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Muskegon Heights High School - Oaks Yearbook (Muskegon Heights, MI) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Cover

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U V 'V 4 , A , ij' I ' Ai lI'sx'-, rf., ' V-ri .. BEN CALLOWAY Senior End JOE CI-IRISTIE BUD BOMERS DICK HANSEN PETE PELIOTES Senior Halfback Senior End Senior I-lalfback Junior End All City 2nd Team TIGERS 2I GRAND RAPIDS UNION 7 The Tigers opened up the season with a 2I-7 victory. Joe Christie had perfect blocking and scored first. Joe got the second T.D. also. Willie McCarty, a Junior, was forced to carry it over twice as a penalty called back the first one. Ted "The Toe" Halasinski kicked three per- fect extra points. TIGERS O BAY CITY 20 Bay City darkened the first home game of the season. The Tigers were within five yards of the goal twice but couldn't put the ball over. Namon and Willie Smith made two thrilling runs of 68 and 90 yards respectively. But, one was called back. The game ended as the Tigers were on the Woltpack's two-yard line. TIGERS 7 HOLLAND 6 With the first half a hard fought defensive game, the end came swiftly and suddenly. Holland capitalized on , a Tiger fumble and scored first, but the try for extra i point was wide. A long pass from Bob Slezak to Cliff Cummings set up the Tiger T.D. and Ted Halasinski scored the tying touchdown and kicked the game-winning extra Dolnf. TIGERS I9 GRAND RAPIDS SOUTH O Long drives that covered 77, 86, and 3l yards were the scoring opportunities that the Tigers capitalized on as Vern I-Iosko, Willie McCarty and Ted Halasinski each gained more yardage than South's combined effort. Ted plunged over first. Joe Christie got the second on a fourteen-yard run. Vern Hosko ended the scoring with a thirtylone yard dash. ED MCBRIDE RUSS VEII-lL TOM CHRISTOPHER ROGER TINDALL ROLAND SORENSON Junior Guard Senior Guard Junior End Senior Guard Senior Fullback All City 2nd Team Ji 5 . 2 5 . , I .-,-'-f2:2E.:-:- , 1 ' ' . fgfl ' if D A A A , W y. N' :nik . - fafgif ,N i if ' . 5- "N 2.2 L ? Q5 2 - , 7 ' iff ' -, '- 2 vi 33 il H211 - -' ' iii - , ' if ' ew---af' . 'I 0 ' , ,I . ., s. , r.. if s fi , F 2 ff- . 4 ' Q -, I Page Ninety-six F 1 3 . ,f ..-'55 Q TED HALASINSKI DAVE KRUEGER CLIFF CUMMINGS FRED HILLIARD KEN HOWELL Senior Fullback Senior Halfback Senior End Senior Tackle Junior Fullback All STaTe 3rd Team All-STaTe Ist Team TIGERS 27 9 ,.-gf 5 .sg Team MUSKEGON CATHOLIC CENTRAL I4 The Tigers came ouT vicTorious in The newesT of The rivalries. Ted Halasinski scored The firsT seven poinTs. Catholic Tied iT up. Bob Slezak plunged Tor The nexT T.D. Ted goT his second Touchdown of The evening on a I2-yard run. Vern Hosko, sfand-ouT Tiger back of The evening, rambled Tor I8 yards and a score on The lasT scoring drive. TIGERS 7 GRAND HAVEN 6 WiTh buT Two rninuTes leTT To play, and behind six To zero, The Tigers sewed up The game on a long pass and an exTra poinT. The pass from Bob Slezak To Cliff Cum- mings puT The ball deep in Grand Haven TerriTory. Bob plunged over on a quarTerback sneak. The all imporTanT conversion was made by "The Toe" Halasinki. TIGERS I9 BENTON HARBOR 6 The Tigers played Their TinesT home game of The season againsT The down-sTaTe Tigers. Joe ChrisTie opened iT up with a 24-yard T.D. run. Ted Halasinki converTed. Willie McCarTy scored behind beaufiful Taking of Bob Slezak and Ted Halasinki. Alter a pass infercepfion by Kennedy Howell, Dick Hansen wenT over Tor The lasT score. TIGERS 27 GRAND RAPIDS CRESTON I2 On The opening kickoff Willie McCarTy ran for a 78- yard Touchdown iaunT. Joe Chrisfie quickly Tollowed iT up wiTh a 35-yard ramble Tor a T.D. Joe scored again aTTer Fred Hilliard recovered a fumble. Willie plunged Tor anoTher T.D. Ted Halasinski compIeTed Three exTra point aT'rempTs. TIGERS 20 MUSKEGON I4 Ted Halasinski, all-sTaTe fullback. came inTo his own againsf The Big Reds as he scored Two Touchdowns and kicked an exTra poinf. He gained ISI yards To show The excellenf blocking his TeammaTes gave him. A 42-yard pass from Bob Slezak To Vern Hosko seT up The cTher T.D. Vern scored laTer on a 2-yard plunge. As The game ended The Tigers were on Muskegcn's 2-yard line. -s. 1 ' V it t 1 If .V ,- , - , , s M . emi 'Fa ' ix , If fi k-, git ,-rf fi . .,,f - Q M,-s-' 'W -:' ,..1,. r - if" Af, .I-as '- N,-,.,,, 'E , . " . ..-H Bizaiwizflig ' ox I ' - lf- - ' 4, Z T? - k I . wi- 3LEx'i,."'g ----H ' s j Tkfii' - "'?:541,:ff ?:.',wQ:f' "af ' 1633" rv- 2: 2 i":3:eT1-f-53225 22.-fr? 551115353 f 75: QT' BOB SLEZAK Senior OuarTerback All STaTe Honorable MenTion RAY COOK JACK SNIDER JERRY CRANE Senior Tackle HAKEN HENDRICKSON DICK VALLIE Senior Guard Senior CenTer All CiTy 2nd Team Senior Tackle Senior Cenfer All STaTe IsT Team All CiTy 2nd Team Page NineTy-seven Ed BurTon, brq offensive end for The Timers Peeps QOTDCI afTer cafe-h no .3 passqfrorn quarferback Bob Slefak, dur-Tnq Tne'Grand Rap vis Cfesfon qarne. Dick 'Hansen leaps high To knock down a BenTon Harbor pass as The HerqhTs Twqers deTeaTed the Harbor Tigers I9-6 in a SouThwes1- ern Conference game, Joe Chrishe sfruqqhes for more vardgqe in our 27,I2 wTn over CresTon. Joe and Wllhe McC.nrTv each scored Two Touchdowns Tn Th.s game. Ted "The Toe" Halasinski added The Three exTra poTnTs. Page NineTv-eTg'w+ Tigww iujillcliun -Earle Harrfs, our Hgh? halfbeck, plcks up a nACe galnl In The Tqer Reserves' Thrwhhq T6-T2 vcforv over The Muskegon Reserves, under The TfqhTs aT Phil! os Field. .Q- v . Reserves: Tigers vs, LTTTTe Reds What can yOu say? IT's fhe Tiger Reserves in bahle wETh The Muskegon Reserves. The Two Muskegon bovs brouqhf our ball car- r?er, Osie McCarTv, aTTer a long gain. Thrs Muskegon bah carrier is In 5or a lot of Troubfe as Gary STromp, Ken Weaver, Torn O'NeET, and Chuck Hansen are abouf To sfop him. Seaman mb l956 In beaufiful running form. Vern Hosko picks up The longest gain All-sfale Tackle, Fred I-lill'ard, and Joe Chrisfe, Speedl' Tlqef of fhe night Number 40 for Holland I5 abou, fo Q0 down' yhankg nallback, close in on a Holland ball carrer deeo n Holland ferri- To Ina- blocking ol number 54, Eddie McBride. l0"Y- The TIQEVS WOVI 7'6- Ted Halasinski sfarfs on a run of 50 yards againsf Grand Rapids Joe CI-nrisrie, our left halfback is broughf down afier a I4 yard Creston as Ihe Tigers wen? on fo win 27-IZ. Ted also completed gain in our annual batfle wifh MuskeQO'I GT 'fnelf ll5'5WdU5T lDOWl" fhree exrra point affempfs. called Hackley Sfadium. Fiye Tigers converge on a Grand Rapids Cresfon ball carrier, Lelf H T d H I ' k' T' p Hb k 4 fy, b H ' 4, +0 rrqhf ,fhev arer Dave Krueger. Dick Vallie, Roger Tirrdall. Ted Musiggoneiaf aa gainlqsefore iaanlslzsf Hscklei Sfziiilillfi. Halasunslu and Kennedy Howell. Ted gained ISI yards in fnis game. . 1 Page Ninefy-nine State Clwmpuuw From a "building" year lo anoiher slale championship! Wi+h only one regular from lasr year's regional champion- ship Team our Tigers broughr home Jrhe class "A" Jrrophy for The championship of Michigan. I-lighlighls of Jrhe season were scoring records se+ by Ed Burlon of 45 poinls in one game and 484 poinfs for +he season. Ed made everybody's all-slare in Jrhis, his Junior year. This year also iniliaied our new gymnasium wifh The final home game vs. Benfon Harbor drawing a packed house of over l,600. In rhree years l-Hs. Cagers have won Jrhree regional cham- pionships, Two slale Jrilles and 56 of ol games played. During fhe hrs? semesler fancy dribbling Ted Perry starred af a forward posilion. hy he n This Deadeye "Nick" Howeli, s.!'iarpsnoo+ing guard, cans Two more poinfs. Leon SrniH1, playfmalcing Senior forward along wifn Ed Burfor, narrasses Muslueqons Wiclcland, Big Ed Burion siwoofs his favorife furn-abou? iurnp slnof as Rcn Robinson waifs for a possible rebound. Co-capfain for fhe firsf semesfer, Bob Slezalc, sfeals bail from Muskegon. Page One Hundred One Reowwe Basketball! Under The able leadership oT Coach Larry Schaude, The Tiger Reserves Tinished The sea- son wiTh a winning record of 9 games won and 6 losT. Osie McCarTy was The "big gun" on The Team, averaging 2I.4 poinTs per game. Two oTher Tiger Reserve players, Tom O'Neil and STeve Jackson, scored over IOO poinTs Tor The season. Earle Harris and Ron Drier made up The resT oT The sTarTing Team. Joe l-luey, Randy Hubler, Bob Norris, and WalT McCrae also saw much acTion. HaTs oTT. To our Tine Reserves! fw- I955 RECORD TIGER RESERVES OPPONENTS G. R. CenTral G. R. Union Muskegon Holland Grand Haven Muskegon C. C. Muskegon Niles Holland BenTon Harbor Grand Haven Muskegon C. C. G. R. CenTraI BenTon Harbor G. R. ChrisTian r s. , 5.4 ggi? 'ms NS six Page One Hundred Two U ity Baoketlnaw 1: hh. 7 " a--Y n ' , X w i" , . . s . - Ek ' VARSITY SCORES vARsnY scorzes t - I Heighfs Opponenfs -' '. r Grand Rapwds Cenrral 56 5I .- 1 Grand Rapids Union 56 45 5 ,- Muskegon 57 49 Holland 76 59 ,..: 1 Grand Haven 84 64 Muskegon Cafholic 56 41 fhfhiskegon 7I 48 f",Xj i es 62 46 L 1, Holland as 6I , ., " , Ben+on Harbor 54 45 ' , , 4 Grand Haven 71 6I ' ' Muskegon Cafholic 74 48 j , -'-'ru Grand Rapids Cenfral SI 46 'AQ - -'r Benfon Harbor 50 52 gg , Grand Rapids Chrlsfian as 54 -f Regional Tournamenfs Grand Rapids Offawa 67 54 Class A Cenfer Grand Rapnds Unnon 7l 46 M. h. , Grand Rapids Cresfon 40 33 'C 'gan 5 NO- I 'giiafe Tougnagnengll 70 aglnaw rf ur ' 6l Ed Burfon Defroif Cafholic Genfral 6I 54 Hamframck 63 53 Page One Hundred Three AT press Time, Coach Rudy Theis says ThaT "prospecTs are much brighTer This year Than They were aT This Time Iasf year, alThough we'll miss The graduaTed boys. We have IO reTurn- ing leTTermen." The leTTer-winners Trom lasT year include Joe ChrisTie, lO0- and ZOO-yard dash, and 880 re- lay, Dick Hansen, high and low hurdles, Rodell Tucker, 440 and high iumpg Bob Gabriel, mile rung NaTe HunTer, IOO-, 200-yard dash, broad iump, SOO relay: Chuck ChrisTmas, pole vaulTg Jack Snider, shoT-puT7 Ted l-lalasinski: shoT-puT: Lee Marble, 44-O. This year The Tigers are hosTs oT The SouTh- wesT ConTerence Track MeeT, To be held aT l-lackley STadium. April April April April April April May May May May May May May Tvuugk and Fidel THE SCHEDULE FOR 1956 9 - Muskegon C. C, -- There I3 - Grand Haven - Here I8 - Quadrangular - aT Allegan 20 - NorTh Muskegon - l-lere 24 - Muskegon -There - NighT 28 - CenTral Relays - aT MounT PleasanT l-Triangular, Holland, Muskegon C. C., HeighTs aT Muskegon C. C. 3-Conference MeeT-aT Muskegon 8-Triangular, BenTon Harbor, Holland, HeighTs aT Holland I I -Grand Rapids-There l 5 - GreaTer Muskegon MeeT I9-STaTe MeeT aT Ann Arbor 26-John Bos Relays-aT Grand Rapids lsT Row: Chrisfie, Krueger, Miles, Halasinski, Snider, Tucker, Hin-ielberger, McBride, Gabriel, Hansen. 2nd Row: O'Neil, Mosley, ScoTT, RuiTer, N. HunTer, Piasecki, ChrisTmas, Howell, BenneTT, Roberson. 3rd Row: Trappe, McGilraTh, Overeern, V. HunTer, Reardon, Alexander, AuTman, Fox, Bishop. Pendell, 4th Row: Mgrs. Young, Poland: Cook, Hughes, Lobdell, Fe-Thke, Herrala, Harris, Green, WesTerman, Gibbs, Coach R. Theis. , 'wwf As. N. is wg , X - A Page One Hundred Four , ..,, Q T Q T i l956 SCHEDULE TIGERS OPPONENTS 8 Grand Haven 6 Newaygo 8 Muskegon I4 Muskegon Chrislian IO Benfon Harbor 5 Holland I2 Grand Haven Q Muskegon Catholic Cenrral 2I Norfh Muskegon 9 Muskegon I2 Muskegon Chrisfian 6 Muskegon Carholic Cenlral 5 Holland Invilalional Tournamenf 2 Ballle Creek Coach Oscar E. Johnson's Tigers came Ihrough Ihe I955 season wilh a brillianr rec- ord of I2 wins and 2 losses. The Soulhweslern Conference Championship again Iell under The mighry bals of Ihe Tigers. Pilcher Bob Slezak and Oullielder Ted Perry were losl by mid-Ierrn gradualion. Relurning senior Iellermen lor Ihe '56 season are Vern Hosko, Russ Veihl, Ered Hilliard, Bill Norkus, Ollie Webb, along wilh Junior Torn Chris- Iopher. Wilh Ihis splendid group of relurnees, Ihe I956 season's prospecls looked brighl when Ihis book wenl Io press. 4+h Row: M. McCormick, Rinard, Iverson, Borgeson, Balgooyen, Dumonf, D. McCormack, Bryant CliI3lord. 3rd Row: Wesferhouse, Campbell, Huebler, Weaver, Tielenlhal, Bishop. Wiflaker, V. Johnson. 2nd Row: Coach O. E. Johnson, D. Johnson, L. Johnson, Pascoe. Webb, Brown, McCarIy, Websler, Shepard. Isl Row: R. Johnson, Chrislopher, Zimmer, Hilliard, Norkus, Viehl, Hosko, Broil. r.. fx IEC "im A " x I X I we ui ' is I I I E h 'NIM X V is .,,. ..,. iz,-gg 8 I W r nfs. Page One Hundred Five -. rf. .. 'f s.- A '-.wife .-wmv: vwg- "5 ,f 4, ff' WR' .' W' 'H " ., f 11 , -rf - -R f 1. - ,, f ,W Q . if. ,zfft I3 -,my-,g' 1' I' . - gg ", 1 3,77-y, ,L gxgfx "m.,?I5" -1 ihkfa "!..1-..A 1'- ' S'-35121251 , . E-'.,Wiff-'TQYQS7'4E.f:z.f9'.r'e H 5'J','s:21P.14f"E 1' . :V-5i'?'y 71' " ,ff 'Z'-'2.i,., 9.7:-..j157'4. '-2321 "-fm T., . : gqg , . ,,.-my 1.-'-Ty -i??iv?:Q, ..-sgf.u2fg,g,, ',5,u---j- .f'-.ffM'ww.g- N Nwpcf' Lf" M- ' .g,w,g,eIvu3'fa-. : ,J '. xv A awww? '12 w a na! 'w1Fgu,z:2. ?+.w,fwwLwf-.m,qsf, 'f .RY-f".,1'-if-'3if".gfifl-T,'! .- f U31-3' M1 v ff '2.g,:.'f- .ff ffamxvff-1, 'M '-f4W 'f2-sial -1 -, Nik --1f,:fffzf'.w'Pig-'3ff.','.'igr1 ,"g'1i'-P1Y.'-ii-'W x.-f " f 4- 4 V2 V 4f?71fp-E5 'f-1"f'-'isffffiffdfs-xihQ 1-AS .. . - ' .- nr ta -' 1. '-- "ma-.','. 'u . 114- "fy-.' - ' .' ' "- -.'-1 4 1 , 'f H 4- X - '11, , .' - "wwf rfwfx 1 ..,. ,A,yI2,,.4'1.-veg l -:V N 1, .3 .Vila ,. ,, , 1, f , W . f . , , , .Nw ,K ' - ' "c1H7,-ivkrf , . .' ,L1 , - C' 2 -' ' - 1 ,' , 2,14 ,.v'2av5k4 ".f"-HSM .V ' " L ' ' - I I O I MR. W. R. BOOKER Superinfendenf of Schools MR. J. W. VERDUIN Adminisfrafive Assislranf fo The Superirwendenf M, Alfhough fhe fennis feam could nof boasf of a winning season for '55, fhe prospecfs for a beffer record in '56 are promising. Mr. John Sydnor is beginning his second year as varsify coach, and several seniors are refurning. Many of fhe veferan players feel fhaf fhis should be fhe pay-off year. Leffermen refurn- ing for fhe '56 season are: lseniorsl Gordon Murray, Carl Thom, Jerry Crane, Roger Tin- dall, and Ken Kubilinsq Ciuniorsl Bob Bramer and Dave Dawes. An impressive number of fellows have indi- cafed an inferesf in becoming members of fhe feam fhis year, judging by fhe increasing num- ber of hours spenf on fhe courfs during fhe summer monfhs. Many found fime fo play in fhe numerous fournamenfs held during fhe summer season. This will evenfually build champions. Baclc Row: Mr. Sydnor, Thom, Kubilins, Ausfin. Reed, Bremer, Crane. l956 Grand Haven Muslcegon Cafholic Allegan Muskegon Chrisfian Holland Muslcegon Muslcegon Chrisfian Grand Haven Holland Muskegon Muskegon Cafholic Fronf Row: Tindall, Dawes, Sorenson, Murray, Peferson, Jackson, Bingham. Tennia SCHEDULE Here There There Here There Here There There Here There Here Page One Hundred Six DELMAR FIRME GALE BOLTHOUSE Aw fan? R H166 eserve Foofball ,wx RUSS HANSON G o V F J O H N S Y D N O R Te n rx i S e e Q e X 652: 1 1 i .:,- ,A I V .,:. Page One Hundred Seven Bm5'PkgicaB ' Gale lv1cElra+h and Doug Eyerell lake lime OH from lhe l-i ' '+ "k' k" ' h parallel bars lo have a friendly game of ping-pong. Cagiggyylgarrgg gygjgdlfljs iigferl lc dumg one of + e many The Drill Team newly organized by gym insfrucfor, Mr, A, Dad lhe foof hid The head of The Cagebaiiy who knows? Cafefi pfacfices af+ef School in H19 new gym- Cageball is always lun anyway. As Dick Williams kicks fhe ball, Bob Sfreyel blocks if. Bob Here fhe drill Team performs al hall:-lime during The Niles Zufeyf and Dick Harris Waii. for rebound baskelball game. Page One l-lundred Eighi inIIo'PI1gicaII ' S 5.4 . f ,tx .b y If' in Xi ,aff ' xi .s 9 - -Q. I 11 4, .. I-an , , I 3 ffixy -,IV QTQ fl, til, ,I y .. , .U 1 I -A .,.,a,i,,,.v. , I . f -' 2.32 . -...--.4 2' ' if I Jfiiisfi . 5.5 - -I 2 1- I iyygkufs V. b is .pf-yfoi - ' Lac Vx v y I f. vi, X, fx , ' 'Q A g ' n X ,wah 3, A I H I I U it l 4 E I ,W J X N4 R 1 sw c fri get ,Q 155 + A , a , 1 Q M seq Iggffxxggw fx Q3 '4 s lf' fb, Tl "" " xz -, Ewing-2' -s, 'i'1zSv- 515, W .63 . . .' 351- Et. ,x ggefsgn ,A , .N ,M ix.-K X Pi s ,A .A GIRLS INTRAMURAL VOLLEYBALL CHAMPIONS an .M XPS Back Row: EarIy, Jones, Hamel, Webb, Andrews. Fronf Row: Trammel, Green, E. Burr, D. Burt GIRLS BOWLING AT THE MICHIGAN Top Row: Musicl-I, Dykema, PoIand, Nelson, NuIIaII. Anofher b y H-I -1, 3 '. V A A ' f' --skin ni- "iii "" Q ' ' ' ' - 9' 1- ii' ' - E. 1 ,. -- - . ffl -. H -H-I" GIRLS Top Row: INTRAMURAL BASKETBALL CHAMPIONS Crosby, McKinley, Mafhews. Second Row: Savage, Williams, Knofen. Third Row: Larabee, Reynolds. Fron+ Row: Grace. , ' P F159 O e girls general gym cIasses is acrobafics. Here Ihe Fronr Row. Han-isfra, MaII1ews, Johnson. 7 glrls Show Hqelr Skill in building pyramids. Paqe One Hundred Nine Page One Hundred Ten A , 1 ,wh . ,. x - k Q , f ' VE R SI nc X 5 Cl CQ-fe. X w,v. .-4. 1 - 51,5-.1 D4 I-'fuss-+.a's A Airline Aulo Parls .,....,.. . Allsleak Lunch ,..,........ Alslrom Conslruclion Co. ....... . American Coil Spring Company.. Anderson Packing Company. . . , .. Anderson Plumbing Xi Healing Co... Arbor Floral Company ,..... ,.... B Balbirnie-Aposlle Morluary ...... Barberini's Food Markel ......... Baxler's Launderers 3: Dry Cleaners.. Bell 8: Bomers Real Eslale ....,... Bill Slern's Sleak House ....... . Bob Moore Boals Xi Molors .... . Broadway Aulo Wash ....... . Boelkins Super Markel ..... . Browne-Morse Company 4........ Brundage Cul-Rale Drugs ........ Brunswick-Balke-Collender Company. Budd Jewelry Company ...,........ Buel s ...........,,...,.,..., C Camera Shop ................,... Campbell, Wyanl and Cannon Foundry Company ,.,.......,... Carl's Slore ...,...,.... ... ... Chadwick's Drive-ln ... ... Coca-Cola Bollling Co. .... Cole's Bakery Company ,... Commercial Press, The .,... Conrad's Columbia Sludio ......... Consumers Power Company ........ Conlinenlal Molors Corporalion .... Cooper's Flowers .,.....,..,...... Coscarelli - Concessions ... Crowell's Used Cars... ... D Damm Hardware .,..,..,, ... Dana Prinling Company .... Daniels Company ....,... ... D. 8: C. Slores, Inc. .4......,.,.,. . Davies Conslruclion Company ...... Dawes, C, B. 8: Son, Florisl .....,,.. Derby Food Merkel .,........ Derby's Hudson Molor Sales... Denlon Trailer Sales ........ Dion Service Slalion. .. ... E-F Economy Hardware ..... ... Enlerprise Brass Works .... , ... Farr View Dairy Company. .. ... Fell Sludlo ................. ... Fischer's Peck Slreel Hardware ..... Filziohn Coach Company ,.... Franks Aulo Sales ..,,...... Fredricks Lumber Company . .. ... Frilz, lhe Druggisl .,,,,,,,,, Page One Hundred Twelve Qndex Tu Adwlbio' G-H Galy, Alberl J., Reallor ,....... ,... George, B. F., Slorage and Van Company, lnc. ........... . Selly Slreel Food Markel ,... Hackley Union Nalional Bank ....... Hahn Drug Slore ......, . Hahn Pharmacy ,.... Hall Eleclric Co. ............ . Hansen, Roberl G., Porlrails ....... Hansen's Dairy Bar ......... Hansen's, Jim, Drivealn .... Heighls News 81 Soda Bar .... Harding. Lee, Porlrails .... Harwood-Nelson ....... Hendrick, Clyde, Reallor.. . Home Loan Company, Inc, ........ . Hoppe l. G. A. Super Markel. ,.... Hosler's ............,....,.. Hunler, Allred J., 81 Company ...., . I-J Jay and Son .....,... Jesse's Used Cars ......... Jiroch, Francis, Company .... John's Super Service ......... Johnson's, Cal, Camera Shop ....... K-L Ken and Bea's .......... Kraulheim, A., Jewelers. . .. Lakey Foundry ........, Lanore's Grocery ,..,....... Langlois Relrigeralion and Appliance ............. Lee Funeral Home ...,..,. Lee, J. H., 81 Son Hardware.. Liberly Loan Corporalion .... Lockage, Frank ......... Lumberman's Bank M - N Malvin's Jewelry ...,..... Manning, Maxwell 8: Moore ........ Marlin Coal Bi Building Supply Co.. Meisler Feed Slore ................ Meiers Cleaners .... .. .... .. Meyers Service ............... Michigan Consolidaled Gas Co. Moore Boals and Molors, Bob.. Morlon Manulacluring Company .... Murn Bros. Garage ............ Muskegon Federal Savings and Loan Associalion ........... Muskegon Heighls Record .... Muskegon School ol Business... Myers Service ......... ...... . . Nibble-a-Scrib-Nib ............. Norge Division Borg-Warner Corp. Novak's Meal Markel ............ O-P-Q Gak Ridge Trailer Sales ......... Ollice Machines Sales and Service Panyard's ...................... Parmelee's Jewelry ............. Parsons Deparlmenl Slore ........ Pallerson's Grocery and Markel.. P. B. Service .................... Pelerson Coal Company ......... Pomper Hardware .............. Porl Cily Candy and Tobacco Co. Professional Pholo .............. Precasl Slep Company ..... . Prolessional Pholographic Associalion .... ............. Pyle Pallern 8: Manulacluring Co.. Qualily Aluminum .............. Quigley, R. J. ....... . R Radium Pholo Service ........ . Remwoll Cleaners and Tailors.. , Robinson's LincolneMercury ... . Rohn's Aulo Sales. .......... Rudy and Bud's Service .......... Ruiler Bros, Plumbing X: Healing Co Ryder, L, L. ................... . S-T Sanilary Dairy Company ..... . Schlossman's Thealers ..... . Sealed Power Corporalion.. . Shaw-Walker Company ...... . Snowhile Baking Company . Socks Sabin Cleaners, Inc. .... . Square Clolhing Co ..... .,...... Slariha Real Eslale and lnsurance, Slalionery Supply Co ..., ........ Slern's Sleak House ..., . Sleve's Beauly Shop .... . Sunrise Pie Company .... . Swensen Monumenls .. . Sullon's Drugs ........ . Tourcolle ...,........... . Tomlinson's Barber Shop . U - V - W - Y Vandervelde's Furnilure . Vickers ............,... ... . Voss Hardware ................. Volaw's Radio Eleclric Service .... Wanslen's Drugs ............... Weslern Michigan Oulboard Sales and Service ......, . ......... . Whillinglon's Barber Shop ....... Windall-Ponliac ............ . Willkopp Tool Company ...,. Wolverine Express, Inc. ......... . John Wood Company-Bennell Pump Division .......... .... Yeager's Barber Shop .... ... 5 5 " 5 X g g, It M5 we 'X , 5' z Y ,,,,.,,......K. ...,,...... r I xx I V X is 2 Q t r 4 x W3 , gf Q Y xjf' , Q g XX- .Q ' r r f- nfl, 15" I 'z li . b f J A X 1 J ly A Y 4 'QE f 'X r 5' ,r - A Y . , K! 4 K N Ni is I tag, If X5 S ' Q 4 5 1 S sf X H l B ! pjgmtt 'M f ' uk 1 , E if i V f , . 2 2 ' 2 , if 5, 1 ' I g f? fi if ., 5 X , 7' L X 4 f 5 N3 V by z 'A Q i R Q Q 'QSM' VunderveIde's Furniture Co. Page One Hundred Thirfeen Budd Jewelry Company Page One Hundred Fourfeen Damm Hardware Sunrise Pie Company 5 1 1 i I I M- I-F ww-.A Y x V -,,v fwxwx-.-.. L A Q, . rrx. V .F Xrr.X N H x K HN.,-A or , Q S , Mi. r aw-N ,nm xxx S54 - Q Aw... X ' ' 'eq-.Sei X ' X1i5.i.zi:ap:aN-X e 1 1 ' . 1 - Q eil 2,1 1 . 1..-K. e P f .. . N ewiimew -, V 1. M X N 1 K m 1' M ' f . .ex W t w., Xrxxwm. ...Ng L X5-W. ,, ,.,Y - . 5 XX ' X -w ex fr xxgi x X - L- SQNSXA - XNQNSQS XWX'Q wxerQ XNQNN r " Wittkopp Tool Company James' Cosearelli PERE MARQUETTE PARK lake Michigan lioneessions 1, W - , v ,, ,M M, W A - ,MW 1 .W .f , e 'W"f J - V - Q -Q NS .LW v ,wwzef q - Asfff' 4 ,W , Nl M. '. 1 -. ' ' fwb - 7 ,WN ""' 1 ,, M, ff K knew Q ,me V 'NZM 49' 5 ' 1-ff . W f' V 'P , if-1 'ffm--W 2,,g'A,,g 1 A " A M i ,,hI ... .V 5 , H. M - .MN M , .. V M-4,ffff:f We 6 ,, M- kX"?5'YW if "" ,. f , '?'ffg,,f S' "fx . ' 'u Xlivfgagf, e fs- Nw..A...,.,wW"" N11 .eM5Awm .4 ...H e . "World's Beef Beaches and Swimming Waters" PHONE 5-1461 MUSKEGON, MICHIGAN PgOHd d MR. H. A. KRUIZENGA Puincipak and Slabb Mrs. Harvafh Miss McConnell CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF '56 Frank Wagner, graduate of Muskegon Heights High School with the class of 1940 is the Cost Supervisor at Sealed Power Corporation. In this picture he is explaining the function of his department to one of your classmates, GAYLE ATKINS. The position Mr. Wagner holds exemplifies the op- portunities available at Sealed Power Corporation for ambitious graduates who are willing to expend their energies in furthering their careers. In determining your future we invite you to consider Sealed Power as offering many opportunities to ener- getic young men and women. Sealed Power orporafion Leading Manufacturers of Engine Parts Plants in Muskegon Heights and St. Iohns, Michigan Rochester, Indiana and Stratford, Ontario PgO HdcISt A 372+ + sQ.,s,,: L1-sxNd2'?1' . . 1, 1 . . few , . ,, U.e,,,1.L1,.fs,yAsmf-,s,, 1 -v..,-Y:eyr.ff'rs?,f,.y lggew. -c'we:- -- -Ms ., mm.-f'-rf.. wW::TeW1g'r1saf s. .ff,1vpL7m:i'., 3-w9LsW'S'Svewa+,.,,?'-'sveewmffwf f .. K f A- 1 1 , . s, '-HZ' ff . , -f iw '-' fs?-'-vii lf-iiiibw e . s 9 4' ww,-iiwszl - -n rsw -L' ' 'j j '- 1 P f e e f . , H we 'A . . hrefan, , Hy-'QGN -W.: . wage-Q ' - ..: '-dmfhixumlfilfwfe.,fsmgiciu,viffu14ef'fi":ws,.1,L.-., ,: pn 0, ,, lbszy Afwsg ., ,s m,-me sesve i 'qui . . M J s ww .. . " L J. r ,sw wffeff spiiigvsf-,1,,s'.'f4f, ".Ff42'51'QFak21VJ4"'lLf-1 w ,aww 'w,5.1,:'mxe:ygf.wfL+S,, .gm I ,QM , N Mem. , n Fisk? w.ebe1f.,.-,.9N .E -r g. . '- .uw -f-new . -1 -awww., 9, asgs,f,', fggyf. , ., ff :qw wg, N K .-eAQu3..A-1', - :-,, -.y y .f,m,wv,, . 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V' 2 Q,55.l.TAJ Jr J F jg? -Hggiwjl S 4 E gf? J 5 f. W 4 V v ,ff Q -,Q 1 4 V' . gg' J -- R -- H . 1 ' 5 x 5 f V r , A X , fr- '-:J 1 s J ' 5 I H , H ' ' ' ' E, ms V. W 2 '- ' wg ? , ' "MY if , 3 -Q fi TE? -as sg A 4 4 is s" is 51: 5 1 l 1 f f af f Q 1, - by gre- Q L . .T , 4 tg A gg f 11 3 5 -'N i.. E ' LMA gje' gf' 4 - V , rg r - ,egg 1 . -X' 'Ef f' ,J . 1 my ' , . if' ' 2 , A iw F , 9. . ' n 5 1 e, 'as ---A . ', 15 f' f 1 s E4 - g a lma we 4 nw -K f ' 1 - er , s fs e f ' fi '- s 2 we V eg s if A 1 '-: N . J ' 1205421 'SF' ' 2 'K - L, ' we .gin ,f env - ,Wi Q - 1 . M H. ff O 11 as ,f a, -,. , T'-x QQ- ' fs -Jls f fef' i -,, 1 A Y sf ' New . J w. X4 f .. 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Judge Learned Hand, U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals. CAMPBELL, WYANT AND CANNON FOUNDRY COMPANY Congratulations to the graduates ofthe class of 1956. .L .. , , , , V in-I 1, Jim Hunsen's Drive-In POI-lddEh GRADUATION PORTRAITS Your Photographer Robert G. Hansen, Phone 2-7369 1783 Sanford, Corner of Laketon Square Clothing Company Page One Hundred Ninefeen Sanitary Dairy Company Cole's Bakery Co. sf" Everything for the office, except Machine'-chairs, desks, Fire-Files, filing cabinets, indexing systems, loose-leaf and payroll equipment- 4,000 products, each "time--engineer ed" to help get more. easier, and in less time. ll.iLe: crapef' H w-W LKER Largest Exclusive Makers of Office Furn- iture and Filing Equipment in the World Page One Hundred Twenty CurI's Store is 5:1555 K Muskegon Federal Savings Sz Loan Congratulations Assoclatlon Your Savings are Invited Class of '956 FIRST NEAR WESTERN Davies Construction Company iQ aai,a fiagwf saaassss fn WEETERS 7755-'50 Telephone 32-5449 ! QPR TNC" MRL-. Peterson Coal Company P g O H d d T fy ......,..,. . American Coil Spring Company L Ulmmo suvmf nrsaoqumgg ms i,,,' , izf 4 ' SEWER me n f Y if PM-'gcsnfur mocxs wmoows sesmc TANKS Momma x .,,,, 'iffi Furemxces com Y, smcxs a ' -'ii H' COAL E4 BUILDING - Q SUPPLY. COMPANY 1 ' ..i.Xx ,MW ' A . .' 3 A Martin Cool and Building Supply Co. PORTRAITS - Cal. Johnson's Shop and Studio For appointment call 2-5986 Babies Graduation Families Weddings Camera 503 Catherine Street, Muskegon, Mich. P q One Hundred Twenfy-tw The Camera Shop, Inc. :Qui- as sn.-4,5 s.. " fi' X Sw-u...........a f 'Rival gg f N- , 3 --1 s 4 hang .T gtigiiapidiisiad 'ff 'fi 1 7 J J -V .J .u If Bl f ffl ff 0 X . L, :ruin ui I fmiiilfiii 233155 mmm g!D9g5KlN 1' IPP'-f SuIton's Pharmacy mga Qwifqwwf rigs fn ,H V, ,,,, 5, f X Q 5 f W me xg. Mx, x X x -,,,.,,---I 1 k s Z K: 15 S .....+,,,,,..M. -, , ,R 5 E ., f i iw i mi X my E 1 2 ,3 1 SN Q Zu m i i 'aw in xxM..,,..w?.f. ' Allggeqk lunch langlois Refrigeration and Appliance Page One Hundred Twenfyefhree . I e . X f if X --'---"' ' ' 1 f Q1 5, .. , ,E Q MA WT P 43? if 5 ff ii' f ly., kb . Sk, W5 1. V S .. r 5 ,, we ki , ., , Nz f fs? -... Q ' ww. 4 , ,f Af f .25 ' V Q 5 . ' V,,,V AIC, .. , F. Nfl V' VMQA I td V 7 f 1 Jie A - ff 9 I 'xi9ZZ.4Q' V j,,.,.-- b Sem X V- J- W X 4 x N Q9 WW' . ,, tis- Ma 5 A eff EQ-5' JM' , 4. W ' ..-ff-1 i F ts K 4' 7 V If , ' X -w--F M, wil 4 X 13 I, . 6 Z Wcgglzwwfdg .x 2 L, ,, I , Q . A 1 V yr r. ye 4 A f ,-Q 1 N63 ' f 2 1.--if I e f ff xx 'f. SVP' X Q ,A I' ' " . A W 6 A e If 0 M,f Mf-f es. fgwf . f Q at Q Bulbirnie-Apostle Mortuary mnewfw, ? 1' Z ag- ' if ff' 3 Service '2 , Z Nwstnh ,Qs t 1 it V u:,f.v""'f :frfrg ,Q-ww' iff L -A x liberty loan Corporation k g Q P , X X ferr N... + " ' ,WM w x , Q ' i 5 ,X xxr,r A ,Q aka, 4 RQ x if ' 5 N X X "Q M, . ' 1 X ' t ,QA E of 'K NASE B Jaw Rudy and Bud's Service Getty Street Food Market Page One Hundred Twenty-four Bae Mookf B04 Johnson Motors Teenee Trailers Fiberglas Boats Aluminum Boats Motor Service Wood Boats Complete Marine Hardware TS' AND MOTORS Baxter luunderers 8. Dry Cleaners Home loan Company, Inc. R. J. Quigley Page One Hundred Twenty? FQXCULTY . ,-JF ' , ,-: ..-1.. . .,,- , gif' ' 2-is Q, P f s 1 N . fy I P. . X 2 5' . ' " '.s2f'5?1iw' . "" . fY ' "'iQ:Lfflg3 ga-1 " ,. JW 1 Tr 2. , 351 , Tfg , , -2, . QQ: Huahef P KW SSRN f H9259 fi m.fff"'M Page One Hundred Twenfy-six Windutt-Pontiac uv""'v "3 QW Nvgsf W . 'li Nl? . , f ag .C E ' W if 3 3X sis Af' e .--sg as is Wu, Q ' ,f 1 K . We ....,, W Ms x , I 2 ! .,. A - 1 Q N , 5 3 The Commercial Press z:..,,...... Bill Stern's Steak House , -5Q""',a,.. .,s.....,,, -wits.. , - Barberini's Food Market We, Alumni of M. H. H. S. Congratulate the Graduates of 1956 HARWOOD - NELSCN OCCIDENTAL HOTEL BUILDING PgO HddT fy ng-'xv e" T-'U 'jx xifn , , X V we 1-5 f' 'i-5 1' A, fxE'f - J Q, x i A L X' Aff .f 3'341'3' rf K M 4, H ' s. f M ww e, 5 X ,rf K , L y Y if H ,, ,H uf' 'N 'Wu ,- 4 isa X x 4 1 " w. ay , , gk Y .Y.bAkL 3,,z T. , ,, , . ' NW' ui? 'Rx nf K 1.6 wh., ""1-. :,.Zf7 "-1 lv- M- we M Y? ' ' J' L' 'iii' v Yz- '-xxw ' X. A ' ",- hs f K X x '-1 .. .,.. T , XA f M 1 ' We ' 7 Q I W 3 N Qgfgmwfwwf if wi Hf Q x 4" . ff K," - 4 1 74 ' mmwnv 7-H iw x N . . Dana Pnnhng Company . jf L' 'a xl H' ix 'Q f f ' Rf' Q .M - 5' Q, Mei 1,252 24, fl K ywwwwf L M.. ggi .Ai 4 HQ, .,w--ZH "mm "1 S 4. N. -V ,A ' WFP, 1343 snwwwx WH Nm 4..- Page One Hundred Twenfy-eighf Farr View Dairy Company A vm 96 .J - -he Fiiziohn Coach Company xxx 'S-. A. Kruutheim, Jewelers Q -ge . nil f SELL .I Z Brunswick-Balke-Collender Company Whittington's Barber Shop Page One Hundred Twenfy-wine 2305 Peck Street Muskegon Helght Socks Sabin 0lesners', Inc. Broadway ai leahy 'Emi Slx Trucks PHONE 3-2409 FOR PICK-UP Eight Stores Phone 3-2355 Steve's Beauty Shop Stevena Addinlc R Clyde Hendrick, Realtor J. S. Anderson Packing Company, Inc. PQO H ddTh+y Frank lockage ff L.. 253 1 Radium Photo Service Western Michigan Outboard Sales and Service Murn Bros. Garage Page One Hundred Thirfy-o Fischer 's Peek Sfreef Hardware Phone 23618 2040 Peck Sf. Voss Hardware Nibble-A-Scrib-Nib ' ly-l l956 Graduates Congratulations and Best Wishes for the future Lloyd Bell S Harry G. Bomers Real Estate and Insurance 'Nw-f"" W .egg S 3 X l ? gg X Dion Service Station " - f J , W X D N Q REDDY KILUWITT Vw Elecluc Sewqu You have reached one of life's cherished goals - graduation. We congratulate you on your contribution to Muskegon Heights High School and your commun- ity .and wish you continued success. Reddy Kilowatt voun euzcrnnc senvmr CONSUMERS POWER CO. X , , 'X l I M X Q X 12 f X 5 ' 2 f 5 ., px .,i 3 ',,fL " 'Z " ' . ,1.Q:w'N,. 733444 . 2 Arbor Floral Co. ig,..f Yeager's Barber Shop Page One Hundred Thirty-three e-4 --.em : h .fjg ,, ---NW ,, 1, . .,, A. - if 'f'h ' ' ' r . , . I ' f , r,"' raw.. V 1 "'t'f7'.v-Q. ""vv ff ' 'A - M? Q J he M , A 1 E -as 1 1 l E A ,-.4 f xr, - Michigan Consolidated Gas Company QUALITY ALUMINUM CASTING COMPANY Producers of Non Ferrous Metal Castings Phone 3-2285 2700 Riordan Stariha Real Estate 8. Insurance Page One Hundred Thirly-four ENTERPRISE BRASS WORKS PIumber's Brass Goods Brass, Bronze and Aluminum Castings Muskegon, Michigan ,, Q W fm' fr .Q W ...- ,, , , - f X ,Q .N Alfred J. Hunter 8. Co. Hahn Drug Store PRECAST STEP COMPANY Andrew Policho, Proprietor BUILDERS OF CEMENT INTEBLOCKING STEPS 5453 Grand Haven Road Phone 3-1002 POHddThf ,,,., ,.-.,, -- Q eggs'--, ve. 1.1 .Q s . Suglioh Language and .lliwmfww 1 Faqs- X.: i- . ,,., ,, - -,N - -ss-. si S Q X X . we -A : ss FI' iii-,iiiiiii-' ' - kgs , ' s s ::-: 1 si- ,ssew ' was ,-.,,:-gs,-1-seggag' 1n,,':,-Q5,,A32,g,5,',,-,gg,-A -,- f f-14:-:r-:::-is l is -seas:-.s xx-.esxeezfew - s s-,-ws.,-si-, , sswwsm MW. Q, .ss - 1:1-:,s::f:,-ga, 1sf.sr4-s- N , -11.-5, .X f ii 3 ,sz:f.155s::-1,ss:-- ns.-. -v .sg , QM. .1 Vg:-slag? - sv , fi gs? as ,-y.q:,-if Q -- - '- I, i 4 s :'I 'if' lg 2, -2:4 . it ., P9 1. "-:1fx'::Q- " 31.9 X ' f fe'.ssmv rg - Is.. .. N sc..::f..-f'-1- wssf'f1sw:'af is.f:.1:2:1:-:fs.,.,:ss1e::fi.-'es, 'f1e:1Es .f:,f.l1:-?5 f -me ,rugs-731 .11m-'--1 xg-ijpzj gage' wx xssxvfm x - .--se. :.:e-i4-mN2s:- ..:-'f 1. , . , ' a lx-A . Xw:s:::,f:1:r:'.r 5 -. I.. f.:1::e,f :fx . :mi-s'.?:iI.-is-s5i :"5"-55 c:1:iEE't., '- ,153 A'23222E?f22:'-Zs:eE':::z2fE?- Qsss5s:is1s:.:2'sEf5. ' 5 3-3:1 . . -at 'CHX-x .3'N'Ar:f-"r:f-'15,:2:.:r::5:E5E331:.,g..i32", W. E. MURRAY, A.B., M,A. Universily of Michigan English and Journalism Advisor, Oaks and Acorn Publicafons 'GETS' FLORENCE B. MURRAY, B.S. Norlhern Michigan College English and Counselor RUTH G- ADAMSON- AB- DONALD DE WITT, Aix., MA. Nebraska Slale Teachers College Hope College, Universiry of Michigan English English JAMES V. COBB, A.B., M.A. Uriiversify of Michigan Wesfern Michigan College English, Hisfory, Pholography Advisor, Pep Club and Oaks Pholos ,, V .5 E Egg F. 1:11135 E -s 53 .ss KARI NATALIE FRANCK, A.B. Hope College English, Advisor oi Pep Club Since lhe accurale use of lhe English language has become a prime requisile ol good cilizenship as well as personal achievemenl in our modern civilizalion, The sluoly of language and lileralure is a compulsory suloiecl - al leasl lhrough The elevenlh grade. ln lhe lwelllh, lhe general or lerminal sludenl may enroll in English VIII-B lwhich is a new and inler- esling course based on modern periodical readings. vocabulary, and 'lunc- Jrional grammarl or in English Lileralure and English Vlll-A, bolh ol which are a preparalion for college English. Any sludenl who so desires, how- ever, may enroll in lhe college preparalory classes. ' Kew. Qs Q , X , Q? ,M e V, .. . ..x.,. , ,-,Fm-gi ., . 429.1 i 1 Q ,, X 2 Q , X Z 3 ' E g A L. x , X f Q 'Swv - 21:1 .... 5 Wfsiighf ' iffy ' WW -41? 'P Q12 N ' . ,sm ,ga x X . '-v' -A A .--:, :,M,,,A Q ,Q 'AW Ri , .,,, E,...Y2 5 H - f '.4r'N- 3? Q 3 ' fx. 3 John's Super Service 5 Page One Hundred Tlwirfy-six PnrmeIee's QS? 7 W f W X S ,f Remwolts Cleaners as Muskegon Heights Record ilzifgsgrd 'Kirk C ,Gregg 62:32 I 305' WWW 5 Page One Hundred Thiriy-seven The Greafer Muskegon Professional Phofographic A ssocia fion Beckquist Studio Conrad's Coiumbia Studio -yle Cnristenson Dauser Studios, North Muskegon C. Felt Studio Hansen Town House -ee Harding, Portraits AI. Jensen Studio Cal. Jonnson Camera Shop Henry Jordan Leonard Kooiman Studio Radium Studio Georg Smith Tourootte P OHddTh h 6 PORTRAITS Phone 2-7422 I34 Hamilton Muskegon, Michigan T641 5 1-.Sami .f.- ,.z.1..... A ' fm- Q, l' 9 ll 1 .u ,gf ,.., 5 A M. ff ff' 1 . X- Q . ,..l. '? . 0 ..- in iii r Q Norge Division, Borg-Warner Corp. Page One Hundred Thirfy-nine f -ss- A Good Place to Do Your Banking We n S' X: so f N e x s 1' wi is W, x 1 51:4 Nba-.Q 'wg 1 , X NR NX , W A 25 x i I Q E ..,..... BueI's Page One Hundred For+y f Congratulations to the Class of I956 BROWNE-MORSE COMPANY, MUSKEGON, MICHIGAN Makers of quality office furniture for more than half a century. MANUFACTURERS OF STEEL OFFICE FURN- ITURE, ALUMINUM CHAIRS, FILING SUP- PLIES, LABORATORY EQUIPMENT, HOSPITAL CASE WORK, FUME HOODS. ..,r , ieeie . 4 , . 1 - A "" ,N A M. g -- A s ,.: Aw- K Q, ,fssx , , 5:13 wg fs. tv S 5 fr.. 'Y ' ' sfwiwk f A QW- - y V L Xgfilgwixrx :gems 1 ' 'ii -Ni X f . ., iff, . ,x xi. X y 'f U , if firw-'-fw 'flifm-isstf Novuk's Meat Market Best Wishes Class of "56" Sayitwith ' COUPER' S FLOWERS Z dffa Master of Photography Lymanf Bldg. Tel. 25-714 2512 PECK ST. PHONE 3-2218 Page One Hundred Forty : J. H. Lee 5 Son Hardware Compliments of ANDERSON PLUMBING c5'z HEATING CCDMPANY 2429 Peck Street, Phone 3-2935 NH l-Kiwis SHI. Pomper Hardware ply C Complimenfs of yle Pa Hem 8 Manufacfuring 6 . 'R Congratulations to Our Graduating Class of I956 from Morton Manufacturing Company A Muskegon Heights Industry Since I89l Builders of Draw-cut Machine Tools and Special Machinery Automatic Welding Machines Finished Machine Keys Compliments of Lakey Foundry Corporation Established 1913 SWEN SEN MONUMENTS Distinctive Cemetery Monuments Unexcelled Craftsmanshzp Swensen-Pearson Monument Co. Phone 2-7565 2035 Peck St., Muskegon Heights, Mich. Page One-hundred forty-th Congratulations 'lo the Class of 1955 John Wood Company-Bennett Pump Division Muskegon, Michigan ff QQTE. N V C r aa? QW A ' 'Q' fwx C C 5:5 Q Mrfws H N S " L . , .W , WM- ,W l"Y,, Linn A 4 f W . ,A . .X fl H .sf - s. ,f x -iwff fi'-M . , ' ' 195' Q.: . ., e " a ik .. f-Qu e ss"' .. 1 fe B. F. George Storage and Van Company, Inc. 1 Coca Cola Bottling Co Francis Jiroch Company Page One-hundred foriy-four s N-N--M A , E I r -'--v-.i- WM iwi 3 .1f1"y'J"' MuIvin's Jewelry H 2 A we we Y gy it i 'gi 52 'M .X ., w , w' , 'hw' y W' A Q' N ,Q m: ,fl ,,. wow we er , 9 V2 ef", Airline Auto Parts Derby Food Store V ' 5? 4. .-.Z.,,' ,W-I - V g! ,A 6:4 .ho .A ' .wmh ,,.,. X X., Q, lm ,QIIY M H V K gi ffyz x d v, 'N W' f ,.', We 'Q"?fif1f1 we ' , ' 1 A llvvv V , Franks Auto Sales Heights News and Soda Bur Page One-Hundred forty-five .gy-1-qgg5,,5li.q,,5i.,.,1.f... .,..-.4.....Q-X , wink Sfudieo and .Eilvlwlg DELMAR W. FIRME, A.B., M.A, University of Michigan Weslern Michigan College Civics, Economics, General and American Hislory ELEANOR KIDWELL. B.S., M.A. Universily of Indiana Universily of Denver Librarian, Advisor Library Club RUTH L. ERIKSON, B.S. Michigan Stale Normal College Gene'al and American Hisfory 1 E5 " 1040 JACK W. RICE, A.B., M.A. Hillsdale College General Hislory, Economics, English, Advisor of Sludenl Council ., . y mf: M' ' -Q 98" Z F52 fr 7--, .,. az f V55 L. H, 3 X f' DAVID R. McKENZlE, A,l3. Cenlral Michigan College I Social Science, Pep Club Advisor Tar OSCAR E..10l-lNSON, A.B. Weslern Michigan College Civics, American History, Alhlelic Direclor and Coach of Varsify Football, Baskelball, Baseball The primary obieclive oi lhe social science deparlmenl is The devel- opmenl ol: beller cilizens lhrough an apprecialion for and an under- slanding ol lhe American way of living. The deparlmenl offers General Hislory, Economics, Uniled Slales Hislory, and American Oovernmenl lCivicsl, lhe laller lwo of which are required subiecls. The course in Uniled Slales l-lislory slresses lhe developmenl ol lhe American heri- lage. Civics is designed lo give each sludenl an underslanding ol lhe mechanisms of Federal, Slale, and Local governmenl. F Meiers Cleaners, Inc X J X 'fain Nw SQ N X X X . . . . MW YQQYJ M XX. K x X 'f 4 Y ' f S Mum 4, N 'X if A P S I SSNR EW I v S S ,' Q x X QMSMWX X Denton's Trailer Sales Page One-hundred forfy-seven Eaugrafulafivns to tiff 6'la.s's af 1956 CONSTRUCTION, INC , mn, t' 2 S : C 5 4 Q 7. -S? 'ff numSX.- Formal Portraits and Candid Wedding Books Felt Studio Ground Floor, Parking at door Phone 24-5424 1205 Third Street .,,, 9.1. W -'1 A:-lrsg 1 W!-r 1-frf ","' ": ' f---4 'f',, A . s s 'A '1"W!. + s e .., V x 4 ' im 'sgfi A Q L,L' I U Q x, ,A , -A ,mais-f 533' y uW,,V,,,,,1s . , WW: Office Machines Sales and Service Brunduge Cut-Rate Drugs A 'W Daniels compqny Jesse's Used Cars Page One-hundred forfy-nine Qtek? 1 , -1 ff wf5L'g,,,.,.e-wfffw 'W . vi' .- MANNING. MAXWELL 5 MUDRE. Ian. We at the "Crane Works" offer our heartiest you class of '56 "Shaw-Box" is staffed with many former graduates of Muskegon Heights High School who have written their own success stories in their chosen field of endeavor. Maybe you, too, will sometime lend your shoulder to assist us in producing the finest in overhead handling equipment. MANNING, MAXWELL MOORE, IN . Shaw-Box Crane 8 Hoist Division Muskegon, Michigan Best Wishes and Success to the Class of I956 CONRAD'S COLUMBIA STUDIO Class Portraits of Distinction Myers Service can 2-sons for Appointment I84 W Western Ave 'e MUSKEGON, MICHIGAN P.-B. Service Page One-hundred fifty .N Mr. Q . ' X eg - 4 ---A ' me.. "X"""Wmqw..,..L7jjwwm,,emZ,, Q ' Hunsen's Duiry Bur Meister Feed Store Alb .I. G I , R I en ay eumr Putterson's Grocery und Market Page One-hundred fiffy-one Sw i U A L . wi .+"7,. f o f 'X'x' - 42 ,1. I 5 , llffil Hrkilf 4 ffl if a 1 , Q','i T A llmllll my we XLLE lldlillil lQA,'ll6lJ1Ll2f2i3,lg Ff a - f -1-We W--,wMwf .wnvfflf k W-an f-o-.-.l-e-l,-i H ' Z, so H Q ""' ,, . vi. A , L H 3 Q ' il qglliikmfk A ,f b Z ' V fl Ld i ta-fi , i lf M" "WW law? .P me I ll ' T. an -illllli 'fi"i,aL1,1oe 1, ll ' . Qxx.e Huckley Union National Bunk Compliments of YSSO Sand, Gravel, Dump Truck Hauling Phone 3-2948 27l W. Hume Ave. Muskegon Heights Pg o hddlilyl Compliments of Continental Motors Corporation Muskegon, Michigan Port City Candy and Tobacco Company Ruiter Bros., Plumbinggjy Healing Co. Hoppe I.G.A.ySuper Market Page One-hundred fiffyw I 'iW'23,' X5 1 Q f Q M 5 Oak Ridge Trailer Sales 1 Boelkin's Super Market Wolverine Express, Inc Page One-hundred fiffy-four af udwick's Drive-In Q . ' w 9 Y . Q 3, Fritz, the Druggist 1-v anis up ,, ,,,,,,,,,.,..w-1-ww' - A' Robinson lincoln - Mercury Fredricks Lumber Company Page One-hundred fif+y-five - 4,-Q- li-.J--n...4-...... .... ....- , - - - - S' audlM 'Dep J. KENNETH THORNLEY, AB., M.S. CHARLES NEIR, B.A. GLEN J BROWN AB M A Michigan State Normal College Michigan Slate Normal College CEDTVGII Mich QGH COHEQE Universify ol Michigan Praclical Science U.""V9VS'lY Ol M fill Qin Qhemgsffyl physics' Biology, Sen o Class Adv sor Direclor of Adulf Educaiion FCPA- C0 SPOUSOV LEONARD SCHREGARDUS, B.A. ARTHUR N. LE ROUX, B.S. RUSSELL HANSON BS Hope College University ol Michigan Michigan Stale College Mathematics, Hi-Y Advisor, Mafhemafics Mafhernefcs Crernsf v H Y Ad Or Senior Class Advisor, Oaks -lUf1l0f Class Adv SOV Adverlisino Advisor The Science Deparlmeni consisls of Physics, Chemisiry, Biology, and lhe newly-advocared Praclical Science classes. A college preparalory siudenl may oblain a minor sequence in science by Taking Biology and Chemislry, or Chennislry and Physics. Sludenis who are planning on raking Physics or Chemislry should have a broad background in Maih. To aid ihe siudenls' developmenl of skills in measuremenl and prob- lem solving, l-leighis l-ligh offers courses in Plane and Solid Greomelry, Second Year Algebra, Trigonomelry, and General Arilhmelic, Also, ii lhere is suliicieni siudeni demand, a course in Firsl Year Algebra is offered. 1 X. sewn!! . A ' Wfgmt., Q.. . M '. " 'au W: -lm, -HA lee Funeral Home Compliments of Compliments Muskegon School of of Business QUALITY PETROLEUM PRODUCTS Compliments to the Class of 1956 PHONE 3-2437 ' from I-IOSLER'S 2490 Getty at Hume Muskegon, Mich. ndred f"fty-six D and C Stores, Inc. 2 ,f A ff 2 f A wi . ee' ffl' Q e e More , ef., '2 -ui v ,una . ,- . ,- v. ov ' Broadway Auto Wash SchIossman's Theater X who fn A ,WY if 1 iw, Q 'Wx A Wm? . W 4' Ay flfa gags 39 Q f , are '- K 2 iw Y Q : Q 5 , ,. 2 33 , .,,,. N , ' -..,,,,...r..... ,.,. W.. ., W ' r i K " E F ' G Y ' -4 ssl-J Q I F 1 f ?r,,.,,,.,.......N W:--'ff 1 5 k 3 Renae it 7 3' -tw' N .1 ' iwsf A. u y A 4 we Q 3? it ' 'B 1 -an nm i -'I' I' 1 X " 7' " , iq 319553 ' 1 A Q v'i:::::f2ff.M JH e U 5 Wk 2 , fi Q' ,V r In--f , . .. '?"" "" ' - .f ' I V rfsvsf g L ii 5415 ""' v veg AZ "" .mfr V r, 5 if MM E vfwf 1 W We " 1 5 tl I .,, William Wansten Prescription Pharmacy Page One-hundred fitiy-seven l I Q O 1 I ,I K' s ea -sv Rohn's Auto Sales . Q. . 71 ,X Q ,,,x,.,,m . N. X '- , A . " it f V M i s w A Mi' - ' ,V Page One-Hundred fiffy-ekghf is 3k Vickers ' Hahn Pharmacy X pf Snowhite Baking Co. ,lf V - W fi W j. "" , , 'V,V, R 'x' 'KPG ""' 5 7' ' iw ..,,, 5 ,. vllv, -x x-,- f- uf MQ! l , --x.,' " :-ijZ.g,NE?, 1 I 5-A: xg X X . W f S1' . 1 .. . 0 is ' L 'png " 'N " F 1 ' 13? :ff sflfi h QQ ,. ,yn A K rg' K f l A.., X gs.. Sm nr A ,Q.Q3' X xT,.g :':: 1 1 ' 1- , P Ken and Bea's X.. 4 Panyards 552 All fail" J" 3191 Economy Hardware Page One-hundred Hffy-nine HALL ELECTRIC COMPANY Appliances Construction Engineering l'aNorelS Grocery Motor Rebuilding "The best costs no more 'I965 Sanford Sf. Dial 23758 C0 164191-f Pqohddmy 5 , f vhvifwvr ' '- iii'-Al U Civ ' ,AT 4. 4 ,J i v , . 4 '71 41. 'I K '-l 14 I nf A 1. A5- tu 1' F " , Q r 1 's . ,, . I fix: I N wit! I V UI. E sl ,H H, . , 1.-4-,, 1. ' WW-w.f + '- qv:",, 1 fl , 1,1 F QM' ig W-Inv, I i.. 1' H f I, I. ,,. !,,'--3: " S 1 ,ln X my I 'C I hw a+, A K ly. . .. - JA ., , q N ' venus 3, i I - - . J M , 1 -tant lvl lik WL! 4 L-U ' I if In ' . o R1 1' ,NN lull J ' Eu-: 517' 'L 'LI,L1i:'?.f H' - W rw 1 .I I AEM L .. V l ' I .fe 'Q U ' f bf fi, ff 'fl ,V ,, 'K'W+'f ' H 11: ' W QE. ,, -' "I! ' 9' ' I 'L Q ' 4" ,. - - - -41 V- .4 f :-r '- f I g ' .b 1- Q - -- , Q . -.1 ., v 4 W 5 x, , . yu. , ,. V W.-I , A, ' U 3 4..5 ,, N 3 A1145 Q ,J - . 11' . ' . W I . '.,. 411' , . lu ,, , ,', 4' ""s3lL', N 1 IQJU Qu L -4,15 H w. . U -,fa w,,,.- ' X 1113 lg W'-if 'fl ' ' , w 4 g I '-gnu F25 M" mul , 'gf' '4 IJ' ., ja! ,'9 3 fx J " "H U ' :Tl ,. 2 ? .mf-ff, X 4 V-L - 'L ,1.,o - , H' . ' 1 -J 5 ll .--I I. ju..--N, .IH I .qua Er X -Q A Q 4 0 . v 5' It v .Q 1-1 -rrwphfjvl -F' -- '- 1 H N' Y 71. y ' I 41 I Q , ,n r--I-u'IF. ,V ai -L -411: ill' iq-,al-I A.. W' - Il I iw i - ,ng -fhf M if . 21. .. 'QW-' - Ji" - L' ' , .1 ' u ng al- 4 M.. 4- 1 ..,f-'Ag 4 - - 1' 1 K. f-wh :Q 5 'L-JAL. I' ' 4 A J J Y' fi ' V2 ' .' - u-fn E 4 2-1 i- - T41 7-Q, 11 - l- -5-H +3151 ,fx H ,. H 7 ' in 1 L L' .QT JJ 1 H2122 1' lil ' 5 Y li ' ' "f T it -wr.: ,I --xx mth J-J'-TP 4 .?+V-, iikgjlw A., 'LA L- . ' J - O' '33 . I LJ ' 1 1 . - . k--H J ' "L JFK'--T. " . ' , 'N' I'.j " T ,,- n ,jk ' if" , , .5 5, .. ,:f'l .5 H 'x ,.-J N , gd 1 4, w I '. I fffia 3.1 ' fl ef: F. 'F L1 f 1 1" 11? 1 3 'T 4 El'-L 1' r --1 lm- P q 1 4 '- 14575. ih 45: ,. -'N' -L F Q ' 7 3 W-1 s 4, W S Lt -F ,J yji 4 f- H- I T'r1,,'j3. 3. 11' 1 M 51 .II R +9 L Li, ,M Yi: g . Tig if V ... I r L' .- -L'..u1 In L ,Za ,, ,. 1' --'14, 1, ' , L , -2 Q--1 'Ll .f L ,F 'FI 1 -41,--r, T 1. F A : .-41 4 - wif -w 1 41 Q - - F. ml ,, A IL 4 I -H FH A, JI r-, 2-2445 IJ I T ,JL . YL L., I. , , W I , Ill. " 'E L ,P Q '.-3 .Tl If J," ,H T J, 1,3 . I-2 l W F .Hi .1 il. 'J.fLfa. -.ij "-.-L L rr 1 wif! g. 1-4,-ill Jr' 'I.-- Z. +4 7-' rl 'JT WJT14 11-2, Tr Ji- "F7':i'z1"' -.. -4' 1 f' I 'Y P RYJ I" - -' FQ- Af' -' W Y -2' 'I-0 7- iw ' - 'T ff" w ' O v -Ili.:-1-v 4 -in A J, i lM.i.1n, -if ! ,Iwi , ' Q-, A .I -, -L L- L 7. T' v .Qi T jul: I-an-L -I 1 HT I Eb' . I . ..:2Af1-W L ' ' 1 C. F- .f 1+ 15 -rf . ,S+-, -'Q 92-, - .i 4 - X ,I -'- If wer. V -wx '1 T - f 'A qu. ' ', V. ' I I 3. ,jf ,L-4' , ,H MEF-,K-., I , ,l ,.,.,.JLf , . ,xy- Jjf.,.- w , ,-JNJ ,, .9 4 ,,. ,, I lun. I. X , , L' , I'-is 'HF 'I-'N U 1 V-7+-il' -1.1,- H ,fl ILL LA'f'?414I- .I A i -' ill.: F in .- ,"v.lV"I. , 'jg . Q :full L .4 ' T T L :gif if LI -kvti P Y 'NT' I v L l ', ,J 'L IV :Qc T1 'F ,,': 4 ' -,Ea '-"5 T ,- , ..UL ' A' V 'gh l"'1,lI'I,v".-' 1 -' Q H T-lla 1.9 4 'JL J - L 'U-' " ? 4 -J-45"-"' 'Pi' ': V 4 A., J ,n xr '51 . 4 .3.L V315 E--Q-in , "Q f- 4 p FL-A -Q L -- L - 4 1 P 4-JL ,Q TU II. ii .-, . L .1 " I , .-"', ,., U1 I :II . , . z.. I "I L I K-I IJ! -xl ,I WL :.'I .I TI HIL , ' .L 'hx I in fr I Q 0 L I. J -e -f- J, I ,. , -ur--0,1 -In-W ,N - r-lk , , , ' 4 14' .JL a- lr .I-. Eg:-.. VV! J I .L .N .' -.Aki ,ilzlw .ie ' 4 , .31-' I k-.l I I .-:du --qi, if., I' . 4 bl.. :L-L 1 . ef' . 'Lf . L. I If L " -'Q L l 'PA AZT? G -I 'nfl . ' fu- O 1 .41 .P -. ---,, , 1, J3,',x,fa., - -1 0 ,J w .. - u . .4, m.f.r1 1,311-A I-5-I-3 I h ,I -I 1 :YI " -I K 0 Q xg' P51 iw-Q 1 I in 41.1, M' :Via -9 - f it i L f '1 .I .- , . .ig - JJ ll- '-e- Q -o 1, L-L liz, I . Y,-v ' , 1 40" I - 'F O A-'-FY' I 5310! ' 3 M ' . 'A VF' 4' F' . K 453-gzf. 33- P H ' wfif' w-5 Y I if fl- O O tip U I ,r- - A . "Ll Lnj- l 5 1 WI I "L ' " l,.T i '--. -'PT . a 3' C- -'!-M A - -' , C r V' JI-Y-T 4 Q ? EJ .qix yi' n -ig. -'Y' Y 'V -T 'F 15 -j --. V X f 4' v J ,1.u 4. ILL' fL,! +-I.. P, QA- J W -"-' ' I -. --+ Qin '1 -i-'1J- 1 -I -. 0-M-. ." ' 2 v L M - F ,- --1 , 1 ,, 1 .LEIVVIL-4:17 . W -'f 1 Q- vin - - .1 ' V .LLL .' ,-.. 4 J- 514 .KE F'i""'iLF' 'Q'-" ' 'J' I f li lin? IJ? HJ! u l.'I'i 0 0 L M! -' - -M .flu-,., I L-'Ir J' A ..l I 1 -Pi 1' j ' Yv.'s , ' ' ' 'I' 'I I .P-' , 'g- - f ' ' , KL J,f.-"jf, JL,-F ,. -1, , 0 I - - In f Tr - ' - ' .. . A., 1- L A - ,, fy Q . v 1- .- LQ wi- -Q V ' J: fr + . , I E I -' 'f.1'l" M5 Lu E - .Si "1 - "Y, y.. . I ? b K n 5 . j' ' - Q." Q., mg 4' 0 ' I J ' K .1 l , , I"?'.,J I 'n li' ',- T Af X -X. J "" In t It Y 0 If V-14,1 -.1 -fd ,NJ 'V' +7 F ul-?ijrtm 'SI Q. In Y 1 U!! LQ: 211 ' -. ,I, ' ' l I 1 'if , "' ' - , 'U ' I V. a 1 ku. in uh 1,1 .. ,4 ,I N fx t ht!! 4' 'lj X ' an A . 'J 1' I-'fy . .J 4 1 gy , ' I f L if J? ,Kiki K N '- I lj 'll n Lx., V 1 .PU ,EVIL i ,vu M - I ' 'QE 'HN " .'-Jfksi -':,l6l'1,hl-i!'x..MvQI717.' mb? V lvmnlmlliur F3 I ,lf .. I D F5 u 1 5 - a I tu 8 ii L I Y., lv,fL-1lM1f2ti7Il:.ZfVZfZ?'!V'E-'7il'LW :XI '?i:X5L1l'K'7t-ffm!-if l'- 31.04 nl'5Dv!6T7v F "-.I-'L SY A ff? -2.4'JZ".7F"fX'Lf. 'Ja' 5' Q 'Nha 'Y .Pfk Bl' ?"' W' 1 cial! 'Depafdme E fi .SW 1-.. A ,Ae n .,..4-.4 W . ID A . . 5vCllfl2liNCiRgE.,n amiga EE9J25y'1?AJfSEgi5 S CLARETTA THOMPSON, BAS-V MS- Wesfern Michigan College Shorfhand Sen or Off ce Tra n ng Typing, Jmior Of'f'ce Training, Universify of Mich qa'i Y-Teens Advisor, Senor Class Advisor Typ ng, Commercial Arifhmefic rn" :Deen eg: A V V Ci,osir4c ra-'I '-v jj . ,g , 'S ,,.,,-.Girl gg, , -I A g. jan: Q Ln: Q E '1. 4 , .Q' I vga' T' ,- 5 6 . , A r A as a :iii W viv a ia 'Tia if ,.fg' . OUHYS Q. -. Q J A HUTTENQA1 5.5M 'VLA' WlI.l.IAM R. BQOKER. JR., B.S., L.L.B. M ch gan Siale College, Ferris Insfiluie Uf'lVef5llY Ol M'Cl'l'Q5"1 I Norrhwesfern Universily Bookkeep ng, Advisor of Future Accounlanfs Law The Commercial Deparrmenl provides many diflerenl subiecls deal- ing wilh a commercial diploma. Firsl, lhere is Commercial Arilhmelic, which deals wilh business problems of malhemalics, Second, we have Bookkeeping. One can lake Tour semeslers of Bookkeeping from which he may learn To sei up a correcl sel ol books and lhe lundamenials of Bookkeeping. Third, is Commercial Law, which deals wilh lhe laws lhal govern our every-day aclivilies. Fourlh, is Shorlhand. We have a lwo- year course which deals wilh proper proporlion ol slrokes, lranscribing, and speed. Fillh, is Typewriling. Typing deals wilh beller wriling, en- velopes, and lelegrams. One also learns lo acquire speed and Jrhe op- eralion ol lhe machines. Sixlh, is Senior Oiclice Training. Page Thirleen ,Rf - J............L.1a- V - ---- -J -- - - --- Quduolniak Auto and Home Senna ' A. M. COURTRIGHT, Mfx. Columbia Universiry, Unrversiry ol Michigan Spansh, Mechanical Drawing, Advisor Oi Fulure Engineers ELMER O. OJALA. B.S. Wcslern Michigan College lnduslrial Arla, Welding, Machine Shop k. WILLIAM H. DINGLER, B.S. Western Michigan Coliege Woodworking VIRGINIA LOU HANSON, BS., M.A. Wheaton College, Columbia Teachers College Clothing, Junior Class Advisor, F.T.A. Advisor -as 1 'RM is i "fix "' . W .- .. -4, , 9: I i . 4, i . ,gs I A 5' x 7 .. si'-iii xy- ,I My . 22:02 H. fix' ages . . aw" A . QQQCQCA X, mm bean' ,, -It -' w. ' 1 . -'-r . 7 ff. . --Q 1:-G i, f' ' ' Q .. Tyne .I I 25.3 Q ,l L f "--:'Eir5i:4 ix r Q ' 'lii I 'E C. F. KOEHN United Typofhelae Indianapolis School of Printing Graphic Arrs, Oaks, Acorn Printing Advisor SYLVIA STOHL. B,S. Whealon College Foods, Sophomore Class Advisor Y-Teens Advisor Our lnolusrrial Arls Deparlmenl includes Graphic Arls, Woodwork, Machine Shop, and Mechanical Drawing. Proiecls are worked on all year lo be ready lor judging al lhe l:oreman's Clulo. This year work was begun on a new wing of our high school lo house These classes. This wing will be complele nexl year. ll will also house an Aulo and Power Shop. Senior Ari' room, Band room and Band praclice rooms, olllices and con- ference rooms lor Band ancl Orcheslra, Driver-Training rooms, and some new classrooms. There are lwo branches of The l-lome Economics Deparlmenl. Each division is complelely separale from lhe olher. One is The Clolhing De- parlmenl. Their main aclivily is The annual Slyle Show in May when The girls model lheir linished proiecls. The olher is lhe Foods Deparlmenl. i v-,v lm,---,,-',,.gi,,,, ., ....-.-f-..- .-,,,...,...,-....,... ..,- c.. .M - .- .-.-- -----N -- -Y -7- i1 - Pu awe ducaliim,Speeclr, and Au ALVlA E. CATER, l3.S. Weslern Mich gan College Physical Educal'on, Inlramural Sporls Advisor, Sophomore Class .41 JOHN REGENMORTER, B.S., M.A. Norlhweslern University Debale, Public Speaking, Debale and Forensic Advisor Junior Class Advisor A , sa , Q -is, A jx Qi .2 Q Y , Q' gg s 'sf - 5 2 'Ss if M il ' 5 ' 'sf Q I Q vs ,f , ss s Es. 'vs 263552 ,sg N XPC 'iff X50 ,. ESG 34.17 , W lm , ff f --f Ms 4 C iw? -ess: .- sur- ez ' if , A 'i sf Qs 221153 .. if jg f' -' 'i111..95'1,:.L r f.r..1::::,,g'g:??,2?' G gg ' .51-423 A sf 5 Y 3 4 'r Q , X Y I x b SZ. sf. 5 MAXINE COBB, BS. Weslern Michigan College Physical Educalion, Advsor of Boosler Club EUGENE W. GILLASPY, A.B., BS. Norlhweslern, Weslern Michigan College Speech, Radio, Drarnallcs, Advisor, Sophomore Class , EVERETT BIDVIA, B.S, -ff , Central Michigan College f -"1 Driver Training I L KATHRYN KEILLOR, A.B., M.F.A. Cranbrook, Weslern Michigan College Arl, Acorn-Oaks Arl Advisor Slarling lhis year, Girls' Physical Educalion consisls ol Seasonal Sporls, General Gym, and Dancing. Sophomores musl lake General Gym while Juniors and Seniors have lheir choice ol lhe lhree. lnlramural Sporls and Bowling are ollered aller school. A new lype ol Boys' Physical Eclucalion was pul inlo operalion lhis year also. Upper classmen are able lo lake Marching and Calislhenics, Seasonal Sporls, or Gymnaslics. Sophomores have a general gym class. All sludenls are required lo lake one semesler ol speech. Advanced courses such as debale, dramalics. and radio are ollered lo Juniors and Seniors. Sludenls may also lake parl in lhe annual spring Forensics Conlesl, lake parl in play produclions, and belong lo lhe dramalics club. ,,A,,, ,Y.,.h., 2. , ,, . ...J ,. Y YY .. wwign Language and Wluoic WA-RNER QA!-OMBECK AL MEERZOL BIM. FEZQBETET LU WlRS:Cl-TEM BS M M Cncinnafri ConservaTo'y H Michigan Sfale College Wigan GV CT, 92,3 Eolieqe Scholarship, Advanced Cerlifucale Mich gan STaTe College OrchesTra Band A Cappella Cho r ano Chorus ' ge.: E A l ' l zi, Y 'fi-ff-f 3 l' ' QQ- ' .. T XA' ' Y . -1 r , , .. ,..- - .L - - - wg-N .x ..,.. . -Ak . av- . ' ' if A -- -,'- If': Egj:54'5. -.,,54xL,:,.,:.1:,s,,,- .:,.3.5.3,:'irQ2-235-ras. . ,. HELEN E. NVILLIAMS, A.B., M.A, Calvin College, Universily of Michigan RUTH l'lA5TlN65- AB" M'A' Smbonne pa, S Adrian College, UniversiTy of Mich gan Spanish, Lafin, French, Advisor oi Lal ri Club Spanish, Advisor oT Spanish Club OTTering a key To The romance and arTisTry oT The Qld World, The Foreign Language DeparTmenT poinTs The way To new horizons. By en- rolling in French, LaTin, or Spanish, sTudenTs can exTend Their knowledge oT Toreign lands, people, and cusToms. Classroom aids TeaTure Toreign books and magazines, bulleTin boards, phonograph records, and Tilms. PronunciaTion is closely checked by means oT oral reciTaTion and Tape- recorder. ln This way, each individual sTudenT is able To noTe his improvemenTs. The Music DeparTmenT consisTs oT Three major divisions, The Choir, The Band, and The OrchesTra. The deparTmenT oTTers an opporTuniTy To sTudenTs who wish To parTicipaTe in musical work. The courses are all elecTive and some sTudenTs Take as many as Their schedule will permiT. Page SixTeen 1 Ig 'V 1 ,. 5 1 - , A l 'mA ,,, A - .nxt .xx 9 1 ', , 4. Mm ,W i-:5""'F?m"'f"f-ff,-1..A A T- ,-yzf' ' -A ---.-AA "'-'-- fav- -A ' - V1 -51 -- ' - -,--"mf--.Q ' ' ' 1 rfliiiw Af ' 5 A f g-AA5.mA5:1.- A, A A at 3:1-fix - ---1 -X :J A -A .A --3 lin-' x..2:f-iifzxf' A .. 1f"'n2x- -. , A- -' 35,5 Lge: A - A -v,A,"A-3. . A ' v"Af'11?'4f: -M06 A Agfi . "VF" A A5923-,Z: .4 A I -.--,,gS1G2'g- f' -"P-1:'.-'.A,AAA' A ' ZA" Aj ff- Y 72,-A172 ffm' p K , A- Aff- firkl -11-:ii "N ' ' 'fam -A 1 "ff- Z, r A, "fQg- ' A .A 'V Q5-2 '+ . A-A - ,Naam V H- A -if A -----' M"---1 . - A -- A ve- .-IA.: 9"tg.MAS- A - -1:-1-1 MW' "--.Ai A: -2' AA b m A- 3,532 ',-:ww-A' ' -- Q. ',35f-w-5-.w M. - X'---A-AAA-Al':, -- -- - - X ' - -1 A ' fa: ' ' - Q I". .' 1- 'Wi " :AA A . A F' 5-. - gf zz ff "fd: A A ' -- - A --' ,QA- -A, M A., . .- . A.-5, -f - A- bb--A -f. -- - 5. . A xx . -gzjii-,A :fi-31' ' X A 75: 4? f -.rg AJ, -I 'Sv -,,.4LAEx- A .AAA V, 5:13, fp: --ivy -A-fn z - A.,-'L W- - , f, . 'I - 5424-4 ' - E531 yi: ' 71' -A A . " A15-A-5:1 - .554 f -,A ,- .- -- 1-W 3 ,Ag-L---2 9 z u .A A "W - . - .ggdxb ,gf -- 5 Ls' . -A A1 P A ' , 'AAA Af A: QA-1 -. .-v --4-A A .f A -A--an 1 - -f ,v--.A -1 ' ' -T5 WP A' A' -' Jlifffi' 1 ".J'-1--'-'1-ii -'--vnu G-'71 - --5 ' " '- f ' fi'-1" ' .- rscgpi ,ax A ul E A A Ah.-AAA .A , -A -4 . ,I fl, AA , -ww - ,W -L,,---- .4--we -ML, -,u f- - - ' : ' f-A If-qv ' - 1 fs 'A "fix-,AJ-f' -A .f A 5- ' .' . 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A A-5A-if 5' 3f'qjAjAA,-p.A9 I--:V - -WA A-'-ir, 'A+ " 7.4,-im.. X f 3 --aP+:a6:',-5fJgf-.e256PaA3,:11f- ' ' 8- A -AA-A fmvfcf-Af, 1 - ' . - - - A 5 -:-Q'-Aff aw- -4,5511 A-Zi., 1 -' N.. .. '-rf'-1 . ". '- ff- - -. f-.-:K "P .Q -55,5947 --Yi' -Af5f'I1j:j.,A"lg A A- AA ' f iff, - .- .- -A A-3,-f -,- ,.A A:-. 'M --f,,5,g.'f-ws' A4 'f,q'?1g:i,f'.'1 -A-A - A- ff- --124,-sxqfiefg ' '+G1if,z2Q- 'f - W- rf -A -JA A '-.-.ggggPA-gi:-P--. 5 --Av, Q LA- 4A,:., v . 'f-QSAA, -- ' -- lb -- . - A. gang, ,--A 1,-A. A A ' ' 11.1-,ja-A -VL f- A wr' . ,V Seniam Ckaoo Presidenr- Ken'neH'1 Kubilins Vice-presidenr -- Donna Hughes Secrefary - Romella Ealom Serqeanrs-af-arms-Ralph Kool and Dave Krueger Treasurer- Richard Hansen Advisors-Mr. Sclwreqardus, Mr. Brown, and Mrs. Heafon Mrl Sclwreqardus, Mrs. Heafon, Mr. Brown, Kooi, EaYom, Kubilins, Hugnez, Hansen. and Krueqer bww Page Eighfeen . W1 r il T v l if ,,s- Y. 4 e ' sp- 5. - -. ' i ualing Seuiww ali l956 BETTY ABRAHAMSON College Lovely Belly is a member of The Wesl Shore Symphony Orcheslra. Among her many acfivilies were Y-leens, Fu' lure Teachers, Spanish Club, Oalalan Players, Choir and Orcheslra. Belly likes music, pizza p'e, and Traveling. ROBIN ADAMSON College Robin 'franslerred here from lowa in her iunior year and quickly made a place for herself. Sre participated in Y-Teens, Spanish Club, Oaklian Playe's, Sub-Juniors, Fulure Teachers, Thespians, and was on the Oaks and Acorn Slall. DAVE ADLER College Known as "Li+lle Moe" lo all his friends, Dave lrans- lerred lo l-leighrs High in his iunior year. He served on lhe Senior Play Comn-iillee, and also served on The all School Play Cornmilree. L'llle l4oe's hobbies a'e dogs and girls. MARGARET ALGIRE Commercial Happiness is aglow , , . Margie was an active member ol The Library Club. She also oarficipaled in lhe Slyle Show, and was a Jun or Arbor Girl. Her special l'les are dancing and Bob. Margie is employed al a local firm. ESTHER ANDERSON College Ambltion plus ability describes Esther, Slre was piano acccmn-spans? for A Cappella Choir and the all school play. Ske was acfive in Sub-Juniors, Fulure Teachers, Sludenr Council, and had lhe honor of being Junior Girl. Spare r'n1e is spenl wilh Tom. ROBERT ARDIS General There is never a dull moment when Bob is around. Because of work after school al a local store, Bob's ac- lfviles af Heighls High were limifed. Bob likes girls and his hobbies are cars, hunling and swimming. HERBERT ASHLEY College Herb, when nol "making musc' wilh his dance band was acrive in Srudenl' Council, Band, Orchesfra, and Fu- lure Teachers. His efforts in HI-Y resulled 'n a seal fn rne senale af lhe Slale Hi-Y Legslalure, He also parlci- paled in T,A.T.S. ALVIN BAIRD General "Life is no longer if l hurryg 'rhe world is no teller if I worry." Alvin was known as "Al" lo h's frends. His hobby is cars, bu? one ol Al's Iles is a cerran g'rl named lris. 1 ff ' 71 .F Page Nineleen 'l i 4+ it WA J tl W- 4 -'wp 3 JOHN BAKER College John, a quier lad, is a member of lhe Muskegon Chapler Order of DeMolay. During his iunior and senior years John was a member of Fufure Engineers. He likes fo hun? and fish when noi' working in a local sfore. Sl-lERRY BATES General Sherry's personality won her The posirion of "Class Flirt" She look par? in Srudenl Council, Senior Play Cornrnillee, Slyle Show, l-leighrs Night, Band, All-School Play Cornrniflee and Pep Club. She also enioys dancing and swimming. JAMES BEAL General Srudenr Couna! Represenlari-ye, Varsry Tenn's, Foorball Tea'n Manager, Sports Edlor for The Oaks and Acorn Slaff, and Junior Cornrnencernenr Usher were iusr some ol Jirn's acriviries, With all oi rhese acliviries, J rn srll had rirne lor his hobbies, sporrg and girls, JERRY BECK General Jerry was one wonderiul guy to know. One of his ac' cornplshmenls in school was w'nning a Machine Shop Award. Jerry works in a ca' lol ailer school, and his hobbies include working on cars and baseball. ' S' mlil956 MICHAEL BENHAM General "Micky," as he is called by his friends, was in Bible Class for Three years, and served as presidenf for three semesrers. He was in The All-School Play, Radio Class and A Cappella Choir. Mike likes girls wifh pony Tails. JULAINE BERG College Known by her blonde hair, "Julie" was very well liked. Julie was a Junior Arbor Girl and played fhe lead in 'the Senior play. Her olher acfivilies included Library Club, Prom Comrniliee, Oaklian Players and Thespians. DON BIGELOW General IF silence was golden, Don would be rich, Don was one of the ouierer seniors in the class of '56. His iavonle hobbies are fish'ng and hunling, He especially likes lo ear and sleep, Don served in the Marine Reserves. PATRICIA BOLES Commercial "She is one of The quiet kind buf a belrer girl is hard fo find." During high school Par was acrive in Girls' lnrramural Sporfs. She enioys ice and roller skal- ing and Iisrening lo records in her spare lime. Page Tweniy ,i,. 4 li-e if-gt '. A, 'ug' .S.ub BUD BOMERS College Happy-go-lucky, fair and free, nofhing exists fhal both- ers me! "Bud" was acfive in Sludenf Council, Hi-Y, and was a member of fhe Foofball and Baslcefball Teams. Bud likes sailing, swimming, and all sporls. CHARLES BONIFI ELD General Good nafure radiates from his every smile. Playing a guilar and banio is Chuck's main inferesl. He has Three horses and has won honors and ribbons in rodeos. He found enioymenf in Reserve Foolball and also plays in a local band. JACOUELINE BOOTH General Our halls will be guiel wilhoul Jackie's sparkling good nafured chaffer. Aclivily was her key word and she in' cluded Y-Teens, Heighls Nighl, Band, and Spanish Club in her schedule. Oulside of school she likes lo roller skale and dance. JOHN BORGMAN General John, one of l-leigh?'s more acfive printers, was a member of lhe Reserve Foolball and Baskelball learns in his freshman year. His hobbies consist of cars, hun?- ing, and fishing. He also works in a local grocery slore. l956 WALTER BORNS General "Walt" is a quief lad, bul a truly sincere friend. Wall was one of 'rhe drummers in our Band and Orchestra and was also a member of Chorus. He also received an award in woodwork. CAROL BOTTEN College Ouiel, buf active besf describes Carol. She was a mem- ber of Sludenf Council, Y-leens, Fulure Nurses, and Fu- 'rure Teachers Club. Carol's hobbies consisf of skafing and swimming. Her dislike is "kids lrhar walk slow in The hall!" GERALD BRINK College An active fellow. During four years wifh lhe band Jerry participaled in Heighls Night each year. He was a mem' ber of the Hi-Y and lhe Drill Team. Employed al' the Y. M. C, A. Jerry claims swimming and bowling as his hobbies. CLARALOU BROMLEY General Claralou, aclive in dramalics, Darlicipafed in many plays and on many play cornrnirlees. She was a member cn? Thespians and Oalflian Players, and participated in Heighls Nighl, A Cappella Choir, and Chorus. She also received a declamafion award. N104 Page Twenly one MIKE BROUILLET College One of our fine seniors who left in February-Mike was a good Sportsman. Tennis, Reserve Football, Reserve and Varsity Basketball were Mike's athletic accomplish- ments. Mike also was on the Oaks and Acorn staff. JAMES BROWN College "Mischief is my middle name." A very active student at Heights High, Jim participated in Heights Night Shows, Band, and he was a member oi Spanish Club tor two semesters. Listed among Jim's favorite hobbies are hunting and fishing. JACOUELYN BUCK Commercial "Life is too mysterious, don't take it serious." . . . Y-Teens, F.T.A., Spanish Club, Oaks and Acorn Staff, Girl's Intramural Sports, Cheerleader, Heights Night, and two All-School Plays sparked JacIcie's interest. Her spare trne is spent writing to a Marine. VIRGINIA BUITENDORP College The girl with the pleasant smile , . . "Virgie" particis pated in Y-Teens, Future Teachers, Future Nurses, Span- ish Club, Booster Club, A'CappelIa, Chorus, Senior and All-School Play Committees, and Girl's Intramural Sports. Virginia also works in a local store. 'G' Page Twenty-two - Samet , . :qi ' 'l T-'Lil :"ii-+l':5l'4:1'Yii- .4'+ "'e-fi f 4651 E. 1 is ,. :. -1,54 -z .-I gizgofv-1 ff: - 44 ' S ' ali I9 5 6 HELEN BURGHDUF General "Short and sweet" is our Helen. "Shorty" was in Stu- dent Council and Chorus. She took part in the Style Show and worked on a committee tor the Senior Play. Helen likes to roller skate and loves "all steaks". DOROTHY BURT General Nice things come in small packages. During her high school years, Dot has been active in Y-Teens, Girl's ln- tramural Sports, Style Show, and Pep Club. She won her M. H. Letter and her hobbies are skating and dancing. MARY ELLEN BIJSMAN College A girl with a smile as bright as her diamond best describes Mary, She was an honor stuclent, M. H. winner, and a Junior Arbor Girl. Mary's hobby is playing the accordion. She works part-time at a local cleaners. BENJAMIN CALLAWAY, JR. General Although Ben transterreil to Heights in his Junior year, he has been a great help to our school. His activities included Hi-Y, Heights Night Shows, Band, Future Teach- ers, Varsity Football and Track. Ben's hobby is swimming. NNW New 'tu -'fied ,f..:,jl "" W Mm H "W" i ' Senimw ali l956 DARWlN CARLSON General "Quietness, an art which few develop" is a symbol ot "Dar's" personality. He has won a second place award in advance cabinet making. His hobbies deal with the out-of-doors such as hunting and fishing. "Dar" dislikes cats. KENNETH CARRIER General Ken is a happy-go-lucky sort of a guy. He was a rnern- ber ot the Band and participated in Heights Night in his sophomore and iunior years. Ken was also a member ot the Drill Team. VIRGINIA CARSELL Commercial "A friend in need is a friend indeed," Virginia was a member of Spanish Club in her senior year. Her favo- rite hobbies are roller skating and listening to the radio. During her spare time "Ginger" worlcs tor a local firm. DALE 'CASLER General Dale, although quiet, was in all ways a true friend. His hobb'es include hunting, fishing, and auto mechanics. He won two awards tor outstanding work with hand and machine tools and was a member of the Drill Team. MARILYN CHRISTIAN College Marilyn, being small, threaded her way quietly through our halls. She was active in Latin Club, Future Teachers and took part in the Style Show. Marilyn especially likes diving and boat riding. She is employed at a local grocery store. EUGENE CHRISTIE College Joe was nicknamed the "let" by the speed he showed in three years with the Track and Football Teams. He was also in Band and Orchestra. Joe also sang in the All-School Play and Heights Night. RUTH CINCUSH Commercial Fun loving, "Ruthie" will be remembered lor her natu- ral ways. Among her activities were Y-Teens, Spanish Club, Booster Club, Girl's Intramural Sports, M. H. Winner, and Prom Committee, Working at a local store and writing poetry occupies her time. GRACE COLE College "Jolly and tull of fun," describes "Gracie," Through- out her school years she participated in Y-Teens, Latin Club, Future Teachers, Choir and Sub-Juniors. She is an M, l-l. Letter Winner. Her spare time is spent keeping "Sonny" company and collecting records, Page Twenty three YC- - .. -.,.....,.....-...deli G ' S' vlil956 CHARLES COOK General A real friend with a nice smile describes our "Chuck." He received awards in Woodwork ll, and in Mechanical Drawing Ill, while he attended Heights High. His most enioyable hobbies consist of hunting and fishing. EUNICE COOK Cammercal "Cookie," as Eunice is known by many ot her wands, is remembered tor her smiling face and outstanding scholastic record. Outside ot school she spends her spare hours collecting post cards, records and photographs. Bill is her special interest. RAYMOND COOK College Ray was voted "best actor" ol our senior class. He was act've In l-t3Y, Tnespans, Oakl ans, All-School Play, Band, Heights N'ght, Track and Varsity and Reserve Football, He 's employed at a local clothing store. NANCY COOPER Commercial "True to her wcvd, he' woflfy her friends." Nancy was an active member O' YfTeens, Future Accountants, Span- ish Club, and Booster Club. She also worlred on tl-e Senior Play and Prom Comrrfttee. Nancy liles swimming, dancing -with Pete. BARBARA COTTRELL Commercial Petite, neat and friendly . . , Barbara's school activi- ties included Chorus, Future Accountants and the Style Show. She likes swimming, surt-board riding, and danc- ing. Barb is employed part-time in a local drugstore. JERRY CRANE College A truly "big man" at Heights High, Jerry played cen- ter on the Varsity Football squad. He also played Track and Reserve Football, An "all-round" athlete, Jerry played on the Tennis Team. Hi-Y and Future Engineers were also his activities. CLIFTON CUMMINC-S, JR. College A rnan ot distinction, that's sure Clitt. He played Re- serve and Varsity Basketball, and Football. He was a member of the Track Team, Cliff was also act've in Student Council and H:-Y. Clitt has no special hobpes other than sports, JANET DANKER General Petite, but sweet, w'th a triendly "hello" tor eieryone. Janet won many friends during the two years she was 'Vicit" on our cheerleading squad, She was also a mem- ber of A Cappella Choir and toolf part 'ri the Style Show. Page Twenty-tour 6 i lllixllg . .sqm J fi i ,,.f .QQ Q. 'yr r i.. 0 S 0 RAY DAVlS General Ray, known to all his triends as "Rod," played Varsity and Reserve Football during his years at l-le'ghts High. His hobbies included cars, hunting and tishing. Ray was also an active member of the Photography class. NANCY DE BARD College "Nan," an active student, participated in Yfleens, Sub'Juniors, Library Club, F. T. A., Latin Club, Oakl'an Players, Thespians, Future Nurses, Choir and as Junior Arbor Girl. The title of Best Actress goes to Nan for her part in the Senior play, KEN DEEPHOUSE General Ken, who is very energetic, has many hobbies includ- ing hunting, sl.iIng, swimming, and h'king. He also :ound time among all of his hobbies to participate in Reserve Football. One ot his particular Iilfes is music. MARILYN DE FRENCH Commercial "Near and sweet with personality plus" is Marilyn. She was an active member of Y-Teens, Future Accountants, Booster Club, and Spanish Club. She also was a member of Student Council. Marilyn likes dancing, swimming and Harold. l956 DAWN DENTON Commercial "Tne tirst to become excited, the last to calm down" was our Dawn. She participated in Girl's Intramural Sports, Y-Teens, Senior Play Committee, Sub-Juniors, Spanish Club, All-School Play, and the Pep Club. Dawn likes to swim and to dance. ALBERT DINES College Just hand him a test tube and a mathematical prob- lem and Albert will do wonders, He lists his activities as A Cappella, Chorus, Junior Commencement Usher, Bible Class and Future Teachers. "Al" loves to write and read . . . especially Emcrsorfs Essz1ys. JAMES DUBAULT General "A lot of lun and a little bit ot study maifes me happy," Jim was well lrnown 'or the srn'le he lept on his face and the fun in his heart. He worked at a local supermarket. ROM ELLA EALOM Commercial Popular Romella participated in Student Council, Y- Teens, Choir, Chorus, lntrarnural Sports, Future Teachers, Future Accountants, Spanish Club, Oalclian Players, Boo- ster Club, Pep Club, Oaks and Acorn Staff, Junior Ar- bor Girl, M. H. Winner, the Snow Ball, Senior and All- School Play Committees. 3 H' I , 4 Q Q 1-"aff J i I Pa ge Twe nty-tive , A W 'u . 'M I- A 1 - , ,r .Q 1- ,',"" 5.1-' f, If - lx. ll . Y K' F rl -, I 7 ' l iwdthzu' IA? Y f hu , . .I .. I .6 L' I .vu 1 U "I bl 1 . Y 1, ' 1 - v V s 'X . X v . I A Q . , - Q ' V VI! Av! W W' ,. 1 l' lqgwr ,11 ,, v 'ALJNUHQH !4N- lmgh Q ,. .nf fv', , U v, . 'Q-:W , tg' if U- -nv K ' - ".Y'A '. J 4' - A, ' .. .:m:, , 1 VA .V .-.1 ,. gy,-'. T 3 XP4u f , ' 1 M- 1g+w1?. Qu q, fw' .,-.- f 421. ' iw." , V ,, M .1 ill -fn , , , .,. ,, , ' NU . 4,'.,, ,Cyf ive. MZ ,ml A ii, ,N vi 6. 1 ., X, '12 'eg H, "24.4,63g'g M V." I , f '?K4gi:j' .1' -yx..-.'h 'w'5. ' . Hf"ig,5,.k "VV l .V . y- .I ul w wl ' x. V ,H+ ul' ' f, 'Q Nb, 1:1 I i 1' A ','.f 'fJ ,Q I' . ' '. W. . ' f , W A ' f ' w , l A 4 ' F0 '- 4 .' ,A J' ' V N 1 A - . 1 1 ' ' I Y 1 . I '1 I . . 'I . - V 1 N A I'-1I'I9l'!.'i: RAYMOND EDWARDS General Ray has a special 'ralenl lor singing. He used 'rhis fal- enf in lhe A Cappella Choir, Chorus, and Heighls Night Show. He was also a member of The Spanish Club, fhe Track Team, and The Drill Team. MARClA ENGLE General "l.el"s laugh" is Marcia's mollo. She was acfive in Chorus and in Girl's lnlramural Sporfs. She likes to dance and also likes fo roller skale. Marcia is now a cashier in a local sfore. GLENZETTA ENGLISH College ll's nice io be nalural when you're naiurally nice, Glenzelfa was a member ol The A Capella Choir, Y. Teens, Pep Club and parficipaled in Girls' lnlrarnural Sporls. She enioys music and likes lo play lhe piano. DOUGLAS EVERETT General "l am nor so foolish as fo lei sfudies inferfere wilh my pleasure." Doug was a member ol Fulure Engineers, Reserve Foolball, The Drill Team and Hi-Y for lwo years. Doug's hobbies are lsled as dancing, fishing and huniing, X-we www 'Vik 1 Page Twenly-six 'f5l3i'f"F' - -? '.14j', ' . . ,., ..g -. i .' ',iZ- Q6 'S' iilil956l RONALD FARKAS General "Ron," as he is called by his friends, is a guy who is chuck full of fun, yer quiel, loo. He was in Sfudenf Council, and likes lo work on "hor rods". He works for a local grocery sfore. DONALD EARNOUlST General If silence were gold, l'd be a millionaire. Known as "Don" To his many friends, he likes lo work on cars as his hobby and pas?-lime. JORGEN HSKARS College "Tall, dark and handsome, whal more could you ask?" Jorgen came here from Finland in I948. He was active in Fufure Engineers during his Junior and Senior years. After school Jorgen works al a local gas sfarion. ELAINE FLETCHER General A pleasanl smile, always ready lo lend a helping hand well fils "Elaine." She parlicipaled in Sfudenl Council, Chorus, All-School Play Commillee, Photography, Radio, Grl's Sports and the Slyle Show. Elaine's favorire pasr- rfme however, is hunting and fishing. 4,52 K 3 Z is NNAK Q T fs, , Y . vs s , . s .sg-. " s . X X C X X his X s X s X N , sl, ,,,. 1: , agar-1 1,41 -, -,.,1' V .g-, gJgm,y.eaa-.N.-.'..vv- -. .f,.-.- ir.-- - .. .. - if i x .,,F..,Wa1,lY3..',,,vipiwQ . T. . . . i si' .-.'rm"""21..'gx-, -'3 . . 'v ,,l4,2,h' ii .95'l1 l.Tffi ,,", , -vi iz right ,Q avyts - , .. .,. N . , 1 r' , ,f ii, 1 yi Y 1 i ,i V, 0 o CONNIE FLOWERS Commercial "Always peppy, full of fun, a swell friend ro exe'yone." Connie look parl in The Style Show in her sophomore year. She claims dancing and roller skating as her hob- bies and she dislikes English. RICHARD FORREST College Dick parlicipaled in The Heighls Nighl Show, and was also a member ol Fulure Engineers. He won ll-icc awards in fhe Foreman's Club Conlesi. His hobbies ins clude wafer skiing, swimming, and eafing spagnerri and meatballs. ALBERTA FORTE General Sweel and ouier describes Alberta wrio iran-af-erred lo our school in her iunior year. She was an aclve member 0? lhe Bible Class. Alberia likes lo go To chu'ch and linds salisiacrion in wriling the sick. DAVID FORTENBACI-l ER General "ll's nor ihal' l love siudy less, buf lun more," says happy-go-lucky Dave. Navy Reserves 'fakes a lol oi his lime and he likes To hunl and fish. One oi his orhe' inferesls is building houses. ali l95 BETTY FOX General Eeily was a friendly girl who was always seen wearing a smile. Her main inferesl' in school was cenfered around music, two years in The Chorus and one year in The A Cappella Choir. Belly likes skafing and dancing. BOB GABRIEL College Ouiel and s'ncere is Bob, and ambilious, loo. He has parricipared in Track, Fulure Engineers and won honors in Mechanical Drawing. His spare lime is spenl work- ing ai' in local grocery slore and his hobbies are Mar- garel' and radio. NANCY GARBER College Ouiel and arnb iiOuS are a iew of Nancy's many features. She has parfcfpaled in Y-Teens, Chorus, and All-School Play Commillees. Roller skating, 'or which medals were won, aslronomy, and ice skating are iusl a few of her hobbies. DAVID GEIGER General Da-fe's friendly manner and personality won him scores oi iriends during his high school days. Wifh lhe band for one year, he served as one of The Color Guards for Two more years. Dave's hobby is Archery. Page Twenly seven MARYANN GILLHESPY College Maryann, voted "class cut-up," participated in Student Council, Oaks and Acorn Staffs, Senior Play, Y-Teens, Future Nurses, All-Shool Play, Pep Club, Latin Club, was a Girls M. H. Winner and captain ot our cheerleaders. "Mag" likes Darky. DOROTHY GILLISH Commercial Dorothy was known to all as "Bunny." She was active in Girls Intramural Sports, and the All-School Play. She has a partrtime iob at a local roller-rink and enioys roller skating, swimming, hunting, and popular music. MICHAEL GILMORE General Mike was best known forthe noise he didn't make. He enjoys hunting and music very much. His work in Machine Shop won him an award. Milne is also employed at a local grocery store during his spare time. CAROL GOLDSBOROUGH General "lt's not that I love study less, but lun more," that's our Carol. She took part in Student Council, Senior Play Committee, and Style Show. Carol works as a wait- ress and goes skating and dancing in her spare time. -A -- e - -..- . ' ,..3.:..-.z....f 1.f..:ui.n '.i1anannmuwi ' - 1 -or was A f . ' S' mlil956 DARLENE GOODRlCl-l College "Pert, and peppy" are ways to describe "Dee." She was especially active in Girls Sports and won an M. H. letter. She also participated in Future Teachers, Pep Club, and A Cappella Choir. Her hobbies include ice skating and dancing. MARTHA GRAVES College Having a quiet disposition but at the same time being happy, "Marty" was in Student Council, Oaks and Acorn Staffs, Choir, Chorus, Junior Arbor Girl, F.T.A., Librar- ian, Spanish Club, Play Committee, and Pep Club. She is employed after school. CAROL GROSSMAN General Carol had to be continually busy. She was active on the Oaks and Acorn Stafts, in Y-Teens, Sub-Juniors, Oak- lian Players and the All-School Play. Carol twirled lor three Years in the band and tor Heights Night. CARMELITA HAMMOCK College That girl with the mischievous twinkle in her eye . . . Carmen was a member of Y-Teens, A Capella Choir, Spanish Club, Pep Club, and Oaklian Players. Carmen plays the piano tor her church choir and likes Spanish and boys. www. Page Twenty-eight SX X - 'SV .S.0b RICHARD HANSEN College Dick, who was chosen "Best Looking", served as class officer, Vice Pres. ot Student Council, Pres. ot Future Engineers, and Junior Com. Usher. He was active in Hi- Y and on the track, tennis, football and baseball teams. JERRY HARVEY College "Cool and reserved" describes Jerry. Jerry was active in Future Engineers in his iunior and senior years. He participated in Boys Intramural Sports, baslctball in particular. Among his many hobbies is chemistry. He also enioys reading bools. TERRY HARVEY General "Quiet and casual" are the words used to descrbe Terry. Terry participated on the Drill Team in his senior year. His likes include old Hts. High and swimming. Among his many hobbies he enjoys building model air- planes. CHARLENE HAUKE General A lady ot leisure whose mission is iust to be happy and constantly smile . . . Senior Play Committee, Y- Teens, Style Show and Sub-Juniors all claimed "Char" as a participant. She especially likes dancing and Keith. l956 RONALD HAYWARD General Being a good Marine Corps Reserve member was a pleasant pastime in Ron's lite. He also enioyed skat- ing, fishing, and model airplanes. His ability won him two awards for industrial arts work. Ron's good humor will long be remembered. RONALD HEGEDUS General What men dare, I dare-"l-leg," as known to his friends, is employed at a local service station. Student Council and Baseball claimed him as a participant. Heg was also an M. H. Winner. CHARLENE HENDRICKS General "lt's nice to be natural when you're naturally nice," Charlene participated in Nafonal Thespians, Oallan Players, Future Nurses, Spanish Club, and Sen'or Play Committee. Char delighted in collecting wishbones and holds a particular liking for a boy named Bob. ALICE HERLEIN College A fine girl with a nice smile. Alice participated on the Senior Play Committees, Library Club, Y-Teens, A Cappella Choir, Chorus, Future Teachers, Oaklian Play- ers, Thespians, All-School Play, All-School Play Commit- tees, Radio, and Latin Club. Alice likes the piano. gpm Page Twenty nine PHYLLIS HIETANEN General A popular girl is Phyllis with a personality plus. ln her senior year she did an excellent iob as Secretary of Student Counc.l, Phyllis was in Orchestra, Oaklian Play- ers, Sub-Juniors and on Play Committees. "Phyl" likes dancing and eating pizza. DORENE HILL General Known lor her baton twirling, Dorene was a rnaiorette all through high school. Her other activities included Heights Night, Oaks and Acorn Statfs Y-Teens, Senior Play Committee, Sub-Juniors, Oaklian Players and Radio. Dorene's hobbies are roller skating and dancing. FRED HILLIARD College Voted "most bash:ul" n the senior class, tound lame on the gridiron as co-captain and All-State tackle ot our football squad. He alto played Baseball and Varsity Basketball, Fred could also pe :cond oartcpathq In HSYY actyties. RUTH HILLIARD College "Rutn'e" always had a src le lo' everyone. She be- longed to Y-Teens, Pep Club, Span sh Club, and Future Teachers. She was a member oi the Chorus and took part ri Girls lntrarnural Sports and Athletics. Her rnain In- terest is Dick. -tl Page Thirty r i, .53-gani,'jq1?4.g,.51?..pe5 . 4, - t .. ,wx M 4 .ah :- f., g .gf ,. L, .yy- Lf . ,I :i:,y,4,, Y fi? . iv.-1f'..,: , Qp " MARLENE HILLSTEAD Commercial Marlene possesses a friendly heart that has many friends. She has actively participated in Y-Teens, Girls' Athletfcs, Girls' Intramural Sports, Heights Night, and was one of our rnaiorettes in her iunior and senior years. Marlene enioys dancing and loves snow. JUDITH HOLLOWAY General A twinkle in her eye, a tune in her heart, happy through and through. Judy was in Pep Club, Student Council, Future Teachers, All-School Play Committee, and Y-Teens. She won an M. H. and was on the Oalrs and Acorn Staff. NANCY HOLSTINE Commercial "Good things come in small packages." Nance was active in Y-Teens, Future Accountants, and Oaklian Pray' ers. Ste worked on the Senior Play Comrrrttee and on the Oaks and Acorn Staffs, Nancy l'kes hamburgs and painting. VERNON HOSKO General Vern gahed rnany yards on the 'ootball lield and many friends oft tne field. l-le was active 'n sports in- cluding Reserve and Varsity Football and Baseball. Vern was also in the Chorus. The Maine Reserves occupes much ot his time. x is X 0 S o ELLEN l-IOUCK Commercial A prefly smile describes Ellen who was active in Y- Teens, Style Show and Future Nurses. She likes lo square dance on Saturday nights and cooks well also. At pres- ent she has part-time work in a dime store. JIM HOZER College Jim was a bashful person with a lot of personality and many friends. He was a Varsity and Reserve football player: and secretary oi the Future Engineers. Jim llfes to work with hot-rods and wants to be a mechanic. DONNA HUGHES College "Most Likely to Succeed" . . , Donn-a's many activ't es included President of Yfleens and Sub-Juniors, set de- signer for the Senior and All-School Plays, Student Coun- cil Representative, M. l-l, Winner, Junior Arbor Girl, D. A. R, Winner, Prom Comm ttees, and a Senior Class Oficen SUE HUME College Loads of pep and personality go hand in hand to de- scrbe Sue. Sne was active in Y-Teens, Future Teachers Lbrarv Club, Oaklfan Players, Thespans, Choir, the All' School Play and Play Comm Hee. Sue was partcularlf 'nterested in -drarviafcs and must. l956 BRUCE HUMPHREYS College Friendly toward all, malice toward none. Bruce may not say much but he sticks to his word. Bruce lists his hobbies as hunting and fishing, and his favorite subiect is gym. VIRGIL HUNTER General A boy with a quiet and reserved manner best de- scribes Vifgil. He was a member of the Track Team, tl-e Reserve Football Team, and the Drill Team. Virgil's la- vorite hobbies are fishing and swimming. LAVON INMAN General Silence is more muscal Than any song. Vonn'e always has a cheerful "hello" and smile for everyone. She was very active in Y-Teens. Her hobbies are wale' slfinq, swimming. bowling, and a certain quy. MAX INMAN College Max is the friendly, hard-workng guy you'll always find working behind stage of all dramatic presentations, Max was always ready to lend a helping hand. Besides worr- ing 'n Drarnatcs and Radio he enyoys hunfng and iishnq. abuxf . gi, Q- F Wx DMV Page Thirty one MELVlN JACK General Although "Chuck" was a man of few words, he had Several friends. One of our quieter senior boys, Chuck likes to work on cars and date g'rls. NALANl JENSEN College "Lonny," as she is called by her many friends, has a cheerful smile for everyone. She was active in Y-Teens, Spanish Club, Future Teachers, Play Committees and Prom Committee. As her hobbies Nalani enioys playing the piano, swimming, and eating. BRUCE JOHNSON General Never say more than is necessary, Bruce, known to his lriends as "Ole," was well liked around our Heights High. He was a Student Council representative in his freshman year, and also played baseball in his sopho- more year. FLORA MAE JOHNSON Commercial Flora Mae was known best by her wonderful dsposl tion. Known as "Shorty" or "Little Bit" by her friends, Flora never lels there be a dull moment. She was a member oi Chorus and lilies basketball. Page Thirlyrlwo .S- W X , .il y Effie ' -L i Q i.J',TvE'i?I . il' ,. LEONARD JOHNSON College Always there with a smile, that's Len. Len was unable to participate in many activities because of work af'ler school. He is employed at a local shoe store and spends most of his spare time working on his car. TOM JOHNSON College "The Champ" was in Future Teachers and Spanish Club during his Sophomore and Juniors years. He played Intramural Basketball and was on the Drill Team. Torn was the State Golden Gloves Boxing Champion in I955. Tom likes girls and music. PATRICIA KADROVICH General Agood friend to all is "Pat," who was active on Oaks and Acorn staff. She participated in Yfieens, and Style Show: also a Girl's M. H. Winner. Hobbies a'e collect- ing records and photography. At present she is em- ployed at a local restaurant. ELDA KESSLER General A girl who is nice in a "quiet" way perfectly de' scribes dear Elda. She was active in chorus and A Cap- pella Choir. She also worked on the Senior Play Corn- mittee. She is employed after school. IVE 'Q-I . 'NW ' :if Yi ks- . .i xi 'Q x A' v-r at 95 .mi KATH RYN KlLE College All-round "Kal'y," Presidenr of Sludenl Council and a Class Officer, received lhe Civic Theaier Award, Ameri- can Legion Award and was Junior High Firsl Besl Cili- zen. She was very aclive in dramalic work, Y-Teens, Spanish Club and was a Junior Arbor Girl. JAN ET KITCHEN Commercial "Jan," as she is known io her many friends, was a credil io our school. Besides being very good in her school work she spenf many useful hours in The Bible Class. Jan's special inferesl is with llre U,S. Navy. GLADYS KNOTEN College Having a friendly narure and a bubbling personaliry were iusl Two of Gladys fine allribules. She was in Chorus, G-irl's Intramural Sporls and Lalin Club. Gladys likes fo sew and lo lislen To good music. RALPl-l KOOI College Ralph parficipaled in many acriviries including Siudenf Council and Hi-Y. He won The American Legion Award in 9'rh grade, was Junior Commencernenf usher and class officer. Ralph spends mosf of his spare time working on his customized Ponfiac. BARBARA KRALEY College A versafile girl wilh many capabiliiies is Barbara. She was aclive in Y-Teens, A Cappella, Oaklian Players, Fulure Teachers, Lalin Club, Senior Play Commilfee, and Sub-Juniors. Her hobbies are music and reading. "Barb" loves pizza and Dave Brubeck's iazz. DAVE KRUEGER College Sporls were Dave's main inleresfs through high school as shown by his fine record. He was on lhe Track Team, and played Reserve and Varsily Fooiball and was in Fu- 'rure Engineers. The senior class also claimed him as an officer. KENNETH KUBlLlNS College Presidenl of our Senior Class and Fulure Teachers, Ken proved To be a friend lo all. l-li'Y, Varsity and Reserve Foolball, Oaks and Acorn Slaff, and The Tennis Team . . . all claimed Ken as an aclive Darficipani. JOAN KULESZA Commercial There's never a dull rnomenl when Joan is around. She worked on The Senior Play Commiliee and was a member ol the Pep Club. Joan is our class "best dancer" and works par? lime al a local soda bar. X Page Thirly lhree ERIC LARSEN College "Give .him the out-otedoors and you give him the world." Eric claimed his hobbies as tishing and hunting. He won an Honorable Mention in Machine Shop and is employed at a local tactory. ROBERT LASCKO College A good guy, a triend worth having. Bob was a member ot Hi-Y during high school and served as treasurer in his Senior year. Bob won lst and 2nd honors in Mechan- ical Drawing and also played tennis. Outdoor sports are his hobbies. GERALDINE LEIGH General A girl ot cheerful yesterdays and confident tornorrows. Jerry participated in Y-Teens, Chorus, and two Style Shows. "Jerry" likes fishing and a good time: but don't try asking questions! JACK LIGHTGN College Jack, with his triendly ways, had a iolre tor everyone. "Digger," as he was called by some ot his triends, participated in band and Heights Night tor four years and orchestra tor one. Jack's ambition is to be a mor- tician. K 'R- Page Thirty-tour c ' S' mbl956 JOHN LONG College An honor student, with a personality to match, John is well liked by all who know him. He was in Hi-Y tor four years, played Reserve Football, was a commence- ment Usher and Junior Rotarian. John likes football, basketball and horses. BARBARA MALLEY General "An energetic girl tull of pep." Barb actively partici- pated in Girl's Intramural Sports in her sophomore and senior years. She was also a member ot the All-School Play. Barb claims photography, art, and skating as her hobbies. RONALD MANN General Ron, who was known as "Ham," was active in Orchese tra, Band, Heights Night, Choir, Drill Team' and Civil Air Patrol. Ham's hobbies are amateur radio and pho- tography. Ron dislikes the show of poor sportsmanship. LEE MARBLE General A nice tellow with a pleasant personality is unmistak- ably Lee, He was active in A Cappella Choir, Chorus, Pep Club, Intramural Sports, Track, and a M. H. Winner in Track. Listed as Student Council Representative . . . he also likes fishing. i ex as K- W Q - .IW '- . .H i t -Q: 2 . it-I I 0 S 0 SHIRLEY MATTHEWS General "About the best thing in The world is laughter." "Shirl's actTyEtTes included Y-Teens, A Cappella Cho'r, Girl's Athletlcs, Sub-Juniors, and The Style Show. Her hobbies include dancing and playing the piano, She works at a local drug store after school. MICHAEL McCORMlCK General How p'oud we were to have him in our class! Mike, The outdoors type, likes to hunt, fish, and has raised five crows since their birth. He is very interested in pho- tography as a hobby, and likes sports. MARILYN McGARY General S lence is one great art ol conyersatpn. Marilyn was in the Style Show in her sophomore year. Her hobby is Television. She parT'cularly likes eating hotdogs and drinking cokes. PATRICIA MEDEMA College Active in band as a Maiorette 'or three years, Pat used her twirling ability in Heights Night. Besides this, Pat was active in Future Nurses, Futwe Teachers, Y-Teens and Girl's Intramural Sports. I-ler main interest is one cel-?a'n guy. l956 MARGARET MEYERS Commercial In Margaret we see some of The finest attributes one can possess . . . golden nature, :est for work, and a heart ot pure gold. Margaret spends a good deal of her time danc'ng and Taking care ot kids. CAROL MILLER Commercial If silence were golden l'd be broke. "Curly" was active in Y-Teens, The Acorn and Oaks staff, Student Council, the Style Show, and Prom Committee. Carol served as Secretary and Historian oT Future Accountants. Carol works for a local firm. LOIS MOORE College Lois's personal.ty and sm'le matched the sparkle on her left hand. "Lo," a memter ot Y-Teens, Future Nurses, Booster Club, Pep Club, Oaks and Acorn Staff and Latin Club, also part'cipated in Gfrl's Athletics, Heghts Night, Band and Ofchestra. LORETTA MORRISON Commercial Easy to remember, hard to Torget, is everybody's friend . . . Loretta, She was a member ol the Oaks and Acorn StaT'ls and had The honor ot Leng a Junior Arbor Girl. S'e also Dart cioated 'n Intramural Sports and was a M. H. Winner. Page Thirty tive , A W 'u . 'M I- A 1 - , ,r .Q 1- ,',"" 5.1-' f, If - lx. ll . Y K' F rl -, I 7 ' l iwdthzu' IA? Y f hu , . .I .. I .6 L' I .vu 1 U "I bl 1 . Y 1, ' 1 - v V s 'X . X v . I A Q . , - Q ' V VI! Av! W W' ,. 1 l' lqgwr ,11 ,, v 'ALJNUHQH !4N- lmgh Q ,. .nf fv', , U v, . 'Q-:W , tg' if U- -nv K ' - ".Y'A '. J 4' - A, ' .. .:m:, , 1 VA .V .-.1 ,. gy,-'. T 3 XP4u f , ' 1 M- 1g+w1?. Qu q, fw' .,-.- f 421. ' iw." , V ,, M .1 ill -fn , , , .,. ,, , ' NU . 4,'.,, ,Cyf ive. MZ ,ml A ii, ,N vi 6. 1 ., X, '12 'eg H, "24.4,63g'g M V." I , f '?K4gi:j' .1' -yx..-.'h 'w'5. ' . Hf"ig,5,.k "VV l .V . y- .I ul w wl ' x. V ,H+ ul' ' f, 'Q Nb, 1:1 I i 1' A ','.f 'fJ ,Q I' . ' '. W. . ' f , W A ' f ' w , l A 4 ' F0 '- 4 .' ,A J' ' V N 1 A - . 1 1 ' ' I Y 1 . I '1 I . . 'I . - V 1 N A I'-1I'I9l'!.'i: Ava-.far--rrw-.-r N f -'rw-1-1 :fenvgfnr'f.i-'i-vn71f:?rIf7'I'.--... ,. ,, S T AH" if-'am-.1:Mgmt 1. .:i. -,,f. 3-1 , r vi it sw- my .t .-5,15 . i-y g. J,,.- s X . . ., . ,ni i.. iff ,-si,,. -. ,ii .1 i.,- GORDON MURRAY College Popular "Gordy" well deserved The title "Most All- round" as proved by his many acfivities, STudenT Coun- cil, Acorn-Oaks EdiTor, Hi-Y, FuTure Teachers, Speech ConTesTs, Oaklians, Thespians, Band, Commencement Usher, Boy's STaTe, Tennis and Football. BARBARA MUSl'Cl'l College Always willing To do her share, Barb, an M, H. w'n- ner, was active on The Oaks and Acorn Staff, Girl's ln- Trarnural Sports, and Sub-Juniors. Barb was Vice-presidenT of both Y-Teens and Booster Club in her senior year. RICHARD NELSON General "Don'T tale life so seriouslyg you can never ge-T out oi it alive." "Nellie" was an asset To the l-li-Y Club and Student Council. l-le enioyed sports and participated in Traclf, Reserve and Varsity Football. LEONARD NEWBLOM College NoThing great was ever achieved without enThusiasm - Len was very acTive in Student Council, Senior Play, Hi-Y, Heights Night, Prom Committee, Baseball, All- School Play, All-School Play Committee, Radio, and Golf. Len also lilres girls. Page ThirTy-six WlLLlAlvl NORKUS A General , - Though Bill was quieT around school, he was an' sfanding pitcher on the baseball field all Threeiyearsjin high school. Bill is a member of The Maririe,,Reserves and lisTs fishing and hunTing as his hobbies., V' JANET O'NElL College "Happy-go-lucky-fair and Tree, nothing exists- ThaT boThers me." Some of Janet's many activities were Y- Teen's, Cheerleader, Future, Nurses, Oaks,and Acorn STaT"l, The All-School Play, A Cappella Choir and a lvl. H. Winner. She enioys dangzing and swimming. MARION OSZUST i Commercial A cheeriul smile and a friend to all describes Marion. Her many acTivities included STudenT Council Represen- tative, Y-Teens, STyle Show, Girl's Intramural Sports, Chorus, Choir, Sub-Juniors, and she was a Junior Arbor G'rl. "Babe" collects cats. ROGER OVERLEY General "BuTl" was the sort of guy who easily made friends and was a friend to all. He was a member of The Span- ish Club and The Band. He enioyed tinkering with cars, and was employed alter school. we-T HQ' r ' """"r"""""'W'W' "Q' 'A """'a'ra"a"'-""' "M"'s we ik ,r 'S'vli ROCH ELLE PAQU ETTE College Modesly and sincerily make Rochelle of slerling worfh. Her many aclivilies consisl of Y-Teens, Orcheslra, Pep Club, Fufure Nurses, Fulure Teachers, Prom Comrnillee, Lafin Club, and being a Junior Arbor Girl, Rochelle finds delighl in people and enioys music. ANDREW PARKER College "Jack," as he was known lo all his friends, found much enioyrrienl in sporls. His favorile was baseball, a sporl which he played ollen. Jack was an excellenl swim' mer and he is an oulsfanding roller skaler. JAMES PARKER College Jim fils righl in wilh our Oaks lheme, since his hobbes are rockers and aslronorny. l-le also found lime lo be a Track Team Manager. and one ol Our marching Color Guard. ln The Foreman's Club Conlesf Jim received two awards. MELVIN PARKER General Melvin is known lo all as "Mel". l-lis hobby is repair. ing radios. He likes lo roller skale and also likes a cer- lain girl. "Mel" is employed aller school hours al a local parking lol. l956 LOUISE PEARSON Commercial Quier, buf always ready lo help when lhere is some- lhing lo be done. Louise was on The Oaks and Acorn Slaff. As a hobby she collecls sal? shakers. Louise likes popular music and her special like is Eddie. BETTY LOU PEDLER General A quick smile lor everyone and a nice personalily fils Belly. Y'Teens, A Cappella Choir, G-irl's Sporfs, rice Slyle Show and a par?-lime iob all kepl This girl busy. Her parlicular likes are swimming and skaling. FLORENCE PEDLER College Conlinually happy was "Flo". Among her high school aclivifies she included Y-Teens, Fulure Teaclrers, and Spanish Club. Florence found her guofa ol pleasure in roller skaling. She was also fond ol seeing a good move. JACK PENDELL College .lack is an oul-ol-doors man who enioys hunling and fishing. During rhe summer he likes lo follow baseball scores. Jack won an award lor being an oulslanding Chronicle newspaper carrier. Alter school he works in a local QrOCery slore. Page Thirly seven 5,4 1 1121- 'A -1.-Q-'QQ T I 2 f'u'?ll'lY'i K' ' 93351 . X Yr TED PERRY General Laugh till the game is played and then be rnerry. A carelree sort of lellow . . . Ted surely did his part on the basketball floor as a Varsity and Reserve player all through high school. Ted also played Baseball lor three years. OERALDlNE PERTILLA Cain-eral Geraldine was quiet and shy but a sinfe'e gr end to all wno lcnew her. Sne was in Chorus En Junior intl Senior year. "Dean," as she is called by her friends, lles to read. DONALD PlCl4EL C-illcqe "A boy rnosf capable o jo ng anything' hes? ae gcr keg Donalj. Don was on ani rnanaoer for our loc'- ball team ourng h's socrnorroe and sen or years. Tracl nferesred h.rn n h's iuno' ye-af. Don lists a'rplanes as a robby, THOMAS PRICE College Student Council, Reserve Football, AllfSchool Play, National The-soians Senior Play, and Oallan Players all profiled lrorn Torn's talents and wnnrlq personality. l-le was our Latin Club president this year, Being "best dancer" In the senor class, Tom loves dana ng. 'VFR Page Thirty-eight JERALD RASOR Oeneral Always nice to everyone . . . Jerry was active in Band, Heights Night, Orchestra and Student Council. Jerry is a member of the West Shore Symphony Orchestra and an M. l-l, Winner. His favorits sublect is Vera. DENNIS REARDON Oeneel Along with tire work at Heights l-ligh, Dennis always managed to rate lun. He was a member ot the Track Tea-'n for two years and in the Chorus. Dennis likes q'rls and clams eating, rnoslly stealis, as his hobby. ROSEMARIE REMWOLT College Sweet and considerate, our "Rose" was engaged 'n rnany act vitles lncluj ng tne Oaks and Acorn Staff. Future Teachers, Yeleers, Soansn Club, Peo Club, A Capella Choir, and on the Play Committees. She was also a Junior Arbor Girl. LOlS REYNOLDS Commercial Short, cute, and intelligent describes Lois. She took Dart in Library Club, Y-Teens, Girls Intramural Sports, Style Show, Prom Committee, GIrl's Athletics, and Fu- ture Accountants. Sl'e also was a girls M, l-l, Wznner, and likes spending time w'1h Alan. FIUIM '1' N I 0 S o BETTY RICHARDS General During her high school years, Betty participated in Y- Teens, Spanish Club, and the Style Show. Betty was a squad leader in gym, and an M. H. Winner. Betty's hobby is collecting p'ctures of movie stars. She likes music and typing. SANDRA RINARD College Sandra, the girl with the "sparkling personality," has participated in YeTeens, Girl's Intramural Sports, Oaks and Acorn Statt, All-School Play Committee, and was president ot Future Nurses in her senior year. Sandy was very interested in football this year. VALARIE ROBARGE Commercial She seems quiet, but still waters run deep. Known to all her friends as Val she took part in Chorus, 6irl's ln- tramural Sports and the Style Show in her iunior year. Val likes to dance and bowl. DIANA ROBINSON General Diana, ever talking, laughing, and smiling, is well liked by everyone who knows her. She has been very ac- tive in Band and Heights Night. Also she has been an asset to A Cappella Choir and Yfleens. Piano and dancing are her hobbies. rmzfmmlz-nngmunwx-z.u1u.r:szrgxmsucg ' J - .. ,,,,,- -4, Amp- ,gr f , l956 ELLEN ROBINSON College EIlen's many activities included Y-Teens, F.T.A., Span- ish Club, Oaklian and Thespians President, All-School Play cast and Committee, Band and Heights Night tor three years, and the Oaks and Acorn Stafts. Ellen was twice elected Secretary of Student Council. MARK ROUSELL College "Little said is soonest mended." Mark was one of the quieter ones at school and had a head for math. He was an active member in Future Teacher's Club. His spare time was spent as a tilling station attendant. RAY SAGALA College The nice guy with the licorice stick is Ray, for he is otten making music on his clarinet. A band and ore chestra member, Ray was active in tour Heights Night Shows. The Drill Team and bowling are also his ac- tivitles. DONALD SAN BORN College Always a smile tor everyone, Donnie played Reserve and Varsity Basketball, and Reserve Tennis, and was in Student Council and worked on the Oaks and Acorn Printing Statf. Donnie also likes to work on cars. if-4 28 A QM ,a '2 Page Thirty-nine xrvk L ., .,.,,, 'TWWY T T' 31 Q AXA.: N xisifvfiffkzcfx 5 Ssssyg L 'V www UM GERALD SATTORY College ourei, and shy, buT always a smile and a good word for everybody, ThaT's Jerry. He was an acrive member oT FuTure Teachers. Jerry is very inTeresTed in phoTog- raphy and enioys roller skaTing. He also works in a drug sfore. JUNE SCHEEL College June, alThough Tiny, was iery busy l:eing VarsiTy Chee'- loader, a member of STuoenT Council, Y-Teens, Spanish Club, Larin Club, Subduniors, FuTure Teaclsefs, Fep Club, and parTicipaTed in The All-School Play. Her hoblzfes are boahng and "Try,ng" To swim. JAMES SCHOTTEY Calle-ge Jim's spec al Iile is music, He was in TTC Band and He gl-iT: Nghf Show Tor Tour years and in Choir and Or- c.esTra ior Two years. H s acTiyiTies included Tennis, Baz- lelball, FooTball, Drfll Team, and Commencemenl' Us'ic" RICHARD SENG General AlThough Dicln was. a man of iew words, he had many Triends. Dicl is a member oT The Foreman's Club and works as a confracfor aTTer school hours. He also enjoys hunTing. x fin T . 5 f W rfr- xi . E gf "'i li xsv T ss.. 'Qvw 55 'xi' 5 X M x 'Q ,vs xk fm ,K mx Su RW X X mf 3 W RSL, -S4 sm we -+ wseggsk N X XX ix Q 5 Kfwiffsi 'bb igisxsx Q s X N NX 0 X Q- xg XM A sis a s -X-,X 'Q ' RN X X xx kb X rs W Q 'err' iii Y W S X xx X Xgsi X 5 X six l Q A T 4. is L., ' P ' N.. .,Z,, ,,f.Q...'TS.w. - seewm eewe Aww .L.,::f.,Q2:if'a1-ages' f, , T if ass1s,5,fz:,.:,::Y3f.:: VX., . . .- A 3' ,- 1 5 -5. s 5 f- 'rl 5 . -is 'fi--I :51Q1f"!-':'-Ivisif ' 5 T - i -63':'i1'hi ii'-f fa: I I bi , ' K Silk 's-Fs'i?""-A'f'7is.lg- ' 2:e-1f-ssr'1i1:'ssss- '- 4' - A c : - si2+x1i'f'f.1f'i - 'i -' ".- " "f-'?'I'Si.l z: WQSQF geeees N is ...f me T3 " i 5i.3I"if1l ' . :4Q:'.'5k'X ' N- We iEX:'75i' ' T I i " '- N 3-f'iNEQ'2 i i Q - 5' . A- s N531:T1i1fIST2fiQXsR::.:.-5' il, iii? . H -, l ' V ' T . ii 91 .s S 5: i X l Eg ,Q qEji'Q'f'.1 ' Page EorTy .v...','f -v ., 4 . ,wars y 'gS' ml5l956 RONALD SENG General Ron likes IaughTer, and shows IT wherever he goes. He was acfive in STudenT Council and Band. He was also an excellenr sTudenT in woodwork. Ron enjoys working on cars, buT also likes To dare girls. CLYDE SH ELKEY General "He is one oT The quier kind, buT a beTTer fellow is hard To find." Clyde was a Team manager. His hobbies include bowling, baseball and dancing. One of Clyde! parTicular dislikes is roller skaT'ng. DORIS SHORT General "Dorie," The g'ri w,Th The beauhful long ha'r, worker: on The Oalis and Acorn Siafis, parhcipared in Tne Sryle Snow and The Pep Club. Her hobbies are cooking ant: oen pals. Dorie works parT-Time aT a local resrauranr. EDWARD SKLENAR General Mosr oi us will remember Ed for his porrrayal of "Mr. Wilson" in The Senior Play. Bu? Those who know Ed ber- Ter will remember him Tor many oTher Things. Ed's hobby is ohoTography and he has a special liking for wedding recepTions, 'Ll g.LJQL..,i. -41f,..,1.. .. ,.. Mg... .. . ,. ' . if-yr .Lm.,'B. ri., ,def ni, r. 'Ly ,. ijM?e1'r'!i :vip H - I r.--l'If4Ih.,,-iff:f- s W -' i li rr l l' o 0 ROBERT SLEZAK College "Most Athletfc" . . . besides doing his part in toot- ball, basketball, and baseball, Bob was active in Student Council, Hi-Y, F.T.A. and was a class officer, Bob was awarded the American Legion Award and served as re- presentative to the National Student Council Conventon. LINDA SLOAN Gene'al Linda is one ot the quiet kind but a nicer girl you'il never find. Among her many activities are Y-Teens, Ca. lian, Tnespians, Senior and All-School Play Cornrrrftecs Style Show, Chorus, A Cappella, and Student Counc'l. Her hobby is letter wntlrig. CAROL SMITH Czmrnercial Ees des having a high scholastic record. Carol has also talfen part n numerocs activ ties: Style Show, Boot'-r Club, Play and Prom Committees, Grrl's Intramural Soorts and Girl's Athletics. She is a M, H, Winner and wo'lcs part time after school. LEON SMITH College A real time triend to all his classmates was Leon, who was very active in Vars'ty and Reserve Football and Varsity and Reserve Basketball. Among his many hobbEes basketball excels, as shown by his excellent playing for the Heights team. iili l956 JOHN SNIDER General "A manly man, his pleasure he tinds in athletics and actions." Jack was active in Student Council, Chorus, Track, Vars'ty Football, Reserve Basketball, the Senior Play and All-School Play Committees. His favorite hob- bies are hunting, fishing, and Linda. ROLAND SORENSON General "Always a good fellow and a friend worth having." Roland played Reserve Football, Varsity Football, and was on the Tracla Team, His favorite hobbies are sta" 'ng and drawhw, Vllhile still a Junior, Rolly won an award in Mecnan cal Dow ng RICHARD SPIRA General Dicl is one ol the aiu et Iind, but a better gay 's 'ard to find, "Soil-.e" was in all respects a good tellow, He lilred almost any sport but his main interest was Karen. GORDON STAUFFER College "Give him a camera and he will cliclr anywheref' Gordy was on the Oaks and Acorn Statt, one ot the sports editors of the Oaks, and a member ol band. His hobbies are listed as photography and stamp collect'ng. Page Forty one i DAVID CHESTER STAUTER College David's main interest centered around his tour years in the orchestra. He also plays for tlre West Shore Sym- phony. Dave was a member of the Drill Team and Fu- ture Engineers. He enioys good music and collecting stamps. LAWRENCE STEFANlTS General A quiet sort ot fellow is he, and iust as nice as he can be. Larry is one of our "no sooner said than done" guys. His hobbies are hunting and fishing and he won an outstanding printing award. THOMAS STEFANITS General "Silence is golden" seems to be Tom's outlook on lite. Nevertheless he was well-liked and his friends were many. Hunting and collecting coins were his favorite past-times. Tom was given an award lor outstanding work in Ma- chine Shop. WINIFRED STOREY Commercial Dark hair and dark eyes best describes Winilred. A member ot Oaklian Players, she worked on the Senior Play and All-School Play Committees. She was a member ot the Radio Class and was in the Style Show. Wini- tred's hobby is swimming, 7 . JEAN STRAIT General The one girl at Hefghts High who really loves horses. Jeanie participated in Library Club, Y-Teens, Chorus, 6irl's Intramural Sports, Style Show, Arts, Photography, and in the All-School Play. She also collects stamps as a hobby. NICK STRIEDER General "Casual, carefree, and gay" best describes Nick. Be- sides being an active member ofthe Future Engineers, Nick had a partstime iob at a local factory. He enioys drawing and tinkering with cars in his spare time, YVONNE SWEET College Every laughing, talking, and smiling is Yvonne. ln- cluded in her activities were Student Council Represen' tative, Oaks and Acorn Staff, Sub-Juniors, Y-Teens, Fu- ture Teachers, Spanish Club, Play Committee, Pep Club, and Junior Arbor Girl. "Von" likes skating, swimming, and dancing. BARBARA SWlRSKY College Although Barb liked to dance and play the piano, she also participated in many school activities: Y'Teeris. Choir, Chorus, Band, Sub-Juniors, and Spanish Club. Barb works in a local ottice, and still has time For one certain buy. Page Forty-two BARBARA SYMONS Commercial A vivacious girl wiTh long brown hair, Barb lB.J.l was acTiye in Y-Teens, All-School Play, Senior Play CommiT- Tee, STudenT Council, Co-ed Council, Junior Arbor Girl, Oaklian Players, Thespians, Sub-Juniors and presidenT of The FuTure AccounTanTs. DAN TAYLOR College "Silence, more musical Than song." Dan was known To all his classmates as "PeanuT." Among his many hobbes he enioys racing boaTs. He is employed aT a local gas sTaTion. JOAN TELLER College Wherever There's laughTer, Joan is bound lo he in fre midsT of The group. She was a member of Y-Teens, Fu- fure Nurses, FuTure Teachers, Oaklian Players, National Thespians, Glee Club, and A Cappella. "Joanie" likes mice and barber shop quarTeTs. JOANNE THIES General "A helpful friend always" besT describes Joanne. She Took parT in The STyle Show and Fulure AccounTanTs. ln her spare Time "Jo" likes To sew, dance, skaTe, read, and lisfen To counfry and pop music, mv CARL Tl'lOlvl College Music is Carl's specialTy shown by his fine record as a drummer in The Band, OrchesTra and Tour Heighfs NighT Shows. Carl also played Tennis, was on The Drill Team and worked al' a local sTore afTer school. WALLACE TIEFENTHAL General Wally's pleasanT personaliTy won him many friends. He was on The Baseball Team in his sophomore year and a member of The Drill Team in his senior year, He worked in a local supermarkei' afTer school. ROGER TINDALL College 5porTs were highlspirhed Rogers line, He played Var' siTy and Reserve FooTball, along wiTh Tennis, Roger was aclive in l-leighTs NighT for Three years plus being in FuTure Engineers, Hi-Y and Band were some of his ofher accompI'shrnenTs, JAMES TROSKO College Because of his ouTsTanding scholasfic record, Jim was voTed "lvlosT likely To Succeed." l-le was a Junior Com- rnencemenT Usher. He also was acfive in Fuiure Teachers, and he won a LaTin Award. His hobby is Tropical fish. KF' Page Forry Three RODELL TUCKER College "That nature might say . . . this was a man." As an active student, Rodell was a member ot Student Coun- cil, l-li-Y, F.T,A., All-School Play, Pep Club, Varsity Dee bate, Track, Reserve and Varsity Football, Rodell was also a Junior Commencement Usher. LAVISA U DELL College Lite was never dull when Lavisa, with her wonderful sense ot humor, was nearby. l-ler school days were kept busy with Chorus, Future Nurses, and the Prom Com- mittee, Lavisa enioys skating, dancing, and swimming. RICHARD VALLIE General Dick, a boy who worked behind the scenery, helped with the Senior and All-School Plays as well as tor as' semblies. l-le also played Reserve and Varsity Football. Listed as Dick's hobbies are hunting and fishing. SHIRLEY VAN BOGELEN General Our "Van" was always 'ull ot fun and 'ancy tree. She was a Junior Arbor Girl and a member of Y-Teens, Student Council, A Cappella Choir, Booster Club, and Future Accountants. Shirley also partcipated 'n the Style Show and girI's sports. ' ' ali l956 JUDITl-l VANDERLAAN General Nice to know and tun to be with is our Judy. She was active in Student Council, All-School Play, Senior Play Committee, Y-Teens, A Cappella Choir, Future Teachers, Spanish and Latin Clubs, Oaklian Players and was a Declarnation Winner. LAUREL VANDERPLOW College Voted "best looking girl," Laurel participated in Stu- dent Council, Sub-Juniors, Future Teachers, Spanish Club, Oaklian Players, and on the Oaks and Acorn Staffs. She acted in the Senior Play and was a cheerleader. Her tavorite "subiect" is Jim. FRANCES VAN DERWATER College "Frani" has a pleasng smile and a teart ot gold! Student Council, Senior and All-School Play Cornm't- tees, Y-Teens, Span'sh Club, and Orchestra include her activities. Her hobby is dancing. Frances loves meeting people, which is shown by her friendliness. PAUL VANDERWATER General Paul may be reserved to those who don't know h'rn, but to we who do know him he's a real :r'end. Paul worked on the Senor Play Comrnttee and was a mem- cer oi Chorus, Photography is hs favorite past'rne. 'ww Page Forty-tour .www :gr W' 'fare' e1-:-.sw-1"'s ' A . .. - ,.... --.. --u......v.....-.-... r..- .-.- F-4 X 59 1151--.ow ' s " raw ., rf '- i la 'if .r...w- .::. ' Mm Af , i,.f,.9- V :..- ., -f :.. ,J :af ,Vis . ., .id ris:s5'1f2'::r111.1fa' " ' 'Wim rr'1.,ij'l'f ii'-ff .ii'7.'fr.i'l' o T S 0 RUSSELL VEIHL General A small, buf hard-hirring guard of fhe Tiger squad, Russ played fwo years of Varsify Foofball. He was also prominenf on The baseball diamond for Three seasons. Hunfing and fishing are Russ's oufside pleasures. TOM VI-CIK General 7 Torn was nof one fo seek rhe limelighf, buf you would have fo go far fo find a better friend. During his fhree years alhilfleighfs High he played Varsify and Reserve Baskefball. He especially likes hunfing and fishing. JANICE VICKERS Commercial "Hili:h your wagon lo a sfar" and you'll find .lan af rho Top. Her high scholasfic average enabled her fo be a Junior Arbor Girl and she was also in fhe All- School Play, Janice enioys reading, and horseback riding, ARLENE VINCENT General Arlene, one of the more quie? seniors, says she may yer do or say something sensafional. She was in the Spanish Club. One of Arlene's main hobbies is driving and her parficular like is a cerfain boy named Milf. l956 RlCl-lARD VOSS College "A wise mind keepefh a sfill Tongue." He wenf fo summer school in order fo graduafe fhis year. Af'rer school Dick has a iob working in a local camera shop. SANDRA WADE Commercial Sweef and genfle liffle Sandy, was vofed "Mosf Bashs ful" of The senior class. Junior Arbor Girl, Choir, and Chorus were some of Sandy's acfivifies. Piano lessons oc- cupied her free fime oufside of school. STEVE WALACl-lQVl'C College Sfeve, a guief, likable fellow, and known fo mosf of his friends as "Ted," played on The Reserve and Varsfy Foofball feams in his sophomore and iuniors years. "Ted" likes hunfing and fishing. KATHY WANGERIN General Dancing black curls and sparkling eyes are all "Kafhy." Besides working parf-time affer school, Kafhy found firne for Y4Teens, Fufure Accounfanfs and Girl's Sports along wifh A Cappella Choir and the Sfyle Show. Her hobby is collecfing sfuffed elephanfs. 'ig Page Forfy five The Oaks 1956 Volume XXXV Planned, written, and edited by the Acorn-Oaks Staff Published by the Class of l956 Printed by the High School Press MUSKEGON HEIGHTS HIGH SCHOOL Muskegon Heights, Michigan Inga, X' OLLIE WEBB General "A good friend both staunch and true: a good sport when tun's in view." Ollie, lcnown to all his triends as "Bo," was active in Baseball tor three years and played Reserve Basketball in his sophomore year. WAYNE WELLER College Known best tor his willingness to lend a helping hand, Wayne had a host ot triends. He was a member ot Fu- ture Engineers and worked on the All-School Play Com- mittee. Wayne spent many leisure hours working on cars. CARON WERSCHEM College Act ve, studfous, and tuII ot 'un . . . Caron was a Student Counc'I Representative, on Play Committees, a member ot Future Teachers, Spanish Club, Pep Club, Y-Teens, and Choir. She likes dancing, playing the piano, and "Fred". HAROLD WHEELER General "In all respects a good fellow." Harold played Rev serve Football in h's sophomore Year. Listed among his lavorite hobb es are hunting and fishing, which occupy much ot n's spare tirrie. I-larolds pet peeve is cats. ' S' vliI956 HERBERT WH ELPLEY, JR. College The fellow with a nice personality and a lriend to all is "Herb." He was an asset to Thespians, being active on t'e Senior Play Committees and on the All-School Play Committees. Among his many hobbies is fishing. MATTIE WHITE General "Always attending to her duty in a quiet, unobtrusive way." Mattie was active in Y-Teens, Chorus, GirI's In- tramural Sports, Style Show, Future Accountants Club, and a Heights Night Show. She enioys photography, dancing, and playing records. ANNIE WILLIAMS College Her duet ways will w'n her many friends . . , tiny and sincere describes our Annie. She was an enthusastfc Da'- ticipator in Girls Intramural Sports and would someday like to become a nurse, Annie enioys mus'c very much. CARRIE WILLIAMS General The pleasant girl with a smile lor everyone could only be Carrie. Her sophomore activities were Intramural Sports and the Style Show. She also partcipated in a I-leghts Night Show and was a member ot the Chorus and Pep Club. 'QQ' like Page Forty-six I .,,, ,, , Y..-,..,,,i J u.-.,-. s...:.. . is, iff :. se-. L -. P e Nerf , ., ." , ,V .S. STELLA ALLMON General "Sport," as her friends call her, was active in Chorus, Style Show, and Bible Class. She worked Two football seasons making hot dogs to sell. Among her many hobbies are swim- ming, skating, baseball, and horseback riding. CHARLES COMSTOCK General Charles was on the Track and Varsity Bas- ketball Teams for two years. He worked as a stage hand for the All-School Plays. "Sonny's hobbies are hunting and fishing. He also works as a clerk in a local food store. GERALD CONKLIN General Jerry had Two outstanding assets-a quick, pleasing smile and a heart of gold. He was always ready to help when needed and was very friendly. In his spare time, Jerry liked reading, listening to The radio or watching television. CHARLES HAINES Commercial Charles is a friendly fellow with a quiet disposition. Better known to his friends as Chuck, he was outstanding in Art and Photog- raphy. Chuck's favorite sports are hunting and fishing. He is presently employed at a local factory, LEONARD HOUGH General "A man of few words, but great meaning." Leonard is a quiet boy but still a better friend would be hard to find. Leonard is em- ployed at a local bowling alley. His hobbies are listed as bowling and watching athletic events. ali l956 JACK LANGON G.E.D.T. Diploma JAMES MQMURRAY General Happy-go-lucky, fair and free, Nothing ex- ists that bothers me, Jim will long be remem- bered for his outstanding performances as a basketball player. He also played Reserve Foo-tball. Jim's hobbies are art and young ladies. RICHARD MENDEL General Richard, with his quiet but friendly manner, has already climbed to great heights on The ladder of success. Interested in photography and a member of The Camera Club, he also enioys art and boating. Richard is employed by a local factory. MERLENE WILLIAMS College " " "W-.fvli 'fM..J"4 '4.'A'L"'1' 2IL'l'3JE'l"LbL':' ASHA. Ji-'.ui'galnl-austin' ' ' -A L ' sr. JL ia. .1 Ekldau. ' s in V -li CALVIN MOREHOUSE General "My interest is in The future because l'm going to spend the rest of my life There" tits our "Cal". He spent many hours in our Band, Orchestra, and A Cappella Choir and also worked at a local store after school. BOBBY MORRIS General A nice boy with a smile for everyone, and a love for the out-of-doors. Bobby was a member ofthe A Cappella Choir in his iun- ior year. Bobby's hobbes are hunting and fishing, and he especially likes girls. DAVID PETROPOULOS General You know him by the noise he doesn't make . . . Although seemingly quiet, Dave was ac- tually a very friendly boy. When not busy aT a local grocery store, Dave could be found hunting, fishing or working on Cars, "The future holds a great promise" for Merlene called "Merle" by her friends. She enioys reading, skating, and listening to be-bop records, During her spare time, "Merle" works as a practical nurse aT a local hospital. PATRICIA WITTKAMP College Patricia possesses two outstanding assets . . . a pleasant smile, and a heart of gold. She participated in Chorus and Cheerleading in her freshman year and the Senior Play Committee in her senior year. "Pat" works at a local theatre and loves pizza. PAUL WOLF General A friend to all, best describes Paul. Active in A Cappella Choir, Chorus, Drill Team, as Team Manager, a Color Guard, and the All-School Play. He is also employed after school. Paul serves as an assistant scoutmaster. .X ,- 1 Page Fo rty-seven God who knows besi, He calleih each one, And we as His children, all someday will come To Paradise, a wonderful land, For Jrhe wonderful Lord has held oul His Hand 9nWl ' Richard was a member of fhe A Cappella Choir for ihree years and was one of our indispensable baslcefball managers in I954 when our Team won The covefed Slaie Championship. Ahrhouqh Richard was a quiel' boy, he was lcnown by many boih in and oul of Heighfs High. Everyone who knew him liked and respecled him qreafly. Page Forfy-eighf Ruih Cincush ' is , f : 4 x ,ps ..A . -4, if ,, ur .1134 , ' Barbara Symons Jim Trosko Gordon Murray Mary Busman Romella Ealom Rodell Tucker Frances Vanderwaler Shirley VanBcgelen Donna Hughes Julaine Berg Ellen Robinson Nancy DeBard Joe Chrisfe Marion Oszusi Richard Hansen Eslher Anderson Marlha Graves Rose Marie Remwolr John Long Carol Werschem ..,., ,- ...,,, ,Z 4 M , - A -Winner . .-sv. -' - ' " ' l956 SENIORS Upper Third Kafy Kile Yvonne Sweer . Janice Vickers Eunice Cook Sandra Wade Rochelle Paquefle Jorgen Fiskars Barbara Kraley Robin Adamson Alberi Dines Belly Abraharnson Robert Slezek D'ana Robinson Jerry Harvey Alice Herlein Loreira Morrison Carol Smith James Brown Dawn Denron Richard Voss David Geiger . John Baker Marqarel Algire Sandra Rinard Sue Hume Kathleen Wanqerin Carmelfa Hammock Ronald Hayward Jfrn Schoffey Barbara Musich David Krueger Kenneth Kubilins Parr c'a Wiflkamp Ralph Kool Rulh Cincush Tom Price Par Boles , Joan Teller Lois Moore Charles Bonifield ' I-lmwn Suciety Slanding Dumonf, Crisfie, Souser, Long, Zimmer, Tucker, Murray, Trosko, Hansen, Wood. Sealed Olson, Ealom, Paquelle, Oszusf, Adamson, Hughes lD.A.R. winnerl, Robinson. O'Reilly, Kile. Nancy Holsfine . Gordon Sfauffer Barbara Swirsky . Grace Cole Marilyn DeFrench Roberf Lascko Dave Forfenbacher . Gerald Brink lilerlene Williams Don Pickel Kennelh Deephouse Phyllis Hiefanen Dorene Hill Valarie Robarge Herberf Ashley Bud Bomers . J'm Beal . Sherry Bales Marilyn McGarey QC Page Forry nine r ii 1.5kQ :y To It Derma Hughes ' A 4 i ' j ,E-,A Ab hiulv Ju ww Tres ko ' f ' ,f ff if ei yu-.M.Jff fi ,L N 5 f' f ' f ' , NJ L 6 ' i H f ff X Fil Z'g"K2,EZ-NX R ' '-'- K-XX K,,-f ff." , P A K NX Q V fl fly rf! gf N . Ex , . ,- X . 5 W, x ' X, ' if A3212 'N' XF:-K My 2 2 1 X ff ,QSM ff'-eg,,,fQ f , 1,,,f' f 1 TJ lg. L B95-6 Loo K 1 rw Q 1 Rf LQUPQ? Venderpfow ,V Dyck!-lansevw Q- . gh ' 2' " ' , 'Q H , 4 , 3' , F Lass F? we X1 g -T:f"'NX f 5 MN vfwfj -NX Alvq I :,, 3 Q fi Q V F X! Babes xr- NL gg fy! I , AS V ' X KN l 0 X iwf- if 3 3 i1fl'.f.1. :3iif "KX A" LXN I Nxxx M. as Ifflxwdq I ilu-QNX , NX V :LEE L2 'i i K-N gf" : N ,x A ff x U f " ,f "'Q ' . ,...Mf'A 1 if XXm,,f"i, ,. ""h' "5 ' ff jf ,ASX 39 t ' A fx-x V---'I 5 J A --fx NJ Q Q X Q N C!e5S Cub-U 5 is EQ 1, ' J' X ff: Q Maryann GxHYwAeSf?S7'f iff' f Q , -if 5 t K . . C -X ,,,-,gg . 'X 1 , V V f -, Q'. i Moab All-round A 1 A - , ..,, ,. A- A f W Ka 6 Y K I I S XIV , Q f 'Q G O " 5 0 'W M U 'X ' 3 Y" , ' i Ggvb' ' S1 xtxx Q x f X X Page Fif+y K..Am, 3,,.1g.,,..ggg gi ,ik I H 'mia , af. .u "mg-:-.' f--.f w- ---.. -,Af ,,.... . . ,,,7.n ,, Q, lffryv R , Cub-S5'f3 Couple ,f S a rw d y R i rx a rd Ve PD H os K0 V. ,,,, , r ,-.' A P . f'f'Ag ' xx Q 1 ,ff ,f XJ' 2 x KA: 5 Q X Xi 5, if-X x 17,1 V x1iv:,,fffx ffvxx , fx' , XA NX f "'f X '--. , fx KVA XX4 A V -GA S ,,,L Wk? I Y X . '-,fig Y X J .ni f pf , yi, xx iff A , X, .7 , gp. 'X ,ff ,,,- .. I, W - If vx. ,f NN.....f -, f ,, f f v-44,-W 1 -' 'X X.,-, fgfpf 5' X, A ' 1 , ,J X44 Xu if if ' X7 fi M O S T, E5 as NM 3 , X as VN Q bfi! a ez - :fig 5-VGC 1-ii!'f:ax'C X 'rj ' .k.QfL532i-E. I .f7',L xy' X KY Ss . N a may De Bard N , ,Q jul A fav fm V1 P Ku R I !,V,ik R XX -. rifgjf-XR 54 L Aj f - ETH L Mos Joh! 1 ' Q-.W .... A x 1 3,1 ilk ..1....fil.U.ii ly X97 Qomefia Ea tom XxZf!?'X, i'JNf30b Slezak Lf '7""YX E ' X fxxx :,.1 X. Qty VL W iff: X ' ,fi fk K T . s ' VA , ' I g X fin, ,- V . Best Dancers - q A Joanna:-.a Kuiesza ..- Tom Pr-ace. Page Fiffy-one 'LS4.JiSL':EL'-E -...4..1...,...A. -. ..,, .-. 4 ,fm ',4,, X., 'xi fn Q5 Page Fiffy-Two .1 fm.-,-7 -V- ., , I , . 7' Y '!'.'g,.1-'1 t 1' ' A, ' J .' ' 5, ' I ' -' 1. v is, n , 4 1 a X ' "Y 1 ,r A 1 ' ' 7 . ' ' ,-rf A 2 , . .4 'K 4 4. E VA ' 'A . .1f:,,.3' Y , I . ,, .ix .MEAL J.. X . J S ' - X 4 "Ny, 1- 5, .v. . 551 - ...W-. vu" .ihfgl 1-11 . r , - -xx -fllgbu, 3.2.31 1,5 + Q Ho .eg 9 R 3 uv' jc Y Q Q rj ,""a.ii' A A -yi - if wr if Q N H1 ra iq., Q V 1 Y Alberson Bufard , A ,. . ' 1 fi ,, . ..,,...v,.. ,. .wa 1, .- ,F x 4 lmxo, X 1 . :gin . , '3 rr QL Q' ' Nix M 'N x 1 , , E me ' v X 9 Q1 lx rg , ' 1 X ff mf 'Q' Anderson Caroll .sis " .:. X- ap r -' Davison N -wt. -- .L 3. Grienlre 'F . ' -"'-wr 3 Dovenqes Q ' Ml f Hn I me-K t i uw l .. XX ,. vefigxf Grilles Bafchelder wg:-g-f.rl , Q , 1 ' 5, A 155: JL ' "ii "I 'J l " ' n.-11' l m a y 5, Bishop Carson Dudley '- ,.., l Black A Casf Clapp , 2 , N ff.: ---..., l " 1 3 , 1 , i M AK.,-j' ' . :rf Q ,xy Edie .L 1 Fa rwig fx Griggs . Q . . 53 fi ,1, .4 E. 1,. U " Q - , x 'Ci K: ,K I -4 I M451 'fl' 1.1: .5 , ' 1 1. QT-: A " l l 4 xox 15 + - 1 U :, X , E K.Johnson M,Johnson Kane s Y . 4 adv fb' , . 4- 4 5 V M 5 1 ' .Q -.1 w' . ' V " A x Maher McClain Malin 'ml ' 3 ,, A -.Q ,L . 4' "' 3 A ' - .Tl-. J :L X ' ' 0 ix W N A L l A hi Palferson Paqe Fi llyplclur Reid ' Richards Hafhaway Hill ff: 1 , Eg' , Epub' . - - , +A: , , .fri 72" 1 1. Lf: ,..-L, lf if E 3" 4. . ' 1 - f 5 and at 1 'Q w 9, s: M, -w .33-. -X90 . ,, , W N ,A L L . . .. I- , -on W R, , ..,..Q,,. . M. Kelley Y. Kelley sim . L . X C I Nelson Nummerdor it Ann A xl NE' , . X wr wg X L ,f X L N X X32 " 5 A 159 LNSGQM hs' , Ruifer Shepherd -S .Q ag 3' Jisrr Q:-S1f5if:f:S:i- Bond Booker Bradley L ' ' 3 lo -r ft 1. 4 " L' Cook Covell Cullen -1 f , ' 5' z ,an . '- " -1 - T' ..-J .' 'Q . Q40 gin. - A ,.':Tf' X if 2 .Lg-F M- ...yang .- f , ,:.f.'s,Lg -"'- .. Fosler Glasco Gordon Holsfine Hunfer Jacoby J .. , Q, if Y I l. ?7'1?"'f5 ff., . S , if kf-l Ji f ...,A.-r.l:.,-- " f ' 4-fu r- Fr V Q X -'f.,f",.. EM, I , .. -.IM.:, .f f x Brewsler 5 Q-'Sf f. Davis Gould xi-' XT B.Johnson K 'fe , - 1331-3?1'i1 ,gf f J I .2 535535. 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'- ' i - ' 1 , Q ' fx ,fr - 5 , :Y I R "z I, 'J f yi fl Q Phillips Piasecki Pierce Pippins Reynolds Selig Sherman B. Smi+h Souger " , 'Q A- i 'ii' 'A Q. ff-P ,fl f - 'N ,' i ,' I X , ' "" , l I- , A I - . 1 ,.:: - --eg A . fs F N V . I . If - ., are ,f ' ' I f '.:.: I as 1' -" f I I f : 1 - g , M- I s -M, .,,,. --,-. 1-si-.4.y , , -, ,- A , Sfein Sulrup Trevino VanBroclcIin VanWesIen Vargo Wafson Wood SOPI-IOMORE CLASS OFFICERS JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS I956 Presidenf-Allen Dumonf Vice-presidenl-Judy Poland Secretary- Norman Bofrufl Treasurer- Douq Anderson Advisors--Mr. Gillaspy. Mr. CaIer, and Miss Sfohl I956 Presidenl- Ron Piaseclci Vicefpresidenf- Pefer Pelioles Secrefary- Mollie Peliofes Advisors-Mr, Reqenmorfer, Mr. Hanson, Mrs. Hanson SOPHOMORE OFFICERS JUNIOR OFFICERS Mr,GiIIaspy, I-Iubler, Anderson, Dumont Bofrulzl, PoIancI.Anderson, Mr, I-Ianson, Mrs. I-Ianson. Johnson, Peliofes, Piasecki, Peliofes 'Hes Slohl, Mr. Cafer Chrisfopher. Mr. Regenmorfer Page Sindy-Iour 1 I 3 i 2 .gf W, f . ix T P fy Z gg, . A . 'J C ' ,-N, ,V 1 X X351 - 731 Q I :H TM x 5 Sgaj, 3557 53, Kyiv-A al L 1 . .51 1'- Ae: .wx ' Eu.: .2 i af M352 '39 ' if f x A Lx ,, S f f1,,g,f-,sf ., E P Xia, Q 45 LW 1' ,fa if -x ' ' 4 ,K 4,G, A ' .W-if 1 1.24.35-G 'K ff ff Z, J, 777.1 , - I 1 - . ' f fr" ., , 2-UL-T ' ,Q M ,-. ' " "Iii ,. .A nim ' " 'gw , V ff 1" "4 .n." M2,,..'f2"' " ' .-"0 V ss' 'F ff Qf has F lT is our belieT ThaT every graduaTe oT Muskegon l-leighTs l-ligh School leaves wi'Th a cerTain lasTing devoTion To The ideals, The experiences, and The op- porTuniTies which have been presenTed To him during his high school years. IT is diTTiculT To express exacTly whaT we mean here wiThouT becoming senTimenTal. ln our search Tor The righT idea we have come To The conclusion ThaT The sTars and The heavens above us are symbolic oT our goals. So we have chosen "AsTronomy" as our Theme Tor This volume oT TI-IE OAKS. "AsTronomy", To us, connoTes many, many Things Today. In This era oT auTomaTion, elecTronics, and aTomic power, The hand oT science is reaching Tar and sTill TarTher inTo The mysTerious realms oT ouTer space, as well as inTo 'The depThs oT The minuTesT parTicle. We Seniors oT '56 likewise are looking up- ward and onward, as well as inTo our own hearTs, To Tind The answer To a beTTer world oT The TuTure. JusT as men oT science are illuminaTing The dark corridors oT space, we hope someday, Too, To use our power, enThusiasm, and wisdom, To brighTen The dark caverns oT ignorance and sweep away The Tangled web oT neglecT. For knowledge, iT has been said, "parTakes oT lnTiniTy." As you Turn These pages, ThereTore, have TaiTh in us who are only beginning our iourney upward and onward Through The clouds and inTo The clear blue sky beyond. We hope and pray ThaT wi'Th deTermina- Tion and high ideals, we shall someday Tind a beTTer world Than any oT us have ever seen. - G. M. Student Council Presidenl, Kaly Kiley Vice-president Dick Hansen: Secrelary, Ellen Robinson: Treasurer, Marlin Ashley: Advisor, Mr. Jack W. Rice. This was a very busy year lor lhe members ol lhe Sludenl Council. The Council was hosl lo lhe Annual Fall Convenlion ol Region IX and XIII, inviling ZOO represenlalives lo meel here for a day. The Council sponsored all ol lhe home loolball dances, and lhen, ol course, lhere was lhe organizing of lhe new Pep Club, which proved an adequale provider ol spiril and enlhusiasm. Lyceum assemblies were secured, nol lo menlion lea lor lhe Slyle Show. More imporlanl, perhaps, was lhe new plan lor eleclions. A more democralic melhod ol elecling Council oilicers was devised lor I956-57. lhe sludenls being inslrucled lo lake oul pelilions, hold a primary and final eleclions. Top Row: Wilson, Marble, Tucker, Price, Kubilins, Cook, Banler, Slavros, Mr. Rice. 3rd Row: I-loslco, Nelson, E. Hughes, Newblom, Mosley, Porler, Murray, Anderson, Piaseclci. 2nd Row: I-lodges, Campbell, Ashley, D. Hughes, Oszusl, Rollenhagen, Rodolph, Pelerson, Viclcers Fronl Row: Pelioles, Sweel, Ealom, Blomberg. Johnson, Ward, Bolrufl, Johnson. Sealed: I-lansen, Kile, Robinson, Ashley. ...big , .. . QS' X gngq l 4, if Page Sixly-six PepC Top Row: 4Th Row: 3rd Row: 2nd Row IsT Row: PresidenT, Rodell Tucker: Vice-PresidenT, Jane Olson: SecreTary, Romella Ealom: Advisors, Miss Franck, Mr, McKenzie. Newly organized This year, The Pep Club proved To be a very successTul venTure. The club was organized Tor The purpose of uniTing school spiriT, boosTing The moral oT players, and promoTing good sporTsmanship. The club is a 'non-proTiT organizaTion and membership is open To all sTudenTs inTeresTed in The supporT oT our aThleTic evenTs. Among Their acTiviTies This year were The pep assemblies, posTers on good sporTsmanship, and The sale oT pennanTs. The TuTure plans oT The club include The developmenT oT a card secTion, and an organized cheering secTion, Hammock, Adamson, McBride, Calloway, Cook, Marble, Edwards, STein. Johnson, Williams, Heineman, Scheel. Overly, Lockage, Lang. Trosko, Hullinger, MilTon, Gernnell. Dykema, Brower, Baker. PelioTes. WebsTer, Pierce, Barr, Reynolds, Gillhespy, Hilliard, August. Mrs. Franck, Olson, Tucker, Ealom, Mr. McKenzie. l f '11 6 M H E 4 W G . -N A Page SixTy-seven PresidenT, HerberT Ashley: Vice-presidenT, Gordon Murray: SecreTary, Jerry Crane: Treasurer, Bob Lasclco: Advisors, Mr. Leonard Schregardus and Mr. Russell Hanson. "To creaTe, rnainTai'n, and exTend high sTandards oT ChrisTian charac- Ter" . . . This is The purpose oT The Hi-Y Club, and, because good ciTizen- ship is a pillar oT This purpose, The Hi-Y senT delegaTes To The Hi-Y l.egislaTure in Lansing lasT Tall. A highlighT oT The year came when MarTy Ashley, a iunior, was elecTed PresidenT oT The Hi-Y Tulip DisTricT aT Holland. Socially, The "Sock ShuTTle" proved To be one oT The mosT colorTul dances oT The year. The Hi-Y showed Their spiriT oT co-operaTion by ioining The Y-Teens in April To sponsor The EasTer assembly, and by being represenTed on GreaTer Muskegon Hi-Y Council. The Club is graTeTul To iTs advisors, . Schregardus and Mr. Hanson. The Mr Top Row: PorTer, Calloway, Cummings, Bomers, Kubilins, Miesen, Hilliard. 4Th Row: Sfavros, Herrala, Tuclcer, Mosely, Chapin, Newblom, Hughes. 3rd Row: Ellis, Hansen, Nelson, Long, CrisTopher, Ashley, Wood. 2nd Row: Mr. Hanson, BenneTT, Tindall, Anderson, Shira, Chapman, Norden, Mr. Schregarclus. Fronf Row: Crane, Ashley, Murray, Lasclco. I-li-Q C X Nxxmxxqx xxx N9-'Q-'A X XX f L N sa -T s.. -4 -. Q .- .. 5 .1 g fig ' N V Nj, 'S -- sf.-trgyw.. . 3-555--111A - was x xc . . . .s xi: 1' 1 1. ,ex gsw is X - TN N.f'-AN xiii A lk?-wi K XS NSF' rf ' 5 if X 'ir ' - c W ss X ,mx Q N X X Y X Q xx xN X55 X5 X D .X 53:1 ,sf s,x,sr.: m . fx is X Page SixTy-eighT lj-Teena C Presidenf, Donna Hughes: Vice-president Barbara Musich: Secrelary, Ardyce Anderson: Treasurer Romella Ealom: Advisors, Mrs. Gerald Heafon and Miss Sylvia Slohl. Siriving Jroward Chrislian ideals and world-wide brolherhood, The Y-Teens Club has conlribuled much. Girls may become members by appearing al Jrhe ifirsl meeling and paying Their dues. The large mem- bership is a Jreslimony To The club's popularily. Aclivilies included Jrhe Jrradilional "Bow-leg Bounce", a slumber parly al The YWCA, a "splash" parly al lhe YM, and Jrhe Annual Carnival. Judy Newalcl and Ardyce Anderson were elecied lo represenl The Heighls al The Mid-winler Conference held in Barlle Creelc. Girls of lhe Club wish io exlend lheir lhanlcs io Mrs. Healon and Miss Siohl for lheir line co-operalion during lhe year. Top Row: Miller, O'Reilly, Zarrnslorf, Young, J. Sirail, Builendorp, Paquefle, McPhee, Slinson, Teiiema, Souser, J. Anderson, Herlein, Dereslci, Hamslra, Cooper, Newalcl, Braalen. 4l'h Row: Carlson, K. Anderson, Hullinger, Gallup, Thorsen, M. Anderson, DeLong, Evans. Sukup, Marlin, Harris, Maner, Fulion, N. Slraii, Clarke, Smilh, Sfernburgh, Ward, Forest 3rd Row: Hammock, Heineman, Brouwer, Loclcage, Hilliard, Wafson, Clapp, G, Allcins, Hunfingfon, G. Musich, Bradey, Merle, Cariwright Langwell, Olson, Oufwin, Blomberg, Uplon. 2nd Row: Nelson, Sullivan, Hepworlh, Reid, Lang, Shedina, Moody, Wahalen, Peliofes, Overly, Neidlinger, Schneider, Shepard, Ferencsilr, Barberini, B. Johnson, Judd, Benson, P. Aflcins. Fronf Row: Miss Sfohl, Jensen, Cooper. Delzrench, B. Musich, A. Anderson, Hughes, Ealom, Sweet Scheel, Robinson, Teller, Pedler, Mrs. Heafon. Page Sixry-nine Futww lflwweo Presideni, Sandra Rinard: Vice-president Joanne Reynolds: Secrefary, Florence Marlin: Treasurer, Rochelle Paquefle: Advisors, Mrs. R. M. Grifielh and Mrs. Norbert W. Scholle. Aim of lhe Fulure Nurses organizalion is lo acquainl' lhe girls wilh lhe opporluniries for and lhe need ol nurses. Guesl spealcers help lo bring This message lo lhe girls from lime lo lime, such as sludenl nurses from l-laclcley l-lospilal. Miss Linda Forlenbacher, a sludenl al Sl. l.ulce's l-lospilal in Chicago, also spolce. The girls were inlroduced also lo a lillle-known phase of nursing by going on a field lrip lhrough Campbell, Wyanl, and Cannon Medical Cenler, where They learned aboul induslrial nursing. Rochelle Paquelle and Joanne Reynolds represenled lhe Club af lhe annual Slale Convenlion held in Kalamazoo in Qclober. Any girl in school is eligible for membership. Top Row: Poland, Fulfon, McLaughlin, Hansen, Slinson, Buifendorp. McCoy. Second Row: Hageslrom, Hullinger, Young, De-Long, VanderSl'elf, Vanderliooi. Bollom Row: Barbarini, Hunlingfon, Walson, Barr. Teller, Dagen, Judd. Sealed: Paquelle. Rinard, Reynolds, Marlin. WZ? Page Sevenly WR .Bwlwn F.T.A. Top Row: 4lh Row: 3rd Row 2nd Row: ls'r Row: Presidenl, Ken Kubilins: Vice-President Robin Adamson: Secrelary, Ardyce Anderson Treasurer, Jim Trosko: l-lislorian, Caron Werschem: Librarian, Marfha Graves: Parliamenlarian, Rodell Tucker. Advisors, Mrs. Virginia Hanson: Mr. Glenn Brown. The Fulure Teachers ol America is slriclly a professional club designed lo acguainl fulure leachers wilh lhe problems and assels ol leaching. A sludenl inleresled in joining This club musl have al leasl a "C" aver- age. All sludenls inleresled in professional careers are welcome. The lwo mosl imporlanl evenls were lhe convenlion al Sl. lvlary's Lake and Senior Visilalion Day. Senior members of l:.T.A. allended elemen- lary schools lor one day lo acguainl lhemselves wilh classroom conducl and lo help lhem make up lheir minds on lhe grade desirable lo lhem. Melien, DeBard, Souser, Medema, Paquelle, Baskin, J. Anderson, Campbell, Grasrneyer, Murray, Calloway. Kraley, Delong, Alms, McFarren, Gallup, Maxey, O'Reilly, S+ein, Evans, Rousell, Pelerson. Newald, Taylor, Olson. Slernberg, Smilh, Remwoll, Robinson, Uplon, Campbell, Anderson. Sirovy, Pierce, Augusl, Lullrell, Berg, J. Graves, Sweel, Kile, Alkins, Merrill. Werchem, M. Graves, Trosko, Adamson, Kubilins, A. Anderson, E. Anderson, Tucker. L f' K! Page Sevenly-one Futww Eng Presidenf, Richard Hansen: Vice-presidenf, Dave Krueger: Recording Secrefary, James Hozert Corresponding Secrefary, Bob Gabriel: Treasurer, Rod Himelberger: Advisor, Mr. A. Maywood Courfrighf. Under fhe excellenf leadership of Mr. A. M. Courfrighf, fhe Engineers had a successful year, fouring local indusfries as well as making a frip fo fhe Ford Mofor Company, af River Rouge, fhe Henry Ford Museum. and Greenfield Village. A few of fhe local planfs visifed by fhe Engineers include Benneff Pumps. Confinenfal Mofors, and Shaw Box Crane. Meefings were held af fhe YMCA, and club members invifed various speakers fo falk fo fhem fhere upon job requiremenfs, salaries, and op- porfunifies for promofion in fhe field of engineering. If wasn'f all work, however. The club sponsored a hayride and a beach parfy. Top Row: Crane. Fiskars, Gabriel, Harvey. 2nd Row: Dawes, Piasecki, Peferson. Sfavros, Tindal. Fronf Row: Himelberqer, Krueger, Mr. Courfrighf, Hansen, Hozer. Page Sevenfy-+wo F I-I 0 PresidenT, Barbara Symons, Vice-President RuTh Ann Baker: SecreTary, Jean Granfg Treasurer, Barbara Johnson: l-lisTorian, Carol Miller: Advisor, Mr, J. A. HuTTenga. The FuTure AccounTanTs Club had a very acTive year. To sTarT The year ouT righT The pasT presidenT oT The N.A.W.A. per- Tormed a candlelighT iniTiaTion ceremony. ThroughouT The year various speakers Trom The Women AccounTanTs spoke To The members. The acTiviTies oT The year included sponsoring The Annual Ledger Leap, aTTending dinners given by The Muskegon Division OT The N.A.W.A. in honor oT The high school AccounTanTs, Touring The Buick CorporaTion, a local Bank, and Sealed Power, where The group was shown various business machines and Their uses. Closing The school year, a Tormal insTallaTion was held in honor oT The new oTTicers. Top Row: Harris, Sherman, Way, Tieiema, Kroeze, Olson, Thorsen, STraiT. 2nd Row: Trevino, Del-Trench, Cooper, Ealom, Holsfine, Chappel, Ferencsik, Mr. T-TuTTenga. SeaTed: Baker, Miller, Symons, Johnson, Granf, 5 , i 50 Page SevenTy-Three mmwa Club PresidenT, Romella Ealomg Vice-President Barbara Musich: SecreTary, Shirley Van Bogelen: Treasurer. Lois Reynolds: Advisor, Miss Maxine Cobb. This year sTarTed OTT wiTh a bang! All girls wiTh a "B" average and 500 poi'nTs in gym were eligible To ioin The BoosTer Club. The iniTiaTion headed by Lois Reynolds and Barbara Musich, was The TunniesT ever. The big success oT The year was The annual "Snow Ball" under The capable leadership oT Melba Pierce and Marilyn DeFrench. IT was Topped OTT by The sponsoring OT The busses Tor sTudenTs To see l-leighTs win The Class A BaslceTball Championship. OTher acTiviTies during The year were puTTing on a slciT Tor The Muskegon Pep Assembly, geTTing a movie Tor The cheerleaders, and discussing a placque Tor The girls' inTramural sporTs winners. The incenTive behind The acTiviTies oT The club This year, as always, was To boosT The spiriT of The school. Top Row: Miss Cobb, Goosby, Hughes, Buifendorp, Cincush, Teller. 2nd Row: Pierce, DeFrench, Cooper, LuTTrell, Clapp, FronT Row: Ealom, Musich, VanBogelen, Reynolds. ' 1 O ev Page SevenTy-Tour i1mwu3CQuh PresidenT, Sue Hume: Vice-presidenT, Judy Newald: SecreTary, Jean McLaughlin: Treasurer Alice T-lerleing Advisor, Miss Eleanor Kidwell. Under The Tine leadership oT Sue l-lume, PresidenT oT The Library Club, The library sTaTT compleTed anoTher successTul year. Miss Kidwell, librar- ian, had a sTaTT This year oT 20 girls who helped wiTh The repairing and re-arranging oT books on The shelves. Mrs. Kari Franck and Mr. Donald DeWiTT, English Teachers, helped supervise The library during The 9 and I o'clock periods. Membership depends upon mainTaining a "C" scholasTic average. be- ing willing To work an hour a day in The library as assisTanTs, and willing- ness To ioin in and have Tun! The May Tea is a social highlighT, Tor women TaculTy members and moThers. Top Row: Young, McLaughlin, Herlein, ZarmsTorT, Sfinson, Grassmeyer, McFarren, DeLano. 2nd Row: Shepard, Wood. Chappell, Berry, Thorsen, Reynolds, Dudley. Wyerbacher. SeaTed: VanNess, McCoy, Hume, Demos, Miss Kidwell. e,,2??fxrgi,.w-'if ' lg,-f yea.. Page SevenTy-five Win. Qack UU. Rice To express our sincere respecT and ap- preciaTion Tor a job well done, we, The GraduaTing Class oT NineTeen l-lundred FiTTy-six, do respecTTully dedicaTe This vol- ume of The Oaks To you, our Triend and Teacher, lvlr. Jack W. Rice. "IT paTience were golden, you would be rich." Through your dramaTic presenTaTion of boTh hisTory and English, even The dull- esT and mosT diTTiculT Topics became in- TeresTing and exciTing. You puT liTe and spiriT inTo ordinary English, and advenTure and paTrioTism in hisTory. Your help wiTh The dramaTic classes has been inTeresTing as well as beneTicial. Your paTience and guidance wiTh our STudenT Council alone is worThy oT The highesT Torm oT praise. Through your ini- TiaTive and guidance our Council has con- Tinued To be an acTive and eTTecTive parT oT our school. GuTside of your busy hours aT school, you have acTively parTicipaTed in dramaTics aT The Civic 'l'heaTer and in summer sToclc. You have paTienTly worked wiTh us on our plays. ThaT, in iTselT, was a Tremendous iob. You made acTors and ac- Tresses ouT oT relaTively TalenTless sTudenTs. We saluTe you, lvlr. Rice, Tor all The liTTle exTra Things ThaT you have done Tor us, The exTra liTe ThaT you puT inTo your worlc. We wish you all The luclc in The TuTure. "l-laTs oTl" To a job well done! afinC Presiclenl, Tom Price, Jill Alms: Vice-President Nanci De Bard: Secrelary, Julaine Berg: Treasurer, Judy Brouwer: Advisor, Miss Helen Williams. "Vinci+ Qui l.abora+" ll-le Colnquers Who Worksl, is The mollo Tor our Larin Club, Forum Larinum. This year's acrivilies commenced wilh Jrhe annual rea lor all sludenrs inleresled in membership. Regular business meelings were held once a monlh wilh an occasional program meering where slides were shown. The club's main proiecl was The dance, Twin Tiger Tromp, following 'rhe Benlon Harbor- Muskegon l-leighls baskerball game. Lalin Week and Pan-American Week were celebraled in April wijrh all srudenls invired. Each year Forum Lalinum presenls medals lo The oulsianding boy and girl who achieved highesl grades in a comperiiive Lalin examinalion. Sfandingz Slavros, Kraley, Chapman, Slein, Campbell, Norden, Fullon, Nuflall, Grassmeyer, McLaughlin, Levy, Hendrick, Heineman Paquelie, Rodofli, Merrill. Seafed Middle Row: Sukup, Lockage, Evans, Souser, Campbell, Clapp, Walson. Sealed Fronf Row: Miss Williams, Del3ard, Berg, Price, Brouwer, Aims. aka 1- Page Sevenly-six akkiau Pkagefw Presidenf, Ellen Robinson: Vice-presidenl, Claralou Bromley: Secrelary, Romella Ealom: Treasurer, Gordon Murray: Advisors, Mr. E, W. Gillaspy and Mr. Jaclc Rice. "To promole slanclards of excellence in lhe field ol dramalicsf' 'rhis is lhe purpose of The Oalrlian Players Guild. Members are accepled by wrillen applicarion only, ancl musl have a scholaslic average of A+ presenr Jrhe membership numbers 52. During lhe lirsl semesler, lhe Guild parlicipaled in a "One-acl Play Fesl'ival" held in Grand Haven High School, logelher wi+h players from Holland, Muskegon, Grand Haven, and Norlh Muskegon. For rhe annual All-School Play Produclion, 'rhe Players presenled a musical comedy, "Bes'r Fool Forward", May IO, Il, and IZ. As usual, The presenlalion was a success. 4+h Row: Melin, Loclcage, Sfeward, Campbell, Heinaman, Brouwer, Nuffall, Teigema, Mr. Rice. 3rd Row: Mr. Gillaspey, Lein, Sullivan, Lulfrull, Levy, Fulfon, Sfernburg, Sfein, RodoFl. 2nd Row: Mosely, Olson, Huffingfon, Harris, Pierce, Augusf, Whiffcamp, Hammock, Price. lsr Row: Cook, Buifendorp. Hill, Pelioles, Walson, Berg, Teller, Newblom, Kraley, DeBarcl. Sealed: Adamson, Herlein, Hume, Robinson, Bromley, Murray, Ealom, Kile. Page Sevenfy-seven Seniam Wag "Time OuT For Ginger", a rollicking Three-acT comedy by Ronald "TlME OUT EOR GINGER" Alexander, was chosen as The Senior Class presenTaTion. The play was a Tremendous success. The ploT revolves around The TacT ThaT Ginger, The youngesT daugh- Ter oT The Town banker, succeeds in making The high school TooTball Team. The problems ThaT arise are hilarious. The girls circulaTe a peTiTion To do away wiTh gym, Mr. Carol nearly loses his iob. Ginger's boy Triend breaks up wiTh her, and Mrs. Carol is aT her wiTs' end Trying To keep peace. The play was under The direcTion oT Mr. Jack Rice and Mr. Eugene W. Gillaspy. SeaTed: Barb Kraley. STudenT DirecTor3 Maryann Gillhespy lJoan Caroll: Nanci DeBard lfixgnes Carollg Juliane Berg lGingerCaroll- Laurel Vanderplow lJeannie Caroll: Barb Syrnons lLizziel. STanding: Jack Snider lEcldie Davisl: Ed Sl-clenar lMr.Wilsonl: Ray Cook ll'loward Carolly Tom Price lMr, I-loTTmanl: Len Newblom lTomrny Greenl. Page 5evenTy-eighT AW-ScIuwB Pew, FACULTY Producer. ,... .... , . ...... . Dialogue DirecI'or.,, Music Direcror .... ,..,. Lighrs ..... ., .. Cosmmes .,.,. CAST DUTCH...... ..,. FRED JONES... , . FRESHMAN .. JUNIOR .,.... HUNK ..,.....,... SATCHEL GOOFY.., CHUCK GREEN ..... DR. REEBER ..,...,.. OLD GRAD . .,.. . MINERVA .......... ETHEL ,. ..,.,.,.... .. MISS FERGERSON .,,... BLIND DATE ...,..... BUD HOOPER .,... LLOYD ............ WAITRESS .....,..., JACK ................ .. GALE JOY ........,....., .,., CHESTER BILLINGS ,,..,. ..,.. HELEN SCHLESSINGER .... ......... . . Chorus and Dancers exfra. ..,Mr. Eugene Gillaspy Jack Rice .Mr, Warner Galombeck ., Mr. Kenneth Thornley ....Mrs. Eloise Heaton .. ..Mike Benham ....Duane Chapman Ar? Levy AIIan Durnonf Don Bedwell Dave AdIer Jim Harold Gordon Murray Bud Borners .. .,., Ray Cook Sue Hume Nancy DeBard Barbara Kraley Sue Siein Jerry Hesselink Doug Wood Alice Herlein Tom Price June ScheeI J k M I' ., ....... BC E In Claralou Bromley Chaos resuI'rs when movie sIar, C5aIe Joy, invades The aII-male campus ar Winsocki. The roIIicI4ing comedy, "BesI Poor Forward," was presenred as The aII-school Spring musical on MayiIO, I I,and I2. The pIoI cenfered around Bud, who sIicIcs his neck our Ioo Tar by inviring movie slrar, GaIe Joy, Io Ihe school prom. When The day of Ihe prom arrived, Bud's girI from back home, I-IeIen Schlessinger, as weII as Gale came Io be I3ud's dafe. Then Ihe hiIariIy began. The show Iearured aII The hiJr runes from Ihe Broadway produclrion, a dancing chorus, and a singing chorus. Page Sevenry-nine Tlwispiam PresidenT, Ellen Robinson: Vice-President Robin Adamson: SecreTary-Treasurer, Sue Hume: HisTorian, KaTy Kile: Advisor, Mr. Eugene Gillaspy. "AcT well your parT, Tor There all honor lies . . is The moTTo oT The NaTional Thespian SocieTy. The Thespian SocieTy, now in iTs second year aT HeighTs High, has a membership oT 24. AT The beginning oT The semesTer iTs membership sTood aT 8 members. On March 8, The socieTy held iTs second Tormal iniTiaTion ceremony and I6 candidaTes were accepTed as members. The Thespians is an honor socieTy and when a sTudenT has acquired IOO hours oT worlc in The Tield oT dramaTics, he is eligible Tor member- ship. For every addiTional IOO hours oT worlc a sTar is awarded. Back Row: Mr. Gillaspy, Newblom, Hughes, Inman, Whelpley, Vallie, Sloan, Herlein, BuiTendorp, Snider, Murray, FronT Row lsTandingl: Lein, Anderson, Ealom, Sfein, Bromley, Symons, Teller. SiTTing: Kile, Adamson, Robinson, Hume. Mr. Rice, Price AZT WELL YBUR WRT D elude an in Sf d g: Dick Hansen, Sue Sfein, Melba Pierce, Norma Clapp, Raleigh Rodoff, John Schoolcraff. Debafers of Heighfs High, coached by Mr. John Regenmorfer, will lose Rodell Tucker and Richard Hansen by graduafion, buf will have a nucleus of iuniors who plan fo come back in fhe Fall. The squad had a fairly good season, winning four and losing four, and look forward fo nexf year. The guesfion for debafe during 'rhe pasf season was: Resolved, fhaf fhe Federal Governrnenf should guaranfee higher educafion fo all quali- fied high school graduafes fhrough granfs fo colleges and universifies. The debafes won fhis year included fhose over Grand Rapids Cenfral and Grand Rapids Chrisfian: losing To Muskegon and Grand Rapids Union High Schools. Several pracfice debafes were included on fhe schedule. Hing: Ron Zimmer, Rodell Tucker, Mr. John Regenmorfer. Dave Dawes, Ron Piasecki. Page Eighfy-one Muskegon l-leighrs was well represenled in Forensic lhis year. The local conlesl was held in February. Winners were: Oralorical Declanna- lion, Arlhur Levy, Karel l'leinernan1 lnlerprelalive Reading, Sue Srein, Barbara Kraleyg l-lumorous, Claralou Bromley, Judy Brouwer: Exlernpore Speaking, Dave Dawes, Ron Piaseckig Original Oralory, Gordon Murray, Rodell Tucker. The conleslanls were coached by Mr. John Regenmorler. ln +he Dislricl Forensic Conlesl in l-lolland, March 27, Gordon Murray won lirsl place in Original Oraloryg Ron Piasecki won Third in Exlempore Speaking, and Claralou Bromley lhird in l-lurnorous Speaking. Firsl place winner, Gordon Murray, will allend The Regional Conlesl in Zeeland, Michigan, in April. Back Row: Sfein, Murray, Mr, Regenmorfer, Tucker, Dawes, Kraley, Fronl Row: Levy, Bromley, Piasecki, Fleineman, Brouwer. Fwwuoico flaw l , i 3 5 Page Eighfy-two Publications and 'S .,.f-if gl Printing Staff Top Row: Mr. Murray, Sweef, Rinard. Geiger, Kubilins, Sfauizfer, Robinson, Mr. Koel1n,AdvIsor. 2nd Row: Kile, Morrison, Kadrovicln, Musich, Adamson, Moore. Holloway, Miller, Holsfine. Fronf Row: Gillhespy. Grossman, Graves, Murray, Hughes, Hill. Noi' Presenf: Ealom, O'Neil, Short Pearson, Symons. Page Eighfy-fhree Daks Sales Staffs 2 . Page Eiqhfy-Your 1. r ' f -. . .rf W1 U Sn Q Don-rm ' Huo4-:QS '45 5' if""":H Q A K4 , " -.,g v x,,,34.' YA? V .fs- . ga' ,Q M ii- 0 gf U--"2..,,' ,. ,A A . N K - , f, V ,L kg., :H WL ,Ml . A ,grgg .f y gr H ..Z.' ,5' f SPSS. -F' 112 5, X, K kg, 5.15, ff .-W ,f .921 -, 1 -wr x 1: wal E V -,L.N,:g 51 t. 22 ' . ., M .,,, ,Q . .. gsgagvs',y..xf. Y. N-32.5. , A,.,, G1 3'-ff-W -Kia:-'..:f.',X.'v 'P ' X ., ' ZLif.37gKwf,gf Q2 , -4' 2-Q wufsfwsjig- ' EL ' Y , Mya-,,Q4:'-2, fa. ' '16 ' ' ,il ,.., Q,,,-fqgfff'-,., ' :aff f' ' V , 2,,. ,. Y K Q , W, .,.,,,,4. . 1 f ' .-S in I c ..f. ,fy-1-,1 V Standing: Krueger, Wolf, Melvin, Parker, Haynes. Bedwell, Razor. Firs+ Row: McCormick, Callaway. Reed, Meisen, Chrisfie. Sonaga. Gorham, Weyerbaclcer. Second Row: Maynard, Gallup. Wesfon. Pafferson. Graham, O'Green, Slrodaclr. Third Row: Wood, Schoffey, Seqala. Hansen, Heineman. Dereslri, Carrier, Vifeclr. Fourfh Row: Healey, Larabee. Bird. DRUM MAJORETTES Jayne Souser and Pal Medema. Page Eiqhly-six Our band, for 'rhe firsl' lhree weeks, was under 'rhe excellenl' direclion of Mr. Paul G. Liddicoaf, who leff +he l-leiqhfs Public School Syslem +o lalce an adminisfralive iob a+ Reelhs- Pufler School. When Emerson said lhal' a loss isn"r so bad when you gain somelhing lo replace ir, he was righll The band gained Mr. Alberr Meerzo. During marching season, lhe band broughl you rhe slory from The "Medic", "Disneyland" and lorrnalions for local charilable organizalions. Sfandingz Assislanl' Direcfor, Mr. Marlin Ashley, Direclor, Mr. Alberl Meerzo, Musich, Thom, Young, Bingham, DeLano, Brink, Lighlon Firsl' Row: Robinson, Merle, Tillilrigoda, Anderson. Second Row: Malhews, Johnson, Lieltlers, Ashley, Kelly, File, Brower, Layfon, DeMan. Third Row: Ashley, Noris, Muslaovin, Overeem, Shirley, Blalceman, Miles, Bennelf, Jacobs, Laoughlon. Fourfh Row: Dumonr, Brown, Weslver, Huizenga, Bench, Bishop, Dingler. Nol' presenl in fhe picfure. Luilcaarf, Evans, Himelberger, Huey. The Heighlrs Band had ils liirsr concerl season under lhe excellenl direclion of Mr. A. K. Meerzo. One of 'rhe main aclrivilies of lhe band afler foolball sea- son, was "l-leighls Nile". Approximalely lOO sludenls par- Jricipaled in l'his evenl. They made a noliceable improvemenl in concerl season and received a 2'nd place raling a'r lhe Dislricl Concerl in Grand Haven. The band was also well received in lheir Spring Concert Some of 'rheir olher aclivilies of 'rhe year were: playing al all fhe pep assemblies, marching in lhe Memorial Day Pa- rade, and playing al The Commencemenl ceremonies. MAJORETTES Sfanding-Dorene Hill, Barbara Baslrins, Marlene Hillsread. Kneeling-Carolyn Himelberger and Norma Bolruhf. Page Eighly-seven g, I K 'ls Y I S fr 3 I i - A, i f 'i X I A . K Top Row: R. Wirchem ldirecforl, Felhke, Healey, Mafhews, Oszusl, Schofrey, Wolf, Dines. Black, Trappe, Zwarr 3rd, Row: DeBard, Trevino, English, Cole, A. Anderson, Remwolr Oosferharr Weaver, Jenkins, Bingham 2nd, Row: Hahn, Delong, Olson, Bromley, Early, Shepard, Wade, Ferencisk,'Kraley Boffom Row: Danker, Kile, Teller, Fox, E. Anderson, Abrahamson, Hendrick, Peddler, Ser To fill rhe air wirh songs was Jrhe accomplished purpose ol The A Cap- pella Choir and Chorus. Under rhe able direclion of Roberr Wirschem, Jrhe Choir and Chorus compleled an- olher successful year. The Choir Jrhis year was repre- senled al lhe Music Clinic held in Muskegon. The Choir allended lhe Dislricr Fesrival held in Grand Rapids and ihe Chrislmas Feslival held in Grand I-laven. One ol The Choir members, Mike Benham, was selecled lo sing wilh lhe Narional Choir which mer in Sr. Louis, Missouri. Page Eighly-eighl .-QQ .- :1 sw '-xv ' Y ,h . :jf-'grip Q .s Nw! E z kyle Top Row McCann, l-lesselinlc, Friclce, Hansen, Vanderlaan, Robinson, Wanqerin, Buifendorp, Van Bogelen, lrerson 3rd Row Edwards, Van Dyke, Marble, Lewis, Benham, Felcoslci, Werschem, Mafhews, Knoll, Ealom 2nd Row Graves, Goosby, Cooper, Alms. l-lerlein, Sloan, Miller, STaTTord. Morehouse. BoTTom Row Hammock. McCoy, Kessler, Hume, Grace, Wells, Van Broclclin, McClain Aside Trom TesTivals, The Choir and Chorus presenTed Two concerTs. Their ChrisTmas ConcerT wiTh The Orches- Tra and Their annual Spring VarieTy ConcerT. The Choir, in ioinT sponsor- ship wiTh Muskegon, presenTed The Michigan Singers, Trom The Univer- siTy oT Michigan, in a concerT aT CenTral Campus. OTher perTormances given by The Choir included baccalaureaTe, Com- mencemenT, and numerous school as- semblies, and a periformance aT The Temple MeThodisT WhiTe Breal4TasT. Page Eighfyenine STanding: Green, Rasor 4-Th. Row: Overly, PaqueTTe, Blalcernan, Mann, DumonT, ChrisTie 3rd. Row: Meisch, Baskin, STauTer, Turdel, Van WesTon Znd. Row: Bradley, Dierking FronT Row: Abraharnson, RidouT The OrchesTra, under The excelIenT direcTion oT Warner Galombeclc has complelred anoTher successful year. As in pasT years, The OrchesTra parTicipaTed in The numerous musical compeTiTions and TesTivals, each Time bringing home a raTing oT which To be proud, and aT The same Time To worlca liTTle harder To improve. Among The OrchesTra's oTher acTiviTies was Their parTicipaTion in The annual EasTer and ChrisTmas assemblies. The OrchesTra This year Toolc on again The musical accompanimenT Tor The All-School musical, "BesT FooT Forward." Page Nine+y Sfandingz W. Galombeck, ldirecforl. Singer, Bingham, Thom 4-fh Row: Wesfon, Vifelx. Sagala, Schorfey. Lillibridge. DeMann, Cook, Delano 3rd. Row: Olson. Grassmeyer, Koehler, Roclrey, Lange 2 d. R 1 Pi n ki Wa n ow eczy s . Fronf Row: Brooks, Sfron There were also 1'wo concerls of which fhe Orchesrra was a parr. There was fhe Chrisrmas concerf sponsored ioinrly wifh rhe Choir and Chorus, and rhe Spring concerr sponsored ioinrly wi'rh 'rhe Band. Many members of rhe Orchesrra were also members of 'rhe Wesr Shore Symphony Orcheslra. Included in lhal' number, was Jrhe direclor Mr. Galombeck. Anofher credil' ro 'rhe direcror and Orchesrra was Jrhe maslerful way in which Mr. Galombeck performed his duries of Mas+er of Ceremonies for lhe Band's annual Heighls Nighr presenralion. Page Ninery-one me raw spina: Page' Ninefy-fwo ,, .Q J 'L' -uf' UncleTeaTed Reserves Yes, our Muskegon l-leighTs Tiger Reserves, under The greaT leadership oT Coach Gale BolThouse, and his assisTanT C. P. Ziegler, wenT undeTeaTed in nine games. The lasT Time our re- serves were able To do iT was in I952. Our Reserves were never pressed Too hard during Their TirsT eighT games, buT The Muskegon game proved Their worTh. Who will ever TorgeT The Muskegon boy running The opening kick-OTT back Tor a Touchdown? Then Wally Herrala blocked a Muskegon punT in The end-zone and The ball was downed Tor Two poinTs. ThaT made The score 6-2 in Tavor oT Muskegon. IT was in The second quarTer when Earle Harris inTercepTed The Muskegon pass and sprinfed 80 yards Tor a TD. in a Tine display oT broken Tield running. TiTus Roberson converTed and The Tigers led 9-6. The Muskies sTormed back and scored again To lead aT half-Time, I2-9. In The second halT The Tigers came back wiTh Tom O'NeiI scoring and Roberson converTing To give The Tigers a I6-I2 vicTory, Coach BolThouse goT his TirsT undeTeaTed season since going inTo The coaching ranks, and also goT his TirsT vicTory shower, Tully cloThed, Tor beaTing Muskegon. Coach BolThouse's TavoriTe saying is "Go-Go-Go!" and The Reserves cerTainIy did. Tiger Tiger Tiger Tiger Tiger Tiger Tiger Tiger Tiger Rewuw F I955 Reserve FooTball Reserves Reserves Reserves Reserves Reserves Reserves Reserves Reserves Reserves Tiger Reserves Tor i955 Grand Rapids Union l-lolTon Holland Grand Rapids SouTh Muskegon CaTholic Grand Haven BenTon Harbor Grand Rapids CresTon Muskegon Back-Oliver, Mgr., Skok, Frazier, Chapman, STauTTer, Reed, Williams, VanOveren, Wiggins, Nummerdor, DeWiTT, Kelley, BenneTT Pickell, Mgr. Third Row-AuTman, ScoTT. S. Jackson, Kreifeldf, Rinard, Wood, Wargo, Lewis, Pelkey, SmiTh, Boylan. Second Row-G. BolThouse, Coach, Singer, Miles, Alexander, Bosch, Huey, Hughes, Balgooyen, Burgess, Hubler, J. Jackson C P Ziegler, Ass'T Coach. FirsT Row-McCarTy, Harris, Hansen, STrornp, Weaver, Herrala, Herald, Roberson. Robinson, Norris, O'Neil. Page NineTy-Tour

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