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1 . .un F5 x. is-Lil". , , 1 '-,. T. 4. .. ,xg 54541 1' 'Au wr rf' -. ,.h 1 14 n.: yi fx. . , ..., A-Q KJ, : "ba .2 2.1, :Lili ,,. v Q n ,. ,4,, ' As ,M- 1- .vt , 11: wir' d' L A 4 -sem-A .1 vw 1-. f f J -1 ,. 13.1.1 .1 -au ma- qi- -N wffiff' f ' M1 jim dwwfzan 7958 STAFF BARBARA WH1Ts1TT Editor IANE KLATT NANCY FIGG Assistant Editor Business Manager KAREN STOHR DEARREL BATES Subscription Editor Sports Editor IUDY BARGIER Tom HATHAWAY Copy Editor Photogrziphc-r SANDRA LONGS'I'Rli'l'Il Advertising Editor NIQVA MCCUI.i.oUc:n Head Typist JIM STRICKLIN Conor-ssirm Milliilglxl' Foreword . . Administration a Classes . . Seniors Iuniors Sophomores Freshmen Honors . Organizations . Athletics . Informals . Advertising EUNTENTS nd Faculty . PAG E 4 5-13 14-51 15-35 36-40 41-45 46-53 54-61 62-80 81-95 96-98 99-138 FUHEWUHD Since l939 groups of freshmen have entered the doors of the new Muscatine High School. Each has been perplexed by the numbers of students, by the countless classrooms, and by the deceptive halls. As the year has passed, the confusion has lessened. In june four years ago the report cards were issued and we had completed our freshman year. As sophomores we had the benefit of a year's experience and had gained greater assurance. During the spring of that year, the class rings were selected. After much indecision and discussion, we finally placed our order. We held the beginning of our junior year in anticipation, for it was at that time we would receive our class rings. As juniors we had the confidence of upper classmen. The responsibility of entertaining the seniors at the Iunior-Senior Prom was im- portant to us. Finally it was here, our senior year. Would graduation ever come? The year passed much faster than we had expected. There was much anticipation of homecoming. Everyone had his guess as to who would be this year's queen. In groups we went to celebrate homecoming by whitewashing the streets. The town Was covered with "Go Team's,,' "Yea Team's,,' and "Fight's.', Each activity meant more to us because it was our last. This year we were the ones who would be entertained at the junior-Senior Prom. Senior Week came very quickly and it passed quickly, too. There was the Senior Picnic, Senior Assembly, Baccalaureate, and the cherished goal, Graduation. For eighteen years each class has had the same experiences in the same building, but somehow to each class each year is special. It belongs to them. The class of 1958 is no exception. To us, it is not like the other years, it is special because it is our senior year, the climax to a part of our life known as "our high school education." Y" M5524 ' K V 623, ff - r I, 7:51 f fi' I X 1 .L ,V 5 ' 2 if Q , if L .fir n A :"a F13Af5.Q vw, Qia- nw 5 Q k Q 'ix F' I 1 N i 'vnvgn' L 'Y X W Www -k iw , K .xx , X A s. -, M ,.kk YF, , , V .,.i-1:32 . i x T4 ' 5' sp ' . I 5 Bw 'C' h ' 5- 'Zy fin. X. ' .ig-.a' - f , ,W . y 4 f I W' , 'giw A , F 11' , .- , I kr R - I fgsa-. Q .3-" 'I ' ' Ah 'M ,, :, f ' I l ., ww L fmfl I Row Row Row Board Ut Education o Hgltl I-I. Robert Lewis, president: L. D. Krueger, vice-prcsidcntg Georgc 11. jacobs, trcasuru 2-Kenneth Schrcurs. Robert Hahn, Dr. Robert Asthaltcr. 3-Mrs. Robert Toborg, Iohn Bargcr, Mrs. Leroy Cox. secretary. Mr. l"ri'cl fi. Mi-ssmigr-ig our print-ipzil, enjoys playing golf in his fr-xv span- hours oiitsidi- of school. H0 has tho ri-sponsihility of taking vain- of our lzirgt' high school. H1 has :ihout IHSH stucft-nts :mtl forty-six tcm-hors undvr gniclzim-4-. lli- lziuglit voninicrviail suhjvcts, social sriv h is nw hc' ind was :I trait-lx 1-ozirli for fivo yvzirs until ISHN whvn look ow-r his pri-smil position, Ili' l't'cviw'rl his BA. .it Iowa Wvslz-yum :incl MA, :it ilu- Stun- ifniwrsity of Iowa. .-'E -.. - :. Mr. Svlnizirk is our :issislzmt priniipzil. cfirvctor of :athlo- liis intl tlinttoi of ittivitivs. Ili- i'1'm'viw'1f his HA. clvgrvv ll C,c'ntruI Cmllvgi- :mtl his MA, cfvgrvv :it thi' lfnivvrsity of Colorairlo. Mr, Si-linux-ls win ailsti hc' found siipvrvising ' ' ill thc' i':1lvt4'i'l:i. Ili' hats roziil l'K'llI1l for Ihr' lust tixo yvi 7 11-cl our Stall' Champion Bust-he lI'S. Bc-siclvs vnjoying a game of golf, Mr. Arthur A. Iohnson is kopt husy with his big responsibility of taking rare of thc clown schools in Musvatinc. HC took his undcrgradus atc' work at Morningside College and rvvoivod his MA. clvgrvc- at the State University of Iowa. Before accepting his present position, hc was zi lC3l'lll'l' and ri cozicli. M. H. S. TED ALLEN Biology MARIE BARGER Shorthand Typing Newspaper MARGARET BECKLEY American History Commercial Law IOIIN BREADY World History American History Yearbook RAYMOND BURKHALTER Printing 8 Faculi DUANE ASCHENBRENNER Speech Debate IAMES BARLOW Speech English Dramatics MILES BEI'I'z Agriculture FFA HAROLD BRIDGES Economics Civics Bookkeeping Tennis EULA DOWNER Dean of Girls Algebra Geometry M. H. S. CARROLL EGGEE Chemistry CHQORGH FRASCHER American History English Wrestling EARL ClAN'I'I'INBliIN Boys' Physical Education Basketball Fl,0RliNCli HAHN Home Economics Domanac Futurac RICHARD HliBliR'f English American History Facult lVli1.nRED FOGARTY English Grammar CLYDE GABRIEL Dean of Boys ClliN EVA GRACE General Science Biology ROBERT HANSON Social Science ROBERT HERWIG Mathematics American History M. H. S. WII,I.IAM HOFS'I'E'l"I'PlR Algebra Arithmetic junior Varsity Basketball HIiT'I'Y KEMBLH Latin Curia Regia Stage Crew CHARLES KREEB Band IUNE LINGO English GENEVIVE lVIcCANDLIsss English I0 Faculty l,OUlSl-I jIiRICIIo Economics Civics American History WALTER KOCHNEIQF Sophomore Basketball Coach Driveris Education RoBI:R'I' LICK Physics Algebra ARCIIIL MARTIN Biology American History Civics KA'1'liliRINli MILLIQR Spanish English International Relations M. H. 5. l'.lJl'I'll lVlI'I'ClIlil.l. l,ihrurizan l,ihrnrv Clluh J KliNNli'I'il RISWOLIJ C11-mm-try Algebra Coll CIHARL1-is SAmsA'1'ii Chorus l'l.lJYIJ Sczorr Visual Aids RuNA1,lm S'runMs lVlm-rchzmclising Typing Swimming Faculi BliVliRI.Y lVlUNsoN English Girls' Counselor l.1aoN ARD Roczczlavmsn Shops lVlcchz1nical Drawing EVIQLYN SC1m1:l'x Homo Economics CIIARLIQS SHOCK English Sociology Mmztlom' S'l'liBRli 7 Girls' lhysical Education l l M. H. S. LAWRENCE TOILLION Biology Agriculture Iunior F.F.A. HOMER WEIS Family Relations Social Science Football Coach Track Coach I2 MRS. BETTY HOFFMAN GLORIA FRONK Oiiice Secretary Student Secretary Facult MARILYN WAGNER Home Economics MERLE Woons English Mws X f YSifs my Q if I X ,M-1' W 1 2 m it K- f gf ,, m, , H -W Y Fr M 1 5 M ! Q X . wk -7 - ,i .,M.sA:,.g E 5 , 5 , ,, at St! H C vm ,1 f 5, in 5 JT Q 1- 5 M U ,sv 15.- If ?d w iv . wi . Q-ilu! SE IUH ELASS , ., , V. J. y.:.e, - 'W' " " nv' " , , SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Thr senior elass ollieers ehosen hy the senior class this year are l.zirry Thomas, seeretaryg Judy Freese. xiee-presiclentg Shztron Ridge, treasurer: and Vie Wilson, president. They are shown leaving lor one ol' their nmny ztetivities. The highlights el' some ol these activities include whitewztshing at homecoming, ordering grzicluution ainnouneernents, und preparing lor the Iunior-Senior Prom. Alter the prom eomes senior week. This week is lilled with ztelivities lor the seniors. The high sehool years are then brought to at elinmx with y,5rnclu:ntion. RICHARD ALBRIGHT "Diek', . . . During his years in high school, Dick has been in swim- ming, football, and Hi-Y. For honors he has received a letter in swimming for two years. Dick's favorite pastime is riding around with the boys and his hobby is girls and women. In the future Dick plans to go to college. For an ambition this 5'8" senior has not made up his mind, but we all wish him good luck in what ever he does. VERNIE ALMANDINCER . . . A six footer with hazel eyes, brown hair, and a pleasing personality best describes this senior. His fu- ture plans are to attend I. C. and then on to further college work. Seasonal sports and resting oc- cupy his leisurely hours, and working at Whitmanis meat de- partment is his main enterprise outside of school. "I'll go along with that" is Vernie's favorite expression, and, I'll go along with that. SANDRA ASMUS "Sandy,' . . . Sandy's favorite pastime is riding in a certain Ford with B. H. and listening to popular records. This red-headed 5'5" gal's ambition is to be a good secretary and to get married. Sandy's most exciting moment occurred Nov. 4, l956. If you see someone walking down the hall in turquoise and saying "Okey dokiei' y0u'll know its Sandy. Sandy's favorite year at high was her senior year because she had more fun. MARIE BECKMAN 'gMari,' . . . "Honey" is this senior girl,s favor- ite expression. She is 5'5" tall, has brown hair, and blue eyes and her favorite color is aqua. Marie has participated in National Thespians Society. Marie thinks the school has improved since she was a Freshman. Her favor- ite pastimes are having fun with the girls, going to shows and ball games. Marie plans to become an elementary teacher. BETSY BOLDT "Betts" . . . This 5'2" blue-eyed senior girl's favor- ite pastimes are having fun and being with Pat! Betts has been active in bowling. Her honors in- clude state and city bowling tlst in cityg 2nd in statej. Betts favor- ite colors are blue and red. Her favorite expression is "Woo oo.'l This brown-haired gal hasn't yet experienced her most exciting mo- ment. Betts thinks the school spirit is getting better all the time. ANNA BREI . . . Anna's favorite pastimes are listening to records, iccskating, and playing cupid. She has been in Auroran News- paper for four years, and during her senior year she was chosen as editor of the News. This senior girl wants to get married and live happily ever after. Her favorite expression is "Beats me!" She en- joyed her senior year most because of the fun in speech class. I6 ALICE ANN ALFTINE . . . tening to the radio and talking on the phone are Alice's favorite pastimes. She also enjoys playing the organ. This 5'5" blue eyed senior gal plans to attend the University of Iowa and to enter into the medical field. Alice feels the school spirit of M.H.S. has rom for improvement, and she says her most embarrassing mo- ment was being the only girl in trig class. RAY ARP "Wyatt Earp" . . . During his four years at Musky High, Ray has participated in F.F.A., and he was honored by being scrap-book reporter in this activity. His plans for the future is to attend junior college, and his ambition is to be a bachelor. This SIM" senior tells us his most em- barrassing moment was the time he went into the showers for the first time with his socks on. Ray enjoyed his freshman year the most. IANICE BARTENHAGEN "Bart" . . . Bart can be found spending her time riding around, and during her four years at Mus- ky High she participated in C.A.A. for three years, After graduating from M.H.S., Bart plans to attend M.j.C. and become a physical ed- ucation teacher. This senior gal can be found working on her dad's farm in the summer. Bart feels the school spirit could be im- proved, and she can be heard say- ing, "What do ya say?" SHARON MARIE BENNETT 'KBenny" . . . This 5'5M" senior gal can be found riding around in her car, ice and roller skating, and dancing. She has made no definite plans for the future, but some day she hopes to become a good housewife or work in an office. She now can be found working at Sun Mart. Sharon en- joyed her junior year the most because she met more kids and had more fung especially 6th per- iod art class. She feels the school spirit could be improved. MICHAEL BOYNTON "Mike" . . . This 5'll" senior's most ex- citing moment was his first var- sity basketball game. Besides par- ticipating in basketball, Mike is in DeMolay, Hi-Y, Track and Chorus. His plans for the future are to go to j.C. and then to the Air Force. He hopes to become a jet pilot. He enjoys playing golf, working on cars, and riding around with the boys. Mike en- joyed his senior year the most be- cause he had more fun. RAYMOND GENE BROCKET "Rock" . . . This 6'l" senior boy's favorite pastime is going on the river in his boat, and he enjoys working on the boat. During his four years at Musky High, he par- ticipated in football and track. After graduation Rock plans to go to j.C., but he has no other plans as yet. Rock tells us his most ex- citing moment was his first day at school and seeing all the new faces and friends. DAVID RRONNIHR "Ugly" . . . This 5'll" scnior's favorite pas- time is riding horses and driving around. Some of the other things that keep him husy arc football, li.l:.A., track. and messing around with cars. llc has no plans for the future except to hecome a farmer, and hc can he found working on the home farm or on other farms. David thinks the school spirit is hctter, hut could he improved. and hc likes to sec esciting ball games. DAVID BROWN . . . This senior boy plans to go to junior college and become a clerk or work in a hank. Right now he earns his money hy working on the Island and on a farm. lfor fun David enjoys lishing. playing ball, swim- ming, going camping, and watch- ing T.V. This 5'9" black haired ltoy' enjoyed his senior year the most hccausc it w as his last, hut most of all hccausc it helped him get a hcttcr job. NANCII lil l'I"l'S "Name" . . . During Nanci's lour years at Nl. ll.S. she w as kept husy hy being in C.A.A., Rand. Rainbow, Ami- cae, and lli-Tri. She received let- ters in Hand and C.A.A. Nanci plans to attend 1.C. for one year and mayhe twog then to attend State Teachers College. Becoming a high school gym teacher in Maine is Nanci's amhition. If you happen to hcar someone say "Good grief, child!" it's probably Nanci because that's her favorite expression. MARY CAMIQRON "Mares" . . . This 5'8" blue eyed senior's fa- vorite pastime is riding around in a gray Olds. Mares plans for the future is to get married to R. T. ller ambition is to be a secretary and her hohhics are cooking and sewing. If you hcar someone say- ing "flow bout that," it will pro- hahly be Mares. Mares most ext it- ing moment was November, l5l:'S5. "I wonder what happened?" She cnjoycd her scnior year most be- cause it was her last. KARICN . . . This 3'6" brown-haired senior plans to go to Nurses' Training. ller honors were Secretary of Dramatics, Na- tional Thespians. and lettering iu Dramatics. ller favorite pas- time is dancing and being with a ccrtain guy. She thinks the school spirit could be improved. Karen enjoyed her senior year most be- cause she was an upper-upper- classman. Kart-n's most exciting moment was the night of the jun- ior-Senior Prom. ClllfRYl. CHAPMAN . . . If you hear someone say "That's l.ife" you will Iiml Cheryl somewhere near. This 3'-l" senior gal's am- hition is to hccomc a secretary at Washington D.C. Cheryl has participated in Cadet Teachers and Clee Club her Ifreshrnan year. She spends a lot of time riding horses and listening to Per- ry Como. Cheryl enjoyed her Senior year most because she wait- ed thrct- ycars to become a senior. IULAINE BROOKHART "Iudy" . . . This 5'6" senior gal's ambition is to be a private secretary or go to junior college. Right now she is getting good practice because she is a student secretary at Mc- Kinley School. Her ainhition is to go to Texas. Her tnost embar- rassing moment was October 30. l955, and she enjoyed her scnior year the most because it was the most fun. She thinks the school spirit is pretty good. SHARLOT BROWN "lfrannie" . . . This 5'2" gal is often heard saying, "Oh no!" She is often seen working at Nietxel's Drug Store. Frannie likes to play records, ride around in the car and tear up the car so that her Dad can fix it again. lfrannie would like to at- tend an airline hostess school, and her amhition is to wear a smile. She liked her junior year the best because she knew more kids. BYRON Bl ICHELI, "Mayor" . . . This blue-eyed blond's favorite pastimes are playing football or riding horses. Byron's activities include F.F.A. and football. His bobby is collecting guns. After he gets out of school he plans to work on his dad's farm. Bryon's ambi- tion is to own his own cattle ranch. His favorite color is green. Byron enjoyed his senior year the and he thinks theh school spirit could be improved. BIl.l, CANADY . . . Bill's favorite pastime is messing around with his car and learning the latest records. His plans for the future include having a lot of fun but from the looks of his ambition it doesn't look like he'll make it. His ambition? "To huild a car to turn over a hundred in a quar- ter." Bill is 5'lU". has hazel eyes and brown hair. If you hear someone in the hall say, "That's real tender," it's probably Bill. PATRICIA ANN CARPENTER "Pat" . . . Pat's favorite pastimes are having fun and dancing. Pat stands 5'2" and has brown hair and hazel eyes. Her future plans are to work until a certain some- one comes along. You can find her working after school at Wool- worth's. Pat's favorite colors are lavender and black and her favor- ite expression is. "I s'pose" Pat says her most exciting moiuent was August 31, l957. SARAH CHILDS "Sally" . . . This 5'6" blue-eyed blond's activ- ity has been chorus in her jun- ior year. Sally's plans for the future are to become a teacher and a good engineer's wife. tWonder who?l This senior gal's hobhies are music and sewing. You will usually find Sally re- modeling her future home. Sally's favorite color is blue. I7 SANDRA CLARK uSandy', . . . This 5'7" brown eyed senior's pas- time is riding around in a Chevy with a certain guy. Sandy's plans for the future are to attend Iunior College and to become a good teacher. She has been active in Cadet Teachers and Hi Tri. If you saw someone working this summer at Bells' Dairy Sweet Drive-in it was probably Sandy. Her most embarrassing moment was trying to kill a buzzing fly while driving, and ran into a car in front of her. SANDRA COURTOIS "Sandy" . . . Sandyis favorite pastime is driving around with the gang, dancing, and listening to records. This 5'3V2" senior gal, who has green eyes and brown hair, tells us her most embarrassing moment happened in Davenport, but as for the details, she remains quiet. Sandy believes that the school spirit is improving. El.AlNE CRIEGER "Liza', . . . After Liza graduates from Musky High, she plans to go to business school and become a secretary be- cause her hobbies are writing let- ters and listening to records. Right now she earns her spending money by working at Maid-Rite. Liza tells us her most embarras- sing moment was too embarras- sing to to tell, and she also says the school spirit could be im- proved. ROBERT CROW "Bob" . . . This 5'8" senior boy, whose favorite pastime is "just goofinf, likes to wrestle and goes out for track. He plans to study Civil Engineer- ing at S.U.I, His ambition is to cross his bridges after he designs them. His hobby is collecting coins, stamps, and books. Bob's favorite expression is, "Don't sweat it ladf, He thinks the school spirit is improving but not much. IOYCE CURRY "Fry" . . . This senior has brown hair and green eyes, and joyce's favorite pastime is listening to records. Ioyceis am- bition is to become a private sec- retary. You can find Fry working at Maid-Rite No. 2 outside of school. If you hear someone say- ing "Heaven abide" well Ioyce is probably around. Ioyce thinks the school spirit has improved alot and she enjoyed her senior year the best because it was more in- teresting, GARY DANKERT "Dania" . . . Gary's favorite pastime is eating french fries, big juicy steaks, drinking pepsi, and riding around with the boys. Although his plans are indefinite, he is going to I.C., and in his spare time he can be found working in a gas station. This 6'2" senior boy liked his senior year the most because he had more fun, and it was his last year. Gary thinks the school spi- rit could be improved. LYLA COLBERG . . . Lyla has participated in Amicae and Hi- Tri. Her most embarrassing mo- ment was the day Iudy's car broke down and they had to push it out of the middle of the street. No body would help them. Lyla plans to attend I.C. when school is out and her ambition is to be- com e a kindergarten teacher. Lylais favorite pastime is going to Davenport. She thinks the school spirit can be improved. KENTON COYNER "Sonny', . . . Sonny's favorite pastime is riding around town. Some of the other things that keep him busy are: F.F.A., track, basketball and hunt- ing. A job outside of school that he does is working on his father's farm. This 6'2" Musky High sen- ior has black hair, brown eyes, and his favorite color is blue. Sonny thinks the school spirit of lVl.H.S. can be improved in the future years. - - 1 IOHN CROOK "Crook" . . . This 5'6" brown hair, blue eyed senior's favorite pastime is riding around town in his "hot rod.', Crook,s plans for the future are to go to I.C. for two years and then get a good paying job. If you see some- one down at S.S. Kresege's, work- ing after school, it will be john. Crook thinks the school spirit is getting better. He enjoyed his senior year most because he had a lot of fun with all the boys. GLORIANN CULLEN "Merc" . . . This is a senior who enjoyed her sophomore year the most be- cause she made so many new friends. Merc also enjoys listen- ing to good music on her Hi-fi, collecting records, and traveling. Her plans forthe future are to at- tend college although she hasn't decided where to go, and to be- come a social worker. This FSM" girl thinks the school spirit at lVl.H.S. could be improved. RAY DALLAS "Mutt" . . . Rayis favorite pastime is riding around in his Buick convertible and working on cars and radios. He plans to enter service and train to be either an electronic technician or a mechanic, and his ambition is to succeed in whatever he tries. This 6'2" senior can be found working at the Muscatine Hotel as a bell boy. Ray enjoyed his senior year the most because he had more fun and less work. DEANNE DANNER . . . This 5'2" senior's favorite pastime is riding around in Bernadineis car. Deanne's plans for the future are to work at a secretarial posi- tion, get married in the fall, and go back to work. Her honors are being Secretary and Treasurer of cadet teachers for two years and winning the window painting contest her junior year. Deanneis most exciting moment was De- cember ll, 1956. I wonder what happened. ARVll.l.A lCl.lZAl5liTlI DAVlS "Villie" . . . This senior gal par- ticipated in library club and CLA. A. ller favorite pastimes are lis- tening to records. which she col- lects, and writing to Ray. To get married and be a good wife is Vil- lie's future ambition. She tells us her most embarrassing moment is too embarrassing to be told. Villie, who is 5'7", and has brown hair and bluish green eyes, thinks the school spirit is wonderful. jANliT DAY "jan" . . . This 5'3" blonde's favorite pastime is read- ing. jan's plan for the future is to study technology at college. Her hobbies are reading and collecting pictures. If you see someone wear- ing blue. it will probably be jan because that is her favorite color. jan thinks that the school spirit could be improved. She enjoyed her junior year most because she had the most fun. DICANNA Dlil,Al' "Porky" . . . This 5'2M," senior has brown hair and blue eyes. l'orky's favor- ite pastime is talking on the tele- phone. ller plans for the future are to join one of the armed forces and then go to college or vise ver- sa. llcr ambition is to travel and see the llniled States and maybe the rest of the world also. If you hear someone saying "flow dras- tic" or "flow tragicll, Porky is likely to be around. KAREN liAS'l'liRl.A . . . This lVlusky lligh Senior gal's favorite pastime is listening to records, and her hobby is collecting records. Karcn's plan for the future is to go to business college and her ambition is to become a secretary. This 5'9" girl has brown hair and hazel eyes, and her favorite color is blue. Karen enjoyed her senior year the most because she knew more people. KARICN ICRICKSUN . . . llorse- back riding and listening to re- cords is the favorite pastime of this 5'3" blue-eyed senior girl. Kart-n's plans for the future are to go to j.C. or to be a secretary. This senior girl can be found working in the office at junior lligh School. Karen enjoyed her senior year the most because she had more fun. Karen thinks the school spirit is improving. NANCY l"lCIG . , . Among Nan- cy's many activities are Auroran Yearbook, Rainbow, lli-Tri, and Cadet. Nurses. Alter she com- pletes high school, Nancy plans to go to college and become a successful registered nurse. This 5'7',fQ" senior gal enjoyed all four years at Nlusky lligh because she had loads of fun. Nancy thinks that the school spirit is pretty good. btit it cotild be improved. BIl.l.Il2 DliANIi DAVIS "Wil- liam" . . . This senior has black hair and brown eyes. ller favor- ite pastime is listening to records and writing letters. She partici- pated in CLA..-X. and glee club. Billie's plans for the future are to do secretarial work and later be an art teacher. lf you hear some- one saying "Dig it or Dog itfl well. Billie is probably around. She thinks the school spirit is pret- ty good at times. BETTY DIZAIIR "Dear Bettyu . . . This 5'-1" senior gal plans to go to junior College and become a good secretary. Right now she can be found working on her father's farm. and for fun she enjoys rid- ing around. She also participates in Hi-Tri and lVl.Y.F, This brown haired. blue-eyed girl's favorite expression is "Woo-Woo" and her favorite color is blue. Betty en- joyed her senior year the most be- cause she was an upper classman. jUDITH DUNKER "Cleo" . . . This 5'5" blue-eyed senior gal plans to attend Long Beach City College in California after grad- uation. Cleo's favorite expression is "Woo-Woo" and her fayorite color is brown. judy enjoyed her senior year the most because she met more people and there was more to do. judy's activities were working in the office her junior and senior years. ller favorite pastime is writing to buddies. LARRY IZGCIERS "l2gghead" . . . This senior boy likes to ride horse- back when he isn't doing anything else. His plans for the future af- ter he graduates are to work and become a farmer. Another thing that keeps hint busy is l3.l7.A., and he earns his spending money by working at Havemann Gro- cery. This 5'lll" brown-haired boy enjoyed his senior year at lVlusky High because he knew more people. If you happen to hear someone in the halls saying "That'll be the day." it tnay be Larry. lVlARCEl.l.A lVlAlf lfST.-XBROOK "Mouse" . . . This 5'l ". blue-eyed, light brown haired senior girl liked her freshman year the most because she liked the noon hour better. lVlouse is often heard say- ing. "How about that!" S he spends a lot of her spare time lis- tening to western music and rid- ing around in a Buick. Mouse would like to go to beauty culture school, and later get married and raise a family. WIl.lVlA KAYIZ lfl.AKli "Wimpy" . . . Wilma is a girl who enjoys writing leters and listening to re- cords. She also likes to skate. go motorcycle riding. and swimming. She gets her spending money by baby-sitting, and after she grad- uates she plans to get a job. This 5'6lQ" girl enjoyed her senior year the most because it was her last. Her most exciting moment was the night of August l, l957. Her favorite color is green. MARCIA FOLEY . . . This 5'2". brown eyed. senior gal's ambition is to go to college. If you hear someone say "That's fairly ratty!" you will see Marcia because that is her favorite expression. Marcia has participated in Clee Club her freshman year and Debate her sophomore an d junior years. Marcia can he found working in the school office during the day. She has enjoyed her senior year most because she worked in the office. GARY FRISERS . . . Gary's favor- ite pastime is riding around. His activities at MHS are Latin Club and playing the organ for devo- tions. This o'2". brown haired, blue eyed boy's favorite color is green. Cary plans to go to the Worsham School of Mortuary Science in Chicago. His ambition is to be a Mortician. Cary enjoyed his Senior year best because it was the most fun and the last. GENEVIEVI2 FREYERIVIUTE "Genny" . . . This 5'7"senior has brown hair and green eyes. If you hear someone saying "Honest to Pete" Cenny is probably around. Gennfs jobs outside of school is helping around the house. Her favorite pastime is just plain hav- ing fun. Cenny's favorite color is pink. She enjoyed her senior year the most because she had more fun and it was the last. Cenny thinks the school spirit could be improved. GLORY ANN FRONK "Glori" This 5'5" senior girl has been student secretaryg she is also active in Amicae, Hi Tri, and Rainbow. Clori likes to swim and bowl. and later she would like to go to St. I.uke's or j.C. and be a good farm- er's wife. Glori has blond hair, blue eyes. and she is often heard saying. "Infink!" Glori e a r n s money working at Hershey Con- valescent Home. She thinks the school spirit has improved. L O I S C A I D I Ii S "Louie" . .. Louie-'s favorite pastime is going to picture shows. QI wonder whom she goes with?J Being a secretary after she attends j.C. is her ambition. Outside of school Lottie can be found working in a shoestore. In the halls of M.H.S. Louie can be heard saying "Sure Swell." QA very co-operative per- son?J Louie enjoyed her senior year most because her subjects were easier and she had more time to mess around. MERVYN CASAWAY 'fSlick" . . . Mervyn is 5'lO", blue-eyed. and has brown hair. His favorite pas- time is riding around in the car with a certain girl. His hobby is working on cars. and his activities include football. basketball, and track. If you hear some senior boy saying, "Oh come on now!" it's probably Mervyn because this is his favorite expression. He thinks the school spirit has been a lot better the last couple of years. SUE FOSTER "Susie" . , . This 5'5" blue-eyed, blond says her favorite pastimes are dancing, lis- tening to Hi-Fi, and playing golf. Sue's activities have been chorus, in which she lettered for four years, and Hi-Tri. Her plans for the future are to go to nurses training, and her a m b i t i o n is to travel around the world. If you hear "Whoo.VVhoo." you'll know Sue is close by. Sue enjoyed her senior year the most because there were more things to do. IUDY FREESE . . . This SSW hazel-eyed blond likes eating. dancing. and having fun. She has been honored by being Vice-Pres- ident of the Senior Class and Sec- retary of the junior Class. judy's plans for the future are to be an airline hostess or a secretary, and travel around the world. judy en- joyed her freshman year the most because she had the most fun and met a lot of new kids. SANDY FRIEDMAN "Punks" . . . This 5'3V2" senior girl's favorite pastime is being with Ken, and after she graduates plans to marry him and make him a good wife. Sandyis favorite color is light blue although her hair is brunette and her eyes are brown. She thinks her senior year was the best be- cause the subjects were easier and she had less homework. If you are looking for Sandy ouside of school you may find her working at Madison School. SCOTT FRYE 'KScotty" . . . Scott's favorite pastime is listening to his johnny Mathis records. This 5'-I" senior boy has brown eyes and brown hair. I-Iis favorite color is blue. If you hear someone say. "Hey, Sis!" it will be Scott for this is his favorite expression. Scott's future plans are to attend I.C. and maybe study pharmacy. Scott enjoyed his senior year the most because Gus was his lst. period teacher. SHARON GARVIK . . . Sharon's activities are dramatics. cadet teachers, rainbow, bowling, Thes- pians, Hi-Tri, National Forensic League, and Amicae. Her honors have been letters in dramatics for three years, secretary of dram atics, and historian in National Thes- pian. Sharon's favorite pastimes are records, eating pizza, and gun- ing. When she graduates from M.H.S.. Sharon wants to go to Iowa State and afterwards get married. Her ambition is to meet Pat Boone. BRIAN CAULER . . . To have a job to take him across the Euro- pean Continent is the ambition of this 5'7" senior boy. Brian has been active in Chorus, track, and swimming, and enjoys listening to his Hi-Fi set. His most exciting moment was playing ujoshea Pen- nyfeathern in the chorus produc- tion of "The Red Mill." If you hear someone saying "toms" it's sure to be Brian. He can be found working at Sternemans after school. lSRllCli CIZRTII "Brutus" . . . 'l'his 5'llV3" brown-eyed senior guy's favorite pastime is just driv- ing around. Ifis plan for the future is to attend St. Ambrose College and his ambition is to graduate from St. Ambrose. Also llruce's favorite color is blue. If you cannot find Bruce look under- neath the car and he'll be there. Bruce thinks the school spirit is very much better this year. Bruce also works at Cohns after school. CARY CIRAIJY "jew" . . . ilihis 3'P4'Q" brown-eyed senior boy says that his favorite pastime is listen- ing to records and the radio. jew has been in basketball during high school. lle has lettered in base- ball. Oar ' wishes to go on to col- lege in the future. llis favorite expression is "Whatta yuh say." jew's most exciting moments were in '56 and '57 when the lVl.Il.S. baseball team won the State Championship, C a ry was the third baseman. jAN li'l' ANN CiRIflfNli . . . VVhen not in class. jan could most frequently be found in the ollice lending her talents to all the problems that arise. jan's favorite pastime is listening to recordings and dancing. ller future plans are to attend M.j.C. and her ambition is to lead a happy and successful life, 'l'he senior year was jan's favorite. and she takes pride in the improvement in school spirit over her freshman year. GARY CIROSSKLAIIS "Gross" . . . 'l'his WX" brown-eyed boy has participated in basketball. golf, and baseball. llis hobbies are golf and swimming. Cross has had such honors as Ilonor Society, Baseball State Champions, all state honorable mention in bas- kt-tball and l,ittle Six Basketball Champs. lle would like to go to j.C, tlien later to Iowa State Col- lege. Ile thinks the school spirit is good. lil? llAl.l,ICAN "Easy lid" . . . "See ya round" is this lS'2Vg'. blue-eyed. brown haired boy's fav- orite expression. Ile plans to at- tend j.C. and then go to a busi- ness school and after that be an accountant. lid thinks the school spirit could be better. Ilis favor- ite pastime being with a certain person and his hobbies are col- lecting coins. lid has been in bas- ketball and Ili-Y. Ile earns his money by working at Cordon's Market. jAMlfS llAl.S'l'IiAlJ "jim" . . . jim has participated in stagecrew and he was honored by lettering in it. jim's favorite pastime is lis- tening to records. and he also likes to collect some coins and model railroading. Outside of school he can be found working in a grocery store, and his plan for the future is to go to a trade school. This 3'-UQ" senior enjoyed his scnior it-ar the Itttnsl because it was his ilsi. MARY ANN GORDON . . .This girl's favorite pastime is having a lot of fun, besides being in band. cadet teachers, and Hi-Tri. Mary Ann has brown eyes and light brown hair. Ifer favorite color is pink. If you bear someone saying "Whoo Whoo!" it's probably Mary Ann because that is her favorite expression. This 5'2" sen- ior girl enjoyed her junior year the most because she knew all the kids. Mary Ann plans to become an Iinglish Teaclter. l.ARRY CRAVES "Cravedigger" l,arry's favorite pastime is hunting and riding around in his car. Ile also enjoys fishing and working on guns. After he leaves Musky High be plans to become a soil conservationist for the Depart- ment of Agriculture. Outside of school he works on his fatlter's farm which is good practice for his future. Larry enjoyed his senior year the most because he knew more people and had more fun. CAROI, CRHIZR "Shorty" . . . Carol can be found gunning around in a "hot Dodgen with a certain cutie. She also spends her time in Hi-Tri. Clee Club, and Auroran newspaper. This green-eyed girl plans to marry Craig and live happily ever after. If you happen to see Carol grown ll" taller you will know she has finally reached her ambition. Her most embarrassing moment was the night she met C. H. BONNIE HAHN "Bon" . . . Bon- nie enjoys horseback riding, lis- tening to records, sewing. and dancing. During her four years at lVI.H.S., she participated in Hi- Tri and Library Club. Bonnie tells us her most exciting moment was September l2, l957. but her most embarrassing moment has not happened yet. She enjoyed her senior year the most because it was her last. MARY ANN IIAl,l.INC . . . This 5'7" senior has blonde hair and blue eyes. Mary .-Xnn's favorite pastime is dancing. and eating pizza. She participated in Auror- an Newspaper, Amicae, Ili-Tri. l.atin Club, and International Re- lations. She wants to go to j.C. in San Francisco. California in the future. If you hear some one say- ing. "'I'hat's funny. the brakes worked last time! I E" well Mary Ann is probably around. SHIRLEY HAMPTON "Shish" . . . Shish has blue eyes. brown hair. and she is 5"Slf3" tall. She likes to collect records and items from foreign countriesg she also likes to play records and talk on the telephone. Shish e a r n s spending money by working at the llptown Theater. She has lettered in Auroran newspaper. I-Ier most eyciting moment was when she won a stuffed animal at the skat- ing rink. Her future plans are to go to California. IOYCE HANK . . . This senior enjoyed her sophomore year the most, but she doesn't know why. Some ol' the activities she partici- pated in were Rainbow, Hi-Tri. Cadet Teachers, Chorus, and Cur- ia Regia. She also kept herself busy by riding around and play- ing the piano. Ioyce's plans for the future are to go to junior Col- lege and be a teacher of a com- mercial course. She can be found earning her spending money at Cohn's. ROBERT HARPER "Bob" . . . Bob's favorite pastime is hunting, and another activity that keeps him busy is EEA. This 6' black haired, brown eyed senior boy's ambition is to become a farmer, and he can be found on his fath- er's farm. Bob enjoyed his senior year the most because he had more fun, and if you hear some- one say. "Wouldn't you like to know?" you may turn around and see Bob somewhere around. THOMAS HATFIELD "Hattie" . . . This 5'S-UQ" brown haired sen- ior's pastime is resting. Activities while in M.H.S. are band his freshman and sophomore year, and also he lettered in band. Hat- tie's favorite ambition is to have a salary of 325.0011 His hobbies are hunting, fishing, boating, and sports in general. Tom can be found working outside of school down at Grants. If you hear someone in the halls saying, 'iYo" Tom is probably around. THOMAS LEE HATHAWAY "Tom" . . . This 5'll" blue eyed senior's plans for the future are to go to State University to become a Dentist. If you ever see someone loafing around, it will probably be Tom. His activities while in M.H.S. were Stage Crew, Chorus, and Annual. He enjoyed his freshman year the most because everything was so new and he had a girlfriend then. EUGENE HEARST "Gene" . . . This 5'l0" senior has brown hair and brown eyes. Cenels favorite pastime is horseback riding, and working on cars. Cene has parti- cipated in F.F.A. Cene's ambi- tion is to get a good job and be happy in what ever he does. If you hear someone saying "Bug Housef' Gene is most likely to be around. He enjoyed his senior year the most because it was the East of school and he had the most un. IANET HERMANN "Herm" . . . Herm's favorite pastime is watch- ing television. reading, and sew- ing. She plans to attend Moline Lutheran Hospital because her ambition is to be a good nurse. This 5'3" brunette's favorite color is blue which is also the color of her eyes. Her rnofst embarrassing moment was in a Chicago elevat- or. She liked her freshman year the best because everything was new and exciting. Good luck jan- CTI. IACK HARDMAN "Hack" . . . If you see a 5'9" brown-haired, blue- eyed, guy driving around saying "Let's dig" its probably Hack. His hobbies are working on hot rods and driving around. jack's favorite pastimes are working on cars, going to car shows, and going to drag races. jack liked his senior year better because the work was easier and he made many new friends. Iack's most embarrassing moment is too embarrassing to tell. KEITH HARRISON "Dad" . . . Keith's favorite pastime is sleep- ing, reading, hypnosis, fishing. and hunting. After he leaves Musky High he plans to have an army career, and then fulfill his ambition by inheriting a large amount of money. If you should see a 6' boy wearing something black and saying, "Now I would- n't say that" it may be Keith. Keith enjoyed his senior year the most because it was his last. CAROL HATHAWAY . . . This 5'7" blonde's favorite pastime is swimming and going to pizza par- ties. She is active in Internation- al Relations, Hi-Tri, Rainbow, and lettered in Chorus three times. Her plan for the future is to attend Iowa University to take Liberal Arts. If you see someone teaching swimming in the sum- mer time at Park Pool, it will probably be Carol. She enjoyed her senior year most, because she had the most fun. IIM HAWLEY . . . This Musky High senior boy is spending his first year at M.H.S. He thinks the school spirit is very enthusiastic. Iim's favorite pastime is sports and his activity this year proves it because he participated in foot- ball. This 6' blonde-haired boy, who has a favorite color of red, enjoys woodworking, and his plans for the future are to go to junior College and study wood- Working. RON HENDERSON "Ron" . . . Ronis favorite pastimes are eating, sleeping, and listening to records at Nancy's house. Ron plans on going to Mucatine junior College but what that has to do with becoming a good dancer we have- n't decided. This 5'9", brown- eyed, black-haired boyis ambition is to become a millionaire before the age of 30. Maybe his ambition has something to do with his fav- orite color being green. This sen- ior boy enjoyed his last year more because more things happened. NANCY HETZLER "Nanc" . . . This 5'3" brown-haired senioris favorite pastime is being with a certain farmer. Nanc's ambition is to be a good housewife. Her hobbies are playing the organ and sewing. Nancy's job outside of school is working in the office of her father's dairy. If you hear someone saying "Oh shucks" it will probably be Nanc. She has been active in Auroran Yearbook, Hi-Tri, and Amicae . Nanc's most exciting moment was grad- uation 1957. ANN ffIl.l.YliR "Hey You" . . . This S'4VJ" senior has green eyes and auburn hair. Ann's favorite pastime is crusading. She parti- cipated in Debate, International Relations. ller plan for the fu- ture is to go to S.lf.l. if she is lucky, if not, the college at Hard Knocks. ller hobby is reading. I always have my nose in a book. I carft afford a book mark. Ann enjoyed her senior year the most because she thought the work seemed easier. BlZ'I"f'Y l.Ull IIUUAN "Porky" . . . Porky, who is TSM", is often heard saying, "You just never know." She has been in such ac- tivities outside of school as the Bit And Spur Saddle Club, and the Wilton Saddle Club. She has had such honors as Rainbow, square dancing team, and queen of the Wilton Saddle Club. If ven though she likes horses, she also has other interests such as draw- ing, swimming. and being with Ken. THOMAS llUfJPlfS "Tom" . . . Tom's favorite pastime is riding around town. llis college plans include: one year at j.C. and then go to Iowa State. Tom's ambition is to make it through Iowa State. Tom is 6' tall, has brown eyes and brown hair. llis favorite color is red. Tom had the honor of being in Boys Quartet and Secretary of F.F.A. Tom liked his senior year best because it was his last. His favorite expression is "flow the heck are ya!" CYNTHIA IIURST "Cince" . . . This lVlusky girl enjoys playing the piano and being with her friends. Some of the other things she likes to do are earning money, racticing, and writing letters to liier friends aw ay from home. She earns her money by working at Sears and Roebuck, and later she plans to go to college. The ac- tivities she bas been in are Chor- us, small groups, Cadet Teachers, Hi-Tri, Amicae, Rainbow, and I.atin Club. CATflliRlNl'i ANN IUHNSUN "Cathy" . . . This 5'7" green-eyed senior's favorite pastime is sewing and cooking. Cathy's future course and ambition is to take a beautician course and go as far as she can go. Her most embarrass- ing moment was when her tar horn got stuck while driving down 2nd Street. If you see someone with sandy red hair and wearing lavender, it probably will be Ca- thy. She enjoyed her senior year most because she had the most fun. SANDRA l.UlllSli jOIlNS'f'ON "Sandy" . . . Sandy participated in band two years and lettered in it one year. ller favorite pastime is listening to popular recordsg her hobby is collecting them. Her plans for the future are to attend j.C. Sandy's ambition is to work in an office and later get married. Outside of school you can find Sandy working at Coles. She liked her senior year best because it was interesting and different. MARILYN HOFFMEYER "Sher- lock" . . . lVIarilyn's favorite pas- time is listening to hill-hilly music, and she also participates in the Auroran Newspaper. She has been honored by being on Quill and Scroll, and she was editor of the paper her junior year. After she graduates from Musky High she plans to go to j.C. and then to S.U.I. She then hopes to become a reporter. She can be found earning her money now at Paetz Super Value. GARY HONTS "Hontsy" . . . This 5'9" senior fellow enjoys lis- tening to records and being in Columbus junction at a certain farm. During his four years at Musky High, he received two let- ters in Chorus. His plan for the future is to join the air force as soon as he can and become either a good radio announcer or a good photographer. Cary's most em- barrassing moment was the time he clipped off the end of his finger in shop class on Friday the 13th. IACQUELYN HOPKINS "jackie" . . . This 5'3yQ" senior gal's favorite pastime is reading, swimming, and horseback riding. She also enjoys the sport of arch- ery. jackie has no definite plans for the future but to fulfill her am- bition would be to become an air- line hostess. jackie feels the school spirit could be improved because it hasn't been very good for the last few years. She feels if the school spirit was improved it would help the team. CARI. HUGHES . . . Carl's favor- ite pastime is riding horses and he enjoys going to trailrides very much. In his four years at Musky High, he participated in intramu- als his sophomore and junior years. This 5'5" brown haired, brown eyed senior boy plans to join the army, and his ambition is to become a farmer. He tells us he enjoyed his junior year the most because it was easier and he had a lot more fun. PHYLLIS jOHNSON "Phyl" . . . This senior gal's favorite pastime is just goofing off with the rest of the kids and driving her father's car. In her four years at lVl.H.S. she has participated in Auroran Newspaper and Amicae. After school is out, Phyl hopes to go to Florida and either attend beauty school or just work. Her ambi- tion is to be able to teach an ele- mentary grade in some country such as Africa, Egypt, or Cuba. CAROL jOY jONES . . . This 5'2" senior gal hopes to get mar- ried after she is out of school, and become a good wife. She keeps herself busy by being with a cer- tain guy, riding around, and roll- er skating. During her four years at M.H.S.. Carol participated in Girls Glee Club and bowling team. Carol enjoyed her senior year the best because it was her last, and she feels the school spirit is pretty good but has room for improvement. ELAINE KAHL "Pix" . . . This 5' brown eyed gal's favorite pastime is being with a certain someone. Pix has participated in 4-H, Rain- bow, and Hi-Tri. Her plans for the future are to attend beauty school in Burlington, and her am- bition is to be a successful beauty operator. Elaine's job outside of school is working at the Palace Theater. Pix's honors have been a letter in Dramatics and a letter in Auroran Newspaper. KAREN KEMPER "Ugly" . . . This -4'I1fffQ," brown haired sen- ior's favorite pastime is swallow- ing ice cubes and eating pizza Her plans for the future are to go to A. I.C. College in Davenport and get a secretary job. Karen has lettered in Chorus her junior year. You may hear someone saying "Tough toenails kid". Karen's most excit- ing moment was New Year's Eve, 1956-1957. She enjoyed her senior year most because she had more fun because she knew more kids. IUDITH KENT "Indie" . . .This 5'8" girl has participated in Chor- us. Curia Regia, Hi-Tri. and mixed quartet. During her junior year she was one of the mixed quartet that got No. l rating at state. judie, who has honey blond hair and brown eyes, would like to attend Carthage College and ma- jor in Philosophy. Iudie is often heard saying "goofed." She lis- tens to records, but her ambition is to "crash', Broadway. MARILYN KNAUSE . . . Mari- lyn's favorite color is royal blue. She is in Debate, Hi-Tri, Amicae, International Club, and Rainbow. Marilyn was a cheerleader her sophomore year. and secretary of N.E.L. her senior year. She would like to go into nurse's training in the future and become a good nurse. She would also like to travel. LEROY DONALD KOCH "Lee" . . . This blue-eyed senior boy's ambition is to be a farmer. Lee plans to join the army in the near future. Working on his car is Leeys favorite pastime. This 5' YM" senior is often heard saying "Well, what do you say Kats!" Lee's activities include wrestling, FFA, and Chorus. Lee, who has brown hair, enjoyed his sopho- more year the most because so many interesting things happened to him. EDWIN KULP "Ed" . . . Ed feels that the school spirit of M.H.S. is pretty good, but it could be im- proved a little. He enjoys work- ing on cars, listening to the radio, fishing, and hunting. Outside of school Ed can be found melon farming. His plans for the future are to attend S.C.B.E. in Texas and become a success in life. Ed can be heard saying "What do ya know?" for this is his favorite ex- pression. D U A N E KALLENBERCER "Bob', . . . This 5'8" senior boy spends his time roller skating and earning extra money by working in a restaurant, and his ambition is to travel. Bob has brown hair and blue eyes. If you hear some- body saying, "Hey, man!" it will probably be Bob. Bob thinks the school spirit is pretty good but thinks it could be improved a lit- tle. He tries to help the school spirit by winning all his wrestling meets. RUBY MAE KEMPER s'Rub" . . . This SSM" blue eyed senior's favorite pastime is riding around and taking pictures. Rub's plans for the future include going to comptometer school. If you see someone taking pictures outside of school it will probably be Ruby because that is her hobby. If you are walking down the hall and hear someone saying "Chip chip" it will probably be her. Her am- bition is to become a secretary. Rub thinks the school spirit is better this year. DONALD KIRK "Kan Dick" . . . This 6' senior's favorite pastime is playing basketball and football. In the future Don plans to attend Westman College, His ambition is to become a gym or an art teacher. If you hear someone saying "Most certainly," its sure to be Don. His hobbies are hunting and fishing. His favorite color is black. Outside of school Don works at Thuman's Grocery. IERRY KNOTT "lemme" . . . This 5'4", blue-eyed. brown haired senior boy's favorite color is powder blue and his favorite pastime is sleeping. His honors include president of Chorus, vice- president in Hi-Y. and member of student council. The activities in which he has participated are Chorus, Boys' Octette, Boys' Quartette, Hi-Y. freshman foot- ball. and sophomore basketball. Ierry's favorite expression is, "That reminds me of a story." WILLIAM DANIEL KRUEGER "Dan" . . . To become a good ac- countant or engineer is this 5'l l" blue eyed, brown haired, boy's ambition. Dan's favorite pastime is girl,s and eating fried chicken. His activities include Chorus and tennis which he lettered in both. Dan enjoyed his senior year the best because it proved to be the most interesting year and it de- termined his success. If you hear someone say, "See you." you can be sure it's Dan. LANA LAMP . . . This 5'8" senior girl's favorite pastime since her sophomore year has been accom- panying the boy's quartet. Her activities have included Amicac. Curia Regia, 4 years of Chorus. girls' trio, 3 years as boys' quartet accompanist and l year of boys' octet. Her favorite pastime is playing the piano. She plans on entering the science field but what that has to do with music you can never tell. .lllc,lllllxDllllIl1I Llulw. D. tt-rs. llt-r layoritt- pastltnt-s tlutlt- itt- skating antl listt-nin DAVI-Q I.AlVIl'liR'I' . . . This WI" hov has an amhmon to ht- a wt- t-rmartan. Ilt- would hkt- to yo to YVI.I.C, lor two yt-ars, spt-ntl ahout lour yl'lllS. :mtl antnht-r lour yt-ars h ts playttl in at Amt-s. Dayt- 1, loothall, antl ht- likt-s to go hunt- intf antl lishing. Davt- has hlut- t-yt-s antl brown hair. No won tlt-r his liaxoritt- t-olor is hlut-. Uyt-r torks at tht- tht- wt-t-kt-ntls, Dayt- x' L ' mort- lun tn his junior yt-ar. nt hatl Sl IAIIDN I.AlIl 'lf "Rt-tl . . . Rt-tl ts t ntul ttton tthttn ol tht- Atuorun Nt-tt-s tlurintx tht- past xt-ar. antl has now t-omplt-tt-tl ht-r tty llt-r st-ryt-tl:. 1 ' - ' ' lhirtl yt-:tr in that at'tiv' htturt- plans art- to yLt'I marrit-tl antl raist-a lamilyolt-it.1ltttlaut1h- g to po p u l a r rt-t'ortlint.1s. Sharon's ll'It'lHllVSllllll'l'JllIl7t'Sl'l'l11II I.t u s wht-rv sht- works part timt-. Ilt-r st-nior yt-ar was ht-r layoritt-. Il 'I II l.l-.ASI- .... I his grt-t-n-t-yt-tl girls Iayoritt- pastimt- is hayin ga t-ootl ttmt- llt-r luturt- plans 'trt- 4 to gn to somt- small t-ollt-gt-. "What tlo you know?" is oltt-rt ht-artl lrom this 5'7" gal .trountl TVhtskv halls, lutly's Iavoritt- t-t ulor is lmlut-. Sht- thinks that tht- school spirit is ht-ing improyt-tl. Sht- t-n- lm-t-tl lIt'l' SOIIIUIA yt'1lI' Illl' IIIUSI ht-t-aust- sht- hatl tht- most lun. Ilt-r amhition is to ht- a sut't-t-ss In whzltt-vt-r sht- attt-mpts to tlo IHJNNII-1l.IiWlS...'I'hts st-1 has hrown hair antl grt-t-n t- titit' NUS Ilonnit-'s layoritt- pastimt- is ht-ing w ith a t-trrtain somt-t.nt'. Illlll Hltlls int' plans lor tht-ir luturt-. In tht- Iuturt- lionnit- wants to go to lwau- ty st-liuol in liurlington antl t ht-n tu-t marrit-tl. ll' you htrar somt-t saying "'l'hat's lilt-," Iionnit- prohahly around. SANDRA l,lClII'l' "Sandy" . 'l'his Tl" hrown-t-yt-tl. st-nior's layoritt- pastimt-s art- listt-ning to rt-tortls. ritling, antl howling. Santly's at-tiyitit-s int'ludt- Ca 'I't-at-lit-rs. Ili-'I'ri. Intt-rnational Rt-lations. antl Rainbow. In tht- luturt- Santly plans to attt-ntl Sl ll. Ilt-r amhition is to ht-t-omt- a lah- ratory tt-t-hnirian. Santly's l-1lYflY- itt- t-olnr is gray antl ht-r layoritt- t-sprt-ssion is "I Iatllrt-y." Ilt-r most t-xt-iting mtnnt-nt was wht-n sht- got ht-r tlrixt-r's lit-t-nst-. 'IUNI IXJNCL "Att-" . . . 'I'om's laxoritt- pastimt-s art- ritling arountl or watt-hing hallgamt-s. 'I'om has ht-t-n out lor hast-hall lnothall. antl haskt-thall. Ilt- has lt-ttt-rt-tl in hast-hall antl loothall. In tht- luturt- 'I'om plans to ioin tht- Navy antl st-t- tht- worltl. At-t- woultl likt- to gt-t a joh w ht-rt- w ork is t-asy antl tht- pay is gootl. lom ls tt tall antl has light hrown han. At-t-'s most t-writing momt-nt was wht-n tht- hast-hall tt-am won tht- Statt- Cihampionship. 1.-xtsittiti t.ANtftt2R slim" . . . Ianit-0 t-nioyt-tl ht-r st-nior yt-ar tht- most ht-t'ausv it was ht-r last antl that's wht-n sht- had tht- most lun. This hrtwx'tt-ltairt-tl st-nior p1al'satnhition is to ht- a st-t'rt-tary. Ilaying lun antl working at Colt-'s art- Ian's lavoritt- pastimt-s. Sht- plans to gt-t a good jnh antl t-arn lots ol' mont-y. lanitt- thinks tht- school spirit is gootl hut tht-rt-is ronrn lor improyt-int-nt. KIiNNIf'I'II I.IiACII "Xt-nnt-y" . . , 'I'his 5'Il" st-nior has blue t-yt-s antl hrown hair. lit-nnt-y's liayoritt- t-olor is hlut-. Ilis layoritt- pastirnt- is riding horst-s antl his hohhit-s art- horst-s. lit-nny's arn- hititm lor tht- luturt- is to lartn his latht-r's larnt. Dutsitlt- til school Kc-nny can lat- Iountl tlriv- ing tht- st-hool hus antl working on his latht-r's larm. Ilt- t-njoyt-tl his st-nior yt-ar tht- ht-st ht't'aust- it st-t-mt-tl to go tht- lastt-st. IINDA I.IiI'I "" . . , l.intla's layoritt- pastimt- is listt-ning to popular rt-t-ords antl t-ating pizza. Slit- also kt-t-ps a st-raphook ol dil- lt-rt-nt at'tivitit-s int-lutling tht- ont-s sht- has partit-ipatt-tl in, such as CIlt-t- Chili, Spot-t-h. IIi!I'ri, antl Catlt-t It-at'Itt-rs. This 3'-I' 3" st-n- ior gal's plans lor tht- lutttrt- art- to major in hotnt- t-t-onomit-s or an t-ltrmt-ntary tt-at-ht-r. I,intla t-n- joyt-tl ht-r st-nior yt-ar tht- most. II-IRRY I.ICH'I'IiNW.-XI.D . . . It-try's lavoritt- pastimt- is ht-ing with his girl. IIis plans lor the luturt- art- to gt-t marrit-tl antl ht-- t-omv a larmt-r. Dutsitlt- nl' st-hool yott t-an lintl It-rry with his girl or working on a larrn. tl wontlt-r whost- l'artn?l Il' you ht-ar tht- t-x- prt-ssitm "You know it!" it must ht- It-rry. Ilt- thinks tht- st-hool spirit t-tittld ht- lat-ttt-r. 'I'his 5'II" hlontlt- st-nior has partit-ipatt-tl in If.I7.A. R U N A I, D FRANCIS I.INN "Ron" . . . This st-nior lvoy 's layor- itt- pastimt- is ht-ing with D. D. antl working on Bt-rnatlint-, his t-ar. Ht- also is out lor Iitmothall antl trat-k. Uutsidt- ol st-hool ht- can ht- lountl working at tht- Wt-stt-rn Auto Assot-iatv Stort-. This hlut- t-yt-tl. Inlontlish rt-tl hairt-tl studt-nt tt-lls Ll: his most t-mharrassing mornt-nt is a dt-t-p tlark st-t-rt-t, hut ht- tlitln't mintl it at all. Ron t-n- joyt-CI his junior yt-ar ht-t-ausv somt- vt-ry good things happt-nt-tl. LINDA IUPIQR "" . . . I.intla has partivipatt-tl in Chorus, t-ht-t-r- lt-atling. Hi-Tri, Rainbow. Intt-r- rtational Rt-lations, iVI.Y.I"., Catlt-t 'lit-at-lu-rs antl sht- was on thc Honor Sot-it-ty. Ht-r holvhit-s are swimming, watt-r-skiing. antl golli. I.intIa says sht- has hatl many t-m- harrassing momt-nts. This hlut-- t-yt-tl st-nior plans to attt-ntl t-ollt-gc lor lour yt-ars. I,in's l'ax'oritt- pas- timt-s art- t-ating antl tlant-ing. ANITA LORD "Neet,' . . . This 5'2" blue eyed senior plans to get married after she graduates. Her favorite pastime is horseback rid- ing and her ambition is to raise horses. Anita's hobbies are read- ing and listening to music. Her favorite expression is, "Must be tough." She thinks the school spirit is fair and her most exciting moment was january 2, l957. Her most embarrassing moment has not yet occurred. NEVA MCCULLOUGH "Nam . . . Neva's most embarrassing mo- ment was the time Iudy's car broke down and they had to push it out of the street. Outside of school Neva can be found working at Grants or going to slumber parties, gunning around, and lis- tening to the radio and records. Neva's plans for the future are to take nurses training at St. Luke's Hospital, and her ambition is to become a good nurse. M A R I B E T H MCDERMOTT "Beth" . . . This 5'3M" senior has brown hair and brown eyes. Beth participated in Chorus, girls, trio, and cheerleading. Her honor is National Honor Society. Mari- bethis plan for the future is to go to Iowa State College in the near future. You can fnd Maribeth playing golf as that is her hobby. She thinks the school spirit is real good and she enjoyed all four years of school. MIKE MCFADDEN . . . iVIike's ac- tivities while in lVI.H.S. were Hi-Y and Aurorun Newspaper. His hobbies are sleeping, trying to col- lect money and scraping fenders. Outside of school Mike can be found working at Grants. If you hear someone saying "If you say so,', Mike is probably around. His most exciting moment was being Santa Claus with all those little high school girls on his knees. SHIRLEY MARLAND . . . Shir- leyfs plans for the future include going to beauty school or to nurses training. Shirley's favor- ite pastime is being with a certain guy. You can find Shirley work- ing at Paetz's after school. This Sith". green eyed senior girl's favorite expression is "You know it.', Shirley thinks that the school spirit has improved much since her freshman' year. Shirleyls most embarrassing moment is too embarrassing to tell. TOM MARTIN "Mole" . . . This senior is 5'll" tall and has brown hair and blue eyes. Tom's favor- ite pastime is riding around with a certain blonde "Wonder who?" His plans for the future and his ambition are to become a farmer. Tom enjoys horseback riding very much as his hobby. Tom enjoyed his senior year the most because it was his last and he was getting out of school. He has been active in F.F.A. during his years at M.H.S. PATRICIA LUTZ "Pat" , . . Pat's plan for the future is to get mar- ried. and her ambition is to be a good wife. Her most embarrass- ing moment was when she ran over a chicken on the way home from school. Her most exciting moment was the day she received her diamond. She was in Band two years and lettered in it her freshman year. Her favorite pas- time is watching T.V. and being with Roger. BRUCE MCCLENNING "Wal- do" . . . Bruce is 5'4M" tall, has blue eyes and brown hair. Bruce plans on being either a Naval pi- lot or a radio technician. Riding around and working on cars is his favorite pastime. "Go like crazy" is Bruce's favorite expression. He thinks the school spirit is fair, but can be improved greatly. You can find Bruce working on his car after school. Since this is Bruce's last year it was his favorite. LARRY MCEVOY "Mat-'I . . . This 6' brown eyed senior, whose am- bition is to own a new car, plans to work for his father after grad- uation. His favorite pastimes in- clude working on cars, listening to the radio, and going to drag races. Mac's favorite expression is, "Get a little tire." His most embarrassing moment was at a certain girlfs party. He enjoyed his senior year because it was his last. DON MCPIKE "Fish" . . . This 5'6", brown eyed brown haired boy, has participated in wrestling and tennis for three years and was student manager on the foot- ball team for two years. He won conference wrestling champion- ship and awards in other sports. He likes to eat and water ski. His pet peeve is people who eat ice cream and candy around him when he is trying to lose weight. Fish would like to, someday, ina- jor in chemistry. E U G E N E EVERT MARTIN "Gene" . . . This Musky High senior boyls favorite pastimes are hunting, f i s h i n g , dating, and sleeping. He participated in F.F. A. Gene's plan for the future is to become a farmer, and this is also his ambition. If you should see a boy who is 5'lO" tall, wearing something blue, and saying "You bet" it may be Gene. He enjoyed his senior year the most because it was his last. IANICE MARTY . . . .X'l.'XRY l.l-'lf Nl.-XSSICY . . . xlrllf is 3'2" illlll slu' llJIN llhu' a'il's alllal lllalllal llllll. Sha' palltia-lpalla'al Ill llilllll Iall' lllll aawlrs, .'Xlll1a'ala', lll- lll. Cala-a' f.lllll, illlal llllaxllllif. xflilll l.a'a' ullllas all llu' Vlalssvi cllll'l'Sl' Cllllllpallll. Sha' xxalllal lilaa' lal alll ial lulliall' CIlllla'ifa' alllal lla'- a-alllla' JI 1lll'llIlNl ill Ntlllll' lslllll. Nllllll' uals s1'a'la'lally all .-Xlllia'ala' alllfllljf lla'l lll'NlllIIJlll yvall' alllal Xlll' allsal yall l-lllllll plala'l' ill llllaal- Illlf ll'JI1',lI4'. CIll.Xlll,l"S N11-'I-'RIHINK"lilllall" ... llllS ll svlllall' llIlX llilN INlllll'l' lliIll'll III falllIIlIN, llalslsa'lllalll. igrlll. llllll lla'Nlallalx alllrillif his lallxr ll'JIIX ill Xluslax lligll. lll1la'll's lalxallila' lHlNllllIl' is llllljlllyf galll, :Xs llalllalls, lglllfll llilS I'l't'l'lXl'll sixla'lla'ls,lall1l ill ayalll Jlllll tual ill llalslwtllllll. llls lalxllrila'a'xpra'ssialll lNNllXl' lu'al'l sl'l'll NlIl'll a5alia'Ii". lillla-ll Illilllas tha' sahalall spirit is ia'lx lgalalal. lllllillii Ilu' NllIIlllH'I' lllllll ll xxalrlss :ll Ilu' galll k'1llll'Nl' all' ill llIN l:lllla'l s NlIlI'l'. VVll.lll 'll Nll"'l'flll"ll "Willa" , . . 'l'his 3'7" sa'llilll lull plallls Ial lla- JI lll2lllNlIliIll all' Ill iallll Iha' .Mr l"allla'. Ulllsilla' all sa'luull Willa l'JlIl lu' Iallillal ullllalllii :ll tlu' xlillll Riu' sllllp, VVillllll' lIJIN llrlllxll a'ia's alllal lI1lS JI lalxallila' IlJlNllIlIl' ullirll is valillif lvl ilu' lalaltllalll illlll llJlS' lsa'Illalll iialllla's, VVilly lilsa'al alll ltllll FVJIIS all llIL'.ll sallallll l7l'k'illINl' lla' vllJlll1'IllJIIil lll'XK ll'ia'llals. VVil' lllll' lllIIllsS llll' sa-halall splrll lIiIN lllllll'flXl'll Xl'l'l Illllfll lllllllllgllallal llu' Xl'2IIN, VVillllll' aaals ill Nlillll' a'ra'xa llllI'lllU llls lallll' Xl"llN ill . 4 Nlllh. l,.'Xlll!Y N1lI.l.Ifll"lSa-alla" ...' I'llis .lbs llala llals lla'a'll il NllICll'Ill Illilll aln1a'l lall ilu' lalallllalll ll'2IIlI lllllllllf his llI'NlllIl1lll Illlll his salpllallllalra' yl'JIl'N. lla' xaals allsal NlllKll'ill Illilllil 1fl'I'lIIl tha' NXXIIIIIIIIIIH l1'ilIll lall 11 jl'JIl'. Nllll lllllf allla'll lla'all' Ihls lH1lXXIl4'j4'Kl. lllamll llalil'a'al lilly Sill Illlf, ullllgiflllll' il." lll'illx xxalrlss ill llla' l.Nl.4f..'X, Illlll ha' aaallllal lilaa' lvl a:a'l ll Y.Nl.ff..-X. sl-llallllrsllip sal lllill lla' lilll agll tal l.N'l.C,.:X. 14bll1'l'l' l'lfi GUY Nlllllall "l'a'ag" . . . l'a'p, is 3'3" lilll alllal lliIN lllalxxll a'xa's Jlllll lllllllall' lIiIlI', lla'l' lalxalrila' llJlNllIlIl' IN l3l'IlljI Nllll ll K'l'l'lJlIlI Lflll. W1lllala'l' xxhal?" lla'r JlL'llNl lu's Hllllt' all M.lI.S. ua'l'l' llilllil. .'xI!IIiJIa'.1lIItllll4lil'l,lIlHll1a'l'll4ll1- all iaals ll'lll'l'lllll mia-a' ill llilllll. llI'I'lllJlIlNllll'llll'llIllIl'l'2ll'l'lH1Lfl'l IlIJIIIll'Kl Elllll llIl'll i:allllll1a'lu'all1ly ala-alala'llly lll lllll'llllj,llHll lll'Xl lalll. II allaa ll1'Jll' N4lIlIl'Hlll'N2lflllLfAlxVl'll. llalppv llilllulalxu il is l7l'lll7Jll7lX l,l'l'., I I jrlllll-1N11JCIlQNlfll!lf...llallla- illat, lislvllillig lal Il'll7lIlN, Jlllll rill Illlf illllllllll IN llll' Ialxalrlla' pals- llllll' all this fl'fl" lVI'llXKIll'l1'ClNl'I1' ialr igill. jUXll'.N allllllilialll is lil lilllsll a'allla'l1a' Illlll i1a'1 III1ll'I'lI'll. llllllll. l li lli. liillIll7flXK, Jlllll .Xllli- a'ala' llll' llla' alallXlIia's Illall Illljfi' llilk palltia-ipal1a'al ill alllrillg ha'l' lilllll' ll'ill'N ill Nl.I l,S, -l4lfl'l' lllllllss llll' slllalall splril is lu'Ila'r lllll aalallal slill lll'lIlllll'llYl'Kl.l'Yll'1'L'll- ilHfl'll lll'I' ialllialrya'alr1lla' IIIKINI lu'- lJllINl' slla' haul lllllfl' lllll. CI.-XlZUl,l-I Nl.'X'l'lll.'XS , . . ilillls 3'2" l1l'HNXIl-Q'yl'Ll sa'llialr's l'alx'lll'ila' palsiillla' is Ll1lI'lL'lIlK Qlllll llal4li-l'ial- lily: ill llu' 5lllllllll'l' Elllll urilillg la'lIa'l's. Cfall'alla"s plilll lall' llu' lu- Iura' is tal gvl il galalal illIa'l'a'sIilll4 ialh, lla'l' allllllilirlll is lil lralxvl alllal lal lla' il slla'a'a'ss ill Hll2llL'Nl'l' slu' alala's. Calralla' salls shl' Ihilllss llull llla'sa'halallspil'i1 is j.Il'l'lll. Sha' is 1lk'llYl' ill Cl..'X.:X. illlll VVa'a'kh' thing lam, it mall' lla' Matz. Sha' a'lljalya'cl lla'r svlliall' yvalr tha' lllalsl l7l'L'lllISl' it wals tha' a'alsia'st. CI.-XRY l,. N"lIl.l.lfR "Hamill" , . , This sa'lliall' lllly Ill2lll5 tal gal tal l.C. Zlllll llla'll lal lalaxql slllll' 'l'a'ala'lla'l's Calllcpga' XXll1'l'0 lu' XXLIIIIS tal l71'L'Ullll' ll lirsl-l'alIa' a'lu'lllisl rll' il sa'a'alllal laiillstclll, lliiglll llam ha' a'alll lla' lllllllll xx'all'lalllg all tha' llal- 1s'l iVlll5C'2llllll' all' llvillg xi ith ll a'a'l'- lillll salpllallllalra' girl, llis lllalill 2lk'llYlly is lll'2llllilllL'5 ill lxlliah ha' llilh la'l!a'l'a'al a'x'a'rx' i'a'alr. lla' is allsal il llla'llllla'r all tha' Naltialllall 'l'lla's- Plilll Srla'ia'ly. ciillf Illilllss llla' 5l'llllfll spiril a-alulal lla' illlpl'alxa'al. Ii.-XRRY rl., MIl.l.liR "lflaallalal" lzlxxalalal llka's tal plaly il jlllllill' llllll alala's il lall all llllllllllg illltl l'lSl1lIll.I. llis l'alx'alriaa' llalllllics 2ll'l' lalallaillg all j.ZlI'lSilI1Cl riding ill his halt lfalral This 5'5l". l7lll0'l'j'l'll 5L'l1lUl4llllllliS llla' sa'llalall spiril is lalir. VVllila' alallillg his girl illlll salyillg "I lINYlll lha'ra'!" lla' llala'sll'l halxa' lillla' lall' ll jllll. lla' ll1ll'8l1ll llllllli all agalillg Ial a'allla'i1a' l3l'K'1lLlhl' his girl ka'a'ps hilll llusy lrlal lllalrll all' tha' lima: llis Ylllllllll' FUHI' xx als ll1l'lI1Il5l vxuitillg. Il ll5Y iVl.'Xlf NllSlfl. "iN'lissa'l" , . . 'l'his 3'1" sa'lliall' luls lrllll' a'ya's llllll lllrlllala' halir. lla'l' Ialxlalrila' pals- lillla's alra' Cl2lI1t'lHjI. alallillg. alllal rialillg ill'UllINl ill il llllla' Cfllaw. "I walllalcr u'llalsa'?" Missa'l's plilllx lilll' llu' llllura' alia' lil gal Ial llalrk lifll' il ya'alr llllll llla'll llfl lal a-rllla'ga'. Ill'I' allllllitialll is Ill lu' I1 l3l'1lllly shalp alpcrallalr. ll yalll ll0ill' sallllvallla' Silylllg ullllly Mal- la'5" ua'll Missvl is Dlllllillllf illillllllll. Sha' a'lljalya'al ha'l' Illlllllll' la'all' tha' llulsl lla'a'alusa' slu' gall Ill lalulw lllalra' kials. A l'.'Yl'RlCl.-X MURRISSICY nlyillu . . . ljilllh I'alx'all'ila' l3il5llllll' is lllm l- illg. Slu' l7lilIl5 Ill gal tal xxalrla Iall' ll xxllila' alllal lllk'll gal Ial a'allla'ga'. PZIIQN allllllilialll is lal llalaa' il ltalalal ialll, Sl1a'is3"3"1alll illltl l1ilSl7llll' a'ya's Zlllll l3l'HXKl1 llillf. Slllll lla'l' llalx'lll'ila' awllalr is l7llIl'. Sha' l'l1lUjl'll ha'r jlllliall' yl'ill' Iha' lllalst. l71'L'1lll5l' slla' haul llulrl' hm. Pill llalllasils llllisiala' all' 5L'll4lUl. Sl10ll1lI1ls5llHll tha' svllalall Splfll Vlllllll lu' llll- pralxval. IIAZEI. MGRSE . . . This senior gal's favorite pastime is dancing. Haxel's main job outside of school is being a wife and mother. She would like to attend Muscatine junior College in the future and her ambition is to become a school teacher. This blue-eyed, brown-haired senior enjoyed her senior vear the most of all. CHIQRII NISSITN Dre Def Dcarie Dee Dees favorite pastime is horseback riding tA pastime with many ups and downs.l This WIA" senior girl can't be too ambitious because she hasn't put down anything under this place . Who knows maybe she'll have an animal farm or something because her hobby is collecting cats and her most exciting moment was when she got her horse. Dee's favorite color is black. Iler eyes are green and her hair is brown. HAROLD UCILVIF "Nic-k' . . . This 5'lti" senior has participated in golf. Chorus. Hi-Y and DelVlo- lay. He received letters for being in Chorus and golf. Nick would like to go to the State University of Iowa and become an orthodon- tist. He enjoys playing golf and talking with friends. Nick. who has blue eyes and brown hair, works at the golf course. His hob- bies are golf and working with Hi-Tri equipment. PATRICIA MARIE PAIII. "Pat" . . . This 5'2" gal's favorite pastime is writing letters to a cer- tain guy. Pat's future plans are to get married and go to California where she plans to be a private secretary. Pat's hobbies are swim- ming. sewing. hunting and hiking. If you see someone working out- side of school at the Maid Rite. it will probably be Pat. Her most exciting moment was july T. lP!57. I wonder what happened? INCH PETERS "Pede" . . . This 5'6" senior girl was honored by being a foreign exchange student for the American Field Service. Her plans for the future are to go to a university and study' modern languages. Then she would like to become an interpreter. Pede's favorite pastime is reading. going to art exhibitions. concerts. and the theater. She thinks the school spirit of lVI.I-I.S. is very interesting and wonderful. SEBASTIANO MONTI "IVlonti" "Nino" . . . Nino's favorite pas- time is playing soceer. This FS". black haired, brown eyed lad's ambition is to attend the univer- sity of Naples and become a doc- tor. His honors include being a player in the I.acco Amt-no's for- mation. l.ike anyone away from home Monti enjoys receiving let- ters. His most embarrassing mo- ments occur when he does not understand what teachers say to him. If you see someone walking around with a friendly smile it's probably' Nino. IUYCIQ NELSON . . . joyce. who was hand librarian for two years. would like to become a medical laboratory technician. She has been working at "Hershey Con- velcscent Home" for quite a while now. In order that she might be- come a IVI.I..T,. she would like to attend the NorthWest Institute of Medical Laboratory' Technology. joy ce has participated in Band. Rainbow, and iVI.Y.l3. joyce is .7-f" tall. has blue eyes. and blond hair. GARY NORIZT "Norton" . . . Cary is 5'8V3". blue eyed. brown haired. and his ambition is to be- come Ql. tl wonder what for?l His activities in school have been Chorus. Hi-Y. Dc-Molay. and out of school he can be found loafing. Norton's plans for the future are to go to j.C. and then to Iowa ll. Cary replied. "I think the spirit of iVI.H.S. is better than what it was w hen I was a freshman." REX OTTU. . .This 3'9" senior has brown eyes and brown hair. Refs favorite pastime is playing his guitar. working on his car. and dragging. His activities while in M.H.S. w ere football. w restling. and track, and his ambition is to he an Airforce Pilot. His hobbies are riding horses. listening to mu- sic and playing his guitar. He en- joyed his junior year the most be- cause he had the most fun. DIANA l.UllISIf PISNNY "Di- ane" . . . This 3'5" black-haired brown-eyed senior girl's favorite pastimes are listening to radio. watching television and going to movies. Her favorite color is blue and her favorite expression is, t'Oh Hoi" Her plans for the fu- ture are to attend a college and study commercial art. Diane thinks the school spirit is great and our basketball team is really terrific. IUDY PETERS "l9ude" . . . This 5'8" likes to write letters to Ames. She plans to be a medical techni- cian and her ambition is to own a Cadillac convertible. She en- joyed all four years very much. because they all had exciting mo- ments and many' pleasant mem- ories. Her honors included letter- ing in Chorus all four years. Her favorite color is aqua. Her activi- ties were Chorus. small groups. Rainbow. and IIi-Tri. IIIIII I'IIlIl'llN III IIIIII'lI III' II:Is lI'I- M.-XRY .'Xl.lCli l'l lll.l.ll' "MII-III" I ...Vl:II'I's I:II'III'iII' IJLISIIIIII' is ricl- ' IIIIX :IIIIIIIIII lll1Il'llI4'. liIIlI', IIlIiII'. .Il C,lII'I'I', NIXIIII II':III'r ski. 5lll'I IIII:IrII l'Illl'. sII'I'p. IIIILI I'III. :Xl- IIIIIIIIIII lVl:II'I s pl:IIIs ZIIIIIIII IIII' Iilllllll' :II'I' IIIIIlI'I'iIlI'II, hlll' I4IIIIIIs sIII' is IIIII IQIIIIIIL III I-IIIlI'gI', :IIIII lII'r :IIIIIIiIiIIII is III III:II4I' il III'I'I1IiII guy . . : . I-,..l , ,, . :I IIIIIIII IIIII'. IIIIS .I LQ sI'IIIIII' virl I'IIiIII'I'II III'r sI'IIiIII' I'I':Ir IIII' IIIIIsI lII'I-:IIIsI' III lII'I' I:II'IIriII' II':II-II- I'I' III :I Isa. sI-IIII'sII'I', 1lIIII pI'riIIIl I'lJIss. IUFIIIIII l'IKfll'l'lfR "IIII"' . . . IIII-'s IzIIIII'iII' IJJISIIIIII' is IIIIIIIIIIIIII I :IIIIIIIIII IIiIII IIII' lIIIIs. IUIIIIIII, IIis IIIIII II':II's. III- II:Is lII'I'II iII III-I Il'I'I'CI, IIII' pl:IIIs III gn III IIIIII IlII'II III :I I1lI'1',I'l' I-IIIlI'I:I'. III' s:II's IIis :IIIIIIIIIIIII IN III IIIIIIIII' il IIIIIII III I':IslI :II :III I-:I-.I IIIII. ll IlIIs IIIIIJ' pI'IIs plI'IIsI' II'lI llh :IIIIIIII II, IIIll IIIII IIII'?" llis IIIlIlI'll1"s2lI'l'!'llIlllI.f, I NII'l'IIIllIf, IIIIII IIIIIIIIIIL, 'l'IIis IIII" IITIIXIII I'I'l'll, ITITIXK II lI:IirI'Il l:IIIIIiI' s:IIs IlI:II sI-IIIIIII SIIIVII I'IlIlllI III' IIIIpI-IIII'II. lfll lIlfl'fl3 HSIIIIIH . . . IIIIIIIIIIIL IIII' girls :IIIIl IINIIIIIIL IIIr IrIIIIlIlI' IN IIIis 3'lIII'gH- IIIIII' I'I'I'Il, lIrIIII'II lI:III'I'Il IIIII s I:IIIIrIII' p:IsIIIIII'. III' IIIIIAIIs :II IIII' ILS. l3:IIII'I'I' :IIIIl III'- II'I' III' gI'Is IIIII III sI'lIIIIII "Ship" IIIIIIIN III iIIiII IIII' Air l'Illl'L'I'. llI' I'IIiIIII'Il IIis I'IIiIII' Vl'IlI' lII'I-:IIIsI' iI II:Is IIis l:lsI. .'XIII'I' III' ILI'Is IIIII III III1' :III l'lllI'l' III' pl:IIIs III III'- I-IIIIII' il IIII'I-II:IIIiI'. uSI1llI'SUIJlI'IIl" III' l'XIIll'SNlIIII is 'Il sIIppIIsI'." IZUSII lIlall7 "liII:II'lI" . . . 'l'lIis 3'7" sI'IIiIII' lI:Is IIIIIIIII IIZIII' IIIIII IIIIIIIII l'II'S. llI'I' I:II'III'iII' ll2l'sIlIIlI' is IlI'iI'iIII: il IIII', :IIIII lII'r IIIIIIIII' is III'iIiIII5 lI'III'rs III III'r IlI'Il p:Ils. RIHIFIIINIilYlII'II4'I'XlJfl'S5I1!lI is "Ili SII LiII'IJllI'Qi'I'.u llI'r IIIIISI I'II'iIiII ' I IlIlIIIlI'llI II:Is IIII' IIIIII' 5lll' II:Is :II lII'I' IIIII-II"s lIIIIIII', :IIIII sIII' spillIIIl :I I'lIllIJllIll'I' II. I'I'I':IIII IIII lII'I' IIIIII' jI':IIIs, lIIIsI' I'IIjIIII'Il III'r sI'IIiIIr II':II' IIII' IIIIINI III-I-:IIIsI' NIII' II:IIl IIII' IIIIIsI Illll. IIHNNIIC lIlfll5l"lI'l' . . . lIIIII's I:II'IIriII- p:IsIiIIII' is IlI'iIIlIiIIIg Ill'lll' IIII:IIlI'I :II JIT' 3. III' I':III III' IIILIIIII . . , , IIIIIIIIIII1 ill l'.II'III'II:IIII'I's :IIII'I' sI-IIIIIII, RIIII I'IIjIIII'Il IIis jIIIIiIII' Vl'lII'IIll'II1lIhl IN'L'1lllSl'IXl'II'!lll IIII' Nlilll' I'lI:IIIIpIIIIIslIIp III II:IsI'lI:Ill. lIIIII's I:IIIII'iII' l'Xl7l'l'SSlIlIl is "sIIIIII' .. I I- Il:IIs Il IIINI IlIII'sII I pzII' III I.fI'I llll. I Illh IIIIIIIII lI:IIrI'Il, IIIIII' l'I'l'lI IIIII' s :II-III'IIII's III lVI.ll.S. IIII-IIIIII' IIIIII' II'IIrs III lI:IsII:Ill :IIIII IIII'IIIlII-I' III IIII' SllllIl'lll I'IIIIIIsI'l. SIIIXIIUN IIIIXQIC . . . 'l'lIis 3' 'I"3", IIIIIIIII lIIIirI'II sI'IIiIIr girl II:Is I'II'iIiIIIL IIIIIIIII'IIIs :Ill IIII' IiIIII'. IWIIIIIlI'r IIIIIII IIIIIIIJ SlI:IrIIII's I:II'IIriII' p:IsIiIIII's iIII-IIIIII' cl:IIII'inI,:. sII'iIIIIIIiIII:, III'irIiIIg il lI:IIIIII ZIIIKI I'IIIiIIg pizza, SIII' plilllh III :IIII'IIIl c:lII'lll'll ill MI. VI'rIIIIII Illlll sIIIclI' I'I'liI:iIIIIs I'IlIII':IIiIIII. llI-I' lIIIIIIIrs lI:II'I' iIII'lIIIlI'II lII'iI1I.Z QIII'I'II III- llI':IrIs, SI'IIiIIr ffl:Iss IIlIiI'I'I' IIIILI IIISIIII' IlIlIl'l'S. ll' yflll lll'1ll' S1IIlll'- IIIII' III IIII' lI:Ill s:Iy"NiI'I'I1IIiIII1f" iI's SII:IrIIII. MARGARITI' PITSIENBARGFR "lVl:IggiI"' . . . living IIFIYI III' :I g:IIII.5, riding :IrIIIIIId. NHlICI1ll1gIIi.xI., I':II- III!! IIIIII lisII'IIiIIg III IIII' I':IdiII :II'I' Ihings IlI:II lVlIIggiI' I'IIjIII's. Mug- gic' pI:IIIs III go III l7L'1lllIj' :II':IIlI'IIIy :Incl IIII-II IIII III l3ilIlI' sI-lIIIIIl in jIIlIIIsIIIII Ciiy. New YIIII4. llI'I' :IIIIlIiIiIIIIs iIII-lIIdI' II:II'iIIg lII'r IIII Il lII':IIIIy SIIIIIJ III' il' pIIssilIlI' Iilllll sIIIIII' guy. 5.:I'I IIIlll'l'll'lI :IIIII I':IisI' il Iiamily. lfI'I'I' lII':II' sIIIIII'IIIII' IIII- ing dIIII'II IIII' IIIIII s:IIiIII1 "No jIIkI'?" II II':Is pI'IIlI:IlIlI lVl:IggiI'. MARY IANIQ l'lIl.l.IAM "I:IIII"' . . . 'l'lIis SN" lII'IIII'II I'I'I'Il Sl'llIlIl'.S pIIsIiIIII' is lisII'IIiIIg III rI'I-III'Ils :IIIII IIIIIIIIIIIII ZITOIIIILI in I':II's. llI'I' IIIZIIIS I-III' IIII' IillIllI'0 :Irv III III' il sI'I'- l'I'Illl'y :IIIII :I gIIIIIl IIil'I'. .I2lI1l'.S IIIIIIIII' is I':IIiIIg pizza. ll' IIIII 5l'l' lII'r II'IIrl4iIIg IlIis SIIIIIIIIPI' II II'iIl prIIlI:IIIlI' III' IIIIIIII :II IIII' HIM. ll' yII ll l1I':II' sIIIIII'IIIII' s:II'iIIg "'l'lI:II'll III' IIII' Il:II'." II II'ill pI'II- IIIIIIII' III' lzIIII'. SIII' I'IIjIII'I'Il lII'r sI'IIiIIr I'I':II' IIII' IIIIIsI lII'I-:IIIsI' II II :Is lII'I' l:IsI yI':II'. IIIIII' IlIiIIks Ilic sI'lIIIIIl spirit I'IIIIlcI IIII lII'III'I'. GIZURGIIX Rlflfll 'IIII" . . . 'liliis sI'IIiIIr g:Il's I:II'IIriIc' p:IsIiIIIc is going III lJ:II'I'IIpIII'I, :IIIII IICIA IIIIII- lIy is IisII'IIing III l'l'L'IIl'lIS. 'l'lIis lII'IIII'II lI:IiI'. l7lll0 I'yI'Il g:Il's illll- IIIIIIIII is III lIlZll'l'y :I I-I'I'I:IiII guy. IIII' says IlI:II lII'r IIIIISI I'IIIlI:II'r:Iss- ing IIIIIIIII'III is IIIII IIIllL'l'l III II'll. ll yllll lI:IppI'II III sI'I' il 5'7" girl II':IlkiIII.: IIIIIIII IIII' lI:IIl s:IIiIIg "YIIII IIIIg," it IIIIII' III' IIII'. IIII' I'IIjIII'I'Il lII'r sI'IIiIIr your IIII' IIIIIsI III'I':IIIsI' it II':Is lII'r l:IsI. PAIII: RlilCKliR'l' "SIIIII'II"' . . . SIIIIIII' lI:Is I-llll riding lIIII'sI's. lil". A.. lIIIIIlI:Ill, Ir:II-k, illlll II'rI'sIliIIg. llis pl:III IIII' IIII' IIIIIII'I' is III IIC :I l:II'IIII'I'. P:IIIl is 5'5", his lI:IiI' is Ilzirk I'IrIIII'II. His sI'IIiIII' I'l'ill' II'zIs IIII' III'sI lI0I'aIIsI' III' IIIIII "Gus" :Ind his l:IsI yI':Ir :II lVl.ll.S. llis IIIIIsI cIIIlI:IrrIIssiIIg IIIIIIIIQIII II':Is II'lII'II III' lcll :IsII'I'p III I-iI'iI's. Wrmrking III1 IIII' I-ill'lII II'iIl1 IIis Il:Id is :I jIIlI IIIIIsiIII' III' sI'lIIIIIl. RUl3l2R'l'A RlCKli'l"l'S "lII'I'IiI"' . . . "l3I'I'IiI"', :I rI':Il "I-IIIII :IIIII solid" gal, :Is lII'I' I:II'III'iII' I'xprI's- siIIII implies, lIIIs illIIl'DlIl4lI1hUli III'- IIIIIIIIIIIL :I sI'I'I'I'I:Iry. 'l'lIc sI'IIiIIr your II':Is IIII' lII'sI lII'I-:IIIsI' III' 541 IIIIIIII' :IcIiI'iIiI's. I3I'rtiI"s :II'IiI'i- IiI's iIII'lIIdI' lIIIs III. I'I':IIliIII: IIIILI IIZITI IIIIII' sI'rI'iI'I' :II CIIlc's IIIII. SIII' Iccls IIII' spirit III lVl.ll.S. lI:Is iII'IprIII'I'd KILIIIIIII IIOI' Iililll' I'I':II's. :Ind RIIl1I'rI:I l4I'I'ps Iiglwt lippI'Il IIII I'xI'iIiIIg IIr I'IIIlIzIrI':IssiIIg IIIII- IIII'IIIs. IZIDUN RIPPISRCIIQR "ll:II'sI'I'd" . . . IIILIIIIIIS l':II'III'iII' pIIsIiIIII' is riding 2lI'lILllI IIII il IIIIIIIII'I'yI-lI'. III' :IIsII likes III gII IIIIIIIIIIIL illlil Iisliing in his sparc IiIIII', This II' sI'IIiIIr I7IIy pl:IIIs III jIIiII IIII' ilflily :IIII'I' III' gr:IclII:III's :Incl IlII'II make :I I-:II'I'c'r III' II. lilIIIIII I'II- jIIyI'd IIis sI'IIiIIr yI':Ir :II Nlusky Iliglm ln'c:IIIsI' III' gn! III IIIL'I'I IIIIIrI' people. This I:IIl lIIIy lI:Is lIrIIII'II lI:Iir, l1:Izcl I'I'I's. lllld IIis I:II'IIriII' I'IIlIIr is IIlII0. PATRICIA ROGERS "Pat" . . . This 5'2" brown-eyed senior would like to look jerry Knott in the eye. Her honor was to letter in Chorus 3 times. and her activi- ties were Chorus, Hi-Tri, and Ca- det Teachers. She plans to attend junior College. She thinks the school spirit could stand a lot of improvement. Pat's most exciting moment was putting on "Okla- homa in her freshman year. Her most embarrassing moment is too embarrassing to tell. IEAN SALTZ . . .This 5'5" black- haired senior girl's favorite pas- times are dancing and swimming. Her activities during her four years at M.H.S. have been Glee Club, Amicae, Hi-Tri, and Cadet Teachers. Ieanis plans for the fu- ture are to work in an office and go to I.C. and her ambition is to travel and be happy. If you hear "Whoo Whoo" you'll know lean is someplace near. Iean says she thinks the school spirit of lVl.Il.f:. can always be improved. jeans hobby has been to keep a scrap book of her senior year. PAT SCHMIDT . . . This 5'5" senior plans to be a beautician and her hobby now is to praetice to be a good beautieian. Her ac- tivities are Dramatics, Amicae, Hi-Tri, and Cheerleading. Pat's honors were National Honor So- ciety, Vice president in her Fresh- man-Sophomore years, Student Council, and President of the Freshman Senate. Her favorite expression is "Woo-Woof, Her most embarrassing moment was doing "Red Hot" and her zipper unzipped. She thinks the school spirit can be improved. MARY KATHLEEN SCHROE- DER . . . This 5'7" senior girl has been honored as a representative at a Y-Teen Conference for Ami- cae, and president and secretary of Musca-teenagers Club. Other things that keeps her busy are swimming, riding around, Hi-Tri, and Musca-teenagers Club. She can be found working as an as- sistant at Dr. Iohnson's office, and her ambition is to own a Cadillac and a Continental con- vertible. NANCY SEILER "Nanc" . . . Having a lot of fun is this 5'2M" girl's favorite pastime. Her future plans are to get married. Nanc's ambition is to be a good wife. Roller skating is her hobby. Nanc has blue eyes and red hair. She thinks the school spirit could be improved, and she liked her senior year best because it was her last. Nanc earns her money by working as a clerk at Woolworth's. GARY SHEPARD "Brother,' . . . This 6'1" brown-eyed senior's favorite pastime is riding around with the boys. Garyis activities have been F.F.A. for four years and basketball three years. His plans for the future are to attend Iunior College, and his ambition is to be a rich farmer. Brother's hobbies are going bowling, play- ing basketball and baseball. He enjoyed his senior year the best because he knew more kids and had more fun. IUDY ROLAND "Jud" . . . Iud's favorite pastime is day dreaming. This 5'2", brown-haired, brown- eyed senior's ambition is to go West and work for a while. She has lettered in Auroran News- paper. If you hear someone saying "Oh, yesv and 'iOh, no," it will probably be Ind. This senior's most exiciting moment was july 9th at l0:45 p.m. I wonder what happened? RICHARD SCANNELL "Dick" . . . This senior has brown hair and hazel eyes. His ambition is to be a prosperous and successful farmer. Dick's activities have been swimming, in which he let- tered, and basketball. His favor- ite pastime is hunting and being with a certain girl. His future plans are for I.C. Dick's hobby is coin collecting and his favorite color is blue. His favorite year in school was his senior year because it wasn't too hard. THOMAS SCHOEMAKER i'Tom', . . . Tom's activity during his four long years at M.H.S. has been Chorus. His favorite pas- time is participating in most sports. In the future Tom plans to go to I.C. for two years and to at- tend S.U.I. This 5'l0", blue-eyed, blond-haired boy says that the year that he enjoyed the most was his senior year because there was more to do. Tom's favorite color is blue, and his favorite expres- sion is "What do you say?" DONELLE SEDGLEY 'fDonnie', . . . Donnie has green eyes, straw- berry blond hair, and she is 5'9". She works at the Y.W.C.A. as a receptionist, and has participated in Chorus, International Rela- tions, Rainbow, small group, and Curia Regia. Her ambition is to be an illustrator and to get a B.F.A. degree. Donnie says she enjoyed all four years at lVl.H.S. and she thinks the school spirit could improve. RON SHEl,I.ADY "Rong . . . "That's toughn may be heard if Ron's around. Ron's favorite pas- times are riding around with the boys and eating, Ron has been on Student Council and Sgt.-at- Arms, and 2 years in Hi-Y. This HIM" brown-eyed, brown-haired guy's hobbies are sports. His fa- vorite color is blue. Ron plans to attend college and study to be an engineer or school teacher. Out- side of school, Ron can be found working at Paetz Super-Value. IANE SHEPARD "Ianie" . . . Iane has participated in Cadet Teachers, Dramatics, Hi-Tri, In- ternational Relations, Rainbow, 4-H, and Cadet Nurses during her four years at M.H.S. Train- ing to be a capable and under- standing nurse is Iane's ambition after she completes nurses train- ing. Iane enjoyed her freshman year the most because it was so very different from count ry school. lane also thinks the school spirit is good. Rf JN Sl llfl'ARl7 "Shep" . . . 'I'lris senior can he found horse hack riding, hunting. and working on his fatht-r's fartn. 'l'his is when he isn't sleeping which is his favor- ite pastinie. llis activities include and wrestling. and his tlnisl exciting uionu-nt was the tinie he won his first niatch. Ron says his senior year was the easi- est. and after school he plans to get a jolr. llc thinks the school spirit could he improved. llllll' SlVll'l'll "los" . . . 'lihis hlue-1-yi-tl fini" senior thinks the school spirit could he improved greatly. ller favorite pastimes are dancing, dating. and riding in a car. ller activities are Ili-lri, C..A.A., and the Auroran lear- lrook, ller holrhies are dancing. playing tennis, and howling. ller favorite expression is "Ooh la la!" She enjoyed her senior and junior years because she knew niore people. Sl l.-XRUN SNYIJICR "Moon" . . . Nl-nr-ni, that nickname kind ,ol niakes you wonder doesnt tt! , . llul lets not wonder loo lar or wt-'ll get lost. l.istening to records. cooking and sewing are iVloon's favorite pastimes. Sharon hopes to he a success in whatever she attcnipts. 'l'o work awhile and then get niarried are her ainhi- tions. lf you ever hear a 3'6" hrown-haired, lmrown-eyed g i r l say nlfiddlc sticks," it's prohahly lVlootl. lflllill SPIICSS . . . 'I'o lixe fast. love hard and die young is l7t'ed's arnlrition, Alter graduation lfred plans to go to j.CI. This fi' green- eyed senior hoy's favorite pastime is riding around and getting ollt of school. "'l'hat will he the day" is l"rcd's favorite expression. lfred liked his senior year hcst ht-cause he skipped more school and he knew more kids to run around with. l-'rt-d's Iiohlries are howling and riding around. lllllll SlliflllKVVliAil'lllfls "Starky or Ruthie" . 'l'his 3'7" senior has hlonde han' and lrlue eyes. ller favorite pastime is ear- ing, driving around town in her car, and heing with R. If you hear sonu-one saying "Not really tho" or "llc-y, how ahout that," Starky is prohahly around. Her most einlrarrassing nionient was when her car brakes failed and she hit the car in Iront ol her, and when she had to go to the police stalion, the other guy didn't have a license. KAlllfN S'i'tJIlR "Kes" . . . lhis 5'6" gal's favorite pastimes are playing records, riding around. and dancing. Ki-s's activities have lrcen Auroran Yearhook, lli-'l'ri. Anticae, liainhow, and Cadet Nurses. Kart-n's college plans are to attend St. l.uke's and her ain- hition is to heconie a successful nurse. K1-s's Iavorite color is hlue and hi-r favorite expression is "Yea", ller most eniharrassing nionienl was when she had to help push ludy's car. CARY AI.I.IZN SIIOPP.-X "Shop" . . . Clary's plans for the future are to get a good joh and inake lots of money so he can huy a new car. This 6' hrown-eyed, hrow n-haired senior's favorite pastimes are rid- ing around, working on cars, and watching drag races. Cary works on a fartn and in his spare time he enjoys hunting and fishing. tlfor what?H Clary enjoyed his senior year tnost hecause the work seemed easier. SAM SNYDER . . . This 5'll" senior hoy participated in If.lf.A. all four years, wrestling. and foot- hall. He was honored lay being an officer of l7.l7.A. for two years. His joh outside of school is work- ing on his dad's farm, and his ant- hition is to he a successful farmer. lf you should happen to sec a hoy wearing something red and sav- ing. "Who, ine?" it tnay he Sain. Sant enjoyed all four years at lVl.H.S. RONALD SUVVASH . . . During his four years in high school, Ron has been in foothall. wrestling. and track. He has lettered in all three of these. Ron's favorite pas- time is working on his car. He would like to go to California and study Auto lVlechanics. llis hoh- hy, strangely, is rods and customs. Ron is 5'S". has hrown hair and blue eyes. Ron says his most ex- citing niotnent was when we won the l.ittle Six Wrestling Champ- ionship. M.-XR'l'HA A. S'l'rXN'l'C JN "Mt-rt" . . . Gunnin' around with the gang is this 5'S". hlue-eyed. blonde-haired gal's favorite pas- time. Mert participated in CLR. A., Amicae, Hi-Tri. and Band. in which she received a letter. ller joh outside of school is working at Paetz Super Value. Martha's plans for the future are going to heauty school, and her atnhition is to see all -iii states. Her favorite color is hlue. RU'BlfR'l' STICKROID "Bohn . . . Bob. a 5'llI" senior. is often heard saying. "How about that?" He has brown eyes and hlack hair. Bob has participated in track and foothall. His plans for the future are to ioin the Air Force and then later become a mechanic. He helps his father after school in his father's garage. Bolt likes to go fishing. ice skating. and hunt- ing. Boh's favorite color is soft pink. l.ONNllf Slll.ZBliRCilfR . . . This senior hoy's favorite pastitne is riding around in his car. l.on- nie has participated in hand all four years, and he received a let- ter every year. He was honored by receiving a l rating in a inusic contest. and he is the leader of our Dance Hand. l,onnie plans to go to S.U.I. and tnajor in music. He enjoyed his senior year the tnost hecause he was leader of the Dance Band. and he had a lot of fun doing other things. MARILYN SYMMONDS "Sim- my" . . . This senior's favorite pastime is riding around with C. F. and having a good time. Dur- ing her four years she participated in Hi-Tri and Amicae. Her plans for the future are to go to Musca- tine I.C. and then become a grade school teacher. She earns her spending money by working at Manhattan Crill. Simmy tells us her most embarrassing moment happened in Davenport, but it's too embarrassing to tell. ELEANOR TAMMEN "Ellie" . .. This 5'6" senior gal especially en- joys being with L.W. and danc- ing. Her plans for the future in- clude going to a beauty academy in Burlington in the fall, and to fulfill her ambition which is to become a beautician. To keep busy she can be found working at Pac-tz's or sewing. Eleanor thinks the school spirit this year was ex- cellent. and she enjoyed her sen- ior year the most. LARRY THOMAS . . . Larry's activities have been football, F.F. A. and wrestling. Larry has had the honor of being chosen to the National Honor Society. During his junior and senior years, he has been a class officer. This 5'9" blue-eyed boy plans to attend I.C. and then go to Iowa State .His ambition is to be a successful and good citizen. Larry has enjoyed his junior and senior years the most because he received more honors and made many new friends. DELMAR TIlVllVI . . . This 6' green-eyed. brown-haired boy's ambition is to make a million dollars. His favorite pastime is eating. sleeping. and just plain having fun. His activities have included football, basketball, and track. He plans to go to Iowa State. Winning the Bill Roach Trophy and being admitted to the National Honor Society are two of his honors. He enjoyed his senior year most because of "Charlie.,' DORTHEA TOBIAS "Toby', . . . Gunnin' around is Tobyxs favor- ite pastime. She has participated in Chorus. Curia Regia. Sextette. and Trio. She had a number one rating at a solo contest in her jun- ior year. Toby plans to go to A.I. C. and her ambition is to be a singer. Her most exciting mo- ment was October 6 and if you want to know her most embar- rassing moment ask Karen. She enjoyed her senior year the most. there was more to do. WILMA TOMKINS "Wilb" . . . Wilb says her favorite pastime is loafing and her ambition is to loaf until she has to work. You may see this 5'3", brown-haired, green-eyed senior girl wearing blue quite frequently because she said it is her favorite color. LWilb said the school spirit was best this year because the seniors were there to support the teams. She enjoyed her senior year most be- cause it was her last. DONNA SYWASSINK . . . This Musky High senior enjoys listen- ing to Hi-fi records, and also she keeps a scrapbook of her years at M.H.S. In her four years she par- ticipated in Dramatics, National Thespians, Cadet Teachers, Hi- Tri, Rainbow. and M.Y.F. During the summer one can find Donna working at Dog 'n Suds Root Beer Stand. Her most exciting high- light during her four years was having the lead in the play "Stage Doorf, IIM TESTRAKE "Flap jack" . . . Listening to his ham radio and working with electronics occupy most of Iirnis time. lim has been quite active in Debate as most of us already know. jim intends to attend the Calif. Institute of Technology. He is 6'3" and the owner of brown hair and blue eyes.. His favorite color is green even if it does clash with his eyes. Ever hear someone rushing down the hall yelling, "Watch it, fella!" it is lim. SANDRA THORNTON "Sandy" . . . Sandy's favorite pastime is riding horses and her most embar- rassing moment was when she al- most hit the patrolman that gave her her driver's license. Sandra thinks the school spirit is good. but could be improved. She liked all four vears at M.H.S. Sandy has participated in band all four years. Her plans for the fu- ture are to attend Westmen. SUSAN TIMM "Sue" . . . Sue spends her pastime listening to records, and traveling. She has been in many activities. Some of them were Debate, NFL, Hi-Tri. Amicae, 4-H, Luther League and International Relations. Her fu- ture plans are to go to Iowa State College and major in textiles and clothing. Sue stands 5'5" tall and she has blue eyes and red hair. Sue enjoyed her freshman year the most because everything was different and she had fewer re- sponsibilities. IUDY TOWNSEND "jude" . . . Iudeis favorite pastime is listening to records, the radio, and danc- ing. The activities of this 5'5" brown-haired senior girl has been Amicae, Hi-Tri, Cadet Teachers and Girls' Glee Club. Iudy thinks that the school spirit could be im- proved, but it has improved since she has been in high school. She plans to go to nurses training and become a good nurse. RICHARD TOYNE "Ric-hi' . . . This Musky High fellow's favorite pastime is hunting and fishing. He tells us also that his hobby is girls. During his four years at M.H.S. he has participated in F.F.A. His plans for the future include going into the army and then farm, and farming will ful- fill his ambition. This 5'l l" sen- ior has brown hair, brown eyes. and his favorite color is red. Rich thinks the school spirit is great. Sl IAIIUN Tl JYNIC . . . Tht' layor- itt' pastiint' ol this 5'-l", blut'-t'yt'tl gal is dancing. llt'r at-tivitit's lor tht- last lnur yvars havt' bt't'n two yt'ars ol :'Iinit'at' antl two yt'ars til lli-lri. llt'r luturt' plans art' ltr work lor a t-ouplt' ol yt'ars antl tht'n i:t't niarrictl. Sharon's layor- itt' yt'ar in high school was hcr lrvslnnan yt'ar. ll you happcn to hcar tht' t'sprt'ssion. 'Tin all slttitrlif' you can bt' surt' that Sharon is soint'wht'rt' nt'ar. jAN1liS'l'Itl-'CIlfK "lint" . . . jirn. who has brown t'yt's, brown hair. is 5'5l Q". llis laxoritt' t'Xprt'ssitin is "Sinn" llt' woultl likt' to at- tt'ntl tht' lllIIXL't'5lIf til Iowa antl Iatt'r bt't'onit' a cht'tnit'al t'ngint't'r. lin. likcs to watch 'I'V, collcct stainps, go lishing in tht' suinint'r. antl it't' skatt' in tht' wintt'r. Ilt' works at l'at't7 Supcr Valut' on tht' wt't'kt'ntls, 'lint has only liyctl in Vluscatint' sinct' ht' caint' hcrt' lilNl SlIlllHlt'l. j.-XfiKll'f lllilil-Q "Long Sain" . . . Sanfs laxoritt' pastiincs art' tlanc- ing antl listcning to rt't-ortls. Arni- t'at'. lli-Tri. Rainbow, Ciatlct lt'at'ht'rs, llcbatt' antl lntt'rna- tional Rclations liaxt' bt't-ii inclutl- t'tl as ht'r actititivs, jackit' plans to attt'ntl Ir. Cnllcgt' antl ht't-oinc a nurst' or tlt'ntal assistant. Il yotfvt' t'x't'r lit-artl a 57", brown- t'yt'tl blontl say. "That's tht' way tht' mop llopsf' it is probably jackic. Iackitfs ttttisl csciting ino- Hlt'Ill IH ,UI ltr tttllIl'. TK DVI VAN IQST "Hoc" . . . Toni's laxoritt' pastinics art' slt't'ping, cat- ing, antl bcing with his girl, In tht' luturt' Toni plans to gt't a gtititl iob. prt'lt'rabIy outsitlt' antl also altt'r ht' obtains this good job, ht' plans ltr gt't tnarrictl. ll you happt'n to st't' a li' brown- hain'tl boy with hazcl t'yt's, lish- ing or hunting it will probably bt' Toin, bccaust' tht'st' art' his hob- bit's. Tonfs laxnritt' t'sprt'ssinn is "Do you think that's stuart?" K:XRl'iN Ci II li I S il' I A N S li N VV.-XKlflillfl.l7 . . . This iVlusky lliglt gal's layoritt' pastinics art' listcning to rt't'oitls, bcing with a t-t'rtain lcllow. antl swinnning. llcr plan lor tht' luturt' I5 to bt' a gootl houst-wilt'. antl this is also ht'r anihition. Kart'n, who is 5'2". t'yt's ol blut'. thinks that tht' school spirit ol NI.ll.S, ctiultl bt' nn- proyt'tl. ll' you nicnlion tht' tlatt' Uctohcr iii. l5l5fi. slit- wnultl pru- bably tt'll you it was ht'r most cs- clting tnonicnt. l,lNI7,'X Wlil7liKlNl7 . . . This 5"5l Q" st'nior w host' lavoritt' pas- tinit' is collt't'ting anything and t'x't'rythnn:. plans to attcntl tht' Statt' I lnixcrsity ol Iowa. llcr ac- tit'itit's wt'rt' l7t'hatt', llratnatics., .'Xinit'at'. Ili-Tri, Intcrna- tional Rclations. and Rainbow. l.intla works at l,t'u's outsitlt' ol school. llt'r layoritt' color is pink anti ht'r hobhy is raising and sup- porting ht'r l"rt'nt'h l'ootllt'. llt'r lavoritt' t'xprt'ssion is, "Wt'llf I ltrYt' yoll Hitt," NANCY TRADER . . . "St't' you round il you don't turn squart"' is this 5'11", brown-t'yt'cl brown- t'ttt"s favoritt' t'xprt'ssion. Nant' has bt't'n activt' in GAA. antl Ili- Tri. I'lt'r ambition is to liyt' on a big larni with plt'nty ol ritling horst's to lullill ht'r lavoritt' hob- by. Ilcr ambition is to st't'urt' a st'crt'tarial position. l3t'caust' Iit'r st'nior yt'ar was tht' last, Nauc lountl it tht' niost t'njoyablt'. KIQNICTII TUTT "Tootlt"' . . . Ttwotlt"s layoritt' pastinit' isa littlt' gal namcd Sharon. This 5'3" hlut'-t'yt'd st'nior's hobby is pho- tography, hut what ht' takvs pit'- turt's ol. ht' nt'glt'ctt'tl to say. Kt'n- ny's most vxciting inonicnt was when ht' got lost in Paris tWho with and wht'rt'. boy?l Uutsitlt' ol school Kt'n works at llt'nclt'r- son's. Il ht' is lucky may-bt' stunt'- ont' will tnakt' a lort'st grt't'n car lor hini bt'caust' it is his lavoritt' color. ll INIZ VANICK "Pt'nny" . . . Pt'n- ny's lavoritt' pastitnt' is rcatling hooks anti his ambition is to bt' a crt'ativt' writt'r. Boing in Band has bt't'n I't'nny's t'xtra-curricular activity. Rt't't'is'ing a "I" lor a clarinet solo at a t'ontt'st is ont' ol Pt'nny's honors. Il you go to tht' publit' library and you st't' a 5'ti' Q" girl with grt't'n t'yt's. anti black hair. it will probably bt' Penny. bccaust' Pcnny is tht' Iuvcnilt' librarian tht'rt'. LONNA VARNIVIVI "Sain" . . . This 5'5" brtwyn-hairt'tl st'nior's layoritt' pastinic is eating. talking and watching American Band- stand on tt'lm'ision. Sam's luturt' plans art' to go to junior collvgt' and soint' day bt'con1c a secretary or a rt't't'ptionist. Ilt'r job out- sidt' ol school is working at thc Sun Nlart No. II. Sain has bt't'n actiyt' in G.A.A. ht'r lrt'shinan and sophoinort' yt'ar. Slit' t'njoyt'tl ht'r st'nior yt'ar most bccaut' slit' had the most lun. Sam thinks tht' school spirit is wry gootl. CLIFFORD EDWARD WAR- NER "Hubby" . . . You can lind Clill working at Pavtz Super Valu outsiclt' ol school. llis ainbilion is to bt' a prolcssional singt'r. This 5'9" blut'-t'yt'tl st'nior's layoritt' t'x- prt'ssion is "labulous." Clill has partit'ipatt'tl in chorus and track. In tht' luturt' Clill plans to go in- to tht' Air Iforct' and tht'n on to collt'gt'. Clill t'njoyt'tl his lrt'sh- tnan yt'ar most bt'caust' tht' chorus put on "Oklahoina." DOROTHY MAH Wlil.SCll . . . This 5215" brown-t'yt'tl st'nior gal's ambition is to travt'l, cspt'ci- ally to Ifnglantl altt'r sho gradu- att's. IJorothy's plan lor tht' luturc is to ht'coint' a st'crt'tat'y. You will lind Dorothy wading, watching TV, or sowing. This brown-haired st'nior enjoyed hor st'nior yt'ar most bvcaust' slit' workcd in tht' ollict' all altt'rnoon. Dorothy's la- voritt' color is grt't'n. IACK WELSCH . . . This 5'5" senior's favorite pastime is listen- ing to music. jack's plan for the future is to enlist in some branch of the service. If you hear some- one saying "Big Deal," it will probably be jack. This senior's ambition is to become an avia- tion cadet. If you see someone working outside of school at Spei- gels it will probably be him. He thinks the school spirit is very good. HAROLD WHITLUW "Harry" . . . This 6', brown-eyed. black- haired senior's favorite pastime is eating hamburgers and French fries with a certain girl. Outside of school, Harry works for his dad and for the future he has no plans. To be able to eat more French fries than his girl is his ambition. Harry enjoyed his sen- ior year the most because it was his last. If you hear a lVIusky lad saying, "What do you say?" that's Harold. ART WILLIAMS . . . This 6'3" blue-eyed blonde's favorite pas- time is riding around with a cer- tain girl fnot telling who?j. Art plans to go to j.C. and his ambi- tion is to be a good mechanic so he'll be able to tear his car apart and put it back together right. This senior boy's hobbies include girls, hunting, and fishing. Art in his opinion was honored by being the best looking boy in lVI.H.S.t!!D If someone calls you Pedro in the hall you'll know it's Art. KENNETH W I L L T R O U T L'Willy" . . . "Not today but may- be tomorrow" is this 6'-I", brown- eyed, brown-haired boy's favorite expression. Willy has partici- pated in basketball. baseball. and Aurorrm News. and has lettered in baseball and the newspaper. He plans to attend Westmar or j.C. and then become a teacher. His most embarrassing moment was the time a girl fell in his lap in English class in his sophomore year. CAROL YOUNG . . . This 5'5" senior gal really enjoys giving speeches, but she also enjoys read- ing and swimming. During her four years at lVI.H.S. she partici- pated in Chorus and small groups. She bas been honored by being chosen by the American Field Service to go to Holland, valedic- torian, a Merit Scolarship final- ist. and an officer of Hi-Tri and International Relations. Carol's ambition is to return to Europe some day. 34 BETTY WHEELER "lVIyrt" . . . This 5'5V2" brown-haired senior's favorite pastime is dancing and eating pizza. lVIyrt's plans for the future are to be a stenographer and get married. If you hear someone saying "For P e t e i s sakesf' it will probably be her. lVIyrt was honored this year by being Homecoming Queen. She enjoyed her senior year most be- cause it was her last. If you see someone working at Kautz's Bak- ery it will probably be Myrt. She was active in Chorus. BARBARA IO WHITSITT "Barb" . . . This 5'l" brown- eyed, brown-haired. senior girl's activities include AURoRAN Year- book and cadet teachers. She may be seen quite frequently wearing light blue for this happens to be her favorite color. Barb has re- ceived honors from Quill and Scroll and has lettered in AU- RORAN. Her future plans are to attend Iowa State College and her ambition is to become a home-economist. VICTOR WILSON "Vic" . . . This 5'l0" blue-eyed senior's am- bition is to take a trip around the world. Vic's activities included football, basketball, track, base- ball, and Hi-Y. He has had the honor of holding a class office ev- ery year. In the future Vic plans to attend Iowa U. His favorite expression is, "How 'bout that!" Vic's most exciting moment was when he attended Boy's State. Outside of school he can be found working at Bridge Grocery. RUSSELL WRIGHT "Russ" . . . Russ's activities during his years in lVI.H.S. have been track, foot- ball. and basketball manager. His pastimes are hunting and fishing. Russ also works at S. 81 H. Stamp Store part-time. He wants to go on to college to bccomc an aero- nautical or chemical engineer. Russ's favorite color is blue. his favorite expression is "I'll see you," and he believes that the school spirit could be improved. CAROL ZAEHRINGER "Half- Pintn . . . This 5'. brown-haired senior's favorite pastime is being with a certain someone. Half- pint's future plans are to get mar- ried and live happily. and her embarrassing moment was one night at the E. 81 IVI. She enjoyed her freshman year most because it was different and she had the most fun. Carol has been active in Hi-Tri and Amicae. She thinks this year. CARY ZIEGENHORN nZiggy" . . . This 5'l0" boy is often heard saying, "No kidding." He has participated in such activities as F.I7.A., football, and track. His hobbies are playing football and hunting. Ziggy has blue eyes and brown hair. His favorite pastime is to just have fun, but sometimes he helps his father on the farm. Ziggy would like to go to I.C. and later become a lawyer. "Good luck in whatever you do, Ziggy." the school spirit is pretty good Bvtiy Wl1L'ClL'l' and Dax'0 Brunner look Yury happy. but they vvry well should. As wc all know, Bcity was uliosvii as our Ili nwc-oming Queen and Uavc was :ae-lc-cred as hvr vsvort. W0 were all quitv happy wlwn shi- was vrownm-cl l'7l'L1llISl' wc know thvy made a darling homecoming vouplv. Something vvry common to src is a group of teen-agcfs enjoying pizza and pop. To prove the poinl thc-so live Seniors, Marilyn Knause, Sharon Ridge, Carol Hathaway, Carol Young, and Nick Ugilvio, arf' showing how much thcy enjoy it. JUNIUH ELASS l IUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS Could the fad of this year be riding bikes? From this picture we assume the juniors think so. The junior officers for this year are vice-president john Axel, treasurer jackie Kautz, secretary Gary Kissell, and president Talmadge jackson. The junior class this year has been kept busy by planning a Christmas dance to raise money for the junior-Senior Prom. Plans also have been made to make the junior-Senior Prom one of the best we have ever had. .ei 6 xl Left Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Left to right Row Row Row Row Row Row Row I-Ianet Griflcin, Barbara Groters, Ianey Hahn, Geraldine Hammann, Pat Hank, Dick Har- baugh, jim Harder, Nancy Hartman, Robert Herrick, Harold Hetzler. 2-Bruce Hildebrandt, Florence Hinbaugh, Sharon Hingst, Gloria Hintermeister, Guy Hock- ing, Carol Holcomb, Margaret Holcomb, Connie Honts, jackie Hubbard, Robert Hubble. 3-Gary Hudnall, Zelpha Hunt, Elma Hurlbut, Talmadge Iackson, Connie Jamison, Laura Mae Iamison, Rose Marie Iennings, Harry Iohnson, Charles Iones, Ianet Kahl. 4-Jackie Kautz, Iudy Keller, Larry Kemp, Tom Kindler, Roger King, Gary Kissell, lane Klatt, Sharon Knott, Ray Knouse, Leonard Koch. 5-Helen Koenig, David Kruse, Audrey Kublick, Floyd Lacy, Raymond Lake, Shirley Lee, Ioyce Lemkau, Carol Lichtenwald, Gerald Lloyd, Sandra Longstreth. 6--jim Luedtke, Linda Martin, Mary Ann Martz, Morris Martz, john Maxwell, Carolyn McAfee, Sally McClure, Bonnie McCormick, Duane McCoy, Connie McDaniel. 7-Carmen McKee, Karen Meyer, Barbara Midkiff, Fred Millage, Charles Miller, Ray Miller, Larry Mittman, Glen Monson, Anita Moore, Ervin Morgan. Left Row Row Row Row Row Row Row to right I-Mary Anne Morris, Carol Morrow, Sandra Mucha, Mary Lou Mulvihill, Gary Myers, Dixie Nicklas, Charles Norris, Bob Olson, Lois Pace, Bill Paetz. 2-Ron Pankratz, Patsy Patterson, Donald Paul, Sandra Paul, Dick Paynter, Tim Peck, Frances Peters, Lynn Peterson, Phyllis Petkunas, Bob Phillips. 3-Merwyn Phillips, Debbie Pochter, Shirley Pulliam, Iudy Qualls, Darrell Reeves, Mike Rchbehn, Louise Reichert, Bill Rcifert, Gloria Reilly, Maxine Ricketts. 4-jean Ripperrger, Dave Roby. Elaine Rock. Denny Roth, Fred Sander, Delmar Scannell, Marian Schlutz, Larry Schmelzcr, Bill Schmidt, lerry Schreurs. 5-john Schreurs, Beverly Schroeder, Sandy Sheldon, Iohn Shepard, Pat Shiflet, Sue Simmons. Bessie Smith. Beverly Smith. Gary Smith, Glen Smith. 6-Ianice Smith, Sandra Smith, Richard Sneddon, Larry Snyder, Sonja Sopher, Larry Spauld- ing, Don Spieth, Carl Stcahr, Ron Steckman, Sharon Sterncr. 7-Mary Strause, Sandra Strause, lim Strieklin, Diane Sweitzer, Dave Sywassink, Darrell Thedc, Ruth Ann Thorpe, Don Timm, Patricia Tompkins, Kenneth Toync. Left to right Row I-Wayne Toyne, Dan Trask. Don Tumey, Sally Tyler, Sue Vander Ploeg, lack Van Nice Ben Vorwerk. Judy Ware, Bob Wagner, Gerald Waters. Row 2-Anson Weeks, Richard Welk, Harold Wells, Wayne Wetzel. Sue Wheeler, Inge Wichers Carol Wiekey, Beth Williamson, Diane Wilson, Kathy Windman. Row 3-Ruth Woodhouse, Charlotte Woodward, Ralph Wright, Wayne Wright, Vernon Wright Ierry Wymer, Richard Yeater, Iudith Yerington, Ianet Yoeum. Don't bite! - :sf :atv-st, . .r ., Q - X ' W? "' qt 1 Z Z X. . I .1 r N , ri Left Row Row Row Row Row Row Row to right I-Bill Adams, Denise Ahlf, Margaret Ahlf, Donna Almandinger, Richard Altenbernd, Helen Amos, Gareth Askam, Leon Arp, Richard Askam, Douglas Axel. 2-Mary Barnard, Pat Barrett, Eric Bartelt, Karen Bartenhagen, Rose Marie Batchelor, Dave Bauerbach, Albert Beach, Robert Beatty, Craig Bell, Hugh Bennett. 3-Rita Benning, Janet Bermel, Mary Beveridge, Ianet Bierman, Ianice Bierman, Mike Blaes- ing, David Boland, Virginia Bolt, S irley Bosten, Rosalie Brade. 4-Della Brewer, Mary Brookhart, Arlene Brown, Richard Brown, Ioe Buckley, Ierry Bunn, Mike Bunn, Roger Burke, Leon Burmeister, Pat Capshaw. 5-Ron Carlisle, Mike Carter, Neal Carter, Bill Chapman, Nancy Childs, Linda Crist, David Church, Iames Cook, Dave Crook, Ierry Custer. 6-Sam Davenport, Bonnie Davis, Gary Davis, Penny Davis, Debbie Day, Iohn De Flon, Marlan De Vore, Martha Dickey, Linda Durst, Nancy Edwards. 7-Shirley Eggenburg, Lisa Emerick, Connie Erwin, Sandra Farras, Iudy Fischer, Kathy Ford, Linda Fosholt, Loretta Foster, Marvin Franklin. Darlene Freese. Mar 1 -had wil ii vw M Kb R' V Yi' li H .am 'AF ' 1 ,Q Q 7 1,35 Vi a. - ,i 'L" 'fL"-7 ,, Ligi- iff: .gs-4' 'N V . L - mfr! F V J' " 1 K .1 ,, figs, A -af! V? H M A 'mf 15 Q- M ,. Y., h N ,x .4 P ' -4 . Y Y rj' L - F Y i 1 P P, fi if K 3 ' I . . " , f ini? " 'L' '. ,1' ' P 1 A ' i, Q"Ji j 5W l+M J qi. I f A 5 f "lF' x i wr A I Y F I VJ , V 2 I' , E J ff 1 N 'Z 'li I 'W V ,gh ' riff' 2 , 1 A Y 1 v R , I 5: Q gs QQ 5 5 , ' M' Kr Q N If " ,W .L f IVV? tb BA.. L P5 L 1 . If tg in 9' if -1 6 "--5-1 Left Row Row Row Row Row Row '+C to right 1 -Ron Schutt, Iohn Schwandke, Tom Shepherd, lim Shoppa, David Schultz, Kenneth Simons, Iudy Sloan, Gene Smalley, Mary Alice Smalley, Sandra Smit. 2-jim Smith, Neal Smith, Carlcne Sneddon, Dorothy Spiess, Dolores Spitznogle, Larry Stroup, Karen Stickrod, Kurt Stork, John Stumme, Sherry Summitt. 3-Fred Swank, Alfred Tammen, George Taylor, Nancy Taylor, Sandra Taylor, Mickey Tera- berry, Linda Temple, Gary Terrill, Kay Tetrick, Iudy Thayer. 4-Grace Tisor, Eileen Titus, Fairy Tobias, Iudy Uebe, Bob VanYsseldyk, Bonnie Van Zandt, john Walker, Bette Walton, Doug Walton, Leiloni Weiter. 5-Ron Welk, Iohn Whitlock, Eugene Wilcox, Ianice Williams, Bob Willets, Connie Wilson, Ella Wilson, lack Wilson, Torn Wilson, Pat Wince. 6?Diane Wiser, Cheryl Worrell, Ioyce Woodhouse, lean Wright, Darla Yerington, Ruth oung. PHESHMA CLASS FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS Busy trying on costumes, we have the freshman class officers: Richard jackson, presidentg Larry Kissell, Vice-presidentg Sue Moody, treasurer, and Keith Askam, secretary. Here are four of the students who found that the first day of school was a little bit confusing. A i if J, fa Left to right Row I-Karen Albright, Judy Anson, Dick Apland, Keith Askam, Jean Asthalter, Judy Awbrey, Jerry Awbrey, Linda Barton, Donna Becker, Gary Lee Bell. Row 2-Herb Bellingcr, Sandra Benedict, Judy Benefiel, DeDe Benningcr, Mike Berlin, Ron Berry. Helen Bierman, Douglas Bloomhufi, Larry Bowman, Elizabeth Boulton. Row 3-Karen Bremel, John Brodie, Dennis Brooke, Tarry Brossart, Larry Brossart, Cary Brown, l.oreen Brown, Lary Bunn, Jim Burke, Terry Bonna. Row 4-Cliil' Cameron, Judy Campbell, Charlotte Cardwell, Cathy Carnahan, Ida Carter, Lonnie Carter, Roy Carver, Mary Chalupa, Myrle Church, Bob Christophersen. Row 5-Cindy Clark, Dixie Clark, Donna Lee Collins. Bonnie Colberg, Sandra Colsehen, Marvin Cooley, Paul Cooley, Donna Cox, Mary Cozad, Shirley Cozinc. Row fi--Shirley Crieger, Maynard Crist. Charlotte Crossley. Beverly Curry, Ruth Curry. Sharon Lynn Curry, Dolores Curtis, Darrell Curtis, Jack Danke, Bill Davis. Row 7-Ivan Davis, Susan DeFosse, Larry Del.eeuu, DeLce Dollman, Gary Douglas, Ronald Basterla, Jerome Egel, Lois Eisener, Jerry Fmlet, Carol Eriksen. ggaf 3565545 fl'LtEy? :il Left to right Row Row Row Row Row Row Row I-Orval Esmoil, Wesley Estabrook, Gary Evans, Frank Evans, Iohn Eveland, Rosayn Finley, Fred Fisher, Carolin Foor, Sharon Foster, Francis Fox. 2-Lois Fox, George Fromer, Carol Franklin, Iudy Freers, Randy Freund, Charles Freyermuth, Craig Fryberger, Betty Frost, Ron Freeburg, Bill Fuller. 3-Sam Fuller, Barbara Garrett, Leola Garrison, Iim Gilleland, David Glidden, Pat Globes, Ron Goodrick, Tom Goodwin, Fred Grau, Tom Graves. 4-Gary Greenblatt, Mary Greene, Christine Grifiin, Phyllis Gueller, Roy Gunsenhauser, Thomas Hagens, Gloria Hale, Iohn Halligan, Joanne Halling, Roy Halstead. 5-Neil Hamilton, Larry Hammond, Dennis Hank, Lyn Hanson, Robert Harbaugh, Iim Hargrave, Karen Hart, Marlene Hartsock, Donna Hawley, Margaret Hazelwood. 6-Laurel Heerd, Don Henning, Darrell Hepker, lim Herlein, Don Herrick, Iesse Herrin, Rosetta Herrin, Iuanita Hesford, Sherry Hillyer, Dixie Hingst. 7-Sharon Hines, Bette Hintermeister, Iulia Hintermeister, Bion Hitchcock, Craig Hoffbauer, Mary Holcomb, Violet Honts, Andrew Horst, Donna Horton, Diane Howard. ' .1 2 Left Row Row Row Row Row Row Row to right I-Herman Howards, jenny Howard, Kenneth Howard, Alice Hubbard. Bob Huber, Diane Hugill, Donna Hunter, Verna Hunter, Louise Hurlbut, Norma Hurlbut. 2-Judy Hyink, Richard jackson, Sharon Iacobs, Lynne James, Cheryl Iamison, Sandy Iepson. Robert Icrrcl, Ken jones, Walter Ioncs, Ronnie Iohns. 3-joe Iohnson, David Kautz, Iudy Kautz, Sharon Lee Keen, Leslie Keller, Nancy Kemp, Iona Kemper, Le Ray Kemper, Don Kcmpf, loc Kennedy. 4-Helen Ketchersidc, Larry Kissell, Myron King, Gerry Kirkland, Iim Kisner, Bob Koch. Myron Kolpack, Bill Kulp, Marie Krantz, Sharon Kroohs. 5-Mary Krueger, Linley Landon, Lynne Larson, Sandra LaRue, Georgia Latimer, Frances Leach, Marvin Leach, Pat Lemkau, Bob Lenz, Gary Lichlenwald. 6-Ianice Linn. Dennis Longhurst, lane Longhurst, Icrry Longstreth, Edith Love, Barbara Loveless, Betty Loving, Connie Lutz. Diane Martin, Elaine Martin. 7--Geraldine Martin, Mike Martin, Kenneth Mathes, Lorraine Martz, Margaret Maylone. Cene McAfee, Russell McClcary, Robert McClure, Christine McCormick, Sherry McCormick. Left to right Row I-Robert McCulley, Bill McDaniel, Dennis McElroy, Linda McElroy, Linda McClen, David Mehlis, Iackie Meyer, Larry Meyer, Edward Miller, Ioann Milroy. Row 2-Gary Minor, Mary Mittman, Sue Moody, Marilyn Moore, Mary Ann Moore, Michele Moore, Michael Moore, Ron Moore, Iames Morgan, Iudy Morgan. Row 3-Susan Mortan, Craig Moss, Carol Naber, Bernadine Neipert, Carol Nelson, Carol New- berry, Helen Nichols, Dixie Niles, Darlene Nott, Cheryl Oaks. Row 4--Charles Oldfield, Ryno Olson, Judy Opel, Pat Owen, Dolores Pace, Ioyce Pace, Glen Pace, Rosetta Paetz, Karen Patterson, Iames Paul. Row 5-Myrtle Peters, Pat Petersen, Robert Petersen, Ierry Plenmons, Carol Prochaska, Gertrude Proffitt, Doris Pulliam, Iudy Pulliam, Linda Pulliam, Marline Pulliam. Row 6-Sandra Qualls, Lonnie Rankins, Linda Rehbehn, Carl Reichert, Sally Rickey, Sharon Ripley, Ioan Ripperger, lack Roberts, james Rock, Nancy Rolle. Row 7-Dorothy Roudybush, Peggy Rowe, Bill Runyon, Pat Sadel, Norman Schrnelzcr, Larry Schmitt, Shirley Schneider, Howard Schroeder, Larry Schroeder, Gary Schultheis. 2511254 ui 11 4 0. .1 , V, .rn ,Ir- Left Row Roto Row Row Row Row Row to right I-Larry Scott, David Sedgley, Kay Seiler, Larry Seiler, Bob Seiler, Steve Shank, Douglas Shellady, Rosemary Shoppa, George Silberhorn, Kary Sissel. 12-lim Slack, jim Sloan, Carol Smith, Craig Smith, Don Smith. Kay Smith. Mary Ella Smith, Sharon Smith, Larry Smith, Leary Smith. 3-Dick Smith, Sandra Smith, Stephen Smith, Denise Snavely, Arnold Sohn, Sharon Sowash, Sue Stalklleet, Edith Starkweather, Mary Starkweather, Judy Stauiier. 4-Donna Stecher, Norman Steffenson, Karen Steinke, Linda Stoddard, Ralph Strause, Ierry Stromer, Freddie Symmonds. Paul Talkington, Carol Tamman, Dave Thomas. 5-Coralee Thornton, Lynn Tobias, Iudy Tobias, Kathy Townsend, Harold Todd, Ioe Van Nice, Noni Vargus, Iell' Varnum. Ii-jackie Walker, Iudy Webster, Richard Weikert, Donna Welk, Karen Wellons, Katherine Wheeler, Mary Ann Wheeler, Nancy Whitlow, Dora Whitehall, Genevieve Williams. 7-Barbara Wilson, Dwight Wolfe, Tom Wymer, Norma Yeager, Iudith Yeater, Barbara Yer- ington, jim Young, Pamela Young, Ron Ziehl. it '53,-' . --w I 1 ,if S' . 's fi' Q' -K1 'J n t tf-. 3 V .. 'h -wa.. A rf - S if 1' 5 a. f ' R 5 , 5 1 A xl E xx , jx K ,..R Z . uw Y , f 5 ,px 5 S, ms? . ,, , if +---a-- - ..: , , .Wal , f, -f-ff ,lr ,, M., wkk ,Q FE , ,L,, i .wr : ,, mm I i,,,X:L:gW'A" .W V .,,,,,, f ,W , K, ' , ' ..- . A' ,,L 'WVR' SI ' ., ' My , g, ,,,. w ,sw 'Wap - gm, ,,m., 1?la3'g WTQL ",5Egiai2' iiwiiiiiaff ii, -' 'iiisififl I , 4V,, in 4' fi flip, 1- K . ITxf',1:.1j5kQ2fff QQ,- A .K Kykr , .H M2151 Nyij 7 , ,X fwwfky-W www 7 ' , "Wa ,jf J "Q 4 A ,WSQX QL V jf" aft ' ffm, N .-3' an-Tw' r ,L ,nw -W1 ,, -M , ,,,.,,, , fe, ., ,fi ,: -:wif ,gi-ff' '- I W k'A' vii'-W""'f1wif ' ' ,V .vsifikzg . m , , fas1a,qgs1N 2. f wmf5:4b'3li?lQfafS,fi, ,gg ' 5' ' ,. if 23,1 egg X :siZ':1zme,-,VHA 'iv-i3525li1:,,-'gf ,I . :M ggleflii :,'f'i7l,fg'iM ' . in ,,1 , ffaz:':s,g-ai ,5 ig, . g5.ig,,-gw ig ml , 1 V uriliz, .3 51 gm,ff.g.ff:,w5mf:x'2Q Q55 a ,X EEE 1 i HUNUHS 0Valedit:tUrians - Salutatnrian Miss Ann Hillyer, one of the Valedietorians ol the class of 1958, received this honor with a point average ol 4000. Ann's schedule included one semester ol economics, civies, sociology, and solid geometry-one year ol homemaking, biology, geometry, American history, physics-two years of Latin and Spanish-three semesters of algebra, and eight semesters of English. Miss Carol Young. one of the Valedietorians of the 1958 class, received this honor with a 4.000 average. Carol's schedule has been as follows: one semester of economies, eivics, typing and grammar-one year of homemaking. American history, geometry. bi- ology and chemistry-'two years ol Spanish and Latin, three semesters of algebra. and eight semester ol English. One ol the Valedictorians ol' the H158 class, Miss Penny Vanek has received this honor with a 4.000 average. Penny's schedule lor the past four years included: two years ol l,atin and Spanish-one year of homemalcing, biology, world history, American history, and geometry-three semesters of algebra, economies, civies, and grammar, and seven semesters of English. Miss janet Greene. Salutatorian ol the class of 1958, has received this honor with a 3.065 average. Ianet's schedule included one semester ol' economics. civics, and grammar -three semesters of algebra-one year of homemaking, world history, American history, biology, geometry, Spanish, and chemistry-two years of Latin, and seven semesters of English. Three-Point Seniors Left to right Row I-Sue Foster, Sue Timm, Pat Schmidt, Karen Carlisle. Betsy Boldt, Mary Lee Massey. Row 2-Karen Erickson. Iulaine Brookhart, Arvilla Davis, Glori Fronk, Indy Dunker, Dorothy Welseh, Marilyn Knause. Row 3-Nanci Butts, Donnella Sedgley, Lois Gaidies, Ioyee Hank, Ann Hillyer, Carol Young, Penny Vaneli, Carol Mathias. Row 4--Ron Linn. Larry Thomas, Gary Crossklaus, Tom Shoemaker, lim Treeek, Don Mepike, Vie Wilson, Mareia Foley. QAbsent when picture was taken: Nancy Figgj 56 Three-Point Seniors ff , Xxx, h X' V Q n 1 1 aqllxx H ". 'X ' ' :fl qxawvfl f l.r'l! Roll' Hull' Hull' Hull' , 1. ff if XX 4""" A In flglll I -Imwl cll'l'l'Il1'. l'ulrivi41 llillll. l72lll'lk'lll l,ul7, clyllllllll llurxl, Sanlclm l,igl1l, Marilyn llull- nu-ya-r. QW livlll Mcl7m-rnmll, Slmrmx Riclgv, Vzzlricin Huge-rs. janwl llcrmzmn, lvwllllli' IUEIIIIICF, Aliuc Alllirw. llyl'l'lXl1'lNllll. 3 jam' Sllvplllwl. Dfnmu 5f'XX2lSSIIlli. lucly l,u:1sm', C.:lrul llzlllmxxzzy. Sully Lllllcls. jllilj' IH-lcrs, Nlury Arm lln ling. l.iml:1 l.npvr, Ml 'lim llzm'l1'x'. lzlclfm lllppc-1'a1cr. Dclmzlr llmm, Ar! VVllllums. lwn RL'IlL'I'l. cu2ll'Y l'1'n'c1's. lim 'l'm'Slmkc-. ' A ' ' 57 Student Council Left to right Row I-Don Spieth, Way'ne Wetzel, Gary Kissell. Larry Kissell, Inge Witehers. Scott Frye, Cathy Carnahan, Laurel Heard, Denny Schroeder, Dave Crook. Row 2-Jane Potter, Bonnie Van Zandt. Diane Wiser. Sue Moody. Grace Miller, Tom Hathaway, Rick Jackson, Cary Miller. Dick Smith. Tal Jackson, Keith Askam. Jim TeStrake. Row 3-Vic Wilson, Sharon Ridge. Sue Foster, Larry Thomas, Judy lfreese, Betsy Boldt. Carol Nevvherry, Marilyn Moore. Karen Meyer. Sue Timm, Neal Carter. Row 44l.inda l.oper. Janice Bartenhagen, Mary Ann Halling. Beth McDermott. Cary Crossklaus, Jackie Kautz, John Axel. Janice I,inn. Neal Smith. Jim Freese. Ron Shcllady. Cary Shepard, Pat Schmidt. Sandra Paul. ational Honor Snciei Ill Top-l.arry Thomas. Delmar Timm, Vic " . K Wilaon, Cary Cross- klaus, Bottom - Linda Lo- per, Cynthia Horst. J L Pat Schmidt, Sharon t. , Ridge. Beth McDer- mott, Ann Hillyer. 13 0 i Uuill and Scroll K Top-Judy Barger, Jane Klatt. Nancy Figg, Mary Ann Halling, Inge Wichers. Bottom-Barbara Whitsitt, Elaine Kahl, Marilyn Holfmeyer, Sandra Longstreth. 'V l3Il.l. ROACII I 'VROPI IY Pictured here are football coach Homer Weis, and Delmar Timm. this ycar's winner oi the Bill Roach 'l'rophy. The Roach Tro- phy is awarded to the player who shows best the qualities ol' sportsmanship. team spirit. courage and perseverance. Each year the re- cipient has his name engraved on the trophy along with the nantes ol' Musky football greats selected lor this honor since l9'37. .',,,-Q. PAUL HANSON TROPHY The Paul Hanson Trophy, awarded for the first time in 1958, is being presented to it's First recipient. Gary Grossklaus, by Coach Earl Gantcnbein. This trophy. as the Bill Roach Trophy, will be an annual pre- sentation. Gary Grossklaus and his success- ors to the award exemplify a senior and a four year participant in basketball who have shown outstanding sportsmanship, team spir- it, courage, leadership, and scholastic abil- ity. Paul Hanson. a former Mascatine High and junior College basketball player, gave his life in the service ol his country while overseas during World War II. Muscatine High School is indeed proud of this new tro- phy, and the appropriate memorial it repre- sents to her former student. Paul Hanson. Representative Be and Girl HELFN HAMFORD STUDIO This year Beth McDermott and Gary Grossklaus were chosen as Representative Girl and Boy from the upper third of the senior class. Beth has been active in Chorus all four years. She also enjoyed participating in Hi-Tri, Amicae, Cadet Teachers, and Curia Regia. For the last two years, Beth has been one of the varsity cheer- leaders. As a junior she was elected to Honor Society. This year Beth has helped with the school government by serving as treasurer in Student Council. She will always be remembered as a lovely Homecoming Queen Candidate. Everyone knows Gary through his participation in basketball. As a sophomore he was a mem- ber of the varsity team. Quite an achievement! This year he was elected captain. Gary has also participated in golf and was a member of the State Baseball Championship team for two years. This senior was vice-president of Student Council this year and was class president his junior year. Gary has the honor of being the first recipient of the Paul Hanson Trophy. Hnineeeminq Dueen Candidates Hlil I-IN li.'iMIfUllD YI'Ill7IU One ol the highlights of the homecoming festivities is the choosing ol the home- coming queen. This year Betty Wheeler had the honor of being selected. The queen was, as always, chosen by the student body. The candidates Were, from left to right: Pail Schmidt, Linda l.opcr, Betty Wheeler, Indy Frccse, and Beth lVleDermott. ACTIVITIES Aururau Yearbook lftz 1.. right . 4 . t I . . fm' I -Indy 'l'h:tym'r. Indy Smith, Ijtlll H1'r1'ick, Hatrh Whitsitt, jvrry l.tmgstrt'th, Ctml I tthttmt tht .limi Mutnn I mm lint R11 1 . 1 , t ' . .1 4' 4 ' . zz' L vNt'X1l Ntufittlltrttglt. Dvztrrvll Bates, Run Iuhm, KRll'l'Il Stuhr, lpiillll' Nvisvr. Um'- ' fmitwx, jun Hvlltlilllll. Sandy Imtgxtrt-th, Guy Ilm-king. limp 3-'llmm llzltllztxxzty, lla-cum ,-Xlmlt. jam' thx Sl lxl utt. jttch H1ll'Lft'I. ltm SlI'ltLIlll.N1ll1t'f I-igg, Ht-lvh KtK'Ilij.Q. l,ztt1r:1 Mat' l'n'ivr, Mr. Iirvztch Iht :tim nl' this nrgunimlirnt is to cmnpila- at yvztrhuok showing tht- diltcrcht orgmtimliotts amd spot-itll tttllts thrmnghout thv st-lnml yn-ur. lhtst Iuur gqtrlx, juth bmtth, Silllllfit I.tlllflNtI'l'lh. Nlllltf I'l5.1p,. :md lxztrvlt Slllhl, mt- QHIILKHSIHII stnml cluring :I hztskvtlmll gatnw. I'0II'l'SIlill4L1 zlltt-r xttwkilty, :lt fu N l 1, ,. 1 L . , ,pvc vs- 1 ' f 1.11: 4 ll I xnrlf 3. , 1 X1.lI.S. S'I'.XIiI,lC-ll I H15 1 1 - ' 1 rf. ,ns , V lfff ' ' 55335 -iQQ15'QQ1,V 3341 il "wi 1""2i, 1:5 . . , , I11111 I lxllllillil l'.1x111m-13111111 Iwll, l'41l llillIlll'I xl'llX .'Xl1u' 3111z1ll1'1. l11'llL'Vl':llI1111. H1111 Q' lllllll lS1111l11-, H1111 5l1ll'll1. VVJ11111' lllflll I lllf XlL'lL'l'. l.I'Ill1-ll' S11l1fl1n'1'gm'1, 1 1 "QQ: l 5? 5 M1 sv 1 'af f . 5, 'f JHIJNVINID TRIO SAX QI l:Xll'l'li'l"l'lf j11l111 lx:-l4111rl. lllI4l1I Klllllf, I71111ll11 ll11111l1l111xl1. f.IJlIf.L IivlI,kl111Ay H1-Il, l'l1'll1 VV11lI1111, Xlillf .Xluv 511141ll1'1. 1 IDR -1 11 . 1 I'N1 NI.-Xjf1liS ,KNIT 'I'VVIIlI1lfRS , , . ,.. 1AV .4-,1'1.,11" il Il 11111l1l111Nl1 ll11111l1x l11111l1l11wl1 C Illll fllllllllll 111111 VNIII1 lllllllll l lxlllll C'11xi11 l'1I51cl1l l111l1 llllllllllll gllllllll ly-lL,l llclxu lx XII 5l1.1l1111 lg11f1l1N. 1 ' ' xxmjzz 'l'RlVN1Plf'l' llllil Xviiflll' ,lll1fHl', lylbll 511i1'Il1. l11l111 I3clfl1111. N -C EL I -.. '1- -sf L. :md E? UE J: .29 3-L' GE CD4 XE 5.3. :fa 3"U CGS I-PT: .C fs KUGJ 5-1 is EA E2 ln.. if 5:2 .-.. ,EC Um '52 - Ei .-. M 55 ji 142 EL L!-.H mi' ...CG 'EU - M hz: CAC QE 3x Q. H 5: .Eco cvs!-IA P9 Q,-E .-.3-1 JSI-1-I J? .. C53 Em 15 . ,-C1 Qs gz -5? ggi .J f . X-4211 213 C2 Q:-sr Q05 flaw ns.. :S C-. Mx -44 5.2 CES PYL- In N 3 C m ri S E G1 .-CI H 0 D3 Q 2 A cu E-' bw 'cs C cs rn uf VT 5 x-. M 94 nf CU Q H. :- Q '-F .:.' cu D5 CU C C cu VI 5 C0 -5 2 o E E CU 'II O x: 5 E 5 5 .2 E A ,2 CI C 5 ,D ef 5 5: 5 5 2 E ,. LJ 25 .S RE cn M. 2 E 5 GJ ': CU 2 Q2 UZ O T CN! if QE ei .: L. 'rs Q3 Q K5 Z cc 'U E A fi C a-. s.. 'E LJ 'U x.. CC -F .:.' DG Q5 an TE CC E 53 rrick, T, ob He DQ uf 44 J c cu U3 ,Q o CD 5 If E cn s: 2 O 5 O v- O .ll O an fi an 9' I cu on so O cr 5 6 'ts CI m CQ an 'if E 42 C: G I 94 Z' ZH rl 'S 1-. C5 C L. 55 an Pu L.. I5 2 L' c EQ .cu tc DL f.: P Ki. .Z Z1 4 J an C c zu E i :vs Q ax 4: .Q GJ Q of: 4: : 0 9-4 T: 1. cu U EE :ad QI 3 JS 5: .r- if S., 22 ETZ Q-3.4 535 wa ff- TE Us: g'Z 351 ye. :fc 54 . E-5 WE EA .:. of J: wi' LA 3, QU :uf '55 '1 "di '13 :Q pc if EE we : ef' Qi --S 'FE c 051 Q-44.4 2.2 .EQ Q , ,E X-13-1 CUQJ QLD ,Lap ., QE WED Q5 . iii ..J'gL QC :J-+4 QZZ Es :qw M.. -F' Kgs! Fc QD.. f-lo li UT E c Q1 ren Kemper. reese, Mary lane Pulliam, Ka Judy F S amy Child N Amos 53? , JE T 4: 'Ecu fa-gm Emi P-wt .1449 CQ,-Q 1 m Z45 qj.:E-1 E95 gsfif Q.: 252 5. .' 'N 522:33 .::Q aug, mia .acg -Q.- -935 dam ?4 fi 225 SEM ,mtv fx 'I' ESQ Ti? E32-J N-: :saw ixxa CID.-lp".-4 -as 323.5 5555. 1, 9?:5 :.,,. cu -bd 'Exif KEEPS www: :fw- c:""CIg Egg.: C.. .. DEW: ,Pm JEFSCQJ 11, '5q, .-f. :cgi Ui.c:Sj . U .1-, .-CI asia I-DCO, ,mmf 5 smirfm IU 44" semi N553 1 gm grfif-' L-GJ wig-as UOCE I3P-A -r K 5- -X 8 W w lv 1 ,p X I Ay 3.5 N0 'X JU, .5 Q I f 8 ' In-'lf f - if gf A Q . 'fm AL sl f lk- a E M .Il 5 V ., 1 ' nf Q' N- .- . Q 5 A J f fb Q wg! 12' 6'Vg..'. "Qi Epi A e-'Sffeiig f'?x,Q'Qg' . 1 , ' A 'F I' f ll A41 ... :L-c 1 nn -- F. F. A. SENIOR CHAPTER OF FPA. I,t'l-l In right Rott' I-l.urry lfggL'rr,. Eugene Martin, Gary Ziegenhorn, Don Paul. Charles Pure. Byron Buehele, Richard Toyne, Kenny Toyne. l.e Roy Koch. Rout Q4lVlr. Beitz, Wilbtxr Cztnudy, Harold Hetzlt-r, luck Van Nice, Bob Hubble, Gerald Wzttt-r's. Hob Banks, Toni Martin. Vernon Wright, Paul Reichert. Row 3-jim Luedtke. Wayne Wetzel. Glen Nlonmon, Melvin Cooley, john Shepard. Jerry lliehtenwald. lint Esnioil, Ron Shepard, Kenny Lent-b. Row J-Bill Schmitt, Curl Steabr, l,m'ry Cranes, lion 'l'ivnm. Eugene Hearst. David Brunner, Gary Miller. Ray Arp, Tom Hoopw, Gary Shepard, Larry Thomas, Sam Snyder, Robert Ilztrper. The FFA. members not only learn the farming techniques, but they learn how to do the rm-chemical jobs such as building hog houses as shown hero. l F. F. A. - 3-Q M--W.--..-......,. .W .- RQ H-Q' 'Pe 'if X The ollieers lnelude Torn lloopes. Seeretaryg laek Van Nice, Treasurerg Larry Thomas. President: VVayne Wetzel. Reporterg Sam Snyder, Vive-Presidentg and Ron Shepard, Sentinel. JUNIOR CHAPTER OF F.F.A. l,r'i'l lu righi Ron' I-llob llalling. Bob llarbough. Robert Petersen. Charles Freyermuth. joe Kennedy. Dennis McElroy. l.arry Sehroeder. Glen Par-e, llerb liellinger, l.inley Landon, l.eRoy Kemper. Role 2-Fred Holliday, Larry Scott. Ioe Van Niee. Urville lismoil. Bob Ghristopherxon, George Fromer. Dave Schultz. Tom Wilson. George Hetzlcr. Mike Carter, lim Shoppa. Mr. Toillion. Row '3-David Wade, Gary Sehnedler. Mike Bleasing. George Taylor, Dave Miller. Leon Burmeister. Leon Arp. Marwin l.eaeh. Bob Beatty. Bob Wagner. Rout 4-Roger Lane. Bob Holliday. Howard Schroeder. Craig Ilollbauer. Earl Schmidt. Andrew Horst. Larry Seller, Ryno Olson, jell' Varnum. Bion Hiteheoek. Mike Rehwaldt, Ierry Ross. W i. l Uramatics lvl! lo Vigil! ou' I-Dolores Pziee. Donna Weflk, Carol Naxer. jim Clilland, Diane Hagens. Indy Anhrey. lfred Fisher, janet Herniel. Ierry' Aubrey. George Slherhoin. Marvin Cooley. Role Q-Barbara Garrett. Katherine VVll0t'll'l'. Karen Bartenhagen. Pat Capsliaw. john Seliwaiiclke. Christine Clrillm, Ioanne Ilalling. jerry Schuhiek, Scott Frye, Nant-5 o e. Ietlll' 'S--Sharon Garvik. Pat Sehmidt. Carll Cleriaeher. Karen Ilart, Margaret Mayeone. Donna Cox, Betta R ll Hintermeister, Cindy Clark. jackie Walker. Mary Krueger. Carol Proehaska. Uiane Howard. Rou' -I-lane Shepard. lxnren Carlisle. Donna Sywassink. Bzirhara Yerington, Ianies Hughes, Nlr. Barlow. Cary l,enil4au. jerry llznerniann. leary Smith. Mike Mc-Ifadden. The students ol' lVI.H.S. have enjoyed many productions that this group has presented. Thespians These students have done outstanding work in play produetion. l,1'l'Z to right Role I-lane Shepard. Pat Schmidt, Karen Carlisle, Sharon Carvila. Uonna Sywassink. Ron- 2- Mr. Barlow, Gary Miller. Wilhtir Metzger, Merwyrl Phillips. Seott Frye. Debate l,t'II In tipillt Rim' I Sant llayenpurt, Mary l',ey'et'iclge. Sliarun linntt, Nanny Bauer, Carnien McKee, Marilyn Knsnise, Suzanne Uri yer. llella Hreyyer, lime 2-liulu llnlwer, l,intla lfnslialt. Sallie 'l'y'ler, loyce Wt,-ttlliivixst-, Dianne Green, Cllnria Reilly, l.uey Cllasgmyg janet Ilernian, l.intla, Riva' '3- Rirltanl nlltenlvevntl. Rtttli XN1mtll1nuse, Sue 'l'innn, .-Xnn llilly'er, l.insla VVetlel4intl, Diane Kan- kins, janiee lfrielystni, jnyce fytlxins. Nnrnian Stellensun, jerry' lfgel. Rnzt' -I-Nlr. .-Xselienlurennei' linli llnnse, lint 'l'eSti'alw, Dun litnni. VVayne VVetzel, jerry' fieinlet. David iVlel1lis, Uayit St-tlult-t. Students in debate work very' hard linclinf 'ind or-fanizinvf nriterilil lor 'tlie . in ' rw r- 4 1 years delfnate topic. atienal Forensics League 'l'lie National Forensic League is an honor society lor speech students tlirougli- uut tlie nation. lVleml1ersl1ip is obtained by' participation in speech activities, lmtt in ltitflll Html I Nlan-ia l"wlex. Santly' l.iglit, lietli Mcllerinntt, Mary' Beveridge, Sliarnn Knntt, Nancy Hauer, Cfarnien Mt-Kee. Rita' 2-Sain l7ayenptn'l. Carol Wit'l4c'y', Canal Yming, Sallie 'l'y'lei'. l,intl,t lfnsltnlt, Dianne Greene, Cllnria Reilly. l,i1cy' Cllasgnw. Linda, janet llertnan, lint-e Atlxitis. ltnit' 'J-Nnlv-rt lluuse, Ricliarci xyltenlverntl. Ruth Womllinuse. Sue Tinnn. Ann llillyei, I,intla W'etlt-kind, lliine Rankins, janiee lfriekstm. Nvmnnan Stellensnn, jerry Ilaveinann. Rftzw -I Clary lietnlxxnt, jiri 'l'eSt1'aLe, Dun linnn. jerry lfinlet, l3ay'iLl Mt-lis. l.arry' llininas. David St-tliiley, Ylr. :Xselienlrenner. i Aurnran ews Lvfl In right Row I-Marilyn Hollmeyer, Elaine Kahl, Christine Mt-Cormit-k. Bonnie Davis. Row 2-Sandra Iepson, Phyllis johnson, Sharon LaRue, Lac Una DeWitt. Row 3-Lorraine Martz, Don Kemp, Richard Weikert, Bonnie Lewis. Rou' 4-Miss Barge-r, Anna Brei. Floyd Lacy. Dun Kirk, Mary Ann Halling. These students spend their spare time preparing our bi-monthly paper. Lvl! In right One of the most important functions ul nur newspaper is going tn press. The pt-uple imnlwd are Fluid Laq. Miss Barger, Inge Wit-hers, Elaine Kahl, Marilyn Huflrneyer, Sharon l.aRue, Phyllis jrmhnsun, Anna Brei, and Dun Kirk. ...,,.....-n-v' .......--,nil Curia Heqia ., M -2 1 A-fa "" so -Q - Q4-i :ha l,f-fl In Hgh! Run' I-Pail Cllulws, Ilvlvn K1'IL'i1l'fNiLil'. liimlzi lfnshult, Susan fVlm'tm1, l.nn-L-n Brmxn, Sum Dain-i1pm'l. Run' If---Miss Kvnihlv, Riihnrci Wviiwrl, Donna Iizmlvy, iyiillllll' liugill, Mivlwy 'i'l'rzlhm'r'ry, i.iI'lLi1l Kzlull. NiIYlk'f Kiwi. l,ynii llzmwii, Marilyn l.4':in'h, Marilyn Mfxurv. Ruiz' '3-Rem Svhmnrjv. Hmmii' Vain Zandt. Cami llmhuugli, Uizxm- Rzmkins. Szmdrzi Smith, Ivrry Hm'm1i:1nn, llzivid Crunk, Schzlslizimm Mumi. This cluh consists of latin studvnts. who have monthly meetings amd the high spot nl' lhv your is ai trip. Uuminae 17 uturae lfluh This now cluh was orgzlnilcd for girls that :irc intvrcslcd in homc eco- mimics. Iwi! In rigtfzt , . . . 3 . .. .. limi' l'-l7i:mm- ling:-li, i,Illii1l Slnclmlzird, llvlmvs iElL'l'. XUIAINI iilIl1N'I', hliirlvy C,1'f'lgm-r. Hunt Q Niiss llnhn. Clzirul Nvlsun, Judi VVi-lwslcr, llmwrizuliric Ns-ipwl, Sililfllll Smxnsli. i.:Il1t'Ill' liaiil. Eadet Teachers Lf-ft to right Row 1-Sue Vander Ploeg, Sandra Thornton, Sandra Light, Sharon Ridge, Beth McDermott, Pat Rodgers, Marilyn Hollmeyer, Ianet Griffin, Dianne Greene, Barbara Whitsitt. Row 2wSue Wheeler, Louise Reichert. Sharon Knott. Sandra Smith, Marian Schlutz, Beth Williamson, Joyce Barquist, Lucy Glasgow, Elma Hurlhut. Row 3-Ianice Erickson, Iackie Kautz, Sharon Carvik. lane Shepard, Linda Lee, Carol Wickey, Nancy Bauer, l,ae Una DeWitt, Linda Loper, Miss Downer. Row 4HSally Childs, Cynthia Horst, Sandra Clark, Iudy Lease, Donna Sywassink. Gloria Cullen, Cheryl Chapman, Mary Strauss, Beverly Smith, Iudy Peters. Cadet Teachers is a club that gives students a chance to practice teaching in various schools. Cadet urses Cadet Nurses is a new club at M.H.S. this year. These girls are finding out more about nursing and the the education involved. L1-ft to right Row I-Karen Stohr. Karen Meyer, Suzanne Cruver, Linda Nahedrick, Mickey Teraherry, Dianne Wilson, Sallie Tyler. Janet Hermann. Marilyn Knause, Linda Durst, Denise Snavely. Row 2-Neva McCullough, Karen Carlisle, Carol Young, Mary Starkweather, Barbara Yerington, Indy Dunker, judy Peters, jane Shepard, Sue Foster, Nancy Figg, Clori lironk, Miss Wagner. Hi-Y lfll In Vlfllf If m I Hub lllwn. I71m M4-l'llw, Vxfnllm' jmws, Huw C-lldclvn. llm l's'vk. Miko livmllv. C-ary Nurm, juz- Pun-I1I1'r. Rim- jg Y jun Nzm. lm- Summ'll, V14-rlv l'I't'll'l'lk'lx. lwm lxllldlvr. jvrrv I.UIlghIl'l'lll. llmmlr Snllz. Unvk Albr1gl1l, Nlck fJgllXlU. cx2lI'N 5,4-rs. Hun' 'S VV:rym' Wvlzvl, Run Pzmkmrz, lid ll:1llip1ul1.'CI:1ry Kim-ll, jim l"rs'vw. Mika' Buynum, Vic Wilson, Tum Imxpi. , 'A .' 1- 1 I. m' 4- im llmxlvy. Ummm Ruth, larry Clrzlw-s. R415 Hrm-kvt, Sum Snydf-r. CMH' VV:u'm'r, Clary 1 lm -Xml Hum S11 Ilulx Rf j l,IIlk4'II, Umklnmr Timm, Nlilxz- N1m'I":1:ld1'11, IUIAIF Kumi, Ili-Y is an group uf buys that includc frvshnwn Ihlllllglll sc-niurs. Those- buys nu-ul z1I'Icr school hours md V4-ally lmu' fun lugmwllvr. Ilu- ll:-3 ullu-mx mnlmlr- frilly fll'tlNNklClllN. Ir'c':mxrm'3 lorry Kumi, Niki'-l7lAl'Nilll'lll1 Yin- VVilwn. IYIUXIIIVIIIQ Ilfm Shvlluzly. N4'I'Q.Il'1lllI-ZIl'ill'ITlNQ Miki' Blrjllltbll. Ullillllilllll C-my lxlssc-ll. 5L'k'l'l'I1ll'fQ :md jnlm :Xu-I, lllfljljlllll tililillllilll. 1 Q A tic' ,Q qqgq iii? ' xfmsfva N f Amicae Lcft to right Row I-Diane Wiser, Sharon Curry, Sharon Iacobs, Karen Wellons, Michele Moore, Ioann Roudybush, Dorothy Roudybnsh, Carol Newberry, Myron King, Cathy Carnahan, Laurel Heerd, Verle Randell, Sandra Colschen, Sue Marton, Sally Rickey. Donna Collins, Ianice Linn, Iudy Campbell, Cheryl lamison, Pat Lemkau, Susan Moody. Rout 2-Ann Boulton, Grace Miller, Mary Greene. Lois Eisner, Nancy Kemp, Diane Hugill, jane Longhurst, Carol Erickson, Indy Hyink, Sandy Benedict, Cindy Clark, Iudy Kautz, Rose Marie Rollins, Mary Krueger, Loreen Brown, Iackie Meyer, Iucly Pulliam. Karen Brendle, Nancy Rolle, jackie Walker, Bette Hintermeister, Mary Barnard, Linda Fosholt. Row 3-Donna Cox. Carol Harbaugh, Christine Griffin, Karen Steinke, Diane Rankins, Ioyce Woodhouse, Lyn Hansen, Linda Rehben, Pat Sadel, Diane Martin, Carol Prochaska, Pat Peterson, Linda Barton, Linda Nabedrik, Mary Beveridge, Nancy Mariet, Janice Williams. Mary Ann Moore, Nancy Keel, Denise Ahlf, Georgia Latimer, Iane Potter, Sharon Foster. Row 4-Marilyn Moore, Kay Lyn Ray. Bonnie Van Zandt. Barbara Loveless, Bonnie Colberg, Sandy Smith, Dixie Niles, lean Asthalter, Nancy Taylor, Doris Schau- land, Mickey Teraberry, Kay Tetrick, Iudy Uebe, Bette Walton, Pat Parmer, Indy Iones, Susan Meerdink. Nancy Childs, Sandy Smit, Linda Temple. Karen Albright, Barbara Yerington, Ianice Phillips, Barbara Garrett. Sandra Hopkins. This club is made up of freshman and sophomore girls who sponsor many activities during the year. Amicae Queen of Hearts-Bonnie Van Zandt Hi- Tri l111 111 1111111 II111- I j111I1 SIIIIIII, I':1l IIJlIlIx. I'.I.11111' IXEIIII, H1-II1 NI1'I31'1'11111Il, S11II11' IjIl'l', Il1:1111' XVIINIIII, M1111 I,1'1' N'Iz1xs1'1, Ix111'1'11 Itxwx, IIAII II11111N XIIIII NI111111 N111 1 I111I11 S11 I S11111I1 XI111111 SKIIIIIII S111 XIIINIII Pl -. . 1 In -, .': 111 .' ' , 111 "1 .' 1 1 1' 1111g,j1111v1 CI1'1II111, I1i111I:1 I311II11-I1I. I11111' I3111- , 1 1 ' ' 1 -, fa 1. .111I11. 111101 cII'l'l'Ilt'. SI11111111 'l'111111'. R1111' I-K:11'1-11 S111I11', LlI111'i11 I71'1111I1, UI1114111 11111x1 H11I1XN'iII11111x1111 NI IIIIXII Ixll 111x1 S111 I1 I I IIIIlII'IIIIl'lNIl 1, I71 1111- 5XNl'IIZl'I, Ix:111-1 NI1'11'1', C11'1'z1I1I1111- II:1111111:11111. -IllIlil I'illIIIxIIl'l', I'z1I 51'I1111l1Il. C,:11'1111'11 NI1'Ix1'1'. 5I11'1'1'1 5Il'I'I1l'l'. I7111111- 4.11111 Ii111111i1' I71'1111I111111gI1. S.1111I1 l'1111I, 1:11101 K:1I1I. I11111' ll1111I1, Iivtly WI11'1'I1'1', 111111- .-Xtkins. I7ixi1'N11'I1I11s, H1111 Sxllll I A . , , , , . , . . . N,l11111x, 6111111111 -IJIIIIINIIII, 5111- WI11'1'111. luz11'I1:11z1 XVIIIINIII, R1111' 3-N1'1':1 M1'C.11II111111I1. N2lI1t'j I'1g11, Slll' I-11sI1'1', I,1111I11 l,11111'1. -IIIIII VV,111-, I31-I1I111- I,1lL'IIIl'I', I1-1111 S1 IIA, I111I1 l'1'1'1-N1-, I,Ilk'f C1I11s1g1111, I11g1' I'1'I1'1s, C,111'11l I11111115, 5111- I1111111. IQ1111- SI11-11:11'1I, ILIKIF Il1111I111 CXIIIIIII H1111 SIIII 111 c'IlXIIx N1 1 lI11I11 IlLIx' ll11pI1111x Ii111I1 I11 C'1111I W' I111 R -I 1111I 'I'11111s1111I X 1 , 1 Ivl 11' , 2Ill'- ' X ", 2'lK' ' .. . 1 .". ,Q A ilk' UU' 7 I .' . .' Illl lI1lI11-1', INIIIII XN11111II11111x1-, YIIIIIK I.1-.1w, 511111I1' c.IilIIx, I3:11'I1111'11 C.111I11'1's, IE11111111' I,11111s, NIJIIX PI11Il1ps, C1I111'111 c,llIIl'Il. .'xIll'l' .-XII11111'. 'NJ11111 II1111N, IJ111111:1 S11111xx111I1, I41111'11 CI111'IixI1-. IIIKII K1-111. NIIIIIQ fxllll Il11IIi111:. -IIIQII I'1'I1'1's, f:ill'l1I ll:1II11111111, Mlil1'IxIl' Ii:1111f. Il1f I II is il gr111111 11I girls IIIIII 1111-1-1 :1Itc-1' scI111oI I11111rs and I111IcI 1111-1-Ii11gs, I11111' pzlrtics, 1111cI I11111' il I111 111I1 SI11-I1I1111. 11I Illll. I'11i111l111' II11 x1111xI1l111 111 II11 11IIl111w11I Q II1 III. l'1'11111 I1'II 111 II1IlI II111 111 I71 IIIIII' l.11-1-111: x1-11'1'11111g SI1:111111 I5Il'IIll'l. 111:1x1111'1g 'VIJII 1.111 S1I1I11f 1111 1111 CIQIII 1111I K1111-11 XI1-11-1' 1111x11I1111 ,' Stage Crew Stage crew members work hard on the sets for the many different stage productions. Left to right Row 1-Cary Terrill, Larry Hammond. jim Halstead. Row 2-Ron Lange, Gary Miller, Kary Sissel. Miss Keinble. Row 3-Roy Halstead, Wilbur Metzger. Bob Van Ysseldyk, Merwyn Phillips. Lihrar Club Those in the Library Club work all year to make our library eflieient. They also present a radio program on reading material. Left to right Row I-Iaekie Hopkins, Carrol Honts, Delores Curtis, Alice lVIeHarg, Connie Wilscnn. Ianet lobe, Delores Paee. Row 2-Bonnie Hahn, Ianiee Williams, Sandra Hopkins, Charlotte Crossley, Iudy Freers, Nancy Butts, Sharlot Broun, Mrs. Mitt-hell. lntarnatianal llalattnns 'tt l ll Ill ll Ill -f'A "Lf .V f, .t,t , .M -- -V. Q .-.. . , . . Q. . . La I 'r av., .r . to a :rs "L,-f ' A ' J ,, . 'Q 4. 1 7 .-. Y f-C l of . ' 4 t ' FV. f i ' I . . Q if I! m .5 ' 1 ,, ' '5' 45 5 I I K I IMI In rtggltl Run' I-janv! Clrilhn. Dismm' Wils1'11, l.iml:x llullivld. Suv Vzmdvr Plum-g, lVl1ll'llyI1 Krausv, Szmdrn Light, Slmrun Ridge, Ann llm-king-,, limmiv Davin, Linda lfuslmll. N1lll'lill'l Sl-hlurx. Run' 12-Iucly 'l'my'11s0ncl, Szlllic' 'l'yl0r, jvzmm' Hunts. Durix Sblllllllilllll. Inga- l'vtvrs, jam- Slu-pnrd, Clamnl Yuung. Nzmcy Taylor. l.uuy Cllzlsgmy, Ann Hillyvr, Sandra Sltvldmn. Row 3-.lnnvt llvrmnnn, lmlniw Rc-it-In-l'I. Ruth Wmyclltutnw, Su- Yllllttltl. cl2ll'IYll'l1 Mt-Kun-, lllilllfll' Circa-mx Iaclxiv KRILIIZ. David Bzlrtmt. Sclmstinmm Mtmti, Mary Ann llullinn. Run- J-Linda Wcdvkiml. llmma Sywassink, l.imln l.f1pL'r. llrmncllc Svcllvy. lilllil Lamp, Pa-nny Vaneli. Cllurizt Ciullvn, Cfzurul llzllhatyyzxy, Hill Qlrill'c'n. Huh llnusv. This c-huh is maclc up ul' sludonls who vvzml at hctlor understanding among the pcoplcs of the world. This your we lmvv hvcn lucky enough to lmw at lmvigxt vy- , Cllillllll' ntuclvnt Irmn Italy, and his name is Sehastizmu Nflnnti. l'l0rv hm' is shown with our principtll, Mr. Mvssmtgvr. This yvm' slum' ul thc svnim' girls gnu' our lrwvigltt ox- clmngv fatuclcm lmm Germany, Inge Pctvlw. il hirtltdny party. Wu all lmpe- xho has many happy lilfllttlilyx in the lulurv. r r-" 'Pi 79 052 x I .rn 1.1 mhz l gf,'pi'WW 4 f ffgiinsie Rim' I-Rmexlic' BlA1lCi0. Sillidfil Bcnvdiut. Kzrrvn VVel!im5. Arivm' Brrmn. Cum! Haw Hunts, Ruse- Mario Rollins. Suzanne' Riwciwrl. Rim' 2-Mrs, SILli7i3C', Shvrry ggiggf Q . 'Q Ili-rnwly. livwrly Si-hmodc-r, Janice B2lI'Il'I1i1lIgCI1. Cami Mathieu. Kari-n Bnrlvn- f , lift imgvn, Cami Punlci, Suv Brrmn, Palm Young. Ruiz' 'E-Phyllis Hants. Uunnzi fl V34 liinivy. Ilwc-cri Ruiz, Bcity Fmxt, Lyn 'l'fvluiz1s, Sue Stzxlkilem-t. jane Umnggllum. Vir- E givin Bolt, I.inLiu Crist. Rim' H!!-TL'CiCiil' Synnnunds, Indy Sloan, Shawn iVl4'riL':1I. , A , Ivzln VVilwn. Iziniw YViiliznnx. Nunvy Butts. Sharon Srxwzislw, P111 iVIwrrissv5, Indy ' : fglliliix 6 ' 'L.M f . - X 2 The girls in G. A. A. Spcnt much timc improving sports abililics. f i X i F I ' .Sify The CI..-XA. mriiicelx Iur this your arc. Irwin ieil to right, Carol Niuthizlx, prcsi- dvnl: i3zl1'im1a lirfmn. sci-rclaryg Rrwsaniiv Brmlc. trousurs-r'g and Nancy Bunm. vivo- 1M prc'siclc'nl. ' -. CIAA. lnilizniun XXV' U3 ' L gif 32 X 1: 2 x 1 6' J K if si! ii mi' q , X., 1 I xg n 1 '2'f ii in 'W V X, gin., , 7 . ,. . ,K g , Y Vw... k fX' I'HLET1lQ5 if 'iff 1 1217 'v S" Wl'l,l.. THEY DID I'I' AGAIN-1957 CHAMPS l,1'l'I In flpffll Ibm' I Ulm -'Xml4-lwn, ilzeuy C Iilllf. Hill Rvilwl. 'lkrm lmny. l.zu'ry Mzmlvy, l,a'nn HllI'Ill1'iNlQ'l', jim l"1'z'mm'. T 3 f'S 'tif Run' 1 Vim' NVilwn, llmy Kiwm Il. Hun Rl'i"K'l'l. Huh SI4'l'kIl12lIL lfml W:ll1', Run Sl"a-Lnmn, 1:15 lwlwrlx. cjliilbll "l,4-Ilx Sn-lulau-k, 1-mx immklgxnxx, qnmthvr nm-mlwr ul ilu-11-u.n,um lll xxhvn PIVIIII1'XXQINIZIAUH. VVIIIII Iivunvr l5i1'l1l-Hunu' ni' IIN' Mllslxim-S 1 sl A 5 1 r -'. -, VK-', ' v 4+-.1 Q. ,, A, .M ,bf-Y .1 Hit the dirt, Gross. M. H. S. Baseball Team Retains Summer Title A second state championship was brought back to Muscatine by the M.I-I.S. baseball team in l957. The Muskies, on top of winning the state title, also garnered another first-that of being the first athletic team of any type in Muscatine to go through a complete season undefeated. The Muskies finished with a 22-0 record for the year, those coupled with I4 straight at the end of the 1956 season taking the string to 36 in a row over two seasons. Another record is that of Ron Reifert. He has won 22 straight games, including the '56 and '57 seasons. In '57, Ron hurled two no-hitters and Jim Freese threw one. In the Little Six, the Muskies won I4 in a row to give them their third straight league championship. In district play, the Muskies won over Clarence and Burlington after they had beaten Iowa City and Bettendorf in the sectional. That advanced them to the state tournament and they won 8-2 over Waverly in the first game and edged Corwith by a score of 4-0 in the second game of the tournament. In the championship game at Slater, the Muskies edged by Bancroft 7-2 and with that victory the state championship for the 1957 summer title. We wish the team for '58 just as much luck as the '57 team had and we hope they can bring home another championship. Muscatine Iowa City . SECTIONAL Muscatine Keokuk - - Muscatine 5 Iowa City . . Muscatine B9ftef1Cl01'f - Muscatine ll Bettendorf . . Muscatine Ft. Madison Muscatine Fairfield . . DISTRICT MUSCHUUC Burlington - Muscatine 6 Clarence. . . MUSCHUHS Mt- Pleasant Muscatine 4 Burlington . . Muscatine Iowa City . Muscatine Keokuk . . SUB-STATE lVIl1SCatiI'16 B6tIe1'1dO1'f . Muscatine 8 Waverly , , , MUSCHUTIG Fi. MHdiSO11 Muscatine 4 Corwith . . . Muscatine Mt. Pleasant Muscatine Fairfield . . STATE FINALS Muscatine Burlington . Muscatine 7 St. Iohns oi Bancroft I 1. is I f r lf!! lim: Hull RUN FOOTBALL LETTERMEN Left to right Row I-Russ Wright, Homer Saltz, Merv Gassaway, Iohn Axel. Row 2- Tom Long, Fred Millage, Gary Ziegenhom, Vic Wilson. Row 3-Ron Sowash, Larry Thomas, Gary Kissell, Gerry Nau. Row 4-Carl Steahr, lay Roberts, lim Freese, Delmar Timm. Row 5-Tom Dillion, Leon Burmeister, Iim Harder, lim Hawley. Row 6-Ron Shellady. The managers for the '57 Muskies were Don McPike and Gary Smith, who did a Fine job this year. . ,f , 4 ' f f 1 Jgiff .1 .- J' S Q, -.1 HT , x 4 1 S S 4 , Q 4 , . Q F V 5 . N uf I j'.l 2 v. v V44 . Mg . 5:5 qv .W , is I 5 A 4 A .- W? ' . six-Q ,. 3 My Wu 'L-1 OTTIHVIWA-Our annual homecoming game, although somewhat marred hy the liu outbreak. nas with Ottumua. Alter Ottumixa jumped oll' to an early lead, the Muskies fought hack to tie the Bulldogs, 20-20. KEOKUK-On a wet, muddy Parents' Night. the Little Muskies fought hard hut dropped a 20-11 decision to Keokuk, The Keokuk Chiefs were the eventual champs ol' the l.ittle Six and the Muskies could not push over a t.d. against Keokuk's strong defense. MT. PLEASANT-On a disputed point alter touchdown. which lVlt. Pleasant scored. Nlt, Pleasant eked out a Ill-211 vit-tory over the l.ittle Nluskies. This was the lirsi time in a long time that the Nluskies or any other l.ittle Six team has played in the alternoon. FRESHMAN-SOPHOMORE FOOTBALL TEAM f ' A we ' ff bw gf, Ei' Z "' I W, 1 X' ,af Left to right Row I-Dick Askam, Herb Bellinger, Ierry Bunn, Maynard Crist, Ierry Emlet, Iohn Eveland, Fred Fisher, Charles Freyermuth, Sam Fuller, Dave Glidden. Row 2-Fred Grau, lack Grillen, Dennis Hank, Ierry Haverman. Darrell Hepker, lim Heuer, Richard Iaekson, Tom Iames, David Kautz. Larry Kissell. Row 3- Ron Kurriger, Dennis McElroy, lim Meltzer, Ierry Millage, Dave Miller, Craig Moss, Charles Oldfield, Lonnie Rankins. Tom Ridge, Jack Roberts. Row 4-Bill Roggeveen, Ron Schmarje, Dave Sehmelzer, Ron Schutt, Larry Seiler, Tom Shepherd, Kary Sissel. Gene Smalley, Dave Shoultz, Larry Smith. Row 5-Bill Runyon, Neal Smith, Dick Smith, Norman Stelfenson, Ralph Strause, Frank Talkington, Iell' Varnum, Doug VValton, Tom Wilson, Dwight Wolfe. IUNIOR VARSITY CHEERLEADERS Nancy Childs, Sue Nleerdink, Pat Parmer, Bonnie Van Zandt, Mary Barnard, and lane Potter. .Q f i 31 'Q l ,ff,,?' A .' 2 A..- fww, 45, ' . -,N Q We A - X fa? 'v:. ' fig , , l r I F 3.-Muzi W ,N l in Tutu, 5 X i 5 ww QE 1- : F ' . 'A N Tree " wr gl -wi JF . -QQ, L! y,'T - ,i .Av-1?efi'v V fuffisw QM' dl 'N-Qian x Q M1 will M . ir! ,Zi ' 3, 1 , ,P .Q Q Bin? 1 I q. Q A 1 fi 1 1 3 Z ln! ' L 4, - 4 EN I X N 11- W t 1 4- .-fh-,.., 'fm' 2 sy , 1 js. Aj T A ' ,' X P A . MUSKIES VVIN l,I'l"l'l,E SIX 'l'I'l'l,li 'ilu' Little Muskics won il going-ztwzty present lor unit-lt lfarl Gzmu-nl'7ciit by mapping tht l lttlc Six titlc. The Nluslcics omlcd up tlio st-ztscm with at i5-5 rccfmrcl and za l,ittl0 Six record ol I3 i. Tito only loss was at thc lizmcls ol' Kcokuk but tht-y lztlcr rt-vcngocl that loss with za 50-40 wry. The Nltzskitis wt-rc kmtckod out ol thc State' tirlt- by Dau cnpnrt by at sctm- ul' 66-56 in tht imwl title. Dnvciiport tiicn wcnt mi to win tlic static lUlIl'H2lN1t'Hl. Alllltlllgll tlicy ciiclnit gt I it in thc stzltc tourmtmcnt lltcy clicl llztw at SllCL't'SSlllll scztstm, wirming the l.ittlt' Six vlmmpicmsliip Clantenlwin and Kochuell' to lfncl Coaching Careers llcatl basketball coach lfarl Clautcuhein and sophomore basketball coach Weill Kochnell' resigned from their haskethall positions ellective at the end ol' this year. VValt will enter the insurance business upon leaving his coaching and teaching job. Walt started teaching in Muscatine in l950. Earl, alter six years ol coaching haskcthall. will step down hecause ol his health. In his six seasons ol coaching Earl's teams have won a state title, three outright l.ittle Six championships, and one shared loop title. His over- all varsity record is S32-'59 in this six-year span. We think we speak lor the whole school as well as the whole community when we say that Earl and Walt will he missed greatly in haskelhall circles. Cheerleaders l H-ISU! ,wg f' 'libre ln this picture ue see the cheerleaders who did a tremendous job during the football and haslaetluall BUZISUII. 'l'l1ey arc, lrom lvl! lo right: Beth lVlclJermott, lla! Schmidt, Linda l.oper. Sliaron Ridge. IVIUSKY VVRESTLING TEAIVI l,1'lil In rlpfltl Rott- Clrillen. Steve lfrye. Charles lireyermtttli. lfretl iVlill.ig1e, If-roy lioeli, jerry Millnge, llerlw lit-Ilintger. Ron' Q---juy lloherts. l7on .'Xnclerson. l.:vrry llionizis. Ron Sliellncly. Ron Sf-xxnsli. Curl llmcle. , ,. - V . . . . . ,- t. . .,- Iv tt J -llaxf Nlillt I, lion Slifgmrtl. john Sliepnrql, llolwul fron. lion Nlelllltr-. lmux Spamlcllnjx It-1-n,ntI lxft' lt. The Nluslcy grapplers came through with at line season, winning 6 and losing -l. They linishecl second in the l,ittle Six as two men. Larry Thomas and lired Nlillttge, won their separate weights. lVlillage and Charlie Freyermtlth hoth went to the state ehztmpionship, hut they hoth lost in the lirst round. The l'ps :intl lltnxns ul Wrestling Ml VSKY SWIMMING TEAM lmj! fn rfylli Hun' I lllllIll'I'S1lIl!,c:1llf l,1n1g4slr1'Il1. Clmuilml Huyll. Uglxinl Cllidclvn, Run' If Hriun c:illlIl'l', Run SL'llIIl2H'jl'. Nun .-Xllwriglw Run' 'I .NI I'wm'l1, Huh Nia-Ifvl. jvll Vmnum, Cluxlvlu Run SIIITIIIN. 'Vim IH-Q-lx. VV41llvv jumw. M.ll.S. 'VHNNIS 'l'IfAlVl ffl! In fllyfll , . . , . . . , . lwlr I jim lllmglumw, ljilllllf kll1Q'gu'r. I.:1rry klswll, Umm Nl1l'Plkl', 'lurk Rwlwrls, ISIII IXIIIQUII, Un-L PJQIIIUIQ Ibm' I Chvmll lluwhl lilirlglrs. Clary I.4'.r1Laaln. Hill l7:ll'IA, l.nVmm- llurxin. Nlikm- N1k"'.iIddl'll, Dann- SfX!1l5xiI'lk, Y f 9 'V S X , xy , s nw N v A gm 4 ig- : A ' fl fx. . ' I , ,gi .W l.vl'1fTl1e winners and still champs. Twp Right-Give it here. linllmn Rigfilf-Up :md favor. 'l'i'z1ck tcnm looking l'O1'W2lI'd to Notorious sous UN. I 3 If -aw ,f?f': M 'vw i . 7, E 4, iq .af ,I I- -,, , mfg- ,I 'Il 'fn' -, 0.1 - 'I V ,gg AQ f an 3 I Amr u 'j i' N QM I tai ,E lf xx A . 5 . - 1,3 QA I . - I 1 K I I 1 'V YA In a Ay rl J I, A . H358 VARSITY TRACK SQUAD MIISKY GOLF TEAM iyht I u I D:-nny Ruth, Umm Spivlll. Vin- Wilwn, Mikv Buynlml. Barry Ml'k'l'lIIl1k,NIL'IifIj.IilX'Il'. I Il c:llJIl'II Km-rl Rimxrwlnl, jr-lm '3rmxclic', Duximl Ku W I 4 S rm l'k.N'1lI..IIIIII1, Run CIm'lislz'. I.ilI'l'y Bu liz, Huy C:ill'Yl'l', Jim Mvllzvr, Clam' SIIHIIIUX, IJUIIIIIO SL'Ill'Ul'lIl'l', Run Wa Hack When One may think that the stroll ol' today is something but you should have seen Gary Dankert and Kenny Tutt strolling several years ago. Left to right Row I-Sharon Toyne, Nit-lc Ogilvie, jerry Stalk- fleet, Robert Crow, Richard St, Clair. Karen Kautz. Row 2-Rebecca Hope, Iim TeStrake, Clary Dan- lcert, Barry Meerdink, Torn Hathaway. Ianice Wilson. Row 3-Mary Phillips. Anna Brei, Sandra Phelps, Barbara Whitsitt, Cheryl Nlztdtlox. Nancy Figg. As you can sec, some ol' thc seniors have not changed much since their first grade days at Grant School. Ervin Morgan, Karen Erickson, Marilyn Fuller, Carol Greer, Anna Brei, and Gary Noret be- longed to the same Sunday School class about ten years ago. 96 llurmu mu- HI ilu- ilNSl'IIll7lI1'N lllIN xvzn, ue- lmcl il prulzwxlvmllall llilllx' Programs 1 I1 l'Il" 1' xml we 12 'N 4 - -1 -- up In ilu Ill!-xwlll l1HH', llmmr NIIIQIIHL nml Klum mg xxxls t'l1l1Dll'll lvy llw xxln xlmll nl lvmlx. I X DEM , S .W 'llww mu pwvplv all ilu' Iivlwl xximlmx xwrv allwwm Un no tuulx our claus pig-turvs. 'l'lu-3 :uv Run lfrm-lmrg .I l'I'l'Nl1?!1ilIl. :mal l,a1urzx Im- NllllYll1Ill. ll luuxur, M X ev' A lhm llnllu-lcll l1!lII'lll Clmrixlmqu um luruuglll lmnlx lu IlIl'Yll1!I'l Llllrillg um- ul' our zlssulwllwlinw. Vlllwu :lxlwnl lwy Xll. Ill1'lwX'.lI1IlI4'llPl'Ll llllllXXIll1llIt'llIlxl'f, l1lIllI'l'l7lll'il. l lwlpvcl lIIfNl'll.n 97 Pep ssemhlies Muskics' Favorite Paper Boy! Un representative- Boy and Girl! Yea! Conch? Ymfvc- U01 To Bu A I-'mnball Hcrol Obey! Or Use-I Pep stunt: 'Wfhis Is Your Life Nlr. Homer Wcisc. AURORAN ADVERTISERS ASW Root Beer Asthalter's Bamford's Studio Bamard's Barton Shop Batterson's Bazley Cash Market Beach Lumber Company Better Homes Fumtture Blake Radio Block Coal Company E. E. Bloom I. A. Bloom Blue Cross, Blue Shield Ron Brel Service Bridge Grocery Brower Service Brownbilt Shoe Store Carlson's Floral Shop Central State Bank Celon Company Chaudoin Electric Clark Standard Auto Parts Coca-Cola Coder Hardware Cohen G Gamble Cohn's Cole's lnn Cook's Music Shop Day Reirlgeratlon Dental Society Dixie Cream Elder G Vaupel Etchenauer's Elite Cleaners Fairbanks Farm Supply Fashion Shop lim Foster Conoco Service Harold Froehner Insurance Glass Smart Shop Glatsteln Furniture Goodyear Service Store Graham Drug Graham Photo Agency Grain Processing Corporation Grant's Grimm Drug Hahn Brothers C. C. Hakes Harts Beauty Parlor Harts Barber Shop Hawkeye Lumber Company H. I. Heinz l-lenderson's Drug Henderson's Garage Hershey Avenue Market Hetz1er's Dairy Hlll's Fairall Paint Store Hill Lumber Holliday Cleaners Home-O-Nize Hotel Muscatine Huttig Manufacturing lna Mae's Iowa Electric loway Record Print Kautz Bakery lCempf's Iewelry Kolpeck Auto Supply I. E. Kranz Krieger Pontiac-Cadillac Kresge's KWPC Lagomarcino-Grupe Lamp-Rehwaldt H. C. Lawrence Leu 6- Sons Leu Typewriter Lewis Market Lil1y's Luellen's Cleaners Lupton 5: Toyne Maeglin Insurance Magnus Model Laundry Maid-Rite Manhattan Grill Mar-Clare Shop McColm's McKee Button Company McKee Feed 6 Grain Medical Society Meerdlnk's Metropolitan Life Insurance Miller's Furniture Millers Pure Service Mills' Auto Parts Minton's Motor Service Company Muscatine Bank 5- Trust Muscatine Buick Muscatine lournal Muscatine Iunior College Muscatine Pearl Works Muscatine Seed and Supply New York Life Insurance Nietze1's Drug Store Northern Gravel Oberhaus Grocery Paetz Super Valu Park Lane Peck Ford I. C. Penney Peter Products Company Petersen's Office Supply Phelps Brothers Laundry Paint Products Store Pla-Mor Poole Transfer, Inc. Red Paint Store Reynold's Electric Richard's Paul Ridge Agency Rink Grocery RGM Millwork Rosa's Style Shop Roth Service Company Schreur's Schmidt's Auto Singer Sewing Machine Company H. E. Smith Coal Company Spurgeon's Stanley Engineering I. B. St. Clair S. G. G P. Stein Sterneman's Sun Marts Tasty Freeze Tasty Pastry Bakery Te Strake Brothers Thomas Shoe Store Tradehome Shoe Store H. M. Vance Walter's Flowers G Gifts Wareco System Weber Button Company Wester Drug Western Auto Western Tire G Auto Whitrnan's Grocery Whttsttt's George Whittlch Home Ralph Whittich Home Wilson Shoe Store Willis Cabinet Shop Yellow Cab Company Y.M.C.A. Y.W.C.A. Zeug Garage Zip Gasoline Company If gg , asm! MUSKIES THE LITTLE SIX CONFERENCE CHAMPS NON -CONFERENCE ll ll ll lr CONFERENCE ll ll NON-CONFERENCE CONFERENCE ll ll SECTIONAL MUSCATINE MUSCATINE MUSCATINE MUSCATINE MUSCATINE MUSCATINE MUSCATINE MUSCATINE MUSCATINE MUSCATINE MUSCATINE MUSCATINE MUSCATIN E MUSCATIN E MUSCATINE MUSCATIN E MUSCATINE MUSCATINE MUSCATINE MUSCATINE IOWA CITY . DAVENPORT . CLINTON . FAIRFIELD . . FT. MADISON . OTTUMWA . WASHINGTON KEOKUK . . . BURLINGTON . ST. AMBROSE . MT. PLEASANT FAIRFIELD . . FT. MADISON . OTTUMWA. . MT. PLEASANT WASHINGTON KEOKUK . . . BURLINGTON . ST. AMBROSE . DAVENPORT . WEBER 6: SONS BUTTON COMPANY, INC. CONGRATULATIONS - GRADUATES Your Friends Now and In The Future Happiness cmd Prosperity Is Our Wish For You BEACH LUMBER SUPPLY COMPANY "Buy It From Beach" osos oooeoro osos AMherst "-'-sQ Y. " AMherst ' .,..,.r 3-6034 ooppoos . 3-6035 1 S T I-I...i.i ----- .a-l- 5-- ' ffIiIII -g.. ONE PIECE OR A CARLOAD 2 S 11 Chld MUSCATINE SUN MARTS FOODS YOU KNOW AT PRICES LOW "WE'RE PROUD OF MUSCATINE'S SCHOOLS AND STUDENTS." 1 h f f b MUSCATINE SUN MARTS THE MUSCATINE COUNTY MEDICAL SOCIETY "Health-cr blessing beyond price" - Members - R. W. ASTHALTER, M.D. SAMUEL BLUHM. M.D. E. H. CARLSON, M.D. WM. CATALONA. M.D. W. W. DAUT, M.D. E. L. EMERSON. M.D. R. R. GOAD. M.D. O. S. KEISER. M.D. I. L. KLEIN. M.D. R. F. KLEIN. M.D. 3. Gary Dank lcave his heiqh t - Anonymous M. MILLER. M.D. C. PALMER E. PETERS, M.D. . P. PHILLIPS, M.D. WM. ROUDYBUSH. M.D. I. H. SPENCER. M.D. V. W. SWAYZE. M.D. G. A. SYWASSINK. M.D. L. H. WHITMER. M.D. K. E. WILCOX, M.D. 0F'1EJI!'1 Sept. 13 Sept. 20 Sept. 27 Oct. 4 Oct. 11 Nov. 1 Nov. 8 Nov. ll Muscatine Muscatine Muscatine Muscatine Muscatine Muscatine Muscatine Muscatine Good Luck to the 1957 Football Squad - SCHEDULE . . . . 13 . . 7 . 12 . 20 . . 7 . 20 . . O . . . . . 20 Dixon, lll. . . . Burlington . . . Ft. Madison . . Fairfield . . . Washington . . Ottumwa . . . Keokuk . . . Mt. Pleasant . . S T E R N E M A N ' S CLOTHING AND FURNISHINGS FOR MEN AND BOYS SINCE 1889 "Step Up the Avenue and Save Dollars" B. Boy most 1 ky I ? Since Ianuary, 1947, When KWPC Went On the Air, Over 300 Football, Basketball, and Baseball Games Have Been Broadcst Over KWPC AM-F M 860 AM O ietest senior boy? 99.7 FM FASHION SHOP Ladies' 6. Children's Wearing Apparel 4. Marilyn Hoffmeyer leaves her giggles to? SERVING WITH YOUTH THROUGHOUT THE WORLD 1844 - 1958 o Y. M. C. A. INA MAE'S CAFE HU-L SERWNG LUMBER COMPANY FINE FOOD QUALITY BUILDING MATERIAL AMherst 3-9755 403 W. Front St. Muscatine, Ia. GEORGE M. THAYER 7. Senior Wolf? As you choose to progress, We choose to progress with you. PHONE AMheI-st 3-3401 Quietest senior girl? I04 HENDERSON'S For 26 Years Your Chevrolet - Oldsmobile Dealer FRONT 61 SYCAMORE MUSCATINE. IOWA IO 'I 'P I SUPER VAl.U I 725 East Second Street MUSCATINE, IOWA Phone AM 3-2401 ith the biggest appetite? COIVIPLIMENTS OF HAWKEYE LUMBER COMPANY I I M I Congratulations to Senior Class '58 COLE'S INN 1207 PARK AVE. Congratulations, Seniors of '58 From the BETTER HOMES FURNITURE CO. The Friendly Store Home of Quality Home Furnishings 118 E. znd s'r. MUSCATINE. IA. I2 G' I I1 1111151 uII1In,Iic ability? I4 I3 d ed senior bo 7 coMPLrMr:N'rs or BAZLEY CASH MARKET "Muscatine' s Only Exclusive Meat Market" 212 E. Second St. Phone AlVIherst 3-7611 19. Girl with the prett 1 eyes? Hotel Muscatine Muscatine? Only Fireproof Hotel and EXCELLE'N'1' 'COFFEE SHOP BANQUET FACILITIES Other Mueller Hotels ALLISON 1 CEDAR RAPIDS, IOWA FRANKLIN - DES MOINES, IOWA H. H. MUELLER, General Manager MUSCATINE, IOWA 16. Girl with cr cute smile? COMPLIMENTS OF PETER PRODUCTS COMPANY 18 B td ssedS orgll. EAT IDEAL ICE CREAM FOR HEALTH Il' s Pure - It' s Delicious MANUFACTURED BY LAGOMARCINO-GRUPE C0. Fine Flowers For All Occasions CORSAGES A SPECIALTY I "Say It With F lowers" O WALTERS Flowers and Gifts Formerly GEO. KRANZ 6. SON VERNON 6. MARGARET WALTERS Owners Phone AMherst 3-2011 Across from Woolworth 15. G'r1 with the prettiest hclir? KAUTZ'S BAKERY Want something special for a party? DIAL AM 3-3621 CCNGRATULATIONS and BEST WISHES to THE SENIORS from THE CELCN CCMPANY Phone AMherst P. O. Box 311 3-3611 29. Roy Brockett and Ioe Pochter lfecxve their bo OUR BEST WISHES T0 THE GRADUATING CLASS OF 1958 CQRBUQDGNP GRAIN PROCESSING CORPORATION Muscmuf, lowA MQIODGN MUSCATINE PROCESSING CORPORATION Muscmuf, lowA QA-3603659 KENT FEEDS. INC. MUSCATINE, IOWA mscominq Queen to? CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF '58 KRESGE'S YOUR FRIENDLY STORE 24. Three Musketeers? COMPLIMENTS OF WILSON SHOE STORE "Since 1854" Oldes! Shoe Store in Iowa MUSCATINE. IOWA 22 S qirl rrrost furr in class? YELLOW AND CITY CAB COMPANY - Radio Dispatched - AMherst 3-6311 - 3-6312 211 Cedar Street SANDWICHES THAT ARE SATISFYING COPYPIGHY I9l4'MAID-RITE PRODUCTS, INL, i J 4. ur .. 2 .Ar 110 Cedar- 1033 Hershey Home-Made Ice Cream Q1 G t ttt tttg prettiest teeth? 28. Don McPrke leaves his wrestling ability to? FOR YOUR IEWELER BLOUSES WATCHES - DIAMONDS SKIRTS IEWELRY SLACKS SILVERWARE Best in Repair Service I 116 E. 2nd ST. AM 3-9035 S 23. Peppif st senior qirl? 27 S iOr qirl with the loriqesi hair? BEST WISI-IES LAWRENCE'S Public Bookkeeping and Tax Service Bookkeeping Service Phone AM11erst 3-4951 618 E. Ninth St. MUSCATINE, IOWA 25 D I Tirrrrn loaves his iootirall ability t COMPLIMENTS HETZLER DAIRY HOME OWNED AND HOME OPERATED 1700 1sE'r'r AVENUE 26 G senior blonds? CONGRATULATIONS. CLASS OF 1958 GRIMM DRUG C0. Congratulations to the Class of 1958 Phone AMherst 3-8404 lfdn v 0 O H "Drugs of Quality" 59" 'DW' 130 E. Second St. Phone A1VIherst 3-2921 nm Whg blushes mosi? P1lCl'1G1' IOI' ll'1G New York Y li . C. C. HAKES 61 CO. The BRIDGE GROCERY Is A Good Grocery REAL ESTATE With A Lot of INVESTMENTS Good Customers FARM AND crrY LOANS BRIDGE GRCCERY "The Friendly Store Hershey Building Muscatine, Iowa W'th The open Doorn Phone AM 3-4131 We Deliver 32 Boy most likely to b d rtakef? 30. Most athletic boy? CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF '58 Best Wishes for Success and Prosperity BARTON'S SHOP 126 East Second St. "The Store For The Junior Miss" 34. ludy Smith leaves her rod to? COMPLIMENTS OF IOWA-RECORD PRINTING COMPANY RAYMOND L. BRYANT CHARLES L, WHITMORE 212 Walnut St. Phone AMherst 3-7822 31. Donelle Sedql y 1 her artistic ability to? I IM FOSTER coNoco SERVICE FRONT 6. CEDAR ST. PHONE AM 3-9843 37 S q' lmost likely t k th f y p p 'f 7fze1un says A- CONGRATULATIONS A Muscahne Hugh School Class of Pg January 58 .. yTh . - "' W g g e g+l+' + +h+y +r+g ++h a fhhlp W Z Modern ways and moclern serv'ce wll help ou on our course. ood forlune 'lo you' S Hep f GAS olvrslon l0WA ELECTRIC I I I I l ll . 0 I Q Everyone roms wifh Penn erm rn exfend mg hearly congrafulahons and good wishes e lcnow you'll be mi hfy busy, choosin Iif flllll worlc and beginning +o worl: oui' your careers Con ra ua ions, oo, a ou're s a in I, "U wi h e convenience an service o suc e ao' Z as Penny Therm' f I i Wm Y Y G Your busy Ga l e f LIGHTE' POWER ' cf m we 5, 54 Senior qirls most likely to take cr long trip after qroduqlion? KOLPACK AUTO SUPPLY CO. NEW AND USED PARTS FOR ALL CARS AUTOMOTIVE ACCESSORIES AND PRODUCTS W5 SPECIALIZE IN AUTO GLASS INSTALLATION PHONE AMherst 3-6651 509-11 MULBERRY AVE 65. Senior boys leaving their girls to walk the holls clone? l OF COURSE HERE FRIENDS l MAKE FRIENDS OME ONE l COME ALL LWAYS STRIVING FOR HAPPIER l DEVELOPMENT Y GYM POOL FELLOWSHIP Y Where We learn to Live-By Living 38. Ch p' Woman h FRIGIDAIRE HEATING 6. AIR CONDITIONING DAY REFRIGERATION R. H. DAY 305 Monroe Phone AMherst 3-3015 MUSCATINE. IOWA 39 Ch mpion man hater? ELITE DRY CLEANERS ACROSS FROM BATTERSON'S We Pick Up and Deliver Phone AMherst 3-8052 316 E. 2nd St. 42 B y with the deepest voice. LEU AND SON Always the Best Where It's A Handy Place to Shop For a Sundae, Soda or Malt 312 Sycamore Phone AMherst 3-5941 41. Giori Fronk 1 h office worries to? Congratulations, Seniors K R I E G E R Pontiac - Cadillac 115 WEST FRONT 40 L t senior boy? Il2 BEST WISHES-SENIORS SEE US FOR FINE Iewelry - Watches DRUG STORE v For A Complete Line of Popular M S COSMETICS - PERF UMES A COLOGNES AND HAIR CARE EWLEBSSZIQQQEBSWWS 413 MULBERRY AVE. 213 :asf 3060113 Street OPEN EVENINGS - OPEN SUNDAYS 'li M t ious serllO:1olil:le?owa 44 L y Th l h ding around t MUSCATINE IUNIOR COLLEGE A Two-Year Accredited College ...OFFERS... Pre-Professional Education Medicine Education Commerce Industrial Science Nursing Law Engineering Dentistry Agriculture Home Economics General Education A two-year teacher training course leading to a Professional Commitment Certificate. Adult classes in any subiect for which there is sufficient demand. Training for Veterans of Military Service under G. I. Bill. Credits Accepted by Any Institution of Higher Learning Th t ' girl we were fortunate to have this year? FOR GEHL OLIVER COATS - SUITS -- DRESSES . Iuniors - V2 Sizes H- Regular Coe SEE 4th AND MULBERRY MAKE YOUR CAR GLASS SMART SHOP PRQBLEMS OURS 201 EAST SECOND STREET csnrnumz - RUTH Car Washing Servicing Most unpredictable senior boy? 45. Smallest senior girl? 5U.Dq FINE WALLPAPERS - ART sUPPL1Es Cgngratulatigns, GLASS Graduates! PAINT PRODUCTS STURE WE WISH You sUccEss AND F. O. SCHMITT HAPPINESS IN YOUR FUTURE MUSCATINE. IOWA 303 East Second St. AM 3-5022 GIBSON GREETING CARDS 47. 1957 football te-um lea h H ducol to? SUNDRIES , ....- A :::' iifififA.iffe3i1'i CANDIES . :3, ::, Q AT 133 W. 2nd St. Phone AMherst 3-1731 WESTINGHOUSE RCA VICTOR ' Appliances Television YOUNGSTOWN ELECTRICAL CORNER or SECOND a. SYCAMORE Kifchens Confracfing 48 Five Dwarfs of1958 49. B mostlikl t b p 'd 1 fih h hoes? LEWIS MARKET 901 CYPRESS STREET Phone AMherst 3-1863 "Where Food Buying Is A Pleasure" Congratulations ith 1 CONGRATULATIONS :Q BEST WISHES, SENIORS Graham's Drug Store D. A. BAUERBACH CEDAR 6. SECOND 56 Shyest senior boy? MUSCATIN E BUICK. INC Sales cmd Service 217 EAST THIRD ST. PHONE AMherst 3-7271 55 Senior qirl with the newest convertible? GOOD LUCK. SENIORS! WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE 200 East Second St. Phone AIVIherst 3-6051 52 C W 1 1, d Compliments of P00l.E TRANSFER, INC. 807 E. 4th Sl. MUSCATINE. IOWA Phone A1VIherst 3-1123 57 B st likely to own cr C dil oc? Compliments of W H I T S I TT ' S HEADQUARTERS for WEARING APPAREL and ACCESSORIES for WOMEN and CHILDREN 51 Farmer of the year? WHITMAN'S FOOD MART 709 MONROE ST. FANCY FRUITS VEGETABLES - MEATS Phone AMherst 3-4415 53 Senior boy ulwcxys in trouble? GOODYEAR SERVICE STORES HMI' Hi" COMPLMNTS OF Rm' Hi" Tires iIeTii1q1i1eIs-.leiflgatteries Hotpoint Appliances F Motorola TV Norge Washers G Ranges 310 E. SECOND ST. PHONE AM 3-7210 58 B y st likely to be missed by Gus? PAINT STORE Wallpaper - Paint - Glass 110 West Second St. Phone AM 3-2651 BU. Gary Grossklaus leaves his basketball ability to? MILLER'S PURE SERVICE 1011 Park Ave. For Those "Special" Parties Don't Forget DIXIE CREAM 'row1NG - LUBn1cA'r1oN DONUTS WASH Shop is Open Till ll P.M. TIRES - BATTERIES SGH Stamps 206 Walnut St. Muscatine, Iowa 59 S or boy wondering most how he grad t ci 61. ln lO years lim TeStrake will be? Em. 977. lddtzkh J THOMAS F. BEVERIDGE. Owner 210 CEDAR sr. El Ll'- CONGRATULATIONS, SENIORS 62. Beth McDe-rm til h ' g' g b'l'tyl DIAL AM 3-8112 ROYAL TYPEWRITERS Standard and Electric Reconditioned and Rental Machines Office Equipment and Supplies OWN A NEW PORTABLE! EASY TERMS-UP TO 24 MONTHS TO PAY! LEU TKYUPEWQITERS 210 EAST SECOND STREET MUSCATINE, IOWA DIAL AM 3-6811 . ln 6 years Larry I. Miller will be? CONGRATULATIONS. CONGRATULATIONS CLASS or' 'sa AND STANLEY BEST w1sHEs ENGINEERING COMPANY WARECO SYSTEM of IOWA Hershey Building MUSCATINE. IOWA 63 In IO years Marilyn Symmonds will be? Eighth and Cypress St. 64. Nick Oqxlivie leaves his golfing ability to? MAR-CLARE SHOP INFANT'S AND CHILDREN'S SPECIALTY SHOP BI..AKE'S RADIO Sales and Service Life Bra and Hosiery MOTOROLA - RADIOS 1oz msr sncorm s'r. TELEVISION AM 3-7312 210 Iowa Ave. Phone A1VIherst 3-1031 67 F I d 'dent? 68. Girl most likel succeed? For the 49th Year We Are Saying: CONGRATULATIONS, SENIORS! on Attainmq Your Mcuority. You Are in the Third Generation of Those Who Hove Purchased Their School Supplies From Us. HAPPY LANDINGS! Cleaning and Laundry in the Years Ahead MAGNUS MODEL LAUNDRY Sanitone Cleaners ART HOWE. President A S T H A L T E R S 208-212 East Fourth Street BOOK STORE 72 l ten years Don Kirk will be? 7l Lonnie Sulaburqer in IU years Will be? E. E. BLOOM INSURANCE AGENCY General Insurance 101 Central State Bank Bldg. 73 I ten years Robert Harper? COMPLIMENTS OF THE RED PAINT STORE 214 Iowa Ave. Ph. AMherst 3-9044 70. Rich Albright le s his swimming ob lity to? Treat Your Family To The Best QBR4 -ABR4 S' 'Q S Z f if if ff Insist Upon "Rich Brand" Meat Products At Your Local Markets C. E. 8 S, 1116. MUSCATINE, lowA 74. Girl with the cutest walk? FARM SUPPLY CO. IOHN DEERE EQUIPMENT 115 WALNUT AMherst 3-5143 ith the lclrqest selection of sweate COMPLIMENTS OF WESTER DRUG STORE 315 EAST SECOND ST. PHONE AMherst 3-6733 n the near future Iunet Hermann will be? Co g t l t Cl May All Your Dreams Come True Learn Safety -Talk Safety- Use Safety PECK FORD SALES. INC. YOUR FORD DEALER 211 West Front Ford-Town. Iowa 77. Senior redheads? LUELLEN'S CLEANERS AND FURRIERS FRIGIDAIRE FUR STORAGE 209 WEST 2nd ST. PHONE AMherst 3-4242 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1958 RALPH 1. WITTICH FUNERAL HOME 5 Tom Hathaway. s.c.aP. smn FURNITURE C0 309 Iowa Ave. AM 3-4021 8. Sandra Johnson. PHELPS BROTHERS LAUNDRY AND DRY CLEANING PHONE AMherst 3-7531 315 ORANGE ST. 6. Ken Tutt. CLARK STANDARD AUTO PARTS Distributors of AUTOMOTIVE REPLACEMENT PARTS 530 Mulberry Ave. AM 3-5601 MUSCATINE. IOWA 4. Sandra Mucha. HAHN BROTHERS SAND fs. GRAVEL co. READY MIXED CONCRETE SAND AND GRAVEL Phone AM 3-2731 207 West Front St. MUSCATINE. IOWA 7. Cliff Warner. CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF '58 OTTO R. MAEGLIN 207-209 Medical Arts Bldg. PHONE AMherst 3-6044 Y Ougllt to Lct' Otto Insure Your Aulo 1 Larry and Gary Miller. OBERHAUS MARKET 529 Mulberry Ave. AMherst 3-7734 "Grocers Since 1924" l. E. IIRANZ, FLORIST Flowers For All Occasions Dial AMherst 3-4422 217 Iowa Ave. MUSCATINE. IOWA 3. C 1Steahr. 2. Dlane Wzlson. WE CONGRATULATE THE SENIOR CLASS OF 1958 Our Office ll No Further Than Your Telephone LUPTON 8 TOYNE, Printers Commercial Printing Phone AMherlt 3-9351 224 IOWA AVE. MUSCATINE, IOWA 16 Sharon Gcrrvik. HOLLIDAY CLEANERS Phone AMherst 3-1363 We Pick Up and Deliver Daily 24-Hour Service or Same-Day Service At No Extra CHARGE I2 N ncy Butts. HAROLD FROEHNER INSURANCE AGENCY General Insurance MILLER'S Complete Home Fumishings We Welcome an Opportunity to Serve You Service Dial AM 3-2234 Hershey Bldg. Dial Alvrherst 3-8162 HAROLD MILLER DICK MILLER IO. Butch Meerdink. ll. Iim Hawl y CONGRATULATIONS. Squirt I 9 5 8 C L A S S . I. B. ST. CLAIR BOTTLING WORKS BROWN BH-T SHOE CARBONATED BEVERAGES 219 MULBERRY PHONE AMhersi 3-7341 225 EAST SECOND ST. I5 Neva McCullough. Double Cola 9. Wilbur Metzger. azs East znd AM 3-1374 OF run une of I. C. PENNEY CO. SEAT COVERS TIRES - TOOLS - ACCESSORIES MOTOROLA TELEVISION 6 AUTO RADIOS 14. Brian Gauler. ANYWHERE - ANYTIME The Pause That Refreshes DRINK I owf' Bottled Under Authority of Coca-Cola Company by MUSCATINE COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY 21 Nancy Figq. gf BOTTLES CONGRATULATIONS, CLASS QF '58 ZEUG GARAGE 81 CYCLE SHOP SCHWINN BICYCLES 209 E. 2nd AM 3-1924 Automobile Repairing-Accessories TQPS IN VALUE Phone AM 3-4043 111 Ch st s1 ul. 20. Karen Stohr, Courtesy of The PAUL RIDGE Agency Insurance Service AGENTS: Paul Ridge - Ralph Stark MUSCATINE, IOWA 17. Mi clfadden. CONGRATULATIONS TO SENIORS OF 1958 PARK LANE GOLF 61 COUNTRY CLUB Phone AMherst 3-9774 2223 MULBERRY AVE. per. BEST WISHES. SENIORS "F OR ALL YOUR OFFICE NEEDS" PETERSEN'S OFFICE EQUIPMENT OFFICE SUPPLIES Hershey Bldg. Phone AM11erst 3-280 22. Phyllis lohnson. 4 CONGRATULATIONS AND GOOD WISHES WILLIS CABINETS AND FLOORING 5, Gary Kissel. Elder 6: Vctupel Farm Store MASSEY HARRIS NEW IDEA ALLIS CHALMERS Farm Equipment 6 419 W. FRONT STREET Phone AMherst 3-7951 heryl Nissen. HIGH GRADE MILLWORK R-M MILLWORK CORPORATION Mary Lee Massey, Iudy Freese, and Iudy Peters MINTON'S FINEST IN GIFTS Reed, Barton. and Gorham Silver Lenox 61 Royal Doulton China Phone AM 3-4412 219 Iowa Ave. 23. PQI Schmidt. Congratulations SINGER SEWING MACHINE COMPANY 108 East 2nd St. AM 3-2742 24. Som Snyder, Gary Shep ond Fritz Spiess. 'Ir FRESH REFRIGERA TED mifman 3 and SQA,-.Mfg CAOc0fa,fe5 EICHENAUER'S AMherst 3-2044 211 EAST SECOND ST. 29 D Ahlf cmd Charles Co BEST WISI-IES SENIORS! BROWER SERVICE 123 East Third Sf. Phone AMhersi 3-4852 28. Fred Millcqe, W. T. Grant Co 123 W. Second Known For Values 32. Gary Freers. COMPLIMENTS OF . . . CODER HARDWARE STORE 124 EAST SECOND ST. 30. Vic Wilson. HENDERSON'S Rexall Drug Store COn The Cornerl Drugs - Cosmetics - Sundries PHONE AM 3-8243 31 D Tumey. H 24 Lots of Luck to You Get The Best Qlltlllly The Class of 1958 And The Latest Styles from When You Shop At Spilbgggagillie Gi McCCLM S THE A 5. w ROOT BEER DRIVE-IN . , . FOR , , , 34. Tim Peck. W0MEN'S APPAREL MILLS AUTO PARTS co. DRAPERIES DISTRIBUTORS or AND Replacement Parts Phone AMherst 3-8061 2nd and 3rd F1 0 Drs Laurel Bldg. 408 East Second St. Muscatine. Iowa Congratulations And Best Wishes To The Seniors KEMPF'S JEWELERS 227 East Second St. HERSHEY AVENUE MARKET Groceries 6. Meats W. SCHMIDT - E. TOBIAS 1060 HERSHEY AVE. d. CONGRATULATIONS to the CLASS OF 1958 TRADEHOME SHOE STORE QUALITY-STYLE Griffon Suits Champ Hats Rugby Sweaters Wilson Sportswear Dresner Luqqaqe E E R D I N Clothing Co. THE vALuE NAME IN foorwfin .The Young Mm SM, 105 W. Second Phone AMherst 3-3115 37. Iudy Kent. 39. Catherine Iohnson. ...SEE US... FOR WASHED SAND - GRAVEL - READY-MIX CONCRETE SUNRISE POULTRY GRIT -ALSO PORTLAND AND MASON CEMENT NORTHERN GRAVEL COMPANY Phone AMherst 3-2711 40. Ed I26 SCHMIDT'S AUTO SERVICE Car - Truck - Tractor Repairing Bear Wheel Alignment - Balancing Frame Straightening Wrecker Service Phone AMherst 3-9342 325-329 WEST FRONT STREET MUSCATINE. IOWA 41. Some lucky lumor qlrl. YoU'RE ALWAYS WELCCME AT BATTERSON'S MUSCATINE'S FINEST DEPARTMENT STORE HOME OF NATIONALLY ADVERTISED MERCHANDISE Seen In Lite. Look, Vogue. Seventeen. Colliers, Post. Esquire And Many More If Il"s New, You'll Find' It At BATTERSON'S First Men's :Q Boys' Clothing Housewares Ladies' Ready-to-Wear Bedding: J Linens Yard Goods Drapery I f Q Children'a Wear Men's Work Cloth' I I G C :matics Toys for Chris L J L ie Oceans of Not' 42. I K TeSTRA.KE BROTHERS ,,,, FUL-O-PEP FEEDS ,m Feed and Grain Bl Custom Grinding and Mixing welt . .L 55's- N MUscA'rmE, 1owA Phone AMherst 3-2825 113-117 W. Third St. ROSA'S STYLE SHOP SHOP FOR THE SMARTEST IUNIOR CLOTHES 205 East Second Street 43 D A e Donner and Hon Linn. BLOOM'S I Dependable Food Service 45SdCt nw: rcnoss ,. . nur: smnnn , S. n I V on MRS. RUTH VANDER PLOEG 991 LUCAS MUSCATINE. IOWA Phone AM 3-3776 44 D k Poynter. WELL DONE. SENIORS Your graduation represents a real achievement. We congratulate you on a job well done and wish you best of success in your future plans. THE HOME-O-NIZE CO. 48. S tt Frye, Iim Trescek, lim Holst d, Bruce McC1enninq nd Don Mcpike. THE MUSCATINE DENTAL SOCIETY atulaflons gf can Je 11,5 'Is' DR. L. I. DONOHUE Laurel Bldg. DR. H. G. IOHNSON Laurel Bldg. DR. 1. D. MCPIKE 2601 Mulberry DR. E. E. GOSS Laurel Bldg. DR. I. B. HATHAWAY 111 Cedar St. DR. W. G. LEASE Laurel Bldg. DR. F. W. ENGLUND Laurel Bldg. DR. I. M. WOODHOUSE Laurel Bldg. DR. I. L. PEARLMAN 108 W. 2nd St. DR. 1. A. WAGNER Laurel Bldg. DR. I. A. TREVARTHEN Hershey Bldg. DR. 1. W. POTTER Medical Arts Bldg. BEST WISHES 1958 SENIORS for Quality Appliances MAYTAG - ZEN ITH FRIGIDAIRE SEE McKEE APPLIANCES 510 East Second Street Phone AM 3-7571 6 W Ibur Metzger. We Buy the Best - We Sell the Best AT TASTY PASTRIES Not Just as Good - But Better 417 E. SECOND ST. AM 3-2902 Open Wednesday Afternoon And Every Evening Ed Kulp 49. . When you think of... COAL Think ot... W. G. BLOCK CO. Fuel Merchants For Over 70 Years 50. Mike Boynton. Good Luck, Seniors OLLIE BENTLY'S PLAMOR RECREATION and BOWLING CLUB NOW EQUIPPED WITH AUTOMATIC PINSETTERS 'Home of 6 Junior Bowling Leagues" and Downtown Meeting Place for All Students 47 The 1958 football team. 5 Good Luck Seniors RIN K GROCERY 1201 OREGON Phone AMherst 3-1913 T m Hoope CONGRATULATIONS to the E ' 1958 SENIORS! xpenence MANHATTAN GRILL Understanding 221 IOWA AVE. F rienclliness Nfw Yonx uff Trust , H INSURANCE CO. Life - Accident - Sickness - Hospital - Gr p I CARL G. PAETZ. IR. l005KahIBldg. 3-2773 DAVENPORT. IOWA Sonny Coyner. 5. Carol Hmhqwuy. CONGRATULATIONS "HERE TO SERVE" 5336 LAMP-REI-IWALDT CO. YOUR INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER DEALER PHONE AMherst 3-5514 MUSCATINE, IOWA 54. Betsy Boldi, Ncmcy Fiqq, Sue Foster, Iudy Freese, G CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL 1958 GRADUATES All through the year, whether you call on us to deposit money, or to borrow itg to ask our opinion about a problem, or merely to bid us the time ot day-YOU ARE ALWAYS WELCOME. Haul: Member Federal Reserve System Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation This bank issues U. S. Savings Bonds as a public service. 60. T m Dillion. BEST WISHES CARl.SON'S FLORAL SHOP 211 E. 3rd sneer AM 3-5561 MUSCATINE. IOWA 57GyNi Ll - .. - 1866 1958 Extends H eartiest Congratulations And Sincere Good Wishes For Success 56 David Brown. Phone AM 3-8711 1333 E. 2nd St. Congratulations Seniors GRAHAM PHOTOGRAPHY Portraits - Weddings - Commercial YOUR KODAK AND BELL AND HOWELL DEALER 58. Merv Gasaway. CONGRA TULA TIONS SENIORS ti B V P Good Luck Seniors Zip Gasoline Company t'AI.t'lt LZCTHAFLH, Mfg I 11 I ,tl H111 ruff i I Jztwfvl. CONGRATULATIONS TO THE GRADUATING CLASS H. E. Smith Coal 81 Heating Co. Coal - Heating - Air Conditioning BOB TOBORG 712 E. 2nd Si. I R fjiiri, CONGRATULATIONS TO THE REYNOLDS CLASS OF '58 Appliance Sales Q Service SENIORS WITH DIPLOMAS ARE GOING PLACES GRADUATES WI'I'H MARRIAGE MCKEE BUTTON LICENSES Am-: COMING TO Us FOR THE BEST IN APPLIANCES! 420 Mulberry Phone AMherst 3-2411 iqinq It1tlI'7I, 61. President, BEST OF LUCK Congratulations. Seniors FROM BREI'S STANDARD SERVICE METROPOLITAN LIFE 600 Mulberry Ph Muscatine. Iowa AM 3-9824 We GiveoS!2H Green stamp, INSURANCE REPRESENTATIVES 67. Ianet Gree COMPLIMENTS OF ROTH LUMBER 81 OIL COMPANY 808 Grandview Ave. MUSCATINE, IOWA se Ig Pt as Frank A. Nelson Ioe Light Iesse Wagner Phone AM 3-5063 Archie Bloomer Ralph Nietzel MIQB t Eg I-I IT Mt H. J. HEINZ . . . A Name That Has Supplied Outstanding Quality F ood Products For Fine American Tables HEINZ COMPANY Makers of the 57 Varieties 69 P t etary to Mr. Messenqe CONGRATULATIONS GRADUATES 19 5 8 HELEN BAMF ORD STUDIO 106 E. SECOND s'r. Phone AMherst 3-6611 I. Playing with Spike Iones. CooK's MUSIC SHOP AM 3-9541 MUI-BERRY 221 E. 2nd St. , , BEAUTY Mcxgnovox H1-F1 Records C O H N ' S For The Best In . . . SUNDRIES - MAGAZINES - TOYS - GREET ING CARDS CANDIES -- SMOKING SUPPLIES - FOUNTAIN SERVICE 209 EAST THIRD ST. MUSCATINE PEARL WORKS MANUFACTURE PEARL BUTTON and NOVELTIES LUCKYDAY BRAND 73. Will be mek' q h h'l the h' S. NO APPOINTMENT NEEDED LEO HARTS' BARBER SHOP fDo it yourself shop in backj 76 Barb Whnsm. CONES MALTS TASTEE FREEZ 701 GRANDVIEW AVE. Across from Roach's SUNDAES QUARTS 74. Lyla Colbe q coon LUCK THE GLATSTEIN STORES FURNITURE - RUGS - STOVES COMPLETE HOME FURNISHERS 423-429 East Second Street Harry R. Glatstein Muscatine, Iowa 75. Raising chickens. Best Wishes and Congratulations to the Students of M. H. S. McKEE FEED AND GRAIN COMPANY HAWKEYE FEEDS 500 EAST SECOND ST. AMherst 3-4343 77. Sue Timm, Ann Hillyer, Cynthia H t S d Asmus, Ioyce Mockmo d Sh L Rue. I36 GOOD LUCK SENIORS OF 1958 CENTRAL STATE BANK Muscatine, Iowa Phone AM 3-3131 Member Federal Reserve System Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation 78 Neva McCullough, Iudy Sm th ri K St h Muscatine High School May 29, 1958 AURORAN YEARBOOK ADVERTISERS: On behalf of the AUROBAN Yearbook Staff, I Wish to take this opportunity to thank all of our loyal advertisers for their generous support of the 1958 AURORAN. Your devoted interest in our behalf enables the Muscatine High School students to secure a pictorial history of the 1957-1958 school year at a greatly reduced cost. We trust your support will be as spontaneous in the future as it has in the pastp and for this, our heartiest thanks and best wishes to you all. Sincerely yours, lOl-IN C. BREADY Faculty Advisor Q, o r ,iqirm -- Z SFRVICE X ' J awww. mu 'Q r 771 uffwi Y JK. g N,.-,JA Q pf' 3' 1 .1 QQ . V X , TF JD . A ,Lf , J , KX! f-r X is A,A. Y A A 3 x' L . --K , -W 'X l! o 5,5 I Y xii UH ENGRAQ "JAHN 2 OLLIER AGAI " Tile slogan tl1at's laacizecl lay genuine goociness in quality ancl service, time result of 43 years successful experience in time yearboole field. We find real satisfaction in pleasing you, the year- laoolz pulxlislier, as well as your photographer and your printer. JAHN 8 OLLIER ENGRAVING Makers of Fine Printing Plates for Black or Color Commercial Artists - Photographers 8I7 W. WASHINGTON BLVD.. CHICAGO 7, ILL. 1- vi lj , 'I' This Yearbook Printed and Bound by CLIO PRESS Yearbook Division of fhe ADVERTISING COMPANY Iowa City, Iowa xl 756 SOME OF THE TYPE FACES AVAILABLE TO OUR CUSTOMERS 1-5195's 1 . 1, 'rf - x V45 . 1- . , .-. , my . .K px A., ..u-. An . . NV - 4 .:- ,-73 ,M ,. . .,',. .A 'if Q f. VV, P Lf' ,: QQ. L: f ' az-1'--I-.5 . ,ff V, -ya Kacigiff. - ' ,af - w 'T-' .' rf- . 1-.2"j,Q:q. 1. f "M '-' -,-af-f. , 9.-QA,,f5'. , 1-fl'-3 .gg . ff :F-W . fs ' ' 2,551-5'-' L-w P :H-ri. ma' :. V " . -.9353 -' ' X fi -' .' N, ' '-' : il 1. -ff 'I .wipifp "V 'Y1"f'f.i7f2, lbfkk, 'E' II? '.'+6.F ,L . xfnf--I "T'.1f1f' ' ' 'nl' . ,ii -,f:. yr .- 1'f..':f K . .. .,.r,..,H ,,.,,,,l,.-. ..... f ft. -. 143 4 . 2 J, v.. s, L .E ff., - Nr . Hi .U 1 .., .gh Xu lx ---45, ,rv - ,.,, Qs ' ..1-1, - -.x fibf 1 45- ,.r ..y 1 , ir... rf. . -.Q , - ggfkf-'kr , . 7 A 1 --1. 1. N18 . Vg., m.V,. V! .- wry: Q.. -1 'filf' 1 ' ...M .5 .Jn 'G' 1, . ...INV of :- H-2q,,, M ' Q, .gg V k '- .,, F' vf. fp., - "mf ' t , x. -I ' 'I 4 " Q 57, .. f ,wg , . -. ,W b "J -'ii S ,, ..., . 7 . 91 .44 5 . ,... 7 . E .J A,-51? E3if.x.W 'Z-. v:.'--- qf 4 Mr. 'QC A' o, .,, . A5- .L,"' , '- IL ,.f- .. " ...J A . 1, x mg. - 14" ..t, 1 ,152-...V f. ,N ,x L. . L4 .y fn Af.. , 1 "f,,. c gn - Y., .L 1 .-1,-a " ' Jw " s -4,: v .,-. ,xl M' . H. . , x , Af" fi D. .4,', :LQ 1 . ',.,1. 121' , f H. 1 -,Ml ii4.,i:. ty. ,. V,- g.rg,,'L, gfgw. 5, A.. mn., U A '?':.f4g-I fffir. '- r f- Iflfkit.. .fir . ' f L-vu ,I - 1. 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Suggestions in the Muscatine High School - Auroran Yearbook (Muscatine, IA) collection:

Muscatine High School - Auroran Yearbook (Muscatine, IA) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


Muscatine High School - Auroran Yearbook (Muscatine, IA) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


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Muscatine High School - Auroran Yearbook (Muscatine, IA) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


Muscatine High School - Auroran Yearbook (Muscatine, IA) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 1


Muscatine High School - Auroran Yearbook (Muscatine, IA) online yearbook collection, 1977 Edition, Page 1


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