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Murrell Dobbins Vocational Technical High - Flame and Steel Yearbook (Philadelphia, PA) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Cover

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W ,W W -? A U XL Q QQ D2 -affix J?-Q,ZQf ,K if 8? W MQW W wwe L ,i,h ,-5.,., Za 6 C Zf W WM My sf M 1 W W MW! W 46370 9 W WfL'2M"'W f WN My W ij 'WWW xx J If lib QW 5 V Q X1 Q ff! 'Q f C+ Q My X fb Q WWW if -J ef, W I M... Mffvwx.-rlx.. . . THE CLASSES 0F JUNE 1960 JANUARY 1961 ref 607 1 . A w 1 1960 edition of r V l Q' an 'f ff 1 - MN ,MCA u , it WB , t ,uhlhf An .xi I ,, A m ml I-., .ff f ff 22: .M ,-,., ,, korg, 45 1 , JM! ,ft Y nw M, W ,. , W ff 1' , u J' f V, tus Q- f , f it it is T ' mmf it' Il N" h Y L .ima E3 Designed, written and printed by the students of the Murrell Dobbins Vocational-Technical School Twenty-second Street at Lehigh Avenue Philadelphia 32, Pennsylvania Dobbins is a doorway f" fo the new era DOBBINS A N EDUCATORS CURRICULA ACTIVITIES SENIORS CONTENTS D THE COMMUNITY PAGE 1 7 21 35 81 the new era in Philadelphia PENN'S "GREENE COUNTRIE TOWNE" has become lhe hub of the great industrial community-The Delaware Valley. The workshop of the East looks toward infinite expansion in The future .... ! ,, Q v ukfgl .., City Hall viewed lrom Penn Cc-mer V :tesy Plxilcmlolpl 1 q M04 4' ie ff' ' K vi. If A 4:,3,:,,,,5, 'Q' l 'ggi , t ,W wyf 06?wQP',45A 'Nia .jg "X, kg-qifQ,"' 'kgzi " g yr J 1 A X K I desi- ' Y jf53,,!,F a " Ma, 0- , a,,,--'If' cf 1 V -my '9fff2f,.--f' "' ig iiifgig 'fha in ng, I 5 I Q D52 55 ai , e , A, The Schuylkill Expressway at City Line Bridge.-Courtesy Philadelphia Inquirer INDUSTRY, COMMERCE, AND CONSTRUCTION. The Capital of our nation in its infancy is now a roaring, smoking, yet still beautiful city encircled by an ever increasing populace and an abounding business enterprise. It extends beyond its original limits to fulfill the greater demands of modern life and livelihood. MIM .i 3 It The Independence Hall Mall.-Courtesy Philadelphia Inquirer. i ,,.,.wf il?" r xv,-1' , if , ,.,,7'e-'A S, ' N." x. . H at X s 2 . ""'x . , , if ek .yt , I N L ' 2.1 3--df? N, .swag 1 rw' .., . ,IA ,Af ' 1 4 xv F ' 0 1, . Q. - U hs pu' 1- -9 " Q 1 'nf T .- Dobbins students get a good train- ing for a skilled job and academic work of average or higher than average level to meet the increas- ing demands of the community. THE TWO HALVES of our program are exemplified by work with Mr. Gosser in the Mach Sh p 1 I ft, and above with Mr. Mirsch in an Algebra class From scl1ool to industry ond business! From youth to matu- rity! We from Dobbins are well equipped to cross tl1e bridge to o more responsible way of lite. cross the of busy S i1 P'1iIod,l --Counteay I went A , X 5 Q,,,,,KMm.w.m-MM ,. 'ff .4 3:7 ' if ,Q 51 U , MWWM Nmwvw. ,K W ,w -s.,,5.N M flwaiow He clirecls Dobbins diligently! I f 5 f, J .w 7: 'Q 733 : A Rm . "Ny, V Q Mr. Elmer H. Briggs, Principal 'Q --- x fo W' '- .f-agiixi The Principal s Message . . . To the Graduates: From an early age a young person recognizes that he is in competition many Times a day with other per- sons for the things and satisfactions desired by us all. One's efforts do not always bring the results hoped for, but the resolute person accepts the failures as well as the successes graciously, and presses on to the next challenge. Most successful persons have had many defeats, all of which have contributed to their ultimate success. As graduates of our school, you are many different individuals trained in many different fields. Your op- portunity for learning has been without limit. What you have learned is in direct relationship to your ability, to your interest in the subject studied, and the time and effort you have given to the work. Twelve years of formal education lie behind you. All of this training had but one obiective: to prepare you to enter adult life as a contributor as well as a consumer. Your program has included subjects given to help you understand our democratic societyg the social, the political, the economic, and the industrial facets. With a knowledge of these facts, adjustment' to adult life should not be too difficult. The general education you have received, coupled with your trade training, should make it possible for you to find employment quickly, and to earn recogni- tion in your field. Finally, every successful man must possess these attributes, loyalty, honesty, and integrity. May each of you find success and happiness in your adult life. Elmer H. Briggs In Principal N f-fl fff 2 . , rf L f :umm Vice-Principals Dear Graduates, You are entering upon a new phase of your life. With us you acquired funda- mental skills, knowledge and attitudes. lf your learning stops now, however, you will lose ground because forgetting is already taking place. Resolve now to keep improving yourself every day through your reading, your associations, your job, and further training. Studies show that eighty percent of those who fail on a job do so through lack of the ability to get along with their fellow-workers. To overcome this, study ways to improve your relations with other people. Best wishes for your success. G. William Donovan Vice-Principal Dear Graduates, Commencement is a very special time when families and friends come together to enjoy some well loved traditions of our school and to reaffirm some funda- mental beliefs about the education of our youth. It is a ioyful, happy time - a time of pride and pleasure - a final fleeting moment before you commence to enter upon your future as o young adult. You are well prepared for these better years ahead, Continue to develop your character, accept responsibilities, and be loyal to principles. You will surely find life very rewarding as you strive to create the good you believe in. Helen F. W'algran Vice-Principal L! If ,f ffff X-4' X ,Cf ' if ff' .A V ,J Z 56' L X615 ffc fc 1 ff! ff K k J 7 MR. G. WILLIAM DONOVAN MRS. HELEN WALGRAN COORDINATORS help develop courses of study and plans for activities for class and shop. They assist in securing supplies and equipment, and maintain contacts with industry and the public to keep our curricula up to date. They also carefully place students in their chosen trades after graduation or in the last part of their senior year. These coordinators who supervise teaching and make constant checks on the progress of the student body are Mr. William Youlton, Mrs. Sylvia Charp, Mr. Coleman Chauncey, Mr. Lawrence Lipp, Mr. John Gross, Mrs. Sylvia Kravetz fActing Coordinatorj, and Mr. Harold Bostwick. MRS. BEATRICE FEIBUS is a welcome ad. dition to our faculty as coordinator. These trades are under her iurigdiqtigiy Dental Assistance, Dressmalcing, Home Economics, Power Sewing Mqqhine Operation, Practical Nursing, and X-Ray. . Ed d B , . A d , M . R h QL...,,Wfid MiffgS...l2'..,f.fIC n 'S U' COUNSEI-ORS . lfxsgllpi 'W 'J i l ' Q 9-P .-UD Seated: Miss Elizabeth Kirschner, Mrs. Zelda Ostroy lLi- "fi brarianj Miss Faith Jackson, Mrs. Anne Church, Mrs, Roslyn Q3 Berger, and Mrs. Mary Reid. Standing: Mr. Horace Moore, i Mr. Donald Chalmers, Mr, William Tauber, Mr, Albert Benvenesfe, and Mr. Vincent lovacchini. 5- N me If Y: wwf' I' iv MATHEMATICS li' ti Vt ix.,f CTD' , X , 3' ' . :,,, . ' I Seated: Mrs, Eugenia Finney, Miss Hester Finke, Mrs. Sylvia Charp, 'Coordinator of Mathematics and S:ience1, Miss Stella Brown, and Miss Doris Kelley, Standing: Mr. Leon Shore, Mr, Edward Magliocco, and Mr. John Mirsch. Seated: Miss Esther Black XsRayi, Mrs, Elizabeth Grif- fith lPrac7ical Nursingy, Miss Joyce Claybourne, Mrs, Edith Weinstein, Mrs. Mary Schmid 'Practical Nursing, and Mrs. Estelle Silverman 'Dental Assistance . Standirg: Mr. Fred Branch, Mi. Samuel Novack, Mr Thomas Babaion, Dr. F. R Greervboum ilndustrial Chernistryl, and Mr. Chester Lampe, 2? SCIENCE -...., sf-4 , tw Q C f: 4' 3 ffl fig rs ff Seated: Mr. Peter Mirsglw, Miss Mildred Crowther, Miss f " fi fi a ' SOCIAL STUDIES Emma Sid'e, Miss Hermine Jeremias, and Mr. Emanuel Chuse. Standlng: Mr, James E Moseley, Mr. Matthew Zeitlin, Mr. Frank Boneifi, ancL?Mr, Vincent lovacclwini ff' ,f x X S ,pr ' X A gpfbs' fig-QTY -Q nj i . v W N G X g in W' i' r fyxxxyyji , f l . fx I X Seated: Miss Maude Hastings lNurs5y,JMiss Anne Heron XX fi- EM lNurseJ, Mrs. Henrietta Elgaldx MN Warrilzi Conrad r XXXQ Xl rl . Cffhairmanl, Mrs. Ada Sil-.'eibeETj and Jmiss Ann W HEALTH EDUCATION iiEK'3LiZL,fiZiLg'33?lfiidll We Miflllfl ,J is Einstein, Mr, Warren Allen, and Taggart, fr' rw iiwgwx Vouchers are people who . . . Ch 32 . sponsor senior proms. Mr. Allen's wife assists him. ' 1 -W"-WAX 2 f sud 'oi J 1 4 A hs Aw s f WWW ,f f if XZ ,I , it .V i ,,m,,,,,g,,. . A, www' WMWIYUV rut! . . . admire cu bulleiin board. fMiss Kirschner and Mr. Honsonj 12 . build o roster replete with complexities. Mr. John Mirsch solves the puzzle. in Y sc if . . . receive loads of mail of vorying importance os does Mr. Gosser. At the left Instructors Hruslinski, Saks, ond Hille receive Ford lndustriol Awards. 1 X l A I Q , H U J h Y. I . E, H l X 5 2 3 W-Pr, af' ,4AV Hff 1 Y r ir , 5 , 3 1 v,. V V . V QL ' U' A f ? Z 9 4 ,, , ,J , f r vcr? V, 2 1, ,ff ,, 1 ,f 45 Q ff fyg! f, Sealed: Mr. Earl Boyer CMachine Designl, Mr. Samuel ' q fy Brown lCammercial Arfk, Mr. Thomas Hruslinski JVM l X 'Qirghifeciural Drawingy, Mr. 5'epl1en Wilcox lCommef- fl f V A If dal Artl, and Mr. Carl Stock lMachine Designl. 4 fQ fic Tanding: Mrl Arthur Hanson rRelated Arty, Mr. Meyer fy-1 ,X I Sllwulick lRelaYed Arty, Mr, Stanley Schupak llnstru- l jj, l lental Musicj, and Dr. E. Fred Flindell lffhoraf Musicl. l ffl - R el fu ' t 1 ' ,X ' I " I I ll ff! N 4 fb- . 1 A xg J A V' K Nix . N! XJN X ,Cf fy lxi x lxdfx I -- L f fxyxx 'fl' Sealed: Mr, Jolwn McCann lDriver Educafionl, Mr ,ff Benjamin Rodini, and Mr. Phillip Shadle. Standing: Kxpa-X Mr. Beniamin Liss and Mr, Fred Miller. All . -0-P' F5 -nm .5 R. 4. .xtvglji ,Mrs 'GT' Q.-:rv Z, , 2 Seated: Mrs. Naomi Block, Mrs. Lottie Gilmour, Miss COMMERCIAL EDUCATION Elaine Levitt, Miss Victoria Sufrin, Mrs, Bernice Gendelman, and Miss Ernestine Jenkins. Standing: Mr. Howard Thomas, Mr. Norton Ginsburg, Mrs. Sheila Reich, Miss Marilyn Polsky, and Mr, Morris Diamondstein. Seated: Miss Helen Riddell lRestauran'r Prazfizei, Miss Clwarah Wills !H::me E:onornicsi, Mrs. Sylvie Kravetz . f lHome, Miss Anna Caruso ll5eauty Culturei, COMMUNITY ANDXWN and Mrs, Frances Spurrier iRestaurant Pracficel. Stand- ing: Mr. Frederic Meuche lBai4ingJ, Miss Sara Brown YY S lHJme Economicsl, Mr. Angelo Scibatini lPower Oper- 'X ' i, M . Mid d J is i t, d . . X Kerfin Sriidggigfloeocl i'il-liijliaixijslirligycu lure on Mr -M3 gil' 4' E f - Q l A - 'I 'QQ 'M' ft vi 111 .1 W, S 5 tl is i W E Teachers are people who . . . -" v 214+ .4 5151 Z M wmv .fx-my , 'Dx ' . . . know The lo1est Teoching methods os well os 1he lofest dcmce steps. M Mrs. Silverberg of left ond Miss Kelley ot right, 1,5-Q. -9-. we 7 fr X I. V , I 5 X- y-X aj K f k- L,4f K . X X M . f.-f7'5fl'- 'Y A A M, My X ,,,.r V f i . use mormequins in their demonstration os does Mrs. Schmid, 16 . direct body building exercises. Messrs. Lomody ond Choncler ore in charge. I 3 3 Z it 2 1 ,f x, :flaw as X f: .1 'aw ,, . ' Mrs. oA W '4 f, . . . can supervise the cutting of choice sirloin. Mr. Snyder directs the operation ASQVAN WW "P Vlfi. 21... Seated: Mr. Angelo Ambrosono Weterons' Weldingy, Mr. James Timmeney fPlumbingj, ond Mr. Joseph Crudden iWe!dingJ. Standing: Mr. Louis Schmid fCor' pentryj, ond Mr. Jclcob Perkins fSheet Metolj. Seated: Mr. Stanley Woodburn fElectricolJ, Mr. George Ghebeles ffflectronicsy, ond Mr. Ralph Johnson iElec- tronicsy. Standing: Mr, C. Raymond Porter Hflectricolk, and Mr. Regis McCiory fElectronicsJ. 1? ,.-ffm, ,W ff 5 , f 1 Tm ix, 'haf nf z Sealed: Mr. Edward Dunn lPaf1ernrnakingl, Mr. Wayne Gosser lMachine Shopl, and Mr. Edward Saks CFoundry Practicej. Standing: Mr. Edward Hille lMachine Shopl, Mr. Glenn King fCabinetmakingJ, and Mr. Louie Kuhn lMcchine Shopl. fn, ,J MACHINE SKILLS Seated: Mr. William Brogan fHand Compositionj Mr. Samuel Garsien CHand Campositionj, and Mr, Anarris ,ff -xwpfgg, 1, Bunder lOffseil. Standing: Mr. James Henderson lLeHerpressl, and Mr. Ruy Granzow LLinotypel. f f f ff I . u Q, , ' A 'M i 1 , ,.. - ' - -f-. K' lirffn l 5 MQ rr A 'A fx.. K' 1' ,gl Ill rr r ,- fm 4-five. , ,, .. L SCHOOL SERVICES-Seated: Mrs. Roseline Kity, Mrs. Myrtle Randolph CSenior Secretaryl, Mrs. Katherine Horowitz, Miss Carolyn Ledsham CLibrary Secretaryj, and Mrs. Jeanette Green. Standing: Mr. Louis Muenker CAssistant Engineerl, Mrs. Kay Bobbin, Mr. William Hoffman lCus- todial Engineerj, and Mr. Frank DiGregorio CNon-teaching Assistantl. Mr. Bennett Cole-sberry CNon-Teaching Assistant at Dobbins since the school openedl passed away suddenly in Novem- ber. He is missed from his many activities. wg? .A 4 1 'O V,fr'5 Q-- -- .1- --N ,Wax 'i XXX V , 4 x ,....-- X ,si 'audi' f . u1'b-HO! Kiwi! Hard at work in the busiest of school offices are Mrs. Horowitz and Mrs Randdpl-i at their desks, with Mrs Kity, Mrs. Bobbin and Mrs. Green standing behind the-rn 20 o I The Pupil Progress Committee A N A ,A , l S six Q i Wi THE PUPIL PROGRESS COMMITTEE is responsible for checking all promotions and making all special rosters. They survey every pupiI's record To see that he is assigned to The correct term and roster, and that he has the requisites for graduation. A glance at some of the classrooms ancl shops . THESE ARE THE COURSES AND SUBJECTS DOBBINS OFFERS 7 Arr Condltlonmg Refrlgeratron and Heatmg Architectural Drafting . . Automotive Maintenance Balang Beauty Culture Cablnetmalcmg . is-V -ff nd INITII! NJYI. IHNS I .mn ,,, .,...- ff ' A its 23, 'E . , hs,-. i A 1 1:1 ' 5.5 .nh ,,..,..,-Af . V .fr , ,W lla- -f""'M' K' ' s . fl ,, Dr. Oestriech explains chemical symbols. Carpentry . . Commercial Art. . Commercial Education . . Dental Assistance . Dressmaking . . Electronics . . Food Merchandising . . Foundry Practice Driver Education as taught by Mr. McCann develops responsibility in our students K A :fs S iii i S if? --all X .W ,. 5 Mr. Moore teaches students about verbs in an English class. Home Economics . . Industrial Chemistry . . Industrial Electricity . . Machine Design . . Machine Shop . . Patternmalcing . . Plumbing . . Power Sewing Machine Operation Flindell rebearses with some choir members. CHQ UUA: FP 'VXI I i ILRQIGHQ I .naw Mrs. Churci'1's Family Living group studies a chart on Indian life. . Practical Nursing . . Printing . . Linotype Operation . . Hand Composition Mr. Lomady teaches body structure to a hygiene class. Wlfililfii BH WHEN- 3:1571 : Wwfhhhmfwnnwfnmwkzffyfff,MA7 MM ,, , , f ,,.M.,,,, ,.,,, , ,, ,. , , -qqe 'vw- 1 ,Law-AM 'x .N , Tr, fi ,mn E ig.,mihHlQx9 f .. . N -..'1 -"A, -mmf ., is-T3'sezm1Ei'iut I umm vm 1 ll , ,Wm s... 2. ft N . W A '- 'Q -1355 ' its 4 xv R 5 'F' N " .,.. 'E 'sa - ' " " 3'5 S 3 , If 4 Mr. Meuche inspects o troy of coffee buns Ziff . Wikia t 1 f ff taurant Practice Sheet Metal . . Welding . . X-Roy Letterpress . . Offset Printing . . Res . . Miss Caruso teaches her beouticicms to set C1 new hair style. I rat" ,,t,f4'X It -. .L jx, -x w PV it wi' J? 9- Nm' N ,XX Y L , 'WMM X H15 X Mrs. Brown helps a pupil with a bookkeeping problem. English . . Journalism . . Algebra . . Practical Algebra . . Plane Geometry . . Miss Suffrin times a Typing exerc se eeoeeaoooe i ooooooooooe ooooeoooaees eiooeaoooooe0 uk K '-NL 7 im. 'ir' 1:1 , . .1 Q .f ..'z+f"i'Q'7 ' '. Que- by Ae' iff' Mr. Wilcox checks some letter work in Commercial Art. . . Applied Geometry . . Trigonometry . . Numerical Trigonometry Mr. Johnson shows how To find the foulfy circuit in Electronics. X952 fowl., i aft fi J ' ' 1 f' J' f f'-Li,4E'ff"55'iw4'?,:ii:fC,w,7 , .. , L, In ,, I Q if Y , I ' ,,f,o.,, 0 I K 7 4.,, X773 I, A, , Q f 5 if 4 1 4 f ff f . 3 ' Y' W . Q ff Vid ' A f X - rf- 5 " . I i 5 1 f 1 '72 f W 'l 15 ff .sim ' '- :fff-M A f X Z - 'aw has ff 0, 1' 'V ' l 5 ,.f ,, , V sg ' 7 ' 1 wi, f '. W4 f' 1 , ..,,., L ' ,J-' ' 10" T ' Wf f A ff' ff" - 432. 5 i,::.4.L.s.M.g4n,?m if W A V , . .. to ' r 1 - f -3 7,9711 in ' 4? la ,gt , 'j g " 395, , , gif," ., ff if' f . H' H+. , V , , , ,!.777y l,? - ,gp I , fzgx , K, 1- , -. -gk- :,,,-f,vw.,,:'2v,f 'f 4 41,-, ,ici 4 Q! . 1, f f .if I I Mr Willier tests the efficiency of o refrigerator. General Mathematics . . Related Mathematics , . Shop Arithmetic . . Biology Mr Porter demonstrates the theory of a simple light circuit. -qv- fin-Y A-be Mr. Boyer helps John Folz work on cams. Applied Biology . . Chemistry . . Applied Chemistry . . Physics . . Applied Physics Mr. Saks cmd his boys inspect cn costing, I XX Vx ""e:f S.,Q....- a o l ts f xx kj .2 X , if :gy 4l"T Mr. Dunn and his boys check the blueprint for their pattern. Vocational Physics . . Materials of lndustry . . World History . . American History . Sociology . . Health Education . . Driver Education . . Related Art . . Drawing . . Music Miss Black's class get ci "patient" read f X-R y or ay. 0-5 el W , ,f A M Www, Mrs. Spurrier ond girls prepore To serve lunch. KE 1 ri ,Zi 9,-V, Bunder lines up ci negative in Offset Printing Shop. If Events of the year included . . . 4 11 49 5-s ,QWMWM . visits from foreign educoTors Ctlwis group is from Greecej . . capping of fhe demcl Gssisffmfs , . . certificate winners obove. Below, Bill Kromer occepts top oword certificates from FQrd'5 Mr. Holmes. Mr. Gross, left, ond Mr. Hruslinski, right, beom wills pride. R xNKxYmsxw 2 24222 , X4 V 7' , 1 J AIC , ' ' .ll "X v i . . . move-up day when fifth termers take their place at the head of the schoolg happy with mascot, signs, and songg sad that this is the beginning of the end. . . . dances like the Junior and Senior Proms, ond the Harvest Cotillion for stu- dents and alumni, occasions for all to look their best and enjoy themselves most The 1960 Pioneer of Industry . . . 1943 1944 1945 1946 1947 1948 1949- 1 1950- 1447! THE PIONEERS OF INDUSTRY AWARD .9995 this Year to Mr. Ingrom BefQm0nf Preydeni of Bergman Knitting Mills across Lehigh Avenue from our school. A 9VC'dUC'Ie of Northeast High School andthe Philadelphlfl Textile Institute, Mr. Bergman's entire busi- ness career has been in knitting. Presented annually to a PhiladelPI'1IC' resident, the award is made to one who has used opportunities similar to those avail- able to Dobbins students, and who has become a leader in his chosen field. ln ad- dition to his progressive ideas on stream- lining the manufacturing process at the Bergman Knitting Mills, this years's award winner has many interests and has been active in community organizations. The p'aque is a product of the craftsmanship and cooperation of our shops, from original design to finished product. FORMER RECIPIENTS EDWARD G. BUDD Budd Manufacturing Company HORACE LIVERSIDGE Philadelphia Electric Company WALTER D. FULLER Curtis Publishing Company RICHARD R. WRIGHT Citizens 8. Southern Bank 8. Trust -WILLIAM J. MEINEL Heintz Manufacturing Company WILLIAM LOREN BATT S. K. F. Industries CONNIE MACK Philadelphia Athletics WILLIAM T, INNES Publisher and Printer I95IfARTl'lUR C. KAUFMANN Gimbel Brothers 1952ff:RANK S. PIASECKI Piasecki Helicopter Corporation 1953-MRS. ANNA SCHLORER SMITH Mrs. Schlorer's Incorporated 1954-HUBERT S. FOSTER Mead Sales Company 1955-JOHN B. KELLY Kelly Briclcwork Com 1956-RAYMOND BLATTENBERGER Public Printer of the U. S, 1957-PAUL J, CUPP American Stores Company 1958-J. NORWOOD BAKER Former Dobbins Principal PUVIY 1959-ROBERT F. HERR Philco Corporation 6 I ,L. , ff Y ' Hg, 3 V545 1 x ' v N 2 ' 5 -. i ig ?J Zi? gg, VE 33' V ' 'ws A K5 '1 1 X M v A si' f mn... , 1 :X .259- f fb 4f? " 411 ' ,, X 4 u, ,y, .exfy ' 'feffigs ' G sf 3 1: gf-gfw ua 1355, .R . .- W ,P -f,jf,g?',.1f ' 7.3 . QMMLKZ ' Tc' '- ww X sf, - ' fm- , , .Y?v,,h, qnew ,gwfif ,gf?..'J',. - Q if 1 ' , . . , M , .1 We Q , I .-'we' M., ,:'- 'QIJJF , W.. 5, ,, .XV . ,P .Am ,. 5 , f :GHZ 2 ,ii Bea if 45 up . ? ,' A: gi ' ' ., 5' T971 f :: Q , 5 , 5 Vg . f f . ,, Q ' , A f f ' "YI, QI 'I 2 Y' ,,g,,,, . ,iz 2 P 1 ' If ,X f ' 'Z' ,J V, I gg ,ug ., , J. 41,,f1'Q. , . ,fp gfvjxni af. V294 Vw! f 1. 1123312-,J my .-ay, 9' .124 :f-mf? .N4,44,,'n -w, w.'y'g,f w i J , If I' THE STUDENT ASSOCIATION discuss student-schoal-administration problems. The otticers, the various committees, and the sena- tors lead in the conduct ot social affairs and services. They keep up school spirit to maintain high SENATORS represent each home room class and regularly meet to standards at work and behavior in and out ot class. Mr. Peter Mirsch was sponsor in the fall of l959, tollowed by Miss Mildred Crowther in the spring at 1960. Seated above are R. Milette, J. Butler, J. Robbins, C. Yeomans, J. Young, S. Barrett, Y. Boyd, W. Miller, and A. Bell. Second row: P. Schiller, K. Haye, E. Swartz, L. Levin, D. McArthur, A. Barlow, A, Branch, R. Roberts, and B. Lynde. Third row: G. Anderson, H. Wilkins, P. Durie, J. Gray, J. Brooks, N. Lebell, L. Addison, M. Dyson, and E. Young. Fourth row: D. Killebrew, J. Wakefield, M. Drew, S. Brown, L. Dingle, M. Sweigart, C, Hardwick, and B, Smith. Fitth row: D. Mutch, L. Ditmar, S. McNeal, and W. Crane. Sixth raw: W. Striker, B. Strang, J. Gray, L. Clampfter, G. Hall, and R. Sutch. THE SA TREASURER has an assistant who UUYOVOU' 'ically succeeds him. Perry Thon-os and assistant Delgreg McKinney in the fall are folloffed by Delores and her assistant, Alice Lambert, in the dl spring term. I ,, f-t THE GOLD PIN SOCIETY members have earned T200 or more honor points to win their gold pins. These points are earned by students whose scholastic, athletic, or club activities show service to the school, and also by perfect attendence, no lateness and excellent cooperation. Pictured here in the first row are C. Hinton, J. Johnson, J. Whitting, H. Slater, G. Hanstord, M. Matthews, Mr. Peter Mirsch, Sponsor, B. Heim, P. Davis, L. Murray, K. Naulty, and D. Anderson. Second row: R. Benedict, R. Kampio, R. Robinson, C. Fluhrer, C. Reiter, H. Dmytrulc, l.. DeLoach, D. Asmuss, J. Schlegel, T. Capers, and J. Panzer. Third row. D. Brauer, L. Wowk, H. Henry, E. Baugh, G. Boyd and E. Bergel. i THE TRANSPORTATION COMMITTEE meets with the P. T. C. to discuss various problems of student transportation. The information and suggestions brought back from these meetings are used to help improve student use of the public facilities. Its members are L. DeLoach, T. Massimini, J. Roggi, and P. Thomas. 36 THE ELECTION COMMITTEE sets up the machin- ery tor two student body elections. They work out the procedures for the primary and general elections and tor the assemblies that publicize them. Janice Gregory, Mary Repholtz, Patricia Kelly, Patricia Braim, and Kathleen Naulty check numbers to arrange the voting schedule tor more than 2000 students. f ,ff f A, ,,. The Primary and General Election assemblies are the political stomping grounds for popular support, xx X Voting Machines loaned by the city are used in the general election. At right, pupils register to vote THE HONOR POINTS COMMITTEE does a very im- portant service for the students. It registers their points so students who have accumulated 300, 600, or 1200 are given the bronze, silver, or gold pins they deserve. Mary Jane Matthews, Caro- lyn Reiter, Bonnie Kyle, and Louise Powell work on the list for these symbols of service which our students wear with respect and pride. -wits M- ., :ss . we I -m T 5 E . t . H' if X J X... 5 fx X e N s Y Kg, N s iiiiilswgsf P fx 5593 5 x x. l f ,M QQSNL . if K t 1 . X X .QM-X it A G, Q 355. 'V pn., V' A MN- - " l. . .,-"?i'?"'e'M , X 71 99 ' A . . ,, V THE COMMITTEE OF SEVEN consists of Daniel Toland, June Musto, Asa Branch, Linda DeLoach, Violetta Sugden, Kathleen Naulty, Jeannette Schlegel and absentee Tot? Nash. Here the committee and Miss Mildred Crowther, sponsor, are packing bags of clothing for Goodwill Industries. This group manages all charity campaigns. It plans what drives to conduct, how long each is to last, the procedure by which collections are made, and what to do with the proceeds. After the planning, advance publicity and daily news during the drive are arranged. This group is intelligent, responsible, dependable, imaginative, and above all, charitable. X: ig.. F. . ff. .gf FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA offers the opportunity to gain further knowledge in the field of education. Members of this club meet and discuss their individual probe lems, make plans to tour different schools, and are instructed on the requirements necessary to enter the Held of teaching. The club includes L. Diggs, E. Grant, G. Hansford, C. Kizzie, Miss Faith Jackson, sponsor, B. Muller, J. Cumberland, D. Simms, and J. Whittington. Standing: D. Anderson, E. Waldov, and R. Robinson. They created the Ink Spot each month! g THE INK SPOT informs the student body of all recent news about scholastic, sports, and social activi- ties. The staff consists of twenty-one students under the direction of their sponsor, Mr. Donold Chal- mers. Charlene Hinton, Editor-in-Chief, has many duties and responsibilities besides "Strolling Through the Halls" and other writing. News and features are gathered by that department under the direction of Mary Jane Matthews. Kass Naulty, business manager, keeps the financial end of the publication running smoothly. We proudly proclaim that our lnk Spot is the only school pubti- cation in the city and probably one of the few in the United States that prints its own paper. Mr. Ruy Granzow and his boys in linotype, and Mr. James Henderson and his letterpress students are responsible for this end of the production. The lnk Spot aims to educate the community as to the work of our fine school, to publish school news, and to capitalize the achievements of Dobbins. Members of the staff include Sandra Lindsay, Barbara Frascatore, Naomi Jackson, Kass Naulty, Mary Jane Matthews, Charlene Hinton, Mr. Donald Chalmers, Elisabeth Staub, Beatrice Pantella r r Evelyn Pearson, Rosalyn Fehn, Perry Thomas, and JoAnn Waite. Second row: Juanita Beaton Judy Gray, Sandra Gray, Ethel Doerr, Carol Bourne, Carol Wade, Pat McKee, Mary Jane Arthur, Jackie McMenamin, and Thelma Badder. Third row: Joel Panzer, Myron Freeman, Mr. James Henderson, Mr. Ruy Granzow, Richard Ehrlich, and Charles Finnie. ,wmv . ff' Flame and Steel Staff EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Ruth Rickert gets ideas from last year's FLAME AND STEEL. Ruth's duties are many and varied. She sends members of the statif to do the "leg work", schedules the photo- graphy and sees to it that all pictures have been properly identified, assigns research, and as- sembles and edits all copy. Ruth's major task is 7' Q. to direct the staff and help them work together with the printing department, because our whole fix yearbook is done at Dobbins except for the ' In 'X"3Y, photography, the engraving, and the binding. . r f ,t, THE STAFF is busy all year from September, when senior pictures are taken, to June when the yearbook comes back from the binder. Here Terry Bishko, Charlene Hinton, Jackie McMenamin, Barbara Lynde, Helena Dmytruk, Carol Schuchard, Barbara Heim, and Jeannette Schlegel look up from their tedious job of iden- titying a thousand faces with the proper names. Lubomyr Wowk, who photographed many of our candid shots, was behind the camera. At right, Judy Gray, Mary Jane Matthews, and Carolyn Reiter confer about copy for the sports page. 40 w-7 I ! ' 'T SENIOR INFORMATION is checked and recheckecl to be nothing less than correct. Barbara Heim, Ruth Riclcert and Miss Mildred Crowther are sticklers for accuracy. Mr. Arthur Hanson, art director, approves the airbrush work Emma Cleghorn does in retouching some of the photographs. THE PRINT SHOP vibrates as the presses roll. Richie Ehrlich, Charles Finnie, Mr. Ruy Granzow, Mr. James Henderson, James Patton, Mr. Samuel Garsten, and John Bader watch the first pages come off the press. They all live to meet deadlines, but frequently time presses too close for comfort. 43" 'SV V .., N.. THE DRAMATICS CLUB has had another successful season. The spring production was a comedy, "Come out of the Closet", by Rollin Coyle. The play tells the adventures of three small town girls in New York City, where they encounter strangers, criminals and a poet, in their apartment. The dramatic group works very hard and enjoys every moment under the direction of Mr. Arthur Han- son. The members are K. Naulty, J. McMenamin, 5. Socha, D. Gregory, and R. Klein. Second row: L. Murray, K. McPherson, H. Kalkbrenner, D. Powell, Matt and Mike Jung, and C. Gutierrez. Third row: G. Singer, J. Panzer, Mr. Hanson, D. Asmuss, and P. Davis. M, 54' -.JI V? Mr, Ghebelen clirl a splendid ioh as M C. of the- SA Variety Show and the spring ploy, qlgo 05 055351. ant to Mr. l'un'on. Center, Mrs. Malone lays clown the law to her new tenants, Right, Herqulggl en thusiustically played by Mr, Lomafly, catches up with the counterteiter who has been lurking in the closet. N' -v 'Q 'V"1'El" Q 35 if ,,,.... . ,e -r me A2 3 1. I l .ML THE LIGHT, SOUND, AND STAGE CREWS are responsible for stage setting, lighting, and sound et- fects. Next time you see boys walking around the stage with props and mikes, or see the lights change suddenly in the auditorium, you know these boys are at work. Every morning they try out new techniques to improve the quality of the sound, or of the lighting system. Kneeling: R. Benedict, P. Paul, J. Walter, C. Mines, U. Adams, and H. Jensen. Standing: Mr. Johnson fSoundl, R. Lare, K. Kittle, F. Ferraro, A. Saldan, E. Patterson, and Mr. Woodburn fLightJ. Mr, Dunn CStage Crewj was absent. Back row: R. Klein, A. Primavera, J. Raudenbush, and E. Cox. -Q I , ev as my I sg, . F 5 tl THE PROJECTIONISTS run the films shown at lunch time. Brauer, Butterly, Paul, Beegle, Ziegler, and Denton Cseatedj give up part of their lunch periods so that two boys can always be on duty, and are so capable that they call on Mr. Lipp or Mr. Johnson for very little assistance. 2 . gi sw 5 if , y , ' I 4 2 E ' ,f 3 A 4 f 'Mg V42 ' Kiff?M'if 4, 151 if v . Sid" , Q 535 Ae On Stage . . . the Concert Band! we ff'- 51 'O N ,X A vw 'M 25211E!i5i?'SZ'f1?Ri6F1'ri'S9k K., 2 , WNFH51 ?S'1G1?!8ix 5 2 3 9 5 2 3 'Q -me fm- 12 x ,ku 721 4 if , '33 Q5 QQ 47, 'X E n 5 1' ' s- A 2' Q A 95 nz, iff, M..,N.,X-,,,.-mmm. ,W ...ww-Q xwvymwgm v w welff-Q 1 sy fa 5-Y ' X 2 -1 " 'X ,A Q33 h, y Vs, -1 -,ff X - W Nw , ,V ., ,P 9? a. 5 If 3 Q v vain "fig 4 44 4... .sg in 3 .- S is f .sf t K E' - .5-QI? ' ' 1- is 5 9 ' ' as :Xie-5 EZ? .sf . . ' 1. ,' -i 3- ' 'Q . f 2 ? X . -A , J - . . ,li wi A x Q ,- s X E, I. ' ,- , i , gg , 5 S . S V . rs J S Q i 2 2 f f 1 i fi ns Xi X ' h af - 4 i , 3 ' - 2 3 4 . ' . X A Q 5, 1- . -.,.,,.- A 5 5 -A 5. Q Q 1,. Q ,E :Q gf Si x ig X f az is X. kgs 5 5 .ff 1 - "V 9. 1 'Z 3 .L ., ,E sf f , s i. 2 355 its K S3 ff - ix. ,Q 5 X -'E Q- 5 or W., Q ,-mwah. 1.93 J 2 a-S104 ' Q Yw THE CONCERT BAND led by Mr. Stanley Schupak has done a wonderful iob in brightening our assemblies and other school aFfairs. This year many new meme bers were added and the band proved to be a great success, especially since we have had several instruments repaired, and several new ones added. Dobbinites agree that Mr. Schupak has really made listening to our band much more enioyable since he came. We would like to thank him and the following members for all the good music we have enioyed this past year. On page 44, seated: E. Grubbs, R. Antonelli, J. Davis, B. Sharp, M. McDonald, M. Lemanes J. Funk, and P. Thomas. Standing: J. Hunter, C. Davis, and Mr. Schupak. on this page, seated: T. Capers, E. Shultz, A. Wallace, A. Saldan, V. Menkel, B. Carson, E. Adams, B. Cook. Standing: C. Gibson, R. Williams, and J. Drayton. Y, N- K .. H, 'ig ' E, swf V 2. f 4 1 '. . E i . i , ,J f ri f 2 , 1 ' ,. 2 . 2 . , ' r 5 3 " t , " I THE A CAPELLA CHOIR sang in eight concerts this year for Dobbins students and others. They performed at the Band, Orchestra, and Choir Festival at Central High School. A good deal of earn- est work goes into this activity and we are proud of this year's group. First row: P. Brown, G. Vinson, R. Strong, J. Hribovski, P. Panzera, J. Hall, E. McDufFy, G. Hansford, L. Neagle, M. Hegye N. Lloyd, B. Heim, and J. McCoy. Second row: L. Hicks, C. Sutherland, W. Brittingham, J. Mc- Dougal, S. Smith, J. Green, P. Nicholson, J. Whittington, D. Sims, J. Boggs, E. Maza, and Dr. Flin- dell. Third row: B. Heckler, L. Jones, M. Butler, S. Bowen, A. Thomas, V. Henderson, L. Diggs, S. Lindsay, J. Johnson, S. Freeman, B. Whaley, B. Cooper, M. Mosley, and C. Davis. Fourth row: V Thomas, A. Hughes, J. Washington, E. Grant, M. Forte, G. Lane, M. Duncan, F. Keefer, C. Brown, T. Besselieu, M. Anderson, and S. Collier. Fifth row: P. Campbell, C. Gibson, W. Tull, J. Hunter, N. Robinson, K. Hillius, R. Taylor, D. Hill, C. Schuchard, M. Thomas, and L. Booker. Sixth row: R Williams, J. Meyers, L. Cameron, A. Wilson, F. Heyward, H. Childs, E. Patterson, and G. Bailey. I THE BIBLE CLUB meets with their spon- sor Mr. Porter to study both Old and New Testaments. Each week a different member is in charge of the meeting picks a passage from the Bible, and ex- plains to the group his interpretation Discussion follows. Seated: B. Brooks, J. Schlegel, Mr. Raymond Porter, M. Sweigert, and P. Nicholson. Standing- K. Hillius, J. Campbell, R. Barron, and N. Jones. I 46 N' ' . 'ff V fp ff I, THE WORLD AFFAIRS COUNCIL tries to acquaint adults and students with maior world issues so that its members can bet- ter understand events through their reading, lectures, and discussions. First row: R. Winston, C. McNair, R. Banks, J. Williams, S. Johnson, and Mr. Ruderman, sponsor. Second row: B. Charles, B. Smith, and A. Thomas. LIBRARY AIDES enjoy working hard to keep the library books in order and to make sure that things run smoothly. The girls help the students select books, and make themselves generally useful. Shown here are Miss Humphreville, Librarian, with W. Scott, A. Neri, B. Williams, J. James, and Miss Ledsham, Library Assis- V 1 tant. THE SCHOOL STORE AIDES are Q group of girls who volunteer their time and services. They are happy to run the store efficiently, and thus serve the school to earn points toward honor pins. Your school store aides are M. Turner, B. Mul- ler, P. Matthews, Mr. Ginsburg, sponsor, B. Heim, C. Kizzie, and T. Ferino. 47 Yu THE GIRLS' BOWLING CLUB directed by Miss Hester Finke encourages girls to enioy bowling and to qualify for the team. The members are L. Liddle, G. Hanstord, L. Neagle, I. McConnell, J. Hri- bovski, C. Magotch, I. Galgon, M. Perry, C. Weist, S. Howlett, N. Doerr, and D. Creneti. Second row: B. Jackson, T. Polakis, M. Smith, M. McCarty, M. Sweigort, D. Anderson, J. Hare, R. Berry, C. Cairns, J. Ashentelder, G. Daniels, C. Dornback, P. Brown, C. Duncan, E. Montague, and E. Kelly. Third row: J. Bell, M. Holliday, M. Bunner, H. Johnson, P. Jeffries, D. Folz, J. Nice, L. Szi- riak, D. Johnson, P. Doerr, E. Kimmel, L. Klutzbucker, B. Brown, R. Lewis, and S. Linthicum, Fourth row: A. Hughes, C. Anderer, N. Paul, E. Palacio, R. Divito, C. White, B. Weber, C. Reiter, E. Mc- Gruddy, J. Gray, C. Bird, and J. Benedict. Fifth row: C. Beck, D. Grink, L. Moxen, H. Barben, M. Woitew, and K. Oliver. f BARBARA GORDON 5 ew I- 9 JS GUIDES are chosen on the basis of their academic rating, poise and personality. They usher at school functions with the special capability that comes from being a Dobbins guide. They have provided tours for visitors from South America, India, Ethiopia, and local surrounding schools. This club is one of the many extra curricular activities otofered to those who meet the requirements. lts services are always available for visitors on special occasions. First row: R. Rickert, B. Muller, D. Sims, M,J. Matthews, P. Davis. Mr. McCann, C. Bourne, C. Magotch, J. Schlegel, E. Kimmel, and M. Vanet. Second row: R. Benedict, C. Reiter, N. Paul, M. J. Arthur, C. Anderer, J. Gray, D. Asmuss, and K. Kugalis. Third row: l. Ostapowicz, W. Kimmel, C. Kizzie, D. Cook, P. Braim, T. Canty, and D. Fryce. MONITORS perform various duties around the school. They keep traffic moving quietly through the halls, and see that the lunchroom is orderly. Under the guidC1I'1Ce of Mf- Tguber, who has spent many hours organizing this group, its members do a splendid job. Monitor Cap- tains Jackie McMenamin, Kass Naulty, Georgia Trinka, and Earle Patterson are consulting with Mr- Tauber. ' . S H ' f . .J . - J. mn., "ew - ,.. S THE MARCHING BAND, under the inspiring direction ot Mr. Stanley Schupak contributes much to the school spirit by providing a very vital ingredient, music, at tootball games and other outdoor school functions. When seen in their bright uniforms, the players make us proud to be a part ot Dobbins. ln the first row: C. Emerson, E. Adams, M. Cutter, J. Funk, V, Clark, M. High, and Mr Schupak. Second rovv: E. Scholz, B. Lynch, M. Johnson, B, Sharpe, C. Davis, and L. Rizzi, Third row: L. Slater, M. Watson, J. Page, J. Drayton, M. McDonald, and B, Charles. Fourth row: J. Davis, R, Shine, R. Brown, R. Williarns, L. Hasney, and J. Sims. Fitth row: J. Hunter, A. Wallace. C. Gibson, V. Menkels, T. Capers, and E. Grubbs. 4 W .Leif . , W 9 'L , - S , A - l 1 N X I Aft.: il if'- ug: V. '.- E N A K -,. . 4. i If 1 - ,- 1- , .W - aww W . 'S V -, -1' r -W - -PM " ,f 1 '1 47 rl .. ."'V'1s17 r f- - 45- Y 1. J' - t . i - i lptjhn . A 4 ,,,,m,., , Y .. it C13 4. f. ,. 5 A B, ... . . VI' -1 . i I V I Vial, ' ff- B. ',,. .ugh 1, ' ., ' i ' 1, - J ' , -. . - . .is ' " Q, ,ax ,Q L g J I, .T A A .1 L 'ii -,It ', iiv xklb 5 4 - . , T . .vas . Q ' V-.A '- V if , f' "N ' swf 3.f',,', , 'J iff, .' Y f ""' ' T . f ,Mgr V A iff ff J . f ,- . ff 1 I 54 't' fy , , --a , ,fag-3 Q. ' ,.:,,,,,.f it 'Ji ' f -1 A l -' i"' I ew- . - '-Q.. i- 15. . ' f i 7 ' , 'tv ,r rr r v " ' Y'-M, , , , ' L ' 3 '71 ' ' l l d-pmA,".f-W. .4 -rf -ffi:rL"f'i'?'m 71, f I X . 1,4 , A ' , , , -1 .. I . . ...A-N., 'W U F 4 """'L'0"' , 'J' L i - - -. ii. lf'i'YM i' J , , . QQ' iff- T iz fbi 3 I , . f, ff 'fruit-iffgg ' f , - -2 2'....f x' -5 . , A - .. ,.iy,,. t , , . . .,,.g.,f, ' 'll 55,3221-.lag ,gy M fgfzf -- 1 'tl f - vi - -Jr'ew5,'ff-I v - . E ,. U A , , A ,.-H!,-- .Til ...Iii-,gi ...Je shalt.- f . .L :.. 'i 4 .. 4 1 -. -W " QfL'uf'.--"iff 'iffffi 'fr' I -I ' f' '-f'-rildff' - ' . 1 ' 3. ' P ' .-f" """f"' ff- --"D-'+ "NL-e.4 , f ',,.i ' emit? n-""31i : 'fr 1 if N 'Ziff' 'H' ' ,SH V - N" . fy ' i -if-' . ..,f ,f--' N, ',, -"K ,i -rf?-mx' qr " l '-: .-1' Fu! - ,:gf,Zrw,V:,f, N, . ,i .r -it-3 Z-:fide 71.47 wr ,lj Q.. V, .5-'Ad 4 X-,., A A , .. v. .g',3,ggf".iffg4,fff ,'arfw.,,,.n. ' .e.,....-.- ...V 93,1-,,,:',..,, ,wwe ., ,.,.wi..i:1. ,m.eC.1..i..f3Ql,.,, f- -- STRIKE UP THE BAND! 'at the Frankford game' 50 THE COLOR GUARDS carry our national, state, city, and school colors at assembly programs, football games, and various other activities. These girls are especially chosen for their poise and scholastic ability. Pre- viously under the direction of Mr. Gaul, they are now spon- sored by Mr. Stanley Schupak. Standing: B. Wagner, D. Powell, D. Asmuss, B. Lovett, D. Sadow- ski, G. Brandies, A. Matthews, P. Paul, C. Szwec, and Mr. Robert Gaul. THE MAJORETTES perform at pep rallies and at all football games. They also twirl in assemblies and march in parades. Captain Barbara Heim selects and teaches the drill for each affair, with the approval of Mrs. Sil- verberg, the group's sponsor. Kneeling: Captain B. Heim, C. Schuchard, l. Smith, L. Cruz, G. Hansford, G. Robb, and Co-Captain H. Slater. Standing: J. Freas, D. Anderson, R. Robin- son, J. Whittington, and G. Daniels. 51 2 x,f"' THE TUMBLING CHEERLEADERS, who area new addition to our football games, added spirit and pep on the field and in assemblies. The boys belong to the gym team where they learn the acrobatic stunts which they perform forthe crowd. The members of this group are Dennis DiSil- vestro, Howard Schlegel, John Hart, Robert Cook, Dick Wernert, and Alex Saldan. To the right is Dobbins' mascot, Mr. Fight and Jackie McMenamin. Inside the Mustang are John Romaska and Jim McKeane. Mr. Lomady sponsors this group. Cheerleaders in action, tireless and undaunted, help make us all proud of Dobbins. Hamm., Q - f .. .,- -f -- Ruth Rickert introduces a new cheer in the half-time exercises . ff- N 4, ,, ., ,'-K .. ,fy ,A 'N a .fzfi ,H f ,- . . . th 'ai is - " KT ' ,-i 5- "N f- -"m ' ' ' ' My 'I F 51 1 ""+ V N1 'Q'-f:f1" V ,"7 :lar iff? 'W ftfi? if 5' if , , , ., , , , , . f , M,,,,. - if P ' "W 1-' ' f -1 f 2: v F ff., f- W' ,'wf',.'?!f't'Z? 111 THE PEPPY CHEERLEADERS who encouraged this year's teams are Gerry Neri, Ruth Rickert Cco- captoinl, Marlene Vanet lcaptainj, Delores Aucello, and Carolyn Gutierrez. On the second row are Dorothy Foltz, Mabel McCarty, Lorraine Diggs, Dorothea Killebrew, Janice Gregory, and Emma Burrows. Under Mrs. Silverbergis direction, the girls started the year with many hard practices getting ready for a big season ahead. They also took part in various pep rallies, assemblies, and in the sale of AA tickets and tags. ll 7 ' For if s Dobbins all the way!" fMT'S'xIP: gm ' ' -y X. .. KS x 2 1 ' 1 g 1 -1-vw Y .5 Ag v X X - , .g f"'?'q+ n X ,X , n. rig: ""9u-1' r f.,.,,1 'L'?'r'l:fm: K 1 iibfg if ,Q 5 f , 'ff 3 ,Q f .,.,, W , X "All the Dobbins roofers fall in line" behind the Color Guards, the Mujoreftes, the Marching Bond, and the Cheerleaders as Yhey begin the parade on The field. Connie Mock Stadium is in the background. an tif' wi L rfb? THE MUSTANGS STARTING LINEUP in torrnation. The line is light but ready to protect their backtield. The backs are poised and ready to win some yardage or detend their goal. Members of this year's squad include Linernen Cecil Dunlap, Eugene Timoschuk, Larry Harmon, Eugene Prokop, Clarence Upshaw, John O'Donnell, Alan Spivak, and Backs Elliot Boyce, Bolo Catini, Anthony Krystopcl, ard Frank Heyward. E5 J 3 'Y' . .ig Chester's line charges in on Catini as he gets away a pass, A lxx l W -Ji-My -4- NN XJUJ VX t . l x,x.LXkt iilx-,Lk xylyl K ef H. t sy' 'll x. DOBBINS 'I8 CHELTENHAM I2 Dobbins' first TD was set up by a fumble recovery on the Chel- tenham 24 yard line. The tied tally resulted from a pass com- pletion to Elliot Boyce and suc- cessive ground plays for eighty- eight yards to score. DOBBINS 6 OLNEY 28 Although haltback Elliot Boyce scored on a completed pass from quarterback Bob Catini, Olney's passing offensive proved too great for our inadequate de- fense. DOBBINS 8 FRANKFORD 20 Our squad's only touchdown was made in a ninety-five yard push in fourteen plays with an exploding thirty-seven yard run by Elliot Boyce. The extra points were scored by Anthony Kry- stopa- DOBBINS 6 BARTRAM 24 The one and only TD in this game was set up by back Frank Heyward and completed on a run by fullback Anthony Kry- stopa. DOBBINS 6 SOUTHERN 26 End Cecil Dunlap scored TD on cz pass from quarterback Bob Catini. DOBBINS 14 GRATZ T4 First TD for Dobbins was quar- terback Bob Catini's pass to halfback Elliot Boyce. The second TD, a handoff from Catini to Boyce, tied the game. 57 bb l Elliot Boyce rips off a large gain during the Frankford game. Center: The Do ins 9 brings down a Gratz ball carrier. Bottom: Coach Conrad gives the team a pep ta ,is Y, 'isa -1 B fry .im , ,L ,,,.. , N v Bob Catini crosses the goal for a touchdown against Chester. Center: Boyce catches a pass against Frankford. Bottom: Frc1nkforCl's big fullback smashes into Dobbins, DOBBINS I2 BOK 0 After the sky darkened in storm, the Mustangs sloshed through the mud and bulldozed our rivals and their heavier line with two TD's on ground plays. DOBBINS 22 CHESTER 41 Dobbins first TD drive went 90 yards. A pass from Bob Catini to Elliot Boyce went 54 yards. Dobbins took the second kick- off for a TD in nine plays. Dob- bins' third TD was made by Bob Catini. DOBBINS 28 MASTBAUM 6 First TD drive went 54 yards in a play by Charles Gibson. Anthony Krystopa's 41 yard punt was Dobbins' best kick of the season. The second TD consisted of a pass from Larry Harmon to Cecil Dunlap for 24 yards following a fumble recovery on the Mastbaum 24 yard line. Dobbins took the second kick- oFF tor a TD by Herbert Henry on a H28 yard reverse" which went 34 yards. Harmon set up the fourth TD. DOBBINS 20 EDISON O Bob Catini scored first with a 6 yard run. Herb Henry scored next on a completed pass and an exciting 43 yard run. Catini pushed through the line for T5 yards and our third TD. Al- though injured, Elliot Boyce played a standout defensive game, intercepting two Ediggn passes and smashing down three others. Big day for FIG,-me and Steel! Dobbins trounceg, Edison 20 to O! '1+- 3 ' 'ax . 3 N Q n s ,,, f X 3 S T ll V K C Q x 3 F -cs , F' Q It Q J" 1 mg t ,R X K w E 5' ,Psi Y Q. ,aa A X' A rf " f' ml! X 43331 im ' X s l 5+ XS X' at I s i It I we Q x ,tl if 5 ' t 1. x, 'I I P " XXX ' 1 .X .- A 'Y , X 4 Q -5 - ,K X ,A ac I 1 9 I X Q I A 'K xv' ' I QI X T Q et I W at 5' I, f X Q d X QA. X5 L2 -L .-'tn ,. ' .-.,f:,.-w52,".:- ' .. ",':'f5.'.u, .1f" 4' fr . rf" A , 'I ,,- ", ,ff 'I V f f, V- T 'Q . L. --w i -wp ' , . .321 W-4 .,223f?f?f4m ff ' 55, A in ' I ilgflpwtf-. , ,fy -1 H Q 7, Q 'E , -Qmtfi S: Sy., A. i,A'.s..,.. fs 7 , kwwfrsf WU' 'ei ft T' ,J gi.. N, ,. ig' ,, .sc ' -we ' 's2li'11,j3g: 1 AT"N-4i1j dig "'4, , ' WX M ,Qian ss... if Q Q an M f s ,. f , , , 'K A t X W ,W E53 7 3"' .. tr 'f tr 1. V ff Q i A 1 f ,, .,,f,47V, ' , 4. My 2 ,s. . wr 5 fu 1 ol if 5 ' J . if T 'ff ' 5 " 4, ' I 4 ' fl-.3 gh " ' , ' z ,V I V -.-f P i -' 3- ' 6- J sn ,tr H T. 'I , F . ' '- . 'Q .W Nl Ii "4 ' ' " ' ' f f -- - M, ' f . L ,1 - , f J if , .- , ' , ,, - , " f l m 5 1, . -, M , , I , . , 1 . , y. f w ,,. 4- , 'Q a ,. , . H , , . , V. , , A , . , , , . 1 ,. , f - 1 X . , -K . jf: Q " H "I f ,DEF , ' LJVYZZ' ,, A . - - -, ,,.., . - .. Q-V, ,-U .-Q., 4 32 , f ' , 9 C. , , WT, . 2, fi of , ., Q in Q -f . - tis, .Jin he ,.f.f: W i. , 'T A J " f ' ' "4 f THE VARSITY FOOTBALL TEAM'S season tally to gain tenth place in the Public High School League, showed three wins, tour losses, and one tie, THE MUSTANGS won their opening, non-league game with Cheltenham, despite having only a few seasoned veterans on the squad. They did not lose their confidence when they went down in defeat in the next three games played against the powerhouse teams of the league. The tie with Gratz encouraged them to roll over Bok and Mastbaum. The annual Thanks- giving game with Edison finished oft the season with a victory. Members of the team include Schreiner, Pitman, Silvestrino, Mason, Overton, Dalton, Tinsley, Fleming, and Latrenas. Second row: Turner, Gibson, Henry, Upchurch, Glenn, Timoschuk, Boyce, O'Donnell, Catini, Vitale, and Roth. Third row: Upshaw, Harmon, Kupczak, Heyward, Prokop, Simmons, and Mgrs. Bartlett, Williams, and Hairston. Fourth row: Coaches Magliocco, Bo- netti, and Conrad, Karbiwynk, Spivak, Adkins, Wiggins, Dunlap, Taylor. L 1 4 3 4 2 f ' Z . f 2 I' 1 1 ? 5 f ' . Z , s 2 5 f ?,.Z',yf , f if ,,,, Q, , . V pw, I fx, ling, 4 jp 1 ,r ,lf , ., ,f Q M, Q Jr mi ebff zfzc-f2sz,.cfs ,f Y ,kia , f ,f ' 5 5 5 f ' , , Q ' 'L' ' T 2, A , , 1 , , ,rf ,ff 4 ,lg VZ' 0 V! , 2 f xg i I 0 y -wi f MQQLZ, mi , f 1- "' T M .I f A , , , ,.., .,s, , ., , 59 . 1 2 5, . , ff ""' , -ti,-7 THE VARSITY FOOTBALL TEAM COACHING STAFF is made up of Mr. Edward Magliocco, back coach, Mr. Warren Conrad, head coach, and Mr. Frank Bonetti, line coach. lv, '1 ' S' f ' . is E lg ifi T 1 I ' 5 I A N gi 3 mu . i we ii 'YY sg! We ni' fb THE JV FOOTBALL TEAM placed seventh in the Southern Division Football League. Team members on the front row are R. Gilger, W. Robinson, C. Byrd, J. Bell, D. DiSilvestro, F. Kline, R. Betot, and J. Tucker- Second Row: R. Gaete, Manager, J. Remolde, H. Shank, M. Cervone, G. Valerio, G. Roberts, D. Maddox, L. Rosica, H. Weightman, and R. Campbell, Manager. Third Row: Coach Allen, W. Caldearo, L. Ackers, B. Napper, W. Richardson, H. Johnson, C. Horton, J. Pritsky, R. Antonelii, F. Harkinson, and Coach Lomady. Fourth Row: T. Cheatom, L. White, F. Thomas, R. Gorsky, L. Pleasant, W. Toner, R. Bagley, and L. Perry, Manager. fa! THE CADET FOOTBALL TEAM experienced a tumbling upset to Germantown Friends, giving them one win for the season. Five defeats, and one tie with Central ended their hard fought season. Members of the team include, from left to right: Smith, Moore, McCarron, Kinsella, Tinsley, Opalka, Day, Sanders, and Tompkins, Second Row: Ansell, Williams, Kelly, Collins, Spencer, Cinque, Pacelli, Dennison, and Jones. Third Rovv: Coach Einstein, Warner, Manager, Price, Bauhauer, Skipvvorth, Aniclree, Flogg, Kiefer, Reynolds, Merriweather, Ambrose, Manager. OUR RIFLE TEAM, unique in Philadelphia, shoots every week at the National Guard Armory at Broad and Diamond Streets. Here are Ernie Deitch, Bill Campbell, George McCall, Bob Wagner, Fred Meyers, John Switzer, and Bill Daveson. Kneeling are Karl Blount, Lester Sarvitt, Coach Zeitlin, Fred Crowley and John Snell. Blount won the 1959 N.R.A. award. The team belongs to the National Rifle Association and is registered with the OHice ot Civilian Marksmanship. 1 I I I I I I V' W ' I 1- gl I 35" 1 .i i f Q Zvx .?f'21'L"n THE GIRLS' GYM CLUB demonstrates various activities on the apparatus in the gym. They spend much time learning the new and difterent dances of today and participate in exhibitions in var- ious schools. Front row: N. Lloyd, D. McKinney, L. Liddle, L. Cruz, I. Smith, N. Doerr, and H. Slater Second row: J. Hare, J. Berry, J. Gregory, J. Neri, I. McConnell, and M. Repholz. Third row: Mrs Elgart, Sponsor, W. Brittingham. M. Mouraview, and V. Hatton- 61 54' an lys-Q2-Shins boaters have a great season! -1 pu - -,,,, , W f fr ww, " , L Vio , A, , V , , I V, H ,V ,V v,,,4,t, V W ,,,,' ,V , ,. 4 Q 3552 'Q S, 4---in-um 3 OUR CHAMPIONSHIP SOCCER TEAM, coached by Mr. John Mirsch, this year placed fourth in team standings. Dobbins posted a final season total of eleven wins, three losses and one tie. Every player on the team scored at least one goal. Michael Jung led the pace with nine goals. Captain Dieter Brand and Co-Captain John Papazisis were named by the Soccer Association to the All Public Team. First row: J. Gratz, Mike Jung, R. Kuropas, J. Papazisis, and Matt Jung. Second row: A. Singer, Manager, W. Jay, J. Maflie, K. Weiss, M. Chappell, A. Cooke, and R. Gafas. Third row: D. Brand, W. Brand, W. Rudiger, E. Birgel, D. Brauer, A. Bilenki, R. Kampia, and Coach Mirsch. MR. MIRSCH "chews out" team during half time at the Central game. Our Booters then posted a l to 0 victory. 63 Varsity Soccer We They 4 Chester, away 0 6 Chester, home 0 1 Mastbaum O O Olney l 2 Germantown l 4-A I O Frankford O 2 Bartrarn O O Northeast 'I 3 South Phila. O O Edison 3 6 Franklin O 4 Gratz O 2 Lincoln O 5 West Phila. O 1 Central O V ,MLB If ,V,,L.,, 6, 6 Bok O ' ii 5 Roxloorouglw O H moi League smnding-.mi Place :- in ' WA'-T RUDIGER, right forward, taps one in from the side, i, At left, MAFFEI attempts to scoreg at right, ROMAN KUROFA5 ,Meg ,Mr head 1 wtf.. S ,Y ,.f. tus 2 I . F 742 I ill sf A- W- 1 I -4 1 A. , A I' " , I f rc. .H . I , et . la j . le 2 if 1' if EW tif : it' - Ei - 'il t-' . if'I'l 1 l I I if 1 , iff'-WL... . m PTS A- , W 4- W. if t . if f , ' , 2 1 . - I ,- ..- -. If " - - .:"2, Mfffrg. W 4 f f- !,,5 " f , "'- f . i"Y'f'EEQ"'L "t11E"Zf "' Tha i Q 1. 'i , -4- 1 'V .., QLNBEEV .. j , .j D 1 - , - Mgt, '- 5, gy t 'W' f - J" f it fi I -1 Wa rf 4 4' " Q, A V' 1 " ' w" ' " i-'ff ,i E1 X I V A if t , ' 5 , . c. vig., A . f Y t -e 1 i A b.,,jLg. N .1 .,f-A , 1 ' -Q , .y Q R , - 1 Q sf tiff 'z gs .1 . 5' Lf "Ex T if 5 f 4 ,QC dm A T T? 5 4 F Y i W, J zifzsy. gig I 1 . f 2 -- I ' . ki -. ' , ff at I .st Qs.. M Eg!!! fm 4. 1 . , , . S xx V' A X 6 1 W ff THE JUNIOR VARSITY SOCCER team got to within three points of the championship to tie for second place. They compiled an amazing record of nine wins, one loss, and three ties- Clemente Mainardi set the pace with a total of I8 goals. Seated are J. Flego, C. Mainardi, J. Allodoli, W. Menke, R. O'Kon, J. Firmani, and W. Thompson. Kneeling: A. Ullrich, R. Garulli, B. Wiley, R. Peine, H. Sellers, S. Karbiwnyk, and J. Hager. Standing: Coach Chancler, D. Peacock, L. Russell, H. Timberlake, J. Donaghy, V. Weideman, K. Blount, and H. Knowles, manager. A L I -A-U I ' VMMMMM f f THE VARSITY CROSS COUNTRY team ran away with tifth place in this year's public league by winning eight meets, losing only two. Coaches Taggart and Andree stimulated the performance of these boys. Third row: Coach Taggart, Rainey, Bacote, Strickland, Baugh, Quinn, McLean, Cameron, and Coach Andree. Second row: Adams, Manager Marcavage, Canty, Begley, Co- Captains Moragne, and Brown, Collins, Kichula, and Manager Beaton. Front row: Wagner, Veltri, Britt, Anderson, Brown, Richardson, Thurlow, and Wernert. 65 '- ' Q .V I V . ,, F X , ' if 2 f 21 I I ,Q-K ,W . A J f ' " . r su. THE VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM placed ninth in the public league. Our senior courtmen can boast of victories over seven schools. The season's highlight was the game against Edison who was undefeated and fighting for first place. With two seconds left to play, Edison scored on a foul shot to down our Mustangs 66-65. Averaging twenty-one points a game, Captain Tino Showell placed fourth as an individual scorer in the public league. Our varsity hoopmen are Radcliff, Manning, Bussey, Showell, Shambourger, and Wilson. Second row: Coach Conrad, Manager Caldearo, Hall, Dunlap, Lutz, Shannon, and Managers Gorsky and Canty. CENTER JUMP with John Shannon, Big 12, tapping the ball to our side for the first of- fensive play in the Central game, 67 Coach Conrad plans me strategy with Johnny Shannon, Russell Manning, and Tino Showell in the backgroun Basketball Totals We They 39 Central 54 58 Franklin 70 59 Mastbaurn 54 69 Roxborough 54 45 South Phila. 57 78 Olney 65 66 Germantown 54 50 Chester 71 54 Bortram 72 63 Edison 66 55 Gratz 67 60 Northeast 85 46 west Phelcdelphso 64 54 Overbrook 90 63 Frankford 55 73 Bok 60 League Standing-Seventh Place Shannon, the but lurnpm on our team shows how to scorn ir l 6 - Q 4 ft 1 ts 2' Kgs , j .ff 3 A M45 THE JV BASKETEERS passed, shot, and dribbled to seventh place by winning eleven and losing tive games. Wiggins' score of 32 points, and participation by practically every boy on the team, made a 29 point victory over Frankford, the se-ason's highlight. Kneeling: Collins, Joyner, Cap- tains Shank and Ragland, Dykes, Tucker, and Anderson. Standing: Manager Robinson, Wiggins, Kupazak, Harkins, Coe, Clemes, Coach Allen, Taylor, White, Johnson, Bagley, and Manager Pritsky. I I I K K ,,, l 4, , 541 ' 5 'Q Q , jj ' V12 ziv V- K- A THE CADET BASKETBALL TEAM maintained equilibrium with a record of six wins and six losses. The hoopsters downed our traditional rival Mastbaum by a twenty-three point margin. Twice we were victorious over Central and Frankford. Southern was also trounced by our Mustangs. The- cadet courtmen in the front row are Stella, Tinsley, Halper, Maddox, and Carter. Second row: Satchell, Herzig, Ansell, Richardson, and Boyd. Third row: Branch, Rippert, Coach Magliocco, Chapelle, Campbell, and Porter. INDOOR TRACK provides the tune-up for the coming outdoor season. It consists ot 'Four events: the 50 yard dash, the 50 yard high hurdles, the mile run, and the mile and a halt relays. With the able assistance of their coach, these boys finished the season ready to go into Outdoor Track. Front row: W. Williams, T. Dickerson, R. Collins, A. Glenn, E. Merriweather. Second row: R. Brown, E. Adkins, Captain F. Heyward, J. Kichula, C. Horton. Third row: Coach Vincent Tag- gart, L. Cameron, S. McLean, L. Adkins, and U. Adams. A , y A ff Y E' E 1 1 , , L . fi s -' ' - f A f,,i-,- .L L . . 1.33 t J 1 ,tw T' jf ' 7 1 2' " i ' 'ITL yi ' 'iff' . -' . N ' 1 ' 3 . 'yr V' I N , A 1 I ix .EXC f . . . wx v ' . A t l,-,..-...-.. ff r f 2 . '4 Q Nw creme, L -X HH pt 5, THE TABLE TENNIS TEAM coached by Mr. Albert Chancler, placed fifth in league competition. This year's team was largely composed of newcomers who gave the rest of the league a lot of competition. Outstanding players were William Leonard and William Menke. Pictured here, in the first row: K. Mills, D, Hopson, T. Katz, W. Menke, and E. Anderson. Second row. Coach Chancler, C. Finnie, K. Kucgalis, B. Wiley, and H. Owens. 70 " 'l 'Mft 4. f Af 57 1 V ti, 1 A ' K '1 fa, .cl 474 f we f, my iff X My W 'M Z ff., .5 fi, , s, hifi v.-sn.: X n., I 5 , , f ,y cr XRS ? is ' l tl xg V , 1 1- V . .l MY . ,E ,, . . , ,, , Z KX QW 6, , 7 4 A . 3 tw NG? M xlfm . ,Q I T I . Z , 5 , ,, ' . V NNN 4' R swf iglsi .. ,X , , 2 is. tg ' Q f sis t waxy 'I , 5 4 : 5 I:-,, . ' A Q 1 t 5 , N. i THE GYM TEAM under the direction of Coach Lomady demonstrates the spectacular prowess of the human body. The boys perform their tumbling and gym apparatus activities with master- ful precision. The team, along with more seasoned athletes from Temple University, put on a program which held a capacity audience in awe. Team members are Schlegel, Hunson, Schmitt, DiSiIvestro, Thurlow, Valerio, Wernert, Kampia, Weightman, McKeone, Nazario, Captain Roma- ska, and Coach Lomady. .wg .. - "JI, ' - lf! FQ , K 1, ' 'T - -D, 9 ws, if Q T . , .,. I M g Q 3- 2 -asks zyagzvmg, 'f'Lgi"j -W f 'Uv ' ' ' 4 X, if i , .uf . Y., , W ' . 2 s. p ' , 1 - ' 1, ,aff f .:' x ,sf ,.,, , - ' E 1 1-:.:., ' ' -,f't.':, or 'ac K ,. J 1 s,'V " t' " ' -'X -fr .. "' 73' , fs A . wr 1. " ' . f . -v - ,Z ,fl W 4: . N ' 4. Iv r , I Q , v ,F , M' wc ' 2 ff' , -V X W .f ,,,' E-"P f M T I ,Q : 0 ,Ir -4 " ' ,f 2 ,J :I . r 3 5. ' f , -255195, ' 1 , y t. jf .3 5 '-:ft 411-5 .,. f 3 Q, ' - ' , . i "' -i 1- P f . ' 'I , ' ' , W: ' f, ffff f t t " , in- cw ' , f vzwyw-MM XWWWUVV y I f if-3, I t vm W Z1 V . in Q KWH VT 4- .K t i J 5 it Y' I , , ' . Tig ,VZ . -V x f 'N' . mm- they ,,,,, ,. xv, V ,g 'g V, QQ s 7 S1 ' 0, -fi' A -" ' If T Q' ' A' 'i"Tfft'i " 3? ' " T ' f ' , 2 7 V . , 2 . ' ,, , if f 14 Ai 'Ia . ' 4 l l . V f M 1 - ' of U, . ' ' . . a . , 1 f LJ. ,t .2 , -' ,, f .- , '- ' ,W , f if , 1' ' , , ' ' I 3. -f' , I ' L f . ' i 3 ,Q , ' , jf , , Q av V gf H. I ' - ..X,.,3..w.X 4. 7 ,ff f . f 4 f V . ,-4, A4 f f f' V A" i :Q . V ' -V is rfo- 159 ' s, - 'X w 555' -, x, f--f ,- ...wwf-:.1sf'. -4 . , 1 ' f , - " L 5 ' " ' ffl 1- ' ' lg x'..- g Y V. ,A V ,X H5 X. - A K 4 X UI. M 1-'fszf-, .,, .ff Q' ' . f Q -X - it i . Q , , V E , Jr ' x . A . sr DOBBINS SWIMMING TEAM under capable Coach Taggart took third place in Public League competition this year. Mermacs entered seven dual meets and took tive. Larry Keeley ably captained the team while winning several breast stroke matches. Shown here are Mantek, Tonick, Wallace, Freed, and Benezette. Second row: Betof, Paules, Rockleman, Keeley, Mitchell, Dunlap, Schmidt, and Prokop. Third row: Andree, Morgan, Greenwood, Flagg, Jacoby, Turner, Kiefer, Cohn, and Armstrong. Fourth row: Ullrich, Hutchinson, Wrubel, Rosen, Lukasiewicz, Vandegrift, Clarkson, and Mr. Taggart. 4 1 P ' THE GIRLS' VARSITY VOLLEYBALL Team scored a total of two wins and four losses. The members coached by Miss Ann Schweitzer were Naomi Black, standing beside Coach Schweitzer, and Bessie Williamson, Martha Smith, Dora Besselieu, and Pat Brown. Front row: Jeanette Schlegel, Barbara Rice, Brenda Worrell, Barbara Moragne, Jean Woods, Ann Hendricks, and Joyce Collier. The girls played enthusiastically in every game as well as in the Jamboree. T . ,, . - AA A2 ' iz V1 n iii ' fl ' '1 3 'iii V f. 7 J L . "'i 'A , ,, A 'NA ' ' ' A . V , . , f . . , Jiri ' 1.5. M ' I ' J! ' -'L if , 'L uf-- J .,'2 ' f fi ,X 1 ' K f' B it L . .5 u , N f X' r - .. f x I L k ' . 'il HW i. . I K , ' ,12...1 . i . ' s ' - H f. , V9 3 Q V . A A4 A A , V. in -A A lv A Ek A r N t ,Qi , , 4,3 3 L. V may A .. 3 - S K7 D A A.. is V . g H g -,L t W' is .. V- J A' THE JV VOLLEYBALL TEAM played with much vigor but little success. Many of our new girls helped, and will help even more next season. Standing: Coach Schweitzer, C. Reiter, J. Wash. ington, C. Brown, B. Lynch, C. Rivers, J. Carson, L. Velez, and V. Thomas. Kneeling: V. Cooper, V. Pelson, C. Brown, M. Dyson, M. Matthews, P. Roberson, B. Thomas, and W. Scott. Seated: A. Harris, L. Cottman, J. Scott, R. Beck, A. Lawson, M. Robinson, and D. Dowdy. -..N - ' ,. R 1 A gf.-1 L ' ' fx MUSTANG KEGLERS rolled to twelfth place out of fourteen matches with a season record of fourteen games won and thirty-eight lost. As each team member was a Hrsttime bowler, inexper- ience showed in this record. The outstanding players for the year were Mike McDonald with a 165.2 average and Ray Benedict who carried a 158.6 average. Other members of this year's varsity team include C. Heater, G. Velykis, H.Gordon, E. Driscoll, E. Deitch, R. Benedict, R.Gre- neen, and J. Moore. Standing: A. Cagan, N. Rosewarne, M. McDonald, Coach Dunn, J. Nizio, A. Kulikowski, and A. Butcavage- --if . fs, ,krr X THE GIRLS' BQWLING TEAM won three out of eight matches during the regular season. They Captured third place out of twenty-eight teams in the championship tournament. High game in the tournament was a 201 game bowled by Judy Gray. High averages for the season include Captain Judy Gray 138, Dorothy Folz 132, and Claire Anderer 135. The girls who make up the team are I. McConnell, C. Dornback, N. Paul, S. Linthicum, Captain J. Gray, P. Doerr, D. Folz, E. Kimmel, and J. Hribovski. Second row: C. Weist, M. Wojtew, C. Reiter, Coach Finke, C. Anderer, and S. Howlett. Diamond Capers VARSITY BASEBALL 1959 We They 8 Mastbaum 0 3 Edison 12 4 Olney 6 ii 2 Bok 3 'l" M ,L l O Grafz 8 . ,f ,ii gi L A f o we-Sf Philadelphia 14 . Mm, X - ' '1 ' nf Neff? , , ,L .. ,gn qi 3 Bcirtram 5 :ze A Roxborough 7 2 Overbrook 8 ,,,,,,. 1 Frankford 2 O Central 5 O Lincoln lO 2 Wins Season Record Losses 'IO 1 50141 I 1' , hifi, i' 1, 'Q A ' , , vw fzhwfmivi fain A., ff ffm, W w - fi W. f, e -, M.-j r , ,, ,, r , l 'A , ,451 ,, , ,ff ' , ,fi f 4.V,.h ,v 'IWW If , ' 'VW' f I 3:34 'w'L"wf-"Q, ' CHICKY TURNER, outstanding pitcher in the Public High League, warms up. ,ff V, ff ,f V , ,,.,,,,,,, , , , -ww ffm Eff: wizvmf. 4" 1 ff -4 'Y' M' 24.12 ' ' ' J, Wliiufj, .Q-K' f, ,, ,,,,.,, ff mfg L ,,- , , N N f a..7QZc,kw ,, it - , ' . , , lf if V , l N I, 1 ,, ,row-A . - 1 f ' ' , V K 1 -,111-5v, , QW.-f-.1-' ,' at Q ... . ' ,gui . .- - - Y - :If Left, locko Waller, hrs? baseman, and right, Bobliy Turngyr Cmfche,-I mode Honorable Mention on the All Pohlic selections Ccitini watches Turner throw, A fd 5' XS K Q xx Xi ' -'fmt in mr. ' V 74 fig QW 5 THE VARSITY BASEBALL TEAM placed fourteenth out of a possible eighteen places. Members of the team include C. Green, Manager, F. Carr, B.Acero, R. Catini, C. Turner, and R. Heins. Second row: S. Karbinwnyk, J. Marcavage, R. Tupponce,R. Jacoby, Captain, H.Szczurelc, R. Turner, and Coach Phil Shadle. Third row: J. Waller, A. Spivalc, G. Lewin, L. Schreiner, F. Schneiderman, and H. Williams. Although the team only won two out of twelve games this season, they played some excellent ball including a no hit, no run game pitched by Chicky Turner to defeat Mastbaum 8 to l. .f " "Q, VQHJNL - . 5,0 A -,ian - A .J .,,.1 . Q dw .h I, V.. ' V sw COACH SHADLE confers with Szczurek and Waller about the next play. 75 RV... ..-'tif-X' ,-Yi?'3i' V "' - rp. 'Lf' . Q ' .1 ' .. - W'w..AxAs-f, we Mb"-E' ! '41 THE JUNIOR VARSITY BASEBALL TEAM finished the season with four wins and eight losses. The Mustangs shut out West Philadelphia with a sound eleven to nothing defeat. Other games in the win column were Edison, six to two, Central, six to two, and Bok, twelve to three. Our worst defeat came from Olney with a fifteen to one score. Members of the team include Dalton, Wil- kins, Cunningham, Captain Dykes, Williams, Hanning, and O'Neil. Second row: Glenn, Henry, Silcox, Williams, Log, Wiggins, Ross, Harsland, and Coach Einstein. 3 "7'V - 2 'Q W :yy f ff- ! 1 t . y ' l f -Jw, 1 f M' I M W I -3 . t -1 b V-X1 jjj THE CADET BASEBALL TEAM, the future varsity baseball players, had a season similar to the Junior Varsity Team, with four wins and nine losses. The most exciting game of the past sea- son was with Lincoln High when our boys came up with five runs in the ninth inning to win, Other wins included Frankford, Central and Mastbaum. Members of the team include F. Klein, G. Spayd, J. Donahue, F. Knox, H. Gordon, F. Zornick, and R. Jones. Second row: Coach John Mirsch, N. Rosewarne, W. Kupszak, C. Williams, F. Thomas, F. Harkinson, and L. Wowk. Third row: J. Tucker, J. Quinn, G. Johnson, R. Scarpone, and R. Zimmerman. 1 OUR TENNIS TEAM, despite the expert coaching of Mr. William Tauber, placed twelfth in competition. Our first league match was won against Southern with a score of 4 to l. We met strong teams in Olney, Overbrook, Frankford, and North- east. When the end ofthe season came upon us, we had a final record of three wins and eleven losses. At your service! E. Birgel, M. Higgins, J. Roth, R. Roth, and H. Roehricht. Standing: Coach Tauber, H. Cohn, R. Clarkson, R. Ball, B. Wiley, D. Lewis, and Manager J. Beech. ff' -...NR ! ' j J" CAPTAIN JAMES ROTH shows the famous serve that made him tirst man on the team tor the past two years, and the terror of the league. ,,. A iw, ,, iv' "lf, Q, ,,., W, Vywuf ,,, l ,,L'l'Wjfff4V0f" My ,.,,., W 'UMM fr ,fo wk I , V zwlmvf X In ,,, A0 of ,,7,' All. 4- K A 4- f , f ' ' ' , ,Wa - iw Q r ' N , ,VL 1 g 03 ' gy f ' , , .' , ,rf A 4 ef 4 I f Vi fi., ,z 2 75' 7 5' "tm 1.. .A -, . .1 1 6 . . ,,,,,., . . , Kal 4 og, ,M ff 2" 'Q' f 15 f-1 176 fff, f' ,:f 'ff vfm.w.f ffzfm-ff f' f -fe .-1 4 , 4 , W fvyfh, - V, , ,I f ,, ,Way-P54 , , 4 ,WZ A . , . N, I by , 'V 5 Emo, 22fff'jg.gffiW3 f rwWv.,j1.N,,,f 'f ' 'aw-hM,f,,yV:ff M' Un," Q A. t , , bf - , f-Haw -gi f "5 073' if W Wfw W , , , - w ai -nf. .M-rm, f Q. V mqwiggz A V f -03? , . .T,m,,,Z-, X A ' ' , ,gk W ,159 V 1. "' ,,. ,we, ' it l Q:-YL ' 'L .Qi -9, ,.., A 5 mg, ' ,vsp -A ,fx W' 1 1- .-ww ,L -.ju ui? fl ' j Ronald Simertton shows great form as he clears the hiqh hurdles in practice. At right Charles Begley wins the mile run with an extra burst of speed to come in l8 yards ahead of his opponent. ,f-fr,1f f r Y I fr rw Z-ff 7 We ' 4 ,f Q. lo, s. TT' ,5as.,1.,:-i s- ' + "Take Your Mark!" the referee shouts, and Elliot Boyce William Crt-me Frank Heywood, and Robert Fuhrman get set for the 440 yard ruiwixvpf 78 f JL 5,1 M 'w me if ,r omg 'P +16 t 'fi , 5 f 'P ., " 4 4 f' is ' L ' ,, 11777 Q 1 I A f ly ugzys ,714 J, V, 4 , 5 : 22 5 W ,, ggi M go, 07, ,QW N Ma, 2, cfm x . , , M 3 'ni :i V W CK 3 X THE TRACK AND FIELD TEAM activities were well performed by the Dobbins athletes to help our team score eighth place, in Public League competition, out of fourteen league teams. Muscles tiexedg feet flying, coaches shouting, our trackmen took four of the seven triangular meets. Outstanding feats for the season were done by Simenton on the hurdles, Captain Elliot Boyce in the middle distance runs, Heyward and Begley in the distance run, and Bright in the shot put. Pictured above from left to right: Front row: Boyd, Horton, Moragne, Brown, Dickerson, Byrd, and J. Hart. Second row: Brandon, N. Hart, Canty, Collins, Simenton, Boyce, Heywood, and Adkins. Third row: Coach Taggart, Furhman, Kichula, Bacote, McCroy, Lowery, Folz, Kampia, Johnson, Crane, and Coach Lomady. Fourth row: Coach Allen, Holmes, Dunlap, Unruh, Bright, Mergen, Corson, and Baugh. lil Nix if N C f oi Q tv T l iewiig tr PENTATHLON FINALISTS pictured with Cooches Taggart, Allen and Lomady get ready for the H- nal round to determine the tive best Track and Field Athletes at Dobbins. Shown here in the front row, Adkins, Heywood, Simenton, Boyce, Gnd Crane. Second row: Coach Taggart, Coach Allen, Boyd, Fuhrman, Canty, Harmon, and Coach Lomady. Intramural Program J 7 "s , f A I ff-, nw. LQ? WH f 4 2' WW, V Aa I, ,, , V K -, 9 f cuff! f ti-1, A iw ., , , X , ' M 4. - 'fr wif 5 f 6 ff , X 5 'WY . l ff fn . N N .A-SM X fx if f f, f mf . X . i 'T xt Ng THE INTRAMURAL ATHLETIC PROGRAM directed by Mr. John McCann, and assisted by Mr. Albert Chancler, includes a long list of sports in their seasons for teams grouped by trade, and for individuals. The hilarious faculty-student and girl-boy games are outstanding events in the schedule which extends from September to May. X MW 5- I aw 4 f, I. . I! 'I My a gxdf cf Students are people who add Mr. McKain's autograph to their collection. give a dramatic reading on Senior Day. 7! My f fu. l A wf 7 f Mfg, , v listen to greetings from Mr. Briggs at the annual Volleyball Jamboree. Qi s, 4 '51 ,Y U Y N -gSv' i R G Hg .. 24" ' 4. . wt'-W . li -1. f zs' - , 52 V. enjoy cz good time of the prom, o most romantic evening. r M L" Hi .ik 3 fa We 4-. 'iwif' fr rv . . . have twin brothers: Stonshines, Jungs, and Bonduros. 2 '11 1" 1', f 10 Yi 11 1 . 1 1 1 1 1 1" Y 1 1 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 P'1 - 1 ffij 1' 115 .l f 1 -N, ,V1 1 :Ili '1 11 If., 1 11 1!'1,:,1 . . 11 1, 1 Fz'H,,, liif 1 1 I I L 1 1 M -N 1 ' .mf AJ,-V I I7 125 vj, - . 5, 1 1 1 ar, -9 1. 151 Q A 111, j 1 11' fe, if 1' QF' U V::f3'2T-,,f 1,Q,f,Q fr , '11 :1 'By .V ff-Tf,Jf1' ' ,111 A 1' - 1 1 ' 1-sg?-1 ' 1 X '- 1 ,aj11Qf- , 1 1 ' ',1e"1r'Y 4 5 is-L , :!f-:Lai 1 1- Q pf f 1 M1241-1 5 1 'T111':1',5?3 " A 'A ' -A 1 V15 , ' ' f . 1f1 WQQTXL, 1 . '2ai.1f1IHg'53.129111iA ' - 71117 g -gfff 2' Q. QQJ11 1 if 1:13 11 N 1, ,P 11.,2ii?f11i , .1 1 11 '- , 1 Q1! ' K 1 1 . - ,5'11'V ' ' 1 , 5, 111 7 " ' S1111 '?'11. f 1i"'2:'i ' L' ' 1 ' '1 ' ' , 21f11,'i'g1 1 1 L 1 1 " 'J,1':'Z'.' ',', 'Q 1 k b K L. 1,1321 --11413 1111- ,,. M12 ,, .? .111 11, 1124- 11' '11 1. , . :i11311,1If1,,f1+flff44121'1' " 111 ' -W1 'E-4 5,1 I 11 -11 1 Q 511' A 1 '11 r, 1.-.1 ' 1- 1 1 -1 1 1 . 'L '112 1 ' ' '11 13 ' ' ' ,VA1 .1,1 11 1 , 1 1 ,1,?f"1 1W,f:,g:1 -1 - , ' F' 25813 1gAfi1'1.1 1: 1 N 132 2'4f'1f'f','k"11f1l ,gg H A 1 f 1'E'2f?11if'Q',f'- " ?' ' 1 ww-:g11, ga 11 1.1 1 1 f7g'1g,f5 1 2 ' fw. '1 ' 1 ffgfifhfi 51' 1- , ' gwf' ' 'f1 ,1 srf11ige,. 1 1 11 2 x 1- '1 -"1 1 ' 4 111-7:1 113,11 11111 1 - 1, 3 .dvi , 'Wa 1,1 Q 1 4, 1 , -INN, 12112112325 11, 1:11 3113111 13 11'-A' 'f1'j 'SY' 1 1- 151 if 113.I.3jQ,',J1,i'Qj1f1 A11 411.1 21. ' 1 ' 1 1.'Afj'v11,1'.1 -' j " 1 J 1 jg111i11i,1g- ff '11 1 1 ' 1 1' 1 -.3 '-14 1 ' gg! .a,f,i1:1, U M W' g1f4,1g,1,-'Q1111' -- 111 1 , M' " ' rf' ,1? 1, 111' 1 , I .1gg,J1,131,1,g1 11- ,A , 'Eg 131. '13 121 1 -r , 1 ' 'QL-'zg13?F1 11, A, if E13 11 in 1.11 1, b I V 'Ulf F? '- " .1,J, u i X 11 Q -1 ,iq .1L 1j,Q5s V -- Sf' X 1 , '-1111, -'f'3f'111' 15 1 1 5g4.f51Z1:1f1 1 11f'f1,g1'f 1, ' 1 E511 WI'- '- Q V- -1 '11 11 1 -glvffkm S 11 ' 1 1 ,, ' 'l5':iI'v:1..' 115' S"11,' '-11111 1,1 . 1 1 1,e!'W1M'3 1. N ' 1 '51,1,q, ' W.. , ':v,m,.'5.Haj5y -I ,1 'r 15 Y 1 1' ff ge-1'1" 1 I 1. sJfgf51Q5S1'1g111ea1-1 ' 1 'C ZA. 'JM ,N wx A '41 f Harvest Cotillion .... an eventful evening! 4:15 ,ns The Sixth Annual Harvest Cotillion was held on Thanksgiving Eve in the Pennsylvania Room ot the Sheraton Hotel where students and alumni enjoyed the music of Jimmy Ray and his orchestra. ff A , Their energy and enfhvfldsm Ke., X. .ef Q YN Class of June '60! fx Ke 3 .ax 5rT Wx Y , d , Q . , f, .214 W W W . I' """61SS CLASS OFFICERS: Judiih Kulis, Presidentg Bofbcnro Heim, Vice- Presidentg Nancy Paul, Secretoryg ond Mamie Middleton, Treasurer 82 V 7 enllvened the s f if if JM? it Lv dr, My i To the Graduates of June, 1960: The future of our country lies with your generation. Your parents, church, and school have been preparing the offering you tools with which to meet the challenge that will be ' ' Ive encountered as this nation seeks to so world problems. From your parents you have received a sense of belonging, . g h love, affection, and togetherness, te church offers faith in a supreme being rals, the school pro- ortunities for self-discipline in foundations and and a code of mo vides opp respecting the rights of others, opportun- ities to make lasting friendships with students of various backgrounds, and basic training in a business or an in- dustrial field of endeavor. The time has come to depart through k lace for your- the doorway and ma e a p selves in this complex society. It may 'l eem strange at first, but soon you wil s be an active member of this modern era, applying the skills you have developed to help you attain your goal. Remember, 'l you carry the good name of your faml y, church, and school wherever you go! Be proud of each of proud of you. Wendell O. Lomady Sponsor them, make each one Mr. Lomady, Sponsor EZEKIEL ADAMS "Zeka" 1821 N, Marvine Street Electronics From Beniamin Franklin High Activities: Monitor, SA Senator, Marching Band, Concert Band ULYSSES ADAMS "Butch" 2508 W. Oakdale Street Industrial Electricity From Fitz-Simons Jr. High Activities: Track, Monitor GEORGE ALBRIGHT 1524 N. 28th Street Printing From Stetson Jr. High Activities: JV Bowling Captain, Gym Leader, SA Alternate 7 W . i I A I ' - Q. f.c.,:,,,:s,, L M-. C X 1, "T..:r'i-' QQLL 0 Q :ei ig .. A . , I ii-X x girl' , fo, A 'list X r. 3 ci -me 4' 9 'ii rec Q fry 85,13 , fr Y V 21- Ct' r "' C A . , rf A ' S, A 0 44 'TEC H wh.. I N r aug B Q we i W. , 'cw ' 5 4 , Y f , ff'-'tiff' . , nn. 12 . 2 if CAROL ALLEN "Betfv'J 2520 N. Dover Street PI'C1CT1C0l NUV5i'19 From Fitz-Simons Jr. High Activities: Basketball EMLL ALTENBURGER MAH" 2135 W. Indiana Ave, Automotive Maintenance From St. Mary ot the Eternal ALEXANDER ANDERSON 'Trees" 4001 N. 12th Street From Sayre Jr. High Printing Activities: Gym Team, JV Football, Swimming Team MARY JANE ARTHUR 4219 Maywood Street Commercial Education From Hopkinson Activities: AA Representative, SA Senator, Ink Spot FLORA ASHBY 2436 N, 26th Street From Cooke Jr. High 'Plunkey" Commercial Education Activities: Choir, Glee Club LEROY J. BAESSLER 711 W. Wingohockin From Cooke Jr. High JOAN BARNES 2011 32nd Street From Vaux Jr, High Activities: Monitor HROYH g Street Machine Design 'Joni ' Commercial Education S4 ax if f 1 X01 ' '- xx U ' , . . X ! iz t - nf. . ' . 3 . f X S. wg 'Niki- ixfxi Q ' I in -P Wi. , gi - A EX . Y . x . Ly J Xi CHARLES BAUKMAN "Charlie" 4326 Pennsgrove Street Commercial Art From Shcw Jr. High JANE BAUMAN 3904 N, Fairhill Street From Taylor Beauty Culture Activities: Library Aide, Volleyball, Honor Roll, Concert Bond DOROTHEA BEECH 4934 Reno Street From Sulzberger Jr. High HDOV, Commercial Education Activities: Monitor, Volleyball CHARLES BEGLEY 5046 Ludlow Street Heating and Refrigeration From Sayre Jr, High Activitiest Track, Cross Country JOANN BELL 6643 Crowson Street From Roosevelt Jr, I-ligh Activities: Monitor MARGARET J, BELL 5104 N. Fifth Street From Cooke Jr. High TALMADGE BELO ,Angelo Commercial Education Hpeggyn Practical Nursing 2308 Diamond Street Automotive Maintenance From Fitz-Simons Jr. High 85 3 f X... we AWK Nw -fl .,.+ -f . 4, f , V 2 sz ., , .-W. Q 3 ,rf-,-.V 9 'gi 1 --,-jf., 77, .. " , 1 it i V t ,.,..,-.,, . It rw -tr it .. fffttisyh r if 2 ' "f .l , fc ,, 2 ...... ... ff l fm I If w l. L if i l lbw. lt PATRICIA BARNETT 909 W. Lehigh Avenue From Clymer Activities: SA Senator FRANCES BARTH 2419 N, Fifth Street From Welsh ARTHUR BASCIANO 'll8 S. Cecil Street From Sayre Jr. High Activities: Basketball, AA Representative npmu Commercial Education "Fran" Commercial Education "Little Artie" Architectural Drafting Representative, Trade tt Lynx 'X V if 'tt lt X' tl. T f xx: may Y-f ' it it A fi ' ' tv- :fl l J, JOYCE BENEDICT "Joyl' 3813 N. Ninth Street Commercial Education K From St. CoIumba's Activities: Bowling, Guides Club RAYMOND J. BENEDICT "Hovey" 3813 N. Ninth Street Electronics F'rom St. Columba's Activities: Sound Crew, Bowling, Cross Country, Guides Club, Honor Roll, Gold Pin A it-!UJLx, i f, 7 Qyj-Z, 'CJ kv .1 , . V .f , f ,,f, ' ff, H' X . f f " 4 .4 ,,VV "R W' AQ V I' f 4 7 f, 1 1 f .3 W, , f if , fi! , a ff QM, f ff , f - 4 X J E Society, AA Representative, SA Alter- if ,K f nate ' 'V 'f a iiiiff JosEPH BENTZ fuoeff laws .y G Q 527 VV. Diamond St. Automotive Maintenance I ' From Stetson Jr. High f - I I Activities: Varsity Basketball, Election Committee 71, I I .yi "r Q, ff gm- , ,-fi' yy, A or ,- QQ , U E 1 iw JUNE ' M vk M f 1 Atv ,AV J N27 I MARGARET BERGER 381-1 I-i Marshall St. 74951 From Tfiylor Activities: Bowling HARRIS BERGS 2515 N. 31st Street From Fitz-Simons Jr, High THEADORA BESSELLIEU 1339 N. Newkirk Street From Stetson Jr. High Activities- Volleyball, Choir VIRGINIA BIERSHING 2839 N, Franklin Street From Girls High Activities: Choir CAROLYN BILLUPS 1005 B Brown Place if From Cooke Jr. High WZ ff? 5 ECKARD BIRGEL Q 'Margie Commercial Education Automotive Main Dress 'Tiny" tenance Teddy" making Ginny' Commercial Education Commercial Education 1244 N. Palethorp Street Machine Design From St, Peter's 'K From Gillespie Jr. High Activities: Yearbook Staff 'x I f xx 9 Activities: JV Soccer, Varsity Soccer, JV Swim- ming, Varsity Tennis, JV Table Tennis MARY ANNE BISHKO "Terry" 1933 Bonitz Street Commercial Education 86 EMll. BONDURA "Zip" 1025 W, Glenwood Avenue From Cooke Jr. High EDWARD BLACK 948 Borbeck Avenue From St. Boniface "Eddie Foundry Practice 1 X Activities: Track, JV Football X N 1 X coizncuus BOND "Pete 2014 Glenwood Avenue Carpentry X From ritz-Simons Jr. High Q Activities: Track, SA Senator f, my . nl BRENDA BONDS "Bren' 455 E Vxfalnut Lane Commercial Education From Roosevelt Jr. High Activites. Dance Clulo, Monitor, Gym Club A , pam ,,- 'fv-sv"7C' ., 'Wifi-rar' ELL D08 ,f,Ql x f'Hf I If ff' -' E' 3, :tn .. XI 0 co cn O 5. 3 " 2 4 3 2. rn " fn 2 Z 5' 5 Y! : m yy 2 cn ET C :U 'V -. 3 O F I 4 : 'L 3 5' o Q g Q rn .U :x :Q 2. 0 2 ,,, ui Q. 4 :.' ru 5 ui fi: s4 E' :x 3 9, no ff I 2 ' 1 Q -. " Q - 0 an .4 rw :r cn rv 3 1, J 5 gt Q Q 5 o Q Q E 'U fp 4 " 'K Q . o n 3 E 5. ua 3 o 3' if - cn - 'U o 5 U5 E 5 Q. -1 EQ 9- o' 9. E. Q, Q- 'D '4 3 -4 'D ' ' xx an : 5. Q. .X ,mt s. 1 .AWE 5. r Y- Q , ,i Mx af' ,337 ' r 4, 1 Tfrix' t ' ix ' 3 it Q -si , ' .A i I ,N ti it t ft K X . 1 S .-ef,,er'QF' ..,. n ' 3 ,S N. 4 h C . . . . vfgitw-:f'3 ii" -4532125 445, 53-vggel . 1 ,. 'aw-.Q 1 ,H.,1.-eg-"4 'E e"e' -.. W"'.0 E "W-'i-fx ' tr ' 3 ii sk , ia... ' ' "wg ,' ' ., , 1- 9 .wigw.b"'f5 ffff,-5'giiQ':3 A ,X 'E " r,err -'-' s... - Automotive Maintenance STEVEN BONDURA "Steve" 1025 W. Glenwood Avenue Carpentry From Cooke Jr. High GEORGE T. BORGIA 1015 W. Orleans Street Machine Shop From Simon Muhr PATRICIA BRAIM "PGY" 2047 N. Howard Street Commercial Education From St. Boniface Business School Activities: Bowling, Guides Club, Election Committee GERALDINE BRANDES H-leflii 1924 Mascher Street 3eC1l-'fy C'-Jlfufe From St. Boniface Activities: Color Guard DIETER BRAUER 6023 N. Philip Street Electronics V3 .J 4 WN N 1 , 4 17 . , V 4 .,., V W' if ' K2 4, fr 4' 7 ,gf 1, 4 ri I W, ,X f ff , w"f'Q4f'L iffy' 1 f 1' 'k. XC ' LFTEQ-U4 L 571' A9 ,J 90, .. X19 Q1 ' l if VE M +1'i75g,, TT! C '-as ., to ARTHUR BROWN "Fritz" 2342 N. 22nd Street Architeitural Drafting From Fitz-Simons Jr. High Activities: Varsity Cross Country, Track, JV Basketball, Varsity Swimming CARLENE BROWN 59-19 Norwood Street Commercial Education From Wagner Jr. High Activities: Monitor, Volleyball PATRICIA BROWN "Pat" 6305 Greene Street Commercial Education From Welsh Activities: Choir, Volleyball, Monitor, Glee Club, Trade Representative, AA Represen- tative, SA Senator QLL D ' i f 5 R QP ii?T"Ai'i4 w '44 7' I 'Tec tttg IX X W' 'M' ., W. A , A 4 ' 5 , 3 it ROBERT BROWN 2523 Warnock Street Industrial Chemistry From Cooke Jr. High Activities: Track, Cross Country SAMUEL BRULLO "SC1I'T1" 5753 Chestnut Street Commercial Art From Sayre Jr. High EUGENE BRYSON "Gene" 2502 Chadwick St. Automotive Maintenance From Gillespie Jr. High Activities: Weightlifting XVII.I.IAM BUDDLE "Bill" 6-121 Ogontz Avenue Restaurant Practice From Wagner Jr. High Activities: AA Representative, Trade Represen- tative EILEEN BURKEL "Reds" 2005 W. Cambria Street Restaurant Practice From Gillespie Jr. High Activities: Swimming Club, Bowling Club JEWEL BURSE "Joyce" 1615 W. Westmoreland St. From Gillespie Jr. High Commercial Education Activities: AA Representative, Monitor BRUCE BUSSEY "MOH 2431 N. 20th St, Heating and Refrigeration From Fitz-Simons Jr. High Activities: Varsity Basketball, JV Baseball, Track 88 l if fin! DOMlNlC CAPORALE T917 S. Tenth Street Cobinetmaking From 'AcCall JOHN CARLTON 6237 Gardenia Street Industrial Chemistry From Roosevelt Jr. High ANNA CARMlCHAEl. 2630 N. Colorado Street Practical Nursing From Fitz Simons Jr. High Activities: Glee Club, Volleyball THOMAS CARRINGTON "Tommy" 2466 N. Chadwick St. Commercial Education From Gillespie Jr. High Activities: Swimming Team BENJAMIN CARSON "Ben" 2003 Woodstock St. Automotive Maintenance From Gillespie Jr. High Activities: Marching Band, Conceit Band, Glee Club, Choir FRED CENZIPER 2919 Walnut Hill Street Printing From Sayre Jr. High LAWRENCE R. CLAMPFFER "l.CIl'I'YH 168 Osborn Street Electronics From Creighton Activities: SA Senator, Sound Crew, AA Alternate 89 MIRIAM BUTLER l542 N. 58th Street Practical Nursing From Shoemaker Jr. High Activities: Monitor, Organist, Choir, SA Alternate DONALD BUTTERLY "DOH" 4836 N. Sydenham Street Electr0niCS From Olney High TYRONE NV. CANTY "Stan" 2227 Vanpelt St'eet Industrial Chemistry From Centrcil High, Waycross, Georgia Activities: Basketball, Cadet Football, Varsity Track, Cross Country MN? UQMLJM g AXUWCMA GRETA E. CHANDLER 2465 N. 28th Street From Fitz-Simons Jr. High Practical NurSing MACK CHAPPELL I77 VV. Weaver Street Baking From Roosevelt Jr. High Activities: JV Football, JV Baseball, Soccer 5 3. li JOANNE CHISARI "Jo" 550 W. Pike Street Commercial Education From Cooke Jr. High 1 4 . I fx, I , I 4 UR!-4 4 Fvgff A, 7' . lr iv I 6 y . , ' 55,72 P C- Xiu ,gJ4f'i.! Aw L' N E l l qv lXgd,..f' I .J lj Ay n . ,, r l - 4 VW ' far ' ' Z?"-'ar . Il XX ij! HAZEL M, CHISOM 3124 W. French Street Practical Nursing From Fitz-Simons Jr, High VIRGINIA CLANCY "Gina" 2444 W. Toronto Street Commercial Education From Gillespie Jr. High Activities: Choir RICHARD CLARK "Dick" 467i N. 'l6th Street Beauty Culture From Holy Child CHARLES E. CLARKE "Charlie" 3060 N. Hutchinson Street From Stetson Jr. High JOSEPH CONRAD 400 St. Vincent Street From Wilson Jr. High JOYCE A. COLLIER Machine Design 'Gunnar Back" Patternmalxing Mousie' 1841 W. Master Street Commercial Education From Vaux Jr. High Activities: Volleyball, Glee Club, Choir, Swim. ming Club BERNARD COOKE "Cookie 2544 W. Diamond Street Foundry Practice From Blaine Activities: Gym Team, JV Soccer 90 ALFRED CUNNINGHAM 2 E. Slocum Street From Roosevelt Jr. I-ligh Activities: Monitor HENRY CURRAN 4336 N. Warnock Street fi 'XXX-W' X L' Industrial Electricity "Chubby" Carpentry From Penn Treaty Jr. High BERNARD DALY 1413 S. 56th Sheet "Bernie" Printing From Most Blessed Sacrament Activities: Cadet Football, JV Football, Swim- ming Team, Gym Leacier, Tennis PRESTTONIA DAVIS 2525 W. Dauphin Street From Roosevelt Jr. High Activities: Dramatics, Choir, Glee Club SUSANNA DAVIS 1808 Frances Street From Vaux Jr. High Activities: SA Alternate, JOSEPH DENTON 6312 Sherwood Road From Beeber Jr, High LORETTA DE PALMA 2731 N. 20th Street From St. Mary's "Presty" Restaurant Practice "Suze" Home Economics SA Senator Hjoet, Electronics "Kitten" Commercial Education 91 t cHARLEs cosoM "Pebble" 3814 W. Cambridge St. Automotive Maintenance From Shoemaker Jr. High Activities: JV Football, SA Senator DIANNE CRENETI 3947 N. Seventh Street Commercial EdUCC1fiOf1 From Taylor Activities: Bowling, Entertainment Committee DOUGLAS CULBRETH HDOUQH 2544 N. Chadwick St. Automotive Maintenance From Fitz-Simons Jr. High Activities: SA Senator, AA Representative ,,,,,,7w.y? .0-m.4..A,v, LL D 1,999 fqf. 080, fs .1 Cui? F J' ig! A 1 jf gt ta L J rl 0 A ' 'kv ' if L- '. TECH CAROL DEVLIN 8527 Glen Campbell 5 From Sita ,-fmont Activities Cheerleader treet Eeautv Culture LOIS DHTMAR iromyff 8lS W. Stella Street Commerical Education From Stetson Jr. High Activities: Guides Club BONITA DIXON Bonnie 6473 Ross Street Commercial Education From Fitz-Simons Jr. High Activities: Monitor, SA Senator 1 vu D03 . 9 041, L ' f 4' ' 'i K -.AQ Q ' f. 'r "r-r . Jr , 2 X V I I Ex C ' F l 114 ' xcvy st, J 7' 'TECHV I : 3 , . 4 ,S tv ' Q Ly' ' v M75 2 i J. Y ,A Asa . r , L tr. 1 4: Ni 'R Q vyxgi 'J I ft W' zbiiie li ' A 3' an ji ' CT f "Cl Y A' 1 g, HELENA M. DMYTRUK 4438 N, Clwaclwiclc St. From Cooke Jr. High Q31 Commercial Education Activities: Choir, Glee Club, Monitor, Yearbook Staff, SA Ser-ator, AA Alternate SA Alternate, Entertainment Ciwftmlffeei House and Grounds Committee Cap- tain EDWAPD DOMAN Ed 2077 E. Somerset St Heating ana Retrigeration From Jones Jr. Higlw JAMES F DONAGHY r-larry 2959 N Hanc:cl: Sweet Cofnrnercial Ec-:L'ion From St Ed -.cird s Activities SA Senator AA Reryesentative DAVID DONNELLY lgol 53l0 Warren Street Baking Front St Gregori, s CAQYLE DORNEACF 311-1 53rd Street Commeifial Education From Gillespie Jr l-'lgiv Actvities Bowling Team CEClL G DUNLAP 1915 Callas-.twill Street NV.3,dinq Ffom Fitz-Simons ,Ip High Activities JV Basketball sity Track DAVHD DUNLAP 5l28 'Webster Street Front Snow Jr, High Activities. Varsity Sv-. imm Representative Varsity Footbafl X ar- Arcnitecturol Diciting ing Team AA 92 NORMAN ERVIN ,fw- l.. N-K' 4..1,,, N ,.,,. W 2. ' .,.,.. . , .. .f,.,,:.,g? Q7 QW . M wiv: . www Q .. f 929 W. Butler Street Printing From Cooke Jr. High Activities: Dramatics. Glee Club, Chair PENELOPE FAFALIOS 'lPenny" 2932 N. 13th Street Commercial Education From Clymer GERALDINE FANELU "Jerry" 3616 Emerald Street Beauty Culture From Jones Jr. High FRANCIS FERRARO "Frank" 6743 Woolston Avenue Industrial Electricity From Wagner Jr. High Activities: Varsity Football MOREY FISHER "Fish" 1354 N, 75th Street Printing From Beeber Jr. High Activities: SA Senator, AA Team GLADYS FISHMAN 2926 W. Lehigh Avenue From Cooke Jr. High LAVERNE FLEMING 2042 W. Oxford Street From Vaux Jr. High Activities: Monitor, Glee C Representative, 93 Representative, Gym "l.olly" if Beauty Culture EX , ulheerr Commercial Education lub, SA Senator, AA Choir ww? 5. MARY DYSON 5340 Alfred Street Commercial Education From Roosevelt Jr. High Activities: Volleyball, Monitor, SA Senator JOHN E. EMBERGER "Johnny 3436 N. Eighth Street Machine Design From Taylor RICHARD ENGEL 4748 Whitaker St. From Fitz-Simons Jr. High w ba? rl well, M 47 wwwv fini' RMV, V"cQ if X! ck, N x "Jingles Heating and Refrigeration Qt . it . X 4 5. Q X ROBERT FLOYD "BOlDH 3lO N Robinson Street Welding From Beeber Jr, High CAROL FLUHRER 7l7 W. Venango Street Commercial Education From Taylor Activities: Election Committee, Ink Spot, Monitor, Bowling Club JOHN H. FOLZ "Johnnie" 3832 N. Darien Street Machine Design From Taylor Activities: Varsity Swimming, Varsity Track, JV Track, JV Swimming, Varsity Club ,it f ga, X , l f i l .X Qi in ,il i fit , Qi CL 'X V, if ,,. X. K C1 XJ IN i mul V, ii la 3 -Q1 ,f x I J I F '-.1 2? sift ,T .li Ns ' ' 'A 'C A 5 A . Q 23,23 Zi, .- .M , - ij - . ,r Q, , 1 i , , , Jig,-' 1- ?fif"1" i Y, 'W i ii ' lf I J J 'hi Q i",3?F.?ii", , u 1 i I .' .o,,:9" 'F' .5 Q ,I All V 3 f i 1 in -was-,Ep it-+41 fc." , ,2 iii ,X pi Q-'QW J it J Nl J im w t , W wi M 0 0 yi ' , 'Vg' 1 ,jf bf ' 'Fiat' f JOAN FONTAINE Joonie' 3809 N. l7th Street Commercial Education From Gillespie Jr. High Activities: Monitor MARETTA FORTE Cookie 2243 N. 26th Street Commercial Education From Fitz-Simons Jr, High Activities: Choir, Gym Leader JEAN FOX Bonnie l2l4 E. Sedgely Street Beauty Culture From Hopkinson Activities: Library Aide, Hono Roll SARAH FREEMAN Peaches 55l9 Arclleigh Street Dressmaking From Germantown High Activities' Choir BERNICE FRANCES FULLER Franny 2235 N Camac Street Cor From Fitz-Simons Jr. High timercial Fducation Activities Glee Club Volleyball 'ik Spm MARGARET GAJ 3028 N 21st Sider From St Mciiy of the Etenal Activities SA Senator LEONARD GANT Iioll N Qlst Street Ffcm Gillespie Ji High Marge Diessmalcing Eiectio-tics U-1 HERBERT GILLIAM 4848 Westminster Avenue Welding From Sulzberger Jr. High Eiiis GOLDSTEIN "G0'dY" 2436 N Patbn Street Printing From Cooke Jr. High WILLIAM GOODEN "BEIIY BOY" 1019 W. Cambria Street Carpentry From Stetson Jr. High i, I . v. . , fa 'ifipii fivii F i i yt if ff - Wk Q' we Jf' ' 1 F 1 HELEN GOOSHIAN 2548 Third Street Beauty Culture From Stetson Jr. High Activities: AA Representative, SA Senatqr 4c.'f-j-W,.- GERALDINE GRADY Hoerryff f 1627 W. Victoria Street Commercial Education From Gillespie Jr. High Activities: SA Senator, AA Representative, Glee ii LJ!'c,,"! '.4 XL Q, get-L D06 Club, voiieyboii A A QQ' 41:1 0, .fi rf Ci! K A X 45N .ef , CJ! .3 A w W 53 JUDITH GRAY "Judy" y ki M LA 5,1 3104 N. Marston Street Industrial Chemistry I V,. . ,.v QP N99 From Springfield Township Jr. High ij'-I ,, . ' Q . '74.rEt-HHXQV' Activities: Bowling Captain, Guides Club, Trade "" V, , V, -' ,.. ,g,,.rb ' Representative, SA Senator, Ink Spot, ' J I ' N 'V' i i Gold Pin Scciety, Yearbook Staft, Z. ,Q Honor Roll J I, X A. an J Www . SANDRA GRAY "sandy" f ,Z , , . fjgw C 2628 N. Franklin Street Commercial Education ii J I F f av From Simon Muhr Y Activities: Ink Spot, AA Representative .1 CECIL GREEN "Caesar" 2023 Sharswood St. Automotive Maintenance From Vaux Jr. High Activities: Cadet Basketball, Varsity Baseball, Varsity Cross Country, JV Track CHARLES GUDGER "Chis" 2250 N. 20th Street Automotive Maintenance From 'Wagner Jr. High "Beth" ELIZABETH HARDING 6115 Cedar Avenue Practical Nursing From Sayre Jr. High Activities: AA Alternate, SA Senator, Trade Representative 95 'QWNW QERALEINE HAGENS 39 N. 36th Street From Douglass Activities. Bowling Club THERESA HARKINS 3421 W. Westmoreland F'rom Gillespie Jr, High Activities: Monitor VIOLA HATTON 1627 W. Lehigh Avenue From Gillespie Jr. High Activities: Gym Club of-LL a 'TECH SQ' le. 04, Q X ' f Lrix f i F J 9, T ' ,V 5 C! X I.: fl FE ' . ff? 44 9' l '09 T. A .5 H by l A 3 ffl l 'lj xx ' W lk J K W Y fl V.f'l i if . A YQV , L it Q 'ily-s-qw 7 We ff , , 1 f, A ' 1,'s "Gerry" Beauty Culture "Terry" Street Commercial Education "Kil'fyl' Commercial Education ,A VM I S-NK IW'-. ffe 1, BARBARA HEIM 4146 N, Darien Street From Cooke Jr. High , f ,V X ,QQ , Q f 1 4 , L 'rw' cv , , 7 f ,j 1 1 "Bobbie" Commercial Education Activities: Glee Club, Choir, Maioiette Cflpfcllni Monitor, SA School Store Senator, SA Alternate, Aide, Swimming Club, Yearbook Staff, Gold Pin Society, Honor Roll, Entertainment Committee President, Varsity Club, House and Grounds Committee Co-Captain, Class Vice-President, Senior Prom Committee VERONICA HENDERSON 2300 W. Diamond St From Cooke Jr. High Activities: Monitor, Glee ANNE HENDRICKS 3748 N. l5th Street From Gillespie Jr. High Actixities: Glee Club Mc SA Senator FRANK G, HEYWARD lal8 W. Brown Street Ronni Comme.cial Education Club, Chair Commercial Education nitor, X arsity Volleyball, lnclustiial Chemistry From Benjamin Franklin High Activities: Varsity Track. Varsity Football, JV Football GEORGE HIGGINS Reds 538 W. Rockland Street Architectural Drafting From Morrison Activities: SA Senator MATTHEW R. HIGGINS, 3rd Mat 3931 N. Darien Street Machine Design From Cooke Jr. High Activities: Varsity Track, Varsity Tennis GERARD HILL JEHVY 207 Ripka Street Heating and Refrigeration From St. Mary'5 Activities. JV Football, AA Representative 96 gs. is . X gg g S ,sg sf Q. is 1 l DlANNE HUTCHINS 5725 Market Street From Gillespie Jr, High Activities: Trade Representative, Spot, Monitor HOWARD HYMAN ' Sm' H. i, F Q ' '. xy X XX ' , 5 ft Y . .- x I wi l .Deen 'IX Beauty Culture l Glee Club, Ink "Howie" W 7601 Brentwood Road Printing From Sayre Jr. High Activities: Cadet Basketball RAYMOND JACKSON 1829 Fontain Street Industrial Electricity From Gillespie Jr. High Activities: Monitor, JV Baseball JESSE JAMES 2323 N. Myrtlewood St, Automotive Maintenance From Fitz-Simons Jr. High MALCOLM JAMES "Mac" 4932 Greene Street Food Merchandising From Roosevelt Jr. High FLORA B. JEFFERSON "Belle" 5553 Larchwood Avenue Practical Nursing From Fitz-Simons Jr. High KENNETH R. JENDRZEJEWSKI 3923 N. Darien Street From St. Peter's Machine Shop Activities: Varsity Football Manager 97 - i it ij CHARLENE HINTON "Lena" 3629 N. Bouvier Street Commercial Education From Gillespie Jr. High Activities: AA Representative, SA Senator, Ink Spot Editor, Volleyball, World Affairs Council, Yearbook Staff, Trade Rep- resentative JOHN R, HOPKINS "HOppy" 4427 Clarissa Street Automotive MainterlC1f'IC9 From Gillespie Jr. High JEROME N. HUNTER 22 E. Pleasant Street Commercial Education From Penn Treaty Jr. High Activities: Choir, Glee Club, Cross Country, Concert Band, Marching Band fC JUNE 5 l 1- it in ig K wi., HAVEN JIMERSON Cookie" 3402 N, 19th Street Machine Shop From Fitz-Simons Jr. High Activities: Track, Cross Country, Swimming Team, Baseball ALMA JOHNSON "Jean" T226 N. 53rd Street Commercial Education From Sulzberger Jr. High Activities: Glee Club, Monitor, AA Represen- tative JUANITA JOHNSON "Nita" 2114 N. Seventh Street Commercial Education From Penn Treaty Jr. High Activities: Choir, Volleyball, SA Senator, AA Representative 32 ffm ww 'Wea xv' f i l Fw A af' f Lil il! N ABN, 'will X an ' W 3 ,W 3 Q , ,V X A ff I 4 E r l 2 '7 N X iid 72 R 'J j X JZ JUNE i TWU it, ,xii y 1 it All TU T Gfntxyf .As f Kiwi? f -ss, X " t' f ,Q Q, ,, c wg' ij. 4919 , f 'ww r 'tw' , A. A' --A, '--+ ' f f ,f ! Q i BARBARA JOHNSTON 'fBobbie" 1939 N. Marshall Street Restaurant Practice From St, Vincent's PATSY ANN JONES "Pvt" 3425 W. Clearfield St. Commercial Education From Gillespie Jr. High Activities: Bowling Team TERESSA JUANITA JOYNER "Nita" 2660-B Glennwoocl Drive Restaurant Practice From Willis Hare, Pendill, South Carolina MATTHEW JUNG "Matt" 67lO N. Lawrence Street Machine Design From St. Bonaventure Activities: Varsity Soccer, JV Soccer, JV Basketball, JV Baseball, Cadet Baseball, Dramatics MICHAEL JUNG "Mike" 67lO N. lawrence Street Machine Design From St. Bonaventure Activities: Varsity Soccer, JV Soccer, Cadet Basketball, JV Baseball, Dramatics JOSEPH JUSKA "YUI"' 4917 Greene Street Automotive Maintenance From St. Francis ROBERT KAMPIA "Bob" 4127 N. Reese Street Machine Design From Palisades High, Kitnerville, Pa. Activities: JV Soccer, Varsity Soccer, Gym Team JV Table Tennis, Varsity Track 98 i l X GEORGE KELSALL i " ,l il .tit i ,ir "Ernie" 93 Champlost Avenue Automotive Maintenance From St. Ludwig's Activities: SA Senator LAWRENCE KEELEY 3132 N, Ninth Street From St. Bonaventure It Larry" Baking Activities: Swimming Team PATRICIA J. KELLY 2811 N. Marvine Street From Clymer Hpctf, Commercial Education Activities: AA Representative, SA Senator, Gym Leader, Bible Club, Bowling Team, l.. Election Committee, SA Vice-President i' JANET KING 4248 N. Darien Street From Cooke Ji. High Activities: Swimming Club FRANCIS KITCHEN 3311 N. Delhi Street From Cooke Jr, High ujonu Beauty Culture ,tsonnyn Printing Activities: Gym Team, Basebali, JV Football, SA Senator JAMES KOLODY 330 N, Lawrence Street From Cooke Jr. High Activities: Cadet Football, resentative WILLIAM KRAMER, JR. 179 W. Albanus Street From Morrison njimn Machine Design SA Senator, AA Rep- "Reds" Architectural Drafting Activities: AA Representative, Cadet Basketball 99 ..-- 1 V' - ze- ... f'K x'i'i.i5.'r. -A fi . A ,F 6. "' - . . ,ff iv I ry r - . .I ,, In I , -hi A4 5: , Eglin. 551 . v " '2F5'k:'S:- f x.,a,g,: v r if i 1 19'f.,'iw:.: K 8 , 'nm 'twat 'if ,- ftw:-ig.-u SA .W ' 0.-H..-v:. wi i9u,!ug:3-syfnggbigg-5 'fm Y., .df-ez-ng:. 4.4-:5.,'b2v Qznu - ::-'mts::h:Sg.:.g-594:55 H'.'L'-,'.'vfJ'tJf5'lA J ' 4 .-a:.,-.'.'w:.-.n-ma. , i -.' - H:--:Q-f. w.. 3: i J ..- '..f,,w+v, :MM ' ,.Ao.a.f,.. f,v.4g,w,' gm arf-N GERALD KAPLAN H-l9VVYH 5226 Jefferson Street Electronics From Beeber Jr. High WALTER KARBIWNYK "Little John" 2870 N. Lawrence Street Commercial Education Pram Stetson Jr. High Activities: JV Football, Varsitv Football IRENE KEARNEY "Penny" 5521 Pemberton Street Commercial Education From Sulzberger Jr. High Activities. Monitor QL If 'L Q L D in ' . .Aix F "5 wild fi' , 1-X ' . t l It X 1. -A .1 Lf 'ttf 4' ' 3-P' SQ EJCHWX A11-J V I 9 M 4 0 Nitty. it ii l Myi i Xl. femur. Ext 153:39 55 JUDITH A. KULIS "Judy" 5041 N, Fifth Street Commercial Education From Cooke Jr. High Activities: Class President NORMAN LABELL "Bell" 1616 W. French Street Baking From Gillespie Jr. High JANIE LAMBERT 3213 Ridge Avenue Practical Nursing From Fitz-Simons Jr, High Activities: Trade Representative, School Stare Aide cLL Do gg he A .xfjggqfirlr qu' fi A. 5, H I -, 0 -9' iqfrr c v' l 1 ,M rf' fist A7 42. T? ."" ,yi-W .f, GERALDINE LANE 'J-l9'fl" 1526 N. 62nd Street Commercial Education From Tilden Jr. High Activities: Chair, Glee Club, Monitor STEFANIE LOSHNIOWSKY 'Stetf 714 N. 24th Street Commercial Eclvwticn From Jones Jr. High Activities: Bowling. Election Committee CARRIE M. LEONARD 'Carol 4006 Ludlow Street Restaurant Practice From Sulzberger Jr. High STUART l.EVlN 'Stu 5352 Oxford Street Food t-'le'chandising Frarn Beeber Jr High JANET L. LEWIS 2-427 Edgely Street Practical Nursing From Fitz-Simons Jr. High RONALD LEWIS Jasper' 1903 W. Ingersoll St. Commercial Education From Vaux Jr. High Activities: Track NAOMl LLOYD Bobs 5832 Pine Street Con-rnercial Education From Vaux Jr. High Activities Choir. Movitar, Ss-.ifnmir-g. Gym Club 100 .xxx-1 tv i WI ' i AIJHN J to xl' t,tlIf BARBARA LYNDE "Bobbie" 647 W. Rush Street Commercial Education From Cooke Jr. High Activities: Bowling, Year Book Staff, House and Grounds Committee, Entertainment Committee, Monitor, SA Senator 'VVIRGINIA MANCILL ffoannyf' 518 E, Sentner Street Beauty Culture From Clymer Activities: Library Aide, AA Alternate, SA Senator JOHN MARCAVAGE 2353 N. Leithgow Street Plumbing From Welsh Activities: Cadet Basketball, JV Basketball, JV Basebail, Cadet Baseball, Varsity Baseball, Varsity Cross Country BARBARA MAITZ "Barbee" 3031 N. Orkney Street Beauty Culture From Stetson Jr. High TERRY MASON 2510 Apt. G, Berks St. Architectural Drafting From Roosevelt Jr. High P Activities: JV Football, Varsity Football Qi! ALICE MATTHEWS 1232 W. Atlantic Street Beauty Culturef From St. Stephen's Activities: Color Guard PATRICIA MAZZACANO "Putty" 2706 E. Somerset Street Beauty Culture From Mother of Divine Grace 101 0 ,, ft CONSTANCE LOUELLA "Cookie" 927 W, Silver Street Restaurant Practice From Cooke Jr. High Activities: Swimming Club TYRONE LOWERY HTYH 2112 N. Ninth Street Industrial Chemistry From Penn Treaty Jr High Activities: JV Track, Varsity Cross Country, Gold Pin Society, Varsity Track RICHARD LUTZ 1329 E. Rittenhouse St. Industrial Chemistry From Wagner Jr, High ActiViities:"'IVcit'sit Fctiojfball, Varsity Basketball . rj 'I,v'!' 1,13 . lit J l IH, I., A i W iftrfp V J .. .. iz 1 M it 'ff .411 ' . zi 351655 . . '. t . 1 fx gy ' Y, , 1. ra, .Z f, Q, 'Z R 1 i t f '1 IU X 1 I ,131 ,ft "I Al Ulf X ' M I IU F of yy ., r qi, ww w rv! ff fa Z!!! A if 3 fs' , I X I ,EX iyg., ttf F A I tb 5 ' JU NE 1' iRJ , Xl J tt r ii at 7 , , .... y ii if K I f me I it KATHQYN MCADAMS "Kathy" 2812 N, Bailey Street Commercial Education From Fitz-Simons Jr. High Activities: Choir, Library Aide JANICE McCLENDON 2226 W. Oxford Street Commercial Education From Vaux Jr. High Activities: Choir, Monitor, Glee Club WAYNE MCCRAY "Ray" 2235 W. Edgley Street Electronics From Fitz-Simons Jr. High Activities: Track, Gym Leader, Weightlifting, Trade Representative, Gym Team f- 4 ,M I Y' 7 f 31,41 A X I. f ,, 'fwsia , 'f' '-2, ELAINE MCDUFFY "Lonnie Girl" 5234 Parkside Avenue Commercial Education From William Penn High Activiies: Monitor, AA Repreeentotive, Choir, Volleyball ALBERT McFADDEN "Mack' 1338 E. High Street Printing Fro rt Immaculate Conception JL Activities- Marching Band, Dramatics il I I PATRICIA McKEE Pot 231 E. Hortter Street Conimecial Education Q I From Roosevelt J'. High pl yi yt Activities: SA Senator, AA Representative, Trade X"' I G Representative, Ink Spot DOLOQES V McKINNFY Lorsie 5528 Choricellor Street Commercial Education From Vaux Jr, High Activities' Gym Club, Vcireyball Honor Roll AA Representative Trade Representative JACKLYN MCMENAMIN Jackie 60-18 N. Tenth Street Commsrcial Education From Jones Jr. High Q tip UVic 'bfi 1 ff Activities: Monitor Captain, Choir, Inkspot, Year Book Staff, Mascot Leader, Dramatics , . KENNETH O. MCPHERSON 729 N. 46th Street From Sulzberger Jr. High Kenny Restaurant Practice Activities: Drarnatics, Choir, Guideg Club DAVID T. MERGEN 5345 Eeltielct Avenue Merg Machine Shop From St Vincent s Activities. Sv-:imniing Team C055 Country JV T'C'CIf Vfusilt' Track SA Senator .4."i' T L"-1 'a..2,?.1't fersiieteggf: ri ,L y-1... ..e"2-:M--F-rr' -gf. .tfeuary-Gini If fc" 'Sree' i" - ,By We i-115. 131-"'.ieQ-wif 10' 2 W ARTHUR MILANESE "Art" 2332 Aspen Street Machine Design From St. Francis Activities: SA Alternate, AA Representative, Baseball CLYDE MILLARD "Tweety" 1911 E. Albert Street Automotive Maintenance From Jones Jr. High SARAH MILLER "Pat" 1801 N. 17th Street From Penn Treaty Jr, High Commercial Education Activities: Volleyball, AA Alternate DELORES MORGAN "Dee" 310 W. Upsal Street Practical Nursing From Wagner Jr, High Activities: Monitor, SA Senator BARBARA MORAGNE 3811 Folsom Street Commercial Education From Vaux Jr. High Activities: Glee Club, Choir, Monitor, Volleyball, Bowling Club FRANCHET MORRIS 2359 N. Beechwood St. Automotive Maintenance From Fitz-Simons Jr. High FRANCENIA MOTT "Franny" 2336 E, Boston Avenue Practical Nursing From Penn Treaty Jr. High Activities: SA Alternate 103 JOSEPH MERKL "JOE" 2030 Fuller Street Automotive Maintenance From Resurrection RUDOLPH MERRITT "Root" 1317 N. Allison Street Architectural Drafting From Shoemaker Jr. High Activities: Marching Band, Concert Band MAMIE MIDDLETON 6419 Chew Avenue Commercial Education From Vaux Jr. High Activities: Class Treasurer, AA Representative, Entertainment Committee, Honor Roll 4 A ",., si., f J ., 4. 1 , 51 f ' , .if 552 V ew i QLL DQB jr. ,T A els ,S -Eff U if ' 3 A i lo Hi,-tri ln ' ' Q if ,gl-t . .g ck' NY H QP YV . Z Y J? ql'TECHTx1L .......,, V 1 1 X 5, 'ig v i i ,lr .f Q bi, Vg Y if 1 1 1 i Q 5 f L' ' - Q ,Jl Lfilghil Y l A s' al it Wir, .ffl .A .tim ill' A CHARLES MUELLER "Chas" T343 N, Newkirk St. Heating and Refrigeration From St. Ludwig's Activities: SA Senator BARBARA MULLER "Bobbie" 2643 Braddock Street Dressmaking From Little Flower High Activities: Guides Club, Monitor, Schcol Store Aide, Volleyball Manager JEANNIE MUMFORD "Toots" 7024A Jessup Place Commercial Education From William Penn High Activities: Gym Leader, Choir, Volleyball L D Q-Q 0 51s S up f ,cs "iii JS fj Q Fi' E1 LX L 5: A ' J oi 6 Q 4' '44 V' i '-r cii ttl' il N . r 44 , ,iv , f, i f , nu , ' 'N K, ,Q Q'- , Agfa, 1 ccie J r , f ,ff Nsmzl , M -fwfr' A , f X Mft 3 7 is T 1 , J l QM" i ft, f '75 J 4, if Stir ,, my , , A 'Z :if-,J Li 4: if , Wit' g Ji rj A ' lr! 'Jig J by . i A BX T I AQ' ,iff T A 1 T RICHARD MUTCH "Dick" e 2 '. ': fl , li , i , T .May 2l23 66th Avenue F'rai'n Vtlagner Jr. High Architectural Drafting Activities: SA Senator, Football, Swimming Team BARBARA MYERS "Babbief' 2419 N. loth Street Beauty Culture From FitzfSimons Jr. High Activities, Volleyball JULIA NAPPER "Jule" 1624 W. Page Street Commercial Education From Gillespie Jr, High Activities: Volleyball, Monitor KATHLEEN NAULTY KaSS" 5224 N. F'airhill Street Commercial Education From Barton Activities: Committee of Seven, SA Senator, Ink Spot Editor, Monitor Captain, Junior V Prom Committee, Volleyball, Bowling, ti Gold Pin Society, Library Aide, Gym Club, Drcimatics JESUS NAZARIO "Joey" 2l39 N. Fifth Street Electronics From Penn Treaty Jr. High Activities Cross Country, Weightlifting Club, i Gym Team, Track, SA Alternate HOWARD NEELANS 4933 N, Second Street Printing From Morrison Activities: Trade Representative, SA Senator osmioiris New ffgmiieyff 2l7l N. Franklin Street Beauty Culture From St. Eclward's Activities: Choir, Glee Club, Gym Club, Ink Spot, Cheerleader, AA Representative, K Swimming Clcb T04 . swag? PN .E .Pm-. - X . X Q Q K' Xe x Y XX Q 3 Q X xc Xi' 5 ENN A SN X -K ?1..i' . -. 1. S XQEQNN- gqssg.. . qt. ,. 3 1 4 ., f ' . A Q - Nik-1 -fs:-:fI.:f wai l -A Pg? Ngqc-.-'far-'il v.J:4:9it- f -' Fi i i'? 'ftfQF353i'1?.'i 551.513 iw :riff vit 4 :fill W saffessfas HENRY Owens ffHC,,,kff 917 W. Diamond St. Automotive Maintenance From Penn Treaty Jr. High Activities. Cross Country, Baseball, Table Tennis JOEL PANZER ffioeff 8013 Temple Road Food Merchandising From Leeds Jr. High Activities: Monitor, SA Alternate, SA Senator, Dromatics, Trade Representative, Ink Spot THERESA PARIS "Terry" 2309 W. Clearfield Street Beauty Culture From St. Mary'5 JEAN PASTORE 3013 N. Broad Street From St. Mary's Activities: Monitor, SA EARL PATTERSON 14472 N. 27th Street From Vaux Jr. High "Jeanie" Beauty Culture Senator "Little Pat" Industrial Electricity Activities: SA Senator, Monitor Captain, Varsity Table Tennis, JV Soccer, JV Track, JV Swimming, Trade Representative JAMES PATTON "Jimmy" 3113 N. Wendle Street Printing From Edison High NANCY JEAN PAUL 2949 N. Seventh Street Commercial Education From Stetson Jr. High Activities: Bowling Team, Guides Club, Class 105 Secretary I 9 9 4 4 -af ' ' 5 Q I , 1' A - V- nw -.sfteig ff' A 4 4 , , f 41 'Q S? so 4 i 3,56 , . .... g S' , 5 ta s Eg 2, 1 1 ff ,gg , up Zfity , Q1 s f My Q, 45 I YY SY! 4 1 4 f X .- , rf T ' .. i,, . ,,4.,4,f 1 e J W2 Q 9 ff. bw.. fs . ,.,. . K Q is 'W 1 A as s .s ft 5: , ' Q' s X f ' its f . was V A f WV X S5 5 9 f 4, 5- 1 1 J .t qi ft 1. 1 . -2. JOHN O'NEIL 2710 W. Master Street Foundry Practice From Morris Activities: JV Baseball MARLENE OTTO 3936 Belden Street From Ascension Beauty Culture KENNETH OVERTON 33 N. 63rd Street From Sulzberger Jr. High i,KenH Printing Activities: Cadet Football, JV Football, Varsity Football, SA Senator . . .. J WN, 5 f f 46396 Xiu 1' 4- .fm F1 J f "Johnny" PHILIP PAUL 5327 N. Howord Street From WeIsh NEIL PAULES 672i N, Srnediey Street Frofn 'Ncigner Jr. High Activities: Swimming Team DANIEL A PEACOCK 3'I0 S. Frazier Street From Sayre Jr. High Activities: JV Soccer "Phil" Eiectronics rrTexrr Printing "Lur'nberiack" Machine Design ,1 ,Viv fr ,wwf ., ff, JL NE' it ' I uf I ' 5, f fr I , .4 , f f I .J i 1 . ffl -on-.1 I, .Qi , E t. W, ...f EVELYN PEAPSON HEVH I7-13 Beitieid Avenue Industrial Cnemistfy From Jones Jr. Hgh Activities: Trode Representative, Junior Prom Committee, Glee Ciub, Ink Spot, Handbook Committee. Honor Roll RICHARD PEINE 641 Sanger Street From Creighton Actifities Soccer, Sound Crew Electronics STEVEN PELLICONE Steve 'IZIO W, Rockland Street Printing Frorn Cooke Ji High VIOLA FELSON Teenie 2-1-15 NV Berks Street Commercial Edozction From Fitz-Simons Ji' Hgh Activities Gyn Lecziifef So: ri-Q S, n-ing Ciuc Monitor MARY L. PERRY 27I5 -V Eyre Street Covrntercizr Education From Harding Jr High Activities Monitor SA Aiternzte Sr-.rmrning Ciub Bo,-'ing Voiieybcgii SARA PETERSON 2259 N Colorado Street From Vciuk Jr High ELLEN PETOCK 6602, N I2th Street From Gillespie Jr High Little S Diessnxoking EIICJ Con"1'-eicicil Education Activities House ond Grounds Committee , I 106 J 1 TJUWI' NU were lily l . f . , . I rw 'VDO Ik iff- I' We JOHN POMPILIO "jack" 2014 Tomlinsnn Rd. .Automotive Maintenance From Northeast Catholic High Activities: SA Senator JOSEPH R. ROCKELMANN 5039 F Street From Northeast Catholic High "Rock" Plumbing Activities: Swimming Team LARRY RAINEY 2340 N. Cleveland Street Food Merchandising From Gillespie Jr. High Activities: JV Cross Country, JV Basketball MARLENE P. RAINEY "Beanie" 2412 N. Cleveland St. Commercial Education From Fitz-Simons Jr. High Actzvitiesz Glee Club, Volleyball SAMUEL RESTA "Sam" 2549 N. Hutchinson St. Automotive Maintenance From Stetson Jr. High MARY ANNA RICE "Maryann" 413 W. Susquehanna Ave. Commercial Education From Welsh Activities: Glee Club HDQN, DANIEL J. RICHARDS 1917 W. Somerset St. Commercial Education From St. Mary of the Eternal Activities: AA Representative, SA Senator, Cadet Football WTMOMAS PHILLIPS "Phil" 8Q3 N. Bambrey St. Automotive Maintenance From St. Ludwigs Activities: SA Senator, Trade Representative JAMES PINDER "Duke" I92O E. Hart Lane Printing From Fitz-Simons Jr. High Activities: SA Senator MURRAY PLENN I7-13 N. Peach Street Printing From Beeber Jr. High fm Q Q s 53 ? f 3 .X ,ES Ewa .v '.,-we v 1 iw J' A QELL D 8 . ' 7' iii- ia C. H 1 Qi I rl 0 Q' I F 6 .S H ite' -J Q., N I i 5 lIIllfJQf 7 fl! Q24 ' w 'TECH I 4? Wray' Alf f53e-.w1 fer yiqrswj 1. .Zi RONALD C. RICHARDSON 2112 Harlan Street Machine Shop From Vaux Jr. High RICHARD RIZZO "RiZZ" 6914 Ardleigh Street Printing From Leeds Jr. High NORMAN ROBINSON "Normando" 4239 Viola Street Commercial Education From Shoemaker Jr. High Activities: SA Senator, AA Representative, Gym Leader, Choir, Glee Club ELL '8 9' 5,21 fx P lk-.J Ili 9. Do Q .lf . 04, Q x , fx 5 X E r , il F1 -f A ' ' c, 1 09' O A ' 21, . ,Ce 'TECHF 5 vw! Q ff , 7' '-if 74' "' at ' f. f' 24,4 fl -1:71, 'i 5 .2 .1 QI 31501161 :gn 1- ' ll"-'W ' "i Y' lf f ,,L,'ai.4M"'Il S of ,uifji ,ff Y' Pff riff ,Aff , , of -A ,euffni SAUNDRA ROBINSON l' giy ' 251 N Ruby Street Restgpiint Practice From Shoemaker Jr. High Activifiegi Volleyball, Leaders Club JOHN ROMASKA "Joy" 2839 N. 26th Street Printing From St. Columba's Activities: Cadet Football, Cadet Track, Varsity Gym Team, School Mascot Mr. Fight, GLENDON ROSE 4306 W. Reno Street Carpentry Fror--, Gillespie Jr High BARBARA SANDERS BabS 5722 Walnut Street Commercial Education Front Stoddart Jr. High Activities: Choir, Valley-oall, Leaders Club STEPHEN SAX 'Steve' 4625 N Ninth Street Printing Front Shoemaker Jr High Activities: SA Senator, AA Representative, AA Alternate MICHAEL J. SCHNEIDER Mike' 9614 Hayden Street Industrial Electricity From Lincoln High CAROL SCHUCHARD 'Moe' 307 E' Queen LONG Covvmercial Education Front Cooke Jr. High Activities: School Store Aide, SA Senator, Choir, Monitor, AA Representative, Bowling, Maiorette, Yearbook Staff, House Gnd Grounds Committee, Senior Prom Committee 108 'Melt ,t QJQ, JACQUELINE SCOTT "Jackie" 466 E. Rittenhouse St. Cornmeicial Education From Roosevelt Jr. High Activities: JV Volleyball, Monitor JERRY SCOTT "Scottie" 2845 N. Bailey Street Printing From Fitz4Simons Jr. High Activities: AA Representative HOWARD SHERRY "Howie" 1738 N. 65th Street Automotive Maintenance From Gillespie Jr. High ELTON SHOWELL "Tino" 2300 W. Diamond St. Commercial Education Frorn Fitz-Simons Jr. High Activities: Varsity Basketball, JV Basketball, Cross Country SARAH J. SIMPSON II33 N. 4-'Ist Street Commercial Education From Sulzberger Jr. High Activities: Ink Spot, AA Alternate, Honor Roll, SA Alternate VINCENT SIMS 3321 N, Bouvier Street Industrial Electricity From Central High Activities: Varsity Track, AA Representative, Monitor, Trade Representative GERALD L. SINGER "Jerry" 831 Church Lane Machine Shop From St, Vincent's 109 L rs. err, " - 1, . is ts. - N LEE SCHREINER I985 Plymouth Street From NVagner Jr. High Activities: JV Football, Basketball HORST W. SCHULZ 39I8 N. Seventh Street From 'Iaylor BARRY SCHWARTZ Architectural Drafting JV Baseball, Varsity Machine Shop 6023 Washington Avenue Electronics From Sayre Jr. High A A +1 --1' Y, ts Q1 i X Q' ii A cf Y ay .!..l.,. 3 :fe.,r,, . F5 -A . v -. to 5 l - ' - I cf. wif ff Q. me '15, 4 XX, s ,VK sf F5 JUNE' fiil Qi li l tgwlf Qi KM i, it If ff iii, ,Mf if W - i if 'lblxyv 'K-1 ,lik L EDWARD SOLOMON "50l" 215 N. 60th Street Automotive Maintenance From Sayre Jr. High Activities: Track, Tennis NELSON SOMMERS "Nellie" 1519 Benner Street Electronics From Blaine Activities: JV Football, Track ... -, 7 , JE fs 'ff B 'fo GEORGE L. SPAYD Ace' 1632 N, 76th Street Machine Design From Beeber Jr. High Activities: Caaet Baseball RAYMOND STARK Big Roy 206 W. Sheldon Street Architectural Drafting From Morrison ELIZABETH STAUB Betty ' 5521 N. American St. Commercial Education From Taylor Activities: SA Senator Ink Spot Editor, Junior Prom Committee, Gold Pin Society, Bowling Club, Library Aide THEODORE STEPHAN B20 New Market Street From Penn Treaty Jr, High Activities: Glee Club, Gym Leader, HENRY STOUGHTON 3231 N. 29th Street From Corpus Christi Printing JV Football Reds Baking 110 t x 1 J :lf W it MARY SWEIGART 2542 Brown Street Practical Nursing From William Penn High Activities: AA Representative, SA Senator, Bible Club, Bowling Team BARBARA SYKES "Bobs" l2i5 N. Taylor Street Beauty Culture From Vaux Jr. High Activities: Ink Spot, Volleyball, AA Alternate RICHARD ALLAN TAYLOR "Limp" 1230 W. Sergeant Street Commercial Art From Gillespie Jr. High Activities: AA Representative, Track SHEILA THOMAS "Marie" 2439 W. Sharswoocl St. Commercial Education From Vaux Jr. High Activities: SA Alternate, AA Representative, SA Senator, Trade Representative, Bowling Club, Volleyball VIRGINIA THOMAS T827 N. Natrona Street Practical Nursing From Fitz-Simons Jr. High JOANNE THOMPKINS "Joe" 2917 N. 13th Street Commercial Education From Fitz-Simons Jr, High Activities: SA Senator, AA Representative, Glee Club, Monitor, Swimming Club HARVEY F. TlMBERLAKE "Junior" 7l83 N. 18th Street Machine Design From Wagner Jr. High Activities: AA Representative, SA Senator, JV Soccer 'l 'l 'l EUGENE R. TIMOSCHUK "Ukie" 1222 N. Fifth St. Heating and Refrigeration From St. Basil's Activities: Cadet Footboil, Varsity Football, JV Track LUTHER Timsiet img" X- 1919 N. Taylor Street Electronics From Audenried Jr. Higl: Activities: Varsity Football, JV Basketball, JV Foo'ball. Cadet Basfball MARY TOMPKINS 23l6 Oxford Street From Vaux Jr. High Activities: Ink Spot, Vo ELL -. 0 Q ' 4, :F ...L JJ 5 Qi f si ww 3 X f v. 4'Tscm0" 'leybcill Beauty Culture , 1 597' 'W XF ! .rg-3 ". . S. N... .FW 'flirt ' 1 1 -V , 4. ' I b it I rf-'Z' ... . l Ti ef? Oi at i.,iftif, . Hi V F 'I HELEN TRAUBEL Reds" 7333 CIO-gdge Sweet Restaurant Practice From Wilson Jr. High Activities. Trade Representative, AA Representative GR!-CE TUCKER 2712 Huntingdon Street Pra:ti:cl Nersirig From Fitz-Simons Jr. High WILLIAM TULL Billy 529 S Salford Street Weldirig Frcm Salzaerger .lr Higlt Activities. Track. Crcsg Coimvy Glee Club Bosicetbcfl C5-air AA '2epresea':five CLARENCE UPSV-liiw Uppie 27,13 F'Il:ne't S"ee' Fle:"' From Sulzaerger J' High I-cmities Vafffw F::'b:-l Cade' Foc'b:li K, S-5iLX'A'lQ5?lf Yli-I-Lf Sal 'N ' 2723 Heriiberzef Shee P-ftirwq X . - ' , 'N I From St Qoleiwtoas F if Anti--Hes XvC'Sl'y :Qatar-li JN Football Cadet Fcctbcfl vi:toieiA vimie x C... Zigi? N 27'l" Street Eelzet, Q,,i'wf9 Frcrri St, Mary 5 Q Activities Cheerleczder A-A Fe eserwtaixe Tr ' i S'-7 miiAriAsio5 YLACHOS 3923 Terrace Street liver-rot we Mg t-feng,-gg n From M-:Call ' 'X Af'-'ities Gyrr Lea-fer lr X s ii N 35, Q S 5. Y JACK A. WALKER 6138 SCIDSOI11 Street From Sayre Jr. High Activities: JV Soccer JOSEPH E. WALKER 2710 Cambridge Street From Jones Jr. High DENNIS WALLER x, I . ,gm ilk.. , Vx t - I I I . . E A Xk'l 501 Machine Design Hspikeff Carpentry ::Denrf 5647 Haddington St. Automotive Maintenance From Beeber Jr. High Activities: Election Committee JOHNIE WALLER ujocku 2300 N. 2'Ist Street Industrial Electricity From Fitz-Simons Jr. High Activities: Varsity Basketball, Varsity Baseball, Monitor BETTY L. WATTS 11Betu 3509 W. Allegheny Ave. Commercial Education From Gillespie Jr. High HOWARD WILLIAMS 2733 W. Eyre Street From Roosevelt Jr. High Activities: Cross Country LEANDER WILSON 4221 Otter Street From Shoemaker Jr. High Activities: AA Representative, Varsity Basketball 'I I3 "Brows" Plumbing Hlheer, Electronics JV Basketball, I IIIII I law 1,4 M JO ANN WAITE "'SI1ortie" 1206 XV. William Street Dental Assistance I-'rom Cooke Jr. High Activities: Library Aide, Choir, Glee Club, Ink Spot, Trade Representative HAIN ALLAN WALDMAN 6730 Horrock: Street Printing From Fels Jr. High ELLEN WALDOV "Daisy-Moy" 6524 Algon Avenue Commercial Art From Blaine Activities: SA Senator, Glee Club, Swimming Club X y f V ff 3277711 2,9 C, . 4 4 . 1 v 1 '37 9' 1 giver" f Q Via' "'Ti? V 2 4 sf wang ,, s JUNE 4Eil it I -S. 5 . Yi f , fifligffv '- Ji- ' 233 ii ,. fi ' f :.1 1, tg, , ,Q sqewmfw? Jhu -- , sv : H, if N tl: 'si t i' if ' ft.. . .- - :gig .Q Y we Z - fy , ' ,X f :QQSMR ,pk sf., ew-f f QWWQQ Nlikfw fWQTf5 .f'5224i'.g.g.f df- Ny f , . -- , '7 ' me .S V " ., ,s ffs. ,m fs 'f f' rw ., sim f- w 4,1 5 I ge f. 1 I. . Qglgg QA? , ALFRED V.'lSMER "Fenwick" 4058 Marshall Street Printing From Stetson Jr, High THOMAS WITTIG 2635 W, Somerset St. Heating and Refrigeration From Cardinal Dougherty High Activities: Trade Representative, Rifle Team, AA Representative JEAN WOOD 2937 Nicholas Street Commercial Education From Roosevelt Jr. High Activities: Volleyball ' .Q , C tif ,M ' 1. "1 Yo ' K- fgxll X I is 221 . 7 VV ,fn rf' . . A j if. "iz ,V , 5 51 J9'ff""'?"' f 'fre-M-1' J F X1 U! , , X if yt it 'tw' ,,', of ffm , 1, Wfzert 5 D in XI. Ili , ft N-elf, Avi f QI I T79 'I , . i I 3 I I if ,r J. X, mt ,QL .p-.ny flbibl .ggi tits RENCE WORTH 3016 Redner Street From Stetson Jr. High Activities: Monitor, Glee Club LUBOMYR WOVVK From St, Veronicas "Frankie" Commercial Education 'Hoagie' Activities: Table Tennis, Soccer, Baseball, Yearbook and Ink Spot WILLIAM WRIGHT 26-19 Ridge Drive From Voux Jr. High Activities: Weightlifting Club ALEX YKORUK 2303 Brown Street Acitornotixe Froh McColl Activities: Basketball 'IHADDEUS ZADROGA IIE Ifovis Street Indust From St, Joseohat Activities AA Representative ANNA MARIE ZAMPIRRI 4764 N, Franklin Street From Muhi Activities Glee Club, SA Senotoi, Election Committee Photographer Wrinkle 'Corky Maintenance Ted ' vial E'ectricity Little Zomp Dressmaking Honor Roll, it II 4 The Third Graduate Award went to Mr. Irvin Borowsky 'H Mr. William Youlton, Coordinator, Mr. lrvin Borowsky, and Mr. Elmer Briggs, Principal, discuss the program. Below, Mr. Borowsky speaks to the students. Former Recipients 1957-Mr. Russell A. Lampman 1958 - Mr. Roy Whitelock ll5 SA President Dieter Brand pre- sents the award to Mr. Borowsky. IRVIN BOROWSKY was graduated from the printing course in June, l942. Having studied in evening classes at the University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School, in T946 he set up the City Wide Press. He origi- nated TV Digest, now TV Guide, in T948. This grew so large that it demanded his complete attention when he sold it five years later to Mr. Walter Annenberg, head of the Philadelphia Inquirer and Triangle Publications. ln l958, Mr. Borowsky started Printing Impressions, the first national newspaper for the graphic arts industry. At present he is a working president in his three successful businesses: Foster Type and Equipment Company fa department store for printing and the graphic artsl, Foster Manufacturing Company, and North Amer- ican Publishing Company. The Murrell Dobbins Graduate Award is given annually to a graduate who has distinguished himself in the field for which he prepared in his work here, and who has given commendable service to industry and to the community. The plaque is a product of Dobbins cooperation and crafts- manship. Mrs. Weinstein, Sponsor Their amiability To the Graduates of January, l96l I should like to extend my sincerest wishes for a bright and happy future to you, the students of the class of January, 1961 as you leave Dobbins to enter your various chosen vocations. The technical age in which we tind ourselves today is o challenge to you who go forth, and you will meet num- erous and varied problems in the years ahead not encountered by men before. Many of you have started to face this challenge by electing to attend and graduate from this, our Vocational-Tech- nical High School. There is no doubt in my mind that you will all find a measure of success in the years ahead, for your school has aimed at preparing you to become the enlightened citizens ot to- morrow. Getting acquainted with you, the boys and the girls of this class, working with you and sharing your class atifairs has been o most enioyable experience which l shall long remember. Farewell and good luck! Edith B. Weinstein, Sponsor and ardor activated the Class of January '6l! rw, fig, A. CLASS OFFICERS: Charles Gibson, Treasurerp Lorraine Diggs Secrefaryg Marlene Vanet, Vice-Presidentp Ruth Rickert, President H7 f vkxk! J 'J CJWYNNE ABRAMSON W 2133 N 33rd street Beauty Culture i Yah Frorn Blaine K Activities: SA Senator, SA Alternate gf ' HF fi 1 45' 5.x 0 LINDA ADDISON "Lin" ' 2730 West York Street Commercial Education From Cooke Jr. High fa , ii . ,V Activities: SA Senator, Monitor vt -. DARLENE ANDERSON A 5824 W. Girard Avenue Comrneicial Education i From Shoemaker Jr. High 1- ' Activities: Bowling, Glee Club, Monitor, I Majorette l JOHN BADER 1911 N. Palethorp Street From St, Boniface ,I 'vi : 1 ,yh ' GERALD BAILEY 1639 Francis Street From Beniamin Franklin High LOUIS BALDERMAN 29A5 N, 19th Street From Gillespie Jr, High E l- Do SQ? if 041' 3 ' , UA 5 LN 1' gi FN 75 ' Q " ' jr' f.,. , . ,2f. 6 ' Q' ' " M, EDWARD BALTZER 4' -'P' 'J it 5 qlclg casxg, A AL? 3862 N, Sevent treet ' g fl I From Cooke Jr. High ,- iq. Activities: Trade Representative , ' 771 f ,, ,Wg ik' 4 vw-fe A JANICE BANKS From Vaux Jr High Activities: Monitor, Glee Club, SA Alternate FRANCES J BARONE 5148 F Street From Creighton Activities: SA Senator 'X ERVIN BAUGH From Gillespie Jr. High Activities, Cross Countrv AA Track, Choir, Gold , 'aw f v , fi' We ., :veg Bag, Q ,' L it ' 5 E F ." 18 ' A , ttt, J gn:- ff 35 'R mf, '1- 2 41 "Jack" Printing 'Coot' Sheet Metal Sheet Metal Ed Welding Jan 1337 Hollywood Street Commercial Education Choir, Franny Dental Assistance Gary 3730 N. Sydenhan Street industrial Electricity Representative, Pin Society 113 .mi I. FREDERICK BENEZETTE "Fred" 4274 Frankford Avenue Baking From Stetson Jr. High Activities: Swimming, Tennis ROBERT BENTLEY "Bob" 3222 N. 13th Street Industrial Chemistry From Central High Activities: Basketball BERNICE BERGER "Bernie" 2714 W. Country Club Road From Blaine Commercial Education Activities: Color Guard WILLIAM BERMENDER "Bill" 1234 E. Pike Street Industrial Chemistry From Hopkinson GEORGE BILLINGS "Bill" 4413 Sansom Street Plumbing From Lea WALKER H. BOARDLEY "Boardwalk" 2209 N. Cleveland Street Carpentry From Gillespie Jr. High LOIS BOOKER 2026 N. Lambert Street Dressmaking From Fitz-Simons Jr. High Activities: Monitor, Trade Representative 119 - 53' , '22Zf"iu. "-u'f1'f' f"" JUANITA BEATON 'foe De" 1617 Montgomery Ave. Commercial Educaticn Activities: Swimming, School Store Aide, Monitor, Choir, Glee Club SYLVESTER BECKHAM 1635 N. Park Avenue From Benjamin Franklin NORMAN BEERGER 12211 E. Sydney Street From Leeds Jr. High .A . Machine Shop High "Norm" Cabinetmaking mnuxm W, I O SANDRA BOWEN "Sandy" 2426 N. 17th Street Commercial Education From Roosevelt Jr. High Activities: Glee Club, Choir, Monitor GEORGE BOYD 1433 W. Tioga Street Industrial Electricity From Shoemaker Jr. High Activities: Cadet Cross Country, Cadet Basket- ball, JV Cross Country, JV Basketball, Varsity Track, Gold Pin Society, SA Senator JAMES BRADLEY "Jim" 567 E. Herman Street Automotive Maintenance From Immaculate Conception JANLXRN y ff J. LINDA BRINDLEY "Lin" 3621 N. Sixth Street Commercial Education From Taylor Activities: G'ee Club, Monitor WILHELMINA BRITTINGHAM 'Willie' 1949 N Blst Street Pra:ticoI Nursing From Fitz-Simors Jr. High Activities: Gym Cluls, Monitor, Choir, Volleyball MELVYN BROOKS 'Mel' 5l2 N. Fitlh Street lndusfricl Chemistry From Benjamin Franklin High Activities: Choir AUNVHDA BROVNN Reds 810 B Jessup Place Beauty Culture From Vwlillicim Penn High BARBARA BROVYN 'Reds 8l7 E, Tulpelioclson St Commercial Education From Sulzlaerger Jr. High Activities- Choir JAMES BYNUM 7452 N. Myrt'ewood St. Auto Maintenance From Fitz-Simons Jr. High THEODORE CAPERS "Teddy" lOJ6 N. 46th Street Arcnitectural Drafting From Sulzberger Jr. High Activities: Marching Band, Concert Bonrl, SA Vice-Fresiclent T20 . N, .,:, 1 i , s we A V x I X HARRY CHATBURN 6118 Lensen Street Industrial Electricity From Roosevelt Jr. High Graduated in June. 1960 Rgskwi, ROBERT CLARKSON "Bob A and 7247 N. 18th Street Industrial Electricity From Wagner Jr. High Activities: Varsity Tennis HAROLD COHN "Roy 436 S. 56th Street Baking From Sayre Jr. High Activities: Swimming, Tennis JOSEPH COLLEVECCHIO "Joe" 5135 Girard Avenue Automotive Maintenance From McCall BETTY A. CONTl 627 W. Erie A:-enue Dental Assistance From Taylor Activities: Trade Representative :. PHYLLIS COULBOURNE "Toi" 'MJ 2034 Ridge Avenue Commercial Education tif f", From Vaux Jr, High 'V IF XX 51 Activities: Choir . . 42l4'T i-n xqy DAVID A. COUNCIL ' 5517 Sprague Street Automotive Maintenance From Wagner Jr. High Activities: AA Representative, SA Senator, JV Football, Gym Leader, Trade Repre- sentative HUGH COYLE 3028 Emerald Street From St. Columba's FLORINE CREWS 2153 N. Marston Street From Vciux Jr. High Activities: Volleyball, Glee tative JOSEPH CUNNINGHAM 2032 N. Stillman Street From Fitz-Simons Jr. High Activities: JV Baseball 121 Machine Shop HF-lon Beauty Culture Club, AA Represen- :T jfjsywg 44 3 J fr"- "Duke" Sheet Metal ,.,,, 7 fwgw VA... mfs fipw , I7 ,,,,n ,X L , vjx ' V! K ,,4VVxVV gl x ,fn My K H3 'Q Q 't -Q Fix vc H, K' FRANK DANIELS "Frankie" 2501 N, Bancroft Street Electronics From Roosevelt Jr. High Activities: Track, Intertrade Football BARBARA D'ASCENZO "Bobs" 3923 N. Seventh Street Commercial Education From Taylor LEON.ARD DAVIDSON 3006 W. Berks Street From Vaux Jr. High "Lefty" Industrial E'ectricity Activities: Cadet Football, Varsity Track, JV Basketball :ft ft il' 1 I A' V, Y f , 4, ' , QU 00a - f JW I' Ill! QQ if ,L . f, ,f JM, v yy f 1 v SF . it I I MU j 44 5 -I' L' f e uf 9 C f .J 9: 'I A . 2 ' ' Q 6 1. Q' "ir P' 4-receive nv! M' , vu, of , M if Q' NC ESTXWWVYLQDN I Vx 'AW WQWQD , X l I ROBERTA DE CARLO "Bert" 503 W. Dauphin Street Commercial Education From Welsh Activities: Choir, Glee Club LINDA DE Lo,-.CH "Lynn" 3100 Hutchinson Street Commercial Education From Muhr Activities: Transportation Committee, Committee of Seven, Dramatics. Monitor, Volley- ball, Gold Pin Society, Token Repre- sentative ALAN DEVINE MAL, 641 W. Venango Street Machine Design From Taylor MARY DI GENNARO 'Mare' 2939 N. 25th Street Commercial Education From St. Mary of The Eternal Activities: Glee Club Graduated in June, l9o0 LORRAINE DIGGS Rainnee 6lO3 W. Wister Street Commercial Education From Wagner Jr, High Activities: Monitor, School Store Aide, Ink Spot, Glee Club, Choir, Cheerleader, Future Teachers of America, SA Senator DIANE DONLON 2539 N. Sixth Street Commercial Education From Welsh DELORES oowov :Dee 43l W. Eorlham Street Commercial Education From Vaux Jr. High Activities: Gym Club, Monitor, Volleyball 'I22 EILEEN ELIZABETH ESCUE 1702 N, Seventh Street From Cooke Jr. High CHARLES FINNIE 224 S. Farragut Terrace From Sayre Jr. High Muzi: Practical Nursing "Chuck" Printing Activities: JV Football, JV Basketball, Varsity Table Tennis, AA Representative, Gym Leader, Varsity Spot Graduated in June, 1960 FRANK E, FLEMING 2527 N. Douglas Street From Fitz-Simons Jr. High Activities: Varsity Football MAX FREI Tennis Team, Ink uAIn Carpentry "Arno" 6515 Rising Sun Avenue Automotive Maintenance From Fels Jr. High JOHN FROCK 3002 N. Warnock Street From Muhr Activities: Cadet Football, JOYCE FUNK 4511 Whitaker Avenue From Cooke Jr. High Activities: Monitor, Bible ANDREW FUTCHKO 2818 Van Pelt Street From St. Mary's Activities: JV Football 123 Printing Honor Roll frjoyn Practical Nursing Club, Marching Band flAndyll Printing ' s My , .Mor . if -eb-K ee, M f . W , Ki' ,, ,..,. 5 MS' if! S ALMA DURANT MAIN 2803 N. 12th Street Commercial Education From Gillespie Jr. High MARGARET DURIE 1738 W. Blavis Street From Cooke Jr. High Activities: SA Senator RICHARD EHRLICH 7550 Overbrook Avenue From Beeber Jr. High Graduated in June, 1960 JL , ' 'r,, 714 ,Y A VL 71,1 li.. if mx' f , , f f ,fpegff Beauty Culture "Richie" Printing ixxixrw fit id ii JAMES OALLAGHER "Jim" 3877 Manor Street Beauty Culture From Roxboiough High CHARLES GIBSON "Lord" 6338 Morton Street Industrial Chemistry From Gillespie Jr. High Activities: JV Football, Varsity Football, AA Representativep SA Senator EDWARD GILL "EClclie'l 3944 N. Marshall Street Printing From Taylor Activities: Rifle Team 'yd' 4 4-9 nxt im 3 Q.- ,Y ' iii' EARL GLEEN 3940 Aspen Street From Shoemaker Jr. High Activities: Cadet Football, Football HOWARD GORDON 4547 N Carlisle Street From Cooke Jr. High Machine Shop JV Baseball, Varsity Butch ' E ectronics Activities: Trade Representative, Cadet Football, Caclet Baseball, SA Alternate EVA GRANT l44 W Neclro Avenoe Commercial Education From Faosevelt Jr High Activities SA Sernitoi Monitor Glee Club Choil, Future Teczghei Stare Aicle JOAN VERA GREEN 3235 Tinicum Avenue From Roosevelt Ji High Activities Monitor Choir GEORGE GREENWOOD 3936 N Ninth Street Fran- Taylor DORA GREGORY 36ll N Lawrence Street From Olney High Activities. Drcnnatics Gicicluatecl in Julie, i960 JERRY GROFF 2l36 N Oiicinna Street Front Jones Ji, High s o' America School .ioannie Pi t::ticcii Nursing Machine Shop Di essnxaking Buck Arcltitecrural Drafting 124 . .ef Yi! W-A I -.A X FRANCIS HAINES 'fr,,,,,kf' Vg - A 304 E Cheltenham Avenue Printin , A ,Q From St. WilIion1,S 9 Activities: Monitor glib? LONNIE HAMILTON 2527 N. 27th sifeei seem, Culture From Fitz-Simons Jr. High :aff R53 iss' GEORGE HAMMOND "Teddy" iffy' 1622 N, 29th Street Automotive Maintenance Q From Stetson Jr. High Activities: Cadet Baseball EDWARD HANSON "Ed" 6140 Cedar Avenue Cabinetmaking From Sayre Jr. High Activities: JV Baseball GERALDINE HANSFORD "Geri" 5132 Brown Street Commercial Education From Shaw Jr, High Activities: Bowling, Gym Club, SA Senator, Majorette, School Store Aide, Choir, Glee Club CONSTANCE HARRIS 1810 N, 25th Street From Vaux Jr. High "Connie" Commercial Education Activfries: Monitor, Gym Club, Volleyball. Glee Club FRANK HAYES "Monty" 5340 Chancellor Street Automotive Maintenance From Sayre Jr. High 125 EARL GRUBBS 2429 W. Thompson Street Electronics From Vaux Jr High Activities: Marching Band, Concert Band JOAN ELIZABETH HALL 2309 Diamond Street From Fitz-Simons Jr. High "Joan' Practical Nursing Activities: Monitor, Gyn. Club, Choir JOHN HALl. 2807 N, Mascher Street From Beeber Jr. High Machine Design Activities: Swimming Team, SA Senator Aj, . l shag' . Lf- 5 .F eeee, Q ff iivf ., ,:'f11-sm--f4.fef "A. , , Nga 1 A 1 i Q Q11-L D . '7' x , A it Ci 5 A ' I Os -,QQ lg, 0 1? ht- . . E .LL , , fx S i I J. td H , rj Ji 6 . "' ta S' 'TECH l CAROLYN HEADLEY 1213 W, Rush Street From Clymer "Carol" Beauty Culture Activities: Library Aide, Bowling Club ROBERT HEDGEPETH 2846 N. Marston Street From Gillespie Jr. High HERBERT HENRY 4548 Carlisle Street From Cooke Jr. High ,Bohn industrial Electricity Hsonnyn Electronics Activities: Cadet Baseball, Cadet Football, JV Baseball, Varsity Football, SA Senator, AA Representative, SA Vice-President LL 9 .- . f u I 9. Dog Q , e, Q k 'ff 5 1 6, ra . c A - A 'F 5 ' i F' 4' ' v 4: . V' 4-recruit' -f f ' 7' I -4. mf QM An-away!! BERTHA HICKS 442 N. 32nd Street From Sulzberqer Jr. High "Bitty" Dressrnaking Activities: Monitor, Trade Representative LOSSINEA HlCKS Mickvt 23-13 N. Smedley Street Practical Nursing From Vaux Jr. High Activities: AA Representative, Monitor, Gym Club, Choir MARLENE HIGH Penny 144 W, Rooseveft Blvd, Beauty Culture Front Olney High Activities: Marching Band ROBER1 HIGHTOWER Bobby 1546 N. Gratz Street Automotive Maintenance From Vaux Jr. High RICHARD L. HOLMES 2228 N 23rd Street Electronics From Roosevelt Jr, High Activities: Track JOYCE HOVINGTON 3025 Berks Street Commercial Education From Fitz-Simons Jr. High Activities, AA Representative ROBERT HOWARD Bobby 2610 N Myrtlewooci Street Baking From Fitz,Simons Jr. High 126 cs X X S R ll ? CHARlES H. JEFFERSON "Jeff" 1225 N. Conestoga Street Carpentry From WI-titehill School for Boys JEANETTE JEFFERSON "Janet" 2325 N. Tenth Street Commercial Education From Welsh Activities: Volleyball, Gym Club, Choir, Monitor JEROME JEFFERSON "Jeff" 222i W, Huntingdon Street Automotive Maintenance From Fitz-Simons Jr. High CLINTON JENKINS "Ray Wells" 5329 Webster Street Baking From Gillespie Jr. High EK!! if JOAN HRIBOVSKI 4I2 W. Dauphin Street Commercial Education From Welsh Activities: Monitor, AA Representative, Bowling Team, Glee Club ANNETTE HUGHES "Nettie" 417 N. 32nd Street Beauty Culture From Sulzberger Jr, High Activities: SA Senator, Monitor, Choir, AA Rep- resentative BERNICE JACKSON "Nicey" T242 N. 25th Street From Morris Commercial Education Activities: Volleyball W y - 'ir" , A 9 1 X Qi LNNLXRW fb Q el RUTH JENKINS "Sl"t0rtie" 1520 N. 28th Street Commercial Education From Vaux Jr. High Activities: Choir, Cvlee Club HENRY JENSEN "Hank" 2406 Coral Street Industrial Electricity From Penn Treaty Jr. High Activities: light Crew JUDITH F. JENSON "Judy" 4 2845 N, Fourth Street Dental Assistance From Clymer EESA j i 127 aww wwf were , CALVIN JOHNSON I463 Hirst Street From Sayre Jr. High "Calhoun" Machine Shop Activities: Varsity Football, Varsity Basketball IDA JOHNSON 2750 N. 19th Street From Fitz-Simons Jr. High Activities: SA Senator, Monitor LAWRENCE JOHNSON 3217 N, 'l5th Street From Cooke Jr. High JANlAlf4t ff O Beauty Culture "Pete" Commercial Art ' I 1, f. , .,,.. A V , ,.,.,,,,. . f. f f fr f uf ff ' fW 1 Qi 3 I f 'Q f f Q '4 W K il' W f c I I I f M95 'ir RONALD JOHNSON 'Ronnie" 15-I5 VV- Lehigh Aye Automotive Maintenance From Fitz Simons Jr. High Activities: SA Senator, Gym Leader, TranSP0" tation Committee ROBERT JONES 'Bob' 3l5 S 58th Street From Sayre Jr. High Industrial Chemistry Activities: Trade Representative FAY KEEFER 2522 N. Garnet Street Commercial Education From Fi'z-Simons Jr. High Activities: Choir, Glee Club, Gym Club JOHN DAVID KEHLER 'Dave 2083 Independence Street Automotive Maintenance From Cooke J-. High Activities: JV Football DOROTHEA KILLEBRENV Dancer' 3Ol3 E Pierre Drive Dental Assistance Front Audenried Jr. High Activities: AA Representative, SA Senator, Gym Club, Cheerleader LAWRENCE KIRKLANO 'Kirlx 2232 N, Lambert Street Industrial Electricity From Fitz-Simons Jr High CAROLYN KIZZIE Kizzie I3l9 W. Ingersoll Street Commercial Education From Vaux Jr. High Activities. Swimming Club, Trade Representative, School Store Aide, Bowling Club, Honor Rall, Guides Club, Future Teachers of America 128 Ax"L ax at wwe- x r , Q . X-in-, 5. . Q " 1, 'mt M X 1 x is 4 w gg 5 y f op- -..... E k N .gs Wa X' 1 X A . 1 L' 4 V6.3 A -, 5 ' 515 Q f gl 2 ' S I l tl jf 1 1 xxx ti BONITA KYLE "Bonnie" 779 N. 23rd Street Commercial Education Activities: Honor Point Committee. Honor Roll JOELENE LALLY "JO" 2559 N. Orionna Street Practical Nursing From Welsh ALICE LAMBERT "Bunny" 4001 N. Tenth Street From Cooke Jr. High Practical Nursing Activities: SA Assistant Treasurer THOMAS LANE "Tom" 1543 N. Gratz Street Automotive Maintenance From Fitz-Simons Jr. High BARBARA J. LAWLESS "Bobbie" 1016 W. Venango Street Beauty Culture From Cooke Jr. High Activities: Election Committee DAVID LAYTON 4310 "I" Street Architectural Drafting From Muhr LOIS LEVIN "1-Ol' 1613 N. 33rd Street Commercial Education From Blaine Activities: SA Senator 129 '- JOHN KLEIN 31417 N. Ccimclc Street I:l6'C1f0f"lC5 From Coolfe Jr, High Norbert Krohn 'INOVLJH 3718 N. oth Street Machine SLIOP From Welsh JOSEPH KROSNODOMSKHE 4106 N. Reese Street Heating and Refrigeration Activities: JV Soccer, 'EA Senator, Baseball ,W 3 1 a , . iggwdlvldff 'Quasar QLL D0 QQQA 'flu 8,4 .. S A V. W ,ggi , 1, - i jr. yi . NE! it 1 H ffl . . W QP 1 - .D N. VY 4 . . 4'TEcmtt" wifi-,auf K SANDPA LINDSAY "Peanut" 2038 N, Woodstock Street Commercial Education From Fitz-Simons Jr. Hi ' Activities: AA Alternate, SA Alternate, Ink Spot, Choir, Glee Club, Monitor SUZANNE LINTHICUM "Sue" 3744 N. Fifth Street Commercial Education From laylor Activities: Color Guard, Bowiing, Gee Club THOMAS LOGUE "Lucky" 3737 N. Marshall Street Printing From Taylor ' - 41 yf 7 f X 4, f , f 4 , ' f W4-. X ff ff ff , f f ,g ff' I it ' i' oi I Z .L xc Q v 0 3 " '43 iii gl ill Qvq w Tecriit .yr M971 44.4 , W aw, Zn 1 f f we '52 i X "' iz ' V 2' ". EDWARD LONG fi" 5592 Blakemore Street Automotive Maintenanfe From Roosevelt Jr. High 'ep A Activities: JV Baseball HUGH LOOMIS 5UTCl1' T929 W. Somerset Street Industrial Chemistry From Fitz-Simons Jr. Eliot' MICHAEL LOUELLA 927 W. Silver Street Electronics From Clymer MARJORIE LCWMAN 'Margie 344 N, Horton Street Dressmaking From Sulzberger lr, High Activities: Gym Leader, Monitcr, Trade Representative, Choir STEVEN MACviLL Steve' 535i Morse Street Printing From Beeber Jr, High Activities. SA Senator, AA Representative, Var- sity Basketball, Baseball, Football, JV Basketball vireoirsim MALLORY Ginn, 2920 W. York Street Commercial Education From Penn Treaty Jr, High Activities: Monitor DOLINA C. MARKEL: Giggi 32l Slteclalnei Street Begum, Cutwre Fionw Gillespie Jr, Higl-, V 1 I Activities. Swimming Clulu, Elegqion Committee A X ld .l C F W U! J. i J it 130 ,Q x ' x tif' . ,. . - ' . is ,, , . j, X :fur -5 N-X us Q -- ff A ' -- f 'L KE s Q A lx ,ywx wg I 1 L few , Vi i N xx 1 Q we -L I Q A ic. A., -x-X V I U , NY. . , ws.. XXX ,.K, ' 1 r Q M' JOSEPH MCCAIN "EcIdie"' 1995 Church Lane Industrial Chemistry From Wagner Jr. High Activities: AA Representative, Choir THOMAS McGORY, Jr. 2319 VV. Lehigh Avenue Machine Shop From Gillespie Jr. High VINCENT MENKEL "Hammer" 3337 N. Uber Street Industrial Electricity From Roosevelt Jr. High Activities: Cadet Football, JV Track, JV Basket- ball, Concert Band, Marching Band JOHN MILETTO 161 Wyneva Street Food Merchandising From Haverford Jr. High ARTHUR MILLER "Artie" 2818 N. Eighth Street From Morris Machine Design Activities: SA Senator, Dramotics DANIEL MILLER 427 W. Ontario Street Machine Shop From Stetson Jr. High OCTAVIA MONROE "Gay" 415 N. Union Street Beauty Culture From Sulzberger Jr. High Activities: SA Senator, AA Representative, Trade Representative 131 KTA 'Nagy ALBERT MAr'3i-:ALL "AIU 4572 N Reese Sheet Machine Design Front Coolfe Jr. High MARY JANE MAITHENNS 51134 Walker Street Dental Assistance From Muhr Activities. Inkspot, Yearbook Staff, Guides Club, Volleyball, Bowling, Swimming, HOUOI' Point Committee, Gold Pin Society, AA Reoresontative, SA Senator, Glee Club, SA Publicity Vice-President JAMES McANDREWS "Jim" 3118 N. 35th Street From MiH1in Machine Design i f W gy 2. 3 , I f . Mwutxigt i IL , y 1 X i ""'th..a,. Yan-rss X 'Nr K. ex Kg . - fa CR Jtigc Cf CQ -K ... . . ,M Q east f iw Nr 5 'vii' W. .. Ii KFC 'X .s.. hw ,ij 3 X ETHEL MONTAGUE 2908 Master Street Commercial Education From Morris Activities: Glee Club, Choir MELVIN MORAGNE "Squeaky" 3436 W'arren Street Automotive Maintenance From Penn Treaty Jr. High Activities: Track, Cross Country KENNETH MORRIS "Mouse" 1433 Unruh Avenue Patternmaking From Fels Jr. High tmrixqj 6 J ,A f R' , , , X l I r ,ff V it 1 y, A ' 1 V " I 4 321, I . , 'ti' 'wa 4'-sf tl! OTIS MORRISON 4941 Hoopes Street From Sulzberget' Jr. High LOUISE MOXEN 2212 W. Lehigh Avenue From South Philadelphia Activities: Volleyball KENNETH MUNSON 633 C Beulah Place fr-p,.,a4fi Ccibinetmaking "Lou" Commercial Education High Kenny Industrial Electricity From Beniamin Franklin High Activities: Gym Team LINDA MURRAY 1133 W, Nevada Street From Gillespie Jr High 'Tina Practical Nursing Activities: Guides Club Dramatics, Choir, Gym Club JAMES NATSON 5333 Sansom Street From Sayre Jr, High THERESA NEJMAN 1013 N. Lawrence Street From Penn Treaty Jr. High JOHN ODONNELL 1825 W, Rockland Street Jimmy Welding 'Terry Beauty Culture Jack Plumbing From Cardinal Dougherty High Activities: JV Football, Varsity Football 132 PATRICIA PANZERA "Panzy" 3861 N. Tenth Street Commercial Education From Taylor Activities: SA Senator, Glee Club, Monitor, AA Representative, Bowling Club JOHN PAPAZISIS 2830 Poplar Street Architectural Drafting From Benjamin Franklin High Activities: Varsity Soccer PHYLLIS PAUL 638 W. Russell Street From Taylor Activities: Color Guard, Glee Club BARBARA PAULUSSEN 3131 N. Wendle Street From Muhr ROLAND PE!-.RCE 6126 Wister Street From 'Wagner Jr. High NANCY D PESSOLANO 2826 N. 12th Street From Clymer JOHN PHILLIPS 3427 N. Smeclley Street From Gillespie Jr. High 133 Hphilt, Dental Assistance "Chubs" Commercial Art HBCU Machine Shop Dental Assistance "Jack" Industrial Electricity 'il 0 6 L ct Q90 GERALD OLBRICH 6013 Peach Street From Cardinal Dougherty Graduated in June, 1960 WAYNE OLLIVIERRE 870 N. 47th Street From Sulzberger Jr. High ELEANOR PALACIO 3064 N. Bonsall Street From Cooke Jr. High Activities: Bowling Club, tor, SA Senator, . .rf , . 4 ' , I ,..,. Q? -J ff "Jerry" Plumbing High 'fPick" Architectural Drafting "Ellie" Commercial Education AA Alternate, Moni- Choir 'Ei-L D 4' '10 I I 'rl-' i M.. 5 if A H lt 1 M r , 5 fg .- """ K ., I it I CPN 5 xg: .y..,,i'- -7-ECHQX V bkbl ts'- 5 JACK PINTO 3027 N. Woodstock Street Electronics From Gratz High ALBERT POEHNER "Bert" mf 2938 N. Comac Street Machine Design From Muhr HEDY R. FOINDEXTEF! 2521 N. Bouvier Street Commercial Education From Fitz-Simons Jr. High L JOA S9 , FW -- ', F99 trif- A N S s 'fo sr X 3' 1 49 -Yriroon. TLTECHHXC' .V . r -f,-Q.: ' 1 -nw 4 V v , ar. BERTRAM PORTER l Y m,,,-,E 4849 N. NNainock Street Electronics i l he 'sg From Cooke Jr. High i 4 LOUISE POWELL l-OU Ann RW! 856 N. 25th Street Frorn Morris Commercial Education Activities: SA Faint Cofnrnittee, Monitor, School Store Aide, Library Aide, Giee Club JOYCE PRESCOTT Joy 2536 NV. Gordon Street Beauty Culture 1 From West Philadelphia High Activities: AA Representative, Monitor 7 'WN EUGENE PROKOP 'Gene .p ' 42l W. Coulter Street From Olney High Machine Shop Activities: Varsity Football, JV Football, JV Base- ball, Varsity Svsimming SA Senator RONALD RADCLIFF 5933 Cedar Avenue From Sayre Jr. High Activities: Cross Country, Basketball EDWARD REED Industrial Electricity Varsity Basketball, JV Bud 3543 N. Kip Street Sheep Mefql From Stetson Jr. High nun. BETTY J. RFESE Reggie lofio N. Patton Street Commercial Education Fro'n Vaux Jr. High Activities Glee Club, Choir fi, L' :-i'. fiiiffizlflfifiigiil fir T .fi.',f'fii!5' fit r --itrfivtr., nifty ,f fiftfggls I sirifvfi ififfffiiiiii l -4 134 ' -.. 3?-H' 3 CAROLYN REHER "Cw0l' 3l-15 N. Percy Street Commercial Education From Muhr Activities: Guide, Bowling, Honor Point Com- mittee, Volleyball, Yearbook, Gold Pin Society, School Store Aide, SA Senator, Gym Leader, Honor Roll Q-r..,.,,,,, xl pl VQQDLOMON RETTIG "Sol" M - 6625 N. Lunforcl Street Electronics N ' 'l if From Blaine Activities: Basketball 'l' -V nk N RUTH RICKERT "Rickie" gin , 4441 N. Uber Street Commercial Education From Cooke Jr. High DAVID RITCHIE "Rich" 2087 F. Kingston Street Food Merchandising From Jones Jr, High GERALDINE ROBB "Gerry" 1860 N. Judson Street Practical Nursing From Vaux Jr. High Activities: Maiorette, Monitor PATRICIA ROBERSON "Sissy" 2020 N. 18th Street Beauty Culture Fro'n Vaux Jr. High Activities: Volleyball, Monitor PATRICIA R. ROBERTS "Pat" 226 S. Cecil Street Commercial Education From Sayre Jr. High Activities: Honor Point Committee, School Store Aide, Volleyball Manager MARIE ROBINSON "Biddy" 2620 Susquehanna Avenue Beauty Culture From Blaine Activities: Volleyball HOWARD ROSEN 1373 Pennington Road Industrial Electricity From Beeber Jr. High ROSE MARIE ROBINSON "Rae Ree" 2413 N. 32nd Street Commercial Education From Roosevelt Jr. High Activities. Chairman of Handbook Committee, Monitor, School Store Aide, Ink Spot, Choir, Maiorette, Glee Club 135 Activities: Cheerleader, Guides Club, Yearbook Editor, Senior Prom Committee, Honor Roll, Gold Pin Society, Class President . 1-'ht , f .1 ., var, f 1 I1 Q ' ,f , if fi .1 M515 ' fm , Q : 414 ' M - .V 7. . ' ., ezi- i ,I ' JANUARW Q 'Q " G .5193 iriilwvli L '. 0 'N K. 5 x te- 1 QI 'w X Q Q 6 'S K '4- M it 1 xl Q W v i t 9 1- 1 43 on wit -Q V ,ry " s I' 2 1 RAYMOND ROTH "Ray" 3141 N. Wendle Street Printing From Wagner Jr. High Activities: Cadet, JV, and Varsity Football, JV and Varsity Tennis, SA Senator JOSEPH A. RUCCI "Joe" 6719 Lebanon Avenue Automotive Maintenance From St. Thomas More Activities: Track LAWRENCE RUCKER 2422 N. Opal Street Industrial Electricity From FitzASimons Jr. High iii-Grryn Activities: Cadet Baseball, JV Track, AA Representative J . A' 5. 7: Z W, 31,47 :' " Y i L in J A N LAR1 G 'Mir ' ',Fvh.,l1,- 'f gif, 1 1: y, f 4 4 'mi' f if f , 1 7 15 V X 1 , 4 A fjf rf J f f 1 15, 4 1-fi 1. A j v 1 ,, xg, i if ig, f fm 2 :yi ff ' X W7 s J .1 5 4 gy., W f 'ai 3.1, , eps V 1+ A 'I V 'i' 'V' iv 4-1, A A " '42 .GW I ' M yr f at 7- m i t fi -mg-2 I 'Y 'S Zf:'?52f'tF ., ,I-:pq F. ., '7t 6 f . 1621-: Q: 'f 22- .1-ffw fin.. 1, 3 -- '-224.1 1 -21.236 5' , Sn-vig. ,J .-:yn - '-A 'gf-sv.-.sen .we - i :t "f ffiav 3- 1 5 of i ' ,.:-5,9 V-:,.f'::,.f,.-, .... ' ,,.gv3-,f,.',i, 4 V I , . 4, , f, 9 , .. X. yi' 1 , l f' ' ff Q1 . A 5' ,T ' X! 5 4 ,. , , 1:-' ,E I ,. I .Qi- f , '- i CAROLYN RYE "TeddY't 5 16-14 N. Gratz Street Practical Nursing 'ng' 'Tw Frorn Vaux Jr. High gf? ,J Activities: Monitor, Dramatics, Volleyball Micrmei szici-is 'Mtcw' 2830 N. 25th Street Industrial Chemistry From Fitz-Simons Jr. High Activities: SA Senator PATRlClA B. SATCHELL Hpoill 1922 Ringgold Street Commercial Education From Roosevelt Jr, High Activities: AA Representative, Monitor CONSTANCE B. STROMAN "Connie" 1513 W. Hazzard Street Commercial Education From Gillespie Jr. High Activities: SA Alternate, Monitor MARY ANN SCHWARTZ "Wee" 3251 N. Sixth Street Commercial Art From Taylor Activities: SA Senator, AA Representative, Bowling Club DOMTNIC SETTEMBRINO "Dom" 924 N. 66th Street Automotive Maintenance F'ro'n Beeber Jr. High ,vu 'Ti 4,...,.f" -in Q' , vu f if 7 4 6 ' f 1, J , Zo! 2 Activities: Cadet Football ,113 Qi, ,Ml GLENN SHREFFLER "Nick" 6411 Beechwood St. Automotive Maintenance From Wagner lr. High Activities: Basketball, AA Representative Yfwv DOROTHY SIMS l6'Z3 Park Avenue Commercial From Gillespie Jr High Education Activities: Monitor, School Store Aide, Choir, Guides Club, World Affair Honor Roll s Council, CARL SINGLETON "Bob" 506 S. 22nd Street Automotive Maintenance From Sulzloerger Jr. High STEVEN SINKEWICZ "Steve" 3202-A Defence Ter. Automotive Maintenance From St. Bridget's LYNN SLOAN "Beck" 7383 Rugby Street Electronics From 'Wagner Jr. High ALFRED SMITH "Al" 414 S 6157 Street Automotive Maintenance From Sayre Jr. High GEORGE SMITH "Junior" T839 N. Eighth Street Carpentry From Penn Treaty Jr. High GERARD SMITH "Smitty" aintenance 5600 Ogontz Avenue Automotive M From Altoona High Activities: Weightlifting Club ,x MARK SHUSTER 4635 N, 12th Street From Fitz-Simons Jr. High JOHN SILCOX I826 W. Sulis Street From Cooke Jr. High REGINALD SIMMONS 3242 W. Huntingdon Street From Morris Printing "Carl" Electronics "Jenett" Plumbing Activities: Varsity and JV Football I L D0 QEF1,8 2 ' Sire fEf3? ,Qi y, J., A g ' " -ff . Qx tow Sli, 3? gi " nl txt it .ite as "ff , .,oj:595-Q-We - , 64, 1 ' w " ' 41 ...f QV' ..'- 5 ' L'TECl-WX I' i 5' ref" Ujfjz. '.,.t Q I .ig f' 3 I "' K9 ., . , .. ,ff Ig , 5, fr, 2' i 'fewu f Mime' 3 1 vifulvm F7 -- V ' if ' J i .11-rar' Af gg , , ., . P 7 if 4 we f 1 if Z F JA, ' f' ' 'V , . f"' "L ,J .'-'firwfv , .1 . 5? if .M S? if z -V - i - .-at - ., V . "ff i t 541 if 5' ft' 3 S i , Q' 5, x' ' f 'ra if - " s 5 5 :ii A f a 'YK . 5 2 69 I37 zwe'i ti 2 eiiypy 3. JOHN SM!TH T208 N. 24th Street From Vaux Jr. High LOWELL STANSHINE 5935 Catherine Street From Sayre Jr. High MARSHA E. STAFFIERE 2541 N. Orkney Street From Welsh Activities: Glee Club, AA Rep E sw A , 11? f A A S Q9 D080 'P SIL FE - 'ff "ir W LTECHNC' "Smithy" Electronics Machine Design Dental Assistance :esentative 'E' tk 4Qw 'Ugg-W7-441 " IQ' K , I R fmt. my 7 if . 1 I w w- -, f , FF fig .13 ,f 5, ' ' :af I I. I ' ,Vg 1 ,, ,, , ff: -5- pig ,f ,cf ' inf' 2 9 ,V + , , f W 'f if X 'if,, . Q A 4, 'l 1 2, Q ,. 37fr.,,.,.,., it -.- xl., 4 wiv tv'-wvy' ff 55" 'nf f STEVEN STANSHINE 'SYUVWH 5935 Catherine Street MOCMUE De5l9"' From Sayre Jr. High STEVEN STEIN Sonny" 583i Hogman Avenue EIECTVGVUCS From Shaw Jr, High THOMAS STRANG Tom' 7332 Walnut Lone Heating ana Refrigeration From 'Wagner Activities: JV Swimming Team, Vaisi Team, SA Senator JOSEPH SCHWAB 2236 N Orkney St Heating and From Stetson Jr, High ROBERT SUTPHEN oOll N. Frowt Street From Jones Jr High STAFFORD SYDNOR 2218 N. 13th Street From Giliespie Jr. High ELIZABETH TARQUINI 248 Avondde Street From McCall li'rtu5tri ty Swimming Refrigeration Bob Electronics Stan al Electricity Dressmoking , 138 r S STEVEN TONICK "Steve" T839 Merribrook Road Industrial Chemistry From Beeber Jr. High Activities: Gym Team ALFONSO TULLI 239 N. Avondale St. Automotive Maintenance From McCall JOHN VANDEGRIFT 7306 20th Street From Wagner Jr, High Machine Shop Activities: Swimming Team MARLENE VANET 3016 N. Bambrey Street Commercial Education From Jones Jr. High Activities: Cheerleader, AA Representative, Senior Prom Committee, Class Vice-President ROBERT VAUGHN "Bolo" 2335 N. 28th Street Restaurant Practice From Fitz-Simons Jr. High GUY VELYKIS 7 ., ' 714 W. Wingohocking Street Printing From Cooke Jr. High JAMES WADSWORTH "Jim" 6222 Hazel Avenue Carpentry From Sayre Jr. High T39 R , M , VELMA THOMAS 2600 E. Ridge Drive Commercial From Morris "Vel" Education Activities: SA Alternate, AA Alternate, Gym Club, Volleyball, Choir, Glee Club VIRGINIA THOMPSON 3l0O N. Patton Street From Stetson Jr. High PARRISH TODD 2952 Ridge Avenue From Blaine "Ginny" Commercial Art "Dicey" Machine Design Activities: Varsity Track, Cadet Football Ae 0 Af 'gf f at '3 W' .,,. I 4 , - I uk, .Wy A? fi"ffir:- Q . f .7 I f X .I s QJSZ22. QI, , in T' . z ? 'if .xr . - 'sf' w., s.. , .ggi ,ft JANLXEW J J A S.. . , Aj, f s5:".f 1 - JV ...., LW 0 A fy A -r1g353:. , ,N 0- an 'rim 4, sc 'ff N' W, 1 'Gly' OX I .efiixgxe ' W' ters 35, '. Me- or ,JW Mg 'J- sf ,,. 3 . 5 J! X, 1 X 3 wi A? . Q of ' 'Tl I ' 1 ,N ,,.,. C., A.: tw--aw N J X z V wx? 9, 0 A X 'Xxx 'X 5 X xx Wk, LEX S we 3 sv X 'wie G s tw, 2 N f- ' S Af i ex' X -are - . ck Y f . . NSN A . K A '- .. f ' 3b'5""i-K':"?i'.5' 'S5:'tQ5'5fi- fr!-WSIAZJNSIT.'?,'S'5ri'IS is .. sf ' .:.v-- , -:fish-ze-3 ewes.-fpfzr' .f- - . 51 ,452i4ffiQi3Zl'T. "r, Tea' 'LW RW, sf -A fQ. iff f'Z'::g, .-'-,-5:-Fxhtiwb 5, Q' is +?ev.'-M, 4-. , .Y Ngliif: i' ':!'. X4-s-1.-A ,QQ ,tying 'nf,+,.w -sgfizfvvbr Iv-.qt-J1'f',l '-'ff :iii-5'-,fK.JgE i,'f,'Z:.'--. lac, F41-U, ::-.:"5 . ' : X DOPOTHY WAGNER "Dot" 911 W. Boston Street Dental Assistance From Welsh .IEREAL WASHINGTON "Jerry" 2906 Diamond Street Commercial Education From Blaine Activities: AA Alternate, Volleyball Club. Glee Club, Gym Club, Monitor, Choir JOAN WEIDEMAN 63 Arlingham Road Practical Nursing From Roosevelt Jr. High Activities: Choir, AA Representative Qi. . ., 0 f , AW, JANIAPAW if.. ff' 61' 4 f-r pm., fin I f -M1 1, E ff' JAcK WESTERMANN 'Wei' 4511 N. 11th Street Cabinetmaking From Cooke Jr. High Activities: SA Senator, AA Representative JOANNE WHITTINGTON "Josie" 5423 Irving Street Commercial Education From Sayre Jr. High Activities: Maiorette, Monitor, Chair, Glee Club, Swimming Club, Ink Spot, Gym Club BENNIE WILEY 3116 Euclid Street From Vaux Jr, High Activities: Soccer, Tennis HARRV WILKINS 2655 N. Hutchinson Street From Muhr Activities: Football, Basketball, CHARLES WILLIAMS 17-16 Seybert Street From Vciux Jr. High FREDERICK WILLIAMS 2033 N. 19tlt Street From Bok Voc. Tech. School ZENOPIIA J. WILLIAMS "Fred" Baking Skip ' Printing Baseball 'Pa Machine Shop "Fred" Sheet Metal "Sweetheart ' 2329 W, York Street Commercial Education From Fitz-Simons Jr. High Activities: Monitor, SA Alternate, SA Senator, Glee Club 140 'U My i -m y - A1. 'V C jg 4 ,. kj X -Q .ix h .9 y. , , ,A 1" Qi' U9 - 1 5,51 I F ' , 'ir h st Q' s .I . 'N ' 0 K rf X... E Q my 7 V 5 skmf X XFN I . . X -Q X PM ,gt . Xckiifv N Y get ' Jia 1 EILEEN E. YOUNG 3813 Darien Street Dental Assistance From Taylor Activities: SA Senator, SA Alfef,-,019 EDWARD ZACINUEWSKI 'zockf' 4520 Smick Sweet Cmpeniry From Sf. Josephats Activities: Coder Football, JV Football SENIOR PROM COMMITTEE MEMBERS look very happy and pleased with the results of their hard work. The dance held in the Crystal Ballroom at the Broadwood Hotel was a great su:- cess. Carol Schuchard, Jacklyn Mc- Menamin, Mr. Lomacly, Barbara Heim, and Helena Dmytruk are standing be- hind Ruth Rickert, Mrs. Weinstein, and Barbara Lynde. Marlene Vanet and Judy Kulis are not shown. 141 'MW an-.' C"u-r 'rw .Y Q. 45 DIANE WHSON 1316 Hollywood Street From Morris Activities: Gym Club ABRAM WISMER 4058 N. Marshall Street From Stetson Jr. High Grciduatec. in June, 1960 CHARLES YAUNCHES 1000 W. Westmoreiand From Muhr fini I "7 Street Beauty Culture Machine Shop Electronics 2:4 iw' Q1-an , Viv , P- z W .K THE DOOR TO THE FUTURE opens wide to Dobbins graduates. We have worked hard for this moment, and now we go forth to practice what we have learned: to be decent citizens using our skills forthe needs of a bigger, better Philadelphia. 142 Administration: Principal, between 6 Vice-Principals, 7 Coordinators, 8 Counselors, 9 Athletics: Baseball: Cadet, 76 JV, 76 Varsity, 74-75 Basketball: Cadet, 68 JV, 69 Varsity, 66-68 Bowling: Boys' Team, 73 Girls' Club, 48 Girls' Team, 73 Cross Country Team: Football: Cadet, 60 JV, 60 vc.,-Sify, 56-59 Gymnastics: Boys' Team, 71 Girls' Club, 61 Rifle Team: 61 Soccer: JV, 65 Varsity, 62-64 Swimming Team: 71 Tennis: Lawn, 77 Tab'e, 70 Track: Field, 78-79 Indoor, 70 Volleyball: JV, 72 Varsity, 72 Bible Club: 46 Cheerleaders: 52-53 Choir, A Capella: 46 Class of January, 1961: Members: 118-141 Officers: 117 Sponsor: 116 and 65 In dex Class of June, 1960: Members, 84-114 Officers: 82 Sponsor: 83 Color Guards: 51 Band: Concert, 44: Marching, 50 Crews: Light, Sound and Stage, 43 Proiection, 43 Curricula: Shop and Class Scenes, 21-31 Dramatics: 42 Faculty Groups: Art and Music, 14 Automotive Maintenance, 14 Commercial Education, 15 Community and Homemaking Services, Construction Trades, 18 Electricity and Electronics, 18 English, 9 Machine Skiiis, 19 Mathematics, 10 Physical and Health Education, 11 Printing, 19 School Services, 20 Science Area, 10 Social Studies, 11 Future Teachers of America: 38 Gold Pin Society: 36 Graduate Award: 115 Guides' Club: 49 Ink Spot: 39 library Aides: 47 Maiorettes: 51 Monitor Captains: 49 Pioneers of lndustry: 34 School Store Aides: 47 Student Association: Committees: Election, 37 Honor Point, 38 Comm. of Seven, 38 Transportation, 36 Officers, between 34-35 Senators: 35 Yearbook: 40-41 1 ACKNOWLEDGMENTS Seniors, now that your i960 Flame and Steel is finally completed, we look back at all the time and eFfort that we put into it. The book is filled with words and pictures, and behind each of these is the work of many people. All this would not have been possible without the guidance of Miss Mildred Crowther and Mr. Leon Shore, our editorial advisers, and Mr. Hanson, our art di- rector. We are especially grateful to our printing department for the professional work their stu- dents have done, and to the instructors, Mr. Samuel Garsten in hand composition, Mr. Ruy Granzow in linotype, and Mr. James Henderson for the letterpress work in black and in fine four- color plates. Your staff took care of the editorial coverage and some of the photographs. All the work in the yearbook was done by people of Dobbins except for the engravings by the Marland Photo- engraving Corporation, the photography, by Glick Studios and the Philadelphia lnquirer, and the cover and binding by the National Publish- ing Company. We appreciate all the technical help, the friendly encouragement, and the willing co- operation that you gave. We hope you like the results! The Staff .0..S2.0..,LQ,9.,Q,,Q 4-1 1112- ,T J 1 1 1 :111111114 I 11111111 1J,e1,,WEA111,A1fw1' 1111- 1 ,L A',11,.Vl.:,..,.,-11. ,1!1-,W1 11. 1 V I A 1 Ui , 41 1 .V W ,P I .1 F1411 , F. ,I, NI ,1 WW , g:.!1,.,w1'11-I,cffryl-?3!.1,!,1:1g1,5mf:1MQg R .. Q,11M s11!,:,1,15: ' ' v. ' ,. 1 " '1 "'1 1' 'A',?111'1"3'g??'1,A 4: i 1 .11'f'ff','3f 11 A N ' 1 .1 1 - , 1 1 -1 .1 ,111 11.1.-1,-1-, 1 -.2110 - 1 .1,1. -4131 1. . 1 11, . , , 11 I A 1' ' 1.,,1, 1.11.-11111-,,f. 1-1111, 1- 1- , 111,115 ,1 1 J 1 w 1 1' I I .fn 1 gg, 1, WHL 1 11 51 1., 11,11ff?ak,',1 1511 Q' i11,f1f,? pf 1 1121 .1v:iff19 :tiff 215 ' K 4' ,If 'x'.151E1,. '16, 324311 ' 1j 1 ' . 1111'inQ3g111'9LQU5 111- 1 1 1, 1 1-1 1 11 1' 11,5111 111111111g31,a1'111kE",113?11. .11 -" 1 1 1 9 1 1 1 V1 ,J , Im , 1 r .Cm-. ,. V, .11 .1 .T Q.. gr la-. 5, st 1 . 1 , 3 1 ., 1 w -W 1 "1f,'1'11'Q1:f141!1. ji ax 138 .1-111 5 1-1, lj 1-1111.111 1, 111- 1 ' .,1, 1, ,K 2 15 Q vi.. .1 , 1gi111.-1'R"' A . 111, - 11 1 4, 1 15111 1 P1 F1 . 5.1 , 111.- f1f',1---- 11- , -111 ,,,, .. V251 , 11' 1 1.311111 ,,,,,, 'V 1 ,,Ti1 11.71, 5 1, 15'1"1 5, QL1 211- . 111 1 LL- 1 565- I ff.. 1, 1 3211 :T .. 11-111-1.-X 1 1023.11 1' --1512 17 fV'?,11 ' ff-?f'1:f. 1. QQ! 1? ' 123'-.-'.1' 1111- 1Z'l'1?55i ' 111 g,1g'A,111,:: M 152111. 1113? :"f'11 , H-AT41,,1W1z1.-122 1 , I 1 ,' -'P1i.1,1g111j .1191 1, , -1 N 'W 1-' U11 ,1',1'g. 111-191-251 Llxmwl 1kj.11'.:q1.-2111.1 151 11J11y1- - li?i'i.i542i1 -' 1, ',1,1 1-,.11 1 3 ' 1 .11 1111.2 111111'1.-11111119 1 1 , , , 1. ,, ..,., -1- , ,, , .,11,-1 2.-1,153,115 1 1'..2S1..::Q 1 1 .1 1 1 J, w.. . 1 1 11 ess- , . 1 1 1 .1111. ,f111'11', 11112711 ,,- , , '1'1iL!"i" " ' 54 . TFL ,1.'j1'1152'-1, '1 ' 1 ,lFlTQ,,, ,f?1,w1J,J E ' ,' :.1'1 1 ,' J 1 115.1 1 1 X11 I 1 1 1 Q 1 1 .11,,1,k.,,' 1 1 1 V 1 1 1 1 . ' ' X .X W Q. 4 1 I 1 ,.11-1. 1 1 ,, '11, ,A 111,1 y11,"' -111' -'Q 1, U13 ,111 X, 1111'-,.1,. ,1 ,111 Y 1- 1 1 1 1 1 1-1 11 1 1 Y 1 u , . 1' ., 1 1. '1 ' 1 1 1 1-1-'1:E.1w111.,f' 1111. . 11gN,,,1, 1' 11,31 111. ,f1 ,1 -..f111111'-2 .11 ,' ' 1."1 1 'f 1 ' K " 1 1-1' 11p5:".",11Vl-Q' .. 1 .1 11.:':,1.1f1 115311.-Ef1u.aniE1??lz5x.: .111111111a11:11il1111a1 -1-11--11E1H1.1m.:1..1..1:111L1111m 1 1. 1. 1 1- 1.1 , , 1, 1 -- , 1, -..1 1,1 11..1,1,11-x,,--11-,1111. 1 -5.11 1:51111 111Q..111,.-.--'-1-15161-,,1:1xg,..:,,cfF .. , r 1.1.11 , , Q. ,, 1 1 . , , .- , - 4.1.1 --1111.113-1'-1-1:-1 N1 mr,-E 4111'1'1- -11, - 11 1' 111: ,.51,,,.,1w.x 5: ., ,111 1 11, , 1 , 11 1 , - 1,1-111 11. 1 ,111 .-1 111 1V1l'-11 -1111- 01: 11111.11 .11' ,'-11311 1 1 1 .fm . in 11 ' 1 1 111,11 j 71 , 1111 1 1 11 . 1 11111 1. 11 11.1111 111 1411.1 ' 11 -6-' I'1W'!"5 f'5"mTi.'sf"ff1'i15L. 1-J' 564' ' Xzn '."?1?f1T"Xi1i.: .1.. , , ,, , , 4 . 11. 216

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