Limelighters 55, Chorus 55. SHARON LEE EMMERKE Sharon Entered 53, Letter Girl 55, MUSTANG 55, Homeroom Officer 54, Citizenship Committee 54, 55, Social Committee 55, Poster Committee 55, French Club 54, 55, Bible Club 53. MANFRED WALTER EMMRICH Manfred Entered 53, Junior Marshal, Chief 54, Student Congress 54, Vice-President 55: Junior Class Secretary 54, Junior Rotarian 55, Key Club 54, 55, Homeroom Officer 53, 54, House and Grounds Committee 55, Citizenship Committee 54, Monogram Club 54, Vice-President 55, Hi-Y, Treasurer 54, Junior Engi- neers 55, Football 53, 54, Co-Captain 55, Track 54. DOROTHY DIANA ERVIN Diana Entered 53, MUSTANG 54, Red Cross Representative 53, 54, French Club 54, Bible Club 53, 54, Girl's Athletic Association 54, Basketball 53. MARY LOIS ESKRIDGE Mary Lois Entered 53, Honor Society, Vice-President 55, Junior Marshal 54, Junior Class Vice-President 54, MUSTANG 53, 54, 55, Homeroom Officer 53, 54, Dance Committee 55, Ways and Means Committee 55, House and Grounds Committee 55, French Club 54, Bible Club 53, 54, Limelighters 55. SALLY TUCKER EVERETT Tucker Entered 53, Junior Marshal 54, Student Congress 53, Girl Ambassadors 55, Cheerleader 53, 54, 55, Homecoming Queen 54, MUSTANG 54, 55, Homeroom Officer 53, 54, 55, Girlfs Athletic Association 54, ViceAPresident 55. RICHARD PERRY FAIRCHILD Richard Entered 53, Band 53, 55, Orchestra 53, Visual Aids 54. EDWARD CLARK FARR Teddy Entered 53. page twenty seven fb' 'iw --... iv '----' C, 5 c - ' 'X t . 2 iii EERRIS FlSl'lER GATES GIBBONS WALTER CLAYTON FERRlS Walter Entered 53, Monogram Club 54, 55, French Club 54, Distributive Edu- cation Club 55, Basketball 53, Baseball 53, 54. JUNIUS VIRGIL FISHER, JR. .lunie Entered 53, Junior Marshal 54, French Club 54. LILLIAN SPRINGS FOOTE Lillian Entered 53, Honor Society 54, 55, Junior Marshal 54, Student Con- gress 54, 55, MUSTANG 54, 55, Homeroom Officer 55, Club Com- mittee 54, Chairman 55, French Club 54, 55, Bible Club 54, 55, Orchestra 53, 54, 55. SARAH FRANCES FORTE Sally Entered 53, Honor Society 54, 55, Junior Marshal, Chief 54, Student Congress 53, Secretary 54, Senior Class President 55, DAR Award 55, Girl Ambassadors 54, 55, Vice-President 53, Cheerleader 53, 54, Chief 55, Class Beauty 53, Homeroom Officer 53, 54, French Club 54. ALICE RHEA FULMER Alice Entered 53. X E 335.55 1 X 1-pe. WP? mr . FOOTE FORTE FULMER GILMOUR GIVENS GLENN RICHARD LEE GATES Dick Entered 53, Monogram Club 53, 54, Treasurer 55, Hi-Y 53. KENNETH CRAIG GIBBONS, JR. Craig Entered 54, Quill and Scroll 55, MYERSPARK 54, 55, ELIZABETH TAYLOR GILMOUR Betsy Entered 53, Girl Ambassadors 555 MUSTANG 54, 55, House and Grounds Committee 54, 55, Social Committee 55, French Club 54, 55, Bible Club 53, 54, 55. MICHAEL CARLISLE GlVENS Mike Entered 55, LINDA ANN GLENN LinClC1 Entered 53, Bible Club 53, 54, 55, Lirnelighters 55. "Anybody seen Marrying Sam?" l har' GLovER ALVIN GOODMAN SANDRA GOODMAN HARRIS HARTIS HAWN ELIZABETH GAY GLOVER Elizabeth Entered 535 MUSTANG 545 Spanish Club 555 Bible Club 555 Future Teachers of America 555 Girl's Athletic Association 53, 54, 555 Palleteers 555 Basketball 53, 54, 555 Swimming 54, 55. ALVIN STEWART GOODMAN Alvin Entered 535 Dance Committee 545 Palleteers 55. ANN SANDRA GOODMAN Sandra Entered 535 Girl Ambassadors 53, 54, 555 Cheerleader 53, 555 Home- coming Attendant 555 MUSTANG 555 MYERSPARK 54, 555 Spanish Club 555 limelighters 555 Chorus 53. HELEN ELIZABETH GREENE Helen Entered 535 Junior Marshal 545 Student Congress 555 Girl Ambassa- dors 53, 55, Secretary 545 Letter Girl 555 MUSTANG 555 Homeroom Officer 53, 545 French Club 53, 54. JOHNNY MARSHALL GRIFFITH Johnny Entered 535 Homeroom Officer 53, 555 Monogram Club 53, 54, 555 Bible Club 53, 555 Limelighters 557 Football 53, 54, 555 Baseball 555 Track 55. "They call it that good old mountain dew.' O L...-A GREENE GRIFFITH HELMS HENDERSON JAMES ALVIN HARRIS Al Entered 535 Monogram Club 53, 54, 555 Golf 53, 54, 55. THOMAS DALLAS HARTIS Tommy Entered 53. JOHN MARTIN HAWN Johnny Entered 535 Homeroom Officer 53, 545 Dance Committee 555 House and Grounds Committee 555 Monogram Club 54, 555 Bible Club 54, 555 Football 53, 54, 555 Basketball 53. DEWEY FRANCIS HELMS Dewey Entered 53. ANN VIRGINIA HENDERSON Ann Entered 535 Honor Society 555 Quill and Scroll, Secretary-Treasurer 555 MYERSPARK 555 Homeroom Officer 555 Red Cross Representative 545 Public Relations Committee 54, 555 French Club 54, 557 Bible Club 53, 54, 55. MARY CAROLYN HILKER Carolyn ti e 53 French Club 54 Bible Club 55. J. E. Entered 53 Homeroom Officer 53 Red Cross Representative Monogram Club 54 55 Bible Club 553 RIC ARD NC HOLLAND Dick Judy Elliot Linda C P t HERMAN VANCE HOUSTO Vance ROBERT ANDERSON HUFF K R Bo b Entered 53 Junior Marshal 54 Stu ent Co gress 53 55 So h re Class Treasurer 53 Junior Rotanan 55 Key Club 53 55 ecre ary 54 YERSPARK m ro m Officer 53 54 55 Citizenship Committee Chairman 53 Mon ra Clu 53 H Y Press e t 5 ennls 53 54 Ka Y Entered 53 Qulll and Scrol 54 5 MCAPAR i r 5 blic Relations Committee 54, CLAYTON KATHERINE X clayton Entered 53 MUSTANG 55 Hom fticer 55 Citlzensh ommitt 54 Spanish Club 555 Bible MARY CATHERINE JONES Mary Catherine Entered 53 Spanish Club 55 French Club 54 55 Bible Club 55 Girl s Athletic Association 53, Vice- President 54 President 55 Basketball 53 Co Captain 54 55 Softball 54 Tennis 54 55 Golf 555 HILKER HLL R HOLLAND J HOLLAND HOLZER N HUFFAKER JOHANSEN C JONES - - seniors HORTON M. JONES E, Nas: JORDAN KISSIAH KAYLER KENDALL KENNERLY KNIGHT xuYKENDALL LANE FRANK JORDAN, JR. Frank Entered 535 Honor Society 54, Treasurer 555 Student Congress 545 Homeroom Officer 535 Hi-Y 53, 545 French Club 54, Secretary 555 Band 53, 54, 555 Orchestra 54, 55. DIANNE ELIZABETH KAYLER Dianne Entered 535 Orchestra 53. JO ANNE KENDALL Jo Anne Entered 535 Poster Committee 555 French Club 545 Palleteers 54, 55. MARGARET GAIL KENNERLY Gail Entered 535 MUSTANG 555 Bible Club 55. HERMAN CLARK KISSIAH Herman Entered 535 Honor Society, President 555 Student Congress 54, 555 Key Club 53, 54, Vice-President 555 MUSTANG 545 Homeroom Officer 535 Service Committee, Chairman 54, 555 Hi-Y 53, 545 Bible Club 54, Treasurer 53, 555 Band 53, 54, Vice-President 55, Drum Maior 55. JAMES THOMAS KNlGl'lT Tom Entered 545 Bible Club 545 Visual Aids 54, 55. JOHN WELLS KUYKENDALL John Entered 535 Honor Society 55, Vice-President 545 Junior Marshal 545 Sophomore Class Secretary 535 Boy's State 545 Harvard Book Award 555 Junior Rotarian 555 Key Club 53, 54, President 555 Service Committee 54, 555 Monogram Club 53, 54, 555 Hi-Y 54, Secretary 535 Bible Club 54, 555 Junior Engi- neers 555 Tennis 53, 54, 555 Chorus 54. ROBERT CHARLES LANE Rex Entered 535 Limelighters 555 Football 555 Basketball 53. page thirty one .xxx LAUGHLlN E. LAWRENCE M. LAWRENCE LEE LlBBY LOWE LOWRANCE LUCAS LUPO MacALEER JUNE LEE LAUGHLIN June GEORGE EDWIN LOWE, JR. Eddie Entered 535 French Club 545 Bible Club 55. Entered 535 Homeroom Officer 555 Monogram Club 53, 54, 555 Foot- ball 54, 55. ElEANOR JEAN LAWRENCE Eleanor DAVID WILSON LOWRANCE, lll Leroy Enlered 54' Entered 545 Homeroom Officer 555 Limelighters 555 Football 55. sl-LARON MILLICENT LAWRENCE Millicent AUCE CONWAY LUCAS H 3 C f0'l"'e . ' . ' . Entered 535 MUSTANG 535 Homeroom O icer 5 5 itizens ip om- Entered 53, MUSTANG 55, Homeroom Officer 54, Spanish Club 55. mmee 55: spanish Club 55? Bible Club 53, 55: Future Teachers of America, President 555 Girlfs Athletic Association, Secretary 545 JAMES GORDON LEE, JR. Jimmy Basketball 53, 545 Softball 535 Chorus 53, 54. Entered 535 Honor Society 555 Junior Marshal 545 Boy's State 545 Key Club 54, 555 MUSTANG 54, 555 MYERSPARK 555 Monogram Club 53, 54, 555 Hi-Y 53, 545 Spanish Club 555 Bible Club 555 Junior Engineers 555 Baseball 54, 55. BARBARA CAROLYN LIBBY Barbara Entered 535 French Club 545 Limelighters 555 Chorus 53, 54. BARBARA BURTON LUPO Barbara Entered 535 Honor Society 53, 54, 555 Chorus 55. ELIZABETH MARALEE MacALEER Maralee Entered 535 Honor Society 54, 555 Quill and Scroll 557 MUSTANG 555 MYERSPARK 54, 555 Public Relations Committee 535 French Club 54, 555 Latin Club 55. "Out damned spot, out I say! lOne, two-Why then 'tis time to do itll." . 'F 'Q' 'EI' Q ,Rs 'i QT, , 'lhl 15 its vs.. W7 MCCLURE MCGEHEE MCNINCH MARTIN MATTHEWS MAYHEW DELAND McCLURE, JR. Deland Entered 53, Hi-Y 53, Band 53, 54, 55, Orchestra 53, 54, 55. CALVIN JAMES MCGEHEE Calvin Entered 53, Limelighters 53, Bible Club 55, Junior Engineers 55, Visual Aids 55. ELEANOR WILLIAM MCNINCH Sissy Entered 53, Letter Girl 55, MUSTANG 55, Homeroom Officer 55. MARILYN MALLARD Marilyn Entered 53, Girl Ambassadors 53, 54, 55, Letter Girl 55, MUSTANG 54, 55, Homeroom Officer 53, 54, Spanish Club, President 55, Bible Club 54, 55, Basketball 53. WILLIAM ROBERT MANTIPLY, JR. Bobby Entered 53. "One more year and I will turn into o spiced ham and cheese sandwich." nv' 6. 5 .M . f MT' 1: Q, I t ff i I - MALLARD MANTIPLY MERRIMAN MESSERLY MARGARET MARTIN Margaret Entered 53, Quill and Scroll 55, Girl Ambassadors 55, MUSTANG 55, MYERSPARK 54, 55: Red Cross Representative 53, Spanish Club 55, Bible Club 53, Girl s Athletic Association 53, 54, Treasurer 55, Palle- teers 55, Basketball 54, 55, Softball 54, Tennis 54. DAVID AUGUSTUS MATTHEWS Dee Dee Entered 53, Homeroom Officer 53, 54, Monogram Club 53, 54, 55, Football 53, 54, 55, Basketball 53. MARY JANE MAYHEW Mary Jane Entered 53, Junior Marshal 54, Student Congress 54, 55, Girl Am- bassadors 55, Cheerleader 54, 55, Miss Dogpatch 55, MUSTANG 54, 55, MYERSPARK 54, 55, Homeroom Officer 53, Red Cross Repre- sentative 555 Citizenship Committee 54, School Spirit Committee, Chairman 55, French Club 54, Bible Club, Secretary 54, President 55, Girls Athletic Association 54, Basketball 54, Swimming 54, Soft- ball 54. SARA LOU MERRIMAN Sara Lou Entered 53, Spanish Club 55, Bible Club 55, Softball 54. MARILYN JEAN MESSERLY Marilyn Entered 54, MUSTANG 55, Bible Club 54, Girl's Athletic Association 55, Basketball 55, Swimming 54, 55, Golf 55. HARRIET JO MONROE Harriet Entered 535 French Club 54, 555 Bible Club 535 Chorus 53. MARY ANN MOSS -,,i,,,,i Mary Ann Entered 535 Spanish Club 55. W ER DUNMO EDHA Walter - 55. E "1 A JANE NE fe L Mary Jane li A 1 e ed 3, MUSTAN - ' ligme v X EAN - ROLL lcHoL Jean ' Entered - - Ju 'or M rs I 45 - T NG 53, 45 Fr lub 5 , 45 rl's A hletic Association 53, 545 1- - -I -Te ' f ,. e -W a Ric .- Nas :J l chuck Y, Y red 5 ' ' - '- ' ey CI b 555 STAN 545 M nogram Club 54, 555 French Club 54, I JO L na-.-1 'S MAN 0 if- Joe d 545 Key Club 555 Homero f' er 555 Monogram Club , - Bible Club 555 Junior Engineers 5 ' Cho 4LLBcyAeball 54, 55. lin Y, -,- A . o NORTHINGTON I sarah Ente d 53 ono So ety 5 5 " - " 'o ' lIZel'1S up om ee l555 Public Relations Committee 55' French b 5 5 - Pall eers 54, 55 Ch C " ' 5' N OV AP- Charlie Ent e 5 eroom Officer 5 Y nior En eers 55. RITA 1. E I ARRISH I Rita Entered 5 Senior Class Treasurer 555 Girl A bassado 555 heer ea er 555 Homecoming Queen 55, Homecomi - Attendant 545 Class Beauty 545 mera tficer 35 r nch Club 53, 545 Bible Club 535 Basketball 3. ROBERT LEWIS PATTON, JR. Lewis Entered 555 Football 55. I DAVID MIDDLETON PEARSALL David Entered 535 Honor Society 55, Treasurer 545 Junior Marshal 545 Student Congress 545 Key Club 54, 555 Tennis, State Champion 545 Homeroom Officer 53, 545 Red Cross Representative 535 Citizenship Com- mittee 545 Monogram Club 53, 54, 555 Hi-Y, Vice-President 53, Secretary 545 Bible Club 535 Junior Engineers, Vice-President 555 Football 545 Basketball 53, 54, 555 Tennis 53, 54, 55. MONROE MOSS NEEDHAM NEWMAN NICHOLS NORMAN NORTHINGTON OVERCARSH PARRISH PATTON page thirty tour if NISBET PEARSALL - - --- seniors PEARSON PODELL R. PIERCE W. PIERCE PLATT POLEY PRESSMAN PURSER HARRY HALL PEARSON Harry Entered 53, MYERSPARK 55, Public Relations Committee 54, French Club 54, Junior Engineers 55. ROBERT CAROL PIERCE Bob Entered 53, Distributive Education Club, Vice-President 55, Football 53. WILLIAM STEWART PIERCE Bill Entered 55. JANE HAMILTON PLATT Jane Entered 54: Quill and Scroll, President 55, MUSTANG 55, MYERSPARK 54, 55, French Club 55, Bible Club 54, Future Teachers of America 55. ROSALYN PODELL Rosalyn Entered 53, Girl Ambassadors 53, 54, 55, French Club 54, Limelighters 545 Chorus 54, 55. PAUL WILSON POLEY Paul Entered 53, Monogram Club 55, Spanish Club 55, Junior Engineers 555 Football 53, 557 Baseball 53, 54, 55: Visual Aids 53, 54. ALAN EDWARD PRESSMAN Alan Entered 54, French Club 54, 55. SUSAN ROCKWELL PURSER Susan Entered 53, Student Congress 55, MUSTANG 54, 55: Red Cross Representative 53, 54, Public Relations Committee, Co-Chairman 557 French Club 54, 557 Bible Club 53, 55, Vice-President 54. page thirty live 29' iv I RAY REECH RING C. RIVIERE CAROL LOU RAY Entered 55, Red Cross Representative 55. CAROLE ANN REECH Entered 53, Maiorette 54, 55, Chorus 55. LINDA JOANNE REED Entered 53, MUSTANG 54, 55, Homeroom Officer 53, 54, 55, Bible Club 53, 55: Limelighters, Secretary 55. CALVIN GRAHAM REID, JR. Entered 53, Spanish Club 55, Baseball 54, 55. ROBERT RUDISILL RHYNE Carol Carole Linda French Club Gippv Bobby Entered 53, Limelighters 55, Junior Engineers 555 Football 55, Chorus 53, 54. JXX I 1 t 94 I , REED REID RHYNE R. RlVlERE ROBINSON ROSE JUDITH MILLER RING Judy Entered 53, MUSTANG 54, Bible Club 53, Girl's Athletic Association 54. CORNELIA LAVON RIVIERE Cornie Entered 54, Girl Ambassadors 54, 55, MUSTANG 55, Citizenship Com- mittee 55, Bible Club 55, Treasurer 54, Palleteers 55, Future Teachers of America 55. RICHARD ZOLLIECOFFER RIVIERE, JR. Richard Entered 54, Bible Club 54, 55, Band 54, 55, Orchestra 54, 55. SHIRLEY ANNE ROBINSON Shirley Entered 53, French Club 54, 55, Bible Club 55. JOHN EDWIN ROSE Johnny Entered 53, French Club 53, Junior Engineers 55. "I hope we make enough from the basket- ball game to sponsor the follies." WM z T' '-Q.. ' Y Lf A J 'ii S ROSS SANDERS SANDERSON SELLERS SHANNONHOUSE B. SHORE SUZANNE ROSS Suzanne Entered 535 Student Congress 54, 555 Sophomore Class Vice-President 535 Girl Ambassadors 555 MUSTANG 555 Homeroom Officer 535 Social Committee 555 Citizenship Committee 555 French Club 54, 555 Bible Club 55, Treasurer 54. GAIL EVANS SANDERS Gail Entered 535 MUSTANG 54, 555 Homeroom Officer 555 French Club 545 Bible Club 53, 555 Future Teachers of America, Vice-President 55. DAWN ROSE SANDERSON Dawn Entered 55: Limelighters 55. ELLIOTT MURNlCK SCHWARTZ Elliott Entered 535 Student Congress 53, 555 Senior Class Secretary 555 Junior Class Treasurer 545 Key Club 54, Treasurer 555 MUSTANG 54, 55: MYERSPARK 535 Homeroom Officer 545 Dance Committee 555 Athletic Committee 555 House and Grounds Committee 545 Club Cam- mittee 545 Monogram Club 53, 54, Secretary 555 Hi-Y 53, 545 Spanish Club 555 Football 555 Basketball 545 Tennis 53, 54. WALTER SCOTT, Ill Walter Entered 535 Junior Marshal 545 Student Congress 545 Key Club 54, 555 Homeroom Officer 555 Citizenship Committee 545 Monogram Club 53, 54, 555 Hi-Y 53, 545 Spanish Club 555 Junior Engineers 555 Tennis 53, 54, 55: Band 53. "How many invitations are you sending?' 6 garnet t 5535555 ..- :"MQQ1Qfffff:EJF' , FILE ff: 53555 " 5- ff .45 Q. J u EJ .J X-LJ 1 -J Siuikf 'sv "I"1v ""Q.av hw- me 3 Yxw' s J sci-iwARTz scott J. si-ions slNKoE CHARLOTTE ANN SELLERS Ann Entered 535 MUSTANG 555 Red Cross Representative 535 French Club 54, 555 Bible Club 53, 555 Limelighters 555 Future Teachers of Ameri- ca 55. LlLLlAN MOORE SHANNONHOUSE Lillian Entered 535 Student Congress 535 MUSTANG 555 Homeroom Officer 555 French Club 54, 555 Bible Club 53, 54, 555 Girlfs Athletic Asso- ciation 555 Chorus 54. BU RWELL JOHN SHORE Burwell Entered 545 Junior Marshal 545 Student Congress 555 Boy's State 545 Junior Rotarian 555 Key Club 54, 555 Homeroom Officer 555 Red Cross Representative 545 House and Grounds Committee 54, 55, Citizen. ship Committee 545 Monogram Club 54, 555 Bible Club 54, 555 Junior Engineers 555 Football 54, 555 Track 54. JUNE-TWEED SHORE June-Tweed Entered 535 Honor Society 54, 555 Quill and Scroll, Vice-President 555 Girl's State 545 MUSTANG 53, 545 MYERSPARK 555 Ways and Means Committee 555 French Club 54, 555 Latin Club 555 Bible Club 53, 54, 55. MORRIS BENJAMIN SlNKOE Ben Entered 53. . , .AWB Q-awww tannins ill e x PEGGIE JO SKINNER Peggie Entered 535 MUSTANG 545 Girl's Athletic Association 54. L, ELIZABETH ARLENE SL Betty ' , Entered - ster Committ e 555 panish Club 55. 'f BENJ INGLE SM Ben " Entere 535 asketball 53, , 55 Q ELIZAB T MARGARET I H s Betsy ff' xx Entered !,535rJunior Marshalfj 'X IV Ambassadors 555 Ljr GQLA555 Homeroom Officer 53, 545 House ff" X ap-d,.Gfounds, Committee 54, 555 Citizehrhip Committeg , 555 Social Committee, Chairman 555 French ,fl H 5, ,Club 55, Treaszier 54, Bi e Club,54, 55. r X, f . MYRNA BE RLY s ITH' 5 , X Myrna f ip ,Entered 535 tu ent Cqngrless 555 Girl Ambassado.s 53id:5,4y555XMU3IANG 54, 555 Public Relations XXX" ' r If ommmee 5 5 C airmqh 555 Citizenshig Committee 555 French Clul:iX53, 54, 555 Limelighters 535 Future NN ,mn 'fx XXX eachers offA er co 55. XX ', fxxk X Xk - SANDR s MIT X , T, , , Sandra "Ti xg Entered 5 5 Fr h Qlub 54 5'55 ,b 53, 54, 515 GirI's Athletic' Association 55, I I X HRI E NXBERE f' Christine ntere 535 M STAN 555 Home om Officer 555 Puiflicbeiambns Committee 545 Limelighters 53. ' 'RAY CTO SP NGLERX' 5 , Ray il Entered 3, Hi- 53, 4, s anisn c b 55, Bible Club 555,13 ligne rs 53, 55. l ' J I f WTIINB RNE Rl GS Il X Winborne 5 I Enteled 5 Hi-Y 535 Sp nish lub 55 Junior Engi ers T555 Ba d 53, 54, 555 Orchestra 53, 54. f Jo RINGS STA F p, R. I T John ' Enter Junior Marsh I 5 7' tud nt Congress 55 Junior Rotar un 555 Key Club 555 Homeroom Of- V' ficer 5 - House and Gro ds C mm tee, Co-C irman 555 School Sp" Committee 555 Athletic Com- lx mittee M555 Monogram I+: 5:, 5 5 Spanish b 555 Bible Clybr'555 Basketball 53, 54, Co-Captain J I-' 555 Trac 354, 55. . ' 4 X X lx 'l r LAWRE CE IRVING T LL, R X1 Larry Xi' Entered 535 Student Congr s 54, 5 ey Club 54, 555 USTANG 5-55 Homeroom Officer 54, 555 House x and Gr0un'C'i"CommiM'ee, Chair 54, Co-Chairman 5 5 Monogram! Club 54, 555 Hi-Y 53, 545 Bible f Club 54, 55, Junior Engineer 5, Track 53, 54, 55. fi' DOUGLAS WEARN STEWART Douglas Entered 535 Senior Class Vice-President 555 Junior Class President 545 Junior Rotarian 555 Key Club 54, 555 Homeroom Officer 535 Citizenship Committee 54, 555 Monogram Club 53, 54, 555 Hi-Y 53, Presi- dent 545 Spanish Club 555 Bible Club, President 555 Junior Engineers, President 555 Football 53, 54, Co-Captain 555 Basketball 53, 54, 555 Baseball 53. SKINNER SLOAN B. SMITH E. SMITH SNYDER SPANGLER SPRINGS STAFFORD page thirty eight M. SMITH STELL - seniors STONE SWEARINGER TAYLOR R. THOMAS S THOMAS TILLY TUTTLE TVETER MARY HAMLIN STONE Mary Entered 535 Student Congress 555 Girl Ambassadors 53, 54, 555 MUSTANG 545 Homeroom Officer 545 Bible Club 53, 555 Limelighters 555 Palleteers 55. WILLIAM FOSTER SWEARINGER Bill Entered 535 Dance Committee 54. ELINOR GEER TAYLOR Elinor Entered 535 MUSTANG 555 Poster Committee 555 Spanish Club 555 Bible Club 54, 555 Palleteers 54, Secretary 555 Girl's Athletic Association 55. RADWIN MCKINNON THOMAS Inky Entered 535 Monogram Club 555 Limelighters 54, 555 Football 535 Basketball 53, 54, 555 Baseball 555 Track 54, 55: Chorus 53. SUSAN CAROLYN THOMAS Susan Entered 535 MYERSPARK 535 Poster Committee 54, 555 French Club 54, 555 Palleteers 54, 555 Lime- lighters 53, 545 Chorus 53, 54, 55. LOUISE ANN TILLY Tilly Entered 535 MUSTANG 54, 555 French Club 54, 555 Bible Club 53, 54, 555 Future Teachers of Ameri- ca 54, 55. MARCIA LEE TUTTLE Marcia Entered 535 French Club 54, 555 Bible Club 54, 55. Q OYSTEIN TVETER Oystein Entered 555 Homeroom Officer 555 Bible Club 555 Junior Engineers 55. page thirty VENABLE WATWOOD VESTAL WEARN 135 -my r M. WALKER T. WALKER WALL WEATHERLY WELLS WHISNANT BILLIE JOYCE VENABLE Billie Entered 53, Limelighters 54, 55, Girl's Athletic Association 55. WALTER WILLIS VESTAL Walter Entered 55. MARY LINDA WALKER Linda Entered 53, Student Congress 55, Cheerleader 53, 54, 55, Home- room Officer 54, Red Cross Representative 53, Dance Committee 54, Chairman 55, Bible Club 54, Girl's Athletic Association 54, 55, Basketball 53, 54. THOMAS DUNCAN WALKER Goofy Entered 53, Bible Club 54, 55, Basketball 53, 54, 55, Football 54, 55. SALLY KEY WALL Sally Entered 53, MUSTANG 55, Homeroom Officer 53, 54, 55, Spanish Club 55, Bible Club 53, 54, 55, Limelighters, Treasurer 55, Future Teachers of America, Treasurer 55. HAR RIETT RAY WATWOOD Entered 54, MUSTANG 55, Spanish Club 55, B teers 55, Future Teachers of America 55. ible Club 54, Harriett 55, Palle- FRANCES ANN WEARN Ann Entered 53, Spanish Club 55, Bible Club 53. PAULA AMELIA WEATHERLY Paula Entered 53, Girl Ambassadors 54, 55, MUSTANG 54, 55, MYERSPARK 53, 55, Social Committee 55, School Spirit Committee 55, Spanish Club 55, Bible Club 53, Limelighters, Treasurer 54, Vice-President 55, Palleteers, Vice-President 55, Future Teachers of America 55. DOROTHY ELIZABETH WELLS Dottie Entered 53, MUSTANG 55, Dance Committee 557 Bible Club 53, 54, 55, Limelighters 55, Future Teachers of America 55, Swimming 54. ROBERT BENARD WHISNANT Bobby Entered 53, Visual Aids 55, "O, K. Let's take it again-and remember to flirt with your partner, we've got to make these follies good." WHITE WILDER WILKINSON WILLINGHAM WINKLER NANCY JACQUELYN WHITE Nancy Entered 535 Red Cross Representative 545 MYERSPARK 55. TOM STOUDEMIRE WILDER Tom Entered 535 Junior Engineers 55. WILLIE CURRY WILKINSON Willie Entered 535 Student Congress 545 Girl Ambassadors 54, Vice-President 555 School Spirit Committee 555 French Club 54, 55. PHILIP TUTTLE WILLIAMS Philip Entered 535 Homeroom Officer 54, 55. JANE BLACK WILLIAMSON Jane Entered 535 MUSTANG 555 Homeroom Officer 535 French Club 54, 555 Bible Club 555 Limelighters 55. WILLIAMS WILLIAMSON WIRIDEN WOLFE ANN JACKSON WILLINGHAM Bird-legs Entered 535 Sophomore Class President 535 Red Cross Representative 545 Homeroom Officer 555 Limelighters 53. RALPH EUGENE WINKLER, JR. Ralph Entered 555 Orchestra 55. KATHRYN ANN WIRIDEN Ann Entered 535 Spanish Club 555 Bible Club 53, 54, 555 Band 53, 54, 55. SARA JANE WOLFE Sara Jane Entered 535 Girl Ambassadors 53, 54, 555 MUSTANG 535 Homeroom Officer 535 Red Cross Representative 535 French Club 54, 555 Bible Club 54. 5' fi":i'- ' A I "You don't want books, trees, or c: paved ,.g - walk for the class gift-vote for water .LA 5 coolers!" f ' A - , - seniors juniors S 7' - M0 X OX I XZ Readnng l t to rngh ' llons fF1rst Semester Secretaryl Jean McDougle lSe o I r Vlce Presndentl Ken Owen fFnrst Semester Tre su J ry Johnston CFIYST Semester Pres: dentj Harrnette w lle Q econd Semester Presndentj Sutt Alexander lSecond Semester Treasurer? Catherine Clme fSecond Semester Secretaryj and Pucldm Van Every CFnrst Semester Vlce Presndentj make plans for thelr bnggest event of the year the Jumor Semor Prom 'WW page lofty two William Sutton Alexander, Patricia Ann Anderson Nell Wilheit Archer Gary Irwin Balkine George Edward Barber Joan Winfield Barber Janet Rutledge Barnett Frances Elizabeth Bass Jean Elizabeth Beck Shirley Aileen Bernhardt Emlynn Newton Blzzell Barbara Ann Blake Judith Jean Blucher Grimes Albert Boatwrnght Samuel William Booth Harry Tate Bowers J Margaret Williamson Bradford Roy Henry Bradley hw.. page lofty three Reid Haynes Brawley Charles Willis Brown Margaret Jane Brown Doris Corrine Browning Janice Marie Bryant William Phifer Burke Suzanne Cabaniss Karen Harley Campbell Joseph Love Canady Betty An n Colvert Thomas Llewellin Cordle, Jr. Sallie Ann Costner James Edward Culp Penelope Alexander Currie Linda Kay Dancy Betty Jean Davis Frank Eugene Dawson Edward Madison de Kraft Robert Hudson Fowler Jonas Ebert Fulton Charles Houston Gay Nancy Ruth Gilley James Herman Glenn, Jr. John Turner Godwin Franklin Eugene Goodman James Nicholas Grant Virginia Dorcas Gravitte page lofty lour Sara Anne Carey Brooks Allen Carpenter George James Castanas Helen Hill Christian John Gordon Christian Catherine Brown Cline John Maurice Cochran Jerrie Sandra Cohen Frances Elizabeth Coiner juniors June Carole Delk Lynn Marie Duckworth Harriette Baxter Dwelle Thelma Judith Elkin Margaret Scanlon Elliot Marshall Philip Elting Charles Robert Emmerke David Alexander Fairley William Sidney Farabow Edward Graham Green Wenonah Marie Green Sally Anne Greene Betsey Crouse Guerrant Thomas Coats Guiles Martha Gullick Lemuel Sylvester Hagler, Jr. George Wayne Hallman Richard Dallas Hamer l f' Q s Nm ' ff wr ew ME f . ,ug 13? liz Q Y, "': """ Q 4' - A I zl. f ' . E ' .Al :', 1 , , ' 9 ,'VA ::.A: W N mg X M -' L 1 '.-2 2. A ffi -, -, K -V I I . E f f , TL 'W' , 'fi b. Rxxsi, . .mpg -Y Y fr 1 :'2-. f y! 1 5 , , S ' :Az Eb . , ., nw , . W ':,.-few-na., . :wk , K " " ,, Ui,, ,-L, msiwmwmw. 7 LM. . .. X, 5, I, 'W - A f in I' N Ax. Q A '19 "-SJ" iii? lb' 3 . n E who 'Q-uh... am ..:.. If-M . 4 5 if Q R. KX .. . wwf wi is g uild .. Qflg 19 L. K ilixii ,,:. 'Q -'C " Q :,f, g f V 'Q . . I ' ' Z ig k K ig' l X ?- 2 7 '53 f fii ,Q --V.. ,::, V ,X . f . A A f Q XL Q 5 l X i .. . 'Ei WN .. . , , X -ev Jglif Wk I ii f, graft ' "" ,np- X gg,, My I w2fQ,'L21sf AVIS? was .., 3 6, , L QW '31 2 ' gs 4 55,3 -5, In y g .,,,, K 9 ffgfzj 17 N. , gif, 'K' 4 fx A M TM . ,,,. g w yy jg , 1 1 ' if uug' 1 4 X IV L5.ig,?g x N if page forty five Joshua Pearre Hamilton Patricia Dianne Hammond Henry Chilton Hardy, Ill Patricia Ann Harris Amelia Ann Hartley Kenneth Lee Hawn Gary Heeseman David Charles Hefelfinger William Hellier Frances Grey Helms Ethel Mayo Henderson Frederick Lee Hirsch Fred James Hogshead Roy Elwood Holmes Loretta Lee Honey John Gregory Hopping page lofty six y X , L., if, , lm - Q. ,-5 + lf ' " Q- is 15:3 " A -sffu . :wire s V ' ' ffjizia mm aff L '7 ' .,,3ifIQ. I , . f '. , i ' fi 5 2 :2 vm., 1 K- A 1. fag I5 l or 5 fkv Ft... W we feds W ' 'QF 2 ' U "Say, let's not sell this-it just fits!" 'ti' g "'IT"r"?'J f E. 'll' . ., . ,V Whoo? "From scrap paper to green-back paper- let's get the Junior-Senior 'ball' rolling." an N 5 ...Xen . s-..L.. V Y K ii' 3- V ' ' "A' r,., l::i .f l X i 41? .-'. -. J f pplrrr ,. ,W ,,..,LmW iv.. A -.N y iff ., Ng V g fig " f kA', ' an--H, 5 tv V' 3 5-A, -2' - I' Arthur Barry Hults Charlotte Lynn Hunt .l George Robert Huntley Sallie Brooks Jackson Hall Morrison Johnston Loretta Jane Jones Robert Boyd Jones Joseph Lawrence Kelly Kathryn Gail Killian Stephen Stanley Koszewski, Jr. Theodore John Kratt Frank Claggett Leister Patricia Jean Lineberger Daniel Milton Litaker William Carter Lofton John Walker Lowe page forty seven Roberta Ann Lowe Martha Elizabeth Lown Mary Martha Lowrance Harold Franklin Lusk Martha Elizabeth McCall Jane Elizabeth McClain Robert Crittenden McClure Jean Irwin McDougle Paige MacKinney Thomas Cecil Meador Ann Moore Merritt John Nolan Mills, Jr. Edward Lee Mitchell, Jr. Donald Carl Moore Julia Wilson Morris Oren Wilson Morris, Jr. Sally Carole Morris Sally Yvonne Morris Alice Carol Perry John Randolph Poag Robert Calvin Powell Kathleen Raymond Chandos Lavelle Risdon Davis Hemby Robinson Curtis Lee Rogers Thomas Wallace Ross Roy Lynn Sanders page forty eight Frances Jacquelyn McLarn John Maxwell McNeary Jacques Berr Macy Ronald Weldon Martin Carolyn Elizabeth Mason William Jerry Massey Ronald Hinnant Mathews Frances Gayle Matthews Ransom Snyder Meade juniors Oscar Lee Mullis William Otto Nightingale William August Nordman Thomas Jeremiah Nucholls George Francis O'Brien, lll Mary Elizabeth O'Neil Kenneth Dale Owen William Maurice Owens Robert Claude Page William David Sellers Mary Sue Short John Flynn Simon Bruce Ervin Skidmore John Gifford Snyder Nancy Lee Sossomon Manley March Springs Jane Stewart John Henry Stokes H Af' Via A . ff . Q.-Q, tgvl . .tt , 25 ' ,il iQ?if-.K ' ,, ic., . A N ' .sw at X' 'C M W , 4 4. We 4 "tr f . , ..,. , QM! ai, ix 'H 3 Q zz 7? QE? Tl 'Z' if sn., .gm 4 Q K NXT! 'Ulm CEL 'lr elf' ww 'X M' yi' wa? we-,r 4 QNQI 'Nur Nur' WRQ5 6451 in-Q-9,..,' X K A T ' L- ' - 1 IQ, i ' - 5 W"'U V af ' - h ' . gl 125 .,.. M U-t QE igql '. It M. ,, I I A - W 4 Q- H' ' 4- 2 , i . Nl V A M, K A V . ,K 1 ,, - I' Q. . ,.,t.,.,, V ' " ' R J at V m fr 'V rf 4, -1 ,, ,g,,v,ff. .L N, g , fav. K ii LkVVLh . N ,,q. x , , VV H A , V 1 xrlk' ' .3 X. 'r -E . mn S . 6. ,.., N . ,V b ...,, in A a if L , if , .bqb -,q:. 'ff 4 --Q- T "' 2 X .-. .- ,A . -" 1 , N .x , :j , , AY 5 ef, f :.- Q.. f I Q H l - M .. f 1 - ki ZZV ' fa A Q f A I L I E , ! 'fb' . 7 :QE rv gi' , Q ff wif . ..,. K r 1 , , . - L Q ' QLV " K L. MQ., ,4.S.-.4.,gQ..M..i.m - .X ,M V , .. ,, N. ,, I V 4 A A 2 , , . . M L K 'uvlzl , A 'W ,- , f y Q l .Q ' :-: H- -, i :AA ' Q"' " ' 1... N q Lyrl . Q: 'I bf rf ' , , ,f V , Q .9 f Y .1 .:.:: 'nf , J K M gyy a n Y 'K .h V ,vlan V E' V 7 . 'V" , 55734, fg .: A' fi A X i f - A g . X Q seg , ., .. W , 'T 'L 4 M - L,.A . Q uf A - 5 if ' 'i :g.i, 5 ,L Y I 4 1 Ma 59' , ra A r mf ivi A, g N . is f 5 page forty mme "'-wv Mk gl six wp- an-PKGL WRQ ,N 'fm-f Q--. f is-9 New Why Q page lilty n 'rl 5 5 5 2 William Baxter Suttle Sarah Nancy Taylor Jac Patricia Teller Peter Glyn Thomas Lucretia Anne Thurman Martha Elaine Towe Dianne Trammell Carolyn Johnson Van Every William Hamilton Van Every Carol Adele Vaughn James Milton Villas Edward LaRue Vinson, Jr. Marcia Harding Vosburgh Jacob Lightsey Wallace, Jr. Judith Louise Walker Olivia Murray Warley juniors "The cast of "Junior Miss" practice for that second curtain call they hope they'll get!" Qvw. 1 8 1 1 Q .. ,T no si A HX S N rr fail' 1 AA A, t M V x J si: , -Q" f f! , Q a . at Tlx L L ,. ., f , f 1 1 IN MEMORIAM BARBARA ANN KNAUFF March 18, 1938-January 25, 1955 "Her spirit was friendly, her nature cooperative, her thoughts kindly, and her smile warming." Joseph Henry Wearn Albert Sidney Weatherly, Jr. Martha Edmundson Wellons Virginia Sue Werner Dorothy Anne Whisnant Beth White Henry Dotterer Willard, Jr. Carole Elaine Williams Dazelle Ree Williams Mary Peoples Willingham Suzanne Wilson Theodore Clemens Wohlbruck James Horton Womack Richard Alan Woppman Virginia Shell Worley page lilty one sophomores Qi? W MV RW 455 L K MXN h h W page fifty T O i X , xy I K 2 V g I X X , L Q V, I i V Q oo w f X Got ergo orou d th d I planning class cz t' 'T' f ficers Lorry Rog KV' P 'd TJ Ken OI' QP 'd fy E ly Fclires fSecreToryj, and C oters Ureosurerl. 1 w. to ' W Ann Ross Abbey Mary Ann Adams Sally Kerfoot Adams Eleanor Jean Allen Florence Scheurlch Anderson Wnlllam Rhyne Archer Jane Pierce Arthurs Ellzabeth Daboll Ashby Wnlllam Herbert Ashendorf Judith Woods Atkms Cecil Percy Balderson Jr Judlth Anne Bamberger Joe Wilson Barefoot Jr Beverly Earl Barksdale Fred Alexander Barnette Edvth May Bell Thomas Waring Best Cleone Irene Blair Phyllis Rae Blankenshlp Sarah Stuart Bohannon Margaret Ann Bostuck Ellzabeth Ann Boston Elizabeth Olney Bowen Eluzabeth Glbson Bradford Wendy Ann Brokhoff Vorls Glenn Brookshire Joe Gray Brunson Frederuck Burton Buchan Jr sophomores ls s.. tm page fully three X Eff y J -Q . mfs . Q l J " ' A": Q - I .- , lvll A l l I A r 0. B V ' X A L Margaret Ann Carpenter Albert Heath Carrler Charles Maller Carson Allen Heath Cash Jr Carol Cathey George Collms Charles Robert Connor Jr Marllynn Davls Connor Mary Vurgmua Cook Mary Katherune Cotter Clark Southerland Councall Anne Lawton Cowan Marlorne Ellen Cowell Mary Blenn Cox page lllty four sn- Mary Allen Craug Wullnam Chapman Crawford James Wllllam Dellmger Margaret Courtney Duck Ann Elizabeth Dillard Jean Reynolds Dnllard Julla Akun Doar Roger Alan Driscoll George Franklm Dunn Glenn Sanders Edgerton Barbara Lee Edwards Jean Carole Edwards Frances Lounse Eller Stanley Rudgeway Elrod l A QC J 51, J r f' fx , ll l - Wilma. lat-at 1 he 'il' w m Carolyn Augusta Escott Donald Grner Faures Evelyn Martha Falres Steven Alan Firestone Gary Hollls Fltzgerald Beverly Ann Foard Bruce Goodson Freeman Ann Shelton Frost Edgar Glvon Gallagher Douglas Gordon Golvm Mary Lynn Gardner Robert Van Cleve Glersh Catherlne Stuart Gllchrust Patrnck Augustus Givens Us m 3 Q 3 3 nu 'T o 2 D CD o U3 U5 CD -P -P Dorothy Berryman Graham Wulllam Allan Gravely Jr Janet Phyllns Graven Ellen Hollingsworth Graves John Reud Gravntte James Patrick Gregory Thomas Connally Guerrant Val John Guthery Ill Nancy Farrow Hall Helen Marne Harrns Juduth Allene Harrns Jeannette Wlnsten Harrison Harry McAden Hawkins page lrlty live 'E yll,y,lfl ll' llll N tf,s EE: Ellllllzl llll 2' llllllllllll ll ill y f' E E y, y yA F X J ll J' a,t1: ,.l, t V'..v S ll,l' Z ,.g:,:2 a ,, my J J1 EGlE leaf E Q, . 55' J l J J J I , - - , if, ',,,s ts, "-siiifg cn G A ' O , . U - , ff 3 l - lf gba A ftf rfi rf' if A Q g D N yy TZW ,J I CD . h if by M 1 F fn -we Beth Marsha Helnbaugh Gladys Jeanne Helms Nancy Eugene Hemphill Elizabeth Rose Herbert Georglanne Hightower Ann Lynn Hobson Anne Bartlett Hopkins Martha Galle Holder Edward Earl Houser Thomas Benlamm Hudgms Susan Vlctorla Hull Ronald Stephen Hulse Elizabeth Boman Hunt Cynthia Ann Hyatt page lllty SIX Marlorne Anne Jammer Frances Catherme Jerman Robert Randolph Jewell John Phlllup Johnston Harry Klrby Jones May Wells Jones Janet Marne Jordan Lewls Edward Kale Jr Eddue Ann Kelly Leta Lynn Kendall John Lowery Kennedy Mary Hunter Kennedy Warren Cleveland Kennedy Dovld Hopkins Michael Kllroy N-f JT Q X as I s. A A James Joseph Kllroy Emma Lista Klrkman Rudolph George Kugler Jr Joseph Fmley Lee Samuel Oakes Lmderman Dorcas Lmeberger Ralph Denms Long Robert Kenneth Lown Jr Catherine Maner Lucas Charles Craft Lucas Jr Lynne Merednth Lumpkm John Franklm McAuley Katherme McCanless Mary Lee McClung Edgar Myers McGee Lelghton Edward McGmn Laura Elizabeth McNeely Donald Drake McNeill Frank Claude Malcolm Sally Josephnne Marcotte Luclnda Lewus Mason Mary Lee Mathls Juduth Ann Matthews Jean Mauldm Patrick Bond Mnchael Jo Anne Muller sophomores page lllty seven Anne Crawford Lipscomb Jane Louise Manson X4 hers' iho- xlh 1-55 "Cf ai Ani. Wnlliam Edward Montgomery Larry Alan Moore William Marlon Moore Jerry Alfred Morgan Elnzab th Charlotte Mraz Hugh Gratten Murray pfwendolyn Weisen Neiman Roy Otis Newell Guy Robert Newman Maud Elizabeth Nisbet Edward Carl Niven Kenneth Leon Oliver Julia Anne Pack Nancy Mason Patten page fifty eight inp- -mf 'kd 3 76 William Dexter Payne Charles Emory Petty Ill James Christian Pfohl Jr Marian Taylor Pierce Martha Marie Pierce Sally Ann Pierce Kathryn Elizabeth Plttard atherine Ann Potts David Dockery Price Mariana Proctor Russell Lloyd Ranson Robert Resnick Richard Raymond Rettew Anne Boyce Rich 'G -MA -id 'iw A in-uv 'Q' Joanna Babcock Rlsdon Barron Lloyd Rltchle Larry Arch Rogers Fae Rohr Rob rt Bradford Sargent Suzanne Ellen Savage Patricia Ann Seaman Anthony Lee Serbert Ion: Stewart Sheppard Ileene Joyce Silvers Carolyn Jean Smnth Harry Franklun Smith Larry Hamilton Smnth Ann Hall Snyder NWN 'EI Joseph Arthur Soldatu Margery Wulson Spear Martha Katherme Spicer James Merrltt Spoon Mary Elnzabeth Spoon Sandra Carolme Springs Verner Eugene Stanley Mary Ann St Clair Steve Arthur Steele Wlllaam Alexander Stephenson Rlchard Mack Stiles Sarah Harriett Stroud Molly Lancaster Summers Lynne Thalhelmer sophomores page lllty mne 6 R ' 'o Eg . yys , l S gy X xll X l J g J , E I I , .Q l' jf 5 ' 1 tt J ' A L l 1 XX ll M X , . 7 ffl? K . .P Q3 :gg I ' QV .5 :.. . if I K A-r 'S sttt A S f 7 A H K , - . .',- K V . A ,Q 4 1 S tr J E . Robert Chester Tourtellot Judith Frost Townend Larry Lee Trantham Pamela Anne Tucker Herbert Ronald Tuttle Patricia Sigrld Villas Janice Maudlne Wallace Carol Joan Walsh Robert Charles Waters Sara Anne Way Rebecca Ann Weathers Glenn McCoy Wentz Charles Douglas Welch page sixty Charlotte Ellis Welch Arthur Pitts Wertz Ralph Norman Wesley Ann Avery Westmoreland Michael Anthony Whelchel Cary Hamilton Whitaker, III Jane Katherine Wiggins George Franklin Williams Elizabeth Walton Wilson Patricia Joy Zeigler Missing Beverly Bollmg Foster Richard Vernon Fuller Margaret Anne Goldsborough Linda Louise Hute Donna Mae Kuser John Thomas Stephens Bobbie Jo Stroupe Elizabeth Johnsle Thomas Thomas William Washam Kaye Lorie Willis nmth grade 57' EQ' ele :ff L f lg? ylit X Bb d G l e 6 page snxty one Q l -..Q - s ff, , -C' K 127 4 of t fs s 44 , of X Q17 A ll 'ff ,,--SSX f-- X ' 'I f .......l..i 5 fi -f g f""! l l l fllfflx l f l l ,Mfg J V Z -Ji LX, ff, X Class leaders raham Allison J ,X fPresidentl, Gayle Swinson fSecre- taryl, o by Hor CTreasurerJ, and K Lynwood Ma lard fVic Presidentj, count votes for th ir class superla- tives. ninth grade Charles Stuart Adams Marion Russell Aldred Susan Burr Alexander Graham Tillet Allison, Jr. Robert Lewis Anastes Paul Alderman Anderson, Jr. Virginia Ann Anderson George Eddings Archer John Steen Arthur David Harold Aussncker Caleb Harley Barnhardt Grace Page Barnhull Linda Lee Barnett Andrew Marshall Basunger E., page sixty two Sandra Bassett Clarence Neal Bell William Maurice Bell Annette Tarlton Bivens Janette Tarlton Bivens Virginia Ann Blackwood Mary Glenn Boatwrught Phyllis Jean Boone Robert Godfrey Bradford Patricia Ann Brannan Gilbert Martin Frederick Brauch Katherine Terry Broach Thomas Harland Broom Marvin Miller Brown AXA Irie. James Herbert Browne Clayton Buennng Bundy Caroline Fletcher Burnett David Harrison Burns Jam s Reed Bush John Henry Byrd Jr James Philo Caldwell J Au A 4 Q-J . . . . I ri . 2 llllllll in x lx? QQ. lj B 5 iy xxx ll iw - -5 '--' X l, V 2 ik l 1 N J 2 Vqzy fx ' x . rltlrfr lr. ,ssrct T A ,Z . U Q.,, lm Mr- llllll in ' ' I f Et. llll lll lln J All " il ' fha? l'tl M,-' 2 K I Vkry . sl J , Q 1 l': , A , I ,, A WK' Eite A . J f his Q knife Ann Harrington Campbell Katherine Eugenia Carpenter William Alexander Carr Nancy Leigh Carroll Lota Angelyn Chambless Barbara Kay Chavus Linda Ann Clark David Julian Cohen Lois Carlisle Copeland Mary Rhodes Cotheran Linda Heidi Cowing Julia Kathleen Craver Frances Earle Crocket Joan Fraser Croft Caroline Thomas Daniel Carol Ann Daniels Cutter Dickenson Davis Marlorle Bea Davis Andrew McDonald Dlnsmore Susan Douglas John Porter Dubay Armon Dula Michael Norman Dunlop Daniel Hugh Earp Carroll Christoph Ehringhaus Antonia James Elliot Mary Leach Elmore Carol Frances Elting William Ralph Emmrlch Michael Brown Field Mildred Ann Field Edward Thornton Floyd Walter Hunter Floyd Rebecca Chole Fowler Walter Mac Franklin Q, E I Xvx page sixty three .. 3' 5' t s s r 4 1. J 1 - J -::, in A 1 J 2 il F it fi . ' i t , 1 Nw L I1 in my -f ' "Aix 13' N FTW 7' A . .V J M . ,- N, -ff, e , ninth grade Benlamm Barker Gallagher Sara Jann Gannaway Marcia lrvlne Gay Davld Pollock Gllmour Paul Mnlton Gold Allan Jay Goodman Edith Wmlfred Happe Catherine Ann Harris Sylvla Agnes Harrls Wulllam Larry Harris Sylvua Kay Hart Wnlluam Howard Hart Ruchard Carrington Hartus Janet Eluzabeth Hawkins lb Nancy Eluzabeth Hawkins Joseph Walter Helms Jerry Robert Hendrix Leonard Elbrudge Herrung Patrlcla Carole Hugh Lucy Vlrgnnla H ll John Gordon Holdforth Margaret Elnzabeth Holdforth Robert Carl Hord J Grey Atkuns Hunter John Nelson Hunter Yvonne Loulse Huskey Joe Floyd Johnson Robert Story Johnson G tt its it awww """"" 'iid -ns- XJ. ,,,,. kiw- XA N'Zfm,....Au.. page slxty tour 'E' 'mn Robert Eugene Jones Wayne Marshall Jones Florence Jenmngs Jordan Bernard Joseph McClam Kelly John Kennedy Suzanne Elizabeth Klncholoe Thaddeus Ralph Kormorowslcu Susanne Bermce Lane Dorothy Waddell Leggett Amon George Lrner Jr Charence Lee Lott Jr Lelgh MacKunney Howard Arthur MacKinnon Wade Hampton McAnulty 'Ne lite L W .-.4 T lltal Q X J was . . . I . . . . I rl ' 'M A - M Z- 't"-1 -. If: J- A J A r t t E nn nn n K- n J . x ., , ,-, A -J If ,., . I Ilvsbll, A 1 5 I J X L sb R7 YJ YJ t K - "h Z., K J Q JJJ i2" ' ' K4 N.-K xx X 'QL Ai x 5 Q J JJ 1 A L JJ, J J J 2 Q: J. ,Z ,tZ- J J J 5 J . g L J 'nn rr at J v eee Q X 1 X I get K I :izi 3 :Tx J ..w i .. J g. J ,wmv E X s , , Q Q , ll g ' I llll J ,.'f JJ at 32 A L C 1 l I I J "ll'Ali J if L tr, J J L K 'z- r,.: 6 ,J J J ..,, E' . 3 ':'. , J L JJ A A 3 lst ' I J ts yyyygy s J l J. 1 ga K Q I J - I YJ, .AbV:J. JW I , V ' J J 1 - JJJJJJ .. -Je -.ff .44 ps, J J J f Q Js 'f'::'r if 'N' L W Earle Wayne McCalla Carolme Harruson McClaun Frances Dudley McDonald Mary Margaret McKee Karen Lewls McKmnon Wtllnam Raymond McLester Muchael Bruce Maddock Ernest Lynwood Mallard J Rudolph Lawrence Patruck Mansfueld Jean Cynthla Mantuply Barbara Carollne Marshall Edwln Lowell Mason Jr Anna Jean Mayhew Fredrick Stewart Means Jr i 'srl 'R' its arm '1"" Sw' F 'fuzw asv' 'C' in Qi igy. Sara Eluzabeth Melasky Mlchaelle Waterbury Moon James Llvnngston Mooney Alllson Badger Moore Michael Dale Moore Moore Morton Ronald Earle Patrlcla Jean Morrlson Murdock Murray Melinda Ann Robert Bruce Patrlcla Ann Robert Ford Myer Harruett Butler Nash Carolyn Elaine Naumoff Phlllp Dennls Needham Q id!! 'UW' wi LAL wiki' is we-sf Thomas Jerome Orr Jr Joel Hampton Patterson Albert Theodore Pearson James Edward Peterson Ruthlee Phlllrps Harry McFall Ptcket Frances Vurden Pnlcher John Floyd Plper Nancy Lee Poley Charles Roland Powell Harry Merrull Pressman Mary lrvune Reed Robm Gall Roberson Gordon Mutchess Roberts OH ki x...,:3. Y it-4 G sk,-nr x 'Q 'xv X IX page sixty live I rl . . . ' t ' ' , Jr. 'a F A Q. ll lazy 5 L X C 5 L by ,Q l J is ,5,'i', gl X K t'T'-to ww l y I , I- Q . up V f- .f X- '35 .,., .',t, 4 I I X V ' . ' L 'K ff ll F " 5 QQ ' L l X K L e c L N y , J K jg . sz.. :qy '1'r, x yi ' ff I X ,L f . V K -I ,,:-- A .3 .-js N J X, . lk All, 1 .1 ' X at s s X a fil e J r r r L R t F C H 'L 'Q' L :,t L as L E., P" P Qt s A , . . , I I , . kk ll , M --:3V .iw ,XR N-,LA , .. J l A l ts M 3 by 3, L F ... T H x WZ HAHVHZA tx X ik H X N yzziu , y X Q 2 fx Q x ,Q 6 A VN z .jj--F I yy ,,,f rtf, , J if y L L Elizabeth Carroll Rogers May Lebby Rogers Thomas Schley Rogers George William Rose James Montgomery Rose Marie Melinda Rose Eleanor Lacky Royals Joan Gail Sandler Robert Wagner Saunders Ann Sawyer Sally Jean Seaman John Duncan Shaw, IV Ann Austin Sherrill Bonnie Sue Shubkin Ronald Lee Shubkin Michael Geoffrey Shulman Donald Walker Shuman J Edward Louis Snbulsky Ernest Jirad Slfford Jr Robert Gilbert Sifford William Jean Slgmon Jr Frances Ann Sloan Patricia Jean Sloan Brenda Powell Smith Gibson Loche Smith Wayne Beveridge Smith Stephan Robert Speizman Susan Kittrell Sprock Barbara Sue Spurrier Loretta Lou Stafford Patricia Ann Stallings James Lawson Stanley Lucius Jones Stanley LeRoy Efircl Stanton William Worthington Starr Richard Henry Stephan Norman Allen Stewart Clifford James Stokes Mary Morgan Stokes x. Bxk N 15.2 page sixty six --.4 it if ninth grade I rl . . . 2 1 . X Q., r A .:.:.: k ,wx ,A S rw ltlt X L 1 1 I E 6 l in F b :Eb .bb v I J A ,kj XX in JE yggk , ,-:,, A W A KN. .,,c , 4? gi, sskh ,K N' K ,1,,..., ,.. F . I :ZA N 5 i X bi .Z... N . I L I i 1 by Robert Tyler Stone Jr Edlth Ellen Storey John Sherman Stratton Robert Lee Stutts J Barbara Ann Sublett Anne Glbson Sullivan Sally Eckerd Sullnvan Robert Harvey Summerville Gerald MacKlbbuon Suttle Emlly Gayle Swlnson Tonda Anne Taylor if XLR K' "'f Asgyf' Foster Edward Thomas Prlscllla Louise Thomas Roy Zacharrah Thomas I Dorothy Lou Thompson Sven Albin Thulin George Ralph Tummerman Claude Jeter Trapp Judy Carollne Trapp Mnchael Trnbble James Thomas Trotter John Goodman Turner Mary Katherine Ulmer Mary Elizabeth Van Every George Jerry Venable Sammie Jane Vermillion Harry Lee Watwood Wllllam Harrlson Wellford Jerre Louise Whltsett Games Prince Wnlburn Lydla Stewart Wullard Constance Natalle Wlnters Peggy Elaine Wuruden Mary Howell Wuthers Hannah Day Woods Harvey Rush Woodside Juduth Gall Wooten Harvey Llnton Wray Wlllnam Lee Wright Jr ,arm YG Abt 'Gib- QQ 'Q' 9-'ff Q qi Ask Nutr' Blum-Qw . , Q uit bf X. 'K' ly' JE page sixty seven . I H . . . I r' . . ,522 L ' EJ A A4 'Q at ' M fr -'7 . ' I 'T' Q' T ' A JJJ T ,et at - -Mt T- A gg,-ft .,., gylg gs' 1 L In X 1 k A -L y M sushi K EW:- f T . ' " JSLA T Igyy gyy, , css Q y: J Q , tt J "" . L L 1 3 Q tc , : ift 't:, r 'X fi 2, 'stt -. T ' L , 5 l X . A X K , K, If L lil cffvzmamm A N X 1't J lc " ff , ' L+., .Q ,c J so L .,, V Sa , ' A A ,QT N M A . ' lj f L T, in I I I' All 'f MX' K ' 4 jaw eighth grade Officers Mary Richard Chambers CVice Presidentj, Goody Thomas Ureasurerj, Martha McDonald CSec- retaryj, and Joyce Johnson CPresi- dentj, gather around the art room table to make decorations for their class dance. I i I i lfiiii ,ee it I x XX itil e f I rf' seventh grade K i page sixty eight Entering into their first year at Myers Park are seventh grade of- ficers Joan Reed CVice Presidentl, Terry Flynn CPresidentD, Patricia Cook CSecretaryJ, and Freeman Barber QTrecisurerJ. A-:A 944' .nd xx X1 X' 3 --A 'E 'xmhy George Douglas Antken Jr Judy Lee Allen Lyman Hale Allen III Paul Haywood Allen John Edward Alt lll Vlrglma Dowdell Anderson James Martnn Armes Katherine Crowell Atklns Frederick DaCosta Austln Wllllam Edward Austin Daniel Shelton Baan Karen Shelley Bard Patrlcla Anne Barefoot Alice Chase Barnhlll Edward Rnchard Barrett Hal Duane Beaver X aww UU 'B' Q.. fi fkxx. Agnes Watkms Binder Martha Slaton Blttlng Stephen Judd Blucher Barbara Wmfueld Booe Marvm Aaron Boone Lloyd Carlton Bost Jr Frances Anne Boyd Jon Perry Brady Martha Ann Braswell John Edwm Brletz Vlctor Kantor Burg Sally Ann Burke Phllllp Lee Burns Barbara Elizabeth Burr Wllllam Ernest Byrd J Thelma Elnzabeth Campbell is Xb' -uf' 3 XX WJ' vial 'E' we if HB4 MJ ff' ss MJ! Lucy Rebecca Cannaday Jessica Mallory Cannon John Grant Carey Eugene Roy Carpenter Mlchael Holt Carrier John Atkuns Carson Andrew Ruel Chalabxe Mary Richard Chambers Jane Pate Charnley Rose Rankun Chason Allyn Blyth Choate Jr Wlllnam Henry Coffey Jr Everett Connelly Ina Joanne Cooper Robert Bradley Cordle Patrlcla Lyster Cotter it page snxty mne ,nga in E 'W 'ww-Q, X Lewns Theodore Coulson Mary Htlda Cowell Robert Whltney Craver Helen Bnddle Crevensten Mary Ann Cromer Patrucla Anne Crowe Elisa Hayne Culbreath Bettye Jean Cullen Katherune McArthur Currue Charlotte Irene Daggett Charlue Orr Dalton Ann Daugherty Elizabeth Ann Davis Frank Brooke Davis Scott Bmgham DeCamp Walter Estes Dellmger III eighth grade 0 ,ana wi 'G' EH? 'Nl E 'SJ ,1- 51" Dorothy Dale Delph James Lawrence Devereux Frank James DeVme David Hugh Dlllard Ill Harold Judson Dlllehay Jr Debora Jane Douglas Stephen Newton DuBay John Henry Dubose James Thomas Duckworth Juluus Austm Duncan Shella Jane Duncan Martha Evelyn Dunn Samuel Saterly Durland Nancy Malloy Duvall John Myers Dwelle J Judith Vurgmua Edwards S MMM 2, -if 'U' RNA Kay Frances Elder James Peter Ellnott Patrucla Angela Eskew Chrlstme Mason Farnan Jack Davnd Farr Susan Ellzabeth Favor Gertrude Flnman Judith Gayle Futzgerald Judnth Marcia Fltzlohn George Randolph Foster Emily Louise Frazier Martm Berke Freedland Vurguma Gall Freeman Ellen Cralg Frye Ann Jean Fullerton John Howard Fulmer A ' s f r, J if N GX A ti' In wk E ! 1.1 ...' f '.", F K K: :bi VV , Q gk ' - '. J l"A-i 1 I X Q 'i Q Qt, my t ll vzlallzz get J fi g i s t J F J fi rl r ' as l rtta Q rn ' an J Jr ll l n o W 'L me X 2 at U at ats f 5 s F J t fi' 'nnn A J . Cf J f et we 4 tax Ak x , , ..,t. VA Nj J fi H? C F C ttt . M C- 1 f l 5 es c 39' J rrr E mi g l ' M MXN' V F -MXH Xi F K7 E lll' f.. fwsgg A we L K ,'Qf- .:-,,f:' fi's J E F or J 9 .. ' 4' H - 'i Q 95' :" J A 5...- J f lt ccc, F gc J J 1 J, rsyc ' if 3 ' F at 2 1 . x Q . 1 El' A Q lhll 1 . s flfdll' A r J r .tt u C J 'N Cla rsssnf M F ' at sr ' , r. x x X sk Han? 2 ss? 'fl MW, Florence June Funderburke Patrncla Gray Garrnson Bruce Gary Gebhardt Erlc Flynn George Michael Hlldreth Gulbert Wllluam Charles Gilbert Jean McKay Glasgow Judlth Crane Godfrey Peter Erwin Goldberg Alan Jay Goodman Paul Goodson James Wnllnam Grant, Jr Benlamm Tyson Gravely Ollne Clmton Gravltte Douglas Eugene Gresham Thomas Jackson Grlbble Hazel Monro Gruer James Albert Gupton Carolyn Lee Halthcock Hannah Sue Hamer Jerry Porter Haney Charlotte Kathleen Harrns George Parker Harris Jr Allce Craddock Harrlson Kenneth Houck Helnbaugh Lynn Marlm Henderson Shirley Carolyn Henderson Joan Ole Henson Harrxet Jan Hester Helen Suzanne Huggins Mary Lee Hlnson Allan Garry Hlrschorn 'U ,ff K 10 l Walter Lee Hogan Adrlenne Myers Hogshead Claudia Sue Hollldge lla Jane Holmes Mary Lounse Hoppmg Wnllnam Shlrwood Houston Hughes Bayne Hoyle III Jean Montgomery Hudgms Adele Marne Hults Patrlcna Ann Hults Julna Ann Hunt Evelyn Joyce Hunter Martha Duane Hunter Rebecca Ann Jennings Wllllam Dwtght Jennings Ina McAfee Jones page seventy one C: V853 iw Q tl "" ',': 3 Y 'lf f G is 'K z ix P "3 lll.e - -,f'l'Vi2i A ' - ,J M Q P5 QVHH ,scc tcst L 6 C i..:zji .'2'.'- t'lr 2 ftt 4 Stl C :J C L' 'R A ' A V C ' C A X 'L A .J vw' Matiff FQ L 'Q L . f 4 ,V . AI L Q ibf liilf M A - ' Q F" L' J -:Q, fl "W , n Q L Q L U ,f'W4 C A W1 QQ - , A -.i.AV Q IQ Q' Q Algll , .:-1 j , I Q , rrr 1 M - A A H Q ' , J M ,n,,i 1 fifir '- ,J F E QQ Q,QQ ralx Q Q QQ uzlu QQQQ QQ ,vuq QQ Q Q Q E.. QU, Q IQ Q I QQ Q A L L 'AA' 155 'V- Q Q: wg QQQQ Qy In C Q Em . L .Q,, :Fig A A llll Ze 2: ' 3'i L - ' Q I ' l L g 0 an , my QQQQ at ,Q ,4f F J or A t' 4 A, J -as L4. ' . S ib: All , ,4,, .4,,,,,,1nfi, 1 it izilym A A Q A 'fifm A A ' QQQQQ Q A ' I C Q' . gli? 3. ' ' Q I 1 ,QQQQ QQQQ Q Q .Ill xxx Q Q I Q QQQQQ Q Q QQQQ Q .. QQ ,. pf V Q Q Q . I . - M ,, , " 1 .Q L , M , , ' ' at - M M L "' an KS 'SWK EVN-x XC., --We Stephanue Nlchols Jones Stephen Franklm Jones Joyce Marlyn Johnson Rebecca Anne Johnson Charles Edwm Kaufman Donna Jean Kelleher Walter Hale Kellogg Beverly LaMarr Kelly Edna Louise Kelly Whltelaw Plumer Kendall .l Emlly Marcla Kerns Jackne Louise Kuncheloe Sally Sentman Kung Suzanne Holt Kung John Donald Kuser, Jr Nancy Sue Knught eighth grade page seventy two Karen DeMar Koth Mary Lucnlle Lander Mary Martha Lander James Davls Lane Jared Alexander Law Barbara Ann Lee Barbara Anne Lee Rnchard Marlon Lee Sarah Vlrgnma Lee Myrna Madelune Linker Anne Nugent Lobdell Edith Vlrglnla Long Floyd McCall Lowe Carolyn Marne Lown John Bama Lowrance Shella Ann Malone NN, X,- srii' yn' X x Clement Reynolds Marshall Linda Ann Martin Juclnth Christy Mathews Jo Ann Mathns Vurglnla Wray Mauney Ellen Westbrook Mayo Mercer Lewns McClure Jane Knrby McCormack Letltla Mebane McDonald Martha Llneberger McDonald Mary Katherun McEwen Marilyn Makey McGaruty Linda Gayle Mclver Agnes Morrmg McKee Brenda Ann McKelvey Susan Hunter Meacham 450 'E' ilrlwi raw? Riu. 3 ai B' ..,.... Amt Lmda Carol Mease Donald Muller Mecouch Harry Hvant Merrltt Jr 'Mx KK Wllllam Franklin Messerly ll Margaret Lee Muller Robert P Maller Jerry Wayne Mntchell John Gordon Mitchell Carolnne Ruth Monckton Jean Gardmer Montgomery Emnly Ann Moore Ronald Earle Moore Davld Mnchael Moseley Alfred Wesley Moss Lewns Barrow Mullus Mary Efnrd Mulwee Q18 Q. "H '36 'N' if mx Mark Porter Courtney Munn Jr Francus Johnstone Murdoch Margaret Claire Murry Francus Wnllnam Myers Martha Selwyn Myers John Garwood Newntt Jr Jo Ann Noland James Theron Norman Theodore Paul Norman Charlotte Anne Oberfell Thomas Franlclm OBraen Katherme Orlean James Edgar Owens Susan Deborah Parrott Wllllam Henry Pettus lll Sarah Wakefield Pnckens E an ivvf QA- 'E' Lynda Lea Plckup Joan Puerce Robert George Pmdell Brenda Elame Pope Paul Jones Potts Jr Judy Elnzabeth Renn Channlng Orr Richards Glenn Albert Robnnson Jr Samuel Robnnson ll Ellen Chrlstlan Rose Kay Elizabeth Salzman Wnllnam Arthur Sanford Jr Richard Waller Scott Patrucua Marne Shaw Jannce Carolyn Short James Franklnn Shuman page seventy three 1+ 1 J l" 4 ff' Q f T , A J -rs. E , uzv A ::. ' sskt wks, . .. , 5 7 luv ' , , , at T T xl Q l T Xl X J, if A i " 3' A 39' , G if 1 V,r.' l ts . Q . 'Q -.:r letl lx A ll J A All A A was as ,y A r. T 2 s it Wu sl t J T , A ,rrrlrr R . T 2 J if sn- ta my zap.. B , G :V ' Q 45. A " 5 Q l'l F L! 1 X x 2 V 4 S y 1 lsr Z 1 l 'A .f A - E rrr Q lc A 555 1 "" tm f 3 J rw A R l l Q M X Y V x X Us A W .,,, :,.: :QUE V, b:.' 'Q Q , A 51 , Q ,Q K V: . . 4 , T? ' E i. ,,.,- S l ug " Q y r g " sf' rs, ' S E s sf.. at E 'L . I - 5 sc, M A Y A Ikbvgn ijt had Q :I I , ,. Q , T ' - tmlt I 1 T7 I. A , . A c r T of l Q . I . , Jr. 4 4 . . D 'QW .X msd mg we 1 my ty Mikie 'Q al in 'fgiliimgwfiftiira Arthur Deloss Slckles Wulluam Lee Skndmore Jane Beatty Smlth Larry Wadsworth Smuth Loss Helen Smuth Paul Dennis Smith Vernon Wlndle Smlth James McGregor Smyth John Marshall Soldatl Marlon Paullang Spngener Kathryn Olavna Spoon Richard Grant Stanley Sandra Ann Stellungs James Alan Stenhouse Carol Stewart Nancy Vlrglma Stnckley Anne Ruchards Stratton eighth grade page seventy lour ia! 'Mx Gaul Eluzabeth Stroupe James Robert Taylor Terry Sullivan Taylor Wnlluam Elton Taylor Gray Temple Jr John Greenberry Thomas III Robert Goodwin Thomas Sarah Ann Tlllotson Franklin Augustus Toole Wllllam Lawrence Tourtellet James Austm Turner Ill Davud Pollock Underwood Anne Lydall Van Every Odell Shemwell Vestal Jr Lewus Revelle Waddey Sue Carol Wade Nancy Carol Wall Wnlson Kung Wallace Judlth Irene Ward Nukku Ward Thomas Brown Watkms George Patterson Wearn George Wayne Wentz Julia Erwnn Westmoreland Alnce Marret Wheeler Mary Frances Wheeler Harvey Stewart White Theodore DuBose Wnllard Harry Hood Wnlllams Joseph Dyer Wnlllamson Barbara Elame Wnllns Mary Margaret Wilson George Johnson Wlsecarver Joyann Lounse Wohlbruck ks. X El Ns., seventh grade an RSX fu--.Q N.. an 5' is wi GW' tt' 1 Sndney Garrlson Acker Davnd McKmtt Alexander Lydia Ann Alexander Betsy Jane Allen Johnny Marshall Allen Robert Trawlck Allen Ill VIFQIFIIC Wright Alluson Frank Roblnson Anders III have in 33. ss Us Sandra Eluzabeth Anderson Monte Argo Roger Joel Arno Adelyn White Ball David Horned Bamberger Wlllldm Freeman Barber Wlllnam Sutton Barber Joy Lee Bass 4 it Ellzabeth Battle Robert Rowe Beatty III Anna Wesley Beddlngtleld Hulary Flowers Bell Becky Gynn Blggers Norma Van Landmgham Bmder Joseph Wesley Bishop Jr Jane Batton Black Jody Shannon Blackwell Kay Bllckensderfer Edwm Gordon Bohannon John Walter Bollng Constance Morse Booth Steve Carlton Bost Frances Anne Boyd Rovy Frost Branon Edward Wllllam Brody Helen Elame Brokhoff Sutherland Mathewson Brown Jr Joan Meredlth Brumng George Anton Burkhalter Irwen Wnllnam Burns Jr Joseph Allen Burns Elva Elnzabeth Bush page seventy live y in T . gl V Kg I V LL K V , ,. , In as l L E.bA I H. If ' - y . jk K ' , ,A 2 , V Z ., 1 ' J .A" W LA Rzc ' A 1 - . A M R Xu rt L W y A strt A J N, K ' sk , 'Rm 1 if G X 'srl X f' A ' K A A tl F s A s s s 4 sry ss - -r. 5 t., r r s K .r s E J ,-Q I: - LZ.. , ' .Q :., 'Q ,glfhml t , K J " W e 5 f ' ,Q ll Y all L ' A D an y zul 'O V '4 . E A A R x 1 x S ' A J - .. V' ff' ...A 'X '-+ C Us I gt 'K-fn? 'Rs up if it fx. James Dallas Caldwell Naoml Ruth Camp Shurley Anne Caroll Mules Smith Carpenter Wullnam Bruscoe Carroll Ill Penelope Carter Elnzabeth Beall Cawkuns Neal Kung Cheek Gerald Marlus Clegg Meredlth Jane Clnfton Glen Austm Coan Raymond Prestone Cobb Zebulon Vance Cockerham Juduth Fay Collms Charles Wern Connelly Jean Mmette Conrad page seventy sux Aa-K 'E' Nancy Gray Cook Patrlcla Allan Cook Alfred McAlp1n Cooper Harriet Anne Cordle Rachel Alma Cordle Elizabeth Ann Cornellus James Clardy Cothran Patrick Dale Cousart Wllllam Swaffleld Cowan Pamela Cowlng Sydney Frazer Croft Jr Ann Ward Crosson Patrlcla Leigh Crouse George Kung Cutter Regmald Ramsey Curlee Norman McBroyer Danrs Jr sl X... 'T QQ fp' "" Q4 Judlth Lelgh Damels Ollver Franklm Davenport Jr Dwight Larry Davis Francls Marlon Davts Lunda Hartwell Deal Edwin Llttle Dean Cameron DeCamp John Astley DeKrafft Dianne Anita Dessauer James Conner Dlnsmore Margaret Sandra Dover Wulllam Richard Echols Thomas Edmund Efurd Jr Margaret Ann Ellls Pat Ernest Ellison Ruth Ellen Elrod x ' K X E L Q X E l xlll f K J L KE LN k Cl A Q A L . ' y I .J ielh 1 we g :4 wg ,. ir Y vs Wai. C that V X 5.5! K Ji .CE . ' 51.5.3 A J . A V K ' g I 1 5 W t. . 'K In ll A I A 4' rf if 2 "" s i x ' E.. tt A ' ' JA I ':1. L ' Z 1 A : ll r I ' 1 at seventh grade x E 'Lu RM 2 TK Marllyn Ann Emlmsor Ronald Edward Engel Francis Xavier Farnan Carla Rose Flnkenstadt Vernon Wayne Flsher Jr Donna Mary Flmt Allce Teresa Flynn Bess Cocke Forshaw Howard Edward Frazier Robert Lomax Gibbons Dorothy Ann Glbson Bonn Arthur Grlbert Jr Carol Antonia Glenham Elnzabeth Murry Glenn Nancy Llewellyn Godwm Joe Muller Goodson J Maxx if 3, sat 1. me 'tlifa 99:11 l-nbih Nr LAN:- has Nw-.v George Sullivan Goodyear Ill Cornella MacDonald Graham Thomas Grant lll James Wllllam Gravely Sandra Rose Gravltte Clarence Alonzo Grnffm Ill Gary Dean Grosboll Bruce Albert Gustm lll Martha Louzette Hackney Ralph Grier Hadden Susan Hllluard Hall Rarupert Theodore Hall Mary Margaret Hamrlck Barbara Ellzabeth Hanks Cornelua Ann Haralson Richard Foster Harrus lll Q' X-..f"'L.. James Lenard Hart Phyllls Rosalind Hart Lmda Palmgren Harwell George Aubrey Hawes Lmda Sue Hawkuns Louls Phlllup Hazel Nancy Isabel Heath Issac Robert Helbem Richard Davld Helbem Richard Guuldfard Helller Mary Elizabeth Hemphill Thomas Edward Henderson Wllleen Ruthledge Henderson Sara Ann Hall Cheryl Elaine Hoffman Harry Ruchard Holden page seventy seven ss rrr J A f . Q 1 ' B ' ' .lll R J J , ., . K J Wlii .V H Qg n 1 5 T -' '-,, 2 A ' A A A x -rt. I - V M, K ,wr y M-.i.':' E or g 'K ,ir A J r , A f - at rsvv J . sssa so f T 2 f T f ,f r .., ss K X A V , 'Y A , I Y I 'J '-r.i,. 3 N l b 'K 1 it f ll I :.'l' .. , A -T ,. ' i A 7 h N , QN.. ' - V- S Q. ky f Ax K I . , KEE, 1 Vyyk E7 V K V N V .fx zfi rj ' A :'- ::' ' 21 , A ,-1f. ' tl or-...JL 4'-my J A R brr. L X A :R A 1, sl aa 'rrl T MR. u.4 ii- X if by gf sm' is 'U' Aft Y ...Q Kee Riagg M Maxwell Roberts Holder Jr James Reglnald Holderfneld Katherme Howard Holdung Anne Cordelia Holluday Alex Chalmers Hope Jr Frederick Wlley Horne James Gnlmer Howle Timothy Douglas Huddleston Wllllam Frederick Hulse Hugh Hackney Huntington John Porter Huntley Cecll Graham Huskey Robert Varnes James Paul Johansen James Lmdsey Johnson John Wllluam Johnston, Jr seventh grade page seventy eight if Isabel Sulllvan Jones Joyce Ann Jones Michael Douglas Jones Nancy Loulse Jones James Richard Jordan Jonathon Archibald Kalgler Ingrnd Lella Kemp Wullnam Samuel Kenclrnck Emuly Marcna Kerns Ruthann Patrlcla Kllroy Laura Elizabeth Klsslah Charles Frank Klolzberger Linda Gall Land Marlon Ellzabeth Lawrence James Mlllard Little Susanne Guthrne Lnttle ur X--..-fl Robert Lee Loper Phyllls Anne Lovungs Margaret Melchor Lowe John Bromer Lowrance Marlon Morrnson Lowrance John Paul Lucas Mary Davidson Lucas Frances Enloe McClaun Emnly Susanne McClellan Dennls Lee McCorkle Kenny Rogers McCullough Herbert Raymond McElvam Alexander Graham MacFadyen Wllllam Farmer McGmty Elizabeth Eagles McGuire Sally Jean McKalg - ':'l v- , -" t,r, A .. M " r f t,.,, ll t Q :.. 5 ' f a, ' iii ' C gvygy ' 3 gg y y 3? g ' , ' ., an .. . V ,f'2 r E H x ggi' F H I A Q I 3? A . 'M E H 1 v rl ' X L -.,. L. J ,,5,s A: R5 F f I ,IA A M E A ,I V . Vlbl L 1 V. o f .3 ' ' lnu 5, g fi. ..,V. 1 l ,A I' A llll he A A ' X A VA xl Q ,W 's -X r F A . J ,7,l Q x A A A V ttfs we J g q A L5 I n , . jg ' ' T I :', r l. , V- I fx ' A Q . 3 , C 1 . 1E,:,Z Q ,t.tW I .r,. .. Q C Q -L , 4, F' fi P 3 xt - Ei 'fx ""-. 1' W. ' F 5 . ' JA J s J C r sr 1 K I A .Q ,-:' , f , Jq- Q Q ,. ,- F C eissr tt. M A g ka A V I ,.Q. J C s J .,s. W M L I, zs. KM K ,K K 7 K it V X so I2 ,-.. urbg A a J A 7,53 ' . 2.,g N I . A Xi 'R I y tl e est L J JJ t r l srst y My g Xxx .n ,.,,. E , X . . A fix' -f ima K Qxdxr Qinihq ,gifs A Marne Ellzabeth McNeely Ira Mlchael Madans Nancy Lucuncla Malors Judlth Walker Manning Martha Ellen Mansfield Merrie Eluzabeth Lumley Mary Lee Marshall Margaret Trlbble Martm Steve Russell Martm Alice Byrd Mauzy Lmda Marlon Mayhew Eve Mazoln Boyd Thomas Meacham Sandra Ann Means Betty Louise Mllford Joyce Ann Mllls SSE: Marcotte N--it X t 'Y-Nl xt L 1 hh RH 'sm NIU sl, fm, Edward Taylor Mobley Jr Lmda Kay Moffatt Sandra Ann Moore Thomas Franklin Moore Jr Kathleen Edith Moores Mary Carolyn Morris Bobby Mullls Jr Jane Taylor Mulwee Elliott Paul Murnuck Margaret Huntington Murrell Elnzabeth Gaylord Myers Wllllam Martm Myers Nlck Thomasson Newberry Wulllam Marshall Newman Judy Catherune Nlcholson Jeanette Ottellr Nordman 'S 'sm X Meredlth Celeste Norton Judith Lynn Owens Mary Meade Owens Russell Jacob Page Jr Lavonne Annette Philemon Mary Robbins Pleasants Wllba Joyce Pullen Phyllis Carol Raby Richard Cobb Ranson Harrls Nathaniel Raymond Joan Carol Reed Sarah Vuctorla Rettew Richard Wakefield Rhyne Ruta Lee Robertson Gayle Rogers Martha Edwlna Rogers page seventy nine Q ' J ,.tf 2 J 3 X N, ,n I VAAW AE f :!. Q, , ., I I .,:,.. , t- ' J ' .i J I N., br L ' ' f T' 5' L .1 'a I 7 lf, 'ffm qv Q .. I V- X a t tt,t , 'ask QNX sstttt T Q ull? 'rr -.t, 2 - as S q . -- ' pg x 9 T L," : P' ' W T li ' A A .. H :ly xx I . if ' t 5 'X R , l 11 I g KV: lv Al l Q ' We if or P sxgglqgr E ' -" t si, H A-' T 1 - . L If JR Ni rvyr , - km' I sr , - 4 Q W Q yfym .3 ttsss , J st, sssst ., . -K , ff X r I A 'V QW, J 3 A I I N- h .add T - H L T I L l y ttt L , Q V . RA l A ,L T ,S V, H -V - 1 J f " st L i ' .t't A L, ' . ' 5 .N I-M132 is I J i, .,.,.-:,, Q :H t - ft? N of. 2 'Q by lx si ist. lx , T, f :,: r 3 ffl' E. ,, s, H 'f,"' if :1" V - '- rt: tif 1 X X Www limi I' NEW N-wk .5 5-1 we-. ""' Mary Stewart Rosenblatt Gretchen Travnes Rotha Eleanor Anne Rouser Ann Ledbetter Sanders Wyatt Thomas Saunders Sharon Lee Schlldeln Susan Bette Schwartz David Stephen Seawrlght 'inf mail as A S' is A 4' if 11" 'tr' lk 'U' ,C W Samuel Leroy Sehorn Andrew Kennedy Selden Lawrence McRay Shaw Davud Gwun Shelton Carolyn Noble Shlver Robert Tnllman Shore Joseph Rush Shull lll Rlchard George Sleburg Joy Ellen Skupper Carol Ann Foster Smuth Elizabeth Bartlett Smlth Harry Tate Smlth Jr Jacquelyn Vlrglnla Smlth Letutla Anne Smuth Michael Wayne Smnth Susan Elizabeth Snyder Stephen Ira Sobell Nancy Jane Somervllle Charles Hardy Spam Ill Winston Evans Sprock Ann Elnzabeth Stafford Frances Faye Stalvey Esther Beede Stantleld Helen Ellzabeth St Clalr seventh grade page elghty Mlchael Hunter Stenhouse Gall Denise Stephan Connie Clufton Stephens Wllllam Donald Stocker Thomas Joseph Stockton Mary Ellzabeth Stoudt Carolyn Webb Stowe Aluce Taylor Stratton In v-v,v'! ,- LV .,.. V 'J 'W S, ,V L s V . I 1 V " l L to so A J Q srrs .ff-X I so lf X gt , ' to fy X I pk, R His T wa K I ,,:v,, V, . . l f K .I KX A, A I M ,fl K , 5 T ttt L Y s ts s lst x V L' - K y ' 4 , T. .. ' 1' L , ba 2 K' 'wgx -W M A E Sv K Ji' r-z, L J ' Q " 4 ' r ' K H' f t E y t W - to as .x. 1 J: dt X 1, X M, r-ff A I- ' kg A , A I "i vig-' 6 ,CZK gs 5 L 2 . , -.5 N A Q z E l.: ig: K kj . 1 , x X - R sl X ' X 1- T , t E -H J rs' ' J J f l .. .. ,J A 1 M 5 L K. 'K Eflfvvm 'V my L We 'O Wgffiffs M assumes Henry Oswell Stroehecker Lee Ada Stuart Carol LeGrande Stuckey Lawrence James Suggs Lmda Lou Summerville Sandra Sue Summervulle Judy Marguerutte Suttle Sallye Tathwell Edward Carlyle West Jr Cathernne Wheller Margaret Winchester Whntton John Edward Wnlllams Sue Ellen Wnllnams Lmda Lou Wullns Dnana Carol Wllson Nathan Earl Wise be '-4 Danlel Grover Thngpen Ill Albert Charles Thomas Gaul Thomson Edna Wallene Threadgnll Joshua Jacob Tofleld Wnllnam Wnlllam Tonks Hal Hodges Trnbble Vlrgnnla Arlene Truplett Robert Lach Wolverton Kenneth Jerry Woo Lmda Jean Wood Donna Rochelle Woodslde Donovan Mack Woodslde Roma Helene Wornall Beatrlce Anne Yore N .4 KMA 'QF' X A Rm, Edwm Scott Trotter Charles Perry Turnxpseed Joyce Carolyn Vaden Patrlcla Anne Vaughn Charles Arthur Vmroot Frances Ellen Walker Wllllam Phlllp Welch Hull Beverly Wellford Not Plctured Cecnl Graham Heeskey Jr Arthur Lawrence Kornfneld 'S page eighty one X A 4 I ff'f"' r 1 ' ' act: mes Our energehc traffic boys those armfuc cafeferua sugns assemblaes twace a monfh 'Way Down Yonder In New Orleans advantages and dasadvantages of a pomt system carnival pruzes and fmally grad uahon All thus made possible the many wonderful memorles we have of our youth the smcere, true fraends we met the honor and pralse we will always feel for our Alma Mater I ll... . . .. - , . . . . . ll ' ll ' . r W - ,J .. Y 1 e . A Morry did we ever meet our quota in ads? Mary Everyone seems satisfied Connie still wonders Okay you February 'I5th Larry will money? We re ott ' ' yet? I bet you I want those people lets get to work we ve got a deadline to meet you stop goofing off and count that sixty three dollars short' Have you planned your tennis picture never did get that picture of Burwell write ups typed by tomorrow' What with me when I lost my temper which was much too about those football action shots? Dont blame at on Jimmy again Now get to work Tuckers way ahead of you' Have all the glossy pictures of the students been identified yet Ann? Those seventh graders they all look alike I know there couldnt be a person by this somewhere we ll worry about it when we have to' Ann Merritt Joan youll have to go look these people up un the files to see if they really exist weve got to know' How many fund outs have you found out Betsy? The French Club hasnt even been organized yet? Why cant we get pictures of the band and orchestra until February? Mr Eller said what? Hed sabotage the annual room If we didnt put a picture of his Engineer s Club in this year s annual? Why can t things ever go right? All right Marilyn tell me that you havent even received an answer from anyone to ludge our beau ties Oh no' You really haven t? How is your section coming along Jean? How do I know what comes first Macs or the Mc s? Get Lucretia to help you type Sally ' ' ' If you dont get your envelopes marked right this time Ill really get mad' SIM JJ.JLZt,,.A Wuafangs jznm e Carolyn help Ann identify go over the opening section you ve got to get a graduation picture get all the editorials Just wait until I get my hands on that Jimmy Lee' He owes us pictures from last spring Why cant he be like Skipper? Now theres a good little photographer for you' Jane has the books? Well where as she? That section is due at the press in a week' Oh Miss Curry' Im going mad' The only thing I think Ive accomplished this year is an ulcer' And that s the way it goes around the annual room day in and day out If you dont believe me lust ask any one of the staff members There is always that constant buzz in the library fMuss Phifer and Miss Tucker seem to think it more a roar howeverl and everyone as running around bumpmg into one an other screaming our favorite expression panic' These are lust a few of the many daily occurrences which we the Mustang staff experienced during fourth period this year All of us have certain things we shall remember above everythmg else I know I as editor have many wonderful memories of putting out the 1955 MUSTANG how patient everyone was often the way the whole staff pitched in and really worked to make our annual the best one Myers Park had ever seen the many long hours Mr Mitchell spent here at Myers Park workmg with us in the annual room and most of all how understanding Miss Curry always was throughout the everlasting con fusion we could never have done anything without her guidance all these memories I shall cherish as I look through the T955 MUSTANG In the years to come page eighty three if 6 7 1 77 f7Ae A J- 11 . . . . H 5 n 1 I I ll ' ' . ' I 1 I ' ' . - 1 ' ' I . I I II I I . . . I , . ll ' ' ' . . 4 a I "EIIi . ! . ' ' - - 1 - - ' ll - ' . , . . , . I I I . , . . - . f ' ' I T ll . I A o ,, . - 1 - - - ll . . . I I I I I . , . ' I . , . . ' I name, Ann: it's ridiculous! Well, stick the boy's picture - A I l 4 H - I ' ' . I I ' ' . . . . I , - ' ' ' - I I ' ' ' II ' II . I I ' II I ' I . ' F. I ' Q s v I ' I I , . . . . , l . , . . 1 . . l , l l . , . . , , . : I ' I I I . . Il ' ' I I I . I I I , . , . . . . , . . , ,, . . . 1 ' ' I ' , - 1 1 ' I ' u a r . , ll I 'V . . . , , . . ,.-ZZ .rg .E 3' 5 ,,f" , X, Vt,!,' ' if-.K ,ei Y ,fr -,if r 'F -I 1 I nudist iizqiiif ,Q 1' ,., H 544- 4- .1 tip ,-A. ,1 i .i "mf: '-fi, 'iff t .., Q li:-'75, i 7:76. J 4. r- th v.. 'f J, Connie Bernstein CEditorJ Dick Holland fBusiness Managerl Mary Jane Mayhew fAclvertising Managerl Betsy Smith CActivity Editorl Marilyn Mallard iFeature Editorl Tucker Everett lGirls Sports Eclitorj Elliott Schwartz lBoys Sports Editorl EGM Q 1 E?--gt , 17. s .Q lx f ail H l -Q ' ' rs. le' 3fi7fiii9f' ,fl f ' ' -iitxi f' F' --X , ix V, . N If X I . .M Lf., . I r . I , t 1 X K .x D ""--.- F-f' , XX ,XX "Planning a layout are activity staff members." Reading left to right: Kneeling: Ruthlee Phillips, Lyn Gardner, Barbara Sublett. First row: Margaret Carpenter, Anne Way, Nancy Cheshire, Marie Harris, Anne Whisnant, Peggie Skinner. Second row: Barbara Knauff, Betsy Wilson, Wardie Abernethy, Ann Sellers, Gail Sanders, Judy Ring, Nancy Cochran, Ann Merritt, KAssist- ant Activity Editorl, Sue Sprock. Standing: Betsy Smith tActivity Editorl. "Designing the art work for the '55 MUSTANG are members of the art staff. Standing: Susie Davis fArt Editorl. First row: Barbara Edwards. Reading left to right: Second row: Mary Elizabeth Spoon, Lynn Bizzell, Pam Tucker, Linda Cutter, lleene Silvers, Darla Burke, Third row: Sarah Northington, Elizabeth Glover, Amelia Ardrey. N i X 'X fi' A f , R J ,N j ,V V. A. X 'S-Jgti 1 l l i l t I i .,., xii.--rp ' ,jg l ,Q e--g'L1Q3 .l R1 ,. Q, '5 JH. itil jf. ,ht BMW ' NX X 1 ,X ,f i -I i is . 'Q ,ff .4 -t. Ann Tilly CClass Editorl Larry Stell fPromotion Managerl Susie Davis CArt Editorl Jimmy Lee lPhotographerD Amelia Ardrey CAssociate Art Editorj Carolyn Mason CAssociate Editorl Miss Elizabeth Curry QAdvisorl Q ,. A "Slaves at work "The feature staff prepares to hand out chew- ing gum to promote the sale of the MUSTANG1 Reading left to right: Pokey Van Every, lois Copeland, Mary Lib Van Every, Margaret Murray, Patricia Murray, Ann Chambless, Suzy Kincheloe, Linda Reed, Jeanne- Marie Bright, Sue Hull, Jane Williamson, Frances DeArmon, Lillian Shannonhouse, Betsy Gilmour, JoAnne Miller, Libby Pittard, Joan Barber lAssist- ant Feature Editorj, Joan Sandler. Dedlcatuon'7 The edxtorlal staff as thinking about lt anyway Reading left to right Standing Connle Bernsteln lEdltorJ and Carolyn Mason lAsststant Edutorl Flrst row Kay Johansen Mary Lots Eskrxdge Jane Platt Lnllnan Foote Nancy Cheshire Sarah Northmgton Second row John Kuykendall Davnd Pearsall Susan Purser Herman Kusslah Wardle Abernethy Ann Culbreath Frank Jordan June Tweed Shore Walter Scott Marilyn Messerly Margaret Martin Myrna Smxth betty Barrett Maralee MacAleer Whos who? The class edutors work over ldentnfocatlon Reading left to right Sally Wall Lnnda Martin Melinda Rose Ann Tully lClass EdltorD Cathy Gilchrist Jean McDougle Laura Klsslah Annual representatlves whose homerooms went 1000 for the MUSTANG count up their proceeds Reading left to rlght Seated Larry Stell lPromotton Managerl and Ann Culbreath Standing Gaul Sanders Beelle Davis Bull Messerly Joe Norman Chrlstme Snyder Jane Arthurs Betty Mraz 'P li. """"" Mr Lewis Bernstein for Connie Bernstein lEdltorD Who sold the most ads? Mary Jane reads the lust as advertlslng Watwood Lucretua Thurman Elaine Towf Meredith Lumpkin Cleone staff members check over thelr receipt books Blanr Mariorne Spelr Cornne Rnvnere Readlng left to rlght Seated Eleanor Allen Carol Vaughn Nancy Standing Sara Bohannon Rennl Dlllard Mary Hunter Kennedy Hemphlll Phyllis Blankenshlp Marll Jammer Lnbba Herbert Jane Mary Jane Mayhew CAdvertlslng Edltorl Marry Johnston lAsssstant Arthurs, Katy McCanless, Mary Cook, Sally Jo Marcotte, Harruet Advertlslng Edltorl, Judy Blucher, Nancy Patten, Elmor Taylor page eighty sux ,, . . , . . . V . . ,, ,, . , cf, . .,.. . . ,, 5 1 1 1 - 1 1 - 5 1 1 1 1 5 I I I I I ' 1 1 1 1 T I I I I - -. 1 1 - 4,255 -' 1:1 -N774 ti' ' 5' 1 . W ae . I wa A . rea , 1 , ,!',,,X 11 1 . . . . . ,, . . . . . I , , , . 1 1 1 - ,, , V , . . . . . I . . - 1 1 -1 1 . . ,, . . . . . . . . , , . - 5 5 1 1 5 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ,1 Symbolizing the name of their club are Key Club members: Herman Kissioh, Woody Burns, Hugh Campbell, Elliott Schwartz, Larry Stell, John Kuykendall, Randy Bigger, Tom Knight, David Pearsall, Douglas Stewart, Verner Stanley, Tommy Cordle, John Stafford, Chuck Nisbet, Joe Norman, Walter Scott, Roy Bradley, Gary Heeseman, Manfred Emmrich, Joe Wearn, Morry Johnston, Jimmy Lee, Henry Willard, Jerry Clark, Burwell Shore. You'd never guess that out of these brilliant minds came Myers Parks Key Club Directory." Wifi ' nur srnm N sown "1 I 4 li f -bww, g gg , M, s- "We re oft to the Monroe football game in a Key Club chartered bus." ke club 241734, WM' "Everybody going to Winston-Salem Saturday night on the Key Club bus has to sign up in the student af- fairs office by 3:15 today." One of the Key Clubbers is on the iob up to the last ' t , ' ' : f H. te' d 'n lunch the "Buy your book store for only 151-" -J The b tin C 'Vangxhe ouncement about th ey " ce sch l. "Masq' rad 'f.Ball-isxoonsdigififggyiy the Qi ey Club.. Morch T ' if tg u ' .-5 .f,3f'f.22v ""fW'M1,i'1,' , , A big N " il ls ugtrggiggitia -ff ing prolect of the se iv' :if J 'bi' fiiiiliififikfi 03-'f,'S" I 4. wif l'r3:f7'if'7flf'.?f i' To mo EQ" y sl?Pa2gTgg?1s2BQ1iipr ' : - P' their aim. Undef the GM cmd Q grcup Qf Kiwanis s. ii H l'1ClS Under- taken and sucbgviliulwy tc gli' any services for our school. Members-2 the basis of points earned in the fields of scholarship, leadership, and character. The students say "thanks" to the Key Clubbers for unselfishly giving their time for us and our school. Key Club President John Kuykendall enioys a rest while Vice- President Herman Kissiah, Secretary Bruce Skidmore, Advisor Mr. Gus Purcell, and Treasurer Elliott Schwartz set up "luncheon music" for the cafeteria. -4 Q iii' 'f J ' I Jig : ,,, .i e Yfwfl degle K ,i odo meclflloal o YL x iw X055 an X5 pjxnevl KC K .iO'l Tone NO .ft 'N Nxortl Mrs. Alex Vavoulis for Kay Johansen fCo-Editor'. Mr. Thomas R. Barrett for Betty Barrett ICQ-Editori. Atmel im 1 .f .,.. 5 Q. ,- Buy A l ' K 'dv 5 I if ' f . ' ' , n 2 3 Comer! f q i 3 ,K g 2 i an an , Folks Tkiat QOL 3 W S wuuc HIGH sci-iooi Fwy, Ffbmn, za, 1954 NO, 12 ffpanl Announres :ve Wnhng Clan Announcer Plans ox . WV . Plaristlhr Tlnrd 13,5-,l,,i,,,,,,,, BBW- l., During the school year there has POW '- C been much discussion pre and cor' among the sunimr class wwf' senior privileges Mrf' senior clan they buff' of , za "Admiring their finished product are Miss Hope Smith lAdvisorl, Kay Johansen and Betty Barrett LCQ-Editorslj' "fThis'll be great for the 'Sparlc, says Ass'stant Sports Editor Tommy Guiles, as Sports Editor Bobby Page takes notes on a winning touchdownf du not he carried to :xl privilege-1 have work- ed our very well in other schools. I don? see why may will nor work our well here." Kftimc. -- 1 ' el ...- fir 3 . 54, ge s . ' .fs A ' l-Vi S- , V -4 if ',",,, "Y - . f .:-: Huh! Fruit ml! ltlllti CONNIE LUCAS: i'! think sen' iors should have privileges: but I agree that if :oo much is given, too much more will be wanted, I xhinl: tflouziaud Ou has 43 Spring Camlval dmd annual Carnival variety ai fun noon APA 'ble of che gala Cohlfld con' eight seniors and percent of the iunior to be :Amd for the class honor. Students To Preview Psychology- Him Soon Myers Park will soon be the siu: of a world premiere. "Going sway," ntmfd by Mr. Tom wma psychology class. is nearing comple- lion. The script was written and edi- ted by the psychology class. An- ucuc Shaw, Norby arrester, Bob Gcsoft, Riu Parrish, Lawrcmr Bur- ton, Nancy Burton, Carolyn York. Buzzy Basingu, Ann Wearn, and Phyllis Winters have leading roles in the roducxirm. The Elm, produced by ,lane V mn and direcrcd by Buuv " discunu the going steady. Ir will bn soon as the plead. pros A A "The big wheels search for ideas to start the 'Spark rolling on their latest issue.'f Reading left to right: Maralee MacAleer Kllusiness Managerl, Margaret Martin fAdvertising Managerl, June-Tweed Shore QRe- write Editorb, Jane Platt tNews Editorl, Darla Burke lExchQnge Editorl, Craig Gibbons 'Circulation Managerl rd hy Yan loan na Bonnie Rodgers mittee t i I l I Honor o mnsxiruxion Ideas for a med to rhr yunw and high success of the n :lm possil with the Nazi Society. of Feb, 26 - Band and Orchestra March i.. with Hub . "1'8lBd" Acta Mardi 2- Sr. Hi Stunt, Osmeii Jr. Bi Blount Gund! Br. Hi Geerleldan Honor Society Much 5- 'Folliea' Ach Jr. lil Chodlndtrl AA Buketblfl Totrnl And llrchestrn Present Secund Tonight, 8 P i t Classical Program At MP Elementary and seventy-five cum for srudanu will bu of musical env.-rmzinmcm for everyone, roni , and orchestra pxescm their second semen: of Myers Park elzmemary school. The . . pvpular. dxssicr-L and sesniehssiczl music the direction of Mr. lullnn Helms. Tickets can he purchased ir any member of the band of arches rm. or an :he door wnighx. The band and orchestra will per form acparau-ly. Included in the numbers to .. presented by du Orchestra nr Mowisf' by Harold Iohnmn mr: ro the Opera Iphigcn' Xulisj' by Henry Gluckg an vqucfxryf by Carl Setix. Lillia - will bc violin soloist in lah Gila "First Movemrm ru r .. Concertos" lg-ers Park Band will apps: rss, playing such wus' 'Scenes from the Sierusj Vicnnntz "Orlando V'- ' joseph C. 'ilk Rhapsody 'nanz 'The Hot Ncrog Exidor, and by Henry 'nl xofncd Cdlltst. Park the zap Brotherhood neu! Key Chi, Money-nl Club Merch 4- AA Bollethll Trrlrnlnsll. lhrd 5- AA Buhtball Tournament Minh 8- Bibls Club "Follies" Pi-:ala More! 9--'Follian ' Sr. High Bs- ' Jr. W' 1, .bb J, hu been daigrul ed Brotherhood Week, one rv' great national celebratio- ocrari: way of "' xhrouglv-' 1-"X W of a larger number ir-mund acrivizics senior high Myers Park for che gg 5 7 77 8116 8011 worLing Oil tL0 gefiiljal' 1 Amid the milling confusion of busy typewriters and voices shouting di- rections, familiar cries issue forth from the back office of the Myers- SparK. Co-editors, Betty Barrett and Kay Johansen, best of all at shouting above the crowd, are heard saying: "But the makeup doesn't look right. There isn't any pyramid." Chucking a story in the remaining space, Kay philosophizes: "Too bad, it's the only story we've got!" In the hassle of last minute make- up p r o b I e m s among the editors, Margaret Martin, efficiency expert- alias advertising manager-pipes up, "l'm all finished. Aren't you-all?" Got an idea? O.K. reporters, put it down for the next edition." Reading left to right' First row: Eleanor Allen, Mary Elizabeth Spoon, Sandra Goodman, Nancy -Q li F j l -...M M., W .,, I +-H... if. f .. . X H Rising with the gleam of murder in her eyes, Maralee MacAleer rushes in, "Now iust calm down, everybody. Calm down." CYou should see her when no ads come in!J Bobby Page, sports editor, slams down his sports copy. "How come you all get the back page? I got plenty of copy to fill it. This is the worst organ- ization l've ever seen. Any man could run this paper right ! ! !" Now you see the calm, serene ef- ficiency that makes up your Myer- SparK staff. Through the grumbles land sometimes complimentsi the staff has strived very hard to please you, the students. Cheshire, Ann Henderson, Ken Oliver, Joe Soldati. Second row: Judy Matthews, Ann Pack, Bel5Y W'l50n Cynthia Hyatt, Beverly Foard, Nell Archer, Nancy Patten. lvl PT HA X, ,1 . 'iq-his f .. ' M. - ! Q1 v 5 ,Q ,M,, ew W, L01 s ff' X ' ag 0 ww ,V W 1 ' , 1 . I .-sv ff, 'E-' -Q.. w 05 gf 4 ' Q f' K ' 3 1 ff-'54-Lass, :'- 1 , .- . H ' 4 , , -it 4 L f si 'A ' gg s -. I ...- V t t V, X .- 2 ' . .U ow- ' x ' ' '- :xg J 5 1 by 4 .41 5+ 17 bill sl- - "Carroll conducts a typical meeting ofthe iunior high Student Council." Foreground: Officers. Reading left to right: Seated: Miss Jones lAdvisorD, Joanne Cooper, Linda Martin, Mary Richard Chambers, Joyce Johnson, Bob Cordle, Harrison Welford, Graham Allison, Laura Kissiah, Martha Ellen Mansfield, Marshall Trying to please the students . . . this is the main purpose of Myers Parlc's two Student Councils-junior high and senior high. Composed of homeroom entatives and com- mittee chairmen, the c ncil rk to promote under- standing and co-o ti , 'n e student body. . - N 171 Outstargduugf mo s- 'Qh ccoqphshments of the senior hi h Co f f Af spo oiyg of the Home- coming, hrist s n ' e nggsri- he found- ing ofa - -- - - . -gl-of a school handbook. S 1, 3'5" JY The junior high Couricil inxi d Riunior high Honor Society and improved co uct in e cafeteria. Together the two groups rendered a great service -that of uniting the students as o body to work for the betterment of our school. Basinger, Vance Cochran, Tom Moore, Sally McKaig, Sandra Summer- ville, Bob Myer, Louis Anastes, Skipper Watwood, Charles Powell, Bill Messerly. Seated on floor: Sandra Stellings, Monie Argo, Patricia Cook, Tisho Smith, Roma Wornall. K f., s 3' 17,1 "Making plans for the iunior high school's Christmas dance are Student Council officers David Underwood QVice-Presidentj, Carroll Rogers CPresidentJ, Jeannie Glasgow CSecretaryD." 4, "Members of the newly formed junior high Honor Society are sworn Mrs. Wood W. Burns for Mr. Larry Rogers for Carroll in by Mr. Whetstonel' Woody Burns, President of the Rogers, President of the lunlor Senior high Student Council high Student Council page ninety one T s is it, 'Scrooge.''s go!" L. ' "These birds are supposed to be brains!" Standing Frank Jordan CTreasurerJ Seated left to right: Wardie Abernethy fsecretaryl, Herman Kissiah lPresidentJ, Mary Lois Eskrldge fVice-Presidenlj. national hqnor societ Jn we goof, "New honor society members are sworn in by Dr. French as the old members look on." Reading left to right: Back to camera: Herman Kissiah, Dr, French. First row: John Stafford, Hugh Campbell, Dr. Walker lguest speak- erj, Ethel Henderson. Second row: Ann Culbreath, Harriet Dwelle, Patsy Lineberger, Carolyn Mason, Bob Huffaker, John Kuykendall, Dick Holland, Bobby Powell, Suzanne Ross, Pat Anderson, Sara Anne Carey, Shirley Brownell, Calla Anne Bolen, Richard Hamer, John Douglas, Anne Whisnant. Third row: Lillian Foote, Wardie Abernethy, Mary Lois Eskridge, Connie Bernstein, Nancy Cheshire, Jimmy Lee, David Pearsall, Sally Forte, Marcia Tuttle, June-Tweed Shore, Betty Barrett, Myra Carpenter, Susie Davis, Judy Helin, Randy Bigger, Sarah Northington, Frank Jordan. Not pictured: Marie Caldwell, Maralee MacAleer. Lecdership, Scholarship, Character, Service-,these are the qualities for which the Honor Society stands. By having these qualities fulfilled in each of its members, the Honor Society hopes to set an example and goal for each student of Myers Park to strive to attain. No one can forget the impressive ceremony of tapping new members, the gold banners and yellow flowers, the solemn oath, the congratulations after it is all over. These new members, along with the old, strive to follow the high ideals set for them. This year the Honor Society sponsored College Day for the juniors and seniors, helped with the tapping ceremonies for the new junior high Honor Society, and worked at setting up a point system for the school. The members have also coached in their spare time to earn money for a scholarship to be presented to an outstanding senior at the end of this year. Then in spring came the tapping of more new members, this time the first iuniors were chosen, those who are to carry on the tradition of the Honor Society next year. page ninety two N 2 "Bible Club members sing hymns before their program with guest speaker Dr. Lawrence Stell.'l Standing: Mary Jane Mayhew lPresidentJ. Reading left to right: First row: Cleone Blair, Woody Bradford, Fran Jerman, Eleanor Allen, Boyce Rich, Judith Atkins, Betty Boston, Tistie Wiggins. Second row: Susie Cabaniss, Harriette Dwelle, Pat Givens, Larry Rogers, Buddy Spoon, Sue Hull, Leta Kendall, Martha Gullick, Gail Matthews, Molly Cornelius, Charles Petty, Ann Sellers, Stanley Elrod, Carolyn Hilker, Billy Nightingale, Cathy Gilchrist, Ruth Dowdy, Tommy Bost, Ann Tilly, Doug Stewart. Third row: Karen Campbell, Carolyn Mason, Mary Cox, Molly Summers. Libba Herbert, Frankie Eller, Richard Hamer, Peppy Currie, Richard Riviere, Marie Caldwell, Barbara Knouft, Judy Elkin, Dawn Sanderson, Pat Anderson, Martha Carpenter, Ann Dillard, Bette Hunt, Ann Frost, Libby Pittard, Marie Harris, Charlotte Welch, Anne Way, Jane Arthurs, Marilyn Mallard, Julia Door, Phylis Blanken- ship, Meredith Lumpkin, Ann Ross Abbey. Fourth row: June Tweed Shore, Cornie Riviere, Harriet Watwood, Susie Davis, Sally Wall, Shirley Bernhardt, Molly Short, Hugh Campbell, Wardie Abernethy, Lillian Foote, Sharon Emmerke, Renni Dillard, Tootsie Sheppard, Mary Hunter Kennedy. Fifth row: Bobby Page, Molly Withers, Jimmy Lee, John Kuykendall, Joe Norman, Butch Farabow, Larry Stell, Woody Burns, Burwell Shore, Herman Kissiah, Gregory Hopping, Dr. Stell. bi le club lL9ife Adffjoy, joy, joy - ,gg Qaw-0-4-rr Galatians 5:1 is-by love serve one another." i ' 'X . mx Uniting irrf'T-he ng e otxChrist to serve their school, community, and W B memb of the Bible Club lukttng , rs loyalty." The regul rgjpats, daily prayer me " stgnclirasserhbli o t ll students, have offerdllggxc-STAYZ!-y op3'rtQniEhgl'gi??iQl?g-tqifqian growth and fellowsgtgnafifadilionl itl-Sas gnfeni lancial and spiritual a' gtcrwelfcia nofrfs ang ion fields, as well as ' tions. The club members e ieve t att ey can best serve God by helping those around them. try to follo , "Doug leads the other officers in a devotional from the school's new pulpit Bible." Reading left to right: Seated: Hugh Campbell fSecond Semester Treas- urerj, Doug Stewart CSecond Semester Presidentl, Mary Jane Mayhew CFirst Se- mester Presidentl. Kneeling: Herman Kissiah tFirst Semester Treasurerl, Billy Nightingale lSecond Semester Publicity Chairmanl, Molly Short lSecond Semester Secretaryl, Cornie Riviere lFirst Semester Publicity Chairmani, Butch Farabow CFirst Semester Vice-Presidentj, and Carolyn Mason fSecond Semester Vice-Presfdentl. Not pictured: Susie Davis tFirst Semester Secretaryl. page ninety three Ns.. NM-Y Hark the herald angels sung Heraldmg rn the Christmas season wrth good old fashloned carolrng are some of the Ambassadors Readlng left to rnght they are Betsy Gilmour Myrna Smith Puddnn Van Every Treasurer? Betsy Smith Da elle Wllllams Frances DeArmon Joan Barber Ann Merrltt Nancy Sossoman Peppy Currle Anne Lowe Happy over the abundant supply of toys collected for under prlvlleged children are the offncers and advisors Readlnq left to rlght Wullxe WIlkInSOn tVlce Presldentl Ruth Dowdy lPres1d ntl Mlss Stokes and Mrs McKee' CAdvlsorsJ Bunny Rlsdon CSecretarvD I ambassadors :foot ---6 has Desrgnlng an attractive cover for th Ambassadors publication Paua Mary Dma of Myers Parks alma mater seated left to right are Weatherly Helen Chrlstlan Margaret Martrn Cornle Rrvlere Stone Standlng left to right are Susre Davis Linda Cutter Brown ft' 'N h"g""".f' One may than ,he knows an A bassador by the gray sweater sheawearfprlt the ver charm hang Ing round her neck,lt u a true' Ambassador recognrzed by har wnllrngness to of-Fer services to her rss school and to hen communnty the allh of the Glrl Am bassadors -'I'-ee-M-W-Q-1 81 14 N49 -f-6 1 At an mformal meetlng for welcomnng new members old Am bassadors treat new ones to a coke Seated left to rrght are Nancy Cochran Joanna Rrsdon Rosalyn Podell Evelyn Farres Mary Hunter Kennedy Tootsie Sheppard Mary Jane Mayhew Suzanne Ross Wardle Abernethy Peggy Bradford Ruta Parrish Molly Short peae nmety four was Ambassadors plan for thenr assembly on honor Readung left to rlght are Betty Mraz Sara Jane Wolfe Marrlyn Mallard Sandra Goodman Sally Forte Connre Bernstem Carolyn Mason Sally Greene Helen Greene Jean McDougle . . V A .. V' X f,, I l -, 1 - ,,-NG V W' ' A l X 0 i Y 5 ' . A K 1 t 2 ' 2 ' A -1 Q . t 5 6 VM, T K ml X ' V Q ff 2 if I . -' Vg Q A C 7. 3 5 2 l r - l H , - r - - - tr - - - ,f - - - - - ,r I ' I I . I ' ' V f , 7 . . . A . . . 1 I - , Y , - -. - , , , , r , - f cl Q I r ag ss 1 A-"'l2Z'3fX 1 V ' Q W-'HT :lf l .r V . V , F' ' ' :L . .. l 55:15 . . .L ky I . pt' ,' 2' -- - 1 -,V ' Q- i' ' f - 3- ' ' I , sg 'I . 4' f PM Q . 5 Q All l f tg 'S - 4 : ' wa li . 1 X - . A . . 'sg r I ' A, . Q 3 ' . if E v 5 W .- I A r 4 . 2 . W L Q - - 1, sie- ,if-,it .,,,'.1t - 3,1 , .' fi, .T h 5-:EL I n 'ti er L 1 'vi 7k5t?1W f7'l 'z I . ' 5 Q fait I l ' E ' iam? P ,, . . . E , . . Q 3 , , . ,' , l Ln? r f , , ' I I ' I I if A l f v E , u l V . 3' I 'P W ' J, N 4 .X ll 'A " L J, - l ' .W ' -K bf'-5 . N Wig- K 'A ,X v tw 5 i H - A - - t, - ,, - , . ' -H l I I I 5 1 I l I I t I I I I I - r V I U I ' I I I I ' , r r - x . -tee '19 ,dm fulfil all-lui QM" The aim of every good Y-Teen is to reach Am- bassador heaven. Banded together in serving the community, the girls in this club make full use of their time and talents. Receiving points for each service project, volunteer iob, or school-supporting action, the most industrious of these girls will be selected for membership in the Girl Ambassadors Club. The Y-Teens, because of its large size, has been divided into three sections. Supporting the United Nations, the eighth grade club provided a successful recreation program on Halloween night. After exert- ing all available artistic talent. the selling of hand- made Christmas cards high-lighted the ninth grade program. The well-known proiect of the sophomores was giving presents they would normally have ex- changed with one another to the less fortunate. Joining together in the poppy sale for Disabled Veterans and clothes drive for the Red Cross, these service clubs have done, perhaps, their very best iob in giving Myers Park a truly worthy name in the community. xttfmp l "Evelyn calls the tenth grade Y-Teen to order." g K Y if "Members and models of the ninth grade Y-Teen pose after their fashion show." '31-tai Reading left to right: Mary Martha lander, Evelyn Faires, and Marcia Gay fthe three Y-Teen presidentsj, discuss future activities of the groups with the Y-Teen Planning Council." Members are Charlotte Doggett, Susan Meacham, lna Jones, Ruthlee Phillips, Doodle Myers, Judith Ward, Libba Herbert, Margaret Carpenter, Tootsie Sheppard, Jann Gannaway, Judy Godfrey. "The eighth grade Y-Teens focus their attention on the president as she outlines their latest proiect.' page ninety live .i I fig: -'N' V "Nos personnagesf Reading left to right, Lynn Thalheimer, Myrna Smith, Frank Jordan CSecretaryJ, Ann Henderson CVice-Presidentl, Jacques Macy lPresidentJ, Hugh Campbell 1TreasurerJ, Lillian Shannonhouse, Mary Lois Eskridge, Chuck Nisbet, Miss Riddick lAdvisorJ, Susan Thomas. "Los miembros del club de Espanol miran la pinata rompidaf Reading left to right: Kneeling: Gippy Reid, Bill French, Winborne Springs, Betty Sloan, Sue Dudley, Clayton Jones, Curt Rogers. First row: Sonya Adams, Mary Ann Moss, Myra Carpenter, Calla Ann Bolen, Second row: Betsy Wilson, Nell Archer. Third rcw: Carolyn Mason, Jean McDougle, Dianne Trammell, Linda Dancy, Lucretia Thurman. Standing: Connie Bernstein, Betty Barrett fSecretaryJ, Margaret Martin, Connie Lucas, Mary Catherine Jones, Dale Dick, Dick Holland lTreasurer7, Carol Couric, Susie Davis lVice-Presidentl, Jimmy Lee, Darla Burke, Ray Spangler, Nancy Cochran, Walter Scott, Mason Chrisman, Marilyn Mallard CPresidentl, Sara Lou Merriman, Paula Weatherly, Tommy VVasham. Not pictured: Miss Akers fAdvisorJ. l"OI11HI'lCB LLMOH' E0 you Amid a shower of candy and shouts of "Feliz Navidad" a happy grou of Spanish Club members scrambled for the contents Fie2Christmas pinata . . . Monsieur bur ndy Bigger to us, protected by the dimness f they ly lit stage whispers "Je t'aime" to his lady love si th French Club marks up another wonderful pkizofllt gg dit . . . Veni, Vidi igffjxf X sar's famous words are heard t e Latin Club study the history oma 4 X again as th of the great .V X The Frenc ?l'Ubx d'Qdes iitflqe three romance language groups, has r :Hilo ok the largest clubs in the school, perh b ausao glhflffiendly, informal atmos- phefe which as Reorganized-t sf " i Qha.:Spa fers its mem- bers various ase of:'Sfdrtish'l2ffl ifhsfcscu toms, foods. Newest ofw' ree Latin C ub, certain to carry on in the tradition of its sister clubs. 4 19,1 '. 14 Q 'C ff ' E xx i an .. gs Y Q? 4.1 H v I-va ,ws .. ,L I ' - 'Q ,gl - 'we -Q-1 yn' -, ,., .Q ,..7:-- Tl"""1 ' """I T.. 1 Ws""R'A".. .1 .. ki ij ' Q. ""W . . . . Y Q1'w"Z1K 2 P it E' 'Mi Nga, .. . ,um ga .4 4 ,. 4. g ' 1 .if 9 Q m . -ki ' -fb Q 0 ,L W if, -P4 :Par eyaf 'W -- is -- ,Q ww! ,K QQ, 15. M un' SME '- . L "9 m K ff W 9 Amp. if V: is df-if Q2 JA' - S A ffm, 7.4" .sf nh ' THE' .nv ,,. . f s aff-iv 1011 'iihugm fv"'r ,,-.VH I . ..f" l . f , KK'. Q , , j 'f f A : I, ' , w is 4 M ,Q ,V h 1:12 ., f ' , 3 , ' ,V 4 . V f Ll, , g 1 .5 Y QU V A IZA. an if 'ln 1 if mf .s1v Q k - ,J uw ' . 1 "Members of the Palleteers discuss the Christmas mural." Reading left to right: Alvin Goodman, Pat Houston, Susie Davis, Paula Weatherly, Cornie Riviere, Lyn Escott, Elinor Taylor, Nancy Cook, Mr. Matus CAdvisorl, Charlotte Alexander, Darla Burke, George Castanas. "Finishing up some of their work are Polleteer officers. Seated: Paula Weatherly CVice-Presidentl. Reading left to right: Elinor Taylor CSecretafYi, Susie Davis fPresi- dentl, George Castanas Ureasurerl. 'er R page ninety eight palleteers 6i7Ae Wadfer painfer . . H "Hey, Charlotte, throw me that paint brush, will you?" ' 1 Such comments as this - ctuate the regu- lar business at a meet' - sith Q t lub. Sketching, going on field trips 4 'i ts I , su ects related to art are the usual cti ies f - "P eteers," or club members. W ' ' l :.3' ll ' ll But, not inte es in o work nd no play, the club has sponso d a sc ' ,il w ich was completed . .2 this year. The - aniz ion - so adds color and beauty to the school r - any original art displays. Anyone who has. - nt, A akes an original piece of art work, and is w' ing toturther interest in art at Myers Park is qualified for membership. Iimelighters slgfairufay jo jhe .svfamn This year at Myers Park a new dramatics club was formed. After naming themselvg the "Limelighters," this group set to work wgghnbt Q" lans for the year. There were any or ff 'rtgdifficultieg and these bud . drag uigligsqggsnwfoukld that they had to write a the club before h ld if ' " i' ii' f , t ey cou dogglihvaattggrggpf all produce a play Finally, howeqyegrmafiltis dw hgcame a reality. Their major pgfidu ion of b e yeark "Angel Street" was given hr part in the school's own "Little ,'ater."'qiAfte tthesgendous success, the membersifof thegfiglghr eigamtltf-tdirtacglce bigger and better plans if In future 'W hope to en- courage and evflggfginterbdest in all forms of drama at Myers Parkhqpidwprgyfde an opportunity for stu- " QVFJ37 dents to receive Naming by actual participation in dramatic art. "Limelighters officers are dramatic all the time." Reading left to right: Paula Weatherly LVice Presidentl, Chuck Nisbet iPresidentl, Sally VVall iTreasurer,, Linda Reed lSecretaryl. "Hard at work on the set of 'Angel Street' are the Limelighters." Reading left to right: Foreground: Dot Leggett, John Douglas, Micky Moon, Tony Siebert. Kneeling: Tom Meador, Clayton Jones, Mervin Reed, Nell Archer. Standing: Ann Dillard, Cynthia Hyatt, Ann Ross Abbey, David Busbin, Bobby Lane, Johnny Griffith, Frances DeArmon, Nancy Cochran, Billie Venable, Carol Couric, Jane Williamson, Louise Crumbley, Bobby Rhyne, Sandra Springs, Joanne Risdon, Buddy Connor, May Wells Jones. "Many hours of hard work made 'Angel Street' a top production." 1 "Put a little more beard under the ear, Billy, and hurry girls, its curtain time." Q Y , fx ' 5 page ninety nine Q 'Mm oking over their basss report of their Very efficiently Ben Sinkoe takes inventory les are William Payne and Jeanie Dean.' as Ronnie Matthews inspects the stock 5- "Getting ready for the daily mad-rush in the student lounge are workers Larry Kelly, Gary Fitzgerald, and Waiter Ferris.' "Duck Cracker shows Kathy Raymond, Patricia Harris, Virginia Woriey, and Janice Bryant how to make an attractive counter display. ' choru "mfr ,4 sw., 41. W, J4....f "Will I have to sing a solo?" many prospective members of the all girl chorus have asked with fear and trembling. But, in spite of this mighty obstacle, enough brave souls were found to form the first all girl chorus in Myers Park's short history. This chorus participated along with the band and orchestra, in the annual Christmas concert. The girls also sang for the Christmas meeting of the P. T. A. and presented several spring programs for school service clubs. With a song and a smile, each chorus member con- tributed her part to the musical program at Myers Park. "Christmas songs for the P.T.A. is traditional with the chorus," Reading left to right: First row: Donna Buck, Mary Cox, Eleanor Embree, Gayle Matthews, Katherine Potts, Sarah Northington, Carol Couric, Susan Thomas, Carol Cathey. "The chorus during ci typical class period! "Singing at the Band and Orchestra Concert Second row: Mary Lee McClung, Judy Townend, Jerrie Cohen, Rosalyn Podell, Betty Boston, Ruth Faires, Jeanne Helms, ur Dowdy, Tistie Wiggins, Evelyn ers park band Kiwvr. ,!Jel,ln.4 J lgagffme Zbalnrlw "C'mon, buy a ticket to our spring concert. It's really gonna' be terrific!" If you've ever m t h iastic band member, these words are n mg new. 'r support has good foundation, fo eyMyers Park nd has attained a superior ra ngZQ QF e State Music Festival. G 2 Q TK ' " ' g T - s Mar! The ba has, erhap X o e more help unify the school an ap tion- e warm re- ception re ived It l s-an enthusiastic applause a lthe cl o a co c -are sitive proof of nm. Activities o the and are rrifmer us and varied. This group of icians represent school at foot- ball games, asse ' s an ' and religious func- tions, making some irt -ive public appearances during the year. The Myers Park band has made for itself and for the school a name which will always leave a deep feeling of pride in the hearts of all students. "The band lines up in concert forml' Reading left to right: First row: Nick Collins, Richard Riviere, Ann Wiriden, Frank Leister, Frank Jordan, Beeiie Davis, Rebecca Jennings, Marshall Elting, Edith Storey, Peggy Wiriden. Second row: Joe Wearn, Carolyn Naumoff, Billy Starr, Marie Caldwell, Bill Sanford, Jimmy Brown, Jimmy Taylor, Mike Maddock, Olivia Warley, Bunny Risdon, David Cohen, Lewis Waddey, Ronnie Shubkin, Ralph Wesley, Marshall Jones, Libba Herbert. Third row: Richard Byrd, Bobby Jewell, Allan Hirschorn, Jean Hudgins, Barbara Lee, John Kennedy, George Wisecarver, Michael Gilbert, David Price, Courtney Munn, Clark Council, Wayne McCalla, Teddy Wohlbruck, Ben Gravely, Hugh Campbell, Jimmy Peterson, Jimmy Pfohl, Alan Gravely, Joe Johnson, Voris Brookshire, Allen Cash, Deland McClure, Janet Jordan, Jerry Orr, Dicky Lee. Fourth row: Lee Mitchell, John Soldati, Herman Kissiah, Vin Cheney, Walter Hogan, Winborne Springs, Ronnie Martin, Jerry Mitchell, Bill Pettus, Bob Sargent, Butch Farabow, Larry Harris, Richard Fairchild, Buddy Spoon, Mr. Helms fAdvisorJ. Reading left to right: "High stepping maiorettes and drum maior are Babs Blake, Dazelle Williams, Herman Kissiah, Carole Reech, Sammie Vermillion." "And the band played on." "The orchestra takes a break . . ." Reading left to right: First row: Brenda Smith, Hugh Murray, Judy Westmoreland, Linda Land, Steve DuBay, Olivia Warley, Marsha Gay, Hannah Woods. Second row: Joan Sandler, Mary Rosenblatt, Nancy Jones, Kay Blickensderfer, Carolyn Stowe, Anna Rouser, Mike Jones, Wallene Threadgill, Betty Caulkins, Sharon Shildein, Carol Ann Smith, Dianne Wilson, Bunny Risdon, Mary Lee Mathis. Third row: Phyllis Lovings, Lillian Foote, Ann Staford, Ralph Winkler, Carolyn Morris, John Douglas, Barbara Burr, Sandra Springs, Carolyn Henderson. Fourth row: Dianne Kaylor, Esther Stanfield, Jimmy Gravely, Bonn Gilbert. Fifth row: Alice Wheeler, Becky Johnson, Jeannette Nordman, Vicky Rettew, Allan Cash, Voris Brookshire, Richard Fairchild, Jerry Orr, Dickie Lee, Mary Meade Owens, Sandra Moore. Sixth row: Lee Mitchell, Walter Hogan, Linda Moffatt, Steve Seawright, Jimmy Taylor, Mike Maddock, Paul Lucas, Frank Jordan, Marshall Jones, Marie Caldwell, Richard Riviere, Mr. Helms fAdvisorJ, Bill Pettus. Seventh row: Billy Wallace, Steve Blucher, Johnny Arthur, Laura Kissiah, Jane McClain. orchestra The sounds of violins tuning up . . . basses and lC1y HOHOF Society assemblies and PTA violas joining in . . . the brassy notes of a Fren e -5-ff'-'f GFS the C1f1F1UCIl concerts, Whlfih are 9UQe"lY Horn . . . another orchestra concert in the u- ' . "' Ted Gnd well l'eCelVeCl by the 0UClienC9- Under the able direction of Mr. Julia Helm iiirlohvlag jar Sfringd , I .ff , . 1, V w realize the time and work involved in the 0"Cl'e5l"0 has 9"0Wn from C' first Y90' 9 ' gi EJ organization of a well--coordinated orchestra. We are of fwelve lo GH overwhelming 5eVenlY- indeed fortunate to have such a fine group working Highlighting the orchestra activities, whi i"' A de for us. "Let's give a yell for Myers Park High School." "These serious musicians are the officers of the band and orchestra." Reading left to right: Lillian Foote COrchestra Vice- Presidentl, Nick Collins fBand Presidentj, Ralph Winkler fOrchestra Presidentj, Herman Kissiah fBand Vice-Presidentl. page one hundred three hi- club N 1 I I ar .Hai 1 1 1 f 7 A f EPZ ! f. .+ . 'R 1. 2 r 1 P XA , 2 I-fx'W'f""'. H A Bible in every 'ilg vf -9-iffgf s on to be used in assem- blies! This worthy goal f t , ds: e successfully completed. Vfrf A' 5 Such a project is but o e ci f t e Hi-Y boys' service, which has also been reflected in m ny'at eyfpr lects and activities. The Hi-Y is best known as a service clu a It a,s5,such, has built its name. xf page one hundred four "Hi-Y officers and advisor admire with Dr. French their gift of a large Bible to the school before it is presented in assembly." Standing, left to right, are Bobby Powell fVice-Presidentj, Joe Wearn fSecretaryl, Dr. French, Mr. Feimster fAdvisorl, Bruce Skidmore fChaplainl, Tate Bowers QPresidentJ. "Morry voices his opinion in a typical Hi-Y meeting." Standing: Tate Bowers. Reading left to right. First row: Henry Willard, Bobby Powell. Second row: Butch Farabow, Curt Rogers, Morry Johnston, Buddy Emmerke. Third row: Joe Wearn, John Godwin, Roy Bradley, Billy Nightingale, Bruce Skidmore. Fourth row: Tommy Cordle, Bill Van Every, Sut Alexander, David Hefelfinger, Mr. D. G. Whitfield. I I I I I I "Treasurer Billy Nightingale presents the 'Big Bible' to Carroll Rogers, president of the junior high Student Council, at a junior high assemblyf futur teachers of america tgeflce.--i 3 ' 1'gAf f we , Once C1 m ilu ciwgfbu of Myers PGI'lC Sludertfs pul' "President of the club, Connie Lucas, talks to the 'Future Teachers aside ,he- things ufrom the other of America' who are Cornie Riviere, Ann Kelly, Elizabeth Glover, Side of e de KA on the selves Hfuture teach' Ann Tilly, Jean McDougle, Gail Sanders, Ann Sellers, Darla Burke, H ,. :Z 25.55, Dottie Wells, Carolyn Mason, and Harriet Watwood, as Miss Lafferty ers' N r and Miss Baker CAdvisorsJ look on approvinglyf' DisEussion i s, and peakers have given the memb Q t e A bettfr understanding of their C 0si , Rgetheri if be in the field of teachingxo related: ork. jf Believilhqlhatlgflfnowlerye is Power," the FTA is striving to ddgitsgiart 1 spread a desire for that knowledge at r ark. In the fall of this year a new club was formed at Myers Park, a new type of club for Charlotte as well as for the school. This "pioneer," the Myers Park Junior Engineers Club, seeks to promote in our school the profession of engineering and to give students interested in it as a vocation an opportunity to find just what it contains. The members of the club meet twice a month and also attend meeting of the Charlotte Engineers Club. "At the Engineers Club meeting-President Doug Stewart briefly outlines the ingredients of the club's 'secret weapon' CSee MUSTANG write-upD." Reading left to right: First row: Teddy Kraft, Joe Wearn, Dick Holland, Mike Givens, Don Denton, Tom Wilder, Bill Hellier, Bill Alexander, lightsey Wallace, Charlie Overcarsh, Mason Chrisman. Second row: Larry Stell, John Kuykendall, Joe Norman, Harry Pearson, Frank Leister, Burwell Shore, Paul Biggers, Hugh Campbell, Paul Poley, Mr. Eller fAdvisorD, Billy French, Johnny Rose, Houston Gay. Third row: Calvin McGahee, Randy Bigger. Manfred Emmrich, Jimmy Lee, Steve Koszewski, Woocly Burns, Winborne Springs, Tommy Bost, David Pearsall. ngineers club - . eff? 7- fd MW" gif 'jfdfn in order to help proriiote iafgrhestifiinpangineeririig, the Charlotte Engineers Club rgiiritlylonated aflarge sum of money to the! Myer? Park . lub .Lok be? used for equipping the Scieitce Deiartmen . 'Z -V This is surely the figist goo? yearfin af-gggga-s.sian of fruitful years for a grgzup offxoung people whojgvant to know more and interestinglbub- ject of engineering. y-,gl 'Ifiw.f.f.M....,,.,.,.-New-f-"""""'T page one hundred five SALLY FORTE CHead Cheerleaderl RITA PARRISH PUDDIN VAN EVERY MARY JANE MAYHEW NANCY COCHRAN SANDRA GOODMAN ELEANOR ALLEN LINDA WALKER TUCKER EVERETT ,l 'Wi .sl AMA' -'Q ff' ,D senior high cheerleaders AK 77 fue jgaf 7WuJfang .S-Jlairif "Now when we turn a cartwheel, ya'll yell 'Fight'!" There are the cheerleaders, smiling at the Myers Park fans and leading them in cheers. These nine girls are fine examples of true school spirit. lt takes a little more than jumping around at a game to be a cheerleader. You have to practice until you're so sore you can't sit down, but the important thing is that you have to feel a deep loyalty and love to your school and classmates. So when you see these nine girls, dressed in their kelly green and white, yelling with all their hearts, you can feel mighty proud that they represent Myers Park. "Let's give 'em a hand!" They're the greatest! I L .14-nl A "'lt's only l0r', Mister. Come on . . . buy a program !' "Up side down" page one hundred six junior high cheerleaders "I'm a Mustang, couldn't be prouder . . ." Nine vivacious junior Mustangs cheer their basketball and football teams to victory. Whether it be a win, lose, or draw, they still have that Myers Park spirit and try to get the crowd to "yell a little louder." Besides cheering, these girls sell programs at senior high sports events and assist the athletic department in other ways. "l'm a Mustang, couldn't be prouder . . ." and when these girls yell that cheer, we know they really mean it! adm he s. CARROLL ROGERS LYDIA WILLARD CHoad Cheerleaderl ELLEN ROSE MARGIE DAVIS AE GAIL SWINSON BONNIE CURRIE KAY HART KATIE CARPENTER PAT STALLINGS Fi, . , si, ,W sz "Shout students shout, halleluiahln page one hundred seven 'EJw3,,,S-'SL.om4.4xYZ..L.0.3x.b-BRIS. JA-5,g,JgL,,N3o.9-A ka..-..-.A.... W X'Lw.o--'N-Q NX aww voohblxud, 'b.N.....-Q -bodcih.-.x. LOJV Q0-fvvxg CM! "Ak0"V"z' ull' GM., L.3.:..-J-k-i-ko.z-S l 0 .,..,..4 o s I X X gxx athlet cs I rn a Musiang, couIdn't be prouderl' the bus full of loyal hearts cheer on green and whale tassels waver In the brisk wand Charge' those Hardmg baslceiball games Conference Champs runnmg track fenms champs golf champs Our teams improved each year We learned sportsmanship--co operahon leadershap and wsth thus learmng came a deeper feelmg f loyalty' Il 4 . . - - n u - . . . . . . , . . . . . . . O u I . outstanding athletes cd my aw on you DAVID PEARSALL Tennis AL HARRIS Gof DAVID BUSBIN Football JOHN STAFFORD Basketball VANCE HOUSTON Track page one hundred mme A fr 5 HW T. Q. 3 I 6 , ,f , x I .X Ig YN N Iii' X ,x I l I I' N5 , I- KX ui V,4 ,I I . fI+T"'?' I , l "We look to MANFRED EMMRlCH and DOUGLAS STEWART lCo-Captainsj for leadership." C0l'05 BOBBY LANE JOHN BLACK DICKIE DICKSON Tackle Quarterback Guard mustang gridironers The '55 Mustangs, although lacking an impressive "won-lost" record, thrilled spectators in games against top-notch competition across the state. In the Greater Charlotte AA Conference, however, Myers Park came in second, the best accomplishment of her four--year football history. Two new-comers ioined Coach Purcell to make up the coaching staff, Offensive Line Coach Johnny Guiton and Defensive Line Coach Jack Sink. Three trips were taken by the team this year, one Myers Park North to Davidson, Monroe, and Winston-Salem. The first Myers park Reidsville was the opening game when North was downed 27-6. The Mustangs met defeat at the hands of Mon- Myers Park East roe and Winston-Salem Gray, the last two games of the season. The battle at Monroe provided a thrilling MYe"5 Pafk Hvrding first half with the Mustangs ahead at its close. A series of end runs in the final two periods, however, Myers Park Hanes proved to be the "straw that broke the Mustang's Myers Park West back." The seasoniended with an exciting game against Gray In Winston-Salem when the opponent Myers Pork Albemarle managed to score early in the first period, and from then to the final gun, it was a contest of defense. Myers Pgrk Moo,-esville Paul Biggers was elected "Linen'1an of the Week" for his outstanding defensive play. Myers Park Monroe One non-home game was played in Charlotte, Myers Park Gray when the Mustangs were the guests of a powerful LARRY ROGERS JOHN HILL HENRY WILLARD LEWIS PATTON ELLIOTT SCHWARTZ BUDDY RESNICK PAUL BIGGERS uurterbcck Tackle End Fullback Center Guard Guard EDDIE LOWE BURWELL SHORE JOHNNY GRIFFITH PAUL POLEY NICK COLLINS MANFRED EMMRICH ROY SANDERS fullback Tackle Halfback Tackle Halfback Guard Guard H7763 j0llfA6!0lUfI, 3 .As U Harding team. After holding their own in the first half, Myers Park gave in to the superior strength and reserves of their city rival. The Mustangs entertained six teams this year, five of them at Memorial Stadium and one at Griffith Park. The latter was their Homecoming contest, which ended in a 'I3-I3 tie with a highly-spirited Moores- ville team. Their opening game in the stadium was with Reidsville, a team which finished the season un- defeated and won the state AA Championship. After leading through the first half, the "second half blues" allowed the visitors to score twice on long runs. The Mustangs finished on the short end of a 26-I4 score. John Black was voted "Outstanding Back of the Week" for his fine work in this game. The following week the Mustangs downed East 20-7, a game highlighted by excellent running and blocking. After falling to Harding, the team defeated Hanes of Winston-Salem I9-I3 on October 9. Because of his outstanding line play against Hanes, Burwell Shore was picked "Lineman of the Week" by The Charlotte Observer. The next week, Myers Park routed West 26-O, a guarantee for second place in the GCAA. The last game in the stadium was a 26-O loss to a strong Albemarle eleven. The feature of the '54-'55 squad was David Busbin, all-city halfback who led this area in scoring and rushing. This year thirty-five boys won monograms, of this number twenty-one were seniors, nine iuniors, and five sophomores. PAT GREGORY DOUG STEWART HUGH CAMPBELL BUTCH FARABOW JIMMY VILLAS JERRY NUCKOLLS TED CONRAD Center Halfback Guard Fullback TGCIKIS l'IUIfbUCI4 V1 DAVID BUSBIN JOHN GODWIN RONNIE HULTS JOHNNY HAWN WOODY BURNS TOMMY WALKER DAVID MATTHEWS Halfback Center End Tackle Halfback End Halfback C6 9 -- fxwgelj. Reading left to right: First row: Manager Wayne Smith, Curt Rogers, Tommy Cordle, Vloody Burns, Jimmy Grant, Roy Sanders, Tommy Meador, Leighton McGinnis, Johnny Griffith, David Lowrance, Nick Collins. George Collins, Manager Gregory Hopping. Second row: Coach Gus Purcell, Bill Van Every, Larry Rogers, Joe Soldati, Butch Farabow, Pat Gregory, Dickie Dickson, Buddy Resnick, Bruce Skidmore, Jerry Nuckolls, Buzzv O'Bricn, Bobby Powell, Elliott Schwartz, Coach .lack Sink. maf ,Qi wad, Q . ,ai V'- N-al ,Q ... ,, 'i P i " ' : i J--- ' i Q Third row: Ted Conrad, Hugh Campbell, Ronnie Hults, Lee Mullis, John Godwin, Jimmy Glenn, Eddie Lowe, Jimmy Villas, Ed Gallagher. Fourth row: Frank Leister, Johnny Hawn, Manfred Emmerich, Burwell Shore, Doug Stewart, Henry Willard, Lou Patten, David Matthews, John Black, Charlie Brown. Fifth row: Rex Lane, Paul Poley, Paul Biggers, Bobby Rhyne, Joe Fulton, John Hill, David Busbin, Tommy Walker. Glif joofgaf ! 77 Stopped cold! Action on the bench l flul l 3 PAUl BIGGERS JOHN BLACK BURNVELI. SHORE PAUL POLEY Most Valuable Outstanding Bock Outstanding Lineman Outstor-ding Linemcnn f 0 77 ..CbZe 6 llfe eel' UV... These ciwords ore mczde onnuolly to the three outstanding players cs voted by the teom itself. Due to cz tie in the voting, two trophies were given to outstanding linemen. Pop LeNeove, who makes the most vol- ucible ployer cword possible, was on hond to present the trophy. 66 fren mode Ko fo Quiet, great mind at workl' Reading left to right: First row: Max Smythe, Walter Franklin, Bozie Willard, Chan Richards, Drew Dinsmore, Loft, Mercer McClure, Bobby Cordle, Billy Carr, Hal Beaver, Jimmy Howie lManagerl. Second row: Reggie Holderfield fManagerl, Charles Powell, Ralph Emmrich, Ruddy Mansfield, Jimmy Bush. Clayton Bundy, Bobby Hord, Mike Shulman, Zack Thomas, Linton Wray, Johnny Hunter. H "Captain Shulman hands off to Captain Allison." Third tow: Coach Tom Braaten, Bobby Stone, George Harris, Joe Johnson, David Underwood, John Solda1i, Frankie MacDonald, Ted Coleson, Lynwood Mallard. Fourth row: Harrison Wellford, Jimmy Mooney, Bruce Murdock, John Shaw, Ben Gallagher, Paul And'-rson, Steve Blucher, Billy Wallace, Graham Allison. A ome are ing n After a city championship in 1953, the Colts this year were a bit weaker due to the loss of the entire first string. They turned in a record of one win, three losses, and two ties. Led by Coach Tom Braaten for the second year, the Colts showed de- termination and spirit in all of their games. The Junior Mustangs opened their schedule at Richard Field in October with Harding. Although the game ended in a 6-6 tie, it was their best showing of the year. For the second consecutive year the Myers Park-Alexander Graham tilt turned out to be a hard-fought 13-13 tie. Still un- able to break into the winning column, the Colts tasted defeat at the hands of Piedmont, 20-7 in the last of October. Stopping their downward skid, the Colts overpowered Haw- thorne by a 31-O count. The Ramlets of Harding turned out the light of a city championship for the Colts by rolling over them 20-7. The Junior Mustangs closed their season in November with their second loss of the season to Piedmont by a 19-6 score. 49 I Q 5 y 4 . 112:55 ..-A-fn M 'S' aff ' ,J vi' ' xr-', 2. fy 1'.'f , .,.V K Q . rx 1 r 5, .SL Q85 In I:,- A-D , '. If In JOHN BLACK Forward JOHN HILL Center BEN SMITH Forward GORDON CHRISTAIN Forward TED CONRAD Forward BILL PIERCE Guard INKY THOMAS Guard TOMMY WALKER Forward JERRY CLARK Guard DAVID PEARSALL Guard BOBBY MCCLURE Guard JOHN STAFFORD Forward DOUG STEWART Forward KEN OWEN Cenier MIKE BRASWELL Guard Zdf Jimi " "Courf 'Giants' John Black and John Siafford fMus1ang Captainsjf' .Dil 9' Y X A29 L- ' E' X 133.1 r v.',2 ,f - 5 A " Y' ff' ' '1 B m, Ng, 66 ZW, .link 5 ,man 3 'nYt .3 43, Up in the air Junior Mustang." ff? fx Reading left to right: Standing: Rudy Mansfield, Linton Wray, Lynwood Mallard, Robert Summerville, Jimmy Mooney, Lowell Mason, Graham Allison, Zach Thomas, and Milne Shulman. Seated: Coach Johnny Guiton Reading left to right: Seated: Bill Carr tManagerD, Gordy Robertson, Jimmy Peterson, Harrison Wellford, Coach Guiton, Ben Gallagher, Paul Anderson, Ed Sibilsky, Larry Harris, and David Burns fManagerJ. y ,, immer gmmer . The i954 Junior High cagers and their brand new coach, Johnny Guiton, hit it off like next-door neigh- bors, and together they went ahead to win the city championship. The Colts faced a ten game schedule, eight of them being conference games. The remaining two were games with Arlington Junior High of Gas- tonia, and the Colts managed to win only one of them. In the conference, however, the Junior Mus- tangs fared better by boasting a 6-2 record against rigid competition. Although they fell to Alexander Graham and Harding once, they came back later in the season to defeat the same teams. In addition to this, they rolled over Hawthorne and Piedmont twice. The Colts boasted a versatile team with nine boys alternating on first string throughout the season. Some of these boys show great promise forthe Junior Varsity or even the Varsity next year. The team was captained by Robert Summerville, also high scorer of the squad. Possibilities for next year are very bright. The eighth grade team, led by David Underwood, Bill Wallace, and Mercer McClure, were undefeated in games with other teams. cc j!lQ C 6Llfl'll015 77 5501171 O!! Qi2lii at's what it takes to get in shapel' am ai fn? Q 2 ,Q- 'mx globe trott rs The fall of T954 found the Mustangs of Myers Park High School producing for the first time a cross country team. Coached by Tom Braaten, these boys trained every afternoon from October through November. Lack of high school competition found the younger Mustangs losing three and winning one. The greenies were defeated by the freshmen of the University of North Carolina, North Caro- lina State, and McCauley Prep School. The morgin of defeat was small, however, with a difference of no more than seven points in all three losses. In their only high school meet the Mustang harriers outran the Burlington club 38-20. Fastest of the Mustangs were Bill Van Every, Verner Stanley, Buddy Connor, Dick Gates, and Bob Powell. Completing the team were Voris Brookshire, Don McNeil, and John McAuley. This group, under the fine leadership of Coach Braaten, be- gan a sport at Myers Park which should prove to be a terrific success in the future. Bill Van Every, Bobby Powell, Don McNeil, Verner Stanley, Dick Gates, John McAuley, Buddy Connor. tl'HCk '1Q,,,,,,,1 mf ,mf uw, ,OH Coached by Tom Braaten and paced by Co-Captains Vance Houston and Kenny Foard in 1954, Myers Park's track team finished its best season. Although they started the season with defeats by Charlotte Central in a dual meet and in the city- county invitational, and a loss to Davidson's freshmen, they picked up speed, placing second to Burlington's strong team in the Queen City Relays, winning a quadrangular meet with North, East, and Rock Hill, and winning the GCAA by a wide margin. The speedsters finished their season by placing fourth in the North Carolina High School State track meet at Chapel Hill. The team scoring was led by versatile Vance Houston with sprinter Johnny Griffith, quarter-miler Gregory LeNeave and miler Bill Van Every giving ample support. Lettering in 1954 were Ken Foard, Ernest Young, Leon Bailey, Vance Houston, Gregory LeNeave, Kenneth Green, Dick Gates, Wilson McNeary, Tony Guiles, Larry Stell, Steve Partridge, Butch Farabow, Bill Graham, Bill Van Every, Bruce Skidmore, Roy Bradley, Paul Biggers, Johnny Griffith, and Jerry Greene. The squad plans for a better season next year with returning sprinter and shot putter Vance Houston, sprinters Johnny Griffith, and Roy Bradley and distance runners Bill Van Every, Roy Bradley, Dick Gates, Bruce Skidmore, and Buddy Connor, who will provide rough competition for other tracksters in the state. In the field events, weight man Paul Biggers and high iumper John Stafford will be back and are being counted on for con- sistent performances. Reading left to right First row Dick Gate Buzzy OBrien Johnny Second row: Bobby Powell, Lee Mullis, Vance Houston, Johnny G ff th B Skd R B adley Bill Van Every Pat Gregory, Rose, Buddy Connor, Paul Biggers, Tom Best, Coach Braaten. ...E tenni H Reading left to right: David Pearsall, Gordon Christian Jerry -,4ngfA,'ng you can Jo, we can Jo Leffe,," Clark, Tommy Bost, Walter Scott, Finly Lee, Elliott Schwartz Jack Lowe, and Jacques Macy. ln the 'I954 season, Myers Park turned out its first undefeated tennis team and in addition a state singles champion. The Mustangs copped T6 victories against no losses. Among their victims were Central High and Davidson's freshmen twice each. At the annual state tournament in Raleigh, Myers Park made the best showing of their history. The doubles team of Jacque Macy- Tommy Bost defeated the first seeded team and reached the semi-finals. David Pearsall, how- ever, was the real pride and ioy of Myers Park. David, who is only a junior, went to Raleigh second seeded. His determination to win, plus his consistency were the big guns, and he re- turned home with first place in singles competi- tion. The team owes a gread deal of its success to Coach Tom West, whose untiring efforts helped the team achieve a perfect season. The team has an unusually bright future, losing only one man, Captain David Bradford. Lettermen for the sec- son were David Pearsall, Bob Huffaker, Jerry Clark, Finley Lee, Tommy Bost, Jacques Macy, David Bradford, Gordon Christain, Elliott Schwartz, and manager John Kuykendall. Lee and Christian received their first monogram, Pearsall, Bost, Macy, and Schwartz took two year honors, and Huffaker, Clark, and Bradford were honored for the third time. ,.-1 A., . 8 QS' ' Q "Out of this world "United we stand Led by Captain Gene Lookabill, the Mustang golfers played twenty matches, losing only two. Highspot of the year was the 33-3 victory over the UNC freshman team. The position of the top six men in order is: Gene Loolca- bill, Verner Stanley, Buzzy Basinger, Walter Summerville, Gary Heesernan, and Al Harris. Others competing were Sut Alexander, Bill Heil, Bob Oliver, and Larry Harris. The Mustang's top four golfers succeeded in capturing their third straight state championship. The prospects for the coming season are very bright with lettermen Harris, Heeseman, Alexander, and Stanley returning plus several boys rising from Junior High. "Nothing could be finer than to be in Carolina in the mor :rg Marshall Basinger, Clayton Bundy. Lawson Stanley, Jimmy Trotter, Wayne Smith, Mr. Sheppard. Myers Park's iunior high golf team had a fine undefeated season for l954. They ran over every opponent with the exception of Greenville. The team started their season with a win over Piedmont by a score of 32-4. This was followed by a win over Greenville, 9-8, and another slaughter over Piedmont, 33-3. Regular team members were Robert Summerville, John Shaw, John Brabson, and Johnny Turner. junior baseball The iunior high baseball team of 1954 made history by being the first to win a game since Myers Park first opened. Coached by John Pyron, the Greenies lost seven games against this lone victory. The iuniors fell to Harding, Hawthorne, and Oakhurst twice each. High- lighting the season was the win over Piedmont, with Stuart Cook and Jimmy Mooney slamming homers. Cecil Balderson and Buddy Herring, both in rare pitching form, shared the mound duties. The Colts, with a great deal more experience under their belts, are looking forward to a better season next spring. Returning lettermen will be Jimmy Mooney and Chan Richards. Coach Purcell will assume the coaching duties. Reading left to right: First row: Perry Turnipseed, Jimmy Peterson, Lynwood Mallard, Bill Turtelloit, Bruce Murdoch, Billy Wallace, Ben Gallagher, Jimmy Mooney, Buddy Herring, Bobby Stone, Norman Stewart. Second row: Dickie Rhyne, Gains Wilburn, Don McCouch, Hal Tribble, Phil Hazel, Scotty Trotter, Bill McGinny, Rick Hulse, Robert Cordle, Goody Thomas, Herby Mackelvain, Harry Pressman. Third row: Coach Purcell, Jim Rainey, Tommy Rogers, Elliott Ginn, Jimmy Bush, Bobby Hord, Ed Sibilsky, Gus Toole, Zach Thomas, Larry Harris, Bili Jennings. 'Get that ball right in the pocket!" baseball 65049 me ouf fo fA2 g6lI'YlPu Reading left to right: First row: Jimmy Lee, Joe Norman, Ronnie Tuttle, Mike Welchel, Butch Rogers, Gippy Reid. Second row: Clark Council, Dick Stills, John Godwin, Freddie Hirsch, Tommy Cordle, Leighton McGinn. Third row: Tommy Hartis, Pete Thomas, Henry Willard, George Barber, Bill Stevenson. Fourth row: Max Holder, Larry Smith, Randy Bigger, Cecil Balderson, Jimmy Pfohl. Fifth row: Coach Sink, Billy Ashendorf, Paul Poley, Bill Pierce. "Trying to beat that ball to first base . . ." After a dismal record the first year of competition, the 1954 senior high baseball team, under the capable guidance of Coach Gus Purcell, won its first games in its short diamond history. After a stunning defeat in their opening game, the Mus- tangs bounced back to stun arch-rival Harding 3-2 in the best- played game of the season. The "steeds" played flawless ball afield. After a hard-fought loss to East, 6-5, the Mustangs took West 7-4 with a tremendous last inning rally of five runs providing the margin. The "steeds" were defeated by North, Central, and West. Then they stunned everyone by defeating Tech, IO-9, a game in which the Mustangs fought off a last inning rally to cop the victory. They wound up the season with three wins and nine losses. Coaching duties in the coming season will be assumed by Jack Sink, who will take over the spot vacated by Gus Purcell. Made at Purcell's suggestion, the shift is the first step in equaliz- ing coaching duties in Myers Park's rapidly-expanding athletic program. ,uw ,-.....g favs. 1. Ju.. W N ,,, .1 - .1-aunt-1:-.-SZ' l , I is A -,--- - A ----- - ---'-A4A,......., ,,.,,,,.,,,,,,,,.,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,.,.,,, MM, x -, V ,,,,,...,,,,,.,, ..-. .......... .......................................................-.,.............:::.:,,-fr..f,-f,,......,,,x, Y-f:,:,,,,,:,,, T 7 7 ,W W -. 4,-,gg , ., Zffghgiig 'gm 1 lm., - L, ' 11:12 1. .iz . . 11+ ".:.:,p:, . ':': :'r' + 'Ur' iM 4 4 ' """':9 9 N ' Q , . ..p .:i,,.-5mygliluwqqoeu1astrailllilllIIIOIUDISGS9-"'l0ll'l'i5555:i3?'"""'4Y"Ati-335533335544 Y' 'A A75-YY' YY'95' YY:-4:7 YYA- AMY 'Agri 'gl' ..'9'7L,i. -....-...n quggna-nngunuuounuuaagnnshl DQIIUU ' K Bl - .3 f, , ',Ll ,m, ...M - 'gm -- - V A U, YN ' Mwyy, Vw' Q an 8 , 1 K' A A , , . ,N -.A-, . A, A 1 kk . -2 6. 'gfmifk uf' . iw- ' 'H . ' -A .. Y .. -. .. if-' "-.. , W ,. 'w'Z--ffw VU' 29 -.ff 4 -1- 'W W 'Mgr M -:..,. . . .9 .x - ' -- ' W." J N 'V' ,Q A -..xii K H42 ' ' , K. f 1. . 5 W" M" ,-fi! W A W '-'W' L .-',',: W.. ' 1- Zi' - 14?-4 qi Gft"Q!Q: Fi? , 'xi X, .1 ga' wk . 1, A N .,.,,,.- -My-:SHE N X. ' 5 Q 5' 'W' W " " , Q"'wW A V M "f',""2 J". H' ' 6 s N' . - 3- , N 1 ' Y' Mgt! 4 ' ,A ...pq -. nj, f Q vw .. . a, A ,. V- lv-Yu ,""l'w.f, b.Q -f , . Q' 'KW if W' 11 - -'X - if.. f -. L . . M fffl-W,-f' N k 5 -il V ,mn S ,N -.- 3 -if .. L- I5 'L 5 '29 ff ' 'f 1 'f rf ' -ef-... .f.,f,,',, H V Jaya-A' ' . .. - V , . - . 'Q V 1 . - -- " -, A H." f 1, " J, 1 N - ' ' in -4 ss " X sv , ' 'QA - , ' K I-fx ' - ,as Mx' f ""- A ' R X 'P ,- ' h -f I " ' A U., ' ', , Q -.- N- ---f 'Sf' ' .. H f' M . - W' vs! 'V X 4, ' '- I , .1 5: ft' .-ffm 52, , A - v.'5.1"' 4 W' , -M - - n lf -f- ,, ,f' N. - " ?f , "' .- 'W' Q' ?1 1 1,:'l9N -F-fir' We-nas V X 'bg xg, A at 'sa , ,: ff-"4 1' -P. .rj M 435, Ia 5 f ' . " Q fi . A 1-I 2 3- M 'df' " - fr: .An ' -N - - ' ..,. - N1 X..fwrx. '!-l. "N xg Y 2-0' 4 - -Q4 5 NSN Q - 'X T' in 'N I 1 R :5' B " 1 .- ex ' . Is' ' 'lx 3 'V 5 fx . ..s" R K , ., xp f jf ' - 'U s-Il V ' . ,.ff' - ...N - - -- x Mo fs- M... 21? -"f-N2 , , Xa. ' .1 I . Q, A H .. v V X ' fmt' A fr we Q" p-5 lk KS, "- Y. N Y 3 4. ' - 5 -' " A S, , m-W, '- -'Q 'gn ' as - 's ' . K J Y J , f V ,Q 7 SQ' ' In ' X ' ha' tw, A V' N N. - , tin 4 si Ir. 7 3. . ' ' "' 4' X " " ' . M" ' - vf 5 W .,.,Q.h-nil. 5 . 1 b 3 'I 'xml' , 5 N Q ..fe. N ' ' lf w ,., Ng "' Q 'fr W -T--Us-r NS"'i 'H' ,.Q"4f if Q ,, - , . . ' A, S 'I J - ' 9' 1 . Q, P fg. -5. rg, ' ' X 9. ,ww X-N A1 Q r 'Y' M ul. .4 K' ' 'L ' Q M 4 N F V'- -n ,,, - V 3 . .' My ang, A .. -J-R' ' ' . '4 9 f A -on H " Z X 4' 5 - s 9' 'W ' xg-fr A N S T" . Q ev- f "' 4- A -M 5. ww ' me M- . . fr xx' 16' 1 fl f U- , Kc N., .P -v ff .EY 1' Q 2' al sz fx , . . 3 ' X! wa . 'wg-x ,... "' "' , fl k . "fix Q mf? lv ma T M W' , 3' , V 7 1 "' ' ,. ' M - -A ' A ., .-ff ... ,, "' .f 8 .N-nn t ' ' A 'A 31. 'h k kivh A ...ef :Q 4 .G s ni. . Q wg , . v 'S 'S-.f --,.'L"""UQV --.- f A ,QM 4' ., , I.. 1 , Y. WY ' W- fi 5,2-Y-ov ' , '. Q... . .gb . -1 A- K . "'-'uf wr" .5 s I, -", n, . ' My ' k , ,v 'S . m Y' , .f ww., ,J If aw., ... X 1 .- N... f-Q .. .. Q . if ,- -M ... . Q .sf ,.,.-i ., -,A W W Q X ., ,wr ,uf 5' A' we----f-' - , , J y 3 5, X Q.,--irc 1 Y . 'K 54. 'war fl.. .J Q, . 'N Q Til f .17 ii -4 ,1- ,I"f3,i.i3f 2 ffm! K V ar x If , 5 N fx .. W 3 4 fa . -1 - . 4' mv-W " W R .bw 5 W.. . , . . .a'i"'ff -v. ' . xx A ,Av 3. V, 'f"4t,. ' n n Adu,-I 1 ff' , I fy , vb PATSY LINEBERGER ELIZABETH GLOVER CONNIE LUCAS MARILYN MESSERLY JULIA MORRIS BETTY BOSTON DIANA ERVIN TOOTSIE SHEPPARD MARGARET MARTIN MARY CATHERINE JONES JACKIE McLARN BETTY BARRETT "Looks like a tough battle to hold on to that ball!' basketball The senior high girls began their annual basketball practice on November twenty-ninth. Forty-five girls came out for the practices held every Monday, Thurs- day, and Friday. This year twenty members were selected to play on one team. Twelve girls played on the main varsity and the others acted as substitutes. The team played three games with both Harding and Central. The Fillies broke Harding's five-year winning streak. Forwards for this year were: Julia Morris, Margaret Martin, Marilyn Messerly, Patsy Lineberger, Jackie McLarn, Tootsie Sheppard, Betty Boston, and Mary Catherine Jones ico-captainj. Connie Lucas, Diana Ervin, Betty Barrett, and Elizabeth Glover Cco-captainl were guards. The team was coched by Miss Hilda Scott. "Miss Scott CCoachJ, shows Co-Captains iMary Catherine Jones and Elizabeth Gloverl, how it's done." 46 Reading left to right: First row: Tonda Taylor, Barbara Sublett, Claudia Hollidge, Leigh McKinney, Sue Lane, Nancy Hawkins, Gail Swinson, Nancy Carroll. Second row: Scimmie Vermillion, Martha McDonald, Carroll Rogers, Millie ftboni Emp egfv Fields, Ruth Lee Phillips, Judy Fitziohn, Anna Jean Mayhew, Phyllis Boone, Judy Mathews, Joanne Cooper, Mikey Moon lMan:1gerl. The junior high girls' basketball team won the majority of its games, ending the year with an im- pressive record. The team ot sixteen was composed of twelve ninth graders and four eighth graders. Outstanding for- wards were Gail Swinson, Claudia Hollidge, and Leigh McKinney, while Carrol Rogers, Sammie Ver- million, and Ruthlee Phillips were the defensive stars. Miss Betsy Norwood coached the team. Myers Myers Myers Myers Myers Myers Myers Myers Myers Park Park Park Park Park Park Park Park Park Their record was as follows: Piedmont 37 Piedmont 48 Hawthorne T3 Hawthorne 40 Country Day Al A. G. 24 A. G. 36 Harding 37 HUfdlnQ 31 "Let's get that rebound, Myers Parklw " 'A' Team substitutes start a game of their own.' Reading left to right: Mary Hunter Kennedy, Ann Kelly, Margaret Carpenter, Diana Ervin, Betty Hunt, Fran Jerman, Dorcas Lineberger. page one hundred twenty seven Reading left to right: Mary Catherine Jones, Lillian Shannonhouse, Suzanne Ross, Nell Archer, Elizabeth Glover, Marilyn Mosserly. QOH: f5i,f,.,,,, .zzvm 574. Gran." At the beginning of the year a girls' golf team was formed. Each member of this team, to improve her game, took lessons every Tuesday afternoon for six weeks. After a short inactive period, the girls again brought out their clubs as the weather began to turn warm. They held several matches, climaxing their season with an intrcmural tournament. The team was composed of eight girls: Nell Archer, Suzanne Ross, Lillian , Margaret Martin, Mary serving as captain. Shannonhouse, Elizabeth Glover, Sandra Smith Catherine Jones, and Marilyn Messerly, with Lillian swimming gi. The girls' swimming club has played an active senior high athletic programs. With Marilyn Messerly as this year's president, the organization has grown considerably since it was formed in 1952. In October the club began working on a water ballet, called "Winter Capers." Two performances of this show were given at the Y.W.C.A. in December. With spring the club's emphasis shifted to racing. The girls worked on their dives and swam many extra laps in order to improve their speed by one or two seconds. As the climax of their work, all girls were entered in a big meet at the "Y," part in both the iunior and 4 , t, .,,,, .,.,. . Left to right: Mary Catherine Jones, I rf 't Iwi im g? +""'Z1":"":,I V Judy Mathews, Elizabeth Glover, I ' N+""".+,.--, , Nancy Gilley, Nell Archer, Margaret ' - if . "sz -... Martin, Marilyn Messerly, Sandra T' 'gp-"., I - Smith, Calla Anne Bolen, Janice Bryant, pi' ' if '1-" E+., Charlotte Alexander. is l IVX Reading left to right: Mary Catherine Jones, Marilyn Messerly, Elizabeth Glover, Ann Kelly, Elinor Taylor, Dorcas Lineberger, Elizabelh Bowen, O t9I1I1l 'wharf 41, ji, "Intro-squad march." softball left row: Connie Lucas, linda Walker, Sara Lau Merriman, Sara Ann Corey, Mary Catherine Jones, Marilyn Messerly. Right row: Elizabeth Glover, Tucker Evereti, Olivia Warley, Mary Jane Mayhew, Margaret Martin. l.oos lke c ht, 1' f , ,, , . vi L. W s w 1 . q 1 -. 7 V , 1 A 1 ' x X Q - ?,a 32,5 "'-H. 31 f A .il ' Q Q :Z N5 . - ,. M 3 gtk -:avg 1 Sag K9 Q' if ID Xl awww? X. 1 may-. W. . Q gh., KK. gig 'ii iii via' M ' ' ' '?2g','ff'Mf-si g Lg? il 5? fl' Q27 ,V ,Q ,. d i monogram club gm Of wfufe All rught all rnght I m gettung your coke lust keep your shnrtwalst ln"' exclalms one of the Monogram Club members as he frantucally pulls the cold soda bottles out for the hungry sp ctators to buy A screamung mob around the concessuon stand at our home basketball games IS a tamnluar sight And even more famulnar are the Monogram boys workung behind the stand These boys are athletes who have lettered In a varslty sport at Myers Park The profnts realuzed from the sale of these drunks and other re freshments are used to purchase every athletes first letters The purpose of the Monogram Club IS to further Interest and sportsmanship an athletics at Myers Park although It has always been wllllng to and In school service prolects at all times Reading left to rlght Flrst row John Stafford John Black Second row Bobby Lane Manfred Emmrnch Walter Farrls Paul Bggers Thlrd row Walter Scott Davld Pear all John Kuykendall Ted Conrad John Eddle Hlll David Mathews Dlckle Dickson Fourth row Johnny Hawn Jerry Clark Jlmmy Lee Henry Wlllard Doug Stewart Burwell Shore Larry Stell Flrley Lee Ronnie Hulse Fifth row Frank Lelster Tommy Cordl Joe Norman Eddie Lowe Keepmg the spectators happy at all our basketball games are Monogram Club officers Ellnott Schwart fSecretaryJ Manfred Emmruch LVICS Presldentj and Paul Blggers fPresldentl Not pictured Dick Gates Ureasurerl Butch Farabow Freddie Hirsch Tommy Bost Sutt Alexander Charles Brown Verner Stanley Donald Moore Hugh Campbell Roy Sanders Snxth row Gregory Hopping Woody Burns Jlmmy Grant Gordon Chrlstlan David Busbm Jerry Nuckols Lewis Patton Elliott Schwartz Randy Bigger Paul Poley Seventh row Larry Rogers Roy Bradley Pat Gregory Ed Gallagher Bobby McClure Johnny Griffith John Godwin Jimmy Glenn Jack Macy Tommy Walker Al Harrls mba page one hundred thirty one 66 7 0 7? 2 ll. 9 ,, . . , . . I - .- ,. 11 .. . D . . , , 2 I ' 2 ' T ,ss V 4 , . . . . . II I . . . . . Q F ' ' V - 1 1 . . . . , 1 1 . ' ' 3 5 1 - 1 1 1 1 I I I I , 1 1 1 - I . Z , , , ' 3 I ' 5 I I 1 1 1 1 I I I Q ' ' 1 I 1 I I : I I I I I I I I I' I 4 ' I I I I . I . A . . - 1 M. 1 , 1 , - be .I I I I 1. X. . 1 I 1 - 'Q i . I , E51 ,, , fi E 1 I 4 :si Ii' , V2 H N-1 My U N 'w V1 Y X, 1 XJ Y fu O' jf Wfafnd iffy ,W W fzf ff' ff ff! ff M' dw J features Homecomang That ole Mountain Dew Kung and Queen of Hearts Best All Around Mr and Mass Myers last prom Some dances we worked on others were Cl surprnse some honors we achrevecl others we dad not But all were a part of us and we cn part of all Together we shared thus our lute at Myers Park forever to be an our memory. f mu 1 - ll ' Park-soft lights, dreamy music, our 1 ' - 7 . ' I ' - n I ll ' i . .91 wide ,L ouefg f Cl' L,4f Hope these selections will be in tune with your Music theme All of the photos are beautiful, and any of the young ladies could win Sincyrely, 3 Bing CTOIUY page one hundred tlwlrty three 5 My 4 ' A ig -m . v L R "' Wi, ' - 1: f f 3 . r i ' A .Q f A K X' . eff, if ,. A , up 4 K , I' VA ji, -'TL , ap- wp-,gf , . 441' , if . 1 97 ' 0 00 N " - x , I4-97 ,rw 4 emily: X 16' 5 . S IG ' l wi Q07 'SI gf -if .. A N -My .W M mm f fi . .. 95 5 I vii? K in J 'Q . 'SRV , Em ' 11: . K . J I V M M I 5 -S 4' izizi ogncla Cuffer W ' ' f JLML M6 aro fn 1 er 3' 2 Ei' Q ,1 4 5 HX Q1 'T if :Q H. XR 'WE Q ax 'L fi in 5 I Q3 'EM gx 1 . 5 Q4 Z? . Q is f gl . : 'Z Q' Q wk L .!4I'll'L .NOAJOFL man l"QQl'lQ W4 1,01 wwf 61 W UQU!fA7!l!6! W C ,ICP iam ia i cu' fmikifgis .,.. '5 i545 u i ar IM cameron e am i 5 f Most Intellectual When the IongItudInol uves reach the threshold of Cludlblllfy the mugnummuty of the supersomc rays cause sound to be em tted JUNE TWEED SHORE 0 FRANK JORDAN A! t.Q si Best Lookmg These t o cl ays strlke lust the rght key HERMAN KISSIAH 0 LINDA CUTTER Cutest Note th s cute t osome' BILL PIERCE I SISSY MCNINCH Wuthest Best Dressed d Ia" Tuba tuba the char Hey Brd you try to pretend you ont um JOE NORMAN n ANN WILLINGHAM WMC" of Us S dressed mmf LILLIAN SHANNONHOUSE 0 TOMMY BOST 'L If - - - -- H, I - I, w , I w . Q I ,- g .4 , . 'l .1 . . 4 , U - - - I ,I w w I .' H - - , - I H II - I , In I . , , on I, . . . ,, . I cur? Most Popular Best All Ro d un Everybody Ink to st ng alo q these t Tops m pops? Tops n everythma' MARY JANE MAYHEW 0 JOHN BLACK WOODY BURNS 0 SALLY F ORTE up rlahves MZQCMQ Om u Most Likely to Succeed Biggest Heartbreakers "Heading for the top." "Breaks!" CONNIE BERNSTEIN 0 JOHN KUYKENDALL SARA JANE WOLFE 0 TOMMY WALKER f' Unsung Hero and I-Ieroune You er hear much about em but they sure do cu ba g p ob' TOM KNIGHT 0 BETTY BARRETT Most Talented Had t ouble th the fddle but th s thang ns dcwnr ght Impossible' LILLIAN FOOTE 0 RALPH WINKLER Frlendllest Looking extra hard fo so eo e to speak to ELLIOTT SCHWARTZ SUZANNE ROSS Best Dancers Boots does some f ncy stepp whl Nose goes' DAVID BUSBIN SANDRA GOODMAN Trix Most Athletnc I you o thletlc hy o e you playing that th ng? MARY CATHERINE JONES O JOHNNY GRIFFITH cc , 79 Obi IAQ lk? j0,05. Each year the Charlotte Chapters of the Daughters of the American Revolution sponsor an election for the girl who the Senior Class elects as having excelled in dependability, service, leadership, and patriotism. This year the honor went to Sally Forte. The Harvard Book Club presents an an- nual award, based on potential leadership, integrity, scholarship, and service. This award is presented to the most deserving boy chosen by the Junior Class teachers. This honor was bestowed upon John Kuykendall in his Junior year. harvard book and dar award "Up with the other stars" are John Kuykendall and Sally Forte, winners of the Harvard Book Award and DAR Award, respectively. junior marshals One of the highest honors available to a Myers Park High student is to become a Junior Marshal. Excellent citizenship, leadership, character, service, and scholar- ship, are the qualifying characteristics. Twenty-two iunior class students were chosen by their teachers and classmates to fulfill the marshal duties. They are en- trusted with carrying out senior graduation activities which include ushering and lead- ing the procession of seniors at bacca- laureate service and commencement. Reading left to right: Ethel Henderson lChief Marshall, Pat Willingham, Catherine Cline, Harriette Dwelle, Carolyn Mason, Frances Helms, Shirley Bernhardt, Pat Anderson, Ann Whisnant, Karen Campbell, Elaine Towe, Dan Litaker, Bobby Powell, Tommy Cordle, Frank Leister, Sut Alexander, Billy Nightingale, Bobby McClure, Joe Wearn, Morry Johnston, Gary Heeseman iChief Marshall. Not pictured: Bobby Jones. .J Abernethy 31 Jrgf. ? A friendly smlle a cheery greeting and a radlunt personality comblne to glve us Myers Park s MISS HI MISS Wardle Ruta Parrish our very attractive cheer r was chosen by the football team to reign as QUEEN of the HOMECOMING festlvltles Ieade Talk about a cute couple' Heres the KING and QUEEN of HEARTS ffor each other as well as the schooll Meme Jane Brown and Bull Pierce A synonym for glamour rs Lmda Cutter, who represented Myers Pork in the CARO- LINA CARROUSEL page one hundred lofty two lun-nun HHH J X 1 CGIZZPIQYYEIZU 0 V N, W KAY IEWELRY COMPANY 111 South Tryon Smut Chmrlottn NOIIII C 11011111 Amuzcaf Lmgm' -pllbllj 0lgZI111ZlII'1071 ICWIS Bcrnstem Gencrll Mllligtf page one hundred forty four 2 MXDJ ' ' Fi , 1. 1? gk i 14 5 1 1 1 1 F M 1 ' 1 ,X XXX ' r X J :X F V! X V7 fi V L I ,XD X , 1 XI 4 E 1 . Xi Q I -xx Fx Vx: h -A V' WL! x, LJ! ' 'X' f - 1 " 'XL' W J x 1-1-'XY Av xx 1 A K Mx, KK we X f A 1, 1111 ' 1 LL 1 1 1' W1 - J 1 1 Ri 11113 51,1 ffm fx A ATN 'Ar , , - I W 1 -' ' R' 1 CD, K 1, , X111 1 4,1 R 91 My 1 XL: FL, 1 1x X. . ,- . A 1 gf Mx, 1 1, i W 5 1 1 1 f ' , 1 X41 xv" 1 Q NX V 1' , I jf . 7 fr 1 'N 1 N 1 Q 4 111 1 A A V, 111- H R X, .1 VE M ' ki A km, rv X A In I . 1 , ' . N N 1' " i 13 jf , , , XX '1 C15 , 1 xx 1 Ag' 11 11 41 V ,K A I I N ' In X X! W I V4 - ,XX -14,14 ff I Q -,L 1 I N A NL KY VZ: 1 GLX. VNV, ew' J A A .U 'X 1' K qNf' f 1415 1 1 ,1 . X N 1 11.19 N n I 11. gixgn, I . , . . lf' " I J VI " , " ' I IS A MUTUAL INVESTMENT COMPANY Cmutual fundj of the "balanced type" offering an investment in a diversified list of bonds, preferred stocks and common stocks selected for their investment quality and income. Send for free Booklet F D Prospectus on Sterling Investment Fund, 1207 Commercial Bank Building, Charlotte 2, North Carolina. 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Rates are often less than individual fares. . , or I in Providence Road Soda and Sundries 1522 Providence Road Phone EDison 3-5446 Charlotte, North Carolina We Deliver Toy Shop GARRISON'S ESSO SERVICEN TER Phone EDison 2-9571 1434 East Morehead Street Charlotte, North Carolina "Distributors of ESSO Heating Oil" WOOD SHOE SHOP 121 E Park Axenue lhont FIJISOI1 2 4937 Compliments of Morris Speizman Company Inc est 5th Strttt Chirlottt North Clrolma Hosiery Mill Machinery md Supplies Compliments of Rike Roofing an Manufacturing Co 954 North Davidson ED1son 4 7804 Charlotte North Carolina Across the hall or across the country Carolina Transfer 81 Stora e EDISOH 2 5131 Compliments of PARK ELORIST 209 North Independence Boulevard EDison 4 5896 From Factory To You CHARLOI IE IROUSI R MANUFACTURING CO l TAILOR MADE FOR STOUT SLIM SHORT OR TALL Its Been Our Business Since 1 1 To Fit Them All Tazlored to Your Indzwdual Sfgle TELEPHONE 121 West First Street FR1nkl1n 5 5379 Chtrlotte North Carolina page one hundred forty six . 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