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M "L " - - ,F - W Jen- -fn, ' fT'y"Ji'3' a'?fx-f 'f-f - 't ' V""4f-G1'-"u-'-- V. ,v 1, A, I " . . , . ,.,,,,,, A. '- , .. lr' f - ,- Q, 4 A Q ., -. VIL, , . gf- . 'xg ,,, W .v A W ,A J V ' xg ' .F l , ' XX . X f' Q6 Jixq xi Q dad KD l Q Z , , ..,, ' .1 Q, ' Xww. T X ff ' . 1 N W J? ff W M, MWKWQ MMM Yisiifxflgwj w W ww 55 3 W MS F 3 SCX 5 xx nl 'swf if fw ., 'Wi L. W' X ' M ig 5 . Tn Q X gfewkwg X Ei 5 uf A Q X as QW gf , X A IHIRA Permission lo use rnalerial in llwis book may be oblained from Beverly Sclwmidl and Mildred Engluncl, general man- agers, or Myron Brower, business mana e adverlising man g r. Roger Geibel, ager, Roberl Bishop, sludenl plwolograplwer Ns Q XX xi if as Y wg-up is-A . HS K ii 5 . Sxxbkjf U K A 1 S. X 7 Rv 5: S3 A X-xx r X X an i' is X' WWE Q. 545 Ywfwwaxm F. -iw ,.ifi.Q?gg ,J-if i ff NX' g -Xe.: 3--swf M A WX be ff 'Q ALPQQ 'MQ i ,X A c 10 Q 5 S ii ' W M .4 1555 in 53555 f -iff: A33 :fag - X , xv 5 hx Y 8 MQW S 3 ? A iw , .,,. . X - : www. xnw b wr , 5 H ff 4, et X H , 1 , ' '-T351 ,,.. WL 1 G as f i '12 'Egg-2'1" -v 4 1, ' 4 wi! fo 'g ,jx ' 6 " :K ' 1 ,I 1. . f Q M1 f' 'Vg , 1 -1: 2 2 'iw A L y ' w xg M V .X - .XQ. S X SQQQWX- - lvw .ax gmt .x .- N 4. ,X Wan W? ixy N S W' ,agwnu Sir.. ann- ""' E555 Aw 2 Quia? X 4 N X N 'X 3. .,.,. W :,,. , ,,,,, is At . . mm. , ,sh :Ps-:L pnxff 4 Tllllll RUM ALUTE A. A. .lllll lll . . . . . .The superinTendenT oT The lvluscaTine public schools, who is beloved by The sTudenTs because oT his Triendly and imparTial aTTiTude. Even Though Mr. Johnson exchanged his high school oTTice Tor one in The ciTy hall, he sTill reTains his sympaTheTic ear and his deep booming voice. The lvluskies have missed seeing and hearing him in The building This year. Seven years ago This Tall, good-looking man became The sTricT buT well-liked assisTanT principal and aThleTic direcTor oT lv1uscaTine l-ligh School. ln his oTFice many sTudenTs learned To regreT Their misdemeanors and To respecT his power oT law enTorcemenT as well as his power oT lung. ln The summer of I937 he Took over The conTrol oT The school sysTem. Remember how he carried pencils on his ears? Well, during The pasT year he has puT Those pencils To work on The plans Tor The new high school. WiTh A. A. behind iT, we know ThaT The new building will be a success. 6 E 7 BOARD OF EDUCATION FIRST ROW: AugusT AlTenbernd, vice-presidenTq Ray D-unlcer, presidenTg Glen Barnard, Treasurer, SECOND ROW: lnTormal view oT board meeTing. Reading clockwise: Ralph Bloom, Raymond Randleman, Julian Havercamp, SuperinTendenT A. A. Johnson, AugusT AlTenbernd, Rollie ScholTen, RoberT Galpin, Ray Dunlcer. THIRD ROW: Paul Seibel, secreTary7 Rollie ScholTen discussing plans wiTh board group. FaculTy members and sTudenTs of TV1uscaTine T-ligh School have waTched The work oT The Board oT EducaTion wiTh greaT inTeresT This year. ln The Tall The board conducTed a voTe on The quesTion of wheTher lv1uscaTine should ask Tor a governmenT granT Tor a new half-million dollar high school. The voTe carried. MosT oT The board's duTies Tor The year have been in connecTion wiTh The many deTails oT The plans and consTrucTion oT The building. These men have realized The seriousness oT Their responsibiliTies. 8 Fred Messenger and his assisTanTs were especially busy This year Trying ouT new ideas and making plans Tor The new high school building. The mosT imporTanT innovaTion was The sixTh period acTiviTy plan. STudenTs eiTher parTicipaTed in exTracurricular acTiviTies during The lasT period oT The day or wenT To sTudy halls. This sysTem permiTTed more sTudenTs To Take parT in The various acTiviTies and made iT possible Tor Them To spend more evenings aT home. ADMINISTRATION FIRST ROW: A general view oT The oTTice Torce aT work helping The sTudenTsg Mrs. Marie RuThenberg, secreTary. SECOND ROW: Eula Downer, B.A., M.A., English, dean oT girls: Frank J. Howe, M. Ped., commerce, dean oT boys: Marinus Jensen, BA., MA., assisTanT principal. THIRD ROW: Fred G. Messenger, BA., MA., principal: a Typical pose oT The principal when he is in good humor- and he generally is. l T ?Ldrrvvl7VIw . COMMERCE MATHEMATICS MUSIC SOCIAL SCIENCE FACULTY FIRST ROW: Louise Gaelcle, B.S., MS., mallwemalics: Elizabelh Smiih, PI1. B., malhemalics: Roberl Mark, B.A., Englislw, commerce: Harold Weber, B. S., commerce: Lorraine Jolwnsfon, librarian: L. A. Schnaclc, B.A., sludy supervisor. SECOND ROW: Advanced Iyping class a+ worlc: Caroline Liebbe, B.A., commerce: Veda Corniclc, B. A., commerce. THIRD ROW: Clwarles Slwoolc, B.A., sociology, music: Mr. Slwoolc direcling Ilwe Iwiglm school orclweslra. FOURTH ROW: Marina Goad, B.A., M.A., Iiisrory, economics: Louisa Jericho, B.A., M.A., Iiislory, modern problems: Roberl Kinnan, B.A., I'1isIory: Elder-I A. Liclmly, B.S., Ivl.A., ma'I'I'1emaIics, Iwislory: Elmer Nelson, B.A., M.A., economics, Iwislory: Clifford Thomas, B.A., music. I O FACULTY FIRST ROW: G. Bradford Barber, B. Ed., M.A., speech: Eslelle Heezen, BA., M.A., French, English, Edna Hinrichsen, B.A., M.A., English: Emma Howe, BA., English, H. Margarel Kemble, B.A., M.A,, Laiiny June Lingo, B.A., M.A., English, dramaiics. SECOND ROW: Genevieve McCand- less, B.A., English, Henry Hollzer, B.A., science: Ellis Shields, Ivan Hannplon, and Paul Willhile al worlc over lvan's chemislry experiment THIRD ROW: Boys al worlc in rhe manual Iraining room: Clarlc Brown, B.S., manual arlsp Helen Sweei, B.S., home economics. FOURTH ROW: Dollie Dulgar, B.A., M.S., science: Geneva Grace, B.A., science: Lindley Hoopes, B.S., M.S., vocalional agricullureg Carl Liebbe, BA., science, Carl Beinerl, B.S., prinlingy Mildred Slirlen, B.A., home economics. NQVIQ ral SCIENCE MANUAL ARTS DOMESTIC ARTS LANGUAGE rsfl-WT ""u,y".,., Asa A J" N I I 'K l 'i - I Nr' Y 'ia L-ul? lvluslcy l-li's school year began as sTudenTs-glad and oTherwise-enTered The old door To begin The acTiviTies oT l937-38. On The TirsT days The camera arTisT Tound sTudenTs reviewing The news oT The summer, schedule-seekers consulTing Mrs. Marie C. RuThenberg, a Girl ScouT showing a Tiny Treshman around The halls, debaTers read- ing The bulleTin board, seniors examining boolcs lnoT so seriouslyl. a group oT sTudenTs in assembly, TaculTy in Their lunch room, sTudenTs waiTing in The lunch line, and oThers yielding To sweeTs. Muslcies have aTTached special significance To This school year because They are looking Torward To enTirely new surroundings in The one-halT million dollar high school being builT on NinTh and Cedar sTreeTs. However, beauTiTul new halls and classrooms cannoT erase many happy memories of The old Iowa Avenue building. ,M FRESHMAN FIRST ROW: Virginia Allen, Calherine Anlhony, Lucille Burlce, Fern Beaham, Rulh Eilman, John Barnard, Harrison Barry, Weldon Collrell, Hugh Bunn, Ed Barlell, Roy Bieri. SECOND ROW: Lucille Beck, Shirley Bloom, Margarel Drumm, Beverly Church, Glenna Bennell, Wilma Blalce, Oliver Benlly, Dean Eichelberger, Richard Busch, Herschel Allensworlh, Alberl Chrislman, Richard Boldl. THIRD ROW: Barbara Brown, Belly Carler, Verna Babbill, Dorolhy Epperly, Willa Jean Craclcer, Shirley Essex, Delores Drahaus, Belly Broadslon, Clara Louise Bloom, Farene Egel, Lillian Davison, Genevieve Crow, Dorolhy Crow. FOURTH ROW: Mildred Archibald, Marie Fahy, Belly Cusler, Delores Dywialc, Belly Eppel, Maxine Davis, Juanila Embree, Geraldine Dunker, Darleen Carler, Edilh Challield, Rulh Axlell, Lorraine Busch, Vir- ginia Davidson, Helen Brown, Miriam Brown, Belh DeCamp. FIFTH ROW: Kennelh Duncan, Leo Ericlcson, Virgil Downey, Richard Cracker, Clillord Chandler, Roberl Barry, Bill Connor, Raymond Campbell, Herlnerl Brudllcuhl, Roberl Behrens, Bernard Campbell, Clillord Bleadorn, Charles Colvin, Wayne Eichelberger, Roloerl Bosch, Harlan Dye, George Burrows, Allred Alkins. FRESHMAN FIRST ROW: James Hari, Jack Hein, Richard Kingman, Paul Hanson, Forres+ Fullon, Harold Gerard, Marilyn Lamb, Anna Koepping, Belly Klinlc, Cecil Houseman, Lysle Graham, Ray Houseman. SECOND ROW: Belly Hofman, Darlene Houseman, Rurh Groihe, Jeanne Kelly, Marian Kaufz, Pafricia Johnson, l.eo+a Fogle- song, Jacqueline Freers, Laura Mae Feldman, Jane Gless, Roberl Greenwald, John Henderson. THIRD ROW: Laurefla Landon, Naomi Kresse, Maxine Hein, Bonnie Gabriel, Elaine lrwin, Roberla Farrar, Rulh Figg, Marilyn Fisher, Belly Lamb, Dorolhy Glalslein, Virginia Greenwald, Doris Halhaway, Hazel Heuer. FOURTH ROW: John Kopi, Edna Kieseweirer, Gladys Helrzler, Jacqueline George, Jean Hoffman, BeHy Kern, Muriel Hammer, lona Huber, Rosa Klebe, Maribel Green, Waunila Farrier, Eleanore Fullerron. FIFTH ROW: Vernon Hoffman, Gayle Hurlbuf, Charles Hoberi, Paul Gri++on, Raymond Gellerl, Earl Jago, Junior Haber, Richard Kidd, Gerald Lanfier, Richard Forre, Clifford Hinfermeisler, Alloerl Goss, Sfanley Howe. FRESHMAN FIRST ROW: Eugene Myers, I-larold Manley, Gordon Powell, Darrel Miller, Beverly Roland, Belly O'Brien, Phyllis Reclor, Evelyn McCallrey, Sarah Malhes, Madeline Nagele. SECOND ROW: Dean Odell, Edward Lee, Joe Meeker, Pauline Reynolds, Rozella Roysler, Virginia Rosenlhal, Irene Pellon, Evelyn Orr, Evelyn Noe, l-Iarry Marlin, Edward Moore, Harvey McFale. THIRD ROW: Roberl Lee, Clyde Lucas. Gale Nelson, Margarel Pelers, Donna Long, Minna Mehlis, Carol Marlin, Naomi Nicewanner, Dorolhy LeOualle, Mary June Lernlrau, Maxine Romig, Beverly Miller, Doris Paelz. FOURTH ROW: Cecil Mickey, Juanila Norlon, Beverly Lieber- slein, Mary McConnell, Ed Meerdink, Leonard Rada, Bill Mull, Bill Nordeen, Roberl Rowe, Schuyler Prollill, Douglas Randleman, Jeane McCulIey, Derelys Roberdee, Rosella Ludman. FIFTH ROW: Vernon Leonhard, Alvin Maisenbach, Merle Plell, Norman Phillips, Roberl Opel, Wilberl Pelersen, Edward Paulsen, Charles Rhodes, Ross McGIolhlen, Donald Lange, Kennelh Mclnlyre, Roberl Leedy, George Parks, Jack Raushenberger, Kennelh Lemlcau, Gordon McLean. FRESHMAN FIRST ROW: Philip Warren, Ernes'r Wilson, Paul Werner, Ray Wendi, Roberl Sheese, Richard Wilson, Lysle Wafers, Rober+ Wesf, Eileen Tiedernann, Ann Schmarie, lris Taylor. SECOND ROW: Thomas Wafson, Elwood Worlcman, John Tillie, Alan Swisher, Perry Salfz, Paul Washburn, Lloyd Tomasson, Shirley Sfonelcing, Herberf Toussainf, Floyd Tierney, Richard Schreurs, Roberf Schlipf, Sherwood Samuels, Lillian LaRue. THIRD ROW: LaVerne Wegqen, David Werner, Frances SaHer+hwai+e, Ella Mae Yealer, Audrey Schuessler, Darlene Soll, Dorofhy Sfrong, Roberfa Tubbs, Marion Workman, Helen Slrong, Marquerile Schmidt Helen Yorlc, Marion Wa+son, Lucille Sieinnneiz, Lois Warner. FOURTH ROW: Verle SyWassinlc, Mary Welendorl, Marjorie Walceland, Mary Woods, Lois Woolcey, Margarel Tracy, Helen Woods, Efhel Thomas, Marjorie Van Alfa, Lucille Weiersheuser, Rulh Weiersheuser, lrene Schmalz, Mildred Vance, lrene Tisor. FIFTH ROW: Jim Van Alfa, Clelus Schweilzer, Vernon Sissel, Phil Willis, Roberl Tilus, Warren Young, Harold York, Don Sprouse, Ira Temple, Don Thompson, James Van Camp, Wilfred Werner, Russell Ziegenhorn, Delven Sample. GIRLS' ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION -a group inleresled in keeping lil by exercise and lun. Awards were lellers and slale pins earned by ac- quiring poinls in a credil syslem. G. A. A. FIRST ROW: Eslher Adams, Dorolhy Powell, Dorolhy Wakeland, Geraldine Oslrander, Adaline Perkins, Pauline Parker, Helen Slevenson, Eleanore Fullerlon. SECOND ROW: Juanila Wecksung, Edna Johnson, Helen Drew, Belly lvlarlin, Doro- lhy Ziegler, Elizabelh Pulliam, Phyllis Thoman, lvlargarel Heilz, Mary Ella Pulliam. THIRD ROW: Serena Lockwood, Hazel LaTourrelle, Belly Smalley, Shirley Bloom, Belly Timm, Sarah Marie Young, Rulh Rhodes, Jane Lose, Lorma Gallaher. XX Bob Kinnan, assisTanT, Slcip Weber, head TooTball coach, and LeTTy Schnaclc, B sguad coach, seemed To be enjoying The camera n'ian's anTics. These men spenT much Time in building a TooTball Team. The l.iTTle lvluslcies had only a Tairly successTul season, alThough They played a good brand oT TooTball aT Times. ln l.iTTle Six compeTiTion They won Two games, losT Tour, and Tied one. WiTh nine reTurning leTTermen, Skipper and his assisTanTs are planning on a beTTer record Tor Their squads nexT year. A SQUAD PRACTICE- ll appears as lhough The players have more ups and downs in praclice lhan in a real game. The loolcs and poses ol grim delerminalion are symbolic ol The Team. B SQUAD FIRST ROW: John Tillie, Glenn Paul, Paul Maplelhorpe, Roloerl Shoemalcer, Slanley Werner. SECOND ROW: Richard Kingman, James Reynolds, Diclc Slaler, I-lv ' Manley, Gerald Lanlier, Bud Myers, Clifford Bleadorn. THIRD ROW: Paul I-la n, Phil Willis, Leo Kossives, Harrison Barry, I-lerberl lvlcCleary, Jerry Srnilrh. FOURTH ROW: Virgil Downey, Jaclc Raushenberger, Bill Tobias, Kenny Mclnlyre, Don Sprouse, Charles Hoberl. FIFTH ROW: Kennelh Duncan, Gayle I-Iurlbuf, John Sprouse, Coach Schnack, Harold Riggs, Don Milholin, I-larry Hindahl, Raymond Gerlerf. ,ei . . , rl 'Jvy X . 'Je V M dit- MUSKY A SQUAD - A prize snap ol lhe A squad going onlo lhe field iusl before Jrhe big game al Fl. Madison. A good leam and a wonderful bunch of fellows. A SQUAD FOOTBALL FIRST ROW: Cecil Wolfe, Bob Breedlove, Kennelh Gunnar- son, Ray Anson, Fred Nesper. SECOND ROW: Harold Baumgardner, Bob Wilson, Dan Nash, Arl Pilgrim, Elmer Bloom, George Griffin, LeRoy Jones, Charles Weber. THIRD ROW: Coach Weber, Don Sharar, lra Sloclcing, Kennerh Ross, Glenn lvlinlon, Paul l-lanldns, Jerry l-lilron, Kennefh Church, Curlis Deems, Warren Kurriger, Junior Lange. FOURTH ROW: Don Viner, Joe Engebrelson, Kennelh Del-leer, Waller Nash, Slanley Teichmiller, Bob Weber, DeWayne Wellons, Coach Kinnan, Bob Mohnsen. MUSCATINE-OTTUMWA-The lop piclure was Jfalcen lhe nighr of rhal heclic and hilarious game wilh Orlumwa -WE WON - Whal a game! MUSKY PRACTICE SESSION- Below lhere is anolher snap lalcen a+ praclice. The Jream members resemble ballel dancers here, buf don'+ be fooled-They were iusl following Jrhe inslrincl They had To "gel fha? ball." Because of iniuries, illness, and "hard luclc's" linger poinling al lhem, The Muslcies placed ralher low in lhe Lilrlle Six. Wilh good maferial 'ro be found in lhe underclassmen and wilh able coaching, lhey are expecling more loolball vicfories in +he fulure. qv SOPHOMORE FIRST ROW: Myles Beilz, Scoll Frye, Roberl Brady, Dee Douglass, Kennelh Berry, Richard Alberl, Richard Bridges, Merrill Conlclin. SECOND ROW: Marjorie Chamberlin, Doris Drumm, Lorraine Clarlc, Lucille Fuhlman, Elizaloelh Pulliam, Lorma Gallaher, Derrine Bieber, Lorraine Brunson, Marcella Buclc. THIRD ROW: Jean Downing, Phyllis Eilman, lvlarqarel Curlis, Belly Callaway, Belly Froehner, Belly Babbill, Eslher Adams, Edna Freese, ldabelle Davis, Maxine Furnas, Belly Fosler. FOURTH ROW: Lucille Fuller, John Ellioll, Lila Bierman, Belly Fisher, Kennelh De- Heer, Elayne Edwards, Gerlrude Bromwell, Olis Freyermulh, Glen Bloom. FIFTH ROW: Paul DeCarnp, Bernard Bell, Arlhur Causey, Richard Figge, Curlis Deems, Ormand Coggeshall, John Curlis, Roy Bowman. uf- ' ry A SOPHOMORE FIRST ROW: Murl Hume. Feryl Kenl, LeRoy Jones, Bill Hendrix, Richard Klinlc, Dayfon Howe. SECOND ROW: Herman Graverl, Raymond Henning, Lorain Holliday, Belly Hess, Frances Grosslclaus, Mary Guile, Leola Bess James, Jeanne Johnson, Maxine Jackson, Emma Gross. THIRD ROW: Phyllis James, Dorolhy Kemper, Mavis Koepping, Ruby Houseman, Margarel Heilz, Elizalaelh Knox, Jean Hoelcsema, Olga Kochnefl, Margarel Hoover, Rulh Healy. FOURTH ROW: Gerald Gerlh, Maxine Kemper, Helen Hidlebaugh, Rulh Hoag, Marilyn Heuer, Lorenia Hughes, Joycelyn Heuer, Laurel Harms, Jeanelle Gossel, Virginia Hoxsey. FIFTH ROW: Roberl Hunler, Donald Gray, Donald Houlc, Archie King, Fred Hinrermeisfer, Harold Griffin, Waller Gesell, Harley Houseman, Marlen Lee Honls, Gerald Helzler. iwf-'U Cbfvhfl SOPHOMORE FIRST ROW: Rolland Mills, Elvin Phillips, Junior Lange, Billy Reiferr, Willard Randles, William Nau, Richard Oslrander, Harold Lichlenwald, Alloerl Mellon. SECOND ROW: Roberl McClean, Ferne Millman, Doroihy MiIle++, Dorolrhy Powell, Wilma Mardock, Genevieve Meyers, Bernice Lange, Dollie McCullough, Annefle Lewin, Clinion Kurriger. THIRD ROW: Harold Oelzel, Jaclc Ohlsen, Morris Maisen- bach, Dorolhy Pace, Adaline Perkins, Pauline Parker, Mary Ida Reed, Frances Ragan, Belly McGinnis, Norma Jean McDaniel, Gilberl Reinier. FOURTH ROW: Charloile Meerdinlc, Alberla Long, Alberlla Luiz, Imogene Miller, Viola Long, Jane Richman, Rulh Rhodes, Erma Reddiclc, Anna Mae Marlin. Margare+ Nash, Dorofhy Redman, Juanila Kresse. FIFTH ROW: Lawrence Korneman, Jaclc McConnaha, Arlhur MIH- man, I-larold Riggs, I-larold Robinson, Chesler Rhodes, Irwin Meicalle, Levi Odell, Jane Lose, Leo Kossives. 40 SOPHOMORE FIRST ROW: Belly Spifznogle, Leona Schildberg, Esiher Schulfz, Shirley Thompson, Jeanelfe Teeple, Doris Veiler, Helen Slevenson, Margarel Wyall, Esiher Wichers. SECOND ROW: Dorolhy Seydel, Gail Snider, Charlo++e Walker, Marian Thomas, lone Welsch, Belly Timm, Eunice Wagner, Evelyn Smalley, Carolyn Rufhenberg. THIRD ROW: Shirley Shield, Marie Weilceri, Elizabefh Sywassinlc, Marian Van Gent Lavina Sleffens, Vera Mae Schrnill, Evelyn Wilson, Mildred Wilson, Jean- e'r+e Wolverfon, Norma Warner. FOURTH ROW: Norman Weis, Clarence Wagler, Roberf Shoernalcer, Darwin Udesen, Bill Schreurs, Laurence Salferfhwaife, Elmer Sfone, Rober+ Weiersheuser, Lesler Smi+h. FIFTH ROW: Charles Weber, Kennelh Ross, Waller Shield, Roberf Williams, Henry Winslow, Roberr Weber, Dick Slafer, Sydney Thomas, John Welzel, Roberf Weis. MAJOR AND MINOR DECLAM - "Friends, Romans, counlrymen . . Giving humorous, dramafic, and oralorical declamalions, Ihis group com- peled in counly, slale, Iowa Nine. and N. E. L. conlesls. Rulh Romann, Paul Slelfer, Rosalie Tulfle, Paul Willhile, Beve Schmidt Bill Buller, Emma Klein, Beverly Lieberslein, and Carol IVlcKee were major declam conlesi- anfs. Ofher members ol Ihe group were minor declam confeslanfs. These sludenls received awards ol maior and minor lellers. DECLAM FIRST ROW: Paul Willhife, Sydney Thomas, Lyle Lup+on, Archie King, Paul Slelier, Bill Builer. SECOND ROW: Rosalie Tuflle, Carol IvIcKee, Beverly Lieberslein, Beve Schmidt Grace Pelersen, Emma Klein. THIRD ROW: Rulh Rornann, Belly Marfin, Ivlargarei I-Ieilz, Jean Wigim. DEBATE- "l wanf social reform, polifical reform .... " Polifical reform was fhe focus of debafers' affenfion fhis year in fheir quesfion, Resolved: fhaf fhe several sfafes should adopf unicameral legislafion. Major debafers were Bill Bufler, Elmer Bloom, Derrine Bieber, Alberf Goss, Flor- ence Lucus, Dorofhy Powell, and Anneffe Lewin. They earned maior leffers or addifional bars for leffers fhey had previously won. DEBATE FIRST ROW: Paul Sfelfer, Juanifa Weclcsung, Muriel Hammer, Anneffe Lewin, Derrine Bieber, Bill Bufler. SECOND ROW: Dorofhy Powell, Alberf Goss, Elmer Bloom, Sfanley Howe, Florence Lucus. Assisiani Coach Lei+y Schnaclc has given able supporlr in developing 'rhe A squad. He also did an excellenl' iob wi+h 'rhe B squad. Allrhough lhe members of lhe B squad seem like "liHle +werps" lo mosl' of us, Leily has inslilled in Them 'rhe makings of a good leam. Baskeiball Coach Bob Kinnan has made a favorable name for himself by 'rurning oui so many successful Jreams. The "nervous an+ics" +ha'r Bob performs during a game are repre- senlalive of ihe lime and energy he puis info lraining ihe squad. 2 S.. QJVL QW' 33 MUSCATINE-KEOKUK -- The snap on This page was Taken when Keokuk played here. The boys all had lheir eyes on The ball and seemed deferm- ined lo gel lo il. B SQUAD FIRST ROW: Arlhur Causey, Don Trimble, l-larold Riggs, Don Sprouse, Kenny lvlclnryre. SECOND ROW: Vernon Hoffman, Dick Slaler, John Sprouse, Bob Weber, Curlis Deems, Glen Bloom, George Parks. THIRD ROW: Virgil Downey, Roberl Bohm, Ari Miflman, Coach Schnack, Harold Manley, Leo Erickson, DeWayne Wellons. MUSKY CAGERS-On The leTT: l-loorayl AnoTher baslceT-Two more poinTs. A TighT To The Tinish. Cn The righT side: Loolcs raTher queer, buT a score has iusT been made and The Teams are abouT To Turn and race To The oTher end oT The Tloor. Under The supervision oT Coach Bob Kin- nan The boys won eighT LiTTle Six games ouT of The TourTeen They played. They Tied wiTh BurlingTon Tor Third place among The eighT schools in The LiTTle Six conTerence. GraduaTing seniors on This Team were Lysle Cal- verT, KenneTh PipperT, WalTer Nash, Warren Kurriger, George GriTTin, Bob Breedlove, Dan Nash, and Harold Cochran. 8 ti ,Y is ,. ,LU N A e 'N X ,J N MUSCATINE-BURLINGTON - Kurriger was abour ro make 'rwo poinrs for fhe Muskies when 'rhis picrure was snapped. Musicies rook Burlinqfon, 20-IS, in rhis game. A SQUAD FIRST ROW: Lysle Calvert Kennefh Pipperf, Waifer Nash, Warren Kurf riger, GeorqeAGrihfin. SECOND ROW: Harold Baumqardner, Bob Breedlove, Ari Pilgrim, Dan Nash, LeRoy Jones, Glenn Minron, Harold Cochran. THIRD ROW: Kennefh Ross, Richard Kidd, Gmar Saunders, Marvin McConnell, Gordon Moss, Coach Kinnan. STUDENT COUNCIL - sfudeni "powers +ha+ be." This group had con- 'rroI of A-24, Jrhe haIIs, and social mixers. Officers were president Edson Hoffman: vice-presidenf, R. V. Dauig secreiary-Treasurer, Befry Ruihen- Ioerg. STUDENT COUNCIL FIRST ROW: Tudy Englund, Norma Allen, Jeanne Thompson, OrreII BiII, Bob Bishop, Iviargarei' Roach, Bob Garnes, Carol McKee, Jack Davidson. SECOND ROW: John Wagner, Rulrh Fish, Ruih Redman, Berry Rurhenberg, Dorolrhy Weber, BeverIy Schmidt Theresa Gailaher, Beify Romann. THIRD ROW: Myron Brower, Fred KIepper, Roger Seibel, Bob Breediove, Dick Knight Edson Hoffman, Richard Daui, GIenn Minion, Ernie Roof. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY-The shining lighls. Members were selecled by The lacully for being oulslanding in lheir characler, scholar- ship, leadership, and service. This year lhe group sponsored a series ol sludenl assemblies. Officers were Elmer Bloom, presidenlg Dorolhy Weber, vice-presidenlp Tudy Englund, secrelaryg Beve Schmidl, lreas- urerg John Thomas, hislorian. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY FIRST ROW: Paul Willhile, Myron Brower, Roger Geibel, Elmer Bloom, John Thomas, Ira Sloclcing, Bob Bishop. SECOND ROW: Dorolhy Ziegler, Rulh Brandsleller, Geraldine Weclcsung, Tudy Englund, Norma Allen, Carol McKee, Florence Lucus, Rulh Romann. THIRD ROW: Grace Pelersen, Dorolhy Weber, Theresa Gallaher, Bill Buller, Edson Hoffman, Jean Wigim, Beve Schmidl, Sarah Marie Young. SPEECH ARTS-- Fulure speech insrruclrors, polilicians, lawyers, aclors made up Jrhis group of sludenis inleresled in forensic and speech aclivi- iies. This club had lwo se'rs of officers: presidenls, Bill Bu+ler, Paul Will- hireg vice-presidenfs, R. V. Daul, Roger C-Beibelg secrelaries, Norma Allen, Rosalie Tuifleg lreasurers, Elmer Bloom, Bob Grafeg recording secre- laries, Rulh Brandslefler, Gerry Weclcsung. SPEECH ARTS FIRST ROW: Grale, Havercamp, Luplon, King, Willhife, Thomas, Dauf, Bloom. SECOND ROW: Brandsieiler, Klein, Pelersen, Fulliam, Lewin, Lucus, Allen, Campbell, Powell. THIRD ROW: Rufhenberg, Ralcow, R. Romann, Gallaher, Tuffle, Heilz, McFadden, Weclcsung, McKee. FOURTH ROW: Weis, Jacobs, Bruem- mer, B. Romann, Morrow, Morehead, Wigim, Marlin, Bieber, Schmidt Mohnsen FIFTH ROW: Buller, Douglass, Hampfon, Harl, Seibel, Sfeller, Willey, Swafford Reynolds, Thomas. CURIA REGIA-an organizalion ol second year Lalin sludenls whose purpose il is lo lind lhe more enlerlaining side ol lhal ancienl language ol Lalium. Ollicers were Clyde Dorn, Sydney Thomas, presidenlsg Rulh Feldman, Derrine Bieber, vice-presidenls: Belly Froehner, Jean l-loelc- sema, secrelariesg Richard Klinlc, Phyllis Eilman, lreasurers. CURIA REGIA FIRST ROW: Dollie McCullough, Derrine Bieber, Jean l-loelcsema, Annelle Lewin, Shirley Thompson, Eunice Wagner. SECOND ROW: Jaclc Ohlsen, Eslher Schullz, Elizabelh Fulliam. Carolyn Rulhenberg, Lorma Gallaher, Jean Downing, Phyllis Eilman, Dorolhy Powell. THIRD ROW: Bill Schreurs, lris McCullough, Rulh Feldman, Belly Froehner, Belly McGinnis, Marian Van Genl, lone Welsch, Evelyn Smalley, lvlargarel l-leilz. FOURTH ROW: Clyde Dorn, Sydney Thomas, Richard Figge, Arlhur Millman, Glen Bloom, Donald Houlc, Belly Timm, Jane Lose, Richard Klinlc. FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA, GREENHANDS - "OaIs, peas, beans, and barley grow." These boys, who are going lo be The agricullurisls ol Iomorrow, parloolc in Jrhe aclivilies illuslraled on Ihe nexl page while learning Iheir work. Ollicers of F. F, A. were Roberl Games, Merle Bieri, presidenlsg Dean Connor, Rhineharl Meinders, vice-presiden+sgWaHer Shield, Lysle Eichelberger, secrelar- ies: Merle Bieri, Olis Freyermulh, Jrreasurersg Wendell Fuller, Gilberl Reinier, sergeanls al arms, Lyle McNeal, Weldon Barnharl, reporlers. FUTURE FARMERS FIRST ROW: Beilz, I-Ioag, Grell, L. B. I-Ioopes, M, Bieri, Garnes, Slreger. SECOND ROW: Shield, Henning, L. Eichelberger, Allekruse, McConnaha, Reinier, Freyermulh, Connor. THIRD ROW: I-Ielzler, Barnharl, Fuller, Tarpy, Egel, Meinders, McNeal, R. Sywas- sink, Bierman. GREENHANDS FIRST ROW: R. Bieri, Berry, Plell, Lee, Graham, W. Eichelberger, C. House- man, Le Cornu. SECOND ROW: L. B. I-Ioopes, Busch, Marlin, D. Eichelberger, Nelson, Jarrell, Fosler, H. I-Iouseman. THIRD ROW: R. Houseman, VanCamp, Meelcer, Peyerl, Benlly, Mc- Clean, Phillips, Randles. FOURTH ROW: V. SyWassinlc, Walson, Thompson, Sissel, Mc:Glolh- len, Shoullz, Brudlkuhl, Forle, Bill. NON PAREIL-lhose nol lo be equaled lilleraleurs. These sludenls had bi-weekly lilerary programs. Ollicers were presidenls, Jean Wigim, Belly Rulhenbergg vice-presidenls, Rhineharl lvleinders, Carol McKee: secrelaries, Dorolhy Weber, Rulh lvlcflallreyp lreasurers, R. V. Daul, Anila Slange. NON PAREIL FIRST ROW: Belly Peelz, Emma Klein, Elaine Fisher, Jeanne Thompson, Junior Haber, Rhineharl Meinders, Paul Hanlcins. SECOND ROW: Marie Lewis, Belly Tiedemann, Belly Thompson, Carol McKee, Belly Rulhenberg, Belle Ralcow, Dorolhy McGaughey. Jean Freers. THIRD ROW: Charlolle Robison. Marion Rolh, Richard Daul, Ed Grimm, Ferne Millman, Anila Slange, Lucille Grosiean. FOURTH ROW: Lorraine Peelz, Fern Sharp, Rulh Fish, Rulh McCallrey, Juanila Weclcsung, Belly Mar- lin, Geraldine Weclcsung, Dorolhy Weber, Lysle Eichelberger. FIFTH ROW: Marian Van Alla, Dorolhy Schwarlz, Earline McGinnis, Jean Wigim, Edson Hollrnan, Don Cooper, Sarah Marie Young, Belly Longslrelh, Hazel La Tourrelle, Mary Ella Fulliam, Rulh Brinqer, Roberl Healey. SECO - a name which is lhe cornbinalion ol sewing and coolcing and a group which has lhe same combinalion ol household inleresls. Presidenls were Lora Mae Lee and Rulh Fish, vice-presidenls, Dorolhy Freese and Orrell Bill, secrelaries, Belly Longslrelh and Dorolhy Schwarlz1 lreasur- ers, Geraldine Sharar and Rulh Weiersheuser. SECO FIRST ROW: Maxine Werner, Geraldine Oslrander, Belly Klinlc, Lillian Davison, Hazel Heuer, Marilyn Heuer, Dollie McCullough. SECOND ROW: Lorraine Raub, Marion Rolh, Jeanne Thompson, Jean Freers, Jean Rogers, Lora Mae Lee, Margarel Wyall, Orrell Bill, Shirley Lieberslein. THIRD RCW: Miriam SyWassinl4, Iris McCul- lough, Marion Morehead, Geraldine Sharar, Rulh Fish, Cora Mae Lemlcau, Joycelyn Heuer, Dorolhy Freese, Phyllis Thoman, Rulh Bringer. FOURTH ROW: Rulh Redman, Anila Nickle, Dorolhy Morrow, Dorolhy Schwarlz, Rulh Weiersheuser, Belly Rulhen- berg, Doris Eilman, Belly Longslrelh, Belly Marlin. ORCHESTRA-a group of musicians who responded lo The loalon of Direclor Charles Shook. Somelimes lhey pleased him, somelimes Jrhey didn'+. Officers were presidenl, Richard Crow, vice-presidenl, Thelma Glick: secrelary-lreasurer, Jaclc Ohlsen. ORCHESTRA FIRST ROW: Douglas Randleman, Richard Crow, Jaclc Ohlsen, Donald Trimble, Marian Kaulz, Virginia Rosenlhal. SECOND ROW: Vernon Leonhard, Ber- nyce Ziegenhorn, Lorraine Raub, lris Taylor, ldabelle Davis, Alice Melcalle, Bonnie Wallers. THIRD ROW: Kennelh Schlipi, John Wagner, Thelma Gliclc, Marian Van Gent Marcia Slamm, lvliriam SyWassinlc, Bob Downer. FOURTH ROW: Glen Bloom, Jaclc Davidson, Jacob Sanders, Fred Klepper, Edson l-lolllman, Richard Reeves, Lyle Luplon, Blair Borulf. MIXED CHORUS- songslers +ha+ have made a record ol which lo be proud. Clifford V. Thomas was Their direclor. He also coached lhree small groups: girls' sexlelle, Glick, Grensing, Englund, Weclcsung, Fulliam, Pelerseng boys' guarlelle, Hari, Hamplon, Odell, Douglass: and Ihe mixed quarlelle, Harl, Heilz, Allbee, Douglass. CHORUS FIRST ROW: Allen, Moorhead, Sleinmelz, Rogers, Cromer, Eilman, Mills, C. Bloom, George, Callaway. SECOND ROW: Allbee, Lemlcau, Pelersen, M. E. Fulliam, Ziegler, Milrman, E. Fulliam, Heilz, Cusler, Froehner, Thomas. THIRD ROW: Englund, Ofhmer, Handley, Hendrickson, Timm, Healy, McGinnis, P. Bloom, Hoffman, Nussbaum, Weclcsung. FOURTH ROW: Grensing, Mills, Maisenbach, McConnaha. Dorn, Schreurs, McLean, Beifz, Hanson, Weis. FIFTH ROW: Flefcher, I-lamplon, Hari, Pilchforlh, Boldl, Sleller, Bunn, Figge, Douglass, Odell. Hl-TRI-a girls' club sponsored by lhe Y. W. C. A. Presidenl Rulh Romann direcled Jrhe aclivilies ol Jrhis club, wilh lhe assislance of Dorolhy Weber, vice- presidenlg lris McCullough, secrelaryq and Carol McKee, lreasurer. Hl-TRI UPPER GROUP FIRST ROW: Gellerl, Lang, Froehner, Houvenagle, Lewin, E. Fulliam, Freers. Grillon, Brandsleller. SECOND ROW: T. Gallaher, Handley, l-larlman, Esles, Gros- iean, Efler, Glick, Lucus, Glalsfein, Longslrelh. THIRD ROW: Bloom, Drew, Allen, Englund, Houvenagle, Fish, L. Gallaher, Bieber, LaTourrel're, Bringer. FOURTH ROW: Lose, Jacobs, Carver, Bill, Feldman, Eilman, Downing, Cooley, Campbell. HI-TRI LOWER GROUP FIRST ROW: Werner, Oslrander, Spilznogle, Schildberg, Roach, Raub, Townsan, Mills, Morehead, McGaughey, Schullz. SECOND ROW: D. McCullough, Walce- land, Winn, Rolh, Ralcow, Ooslendorp, Niclcle, M. Thompson, Slange, Romann, McKee. THIRD ROW: Rogers, J. Thompson, Sharp, McCaffrey, Marlin, Miffrnan, Ziegler, Weclcsung, Weber, Thomas. FOURTH ROW: Young, Schwarlz, Wigim, Reynolds, TeS+ralce, McKillip, SyWassinlc, Olhmer, l. McCullough, Rann, Schmidt HI-Y - The boys so fond of meal balls. A club for boys sponsored by 'rhe Y. M. C. A. In charge of The group The Iirsl semesler were Elmer Bloom, presidenlg Bob Bishop, vice-president Bill Buller, secrelaryg John Thomas, Treasurer: and Bob Breedlove, sergeanl al arms. The second semesler Bob Bishop was presi- denlg John Thomas, vice-president Ed Grimm, secrelaryg David Allenbernd, Treasurer: and Jerry I-lillon, sergeanl al arms. V HI-Y FIRST ROW: Kennelh Gunnarson, Richard Daul, Ivan I-lamplon, Joe Engebrelson, Don Flefcher, Harold Cochran, Kennelh Church, Waller Mohnsen. SECOND ROW: John Haver- camp, Paul Willhile, Junior Gabriel, Myron Brower, James Green, David Lesher, Charles Weber, Bill Narvis, Richard Crow. THIRD ROW: Lyle Luplon, Cur+ Torrence, Leland Swai- Iord, Bob Schmalz, Arlhur Tallcinglon, Bob Wilson, Ed Grimm. FOURTH ROW: Millard Mills, Bob Breedlove, Clyde Dorn, Fred Klepper, Jerry I-lillon, Jaclc Mucha, Paul I'lanIcins, Ralph Nielzel, Bob Bishop. FIFTH ROW: Glenn Calhoun, David Alfenbernd, Dick Willis, Don Cooper, Edson Hoffman, Diclc Knight John Thomas, Glenn Minion, Elmer Bloom. QR.-M" JUNIOR AD CLUB-Ihe Iulure business execulrives. These members were sludenfs of Ihe commercial deparlmenl and inleresled in Ihe busi- ness world. Ralph Nielzel and Dorolhy Weber were presidenlsg R. V. Daul and Tom Douglass, vice-presidenlsg Edson I-lolfman and Anila Slranqe, secrelary-Ireasurers. JUNIOR AD FIRST ROW: Rulh Romann. Bonnie WaHers, Doris Geflerl, Norma Allen, Tudy Englund, Rufh Bringer. SECOND ROW: Theresa Gallaher, Marjorie Winn, Nelda Bruemmer, Beverly Schmidt Anile Sranqe. Dorolhy Weber. THIRD ROW: Richard Crow, Don Flelcher, Richard Dau'r, Don Cooper, Edson Hoffman, Ralph Niefzel. AURORAN STAFF-a group of "would-be lourlh eslalersf' who pub- lishecl lhe weelcly and annual Aurorans. Beve Schmidl and Tudy Englund were general managers, Norma Allen, managing eclilor, Myron Brower, business manager, and Roger Geibel, adverlising manager. Bob Bishop was The slafl phoiographer. AURORAN STAFF FIRST ROW: Sreller, Brower, l-lillon, Lesher, l-lavercamp, Daul, Bishop. SECOND ROW: Gerierf, Winn, J. Weclcsung, Will, Ru+henberg, Romann, Lewin, Allen, Wagner. THIRD ROW: Wigim, Young, Carver, Smalley, Weber, Eng- lund, McKee, Heilz, Schmidt FOURTH ROW: T. Gallaher, Schwarfz, Thompson, Timm, McCaffrey, Downing, L. Gallaher, Lieberslein, G. Weclcsung. FIFTH ROW: Tallcinglon, l-lanlqins, lvleinders, Geibel, Thomas, Smilh. "APPLESAUCE" - Jrhe drarnalic produclion ol 'rhe iunior class lhis year. Rulh Rornann and lvan l-larnpfon loolc Jrhe leading roles as a young mar- ried couple. Leland Svvallord did an exceplional job in lhe role of "Fa+her," while Belle Ralcovv made Jrhe "Mo+her" slep righf info The hearrs of lhe audience. John l-lavercarnp, The reiecled lover. Shirley Dodge, 'rhe gossipy neighbor, and Bob Grale, "+he mean old Thing," all pul on a grand performance as The supporling cast JUNIOR PLAY SCENE llell To righllz Belle Ralcow, Ivan l-lamp+on, Rufh Rornann, Roberf Grafe, Leland Swafford, Shirley Dodge, John Havercamp. My Brower served in lhe capacily ol iunior class presidenl. Upon My lell lhe worries, lroubles, glory, and "lun" ol planning and carrying lhrough lhe iunior-senior receplion. l-le was ably assisled by Belly Mar- lin, vice-presidenl ol lhe class, and John Davidson, secrelary-lreasurer. These sludenls' dulies made il necessary lor lhem lo brush up on lheir execulive abilily so lhal lhey could nol only guide lheir class bul also help lhe senior class lhrough lhe lroublesome delails ol gradualion. JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS: Myron Brower, John Davidson, Belly Marlin. JUNIOR FIRST ROW: Belle Esles, Cafherine Carver, Nelda Bruemmer, Theresa Galla- her, Jeanne Benninger, Mary EHa Fulliam, Louise Cadogan. SECOND ROW: Maxine Beclcey, Mary Jane Carpenfer, Kalherine Farrier, Marjorie Amlhony, Margaref E'r+er, Dorolhy DeVries, Shirley Dodge, Lila DePries'r, Ralph Barlell. THIRD ROW: Florine Bloom, Minnie Blaesing, Dorolhy Cromer, Harriel DeLacerda, Virginia Clarlc, Lucille Eafon, Belly Brossarf, Elaine Fisher. FOURTH ROW: Eugene Downey, Webb Doug- lass, Junior Gabriel, Myron Brower, Clyde Dorn, Jaclc Davidson, Lysle Eichelberger, Weldon Barnharl, Wendell Fuller, Wilbur Ealon. FIFTH ROW: James Coolcsey, Ken- nefh Church, Ed Bennell, Norman Bunn, David Allenbernd, Bruce Freeman, Don Cooper, Edwin Alfelcruse, Charles Cox. JUNIOR FIRST ROW: Howard Grell, Oran Hollman, Bob Grale, Ed Grimm, David Lesher, John Havercamp, lvan Hamplon, Lyle Luplon. SECOND ROW: Marie Lewis, Belly Grensing, Nina Gerard, Belly Knelsch, Edna Johnson, Helen Gasswinl, Norma Kell, Doris Gellerl, Roberl Hubbard. THIRD ROW: Georgene Hendriclcson, Mable LeOualle, Jessie George, Lorraine Huclce, Bernice Kleisl, Pauline Harlman, Nene Kochnell, Charles Hoag, Roberl Healey. FOURTH ROW: DeLores Herwig, Vivian Hedrick, Twyla Jensen, Rosalind Maasen, Belly Marlin, June Jacobs, Maryann Hol- man, Paul Maplelhorpe, Paul Hanlcins, Donald Huclnall. FIFTH ROW: Charlolle Long- slrelh, Emma Klein, Anna Garvin, Earl Jewell, Earl Hunqale, LeMoyne Huclce, Harold Grose, Wesley Hazlell, Kennelh Henderson. 53 JUNIOR FIRST ROW: William lvloomey. Eugene Rehbehn, Omar Saunders, Herberl lvlcCleary, Glenn Paul, Marvin McConnell, Rhineharl lvleinders, Danlorlh Sauer. SEC- OND ROW: Lucille Marlin, Jeanelle Schmer, Rulh Romann, Marion Rolh, Belle Ralcow, Audrey O'Brien, Helen Schaer, Velma Monson, Belly Miller, Velma McKillip. THIRD ROW: Earline McGinnis, Rulh McCaffrey, Fred Nesper, Glenn lvlinlon, Bob lvlohnsen, Grace McKillip, Grace Sallerlhwaile. Belly lvlcConnaha, Edna Reynolds, Lorraine Oppell. FOURTH ROW: Anna Mae McKillip, Lucille lvliddagh, Carol Max- son, Shirley Randolph, Charlolle Robison, Bill Narvis, Richard Reeves, Ralph Mc- Connaha, Grace Pelersen, Belly Peelz. FIFTH ROW: lvlargarel Middagh. Wayne Orr, Arlhur Pilgrim, Don lvlilholin, Jacob Sanders, Ralph Rensinlc, Bob Schmalz. JUNIOR FIRST ROW: Belly Tiedernann, Berry Thompson, Beryl Woods, Dorolhy Walceland, Bonnie Wallers, Jean Wigim, Doroihy Ziegler, Marian Van Alla. SEC- OND ROW: Leo Trader, Edilh Yeringron, Belly Smalley, Miriam SyWassinlc, Rosalie Tulrle, Marjorie Winn, Rulh Vance, Margarel Wheeler, Sarah Marie Young. THIRD ROW: Donald Trimble, Elise Thompson, Belly Slelzner, Gwendolyn Sywassinlm, Belly Smirh, Louise TeS+ralce, Juanila Sleahr, Nellie Velrer, Arfhur Tallcingfon, Ronald Schreurs. FOURTH ROW: Ardis Vefler, l-larold Smilh, Charles Whisler, Clifford Wellons, John Sprouse, Jerry Smilh, Curl Torrence, George WolleH. FIFTH ROW: Bob Smilh, Donald Sharar, Bob Wilson, Leland Swafford, Vernon Willis, Fred Tyler, DeWayne Wellons, Maynard Vaupel. GIRLS' SPRING SPORTS: The girls were al il again lhis spring iusl lhe same as all olher springs-playing lennis, volleyball, and badminlon and swimming. They seemed lo be having a lol ol lun while keeping lhe waisllines in lrim. BADMINTON PLAYERS llell lo righll: Edna Johnson, Sarah Marie Young, Alice Nash, Belly I-Iollman. TENNIS FIRST ROW: Anila Slange, Dorolhy Mcgaughey, Jean Wigim, Doris Gel- lerl, Theresa Gallaher, Calherine Carver. SECOND ROW: Carol Ivlcliee, Bonnie Wallers, Belly Marlin, Rulh Romann, Dorolhy Ziegler, Helen I-landley. THIRD ROW: Gerry Wecksung, Beverly Schmidl, Sarah Marie Young. GIRLS' VOLLEYBALL FIRST ROW: Eslher Adams, Adaline Perkins, Elizabelh Fulliam, Rulh Rhodes. SECOND ROW: I-Ielen Drew, Janel Grosiean, Ivlargarel l-leilz, Serena Lockwood, Dorolhy Powell. SWIMMERS: Belly I-lollman, Belly Marlin, Dorolhy Powell, Belly Smalley, Lucille Grosiean. GOLF-BASEBALL- "ln lhe spring a young man's fancy lurns lo . . . " golf and baseball. A+ leasl, Jrhe young men of Muslcy l-li 'rook +o lhese aclivilies lo gel 'rhe winler oul of Their bones. BASEBALL FIRST ROW: Bob Breedlove, Ray Wichers. Harold Manley, Fred Nesper, Don Milholin, Richard Kidd, Lefly Calhoun. SECOND ROW: Sfanley Teichmiller, Junior Gabriel, lra Slocking, Omar Saunders, Feryl Kenf, Richard Reuclcerl, Jerry l-lillon, Arl Milfman. THIRD ROW: Bob Mohnsen, Murl Hume, Clinlon Kurriger, Jaclc Raushenberger, Eddie Barrell, Schuyler Proflill, Vernon l-lohfman, Bill Nordeen, Earl Pulliam. FOURTH ROW: Maynard Vaupel, Harold Riggs, Leffy Scvlc, Bob Kinnan, Junior Sprouse, Don Sprouse. GOLF FIRST ROW: Myron Brower, John l-lavercamp, George Boldt Harold Cochran, Jaclc McConnaha. SECOND ROW: George Kammerer, Elmer Bloom, Jack Mucha, Slanley Willey, Ivan l-lamplon. N TENNIS-"WaTch ThaT back hand!"-"WhaT a cuTl"-JusT a sample oT The exclamaTions oT onlookers waTching The boys play Tennis. A good bunch oT players Turned ouT lasT Tall and This spring. R. V. DauT was pro- claimed The boys' champion. flfhesz- Tellows will Tell you They had greaT Times on ouT-oT-Town Trips. 5 TENNIS FIRST ROW: George Parlcs, Paul STAT, Edward Grimm, Ralph NieTzel, Bob Schmalz, Jerry l-lilTon, Jim Fahy. SECOND R P l Hanson, l-lenry Winslow, Jaclc Davidson, Bill Schreurs, Donald Gray, Gleih Bloo Him' TallcingTon, KenneTh SchlipT, John Wagner, Fred Klepper, Darrel Millar. Q 1 TRACK -"Puff, Puff, Pu-T-T . . . Jusl a liille bil farlher-iusr a lillle more 'umph' behind il." Encouraged by Coach Skipper Weber, +he lraclc Team had daily work-ouls al Jefferson. Some of lhe fellows lcepl in prac- 'rice by running lo school-or perhaps They were lale. TRACK FIRST ROW: Roberf Bohm, Ernie Roof, Vernon Willis, DeWayne Wellons, Paul Maplelhorpe, Gerald Lanfier, Virgil Downey, Farrell l-lonls, Dick Slafer, Dan Nash, Arfhun Causey. SECOND ROW: Coach Weber, Bill Mar+in, Warren Young. Roberf Weber, Junior Mohnsen, Clifford Bleadorn, Kenny Del-leer, Clyde Dorn, Clifford Wellons, Frank Kemper, Don Trimble, Kenny Church. E ,wwwmyw V MQ wwf i f A F' W If . ' wi Cm if 1E5:.A .1:1:,2.: E ii, f G ,,Q.... S ' sy , ,... QV . an - 1 i ,ax .z,,. f.,,5,wWm J T 'W . qmwmuamh er-deTTa-gorgeous' fThaT's The dass appear Y:Tmer BToom and 'DoroThv SCTTWBTT1 one oT The mosT 'rmparT'raT fdass saTuTaTor'xans. Bm was represenTa- nhl d'rsTr'rbuTed T'rve sen'xor bov and anoTher NaT'ronaT s The Honor SocfreTv member. He was presrdenT oT ThaT group. Remember h'rm as a debaTer Te DoroThv 'rs one oT Those sTe- The Isuroran exchange Sup oT '5 TT was ere eve phomore ' nT, d aThTe . h She was ' rher. a ' 3. upsfhonors w he dass. lks so Tor The'xr presrde P aT NNKTT- an nograp ers. and a HT-Trr wo ?suTh BrandsTeTTer, Lucas, a gro houT T r BToom T and a sTu- edRTor w are Horence CounTrv Throug dass chose Ydme Bob B'rshop, v'xce-presrden , h'rTe, sec.reTarv-Treasurer. When The denTs were a vear oTder Thev seTec,Ted Beve Zg:m'xdT Tor The'rr.Xun'ror pres'rdenT, John Xn We ,MVA ro omas, vxce-presrdenT, and Brad brvan, A . I , , , ramaTrsT and songsTer, secreTarv-Treasurer. Therr senror oTTrcers debaker. and Card Melee .. A vitelre T5eTTl ?saThenberg, Beve SchmTdT, and Seve.. and Pxmoran ad Saxesfaav. arren urrrger. BehoTd 'rn The TourTh row Roger C-5e'xbeT, 'TTKG dT'6x'08T'TC ,CBTBYTT oT The CTBSS members agkof agd ad 5aTq-ggmafvx Ngrma Pxhenx 3 was broughT TorTh Tn "T ons oT 'Monevf' The voc,aT'rsT and Psuroran managkng ed'xTor', and PTBY WBT! PTOAUCCA TTT Ther 'TUYTTOT Tleaf- RuTh SchmTdT, who ha'rTs Trom ST. Joseph, "The B'xshop hlhsbehaves' was The semor D yvA',CT-rxqan, PW' The ann ww was nav erqxrma who QU We 0990536 Page are o,,:,5ya,,5',,,q sang whRTe she was worTCrng on The Psuroran-, sen'xors: represenTaT'xve sen'ror bov and gxrT, Gem! XNeCY5Tm9- 5 'HOST '3f'TTdmQ YOWQ dass oTT'rcers, vaTedKcTor'ran, sah.rTaTor'rans, T551 Wh 5 bevvTWTuT VOTCGY and Pam Wm' and Sedo, members og Nagonar pxom, 50, h'rTe, who was 'xnTeresTed 'rn Torensxc, work. oreTv.The scared hTTTe grrhe, Beve 5c:hm'xdT, Edson Hogmanx WMO was pregxdem ost Sw, rn The Tower TeTT hand corner, doesnT oTTen dem Coundp B-N Ewen ,Mak maqn-X5-mem Took ThaT scared. Beve was a dass oThcer debakerl and Va Skocpxnql baseroaxx gan' ber os' Nakxonax Honor Somew' compr'rse The s'r1.Th row. Tn The Top row 'rs Wenberqj Tepresem' John Thomas, who d'rd a var'reTv oT Thkngs dem' 'rn schooT. The sTudenTs 'rn The TasT T'rve rows are members oT The NaT'ronaT Honor So- TuTure pohT'rdrans, song d a mem BeTTv Ru r presr 'eTv are ducaTors, ewKTe or an New To her 'rs aT'rve serfror grrT and sen'ro On The r'rghT sTands DoroThv Weber, dass vaTedKcTor'xan and v'xc,e-presrdenT oT Na- U ' TTonaT Honor SocfreTv. The hTTTe b'rrd on The Among ThKs group TeTT end oT The second row 'rs Bob B'xshop, Tawvers, sfrenographers, e who was phoTographer-aT-Targe and Na- sTers,'rournahsTs, and mavbe ahous TKonaT Honor SodxeTv member. Ne-LT To Bob Two. 6I B E T T Y R U T H E N B E R 6 BeTTy RuThenberg was represenTaTive senior girl. TwenTy-Tive years Trom now when M. l-l. S. alumni Thinlc oT BeTTy They will remember her charming smile, which she so ably displays here. BeTTy has been mosT acTive as The chief "maker-upper" Tor school plays. She did a biT c-T acTing herself in her senior year as l'lesTer in "The Bishop Mis- REPRESENTATIVE behaves." IT anyone invesTigaTed as To why BeTTy was consTanTly TroTTing around The halls during class Time. hte would Tind ouT ThaT iT was because she was helping AunT Mollie wiTh The school aTTendance. Miss RuThen- berg displayed her execuTive abiliTy as The senior class presidenT. SecreTary-Treasurer of STudenT Council was iusT anoTher one oT her responsibiliTies. Mrs. RuThenberg's daughTer lilces To read and collecT sTamps. ln The winTer one will 'find BeTTy ice slcaTing, in The summer she's playing Tennis, and during The whole year she enjoys ping-pong. Friendliness and honesTy and TaiThTulness in The Thing she seTs ouT To do may be classified as This alluring young lady's chief characTerisTics. 62 E L M E R E. B L O O M Elmer Bloom was represenfafive senior boy. ls fhere anyfhing in high school fhaf Elm hasn'f done or couldn'f have done? One of his ad- mirable fraifs appeared when he refused fo falce posifions and dufies because he realized he would nof have fime fo fulfill fhem properly. Elm was one of 'rhe more acfive members of l-li-Y-held fhe offices of freasurer, vice-presidenf, and presidenf. Mr. Bloom gained en- france fo Speech Arfs and Nafional Forensic League by his exfensive debafe worlc. This work is a forerunner of whaf he will probably be fen years from now-one of fhe counfry's foremosf lawyers and pol- ificians. To gain furfher knowledge and experience Elm would lilce fo affend Norfhwesfern Universify. Elmer has had plenf of opporfunifies fo display his execufive abilify -his sophomore class, Nafional Honor Sociefy, and l-li-Y each claimed him as ifs presidenf. Elmer also held fhe money bag for Speech Arfs for one semesfer. If his friends can"r find Elm any ofher place fhey fry fhe golf course. Holes in one are his favorifes. 63 SENIOR BOY DONALD JUNIOR VINER Donald Viner was The TirsT sTudenT To receive The honor oT The Bill Roach Trophy award. Don was The member oT The TooTball squad selecTed by a commiTTee oT aThleTic oTTicials Tor being ouTsTanding in sporTsmanship, leadership, perseverance, and school spiriT. Don's name was engraved on The Trophy, which is To be leTT in The high school Trophy case, and he received a medal signiTicanT oT his honor. For Tour years Don was a member oT The TooTball squad. ln his senior year he received his leTTer. l-le was also a member oT The golT squad. ln all his sporTs parTiCipaTion he showed The spiriT which convinced The commiTTee ThaT he was worThy oT The Trophy award. Each year one member oT The TooTball squad is To receive The ap- poinTmenT Tor The honor. T-lis name will be placed on The cup and he will receive The medal. This award seems especially TiTTing: iT was purchased wiTh money saved by Bill Roach and presenTed To The school by his parenTs, Mr. and Mrs. RoberT L. Roach. Through The Tro hy, Bill's spiriT will live on To encourage oTher aThleTes To de- veliop The high ideals oT sporTsmanship Bill exempliTied. The class of I938 graduafed wifhouf one of ifs besf beloved mem- bers-William Leroy Roach. Bill, as he was known fo his friends, died on Augusf 8, I937. af fhe age of sixfeen. Bill made an unusual record during his years in Muscafine High School. He liked sporfs above everyfhing else, yef he found fime for club work and Auroran dufies. ln various acfivify groups he made many friends. Track and foofball were his favorife sporfs. He specialized in fhe high hurdles in frack and played on fhe foofball squad. During his junior year he received his M. Bill belonged fo Sfudenf Council, Hi-Y, Curia Regia, and fhe Au- roran sfaff. His brighf and friendly personalify made if easy for him fo fulfill his Auroran dufies of selling subscripfions and adverfise- rnenfs. Bill's classmafes remember him as a fall, handsome young man, wifh an afhlefic build. They remember also his happy, genial personalify. He always had fime fo be friendly. While Bill lived he seemed fo represenf youfh and ifs spirif. He has gone, buf he has leff memories which will be an inspirafion for his friends. WILLIAM LEROY T ROACH QL, i Duff - XA, 4. is I' ' 9 NORMA ALLEN--Much energy is fied up in fhis small, brighfeeyed miss . . . Quill and Scroll and membership in Nafional Honor Sociefy fop her honors . . . Always husfling abouf do- ing many fhings . . . Has found lime for work in Speech Arfs, declam, girls' glee club. mixed chorus, Auroran sfaff, Junior Ad, Sfudenf Council, Hi-Tri ... Sang in "Messiah," "Faust" "Rose of fhe Danube." HARVEY AXEL-His associafes know him by fhe name of McGee, chrisf- ened affer fhaf radio characfer, "Fibber" . . . Was a member of fhe baskefball squad when a freshman, sophomore. and iunior . . . Like all good baskefball players, his fheme song is "TiAPi-Tin" lTip-if-inl . . .Also likes io swim . . . His favorife phrase: -.., a e if easy DELPHA BAKER-This miss lShe has a cufe, freckled, upfurned liffle nosel will be missed in M. H. S .... Delph played baskefball and volleyball in freshman and sophomore years . , . She sang in "Carmen" and "Marfha" .. . Belonged fo Hi-Tri during her firsf year . . . Wanfs fo be a lawyer . . . Likes fo eaf-buf nof her own cook- ing . . .Also likes "Sfar Dust" JEANNETTE BATCHELOR - Jean's fwin sisfer . . . Brown eyes iusf like Jean's. foo .. .Sang in "Carmen" and "Rose of fhe Danube". . . Anofher loy- al Musky girl who likes baseball and baskefball . . . The Bafchelor home musf be a merry place-Jeanneffe and Jean bofh claim singing as fheir favorife pasfime . . . Favorife song: "You Appeal fo Me." ROBERT BERGER-Bob is a lanky lad. 5 feef, IO inches fall . . . ls afh- lefically minded . . . Foofball is his favorife sporf, wifh baskefball and frack nexf on fhe lisf . . . Has a rafher high-pifched voice, an easy-going. good-nafured disposifion . . . Boxing and wresfling may be added fo his lisf of sporfs . . . Has mischievous eyes-and knows how fo use fhem. RICHARD BEUTLER-A grad wifh red hair and fhe disposifion fhaf goes wifh if . . . Offen found fo be among fha planners of freshman mischief- and somefimes suspecfed of helping along upperclass mischief. . . Likes a good fime . . . Hunfing and fishing are his favorife pasfimes, and base- ball and baskefball, his favorife sporfs. f ffl H MARJORIE ALLBEE- Likes her nick- name of Sfuff . . . Girls' glee club and mixed chorus all four years . . . De- clam her firsf fhree years . . . Speech Arfs member . . . Likes fo fruck and do fhe Big Apple . . . Saw her fwice when she wasn'f dancing or smiling . . . Career woman-Radio is fhe field she will enfer . . . She will appeal fo her audiences when fhey see her in felevision. ILA BARTLETT-A girl who generally kepf sfill and lef ofher people do fhe falking-Maybe she was wise and maybe she was foolish . . . Generally sfudious and generally bashful . . . lla makes one wonder if he has made a misfake in fhinking her a senior-Wifh fhaf cufe liffle bow and fhaf round chubby face. doesn'f she look more like a freshman? JEAN BATCHELOR - Jean and Jeanneffe make people fhink fhey're seeing double . . . Good rnaferial for a fwin club . . , They bofh like base- ball . . . Jean likes roller skafing- Maybe Jeanneffe does foo . . . Pre- senfed a puzzle fo feachers and class- mafes: Was Jean quiefer fhan Jean- neffe or was Jeanneffe quiefer fhan Jean? HAROLD BECKER-Ah-af iasl' a sfrong silenf man . . . Harold's favor- ife pasfime is lisfening-which is in- deed an arf . . . His moniker lnof 'ilomefhing worn in fhe eyel has always been Beck . . . Sang in "Marfha" . .. O ku Belonged fo Camera Club. . . Played hockey, baskefball. baseball. and foof- ball wifh equal enioymenf . . . Sfands 69 inches high . . . Somefimes a mis- chief maker. MERLE BIERl-Formerly enrolled in fhe Excelsior school in Illinois . . .ls 5 feef, 8 inches fall . . . Black hair.. . Farm shop feam member when a soph- omore . . . On fhe iudging fearn when a iunior . . . Treasurer of F. F. A. in fhaf same year... A sporfs advocafe, especially of soffball . . . Hunfing is his hobby-How's snipe hunfing in lllinois, Merle? JEANETTE BIERMANN-The pride and Joy of fhose who know her . . . Joy was in fhe producfion "Carmen" . . . Was a member of Hi-Tri for fhree years . . . Once upon a fime she played volleyball and baskefball . . . Belonged fo Camera Club . . . She gefs much enioymenf from keeping a diary . . . Her classmafes probably would enioy if foo . . . Anofher good- looking blonde. 66 RAYMOND BIERMAN - Ray . . . During his lreshman and sophomore years belonged lo Greenhands . . . For lhe lasl lwo years has been a member ol lhe Fulure Farmers . . . Ray is approximalely 5 leel, 8 inches lall . . . Nol parlicularly inleresled in alhlelics . . . More inleresled in an aqricullural career . . . ls a residenl of Sweelland. ELMER E. BLOOM-Known as Elm or Junior . . . Represenlalive boy, sophomore presidenl, Nalional Honor Sociely presidenl . . . Much disobeyed and ill-lrealed presidenl ol Hi-Y- lhe scourge ol excessive mealball de- vourers . . .Well known as a debaler . . . Treasurer ol Speech Arls . . . A devoled goll player . . . Good lool- ball guard and leller winner... Plans lo be a lawyer and polilician. WILLIAM BUTLER - Bill is lhe unique nickname ol lhis loquacious exponenl ol a Garganluan vocabulary . . . Firsl class, A-I debaler, ora- lor, declaimer, and exlemporaneous speaker . . . Presidenl ol Speech Arls . . . Secrelary ol Hi-Y . . . Member ol Nalional Honor Sociely . . . Nalur- ally likeable . . . Delinilely good-look- ing . . . Posilively a hearl lhrob . . . Hopes lo be a congressman. BLAIR B, BORUFF-Middle name unknown, bul il musl be a good one . . . Blair comes lrom Bullalo Prairie, Illinois . . . In his lasl lhree years in high school he played in lhe orches- lra-his inslrumenl, lhe violin . . . In "Carmen" when a lreshman . . .Col- lecls lloor plans ol buildings . . . ln- leresled in archileclure as his lile's work . . . A sludious, likeable lellow. CLIFFORD BOWER - ls ambilious lo be a successlul chemical engineer... As a senior he belonged lo Chemis- lry Club. . . ls aboul 5 leel. 4 inches in heighl . . . Has very lighl hair. . . Blushes easily land ollenl . . . Music is a hobby lor him . . . Hunling lorms his main sporls diel . . . Also likes baskelball . . . Clillord is known as Duke. RUTH BRANDSTETTER-A girl wilh expressive brown eyes and a charm- ing personalily . . . Member ol Na- lianal Honor Sociely, Hi-Tri, Speech Arls lsecrelaryl. orcheslra. girls' glee club, mixed chorus, girls' sexlelle . . . Sang in "Messiah," "Fausl," "Rose ol lhe Danube" . . . Had lhe lead in lhis year's conlesl play, "The Wedding" . . . Al lasl someone whose lavorile indoor sporl isn'l ping-pong-Rulh's is lable lennis. 67 ORRELL BILL- Billy lHe's a shel has been a member of Hi-Tri lhe lasl lwo years . . . As a freshman, she was a member of G. A. A .... Olher acliv- ilies in which she parlicipaled as a senior were Seco, Sludenl Council, and "Rose ol lhe Danube". . . Hopes lo be a beaulician some day . . . Wonder if she will always be able lo give her cuslomers her sweel smile. ROBERT BISHOP - Bob-lhe lad who is always in a hurry-Has never been known lo walk inlo a room slowly or open a drawer calmly . . . Honor Sociely, Ouill and Scroll, Chemislry Club, Hi-Y lpresidenll, Camera Club Ipresidenll, Sludenl Council, and Auroran were his favored aclivilies . . . People were always dodging him -al leasl his candid camera lens. PHYLLIS BLOOM -Slim and dark haired is Phyllis . . . A prima donna. loo . . .Sang in "Carmen," "Marlha." "Messiah," "Fausl," and "Rose of lhe Danube" . . . In girls' glee club lor lwo years . . . A member of Hi-Tri and Camera Club.. . Conlidenlially, she is a lover ol' English-poems and "slull"-also ol pork chops . . . Any- how, you're hall righl, Phyllis. GEORGE BOLDT--As lhe boys al lhe golf course will prove. Georges lull nickname is "Sweel Alice Hiram Ben Boxear Baldy Bealer Boldl" . . . Ben was elecled caplain ol lhis year's golf leam . . . Sang in mixed chorus lwo years . . . In "Messiah," "Fausl," "Rose ol lhe Danube" . . . An occa- sional baskelball player . . . 6 leel. 2 inches lall. BOB BREEDLOVF-This handsome young man was one ol our able lool- ball and baskelball players-nol lo menlion baseball . . . Has somewhal dubious lille ol "Iron Man" . . .This slrong, silenl??, shy??? young lad ralher lancies himsell as a ladies' man . . . Bouncer al Hi-Y lor lirsl hall ol senior year . . . Sludenl Council and Chemislry Club member. RUTH BRINGER- ls nol called Babe llhe ball player or candy bar-Gel il?l . . . Rulhie was a member ol Seco. Junior Ad. and Non Pareil as a senior . . . Sang in "Messiah" and "Fausl" . . . Member of Hi-Tri for lhree years . . . Possibly a hay lever viclim-or why would she collecl handkerchiels as a hobby? LYSLE CALVERT- People are always asking him how fhe weafher is up fhere . . . He's 6 feef, 4 inches fall . . . Played baskefball for fwo years on fhe A squad . . . Dabbled in fen- nis a bif when a sophomore and iunior ... Rafher shy by nafure buf a ladies' man af hearf , . . He has fhe sweef- esf smile . . . Everybody calls him Cal . . . Played wifh M. J. C. baskefball squad during second semesfer. JANICE CAMPBELL - Member of Speech Arfs her lasf fwo years . . . Sang in "Carmen" and "Marfha" . . . As a freshman and senior, Jan was a member of Hi-Tri . . . Displayed her dramafic falenf in fhe iunior play . . . Raises goldfish as a hobby-Wonder if anyone has fold her fhaf goldfish are iusf glorified carp ...She dreams of going fo college af York, Nebraska. JAMES COCKERILL - Prof be- longed fo Chemisfry Club, orchesfra, boys' glee club, mixed chorus, Quill and Scroll . . . He was presidenf of his sophomore class and fhe edifor of his school paper . . . Of course, fhe paper was fhe Marion Sfar and The school Sf. Mary's-up on fhe fop of Wesf Hill . . . Came fo M. H. S. dur- ing his senior year. RICHARD CROW -- Much beffer known as Chubby . . . Played fhe vio- lin in orchesfra for four years-Was freasurer as iunior, presidenf as senior . . . Belonged fo Junior Ad, Camera Club. and Hi-Y as a senior... Played fennis for relaxafion and reducfion . .. His aim is fo make a name for him- self as a brain surgeon . . . Plenfy of work fo do in fhaf field, Chub. ROBERT DOWNER - Bob has been a member of fha orchesfra for four semesfers lfwo yearsl-Played wifh if for "Fausf" and "Rose of fhe Dan- ube" . . . Member of Camera Club . . . Favorife indoor sporf-sfamp col- lecfing--his and Presidenf Roose- velf's . . . A follower of Annie Oak- ley . . . Rifle pracfice gives him pleas- ure . . . Likes fo play baskefball and foofball. HELEN DREW-One of fhe pref- fier girls of fhe class . . . Belonged fo Hi-Tri and Chemisfry Club as a senior . . . Sang in "Carmen," "Marfha." "Messiah," and "Fausf" . . . Played wifh fhe G. A. A. girls all four years . . . Track, volleyball, baseball, danc- ing, swimming, and baskefball were on her lisf of sporfs . . . Capfain of her baskefball and volleyball squads as a iunior and senior. GLENN CALHOUN - Leffy . . . Soufhpaw hurler of fhe baseball feam . . . Somefimes known as Al because of his superior knowledge of algebra ...Was ouf for declam when a fresh- man . . . Member of Hi-Y fhis year . . . Played baskefball as a freshman and sophomore . . . Came fo M. H. S. from Conesville High . . . Collecfs picfures of baseball's greafs and near- greafs. HAROLD COCH RAN -Thaf chubby liffle rascal puffing around is he . . . Fafboy was a colorful member of fhe baskefball feam . . . Renowned for his specfacular shofs . . .On fhe golf feam also, where he confinued fo make specfacular shofs . . . Of course, such an individual as Harold would belong fo Hi-Y lHe's fhe alf-pie guy of Hi-Yl. ,VD 4 SOPHIE COOLEY-Sally is fhe young lady's name . . . She is 5 feef, 6 inches fall . . . A regular affender of Hi-Tri for fwo years liunior and seniorl . . . Chief among her pleas- ures is composing poefry . . .Also en- ioys such sporfs as fennis and ping- pong . . . In some fufure day she would like very much fo visif Africa . . . Doesn'f say whefher she's infer- esfed in big game hunfirig. HlLLlS CROMER - ls 5 feef. 8 inches and has black hair. . . l-las no genuine nickname . . . Says fhaf "Hey You" is good enough fo affracf his affenfion . . . ls a leading exponenf of M. H. S.'s newly formed. masculine sporf-cooking . . . ls faking no chances on his fufure wife's nof being able fo cook . . . A former member of F. F. A. and Greenhands. RlCHARD DAUT--R. V .... Vice- presidenf of Speech Arfs, Junior Ad, Sfudenf Council . . . Poef, safirisf. sage. wif, greaf lover, humorisf, and masfer of infrigue . . . Capfain of fennis feam in spring of i937 . . . Member of Mulberry Morons-un- defeafed, super, ice hockey feam lThey played one gamel . . . Secre- fary of Camera Club and a camera enfhusiasf . . . Definilely a characfer. TOM DOUGLASS-Here's one boy fhaf was always yelling his head off for Muscafine fo win--He was a cheer leader for fwo years . . . A member of fhe boys' glee club, mixed chorus, and boys' quarfeffe . . . Besides fhaf barifone voice, Scoffie has a winning smile and a wisp of unruly hair . . . ln fhe casfs of fhe class and confesf plays during his iunior year. 68 HUGH EATON - Hugh, poor fellow, is always being formenfed by puns on his firsf name . . . For example: "Where have Hugh been?" . . . If gefs preffy discouraging . . . He is abou? 5 feef, 9 inches fall ...A physics sfu- denf of greaf falenf . . . Longs for fhe day when he will feach in high school . . . Basebagis his sporf. DORIS EITMAN - Has a rafher orig- inal nickname . . . Her friends call her Crickef . . . Has dark brown hair, is 5 feef. 4 inches fall . . , A Seco member her senior year . . . Likes fo dance and roller skafe . . . Her fav- orife subiecf is physics . . . Played in fhe school orchesfra for fwo years . . . Member of girls' orchesfra . . . Am- bifion: fo fravel . . . Fufure plans: beaufy work. JOE ENGEBRETSON-For some rea- son or ofher called Tiny . . . Wenf fo Wesf Liberfy High School . . . Be- longed fo Hi-Y for The lasf fwo years, buf he afe foo slowly fo gef his full share . . . As a sophomore belonged fo Curia Regia . . . Was ouf for Track one year. . . Ambifion: fo go fo col- lege . . . Another name fhaf was a headache for copy and proof readers. RUTH FELDMAN-Rufh belonged fo Curia Regia as a iunior and senior . . . Was vice-presidenf This year . . . Also belonged fo Hi-Tri . . . Played volleyball as a freshman . . . Musf like school--Wanfs fo be a feacher . . . Her hobby, reading, fifs in well wifh her fufure work . . . Plays iockey, foo, in her odd momenfs-Nofhing she likes beffer Than horseback riding. BLANCHE FITCHNER-Blanche is 5 feef, 7lf2 inches high . . . Her mid- dle name sfarfs wifh an E . . . Whaf could if be? . . . Whaf could if be? . . . Was a member of freshman girls' club . . . Picked up name of Fifchie some place . . . Sang in "Rose of fhe Danube" . . .Was a member of fhaf giggling group of gals-Hi-Tri . . . ls a picfure collecfor. DOROTHY FREESE - Joined mixed chorus as a frosh . . . Ouf for de- clam as a iunior . . . On fhe Sfudenf Council 'lhaf same year. . .As senior belonged fo Speech Arfs . . . Boys don'f have fo be shy abouf proposing -She was vice-presidenf of Seco, so she musf know somefhing abouf cook- ing-She likes poefry, foo . . . Jour- nalism appeals io her as a vocafion and Grinnell as a college. 69 A FRANK DRUCKER-Looks like a good foofball prospecf had gone fo wasfe-5 feef. 5 inches fall and heavy sef . . . Wenf ouf for fhe game as a freshman . . . He considers fhe Uni- versify of Iowa a good school fo af- fend . . . He lisfs foofball and baskef- ball as his favorife sporfs . . . Some classes made him sleepy-especially English. CHARLENE EDWARDS-Abouf 5 feef. 2 inches fall . . . ls called Chan lCould if be on accounf of Charlene Chan?l . . . Sang in "Rose of The Danube" . . . Likes fo fill scrapbooks wifh inferesfing picfures and news- paper accounfs . . . Day dreaming as a pasfime keeps her busy-buf only when she can'f go skafing or swim- ming . . . Anofher gal who plans fo be a beaufician. MILDRED ENGLUND-Tudy lo ev- eryone . . . Her friends won'f forqef her expressive blue eyes and her dancing abilify . . . A member of girls' glee club, mixed chorus, girls' sexfeffe, and Auroran . . . Made Quill and Scroll and Nafional Honor Sociefy honors . . . A member of Curia Regia, Chemisfry Club, Junior Ad, Sfudenf Council, Hi-Tri, and Camera Club.. .Yefsomefimes won- dered whaf fo do wifh her Time. DON FLETCHER-Powerhouse is his disfincfive appellafion . . . You've heard his bass voice in fhe boys' glee club, mixed chorus, "Carmen," "Mar- fha," "Messiah," "Fausf," and "Rose of fhe Danube" . . . A member of Junior Ad and of fhaf solemn, dig- nified organizafion, Hi-Y . . . A fu- fure orchesfra leader lHe hopesl Likes old. old gray hafs . . . A ladies' rnarl. RALPH FREEMAN-A name 'lhaf promises much if Ralph can iusf live up To if . . . Wonder if fhese spring days haven'f made him wish he were a free man... He didn'f have much fo say. buf he offen had a mischiev- ous expression in his eyes . . . Known for his abilify fo look people sfraighf in fhe eye . . . Also known for his silence. RUTH FlSH-A "shark" in afhlefics . . . Parficipafed in abouf all G. A. A. acfivifies as a freshman, and soph- omore . . . Acfive in Hi-Tri her lasf fhree years . . . On fhe roll call of Seco, Curia Regia, and Non Pareil . . . On The Sfudenf Council fwo years . . . Sang in "Carmen," "Mar- fha," "Messiah" . . . In fhe fufure will angle for a job as a nurse. LeORRA FROEHNER-Her Triends may call her Babe . . . A member oT Curia Regia . . . Harmonized in The girls' glee club and mixed chorus . . . "MarTha," "Messiah," "FausT," "Rose of The Danube" . . . In ThaT eminenT girls' club-Hi-Tri . . . Played volley- ball one year . . . CoIIecTs TluTTer- byes-er-er-buTTerbyes--Oh well, sTamps . . . A friendly personaliTy . . . Reminded Teachers OT TorgoTTen aT- Tendance slips. ROBERT GARNES-Bob is abouT 5 TeeT, 2 inches . , . His popuIariTy is shown by his being on The STudenT Council and his holding during his Tour year membership in F. F. A. The oiiiices of secreTary, vice-presidenT, and presidenT . . . When a freshman he was on The Tarm shop Team, and a year IaTer he was on The iudging Team . . . He coIIecTs coins ifor mosT oT us an impracTicaI hobbyl. ROGER GEIBEL-R. Guy Bell ipen namei . . . Business angle: Auroran adverTising salesman and manager... DramaTic angle: conTesT play, iunior and senior play casTs . . . Music an- gle: glee club, chorus, and Their mus- ical producTions as sophomore and iunior . . . Curia Regia, Speech ArTs, Quill and Scroll, NaTional Honor So- cieTy, and STudenT Council also knew his acTiviTy-and foolishness. SHIRLEE GLATSTEIN -Shirlee claims They call her Luke . . . Always a model of The IaTesT Tashions . . . Has preTTy, curly hair . . . A TaiThTuI Hi-Tri mem- ber since a sophomore . . . JusT a home girl aT hearT, for she likes To kniT . . . Also a monopoly player . . . Like- wise a roller skaTer and ping-pong player . . . Enioys social occasions. THELMA GLICK-Thelm . . . Ser- geanT aT arms oT Non Pareil . . . She makes some people Think of BeTTe Davis . . . Hi-Tri, orchesTra, and Au- roran sTaTif . . . Vocalized in "Mar- Tha." "FausT," and "Rose of The Dan- ube" . . . Mixed in mixed chorus . . . Was soprano in girls' sexTeTTe . . . Likes snap-shooTing, walking. and Talk- ing . . . Desires To be an auThor . . . Unexcelled as a hall moniTor. VIVIAN GRITTON -A quieT girl . .. AbouT 5 TeeT. 5 inches Tall . . . She did a biT of vocalizing in "MarTha," "FausT." and "Rose of The Danube" . . . A member of Junior Ad Club . . . Also of Hi-Tri . . . Her appella- Tive is Vi . . . WanTs To be some- body's sTenographer . . . She gained experience by work in The high school office-Typing, preparing bulIeTins, and such. MILDRED FREESE- eze To her Triends . . . S r e iscussing per- sonal schgu p ems in a Treshman club . . ooking Torward To a care r sTenographer . . . Likes a bu s lege . . . She likes To sew a To lisTen To The radio-a good combinaTion . . . FavoriTe phrase: "Well good" . . . FavoriTe song: "Har- bor LighTs" . . . FavoriTe indoor sporT: roller skaTi g. Od ROTHY G ARD--Gerd . . . Formerly a sTudenT aT MT. PleasanT High School . . . Has dark brown hair . . . . ls 5 TeeT, 4 inches Tall . . . Sang in "Rose oT The Danube" . . . Likes To read and skaTe . . . Her chosen profession is ThaT of Teaching . . . Hopes To sTudy aT STaTe UniversiTy oT Iowa . . . A TooTbalI and baskeTball Tan . . . DoroThy likes To hear "Jose- phine" and To say "Hi! Chid!" JAMES GREEN-Jimmy sang in "Carmen" when he was very, very green-a freshman . . . Played inTra- mural baskeTbaII while sTill very green -a iunior . . . Now ThaT he is iusT plain green. he is a member of Hi-Y . . . An inveTeraTe swimmer-always splashing around in The Y. M. C. A. pool . . . WaTer doesn'T seem To boTher ThaT curly hair any--Maybe iT's even naTuraIIy curly. MARIE GREEN - Re is The name she answers To mosT oTTen . . . Sang in "Carmen," "MarTha," "Messiah" . . . She musT have a sTrong voice To sing in all Those and "FausT" . . . Was a Hi-Tri member when a mere Treshie . . . Like The resT of The Green chil- dren, she has IighT hair . . . STenog- raphy will be her career . . . She Took a commercial course. JOHN GREEN -John is an indulger in Those shorT haircuTs IThey may be shavesl . . . His IighT hair draws Tor him The name of WhiTey . . .John is 5 TeeT, 9 inches Tall . . . His middle name is Luke . . .We would wish him "good Iuke" . . . He is a TooTbalI and baskeTball Tan . . . Desires To be a sci- enTisT . . . A serious lad-in classes. aT leasT. GEORGE GRIFFIN -Alias GriTT . .. Has slighTIy red hair Iwhich is always combedi . . . Belonged To Hi-Y, buT would much raTher be on The roll call oT Hi-Tri . . . Held down a regular end berTh on The TooTbaII Team, buT was handicapped wiTh an ankle iniury . . . A member oT baskeTball squad unTiI his graduaTion in January . . . Known Tor his neaT appearance. 70 LUCILLE GROSJEAN - Whaf else could her nickname be buT Lucy? . . . A sweef, friendly personaliTy . . . AbouT 5 feef, 4 inches Tall . . . Has brown, wavy hair.. . ls a neaT dresser . . . Almosf always laughing and gen- erally Talking . . . She chose Non Pa- reil and Hi-Tri for her exTracurricular acTiviTies . . . A baskefball and fooT- ball fan . . . Always cheering for M. H. S. ANITA HARTMAN-Call her NiTa for shorf . . . Sang in girls' glee club her senior year . . . ln mixed chorus as a sophomore and senior . . . Also sang in "MarTha" and "Rose of The Danube" . . . Belonged To Hi-Tri as senior . . . CollecTs picfures of all The movie sfars lexcepf Boris Karloff and Charlie McCarThyl . . . Affer gradu- afing from high school she wanfs To become a graduafe nurse. STELLA HASE-Sang in "Carmen" Three years ago-Seems like a long, long Time ago . . . Was a member of Hi-Tri ThaT same year . . . A believer in bicycling-She doesn'T say why she believes in iT . . . A candidafe of The candid group-The Camera Club . . . One more sTamp collecTor and ping pong player . . . Always has a cheer- ful smile. EDSON HOFFMAN - Presidenf of Sfudenf Council in his senior year... Vice-presidenf of Camera Club . . . A good source of maferial for The Tennis Team . . . lndusfrious sTudenT and sporfs lover . . . Has been secre- Tory, Treasurer, and presidenf of The orchesfra . . . Huff was business man- ager of The Auroran during his iunior year-a sTep in preparaTion for his plans of being a public accounTanT. FARRELL HONTS - He is called Geezil-possibly from The ioy he geTs ouT of eafing hamburgers . . . Sang in "FausT" and "Rose of The Dan- ube" . . . OuT for Track four years and a former cross counTry runner. .. Has a new hobby in cooking lNow he can experfly manufacfure his own hamburgersl . . . Coaching aThleTics is his ambifion. DORIS HOUVENAGLE - DoroThy's Twin, buf doesn'T look like her . . . Blue eyes, reddish hair . . . Anofher domesTic minded girl . . . Belonged To Seco as a senior and To Hi-Tri as a iunior and senior. . . Doris enioys knif- Ting and skaTing . . . In The fuTure she hopes To explore inTeresTing and beau- Tiful places in The world . . . An ener- gefic miss. 7l HELEN HANDLEY-Nickname used To be Swing, buf has been changed To Toboggan-busTer . . . Helen had some real.old-fashioned hard luck This winTer, buT now her schoolmaTes see ThaT same old smile around The cor- ridors . . . Helen's a Hi-Tri, girls' glee club, and mixed chorus member . . . Sang in "FausT" and "Rose of The Danube" . . . Came from ST. Louis and ioined up here as a iunior. WILBUR HART-Signs himself Wibb ...ln a local ice cream shop he is a concocfor of conglomerafions conduc- ive To confemplafion lThey make one Think before he eafs Theml . . . Sang in boys' glee club and mixed chorus . . . Also in "Carmen," "MarTha." "Messiah," "FausT," "Rose of The Dan- ube" . . . Has sung many solos wiTh well known Tenor voice . . . Handled lighfing for mosT of The plays. JERRY HILTON-Joe ...Transferred from Aquinas High, LaCrosse. Wis- consin . . . Their loss, M. H. S.'s gain . . . Sfarred as a back on The fooTball squad . . . Joined Auroran sfaff as a feafure wriTer his lasT semesfer . . . Clever-expressive brown eyes- good-looking . . . Hopes To be a playwrighf . . . Likes ice hockey, Ten- nis, ping-pong . . . MoTTo: "A penny saved is a Tax evaded." RANSON HINES-Parson designafes Ranson's hopes for The fu'rure as well as serving as his nickname . . . He is 5 feeT, 9 inches in heighT . . . As a sophomore he was a member of The Track squad . . . Now his inTeresTs are chiefly confined To hiking and reading good books . . . Baskefball is his fav- oriTe sporf, however . . . Woodworking is his favorife hobby. JEANNE HOOVER-Jeanne enfered M. H. S. from ST. Mary's of Iowa Cify . . . She was only a freshie Then- Now look aT her. . . Ready To grad- uafe, and full of ambiTion, Too . . . WanTs To be a wrifer . . . To be spec- ific, she would like To be a reporfer on The New York Times . . . Was a member of Chemisfry Club . . . Sang in "MarTha." OROTH UVENAGLE- Nof To be confused wif ' sisTer Doris . . . orofhy has dark hair . . . 5 feef, 2 inches Tall Was a be f Hi . . , m - Tri for Three years . . . Wenf do es- Tic in her senior year by oining eco . . Also sfudied ialfsu iecfs . . Always going around and around in circles lLikes To roller skaTel. FRANK KEMPER-Called J. R.. buT he hasn'T quiTe explained The connec- Tion . . . Evidenlly likes exercise . . . Was a half miler on Track Team ...A member of The club of ChemisTry . . . ls 6 Teef, I inch tall and has brown hair . . . Was all The Time Talking in sTudy hall-The gossip . . . Tennis is his choice of a Top-noTch sporT. FRED KLEPPER-An appealing, round, cherub-like face has Fred . . . Likes To play hockey and Tennis . . , He was The Trumpef rnan in The boys' orchesfra . . . His acTiviTies were Curia Regia, Hi-Y. and Camera Club . . . Fred played in school orchesTra as a iunior and senior . . . In a few years he will be building bridges-No, he's noT going To be an archiTecT-He's going To be a denTisT. DICK KNIGHT - BeTTer known as Fuzzy . . . Belonged To Curia Regia. Chemisfry Club, STudenT Council, and Hi-Y . . . This winfer he proved him- self To be possessor of The coldesf car in These parfs . . . Dick's choice of vo- cafion is ThaT of a surgeon . . . Speak- ing of vocaTions, Dick likes Chrisfmas, spring, and summer vocafions besT . .. Thanksgiving has ifs good poinTs also. ANNA LANG-Belle is her middle name. and one up To which she lives ...More ofTen called Ann. however ...She will make secrefarial work her profession . . . ls 5 feef, 2 inches Tall . . . An exemplary member of Hi-Tri . . . During winfer monfhs she reads and skafes on The ice, buf in The spring and summer she is much Too busy for ThaT. HAZEL LaTOURRETTE-Hazel llf anyone doesn'T know her he'II recog- nize her by ThaT red hairl sang in "Carmen" when a freshman... Mem- ber of Non Pareil as iunior and senior -likewise of Hi-Tri . . . Belonged To G. A. A. Too . . . Likes To draw preTTy picfures . . . Ambifion is To be a li- brarian . . . Badminfon is her besf- liked sporf. LORA MAE LEE-One of Muscafine High School's mosf eligible house- wives . . . Why? Because she was presidenf of Seco-an indicaTion ThaT she cooks . . . She is also aThleTically minded ...A G. A. A. member when a freshman and sophomore . . . Bas- kefball and volleyball are her favor- ifes . . . ls quief, friendly, of middle heighT . . . Her vocafion will be ThaT of a nurse . . . She has big. brown eyes-Gosh. ERTRUDE JOHNSON--She is 5 eeT, 5 inches Tall . . , A bruneffe . .. Quief and dignified--noT The giggly Type . . . Was The pianisf for The or- chesTra as a senior. . . Sang in "Car- men" . . . Reading shorT sfories Takes up her spare mornenfs . . .A non-lover of economics . , . ln The fufure she hopes To be a music Teacher-Maybe she'll produce a Rachrnaninoff . . . Call her Ta-Ta. NEAL KEMP-Why noT call him Oaf 'an Neal? . . . Neal is 5 feeT, 5 inches fall . . . A Greenhand . . . He has been on The iudging Team and The farm mechanics Team for a year . . . A member of Fufure Farmers for Three and one-half years, holding The office of Treasurer as a iunior . . . Neal names foofball and baskeTball as his favorife sporfs. ANN KOCHNEFF-Call her Annie for shorT . . . Has been in girls' glee club, girls' sexTeTTe, and mixed chorus during her lasT Two years...Sang in "Carmen," "MarTha," "Messiah," "FausT." and "Rose of The Danube" . . . Has "soloed" wifh her lovely conTralTo voice, especially during her senior year . . . Does noT inTend To make her voice her career. . .Would raTher be a nurse. HENRY KRAUSE, JR.-is nof called Junior if he can help iT . . . Give him a man's nickname, like Hank. every Time . . . Junior-Pardon, Hank-is 5 feeT, 4 inches in heighf . . . A greaf baseball fan lprobably Thinks The Cubs will win The pennanTl . . . He is a liTeraTure lover-Reading Takes up much of his Time. WARREN KURRIGER-Was known as UT during foofball season, buT dur- ing The baskefball campaign, because of an annihilafing hair cuT, became known as Baldy . . . OUT for fooTball for firsT Time in his senior year-Be came besf back on The Team . . . Was one half of a very capable pair of baskeTball guards . . . SecreTary-Treas- urer of The senior class. R LEMKAU-Shorfen Cora o and you have her nickname . . noTher lox7er of music, who has in mosT of The producfions ThaT have been presenfed during her high school career . . . "Carmen," "Mar- Tha," "Messiah," and "Rose of The Danube" . . . A sewing and cooking club member. . . Cora Mae aims To go To Ames. 72 CAROL McKEE--Carrie seems To be The one always holding The lmoneyl bag ...Treasurer oT I-li-Tri and Carn- era Club This year . . . Two and a halT years a member oT Non Pareil , .. Member oT The NaTional Honor So- cieTy and Ouill and Scroll . . , Rogie Geibel's adverTising assisTanT The TirsT semesTer of her senior year-Weekly adverTising manager and T'lavercamp's boss The second semesTer . . . A cuTe girl wiTh a cuTe giggle. LOIS McFADDEN-Lois is a dark- haired young lady abouT 5 TeeT, lf? inch Tall . . . Belonged To Curia Re- gia and Speech ArTs . . . Sang in "Carmen," "MarTha," "FausT," and "Rose of The Danube" . . . Was a member oT make-up crew, Trom which she derived much enioymenT . . . Horseback riding is her TavoriTe pas- Time . . . AnoTher one of a series of McFaddens-and all inTeresTing. IRIS McCULLOUGI-I-This modesT liTTle Tlower is noT Swedish . . . Call her Irish or LeTTy . . . In Hi-Tri her sophomore, iunior, and senior years . . . Seco, Curia Regia, and Chemis- Try clubs her senior year. . . Sang in "Carmen" and "Rose oT The Danube" ... Nursing is To be her vocaTion . .. Music is her avocaTion-She likes The piano and pipe organ. FLORENCE LUCUS-Fla . . . BesT known Tor her eTTorTs as a debaTer... Member of NaTional Forensic League as iunior and senior-recording secre- Tary This year. . . Also a declaimer Tor a year . . . ExcellenT voice-singing as well as speaking ...Sang in "Car- men," "MarTha," "FausT," and "Rose OT The Danube" . . . Hi-Tri member . . . SelecTed Tor NaTional Honor So- cieTy in her senior year. SERENA LOCKWOOD-Her aThleTic abiliTy has been an ouTsTanding TacTor in disTinguishing her Trom The com- mon run of young ladies . . . For her enTire Tour years here Shrink has been a member oT The G. A. A. and has acTively engaged in The diTTerenT sporTs oTTered . . . Her scrapbook is filled wiTh inTeresTing happenings in sporTs . . . Favors The UniversiTy oT Iowa. HELEN MARTIN-PreTTy brown eyes. preTTy red hair . . . A WET, resgved girl . . . Helen lis ewing as her Ta- voriT pasTi d reading as her ho y . . . aybe -she'll be lucky 0 o'u h T T' d sorryefane who will like To re T her ylhile she sews . . . Swim I and ping-pong head The IisT sporTs she enioys . . . Her Ta- vori song: "Please Be Kind." fl THOMAS LONGHURST-Tom To everyone . . . 5 TeeT. IO inches oT in- dusTrious youTh ...When ofhers were sleeping on SaTurday morning, Tom was Tound in various places doing var- ious Things-perhaps empTying ashes or perhaps raking a yard . . . Took Training in The commercial course Tor TuTure business acTiviTies . . . Has a wave in his hair ThaT makes girls en- vious. BETTY LONGSTRETH-Anyone can guess whaT They call her-ThaT's iT- BeT . . . A mysTery sTory lover-es- pecially The cre-e-e-py ones . . . The secreTary oT Seco This year.. .Joined Junior Ad and Non Pareil This year also. ..Has been a l-li-Trier Tor Three years . . . BeauTy Training will be Tak- en up in her near TuTure . . .A pleas- anT personaliTy. DOROTHY MCGAUGHEY--AnoTher senior girl ThaT wanTs To be a Teacher . . . Began her acTiviTy record as a sophomore when she was secreTary and presidenT oT Curia Regia . . . In her junior and senior years she be- longed To Non Pareil and I-li-Tri . .. As a senior she added ChemisTry Club To her IisT and became The sec- reTary oT The organizaTion . . . lnTer- esTed in Tennis, baskefball, and de- baTing. LYLE McNEAL-Lyle has received The name of Amos-possibly due To his easy-going ways . . . He is abouT 5 TeeT, 8 inches Tall . . . As a Tresh- man he belonged To The Greenhands , . . When a sophomore, iunior, and senior he was connecTed wiTh The Fu- Ture Farmers of America organizaTion, in which he was The secreTary as a iunior and club reporTer as a senior. WARREN MAISENBACH -A long name Tor a shorT boy-a name of The Type ThaT gave copy and proof read- ers headaches . . . A quieT unassum- ing lad . . . His keenesT inTeresT is in aviaTion . . . Likes To make model air- planes... May design luxury ships To carry Muskies Through The sTraTo- sphere in The TuTure . . . Who knows? SHERLEY LIEBERSTEIN-Has dark black hair, is 5 TeeT, 2 inches Tall . . . A sewing and cooking club-Seco- member . . . Also a ChemisTry Club disciple. . .Was in "Carmen," "Mar- Tha," "FausT," and "Rose oT The Dan- ube" . . . CollecTs recipes . . .When quesTioned abouT her ambiTion she answers ThaT she wanTs To be a dieT- ician ...A quieT girl, who would un- doubTedIy be well worTh knowing. ERNEST MESSINGER-Ernie is an ambifious fracksfer-Has been ouf for if every year of his high school career . . . ls 5 feef, 4 inches fall . .. Somefimes called Sfubby . . . Has profuse curly hair plus vim and vigor . . . Ouf for foofball as a sophomore . . . Likes gardens and flowers . . . Wanfs fo be a barman, fhaf is, a member of fhe legal profession. ,PK EDMOND Merz for four years . . .Tw imes a leffer win- ner in fhis sporf . . . ls 5 feef, 6 in- ches fall . . . Called Tiny, buf he is a real speed merchanf . . . Nof every- one. however. calls him Tiny . . . Mem- bers of fhe female sex call him Curly . . . He prefends nof fo like if, buf he isn'f fooling anyone . . . Bashful around people he doesn'f know. RlCHARD MILLETT-Here is an as- piring radio announcer . . . Also a lover of baseball and baskefball . . . Some day when a M. H. S. grad hears a voice over fhe efher saying, "Hello folks, fhis is Dick Milleff," he may furn fo fhis page, look af fhis very picfure, and say, "Why, he and l wenf fo school fogefhern . . . Perhaps he'll describe fhe Rose Bowl games. BETTY MILLS-Beffy lJenny Lindl Mills parficipafed in fhe affairs of fhe girls' glee club and fhe mixed chorus for four years ...Sang in "Carmen," "Marfha," "Messiah," "Fausf," "Rose of fhe Danube" . . . Beffy is peppy. brighf, and small . . . So why shouldn'f she be an air hosfess if she wanfs fo be one? . . . Norfhwesfern Universify appeals fo her. BE RLY MOORHEAD - Beverly's in pasfime would seem fo be sing- ' g . . . ln girls' glee club and mixed c us . . . Sang in "Carmen," "Mar- fh "Messiah," "Faust" and "Rose off e Danube" . . . Soloisf as iunior lHas a confralfo voicel . . . Hi-Tri as sophomore . . . Chemisfry Club as sen- ior . . , Bev's anofher of fhose "bears for punishmenf'-She likes fo roller skafe . . . Nursing is her favored vo- cafion. BERNYCE MORROW-Small and en- ergefic . . . Spenf many of her spare momenfs assisfing Lorraine Johnsfon in The library . . . ln facf. Bernyce hopes fo be a librarian some day . . . Came fo M. H. S. as a iunior from lowa Cify High School . . . Joined Hi-Tri as a senior . . . Spenf much fime af l. H. S. af sporfs-Played vol- leyball, fennis, baseball. and baskef- ball . . . Likes fo roller skafe, and she's a sfar af fhaf sporf. HOWARD MATHES- How fo fhose who know him well . . . 5 feef, 8 in- ches fall . . . Blue eyes, curly hair . .. He was ouf for frack as a freshman and sophomore and played foofball as a sophomore . . . Anofher senior fo whom Ames appeals as a college . . . Spring days found his fhoughfs on fhe baseball diamond . . . Anofher bash- ful lad. MILLARD MILLS-Millsie . . . Found many fhings lbesides Evelynl fo oc- cupy his fime-Belonged fo Sfudenf Council, Curia Regia, Speech Arfs, orchesfra, Hi-Y . . . Was freasurer of Curia Regia and Speech Arfs and vice-presidenf of fhe orchesfra . . . Ouf for declam and exfemp as a iunior . . . Acfed in fhe class and exchange plays as a iunior . . . Millsie would like fo be a speech insfrucfor. JOHN MILLER--An addifion fo fhe counf of fhe blonds in fhe class of '38 -blue eyes also . . . He lisfs fhe nov- el nickname of Powder Puff . . . Pow- der Puff wenf ouf for foofball and frack as a freshman and sophomore . . . Baseball was among his inferesfs, foo . . . Took a science course . . . Fond of fun and mischief. Ylfsv lvlvla vsseuxvv JLALTER MOHNSEN-Bruno . . . This windy genfleman lnof in The con- venfional sensel has been Muscafine's crack miler fhe lasf few years . . . Has easy-going disposifion. so his running falenf is no cause for alarm . . . A member of Curia Regia, Speech Arfs, and Hi-Y . . . Sang in "Rose of fhe Danube" . . . Emofed in fhe junior play . . . Favorife indoor sporf--bill- iards. MARION MOREHEAD - Anofher preffy girl . . . Some call her Sugar lbecause of her disposifion?l . . . Ofhers call her-oh well, fhaf isn'f im- porfanf . . .Sang in "Carmen," "Mar- fha," "Messiah," "Fausf," "Rose of fhe Danube" ...Has arfisfic fempera- menf . . . Cerfain air of defermina- fion . . . Hi-Tri fhree years . . . Presi- denf of Freshman Hi-Tri . . . Belonged fo Seco . . . Her felephone number is IBIS. DOROTHY MORROW - Dramafics have been fhis young lady's principal diversion in High . . . Was on various make-up crews and had a difficulf parf in fhe senior play . . . Has been in Hi-Tri for fwo years . . . Sang in "Carmen," "Marfha," and "Fausf" . .. Has been a member of Speech Arfs and Seco . . . A G. A. A. volleyball player her firsf year in M. H. S. 74 DANNY NASH-If you see a Tall, lanky, red-haired, grinning young man -ThaT is Danny... He sang in mixed chorus before he goT mixed up in aThleTics . . . Played TooTball and baskeTball and was ouT Tor Track Three years . . .John lwhich by The way he is never calledl believes in giving The girls a break . . . Remember ThaT loud voice? ANITA MAE NTCKLE-Her nick- name is Nickie, buT wouldn'T Slug be a punny one? . . . A Two-year Seco member . . . Sang in "MarTha" and "Rose oT The Danube" . . . G. A. A. and Hi-Tri member . . . The auTo- graphed picTures oT The Tamous radio sTars provide her wiTh an enioyable hobby. ..Suppose Charlie McCarThy is her iavoriTe?-Maybe she preTers Tyrone Power. RALPH NIETZEL- Niiz was presi- denT oT Junior Ad his senior year. .. Leader and organizer oi boys' orches- Tra in which he plays The TrumpeT . . . Hi-Y member his lasT Two years . . . Played on The S. E. R. ice hockey Team . . . Goli Takes all his spare Time in summer, ThaT is, all The Time he can spare Trom Tennis . . . Usually dressed in The heighT oi Tashion. GLADYS NUSSBAUM-Hi, TooTs-- No, ThaT's noT being "Tresh," ThaT's merely calling a spade a spade, or raTher, calling Gladys by her nick- name . . . She was in The mixed chorus and also in "MarTha," "FausT," and "Rose oT The Danube" . . . Enjoys Tak- ing picTures-No, ThaT's noT sTealing . . . . She has been an ouTsTanding 4 H Club worker and hopes To make ThaT work her vocaTion. MARGARET OOSTENDORP - An- swers To any one oT MargareT-Marge -Mag-Oosie or Miss OosTendorp . . . Was a Tormer Curia Regia mem- ber lBeT she is glad she's Through wiTh LaTinl . . . Sang in "Carmen," "MarTha," "FausT." and "Rose of The Danube" . . . On Hi-Tri roll call her lasT year . . . Here she is--geTTing ouT OT school and she wanTs To sTarT righT in again as an English Teacher. GERALDINE OSTRANDER - As senior she belonged To Seco, Chem- isTry Club, Hi-Tri . . . For Tour years Mickey has been a member oT G. A. A .... Shines especially as a baskeT- ball and volleyball player . . . Sang in "MarTha" when a sophomore . . . KniTTing and skaTing are her chief pasTimes . . . A TuTure school-marm . . . Did we TorgeT hiking?-She likes ThaT Too. 75 JACK MUCHA-Generally called Much ipronounced MooTchl . . . ll- lusTrious member of ThaT organizaTion of meaTball consumers - Hi-Y . . . Follower of ice hockey in winTer . . . Would have been on Mulberry Mor- ons, only he doesn'T live on Mulberry Ave .... ln The summer he is an ar- denT devoTee of golf . . . Women and children may call him Curly wiTh im- puniTy . . . AnoTher sweeT smile. WALTER NASH--Shorfy was a Jan- uary graduaTe . . . STarTed righi in aT Coe College . . . ShorTy is 6 TeeT, 4 inches Tall and sTill growing . . . His bad ankle held him back in fooTball This year, buT his baskeTball was "Tops" . . . Good-naTured, gracious, grinning, friendly-line "fella" . . . STar M. H. S. aThleTe of The year... Hopes To coach in a school some day ThaT has "The spiriT ThaT is Tound in M. H. S." KATHRYN NYENHUIS- Has a niTTy nickname-Kay . . . Well known and noTiced for her lovely hair-IT is lighf brown.. . Sang in "MarTha" . . . Played volleyball when a sophomore ...Sum- mary for The boys: Call her Kay-has liqhl brown hair-S TeeT, 7 inches Tall --lives in Illinois lCan'T someone geT The bridge Toll removed?l . . . She likes reading and skaTing. ALOYSIUS OLISH-No one would know him by ThaT name-ThaT Aloy- sius has everyone Tooled-In school he is known as Bud . . . 5 TeeT. II inches Tall, and black hair. . .An avid economisT . . . Comes from Leaven- worTh, Kansas . . . Baseball is a di- version which pleases Bud . . . He land Lou Gehrigl play T'irsT base . . . AnoTher spelling demon. LaVERNE OTHMER-Peg, she is called . . . Loves To sing, as evi- denced by her Taking parT in "Car- men," "MarTha," "Messiah," "Faust" and "Rose oT The Danube" and be+ longing To girls' glee club and mixed chorus . . . Was in G. A. A. Tor Two years, in which she Took advanTage of opporTuniTy of enTering in many sporTs . . . A senior member of Hi- Tri. LORRAINE PEETZ -- Promising ma- Terial Tor a neaT, accuraTe sienogra- pher . . Her abilify To be quieT will make er an asseT in an oFTice . . . S ang in The mixed chorus and " men" as a freshman and in arTha" and "Messiah" as a soph- omore . . . Belonqed To Non Pareil as a iunior and senior . . . Knew all The answers in civics class. MERCELLIA PLUMB-Mercellia, fo be exacf. is 5 feel. lfz inch fall and weighs-Thaf's personal business . . . When a freshman and sophomore she warbled a bif in "Carmen" and "Mar- fha" . . . Belonged lo Hi-Tri lCould she be inleresred in ioining Hi-Y?l . . .A volleyballer and baskeleer . , . Those in a hurry may shorien her name fo Celia. LOUISE RANN-ls 5 feel, 4 inches iall . . . And wha? a preHy nickname -Sally . . . SalIy's middle name is Dorofhy . . . She sang in "Carmen" and "Marlha" . . . For 'three years she endured being a member of Hi- Tri . . . Iowa Slale College is her favorife school, knilfing and read- ing her favoriie pasrimes. baseball and baskefball her favoriie sporis. LORRAINE RAUB - She has fwo modifiers by which she may be called -Eilher Lorry or Tudy will lefch her . . . Wanrs To be a sfenographer, bu? nolice 'rhaf she belonged To Seco lcooking clubl iusi fhe same . . . An orcheslra member as a senior . . . Sang in "Carmen" and "Mar+ha" . .. She. foo. belonged lo Hi-Tri . . . An- oiher counfry dweller who likes 4 H work. RUTH REDMAN - Dark hair and eyes and a perf nose . . . Rufh sang in "Mar+ha" and "Fausf" . . . During parl of her iunior and senior years she aifended Hornell High School i Hornell, N. Y .... She was a mem ber of 'rhe Sfudeni' Council . . . Be- Ionged fo Hi-Tri . . .Also was a mem- ber of Seco . . . Has an inferes+ing profile and a cerlain siyle. RUTH RICKETTS - Her classmales will remember Ru+h's sweel smile and her preffy eyes . . . She's anoiher senior girl fha? hopes lo spend her furure making fhe ladies more beau- fiful-in a beaufy shop . . . Rufh shows promise of being a good com- panion for some lucky fellow-She likes sewing, baseball, and baskeiball. DARLENE RICE-Was previously a sfudenl' of MI. Pleasanf High School . . . ls 5 feel, 6 inches lall . . . ls dark haired, has brown eyes . . . As a senior was a member of G. A. A., in which she played baskefball lher fav- orife sporll . . . ls known as Ricey 'ro her friends . . . An oufdoor girl, 'foo -Hiking is her favorile pasfime. EVELYN PHILLIPS-Miss Phillips is 5 leer, 2 inches shori . . . ls Evy To all her 'friends . . . Warbled in "Car- men," "Marlha," "Messiah," and "Fausf" . . . A member of Thai au- gusf and scienfific body, ihe Chem- isfry Club . . . Finds relaxalion in reading . . . ls Thinking of 'raking up nursing as her career . . . Has gone io lhe counfry for her exfracurricular acfiviiy-4 H work. KENNETH PIPPERT-Thai Kennelh had many Muskies fooled for a min- ufe-H's always been ius+ plain Sam . . . M. H. S. los? him ai mid-year . .. Baskeiball 'team los? one of lhe 'linesl guards in ifs hisiory . . . An iniury in an accidenl al beginning of foofball season prevenled his playing in ihal spori . . , Was a member of Hi-Y as a iunior...He hopes io siudy coach- ing af ihe Universily of Iowa. DOUGLAS PITCHFORTH-Doug . . . ln mixed chorus . . . "Rose of fhe Danube" . . . Sings way, way down deep la bassl . . . A Greenhand when a sophomore. . . Diesel engines fascinafe Doug . . . He's also an aero- naufic ian . . . Aerial pholography he would make his hobby... ln spife of all his fine ambiiions, his friends will probably find him wifh a fishing pole when Safurday rolls 'round. JAMES REYNOLDS - Jimmy ably look care of fhal difliculf iob of being head of The siege crew . . . Was re- sponsible for se+fings for fhe dramas siaged lhis year . . . However, he hasn'+ developed any gray hair-yer . . . A lover of ihe gridiron sporf- and also of 'rrack . . . Called Sooky by a lveryl few . . . Chernisfry Club and Speech Aris member. MARGARET ROACH --A cure liiile girl wilh large rolling eyes and a care-free laugh . . . Very popular wilh +he girls and especially so wiih The boys . . . Gave fhe dramafic depari- menl The chief beneiil ol her looks and falenis . . . Received rafing as an all-slaie player in confesl' play in Des Moines . . . When she lelf for Sie- phens College in January, 'rhe Musk- ies missed her jolly anfics. LYMAN ROBERTS - Fish Roberts comes from Aflanlic High, Allanfic, Iowa . . . He pops up wiih fhe moffo of lhe week, year, and monfhz "Know- ledge is power, buf if won'f lake 'the place of gasoline"-Neilher will mofh balls, if one wanis fo gel 'technical . . . One of 'rhe school's besf roller skaiers ...Was one of The engineering med- al winners. . . He plans fo be a caffle buyer for Swiff and Co. 76 JEAN ROGERS-Jean was somewhaT oT an aThleTe in her younger days. .. As a Treshman and sophomore she played volleyball, Tennis, and baskeT- ball . . .Was a member of girls' glee club and mixed chorus Tor Tour years . . . Sang in all The operas and The opereTTa . . . As a senior joined Jun- ior Ad . . . Hi-Tri Tour years . . . SpenT many hours preparing daily bulleTins in oTlice. BETTY ROMANN-BeTTy . . . M.H.S.'s versaTile Thespian . . . ln The conTesT play her junior and senior years . . . Also in The junior and senior plays . . . Has half humorous, half serious manner which makes lisTening To her a pleasure , . . Vice-presidenT oT Speech ArTs as a junior .... Sang in "Carmen" and "MarTha" . . . On occasion she can make The niTTiesT baTch oT pop- corn-Mmmmmm. BETTY RUTHENBERG-NoT very well known-only presidenT oT The senior class, secreTary oT STudenT Council, presidenT oT Seco, and represenTaTive senior girl... Had a chance To prac- Tice her arTisTry and, incidenTally, her TuTure vocaTion in making up casT members . . . In senior play casT . . . Belonged To Non Pareil, Curia Regia, and Speech ArTs. KENNETH SCHLlPF-Kenny. . . Sax- ophone player oT boys' orchesTra . . . Formerly in school orchesTra . . . Mem- ber oT Camera Club.. .Tennis enThu- siasT . . . Plays The naTional sporT- baseball . . . Covers The keysione sa k -second base To non-Tans . . . Has raTher sTraighT, curly hair . . . NoT much spare Time when one Tigures up music, phoTography, Tennis, and base- ball as his hobbies, BEVERLY SCHMIDT-Beve ...Three years on The Auroran sTaTT, leading To The general rnanager's chair, declam, leading To lowa Nine pin, junior class presidenT, senior class vice-presidenT. ChemisTry Club, Speech ArTs, Junior Ad, STudenT Council, Hi-Tri, Quill and Scroll, and Narional Honor SocieTy-- all reasons Tor This jolly young miss always being busy-YeT she Tound Time Tor Tun . . . Hopes To be a mag- azine ediTor. NORMA SCHMOLDT-Norma e- gan her career in M. H. S. by sin g in "Carmen" . . . Her TavoriTe son aT The presenT is "lT's Nice Work lT You Can GeT IT" . . . She Iisfs sing' g as her TavoriTe pasTime and p ular songs as her hobby . . . age College sounds inTeresTin her, and sTenographic work appeals To her as a vocaTion. 77 ERNlE ROOT-Ernie was a giTT To The Mulberry Morons . . . He was The defense man on This sTellar aggrega- Tion of ice hockey players . . . Tall. dark, and-well, anyway, he's Tall Likes The girls and They like him . . . Track is his TavoriTe sporT . . . Likes Tennis Too . . . Hi-Y member in The highesf Y . . . Belonqed To Non Pareil and STudenT Council . . . That smile will serve him well. CLAYTON SCHMIDT -- Remember Those large brown eyes? . . . Nick- name Heinie . . . Has his eyes on in- Terior decorafing as a good vocaTion and Ames as a good school . . . He claims "Ain'T She SweeT" as his Tav- oriTe song--Who is she? . . . AnoTher senior ThaT promises business To a rol- ler rink-He Iisfs roller skaTing as The indoor sporT he likes besT. RUTH SCHMIDT-A secreT-She is noT called RuThie as she says, buT in- sTead her boy Triend calls her Sonja . . . She is 4 TeeT, lllfg inches Tall . .. Hails Trom Michigan . . . SelecTed Tor NaTional Honor Sociefy in ThaT sTaTe . . . ls also a connoisseur of good poems . . . Will Take up nursing aTTer her graduaTion . . . Came To Musca- Tine as a senior. HAROLD SCHREIBER- Harold is 5 ieeT, IO inches Tall, has black hair, Talks in a slow, urihurried manner, is called Speed once in a while , . . He yearns To be a WashingTon corre- spondenf . . . Reading and lisTening To The radio are his indoor pasTimes . . . Baseball has TirsT place in sporTs in his opinion . . . BaskeTball has sec- ond place. DOROTHY SCT-TWARTZ-She by no means resembles her nickname of DoT, Tor she is a Tall young miss . . . Handled exchanges Tor The Auroran This year . . .Was The program chair- man oT Hi-Tri . . . A member of Seco and oT Non Pareil . . . Swimming, skaTing, and bicycle riding keep her occupied . . . She shared honors Tor a 3.67 average and saluTaTorian ranking wirh Elmer Bloom. GERALDINE SHARAR-Almosr ev- eryone calls her Gerry la nice name, Jerry HilTon saysj . . . She was a member of Seco This year . . . Was elecTed Treasurer of This club . . . Sang in "MarTha" . . . ls 5 Teer, 3 inches high . . . Croquef is her Tav- oriTe sporT-lT's a TriTle sTrenuous Though, isn'T iT? . . . She likes To geT candid snapshoTs of her Triends. ROBERT SHIELD-A shorf lad wifh large mischievous eyes . . . Received his early fraining in a rural school . . . Likes baseball, billiards, and reading -a combinafion fhaf fakes care of all kinds of weaiher . . . Bob spenf many hours on fhe golf course keeping frack of small whife balls for golfers -and on occasion frying his own luck. MARJORlE SMlTH-Her lasf name is one fhaf is known all over fhe Unifed Sfafes . . . Philafely is her hobby llf means sfamp collecfingl . .. She is an ice skaiing enfhusiasf . . . Second choice for her favorife sporf is baskefball . . . Reading is also good sporf fo her... Nursing is her choice of a life vocafion . . . She has prom- ise of being a good nurse. GERTRUDE STECHER -- A girl of medium sfafure . . . Sfands abouf 5 feef, 4 inches from fhe ground . . . Formerly from Pleasanf Prairie . . . Gerf is her abbreviafion . . . Was a member of fhe casfs of "Carmen," "Marfha," and "Faus'r" . . . She was afiiliafed wifh Hi-Tri for one year... She collecfs songs as an avocafion . . . Her wish is fo be a sfenographer... Anofher blonde. GORDON STREGER -A prospecfive sfudenf for lowa Sfafe College af Ames . . . Curly has belonged fo FF. A. for four years . . . Blondie was on iudging feam as sophomore and on farm mechanics feam as iunior . . . Cufie was ouf for foofball and frack one year . . . Dordie likes baskeiball -He's offen found playing af if-af The Y . . .A mischief maker af fimes. DOROTHY SOLL - Dainfy, prefiy, quiet sweef-all adiecfives fhaf fir fhis young miss . . . She was one of fhose famed Hi-Tri girls . . . Two of fhose preHy knif sweafers she wore were her own handiwork . . . Also likes +o skafe. fo read. and 'ro wafch fhe movie sfars in acfion ...This year she ioined fhe ranks of 'those who can falk abouf fheir operafions-She had an appendecfomy. PAUL STELTER-Paul pounded fhe piano for The boys' orchesfra-in a masferly fashion, foo . . . He sings, also . . . Was in boys' glee club, mixed chorus, "Carmen," "Messiah," "Faust" and "Rose of fhe Danube" . . . Curia Regia. Non Pareil, Speech Arfs, Auroran, declam, debafe-all have claimed him af one fime or an- ofher . . . He would like fo be called Professor Sfelfer af some 'rime in fhe fufure. FERN SHARP - Member of Non Pareil as iunior and senior . . . Hi-Tri for fhree years . . . Was in orchesfra as junior . . . Sharpie sang in "Car- men," "Marfha," "Messiah" . . . Col- lecfing souvenirs is her obsession . . . Reading good books, also . . . Likes boih kinds of skafing-ice and roller . . . Has fwo desires: fo go fo Sfeph- ens College and fo become a beau- fician. ROLLIE Sl'-'HELD - Anofher senior wifh red hair, blue eyes, freckles . . . A grad whose chief inferesf was ihe oufdoors . . . Spenf much fime on fhe golf course, eifher carrying clubs as a caddy or frying his own skill af fhe game ...A bashful lad who believed in fhe value of silence . . . Perhaps he learned fhaf during his boyhood on fhe farm. A DIN SMITH-Nafurally she is kn Jerry . . . Sang in mixed chor s as a freshman . . . ln "Car- men,' "Marfha," "Pausf," and "Rose of The Danube" . . . Collecfing movie sfars' picfures keeps her in a happy mood-so do skafing and wafching baskefball games lShe's lucky fhey don'f make a nervous wreck ouf of herl . . . Has decided on being a privafe secrefary. MARCIA STAMM -- Nickname of Carrie is derived from her middle name of Caroline . . . Was Curia Regian as a sophomore. . . Orchesfra member all four years of her high school career . . . Played for "Car- men," "Marfha." "Faust" and "Rose of fhe Danube"-The saxophone was her weapon . . . Doesn'f know any- fhing abouf polo, buf likes horseback riding . . . Plans fo be a surgical nurse. ANITA STANGE- Her middle name is Phyllis.. .Joined Curia Regia as a sophomore ...Sang in "Carmen" ... This year she was secrefary-freasurer of Junior Ad and 'treasurer of Non Pareil . . . Hi-Tri claimed her for fhree years and Camera Club for one year . . . Helped make senior skafing parfy a success . . . Was inferesfed in girls' aihlefics. IRA STOCKING-A fooiball and frack man-buf mosf nofed as fhe dashing second baseman of fhe base- ball feam . . . Nafural nickname of Sox . . . Doesn'f like fo be called lris -Says if sounds foo flowery . . . Is also a learned scholar . . . Member of Nafional Honor Sociefy . . . Junior Ad member. . . His hobby, vocafion, favorife pasfime, or ambifion is, of all fhings, baseball. 78 JOHN TARPY-John's nickname is John . . . A fhin, lanky fellow abouf 72 inches fall lsix feef, fo you. friendl . . . . Has black hair and his eyes are er-ah-are fhey blue? . . . Oh yes, John was a member of F. F. A. his iunior and senior years . . . A Green- hand during his freshman and sopho- more years . . . Likes fo hunf and fo read . . . Enioys wresfling. JEANNE THOMPSON -Jeannie . .. A preffy girl wifh a sweef smile and charming personalify . . . Sang in "Carmen" and "Marfha" . . . Member of Curia Regia as sophomore . . . In Hi-Tri fhree years . . . Non-Pareil, Sfudenf Council, and Seco as a senior . . . Played her favorife game, bask- efball, as freshman . . . Lafer became a fennis fan. MARGUERITE TIERNEY-Tiny . . . Anofher blonde-More blue eyes- Anofher sweef smile . . . Anofher senior girl hoping fo be a sfenogra- pher . . . Likes fo skafe and fo dance -Wonder if she likes Sonia Henie . . . Names "Harbor Ligh'rs" as her favorife song and fhe Sfafe Universify of Iowa as her favorife school . . . Known as a good dancer-and a cufe girl. LOIS UDESEN-Oh. here's a girl fhaf's been around . . . Has gone To five high schools-excluding M. H. S. --af Leng Beach and Whiffier, California: loonin on, Illinois: Lau- rens an . P anf, Iowa . . . Faiher ow e skafing rink . . . Lois is quif good roller skafer . . . Likes movi . . . Tall, blonde. and good-looking . . . If she moves again, more fhan one Musky lad will be sad. MARION VAN ZANDT--Her plans for fhe fufure aren"r definife, buf commercial work and sfenography loom up as possibilifies . . . She finds fhe collecfion of phofos an inferesf- ing hobby . . . Anofher senior who finds fhe fune fo "Ti-Pi-Tin" running fhrough her mind-Hope she didn'+ make fhe misfake of sfarfing fo whis- fle if while Physics lnsfrucfor Liebbe was about ROBERT WALTER-Tall and rangy is Bob-one reason for his love of afh- lefics-of frack and baskefball, es- pecially . . . Member of Auroran sfaff -Mighf go so far as fo call him a feafure wrifer . . . Acfed in "Rose of The Danube" . . . Would go info 'ihe newspaper business as a profession- or as a second choice-radio . . . Known for his special brand ofgiggle. 79 JOHN WAGNER--The sefs for fhe iunior and senior class plays mighf be called fhe sefs "fhaf Jack builf" . . . Besides his work on various sfage crews John is a music lover . . . ln orchesfra . . . Plays piano, violin, man- dolin, and harmonica . . . John picks his career in fhe proiifable field of scienfific farming . . . Member of G-reenhands in iunior and senior years. RALPH SYWASSINK - His name looks as if if would afford excelleni opporfunify for some puns, buf a pun is a low form of humor . . . Sy is abouf 5 feef, ll inches fall . . . A member of Greenhands as a fresh- man, F. F. A. for fwo years . . . On iudging feam as sophomore and junior ...Were you home lasf nighf, Ralph? No. Sywassink home. ELEANOR THOMAS - She is a former r sidenf of Virginia, Minne- s a . . fands abouf 5 feef, inches l . . . . er firsf f r s oo in ' esofa . . . Parficipafed in volleyball, swim- ming, and baskefball . . . Wonder if she learned how io knif lher hobbyl while in fhe G. A. A .... Was a member of Chemisfry Club . . . Hi- Tri . . . Girls' glee club. JOHN THOMAS-"So wifhouf fur- fher hesifafion I would like fo infro- duce"-John will long be remem- bered for fhis original ufferance, which was usually made in his capac- ify of vice-presidenf of Hi-Y . . . John is a chemisfry addicf . . . Presi- denf of Chemisfry Club . . . Treasurer of Speech Arfs . . . Vice-presidenf of junior class . . . Nafional Honor So- ciefy and Nafional Forensic League memberships were iunior-senior hon- ors. MARJORIE THOMPSON - Former school: Nichols High School . . . Nickname: Marg . . . Heighf: 5 feef, 2 inches . . . Favoriie pasfime: roller skafing . . . Favorife college: Ames . . . Favorife sporfz hiking . . . Molfo: "l'd rafher be righf fhan be presi- denf" . . . Mysfery: How does she know when she is righf? . . . Many people would buy her secref. DONALD VlNER-Don . . . Soufh- paw golf leffer winner-lniends fo keep on golfing unfil a pro . . . Likes fo play ice hockey . . . Track man. also . . . Won leffer, as a senior, in foofball-Played cenfer - Weighed only l40 . . . Hard working and snappy-buf mosf of all a game guy . . . Received fhe Bill Roach frophy for sporfsmanship . . . Remember fhose dark brown eyes? DOROTHY WEBER--Doi . . . Mem- ber of Auroran sfafi lasf rhree years . . . Seco and Curia Regia as sopho- more . . . Presideni of Junior Ad as senior . . . Non Pareil ihree years, secreiary as senior . . . Vice-presideni of Hi-Tri as senior . . . ln spiie of all her acfiviiies her hobby lironicallyl is kniffing . . . High honors: Valedic- forian, Naiional Honor Sociefy, Ouill and Scroll. GERALDINE WECKSUNG - Gerry . . . Took feminine lead in junior class play . . . You've heard her operaiic voice in mos? of M. H. S.'s musical produciions, buf parficularly in "Rose of 'rhe Danube." in which she look rhe lead . . . A Nafional Honor Socieiy sfudeni for iwo years... Belonged io mos? of ihe school's clubs . . . Gerry is a fluenf conversaiionalisi. HOMER WElS-This would-be lyp- ing "shark" is called Omaha . . . A pas? masier in fhe manly ar? of ping- pong . . . Likes all sporis, bu? is par- ficularly proficieni in baskeiball . . . He is fall and dark-a faci which leaves only one conclusion-He's noi a women haier . . . Likes io read . . . Perhaps ?ha+'s where he goi his am- biiion 'lo be a criminologisf. RAYMOND WICHERS-He's noi To be called anyihing so conveniional as Ray-Zeke is 'rhe liile his friends have iagged on him . . . He's abour 5 feel. ll inches fall, and a shy crea- fure . . , An ouffielder on 'rhe base- ball feam, for which he has been our fwo years . . . Plays some hockey in fhe winfer . . . Likes 'lo skaie very much. STANLEY WILLEY-Sian . . . He's 5 feel. I I inches . . .Brownish hair... An invaluable member of ihe siege crew . . . Was a Greenhand member when a freshman . . . This year he be- longed io Speech Aris . . . Anoiher of ihose lby no means rarel golf ad- dicis . . . ls parrial io Packards, phil- a'rely, and "phoo'fball" . . . He previ- ously arfended Princeion High School, Princeion, Illinois. ELLEN WITT-Some call her Snooky -Buf isn'f Ellen a very prerfy name? . . . Velma is her middle name . . . She is 5 feet 4 inches fall . . . Sang in "Fausf" when a junior , . . During her junior and senior years she speni long hours iyping and re-iyping copy for changeable ediiors of 'rhe weekly and annual Auroran . . . Quill and Scroll membership was a reward for her faifhful service. KATHRYN WEIS-Kaiie is a girl who knows how io powder her nose properly . . . She was on fhe make-up crew which 'Fixed cas+ members of ihe iunior and senior plays . . . Curia Regian. Chemisiry Clubsier, and Speech Ariisf . . . Sang in "Mar+ha" and "Messiah" . . , Kay is definifely a clever girl wiih a ceriain siyle-a classy dresser. MAXINE WERNER-A good exam- ple oi ihe small, sweef, cure, peppy fype . . . Maxie sang in "Carmen," "Mar+ha," "Messiah," and "Faus+"... Nofed in parlicular for her "l'ops" iap-dancing ...Member of Seco and Curia Regia . . . Also of Hi-Tri . . . Her hair is ihe color 'rhai genilemen prefer . . , Favorire pasiime is read- ing. and she likes fo cook . . . Won- der why she likes Yale. PAUL WILLHITE - His moniker is Rusiy . . . Presidenf of Speech Arfs as senior . . . Treasurer of Curia Regia as sophomore , . . Chemisiry Club and declam enihusiasl . . .Was Treas- urer of his sophomore class . . . Also handled ihe money of Hi-Y as a junior . . . Was in fwo coniesi plays . . . Good "hooky" player-or hockey, raiher . . . His hobby and vocarion are Phyllis Eiiman. CECIAL FWOLFE-Dark, smiling eyes .. . 5 ei, IO inches fall ...Cecil provectf is year's fooiball find- Camg ou+ for Firsf iime in his senior ear-Won his leifer Through work n abilir . . . Oui for irack four ni Y A yefgrs . . . Belonged io Curia Regia in ophomore year He will be a chemical engineer in '42 . . . Ar heari he is jusf a lamb in Wol'ie's clofhing. MARIE ZEUG- Marie is midway be- iween 5 feel. 3 inches and 5 ieei. 5 inches, lin oiher words, she's 5 feet 4 inchesl . . . Has brownish hair and dark eyes . . . Buiiercup is her syn- onym for Marie . . . Her middle name is Anna . . .She keeps a scrap- book . , . Likes roller skaiing and baskefball . . . Anorher sienographer of fhe fuiure . . . Likes Norihwesfern Universify. BERNYCE ZIEGENHORN - Hails from Reynolds, Illinois . . . Breezee is her nom de plume-or somefhing . . . A member of +he orchesira in her senior year--Played rhe piano . . . In "Rose of +he Danube" . . . Reporis are 'rhaf she's all daied up in advance . . . A name suiiable for a spelling bee . . . Wonder if she gels fired of always being lasf. 80 Significant Data of Muslcy l937-38 School Year Forensic Deparimeni' Declam December Boys' dual al' Davenpori-Won by Davenport Boys' dual af Muscafine-Won by Davenport January Boys' Iowa Nine al' Fairiield-Bill Bufler 'third in dramaiic. February Girls' dual al' Davenporf-Won by Davenport Girls' Iowa Nine af Burlingfon-Beverly Schmidf fhird in oralorical. Girls' dual ai Muscafine-Won by Muscafine. Counfy coniesi' held al' Muscaiine-Won by Muscaiine for fhe sevenfh successive year-Grace Pefersen. Emma Klein. Carol McKee. Preliminary of fhe siaie series-Muscaiine second- Beverly Schmidt Rufh Romann. Beverly Liebersiein. Debafe December Non-decision af Burlingron. January Dual wifh Monmoufh here-Los? boih sides of Ihe ques- lion. Enfire squad af Iowa Cify-Won one decision. Girls' fournameni here-Tied for second wifh Easi' Mo- line. February Augusfana Pre-seasonal-Enlered in bofh fhe A and B divisions. Won 3 in each. Freshman-sophomore fournameni af Mt Pleasanl'-Each 'team won 2. los? I. Subdisiricf af Iowa Cify-Each 'ream won 3. losf 2. Fin- ished Iour+h-Oualified for disirict Disfrici af Fairfield-Won 5. los+ 9. Finished fiffh. Iowa Nine af Burlingion-Won 3, Iosf 7. Finished Iifih. Exfemp April Iowa Nine here-Bill Builer placed +hird in boys' exfemp. Naiional Forensic League Degree of Disfinciion: G. B. Barber. Bill Bufler Degree of Excellence: Derrine Bieber. Dorofhy Powell. Es- Iher Schulfz. Florence Lucus, Elmer Bloom. Anneffe Lewin, John Thomas. H. Margarei Kemble Degree of Honor: Alberi Goss Degree of Merif: Paul S'feI'I'er Smifh-Hughes Deparimeni' Chapfer Membership: 62 Honors: Claude Gitford elecfecl fo presidency of Iowa As- socia+ion of F. F. A.: Edwin Longsireih, Roberf Garnes, Ralph Sywassinlc received Iowa Farmer degree. Rhine- harf Meinders, Lysle Eichelberger nominafed for fhe degree. Sfaie Congress: Freshman farm shop feam, superior: senior 'farm shop feam, excellenf: livesfoclc iudging feam. super- ior: poulfry judging ieam, superior. Claude Gifford won 'rhe s'ra+e speaking confest an honor which enfilled him fo represenf Iowa in Ihe disfricf con- 'resf af Ames in June. I937. He placed Iiffh among fwelve represenfaiives. Acfivifies: Twelffh annual parenf and son banquet Feb.. I938: apple and pofaio show, Oct, I937. 73 enlries: corn and grain show. Jan., I938. 75 eniries. 8I Music Deparimenf Disfricf Confesi' Rafing Dorofhy Ziegler, superior in sfudenl condu bone and barifone-euphonium solos. Lucille Sfeinmefz. piano solo, superior. Girls' glee club, superior. Mixed chorus. superior. Boys' quarfefie, superior. Mixed quarfefie. excellent Girls' sexfefle, excellent Wilbur Hart fenor solo, excellent Margarei Heifz. alfo solo. good. A+hIe+ic Deparimenl' cling and from- I Muscaline Fooiball ResuI'Is for I937 . Sept 24 ........,. M. H. S. I2 .......... Oiiumwa 7 Oct I .,.,. .... M . H. S. 0 ,.....,... Keolculc 6 Oct 8 ..... .... M . H. S. 7 ,..,...,.. Fairfield I3 Oct I5 ..,.. .... M . H. S. 0 .......... Burlingfon I5 Oct 23 ...., ..., M . H. S. 6 .......... Washinglon 7 Oct 29 ..... .... M . H. S. I9 .....,.... Mt Pleasanf 0 Nov. 6 ...., .... M .I-I. S. 0 .......... Ft Madison 0 Final Li'H'le Six Fooiball Sfandings I w L T Pai. rp Op Keolculc ..,. .,.. 6 I 0 .857 85 26 Burlinglon ..., .... 4 l 2 .800 68 'I3 Ommws . .. .,.. 4 2 I .667 76 246 Fairfield . . . ..,. 4 3 0 .57l 46 P3 Ft Madison . . .,.. 2 3 2 .400 47 45 Washingfon . . ,,.. 2 3 2 .400 20 48 Muscafine .... .... 2 4 I .333 44 48 Mt Pleasanf ......... O 7 O .000 6 69 Muscarine Baslceiball Scores for I937-38 Dec. I0 .......... M. H. S. 20 ...,...,,. Burlingfon I8 Dec. I7 ..... .... M . H. S. 32 ,.,.....,. Mt Pleasanf 30 Dec. 2l ..... .... M . H. S. 30 .......... Washingion I2 Dec. 30 ..... ... ,M. H. S. 34 ..,,...,.. Ft Madison 39 Jan. 4 ..... .... M . H. S. 30. .,....... Offumwa 22 Jan. 7 ..... ..., M . H. S. 37 .......... Keolculc 27 Jan. I4 ..... .... M . H. S. 27 .,,..,.... Fairfield 25 Jan. 2I ...,. ,M.H.S. I2.,. ...,. Burlingfon I6 Jan. 28 ..... .... M . H. S. I8 .,..,..... Mt Pleasanf 20 Feb. I , .... .... M . H. S. 26 ...,.,..,. Fairfield 29 Feb. 4 ..... ..,. M . H. S. 4I ..... , .... Washingfon 20 Feb. I I ..... .... M . H. S. 26 .......,.. Ft Madison 34 Feb. I5 ...,. .... M . H. S. 33. .. .,... Olfumwa 28 Feb. I8 ........,. M. I'I. S. I9 .......... Keolrult 2I Final Li'H'Ie Six Baslreiball Sfandings W L Pct Tp Op Ft Madison ..... I2 2 .857 463 358 Keolculc .. ..... I I 3 .785 402 348 Muscafine .. ... 8 6 .57I 385 33I Burlingfon ...... ... 8 6 .57I 372 345 Mt Pleasani' .... ... 6 8 .428 372 394 Fairfield ..... . . . 6 8 .428 39l 407 Offumwa . . . . . . 5 9 , .357 380 402 Washinglon .. ... 0 I4 .000 3l3 478 RECORD PRINTING COMPANY J PHQNE 190 GLOVES BALLS HEADQUARTERS FOR SPORTING GOODS BEACH LUMBER and SUPPLY CO. LUMBER and BUILDERS' BARRY-ALTHAUS SUPPLIES HDW. CO. -. 218-220 E. Second St. plan Service Phone 265 -- SUITS BATS Telephone 9 15 Gl C lh n. CONGRATULATIONS C,,,,,,,1i,,,,,,,,, of SENIORS ON ATTAINING YOUR MA JORITY! AUTOMATIC tllffl half Qffgllfeilf1lQZlnQlp21lfS BUTTON at the Book Score. . ASTHALTER'S 223 Iowa Avenue 7 Lyl L pl M USCATINE, IOWA B S th t hey could be bachelors. ALLBEE 8: ALLBEE FOOT COMFORT SPECIALISTS FOR 25 YEARS IN ATTORNEYS-AT-LAW MUSCATINE 0 FISCHER SHOE CO MUSCATINE, IQWA 107 E. Second Street 28. You. 41. Who is the Rubinoff of M. H. S.? GRIMM DRUG STORE ARGUS CAMERAS WI-IlTMAN'S, JOHNSTON'S and SUPPLIES and 34. Betty h d a httle la b He was h r steady b And everywhere that B tty t The lamb shelled out th d gh Gold-diggerl GOBELIN'S CAN DIES 16. ,Terr AUTO PARTS COMPANY I ' K Distributors of I REPLACEMENT PARTS Muscatine, Iowa Phone 2553 210 W. Second y Hilton. CONGRATULATIONS, 1938 CLASS BROWNBILT SHOE STORE 225 E. Second 31. Miss Lingo 'Use expedition in a sente C. B. FULLER'S QUALITY OROCERY PHOTOGRAPHS . . . The most-valuable and permanent of all Gi keepsakes. ' - OHAMBERLIN "Fullei"5 for Fine Food Since 1857" 30 Lat Ons or garlie. 12 B b B h p nd Carol McKee. TO THE GRADUATES - BEST WISHICS FOR SUCCESS ' WORKS The CHOCOLATE SHOP ?.fs,..- HARRY F. SICKMAN 24 B11 B tl 9. Who was tl Al F y nger of M. H. S.? GEO. HUDSON GARAGE HUDSON - TERRAPLANE Sales and Service PHONE 1 8 0 O General Automobile Repairing 219 E. Front Street Muscatine, Iowa 14 In scouting for a husband who would be helpf l th k 1 h m would you pick? 33. C CROZER Plumbing 8: Heating Co 417-4-19 East Second Street Retailer: of Pipe, Fitlingf, and Mill Supplier Muscatine, Iowa E. E. BLOOM . INSURANCEWAGENCY GENERAL INSURANCE I 101 Central State Bank Bldg. Phone 81 1 Muscatine, Iowa 4. Elmer Nelson. Z. Which tea l pecialized in roller skat g QUALITY WHITMAN'S BUILDING MATERIAL , and and COAL SAN-MAN I ATES "A lweys Dependable" CHOCOL O COLUNS'H1LL EICI-IENAUER'S Lumber 8: Goal Go. , 5 Phone 95 Phone 211 I 211 E. Second St. 6. Ralph Nietzel. ll Carol McKee. ED LEU GARAGE EVANS' FOODS --W'-L 215 W. Second St. Phone 66 PACKARD - DE SOTO QUALITY GROCERIES, FRUITS, PLYMOUTH and VEGETABLES DIAMOND T TRUCKS l' Our Special Prices Continue During Q the Entire Week 22 I A . Ph O Owa Ve one Free Delivery on Orders of 52.00 25. Roger Geibel. 40. A dead parrot. HOFFMAN FUNERAL CHURCH ollecting middle names, such as Betty Amelia R t1 enberg, My O B d R h t C k dl B I I PITTSBURGH D0R0THY'S Paint Products Store BEAUTY SHUP . . CHMITT, 'ZJU7167' F O S O and o BARBER SHOP 31 I E. Third St' Phone 464 "For the men and -women who care" 404 Mulberry Ave. Phone 2629 Z7 I suppose so. "Your Grocer" CALL 295 - 296 C ompliment: of FAIRALL PAINT FOR QUALITY FOODS and STQRE PROMPT SERVICE GEORGE EITMAN 110 W. Second Phone 345 23 D y N 1 22. Who was the best dressed man teacher? TEXA CO PRODUCTS 32' wx is :Ee 32. To those lunenlight Hi: iimnineg me dirt B t mf bld I d d not k esnt be fooled I dld not kno As I wgre dui Him were a H' 1 D hlm' anyway "Service With a S mile" Phone 181 123 E. Third St. CENTRAL STATE BANK MUSCATINE, IOWA -vam- MEMBER FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION 3.1 0539 Q ,, Cl2'."rTC'J F17 S 52,225 D Q 2 fans! . 2 O U1 re: 2 2? 5 :U 2355 N' E-11 O 'L-.3 1 .J :P an W S E Z 5' Q 5' N E 2 Z 20 S sr 5 U2 'nr Q3 2 Q o z Z fn I rn O E Q V2 :cs F' IQ ab f-1 H I-3 O 0 G W PU V' - gf lb CD P-I V-4 O Z U3 phone 4 ECONOMY STORE 41 Jack Ohls . 30 L gh when anyone dubs his golf drive. OSCAR GROSSHEIM KUT.KURL STUDIO QQ? 51 Years 0 f Dependable Photographs ccil Wolfe. BEAUTY SHOP PERMANENT WAVING All branches of beauty culture Mrs. Dallas Hartman 2052 E. Second St. Phone for appointments .-L.,Q.,.,. C ornpliments of HAVERCAMP DRUG STORE imm- 29RVDt . 32. ...,.m.,,, Compliments 0 f HAWKEYE PEARL BUTTON CO. P--o-E-o- Would you ll th I1 "dumbbell p I e . C.. J. ROSENBERGER LAWYER MUSCATINE, IOWA 103 E. Second St. 43 Bill Na 19. The GLATSTEIN STORES FURNITURE - RUGS - STOVES COMPLETE HOME FURNISHERS HARRX' R. GI.ATSTElN 423-429 E. Second St. Phone 10 John Wagner. For NORRIS EXQUISITE CANDY Trl-yl C. M. WEBER INC. V mpyfF. G M I y-B b ll dl y-B b B' h I e-Bob D . shful- I DY B ll B tl e -Cecil NV If ppy-Jim Rey ld 39. W DETTHOF HARDWARE CO. PTENRY G. DETTHOF, Prop. 124 E. Second St. General Hardware and Electrical A ppliancas hat are spheres, Mary McConnell? t Make your house homelike with QUALITY MILLWORK -- from - HUTTIG MANUFACTURING Co. MUSCATINE, IOWA p p ople's toes when you dance. 'i 'CCDL1 QE -elewelera-Opticians' "If it's new, we have it" 31. Dessert. 38. Wh Compliments of J. C. BROUD "The Store for Efuerybodyn at ar p 11 l lines, George Parks J. E. KRANZ CO. FLOWER SHOP F.T.D. Florists "Wise nien send flowers" Phone 122 217 Iowa Ave. 5. Betty Romann. J. M. KEMBLE LAW, REAL ESTATE, INSURANCE of all kinds ESTATES SICTTLED 211-12 Hershey Bldg. m used to describe a pleasing slant. Make Muscatine Grow .. Buy - KAUTZ'S HOLSUM Makes ALL F ooils Taste Better 44. Who are the "Seven Dwarfs"? EAT IDEAL ICE CREAM FOR HEALTH "Il's Pure - Tliafs Sure" THE CREAM OF THE WEST GEO. M. WITTICH FUNERAL HOME FLOYD A. DOWNEY Tuos. F. BEVERIDCI Ofver Sixty Years of Dependable Service Telephone 1260 Mfg. by LAGOMARCINO- 29' limikli.Q0lfviflf1f?'i3li2nEfafimnbbeu 'Dome ? i0'3e:L'2:S.1.i,ndia.:: at you are 6. Who was the best dressed senior boy? You're a GFE. liihf bulb- ,,..w-V' NATURAL GAS-THE MODERN COOKING FUEL It is the cleanest, fastest, and most modern domestic fuel known. ......m..... IO W A ELEC I RIC CO. 31 H I L T tt 'The next World's Fair Expedition will be held in New York." CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR GRADUATION, SENIORS! C omplimemis 0 f IOWAY PRINTING CO. 309 E. Third St. Phone 99 12. What two seniors laughed more than any otha high school? L . L. LUPTON MCKEE TYPEWRITERS At Weis-Lupton Printing Co. ROYAL - REMINGTON CORONA - L. C. SMITH New and Used Typewriters and Adding Machines for Sale or Rent 19. What town b y took agriculture? FEED 8: GRAIN CO. OMAR FLOUR Manufacturers of PEARL CITY BRAND FEEDS FOR POULTRY AND HOGS 27. Were you fat when you were little, Bob Downer? L R 8 CLEANING PRESSING MAGNUS MODEL BUICK LAUNDRY SALES SERVICE Excellent Laundry and Cleaning Service 217 E. Third St. Phone 105 RING 30 35. Why are some names meaningles 1. Which gi I h gh school was the lead g tyl t MONTGOMERY WARD 85 CO. 117-121 W. Second St. l MUSCATINE, IOWA 24 VH g., ft tg l l ld k l' ,Lmccessful i th H ld f p l't' 7 For OBERHAUS SMART GROOMING BROTHERS Try 529 MULBERRY AVR. 9 MRS. LANE S - Phone 401 Beauty and Gift Shop 215 Iowa Ave. Phone 1022-W "GMM SWE I 9211" 34 XVl1y are some boys aft' 'l t date? 4. YVho was tl lk g t t t f th t' lty ffm W Muscatine's CW Young Men's Christian Association I congratulate the Class of '38 on their graduation. A. A. NICKERSON one D Ill, ' L. vis 40 VVlmt is a polygon, G d P N ll. "Engaged in making men" MAKE IT YOUR HEADQUARTERS 8 VVhy as the ooking cla g ' df l y 7 OGILVIE'S I 85 1 GROCERY Phone S74 Corner Second 8: Walnut MEA TS and GROCERIES Our Volume Guarantees Low Prices 21. What sen girl alway k g question 38. Lines "Muscatine 5 Largest F ood Store" OTTO GROCERY COMPANY CON GRATULATES YOU, CLASS OF 1938 206 East Second St. Phone 31 that run to infinity without meeting, l f th b t LUNCHES - DINNERS SANDWICHES SUNDAES - MALTS and any food or confectionery NICHOLS, TIPTON 8a TIPTON LAWYERS American Bank Bldg. RABEDEAUX'S Muscatine, Iowa 3. Why did s many students take world hist y 20. What was dd d t th s hool this pa y When you hear B-U-L-O-V-A watch time, think of the MUSCATINE JEWELRY STORE 213 East Second St. 20 R lph N1etzel's orchestra. RED PAINT STORE 214- Iowa Ave. WALLPAPER - PAINTS ARTISTS' SUPPLIES MODERNIZE YOUR HOME BY COOKING VVITH ELECTRICITY Electricity is the key to better living conditions- Use it abundantly. PLATE AND WINDOW GLASS PICTURE FRAMING Phone 473 ELECTRIC PLANT GEO. JEHRING, Prop. as Pl 1 fhippopotamus. 16 W1 1 ' b y 1 y d b I my . C. PENNEY CO., INC. DEPARTMENT STORE lOl-105 EAST SECOND ST. READY-TO-WEAR - SHOES - MEN 'S WEAR GENERAL DRY GOODS 30. How can you most successfully lose friends and alienate people? EQUITABLE LIFE OF NEW YORK Compliments of This great financial institution offers a wide variety of insurance and annuity plans to Fit the needs of both young and old. R. J. WITTICH FUNERAL HOME WHY NOT ASK FOR DETAILS? ROBERT L. ROACH LAUREL BUILDING 216 WEST THIRD 35. Lingo teaches English. 28. Who was the best looking student in school? THE MUSCATINE COUNTY MEDICAL SOCIETY "ln the field of obfemation, chance favor: only the mimi which if prepared." - PASTEUR. - MEMBERS - MUSCATINE R. M. Amex' B. E. EVERSMEYEIQ E. O. Mtms T. F. BEVERIDGE R. R. GoAD W. NoREIvI E. H. CARLSON A. B. CLAPP W. W. DAUT E. L. EMERSON G. G. LEITII NICHOLS V. O. MUENCI-I L. C. HOWE P. M. JESSUP J. L. KLEIN T. M. MILLER WILTON JUNCTION L. H. WHITMER H. P. MASON 25. What senior boy wore brown fiatboat shoes with square t s? W. S. NORTON C. P. PHILLIPS G. A. SYWASSINK T. I. WIGIM L. C. WINTER WEST LIBERTY L. A. ROYAL THE DIRECTORS of this bank are pleased to co-operate and to support the enterprising efforts of Muscatin students in their endeavor to make each "ANNUAL AURORANH better than its predecessor. C. R. MUSSER W. E. DOWNER ARTHUR HOFFMAN A. R. TIPTON M.gJQ.g,i-. MUSCATINE BANK AND TRUST COMPANY Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Member Federal Reserve System B. VVhat b y lk d t make spe h h d ' m? Compliments of S E FURNITURECO. - - Plumbmg 8: Heatlng Co. MUSCAUNE "CWA FURNITURE - RUGS - LINOLEUMS Plumbing, heating, and STOVES - FRIGIDAIRES Ventilating contractors of HAH Old Frm a good townv the new high school. 1854-1938 3 B b K as the teacher. 22. Louisa Jericho. FOR ENTERTAINMENT YOU CAN ALWAYS DEPEND ON SEEING ONLY THE BEST AT THE UPTOWN THEATRE ONE OF IOWA'S FINEST THEATRES AIR-CONDITIONED AND COMFORTABLE ll. Who was th h'gh hool girl th t made the f y p p 7 "Step Up The Avenue Kind Serve Dollersn .1.,.f9.,.M. STERNEMAN'S CLOTHING COMPANY -...,Q...wi CLOTHING AND FURNISHINGS 43 XXI 0 II .kc n gmI.uI1s1u c for LIIIIYIIC M L I G. C. I-IAKES CO. INVESTMENTS REAL FSTATIC FARM and CITY LOANS INSURANCE Hershey Building Muscatine, Iowa LE R ' SK N G C omplimenls 0 f Compliments of MUSGATINE ROLLER RINK 37. What is pi, Kenny McIntyre? 5. Who was th h p k f I THE HIGH GRADE SPANISH MILLWQRK VILLA "The good place to eat 10 Wl was one of M. H. S.'s Hpestiest pc-sts"? POPULAR PRICED KD READY-TO-WEAR, DRY GOODS, L GERIE, RQACH at A lar e assortment of wash frocks g always on hand E - .. .2 ' COMPANY PURE EONQ THDIFI' STORE L 39. Th ople use to stick other people with HERE ARE ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS TOWARD YOUR COLLEGE EDUCATION You will receive individual attention from competent instructors. Your credits will be accepted in any university. I I MUSCATIN E JUNIOR COLLEGE 15. What senior p' h' g b'g I gue team' 7 NX! SOMETHING FOR STUDENTS TO THINK ABOUT To some, high school graduation means the end of school days5 to others, preparation for college. All to what end? That you may prepare yourself for an important place in the World-more important to you than to anyone else. With that in mind, do not overlook this fact--Accurate knowledge of current events is equally essential to high grades. The "informed" student invariably rates the pre- ferred list. ,..Q.,...... THE NIUSCATINE JOURN AL "Reliable for over ninety years" tl fi tH-Y membert g h p y STELLRECHT'S HARNESS SHOP 207 E. Third St. HAVE YOUR SHOES REPAIRED SERVICE - QUALITY PARTIES - SNACKS - MEALS HERE TIP TOP We repair and dye anything made of leather. 11 Tudy Englund, 36. What was Bill Martin's definition of hypotenusei O Compliments of TITUS 'LOAN 8s INVESTMENT CO. O 45. What "pome" did R V y Th Ima Glick t There are quality and style in every box of LOWNEY'S and BOULEVARD CHOCOLATES WAGNER CIGAR CO. Phone 22 Wholesale and Retail 17. Ivan Hampton. WEIS 81 LUPTON JOB PRINTERS .-...- EATON'S FINE STATIONERY Plain or Printed just the thing for a graduation gift. 21 Geraldine Wecksung. VVhen you think of C O A L think of . W. G. BLOCK CO. Fuel M errhanls F or 50 Yearf 14 S I y Teichmiller. Com liments of THE BATTERSON STORE AUTHENTIC STYLES HIGH QUALITY STANDARDS- ADEQUATE ASSORTMENTS - TRAINED PERSONNEL - ATTRACTIVE PRICES - Make your trading here a pleasure. "Muscatine's Largest Department Store" BON TON READY-TO-WEAR AND MILLINERY WE ARE I always pleased 113-115 W. Second St. 1235 to show visit- Next to Wards ora through our Mortuary. 26. Who was the best dressed man teacher on the fac Come at your convenience. HENDERSOINVS I Fairbanks Home For Funerals KZ E 4 Complete Automotive Service Q ' CHEVROLET AND OLDSMOBILE SALES AND SERVICE Phone 175 1 15 W. Front St 42. What do we mean by acute angle, Donald Lange? 33. What is Roger Schwertfeger Geibel's amusing hobby? MUSCATINE DENTAL SOCIETY L. j. DONOHUE F. W. ENGLUND E. E. Goss J. B. HATHAWAY G. R. HOWE MEMBERS J. w. POTTER 18. VVhnt boy in the senior class had the manliest beard? H. G. JOHNSON H. F. LANGE W. G. LEASE J. D. MCPIKE -I. L. PEARLMAN T--T' Builds muscle M E Repairs body tissue Builds rich red blood , Makes meals satisfying ROMANN-LIEBBE CO. MEAT PACKERS Phone 214 1062 Hershey Ave . Marjorie Allbee. GRADUATION GIFTS TELECHRON CLOCKS EMERSON MIDGET RADIOS G. A. CHAUDOIN ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR - DEALER 133 W. Second St. Phone 504 1 Shirlee Glatstein. C omplimenzs 0 f BOTTLING WORKS lllFddNp HOTEL MUSCATINE Good Place to Meet and Eat o H. H. MUELLER, Mgr. 13. What sen'or girl was noted I I dancing bl FUHLMAN'S ' GROCERY THOMPSON 'S HARDWARE STORE MEATS AND GROCERIES Bring your 129 W. Second St. grocery Pl'0bf677l-I Hardware - Seeds - Sheet Metal Work "' 'H' Delco - Frigidaire - Hearing at Cooling 413 E. Second Phone 2162 , 17. Who was the singer h t with Betty Grensi g 2. Miss Emm H ' J. A. BLOOM MISSISSIPPI 8: SONS VALLEY GRAIN 8: FEED CO. GRAIN 8: FEEDS C QUALITY MEATS AND GROCERI ES Phone 721 ICXPICRT BFA UTY SERVICE LAUREL BEAUTY SHOP HEI.EN LEASE, Prop. Phone 1657 VV T lk ll th t C. H. LEU TYPEVVRITER EXCHANGE New and qsed typcwritcrs sold, rented, and repaired. All makes of new portables. Our own expert servieeg your own easy terms. S pecialist: for over 35 yearx. When in search of anyone, go to LEU'S O Compliments of McKEE BUTTON CHROME ROOM CQMPANY Phone 202 or 1762 MUSCATINE, IOWA 312 Sycamore ' - Drink - St. Clair's Soda Water znd and ard Floors Laurel Bldg. ' - Qmzlizyf All the true and tasty Havors "A M uscatine-M ada Pro duct" J. B. ST. CLAIR BOT TLING WORKS Phone 1424 219 Mulberry Ave. Z6 M - .sw - 'Uzzlue You're assured of getting all three of these at MeCOLM'S arinus Jensen. SOUND managerial policies and long. successful experience hnve provided us with sufficient equipment, adequate personnel, and ample resources to render dependable service as artists and makers ol fine priming plates. That you will be secure from chance, is ourlirn promise. JAHN 8 OLLIER ENGRAVING CO. 811 Wes! Washington Blvd., - Chicago, llllnols In 'he f0f08round- Ft. Dearborn referected in Grant Park on Chicago? lake from. Illuszramion by Jahn G-,Ollier An Smdos, Aclver+isemen'rs .4.. Alhlefic Coaches . . . A+hle+ics lGirls'l .... Auroran S+al'F . . . Baseball .....,.. Baslrelball .......... Board of Educalion .. Chorus ..,....... Curia Regia . . . Debale ..... Declam . . . Facully ....... F. F. A. ....... . F. F. A. Ac+ivi+ies . . Foolball ....,... Freshman Class .. G. A. A. ...., . Golf ....,.. Greenhancls . . . l-li-Tri ...... Hi-Y ....... Jensen, lvlarinus . Johnson. A. A. . . . Junior Acl ...,. Junior Class ....... Junior Class Play .... Junior Olzhcers .....,. Messenger, F. G. .... . Nafional l-lonor Sociely Non Pareil ..,........ Orchesfra ..,........ Oulslanding Seniors . . . Represenl'a+ive Girl. Boy Roach Trophy Winner . Roach, William .... . Seco .......... Senior Panels .... Significan+ Dafa . .. Snap Pages ..... Speech Arls ...... Sophomore Class .... Sluclenl Council . . . Tennis ......... Traclc . . . INDEX ....86-IO3 ,...22. 32 ....2I.56 .,...49 .....57 ...M33-35 8 ....45 ,...39 ....3l ...,30 ....9-II .....4O .....4l ...,.23-25 .....l6-I9 .....2O .,.,,57 .....4O .,...46 .....47 9 ....6.7 .....48 .....52-55 ...MSO .,..5l 9 ,,..37 ....42 .......44 ....6O,6I ....62.63 ..,.64 ...,65 ....,.43 .....66-80 .....l3-l5,9O .....26-29 ......36 ....58 ....59 " ' ' ,. f!'vr'slr:vxHr"'9wwywm1!,''rsw'1:qrwmfQr4 'fn 'zwnfmw-Gzwxnh-nwuwmwwuawnawawvmki. '- k , .wan-sais., ,uisxm1e.n.mfcaa.z' 1 ' ' '4.".x..x.g:s.1-:1m.,,.w+lfmif.-Lmf X Q9 , Wi? My fgsgw 5 V , X N C' o 33 xg WWW ft 3 W W Q J Jwfw 51 ,Q 1 Eh X X 53 QL QQ f 99 4 3 E if L ll Xp M iw WW fm? , WP x' ' YM . X f jZ,,,f 522757 fl x cf V 7 D BN:- 5 ,J N-TA 'EJ . ff, I ' 1 l J D ' , 1 x X A LX ' n ' . K f 1 f In f we ..."' muy A-I I 75,4- U. A 5 l ' 5' ,Rial fXf', f,fx:J K , E X QQ U ,Lfw 1

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