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Muscatine High School - Auroran Yearbook (Muscatine, IA) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Cover

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'Aww X K ,N - - l N hi R' - 4 ,J-"wx, . X "Q ff' E W , V aff -1 K W.f,.'iIq. V pn, a 1 1..,s.:.gV, Q VV ,,,.5KK...Q, .. ., .12 1:1 . W ' ' , .2 Y " WKQNW JVM er 6 .1 V -Q.. V 15 xx' 2 M .,.f ,W -V ffm, ' 5 -il. 13" A gifg, '.-'ff' " "H 4, ' " 'Q " h"",' 1K " 4 x' ' .,, 4' .. H Q fx. ? ? ,- V+-M -A f?-1V,-n+w.- ..,. .nn -MM, .Q .WVQA Y ' T1 "L"1,.w fi., .. 2 " 'f - V. My -MW was M, urn M. J..-qu ,K AQ . ..,.M+-VV,V LV N' WM af , ,LKWV Nfl-Vl' Q Q9-1 .1 A an-qv. W, -www 121 -1 wwapvo- MM' 3 in ,iw-1' .B 'ww -ww 'Him-fm mix, vw-11M .pf WW' um an wiv wwf am ww-wwwfm W-My QQQ,,,,. f -AQHVM. Xmwsvyw. 'Uhr B QmB5g 1 90191 fl-,Fw A 2' " V . .. . .. '--,.f-Ls.. ' VM .4X. Kai, ""1.m"."...-sf ' ' "J aww:-gb-w Qmwmam w M H Qwfxratzsfw, fd, mgasa WW?-OHL-A 9 wpwwrw v 15.4, Kg L KK K K K ,. I gkxg, K, vLV. V ,ii , K fri V . ' . ,V . if-'if ,V iz. . ' I 1: . . QV ' ' W 'f' 0 'T' vi" '9'f9"1" ' "' f' 71 T5 V -'J A 'AlN."' iv 2' ' 'A ,. 1 ,Q ff - Q " ' -'Q . f'f- ,:?. 3,-W. . ,. . K V K,.:K. K .. , . W ,L My may ,gV .V ' .Q ' . -1 . VV .V V V , Aa A f , V . .1 ,, '1-we , , 'ff .. V. 1 -'-' V V " K ' , .V V - V- V A " Q . ' Vff' - ar ',f.,f ' "7 ' :7"'5 ' ' '- V' " Q ' . ' , , V . K K yu, ' ,jf M Z J , K,-4 , A V f K ,.-. ' .- KV KuV.KVVj'fKJjgW , , A' ' f K . ,V , , ,. qi' ,. ' ' " . -4 'Lang 4 m , QV ' V ' ,M ,V , ,- ' ' ' , x 14 ' . ' ' 1 'A . Jef:-.1 'f':2g'f, ' 1' K I I -K Kg, I ,KVVVK f,5,. A Sw, , V 5 J f K 1- Q A K.'Kg ' V' , as-. KK K KV",.' j A 'Y g fi ' ' 4 5' "' ,V - V, -V -,Q . ' ' -' -' , ,,.. ' , .gf 23 , e'f j"' R - ,, K. 2 f ' ,. ,Q :Q ' . . Jr H , .V L' . f M jf ,V 1: Q K K - J, w , KK K K K K KK , KK K .,, 5f2R.3xi.ZVVV 5 ga .,.,. JV- , , V , ., '. - V.,v "1 KK KK V gf K V, V X .. M .,, f. nm wg M 1 mm Q 'ww Q --j -f ln- , ww ks Q Q1 i nu sa um avsv. sn: , VX -' 4 -1 5 V1 , f"5 f1 of A 4. A--f-' M Q21 1 -w--ww LEA G53 ey-1 DQ --'-"""' ' y QU -Vi f X f f' Q Ml E Q17 7 HL, 5:5 j: Q if Q2 E 7' ' 9 ,rl f 572 ' ,' yf 735' iq.,-1 E 2, ' IA MU Q v Hi. W, f mow 5? W g I og f f ff Ak W hp' N f ii ly G1-f f A E gf, J Y, X YA! My W M FR I ,f Q1 f Wfjxy y 1 'VI V 'A J ' ,M A.J,.'JhW ' ' Z Dedication l, Patricia Fuller, editor of the l95l ALIRORAN, hereby dedicate this book to Genevieve Mc- Candless. Miss lVlcCandless, known to many Mtisky students as 'ALady", was advisor of the high school publications for many years. She will be ever remembered by the students of lVl.H.S., so l with my co-Workers, ft 57" W S and new advisor, Melvin Locke, extend a hearty "thank you" to her and dedicate this edition in appreciation of her jour- nalistic contributions tc the AURORAN publica- tions. Contents I. WALKING THE STRAIGHT AND NARROW PATH PAGE 6 Administration Faculty Student Leaders Seniors g Iuniors Sophomores Freshmen II. STROLLING DOWN BYHPATHS . . PAGE 52 Publications Clubs Music Debate Honoraries Sports Dramatics III. LINGERING UPON REIVIEMBERED WALKS . . PAGE 96 Homecoming 'I Dances Assemblies Leisure Hours Memories MLISKY ADVERTISERS . . PAGE 114 L as Q . mf 5 r'g-A -W X Bhd The Fu-L une. .Semorv f E . I ,S xt Graelua-I fan K, F ff 1 ff C 1 Junko X 1 W, RW' .S ll, W 5 . S ,S- Af!r ELC fffc' e, 'x Walking' Tha Straight And Narrow Paths at 1 . T' ADMINISTRATION FACULTY STUDENT LEADERS Urn open SENIORS 1uN1oRs SOPHQMQRES FRESHMEN F'r'e.s Hman art I Aff A , 4 tlministratnrs t,iiii.n.tiiii,i..i-iii. i ii.ii.i.iii,.i VV ..L Youve heard the saying 'Atwo heads are better than onen? Our Superintendent Arthur A ohr son conversed with Fred G. Messenger, who is Principal of our Senior High School One S their current problems was the revision of the curriculum to fit the needs, lfllifn-?.3"'S and capacit of the individual students, The books on their desks indicated the problem of the day co have pertained to English, or perhaps it was the latest humorous joke. V -V A V V VV V V XV V . V V V XV V,,V,V,V,,V0V-5-A-VRV-k.0.4V.4..-,.4-V V. V.-VAVVA V4 V0.4 .Qu,4VV0V4'.,V0VvV0V- Vu.--V-,VA V.hV1AVWVA-.0V0V0V0V0V.,!V-L L0 0 4' 1 1' R '--'V r'-'f--"HN"-""" ..."iQ..i'1... V -i i ii. AURORAN STAFF Advertising Manager . . . Assistant Advertising Manager . Art Editor ..... Copy Co-Editors . Subscription Manager . Tvpists , WALTER I-loAo SHIRLEY KRUSE . DIANE ODELL 1 FLoRENE MAssEY t MARCIA BELTER . RALPH HOAG Q IOAN GROSJEAN t IoAN EMLET 7 I-11p Y .l-un Board uf Education -W,-ewAAAAAAAAUAAAAAAAAA-AUAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA -,LA AAAAAAXVLL f A 1 ..,.,.-.....,...,---.-.-,.,-.-,---,-........ .-.-,.-,- I I 'ATATAT A TA1'A"A' TU''A"A"A"Ai'A'fAf'A'fA'IA'5AT A'7A"ITAT'A"AT'A"Af'A"Ai'A"A'7A'7A"A'7AT 'ATE ATA . A 'AT'A'AT 'A'7A'7F.7A1'ATA1 Ac A X A A , A . A c A ,A . A . A . A , A c A , A A , A , A,,Ac A A ,A fA , A A A , A. A A AA A , A ,A . A nc A , Ac f At the regular business meeting of the Muscatine Board of Education, Bill Krueger, Ray Dunker and Superintendent Iohnson stood behind this scene of action, While Robert Hahn helped August Altenbernd sign vouchers for payment of bills, which were incurred during the month. Other members at the table included Mrs. Van Snyder and President Clifford Worst, The empty chair was for Omer Iones, but due to a business trip he was unable to attend. 11131 '.l'L'.-'- '.J..'.J-.'--'L.'..'-.'.J-'.lU '..'4'.'4.'..'-.'-'J-'..'-J-,' Ll- ' 'AVL.'-J-A'-JL-'-.'JJ-'.,'.LULl"ilQ'4bV"f"f.lQ' L'..'.l'i' 'i'.-'.L'.l'L,'-.' 'LJ-'iVl' '-L'.l'.2'l, 0 -. .lL1.l-.- ' ' ' 'a X' ff' s"" ' AAAAAfAcAAA,AA,AsAAfAcfA wc .AxfAyA.A,A A,A A,Ax,A,A.,AxAoAcAvAvAfAxAXAWAVANA A.A,AtA AxA.AfAcA AfAXA,AXAvAsA.A.A,A AfAc,AcAcAAfAcAcAcA,A,A A, . ACKNOWLEDGMENTS . Q BAMFORD STUDIO Senior photography ' ' Q MINTON PHOTOGRAPHER Informal Photography . . C EIEEEEISA EQEAM Copy Advisor . . .... SUZANNE STEVENS Engravers . . IAHN 6 OLLIER ENGRAVING Co, Cover . .... CAMPUS SERVICE Printing . . ECONOMY ADVERTISING Co, 'Ulf J A' ci 533 Qirieefessx Q ,5 Q H 4'2" .. ' we as Gm 5? M F 7 X 3 3,45 an'-fewueaifewrwbwii 1545.9 s i 'Q if -aww 2131? f ' x z if ' K 1 3 'elf ' ?,W,? ,Q A .. y. . .. 53 if 1.2 :fi IS :sg I I u Vt., , A232 2, U ef W 25 5, ,rg A 551 Q, Q 'ww ' 3 Q .NE 'F 4651 mf ff J,u-mug 4 A Qxwtggg Q -iw 75'C9l.fS2frZJy Cy ,?1!ffr2zff?g',iv lp Language teachers Catherine Miller lleftl and Hetty Kemble checked the teachers' loaded bulletin board. Earl Gantenbein and Mary Culhane bravely tackled the task of making out gym schedules for the second semester. Max Smith lleftj grinned as Max Collins sadly paid off a bet by Way of the convenient cafeteria Coke machine. Walt Kochneff tried out the new drivers' training car before letting his classes learn the ropes. Faculty l -- ---7 --- - I. Y Y, Y Y W 'JOURNAL N WE' Q Melvin Locke shows one of the six new charts, which the school purchased this year for book- keeping, to Caroline Liebbe lleftl and Betty lo Anderson. Edith Stocker displays her collec- tion of famous painting in the art room. While lim McGarvey Cleftl, lim Maas, and Geneva Grace were on hall duty, science was the topic of their discussion, The new microscope is being examined by the two biology teachers, Ted Allen lleftl and lohn Baird. Faculty 1 ' Mn Ts X uv 'ffswwm M. ,M 1 1 4 K Q 3 5 2 Y fs'3w" f wsM...v,v ,M Q K fy ' MN Piepreseritetive Buy Besides being selected the representative boy, from a list of 20 senior boys in the upper third of the graduating class, Eddie Humpleby was a mem- ber of the 1950 National Honor Society. As a junior, he was out for track and let- tered in baseball. It was also Eddie's privilege to be the Vice-President of his class during his senior year as well as participate in Hi-Y and Pep Club. Representative Girl lean Shoultz was chosen by the students, from a list of 39 girls in the upper third of the senior class, for the honor of being the most representative girl in our high school. She was also our Queen, who reigned over the Homecom- ing festivities during the foot- ball season. During her jun- ior year, lean was President of Commercial Club. Some of her other activities includ- ed Puture Homemakers of Arnerica and Pep Club. A filler Each year AURORAN staff members receive Quill and Scroll honors, an international journalistic society for high school journalists. This year's members spent much time doing yearbook work. Florene Massey lleft to rightl composed a business letter and Diane Cdell drew a division page. Marcia Belter typed copy while Norma Dollman, Pat Fuller, and Pat Toyne checked the AURORAN dummy. Ken lVlcCaflery and Shirley Kruse had file and book work to be done. Lluill and Scroll 5 i 5, v VF" Ed l-lumpleby lleftl was having a hard time holding his own against his live feminine members of the l950 Honor Society. Ed and Suzanne Stevens lrightl were playing ping-pong but Ed didn't have a chance as the spectators were on Suzannes side, Her fans were IoAnn Bloom, loan Borgstadt, Beverly Eis, and Mary Ann McCaffrey. Selection for National Honor Society is made hy the faculty on the basis of scholarship, leadership, and participation in activities. lEl5U Hmmm? Society 41 C55 pm ,rr Qmf' THREE POINT SENIORS:-First Row: Beverly Eis, 3.25: Dorothy Frankenherry, 3.21 Loretta Vxfvyckoff, 3.62, Second Row: Eileen Sohn, 3.09: Rose Logel, 3.50, Mary Ann 1V1cCaf frey, 3.32. Third Row: Suzanne Stevens, 3.54: lanet Tobias, 3.53: Alice Nichols, 3.85 Fourth Row: Beverly Smull, 3.07: lo Ann Bloom, 41,01 Evelyn Hobart, 3.10. Fifth Row loyce Rummells, 3.00: Harold Gerndt, 3.10. Sixth Row: Ioan Borgstaclt, 3.85: VVa1ter Rada 3.21: Dwaine Pahl, 3.14. Seventh Row: Marciai Belter, 3.48: Bennett Levin, 3.53: lerry Littell 3.41. Eighth Row: Bill Coder, 3.07: lerry Stark, 3.50. Three Point Seniors F a ' we lim King lleftl and Dick Vander Horn were the proud holders of the Bill Roach Trophy this year. Each year an athletic committee awards the trophy to a member or members of the football squad who has been outstanding for team spirit, perseverance, courage, and sportsmanship. This year, as in two previous years, two boys were selected. The boys were teammates with lim playing tackle and Dick center. Dick also played center on the basketball team, Trophy Winners mgggm, , 1 L Y as gf L.-, sc . 1 ff 4 A ..-, -'ia f 4 A is , 'fu' 5, 'Ei " ' ' 1'1i3 1 , ,. f Y i Q' ' , 5? s 5 ', 2 I 1 - Q1 " ,Qf .:. Qfb.1 5,i?L W K' , I' W y . YE F ' . .ix-sm i Q 3 5 5 904' fi fl A . H, ,V . The senior Class oflicers were Caught in the act of bringing in the New Year, with much lun and clamor. Secretary-treasurer Ed Stark lleftl did more than his share with a noise-maker in his hand and a hat tipped to one side. President lim Sturrns lcenterl, wearing a tiny "lid", came forth with his usual outburst of laughter. Ed Humpleby, who served as viceepresident, lent his part to the gaiety with his unique hat and shrill whistle, Senior Ulliners ALLMANDINGER, BOB AN DREAS, NORMAN Greenhands l,2 . . . F.F.A. 3,4. BEITZ. RONALD Basketball l,2,3,4, Letter 3,4 . . . Football l,2,3,4, Letter 2,3,4 . .. Track l,2,3, Letter'3 . . . FFA. 2,3 . . . Greenhands l . . . Hi-Y l,2,3,4 . . . Honors: First Team Football in Conference, Third Team in State. BERRY, BOB Basketball l,2,3,4, Letter 3,4 . .. Baseball l,2, Letter 1,2 . . . Football l,2,3,4, Letter 2,3,4, Co-captain 4 . . . Track l,2,3, Letter 2,3 . . . Hi-Y 3,4 . . . Class President l,2, Class Vice-President 3. BISHOP, GEORGE W. Basketball 2, 3, 4, Letter 4 . . . Foot- ball 3, 4, Letter 4 . . . Track 1, 2, 3, 4, Letter 3, 4, Captain 4 . . . Hi-Y 2, 3, 4. BLOOM, IO ANN Glee Club l . . . Auroran 3 . . . Curia Regia l, 2, Secretary l, Vice- President 2 . , . Quill and Scroll 3 . . . Commercial Club 3 , . . Na- tional I-lonor Society 3, 4 . . . Student Secretary 4. . Q 1 AMOS. FLOYD Track 3,4 . . . Camera Club 2,3,4. BARKO, BEVERLY Auroran 4 . . . Hi-Tri 3,4 . , . Amicae l,2, Treasurer 2 . . . FHA. l,2,3,4, President 3. BORGSTADT. IOAN Auroran l,2,3 . . . Curia Reqia l . . . F.H.A. 2 . . . Quill and Scroll 3 . . . Commercial Club 3 . . . National Honor Society 3,4 BEASON, ALVA Bowling 3. BELTER, MARCIA Teachers Club 4, President 4 . .. Chorus 2,3 . . . Auroran 3,4, Co-Copy Editor 4 . . . Curia Reqia 2, Vice- President 2 . . . Arnicae 2 . . . Declamation 2,3 . . , Quill and Scroll 4. 'Wi t BLOOM, IOHN Chorus l,2,3,4, Letter 3,4 . . . F.F.A. 2, Pin 2 . . . Greenhands l . . . Track l. BREWER, LARRY L. Band l,2,3,4, Letter l,2,3,4 . . . Curia Reqia l,2 . . . l-li-Y 3,4. BROUD, SIDNEY BURNS, SHERMAN Track 2,3 . . . Band l,2,3,4, Letter l,2, 3,4, Vice President 4 . . . HifY 3,4, BUSTER. DON Track 2,3 . . . F.F.A. 3,4, Reporter 4 . . . Greenhands l,2 . . . Senior Play 4. CODER, BILL Football 1,2 . . . Track l . . . PPA, 2,3,4, Vice President 3, Secretary 3, President 4 . . . Greenhands l . . . Senior Play 4. CALVERT, RUTH Glee Club 4 . . . Plays 2 , . . Com- mercial Club 3. BREWER, LEONARD Track 2,3 . . . Camera Club 2. BROWN, CARL Football l,2,3,4, Letter 4 . , . Track Z,3, BUSTER, GEORGE Pep Club 4 . . . Baseball 2 . . . Track 2,3,4 . . . F.F.A. 3,4 . . . Green- hands l,2 . . . Hi-Y 4 . . . Wres- tlinq l. BUCKLEY, RUTH BURCH, VICTOR Pep Club 4 . . . Football 2,3 . . Track l,2,3,4 . . . l:'.F.A. 3,4 , . Greenhands l,2. CHAPMAN, IANIECE Pep Club 4 . . . Hi-Tri 3,4, Vice President 4 . . . Amicae 2 . . . l:.l-LA. l,2 . . . Cheerleading 3,4, Letter 3,4 . . . Commercial Club 3. COLBERG, I O ANNE Pep Club 4 . . . Band 4 . . . Amicae l,2 . . . F.H.A. 2,3 . . . G.A.A. l,2,3,4 . . . Commercial Club 3. CORDWELL, EDITH Pep Club 4 . . , Librarians 1,2 . . . Amicae l . . . Camera Club l,2. CROW, DONALD Band l,2,3,4, Lettered l,2,3,4, Student Director 4, Brass Sextet 3, Brass Quartette 4, Swing Band 4. CURTIS, RON NY Football l,2,3,4, Letter 3,4, Co-Cap' tain 4 . . . Track l,2,3,4 . . . F.F.A. 3,4 . . . Greenhands 1,2 . . . Honors Boy's State 3 . . . Class Secretary- treasurer 3. DIPPLE, ISABEL Pep Club 4 . . . Glee Club l,2 . . . Librarians l,2,3 . . . Camera Club 3 . . . F.l-LA. 2,3 . . . G.A.A. 3. DUGGAN, DICK Chorus 3,4, Letter 3,4 . . . Glee Club 3,4. --ul-1 COPPER, ROGER Football 2,3 . . . Track 2 . . , Chorus 2,3,4, Letter 2,3,4 , . . Glee Club 2,3,4 . . . FPA. 3,4 . . . Greenhands l,2. CROSON, MARVIN Pep Club 4 . . . Track l,2, Student Manager Letter 2 . . . Auroran 4 . . . F.F.A. 3,4 . . . Greenhands l,2 . . . Wrestling l . . . Intramurals l,2,3,4. CROW, RONALD Band l,2,3,4, Letters l,2,3,4. DALLAS, NADINE F.l-LA. 2 . . .Office l,2,3. DITCH, PATRICIA Band 1,2,3,4, Letter 1,2,3,4 . . . Hi- Tri 4 . . . Amicae 1,2 . . . F.H.A. 2,3. w l 1 l l l DOLLMAN, N ORMA IEAN Pep Club 4 . . .Band l, Letter l . .. Auroran 2,3,4, Associate Editor 4 . . . Y Hi-Tri 3,4 . . . Amicae l,2, Vice 1 President 2, Social Committee l . . . I Cheerleader 3,4 . . . Homecoming 1 Queen Attendant 4 . . . Commercial Club 3 . . . Quill and Scroll 4 . . . Curia Reqia l. L.. I L- L M 4 e A ri EGEL, IANICE Pep Club 4 . . . Thespians 2,3,4 . . . Amicae 2 . . . Dramatics 2, Letter 2. EIS, BEVERLY Teachers Club 4 . . . Thespians 2,3,4 . . . F.H.A. 2 . , , Plays l,2,3,4, Letter 2 . . . National Honor Society 3,4 . . , Senior Play 4. ESSEX, MARILYN YVONNE N.F.L. 3,4 . . . Thespians 2,3,4, Pres- 'ident 4 . . . F.l-LA, l,2 . . . Plays l,2, Major Letter 2 . . . Declamation and Radio Speaking 2, Letter 2 . . . Curia Regia l . . . Commercial Club 2,3, Treasurer 2. F ISHER. ELLA MAE Glee Club l . , . Thespians 2,3 . . Librarians 2 . , . Auroran 4 . . Amicae 2 . . . F.l-LA. 2,3,4 . . Costume Crew 2,3, Letter 3. FRANKLIN, BETTY Librarians 2,3, Vice-President 3 . . . Arnicae l . . . Commercial Club 3. FRY, WESLEY Track 2,3,4, Letter 3,4. l Lk ,M EDEN, VERLEE MAE Glee Club Z . , . F.H.A. 2,4 . Stage Crew 3,4. EMLET, I OAN RUTH Pep Club 4 . . . Librarians l,2,3,4, Library Pin 3, Secretary and Tre- surer 3 . . . Aurorari 4 . . . Amicae l,2 . . . Camera Club 3 . . . F.H.A, 3 . . . G.A.A. l , . . Commercial Club 3 . . . Rope Iumping 1,2 . . . lntramurals l,2. EVAN S, VAUGHN Thespians 3,4, Letter 3 . . . l-HAY 4 . . . Camera Club 2,3 . . . Stage Crew 3,4, Letter 3. FRANKENBERRY. DOROTHY MAE Hi-Tri 3 . . . Camera Club 3,4 . . . G.A.A. l,2,3,4, Letter 1, Pin 2,3, Chevron 4 . . . Commercial Club 4. FRANKENBERRY, OPAL CATHERINE I-li-Tri 3 . . . Camera Club 4 . . . F.H.A, 2 . , . G.A.A. l,2,3,4, Letter l, Pin 2,3, Chevron 4 . . . Com' rnercial Club 3. FAULKNER. KEITH Band 3,4 . . . Auroran 3. FULLER, PAT Auroran 2,3,4, News Page Editor Z, Assistant Editor 3, Editor 4 . , . Hi- Tri 3 . . . Amicae l,2, Treasurer 2 . . . Curia Regia l . . . Quill and Scroll 3,4 GERNDT, HAROLD Curia Regia l,2 . . . Senior Play 4. GRADY, LANN Y Basketball l,Z , . , Football l . . . Track l . . . Chorus l,3, Letter l . . . Glee Club l,3. GROSIEAN, IOAN IOYCE Pep Club 4 . . . Auroran 4 . . . Amicae l . . . G.A.A. l,2,3,4, Letter l . . . Commercial Club 3 . . . Intramurals l,2. HAGY, RUTH Auroran 4 . , . Hi-Tri 3,4 . , . Amicae 1,2 . . . F.l-LA. 2,3,4. HARRISON. MARILYN DAWN Band l, Letter l. FULTON, HERBERT LAVERNE Track 2 . . . Band l,2,3,4, Letter l,2,3,4 . , , Radio Plays 4 . . . Debate 4. GOSSET, ROBERT Basketball l,2 . , . Baseball l . . Football 3 . . . Chorus l . Camera Club 2. GRAHAM, CHARLOTTE Librarians l . . , F.i-LA. l,2,4 . . . G.A.A. l,2,3,4, Letter 2, Local Pin 2, State Pin 3, Vice President 3, President 4 , . . Apprentice Players l,2, President Z . . . Intramurals l,2,3,4. HAGERMANN, MICKEY Track 1,2 . . . PFA. 3,4, Vice Presi dent 4 . . . Greenhands l,2 . , . Wrestling l, Letter l . . . Home- making King 2. HAMMANN, HAROLD Basketball 1 . . . Track 2 . Band 4, Letter 4 . . . Chorus 3 . . Glee Club 3 . . . F.P.A. l,2,3,4. HARMON, DONALD LL X 4 HART. IOAN Glee Club l . . . Auroran l,4 . . l Amicae l,2 . . . G.A.A. l. HATHAWAY. LOIS G.A.A. 2 . . . Commerical. Club 3. HEINKEL, MARLENE Teachers Club 4 . . . Amicae l,2 . . . G.A.A. l,2,3,4, Secretary, Letter, State and Local Pin 2 chevrons, HILLIER. IAMES N.F.L. l,2,3,4 . . . Camera Club l,2, Vice President 2 . . . Debate l,2,3,4, Letter 2,3,4. HOAG. RALPH Thespians l,2, Star . . . Auroran l,2,3,4, Subscription Editor 4 . . . F.F.A. 4 . . . Greenhands l,2,3, Ton Litter Trophy . . . Stage Crew 3 . . . Apprentice Players 2 . . . Senior Play 4. HOAG. WALTER Auroran l,2,4, Advertisement Editor, 4 . . . Greenhands l,2,3 . . . F.F.A. 4, Second in Public Speaking at Dis- trict 3, Chairman of Scholarship Committee 4, Treasurer 4 . . . Ap- prentice Players l . . . Senior Play 3, Stage Crew 3, Letter 3. HATFIELD, SHIRLEY Pep Club 4 . . . Amicae l,2 F.H.A. l,2,4 . . . G.A.A. l,2,3,4. Letter 2 . . . Commercial Club 3 . . . Rope Jumping 1,2,3. HAZEN, DICK Basketball 2,3,4, Letter 4 . . . Foot- ball l,2,3,4,l Letter l . . . Track 2,3,4. HENDERSON, BILL Football 2,3 . . . Band l, Letter l . . . Hi-Y 3,4 , . . Camera Club 3,4. j HILTON, DURREL t N.F.L. 2,3,4 . . . Thespians 3,4, Presi- dent 4 . . . Hi-Y 3,4 . . . Curia Regia 2 . . . All School Play 4, Plays 3,4, Letter 3,4 . . . Debate 2,3, Letter 2 . . . Senior Play 4. HOLLIDAY. IIMMIE Pep Club 4, President 4 . . . Foot- ball 4, All State Honorable Mention 4 . .,Track 3,4 . ..Hi-Y 4. HOBART. EVELYN Chorus l,2,3,4, Letter l,2,3,4 Glee Club l . . . Amicae 1,2 Curia Regia 1,2 . . . Homecoming Queen Canidate . . . Sextet 2. 1 ALJ HOWARD, PHYLLIS DARLENE HULL, IACK P.l-LA, 1,2 . . . Commercial Club 3 . . . Apprentice Players Club 2,3 HUMPLEBY. ED. HUSEL, LU1513 Pep Club 4 . . . Baseball 3,4, Letter F-HAA' 4 I . l Squcre dcmcmq 4A 3 . . . Basketball l . . , Track 3,4 . . . Auroran 3, Sports Editor , . . Hi-Y 2,3,4 . . . Class Vice-President 4 . . . National Honor Society 3,4. l l V IANNEY, ROBERTA JONES, MARY r Pep Club 4 . , . Glee Club 2 . . . Camera Club 2.3. Auroran 4 . . . I-lifTri 3,4, Secretary ' 4...Amicael,Z...F.H.A.l... ' Senior Play 4. KING. HM KOLMERER, ROBERT Football l,2,3,4, Letter 2,3,4 , . . Basketball 4, Student Manager Letter l Track l,2,3 . . . F.F.A. 3,4 , , , Green- 4 . . . Football 3,4, Student Manager hands l,2. Letter 3,4 . . . Auroran 3,4 . . . Hi-Y Z,3,4. , KRACHT, IOANNE LANGE, IERRY , ' Pep Club 4 . . . Hrffrr 4 . . . Amrcne chorus 1,2,3,4, Letter 23,4 . . . arse 1, 2 . . . F.H.A. 2,3,4 . . . G.A.A. C1ub1,2l3,4. l l,2,3,4, Pointkeeper 4, Letter 2, State and local pin 3 . . . Cheerleading 'W' r 3,4, Lettered 3,4 . . . lntramural sports l,2,3,4. tg if LAMB. JAMES KOPP, GENE Band l,2,3,4 Letter l,Z,3,4 . . . Track Band 1,2,3,4, Letter 1,Z,3,4 , , . Swing 2- Band 2,3,4 . . . Brass Sextet 2,3,4. l t , l gr ML -..... LAWSON, DONNA Chorus 3 . . . Glee Club 2 . . , G.A.A. l,4 . . . Debate l . . . Square Dancing Club 4 , . . Senior Play 4. LEWIS. DON Hi-Y 4 . . . Stage Crew l,2,4 . . Senior Play 4. LITTELL. IERRY Chorus l, Letter l . . . N.F.L. 2,3,4, President 4 . . . Hi-Y 2,3,4 . . . Debate 2,3,4, Letter 2,3 . . . Senior Play 4. LUCAS, LYLE Football l,2 . . . Chorus l. MCCAFFREY, MARY ANN Band l,2, Letter 1,2 . . . N.F.L. 2,34 . . . National Honor Society 3,4 . . . Declamation l,2,3,4, Letter l,2,3,4 . . . Teachers Club 4. MCKILLIP, KEITH Baseball l . . . Greenhands l. laid LEVIN, BENNETT Chorus l,2,3,4, Letter 3 . . . Cwlee Club l,2,3,4 . . . Hi-Y 2,3,4. LEWIS, BARBARA M. Band 1,2 . , . Chorus 3,4 . . . Hi-Tri 3,4 . . . Amicae l,2, Secretary l . . . Madrigal Group 3 . , . Mixed Quartet 4. LOGEL, ROSE F.H.A. 2, Vice President 2 . . . Homemalcinq queen attendant 2. LUELLEN, BARBARA Pep Club 4 . . . Glee Club 2 . ,. Auroran 4 . . . Hi-Tri 3,4 . . . Amicae l,2, Secretary 2 . . . F.H.A. 2,3,4 . . . Senior Play 4. MCGREW, BARBARA Auroran 4 . . . Hi-Tri 4 . . . Amicae 1,2 , . . F.H.A. l . , . Commercial Club 3. MAROLF, LOUISE Glee Club 2,3,4 , . . Librarians 4 ...Amicae2...F.H.A.2... G,A.A. 4, Letter 4 . . . Apprentice Players 2. MASON, MARILYN Chorus l,2,3,4, Letter l,2,3,4 . . . Glee Club l , . . Amicae l, Vice President . . . Small Chorus Groups l,2,3,4 . . . Class Vice President l,2 . . . Cheerleading 3,4, Letter 3,4. MASSEY, FLORENE Auroran 3.4, Co-copy Editor 4 . . , Hi-Tri 3,4, Treasurer 4 . . . Amicae 1 ,2. MEERDINK, WARREN Chorus 1,2,3,4, Letter l,2,3,4 , . . Glee Club l,2,3,4 . . . Hi-Y 3 . . . Madriqal l,2,3,4, State Winners l . cast of operette l,2,3. MILLIAGE, IOHN MEYER. VIRGINIA Hi-Tri 3 . . . Arnicae l,2 2,3,4 . . . G.A.A. 2. MORGAN, BILL Football l. Chorus F.l-LA, MARTIN. LAURA Glee Club 3 . . . Auroran 4 . . Camera Club 3. MEISKY. SHIRLEY Chorus 2,3, Letter 2,3 . . . Auroran 4 . . . Hi-Tri 2,3, Chaplain 4 . . , Amicae l,2, President l . . . F.l-LA. l,2 . . . Commercial Club 3. MERCER. DON FPA. 3,4, President 4 . . , Green- hands l,2. MILLER. I ACKIE Auroran 4 . . . G.A,A. 2,3, Letter and Local Pin 2, State Pin 3. MILLER, NORMA IEAN Pep Club 4 . . . l-li-Tri 4 . . . F.H.A. l . . . G.A.A. 4, MOOMEY, DELORIS Pep Club 4 . . . Chorus 1 . . . Glee Club 2,3 . , . Amicae l . . . F.H.A, l,2,4 . . . G.A.A. l,2 . . . Commercial Club 3 . . . Rope Iumpinq l,2,3. 1 1 1 PAHL, DWAINE Librarians 3,4 . . . F.F.A. l . . . Greerihanols l . . , Camera Club 3 . . . Commercial Club 3. OTHMER. PATRICIA RAE Band l, 2 . , . Amicae l . . . Camera Club 2,3,4 . . . F.l-LA. 3,4 . . . G.A.A. l. PAETZ, LUCILLE Hi-Tri 3 . . . Fl-LA. 2. PATTERSON, IOANNE ' i Amicae 2 . , . Commerc al Club 3, Vice-President. POWELL. IEANENE Amicae l,2 . , . F.H.A. l,2,3,4 . . . lritramurals 2,3,4. PULLIAM. IIM Basketball, l . . . Football l,2 . . . Chorus l,2,3,4 . . . Glee Club l,2,3,4 . . . Hi-Y 2,3 . . . Madriqal 3, Boy's quartet 3,4 . . . Chorus cast of oper' etta 3,4. x N ICHOLS. ALICE Chorus 1,2,3,4, Letters l,2,3,4 . . . Glee Club l . . . Sextet l,4, Trio 2,3 . . . All State Chorus 4. ODELL, DIANE Pep Club 4 . . . Band l,2,3, Letter l,2,3 . . . Aurorari 4, Quill and Scroll 4 . . . All School Play 4. NAIL, IOHN Pep Club 4 . . . Football 3,4 . . The-spians 3,4 . . . l-li-Y 3,4 . . Stage Crew 2,3,4, Letter 2,3. PETTY, DICK N.F.L, 2,3,4 . . . Debate 2,3, Letter 2,3. POWELL. DON Basketball 1,2 . . . Football l,2,3, Letter l . . . Hi-Y 3,4. RADA. WALTER N.F.L. 1,2,3,4, Vice President 4 . . . Auroran l . . . Curia Reqia l,2, President 2 . . . All School Play- Business Manager 4 . . . Debate l,2, 3,4 . . . First in N.P.L. District of Iowa in Ex Temp . . . Member of the debate team that won district con- test. REIFERT. IERRY Baseball l,2,3,4, Letter l,2,3. RUMMELLS. IOYCE EILEEN Chorus l,2,3,4, Letter l,2,3,4 . . Curia Reqia 2. ROSS, ERNEST Track 3 . . . Camera Club 2,3. ROSS, ROBERT LAWYNE F.F.A. 3,4, Sergeant at Arms 4 . , . Greenhands 1,2 . . . Camera Club 2 . . . Commercial Club 3 . . . Intra- murals l,2,3,4. SANDER, WAYNE Basketball l,2,3,4 . . . Football 2 . . .Track l,2,3 . . .Chorus l . ,. Hi-Y 4. SANDERS, MERVIN Football l,2,3,4 . . , Track l,2,3,4 . . . F.F.A. 3,4 . . . Greenhands l,2 . . Hi-Y 2. R1cKE'rTs,cLAnABELLE Clee Club l,2 . . . Librarians l,2,l2,4. RIDENOUR, FLORENCE Pep Club 4 . . . Camera Club 3,4, Secretary 3, Vice President 4 . . . Pl-l.A. 2,3,4 . . . G.A.A. 4. ROBERTSON, LARRY Chorus l,2,3,4, Letter l,Z,3,4, Presi- dent 4 . . . Glee Club l,2,3,4 . . . Mixed Quartette 2 . . . Madriqal 3 . . . Boy's Quartette 4 . . . Solo in State Contest, First rating . . . All State Chorus. RICKLEFS, DARLENE 3 gh Camera Club 3,4, Secretary 4 . . kg F.l-IA. 2,3,4, ' L .N yi SAFLEY. HAROLD Basketball l,2 , . . Baseball l,Z,3, Letter l,2,3 , . . Football l,2. SCHMALZ, HELEN ' Camera Club 3 . . . l:'.H,A. l,3,4. , - , it S. ix r at W, 3 if SCHMOLDT. WELDON F.F.A. 1. SCHWARTZ. HELEN Pep Club 4 . . . F.l-LA. 4 , . . Commercial Club 3,4 . . . Square Dancing 4. SCOTT, DON F.F.A. 3,4, Treasurer 4 . . . Green- harids l,2. SHOPPA. PHYLLIS Pep Club 4 . . . F.H.A. 2 . . . Com- mercial Club 4. SLACK, GWEN N,F.L. 3,4 . . . Thespians 2,3,4, Letter 2,4, Secretary 4 . . . Plays 2, Letter 2 . . . Declamation 2,3,4 . . . Ap- prentice Players Z,3,4 . . . Senior Play 4. SHOEMAKER, BEN SCHNEIDER. WILLIAM Basketball 2. SCHUMACHER. RICHARD Chorus l,2,3, Letter 3. SHOOPMAN, LA VAUGHN D. G.A.A. 2 . . . Commercial Club 3,4. SHOULTZ. IEAN Pep Club 4 . . . Pl-LA, 4 . . . Homecoming Queen 4 . . . Com- mercial Club 3, President 3. SILBERHORN. DONNA Pep Club 4 . . . Hi3l'ri 3,4 . . . Amicae l,2 . , . Curia Reqia l . . . Commercial Club 3 . . . Cheerleader 3,4, Letter 3,4 SMULL, BEVERLY IANE N.F.L. l,2,3,4 . . . Hi-Tri 3 . . . Amicae 1,2 . . . Debate l,2, Letter 2 . . . Commercial Club 3,4, Sec- retary 3 . . . Declam l,2, Letter 2 . . . Radio Program 3. l 1 L I J SOHN, EILEEN Band l,2,3, Letter l,2 . . . Librarians 3 . . . Auroran 4 . . . Commercial Club 3. SUMMERDORF, MARILYN Commercial Club 3. STENDER. LUCILLE Band l,2,3,4, Letter l,2,3,4 . . . Lib- rarians 3,4 . . . Commercial Club 3. STEVENS, SUZAN NE Teachers Club 4 . . . Pep Club 4 . . . Auroran l,2,3, Newspaper Editor 2, Yearbook Editor 3 . . . Hi-Tri 3,4 . . . Amicae l,2, President l . . . Curia Reqia 1,2 . . . Quill and Scroll 3 . . . All School Play 4 . . . Sec- retary and Treasurer l . . . National Honor Society 3,4. STURMS. JIM Pep Club 4 . . . Basketball l,2,3, Stu- dent Manaqer l,2,3, Letter 3 . . . Football 2,3,4, Student Manager 2,3, 4, Letter 2,3,4 . . . Track 2,3, Student Manager 2,3, Letter 2,3 . . . Hi-Y 2,3,4 . . . Secretary-Treasurer Z, President 3,4. SPITZNOGLE, KATHY Transfer student from Conesville. Ka i E . .i SN YDER, VIOLET Chorus 2 . . . Hi-Tri 3 . . . Amicae l , . . Camera Club 3 . . . G.A.A. l,2,3,4, Letter l, State Pin 3, Local Pin 2, 2 chevrons 4 . . . Plays 4 . . . Commercial Club 3 . . . Square Dancinq 3,4. STARK, ED H. Pep Club 4 . . . Basketball 2 . . . Baseball 2,3 . . . Football l,2,3,4 ...Track l,2,3 . . . Hi-Y 2,3,4 . .. Secretary-Treasurer 4 . . . Letter Club 4. STARK. TERRY Basketball l,2,3,4, Letter 3,4 . . . Football l,2,3,4, Letter 2,3,4 . . . Track l,2,3,4, Letter 4 . . . Hi-Y 2,3,4 . . . Curia Regia l. STUMME, CAROLYNN I OYCE Chorus l,2,3,4, Letter l,2,3,4 . . . Glee Club l,2 . . . Sextet l,2, Trio 4. TERRY, ELSIE Pep Club 4 . , . Arnicae l . . . Curia Reqia 1,2 . . . Commercial Club 3,4 THOMPSON. IIM Football l . . . Chorus 2,3,4 . . , Glee Club 2,3,4 . . . PFA. l,2,3,4, Secretary 4. TOBIAS. IANET Pep Club 4, Secretary 4 , . . Chorus 1,2,3, Letters 12,3 . . . Glee Club l . . . Auroran 3,4, Secretary 4 . . . Hi-Tri 3,4 . . . Arnicae 1,2 . . . Curia Re-qia 1,2, President 2, Treas- urer 1 . . . Small Chorus Groups 3 . . . Make-up Crew 4 . . , Radio 4, VAN DYKE. ARTHUR Chorus 3,4, Letters 3,4 . . . Boy's Glee Club 3,4 . . . 1-li-Y 4 . . . Chorus operetta 4. VARNEY. RICHARD WASHBURN, KENNETH 'Sm WEEKS, DORIS Band 1,2,3,4, Letters l,2,3,4 . Pl-LA. 4. WETZEL, CAROL IEAN Glee Club l . . . Librarians 3,4, Vice President 4 . . . Pl-l.A, 1 . . . Senior Class play 4. TRACY, BERRY I Thespians 1,2,3,4, Secretary 3 . . . Staqecrew l,2,3,4, Technical Advisor l,2, Stage Manager 3,4, Letter l,2,3,4 . . . Curia Reqia 1,2 . . . Honor Six Star Thespain . . . Plays l,2. VANDER HORN, RICHARD Basketball 2,3,4, Letter 4 . . . Foot- ball 1,2,3,4, Letter 3,4 , . . Track 1,Z,3,4 . . . Bill Roach Trophy 4. WAGLER, PHYLLIS Auroran 4 . . . Hi-Tri 4 . , . Amicae 1,2 . . . Commercial Club 3. WEBER, SHIRLEY Pep Club 4...Band1?' 1,2,3 . . . Hi-Tri ' . l 1.6:-tel my ,t.A, 2. WELK. WILMA. IEAN F.l-LA. 4 4 . . Apprentice Players 2, WELSCH, PHILLIP WHITLOW. CLORENE S. Transferred from St, Petersburg High School . . , Pep Club 4 . . . Com- mercial Club 4. WILSON, MARGARET Auroran 4 . . . Amicae 2 . , . PHA. 2 . , . Senior Class Play 4. WORTHINGTON, TWYLA Librarians l,2, President 2 . , . F.l-LA. l,2, Vice President and Pres- ident 2. WYCTQOR F. LORETTA X' ' 'vb Reporter 4 . . . Teacher '2,3 . . . N.F.I.. Band l,Z,3, et. yet-ter 2 3 2,3,4, Secretary 23, , Hi-Tri 3,4 . . , Amicae and Vice President 1, ...F.H.A. 2 . . . G.A.A. l,2 . .. Plays 4 , . . Debate 3 . . , Cornrner cial Club 3. ' v4 l95l SENIOR CLASS Girls 87 Boys 87 SENIOR CLASS MOTTO Nothinq Worth-while is easy to SENIOR CLASS FLOWER White Rose SENIOR CLASS COLORS Green and White get. WILSON. IOHN WOODS, GARY ZIEGENHORN, CLARK Football 4 . , . Chorus l,2,3,4, Letter l,2,3,4 . . . Glee Club l,2,3,4 . . . REA. 3,4 . . . Greenhands l,2 . . . Honor All State Chorus . . . Small Chorus Groups 3,4. YODER, BETTY Pep Club 4 .... rl-l.A. 2,34 gf is f 5 , win, 3 s -3 'fm v sm H Q 'Q V' f ' ' Jr, 39:1 ,i 1 2 Shag Q 2 if , 1 J.. gzgk s 1 4 I . -:iz Q r , .. ' ,yy x Hr 1 Ak, 15,23 ,a l Q 5 z is 5' W QM , Vs uv 'H 8 ' 1 if fr ?.f ,,4 fx i 4' li A 74 ' . Ze 3 -4 . A ff X, v . f 1 l UPPER GROUP-First Row: LaVaughn Dawson, Helen Davis, Barbara Boynton, Francine Berntsen, Emily Evans, Iuanita Erwin, lanet Emlet, Dorothy Edgington, Ruth Bright. Second Row: Bill Diesch, Ronnie Edwards, Paul Archer, Margaret Aden, Claire Chelstrom, lnez Brade, Pat Buchele, Pat Bunn, Rat Berg. Third Row: Marlin Brossart, Betty Doyle, Charlotte Epperly, Mae Eis, Walter Chatfield, Beverly Axel, Harvey Allbee, Pat Connor, Sandra Eis, Glenda Boyd. Fourth Row: Roy Chamberlin, Douglas Ager, Harold Blake, Roger Cooley, Richard Armstrong, Iames Brown, Bill Bartenhagen, loyce Etter, Bartlett Derrick, Don Barton. Fifth Row: Henry DeHeer, Dick Andersen, Bill Dickinson, Keith Butcher, Lynne Chamberlin, Bob Boshart, Don Baer, Eugene Darnell, Don Day, LeRoy Brookhart. LOWER GRGLIP-First Row: Paula Henderson, Louise Gasaway, Sally Hine. Alice Hagy, Pat Greenwald, Marilyn Franklin, Lois Gray, Pat Harter. Second Row: Regina Fath, Betty George, Pat Grossklaus, Charlene Freeman. Helen Foor, lanet Huber, Carole Hoffman, lane Hoopes, Bar- bara Freers. Third Row: Bert Hartman, Delores Feustel, Loretta Kinsley, Vera Ivey, Mary Io Kennedy, Shirley Kruse, Dorothy Keller, Ianice Hathaway, Mary Ann Kilver, Ruth Larson. Fourth Row: Roger Knott, lack Foster, Dave Griflith, Ronald Lemkau, Don Leibbrand, Ernie lohn- son, Leon Kardux, Clark Iefferson, Fred Lewis, Denny Hartsock. Fifth Row: Rudolph Fath, Rex Feustel, LeVern Fisher, Clair Henke, Alfred Hoffman, Dean Henke, Bill Iones, Bob Iames, Iohn Hilton, Dwayne jones, Fred Graham. Juniors UPPER GRQUPWFirst Row: Kathleen Nissen, Ioann Rathburn, Marilyn Nichols, Ianeen Ripley, Ruth 0'Brien, Fred Reed, Betty Owens. Second Row: Gary Ramseyer, IoAnn Paetz, Katherine Roth, Karol McCaffrey, Ioyce Meyer, Vera Posten, Danetta Rowe, Suzanne Phillips. Third Row: lack Pulliam. Ann Osborn, Donna Pryor, Alice Reynolds, Margaret Patton, Marcella Noret, Ioan Miller, Sherry Marshall, Bonnie Moomey. Fourth Row: Donald Massey, Kenneth McCaffrey, William Molis, Dick Riley, Dick Miller, Ion Rakow, Roger Rhodes, Ierry Moore, Iimmy Norris, Fifth Row: Tom Nail, Myron Martz, Albert Marolf, Gerald Miller, Richard Richardson, Bob Maeglin, Herman Pippert, Richard McHarg, Wairren Poole. Ronald McGowan. LGWER GROUPf-First Row: Ioyce Schmidt, Ted Sogard, Beverly Wimberly, Ruthellen Solt- wedel, Ianet Van Dyke, Gloria Soll, Dolores Wilson, Mabel Terry. Second Row: Virginia Wil- son, Marilyn Wzitts, Ioan Weggen, Shirley Schroeder, Bonnie Sissel, Pat Toborg, Margie Schaer, Don Sturms, Iohn Tompkins. Third Row: Don Schweitzer, Mary Spitznogle, Molly Schroeder, Frances Stender, Don Stewart, Myron Schroeder, Ruth Shenk, Dolores Sommerdorf, Nancy Templeman, Pat Toyne. Fourth Row: Edward WCb81', Darwin Springer, Tom Strause. Shirley Wright, Maurice Ziegenhorn, Keith Wagner, Tom Wigim, Mel Stalkileet, Bob Vorwerk, Bob Weissmiller, Robert Westerfelt. Fifth Row: Bob Yingling, Gary Tompkins, lim Weber, Larry Walch. Shirley Schmidt, Bob Wynn, Paul Thompson, LeRoy Schenkel, Don Wagy. Class Ui '52 ' 1 af i wr V AV. K A -E QQ . ,4 as 1 l MM, , ' to wmv gig an . , www LR' an ji in 2 it 395' mx VX I 5 wwmw - .V,,, ii Snowballing provides quite a pastime for any studentg even the Musky sophomore class officers found it exciting. Marian Sywassink, secretary-treasurer, sought inadequate protection behind a stop sign on Cedar Street, while snowballs were hurled in her direction. Darrell Cooney tmid- dlel, president, and Marlin Eichelberger, vice-president, chose to ignore the big letters on the sign: and continued to storm defenseless Marian with snowballs. No casualties resulted. Sophomore llffioors F -W 1' Q'-r N 5 ir 5 if lf is ff it for l 'Q' iw 'fi l r r l UPPER GROUPkFirst Row: Beverly Buntenbach, Evelyn Branson, Barbara Blake, IoAnn Burns, Myrna Belknap, Lorretta Blake, Patty Allen. Second Row: Adele Carstens, Ken Carpen- ter, Lester Carpenter, Gerald Burr, Iohn Baker, Marie Bierman, Wanda Berry, Lois Allmandinger. Third Row: Paul Amos, Ruth Benedict, Mae Altenbernd, Nancy Carter, Betty Buser, Velma Barnhart, Loretta Armstrong, Ronald Chandler, Sam Bloomhuff, Fourth Row: Duane Chelf, Betty Bright, lda Mae Brendel, Darlene Barko, Iackie Berry, Louise Ash, lean Brauns, Robert Bollinger, Kenneth Altmann, Bill Buster. Fifth Row: Mel Chamberlin, Warren Brown, Gary Ackerson, Ken Brown, Dick Barry, Gene Benninger, Kenneth Anderson, Don Buckley, Bill Britcher. LOWER GROUP-First Row: Wanda Farrar, Marilyn Gordon, Gloria Crook, Rozita Garrison, Melvin Essex, Gene Dodson, Darell Garvin. Second Row: Phyllis Duggan, Willodene Doerfer, Ronald Eggenburg, Marion Cubbage, Loren Cunningham, Ruth Eierman, Darlene Garrison. Third Row: Ronald Gauger, Diane Evans, Kenneth Egel, lim Dougherty, Robert Doyle, Virgil Freyermuth, Robert Furnas, Ioe Fry. Fourth Row: Iames Foster, Beatrice Figg, George Esta- brook, Doris Garmon, Ruth Fitzgerald, Marlin Eichelberger, Betty Corder, Margie Friedrick. Bonnie Drumm, Fifth Row: Carl Edgington, Ben Frost, I-larry Duffield, Wesley Dibeler, George Copper, Margaret Dodds, Shirley Flake, Ronald Corder. Snphnmnres UPPER GROUP-First Row: Neva Herlein, Esther Grossklaus, Kenny Hagermann, Kenny len- nett, Shirley Groters, Roberta Hall. Second Row: Virgil Hull, Annette Hinkley, Valli Hill, Sarah Hoeksema, Pat Hilton, Sandra Grosjean, Nancie Grady, Roberta Hoben. Third Row: Clifford Hammann, Mary Iones, Nancy Hays, Dorothy Hines, Paul Hunn, Virginia Hughes, Maxine Hin- termeister, Ianice Horst. Fourth Row: Burt Hintermeister, Marvin Haller, Leo Hindbaugh, lim Hahn, Ronald Hayes, Preston Hillier, Eldon lohnson, Billy Iames, Ken Humpleby. o LOWER GROUP-First Row: Hazel Koepping, Leila Lea, Lulean Lamp, Mary Kautz, Mary Macheak, Pat King, Shirley LaRue, Delores McKillip, Bonnie Lee, Marlyn Kramer. Second Row: Albert Meyer, Harry McKee, Wayne McCullough, Donald Marx, Denis McDowell, Sandra Logel, Pat Manley, Blanche McCullough, Margaret McHarg, Betty Massey. Third Row: Don Mc- Cleary, Thomas Korte, lohn Meerdink, Danny Keller, Ronald Marshall, Philip Lottman, Ronald Kisner, Ronald King, Paul Kopf. Fourth Row: Darrell Lyons, Ken Maxwell, Bob Littell, Mike Lofgren, Dale Kinsley, Dan Mercer, Tom McCleary, Curtis Kerschinske, Mark Kemper, Raymond Kutcher, Snphnmnres ' UPPER GROUP-First Row: Patty Sander, Betty Newton, Marilyn Randoll, Patty Miller, Charlotte Midkiff, Robert Nichols, Harry Rock. Second Row: Beverly Schlotfelt, Lucy Mitchell, Iack Nietzel, Ronnie Muhlenburg, Lelia Milem, Barbara Ross, lean Reifert, Mary Alice Raub. Third Row: Dorothea Schmalz, Phyllis Roberts, lla Osborn, Dolores Rutz, Norma Reed, Shirley Schmelzer, Iliene Muhlenburg, Mary Nagel. Fourth Row: Wayne Mittman, Dennis Noret, Merle Palmer, Ioyce Ogilvie, Frank Nelson, IoAnn Royal, Delores Nordeen. Fifth Row: Bob Olson, Allen Perkins, Richard Mills, lack Reifert, Iohn Robinson, Bill Scannell, Mary Lou Rieke, Anita Schroeder, Elizabeth Purdue, Don Phelps. LCVVER GROUP-First Row: Mary Lou Toyne, janet Swanson, Betty Willits, Marilyn Ward, Delores Smull, Bettye Stansell, Ieraldine Tyler, Barbara Whisler. Second Row: Naomi Stumme, Bonnie Smith, Betty Snyder, Marion Sywassink, Mary Watson, Darlene Zellmer, Ianet White, Elaine Troxel, Alicia Zahniser. Third Row: Francis Trader. Willard Smull, Dick Woolsey, Lucy Shepard, Iudy Templeman, Sandra Smull, Ieanette Townsend, Lois Secrist, Carma Thauren, Iames Wheeler. Fourth Row: Roger Tompkins, Iohn Weber, Iim Stirlen, Dick Walker, Doug Staab, Dick Shirk, Bill Streat, Harold Wright, Dick Weeks, Dale Shoppa. Fifth Row: Ronnie Sturms, Ronald Symmonds, Henry Tober, Don Waltman, Paul Shoppa, Wilber Tompkins, IoAnne Vander Horn, Ronnie Simmons, Dean Tiecke, lim Steckman. Class of '53 The fall of the year brought two holidays into the thought of the students. lane Stanley, fresh- man class president, Watched Sidney Stark lcenterl, secretaryetreasurer, attempting to make a distorted face on the pumpkin. Leaning on Sid's shoulder, Greg Schroeder, vice-president, gave a friendly Word of advice to help make the jack-o-lantern successful for Halloween. The turkey wondered what his fate would be with Thanksgiving just around the corner. , freshmen Ufficers Q 9 if UPPER GRUUP-First Row: Mary Lou Hahn, Lorraine Eis, Andy Foster, Larry Dipple, Mary Faulkner, Dixie Lee Erkson, Harold Freese, Mary Kay Harder. Second Row: Elaine Davis, Mary Eiselstein, Iune Franklin, Ianet Hardman, Bonnie Grimm, Marjorie De Witt, Mary Ann Foley. Grace Ann Froehner, Ianet Froehner. Third Row: Richard Glatstein, Ray Gaddis, Ted Hatfield. Gene Gorham, Robert Finley, Richard Fry, Marsha Fisher, lanet Hahn. Fourth Row: Nancy Hahn, Nancy Hawk, Shirley Estabrook, Diane Fairbanks, Marjorie Derrick, Glenda Franken- berry, Marillyn Furnas, Ruth Hart. Fifth Row: Nada Fuller, Harry Glatstein, Kathryn Dalton, Richard Dusenberry, Ronald Grossklaus, Ronald Havemann. Ronald Gosset. LOWER GRGUP-First Row: Patty Courtois, Patricia Busch, Barbara Brase, Evelyn Adkison, Sandra Cox, Betty Chewning, Beatrice Cozad, Ianet Crow, May Bell Cozad, Beverly Bivens, Kay Cline. Second Row: Mary Buster, Mary Adams, Nancy Bennett, Shirley Baars, Iva Buster, lean- ette Bird, Susan Bunker, Linda Carlson, Ruth Bullard, Mary Ann Bancks. Third Row: Donald Buntenbach, Elbert Beverly, Max Brown, Leroy Bartenhagen, Ioyce Andreas, Frances Alloway, Luella Bergquist, Margaret Crowley, Vivian Cunningham, Donna Bleadorn. Fourth Row: Loren Braun, Iohn Brase, Richard Campbell, lack Carter, Robert Bishop, David Cozine, Stanley Buckley, Douglas Coder. Fifth Row: Billy Burkamper, Delbert Atkins, Fred Beckmann, Kenneth Brei. Dave Burkamper, Iames Baars, Louis Ash. Ralph Brewer, Don Curry. Freshmen UPPER GROUP-First Row: Eleanor Holfmeyer, Marilyn Holtz, Carol Iensen, Ioyce Iohnson, Mildred Knouse, Rose Marie Kilver, Bethany Knapp, Billy Krise. Second Row: Lois Kemper, Lauramae Kelley, Ierome Henke, Laurence Kennedy, Gary Iackson, Robert Hurlbut, Bill Kepke, Kenneth Hopkins, Donna Kallenberger. Third Row: Sharon Hobart, Mona Horton, Ireta Hepker, Lois Hyink, Gladys Kemper, Everett Keller, Robert Hindbaugh, Fred Koepping. Fourth Row: Iim Hoopes, Sylvia Knott, Ruth Kile, lanet Hendrickson, Ioan Iessup, Iohn Hoopes, Paul Korschot, Ioyce Iones, Alyce Koever. Fifth Row: Mike Kautz, Kenneth Isaacs, Don Klebe, David Hoopes, Don Huff, Darwin Hohenadel, Donald Hecht, Bob Ianney, Dennis Howard. LOWER GROUP-First Row: Evelyn Millett, Patty Miller, Esther Moomey, Dennis Lange, Sharon Martin, Lyndon Lord, Ianet Martin, Bernard Moore, Francis Murdock. Second Row: lla Miller, Kenneth McDaniel, Ann Mercer, Violet Parks, Rose Morrissey, Donna Petty, Alleyne Meyer, Darlene Lee, Sybil Nelson. Third Row: IoAnn Leu, Kenneth Miller, Harry Martin, Don Mullen, Charles Morse, Bob Lucas, Virginia LaRue, Ianet Pallett, Elizabeth McCormick, Pat Marshek. Fourth Row: Sandra Lucas, lane Mcllrath, Robert Moore, Ierry McKinney, Samuel Nagel, Clara Olinger, Ioyce Miller, Betty Minder, Marilyn Martin. Fifth Row: George Long, lim Misel, Louise Machmer, Norman Perkins, Larry Noble, Marilyn Neipert, Ioan Marty, Dick Lane. Freshmen UPPER GROUP-First Row: Sandra Pulliam, Rita Rebelsky, Betty Scannell, Ioyce Schmidt, Edward Spiess, David Schmarje, Barbara Randoll. Second Row: Nancy Sellers, Marle Spitz- nogle, Lois Ramberger, Lucille Sindt, Iean Pringle, Robert Spaulding, Donna Shirk, Beverly Seiler. Third Row: Audrey Ridenour, Sherry Prior, Bernard Roth, Billy Schmalz, Orville Ridenour, Cwregg Schroeder, Donald Shoultz, David Ripley, Sonia Schrieber. Fourth Row: Virginia Schau- land, Roberta Sommerdorf, Karl Spitznogle, Pat Schroeder, Donna Roush. lla Sue Shepard. Suzanne Schmidt, Frances Prochaska, Donna Schneider. Fifth Row: LaVerne Shellady, Don Rogers, Larry Price, Eugene Puckett, Richard Reed, Ioyce Ruckles, Mary Ann Richard, Lois Rus- sell, Nancy Smith. LOWER GROUP-First Row: Denise Vickers, Pauline Tompkins, Marlene Sturms, Roy Yeater, Ronald Whitmer, Mabel Tompkins, Sandra Swengel, Shirley Strouse, Allen Sterner. Second Row: Pauline Whitlow, Pat Yoder, Merle Strause, Irwin Wookey, Sid Stark, Dennis Vetter, Mary Steckman, Carol Tracy, Mary Townsend. Third Row: Iris Wright, Ieanette Woodward, Iane Stanley, Charlotte Zuber, Marie Wendlandt, Shirley Stropes, Carole Wulf, Ioan Te Strake, Lester Truesdale. Fourth Row: Bernita Zimmerman, Ioann Wintermute, Bonnie Welsch, Carlene Wil- son, IoAnn Worst, Sandra Toussaint, Ann Wigim, Ruth Titus, Sheila Wilson, Nancy Sweitzer. Fifth Row: Larry Varney, Harlan Ziegenhorn, Gary Weber, Dean Strouse, Floyd Whitlow, Dick White, Bill Stout, Pauline Stender, Leslie Titus, Carolyn Tomfeld, Ioyce Tobias. 1 1 7 l Llass of 54 LJ 1 Strolling Down x XX ff!- XX XX!!! , rf f' V ' X ff ox, 1W f3"'I X x N 1 N X Wifi' zfx X ' Z ffl Tl ,Hx if j ""L 1 ,,s 5 X , f 2 E fii H100 I7 C, Ode If By - Paths ,-X v 1 I , xx-Z , 7 Z 7' K YF-XY Q ' Ami f XA X I EY nf 3 X fx i xy w ff Q J X l x w H mgpfg X ? i 121 X fb wif P A 5. 'A PUBLICATIQNS X CLuBs ' "' MUSIC MUSIC X DEBATE 4 XV HQNQRARIES ' SPORTS -iw J ' 2 5 DRAMATICS JU XMW pp 1 w Y Q Xfwe' if Le Hi-Tri HI TRI-First Row: Shirley Weber, Beverly Wimberly, Barbara Boynton, Katherine Roth, Carole Hoffman, Emily Evans, Sally Hine. Second Row: Barbara Luellen, Roberta Ianney, Beverly Barko, Shirley Meisky, Ruth Hagy, Pat Grossklaus, Charlene Freeman, Loretta Wyckoff. Third Row: Pat Harder, Phyllis Wagler, Barbara McGrew, Suzanne Phillips, Io Ann Paetz, Ioanne Kracht, Donna Silberhorn. Fourth Row: Iane Hoopes, Florene Massey, Mary Io Kennedy, Nancy Templeman, Suzanne Stevens, Diane Odell, Barbara Lewis, Ianet Tobias. AMICAE-First Row: Kay Cline, Mary Alice Raub, Ioyce Miller, Sandra Smull, Phyllis Duggan, Betty Willits, Marilyn Ward. Second Row: Mary Macheak, Marsha Fisher, Io Ann Worst, Norma Reed, Delores Nordeen, Delores Smull, Betty Snyder. Third Row: Sandra Lucas, Linda Carlson, Nancy Hahn, Sally Patton, Suzanne Schmidt, Diane Evans, Sherry Prior. Fourth Row: lane Stanley, Beatrice Figg, Mary lones, Diane Fairbanks, Ioyce Ogilvie, Ruth Fitzgerald, Merle Palmer, Dolores Rutz. micae Aururan AIIRORAN-First Row: Ronnie Sturms, lean Orr, Phyllis Wagler, Mary Watson, Dolores Wil son, Barbara Luellen, Marilyn Ward, Charlotte Midkiif, Marvin Croson. Second Row: Ioyce Meyer, Mary Alice Raub, Mar aret VVilson, Diane Odell, Ianet Tobias, Betty Willits, Delores McKillip, Eileen Sohn. Third gow: Kenneth McCaffrey, Marilyn Watts, Pat Toyne, Florene Massey, Barbara McGrew, Shirley Schmidt, Ioann Wintermute, Ioan Miller, Shirley Kruse, Dick Miller. AURORAN-First Row: Ianet Emlet, Emily Evans, Carole Hoffman, Iuanita Erwin, Glenda Frankenberry, Pat Grossklaus, Roberta Ianney, Beverly Buntenbach. Second Row: Ella Mae Fisher, Barbara Freers, Marcia Belter, Delores Feustel, Ioan Grosjean, Ioan Emlet, Ianet Huber, Norma Dollman. Third Row: Walter Hoag, Ioan Hart, Ruth Hagy, Ralph Hoag, David I-loopes, Beverly Barko, Ruth Fitzgerald, Fred Graham. , Aurnran l 4 l l l Student Teachers STUDENT TEACHERSffFirst Row: Ioyce Meyer, Pat Buchele, Beverly Schlotfelt, Beverly Eis, Mary Macheak, Loretta Wyckoff, loyce Schmitt. Second Row: Delores Feustel, Marilyn Watts, Charlene Freeman, Luise l-lusel, Sandra Smull, lanice Horst. Third Row: Marlene Hein- kel, Beverly Axel, Shirley Schmidt, Marcia Belter, Mary Lou Rieke, Bonnie Drumm, Shirley Kruse CURIA REGIA-fFiz'st Row: Mary Eiselstein, Bonnie Grimm, Marjorie DeWitt, Sandra Lucas. Ianet Froehner, Rose Marie Kilver, Mary Kay Harder. Second Row: Sybil Nelson, Ann Mercer, Sandra Cox, Ioan TeStrake, Ianet Hahn, Charlotte Zuber, Mary Lou Toyne. Third' Row: Sylvia Knott, Nada Fuller, Marjorie Derrick, Suzanne Schmidt, Lois Russell, Ann Wigim, Io Ann Worst, Doug Coder, Fourth Row: Don Rogers, loann Wintermute, Susan Bunker, lanet Hendrickson, Kathryn Dalton, Linda Carlson, Nancy Hahn, Don Mullen, Fifth Row: Harry Glatstein, lane Mcllrath, Lucy Shepard, Carlene Wilson, Nancy Smith, Roberta Somnierdorf, Diane Fairbanks, Iim Misel. , Curie lfleqia LW Camara Clulii CAMERA CLUB----First Row: Darell Garvin, Sandra Cox, Glenda Frankenberry. loyce lones. Alleyne Meyer, Evelyn Branson, Roberta lune Hall. Second Row: Robert Furnas, Don Hecht. Kenneth Isaacs, Bill Henderson. Dick Riley. Douglas Agar, Tommy Nail, loann Winterniute. Third Row: lohn VVeber, Floyd Amos, Edward Weber, Bill Scannell, Bob Maeglin, Dick McHarg, Pat Orhmer, Fred Graham. COMMERCIAL CLUBfFirst Row: Lois Hathaway. Virginia Wilson, Pat Toborg, Barbara Luellen, Phyllis Shoppa, Clorene VVhitlow. Second Row: Diane Evans. Shirley Schroeder. Pat Greenwald, loyce Meyer, Beverly Smull, Beverly VVimberly, Pat Harder, Third Row: Marilyn Watts, Loretta Kinsley, Shirley Schmidt, Phyllis Howard, Beverly Axel. Frances Stender, La- Vaughn Shoopman. Cammarrial Club BAND-First Row: Lois Russell, Grace Ann Froehner, Pat Ditch, Kay Cline nnce Davis. Second Row: Bill Diesch, Ronald Greene, Sharon Martin, Lucille Stender Bonnie Grimm Betty Minder, Shirley Groters, Marilyn Gordon, Denis McDowell. Third Row Doris Weeks Betty Massey, Sarah Hoeksema, Elaine Davis, Mary Kay Harder, La Verne Shellady Mary Faulk ner, Larry Brewer, Gene Kopp, Donald Crow, Sherman Burns, Ronald Crow Regina P ith Bartlett Derrick. Fourth Row: IoAnne Colberg. Ruthellen Soltwedel. Nancie Grady, oAnne Vander Horn Iohn Baker, Keith Faulkner, Alicia Zahniser, Kenneth Maxwell, Don Klehe, Max Smith Han MISFITS Sherman Burns Don Crow Ron Crow Larry Brewer Bob Vorwerk FLUTE QUARTET Mabel Terry Sandra Smull janet Swanson lane Stanley FRENCH HORN QUARTET Denis McDowell Margaret Mcl-larg Marilyn Nichols Lois Gray BRASS SEXTET Lois Gray Lucy Shepard Ioan Grossklaus Regina Path Gene Kopp Gary Ackerson . BAND-First Row: Mary Iones, Nancy Smith, Marjorie Derrick, Ianet Swanson, lane Stanley, Sandra Smull, Mabel Terry. Second Row: Margaret Mcl-larg, Marilyn Nichols, Lois Gray, Doro-- thy Keller, Harold Hammann, Lax7erne Fulton, Frances Stencler, lim Lamb, Third Row: Kenneth Iennett, Mary Macheak, Iames Dougherty, Shirley La Rue, Bill Kepke, Stanley Buckley, Robert Nichols, Ray Gaddis, Esther Grossklaus, Lucy Shepard. Fourth Row: Bob Vorwerk, Gary Acker- son, Paul Kopf, Dennis Lange, Ioyce Schmidt, Iuanita Schaffer, Ioyce Miller, Dolores Rutz, PIT BAND Gary Ackerson Bob Vorwerk Ken Maxwell Gene Kopp Don Crow Sherman Burns Ron Crow Regina Fath Lois Russell Grace Ann Froehner Alice Hagy Bill Diesch Ianet Swanson lane Stanley Denis McDowell Larry Brewer Margaret Mcl'larg Mable Terry Sandra Smull Marilyn Nichols lim Lamb Dorothy Keller Lois Gray Ray Gadclis Ron Eggenberg Lucy Shepard Ioan Grossklaus Band First Row: Mary Ann Kilver, Roberta Hoben, Delores Nordeen, Carolynn Stumme, Marilyn Mason, Gloria Soll, Rose Marie Kilver, Ronald Chandler, lack Nietzel, Ted Sogard, lack Carter, Ronald Grossklaus, Bob Ianney, lane Hoopes at the piano, Second Row: Suzanne Phillips, Naomi Stumme, Mary Kautz, Donna Shirk, Marilyn Furnas, Barbara Boynton, Sally l-line, Ioyce Qgilvie, Roger Knott, Authur Van Dyke, Bill Buster, Ronald McGowan, Clark Ziegenhorn, Dick Duggan. Third Row: Io Ann Leu, Louise Gasaway, Ioan TeStrake, Inez Brade, Diane Fairbanks, Charlotte Epperly, Susan Bunker, Ann Wigim, Marian Sywassink, Alice Nichols. Walter Chatfield, Tom Wigim, Ierry Moore, Bob Boshnrt, Ronald Coder, George Copper. Fourth Row: Mary Ann Richard, Doris Gar- man, lean Pringle, Sylvia Knott, Ioyce Rummells, Bonnie Drurnm, lean Brauns, Nancy Templeman, Carolyn Tomfeld, Dean lflenke, Alfred Hoffman, Roger Copper, Ierry Lange, Warren Meerdink, Keith Butcher. SEXTET Suzanne Phillips Mary Ann Kilver Alice Nichols Charlotte Epperly Mary Io Kennedy Pat Buchele loan TeStrake-fAccompanist llhurus TRIO Carolyn Sturnme Nancy Templernan ludy Templeman lane HoopesfAccompanist MIXED QUARTET Marilyn Mason Barbara Lewis Harvey Albee Clark Ziegenhorn Nancy HahnfAccompanist First Row: Darell Garvin, Kenneth Hopkins, Douglas Coder, Edward Spiess, David Schmarje, Bethany Knapp, Willodene Doerfer, Ruth Benedict, Loretta Armstrong, Ianet Hahn, Nancy Sweitzer, Marilyn Franklin. Second Row: Don Mullen, Dick Woolsey, Larry Robertson, Don Schweitzer, Leslie Titus, Harvey Allbee, Barbara Lewis, Sandra Pulliam, Sybil Nelson, Charlene Freeman, Patsy Buchele, Sandra Lucas, Phyllis Duggan. Third Row: lim Wheeler, Dennis Noret. Phillip Lottman, Marlin Brossart, lim Pulliam, Marsha Fisher. Nancy Hays, ludy Templeman, Io- Ann Paetz, Sandra Grosjean, Nancy Hahn, IoAnn Worst. Fourth Row: lim Thompson, Mark Kemper, lohn Hoopes, Dick Schumacher, Dick Shirk, Albert Marolf, Bennett Levin, Vera Posten, Louise Ash, Mary Lou Rieke, Sandra Eis, Mary Io Kennedy, Beverly Axel, Vera lvey, Evelyn Hobart. BOYS' QUARTET lim Pulliam Larry Robertson Phil Lottman Dean Henke Naomi Stumme Carolyn Tomfeld Ann Wigim Ioyce Dgilive Nancy Hays-Accompanist loafm Worst Mary Lou Rieke KIAIWTWIKNZY ru 1-11.11Xl UML, Dick Shirk lim Wheller lack Nietzel Dick Woolsey Wa1'ren Meerdink Al Hoffman Chorus Girls' Blee Elulil GIRLS' GLEE CLUB-UPPER GROUP-First Row: Dgilvie, N. Stumme, P. Courtois, TeStrake, R. Hoben, M. Hahn, M. DeWitt, Crow, R. M, Kilver, A. Wigim, R. Calvert, V. Hughes, P. King, B. Knapp, W. Doerfer, L. Armstrong, N. Sweitzer, Worst. Second Row: M. Kautz, D. Nordeen, P. Miller, Pringle, C. Hoffman, E. Evans, M. Holtz. Leu. M. Sywassink, M. Furnas, S. Schmidt, P. Hilton, N. Hays, Horst, R. Benedict, P. Duggan, S. Nelson. Third Row: V. Barnhart, D. Shirk, B. Buser, C. Iensen, L. Sindt, M. Eiselstein, L. Marolf, M. Hinter- meister, B. Ross, M, Buster, R, A. Hart, S. Patton, C. Zuber, A. Reynolds, I. M. Osborn, D, Garri- son, S. Pulliam. Fourth Row: S. Church, D. Crarmon, M. A. Richards, E. Troxel, D, Fairbanks, D. Feustal, K. Dalton, R. Larson, S. Toussaint, S. Knott. L. Secrist, Marty, C. Tomfeld, G Kemper, Brauns. S. Bunker, B. Drumm. R. Fitzgerald, P. Schroeder, B. Zimmerman, M. Fisher, N. Hahn, M. L. Rieke, L, Ash. LOWER GROUP-FHA-First Row: P. Allen, R. Hall, B. Buntenbach, M. Ward, l. Muhlen- burg, L. Lamp, B. Lellen, K. Nissen. Second Row: D. Lawson, B. Newton, B, Freers, M. Wat- son. I. Dipple, L. Hathaway. D, Ricklefs, D. Weeks, F. Ridenour, S. Hoeksema. Third Row: D. Moomey, B. Yoder, S. Weber, V. Eden, V. Barnhart, Weggen, M. Schroeder, Horst, Fourth Row: C. Graham, B. Figg, C, Thauren, M. Palmer, Brauns, V. Wilson, Kracht, Powell, Schoultz, Fifth Row: B. Barko, H. Schwartz, P. Othmer. R. Fitzgerald, H. Schmalz, L. Secrist. D, Hines, M, Altenbernd. PH i 1 l Librarians LIBRARlANSvFirst Row: Ruth O'Brien, Ianeen Ripley, Barbara Blake, Gloria Crook, Louise Gasaway. Second Row: Louise Marolf, Clarabelle Ricketts, Dwaine Pahl, Lucille Stender. RADIO-First Row: Sandra Swengel, Nada Fuller, Diane Fairbanks, lane Mcllrath, Sherry Prior, Barbara Whisler, Second Row: lane Stanley, Virginia Schauland, Robert Evans, Laverne Fulton, lim Dougherty, Ianice Horst. lladia P. IUNIOR-SENIOR FFA-First Row: Walter Hoag, Harold Hammann, Marvin Croson, Ralph Hoag, Iohn Duncan, Ierry Paetz, Victor Burch, Bill Coder, Ronald Curtis. Second Row: George Buster, Robert Westerfelt, Myron Schroeder, Clark Ziegenhorn, Don Buster, Mervin Sanders, Mickey Hagermann, Dennis Hartsock. Third Row: Bill Bartenhagen, Maurice Ziegenhorn, Paul Thompson, Bob Ross, Don Mercer, Don Scott, Fred Lewis, Mel Stalkfleet. Fourth Row: L. B. Hoopes, LeRoy Brookhart, Iohn Oberhaus, Clair Henke, Al Marolf, Iim King. Roger Copper, Dean Henke, lim Thompson. FRESHMAN-SGPHOMCRE FFA-First Row: Allen Sterner, Darell Garvin, Marlyn Kramer, Iohn Baker, Loren Braun, Andy Foster, Roy Yeater, Larry Dipple, Edward Spiess. Second Row: Ron King, Kenny Iennett, Kenny Hagermann, Melvin Essex, David Ripley, Robert Spaulding, Ierome Henke, Richard Fry, Don Shoultz, Gene Dodson, Third Row: Clifford Hammann, Charles Harper, Francis Trader, Lester Truesdale, Orville Ridenour, lack Carter, Gene Gorham, Kenneth Egel, lim Hoopes, Robert Moore. Fourth Row: Richard Weeks, Iohn Hoopes, Dale Shoppa, Paul Kopf, Richard Lane, lim Baars, Iohn Conway, William Bermel, Harlan Ziegenhorn, Virgil Hull. Fifth Row: Robert Carlson, Ronald Gauger, George Estabrook, Ronald Evans, Marlin Eichel- berger, Dale Kinsley, Paul Shoppa, Dean Strouse, David Hoopes, Leroy Bartenhagen, George Cop- per, Mark Kemper. FP. UU-Ci-Duets DG-Cl-DOERS-First Row: Barbara Ross, Lois Hyink, Mary Eiselstein, Ioyce Andreas, Carlene Wilson, Mona Horton, Emma McDaniel. Second Row: Iva Buster, Mary Buster, IoAnn Burns, Pat Schroeder, Hazel Koepping, Ruthie Eierman, Ianet Pallett, ,Ioyce Iohnson, Third Row: Pat Allen. Charlotte Midkiff, Mildred Knouse, Helen Schwartz, Wanda Farrar, Elaine Troxel, Donna Lawsor., Mary Adams. Fourth Row: Beverly Bivens, Ruth Bullard, Ianet Wardman, Mary Ann Banclcs, Marle Spitznogle, Donna Schneider, lla Sue Shepard, Ioyce Schmidt, Fifth Row: Barbara Freers, Luise Husel, Betty Buser, Ioan Miller, Violet Snyder, Kathy Nissen, Patty Miller, Eyvonne Seiler. 1 mf GAA-First Row: Kay Cline, Sandra Pulliam, Ruthie Eierman, Diane Evans, Nancie Grady, lla Osborn, Darlene Garrison, Violet Snyder, Mary Lou Hahn, Alleyne Meyer, Patty Miller, Mildred Knouse. Second Row: Hazel Koepping, Dorothy Frankenberry, Beverly Schlotfelt, Wanda Far- rar, Ioanne Kracht, Annette Hinkley, Donna Lawson, Iva Buster, Eyvonne Seiler, Kathy Nissen. Third Row: Ioyce Iohnson. Vera Posten, Marlene Heinkel, Elaine Troxel, Opal Erankenberry, Carlene Wilson, IoAnn Royal, IoAnn Wintermute, Pat Connor, Charlotte Graham, Barbara Freers. Fourth Row: Betty Stansell, Shirley Estabrook, Glenda Frankenberry, Florence Ridenour, Louise Marolf, Ruth Benedict, Shirley Baars, Anita Schroeder, Carma Thauren, Sarah Hoeksema, Loretta Armstrong. Fifth Row: Bonnie Smith, Ianet Swanson, Alicia Zahniser, Betty Buser, Louise Ash, Ioyce Etter, Marilyn Niepert, Ioyce Iones, Mary Watson, Audrey Ridenour. .AJR Forensics EORENSICS-First Row: Sandra Swengel, Gwen Slack, Ianice Hathaway, lane Stanley, Ierry Tyler, Donna Petty, Loretta Wyckoff. Second Row: Beverly Smull, Nancy Carter, Ida May E Brendel, Nada Fuller, Iane Mcllrath, Virginia Schauland, Mary Ann McCaffrey. Third Row: Ronald Haverman, Iames Hillier, Durrel Hilton, Gaylord Archer, Harold Wright, Walter Rada. THESPlANS+First Row: Marilyn Essex, Beverly Eis, Ianice Egel, Gwen Slack, Emily Evans, Second Row: Ianice Hathaway, Vaughn Evans, Harvey Allbee, Ierry Moore, Ralph Hoag, Walter Hoag. Third Row: Tom Nail, Berry Tracy, Durrel Hilton, Bob Maeglin, Iohn Nail, Douglas Ager. Thespians Printing Klub PRINTING CLLlB+Fizst Row: Fred Graham. Ken Humpleby, LaVern Hubbard, Paul Archer, Ken Carpenter, Vaughn Evans, Wayne Mcfliillough, Dennis Noret. Second Row: Parnik B. Hazarian. Paul Amos, Don lVlcCleary, Denis lVlcDowell. Don Waltman. Harry Duffield, Carl Edg- ington, Ron Sturms, Dean Tiecke. Hl-Y-First Row: Vaughn Evans, Wayne lVlcGullo11gh, lack Pulliam, Doug Ager, Denis Nic- Dowell, Sherman Burns, Ed Stark, lim Sturms, Parnik B. Hazarian. Second Row: George Busier, Bob Vorwerk, Tom Wigim, Wayne Sander, lim Hahn, Arthur Van Dyke, Larry Brewer, Dave Griffith. Third Row: Iohn Duncan, Ben Levin, Tommy Nail, George Bishop, Ion Rakow, Iohn Robinson, Iimmie Holliday, Keith Wagner. Fourth Row: Bob Kolmerer, Bob Berry, Bill Dickin- son, Don Lewis, Bill Henderson, Wesley Dibeler, Ed Weber, Eddie Humpleby. Fifth Row: Bob Maeglin, Dick Anderson, Bill Scannell, Al Hoffman, Durrel Hilton, Lynne Chamberlin, Iohn Nail, Ronny Sturms, Dwayne Iones. H1-Y First Row: Pat Toborg, Virginia Wilson, Shirley Schroeder, Carole Hoffman, Emily Evans, Norma Dollman, Ronnie Sturms, Beatrice F1QQ,TOm Nail, Clair Henke. Second Row: Ruth Shenlc, Deloris Moomey, Shirley Wright, Ioyce Ettcr, Deloris Feustel, Iva Buster, Mary Buster, Pat Schroeder, Helen Schwartz, Phyllis Shoppa, lean Shoultz, Roy Yeater. Third Row: Pat Marsheck, Sherry Prior, Shirley Weber, Betty Yoder, Lois Hyink, Audrey Ridenour, Beverly Schlotfelt, Kathleen Nis-4 sen, Darlene Garrison. Fourth Row: Gladys Kemper, Mary Ann Bancks, Marilyn Randoll, Ioan Royal, Anita Schroeder, Sally Patton, lanet Hartman, Ianiece Chapman, Myrna Belknap, Bonnie Lee. Fifth Row: Beverly Wimberly, Ianet Huber, Barbara Randoll, Marlene Sturms, Ioann Winter- mute, Ioyce Iones, Margie Schaer, Ioanne Kracht, Shirley Hatfield. Sixth Row: Norma Reed, Lois Secrist, Carma Thauren, Pat Hilton, Diane Evans, Esther Moomey, Patty Miller, Ianet Froehner, Ianet Hendrickson, Ianet Pallett. Seventh Row: lim Holliday. Don Stewart. Diane Odell, Sid Stark, DeWayne Iones, Mary Alice Raub, Sandra Haley, Norma Miller. Ioyce Iohnson, Ruth Eierman. Eighth Row: Roberta Hall, Io Anne Burns, Pauline Whitloxx', Louise Ash, Nancie Grady, Maurice Ziegenhorn, Ed Webe1', Bill Bartenhagen. Ninth Row: Violet Parks, Dixie Lee Erkson, Darlene Lee, Katherine Roth, Ioyce Miller. lack Pulliam, Dick Miller, Miss Culhane. Club Q:l'13iI'l'Il8I1--'IIlVl l"lOI.I.IDAY Assistant Chairman-Im Srunms Pep Club Track UPPER GROUP-TRACK-First Row: Cliff Hamnlann, Kenny Brown, Dick Mills, Iohn Rob- inson, Warren Brown, Mel Chamberlain, Wesley Fry, Ion Rakow, Bill Dickinson, Don Sturms, Dick Miller. Second Row: Dwayne Iones, Bill Scannell, Ken Riswold, Sherman Burns, Tom Iohn- son, Eugene Darnell, George Bishop, Iohn Duncan, Roger Rhodes, Bill Bartenhagen, Paul Thomp- son, Marvin Skolnick. Third Row: Dick Hazen, Wayne Sander, lim Holliday, Ray Curtis, Gary Ramseyer, lack Burns, Leonard Brewer, Neil Greenwald, Dave Griffith, Henry DeHeer, Daryl Houseal, Maurice Ziegenhorn, Bill Iones, Coach Earl Gantenbein. Fourth Row: Manager Iim Sturms,Bernard Benninger, Paul Amos, Bert Hartman, Leland Brase, LaVerne Fisher, Neil Fitz- morris, Dick Vander Horn, Ronald Brookhart, Gary Gordy, Larry Miller, Bill Dietrich, Lynne Chamberlin, Carl Brown, Dick Andersen, George Hahn, lim Weber. LOWER GROUP-FRESHMAN BASKETBALL SQUAD-First Row: Sidney Stark, Doug- las Coder, Fred Koepping, Elbert Beverly. Second Row: Don Huff, Donnie Roger, Ronnie Have- mann, Dick Campbell, Greg Schroeder, Bernard Roth. Third Row: Coach lim Maas, Gary Weber, Harry Glatstein, George Long, David Hoopes, Mike Kautz, lim Misel, Manager Charles Morse. Freshmen Basketball T esee L Varsity Basketball UPPER GROUP-VARSITY BASKETBALL--First Row: Dick Hazen, Gary Ramseyer, Bert Hartman, Don Sturms. Second Row: Bob Berry, Bill Molis, Bill Ion'es, Wayne Sander, Bill Dick- inson, Myron Schroeder, Ierry Stark, Bob Kolmerer, Manager, Third Row: Coach Lefty Schnack, Lynne Chamberlin, Ron Beitz, Dave Griffith, Dick Andersen, Iim Weber, Dick Vander Horn, Ion Rakow, Coach Walt Kockneif. LOWER GROUP-SOPHOMQRE BASKETBALL-First Row: Cliff Hammann, Dick Weeks, Ron Eggenberg, Waxyne McCullough. Second Row: Don Waltman, Marlin Eichelberger, Maur- ice Lofgren, Mel Chamberlin, lim Steckman, Dean Tiecke. Third Row: Dennis Noret, Ronnie Hayes, Harry Duffield, Dick Barry, Bill Scannell, Wes Diebeler, Charles Morse. Missing from pic- ture are Iohn Robinson and Darrell Cooney. Sophomore Baal-ioiliall L l - Varsii First Row: Bob Kolmerer, lack Pulliam, Clark Ziegenhorn, Iim Holliday, Duane Chelf, Henry De- Heer, Roger Rhodes, Don Sturms, Mervin Sanders, Ron Curtis. Second Row: Dick Hazen, Ed Stark, Mike Schroeder, Maurice Ziegenhorn, Iohn Duncan, Carl Brown, lim King, Don Powell, Eugene Darnell, Ierry Stark, lim Sturms. Third Row: Carl Paetz, Ion Rakow, Wesley Dibeler, Bill Bartenhagen, Dick Miller, Dick Andersen, Dwayne Iones, Mike Lofgren, Bill Molis, Dick Vander Horn, Bill Dickinson, Iohn Nail, Ron Beitz, Daryle Houseal, Bill Iones, Melvin Stalkfleet, Ed Weber, George Bishop, Lefty Schnack, lim Maas, WM' "' ' raw, My k First Row: Bob Hurlbut, Willard Smull, Ronnie King, Sidney Stark, Ronald Eggenburg, Gregg Schroeder, Elbert Beverly, Louis Ash. Second Row: Dave Griflith, Dick Campbell, Don Rogers, lim Misel, Iohn Robinson, Robert Ianney, Cary Weber, Don Huff, Harlan Ziegenhorn, Cliff Hama mann, Wayne McCullough. Third Row: Albert Meyer, Marlin Eichelberger, Fred Beckmann, Darrell Lyons, lim Hahn, Ken Brown, Dick Mills, Bill Schmalz, Ronald Kisner, Denny Howard. Fourth Row: Earl Gantenbein, Darrell Cooney, Ben Frost, Harry Duffield, Harry Glatstein, Ron Hayes, Bill Scannell, Warren Brown, Leo Hindbaugh, Wesley Dibeler, Walt Kochneff. Freshmen-Sophomore l M, , , J 5 , The five Musky cheerleaders: Norma Dollman, Donna Silberhorn, Ianiece Chap- man, Ioanne Kracht, and Marilyn Mason practiced one of their cheers under the basket before a pep assembly. These girls taught MHS students many new cheers to urge the Little Muskies on. The peppy five, all seniors, have led the cheering sections for the last two years. With their ever-ready vim and vitality they helped organize the Pep Club during the basketball season. Cheerleaders Norma Donna Ianiece Ioanne Marilyn Dollman Silberhorn Chapman Kracht Mason fi Qin vf, 4? xl ,iffillii Baseball +959 by First Row: Bill lones, Gerald Reifert, Ed Humpleby, Ed Stark, Harold Safley, Don Waltman. Second Row: Lefty Schnack, Ion Rakow, Carl Edgington, Tom Iohnson, lack Pulliam, Iohn Robinson, Walt Kochneff. Third Row: Gary Ramseyer, Dick Andersen, Wesley Dibeler, Don Huff, lim Nlisel. l D. Andersen L. Hindbaugh H. Safley ff, fy if EZ Wh W-22144 'War is , 4 if i E. Humpleby G. Reifert W. Dibeler G. Ramseyer mm Qi! l ' 1 f , ..., ll I M :." 3 ' ,X xx s"' , ' ,. if . ,Sim . .E .,., 2 ' 'V 2 wffffff i. f A , A ,f..15fQf. -W wif i li li Qc rll. Rf? T ' M I 12" "WT2'TiW 'ifT.z4 .fwwf - , " f ,W , . ' , . i A V H ,X ,, 4, .4 , Q ,V ,,...., M Zi . .Z Y 1,7 If .1 ,M ,I ,, H Z, Q -V -- ,, Nm . 5?'2's.Mz1-ii" .H wwf- u .V ' -. ,,., I A V' ,A W Q , ,.,, .,,. - ,,., ,..,, , . V v, . ,.,... , , I . 3 XM' D :V E A if W Q 3 M- ,M 4 y i flf, , A, , A.. y ? A- . 12 ,LX f 3 V.: Ui I, 3 , rx, Z V is t . , J I .v , K' VV :I A I V., , ': 4x 'em i f t Hs, . f j W l I' in Sf f 4 V I . I, , may 29 In Q do ML.. M39 UA.. if . .Q l M, , 1 f 2 ' f- I u - A 5 , Track George Bishop lleftl and Sherman Burns lcenterl cleared the lirst obstacle in the 120-yard high hurdles C1950 seasonl. George was selected as track captain for the 1951 season. In this triangular meet, Muscatine placed first-93 points, Mt. Pleasant placed second-65 points, and Washington placed third-61 points. lVliller Bishop Fisher Ramseyer Berry E1 1 Chamberlin Fry I , , A . , - W , 1 A A , ,K iii' . 1 , ,.,. an-M vw 5 i gk. Q.-D.. 9' wi 'P All vw Teamwork was essential as shown here, when Ierry Stark, one of Muskies' lead- ing groundmen, scored against Washington with the help of Henry Del'leer C671 and Carl Brown. Bill Dickinson, after Carrying out his halfback assignment for the gridders, came hack to help unscramble the mix-up, lim King 1993, a tackler for Nluscatine, made sure his man didnt get in the Way. lim was the big boy who helped Ronnie Beitz take care of the tackle positions. Football Darnell Weber Andersen Sturrns Ziegenhorn Tackle End End Back Guard Al. y Bill Dickinson, Muskies first-string halfhaek. still Carries out the old saying, Mwhere there is a will there is a way". This is one of Bills spectacular plays in the Qttumwa game. The boys gave everything they had but that wasnt enough, as they were defeated by a score of 31 to 14 .... Drive is a powerful word in foot- ball and here Daryle l-louseal shows why, as he drags a Fairlield Trojan a few yards. The Trojans scored 20 to the Muskies' 7. Football Berry Beit: Brown Bishop Curtis H izen B ld Tackle Center End Guard B1 It if M-M1 Y- - ' WM-"W W f'-'-' M-' w-WM ' -WWW! -'f' 'vm' WWW-4-n .- -..,. ,.,, , ,MMM M , , . Sccniingly inipossiblc lor lc1'1'y Stark or Dick Vander Horn to stop bun because ol blockcrs, Ronny Curtis took on tlie task and did it liimscll. Ron was Coach lklaass co-captain this ycar, holding that position with Bob Berry. Corning to lvluscatinc lim Pilatus found that he faced ti major rebuilding job with only one back and aa spat- tcring ol lincnicn returning lroni last x'ca1"s ball club, Using tlciesc as 51 nucleus, bc built ti llotiniclablc tcznn. ljtititlgiall ofgrcn UCHQQI' Molis Bat-If End Back t g "ess . K j? J 3 X E 1 4 5 i i 5 P E 1 s i 1 5 x 2 1 : 5 V X i E v S 5 S i 6 x E 2 2 s 1 , .,,, ,, J, , , J, -VA N, M H, uf- ,TW 'ip,,?1Avz3g?f45w1,ff gina-r-mylmvnzi ':wa1frz,15q:?A LQ fwzfwi wffsl-N-Q '-jwyfikixtffxg w,,sggq1,s9.- Aww. ,cf-Wiuf, fvwizbxliifw.w5?:m'Lw,:wiv ff? Rzfmswswifm W3A57fiskzf.:'fpg,'5w,'r5'F - EEL, sk-'ai f' EM 2:xg,i1'21e Vfwzms ww: 4?fiW'1Qaff'E U25Miz2.'1,+4,ewf,Mwg:wJSQf if'-Mai Tia-fQffQ52:?em?'w,?a 9-f.f,.ff:.--W-.w..,-"::- '- ,- W9 ,fs ,mn mf. 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George Bishop. one ol the faster senior guardrnen, Went up for a shot, but it was blocked hy Logan ol Keo- kuk. Ronnie Beitz ll7l watched anxiously for the outcome. Where there was plenty of action you could expect to find George and Ronnie. Basketball Beit Berry Vander Horn Bishop Hazen 5 indei C ite: Forzzfard Center Guard Forward Forwzrd The Schnackmen as well as the Dttumwa Bulldogs had plenty of onlookers such as Bob Berry and Dick Vander Horn, but George Bishop ll3l was out to reclaim the ball for the Muskies .... Dick Andersen wasn't sure of what move to make to prevent two VVashington Demons from getting the loose ball. Bill Dickinson 1 101 was alert for any mishap. Dick was the Muskies' leading scorer and member of the second all-conference squad. Bill received honorable mention. I. Stark Guard Dickinson Guard Basketball Rakow VVeber Guard Center Raniscyci Andersen Foruia ru Forward if 'AY if ff ff? wr jk LL, X-f 5: JW! Y M' FREN? f i x ,,., ,..,.,..,,,...w..m,.Q. ... , ., 4 - h 5 Q . -if f.,, Rswisy W AMW, W, ,Q-k . . . ,, 3 2 5 1 0 MT"'w X MMM. ig, . mn- zmf l gf mas, f QR Q frm! 3 GIRLS' TRIO GIRLS' SEXTET MIXED QUARTET BOYS' QUARTET MADRIGAL Chorus X I . KYKFM ,, me att vtzwiw M55 Utlf BEFURE Alglill 20 Iackie Miller lleftl and Betty Willits inked drawings for the annual. Delores lhackl and Mar- garet Wilson worked on the dummies, Pat Toyne Cleftl, Ralph Hoag, Norma Dollman, and Roberta Ianney visited. Editor Pat Fuller grinned after linishing the ALIRORAN, Fred Graham was 'that man with a Camera". Shirley Kruse, Ken McCaffrey, Ioan Grosjean lfront l, and loan Emlet typed copy. Ioyce Meyer lleltl, Walter Hoag, and Shirley Schmidt worked on ads. UFUFHH if' bm.. fi UPPER PICTURE: Cast for the all-school play included B. Maeglin, Hathaway. Mcll- rath, K. Isaacs, C. Ieierson, R. Whimer, P. Archer, D. Glatstein, I. M. Brendel, D. Hilton, D. Ddell, K. Wagner, and L. Wyckoff. LOWER LEFT: "Une Foot in Heaven"--G. Slack de- fended R. Hoag while S. Stevens upheld the actions of D. Lewis. LGWER RIGHT: D. Law- son and S. Stevens awaited the answer alter D. Hilton examined Littell's injured ankle. Plays iff A -.S UPPER LEFT: Katherine Roth and Ruth Fitzgerald made-up Diane Gdell and Beverly Eis, while Barbara Luellen did her own. LOWER LEFT: lohn Weber and Doug Ager Checked the spot light. UPPER RIGHT: Carina Thauren darkened lane Nlcllraths eyes and Nada Fuller helped Bob Maeglin. CENTER: Virginia Schauland, Gwen Slack, and Verlee Eden Checked Costumes. LOWER RIGHT: Bob Maeglin, Tom and vlohn Nail adlusted the Stage Crew Walter Rada tried to give Gaylord Archer a hotfoot. Gaylord in turn Wanted to hit Ierry Littell and altogether the boys got themselves into a three way jam. Donna Petty lleltl took lane Stanley's point of view in a joking manner. Dave lVlcGoWan busily worked the radio controls for Ianet Tobias and Ed Humpleby as they calmly plowed through a radio broadcast. Sandra Swengel helped Ida Mae Brendel with her coat as they left for a debate trip, Speakers The members ofthe champion volleyball team were lleft to rightl: Betty Buser, Ruth Benedict, Pat Miller, Louise Ash, Anita Schroeder, and Loretta Armstrong. As Pat Conner shot, Louise Ash frightl and Shirley Wright awaited the outcome. Do-Ci-Doers, who were practicing for half-time basketball entertainment, were lleft to rightlz Betty Buser, Evelyn Seiler, Kathleen Nissen, Pat Miller, Luise Husel, loan Miller, Violet Snyder, and Barbara Freers, ll. A. A., lln-Ei-lloerfs .fr ,max M ww:-MWWNW ,, V tim-lv-"W" Sr l Nu One of the major activities of the year was the banquet, which was given in the honor of the can- didates for FFA. Parents were invited to the festivities, which included the initiation of twenty new members. Club President Mickey I-lagermann conducted the meeting, while the other offi- cers and Sponsor Lindley Hoopes stood by their stations. Mrs. Roscoe Eliason, who was guest speaker, presented a pictorial talk about rural conditions of Europe. lf. P. Q i X, Lulean Lamp tleftl stopped to help Lois Secrist stitch a skirt for her homemaking project. Ruth Fitzgerald Crightl pressed the seams of her dress while Lois Hathaway helped her hold it. LaVaughn Shoopman lleftl and Beverly Smull ran oil tests for the teachers on the office ditto machine. Pat Greenwald Crightl thought the office switchboard would be easy to work. Nlari- lyn Watts gladly consented to teach her the in's and out's of its mechanism. P. H. . Eummerttial Camera Club members Donald Hecht and Robert Furnas were giving their approval of pictures taken by the club. lohn Weber and Bill Henderson worked on pictures with the new enlarger purchased for the Camera Club. Snapshooters Fred Graham and Robert Furnas paused before loading their trusty little Crosley to the brim once more. This faithful little car Went through rain, sleet, ice and snow to carry people and equipment to fulfill AURORAN assignments. Snapshuniers ,, sw 5' M' ""' X A i , ,:. W 1 " - , k'h ,- RL -w g Q if Q' i -A 3 .: -wm- ,r -Q M. ',:E,1Eg, 9, N, K if 5655 .y,fLs , S' as wmgw .HW 5569 "' I 4. , W4 l'f??,ii'.i' X i' Jflrf. 3"""' M. aa Y ASN' mfwwis 'vzbilslv 'U' Qu! ia I vw 1 Last fall, twenty-two Muscatine students went to the National Graphic Arts Exposition at Chi- cago, lllinois, Top left: Harry Duffield, Ioe Fry, and Don lVlcCleary posed with two midgets from the Brigham Roller Company of Des Moines. At the top, right, lVlr. Hazarian and the Printing Club looked at the multilith press, which was set up hy the American Type Founders. To give you an idea of the complete Exposition. an aerial photo was taken. Printers The Schnackmen lost a basketball game and loyce Miller fleftl, Marlene Sturms lcenterl, and Ianet Hardman were unhappy about it, as they left the gym. lim Holliday lleftl and lim Sturms checked the Crowded school Calendar to squeeze in a Pep Club dance after a game. It took a couple of lims to make things dandy. Early in February, the Muscatine chorus had the privilege of singing for the 5-4th Iowa General Assembly in Des Moines. Pep Klub, Chorus Trip e Lingering Upon Remembered Walks X 1 ' ' WWW X 1 Q K ' F f,,f Q' 'ffglf N 4 iff, fff:'f!2l'J'fQ I , 1 , f 15 M WW: I J 'Q' , Iifgfq MMS' e ,ZWM S' l QM l i1 4 e X f K + ff 5E5'2V'f!ff'M e ' My-' ..!' f X .et " e- N H f N ! l 'V ,Dv 1 ff ,, f Lxf, f ! f X , rl. X W 41, ' , fax M f e Q- . X Qi y, Xe feVj!ff, :Z 6 E., I A f- f If , X , ,GI ez -:Q Xi- J 1' .f 1 -- d' - I A - 45 f f G C? e I f .ff ' , V 1' K ! f f I Q ' I n Dfofac Offs! L , , -1-1 N .4 71 -X, X 1-. ' f Af- UD X K J News O, , G-aff X, M I Qw.,Q:,'ff'tgS ',kf.::1fq. 7 KM, E . , w I E XXX 4 X Qx gl k X E qii h':':. - 1 W, U X f x XXX 0,5-QI uh 'SVN' ' ' f X 0.- ' V ,Jw ' fb 1 H6 ' X f ' , ,Q ,. I " ' g -1 -E Q 571 AMQR L Si 1 w jig GSE ff QQMQQESY . , 1 xx EQTFX fWU5CAJ7NE yy Je j? WM! XXQ dfgi Q , 9,,, +R r A A I 1 . ' Q gf A E wx f M7 N. '4f' ' QS' g, , , ,ff 1 . X If 0 I ' Rffgi? 1 S, E , - S -2 . XX 1 N f DANCES '3 x -A ASSEMBLIES xj X1 XY HOMECOMING X LEISURE HOURS 5 If MEMORIES ff' Top Left: Students at the Homecoming Dance. Top Right: Queen candidates. Center Right. Queen candidates with Miss Mary Culhane. Lower Left: Queen lean Shoultz and her escort. Daryle Houseal. Lower Right: The queen. her attendants and their escorts. From left to right: Norma Dollman and Don Powell, leanene Powell and lerry Stark, lean Shoultz and Daryle Houseal. Evelyn Hobart and Lanny Grady, hflarilyn Mason and Wesley Fry. Homecoming Q, 1 ly? Many High School and lunior College'students enjoyed the fun nites at the Where they could play cards, play ping-pong, or dance as they saw lit to do. ln the upper picture, decora- tions helped to bring out the theme of the dance, which can be readily recognized as the 'Sock- l'lop". Another special dance was held February 9th, Merle Palmer and David Griffith were elected Queen and King of Hearts respectively and were crowned at intermission time. Fun iles 5? if lm fs- fd t WW' is ke' ff. Dr. Stanley Vesely, director of the Coe College Band, presented a one hour concert to our stu- dents during the second semester. Highlight of the program was Gershwins arrangement of Rhapsody in Blue. ln the lower left picture the students gave the team a rousing send oil. Mr. Q'Brien demonstrated his dexterity on roller skates by spinning Dick Varney. Mrs. 0'Brien remained in the background with Ruthellen Soltwedel and Bonnie Moomey. assemblies 'W t , , is ,A ' F if wmmg 4 ff' . fffivmfw' when A5 mu ,. ,,. V ffl' -" , f W A-'as:B1.Qf,W, N F ,A Q' sg :Q 'b ' vs vw Q f 1 A , Q1 . Q il 5 Q 4 mwmm.-ki, A 8 1 5 'Wim Ia A 'Q X - T has W-aww r, 5 . 2 :iff f 3Y,yQTfg.1,' 2 Liu, N rv? bk.. if .1 is iv!-Www V WNPIQI www .X N 5NY"2- Alice Nichols decided to train Roger Copper in the art of dishwashing so they could go to an early show. Willie entertained Phillip Welsh and Shirley Weber, to the extent that he was get- ting some attention. Lyndon Lord Cleft to rightl, Ray Gaddis, lack Pulliam, Ken McDaniel, Merle Strause, and lohn Wilson spent their noon hours playing cards in the social room. Gary Weber and Doug Coder were the floor-cleaners at the Musky basketball games. leisure Hours Time waits for no man-but for a womanl Wesley Fry waited impatiently for Ioann Rathhurn to get ready for their date. ln disgusted silence Dave Griffith waited for Nancy Sweitzer to stop chattering. Many nights, instead of a show for IoAnn Paetz and Bill Dickinson, they combined heads and plowed through stacks of hooks. Marlin Eichelherger may often have given the im- pression of being studious, hut chances are he was catching up on his Captain Marvel. Leisurle Htiurss Selecting their favorite records to listen to throughout the evening was Harry McKee and Mari- lyn Ward. Dodie Nordeen lleftj and Bebe Figg lrightl had difliculty with a dresser drawer which was determined to spill. Larry Brewer applied his knowledge of fudge making while Loretta Wyckoff was Hlohnnie on the Spot" with her cook hook. Everyone watched the screen while Bill Scannell lleftj adjusted it for Naomi Stumme, Pat Toyne and Ronnie Sturms. Leisure Hours 4 g f t - Q f' s is M s s . , A -f Q ' is T3 -We ' ' X -' ,,S, ?H-4. - gh 3 mx r. 'K ,... 'El-A , . X K '- Q gi if' " , by L mtg, 5 ' O . ' Q ' Xxgsfgiggg ,sig M W My ZA ,Yr x.-- 1 t A Li. .N r ..- - 'flk :ap -MM-'ff--W 5 ' X gf S . , Wg' "lf'5'34-fgiT:'t- My N T9 1 wi J Q -5 5 33f'il?5?i,,.' fy I Q gifs sgzic 1. .Q r X 537355: : - N. ' .J mrs-if Iunior golf champions, Dick Barry and Al Hoffman, practiced Hteeing off" in the sunshine on the lawn of Musky High, Marvin Croson, Bob Berry, and Roger Rhodes were caught in the act of giving lim Sturms an affectionate face washing. lohn Duncan, Ianet Tobias, Sally l-line, and Wes Dibeler were buying souvenirs at the basketball tournament at lowa City. loAnn Paetz, Delores Nordeen, and Mary Kautz seemed to have their arms full of cotton candy. Leisure Hours I ,ar 577' ' av' Betty Franklin Cleftj helped loanne Patterson sort her many sweaters. Skip Nleerdink held up Sandra Eis's door key with a sigh of relief after she had emptied everything out of her lady-size purse. Marian Sywassink found an interesting comic book while helping Dean Tiecke Clean out his overflowing locker of books and papers. Ruth Buckley hopelessly realized that her mending would never be finished at the rate brother Stanley wore holes in his socks. Leisure Hours f Q 2,12 w as fra 43 L ,P f z Pat Ditch had everything ready for sandwiches when Gary Ackerson discovered there wasn't any bread. Dick Duggan was eyeing his sister, Phyllis, while she was picking out some of his shirts she was planning to borrow. Ierry Moore lleftl helped Tom Wigim fix his tie before leaving for their dates. Who's who was Betty lVlinder's Crightl and Rita Rehelskys hig proh- lem. I wonder if they have ever mistaken Ronald Crow lleftl for his twin, Donald. Leisure Hours Z. if -w-'ri LSI' ,,f"""tg 'K Luise Husel, our transfer student from Germany, looked over the pictures of her new American friends. ln a game of canasta, Berry Tracy discarded a black three to loan Iessup, wrecking all hope for her to get the pile of cards. Don Stewart was teasing Riley with a can of dog food but Riley was more interested in the can of sardines. Suzanne Stevens Cfrontl worried over the dire results when Barbara Lewis went to work cropping off her hair. Leisure Hours my WWW' ,lui UH mi va.- .W :' .Munn g .M LL,A.,g .. A new L. i f 'Q 1 . any " f 46 ,, fl X Y L1" S ' L,., TT ,. .EQ ' .3 r Keir it U . if T . ig as M at R is as is The students on the previous page were awaiting their opportunity to select their lunches from the ever-patient, always-courteous cafeteria staff, which included Mrs. Martha Carlson, Mrs. Alta Allen, and Mrs. Lila Hildebrand. The Department of Agriculture issued surplus crops to our school under the auspices of the lowa School Lunch Program. These surplus items were sold in the cafeteria to offset the loss from selling other commodities to the students below cost. Memories E it it as ,M 5 , f if-L fir- 2: . Qur custodian and janitorial staff performed never ending tasks around our high school. Exem- plary of this was Harold Marx adjusting the drinking fountain for several students. Genial Ioe McCaffrey applied the huge eraser to the blackboard. Ierry Reifert was nobly assisted at the pop-corn machine by Bob Schmitt. Mrs. Gertrude Steel exchanged a few humorous words with Ruth 0'Brien. While the students helped, Ralph Flake replaced a defective light bulb. emuries P i The End ef e Perfect Walk usky Advertisers a The AURORAN staff and the high school students appreciate the way the merchants of Muscatine have consistently supported their yearbook. This year, a total of 175 merchants and profes- sional men have used the following 35 pages, with the hope of creating student interest in the business-life of Muscatine. Through their generous advertising, these individuals, partners, and corporations have provided income, which covered approxi- mately one-third of the total cost of our book, thereby reducing the cost of ownership to the student. To give you an idea of the work entailed, the ad staff was di- vided into teams, who solicited advertising through a two-pla- toon system. Walter Hoag, our advertising manager, organized lists of prospective advertisers for each of the teams to contact. Group A consisted of Beverly Barko, Robert Carlson, Pat Grossklaus, Shirley Meisky, Ioyce Meyer and Shirley Schmidt. Included in Group B were Marvin Croson, Ianet Emlet, Phyllis Wagler, Ruth Hagy, Shirley Kruse, Marilyn Ward, and Mari- lyn Watts. The schedule was established whereby group A worked 6th period Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, while Group B worked 6th period Tuesday and Thursday. Each week, the 2-day and 3-day work schedule alternated between groups, until we had complete coverage of the advertisers in the 1950 AURORAN. The owners of these yearbooks are requested to express their individual appreciation by patronizing, whenever possible, the faithful advertising clientele listed in this ever-important section of our book. - ,mv I ,- 14,4 ,4,,.L0 f,,,.J, 1 ,AV M wif:-4 .. . .1 .,. I l-. ...,. L ... rr: QQ ' 0 '11 x afwtlx. fn 5 N v Q 5, ww, any fww, ,. ,N . fm gf Q - i, , 4. TROUT'S SUPER MARKETS M130 new 220-222 Iowa Ave. 522-524 Mulberry Ave GYGG D678 A 15210112 Marne? jy Eflfer ,gpauingfiv - E'-'-Z5..."'5x Zfmdd .BREAD DON 'T SAY BREAD SAY A HOLSUM BAKED FOR QUALITY M. KAUTZ BAKING CC. H and Don Crow have iheir stilts tn CONGRATULATIONS "JLQJ:.Q. jn52h.lm," LAMP-REI-IWALDT CO. YQUR IHC DEALER PHONE 333 MUSCATINE, IOWA You Get The Best Quality And The Latest Styles When You Shop At McCOLM'S . . . FOR . . . WOMEN'S APPAREL HERSHEY AVENUE MARKET Groceries 61 Meats O W. SCHMIDT - E. TOBIAS Phone 2431 1060 Hershey Ave. 23. Diane Odell leaves her man troubles to I. E. KRANZ CO. DRAPERIES HEIETY YEARS OE FLORAL SERVICE" AND i FLOOR COVERINGS Telephone l22 2l7 lowa Ave. 2nd and 3rd Floors Laurel Bldg. Muscatine, Iowa l8. Beverly Smull leav h stant chatter to 7 l t y Larry B will b 1950-1951 FOOTBALL SCORES Muscatine St. Ambrose Muscatine Burlington Muscatine Keokuk . . Muscatine Washington . 7 Muscatine Muscatine Muscatine Muscatine Mt. Pleasant . 20 Et.Madison . 7 Eairtielol . . . 20 Otturnwa . . . 32 COMPLIMENTS OF STABK'S FARMER SUPPLY STORE 115 WALNUT PHONE 492 Z9 T th l f'52th l f5ll , 4 L CONGRATULATIONS TO THE BL AKE'S RADIQ CLASS QF '51 Sales and Service f MOTOROLA - ZENITH MCKEE BUTTON RADIOS 210 IOWA AVENUE PHONE 212 BEST WISHES-SENIORS SEE Us Fon FINE I ewelry - Watches Silverware 157lRfWlRDfSl itwmsas - smvrasmrms COHN 'S For the Best in . . . Sundries - Magazines Toys - Greeting Cards Candies - Smoking Supplies Fountain Service - Lunches . 1.-Q iff? - 5 213 East Second Street 209 EAST THIRD ST. PHONE 107 Muscatine, Iowa FRESH REFRIGERATED WHITMAN 'S CHOCOLATES PHONE 21 1 211 EAST SECOND ST. "Call '211' To See Who Won" 26. lerry St k cl B b B leave their crutches to SELECTED DISTRIBUTOR COLUMBIA DIAMOND RINGS LONGINES - WITTNAUER - BULOVA WATCHES H. M. VANCE JEWELER 207 W. Second St. Phone 1528-I MUSCATINE, IOWA HOTEL MUSCATINE Muscatine's Only Fireproot Hotel EXCELLENT COFFEE SHOP OTHER MUELLER HOTELS ALLISON - Cedar Rapids. Ia. LA CROSSE - La Crosse, Wis. H. H. MUELLER, General Manager MUSCATINE, IOWA STELLRECH-I-'S CONGRATULATIONS, LEATHER STORE "We Repair and Dye Anything Made of Leather" 122 EAST THIRD ST. 41 l 1 ars Luise Husel will be TITUS . Loan 6: Investment CO 28. Dick Vamey leaves his "teeth" to Geo. M quneaal Jfame THOMAS F. BEVERIDGE, Owner 7 Phone 1260 4. Marilyn Masons and Kim Stuxms leave their likeable per lt t ELECTRIC APPLIANCES CONGRATULATIONS OF ALL KINDS AND T 0 T H E ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR C 1- A S S 0 F 1 9 5 1 if G. A. CHAUDOIN 133 WEST SECOND ST. I has COMPLIMEN TS OF PETER PRCDUCTS COMPANY 31. Semor Chemlstry students leave Mr Maas Best Wishes for Success and Prosperity Hi' BARTCN 'S SHCP 126 East Second St. "The Store For The Junior Miss" 15, Bennet Levin leaves his artlstic Cxhtllty to ANYWHERE - ANYTIME The Pause That Refreshes I af HW BOTTLES DRINK qgs u S.PA1 off Bottled Under Authority of Coco-Cola Company by MUSCATINE COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY ,lpn-...T Clothes not becoming to you- Should be Cominq to us! COMPLIMENTS OF ' HAWKEYE LUMBER HOLLIDAY CLEANERS CQMPANY Phone 3883 313 MULBERRY AVENUE t Across from the Court House 174 Ed Stark 19 hi taxi S ROOT BEER SQUIRT E Y N 0 L D ELECTRIC SERVICE I' B' ST' The Store That Service Built BOTTLING WORKS 219 Mulberry Phone 1424 420 Mulberry Avenue Phone 94 DOUBLE COLA ORANGE SQUEEZE 94 Op 1 Fromkenberry 1 h q T ess to CONGRATULATIONS, CONGRATULATIONS. CLASS OF 1951 GRADUATES :S LESLIE'S , Ready-to-Wear Sales 6. SGIVICG The Store for Women and 313 East Front St. Phone 241 the Iunior Miss MUSCATINE, IOWA n l0o W. Second St. Phone 364 39. lim Pullio 1 h k Sq k t 19. Carolyn S1 mme leo h walk to IIUBEIIT I.. BIIMIII LIFE INSURANCE ANNUITIES GROUP INSURANCE 202 Muscaiine Bank Building MUSCATINE, IOWA 45. Marlene Heinke-I leaves her Hwhealiesu I SANDWICHES THAT ARE SATISFYING M A I D- R I 'I' E convmanf 1934-Mun-nur: Pnooucrs, mc. 110 Cedar - 1033 Hershey Home-Made Ice Cream CONGRATULATIONS TO THE TQSTRAKE BROTHERS CLASS OF '51 QE? L WILLIAM GLATSTEIN FUL-O-PEP FEEDS 1753 . . . PHONES . . . 2291 Feed and Grain 11, Y . . . Dealer In . . . Custom Grinding Hides. Furs, Wool and A11 Kinds and Mixing B-9.!Q1g!, of Scrap Iron We Buy All Usable Materials MUSCATINE, IOWA 327 Oak Sheet Phone 177 113-117 Wesi Third si. T CONGRA ULATIONSTOTHE CONGRATULATICNS Gracluatmg Class G R A D U A T E S H. E. SMITH COAL C0. BOE 'roBoEG 712 E. 2nd Si. 9 Most ambitious senior girl CONGRIURIEATIONS MINTON CLASS OF 1951 RALPH J. WITTICH GIFTS PORTRAITS PHONE 1510 219 IOWA AVE. 36. lim Holliday Ie COMPLIMENTS 01-' COOK'S MUSIC SHOP Complete Music Service POPULAR AND CLASSICAL RECORDS Listen to the best in records 221 East Second Street E. E. BLOOM INSURANCE AGENCY General Insurance 101 Central State Bank Bldg. Phone 137 TO THE GRADUATES . . . The Home of Cheap Electricity BEST -W-ISI-IES PCR SUCCESS Purgzfmer AND PROSPERITY O MUSCATINE MUNICIPAL ELECTRIC THE CQIAQSQQQQEN SHG? 5. 101111 B100m lecve-S 1113 manners to C O M P L I M E N T S CONGRATULATIONS, O F GRADUATES AUGUST ALTENBERND CONTRACTOR Telephone 1770 SERVING WITH YOUTH THROUGHOUT THE WORLD 1844 - 1951 'k Y. M. C. A. HELEN BAMFORD STUDIO 214W IOWA AVENUE Phone 832 33 B likely to be president 10 M b hful senior qirl AMERICAN PETROLEUM CO. Gasoline -Heatinq Oils Bottled Gas 101 WALNUT STREET CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF '51 MIKE BLAESING Standard Service SIXTH AND MULBERRY I CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1951 STARCK PRINTING CO. "Good Printing Quick" 205 WEST SECOND PHONE 935 COMPLIMENTS OF S.G.8mP. STEIN FURNITURE 00. 309 Iowa Ave. Phone 7 12. In ten years, L R in tson will be CONNELL MOTORS HRV LES SALES AND SERVICE 408 East Second Street Phone 660 Congratulations and Best Wishes To The Seniors! KEMPF'S IEWELERS 309 EAST SECOND ST. 43 1 years Don Powell will be BOWMAN MOTOR CO. TOWN - CLUB 219 East Front Street MUSCATINE, IOWA Phone 104 - Res. 3390-I 13 Berry Tracy leaves his curls to DE-LUXE ICE CREAM BULK-PAK IT'S DELICIOUS LAGOMARCINO-GRUPE CO. C O N G R A 'I' U L A T I O N S CONGRATULATIONS, SENIORS! A N D GOODYEAR SERVICE B E ST WISHES CAR AND HOME SUPPLIES ot Tire and Battery Service Eighth cmd Cypress Sis. 310 EAST SECOND ST. PHONE 69 16 I ten years Ronnie Beitz hopes to be UBELHOER USED CARS 107 EAST FRONT STREET . . .Phone 4004 . . . "THE BEST FOR LESS" 44R1hH I h hA "The Store For A11 Your Office Needs" BML lzhblma, Suubm, PETERSEN'S Office Equipment Office Supplies POPULAR-PRICED READY-TO-WEAR-DRY GOODS LIN GERIE-CANDY Large Assortments on Hand spun eon's COMPLIMENTS OF RED PAINT STORE O 1 214 Iowa Ave. Phone 473 107 W. Second St. Phone 3387 6. The best debate-r GOOD LUCK TO THE 1951 FOOTBALL SQUAD IAMES MAAS, l-lead Coach SCHEDULE Roosevelt, Cedar Rapids, here . . . . Burlington, there Keokuk, there . Washington, there . Mt. Pleasant, here . Ft, Madison, there . Fairfield, here . Ottumwa, here . l4 September September Zl 28 September . October 5 . October . October . October 12 l9 26 November l STERNEMAN'S Clothing and Furnishings for Men and Boys SINCE 1889 "Step Up the Avenue and Save Dollars" ?O l t years, loan Borqstadt and loanne Patterson will be OBERHAUS BROS. 529 MULBERRY AVE. Phone 401 "Grocers Since 1924" 40 l95U football team leaves their bottle of H cl l Ll -- 1866 1951 SERVING FOR WITH THE THE NATION OVER BEST IN AND THIS 85 QUALITY COMMUNITY YEARS WOODWORK WOODWORK OF MERIT 42. Don Lewis leaves his car to BEITZ o Heating and Sheet Metal ak COMPLIMENTS OF BOTH SERVICE of All KIIICIS COMPANY O PHONE 2865 412 EAST FIFTH t tRecrrl 20. Ronnie Curtis leaves his walk to "CHARGED" WITH CONVENIENCE The difference between wishing and having is a Charge account by which you can afford to own the treasured things that make for a fuller life. lt takes only a few minutes to establish your credit here. You may arrange to pay weekly or monthly, at no extra cost. 0fB,5a1LfQ4aZ Dzhfqmil Q me 586 KE G E ymfw ffe. vw e ,fx GQ! ' ERVI , ' 207 EAST SECO D TREET f MILLS AUTO PARTS CO. DISTRIBUTORS OF Replacement Parts 2553 . . . PHONES . . . 2588 210 West Sec d St. Muscatine, Iow 0GlLVIE"S Fourth and Mulberry " Our Volume Guarantees Low Prices" ROSA'S STYLE SHOP O 205 East Second Street st ambitious senior boy MUSCATINE PEARL WORKS Hiqh Grade Pearl Buttons and Novelties 21, lcmet Tobias loaves her radio program to I. C. PENNEY CO., INC. DEPARTMENT STORE --1d -- Ready-to-Wear - Shoes - Men's Wear Dry Goods - Infants' Wear-Notions Home Furnishings l1 b-i- "A STORE FOR ALL THE FAMILY" COMPLIMENTS OF IOWAY - RECORD PRINTING COMPANY Commercial Printing 212 WALNUT ST. PHONE 190 22. Evelyn Hobart leaves h l l ess to CONGRATULATION S, GRADUATES! We Wish You Success and Happiness in Your Future LILLY'S CIGAR STORE GOOD LUCK, SENIORSl Bowling Interest Is Increasing Every Year-32 Prep Teams This Year Bowling Leagues Are More Fun Ollie Bently's Pla-Mor Alley S 9 ING anon PLAY MoREe1.1vE LONGER ATHLETIC "The EQUIPMENT OUTFITTERS Br-ist EXPERTS n Sporting Goods" Photography-24 Hour Processing FRED'S SPORT SHOP FRED R. HEERD, Owner 204 Cedar MUSCATINE, IC vVA Phone 3206 NATURAL GAS BEST WISHES, The Modern Cooking Fuel S E N10 R S! , BROWER SERVICE 123 East Third St. Phone 181 IT IS Tl-IE CLEANEST, FASTEST, '17 ln ten years, Alice N' h l will be FUEL KNOWN C O M P L I M E N T S .k O F OTTO'S mwA Efcmlc cn. 1 27 B bam Lewis leaves the golf course to MUSCATINE IUNIOR COLLEGE A Two-Year Accredited College ...ol-TEES. .. 1. Pre-Professional Education Medicine Education Commerce Industrial Science Nursing Law Engineering Dentistry Agriculture Home Economics 2. General Education 3. A two-year teacher training course leading to a standard elementary certificate. 4. Adult classes in any subject for which there is sufficient demand. 5. G. I. Bill. Credits Accepted by Any Institution of Higher Learning CONGRATULATIONS. SEN IORS BOWMAN BROS. SHOE STORE "The Home of Good Shoes" BEACH LUMBER 6. SUPPLY CO. Lumber and Builders' v Supplies 120 East second sf. Phone 3787 1030 HEESHEY AVENUE PHONE 9 N D H I h A 1 1 PLAN SERVICE OITHCI O HIGH GCIVQS 91' QIQQQ O Ro-Li-Co Brand Meats C C N GEFQTQ 5151 O N S Locker Service C L A s s o F ' 5 1 o ir COMPLIMENTS or ROMANN 6: LIEBBE CC. B R O U D ' S The Store For Everybody 32. In ten years L Gr ..SEE US... WASHED SAND - GRAVEL - READY-MIX CONCRETE CONCRETE BUILDING BLOCKS -ALSO- PORTLAND AND MASON CEMENT NORTHERN GRAVEL COMPANY Phone 193 For Cleaning and Laundry Service in the Years Ahead Phone 30 MAGN US MODEL Laundry and Cleaners ART HOWE, President 208-212 East Fourth Street C. C. HAKES 6. CO. INVESTMENTS REAL ESTATE FARM AND CITY LOANS INSURANCE Hershey Building Muscatine, Iowa ooMPLiMENTs or GLASS SMART SHOP Quality Building Material and Coal "Always Dependable" HILL-GOETZ LUMBER The Store for I uniors AND and Women COAL COMPANY Phone 95 35 D ders for Sears and Roebuck CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL 1951 GRADUATES A11 through the year, Whether you Call on us to deposit money, or to borrow it, to ask our opinion about a problem, or merely to bid us the time ot day-YOU ARE ALWAYS WELCOME. MUSCATINE BANK TRUST COMPANY Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation This bank issues U. S. Savings Bonds as a public service. 2111115 1 CONGRATULATIONS. CLASS OF 1951 GRIMM DRUG CO. COMPLIMENTS or WESTER DRUG STORE 315 EAST SECOND ST. "Drugs of Quality" PHONE 400 130 East Second St. Phone 196 19. Naomi Stumme and Barbara Whisler CONGRATULATIONS TO THE Inc CLASS OF '51 O QTTO R. MAEGLIN 207-209 American Bank mag. WHOLESALE AND RETAIL Candies -Fountain Phone 599 O "Where Insurance Is a Business- Not a Sideline" Phone 22 201 East Second St CENTRAL STATE BANK MUSCATINE, IOWA - -- MEMBER FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION Ch 1 t KD yo d I Hartmar1?J 42 A who Wants a p lk fi t Z9 evroe o CONGRATULATIONS BESTWISHES T O T HE H. C. LAWRENCE C L A S S O F 19 5 1 STATE AND FEDERAL INCOME I TAX SERVICE PHII. S CITIES SERVICE Bookkeeping Service 400 East Second Si. 618 EAST NINTH ST. PHONE 2155 MUSCATINE. IOWA 1 Edd Humpleby GOOD LUCK. SENIORSI WE CONGRATULATE THE SENIOR CLASS WESTERN AUTO QF 1951 ASSOCIATE STORE , LUPTON XI TOYNE, Printers Commercial Printing 200 East Second St. Phone 2227 224 IOWA AVE. PHONE 766 29. The pleasure Oi laughing at Mr, ShOOk's ' ke-S COMPLIMENTS OF 215 West SQCOIIC1 Si. Phones 66 - 2182 v QUALITY GROCERIES, FRUITS, AND VEGETABLES 110 West Second St. Phone 345 Free Delivery 011 Orders ef 32-00 Special Prices All Week 45. Pat Connor KOLPACK AUTO SUPPLY CO. BEN KOLPACK, Prop. NEW AND USED PARTS FOR ALL CARS "Home of First Class Automotive Products" PHONE 1679 509-11 MULBERRY AVE. MUSCATINE BUICK co. ' COMPLIMENTS OF Sales cu5dCService PQOLE TRANSFER se ms COMPANY 217 EAST THIRD ST. . Phone 174 CQNGRATULATIONS TO THE COMPLIMENTS OF CLASSOF1951 w1LsoN SHOE sroRE -k MUSCATINE. IOWA O MIDWEST TRANSIT LINES S 1854 LUELLEN CLEANERS 209 WEST 2nd ST. PHONE 6 I Wear Clean Clothes O CLEANERS AND FURRIERS Frigidaire Fur Storage ouqh Musky hc1IIs CONGRATULATIQNS Rubinstein Cosmetics SENIORSA Expert Beauty Service MUSCATINE 0 BRIDGE CORPORATION LAUREL BEAUTY SHQP BONNIE SANDER, Operator Laurel Bldg. iriq singing lessons to Margaret Trum Phone "IDEM CHICKS" LEU AND SON Feed - Seed - Poultry Supplies ICE CREAM CHOCOLATE FROSTED MALTS WILSON HATCHERY FE STOP AT 6: THE CHROME ROOM 1005 East Second St. 312 Sycamore P11011 202 Phone 2814 tchin the Miami girls OUR BEST WISHES TO THE GRADUATING CLASS OF 1951 Lil..-,T GRAIN PBUCESSING CURPUBHTIUN MUSCATINE, IOWA COMPLIMENTS OF BAZLEY CASH MARKET "M uscatine' s Leading M arket' ' CONGRATULATIONS. CLASS OF 1951 KENT FEEDS "The Feeds Without a Filler" V MANUFACTURED BY 212 Edsf Second Sf- Phone 520 MISSISSIPPI VALLEY GRAIN 8: FEED CO. Phone 2200 Foot of Pine St. 34 Norman Perkins For the forty-second time, We say . . . I A G CONGRATULATIONS. s E N I o R s ' on attaining your majority! Meats This is the forty-second year that we have and Groceries sold school supplies to students ot the school system. ASTHALTER'S 223 Iowa Avenue I PHONE 721 2 Margaret Wilson COMPLIMENTS OF THE BATTERSON STORE ,E..,....,.. Authentic Styles - High Quality Standards Adequate Assortments Trained Personnel - Attractive Prices MAKE' YOUR TRADING HERE A PLEASURE -l dl--- 1 "Muscatine 's Leading Department Store" I J QUALITY - STYLE Griffon Suits Champ Hats Ruqby Sweaters Wilson Sportswear Dresner Luqqaqe EERDIN Clothing Co. "The Young Man's Shop" the cutest smile Fine Flowers For All Occasions Corsaqes a Specialty 0 "Say It With F lowers" GEO. KRANZ 8 SUN Phone 4 122 East Second St. For Late Snacks .... After The Game Spreads .... HEINZ FOODS TASTE HOMEMADE BECAUSE THEY'RE MADE WITH REAL HOME CARE H. J. HEINZ COMPANY 57 Varieties When you think of . . . ENTERTAINMENT Think of . . . W' G' CO' You Can Always Depend on Seeing Fuel Merchants For Over only the Best at the 65 Years 4. Borbcxro Boynton cmd Tom Nail U FASHION SHOP AND PALACE THEATRES Ladies and Children READY TO WEAR AND FUR COATS 101 West Second St. Two of Iowa's Finest Theatres AIR CONDITIONED - COMFORTABLE MOTOR SERVICE CO. HUDSON -- OLIVER -- SKELLY SALES AND SERVICE --lfij-4 401-411 MULBERRY AVENUE Phone 3536 The first thing for a man to H I G H G R A D E do after he finds he's been born equal, is M I L L W O R K to try to outgrow f l ir ROACH 81 MUSSER R. W. FHIBBHNKS CQMPANY b, Bill Dickinson 43. still sleeping Best Wishes and Congratulations to the Students of M. H. S. McKEE FEED AND GRAIN A COMPANY HAWKEYE FEEDS soo EAST SECOND sr. PHoNE 740 22. Indy Temple-mari SCHMIDT'S AUTO SERVICE Car - Truck - Tractor Repairing Bear Wheel Alignment - Balancing Frame Straightening Wrecker Service Phone 298 325-329 WEST FRONT STREET MUSCATINE, IOWA His shoes in Room 307 CONGRATULATIONS TO GIRL GRADUATES F OR 1951 HOME OF LANE CEDAR CHESTS "Nationally Advertised Home Furnishings" STATE FURNITURE CO. PHELPS BROTHERS YELLOW AND CITY CAB . COMPANY SANITARQKNEAUNDRY -Radio Dispatched- DRY CLLEANING Phones-80 - 931 Ph 340 315 O 211 CEDAR STREET PAETZ GROCERY SANITARY PLUMBING COMPANY 5. HEATING CO. . E. I. SYWASSINK, Prop. CARL E. PAETZ -HUGO W. PAETZ MUSCATINE, IOWA One Hoopes 1323 EAST SECOND STREET PHONE 1106 Kruse SCHREURS RADIO -- TELEVISION -- RECORDS Corner Second 6 Cedar Streets AUTHORIZED DEALERS ADMIRAL - DUMONT - PHILCO - RCA VICTOR - ZENITH We I nstall-We Service the Sets We Sell INA MAE5 CAFE PING EAEM EQUIPMENT .FO O D Sales CASE Service 0 515 East second sf. 403 W. FRONT ST. MUSCATINE, IA MUSCATINEI IOWA GEORGE M. THAYER PHONE 169 40 1951 fooibrlll team 28. Dick Miller ROYAL TYPEWRITERS Both Office and Portable Machines Reconditioned and Rental Machines Office Equipment and Supplies LEU TYPEWRITER EXCHANGE Typewriting and Adding Machine Sales-Expert Service for All Makes 210 EAST SECOND STREET "Since 1903" 25 P l T outh in orld hristian ctivities l QIA B1 l J COMPLIMENTS OF... HAHN BROTHERS CO, CODER Sluppers - RSCGIVGIS Growers HARDWARE STORE O 124 EAST SECOND ST' PHONE 142 207 WEST FRONT 26. Wesley Diebler and "Whitey" Meyer li. Don Stewart CONGRATULATIONS, CONGRATULATIONS, 1951CLASS CLASS OF '51 0 STANLEY BROWNBILT SHOE 51235551359 STORE Hershey Building 225 EAST SECOND ST MUSC ATINE' IOWA e Marolf Sl. Still talking about football in chemistr I-IENDERSONS GARAGE Sales and OLDSMOBILE Service CADILLAC 115 WEST FRONT STREET Phone 3610 OK'D Used Cars 3rd a MULBERRY - znd 6. ORANGE Phone 311 OK'D Used Trucks FRONT 6. SYCAMORE Phone 3612 F IRESTONE TUBES AND TIRES Count on Us MUSKIES, We Know You'll Go Like Sixty! to Tell About It on 8-60 .... ll. Iirn Kinq land 99.7 on Your FM diall K W P C A.1v1. - F.1v1. THE MUSCATINE CUUNTY MEDICAL SOCIETY D. C. Alttine R. W. Asthcilter E. H. Carlson Wm. Cotcrlono W. W. Dcrut G. G. Leith 14 B b Fqg MEMBERS MUSCATINE E. L. Emerson R. R. Good P. M. lessup I. L. Klein, Ir. R. F. Klein WILTON IUNCTION NICHOLS R. Palmer M. Miller . P. Phillips . W. Swcryze G. A. Sywossinlc . E. 'Wilcox C. Winter THE MUSCATINE COUNTY DR. H. G. IOHNSON Laurel Bldg. ' 1 DENTAL SCJCIETY DR. 1. B. HATHAWAY 111 Cedar St. 0 DR. L. I. DONOHUE Conqmtulahons' DR. 1. D. MCPIKE - I Laurel Bldg. Seniors' 2601 Mulberry 17. Warren P 1 DR. E. E. GOSS DR. JOHN SCHWEITZER DR. W. G. LEASE Laurel Bldg. Laurel Bldg. Laurel Bldg. DR. F. W. ENGLUND DR. I. M. WOODHOUSE DR. I. L. PEARLMAN Laurel Bldg. Laurel Bldg- 108 W. zna sr. 27 S B k DR. 1. A. WAGNER Laurel Bldg. DR. 1. A. TREVARTHEN Hershey Bldg. DR. 1. W. POTTER Hershey Bldg. 1950-51 BASKETBALL SCORES Muscatine Muscatine Muscatine Muscatine Muscatine Muscatine Muscatine Muscatine Muscatine Muscatine Muscatine Muscatine Muscatine Muscatine Muscatine Muscatine Muscatine Muscatine Non Conference Games LITTLE-SIX CONFERENCE Fairfield Ft. Madison Davenport Washington Cttumwa Keokuk . Burlington Mt. Pleasant Fairfield Ft. Madison Washington Otturnwa Keokuk . Burlington Mt. Pleasant Clinton . Clinton . Davenport COMPLIMENTS OF WEBER 61 SONS BUTTON COMPANY. INC gbg f llth 1ttlEhl g L i X 111111l1f11W X 4555: if if- Q X "'V f 1491 1 1 I1 V FAMlLlAR...because it has appeared in thousands of the country's finest year- boolzs for the pas! half century. RsAssumNc...because those years of lm 61 Ollier Again" familiar and reassuring slogan specialized experience bring complefe service, outstanding qualify and de- pendable deliverytotheyearhoolzstaffs, 111' 'Q with whom we work. 1111 1 1 1 : + 11151 . 1 1 . JAHN In OLLIER ENCRAVINC CO. '1 I 1 1 1 8l7 W. Washington Blvd. 1' " Chicago 7, Illinois 1 111 1: 1 V1 111111111111111 1q 1w1 1 1:1 -f -- - -- fzzzsl- -- 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1

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