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%•- OAKS Si s ' . ' ' ; ' ' a ' ihV n, ; 3 ' l .; N I I r ' I ' I I ' ' ' ' ' III iui " lt ' Iliiliihliiil|ii|ll 3 1833 01839 9078 GC 977 402 M974HS, 1968 T H E O A K S 1 9 6 8 JF « Muskegon Heights High School Volume Forty-Seven ■V-V. ' i-i M .i - 1 ' ,■» i_a n 1 F.3 i ■ ■ «£ n ... m:0 IsBlaHalElBHllffllBlBl Sirtnl Our year 1968 The vast majority of this year ' s graduating class can truthfully say that this has been an enjoyable year. Nature has been kind to us, for she blots out all of our most unpleasant memories and leaves indelible in our memories those events which have afforded us great pleasure. It is the desire of the pictorial and the journalism staff to aid nature in completing her task by creating this pictorial section. We hope this section serves as a history of the past year at Muskegon Heights High School — a year filled with action and excitement, a school filled with 1,050 busy students. It is here we have found the moments to gather together in cluster and crowds . . . the minutes to plan projects and dances . . . the hours spent in a special class where we do not count the minutes ... a year in which we found and renewed friendships ... a year in which many a laugh was enjoyed and many a tear shed ... a year shared together in work and play, joy and tears, victory and defeat ... a year which we shall long remember. ' , 1 Homecoming 19 67 October 14 was the big day where Spencer Graham and Asaline Culver were crowned King and Queen. Their court consists of Steve Koziak, Preston Martin, Edward Wasiura, Carol Dickert, Vickie Gaunt, and Pam Pedler. The royal couple was crowned by Mr. and Mrs. Herma n Kruizenga with assistance of Jerry Kammers and Phyllis Peppier. Senior Arbor girls were Sheila Baldwin, Lynda Bums, Ofelia Casarez, Darlene DeHudy, Brenda Dye, Gail Howell, Barb Kroemer, Brenda Kyser, Sandy Vitek, and Pam Wilson. There was a reception held after the game to honor the King and Queen where Paula Hines was in charge. Mr. Jerry Raser directed the field work and the band, under the direction of Mr. Gene Marklevits, provided background music. Float competition was held again this year with the senior float winning first prize and the Oaklians winning second prize. The Student Council, under the advisement of Miss Jane Schroeder, spon- sored Homecoming with Vickie Gaunt as chairman of the event. ' i (•■ ■ ■ ' «- " l. l ■it . Christmas at Heights 1 NECRDHBJ«;.f % Mr. John Russ " I ' ll make me a man . . . " (reading from James Weldon Johnson ' s poem: The Creation) Preston Martin Paula Hines SHARE THE FARE i J o u R N A L I S M Table of Contents Pictorial Essay 2 Staff 13 Dedication 16 Faculty and Administration 14 Seniors 30 Who ' s Who 62 Undergraduates 64 Activities 82 Music and the Arts 96 Sports 108 Ads 132 Senior Directory 157 Our memories are all we have left of the joyous times that we ' ve had here at Muskegon Heights High. To keep these memories with us this years journalism staff has decided on the idea " School Memories " as the theme for our 1968 Oaks. So that all the students in the class of ' 68 will treasure this book as their personal diary of their unforgetable experience here at Heights High. This year we have tried to bring out our theme in somewhat of a different manner, by having an eleven page introductory of pictures to show you the major events that has taken place during the 1967 — 67 school year. As you leaf through this book we hope that you let your mind wander back into the land of memories and, perhaps, recall a thrilling football or basketball game and maybe an old faculty member who had helped you through a trying period. All in all we the journalism class have tried to grasp up all our treasured memories and present them to you in your 1968 edition of the Oaks. w. 1968 Oaks Staff Sandi Vitek Darrellee Williams OAKS CO-EDITORS SENIORS Carol Hunters Gainell Paige Darlene DeHudy Marilyn Fife UNDERGRADS Bonita Jordan Cathy Deuster Mike Espinoza Vicki Gaunt Deborah Alcorn Deborah Brott SPORTS EDITORS Ed Wasiura John Harris Ann Lewis TYPISTS Lynda Bums Linda Cross Norma Sukup Nancy Cates Gainell Paige MUSIC AND DRAMA Carolyn Mortenson Brenda Kyser ACTIVITIES Ofelia Casarez Lynda Bums FACULTY Linda Cross Norma Sukup AD MANAGERS Nancy Cates Vicki Norkuks EDITORIAL Mr. W. E. Murray M ADVERTISING Mr. Leonard Schredgardus 13 We Dedicate This Yearbook To Miss Maxine Cobb And Mr. James Cobb We, the Senior Class of 1968, are proud to dedicate this forty-seventh edition of The Oaks to both of you. Miss Maxine Cobb and Mr. James Cobb. As sister and brother, you were born in Muskegon Heights, Michigan, and are both alumni of our school. Miss Cobb, after receiving your B. S. Degree from Western Michigan Univer- sity, you began teaching physical education classes in our school system. You spend your more leisurely hours sailing and skiing and participating in the many other sports that you enjoy so much. At the present, you faithfully advise our Booster Club at Heights High. You, Mr. Cobb, received your A. B. Degree from Western Michigan Univer- sity and your M. A. Degree from the University of Michigan. Besides teaching English, you have taught American History and a course in Photography at M.H.H.S. Like your sister, you enjoy all sports (especially golf). You are mar- ried to the former Miss Dottie Abbott and now have a 24-year-old son. We, the graduating class of 1968, wish you both a rich and prosperous life in the many, happy years ahead. 14 Board of ' Dr. Robert E. Garrison, Vice-president; Foster O. Bishop, Treasurer; Mrs. Patricia Spellman, Mr. Edwin W. V. Anderson, President 16 Education These are the people who have will- ingly given of their time and talents for the benefit of the public schools of Muskegon Heights. We graduating seniors wish to thank the members of our Board of Education for their efforts. We wish sincerely that we will some day justify all their hopes they have placed in us. Mrs. Gertrude A. Mclntyre, Secretary; Mrs. Fred E. Strong, Superinten- dent; Mrs. Ciggzree S. Morris. (Mr. John L. Terrell was absent when the picture was taken.) 17 Superintendent To those who Mr. Fred E. Strong Administrative Assistants I o Mr. Robert W. Murray Mr. James Norris Principal administrate and . . Mr. H. A. Kruizenga Assistant Principal Mrs. Anna Harvath Miss Sharon Hartman Mr. Leonard Schregardus 19 give us guidance MISS MARY NEEDHAM B.S., M.A. Degrees Kalamazoo College University of Michigan Counselor National Honor S ociety Advisor MR. TED WESTERN B.S., M.S. Degrees Alabama State College West Virginia University Counselor Neighborhood Youth Corps Advisor Co-op Co-ordinator MISS JANE SCHROEDER A.B., M.A. Degrees University of Michigan Counseling, Guidance Student Council Advisor Mrs. Doris Gowell Administrative Personnel MR. JOSEPH WARD Director of Special Education MR. DEL FIRME Director of Counseling, Guidance and Attendance MR. J. KENNETH THORNLEY Audio Visual Director who help us to write . MR. JAMES COBB A.B., M.A. Degrees Western Michigan University of Michigan English MRS. BELLE McPHEE A.B. Degree Colorado State College English MR. DONALD DeWITT A.B., M.A. Degrees Hope College University of Michigan English MR. WILLIAM MURRAY B.A., M.A. Degrees University of Michigan English Journalism Publications Advisor MRS. DORIS GRIFFITH B.A., R.N. Western Michigan University Henry Ford Hospital English Future Teachers Advisor MR. JOHN. F. RUSS B.A. Degree Western Michigan University English Debate Senior Class Advisor MISS THELMA KINGSTON B.S. Degree Jackson State College English Junior Class Advisor 21 to read, to speak MRS. SHIRLEY WISEMAN B.S., M.A. Degrees Bob Jones University Speech Oaklians Players and Thespians MR. DUANE ANDERSON B.A. Degree Kalamazoo College Western Michigan Spanish Spanish Club Advisor Junior Class Advisor MR. JAMES PAQUIN A.B. Degree Western Michigan University French Spanish French Club Advisor MISS ELEANOR KIDWELL B.S., M.A. Degrees Indiana University Denver University Librarian Library Staff Advisor MR. DONALD GOODMAN B.S. Degree University of Illinois Reading in b usmess MR. EVERETT BIDVIA B.S. Degree Central Michigan University Commercial Golf Coach 4 MISS EDDIE BLOW B.S. Degree Lincoln University Junior Office Training Typing Y-Teen Advisor Pep Club Advisor MR. DAVID TAYLOR B.S. Degree Ferris State College Business Law General Business Assistant Football Coach Varsity Track Coach MR. PAUL PAMER B.S. Degree University of Wyoming Western Michigan University Business Law, Bookkeeping Record keeping Assistant Freshman Football Coach MRS. M. WASHINGTON B.S.. M.A. Degrees Southern University University of Michigan Typing and Office Practice Office Machines MISS KATHRYN REID A.B. Degree Western Michigan University Shorthand Typing Office Practice Future Secretaries Advisor MRS. WILLA WESTERN B.S. Degree State Teachers College of Alabama English Bookkeeping 23 in industry and home MR. WILLIAM DINGLER B.S. Degree Western Michigan University Woodworking MR. CHARLES THOMPSON B.A. Degree Sioux Falls College Auto Shop Day Trade MR. CHARLES HUNT B.S. Degree Jackson State College Machine Shop MRS. DOROTHEA DINGLER B.S. Degree North Dakota State University Home Economics Clothing MR. GEORGE LAW B.S. Degree Western Michigan University Mechanical Drawing MRS. RUTH HARMON B.S. Degree Stout State University Home Economics MR. KENNETH SANDRI B.S. Degree Ferris State College Printing, Day Trade Acom Printing Advisor MRS. RUTH TAMBLYN B.S. Degree Northern Michigan University Home Economics in science, math and MR. J. KENNETH THORNLEY A.B., M.S. Degrees Eastern Michigan University University of Michigan Physics Audio Visual Director MR. ROBERT FREEMAN B.S. Degree Northern Michigan University Mathematics MR. JAMES SIKKENGA B.S. Degree Western Michigan University Civics Biology Sophomore Class Advisor MR. WAYNE HAMILTON B.S. Degree University of Michigan Western Michigan University Mathematics MR. WINFIELD STUDIER A.B., M.S. Degree Western Michigan University University of New Hampshire Chemistry Mathematics MR. GEORGE POYDRAS B.S., M.S.E. Degrees Southern University Mathematics Junior Class Advisor Freshman Basketball Coach Music Writers Club Advisor MISS MARGARET TWORK B.S. Degree Eastern Michigan University Biology MR. ROBERT WARREN B.S. Degree Mississippi Valley State College Chicago Teachers College Hampton Institute Northern Michigan University Mathematics 25 world affairs MR. NEIL McPHEE B.S. Degree Social Studies Tennis Coach MRS. E. RAMONA THOMAS B. S. Degree Agriculture, Mechanical and Normal College Chicago University DePaul University Civics Refresher Math MR. DANIEL NYE A.A., B.A. Degrees St. Olaf College M.C.C.C. Western Michigan University American History World Geography Senior Class Advisor MR. LARRY WARD B. S. Degree Western Michigan University World History Bowling League Advisor MR. ROGER PFUNDT B.S. Degree Western Michigan University American Government American History Baseball Coach Sophomore Class Advisor MR. CARL L. WESTERN B.S. Degree Alabama State College Civics J.V. Football Coach ir MR. ROBERT STEVENSON A.B. Degree Michigan State University Economics Civics through the arts and recreation MR. GENE MARKLEVITS B.S., M.A. Degrees Mankato State College Marching, Concert, Dance Band Director MR. DONN WESTMAN B.S. Degree Western Michigan University Physical Education Varsity Basketball Coach Cross Country Coach MR. LARRY RUEGER B.M.E. Degree Murray State University Music Assistant J.V. Football Coach MISS MYRTLE WILLIS B.S. Degree Lincoln University Health Psychology Physical Education Cheerleading Advisor Tigerette Assistant Advisor Jr. and Sr. Y-Teen Advisor Sophomore Class Advisor Pep Club Advisor MR. JOHN WILLIAMS B.S. Degree Southern University University of Mexico Art, Crafts A.R.T. Club PHOTO NOT AVAILABLE MR. DONALD MULLER B.B.A. Degree Western Michigan University Physical Education Health, Psychology we give our MISS MAXINE COBB B.S. Degree Western Michigan University Physical Education Intramural Sports Director Booster Club Advisor Sincere • • appreciation Custodians Ffl .. 1 Mr. Barnes Mr. Lodzinski Mrs. Saunders Mr. Richards Mr. Belcher Cooks Mrs. Wristi Mrs. Pohl Mrs. Baker Student Faculty 28 MR. EDWARD PELKEY MR. PAUL KLEMP Aides Mr. Metcalf Mr. Hakes Mr. Moore Mrs. Lindsey Mrs. Owen Darlinda Minott Mrs. Miles Mrs. Cummings 29 ' - A V ; S:1 .-X. . ! r- ■ i! ' JmtK ' ' We, the Senior Class . We, the Senior Class of Muskegon Heights High School, wish first to say what we are taking from this high school rather than what we have left it. We are taking with us a feeling of love and devotion to a school system that has given us much, a system which has taught us to probe, to search, and to filter out the truth. We found here a rare kind of faculty who challenged our every statement in order that we might at last speak the truth, and speak it well. We are taking with us not only a knowledge of books, but of life, and or man. We hope we will, as a result, better ourselves personally, and our country. In return for these wonderful gifts, we can only give back a promise: a promise to strive hard to justify our schools ' faith in us. S? !) !)3 gi 3 t 4 ( g f 3g 31 CLASS PRESIDENT Richard A. Locke CLASS OF 1968 TOAST TO VICTORY CLASS VICE-PRESIDENT Darlene DeHudy CLASS SECRETARY Cathy Deuster A JOB WELL DONE SENIOR CLASS ADVISORS CLASS TREASURER Gloria Hayes Mr. Daniel Nye Mrs. Shirley Wiseman Mr. John Russ 32 CLASS COLORS: NAVY AND SILVER CLASS FLOWER: YELLOW ROSE CLASS MOTTO: " LET US NOT LOOK BACK IN ANGER, NOR FORWARD IN FEAR, BUT AROUND IN AWARENESS. " JAMES THURBER CLASS SONG— " BORN FREE " — DON BLACK Bom free, as free as the wind blows, as free as the grass grows, born free to follow your heart. Live free and beauty surrounds you, the world still astounds you, each time you look at a star. Stay free, where no walls divide you, you ' re fre« as a roaring tide, so there ' s no need to hide. Bom free, and life is worth living, but only worth living ' cause you ' re bom free. 33 SENIOR HONOR STUDENTS PHYLLIS MAE PEPPLER D.A.R. Best Citizen, CAROL ANN DICKERT 1. Phyllis Peppier 2. Carol Dickert 3. Gerald Kammers 4. Gerald Johnson UPPER THIRD 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Brenda Kyser Preston Martin Darlene DeHudy William Gzym Asaline Culver Mike Reece Gainell Paige 12. Jake Wabindato 32. Brenda Dye 53. Joseph Saladin 13. Raymond Smith 33. Darrelee Williams 54. Barbara Schultz Sandra Vitek 34. Michael Espinoza 55. Elaine Frye 15. Kathy Deuster 35. Shelia Baldwin Jeanette Jackson 16. Susan Cook 36. Lynda Bums 57. Deborah Swift 17. Troy E. Chappel Linda Cross 58. James Scaife 18. Terry L. Burns 38. JoAnn Dirheimer 59. Deborah Alcorn Barbara Kroemer 39. Paul Duff Ronda L. Christian 20. Steven Kilgren Daren Hurd Celestine Parker 21. Vicki Gaunt 41. Nell Harris 62. Linda L. Bigelow 22. Edward Wasiura David Vedders 63. Stephen Woirol 23. Paul Stemburgh 43. Deborah A. Brott 64. Roy Burton 24. Pam Pedler 44. Robert Fowler Roger Warner 25. Michael Six 45. Judith M. Bordeau 66. Russell Neal 26. Ofelia Casarez 46. Del TenBrock Jackie Vauters 27. Gail Howell 47. Gregory Gerrans 68. Richard Locke 28. Pam Wilson 48. Jane A. Broadbent 69. Dave Peterson 29. Dale Rutkowski 49. William D. Basch Gail Smith 30. Marvin Poland Darlinda Minott Robert Whitlow 51. Steve Sanders Norma Sukup V 34 CLASS OF 1968 MAXINE ADAMS Commercial " Max " participated in Y-Teens, Intramural Volleyball, and Basket- ball, Student Council and was on the Homecoming Committee. She likes dancing, skating, and going out. " Max " dislikes large and loud crowds. Ambition — to be a success- ful executive secretary. CHARLES WARREN ARTHURHULTZ College Voted " Class Songbird " , Chuck has participated in " Take a Shoe " , choir, Choraliers, and Gymnastics. He cur- rently plays guitar in a folk-singing group. He likes music and Jackie . . dislikes pizza without pepperoni, and people who pity themselves. Ambi- tion — " Show Biz. " DEBORAH JEAN ALCORN College " Pumpkin " participated in F.N. A., Oaklians, the Foreign Language Club and was Secretary of her Junior Class. Deb was also active in Stu- dent Council, Y-Teens, Bowling, Y.F.C., and the Canary Project. She likes having fun and a certain per- son. She dislikes fussy people. Am- bition — college. MICHAEL GERALD AUGUSTUS General " The Gamer " , as he is called by his friends, participated in Baseball for two years and was very active in Chorus. Mike lists his likes as going to parties, having fun, and traveling. He dislikes stuck-up people. Ambi- t i o n — Statistician or professional baseball player. GURDIA RENE ALEXANDER General " Del-Delforia, " a real cute and charming gal, is an active member of Y-Teens. She lists her likes as listen- ing to records, mostly jazz, and Troy Chappel and has no special dislikes. Her ambition is to be a nurse or housewife. SHEILA BALDWIN College " Suedy " was active in Y-Teens, Student Council, Language Club, was a Jr. and Sr. Arbor Girl, and Pres- ident of Band. Voted " Most Bash- ful " , she is a member of N.A.A.C.P. and her Church Choir. Likes sea- foods, sewing, and dancing . . . dis- likes being called bashful. Ambition to become a successful fashion de- signer. RHONDA RAE ANDERSON Commercial " Ron " , as she is known by her friends, worked on the Senior play. Prom Committee, and participated in Ski Club for two years. Rhonda lists her likes as skiing and having fun. She dislikes unfriendly people. Her ambition is to attend college. ROBERT C. BARRET General " Bob " likes scuba diving, women, driving, and outdoor activities. He lists his dislikes as being broke, weirds, staying in and long dresses. Ambition — to live a long time. 35 THE GRADUATES WILLIAM DARYL BASCH General " Willy " took an active part in the Chorus and in Student Council while at Heights. Food is his first like. He also likes money and dogs. He dis- likes Twiggy and conceited people. Willy plans to become an X-ray Technician. ROSALINDA BOURNE General " Rosie " was one of the more quiet members of the Senior Class. She likes having fun, friendly people, cars and California . . . dislikes peo- ple who think they are better than anyone else and phony people. Am- bition — to get a job and be happy. RONNIE RAY BASS General " Head Doctor " was active in Foot- ball, Cross-Country, and in Student Council. His outside activities are going to church and belonging to the N.A.A.C.P. He likes jazz and having a good time. . . dislikes loud-mouthed people. Ambition — Draftsman. T iii DARRELL MARTIN BOYD College Darrell, voted " Best Looking " , took an active part in Reserve and Varsity football and was a member of Ski Club. He lists his likes as beach parties, driving 442 ' s and a certain girl . . . dislikes taking hard tests. Ambition — college. LINDA LEE BIGELOW College " Lyn " was active in Future Sec- retaries and is employed at a local industrial plant, which keeps her busy. She lists her likes as going to basketball games, music, good food, and cats. She dislikes homework and conceited people. Ambition — to be- come a secretary and have fun. JANE ANN BROADBENT Commercial Jane was an active member of National Thespians, Band, our musi- cal " Bye Bye Birdie " , and in the orchestra for " Take A Shoe " . Jane likes Dale and her niece, Lisa . . . dislikes people who think they are too good to talk to you. Ambition to be successful. JUDITH MARY BORDEAU College " Judy " was active in gymnastics, French and Spanish Clubs, and has received her school letter. She lists her likes as bowling, gymnastics, foods, and music. She dislikes con- ceited people. Her ambition is to be- come an Airline Stewardess. SHIRLEY MAE BROOKS General " Sugar, " participated in after- school Vollyball and Baseball. She sings in a vocal group, writes poems and is active in church. She likes people who are nice and who are true about whatever they do. Dislikes — loud people. Ambition — to become a singer and have her own vocal group. 36 CLASS OF 1968 DEBORAH ANN BROTT College " Debbie " was a member of French Club, Spanish Club, F.T.A., Oaklians, Thespians, Ski Club (pres- ident), was on the Prom Committee, and was also a Junior Ski Queen. She likes snow and water skiing . . . dislikes oral book reports and people who pronounce her name " Bratt " . Ambition — to become a teacher. LYNDA MARIE BURNS College " Spot " was active in Student Council, Y.F.C., Library, and Pub- lications. She also worked on the Senior play, was a Jr. and Sr. Arbor Girl, and a member of her church ' s youth group and choir. She likes friendly people and church. Her ambition is to become a Missionary. LAWRENCE CLIFTON BROWN General While at Heights, " Bud " partici- pated in Baseball. He likes basket- ball and girls (one in particular) . .. dislikes conceited people. Bud plans to become an accountant. ijh TERRY LEE BURNS College " Terrence " was a member of the National Honor Society. Band, and French Club, a Jr. Usher, President of his church youth group and in Junior Achievement. He works at Seaway Clinic . . . likes girls, food, music, writing and sports. Ambition — to go to college and be a success. MARY JEANETTE BROWN General Friendly is the word for our " Jin " who has been active in Y-Teens and sings in her church choir. She lists her likes as dancing, singing, sewing, and E.O. Her dislikes are conceited people and liver. Ambition — to be a success. CATHERINE ANN BURTON General " Chatty Cathy " , as she is known to her friends, was active in Y-Teens, her church, and the Mount Olive Choir. She likes singing, dancing, parties, and having a mellow time . . . dislikes mischievous boys and strict parents. Ambition — to become an Airline Stewardess. GWENDOLYN BURKS General " Stack " , participated in Intramural Volleyball, Basketball, and Baseball. Voted " Most Athletic " , she likes dancing, skating and having fun with her man . . . dislikes girls that are conceited. Ambition — to be success- ful. ROY L. BURTON General " Chicken " participated in Base- ball in which he received a minor award. He lists his like s as senti- mental music, fine " rags " , and good- looking women. Roy dislikes crowds and show-offs. Ambition — to attend Community College and be success- ful in whatever he sets out to do. 37 THE GRADUATES OFELIA CASAREZ College " Fifi " was President of Booster Club, Chronicle Editor for the Jour- nalism Staff, a member of F.N.A., and on the Library Staff. She likes Italian food and buying clothes . . . dislikes bossy people and having her name pronounced wrong. Ambition — elementary school teacher. RANDY LEE COLQUITT General Randy participated in Freshman and Reserve Football. He works at a local department store. His likes include Carolyn, dancing and parties . . . dislikes nothing in particular. Randy ' s ambition is I.B.M. program- ming or the Navy. NANCY LYNN CATES General " Nanc " was active in Debate, school plays. Journalism, and Orches- tra, and has a job at a local theater. She likes daisies, and Debate . . . dislikes ignorance and a lack of en- thusiasm. Her ambition is to succeed in college. BILLY EDWARD COPELAND General " Toot " , as he is called by his friends, participated in Football and Track. He is an active member of the Muskegon Community Choir. He likes food, dancing, and having a good time . . . dislikes conceited and loud-mouthed people. Ambition — to become a professional decorator. EDWIN TROY CHAPPEL General The " Broot " works at the Muske- gon County Library. His likes are friendly people, dancing, and one, very special girl. He plans to attend M.C.C.C. for two years and study in the field of Electronic Data Processing. 3 ■ .- BETTY JEAN COURTNEY College " Jean " was active in Student C ouncil, Spanish Club, and Y-Teens. She works at a local restaurant, and is Secretary of her Youth Retreat and Sunday School. She likes honest people . . . dislikes deceiving and conceited people. Ambition — to be- come an Airline Stewardess. RONDA LaRAE CHRISTIAN Commercial Ronda took an active part in Stu- dent Council, was a Varsity Cheer- leader for three years, and was sec- retary of Drama Club for two years. " Ron " dislikes getting up early and loud people. She likes Dennis, par- ties, and Tiger Basketball games. Marriage and a job are Ronda ' s fu- ture plans. ERNESTINE COX Commercial " Stine " worked on the Library Staff, was in Intramural Volleyball, Basketball, Y-Teens, and Student Council. She is an active member in church, and a member of the N. A. A. C. P. Likes " Bunsy " . . . dislikes two-faced people and people who start trouble when things are fine. Ambition — go to college to become an Elementary Teacher. CLASS OF 1968 LINDA KAY CROSS College Linda was active in French Club, Publications, and Future Nurses for two years. She also participated in the youth group sponsored by her church. She lists her likes as hockey games, friendly people, and having fun. She dislikes snobby people. Her ambition — is to be happy and suc- cessful in whatever she does. CATHLEEN ELAINE DEUSTER College A Tigerette for two years. Cathy was a member of F.T.A.. the Nation- al Honor Society, and Ski Club. She also was the Chronicle editor for Publications, a Junior Arbor Girl and the Senior Class Secretary. She likes skiing and winter . . . dislikes pessimists. Ambition — college and teaching. ASALINE CULVER College " Leanie " voted 1967 Homecoming Queen, and " Most Congenial " was President of French Club, a Foreign Exchange Student to Germany and a member of the National Honor Society. She likes singing, dancing, skating and being around fun peo- ple . . . dislikes people who are so busy keeping up with other people that they fail to make the best of themselves. Ambition — to be a use- ful person. CAROL ANN DICKERT College " Dee " participated in National Honor Society, Hackley Hospital Career Project, Tigerettes (captain), " Take a Shoe " and " B ye Bye Birdie " . She was also a Jr. Arbor Girl and on the Homecoming Court. She likes dancing, popcorn and tall, blonde boys . . . dislikes liver and complainers. Ambition — college. LINDA MARIE DAVIS General " Little Bo " , a quiet girl in our class participated in Y-Teens and Intramural Sports. She lists her likes as eating candy, having fun, and making friends. She dislikes know-it- all people who give other people a bad time and a bad name. Ambition — " go through life doing and mak- ing the best of myself. " JO ANN DIRHEIMER College " Jo " took an active part in Stu- dent Council, Band, Hackley Career Project, and Ski Club. She also par- ticipated in Cheerleading, " Bye Bye Birdie " and was a Jr. Arbor Girl. She lists her likes as parties, danc- ing, and a certain guy. She dislikes liars and two-faced people. Her am- bition is to always be happy. DARLENE ANN DEHUDY College Darlene, voted " Class Artist " , was a member of the National Honor So- ciety, French Club (Treas.), Publi- cations, Orchestra, Student Council, and in Gymnastics. A cheerleader for three years, she was a Jr. and Sr. Arbor girl and the Senior Class Vice- President. Darlene likes music, art. nature and books. Ambition — Art Teacher. PAUL FREDRIC DUFF College Paul was a member of the Band, the Baseball team. Language Club (Vice-President), member of his church Luther League and works for his father, He likes hunting, fish- ing, and a certain girl . . . dislikes people who think they are cool. Am- bition — go to college then to a semi- nary. 39 THE GRADUATES L. . VERA MAE DUNBAR General " Vib " was active in Y-Teens and belongs to the Church of Christ. She likes listening to jazz records and dislikes conceited people. Her fav- orite saying is, " Live for today for tomorrow is not promised. " Her am- bition is to be a successful secretary. MICHAEL URIBE ESPINOZA General " Mike " participated in Student Council, Track, was on various play committees, and received a printing award. He also works at a local supermarket. Likes fishing, hunting, and cars . . . dislikes stuck up peo- ple and high insurance. Ambition — the service or to keep working. MARY ALICE DUNCAN College Mary participated in French Club, Treasurer of Future Nurses Associa- tion, Y.W.C.A., was active in church, member of N.A.A.C.P., and in S.B.F. Likes French fries, traveling, meet- ing people and Lee . . . dislikes two- faced people. Ambition — registered nurse. MARCIA DEE ESSENBERG Commercial " Ess " participated in Band, Ski Club, and National Thespian So- ciety. She also worked on " Take a Shoe " and " Bye Bye Birdie " . She likes parties, skiing, horseback riding, and School Section Lake . . . dislikes big-headed people and guys who complain about money. To be happy and successful is her ambition. FRANCES JEAN DURHAM Commercial Cute and vivacious is our " S horty " . She is very active in her young peo- ple ' s department at church and also sings in the choir. She likes dancing, skating, and a certain guy named Clarence . . . dislikes conceited peo- ple. Ambition — college and teaching. MARY ANN EVANS General " Ann " participated in Spanish Club and in the Library. She likes a certain guy, dancing, and tennis . . . dislike people who think they are better than anyone else. Ambition — to become a professional model. JOHNNY LEE DYE General Johnny participated in Track, Freshman, Reserve, and Varsity Reserves, and Varsity Basketball. He likes money, good-looking girls, sports and having a good time. He dislikes people who think they are better than others. Ambition — to be a success in life. MARILYN ANN FIFE College " Flute " participated in Y.W.C.A., French Club, F.N.A., was Cheer- leader, a Tigerette, and played in intramural sports. She also sings in her church choir. Likes a special boy and pleasing others . . . dislikes noth- ing. Ambition — technician. 40 CLASS OF 1968 DONESE LAVETTA FISHER General " NeNe " participted in Girls Glee Club, Y-Teens, Intramural Volley- ball, Basketball, and Baseball. She sings in her Church Choir. Likes money, traveling, meeting new peo- ple, and Mexican foods. Dislikes get- ting up at 8:00, and cold weather. Ambition — a i r 1 i n e stewardess or fashion designer. VICKIE LEE GAUNT College Voted " Most Ail-Around " , Vickie was a member of the National Honor Society, a Homecoming Candidate, Vice-President and Secretary of Stu- dent Council, Cheerleader, Jr. Arbor Girl and in Ski Club. She likes hav- ing fun and dislikes conceited people. Ambition — college. SVEN HELGE FISKARS College ' Helge " participated in Spanish Club and Ski Club. He works at a local department store. He likes cars and girls . . . dislikes girls who gos- sip and people who think they are high and mighty. Ambition — indus- trial engineer. KATHY ANN GEETING General Kathy was active in Student Coun- cil and the Senior Class Play. She worked in the school library for two years. Pizza, coke and her dog " Hiddie " are her favorite likes. Kathy dislikes people who try to be what they can not be. Her future plan is to become a practical nurse. ROBERT ALAN FOWLER College " Bob " , voted " Class Cut-up " , par- ticipated in Ski Club and has a part time job at Ken and Bea ' s. He likes sports and dislikes cafeteria lunches. His future is undecided. GREGORY ALAN GERRANS College " Greg " participated in Football, Basketball, and was a Junior Usher. He has a part time job at a restaur- ant. He likes girls and old cars . . . dislikes conceited people. His ambi- tion is to go to college and succeed in life. ELAINE MELONIE FRYE General " Bright Eyes " , a real sweet girl, participated in Intramural Volley- ball, Upward Bound, Vice-President of Y-Teens and was in Junior Achievement. Likes skating, a certain boy and German Chocolate cake. Ambition — Business College, DENNIS EUGENE GLOVER General " Glove " was on our great Cross- country team and also was an active member of the Track team. Girls and fast cars are what he likes and he lists no dislikes. His ambition is to become a State Policeman. 41 THE GRADUATES C. B. GORDON General There ' s always something smoking when " Chu Chu " is around. He par- ticipated in Baseball, Football, Re- serve and Varsity Basketball, and the Neighborhood Youth Corps. " Chu " lists his likes as basketball and well- mannered people. Ambition — go to college, teach school, and play basket- ball as long as he lives. LINDA HARRIS Commercial Linda participated in Intramural Sports and is a member of Junior Achievement. She likes roller skat- ing, dancing, and going out with the " Gang " . She dislikes people who think they are better than others. Ambition — I.B.M. Operator. I i. SPENCER ROY GRAHAM Commercial " Captain C r u n c h " , as he was known by his friends, participated in Football and Basketball in both his Junior and Senior years. He was voted " Most Athletic " and was also our Homecoming King. He likes skat- ing and food. His dislikes is home- work. Ambition — to be successful. NELL MARIE HARRIS College Nell was active in Spanish Club and F.T.A. She works at a local nursing home. She likes sewing, cooking, and spending money. She dislikes loud people. Her ambition is to be an elementary teacher. WILLIAM CARTER GZYM College " Bill " , voted " Class Musician " , participated in the National Honor Society, Band, and was a Junior Usher. He also has a part time job. He likes records, playing pool, hunt- ing, and hockey . . . dislikes late people and filling out forms. His ambition is to succeed. THELMA MARIE HARRIS General " Thel " is quite and sweet besides being very friendly. She was on the Library Staff, the secretary of her Junior Achievement Company, and sings in her church choir. She likes friendly people . . . dislikes washing dishes and self-centered people. JOHNNY ORVILLE HARRIS College " Sug " was active in Varsity Foot- ball, Basketball, and Baseball. He was in Student Council and Pres- ident of his Sophomore Class. Johnny works at a local grocery store. He likes food, a good time and Marilyn (voted " Cutest Couple " ) . . . dislikes dishonest people. Ambition — Physical Therapist. GLORIA JEAN HAYES Commercial " Glo " . a really sweet and cute gal who was our Senior Class Treasurer. She likes good food, nice clothes, anything pretaining to a good time and fine young men ... no special dislikes. She also holds an after- school job. Ambition — I.B.M. opera- tor. 42 CLASS OF 1968 NATHANIEL HINES College Nathaniel was active in " Wide Tracking " and works in a local super- market. He likes girls, cars, and " life itself " . . . dislikes chemistry. His future plan is to be a jet mechanic. PAULETTE MAR IE HUNT Commercial " Paula " was active in Y-Teens, Student Council and in Intramural Volleyball. Her outside activities in- clude membership in the N. A. A. C. P. and working for a local doctor. Likes skating, dancing, and having fun . . . dislikes loud people. Ambi- tion — go to college and be an X-ray or Lab Technician. CATHERINE ANN HLADKI Commercial " Cathy " was a quiter member of the Senior Class. She has a job at a local bakery and lists her like as being able to get ahead in the world. . . . She dislikes people who think they ' re " tops " . Her ambition is to earn enough money to go to New York. CHERYL JOAN HUNTER General Cheryl was an active member of Student Council, Choir, Choraliers, Thespians, and participated in " Take A Shoe " . She lists her likes as " just Greg " . She dislikes people who think they are better than others. Her am- bition is to be successful. GAIL LEN HOWELL College " Lynne " , cute and crazy as she is described by her friends, was a Jr. and Sr. Arbor Girl and Varsity Cheerleader. She was also active in Gymnastics, Junior Achievement, and S.B.F. She likes having fun and Clif- ford . . . dislikes people who pretend. Ambition — to be successful. DAREN WESLEY HURD, JR. College " Bud " was active in French, Ski, Biology, and Drama Clubs and Stu- dent Council. He was an exchange student and has a part time job. He ' s active in Luther League and Junior Achievement also. Likes pretty girls, and driving . . . dislikes dancing and conceited people. Ambition — a career in science. ALEATHA JOYCE HUNT Commercial Joyce, voted our " Class Songbird " participated in Intramural Sports, Student Council, and Y-Teens. Her outside activities include the N. A. A. C. P. and church. She likes skat- ing and having a good time . . . dis- likes conceited and rowdy people. Ambition — to be a registered nurse. GLORIA JEAN JACKSON Commercial " Jennie " was active in Drama Club and National Thespians. She was in the Choir and the All-School Play for two years. She likes dancing, sing- ing, eating, and a certain guy . . . dis- likes ironing, washing dishes, and people who laugh a lot Ambition — I.B.M. Operator. 43 THE GRADUATES JEANETTE JACKSON General " Jenny " was on the Junior Usher Board and was the Junior Missionary in her church. She likes to listen to records, sew and cook. Her ambition is to become a nurse or a teacher. GERALD EUGENE JOHNSON, Jr. College " Jerry " , whose ambition is to be- come a chemist, was a member of the National Honor Society and Student Council. He was a Junior Usher and a participant in Junior Achievement. He is a fan of mini-skirts and dis- likes white SOX. LAWRENCE CHARLES JAMES Commercial " James " participated in Spanish Club, Cross-Country, Reserve Foot- ball, and Intramural Basketball. He also was active in Junior Achieve- ment, N. A. A. C. P. and works at a local supermarket. He likes clothes, money, and jazz . . . dislikes phony people. Ambition — to be a pharma- cist. MARY KATHRYN JOHNSON Commercial " Dry " was active in Y-Teens. In- tramural Sports, Pep Club, and Art Club. Mary sings in the Community Choir and is a member in the Youth Retreat program. Her likes include dancing and skating. She dislikes two- faced people. Ambition — to become a nurse. DAVID ALAN JOHNSON General " Dave " was one of the quiet mem- bers of the Senior Class. He lists his likes as having fun, eating, sleeping, and girls. He dislikes people who don ' t like to have fun and work. He plans to go into the service. MALLIE BONITA JORDAN College " Nita " was in F.T.A. and on the journalism staff Acorn, section editor of the Oaks. Out of school, she par- ticipates in church and community choirs. She likes singing, meeting new and interesting people . . . dislike people who try to be what they are not and show-offs. Future plans — to have success and marry J. C. EVELYN LOUISE JOHNSON College " Fats " was active in Future Nurses and Intramural Sports. She also is a member of her church choir. Evelyn likes Mexican food, skating, potato chips, records, and clothes . . . dis- likes funny acting people and math. A m b i t i o n — to be an elementary teacher. ANGELA MARIE KEENER General " Ann " was active in Y-Teens, af- ter school sports and was on the Li- brary Staff. She works at a local delicatessen and is treasurer of her Junior Achievement Co. Ann likes Roosevelt, skating, dancing, and shrimp . . . dislikes getting up early and cold weather. Ambition — Regis- tered Nurse. 44 CLASS OF 1968 STEVEN KIDD Commercial " Super Chicken " participated in Reserve and Varsity Basketball. He lists his likes as girls, basketball, and parties. His future plans include be- coming a physical education teacher and a basketball coach. BARBARA JEAN KROEMER College " Barb " was in the National Honor Society, French Club and F. T. A. She was also a Junior and Senior Arbor girl. She dislikes " pushy " peo- ple and likes having a good time. Her ambition is to go to college and to be a success. STEVEN WESLEY KILGREN College " PK " participated in the Senior play and the All-School Musical. He was on the Tennis Team and a mem- ber of Drama Club, National Honor Society, and National Thespians. Steve has the normal likes and dis- likes that everyone does. His ambi- tion is college. BRENDA LEE KYSER College Brenda was active in Student Council, Publications. Band, F. T. A. (treasurer) and a member of the National Honor Society. Voted " Class Musician " , she was also a Jr. and Sr. Arbor Girl. Likes all kinds of music and summertime . . . dislikes rude people. Ambition — English teacher. DARRELL KING Commercial Darrell was active in S. B. F. and N. A. A. C. P. He likes money, cars. dancing, skating, eating, traveling, meeting new people, bowling, jazz, soul music, and most all girls . . . dis- likes nothing. Ambition — to be a success in all stages of life. LINDA DARLENE LANCE College " Lin " has been active in Spanish Club, Future Nurses, Booster Club and F.T.A. She was in Y.F.C. at church . . . likes having a good time . . . dislikes people who take every- thing in life seriously. Ambition — to go to college and be a success. STEPHEN RODGER KOZIAK General " Koz " , a candidate of the Home- coming Court, also participated in Tennis and Football. He likes sports, skindiving and parties. Dislikes . . . having a very special girl not notice him. His ambition is to be a drafts- man. MICHAEL EUGENE LANE College " Mike " , a senior transfer student to Heights, participated in Varsity Football. He lists his likes as girls. Mike dislikes phoney people. His plans include attending college. 45 THE GRADUATES ANN MARIE LEWIS College Ann, voted " Best Dancer " , partici- pated in French Club, Gymnastics, publications, and was Co-Captain of the Tigerettes. She likes good parties, traveling and plenty of good-looking, young men . . . dislikes punks and stupid girls. Ambition — to go to college. SAMUEL McDANIELS General " Mack " , as he is known by his friends, holds a job and likes nice girls, food, fun, travel and sleep. His ambition is to succeed in life. His philosophy in life is that you can be better than you are. RICHARD ALLEN LOCKE College Voted " Best Dancer " , Richard was President of the Senior Class and his J. A. Company, Co-Editor of the " Acorn " , our Queen ' s Escort, delegate to Division IV and Regions 9 and 13, in Upward Bound, and Student Council. Likes ... a vibrant laugh and fat girls. Dislikes ... no com- ment. Ambition — Secondary Educa- tion or Public Relations. DARLINDA MINOTT Commercial Cute and crazy describes " Dar " , Voted " Class Flirt " , she participated in Student Council, Y-Teens and in Intramural Sports. Darlinda is a member of the S.B.F. and also worked on the Co-op program. She likes friendly people and having fun. Ambition — to become an I.B.M. Operator. PEGGY FRAN MADISON General " Peg " was active in Y. W. C. A. activities, her young peoples group at church and choir. She was secre- tary of Sunday school. Likes boys, a good time, and going out of town . . . dislikes washing dishes, dull moments J. L. P. G. B. Ambition — to succeed and someday get married. CHARLES LEE MONTGOMERY College " Carlos " participated in Drama Club and in Band. His outside activi- ties are church, playing musical in- struments, and " collecting girls " . He likes food. His ambition is to see the world and to become a theologist. PRESTON LEVI MARTIN College " Pres " , voted " Most All Around " , was our Student Council President, Choir President, a member of Y.F.C. and participated in Varsity Football. He likes money, girls and free time. Dislikes being pushed and people who try to be what they aren ' t. His ambition is to finish college and be- come an Engineer. GENEVA MOORE Commercial Sweet and quiet is our " Agnes " who participated in Volleyball, Y. W. C. A., and A Cappella Choir. She lists her likes as eating and a certain boy named Colman. Her dis- likes are ironing and people who laugh a lot. Ambition — practical 46 CLASS OF 1968 CAROLYN KAY MORTENSON College " Mort " has participated in Dram- atics, F.T.A., and Journalism. She was our school play make-up chair- man for the past three years. Her likes are windy days, a certain guy, and just having a good time. Ambi- tion — college. DENNIS O ' BRIEN General " O.B. " , who was voted " Class Flirt " , participated in Football and Golf. He holds a job at a local gas station and lists his likes as Merri, Grand Haven and parties. He dislikes girls who think they are better than others. Ambition — trade school or Vietnam. MARY ANN MOSS Commercial Mary sings in her church choir and goes skating. She likes to go to basketball games and to be around friendly people. She dislikes con- ceited people. Ambition — to attend Muskegon County Community Col- lege and one day settle down. ROBERT ALLEN OLDT General " Bob " participated in Freshman Football and Tennis. Bob ' s likes are hunting, fishing and a certain girl named Sandy. He dislikes people who think they ' re " it " and girls that smoke. Ambition — Muskegon Coun- ty Community College. RUSSELL JAMES NEAL College " Calvin " participated in Football, Basketball, and Cross-Country, plus being active in his church choir. Cal- vin likes a certain girl and being free. He dislikes the present situation of the U.S.A. and the present conditions at Heights High School. Ambition — engineer. SONDRA KAY OPLINGER Commercial " Sandee " holds a part-time job after school and worked on the make-up committee for our school play. She likes going places with friends and dislikes people who think they know it all. Her ambition is to go to college and to be happy. VICKI JEAN NORKUS College " Slugger " was President og F. T. A., a member of French Club, Boos- ter Club, the Tiger Bowling League, and was on the Make-Up Com- mittee for " Bye, Bye Birdie " . She likes shy boys and history class . . . dislikes cars that refuse to start. Her ambition is to be an elementary teacher. DONALD GEORGE OSLUND General " Os " was a member of our Golf team. Outside of school, he bowls and plays pool . . . He likes money, cars and all sports . . . He dislikes people who think they are more than what they are. His ambition is un- decided. 47 THE GRADUATES BRENDA PATRICIA OWENS Commercial " Pat " participated in Y-teens and Student Council. She sings in her church choir and works at Ciggzree ' s. Pat likes skating, money, jazz, and a certain fellow (Herbert) , . . dislikes conceited people. Ambition — to be best in whatever she decides to be. GWENDOLYN LARUTH PAIGE Cute and sweet our " Ruth " is a member of the Y-Teens and works part-time at Prus ' Dairyland. She likes being with people and dancing. Her ambition is to be a model. CARRIE MAE PACE General " Linda " , as she is known by her friends, participated in Y-Teens, In- tramural Volleyball and Basketball. She was also active in Junior Achievement. She likes listening to records and Ray . . . dislikes people without a sense of humor. Ambition — be a success in life. WILLIE PAIGE General " Ricky " was one of the quieter members of the Senior Class but very sweet ... he played Reserve and Varsity Football and was active in the Student Council ... he likes food . . . dislikes conceited people. Ricky ' s ambition is to attend college. DANNY FRANCIS PACYGA General Danny was one of the quieter students of the Senior Class. He works at a local restaurant. His likes include . . . money and sports and he dislikes fights. Danny ' s ambition is to get a better job. ANDREW PARHAM General While at Heights High, Andrew participated in Football for three years and also Track He lists his like as eating . . . Andrew dislikes loud girls. His ambition is to live in Mus- kegon. GAINELL PAIGE College A transfer student, she participated in Student Council, F.T.A., Anchor Club, Spanish Club, co-editor of the " Acorn " , Dandy Lions, and T.K.B. She likes Wes Montgomery, pizza parties, and strolling . . . dislikes people who are afraid of change. Her ambition is to go to college. CELESTINE PARKER Commercial " Celest " participated in Intramural Volleyball, Future Teachers, and in Junior Achievement. She likes cook- ing, sewing, and traveling . . . dislikes snow. Her ambition is to become an elementary school teacher. 48 CLASS OF 1968 EDWARD ERNEST PARRITT General " CD. " , as he is know by his friends, was quiet around school. He likes . . . girls, parties, dances, and summer. He dislikes . . . people who talk about something they don ' t know anything about. DAVID ROMAN PETERSON College " Pete " played Reserve and Varsity Football and was an active member of Ski Club this year. He lists his likes as cars, money, and a certain girl. He dislikes snobs and crowded places. His ambition is to go to Western and teach history at Heights. PAMELA B. PEDLER College " Pam " , who was voted " Best Look- ing " , was a Homecoming candid ate, a Cheerleader, a member of French Club, Future Secretaries, and was active in Gymnastics. She has a part time job at Burger-Chef. She likes cheering at Heights vs. Muskegon basketball games. Ambition — to get through college successfully. MARVIN WILLIAM POLAND General " Marv " holds a part-time job at a local grocers. He likes Jeannie and his car. Marv lists his dislikes as girls who smoke or act stupid. He plans to become a mechanic after graduation. CLYDE PENNINGTON General " Chestine " , as he is known to his friends, roller skates as a hobby. He likes . . . girls, and rock-and-roll mu- sic. He dislikes people who think they are too much. His ambition is undecided. ■jm ' . . . GEORGIA MAE PRATT General " Little Bit " was active in Drama Club. She is the secretary of her church usher board and ass ' t. secre- tary of the youth group. She likes dancing, having a good time . . . dis- likes conceited people and reckless drivers. Her ambition is to make the most out of life. PHYLLIS MAE PEPPLER College " Phyl " , voted " Most Likely to Succeed " , and D.A.R. Best Citizen, Student Council Secretary, V i c e- President of A.R.T. Club, a member of F.T.A. and Language Club, a Jr. Arbor girl and she works in the Counseling Office. She likes reading books and dislikes final exams. Her ambition is to become a secondary teacher. MICHAEL KELLY REECE College " Mike " participated in Varsity Football and was the photographer for the " Oaks " and " Acorn " . He works at a downtown parking lot and is active in his church. His likes in- clude cars, pretty girls, and football . . . dislikes football referees. Mike ' s ambition is to be a football coach. 49 THE GRADUATES ORLANDO RILEY College " Rile " participated in Cross-Coun- try, Track, Basketball, Language Club, and Student Council. He has a job at a local supermarket, is active in N. A. A. C. P., and Junior Achievement, He likes girls, food, money, and good times . . . dislikes rowdy, loud-mouthed people. Ambi- tion — happy life. JOSEPH HENRY SALADIN College " Joe " participated in Tennis, Baseball, and Ski Club for two years. He lists his likes as skiing, hunting,, girls, parties, and having fun. He dis- likes conceited girls and people who think they ' re something they aren ' t. Joe ' s ambition is college. ,!, . ' ;f«?)!55?i?;,j DORIS DEAN RONE College " Ronni " voted " Class Cut-Up " was active in Student Council, Y- Teens, Track, Drama Club, and was in the Senior Class play. She also participated in M. A. D. C. Club, won a Baseball trophy, and a school letter from Gym. She likes skating, dancing, parties, and " T-Joe " . . . dislikes hard teachers and loud mouths. Ambition — to travel. GLADIS MARIE ROSS College " Ross Babe " was a secretary for Mr. Poydras, a Student Council Rep- resentative, Inner-Club Representa- tive for Y-Teens, Writer Club Sec- retary, member of Jr. Achievement, and an attendent of Upward Bound. Likes bowling, parties, and Mod clothes . . . dislikes people who front reality. Ambition — elementary teacher. DALE FREDERICK RUTKOWSKI General " Cookey " , as he is known by his friends, was one of the more quiet members of the Senior Class. He works at a local gift center. He likes records, records and more records . . . dislikes unfriendly people. His ambi- tion is to become a salesman. HOWARD SANDERS General " Rat-Rat " participated in Student Council and Art Club. He was active in Intramual Basketball, N. A. A. C. P., and N.Y.A. He likes clothes, money, women, fast cars, and a cer- tain girl named Linda . . . dislikes police at the school and conceited people. Ambition — to be an auto mechanic. STEVE SANDERS General Steve was both a Heights cross- country and track letter winner. His outside activities include basketball and fishing. Steve likes apple pie . . . dislikes English. His ambition is to be an electronic engineer. LORETTA SARGENT Commercial " Lo " , a nice, sweet and friendly girl, participated on our Library Staff. She is also the assistant sec- retary for her young people ' s group at church. She likes boys, going to church and listening to records . . . dislikes conceited and unfriendly people. Ambition — to be an I.B.M. operator. 50 CLASS OF 1968 JAMES LEE SCAIFE General " Skates " participated in Reserve and Varsity Football, Baseball, and Track. He was a member of Student Council, the A Capella, Community, and his church choirs . . . Likes Deb- orah, cars, well dressed people, and competition . . . dislikes conceited people. Ambition — college or mar- riage. ELOISE SHARP General " Shortie " , as known by her friends, worked on the Library Staff. She sings in her church choir. Likes . . . meeting new people and good food. Dislikes . . . people who think they are more than what they really are. Future plans — to become a nurse. LINDA LOU SCANLON General " Lyn " works at a local bakery. She lists her likes as dancing, parties, and pizza. She dislikes people who think they are better than others. Her main ambition is to become an Airline Stewardess. STEVEN LAWRENCE SHEPHERD General " Steve " , voted " Most Bashful " , was active in Band and Y.F.C. He has a job at a local supermarket . . . likes litening to records, playing drums, and participating in sports for fun . . dislikes people who try to be some- thing or somebody they ' re not. Am- bition — pro-drummer, and college graduate. ROGER THOMAS SCHMIDT College " Schmidt " participated in Ski Club and holds a part time job at a local clothing store. He likes practic- ing karate and Laura . . . He dislikes people who put up a front. Ambition — to be a psychologist. ELLA MAE SIMS Commercial Ella was active in Intramural Basketball, Volleyball, and the Bowl- ing Team. She is a member of her Church Choir, likes . . . pizza, ice cream, hamburgers, and a certain guy . . . dislikes people calling her " Stella " (her twin sister). Ambition — I.B.M. Operator. BARBARA JEAN SCHULTZ College " Schultz " was a member of Future Nurses and Ski Club. She likes food, dancing, sleeping and " Bummy " . . . dislikes phoney people. Her ambition is to marry a Five-Star General. BARBARA LEE SIPOS General Barb participated in Debate, Drama, Student Council and was His- torian of F.T.A. She likes car racing and Ed. . . dislikes people who are not friendly and polite. Ambition — to become a teacher for the mentally retarded. 51 THE GRADUATES MICHAEL ALLEN SIX College " Mike " participated in a great number of plays besides belonging to the Oaklians. He works at Burger- Chef and attends Calvary Baptist Church. Likes . . . playing his guitar and friendly people. Dislikes . . . peo- ple who say they ' ll do something, but don ' t. Ambition — Draftsman. LINDA JO SMITH General " Sparrow Legs " participated in Intramural Volleyball, Basketball, and Baseball. She was active in Y- Teens and also sings in her church choir. She likes skating, laughing, joking, and having fun with other people . . . dislikes unfriendly peo- ple. Ambition — to share her future with the one she loves the most. BETTY JO SMITH College Betty was active in Drama Club, Y.F.C., Baseball, Volleyball, and Y- Teens. She likes good food, pretty clothes, and a certain someone. She dislikes people who try to be some- thing they aren ' t and people who don ' t like having fun. Ambition — go to college and become a teacher. RAYMOND RAY SMITH, JR. College " Ray " participated in Band, T.K.B., S.B.F., and Service Club. He works at a local grocery store. Ray lists his likes as girls and cars. . . . dislikes people who think they have all the answers. Ambition — to be a Pharmacist or an English teacher. GAIL SMITH General Gail was one of the quieter mem- bers of the Senior Class. She enjoys skating, basketball games, " soul food " and boys . . . She dislikes staying home, washing dishes, and " J.L.P. " Her ambition is to succeed. LINDA CAROL SPEARS General Linda participated in Y-Teens, Volleyball, and Girl ' s Glee Club, and Tigerettes. Linda lists her likes as pizza and a certain boy. She dislikes " Big Crow " and people who think they know everything. Ambition — to be an Airline Stewardess. JOHN WAYNE SMITH Commercial " Eagleman " was active in Varsity Track, Cross-Country, and Varsity Football. He works part-time at a supermarket. Likes . . . girls, cars, and parties. Dislikes . . . talkative people. Ambition — to go to Business College and be a manager of a local firm. MARGARET OREANE SPEARS Commercial Margaret was active in after school basketball and volleyball. She also participated in Y-Teens. Student Council, and Junior Achievement. She likes to read and talk . . . dis- likes peofile who always depend on others. Ambition — to be a success. 52 CLASS OF 1968 MARINDA E. SPIERS General " Vangie " was active in Choir. She lists her likes as reading a good book, singing, and a guy named Garry. She dislikes show-offs and people who make too much noise. Her ambition is undecided. NORMA JEAN SUKUP College " Sukie " was active in F.T.A., Booster Club (Treas.. Student Coun- cil, Oaks and Acom Staffs, Jr. Arbor Girl, Jr. Achievement (Tr eas.), and in her church choir . . . likes people with pleasant personalities . . . dis- likes people who like to show-off and brag. Ambition — to become a teacher. RONALD WAYNE STAPLE College " Stape " has been active in Band and Ski Club and works at Cole ' s Bakery. Ron likes . . . parties. Dis- likes . . . loud people and working on Saturdays. His ambition is to at- tend college. DEBORAH ANN SWIFT Commercial " Debby " participated in Future Secretaries, Student Council, Ski Club, and was a Flag Girl in the Band. She is secretary of her Junior Achievement Company and works at a local industrial plant. She likes Butch . . . dislikes waiting for any- thing. Debby ' s ambition is to be- come a secretary. ROBERT LIONEL STEELE Commercial " Face Maker " participated in Re- serve and Varsity Football, Basket- ball and track. A three year letter- man and drummer for the Epics, he likes sports, music, mainly one girl and " God bless the Burger Chef " . . . dislikes spinach and girls that smoke. Ambition — to go to college. DELORES FAYE SWINGLER Commercial " Dee " participated in Intramural Volleyball, Basketball, and Y-Teens. She has a job working at a grade school. She likes skating, going to basketball games, going out on week ends, and a certain boy. Her ambi- tion is to become a primary teacher. PAUL MICHAEL STERNBURG College " Stern " was the President of Dramatics, in Baseball, Cross-Coun- try, Thespians, Band, on the bowling team, a Junior Usher, and was in many plays. He has a part time job at Shaw-Walker . . . likes honest people . . . dislikes conceited people. Ambition — history teacher. CHRISTINE TAYLOR General Christine was active in Drama Club, Art Club, had part in " Reserve Two for Murder " , and in Gymnastics. She also sings in her church choir. She likes being a student at M. H. H. S., its teachers and dislikes un- friendly people. Her ambition is a social worker. 53 THE GRADUATES MARK THOMAS General Mark lists his likes as nice girls, money, cars, fishing and hunting. He dislikes money hustlers and loud peo- ple. His ambition is to be a success in the field of printing. DAVID GEORGE VEDDERS College David is treasurer of M.Y.F. and is working in the laboratory at Sea- way Osteopathic Hospital on Co-Op. He likes classical music and has hob- bies in a scientific trend. His ambi- tion is to go into medical research. WILLIAM TYLER General " Little Will " , as he is called, par- ticipated in Boys ' Chorus, and is vice-president of the Usher Board at his church. Likes . . . having fun, playing records and cards, girls, and meeting new friends. Dislikes . . . raking leaves and shoveling snow. His ambition is to become a busi- nessman. GLENDA JEANETTE VINES Commercial " Cathy " won awards in Intramural Sports and a trophy for " World ' s Best Liar " , in speech. She is vice- president of Y.F.C., in Y-Teens, Pep Club, and Drama Club. Likes . . . dancing, parties, and D. K. . . dis- likes girls that smoke and conceited people. Ambition — Accountant Secre- tary. LARRY JEROME VAUTERS General Larry likes . . . fine women, big long cars and dollar bills with big numbers on them . . . dislikes bullies and dull parties. His ambition is to own a private business. SANDRA SUE VITEK College A ball of fun describes " Sandi. " A Foreign Exchange Student to Finland, she was in Student Council, Debate, Oaks editor. National Honors So- ciety, Band, Thespians, and Drama- tics . . . likes friendly people. Ambi- tion — teach high school and to travel to Europe. CLAUDINE VEAL General " Terri " was active in Girls Glee Club and Y-Teens. She is recognized by her friends as a real groovy dancer. Her likes are clothes, cars and beautiful homes . . . She dislikes noise, animals, and some people. Her ambition is to become a Cosmetolo- gist. JACOB LEROY WABINDATO General " Jake " was active in Band for three years. He has a job at a local car dealer. He likes hamburgers, french fries, fast cars, and money . . . He dislikes slow drivers and loud people. His ambition is to be a good mechanic, get rich, and go to the Nationals. 54 CLASS OF 1968 BARBARA ANN WALLACE General " Muff " voted " Best Actress " , par- ticipated in Y-Teens, Band, was a Cheerleader, and had a leading part in " Bye Bye Birdie " . . . likes cook- ing, cleaning, listening to James Brown and Lou Rawls, and a young man named Phil . . . dislikes jealous and high-strung people. Ambition — just to be happy. EDWARD EUGENE WASIURA College " Ed " , who was voted " Most Con- genial " , participated in Cross-Coun- try. Basketball and Track. He was a member of the Student Council, Na- tional Honor Society, Homecoming Court and a Junior Usher. Likes . . . athletics and sleeping. Dislikes . . . wooden lockers. Ambition — college. ROBERT KENNETH WANSTEN General " Bobby " participated in Ski Club and has a job at a local drug stor e. He lists his likes as Irene, cars, pizza, and skiing. Bob ' s greatest dislike is people who think they are better than others. He plans to enter the Air Force and then attend college. GEORGIA MAE WATSON General " Marshmallow " was active in Pep Club. Y-Teens, and N. A. A. C. P. She works in the High School Office and belongs to her church choir. She likes dancing, skating and Reuben . . dislikes people who think they are better than others. Ambition — to be a successful cosmetologist and house- wife. JEANNE ANN WARNER College Jeanne has been Vice-President of Future Teachers and Booster Club. She has participated in French and Biology Clubs . . . likes to have fun . . . dislikes people without good sense of humor. Her future plans are to become an elementary school teacher. VELMA L. WATSON Commercial " Veimm " , participated in Intra- mural Volleyball, Y.M.C.A., her church choir. Neighborhood Youth Corps, and N. A. A. C. P. . . likes food, roller-skating, basketball games and a certain boy . . . dislikes con- ceited people. Her ambition is to be- come an I.B.M. Operator. ROGER DENNIS WARNER General Roger was one of the quieter mem- bers of our Senior Class. He was an Usher for Commencements in his Junior year. As his likes. Roger lists sports . . . He dislikes people who act like they know it all. His ambi- tion is to go to Trade School. KAREN IRENE WEAVER Commercial Karen, one of the quieter members of the Senior Class, enjoys sewing, foods class, and also typing. She dis- likes people who think that they are better than e ' eryone else. Karen ' s ambition is to graduate and get a good job. 55 THE GRADUATES ROBERT LEE WHITLOW General Practical and good-natured, best describes " Bob " . In his years at Heights, he worked on several school plays and belonged to the National Thespians Society. He likes . . . hon- est people and dislikes . . . people who won ' t let him make his own de- cisions. Ambition — join the U.S. Marines. MEYERS ED WILLIAMS General " Man " participated in the Tiger Bowling Club. He is an all-round guy with a swell personality. Meyers likes Joyce, bowling, and having a good time . . . His ambition is to become a successful manager of his father ' s business. ARLESTER LEE WILLIAMS Commercial " The Hawk " was active on the Tennis and Baseball teams . . . He likes money, girls, roller skating and pool ... He dislikes girls who are conceited. His ambition is undecided. PAMELA JEAN WILSON Commercial " Pam " was the Corresponding Sec- retary of Future Secretaries, a Jun- ior and Senior Arbor girl, in Ski Club, Oaklians. and Junior Achieve- ment. She works at General Tele- phone Co. on Co-Op. Pam likes friendly people, dancing, and Doug . . . She dislikes have nothing to do. Ambition — to become an executive secretary. DARRELEE WILLIAMS College " Darry " was vice-president of Stu- dent Council and also co-editor of the Year Book. " Darry " has been vice-president of his Sophomore Class and treasurer of the Language Club. His likes are skating and ex- pensive clothes. He dislikes jealous people. His ambition is to go to col- lege and study medicine. STEPHEN GEORGE WOIROL General " Steve " was one of the quieter members of the Senior Class. He was a member of the National Thespians and works at a local restaurant. His likes are working and T.V. on Sat- urday morning . . . He dislikes spell- ing and Frankenstein. His ambition is to be a manager of a restaurant. . A FANNY M. WILLIAMS Commercial " Fan " participated in Intramural Volleyball and Basketball, Y-Teens, her church choir, N. A. A. C. P. and Neighborhood Youth Corps. She likes good food, dancing, records, skating, and a certain boy. Dislikes people who think they are cute. Ambition — I.B.M. Operator. MELVIN WRIGHT General Graduated in mid-year. 56 CLASS OF 1968 DAVID ALAN ZACKERY General " Zack " as he is known by his friends, participated in Cross-Country for a year. He likes pool, basketball, money, and a certain girl . . . dis- likes girls who think they are too good, conceited people, and coming to school. His ambition is to enter the Air Force or be a welder. mosusY NOT SHOWN ROSALYN YVONNE CHAPPEL General " Vonnie " participated in Intra- mural Volleyball, Track, and Y. W. C. A. She likes a certain boy named James Hill, and having fun . . . dis- likes people who think they are " so much. " Her ambition is to become a registered nurse or a sales clerk. SORRY, NO PHOTO GRACIE LEE ALLEN Commercial " Grace " , a very quiet and sweet girl, is active in her church. She likes singing, and being with nice people. She dislikes noisy people. Her ambi- tion is to be a secretary and make the best out of life. NO PHOTO AVAILABLE EVA MARY COOK Commercial " Mary " , as she is known by her friends, was active in organizing plays and likes water skiing, tennis, and playing golf. She is secretary of her Young Peoples ' group and a trav- eling representative for her church. She dislikes missing school and cut- ups. Ambition — Medical Secretary. PHOTO NOT AVAILABLE EZEKIEL BELL JR. General " Zeke " , cool and quiet, was voted " Class Artist " . He was active in the Art Club, on Co-Op, and sang in his church choir. Zeke likes food, fun, and money. He dislikes vain people. Ambition — to attend M.C.C.C. GERALD K. COOK General " Jerry, " as he is known by his friends, has a job at a local factory. He lists his likes as hunting, fishing and cars. Jerry ' s ambition is to be- come a police officer. ABSENT . . . PHOTO NOT AVAILABLE JAMES LAWRENCE BOTHWELL General " Bubble " has a part time job and belongs to a skating club. He lists his likes as girls, money, cars and good clothes . . . He dislikes home- work. Jim ' s future plans include be- coming a welder. Too Busy PHOTO NOT AVAILABLE SUSAN R. COOK General " Sue " has been one of the quieter members of our Senior Class. She likes going on unplanned trips . . . dislikes paying bills. Her ambition is to have a nice home to raise a family in. 57 THE GRADUATES PHOTO NOT AVAILABLE JAMES FERREL COOPER General " Coop " as he is known by most of his friends, participated in Varsity Football. His outside activities con- sist of going to church regularly and working. He likes money, good times and girls . . . dislikes loud people. Ambition — to be a machinist. ABSENT . . . PHOTO NOT AVAILABLE CURTIS LEE DELANO General " Cowboy " as he was known by his friends, was in Reserve Football, Stu- dent Council, Oaklians and Thespians. His outside activities include working at Port City Playhouse and the Red Bam Theatre in Saugatuck. Curtis lists his likes as food and Jan. Am- bition — stage and screen director. NOT SHOWN ' J MARY JEANNETTE COPELAND General " Jen " worked on the Library Staff. She is an active member of her church choir and also Y.P.D. She likes dancing, listening to records, and a certain person . . . dislikes two- faced people. Ambition — to become an Accountant. M ' NO PHOTO AVAILABLE BRENDA LORRIANE DYE General " Bren " , sweet and quiet, was a member of Future Nurses, Choir and is crazy about a certain boy named Larry. She dislikes conceited people. Favorite saying " Society is wonder- fully delightful. To be in it is merely a bore, but to be out is simply a tragedy. " Ambition — to become a registered nurse. PHOTO NOT AVAILABLE MELVIN CORNELIUS CROSS General " Little Spook, " as he was known by everyone, was quiet and shy. He participated in Student Council, bowling, and won a major letter for Baseball. He likes clothes, money, food, and a certain girl . . . dislikes conceited people. Ambition — Drafts- man. NOT SHOWN JOHNNY JEROME FARMER General " Pete " was the president of the Writers ' Club, owner of Emeer rec- ords and, " co-owner of Columbia Management " . Already a professional songwriter, John hopes to retire at 25 with a million dollars. He dislikes jazz. Ambition — to do research in psychology and own his own record- ing company. ABSENT WHEN PICTURES WERE MADE DOUGLAS CRAIG DeJONGE College " Doug " participated in Auto Day Trade and works at a local service station. He likes girls, cars, and par- ties . . . dislikes homework and cars that don ' t run. He plans to go into the auto mechanics field. PHOTO Not Availabia PHYLLIS ELAINE GRANT General " Phil " , as she is known by her friends, dislikes snobbish people and people who think they ' re too good for anybody. She enjoys dancing, parties, and having fun. Her ambition is to become an airline stewardess and to be a good wife. 58 CLASS OF 1968 PHOTO NOT AVAILABLE WILLIE EDWARD GRISSOM General " Griss " participated in Reserve and Varsity Football, and is active in his church organizations. He likes fine clothes, bad cars, and a certain girl. He dislikes people who try to be too cool. Future plans — to attend Muskegon Business School. PHOTO NOT AVAILABLE JOHN PAUL JONES General " Lil Whopper " was a regular " Cas- anova " all through high school. He was a member of the community choir and worked at a local super- market. He likes going to parties and dislikes conceited people. His ambi- tion is to go to Business College. ROBERT LEE HARRIS, JR. General While at Heights High, Robert was active in Junior Hi-Y. He likes money, all girls, and having a good time . . . dislikes nothing. He plans on becoming an I.B.M. operator. PHOTO NOT AVAILABLE GERALD EDWARD KAMMERS College Our " Most Likely to Succeed " guy was one of our quieter students. He was a member of the National Honor Society. Jerry works at a local rest- aurant. He likes to watch and parti- cipate in sports, have a good time, and cars. He lists his dislikes as loud, conceited people. Ambition — teach- ing math. PHOTO NOT AVAILABLE JOE WILLIS HUGHES General " Blow Joe " participated in his church choir and works at a local store. He plays guitar with a group to pass time and for entertainment. He likes the mini style. Ambition — to own a big store. PHOTO NOT AVAILABLE WAYNE ANTHONY LEWIS General Wayne participated in the Boy ' s Glee Club, Student Council, and sings in his church choir. He works at a local supermarket. Friendly peo- ple that like to talk is what he likes. He dislikes ugly girls who think they ' re cute. Ambition — to be a suc- cess. PHOTO NOT AVAILABLE CLARENCE LEE JOHNSON General " Tucker " was very active in Foot- ball and Basketball during his years at Heights. He likes a certain girl . . . dislikes people who think they are more than others. His ambition is to have plenty of money. PHOTO NOT AVAILABLE JOHN C. McGEE General " Magoo " participated in Reserve Football, Baseball, and Choir. He is an active member of his church where he is a minister, and he sings in the Muskegon Community Choir. He likes Brenda and singing spiritu- als . . . dislikes people who make fun of other people. Ambition — college. 59 THE GRADUATES BENJAMIN JOSEPH MAYS Commercial " Benji " participated in Student Council and was active in his church choir. He likes " fine women " , but dislikes people who " pretend " , or try to act sophisticated. His ambition is to be an I.B.M. operator or an accountant. NOT SHOWN DAVID LYNN ROGERS Commercial " Boom " was active in Reserve and Varsity Football and Track. He was also active in his church and has a job. David was the bass guitarist for the Elgents and is a member of the Muskegon Community Choir. He likes girls, sports, and parties. Am- bition — to go to college. PHOTO NOT AVAILABLE LONNIE MULLINS General Happy-go-lucky " Moon " , as he is known to his friends, likes having a " boss " time, food, and girls . . . dis- likes girls who can ' t cook and un- reasonable, loud people. Ambition — to be a lathe operator. SORRY, NO PHOTO JAMES OLIVER SELMAN General " Fish " , as known by his friends, has participated in Freshman, Re- serve, and Varsity Football, and Bas- ketball. He likes money, girls, shoot- ing pool, roller skating, and fun . . . dislikes people who think they ' re cool and girls who can ' t make up their minds. Ambition — to be a success. PHOTO NOT AVAILABLE LAWRENCE RICHARD MYLES General " Te Joe " , known for lots of fun, participated in Track and in his church choir. He likes long parties and dancing . . . dislikes girls who think they are up in the world. Am- bition — to get out of school, move away, and come back some other day. Pfosi sy NOT SHOWN BRENDA ANN SMITH Commercial Brenda has a job at the Seaway Clinic, and attends Beulah Baptist Church. She likes friendly people. Her dislike is cold and rainy weather. Ambition — to be successful in what- ever she does. NO PHOTO AVAILABLE VINCENT PARKER, JR. General Vincent works at a local hospital. He enjoys swimming, baseball, and track. He likes girls who act natural . . . dislikes boys with big mouths and large crowds. His ambition is to be successful in life and in business. NOT SHOWN MICHAEL THOMPSON General " Big Mike " played basketball at area schools. He lists his likes as cars, girls, money, food, having fun, and going places. He has no dislikes. His ambition is to go to college, get a job, and be a success in life. 60 CLASS OF 1968 BILLY CHARLES WALKER, JR. College Billy works at a local bakery. He lists his likes as nice clothes and girls . . . Billy dislikes crowds. His ambition is to become an engineer. IRA DAVID WILLIAMS Jr. General CALVIN WOODS ARTHUR LEE WRIGHT General WILLIE YOUNG JOE ZIMMER SHARON KAY WALKER General " Sherry " likes going to church, where she is president of her class. She likes bowling, movies, car races, dancing, and a certain guy. Dislikes . . . homework and conceited people. Ambition — get a job, get a car, and be a housewife. GERALD D. ANDRE General ELVES BANKS ROSIE BRIGGS JOHNNIE BUTTS HELEN GERALDINE CROWELL General MARY ELLIOT KATHRYN JOYCE EVANS General JAMES MARTIN JR. General THEODORE OVERSTREET JOHNNY SARGENT General LARRY ROGER SLITER General DONNA SUNAGEL DAVID LOUIS SZYMANSKI General HERSHEL TURNER 61 Who ' s 1968 BEST DANCERS Richard Locke, Ann Lewis MOST ATHLETIC Gwendolyn Burks, Spencer Graham rv. (7 - CONGENIAL Ed Wasiura .4 CLASS SONGBIRDS - AS Joyce unt, Chuck Arthurhultz 1M W: ' ■•■.:-? r BEST ACTORS Barbara Wallace, Steve Kilgren? CLASS MUSICIANS William Gzym, Brenda Kyser MOST ALL-AROUND Vickie Gaunt, Preston Martin ) MOST BASHFUL Shelia Baldwin, Steve Shepard BEST LOOKING | iDarrell Boyd, Pam Pedler •i. ' P CLASS CUTUPS Doris Rone, Bob Fowler " . 64 1 t 65 JUNIOR Cathy Ackerberg Clestine Allen Ellen Ashford James Aubrey Otis Autman Velmarie Banks Bart Bartels Barb Baxter Charles Berghuis Larry Bird Janice Blackshire Mark Blevins Brad Borgeson Pat Bothwell Rose Brown Roy Brown William Bullis Bobbie Burch Penny Burns Shirley Chatman Sandra Cheeks James Cochran Ruthie Cook Jerry Cooper Pat Cooper Kathy Covington Betty Cox Dwight Cummings Leon Day Sandra Devenport Linda Dumont James Dye Darnell Early Joyce Ellis Peggy Evans Retha Fergerson Thomas Frye Denise Gadson Tena Gay Lynn Gebhart Caroline Graham Cherly Granbacka Brenda Green JoAnn Green John Green Rusell Bums Walter Butts Susan Carr Joslyn Carruthers Jim Cavender 66 1 Paul Griffith Mike Gzym May Harden Waiter Hardy Edward Harris Mary Harris CLASS Cenolia Hayes Gergory Hayes Merle Healy Janice Hegbloom Mary Helms Willie Hicks Jeanette Hill Jerry Hill Louise Hill Paula Hines Kathy Huffman Gail Hughes Jean Hughes Susan Hulsebos Pat Hurd Frances Jackson Robert L. Jackson Robert T. Jackson Larry Jemison Vickie Jibson Carolyn Johnson Lorreaine Johnson Derrick Jones Helen Jordan Dale Kammers Deborah Kelley Dennis Kelley Jacqueline Kennedy Bruce Kenney Gloria King f 3l 9 Marilyn Klassen Ron Lane James Latin Margaret Lewis Pat Lewis Sharon Locke Bumedette London Joyce Marble Chris Matteson Marc Maynard Charles Mays Sandra McAllister Linda McCain Deborah McCarty 67 CLASS OF Jerome McCarty Bonnie McGlothin Evelvn McMillian Glen Metcalf Myra Miller Paulette Miller William Moody Doris Moore Stanley Neal Marsha Nesby Glenda Nunn Willie Odneal Mettazzee Paige Chester Parker I Willie Paschal James Pedler Jackie Pellegrom Joann Pennington Ray Perley Robert Petri Pam Pierce Marvin Pimpleton LaVerne Plank John Plummet !©.ill! Christine Polk Mike Rabach Patricia Roberson Dwight Robinson Rudy Rogers Steve Rokos Ralph Ross Deloise Rufus Brenda Scott Gail Scott Rommie Scott Thomas Scott Van Scott Frances Selmon Linda Shannon Stella Sims Kathy Skibbe Charles Smith Glovira Smith James Smith Larry Spencer Terry Spencer Lynn Stark Donna Steele Willie Stevenson Don Terpstra 68 o Cathy Thomas Glenda Thomas Joyce Thomas Floyd Thompson Gary Thompson Jim Thornton 1969 Kim Tyler Arthur VanDyke Durron VerHulst Carlton Vines Curtis Vines Lynn Wade Kim Wahr Perry Watson Phil Whisenant Penny Wilcoxson Leo Wiley James Williams Linda Williams Betty Wright Debbie Young Frank Zarimba € Retakes Loretta Draughn Ester Elijah Fannie Hughes Valerie Hutcherson Charles Jackson Barbara Taylor 69 SOPHOMORE Othello Adams Mike Agerstrand Yvonne Alcom James Alexander Judy Anderson Don Anthony ft Patricia Archambault Thomas Autman Jim Bailie George Balaskovitz John Barkel Louise Barnes Julie Baxter Jeanette Beard Sue Bisard Cornelius Boganey Mellan Brooks Susan Brott James Brown Joyce Brown Roy Burch Sharon Burt Eula Burton Tyree Butler Ethel Butts Kay Calvin Gladys Chapman Theresa Chappel Carles Chatman Virginia Christie Michael Colquitt Leatha Conley Jerry Cooper Peggy Cooper Jackie Copeland William Cornell Barbara Courtney Eric Covington Neda Cowdery Willie Crowell Betty Culver Sandra Cummings Winston Cummings Jackie Daul Carol Davis Charles Davis Janice Davis Deborah Dean Tom DeHudy Jack Diepen 70 Tom Doan Charles Dunbar Clavon Ealy Ulis Ellis Bill Erickson Virginia Espinoza CLASS Jackie Evans Albert Farber Tim Farkas Ceaser Fisher Frank Foxx Rosemary Frantz Alan Gabris Mitchell Galy Carl Garner Lee Gilbert Delma Green Minnie Grisby Christine Grimett f _ H Stek : ' ' IBBfti - ' ' - ' : " Christine Grisham I V P P flU H VtoL Ji - " Handley f f Virginia Hansen Delores Hardy Julie Harris Walter Harris Willie Mae Harris Joyce Haskins Jan Heistand Bob Henderson Bill Henderson Joe Hines Lela Hines Venettie Hines Kenneth Holt Glenda Hudson Fannie Hughes Charles Hutcherson Valeria Hutcherson Louvinia Irby Rick Jackowski Jackie Jackson James Jackson Rosalie Jibson Alma Johnson Cheryl Johnson Early Johnson John Johnson 71 CLASS OF Richard Johnson Darlene Jones Bonnie Kalman Phillip Kasper Phyllis Keglovitz Peggy Kelley Shell Kelly Nancy Kesteloot Vernon Kirks James Kitchen Debbie Kolarik Patricia Kroemer Gail Kyser Dannie Lambouths 6 ® James Merriweather Janice Mitchell Victoria Moffett Barbara Moody Donna Moore Tino Moreno Sheen Morris Paul Mosby Mary Murray Linda Nelson Beanchor Nickson John Norman Doris Odneal Jackie Paige Wayne Paige Daniel Palmer Carol Parham James Perri Edmond Phillips Edward Pittman Marlene Pnovsky Terry Pollard Zella Randall Sam Reece Leroy Richardson Samuel Riley 72 Pete Lamoreaux Sheila Lenoir Joyce Lewis Brian Mathes Kathleen Matteson Jeanette Mattox Brenda McAllister Sharon McCann Pearl Meaderds Silvia Meaderds A, L. Robinson Donald Robinson Ruth Rone Bruce Rupright Ted Saladin Bennie Sanders 1970 JlA Roy Sargent Ray Scaife Carol Schottey Earnestine Scott Cheryl Selander Debra Settle Dennis Shaw Michael Shelbum A l Kenneth Shelton Sylvia Shepherd Shirley Sherrills Betty Simon Danny Smith Pam Smith Stanley Smith Stanley Spears Vicky Spellman Delores Steele Sandra Stephens Charles Stevenson Johnny Stewart Gregory Stokes Linda Storck Belinda Strong Willie Stubbs Gary Sumner Kelly Swift Joe Tetzloff Donna Thies Kathleen Thomas Patricia Thompson Sandra Thompson Melanie Thorstenson Patricia Threadgill Patricia Todd Melita Travis Phyllis Traylor Gloria Tumblin William Turner Debra VanderVere Alan VanDyke Don VanDyke Garry Vamado Russell Vauters 73 SOPHOMORES K George Vickers Jacqueline Walker Robin Walker Sheila Walker Linda Wallace Sherry Warren a Roger Anderson Dorothy Askew Reggie Burt OUen Draughn John Duff Peggy Fields Annette Hardy Joan Hladki Marcia Jemison Juanice Kelly Deborah Locke Leonard Marble Mark O ' Brien Charles Richards Tim Riley Marilyn Robertson Joe Ross Vicki Twining Gerrit VanWyk Ken Wright Danny Watson Pam Watson Dora Weaver John Wesley Delorice Wilkins Freddie Wilkins Lance Wilkins Sophia Wilkinson Eddie Williams Larry Williams Regina Williams Ted Williams Erma Wiseman Eliza Wright Kathy Wright Scott Wright Gary Zang Retakes 74 K% 1 Tom Ackerberg Anthony Alexander Betty Alexander FRESHMEN Rose Andrews Nancy Ashford Kasandra Bailey Rex Bailie Lawrence Baker Diane Baldwin Bathsheba Bankhead Terry Banks tJ;9.f, Thelma Banks Carlen Barnes Andy Bartels Floyd Beardsley Joseph Bell Tim Benson D avid Bice Joshua Blackshire Eddie Blake Pam Blake Sam Booker JoAnn Bordeau Barbara Bostrom Carolyn Bothwell Dora Bradford Richard Braylock Stephen Brower Cordelia Brown Corlene Brown Doris Brown Bonnie Budnik Deborah Bullis Gregory Bumphus Loreen Burnett Noreen Burnett Diane Burse Charles Burton Cynthia Butts Vivian Calbert Deborah Carr Leatrice Carruthers Robert Carson Velma Carter Phyllis Chandler Dorothy Chapman Paul Cherney 75 CLASS OF Betty Collins Winston Cochran Don Clanton Roy Curry Joyce Cummings Vanessa Cross Eva Davis Billy Davis Gary Davey Larry Daily Christine Duvall Ron Duff Randy Duff Pat Duff Merri Dickert Bob Farkas Tames Ellis Charles Elliott Isaiah Elijah Robert Dye Debra Galy Barbara Gaines Glenda Gadson Gill Frye Morton Flory Eric Ferrell Mary Gaston Sharon Gay Lee Gilbert John Gill Johnnie Glover Janet Glue William Dew Scottie Deason Melvina Day Larry Davis Iff Evelyn Graham Lucious Grant Charles Green Mary Grisham Dethena Hall Farris Hall Robert Hansen Donald Hardy Ben Harris Booker Harris Vanessa Harris Jeff Haskins Eddie Hendricks Pam Hershey 76 Helen Hicks Edward Hill Len Hill Michael Hill Nancy Hill Virgie Hill 1971 Wayman Hill Ricky Howell Currie Hudson Joanne Huges John Hughes Dwight Hughey Paula Hulsebos Etta Hunter Nancy Huntley Lavonne Hussey Angela Jackson Delores Jackson Phill Jackson Curtis James Michael James Bob Johnson Brenda Johnson Perry Johnson till I . M Ralph Johnson Sarah Johnson Shirley Johnson Tom Johnson Charles Jones Faye Jones Robert Jones Rosemary Jones Charles Kelley Carolyn Kitchen Frank Klobucher Janice Knox Evans LaFond David Larabee Carolyn Latin Benjamin Lewis Carl Lewis Jeff Lockwood Camilla Long Robert Long Linda uVlaleckas Ronald Malone Billie Manning David Martin Don Mathews 77 FRESHMEN Cynthia Mattox Thomas Mays Linda McCrea Lettie McKinney Doug McLaren Leon Means « Lois Meinders Russell Minnerick Andre Minott Loretta Mitchell Jesse Moore Mary Moore Carol Morrall Clarence Murawski Sharon Murdaugh Wayne Neal Larry Nesby Jenina Nickson Shirley Noble Leonard Pikaart Charles Pimpleton Gayle Pollard Douglas Potter Sue Pulsifer John Raddatz Mary Raglin Jackie Randall Jack Richards Dorothy Richardson Jacquelyn Robinson James Robinson Terry Rogers Vivian Ross Rosemary Oakes Bob Olson Kenneth Ott Dorothea Overstreet Angles Pace Lewis Paige Bob Parker Jerry Parker Michael Parks Debra Paschal Richard Paule Beatrice Pearson Betty Pegues Doris Peoples Laura Peterson Glenda Phillips Ida Pierce 78 David Runk Carlton Russ LaVem Sain Charlotte Scaife Evelyn Scott James Scott CLASS f l£ Sharon Scott Shirley Scott James Scroggins Jeanette Scroggins Joann Sharp Maurice Shepherd Mary Sims Deborah Skok Barbara Smith Benjamin Smith Donatus Smith Julie Smith Larry Smith Lynda Smith PhylHs Smith Carl Sones Charles Sones Beverly Spears € Valerie Stark Moses Stiff Roger Stokes Charles Stonex William Storck Terry Sullivan Willie Sutton Carolyn Swingler Miranda Swingler Charlene Szymanski Emma Taylor Donald TenBrock M §. Calvin Terrell Joyce Thomas John Thompson Mark Thompson Rickey Todd Joey Trevan Ray Turner Gayle Twining Deborah Unwin Roy Vallie Jtrlean Vamado Jinimie Varnado Delores Veal Lee Vines 79 FRESHMEN f. Carolyn Walker Clete Walker Marilyn Walker Sundra Walker Beverly Warren Melissa Warren t Jit « V Jeanette Watts Lawrence Webb Gary Weberg Beverly White Carol Williams Chequita Williams Diana Williams Don Williams Edward Williams Juanita Williams Paulette Williams Rachelle Williams Clarence Wimbley Ricky Wiseman Deborah Wyrick Shirley Young tl Retakes Sharon Bennett Linda Carter Jeffrey Cheeks Mary Davis Sharon Jackson Shela Montgomery Geri Morton Sandra Smith : ' !; -■ SM % 80 Back row - P. Pedler, P. Martin, G. Graham Front row - A. Culver, V. Gaunt, S. Koziak, C. Dickert, E. Wasuira 82 Activities Y-TEENS 83 Student Council 8th Row — Ross, Robinson, People, Terrel, Vines, Green, Williams, Gay 7th Row — Askew, Anderson, Stevenson, S. Scott, Knox, Calver, Carruthers, Warren 6th Row — Hansen, Storck, Chappel, Wright, DeRudy, Henderson, Hudson, Cummings, Hall Sth Row — S. Sanders, E. Scott, Copeland, Wright, Hegbloom, Gebhart, McCann, Archan- bault, Heistand 4th Row — Vines, T. Scott, V. Scott, Six Wasiura, Burns, DeHudy, Geeting, DeLano 3rd Row — Lewis, McLaughlin, Ellis. Greene, Jordan, Nunn, Alcorn, Harris, Steele 2nd Row — Locke, McCarty, Vitek, Keener, Pratt, Scaife, Parker, Lane, Paige, H. Sanders 1st Row — Cox, Culver, Zarimba, treasurer; Peppier, secretary; Martin, president; Williams, vice president; Ross, Jackson, Rone, Schroeder 84 Officers Darryl Williams, vice president; Preston Martin, pres- ident; Frank Zarimba, treasurer; Phyllis Peppier, sec- retary. National Honor Society 4th Row — Scott, Johnson, Zarimba, Smith, Martin. Terpstra 3rd Row — Cochran, M. Gzym, Griffith, Kammers, Kilgren, T. Burns 2nd Row — DeHudy, Deuster, Dickert, Peppier, Vitek, Miss Needham (adviser) 1st Row — B. Kyser, A. Culver, B. Kroemer, P. Burns, Klassen, Hughes, Pellegrom The National Honor Society is an organization for the purpose of honoring those students who have shown outstanding achievement in scholarship. The basic requirement is that a student must have a B-average and maintain that average to become and remain a member. 85 Foreign Exchange Program Pictures from . . . Finland Germany 86 and Sweden t V elrshkrethePai I — Glenda Hudson Eliza Wright Donna Steele Jeanette Beard Sue Hansen EXCHANGE STUDENTS for ' 68 Eliza Wright Sue Hansen 87 Publications Top row — Reece, Wasiura, Fife, Alcorn, Cross Middle row — Sukup, Norkus, Brott, Casarez, Bums Bottom row — Schregardus, R. Locke, Howel ' , Williams, DeHudy, Murray (adviser) JOURNALISM STAFF The journalism staff deals with all phases of writing. It plans and puts to- gether the school year book. It also prints the editions of the school newspaper. Journalism is a combination of new ideas and old ones re-created. Some call it " Fourth Estate. " 88 French Club Top row — Boganey, Blackshire, Hines, McAllister Bottom row — Lewis, Travis, vice president; Culver, president; DeHudy, Bordeau, Brett, absent — Knox, treasurer; Randall, secretary; Mr. Paquin (adviser) Spanish Club Top row — Ellis, Steele, Hudson, Henderson, E. Scott, Steele Middle row — Thomas. Storck, TenBrock, T. Scott, Bailey, Ashford, Alcorn Bottom row — Ross, McCarty, McMillan, Webster, Thompson, Burton, Miller, Brown. Absent — Mr. Anderson (adviser). 89 Art Club Top row — Storck, Taylor, Sumner, Shaw, Bell Bottom row — Williams, adviser; Huffman, secretary; Kyser. president; Peppier, vice pres- ident; Reagan, treasurer Music Club 90 Top row — Sumner, Taylor, Storck, Pepper Middle row — Shaw, Reagan, Kyser Bottom row — Wallace, secretary; Farmer, president; Ross, Moore, vice president; Mr. Poy- dras (adviser). Absent — Knox, treasurer. Library Staff Top Row — B. Jackson, Provsky, P. Jackson Middle row — Minott, Sargeant, Evans, Sharp, Mrs. Lindsey Bottom row — Kroemer, Durham, Bums, Weaver, Miss Kidwell (adviser) Booster Club Top row — Vicki Nurkus, Miss Cobb (adviser) Bottom row — Sukup, treasurer; Casarez, president; Warner, vice president; Linda Lance, secretary. 91 Y-Teens 4th row — Nunn. Green, Cheeks, V. Watson 3rd row — McGlothin, S. Locke, McMillan, Greham, J. Jackson 2nd row — Dunbar, Moore, McCarty, B. Cox, Ferguson, Madison 1st row — McLaughlin, sargeant at arms. Miss Willis, adviser; Williams, treasurer; Kennedy secretary; D. Alcorn, president; G. Watson, vice president 92 4th row — Lewis, Scott, Hughes, Warren, Ashford, White, Andrews 3rd row — Ashew, secretary; Locke, R. Walker, Kelley, Alcorn, Hardy 2nd row — Ferguson, S. Walker, Randall, P. Watson, Wilkins, Chappel 1st row — Smith, vice president; Christine Grimmett, president; Cummings, Grigsby, treas- urer; Rone, Miss Blow (adviser) Pep Club Top row — McLaughlin, Ashford, Locke, Miller, Steele, Cheeks, Alcorn, Green, Thompson. Middle row — Walker, Jackson, Irby, Norman, Locke, Hardy, Lenoir, Lewis. Bottom row — Watson, Willis, McGIothlin, Alcorn, Ferguson, Graham, Vine= , Cox. W. R. Booker FTA Top row — Kroemer, Pulsifer, Hurd, Klassen, Sukup. Bottom row — Harris, Warner vice president; Norkus, president; Lance, secretary; Mrs. Griffith (adviser). Absent — Kyser treasurer; Sipos, historian. ' 93 UPWARD BOUND Top Row — Neal, Cochran, Lokce, Farmer Bottom Row — Butts, Frye, Ross, Mr. Poydras (adviser) 94 F NA Top Row — Scott, McAllister, Paige, Culver Middle Row — Miller, Steele, Alcorn Bottom Row — Green, Steele, Klassen, Helms Tigerettes Top-R. Cheryl Hunter, Cathy Ackererberg, Carol Dickert, Cathy Deuster, Drum Major Cornelius Boganey v. Bottom - R. Ann Lewis, Linda Spears 96 M USIC Speech and Dramatics 97 Muskegon Heights Left standing — Farkas, Shepard, Wiley, C. Hudson, Crosby, Montgomery 3rd row — C. Thomas, Duvall, Bisard, Garner, Jones, Harris. Duff, Gyzm, Kolarik. Selander 2nd row — Wallace, Dumont, Scott, Bullis, Blake, Burt, Thompson, Travis 1st row — Broadbent, Pellegrom, Kyser, G. Hudson, Pearson Six girls, each carrying a flag representing one of the Valley Coast Conference schools, again added color to our inarching band. They were Willie Hicks, Melanie Thorstenson, Sylvia Shepard, Eliza Wright, Doris Rone, and Betty Smith. 98 Symphonic Band Right standing — Mr. Marlilevits (director). Culver, M. Shepard, Hill, Watson 3rd row — Earley, VanWyke, Battels, Bell, Daily, Staple, Benson, Butts, Harris. Peterson Johnson 2nd row — Burns, Smith, Budnik, Kroemer, Dirheimer, Hughes 1st row — Pittman, Twining, Paige, Essenberg, Jibson Congratulations to the band, under the direc- tion of Mr. Gene Marklevits, on a job well- done. Mr. Marklevits came here from Manly, Iowa. He received his masters degree from Mankato State University, Iowa. With the completion of marching season, the hand participated in parades, concerts, and sent members to the Solo and Ensemble Festival, Directoi Mi. Marklevits No.l Rating Assistant Mr, Fretty 99 A CAPPELLA CHOIR MR. LARRY RUEGER 4th Row — Pimpelton, L. Vines, Paige, Shelburn, C. Vines. L. Jackson, Henderson, Bartels, Martin, Farkas, Elliott, B. Copeland 3rd Row — Mr. Larry Rueger (director), Bryant, Stokes, Johnson, Scaife, Cornell, Watson, Brown, Ashford, Mrs. R. Sanborn 2nd Row — Thomas, Peterson, Shepard, Spiers, Burton. Irby, Stark, Mortenson, McCarty, Wade, Wyricks 1st Row — Morse, Wright, Huges, J. Copeland, Chapel, Green, Beard, G. Jackson, Stevenson, Williams, Moore 100 101 Forensic Paula Hines — externp. speaking Bart Bartels — First place liumorous reading T W, -riTf TT- Sandi Vitek — original oratory Multiple reading group Curtis Vines. Melita Tra is, Flaine Frye, Kenny Wright, William Tyler . ' - ' wiMMlHI Donise Fisher — First place serious interpretive reading Willie Paschal — Second place Debate Top row — Skibbee, Zarimba, P. Hines. V. Hines Bottom row — Spencer, Vitek, Gates. Mr. Russ (coach) " The affirmative in today ' s debate is resolved: that Congress should establish uniform regula- tions to control criminal investigation pro- cedures. This phrase was heard many a time as the " Tiger Talkers " set out with eight debaters to place third in the West Shore and Valley Coast Leagues and sixth in the Outstate debate league. There were only two returning debaters for the year but under the direction of Mr. John F. Russ. their new coach, they made a fine showing. Captain for the year was Sandi Vitek with Frank Zarimba acting as co-captain. 103 Thespians Top row — Heistand, Cornell, Dirheimer Middle row — Skibbe, Dickert, Hunter, Woirol, Delano Bottom row — Six, Kilgren, Sipos, Martin, Mrs. Wiseman (adviser) Oaklians 104 Top row — Peterson, Delano, Heistand, Ealy, Pulsifer Middle row — Storck, Martin, Taylor, Sipos, Woirol, Kyser Bottom row — L. Storck, Six, Kilgren, Cornell, Shelbum, Mrs. Wiseman Reserve Two for Murder Crews Cast of Characters Helen Smith John Randall Mrs. Edwards Sergeant Lee Mrs. Inglefritz Eloise William Russel Dr. Martin Edwards Mrs. Thurston-Allen Schultz Martha Gregory Sally Lynch Ivan Strange Doris Rone Charles Montgomery Gail Kyser Preston Martin Steve Kilgren Joanne Green Christine Taylor Gary Thompson Daren Hurd Laura Peterson Stephen Woirol Kathy Skibbe Linda Storck Michael Shelburn Stage Crew Barbara Baxter Andy Bartels Jerria Golidy Gail Kyser Mike Shelburn Doug McLaren Curtis DeLano Linda Storck Robert Whitlow Properties Crew Rosemary Frantz Laura Peterson Barbara Baxter Diane Mason Sandi Vitek Virginia Christy Makeup Crew Carolyn Mortenson Light Crew Curtis DeLano Business Crew Barbara Sipras Publicity Lynda Bums Nell Harris Thelma Harris Delma Green Stage Design Darlene DeHudy 105 1967 All-School Musical Tom Farkas and Sue Harmon Back Stage Stage Crew Head Bob Six Prop Advisor Miss Margaret Twork Prop Crew Head Barbara Sipx)s Costume Advisor Mrs. Doris Griffith Costume Crew Head Carol Brauer Make-up Advisor Mrs. Sally Engel Make-up Crew Head Carolyn Mortenson Business Mr. George Poydras 106 ' ' Bye-Bye, Birdie 5 •) Directors and Managers Director Mr. Don Kardux Student Directors Arlene Zarimba and Pat Kelly Musical Director Mr. Larry Rueger Orchestra Director Mr. Gene Marklevits Choreographers Mr. Daniel Nye, Miss Myrtle Willis, and Mrs. Diane Scott Sound Mr. David Ashendorf and Mike Six Publicity Mrs. Shirley Wiseman Lights Curt Delano and Sherrie Patterson Stage Advisors Mr. Larry Ward and Robert Engel Characters Conrad Birdie Tom Farkas Kim MacAfee Sue Harmon Mrs. MacAfee Jane Broadbent Mr. MacAfee David Marsh Randolph MacAfee Bill Cornell Albert Peterson Perry Watson Mrs. Peterson Barbara Martin Rose Alvarez Barbara Wallace Hugo Peabody Steve Kilgren Mayor Mike Six Mayor ' s wife Jean Tarak Gloria Resputin Willie Mae Chapman Sad Girls Sandy Blackmer and Gloria Jackson Orchestra Jackie Pellegrom, Brenda Kyser, Glenda Hud- son, Sandy Vitek, Vickie Jibson, Edward Pitt- man, Bill Gzym, Paul Sternburgh, Paul Griffith, Gerrit VanWyke, Rick Paige, Steve Shephard, and Cheryl Falkowski. 107 . r-. -.:v -5 »i . COACH RETIRES FROM ATHLETICS Mr. Delmar Firme, head football coach whose Muskegon Heights Tiger eleven won the Valley Coast Conference title in 1965, decided last fall to resign as foot- ball coach. Mr. Firme had been a coach, teacher and counselor at Heights High ever since he returned from service with the United States Navy in World War II. He also coached tennis and baseball here. At present he is Director of Guidance and Counseling, and Director of Attendance. Students and faculty of Heights High are sorry to see him leave coaching, a job which he has always loved, but we wish him well in whatever work he pursues in the future. In an interview, he said: " I can truthfully say my decision to retire from athletic coaching was one of the most difficult I have had to make. During the period from September, 1947, through November, 1967, it was my pleasure and good fortune as a head or assistant coach of football, tennis, and baseball, to work with several outstanding athletes and hundreds of fine young men. I would like to believe that in some small way their participation in athletics made their school experience more satisfying and helped them after they left school. I know my association with athletics, as a player and a coach, has been most rewarding. I am certain each succeeding September will arouse pleasant memories and will raise many doubts as to whether the decision made was the right one. " Del Firme 108 COACH Mr. Delmar Firme 109 Varsity Cheerleaders ■ M AjK vt-- ; Rhonda Christian, JoAnn Dirheimer, Pam Pedler (Captain), Darlene DeHudy, Mariljm Fife, and Gail Howell. Willie Paschal (absent from picture). Willie Paschal Junior Seniors Rhonda Christian Pam Pedler Gail Howell JoAnn Dirheimer Marilyn Fife Darlene DeHudy Reserve Cheerleaders Sharon McCann, Jackie Copeland (Captain), Sheila Lenior (alternate), Sue Hansen, and Janis Heistand. Objective: To establish a team of girls whose purpose is to create and maintain a finer cheering spirit at Muskegon Heights High School, and whose conduct is such as to inspire a greater admiration and respect for our school. HI Top row — Coach Westman, Ross, Vines, Scott, Phillips, Minnerick, Turner, Morris Front row — Brown, Sanders, Borgeson, Neal, Wasiura, Smith, Jackson, Vauters, BuUis, Zackery Cross Country Coach Donn Westman The 1967 Tiger Cross Country team com- piled another season of outstanding achieve- ments and accomplishments. This year ' s team lived up to the great tradition of powerful cross- country teams that has been established at Muskegon Heights High. The Tigers ended the dual meet season with a fine 10 and 3 mark, and captured the Valley Coast Conference crown. They then went on to become the first Heights cross-country team to place first in regionals. Throughout the entire year the Tigers dis- played the qualities of courage, perserverance, team spirit and fine sportsmanship. Many hours of hard work and dedication were put into the making of our championship team and we of the Oaks staff commend the boys and Coach Donn Westman for a job well done. Cross Country Results HEIGHTS OPPONENTS SCORE 18 Holland 44 24 Grandville 32 31 Mona Shores 24 20 Orchard View 42 31 Muskegon 24 23 East Grand Rapids 34 15 Grand Haven 49 37 Mona Shores 22 20 Orchard View 42 15 Holland 50 18 Fruitport 37 20 Grand Haven 37 23 Muskegon 38 10 wins 3 loses Valley Coast Conference Meet— -First place Greater Muskegon Meet — Second place Regional 1 Meet — 1st place State Meet- •15th place Champs in Action Tigers start strong % 1 t kAi ■«::- = «!BB- ani s ■.•- stronger! fourth row — Coach Taylor, Jackson, Smith, Lane, Autman, Carson, Coach Western third row — Mgr. Thorton, Scott, Thompson, Selmon, Scaife, Butts, Gordon second row — Neal, Watson, Steele, Rodgers, Vines, Bartels, Metcalf, Pearley first row — Johnson, Graham, Peterson, Chandler, Gerrans, Koziak, Parham, Paige Varsity Football Varsity Football TIGERS OPPONENTS Holland 6 6 East Grand Rapids 14 6 Lansing Everett 26 19 Orchard View 7 26 Grandville 6 6 Mona Shores 7 14 Grand Haven 17 6 Wyandotte 26 Muskegon 7 114 ' J oBAi i Clarence Johnson All Valley Coast All City Gregory Gerrans Sr. Q.B. Senior Tigers Steve Koziak Def. Tackle All-Valley Coast All City Ricky Paige Sr. Tackle Spencer Graham End All-Valley Coast All-City Tom Chandler Si Def. Safety Preston Martin Sr. Guard VARSITY FOOTBALL We would like to commend the Var- sity Football team of ' 67 on their fine playing and sportsmanship. Even though we didn ' t have a winning season, the games we lost were close, as scores in- dicate. Even though we lost to Muske- gon 7 to the Tigers played their best game of the season against the Big Reds. In fact the boys showed every- body that they really had everything it takes to be an outstanding team. We really are proud of our gridiron team of ' 67. Robert Steele Sr. Halfback 2 MmJ ' , David Peterson Sr. Tackle 115 Tigers in Motion Spencer Graham tangles up a Holland ball Glen Metcalf makes a diving tackle on a Holland ball carrier. A Muskegon ball carrier is racked up by a host of Tigers. 116 Tom Chandler makes a crushing tackle on a Muskegon ball carrier. Tom Chandler booms the ball out of Tiger territory. Preston Martin bumps Holland ball carrier out of bounds. Reserve Football I - I I I I " I 11 - I lVA3o „ 32 39A i-7ii .- |r ,. W ' . M Top row: Stevenson, Norman, Latin, Barkel Third row: Coach Rueger, Wright, Gilbert, Shelton, Ellis, Agerstrand, Coach Western Second row: Mathes, Scaife, Richardson, Taylor, Brown, Fox, Henderson Front row: O ' Brain, Williams, Paige, Jackowski, Wilkins, Ross, Watson, Riley HEIGHTS OPPONENTS SCORES Reserve Football 6 Holland 20 East Grand Rapids 13 26 Orchard View Grandville 12 13 Mona Shores 6 Grand Haven Muskegon 27 117 Frosh Football ' ' " r " lTmi V J J Top: Managers L. Barnes, McCrea, Ladd Third row: Coach Pamer, Howell, Hudson, Pimpleton, Sones, Burton, Coach Homik Second Row: Farkas, Parker, Williams, A. Barnes, R. Johnson, L. Webb, Reece, T. Rogers, Farrow Front row: Matthews, Gordon, Russ, Bell, Neal, Sutton, Hill, Hall HEIGHTS OPPONENTS SCORES 12 Muskegon Catholic 7 6 East Grand Rapids 30 6 Nelson 6 Grandville 2 13 Mona Shores 6 Grand Haven 32 Mona Shores 20 Bunker 29 The 1967 Freshman Football year was one of delights, high spirits, and plenty of " hard work. " The Little Tigers showed a lot of drive and enthusiasm throughout the season. Although the boys only won two games, the coaches were very pleased. A lot of games are won just on the desire to win and this the coaches feel each boy had. With the experience the Little Tigers gained this year, the J.V. and Varsity teams can look forward to receiving a lot of talent in the future. We wish to congratulate Mr. Hornik, Mr. Pamer and the entire Freshman team for a job well done. 118 Freshman Basketball 3rd Row — Turner. Hill, Vines, Blake, Farkas, Cianton 2nd Row — Neal, Gordon. Russ, Bell, Long 1st Row — Eligah, D. Smith, Johnson, C. Smith, Dye, Coach Poydras Tigers Opponents 60 Orchard View 68 E. Grand Rapids 78 Holland 67 Grand Haven 79 Grandville 85 Orchard View 62 Mona Shores 79 E. Grand Rapids 58 Holland 79 Mona Shores 87 Grand Haven 65 Grandville 44 63 56 75 55 44 44 67 68 36 63 59 119 Junior Varsity Basketball 2nd Row — Richardson, Brown. Wilkins, Scaife, Terrell, Jakowski, Thurmon 1st Row — Norman, Smith, Gilbert, Vaulters, Riley, Coach McCarty eights Tigers Opponents 65 Romulus 44 78 Orchard View 50 58 Muskegon 64 70 East G. Rapids 47 61 Holland 60 81 Grand Haven 45 74 Grandville 40 56 Orchard View 64 83 Mona Shores 68 90 East G. Rapids 51 76 Holland 63 69 Muskegon 76 72 Mona Shores 49 77 Grand Haven 34 108 Grandville 49 67 G. R. Ottawa 62 13 wins and 3 losses 120 Varsity Basketball Dye, Gerrans, Johnson. Vines, Wiseman. Graham, Terpstra, Kidd, Gordon, Metcalf, Scott, Harris, Bartels, Neal, Thompson, Coach Westman Tigers Opponents 74 Romulus 81 Muskegon 96 Orchard View 93 E. Grand Rapids 82 Holland 95 Grand Haven 93 Grandville 81 Orchard View 95 Mona Shores 101 E. Grand Rapids 90 Holland 60 Muskegon 93 Mona Shores 81 Grand Haven 85 Grandville 92 Ottawa Hills District 66 Muskegon Mr. Dick Hedges, Sports Reporter, Muskegon Chronicle 70 80 68 56 89 68 58 48 52 65 79 69 65 65 79 83 70 121 KIDD RIDES 122 HIGH (Jills ' I ' rack Top-R. Rone, L. Wallace, S. Wright, S. Turner Middle -A. Burks, L. Burnett, L. Burks, B. Smith, A. Johnson Bottom - D. Rone, L. Johnson, L. Koblbeck, G. Burks, C. Scaife The Girls Track Team entered seven inter- school track meets with Orchard View, Mona Shores, and Reeth Puffer. We won every meet entered. The Muskegon Heights track team took eight first and six second places of twelve events, a splendid accomplishment. This outstanding track team is the result, at least in part, of the fine coaching by instructor, Miss Maxine Cobb, a graduate of Muskegon Heights High School where she, herself, was an outstanding athlete and tennis champion. We, the student body of Muskegon Heights, are proud of this fine track team and their coach. Event Winner Time High Jump Shirley Turner 5 ' 0 Running Long Jump Gwen Burks 16 ' 75-yard Dash Linda Wallace 9.0 200-yard Shuttle Alice Burk Linda Wallace Ruth Rone Shirley Turner 24.1 440 Pursuit Relay Betty Smith Doris Rone Gwen Burks Lorrane Johnson 57.1 100-Yard Dash Linda Burks 12.0 220-yard Dash Betty Smith 29.3 50-yard Dash Shirley Turner 6.2 Tennis Berghuis, Coach McPhee, Kilgren, DeHudy, Saladin TENNIS SUMMARY Heights scores Opponent Scores Orchard View 7 Mona Shores 7 Grand Haven 7 East Grand Rapids 7 Holland 7 Godwin Heights 7 Grandville 7 Orchard View 7 Mona Shores 7 Grand Haven 7 lost City Meet East Grand Rapids 7 Fruitport 7 Holland 7 Grandville 7 124 Golf Coach Bidvia, O ' Brien, Farkas, Oslund, Borgeson, Farkas GOLF SUMMARY Heights Scores Won Lost Opponent Scores Heights 445 2 East Grand Rapids Godwin Heights 325 445 Heights 321 2 Grandville Godwin Heights 259 252 Heights 352 2 Holland 247 Heights 216 0 1 Fruitport Mona Shores 177 250 Heights 427 1 1 Grandville Orchard View 355 439 Heights 459 2 Grand Haven Mona Shores 320 330 Heights 446 2 East Grand Rapids Orchard View 365 406 Heights 436 0 1 Fruitport 365 Heights 426 2 Holland Grand Haven 331 323 1 13 Conference record 1 15 Season Record Indicates non-conference games Placed 16th in the regionals Tied with Orchard View for 7th in Conference play Baseball Top -J. Scaife, Gzym, Watson, Burton, Perri, Gilbert, R. Scaife Middle - Johnson, Duff, Scott, Bartels, M. Augustus, Hartis, Gordon Bottom - Stemburgh, Day, Young, J. Augustus, Vanderwest, Cross, Coach Pfundt Tigers Opponents 7 Orchard View 6 2 Mona Shores 7 4 Grand Haven 9 1 East Grand Rapids 2 2 Holland 6 6 Godwin Heights 1 5 Fruitport 7 11 Grandville 3 Orchard View 6 1 Mona Shores 6 4 East Grand Rapids 8 4 Holland 14 3 Grand Haven 5 1 Godwin 4 6 Grandville 7 While the 1968 Oaks was being completed in the factory where it is manufactured, the ' 68 Baseball Team was also completing its current season. It is impossible, therefore, to forecast the results at this time, except to say that so far it has been enthusiastic, with more depth in hitting, pitching, and fielding than previous teams of recent years. Coaches Roger Pfundt and Assistant Larry Rueger were very pleased with the improvement shown this spring. After a slow start, the Tigers have been gradually building up to a position of power in the Conference. (The photo shown here, of course, is of the 1967 team.) 126 Track and Field wwUte ■ «1» f ' Top row — Coach Taylor, Ross, Sheldon, Ellis, J. Ross, Norman Middle row — Smith, Copeland, Neal, Vauters, Glover, Espinoza Front row — Autmam, Pimpleton, McCarty, Steele, Wasiura, Sanders, J. Smith GHTS OPPONENTS 22 Muskegon 96 68 Orchard View 50 29 Mona Shores 89 38 Grand Haven 80 311 4 E. Grand Rapids 843 4 54 Godwin 64 72 Grandville 46 86 Holland 32 Greater Muskegon Meet 5th place 18 points Valley Coast Meet 7th place 10 points BEST PERFORMANCE OF 1967 Shot Put - 40 ' 3 " Minor Thomas Pole Vault - 11 ' 6 " John Smith High Jump - 6 ' IVz " Jerry McCarthy Long Jump - 19 ' 8 " Jerry McCarthy 100 yd. Dash - 10.6 Jerry McCarthy 220 yd. Dash - 24.4 Jerry McCarthy 440 yd. Dash - 55.1 Everett Pimpleton 880 yd. Run - 2:08 Russell Vauters Low Hurdles - 21.6 Otis Autman High Hurdles - 16.1 Otis Autman 880 yd. Delay - 136.4 Everette Pimpleton, Billy Copeland, Robert Steele, Jerry Mc- Carthy Mile Relay - 3:36.3 Everett Pimpleton, Robert Steele, Jerry McCarty, Dennis Glover Mile -4:51 Dennis Glover 2 Mile 10:29 Ed Wasiura 127 Tiger Bowling League « Top Row: Brewer, Duff, Overstreet, Kasper, Bartels, Williams. Bottom Row: Stemburgh, Norkus, Heistand, Archambault, Ward (adviser) Boy ' s High Series: Paul Sternburgh Girl ' s High Series: Pat Archambault High Games: Paul Stemburgh and Pat Archambault «; in- 128 1968 VOLLEYBALL CHAMPS Top Row — Velma Watson, Gwendolyn Burks, Delores Swingler, Linda Smith. Bottom Row — Glenda Vines, Ernestine Cox, Darlinda Minott, Fanny Williams, Miss Cobb Instructor. Girls ' Athletics ACT I ox PACKED « 129 Pl HiH 1 9 m P jf 2 m K 1 m ppsi -v3r Hh - k ' 1- iL " ■■ V-- » L 1 ..: " W " ■ 1. ■ — — — i . .1 .«-3a •■ ' , ' ' ' ■ ' •. ;■ ■ • ' : %i:- ■ ; f y. : ;: ., ■ ■•Ac-. N - %..V: J % «■ ■ir ' «S ' r tfi 132 IT PAYS TO ADVERTISE IN iik 4i) t " ' fci- ISi M- ' ■ k w i J F lA UL ' ■■— - ■ ' •.• •■■i . -. ■--• Be: THE OAKS 133 AD DIRECTORY J. S. Anderson Packing Co. Ashendorf Auto Parts Edwin Anderson L. G. Balfour Co. Bennett Pump Division Black Angus Boelkins Market Bombers-Ensing Agency Bono ' s Bootery Browne Morse Co. Burt ' s Barber Shop Bush " Vault Co. The Camera Shop Ciggzree ' s Campbell, Wyant Cannon Coca Cola Cohn ' s Furniture Coles Bakery Columbia Studio Consumers Power Co. Cooper ' s Flower Coscarelli Concessions Dawes Florist D C Stores Dresser Crane, Inc. Farr View Dairy Fritz Drug Alfred J. Hunter Ken Parker Lakos Steak House 140 145 143 149 142 141 143 147 137 150 149 143 139 144 140 139 137 143 136 141 144 135 136 139 137 138 136 144 146 144 Lappo Lumber Lee Funeral Home Lee Hardware Meier Cleaners Inc. Michigan Consolidated Gas Bob Moore ' s Florist Bob Moores Honda ' s Murn Bros. Garage Muskegon Bank Trust Muskegon Business College Muskegon Theatres Norton Motel Parsons Dept. Store Potter ' s Lamp Co. Punches Thriftway Market Plye Pattern Co. Radium Photo Service Reliable Auto Body Reliable Trucking Crane Service Remwolt Cleaners Tailors Reynolds Funeral Home Ruiter Bros. Russ ' Drive-In Restaurant Sam ' s Grocery Sealed Power Corp. Sietsema Floor Smith Blvd. Drugs Steve ' s Beauty Shop Windatt Pontiac Vanderveldes 141 144 138 137 142 139 142 146 144 145 149 140 138 139 136 136 139 141 147 146 138 145 137 145 148 141 141 149 144 147 134 JAMES COSCARELLI PERE MARQUETTE PARK Lake Michigan Concessions Jim Coscarelli, Prop. No. 1 Concession Phone? 5 5-1461 Res. Phone75 5-1461 four Stands for Your Convenience " World ' s Best Beaches and Swimming Waters Miniature Train and Kiddie Rides TRY OUR FREEZER FRESH POLAR ICE CREAM " Real Italian Pizza " MINIATURE GOLF Concession Service from Channel Wall to Bronson Park BRONSON PARK NO. 4 STAND 135 Compliments of DAWES FLORIST Muskegon Hts., Michigan SERVICE TO FOUNDRY INDUSTRY SINCE 1905 ' ' " PYLI PATTI FG. CO. MUSKEGON HEIGHTS, MICHIGAN FRITZ DRUG STORE PRESCRIPTION SPECIALISTS SINCE 1911 1975 Apple Sfreet Peck at Broadway Open Tji YOUR SENIOR CLASS PHOTOGRAPHER Since 1939 Class Portraits of Distinction BLACK and WHITE or NATURAL COLOR 809 Terrace Street, A ex Door to Hosier ' s Call PA 2-3013 for appointment Congrofulations to Class of 1968 PUNCHES THRIFTWAY MARKET 3162 Heights Ravenna Rd. Phone PE 9-3240 Congratulations to the Class of 1S)68 GE NERAL T IRE SERVICE OF rGENERAL MUSKEGON TIRE 2721 Sixth Street Muskegon Heigiits Phone: 733-1258 136 MEIER CLEANERS ' ' Where the Good Work Comes Fr FAMILY SHOES " Every Day Low Prices " 41-45 Broadway - Strand Bidg. Muskegon Hts. " Guaranteed Correct Fit " ( mi Furniture Corner Peck Broadway Muskegon Heights, Michigan 3225 S. Henry St., Muskegon CONGRATULATIONS As a world leader in the manufacture of quality cranes, hoists and lifting accessories we con- gratulate you on your graduation and invite you to consider joining the Dresser team of aggressive minds and hands in producing the finest in labor saving materials handling tools. DRESSER DRESSER CRANE, HOIST TOWER DIVISION DREBBER INOUBTRIES, INC. MUSKEGON. MICHIGAN 3-3 3 137 REYNOLDS FUNERAL HOME Serving Greater Muskegon Area 2211 Jarman Street Muskegon Heights, Michigan COMPLIMENTS of LEE HARDWARE 22 W. Broadway Congratulations to the Class of 1968 Flavor Controlled 7w,tt ieu)Z utY Dairy Products ALL STAR DAIRY " Best for you and baby too " Congratulations to the CLASS OF 1968 PARSONS DEPARTMENT STORE MUSKEGON HEIGHTS 138 We are ready, willing, and able to serve you with 1 04 Famous Na- tionally Advertised Brands. You ' ll be amazed at our selections. RADIUM PHOTO SERVICE 367 W. Western Avenue CONGRATULATIONS, SENIORS! rrom D. C. Stores, Inc Muskegon Heights Best Wishes From Camera Shop Muskegon Heights, Michigan Congratulations to the Class of 1968 from BOB MOORE, Florist 2764 Peck Slreet Phone PE 3-1498 things go 4: better,! Coke Congrafu ofions to he Class of 1968 Potter ' s Lamp Co. Dial PE 3-1 806 2719 Peck Street Muskegon Heights, Michigan 139 CONGRATULATIONS to the CLASS OF 1968 from NORTON MOTEL Seaway Drive at Norton HACKLEY UNION NATIONAL BANk AND TRUST COMPANY J. S. Anderson Packing Co. Congratulations to the CLASS OF 1968 " We cannot command success, but we can do more — We can deserve it " Anonymous CAMPBELL, WYANT AND CANNON FOUNDRY COMPANY Division of Textron, Inc. 140 Milteoti " B Aftm MUSKEGOhJ, MICHIGAN Lappo Lumber Fruit port, Mich. ' ' If you don ' t buy it from us we both loose money " 865-321 WHAT KIND OF FUTURE DO YOU WANT? The American free enterprise system lets you call the shots, lets you decide your own future. Consumers Power is part of this sys tern as a business-managed. Investor owned, tax-paying electric and natural gas utility. Looking for challenge and opportunity ' Join our public service oriented team. Where " CP ' stands (or continuing progress p Consumers Power Complete Collision Service BODV REPAIRING e REFINISHING AUTO BODY MU3KEGQN HEIGHTS. MICHIGAN ..■flTffltffli Compliments of Smith Boulevard Drugs 2144 Hoyt Prescription Services PA 2-3603 141 Congralulalionsi Columbus landed on on island and discovered two continents he hadn ' t dreamed of. Discovery is like that. It always creates new challenges. We hope you ' ll look upon your high school diploma that way. And use it as a base of exploration that will take you on to college and the challenges which await you there. By the time you graduate, you will have found a few answers. And discovered many more questions. Then you ' ll be ready to start exploring again. MICHIGAN CONSOLIDATED GAS COMPANY I find the great thing in this world is not so much where we stand, as in what direction we are moving. Oliver Wendell Holmes F3LJIV1P OI ISIC3l l JOHN WOOD COMPANY. Muakegon, Michigan 49444 Representatives m Principal Cities Affiliates throughout the World 5,:,.r tiO BOB MOORE ' S HONDA SALES 2501 Peck Street Muskegon Heights 142 BEST WISHES from COLE ' S BAKERY " Where good things come from " BUSH VAULT CO., INC. 2708 9th Street Ph. 733-1904 PRE-CAST CONCRETE PRODUCTS BOELKINS 2300 Maffett Street Finer Foods A pleasant place to shop CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1968 from ANDERSON PLUMBING and HEATING 2429 Peck Street Phone 7 3 3-2935 FRITZ DRUG STORE PRESCRIPTION SPECIALISTS SINCE 191 I 1975 Apple Street Peck at Broadway Open 9 p.m. 143 CONGRATULATIONS, SENIORS ALFRED J. HUNTER CO. 1818 Henry Street 755-2271 Muskegon, Michigan 1 Lakos Steak House (Steak - Chops - Chicken Sea Food) 428 W. Western Open 1 1:00 A.M. -1:00 A.M. Closed Sundays and Holidays SIETSEMA FLOOR COVERING Floor Tile — Carpef Ceramic Tile — Formica 329 W. Broadway Phone: 733-9900 Muskegon Heights, Michigan THE MUSKEGON BANK AND TRUST COMPANY WINDATT PONTIAC 144 Best Wishes MUSKEGON BUSINESS COLLEGE ACCREDITED AS A TWO-YEAR JUNIOR COLLEGE OF BUSINESS FREE EMPLOYMENT TO GRADUATES Recent Graduates of MUSKEGON HEIGHTS HIGH SCHOOL Apple at Spring RUITER BROS Plumbing, Heofing Sheef Mefal, and Air Conditioning 2831 Maffet Street Telephone 733-2681 ASHENDORF AUTO PARTS 15-31 East Center Street Where all of the Heights gets the best price in the Heights. CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 68 fro m SAM ' S GROCERY Sherman Blvd. 145 Remwolt Cleaners and Tailors Congratulations class of 1968 1 ■ tit: t« t l " ■ ' ■■; : B - KtL IS ' ia ' f ■ TEMPO • t SMLI Mh 3Q| Bf H iimiBAi irT ■ ' ft ' . jKmH rB " ' ' " " ' ' " iii iHiSii B H ' . ' jl HH HI IB I KEN BEA ' S GROCERY 9th Broadway Muskegon Heights, Michigan PE 3-8393 MURN BROS. GARAGE Complete Motor Rebuilding Motor Tune-up Expert Body Work 2810 Peck Street Muskegon Heights, Mich. iH 146 Reliable Truck Crane, Inc. 3770 AIRLINE RD MUSKEGON, MICHIGAN 49444 PHONE 733-4.49I Satisfied Customers Are Our Best! Congratulations Class of ' 68 Bomers-Ensing Agency Insurance HARRY G. BOMERS Real Estate Harry G. Bomers, Class of ' 56 PE 3-6222 29 E. Broadway 0J, Broadway at Fifth VANDERVELDE ' S Furniture and Carpets Muikegon Heights 147 Sealed Power Corporation Provides the RING of Opportunity Today, Sealed Power is seven modern factories in three countries . . . approximately 1,500,000 square feet of floor space ... a multi-million dollar investment in modern production machinery, research facilities, and precision-checking devices. From Canada to Mexico 148 — but mostly here at home in Muskegon — v e are spending additional millions of dollars to stay ahead of the times. We are investing in our future just as you have done by completin your high school education. Only by preparing in the present fc challenges to come, can any of us hope to be successful. Whethe you plan to seek immediate employment or pursue a higher educe tion, your high school diploma is a sign of sound preparation. Plants in Muskegon and St. Johns, Michigan; Rochester and LoGrange, Indiana; Stratford, Ontario; and Naucalpon de Juarez, Mexico Muskegon Theatres Michigan — Regent A CENTURY TOP ENTERTAINMENT! BURT ' S BARBER PE 3-9261 SHOP 2230 Hoyt Street Muskegon Heights Michigan Cherished privilege Ri ' iiiiinhi ' i ' , only y " " ' ' chissm.ilos and yuu arc rnlitk ' d to wear your cspocially ilcsignnd class rin.L; from IJallour. VVcir it proudly, as a cherished privilege. Coii ' -iralulations and best wishes from KEN DRAKE Class of 1948 representing jewfihy ' s , ' Finest Craftsmen Phone PE 3-2355 STEVE ' S BEAUTY SHOP Stevena Addink 4: 149 Our Sincere Congratulations to the Class of ' 68 May your graduation be the completion of just one of many steps in a rewarding life of similar fruitful accomplishments. BROWNE-MORSE COMPANY Muskegon, Michigan ' i 4L 4i0. « 150 ' V 152 Established 1920 K LEE FUNERAL HOME Off street parking f Best Wishes Class of 196 8 SAY IT WITH COOPER ' S FLOWERS 2512 Peck Street Phone PE 3-2218 d Congratulafions class of ' 68 from CIGGZREE ' S 7 East Center (across from the Hts. Police station) 155 m ' i ' 1» 4 , hJ ' ' 4 4 " 156 Senior Dlrccliirv Maxine Adams 2305 Baker Deborah Alcorn 2036 Reynolds Gurdia Alexander 352 East Hackley Gracie Allen 2317 Man Rhonda Anderson 3221 Lemuel Gerald Andre 2921 Seventh Charles Arthurhultz 3021 Sixth Michael Augustus 690 A Howell Shelia Baldwin 2239 Jarman Elves Banks 2340 Wood Robert Barrett 2937 Sanford Bill Basch 2908 Baker Ronnie Bass 2132 Riordan Ezekiel Bell 2228 Howden Linda Bigelow 2405 Park Judith Bordeau 2500 Sixth James Bothwell 2538 Howden Rosie Bourne 1323 E. Sherman Darrell Boyd 3355 Peck Rosie Briggs 2229 Sanford Jane Broadbent 3015 Mona Shirley Brooks 2341 Mc Ilhvraith Deborah Brott 3241 Mona Faye Brown 78 E. Delano Lawrence Brown 2504 Hoyt Mary Brown 2244 Howden Gwendolyn Burks 2213 Fifth Lynda Burns 3327 Highland Terry Burns 3327 Highland CatJierine Burton 2228 Ninth Roy Burton 645 B Hovey Johnnie Butts 2508 Lemuel OfeliaCasarez 2536 Ninth Nancy Gates 3125 Ninth Rosalyn Chappel 689 A Howell Edwin Chappel 689-A Howell Ronda Christian 3321 Leahy Rick Clark 3300 Leahy Randy Colquitt 3232 Sanford Eva Cook 2424 Leahy Gerald Cook 3310 Ninth Susan Cook 33 10 Ninth James F. Cooper 2019 Ray Street Billy Copeland 740 F Hovey Mary Copeland 2237 Baker Betty Courtney 2320 Baker ErnestineCox 2316 Riordan Linda Cross 3142 Glade Melvin Cross 2628 Reynolds Helen Crowell 2516 Hoyt Asaline Culver 2027 Leahy Linda Davis 2120 Jefferson Darlene De Hudy 2517 Leahy Douglas De Jonge 3309 Maffeti Curtis DeLano 2031 Fifth Cathy Deuster 261 E. Broadway Carol Dickert 3331 Temple Jo Ann Dirheimer 2826 Roy Paul Duff 80 Crescent Vera Dunbar 2404 E Jarman Mary Ducan 2444 Riordan Francis Durham 2408 Wood Brenda Dye 2232 Riordan Johnny Dye 2232 Riordan Mary Elliot 680 D Ivory Michael Espinoza 2235 Eighth Marcia Essenberg 610 W. Oakwood Kathryn Evans 2625 Wood Mary Evans 21 13 Fifth John Farmer 2033 Jarman Marilyn Fife 2428 Lemuel Donese Fisher 351 E. Sherman Sven Fiskars 2149 Sixth Robert Fowler 2920 Fifth Elaine Frye 2312 Reynolds Vickie Gaunt 3236 Peck Kathy Geeting 2625 Seventh Greg Gerrans 2843 Jarman Dennis Glover 3109 Klug Road C. B. Gordan. Jr. 2212 Fifth Spencer Graham 2236 Hoyt Phyllis Grant 1 526 Oregon Willie Grissom 2121 Superior Bill Gzym 3332 Hoyt Johnny Harris 2533 Baker Linda Harris 2141 Riordan Nell Harris 2501 Ninth Robert Harris 21 16 Fifth Thelma Harris 2501 Ninth Gloria Hayes 21 17 Leahy 157 Nathaniel Mines 2500 Howden Cathy Hladki 146 Harrison Gail Howell 2409 Howden Joe Hughes 2224 Mc Illwraith AlethaHunt 2205 Leahy Paulette Hunt 2309 Elwood Carol Hunter 3118Sanford Cheryl Hunter 3118Sanford Daren Hurd 3008 Temple Gloria Jackson 665 A Ivory Jeanette Jackson 2321 Jefferson Lawrence James 181 East Hackley Clarence Johnson 2324 Reynolds David Johnson 3354 Jefferson Evelyn Johnson 2224 Maffett Gerald Johnson 3367 Jefferson Mary Johnson 2444 Maffett John Jones 640 A Ivory Mallie Jordan 563 A Howell Gerald Rammers 1533 Norwich Angela Keener 689 E. Howell Steven Kidd 2521 Jefferson Steven Kilgren 2437 Sanford Darrell King 2509 Lemuel Steve Koziak 2924 Waalkes Barbara Kroemer 21 19 Eighth Brenda Kyser 220 Lincoln Linda Lance 3220 Mona Michael Lane 2321 Manz Ann Lewis 665 D Ivory Wayne Lewis 2041 Riordan Richard Locke 2045 Manz Peggy Madison 160 E. Delano James Martin 704 Lincoln Preston Martin 2625 Eighth Samuel Mc Daniels 2308 Manz John Mc Gee 2425 Hoyt Darlinda Minott 2509 Hoyt Charles Montgomery 2428 Hoyt Geneva Moore 615 D Howell Carolyn Mortenson 3016 Mona Mary Moss 2328 Hoyt Lonnie Mullins 2400 Wood Lawrence Myles 2216 Hoyt RusselNeal 2320 Glade VickiNorkus 21 18 Eighth Dennis O ' Brien 2445 Sixth Robert Oldt 3109 Sixth Sondra Oplinger 2908 Lemuel Donald Oslund 2924 Ninth Teddy Overstreet, Jr. 2441 Hoyt Brenda Owens 2245 Waalkes Carrie Pace 2221 Fifth Danny Pacyga 7 Crescent Gainell Paige 2132 Jefferson Gwendolyn Paige 2520 Jefferson Willie Paige 2044 Reynolds Andrew Parham 2425 Eighth Celestine Parker 23 16 Leahy Vicent Parker 2520 Manz Edward Parritt 3232 Sixth Pam Pedler 2125 Maffett Clyde Pennington 2208 Sixth Phyllis Peppier 2408 Sanford David Peterson 3105 Temple Marvin Poland 2641 S. Sheridan Georgia Pratt 2614 Riordan Michael Reece 3305 Fifth Orlando Riley 744 D. Ivory David Rogers 691-B Hovey Doris Rone 2 1 10 Jarman Gladis Ross 2345 Howden Dale Rutkowski 2913 Eighth Joseph Saladin 100 Crescent Howard Sanders 2307 Hoyt Steve Sanders 2309 Hoyt Johnny Sargent 2500 Park Loretta Sargent 2316 Manz James Scaife 2521 Baker Linda Scanlon 375 W. Maplewood Roger Schmidt 2924 Glade Barbara Schultz 2917 Ninth James Selmon 2324 Mc Ilwraith Eloise Sharp 2 140 Jefferson Steven Shepherd 76 East Barney Ella Sims 2202 Hoyt Barbara Sipos 2921 Sanford Michael Six 3207 Glendale Larry Sliter 3233 Maffett Bettv Smith 684-A Hovev 158 Brcndu Smith Gail Smith John Smith Linda Smith 732 Ovcrbrook 2512 Howden 661 D Howell 2432 Maffctt Raymond Smith, Linda Spears Margaret Spears Merinda Spiers Ronald Staple Robert Steele Paul Sternburg Norma Sukup Donna Sumnagel Deborah Swift Delores Swingler David Szymanski Christine Taylor Mark Thomas Michael Thompson Jr. 2405 Howden 744 C Ivory 2138 Manz 3132 Eighth 2225 Jefferson 2570 Getty 3370 Eighth 2529 Eighth 3020Vorton 33 10 Ninth 2032 Dyson 3213 Sixth 2104 Reynolds 2520 Elwood 2025 Wood William Tyler Larry Vauters Claudine Veal David Vedders Glenda Vines 691 C Hovey 563 E. Howell 2529 Elwood 3325 Giendale 2500 Leahv 21 Riordan 2150 E. Broadway Sandra Vitek 2S21 Jefferson Jacob Wabindato 3001 Sixth Billy Walker 2 Sharon Walker Barbara Wallace Robert Wansten Jeanne Warner Roger Warner Edward Wasuira Georgia Watson Velma Watson Karen Weaver Robert Whitlow Darrelee Williams Fanny Williams Ira Williams Myers Williams Pam Wilson Steven Woirol Arthur Wright Melvin Wright Willie Young David Zackery 2544 Howden 2324 San ford 3308 Mona 3308 Mona 3333 Giendale 2201 Jefferson 2037 Jarman 3109 Mona 2536 Baker 2145 Hoyt 2649 Reynolds 2023 Seventh 2437 Manz 3033 Seventh 3326 Temple 616-C Ivory 2225 Dyson 2610 Riordan 2300 Reynolds A 159 160 EDWARDS BROTHERS

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