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Housmom PUBLISHED BY THE SENIOR CLASS OF MUSKEGON HEIGHTS HIGH SCHOOL MUSKEGON HEIGHTS, MICHIGAN A Music Speaks A Universal Language We the Graduates of 1949 chose "music" as the theme for this volume of our senior yearbook be- cause music "speaks a universal language." Music is understood by all peoples of all nations. It is therefore a great unifying influence. In all lands. people have learned to love and appreciate music, in one form or another. It inspires, it soothes, it charms, it has the power to quiet the soul or to quicken the pulse. lt is cultural. It lifts the spirit and the character out of the drab and the everyday, into higher levels. During the past year or more, music has come to mean more in our school than it probably meant in the past. More emphasis and time and money are now being spent on music education in Muskegon Heights. It has assumed a more important place in the life of our high school. It is no longer looked upon as something for a few - for artists perhaps - but rather it is recognized as something of great value for us all. The cover design on this volume, which was drawn by Garnet Keefer, Art Editor, symbolizes grad- uating seniors who stand upon Muskegon Heights and look out upon the future. They look forward, with a song in their hearts, toward the success and achievement they hope to attain. With this in mind, the editors of the 1949 Oaks arranged for your plea- sure and information a "Record Album", containing records of the years 1948-49 at Muskegon Heights High School. We hope you like it. THE EDITORS Shirley Burdick Don Mason Garnet Keefer, Art Joan Griffes, Art y STKFF PHOTOGRAPHER W James Cobb Z. 1 .-..n.....s...... To Mrs. Harvath We Seniors of the Class of 1949 take this oppor- tunity publicly to recognize the outstanding work of Mrs. Anna Harvath, high school office clerk and secretary. Mrs. Harvath has been with us for ten years. She is a graduate of Muskegon Heights High School and, when she was a student here in the commercial department, was one of the best in her class. In addition to taking dictation and typing business letters for our Principal, Mr. C. F. Bolt, Mrs. Harvath keeps the office books and records straight and does a thousand and one little things all day long for both the students and the faculty. Best of all is the fact that she does everything efficiently, tactfully, courteously, quietly . . . in fact, too often we do not fully appreciate the fact that she is in the office, so smoothly does it generally operate. To top it all, Mrs. Harvath is undoubtedly one of the best liked, most popular persons in our school. She has found the secret to true friendship in sin- cerity of purpose and everyday helpfulness. We have chosen this way of telling Mrs. Harvath how we feel about her, and her chosen occupation. THE CUXSS OF '49 v-'V ' , was - ,A , 1 .2559-f, rs qi WW' ,Q ' L f' REA QQ. fs A ggw, Higgs 4 QM Y 1 XS? The Oaks Story "The Oaks", senior class annual yearbook. is planned, written, and edited by seniors who are members of Mr. W. E. Murray's journalism classes tEnglish 12-1 and 12-2-I, as some schools call it.J But it requires the co-operation of a large number of persons to publish a 160-page book containing hundreds of photographs, drawings, written materials. and statistics. Let us tell you how it is done. To begin with, the work begins in September and gains momentum throughout the year until spring, when the "pressure" is on. A deadline has to be met-not one deadline as in the case of the school newspaper, "The Acorn" e-but many deadlines. one for each section of the book. First, a "theme" or motif has to be decided upon. This year it is "music." Then. a plan must be made for every page which will tie the book together, so to speak. Drawings in art work, writ- ten composition, and photographs in general must all center around the theme. Next, a plan for the taking of all photographs must be arranged, with a description of each photograph, its size, and place on the page clearly indicated. All writing assignments must then be given out and section editors named. The editors-in-chief of the book are usually chosen on the basis of ability, loyalty to the staff, and am- bition. Editors usually are requested to present to the staff a "dummy" for model yearbookl show- ing their ideas of how the book should look. Editors are directly responsible for the entire ap- pearance of the yearbook. After a rough sketch of the book is prepared. or format is prepared. In this of every story and photograph a final dummy dummy a proof is pasted. It is from this Final Dummy that the printers work. This brings us to the responsibility shared by our high school press. Under direction of Mr. C. F. Koehn, instructor, senior boys have charge of printing the annual. They lock up both the type and the cuts or engravings, and print them on the large press in the print shop. The practice they receive in doing this is very valuable. Many boys who wish to become printers can leam a great deal from the experience. To Mr. Koehn also goes our deepest appreciation. iw? 4 A PA, Art editors, under direction of Miss Kathryn Keillor, instructor, prepare all omaments, line drawings, and other art work necessary, such as the design for the cover made this year by Garnet Keefer. A large number of photographs in The Oaks are taken each year by Mr. Iames V. Cobb, English and photography instructor. The Camera club and photography class often contribute pic- tures also. The fact that The Oaks won a high award at Michigan State College last year was partly owing to the high quality of our photo- graphs. All linotyping and engraving is dsne by pro- fessional shops. and the cover itself is manu- factured by a Chicago cover concern. The book is bound and put together in Lansing, and sent back here by express. So far as the business department of The Oaks is concerned, that, too, is an interesting story. For example, we have a man on the faculty who has been one of the most faithful in his loyalty to The Oaks. His name is Mr. Roy A. Peterman, head of the commerce department. He has been advisor of sales and distribution ever since 1921 -quite a record. His job is to guide the seniors in their sales. and to stimulate enthusiasm among the class members. The tact that we usually sell around 1500 copies of the annual is at least partly owing to Mr. Peterman's splendid co-oper- ation and support. The advertising department, which contributes at least one-fourth of the financial support neces- sary to publish a 160-page book like The Oaks, is supervised by Mr. C. F. Bolt. our principal. Mr. Bolt, as chairman of the Board of Publications, has always been a sincere and loyal member of The Oaks staff and all its undertakings. Senior students volunteer to sell advertising to local mer- chants and industries. The school owes much to Mr. Bolt for his help, and to the townspeople who help to support our publication. That, in a nutshell, is "The Oaks Story." It may be an "old, old story" to Mr. Murray and all of the advisors, but to every senior class it is a brand new, exciting experience which they would not trade for any other in high school. rf t: rv it T K The Editors Who Tell It Lelt to right-Downey, Cooper, Smith. Newcxld. Dobb, Burdick, Mason, Tumer, Essenberg, Hice Platte. McCarthy. 4 ,,.,Q51. .. . .bfi R 1 X. .X 42 ig? J SWINGING THROUGH THE YE7-KRS MASTERPIIECES . Faculty and Administration CLASSICS . Senior Class of 1949 SEMI-CLASSICS . Sophomores cmd Iuniors CONCERT MUSBC Music and Art Groups PCPULAR NUMBERS Clubs cmd Activities SWING . . . Athletics SEBIENADES . . Advertising and Snapshots Keegfp' .... ,.. Page 9 . 21 . 55 . 67 . 73 . 89 . 103 MASTERPIECES Faculty and Rdministration SEMPER PARATIS Music by The Faculty Lyncs by The Rdministration I 5:1522 MAESTRO W. R. BOOKER Superintendent of Schools We, the Senior Class of 1949, wish to acknowledge our sincere gratitude to Mr. W. R. Booker, our superintendent of schools, for his splendid effort in behalf of better education in Muskegon Heights. In particular, we wish to thank him and the entire Board of Education for their part in making our lives in high school very happy and, we hope, very profitable. Mr. Booker received his master's degree from the University of Indiana. He once taught in the English department at Kalamazoo College. He also served successfully as superintendent of schools in Greenville, Michigan, before coming to Muskegon Heights. Here he has established a reputation through- out the state as a' capable, keen-minded executive, and a genuine student of educational affairs. Thanks for everything, Mr. Booker and members of the Board. We shall try to make you proud of us in the years to come. BOARD CFD P1'e.s'id1fn I LAWRENCE A. CARL Board oi Education Lawrence A. Carl . - 1952 Robert I. VanDyke . - 1950 Henry S. Elliott . . 1949 Carl N. Damm . . 1951 Ora V. Cobb . . 1949 Herbert F. Reid . 1951 Selmer E. Strand . . 1950 Standing Committees Building and Finance: Elliott, Damm, Strand Educational Matters: Cobb, Elliott, lDamm Business Matters: Reid, Cobb, VanDyke Athletic Board of Control: Elliott, Strand Recreation Commission: W. R. Booker, Cobb IRECTORS Secretary HENRY S. ELLIOT Treasurer CARL N. DAMM aff Vice-president ROBERT I. VAN DYKE HERBERT F. REID SELMER E. STRAND . . . 3.x 256. uf w . cusfhuislhbfis 0, Q, v, 1, gl 4 0 4 041, pang' W Q Q?bll.4a0.':,':,':. - v, ni -, . o o 0 'itil ',.,' ini.. In . . Kg.5o1 1. Q Q Concertmaster C. F. BOLT We of the Graduating Class of 1949 wish to express our gratitude to Mr. C. F. Bolt, our principal, for his understanding and considerate efforts during our entire school days in senior high. Mr. Bolt this Iune has completed his twenty-eighth year as head of this high school. He was here when it Was built in 1921. Mr. Bolt is not a "native son" of Muskegon Heights, however. Born in Grand Haven, he was graduated by Grand Haven High school and the University of Michigan and University of Wisconsin. He was principal of the high school in Bismarck, N. D., before coming to Muskegon Heights. Mr. Bo1t's office is not elaborate, but it has served a good purpose. Those who have sat across from him have generally left the office with a lighter heart and a brighter outlook than they had when they entered. He discusses with the students everything from credits in class to family "problems". All graduates from 1922 until 1949 declare him to be a "swel1 guy." Can't You Read Between The Lines ? ENGLISH DEPARTMENT A clear understanding of English is necessary in all learning. Three years is compulsory tor all students: tour years is highly recommended. English is the study of grammar, spelling, lang- uage, rhetoric, and literature. Literature has broad aims and purposes for inspiration. cultivation of the senses, and accumulation of facts on liie itself, It is a record ot humanity's thoughts and feelings. It sets an ideal. Fourth year students have cr choice of English literature. advanced grammar, and journalism. Iournalism is the study oi news and its place in society and government. MISS IULIA A. SPRAGUE. A.B.. M.A, Chairman, English Language and Literature Department ' Michigan State Normal College University of Michigan IAMES V. COBB, A.B.. M.A. English and Photography Camera Club Advisor Westem Michigan College of Education University ot Michigan MISS CHARLOTTE WETTEROTH. A.B. English Play Production MacMurray College tlllinoisl W S . W. E. MURRAY. A.B.. M.A. English and Journalism Advisor of Publications University oi Michigan MISS IULIA A. ROYSE. I-LB. Chairman, Speech Department Co-coach Debate, Dramatics Morningside College Northwestern University DePauw University University oi Wisconsin University oi Minnesota MRS. WILLIAM WILSON, A.B. English University of Michigan Page Th irleen Stars and Stripes Forever IAMES W. VERDUIN, A.B.. M.A. Social Sciences Student Council Advisor Westem Michigan College of Education University of Wisconsin E. W. GILLASPY. B.B. Speech and History Assistant Faculty Athletic Manager Co-coach of Debate and Dramatics Westem Michigan College of Education DELMAR FIRME. A.B. History Football Coach Junior Class Advisor Western Michigan College oi Education Page Fourteen HISTORY DEPARTMENT Our school offers courses in general history and in American history. Each is a study of the records of man's achievements, past and present. The purposes are manifold, but uppermost is the aim of teaching students how to avoid the pitfalls and mistakes of the past, in the future. American history gives all students a back- ground ior good citizenship. It is therefore one of the required subjects in high school. Coupled with Senior Civics, American history is intended to make good Americans. World history helps us to become good citizens of the world-an im- portant idea in these days of speed and atomic energy. DAVID R. MC KENZIE. LB History Football and Track Coach Central Michigan College of Education H. A. KRUIZENGA. A.B.. M.A. Latin and History Faculty Athletic Manager Hope College University of Michigan MISS RUTH L. ERIKSON. B.S. History and English Michigan State Normal College The Secretary Song COMMERCIAL DEPARTMENT The commercial department in our school offers courses in bookkeeping, shorthand, typing, and office training for all those who wish to enter the business field after leaving school. Students may enroll tor four semesters of book- keeping and shorthand. In this time students can learn the fundamentals ot general book work and can take dictation in shorthand at the rate of from 100 to 120 words per minute. Students pursue typing for three semesters, and at the end of this time average students can type trom 50 to 55 words per minute. In the senior year, commercial students take the final steps: letter writing. tiling, typing of forms and docu- ments, and operation of certain business ma- chines. MISS KATHRYN REID, A.B. Shorthand, Senior Office Training Western Michigan College oi Education MRS. MARGARET ELENBAAS. B.S. Typing Westem Michigan College of Education 1 ROY PETERMAN, A.B.. B.S. Commerce Oaks Subscription Advisor Western Michigan College of Education l. A. HUTTENGA, B.S. Commercial Subjects Senior Class Advisor Ferris Institute MRS. VERNA VERDUIN. B. Ed. Commercial Subjects Whitewater State Teachers College fWisconsinl Page Fifleen The Anvil Chorus M.......... WILLIAM H. DINGLER, I-LB. Woodshop Instructor Junior Class Advisor Western Michigan College ot Education A. M. COUHTRIGHT, B.S., M.A. Mechanical Drawing and French French Club Advisor University of Michigan Columbia University Page Sixteen 4? -, '-.fax tim-. , f ' 1 I 1196-" INDUSTRIAL ARTS All classes in industrial arts are closely re- lated in principle and purpose. In our high school at the present time industrial arts is limited to Woodshop. machine shop, and printing. It is the hope of many in this community that some day this department may be enlarged and improved to tit more adequately the needs of an industrial community such as Muskegon Heights. t Woodshop offers students an opportunity to learn the fundamentals of hand tool and machine wood working, and offers some experiences in some of the fields of wood working vocations. Machine shop offers a study in machine opera- tion, arc welding, and acetylene welding. Print- ing teaches the fundamentals ol the printing trade, and includes an interesting study ol the history ot printing. In addition, the high school print shop is responsible for printing all of the high school literature, forms, and extra-curricular publications like The Oaks and The Acom. CALVIN F. KOEHN Printing Life Certificate United Typothetae School of Printing Westem Michigan College oi Education ELMER OIALA. B.S. Machine Shop Westem Michigan College oi Education SCIENCE AND MATHEMATICS Mathematics is the foundation ot science cmd at the same time both science and mathematics are useful subjects which are profitable in every- day living. Both subjects encourage independent thinking and reasoning. Most vocations depend to some degree, at least, upon science and math- ematics. . Sciences include chemistry, physics, and biolo- gy. Math courses offered here include such classes as algebra, geometry, trigonometry, and advanced courses related to each. Students usually come to high school fairly well grounded in science from other schools. Central Iunior High, tor ex- ample, offers an excellent general science course, although general science does not count on credit toward a college entrance diploma. Science and math courses emphasize accuracy and precision. Civilization 1 'If Linn Ng' A, t ll' ' f :Ei A , , A 9951- lli ln nllt Isl ' I X ,' W xr, ,gk E tltx is it N ' I , ' . .x sf if-.4 9 X: 4 I ll KW X X lx Til . ts i Nw' , .f ' 'Y , 1 f V T r ' V' - , 1 4: " 4 K ,1,k .Vu I ,' . F .t .1 j 5 .4 X ' 1 :.--::r:g X, -T.f.??1e:"".17l'l " ' H5 ""' 532515 MISS VERA CUMMINGS. A.B., MJ-X. Mathematics Northwestern University Nebraska State Teachers College R. L. RAKESTRAW. A.B. Chemistry and Physics DePauw University MISS FLORENCE M. KURTZ, B.S. Mathematics University of Chicago FREDERICK W. KRUEGER, B.S., IVLA. Biology Hi-Y Advisor Wheaton College University of Minnesota Page Seventeen Man On The Flying Trapeze OSCAR E. IOHNSON. A.B. Director of Athletics American Government Senior Class Advisor Western Michigan College ol Education Page Eiglzlrmz GIRLS' PHYSICAL EDUCATION All girls of the freshman and sophomore years of high school are required to enroll for physical education classes. In the junior and senior years gym can be elected it desired. Girls who are enrolled in physical education classes do a number of interesting things during the year. They participate in soccer, girls basket- ball, volley ball, and calisthenics. In the spring, on days when the weather is pleasant, they play baseball out of doors. Girls who show proficiency in physical work can work toward an mon- ogram award such as those letters given to the boys lor participation in athletic events. It re- quires l,000 points to win a monogram, a diffi- cult task, but one of which any girl may be proud when accomplished. MISS MAXINE COBB, B.S. Physical Education for Girls Booster Club Advisor Western Michigan College of Education BOYS' PHYSICAL EDUCATION The boys' physical education department teach- es the student calisthenics, marching, basketball, passball, baseball. tennis, and track. Intramural games in basketball, passball, and baseball do a great deal to interest the average student. The spirit of competition involved gives the boys added enthusiasm for the game while at the same time it builds strong bodies and helps to produce alertness. All sophomore boys are required to take physi- cal education, and senior boys ever since the last war have also been required to enroll for physical education. The majority ol boys enjoy the work. MRS. RUTH KILE. A.B.. M.A. Spanish - Senior Class Advisor Spanish Club Advisor Adrian College University of Michigan 7... MISS ELEANOR KIDWELI.. B.S. Librarian Library Club Advisor Indiana University Piano Portrait PAUL G. LIDDICOAT, B.M., M.M. Band Music Westem Michigan College of Education University of Michigan MISS KATHRYN KEILLOR, I-LB.. M.F.A. Art Art Club Advisor Westem Michigan College oi Education Cranbrook Art Academy ,il A -Q-ul R. MAYNARD BUCK. ILB. Choral Music and Orchestra Northern State Teachers College Northwestern University Eastman School of Music , if 1 I Page Nineteen l Woman's Life And Love l MISS MINA MORRIS. B.S.. M.A. Clothing Iowa State College University ot Nebraska MRS. RUTH HARMON. B.S. Foods and Cafeteria First Semester The Stout Institute Page Tzven fy FOODS Besides learning the tundamentals ot cooking food, the foods classes in our high school learn a great deal about vitamins and minerals which are recognized as being so essential to building strong bodies. The girls also leam much about good management in the home, how to buy and to work economically, how to serve food artist- ically, and how to plan meals which will tit the requirements of adequate nutrition for the family. The cafeteria is under direction ot Advanced Foods IV classes. They plan the menu and see to it that everything is carried out on time. MISS MAXINE FENCE, B.S. Foods and Cafeteria Second Semester River Falls State Teachers College The Stout Institute CLOTHING Probably one ot the most useful courses in school, at least for girls, is clothing. It is by all means profitable in the home as well as in ' in- dustry, and at the same time gives the girls a chance to exercise their creative abilities. In addition to learning how to sew and use a machine effectively, the student leams about textiles, how to choose patterns, and the mater- ials f ' or certain patterns. The student learns how to model and to select clothes best suited to themselves. Each spring the clothing class reset p n s an annual style show and tea for the parents faculty and students. Foods classes also assist in the style show. It has become one ot our high school's important annual events. CLASSICAL Senior Class AFTER GRADUATION DAY By The Class of '49 X f Kenyan, .. C .. Page Twenty-one We 7-ire The Forty Niners! Dendrinos, Bohn, Scholtens, Howell, Nedecxu, Dobb. President ................ John Nedeau Vice President .... Paul Scholtens Secretary .Isobel Dobb Clst sem.D Carma Hice 12nd sem.7 Treasurer .................. Harry Bohn Sergeant-at-arms .......... Georgia Dendrinos, Frank Howell We, the senior class of nine- teen hundred and forty-nine, have chosen as our officers, the above persons. We feel these students have taken these re- sponsibilities in their stride, and Page Twenty-two ,Q-LT. , have succeeded in attaining their positions. We now wish to thank every officer for their work and willingness to help us in every way possible. The Sen- ior class has sponsored many dances throughout the year and has instigated many other activities. The Senior class play "White Banners", by Lloyd Douglas was given under sponsorship of the Senior class. Class advisors are Mrs. Ruth Kile, Mr. Oscar E. Iohnson, and Mr. Iacob Huttenga. EDWARD RAY ALVORD General A Little Imagination Band 1, 2, 3, 4. ANN CLARICE ARMSTRONG College Hair of Gold, Eyes of Blue Intramural Sports 1, 2: Library Club 2: Cheer Leader 1: Acom Staii 4: Oaks Staff 4. KATHRYN BAKER General K-lc-lc-katy, Beautiful Katy Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3: Tumbling 2, 3: Glee Club 2, 3: Camera Club 3, 4: Spanish Club Z, 3, 4. MARY LOUISE BAKER General H e's My Guy Selective Chorus 3, 4: Senior Prom Committee 3: Majorette 3, 4: Acorn Staff 4: Oaks Stall 4: Mixed Chorus 3, 4: Band Concert 4: Spring Festi- l 3 4' Choir Concerts 3 4: Band Festival 4. vq . . . ' Battle Creek Lakeview, 11th Grade: Mixed Chorus 1: Library 2: Y-Teens 2: Prom 2: Play 1: Intramural 2. 1 - - . ,em MARY ANN BALAS College Sweet and Lovely Glee Club 1: Mixed Chorus 3, 4: Iunior Play 3: Iunior Arbor Girl 3. ' ROBERT ALLEN BARDIN G General Dancing Feet Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 4: Selective Chorus Z, 3, 4: Music Festival 2, 3, 4: Concerts 2, 3, 4: lunior Play 3: Art Club 2: Cheer Leader 2, 3, 4. KATHLEEN D. BARNARD General When the Blue of the Night Meets the Gold of the Day Acorn Staff 4: Oaks Staff 4. MILDRED MARIE BARR General My Sugar is so Refined Intramural Sports 1. 2, 3: Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3: Girl Scouts l, 2: Art Club 1, 2: Science Club 1, 2, 3. Page Twenty-three EVONNE BARTON General Fun and Fancy Free Y'Teens 1, 2, 3, 4: Library 2. SANDRA IOAN BEAM College Little Girl Intramural Sports 3, 4: Debate 4: Iunior Play 3: Y-Teens 1: Booster Club 2, 3, 4: Camera Club 4: Iunior Arbor Girl 3. HARRIET IRENE BEGLEY College Ai1L't Misbehavin Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 4: Music Festival 2, 3, 4: Concerts 2, 3, 4: Iunior Play Committee 3: Senior Pla 4: Y-Teens 2, 3, 4: French Club 3: Spanish Y Club 2, 3. 4: Iunior Arbor Girl 3: Senior Prom Committee 3: Student Council Delegate 2: De- clamation 3: Dramatics 1. LLOYD l. BELL, IR. College Yom' Red Wagon Reserve Basketball 1. Page Twenty-fozu' FLORA ELLEN BIGSBY College Mad About Him Glee Club 1: Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4: Spanish Club 3. BRUCE HULL BILLINGSLEY College Ai1i't No Gal Got A Brand On Me Hi-Y 2, 3, 4. MARGARET HELEN BISHOP General Love Somebody Intramural Sports l: Mixed Chorus 1. HARRY I. BOHN College I Haven? Time to be a Millionaire Reserve Football 2: Track 3: Intramural Sports 1: Senior Play 4: Hi-Y l, 2, 3. 4: Science Club 3: Class Treasurer 3, 4: Acorn Staff 4: Oaks Staff 4. DOLORES T. BRACIOLA General I Don't Want a Million Sweethearts Glee Club 1: Mixed Chorus 4: Concerts 4. IACK LEE BRAMBLE College My Ideal Varsity Football 3, 4: Reserve Football 2: Varsity Basketball 3: Reserve Basketball 1, 2: Baseball l. 2, 3, 4: Hi-Y l, 2, 3, 4: Class Vice- President 2: Treasurer 1: Student Council Vice- President 4. NORMAN IOSEPH BRANDES College I Dorft Want to Set the World on Fire Iunior Play 3: Senior Play 4: Science Club 3. MARCIA ANN BRASH College Only Make Believe Glee Club 1: Senior Play 4: Y-Teens 4: Span- ish Club 2: Acorn Staff 4: Oaks Stall 4. axrmww HOWARD H. BREDIN, IR. College My Favorite Friend Reserve Basketball Z: Tennis 3, 4: Hi-Y 1, 3, 4: Acom Stall 4: Oaks Stall 4. PATSY ANN BRONKEST General Blues in the Night Mixed Chorus 3, 4. SHIRLEY IOYCE BURDICK General Blue Eyes Library Club l: Y-Teens 1: Booster Club 1: Acom Staff 4: Oaks Co-Editor 4: Acorn Co-Editor 4: Oaks Staff 4: Oaks Advertising Staff 4: Student Council Delegate 1, 4. JAMES RUSSELL BURNS General M y Shining H our Page Twenty-five 4 NORMA IEAN BURTON Commercial When You Were Sweet Sixteen Glee Club 1: Y-Teens 1. Z. DOROTHY IEAN BUTLER General Remember Me Intramural Sports 1. MERADENE I. CAMERON Commercial Confess Booster Club 1: Iunior Arbor Girl 3. lOHN G. CAMPSMITH General Lazybones Varsity Football 4: Reserve Football 2. Page Twenty-six GWENNIE CARLSON Commercial Love Is a Lovely Thing Intramural Sports Z: Glee Club 1, 2: Student Council Delegate 2, 3. IACQUOLYN CARLSON Commercial Smiles Intramural Sports 2: Class Secretary 1. ROLAND L. CARPENTER College Shoo Fly Pie and Apple Pan Doudy Band 1. 2, 3. GEORGE CARTER General Time and Time Again Baseball 2. GEORGE WALTER CHORNY College How Soon SHIRLEY MARIE CHRISTIAN General You Are My Sunshine Glee Club 1: Iunior Play 3. FAITH M. CHRISTOPHER College Stardust Glee Club l: Senior Play 4: Spanish Club 3: Acorn Staff 4: Oaks Stall 4. DONALD E. CLEMENTS General Carefree Band 3, 4: Selective Chorus 3. 4: Music Fes- tival 3, 4: Concerts 3. 4. ii -- LAVON RAE CLOETINGH General S0 Tired Intramural Sports l: Dramatics Club 1: Y- Teens 2, 3: Girl Scouts l: M. H. Winner. BRUCE EDMOND COHAN College Far Away Places GAIL I. COLBURN College I Want To Be Happy Senior Play 4: Y-Teens 4. DON EDWIN COLE General A Penny for Your Thoughts Track 2. 3, 4. Page Tzuen ly-seven IOANN ELAINE COLLINS College The Man I Love M'xed Chorus 2, 3, 4: Music Festival 2, 3: 1 Concerts Z, 3: Iunior Play 3: Senior Play Com- mittee 4. EDMOND IAKE CONNELL General It's a Most Unusual Day DONALD W. COOK College Girls Were Made to Take Care of Boys Varsity Football 3, 4: Reserve Football 2: Reserve Basketball 3, 4: Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4. DORIS MAE COOK General Take Me Out to the Ball Game etic Board Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3, 4: Athl 4: Acorn Staff 4: Oaks Stafi 4: M. H. Winner 2. Page Twenty-eight 'W' " CAROLYN IEAN COOPER General Life Gets Tedious Intramural Sports 1: Dramatics Club 1: Y- Teens 1, 2, 3: Spanish Club 1, 2: Acom Staff 4: Oaks Stall 4: Student Council Representative 4, Girl Scouts 1. THEODORE COOPER, IR. General It's My Lazy Day Baseball 1: Intramural Sports l. PHYLLIS L. COUSINEAU General Strange Enchantment Y-Teens 4: Y-Teens Vice-President 4: Iunior- Senior Prom Committee 3: Class Vice-President 1: Style Show 2, 3: Student Council Representative 4: Acom Staff 4: Oaks Staff 4. HOWARD IAMES COX General I Want to be a Cowboy in the Movies DORIS ANN CRANER College Drifting and Dreaming Intramural Sports 1, 2: Science Club 2. IEAN ELLEN CHENNO General Jeannie With the Light Brown Hair Band 1, 2: Acorn Stall 4: Oaks Stall 47 Intra- mural Sports l: Booster Club l: Style Show 4: M. H. Winner. NORMAN G. CROUCH General I'll Walk Alone MARIORIE ANN CULVER General Margie Band l, 2: Mixed Chorus 4: Iunior Play 3: Library Club 1: Y-Teens l, 2, 3, 4: Art Club 3: Iunior Arbor Girl 3. M. - DOLORES MAY CURRIE College M y Romance Glee Club l: Mixed Chorus 3, 4: Concerts 3. 4: Music Festivals 3, 4: Acom Staff 4: Oaks Staff 4: Spanish Club 4: Selective Chorus 3, 4: Prom Committee l. BILL LAMAR CURTIS College I 'm a Shy Guy WILLIAM E. DEAN College Life Can Be Beautiful LOIS MAE DEATER College Time After Time Glee Club 1: Iunior Arbor Girl 3. Page Twenty-nine GEORGE C. DENDRINOS College He's a Real Gone Guy Varsity Football Manager 4: Reserve Football 2: Class Sgt.-at-Arms 2, 3. GEORGIA C. DENDRINOS College Georgia Y-Teens 2: Class Sgt.-at-Arms 4: Spanish Club 1: M. H. Winner. ISABEL DOBB College I Love Life Intramural Sports 1, 2: M. H. Winner: Glee Club l: Iunior Play 3: Senior Play Committee 4: Library Club 2, 3, 4: Y-Teens l, 2, 3, 4: Spanish Club 3: Class Secretary 4: Acorn Staff 4: Oaks Staff 4: Variety Show 3. EDWARD F. DOUGLAS College The Best Things in Life Are Free Page Thirty BETTY CARMEN DOWNEY College I'll See You in My Dreams Debate 3: Oratory 2: Declamation 3: Junior Play Committee 3: Dramatics Club 4: Spanish Club 4: Iunior Arbor Girl 3: Senior Prom Corn- mittee 3: Acorn Staff 4: Oaks Staff 4: Radio-WMUS 3, 4: Chronicle Editor 4: Student Council Dele- gate 3, 4. CARL R. EKLUND General Sunrise Serenade DANIEL PATRICK ELLIOTT College Let's Hitch a Horse to the Automobile Varsity Football 3, 4: Reserve Football l, 2: Varsity Basketball Manager Z, 3: Reserve Basket- ball Manager l: Intramural Sports l: Junior Play 3: Senior Play 4. IANE ALEINE EMMONS Commercial Stepping Out With My Baby Y-Teens 1, Z, 3, 4. MARILYN IEAN ESSENBERG College I"ve Got You Under My Skin Oratory 2: Declamation 3: Iunior Play Com- mittee 3: Senior Play Committee 4: Dramatics Club 1: Y-Teens 1. 2, 3, 4: Cheer Leader 2: Acorn Staff 4: Oaks Staff 4: M. H. Winner 2: Style Show 1, 2, 3: Oaks Subscription Staff 4: Oaks Adver- tising Staif 4. PATRICA LYNNE FALBE General Golden Earrings Intramural Sports 2: Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3: Declamation 3: Iunior Play Committee 3: Iunior Play 3: Dramatics Club 4: French Club 4: Iunior- Senior Prom Committee 3: Radio-WMUS 3. 4: Acorn Staff 4: Oaks Staff 4: Oaks Advertising Staff 4: Style Show 3. IIM ALBERT FERENCSIK General Just Imagine DONEL IAMES FLETCHER General A Hundred and Sixty Acres BOB BROWN FORREST General How High the Moon FRANCES L. GARDNER Commercial N ear You Band 1, 2, 3. 4: Concerts 1, 2, 3, 4: Iunior Arbor Girl 3. BERNICE L. GARNER College I Don't Know Why Intramural Sports 2. IAMES RUSSELL GERMAN College Illusions Hi'Y 1: Science 3: Camera 2. 3. 4. Page Tlzirty-one GERALD F. GERST College You Call Everybody Darling Hi-Y I, 2, 3, 4: Acorn Stall 4: Oaks Stall 4: Tennis 4. ELSIE MAY GILBERT Commercial My Heart Tells Me ELEANOR I. GRANDELIUS College When You Wish Upon A Star Intramural Sports l. 2, 3: Declamation 3: Iunior Play 3: Y-Teens 2. 3. 4: Science 3: Second Team Cheer Leader 2, 3: Class Officer Sgt.-at- Arms 3: Spanish Club 3: M. H. Winner. DELORES MAE GREENE Commercial Delores Iunior Play 3: Senior Play 4. Page Thirty-two W'- BETTY LOUISE HANDY College It's A Hap-Hap-Happy Day Intramural Sports 1, 2: Orchestra 2, 4: Mixed Chorus 3, 4: Music Festival 3, 4: Concerts 3. 4: Iunior Play 3: Senior Play 4: Dramatics Club 1: Library Club 1: Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4: Booster Club 1: French Club 3: Senior Play Committee 4: Prom Committee 3: Student Council Member 2: Spanish Club 3. 4: President of Spanish Club 4. FRED HANSON, IR. College True Glee Club 2: Selective Chorus 1, 2, 3, Dra- matics Club 1, 2: Hi-Y 1: Transiered from Parker High School, Alabama. LEE EDWARD HARTMAN College It's Just My Lazy Day Varsity Football 3, 4: Reserve Football 1, 2: Reserve Basketball 1, 2: Intramural Sports 1: Hi-Y 1: Sgt.-at-Arms 2. EVELYN MARIE HARVEY General Evelina Intramural Sports 2: Girl Scouts 2. SHIRLEY ANN HAUKE Commercial Heartbreaker Intramural Sports 2: Oratory Z: Declamation 3: Iunior Arbor Girl 3: Class Secretary Z: Student Council Secretary 1: Student Council Member l, 2. PHYLLIS G. HEDBERG Commercial What Makes You So Sweet? Library Club 1: Y-Teens 2: Spanish Club Z. CARMA IEANNE HICE Commercial Personality Intramural Sports 2: Spanish Club 2: Acorn Staff 4: Oaks Staff 4: Student Council Member l, 2. DORIS E. HOGSTON Commercial Short and Sweet Y-Teens 3: Iunior Arbor Girl 3. MARILYN R. HOLMAN Commercial I'm Always Chasing Rainbows Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Music Festival 3: Concerts l, 2, 3, 4. IAMES EARL HOPPUS General Lover Reserve Football l, 2: Varsity Basketball 3: Reserve Basketball 2: Baseball 3: Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4. FRANK HOWELL College You"ve Got to be a Football Hero Varsity Football 3, 4: Reserve Football 2: Varsity Basketball 3, 4: Reserve Basketball 2: Athletic Board 4: All State Football 3, 4: Class Sargeant-at-Arms 4: Baseball 2, 3. MILDRED IANE HRADSKY College Me and the Moon Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3: M. H. Winner: Mixed Chorus 4: Junior Play Committee 3: French Club 3, 4. Page Thirty-thwe BETTY IANE HULKA General Spring Isn't Everything Intramural Sports 1. NANCY MARIE HUMPHREYS College H eartachcs Intramural Sports I, 2, 3: M. H. Winner 3: Dramatics Club 1: Library Club 1: Girl Reserves 1: Booster Club 3, 4: Camera Club 4: Acom Staff 4: Oaks Staff 4: Style Show 4: Oaks Advertising Stat! 4. OLIS ROBERT HUNTER College My Fickle Eye Varsity Football 3, 4: Reserve Football 2: Varsity Basketball 3, 4: Reserve Basketball 1, 2: Tennis 3: Intramural Sports 1: Baseball 3. WILLIAM A. IACKSON General Are You Having Any Fun Varsity Football 2: Reserve Basketball 1: Band 2: Selective Chorus 2: Music Festival 1: Concerts 2. Page Thirly-fum' DOUGLAS E. IACOBSON College Sonny Boy Varsity Football 3, 4: Reserve Football 1, 2: Varsity Basketball 4: Reserve Basketball 1, 2, 3: Baseball 1. 2, 3, 4: Acorn Staff 4: Oaks Staff 4. GERALD LEE IACOBSON College Gonna' Get A Girl Reserve Football 2: Varsity Basketball 3: Reserve Basketball 1, 2: Baseball 2, 3, 4: Student Council President 4. CAROLE I. IOHNSON Commercial My Heart Sings ROBERT BOWEN IOHNSON College Whistling in the Dark Varsity Football 3, 4: Reserve Basketball 1, 2: Varsity Basketball 3, 4: Baseball 2, 3, 4: Hi-Y 2, 3. THEODORE TED KELLY General All in Fun NAOMI CAROLINE KESSLER General Right as the Rain Glee Club 2, 3: Spanish Club 4. LOIS MAXINE KING General Good, Good, Good, That's You, That's You Band 1, 2: Library Club 1: Booster Club l: Acom Staff 4: Oaks Staff 4. NANCY ANN KLEEVES General The1'e'll Never Be Another Pal Like You Glee Club 3: Mixed Chorus 4: Girl Reserves 2. 1 DONALD HERBERT KLINE College I Went Merrily, Merrily, on My Way Varsity Football 3, 4: Reserve Football 2: Track 3. ROGER ANDREW KNOPF College Boys and Girls Like You Tennis 2, 3: French Club 4: Science Club 3: Camera Club Z, 3. 4. FREDERICK N. KRUEGER General Old Pal of Mine BERNICE Y. KULESZA Commercial Something to Remember You By Page Thirty-foie DONALD LAVEN LIEFER General Let's be Buddies MARY LOUISE LONG Commercial Because Intramural Sports 1, Z: Mixed Chorus 3. 4: Iunior Play Committee 3: Girl Reserves 1, 2: Dramatics Club l: Spanish Club 2: Science Club 3: Senior Play Ccmmitaee 4. IAMES HARRY MC CARTHY College Woody-Woodpecker Basket- Varsity Football Manager 3: Reserve ball 2: Declamation 2: Iunior Play 3: Hi-Y 2: Acorn Staff 4: Oaks Staff 4. BESSIE MC KENTRY General Fm Gonna' Love That Guy Intramural Sports 1. Page Thirly-six HELENE ARDIS MC LEA Bfding My Time Intramural Sports l. GORDONN N General A L. Mc MANN College My Dreams are Getting Better r Play 3' Art Club 1: French Club 3: Iunio , Spanish Club 2. 3. 4. Don' MARIORIE MALLO Sweet Dreams General IULIA IUNE MADASY tLet Julia Fool Ya RY General EUGENE EDWARD REWALT General The Night is Young Track 3, 4. IUNE A. RICHARDS College L ve is d Lovely Thing o Tennis 1: Glee Club 1: Science Club 4. CECIL DALE RICHTER General Just Because IUANITA L. ROBERTSON General Could Be Transferred from Summer High School Cairo, Ill. IOYCE ROGERS Commercial Since You. Went Away IRENE E. ROSTAR General A Woman Always Understands ' Camera Club Glee Club 4: Library Club 1, E. SAUNDERS College MARGARET Look for the Silver Lining Intramural Sports 2: Mixed Chorus 4: Music ' Off'cer 2, 3: Festival 4: Concerts 4: Library Club 1 Library Club 2. 3, 4: Iunior Arbor Girl 3: Student - 'l Reserves 1, 2, 3: French Council Member 3, Gir ' ' nch Club Officer 3. Club 3, 4, Fre CLARENCE T. SCHMIDT College Trumpet Blues Varsity Football 3, 4: Reserve Football 2: Track 2, 3. 4: Band 1, 2, 4: Mixed Chorus 2. 3, 4: Music Festival 2, 3, 4: Concerts 2, 3, 4: Spanish Club 3, 4, Pnge Forlyeone IUNE MARIE SCHMIDT College Have You Ever Been in Heaven Orchestra l, 2: Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 4: Concerts 2, 3, 4: Oratory 2: Student Council Representative 1, 3, 4: Inter-School Council 1, 3, 4: lunior Play 3: Spanish Club 3: Cheer Leader 4: Iunior Arbor Girl 3: Iunior-Senior Prom Chairman 3: Student Council Finance Chairman 3: Music Festival 2, 3, 4: D.A.R. Award 4. PAUL ARTHUR SCHOLTENS College When Day Is Done Debate 4: Iunior Play 3: Senior Play 4: Science Club 3: Iunior Class President 3: Senior Class Vice-President 4. HAROLD RALPH SEEGER General No One But You Varsity Football 3, 4: Reserve Football 2: Baseball 2. IAMES EDWARD SELL College There I G0 Page Forty-two ERNESTINE L. SEPPALA Commercial Friendship Mixed Chorus 3, 4: Concerts 3, 4. ELDON LA VERNE SHAFFER General Moonlight Becomes You Reserve Football 1: Reserve Basketball 1: Varsity Basketball 4. LYLE FRANKLIN SHAW, IR. College Patience and Fo1't'itude Varsity Football 2, 3, 4: Varsity Basketball l: Reserve Basketball 2: Iunior Play 3: Sopho- more Class President 2: Student Council Delegate 1, 2: Senior Prom Committee 3. IOHN ALAN SHAY College I Us Magic Reserve Basketball 1: Hi-Y 2, 3. 1 RUDOLPH B. SHEPHERD General Don't Fence Me In A v Varsity Football 2: Track 1, 3: Band 2. NANCY I. SHILLINGER College Too Marvelous for Words Acorn Staff 4: Oaks Staff 4: Variety Show 3, 4: Spanish Club 1: Camera Club 4. ROBERT ALLEN SIETSEMA College Six Feet Two, Eyes of Blue Varsity Football 3, 4: Reserve Football 2: Varsity Basketball 3, 4: Reserve Basketball 2: Intramural Sports 1. IOSEPH IUNIOH SKOCELAS General Mad About Him, Sad Without Him How Can I Be Glad Withoilt Him? ANNIE MAE SMITH General Everythings Moving too Fast Glee Club 1. 2, 3, 4: Concerts 1, 2, 3, 4: Y-Teens. BETTY IEAN SMITH General It's a Sin to Tell a Lie KATHERINE MAE SMITH General Illl Take You Home Again, Kathleen Glee Club 3: Acorn Staff 4: Oaks Staff 4: M. H. Winner 2: Style Show 3, 4. PATRICIA ANN SMITH College My Old Flame Intramural Sports 1, Z: Oratory Z: Extempor- anious 3: Library Club 2, 3: Y-Teens Z, 3, 4: French Club 2: Science Club 3: Acorn Staff 47 Oaks Staff 4: Iunior Arbor Girl 3. Page Forty-three LAVERNE DALE SOUTH College It Only Happens When I Dance With, You DONALD L. STEENHAGEN College I Wonder Who's Kissing Her Now Band 1, 2, 3, 4. BERNARD CARL STIENDLER College Yon Can't Be True Dear CORRINNE STRAND College That's For Me Intramural Sports 1, 2: Orchestra 1: Glee Club 1' Music Festival 3, 4: Library Club 1, 2: Girl Re- 3 serves 1, 2: Spanish Club Z, 3: Variety Show : ' ' h 3, 4. Style Show 3: Concerts 3, 4, Selective C orus Page Forty-four ' ' - l PATRICIA IEAN STRATTON General Dark Eyes Acorn Staif 4: Oaks Stall 4. NORBERT EDWIN STROBEL General Comin' Thro' The Rye Varsity Football 3. BETTY SUE STURGIS Meloncoly Baby VIRGIL W. STURGIS Commercial Isn't It Romantic Tennis 2: Band 1. 2, 3, 4: Concerts 2, 3, 4. RICHARD A. MARTIN General A Nickle for a Memory Intramural Sports 1. DONALD LOIJIS MASON couege I Shoulda' Quit When I Was Ahead Reserve Football 2: Baseball 3. 4: Hi-Y 3. 4: Acorn Co-editor 4: Oaks Co-editor 4. DELLA ELAINE MATHEWS General Relatives, Relatives Intramural Sports 2: Glee Club 1: Library Club 3, 4: Y-Teens 2, 3, 4: Majorette 3, 4: M. H. Winner 2: Band Concert 4. MARGERY MAE MILLER General Iill Buy That Dream n-...... Y .--......,,- VERNON R. MILLER College Somebody Loves Me Track 3: Iunior Play 3. VIRGINIA M. MINNERICK General Prisonenof Love Intramural Sports 2: Orchestra 1: Glee Club 1: Selective Chorus 2, 3, 4: Music Festival 2, 3, 4: Variety Show 3, 4: Concerts 2, 3, 4: Dramatics Club 1: Library Club 1: Y-Teens l. BEVERLEE BAYNE MOLD General Dance Ballerina Dance Intramural Sports 1, 2: Glee Club 1, 2: Selec- tive Chorus 3, 4: Majorette 3, 4: Variety Show 3: Concert 3. 4. MARILYN ROSE MURN Commercial Bluebird in My Heart Cheer Leader 4. Page Thirty-seven ELEANOR BARBARA MYERS General I Don't Know Enough About You . MERYLN IEAN NAROWITZ General Dancing in the Dark Variety Show 3. IOHN LOUIS NEDEAU College Dedicated to You Varsity Football 3, 4: Reserve Football 2: Varsity Basketball 3, 4: Reserve Basketball 1, 2: Tennis 2, 3: Debate 2: Senior Play 3: Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4: Class President 4. BETTY LOUISE NEWALD General I'll Meet You To-night in Dreanzlancl Girl Reserves 1, Z, 3, 4: Senior Prom Com- mittee 3: Class Secretary 3: Acorn Staff 4: Oaks Stall 4: Student Council Vice-President 1: Student Council Secretary 4: Inner-School Council 4: Room Delegate 4: Oaks Advertising Staff 4: Library Club 1: Dramatics Club 1. Page Thirty-eight I ALICE LORAIN NUTTALL College Buttons and Bows Glee Club 1. MILTON KARL OCHS General Once in a While EBBA ALICE OLSON College Paper Doll Band 2, 3, 4: Concerts 3, 4. ROBERT LOUIS OPALEK General Drummer Boy Varsity Basketball 3: Track 2: Orchestra 3, 4: Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Concerts 3, 4: Spanish Club 3: Acorn Staff 4: Oaks Stafi 4. IANET ELLEN PEARSON College I Want to Learn About Love Glee Club 1: Selective Chorus 2, 3, 4: Music Festival 2, 3, 4: Concerts 2, 3, 4: Dramatics Club 1: Library Club 1: Y-Teens l. IAMES EDWARD PEDLER College Passing By Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Concerts 3, 4: Hi-Y 1, 3, 4. ARNOLD PENN College Just for Now Varsity Football 3, 4: Reserve Football 1, 2: Track 3, 4: Intramural Sports 1. SALLY IEAN PETROSKEY Genercrl Daddy Surprise Me ang..- BETTY RUTH PHILLIPS General Darn that Dream Spanish Club 2. DONALD R. PICKELL College Heart and Soul Reserve Football Z: Track 3. BARBARA IEAN PLATTE College The Night Was Made for Love Glee Club 1: Oratory 2: Declamation 3: Sen- ior Play Committee Chairman 4: Dramatics Club 1: Girl Reserves l, 2, 3, 4: Iunior Arbor Girl 3: Majorette 2, 3, 4: Acom Staif 4: Oaks Staff 4: Student Council Representative 1, 2, 3, 4: M. H. Winner 2: Student Council Secretary 1: Library Club 1: Variety Show 3. VERONICA C. PLOUHAR General By My Side Page Thirty-nine IEAN ELLEN POPELAR College I'll Reach for a Star Intramural Sports 2, 3: Iunior Play 3: Library Club 3, 4: Booster Club 3, 4: Girl Scouts 1: Spon- ish Club 3. 4. DORIS MAE POST Commercial A Friend of Yours Glee Club 1: Library Club 1: Student Council Secretary 1. BARBARA l. PRIVASKY General Going My Way Art Club 1: Acorn Staff 4. NORMA IEAN PRIVASKY General Suddenly It's Spring Intramural Sports 3: Glee Club 1: Concerts 1: Secretary of Art Club 4. Pngz' Iforly GERALD C. PROCTOR College Out of Nowhere Reserve Football 2: Track 4: Tennis 2: Base- ll 3 Intramural Sports 1' Orchestra 1, 2, 4: ba 1 . Music Festival 4: Concerts 1, 2, 4: Iunior Play ' ' ' C1 b 3: Senior Play 4: Dramatrcs Club 1. Science u 1. IOYCE MAE REED Commercial Baby Face Mixed Chorus l, 2, 3. 4: Iunior Arbor Girl 3: Variety Show 3: Festival 3: Concerts 3. LOISANNE REELMAN General Let's be Sweethearts Again Intramural Sports 2, 3: Library Club 2. 4: Booster Club 3, 4: Spanish Club 3: Art Club 3. ETHEL LOUISE REID College Lovely to Look At Girl Reserves 2. 3. 4: French Club 3, 4: Iunior Arbor Girl 3: Girl Reserves Secretary 3. LAWRENCE E. SWAGER General There is Music In the Land Mixed Chorus 1: Selective Chorus 2, 3, 4: Music Festival 2, 3, 4: Declamation 2: Senior Play 4: Art Z, 4: Camera Club 2, 4. IRENE SWIATECKI General Sophisticated Lady Selective Chorus 3, 4: Acorn Staff 4: Oaks Staff 4. EUGENE SYDNOR General By and By Art Club 1. ORVILLE SYDNOR General Is It Wrong? Reserve Football 1: Band 2, 3: Mixed Chorus 4: Spanish Club 1. 2, 3, 4. wwwmwfssq WANDA TEMPLE General For Hea11en's Sake Camera Club 3. 4. NANCY MARIE TODD General Small Fry Intramural Sports 2: Camera Club 3. WILLIAM D. TOWNSEND General Yozfre Asking Too Much of Me Reserve Basketball l. ARLENE D. TRAXLER General My Confession Page Forty-five L TRUTE Commercial l0AN CORA Memovies ELLA MARIE TURNER General I Understand t e 3' Senior Play Com- Iunior Play Commite , 3 4 Vice-President 3, mittee 4: Library Club 2, , : President 4: Y-Teens 4: Booster Club l: Style ' k Staff 4: Acom Stall 4: Record Show 2, 3, Oa s Editor 4. GERALDINE HELEN TURNER General Sentimental Journey ' ' 'b Club Iunior Play 3: Dramatxcs Club 1. L1 rary 1: Y-Teens 1, 2. 3, 4: Iunior Arbor Girl 3: Acorn Stall 4: Oaks Stall 4: Student Council Treasurer 1: Student Council Member 1, 3: Inter-School Council 3. BETTY LOUISE TURPIN Glad You're You General A1'en't You Library Club 3, 4: Y-Teens 3: 4: Acom Stali 4: Oaks Stali 4. nun, Page Forty-six Camera Club . FRED TUTTLE College If I Had a Wishing Ring Varsity Basketball 3: Reserve Basketball 2. IOLENE VANDENBERG General Out of Nowhere BETTY I. VANDERSTELT General Yours Dramatics Club 1: Library Club 2, 3: Y-Teens 1. 2, 3: Girl Scouts 1. ORLEY M. VANDERWEST General If I Had My Life to Live Over Varsity Football 4. ALFORD VAN DONKELAAR General Just Kidding A round ALMA VAN KAMPEN Commercial A Fashioned Girl Glee Club 1. College MIRIAM IOANNE VOTAW Seems Like Old Times Declamation 2: Iunior Arbor Girl 3. IOYCE ANN WADE College My Heart Sings Band 3, 4: Concerts 3, 4: Art Club 3. sv if Wi I IACK EDWARD WAIT College I'in Wishing DONALD L. WALTERS General Someone Cares Varsity Football 3, 4: Reserve Football 2: Track 2. 3. DONNA M. tl Like Yon WALWORTH General Eocac V y Intramural Sports 1: Band 2: Glee Club 2: Spanish Club 1. DOLORIS WANNAMAKER College Beautiful Dreamer 3 4: Spanish Club 3, Oratory 2: Y-Teens Z, , 4: Iunior Arbor Girl 3: Class Treasurer 2: Student ' 'b ar Club 1. Council Member 2. L1 r y Page F oily-seven IACKIE WARNOCK General Don't Call It Love Transferred from I. Sterling Morton. Ceiero, Illinois: Class President 2: President of Girls Ath- letic Association: Saddle Club. NORMA IEAN WEAVER College There I Go Glee Club 1: Music Festival 1: Y-Teens 3, 4: Style Show 3: Tennis 2. ETTA RUTH WIERENGA General Long Ago and Fai' Away LEATHA NOREEN WILKS College Miss You Senior y Oaks Staff 4: Intramural Sports 2. Page Forty-eight Pla Committee 3, 4: Acorn Staff 4: DELORES ANN WILLIAMS General l'll Always Be In Love With You Gl Club 1: Iunior Play Committee 3: Senior ee Play Committee 4: Acom Staff 4: Oaks Stafi 4: Style Show 3. PATRICIA I. WILLIAMS General Three O'clock in the Morning Glee Club I: Iunior Play 3. DANIEL IOSEPH WILSON General I'd Love to Live in Loveland Track 3: Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Music Festival 3: Concerts 1, 3. ROBERT A. WINTERINGHAM College I'll be Around ' ' 4' I tra- Varsxty Football 3, 4, Baseball 2, 3, . n mural Sports 1. ' IEAN R. WITKOWSKI General Dream Glee Club 1: Majcrette 3, 4. IOAN RUTH WITKOWSKI General Wishing Glee Club 1: Majorette 4. ALICE G. WOOD Commercial Someone to Watch Over Me Intramural Sports 1. 2: Library Club Z. 3: Y- Teens 1: Booster 1: Girl Scouts 1: Junior Arbor Girl 3. CARL D. WRIGHT College Thanks for the Memories Varsity Football 3, 4: Reserve Football 2: Baseball 2. 3: Intramural Sports 1: Reserve Bas- ketball 1. I .-wg ALBERT BRIAN YONKERS General Out of Nowhere Senior Play 4. DONNA YOUNG General Sincerely Yours PHILLIP GEORGE ZANG College Thais My Desire ' Oratory 2: Iunior Play 3: Science Club 3: Class Vice-President 3: Track 3, 4. CHARLES NEIL ZORN General Lonesome for Love Varsity Football 3. 4: Reserve Football Zi Varsity Basketball 3. 4: Reserve Basketball 2: Track 2, 3, 4: Acom Stall 4: Oaks Staif 4. Page Forty-nine ROBERT E. SANGSTER GEDIT I Told Every Little Star DE LOYD G. HESSELINK College On Wisconsin! Transferred from Oostburg High School COost- burg, Wisconsinl. Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4: Baseball 2, 3: Bible Study l, 2, 3, 4: Annual Staff 4: Forensics l, Z, 3: Dramatic Club 2, 3, 4: All-school Play 3: Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 4: School Newspaper Stall 4. EUGENE ALCORN General Don't Fence Me In Transferred from Muskegon High School. DONALD DUANE BLEICH General Y ' 0 I ll Be Seeing Y u Varsity Basketball 3: Baseball 2. 3. RICHARD S. BROWN GEDIT You Was HAROLD N. CHRISTIANSON College I'd Rather be Me IAMES DANIEL COCHRAN College Love That Boy Band 4: Concerts 2. PAUL FREDERICK ENGLE General My Heart is a Hobo BILLY LEE FORD General You Came Along Way From St. Louis IOE VERNON HALL College I Don't Care If It Rains All Night Varsity Football 3: Intramural Sports 1: Hi-Y Z. DONALD H. HALLBERG General I 'll Get By DANIEL IAMES HRADSKY General Chatter Box CLIFFORD R. IOHNSON GEDIT My First, My Last, My Only IRWIN A. KAPPHAHN College I Know What I Want Orchestra l, 2, 3, 4: Music Festival 1, 2, 3: Concerts 1, 2, 3. EUGENE A. KOBIERSKI College Chambre' Separes Oaks 4: Forensics: with U.S. Army in Berlin until 1949. Page Fifty DALE WILLET ZUFELT General Ain! Dain' Bad Dain' Nothin' Baseball 2. VICTOR LA VERN ZURA College Supposin' JACK WEST General Don't Fence Me In IAMES HERMAN LAUGHLIN General Don't Ever Change Baseball 2, 4: Intramural Sports 1. GEORGE ALLEN LEE General M y Buddy VIRGIL B. LEE General Lemme Out of Here IOHN RUSSELL MA LONE GEDIT Furlough Fling WANDA l. MC MICHAEL General lllrap Your Troubles in Dreams Band 2, 3, 4: Music Festival 4: Concerts 3, 4: Spanish Club 3. MARGARET L. MC NARLAND General I Thought About You DALE STANLEY PORTER General Quiet Town ROBERT ERNEST REDMAN GEDIT A Smo-o-o-oth One ARNOLD G. RICHMOND GEDIT All the Things You Are IANET LORETTA SEBASTIN College GERALD WALKER GEDIT Ernbraceable You ROY L. D. WALLSTEAD General The Night Has a Thousand Eyes ROBERT ROY WIDING GED'l All Right, Louie. Drop That Gun! You're The Tops VALEDICTORIAN Iune Schmidt The Valedictorian and Salutatorian of Muske- gon Heights High school are those members of the Senior Class who, by virtue of their scholar- ship over a period of four years rank highest, and second highest, respectively, among their classmates. To win either award is looked upon by school officials and townspeople as two of the highest honors which can come to students. The day when "honor students" were so-called "grinds" who did little else except study, is long past. Today the boys and girls who win the honors almost necessarily have- to be all-round, active. aggressive boys and girls because of the nature of modern education. The system used in our high school for choos- ing these two people is based upon a point-sys- tem, allowing 97 points for an "A" grade, 91 points for a "B" grade, 85 points for a "C" grade, and 79 points for a "D" grade. Grades used are final averages for each semester, for four consecutive years. Generally speaking, those who have received these high honors in high school, have gone on to college, or business, or industry, and have continued their splendid work. To give an exam- ple of how difficult it is to become Valedictorian, SALUTATORIAN Lyle Shaw we can cite the present winner, Iune Schmidt. Iune received "A" grades for final averages in every subject she took in high school, except one. In this subject, she received a "B". Last year the same thing was true. In view of the fact that "A" is usually regarded as being between 95 and 100 points, this perfonnance is particularly outstanding. Some of the highest honor students of recent years have been: 1948, Douglas Cutler and Bar- bara Culver: 1947, Delores Bleich and Margaret Forrest: 1946, Betty Yonkers and Harriet Hague: 1945 Teryl Shaw and Geraldine Schatz: 1944, Robert Wenger and lack Wiesenburger: 1943, Harriet Risk and Charles Pearmang 1942, Lillian Scott and Arthur LeRoux: 1941, Lorraine Coston and Rosemary Hill: 1940, Rachel Hiltner and Tom Begleyg 1939, Nellie Leisman and lean Ruiter: 1938, Harriette Lundberg and Iohn Thomas: 1937, Betty Sikkenga and Paul Starks: 1936, Nelson Damm and Doris DeCosta, 1935, Flora Anderson and Lois Bolt: 1934, Eleanor Sikkenga and Arland Walkleyz 1933, Gwenivere Cole and Irene Schin- ze1: 1932, Eunice Warneke and Leota Grcrndjeang 1931, Aneita Auburn and C. Robert Martin: 1930. Ralph Lillie and Wilda Dake. Page Fifty-one l. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. ll. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 26. 27. 28. 29. 30. 31. 32. 33. 34. 35. 36. 37. 38. 39. Page Fiftyffwo I'm Sitting On Top Of The World SENIOR UPPER THIRD 1949 Iune Schmidt Lyle Shaw Paul Scholtens Barbara Platte Gail Colburn Ianet Sebastian Ioanne Votaw Sandra Beam Norman Brandes George Chorny Margaret Saunders Ioann Collins Lois Deater Doris Hogston Doris Post Nancy Humphreys Donald Liefer Ethel Reid Gerald Gerst Marilyn Murn Meradene Cameron Harriett Begley Donald Cook Bruce Cohan Iames McCarthy Frances Gardner Iames Pedler Norma Iean Weaver Patricia Smith Marjorie Culver Betty Downey Vernon Miller Mildred Hradsky Ioe Skocelas Mary Balas Iane Emmons Lois King Dolores Greene Irwin Kapphahn Faith Christopher Donald Mason Gwennie Carlson Donald Pickell William Dean Shirley Hauke Ioan Trute Virgil Sturgis Carol Iohnson Iacquolyn Carlson Harry Bohn Doris Craner Wanda McMichael Victor Zura Donel Fletcher Eleanor Grandelius Helen Bishop Bill Curtis Lois Reelman Dale Porter Ioyce Wade Iune Richards Ioyce Reed Roy Wallstead Shirley Christian Alice Wood Marilyn Holman Ella Turner Phyllis Hedberg Carl Wright Robert Sietsema LaVerne South Alma VanKampen Geraldine Turner Robert Iohnson Ebba Olson Jacqueline Warnock Shirley Burdick Gerald Proctor Frank Howell X WI-T025 we-ao THE 1949 TIME-TABLE Center-Most Athletic: Doris Cook and Frank Howell 12:00-Most All-round: Isobel Dobb and Gerald Iacobson 1:00--Best-looking Couple: Bob Iohnson and Iackie Carlson 3:00-Most Likely-to-s u c c e e d : Iune Schmidt and Lyle Shaw 4:00-Best Actors: Mary Balas and Iim McCarthy LATEST H IT5 5:00-Best Dancers: V i r gin ia Minnerick and Clarence Schmidt 7:00-Most Bashful: M a r g a r et Saunders and Carl Wright 8:00-Best Looking: Pat Stratton and George Dendrinos 9:00-Class Cut-up: Betty Handy and Bruce Billingsley ll:00-Class Flirt: Beverlee Mold and lack Bramble Page Fifty three QCCESS Ljufiz? Ezf VF f fyz f fy f , X fiffly! f K ff 1, .LEGE HIGH SCHOOL Page Fifty-fou Keesek SEMI -CL7-KSSIC7-K L Junior and Sophomore Classes MARCH OF THE UNDERGRADS Byh C1 5 f f Kccfel .... Q 1 P ge Fifty-five Junior Class Cfficers Cutler, Balgooyen, Dasler, Felcoski, Hughes OFFICERS President ....... eeeeeee ,eee K e n Cutler Vice-President ..,.,, ......t B arbarct Dasler Secretary ,,,v,,.. ........ S ue Balgooyen Treasurer ...,,,..t,.,... ........ D an Felcoski Sergeant-at-Amis .....,..,.,..,.,,., Ed Cole Page Fiftyrsix , 7 and Iack Hughes J u The Iunior Class began by electing the above responsible officers. Their social activities have covered different phases of high school life. At the be- ginning of their second semester, they successfully gave a party and dance combined which was held February 11. Each junior was invited to bring a guest and a large per cent of the class at- tended, and enjoyed the evening. Ken Cutler was chairman of this event. The play presented by the Iunior Class proved to be a hit with the stu- dents as well as adults. It was "Ever Since Eve". Advisors for the class are: Miss Wet- teroth, Mr. Dingler, and Mr. Firme. Sophomore Class Officers OFFICERS President, Richard Vczluck Vice President, More Mathews Secretary, Carol Sekeres Treasurer, Chuck Long Sergecrnt-At-Arms, Bob Hcrgstrom, Lucille Culver .., fix ff I g ,pil N Q mt , r Page Fifty-seven A 5 4 J' 16 1 were 1 f , ..,. wf:.:wrf-- , . . , A.,A Wk . , fr-vr.7n.e f . W,.W,, 51, time . . ,rw .xii f f Sk LQ :si e l A :rf- aff 'CY' F rf Q t m " f : ' ww . .- : - .- - 'S ' i lim I4 3.j:fn,b krs " : r in nnan jx '.'f: .. ' AEE,. r, " x l sstsas r e t' G, l ' " l "1 :4f,es'v:w5ffk21sifiii57H: 3 , it si? :V,.:, ':..- : ":, 5 .. 1 -AZQ2 j ,C m- Page Fifty-eight I 2 3 me ,L Q Under Graduates Adams Bernard Boelkins Bole Boone Borroif Brannon Brasher Bringedahl Camp Carlson Clark Cutler Daniel Deitz Demos Farwig Field Hanson Hawkinson Keefer Keqlovitz Kiesgen Krueger La Mie Lawson Lein Leonard Long Mc Gregor -L ii' Nl.. 4-0 I i .f jf as-v .. i eff? Vp 5. ' :.f Fl' If ,0 'f 5 9 F .rg 2? 53' f l' oi f 5' Mc Kay Niesen Nordstrom Patterson Paulson Plichta Potter Sietsema Smith Start Sutton Swirsky Ten Hove Teuling Tierman Tsaggaris Vanderstelt Vander Ven Wiganusky Wilson Withrow Yonkers Zack Under Graduates Acker Anderson Balgooyen Barnard Bamhill Barton Baskin Baxter Bickowski Bird Bodnar Bolema Bollenbach Bowers Bredin Brown Calloway Campbell Carl Carlson Carter Casler Cierlak Cole D. Cooper B. Cooper Crevier Cross Dahlem Darrow L-51 my V ' 1 h 1. .. YZ 'sta g' Nt sul W e ,, Dasler Davison De Bard Dietz Dick Dudgeon Durham Eberly Ecklesdaier Eikenberry Emerson Felcoski Fitzgerald Freeman Gabrieison Gcrrbrecht Geiger Gilmore Goetz Goodrich Grammel Green Greinke Griifes Gunderson Hall Handy Hargreaves Hart Henderson Page Fifty-nine Herbert Holcomb Holland Homa Hughes Hullinger Iacobs E. I ohnson P. Iohnson I. Jones V. Iones Kanaar Kelly Kemperman Kline ml Klug - Kuziak Laban xx Lanphear Larabee La Rue Laughlin Leach Lee Link Lund Lundquist Lynn Lysiak Mc Cann Page Sixly Juniors I 1 :S S '-' F N, ,tl X 7 l, I 'il I X f ' - ' A Mc Carthy Mc Connell ' ' 9 V , V. Mc Dowell ' ' iw -A I 'wah 1 xr K A311 A fn ' I . Mc Gonigle Mc Intyre Mc Kee W All Mc Kenzie Mc Phall Mc Roberts E. Meister W. Meister I ' gi 3. g Mendel 2 Q '- hx ,sf 'I Meyering . Q V fs 5 Mitchell 1 A Q 4, u I. Moore ' 5 N or gg 4 .-, V, X :ri xr B. Moore . X ' Mueller H M E P11 orr's -' 1 ,K 54' Jf X 1 v 5' x 5 Muskovin . K' ' 'P Neisen Noble ' . . -... 0 S 1 in ,. 'iv-in E 'ig in 1 " ' Emi Nummerdor f .4 'Y 2 23.2 X fi! Nuno , - , B. Olson , f V5 3 5 gig . K. Olson Ostenson Patterson Paulson Pawlak Peltresne ,YY 4 ,,, , , 7 , Under Graduates Petrick Pitts Paulson Putney Pyatt Rambo Read Reqeczi Riley Robson Rostar Rowe Ruhl Sabin Schlieve Scott Seocat Shcznty Skiles Skok Slentz E. Smith F. Smith Spaulding Steenhagen Sterenberg Swett Terrell Unger Van Dcrmm X, ff' ' X . . fl!! W ff ivy, , .,,::1:::,, A 3'-Z Vanderstelt Vcmdervelde Veldmcm Webster Weinert A. Weller H. Weller Wells Whiltum Wolf Woltz Wood Workman Wyhowski Ziegler Anderson Boker Bentley Bergklint Bomers Borgerding Brant Brown Burton Carpenter Churland Clark in 5 3 ' it 1 . Y if at ,fer 0' lf-I - . w 2 11-1'S , r .rfzsnli H ,JRE es J' Page Sixty-one Under Graduates .rm s jf " Craymer " t, Davis tk Q r t Diepen Dopiel Downs , f Dudley - Edge Essenherg a Frick wif? 3 Friedman ii Ghezzi Gillette Glacz Greene fxlii QQ, Gurzynski Hanson Harvath + is Q. x fa Haskins A. Hill Herlein Iohnson Iuhnke R. Hill 1 1 Keefer Kesteloot Kielt King Koonsmun Kresnak Page Sixiy-two Landgrat Larson Melin Morley Morrow Morton Myers Nelson Newald Panice Payne Penn Pete Quirk Retsema Rollenhagen Rudd Sauders Sawdy Sekeres Sheldon Siewert Sims l. Smith S. Smith Sneed Sorenson Som South Spoelhoi Y R Y-Y ,B e X as 4 .T viii - V , " .: ,.,1 f2:- . miaeazsff ,N : . .:- :ii - f 'L T33 W X -,,,v 1 E V 1 i i "" ky ' lib 'lj V '., m,' B " ' i r-.sat-:. y we -f .nr en ' :QU rf em 31' X Q F' in S x ' S 0"2'S ., . , R i . , . .JPN -r f fe, . hig' W ',-f -0, gr 'WP . . .5 152131 -' -V egg? Q1 S' 5 igff '-.E Al A B ":i:q'. Q -fe ,", n Q ,,'-E C J r up Wi. F- L. ,1hf- gg . A5 , .M .V iwihk ,. iff? we 3 sr Q zfisfl I er - . -mr ,,f"ig .gif ,,,,,,,..if -rr 45 4 Qi. ef , 4 S B, Q ii :" L,m:,A if , A r - f ,ff -1f,V1 V nf K ., ,- -,: ,A iii? . aff C C, r v,-. - , I ., ,iz , y Jiri 5 if r- , 'il E. , , .- ' 7 H521 " 'f 1, ,,-gh' f : fs: f2?'if'4 , . H:-K ng Q - . ,. W aa f-is f--nl . ,z " .s I. -: Q - 'ii-' . ,. . s b r C r C nrrn., few' 'wh - Li. :rr X , f - , rfrweew-w.ew S ga 5' A . ..f,.. .. . V, ,:::.V,i 5 , .. , Under Springer Sturgeon Van Dinen Warren Webb Wemstrom West Williams Wilson Woodruff Acker Allman Alvord Ames Andree Austgen Bacon Bakker Barber Barnard Barnhard Baxter Becker Becklin Bell Billingsley Bishop Bleich Bolthouse Borgerding Borns Bowers Bradford Brannon Bringedahl Brooking Brott Brouillet Graduates Brown Bryant Buit Bullion Burson Burns Burse Butler Campsmith Carlson Carpenter Cavanaugh Christensen Christiansen Clark Cohan Cole Cook Cooper Culver Currie Dasler Deater Decent De Graves Dennis C. Derby M. Derby Doll Dyke Eberly Echtinaw Ellis Enders Essenberg Evans Fekete Ferris Forrest Forsen Fouls Fowler Fox Foxx Page Sixty-three 1 Page Sixty-four Under Graduates Garber D. Gauthier R. Gauthier Gerwin Gilbert Givens Glebans Glover Goulet Grammel Grant Graves Grenell Griswold Guthrie Hagstrom Hall Hammock Heinakoski Hemken Herbst Hershey Hill Hilton Hohlield Holman Hurd Inman Iackson Ianuska A. Iohnson D. Iohnson I. Iohnson T. Iohnson Iohnston Iuhnke Keglovitz Kendra Kenjeslcy King Kloss Krueger Langius Larson Lee Lenoir Long Looyengoed Mc Carthy Mc Cauley Mc Donald Mc Dowell Mc Geehan Mc Gill Mc Kentry Mc Phail Madison Mansfield Martin Mathews Mead Meyers Miller Mills Moeller Montgomery Moran B. Nelson W. Nelson Newblom Norden Nummerdor Owens Peterson Phillips Piper Plouhar Powers Pyman Quinn Rawls Regeczi Riley Robinson D. Rogers I. Rogers Rollin Rosie A.,,: q,,,. A-vf C H ..A, E if X . 'l 212 92 254 ' i' fV'V1:e '- M 1 ' 251512315 W Q A ,, .. . . .W K gg? .',' r ' , " ,remix ' as . - 1 QV 1V:1'Vz'g wr .. .V 111-'N I'f2:w, ...r V rf' , Q s W . xi M 'NP .1 X 'fl 'Q ,I , rn ,lb 1 Rm 3 Under 3 my T-32,5 Q aff rage is , is a V' .4 A A F' 4' 2152.51 13 H'-5::j,52 .E ., ,r . 1,-i mg gf:-13, A :gg wggqg-' f -fn-fvrzdm 'A . Q ,.A,, x .. is V ik ' . .1-I: efaiirf, fi ' -. rnir g Akrkk Hr, i 133 h,.. ' . -- l J 'hk A 5 Y 1-4525 r , QT , W Q 'C 5 X L ,. A' 3 .. 'r , ,,,. E . l ,. Q W VL .' ,K 1- -f -:Vig o 5' ess- rgwgu L: -f:gV:V,. S D no V N l . . ,,., . , m,L - . if ln if ,, ,, 121953 gr - 5 f.-", i riifzs' -'f-- . ruff'-V. -. " - V CV ' - V 2 .,A. fwuwgfiel hiwfkiif 'V-:3s:?"'fIZf-"f ' ii ..,', " . ,,,, D " ' fl .1 'Las ' - Til 'T 572-Eliilsiti f'l251'i an x , 4 's V 2: "-- if Rousell Rowson Runk Sanborn Sedlar Seeger Seng Shelkey Skocelas M. Smith R. Smith T. Smith Somero Souser Sova Stauffer Steenhagen Strong Strach Swanson Teunis Thoma Thunlors Tobey Trammell Turner Unger Valuck Vanderwest Van Veelen Veltman Walker Waller Walton Walworth Ward Walthers Warner Wamock Warrick Whalen Wierenga Wilder Williams Graduates Withrow Wohllard Wolfe Wright Yonkers Zelinski Zellar Zufelt Alexander Baker Baldwin Bennett Boone Boss Bringedahl Burghdof Cameron Campbell Carlson Carpenter Chingman Christianso Cooper Crawford Craymer Crenno Cummings Cutler Davies Deitz Dikeman Dowd Durham Dutmer Dykema Edge Evans Farnquist Freeman French Il me Q 13 Za , y " if V ' ..r-- .' ' ig rf 5 ,. , ' 1.51 sf is 2 Q' '1 Y is ' 32 I :lv T ir 3 sf -. - wigs is RFQ , Vg . ,Li . li 'i :51 ,A .9 -1 S W S ,. A1", -Q l V U M ,K i W s 1 . -V 'V . Will , , ii - . . . U ' : sf 5711 ' ,, .. Q 5 ,.l., . D kk in A gvg , 5, A V - are . . Q T721 5,15 . ,.,- -V,. i -V.,, V 2:3 .VV IV l ' '.Q '1 fi'-T5 f,'Q-:ffw- ??73Y.':i-1 ii: ,g"4: ,':1iZ1ifY'V ' ' ' W5 Vx? 1 - V.VV Vl.rV A V Ve W - L A ' .iff in A ' Mr 'if 'ilfiila SS je S E V H., X ,. V. 'Q 3, W 3 1 ,Q 1 fir 3 " -, -V: V W Q S , in ...,, .V 1:2 Q-,rl . , wr were l ea. ,.r,,.,1 . .F .s 5. 5 ii ., ,V is S2 S 2 2 3 M Page Sixty-five it - N g. if ,, 1 zv' A . :, Q. - . NHHA. 5 erss A", ' X ik . e . l ' fl f Q S lar .45 is K1 Qi. at .Q .Z l i an 1. kfi H.L S. if' , l f 3+ ' - A 5 R , s -f" . E I ,.,, .A , ' eei.. i Q . xg., k.., ,H ., . Q,f,f,1, ',-ref. V. f I N A k' Q e ' zb l .,.l. ' ' e t t i K Page Sixty-six ,Q .2 . iff wg A . I 46 v Under Graduates Garner Gilmore Golliver Goode Hansen Hanson Henderson Herbert Himelberger Hood Howard Ieter Johnson Kelly Kerley Kooiman Kroeze Lascko Lawrence LelVlieux Lenoir Marion Patterson Payne G. Pertilla S. Pertilla Popelar Potter Radke Rake Rakovits Ribesky Roberson Rockey Rosenhauer Royce Sanders Schmiege Schroeder Schultz Sekeres Signil I. Smith M. Smith P. Smith Sorenson Spaniola Sutter Swanson Swiatek Thomas Timmer Tjapkes Upton Van Bogelen Van Pelt Warner Webster Wiegert Williams Williams Workman 2. at 25-2.1: ,,:: zz E. as r . .... ,. s X . Y 'S 3 X 6 X t s iw.. S- . A- 1 Q tx.. , 4 rf W f ' , 'i ,sh . ,N me . . ' , 5rf.fi5Ti'.a ' , X . Ai n Memoriam Lucille Whitlow. 8 lm Y 5 i f 'Q Q l CONCERT MUSIC Music and Krt ARTIST S WALTZ By Band, Qrchesnrcx, Cho Buck cmd Lxddlcocxi, Directors X E455 Page Six ty-seven Page Sixty-nine QS trin rS F da I0 Page Seventy -ri o o 3 :: .c: .2 N Ill .E E 3 -U s: o U GJ rn 5- -cs I1 U U-1 2' .. as CJ vi aa ..- T21 F-1 O ffl ..-. o .-1 Q o ..- U o ha fn. n-. 15 x-1 U 'cs :: :1 E 'U L-J :F O U1 ,. 2 KD cm. :: o D4 :I 4: L: .E 3 in .-. LI S! Ill as E C CD U cz O U S o .c e-1 .Q 0 rn Ill S1 ..- V4 .9 3 4- V2 L-1 ,.-1 P1-4 5-1 L- L.. GJ Cf 5' U E .G D- D. D M .9 U E U D: ,ll C5 .E- U I -: D4 .ni U 2 an 'E :1 M ID .E .2 D vi cz U 3 DI cs -rs U .E '41 ii E 4: U cn 1: CD GJ .. O D rv D GJ I: Q3 'E U Q E GJ .c: U cn .-E :s N ui H CD 3 O D. bw u L: u Z :E .2 -o Lu : 2 F. 4 L: 59 Ili .2 E -a N o 4: .E as T: .9- U C1 -: D 61 o o I U1 KD rx no :S 2 '41 .E FS! uf 'c L-1 O E 3, 0 E -C'-I VJ S. F1 ht CD ,Q I L-4 O .:: P1 0 J U1 3 O bi 54 O EI 0 U P- 0 ... 'ri in U CD KD Q E O E' .5 U2 .: D Q .Q .E UN 3: D 'B .E- U .E P-1 CL 6 E ID H ra. 4: u Q VI O E U 'ci I-4 U H3 CD Q L' .-L' O M P1 2 CF CD GI '6 ': M U rm: Q CD .2 C 5: .fe GJ CL E 5 bo I-4 d E CD 12 GJ cm: 12 'S I O O VI V1 U ID ri U E O 511 C 3, ': U 2 .E .-Q U V1 bw U nz F 19 4D G -: 9 o fi U .-CI U 5 Q 'U hi U 3 O m 2 3 D-1 'ci 5-4 O 3 KC v-. uf CD -M -Q- .H A U s: U O n-. Ti .Ef o J .- ..-1 CD Q as u Ci an 5-1 3 U .-1 D1 B-4 3-Q GJ CI -: O-1 SEIU OI1 ab Ie W9 e students BS fth O few -A Ed Alvord. Herman Borgerding. CNote Meisen. Horns Cutler, Kay one - Bob mb IO hl. T edu Bring ck Hammond, Di Bob A :S 0 .M 2 U! cs 3 0 31 E .2 Q. .E .cz ... bw o -cs CD E OD .E va .2 01 OD C OJ .C 'U C O O Q E A .-C2 U2 ni :E U E 2 0 :P E E ai ai 'c P-4 5 U ci E E .-E U U1 O ni 0 SI 'U bf U2 C5 LE .. O B CD D-u d E AI U : 2 LQ bw ...- SEI U vi .E 'E O .-1 ui 0 9 KD 2 bd Z -fi : o rn -fri uf 31 O 'U c: :S U rn E ai 0 .-1 2 1:5 .E -U in U an ni if 4: Fl E 2 O d 61 5-4 Q1 .Q : GJ In V1 DJ .-1 5 KD rn .v-Q sq 0 CL O o U od T5 I S E .2 U U I-I an d Q KD W .1 O U2 tri 3 O nr: .M U :J FQ .ci : E un Ld '15 l-1 U 4: Fd U an al 1-I U :: 'o o an d U3 4: o .-1 E W 5 O U: 'U A LE H ..: In as .wa m O l-1 an nl Se' U 13 .E 3 cn ..: :Q -U n U III nd :rl ,se UI .E 3 rn sn .: ..i 6 .M VI :1 c: u I-K ui 'ci GJ GJ cn .4 ui E U an ZS .J CD M cs cr: E -5 E cn E M 3 O CI -o r: O U GJ rn CD rr- :J 3 cn Schmidt, ells, C. Strand, I. erick, A. W nfl nson, H. Begley, I. Pearson. V. Mi Culver, M. Hrcrdsky, P. Keglovitz, P. Ioh Buck CDireciorD, M. S ad 2 M 3 o N +- C2 O H I-I-1 13 H O E ad .ri O .M U1 -Qi ui CD I ': L5 A Pnge Seventy one Join With Us Young Lads Page Sffwfzzty-lzuo HEIGHTS HIGH SCHOOL SONG It's our Heights High school, It's our Heights High school, The pride of every Heights High here! Come on, ye Old Grads! Ioin with us young lads! It's our Heights High School Now We cheer: Rah! Rah! Now is the time, boys, To make a big noise, No matter what the people say! For there is naught to fear, The gang's all here! So, hail Muskegon Heights High, hail! P O P U L A R Clubs And Activites ALL FOR ONE. ONE FOR ALL of Orgamzcxtlons Directed by Presidents f KCCSGP, .. c ,.. Pugf Seventy Democracy In Action Top Row -South, Cooper, Pedler, Snell, Morley, Tsaggaris, Plichta, Dykema. Th d Row-Demos, Brudick, Kleeves, Rosie, Shaffer, Moeller, Walker, Dendrinos, Dasler, Wells. Second Row-Ianuska, Thunfors, Ellis, Mathews, Lein, Pattison, Dudley, Griffes, South, Mr. Verduin tadvisozl. F st Row -Cooper, Cousineau, Newald, Iacobson, Bramble, Schmidt, Mum, Start, Downey. E Turner, Handy, Schmidt, Deater, Newald, Hedberg, Bell, Shailer, Perm, Nedeau. Gerald lacobson, president of the Student Council this past year, has proved to be the guid- ing spirit behind the student body. He was ably assisted by lack Bramble, vice-president, and Betty Newald, secretary. I. W. Verduin was again advisor. The Council of 1948-49 spon- sored many dances throughout the school year. The Council also made possible the purchase of new uniforms for the cheer- leaders. One of the most import- ant events of the year was the Inter-school Council assembly held in Benton Harbor and Grand Haven, and the State Conference of Student Councils held in Lansing. Page Yrwcrzty-fozw There are numerous duties of the Student Council, only to mention a few such as appoint- ing a member to the athletic board, and selecting the cheer- leaders. The Council performs the necessary tasks of student government, and through its members, does the school as well as its student members, a great service. Serving on the Student Council is a high honor in school, comparable to serv- ing on important civic bodies in a community, state, or nation. lt is good experience and helps the students to learn how demo- cracy really Works. Let The Presses Roll I Top Row- Cloetingh, Currie, Humphreys, Essenberg, Cook, G. Turner, E. Turner, Smith, King, Hice. Middle Row -Mr. Koehn tPrinting Advisorl, Bohn, Crenno, Cooper, Cousineau, Newald, Armstrong, Vanderstelt, Stratton, Zorn Mr Murray tEditoria1 Advisorl. Bottom Row -- Shephard, Baker, Keeler, Burdick. Mason, Grilles, Shillinger, Kelly. Writing articles for publica- tion in the school newspaper, The Acorn. The Muskegon Chronicle, and the Muskegon Heights Record throughout the entire year has provided an in- teresting project for the students of the journalism class. These responsibilities have helped stu- dents to develop qualities of in- itiative, tact, and co-operation. At the same time, the published news articles have gone a long way toward keeping Muskegon Heights High school on the local "news map." All this practical Work pre- pares the journalism students for work on The Oaks, the sen- ior yearbook, most ambitious of all projects undertaken during the year. Iournalism, however, is not a vocational subject. lt is strictly a course in "practical English composition", emphasizing news values and the place of newspapers in American gov- ernment. Page Seize' tj f " Ever Since Eve" A comedy about a high Left to right-Sabra Carl, Bob Long, Sue Balgooyen, and Ken Cutler EVER SINCE EVE by Ryerson and Clements THE CAST Mrs. Clover ...........................,..,..... Sabra Carl Iohnny Clover ........ ,,,.,., K en Cutler Mr. Clover ..,.... ,.......... B ob Daniels Spud Erwin ......... ..,...,,,,,.,...,., B ob Long Susan Blake ......, ..,..... M ary Lou Ziegler Betsy Erwin ,...,..,..........,,.,,,,,.,.,,.,, Ardis Wells MCtI'lhCI Willard ..........,....,......,.,. Phyllis Kline Officer tCappyl Simmons ........ lack Hughes Henry Quinn ........,,.,, .Lawrence Sterenberg Lucybelle Lee ...........,............ Sue Balgooyen Preston Hughes ..,..... Football players. Page Seventy-six ......,......Iohn Swett school newspaper, and the students and others who work on it. Tryouts for "Ever Since Eve" began the week of March 21, but final decisions and organization of committees was not com- plete when this section of The Oaks went to press. Written by Ryerson Clements, the play was a riot of fun, a merry-go- round of laughter when problems of news- paper life and family life did not always mix. In the end, of course, it all came out all right. All of the members of the cast displayed a great deal of talent and showed the results of weeks of coaching by Miss Iulia Royse, Miss Charlotte Wet- teroth, and E. W. Gillaspy. With "White Banners" Flying Colburn, Yonkers, Brash, Bohn, Begley "WHITE BANN ERS" From a novel by Lloyd C. Douglas Dramatized by Frank Vreeland DIRECTORS -Miss Charlotte Welterotlz, Miss julia Royse, .Mr. Eugene Gillaspy THE, CAST QCharacters in order of appearancej Marcia Ward . . . Gail Colburn Sally Ward . . Harriett Begley Paul Ward . . Albert Yonkers Peter Trimble . . . Harry Bohn Hannah Pannalee . . Marcia Bush Bessie . . . . Betty Handy Hester . . . . Delores Green Sam Trimble . . Paul Scholtens Ioe Ellis . . . . Dan Elliott Saleswoman . . Faith Christopher Dr. Thompson . . . Don Walters Thomas Bradford . Norman Brandes A THREE ACT DRAMA Staff STUDENTS-Robert B arding , Donald Cook, Lawrence Swager, Ioe Skocelas, Iohn Nedeau, Gerald Gerst, Howard Bredin, Isabel Dobb, Delores Williams. PUBLICITY- Barbara Platte, Chairman, Leatha Wilks, Mary Lou Long, Marilyn Essenberg TICKETS - Gerald Gerst, Chairman, Don- ald Mason, Howard Bredin, Donald Cook PROPERTIES - Gerald Proctor, Chairman, M a r g a r e t Saunders, Betty Downey, Charles Zorn, Betty Handy PROGRAMS-Nancy Shillinger, Chair man, Ioyce Reed, Pat Stratton COSTUMES--Faith Christopher, Chair- man, Isabel Dobb, Joanne Collins, Ella Turner, Delores Williams USHERS -Pat Stratton, Chairman, Vir- ginia Minnerick, Ioyce Reed, Corrinne Strand MAKE-UP - Mrs. Ruth Harmon, Miss Ma- bel Sutton STAGE - Dennis Femly, David Wampler Music by High School Orchestra under direction of Mr. Maynard Buck Page Seven ty seven "Llnaccustomed As I Am . . " left to right4Paul Calloway, Betty Downey fholding Regional trophyl, Ioan Newblom, Paul Scholtens, Pauline Iohnson, and Ken Cutler. Directors Iulia Royse and E. W. Gillaspy are not shawn in this phoiograph. The annual High School For- ensics contest was held again this year and some excellent and unusual talent was dis- played. As has been customary, four different contests were pre- sented. Taking first and second places in dramatic declamation were Paul Calloway and Pauline Johnson, respectively. In origin- al oratory, Betty Downey and Max Daniels took the honors. In extemporaneous speaking, Ken- neth Cutler captured a first place, and Paul Scholtens, se- Page Seventy-eight cond. In oratory, Ioan Newblom took first and Marilyn Thunfors second. Everyone constituting the for- ensics program gave a sincere and conscientious performance. Their ability to place themselves in the positions of characters they protrayed was outstand- ing. Coaches for the forensics contest were Miss Iulia A. Royse and Mr. E. W. Gillaspy. Iudges for the event were chosen from among Iunior and Senior High faculty members. "Resolved: That We Shall" . . Colburn, Cutler, Scholtens Debaters of Muskegon Heights High school have an outstand- ing record for the year, consid- ering the fact that not one of the members of the team had previous experience. Debating for the first and se- cond affirmative squads were Gail Colburn and Ken Cutler. Taking the negative first and second argument were Eugene Fischer and Paul Scholtens. The opening debate of the season was with Muskegon, and Muskegon Heights got off to a flying start by winning both sides of the question. Lansing Sexton was next, but unfortun- ately, the local teams lost both arguments in this in s t a n c e. Against Hastings, Muskegon Heights scored again by taking both sides in a dual-meet. In the debate scheduled with Fremont. both sides forfeited to the Heights teams. Then came the tournament! Muskegon Heights debated Whitmore and West Branch, at Traverse City, and Won both times. In the fourth finals our debaters met Grand Rapids Union, and lost. The question debated this year Was: "Resolved, that the United Nations be revised into a present world government." It was a timely subject and one which very likely did much to inform both speakers and audi- ences wherever it was dis- cussed. All in all, we really have to admit our team was out- standing and deserves a great deal of credit for their excellent Cand hardl work. Coaches were Miss Iulia A. Royse and E. W. Gillaspy. x Page Seventy mne Cur Aim Is To Boost . or Bust! Back Row: Teulirig, DeBard, Popelar, Anderson, Carl, Sletsema, McDowell, Ziegler. Front Row: Hawkinson, Humphreys, Balgooyen, Dasler, VanDamm, Beam, Reelman. OFFICERS athletic activities. In the past President, Barbara Dasler Vice-president, Nancy Humphreys Secretary, Sue Balgooyen Treasurer, Dorene Hawkinson Advisor, Miss Maxine Cobb The Booster Club is an organ- ization for girls. Every girl who has an "A" or "B" average and has 500 points in gym class is eligible to join. The purpose of the Booster Club is to help the Page Eigh ty year the girls have sold candy and pop at the football games. They also served at the foot- ball banquet, sponsored a form- al dance at Christmas time, and contributed to the band uniform fund. This year the Booster Club has seventeen members. The advisor is Miss Maxine Cobb. Ever since the school was built, the Booster Club has been one of the most enthusiastic clubs of all. High praise is due its present and former members. Le Cercle Francais Stan:lingfMr. Courtright KAdvisorl, Grant, Riley, McGeehan, Dibaxd, Ellis, Workman, Reid. Sitting ev' Baker, Knopf, Skiles, Ccul, Ziegler, Saunders, Hradski. OFFICERS President, Sabra Carl Vice-president, Bob Skiles Secretary, Mary Lou Ziegler Treasurer, Mary Lou Ziegler Advisor, Mr. A. M. Courtright French Club this year has ac- complished many things. Spon- soring a dance and occupying a booth during the football games Cselling refreshmentsl are a few of the many activities the club sponsored. The members have also bought silver French Club pins this semester, which are very attractive and a source of pride to the members. Meeting every other week the members often enjoy entertain- ing programs. A French girl who just came to America from France and is enrolled at South Park School, has come to a few of the meetings and talked to the club members. The club has been writing to a French boy's school in France. The French students in turn send French magazines to the Club, which prove very interest- ing. Page Eighty One Character, Leadership, Service Top Row-Krueger K1-Xdvisorj, B. Bredin, Scholtens, Billingsley, Dowd, Pedler, Brandes, Brannon, Hile. Warrick. Bottom Row-Grammel, Nedeau, Gerst, H. Bredin, Cook, Bohn, Cutler, Handy, Mason. OFFICERS held in the school or at the President, Don Cook Vice-president, Ken Cutler Secretary, Howard Bredin Treasurer, Harry Bohn Sergeant-at-arms, Bob Long, Ierry Gerst Club Advisor, F. W. Krueger The Hi-Y club is an organiza- tion which undertakes activities for worthy causes besides pro- viding entertainment for the club members. The club is close- ly associated with the YMCA and meetings are held there monthly. Other meetings are Page Eighty-two Temple Methodist Church. An interesting tour through Michi- gan Associated Telephone Co., Was the main highlight of the club's educational contribution to the members. Other activities included: a tour through Bruns- wick-Balke-Collender Co.: a talk by Harold Street, a former F. B. I. man: and a beach party for the members who graduated this semester. The Hi-Y Club is open to new membership. The only requirement for member- ship is that the individual who joins must do his part to better the club, school, and commun- ity. The aim is character, lead- ership and service. A Good Book In P1 Life Beyond Life Standing-Miss Kidwell U-Xdvisorl, Brcxciola, Saunders, Smith, Yonkers, Patterson, Baskins, Meyering. Sitting-Unger, Mathews, Tumer, Dudl y, Bomers. Barton, Sekeres. OFFICERS Each member must work one President, Ella Turner Vice-president, Iean Popelar Secretary, Helen Rambo Treasurer, Ioan Dudley Advisor, Miss Kidwell 2N D SEMESTER President, Ella Turner Vice-president, lean Popelar Secretary, Della Mathews Treasurer, Ioan Dudley Advisor, Miss Kidwell The aim of this organization is to serve and help the students While they use the library. Mem- bership in the club is limited to 15 girls With a "C" average, who are willing to co-operate. hour a day in the library. The club often has honorary mem- bers. The girls work in every part of the library. They learn the proper Way of preparing books for circulation. It is not all Work for the girls. They have parties, the annual May Tea, and they sponsor dances. The club sponsored the "Pig-skin Rivals", the dance be- fore the Tiger-Red football game. It holds regular meetings, With Miss Eleanor Kidwell, school librarian, as the club ad- visor. Page Eighty three Nothing Like ZX Book To Stir The Imagination Fifth Row: Meyers, Walthers, Foresen, Herlein, Lcmdgraf. Fourth Row: Andree, Iohnston, Ostenson, Greene, Deater, Skok. N Third Row: Miss Sprague, advisor: Iohnson, Schelky, Schlesinger, Dealer. Second Row: Smith, Veltman, Decent, Herbst, Meyering. l Front Row: Bomers, Cohan, Sauders, Slentz, Yonk The Teen-age Book Club, sponsored by Miss Iulia Sprague, was organized in Sep- tember of l948. The purpose of the club is to give the members a wider reading experience, to acquaint them with new au- thors, and to encourage them to have libraries of their own. The only requirements are that each member pay twenty-five cents each month and choose the book he would like from the lists. Several of the teachers, too, are enjoying its opportuni- ties. These books are the best Page Eighty-four of the past and modern litera- ture. These books are especially of interest to teen-agers, and se- lected for them. The Teen-age Book Club is not fully organized yet to have meetings, but many of its mem- bers have exchanged their books. It's a great opportunity for all and has a world of possi- bilities as an educational form of club activity. No officers were elected this year. Miss Sprague should be complimented for her interest and enthusiasm in spon- soring the group. The new club has a splendid future. EI Cerculo Espanol Top BowAWithrow, Newblom, Schlesinger, Culver. lohnson, Whol. Kieit, King, Peterson, Quirk. Third Row- Currie, Grammel, Decent. Regeczi, Van Dinen, Spoeliding, Carpenter, Montgomery, Thunfors, Ellis, Herbst Second Row- Demos, Sekeres, Boss, Adams, Hall, Cooper, Unger, Bomers, Clark, R. Baker. Bottom Row-Gunderson, McMann, Braciola. K. Baker, Handy, Dasler, Begley, Culver, Langius. OFFICERS President, Betty Handy Vice-president, Dolores Wannamaker Secretary, Barbara Dasler Treasurer, Ierry Widing Advisor, Mrs. Ruth Kile The purpose of this club is to help students to become better acquainted with Spanish cus- toms, ideas, and the language. The club this year had many activities. Some were: sending text books to Mexico, putting on a Christmas program for the pa- tients at the Muskegon County Tuberculosis sanitorium, corre- sponding with students of Span- ish schools, sponsoring a dance called the "Cherry Hop", putting on a Pan-American Day pro- gram and sponsoring club par- ties. They also heard a talk on Mexico given by Mr. A. M. Courtright, French instructor. Meetings are held every other Wednesday. After each meet- ing a program is presented. Anyone interested in Spanish may join. The club has proved very popular and is a tribute to the interest taken in it by all members and Mrs. Kile, the ad- visor. Page Eighty fave This Is A Woman's World P T p Row-Hullinger, M. Mathews, Cooper, Dopfel, Carl, Harvath, Sanders, Warnock, Kline, Slentz, Lascko. M ddl Row - Ziegler, LeMieux, Smith, DeBard, South, Dudley, Unger. Bomers, Dasler, Boss, Clark. B tto Row - -Weaver, Turner, Newald, Culver, Bigsby, Cousineau, D. Mathews, Colburn, Handy, Begley. OFFICERS President, Flora Bigsby Vice-president, Isobel Dobb, Phyllis Cousineau Secretary, Georgia Dendrinos Treasurer, Della Mathews ' Advisor, Miss Charlotte Wetteroth The past year for the Y-Teens has been a busy one, consisting of many different activities. They have sponsored several of the school dances and during February they sold cokes and cookies to the students after school in the cafeteria. They had several banquets and pot- lucks at the Y.W.C.A. In Decem- Page Eihly-six ber they had a joint party with the Heights Hi-Y, the Muskegon Y-Teens, and the Muskegon Hi-Y at the Y.W.C.A., all of which were big successes. In October and in March they had formal and informal initiations for all the new members of the club. Two members attended the Y- Teens Conference at Lansing, in February, and in April ten oth- ers attended the Conference at Ludington. The main purpose of this organization is to help other people whenever possible. The Y-Teens has an open member- ship. It is a honor and privilege to belong to the Y-Teens. Beauty Is Its Own Excuse For Being Ioan Griites and Garnet Keeier, Art Editors. Each year, the Oaks Staff calls upon the art classes to elect art editors for high school publications. This year, Garnet Keeler and Ioan Griffes Were selected. It is hoped both will return to similar positions next year, because each is a highly talented student as the draw- ings in this book will prove. Garnet created the cover de- sign for this volume, as Well as a number of other sketches used throughout the book. The musi- cal instruments are the Work of Ioan Griffes. Miss Kathryn Keillor, whose picture is on page 19, is art advisor again this year. Miss Keillor, who is a talented artist as Well as an excellent teacher of art, has always been very helpful with suggestions for im- provement of the art in the Oaks. Page Eighty -56116711 We Sold It E. Tumer, Handy, Schmidt, Deater, Newald, Hedberg, Bell, Shaffer, Penn, Nedeau. Senior boys defeated the senior girls in 1949 for total points regis- tered during the annual yearbook campaign. R. A. Peterman, advisor of sales and subscriptions for the last 28 years, was Well pleased with the enthusiasm shown by the entire class. We might add that everyone in the class thanks Mr. Peterman sincerely for his many, many years of loyalty to the staff. Lloyd Bell, Ir., with a total ot 46 annuals sold, and Iohn Nedeau, with a total of 35, apparently are the "star salesmen" of the class. They are "naturals" in the selling Page Eighty-eight business, we suppose, since both their fathers are salesmen in this community. But there were many others who did their part, and did it well. For example, others who set a record this year include Eldon Shaffer Ccaptainl, with 22: Arnold Penn, with 175 Iune Schmidt, with 175 Ella Turner, With 16: Betty Handy, Ccap- tainl Bernice Garner, and Lois Deater, all with 12 to their credit. Phyllis Hedberg, manager, sold six, Betty Newald, manager, sold seven. Iames McCarthy Ccaptainl sold tive. SWI N G Athletics YOU'VE GOT TO BE A FOOTBALL HERO Song cmd Dance by the Coaching Staff X 51455 A x !w"""n.--1"Yy, A X M, -..,-.,..,-"""" " ' xx , I v T vf 4 fi, 14 lB' lgXyxg : ' ' 1' v - 5 : ---:g,.. - -'-.Z-.. A 31 1-12 A f fi.. 5 ' -' G eg i. A -5 -1- .55 -..- f?5s.Jg'2 . "Q,-'f 5 3E ,J 1- :V 5 V ! E - - 'E 5 s -I 2 Ek 2 5' 5 E 3 2 ' ! V ii-1-il 4 ' 7 i 3- 1 Q A J" .KSBSSB-: FKCULTY RTHLETIC MKNZXGERS MR. HERMAN KRUIZENGA Page Ninety MR. EUGENE GILLASPY Varsity, Down The Field! '1 M . W 5 ,gl-3:...4,r.rM' ' 5 ,, ' " 'I-'I 1' ' rf' fri V D 4 - 5 ia - W . .,.. ' -f.1,l.,Q,,vn t. ' jf" ,iowa ' . - . ' .,.. J ..,. " Del Firme Assistant Coach VARSITY SCORES 1948 Tigers Opponents 0 G. R. Catholic . . 7 G. R. Union . 13 Holland . 26 G. R. Creston . 13 Kalamazoo . 6 Grand Haven . 0 Benton Harbor . 20 Battle Creek . 7 Muskegon . I948 VARSITY FOOTBALL SQUAD O. E. fOkiel Iohnson Director of Athletics Znd Row - 3rd Row - 4th Row - 5th Row - Bottorn Row -Stibitz, Felcoski, Sneed, Pawlak, Bernard, Penn, Iackson Zorn, Hartman. Nedeau, Kline, Hunter, Sietsema, Campsmith, Shaw, B. Iohnson, Elliott, Walters Howell, Rostar, Wright, Dean, Iacobson, Cook, Strach, Bramble, Seegar, Vanderwest, Coach Iohnson Coach Firme, McKenzie, Emerson, G. Iohnson, Brasher, Swett, Bodnar, Terrell, Camp, Steenhagen, Winteringham Mitchell, Sterenberg, McKay, Lynn, Daniels, Farwig, Cole, Crevier, Zack, Moore, Barnhill Page Ninety-one A,A: eiit. ,-.9 'WY' 1--H? BBAMBLE Senior Haliback THE ANNUAL "CLASSIC" For the tirst time this season, the Big Reds of Muskegon felt the sting of defeat. The game took place on Tiger home soil for the first time in the history ot the two schools. The Tiger eleven sprang to the attack early as Howell, Tiger All-State haltback, slashed oli considerable gains. He then passed to Zorn who was downed on the six. Bramble, Howell, and Felcoski pounded the Muskegon line to no avail. In the second period, Douglas Iacobson passed to Zom. Interference was called, together with a holding penalty, and the ball advanced to the one, where Mike Strach carried it over for the touchdown. lSee photo! It was Sneed and Zorn on the line, Howell and Bramble in the backfield, who stood out. For Muskegon, Babbitt, Lipton, Rederstorlf, and Dekker played well. A huge HOWELL Senior .Haltback All-Conference All-State lst Team I FELCOSKI SEEGER Iunior , I F 1 STR-ACH Jacobson 5611101 ul back SEMO! Senior . Fullback ' Quarterback Quarterback All-Conference JUHIOI Conte! 5 ff ' 7! Capt. Nedeau Senior Center Page Ninety-two ELLIOTT Senior Center Senior Tackle Senior Tackle crowd witnessed the contest, packed snugly and warm into our new bleachers. After dropping the first two games, Coach O. E. tOkieJ Iohnson's Tigers pulled out oi the slump and the Bengals went on to sew up their fourth consecutive Southwestern Conference Football Championship. Fleet Frank Howell was the spearhead of the attack throughout the season and was unanimously selected on mythical All-state elevens. Bramble was one oi the Con- lerence's better halfbacks. Zorn, glue-fingered end, and Nedeau. husky guard, were chosen on the AP second eleven. Strcch, quarter, won an All-conference spot and Bob Sietsema and Clyde Sneed won honorable mention on var- ious All-state squads. All Conference All State 2nd Team Junior Guard ffl JOHNSON ' Senior End x if WRIGHT Senior Guard Page Ninety-th ree March On To Victory A RESERVE FOOTBALL, 1948 - RESERVE FOOTBALL SCORES Tigers Opponents 6 G. R. Catholic Central . 0 24 G. R. Union . . 0 19 Holland . . 0 26 G. R. Creston . . 7 13 Kalamazoo. Central . 6 19 Grand Haven .V . 0 7 Benton Harbor . 7 25 Grand Haven . 6 0 Muskegon . . 19 The Little Tigers got off to a flashing start against Grand Rapids Catholic Central, coming out a 6-0 victor. The Tiger line held the Cougar offense in check. Next, a G. R. Union eleven held the locals scoreless in the first half, but the Bengals unleashed their scoring power, and flattened the Unionites 24 to 0 before the final whistle blew. Making it three in a row, the Tiger Cubs trounced Holland 19-0. End Bob Smith was the defensive star in this particular game. Outstanding running and passing led the Tigers to a 26-7 triumph over Grand Rapids Creston. Lineman Ray Gauthier stood out on defense. The Heights Tigers handed Coach David R. McKenzie his 100th victory by defeating the Kalamazoo Maroons 13 to 6. Giving the Cubs a good battle. the Maroon Giants were finally beaten by team work and the old "fighting spirit" of the Tigers. Paul Bailey was the star on defense for the Reserves in a 19 to 0 victory over the Grand Haven Reserves. Bailey ran 10 and 70 yards to score on two occasions. Benton Harbor broke the victory string at six-straight, as the two Tiger elevens battled to a 7 to 7 tie. Ray Gauthier again stood out on defensive play. Ben- ton Harbor went on to win the Reserve Conference trophy. Paul Bailey ran 91 yards with brilliant blocking, permitting him to score. Bob Walker's place-kick tied the score. Fast-running Heights backs rolled over the Grand Haven reserves and scored a second win over the Blue and Gold, 25 to 6. Bob Smith nabbed a 10 yard pass from Bailey to score, and Smith then ran 50 yards for the second touch- down. Bottom Row-Campsmith, Dasler, Smith, Glover, Walker, Iohnson, Moeller, Craymer, Billingsley, Hoisington 2nd Row - Coach Schaude, Hagstrom, Phillips, Baldwin, Cummings, Mills, Timmer, Essenberg, Myers, Norden, Coach McKenzie 3rd Row-Bailey, Gauthier, Landgrat, Kooiman, Ghezzi, Smith. Callaway, Becker, Christensen, Brouillet 4th Row-Farkas, Cole, Fialek, Bunk, Young, Goulet, Iackson, Evans, Long Page Ninety-four Conference Champions On February 22 Considered by many as one of the best basketball teams ever to represent Heights High School, the 1948-49 Tigers steamed through to the Southwest Con- ference Championship by February 22, only to lose the title by an ineligibility ruling by the State AA later in the season. When the State Athletic Committee declared LeRoy Green, star center, a non-resident according to their definition of a "transfer" pupil, Green lost his chance to participate in athletics of any kind for 10 weeks. The team has to forfeit the Championship by a Confer- ence decision. As things turned out, Kalamazoo Cen- tral won the State Class A Champion- ship in Lansing in March, and the Southwest Conference Championship went to Muskegon and Benton Harbor, who were tied as runnersup behind the Tigers. The Tiger quintet was led by Bob Iohnson, son of Coach Iohnson: and Gerald Iacobson, two of the top tor- wards in the Conference. Frank Howell and Charles Zorn, at guards: and Le- Roy Green, at center. completed the five first string players. Others who played a major part in winning the title were Iohn Nedeau, Olis Hunter, Douglas Ia- cobson, Eldon Shaffer and Iack Bramble. Green will be the only varsity first string player returning next season, al- though he will be assisted by Bobby Long, Ron McKenzie, and a number of good boys coming up from the Reserve Team, including Dick Valuck, Gordon Iohnson fanother son of Coach Iohnsonb, and others. VARSITY SCORES Tigers Opponents 61 Manistee . . . . 40 36 G. R. Central . . 25 39 Muskegon . . 38 41 Holland . . . 37 34 Flint Central . . 26 44 Iackson . . . 34 32 Flint Northern . . 41 35 Benton Harbor . . 26 56 Grand Haven . . . 41 63 G. R. Ottawa Hills . . 49 42 Kalamazoo . . . . 32 41 Muskegon . . . 31 47 Holland . . . 30 32 Benton Harbor . . 39 54 Grand Haven . . 48 42 Kalamazoo . . . 48 37 G. R. Central . . . 35 Regional 34 Benton Harbor . . . 40 tOvertimel Top Row -Hoppus, Callaway, Dasler lmanagerl, Cutler, Iackson. Middle Row-Coach Iohnson, McKenzie, Shaffer, Nedeau, D. Iacobson, Long, Bramble. Bottom Row - Howell, G. Iacobson, Iohnson, Green, Hunter, Zorn, Page Ninety-firfe , . .E , fi Q ,J 2? 1 WAS? N K I ! .N ':--' i ' Lf 3 , gi ? if x ',' ' I V 2 3 Q JOHNSON Q' -- M 5 Forward L Guard W Y , . W UG. ijxcossou 5 Forwgrd fs r sz F ' fmzv , ?, N '- f. .T f . Q , x I .X I .5 if xi X N I, 5 B J fi E I A , D. IACOBSON Q S Forward NEDEAU Q Guazd ' . as 5 'x - J v . .',. - Q is G ' . if , 'fix 1 if . 1 1 A sf' ff- ' if M .xg x if 15 lf S, 'P , g g W 3 3 HOWELL fi Gfuaxd BRAMBLE 3 Forward f X f -W P' f fx : :l, , ,AV.v b :.jiE 3 :,Fv::g33-iw.--.' ' ':,. ja ji' ii 7 if r ,..- , 1 U12 ' Egg - ' ' ,St L N. 1 2111 5 ' M . .W A , v HUNTER 5 Center i 1, I. . V ,. 7 K' Y GREEN J Center Page Ninety-six Reserve Basketball RESERVE BASKETBALL SCORES Tiger Seconds Opponents Tiger Seconds Opponents 31 Manistee ..................,.............,. .......... 45 G. R. Central ..........,,......,.... ......... 21 Muskegon .,.....,, .......... 50 Holland .........,... ...,,..Y., 30 Benton Harbor ..... .......,. 35 Grand Haven .....,......... .......... 43 G. R. Ottawa Hills ..... .,....... 17 Kalamazoo ........,...... .......... 26 Muskegon ,,,,,.,...... .,,,,..., 29 Holland ................. .......... 28 Benton Harbor ,.... ...,..... 40 Grand Haven ....... ......... 22 Kalamazoo ,,.,,,, ,,,,,A,,,, 37 G. R. Central .,..........,...........,,,,,,,,.,..,,,,,,,,,.., The Tiger Seconds, under direction of Coach Larry Schaude, finished the season with a record ot six wins and eight losses. Although the record of the Little Tigers is not too impressive, it is not a real indication of the real strength of the team during 1948-49. Many of the games were well played, hard fought games. At all times the Tigers showed spirit and determination to win, up to the final whistle. Richard Valuck and Ierry Moeller, co-captains of the team, and Gordon Iohnson, formed the back-bone of the squad. These boys scored most of the points during the season, as well as putting up a good, consistent fight on offense and defense. Together, these three scored a total of 268 points of which Ierry Moeller accounted for lll, followed by Dick Valuck and Gordon Iohnson. Others who will be counted on next season to make the varsity squad are: Bob Smith, Don Glover, Robert tShortyl Walker, and Iim Jackson. These boys, along with the rest of the second team and the varsity reserves, hope to become members of the regular varsity five in 1949-50. Others who wish to play the game are invited to try out for the new second team coming up. Top Row-Marion, Hagstrom, Currie, Jackson. Middle Row-Coach Schaude, Campsmith, Holman, Warrick, Mcrley. Bottom How-Ghezzi, Smith, Glover, Moeller, Sheldon, Valuck. Page Ninety-seven 'figu 'K At this wntmg the prospects for the 1949 base- ball team appeared bright Coach O. E. Iohnson had lined up 13 lettermen among others trying out The pitching staff was once again in fairly safe hands with Iack Bramble Doug Iacobson, and Ed Cole all experienced moundsmen. Captain Gerald Iacobsan, the other and not the least im- portant half of the battery was ready in April to take his place behind the plate once again. Take Me Out To The Bal Game! ' . .I I ' X - wk, f - Q BASEBALL SCORES, 1948 Tigers Opponents Whitehall ...,................,...,........ ....... Newaygo ............ Grand Haven ....... N ewaygo ......... Muskegon ....... Whitehall ..,.,..... Grand Haven ......, Benton Harbor Holland .....,......,.... North Muskegon ....., Muskegon .....,....... Kalamazoo .,..... The infield was shaping up, with Bob Iohnson, at first, a converted third baseman: hard-hitting Frank Howell looked like a sure thing at second base. as usual: Doug Iacobson was signed for the short stop job when not pitching, and was backed up in early practice by Don Ecklestafier. Mike Strach, who possesses a strong throwing arm. was being tried out at third. The outfield apparently had power when the season opened. Fred Smith, the most consistent hitter on the team last year, appeared ready to lead the way. Bramble and Cole were on duty to fill in the outfield when not hurling. Some of the top reserve material included Olis Hunter, Iim Hoppus. Bob Winteringham, Bamhill. Hartman. and Ghezzi. Of course there were many good rookies in the Tiger camp, but when we wrote this article, they were still just "possibilities" Top Row Melin, Goulet, Hill and Sheppard, Cmanagersl. Policha, Bowers A Third Row Christiansen, Campsmith, Gilbert, TenHoeve, Meyers, Steenhagen, Guthrie, Hunk. Second Row - Hillstead, I. Moore, Barnhill, Brouillet. Cole, Moeller, Ghezzi, Smith, Gauthier, Bryant, Coach Johnson. First Row Howell, Bramble, Carlson, D. Iacobson, Iohnson, Hunter, G. Iacobson. Strach, Hoppus, Winteringham, Burns. Puffs Nam ty-figlli On Your Mark, Get Set, Go I TRACK Last year the Tiger thinclads had the best year in the history ot the school. Coach David R. Mc- Kenzie's boys won the Regionals and the South- western Conference title, and in doing so, defeated Muskegon for the iirst time since the two schools first engaged in competition in track and field events. The year 1948 was "the" year so tar as the track team at least was concemed. ' The 1948 squad was a well balanced team, with some outstanding men in every event. Tom lohnson set a new Class A State shot-put record in the state finals at Lansing, and since then has established a reputation in University of Michigan football and track circles. The Tigers also had three ot the lastest dash men in the Conference last year: Bill McGahee, Herman Ivory, and Roger Veurink. Don Walters. who has returned this season, set a new record in the low hurdles at the tri-angular meet in Allegan. Because of the tact the yearbook goes to press before the end oi school, our predictions tor 1949 are limited. However, as we write this, a squad of some 50 boys have turned out for practice. With such veterans as Charles Zorn. last season's top 440 man: Frank Bernard, Dan Felcoski, Walters, Iesse Iones, a transfer from Muskegon: Clarence Schmidt, Francis Mitchell, Iohnny Terrell, Mel Camp, and others on the list, the team looks cap- able at the start. Ray Becker and Iim Essenberg also are back for 1949. Among the so-called "rookies" are Bob Smith, who appears to have the makings of a top quarter-miler: and Evans, a little stocky lellow, apparently will do well as a sprinter. Old-timers like Bernard may change their position, although it looks as though he will stick to the 440. Cole, a crackerjack half-miler has his eye on the school record which he came within two seconds ol shattering last season Can all-time low oi 2:04l. Iohn Swett as well as Felcoski will try to step into Big Tom Iohnson's big shoes land we know these boys won't have too much trouble getting into those shoes, strictly speakingll All in all, it adds un to a good year, perhaps another splendid one. Who knows? Fourth Row - Penn, Marion, Chingman, Proctor, Carlson, Forsen, Evans. Third RowiLynn, Becker, Knopf, Bergklint, Cline, Baldwin. Essenberg, Curtis. Second Row -- Stone, Billingsley, Robinson, Camp, I. Iohnson, Sabin, Smith. A. Iohnson, Calloway, Enders. First Bow- Coach McKenzie, Bernard, Iones, Walters, Schmidt, Cole, Zorn, Felcoski, Swett, Terrell. Page Ninetynzne Play the Net! Play the Net! Under the watchful eye of Coach Del Firme, tennis coach of the squad of '49, a fairly large group of boys began the season with high hopes but little exper- ience. Only two lettermen returned to the team from last season, Bob Moore, and Bob Long. Moore, who is the team's No. l singles player, and Bob -Long work superbly in doubles play. It may be interest- ing to some students to know that young Moore started learning the game at Central playground ten- nis court not many summers ago. Mr. Moore, Bob's father, played with him night after night. lt is one way that many other boys could learn the game, too. At the time of this writing, about 20 boys were "regulars" in after- noon practice sessions, although it was expected more would turn out later. Coach Firme was hop- ing for the best, in April, the same as the boys, although he did ven- ture to say that there were no Iack Kramers or Pancho Gonzaleses on the team as yet. CMaybe by May or Iune a Budge or Tilden might turn up.J New rookies who apparently have ability include: Dick Gram- mel, Ken Cutler, and Bob Barding, all of whom had some experience last season. Tennis is a game which should become more popular here. It is a game two can play for years to come. Top Row - Keglovltz, McGregor, Doll, Boelkms, Iohnston, Mcxnsf1e.d, C. Long. Coach Firme, Eikenberr , Norden, Coo er, Stur is, Tsa aris, Morrow. P 9 99 G 1, Bardmg, Bredm, Nordstrom. Y K Cutler, Moore, R. Long, ramme R C tler absent fr picturej Page Om: IIZHIKIVITZ In the girls' physical ed- ucation department, un- der Miss Maxine Cobb, instructor, there are five classes. Of the five class- es, there are a total of 165 girls enrolled. During the winter months the girls play bas- ketball and learn how to square dance. In the ear- ly fall, they play soccer, in the later fall they play field ball and volleyball. In the spring, the girls or- ganize a track team, and softball games. Softball, basketball, and track are the three sports which are popular in intramural classes. This past year, Paul- son's team won in intra- mural basketballj Paul- son's team Won three and lost one. The girls on the team Were: Smith, Paul- son Sietsema, Hullinger, Garbrecht, Borns, and Burns. P The Muskegon Heights girls had a basketball team in the YMCA league. The loop was made up of six teams and the Heights did very well by coming in second place. The girls represent- ing the team were: Arm- strong, Wolt, Burns, Siets- ema, Herbert, Webb, Sheppard, and Cross. Girls Athletics an in - b instructor , Bums. St d g B M C b K J S tt' g--W Smith, Paulson, Sietsema, Hullinger, Garbrecht. Page One hundred one Saturday Friday ............ Friday ,.........., Play! Till The Game ls Won! Sept Sept Sept Friday .............. Oct Friday ............e. Oct Friday .,....,...,... Oct Friday ,............. Oct Saturday Nov. Friday .......... . Saturday .Nov .Nov. Page One huncl cl two a Zag, ' " FOOTBALL SCHEDULE FOR 1949 Grand Rapids Union .......... Grand Rapids Catholic ,..... Holland Dutchmen ,,,,,,,,,, H Ottawa Hills Indians ........ Kalamazoo Maroons .......... Grand Haven Buccaneers ....... Benton Harbor Tigers ....,,.. G. R. Creston Bears ............ Muskegon Reserves ....,..,.. Muskegon Big Reds .........,.. There -Here There I .-Here .Here .There .Here .Here -Here There 7:45 p.m 8:00 p.m 8:00 p.m 8:00 p.m 8:00 p.m 8:00 p.m 8:00 p.m 8:00 p.m 8:00 p.m 2:00 p.m S E R E N P1 D E Rdvertising DUZ DOES EVERYTHING A Lullaby f f Kccyefl Page One hum! d tl A Allsteak ............................. American Coil Spring ....... American Grease Stick ...,. Anderson Packing Co. .... . Arbor Floral Shop ........... Armstrong Used Cars ....... B Barberini Food Market ..... Bazley Market ...r..,........... Bell, Lloyd, Realtor ...,.......... Bennett Pumps Division .,........ Bertelson's Standard Service ......Y..... Biltmore-Columbia Studio .... .. Bluhm Bros. Market ..,...,.... Boelkins' Super Market ........ Boyd Auto Sales .................,...... ....... Brickner-Kropi Machine Co. .. Browne-Morse Company ........ Brundage Cut-Rate Drugs ...... Brunswick-Balke-Collender Co. ....... . Budd's Iewelers ...........r............ C Camera Shop .......,,,................ Campbell, Wyant, Cannon .... Carl's Store ,.....,....................... Centrifugal Foundry .............. Clark Boot Shop ............,......... Cloetingh Radio, Appliances Cobb Hardware ........................ Coca-Cola Co. ........,....,........... . Cole's Bakeries ......,..,.. Commercial Press ...,........ Consumers Power Co. Continental Motors ..,....,.. Cooper's Flower Shop ....... Coscarelli's Concessions ...... Crevier Electric Co. ............ . D D. G C. Stores. Inc. ....... . Damm Hardware Co. ..... . Dana Printing Co. ........... . Danigelis Food Market ....... Daniels Co. ,... ...................... . Dawes 61 Son, Florists ....... Demos Cafe ............,.............. Dendrinos and Sons, Pies ...... Derby's Food Market ......... Dion Service Station ....... Dr. Pepper Bottling ...... E Economy Hardware ....... Edwards Lumber Co. .,.. . Emi1's Food Market ...... Enterprise Brass ....... Fike Electric Co. ...... . Fischer Coal Co. .,....... . Fitz-Iohn Coach Co. Forest, The .................... Fradricks Lumber Co. ,.., . Fritz, The Druggist ...... G Gas Company .........,.............. George, B. F. Storage-Van ...... George's Restaurant .............. Girocco's Food Market ....... Page One lzurzdrzfd four INDEX TO ADVERTISING Remember our advertisers in the years to come. Good Housekeeping Shop .... Goodyke Music House ......,... Grant Supply Co. ,,,,,,,.,,,.,. . Greyhound Lines ,......... Grossman's .................... H Hackley Union Nat'l Bank ....... Hahn Drug Store .......,......... Hall Electric Co. .............. . Hansen's Dairy Bars .............. Harwood-Nelson .................... Heights News and Soda Bar Heights Service Garage ...... Hill, Dean, Cleaner-Dyer ...... Hobby's ,....,......,............,....... Honpe's Super Market ....... Hosler's ...,.....l....................... Hostess Hamburgs .........,...... Hunter, Altred I., Plumbing .. I Iiroch. Francis. Wholesale .... Iohn's Super Service ............ Junior High Barber Shop ...... K K. 6 M. Restaurant ................ Krause's Men's and Boys' W Krautheim. Iewelers .............. L Lee Funeral Home ............,..... Lee 6 Son, Hardware ............ Lindland Fuel and Paint Co. Lockage's, Clothes ................ M Ma1vin's I ewelry .................... Manning, Maxwell, G Moore fShaw-Box Cranei 861' ...... Martin Coal Co. ..................... . 14,7 Meier Cleaners, Inc. .,...,.... . 151 Meister Feed Store ................ 117 158 147 140 Melody Manor Music Shop .. Merton's Super Service .......... Michigan Bakeries ............. Mickey's Shoe Shop ....... 143 Mtlady's ,...., ...... ,......... ....... 125 158 114 159 Moore's B. Muskegon 126 Muskegon 136 Muskegon 133 Muskegon 146 Muskegon 146 Muskegon 156 Muskegon Monroe, L. C., Building .... . 6. M. Service ........ ....... Morgan's Iewelers ............. Morrell Corporation ....... Morton Manufacturing .....,. Mum Bros. Garage .............................. Auto Theatre ...,......,......... Federal Savings G Loan.. Heights Record .........,........ Music Co. ..................,...... . Savings Bank ...... ....... Screw Works ........., ,........ Upholstering Co. ............. . N National Lumberman's Bank Nedeau, Harvey I., Realtor .. Nordstrom Dairy .....,.,............ Norge Division .,..,.,....,,,,..... O Ottice Machines .....,.... O.K. Grocery ..,..,...... P Parmalee, Iewelers .,,...,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,, 1 12 Parsons ..,,,.,.,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,-,-., ,,,-,,, v - 134 Patterson's Grocery G Market .......... 127 Patterson Press ,,,.,,,,,,..,4.,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,.,. 1 13 Peerless Plating Works ,,,,,,,,.,, .,.,Y,- 1 14 Peop1e's Transport Cc, ,,,,,, ,,,,,,, 1 25 Peterson Coal CQ, ,1,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,A ,.,.,-, 1 36 Pink Elephant Restaurant ,,,,,,, ..,,,,, 1 58 Platte Auto Supply ,1,, ,,,,,,1,,,,, 1 59 Polly Ann Pastry Shop ,,,, ,.,, 1 30 Port City Candy, Tobacco .11,,,, ,,,,1., 1 S4 Port City CIO ,,,,..,,,,1,,,,.,,,,,,, , ,,..,.. 108 Puhalski's Food Market ,,,,,,., .,,.,,, 1 39 Pyle Pattern Mtg. Co. ...... 144 Q Quality Aluminum ..,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,..,., 1 38 Quigley, R. I. 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Broadway Muskegon lleights MEISTER FEED STORE feed I seed fertilizer A11 Kinds of Poultry Supplies Michigan Grade "A" Grass Seed HEADQUARTERS FOR DOG FOOD 1500 Peck Street-Phone 3-2417 PATTERSON'S Grocery and Market Quality Service 1638 Seventh St. Phone 3-2348 F R E D R IC K S LUMBER COMPANY Be-hind the City Hall Muskegon Heights, Michigan Phone 32-1 19 Page One humlred tw ty SS years of Service CARDS COMPLETE FOOD STORE Coles Bakery Department Frozen Food Department Complete Dairy Department Modern Grocery Department Refrigerated Produce Department Switt's Frozen Meats PIZCIK AI' llIl0,4Il1I'AY MEIER CLEANERS. INC. Licensed Sanitone Cleaners Muskegon Heights Branch Store fBetween Broadway 6 Columbia! 1314 Sanford St. Compliments of HEIGHTS NEWS AND SODA BAR WE HAVE THE MOST COMPLETE NEWSTAND COMPLETE SELECTION OF CANDIES PIPES AND TOBACCOS S ndB'ld'g-NtiSi dTht BEST WISHES FROM MANNING. MAXWELL 6 MOORE. INC. Muskegon, Michigan One lzzmdred fZUEIIfy'L'IglIf Greater Muskeqe11's Must Modern Funeral Home lflf IZIHUEIRIQI. IIIIIIIE Page One l11n11lrml lwenlx 71.711 J ITIS UNANIMOUS every man, woman, and child should have one A SAVINGS ACCOUNT AT THIS BANK THE NATIUNI-ll. LUMBERMAN3 BANK Muskegon's Oldest Bank Western Ave., Between Jefferson and Terrace Streets Member Federal Deposit Insurance Co :poration POLLY ANN PASTRY SHOP We Specialize in BREAD - ROLLS 1 CAKES AND PASTRY just Like Home Made "Best in Town" We take Orders for Special O ccas ions Phone 22-276 529 Peck St. - Muskegon Heights Compliments of O.K. GROCERY FRANK FARKAS O.K. Groeery Complete Line of Pet Foods 1044 Sanford Street Muskegon Heights, Michigan Page One humlred thirty Alfred J. Hunter 8 Co. Jobbers of Plumbing, Heating 8 Mill Supplies 1818-1838 l-lenry Street, at Laketon PRESCRIPTIONS BRUNDAGE CUT RATE DRUG STORE DRUGS Fountain Lunches Comer Peck and Broadway A pleasant plcxce to shop BOELKINS' SUPER MARKET A uskeqon Heights Phone 32-444 Better Quality MEATS . FRUITS WHITTINGTON'S BLE BARBER VEGETA S GROCERIES SHOP 1314 Sanford Street 801 Mcdiett- Comer Barney - Heights -- Page One hundred thirty-one I.ll. llflf81S01lT llRlHll1vRIlIf Sherwin Williams Paint Headquarters 22 West Broadway Muskegon Heights Qmqfzaimelwimm Za Me Qfzacfnajw af 19419 V.-.-.V.r.-.-.,,.,.,-,-.-.-,-.-.-.41+:-:-:we-:-:-1-:-:A---.-.-.-.-.-.-:-:-::Y:-:-:-:-re-,14-:.:.1.-.-.-.2-.-:-:,:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:f1-.2-wif.-1-:ez-:-:-:-zv:-:-A-:-fe::-:.:,:-I+::-1-'-4:4-V:-:vc-:-P:-'-:-::---:,-'-'f2gr1::::1----z:-nv-,--::-:-f,-'1r:1:r-2-r-f- "'-- f -:- '--- Ir- ""r 5 re e r Ellis I-liDll3l.lf Page One llunclrefl tlzirly-lzvo Even an Airplane starts from the ground. As a graduate of the Heights High School we suggest that you keep both feet on the ground. Which means - WORK - EARN - SAVE MUSKEGON SAVINGS BANK MUSKEGON, MICHIGAN "The Bank Across the Street" CLEANING AND GLAZING - STORAGE FRED F. SMITH EXCLUSIVE FURRIER RELINING - REPAIRING - REMODELING Phone 32-489 608 W. Broadway MUSKEGON HEIGHTS, MICHIGAN Re-Upholstering - Repairing Refinishing MUSKEGON UPHOLSTERING CO. 531 Peck Street-Heights Phone 23-400 Compliments of EMIL'S FOOD MARKET A Quality Service Store Quality - Service - Courtesy Is Our Motto Phone 32-041 100 E. Hovey Ave. STATIONERY SUPPLY CO. Office Supplies and Equipment Stationery and School Supplies 1037 Peck Si. Muskegon Heights Phone 32-909 Page One hundred thirty three 1 P in r 5 0 n 5 Department Store Muskegon lleights Store of Famous Brands eampfmm of fha mericcm Golf Spring Gompmzy Olddhyf 8000 ITEMS FOR THE OFFICE Are manufactured by Shaw-Walker--the largest exclusive makers of office furniture and filing equip- ment in the world. Each is designed to do a definiteinflo of making office work move faster, to effect economies in office operations. , "Built Like a Skyscraper' . E5 gig!!! Mm SHAW-WALKER Compliments of BUILDERS OF FINE MOTOR COACHES POlddly - HA L L EL E C TR I C Congratulations C 0 M PA N Y Graduates Everything Electrical construction , from appliances repair the ALLSTEAK ADMIRAL 8. LEONARD And A Fellow Alumnus Refrigerators and Ranges gm H' Sutton Complfmeflfs Of MUSKEGON SCREW BLUH BROS. M WORKS, INC. Super IGA Market "THE BEST Eoon VALUES IN TOWN" Makers of Better FREE' PARKING 7-9 W. Emmy AUTOMATIC SCREW ex o Haclcley Union Bcmlc MACHINE PRODUCTS S TA TE CA F E QUALITY ALUMINUM 1237-39 Peck Street CASTING COMPA MUSKEGON HEIGHTS Producers of One of the Oldest Qnd Leading NON-FERRCUSW Establishments in the Heights METAL CASTINGS Page One hzuzdred thzrzy-ezfgfh! l Puhalski's Fe od M ark et JoePuhalski he .......M-..- Growing With Greater Muskegon A Longtime Resident Of Greater Muskegon 'Ihe Brunswick-Balke-Collender Co. EXTENDS ITS BEST WISHES FOR SUCCESS TO 'l-Illf CIDQSS ill: 1949 WE ARE PROUD TO IOIN IN THE WELCOME TO AN IMPORTANT NEW GROUP OF CITIZENS IN OUR COMMUNITY 10126. - BICYCLES Rollfast - Schwinn - Columbia Bicycle parts cmd repairing Whizzer Motor Bikes Sales and Service GRANT SUPPLY CO. 7 E. Center Si. P11059 32-454 MUSKEGON HEIGHTS, MICHIGAN THE CAMERA SHOP Incorporated PHOTO FINISHING PHOTO SUPPLIES GREETING CARDS MUSKEGON HEIGHTS, MICHIGAN Ac s tr m the Post Oitic C. B. DAWES 8. SON Say It With Flowers Member of Florist Telegraph Deliv y Phone 22-005 77 E. Delano LINDLAND FUEL AND PAINT COMPANY PITTSBURGH PAINTS COAL and FUEL OIL "The Best for Less" Page One hundred forty Uwe Smcme 660-WQQQZMZCZZZCQM Za Me GZQAJ af 1949 You'll tinml Nationallq Famous Brands in Suits, Sportswear, Shirts, ll r e s s e s, Ties, and Bathing Accessories, in our complete collections of wear. I Grossman s The Unalitn Store That Saves You Moneg llahn Drug Store "Pills and ihingsv The Store the Norge is Across From Ph0lle 52-245 JUNIOR HIGH- BARBER SHOP Congratulations GRADUATES with Compliments C. THOMAS STORE, INC BEAUTY SHOP Mr. and Mrs. I. Carrier Phone 32-320 1043 Peck Street Muskegon Heights get it from F R I T Z the druggist Visit our "snack bor" 22 E. Broadway Muskegon Heights, Michigan Page One hundred forty-two fmf Wfancfewffl gm! DEMUS CAFE M I C K E Y ' S SHOE SHOP Compliments of B. P. O'Grady ROGERS JEWELRY Co' Pets-Gifts cmd Leather Goods on the Phone 37-372 1308 Peck Street Corner of Western ot Terrace MUSKEGON'S DIAMOND CENTER HUBERT H. SMITH MEAT PACKERS Page One hundred forty-three VIEKEPUS SODA BAR Complete fountain Service Hand Packed and Machine Packed Ice Cream Hours : 9:00 a.m. - 11:00 p.m. Sunday Hours : 11:00 a.m. - 11:00 p.m. 'IIRY llllll llllllllll Nlrfllfflls 1240 Sixth Street, Muskegon Heights Ph. 32-257 Wood and Metal Patterns Pattern Manufacturing Co. Muskegon Heights, Michigan O hundred forty-form' , SCHLOSSMAN THEATRES MICHIGAN REGENT STATE STRAND O MUSKEGON - HEIGHTS O DISTINCTIVE GIFTS O STATIONERY O BOOKS GREETING CARDS FOR EVERY OCCASION THE DANIELS CO. 360-66 W. Western Ave. VOSS HARDWARE SPORTING GOODS PAINTS - GLASS Muskegon Heights, Michigan 543 Peck Street Phone 2-5460 Compliments of D 8. C STORES, INC 5? 51.00 Headquarters for all School Supplies Get Your Ice Cream Treat cmd Lunches from- NORDSTROM DAIRY Hoyt and Broadway Compliments of GEORGE'S RESTAURANT A Good Place to Eat 1232 Peck Street Phone 32-066 Muskegon Heights, Michigan Page One hundred forly seven Gcmqmimfaffam rqncf Emi WMQM to the Graduates of I949 BENNETT PUMPS DIVISION JOHN WOOD MANUFACTURING COMPANY, INC. MUSKEGON, MICHIGAN A Congratulations to the Graduates SIWlIIfTY9S SERVICE "llest of Service" Corner of Peck and Barney Muskegon Heights, Michigan , rmdrcrl forty-ciglzt GREETINGS, STUDENTS! MAKE UUE BANK YUUR FINANCIAL HEADQUARTERS Prompt Eriendlg Banking Service The Hackley Union National Bank Muskegon, Michigan GREATER MUSKEGON'S LARGEST BANK Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Recordings by Your Fzmnrile A1'Zzf.s'l.s' MELODY MANOR MUSIC SHOP 36 East Broadway Muskegon Heights. Michigan Vic. Opalek, Bert Hanis, Proprietors FRANCIS IIROCH CO. WHOLESALE Cigars, Candy, Tobacco Fountain Supplies 248 Market Street Since 1866 WEST SHORE PRINTERS Don Lynn, Frank Dolar, Owners The Finest in Quality Printing FAIR PRICES QUICK DELIVERY YOUR SATISFACTION Peck at Delano Ave. Phone 2-7322 Muskegon Heights, Michigan Page One hundred forty-nine C L 0 E T I N G H " S IHAIIIO AIUII AI'l'lIIlIlIClfS PHILCO RADIO AND REFRIGERATORS GAS AND ELECTRIC RANGES WHIRLPOOL AUTOMATIC WASHERS SMALL APPLIANCES 947 TERRACE STREET, MUSKEGON, MICHIGAN Expert Radio Service Compliments of REID-GRAPE MILADYS C O R P O R A T I O N Headquarters for Your Fctvorit Ir. Frocks and Sportswear ISHGISOR- Peck HEATING VTENTILATING 1417 Peck Street Phone 3-2021 WESTERN MICHIGAN OUTBOARD Sales and Service MARTIN MOTORS Sporting Goods 1430 Peck Street MUSKEGON HEIGHTS, MICHIGAN Ph e 31 P O e hundnfd fifiy Spaulding - Goldsmith and Rawling Athletic. Equipment llamm Hardware C0 llttilwa Jtreet Page On ffy goals Simpson, Gffumrzus Wzww Za Qcmqmiwflaie Me glam af 19419 SIMPSUN'S HTl1eBestinDrugsAlwaysH e!, xg S25 Apple Avenue Phone 2-5069 1WlU5lili601l1, MICHIGAN f FRESHER Compliments of Radium Studio FINE PORTRAITS 367 W. Western Avenue Whoever You Are, Whatever You Do DRINK r""Q ,qw iniilui, 5::' . Q3 TRADE-MARK REG. U. s. rn. on. 2543 COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY of MUSKEGON PORT CITY CANDY and TOBACCO COMPANY Compliments of VISTA GRILL WHOLESALE DISTRIBUTORS Cigars - Cigarettes Tobaccos - Paper Products Drug Sundries Smokers' Articles CREVIER ELECTRIC CO. Fountain Supplies - Candy 4291 S' Hem Suee' MUSKEGQN HEIGHTS ESTATE APPLIANCES MICHIGAN Industrial - Commercial 1312 Maffen St, Residential Phone sz-azva Phone 3-1180 One hundred fifty-four Congratulations Gracls l On your journey down life's Highways from "Model T" To Cadillac - For the finest in R Products and Service Always bring 'em back, to eoe Mooees e. 8a M. TEXACO SERVICE 1000 Peck Street at Hume Avenue CONGRATULATIONS GRADUATE! Ullice Machines Sales Xi Service Ce. CORNER APPLE AND WOOD STREETS PHONE 24-8463 M U S K E G O N Worlcflis No. l Typewrite rs Headquarters for Royal Typewriters ff Congratulations from I . , .f' mTw'wX..,x ' I IM "See, " 1 5 t fxkglu I R ' TT - A 'IIIII l,,I H I II ig. N I LIIL ,.., T.ig,.LF::.'T i,,i,1iIAUuunt1 V-r1m:F-'ma I ff--H' 'iIiU'f'Nf'wvw3ti',:.Q I 1 '-A ' -9 "' . .' I. f " - 5:.1':f..gQ" ROLLER SKATING AT ITS BEST MONA LAKE PARK PHONE 3-336I FISCHER COAL CO. 1957 Commerce St. Opposite Inter-State System DISTRIBUTORS OF WHITE OAK I Dial 2-2965 CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 1949 WILLIAMS MEAT CO. Cars - FORD - Trucks Your Choice of Either a Six or cm Eight BOYD AUTO SALES COMPANY Peck at Shennan Muskegon Heights. Michigan Page One hundred fifty-six . , 7 TOMORROWL belongs .... To the Youth of Today! It is our sincere h o p e that our many young friends of... MUSKEGON H E I G H T S HIGH SCHOOL will . . . "Hitch Their Wagons To A Star" and properly prepare themselves for the LEADERSHIP needed in the years to come. We Sincerely Wish You .... EVERY POSSIBLE SUCCESS! THE Good Housekeeping Shop D24 Peck St ..... In The Heights Compliments of STEENI'IAGEN'S FOOD MARKET I. S. ANDERSON QUALITY SERVICE STORE Phone 3-2051 PACKING COMPANY 131 E. Summit Ave. Recd All Of The Home Town News ln The MUSKEGON HEIGHTS "RECORD" 6 'LII ., 60 E. Broadway Page One hun drcfd . .. K DANIGELIS FOOD MARKET All Kinds of BEVERAGES To Take Out 1230 Peck Street MUSKEGON HEIGHTS B EST WIS H ES fro m MORTON MANUFACTURING COMPANY Draw-Cut Machine Tools Finished Machine Keys ROBINSON AUTO SALES LINCOLN - MERCURY Sales and Service 1200 Peck Street- Heights Phone 32-903 Compliments of DERBY'S FOOD 8. PRODUCE MARKET 1426 Peck Street Phone 3980 DRAPERIES SHADES R. I. QUIGLEY 1039 Peck Street Phone 3-2425 CURTAINS VENETIAN BLINDS PINK ELEPHANT RESTAURANT 1428 Peck Street Muskegon Heights, Michigan Open From 8-1:00 Daily GOOD FOOD ALWAYS Page One hundred fiflyeiglit Phone 2-2490 1660 Seventh Street MUSKEGON. MICHIGAN t ' SUCCESS TO THE CLASS OF 1949 'A' it ir PLATTE AUTO SUPPLY STOKERS - OIL BURNERS MARTIN COAL CO. Dependable Fuels Home Insulation 576 E. Broadway Phone 3-2026 MUSKEGON MUSIC CO. ' 641 Hoyt Street Used Music Box Records Page One lnlrlrlred fifty-fzine ,,4.....ah, l.l+ gJere .Marqueffe Qgark Two Concessions .fake Sandwiches A ICC Cream Pop Corn Candy pop Jmuiis cosczxlnilll Phone 5-1461 5-1955

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