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A L. a eo- ho rHi Gs J DMl€ Volume XL MUSKEGON HEIGHTS High School Muskegon Heights, Michigan ■m . rp -i rX " - PP S ' - s ' - ••• ' «» 4 ' -« ' S ■ ■ iSi SBS ' mf . ' ' s K : ' " . •»■ ' a . Foreword In every school, there is one quality that is a necessity for both the faculty and the student body to possess. This element is " school spirit " . We of the Class of 1961, feeling that our school is truly an excellent example of this quality have chosen " School Spirit " as the theme of our yearbook. In our three years at Heights High, v e have been able to observe this important element at v ork ... in athletics (v hether we win or whether we lose), in the classrooms, among our superior graduates, and in our loyal spirited teachers. Lastly, we have even seen evidence of it in our own individual willingness to put forth the extra efFort necessary for the success of all school undertakings. To some, it may seem that spirit is a small, perhaps too indefinable or intangible theme upon which to base our yearbook. Some probably think it only operates in the field of sports. Webster defines this valuable quality as " enthusiastic loyalty " . We like to think of it also as a kind of " personal pride " which each of us feel toward everything we do . . . everything we do now . . . and everything we hope to do in later life. In these days of space exploration, of discussion and debate on subjects of tremendous consequence, of pressures and obligations almost too heavy to bear, it is this rather indefinable qualify . . . " school spirit " . . . which will carry us through to our goal. In the years ahead, no matter how tough the going, let us keep firmly in mind the quality which many times has carried us to the top . . . that unconquerable " Tiger Spirit. " It can carry us to the top again! C.K.C. TABLE OF CONTENTS FACULTY 8-17 SENIORS 18-55 UNDERGRADS 56-71 ACTIVITIES 72-89 MUSIC 90-97 ATHLETICS 98-113 ADVERTISING 114-160 IK " a Publications Staff EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Charon Coston ASSOCIATE EDITOR Nancy Vickers PHOTOGRAPHER Bonnie Parmelee PHOTO EDITORS Carl Suchovsky Norma Schneider CHIEF TYPISTS Brendo Sherman Shirley Crocker FACULTY EDITOR Pat Vitek SENIOR EDITORS Georgia Kekoni Cecile Levy UNDERGRAD EDITORS Helen Smidt Joanne Tuller ACTIVITIES EDITORS Marilyn Martin Mary Ann Roder MUSIC EDITORS Curtis McLemore Pat Vitek SPORTS EDITORS Antonio Cullen Barb Spencer Shirley Crocker ADVERTISING EDITORS Basil Butler Pat Thompson Mary Jane Vander Schaaf PASTE-UP EDITOR Curtis McLemore ART EDITORS Joe Bomers Curtis McLemore SHIPPING MANAGER Joanne Tuller Brenda Sherman STAFF ADVISORS Mr. Murray — Editorial Miss Keilor — Art Mr. Schregardus — Advertising Mr. Kruizenga — Consultant Editor-in-Chief Charon Coston Associate Editor Nancy Vickers Staff of ' 61 V i Dedicated to Mr. James B. Norris, B.S., M.A. We, the Senior Class of Nineteen Hundred Sixty-One, are proud to dedicate this fortieth volume of The Oaks, to you, our popular teacher, understanding counselor, and fine class advisor, Mr. James B. Norris. Muskegon, Michigan was your birthplace in 1928, you remained in Muskegon while attending Muskegon Heights High School. After graduating, you spent one year at Muskegon Community College, and three years at Central Michigan College, v here you received your Bachelor of Science degree in 1951. Still going higher in educa- tion, you received your Master ' s degree in Secondary Administration at the University of Michigan in 1955. On December 20, 1952, you married the former Miss Lois Kienke, also a Heights graduate. In later years you were blessed with three wonderful children, Lisa, six years. Bill, three years, and Dave, one year. During your ten years of teaching in the Muskegon Heights schools, you taught many grades and courses, including your most recent assignment, American History and Economics. Besides teaching, you were appointed to be one of our fine coun- selors, and for three years, one of our class advisors. At one time, we understand, you were President of Muskegon Heights District of M.E.A. Now, as you are working on a six-year Specialist in Education Degree at the University of Michigan, we wish you the best of luck in whatever you do, and a fond good-bye from the Class of 1961. FACULTY Superintendent School Personnel In Memoriam Mr. Carl N. Damm {Board member for 22 years) " As President and then Treasurer of the Board a number of terms, it was Mr. Domm ' s advice, guidance, and leadership that helped lift the system through the lean depression years from a fledgling high-school to its present, respected sta- tus. " — The Muskegon Chronicle RETIRED Mr. James W. Verduin Administrative Assistant RETIRED Mr. Fred E. Strong Thanks to you, Mr. Strong, and to the Board of Education for your devotion to our school and community. Perhaps now thaf we are graduating we realize more than we did before, the great responsibil- ity of education. We hope to continue the upward climb along the path you have shown to us. Board of Education Lawrence A. Cart, President Mrs. Mclntyre, Mr. Marquand, Mr. McCaleb, Mr. Faust, Mr. Campbell, Mr. Retsemo, Mr. Hylland, Mr. Strong. Principal PRINCIPAL Mr. H. A. Kruizenga We say farewell to you, Mr. Kruizenga, and express the hope in this 1961 Oaks that you will continue to lead the students of Muskegon Heights High School as Principal for many years to come. We shall endeavor to carry with us the high prin- ciples of conduct and Tiger spirit exemplified at Heights High. Assistant Principal OFFICE SECRETARIES Miss Bonnie Griffiths Mrs. Anna Harvath These two young ladies work quietly and effi- ciently all day long, keeping things humming office- wise. In fact what would we ... or for that matter the faculty ... do without them? Mr. Leonard Schregardus We might say the mathematics students lost a good math teacher, but the whole school gained a very fine assistant princi- pal when you were appointed to your new position in the fall of 1960. Good luck and best wishes in the future. Thanks for your help. Counselors Mr. D. Firme, Mrs. F. Murray, Mr. J. Thornley, Mr. J. Norris Wise guidance is the advancement of living, but Enlightenment is the ad- vancement of Life. This concept has been the underlying philosophy of the Counseling and Guidance Department since 1953 when Mrs. Florence Murray was named our first high school counesior. This year the department was expanded by additional personnel and new facilities. Mr. Delmar Firme, full- time counselor, and Mr. James Norris and Mr. J. Kenneth Thornley, teacher- counselors, are the additional senior high counselors. Secretaries for the counseling department are Miss Bonnie Cunningham ( ' 60) and Miss Karen Buttermore ( ' 61). The department now has a more convenient and attractive room adjacent to the main office. To aid each of us students wi th our educational plans, vocational selections, social understandings, and personal commitments that we may attain self-perception, self-direction, and self-fulfillment for this enrichment, for not only our own lives, but also the better- ment of all humanity, is the main objective of our ounselors. Employment, scholarships, schedule, career . . . ? See your counselor! Secretaries Miss Buttermore Miss Cunningliam — »i MRS. M. BAILEY A.B. Degree Central Michigan University English Junior Class Adviser MR. E. BIDVIA B.S. Degree Central Michigan University Driver Education MR. W. BOSSERDET B.S., M.A. Degrees Central Michigan College Michigan State College Driver Education MR. C. BRASH B.S. Degree Western Michigan University Hi-Y Adviser MR. J. V. COBB A.B., M.A. Degrees Western Michigan University University of Michigan English Faculty MISS M. COBB B.S. Degree Western Michigan University Pllysical Education Booster Club Adviser MRS. S. COLE B.A. Degree Central Micliigan University Englisti Y-Teens Adviser Sophomore Class Adviser MR. A. M. COURTRIGHT B.S., M.A. Degrees University of Michigan Columbia University Industrial Arts Jets Adviser MRS. B. DAVIES A.B. Degree Hope College Spanish, English Senior Class Adviser Spanish Club Adviser MISS G. DEILKE B.S. Degree Bob Jones University English Cheerleader Adviser YFC Adviser MR. D. DEWITT A.B., M.A. Degrees Hope College University of Michigan English Hi-Y Adviser MR. W. DINGLER B.S. Degree Western Michigan University Woodworking MR. K. EDWARDSEN B.A. Degree Western Michigan University Speech, Debote Debate Club Adviser MISS R. L. ERIKSON B.S. Degree Eastern Michigan University American History MR. R. FARABAUGH B.A. Degree Western Michigan University Accounting F.A.A. Adviser IN MEMORIAM Faculty MR. D. W. FIRME A.B., B.S., M.A. Degrees Western Michigan University University of Micliigan Counselor MR. W. GALOMBECK B.M., B.S. Degrees Cincinnati Conservatory of Music Western Michigan University Orchestra Director MR. E. W. GILLASPY A.B., B.S., M.A. Degrees Western Michigon University Northwestern University Michigan Stole University University of Michigan Speech Thespians, Oaklians Adviser MR. L. GRAY A.B. Degree University of Michigan Band Director Senior Class Adviser MRS. R. HARMON B.S. Degree Stout State Teachers College Home Economics 14 MRS. R. HASTINGS A.B., M.A. Degrees Adrian College University of Michigan French, Spanish French Club Adviser MRS. E. HEATON B.S., M.S. Degrees University of Nebroska University of Michigan Typing MR. O. JOHNSON A.B, Degree Western Michigan University Civics Football, Basketball Coach MISS K. KEILLOR A.B., M.F.A. Degrees Western Michigan University Cronbrook Academy of Art Art MR. R. KENNEDY B.S. Degree Western Michigan University Printing MISS E. KIDWELL B.S., M.A. Degrees Inciiono University Denver University Librarian Library Staff Adviser MR. D. McKENZIE A.B. Degree Central Michigan University History MR. E. MOREHOUSE A.B. Degree Albion College Biology Biology Club Adviser MRS. D. MURPHY B.S. Degree North Dakota State College Home Economics 1961 MRS. F. MURRAY B.S. Degree Northern Michigan University Counselor MR. W. MURRAY A.B., M.A. Degrees University of Michigan English, Journalism Oaks, Acorn Adviser MR. C. NEIR A.B. Degree Eastern Michigan University Mathematics MR. G. NIERGARTH B.S. Degree Central Michigan College Biology Biology Club Adviser MR. J. NORRIS B.S., M,A. Degrees Central Michigan College University of Michigan Economics, American History Counselor Senior Class Adviser MR. A. OCHS B.A. Degree University of Detroit Government Reserve Football Cooch MR. E. O. OJALA B.S. Degree Western Michigan University Machine Shop MISS K. REID A.B, Degree Western Michigan University Commercial Faculty MR. J. W. RICE A.B., M.A. Degrees Hillsdale College University of Michigan Social Studies Foreign Exchange Teacher in the Netherlands MISS J. SCHROEDER A.B., M.A. Degrees University of Michigan English Student Council Adviser MR. W. STUDIER A.B. Degree Muskegon Community College Western Michigan University Chemistry MISS M. SUTTON A.B., M.A. Degrees University of Michigan Lotin, History latin Club Adviser MRS. R. TAMBLYN B.S. Degree Northern Michigan University Home Economics MR. R. THIES A.B., M.A. Degrees Western Michigan University Mathematics Assistant Coach, Reserve Football Basketball, Baseball, Track Coach MRS. C. THOMPSON B.S., M.S. Degrees Western Michigan University University of Michigan Commercial 16 MR. K. THORNLEY A.B., M.S. Degrees Eastern Michigan University University of Michigan Chemistry, Physics Counselor MR. F. TOXOPEUS B.A. Degree Michigan State University Mathematics % k 1 4 n p MRS. M. VAN EENENAAM A.B. Degree Hope College English MR. F. VERHAGEN Drs in History Foreign Exchange Teacher from the Netherlands General History 1961 MR. H. WESTMAN B.S. Degree Western Michigan University Physical Education MR. M. L. WILDT B.A. Degree Albion College Choir Director Cooks MR. G. WILLIAMS B.S. Degree Central Michigan College Commercial Reserve Football Coach Custodians Mrs. Pohl Mrs. Wisty Mrs. Webster Mr. Eugene Hrlliord ' r. OiO ' :c e D. . ' V c-;:dhc)i; Mr. Richard Pederson Mrs. Margaret Sauders Mr. William F. Horvalh JOViT flNOFRT SENIORS Senior Class Officers Class Flower Class Colors Orchid Lavender and White Class Motto " The struggles of today ore the prices we pay for the accomplishments of tomorrow. ' President, Casey Snel; Vice-President, Betty Koetje; Secretary, Shirley Crocker; Treasurer, Betty Baskin. Advisors: Do vies and Norris. 20 Senior LOIS ACHENBACH College " Lois " Is a most industrious student with a flair for hard work and study. She was active in a Cappella Choir, Variety Show, Band, Orchestra, Oaklions, Thespians, Glee Club, and Honor Society. Lois was also a Senior Arbor Girl and exchange student. THOMAS A MOND General Tom was one of our students who was active outside of school, Tom won a second place Industrial Arts Award in Advance Mechanical Drawing, but lists his likes as hunting, pizza, and girls. Tom works at a local grocery store. THOMAS AHO General Tom, a quieter member of the Senior Class, always has a friendly " hello " for everyone. Tom ' s hobbies are hunting, and working on his car. He likes " Donna " Tom works part-time at a local grocery store. BARBARA ANDERSON College " Barb " always has a smile for every- one. She participated in Bible Club for. four years and was President in her Senior year. Her hobbies ore reading and roller-skating. She likes almost everyone, and dislikes report cords. PATSY ARTERBRIDGE College " Arterbridge, " as she is known by . most of her friends, was active in Gym- nasties, Questers Club and Future Nurses. She was also Team Manager, likes to, travel, and plans to be a nurse. Class DAVID ASHENDORF College Dave has been very active in school with Student Council ond Debate. He participated in Spanish Club, Biology Club, Bond, Track, ond Gymnastics. Dave was also on the Junior-Senior Prom Com- mittee, Special Assembly Committee, and " Campus Call. " A JAMES ATKINS General He enjoys hunting and fishing, and spends his spore time on his hobbies and working on his cor. Jim has a part-time job at the Western Michigan Gun Works. Jim has been very well-liked during high school. FRANCES AUE Commercial Fran is known to all by her radiant smile. She participated in the A Cappella Choir, Senior Play Committee, Chorus of Pa jama Game, and was secretary of the Oak Man Players. Her likes are horseback riding and swimming. JAMES BAIRD General Jim wos a member of the school bowl- ing team. Besides working at a local supermarket, he finds time to hunt and fish. Jim considers getting an A-B average in Civics on unusual accomplishment. His likes . . . " everyone. " WILLIAM BARTELS College " Willie " had the honor of winning a Scholarship to Interlochen in his Junior year. He also participated in the All State Choir, A Cappella Choir, Student Council, Variety Show, and Oakiians. Bill was also on the Gymnastic Team and Track Team. Senior y BETTY BASKIN College Friendly, extremely sincere, and one who believes thai nothing is impossible, describes " Betty " . She participated in Student Council and Spanish Club; was Treasurer of Senior Class, and was one of our marching majorettes. Betty also worked as a dental receptionist. ROBERT BECKLEY General " Beck " is a " happy-go-lucky " fellow. Bob sang in the A Coppella Choir for three years. He participated in Reserve and Varsity Football, and Varsity Basket- ball. His hobbies are afternoon naps, girls, and pizza. He dislikes staying home. SHERRY BENSON Commercial Our Sherry Is known to all for her smile and her pleasing personality. She has been active in Y-Teens, Band, and Sub-Juniors. Her hobbies include dancing and bowling. She likes pizza and dislikes homework. Sherry works at a local phar- macy. KAREN BINGHAM Commercial Karen belonged to the Future Accoun- tants Club for two years. She was on ofTicer during one. She also belonged to Y-Teens for two years. She likes a certain boy, but her dislike is one who doesn ' t drive carefully. CI ass ELBERT BLACK College " Al " was in Student Council and was in Band in 9th and 10th grade. He was in Future Accountants Club and was Vice- President, His hobbies ore bowling, swim- ming and Basketball. His likes ore con- vertibles and his dislike is English, DIANE BIRD General " Di, " although very quiet, was always friendly to everyone. In tenth grade sh participated in the Style Show, Her hob- bies include collecting records and stutled animals. Di likes to dance, but she hos a great dislike for homework. GARY BOGNER General Although he was a quieter member of the Senior Class, Gory was known to be a good friend to all who knew him. He likes . . . hunting and fishing. He dis- likes . . . too much homework. Gory also holds a part-time job. JUDITH BOHANNON Commercial Judy was class secretary, treasurer, and Student Council Representative, and in the Style Show in ninth grade. This year she participated in the Style Show and Bible Club. Judy enjoys sewing, reading, pizza, and working at a local dimes tore. JOSEPH BOMERS General " Bud " , as he Is called by his friends, was Oaks Art Editor, and was in Art Club, His hobbies are hunting, and plan- ning his career. In 9th grade he won ribbons and certificates for honor points. His likes ore art and " girls. " PATRICIA BORGESON College Pot was on officer of Oaklion Players and Latin Club, She also was in Y-Teens, Future Nurses and the Choir, Pat was a member of the Senior play cast and on a play committee. She has also won a Civic Music award. Seniors Class i PAT BORGMAN General " Borgy " , as she was called by her friends, was active in Student Council, Spanish Club, Chorus and the Style Show in her freshman and sophomore years. Her hobbies are dancing and having fun. CHARLES BREWSTER College Chuck, known to his friends as " Frenchie " , was in French Club for three years, a member of the Track team, Bible Club, and Latin Club. Among his likes ore girls, (a special sophomore), camping, and boating. His dislikes are pizza and homework. JUDY BROADBENT Commercial Judy has been active in Band all through high school. She has also been a Student Council Representative and a Library Club Member. Judy lists her likes as dancing, having fun, and " Jim. " ROBERT BUNTS College " Bashful Pete " is quiet through out the day. He participated in baseball as a junior and a senior. He spends spore time hunting. Pete dislikes English and doing homework. ARLENE BURRINGTON College Full of fun is Arlene. She was active in Future Nurses and Library Club for three years. In her senior year, she also participated in Y-Teens and the Senior Play. Arlene likes boys that aren ' t con- ceited and pizza. HELEN BUTHKER General " A twinkle in here eye, along with a pleasing smile ' are a few of Helen ' s fine traits. Being in the style show, exhibits her hobby of sewing. Helen likes pizza and getting out of school at 2:00 and dislikes homework. BASIL BUTLER " Base " was a member of the Oaks Staff and the Advertising Staff. He was also a member of French Club, Oaklion Players, and Senior Play Cast, and was Class Treasurer in his freshmean year. His likes are fishing and boating. PATSY BUTLER Commercial Good things come in small packages and this is proven by the stature of long-haired " Pot " . In her Senior year, she was an active member of the Future Accountants Club. Pat lists as her likes bowling and Pizza and dislikes — Home- work! - « " " " i KENNETH BUPP College " Ken, " a familiar figure to all, was very active in Bond and Orchestra. He received first rating for three consecutive years at the National Piano Festival. Among his many hobbies, his fovorites are hunting and fishing. KAREN BUTTERMORE Commercial Karen, a well-liked girl at Heights High, participated in the Style Show in ninth and tenth grade. She had the honor of being a Junior Arbor Girl and now holds a part time job in the Counseling Office. Senior CARRIE CAMPBELL College Carrie ' s top personality was proven by her long list of activities including. Stu- dent Council, Y-Teens, Senior Play Com- mittee, All-School Play Committee, Variety Show, and Ooklians. Carrie also won her M.H. and was active in the orchestra for four years. BONNIE CARLSON College Bonnie, known for her pretty smile, participated in Student Council, Y-Teens, and as a Spanish Club officer. Outside of school, Bonnie is making a scrapbook for Jim, her special like. Her dislike... he ' s in California. WILLIAM CARNES General " Bill " as he is known by all his friends is listed as being very happy to gr aduate this year. Some of his big- gest interests ore hunting and fishing. Bill likes cars very much and dislikes homework. Class LANA CHANDLER Commercial Lena will always be remembered for her pretty smile and sense of humor. She participated in the Style Show, Y- Teens, and was a Student Council alter- nate. Lano ' s dislike is the Navy, and she lists her likes as Tom, and Thunderbirds. A JOHN CARLSON College John has been very active with any- thing that deals with music. John is on organist at a church in our city. He was in Band four years plus being a Junior Commencement Usher. John likes Moth, Science, and organ music. DAVE CASTAGNA General Dave has worked at Scott and Jopkes as a carryout boy. He likes cars and girls. He has no dislikes which is quite remarkable in itself. Dove spends a lot of time swimming and hunting. RHONDA CHAPIN College Popular Ronnie, voted " Best Looking, " was president of Y-Teens in ninth, class treasurer in tenth, and president of Sub- Juniors. She has participated in the style show for two years and lists sewing as her hobby. Rhonda likes swimming, boat- ing and traveling. SHARON CHRISTIAN College " Sharon, " is always friendly and has a sunny smile for everyone. She has participated in Spanish Club, Style Show, and Future Teachers. Sharon likes a cer- tain Dave, food, and dislikes sitting home. Sharon also works at Embassy Beauty College. PATRICIA CLARK Commercial V hile at Heights, Pat belonged to Student Council, Y-Teens, and Future Ac- countants, of which she was president. Pat was also active In Intramural Sports. She has belonged to the choir for two years. Her likes include Don and her diamond ring. JANICE COOK Commercial " Sweet and Nice, " best describes our Jon. She participated in the A Cappella Choir and Chorus which proves she loves to sing. She belonged to Bible Club in her junior and senior years. She dislikes pizza and show-offs. Senior LEON COOK General Leon ' s good grades aided him in hav- ing the honor of being a Junior Com- mencement usher and receiving an honor- able mention in Printing and Machine Shop in his Junior year. He lists his likes OS money, but he dislikes work. CHARON COSTON College " Sv eet and petite " best describes pretty Cherrie. She participated in Stu- dent Council, Senior Play Cast, Y-Teens, French Club, A Cappella Choir, Ookjians, Forensics, and v as editor of our year- book. Cherrie ' s likes are water-skiing; dancing, and a certain guy. GARRY COTTELL General Garry has been active in the choir and enjoys singing. His likes are hunting, swimming, and " Milly. " He is a very likable ond friendly person and always has a smile for everyone. He plans on entering the navy after he graduates. SHIRLEY CROCKER Commercial An important addition to the class of ' 61 was our Class Secretary, " Shirl, " a peppy six year cheerleoding veteran. She worked on the Senior play and Junior-Senior prom committees and par- ticipated in Oaklains, Sub-Juniors, and Y-Teens. Shirl also worked in a local drugstore. KAY CROSS Commercial Kay always has a friendly hi for every- one. She participated in the style show and Y-Teens in ninth grade and enjoys bowling and music, but dislikes pizza. Kay spends most of her spare time work- ing in a local dimestore. Class A ANTONIO CULLEN College " Tony " as he is known by all his friends participated in Boseball, Varsity and Reserve Football and Basketball. He also won a trophy in the city League Tournament in Table Tennis. Tony, likes sports LILLIE CUMMINGS General " Jeonnie " participated in Y-Teens, Spanish Club, Biology Club, A Cappella Choir, Orchestra, Chorus, Girls Intra- mural Sports and Future Teachers. After being so active, Liltie still found time to enjoy singing, playing the piano, buying new clothes, and eating. She has one dislike — boys! MELVIN CUMMINGS College Melvin participated in Reserve and Varsity basketball. As a Freshman he won on honor in swimming and was the Table tennis Champ. He likes rock ' n roll records, cars, and girls, but dislikes home- work. CAROLYN R. DELANO Commercial Pretty and peppy, Carolyn, was an ac- tive member of the Senior Class. She participated in Y-Teens, Library Club, Chorus, and Style Shows. Carolyn likes food and her diamond, and Bob, and she dislikes homework. She considers her unusual accomplishment as graduating. MARIAN DEVENPORT College Morion came to the Heights from Coopersville in her junior year. She is a member of the grange and was the Muskegon County Cinderella In 1958. She likes anything to do with home- making, but her main like is Edward. Senior LUCILLE DOAN General Lou, as she is called by her friends was a member of Bible Club for two years. Her like is pizza and her hobby is Mac. She dislikes snobbish people. Her goal in life is, " doing the best for my Lord. " BARBARA DOGGER Commercial " Barb " was a member of Library Club in tenth, eleventh, and twelfth grade, and a member of Oaklion Players in tenth. Barb ' s hobbies are bowling and swimming. She likes football and basket- ball games, and dislikes homework. KATHRYN DROZD College " Neat and sweet, " that ' s " Kathy " . She was active in Library Club, Spanish Club, Future Nurses, Y-Teens, and Orchestra. Kathy enjoys horseback riding, ice-skating, water skiing, and eating, especially pizza. M. Y. F. occupies part of her time outside of school. TIMOTHY DUNHAM General Although quiet, a better friend you will never find. This describes our Tim, T. D, likes, girls, swimming, food, cars, flying and Tim has a job working with his brother on the week-ends. Tim ' s dislikes ore " Nothing. " A Class SHARRON EVANS General " Happy-go-lucky " describes our Sherrie. In Sherrie ' s Freshman, Sophomore, and Junior years she belonged to the Girls ' Intramural Sports. She was a member of Library Club, Future Accountants, and Span- ish Club. She lists her likes as horseback- riding and has no particular dislikes. PHYLLIS FALKOWSKI Commercial Although Phyllis is one of the quieter members of the Senior Class she is a real asset to our school. She is known by her friendliness and smile. She lists among her likes listening to records, and drink- ing coke. FRANK FARKAS General " Dick " as he is called by his friends has participated in Band for 4 years. Dick says his likes are hunting and fish- ing. He doesn ' t hove any particular dis- likes. Dick has a job at one of our local maintenance service shops. JOHN FELCOSKI College Tall, dark, and handsome best des- cribes " Jr. " . As well as being voted " Best Looking ' and Homecoming King, he was on the Reserve and Varsity Foot- ball Squads and played Reserve Basket- ball. Although working Junior finds time for hunting and fishing. LOUIS DYE College Louis, quiet but smart, was the winner of Spanish awards for two years. He was a Junior Com me n cm en t Usher and participated in Varsity football. He was also on the gymnastics team. SANDRA FERGUSON General Sandy has been very active in high school. She has participated in Band, Senior Ploy Cast, Girls Intramural Sports, Bible Club, Library Club, and History Club. Her hobbies are reading and writing letters and she dislikes spoiled children. Senior ROBERT FIELD College Bob has not only been an active mem- ber of Jets, but also President of it. Bob has also been a Student Council Representative, J u nior Commencement Usher, a Member of Senior Play Cast, and has won a Spanish Award. Bob dislikes Women Drivers. LILLIAN FIFE College Always in o sentimental mood, yes that ' s Lillie as she is known. She par- ticipated in Future Teachers, Future Nurses, Y-Teens and out of school clubs. Her hobbies are tennis and records. She likes modern jazz and a certain fellow. EARLENE FISHER General " Earl " has participated in Biology Club, Senior ploy committees. Library Ctub, Spanish Club, Chorus, Girls Intramural Sports, Future Nurses, and Y-Teens. Her hobbies include reading. Her like ts a particular boy, and she doesn ' t list any particular dislikes. JOYCE FOX Commercial Joyce has been one of the quieter members of our class. She belonged to the Library Club and Future Accountants Club in her Senior year. Her hobbies in- clude dancing. Her greatest dislike is conceited people. Class i MARI JANE FRISBIE Commercial " Jone " was one of the quieter mem- bers of the Senior Class. She participated in Chorus in her sophomore year, and Y-Teens, Future Nurses, and Future Ac- countants in her senior yea r. Her likes include Jim and pizza. LARRY GALLIE General Larry is one of the less active members of our Senior Class. Although he is quiet he is well liked by all who know him. Larry spends some of his extra time on outside sports. JAMES GALPIN General " Golp " , as he is called by his friends, participated in Student Council, Senior and All School Play in his sophomore year. Reserve Football, Baseball, and Tennis. Jim was also quite active in Varsity Football in his junior and senior years. SHERRIE GARVEY Colleg.e Sherrie Is on the quiet side, but a better friend is hard to find. She partici- pated in Student Council, Spanish Club, French Club, Bible Club, and Chorus. Sherrie ' s hobby is collecting stuffed ani- mals, and she likes keeping busy. STEFAN FRANCKE College Stefan called " Shorty " by his many friends will long be remembered at Heights for his ready smile. " Shorty " came to our school from Germany as our Foreign Exchange Student. He par- ticipated in Student Council, and lists swimming, tennis, and soccer as his hobbies. Senior CAROL GAULTNEY College " Quiet and sweet " best describes our Carol. Although she come to Heights in her junior year, Carol gained many friends because of her pleasant person- ality. She lists her favorite likes as pizza and " a certain guy " named Bob. Class THOMAS GIERZAK General Thomas was a quieter member of the senior class, but always had a friendly smile for everyone. Although he didn ' t participate in any activities, he lists cars and hunting as his hobbies. Tom has a job at a local filling station. MARVA GLOVER General Marva has been in Y-Teens, Girls ' Intr a- mural Sports, the Style Show, and a Student Council Representative. She is in the His- tory Club, and enjoys music and dancing. MarvQ has a job at Hockley Hospital as a nurses assistant. GERALD GOLLIVER General Jerry has been a Hf-Y member, is In Bible Club, and sings in the Chorus and a Coppella Choir. He enjoys printing and won third place honors in it. Jerry likes girls and particularly money, but dislikes work. BRIAN GOULD College Known as " Gorg " to his close friends, Brian was a member of Latin club and Jets in 10th grade, Bible Club in 11th. He likes to work on cars and eat pizza. Working at a local supermarket occupies his spare time. JUDY GORNES Commercial Judy was a friendly girl with a quiet personality. Although she didn ' t partici- pate in many activities, she was known to many people. Judy likes pizza and coke. One of her few dislikes is home- work. JOYCE GOWEN Genera! " Joy " was always friendly and smiling to everyone. She was an active member of Student Council and the Bowling Team. Joyce dislikes homework, and she likes pizza, bowling, dancing, and swimming. Her special interest is Lester. Joyce works at Doo Drop Inn. SANDRA GRAVES College " Sandy " will always be remembered for her pretty smile. She was in Bond and Orchestra, a Student Council Repre- sentative, and a member of Bible Club. Sandy also hod the honor of being a Junior and Senior Arbor girl. LONNIE HANNAHS General Friendly and well-mannered best de- scribes " Lonnie " . He was a Student Coun- cil Representative in his sophomore year and his hobbies ore hunting and fishing. He likes homburgs and french fries and dislikes homework. LANA HANSEN College Besides being a French Club officer, Lana has been President and Treasurer of her church youth group. Her hobbies are swimming and ice skating. She likes staying up late, but dislikes getting up in the morning. Lana works os a waitress. Senior JAMES HARTUNG General Jim is a very popular Senior with a certain girl by the name of Billie. Jim has Billie listed as his biggest " like. " He has been very active in Gymnastics in both his Junior and Senior years. MARILYN HAVEN General A sincere and warm person describes our Marilyn. She participated in Chorus, Future Accountants and the Style Show. Her hobbies are skating, and collecting recorcfs. Her like is Marv and her dislike is pizza and conceited people. LARRY HAYES General tarry has made many friends since he came to Muskegon Heights. His likes in- clude most kinds of sports and girls. He hopes to find a good job after he grad- uates. He says he will miss the old gang. RONALD HAYWARD General Good -looking, good-natured, and friendly best describes our " Ron " . He takes nothing too seriously and is always ready for o good time. Ron has a special interest in a certain Catholic Central girl and has only one dislike — snobbish people. i A Class JOYCE HENNINGS Commercial Joyce, always ready for fun, was well- liked by all who knew her. A library assistant in her junior year, Joyce lists bowling and horseback riding as her special hobbies. She likes dancing and pizza, but can ' t get too enthused over homework. ALICE HERALD College " Ally " hos belonged to the Honor So- ciety, Choir, Y-Teens, ond was a Latin Club officer. Alice hod the honor of being a Junior Arbor Girl, ond Homecoming Arbor girl. She also won the Summa Cum Laude award in Latin. LYNN HERDER College Lynn was on the Acorn and Oaks staff ond a Student Council representative. He likes skin-diving but dislikes being con- trodicted. After school Lynn works at the Federal Department store. RONALD HOPKINS General Ron, known to his friends as " Bub " , was one of the less active members of the Senior Class. His hobbies, like most boys, is fishing, hunting, and working on cars. Ron holds down a job at a local fruit farm. JACQUELINE HENDRYX General Jockie, as she is known by all her friends, transferred to Muskegon Heights this year. She has made mony friends at the Heights and has joined in on her class activities very well. Jackie likes sports and maybe a certain boy. ALAN HOUSLER College Alan, although a quieter student, will always be remembered for his friendli- ness and warm smile. His hobbies are hunting, boating, and fishing, and a certain girl in Battle Creek. Alan has a port time job at a local grocery store. RUBY HOWELL Commercial The unofficial " Miss Congeniality " of the Majorettes, was also Class Secretary, Fu- ture Accountants officer, a cheerleader and MH winner. Ruby ' s active participa- tion in Future Nurses, Y-Teens, Chorus and Variety Show has gained for her a reputation as a reliable and talented girl. LARRY HULIN General Quiet but nice best describes Larry. He was well known to his friends as always smiling and being friendly. Out- side interests took up most of Larry ' s spare time. One of his interests is cars. WILLIAM J. HUBLER General " Billy-Joe " as he is known by man I people was very active in Varsity anci Reserve football and basketball. He like motor-boat racing, and sailing. Bill seems | to have his eye on a certain girl. WAYNE HUDDLESTUN General Quietness and intelligence go hand-in- hand with Wayne. He won second place honors in the Foreman ' s Club Contest, and he was Student Council Representa- tive and Junior Commencement Usher. Wayne likes cars, and dislikes influences of communism and hypocrites. AMES HUEY General While in school Jim, as he is known by his friends, was active in Student Council, Choir, Variety Show, Band and Chorus. He likes music, girls, and records, but dislikes pizza pie. ROBERT HULKA College Bob has been an active member of Band and also a member of the Dance Band, Secretary-Treasurer of Jets, active in the Electronics Club, and enjoys work- ing with electrical equipment. Bob spends his after-school hours working in a grocery store. SUSZANNE HURD Commercial " Suzie " a valuable member of band for the post four years, has also partici- pated in Y-Teens, Student Council, and Intramural Sports. She likes Pizza with Mushrooms . . . but her special like is Jim. Working at local dairy bar tokes up her spare time. NORMAN HURTUBISE College " Norm " OS he is known by his friends is one of the quieter members of the Senior Class. He was on the Reserve Football Team, was a Junior Commence- ment Usher, a member of Hi-Y, and Vice- President of Jets. f- ' LEROY HUGHES General Leroy always has a friendly word for every one. As pastime hobbies he dances and listens to rock ' n ' roll records. His likes are cars and eating, of course. EDWARD JACKSON General " Jerome " as he is known by all who know him can always be seen with a smile on his face. Jerome was in Hi-Y, Choir, Chorus, Varsity Basketball and Football. He likes to sing and he likes girls. Senior GLORIA JACKSON General Gloria, known for her cheerful and friendly personality, was a member of Y-Teens ond active in the Choir for two years. Gloria collects records ond sheet music OS hobbies. Her likes . . . playing the organ. Dislikes . . . competition with a certain guy. Class BARBARA JEFFERSON General Barb ' s bright and friendly personality has gained her mony friends. Barb was one of our most versatile girls ot Heights High. She wos a member of Chorus in lOth and llih grades. Her hobbies ore doncing and cooking. ■mm,: PEARLENE JACKSON General Hoppy-go-lucky describes " Pearl, " She participated in St udent Council, Chorus, Girls Intramural Sports, Y-Teens, and was a cheerleader for five years. Pearl won her M.H. letter when she was a junior. Her likes include skating and eating and her dislike is pizza. RONALD JACOBY College Popular Ron, voted " Most All-around " , participated in Honor Society, Varsity De- bate, and Reserve Football. Ron repre- sented our school in Europe lost summer, and now heods our Student Council. Ron was in the Homecoming Court and hod the honor of being a Junior Commence- ment Usher. FRED JAEHNIG College A good fellow ond a friend worth hoving best describes Fred. " Mocey, " as colled by his friends, lists chemistry os his like cfnd hobby. Being on the base- ball team in lOth grade proves his like for baseball. MICHAEL JANUSKA College Michoef, a devofed ond sincere senior, will always remoin within our hearts and memories as a person who was everyone ' s friend and companion. CELLESTINE JOHNSON Generol " Friendly and fun-loving " , that ' s our " Celest " . A member of Y-Teens, Spanish Club, Chorus, Intramural Sports, and the Style Show for three years, she lists col- lecting old records os her hobby. Her special likes . . . records ond boys, of CHARLES JOHNSON College Chuck, a real swell guy and o friend to oil participated in Reserve and Varsity Football, Cross Country, ond Track. Chuck likes to eot, sleep, ond hove o good time, and he dislikes porty poopers and salty food. GLORIA JOHNSON Commercial While in high school Gloria was active in Future Accounts, Y-Teens, Chorus, and the Style Show. Her hobbies are jazz records ond reading. She dislikes dirty dishes, and likes Eugene. ARTHUR JOHNSON General " Bud " , as his friends called him, will never be forgotten because he had such a witty sense of humor. While at school. Bud won two third place honors in the Foreman ' s Club. He likes money, girls, and cars — dislikes homework. Senior a JEFFREY JOHNSON College Jeff has been quite active in high school. He has been on the Track Team in 10th, nth, and 12th grades, and on Reserve Football in 10th. He also holds a job at Hahn Pharmacy. Jeff likes water skiing and sailing. LOREN JOHNSON General Pleasant and olv oys smiling would best describe Loren. He devotes his spore time to his special interests which are hunting and working on cars. " Dick " also likes a special gal, named Jerri. He works at a landscaping job. RICHARD JOHNSON College Dick Is popular and well liked by everyone. In school he excels in moth and science and wants to go on to college taking a science course. Dick won o citizenship award in 9th grade. He likes horseback riding and day-dreaming. Cla ss WILLIE JOHNSON General " Larry, " as he is known by mony of his friends, participated in Intramural and Varsity Basketball, Track, Boseball, and Interschool Track meet. His big Interests are cars, and " Jean. " He dislikes a dirty cor. A V, KATHERINE JONES General Kotherine was a very quiet girl, while in high school she was In Chorus, Style Show and Intramural Sports. Her hobbies ore collecting records and writing themes. She likes oil types of records except Dixielond. She dislikes pizza pie. MAE JUDD General Mazie, as she Is called has proven her love for music by participating in Chorus and a Coppella Choir. Her hob- bies ore cooking, collecting silverware and drowing. She likes pizza, fire drills during gym class, and most boys. SURVEARY JOHNSON College Vera has earned her girls MH letter, and was a member of Future Nurses, and Y-Teens. She collects poems and main- tains a high school scrapbook. Her likes are boys, food, and lots of fun. GEORGIA KEKONI College Georgia is proof that Muskegon Heights has only the best! Being very active, she participated in Future Nurses, Spanish Club, Y-Teens, Student Council, and on the Oaks and Acorn staff. Her likes in- • elude records and pizza. WILLIAM JOHNSON College Among " Bill ' s " likes he lists cars and girls, with one particular girl in mind. He enjoyed golfing and won a letter in the sport. Bill also has held down a port time job for the lost two years. . t MARION KELLY General Voted " Most Athletic " " Mae " has par- ticipated in Intramural Sports for 3 years and has been champion every year. She has also won her M.H. Skating and drawing with a ruler are her likes. ' Senior a Class TRANSEDA KELLEY General Transeda was active in Band and Orches- tra and has won honors in each. She be- longed to Y-Teens, Spanish Club, Chorus and Choir. She has participated in the Variety Show, Intramural Sports and has been a maioretle for two years. She plays the piano and organ. GAYLE KING College Gayle, a better friend is hard to find, participated in Band, Orchestra, Sub- Juniors, was Treasurer of French Club and also a Junior Arbor girl. She received a French Award in her junior year, Goyle works tji a local credit union. ROBERT KLOPP College " Bob " was known around school as a fine art studen t. He was the Team Man- oger for three years, and he participated in Honor Society, Reserve Footboll, Track, and a Cappella Choir. Drawing and painting are Bob ' s hobbies. BETTY KOETJE College Voted " Most Likely to Succeed, " pop- ular Betty was active in Speech, Bible Club, and Student Council. She held of- fice in Debate Club, Honor Society, and in her Class. Special honors go to Betty as a Junior Arbor Girl and o member of the Homecoming Court. CONNIE KOVATS General A smile for everyone describes our Connie. She was a Student Council repre- sentative In her senior year. She also participated in Y-Teens and Girls Intra- mural Sports. Her hobby is sewing. Connie ' s likes are sports and Jerry and her dislike is " cliques. " JUDITH KRAUSE College Judi, who was very active in school, participated in Honor Society, Student Council, Future Teacher, Oaklians, vice- president of Y-Teens, ond President of Booster Club. Judi had the honor being a Junior Arbor girl. She also works at a local shoe store. PATRICIA KRENTZ Commercial " Pat " or " Krunch " as known to her friends was an extremely active member in Girls Intramural Sports and Future Accountants at Heights High. She is also known for her sense of humor and peppy personality. RAYMOND KUCK General Roy was a quieter member of the Senior Class of 1961, but was a friend to oil who knew him. Although Ray didn ' t participate in any extra-curricular activities around Hts. High, Ray enjoys working on cars. ROSE KULESZA Commercial Peppy ond petite describes " Rosie. " She participated in Y-Teens, Library Club, Style Shows, Student Council, Sub-Juniors, and she was an alternate cheerleader. Rosie likes playing the accordion, and making her own clothes. She works at a local jewelry store. BEATRICE KURBURSKI Commercial Beatrice, called " Beachy " by her friends, participated in Library Club, Y- leens. Intramural Sports, Bible Club, and was a Future Accountants officer in her Junior Year. Beatrice lists her likes as collecting stuffed animals, art, and boys, (one in particulor). rpa| Senior ALMA LAFEAR General " Alma " as she is known by her many friends was a member of Y-Teens, Intra- mural Sports, an M.H. winner ond was in the Style Show. Her hobbies are danc- ing and sewing. Alma works part-time after school. JANET LANE Commercial " Jon " the girl with the smile and peppy personality was a friend to every- one. Though Jan was not active in school, she does work at a local church. She lists her likes as swimming, dancing, boating, and John. BETTY LEE General Betty OS she is known by all her friends was active in Chorus, Girl Intramural Sports, Style Show and she was a M.H. winner. She was also active in out of school activities. She likes peach pie and dislikes country music. HENRY LEVANDOWSKI College " Honk " had the honor of being a Junior Commencement Usher. Hank par- ticipated in Track, Tennis and Cross- country, plus winning a number of Bowl- ing Trophies. He participated in Band in his Sophomore year. He likes eating ice- cream and dislikes " home-work. " Class V CECILE LEVY College Short and sweet that ' s our Sukey. She has been a member of French Club, Y-Teens, Ooklions, F.T.A., Booster Club, and the Journalism staff. Sukey; voted best actress, will be remembered as Rebecca In " Our Town. " JOHN LEWIS General " Long John " , which was his nickname, participated in the Variety Show, Or- orchestro. Chorus, and was Biology Club officer. His hobbles are guns, pets, and drawing. John has received two certifi- cates from Orchestra and also works at a local clothing store. DAVID LINK General Although o quieter member of our class, David was active in sports in his last two years at Heights. He holds a part-time job after school and also states outdoor sports as his particular like. DAVID LOCKE General Although " Dave " didn ' t participate in much, he was in track during his Soph- omore, Junior, and Senior years. Dave won an award in Machine Shop in his Junior year. Dave enjoys roller-skating and hasn ' t any special dislikes. FRANCES LORENZ General Fran, as she was known by her many friends, participated in Y-Teens while here at Heights. In her spare time, Fran enjoys bowling and horseback riding. She baby sits regularly and especially enjoys being with Jim. Fran dislikes bossy people. PATRICIA LUICK College Pat, known as " Little Lou " by her friends, participated in Girls Intramural Sports, was a Student Council Rep., a member of Spanish Club, Ooklions, Future Teachers, and Y-Teens. She enjoys horses, pizza, and having fun. Senior TERRY LUTZ General Terry was one of the lesser active students at Heights but had a smile for everyone. Terry was also one of the quieter students. He lists his hobby as swimming. He likes parties, and doesn ' t have any porticulor dislikes. CI ass JAMES McGAREY General " Jim " known lo his friends as a nice guy was a Student Council Representative and a member of Chorus. He lists his like as ice skating and his dislike as homework. He holds a job at a local ice cream parlor. ESTER McCLAIN General " Es " has been a valuable member of a Cappello Choir for the post two years. She song in the chorus in 10th and 11th grades. Bible club was her special ac- tivity in 12th. She likes Bowling, singing and playing the piano. Her dislike . . . Civics. GARY McCORMICK General Gore ' s witty humor and his art ability made many friends for him. He partici- pated in Track and Chorus, and also won an award in machine shop. His main interest is girls, but he dislikes girls that won ' t go out with him. REX MclNTOSH College Rex is one of the quieter members of the Senior Class. In the tenth grade he ployed Reserve Basketball, Football and also Tennis. Rex was a Junior Commence- ment Usher in the eleventh grade. His favorite sport is fishing. DAN MclNTYRE General A friend to everyone best describes Dan. Besides other activities, he was a very active member of Bond for four years. Don lists his likes as going to dances and girls. JUDY McCOY General " Reserve " describes Judy to a " tee. " She is friendly to everyone. Judy has participated in Library Club, Y-Teens, Baseball, Bible Club, Girls Intramural Sports, and was in mony style shows. Judy likes boys, but a certain one named " Keith " . TRUDY McDowell Commercial Trudy, one of the quieter girls in our senior class, participated in Bible Club in her junior and senior years. She lists her likes as pizza, french fries, and her next door neighbor. GORDON MclNTYRE College " Gordy " was one of the 10 best cit- izens in 9th grade. Gordon won a Latin Award, was a member of Honor Society and a Junior Commencement Usher. He was on the Varsity Football, Baseball and Reserve Basketball Teams. CURTIS McLEMORE College " Curt " as he is known by his friends, participated in the Senior Play, Bible Club, Gymnastics, Tennis, Bond, Debate, Prom Committee, Acorn and Oaks stofT, was Drum Major, and a Student Council Rep. He likes to ploy drums and dislikes getting up early. Senior HAROLD Mcpherson General " Teeterbabe " was one of the more spirited ones in our group. He partici- pated in Tracic, Reserve Basketball ond Chorus. In Varsity Basketball, he scored many points. His likes are dancing and eating and his hobby is playing Basket- ball. MARY McPHERSON General " Bethel " always has a smile. She was a member of Chorus in the tenth grade. She is a weir liked person who likes everyone. Hobbies enjoyed are listening to various types of music and typing. CARMEN MADSEN College Carmen, our " red-head " , was a Student Council Rep., was in Y-Teens, Oaklians, VIce-Pres. of Spanish Club, In Sub-Juniors, and participated in Girls Intramural Sports. " Corm " likes dancing, but dis- likes math. She spends her spare time working in a drugstore. KAY MALMSTROM College Honor Society, F.T.A., Y-Teens and Oaklion, oil profited from " Koty ' s " abili- ties. She was an officer in Booster Club, Sub-Juniors, Interstudent Council and Sec- retary of our Student Council. Voted " Best Dancer " , Kay was selected for our Homecoming Court and also a Junior Arbor Girl. BRUCE MARQUAND College Bruce had the honor of being a Na- tional Merit Semi-Finalist, was in honor society and was a member of Varsity Debate. Bruce likes Stamp and Coin Collecting, Tennis, Basketball and Bowl- ing. Bruce lists sleep as his best like. Class MARILYN MARTIN College Marty ' s willingness to work gained her success. She was one of our exchange students In Europe, a member of Y-Teens, Oaklian Players, Thespians, F.T.A., Booster Club, Sub-Juniors, and a Junior Arbor Girl. She was also active in the Senior Play. ROBERT MARTIN General " Bob " is good looking, and fr ' endly. He enjoys a good time and is on all- around good sport. Bob likes hunting, fishing, and working on cars. He takes special interest in a certain blond and works at a local Jewelry store. JESSE MARTINEZ College Jesse has always had a smile for every- one. He had the honor of being one of the Junior Commencement ushers. Jesse was a Student Council Representative and third Best Citizen in his Freshman year. He has no special likes or dislikes. OLGA MARTINEZ College Olgo is known to all for her friend- liness. She was a member of Library Club and Bible Club. She participated in Girls Intramural Sports. Olga ' s hobby is reading. She likes to go to football games and dislikes washing dishes and doing homework. LARRY MAST General Sharp and cool best describes Larry. He has a wonderful personality which explains his fine attitude towards people. His hobby is water skiing and his likes are playing basketball and all sports. His ambition is to graduate. I ' t Senior THOMAS MATHES General Tom was known among his many acquaintances as " Moose ' ' . As you may have guessed, when he has any spare time you ' ll find him in the " Great Out- doors " — hunting. His particular likes however include " girls and pie " . KAREN MATHEWS General Karen, with her fine personality and smile to match, participated in Chorus, Intra- mural Sports, and the Style Show. In her spare time, Karen enjoys playing records, dancing, and eating. Karen likes pizza and Ham and her dislike is homework. DAVE MATUZ General Dave is a swell guy to know. He is greotly interested in and participated in sports. He spends a lot of his spore time working on cars and pursuing girls. MARCIA MAYNARD Commercial " Mart " as she was known by her friends, participated in Student Council, Library Club, Future Accountants, and Girls Intramural Sports. She was also an MH winner. Morcia like pizza, " Den " and music. Her dislikes are homework and coffee. ROSE MEDEAAA Commercial Full of fun and all around describes Rosie. She was a members of chorus in 10th, a cheerleader in 11th and choir in nth and 12th. She participated in the variety show and was a member of Stu- denf Council. Her like . . . Jim. Class JOHN MEISH College Due to his cheerful smile and good- natured disposition " John " is liked by all. He has participated in the Senior play, Hi-y, and Band. He likes swimming, boating, skating, and working on cars and dislikes sloppy people. LOUISE MERRITT General " Short and sweet, " that ' s little Louise. Although Louise didn ' t porticipate in any extracurricular activities around school, she keeps busy with her hobbies of danc- ing and swimming. She dislikes boys who show-off when driving o car. EDWARD MEYERS General " Butch " , as he is known to his friends won a second place award in Machine Shop. His hobbies are hunting and work- ing on cars. His special likes include pizza and Sue. His dislike . . . hard work. PHYLLIS MEZESKE General " Rushy, " as she is known to her friends, will be remembered for her friendliness and sense of humor. Phyllis has been a Student Council Representa- tive and has also been in Y-Teens. She like sports cars, and dislikes conceits and math. KAY MILLER Commercial A swell gal to know is our Kay. She wos a Student Council Representative for two years and participated in Y-Teens, Future Nurses, and Sub-Juniors. Kay spends part of her time working at a local drug store. a ' Senior STANLEY MILLS General Stan, though not too active in school, was well liked by all who knew him. Out- side of school, Stan enjoyed working on his cor. Other than that he likes girls, but dislikes snobs. WILLIAM MINNERICK General A quiet boy but well Mked by all who know him is our Bill. Being sports-mrnded. Bill likes hunting and fishing. Although sports occupy most of his leisure hours, Bill still finds time to work for his Dad. SAMUEL MITCHELL General " Sammy " was a member of the A Cappella Choir as a senior. He was also on the track team. He won certificates for first and second place in wood shop. Sammy likes girls but dislikes fighting. DIANE MORRIS Commercial Diane or " Dee " as she was called by her friends was one of our more active students. She was in Student Council in 10th grade, and she has been in Y-Teens for 3 years. She dislikes naive boys, likes, a certain boy. BILLIE MOSELER General Billie is little but she has a very big personality. She has been a Student Council Representative, French Club mem- ber, Chorus member, and a Cappella Choir member. Billie Is most popular with boy named Jim. 1 Class FRANK MURPHY College Frank, one of the quieter members of ; our class, played tennis in his Senior year. He spends a lot of hts spare time collecting stamps and coins. Interests are centered on all sports and listening to music. JAMES MURRAY College " Quiet, but a better boy is hard to find. " Although Jim didn ' t participate in any extra-curricular activities while at Heights, he is kept busy collecting dif- ferent models and holds a job at a local super morket. PATRICIA MURRAY College Pat was an officer of Latin Club and French Club. She also belonged to Y- teens. Future Teachers, Orchestra, and Honor Society, and was a Junior Arbor girl. She was on Senior Ploy and Junior- Senior Prom committees. Pat holds a job at Hockley Library. ELLEN MUSGRAVE General " Red " , aptfy named for her red hair, was active in Choir, Chorus, Y-Teens, French Club, Orchestra, and band for four years. Her hobbies ore dancing and records. Likes . . . bowling and archery. Dislikes . . . sloppy people and straight hair. DAVID MYERS College " Dave " , who was well known for his sense of humor, participated in Reserve Football in his sophomore year. He lists his hobbies as raising poodles and ploy- ing the guitar. Dave dislikes short girls and is mostly interested in popular music. M Senior IDA NICHOLAS College Nicky likes seasonal sports and dislikes track. Her hobbies include dancing, draw- ing, and baseboll. She was Class Treas- urer in 9th grade, and in Y-Teens in tenth and eleventh grade. Ida does house cleaning for a library teacher. Class MABEL OGBORN General Mabs participated in Senior Play Cost, Style Show, Girls Intramural Sports, a Cappella Choir, Bond, Chorus, and held an office in Bible Club for three years. Her goal in life is to do her best for God and people she is concerned with. KATHLEEN NICHOLES College Kothy has been active while of Heights. She belonged to Student Council, Future Nurses, Y-teens, ond Future Teochers. Her hobbies include dancing, skating and horseback riding. This year she was choir- man of posters of the Senior Play com- mittee. TOM NIELSEIvl College Tom, our foreign student from Denmark, has participated in Student Council, has worked hard in Debote, and holds a job at a local doiry parlor. His hobbies in- clude sports, photography, and collecting stamps. Tom ' s great personality, has won him many friends. ROSALIE NOBLE Commercial ■■Rosie " was one of the quieter mem- bers of our class. She participated in Student Council, Future Accountants, Y- Teens, and the Style Show. Her likes are parties and school, but her special like is " Bill " . DANIEL NYE College Best Dancer! That wos our Dan. He was a member of Hi-Y, Bond, Track, Tumbling Team, and was active in the All-School Ploys and as a Prom Chairman. Don ' s hobbies ore diving and swimming. He likes a Little Red. LINDA OLSON General " Ole " or " Lindy " as known to her friends has been active in Band, Orches- tra, Future Nurses, Girls Intramural Sports, Variety Show, and Senior Play Committee. ' Her hobbies ore cooking and swimming. Her dislikes are dirty dishes, and she likes a certain fellow. MARGARET OUT ' WIN General " Peg " , OS she was called by her friends, participated in Future Nurses Club, ond Art Club in her junior year. Her hobbies ore collecting records. Peg also states that she likes " a certain guy " , but dislikes doing house work. FREDDIE MAE PACE General Freedie was quiet and shy, but a sin- cere friend to all who knew her. Active in Intramural Sports, Student Council, Future Accountants, Chorus, and the Style Shows for three years, Freddie was also an M.H. winner. Her hobby . . . sewing. DARLEEN PACZESNY Commercial " Dor " as she is called by her many friends, had the honoi- of being a Junior Arbor girl. She won her MH during her Senior year. As a hobby she collects stuffed animals. Senior EILEEN PACZESNY Commercial Eileen was one of the quieter members of our class. In her Junior year she was a Junior Arbor girl. Eileen won her MH in her Junior year. Her hobby is collect- ing stuffed animals. CAROL PALMER General " Carrot " as she is known to all her friends was a member of Y-Teens and participated in the Style Show for three years. Her hobbies ore swimming and dancing. She lists her likes as friendly people and she dislikes snobs. OZELL PARHAM College The " Big O " as he was known by most of his friends was active in Student Council, Spanish Club, Band, Choir, Var- sity and Reserve Football, Basketball, and Track. His hobby is hunting and he likes to wotch a good movie. JAMES PARKER General " Jim " is one of the quieter members of our Senior Class. He lists his hobby OS working with wood. In his Junior year he placed second in woodworking. His likes are girls and his dislike is home- work. Class SUSAN PARMELEE College " Sue " was o member of our Orchestra for four years and also was a member and officer of Spanish Club. Sue received four medals in Orchestra Festivals ond lists this OS her special accomplishment. Her hobbies ore sewing and raising pets. BONNIE PARMELEE College Bubbling Bonnie, voted " Most all- around " and Homecoming Queen was President of Honor Society, Spanish Club and Y-Teens; also a member of Sub Juniors, Booster Club, Debate, F.T.A., and Publications Staff. She was a Junior Arbor Girl, Majorette, and Top Teen at Heights. MARY PASCHAL General " Virginia " as she is known by her friends, was active in Student Council, Y-Teens, Future Nurses, Acorn and Oaks Sto, , and Girls Intramural Sports. Her likes ore dancing and listening to long playing records, but her favorite like is Al. JON PAUL General " Sidney Cool " is the nickname Jon ' s friends gove to him. Although Jon wasn ' t o participant in the extra curriculor ac- tivities offered at school, he still kept himself busy. Jon likes boseboll and dis- likes " a certain teacher " . KATHLEEN PAVLICK College Pep and personality best describes Kothy. An active member in our doss, Kothy was in Student Council, Future Nurses, Y-Teens, and Spanish Club. Kathy enjoys horseback riding, dancing and ski- ing. She likes a certain guy and her job at a local restaurant. MATT PEARSON General Matt was one of the quieter members of the Senior Class. He was on the Track Team and won o Track Letter. Mott ' s hobbies include swimming and skating, but claims cars and girls (in that order) ore his favorite likes. kL ■■■A I Senior SALLY PEARSON General Cute and nice to all describes Sally. She participated in Gymnastics and Girls Intramural Sports. Sally ' s likes are " talk- ing to a certain guy on the phone, " and dancing. Her main dislike is Civics Tests. 1 DOROTHY PEHM General Personality and brains go hand and hand and is well shown in " Dot. " Dot received the honor of being both Junior and Senior and also winning an award in Spanish. Her hobby is bowling. Likes . . . riding in a car, dislikes , . . braggers. SANDRA PELKEY Commercial Some of Sandy ' s hobbies include horse- back riding, swimming, and bowling. She has the unusual like of school, but the not so unusual dislike of homework. Sandy is a quiet and pleasant girl, and is Irked by oil who know her. ELOISE PERKINS General The name " Perkie " fifs Eloise to o tee. She has been perky and active in Chorus, a Coppella Choir, Y-Teens, Future Nurses, and Future Accountants during her high school years. Eloise especially likes food and boys. HARVEY PFENNING General " Good-natured and always ready for a good time, " fhot ' s our " Bud " . Although he has not participated in many school ocfivities. Bud has been very active in Art class and in his spore time painting. Class WILLIAM PHILLIPS College Lou ployed Reserve basketball and Var- sity and Reserve football. He was chosen on the all-state football team. His likes ore hunting and girls, but he dislikes work. en|oys DON PICKEL College Don, a swell but quiet guy, porticipated in Reserve Football in his Sophomore year and Varsity Football In his Junior and senior years. Don, being sports minded, enjoys bowling and fishing, and likes History and Economics. PATRICIA PICKETT Commercial A swell gal to know Is our Pot. She participated in the annual style show in her junior year. Pafs likes are dancing and keeping an eye c " Ken. " guy named CHARLES PIPKINS General " Chuck " is well liked by every one. He participated in Varsity and Reserve Foot- bail and Varsity and Reserve Basketball. He spends his spare time hunting. He also likes to eat. JAMES PORTER College " Jim " was one of the quieter members of his class, but he was olwoys friendly to everyone. Jim lists his likes as hunting and fishing, which take up a lot of his spore time. ' ■-. Bi . ' ii-ai ' -. Senior LINDA S. PRUS Cotiege " Lin " was a member of Y-Teens, Span- ish Club, and a Ccppella Choir. Her hobbies include ice-skating and singing. She also likes water-skiing and pizza parties, but dislikes gloomy people. " Lin " spends her spare time working at a local drugstore. TONY PRUS General In his Senior year popular Tony came from Dowogiac to the Heights. Playing the entire season, he proved himself a val- uable member of the Varsity Football Squad. Tony ' s likes include hunting and fishing and his dislikes consist mainly of English. JOHN PUISIS College John is a quiet and reserved person but is very well liked by everyone. He likes cars and girls. John is sure to be successful in whatever he endeavors to do. FLORENCE RAESSLER Commercial Flo had the peculiar nickname of " Pinky " . She was in two Style Shows and Future Accountants in her senior year. Flo ' s hob- bies are sewing and swimming. Hot dogs and pizza are her special likes. V class DIANE REINERTSON Commercial " Care-free and fun-loving, that ' s our Diane. " She was a member of Y-Teens, Spanish Club, Future Teachers, Oaklians, Band, Orchestra, and Sub-Juniors. Diane was also a busy member of our Oaks and Acorn staff. Likes ... pizza. WILLIE RICHMOND General " Willie, " was a quieter member of our senior class. But because of his friendly personality, he was well liked by everyone that knew him. Willie enjoys girls and work- ing on cars. In his spare time he likes fo paint. ARY ANN RODER College Popular " Mo " our " Class Flirt " was active in Student Council, Honor Society, Play Committees and Casts, Oaklians, Thespians, Orchestra, and Oaks and Acorn Staffs. Mo was vice-president of Sub-Juniors and Boosters Club, a Junior Arbor Girl, and on the Homecoming Court. SANDRA ROKOS Commercial Sandy was on the quiet side, but to her friends she was a lot of fun. She participated in Student Council and the Style Show. Sandy ' s hobbies are swim- ming and horseback riding, and her likes ore sports and traveling. ARTHUR RATLIFF General Art or " Drako " was in Baseball, Gym- nastics and Chorus. His hobbies ore Bas- ketball, girls, fast cars, cutting hair, and records. He likes to see things cool. He also works after school selling goods. JAMES ROOT General " Jim " , although not real active in school, did play Reserve football. He also won honorable mention in the For- mans Contest in Mechanical Drawing. His hobbies include swimming, drawing, horses, and cars. Jim works part time at a local grocery. f jr Senior HENRY ROYRE College Hank, one of the quieter members of the Senior Class tronsferred from Fre- mont in his sophomore year. Hank likes all sports especially track and he also enjoys classical music. Hank ' s dislike is silence particularly in study hall. JACK ROSENHAUER General Quiet until you know him . . . that ' s Jack. His spare time is occupied by a part-time job at a local gas station. He enjoys hunt- ing and fishing. His dislike . . . homework. LINDA ROWELL College " The gal with mischief in her eyes ond laughter in her smile, " that ' s our " Lin " A member of Library Club, Future Nurses, and Spanish Club, she also had a port in the Senior Play. Her likes .... water sports. She works for a local bakery. ALBERT RUSSELL College " Al " , a well-known personality around the campus, played varsity football in his senior year and tennis for three con- secutive years. His hobby is weight lift- ing and he lists his unusual accomplish- ment as living eighteen years. RICHARD SABOURIN General Dick, being one of the quieter members of the senior class, has his extra time taken up by outside activities. He was a member of Hi-Y in his sophomore year, and he works at the Woolworth Store in downtown Muskegon, 1 Class GARY SCHEIDEGGER General " Elmer, " as he was called by his many friends, was a quieter member of our senior class. He enjoys working on cars in his spare time and likes a certain girl named Ruth. Gory works port time at a local drug store. HELEN SCHMIDT College " Smitty " with her bubbling personality, was very active in school. She was a member of French Club, Y-Teens, Sub- Juniors, and was on the Oaks and Acorn staff. She was also a Junior and Senior Arbor girl. JEAN SCHMIDT Commercial " Jeanne " as she is often called by many, has o very sparkling personality. She participated in Future Accountants ond Y-Teens. Her favorite likes are pizza, and dancing. Jean works part time at a local bakery. EDWARD SCHNEIDER College There is one figure to be seen in every Heights crowd ottending a Heights sport- ing event. This figure in Orange and Black is sure to be Eddie Schneider. His attendance at sporting events and his Tiger Spirit led him to be selected by the Booster Club as the " Worlds Best Tiger Fan. " NORMA SCHNEIDER College " Best Things Come In Small Packages " that ' s our " Stub " . She was Student Coun- cil Treasurer, Acorn Editor, a member of Sub-Juniors, Oaklians, Future Nurses ond Y-teens. In her busy, active schedule she still found time to work at a local Florist. i Senior JANET MARIE SCOTT College " Jan " was one with a quiet person- ality. Although quiet, she was a friend to everyone. Janet participated in Span- ish Club, was a member of the band and was in Girls Intramural Sports. She likes ploying the piano, and dislikes being called Janice. PHYLLIS SCOTT Commercial " Phil " was a member of chorus in 10th and A Cappella choir in 11th and 12lh. She participated in intramural sports and was a member of the champion team in 10th. Reading and long walks ore her likes. ALAN SENG General Alan, was a quieter member of the senior class of ' 61, but he was liked by all who knew him. Although he didn ' t participate in many school activities he was kept busy working on his car. GARTH SHAW General Garth, a rather quiet member of the senior class, was a student council repre- sentative in his senior year. He has many hobbies. Among his outside activities. Garth has a part time job working for his father. A BRENDA SHERMAN Commercial With o twinkle in her eye, dark haired " Bren " has proven her worth as Class Vice-President, Future: Accountants officer, Cheerleader and Exchange Editor. Par- ticipating in Student Council, Y-Teens, Ploy Committees and Sub-Juniors, she still found time to work in a IckoI drugstore. Class GERALDINE SIRONEN Commercial Gerrie has been a member of Y-Teens, and a Student Council Representative. Her hobby is swimming. She has a fovorite like, and that is Fred. Gerrie is known to all for her pleasing personality and pleasant smile. JAMES SIX General Jim, although one of our quiet and well reserved seniors, always has a smile for everyone. His hobbies are listed as cars and girls. He is very likely to succeed with everything he trys to do. ROBERT SIX General " Silence is golden, " and this describes Bob to a tee. Although Bob did not partici- pate in any extracurricular activities around Heights High, his spare time is taken up by his hobbies of hunting and fishing. Bob works at a local super market. GARY SKODACK College Gary " Bowski " has been a Hi-Y officer and member, he has participated in Bond for three years, he was a color-guard, and he played tennis in 10th and 11th grade. He likes girls and to make friends, his dislike is ploying cymbals. THOMAS SLEZAK College " The quiet kind, but a better friend is hard to find. " A member of Band and J.E.T.S., Tom was also a color-guard in his sophomore year. He lists cars and girls as his hobbies, and money as his special like. Dislikes .... English and His- tory. Senior GARY SMITH College Gary has a fine personality and a fine attitude towards people, whicti explains his many friends. He was a member of Bible Club as a junior and lists his hob- bies OS swimming, woterskiing, hunting and fishing. Class CASEY SNEL College " Casey " though most remembered as an efficient and popular Senior Class President, was also Class Treasurer, Stu- dent Council Representative, and co- chairman of the Junior-Senior Prom. Casey had the honors of being a Junior Com- mencement usher and a member of the Homecoming Court. 1 ■ .y. LOVELY CHRISTINE SMtTH General " Chris " participated in Future Nurses in her sophomore year and Chorus in her junior and senior years. She also was in the Style Show in her freshman, junior, and senior years. Her hobby is collecting pictures, and her likes are clothes. CAROL SMITH Commercial Smitty, as she was called by her friends participated in Future Accountants, Bond, Bible Club, and Library Staff. Her hobbies are photography, fishing, swimming, skat- ing, and water skiing. She likes music, sports and boys and she dislikes book reports. JACK SMITH General " Jock " one of the more quiet members of the Heights Senior class was a member of the Hi-Y in his senior year. He lists his hobbies as collecting coins, fishing, and hunting. His particular likes are certain girls. PEGGY SMITH General " Peg " , known for her pretty smile and warm personality, was in the Style Show and also in Chorus for two years. She also belonged to Y-Teens and Future Account- ants. Her likes — dancing and Boys) Dis- likes — too much homework. V I CARL SORENSEN General Happy-go-lucky is Carl. He was a I960 summer school graduate. Carl participated in Band and Hi-Y in which he was treasurer. Skiing, hunting, and fishing ore his hobbies. Carl likes home cooking, and he dislikes cooked squash. JAMES SORENSON College Jim has always been a good friend to all. Jim has been quite active with Jets, and Electronics Club in his Senior Year. He was olso o Junior Commencement Usher. Jim lists model making, math, sports ond girls as likes. JANNA SOUTH College " Southie " , our official class cut-up. Is well liked by everyone. She has par- ticipated in Future Nurses, Y-Teens, Span- ish Club, A Coppella Choir, Student Council, and Sub-Juniors. Jan likes little children and dislikes copycats. BARBARA SPENCER College " A friend to all " , that ' s our Barb. She was active in Student Council, Oaks and Acorn Staff, serving as secretary of Sub- Juniors and Y-Teens, and on the prom committees. Barb particularly likes danc- ing, bowling, pizza, and chocolate malted. Senior CARYN STAHL Commercial Caryn, though not active tn school, was well liked by all who knew her. Outside of school, she especially enjoys oil paint- ing, accordion playing, and ice skating. She dislikes homework and unfriendly people. Class JEAN LANORA STEWART General " Lono " as she was known to her friends was an active member of her class. She took part in Y-Teens, A Cappella Choir, Chorus, Girls ' Intramural Sports, and Style Shows. Jean ploys the piano, likes eating, and dislikes conceited people. GAIL STEFFENS Commercial " Cute, laughing, and full of fun " , that ' s our " Steffie " . A transfer to Heights in her Junior year, Gail was active in A Cappella Choir and Y-Teens. Known for her bubbling personollty, " StefTie " states her likes as dancing and food! Her dis- likes . . . snobby people! PATSY STEINKRAUS College " Pat " , the girl with the smile, was a member of band for four years. She also participated in Library Club a nd Girls Intramural Sports. She likes ice skating and dancing but dislikes two- faced people. Pat works at a local pharmacy. KAREN STERNBURGH Commercial Our cute petite majorette is known to all for her sparkling personality. She loves red convertibles, and dislikes get- ting up in the morning. Her hobbies are dancing and eating. Karen has partici- pated in A Cappella Choir, Sub-Juniors, Y-Teens, and Student Council. KENNETH STEWART College " Skip " , along with being voted " Class Flirt " , a reputation well accomplished, played both Reserve and Varsity football and was in the Jets. He was a Junior Commencement Usher, and a Candidate on the Homecoming Court. A part time job occupies his spare time. JOAN STOCKLI Commercial Though not active in school, Joan was well-liked by her many friends. Joan likes to collect articles about school. She was in chorus in 10th grade. Joan likes to hove fun but dislikes crabby teachers. Joan works at a local movie theater. MICKEY STRAIT College Mike is known to oil as a wonderful person. He was a member of Spanish Club and won a Spanish honor. He participated in Bible Club, Accountants Club and was a Junior Commencement Usher. His hobbies are coin collecting and studying languages. JANET STRICKLER Commercial Jan is known to all for her friendly smile. During high school she partici- pated in Library Club, Bible Club and Style Show. Her hobbies are water skiing, swimming and boating. Her like is Larry and her dislike is pizza. WILLIAM STRICKLER College Bill was one of the ezi active students at Heights, but he had a smile for everyone. Bill participated in baseball and he also participated in Bible Club. We were sorry to see Bill leave as a February graduate. Senior CARL SUCHOVSKY College Active participation in Electronics Club, Jets, and Debare, account for Carl ' s reputation as a valuable member of the Senior Class. He was olso on the Gym- nastics and Tennis teams, a Campus Call Reporter, on the Oaks Staff, and Asso- ciate Acorn Editor. JANIS SUKUP Commercial Janis, called " Jan " by her friends, participated in Student Council and Fu- ture Accountants, being an officer in her Senior Year. Jan lists her hobbies as cooking and sewing, and she likes danc- ing, pizza and a certain guy. JANICE SULLIVAN College " Jan " came to Heights in her junior year, and immediately became active in the Variety Show, Junior-Senior Prom Committee, and the Senior Play, " Our Town " . A sincere worker and a girl full of fun, best describes our Jan. MICHAEL SUTTON College " Mike " who is known to all as an all-around guy, participated in Hi-Y in his junior year and was elected as an oflFicer in his senior year. He lists his hobbies as go-kart racing, skiing, and golf. ROBERT SYDNOR General " Syd " participated in track and intra- mural basketball as a junior. He was in band for four years. He spends his spare time listening to jazz and rollar skating. His likes are cars and girls. Class JAMES TAYLOR General Jim has been active in band all through high school. He was on the Golf team in 10th and ]lth grades and in Biology Club in 10th and 11th. He likes his locker partner, a girl named Judy. EDNA THOMAS College Edno is well liked by all who know her. She participated in Future Teachers, Y-Teens, Band, Orchestra and Girls In- tramural Sports. Her hobbies are skating and doncing, and she likes to eat. Edna also works after school. GEORGE TERRELL General " Georgie " , although quiet, always has a smile for everyone. He lists his hob- bies OS hunting and fishing. His likes are cars and girls. He dislikes are cold weather and large crowds. PATSY THOMPSON College Our Pot is known to everyone by her sparkling personality. She has worked on the Oaks, Acorn and Oaks Advertising Staffs. She was also a member of Library Club, Latin Club, Y-Teens, Future Nurses and publicity chairman for the Senior Play. NEAL THORSTENSON General " Thorny, " as known by his friends, is a very " happy-go-lucky " guy. He played Varsity and Reserve Football and was in the A Cappella Choir. He enjoys hunting and fishing, and has no particular dislikes. Senior MARILYN THURNHOFER Commercial A very nice girl to know is our Marilyn. She has been a member of Y-Teens, she was in the style show for 3 years, and a cheer-leader in her Freshman and Soph- omore years. Marilyn works at a local clothing store and loves pizza. OTIS TIPPINS General " O ' Roach " was a member of the var- sity football team for two years. He also was a member of the A Cappella Choir. He likes girls and listening to progressive jazz. His dislikes are large yelling crowds and pretenders. LOREE TOUNSEL Commercial Loree, who was very active, participated in orchestra, Bible Club, chorus, girls intramural sports, and style shows. She was also a student council representa- tive, and her hobby is sewing. She likes singing, going to church, and playing musical Instruments. MITCHELL TRAMMELL General " Mitch " participated in reserve football as freshman and chorus as a senior. He spends hrs spare time dancing and listening to jazz records. His likes are girls and he dislike ' s Fishing. GAYLE TUDOR General Gayfe was one of the quieter members of the Senior Class. " Tommy " as she is called by all her friends participated in Girls intramural Sports all through high school and won a M. H. Letter. Her special likes are sports. V Class JOANNE TULLER College Evident is popular " Jo ' s " interest and talent in dramatics. An efficient Vice-Pres- ident of Ooklions she also worked on the Ploy Committees, Oaks Staff, Acorn Staff, and the Junior-Senior Prom. Jo was also considered a valuable member of Spanish Club, Y-Teens, and Sub-Juniors. LUANNE TYLER Commercial " Lou " participated In Y-Teens, Chorus, and Bond. She served as treasurer of Library Club and president of Future Accountants. Lou lists her likes as classi- cal music, cooking, and a certain guy. Her disl ike is rock and roll music. JERRY VAN AELST College V ell-liked, full of fun Jerry, in his Junior year, was elected Class President, Student Council Vice-President, Junior Commencement Usher, and was elected to V olverine Boys State. He played one year of Reserve and two years of Varsity Basketball. SHARON VANDERLAAN General Sherrie has been active in Student Council, Band, Y-Teens and Future Nurses. She likes people and small children and dislikes poor sports. Sherrie Is very well liked for her worm smile and core-free personality. MARY JANE VANDERSCHAAF College Mary always has a smile for everyone. She belonged to the Bible Club in her Junior year. During her Senior year she was active on the Oaks and Acorn staff. Her goal in life is to serve God. Senior a GERALD VANDERSTE LT College " Jerry " as he is called by his friends, spends his spare time working at o local meof market. He collects coins and lists as his likes girls and working at the meat market. Jerry dislikes getting up early! DIANE VANNATTER General " Di Dee Tiger, " as she is known by her friends came to us from Reeths Puffer. She likes Tony and pizza, and hates to study. Dione has a wonderful, warm, smile, which reveals her large dimples. GERALDINE VELTMAN Commercial Gerrie, known for her sweet person- ality, participated in chorus and the style show in 10th grade. Gerrie likes pizza and a " certain guy, " but dislikes home- work. In her spare time, Gerrie is em- ployed at a local nursery. NANCY VICKERS College Nan, assistant editor of the Oaks, is known for her bubbling personality. She was active in Spanish Club, Sub-Juniors, Oaklians, Y-Teens, prom committees, and Future Nurses, of which she was vice- president and president. Her special like is Joe. PATRICIA ANN VITEK College " Pat " was an active member of our senior class and always ready for a good time. She participated in Student Coun- cil, French Club, Band, Orchestra, Y- Teens, Oaklians, Sub-Juniors, and Future Teachers. Pat likes tall boys and con- vertibles and dislikes homework. Class CLARICE WAGON AKER Commercial Liked by all who knew her, Kay, was active in A Cappella Choir for two years, in Chorus, and the Style Show. Among her many likes, she lists pizza and a certain guy, as her favorites. Her dislikes . . . homework. WANDA WALDEN College " Time goes steady and so does Wendy. " Wendy ' s many activities in- cluded: Future Nurses, Y-Teens, Spanish Club, Junior-Senior Prom Committee, In- tramural Sports, Style Show, Bowling League, and on the Oaks and Acorn staff. Special likes .... Alan. Dislikes... stuck-up people. MARY ELLEN WARREN General Mary participated in French Club, Fu- ture Teachers, the variety show, and has played Flute with the Band and Orche- stra all through high school. She enjoys music and especially talking. Mary lists her accomplishments as getting through school. DAVID WEBB General David, who was well-liked by all who knew him, was very active in biology club. Outside of school, David enjoyed building and sailing ships. David doesn ' t like hoods, but does like friendly girls. David works at a local fruit farm. PATRICIA WEBSTER Commercial " Pat " , was very active in school. She was a Student Council Representative for two years, and participated in band for three. Pat was also a Junior and Senior arbor girl. She likes Chuck and dislikes her " terrible typing. " Senior BARBARA WEARLY General " Barb, " a cute lillle senior, liked by all who knew her. Barb lists her hobbies OS drawing, sewing, and being with Jim. Her special accomplishment, she thinks, is finishing school. Barb likes pizza and hamburgs and dislikes mushrooms. A ROBERT WESTJOHN General Good-looking, quiet, and with a bash- ful nature best describes our " Bob. " He enjoys working on cars in his spare time and likes sleeping and hunting. Bob also works hard at a job after school. EUEN WESTERHOUSE College Ellen was very active in Future Nurses in her Sophomore and Junior years at Heights. She was secretary of the club this year. Ellen ' s hobbies ore sewing and swimming. Her main likes are dances and pizza. THOMAS WHITING College Tom, a happy-go-lucky, carefree fel- low, participated in Student Council, Jets, played on our Golf Team, and was a Junior Commencement Usher. Tom ' s hob- bies are hunting, golf, swimming, and working on his 1936 Ford, and he likes clothes, cars, and talking. L KAY WILKINS College Our Kaly made an unusual accom- plishment in her junior year when she jumped 4 ft. 7 in. in the high jump. She also participated in Chorus, Style Show and Y-Teens. Her hobby is fixing pizzas and her like is boys. 7v Class CHARLES WILLIAMS General Chuck may be quiet, but a nicer guy is hard to find. Chuck, called " Big Chuck " by his friends, won first place in the " Share the Fare " contest last year. Chuck, an ex- cellent horseback rider, enjoys hunting and fishing. MARY WILLIAMS Commercial " Neat, nice, and necessary, " that ' s our Mary. Active in the Orchestra for four years, Mary also participated in Intra- mural sports and was an M.H. winner. She likes playing the violin and eating pizza Working for a local business oc- cupies much of her time. JAMES WILSON General Jim, as he was called by his many friends, wasn ' t too active in school but he did enjoy working on cars outside of school, Jim considers getting through school an accomplishment. JANICE WOOD General Jan a quieter member of our Senior Class participated in Chorus in 10th, 1 1th, and 12th grades. Her hobby is collecting stamps. Jans dislike is school- work and her like is pizza. She worked at a local newspaper. LINDA YONKA N Commercial Lynn was o quieter member of our Senior Class at Heights High. Sweet and pleasant best describes our Lynn, who always has a smile for everyone. She participated in Girls Intramural Sports. Linda likes fun and dislikes snobs. Senior DAVID ZUITHOF College " Dave " , a well-known personality at Heights, was very active in sports. He played two years with the reserve squad and played on the varsity in his junior and senior year. He works part time at a local pharmacy. FREDRICK AMMOND College Fred, as a Junior, won first place in Class B of the Foreman ' s Contest in Mechanical Drawing. He spends most of his spore time working at a local clothing store. Hobbies enjoyed ore skin-diving and " girls " . DENNIS BASCH General Denny as he was called by his friends was kept busy with his job at a filling station. Denny enjoys hunting and fishing, and considers graduating from high school his accomplishment. His likes are " girls " . Class ROBERT FRAZIER General " Rob " participated in chores for two years and was on the Varsity football team. He likes swimming and playing football. " Rob " is also a member of the Marine Reserve. CLEOPHUS HINES General Outside activities have kept Cleophus too busy to participate in many school activities. One of his favorite hobbies, however, is playing baseball. Although he wasn ' t very active in school, Cleophus hod many friends. DARRELL HODGES General " Birdie legs " as he is called by some of his friends lists his hobbies as bowl- ing, and hunting. He has also won a bowling trophy. He lists his likes as sports and his dislikes as conceited people. NORBERT BENNETTS General " Norb " was active in A Cappella Choir, played on the baseball team in his Junior year, was a member of Bible Club, and also participated in Chorus in his Junior year. His likes ... his car and his girl. JACQUE BRADFORD College " Jock " was in Student Council, Bond, and Bible Club. His hobbies are cars, girls, and flirting. His dislikes are people who stand in the middle of the halls and talk. His most unusual accomplishment is that he managed to pass. Jack works at a local drugstore. CRAWFORD CROWELL General Crawford olwoys has a friendly smile for everyone. He spends his spare time roller-skating or listening to records. His likes ore girls and cars. LYNN FORWARD General " Gib, " OS he was called by his friends, participated in Track and Bible Club. Lynn states that one of his favorite hobbies is wood working. Outside of school, Lynn was quite active, os he worked Saturdays at his church. GROVER HUTCHERSON General Grover, quiet but friendly, is well liked by every one. He participated in chorus OS a senior. In his spare time he listens to records of all kinds. He also has a port time job. MARY PLEAKE General While Of Heights Mary has belonged to the Library Club, Future Accountants, Bible Club, Y-Teens, and Spanish Club. She also porticipoted in Intramural Sports. Her hobbies ore horseback riding, cook- ing, and writing letters. JAMES RYERSON General Jim made many new friends while in high school. In tenth and eleventh grade he helped work on the drawings for the yearbook. His hobby is weightlifting. Jim likes " a certain girl " , and dislikes long school days. CHARRAE GARTON General " Char " was active in Student Council, Future Nurses, Y-Teens, Spanish Club, a Cappella Choir, Chorus, and the Style Show. She states her likes as dancing and her job. Chorroe was well-liked for her ready smile and bubbling personality. Honor Students ' 61 BRUCE MARQUAND Certificate of Merit National Merit Award Contest Finalist BETTY KOETJE D.A.R, Best Citizen Award JUDI KRAUSE letter of Commendation National Merit Award Contest BONNIE PARMELEE Elks Leadership Award 1 . Bruce Marquand 2. Gordon Mclntyre 3. Judith Krause 4. John Carlson 5. Betty Koetje 6. Lois Achenbach 7. Leon Cook 8. Gayle King 9. Karen Buttermore 10. Alice Herald 1 1 . Eileen Paczesny 1 2. Tom Nielsen 13. Patricia Murray 14. Darleen Paczesny 15. Robert Klopp 16. Caryn Stahl 1 7. Lewis Dye 18. Dorothy Pehin 19. Mickey Strait 20. Stefan Francke 21 . Cornells Snell 22. Patricia Webster 23. Kay Malmstrom 24. Ronald Jacoby 25. Rex Mcintosh CLASS OF 1961 UPPER THIRD 26. Robert Field 51. Karen Bingham 76 Jerry Van Aelst 27. Mary Ann Roder 52. Cecile Levy 77 Phyllis Falkowski 28. Geraldine Veltman 53. Sandra Rokos 78 Shirley Crocker 29. Marilyn Martin 54. Nancy Vickers 79 Henry Rorye 30. Wayne Huddlestun 55. James Sorenson 80 Rosalie Noble 31. Sandra Graves 56. Gail StefFens 81. Barbara Anderson 32. Bonnie Parmelee 57. Ellen Westerhouse 82. Joyce Hennings 33. Frances Aue 58. Patricia Borgeson 83. Rose Kulesza 34. Larry Hayes 59. Basil Butler 84. Judy Bohannon 35. Kathleen Nicholes 60. Sherry Benson 85. Sherri Garvey 36. Helen Schmidt 61. Edna Thomas 86. Dennis Basch 37. Henry Levendowski 62. Kay Cross 87. Geraldine Sironen 38. Mary VanderSchaaf 63. Carmen Madsen 88. Louise Merritt 39. Dave Zuithof 64. Janice Sullivan 89. William Minnerick 40. Carrie Campbell 65. Wanda Waiden 90. Ellen Musgrave 41. Patricia Clark 66. Mabel Ogborn 91. Charles Johnson 42. Kenneth Stewart 67. Lana Hansen 92. Thomas Gierzak 43. Joan Stockii 68. William Bartels 93. Elbert Black 44. Patricia Vitek 69. Marian Devenport 94. Jean Schmidt 45. Norman Hurtubise 70. Janna South 95. Barbara Spencer 46. Patsy Thompson 71. Olga Martinez 96. James Huey 47. Mary Williams 72. Janis Sukup 97. Jesse Martinez 48. Kay Wagenmaker 73. Patsy Steinkraus 98. Sally Cavender 49. Norma Schneider 74. Charon Coston 99. Ozell Parham 50. Carl Suchovsky 75. Joanne Tuller 100. 101. Rondo Chopin Marilyn Thurnhofer 52 In Memoriam MICHAEL JANUSKA AWAY James Whifcomb Riley I cannot say, and I will not say That he is dead. He is just away! With a cheery smile and a wave of the hand. He has wandered into an unknown land. And left us dreaming how very fair it needs must be, since he lingers there. And you — oh you, who the wildest yearn For the old time step and the glad return — Think of him faring on, as dear In the love of There as the love of Here; Think of him still as the same, I say; He is not dead — he is just away! -vr ' 5f ' i iw™ . ( W « W0RLD5 6RtAltbT IGCR f AM Ed 5chne der BE5T Actors iM05 IWafian HIETICI )otc Levy l t ' rtjadbed ra ) oi- 4 " Ci V hi ' ■MgST-AU AtroONi " Ro icL.coV: " Bonnie Poo - melee « ' rrl -V y [{ M«1? CVHEST COO?lE ' w t M 1 . WHO " EU; Cuirt ' ib MclCMore 3EST L00v:iN6 John elcoaki ChapMfv f l CIA55 iN Cuftis Mciemoi-e JaT tno. SoatW. uu ,MJU ' JJl t i •.• ' .J MOST UKELY-T0-5UCCEED D ' m t MOST BASHFUL Ken Bvxpp UNDER GRADS Undergrads Theda Blackmar Sandy Mitchell, Vice-President; Marcio Erickson, Secretary; Tom Golden, President; Alan Brooks, Treasurer; Mr. Thornley, Mr. Verhagen, and Mrs. Cole, Advisors. Jerry Brondow Donna Brewer Sophomore Class Officers Patsy Brunk Raymond Brunk Robert Buford Gloria Burton Mory Ellen Butler John Calloway Dick Coris Bruce A. Cook Bruce E. Cook Dorothy Cook Kathleen Cooper Mattie Cooper Sharon Cowdery Dionne Croymer Cheryl Cronican Alan Cross Amos Doniels Judith Daniels Loren Davey Barnard Davis Roger Davis Carol Carpenter Andrev Carson Gay Chambers Leodis Cheatham William Childress Morvis Cline James Cobb Nadine Cole Harriett Collins Jean Comstock Joan Comstock Cheryl Bendus Frank Benninger James Benson Patricio Benson James Berkel Nathaniel Berry Mitchell Adams Rodger Addicott John Alexander Thomas D. Am mend Joann Anderson Richard Andrew Milton Armstrong Donna Ashcroft Dave Babcock Dennis Bailey Joyce Barberini Claire Bartels Annie Boss Bonnie Baxter James Blake Eddie Booker Larry Bouwkamp Judith Boylan Charlene Bramer Betty Briggs Eva Briggs Joe Bringedohl Roger Bromley Michael Bugojski Doris Burrington Vivian Burt Joan Carlson Dorlene Carm.ean Junior Class Officers Patricia Christiansen Mr. Westman, Advisor; Don Wade, Treasurer; Gloria Wilkinson, Secretory; Mrs. Bailey, Advisor; Jean Comstock, Vice-President; Pom Heethuis, President; Mr. Ochs, Advisor. Juniors John Dean Fred DeHudy Lynn DeMan Carol Dierking William Donson John Dursema Luria Edick Gordon Eggleton Ann Elliot Paul Falzone Lorene Farber Odessa Farrior Lee Fife Carol Flaska Daniel Flaska Ernesf Fountain Carol Gabris Jack Garvin Viola Geeting George Gilbert Judith Gilmore Hazel Jay David Johnson Victor Johnson Karen Jorgenson Mary Keener Joan Kensinger Marguerite Kimble John Kirks John Kitchko Linda Kline Marcia Knobe Ruth Koetje Tony Kowolski Steve Kozioiek 60 Juniors Barbara Krentz Jane Krukowski Nancy Larson Rufhann Larson Larry Leadman Jackie Leas Patricia Lederer Duane Lepley Harold Lewis James Little Verne Liupakko Kenneth Long Ruth Long Mary Lou Loomis Robert Patrick James Petty Don Phelphs Solly Pickett James Pierce Mary Pierson Ronald Pimpleton Marilyn Plank Jean Plichta Janet Poort Virginia Povilaitis Dan Randies Larry Ransom Barbara Rosey 61 Juniors Robert Redding Doug Redman Connie Reinertson Ruth Rey Pat Rice Curie Richards Verdis Richards Jane Richardson Mary Roberson Celester Robertson Ron Robidoux David Rockey William Ruiter Jerry Russell Carl D. Thomas Myron Titus Marna Unger Robert Upson Vicki Von Brocklin Diane Vonderplow Norette VanderWater Robert VonDyke Roy Veihl Don Wade James Wagenmoker Linda Wagenmoker Brendo Walker Joonn Walker 62 Juniors La Dun Walker Sharon Walker Gloria Walters Dorothy Walton Melvin Walton Carol Weaver Carol Welcome Beverly Wells Judith Walton Edwin Westen Sharon Westjohn Patricia Weston Jerry Whetstone William Whjsenant Susanne Bennett Thomas Benson Thomas Berry Evelyn Billips Sammy Billips Linda Bird Carole Bishop Albert Blockman Robert Bohn Kenneth Bolden David Boltze Marjorie Boltze Frances Bond Sherry Booker 63 Sophomores Lynn Borgerdrng Maxwell Borgenson Ronald Borgman Patricia Borns Leslie Boyer Lenae Braaten Mario Bradley Loren Branch Lewis Branch Joann Brandes Wyant Bronnom Billie Bridges Forrest Briggs William Brignedohl Richard Cross Eleanor Crowell Lettie Cullen Richard Cunningham Daniel Cunningham Sandra Cunningham Keith Oanhof Ann Dorien Gloria Davey Deborah Davis Dennis Davis Marilyn Davis Daniel Deephouse Sharon DeFrench Marilyn DeLono Jean Derby Linda DethlofF Tom DeWitt Rhonda DeYoung Rose Doan Ralph Dobb 64 Sopffomores Cathleen Doebler Patrick Donley Ernest Drake Donald Edsel Roger Edwards Janice Ellis Lorry Ellison Paul Enders Karen Erickson Marcia Erickson Susan Greenert Gerald Greer Edwin Grrffes Mary Griffen Bettie Grimmett Stanley Grlsham Arthur Griswold Sammie Gulley Janice Hogelgons Barbara Halosinski Cheryl Hall Maurice Hal Charles Hamilton Marilyn Harger Sophomores Edward Harmsen Leatrice Harl Patricia Houke Jock Heethouse John Hegedus Terry Hellmon Thelma Henderson Dale Hill Charles Hippchen Candace Hoekenga Ronald Holman Tim Holmes Dove Hopkins Carolyn Hopson Vickie Loban Helen Londingham Jessie Londingham O. B. Londingham Thomas Longwell Mary Lou Lantz Mary LaPorte Terry Lorsen Phillip Lavender Tom LeRoux Darlene Lewis Janet Liupakka Barbara Locke Terry Long 66 Sophomores Corol Loreni Michael Lowman Sharon Lux Howard Mackey Manfred Magerowski Rosezonno Magley John Molone Paul Monak Ronald Moner Dennis Mangione Cheryl Manschesky Ruvell Martin Gayle Maske Rosemarie Mossenburg Roger Mathes Carolyn McBride Henry McCollum Otha McConnell Earl McCrae Roymond McDoniel Carolyn McGarey LeRoy Olson Richard Olson Sandra Orling Curtis Pace JoAnn Page Arthur Parker Lonnie Parker James Paschal Thomas Pascoe John Patterson Lonny Paul Carol Paulson Mariann Powlok John Peavy Karen Pedersen Mary Pedler Richard Pedler Anita Pellegrom Ruben Pertilla Dawn Peterson John Phillipo Sophomores James Phillips Allen Pierce William Pierce Suzanne Pitcher Carlo Plichta James Ponce Connie Poort JoAnn Pratt Ann Roczok James Rams Marcia Rasor Barbara Reese Cordell Richards Roosevelt Richards Mary Richardson Diane Rien Ann Rifenberg Marcia Riphagen Dave Ripley Patsy Roberson Sylvester Robertson Bettie Snowden John Spoons Elwood Spencer Jock Stair Joyce Start George Strovos Willford Sternburgh Clifford Stevenson Dan Stewart Rose Stewart Joan Stidhom William Stinson Marilyn Strand berg Ronald Stroyer Annie Stricklind Audrey Stuberg Judith Sukup Paula Sullivan Ray Sumler Douglas Swanson Frank Sydnor Sophomores Glen Tawney Albert Taylor Maxine Taylor Carolyn Terrell Jack Thorn Glendia Thomas Linda Thomas Ado Townsell Amzie Tucker John Tudor Ramone Tyson William Decker Tom VonderPlow Gory VonderSlell Charles W. Young Charles Young James Young Michael Young Judy Zamescialt Jack Zimmer Lysbeth Hart Sherry Booker 69 Undergrad " Colonel, why the mustache? " ME M " Clickity-clock " " We ' re the greatest! " " My slippers, dearl " 70 " This is art? " Candids " Please, bell, it ' s cold! " " They call it Rock n Roll? " " M-m-m! It ' s good! " 71 " Come on, we ' re hungryl " ACTIVITIES «iijiiiiMii . W " • ymM mmmmiimmi HOMECOMING COURT Kay Malmstrom, o " Jacoby, Bonnie Parmelee, Casey Snel Betty Koetje, John Felcoski, Mary Ann Roder, Ken Stewort. Homecoming ' 60 ,; KING JOHN " n f ' - ' - ' y 5- Spanish Club Top Row — Cullen, Keener, Kelly, Strong, eal, Parham, Long. 3rd Row — Boss, Jones, Luick, Ashcroft, Strevel, Houke, Lorenz. 2nd Row — Townsel, Drozd, Rowell, Parmelee, Cramer, Morri- heu, Ashcroft. Front Row — Lux, Long, Povlick (V, Pres.), Mc- Lemore (Pres.), Parmelee {Sec.}, Carlson (Treas.), Gilmore, Mrs. Barbara Davies absent — Wanda Walden. Latin Club Top row — DeWitt, Pellegrom, Wilson, Rifenberg, Mockey, Miss Sutton (advisor) 3rd row — Knobe, Williams, Kensinger, Oklad, Erickson, Campbell. 2nd row — Cline, Krukowski, Larson, Brandes, Mitchell, Slorf. Front row — Wangerin (V. Pres.), Jondo (Bres.), Broaten (Sec), Richardson (Treas ), Stewart (Historian), Maskell. LE CERCLE TRUNCniB mHJf French Club Top row — Oberlin, Fors, Campbell, Rein, Burks, Booker, Bell. 2nd row — Johnson, Boyer, Carlson, Brewster, Coston, Start, Schmidt, Warren. Front row — Filonow, Murray (V. Pres.), Levy (Pres.), Pavlick (Sec), King (Treas.), Achenbach, Mrs. Hastings (advisor) %4 F.T.A. Top row — Grondelius, Jonda, Knobe, Strong, Kelly, Armstrong. 2nd row — Heistond, Long, Rice, Martin, Pcrmelee, Levy. Front row — Steenhogen, Comstock (Pres.), Krause (Treos.), Comstock, Mrs. Bailey, absent — Wilkinson {V. Pres.), Bartels (Sec.) F.N.C. Top row — Strevel, Wangerin, Rifenberg, Brondes, Morion, Webster, Nicholes, Reinertson. 3rd row — Fisher, Fife, Slorf, Ceton, Erickson, Glomb, Christiansen, Chambers. 2nd row — Thomas, Jackson Perkins, Thomas, Green, Frisbie, Burrington, Thompson, Steegstra. front row — Johnson, Arterbridge, Boylen (V. Pres.), Vickers (Pres.), Westerhouse (Sec), Pavlick (Treas.), Nicholes. F. A. A. Top row — Dramer, Smith, Miller, Frierson, Battle, Thomas. 3rd row — Roessler, Frisbee, Bingham, Johnson, Butler, Smith, Battle. 2nd row — Evans, Madsen, Krentz, Nelson, Smith, DeFrench. front row — Sherman (Reporter), Black (V. Pres.), Tyler (Pres.), Sukup (Sec. Treas.), Cramer (Hist. Libr.), Beol, Mr. Farabough (advisor) Booster Club Top Row — Murray, Snel, Weston, Poviloitis, Reinerlson, Wells. 3rd Row — Steenhagen, Knobe, Richardson, Cham- bers, Cronican, Whitlaker. 2nd Row — Heistand, Comstock, Rice, Pormolee, Comstock, Boylon. Front Row — Steegstra, Roder (V. Pres.), Krause (Pres.), Martin (Sec), Malmstrom (Treas.), Levy, Irwin. Biology Club Top Row — Mr. Neigarth (advisor), St jvros. Carpen- ter, Rifenberg, Bohm, Mr. Morehouse (advisor). Front Rov — Irwin, Lewis {V. Pres.), Falzone (Pres.), Welton (Sec), Webb (Treas.), Koziolek. Jets Top Row — Hulka, Lavender, Benson, Russell, Bohn, Senf. 2nd Row — Ashendorf, Bartels, Whiting, Suchovsky, Sorenson, Dye. Front Row — Mr. Courtrighl (advisor) Hurtubise, Field (Pres.;, Hulka (V. Pres.), Achenbach (Sec. Treas.), Mr. Thornley (advisor). Y-Teens Top row — Krentz, Glomb, Murray, Bendus, Der- by, Start, Sukup, Jania, Pawlak, Grandelius, Stewart, Smith. 7th row — Johnson, DeFrench, Plichta, Povlick, Burrington, Frisbie, Nickoles, Carlson, Pavlick, Lorenz, Chambers, Shedino. 6th row — Grishom, loFear, Morris, Spencer, Billips, Beol, Knobe, Filonow, Rein, Loban, Cramer. 5th row — Terrell, Calloway, Johnson, Frierson, Thomas, Terrell, Keener, Cook, Johnson, Paschal, Fife, Howell. 8MW _ " pwWW glWWIW! 4th row Rasor, Lux, Battle, Perkins, Jackson, Fisher, Kelley, Scott, Smith, Sly, Smith, Cummings. 3rd row — Mortin, Plichta, Vonderloan, Webster, Long, Richardson, Bartels, Weston, Christiansen, Croymer, Delano. 2nd row — Poort, Fowler, Darien, Wells, Tulter, Heethuis, Povilaitis, Start, Beese, Schoolcraft, Reinertson. front row — Mrs. VanEenenaom (Adv.), Mrs. Cole (Adv.), Sternburgh, Steenhogon {Sergeant-ot- arms), Krause (V. Pres.), Parmelee (Pres.), Spencer (Sec), Snel (Treas.), Vickers( Chaplain), Steffencs, Mrs. Sternburgh (Adv.), Walden (Absent). Hi-Y Top Row — Mr. DeWitt (advisor), Alexonder, Wood, Hurlubise, Mr. Brash (advisor). 2nd Row — Johnson, Meisch, Drake, Ashford, McMurray. Front Row — Nor- man (V. Pres.), Johnson (Pres.), Skodak (Sec. Treas.), Sutton (Chaplain). Forensics Top row — Froncke, McLemore, Boyer, Mezynski, Plichla, Brewster. 2nd row — Whiting, Stovros, Wilkinson, Green, Scott, Mr. Edwordsen. Front row — Nielson, Rifenberg, Carpenter, Perry, Lux, Ashendorf. Varsity Debaters Ron and Betty Debate Club Top row — Start, Cronican, J. Comstock, Carpenter, Mr. Edwordsen (advisor). 3rd row — Cook, McLemore, Francke, Nielsen, Hakes. 2nd row — Krouse, Heethuis, Welton, Perry Povilaitis, J. Comstock. Front row — Ashendorf, Pormolee, Morquond, Koetje, Jacoby. Publications Staff Top Row — Tuller, Levy, Roder, Crocker, Sherman, Paschal. 3rd Row — Herder, Cul- len, McLemore, Butler, Thompson, Vander- Schoof. 2nd Row — Mr. Murray (advisor), Reinertson, Spenser, Vitek, Schmidt Kekoni. Front Row — Vickers, Coston, Schneider Suchovsky, Malmstrom, Parmalee. Library Staff Top row — Dogger, Unger, Hoekenga, Rockey, Peter- son. 3rd row — Burrington, Tyler, Maskell, Start, Fors, Smith. 2nd row — Dethloff, Evans, Ashcroft, Martinei, Bird, Borgerding. front row — Pleake, Gonzalez, Dovey, Theis, Miss Kidwell (advisor) 0£ f£ . BBa ?bm a ■■ SHSsZ:ms a_ . iM . .«- «a« TM -. jm:-- ■p E :: yr ' . jPP J ., a; , ::::, , m . ■ ■ ■ . ■ ■ ' Tom Sue Bob Morvis VARIETY SHOW This year ' s voriety show held at the Y.W.C.A. provided a night of hilarious entertainment for all who attended. The boys? Gordie, Al and 6il Carol Sophomores Kickline: — Jo Ann Beol, Becky Smith, Linda Sly, Jon Grandelius, Sue Johnson, and Judy Cramer. Ginny Schoolcraft, Candy Beese, Jane Morrow Gramercy Ghost CAST Director, Mr. Eugene Gillaspy Student Director, Judi, Krause Margaret Collins Carrie Campbell Nancy Willard Marilyn Martin Parker Burnett Bob Narowitz Augusta Ames Cecil Levy Charley Stewart Chuck Brewster Officer Morrison Ozell Parham Nathaniel Coombes James Cobb Jr. Irv Jerry Gotliver Rocky Curtis McLemore Ambulance Driver Linda Rowell Assistant Driver Charon Coston Girl Arlene Burrington COMMITTEES Staging: Carl Suchovsky, Chr., Joanne Tuller, Jim SorenSon, Bob Hulka, Jim Huey, Kalhy Drozd, Cedric Norman. Lighting and Sound: Bob Hulka, Chr. Programs: Kathy Drozd, Chr. Tickets: Lana Hansen, Chr. Props and Costumes: Alice Herald, Chr., Pot Borgeson, Pat Thompson, Ellen Wester- house. Publicity: Pat Thompson, Chr., Kathy Nicholes, Ellen Westerhouse, Mori Jane Frisbie. Makeup: Francis Aue, Chr., Pat Borgeson, Lois Achenbach, Ruth Long, Ginger Poviloitis, Candy Beese, Leslie Boyer, Nadine Cole, Pat Vitek, Carole Start, Cheryl Cronicon, Kathy Drozd. OAKLIAN PLAYERS GUILD Top Row — DeLono, Povilaitis, Snel, Long, Poort, Campbell, Krouse, Levy 4th Row — Vitek, Whittaker, Steenhagen, Vonderwoter, Warren, Wells, Scott, Braaten, Uecker 3rd Row — Boyer, Erkkson, Bell, Simpson, Bortels, Cole, Stewart, Malstrom 2nd Row — Roder, Coston, Comstock, Carpenter, Comstock, Cronicon, Martin Boylon, Murray Front Row — Start, Tuller (V. Pres.), Aue (Sec), Borgeson (Pres.), Heethuis (Treas.), Achenbach, Schneider, Mr. Giilospy (advisor) NATIONAL THESPIANS " Act well your part, for there all the honor lies. " Levy, Krause, Campbell, Narowitz, Brewster, Cobb, Mr. GiHaspy, advisor; Martin, Achenbach, Battels. Standing: Mr. and Mrs. Victor Johnson Sitting: Steptian Fronclte, (of Germany) Bill, and Vic Mr. and Mrs. Verhagen and their two sons, Jos and Paul Standing — Jim Cobb, Mr, Cobb Silting — Mrs. Cobb, Tom Nielsen GERMANY DENMARK NETHERLANDS, VISIT HEIGHTS For Understanding ... An exchange student -iU. l.u.U rm M ■ ' 7. ■ ,J y - ' :f 86 Student Council Top Row — J. Russ, R. Whilney, B. Uecker, E. Spencer Sixth Row — J. Grandelius, T. Hyllond, B. Fekoski, S. Lux, N, Schoonbeck, C. Booker, R. DeYoung, P. Borns. Fifth Row — J, Boylond, J. Comstock, C. Cronican, D. Hemphill, M. Pawlak, C. Poort, J. Beol, J. Liupokko Fourth Row — C. McLemore, S. Froncke, T. Nielson, T. Slezok, J. McGarey, B. Jefferson, I. Martin, D. Ciezok, B. Norowitz Third Row — P. Jackson, G. Steffens, K. Sternburgh, G. Slronen, J. Sukup, P. Vilek, C. Kovots, J. Wood, C. Gabris Second Row — J. Huey, C. Suchovsky, D. Pehm, D. Van Nailer, S. Evans, K. Nicholes, C. Carpenter, M. Erickson Front Row — M. Roder, D. shendorf, K. Malmstrom (Secy.), R. Jacoby (Pres.), P. Heethuis (Vice-pres.), N. Schneider (Treos.), B. Wells, C. Smith, Miss Schroeder (Advisor). Honor Society Top row — Mr. Norris (advisor), Richardson, Heisland, Weston, Povilailis, Irwin, Snel, Sleegstra, Johnson. 3rd row — Heethuis, Whillaker, Chambers, Cline, Ryerson, Carlson, Wilkinson, Boylan, Cobb. 2nd row — Long, Neilsen, Morquand, Klopp, J. Comslock, J. Comstock, C. Snel, Jacoby, Francke. 1st row — Murray, Achenbach, Mclnlyre (Trees.), Parmalee (Pres.), Koteje (V. Pres.), Krause (Sec), Roder, Malmstrom, Herald. .f f x ' ,m- Li V 1 V ■ A » .i yP F J F V ' l - 1, l t k SNO-BALL MUSIC mmm Mm- ' In Fond Memory of M. Warner Golombeck You cannot practice tor her every day. The knowledge that you give her v« ill n On her young mind in one bright, blind- ing ray — But you can plant o dream! Ah, you can plant a dream in her young heart, A dream of excellence v hose light will gleam Upon her pathway as the years depart Your words can plant a dream. To sow a dream and see it spread and grow. To light a lamp and watch its brightness gleam: Here is a gift that is divine, I know. To give a child a, dream. ? H-.W Directors Concert and (Direclors) Mr. J. Saunders, and Mr. L. Gray Top Row — Cheathom, Sydnor, Richards, Farkas, Smith, Benson- Mc Lemore (Drum Major) 3rd Row — Pedler, Wilkinson, Coberly, Wittropp, Campbell, lopez, Rockey, Delhloff, Hearing 2nd Row — Graves, Ogborn, Broadbent, Steinberg, Forton i Von Overen Front — Carlson, Bupp, Musgrave Drum Major, Curtis Mclomore Bonnie PormeJee Marching Band Top Row — Huey, Hulko, Richards, Whetstone, Terrell, Lynn, Walker, Sternberg, Terrell, Mittleiter, Mr. L. Gray, and Mr. J. Saunders {Directors) 3rd Row — Pellegram, Wilson, Mathews, Ashcroft, Gaunt, O ' Brien, Messner, Pedler, Hulko 2nd Row — Thorn, Mongino, Webster, Hurd, Taylor, Hulka, Ebore, Bader, Riffenberg, Broton, Brown, Achenboch Front — Steenhagen, Olson, Blakeman, Kelly, Strong, Borgerding, Jando, Long, Warren Vitek DANCE BAND Director High School Mr. Warner Galombeck In Memoriam Left Half Standing: Syndor, Smith Third Row: Krukowski, Cline, Williams, Coddington Second Row: Streegsfro, Compbell, Temple, Daniels Ly First Row: Williams. Cummings. Wongerin Born March 9, 1910, in New Castle, Ind., Mr. Galombeck would have observed his 51st birthday on March 9, 1961. As a youngster he moved with his parents to Omaha, Neb., where he began violin study when he was 11 years old. It was there, at the age of 14, he gave his first recital and won the praise of Fritz Kreisler who said, " This young man has an outstanding talent. " The next year he came to Muskegon and this community has been home since. A graduate of Muskegon High School, he continued violin studies while in school with first Severn Hedlund and later with Wilbur Force ond Karl Wecker in Grand Rapids. The talented musician won four full scholarships to the Cincinnati Conserva- tory of Music and studied there under Vladimir Bokaleinikoff, Jean TenHove, Karol Liszniewski and others. Then came advanced study with Scott Willits of the American Conservatory of Music in Chicago. While the world of the symphony and the concert were his first love, thousands of persons in Western Michigan remem- ber the versatile musician best as " Buddy Warner. " For it was under that name he conducted a 1 2-piece donee band which played long and successful en- gagments both in Ohio and at the for- mer Barn in Grand Haven. It was the middle- ' 30 ' s era of the big bands, and Bud Warner ' s was one of the best. Engaged in private violin instruction for a number of years, Mr. Galombeck joined the Muskegon Heights school sys- tem in 1950 and was in his 11th year as strings and orchestra director. In addition, he was carrying a heavy load of scholastic study and would have received his Bachelor of Science degree from Western Michigan University in June. And in addition to instruction and study, Mr. Galombeck had a heavy schedule of concert and guest sole appearances. He was long a member of the first violin section of the West Shore Symphony as well as a member of its board, was guest soloist with symphonies across the country and was a member of the Phil- harmonic Trio of Greater Muskegon to- gether with John Wheeler and Maynard Buck. Mr. Galombeck also directed the Ludington Symphony Orchestra for two years. — The Muskegon Chronicle Moments Orchestra Right Half Standing: Irwin, Dewitt, Mr. Galombeck (Director), Black, McBrrde, Lewis Third Row: Terell, Nrtelinger, Matthews, Rockey, Graves, Bupp, BJakesmon, Kelly, Brown, Broton, Achen- boch, Peterson Second Row: Weaver, Flaska, Warren, Vitek, Borgerding, Strong, Long, Griffen, Smith First Row: Boyland, Ryerson, Cobb, Cook, Pormelee, Dierking we sh ared t- 1 HHjf HBr tl4[ l l p ' a jj w 1 k biJ Practice Session A Cappelia Choir Top Row — Pavlick, Schoolcraft, Parham, Huey, Wogenmaker, Mitchell, Beckley, Jackson, Robinson, Bennetts, Gulliver 3rd Row — Kelley, Steffens, Cummings, Ttppens, Bortels, Klopp, McCormick, Porter, Mitchell, Parham, McClain 2nd Row — Mr. Wild! (director), Moseler, Phillips, Green, Lee, Prus, Slernbaugh, Ogborn, McClain, Petermon, Christianson, Townsell Front Row — Wood, Cook, Medemo, Cole, VanBrocklin, Herald, Borgeson, Cooper, Morrow, Wilkinson orus ' ' f s V t . JJ Hackney, Wimbley, Smith, Riphagen, Banks, Gray, Olsen, Young, Calloway, Trammel, Paul, Scheidegegger Winniewski, LoPorle, Gaines, Anderson, Howell, Zeedyk, Mclntyre, McConnell, Frozier, Hutchinson, Shepard, McDaniel Wiegand, Wood, Gulley, Boltze, Cook, Luipakko, Vannatter, McLaughlin, Schoonbeck, Filinow Director Mr. Wildt ,iow — Oosterhart, Thorsfenson, South, Hamstra, Beese, Musgrave fow — Cottrell, Aue, Skok, Scott, Wogenmaker flow — Plamk, Benson, Perkins, Coston, Welcome Row — Wells, Wogenmaker, Clark, Jackson Choir At Work ' 61 Hart, Johnson, Oberlin, Green, Walton, Poorl Brooks, Tyler, Server, Baker, Holms Erickson, Miller, Gritfin, Johnson, Archer ATHLETICS » [ • ■ m m i r ' -. - ; - ' i. HB Moa£: ' ' mill " nw ' Ml ,. 1 w° 4 ■ ' if T ' ■■■■ ■ v ' ' |%- Ml •, « i .M .Jttr f ' H S S r aH c R ' y J , lf| y Iti if ' ' - iil il m: ' H Ske V ' . tt. » " ' V ' - ' ' ' SilillSiB flB : ' - if fW ' - i ' . ff .. ' jBf f M. ? . - ' ; ' ' •Ijff ' S- ' F- ' j|| a|- " ■ ' - - ' .•. - " .i JKv. wC •£f » jugm ikm.Al t t J : H ' I 1- 4f Varsity Football V_3P 9 Top Row — -Russell, Ruiter, Pickel, Moore, Cook, Buford, Metcolf, LeRoux, Fox. Third Row — Mittleiter, Wade, Petty, O. Parhom, Cullen, J. Porham, Hubler, Smith, Thorstenson, V. Gilbert. Second Row — Bloke (Mgr.), McLemore, Swenor, Griffin, Sain, Zuithof, Beckley, Phillips, FelcoskI, Mclntyre, Frosier (Mgr.). Front Row — Armstrong {Mgr.), Tippins, Klopp, Davis, Johnson, Galpin, G. Gilbert, Steele, Prus, Corson (Mgr.). Season ' i s :ores Tigers G. R. Union 6 20 G. R. South 23 Holland 32 Flint S ' Western 28 7 Muskegon Catho ic 14 HEAD COACH Mr. O. E. Johnson ASSIST. COACH Mr. Arnold Ochs STUDENT-COACH Mr. Robert Slezak Western Michigan University 100 Season ' s Scores Tigers Grand Haven 9 6 Benton Harbor 6 14 G. R. Catholic 27 Muskegon 34 7 ASSIST. COACH Mr. Del Firme Reserve Football ASSIST. COACH Mr. Rudy Theis RESERVE FOOTBALL Season ' s Scores Tigers G. R. Union 6 6 G. R. South 6 7 Holland 26 9 Montague 6 13 Muskegon Catho lie 6 6 Grand Haven 19 7 Benton Harbor 21 7 G. R. Catholic 23 7 Muskegon 6 12 RESERVE COACH Mr. Jerry Williams U jLUSJ Jy Top Row — Bringedahl, Nichols, Spaas, Nixon, Lohmon, Wells, Wilkins. Third Row — Coach Jerry Williams, Tucker, Willis, Paschal, Williams, F. Sain, Felcoski, Hyliond, Peavy, Pascoe, Wilkinson, Olson, Stuart, Ripley, Assist. Coach Rudy Theis. Second Row — Cross, Anderson, Manak, D. Hubler, McGhee, Gilhespie, Blackmar, Bolden, Venne, Messner. Front Row — Walker (Mgr.), Donley, Malone, Wilks, Thorspenson, M. Gaunt, Glover, Whiting, Wolfis, Golden (Mgr.). 101 1 m f t. H i B H ' MI 1 IS HI jP r- H i fM m H ? ■ « 2 v| ■ ' H ' 1 B Qjn l ■ ' H ' H Bill Hubler (44) of Heights makes a driving tackle on a Muskegon Catholic boll carrier. Tony Cullen is t angled up by Grand Haven tacklers. John Felcoski (45) is the other identifiable Tiger. Joe Porham (37) rounds Grand Haven ' s end for a big gain and a first down. Jim Galpin (30) brings down a ball carrier of Flint South- western. Bob Beckley (57) is the other Tiger. Ozell Porham runs into three of FHnt Southwestern ' s strong linemen. Leroy Smith (36) is the other Tiger. A Tiger boll carrier is " swarmed " by a load of Muskegon Big Red gridders. t Tony Cullen (42) and John Felcoski (45) close in on a Big Re i boll carrier. Joe Parham (37) rounds Flint Soulhwestern ' s end with a block from Lou Phillips (56). Bill Hubler is No. 44. Varsity Cheerleaders ANTONIO CULLEN Senior Halfback TONY PRUS Senior Guard BARNARD DAVIS Junior End BILL HUBLER Senior Quarterback LOUIS PHILLIPS Senior Tackle All-state 3rd tean BOB BECKLEY Senior Guard DAVE ZUITHOF Senior Center 104 WULIE GRIFFIN Junior Tackle OZELL PARHAM Senior Fullbock ..%sim JOHN FELCOSK! Senior End NEIL THORSTENSON Senior Tockle JOE PARHAM Junior Halfback 1961 State Tournament Runner-up iM aico Bock Row — Petty, Johnson Wade, Whisinont, Thomas, Sanders, Swenor, Mclnfire, Griffin, Corson, Cooch Oakle Johnson. Front row — Manager Jones, VanAelst, McMurray, Adams, Calloway, Pipkins, Moore, Manager Armstrong. State Tournoment Scores Tigers Opponents 77 Muskegon 57 74 1 Grand Haven 47 55 G. R. South 46 72 Escanaba 56 57 Flint Central 55 51 Jackson 46 53 Detroit Catholic 72 MUSKEGON HEIGHTS Varsity Bosltetbatl Scores Tigers Opponents 70 Grand Ropids Union 49 53 Grand Rapids ' Central 64 62 Muskegon 53 5 " 35 Holland 57 49 Grand Rapids Ctiristian 52 72 Grand Haven 62 mkh 69 Muskegon Catholic Central 41 s.. 51 Muskegon 55 56 Holland 31 70 Benton Harbor Grand Haven 56 58 65 Grand Rapids Ottawa Hills 47 72 Muskegon Catholic Central 46 57 Benton Harbor 56 66 Traverse City 42 Basketball Champions a t ' jl l f W jKiiKyiik ' ' i J 1 - ' IfIh . ' ■ . « .j ' --■ ifW »wv « Tension runs high Let ' s dance Heyl The gangs all here Get oulta ' my way take it if you don ' t mind Col scores two Ozen scores two 106 Top: Coach R. Thies, E. Spencer, R. Vetters, D. Hubler, T. Golden Middle: P. Monak, T. Wilson, J. Phillips, J. Molone Front: M. Adams, R. Anderson, M. Borgeson, D. Ripley 4 1 -0 Reserves Janice Grandelius Helen Cooper Marcio Erickson Marcia Riphagen Linda Bird Sharon Lux Grand Rapids Union 41 Heights 36 Grand Rapids Central 40 Heights 46 Muskegon 51 Heights 38 Holland 71 Heights 73 Grand Rapids Christian 51 Heights 44 Grond Haven 45 Heights 54 Muskegon Catholic 52 Heights 75 Muskegon 58 Heights 48 Holland 41 Heights 51 Benton Harbor 60 Heights 61 Grand Haven 52 Heights 56 Grand Rapids Ottawa Hills 62 Heights 57 Muskegon Catholic 43 Heights 60 Benton Harbor 46 Heights 62 Traverse City 33 Heights 50 Donna Brewer Tumbler Patricia Borns Tumbler Cross Country Coach Westman First cross-country team in the history of Muskegon Heights High School was organized in the fall of 1960, under supervision of Coach Don Westman. Because it was an initial effort, the team naturally did not win any great honors. However, it was an enthusiastic group of boys who came out, and everyone contributed points in the meets, Mr. Westman said. Varsity letter-winners are D. Phelps, S. Kozioiek, M. Borgeson, H. Levandowski, W. Johnson, B. Whissnant, F. Benninger, R. Miller. Winning minor awards were K. Shepard and C. Johnson. The team next fall will very likely be built around the following boys: Phelps, Kozioiek, Borgeson, Whissnant, Benninger, and Shepard. Golf Coach Bosserdet For the first time in several years, our high school organized a golf team. We have had successful golf teams in the past, but often there are not enough boys interested in the game. It is the hope here that golf will continue to provide a useful minor sport at Heights High. Mr. William Bosserdet was selected as Coach, as soon as enough boys showed enthusiasm in getting the team started. Practice sessions are held at Pontaluna. After a late start, the golfers held matches with Muskegon and Catholic Central. Last season we were fortunate in having several excellent golfers, including B. Johnson, C. (Chips) Neir, J. Taylor, B. Valuck, and J. Cotton. Bill Valuck is a brother of many Greater Muskegon champions and the son of another, Mr. Martin Valuck. All of the Valucks have an eye for " that little white ball, " Sam, Dick, Mr. Mart Valuck . . . are there more? Oh yes. Bill. In fact. Bill received an athletic schol- arship to the University of Michigan and at present is on the U. of M. Golf squad. Last season Bill was Conference Champion and runner-up in the Regional Contest. 108 1960 Track and Field 1 " .-lUWUL, Back Row: P. Bartels, T. Steele, Locke, Scheidegger, G. Gilbert, Petty, J. Parham Fourth Row: Trise, Pearson, J. Johnson, Nye, Richards, Hall, L. Steele Third Row: La Roux, Bupp, McLemore, O. Parham, Meister, D. Wirschem, Swenor, Levandowski Second Row: B. Bartels, Ashendorf, Griffin, Smith, W. Johnson, Schneider, Morris, Coach Thies First Row: Sain, Coffin, C. Wirschem, Hunter, Langslon, Jackson, Howe, McMurray Heights Best Track Peformance for 1960 ClOO yd. Dash M. Hunter 9.75 C220 yd. Dash M. Hunter 21.4 440 yd. Dash S. McMurray 51.8 •880 yd. Run C. Wirschem 2K)2.4 Mile Run D. Langston 4:50.8 •120 High Hurdles E. Jackson 15.1 ♦180 Low Hurdles E. Jackson 20.4 High Jump P. Adams 5 ' 9 ' 4 " Brood Jump M. Hunter 23 ' 9y4 " Pole Vault T. Bass 10 ' 6 " Shot Put B. Howe 47 ' 9 " •Medley Relay (C. Wirschem, L. Sain, J. Parham, C880 yd. Relay S. McMurray) 2:29.8 •School Record (S. McMurray, P. Adams, J. Par- City Record ham, M. Hunter) 1:31.5 Height Won 6 Lost 1 Heights Best Track Performance for 1960 Heights 80%, Kalamazoo 63%, Hollond 33%, Allegan 7% Heights 75, Grond Haven 34 Heights 52 ' 3, Muskegon 56% Heights 62%, Muskegon Catholic Central 46 Vi Conference Meet — Heights 55, Muskegon 51, Traverse City 36y2, Grand Haven 32 ' 2, Holland 16, Benton Harbor 4 Central Relays — Heights 34 points (3rd place) Heights 78, Holland 51 ' A, Benton Harbor 7 ' 2 Greater Muskegon Meet Muskegon 69 ' !, Heights 5972, Muskegon C. C. 35, Reeths- Puffer 15 ' !, North Muskegon 15 Regionals Muskegon 50 1 10, Heights 43 ' 2, Union 20 3 5, Grand Hoven 20, South 11, Christian Muskegon C. C. 10, Cres- ton 9, Ottawa 8 1 10, G. R. C. C. 6 1 10. Slate Meet Heights 17th, 5 points Triangular Heights 50 ' 2, Muskegon C. C. 46 ' 2, Holland 40 L.M.A.C. Champions Greater Muskegon Meet, Heights 2nd Regionals, Heights 2nd Central Relays, Heights 3rd Champions of Chompions, Hunter (1st, 100,9.8), Hunter {1st, 220,21.4), Jockson (2nd, High Hurdles), Joe Parham (3rd, 100), McMurray (6th,440,51 .8) Fort Wayne Oympic meet. Hunter (3rd, 100 meter). Hunter (3rd, 150 meter) Huron Relays (Indoors) Heights 12 points M. Hunter, 60 yd. Dash, 6.4, 1st, broad jump, 2r2 " E. Jackson, 65 yd. High Hurdles, 4th ww vrr mj r 1960 Baseball n u f ' • ' ! • ' jp ' ' " " w i» « i(pf| J ' y A vrt " ' i. iu « Back Row: Mgr. Klopp, Miller, Perreault, Phelps, Coach Firme Third Row: Vanderloan, Mclntyre, D. Wade, Galpin, Slernburgh, Bunt, Cook Second Row: John, Morre, Barrett, Strickler, Veihl, R. Wade, Harrington, Murray First Row: Metcalf, Armstrong, Veihl, Walker, Whisenant, Cuden, Steinhaurer Coach SEASON SCORES Opponents Reeths Puffer 7 Muskegon Christian 3 Benton Harbor 11 Musi egon 3 Grand Haven 2 Catholic Central 10 North Muskegon 2 Muskegon Christian 4 Muskegon Reeths Puffer 6 Grand Haven 15 Catholic Central 3 Holland 8 Holland 2 Muskegon Play-off 6 Tigers 8 21 18 1 12 7 9 12 2 5 7 5 1 Del Firme 1960 Tennis Coach Sydnor, DeHudy, Doxey, McLemore, Suchovsky, Ruiter, Wilkins, Galpin, Thompson, Cobb, Cullen, Benninger TENNIS SCORES Muskegon Heights 1 Allegan 6 Muskegon Heights 1 Fremont 6 Muskegon Heights 3 Muskegon Christian 4 Muskegon Heights Muskegon 7 Muskegon Heights 1 Holland 6 Muskegon Heights 2 Grand Haven 5 Muskegon Heights 5 Catholic 2 Muskegon Heights 1 Holland 6 Muskegon Heights Grand Haven 7 Muskegon Heights Muskegon 7 Muskegon Heights 2 North Muskegon 5 Muskegon Heights 6 Muskegon Catholic 1 Muskegon Heights 3 Muskegon Christian 4 Muskegon Heights 3 North Muskegon 3 Muskegon Heights Fremont 7 Muskegon Heights Mr. John Sydnor Coach Boys Physical Education Mr. Westman Bottom row: J. Hartung, L. Dye, B. Bartels, D. Lepley. Second row: T. Hakes, C. Suchovsky, J. Sorenson, D. Ashendorf. Top: D. Nye. District Champions Girls ' Physical Education .. 1 Miss Cobb 113 jHl YM Sf mfij ADS 115 Index to Advertisements Page No. A Alstorm Construction, Inc 1 23 American Coil Spring Co 121 Anderson Packing Co 1 29 Armstrong ' s Used Cars 1 35 Ashendorf Auto Ports 133 B Barberini Food Market 132 Bell, Lloyd J 152 Bob Moore Florist 152 Boelkins Super Market 136 Boer Hardware 121 Boulevard Drugs 152 Burger Chef 140 C Camera Shop 150 Campbell, Wyont and Cannon Foundry Company 120 Carl ' s Super Market 130 Certified Concrete Inc 1 26 Church Printers 140 Coca-Colo Bottling Co 140 Cole ' s Bakeries, Inc 138 Columbia Studio 139 Commercial Press 121 Consumer ' s Power Company 148 Continental Motors 1 25 Cooper ' s Flowers 1 39 Coscarelli Concessions 119 Crowell Used Cors 122 Crown Finance Co 151 D D C Stores, Inc 130 Dairy Isle 145 Domm Hardware 149 Dona Printing 150 Daniels 118 Derby Rambler Sales 138 Doo Drop Inn, Inc 148 E-F Economy Hardware 1 20 Farr View Dairy 1 27 Federal Shoe Department 151 Fischer Hardware 139 Fred Knack Ford Inc 122 Fredricks Lumber Company 135 Ffitz Drug Store 1 29 H-J Hahn-Sutton Pharmacy 142 Hall Electric Company 150 Horwood-Nelson 121 Hasper ' s Sove-Mor Morket 131 Hendrick, Realtor 1 29 Hoppe ' s Super I. G. A. Market 131 Hunter, Alfred, and Co 152 Jiroch Candy and Tobacco Co 1 28 Johnson ' s Studio 135 K Ken and Beas Grocery 1 46 Kooiman ' s Food Store 1 20 Kooyer ' s Cleaners 1 33 Kroutheim, A., Jewelers 118 L Laird ' s Variety Store 141 Lakos Restaurant 1 23 Lange Transfer Storage Co 151 Langlois Stores 144 La Nore ' s Grocery 130 Lee Funeral Home 1 27 Lee and Son Hard wo re 126 M Manning, Maxwell Moore Inc 141 Martin Coal Building Supply Co 130 Mart ' s Pure Service 145 McDonald ' s D.ive-lns 133 Meister ' s Feed Hardware 144 Merton ' s Super Service 117 Michigan Consolidated Gas Co 125 Mills Ice Cream Co 144 Moore ' s, Bob, Texaco and Boats 146 Morton Manufacturing Co 135 Murn Bros. Garage 131 Muskegon Beauty College 133 Muskegon Federal Savings Loan Association 141 Muskegon Photographers Association 1 24 Muskegon School of Business 139 Muskegon Theaters 1 28 Myers Service 140 N- P-Q Notionol Lumberman ' s Bank 142 Parsons Department Store 129 Peterson ' s Shell Service 128 Potter ' s Lamp Co 131 Punches Thriftway Market 133 Pyle Pattern Manufacturing 150 Quality Aluminum Casting Company 132 R Radium Photo Service 118 Reliable Trucking Crone Service 152 Reid Tool Supply Co 130 Remwolt Cleaners 149 Ruiter Brothers Plumbing 132 S-T Sanitary Dairy Company 137 Scott-Tjopkes Foodliner 1 23 Sealed Power Corporation 1 34 Show-Walker Co 136 Shepard Cleaners 136 Sietsemo Floor Covering 139 Snowhite Bakery 147 Square 118 Storiha Agency 144 Stern ' s, Bill 148 Steve ' s Beauty Shop 132 Terri Lee Market 137 Tomlinson Barber Shop 122 Tourcotte 151 Tumps Pok A Bout Gift Shop 141 V- W- Y Vacuum Cleaner Supply 120 Vondervelde ' s Furniture Co 117 Voss Hardware 131 Votow ' s Radio Electric Service 148 Wonsten Pharmacy 1 20 Wcislo, Frank, Sausages 133 Western Michigan Outboard Sales Service 150 Whittington ' s Barber Shop 126 Windatt Pontioc 132 Wittkopp Tool Co 1 23 Wolverine Express Inc 142 Wood, John, Company 128 Yonker Supply Co 1 26 Congratulations to the Class of ' 61 Lovers of Early American will find a most complete selection at Vandervelde ' s. Over 250 open stock pieces in our famous Ethan Allen alone . . . with FREE interior decorating service yours for the asking. VANDERVELDE ' S Furniture and Carpets Broadway at Fifth Muskegon Heights MERTON ' S SUPER SERVICE 117 iurf ' f ' i.,1IMll , ' .J f Eyerything Phofographi 367 West Western R A D I U M PHOTO S E R V I C E Phone 24-5252 Dress Right you can t ifford not to! THE 349 W. Western Ave. Muskegon, Mich. B ■ ■ DANIELS . . . 364 W. Western Avenue Distinctive Gifts Best Wishes to the Class of 1961 A. KRAUTHEIM Muskegon ' s Fine Jeweler Since 1887 329 W. Western 118 JAMES COSCARELLI ■V iiir ' ifim-m ' ' ■■ i --. PERE MARQUETTE PARK WORLD ' S BEST BEACHES MINIATURE TRAIN KIDDY RIDES THE WORLD ' S BEST ITALIAN PIZZA TAKE OUT SERVICE 119 ECONOMY HARDWARE GIFT SHOP ' Economize with Economy " 2812 Peck Street Muskegon Heights Phone PE 32-273 KOOIMAN ' S FOOD STORE Ed Dornbos, Proprietor Corner of Sixth and Hockley Muskegon Heights, Michigan Phone PA 2-3343 WHERE QUALITY COUNTS Congratulations to the Class of 1961 fronfi Wansten ' s Pharmacies VACUUM CLEANER SUPPLY 225 W. Broadway Phone PE 3-1843 Congratulations to the Graduates of 1961 " . . . Ask not what your country will do for you — ask what you can do for your country. " President J. F. Kennedy Inaugural Address CAMPBELL. WYANT AND CANNON FOUNDRY COMPANY DIVISION OF TEXTRON. INC. 120 Commercial Press We, Alumni of AA. H. H. S. Congratulate the graduates of 196I HARWOOD.-. NELSON 373 W. Western BOER HARDWARE Phone PE 3-1019 4210 Grand Haven Road Muskegon, Michigan r- i JfcV . AMERICAN COIL SPRING COMPANY 121 Compliments to the Graduating Class of 1961 CompHmen+s to the Graduating Class of 1961 from John H. Crowell ' s Used Cars BUYS — TRADES — SELLS Congratulations to the Class of 1961 from Bob Moore Florist Beautifully Built To Take Care Of Itself 2764 Peck Street Phone PE 3-1498 1961 FORD Fred Knack Ford, Inc. Peck at Sherman Phone PE 3-1361 Best Wishes to the Class of ' 61 Compliments of TOMLINSON ' S BARBER SHOP 122 Congratulations to the Class of 1961 ALSTROM CONSTRUCTION, INC, Post Office 8, Muskegon Heights, Michigan Phone PE 3-1444 or PE 3-1887 SCOTT-TJAPKES I. G. A. FOOD LINERS 1961 Apple Ave. 4218 Grand Haven Rd. WITTKOPP TOOL COMPANY LAKOS RESTAURANT and CHARCOAL HEARTH (Steaks, Chops, Chicken, Sea Food) 428 WEST WESTERN Kitchen open ' lil 1:30 A.M. Just south of Broadway 123 MUSKEGON PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHERS ASSOCIATION Beckquist Camera Shop PA 2-6707 Christenson Studio PA 2-6203 Conrad ' s Columbia Studio PA 2-3013 Cal Johnson Studio PA 2-3986 Leonard Kooiman Studio PA 2-6578 Lin Studio SH 4-41 05 Paris Studios PA 4-71 04 Pixi Studio PA 2-3982 Tourcotte Studio PA 2-6714 124 AROUND THE CORNER A milestone ' s about to happen. Your graduation marl sa decisive period in your life. Behind is an important, form- ative period of learning. And ahead? The course is yours to choose, whether it be more study or the start of a career. We at Michigan Consolidated Gas Company join friends and family in wishing you well in your new adven- tures . . . hoping that your new-worlds- to-conquer outlook never dims. MICHIGAN CONSOLIDATED GAS COMPANY CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1961 FROM CONTINENTAL MOTORS CORPORATION 125 Consfrrucl-ion With a Future Build with Waylite Lite-Weig ht Blocks • CERTIFIED CONCRETE INC. QUALITY BUILDING MATERIALS and READY-MIXED CONCRETE • 777 East Sherman Boulevard YONKER SUPPLY CO. Wholesale Plumbing Heating Equipment industrial Supplies 1338 WOOD STREET Compliments of Whittington ' s BARBER SHOP Jim Whittington, Proprietor PHONE PE 3-1120 2815 SANFORD STREET J. H. Lee S Son Hardware 126 Established 1920 LEE FUNERAL HOME Off street parking FARR VIEW DAIRY 127 Compliments of Jiroch Candy and Tobacco Company Since 1866 BEST WISHES AND SUCCESS TO THE CLASS OF 1961 • Muskegon Theatres, Inc. Michigan — Regent — Strand CONGRATULATIONS and Good Luck to the 7967 Grads! • PETERSON ' S SHELL SERVICE COMPLETE SERVICE FOR YOUR CAR Broadway at Henry MUSKEGON HEIGHTS John Wood Company - Bennett Pump Division 128 CONGRATULATIONS FROM HEIGHTS STORE OF FAMOUS BRANDS PARSONS DEPARTMENT STORE J. S. Anderson Packing Co. FRITZ DRUG STORE Prescription Specialists Since 797 7 Clyde Hendrick, Realtor Phone: PE 32-134 2301 Peck Street 129 Charge Accounts Delivery Service CARL ' S SUPER MARKET ON BROADWAY SINCE 1891 Choice Meats, Groceries, Produce, Frozen Foods COLE ' S BAKERY DEPARTMENT IN THE HEIGHTS PECK at BROADWAY CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1961 • REID TOOL SUPPLY CO. 332 WEST DELANO AVENUE LaNore ' s Grocery and LaNore ' s Five and Dime at LaNORE ' S SHOPPING CENTER 1196 and 1202 Shettler Road When You Run Out-Run In - Ph. PE 3-4131 BUILDING SUPPLY HEADOUARTERS SEWER TILE WINDOWS MORTAR COAL PROMPT , CEMENT BLOCKS , SEPTIC TANKS FURNACES BRICKS MARTIN I Service., 1 COAL BUILDING SUPPLY COMPANY .-ta ■ 1.. Martin Coal and Building Supply Company CONGRATULATIONS, SENIORS ! from D. C STORES, INC. Headquarters for all School Supplies 130 HASPER ' S SAVE-MOR MARKETS The Friendly Stores That Save You Money Four Convenient Locations To Serve You We Give M M Green Stamps Broadv ay at Henry Laketon at John Mason at Fifth North Muskegon Congratulafions to the Class of 1961 POTTER ' S LAMP CO. 2719 Peck Street Dial PE 3-1806 Mu skegon Heights, Michigan VOSS HARDWARE MURN BROS. GARAGE Complete Motor Rebuilding Motor Tune-up Expert Body Work 2810 Peck Street Muskegon Heights, Micti. Congratulations Class of 1961 HOPPE ' S SUPER I. G.A. MARKET 273 E. Broadway Street 131 PONT I A C WINDATT PONTIAC 2001 Peck St. Phone PA-26056 QUALITY ALUMINUM CASTING COMPANY Producers of NonFerros Metal Castings 2700 Riordan Your Health and Comfort Depends on Good Plumbing and Heating RUITER BROTHERS 2831 Maffett St. Phone PE 3-2224 STEVE ' S BEAUTY SHOP Phone PE 3-2355 Stevena Addink Barberini Food Market 132 Congratulations to the Class of 1961 from Ashendorf s Auto Parts Congra ' fulaiions to the CLASS OF " 61 MUSKEGON BEAUTY COLLEGE 196 W. Western Ave. Compliments of MCDONALD ' S DRIVE INS Home of the All American Meal Two convenient Locations 1831 West Sherman and On Apple Street near the Expressway Frank Wcislo ' s Mkt. Well-known for Homemade Sausages 1736 Beidler St. Phone PA 2-2508 Compliments oi KOOYER ' S CLEANERS Fred and Don Kooyers 971 W. Broadway Roosevelt Park Phone PL 5-6582 " Knit suits our specialty " Congratulations to Class of ' 67 PUNCHES THRIFTWAY MARKET 3162 HEIGHTS RAVENNA RD. PHONE PE 9-3240 133 POWSII CO II I ORATION For 50 years, graduates of Greater Muskegon high schools have found rewarding opportun- ities for employnnent with Sealed Power Corporation. There are good jobs to begin with. There are better jobs ahead for nnen and women who develop and prepare themselves for more responsible positions. Through work and study, you have graduated from high school. This is an important step in your life — a milestone on the road toward a rewarding and satisfying future. Like you. Sealed Power Corporation is looking toward the future. For 50 years, Sealed Power Corporation has earmarked a substantial portion of its profits for growth through research and engineering. Today, Sealed Power Corporation has a Research and Develop- ment Center employing approximately 100 engineers, utilizing the most modern laboratory facilities for material development, product development and testing. Both of us are investing in the future. You through work and education; Sealed Power Corporation through investment in research and improved facilities. Together we look toward an ever greater future under America ' s free-enterprise system. SEALED POWER CORPORATION Leading Manufacturers of Engine Parts Plants in Muskegon Heights and St. Johns, Michigan; Rochester and LaGrange, Indiana; Stratford, Ontario; and Naucalpan de Juarez, Mexico 134 Congratulations to Our Graduating Class of 1961 from MORTON Mfg. Company A Muskegon Heights Industry Since 1 891 GAL JOHNSON ' S STUDIO Ask About Our Graduation Portrait Special FREDRICKS LUMBER CO. ARMSTRONG ' S USED CARS 20 Years of fair dealing Dial PE32913 2528 Peck Street Muskegon Heights 135 Everything for the office, except Mnchines — chairs, desks, Fire-tiles, filing cabinets, indexing systems, loose-leaf and payroll equipment — 4,000 prod- ucts, each " limc-cngineered " to help get more done, easier, and in less lime. BOELKINS Super Market THE SHAW-WALKER CO. L fuskegon, ( yufkhigan 2300 Maffett Street Finer Foods A pleasant place to shop For CLEANING that L-A-S-T-S See SHEPARDS first 2536 Peck, Muskegon Heights 136 SANITARY DAIRY COMPANY Good Luck to the Class of 61 FROM THE TERRI LEE AAARKET 57 " Peck at Summit Muskegon Heights, Mich. 137 COLE ' S BAKERY 1 DERBY ' S RAMBLER SALES 138 HFW -V - " 1 smmm ■ a " v r H i i A- B fDt h iP= ■ Iwb pw ji ior ' ' iHI - ' eA- ' JLA- .i ■■ " «., h . :!- i mp. . FiM ' hc. Hardware Ml l!|ggSS Best Wishes MUSKEGON SCHOOL OF BUSI NESS Apple at Spring FREE EMPLOYMENT TO GRADUATES SIETSEMA FLOOR COVERING FLOOR TILE — CARPET CERAMIC TILE — PLASTIC TILE 329 W. Broadway Phone P E 3-9900 MUSKEGON HTS., MICHIGAN Best Wishes Class of 1961 SAY IT WITH COOPER ' S FLOWERS 2512 Peck Street Phone 3-2218 CLASS PORTRAITS OF DISTINCTION Phone PA 2-3013 184 W. Western " Across From Penny ' s " 139 Refreshing remembrance AUTOGRAPHS Bottled under authority of Tho Coca-Cola Company by Coca-Cola Bottling Co. of Muskegon (m PORE ' ■ «SIM ' ' MYERS SERVICE Congratulations to the Graduating Class of 1961 CHURCH PRINTERS Phone PE 3-2368 330 West Hume Ave. MUSKEGON HEIGHTS stop in 1 for the world ' s greatest 150 HAMBURGER [ HAMBURGERS Home of thQ World ' s GrQatest150 Hamburgor! Broiled to perfection, using 100% pure beef and served on a golden toasted bun! Yum . . . they ' re dee-licious . . . and only 15c 2118 Peck St. MUSKEGON HTS., MICH. Phone PA 2-6496 Franchised nationwide by Burger Chef Systems INDIANAPOLIS 7, INDIANA 140 Offers Warm Congratulations to the Senior Class of 1961 Never before in the history of the world have our young people hod greater opportunities to forge a nev and better way of life. May each of you find success and much happiness in the years to come. MANNING, MAXWELL MOORE. INC. SHAW-BOX CRANE AND HOIST DIVISION • MUSKEGON, MICHIGAN Congratulations to the Class of 1961 LAIRD ' S VARIETY STORE 860 W. Broadway Roosevelt Park MUSKEGON FEDERAL SAVINGS LOAN ASSOCIATION Your Savings Are Invited FIRST NEAR WESTERN TUMP ' S POK-A-BOUT GIFT SHOP Register your selections of china, stainless, and crystvl Congratulations upon your graduation — Without question your thanks goes to your instructors for their patience, education and advice. Now as you enter the next phase of life seek your business informa- tion and advice from those well versed in financial matters. MUSKEGON ' S OLDEST . . . MOST PROGRESSIVE BANK THE NATIONAL LUMBERMAN ' S BANK OF MUSKEGON MEMBER: FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM • FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION Sanford at Laketon 222-225 W. Western Ave. Sherman at Wickham Compliments of HAHN- SUTTON PHARMACY WOLVERINE EXPRESS PHOTOGRAPHS C. F. K.oehn rlONE Zl 134 HAMILTON AVE MUSKEGON. MICHIGAN _ Rudy ' s Friendly ,er - 1 Rudy and Bud ' s Friendly Service 143 «.-SSsf.4 ■ ii. UMtm»m LANGLOIS STORES MILLS ICE CREAM COMPANY QUALITY ICE CREAM Two Stores To Serve You! no APPLE AVE. - MUSKEGON 2324 PECK STREET MUSKEGON HEIGHTS Compliments of THE STARIHA AGENCY Real Estate — Insurance Frank Starihc, Jr., Class of ' 46 James Stariha, Class of ' 53 Phone: PE 3-2169 2916 Sanford St. Meister ' s Feed Hardware Feed, Seed, Fertilizer, Pef and Garden Supplies 3001 PECK STREET - PHONE: PE 3-2417 Headquarters for Pittsburgh Paints in the Heights 144 Congratula+ions to the Class of 1961 TRAPP ' S " TIGERTOWN " DAIRY ISLE Mart ' s Pure Service 145 KEN AND BEA ' S i ii ' " " " BOB MOORE ' S Peck at Hume Auto and Marine 146 Congratulations to the Class of 1961 Autographs SNOWHITE BAKING COMPANY NIBBLE-A-SCRIB-NIB SHOPS 1946 Peck PA 5-941 5 Medical Arts Building 315 W. Cloy Ave. PO 65-172 1784 Getty PA 2-3829 1 1 W. Broadway PE 3-1926 1674 Apple PR 3-5388 MR. SCRIB ' S HANDOUT 629 E. Laketon PA 2-6164 147 You have reached one of life ' s im- porfant goals . . . graduation. Now, as you press toward even bigger accomplish- ments, we extend our best wishes for continued success. Reddy Kilowatt Your Electric Servant CONSUMERS POWER COMPANY Compliments of VOTAW ' S RADIO ELECTRIC SERVICE Telephone PE 3-1995 2034 Peck Street Congratulations to Class of " 61 GENUINE Roquefort cheese dressing TELEPHONE PLAlAS-lSZfi - 9 O W BROADWA BILL STERN ' S STEAK HOUSE MICHIGAN ' S LARGEST RESTAURANT AIR CONDITIONED FOR YOUR COMFORT AMPLE OFF STREET PARKING 2410 HENRY CLOSING HOURS: Monday Tuesday 9:00 P. M. Wednesday Thursday 12:00 A.M. Friday Saturday 1 :00 A.M. DOO DROP Recommended by Duncan Hineiy NO. 2— AT HARVEY AND LAKETON PERCH and SEA FOOD DINNERS Sea Food Fried Frog Legs Southern Fried Chicken Steaks Mixed Drinks PA 2 ' 0272 PA 2-6972 148 DAMM HARDWARE REMWOLT CLEANERS COMPUMENTS of PYIE PATTERN AND MANUFACTURING COMPANY Western Michigan Outboard Sales Service 2931 Peck Street Muskegon Heights Michigan jj ii DA n A pRinTino compflnv SANFORD AT HOLB ROOK PHONI - HALL ELECTRIC COMPANY TELEVISION APPLIANCES CONSTRUCTION ENGINEERING MOTOR REBUILDING • " The Best Costs No More " 1 965 Sanford Street Muskegon Michigan 150 Master of Photography Lyman BIdg. - Tel. 2-5714 FEDERAL SHOE DEPARTMENT for — style — and brands of quality scat — tennis dream step — flats Madison square — for young men — Compliments — CROWN FINANCE CORPORATION CROWN ACCEPTANCE CORPORATION Machine and House Movers Packing — Cartage Storage 615 W. Dale Muskegon, Michigan Telephone PA 2-3305 NEW USED FURNITURE " At warehouse prices " Local — Nation Wide Furniture Movers Since 1883 Trucit Rental and Lease Service 151 ALFRED J. Hy ALFRED J. HUNTER CO. LLOYD J. BELL — REALTOR Real Estate and Insurance 2539 Peck Street Muskegon Heights, Michigan Telephone PA 3-2369 Compliments of BOULEVARD DRUGS E. Sherman Blvd. Prescription Services DIAL 3-06327 Satisfied Customers Are Our Best! RELIABLE TRUCKING CRANE SERVICE 2906 Henry Street Phone p E 31-595 152 M. A , •If ' . ® ,; rj bV ' - -. ' s : " 2-1 flffLo jSk --•• . QUARTER ■ % «» WUl r .Vi V ■fm i . t n ' m ir .«£ W ■,..v ., ■ «l , . . 7 .- i u ' i ' Z . A - ± EDWARDS BROTHERS, Ann Arbor, Michiean L. ChtJtwnti - iVk .1 m ii ' ■,t .

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