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Q TI wimwfjlj ff M Z 4? LW, WW W wwf? 'F ,.j.- I .lf-rj 91 -.o 1 ' 'Q .-v .o..- ot K. o g.' .. gli My . -,-1-4 E," ,,,,2-ga.. D ", : F - "" " f .,""' s,- -:2 1 i Q ,S 'v A i h I Q Q T-5 wf ds, -nl-Lsjfi: 5::sss'::-25555223 23-25555 5 -Z ff? EEEgIE:il+EEEiEEEE - E5. -i::::. K i KEN ll -- "" --- - -- - 5: L ' I Q IS ff?-:Le gl-'Ei--54' L + 1,.:Eg.gE W V , fr T Y I I E, 'h -- - , -, ,w .,.. V1 ', E A Q33 r 1.15, -J . S4 WW 'J' 9 ' Q3 xg NX lk Vw JJ Q , hMM,M- 4-- .., N The Oaks 1957 Volume XXXVI li Ecliled by 'rhe Journalism Class and 'lhe Oaks Sfaff Published by 'rhe Senior Class of i957 Prinfed by lhe High School Press MUSKEGON l'lElGl'lTS SENIOR l'llGl"l SCHOOL Muskegon l"leigh'rs, Michigan OAKS STAFF I957 CO-EDITORS Jayne Souser, Janice I-IunIingIon ASSOCIATE EDITOR Jane Olson SENIOR EDITORS Ardefb Tieiema, Judy Lein ART EDITOR Don Ellis PI-IOTO EDITORS Jean Grant Sandra S+inson FACULTY EDITOR Evonne Lu'++ruII UNDERORAD EDITORS Judy WaIson, Mary I-Iarris ACTIVITIES EDITORS Judy Newald, Sandy AugusI, and MoIIie PeIio+es MUSIC EDITORS SaIIy Evans, Merna I-IendricIc, and Linda Madsen SPORTS EDITORS Jerry AusIin, PeIer PeIioIes, and Tonn CIirisIopIwer LAYOUT EDITOR David Magnuson MAKE-UP EDITOR I-Ioward Kleeves REPORTERS AND TYPISTS JournaIisnn CIass S.TAFF ADVISERS SIaII Direclror. . .W. E. Murray PrinIing ..,.i..i.. C. F. Koebn PI'1o+ograpImy ...... J. V. Cobb ANL ....... Miss KaII1ryn KeiIIor AdverIising ,ii. L. Scbregardus Business ..,i.s I-I. A. Kruizenga Contents CONTROL BOARD .... Adminisfrafion CONVEYORS . . . Faculfy BIG WI-I EELS ...... Seniors PRODUCTION LINE ,... Undergrads ELECTRICAL CIRCUITS . . Clubs and Organizafions RI-IYTI-IM INDICATORS .. Music POWER GENERATORS . . A+I'mIeIics TEST PROD UC-I-S .... Adverfising Page 6-7 9 I7 53 67 87 95 I I2 utomationz The agic Word We gradualing seniors chose "au+omalion" as lhe lheme of lhis yearbook because, To us, il is Truly a magic word. ll means nor only lhe advancemenr of mechanical and scienlilic slcills and processes, bul il spells our an increasing recognilion Thai man in Jrhe fulure will noi worlc for machines buf lhal machines will worlc for man. Each day new melhods and machines help To eliminale lhe burden- some Taslcs once done by human hands and muscle. We have been inlro- duced 'ro The possibililies here in our science and induslrial arl's classes, and we have learned how progress is a many-sided lhing, closely linked To social and spirilrual progress as well. We have seen a brand-new beau- lilul building spring up on lhe norlh end of our high school. We seniors are proud and exciled io have been in some measure associaled wilh il. "Aul'omaJrion" is really magic. ll is a word which connoles so much more rhan il denoles. ll is a symbol of miracles yer lo come. Thar is our Jrheme for l957 and our hope for lhe fulure. J. H. and J. S. if Mr. Regenmorter lT is wiTh deep and sincere appreciaTion ThaT we, The C5raduaTing Class oT NineTeen Hundred FiTTy-seven, dedicaTe This volume oT The Oaks To our Triendly speech insTrucTor and class ad- viser, Mr. John RegenmorTer. Born in Grand Rapids, Mr. RegenmorTer aT- Tended Union High and Junior College in Thqj' communiTy, going on To NorThwesTern UniversiTy where he received boTh his bachelor oT science and masTer's degrees in Public Speech and Speech EducaTion. For Three years, he TaughT in DavenporT, Iowa, and aT NorThwesTern NaTional lnsTiTuTe during The summers. He spenT Three years in The U. S. Army beTore ioining The TaculTy here aT HeighTs High School in l953, where, be- sides Teaching debaTe and speech, he has com- peTenTly coached our VarsiTy DebaTe Team and Forensic sTudenTs. As a class adviser, he will be long remembered Tor his splendid help . . . and, we may add, en- durance. We Thank you sincerely, lvlr. Regen- morTer, and as we deparT wiTh Tond memories oT our school, we leave To you This dedicaTion as a Token oT our appreciaTion and besT wishes Tor your TuTure happiness and success. :JJ k a V, J, Q Z My X iii? mf? x '12 ,,r avg 1 of Education Morton, Campbell, Sutton, Carl CPresident,J Strand, Faust, Pearman, Booker Guperintendentl We Graduales of '57 wish 'ro lhanlc you publicly, and lo express our gralilude and apprecialion, for your parl in providing us wilh a founda- Jrion upon which lo build our iulure. A iews years ago you helped lo give us a brand new gymnasium - lhe C. F. Boll Memorial gymnasium as il is now known - and we really have enjoyed il immensely. Lasl year and lhis, sprang up Jrhe new Shop Addilion - our New Norlh Wing - olilering modern iacililies lor lhe learning oi induslrial arls and crafls, mechanical drawing, aulo mechanics. music and arl. We are Jrruly proud oi gradualing from l-leighls l'ligh. -lhanli you all, We shall never iorgel your unseliish service in behalf of us and lhis communily. , s E .fmqigqigk ' 'Tr K9 ' , 4 ,Q ev. 'iff W. R. Booker Superinfendenf of Schools As we June graduafes leave Heighfs High fo fake our place in fhis complex world, we would like fo express our fhanks and appreciafion fo you, Mr. Booker, who have done so much fo make our educafional career bofh grafifying and profifable. Mr. Booker, born and raised in Indiana, re- ceived his masfer's degree from fhe Universify of Indiana, faughf af Kalamazoo College, lafer served as fhe Superinfendenf of fhe Greenville Schools before coming fo Muskegon Heighfs in I928. He is well acguainfed wifh educafion from all aspecfs - a sfudenf, a professor, and an adminisfrafor. We are proud fo be graduafes of Muskegon Heighfs High School while you were fhe Super- infendenf and we will always remember you as a capable execufive who, by his works, has won fhe admirafion and respecf of fhe sfudenfs, faculfy, and fownspeople. Mr. James W. Verduin Adminisfrafive Assisfanf In fhe fall of I955, a new adminisfrafive posi- fion was creafed by fhe School Board which was filled by a very fine and capable leader, Mr. James W. Verduin, who faughf Social Sfudies in Muskegon Heighfs Senior High School from l938 fhrough l955. His dufies now, as Adminisfra- five Assisfanf, include fhe direcfing of fhe cur- riculum and personnel. Mr. Verduin received bofh a Bachelor of Arfs Degree and a Masfer of Arfs Degree and is a graduafe of Wesfern Michigan College, fhe Uni- versiify of Wisconsin, and fhe Universify of Michigan. Many of us never really become well ac- quainfed wifh Mr, Verduin because he was only here during our sophomore year, buf fhose of us who have had fhe pleasure of knowing him, know he is a compefenf leader, a fine person, and one who can never be forgoffen. i i Prlnclpal and Office Staff Mr. H. A. Kruizenga Principal To you, lvlr. Kruizenga, we The Senior Class of i957 say a fond farewell. We would lilce To express our sincere appreciaTion and hearT-TelT Thanlcs for your paTience, hard worlc, and loyalTy during our high school career. Mr. Kruizenga was born in Spring Lalce, lvlich- igan, was graduaTed by Grand l-laven High School, received his Bachelor of ArTs Degree from l-lope College and his lvlasTer's Degree from The UniversiTy of Michigan. l-le TaughT in KenTucl4y Three years before coming To Muslce- gon l-leighTs more Than 20 years ago. l-le has coached Tennis and reserve baslceTball and was aclcnowledged as a very fine l.aTin insTrucTor, l-le has served as principal since l953. Always in- TeresTed in building eminenT men and women, he has helped us malce many all-imporTanT decisions which has influenced us To do ThaT which is righT. Office Staff lvlrs. Anna l-larvaTh and lvliss Jeanne Nelson are Two people who could run for "lvlosT Popular" or "lvlosT ln- dispensableu and win The elecTion "hands downl" Good-bye, lvlrs. l-larvaTh and lvliss Nelson, and lors of luclc wiTh The new recruiTs for I958l QQ? W FJMEMILTHK .Don EIU! Industrial Arts and Home Economics I C. F. KOEI-IN Uniled Typolhefae of America, Prinfinq School Graphic Arls, Adviser I A. M. COURTRIGI-IT. B.S., M.A. Columbia, Universiiy ol Michigan Sp h M h ID q anis , ec anica rawin Adviser of Fulure Engineers O. CURTIS BRASI-I, B.S. Weslern Michigan Universily Aulo-Mechanics, Mafhemalics WILLIAM I-I. DINGLER, B.S. ELMER 0. QJALAI 5.5. Weslern Michigan Universily Wes+ern Michigan Universlfy Woodwork Welding, Machine Shop The lnduslrial Arls Deparlmenl' in lhe newly compleled Shop addilion of lhe New Norlh Wing includes Graphic Arls, Woodwork, Machine Shop, and Mechanical Drawing. Proi- ecls in Ihese classes are worlced on lhroughoul lhe year and made ready for iudging al lhe Forema'n's Club. A new course, Aulo Mechanics, is being offered. The I-lome Economics Deparlmenl includes Iwo branches. Une is Ihe Clolhing Deparlmenl, which climaxes ils aclivily in The Annual Slyle Show in May when lhe girls model lheir compleled proiecIs1 and 'rhe olher division is The Foods De- parlmenl which reaches Ihe girls how Io plan menus and cools balanced meals. SYLVIA STOI-I I., B.S. DORCDTI-IEA W. MURPI-IY, Whealon College ' ' Universily of Minnesola Foods, Junior Class Adviser Y'Teens Adviser Clolhing cience, Mathematics, and Art LEONARD SCHREGARDUS, BA., MA, ARTHUR N. LE Roux, Bs. Hope Colliqnibehgifyhigan Sfafe Univershy of Micwqan Mafhernalic, Oaks Adverlising Adviser M lhemarics The Science Deparlmenl includes Praclical Science, Biol- ogy, Chemislry, and Physics. A college preparalory sludenl may oblain bolh minor and major sequences in lhis subiecl. Sludenls raking chemislry and physics should have a broad background in Malhemalics. Praclical Science is a general science course usually laken by lerminal sludenls. To develop skills in measuremenls and problem-solving, courses are ollered in Plain and Solid Geomelry, Algebra, Trigonomelry, and General Malhemalics. Malh is funda- menlal lor scienlisls and engineers. The new Arl Room in lhe norlh wing enables many sludenls lo develop lheir lalenl. Many new courses are being ollered, including cralls. ' KATHRYN kEiLLoR. A.B., M.F.A. Cranbrook College Weslern Michigan Universily Art, Acorn-Oaks Arl Adviser WINFIELD R. STUDIER, A.B Muskegon Cornmunily College Weslern Michigan University Universily of Michigan Biology, Chemislry, Praclical Science CHARLES NEIR, B.A Easlern Michigan Colleg P l IS G l rec ica cience, enera e M J. KENNETH THORNLEY A.B., M.S. Easfern Michigan Colleg i o ic i an Universly TM hg Ch Ph emisfry, ysics E. L. MOREI-IOUSE, AB Albion College Biology, Biology Club Adv e Sophomore Class Advise S RUTH G. ADAMSON, A.B Nebraska S1aTe Teachers College English W. E. MURRAY, A.B., M.A Universify oi Michigan I English and Journalism A iser, Oaks and Acorn PublicaTion DONALD G. DeWlTT, A.B.. M.A. H pe College, UniversiTy of Michigan English anguage and Literature 1 KARI NATALIE FRANCK, PAULINE CZUBAK, B.S. A.B.. M.A. Ceniral Michigan College ' ' I Hope College, Wesfern Michigan English, Senior Class Adviser English, Adviser of Fufure Teachers AlThough specialized Training is an obvious necessiTy Tor The new army oi leaders needed in every Tield - Trom engi- neering To school Teaching, Trom poliTics To The elecTronics indusTry - There is one qualiTicaTTion common To all oT Them. This is The basic requiremenT Tor leadership everywhere and in all periods oT hisTory. It is thc ability to communicate. The one essenTial Tool Tor every sorT oT leader is skill in The use OT words. indeed, his lop - always and wiThouT excep- Tion - primarily is To explain, To persuade, To give clear direcTions, To encourage and console: in sum, To convey ideas To oTher people. Thc English Language Arts in thc Scconclary School, liol. LU, page 5. H9562 B. NORRIS. JAMES V. COBB. A.B.. M.A. Unlversify oi Michigan Weslefn Michigan Universily English, Phoiiographv A ' I Adviser oi Oaks Pho? Social Science, English B.S., M.A. Cer-iTral Michigan College Universiiy oi Michigan peech and Social Studies ,A . EUGENE W. Gil-LASPY. JOHN REOENMORTER. A.B.. B.S. B.S.. M.A. Norrhwesiern Ur1iVSj'S'lV- Norlhweslern University Wesfern Michigan Universiry Debayey pubiyc Spealgnq Speech, Radio, Dramafics Forensic Adviser Junior Class Adviser 5950. Class Advjsef Social sludies and speech concern all of The siudenis en- rolled. Bolh are very imporlanl for good cilizenship and for communicalion under a free democracy. Advanced speech, dramarics, and radio are also offered: and lhere are oppor- lunilies forworlc in play produclions, forensics, and debaie. The primary obieclive of social science is a lhorough undersland- ing of lhe American way of living. General l-lislory, Eco- nomics, Unilred Slales l-lisiory, and American Governmenl lCivicsl give a good underslanding of federal, siale, and local affairs. e DAVID R. McKENZlE, A.B. i I Y' ' Eastern Michigan College ol Educalion Central Miilnciifcaqyclligyiri Educailon American and General H'slory RUTH L. ERIKSON, B.S. JACK W. RICE, A.B., M.A. Hillsdale College, U. oi M. General Hislory, American Hislory Adviser oi Srudenl Council Assisranr Dramafcs Direclof DELMAR W. FIRME, A.B.. M.A. Wesrern Michigan College of Educalion University 0: Michigan A Civics, Economics American Hisfory OSCAR E. JOHNSON, A.B. Weslern Michigan Universify Civics, American Hislory, Alhleric Direclor, Coach of Varsily Foolball, Baslcelball, and Baseball Page I3 Commercial and Driver KATI-IRYN REID, A.B. Wesfern Michigan Universiiy Shorlhand, Senior Office Training J. A. I-IUTTENGA, B.S., M.A Ferris lnsiiiuie, Michigan Slale Bookkeeping, Adviser of F.A.A. WINNIE RICI-I, B.S. Murray Siale College, Kenlucky Commercial Law and Arifhmeiic Page 14 ELOISE I-IEATON, B.S., M.A. University oi Nebraska Universify of Michigan Typing, Junior Office Training Q W , MW I' i ' I ' w il' - 1' I ef?" '4"W'? 'fe iiissiafim . . .- iElQi, g5?gz:g6ggQgS1MV f .... ., I: :-. v "r in-" . -i.. :.' 7 ggavez iwiv 1 -'-- WZ. ggi esgzafi ,, 25,91 NW, , f 1 3 f 'S 'X Q at 1 ga 425, f i raqi gg "ff T' I fl i , k I if 5 X if 7 V he um .if 3: j.f,I-'1- 'ijiibiiz'-E,fg15QZ-' j,,:.:, :1"Ei 'ii :-' "jI13E':5fif.i.i:':i'5:I,"1i,-55' :E?1'f'1'E':I-'I ..,:.' ,.,.. .,, .W 'Tiff' '- -'I E52 5 A fi? A 'M' 0 ., gh , ., , '.:,E.. M... in i .., r . a,1gg'g,mNg,1 is -I , . :gi at "".f:l'f1: X5 ., ' if" H4355 T' v T01 :T 'Fila ffzfm ' '- '- 'i'- ' CLARETTA TI-IOMPSON. B.S., M.S. Weslern Michigan, U. of M. Typing, Ariihrnelic, Bookkeeping The Commercial Deparimenl offers many subiecis in con- neciion wilh oiciice work and business adminislralion. Com- mercial Arilhmeiic deals wilh business problems involving malhemaiics. Commercial Law is concerned wiih Ihe every day problems and acliviiies of business. Bookkeeping is an- olher subieci offered for four semesiers which Ieaches one Io keep a correcl sei of books. Shorihand is offered as a Iwo-year course dealing wilh The proper proporlion of slrokes, Iranscribing, and speed. Typing and Senior Office Training are also ohfered. An exiensive Driver Educalion program, which has al- Iracied many siudenls, is also underway al Ml-ll-IS. Safeiy is 'rhe walchwordl inivae siaiasasiasa Q . .... J TISS., 'vi' mi ? we -in . . ' QSEZI is ,zQU4iq.s.:m,z , , i Qe-:,?.iia3e:-:g.::::5gag:ng a W ggzxiiiiasisms ,imma .. -. . , EVERETT BIDVIA, B.S. Cenirai Michigan Coilege Driver Educaiion miiisssiiiici ff DONALD BELL, B.S. Olive? .Nazarene College Driver Educalion ign Language. Music, HELEN E. wiLuAivis. E ABN M-A. RUTH Hf-xsriues. A.B., M.A. Calvin College, U. oi M. Sorbornne, Paris, Universily of Havana Spanish, Lafin, French, Latin Club Adviser Adrian College, U. of M. Spanish, Adviser of Spanish Club Foreign Language offers a review of The romance and arlislry ol lhe old world. Lalin, French, and Spanish sludenls are enabled lo exlend lheir knowledge of America across lhe ocean To lhe foreign lands, peoples, and cusloms ol Eu- rope. The Girls Physical Educalion program consisls ol General Gym, ollered lo sophomores: and Seasonal Sporls, Individual Sporrs, and Dancing, which are eleclive and limiled 'ro upper- classmen. The Boys Physical Educalrion program also includes a variely ol eleclives lor upperclassmen - Marching and Calislhenics, Seasonal Sporls, or Gymnaslics. The Band, Grcheslra, and Choir are lhe lhree maior divi- sions ol lhe Music Deparlmenl. Unlimiled opporlunilies are oilered in The new wing lor sludenls ol music. WARNER GALOMBECK AL MEERZO' BAM' Cincinnali Conservalory of Music V I V A Scholarship, Advanced Cerrificale MICNQGU Sfdle UVl'V9V5llY Orchesrra Bind Physical Ed MAXINE COBB, B.S. Wesfern Michigan University Physical Educafion, BoosTerClub Adviser ?f,,.,,i. ,. 1-1352 ' fi " J A s is HBE is 573 ' ,.2,, K Qfiife' ,I 5:-i:i -,'- .-ig, f:e,.1r:g::. . KEN fi A is gg x B355 5 A 1, M 4 5 s fi l iii' :fs W " U- I 3 X X 5 H L sl' s5'fu'6' ' X53 gsm s K M2 ,g , Q ga, X if. sg s A ALVIA F. CATER, B.S., M.A. Western Michigan Universily Physical Educafion, Intramural Sporls Junior Class Adviser ROBERT L. Wl RSCHEM. B.S., M.M. Columbia Conservafory of Music Michigan Sfale Universily A Cappella Choir and Choruses Page l5 ounseling and uidanee Mrs. Florence B. Murray Senior High Counselor We Seniors would like To express our deepesT appreciaTion To you, Mrs. Murray, a True Triend, wonderful counselor, and able Teacher. You will long remain in our memory as a Tine, loyal and honorable person, Teaching whaT is good and righT. The main obiecTive oT The Counseling and Guidance DeparT- menT is To serve our sTudenTs more elTecTively by helping each sTudenT To know, undersTand, evaluaTe, and solve his personal, social, vocaTional, and educaTional problems in a manner ThaT will bring an FLORENCE B. MURRAY' enriched personal liTe and a TruiTTul civic liTe. Miss Helen Harris is B,S, The DirecTor oT Counseling and ATTendance, Mr. Glen Brown la N ,h ,,, Mmgan C Megs Tormer Senior l-ligh Teacherl is The counselor aT CenTral Junior High C , QMS C, School, and Mrs. Florence Murray is The Senior High Counselor. Library Serving our school Through her helpTul acTiviTies as M. H, H. S. librarian, Miss Eleanor Kidwell has inspired many sTudenTs wiTh a love oT reading, assisTed counTless oThers wiTh individual problems, and in general, promoTed a Triendly "library" aTmosphere. Miss Kidwell received boTh her B. S. and M. A. degrees and is a graduaTe oT The UniversiTy oT lndiana and The UniversiTy oT Denver. She is also The advisor oT The Library Club which perlorms an im- porTanT service To our school in many ways. Miss Kidwell has skill- Tully and eTlicienTly carried on her work aT M. H. H. S. and will long be remembered Tor her willingness To help and advise when prob- gems arise. ELEANoR KIDWELL, B.S., M.A. UniversiTy of Indiana l UniversiTy ol Den L b n, Library Club Ad The Best Teacher He is The besT Teacher in any given case who arouses The sTudenT To energeTic acTion, direcTs his eTlorTs in The righT way To consisTenT, worThy, and noble ends, causes him To Torm manly, TasTeTul, and proper habiTs, and creaTes vviThin him a ThirsT Tor knowledge and Tor personal excellence ThaT will bear him Tirmly Through all The alluremenTs oT dissipaTion, The dazzling splendor oT prosperiTy, or The deep, dark gloom oT proverTy. -- BraxTon Craven, guoTe in School and Society, July l9, l952, p. 35. Page I6 ENHMR5 ' NN Q0 enior lass Officers SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Presidenlz Ronald Piasecld Vice Presidenf: Marlin Ashley Secrelaryz Jane Olson Serqeanl al Arms: Douglas Wood ,David Dawes Treasurer: Judy Walson Advisers: Mr. Regenmorler, Mr. Firme, Mrs. Czubalc -S S ,XX u Page 18 S 7 I XXX1 I DONNA ALGER College A sweer and perife lillle girl is Donna, who has always been a friend fo many. She parficipaled in Y-Teens, Forensics, Heighrs Nighf, and Fufure Teachers. Donna was also a dancer in The All- School Play. Graduating enior ARDYCE ANDERSON College "Ardy's" pleasing personality has shone in all she's done: Slu- denr Council, Future Nurses, Y- Teens, Choir, Secretary of borh Nafional Honor Sociely and Fu- rure Teachers. She was a Junior Arbor Girl and was chosen D.A.R. Besl' Cifizen. MAJOR ANDERSON General Maior is one who is quiel and very nice To have as a friend. Among Maior's many hobbies which he enjoys are: aulomobiles, collecting magazines abou? iels and dancing. He also loves lo lisren fo good music. Sl'llRLEY ANDRE General "A slilch in lime saves nine." Al Ieasl 1ha1's wha? Shirley seems To lhink, for sewing is her hobby as well as a school subiecf. Shir- ley was in lhe sfyle show in lenlh grade and enioys dancing and movies. lViARl-llxl College ASHLEY HA berler friend is hard To find." Aclive Marry was Sludenf Council Treasurer, l-li-Y, Senior Class, and Srudenr Council Vice- Presidenf, Band Presidenl, a meme ber of Orcheslra, Track, Reserve Foorball, and l-leiqhls Nighr. Mar- ly's hobby is owning his own or- cheslra. ABBA GAYLE ATKINS College Our number one proof lhal ine Telligence and giggling can make a nice rnixrurel Energetic Gayle spenl her lime in Y-Teens, Span- ish Club, Glee Club, FurureTeacl14 ers, and Sludenr Council. She was also a Junior Arbor Girl. SANDRA AUGUST College "Bes'r things come in small pack- ages." Sandy's many aclivilies in- clude Sludenl' Council, Oaks and Acorn Srails, Oaklian Players, Na- rional Thespians, Forensics, Fulure Teachersg All-School and Senior Play Commilrees, Junior-Senior Prom Comrnirrees, and was Chosen The cheerleaders mascol, "Vicir." 5 J ERRY AUSTIN College Everyone will agree, a beller guy is hard To find. Sfudenl Coun- cil, Oaks Slail, Reserve Baskelball, Prom Committees, and Tennis are only a few of his pasrinnes. "Jer" also served on lhe Juvenile Jury. Bowling 's his favorile hobby. i I Of Z , 1 Page 19 , mx xx RODNEY BAIRD General "lf silence were golden, Rod would be very rich." Among his many hobbies are hunting, tish- ing, and working on cars. Rod won an honorable mention in ma- chine shop, ln his spare time, he works with his father. racluating Senior l RU-l-l-l ANN BAKER Commercial A cute girl is Ruth Ann, and a better one is hard to find. She participated in Pep Club, Sub- Juniors, and Future Accountants in which she served as Vice-President in her iunior year. Ruth Ann likes pizza and Bob. DANIEL BALDWIN General Quiet and reserved, Dan was a triend to all that knew him. l-le enioys music, sports, and boxing. He won the Regional Champion- ship Trophy tor Boxing and works part-time at a local shoe store. ? TERRY BANTA College "A smile for everyone" well de- scribes likeable Terry. He has been a Student Council Represen- tative, Hi-Y member, Junior Com- mencement Usher, on the Debate Team, played Varsity and Reserve Football and Basketball, and is President ot the Bowling Club. BARBARA BASKl N College fTwirling and "fiddling" kept this girl busy. "Barb" was a ma- icirette tor three years and an or- chestra member tor tour years, winning medals in both fields.She enioys swimming and ice-skating and works at a local department store. DONALD BEDWELL General Capable Don will always be re- membered tor his tine Talents. l-le has been in band tour years, Heights Night, Choir, All-School Play Cast, Senior Play Cast and National Thespians. Don is also a member ot the Army Reserve. WESLEY BENAWAY General Wesley is not so well-known by the members of his class, but is a swell friend to those that do know him. He likes hunting, fish- ing, and cars. He works part-time at a gas station. CQNNIE BERRY College Quiet, sincere, and loads of fun best describes our Connie. Her activities consisted ot: Library Club, Future Nurses, Y-Teens and Future Teachers. She spends her spare time working at a local candy shop. , ,2 a-es S YA , W , . 1, Page 20 S H7 I xxgi 1 all e 'rage 7 i..,.. .sl- Q -Xslziiggg , ROLAND BINGHAM College Roland is known to many as l'Rollie." His main hobby is play- ing the drums in a dance band. His activities at Heiqhts High in- cluded Hi-Y, Football, Basketball, and Tennis. He also participated in Band, Orchestra, Heights Night and Choir. ROBERT BRAMER College Good looking with a fine sense ot humor describes Bob. He was a member oi the All-School Play Cast, Reserve, Varsity Football, and Tennis Teams, Future Engi- neers, and has won three M. H. letters. Bob likes girls. is., Graduating enior 'i :i,- 1- FSS? JAMES BLACK General Music and sports dominated all Jim's time at l-leiqhts High. Jim was quiet and sincere, and a nicer person was hard to find. He was active in A Cappella Choir and glared Varsity and Reserve Foot- a . GEORGE BOSTON General George, one of the more quiet and modest members of our sen- ior class has a pleasing person- ality. He spent most of his spare time working in a local service station. His hobby is working on cars. SHIRLEY BOWEN 'Commercial Shirley was one of the quieter members ot our class. This girl with the long pretty hair likes ice-skating. During the summer Shirley spends a great deal of time horseback riding. :W get 'ig' D9l'3"P?""' DARYL BRO-ll General A real swell guy is quiet Daryl, For two years he played baseball and also played on the Varsity Football Team. As a nobby, Daryl 'ikes art, l-le works part-time tor a local advertising company. RALPH BROWN General Loads of fun well describes Ralph. He has been on our base- ball team and won an Industrial Arts Award in woodwork. Ralph likes boxing, hunting, fishing, trap- ping. and enioys camping. DAVID BULTHOUSE General X34 Part-time work at a local dime? store keeps this boy busy. Dave was active in woodwork through- out his three years at Senior l-ligh and was a Foreman's Club Con- test Winner, His hobbies include hunting and fishing. .fi X901 77,. ' Q71 iii 7' 21 EDWARD BU RTON College The honorable TiTle of "MosT AThleTic" is well deserved by "Big Ed." He made The All-American High School BaskeTball Team, and The All-STaTe Second FooTball Team. Friendly Ed will always be remembered for his Tremendous parTicipaTion in sporTs. Graduating enior JUDl'll'l CARLSON General Happy and care-free besT de- scribes Judy. She is well known because of her abiliTy To make friends wiTh everyone. Roller skal- ing, bowling, and dancing are a few of her many hobbies. KEN CARLSON General Ken, always wifh a gay smile for everyone he meefs, is one of The mosT conscienfious workers in our class. Besides being a mem- ber of The STudenT Council, Ken also won a EirsT Place Award in woodwork. SHARON CHAPPELL Commercial Short and sweeT besl' describes Sharon. She was acTive in Library Club, Y4Teens, Chorus, Girls' ln- Tramural SporTs and was Treasurer of Fufure AccounTanTs in her sen- ior year. Dancing and skafing are her pasf-Times. JAMES CHRISTIANSEN General James, who is known To his friends as "Jim," is The sincere, dependable kind. AlTnough noT well known, he is a crediT To our class.'Working on cars is his Tav- Orife way of passing Time. X Q- JANET CHRISTIANSEN General A fine friend To all her class- mafes is JaneT. "Jan" spenT Aa lof of her Tirrie parTicipaTing in Chorus. She will always be re- membered for her happy smile and her willingness To help. Page 22 CHARLES CHRISTMAS General Charles has been an acTive mem- ber of The Senior class as shown by his parTicipaTion in boTh Re- serve and Varsify FooTball and Two years of Track. He enioys painfinq and likes a cerfain gal. g S -Q i MQ, T C2 TOM Cl'lRlS-lOl3l'lER College "Chris," wiTh his swell person- aliTy, has been Class Treasurer, Class SergeanT-aT-Arms, STudenT Council RepresenTaTive, Hi-Y mem- ber, on VarsiTy and Reserve FooT- ball, and Baseball. He was one of The Ten besl' ciTizens in ninTh grade. 47 X ffl nf 1 NORMA CLAPP College Intelligence and sincerity are only fwo of Norrna's many assefs. She kepf busy by spending her exrra lime in Fufure Nurses, Y- Teens, Debafe and serving as Pres- idenf of Lalin Club and Treasurer of Boosfer Club in her senior year. raduating enior LEE CLEMENTS General Lee was very carefree and hap- py-qo-lucky during his career al Heighls High. He was aclive in Chorus during his sophomore and iunior years, and Team Manager for fwo years. He was well liked by everyone. PATRICIA COLE College Pai was a real friend To all who knew her. Her acrivifies af Heighfs included Library Club, Senior Play Cornmiliee, Spanish Club, Junior-Senior Prom Commilfees, National Thespians, Oaklian Play- ers, and Fulure Nurses. Par en- ioys reading in her spare lime. MARILYN DARIEN General This cufe liffle gal pariicipaied in Y-Teens, Sfudenr Council, Slyle Show, and the Pep Club. Marilyn won firsf place in The Cherry Pie Bakinq Conresf. Her favorire hob- by is roller skaling. DALE DAWES General Allhough he was one of ine quiel members of our class, Dale was liked by all who knew him. He parlicioaled in lennis and was a Team Manager, Dale likes cars and has a job al a local qas sla- lion. x- DAVID DAWES College lne lflle oi Mbesl looking' be- longs Io Dave. He was a Junior Commence-merir Usher, Class Ofli cer, Fufure Engineers V'ce-Presi- de-nr, and a member of The Bas- kelball, Reserve Football and Ten- nis Teams, Forensics, Biology Club, Sludenl Council and rho Debale Team. Xhlffff ? NANCY DEEPI-IOUSE Commercial Nancy's smile and happy-go- lucky way of living were always an fnspirarion To everyone who knew her. She was a member of The Glee Club and also parlici- pared in The Slyle Show. Nancy's nobby is skaling. 2. IE'-lin BERNARD DeGRAVES General Bernie, one of The mosl consci- enlfous boys in our class, will be remembered for his cheerful man- ner, Bernie won a Second Place Award in machine shop, bul his mosi cxciiing hours are spenr ar a fire deparlmenr, his favorile haunr. Page 23 sa - 1 A XXX X I s I FRANK DGLANO General Frank was a Sfudenf Council Represenfafive for fwo years. He likes baskefball and girls. "Darky" as nicknamed by his pals, lisfs bowling and pool as his hobbies. He is employed parl'-fime af a local grocery store. C racluating Senior JERRY DeLANO General ' Jerry was a very acfive member in band. He was in band for four years, and Heighfs Nighl' for fwo years. Jerry likes fo build radios and is in The Naval Reserve. Jerry has a iob af a local sfore. CHERYL DeLOlXlG College Cheryl was one of fhe friendli- esl' qirls To know. She parficipafed in A Cappella Choir, Fufure Teachers, Fufure Nurses, and Y- Teens for fhree years. She was also a Junior Arbor Girl, in the All-School Play, and Sub-Juniors. in DON DelvlAN College Ouiel' and pleasanl' fifs Don, who has participated in Orches- fra, Band, and Heighfs Nighf Shows for four years. He enioys fropical fish and Hi-Fi Record Players. Don has a iob al' a local deparfmenf sfore. DARYLE DEW College "Dude," as he is called by mosf of his friends, is one of lhe more quief members of our class. He had fhe honor of being selecfed a Junior Commencemenf Usher and played foofball for lwo years. -5 L LANNY DURNELL General "Lan," as he is called by his friends, has a pleasing personal, ify and a good sense of humor. During high school Lanny has been acfive in Hi-Y. l-le enioys hunfinq, fishing, and working on his car. SALLY DYKEMA General Her eyes reflecf lhe sparkle of her diamond. Well-liked, Sally was besf known for her superb iob as a cheerleader. She also parflc- ipafed in Oaklian Players, Pep Club Y-Teens and Spanish Club. Sally's fayorife hobbies are swim- ming and Dave. ,,-- S XX!! , 'acL I il ' I Ig 14 Wlxhxs SANDRA DYKEMA College lnfelligenf, considerafe, and a sweet pal, .Sandy parficipafed in Y-Teens, Sub-Juniors, Lafin Club, was an M. H. winner, was elecfed Class Secrelary in her sophomore year and had fhe honor of being a Junior Arbor Girl. ROBERT DYKSTRA College - "Dyke," known tor being on the quiet side, has made many triends because ot his pleasing personal- ity. He was given the honor ot being a Junior Commencement Usher, and likes the Brooklyn Dodgers and collecting old coins. 095, I WILLIAM ELLIS General Ouiet and casual are the words which best describe "Bill." In his iunior year Bill won an Hon- orable Mention Award in mechan- ical drawing. Since his favorite hobbies are hunting and fishing, we can call him an out-ot-door man. raduating Seniors MAEOSIE EARLEY General Lively Maeosie will be tound wherever fun is near. She was ac- tive in Girls' Intramural Sports, and through her time spent on them, she won an M. H. "Totsie" was also a member of the Choir and Style Show. SPENCER ELLIOTT College A triendly guy who is well-liked by everyone is "Spence." He par- ticipated in Hi-Y, Future Engi- neers and Track and won third place in the state tor roller skat- ing. As you might know, Spen- cer's hobbies are roller skating and girls. DON ELLIS General "Duck," as known to his friends, has been Class Vice-President, Student Council Representative, Oaks Art Editor, in Chorus, Choir, Track, and on the Drill and Tum- bling team. Don designed our '57 Oaks cover. OSNA ENOLISI-I College Short, sweet, and a bundle ot fun describes 'iNell." Her activi- ties include Y-Teens, Booster Club, Girls' Intramural Sports, and she was a M. H, winner. Osna also was a varsity cheerleader in her senior year. S XX-If ' X 7 SALLY EVANS College Sally, the girl with the long brown hair and happy smile, par- ticipated in Y-Teens, Future Teach- ers, and Band for tour years. Sally was active in Sub-Juniors, Heights Night, Latin Club, Junior-Senior Eromgn Committee, and Oaks-Acorn ta F. Y 1 Alix MARILYN EARKAS Commercial Wherever there's laughter you'll find Marilyn. A likeable gal, she has made many triends during her years at Heights High and will be remembered for her sparkling personality. Marilyn was active in Chorus and likes skating and hay- rides. Page 25 ROY FARRELL General Roy was voled class flirf which is modified by The facT,Thaf he lisfs qirls along wifh his new "Chevie" as his special likes. Roy was a member of The Chorus and has won Two prizes in machine shop. Graduating enior SHIRLEY FARRELL College ShorT, sweeT, and full of fun is our Shirley. She parTicipaTed in FuTure AccounfanTs, Choir, and was Sfudenf Council Represenfa- five. She works aT a local clean- ers and has greaf inferesl' in a cerTain guy. MARY JEAN FELCOSKI Commercial "PreTTy as a picTure" besT de- scribes our "BesT Looking Girl." Mary Jean spenT Three years in The A Cappella Choir and also sang in The All-School Plays. She is employed aT a local loan com- pany. BARBARA FERENCSIK Commercial A girl with a smile for everyone is Barb. She parficipafed in Y- Teens, Fufure Accounfanfs, Girls' lnframural SporTs and was an ac- Tive member of The Choir. Barb likes fo dance and lisfen To popu- lar records. WILLIAM l:LllXl-l- General William is a friendly boy To all. His favoriTe hobby is hunTing wiTh bow and arrow. Bill won 'firsT place and Third place in The Foremen's Club ConTesT lasT year. He is employed aT a local fac- Tory. Page 26 WILMA FORREST Commercial Friendly and full of Tun describes Wilma. She has parTicipaTed in Y-Teens, Bible Club, Library Club, and The STyle Show. "Jeannie's" hobbies are reading, lisTening To hillbilly music, and wriling To Terry in The Navy. DAVlD FOXX General David was one of our more al'h- leTic boys and was well liked by all. He played Reserve and Var- siTy BaskeTball and was a member of The Championship BaskeTball Team in '56, David names girls -'md cars as his hobbies. wg. MADELINE GARBRECI-IT College A wonderful friend wiTh a sin- cere and quieT personaliTy. "Bains" was acTive in Glee Club, FuTure Nurses, and played in Girls' ln- Tramural SporTs in her sophomore year. Slre likes all sporTs, reading, and a ceriain fellow. XhIfD 3 Alihxs PAU LA GARTON General "Little and sweet," describes Paula. She was in Student Coun- cil, All-School Play Cast, Chorus for one year, and Style Show. Presently, she's working at a local drug store and is partial to pizza and french fried onions. DIANNE GREEN Commercial Dianne is one ot those girls who has a smile for everyone and is well liked by her classmates. l-le' activities include YfTeens, Span- ish Club, and Girls' Intramural Sports. Dianne was also a M. l-l. winner. -s Graduating enior VIRA GOOSBY Commercial Vira is a sweet qirl with a pleas- ant personality. She participated in Booster Club, Girls' Intramural Sports, Christmas Prom Commit- tee and was an M. H. winner. Her love for music was revealed by her activeness in the Choir, HELEN GRACE Commercial This fun loving and witty girl was well-liked by everyone. Some ot her activities were Y-Teens, A Cappella Choir and Future Nurses. Helen was on the Girls' Charn- pionship Intramural Volleyball and Basketball Teams in her senior year. J EAN GRANT Commercial Jean, an active member oi our class, was a true friend to all. Her spare time, when not with "Willy," was spent in Oaklian Players, Future Accountants and Y4Teens. Because of her high scholastic record, Jean was a Jun- ior Arbor Girl. JUDlTl-l l'lAAl3ALAllNlEN College A very Friendly girl with a nice smile, Judy participated in Chorus for two years. As a iunio'. Judy served at the Senior Break- fast. She lists dancing and reap' ing as her hobbies. Judy particu- larly likes boys that can dance. JANICE l'-lAl'lN College Jan, voted "Class Cut-up," will be remembered for her mischiev- ous ways, a sweet smile, and a beautiful voice. She was very ac- tive in Student Council, Y-Teens All-School Plays, Senior Play, Na- t'onal Thespians, Choir and Sub- Juniors. BARBARA HAMILTON College A happy person with a pretty smile, Barbara was a Y-Teens member for three years. She was active in Spanish Club, Oaklian Players, All-School Play Commit' tee, and Senior Play Committee. Barb's hobby is collecting salt and pepper shakers. Cl -SS iQ I lb! X if' 721627 All X lg JANET HAMSTRA Commercial A pleasanf girl wilh a smile for everyone describes our "Jan." She was in Y-Teens and also parfic' ipaled in The Sfyle Show in her sophomore year. During her spare lime Jan likes roller skaling and lisfening lo records. Graduating Senior CARLA HANSEN College Sweel' and considerale, our Car- la was engaged in many acliyi- lies including: Fufure Nurses, Y' Teens, Girls' lnframural Sporls, Forensics, Sub-Juniors,Senior Play, Heighls Nighl' and Band. She also serves as Secrelary and Librarian lor lhe Band. CHARLES HANSEN General Charles, referred 'fo by his friends as "Chuck," was known for his arlisfic abilify. He was also aclive in A Cappella Choir, All-School Play and was lurnbler on lhe cheerleading squad. Chuck's hobby is horses. ROBERT HANSEN College Loads of fun and a good friend describes Bob. He has been a Sludenf Council Represenialive for fwo years and parficipafed in Re- serve Foofball. Bob enioys hun?- ing and fishing and has a iob al' a local drive-in. lfwswsirz ,., su' f MARY HARRIS Commercial A happy-go-lucky girl is Mary. Mary was aclive in Sludenl' Coun- cil, Y-Teens, Oaklian Players, Sen- ior and AllfSchool Play Commil- lees and fhe Acorn and Oaks Slaff. Mary likes bowling and works par?-Time al a local drug slore. DONALD l-IARTUNG College Don, who always is making new friends wilh his pleasing person- alily, has been a Hi-Y member and won Honorable Menlion in fha Ohio Slale Scholarship Tesf and likes chess, hiking, science, and swrnrning. He dislikes hill- billy music and bean soup. SALLY l-lEALEY General This lalenled girl parlicipaled in Band for four years. Sally was also in Orcheslra and A Cappella Choir. She is a friendly gal who is a lopnolch horseback rider, for horses are her rnain hobby. She also plays lhe piano. NXl.Wfff Page 28 X XX MERNA l'lElNlDRlCK General Sincerily and friendliness are among Merna's many qualifies. Her aclivilies include Oaks and Acorn Slaff, Boosler Club, Play Comrnillees, Y-Teens, Girls' ln- lramural Sporls, and Choir. Mer- na was a M. H. winner and her hobbies include roller skaling, sewing, and Al. ROGER HENDRICK General Romer is beller known To his many friends as "Roo," He rook part in Chorus and Cho'r. Roqefs hobbies are all kinds oi soorls buf he likes baskelball besl. His layorile food is barbecues. Qradnriaii g Seniors HAKEN HENDRICKSON General Always a oood Ieliow anc a friend worrh r:ay'no, "Hoof w'r h's cruie, ways won many lriends. Fe olayerl on The Varsily and Fc serve lrooiball Teams and re ce'yecl an honorable mcn'ion 'n lndazlrial Arts. He enioys won: inq on his llurqunily Ford. JERRY HESSELINK General Gool lookino, well liked, and lol: o fun describes Jerry. He oarlicbaled in Dramarfcs BUG rook lne lead oari' in fre Alf- School Play "Scsi Fool Forward." Jerry also was an acrye member oi llc Choir. RODDY HIMELBERGER College Always laughinq and full oi 'un, Roddy was lkeo by all. He oarliopaled in Sfudeni Council, leulure Enoineers, Heighls Niohr, irack, Team Manager, and Senior Play, Rod was a Junior Com- mencemenl Usher. One of his parricular inreresls is his girl. HERBERT HODGES General A busy boy is Herbert. He served in Sludenl' Council, Oaks Advertising, Reserve Baskelball and was a Team Manage-'. "Herb's" hobbies are baskelball and cars. He won a Second Place Mach'ne Shop Honor. Herb works ar a local aulo wash. KENNEDY HOWELL College "You'ye qorla be a 'oorball hero" is the mollo of "Nick," as he is called by his friends. H's aclivilies include Reserve and Varsily Foolball and Baskelball, and class Serqeanl-arvArms, He works in a local reslauranl durinq his spare Time. eS WQ. NANCY HOWELL Commercial A smile lor all and a friend lo anyone in need besf describes "Jean." She was aclive in Boosrer Club, Intramural Sporis, Library Club and Future Nurses, Jean l'kes 'ro go lo :oolball and basker' ball qarnes. 'llLLlE HOWELL General Friendly. near, and considerate are only a few ol Tillie's many assels. She parlicipared in Y- Teens Sfyle Show, and Chorus. Her hobby is co'leclinq records and she loyes music. Tillie also works al a local reslauranl. if f Lff ' S L - I W, Page -9 CLIFFORD HUIZENGA General Cliff is one of the quieter meme bers ot the class. He was very active in Heights Night and Band. He has received an outstanding newsboy award and likes basket- ball and baseball. Cliff main- tains a part-time iob. Graduating enior NATHANIEL HUNTER General Nathaniel, better known as "Nate," is quiet and reserved but a nicer person is hard to find. Nate participated in Varsity and Reserve Football and Basketball. He also spent tour outstanding years on the Track Team. JANICE HUNTINGTON College "Jan" is short and sweet and always tull of fun. Her many ac- tivities include Oaks co-editor, Future Nurses, Oaklian Players, Y- Teens, Booster Club and All- School Play Committees. She also had the honor ot being chosen Junior Arbor Girl. SALLY IVERSON College Better known as "Sal," she was active in Glee Club, Chorus, and Choir. She was President of Fu- ture Homemakers ot America and Co-editor of the Troian year-book as a freshman. She is employed at a local super market. BONNIE JOHNSON Commercial Because of Bonnie's triendly smile she has made many friends during her years at Heights High. She was very active in the Style Show and Girls' Intramural Sports. She likes sewing and skating. Page 30 Don Jonusoiv' College Personalityeplus and a keen sense of humor are a few ot Den- nie's attributes. Due to his high scholastic average, he was a Jun- ior Commencement Usher. Don's hobbies are skinedivinq and base- ball. He also has a part-time iob. LOUIS JOI-INSON College "Laugh and be gay" is Louie's motto. Louie's extra time was spent on the Reserve Football Team and in Student Council, However, his main interest lies in baseball. I-Ie was an acitve player on our team lor three years, XXIIQ, 2 4 Alix SAMUEL JOHNSON College Sam, though on the quiet side, has a real host of friends. He played on our baseball team when a sophomore, and enioys music and girls. Sam has a part- time iob in a local grocery store. VERA JOHNSON Commercial "Jeanie," the most wonderful triend a person could have, has been Class President, Student Council Representative, in Band, Girls' Intramural Sports, and in Heights Night Shows. She spends most ot her spare moments with a certain guy. Graduatin enior WALTER JOHNSON College Meet Walter, another member ot our class. Walter is very well known by "Chick," his nickname. Chick likes to do things which require working with his hands, such as woodwork. He also likes to collect comics and pictures. CHARLOTTE JONES College With a quiet, sincere, and mod- est disposition, "Char" was liked by all who knew her. She partic- ipated in Future Nurses, Booster Club, Girls' Intramural Sports, and Bible Club. She loves to read and write letters. MARIAN JONES General Marian Jones is well-liked bee cause of her friendly attitude toward all. She was active in ln- trarnural Sports tor three years and has won an M. H. After graduation Marian plans to attend a local school ot nursing. . 4...-.1-nl ERRQL KEl-l-l-l College Congenial Errol quickly made friends with everyone when he transferred here. Color-guard, Track, Hi-Y and Senior Play Com- mittee are some of his many ac' tivities. His high grades gave him 'the honor of being a Junior Corn- mencement Usher. SAM KEMPKER General Pleasant and :riendly well dev scribes Sam. He was on our Re- serve Football Team and took part in Track. Sam enioys swimming 'ce skating, and printing. He has a iob in a local factory. SANDRA KING Commercial A hard worker with a sweet per- sonality is our "Sandy." Her high school career included Student Council, All-School and Senior Play Committees, Oaklian Players, and National Thespians. ln her soare time Sandy enioys skating, bowing and dancing. e S Qi!! f .Z 5 , 'L mxxx HOWARD KLEEVES General Howard is one ot the more quiet members ofthe class and a friend to all. He has won vari- ous lndustrial Arts Awards in printing. Howard likes hunting, fishing and works part-time deliv- ering newspapers. gf Page 31 W. LILLIAN KLEYN Commercial Sincere and quiel' well describes fhis friend of many. Lillian par- ticipafed in Library Club in her senior year and in fhe Sfyle Show in her sophomore year. Her favor- ile hobbies are sewing and ice skafing. Graduating Senior IRENE KNOLL General "Ike" as she was offen called, was a good friend fo all fha? knew her. She was acfive in Chorus and Choir, served on fhe Chrisfmas Prom and All-School Play Commiffees and YFC Club. Ike likes bowling and her Jim. KAREN KOEHLER Commercial "lf silence were golden, l'd be broke." Karen was acfive in Orchesfra, Sub-Juniors, Glee Club, and Y-Teens, She enioys sewing, ice skafinq, good music, and piz- za. A cerrain guy by the name of Dave fakes up her spare lime. JOHN KOZLER College 'f "Jack," as he is called by his many friends, alfhouqh a quief, sfudious boy, was elecfed Sfu- denl Council Represenfafive by his classmafes. His spare time is oc- cupied by many hobbies. Among fhese are fishing, hunfing, and skafing. LOlS KROEZE Commercial Parf-fime work al a local dime sfore kepf Lois on fhe go, plus faking an acfiye parl' in Fufure Accounfanfs and Y-Teens, Lois re- ceived Two cifizenship awards in her freshman year. She likes ear- ing pizza. Page 32 YVONNE KLll3lCEl4 Commercial Tiny, Tidy, and sweef besf de- scribes Yvonne. She parficipaled in Chorus during her sophomore and iunior years and Cnoir in her senior year. lce skafinq is her favorife basl-fime, and one of her special inleresrs is a cerfain Kenny. l2lCl'lARD LANG General Quiefness and amicabilify are some of Richard's many pleasing assers. His parficularly favorife acfivifies include: hunting, fishing, and boxing. Dick had a iob al' a fruif farm and has boxed in fhe Golden Gloves Tournamenls. XXJD, I ,,, X Wli X ARLENE LARRABEE General Arlene was a very sincere girl in everyfhing she did. She look an acfive parf in Band for four years. Having gradualecl from summer school lasf summer, she is now employed by a local doc- for. MARY l.el:EAR General 'fs Mary is one ol the quiefer members of fhe senior class, and always has a pleasan? smile for everyone she meels. She has iaken par? in Chorus, A Cappella Choir, Girls' lnframural Sporis, and Fu- rure Teachers. raduating enior JUDl-l-l'l LEllXl College Pleasani and congenial applies lo Judy. She has been very ac- fiye in Journalism, Oaklian Play- ers, Nafional Thespians, and was in lhe All-School Play. Judy was a Junior Arbor Girl and also on fhe Junior'Senior Prom Commit' lee. ELNORA LENOX Commercial A nice girl lo be around, Nora is a friend lo all who know her, She parlicipafed in Y-Teens, Slyle Show, and lnfrarnural Sporfs, hav- ing won a lefler C. Sewing and skating are only a few o' her many hobbies. J UDITI-l LOCKAGE College A friend lo all and full of fun besf describes Judy. Her acfivi- fies consisf of: Y-Teens, Lalin Club, Sub-Juniors, Oaklian Players, Sen- ior Pla Commilree and Junior- Senior From Committee. Judy works par?-Time af agrocery slore. EDWARD LUIKAART College Besides bearing Those orums in our own hiqh school band and n a local band, Eddie also par- ricipalcs 'n olher acliyilfes. He was a member oi H'-Y, Fulurc Enqincers, and Class Presdeni be- 'Ore cominq io The Heiqhis in lenlh grade. EVONNE LUTTRULL College 'Aer well you pa'v, lnere ail the norior lies." Eyonnels career al M. H. l-l. S. includes: Oaks and Acorn Slafl, Boosler Club, Lalin Club, Oakl'an Players, Or- cnesrra and Fulurc Teachers. Evonne was an lvl. H, w'nner and also a Junior Arbor Girl, lullNlDA MADSEN College Always fr'enf,1ly and fun, "Lindy" parricpalcd in Orchestra, Span- ish Club, Oaks-Acorn Slalf, Oaks Adycrrisinq, Bible Class, and Fu- lure Teachers. She has also been aclye 'n nor church cho'r ana Youlh Felowshfp. Linda works ai a local Tnealer, XT, XS 1 ly X , I AMX J DAVID MAGN USON College "A quiel quy, bul always ready lo help when There is sornelhinq lo be done," describes Dave. Dave was a Jun'or Cornrnencemeril Usher, Assislanr Acorn Edilor, Oaks Layour Edilor, and was very acliyc in his church choir and Lulher League. Page flil ROY MALONE General Roy, known iar his quiet and pleasanf manner, has parficipafed in Spanish Club, Reserve and Varsily Foofball, Reserve Basket- ball, Baseball, and Track. He lisis girls as his hobby. Roy has a iob af a local lransporialion company, raduating enior FLORENCE MARTIN College A pleasanr and good friend fo all is "Bunny." Her aclivifies con- sisled of: Y-Teens, Spanish Club, Play Commilfees and was Secre- lary of Fufure Nurses in her iunior vear. Bunny's special pasl-fime is being wifh Don. MARLENE MAST Commercial "Marr," as she was called by her friends, was an ecfive mem- ber of Fufure Accounfanls, Y- Teens and Chorus. She parfic- ipaled in Girls' Intramural Sports and fhe Style Show, Mari works al a local cleaners and likes dancing. SALLY MATHEWS General Sally earned The honor of "Mos'r Afhlelicf' She was acfive in Intramural Sporfs all fhrouqh high school. She Took parf in Choir, Heiqhrs Niqhl' and Band. Sally received her M. H. in band and likes singing, and skaling. HAROLD MATTSON General "Harry," as all his friends called him, has made many a friend during his high school years. He is well known ior his good sense of humor and pleas- ing personalily. EDWARD MCBRIDE General "Eddie," known for his sense of humor, has Taken parr in Re- serve and Varsily Foolball, and Your years oi Track. Ed was awarded The honor oi All-Slale Guard and a Woodland All-Slar in Foolball. KENNETH McBRIDE General Quiet and cuie is a good de- scriplion of "Kenny." This sporls minded boy played on The Base- ball Team ior Two years. Kenny also likes hunling, fishing, and mosi of all, bowling. A parl- lime job and bowling occupy much of his lime. CXTXT 1- S LXX rib' Q -I , I X ,Page 34 X lvllfLVlN MCCANN General Melvin is The sincere, quiel 'lype oi person. l-le was a member of ihe Chorus in The firsl' sernesfer oi his iunior year and rhen ad- vanced fo A Cappella Choir. Mel- vin's hobby is reading shorf siories. Sl-IERRIL MCCLAIN General Sherrill, a truly sweet girl with a charming personality, particle pated in Student Council, Glee Club, A Cappella Choir, Girls' Intramural Sports, Bible Class, and Pep Club. She was also a cheer- leader and Class Secretary as a freshman. raduating Senior DOUGLAS MQCORMACK General Douglas can well be described as a 'swell guy." "Doug" was a loyal member at the band lor lour years. Swimming, fishing, and hunting are some of his favorite hobbies. He also played Intra- mural Basketball for two years. SAN DRA MCCOY College "lt's nice to be natural, when you're naturally nice." Sandy par' ticipated in Future Nurses, Lis brary Club, Choir, Bible Club and was in the All-School Play in ler iunior and senior years. Sandy enjoys roller skating and swim- ming. GALE MCELRATH College Curly-headed Gale was a real nice guy and an asset to our class. Gale likes to go to the YMCA. His main interests include cars and friendly girls. He will always be remembered as a credit to our class. PATRICIA MQFARREN College "Pal," an active girl with lots of ability, was in Library Club, Y-Teens, Spanish Club, Girls' ln' lramural Sports, Bible Class, Pep Club and Future Teachers. Pat was also a Junior Arbor Girl and won the Spanish Award. IVIATTIE IVICKINNEY General Mattie is one oi the girls fn our senior class who stands our lor her friendly manner and piet- ty smile. Mattie was popular with many of her classmates and was very active in Chorus and Girls' Intramural Sports. SALLY IVIERRITT College Athletics and art were Sally's lavorite past-times. She was ac' tive in Girls' Intramural Sports, won an lvl. H. letter, and took a correspondence college art course. Sally likes boys from Grand Ha- ven and is employed part-time in a dime store. ARDEN IVIIESEN College Music is his master! With his trombone and music medals, Ar- den was active in Band, Heights Nighi' and attended Band Camp summers. He was Hi-Y Treasurer, Junior Commencement Usher, and also look part in the senior play. 1" I Y X, 7, , Ali X Page 35 GLO ANN MOREHOUSE General Glo Ann was very acrive in Choir all fhrough her high school years. She has many hobbies and among her favorife ones are lisl- ening lo records and Bob. She is presenlly working ar a local sludio. Graduating enior DONALD MOSLEY College Well l'ke by everyone and known for his fine sense of humor was Don. He was aclive in Siudenl Council, Oaklian Players, Reserve and Varsily Foolball, Track and l-li-Y, of which he was Presidenr. "Moss," was our "Class Cul-up." MICHAEL MURPHY College Known for his friendly manner and heiqhl, "Murph" was amem- ber or rhe Baskelball Team, Forum Larinum, lnlramural Baskelball, and was a Junior Commencernenl Usher, ln his spare time Mike enjoys predicling scores ol col- lege foolball qarnes. LIEUTENANT MYLES General Happy-go-lucky, carefree, and gay, is our friend Lieulenanl. He parficipaled in Track and lnlra- mural Baskelbal! during his high school days. "Lou's" hobbies are movies and cars. He is now em- ployed al a downlown holel. RODGER NELSON General "Happy-go-lucky, fair and free, nolhing exisrs Thar bolhers me." "Roclg" was liked by all who knew him. While al' Heiqhls, he parficipaled in Choir, Heiqhls Niqhf, and Band. Rodg dislikes homework, buf likes waler skiing and girls. Jl.lDlTl-l NEWALD College Well liked, sweel, and versarile, could only beoin lo describe our Judy. Her acliviries inclucle: Fu- lure Teachers, Junior-Senior Prom Commillee, Nalional Thespians Oaks-Acorn Slaff, Spanish Club, Y-Teens Presidenl, SubfJuniors, Oaklian Players Treasurer, and Slu- denl Council. JAMES NORDEN College "BeHer fo be small and shine Then lo be large and casl' a shadow." Jim was a member of Srudenr Council, Hi-Y, Band, Ref serve Foolbal! and Tennis Teams. He was also a Junior Commence- menl Usher. Jim's hobby is music. Nxvfbf Page as f li LlNDA NORDEN College Known for her brighr red hair, which was only one of her many arrribufes. Linda was a member of Fufure Nurses, Y-Teens, Sub- Juniors, Fulure Teachers, Lalin Club and was chosen as a Junior Arbor Girl. Linda collecls sluffed animals. X i Wlx X DONNA NYE Commercial Fun-loving, friendly, and always willing lo help is Donna. She par- licipafed in Sludenf Council, Y- Teens, lnlramural Sporfs, Heighfs Night, Band and Sub-Juniors of which she was Vice-President. Donna was also capfain of our cheerleading squad. JANE OLSON College Versalile Jane was vofed "lv1osl All-Around," as she was in Slu- denl Council, Y-Teens, Lalin Club. Fufure Teachers, Boosler Club, Oaklian Players, Nafional Thes- pians, Oaks and Acorn Slaffs, Sub- Juniors, Junior Arbor Girl and Secrelary of 'fhe Senior Class. raduating enior MARVIN OHRLING General A friendly guy wilh a happy smile is Marvin. His favorife hob- bies are fishing and hunfing. Al- though nof acfive in school acfivi- lies, "Marv" is busy working in The blue prinl' room al a local faclory. KAREN OLSEN College Orchesfra, Choir, Y-Teens and Fufure Teachers were only a few of Karen's aclivilies. Karen ex- celled in music and her favorile hobby is collecling records. She was chosen Junior Arbor Girl and is a member of the National Honor Sociely. ADA OLSON Commercial Quief and modesf, buf a friend lo everyone describes Ada. Her acfivilies ar Heiqhfs include: Y- Teens, Spanish Club and Bible Club. Ada enioys reading and wrifing leffers. She is employed par?-lime af a local cleaners. Tl-lURlENE OLSON Commercial "Terri" is a friend lo all and always has a smile lor everyone. She parlicipafed in Fufure Ac- counfanls Club and Boosler Club. ljler hobb'es are swimming and lisfening lo popular music. X JERRY OOSTERHART General "I ann nor so foolish as fo ler sludles inlerfere wifh my pleas- ures," is fhe alfilude of Jerry. l-le was an acfive member of Chorus and Choir. Jerry enioys linlcering wifh cars, and hunfing. Cl-IARLENE OREILLY College "Sugar, spice, everylhinq nice" describes Charlene. Her aclivifies included: Oaklian Players, Nalion- al Thesoans, Nafional Honor So- ciely Sfudenl' Council, Secrelary of Grealer Muskeqon's Teen-age Traffic Conference and Fulure Teachers, Junior Arbor Girl, Amer- ican Legion Award winner. l-ler hobby . . . collecling figurines. 'z 'S lli IOC hz X 'K W X, lla N I Page 37 PETER PELIOTES 'College A rock-solid guard on our bas- ketball tearn, Pete was active in Student Council, Varsity and Re- serve Football and Basketball, Junior Class Vice-President, Oaks and Acorn Staffs. Pete's favorite past-time is girls. Graduating Senior FRED OVEREEM College Fred, an outstanding musician, was in band tour years and or- chestra three. He took part in the annual Heights Night Show two times and received a first division rating twice on Cornet solos. Fred was also out for track. CAROL OVERLY College "Cal's" winning personality gave her the title of "Class Flirt." Car- ol's activities include: Y-Teens, Spanish Club, Forensics, Pep Club, Orchestra, and All-School Play for three years. She was co-captain of the Varsity Cheerleaders squad. BONNIE PASCHAL General "Banita" as she is called by her triends is friendly to all. She participated in Y-Teens and Future Nurses. Her hobbies are baseball and basketball and she likes to collect records. She also works part-time. WILLIAM PASCOE General Friendly, gay, and robust, Bill was known as being a sportsrnan throughout his high school days. He was a member of the Reserve and Varsity Football and Baseball tearns. ln his spare time Bill en- ioys hunting, fishing, and fixing cars. A -is lvlOLLl E PELlO-l'ES College Carefree Mollie kept busy as a bee by taking part in the All- School Play, Y-Teens, Heights Night, Oaklian Players, Juniore Senior Prom Chairman and co- captain ot the cheerleaders. She was also chosen as thc Best Dancer of our Senior Class. Page 38 S in S 'Z KAREN PAULlN College l'ler sweet smile and winsorne ways 'always made Karen tops in our opinion. She was in Glee Club and served as Senior Play Usherette. Karen also was Chosen Junior Arbor Girl. Skating is one at her hobbies. JEAN PEDERSEN Commercial Jean is excellent proot that beauty and brains do mix. Her high scholastic achievements made her Junior Arbor Girl. Jean's other activities included: Student Council, Booster Club and Future Accountants Secretary. Her fiance Bob is her favorite topic. 4? fbi Lf-""47' Wlxhi I MYRLE PHILLIPS General Myrle has garficipafed in Band and Future ngineers since com- inq fo This high school. He was also a color-guard. Besides hav- ing a iob al a facfory Myrle en- ioys gymnastics and rifle shooling in which he has won several medals. raduating enior RONALD PIASECKI College Vofed "Mosf All-Around," Ron was Junior and Senior Class Pres- idenf, Srudenf Council Vice-Presi- denf, Junior Cornmencemenf Ush- er, Co-Chairman of Junior-Senior Prorn, member of fhe Foofball, Track and Debafe learns, Foren- sics and Fuiure Engineers. "Ski" was also our feam manager. MELBA PIERCE College Acfive, infelligenr, and defer- mined helps describe Melba. Among her many acfivilies are: Boosler Club, of which she was Presidenf, Chrisfmas Prom Chair- man, Forensics, Oaklian Players, Pep Club, and Future Teachers. gelba was also a Junior Arbor irl. ROBERT PIERSON General Bob, a guy who has many friends because of his pleasing person- alify, has been a well-liked mem- ber of our senior class. He en- ioys ice skafinq, bowling, and swimrninq. Bob works al' a local bakery offer school. ww! STEVE PLICHTA General Sieve is beller known lo hfs 'riends as "Plic." l-le is working wrrh a local firm which lakes UD mos? of his Time. He is also a member oi 'the CYO and has oarricipaled in The Golden Gloves. RONALD PORTER College A popular guy wilh The per- sonaliiv To go wrrh Cr, Ron was active in Srudenr Council, Hi-Y, and Spanish Club. He also was a member of The Nalional Order ol the Arrow. One oi Ron's lavorile pas?-rimes is earinq pizza. WANDA PUTNEY General Wanda, a very iriendly girl was in lhe A Caooello Choir in her senior year. Much oi ner leig- ure lime is spenr roller skafing. To her Friends, Wanda was known as "Pull," RICHARD OUINN College Dick 's one who will always be popular anywhere he goes for he has a wonderful personalily. Dick enioys working wilh air- planes and aulomobiles and ex- perirnenring wirh eloclriciry. l-le is pressnlly employed ar a local slore. ,-Zf, xjx x S ,XX r bf 7: A-'f' 7 S Y 1 Wfvxx Page 39 JANETTE REED Commercial "NOT Thai' I like work less buT I love fun more" describes Jan. She parTicipaTed in STudenT Coun- cil, STyle Show, Girls' lnTramural SporTs Tor Three years, and won a blue ribbon in 4-H. Jan's hob- lgies are dancing, skaTing, and OV1. Graduating Seniors JOANNE REYNOLDS College "SweeT and quieT," ThaT's our "Jo,' an officer in FuTure Nurses, Bible Class, parTicipanT in Girls' lnlramural SporTs, Band, and BoosTer Club. Jo represenred her club aT The FuTure Nurses Conven- Tion, and ran for sTaTe president She likes boys wiTh red hair. MARY Rl DCU-l' College Music is one of The Things ThaT Takes up much of Mary's Time. She is acTive in Orchesfra and is a member oT The WesT Shore Symphony and Ludingfon Sym- phony. She also Took parT in FuTure Teachers. RALElGl'l RODOFF College "Wherever There's Raleigh, There's fun." AcTive "Rai" was a member of Y-Teens, LaTin Club, FuTure Teachers, Oaklian Players, All-School Play CommiTTee, and The DebaTe Team. Also, she won The "I Speak for Democracy" Award in her senior year. ETH EL . ROLLENHAGEN General The diamond on her linger is The reason for her happy person- aliTy. EThel's acTiviTies included: STudenT Council RepresenTaTive, Chorus, Sfyle Show, A Cappella Choir, and Girls' lnTramural SporTs. Bowling and ouTdoor sporls are her TavoriTe pasi'-Times. -xv-c KAREN SCl-lNElDER College Peppy and Tull oi fun describes She parTicipaTed in l-leighTs NighT, Fu- our Karen. Lafin Club, Ture Nurses, STuclenT Council, Y- Teens, Glee Club, and Sub-Jun- enioys sewing and iors. Karen reading and also mainTains a parT-Time iob. S i X .lOl-lN SCHOOLCRAFT College Carefree John will be remem- bered besi for his posiTion of color guard in The Band. l-le par- TicipaTed on The Reserve FooTbalI Team and in Track. A parl-Time iob aT a local drug sTore occu- pies John's spare Time. i, figc 40 ' TL Pi W I xhxs LAWRENCE SEITZ General QuieT, Friendly, and a nice guy To everyone was Larry. He liked woodworking and was very acTive in il' as shown by his receiving an honorable menfion award in F Mis subiecr. i DONALD SELIG General Donald has two outstanding as- sets - a pleasant smile, and a heart of gold. This friendly boy left school to serve his country in the Navy. Don seems to like it for he is doing very well. Graduating Sen'0r ROGER SENG General A real swell guy is Roger, wno made many friends during his years at Heights High. He was a Student Council Representative and was a contest winner in woodwork. His hobby is cars and he works part-time at a local super market. NORMA SHANTY Commercial Norma is a pleasant and harde working girl. She has done a wonderful iob as stage manager of the Senior Play and partici- pated in Girls' Intramural Sports. Norma likes outdoor sports and works part-time at a local de- partment store. JACQUELINE Sl-IEPARD General "Happy-go-lucky, fair and free, nothing exists that bothers me." Jackie participated in Chorus, A Cappela Choir, Library Club, and YATeens. Dancing is one of her main interests. Her keen sense of humor will be long remem- bered by all Jackies classmates. JAMES SHEPPARD General Roller skating and record col' lecting are Jim's favorite past- times. Also, he enioyed playing baseball tor three years and par- ticipated in Intramural Basketball tor two years. SHIRLEY SHERMAN Commercial Ouiet, pretty, sincere, that's our Shirley. She was a member of Glee Club, Future Accountants, and participated in the Style Show. Besides her school activi- ties Shirley enioys dancing, skat- ing, and working part-tirrte at a local drug store. MIKE SHIRA College When we see Mike during the summer, he's usually on a pair ot water skis. Mike took an ac- tive part ln Band and Heights Night for tour years. l-le likes cars and interesting people. Mike also is a Hi-Y member. SHARON SIMPSON Commercial "Sherry" is a girl who makes friends with everyone. She has participated in Y-Teens, Future Accountants and was on the Acorn Staft and Oaks Advertising Staff. Sherry likes dancing and cooking. ix X' H- S CQ i lj C 7, 4, A CSM ? Y 1 Page 41 W1 Xxxx A AN N SMITH General Charming, alfracfive Ann is sure fo make many friends wherever she goes for she has a very sweef personality. Durinq her high school days, Ann look an aciive parf in Future Nurses, Girls' lnlramural Sporrs and Choir. Graduating Senior DOUGLAS SIVII-lI'I College Doug is a happy-go-lucky guy wifh a Friendly smile for every- one. This quief boy is a hard worker and likes swimming as one of his parficular hobbies. As Doug leaves Heighrs High, every- one will remember him as a close friend. l if E: 157 DU LCE SORN Commercial Always peppy and a good friend lo everyone was our "Toolie." She iook parl' in The Slyle Show and Girls' lnlramural Sporrs in her iunior year. Dulce collecls sluffed animals and also enioys wriling Iellers lo a cerlain Jim. i ,, JAYNE SQUSER College Elecled "Mosl' Likely lo Suc- ceed," capable Jayne has been Homecoming Queen, Junior Arbor Girl, member ol Nalional Honor Sociery, Oaks and Acorn edilor, and a Drum Maiorelle. She has Taken pari in Fuiure Nurses, Y' Teens and Fuiure Teachers. eww GEORGIA SMITH General Georgia, known lor her friendly personalify, rook parr in several acfivifies during high school. She was a Fufure Nurses member, in Y-Teens and was very acfive in Girls' lnfrarnural Sporls for she likes playing baskefball. ROBERT SMITH College "Where fhere's a will, l'here's a way." "SmiHy" was The proof of rhis. During his years ai' M.H.H.S. he parficipaled in Varsify and Re- serve Fooiball and was chosen Junior Commence-men? Usher. Bob also enioys hunfing and fishing. ALLEN STEFFEN General "lf silence were golden, l'd be a millionaire," describes Allen. His hobbies include: hunling and olher ouldoor aclivilies. "Al" won an award in advanced cabiner making, Alrhouqh he was quier, he had a friendly smile and was very well-liked. f Page 42 W j XXXVX X MARILYNN STEIN College "All lhe world is a slaqe" as lar as "Sue" is concerned. She look maior roles in rhe All-School and Senior Plays and was voled "Besi' Adress" by lhe Senior Class. Sue parlicipaled in Foren- sics, Oaklians, Thesoians, Y-Teens, and Sub-Juniors. ' SANDRA SQHNSON College Sandy has a happy smile for everyone. Acfive in Fuiure Nurses and Y-Teens for iour years, she also was a member of the Oaks- Acorn Slaff, Library Club and Oaks Adverfisinq. Sandy likes hoi fudge sundaes. Graduating enior DONNA SU KUP College "A bundle oi fun all wrapped up in one,' is Donna. "Sukie" has pariicipafed in Furure Nurses, Y- Teens, Subduniors, Lafin Club, Senior Play Committee, and Girls' lnframural Sporfs. Her hobbies are reading, ice skafing, and sleep- ing. Nunn ...,,wn'f R BARBARA TAYLCR College V Sinceriiy, inielligence, and friendliness are only a iew oi Barb's many alrribuies. Barb was an aclive member of Fulure Teach- ers, a Sludenr Council Represenla- five, and had lhe honor ol being chosen a Junior Arbor Girl. r'-,r .-.,. 21-12-iii' ,E i i .sf gags: zjgssss-. Q Q , PAU L THOMA General A really iriendv fellow is Paul. l-le was a Sfudenl' Council Rep- reseniariye This year and won an Honorable Menlion in Woodwork and Prinlingg Third place in wood- work and an lnduslrial Arls Award in printing in 9lh grade. LLOYD SWELNIS College Voted as lhe "MosT BashiuI" boy of our Senior Class, Lloyd parlicipaled in Reserve and Var- sity Foofball, Baseball, and Bas- kefball. He also was active in Band. ln his spare lime, Lloyd likes hunfing and fishing, DAVlD TALBOTT General "Butch," as known io his Friends, is The quiel' fype who has a lo? of friends because of his pleas- anfness To everyone. While in school, Dave had a par?-time iob af a local lamp sfore. ARDETH TIEJEMA Commercial Acrive, siudious, and a lol' oi Iun, "Ardia' pariicipaled in ine School Play Comrnifiees, Y-Teens, Fulu re Accounianls, Oaks-Acorn STaf'l, and The Junior-Senior Prom Commiiiees.. Ardie was a Junior Arbor Girl. One oi her iavorile pasi-limes is bowling. C Cxxxxv X -es - AXA i lb' 5 - P 43 XX age BlLLlE il-RAMMELL Commercial Where lhere's laughler, you'll find Billie. She paflicipaied in Spanish Club, G'rls' Inframural Sporls, Pep Club, ano was an MH Winner. Billie's hobbies are skal- inq, baslmelball, and dancing. LOUIS TRAMMELL General A friend To all who know him, Louis can always be seen wiTh a smile. A few of his favoriTe hob- bies include working on cars and fishing. He claims a firsr place in woodworking as one of his ac- complishmenTs. Graduating enior FRED TRAPPE College Easy-going and a good friend To each member of The class is Fred. His acTiviTies include Fu- Ture Engineers, Track, Drill Team, and he was acTive in Choir for Three years. Fred's hobbies are hunting and waTer skiing. ALMA TREVHXIO Commercial Pleasing and friendly describes Alma very well. She was a mem- ber of Library Club, Y-Teens, Fu- Ture AccounTanTs, French Club, Chorus, Choir, and The Bible Class, Alma enjoys reading and singing and has a iob aT a local deoarlmenr sfore. DOROTHY TROSKO Commercial ShorT, sweef, and Tull of fun besl' describe "DoT." Her acfivi- Ties consist of STudenT Council, BoosTer Club, Chrisfmas Prom CommiTTee, and Pep Club. Dof's likes are music and dancing. She works parf-Time at a local law ofTice. DOROTHY Ll DELL College DoroThy, a Truly capable girl, Took a real inTeresl' in our play producTions. She parTicipaTed in Oaklian Players, Senior Play Com- miTTee, and was in The All-School Play in her iunior year, DoT was also a Junior Arbor Girl. lDl'llLLll3' VALK College Phillip is one oT The more quier members of The Senior Class, l-le was noT acTive in exTra curricular acTiviTies, buT Took pride fn his school. Phil is PresidenT ol his youTh group ai' church and en- ioys collecT ng old coins. KAY VANBROCKLIN Commercial Kay is laughable, Tull oT Tun, and a nice girl To know. She was on The Senior Play CommiTTee and a member of Bible Club, She also Took pari in The Chorus and Choir, Kay likes To read 'n her soare Tme. Xklffff vi Page 44 XXX X JOANNE VANDERSTELT Commercial Joanne was on The quiel' Side, buT To her close lriends was loads oi lun. She was a member of The Slee Club and a yery able model 'n The STyle Show. ln her spare Time Joan enioys playing The oiano. JOHN VANDERSTELT College No one will ever torget John's good sense of humor and his abil' ity to make friends with everyone he met. He was on the Reserve Football team and also likes base- ball. He works part-time at a local food market. raduating Senior ROSEMARY VANDERSTELT College "lt's nice to be natural, when you're naturally nice." Intelligent and efficient Rosie was an active member of Future Nurses and won the Betty Crocker Homemaker ot Tomorrow Award. Ros'e also had the honor ot being a Junior Ar- bor Girl. JUDY VAN WESTEN College Judy possesses as two ot her assets, a radiant smile and an outstanding personality. She was active in Y-Teens, Future Teachers, Orchestra, Chorus, Choir, and was Treasurer ot the Orchestra Board. Judy enioys playing tennis and horseback riding. ERMA VARGA Commercial Meet our pretty Erma. This con- genial qirl captured the hearts ot' many in her performance ot the maid in the Senior Play. She was a member of Oaklian Players and the French Club in her sophomore year. Erma loves acting. L egg? J U Dll-l'l WATSON College Always willing to helpkand pleasant to all best describes Judy. Senior Class Treasurer, Acorn Co-editor, Play Commit- tees, Future Nurses, Y-Teens and Oaklian Players were some ot her many activities. Most ot her spare time is spent writing to Phil. l-lEl.EN WAY Commercial Her radiant smile is only sur- passed by a wonderful personal- ity. "Chummy" was active in Fu- ture Accountants, Style Show, Y- Teens, and Junior-Senior Prom Committee. She also works parte time at a local pharmacy and enioys dancing. BER-l-l'lfAx WEBB General During the past years, Bertha has been very active in Girls' Inf tramural Sports and was on a champion team for two years. She was in Chorus, Choir and was-an lv1.H. winner. Bertha likes sewing and dancing. XXWDCX 2 CLARENCE WEBSTER College "Happy-go-lucky," that's our "Bunk." Bunk played Varsity and Reserve Football during his sophoe more and iunior years. He enioys doing his two tavorite sports ot hunting and fishing very much. Bunk spends much oi his spare time working, X, 1 y Wlx X Page 45 WILMA WEBSTER General Wilma has a sunny and quiel disposition which comes nalural for her being nice lo everyone. She was aclive in Chorus for four years and also parlicipafed in Pep Club and Girls' lnframural Sporfs. Wilma is a foolball ian. Gracluatiing Sen'0r MARILLES WELLS Commercial Marilles, a real nice gal, has taken par? in Glee Club, Chorus, A Cappella Choir, and on the Senior Play Commillee. She en' ioys skalinq and laying lhe pi- ano. Marilles' hobby is collecling malerial abou? movie slars. RICHARD WELLS General Dick, wifh his bio personality and sense ol humor, has ialren parr in A Cappella Choir and was on the Senior Play Comrnilfee. He enioys bowlinq and won second place in prinfing when he was a iun'or. DANIEL WESTVEER General This happy-go-lucky guy is a lriend lo everyone. Dan has been in the Band and Heiqhls Nighf during his High School years. He spends all his spare lime with his favorile hobby which is archery. JAMES WI-IELPLEY General Allhough Jim wasn'l' loo aclive in school, he was known as a lriend lo all. He was a member of fhe baseball learn In his sopho- more year and received honor- able menlion in Induslrial Arls. KEITI-I WIEGAND General A quief sorl ol fellow is he, and iusl as nice as he can be. Allhouqh Keilh did nol' parlici- pale in school-aclivilies, he was kepr busy workinq al' a local fac- lory. His lavorife hobbies are DELBERT WILLIAMSON General Del can usually be found ar a roller skalinq rink for skaling is his favorile hobby, Perhaps we'Il see his name in Iiqhls some day. ROSEMARY WIINIGATE Commercial Rosemary has a prelly smile and a prelly way in everyfhing she does, "Rose" was in Y-Teens, Chorus, Girls' Intramural Sporls, and The Slyle Show. She has many slunninq clolhes of her own crea- lion, for she Ihoroughly enioys J-imA's hobbies are hunfinq and baseball and baskelball. Durinq hioh school Del had Ile fishing. honor of beinq named Ihe Oul' srandinq Newsboy of the Year. sewinq, l Page 46 Z X WALLACE WITTKOPP College "Whip" as he is called by his friends, is one ot the more quiet members of The class and is well- liked by everyone. Wally likes beach parties and his iob at a local Foundry. Graduating enior DOUGLAS WOOD College Good looking, intelligent, and ambitious, is Doug who partici- pated in Council, Band, Track, Hi-Y, Play Cast, Honor Socefy, and received two Citizenship Awards. He was a Commencement Usher, Class officer, and dele- oate to National Council Conven- tion. Doug was voted "best ac- for." JOE YOUNG College Ouief, intelligent, and a swell fellow, describes Joe. He was a Shzdenl' Council Representative, played Reserve Football, and had The honor of being a Junior Corn- mencement Usher. Joe likes all sports and works part-time at a local super market. WILLIE MCCARTY College Cheerful and full of lun de- scribes W'llie. He will long be remembered at Heights High lor his oulstanding athletic ability in both loolball and basketball. ln basketbal he made All-State Hon- ors in both his iunior and senior years. RON ZIMMER College Ron's terrific personal'ty neipeo him in Hi-Y, Future Engineers, De- bate Team, Reserve and Varsity Football, Basketball and Baseball, President of Student Council, voted "most likely fo succeeof' member oi National Honor So- ciety and elected "Boy oi Month" by the Optimist Club. ROGER ZWART General Roger, well liked :or n's line personality, played Reserve Foot- ball as a sophomore and Varsity Foolball tor two years. A real sportsrnan, Roger also enioys hunt' ing and fishing, l-le's now em- ployed ai a local pharmacy. X X VD' ,J if A l XXX X JERELINO CROSBY General Happy-goflucky Jerelfno always had a smile :or everyone. Jere- lino participated in lhe Style Show, Chorus, Girls' lnlramural Sports which resulted in the championship. She also earned an lvl. H. letler. Her hobbes are reading and sewing, Page 47 Graduating Seniors LU ELLA CARTER Commercial TED HALASINSKI General PETER LARSEN General JACKSON MORSE G. E. D. T. JERRY AHO General GENTRY DOXEY General FREDRICK HEINEMANN G. E. D. T. JOAN MILLER General RICHARD THORSTENSON DENNIS SJMPSON Qewal e. E. D. T. 'X-,KKK h iQ ' 10 f , - 1 Page 48 XXXX ational onor Societ Third Row: Alms, Slein, Norden, Piasecki, Hielanen, Slavros, Herrala, Grasmeyer, Magnuson, Dawes, Lange, Nuliall Second Row: King, Nelson, Udell, Lein, Bolrull, Levy, l-lendriclm, Troslfo, Uplon, Pierce Furs? Row: Lullrull, Anderson, Wood, Souser, Zimmer, Olsen, Dunnonl, O'Reilly, Olson Jayne Souser' Ronald Zimmer' Jean Pedersen Ronald Piaseclci Ardyce Anderson Melba Pierce Karen Paulin Gayle fxflcins Linda Norden Sandra Dykema Charlene O'Reilly Janice Hunfingfon Pafricia McFarren Jane Olson Douglas Wood Karen Olson Ardelh Tieiema Evonne Lu'r+ruIl Sue S'rein Dorofhy Troslco Ardyce Anderson, D.A.R. Winner pper Third in cholarship Cheryl DeLong Dorolhy Udell Barbara Taylor Michael Murphy Rosemary Vandersfelr Norma Clapp Sandra King Don Johnson Judifh Haapalainen Roberl Smiih Vera Johnson Judilh Lein David Magnuson Jean Granl Roberl' Dylcsfra Errol Keilh Nancy Jean Howell Ronald Porfer James Norden Erma Varga Sally Evans Lois Kroeze Marilles Wells Mary Harris David Dawes Vira Goosby Donna Nye Terry Banla Joseph Young Rod Himelberger Karen Koehler Dianne Green Judy Wafson Arden Miesen Daryle Dew Raleigh Rodolzi Florence Marlin Richard Wells Charlolfe Jones Rufh Ann Balmer 6l 62 63 64 65 66 67 68 69 70 7I 72 73 74 75 76 77 78 79 80 Hi . Sally Mafhews . Fred Overeem . Janice Hahn . Sally Healey . Shirley Sherman . Donna Sulcup . Billie Trammell . Sandra McCoy . Judilh Newald . Edward Luilcaarl' . Daryl Broil . Charles Hansen . Karen Schneider . James Black . Judy VanWes+en . Joanne Reynolds . Barbara Baskin . Barbara Hamilron . Don DeMan . Roberl' Hansen Tied for firs+ place F , r E 3 a X M057 ALL'ARDUND JAN E OLSON RON PlASECKl CLASS FLIRTS CAROL OVERLY ROY FRRREL A BE ST SUS STEIN DOUG H000 LLOYD E Page 50 Y ?x MOST ATHLETIC SALLY MATH EWS E D B URTDN 1 - Q MOST LIKELY T0 SUCCEED JAYNE SOUSER RON ZiMMER BEST UANCERS BEST MARY FEL HOLLIS PEUOT ES ARDEN MHEISEN ...,. cuss cuT-UPS JAN HAHN 9 now MOSLEY -i -gh is 1 I y fdffw f-?wf',.. flfzifw 5. CUTEST coUPLE vvomve nuance: KENNY M'8R8DE i Page 51 H Do You Remember When UNUERER U5 ,. , U ,, , ,. .M M .. Ml ..fA .. .J ..w.,. Class fficers JUNIOR OFFICERS Sfaridirig: Advisers, Mr, GiIIaspy, Miss SIQHI, and Mr, CaIer. SiIIimq: Jim I'IeraId IIreasurerI, A'Ieri Dumom IPresideriII, Norma BOIHIII ISe:reIaryI, and DouqIas Andersen IViCe-presidem SOFHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS S+ancIimg IeII' Io riqI1I: Mr. BeII, Mrs. Thompson, Mr. Morehouse, Advisors. Seaiked IeII Io rigiif: CI1ris'ropIier IVice-PresidenII, Swanson ISecreTaryI, Sorenson IPresidenII, PoIand I'I'reasurerI, Page 54 Ml A ms Braafen Durnoni F945 IWW' frm , ,, . .... Q - - . ' 'v 'JM' :"'. ..:'IEZ' .: , H E ... gf' .F ,Z Huey Jackson McCormiqK Mer' v.. A Q 0 Aufman Bu,-f Chapman Cullen DeR?dder Hneianen Jacobs Judd Kuck Langwen Layfon pigs Fiskars Forward Fulion Gallup Graves Grimmer A Howell ,ff Lobdel! Musick Norris Plank Poiand Rey Savage vv-, ,,.,, , ,,, , , Hawaii Mccolium Scoif T 0- Wm wi ' .kxv' 'X' ii 31.2, Q hw .. ,- williams I Page .15 Ammond Bldkeman Blomberg Bolffwouse Borgeson Bosch Boiruff Boylan Brarm-am Bringedafnl b 1 ' ' '---A-' A A ' A"""' 2 A A .,-- 'lizffi , . .. L 57: 5 ., ,.., :xv - T - EQ 'I' ,. ' .4:gIj4 ., Q jgii ' it ' .-..r ' " ' -n '--- - g 1 W - u l i , , X E U 5:1124-,:2 ' , fxmf ' " '55"'5'-3" 4 fgyy 'A-' , "' M f A' A n 5 2 "f2f2f2f12? n f Q if 'L 3 1 '1':tz.g5::-' Q f ,I fgf nl 5 , 5 J A,,. .f Brondyke Brouhard Burson Bur? Calfoway Campbeil Carrier Carfwrighf Chapin . X , . ......,.,. ,.., ..,. 1 A x I . Esw 1 534 5 ,, x g q,Qf, .ffg,, k - ---v an fi , ' ', 7 'Y L g: A '- - ..,, 1 ' n , ,. 4 ,n Q W n A,,, n ,,,. . " M - ,,., ,R A 1 , xsane' ,,. fl? if iiflfff A W. asf f ' ' Chula Clark Cioeiingh Cochran Comsfock D. Cook R. Cook Cofion Craymer Crowell Da gen Dancz Daniels Dariy Dresen Page 56 Demos Uereski Donlelf Echiinaw Eikenberry Evans Fakxr Fefhke Fox Fralierl Gjesfrum G-lomb Goefz Gonzalez Gomes Grasmeyer C. Hansen M. Hansen Harris Harris Heinemann Henderson Herald Herrala Nik' Himelberger Hubler Hughes Hullinger Iverson Jackson A. Johnson B. Johnson P. Johnson R. Johnson V. Johnson Jones - Kaclrovich Keedle Kelconi Kelley Kemplcer Kenisfon Kleyn Knoll Kreifelclf Larson Levy Lewis L, Lewis LieFfers Lihan Lillibridge LoPres+i -.wi -an . A Lorenz Lulclc Macphee Maxey McLaughlin McNeal Middlecamp Miles C. Miller P, Miller Milfon Miner Mifchell Moody Murphy C. Nelson K. Nelson Nicholson Page 4 . v' 1 ff V, -pf 3 V I V., fu 5 2 V I , rf' 'F' 4 -" N '. --gig-'Gigi f ' 'AI . 1 .' 'f ' 'f A721 ':-' ' ii' 252- ,ig 325- : 'f'5' .: ' '. .5 - LJ-' 1, 4 1 ,V "" A 2 fffql is - ' ' 1 ' ' MV. . - 1. M iff- V . " Vi 1 .-V.1:2gri', I 'i. 3 -?f'::Z ' -Ve. ' ' - ' 'X .J ll-". 1.-1:-" ' L ' 4- ' . - V, :V 'Q Q-qi. "" ' ,V , , 5' , -.5 'give ,, " 1 ' 3 VW . , -.5 - A 137' V V ' 'ill f 1. f -V 2 " l ly 'Wi'-N71-'z W :ff- 1 , .- fag , an . Q I I ,, V - .Vg wli- 5.1128 5 L iw E ,M in V. ,.., ., 3 V. gag, ., - Nummerdor Nuinlall O'Neil Oulwin 14' fa mr Pertilla Pele-rson Priest Reecl -L ' ' "" --1-2 V ""' . :,,-::- --ii, . ----- f V 'Q ... lx , A.,. .. I , ' . ig, . . . H ,A .,,. E g fwal , L, A, V- Q . 1 if J 'Y ' if ,:"s- -..i:sg..',:F:E:If"-' -5 JV: .WP , V4-: "2-fi--' V :sis 5 . Vwrflgg .. - 'R .,.-, .,. ,f r ,,,. ,Q ' K'2Z+wfV 2 f '-'- 1-VH' we 'l " if ' ' K' ' f ' iieigzsi V As., l 3 ' L... .5 N' D-LL',, r' I 1 f- 1 .. A I . A -- - Skull E. Smillx P. Srniilz R. Smllh Sonnega Siraif Slrevel Siromp Sullivan Surfus Suslericlz . , , 5.3141 Q 5 5f1V:E:ff-' -v 1251: ., '. :S 'E':I:' 1" ':' ' ' "" V , Ef f f ' H -:'v..4 .. .. -1:.v5V . " ' ' wr 2-' H V 'I ' wt ' 4' f' -.1-3: 4 D V' Q '44 3. ll - ':l.l59l:l:' -1 Aww- , , W V lil, C A .gf-12:11 A - I H Q -V 'V 7 ,fare ' ' I V ' 5 s f-A 2 R M' . I' VanOveren Wagenmalcer V,Vg.,,.,,g..,. ..,,,.,- : ..,-..v:-,v.-. ,V V ,. V gg ,., I my ,4 g .. .,,. ...H 3.5.55 K V f - - '... if' V - l xx i VV V Wiegand Wllcoxson Temple 1 KM' ws Ward if dt? SK- +A 57 ' ':": xl f Wilson Thomas Thorsen Tobey Var1derKoo i Vanderwafer VanNess ,.,,,, 1: ff' ' ' ...,. ' - 5f5:31:3532E:EfQ L Egg ,..:.jQ,V..:. A -15:-5g,, .l ,Ng 1 1 lm .E f , - .1 V 55 .... :s:::"., ri." -'-' ' I-'-Le. K , 2 K ,',- I , Bmw . 4 .4 JAR . Nym L 3:12 ,fd , It Y W i K : .... Q V .,... x 3. XV . - .5 ty -S I, I .E:. ' N M 5 34 Y 5 V: 5 K J If 2 Weaver' Websler Weyerbaclwer J. Wlaelen R. Whalen While lx , -. A ll " .,'-QVVV-gi: -5-:, I l. I l l fl ' lv ff ' .. 'lr .f H -. ..,. ...,. . '5 .Q ,l ., gf 1 is V ENE x fi .V ' 5 ..'. -1 - S I . 'li .M 2 l V .V dl? V 'YQ' V: VL L l lf -,-- Q C Y x I A B wfzgm Zufell sms emu Q een . Bennell Bishop Bolwannon Boclzer Bradley Brewsfer Brya nl Carrol Cas? Page 58 'WP Clifford Cline Cole Ccolc Davis DaviSOr1 DCLGVIO an 91 f iff' Farwig Friend Glacz Gran? Green Greer Greinlce DENIVHN' Dudley Griffes Hansen K Hafhaway Hilfle Hurder Jacoby Japcnga Jolnnson Kane Lampman Lange Larabee Lieberfz Mallory Mangr May Miller Mifclwell Monlere Neldlinger Nelson Parrish F. Paf+erson A g f : 5 .... . 3- -, . ' 1 'W , ,, x v . ::I W g . X 'alt' A E K .. .,.,.. , I I I ff l .,., , ' - , 1 ' ' A -2: ' ,g-iff' '12:1I' , -L - -I I 5 ff '--' llbl . - V I Q' H f -: .P Porfenga Reid Richards Robarge Roclcey Sieclleclci E, Slms l RW V k ' ww W Wm Smifh Sorenson Way Whiffaker Williams Wibflnopp Wolfers King Koelroelc McComb Mc:PI-neron ar P. Pafferson Pedler I K, i ati p f H Q , f I K - ','A f R, Sims Smack . .fl V ,f l f ' , Wood 1 Q1 Page 59 K Bnnfa ' K Barding Barrel? Baskin Balclwelder Bearss Beecham Bendus L. Berry 1 V. Berry Bigelow Blasclwlxe Belize Bond B. Bonilleld B. Bonifield Borns Bradshaw Bra nclow Brazill Bringedalnl Broadway Bro olie Brownell Bularcl Bullendorp Callclns Campbell Carlson Carnes Carson Carlwriglwf Cassacly Clxcailmams Clweelcs Cheever Childress Chrlslensen Clnrislie Christmas Chrisloplarr L. Clark W. Clerk Cline Cocldlngfon ' Campion Cool: Crandall Crowcler Cullen Cunningham Czerwgn Dancz Davison Page 60 vfvdnan I Dccenl 4 I E x tw iii? L am r X E' ' A ,g--TQ , Vuvu' " gil ""' Dylrman Early , ld' , :V M 2 H37 .l xqs? A Fri Gallic ..,,,, ,gjgjll Ei.. ' ff-- L I W , K A ,wqvw - J? Z 5. Gray Greenerl xr ge m J ir sg 'U 4 Harfung Hasenbsnk ' -.rf .:' V '51 :g- 5 l. L. . 5,31 E, "' Q . .',.' i ffy ' V 'I' Hiddema C. Hill E ll 3 1 DeG-rar? DeGraves Derby DeWiH Dicrlcing Dummer Duram M l :?f2'i'3i3Z7 7 I A I f,, 'F 1. ps. 1, ' if ga' B 47-'IW' ' , - ,L Ag? 'M' .mfg gi.. iyf:,,i ,i, . , W Echfinaw Eclcerrnan Edie Evererl Farmer Forfon POSTS' zz:-::'::::'12 "'- l ""' ----- 4, 'r- :, , ,, ' "" , ' rx W -' . , . 2 , r 2 I-iw: ,,f:-' f .. 'fl 1 3 x Q ' 223 :::.. V -:. ' Q - , IAI, ' , Q ., , f E : 4 I: Q5 5 3. . - 5 - W: ' , , ,'-' -r N " .W wir -. . ,.,,. .1 ,g:.:.,.:,h-fs-'- W l H- ,., E , iii' if -PWA 9- E 535 4 fav?-1 :f:p..l2sJs1 Galombecl: Gardner Garlen Gnawey r Q ..l 5 ": ' wh ff, Greer Griswold Gunderson Ulf' Haubrich Hegbloom Hendrick C. Herrnesdorf . W. Hill Hlllon Hipp Holman 23 Hughes ,K l-lulin -wr 457 Hullce Humphries lngersoll lppel Gilberf Graham Gran? Hammond Hardy Harmon C, Hcrrnesdorf Hershherger Hershey I 9 : rn I 0 if 1 0 3 I 2 4 cv -Q 2' fr "2"' z ,.A. . S , nnnr r 'l'Vl' - Isaac A. Jackson L. Jackson 4 Page 61 R. Jackson Jaehnig Jaenicke Jegerson Jensen B. Johnson B. Johnson D. Johnson J. Johnson J. Johnson N. Johnson R. Johnson S. Johnson of Q joins ' 'Q ' Jorgenson Joslin Jusfian Keffy Kinnucan Krueger Lake LaMIe Landingham Lang Larabee L. Larsen S. Larsen Lawton Le Fear Lein Lindsey Long Love Malone Mandi Mang3one Maslreii Mas! May McClain McCormick McCrae K McFa rren McGee Mc-:rkins Merle Messerschrnidf iF. Meyers 4M, Meyers R.'MZlIer S. Miller Mifchell Modiseh' Page 62 Muffeff Mohring Molfema Morpefh Neidlinger Nelson Nobfe Norman Novoselish Ochs S. Ogreen S. Ogreen Old? Oliver Olsen Page Palmer Pascoe Pasfoor Pafferson Pedler Planning Pieczynslal Poland Porler Poulin Rager .. , Q ..,- MW? ,f' all? Qi? EEE? alla """ ' I ' E? :f A in 5 f 3 S355 ' EQQ? j vi, il 3. M W. 5 gg Kfg QQQVI? iii? , j i .W , V, ,,, -,-' . ' ' X ""' l ' W' I, X , f -'-' Mn ' W. ...P AA ' 3535- N? p 55555 x Ship' 'mv H' ' 'W 5, iilfflfl i . 5 ' ' Q ,fy ' 5 l E V 35 ' ii, 5 ' Rsinbol? Rage Rafliff Rawls Rhodes Rice B. Robinson W4 Robinson Russell Sebourin l w L. Scolleld , , A A ns . .M ,W 'O' 'v--r Sanregref Sclwaefer Scnaude Scnoenmalner Sclwoolcralf Sclwoonbeclc Sclxurino J. Scofield ,W M in Sco'H Semelbeuer Seng Slnorf Sicfsema Slnodacl: B, Smillw ..l. Srniilw 2 'KZQCIW Q ,ff H- 5 .- , gl H, 5 4 5 EEZ J, Smiilw K. Smhlw Sorensen Spiers Slacey Sfarf Slel Slewarl' Sfone 1 .,-5a'ElEI53::' 1 "" 5 'f" ll: "" E?'1?fTZ? . Q ---- . Wx - and :E .l A . V If, ,.,, .1,, ' " . " K ' l-l' f n ' wif' E J V 6 ,A,, 2 ,QQ if ' g ' "" lm? ,... 1 .... , l ' ,.., " A Q W SEEK: V I 6-Q, F , T : 5'eQ3ii12'E Qffffi W ' ig? 4 17252 i l Slang She yer Sfrickler Sfulp ....... . .... .,...w. ..... ., .. ..,,..... MT, 1 -,v,,,. Page 63 Szpieg , D. Taylor S. Taylor Tescad Thema B. Thomas N. Thomas Thompson Tilden Townsel Tudor Uecker VanBrocHin Vendersfeli Vanderwai VanDyl1e f Q Vifek Wai? B. Walion D. Walken Weiner? Welc W ? ..,. , Q .V W, - 5 ',: :..,.,g , X ' Q : ' ".--- V P 5- Av,Q ff ? " A " -1- .-.. A1 'swim Wesfon Wheafer Whelplcy Whiie Whi+1'um Winkerink Wilkinson Werschem W3Iliams I Wood Workman Wrighf Wunderfich Young Zimmer M. Zwarf M, Zwarf MW' WE? + Aiexander Anderson Aue Baird Barberini Bafile Baykcwski Bled gefi Thornley Vasquez X Vxfcsferman , ,,.,,, , X if My Wifson 3' I ,U "WY" Brewsfer L..r.?E'm"'F'?f . Bums auf' .C"9"d!e' C""'?- ,p,.Q?"'i9fI, ,. ,. C"""3n Damn' De"""'?,'. Page 64 Dennis Devenpcrf Easier Edick Finneman Fuifon Gasaway Geiakoslcy German Gomery Good Grace Grimmeff Grisham Guss Hennings Irwin Jackson James E Johnson G Johnson ,... L I V -.,., II: .-.,.,...,. ' ' Q :li . Kooyers Kuncaifis Lampman Lay Leavcl! Malmsfrom Mafihews 1 ..:'.r:z,.:',::,L:5:,:E1'.:'if f' .2" :Z":" ' ' V ,SS 54 ' ' 1 1A sw .,.. , 7.,Y,.,,. ' 53? 11.5 K ' ' ' W 9 Y 2 K i ' 1 'JL -2 ..,. 3 ffif-55: , si? -Lair A ' Y ef' - My A , I if A r K is H W, 2 ' :f,:5Qi'f5'i X X 5::E.::i5 g5w ,, , : ' I L vf A gi 5 L4 -g,-5?::z:- M m5g'2i' f2'g 'g I ' , ,,.'Q. 9 xi 7 3?-,H E25 I ' 5, Mmer Misha! C. Mifchell J. Mi+cheH Myfes Norkus Norris Holsfine Hufcherson A Maflnews McQuHer ' , r ,Xa J ff: W 'rw ,J A 1. A' ,wx as x in-m Pa rlrer Pedro ,nm M- ""S:T" Pee Perry C Peferson f1.P91'er6!9n H Peferson Fopelar A Robaffie Ross Russell Sauser Savage Schmid? Somsro Siriclrler Susferich Page 65 Young xPage 66 Waller Walfers Wangerin Webb Weviefheuse W Weyerhacher W d King and Queen of ihe Homecomin Ron Zimmer and Jayne Souser ACTIVITIES ff! S ,ff .I x fini? Al -Z M IIfI If 'II q ffl:I?74Iq,iII','f X I ,l"",' HIIIIIIQ ffr! ',f II"I ,Mfidqgx X II f Q, 92 J.. , 2 ff ff' I JQ M S N 7, 015 0 tuden ouncil Sixlh row: Merle, Taylor, Demos, Hubler, Poland, Sorenson, Taylor, Caririqhf, Judd Fifth row: Sfong, Jones, Troskoi, Schurino, Anderson, Pelerson, Hughes, Heineman, Bouwer Levy Fourfh row: B, Johnson, Nelson, Rollenhagen, Dawes, Herrala, Whelpley, Srernburgh, Hagslrom, Reed Third row: G. Johnson, Newald, Wood, Chrisiopher, Pelioies, Hansen, Farkas, Darien, Olson Second row: Augusf, Schneider, Thoma, Banfa, Auslin, Balgooyen. Ashley, Allcins, Scofield, Mr. Rice Sealed: Bofruli, Zimmer, Pieseclci, Dumonl Officers of Sfudeni Council are: Secreiary, Norma Bofruilg Presideni, Ron Zimmer: Vice- Presidenf, Ron Piaseclci: Treasurer, Allen Dumonf, The school year I956-i957 was a busy year for ihe members of Siudenlr Council. The Council sponsored a fooiball dance and Jrhe lrain To Benlon Harbor. Lyceum assemblies which were arranged by Council were very successful. Page 68 The mosl imporlanf proiecl which The Siu- clenl Council has organized during The laH'er parl of '56 and lhe beginning of '57 is a school-wide carnival for The purpose of raising enough money in order io bring a Foreign Ex- change Sludenl To our school in The Fall of '57. Hi-Y Club I FourTh row: Havenga, Anderson, Chapin, Boylan, Jacobs, T-lerrala, Siefsema Third rofw: Mr. DeWiTT, WaiTers, STavros, KeiTh, Luiclc, HieTanen, Shira, Mr. Brash Second row: BenneT, HarTung, EllioTT, BanTa, PorTer, Wood, ChrisTopher, Norden SeaTed: Hughes, Mosley, Ashley, Miesen Officers of Hi'Y are: Presidenr, Don Mosley: Vice-President MarTy Ashley: SecreTary, Skip Hughes: Treasurer, Arden Miesen. This was The year when The I-li-Y Club elecTed Two new advisers, Mr. CurTis Brash and Mr. Donald DeWiTT, To replace reliable Mr. Leonard Schregardus and Mr. Russell Han- son. The new advisers broughT capable leader- ship To The club. As in pasT years, The Hi-Y Club was one oT The leading organizaTions oT The school. l-Ti-Y sponsored Their annual "SophisTicaTed Sock ShuTTle" and helped sponsor The ChrisTmas music and raise money Tor The Foreign Ex- change STudenT. They also sponsored Their annual EasTer Assembly. Five members oT The club were represenTa- Tives in The STaTe Hi-Y LegislaTure This year. Page 69 Y-Teens SixTh row: MalsTrom, l-lolsTine, PasTeur, ViTek, EvereTT. QTY Fiffh row: Gallup, Callaway, BuiTendorp, Jaclcson, Johnson, Ueclcer, Thornley, C. MiTchell, RaTcliTT, Lange. FourTh row: Walen, Thorsen, J. Anderson, WhiTe, Campbell, McPhee, Young, J. MiTchell, CasT, Demos, Reid. Third row: BoTruTT, Merle, Musich, J. Anderson, FulTon, McLaughlin, M. Anderson, Brouhard, Nelson, Ward, Barr, LoPresTi, Miss STohl. Second row: Benson, Farkas, Hamsfra, Evans, STinson, Crowell, SeaTed: Heineman, Souser, Newald. Brouwer. ZarmsTorT, O'Reilly, STernburgh, Smifh, l'lagsTrom, English. Officers oT Y-Teens are: Pre-sidenT, Judy Newald: VicefPresidenT, Jayne Souser: SecreTary, Judy Brouwer: Treasurer, Karel T-leineman. "To build a Tellowship OT women and girls devoTed To The Task oT ChrisTian living", is The moTTo oT The Y-Teens. The pasT year has been a busy one Tor Y-Teens. The "Bow-leg Bounce", a wesTern sTyle dance and The "l-larvesT l-lop" were very successTul. Pom-poms and poTaTo chips were sold, and The club helped sponsor a Foreign Ex- Page 70 change STudenT and music in The halls during ChrisTmas. OTher acTiviTies included giving giTTs To needy Tamilies, The senior.Tea, The ChrisTmas Assembly, and a slumber parTy. Kay Nelson represenTed The club aT a Mid- WinTer ConTerence. Much oT The success oT The club was due To Miss Sylvia STohl, The TaculTy adviser. Future Nurses Fillh row: Alexander, Gulwin, Jaclrson, Pasleur, Everell, Scolf, Hill, Ralcliri, Milchell Fourfh row: Vanderlxooi, Merle, Thomas. Sanregrel, DeGral'l, Pedler, Buifendorp, Farmer. li lvl F ll Youn Heineman Nelson Barr Third row: Van Dy e. aner. u on, g, , , . Sl' C w ll, Scoll, Grace Second row: Clapp, Hunlinglon, Cole, Hansen, inson, ro e Sealed: Wafson, Vanderslell, Reynolds, McLaughlin P 'd T, Joanne Reynolds: Vice-Presiclenl, Rosemary Officers of The Fufure Nurses Club are: res: en Vanderslelfz Secrelary, Judy Walsonq Treasurer, Jean McLaughlin Fulure Nurses is an organizalion for girls inleresled in lhe nursing profession. The club had a good year, wilh all members sharing in lhe work and fun. Giving inforrnalive lallcs were lhree sludenl nurses from Mercy School of Nursing and Mr. Alberl Lundwall, Counly Civil Defense Direclor. Fulure Nurses sponsored lhe "Baslcelball Bounce", lhe season's lirsl baslcelball dance. Helpful lhings lhal lhe club accomplished' were: donaling a baslcel of food 'ro a needy family, making Chrislmas favors for hospilal lrays, and folding cancer bandages. Carla Hanson and Jean McLaughlin al- lencled lhe slale Fulure Nurses Convenlion held in Grand Rapids in Oclober. Page 71 . R. Booker Future Teachers Sixfh row: Srnifh, Chrisfiansen, Schoolcraff, Johnson, Workman, Dierking. Fiffh row: Oufwin, Sirovy, Thoma, Upfon, Young, J. Anderson, Maxey, Casf, Lange. Fourfh row: Graves, Madsen, Gallup, DeLong, Baskin, Van Wesfon, Olsen, Schoffey Third row: Mrs. Franck, Peliofes, Merle. Mclzarren, Scoff, Zarmsforf, Sfernburgh, A, Anderson, Newald, Taylor Second row: Augusf, Sfein, Evans, M. Anderson, Lein, Luffrull, Pierce. Seafed: O'Reilly, Souser, Alrns, Grassmever Officers of F.T.A. are: Presidenf, Jayne Souser: Vice-Presidenf, Jill Alms: Secrefary, Charlene O'Reilly: Treasurer, Lee Grasrneyer. An inferesfing evenf of fhe W. R. Booker Fufure Teachers of America Club was fhe formal inducfion held fhis fall for parenfs, fac- ulfy and friends. Mrs. Kari Nafalie Franck was fhe club's new adviser. . In Ocfober, fhree of our officers affended fhe FTA Regional Conference in Kalamazoo. During fhe spring we gave Valenfine, Sf. Pafrick, and Easfer parfies af fhe Chilclren's Page 72 Home., Delegafes represenfing our Club af- fended fhe annual Sfafe Conference af Sf. Mary's Lake in April. lf was a valuable and inspiring experience. A poinf sysfem was sfarfed fhis year. lf rec- ognizes volunfeer services for church, school and cornmunify. Future n ineers Third row: Novaseliclx, Lobdell, Hegblurn, Boylan, Suiclc, Wirschem, Kadrovich Second row: Havenga, Elliof, Kiefh. Zimmer, Mr. CourTrighT, Brarner. Trappe, Piaseclci, Van Oyeren SeaTed: HieTanen, Himelberger. Dawes, Sfavros Officers of The Fufure Engineers Club are: PresidenT, Roddy Himelbergerq Vice-President David Dawes: Secrefery. Denny Sfavros: Treasurer. Dale HieTanen During Their Third year, The FuTure Engineers Club was acTively engaged in a process of reorganizing and rebuilding due To The TacT ThaT There was Only one reTurning member. The purpose ol: The club is To TurTher The inTer- esT of high school sTudenTs in engineering. Members of The club Took parT in "STudenT Engineering Day" which included oTher schools in The area. The sTudenTs visiTed planTs in This localiTy and Then discussion groups meT. Page 73 Future Accountants Third row: Falor, Coddington, Grittes, Kieyn, Bell, Robinson, Bearss. Second row: Mr. Huttenga, Wood, Way, Olson, Way, Troslcc, Vanderlcooi. Seated: Thoirsen, Pederson, Johnson, Strait, Chappell. Otticers ot F.A.A. are: President, Barb Johnson: Vice-President, Nancy Strait: Secretary, John Pederson: Treasurer, Carol Thorsen. Under the helptul supervision ot Mr. J. A. Huttenga, the Future Accountants Club, whose purpose is to show accounting students who are interested in the accounting tield, the re- quirements ot an accountant, salaries, chance tor promotion, and the advancement possible, has compieted a very active year. Page 74 Some ot its activities have included spon- soring the annual "Ledger Leap", touring vari- ous business and industrial tirms, and attending a dinner given by the American Society ot Women Accountants. At the end ot the year a tormal initiation was held tor new otticers and members. Booster lub T . .i i " WT if W T 2, v ss Back Row: Howell, T. Olson, Thorsen, Alms, Trosko, J. Olson, 1 we . 3 FronT Row: Miss Maxine Cobb, English, Reynolds, HunTingTon, R. Hendrick, M. Hendrick. SeaTed: LuTTrull, C-oosby, Pierce, Clapp, OTTicers oT BoosTer Club are: President Melba Pierce: Vice-PresidenT, Vira Goosby: SecreTary, Evonne LuTTrull: Treasurer, Norma Clapp. "To boosT The spiriT oT The school" is The purpose oT The BoosTer Club. This organiza- Tion is open To all girls having ambiTion, main- Taining a "B" average, and 500 gym poinTs. The BoosTer Club, under The able leadership OT Jane Qlson and Carol Thorsen, as co-chair- men, sponsored The annual "Sno Ball"-The ChrisTmas Prom. The girls also served and dec- oraTed Tor The FooTball BangueT, sponsored a booTh Tor all home games, and a booTh Tor The Spring Carnival. The BoosTer Club also held The pep assembly beTore The Muskegon- Mus- kegon l-leighTs game and sponsored several buses Tor The TournamenT games. Page 75 Librar lub Third row: Mc Farren, Forresl, Scoll, Kleyn, Crowell, Souser, Messerschmidl, While Second row: Andrew, Chappell, Berry, Lilibridge, Bradly, Van Ness, Udell. Trevino, Whillum, Miss Kidwell Sealed: Taylor, Cole, Milchell Officers of 'lhe Library Club are: Presideril, Pal Cole: Vice-Presidenl, Sharon Chappell: Secrelary, Dawn Taylor: Treasurer, Josie Milchell Library Club is lhe only service club which operales during school hours and aller. Mem- bers musl mainlain a "C" scholaslic average and be willing lo work an hour each day in lhe library as assislanls. The dulies of a library assislanl are lo slip and shelve books, assisl wilh circulalion, care lor peniodicals, and lhe Page 76 general upkeep of lhe library. They also help in clerical work, mending, Tiling, and book adverlising. These girls along wilh The librarian, Miss Eleanor Kidwell, should be commended lor The fine work lhal lhey are doing lo keep our library running elliclienlly. atin lub Fourlh row: Miesch, De Graff, Gilbert Pedler, Ueclrer, Vifelc, Smiih. Third row: Merle, Sanreqrel, l-lendrick, Fulfon, Workman, Lange, Deirlring. Second row: Slcodaclc, Thomas. Johnson, Alms, Slavros, Campbell, Reid, Miss Williams. Sealed: Cast Clapp, Evereff, Thornlev. Officers of Lalin Club are: Presidenl, Norma Clamp: Vice4Pre5idenl', Carla Everelf: Secrefary, Sharon Cash Treasurer, Barbara Thornlev. "Vici1' Qui Labora+" ll-le conquers who worlqsl, is +he mollo of our La'rin Club. The Forum Larinum commenced lhis year's aclivi- lies wirh a lea given for srudenfs inreresled in membership. Business meefings were held once a monlh wilh an occasional program in which members presenfed plays or illuslrared leclures Thai gave cullural background for class room work. The club also sponsored +he 'Leclion Leap afrer a foolball game and a boorh for The foreign exchange slrudenl. Money was also given +o lhe Goodfellows and lhe group wenl caroling a+ lhe Hume Home and rhe Convales- cenl l-lome. Page 77 aklian Pla ers F., , .. 41. 1-.U 7 ... .LL K , . Y WI Four row: Workman, Wesron, Uecker, Everell, Thornley, Vilek, l-lumphries, Peck. Third row: Maxey, Mainard, Browhard, Nicholson, Young, Fullon, Craymer, Casl, Lange. Second row: King, Udell, l-lamillon, Varga, Tieiema, Zarmslorf, Slernburgh, l-lagslrom, Nuilall, Nelson. Firsr row: Mr. Gillaspy, Augusr, Lurrrull, Lein, Levy, Pelioles, Olson, Walson, Pierce, Mr. Rice. Sealed: Newald, Slein, O'Reilly, Brouwer. Officers of Oaklian Players ars: President Sue Sleing Vice-President Charlene O'Reilly: Secre- lary, Judy Brouwer, Treasurer, Judy Newald. Wherher il was working on slaging, make- up, acling, or any olher phase of play produc- rion, all members of rhe Oaklian Players had a busy year. Sponsoring lhe "Drama Drag" was anolher of The various acrivilies in which lhe Guild was engaged. The Players, consisling of lilly members. kepr occupied working on lhe Senior Play, "Roomlul of Roses" and presenr- Page 78 ing rhe successful All-School Play producrion, "Soulh Pacific." On February 25, new members were for- mally inilialed in an impressive induclion cere- mony wirh The Thespians. The aim of lhe organizalion . . . "To promole slandards of excellence in rhe field of dramaricsf' Thespians F:'Dsf T Nelson, King, Mr. Gillaspy, Brouwer, Maxey. Bedwell, Newald, Cole, STein, Wood, Lein, Miesen, O'Reilly, Hahn, Nicholson Mr. Rice, Olson ShanTy, Craymer, fxugush OTTicers oT The-spians are: President Sue STein7 Vice-Presiderh Charlene O'Reilly, Sec:-eTary, Kay Nelson: Treasurer, Doug Wood. This year Troupe I927 oT The NaTional Thes- pian l-lonor SocieTy oT our school accepTed as honorable members, eighTeen eligible sTudenTs. Prior To The induclrion ceremony on February 25, There were Two Tormer members. To become a member oT The SocieTy one musT have a deep inTeresT in DramaTics and obTain IOO hours oT work applied To iTs Tield. For every addiTional IOO hours oT work a sTar is awarded. The Soc:ieTy has one Tour-sTar member, Sue STein, and Three one-sTar mem- bers. Don Bedwell, Judy Lein, and Judy Brouwer. The moTTo OT The Thespians. . , ,. . "ACT well your parT, There all The honor lies." Page 79 Page 80 Senior Play ROOMFUL OF ROSES T This year The senior class chose "RoomTul oT Roses". The Broadway hiT oT '55, Tor Their annual producTion. IT was The sTory oT a TrusTraTed young girl who was Torced To choose beTween her divorced pare'nTs. ATTer seeing how each lived, she nnade her choice and realized +ha+ The world was saTe Tor love and undersTanding. The play also had iTs biTs oT humor porTrayed Through a Typical broTher and sisTer relaTionship and a Triendly buT nosy neighbor. THE CAST Nancy Fallon . .4.....,...... ...... S ue STein Jay Fallon, .. ........... ..... A rden lvliesen BridgeTTe . . . Larry .ii.,i. Mr. lvlcGowen Grace l-lewiTT Jane l-lewiTT . Dick l-IewiTT . l-lilda ....... . . .Judy Brouwer Rod l-limelberger ....iEd McBride .. A. A. .Jan Hahn Charlene O'Reilly . . A .Doug Wood ....,Ernna Varga All-School Pla Soufh Pacific Through 'rwenfy-four realisfic scenes, a visif fo fhe "Soufh Pacific" was fhe resulf of fhe successful all-school play. "Soufh Pacific" was a huge underfalcing for all who par- ficipafed. This was a musical presenfafion of Rogers and Hammersfein and our school was one of fhe firsf high schools fo affempf if. lf involved a fofal casf of over one hundred. There were singing and dancing choruses and excellenf dance lines. The play was produced on May I, 2, 3, and 4, wifh Jan Hahn, Carole Schoolcraff, Jim Black, and Ed Terdal capably porfraying fhe leads. Casf Ensign Nellie Forbush ...... Janice Hahn Bloody Mary ........ Carole Schoolcraff Emile ........,........ Lieufenanf Cable ....... Maria ..,...... Sana . ....... . Lial' .... Henry .... Sfewpof .... Billis ..... Professor ... Braclreff ... Harbison ... Buzz Adams .. Marine .... Yeoman .. Radio man.. Sailor ........ Firsf Seabee ...... ... Second Seabee.. Sfaff Prod ucer ....... Dialogue direcfor. .. .. ....,Jim Black .....Ed Terdal ..Joan Barding .Rufh Hendrick .....Paf Lange ....Bill Murphy ...Jim Norden ...Doug Wood .Ron Nicholson Doug Anderson ...Don Bedwell .Larry Sorenson .. .Ken Weaver . . . .Kirlc Johnson ...Dave Dawes ......Ken McBride ..Joel Siefsema ....Tom Bishop ..,Mr. Gillaspy ......Mr. Rice Lighfing direcfor.. .... Mr. Thornley Cosfume direcfor .,.Mrs. Heafon Music direcfor.. ....,. Mr. Galombeclr Choreography ........ Barbara Tharnley Technical direcfor ......,. Doug Dingler Page 81 ublications As usual, The Journalism Class has been ex- Tremely busy This year. Every week we senT arTicles and a picTure oT school acTiviTies To The Chronicle Tor The school page. During The year several ediTions oT The Acorn were pub- lished buT The bigqesT proiecT was The publica- Tion oT The Oaks in which we were assisTecl by The arT and prinTing cleparTmenTs, ancl The Senior Class. "All The news that fifs, we print" The TirsT Acorn comes oTT The high school press! "His words were oaks in ocornsf' OAKS STAFF Baclc row: ChrisTopher, Tieierna, Magnuson, PelioTes, AusTin, Johnson, STinson, Newald, Evans. FronT row: Hendrick, LuTTrull, l-larris, Madsen, GranT, Lein, WaTson, AuqusT, Mr. Murray. Table: Souser, T-lunTingTon, Olson lCo-ediTors and associaTe EdiTorl. Page 82 Lincoln, by Markham panish lub 1 Fourfh row: Cheever, Graham, Swanson, A. Nelson, Thema, Mclfarren, Scofl, Jackson, Eclcerman, Third row: Scheiern, Sirovy, Gallup, Maxey, Bishop, Sorenson, Anderson, Upion, B. Nelson, Ward, Brooks. l d H C l S H, Zarmslorf, Keneslon, Demos, Smifh, Schoffey, Benson, Mrs. l-lasfings, Second row: Graves, Wayan , avenga, oe, co Seafedz Nelson, Anderson, Sfernlourgh, Porfer. Officers of Spanish Club are: Presidenl, Louise Slernburghg Vice-President Doug Anderson Secrefary, Kay Nelson: Treasurer, Ron Porier. The purpose ol ihis club is To help Spanish sludenls +o become berler acguainled wiih lhe cusloms, ideas, and lhe language oi lhe Span- ish-speaking people. The club has had many aclivilies lhis year which included a Chrislmas parly, a concession boolh ai lhe ioolball games, celebralion of Pan-American Day, a school dance, and helping a needy Mexican family. During The year lhey aclively supporled The Foreign Exchange Sludenl Campaign and had lwo boolhs in lhe school carnival. Page 83 l I Debate Third row: Demos, Durnonl, Campbell, Snyder, Anderson, Levy, Sullivan, Chrisfiansen. Second row: Sfein, Heilanen, Balqooyen, Boylan, Slavros, l-lerrala, Nuflall, Pierce. ' Sealed: Mr. Regenmorfer, Piasecki, Zimmer, Dawes. ifxbsenl' when picfure was lalren . . . Raleigh Rodofil. The debalers of l-leighls l-ligh, able coached by Mr. John Regenmorler, had an excellenl season lhis year, winning seven and losing only one debale, lo Grand Rapids Oilawa l-lills. Their viclories included one over Grand Rapids Olrawa Hills, lwo over Grand Rapids Soulh, Chrislian, and Zeeland. Raleigh Rodoii and Ron Zimmer depaled "Thar The Federal Governmenl Should Suslain The Prices of lvlaior Agricullural Producls al Page 84 Nor Less Than 9070 of PariJry". Dave Dawes and Ron Piasecki upheld Jrhe negalive side of lhe queslion. ln addirion lo lhe scheduled rounds Jrhey also loolc pari in many praclice debaies wilh Grand l-laven. Calholic Cenlral, and lvluslceqon. The depalers were delealed in Jrhe lirsl round of The regionals by Kalamazoo Cenlral. l Forensics S+ d'g-Ag l D Z' M Rg + N'hl Evereff an IH . u us, ewes, ummer, r. e enmor er. IC OS. Sealed: Levy, Brouwer, Slein, Johnson, Piaseclci When 'rhis secfion of The Oalcs was going lo press, lhe Firsl Place Winners of lhe Dislricl Conlesl were preparing 'ro enler lhe Regional Conlesl 'ro be held al Holland Chrislian High School. Those who, under lhe able guidance and direcfion of Mr. John Regenmorler, coach, won 'the Disfricl honors. include lhe following: Firsf Places - Nancy Johnson, in Declarnafiong Sue Sfein, in lnlerprelive Reading, and Judy Brouwer, in l-lumorous Reading: Second Places - Ron Piaseclci and Arlhur Levy, in Exlempo- raneous Speaking and Original Oralory, re- speclivelyq Third Place - Carla Everell, in Declamalion. Local winners are, in addilion lo lhose who wenr on in fhe Dislricl Conleslz Roland Nich- olson, in lnlerprelive Reading: David Dawes, in Exlemporaneous Speaking: and Ron Zimmer, in Original Oralory. Page 85 Cheer Leaders Varsily Cheerleaders Second row: Barberini, English, Pelioles, Overly, Heinernan, Slernberg. Firsl' row: Peck, Benson, Hansen. Reserve Cheerleaders EvereH', Humphries. Bailey, Lange, Reid. Page 86 U loo of Vi Firsr row: Evans, N. Bird, Thorsen. Second row: Wood. Heineman, Hansen, J. Vilelc, Dereslci, Maner, B. Merle. Third row: Gallup, Pafferson, Wesfon, Ogreen, Slcodaclc, Graham, R. Vifelc, W. Bennef, Bralfen, Fourlh row: Ashley, Norris, Muslcovin, Blalcernan, Hullca, Kirlcparriclc, Jorgenson, G. Bennerf, Townsel, Merkins, May, Lang, Shira, Peferson row: Luilraarl, Musich, DeLano, Brownell, Hunler, Mr. Meerzo, Direcforg Ashley, Assislanf Direclor. Concert Band The I957 Tiger Marching Band had an our- slanding season. Wirh special musical arrange- menls and clever, precise marching roulines, The Band really ouldid lhemselves. They played for all pep assemblies and helped in- slill lhal solid Tiger spiril in our sludenl body. lvlaiorellesi Carolyn l-limmelberger, Barbara Baskin, and Norma Bolrurl did an excellenl iob of aiding lhe Band as did one ol The linesl l-lead lvlaiors we've ever had-Jayne Souser, assisled by Jaclc lvlelin. Credil goes ro Direclor--Alberr Meerzo, Assislanl Direclor-Marlin Ashley, and An- nouncer-Roberl Charlrand who were ex- ceplionally pleased, as were lhe sludenls, wilh our Marching Season. Page 88 Souser, Baslcin, Malhews, Bolrufl, l-limelberger First row: Anderson, Lillibridge, T-limelberger. Second row: DeMan, Taylor, Norden, P. Merle, T-loryaTh, LayTon, Brouwer. Third row: ForTon, RainbolT, Russell, James, Kelley, WhiTTum, FiTe, Cook, MaThews, LieTTers. FourTh row: Weyerbacher, Sonnega, Overeem, Reed, SchoTTey, McCormack, Dingler, Bishop, Bench, T-luizenga, WesTveer, V. Bird, Dumonf, Miesen. l..asT row: Bingham, SmiTh, Hendrickson, Huey, Bedwell. oncert Band BAND BOARD STanding: Brownell, ViTelc, Coolc, DumonT SeaTed: Brouwer, Wood, Hansen, Miesen Conc:erT Season meanT reTining The Tone, aTTaclcs, and phrases To make a pleasanT sound- ing "indoor" band. The winTer concerT "By RequesT" TeaTured The ouTsTanding individuals and delighTTul band music. The Band prepared Tor The DisTricT 7 Band l:esTival and received a ll raTing aT Grand l-laven in March. The second annual Spring ConcerT wiTh The OrchesTra was a huge musi- cal success. The audience Taking parTicular delighT in The program. The busy and success- Tul year was climaxed by The annual Memorial Day Parade. The spiriT and drive oT This organizaTion was excepTional This year and cerTainly seT a high sTandard Tor TuTure Bands aT Muskegon T-leighTs. Page 89 FirsT row: RidouT, Bradley, K. Olsen. Second row: Dierking, Meisch, Abrahamson, Grassmeyer. VanNoordwyk Third row: Overly, Baskin, DeLano, ScoTT, Wilkins, Lillibridge, Evans ViTek WesTon FourTh row: STong, Brooke. Popular, Lynn. FiTTh row: Pieczynski, LuTTrull, Cheever. SixTh row: M. Cook, Green, Childress, Larsen, Shira. Overeem KirkpaTrick Our QrchesTra, under The able direcTion OT The TalenTed Mr. Warner Galombeck has com- pleTed anoTher successTul year. The increased guanTiTy and The improved gualiTy is a TesTi- mony oT iTs success. Many members oT our OrchesTra received IsT Division RaTings aT The Solo-Ensemble Fes- Tival while The enTire OrchesTra made a Tine presenTaTion beTore The iudges aT The I:esTival and came home wiTh Tine commenTs and a raT- ing OT which To be proud. OTher acTiviTies oT The OrchesTra include playing aT The Thanksgiving, ChrisTmas, and EasTer assemblies. They also played aT The BaccalaureaTe Services Tor graduaTion. Page 90 l i FirsT row: PorTer, Hale. Second row: Terdal, VanWesTen, Graham, Irwin. Third row: K. Olson,TerpsTra, ZwarT, BlodgeTT, DeWiTT. FourTh row: Knobe, ZwarT, G. Cook, ChrisTie. Rambo, FiTTh row: Johnson, DeMan, Gunderson, Hershey, Bigelow, Rockey. SixTh row: Beakeman, Bird, SmiTh, Mr, Galombeck lDirecTorl, Musich, Semelbauer, Taylor. Orchestra ORCH. ENSEMBLE S-Tanding: Baskin, Dierking, Cook, Bradley, Ridouf SeaTed: Olsen, Van WesTen, SrniTh The OrchesTra also presenTed Three con- cerTs ThroughouT The year. The TirsT was a concerT combined wiTh The Choir, The second wiTh The Junior OrchesTra, and The Third wiTh The Senior Band. Many members oT our OrchesTra are also members oT The WesT Shore Symphony. The LudingTon Symphony direcTed by Warner Galombeck also claims several oT our players. Mr. Galombeck noT only direcTs our OrchesTra and The LudingTon Symphony buT is a very TalenTed violinisT. l-le is The violin soloisT oT The Philharmonic Trio and concerT masTer oT The WesT Shore Symphony. Muskegon I-ieighTs High has a Tine orchesTra oT which To be proud. Page 91 Pirsl row: Farrell, Barberini, Workman, Puiney, Perencsik, R. Hendrick, L. Lewis. M. Wells. Second row: Trevino, Sirovy, Goosby, Sorenson, Earley, Smifh, Bingham, R. Hendrick, R. Wells. Third row: Olsen, Hahn, Anderson, Balchelder, Bailey, Rollenhagen, Wiilkopp, Zwari, Russell, Noble. Lasl row: Eckerman, Schoolcralf, Campbell, Feihky, Grassmeyer, Black, Trappe, McCann, K. Johnson, R, Johnson Ch0h'and Gur capable direcior, Mr. Roberl Wir- schem, conducred bofh lhe A Cappella Choir and ihe Chorus info one of lheir finesl and busieslr seasons ever. Performances were given before lhe siudenr body ai lhe Thanksgiving, Chrislmas, and Eas- ler assemblies. The choir and chorus presenied an excelleni winier concerl wiih Jrhe Orcheslra. Anolher highlighl was The annual Spring Choral Concerl held The lasl of March. ll fea- lured 250 singers and an oulsranding soloist Julie Bailey George, a Heighls alumna. Page 92 horus Fourlh row: Lewis, Crosby. Garvey, M, Greer, Messerschmidf, Hiddema, Shori, DeCvrawCf, Guss, Nelson. Third row: M. Greenerf, Paiferson, Wilkinson, Pascal, Buiiendorp Howell, McCormick, Edick, Farrell, Maffhews. Second row: Bolihouse, Phillips, Robarge, Olsen, Hermesdorf Farkas, Dierking, P. Garfon, Huey. Firsr row: B, Smiih, Grani, lppel, Barding, Grimmeil, Johnsion Van Dyke, Miller. FirsT row: Grace, CoddingTon, Grimmer, Graves, M. Hendrick, Ku as ml 3-if, 4 is v E .-a1'a-K biceln, McClain, K. Vanliroclrlin. Second row: Howell, Ellis, E. Lewis, VanDylce, Golden, McCoy, WiTTham, 6riTTes, Dean, FulTon. Third row: Bedwell, Terdall, CheaThams, Friclce, Felcoslri, Thornley, Webb, ATlas, MaTThews. l.asT row: Nelson, MasT, Anderson, Alms, Hailcer, Lelzear, V. VanBroclclin, Williams, lverson, Mr. Wirschem. hoir and horus FourTh row: l"lunTer, Coolc, Crouch, Berry, Campbell. Paul, Cochran, Trice, Schurino, l-laapalainen, Mr. Wirschem. Third row: McClain, P. Greene-rT, CarTwrighT, M. Jones, Tudor, Jaclrson, Ueclcer, Bohannon, UpTon, Johnson, Kelley. Second row: S. GarTon, Clark, Wilson, VanderSTelT, L. Jones, Carson, Wal+an, Fri, WebsTer, Pedler, K. SmiTh. FirsT row: Judd, PriesT, Rice, Greenlund, Toby, WheaTer, Scofield, LeFear, WalTon. The A Cappella Choir aTTended The Five School ChrisTmas FesTival held aT Muskegon in December and eighT singers were chosen Tor The DisTricT Vocal Clinic aT WhiTehall in Jan- uary. Singing aT The DisTricT Choral FesTival was a TreaT enioyed by The Choir, Chorus, and 9Th grade Glee Club. In May a STaTe Massed Choral l:esTival was held aT Ann Arbor in which our choir Toolc parT. AT ChrisTmas The choir and chorus wenT caroling aT a local hos- piTal. The singers also perTormed Tor Bacca- laureaTe and cornrnencemenh The MeThodisT Guild, MeThodisT WhiTe BrealcTasT, and The Kiwanis Club. Page 93 mf--nw Those Good Uld Days SP O 3 X .O on BASKETBALL 0 FOOT BALL 0 TRACK 0 BASEBALL Q TENNLS 0 CHAMPlONSQQf FLOYD, . COOK- if N-f .1 ,,, ti! V Cf! H A - L? FX mx x Reserve Footha 1- 19 6 RESERVE FOOTBALL- I956 BoTTom Row: Barberini, Berry, Finneman, Malone, Clifford, Johnson, Galombeck, Graves, Whelpley, Myles, BolTze FourTh Row: C. Young, ChrisTie, Oliver, Cook, Page, Young, Crandall, WhiTTaker, Russell, WaiT Third Row: Sorenson, Bishop, Sims, STrickler, FulTon, Schaude, Kooyers, Russell, R. MasT, Poland Second Row: Bradshaw, Perry Miller, WrighT, Clark, Pieczynski, Green, RuiTer, ChrisTopher, Jacoby, Landingham Top Row: Coach Gale BolThouse, Larabee, Sullivan, HilTon, Calkins, Tilden, Hilliard, McGee, PaTTerson, Larabee, Carlson, F. Garzelloni Under The capable leadership oT Coach Gale BolThouse and assisTanT Coach Frank Garzelloni, our Tiger Reserves were un- beaTen in eighT games. The only "smear" on The record was a 6-6 Tie To Muskegon CaTholic CenTral's Crusader seconds. The only Time The LiTTle Tigers were pressed was in The Cafhalie CenTral game. The oTher games, including The Muske- gon game, were quiTe easy. ln The high poinT oT The season Tor The reserves, They sTeamrolled over Muskegon by The over- whelming score oT 34-O. The boys who composed The sTarTing eleven and Turned in capable perTormances were ArT Oliver aT end: Jim EulTon, only a 9-2, aT end: Larry Sorenson aT quarTerback during The early parT oT The season and guard aT The laTTer parT: Lucky Berry. who was one oT The Team's besT scorers, aT halTback7 Joe Clif- Tord aT guard: Bill Poland aT Tullbackg f'xrT ChrisTopher aT halT- back, Mike WhiTTaker, who unTorTunaTely broke his leg in The middle oT The year aT Tackle: and one of The mosT pleasing surprises of The year occurred aTTer Sorenson was moved To guard and Dan STrickler Took over aT quarTerback. He Turned in as smooTh and polished a job as one could wish Tor. OTher boys who played regularly were, Bob WaiTe, Jimmie Johnson. Ed Jacoby, Lucious Green, Dave Page, Bob Miller, Bob Sims and Lee Schaude. Yes, iT was a good year Tor our Tiger Cubs and wiTh These promising prospecTs our TuTure is secure. Page 96 Tiger Tiger Tiger Tiger Tiiger Tiger Tiger Tiger I956 RESERVE FOOTBALL Reserves Reserves Reserves Reserves Reserves Reserves Reserves Reserves Grand Rapids Union Holland Grand Rapids SouTh Muskegon CaTholic Grand Haven BenTon Harbor Grand Rapids CresTon Muskegon O O 6 6 7 O 6 O Varsity ootball - 1956 Bcnom Row: Modey Kedy Robed L.SmHn,BoWam Robmsom Bhck Bahooyem HoweW O. McCaHy Tnird Row: I-IerraIa, PeIioIes, Boscn, Sfrcmp, Bob Smifn, Sweinls, MiIes, Pascoe, Weaver, Scofr Second Row: O. E. Joiwnson, OiNeiI, W. Mccariy, Roberson, Anderson, I'Ii.gIwes, Heraid, Cnrisicpner, Piasecili, Dei Firrne, Coacn Top Row: Bennefi, Huey, James Jackson, Cnrisirnas, Alexander, Wiiiiams, Norris, Singer, Harris Tigers Tigers Tigers Tigers Tigers Tigers Tigers Tigers Tigers VARSITY RESULTS Grand Rapids Union I3 Bay Cify Cenrrai 26 I-IoIIa'nd O Grand Rapids Soufh O Muskegon Ca+hoIic I2 Grand Haven O BenIon Harbor I3 Grand Rapids Cresion I 3 Muskegon 7 Page 97 Y - if JI gg za 4 if x -Y -.-'V . r M ue? hs 3,1430 5' X Q 4 gl v K sv- G -Q 1 Q 8 E - E., .A 1 Ig GPI. i M wa s ? W b 1 tg rv A 9' Q. ik? Q p -Si M , ,A NSS -Y A A +3 , M gf M ' ' Q ,. f T? :,ws,E,g:g5:i, , . .,.., Q ,gf sri? Lei T 'Wx 'Z 3 was Wwiffleigfg'-M W f '-sfo, ,L ' -- 1- ff 4-mf 4 1 wa- -- -- MM ggi: Q NE! Q it df A UN' X . l If 'lx -gh ...A , w-A ,J I,-,, .- Sir , ,ff Y , Q . " ' , ti 1:g,.-1' -'-" A--,ltfiea '-gr-n1, . ----' . viii-kiziia , 1 - Q tri - stamens? ye-UW ' akgxgqg gf , 7 Me. ff 1 A-sqgr ,Q SEJLZA-i-M' if it 1' E,i.Q9w'fvS x ffm eel ffsewsfzi -fa. 71 ' ' ,mv ,:fgj'1- ,. x-fs. . ' ,Lis I 4 dl., M A. ,si-I g--V gyriu, .. MUSKEGON HEIGHTS-34 GRAND RAPIDS UNION - I3 The Tigers opened the season with a win over Grand Ra id U ' p s mon by the score of 34-I3. Tom Christopher scored a 2-yard plunge after setting up the score with a 73-yard iaunt. Willie McCarty followed up with a 50-yard touch- down run. Ossie McCarty chipped in with 2 touchdowns and Tom O'Neil ended the scoring with a 7-yard Touchdown run. MUSKEGON HEIGHTS -O BAY CITY CENTRAL-26 The "Wolfpack" of Bay City Central defeated our Tigers in the first game away from home 26.0. Although the Tigers virtually stopped Bay City dead on the ground, the Wolfpack penetrated a shaky pass defense for tw t hd 0 ouc owns, and set up the other two with passes. MUSKEGON HEIGHTS -33 HOLLAND-0 The Dutchmen gave our Tigers a hard time for the first quarter until Tom Christopher started the scoring with a short plunge and scored again on a 30-yard iaunt. Tom O'Neil scored on a 40-yard run.with tne help of beautiful blocking by Swelnis and Willie McCarty. Willie also scored on a intercepted pass and H ll d owe passe to Willie to end the scoring. MUSKEGON HEIGHTS-32 GRAND RAPIDS SOUTH -0 The Tigers coasted to a easy 32-0 win over Grand Rapids South. Willie McCarty scored first with a one-yard plun e whil Ed B g , e urton scored with the result of a blocked punt by the rushing Tiger Iinemen. Burton also caught a 69-yard touchdown pass from Ken Howell. Tom O'Neil scored on a 27-yard run to end the half. O'Neil scored the final touchdown in the last quarter. MUSKEGON HEIGHTS-20 MUSKEGON CATHOLIC- I2 The Crusaders iumped to a quick 6-point lead in one ot th b' e ig games of the year. Then Willie McCarty went to work and scored twice on runs of I3 and 7 yards to end the scoring in the first half. Ossie McCarty scored the last touchdown on a 7-yard dash. Catholic got a consolation touchdown on a Heights fumble. .4 , -.-, t ..,... . 25'-J' eg s , g-ff 2 a::r r I -,sigggw-gf, ,Q Qgwslwggge .,...,. awsgixgg y i , a Gigi? ., - ggliiiwvwffsrjgf-W M , ,, - ' 'iii ,..E,. ., I -. .195 -22 M I iw A-is -Siifhtgi' f I ' I EE.:Egg?ExPYWiQ-::x,.s-.I , nf ,:. ..,.:..,, s , ...,i. 1 gif . - K -E: W RIPTFQQ , as ' I, Q52 Q X 1 W Q -are - M it 'tis it P 4 I TE- M' 85 M Nw? ,IQ wx at , J Q- W 1 as 2 0,28-y :gf Q gtkfgawe I 4, 3 A'i"7 I 4 , , cw" K' , S 'ffsi Fafffa' 'auf 'A4t23':',,.. u 'Li-eip' -- L w Y .sf- 'fgar' 'F' X Q .H T Q' W 455 ZBA evfx M A NEB: it " i Q ww 1 R W Y ef T :1 "X Q .W 3 'W is 1 1' , -'5,n5r'e Y fi W Q L,f'Yig"' we ft, sr gf ku yi-av' r aw f. ji-wig 0- S4 -gj.g:5.::g-gy .. .:s'1:'f.-rl -' A -M W ,,,. F"" i k ,L ,.i,. YB wil-X 'L 1 Q.. Page 98 I' ,, H 4 if ' si,-,I om- vw , ,N ,Mew .. wgrgx zr Ti 1 JR PA M is ...,,V . - -i:'T .. H 1, as 1 ,.. Jgzfw. 2':j-Q-1 Q9 egfsma ., .. Kin fiifsir -:sg 8 wil 9' T' FT .. . 4 . 1 E116 X ,gm 'TK mf?-""l 31 K T is '31 s r Q, VT M YT? . Y sf 5 y 'fx My. E.. .A M3 I, W W eafci T A .M r..QMs - : . 4 'ir . s we ni- '2-fa , S i ...I 4 . ,mg A .. S? is: 4. ,gl ,sw ,I .ri I. Ti? . Y 'ww 1 af 7' . . ,..... . ...ah , f A 1 4...f1f ' 1 I 5 i -':,: ...., ws" .. -I:'12..?:'-.s-ff .sr 2-w::,. ...- I ,,..,. .. Nm- ey g ww, .,-i - I. -I A E ,WW s. , , ,. I.. iii.: .f l'1""4 N MUSKEGON HEIGHTS - 26 GRAND HAVEN - 0 In The homecoming game The Tigers puT on a good showing for The fans by Trouncing The Bucs. The Tigers defense was magnificenT and so was The offense. The Tigers scored once in every quarTer. The scoring was divided among Three players, Ossie McCarTy wiTh Two Touchdowns, Willie McCarTy and Lloyd Swelnis wiTh one each. The Tigers made 3l6 yards rushing, while The visiTors rushed for 69. MUSKEGON HEIGHTS-30 BENTON HARBOR- I3 A rough nighT was in sTore when a fumble on The opening kickoff gave BenTon Harbor The lead. O. McCarTy scored on a 72-yard bursT, Then W. McCarTy scored on a 33-yard iaunT. Tom O'Neil followed wiTh a Slvyard run wiTh some beauTifuI Taking Tom ChrisTopher scored on . a Two-yard plunge, and Wally Herrala ended The scoring by recovering a Harbor Tumble. MUSKEGON HEIGHTS-26 GRAND RAPIDS CRESTON - I3 The Tigers found a weal spoT in The CresTon line and from There on iT was clear sailing. W. McCarTy Took over and scored Twice on runs of 73 and 50 yards. Torn ChrisTopher had a Touchdown of 20 yards fol- lowed by Jim Jackson's firsT Touchdown of his career on The VarsiTy Team. MUSKEGON HEIGHTS - 20 MUSKEGON -7 ln The annual baffle befween The Big Reds and our HeighTs Tigers. The Tigers came ouT on Top, in a hard foughf game. The scoring sTarTed wiTh The Tigers capiTaIizing on a misiudged pun? wiTh Willie McCarTy falling on The ball in The end Ione for a Touch- down. OTher Touchdowns for The Tigers were scored by Ken Howell on a oneeyard plunge and a recovered fumble in The end zone by Ed BurTon. -ff . .- Islsfggj: s- " - 5 I ' n....s . , . .1 -1.- 4, 5 -.f...- . T sf' s QF- . V v , . r I N515 W ' W W-iss' swf is 'Q SM-W .,,. :fe W sv- if-I-TI'-fm. . N- lk.. 2:1 "" -' ".-v.,fg..,. ,:- ..I', ' .4-.,.rr..3,-7.3----..., . :,,u-j:355':12r.2.., i.i:,?+Za.af2 .Sw L ,.,. . .1 I t fs.: gg 3.2 .2 :I:' . . -' re ' "T ' W...-u ,., sages g . L - - ' , fi.:s1'i' i 3 Y x f ealifiw ' Q 535 f .5 4 srsslgiizJ3feZ2fHf1"'i-352:11 ser-E P' E 5-Swlfiiwffz -Mwlrvermsf PPT --,Ls . 2 4- gr- we ,fsffvf ' gfff' ff?i.:E::5111124:njgi .g,id.5x,T A ,, x Mw.r 213.5 I s A agf "' . ,R 559 " w x- 4 f' ' .- 'NEJEITZI ,. .H 1 ---- '23 .I-3' I fi .,.. M . I . .. .,... ... - .I X. f as Page 99 EAW S? S N ii 4 wwf Mmffqlvlmwi li Xi ai 5 Reserve Basketball - 1956-57 Sranding: Schaude lcoachl, Chrisfensen, Clark, Wirschem, Miller, Crowder, Perry, Johnson, Green lMgr.l. Seafedz Meyers, McCrea. Young, Cook, Schaude, Sims. RESERVE SCORES HEIGHTS OPPONENTS 45 Grand Rapids Cenlral 5l 47 Muskegon 40 45 Holland 43 34 Niles 37 53 Grand Haven 46 62 Muskegon Ca+holic Cenlral 39 48 Muskegon 52 55 Reelhs-Puffer 33 50 Holland 55 48 Benlron Harbor 43 55 Grand Haven 44 70 Muskegon Calholic Cenfral 48 65 Grand Rapids Union 42 45 Benron Harbor 53 67 Grand Rapids Chrisfian 57 Page 102 The Tiger Reserves always gave lhe crowd a Thrill in winning len games and no'r losing by more lhan six poinrs in +he five confesfs in which lhey came our on 'rhe shorl end. Floyd Cook and Arr Oliver led Jrhe Tiger Cubs in scoring and showed grealr po+e'n'l'ial. The olher boys who rounded oul' +he slar+ing five were: Lee Schaude, Bob Sims, and Gene Young. We congra+ula+e Mr. Schaude and his fine 'ream ol: l956-I957 'For an exciling season. From These Reserves come 1'he slars of Tomor- row on l'he Varsily. Varsity Basketball - 1956-57 Back Row4Coacli Johnson, Oliver, ONeil, Foxx, Pelioles, Wriqni, Banfa, Zimmer, Harris, Hunler, Jackson, Cook, Green. E l R B E P k O M C: ly 5 l B l NV M C: lv R b' H ll H y VOV1 OW4 GF GFIFH, TBSGC I, . C df , WBTNS, UF CH, . C af , O IHSOV1, OW6 , U9 . g ,Q 1,-.,.. S .aaz ED BURTON All-American High School - Isl Team VARSITY BASKETBALL RESULTS HEIGHTS OPPONENTS 59 Grand Rapids Cenlral 43 76 Muskegon 43 76 Holland 49 65 Niles 20 80 Grand Haven 46 72 Muskegon Cailwolic Ceniral 57 8I Muskegon 45 84 Holland 48 67 Benlon Harbor 44 78 Grand Haven 58 80 Muskegon Callwolic Ceniral 5l 82 Grand Rapids Union 39 63 Benlon Harbor 49 72 Grand Rapids Clwrisiian 57 TOURNAMENT SCORES 4I Grand Rapids Clwrisiian 35 48 Muskegon 36- 70 Grand Rapids Ollawa Hills 46 79 Traverse Cily 52 74 Benion Harbor 52 6l Delroil Ausiin 49 Page 103 Champions in Action How The Won the Title ' This pasT season The "Tabulous Tigers" conTinued Their win- ning ways, going undeTeaTed Tor The enTire season and once again - The Third Time in Tour years - annexed The STaTe Class A Championship! In The !asT Tour years The Tiger baskeTeers have won 76 oT 8l games played, Tour regional TiTles, and Three STaTe Cham- pionships! WhaT an amazing record! UndeTeaTed Tor The enTire season oT T956-57, a record Tor our Tigers, They wenT on To sTreTch Their win sTreak To 27 sTraighT. We cannoT TorgeT Ed BurTon, who again was The unanimous choice Tor All-STaTe and All-TournamenT honors, scoring 474 poinTs in 20 games Tor a 23.7 average per game. He broke his broTher's TM. C. BurTon's! record Tor Three-year scoring honors by Two poinTs, compiiing !,l43 poinTs in 'oO games. Where can we Tind anoTher Ed BurTon? IT ever? A!Though Three members oT The sTarTing Tive graduaTe This year, The Tigers oT I957-58 have vowed To conTinue The win- ning TradiTion oT T-!eighTs Tigers. IT wou!dn'T be Too much oT a surprise if They reaily do iT! Who knows? lL5SDE.lANSI7if3,l on Robinson N3 H K of Meir championship ' sf 'Sw rebound wi' Yarbrough P- 1 b nge Track l i i FronT Row: Piasecki, Howell, ChrisTmas, O'Neil, McBride, HunTer, AuTman, Mosley Second Row: Luiok, SCOTT, Jackson, Green, Borgeson, Harris, WrighT, Roberson, Boylan Third Row: Morehouse, Bennet Hendricks, Barberini, Cook, Jackson, Williams, Berry, Miller, Ross, Thies icoachl FourTh Row: HaThaway, Thompson, Cliillord. WhiTTaker, Hulka, Nummerdor, Herrala, PelioTes IT looks like a rebuilding year Tor coach Rudy Theis Track Team, There are noT Too many re- Turning leTTermen buT, There are some brighT prospecTs in The Treshmen and sophomores. OuTsTanding lasT year were: Tom O'Neil in The dashes, NaTe HunTer broad iump a'nd re- laysg ArT Howell in The relays, Don Mosley in The 880 and CurTis ScoTT in The mile. One player ThaT The The Team will miss This year is Tom Miles, who did a very crediTable iolo lasT year in The 440. Coach Theis has always managed To give The crowd a Thrill wiTh a Team ThaT never gives up and looks Tor noThing buT vicTory. Page 106 I 956 Scores HeighTs .. .... 6I Muskegon CaTholic ..... 48 HeighTs ..... ......., 7 7 Grand Haven .......... 32 Quadrangular Kalamazoo 84 HeighTs 42lf2 Allegan 42V2 Holland 24 HeighTs ............... 86 No. Muskegon ......... 23 l-leighTs ............... 53 Muskegon .... .... 5 6 Cenfral Relays HeighTs I3 poinTs Triangular MeeT HeighTs '54 Muskegon CaTholic 48lf2 Holland 34V2 Comcerence HeighTs 52 Muskegon 59lf2 BenTon Harbor 25lf2 Triangular HeighTs 57lf5 BenTon Harbor 529A0 Holland 25mg Regional HeighT 347j'I0 Grand Rapids Cresfon 35V5 Muskegon 33V2 GreaTer Muskegon Meel' HeighTs 50 Muskegon Bllfg Musk. CaTh. 4llf2 No. Musk. IO STaTe MeeT HeighTs 6 poinTs John Bos Relays HeighTs 2I poinTs Baseball Firsl Row: Swelnis, Brolf, Zimmer, Robinson, T. Chrislopher, Sheppard, McCarfy Second Row: A. Chrislopher, Oliver, Black, V. Johnson, Norris, Rinard, Dumont Coach Johnson Third Row: J. Johnson, Jorgenson. Miesen, Bishop. Campbell, Fullon, Young Fourfh Row: Mg. Viehl, Meyers, Brown, Slrickler, Duram, Perry, Balgooyen, Hubler Fifth Row: Mg. Hubler. Mg. Websler, Haringfon, Norkus. McCrea, Bryanl' N56 RESULTS The Heighls Tigers came Through in 'rhe l956 Heighls Grand Haven I season wilh a brillianl ll-2 record. Coach Heighls Muskegon Oscar Johnson's +eam ran ils winning slreak Heighls Holland over Muskegon +o five slraighl games. SGi'Q3gCllalEg+hOliC H1 Thleqgeasods proysriaecls look favolrarlgle for Heighfs Muskegon e season. .ere are seven e ermen Heigms Bemon Harbor back from lasluyears leam. They are Darrel Heigh+s Muskegon Chrisyian BroH..Tom Chrislopher, Jarnes.Shepa.rd, Lloyd Heiqhls Muskegon more SWS- Egg Zrggig- algng TQ Iufgofg-. Heighys Muskegon Chrisfian sas ing o ssne c ar y an on o inson. Heighls Holland Wilh many brighl sophomore prospecls lo Heighls Norlh Muskegon go along wilh lhe lellermen lhe l957 season Heighls Newaygo looks even brighler. Page 107 Tennis FronT Row: Mr. Sydnor lCoach, Dawes, Sorenson, PeTerson, Jack son, Bingham B k R SchoTTe Kelle AusTin, Bramer, Dawes ac ow: y, y, As Mr. John Sydnor begins his Third year as varsiTy Tennis coach, The hopes are Tor a beTTer season. Coach Sydnor has Tive reTurning leT- Termen and a Tew promising prospecTs. The leTTermen who are reTurning This year are: lSeniorsl Jerry AusTin, Bob Bramer, and Dave Dawes: lJuniorsl Larry Sorenson and Jim Jackson. The addiTion oT Dan WrighT, a TransTer Trom Muskegon, has greaTly improved The Team's sTre'ngTh. Dan, who leTTered lasT year, played in The TirsT doubles. MosT oT The boys who played on The Tennis Team lasT year showed an increasing amounT oT inTeresT in The summer TournamenTs. lT is hoped ThaT This inTeresT will conTinue To grow. Page 108 I956 Scores l-leighTs Grand l-laven l-leighTs Muskegon CaTholic l-leighTs Allegan l-leighTs Muskegon ChrisTian l-leighTs Holland l-leighTs Muskegon l-leighTs Muskegon ChrisTian l-leighTs Grand l-laven l-leighTs T-lolland l-leighTs Muskegon l-leighTs Muskegon CaTholic Regionals Gordie Murray won The TirsT round aT l-lolland. oaches and fficials O. E. JOHNSON Direcfor oi Afhieficq Head Coach HUTTENGA AND GILLASPY Ticicei Managers DR. R. V. AUGUST Team Physician 5 S 4. X H if Ea 1 ' , o 'S E TI?-ik 2' . f Sw Zvi. Q 1 J: ' fm M in L 555, :-, I ,ffm-it-:W In ,- if Tl- - '-wf?,f1-f3,,.' , T fngziq 2 Q 1 f 4 W if f 1222 1 fflgif wfQr3f15J.55,3X1Eff . :gm , ' - FRANK GARZELLONI Assf. Fooibaii DEI.. FIRME GALE BOLTHOUSE ASSY VGVSTTY Reserve Coach Coach JFK LARRY SCHAUDE RUDY THEIS JOHN SYDNOR Res. Basiceibaii Track Tennis lr W . H, ai 1. gr age lofi Girls and Boys Physical Education ongratulations, Class of 957 Expert Home Planning and Decorating Service for New Homemakers . . . Jayne Souser and Tom Christopher of the 1957 graduating class, visit our store and confer with Virginia Davies, a member of our decorating stall, on our home planning and decorating service. We offer this expert service without cost to all home- makers and invite you to come in for further details. anderve1de's FURNITURE COMPANY SERVING UGREATER MUSKEGONH OVER 41 YEARS "Where Y0u'll Do Better in Quality and Pricev BROADWAY AT FIFTH MUSKEGON HEIGHTS john NVo0d Co. - Bennett Pump Division Page 114 QOTHED UND!! AUYMOKIIY of UNI COCA-CQ!! COMPANY If Coca-Cola Bottling C of iwugkegon Complimcnls lu thc CL.-XSS OF H357 H U S L E R ' S COIIIIJHIIICIIIS of M USKEGON SCHUOL OF BUSINESS F7'I?6 Em i12l0y7lIfff7lf to Gmdufmfs MAXWELL z I -r 'L' 5 S TRADE MARK Today's industry-education team is dedicated to easing rnan's road to higher individual achievement. Whatever your future pIans en- vision, We at the "Crane Works" Wish you success and a happy Iite. MANNING, MAXWELL 8. MOORE, INC. SHAW-BOX CRANE 8. HOIST DIVISION MUSKEGON, MICHIGAN Kxfiw mf The Commcrciizil Press Er? rgbbfr' EAT SILIZIIESII' ljzics' and Ilmizzzisr SUNRISE PIE CO. PHONE 2-29153 NZHIIIPIIIIIUIIIN of FRANCIS jilzocn Co. CIIIIIIA' - YEIICNIITITU Since I866 1-New-we A ,www- Pagc 11 Ron Zimmer Nellie Sonncga Those who desire the hnest in photogmjzlzs choose 0 r UW' 0 X ' PHOTOGRAPHS j 134 HAMILTON AVE. MUSKEGON. MICHIGAN PHONE 27-422 Page 116 Lee Funeral Home Pere arquette ark Lake Michigan Concessions W0i'ld's Best Beaches and Swimming Waters Three Stands to Serve You! Kiddies Rides Miniature Train Freezer Fresh Polar Iee Cream New Miniature Golf Course James oscarelh Served High School Students for Ovei' a Qitairtei Ceiititiy Phone 5-1461 Muskegon Congratulations to the Class of 1957 ALSTRUM CONSTRUCTION, INC. sy GEHIWIP '1ff.f.IeIf POST OFFICE s, MUSKEGON HEIGHTS, MICHIGAN PHONE 3-1444 or 3-1887 LaNORE'S GROCERY Complete Groceries, Meats, Congmtulatwm Notions to H16 When you mm out - mm in Gmduatzng Class of 1957 Phone 3-1431 1196 Shettler Road, Muskegon C H A D WIC K ' S JUST SOUTH OF BROADXVAY D R I V E - N N ECONOMY HARDWARE Quality Hardware at Moderate Prices . 2826 Getty 2812 Peck Street Muskegon Heights Phone 3,9132 Phone 3-2273 Pg 118 Compliments to the Graduating Class of I 957 from Norge Division, Borg-Warner Corporation COllg'I'2lllll2lIlfJIlS to O111' Gl'2ltlll2lIll1gk Class ol 19:11 l1't1111 MORTON MANUFACTURING CO. A A'IIl.S'ff6g0l1 l-Iffiglzts lrzfluslry Sirzrf' 1891 BUILDERS OF Dmzu-r'11I lMlll'1lI.?IE Tools and Sperm! Mrzclz inely Autmnatic l'Vff'IdI.71g Machines I"i111'sl1ecl lWll!'lIfll6 Keys t1o11g1'al11lz1ti011s Class of 1957 HOPPE'S SUPER I.G.A MARKET 73 li. Bl'02ldYV2lf' Strcct VVESTERN MICHIGA OUT BOARD SALES AND SERVICE 2931 Peck Street Muskegon Heights, Michigan IN 1 Frank Lockage z Riga. Page 120 Langlois The Greafer Muskegon Professional Phofographic llssociafion Beckquist Studio Conrad's Columbia Studio Lyle Christenson Dauser Studios, North Muskegon C. Felt Studio Hansen Town House Lee Harding, Portraits Al. Jensen Camera Shop Bervin johnson, Whitehall Cal. Johnson Camera Shop Henry Jordan Leonard Kooiman Studio Radium Studio Tourcotte Georg Smith J. H. Lee S Son Hardware "Bail: Like a Everything for the office, except Machines - chairs, desks, Fire-files, filing cabinels, indexing systems, loose-leaf and payroll equipment - 4,000 prod- ucts, each "time-engineered" to help get more clone, easier, and in less time, E Skyscraper" ,ie TW, . if ' i, S Z We SHAW-W LKER . . , L Exli Mi foff' Fw d MMU Of Ph0f0g'f1Ph9 Wm Filing Eiuipamilfan fhfewlffig me an Lyman Bldg. - Tel. 2-5714 Page 122 Conqrafulafions fo fire Graduafes of the Glass of 195 7 "Our greatest glory consists not in never failing, but in rising every time we fall." Oliver Goldsmith CAMPBELL, WYANT AND CANNON FOUNDRY CO. Compliments of LAKEY FOUNDRY BEST WISHES TO CLASS OF 1957 A. KRAUTHEIM Muskegorfs Fine jeweler Since 1887 329 W. Western b MEISTER FEED STORE We, Alumni of M.H.H.S. Congratulate the graduates of 1957 HARWOOD - NELSON 373 W. Western Feeds, Seeds, Fertilizers HARDWARE - PAINT 3001 Peck Street Phone 3-2417 Page 123 f Alfred Hunter X Company Page 124 Sanitary Dairy Company Albert Galy Real Estate Clyde Hendrick, Realtor FRITZ DRUG STORE Myers Service ,,....f-f of -- stUxQeQ.e1Qot SQ- W N-xx.. 3 :ff ., ,... .,., P , l ff' I l','l'--- '--'-:-' 1 i l 5353553 t,g,.t 5 ft tim 'll-l .. . ,. 4 ,, , : Y 1 f ,.,: . . , , l,.l,. ..,-l, t R .A ig lr .,,, ,, ,.,.., , ,:,.. . .,.., V , 1 lVliittkopp Tool Company "Let George Do lt" B. F. George Storage and Van, Inc. 2401 - 8th Street Muskegon Heights Page 125 'Qc TRUSI Qn ff Q ZX 4,2 S X M HACKLEY p Unlon Natlonal BANIiDF:ssgLzz2Tfs1fW200 MUSKEGON HTS, CONGRATULATIONS TO Compliments of CLASS OF YEAGER'S BARBER gg , F3 5 SHOP We i' fl Hats off to the graduates of 1957! You can be proud of your accomplishments. Best wishes for your con- tinued success and happi- ness. Reddy Kilowalt YOUR ELECTRIC SERVANT CONSUMERS POWER COMPANY Pg 126 Voss Hardware 6ompllmenfs ol Pyle P2 Hem 2 lllanulacfuring 00. Best Wislzes and Success tothe Class of 1957 Conmcfs COLUMBIA STUDIO M1lSk6g'07Z,A'I'4HII1 13 91 I Across from Pen x HALL ELECTRIC COMPANY Television Appliances Construction Engineering Motor Rebuilding Dial 2-3758 ll Best Costs No AI e Ill S FR S1 NI uo XIICHHXN Pg 127 Hahn Drug The Store The Norge Is Across From PRESCREPTION PICKUP AND DELIVERY SERVICE Six PlIKLI'77lfl,Cl.9IiS fo Serve You - Them Almost Be A Reascm Hahn Pharmacy Pill Mill" on the Hill Page 128 Reserved For You ii suitomc- QUPPLYQQEQPQUAR ERS E sswen me 51013115 Cvngfawlaflons . .. .eer SE2L'.5..L'z.'S ' ',..:: smcxs CON- , 7 R AQ '--", CLASS OF 1957 com. 2. auntoms MART! f-fi'i ' E' 7 ,Q 7 X 0 Martin Coal PQ Building Supply Co. l PHONE 3-1376 2515 PECK ST. 1 Barberini Food Market Compliments of PETERSON COAL CO. Dawes. C. 11. X Son, Florist Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Class of 1957 Wanstenis Pharmacies Phone 3-2947 2544 Peck Street Muskegon Heights Phone 3-1033 Roosevelt Park 892 XV. Broadway Page CONGRATULATIGNS AND GOOD LUCK TO '57 GRADS Petersorfs SHELL SERVICE Complete Service for your Cm' BROADVVAY AT HENRY MUSKEGON HEIGHTS Budd Jewelry Company ' Sm 1 Y' r 'xx e 2 K Co1e's Bakery Co. Fischer Hardware 1gl50 5. I Windatt - Pontiac Page 131 E. u day of uchievemeni . . . Yours is one of life's most cherished moments . . . graduation and the sense of achieveuient from a job well done. A goal reached, others now come into focus further along life's interesting path- way. Our congratulations, Ilflfllfflffy. But may we urge that you grasp not only the opportunity ol' future years, but the responsibilities as well. a day of achievement for us, loo H e e America looks to a bright, new age BROXVNE-MORSE, arclriterts of elli- the last hall of the 'Twentieth Century. eieney for Anieriea's olhctes, also is enjoy- ln all fields, America will need leader- ing a sense ol' ac''ter 50 ship. You have been training yourself years of producing the finest in business to assume a part of that leadership. C011- ollice equipment, desks, files, eo-ordinate KQ'l'lIfIIflIfIiU7IS. groups. So, together, let us not only be mindful of the past but also look to the A future, determined to serve with the best f ol. Our ability. .2 T AfiE l ISRUU'N-iWOR.S'l'f,11 11111116 .S'yIlIf1OfI'C0f l rosvne qimlity 0111456 fzlrniture for more than . ' orse ORB? COMPANY 511 yggyhgr Musneoon, mucmoAn DANIELS . . . 364 YV. YVestern Avenue PRECAST STEP CUIVIPANY flndrezu Policha, P1'0j1rietor D1-YU'1f'5'Uff Gffff BUILDERS OF CEMENT INTERLOCKING STEPS 54535 Grand Haven Road Courplinienls of BAXTER LAUNDERERS AND DRY CLEANERS Phone 3-H102 ISHS Peck Street Phone 2-2672 I age I 32 f301U1JliU1ffmS Oli Choice Meats and Groceries ROBINSON DERBY? LINCOLN-MERCURY, Inc. FOOD gf PRODUCE MARK T R0binson-Lincoln-Mercury, Inc. E Phone 28276 Food Sc Produce Market 185 WV. Laketon Ave. Muskegon 2927 Pffffk Street Muskegon Heights Compliments of Congfatlliatioll THE STARIHA AGENCY SENIOR5 from 2916 Sanford St. Muskegon Heights, Michigan gc Phone 3-2169 Headqufzrters for all school supplies WM., l'he Brunswick-Balkc Colleudei' Co. Jflhlllly CYOWCHYS USCO CNS Pag I V3 QUALITY ALUMINUM CASTING COMPANY Producers of Non Ferros Metal Castings Phone 3-2285 2.700 Riordan Congratulations from P. B. S E R V I C PHoNE ss-4103 Peck at Barney Compliments of BOB MOORES BOATS, MCTORS, GASOLINE Phone 32-5458 Corner Peck and Hume Page 134 Compliments of ,FIV ANS O USL: OWN PORTRAITS 1783 Sanford Street Telephone 2-7369 Muskegon, Mich. 0 W! AR K! f f ee IJ! 3,11 4+ fl! Reserved For You Q I iw, Uwblfvvfvtmyyk ,WL W PARMELEEYS JEWELRY Fsxm uf ,Q Page 136 Frcdericks Lumber Co. Brundage Cut-Rate Drugs ,E fl an 4 .N ,.., M., 115 -- F K 4 . M W , f a Q A ., .s:'i4,'Z,a.. ' ., ,.-.,:- - - iii ' Camera Shop Novalds Meat Market CONGRATULATIONS to the Class of 1957 Compliments of Office Machines Company, lne. HEADQUARTERS FOR TYPEWRITER RENTALS Mills lee Cream Co. QUALITY ICE CREAM TWO STORES TO SERVE YOU 110 APPLE AVE., MUSKEGON 2324 PECK STREET, MUSKEGON HEIGHTS Compliments of JAY AND SUN SAND, GRAVEL, DUMP TRUCK HAULING 271 Hume Ave. Phone 3-2943 Muskegon Heights ft Y AFHUQVUPF1 X2 9651 5.9! my 1 fa .J fr'-M' QSM X WW TLI T' 5 5 ,Nj .1 . ' rw f W G Qu? NX Ex .-.,5 R, X My X-Q"Xbb,Q fx ' -f X ' ,f X Ea? xg? QQ ,gf my x 'jg K . nf' Q55 X FQ ifd 5 bg ax j V tug!! fajv qjj Y, , L U I0 ,fy yi, "" Bin? KU " ff' 1 yf ,L i K 1 A 'J f C K ,M ff A Wy fig! A NNN f ,, x Lb JK? lf xviixff 'E .jf Page 138 Autograph f'Ta,CC'g C... F ' -?-D Q -f , bf' gi" X, A, -b f XG-7 QCQKi.jic3'xf., ,C. C1M,'!ff' - if .5 Q 5 - Q 'X N .sg 25 ?L,? fy, 2 ,CK cg fl" ,XM NRL! 661,71 Char f X .Q ' Q- if , dt, NZ"X't Ex Tlfv T5 C-, 'Q cffp 1"51-77 i Qkffhi c2f"2xlx T ' r QM A-- ff, f C2327 if x cz CNT' CN -'LZ Qxrjgd im - 2 K b 7 E x ,, .7.,L Page 139' STATIONERY SUPPLY COMPANY D-QD-Q PRIl1TIl'lG COITIPH DY N 'SANFORD-NAT' 1 C, HOLBROOK -... 0 A, ' PHONEAQ' '-4. X9 OG ze-eps-V ' 4,19 Q4Pl-av-1.xNO ' Charge Accounts Delivery Service CARL'S SUPER MARKET ON 1sRoADwAY SINCE 1891 Choice M eats, Groce1f'ies P7'0II1lfC6, Frozen Foods Coleis Bakery Department IN THE HEIGHTS PECK AT BROADWAY Congratulations to your Graduating Class of I957 from Keith Tool 8 Engineering C o m p a n y Designers and Manufacturers of Tools, Jigs, Fixtures, Dies, Gauges Experimental Machine Work Congratulations Seniors PATTERSON'S GROCERY Quality Service Store ANDERSON PLUMBING Sc HEATING 6622 Grand Haven Road Swing Lake, Michigan 2429 Peck street Phone 3-2935 Page 141 'lYw0Il11iI1SOI1yS Barber Shop X? J. S. Anderson Packing Co., Inc. Page 142 3 XVo1verine Express, Inc. Dress Right - you can'i afford not to! THE K 349 YV. XYcstcrn Ave. Muskegon, Mich. Compliments of CON INENTAL MOTOR CORPOR TIO Clouiplimems of Shady Motel MODERN MOTOR COURT U.S. 16 and U.S. 31 at MONA LAKE 3597 S. GETTY STREET MUSKECON, MICHIGAN BEIIIVIVCE Sclzledwitz, Proprietor , , PHONE 33-8173 Airlme Auto Parts V0taW's Radio Electric Co. R. Quigley Draperies Page 143 Compliments " he Allsteakn Boelkin's Super Market 1957 Graduates Congratulations and Best Wishes for the Future Lloyd Bell 81 Harry G Bomers Real Estate and Insurance Phone 3-2355 STEVES BEAUTY SHOP Stevena Acldink Best Wlishes Class of l957X SAY IT WITH . COOPERS FLOWERS 2512 Peek Street Phone 3-22 age 144 To the Class of '57 l S Upon The compleTion oT your Tormal educaTion, Sealed Power aTTords alerT young menland women opporTuniTies Tor a reward- ing livelihood. Many Muskegon l-leighTs l-ligh School graduaTes have Tound Their places aT Sealed Power as have Mr. RoberT Bull, Class oT I934. who is shown reviewing invenTory conTrol records wiTh clerk, Maxine Fricke, Class oT l955. Mr. Bull sTarTed wiTh Sealed Power in IQ37 in The Service Division. During his 20 years oT service, he has served in many capaciTies prior To becoming MaTerial ConTrol Manager Tor The S.ealed Power Service Division. Maxine Fricke sTarTed wiTh The company in I955. She has Tound The opporTuniTies many. Maxine is pleased To know ThaT she serves an imporTanT TuncTion in a maior local indusTry as a member oT The Service Division. Sealed Power Corporation Leading ManuTacTurers of Engine Parfs Planfs in Muskegon l-leighTs and ST. Johns, Michigan: RochesTer, Indiana and STraTTord, OnTario Page 145 MICHlGAN'S LARGEST RESTAURANT TAXA C .,., ,...T.... .....T.,,,,,.. . ,,.... ,l.lT,.,.VT, . , , QQJ XX I 0' "" 52323: ""' 2.522155 ""4 "::95fE2E2i2i2iffQ?Q2Ei A ,",Tf Q 71+ Of T,'A' '. xi f TTTL9' "f, ' YW ' "" L355555552525532 ' , ff ,TNS . 0 , T fy I . , N' I A .,.T,.T T... :EEE-,:.,. ,A ,.jEEf5Q5QiQgQi55fEfiQ: ' 5' , " 5. A 1 Y S R VT,T,, 1 ,,,.,1, ""' uuu I 'A , 72? Si, 7. A ' TT T T T T A I 2-2 ,"' ff?e'?,dmmsih,fi.5dQ',by 656256 na AIR CONDITIONED FOR YOUR COMFORT 6 A FOOD My "Q TEN N E . D DIG'-iw T- T, SOUTHERN FRIED 27 D272 If i' CHICKEN ' RI STEAKS A I 4. 3 E. I Mnfio DRNKS CLOSING HOURS: 5. mmm Mon. 8. Tues. 9:00 P.M. F51 N -Q . Q wed. E Thurs. 12:00 A.M. , V i-:fQ'NjQ 'f1 .1-girl: I gc 1 Fri. 8 Sat. 1:00 A.M. Q! 'EJ j xxx Q v t , ff' -'4.wE2.u i'N AMPLE OFF STREET PARKING - --1' +-- J, - 2410 HENRY E if CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF A57 Everythmg Photogmllvhic Wm ITADETIM PHUTO SERVICE lf., 1 . TNIUSKEGON, INIICHICAN 367 VV. Mfestern Ave. Phone 24-5252 Page 146 Michigan Bowling Ccmcr Meiers Cleaners, Inc. Page 147 3 Farr View Dairy PW" 1321111111 H2il'KlYN'2l1'C 1 I Iago 118 Bucl's Shoe Store American Coil Spring Company Page 149 PORTRAITS - Babies - Graduation - Families Congratulations - Weddings C1 f 7 i o 195 Cal ,Iohnsorfs Camera ass Shop and Studio 5oii?:1iitiaig1?nCi-iIsii2fTi1rt1Si3gEf?t3gh. Davies Construction Broadway at Peck Getty at Laketon Company NIBBLE-A SCRIB-N IB PHONE 3-1926 Telephone 32-5449 1942 Peck St. US-31 - M-20 , Compliments of 1VIeC1ary s Market . , SCHOOL and PICNIC SUPPLIES S Open 7 days ri week THANK YOU -CALL AGAIN 2941 Henry St. Muskegon Heights, Mich. BARBER SHOP ,lim Whittington, Proprietor PHONE 3-1120 2815 SANFORD STREET Phone 30-6137 BROWNIES USED CARS any type of good cheap KLONKERS 3523 Getty Street Maurice Brown, 1757 Catherine Ave. Resident Phone 25-5245 Muskegon, Mich. MUSKEGON FEDERAL SAVINGS Sc LOAN ASSOCIATION Your Savings Are Invited FIRST NEAR WESTERN Page 150 Getty Street Food Market Remwolt Cleaners Page 151 AI2llVi11'S Jewelry QIC Hauscu's Drive-11111 r vw o , is 44 .K N 'N SSX gk Y Sw N 1 5. X f of E , Y 'Q . Q im mr "' WM' 11. u X .,,,w iz.: .1 zwq. . :Vu ., .I mmm M fx L 4'-- j '. was uf 1 imlzilliw V: ff --L V ,. ,iz- E' F K ' E' We fgt e iiwwf if ET Alumni, James and George Apostle, Proprietors Balberni-Apostle Morruary A Cloocl Place 'I'o Do Your Bzrnkiug Pzngm' I33 Derby Hudson Motor Sales Ken and B655 Port City Candy 8: Tobacco Co. Arbor Floral Co. Page 154 Autographs Senior Class History ln l954- when we were sfarled on lhe Heighls High "produc- lion line", much work was lo be done before we would be packaged and labeled "graduales". ln deparlmenls IO-l and IO-2 our progress was kepl' in order by our well qualified lore- men, Ron Zimmer and Sally Dykema. Progress was recorded by our inspecfor, Sandy Dykema. Moving down lhe line, parfs were boughl by Tom Chrislopher of lhe bargaining commillee. Ron and Don Johnson, "planl profeclionu, were on hand. In spring of '55 The line was slopped and everyone was given a vacalion. In Sepfember, aclivilies on lhe line were resumed. In de- parfmenfs ll-l and ll-2 our foreman, Ron Piasecki, did a fine iob assisled by Pele Pelioles. Our able inspeclor, Mollie Pell. ores, noled all aclivilies and Tom Chrislopher again purchased paris. Ron Johnson, "planl' proleclionu, look care ol' dislurb- ances. ln These deparfmenfs we sponsored Two dances, an as- sembly, and enferfained deparfmenfs I2-I and I2-2 and our own wifh "Sl'airway +o lhe S+ars". ln June of '56 fhe line was again slopped and everyone look a vacafion aller having worked hard, for we had a busy year ahead. ln 'rhe fall we enfered deparlmenls I2-I and I2-2 wilh a large order lo fill by June. Again we had hard-working Ron Piasecki as our foreman along wilh Marry Ashley. Our slalislics were recorded by our capable inspeclor, Jane Olson. Our member of lhe bargaining commillee, Judy Wafson, ably boughl our finishing malerials and plan? profeclion was handled by Dave Dawes and Doug Wood. We pul on assemblies, sponsored several dances, produced lhe greaf success. "Rooml'ul of Roses". and published an oulsfanding Oaks and many Acorns. We also sponsored several boolhs af +he Carnival. As our complelion neared, we enioyed Deparlmenl' I2-2 Day, Deparlmenl' Picnic, l3um's Day. Dress-up Day, Teas, Deparfmenf Breakfast and Baccalaureafe. On June I3, I957, we were packaged and labeled "gradu- ales" for our order had been filled. Page 155 JOhI1,S Super Service Page 156 Suttorfs Prescription Pharmacy Michigan Consolidated Gas Coinpany Snowliilc linking Coiiilxiiiy Phone 32-6219 HANSEN'S ICE CREAM 395 W. Broadway Muskegon Heights, Mich. :q-.. AJ wi' r,' -X 'XX J 2 U, QNX GD ,I Qlii A i Haspefs Save-Mor Markets WHERE LOW PRICES ARE A HABIT THREE CONVENIENT LOCATIONS Broadway at Henry Laketon at John Mason at Fifth Ps Socks Sabin Cleaners Rudy and Bud's Page 159 BEST VVISHES Best Wishes and Success to the Class of 1957 OIIIPCI' Hardware Muskegon Theatres, Inc. THE HOME OWNERS HARDWARE 101 Bmdway MICHIGAN STATE RECENT STRAND HEY KIDS I 4'GREETINGS" From An OLD GRAD! "Morry" Carlson OF IWORRY CARLSON'S "Toy-Town" 941 TERRACE STREET - MUSKEGON - Murn Bros. Garage w Complete Motor Rebuilding Motor Tune-up Expert Body VVork 2810 P k St eet Muskegon Heights, Mich Page 160

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