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ww- V 4 Lux 5 A X R QEBV fkx LV J ,Lk Xxx W9'03' if L99-if MCL N 55-X4 vblxif -Y 5v QQ' 'X f Ukx LAXXQ KBS' ESX' ' Wig 'I L Jikffx gif' bv QV' ,AG x-lff 9-iyigsf Ugxwg fx XC: B w XL,x1L,N,yQ yum iw L: s X f fa ' yy - ,xv -L4 , SCN QTC-Q-Q95 U Q L KLVL1 XM. XIYX, QQ, xx QV -QS! rx X XJ 0 L .xy CSV ,- QQ 'A QV Kvf XP sw ,Q Cf SX' ' f Jki Cf lf X9 34 L 'V VLXQV V V ? iw QL Q cf A . E W ,KLM fig? A gn ,, X357 Wxffc .QM Q -- - 'Xi TQ Q, Umfgt f:C..JCLQ.k NQ Aw K Svxvb 'WXGA' nn Sha . "X N Gf -WO KYXM5 COLA-smfN f'YNCL'X'.C,CALL5l Qffw IQ YNQX-Q-f hlkf +0 bg, LJNYN i'3cxrvw5ClQ eq X lCfXOm.J L,JNrNo.k'XQ muck' C Cf U-90-W 3006 M-mln in TYR fwn,wcy'.l 3 is FOUL QWCW 3 dj ff ij ci bckbxilxlg-M T xg XJ xp' Ng 53 HS E Q! 6654495 1' Qu Q .Q fy Y Ugwgt E EBQH??.igL9 I 5.1 I 055 iM Qf5 Ef0UwGALc j6G6W?NLQwiN VQMJJ QSUU-Nw Ami' UQ dk bwizb 59536 ww ED 55035597190 zQ5f3XfQiZQfQOQ f Q V S X MGX' 3 X, kb A W Q 66 0 CQQQQDQ f ff 5' QSQGSQSQSQ Q 39 Q? wwf 9 6 QQQQGQYWQQZQ Wim fQjfXi'O1f3mQfp0gfxfQ3g?f3gfCfd3 GAG QQ X fx ffwg5gQX1fggaF53Q SQXSSQ X v fAX ifgs Q X x f f 14. , .f 1982 REMUDA MUSTANG SCI-ICDGL SCHOOL Mustang, UK Volume 17 The year of 1981-82 was very much a "fad" year. and Mustang. by no means was going to be left behind. The main thing that swept through Mustang High School was the Western "Boom," The "Boom" hit with full force sometime at mid-year and hardly a person was seen without a pair of boots and some Levi's on. There were cowboy hats. Willie Nelson jeans, Gilley's T-shirts, and Kenny Rogers' concerts. Not everyone, however. jumped on the "bandwagon," but all in all, everyone was "just a little bit country" at Mustang High School. 1. The Future Homemakers of America study quite hard. 2. The 1981 Football Queen Mary Garrett and her Court: Brenda Terrett and Jamie Sanders. 3, Mike Bowling plays "Klinger" on M"A'S'Hw day. 4. Terri Triplett. Julie Wilson. Kari Teeples and Dana Smith show how much they support the Broncos by attending the football games. 5. The Mustang High School Speech Department presented one of two plays they were doing for the High School and parents. www, 2 Opening Fw f- wr, M! M pq, , w 1 ,. X 1 1 . N. , 'N . , i , -A., v 1 35- X X , , .1 'x ,V H "x X , -x' 2 :xii -3. , , ,A -g ff -gf., is ,.f- 1' ,VK Q1 . v A' -,V .Mn .-m,, Q, 3 X iii'--M. f fig T Wiwi+f'f'f1L Q F' ,V 43 ' 'H y. Q' , . X e , -:E9,'H't-14 f?',g1s1Za.I Q , A 1!,,.,. my '- f V V E -A5 I 2 ' ' , S , -'rw , 7' . -'fp' "F" f , R: vgi o,w'1.nLj'J2.,jgg , rm' X . ,x W -. J I 1 ,,f-M1 ,x --4' . -: 1 'Q N sm. . '5 'M ' ,flu :FQ Q - ' Mu L we 1, ' 4 , 1 .fb 'is wr--...ssi 4 Opening V I E l H " I wi l l li: " .3 I ll ill lllill ll? A N F? ii, Nrnfm .His , ,. ,Q-V-wg, ' ' i iiniiifi'-vi QM' I t' Ji -Q 'mllliifiifnw---'. if , .skim-Q' -M' .. , ... r-iff' Yagi 'liiszrizr .,',. wits in ri4g,s,iqii,,iq,4f Miiiigtiwwrmizsg., , , hmm WTA' l lfw Y-Miilbiiw,ffftflifxjufi :Jul i 'W if ' A 5' i-aw f "'l ip- ai M K ' 1' H ,ami -....,....s..,.....,, ...-.--....,,,,,.., 1. Dawn Fischer climbs the spirit ladder at a Bronco pep assembly against El Reno. This was one of many assemblies held during the year to boost the Broncos, 2. The Broncos get ready for a Friday night football game. By pulling together the Broncos hope to make it to the second round of the State Playoffs. 3. Coach Mike Blevins hands the Mustang spirit stick to an unidentified person at another Bronco pep assembly. Coach Blevins always managed to ease the tension at the pep assemblies. Youth In Motion Hearts Full of Pride S S 1, Donna Sheppard and Jamie Sanders try to keep warm at a Bronco football game. 2. Jim Bill Forbes sings a solo forthe High School Jazz Choir. 3. The High School Yearbook class tries to meet all thei l' deadlines. 4-. Mark Monroe gels ready to kick for the Broncos. As you can tell the pressure is on. Opening 5 We're All Just Une Cf The Crowd -:gl ill lv- Hong.-l 'Sf 1 M rl W 4 .I 1 r 4 'l lag. I X x U M3 lx A V I l :J s 1 ' 14 'Z' T . 2 ,l l' ,....h .fav gl rye. - K?" xr, f"'f"' ,l1.r T - 4fH '- iff 5 ' a it . f ' T 'ty ?'?Afl'.,?9l3r ...,..,..- l . 2 o Opening Z1 K+ 1.Stage Band performs for students. 2. Cheerleaders get fired up. 3. Students pick up yearbooks. 4. The musical was pref sented in December. 5. T. Allen and T. Stone play pacman. 6, R. Goins at bat. ml. 'BNA l'1wlftl', e ff it . , 5 lv ...M V Q' Ti wlwfw JW We ,.T:J'.' ,+wfi'41f'e . ' iv, l, . l':zl,,f3, xg muh 'E 2 1. D. Andrews looks so busy. 2 Fans yell for ' .f the Broncos, 3. Queen Dawn Fischer. 4. The Masked Avenger. 5. End it for the Indians. 6. MHS Band. ln Q A 1 '. Q X ,Qi V Q f- fwlw 1,7 1, . Q. Q- , .f 4 1 A in ' f l f l . ...F 3, . .V , M 5. Aims" H--lN MN-1---iw-m3....!ffTi,.,M.,ias?wl4a1, ...,.. . 1. 2 31 .. .Mae 1 .mt . 'll Opening 7 4 + my J. 4 ,gb wwf 4 E5 an ji YN- ,V m W, Q A 4M. if ak. I '92 Q? 1+ W if EF, 'W 'ibn QF' if , T k, 5 J ---1 5? 4 Y? S32-fu W K4 ,Y v- Mm H41 JT?- aff , f ' 5 ff " ' "" WV iv Q E X Scott Br 9? 9 712: x A. , 'sf .5 MJ' 4-G' fx-ff 1 . ' 7 S, E gg! A xii.. - ,- V ' A W , r , Y ,law I egg? my --'usa ii nf gg M. W , QAM - Wig: As- 3 Q ' 4 xz WW A A i if Ig 9 HW ,y ,sg if fu , ui 1 r fm-, . if SPT? :VW gi, Li N, ff' 1 ' -h' 1.51, 5 Z V , ,,.. N. MUQE, A L+ . f ff 'J Xi 4' 'Jw W NH-w f 'JT V. 'Q' 1- J , 4 f- ' s H' .1 x tum 3.44 'W' 4 .45 ,' 'ff' :- W .ffm 4 Ag , W A A e + QM, I 1 ,- ' 1 N i 1 1 1 I W i -ii? , A , , 4. 4' ' X. ,I- .H 'K I x x .ikv f4if"""" "L Q, - ' 2- A. I , . Kal W Q f an? Q 3 fe ff? if 55 A Sw' i ,,8,J:Y,5x W Q5 -, V,- -www, Mr. 'ami' :"!? , , , X Q ,QM K 5.. 'G fQ W , , , ,X ,M Av.,,,,,. EE? W w g ,. M L ww X, qw , Jen M K' .1 ' ,X Y fi-uv 'FJQQW Wi! g 3' 3 YN 5 WLM M 'A V 5-:. 1 .wg if E? , . 'gg 3? Qi? .gtg ,gig X .aria - 'gpg VZV , WX 1, .XXA1 ,A , , -11 .Fifi - 'W , ' , , 6434 mx ' X ,Q is - .mf Wkgnggw M, , ,fx 11 . W N.,- .,, -mm, N. , sv.. 5? . gif .kv 1 M 12572 1 , W 1 MM y f 3 X 5,0 V v, ,WX Vw ,M , N gf. ' - "Wi 'Am 1 Q , Af. 1..,. k W 531 ,, 24, 'LL 'M ef Aww ' . WW il , Q. af Y MW .gn i -2 w v Ag, V 4 Ugg .sm Q5 ' QM qs? M 2 s Q1 4 1 - 1 . YP.- 0 bf. 5 ,535 EQ U in 'Z' '84 V+ 'Sm . 1-no ..,,.x.- ' L, any ,. "Qi ' 6 if, MV: fi my Hu -,Mug ,EV V A A 3 fy QW. Wx' .M Y W W u 25 fin K M M iw wwf ? fn 5? W ' EQ-'fx 'x. . ' 3 , S fig, lj? flew' A-ia ' A ' 1. Wag . Q Sf ff! Q . snr, fl 4' 54. ,W Q 2 .mem-QW 5145, V F 'ih- --X - .1 5? 'iw ,M Q K U M, qw v ml! ,qw Q6 gi A-ig ,i -aw figs Y 7 me fm, ,V F 4 , Wynn-f v vwurl I QE W WM J YW 'KW 'W HSE, 'T f ew Terry Rowa 33? '-.Nik 4 an X .M-M. X , -1-M '12 - , . . . I MF . of 'Q' MEM W ,Mg X 1 WV , 4 M W 1 may -mmf 'E ,if -S fa-H W We mm-L A A J.. E -cl' r ,. 4. 1 'ff . ,.' +14 L, Q f. 5, if ,wr FW ,L 11 9.5 1 M, W Ag U. M an gm: Nw M QE Aw sms'-23 f 1 wx H L , fy 335 ST fi H9 .I ,,,E . s W5 5 QFFQI1 1 ? ig 'WGS '25 'B 'A if i .'Q'llAv W M. if was Qi L 'U K M if7K 4 w J wr W Ns. F fu ff, f L iff r L im J- Wil w A., , wx N '1 ,. L W . A-9 KV ....-1' J , XM N Aikens. Curt Akers. Debra Albers. Cari Allen. Steve Allen. Tuesdae Amos, Wendy Anderson. Charles Armstrong. Brad Baker. Rodney Ball. Angela Special Faces, Special Places Barclay. Tim Barton. Becky Bennett. Tony Bessinger, Laurie Biddle. Elaine Blickensderfcr. Nancy Boatman Debbie Boord. Randy Bowden, Jimmy Bowlware, Shanna 1, R. Boord doesnt know what to do. 2. K. Carpenter cheers at a pep assembly. 3. K, Teeple 5 shows off her smile at a football game. 4. J. l . Forbes displays his talent of singing. J 1 f U1 Juniors 17 Juniors Work On Prom Plans Boyer, Roger Briscoe, Lee Brown, Mike Bruton, David Bucher, Vickie Buck, Dave Burdick, Nina Burkhalter, Helen Burnett, Tim Bush, Mary Butler, Mike Byrd, Douglas Caldwell, Conrad Carpenter, Karen Carroll, Sam Carter, Randy Chestnut, Troy Copeland, David Participating in M'A'S'H day is Radar, alias Angie Franks. Sylvia Stamp and Marian Jen' son are shown here breaking the rules by public display of af- fection. Corbett, Karen Cowns, James Cox, Kelly Cox, LaDonna Dalrymple, Lyndell Dalrymple, Randall Decker, Neil Dixon, Ronda Dolton, Russ Dromgoole, Mike Drumtra, Kelly Dujardin, Mike Duncan, John Dupler, Daleen Dysinger, Tim Edwards, Micki Elliott, Lynell Ellis, Tanya an 7 , Ellison, Lisa Endsley, Tommy Eslick, Sonja Farris, Brent Farris, Terri Fennell, Jaretta Forbes, Jim Bill Francis, Susan Franklin, Sharla Franks, Angie Garretson, Randy George, Celesta George, Dennis Goins, Roxana Gooch, Charles Graham, Trina Graves, Brock Green, David Green, Gary Gregg, Terry Gregory, James Guarnera, Dennis Gustafson, Robin Hacker, Roger Hadlock, Tami Haggy, Vickie Halbert, Terry Hall, John Halsey, Meaghan Hamilton, Andy Hapke, Cheryl Hartnett, Dawn Hatchett, Johnny Hill, Wendy ::'. 121 ,f .f 1, e --A ., 4, , " i ' . ' 525. fb A ' ,,, . A V "'- r A ,ra 0,1 .,, 1. Kim Taylor and Jim Bill Forbes performing at homecoming. 2. Junior Power. 3. Rick takes time from History to show a lil' affection for Connie. 4. Wade giving you the debonair look of today. 5. Jeff seems as though he found an easy way to escape the routine of school. Preparatlons To Take Lead In Hornbeck, David Horton, Andrea Hott, Karen Howard, Cheryl Howie, Vonda Huckabay, Wade Hurst, Bryan Hutmacher, Kenneth lraggi, Steve Jackson, Gina Jackson, Stacy Jenson, Marian Johnson, Chris Jones, Vicki Kennedy, Denise Kimball, Greg Kinder, Gary Henshaw, Steve Holliday, Kay Hopper, Jeff f ,,.:g, 487' if 5? X 4 X X 'al X I 5 f ah 5 if Kline, Tina Kolar, Dean Konzak, Tina Krouch, Todd Lankford, Denise Lathey, Kim Laurent, Steven Legg, Jeff Liberton, Kathy X Lindsey, Jeff Lindsey, Kelly Linfoot, Eri 1 'T' Lively, Darin Lunsford, Bruce Lutz, Loren Macwatters, Connie Malicott, Debra Malon McDo Ott, Sandra McMil McMil McNu Moore, Moore, Moore, Morton, Lanny Nelson, Mitzi New, Helen Ochoa, Veronica Oconnell, Andrew Owen, Debra Owens, Krista ey, Dawna Marvin, Pam Matthews, DeAnn McCarthy, Randy McDaniel, Jeff nald, Melinda Mclntyre, Billy McMahan, Felisa McMahill, Lisa lian, Mike lian, Robert tt, Larry Megehee, Donald Meinke, Adam Messer, Teresa Metheny, Lisa Middaugh, Ricky Mitchell, Brandon Chuck Don Matt Owens Morgan Pace Jimmy Pankalla Paige Patterson Gary Paulson Fre Pavlik George Petroff Mike Pickett Russ Polasek Penny Pyle Jeff Radichel Krista Ralls Jerry Ralls, Terri Ramesy, Charles Reed, Tim Reisman, Doug Reusser, Jennifer Revel, Chris Reynolds, Toni Riggins, Stephanie Riley, Linnett Roark, Nicl-ty Robison, Ken Roddy, Monty 1 Kari Teeples and Lessa Patzack work hard in Mr Seiberts class. 2. Dawn Hartnett Pam Marvin and Nancy Blickensderfer listen to Mrs Allen in Account mg 3 Troy Chestnut and Eddie Wilmoth at a F B L A Ross, Terri Roundtree, Marky Sanders, Susan Schwartz, Matt Seagroves, Greg Shade, Robert Shane, Jeff Sholer, Lori Shrader, Garen Shultz, Roy Simpson, Leslie Sim, Teri Sloan, Kirk Smalley, Kirk Snead, Cheryl Snethen, JoAnn Sober, Gail Stamp, Sylvia Stephens, Sean STevens, Brenda Stevens, Dana Stokes, Robert Stone, Tandy Stubbs, Kim Class of '88 Learns Traditions at MHS The junior class worked this past year having their sights set on a prom ahead in the spring. They knew how hard they would have to work to have a successful prom. The class realized it would take the whole class of '83 working together to make this prom the best ever. They started the year off with the annual magazine sales. Terri Ross was the top seller. In October they sold candy. In December, they tried something that nobody had ever sold before, litter baskets. These litter baskets could have either your favorite N.F.L. team or The Mustang Broncos on them. The junior class .officers for the 1981-1982 school year were: president, Cecil Wolf, vice-president, Jerry Ralls, secretary, Morgan Owens, and treasurer, Sylvia Stamp. Juniors 23 X ' P "fm W :EQ ,, with X Q5 yr' 1 lik 5 Winders, Sean Wolf, Cecil Woods, Brian Worley, Susan Worthy, Lori Wright, Lisa Freedom Came When They Learned to Drive C Adams, Cindy Adcock, Sammy Albin, Mike ' Class officers T. Triplett, :vice-pres. A. Atchins Jn, Ms, Harper, pres. S. Box. sec. C. Baker and treas. Allen. Rich Andrews. Debbie Angevine, Tamara Atchinson. Angie Autrey, Cindy Bacon, Todd Bailey. Derene Baker. Cindy Baker. Robin Batson. Scott Baumann, Mike Baumann, Nathan Beach, Mike Bennett, Kristin Betterton, Lenette Billings, Marti Bird. Ann Blair, Rhonda Blalock, Sherri Bledsoe, Mike Boatmun, Tim 22 Scott Bowen and Richard Owens have fun goofing ' off in Woodshop. ,M r .,. lv- Sophomores 25 26 Sophomore Boehler, Stacy Bokhari, Jimmy Booth, Laurie Bowen, Scott Box, Stephen Boyle, Pam Brackett, Scott Bradshaw, Stephanie Brady, Rich Brakebill, STeven Branstetter, Vicki Bridger, Bobby Britt, Richard Brixey, Jennifer Brown, Don Brown, Gaylon Brown, Robert Brownlow, Jake A J. Bokari, D. Davis, T. Woodruff, D. Posey, R. Brady, and D. Reed are all ready for another day at school and at football practice Brus, Brian Burrows, Rhonda Bussey, Kelli Butler, Donna Bird, Dennis Cagle, Doug Cammack, Stephanie Campbell, Stacie Cargill, Chris Cartwright, Gary Catlett, Shawnda Carmack, Lisa Chambers, Christina Chandler, Kathy Chatham, Johnny Chavez, Billy Clark, Christi Clark, Sharmah 4- Ill lv' Sophomores Danny Davis and Robert Sellers have a lot of fun in their personal typing class. Am W it 1 cl I 'rt it Claypool, Blain Cline, Tim Cobble, Rick Conway, Kristina Coy, Chip Cross, Kevin Culberson, Carson Cusick, Denise Davis, Danny Davis, Debbie Dayton, Dennis Denton, Marianne DeRosa, Pat Deupree, Chance Deupree, Chisholm Dykes, Michelle Easley, Ronnie Easley, Sandra Elliott, Johnna Elliott, Kim Ely, Rick Fenimore, Todd Fields, Melissa Flowers, Tammy Fore, Scott Freeman, Laura Gabbert, Dianna Garrett, Cindy Garrettson, Monica Giacomo, DeWayne Granger, Leslie Grant, David Gravitt, Rick Green, Becky Griffith, Lisa Groh, Samantha Gurley, Ray Sophomore 27 . .J , -, , i gi ' em i T ' t ft, f' 1 A 1 ,. 44. ," , .A ., A 1 i Jenifer Brixey cheers the Broncos. A T , W. i. Q,- J, fp If V+ V K 28 Sophomores Q Ji 43 V in ,,., ,L .Mr , 1' Z: fs, XJ l 6 vjvimaf, Gustafson, Amy Hackney, Denise Hall, Robin Halsey, Thane Hargis, Gina Harper, Mike Harrell, Teresa Hartnett, Tim Harvey, Richard Harwell, Susan Hawkins, Wesley Hayes, John Haynes, Gregg Heacock, Barbie Henry, Tammy Hensley, Denise Sophomores P 1. Cindy Garrett shows her stuff 2 Daren Posey does the same for the football team Herron, Marla Hicks, Marcus Hill, Scott Hudgins, Ethel Huffman, Brian Hull, Mike Hutson, Lance lkerd, Fran Islas, Stacie Jones, Susie Justick, Darlene Kekalos, Kim Perfect 6410" If R' , . Q r 54-,I ,st Richie Brady heads across cam- pus to his class. . Q 5. 'L 5 .J Q 'lx -St , ll Qi as aw N! Kekalos, Tom Keller, Steve Kennedy, Kristy Key, Phil Kimball, Brian Kimmell, Kari Kirth, Sandy Knight, Allen Kopp, Kevin Krouch, Lynn Lane, Lance Lasswell, David Laurent, Sandra Lavelle, Lisa Lawton Tractie Lewis, Beth Lewis, Kevin Lewis, Mike Lively, Brent Maddox, Pippa Maddux, Cindy Madsen, Terri Marmooejo, Greg Martin, Jim Mason, Kathy Mason, Stacy McCain, Sheila McClung, James McCullough, Penny McElroy, Rachel McNeil, David Meeks, Holly Meeks, James Miller, Bobby Mitchell, Randy Mitchell, Gary Moberly, David Moore, Lisa Moore, Tom Morawski, John Sophomores 29 Mowdy, Jill Mullindore, Ken Murray, Shawn Myers, Keli Neeley, Don Nelson, David Nelson, Mitch Newcomb, Jeannie Newman, Rodney Nichols, Sunni Nield, Jamie Nixon, Eric Nunn, Scott Odom, Julee Oliver, Sandy Oltermann, Karl O'Neil, Danny Orr, David Owens, Richard Palmer, Ross Peach, Kelli Pederson, Suzzette Phares, Kenneth Phipps, Curtis Pickett, Nelson Ploch, Karla Porter, Lou Ann Porter, Matt Posey, Daren Post, Teresa The Sophomore class had a great year. They raised 351,122.25 selling candyg 3264.75 selling T-shirts. They sent out Christmas baskets, and collected aluminum cans. The officers were: Stephen Box, pres., Angie Atchison, vice- pres., Terri Triplett, treas. and Cindy Baker, sec. 30 Sophomores Price, Cindy Pyle, Terrie 1. Michelle Dykes tries to make it to class on time. 2 Lance Hutson tries to show off for the camera. Q t W ,-..: ji X If YW. r I 3 Q F L N t X S9153 if 4 Q :pr Stafford, Todd Stephens, David Rader, Rachel Raines, Scott Ralls, Lisa Ramey, Tim Read, Eddy Reed, David Reed, Gary Reed, Renee Ricketts, Jennifer Riggs, Jayna Roberts, Greg Roberts, Lance Roth, Mike Rouner, David Rowe, Darla Schones, David Schultz, Richard Schunemann, Kim Selement, Alan Sellers, Robert Sewell, Jeff Shaw, Bryan Shaw, Steve Sheppard, Troy Simon, Ron Simpson, Dalbart Singleton, Tohnia Skaggs, Darryl Smith, Dana Smith, Mandy Spargur, Jason Spencer, Ronnie 1 1. Susie Jones carries a garbage can to Wood! shop, 2. Angie Atchison and Stephen Box led the class. 3. Terri Triplett studies hard in Sophomores 31 . A Z Stevens, Jim Stevens, Kenneth Stewart, Shellie Stiles, Skipper Stockholm, Jeanie Strain, Shantel Stratman, Craig Stringer, Shannon Stukey, Rich Stutler, Scott Suddreth, Mary Swink, JoAnn ,- 1. airy? f 5 , KVI, fair, 13.4. ,, ef 59 ' f fr-fzrg :, Sz?1' .. 4, f-M. M, , . V , S.: J, ,et 55 ,. ,. M , ,k-f 596 ., 7,5 K L , ,, 39. Sophomore Stacy Mason bites her finger in an attempt to act like she is stumped by a question. 32 Sophomores Wallace, Scott Walters, Donald Wasem, Cindy Waters, Cynday Webb, Scott Webster, Susan Wells, Gary Wells, Julie Wheeler, Kim Wiles, Skipper Williams, Cathy Williams, LaDana Williforn, Kim Wilson, William Wirtz, Lee Woodruff, Tony Workman, Fara Yelley, Sherry fiffxvrgerj. -sm ,S 51 17 f ZH :img I 21,154 ey , S ,,,, , , My wr, ,mu , 1.1 fy +1 ,g,,,:' , fi . A me , s, ,Wm rr " f T MZ, vw til? 2' Taylor, Brett Taylor, Dave 'I znnison, Lynette Traslavina, Lisa Triplett, Terri Underwood - .lr gt?-" ,--e, L95 J-FUN, 114 o" , sl A . Jaughn, ianna X lalker, Charlene V stalk ,L , 5' R :fx Freshmen Adapt To A New Environment, Try New Experiences, Explore New Areas t f- Cheerleaders show their spirit! Abbott, Gayla Allred, Angie Anderson, Patrick Anderson, Teresa Angevine, Ronda Arms, Tracy Armstrong, Debra Arnold, Monque Autry, Karen Banks, Lori Barber, Robyn Barner, Andy Barton, Bobby Beda, Melissa Benavidez, Juan Bennett, 'Robbie Benson, Randell Booth, Phyllis Beil, Sherri Bickel, Dennis BoBo, William Bostic, Tim Bowling, Angie Boydston, Tarver Boyer, Jyna Boyett, Tisha Brantley, Tim Bray, Tracey Briggs, Carolyn Britt, Donny Brooks, Ricky Brooks, Robert Bucker, James Caldwell, Chuck Calhoun, Shannon Cannon, Leland Cantrell, David Carr, Larry Charries, Kevin Freshmen 33 CLASS Cherry, Renata Chesser, Patricia Clanton, Anita Cleveland, Mike Cluck, Gerald Cobb, Roy Coleman, Cathy Corbett, John Courtney, Jeff Crank, Lian Croisant, Mike Cross, Tammy Cunningtubby, James Curtis, Jay Davenport, Charles Davis, Michael Dean, Toni Denton, Michelle Devous, Darren Douglas, Ronnie Dubberstein, Daniel Duncan, Debi Dysinger, Debra Easterling, Chris Eggenberg, Jay Ellis, David Ellis, Mike Ellis, Monte Ennis, Liz Estes, David Everett, Tracy Farris, Stacey Flesher, Leslie Flynn, Kevin wf... , N0 3 P1c1vREpf ' F i F 'AVAll,ABLE T , OF Gausman, Carl Giacomo, Natalie Gilbreaih, Eddy Green, Tammy ,Qr f , fi Fox, Donald Franklin, Matt Franks, Rodney Frantom, Tammy Fruits, Becky Garriott, Reginna Gurdy, Roy Gourley, Mike Habrock, Kurt Haggy, Barbara Hales, Angie Haley, Eric Hamm, Jeanne Hanna, Jeff Hapgood, Denise Harames, Paul Harrell, Jutta Harrell, Petra Harnett, Cindy Harvey, Dana Haynes, Cory Henson, Gina Freshmen 35 an ,WN-vw. P'l'Q Freshmen Wade ihrough First Year at MHS M ae 36 Freshmen Henson, Linda Helmka, Julianna Helms, Clyde Helms, John Hickman, Richard Hill, Diana Hill, Larry Hinkle, Kathy Holly, Tracie Homan, Tim Hood, Allen Holaday, David Howie, Dawn Hudson, Terry Hudson, Tony Hull, Mike Humphreville, Sherry Hunt, Gerry Hutcherson, Chas Ingram, Paul Irvin, Arnold Jackson, Jana Jones, Andrea Jones, Michele Keenum, Darla Keig, Mike Kelly, Michele Kennedy, Phillip Kersh, Greg Key, Cindi Kimmel, Paul Kinder, Monty W! 'af T. Anderson shows us how to do it Does R. Walker see something interesting? Spirit Runs High In Lowest Class s"' " Z ' " C2421 " av. .i fill? t -vm C 135 4 McLaughlen, Christy McMahill, George McNeill, Davin McNeil, Matt Melton, Christy Melton, Trenton Kirk, Angela Kolar, Denise Kudron, Jill Kuhlman, Karen LaFollette, Krista Lane, Terri Latham, Elaine Lavelle, Wendy Lee, Soo Son LeFrancis, Muriel Legg, Kevin Lemmons, Roger Lewis, Lisa Linden, Glenn Lukaszek, Laurie Luken, Craig Luken,Tonya Macy, Gina Maddox, Mia Maddox, Tia Mandrell, Christina Martin, Dawn Matthews, Richard McAlpin, Steve McCarthy, Pam McCarty, Donna McCool, Stacy McCutchan, Chrissy McCullough, Kara McCullough, Kasi Girls attend outdoor assembly Freshmen 37 Little Wranglers Get A Hold On Things T. Dean and J. Mitchell work hard trying not to drop a button. , N5 Michel, Lori Mitchell, Janet Moberly, Larry Montgomery, Bruce Moore, Debbie Morphis, Becky Morrill, Harames Neugebaure, Shelly Nguyen, Dink Norvell, Gayla Null, Brent Nunn, Stacy O'Brien, Shawn Oliver, David Oltermann, Cari Olson, Pam Owens, Billy Palmer, David Owens, Rhonda Parsons, Chris Parsons, David Pendleton, Tim Pennington, John Perkins, D'Michael Permeter, Carla Phillips, Jill Phillips, Kara Poe, Jimmy Pofahl, Cynthia Pfifie, Deann X Vl:..a:1' fl? :Sis F4522 ,,. Y 3 fax, Sometimes it's hard being a freshman but there are clubs they can join ancl ball games they can attend to make it a more exciting year 'LZ CQ? . FQ? 5 VLLL 'ig aw., L 1 .. 1' W S Hd f Wa 1. Mrs, Hamm convinces her class that biology is fun. 2. J. Kudron says, "Trust me, will ya?" ' 5 a 49 ' .E 'ab' .. .. f 4? 22 M 1 1 , ' 9 .. ai.. v ,F lf 3' 1 Purcell, Ken Palmer, Rex Parish, Beth Pyle, Debra Reed, Scott Reese, Joella Reichel, Donnie Renchen, Jeff Rice, Mark Riddle, Michelle Risher, Doug Robbins, David Roberson, Tonya - r - ' V ' Robison, Chris Roddy, Debbie 'X 1 it l o west I I . Roddy, Kim Rodgers, Angie Romasz, Dana Ruble, Gary Sachs, Bryan Sample, Tracy Ll Sapp, Crystal ,V Schwartz, Michael fl. 5 Shannon, Paula , H . t .. Snow, Randy , . . iil, . iiii isii illrs Shultz, David ,V r Simon, John I' " . . ',., Simpon, Andrea The freshmen class had an exciting year, They experienced the ups and downs of their first year in high school and made it through with a lot of memories to look back on. They participated in fund raising projects, already saving for their prom. They were also involved in the king and queen of hearts competition. The class officers were: Pres. D. Sweeney, Vice Pres. D. Moore, and Sec,!Treas. K. Roddy. These three people represented the 280 students enrolled as freshmen. Freshmen 39 Smith, Julie Sober, Debbie Stratton, Smantha Stevens, Greg Stewart, Shawn Stubbs, Kristy Sweeney, Donald Taylor, Glenn Taylor, Mindy Taylor, Randall Teeples, Todd Thomas, Mildred Thompson, Donna Turner, Miki Turpin, Dena Treleven, Jannie True, Deborah Tvviehaus, Greg Twiehaus, Jeff Van Tuyle, Jeff Wajda, Dede Walker, Robert Wallace, Michael Walters, John Warren, Darren Watts, Robert Weaver, Dianna Welch, David West, David Whitaker, David Wicker, Michael Wiedemann, Keith Wiedemann, Martin Wiles, Chris 'Wilkerson, Tony Williams. Teresa Workman, Marty Wray, Bobbie Wray, Robert Yauk, Alex After hours of long hard work that brought about many changes and accomplishments, Kim, Donald and Debbie take a break. 40 Freshmen , gy B- F-Rowley ' Wesley Moore 5UP9Iim9ndeUf Assistant Superintendent They Work Behind The Scenes And On The Stage Maxine Mooris Bill Farris President Vice-President George Hall Chester Weems Member Administrative Assistant Not Pictured Joe Cartwright John Gatliff School Board!Adm. 41 Q91 .W Wwiyl 1 - f K f . ,mgeyrfw 4 3 QA tv ,f f. M . - MW. seal 1" .. 1 jf . , ,M .. .. i 1. Chester Weems, Administration Assistant 81 Drivers Transportation. 2. J. W. Fish, Director of Mainte- nance. 4. Fred Bumbles is the Mailman. 5. Betty Hale is Mr. Rowley's Secretary. 6. Theyva Drewery, School Treasurer. 7. Willa Mae Rowley, Financial Aid. 8. Pat Doan, Secretaries of Food Services. 9. Marge Priest, Director of Food Servces. 10. Nita Chest' nut, Receptionist. 11. Cleona Ol termann, Secretary of Administra tion Building. Hallelujah, What A Team! f- .-.:-, T K K i ,ff w-mg-A-H,, 7 2' L32 2 . V V.. 4. I . wp- . .fm ,M S. 'rm - , , k'L' ' V W 1' Q W if zz' , . 7 it f . I '91 v W Zz, fi - ... M, -ek ' .ty 1' ',.- Vrkrr! f Q it if ff 4 ies Q if X I ef f A 5 99 .. tg f'1rz:.:" -1 -f ezzaffw- ' f Qi Ai.t.,,,. -,: aft - - l f S 2 as , - 5 - ' H K X . 1 L, 1 i , ... W l ,,.. .. ,, .A , th., ff f f ,673 4' Yi -Qi' 4' at 4 f gf. , , . wt- ,t Don Van P001 Jan Smith Betty Porter Shirley Hartnett Marla MOYQBU Gail Williams Jim Middaugh Theron Ci-Oisani Asst. Principal Secretary 59C1'2Yary Secretary Secretary Financial Secretary Principal Vice Principal 1. Mrs. Williams seldom has time to look up from her typewriter. 2, Mrs. Porter always has time for a smile. 2 3. Mrs. Smith and Mrs. Hartnett are hard at work. 4. Mr. Middaugh learns more about Helicopters from the Ft. Sill Army Sgt. 5. Mr. Van Pool monitors the M5 halls during classes. 6. Mrs. Easterling is keeping the school healthy. 7. Mr. Pigg and Mr. Walker are think- ing it over. 8. Mr. Croisant is doing his paper work after doing parking lot duty. 'BP' Not pictured Don Walker, Asst. Principal. Foursorne Leads-Sec., Keep Offices Efficient 5 -7 V, ixmm M'5llswfmr -.-. 1 ' I 'i.ii'3, iinii fir ,fair - Q 1 - ' .F iw - rf- 11.4 L' . 'gf 1 . fi ,,'a,,tg , K Q xiii nn 6 ,, V My l' es 76 Zi .Z K' MK if 3 Adm.! Sec. 43 Linda Allen Accounting I BL II Shorthand Bill Armstrong Algebra I 8: Il Calculus ll Trig !Cal, Donna Barton Comp. l!Lit. I English l!Adv, Grammar J. Bergland Geographyfworld Hist. Carl Blair Algebra I Comp Math!Geometry Bill Cerny Okla. History Football!Track Noreen Cochran Comp, Il!Lxt, French I, ll, III, IV Dayna Enlx Spanish I, II, III, IV Karen Falrchlld Accounting I!Typing I Bus, Org, Mg, Pat Flanagan Bus. Law!Bus Eng Gen. Bus.!Bus Mach Typing I Sallie Franks Counselor Jimmy Hale Algebra I, Il Comp. Math!Geometry Carla Hamm Biology I Johnny Hanna Civ.fOkla Hist. Bendy Harper English I Comp ll!Lit. Il Marty Hayes General Science Girls Athletics Doris Hodges Family Living Home Ec. ll, IV Sharon Hunt Gen, Bus !Bus Dennis Jamison Band Linda Lacy Biology I Girls Athletics Recreation!P,E. Teresa Legako Am. Hist.!Am. Gov. Nan Lockhart Home Ec. I Career Ed, Randell Lokey Am, Hist.!Am. Gov Football Angus McAntlre American Hislory Mike McGarry Wood Working I. Il. ll . Mike Meledeo 9th BB!Golf Drafting I, ll, III Craig Miller Chemistry I. II Comp Math CC!Tennis Shelli Mlner American Lit,!Eng. Ill Jerry Morgan Drivers Ed, Bruce Neidenfeuhr Comp I!Lit, I English IIl!Amer. Lit 44 Faculty as-Q -em gh 1. Mrs. Allen, 2. Mrs. Harper, Mr. Hipp keep busy and keep their students busy too. INN """"7 ew I , , 1 Hn. ,upy,,. gf-rf' Velma Weems English ll American Lit. Ray West Boys BB Algebra l!Comp. Math Gall Wllson Art I, ll, III, IV Carol Wood Home Economics I, III Stephanie Patredls General Business Personal Typing Typing Il Tony Peak Football!9th Baseb. Comp. Math Biology I Bob Plgg Study Hall Drivers Ed,!Girls BB Patty Poertner English IV Comp. l!Lit. I Dave Rnnkln Wrestling Bus. Machines Donald Rudelt Woodwork ll Football Walter Ryan Football Civics Lee Selbert American History Jim Shipman Geography Algebra I Physical Ed l, ll Joe Sine English Lit. Comp. II!Lit, ll English l Pam Slemp Journalism I. ll Yearbook Steve Smiley Drivers Ed. Ralph Smith Debate!Drama!Speech Terry Spencer Counselor Greg Stephens Athletics Study Hall American History V. Tomllnson 9th Girls BB Comp. llfLit, II English IV Debra Waklee ReadingfEnglish IV Jack Waterbury Biology I. ll Faculty 45 Ruth Wilson Cafeteria Personnel Pat Goodballet Cafeteria Personnel Wanda Heliger Cafeteria Personnel Juanita Hickmann Cafeteria Personnel Fran Livingston Cafeteria Personnel Margie McDowell Cafeteria Personnel Penny Mathews Custodian Ruth Ann Peterson Custodian Harold Peterson Custodians Wade Creekmore Custodian l. Lunch crew getting ready for noon rush. 2. Cleaning up after a long day. 3. Teamwork helps in preparing such a big lunch. 4. One of the cafeteria workers fixes a delicious dessert. Hav- ing fun is what it is all about. 6. Custodians take a break before the hard work begins. Cafeteria Workers Custodians Keep School Tip-Top 'Qual' ' 46 Cafeteria X Custodians W' 14388 ri' W If LCADEMICSACADEMICSACADEMI D8219821982198219821982198219821982198219821982198219821982 Ad 47 l'English Airft Always Readin' an Wr1t1n" i 1. lt's no fun rewriting reports as D. Moore finds out. 2. Senior's work hard. 3. K. Hut- chcroft and K. Meyer do the tango. 4. Mr. Sine prepares his lesson, 5. K. Hutchcroft tries to persuade K, Meyer. 6. Mrs. Alberts explains what to put in an essay. 48 English ,.,,, ' : im, sv 5343 y . + ,Nw f Q . R. ,,,,Wa: 1. Mrs. Fleming tries to get her class' attention. 2. A. Franks, S. Thomas, and M. Jenson work on assignments. 3. Mrs. Alberts tries to convince us she's right. 4. Mrs. Harper's sophomore class does a group project. 5. N. Roark, D. Bird and N. Decker read Huck Finn. 6. Juniors take time out to read. - 1: .. -rw 1 . .,-, --.w.sf.rrm1sspum-rw" ' ' ' W' " : f.,..4 ,q51W4W5'f8i5'-- ' --ff--' i K 5 ,gy - more my -. l,::ff5.'. L, fmfmrrmvrrtr 1-,fig Q . Mew rw- nag .4 gicgilgslfsfmr-. -V ffzwrrf-:fr -'M me 1, ,,3g,r9,n5Wi33.,. .V ,. -W .g wfwrwfmamq V- ty .,,,.s:g,W54g:i-at-., f r 'fr . to fm' wi .V , , . , 4 . ..i. . S-'igfixi' . 1 4" gl" t 5 si " + M- X 1 . . 7 it A 'ri' , Q. f H, K Q J'-H T vin M . W Q I W4 .. A 1 3? English 49 Psychology Students Suppress Their Aggression Journalists Write Headlines, Get Bylines and Meet Deadlines vrt, M ' 1. , V c1g'4"' Q gg 1,, . . ' ' s fl, w 'S is as - 1. J. Rankin and L. Worthy work intently to meet the deadline for their news stories. 2. Coach Carpenter not only shows his talent on the football field, but his intelligence in the classroom. 3. Mrs. Caplan shares a bit ot her knowledge by explaining the basic techniques ol yearbook to T. Stone. 4. T, Ross and L. Porter continuously work on yearbook pages, while L. Cog, takes a break for Christmas decorating. 50 Psychology! J ournalism ei K . QW i Something To Remember US. Byg Practice Makes Perfect 1. Kathy, Brett, Wade, and Micki make an individual assignment a group project. 2. French l is a complicated subject to some students. Mrs, Cochran takes time to explain, 3. Espanol students take a break from their classwork to say, "Como Esta Ustedl' lHow are you?l 4. Mr. McAntire's 5th hour Jr. History class works hard while Sylvia takes TIME OUT for a picture. 5. Mrs. Legako, the Sr. History and Goverment teacher, lectures to the camera! Q ,MWMW ?...........W Foreign LanguagefHistory 51 Mind The school year started with many Math and Science classes being held in a new addition to our campus, the East Wing. During the week of inser- vice, the teachers began the moving process. They moved all their equipment and supplies into the new classrooms, along with the new supplies. There was a new room for each of the teachers, with Mr. Armstrong teaching Calculus l and ll, Trigonometry and Algebra I and llg Mr. Hale teaching Geometry, Composite Math, and Algebra l and ll and Mr. Shipman teaching Algebra, Geometry and Physics l and Il. Mr. Peak joined the staff this year to teach Composite Math as well as Biology. There was also a new computer room in the new wing, along with the new science facilities. The change was very different, especially for the long-termed teachers, but they all admitted it was a very nice change. 1. Kevin Kopp wishes he'd stayed home another day, while making up a test. 2. Mr. Shipman tries to teach his Physics class the i'Theory of the Blackboard." 3, Mr. Armstrong seems to give up hope for Kay Holliday and the rest of his Algebra ll class, 52 Math G Gver Matter .1133 "T ' The new science facilities were a great improvement this year. There was a new Chemistry Lab for Mr. Miller and his Chemistry l and ll classes, and each of the other Science and Biology classes. Ms. Lacy taught Biology as well as another new addition to the facul- ty, Mrs. Hamm. Ms. Hayes taught General Science, and Mr. Water- bury taught Biology l and ll, as well as helping with instructing students on the new computers. The new wing and new facilities became a very big help to the education of the students in the Math and Science departments. 1. The camera seems to be the only one paying attention to Mr. Waterbury during his Biology l class. 2. Mrs. Wolfe looks frustrated while substituting for Mrs. Hamm. 3. Help! 4. Mrs. Hamm laughing along with her class. '.'f .1557 A K trams. ' 1 A, Science 53 Vo-Ag Offers Many Learning Activities 54 Vo-Ag 3 Mei wet' 5 r'1 f 1. Ken Carpenter receives an award. Standing beside him is Brandon Mit- chell and FFA Queen Rhonda Young. 2. Vo-Ag Pride is shown by wearing the Vo-Ag jacket. 3. Mr. Stan Allen watches his students receive their awards. 4. Students in Vo-Ag work hard in trying to make a headache rack for their pick-ups before school is let out. f l i l Mrs. Waterbury tries to help C. Moore with his work, but Chuck cloesn't seem too serious about it. 2. Sr. D. Raper does not let a band- aged arm stop him from do- ing his work. 3. K. Wallace is absorbed in his book. 4. T. Layton finishes her work. 5. B. Dysinger looks for help in the index. 6. K. Cagle uses her tutorial lab time as an aide to catch up on her Can- terbury Tales. Don't Give Up, Keep Trying i i .i"!"f'f VV V A . awk' X M V f I 2- , ' L, - 2 " gil izifiifffff 5 -' -1 ' if .V 5 A '52 iw" V 1 ' ' 'Y' M . . if V ..ffr.ZY.I, V . , . 3 A .. . L? jimi' V - 5 . , If? . .. i ki 9--0,04 lkjfw . '2 5 .E ' 'uf fr W-,J ,.1" 2151912 . C A ' , 51 115 Sf' " . 7 45.41 - M A J' " V... " 4 4. K 1. ri 3 k . -.gif 72,3 ft f, - . ' 2 iii? i f ' I 'E Special Ecl!Tutorial Lab 55 J qu .M if if i M- 5n.i...? Actions Spoke Louder Than Words 4 3 41 W. f 41 i t 1. Students find the reference file in the library very useful in finding material. 2. Beverly Cleveland aids another student in checking out a book. 3. Dean Kolar wonders around the library. 4. Speech students take a break after play rehearsal. 5. Renee Perminter and David Welch practice their speech duet. 56 Library and Drama Students Explore The World of Business cw- ,wma , 'jg ' aim V2,:'t.,lI hpv X , Y'-""' 1. Bob Denison goes over corporate duties with a board member. 2, Typing I students practice hard on their skill. 3. Scott Nunn trying to look like he is busy in General Business. 4. Accounting I students work hard to make sure their books balance. 5. C. Deupree trys typing with his eyes closed. G ,n lj .. to Business 57 1. and 2. The talent of art students is displayed inside of the room and out. 3. Miss Wilson explains the assignment of the day to one of her students, 4, M. Andrews works calmly on a gar- ment that is overdue. 5. The newly finished kitchens await the use of the Home Economics students. 6. D. Stevens is shown laying the pattern pieces on her material. 7. A. Ball seems to have a different opinion of the film than Mrs. Wood. Home Economics Is A Work Cf Art 58 Home Ec.!Art K mia , lliyydffi 2 ' a if ? . rs. Just An Inch Away From Success 1. J. King does his work behind bars, 2. The Communication students dig up ground before driving the stakes. 3. ls Woodshop hardat work or just pretenf ding? 4. I.. Van Tyle and R. Horton tell confused J. Barks the right way to sand wood. 5. M. Meledeo doesn't like his picture to be taken. 6. R. Young listens carefully to a lecture. 7. T, Bivens is preoccupied while D. Kropfinger gives him instructions. H- ' sv gr ..,.i..g .. .o . 3 s 5 7 i MW Ti 'iv' ".. 'fasllili-1 ..M.,Wf .. i . . I ., -- 3. - "-. fy :.f ctii ' . , ,E . 'Till' 5 I x-41' we 'fi' ft 4562 M . ,F 32,3 al .... NWN., . V24 A We 1. 0,2 ha' . 4 Www. Industrial Arts 59 Over last summer 12 new simulators were installed in a classroom here at Mustang. Simulators are mock models of the driver's seat of a car, including all of the controls used in driving. The simulators cost ap- proximately S35,000, and should last 5 to 10 years. I'm sure the driver's education teachers enjoy the simulators, because they are both a physically and mentally safe way of teaching. 6 60 PE!Driver's Ed . :.-:nw-sifrfgzm s 5 mm A W W K is Til ' Kg 3 v :EK M 5 1 917' M, me .ggi , 7 I 5 aa: 2 ?f-i New Simulators Arrive 7 i K f 1. ,,.., is . gf. A . gui .Wu , In M I . A I 5 I W N w ? f U r ' 1' ' is "-. V , "' " 4, gk f K . ,.V K 7, it i i . . arrr 1 s Q rass fi f , 1 , A f , 3 KV liz Z VVV- I 'WWW 1 2 Q Was., g i r 'lv A-.1 .rvf 77 4 syf-.Qigff ' fm . . i I , In ,..' 1 "i ' L in 11 One of the 1982 driverls ed. cars. 21 Students practice their crash positions. 31 What is Mr. Pigg looking at? 41 Another one of Mr. Morgan's lectures. 51 P. E. class plays football. 61 Kelly Cook has the volleyball in her hands now. 71 P. E. class relaxes from a hard game of football. Doe-Si-Doe Into Music Q01 ff? 11? is Z2 all lr ESX 22' .si V' ,f x -Q , .,., . , .f, ., 3, . 55 ,QNX W - . is W N r S99 f 'l it Lkw M nd' Wx , w :Ar K ',.g,,':'tgEi ti Z,.: g1,,A -f .f i,'ig.wEq4 'R zfwgieff ,. .. 14' :Mimi 1 1. .V .V .,.- it 5 'I if , fe S 2 6, Q r 1 Q it 5 V ,4 . I if 4 , if Z 2 fi f gl 4 ,ff I Q ZW 'iw ,Ji f KN f l 449 4 ff 4, f M. , Q 3.4 ii ,,....,M be . i g f g zi .... s t ' srir is Lf f V '- .. 5. Eric Linfoot is absorbed in his musical ac- companiment to the Jazz Reflections. 1. Mr. Jamison and the trumpet section perform in a special musical program. 2. A sax solo is played by James Riley. 3. Drummer Larry lVlcNutt accompanies the Jazz Choirs, 4. Rhonda Spears, a member of the Jazz Reflections, takes her tum in the spotlight. 6. The top choir group is the Jazz Reflections. Here they perform before the stu- dent body. 7. As with anything, Practice Makes Perfect. Band!Cho1r 61 M ' our - Morning Vo-Tech: Front Row: D. Akers, K. Teeples, D. Lankford, D. Pebworth, K. Stubbs, J. Snethen, B. Chavez. Second Row: V. Jones, W. Amos, T. Bennett, M. Jones, D. Robinson, T. Banks, D. Gibson, L. Patzack. Third Row: G. Weidemann, T. Brooks, T. Reed, R. Allen, D. Sowle, D. Guenera, L. Newcomb, R. Pickett, R. Davidson, B. Graves. Fourth Row: J. Lindsey, T. Endsley, J. Revel, J. McDaniels, J. Hopper, M. Mclvlillian, K. Sloan, R. Dalrymple. Back Row: K. Olsen, R. Shultz, P. Vernon, A. Meinke, K. Carpenter, C. Warner, K. Walker, M. Liberton, G. Harper. Many Students Choose Vo-Tech Many students who at- tend Mustang High School also attend Canadian Valley Vo- Tech to further their education and skills in the business world. .T it -yf... in .........g Q .. 62 Vo-Tech A tt'K Afternoon Vo-Tech: Front Row: T. Messer, S. Francis, B. Williams, C. Heacock, D. Malonv, C. Moore, W. Duncan, R. Boyer, R. Derosa, B. Huff- man, D. Harrison, R. Gurly. Second Row: L. Shumard, H. Burkhalter, G. Hicks, J. Pace, G. Pace, L. McArty, K. James, G. Seagroves, J. Todd, M. Dujardin, S. Fore, Mr. Spencer. Third Row: T. Dysinger, C. Gooch, K. Pheras, G. Kimball, R. McMillan, J. Keller, D. Phares, V. Bucher, J. Cowans. Fourth Row: T. Ramey, L. Lane, J. Bowden, W. Gregg, R. Johnson, M. Brooks, D. Jackson, C. Hargis, C. West, R. Britt, M. Cashman, G. Pavlik. Back Row: M. Swartz, L. Vantile, R. Lacy, J. Patton, C. Mahhews, B.. McMillian, L. Morton, M. Bledsoe, N. Decker, D. Gabbert, V. Stratman. To Receiving Training And Experience After three long hours of hard work, every- one deserves a break. 'YY hw Vo-Tech 63 Dedication To A Career - Vo Tech Students Know Practice Makes Perfect 64 Vo-Tech fir'-if' Q ptitfzwflgs ,. . 4e'212rggQ'1 me Q Em., rr:-,:tz, V V as fs sf, r K f i iitlii? Q W 1. Scott Fore is in plumbing. Here he is threading Lisa Wright is enrolled in fashion design. She is pipe, beginning a project. Approximately 155 students attend Canadian Valley Vo-Tech in El Reno. They offer 25 different courses, 1. Scott Wallace takes care of the watering and the landscape. 2. Clint Hargis and his instructor seem in- tent upon their work. 3. James Cowns needs another hand to take care of all his materials. 6. Su- san Francis is absorbed in her typing. ILUBSCLUBSCLUBSCI.UBSCLUBf 98219821982198219821982198219821982198219821982198219821982 Cl b 65 66 Yearbook Bylines, Headlines Yearbook Staffi D. Akers, T. Allen, L. Briscoe, J. Brixey, L. Cox, P. Doyle, D. Kennedy, H. Meeks, L. Porter, T. Stone, T. Reynolds, T Ross, L. Worthy. Photographers: K. Lewis, K. Hutmacher. Editors: K. Shaw, T. Williams, A. Franks. ,. is nf fx fx And Deadlines Newspaper Staff: Karen Garrison, Karla Kimmel, Danny Lathey, Julie March, Donna Whetstorie, Dana Duncan LaDonna Cox. Photographers: Tim Burnett, Kevin Lewis, Buck Moore, Scott Heron. Editors: Lori Worthy, John Rankin. f 7 .y R ' ,rig rf A f'a4e.,,. A 1"t".,,,,,,,,,,W ,.,, A decision to make. That's the way each new year is started off in the Yearbook class. A decision for a theme. There has to be one that's just right, one that's special for this year, and one that the whole class agrees on. Finally, the theme is though of . . . "Just A Little Bit Country," and the work begins. At Christmas the Staff joins with Newspaper to put on an appreciation luncheon for the teachers. The editors of the Newspaper assign stories to their staff each Monday and it's their job to get the stories finished and ready to go by Friday. Their stories are then put together to make up the BRONCO SCENE. Journalism II 67 Marching Through Dklahoma The ,band participated in the l football run through this year. l Their sign was highly liked by the students. 541... l Front Row: D. Vaughn, S. Eslick, S. Bowen, M. Nelson, C. Melton, J. Riley, M. Nelson, M. Bowling, fDrum Majori, L. McNutt, E Linfoot, G. l-laynes, M. Wockman, R. Owens, K. Flynn, D. Fox. Row 2: K. McCullough, B.'Miller, D. Schoves, A. Stutler, M. Harames, L Henson, C. Aidens, B. Lemsford, J. Chatham, D. Bruton, R. Brooks, J. Cleven, G. Roberts, G. Johnston, D. Roddy, D. Owens, D. Price Row 3: T. Sims, R. Sample, S. Laurent, D. Lasswall, S. Hood, K. Lathey, S. Oliver, L. Edwards, R. Sapp, M. Moore, S. Laurent, C Hapke, R. Brooks, S. Stutler, T. Herdson, K. McCullough, C. Baker, M. Beda. Back Row: C. Adams, S. Ballher, S. Franklin, P McCarthey, A. Shall, C. Olterman, S. McCool, W. Yerby, D. Megehee, R. McCarthy, M. Keig, S. Ely, B. Brus, L. Betterton, V Bransetter, K. Drumtra, A. Simpson, A. Jones. 68 Concert and Marching Band ixn.. Flags and Rifles: K. McCullough, S. Boehler, K. McCullough, T. Sims, D. Roddy, D. Price, T. Samples, C. Adams, A. Jones, A. Simpson. Row 2: K. Drumtra, V. Bransetter, S. Franklin, P. McCArthy, A. Sholl, l.. Betterton, M. Beda. l I l l Flag Corp and Rifles 69 Stage Band, Front Row: J. Riley, S. Eslick, S. Bowen, W. Yearly, L. Edwards, S. Hook. Row 2: R. Shade, R. Sapp, M. Bowling, B. Brus R. McCarthy. Back Row: F. Paulson, R. Owen, D. Megehee, D. Lasswell, D. Schones. Percussion: R. Middaugh, C. Baker, E. Linfoot, L lVlcNutt. Not Pictured: E. Wilmouth. i 1. Mike Bowling and Mike Brus enjoy performing in front of the student body. 3. Stage band in concert. 2. R. Owen giving it all he has. 4. Larry McNutt on the drums. 5. Eric Linfoot and James Riley playing to the best of their ability on the electric guitar and saxaphone. 6. Flag corp is ready and waiting to go on to the field. 70 Stage Band l Musical Abilities Are Developed By Choruses Front Row: Lori Michel, Cindy Autrey, Pam Olson, Stephanie Cammack, Pippa Maddox, Mike Wicker, Carl Gausman, Mia Maddox, Lynn Krouch, Barbara Haggy, Cathy Williams, Joyce Pollock. Row 2: Jill Phillips, Teresa Anderson, Julie Wells, Liz Ennis, Donnie Riechel, Lloyd Reed, Tia Maddox, Susan Harwell, Mindy Taylor. Row 3: Sherry Humphryville, Myra Wake, Tamara Angevine, Angie Hales, Michelle Denton, Ronnie Douglas, Chuck Davenport, Dawn Martin, Chrissy McCutchan, Teresa Mock, Angie Boling, Denise Hapgood. ffl V7 v X., A5 dir. fs i ,J A A'll , a. . A Mixed Choir was mainly composed of freshmen and sophomores. There was no auditioning for the class. lt was open to any student wanting to enroll in the class. Mixed Choir was held first hour. They attended Tri State in Enid in May with the other choirs from Mustang. They received 2's for their perfor- mances. They also took part in the musical Guys and Dolls. 1, Scene from the musical features T. Boatmun, D. Copeland, D. Stephens, R. Gerretson, L. Reed, T. Barclay and C. Daven, potr. 2. The Hot Box Girls were the highlight of the musical. Mixed choir 71 Front Row: A. Horton, K. Canfield, L. Metheny, D. Copeland, D. Stevens, C. Coy, R. Spears, K. Taylor, M. Roundtree, M. Andrews C. Albers, J. Forbes, S. Winders, W. Hawkins, R. Garrettson, K. Warner, L. Simpson, K. Ploch. Back Row: D. Andrews, M. Bush, D Dupler, T. Barclay, D. Maddox, J. Ralls, B. Moore, L. McMahill, D. Cusick, C. Malicott. 72 Concert choir This year the choirs went to many contests, such as the Cordell Festival on November 14, and the Alva Contest on March 30 and 31. They were host for the Mustang Invitational Jazz Festival, April 23-24. The year of contests was ended with the Tri- State Music Festival, May 1-4. They had many fund-raising projects, such as selling candy, popcorn, candy canisters, merri- bells, Christmas ornaments and all-purpose cleaner 1. Choir members performed in musical. 2. The cast of Guys and Dolls. 3. B. Moore and R. Spears sing a duet. ffl lr .N " Jazz Choir Takes It To The Top Front Row: Marky Rountree, Michelia Andrews, Larry McNutt, Debbie Andrews, Tim Boatmun, Denise Cusick, Randy Garretson, Leslie Simpson, Buck Moore, Celesta George, David Maddox, Mary Bush, Erick Linfoot, Kim Taylor. Back Row: Lisa Metheny, David Stevens, Katy Warner, Stuart Lankford, Karla Ploch, Chip Coy, Rhonda Spears, David Copeland, Kathy Canfield. This year was once again an outstanding year for Ml-lSls Jazz Reflection. The year was kicked off with a performance at open house, and then a concert in which they joined with the band to give the student body some enjoyment and to give themselves a tast of what it was like to be performing for an audience. During the months of November and December the choir kind of laid back in order to prepare for the annual musical. This year "Guys and Dolls" was selected and presented. Then as contest 1. Jim Bill Forbes shows off one of his many talents. 2. The jazz choir performs for the school in an allfschool assembly. season began, the choir really got to work. They attended the Northeast Jazz Festival, where they made straight 1's. Then they traveled to Talequah, They had never per- formed in this part of the country before and they made 1's. To finish the year the choir traveled to Enid for Tri- State and once again pulled through with straight 1's. "Next year will be even better," said Susan Vaughn, director. Jazz choir 73 74 Cheerleaders Firm Believers Ten young ladies had a belief in their school. They were firm believers in most every activity. These ladies were the varsity cheerleaders. They decided to make. their week at camp a little more exciting. To do this they attended Southern Methodist University Cheerleading Camp in Dallas, Texas. This camp was the largest ever attended by the girls and gave them quite a scare at first. Overcoming their fears, they brought home four superior ribbons and a spirit stick. The girls worked together all summer to pay for their new uniforms and other activi- ties. They raised money by holding bake sales, working a concession stand at the Fairgrounds Speedway, and a fireworks stand. The cheerleaders participated in a com- petition at Quail Springs Mall and were on "The Scene" a television show on Channel 25. The average cost per girl for her uniforms, equipment and odtls and ends is approximately S500 tif there were no money raising projectsi. During the summertime they practiced about eight hours a week in the mornings and spent quite a few hours more working on money raising projects and giving drinks to the football players during two-a-days. The girls practice between one and two hours a week, besides the time cheering at games, plann- ing pep assemblies and cheers for the games. So you see, there is more to being a cheerleader than just those few hours they are seen at the game. Sponsors: J. Bergland, S. Patredis lfar rightl Cheerleaders: Seniors-Laura Hindman, Dolores Cooper, Brenda Terret. Juniors-Micki Edwards, Cheryl Snead, Angie Franks, Karen Carpenter. Sophomores-Holly Meeks, Shannon Stringer, Fran lkerd. M'-' 1 V JW. , A- , V , was , S 0 334. a Cheerleaders 75 Freshman Cheerleaders Bursting With Pride i T-his year's Freshman cheerleaders showed lots of school spirit. They have a very busy. schedule to keep up with. They cheer for all freshman sports and also the J.V. teams. The cheerleaders spend part of their summer at a cheerleading camp in Tulsa. They received a superior ribbon and a spirit stick every day. They also paged at the Capitol and held bake sales to raise money to pay for their uniforms and camp. 76 Freshman Cheerleaders n. a. Freshmen Cheerleaders top to bottom: Tracy Arms Terri Lane Dede Wadja Laurie Lukazek, Debbie Moore, and Tia Morgan Spirit Reaches Crowd Through Bronco Bunch Pep Club Members: Brenda Terrett, Delores Cooper, Laura Hindman, Cheryl Snead, Micki Edwards, Karen Carpenter, Angie Franks, Holly Meeks, Fran Ikerd, Shannon Stringer, Smanatha Groh, Johnna Elliott, Staci Campbell, LaDonna Cox, Karen Shaw, Louise Waldron, Penny McCullough, Julie Wilson, Michelle Riddle, Jill Kudron, Laurie Lukasezek, Julie Smith, Donna Thompson, Lynn Krouch, Korena Trevino, Terri Triplett, Dana Smith, Teresa Harrell, Maxine Nelson, Susan Worley, LeeAnn Harrison, Sandra Easley, Kristi Ken- nedy, Debbie Moore, Kari Kimmel, Dawna Maloney, Marian Jenson, Barbie Hadlock, Tina Kline, Denise Hensley, Julie Wells, Tammy Henry, Renata Cherry, Tracy Holly, Dedria Price, Chris Mandrell, Christina Chambers, Teresa Anderson, Kelli Peach, Donna Butler, Pen- ny Polasek, Soo Lee, Christi McLaughlin, Kristine Conway, Angie Ball, Susan Howell, Jennifer Ricketts, Cindy Autrey, Jyna Boyce, Sunni Nichols, Joyce Pollock. Pam Reynolds, and LeeAnn Harrison show their bronco spirit. Buneh Cheers lo'-ld at Pep assembly, Bronco Bunch 77 Student Council Sets Goals of Leadership Front Row: Kevin Hutchcroft, President, Brad Price, Vice-President, Row Two: Sheila McCain, Mike Mullins, Donna Holliday, Todd Bacon, Debbie Moore, Wendy Lavell, Kristi Kennedy, Row Three: Bobby Denison, Pam Doyle, Kim Meyer, Tim Cox, Kelly Peach, Steve Leiber, LeAnn Behrens. Back Row: Tammy Smith, Pam Reynolds, Conrad Caldwell, Jay Patton, Loren Lutz, Dennis George, Richard Weathers, Donna Stewart. 2 ii 1, Intramural Volleyball plays an important part in all first hour classes. 2. Ken Carpenter passes the ball over the net as his fellow classmates watch. 78 Student Council FBLA c'Explores Roles-Extends Goals" i i l Front Row: Lynnette Elliott, Kim Elliott, Kristy Kennedy, Louise Waldron, Denise Kennedy, Connie MacWatter, Historian, Buck Moore, Reporter, Donna Whetstone, Vice-President, Mark Bowling, President, Dana Duncan, Secretary, Kenneth Huntmaker, Treasurer, Marian Jensen, Pam Marvin. Darla Rowe, Rachel McElroy. Row Two: Denise Cusick, Jennifer Brixey, Teri Triplett, Todd Bacon, Tuesdae Allen, Vonda Howie, Gina Jackson, Wendy Hill, Donnet Claypool, Melinda Eddings, Kyndel Shaw, Annette Talley, Jamie Sandrs, Dawn Black, Fara Workman, Deann Matthews, Robbin Hall, Suzette Pederson, Kim Kekalos. Row Three: Sharon Hunt, sponsor, Debbie Boatman, Michelle Dyles, Rhonda Spears, Kim Taylor, Felisa McMahan, Jeff Shane, Rhonda Blair, Jeannette Wiliams, Melinda McDonald, Sandy Kirth, Cindy Garrett, Mary Garrett, Donna Holliday, Toni Reynolds, Phyllis Reis, Chance Deupree, Karen Fairchild, sponsor. Row Four: Pat Flanagan, sponsor, Chisholm Deupree, Terri Ross, Daleen Dupler, Susan Worley, Rodney Henshaw, Carry West, Pam Doyle, Richie Brady, Leslie Simpson, Tandy Stone, Debbie Andrews, Tanya Hilburn, Shawna Stringer, Sandy Jones, Dona Shorter, Fran lkerd, LaDon- na Cox. Back Row: John Hall, Chuck McNeil, Lee Weatherford, Bob Denison, Michael Denton, David Maddox, Darren Linden, Dennis George, Karen Cleveland, Scott Webb, Jill Ball, Dawn Fischer, Terri Williams, Kim Walder, Shelley Bennett,.Stacia Thomas, Tanya Ellis. D. Whetstone and W. Hill enjoy riding the race car at Crystals for F.B,L.A, Party. During the year FBLA had many activities such as a Halloween party, two candy ff :,A sales, a skating party, and a Valentines party. The club also raised money for a children's home. This is the first time FBLA has done a project for charity. ' At the State Convention, Connie MacWatters ran for State Vice-President and ' won the election. Connie went to the National Convention during the summer. " I Other winners in the state competitions were, Kyndel Shaw-5th place, Typing 1, Fischer and Phyllis Reis took 7th place in their event. Donna Holliday-8th place, Miss FBLA, Wendy Hill-10th place, Office Procedures, Leslie Simpson-4th place, Business Law, Darren Linden-4th place, Job lnterview, Kristy Kennedy and Chance Deupree-7th place, Poster Event, and the Parliamen- tary Procedure team, which consists of Mike Mullins, Mike Denton, Jill Ball, Dawn FBLA 79 80 FHA Front Row: Kristin Bennett, Stacy McCool, Toni Dean, Karen Cagle, Karen Garrison, Kyla Andress, Andrea Horton. Standing, Row 2: Tracie Holly, Suzi Martin, Kristine Conway, Melissa Beda, Susan Harwell, Denise Hensley, Gyna Boyer, Christi McLaughlin. Row 3: Jill Phillips, Rhonda Angevine, Shelly Walker, Debbie Armstrong, Chrissy McCutchan, Angela Kirk, Liz Ennis, Tisha Boyett. Back Row: Janet Mitchell, Steve Brake, Julie Helmka, Dana Romez, Tammy Henry, Jo Ella Reese, Lisa Norton, Jo Ann Snethen . MK Q3 M 1 9 X Officers for FHA this year were: Kristine Bennett, reporter, Stacy McCool, Co-ed and Teen Time Correspondentg Toni Dean, historian, Karen Cagel, v-president, Kyla Andrews, treasurer, Andrea Horton, secretary. 2. Members enjoy themselves at FHA party. 3. Mrs. Hodges and Mrs. Wood serve the girls. 4. Toni Dean and Stacy McCool clown around. 5. Donna Stewart downs a hotdog. vm, ,- .-.....---, ,Q French Club Members: Seated: Debbie Moore, Melodee Elliott, Kelly Stuecher, Suzy Ely, Anne Mayes, Kelly Lindsey, Marky Rountree. Standing against wall: Noreen Cochran tsponsorl, Lian Crank, Deniss' George, Vonda Howie, Rick Ely, Lisa Lavelle, Krista Lafollette, Allen Hood, Leland Cannon, Jill Spear, Mike Schwartz, John Walters, Cecil Wolf. Sitting on wall: Susan Worley, Stacy Boehler, Johnny Chatham, Terrie Pyle, Cindi Key, Leslie Granger, Susie Jones, Donald Neeley. Standing , on wall: Johnna Elliott, Korena Trevino, Shantel Strain, Tohnia Singleton, Kim Roddy, Kristy Kennedy, Tina Kline. Foreign Cultures But r Like Hot Dogs Best at Lg 2 Spanish Club Members, Front Row: Karen Cleveland, Amy Gustafson, Becky Green, Glenn Bobo, Richard Ruiz-Reporter, Donna Holiday-Treasurer, Tami Hadlock-Secretary, Glen Fields-President, Shawn O'Brien, Scott Stutler, Bryan Sachs, Marti Billings. Row 2: Petra Harrell, Jutta Harrell, Gayla Abbott, Tim Barclay, Terry Halbert, Sandie Ott, Tim Boatmun, Lori Michel, Gary Green, Anita Clanton, Chris Cargill, Dayna Eniz, Denise Hapgood, Barbara Haggy, Kathy Hinkle. Row 3: Debie Pyle, Shawnda Catlett, Tammy Green, Cindy Garrett, Tracy Everett. Back Row: Greg Haynes, Shawn Stewart, Ethel Hudgins, Terry Madsen, Keli Myers, Lisa Translavina, Stuart Lankford, Melody Language Clubs Study Foreign Language Clubs 81 Key Club Opens New Doors Front Row: Denise Kennedy, Sylvia Stamp, Dave Buck, Marion Jenson, Vonda Howie, Kari Teeples. Back Row: Angie Franks, Jeff Hop per, Ronnie Woods, Ricky Middaugh, Karen Cagel, Brian Rigsby, Cecil Wolf. Math and Science Club, It Figures Front Row: JoElla Reese, Kevin MacWatters, Derek Sacks, Lucinda Lemmons, Jack Waterbury. Back Row: Dinh Nguyen, Greg Kersh, Mike Schwartz, Glen Bobo, Jeff Box, Bryan Sachs, Rhonda Hagglar, Rhonda Blair. 82 Key Club!Math 8: Science Industrial Arts Club Has Good First Year Industrial Arts Club: Kneeling: Scott Bracket, Ms. Kropfingerg Second row: Dean Kolar, David Nelson, Carl Oltermann, Doug Byrd, David Reed, Mr. McGarryg Back row: Mr. Rudek, David Oliver, David Grant, Richard Calvert, Brian Rigsby, Jay Patterson, Jason Sparger. Livestock Turned Into Profit This was the first full year for the Industrial Arts Club. They entered contests and many awards were brought back to MHS by the members. FFA students raised animals and showed them at many stock shows. After the animals were fully grown, they were sold, with some of the students making a pro- fit. Rhonda Young was named the FFA Sweetheart for the 81-82 school year. FFA Front Row: David Woodwardg Sammy Adcock, Randy Harris, Advisor: Ricky St. John, Reporter, Brandon Mitchell, Sentinel, Joe Anderson, Vice President, Ken Carpenter, Presidentg Mark Lee, Treasurer, Beth Kennedy, Secretary, Advisor, Stan Allen, Chisolm Deupree, David West, Cory Haynes. Row Two: Chance Deupree, Paige Anderson, Rodney Franks, Millie Thomas, Rhonda Young, Jeff Hanna, JoLynn Majors, Randy Allen, Jery Barks, Rick Cobble, Cecil Wolf, Debbie Boatman, Lessa Patzack, David Orr, Mike Croisant, Paul Dozier. Row Three: Ricky Davis, Curtis Phipps, Greg Roberts, Mike Petroff, Kenneth Phares, George McMahill, James Meeks, Robert Underwood, Lee Weatherford, Lori Lowder, Tony Wilkerson, Karl Oltermann, Brock Graves, Jeff VanTyle, Eddie Reed, Todd Stafford, Bobby Stevens. Row Four: Chris Corbett, Keith Wiedemann, James Butcher, Billie Brigger, Julie Feurborn, Jeannie Stoc- kholm, Richard Matthews, Thame Halsey, Monte Kinder, Craig Stratman, Ron Simon, Monte Ellis, Mike Cleveland, John Morawski, Kevin Kopp, Jay Eggenberg, Vicki Haggy, Mike Wallace. Back Row: Sharla Franklin, Craig Warner, Sam Carrol, Paul Hacker, Chuck McNeil, Matt Miller, Kurt Walker, Brett Jackson, Jeff King, Brian Williford, Greg Lyde, Terry Rowan, Kelly Husmann, Adam Meinke, Steve McCool, Kurt Olson, Mark Liberton, Pat Anderson, Ty Bivens. Ind. Arts! FFA 83 Rebels For A Cause Debate: C. Price, S. Lieber, K. Meyer, A. Mayes, C. MacWat'ters, B. Berenberg, J. Spear, L. Behrens, J. Sewell, M. Roth, Mr. Smith, B. Price, L. Lutz, J. Courtney, R. Weathers. The National Forensic League is a Na- tional Honor Society with the purpose of promoting the interests of interscholastic debate, oratory and public speaking. They must rank in the upper two-thirds of their class and earn a minimum number of points in competition. De- bators are accelerated students with their eyes on professional goals. They traveled about 4,000 miles this year, and spent an average of twenty hours a week practic- ing, with more hours spent during tour- nament week. N,F.l..: Kneeling: R. Weathers, L. Behrens, T. Col- eman, S. Lieber. Front Row: B. Hale, C. Weaver, L. Lutz, D. Sachs, C. Price, S. Winders, J. Nield, B.' Price, A. Mayes, M. Roth, P. Pankalla. Back Row: M. Smith, K. Bostic, R. Henshaw, D. Stewart, K. Meyers, R. Evenge, S. Easley, J. Spear, R. Ruiz, C. MacWatters, P. Reynolds, R. Permenter, V, Howie J. Sewell, J. Courtney. 84 NF L! Debate Comp. Speech: Front Row: R. Weathers, M. Herron, D. Welch, D. Thompson, T. Coleman, C. Weaver, S. Easley, S. Cammack, A. Mayes, S. Lieber, L. Lutz. Row Two: K. Bostic, T. Kline, S. Francis, D. Sachs, G. Norvell, R. Ruiz, P. Reynolds, J. Nield, S. Pederson, R. Baker, B. Price, T. Barclay, B. Hale, J. Courtney. Back Row: Ms. Flemming, M. Roth, S. Winders, J. Sewell, R. Permenter, D. Stewart, C. MacWat'ters, R. Henshaw, R. Evenge, P. Pankalla, K. Willitord, D. Cusick, J. Swink, L. Behrens, J. Spear, C. Price, Mr. Smith, K. Meyer, B. Berenberg. Competitive Speech makes up the other half of the Speech Squad. They were active in iriterpretative events and duet acting. At the State Tournament, they took second in Sweepstakes, and some of the students were also involved in the State One-Act Play, in which they also placed second. The speech students compete in categories such as poetry, prose, duet acting, both humorous and dramatic, and humorous and dramatic interpretation, as well as oratory events. The Drama Society is a club of students who are interested in the theater as well as the performing arts. The club put on a fall play this year, "You Can't Take lt With You", and in the spring they put on the "Follies", as well- as having pledge week to initiate the new members. l Drama Society: Front Row: C. Price, B. Hale, Meyer, P- R2Vl'l0ldS1 M- Roth. D-' Welch, Mrs. Flemming, G. Norvell, T. Coleman, M, Herron, S.CBl11miiCl4, K- Bennett, D. SYGWHI1. BBCR ROWS J. Courtney, M. McNeill, R. Henshaw, L. Lutz, R1 Weafhefi R. Permenter, C. Weaver, M, Lewis, J.. Swink, M. Harper. Drama!Comp. Speech 85 Merlin Society, Seated: D. Kolar, K. Meyer, R. Henshaw, S. Francis, M. Herron, K. Bostic, Sf Easley, J., Swink, L. Lavelle, M. Lewis. Standing: M. Hulsey, L. Briscoe, C. Canfield, L. Canon. L. Metheny, P. Polasek, T. Reynolds, B. Hale, C. Weaver, T. Mock, D. Neeley, S. Bowlware, S. Cattlett, P. Chesser. Something new was initiated this year by the National Honor Society. The members volun- teered to help tutor students needing help in their basic classes. The tutoring was before school on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The response was not enormous, but some did come in for this free help. Merlin Society Theylre One Cf A Klnd NHS Has Brain Waves Merlin Society 86 XNHS N.H.S. Seated: L. Behrens, B. Price, D. Price. Row 2: K. Teeples, D. Kennedy, R. Spears K Taylor B Terrett P Reise D Cooper L Blakemore. Row 3: R. Haigler, M. Mullins, B. Kennedy, D. Holliday, R. Chaoman M Davis K Meyers L Lemons K Warner J Larson. Row 4: S. Bennett, D. Green, T. Cox, K. Hutchcroft, C. Hapke, S. Herron, M Moore J Reynolds J Box K McWatters G Fields. Back Row: S. Leiber, S. Gomez, M. Maynard M Pc'--farfls. C. Caldwell, L. Lutz D l, 1: pzghfvxaiii ii ' . .,,,1Q,..,, , LPGRTSSPGRTSSPGRTSSPORTSPC 82198219821982198219821982198219821982198219821982198219822 Sp 87 Awesome Defense Key To Success "They have a much better defensive team than they had last year," was just one of the remarks made about the tough Bronco defense. The team had a winning season and played two play-off games before getting beat by the Guthrie Bluejays 21-7. The Broncs beat the Bluejays in their second game of the season 6-3. Our first loss of the season was to Yukon, 10-O. Both teams entered the game unbeaten, which made the stakes even higher, not to mention the great rivalry with the neighboring town, but not even the awesome defense could hold ,on to their undefeated record. However, the defense did show its awesomeness blanking out four of its nine regular season opponents. They began their season beating Capitol Hill 27-O and continued on, winning against Guthrie. They next won their rivalry game with Western Heights with ease. The winning streak con- tinued in the Homecoming game against McGuinness, and next came the two games against the big schools. Yukon proved the superiority of their class, but Norman could not have proved it, being beaten 14-O. Choctaw was the next victim with the Broncs scoring 21 and shutting the Yellow Jackets out in the cold, or should it be said, the mud. The game against Choctaw could be described as the "Mud Bowl" with both teams' school colors appearing to be brown. 88 Football 'llllli Witt. 1. lSz+.ut3iff.lQs ,Q af 3. Starting into the District games, the Broncs won two out of three. They lost the first by a touchdown to El Reno's State runner-up team, but we came back strong beating the Fighting Chicks by 22 points. Carl Albert fell to the Broncs 19-14, and they headed to Duncan for the playoffs. Leaving the Demons with helmets in hands, they came back for the regional game against Guthrie. But Guthrie's Bluejays had improved since early season and left the mighty Broncs with a glimpse of State. 1 Y 'fiif f' ' " ' . my 0' ' 1 1 V . Q . nl H WWWW 4' 'fm-' Q' - frasfig Y l . .. . ..i,..,, .i s L. 1 ew W W? ,elif l ' when-. .5 was W . N,- tf-, . cr,. li t,rf .i,,V I V23 mn W,,t ir.r - riei S 1. Coach Carpenter has discussion with officials. 2. The Broncs awesome defense is shown here by Jeff King. 3. Ricky St. John shows off his superior kicking abilities. 4. Troy Chggtnut dogg 5 few dancesteps while quarterbacking.5. Spirit raises from the huddle as each of the players show who's the best. 6. Defense on the line. 7. Broncos break through with pride. Football 89 B. D. D. B. S. T. R. D. T. L. G. R. L. D. B. R. T. M. T. J. R. M. R. D. 90 Football Broncos Romp To A 8-2 Season MUSTANG VARSITY FOOTBALL 1981 Kimball . . . Buck ..... Stanley . . . Armstrong . Middaugh . Chestnut . . Brady . . . Posey .... Woodruff . . Weatherford Green .... Calvert . . . Bryant . . . Davis . . Root .... Bussey . . . Chestnut . . Monroe . . Fenimore . . Revel .... Shade . . . Hicks .... Middaugh . Reed ..... C. Culberson R. Baker .. A. O'Connell T. Daugherty C. Caldwell B. Lively .. S. Dixon .. S. Baggs .. S. Hill .... D. Kolar . . . S. Brown . . J. Box .... S. Box .... M.,Maynard C. McNeil . . M. Butler . . J. Pyle .... J. McDaniel R. Shultz . . J. Brown .. J. Bokhari . R. Ely ..... D. Rouner . J. King .... L. Hutson . D. Byrd . . . J. Hopper . N. Reusser . R. Boord .. P. Vernon . J. Brownlow G. Fore . . . R. St. John S. Hill .... D. Byrd . . . J. Partin . . . J. McClung S. Hinshaw D. Jones .. R. Woods . . D. Byrd . . . R. Sellars . . K. Cross . . . M. Beach . . C O A C H E S C. Carpenter W. Ryan M. Blevins R. Lokey G. Stephens in , 44 if MES' '4 4 'rg 4 ' 4 44 4 WZ M? K w gf A V W5 S I -1 ' ' 2-Pf 3 ,,, 4 M y ,z ,r v 4 ., :Q -"A- 4 nz .f,- :V - ' -- ff? gf P E. 'twifjg ' g Q 242- 6 , wi ' W.. A rf wr-ff f fra I 3. r"t,'a4: ,, a-1 , A .. ' -mt.. ,.: MWF, -A W4 ,- -W, ,,-V -- W ,. ,, , as 4 l l Mustang vs Mustang vs Mustang Mustang Mustang Mustang Mustang Mustang Mustang . Mustang Mustang vs. Mustang vs. f-'wk Qu! 1981 Capltol Hlll Guthrle McGu1nness Yukon Norman Choctaw . El Reno ...,.......... Chxckasha ........... Carl Albert .......... Playoffs Duncan ....... Guthrie ....... O 10 14 O 2 0 .25- 3 ,19-14 1 - 7 7-21 'X3YXY,yx7,x,g,'gg,'gXy,yxxx3g,g,-g-,xxgxg5-xx-333,-gg, 5 3 . ' ' ........... 27- O Q . ' ...,.......... 6- 3 vs. Western Heights ....... 17- O 2 vs. ' .......... 7- 3 if 'fffffffffi g vs. ............. 1- 5 vs 0 6 Q vs Q vs 5 6 Y 3 4 4 4 I 4 4 4 4 4 4 3 4 4 5 4 tm Football 91 I No Nonsense Football mx 1 K, , Y 'F " . F .A A W. f . I ' 'V A A u . ' I . ' A 1 - A. l ' T f I 1 , I 'I 4. " J , , ' ' - ' , 11 1' , .,,. , V H A . A A A A A. .. . . A m M., A ,... o,,. A . .E. A A. ' f ' I 'M . ', A r . - . " ' ' 3 "1 Q ' 11- -- xi is EA 1 ' . ' , j, .1 ' ' A is ' 1, 'Z' it "H iiilfi. 1 is A . W A. ' .. . " A- I ,A . - -is I 5 Af, n-9 ,mi AA A v,.L-sgalt'-5 ' , wi' " ... Z f-I gg . ' A -if ' A" 1 .. fr i z . . ' . "' AA A - 1 '- , 36:21 A' i i .AT 3, '4 . L ' ' Q17 ' J, 2. g I . 4 5 ' ,' ' r 7 , Ar . 'H ' I id N I. h , 3 'ijt VX V' K 4. If Q -A ' '- - A4 4 - sf" ' .f i . T- . PW- - ' ' . ' ', 1 A fi . A . F We Q . .,,, , 1 A f- ,A , , . . fi A 3 f I A f . " .. -. . : 'W f A 1' :gm 'Z if 5 A I ,JAWS " Q 1' I Qlifig af l' ?w ..E?' I' 2 I f? A gif! . 7?-1 A, .. " VA. "" 'Z"7"'A" ft' " , ' ,,,.- ' W ,fs 5 ' i t T I I I ' "A . A f . ,,. 'tr' .A AW' -A 'si 1 V' A A M A f V' .fr I 73 ' A 'J "-- 1 A --AA sg A ' F263 -' 'IA A A. A: . AA ' iff ' 'M U' 7' ' 4 G A.. mg. ,, " ' . sig.. . . A ' ' 'A ' Kgs- z A, ' A , A-giwfxiv' .' f stat - r-, '- , , -1, f' -, z ,' 24,2-E ig. 'fq.,j',, L f A .f 0 W!! A ' Mkt: ,if ' ,k:i"f?'? M X" " AAAA I' f I fi r AA AA' -f-' AAAA .S YM--'mf--fA1,1:, ' H Ae ,, . ' 'f W" "" "' t AM My , T- "t Y v r AAAAAA-www- , A AA I .A .. A 'A'- A ' is .- 'W H VV M .A ,.,. . Aw, --. A,. ,gngffy lligxtivw A-. 'i'1"""i'2 s.mlX3z '2 'W'A'faM w WWQm" -f f f i l ig. ' AA A ..,.. , -I-A AI M AAw.ifziff?ZW" ' ff Tff 1 l'if I A5 2' . AQ 1 . riff g ' Age?-fl' ' f -.Aa AM, A " .5 f . " .ex 'V ' x . ra -A N V A It A A ' A 5 AA GLENN LINDEN .... DONALD SWEENEY . CHRIS EASTERLING DAVID WELCH ..... ROY COBB .... MARK RICE .... ERIC HALEY ...... BILLY OWENS ....... J EFFERY RENCHEN TODD JONES ...... KEVIN CHARRIES .. JOHN SIMON ...... DARREN WARREN .... BRENT NULL ........ MICHAEL WICKER .... DAVID OLIVER ..... DARREN DEVOUS .. CRAIG LUKEN .... TIM HOMAN ....... GLENN TAYLOR ..... D'MlCHAEL PERKINS ARNOLD IRWIN ...... CHUCK CALDWELL 92 Freshmen Football ...16 ...22 ...24 ...25 ...26 ...30 ...35 ...36 ...41 ...42 ...44 ...45 ...46 ...55 ..'.57 ...59 ...60 ...62 .. ...64 ...65 ...66 ...68 TRAVER BOYDSTON' ..... .... 7 5 BRUCE MONTGOMERY . . . . . . .77 CHARLES DEVENPORT . . . . . . .78 DAVID PARSONS ..... .... 8 0 JOHN WALTERS . .. . . . .81 MICHAEL DAVIS . . . . . . .82 DOUG RISHER . . . . . . .83 GERRY HUNT ... . . . .84 KEVIN LEGG .... .... 8 5 JIMMY POE ........ .... 8 6 GERALD CLUCK . . . . . . .87 ROBERT LEMMONS ...... ..... .... 8 9 Finishing the season with a 7-2 record the freshman squad posted victories over rivals EI Reno, Chickasha and Yukon. They were edged out by the Jets 6-O. Their two losses put them out of the playing for the Two Rivers Conference Championship. FY., , , Y "1 -: pocz'f'.x:e4'z:f'.fooov fj i . 1 K -- Mustang Mustang Mustang Mustang Mustang Mustang Mustang Mustang Mustang Noble ....... P.C. Central . . . Harrah ...... El Reno McGuinness .. Chickasha .... Western Heights Yukon ...... Guthrie .... 1'!'.A'!'JO2'f'.A'r7'.Q'r7'.A'f.A'fJ?'J.?J-?.pCf.7923"-A'l'-4l' Freshmen Football 93 Candidate Jamie Sanders and Escort Bob Armstrong 94 Football Royalty Candidate Brenda Terrett and Escort David Stanley -g-N,-xxx-3,-ggx-Xy,XgXx-xggx3,x3,'xxN'xXNYxYNXNXNXX'YXYNYX.NXN3.NkX 'Y'.N'N'A,N'AX'A,x',5,x-x,-g-,gx3,-g,x,-g-.N,-x-3-Y-,N'-x.A. yt W 2492 'X'A.'Y.N.'N'3.."Y.N.'N'x,'Y'.x,"Y,x,'Yx ,"x',3,'x',g,"g, 'g3xgX3,gggyx-X-gg,-N-X-N-X-N-xgggy-gxgy Queen-Mary Garrett Escort-Terry Chestnut Xk.."N'A.N'.N.'N3."X'B..'NX.'Nk,'N'A..'Y,N.."Y'.X.'N'.N..'Y'.N.'X'A.N'xN'xX3X'kY.NX'xYN.'Y.XiN.'Y1Y,NN3Y.NN3.'Y-N,'N'.NN3. N. 'Nk.'XB.'N.N."Y'.N..'Y.X.,'N'B.'X'.N.'Y'.N,'N.. ix. t '-1-1 S59 0 gig Q 3 v-H 5 on W 3 by 4 r-4 l 2 W g G 4 ab ag r-' z , 4 V-1 tball Royalty -- fi Front Row: D. Buck, S. Stile .s ...ww .. 1 I K. ' K 2 T .1 . K i A wx " F are H s, L. Hutson, D. Linden, mgr. -A. Stutler S Raines J Gregory D Maddox and B Brid er Back R , , , . , . . Q . ow: Coach Peak, D. Smith, D. Stanley, T. Chestnut, B. Kelley, N. Miller, J. Woodward, T. Nickle and Coach West. Come To Where The Action Is Come To Bronco Country 7 e2tQz?2i?W,,, 2 fi .,,. ...M , , ' I err,aa.,.W,ir.,W.,W y V i tr f ff f f ff rw.,-fE's?Af -' 1 f-X 4 f , .,, New in we? "twin Q K ff If if 2 ry.. . . w.e.iy..w .Mer :wwe riff- H 7 , HH... c,,,c, L, ,4.,..., ,,, 3 . .L nW,,.,,2a-.fiar .biifesfiseiifiaitgygvggf W.. - fr .nr m ...m V- .. .wr ,f .X .,,. . '- 1' M. 1 . -:.. A . ,:...... ...... 5 , , i H I 5 .-, 33 f -f A f " . N ,.,,.f.,-,.,11-- Efwgaefw l ' . . . eerl 1 :ii 3 E . 5. .. Aqql ,.y. ,,,.i.. . I h et - .2 Q: I -'r'u : -..,r I-sf ' . H if .E J fi gli , ."f I i '....- 2 ..,: 1'ffss..."2: E' S' up am z.. 5, l 453 Ri i 'f" 1 :- g ll '. ' A lla' is My -if Q22 ,. . fill. fi . Y ewi ' wif i, K 1 ii gl 5 4' IQ? S E A . -f,, --.,' I ,.-,,.f 2 Ei' - l Us ' fflfgiiige 'I ii gg 456 2 X .. A ii 1 its ri is li 'E it 22 i, l ' 5 i A ' r 5 slugs 'il lil? 4 .. A 5 I lie Sl J.. i 2 23 .3.13 z fe-Q. SS i V, , , ,,., . 3 Er ' Q' Fri than 'ii i X. . K is FX . ii X xi. J I i Q ,. it iii E M SEE , ,,-,,, i , nl if lll 5 ifrwmsiti a it if . .A fc M. , M. i V f-Q . , X , I ,1 ,, .., .1 .HW ww -' A Q 1 2 'V CSM list fm ,- Q . . f 2 wwf -r . .fw-51 1 ,lla fi 'K 5 '- gig ,ei A ff' -' f ..1y i2gQij', ' f . f ' 3 5 :mf W . , Q '-1 -gr - s 3 ,,l., . . i .. ,-A-A.., f.i.,f,f aw?-fist., .f ...ff - i gm' ig V gk . E. Z .,,, i fmiirt ,WMV sy ,Wi i, . . .. . A.,-,,.,5,,..-,, sy ,lftlamimiffilik . , 12 QE - l . "-' . tt ..,,, , 7 J . , ii il fi V f. f.W,f.. -rrr fi..,ig.Qi.i.H33r?Z'f jeff 1 ' T 2 Bri W 55 t 17+ 7 tl.- 96 Boys' Basketball fi gl . This year the Broncos had two new coaches for the boys' basketball team. With head Coach Ray West and assistant coach Tony Peak, the Broncos ended the season with a record of 4 wins and 19 losses. 1. Linden sets a pick for Buck. 2. Broncos eagerly await to see if the ball goes in. 3. Broncos on the rebound. .'.N."N.'N."N.-"N.'X.'N,'N.'N.'N.'N,'N.'N."N."N.'N."N.. Z 3 Mustang Mustang Mustang Mustang Mustang Mustang Mustang Mustang 3 3 5 Mustang 3 3 3 I Mustang Mustang Mustang Mustang Mustang Mustang Mustang Mustang Mustang Mustang Mustang Mustang Mustang Mustang 1 f 3 55 3 52 3 9, nb I Q' Z 2 E ns 5 ow Ui I o ow 2 3 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 'J . . . .Yukon 53 . . . .Tuttle 49 .,.....Elgin 37 . . . . . .Graham 70 . . . .McGuinness 40 . . . . . .Chickasha 72 . . . .McGuinness 70 ......El Reno 64 .....Yukon 72 ....Cushing 50 . . . .Western Heights 60 ........Guthrie 47 . . . .Carl Albert 43 . . . .Sapulpa 70 ZQ5 toes'- 5372? 305-If 51135 NIUWNO IOP-4x1 "Y'..N.'N'.N."N'.N."N.. YN.. 3 3 3 3 3 3 I 3 3 3 I 3 Z 3 3 3 3 3 2 3 Q.B.,N.."N."N.."N,"X..'N..'X..'N.."N. ....Western Heights 51 .......Carl Albert 65 .......El Reno 66 ............StarSpencer 89 In the battle between the Broncos and the Guthrie Blue Jays, Mustang lost 47-46 in four overtimes. The Broncos participated in the Lindsey and the Saint Mary's invitational tournaments. This year there were three stat keepers and one manager. The stat keepers were Kelly Lindsay, Julie Wilson and LaDonna Cox. The manager was Andy Stutler, alias Radar. 1. Bron- cos play with anticipation. 2. Miller finds out it's not as C359 GS if looks. 3- Raines waits for Buckis pass. 4. Buck 9935 SCT- 5- Chestnut jumps for the balll- Boys' Basketball 97 98 Boys' Basketball li" 5 1 r 422. 1. Smith fights for the ball, 2. Raines goes up for a shot, 3. Maddox tries for two. 4. Traditional hand- shake. 5. Broncos on the rebound. 6. Chestnut con- centrates. 7. Smith guards his man. S. Bridger makes a pass. 9?-"i v W A na. X -fl 1 4 . .-isis, We Gave ItOur Best Shot f 1. Maddox and Raines on the go. 2. Time for a pep talk. 3. Chestnut goes for two. 4. Buck makes a pass. 5. Buck makes two. 6. Smith waits for a pass. 7. Bridger gets positioned. 8. Smith on the rebound. Boys' Basketball 99 We Play To Win Front Row: Todd Teeples, Tony Hudson, Roy Cobb, Jeff Twiehaus, Tim Bostic. Row Two: Shawn O'Brien, David Ellis, Robert Walker, Terry Hudson, Brent Null, Donald Sweeney, Darren Warren. Back Row: Greg Twiehaus, Glen Linden, Bob- by Barton, Darren DeVous, David Whitaker, Mike Keig, and Coach Meledeo. it David Whitaker jumps at the beginning of the half for Mustang. 100 Freshman Boys' Basketball David Whitaker takes the basketball to the basket. The 9th grade boys had a very successful year. Coach Meledeo coached them to a third place victory in the Western Heights and Noble tour- naments. The highlight of their season: however, was when they placed second in the Two-Rivers Conference. After that they just kept piling on the wins for a final record of 13 and 7. 1. Greg Twiehaus goes up for a shot. 2. Brent Null brings down the rebound for the Broncos. 3. Robert Walker at the free throw line. 4. Terry Hudson goes over a defender to get a shot up. 5. Greg Tweihaus passes around a defender. 6. Robert Walker goes up for a shot. Freshman Boys' Basketball 101 Candidate LeAnn Harrison and Escort David Maddox 102 Basketball Royalty Candidate Christi Jones and Escort Tony Nichol -g-5-,"g'.g,'x",3,,"x'5,."N".x.,"N"5,"N".N.,'X. 'N'NN'A.'N'XV.XN3.'N'NN'BN1.'!N.'Y.X'YXX'A.'YN.'YN.'N'XYNN'x xxgggxxxxxx-gggyxxyxgxxxxgxxggg13,-gXg'3,'g-5,'N-3,-q,gq,gx-33-5x-335,'g-5,-g,yx',g, Queen-Dawn Fischer Escort-Darren Smith 1X'SX,'X',X,"X',3,"Y',X,"QX,'X'-3-,"X'-3,"X'-X,'Q'-N,"N'-x."N'-3-,"X'-5-"N'-X,'X'-x,"QX-"Q',g,'g'3,'Qg,'Q3,"g"-x,'X"x,'Y,QX1,'Q,gY,N,Y,X,'QX,X'X,Y,Q'X1,'X'A,'Qg,X'5,X'5,'g1,Y,g,'g'A,'QgS5-X 9 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 I 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 I 3 3 3 3 3 I Basketball Royalty 103 Broncos Are Something To Cheer About All Year Long Girls' Basketball Team, Front Row: Cindy Maddux, Sylvia Stamp, Jennifer Brixey, Cindy Garrett, Susan Milt, Terri Triplett. Second Row: Lou Ann Porter, Fran lkerd, Renee Chapman, Roxanne Goins, Holly Meeks, Lee Ann Harrison, Dana Smith, Terri Farris. Back Row: Coach Charboneau, Susan Webster, Mary Bush, Dawn Fischer, Jill Ball, Jennifer Relusser, Coach Pigg 104 Girls' Varsity Basketball The Broncos had a terrific season this year. They won 23 and lost 5. This was a rebuilding year after losing all six starting seniors. The girls had to work twice as hard to make up for the lack of starting experience. Once on the court the Lady Broncos quickly proved their ability to handle any given situation, as their season record shows. The starters this year at the guard end were Jill Ball, Renee Chapman and Susan Milt, all seniors. The forwards were Dawn Fischer and Lee Ann Harrison, seniors, and Cindy Garrett, sophomore. 106 Girls' Varsity Basketball The Broncos got off to a good start the first game of the season when they blew away their rivals, Yukon, 68-51. They didn't let up much at all from the first game on. Mustang split wins with Western Heights after two hard fought battles but won the conference title after beating El Reno to finish 4-1 in conference play. The long road to the state tournament was just beginning when Mustang hosted the Regional Tournament where the girls beat Classen and Star- Spencer to become Regional Champs. The Broncos continued to play better all the time. They met Woodward in the area tournament at Yukon. Woodward was expected to be a tough opponent, but Mustang put them away early in the game. The final store was 60-37. The Mustang Broncos were to play in the state tournament again. The Broncos eliminated McAlester and Bartlesville Sooner in the first and second rounds to put themselves in the finals. The final game was played against Mustangs biggest rival, Western Heights. The Broncos started out with the lead but Western Heights took control late in the second quarter and Mustang never took the lead again. The final was 42-56. The Broncos won the title of State Runner-up. ff "x"a."x'x."v.x.'x'x.Nx.'v,x.-x'x.Nx,'xx,'x-xwff ,! Na.-v.x'v.x.-wx.w.x-xxwx.-xx.-xx.5 2 5 2 3 Mustang 68 . .... Yukon 51 3 9 Mustang 62 . . . .... Edmond 29 Q 5 Mustang 53 ....... Moore 49 Q 5 Mustang 40 ,... Pe west 49 Q I Mustang 50 . . . .... McGuinness 32 9 Mustang 45 . . . ...... Jenks 39 6 Mustang 52 . . . ...... Jay 53 4 Mustang 44 .. . ....... Latta 42 Q Mustang 46 . . . ...... Chickasha 29 5 3 Mustang 54 . .... McGuinness 43 9 3 Mustang 64 ........ Eineno 36 Q 3 Mustang 46 . ............ Yukon 42 4 5 Mustang 41 . . . ..., Western Heights 47 5 2 Mustang 52 .......... Guthrie 35 5 5 Mustang' 53 . ....r. Carl Albert 35 Q 6 Mustang 45 .... Sapulpa 44 4 5 Mustang 44 . .,.... Jenks 53 9 g Mustang 66 ...... Chickasha 32 3 Mustang 44 ........... Guthrie 31 3 Mustang 35 .. . .... Western Heights 33 g 4 Mustang 46 . . . ................ Carl Albert 45 9 5 Mustang 40 ........................ El Reno 28 5 Q REGIONALS 4 3 mustang . . . ................ St. . .glassen g us ang . . . ............... ar pencer g AREA g 9 Mustang 60 .............,...... Woodward 37 4 Q STATE- TOURNAMENT 3 5 Mustang 55 ..................... McAlester 50 5 5 Mustang 56 ................ Bartlesville Sooner 46 Q g Mustang 42 ................. Western Heights 56 9 . 2 Qxxxxxxxxxx-x."x.'x.'x."x.'x.-x.-xx.x.,'x.'x.'x."x.'x.-x.-x.'x,'x.'x.-x.-x.-x.xxxxxxxxxxxxx Girls' Varsity Basketball 107 We Play To Win The seniors showed great leadership at all games and practices this year. They kept the enthusiasm going, and all of them will be missed next year. The Broncos had two All-Staters, Dawn Fischer, the leading scorer with 18.3 points per gameg and Jill Ball, the Broncos' leading reboun- der. 108 Girls Varsity Basketball Conference Proves Tough Freshman Girls Basketball Team, Front Row: J. Kudron, C. Coleman, L. Lukasek, S. Nunn, R. Bennett, M. Howie, E. Latham, S. Arnold. Back Row: G. Boyer, B. Fruits, P. McCarthy, T. Bray, Coach Charboneau, M. Denton, T. Williams, K. Phillips, L. enson. The 9th grade girls had a very successful year, during the season. They had a new coach, Dan Charboneau, who came right before their season started. The girls also had a very tough sched- ule. They played Yukon, Western Heights, El Reno, Lindsay, Chickasha, and McGuinness. They came in third in the Western Heights tournament, and fourth in the Noble tournament. They beat St. Mary's twice, Guthrie twice, McGuinness twice, and El Reno once. So even though their coach came in late, the girls did not suffer at all. After their season was over, they had a final record of 14-6. 2. The girls get ready for the tip off. 3. The girls anticipate the balls trajectory. Freshman Girls' Basketball 109 Tuff Guys Varsity and Junior Varsity Wrestlers: Front Row: Kevin Cross, John Rankin, Marian Jenson, Stacy Jackson, Mandy Smith, Pippi Maddox, Jeff Legg, David Woodward. Row Two: David Green, Richard Schultz, Shawn Murray, Gary Patterson, Gary Kinder, Darin Lively, Monte Roddy, Back Row: Coach Rankin, Coach Rudek, Jeff McDaniel, Terry Daugherty, Roy Schultz, Mark Bowling, Denison. ,ww,vhi 1, g. -Q45 ' 13, 1 sm gk 2 -, - ,E 2 ' 23 l, ym1s'ft1i.i2 .1 ---- 11' w 'f1.fmw,1f f. r t t1,gg,,gfQg,,i2'f Pi sfftir i inf, iii 2 2 -f ,W fyj fyjlgllg A 1 1 5? H 1' ,I . 1 Qs " A 'M""""'M" fr ,. if , -4 ,,.g ,,1 as ,,,., . y -'f . Q .i Qu fggiafsri f . -,E -.1-ist, ,,w: -1f ,Q7 ' I J 1 1 Y" 1- 1 - 6111. 'ff' L 1 V' :sv -1.-si W M - fl , G Q5if1iZ.41:i,. 1 ' 1' pu K ' , rf' ' iii-f 110 Wrestling . glimiili. 1 gsm, . N new ,1iQ,Y' ,57f. - 1, nr? ,isp J Q 1. A -1 ev 5 2834 t . , j , ir' si -1' 1 ,r Billy Root, Mgr. Bob ' ?"iYflfwU' -' '1,"ill'r'5'm 12121 S?7t?5'E?l'?L'tixf'l9?lf Eff' 3' -'rrsslmfifJ"ff171sVz3lli?2i3ili'7'5155 I . fl' 'Wx U 53 f "fs , I A " is : ,1 . 1 .,-as--W 1 2222 5 ii? m zzlvfi V. 7 -.ww .N-.rr-1:':i'f' g-mi-wt ' Htl wi' . if M1 ' fl' 2, , 15 ,i R. C1357 gsiffiil l' iillllsfi' 1 H: A . .se '1 -gg ,ry 'y f if Eg? 11 1' ,51f1,,1L, . t emg5V ,Sf if I "M I 1" Z 211 "4 1 Q : if - vii., 5 ' Q35 iw Witt ' ' if fe- 4 f A we gl J lf ZW ' W A 9 2 , . Er YM i f ,1 .f i v 'fii z ., 1 :, F 21 4 '94 l f 1 ff , W A 1 M 6 15 Q are ,M v? wi 4 3 rl 1 , H i X 1 W Q f flax 124' , JC , 1, Pressurefll Pressurelll Pm Him To The Mat Hosted by the Duncan Demons, Regionals were long awaited but the Bronco wrestlers proved themselves as tough guys. David Woodward and Billy Root were Regional Champs. Roy Schultz and Mark Bowling each placed 2nd, David Green, Wade Huckabay, and Jeff McDaniels placed 4th. The Wrestling Matmaids were: Marian Jenson, Stacy Jackson, Mandy Smith and Pippi Maddox. Meet the '82 State Qualifiers egg N N 4+ 'if' P? I' i' 112 Wrestling '82 STATE QUALlFlERSg Geary, 1st Regionals, 3rd 101 ....... David Woodward, Sr., Record: PCN. 4th State 16 wing, 10 losses, Tourn: 4th 148-157 . . .Mark Bowling, Sr., Record: 29 Yukon, 151 Rggignalg wins, 5 losses. Tourn: lst 108-115 . . .David Green, Jr., Record: 17 Geary, 1Sf PCN, 2nd Reg., wins, 10 losses. Tourn: 3rd 3rd Yukon PCN, 4th Regionals 190 ....... Jeff McDaniels, Jr., Record: 136 .,..,.. Wade Huckabay, Jr., Record: 11 wins. 17 l0SS9S, Tourn: 4th 19 wins, 12 losses. Tourn: 4th R9Ql0U5lS Regionals Hvy. Wt. . , .Roy Schultz, Jr., Record: 20 148-157 . . .Billy Root, Sr., Record: 28 wins, 12 losses, Tourn: 2nd wins, 6 losses. Tourn: 1st RGQV, 3fCl YUROU, 4th State Wrestlers Know The Moves Wrestlers this year had an outstanding season compelling a team record of 10 wins and 5 losses. They lost to W. H. by only 4 pts., 38-34. Score at Del City 35-28 and Perry 33-21 and Moore 32-15. Their biggest wins score tuff stuff against Okarche 67-O, Choctaw 55-3, and Geary I 70-3. A young but experienced 3 team this y-ear as Mustang I proved 7 state qualifiers those . which were 3 seniors and 4 juniors. The Broncos placed 8th at the Geary Tournament, two placers which were seniors Billy Root at 148 and Mark Bowling at 157. Three placers at Yukon: 4th, David Woodward and two 3rd placers, Mark Bowling and Roy Schultz. Billy Root placed 3rd at Putnam City North while Mark Bowling took a strong lst. The '82 wrestling team coached by Dave Rankin and Ron Rudek had a successful season. Wrestling 1 13 114 Wrestling Royalty Candidate Julie Moses and Escort Terry Daugherty Candidate Tuesdae Allen and Escort Mark Bowling x'xx.xiXQNX,XgYgXgg,-gg3-3Y,g,'QNXgX3YgX5XX'X3YXN3XXQX'N'A'iXYXY,XY.N.X1X53.Y.S'N3.'YX'YYY,X'YX33.X33'k.'YX'YX.Y.' Queen-Stacy Jackson Escort-Billy Root is E 5 35 E Q 2 3 3 2 3 3 Z 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 I 3 I 3 3 3 3 3 "N.."N."N.'N."N.."N.."N..'N..'N.."N.,"N."N..'N."N.'X.NN,'XX.'X.'NN.'N.'NN.'XXN.'N.'X.'N.'X.N.'N.'N.'N.'N.'X.'X.'N.'X,'N.'N,'N.'N.'N.'N.'N.'N.'N.'N.'N.'N.'N.'NX,'X,'N.'N.'XN."N.."N.."N.,"N,'X."N.."Y'..4 3 3 Z 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 I 3 3 2 3 3 3 3m tling Royalty s 2 1 16 Volleyball Who Is Awsome This year Mustang was awe- some. One of the reasons they performed as well as they did is due to the fact that four of the starters were chosen to the All-State team. They were D. Fischer, M. Garrett, M. Denton, and B. Terret. All of these All- Staters were seniors except M. Denton, who was a sophomore. ,g f , 5 a s 1 mr, V: ai- ,W Y - fi' " -"' 1 A . . if l A V3 . . , ,, 2 A 3 r ill fi , iz. ' 1 'lil S F1 ' V ...., . .fff r 'l . .,.. W ,V , V ,V ry- -.,:4.w. H.. ,. .-.- i ....,.... ,E:q:i.. . .il 1 -' ' ff-me .rm W 9 . x ..,,.,,, , ,... .y,, V., . .... ... . ,...,, .lr all ,.... ii 1 1 . . r y 'rx ' ' H -h:wH:"' - f - r it rf ,. . a i F N 111 'Q 9""a ' f V-1 f W?" " gt I V 5 ,n i- 'lj R f, ,S 'I t 55:9 ' P' 11 A iw" rw ilswtwiw rms? 2' i' .A f r ajyggseqeqwflg 1 lag Q ' ' r Qt iw g giiir rf- 559 it 4 rrrr 134- , I 1 ,rf A LW? fi rr. Egg s if 1 ' A 1 . a fif elmt ' T . ,gig li. Who ls Great Front Row: K, Partin, M. Denton, D. Fischer, K.- Hott. Row Two: Coach Lacy, K. Hussman, M. Smith, K. Mason, V. Haggy, D. Justik, Coach Hayes. Row Three: C. Jones. Back Row: T. Ross, K. McCullough, D. Eells, B. Terrett, M. Garrett, B. Stevens. Volleyball 1 17 Must Be Mustang Front Row: K McCullough, B. Terrett, M. Garrett, K. Hussman, D. Fischer, K. Partin, D. Eells, C. Jones, manager. Row Two: Coach Lacy, F. Workman, C. Adams, K. Radichel, A. Byrd, S. Franklin, D. Owens, V. Branstetter, D. West, S. h D J t'k, M. Smith, K. Mason, M. Denton, T. Ross, B. Stevens, Yelley, L. Ralls, Coach Hayes. Back Row: D. Matt ews, . usi L. Cox, K. Hott, V. Haggy, S. Campbell, T. Stewart. T. Lane, G. Garriott, S. Farris, T. Dean, D. Duncan, A. Kirk, T. Frantom, Coach Hayes. guna 1 18 Volleyball , R 1 We Took State r ink- A .in J Q5 V' N vm K x f S R M 'Y' 5 f . , , f ,Rai EA VLA s 'K 1. Q f' Q r T air' T' A SN' J 'Tu s , H' fi if T ff: Q Holland Hall Tournament . . . . 1st Q S Norman ............... won Q Q Mustang Tournament . . . .1st Q Q St. Mary's ......... won X Q P.C. West ..,..... .lost Q S Jenks Tournament .... .lost Q Q Po North ...... Won Q Yukon ......... won Q Edmond .......... won Q Q Ponca Tournament .... , lst Q P. C.'West .............. . Wton Q Q Norman .................. won Q Q REG1oNALs Q Q P.C. North ........................ won X S STATE TOURNAMENT Q S artlesvllle ........................ won S Q B - Q Q P.C. West .... won Q Q Norman . . . won Q Q Norman .. .lost Q in Norman . . . f ...................... won .ff.fffsf.fry.ffA9'.nrffffarfffffffffffffffff .. it Volleyball 1 19 Baseballers Score The Big Une Armstrong up to bat. Bryant scores. 120 Varsity Baseball 3 zf f 2 Coach Ryan watches carefully. N., 5 . Q Q 1 615 1 Fore watching lhe play i?'gg!!!s!!-2 ' ,ww xsaatafmm are nd' Varsity Baseball Team Members, Back Row: D. Bird, J. Pyle, R. Woods, G. Fore, S. Middaugh, B. Armstrong, T. Chestnut, D. Linden. Row Two: Coach Stevens, B. Anderson, R. Baker, R. Middaugh, F. Stringer, M, Monroe, J. Revel, L. Bryant, L, Hut- son, Coach Ryan. Front Row: S. Stiles, F, Paulson, S. Wiles, D. Davis, J. Brownlow, S. Hill. 1. F. Stringer gets ready in the field, 2. Fred Paulson is ready. 3. i 3 F. Stringer is ready to hit. Varsity Baseball 121 l QW X MUSTANG BASEBALL SCHEDULE VARSITY Q Date Team Location Time Mar. 2 Capitol Hill ......... There 4:00 8 U.S. Grant .... .... H ere 4:00 Q 10 Newcastle ,... ...... H ere 4:00 S S 11 Yukon ......,..... There 4:00 S 13 Harrah ............ There 1-3 X Q 18 Western Heights ....:. Here 12100 Q Q 20 Edmond ..,.....,,. There 1-3 S 22 Tuttle ..,.......... There 4:00 X 23 El Reno ............ Here 4:00 25, 26, 27-Mustang Tournament 29 Newcastle ........., There 4:00 X 30 Carl Albert ,.,......, Here 4:00 X 31, Apr. 2, 3-Yukon Tournament Q Apr. 5 Tuttle .............. Here 4:00 Q 6 Chickasha .,........ Here 4:00 Q S 8, 9, 10-Guthrie Tournament X X 12 Noble ...,..,....... Here 1:00 S 13 Carl Albert ......... There 4:00 15 Guthrie ..... ..... T here 5-7:30 19 cepnei Hill .... .... H ere 4:00 Q X 20 chiekeehe . . , ..... There 4:00 S 23 El Reno ,.... ..... T here 4:00 24 Putnam City . . . .... Here 7:00 X 26 Yukon .,.....,..... Here 4:00 X 28 Western Heights ..... There 4:00 30 U.S, Grant .......,. There 4:00 May 1 Choctaw ........... There 5:30-7:30 3 Putnam City West ..... Here 4:00 Regional-May 6, 7, 8 S State-May 14,15,16 x Q MUSTANG TOURNAMENT Thursday Friday Saturday 10:45 10:45 11:30 1:00 1:00 1:45 3:15 3:15 4:00 5:30 5:30 .?'l'.A'fJ.ZPA'l'.l.V'.l.?l7'.0'7'J7'.A'fJ?'.A'f.A'f'J.?J:fJ9V' - The Broncos won the STATE 3-A Baseball Title Thursday, May 20. This was the first time MHS has ever won the State Baseball Title. In the first round of the tourney, the Broncs faced Owasso and hand- ily defeated them 11-1. ln the second game, Mustang faced Choctaw and outlasted them 2-1. In the third and final game, MHS faced Guthrie. Guthrie scored 1 run in the first inning and held off MHS until the bottom of the 7th. MHS loaded the bases and Rodney Baker hit a double to score 2 runs and Mustang won the title 2-1. cf-Q, 122 Varsity Baseball We Won It All-PL 1. Davis takes a few swings to loosen up before his turn at the plate. 2. Brownlow, Middaugh and Hutson watch the action on the field from the dugout. 3. Brownlow seems determined at bat. 4. Stiles gets everything ready before he takes his turn at bat. 5. S. Middaugh was a starting pitcher for the Broncos this year. Here he throws a strike right over the plate. ,J ,N 4 .gil Baseball Frosh Players Fight Hard, Play Well 1 4-4 The 1981-82 Freshman Baseball team is: Front Row: Tim Bostic, Chris Wiles, Matt Franklin, Roy Cobb, Ty Bivens, Marty Workman Allan Hood, Todd Teeples. Back Row: John Walters, Shannon Calhoun, Monty Kinder, Trenton Melton, Chuck Caldwell, Jeff Ren cher, Leslie Flecher, Jeff Van Tyle, and Coach Rudek. 3 . 1 f , 1. Jett Recher at bat for Mustang. 3. Chris Wiles watches as a teammate bats for Mustang. 4. Leslie Flecher gets ready to bat. 5. Anunidentified player bats for us. -51 1 A 124 Freshmen Baseball as P' xi ii at i fm 'lg 25 WP' Mr. Don Rudek was the new coach forthe freshman baseball team. This was his first head coaching job. The team had a final record of 7 and 8. They also came in third in the Kerr tournament. They had many outstanding players on their team. The outstanding hitter for the year was Ty Bivens, the outstanding pitcher for the year was Trenton Melton, and the Most Valuable Player was Les Flesner. 1. Coach Rudek and Chris Wiles talk over their strategy. 2. Matt Franklin poses for the camera before he bats. 3. Les Flesner gets ready to bat. 4. Matt Franklin throws in a 2 hard pitch. 5. Todd Teeples gets ready to bat. 6. Jeff Rencher bats for Mustang. 7. Chris Wiles at bat for the Broncos. 8. Les Flesner batting for the Broncos. 1 T - K 7 Y sl . l 6 T MW Ah Freshman Boys Baseball 125 126 Girls Softball A Shot At Number One! o"7Mbsmy' 4 s 5 ,H .. L l Ax .Jah 'W W,1a1'.+1 ft 1. Softballers goof off on top of the dugout. 2. Pitcher Jennifer Brixey gets ready to throw one in there, 3. Catcher Dawn Fischer behind the plate. 4. Fischer on third gets ready to steal home. 5. Terri Triplett is safe at home. noe, 4,.'2':E.1,, 3-,fiiii.""' " i 1-'Ts-:ff 'ii i '5- g v -S., "X if W""' f1.'f4?2 1 Ayes: 12355 L f is 1 1 ..rr A W., I wi ,M Jw 'K .v , V X X is if l 1 m 51 ,, ,X gk mf 3 7 .1 -. 6 75? W W' was 1. Lori Blakemore watches the game from inside the dugout. 2. Coach Lacy. 3. Coach Hayes and Roxanne Goins think over the game. 4. and 5. Lori Wheeler and Kristy McCullough swing the bat. 6. Cindy Garrett tries to steal from second base. 7. The 1981-1982 Mustang High School Softball Team Girl's Softball 127 Softball Girls Make It To State l l l i I f l ,l It .l Ili f' ! l if I i fx Front Row: T. Triplett, K. Shaw, M. Howie, D. Fischer, L. Harrison, K. McCullough, J. Brixey, B. Terrett, l L. Wheeler, L. Blakemore. Row Two: B. Fruits, R. Goins, K. Hott. Back Row: Coach Lacy, T. Ross, K X Holliday, C. Garrett, and Coach Hayes, Kay Holliday gets ready for a hard day at state. Brenda Terrett is ready in right field Karen Hott prepares to bat. 128 Girlls Softball .A'!'.4'l'.A'!'.?'l'.l' X Q Q Q Q Q X Q Q Q Q Q Q 'Ai K 'N HY Opponent Yukon 2-4 lost Norman 5-4 won Guthrie Tournament 3rd place Chickasha 12-9 won Chickasha 12-2 won O.B.U. Tournament Rained out El Reno 10-0 won El Reno 10-0 won Carl Albert 7-0 won Carl Albert 11-0 won Guthrie 11-1 won Western Heights 5-6 lost Chickasha Tournament 2nd place Guthrie 17-2 won Western Heights 10-9 won District Tournament lst place Regional Tournament 1st place State Tournament 3rd place .A'fQ7'.A'fJ7'.l.?l.7!.?A'l'-lF!'J.7Z'fA'f'.A'fJ..b'.A'!f Q Q Q S Q fit ,il Q Q Q Q .lJ'.f!JJ'.l'.!'.f'.l'.l'.l'.fIJ'.l' .!'.!'.f'.l'.l'.fI'.r?'J'.fJ'.f.f.fJ'J'J'.f.fJ'.f.f!'-ff'-f-A Lee Ann Harrison watches carefully, Brenda Terrett paying close attention. 1 Q l as 2, ,1- Q, ,H 1 , ,, " f' ,,,: ,af , ig 1 -wr . Q QQQMQQ2 - -:Q V- g 1 Q N ? , Q. it , xihgwg-ie ,,4h X., Y t is I I H ,i ...QL Q.r-.W., ,- ' 1 in Q I .- Q, . ' , A . Y .li g ka 'yes -T Q 1 :P -,ig iii 'Q 'Q . M , ff! I 'pix i 5 1 ll Jim li .MX - , .RAQQ , 1--:Eight imc W , A Q Q Q ,i Q' sc w Q Q s ,Z, L, , -iw if Q, Qi ,, gg Q' 'Ei 'Qi X Q 3 0 QQ. :.. , A Qi Q f 1 ' Q . Y Q if Qf-: -Q., . Q E ,V 3 ,-f..-?,jg 1' , 5 .,, afQiQTt: vas .if Q ,'f-Q40 , ..,t , 1 K Q iii , .r-1 f' QIZQ-ZQQ I' L Q Q traits . The girls' highschool Softball team had one of its best years ever. They were Conference Co-champs, District Champs, Regional Champs and took 3rd in State. They came in 2nd in the Chickasha Tournament, 3rd in the Guthrie Tourna- ment, and had won 2 games in the OBU Tournament before it was rained out. The Team graduated six seniors: Dawn Fischer, Lee Ann Harrison, Kristy McCullough, Brenda Terrett, Lori Blakemore, and Kyndel Shaw. There were four juniors, three sophomores and two freshmen. They also sent five people to All-Conference: Dawn Fischer, Lori Wheeler, Brenda Terrett, Jennifer Brix- ey, and Cindy Garrett. Girl'Sl Softball 129 4 f fr , , 5 NLT if i at T-gfffgigg., gig. ,l In Control But . i i R . Q , .Q.,, A H K . 'V f,,H 1- NV 1 A. QE? I nfl F .w i :SMA Iwi. ,f I l I Gut of Breath X ... r AM. ' Q5 l Q 'z ."" . , '. ' Mfi 1,L, ',,,,. iff fir it 1 A ww ,. - . W lt ,I MQ .77 . it-'LJ 59s,,gQi,2lQ.f435 ,,.'A, f ' I- . . . . . ' f f . 'A'k gig . '-.:, 1 V fi- Finishlng 10th in the state gave a good feeling to . af- 5 2 . fgijgy . , sf ' W5 K M 1.1 t Rlfili-Q fm., I br I ' t Q members of the boys cross country team. Other honors R H g. , L.. , -, 515.55 8... . Air .1 - . As- . sv' fffga ....... t ' earned throughout the year were rating 3rd at the ' M Q E,:1i.ife1ir'i Classen lnvitationals and receiving a 5th place title at gl X., 3V . fif?Tff?i'v . l my R2Qi0nalS' lf ' e C C R ae' 5 5 ' gl C' ll li lt M ' 1. Cross Country members walk to position. 3. Carry 5 f y f, I ,,11' West pushes toward the end. 4. Mitch Nelson and Chris M' r 7 A A, Vrt 1,2pf5g4 5, 14,1 Cargill discuss their running skills. EK y '. . ,Wg ' +5 rrtt r AJIFQQ Z5 ' " "'. -r. .1 t'f" fail sf' 'AHW6 '7.' Wiaili if' tif luv. "VV-i' lt ' 4 ' 2 , 585521-f . ggi I l E' X 2 Boys Cross Country. Richard Weathers, Scott Batson, Carry West, John Carter, Richard Groh, Bryan Shaw, Mitch Nelson, Chi Cargill, Richard Matthews, Danny Dubberstein, Q Y ., .t.. V 1, VL 5 M iirti. ' ' 4 3 . S .. 5. ifwitr' 'W V W f f - 1 t- M f .,..f, ' -gm ff'1f?ff'1t" "' Q ' r 5 , is 4 ' -1 Y -I t ix Q . ' f A ,. . ts,,.,.,,, . WW N wt al f W . ,. ..., .., ....y I A V V ,I ,gg . ,. ,fm ww , 2 ' ':- fx I-Ii. gf t I't"v'lfL.' .fhrgwti 7 3' , K - - . . flifli' f -. .T ,Q sat. ,, , Q.. ...., . ,,,., t-.,...q...,ffrm gs,,M .i ,L .ww .WA i " tr .. Li'g ' rgfrfiiifiriiiitfr, . S .. .. :YW f' - i.WifEEi1ifsf'Ei 'wk' 'tr-fgi.24LA:1 54-'1r.w w h'Elf "+M- " 4.6 , In .,,..,,. V V A A MAN Q J K ' W' ...M-Q - 75.1 91 marsh., 130 Cross Country Runners Make Strides Backed by a great team, Lisa Moore made a second ap- pearance at all-state. The girls traveled to P.C. West where they placed third and were honored with a first place trophy at the Classen Meet. To finish the season in style, the girls manag- ed to earn fourth in the state. Girls Cross Country members are: Julie Moses, Teresa Anderson, Cindy Pohfal, Lisa Moore, Gina Henson, Rhonda Owens, La Danna Williams, Debbie Moore, Cindy Hartnett, Tammy Green, Karen Shaw, and Lynette Betterton. W rw H Em 4 WL- , . Qt r A ri. tx C "3 Q ' rs ff gf s wg, ,,,sr 959' e .....x,' L 5 r . . , . 5. A , .. , f , , -w D ,,r.,W:1p,,A ' Q -Wk " Q l Q, ii Wm 2 Q? W. Imaud'uu...r........,,, 1 " .1515 X , 'em-aww aah... .,,,, 'WL S. ,X FHL, .ri K 5 if 5 r if gr 1. Girls relax during practice. 2, Julie Moses and Debbie Moore race for the finish line. 3. Cindy Hartnett and Cindy Pofahl wander around during a meet. E E 4 :W :Z rjjfafj A h R r Cross Country 131 2 Mile Relayers State Champs " W4 'Fl We are err www 2 .mr ,.L ii fV3?Q4 F 1 "ft 'wfifwwsww A 'M-4 H W ifaxgieisi The boys varsity track team was coached by Mike Blevins and Randal Lokey. Taking six to state, Richard Groh placed second in the 880 and the two mile relay team took state. The relay team consisted of Mitch Nelson, a sophomore, a senior Richard Groh, and two juniors Gary Green and Dave Buck. The relay team took the state championship with a time of 8:15.36, and finished with enough points to take the sixth place overall. sig: fri F' R ... Boys Track if ,I . 735 E yi ,aw 'wh Coach Blevins and Coach Lokey, M. Nelson, S, Loyd, R. Shade, l Green, M. Hicks, D. Posey, R. Groh, D. Buck. Girls Track-Standing, L. Moore, J, Boyer, L. Lukaszek, T. Green, Kneeling: T. Anderson, T. Williams, M. Howie. Standing: Coach Char- boneau, D. Rowe, E. Latham, C. Coleman, L, Williams. Varsity Track 133 W, 1 LLVL K, WM uf :J rar , 1 , .. . Miki Howie The girls track team had a new coach this year, Dan Charboneau. l-Ie took five girls to state Teresa Williams took fifth in the 880, and the two mile relay took fourth, which contained two fresh- men, Debbie Moore and Teresa Williams, One sophomore, LaDana Will- iams, and one senior, Julie Moses. Lisa Moore placed second in the two mile and third in the mile. Julie Moss , - :e3gWM.1,g::e is I . L1 ww J 4+ i Lisa Moore Debbie Moore l i 134 Track Ek i Rookie Runners Freshmen Track Team, Front Row: D. Dubberstein, J. Poe, lVl. Rice, D. Warren, E. Haley, J. Bumblis, C. Luken. Row Two: A. Irwin, B. Null, R. Lemmons, G. Linden, R. Taylor, D. Sweeny, Coach Cerny. mumnif Q GILL Glen Linden Gerald Cluck Jimmy Poe The boys track team was coached by Bill Cerny. They attended the Two-Rivers Conference Randy Taylor took first in the mile as well as Donald capturing second place. Brent Null took first in the shot put. Sweeny taking first in the 440 and second in the 220. The 880 relay and mile relay took second and Eric Haley took second in the pole vault. Track 135 -r- --- Girls Love Tennis Too! r ,,f. , r P, :wav W- V J ' 1 -f"i" ' ' .1 "f'ri,"f-, r 'T ..,. i . ' '15 . gg.. Lv., 1 'Q V 'Y 0 rfrdffnfrqi , I t 1 a ' ,y ' A jqgpfi A 1 ...kgs My my .cf f -r 5 0, .. sr 3 , V... 2 4 at 2 Q .5 'V iz z 3 5 2 5 5 3 9 -Q'-3,-gg,-N, ONONDNXI-DMD IIIIIIII L.-N 11:23:13 wwwgg 11:13:12 C1.0..O..3' -P-XIXOOXINJONCD 'N-5,x,g,-q,g-g3,'g-5,-g-xg-X-gg-g'5,x, -gg,-'g',g,"x,x,'x'5.'N. MATCHES Opponent P C North Guthrie Yukon El Reno Choctaw Guthrie Carl Albert U S Grant Mustang TOURNAMENTS Place Ardmore .................. Sururban Conference ........ n 'Y'..N.,"N'L..'N"5.."N'h.-'X.. Weatherford ...,........... r Chickasha ................. r Regionals ,................ 3rd State ........ A ............ 10th I XXN.C,'NKXN.'X'L.'N'.N.'NB..'X'.L.'iN.'QN.'Y.N.'YN-'N'.N-'N- GROUP SHOT: Row Standing: Coach Miller, A. Jones, K. Kimmel, K. Cleveland, A. Scholl, P. Reynolds, J. Fuerborn, A, Gustufson, S. Jones, L. Granger. Row Two: S. Groh, K. Lafollete, W. Lavelle, T. Reynolds, D. Kolar, C. Garrett, Sitting: C. Briggs, K. Teeples, L. Lavelle, C. Hartnett, C. Hartnett. lli Samantha Groh W2 player 121 Cindy Garrett 'ffl 132 Kari Teeples 94 C41 Pam Reynolds 53. 136 Girls Tennis ,Y 4 fn ...,....-....-...f ....W. Guys Score in Tennis! 6-x.-x.-x.-x.-x.'x.'x . wg 3 MATCHES Q Q Opp. MHS Q f3Guthrie ...6f 5 3 Yukon .... . . .6 Q 5 1 El Reno .... . . .8 Q 8P.C.North... ...o 0 Guthrie .... . . .4 3 4 Carl Albert .... . . .5 g g 1 us. Grant ......... . 8 g g TOURNAMENTS g Place 3 Ardmore ............. 4th 3 Q Suburban Conf. ........ 2nd Q 5 Weatherford ..... . . .3rd 5 5 Chickasha ............ 5th Q 5 Regionals ............. 4th 5 Group Shot: Row Standing: Coach Miller, T. Kekalos, D. Mad- dex, E' Wilmofh. D- 5faf1l9Y,,B Kelly, MDenton, C. Hutcherson, J- Hall- ROW TWOI D, Fox, R. Harvey, S. O'Brien, D, Pringle, P. Ingram, J- HUNT- Sitting: C. Haynes, K. Flynn, D. West, M. Harames. l 7 ' f,.:imF:?x E5:i'::'f.':'.ff?QEZE ?sQ!5fQ: 1 gz.,' ..,, iw , N ' :V"F"f?:L'-Zia-..i,2?5 Qifg-5,55 i t ., , t v if: -,-f ,. M M' '. ' Q. 'fm-fiLZ1te,,,.,, ' ill Eddie Wilmoth 42 player t2l Michael Denton W4 C41 Dale Pringle V3 CSD David Stanley ffl Boys Tennis 137 138 Golf Golfers Up To Par With Precision Putting Golfers, left to right: Tim Hartnett, Kelly Cox, Donna Stewart, Dennis George, Rick Gravitt, Don Moore, Mr. Meledeo - coach, Sean Ste- This year's golfers proved themselves to be above par. Mr. Meledeo, this being his third year as coach, had many members of his team placing in various conferences. The team placed 2nd in the Southwest section of Oklahoma at the Oklahoma City Tourna- ment. They advanced to division playoffs and placed 12 out of a possible 32 at Lake Hefner Golf Course. Second Suburban Conference at Regional Park Golf Course, Mustang had 10 top players out of 35. Those included were: J. J. Duncan l5thl, Mark Edwards l8thl, Sean Stephens tied for 10th, and Donna Stewart, being the only female, placed 5th in the regionals, and went to the state playoffs and placed 14th out of 65 golfers. The Golf Award for the 1981-82 year was presented to senior Mark Edwards. vens, Mark Edwards, Phil Ruhde, J. J. Duncan, John Duncan and Lloyde Reed. Golf 139 Candidate Mary Garrett and Escort Bob Armstrong Q4 Candidate DeDe Eells and Escort Rodney Baker ROYALTY Queen Brenda Tenfett and Escort Jeff Pyle Y-NYN.'YXN3.'Y.NN'x,'txN'5,'x',NN',xx',gx',gx'3,'gxw,g,N-,g,-N-5,-Q-lg,-N-'A,ggy,g,-gg,'g3,-gggg,'QgxgQgxygyx,g,-ggx'xxxggggx3,-gg1gx g 2 UD 2 2 2 2 2 SU g g r-4 2 2 2 2 2 Q 5 2, V Q, ufa' V ,a g 2 2 2 2 2 2 3 ge CD I vw W e 2 U 2 2 2 9 G 2 2 2 2 2 2 SU 5 2 2 2 '-I 2 2 2 cn Spnng Sports Queen 141 A Queen For All Seasons 142 All Sports Queen Im ' Brenda Terrett Senior Brenda Terrett was chosen by a vote of the student body to be this year's All Spons Queen. She was named at the All Sports Banquet. Brenda was the spring sports queen. Brenda participated in softball and volleyball. She was a member of the All State Vol- leyball team. Other candidates for the All Sports title were Mary Garrett, Dawn Fischer and Stacy Jackson. .ii STUDENTLIFESTUDENTLIFESTUDI '8219821982198219821982198219821982198219821982198219821982 i ! Q if 5 3 You Can Feel It- Bronco Pride A Closer Look!! There's something special about walking around the halls the first days of school, greet- ing old friends and noticing the changes in their looks and actions. One can never forget the changing of schedules, those last minute rushes to the donut shop, or the smell of "food" in the cafeteria. School didn't just begin at 8:30 in the morning and end at 3:25, the activities going on are carried out all during the week. Stu- dents from Mustang have always been one step above the rest and this year was no ex- ception. Twosa-day football practices, march- ing at 7:30 every morning, and basketball after school, all fell together to make the school year just one more accomplishment in the lives of the Broncos. .w1i,Wf,g5W 144 Student Life 900' 1. Construction students begin the year with a serious look at woodworking. 2. Bob Denison plays his role in the homecoming ceremony. 3. Flag Corps girls perform routine to "Another One Bites The Dust" during halftime ofthe Jets game. 4. Bron- cos break through as they begin their rampage on McGuinness. 5. Yearbooks for '81 were received with anticipation. 6. Halls in the new East building are being filled for the first time. 3- T"!'FI K 45 Q ' ? 'xg Rf . I,,,. X X A f ' 1' x l I 1 Student Life 145 Spare Minutes Provide Time For Personal Pleasures Even though Mustang is considered "in the country" by outsiders, the students are still the same as in any other school. They attend classes, work on projects, participate in sports, hold down jobs after school, and enjoy the things "city" kids enjoy. Outside of school parties are held by various clubs. 1. Terri Ross, Kevin Lewis and Kenneth Huntmacher partake of the finer foods in life at Show Biz Pizza Palace. The yearbook staff had a back to school get together. 2. Woodworking students don't seem to mind the mess that comes with being creative. 3. Mr. Sine's senior English classes dramatize the "Canterbury Tales." 4. FBLA members, both old and new, take time out from homework and jobs to enjoy their membership party. Donna Whetstone had the group gather at her house for food and fun. V A Iris. wk Nh , K .W , N. A it it 146 Student Life so ,, As i ya l l 1. Kathy Coleman and Chris Hutcherson take a break from class. 3. David Nelson takes a look at germs, i 3 2. Varsity cheerleaders perform a stunt during a football game. 4. Terrie Estes and Lisa MclVlahill enjoy each other's company. 47473517 l if lf tt F -wa Student Life ' 147 Mary Nabs Number Drie On the night of Sept. 25th, Miss Mary Garrett was crowned homecoming queen by Terry Chestnut. Her court consisted of Brenda Terrett, escorted by David Stanley and Jamie Sanders, escorted by Bob Armstrong. Every year the pep club decides on a theme for the event and this year they chose a Hawaiian theme. The Blea- cher Bums provided the lighting by carrying lit torches onto the field. Kim Taylor, Rhonda Spears, Buck Moore and Stuart Lankford sang "The Hawaiian Wed- ding Song." After the crowning, Mary and her court were seated on a Hawaiian designed platform for the remaining half of the game. The close of the evening saw another Bronco victory over McGuinness 7-3. 148 Student Life 555353 1, Homecoming queen Mary Garrett is crowned by Terry Chestnut. 2. David Stanley escorts Brenda Terrett, 3, Yearbook students Jennifer Brixey, Terri Williams, Kyndel Shaw, Angie Franks and Tuesdae Allen participate on MASH Day to help promote school spirit for homecom- ing and also to have a day of fun. .3. . 'T .i .-.i' . , time ' ' n ,A tx li i 1 Jamie Sanders is escorted by Bob Armstrong 2 Singers perform at halftime. 3. Renee Chapman and Clint Hargis are ready to Lasso the Irish. KVYAfA'0'J.?A'f.AlJ7J7'.A'!'!7'A'fA'!'.d!'.6l'.A'!'.A'f-l7'J7' MUSTANG BRONCOS vs. McGuinness Irish The Mustang High School Student Council announces SPIRIT WEEK September 21-25 MONDAY-Spirit Day ribbons, hats, buttons, anything to s TUESDAY-Lasso the Irish Dress Western WEDNESDAY-M'A'S'l-I 'em Dress like a character from M'A'S THURSDAY-Dress to Kill' Dress like a gangster, hoodlurn or dress up FRIDAY-Irish Wake Wear green and a black armband to mourn the Irish .A'f.A'!'.f..6".Q.Z".A'f.ZCf'J:f.2'!'.A'IJ O'9"-f3"f'-47ooA Richard Ruiz and Anne Mayes share a tender moment. 3, Kevin Hutchcroft tGrandpal says "grace" at the dinner table. 4. Brian Hale and Mike Roth discuss the manufacturing of fireworks. 1. "lt's a raid, and look who's caught. 2f' A Special Thanks was given to: Hale s Office Supply, Mr. Ralph Smith the Yukon Police Department and the Bronco Bunch for all their support V :Qt 3 Y. Penelope Sycamore ..,. Essie . . .......... Rheba ......... Paul Sycamore . . . -ff? M X Mr. DePinna . . . we 'af Ed ..... . . . . . . .. Qflmiufg - ' ' I I ' I f Donald . . . . . . . . . . . Martin Vanderhof 'J H Henderson . . . . . . A .- Tony Kirby .... . . - - Boris Kolenkhov . . . V ""' V V Gay Wellington . . . . A V - . - Mrs. Kirby . . . . . Mac liil ilill L Llliw rrilrl A The Chief Jim M W, M 7. we H W 1, . Production Crew Stage Mgr.. D. Stewart: Asst.. D. Sachsg Props, C. Price. K. Roddy, J. Nield, M. Lewis, D. Thompson: Set Const., D. Sachs, D. Welch. R. Thompson. R. Permenter, D, Thompson. K. Roddy, C. Weaver. L. Lutz. M. Roth. B. Halez Make-up. R. Thompson. L. Banks. K. Lindsey. Costumes, D. True. Light Opert.. D. Sachs: Sound Opert. R. Weathers. uYou Can't Take It With You" . . .Teri Coleman . . . . .Kim Meyer . ,Gayla Norvell .. . .Brian Hale .. . .Mike Roth .. ...Loren Lutz . . . .Matt McNeil Kevin Hutchcroft . . . .Anne Mayes . .Jason Spargur . . .Richard Ruiz . . .Rod Henshaw . . . .Samantha Groh . . . .Mike Harper . . . .Susan Francis . .Chuck Weaver . . . . .Mike Lewis - - Jeff Courtney . Marla Herron 150 Student Life Q-- 'S A , v. 'HO' K V' fr 1+ f ws Behind The Books, There Was Fun l.. 2. 84 3. The junior-senior powder puff football game saw the senior girls prevail once again. Sr. D, Fischer talks to the coaches on the sidelines. 4. Army Nat. Guard came to campus in their helicopters. Students had the opportunity to view them first hand. 5. An English class dramatizes a play for the Middle School. Student Life 151 152 Musical 1. Miss Adelaide KK. Taylorl ponders her situation with Sky Masterson. 2. The guys play for high stakes. 3. Ar- vide QS. Windersl gives some good advise to Sarah KR. Spearsl. 4. The Hot Box Dancers perform nightly, 5. Sky and Sarah finally discover they really care for one another. 6. High stepping their way to star- dom are the famous Hot Box Dancers. It Takes More Than Talent To l Stage- A Musical Like "Guys And Dolls!" GUYS AND DOLLS was presented by the vocal music department Dec. 3rd and Dec. 5th, as their major mu- sical production for the year. CAST Nicely-Nicely Johnson Tim Boatman Benny Southstreet .David Stephens Rusty Charlie . . .Randy Garrettson Sarah Brown ...,. Rhonda Spears Arvide Abernathy . . .Sean Winders Mission Band ......... Chip Coy, Cari Albers, Leslie Simpson, Lori Michael, Angie Hales, Andrea Horton, Sherry Humphreyville, Denise Hapgood Harry the Horse ...... Tim Barclay Lt. Brannigan ...... Wes Hawkins Nathan Detroit .... David Copeland Angie the Ox ........ Mike Wicker Miss Adelaide ........ Kim Taylor Sky Masterson ....... Buck Moore Joey Biltmore ....... Mike Wicker Mimi ............. Mindy Taylor Gen. Matilda B. Cartwright . .Marky Roundtree Big Jule ............. Jerry Ralls Drunk ....,........, Lloyd Reed Waiters ....... Chuck Davenport, Leland Cannon Bobby Soxers .... Debbie Mallicott, Angie Boling DANCERS Ethel Hudgins Teri Coleman Tohnia Singleton Teresa Anderson Mindy Taylor Denise Cusick Karla Plock Katy Warner Tia Morgan Barbara Haggy Sandra Easley Pam Olson Jo Ella Reese Daleen Dupler Chance Dupree CRAP SHOOTERS Randy Garretson Tim Barclay David Stephens Tim Boatman Mike Wicker Ronnie Douglas Jerry Ralls Lloyd Reed Chuck Davenport Leland Cannon Chance Dupree Director .......... Susan Vaughn Asst. Director ......... Sheri Cole Choreographer ....... Liz Lindsey Accompanist ...... Celesta George Mary Suddreth Orchestra Prep. . . .Dennis Jamison 1. Sarah and the Mission Band try to save the poor souls. 2. The Crap Shooters try their hands at singing. 3, Sky and Nathan Detroit lDavid Copelandi discuss financial matters and make a bet to 551,000 which Sky wins, yet loses. Musical 153 gl Students Feed The Faculty Student Life 154 1. Mr. Jamison goes through the serving line at the faculty luncheon given the Journalism and yearbook students. 2. gl 3. Teachers en- joy their Iunch. 4. Buck Moore opens his gift from an unknown admirer. 5. Donna Whet- stone and Dana Duncan feed each other Christmas cake while other members of the staffs watch. 6. Angie Franks helps LaDonna Cox open her gift while Toni Reynolds ad- mires the surprise. Mild Weather Lifts Spirits Though everyone knew winter was supposed to be upon us, it was difficult to comprehend. Unusually high temperatures and little precipitation were the agenda in the weather department. All around MHS students were getting spring fever in January. Basketball and wrestling dominated the sports scene and all eyes turned to the calendar and spring break. King and Queen of Hearts loomed on the horizon with that ahead spirits lifted. 1. Zac Henderson former OU and Philadelphia Eagles football player visited Mustang and spoke to the Fellowship of Christian Athletes group. 2, Julie March and Lori Worthy babysit in class. 3, Mitch Nelson seems to have tired of standing. K 'M Student Life 155 ,I Vfy' 3 , .,. b X I ,ff of 2 1 V 552, " 1 at ' . I 4- Vim Q , freferzzfiyfiifizri . .M f ,iw gf M 1.54. W... s A ff n I ,VL ,, ,,,, imdb W gf qw M if wt .3 f A ef f H , ,rs ,fa 4. . 1 1 :H Q .. iq' --i s 1 . , ln , f I' , "V I' ,f ri V ,f V will ' K .,., 1 Q 1 3 v ,ii V, 1 . K 5 . . H , ' 5 .lft . , Qi K , ' ' . i f, -7.5-Zferscjfsfitlqiif f f V is l 1 -',:, V v ' 29 ' , .f 1 WW . f ' -- f, ,J ' ' "S ,J 5 ' s f f 2253, , 2 . if:-f, , ymy - i jfs 5, , , I ifag g. Q Z six . My , i. ,lbw . f .oh 19,0 f 2 'X T W ' Q my y S 1 , ,,, 2 V , Nw fe ff ri Maw 55 l '41 I rv' i 4 eff? ' Y' fix .. , , ,WM f ,551 3 5 H, -, ,.. Q , .. , . , , , uw, , az , mmm .,,. ns...-,.,,s,,,M if KY? ,E K ,gg f WU' f .5 V, , V, M g . 'hV ff ' fi' Friday night, Dec. 18th, Dawn Fischer was crowned Basketball Homecoming Queen by her escort, Darren Smith. As part of the ceremonies the Bronco Bunch presented a slide show of the can- didates. 1. The candidates take time out to take a slide. 2. C. Jones, L. Harrison and D. Fischer race to see who can swing the highest. 3. Queen Candidates are Christi Jones, Lee Ann Harrison and Dawn Fischer. Escorts are Tony Nickel, David Maddox and Darren Smith. 4. Dawn Fischer, sr. and queen takes time out from all her extra-curricular activities to hit the books. 156 Student Life The Net Result:Dawn Is Queen ,.. 'W m,,,....,mQ-mf-w rwewwmyu. ,N., , ...I 4 K - JV: fin 4' . , ,k,k, .Q ., 4 1 YL.. fig it 7 Y .. ,ee Q 2- Sr' ,W k 'X :Q .:L, 5 f f Q . vi 6 5 .5 QL -A . ij Vrkr. K, -1.1. Ur Kite yt .W Q, ,A . W ,.,',A .A V 4 ,K .. . 4 '1 , ee ' ,,", ..',- - M Wg- Qggfff' . . :r ' --h'A ri it if -"' , , ' ' W? 7' ,, rv. - -1 f it We et rt. WW Q Q55 riggfv -41:21, r AJ, 'St 41 ff 4 ff . ,, , V. M 4? , ,,! f-.2-g gi! ., M . . 1.7. ' " ' V M ee e .v-.Mr 4 -mfzgiiiiwf .. r, Jimi. , Q iq 2'gg,,. ,ia iii' f. L T . 1 , ,WT 'fx J , F' 3 2' 'W 45555 , ., ::i5S" f r ...f i 'W T iff- T . eee . US f 1 ,. 1. Racing cars they made in class, the Bronco car defeated the Irish car. 2. Cheerleaders perform a stunt for the assembly. 3. D. Mad- dox and L. Harrison. 4. D. Smith and D. Fischer. 5. T. Nickel and C. Jones. 6. D. Smith seems to be a little too big to play. 7. The kiss. Student Life 158 6,1 Wrestling Homecoming on Jan, 22nd saw the Broncos defeated by the Jets. 1. Candidate Tuesdae Allen and her escort Mark Bowling brave the cold winds. 2. Billy Root crowns queen Stacy Jackson. 3. Terry Daugherty with candidate Julie Moses. 4. Julie still finds time to be a little kid. 5. "Dream On" was the theme of homecoming and for Stacy it was a dream come true. Stacy and her court enjoy the festivities. A Winning Combination Y' 3 ,. Winning Style 'lx ll Sl I4 .s X 1. Billy Root performs his duty and kisses queen Stacy. 2. Queens escort Billy and queen Stacy. 3. Billy, Mark and Terry seem to be enjoying the park. 4, Billy escorts Stacy to her seat. 5. Not wanting to miss out on any other fun, the girls, Stacy, Julie and Tuesdae swf ing from the monkey bars. 6. Billy shows he's a wild bull rider. Student Life 159 its-1 Sophomore Candidates Cindy Garrett and Curtis Phipps 160 King and Queen of Hearts .'7f12gancfQuamq Freshman Candidates Cindy Harnett and Donald Sweeney ecvzfz cgvffaffy Queen-Donna Holliday King-Scott Brown Q Junior Candidates Dawn Harnett and Ricky Middaugh Kin g and Queen of Hearts T P'! Once Again Seniors Win Heart -itle 162 Student Life February 4 marked the beginning of the annual Heart Drive. The sen- ior class dominated the competition with 94849, the sophomore class followed with 53800, next came the freshmen collecting 30225, and the juniors contributed 93.57. After the King and Queen of Hearts ceremony, the Student Council held an assembly for the juniors to encourage them to donate blood. 1. Senior Scott Brown crowns his queen, Donna Holliday. 2. The traditional kiss. 3. Kevin Hutchcroft presents the donation to Heart Fund Rep, 4. Buck Moore and Mich- elia Andrews provide the entertainment. 5. The King and Queen of Hearts with their court The candidates for the King and Queen of Hearts are nominated by each of the classes. This year's candidates were: 1. Seniors Donna Holliday and Scott Brown. 2. Juniors Dawn Hartnett and Rick Nliddaugh. 3. Sophomores Cindy Garrett and Curtis Phipps. 4, Freshmen Cindy Hartnett and Donald Sweeney. 5, Crown bearer Jake Barton and Flower girl Lana Henley. Student Life 163 ii! Cm Candidate Kyndel Shaw and Escort Kevin Lewis 164 Yearbook Royalty QF it -MW my I Candidate Terri Williams and Escort Buck Moore F? W B22 gf l Q ill CQ 'Qs KQQ QIXQD xx YEARBCDCDK RGYALTY Queen Pam Doyle and King Kenneth Hutmacher Yearbook King! Queen 165 ' Student Body Portrays Various Talents On February 24, the Student Council conducted the talent show. A fifty dollar lst prize was awarded to Buck Moore for singing ttTouch of the Master's Hand," Brenda Stevens received 2nd place honors, and Michelia Andrews captured third. The yearbook coronationivas also conducted during this assembly. Pam Doyle was crowned queen by Kenneth Hutmacher. Pam's court consisted of Terri Williams escorted by Buck Moore and Kyndel Shaw escorted by Kevin Lewis. 1. Pam Doyle, Brenda Terrett, Donna Holliday, and Dedria Price move to the beat of the "Billy Squire Band." 2. The Muppets perform for Mustang. 3. Greg Lyde plays the guitar, 4. Mike Mullins announces the next act. 5. "Precious Metal" display their talent. l L 166 Student Life MQ: QQ 1- me iff 74 ..,,A ,,f'2,.f.E . 75 zzjfl., , ,, My . ,..,, .,, 20 if V 2.522422 1 , ' MW fi 1 :W Q1 - I A' M Q: 3 ' riff-M 1 5 i3im gf?E321,. K- 3 . . 1f25z.1lswY2111s'1fs.'i1 gl f ' . . i il , 13.0. fi fy 1 1 g is 1 1 L 15115223456 W ' f ...1.,,.ff5aQQf2w,a, 1 nrf??:giii1fi.:'a"ks . L,,.., , N, :MM . ..Q,..Ml,,f .2-V -,,. .,.N M, , fi' A .65 g,,,Mm,.,., X, M. .M , ,,,... ,, ,, In Mmm . .fx , ?,,b2W4?4.z,.., W -,A .,,. ,, ,, 4 'if Wfei-42254124412 .- hw 2 -X ww rf 3 1? ' A - f L 'Q wfasizmsw. , F: ..fi4ffzWf4fz:'4'Uvz-H--5 Q ..?4.z, j.,1' f f7f1.w,.4L..,,. 3-g flag , M, H2539 fQ4,:f:f15v ws ,ew 7.5.5 .:., 2 1. F. . 1 If - fri.. f Q ig , ff'-Www 1. PWM,-..,,,,,M ,V ,M Emfiilf -.sf sf ,. Q we if 1 vfiE?' .,.i5j,f. . , ew v ' mfywv ,I wfyzww Nw.. , 1 nm U M2035 1 411134554-iff? W.: -W . , . , 41 412i'3.i2y,2 'Vw-lzfi, '54 47: WH x f H y V 1 , giw ,f .,,. , ..-. . A ',.- - ..... . 2 2 ff 1 z.3,4.Q:..,,f,,, y .Qf?m7m21'7Zm 'W M H Umm fri 5,4 2 . - W1-.' Q 12 11.1 Vw ,si :.k 1 1 1 W' z..s4i':?i,fQg 2 if Milifiigbkitiicglffl af? A K 5ggp,g5 1 1 - ...n-.. 5E5?gf3?5f afafg' Qmmggv 33' ra" 'OQHE-G-'1 TNQ -1-N O0FDo,.. O EEE 00,3 ',I,"cn .-fixr'--O 'Pm U1 QQ' mw'UQ D252-Ugmn'Tm o-mwmmzsom. :1 E5'35f,r1.N:s 3915.75 0-UE f maorwsf u'xf2E-EW m'E.:f4,,,,,5E5 :Jak w'?'u,NwC Student Life 167 I 1, .Y l Terrett Takes It All Jeff Pyle crowned Brenda Terrett Spring Sports Queen on April 15. Miss Terrettls court consisted of DeDe Eells, escorted by Rod Baker, and Mary Garrett, escorted by Bob Armstrong. Zach Stevens was the crown bearer, and Michelle Spencer served as the flower girl. 1. Queen Brenda, with escort Jeff Pyle and the court. 2. Brenda Terrett, senior and Jeff Pyle, junior. 3. DeDe Eells, senior and Rod Baker, junior. 4. Mary Gar- rett, senior and Bob Armstrong, senior. 168 Student Life Talkative ...... Richard Calvert and Pam Doyle Class Clown . . . . . . . . . Bobby Denison and LeAnn Harrison Gullible . . . Scott Middaugh and Stacy Hartnett Optimistic . . Scott Herron and Donna Holliday 7 Unique ...... Richard Weathers and Kay Bostic S Leaders . . . Kevin Hutchcroft and Pam Reynolds Intellectual ..... Max Maynard and Anne Mayes Talented ........ Mike Bowling and Kim Taylor School Spirit Mark Bowling and Brenda Terrett Mischievous . . . . . . . Chuck McNeil and Kristy McCullough Cheerful .... David Maddox and Jamie Sanders Best Dressed . . Todd Posey and Lori Blakemore Flirt .............. Richard Bussey and Jill Ball J Teacher's Pet . . . Mark Monroe and Katy Warner ' 1 Most Likely To Succeed ........ Brad Price and Lee Ann Behrens Most Athletic . Terry Chestnut and Dawn Fisher All Around . . . David Stanley and Brenda Terrett Best Looking Bob Armstrong and Beth Kennedy Ambitious ......... Jeff Box and Pam Reynolds Wittiest ....... Flynn Stringer and Mary Garrett Friendliest .......... , ........ Bill Ashworth and Julie Moses Humanitarian . . Darren Smith and Robin Porter Sincere .......... Tony Nickel and Julie Moses Sexiest .... ..... B illy Root and Christy Jones Quietest ...... David Woodard and Phyllis Reis Outspoken . . . .. Mike Denton and Susan Milt Senior Who's Who 169 Turning Past to Present Each year pages of time are turned back as seniors take part in American History Day. This year was no exception. On April 25, members of the 12th grade class marched onto campus wearing various historic costumes. Some of the more imaginative ones were: Uncle Sam - Neal Reusser, voted most Amencang Statue of Liberty - Pam McConnell, chosen most originalg Gladiator - David Stanley, best homemadeg and Romeo and Juliet, portrayed by Steve Gomez and Stacy Ashenbrener, received best couple. 1. Pam McConnell shows her spirit. 2. Kim Taylor, Teme Estes, Jamie Sanders, Beth Kennedy and Donna Sheppard pose as Aunt Emma and The Fruit Of The Loom Girls. 3. David Stanley guards his fellow classmates. 4. Tammy Smith, Sue Milt and Jeannette Williams stop for a picture, 170 Student Life 3 ' ,J NWJW 5 i W, 1. Neal Reusser stands erect as he waits for his award of Most American. 2. Mark Bowling and sweetheart, Donna Whetstone, cuddle for a picture. 3. Richard Bus- sey stuns the class with his idea of Mickey Mouse. 4, Dawn Fischer waits for the rest of her pack. 5. Mike Mullins and Richard Weathers - flower children - clear the pathway for Moses, David Maddox. , 5 7 1 'K Z1 rw ix -4.251 ,...!L' 1 Student Life 171 172 Prom It Was A Wonderful Memory All of the days before and after school, all those first hour meetings, finally came to an end. All those days of hard work finally paid off for the juniors, because on April 19th, 1982, at 7:30 sharp, the 1981-82 Junior-Senior Prom got under way. l'Make It Like A Memory" served as the theme for the event, which was held at the Great Hall at the Myriad. Stardust provided the musical entertainment for the evening. All in all, most of the guests left with a feeling this prom, just like the theme said, would bea wonderful memory. 1. Rhonda Spears and Trent Hurst pose for the camera. 2. Students wait, in a long line, to get into the Great Hall. 3. Four party goers aren't too busy to stop and have their picture taken. Q 7 we-vr X Q. I ' ' L,,,LL L . , r'g i iij2j 'f 1 Lx kk'-'7 X , H, J: -M-'rl' at ,gj'w21i V ,ff " ex ' Pri, L ,za K V I 1. Two couples stop for a pose. 2. C. George and S. Herron. 3. Some girls show off their garters. S Student Life 173 174 Student Life 1. G, Jackson and her date. 2. Guests wait for their names to be checked off 3. Guests stop fer a picture. 9th Grade Boys Basketball Annual All Sports Banquet Tuesday, May 11 6:45 p.m. Arts 8: Crafts Building, Fairgrounds Honoring the athletes of MHS is an annual event sponsored by the Boos- ter Club. This year's dinner was held in OKC. The following athletes were recognized for their performances: Boys Basketball Darren Smith Outstanding Player Robert Walker Outstanding Player Golf Mark Edwards Donna Stewart Tennis Dale Pringle Kari Kimmel 8a April Sholl Boys Cross Country Robert Rouner 9th Grade Volleyball Tammy Franton Most Improved Varsity Volleyball Mary Garrett - MVP Kristy McCullough - Defensive Brenda Terrett - Setter Girls Track Julie Moses LaDana Williams 9th Grade Track Teresa Williams Girls State Track Team Debbie Moore Lisa Moore LaDana Williams Julie Moses 'l Girls Cross Country ,V 1 LaDana Williams - All Around , Julie Moses - Outstanding Runner Wrestling N Billy Root - Outstanding Mark Bowling - Outstanding Senior David Woodward - Most Dedicated Wade Huckabay - Most Improved A l' li 4,5 9th Grade Girls Basketball ll l Laurie Lukaszek - Forward r' Teresa Williams - Guard l ,' Girls Varsity Basketball U Dawn Fischer - Forward Jill Ball - Guard Susan Milt - Hustle 1 Renee Chapman - Leadership ,N LeeAnn Harrison - Dedication l l l ll' Softball , Brenda Terrett - Hitter ll' Cindy Garrett - Rookie v Jennifer Brixey - MVP , Dawn Fischer - Defense ll Varsity Baseball qi' Darren Linden - Offensive, All ' Tournament r Terry Chestnut - Defensive 'i scan Middaugh - MvP, All I Conference i Mark Monroe - All Conference li Greg Fore - All Conference Mg Bob Armstrong - All Conference lx Hynn Stringer - All Conference 4 Baseball i Darren Linden - All Conference , Darren Linden - MVP, Guthrie Toumament ip Scott Middaugh - All Tournament il Team fGuthrie-MHSJ p Mark Monroe - All Tournament Team Flynn Stringer, Bob Armstrong, Greg + Fore, Terry Chestnut - All J Tournament l David Green - Donald Bateman Memorial Award 9th Grade Boys Track Brent Null - Outstanding 9th Grade Football Darren Devous - Most Improved Darren Warren - Outstanding Line Donald Sweeney - Outstanding Back Football Defensive Backs - Greg Fore, Terry Chestnut, Bob Armstrong Defensive Line - Billy Root, Jeff King, Richard Calvert Offensive Line - Jeff Box, Jim Brown, Max Maynard Offensive Back - Richard Bussey Bronco Award - Parke Vemon All Conference - Terry Chestnut, Dana Jones, Jim Brown, Jeff King, Max Maynard, Bill Root, Parke Vernon, Greg Fore, Mark Monroe, Scott Brown, Ricky St. John, David Stanley, Lee Weatherford, Richard Bussey, Richard Calvert, Bob Armstrong All City Dana Jones ALL AROUND MALE ATHLETE TERRY CHESTNUT ALL AROUND FEMALE ATHLETE DAWN FISCHER All Sports Awards 175 Accepting With Pleasure One of the highlights of Senior Week and the end of school is the annual Academic Awards Program. lt was held Thursday, May 13, at 7:30 p.m., in the high school auditorium. Many seniors and students were recognized for their work in the classroom. The program began with the flag salute by Barry Be- renberg, Student Council President-Elect. The invoca- tion was given by Cindy Price, Student Council Vice President-Elect, and Mr. Rowley welcomed the guests. Mr. Rowley, Mr. Middaugh and Mr. Walker presented awards and scholarships to the following students: SCHOLARSHIPS: Association of Classroom Teachers ReneeChapman First Mustang State Bank .......... Beth Kennedy Theta Nu Chapter of Bega Sigma Phi . . Julie Moses Veterans of Foreign War Voice of Democracy R.Weathers Victory at Yorktown Essay Contest . . Max Maynard Young Homemakers of Oklahoma . Karen Garrison OSU Technical Institute: Director's Scholarship .......... Nomia Gordon Director's Scholarship ............ Kyndel Shaw Career Honors Scholarship ....... James Winter United States Naval Academy . . . Richard Weathers SMU Academic Scholarship, Trinity University Academic Scholarship, Stephens College Academic and OCU Scholarship .......... LeAnn Behrens Southwestern Oklahoma State Freshman Scholarship LoriBlakemore Oklahoma State University Alumni Scholarship ReneeChapman CSU Scholarship ................ Dolores Cooper BIA Grant to Skyline Technical School f ......................... Shelly Cunningtubby Oscar Rose Junior College Regents Fee Waiver MichelleDavey Phillips University Music Scholarship LauraEdwards Southwestern Oklahoma State Distinguished Freshmen Scholarship ...,....... Mark Edwards OSU, University Scholarship ......... Suzanne Ely Southwestern Oklahoma State Freshman Scholarship ...................... Glen Fields BIA Grant to CSU .................. Judy Fields Phillips University Athletic Scholarship, Oklahoma Christian College Athletic Scholarship DawnFischer Oscar Rose Junior College Regents.Fee Waiver KarenGarrison Southwestern Oklahoma State Freshman Scholarship RhondaHaigler OSU Early Recognition Scholarship . . . Russ Horton 176 Academic Awards li 11' 1 1 1 1 1 ,1 1 11' 1 1 1 ,1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ,1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ,1 1 1 1 11 ll 1 1 111 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 11 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 11 1 1 l1 11 41 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 l 1 OSU Regents Distinguished Scholarship JodieLarson Hardin University ACT Merit Scholarship, OCC ACT Merit Scholarship, OCC Math Scholarship, OCU One-Half Tuition Fee Waiver, York College ACT Merit Scholarship ........... Lucinda Lemmons General Motors Institute Work-Study Scholarship, University of Oklahoma Scholarship, Nomination to U.S. Air Force Academy ........ Stephen Lieber Air Force ROTC Scholarship, OU Physics Scholarship, Alternate at West Point Kevin MacWatters OSU Technical Scholarship ........ Greg Mandrell Air Force ROTC Scholarship, OCU One-Half Tuition Fee Waiver, Southeastern Oklahoma State Parson Scholarship, OU Physics Scholarship and University Scholars Award ......... Anne Mayes OU Physics Scholarship and University Scholars Award ......................... Max Maynard CSU University Scholarship ......... Sue McEvoy Appintment to the U.S. Air Force Academy BradPrice OSU Early Recognition Scholarship JacqueReynolds SMU Grant, OSU President's Council Scholarship PamReynolds Navy ROTC Scholarship ............ Derek Sachs CSU Scholarship ................ Rhonda Spears OSU Presidents Council Scholarship and Early Recognition Scholarship .......... David Stanley OU Music Scholarship ........... Kimberly Taylor OSU Early Recognition Scholarship LanceVanTuyle OU University Scholars Award . . Catharine Warner Appointment to the U.S. Naval Academy, Appointment to the U.S. Military Academy, Air Force ROTC Scholarship, Navy ROTC Scholarship, OU University Scholars Award, American Enterprise' lnstitute Award and Chambers-O'Neil Essay Contest Award R1chardWeathers Departmental Awards are given by various teachers to the students who have completed outstanding work in their classes. Honored for their work in class are: U.S. History and Government LeAnn Behrens Kevin Hutchcroft Anne Mayes Lance VanTuyle 5 Alive News Quiz Outstanding Current Events Kevin MacWatters Comp lLit I Home Economics I JoElla Reese Tony Dean Millie Thomas Stacy McCool Gina Boyer Home Economics II Terri Estes Cheryl Snead Career Education Daleen Dupler James Riley Bryan Williford David Bruton Journalism II Newspaper John Rankin Photography Scott Herron Yearbook Kyndel Shaw Drafting I Chris Cargill Drafting II Doug Reisman Awards Emphasize Advanced Comp !Lit Kim Meyer Jodie Larson English II Tamera Angevine Comp II !Lit II Cindy Baker Stephen Box Darlene Justick Sandra Laurent English II Steve Keller French III Anne Mayes Spanish I Barbara Haggy Spanish II Glen Fields Spanish III Robin Gustafson April Sholl DeAnn Price American Lit Becky Williams English I Jeanne Hamm r l ll In l l l I D 1 ti l l 1 a l ii I l l l i l I l l I l 1 4 l l 1 l l Wood I Leslie Granger Wood II Dean Kolar Wood III Terry Daugherty Wood IV Scott Middaugh Accounting II Shelley Bennett Business Law Leslie Simpson Business Math Terri Farris Flynn Stringer Typing I Kyndel Shaw Darlene Jusiick Bobbie Miller Biology I Mike Ellis Laurie Luke Charles Davenport Sandra Laurent pp Jimmy Bokhari 5 Terri Williams T Crafts I " Dara West l Crafts II ,P LeAnn MacQuarrie A, Rhonda Burrows p Algebra I ' Andy Barner 4' Greg Twiehaus ll Davin Martin ds Outstanding Vo-Ag Student l Beth Kennedy l Shorthand V Holly Vanderslice ,l Accounting I , Donna Holliday b Denise Kennedy l Glen Fields ill Robin Gustafson ,i Cheryl Snead T Sharon Willets lp Typing II 4 Connie MacWatters QV Personal Typing 4' John Mairelles Geometry JoElla Reese Tia Morgan Marty Billings Kristen Bennett Algebra I Ginny Hunt Denise Hapgood Mindy Taylor Pam Olson Art I Dinh Nguyen Algebra II Cheryl Hapke French I Marti Billings French II Cheryl Hapke Art II Chance Deupree Art III Todd Krouch Art IV Bill Ashworth All Round Artist Helen Davies comp II fur rr Marti Billings Creative Writing I Susan Francis Kim Meyer Poetry Society of Oklahoma Kirk Smalley Kay Bostic Cindy Neeley Shelly Neugebauer Lisa Metheny Brian Hale Marla Herron ALL SCHOOL AWARDS Valedictorians Katy Warner Anne Mayes Lucinda Lemmons Jacque Reynolds Brad Price Shelley Bennett LeAnn Behrens Renee Chapman Salutatorians Richard Weathers Beth Kennedy Scholastic Excellence E Academy for Outstanding High School Juniors - ' OBU ......................... Leslie Simpson National Honor Society ............ Mike Mullins, Dedria Price i American Youth Foundation 'LI Dare YOU" i ............... Connie MacWatters, Cecil Wolfe l Student of Today ............ Lucinda Lemmons, Richard Weathers ,V National Merit Finalists ............ Max Maynard, Nu Cathy Canfield 'L All Round Senior Boy and Senior Girl 'V ...................... Brad Price, Anne Mayes l ll Boys State Dave Buck V Conrad Caldwell Randy McCarthy ' Cecil Wolfe Matt Moore 1 ti Mustang High School Citizenship Awards A Mike Mullins Pam Reynolds rl' Mustang High School Special Scholastic Awards Q Kevin MacWatters r Stephen Lieber Maz Maynard Kim Taylor Mark Edwards Lance VanTuyle David Stanley Lori Blakemore Donner Claypool Kim Meyer Jodie Larson Russ Horton Donna Holliday Glen Fields Suzanne Ely Academic Awards 177 4 711. PUQ Take . 1me . o Reflect br fi-Qfyd 1 ',. Baccalaureate was held Sunday, May 16. Rev. Kenneth Pamplin gave the invocation, and the Concert Choir provided the music. Mr. Rowley introduced the speakers: Rev. Jim McNabb gave the address, and Rev. Bob Farney gave the benediction. Mrs. Sal- lie Franks played the processional and the recessional. 1. Seniors rnarch in and take their seats, 2. Rev. Bob Famey gives the benediction. 3. Rhonda Spears sings "Mahogany". 4. Mr. Walker keeps things on schedule as seniors file into the auditorium. 178 Baccalureate WLLUMS K vi M rf- I Q Q 0 , My A us if 0 4591! ., ..v ' Q: X ig 4, 2,,,,,,'5R 4 ,-'si 1 "" V ,VK li ' V' Q H VVVVQVA ,f,L. .4 V. L . V VV ,. ,H V- .L k , V ,, ,. - N. "k' f5zvia2i5"i . L V . -"A' f V ,,LA, ' " A H 'h" A ' "'?W'2 V -g" , V.V 7-V Thus gear has f1nallgV.comef to -an end, but .VV il WZEVYZQ-.,Vff91" +V A - - If ,"g V' V L ' ' L, ,.., ,." Q ',,i,fVQ ".gg SV ,fm if 'V V w V V V VV V V w?2PllS, ,?nf5 .f0f the BIOHCOS-V NM Only Students, M V. ersgas ,,.. . - ' V ' Q VV VVL' - L ' 'LAL" V "', , ,jf . J, E?i'a"'i 2 'V " H i - "1 ' 7 ' ' 211 "--- V .V -- THVIJV W CffIgV': QQ1:G'5VL' 'fi' In a V , X' ,V , . .,,f V V KV ., VV V VV V. ,V V ,,',, V -I V- V K k--' V, zigkff.. . , .,, V ,, ': gg, ,V V. V , W ,, , . k ,rkk i W, VK.: , 7,k. K V, M .7 ' 'V ltS fill' elthel' colle C Ol' theMbll5in9 W k -Vl' - V N ,, ,, V. . V SS 0 ,..'- f Hy Yea Ile , VV VV 2 " ' ff,, i Y " , I V " , V-Q,2Vf:mw55'1N'- NV k " LVfV:'fV W . V, VV - V . ,V , VVw,g3w?:z1??VVVz'-'lqwftg-2YVzVSf4VVf.we?WV' AL Y is .V . Vy ykl hy W., V h b I 5 .K L Akkhh . I Tk W,.qgi I . ,VM ,, M gif what t0 .63 range? ual ns nogtfa V , ' .9 V 5 ' '?.z,,E"V'VV 553. - ' ' 5222 V - 5 V VV ., . V,-V g.. V. ',,,, . 2 1 C 1 V yk.. V V I , ' 1 9 ' 1 V ,fi ga is 1,1 V. V. d Vx. V- 1 L 1 .V VV "' V Q V ' f' - . - L--' if if? .S V1 lsse V fffimrelnainin Stlldelif od ,VV V . E 35 552 2 f 2 2 , , ,..-, , :V VV VVVM VVVVVVV rV7,,V..Q yi Y I " 25, s "" K k--" K K ' V V J- V w ., 1" fuk? f' A ' V '- - A V . A . -VV 'V Vi , ,-" V V21 sm. in Y 1, Q PCGS. um yon- V V VV, V V- pVVVV... ,. ff f ff -VV 'L-" L' "K- A '-,' L' my , 'V . 'V V 2 igyg ig g, VV V WV . 405 f HRW Q27 A riffs Q1 S 2-m K ,, -f" 0 Q' . K 't?f'm k VV If" "f5" '- IV "' Q5 ' V VV ...K V V :VEV 4 V L V IV V V, V . . ., ,,-L-" ' g gif V, z 5. 5 V gfidg? 2Q y , ,V.,V W I ,Q 3 . ,,,. . . ,, , . ,, V V .. 1111119 .185-I ,,, lieth ' ' F' 'JV 4"'F6E:i: if--' :" Vv V-' '93' VVVVQ7'X 5 E W ' '5.,If",. 3 ff,....f."'. - "":.V,'EEfi ' V E' fu zwzr I-53 VY :gg A ' J 'gg ,. , . V fi ' ' ' V V ' L V - ' .V ' V V f 'V H -'- V ' i V V, ffm , g V V V ' gig? ob, .VM V 0 QQ tit 2 " 5214 .4 1 fgzf tgi - V 015 a V ,VV "" .V , 25 K , "-' . ,,.,- 'V-., " F 5 3 it v ' V 64.5 55:5 -K, E - M555 'gr ,.., ' -51,14 , ,,.V- Mi L T g, f:"' V3 - :V 'X 5 ?V Q ' ," Av " , g, g,5,vy V. 1 A r..... VW -xi U 27 5 -1 , f mi ii. my in 6 5 K e km!! B' - .V V . VVV. ,EM VV ,, Qi '?! 2' W -"A -'.V- V - 221 V, -V,' , . 3552 4 VVVV V A ii "'g M . V V, ' 5 VV'. . . 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WJLDQDAD, ?LeA, HMLZA Y' V' 5' " W 'F M X' ,V TM ,D ' AA - f -, -- , A ,, ,A MA.- W al" J u Ji " 3. Zeflfiifafilf ?,1,:,L Ji ,1 --, , Q ff, F ff. Q- rife" gf 513ml Q. QXQQD Foumtyr Hiller, fri A fym riff 4 W rf, me JA ' W FAH "L, fu? BEEDQDMQ Enemy. DLumy WLQQ, fQW A lei ,A J : 'Rfk ic Memory 183 84 Index -A- Abbott, Gayla, Fr., 33,81 Adams, Cindy, So., 25,68,69,118 Adcock, Sammy, So., 25,83 Akers, Debra, Jr., 62,66 Albers, Cari, Jr., 72 Albin, Mike, So., 25 Alford, Gyles, Sr., 62 Allen, Rick, So., 25 Allen, Randy, 83 Allen. Tuesdae, Fr., 6,66,79,114. 148,158,159 Alred, Angela, Fr., 33 Amos, Whitney, Sr., 62 Anderson, Joe, Sr., 8,83 Anderson. Paige, Sr., 8,83 Anderson, Patrick, Fr.. 33,83 Anderson, Teresa, Fr., 33,71,77,131,133 Andrews, Deborah, So., 7,72,73,79 Andrews, Mlchelia, Sr , 8,58,72,73, 80,162,166 Angevine, Rhonda, Fr , 33,72,80 Arms, Tracy. Fr , 33,76,77 Armstrong, Bob, Sr , 8,94,14O,168,169 120,121 Armstrong, Debra, Fr.. 33,80 Arnold, Autry, Fr., 33,109 Ashenbrenner, Stacy, Sr., 8 Ashworth. Bill. Sr.. 8,169 Atchison, Angie, So., 25,31 Autrey, Cindy, So., 25,71,77 Autrey, Karen, Fr., 33 -3- Bacon. Todd, So., 25,78,79 Badgsell, Regina, Sr., 8 Baggs, Stacy, Sr., 8 Bailey, Derene, So., 25 Baker, Cynthia, So., 25,68,70 Baker, Robin, So., 25,85 Baker, Rodney, Jr., 140,168,121 Ball, Angela, Jr., 58,77 Ball, Jill, Sr., 8,79,104,169 Banks, Lori, Fr., 33,150 Barber, Robyn, Fr., 33 Barclay, Tim, Jr., 72,81,185 Barks, Jerry, Sr.. 8,59,83 Barner, Andy, Fr., 33 Barton, Bobby, Fr.. 33.100 Batson, Scott, So., 25,130 Baugh, Deborah, So , 25 Bauman, Nathan, So . 25 Beach, Mike, So., 25 Bean, Jim, Sr., 8 Becker, Nancy. Sr.. 8 Beds, Melissa, Fr., 33,e8,s9,so Behrens, LeAnn, Sr , 8,78,84,85,86,169 Bendavidz, Juan. Fr , 33 Bennett, Robbie, Fr., 33 Bennett, Rose, Sr., 8 Bennett, Shelly, Sr., 79,86 Bennett, Tony, Jr., 62 Benson, Randall, Fr., 33 Berenberg, Barry, Jr., 84,85 Betterton, Lynette, Sr., 25,68,69,131 Billings, Martha, So., 25,81 Bird, Ann, So., 25,49 Bivens, Ty, Fr., 59,815,124 Black, Dawn, Sr., 8,79 Blair, Rhonda, So., 25,7983 Blakemore, Lori, Sr., 8,86,127,128,129,169 Blalock, Sherri, So., 25 Bledsoe, Mike, So., 25,63 Blickensderfer, Nancy, Jr., 22 Blickensderfer, Robert, Sr., 8 Boatman, Debbie, 83 Boatmun, Tim, So., 25,73,79,81 Bobo, William, Fr., 81,82 Boehler, Stacy, So., 26,69,81 Bokahari, Jimmy, So., 26 Boling, Angie, Fr.. 71 Booth, Laurie, So., 26 Booth, Phyllis, Fr, .33 Bostic, Kay, Sr.. 8,84,95,96,169 Bostic, Tim, Fr., 1 00,124 Bowden, Jimmy, Jr., 63 Bowen, Scott, So., 26,68,7O Bwling, Mark, Sr., 8,70,110,112,112 114,158,159,169,171 Bowling, Mike, Sr., 2,8,68,70,169 Bowlware, Shanna, Jr., 86 Box, Jell, Sr, 82,86,169 Box, Stephen, So., 26,31 Boyer, Jyna, Fr., 77,80,109,133 Boyds, lva, Sr , 8 Boydston, TArver Boyer, Roger, Jr., Boyett, Tisha, Fr.. Boyle, Pam, So., Brakebill, Steven. Branstetter, Vicki, Brady, Rich, So.. .Fr., 92 18,63 80 26 So., 26,80 So., 26,68,69,118 26,29,79 Bradshaw, Stephanie, So., 26 Brackett, Randy, So., 26 Bray, Tracey, Fr., Bridger, Billie, Sr. Briscoe, Lee, Jr., 109 .8,33,96,98,99 18,66,86 Britt, Richard, So., 26,63 Brixey, Jennifer, So., 26,28,66,79.104. 126,128,129,148 Brooks, Rickey, Fr., 68 Brooks, Robert, Fr., 68 Brooks, Todd, Sr., 8,62,63 Brown, Donald, So., 26 Brown, Gaylon, So., 26 Brown, Jim, Sr., 8 Brown, Mike, Jr., 18 Brown, Scott, Sr. Brus, Brian, S0 . , 9,161,162,163 26.68.70 Bruton, David, Jr., 18,68 Bryan, Sharla, Sr . 9 Bucher, Vickie, Jr., 18,63 Buck, Dave, Jr.. 18,82,96,97,99, 132,133 Bumblis, J , Fr., 135 Burdick, Nina, Jr., 18 Burkhalter, Helen, Jr., 18,63 Burnett, Tim, Jr.. 18,67 Burrows, Rhonda, So., 26 Bush, Mary, Jr., 18.72,73,104 Bussey. Kelli, So. ,26 Bussey, Richard, Sr., 9,169,171 Butcher, James, 83 Butler, Donna, So., 77 Butler, Mike, Jr., 18 Bird, Dennis, So., 26 Byrd, Ann, So., 118 Byrd, Daniel, Sr., 9 Byrd, Douglas, Jr., 18,83 Cagle, Doug, So. Cagle, Karen. Sr. Caldwell, Chuck. ..C- . 26 . 9,55,80,82 Fr., 92,124 Caldwell, Conrad, Jr., 18,723.86 Calhoun, Shannon, 124 Calvert, Richard. Sr., 9,813,169 Cammack, Stephanie, So., 26.71.85 Campbell, Kenny, Sr., 9 Campbell, Staci, So.. 26.77,118 Canfield, Cathy, Sr., 9,72,83,86 Cannon, Leland. Cargill, Jon, So., Fr., 86 26,81,130 Carpenter, Karen, Jr., 18,75,77 Carpenter, Ken, Sr., 9,54,62,78,83 Carroll, Sam, 83 Carter, John, Sr., 9,130 Carter, Randy, Jr., 18 Cartwright, Gary, So., 26 Cashman, Margerie, Jr., 62 Catlett, Shawnda, So., 26,77 Chandler, Kathy. So., 26 Chapman, Renee, Sr., 9,236,104,149 Charries, Kevin, Fr., 92 Chatham, Johnny, So., 26,68,81 Chavez, Billy, So., 26,62 Cherry, Renata, Fr., 77 Chesser, Patricia, Fr., 86 Chestnut, Terry, Sr., 9,95,148,169,121 Chestnut, Troy, Jr., 18,22,89,96,97,98,99 Cheyne, John, Sr., 9 Clark, Christi, So., 26 Clark, Sharmah, So.. 26 Claypool, Blain, So., 27 Claypool, Donette, Sr., 9,79 Cleveland, Beverly, Sr., 9,56 Cleveland, Karen, So., 79.81,136 Cleveland, Mike, 83 Cline, Tim, So., 27 Cluck, Gerald, Fr., 92,135 Cobb, Roy, Fr., 92,100,124 Cobble, Richard. So., 27,83 Cole, George, Sr., 9 Coleman, Cathy, Fr., 109,133 Coleman, Teri, Sr., 9.84.85,150 Conway, Kristina, So., 27,80 Cook, Kelly, 60 Cooper, Delores, Sr., 9,75,77,86 Copeland, David, Jr., 18,72,73,152 Corbett, Karen, Jr., 18,83 Courtney, J., Fr., 84,823,150 Cowns, James, Jr., 18,63,64 Cox, Kelly, Jr., 18 Cox, LaDonna, Jr., 18,50,66,67,77.79. 97,99,154,118 Cox, Tim, Sr., 9,78,86,139 Coy, Chip, So., 27,72,173 Crank, Lian, Fr., 81 Cross, Kevin, So., 27,110 Croisant, Mike, 83 Cluberson, Carson, So., 27 Cunningtubby, Shelly, Sr.. 9 Curtin, Jay, Fr., 92 Cusick, Denise, So., 27,72,73,79,85 -9- Dallas, Scott, Sr., 9 Dalrymple, Lyndell, Jr.. 18 Dalrymple, Randall, Jr.. 18 Daugherty, Terry, Sr., 9,11O,114,158,15' Davenport, Charles, Fr., 71,192 Davey, Michelle, Sr., 9 Davidson, Rex, Jr.. 62 Davies, Helen, Sr., 9 Davis, Danny, So., 26,27,121,123 Davis, Deborah, So., 27 Davis, Ricky, Sr., 9,83 Davis, Michael, Fr., 86,92 Dayton, Dennis, So., 27 Dean, Toni, Fr., 80,118 Decker, Neil, Jr., 18,49,63 Denison, Bobby, Sr., 9,57,78,79, 110,145,169 Denton, Marianne, So., 27,109,117,116,118 Denton, Michelle, Fr., 71 Denton, Mike, Sr., 9,79,169,137 DeRosa, Pat, So., 27,63 Deupree, Chance, So., 27,79,83 Deupree, Chisholm, S., 27,79,83 Devous, Darren, Fr., 92,100 Dixon, Bobby, Sr., 9,141,143 Dixon, Rl1onda,Jr,,7.18 DVAUV1 Stuart, Sr., 9 Dodson, William, Sr., 131 Dolton, Russ, Jr., 18 Douglas, Ronnie, Fr., 71 Doyle, Pam, Sr., 9,66,78,79,165. 166,167,169 Dozier, Paul, 83 Dromgoole, Mike, Jr., 18 Drumtra, Kelly, Jr., 18.68.69 Drusch, Karen, Sr., 9 Dubberstein, Danny, Fr., 130,135 Duck, Karen, Sr., 10 DuJardin, Mike, Jr., 18,63 Duncan, Dana, Sr., 10,67,79,154,118 Duncan, J. Sr., 10,139 Duncan, John, Jr., 18,139 Duncan, Wands, Sr., 10,63 Dupler, Daleen, Jr., 18,72,79 Dykes, Michelle, So., 27,30,79 Dysinger, Debra, Fr., 55 Dysinger, Tim, Jr., 18.63 Easley, Ronnie, Easley, Sandra. -E- So., 27,86 So., 27,77.84,85 Easterling, Chris, Fr., 92 Eddings, Melinda. Sr., 10,79 Edwards, Laura. Sr.. 10,68,70 Edwards, Mark, Sr.. 10.86.139 Edwards. Micki, Jr.. 18.75.77 Eells. Dede. Sr., 10.140.168,117,118 Eggenberg. Jay, 83 Elliott. Kim. So. Elliott, Johnna. . 27.79 So., 27,77,81 Elliott. Lynell, Jr.. 18.79 Elliott, Melodee, Sr., 10,81 Ellis. Deana. Sr . 10 Ellis. Monte, 83 Ellis, Tanya, Jr.. 18,79 Ellison, Lisa, Jr., 19 Ely. Patrick, So .. 27.81 Ely. Suzanne, Sr., 10.68.81 Endsley. Tomm y, Jr . 19.62 Ennis, Liz, Fr.. 71.80 Eslick, Sonia, Jr., 19,68.70 Estes. Terri. Sr. . 10.170 Evenge, R.. 84,85 Everett, Tracy. Fr , 81 Farris, Brent, Jr Farris, Terri, Jr. -F- ., 19 , 19,86.104 Farris, Stacy. 118 Fenimore, Todd, So.. 27 Fennel, Jaretta, Jr., 19 Fesler, Tammy. Sr.. 10 Fuerborn. Julie. 83.136 Fields. Glen, Sr., 81.86 Fields. Melissa, So.. 27 Fischer, Dawn, Sr.. 4,7,79,103.104.126, 129.151,156,157.169.171,117.116.118 Flesner, Les, Fr .. 124.125 Flowers. Tammy, So.. 27 Forbes. Jim Bill, Jr., 5.19.7273 Fore. Scott. So. . 27.64 Fox. Donald. Fr., 68,137 Francis. Susan, Jr., 19,63,64.85,86,150 Franklin. Matt, Fr., 124.125 Gabbert. Dianna. So., 27.63 Franklin, Sharla, Jr..,118 Franks, Angie, Jr., 18.19.49,66.75.77 82,148,154 Franks, Rodney, Fr.. 83 Freeman, Laura. So., 27 Fruits, Becky. Fr., 109.128 Frantom. Tammy. Fr.. 118 -G- Garriott. Gina, 118 Garrett. Cindy, So., 27,28,79.86,127.136. 128,129.160.163 Garrett, Mary, Sr., 2,,169. 117,116,118 Garreitson, Monica, So., 27 Garretson. Randy. Jr., 19.72.73 Garrison, Karen, Sr . 67,80 Gausman, Carl, 71 George, Celesta, Jr., 19,715,173 George, Dennis, 139 Giacomo, James, So.. 27 Goins, Roxana. Jr., 6,19.104,128.127 Gomez, Steve. Sr.. 86 Gooch. Charles. Jr., 19.63 Graham, Trina. Jr.. 19 Granger, Leslie, So.. 27.81.131 Grant, David, Jr., 27,83 Guarnera. Dennis. Jr., 19.62 Gurley. Ray, So.. 27 Gurley. Roy. So., 63 Gustafson, Amy, So.. 28,231,136 Gustafson, Robin, Jr . 19 -H- Hacker, Roger. Jr , 19,83 Hackney. Denise, So.. 28 Hadlock, Tami. Jr.. 19.77.81 Haggy. Vickie, Jr, 19,71,, Haigler. Rhonda. 82,86 Halbert. Terry, Jr., 19,81 Hale. Angie. Fr., 71 Hale. Brian, Sr . 84,85,86.150 Haley, Eric. Fr.. 92,135 Hall, John, Jr.. 19.79.137 Hall. Robin. So . 28 Halsey, Meaghan, Jr.. 3.19 Halsey, Thane. So . 28.83 Hamilton, Andy. Jr., 19 Hapgood, Denise. Fr.. 71.81 Hanna, Jeff. 83 Hapke. Cheryl, Jr., 19,68,86 Hargis. Clint, 64,615,149 Hargis. Gina. So., 28 Harper, Jerald, Jr., 62 Harper. Mike. So.. 28.85.150 Harrell, Theresa, So., 28,77 Harrison. Darren, Jr.. 63 Harrison, LeeAnn, Sr., 3,77,102,104. Hartnett. Cindy. Fr.. 131.136,160.163 Hartnett, Dawn, Jr., 19,22.161,163 Hartnett, Stacy, Sr., 169 Hartnett. Timmy, So.. 28.139 Harvey, Richard, So . 28.127 Harames, Morrill, Fr . 68 Harwell. Susan. So , 28,71.80 Hatchett, Johnny. Jr.. 19 Hawkins, Wesley. So.. 28,72 Hayes. John. So.. 28 Haynes, Greg, So.. 28,68.81,83.137 Heacock, Barbara, So., 28.77 Heacock, Charlotte. Jr., 63 Helmka. Julianna, Fr., 36.80 Helms, Clyde. Fr.. 36 Henry. Tammy. So., 28,77.80 Henshaw. Rodney, Jr., 79.84,86.150 Hensley. Denise, S Henson, Gina. 131 o.. 28,77.80 Henson. Linda. Fr., 36,109.68 Herron, Marla, So. Herron, Scott. Sr.. Hickman. Richard, Hicks, Glen, 63 . 28,235,150 67,6-8.169.173 Fr., 36 Hilbern. Tanya. Sr.. 79 Hill, Diana, Fr., 36 Hill, Larry. Fr., 36 Hill. Scott. So., 28.121 Hill, Wendy. 19,79 Hindman, Laura, Sr., 75.77 Hinkle, Kathy, Fr.. 36.77.81 Hinshaw. Steven, Jr . 20 Holday, David, Fr., 36 Holllday. Donna. Sr..,86,169 Holliday. Kay, Jr., 3,20.52 Holly, Tracie. Fr. Homan, Tim, Fr 36.77.80 36.92 Hood, Allen. Fr . 36.81.124 Hood, Sheri. Sr , 68.70 Hopper, Jeff. Jr Hornbeck. David 20.6282 Jr., 20 Graves. Brock. So.. 27,81 Gravitt. Rick. So., 27.139 Green. Becky, So.. 27,81 Green, David, Jr., Green. Gary. Jr.. 19,81.132.133 Green, Tammy, Fr., 81,131,133 Gregg, Terry. Jr., 19,63 Gregory, James, Jr.. 19.96 Griffith, Lisa, So.. 27 Groh, Richard. Sr., 130,132,133 Groh. Samantha, So.. 27.77.136,150 Hornbeck. Don. Sr.. 12 Horton. Andrea. Jr.. 20.72.80 Horton, Russ, Sr., 12.59.86 Hott, Karen. Jr., 2O.128,117.118 Howard, Cheryl. Jr.. 20 Howie, Miki, Fr.. 12.36.78,109.133.134 Howie, Vonda, Jr.. 20.79,81.82,84 Huckabay, Wade, Jr.. 19,20.112 Hudgins, Ethel. So., 28.81 Hudson. Terry, Fr., 36.100 Huffman. Brian, So.. 28,63 Hull. Mike, So., 28,36 Humphreville. Sherry, Fr.. 30.71 Hunt, Gerry. Fr., 36.92.137 Hurst. Brian. Jr.. 20 Husmann. Kelly, Sr.. 12,83.117.118 Hutchcroft. Kevin. Sr . 12,48,78.86.150. 162,167,169 Hutmacher, Kenneth, Jr., 20,66,79. 165,166,167 Hutson, Lance. So , 28, Hutcherson. Daniel, Fr.. 36.137 -1- lkerd. Fran. So.,,104 lraggi. Steven, Jr . 20 Irwin, Arnold. Fr.. 3692.135 lslas, Stacie, So., 28 -J- Jackson, Brett, Sr.. 83 Jackson. Devin. Sr.. 12.63 Jackson, Gina, Jr., 20,79,174 Jackson. iana, Fr . 36 Jackson. Stacy. Jr., 20.110,115.158, 159 James, Danny. Sr.. 63 Jensen. Marian, Jr . 18,20,49.77,79.82,110 Johnson. Christopher. Jr.. 20 Johnson, Jimmy. Sr., 12 Johnson, Robert. Jr . 63 Jones. Andrea. Fr.. 36.68.69,136 Jones, Christi, Sr,,169. 117.118 Jones. Dana. Sr.. 12 Jones. Michael. Jr , 62 Jones. Michele. Fr.. 36 Jones. Susie. So., 28,31.81,136 Jones. Todd. Fr , 92 Jones. Vicki, Jr.. 29.62 Justik. Darlene, S.. 28,117,118 -K- Keenum. Darla, Fr.. 36 Kekalos, Kim. So . 28.79 Kekalos, Tom. So.. 29.137 Keig. Mike. Fr., 36.68 Keller, James, Sr . 12.63 Keller. Steve. So . 29 Kelly, Brian, Sr., 12,96,137 Kelly, Michele. Fr , 36 Kennedy, Beth. Sr.. Kennedy, Denise, 20.66, Kennedy. Kristine, So . Kennedy. Phillip, Fr . 36 Kersh. Greg, Fr., 36,82 Key,Cindi. Fr. 36.81 Key, Phillip. So . 29 Kimball, Brian. So . 29 Kimball, Greg. Jr . 20,63 Kimmel. Kan. So . 29.77 Kimmel. Karla. Sr. 12.66.136 Kimmel. Paul. Fr . 36 Kinder. Gary. Jr.. 20.110 Kinder. Mondy. Fr . 36.83.124 King. Jeff. Sr. 12.59.89 Kirk, Angela. Fr . 37.80.118 Kirth, Sandra, So . 29.79 Kline. Tina. 2017.81.85 Knight. Alan. So.. 29 Kolar. Denise. 37.86.136 Kolar. Leroy. Jr . 20.56.68 Konzak. Tina. Jr.. 20 Kopp. Kevin. So.. 29.52.83 Krouch, Lynn. So.. 29.77 Krouch. Todd. Jr , 20 Kudron, Jill. Fr., 27.77.109 Kuhlman, Karen. F1 . 37 -L- Lacy, Randy, Sr . 12.63 Lafnllette. Kristi Fr., 37 .77.81.136 Lance, Lane, So., 29 Lane, Terri, Fr.. Lankford, Stuart. Sr.. 12.73.81 Larson. Jodie, Sr., 12,05 Lasswell, David, So.. 29,68,70 Latham. Elaine. Fr.. 37.133 Lathey, Damiel. Sr.. 12.67 Latney, Kim. Jr.. 20.68 185 186 Laurent, Sandra. So.. 29.68 Laurent, Steven. Jr.. 20,68 Lavelle. Lisa, So.. Lavelle, Wendy, Fr., 37.78.136 Layton. Tracy. So.. 29.55 Lee, Mark, Sr., 12.83 Lee. Soo Son. Fr.. 37.77 Lefrancis. Muriel, Fr.. 37 Legg. Jeff. Jr.. 20,110 Legg, Kevin. Fr., 37.92 Legg. Stacy, Sr.. 12 Lemmons. Lucinda. Sr . 12.82.86 Lemmons. Roger, Fr., 37.92.135 Lewis. Kevin. So.. 29.66,67.164.166 Lewis. Lisa, Fr.. 37 Lewis, Michael, So.. 29,85.86.150 Liberton. Kathy. Jr., 20 Liberton, Mark. Sr.. 12.62.83 Lieber. Stephen. Sr.. 12,84,85 Linden, Darren, 12.79.96,121 Linden, Glenn. Fr.. 37.92,100.135 Linden, Jeff. Jr . 21 Lindsey, Kelly, Jr , 21,81,97,150 Linfoot. Eric, Jr , 21.68.780.73 Lively. Brent. So.. 29 Lowder, Lori, Sr . 12.83 Lukaszek, Laurie. Fr . 37.76,77,109.133 Luken, Craig. Fr.. 37.92.135 Luken. Tonja, Fr.. 37 Lunsford. Bruce. Jr.. 21 Lutz, Loren. Jr..,86.150 Lyde. Greg. Sr.. 1283.166 Lloyd, Steve, Jr.. 133 -M- MacWatters, Connie. Jr.. 21,79,84,85 MacWatters, Kevin, 12,86 Macy, Gina, Fr., 37 Maddox. David. Sr.. 12.72.73,79,96,98,,171 Maddox, Mia. Fr.. 37,71 Maddox, Pippa. So.. 29.71.110 Maddox, Tia, Fr.. 37.71 Maddux. Cynthia. So., 29,104 Madsen, Teresa. So., 29,81 Majors. Jo Lynn, Sr., 13,83 Malicott. Debra. Jr., 21.63.72 Maloney, Dawna, Jr , 21,77 Mandrell. Christina, Fr., 37.77, Mandrell, Greg, Sr., 12 March. Julie, Sr., 13.67.155 Martin, Dawn, Fr . 37 Martin. Tim. Fr., 29,71 Martin. Pam, Jr.. 21.22.79 Mason, Kathy. So.. 29,117,118 Mason. Stacy, So , 29 Matthews. Chuck, Sr . 13,63 Matthews. DeAnn. Jr., 21.79.118 Matthews. Richard. 37.82.130 Mayes. Anne. 84.85.169 Maynard. Max. Sr.. 13.86.169 McAlpin. Steve, Fr . 37 McCain. Sheila, So., 29.78 McCarthy, Pam. Fr., 27.68.109 McCarthy, Randy, Jr., 21.68.80 McCarthy. Donna. Fr.. 37,69 McCarthy. Lisa. Sr., 12,63 McClung. James. So., 29 McConnell, Pam. Sr., 13,170 McCool. Stacy, Fr., 37.68.80 McCool. Steve, Sr.. 13.82 McCoy, Don. Sr., 13 McCullough. Kara. Fr., 37.68.69 McCullough. Kasi, Fr., 37.68.69 McCullough, Kirsti. Sr., 12,127,128.129 169,117,118 McCullough, Penny. So.. 29.77 McCutchan, Chrissy, Fr., 37,71,80 McDaniel. Jeff, Jr., 21,62,110,112 McDonald. Melinda. Jr.. 21.79 McElroy. Rachel, So.. 29.79 McEvoy. Sue. Sr., 13 Mclntyre. Billy, Jr.. 21 McLaughIen, Christy, Fr.. 37,77.80 McMahan. Felisa, Jr., 21,79 McMahill, George, Fr.. 37.83 McMahill, Lisa, Jr., 21,72 McMillan, Mike, Jr.. 21,62 McMillan, Robert, Jr.. 21.63 McNeil. Chuck. Sr.. 13.29,79.83.150 McNeil, Matt, Fr., 37 McNeill. David, So.. 85 McNutt. Larry, Jr , 21,68.70.73 Meeks. Holly. So .,104 Meeks, James. So., 29.83 Megehee. Donald, Jr.. 21.70.68 Melnke. Adam. Melton, Christy. Jr , 21.62.83 Fr., 37 Melton. Trenton, Fr.. 37.124 Messer. Teresa. Jr.. 21,63 Metheny, Lisa, Jr, 21.72,74.86 Meyer. Kim. Sr..,86,150 Michel, Lori, Fr .71 Middaugh. Ricky, Jr., 19,21,70,82. 121,161,163 Middaugh, Scott, Sr.. 13,121,l23,169 Miller, Bobby. So.. 68 Miller, Matt, Sr.. 12.83.86 Ott, Sandra. Jr.. 21,81 Owen. Debra, Jr., 21.68 Owens, Billy, Fr.. 92 Owens, Krista, Jr., 21 Owens, Laura. Sr., 14 Owens, Morgan, Jr., 22 Owens. Rhonda. Fr , 68.70.131 Owens, Richard, So., 30.70 Miller, Nicky, Sr.. 13.96.97 Milt. Susan. Sr., 13,104.169.170 Mitchell. Brandon, Jr., 21.54.83 Mitchell, Garry. So., 29 -p- Pace. Gordon, Sr.. 63 Pace, Jimmy. Jr.. 22.63 Palmer, Ross. So.. 30 Pankalla. Paige. Jr . 22.84.85 Partin. Jeff. Sr., 14 Partin. Kelly. Sr.. 14.117.118 Patterson. Gary, Jr., 2283.110 Patton, Jay. Sr.. 14,63.78 Patzack, Lessa, Jr., 22.63.83 Paulson, Fred. Jr.. 22.70.121 Pavlik. George. Jr.. 22.63 Peach, Kelli, So.. 30.77.78 Pebworth, Dawn. Sr.. 14.63 Peck. Carrie. Sr.. 14 Pederson, Suzette, So., 30.79.85 Permenter, Renee, Fr.. 56,77,85.150 Perkins. D'Michael, Fr., 92 Petroff, Mike, Jr., 22.83 Moberly, David. So.. 29 Moberly, Rick, Sr.. 13 Mock, Teresa, J r.,71,86 Monroe, Mark. Sr.. 4,14.169.121 Montgomery, Bruce. Fr., 92 Moore, Buck, Jr.. 67,72,73,79.152,154.162 164,166,167. 135 Moore. Chuck, Jr., 21.55.63 Moore. Debbie. Moore. Don, Jr. Fr., 76.77.78,81,131.134 .21,48,139 Moore. Lisa. So., 19,131,133 Moore, Matt. Jr , 21.68.86 Moore, Thomas, So.. 29 Morawski. John. So., 83 Morgan. Tia, Fr.. 76.77 Morton. Larry, Jr.. 21.63 Moses. Julie, Sr 159,169,134 .,14.114,131,158. Mowdy, Janet. Sr.. 14 Mullindore, Ken, So., 30 Mullins. Michael, Sr.. 12.78.86,116.171 Murray, Shawn, Myers. Kell, So. So., 30,110 . 30,81 -N- Neeley, Cindy, Sr.. 86 Neeley, Donald. So., 30.81 Nelson, David, So.. 30.83 Nelson. Diana, Sr.. 14 Nelson. Maxine. Jr., 21.77 Nelson. Mike. Sr.. 14,68 Nelson. Mitch, So.,,133 Phares, Danny, Jr., 63 Phares. Kenneth, So.. 30.63.83 Phillips. Jill. Fr., 71,80 Phillips. Kara. 109 Phipps, Curtis. So.. 30.83.160,163 Picke Plcke tt, Nelson. So., 30 tt, Russ, Jr , 22,63 Ploch. Karla. So . 30.72.73 Poe. Jimmy. Fr., 92.135 Polasek. Penny, Jr., 2277.86 Porter, Matthew. So.. 30 Porter, Robin, Sr . 14,169 Posey. Darren. So., 26.28.30,132,133 Posey. Todd. Sr.. 14,169 Post, Teresa, So., 30 Price, Bradley. Sr..,169 Price. Cindy. So . 30.84.85 Price. Deann. Fr.. 68 Price Pring . Dedria, Sr. 14.77.8286 le. Dale. Sr.. 14.139 Prock, Vickie. Sr. 14 Pyle. Pyle. Pyle. Rade Rade Debra, Fr.. 81 Jeff. Jr.. 19,22.121,141,168 Terrie. So.. 30,81 -R- r, Kim. Sr.. 14 r. Rachel, So., 31 Radtchel. Krista. Jr.. 22,118 Raines. Scott, So., 31,96.97.98,99 Ralls. Ralls. Jerry, Jr . 22,72 Lisa. So.. 31.118 Newcomb, Jeannie, So.. 30 Newcomb. Lanny. Sr.. 14.62 Newman. Rodney. So., 30 Nguyen, Dink. Fr., 82 Nickel. Tony, Sr.. 14,96,102.157.156,169 Nichols. Sunni, So.. 30.77 Nield. Jamie. So., Nixon, Eric., So . 30 Norton, Lisa. Sr.. 14,80 Norvell. Gayla, Fr , 85.150 Norvell, Jamel. Sr., 14 Null, Brent, Fr.. 92,100.35 Nunn, Scott. So , 30.57 -0.. O'Brien. Shawn, Fr.. 81,100,137 O'Connell. Andrew. Jr., 21 Ochada, Veronica. Jr., 21 Odom. Julee, So., 30 Oliver, David. Fr.. 83.92 Oliver. Sandy, So.. 30,86 Olson. Kurt. Sr., 14.62.83 Oltermann, Cari, Fr.. 68 Oltermann, Karl, So., 30.83 Olson, Pam, Fr., 71 O'Neill, Danny. So.. 30 Orr, David, So., 30,83 Ralls. Terrie. Jr . 22 Ramey, Tim. So., 31.63 Ramsey. Charles, Jr., 22 Rankin. John. Sr., 14.5O,67,110 Raper. Danny, Sr., 55 Read, Eddy, So.. 31.83 Reed, David, So.. 26.31.83 Reed. Gary. So., 31 Reed. Lloyd, Fr.. 71 V10 Reed, Renee, So.. 31 Reed, Tim, Jr . 22,63 Reese. Joella. Fr., 80.82 Reis. Phyllis. Sr., 79.86.169 Reisman, Doug. Jr.. 22 Renchen. Jeffrey. Fr.. 92,124,125 Reusser. Jennifer, Jr.. 22.104 Reusser. Neal, Sr . 15.171 Revel. Chris. Jr.. 22.63.121 Reynolds, Jacque. Sr . 86 Reynolds. Pam. Sr.. Rice, Mark. Fr.. 92.135 Ricketts. Jenny, So.. 31.77 Riddle, Michelle. Fr., 77 Riggins. Cynthia. Sr.. 15 Riggins, Stephanie. Jr.. 22 Riggins. Jayna, So.. 31 Rigsby, Brian. So.. 82.83 Riley, James. Jr., 68,70 Riley, Linnett, Jr., 22 Risher. Doug, Fr., 92 Roark. Nicky, Jr., 22,49 Roberson, Tory, Sr., 15 Roberts, Lance. So.. 31 Roberts, Gregory, So., 31.68.83 Robison, Ken, Jr., 22 Roddy, Roddy, Roddy. Deb.'Fr,. 68.69 Kim, Fr., 81,150 Monte, Jr., 22,110 Romasz, Dana, Fr., 80 Root, Billy, Sr., 15.110.112,113.115.158. 159,169 Ross, Terri, Jr., 23,50,66,79.128,117.118 Roth, Mike. So.. 31.841.85.150 Spears, Rhonda, Se., 6.15.72,73,79. 84,152.172,178,72 Spencer, Ronnle, So., 31 Stafford, Todd, So.. 31,83 Stamp, Sylvia. Jr., 18.23,51.82,104 Stanley. David, Sr., 86,94,96,127, 148,169,170 Stratton, Samantha, Fr., 40 Stevens, Bobby, 83 Stephens. David, So.. 31 Stephens, Sean. Jr., 23.72,73,139 Stevens, Brends, Jr., 23,166,148 Stevens, Dana, Jr., 23,58,73,117 Stevens, Greg, Fr.. 40 Stevens. James, So., 86 Stewart, Donna, Sr., 78.80.84-,85.139,150 Stewart, Shawn, Fr., 40.81 Walters. John. Fr.. 40,81,92.124 Warner, Craig, Jr., 63.83 Warner, Katy. Sr., 16,72,73,86,169 Warren, Darren. Fr., 40.92.100,135 Watts. Robert. Fr., 40 Weatherford, Lee, Sr., 16.79.83 Weathers. Richard. Sr., 16,78,82,84, 85.86,130,150,169.171 Weaver, Charles. Jr., 84.85,86.150 Weaver, Dianna, Fr., 40 Webb, A. Scott, So., 79 Webster, Susan, So., 86,104 Welch, David. Fr., 40.56,85,92,150 Wells. Julie, So., 71,77 West, Carry, Jr.. 79,150 West: Chris, 63 West, Dara, 118 Rouner. Robert, Sr., 15 St. John, Ricky. West. Rountree. Marky, Jr., 23,72,73,80 Rouner. David, So., 31 Rowan, Terry, Sr., 15,83 Rowe. Darla, So., 31.79.133 Ruhde, Phillip. Sr.. 15.139 Ruiz. Richard, Sr., 15,81,84.85,150 Russell, Stephen, Sr., 15 -5- Sachs, Bryan. Fr., 81,82 Sachs. Derek. Sr.. 82.841.85.150 Sample, Tracy, Fr., 68.69 Sanders. Jamie. Sr., 2,5,15,79.149,169,170 Sanders, Susan. Jr., 23 Sapp. Richard, 15.68.70 Schneck, Debra, Sr., 15 Schmidt, Steve, So., 81 Schones, David, So., 31,70 Schones. Lee, Sr., 15 Schunemann, Kim. So., 31 Schwarts, Matt, Jr., 23.63.82 Seagroves. GReg. Jr.. 23,63 St. John, Ricky, Sr., 83 Sr., 89 Stiles, Gary. So.. 96,121,123 Stockholm, Jeanie, So.. 83 Stokes, Robert, Jr., 23 Stone, Tandy, Jr.. 6,23,50,66,79 David, Fr., 40.83 Wheeler, Lori, Jr., 127.128 Whetstone, Donna. Sr.. 16,67,79,154. Whitaker, David, Fr.. 40,100 Wicker, Michael. Fr., 40,71.92 Wiedemann. Gene, Jr.. 63 See, Derek, Sr., 15 Seleme Sellers, Sewell. nt, Alan, So.. 31 Rober1,So.. 27.31 Jeff, So., 31.84.85 Shade, Robert. Jr., 23,70,132,133 Shane. Jeffrey, Jr., 23.79 Shaw. Karen, So., 77.131 Shaw, Kyndel, Sr.. 15.66,79.128,129. 164,166 Shaw. Richard, So., 130 Shaw. Bryan, So., 31 Shaw. Steve. So., 31 Strain, Sharri, So., 81 Stratman, Vicki, Sr., 169,121 Stringer, Shannon, So., 75 Stringer, Shawna, Sr., 40.77.79 Stubbs, Kimberly. Jr., 23.63 Stubbs, Kristy, Fr., 40 Stuecher, Kelly, Sr., 15,80 Stutler. Andrew, Jr., 68.96.97 Stutler. Scott. So., 68.81 Sweeney, Donald, Fr., 40,92,100, 160,163,135 Swink. Margaret, So.. 85,86 -T- Taft, P. J.. 174 Talley, Annette, Sr., 15,79 Taylor, Glenn, Fr.. 40,92 Taylor, Kim. Sr.. 86.152.169,170 Taylor, Mindy. Fr., 40.71 Taylor, Randall, Fr.. 40,135 Teeples, Kari. Jr.. 2.22.63,82.86,136 Teeples, Todd, Fr.. 40.100,125,l24 Terrett, Brenda, Sr., 2.15.75,77,82,86,94. 129,128.141.142,148.168,169. 117,116,118 Thomas, Earl, Sr., 15 Thomas, Mildred, Fr.. 40,83 Thomas, Stacia, Jr., 49,79 Wiedemann. Keith, Fr., 40.83 Wiedemann. Martin, Fr., 40 Wiles, C hris. Fr., 40,121.124.125 Wilkerson. Tony. Fr., 40,83 Williams, BEcky, Jr., 63 Williams, Jeannette, Sr.. 16,79,170 Williams, LaDana, So.. 131,133,134 Williams Williams Willilord Willilord Wilmoth , Teresa, Fr.. 40.109,133.134 .Terri, Sr., 16,66,79.164,166 . Kimberly, So., 85 . Brian. Sr., 16,83 . Eddie, Jr.. 22.70.137 Wilson, Julie. Jr., 2,77 Winders, Robert. Jr., 72,73,84.85,152 Winkles, Winters, Kari, Sr.. 16 Jim. Sr., 16 Wolf, Cecil. Jr., 81.82.83 Woodruff, Tony, So., 26 Woods. Ronnie, Sr., 16.82.121 Woodward, David, Sr., l6,83,110. 112,113,169 Woodward, Jeff, Sr., 16 Workman, Fara, So., 79,118 Workman, Marty, Fr.. 40.124 Worley. Susan, Jr.. 77.79.81 Worthy, Lori, Jr., 50.66.67 155 Wray, Bobbie, Fr.. 40 Wray, Robert. Fr.. 40 Shepherd. Eric, Sr. 15 Shepard, Donna, Sr.. 51.15.170 Sheppard, Troy, So.. 31 Sholer, Lori, Jr., 23,77 Sholl, Kathleen, Fr., 69,136 Shorter. Dona, Sr., 15,79 Shrader, Garen, Jr.. 23 Shultz, Roy. Jr., 23.63.110 Shultz, Roy, Jr., 112,113 Shumard. Lana, Jr., 63 Shumard. Jerome, Sr.. 15 Simon, John, Fr.. 92 Simon. Don, So., 31,83 Simpson. Delben, So . 31 Simpson, Andrea, Fr., 68.69 Simpson. Leslie. Jr., 23,72,73,79 Sims, Teri, Jr., 23,68,69,118 Singleton, Tohnia, So., 31,81 Thomason. Jim, Sr.. 15 Thompson. Donna, Fr.. 40,77.85,15O Thompson, Jeffery, Sr., 15 Thompson, Robert, Sr., 16,150 Translavina, Lisa. So., 81 Treleven, Jannie Trevino. Korena, . Fr., 40 Jr., 77,81 Triplett, Teri, So., 2,31.77,79,86. 104,126,128 True, Deborah, Fr.. 40,150 Turner. Miki, Fr., 40 Turpin, Radena. Fr.. 40 Twiehaus, Gregory, Fr., 40,100 Twiehaus. Jeff. Fr., 40,100 -U- Ulrich, Diana, Sr., 16 Skaggs, Darryl, So., 31 Sloan, Kirk. Jr., 23,63 Smalley, Kirk, Jr., 23 Smith, Dana, So., 2.31.77,104 Smith. Darren, Sr., 15,96,98,99.103, 156,157,169 Smith, Julie, Fr., 40.77 Smith. Mandy. So.. 31.86.11O,117,118 Smith. Tami. Sr.. 15.78.170 Underwood, Robert, So.. 83 -V- Vanderslice. Holly, Sr.. 16 VanTuyle, Jeffery. Fr., 40.83.124 VanTyle. D, Lance, Sr., 16,59,63,86 Vaughn. Dianna, So., 68 Vernon, Parke, Sr., 63 -w- Wade. Myra. Sr., 16,71 Wajda, Dede, Fr.. 40.76.77 Waldron, B. Louise, Jr., 77,79 Wright, Lisa, Jr., 64 Yauk. -V- Alex, Fr., 40 Yelley. Sherri, 118 Yerby. Wes, Sr.. 16.68.170 Young. Rhonda, Jr.. 83.54 Young. Robert. Jr., 59 Young. Teri. Sr., 16 Snead. Cheryl, Jr., 23.75.77 Snethen. Joann, Jr.. 23.63.80 Sober, Debbie, Fr.. 40 Sober, Gail. Jr.. 23 Spargur. Jason. So.. 31.150 Spear, Jill, Sr., 15.81.85 Walker, Kim, Sr., 63 V Walker, Kurt. Jr., 83 Walker, Robert, Fr., 40,100 Walker. Shelly, Sr.. 16.80 Wallace. Wallace. Michael. Fr.. 40,83 Scott, 64 187 The American Federal Savings and Loan Association Congratulations Seniors from OKLAI-IOMA'S MOST PROGRESSIVE FINANCIAL INSTITUTION Hwy. 152 and Morgan Road Mustang, OK 73064 C4055 745-2326 lim-el2I'CAH FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION CI-IISI-IOLM HEIGHTS BAPTIST CI-I RCH "Where the difference is worth the distance" 3X4 mi. west of SH 92 on SH 152 376-4531 RAYMOND McDOWELL RANDY PARSONS Pastor Minister of Music 84 Youth A Q We Q HA CHURCH THAT LOVES YOUNG PEOPLE" 189 l9O FIRST MUSTANG STATE BANK Mustang, Oklahoma 73064 Member FDIC Mon.-Fri. Saturday Lobby 9:00-6:00 9:00-12:00 Drive-In 7:30-6:00 7:30-12:00 Phone: 376-2465 Bookkeeping: 376-4563 Wishing the students of Mustang High A Successful Year! Blunck Studios 228 West Main Street P.O. Box 6328 Moore, OK 73153 794-5912 X,gX',g,X'5,X'A,X'x,X'5X,gQ,X,'Q,X,X'3,'X'x,'QX,XL,X1,X'L,'Y.X- OTASCO HOME 8- AUTO Town 81 Country Shopping Center Mustang, OK 376-2811 xxxx.xxxx-xxxxxxwxxx.'x'xxx.Nx.-xxxxwx.'xxw.xx-sxxxv,s,".-xx,-Q-A,-Q-,N,-Q-,O-N, MUSTANG DRUG 115 N. MUSTANG RD. MUSTANG, OKLA 73064 :mvm MARTONO ave-24m'xxNx.NxNxv.xN.x'N'xYv- Mustang Plumbing, Heating 8: Refrigeration Mustang, OK 376-2737 127 S. Mustang Road 'Q-lg,-N-'A, B ob U Ohh 7 S Tlros ' Batteries ' Gus Mon Thru Su? 5:00am fo 7pm Cloud Sundays 71 - wusxong ,Ham 2704 'to' 152 -,4 W , Conrad-Marr Drug Co. 334 Elm Street Yukon, OK 354-2528 'YXNLNXYNYN,'N'xtx,'Qxx3,'ggx3,-gyg-xy,gg3,-g'xx,g,'g3,-g-x 2-swx.xmxxxxxxxxN'xxx.Nxxxw.x.'xxxxxxNxNxYx'NNNNNNNNYNN-N MUSTANG FLOWERS Mustang, OK as Q ' Q5 f NXN3.'NBXX.'YX'NXNXNXYN'N'xXXYN.XkN3.NXYXYN.'N'xY.X.NXYSNXNX DBA TREND ENERGY HOMES sszo sourn suluns oxunomn cuv, on 14051634-4411 I9 i dk-Zxillifb Wig! 'BJ s V PW' 2 'iq more ' ' 9 'Sift SQ sv E QA-wa 7: H82 Q gem aah Q 'EEE '96 "4 WPCF: 1, Mustang Community Bank Congratulations, Seniors! W Q 4 43 Q "i' . ICED .- !xi A 'Q 'Qin mi 1 Y X '98 "l, 6 L nuff, , '14 SNYDER USTA G FOODS, NC. MUSTANG SHOPPING CENTER N3YXNXNXXXYNYXN'xN1xYN.N'xqgQg,'gyggw,g,'g3x3,x3,'g333, HOME IMPROVEMENTS AIR VENT P O Box 366 Musta g Oklahoma 73064 RON G LEWIS OXKNER MANAGER "X'k.'X'X.'X'.N.'N. 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Suggestions in the Mustang High School - Remuda Yearbook (Mustang, OK) collection:

Mustang High School - Remuda Yearbook (Mustang, OK) online yearbook collection, 1968 Edition, Page 1


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Mustang High School - Remuda Yearbook (Mustang, OK) online yearbook collection, 1982 Edition, Page 182

1982, pg 182

Mustang High School - Remuda Yearbook (Mustang, OK) online yearbook collection, 1982 Edition, Page 86

1982, pg 86

Mustang High School - Remuda Yearbook (Mustang, OK) online yearbook collection, 1982 Edition, Page 125

1982, pg 125

Mustang High School - Remuda Yearbook (Mustang, OK) online yearbook collection, 1982 Edition, Page 177

1982, pg 177

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