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Murrell Dobbins Vocational Technical High - Flame and Steel Yearbook (Philadelphia, PA) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Cover

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Qi 2 X JE' +5 ,Q if if YW ig Z in S' C? , . ral, U 5 Q S 2 , JW Swmli. 555' Qagigwjggjwgih' 0254 my fww 1MM CQZEYQE Sig? Wm W 92" Ko ww yyV N - 1. ..., I A q 46' WW! FSL ' CD31 WZIZQCG 660-ive EES ksxfgzzwjwfifufff -, E QfQQgSWEWi so 'Wag QQ N wwmigiigligsglgfgggii 3 ik AMSMQA Q15 Q NSY4fifXQQfVg gg Siwvq V ,QW 25313 ffgxigi ikSi?gij X , . mx p it di BBE S xii xi aw! iz aww 'ffiff Ax -ja? f Q . qa11Q2Em Q , E Qgiuixxfi 2QmQHi2235MQQ 5 . Q2 cf - , NNIAM gfbggilgiv .W is mf fqiiixgfg Q. 422 irfsibif QM 21? Q xg Bggffmk Wi qglifi WM W? MCE Mi me , U 3 H Qv MNMJMQX 6mw 4M7ff ' f W' Q f MWwwm wxmw ,, 1, -fu -1 f ,zwwifi 'FFF . .'F"F-'F.. W 5 zm7MEW,Q..L ' 1magZ 3 . TZ? Jffff ' . V ' R " 45 YP QQWW mm Vw af' fjafkig 9 ' n n-it .rwwflgi , 5f5iAi5 i3?SfW ggi E5 5355 Qi 525355 is fx 53? 1 F 5 iiggfxgfwiw 252 2 Qsfkmmg f 2-ff-if 6' Tiiawggffw g 32? SyvQ52'Qd ,SJW E? ' .if X Vg, X' ui W3 S E555 S45 3 iiiisfgiifgai if 2 If 'Wil 'bi PRINTED AND PUBLISHED BY THE GRAPHIC ARTS DEPARTMENT OF MURRELL DOBBINS VOCATIONAL-TECHNICAL SCHOOL Philadelphia. Pennsylvania CLASS 0F 47-48 2 K 4 Q. fx 'X 1 fr 1 . 2 2 1 -Q 3? 9, ? HQ? wig? 'Q Dear Seniors: A visitor who recently spent a day in our school gave me her impression of different features, then summed it all up with the observation, "I think I would call it a happy school." I consider that high praise indeed, and my hope is that you seniors as you look back over your life at Dobbins can say these have been happy years. Our country has a surplus of pessimistsp little people without faith in themselves or in a higher Power. They prophesy darkly of the future of our nation which now leads the world in so many ways. As you go out to ioin the considerable group that now represents Dobbins in business and industry, my wish for you is happiness in your life work, the enduring happiness that re- flects confidence in your own ability, faith in the future of your country, and a considerate interest in your fellow man. Sincerely, J. NORWOOD BAKER, Principal Each co-ordinator serves the students pursuing certain vocational interests while they are in school and works in close relationship with em- ployers and other agencies in regard to placement and lollow-up. Another important function ol the co-ordinator is to assist in the administration ot the whole school. Improvement and retraining ol employed per- sons is also a part of his responsibility. He vital- izes the instruction by keeping it abreast of the technological changes in modern industry. Con- ferences are held with employers and labor organizations in order to promote a more harmon- ious relationship between the school and industry. Page Four UUIIRIH A'I'0li. HAROLD S. BOSTWICK IOHN I. L. GROSS LAWRENCE I. LIPP FRANK L. WHITE WILLIAM YOULTON C011 ELM! PERC ANDREE EDWARD M. BANGS NELL CRAMER HELEN F. WALGRAN Admissions Counselor ALICE E. HOLT Senior Secretary Counseling came about through the realization that specialized help was needed in order that schools might more nearly approach their aim ol assisting each pupil develop to the maximum of his ability. not only educationally, but personally and socially. Some children and young people need a great deal of individual help in order to make the most of the group opportunity the school offers. Schools likewise need special knowledge of some pupils to make the school experience of real value to them. The functions of the school counselor is to serve individual pupils who need special under- standing and help so that they may derive the utmost benefit from their school experience. Pcrq e Five . Ll z 4,1 Page Six ' ...A K L X fx x is V Vi The most vital organization and ioundation for world peace is the United Nations-composed ot freedom-loving countries, large and small, oi every corner of the globe. The strength of this group, however. depends upon the human motivations and attitudes which are reflected in its representatives. At the conclusion of four terrible years of global warfare and nearly two years ot comparative peace, youth is again able to look ahead into the tuture. with its numerous possibilities beckoning to them. We who are leaving our classrooms and entering the world oi work find that the entire outlook has been bright- ened. It is radiant in the sense that human values ot skill. craftsmanship. cooperation, and understanding have been restored to their proper place in the complexities oi civilization. Let us resolve that to be bound by law alone is not to maintain permanent peace: that to have an established set of rules is not to guarantee future halcyon days. Previ- S X . li aff..- ous conflicts have proved this fact. After a short period of time hostilities would again begin between nations which had appeared friendly. During our stay at Dobbins we have learned through close observation and friendly associations, that a mutual understanding can be established and maintained among people of different interests, of different races, colors, and creeds. Such has been our training-the application is solely our responsibility. If we fail in our duty, the world- in greater scope-will fail in its duty. With the arrival of the atom bomb and its predicted future an even deeper appreciation of permanent peace is required. With these ideals in mind, and with hearts cleansed of malice, hatred, fear, and bigotry, the graduating classes of Iune, 1947, and Ianuary, 1948, sincerely dedicate this book to the United Nations and all it symbolizes. ' HELEN FISHER Editor-i.n-Chief Page Seven C RHIC ff? 7 Pkg' LA AT DUBBI AUTO MAINTENANCE BEAUTY CULTURE CABINETMAKING CHILD CARE COMMERCIAL ART COMMERCIAL PRACTICE ELECTRICITY, INDUSTRIAL ELECTRICITY. TECHNICAL FOOD MERCHANDISING FOUNDRY PRACTICE HOME ECONOMICS INDUSTRIAL CHEMISTRY MACHINE DESIGN MACHINE SHOP PRACTICE PAINTING AND DECORATING PATTERNMAKING PLUMBING PRINTING-HAND COMPOSITION PRINTING-LINOTYPE PRINTING-PRESSWORK RADIO RADIO TECHNICAL REFRIGERATION AND HEATING RESTAURANT PRACTICE SHEET METAL PRACTICE WELDING ,4 a my 4, 1 ',,,.4+" 2 wa sl fir .4 'Mines R27 ri wi F' A . Q5 E4 W if-V ' ....1 .E ..g::,., , 16: ' W R38 mi X ? B Y 3 M.,Mm 1f fggwiwgq, wwaug. Wu W :iw 1, - we E- My was Q vw , X L, Q1 ..,. .... gggggjj wg f 1 . ,1:. 2 .:.,.4...,. 2 6 i is N2 3 , 1 W .1 ..,.3 ..,... 3 57 , , , 1 9 f ,S 2 , its XDA. L gl ' , Q. .., 6 , A 5 "ws ' Lg ii? 5 45 sy QQ ' i if ' .:g ,.,. : , ' ,x f H 5 1 Q 35: NY. , :, E if R ' 2 5 5 K 7 . ,,., at M, N A 1 , ww! Q 5 a ' 3 QP' 'V Q 'L if :Els S 5 W Q -AE gfssmg 6 E i s 'egg . gb . - SSS 3 ' 1 N W ...M X Q -ii' ws M V 4 X 2 U Igmwgf g 2 4 Q f A gif' W ,aq- T , E 5 ..,,. MES, ,W M' ' lg , W4 4 1 + Y: M 5 f Q 4 IF 1 WHT M x avg 'W' A me 1 ' x " il A M49 L . W R Q 3, V if x fl ,gk 1 Q x W A , - Q .vw I 3 f fjfjfm . M. -nr K A V ...,. ,, w W I A' w ail Qw:','3,A,, U ...... 'gs . . ...,... , NNW my . . 555235, .. --'- " ' N A ' .. xg .. f Q - :.::,:2:1:s:- -,E,'-:- :J-' ":::.4Ei,.E2YE:a ,-:. ,, - ' - -awk 3' ' ' 'fig ...... Iwi A ,.:.,,.,..,.:.,,.,..::,,..,.,. ,- l ,. 'ii' 1-QT, x ' nw' ,lx Q , Sal: r. ' . M 9 . mfff w s R .fix 5, 5. ,- - .-.. ., ,zy 3:5- ' qw X 153 '. 32? fx" 'M' , . fii. ,, N 3.11551 .: ,... Eisaiih h Wm Q ::lE.-H, 5' .. 12. ,,' gy - 2 Q . ' . fgf ! any Y F is if If' ef' 2 K Rafi x 3' W' gg 1 ff, 5 f ,- A115 . x. A ' J 3 . 4 A , ggi, WT, A , - 3 ,L , id , . .fX'f2.,w""':f :N p 1 , My 4 f is :rx 3 5 6 lx 1 ff 5 2 if' " 'TIM ff f sf" 'A 1 . W f W JVM " 1 ' ' ' " 4 ' 1 , 55' H ' , V 1 wifi.: b Q f" 3 k Qin' n S l ' we 2? 4 3 av-9? . .,:- ,.:.,:,., . 'ww 3. ff ,Q ,Q v - 3' pn ww .4 V Q Q25 V, 2, P, wow W' VW'1w., 'wg 5 V. 15 W mum, WW, 5 ' 5 :af if a Q , , , .E5.fQ:f'. .1 -1 V "1 . .,.,,. 1 'gi f V v---?, ' ' EV' -' -'ff .... Y 6 .E-:.,:E.i.,, W f Ev -Q: ' 25 A ,Q z X. , .Q ., ff , 'U t 'W .. 5 R Q if 1 N155 5' Y x 'VV 4- .I::-af ? N 'X 395' ,u' 6 I Q 1 W. :Q . v, 2 f 111 4, ms? Q Q'5Z.'1'5 l' ' 6 , A , K 1 22' R wa x :,,. K ..,.. ' Jim ww M A qw-K 1 X A Q gg K W ' ffz-,1 52 Y K 'I :" lll- ' 1 S 5' ::- K ' 55 i V ' ' :.'. 1 ggi . ' , .1 .. --,--- Q ' B 'fi , ,5-Stix . ny: , -i.':,,f1-5, .----: I AE: -S.: ,,-:i U f . 1 sh 5 :gig 2 Aywy 4 ,-': - ' ,,., 3 xx, , 1 4 M111-1 ilu-Vu, fs .:' Q -22: K ,fwh M, :M -1 -,.:.v,,.. 5 - ew Swiiwfgiiffff sf - , , f - W .:FgQ:gwQ6,f,-32517w?w112 .. ,mmwgw was -- . wgiv w -1 1 wir Y W Smvgitj ,Q , .. A 9' 8 Y -' , .eN"z11.f sm' fi,-wzw ., Q :N Q? ig 232 1 Q :,.: Q g .:.-., - -1 1 6 QQQQ z ,,.,.,.,.,. gissaifsieig 3g sfi?f?55fS5Q ,?22igi,: 1fs , ., :" ?gi?gs113E3i5i2s112F w eig gfig ff I .,A,,' ' 'Y 2 ' Q1 4 S ' S 5 Lit: V A -" " 5252221515 5 if E igggfgggf 1 32- H1 .,.V 4 H 1, 1511 mg ME Sggg E 353 ff: is QP 1-, 5255351 g gt, f 1 1 W 51 -2"-: 15 2 2 'L S3535 3 E5 3 2 2 5 53 ""-- X is S 1 3225 iw 3 Zz. E25 ,E ,.:,, ,.,, 5,255 5 ,R .SE E ., ...,..,.,.,., .. I 1 if Q 1 -1.-.,. Q. Q 5 x 5 5 4 1 X , 3355? f JE ii' mg ei 3 25555352 5' E A? 11. :s1ff1f2lff1 5 M5555 53 is 1.11 M, M " - Q5 V I J, Ri iii 4 L ? Y J W H x :Y gm 1 y N .Jgg ML , gsm 52 E i f agar 16 g WW X ' " N ' 7 1 Q1 d f f:gQ"F'-?2'E'.gf-355:"5:1EE5 15: bl giailfggk gf i ii SE wig 1 gig? wizizii - gi . 4L-- .-..-.- 1 .-z 2 11311 , ,W H 1, g. . M5 Q 555 1 iii? QE ?i i 7 5 Egx I L 1 . f 0 sw mg , iff :1 is vfsfxsz ' X 111 4 :111 ilitgflgggggg QP? xgggq wg 1 , 1 .,.. 1 . W SE .:.,, if g 4 , .. fs , ,Q , gg? A ...:.. , V fW Q5i?i?:E 23 . M. 553 812 EQE. i , 515 ,,,,., gg ., er 3 E' g ,1,g,,,: ::: .:,., ::.: Q ' 5' ' 151 , img ,,.. 1 ,,fs.:.- Q W 51 .. f kai iss, ' 1 Q QB? W ma J? we Lea ' Q. 12, X," my Zi ""' W9 M23 K ,.A,, fy f , ,,9Yg,l'f , 'KKK vfkffh y n? ,QQ ,7 1 x5,K2ggg,,ip,VV uk I W ..,.:f+., ,..,,. Q , 5 I if I .,,.. 'W' V , H ,.,.,' , W as :i j 1 ' I L z an .Q E 'aff x M W , U4 'f V 53:05 . H' rr M , I iw 5, V--" mf! 4 4 , ff Q,,,1, MX V '5 , X, my -W if F if ' my Y Imam VXSNZQ5 E M M 1 nigga? ,. NN if ' V , 2.5 wig? 7 E4-f, M ,A ri I 2 33,5 fx 5533? W arm' 3 9 W? Page Fourteen fi. YEARBIHIK It is my sincerest wish that this Year Book will help you recall the happy and profitable days which were spent here at Dobbins. Though years and distance may separate all of us, the pages of this book will act as a stimulus to help us remember one another. Editor-in-Chief Staff of 1947 Editor-in-Chief Assistant Editor Helen L. Fisher Leona Drummond Literary Editors Art Editors Iune M. Hartmann Albert I. Cravero Robert E. Le Bon Constance L. Carels Sports Editors Marshall Cormican William E. Lindsay Elll'l'0ll It scarcely seems possible that we have success- fully arrived at the poi.nt where the Year Book is in publication! Few oi you realize the headaches, heart- aches-yes and the aching feet, too, which go into this book. Seriously, though, we feel that we have done a good iob. Only through the sincere efforts of my co-workers who made up the Year Book Staff have we been able to present to you this-our Year Book. Editor-in-Chief Staff ot 1948 Editor-in-Chief Assistant Editor Patricia L. Shaffer Mary Romberger Literary Editors Art Editors Marie M. Cooperson Louis S. Smith Mildred Ann Williams Thomas I. Wacker Sports Editor Walter A. Adamson ,J ,. flfijw , H J 1"- Page Fifteen During your three years at Dobbins we have endeavored to instill in you the hmdamental principles oi good sportsmanship and oi good citizenship. Take these with you! The only "peace oi mind" to be achieved in this lite is the satisfac- tion of a iob well done! Do your best at all times and remember true democracy is real cooper- ation with others at all times. May liie hold many blessings for each one of you. 'Page Sixteen CTIJIIENT GIWEIINMENT MRS. OLLINE WILSON. Sponsor ROBERT LE BON. President IOAN NEWBY, Vice-President EUF REPRESE TATIVE Dobbins is a small community of 2300 citizens: not counting our many veterans. The problems which confront us are the same which arise in any small town in the state. To solve these prob- lems we have a House oi Representatives made up ot one student from each home room section. The representatives have the op- portunity oi guiding the social lite of the school. The student activity card lS.AJ is your badge oi citizenship. From the S.A. fund, We enioy many privileges-tree movies, dances, award pins and graduating keys. Thus under our own rooi we see "democracy" as it should be practiced- one for all and all for one. Mrs. Olline Wilson Page Seventeen M7756 MUliliELL INIIHSINS VUUATIIINAIJ-TEUIINICAL SCIHHIL ht K i wqg I To the Members of the Class of Iune 1947: As the years roll by and you sense a growing appreciation of the fact that you have been trained to create with your hands as well as with your mind. give some credit for this to your school. If you have developed a friendship that has endured and you can recall with pleasure the years you spent at Dobbins, then be loyal to it. Support its athletic and social activities. Be a faithful alumnus. everyone of you. Come back to see us often-good luck to all of you. William Cipriano CLASS SPO llll 0F JU ll '47 cmss oivwwz ROBERT LEBON IOAN NEWBY LOUISE HUDSON MARSLN fATZ President Vice-President Secretary Treasu er Page Twenty ALBERT F. ADAIR 1710 N. Bailey Street Printing "Al" Very popular-nice looking-enjoys music and dancing- a really good printer-wants to print for tne Navy. MARION ALTUS 2861 N. 22nd Street Commercial Practice Our "Mademoise1le" from "Vogue"-- never tires of talking-always cheer- ful and pleasant-destined tor certain success. EDWARD R. BARTH 640 W. Huntingdon Street Machine Design "Ed" Ambition: College-Hobby: Books and girls-works hard-plays hard -great guy that "Ed," ANTONIO R. ADAMO 2760 Garnet Street Painting and Decorating "Tony" Lots of fun-one of those rare stu- dents Who is liked by both teachers and classmates-hard worker, this "Tony." WILLIAM T. ANDERSON 2128 W. Harlan Street Power Technical "Bill" Interests-Football and baseball-- perpetual smile-his radiant person- ality will carry him through lite. EVELYN I.. BATES 273 E. Montana Street Commercial Art "Lynn" To know her is to like her--cooper ative and determined-likes basketball malways a friend-here's wishing you success, "Lynn." HILDA ALSTON 2021 Waverly Street Child Care "Chicken" Interests vary from children to sing- ing-disposition naturally sweet- "Chicken" will succeed. KAY A. BANDAIAN lOl Bethlehem Pike Commercial Art "Caldonia" A real pal-loves to dance-win- ning smile-ambitious-helpful, intel- ligent-that's our "Kay." WILLIAM A. BEAR 138 E. Meehan Avenue Auto Maintenance "Doats" "Spark PIug" of the Mustang line- iriendly, cheerful-never without a smile-always there when you need him-that's our "Bill." Page Twenty-one 4 IAMES BEATON 1312 N. 25th Street Foundry Practice "Beetle" One of those terrific Mustangs-his passions are: Foundry and Football- one of the nicest Dobbinites-Good luck "Beetle." CLAIRE BERK 2935 W. Susquehanna Ave. Commercial Practice A quiet, demure girl-has that Wonderful attribute of knowing when to talk-loves sports, dancing and art. SYBILLA C. BLANGO 2031 N, 16th Street Beauty Culture "Bi11ie" Bubbling over with personality- never a dull moment when she's around -sure to be a successful beautician. Page Twentyftwo IRENE P. BEREN 2811 "D" Street Beauty Culture Quiet, friendly and dependable- loves anything musical-possesses an air oi earnestness-those qualities Spell Success. ROBERT M. BIDDLE 2305 S. 12th Street Power Technical "Biddle" Keyman on movie crew-well liked among the students-proficient elec- trician-sure to reach his goal. IOSEPH WM. BLOCKLINGER 2037 N. 3rd Street Printing "1eep" Talented-intelligent-a whiz in mathematics-Ambition: Math, Teacher at Dobbins. You'll be sorry, "Ieep." ADOLPH M. BERETTA 3159 N. 24th Street Machine Technical "Otto" Neat dresser-energetic but quiet- great with a trumpet-will it be musi- cian or machinist, "Ctto"? MORRIS L. BLACKMAN 1333 N. 7th Street Commercial Art "Moe" Likes to dress smartly - has an infallible sense of humor - vibrant personality-artist of the future. ROBERT E. BLOMQUIST 2735 W. Lehigh Ave. Printing "Whitey" Sharp dresser- enjoys all sports - a printer deluxe - always active - a swell fellow to know. SANTINA A. BRANCA 2029 W. Indiana Ave. Commercial Practice "Tina" True "lady"-an excellent sense ot humor-likeable personality-we pree dict a happy future for this demure Miss. BERNARD G. BROWN 3226 W. Diamond Street Radio Technical "Brownie" A loyal friend-always a gentleman -calm and composed-First love: His car-sure to speed on to success. HELEN BROWN 3813 Melon St. Beauty Culture "Babs" A first class pal-believes in sleep' ing for beauty-another addition to our list of beauticians to be. PEGGY I. BRITZ 179 Fern St. Beauty Culture "Peg" P--is for her perfect Personality, E-is for her effervescent smile, Ge is for the Glamour she possesses-P-E-G wspells Peg-a pal worthwhile. BERNICE E. BROWN 646 W. lohnson Street Commercial Practice "Bernie" Has great persistency-puts every bit of energy into getting Work done- specializes in dancing and sports. SAMUEL W. BROWN 2560 Page St. Machine Design "Sam" S-success is apparent lor this hard worker-A-art: his hobby-M- Makes any classroom fun to be in -S-A-M-That's our "Sam." DORIS C. BROOKS 1917 N. 18th Street Commercial Practice "Toylee" Loves music in any shape or form- plays basketball skillfully-quiet and dependable-luck to you, "Toylee." CONWAY BROWN. IR. 35 N. Yewdall St. Auto Maintenance "Dome" Clothes and conversation: Slightly perfect-admirable friendliness-always active and on the go-an asset to any auto shop. RUTH M. BUCHTER 508 W. Clearfield St. Home Economics "Squirt" Charming-quiet-except at football games-gracious-swell fellow-worker -will sew her way to success. Page Twenty-tnlee WIILIAM BURCKHARDT 2723 W. Cabot St. Sheet Metal "Iunior" Works hard and enjoys it-fun lover - diligent - perseverent - hopes to make a good Metal Mechanic in future years. JOHN T. CAREY 4413 Longshore Street Patternmaking "lack" Short-cheerful-energetic-likes all sports-great performer-well liked by everyone-that's our "Iack." WILLIAM O. CARY 5429 Willows Avenue Machine Design "Bill" Anxious to further his education- keen interest in sports-a credit to Dobbins-luck always, "Bi11." Page Twenty-four CHARLES BUTLER 5 Penna. Ave., North Hills Pa. Auto Maintenance "Rocky" "Rocky" is everbody's buddy-has a mania for football and cars-we think he'l1 make a first rate auto mechanic. BETTY M. CAROTA 49991f2 Girard Avenue Beauty Culture "Bet" The essence of quiet capability-loves bowling, dancing, watching football games-a sure "Bet" for success. SELMA CHARLESTEIN 237 E. Louden Street Child Care "Cissie" Interested in working with children- always calrn, cool, and collected- loves to dance-true-blue Dobbinite. CONSTANCE L. CARELS 6816 Clearview St. Commercial Art "Connie" Loves to do just about everything-Y expert horse back rider-popularity plus-a swell person to know- "Connie's" bound to get ahead. CARRIE A. CARSON 2429 W. Montgomery Avenue Home Economics "Sis" Tall and gracious-a keen sense of humorinever tires ot lending a helping hand-sure to make good with these qualities. ROBERT E. CLARKE 2912 N. Woodstock Street Auto Maintenance "Bob" Appearance: neat-Personality: per- fect-Interestsz sports-Result: we think success. IULES T. COCOZZA 2027 N. Lawrence Street Auto Maintenance "Cozy" One of the "fighting" Mustangs- enthusiastic about bowling and skating -"Cozy's" well liked by everyone. ALEECE R. COLBOURNE 2450 N. 19th Street Commercial Practice Definitely a lady-enjoys reading among other things-claims she likes to do things "slow-like," HARRY T. CONOWAL 2512 Meredith Street Machine Shop "Big Harr" Ta11-good-looking-a conscientious worker-very pleasant manner-Likes: boxing, basketbball and opposite sex. LEONARD COHEN 2018 N. 32nd Street Plumbing "Len" Ex-service man - good natured - never a dull moment "Len" they call him-what girls go for-solid-good sport-Here's luck to your future "Cluny Brown." WILLIAM C. COLMERY. IR. 343 Milne Street Auto Maintenance "Willie" "Willie the worker"-helpful-care ful-cooperative-Ambition: To break the speedway record at Indianapolis. MARSHALL CORMICAN 5534 Devon Street Machine Technical "Marsh" Pep, personality, vim and vitality- swims like a fish-sports editor-"beau brumme1l" in person. ANNAMARIE COLANGELO 3018 N. Woodstock Street Commercial Practice "Annie" Busy as a cyclone-the little dare devil in C. P.-gloom chaser--peppy- success to you, Annamarie. ELMER C. CONOVER 1316 E. Columbia Avenue Auto Maintenance "Bud" B-best in all his classwork-U- unusual bowling skill-D-downright likeable fellow-that spells "Bud," IOYCE E. CRAIG 223 N. Wilton Street Beauty Culture "Reds" The gigglesgirl of B. C.-brimming over with wit and humor-loves sports and, naturally, beauty culture. Page Twenty-five ALBERT I. CRAVERO 2127 W. Pacific Street Commercial Art "Al" Our competent art editor4interested in his work-likeable tellowfwill make an outstanding commercial artist. CAROLINE D'AMBROSIO 6233 Chew Street Beauty Culture Most likely to succeed in her trade-f Winning ways-knows how and when to get things done-"tops" is the word far Caroline. ANTHONY D. DASCONIO 448 E. Cosgrove Street Auto Maintenance "Dash" A likeable greaseemonkey-full of pep and energy-always eager to lend a helping hand-success to you, "Dash." Page Twenty-six RACHEL M. DABBS 2429 N. 20th Street Home Economics "Ray" A Whiz with a needle-no clothing problem can stop herian indispensable iriendfa lavorite of everyone. IOSEPH DANDO l5'3'7 W. Dauphin Street ' Welding "Ice" Art enthusiastevery quiet manner-- tops in his tradefhopes to be a first class Welder-We're betting on you, "ice," KENNETH N. DAVID 2338 W. Harold Street Power Technical "Davy" One of the best in his tradee-nice looking - cooperative - ambitious - a sure bet for success. ANGELINE D'AMBROSIO 457 E. High Street Beauty Culture "Angie" A petite bundle of fun and personality -agile in sports and spirit-loves to dance-"Angie's" an asset to any beauty shop. ELIZABETH DANYLUK 801 N, Ringgold Street Commercial Practice "Shorty" Tops in her trade-likes basketball intensely-interests vary from boys to bookkeeping. LEWIS G. DEMYAN 2lll W. Erie Avenue Radio Technical "Toad" Perpetually smiling-loves roller skating and gunning-an expert terpA sichorean-will undoubtedly make good. WILLIE MAE DENNIS 2337 N. 21st Street Restaurant Practice "Bill" A talent for singing-"Pixie-like" temper-usually quiet in manner-tall and qracefu1+-quite a gal. HOWARD A. DIETSCH 5349 Lena Street Auto Maintenance Shy with the qirls but an ace with the fellows-ioker deluxe-luck to a future auto expert. ROBERT DREXEI. 3638 N. Percy Street Cabinet Making "Scoop" Strong, silent type-girls swocn when "Scoop" comes in sight-star performer in baseball and basketball-the type who's sure to succeed. KATHRYN DEUBEL 2710 W. Seltzer Street Commercial Practice "Kay" "Kay"-pable-charming and full of fun-will lend charm to a stenoq pad, typewriter, and boss's office. VIOLET M. DI-GIACOMO 3011 N. Iudson Street Commercial Practice "Vi" Pleasant personality-cheerful smile -bright disposition-industrious as a beaver-an ideal qirl. LEONA DRUMMOND 4110 Warren Street Beauty Culture "Lee" The heiqht of dependability-iirste class honor student-sports enthusiast -"Lee" is our candidate for success. IAMES I. DEVERY 470 Robbins Avenue Machine Design "Dopey" Enjoys golf-hard worker-does well in his trade-"Dorsey" is right on the beam. GENEVIEVE A. DOBROWOLSKY 3544 N. 5th Street Commercial Practice "Genny" Always patient-never lets her class- mates clown-diliqent student-pert and petite-best wishes for success, I-'LSIE N. DUPEE 2961 N. Toney Street Commercial Practice "Brown Eyes" Elsie has an impish face-hair that seems to stay in place-her smile is shy but you will tindv-it contradicts what lies behind. NJQ-J M9 yn-9' Page Twenty-seven if IX 5 1 X mg 'u T6 QQ C THOMAS I. DURKIN 970 E. Locust Avenue Commercial Art "Durk" Very cooperative-helps whenevel and wherever he can-liked by all his buddies-good luck, "Durk." WILLIAM R. FEHLINGER 2225 N. Sydenham Street Machine Shop "Bi11" Barnacle "Bill" the ex-sailor-did his share for "Uncle Sugar"-modest-Very quiet-we11'liked-great all-around nice chap-luck to you! HELEN L. FISHER 1847 Germantown Avenue Home Economics "Fishcake" F - fun-loving - I - ingenious - S-sociab1eAH-has a flare for comedy - C - capable - A - amiable - K -ki1roy's not as popular-E-editorrim chief--"Fishcake." Page Twenty-eight SAMUEL ELEY 878 N. Moss Street Welding "lim" Quiet in manner-great sport-exce1- lent track man4-cooperative-he1ptu1- just an all-around "fella," IUNE N. FIFIELD 1747 N. 29th Street Commercial Practice Sincere and convincing-the height of practicability-efficient and exacting- a sure success. MINNIE FLETCHER 4839 Reno Street Restaurant Practice "Min" Unusually quiet-always smiling- sweet disposition--hopes to own her own restaurant someday-how's about a cheeseburger, "Min"? MARY I. ERISMAN 1821 Mt. Vernon Street Child Care "PGY" Happy-go-lucky-claims she wants to be a police woman-likes small children especially-sure to succeed as a "bluecoat." GERTRUDE A. FISCHER 7338 Bingham Street Commercial Practice "Trudy" inseparable companions: "Trudy" and her violin-bursting with energy and pep-a sure cure for the blues. CHARLES H. GAMBLE 112 E. Duval Street Refrigeration and Heating "Chuck" Outwardly quiet and modest-Hobby: model airplanes-a "must" in our Mustang line-up-hats oft to "Chuck." DORIS I. GARDNER 2740 N. Gratz St. Commercial Practice Amiable smile - sweet nature - a beloved classmate-obliging as they come-a grand pall RICHARD A. GATTER 245 Howell St. Patternmaking "Dick" Neat dresser- efficient and un- assuming- loves to sail- his ambition is to be in the Bermuda races. DOROTHY G. GOINS 2431 W. lefferson St. Commercial Practice "Dot" Sports enthusiast-earnest in her work-favorite ot everyone-a true pal and perfect classmate. CLINTON R. GARRISON 1413 N. Park Ave. Industrial Chemistry First love: chemistry-second: sports -a perfect combination of brains and brawn-sure to succeed. ROBERT I. GER!-IART 129 E. Pomona St. Machine Shop "lake" Likes playing the piano-very tall and shy-marvelous worker-capable and dependable. MARVIN GREENBERG 1953 N. Stanley St. Auto Maintenance "Marv" An unusual combination ot gentleman and auto mechanic-sports enthusiast --friendly, pleasant --an all around good fellow. IOHN A. GAST 531 W. Morse St. Auto Maintenance "Gassy" Wins admiration with his sincerity and friendliness-loves to skate, swim and bowl'-"Gassy" is destined for success. RICHARD H. GLADFELTER 1539 N. Lawrence St. Sheet Metal "Dick" Life oi the party-hard Worlcere does well in his trade-a credit to Dobbins-determined to make good. IOHNANNA GRIER 1825 Wilmot St. Beauty Culture "1ohnny" "lohnny" on the spot to lend a help' ing hand-serious yet fun-loving-best of luck, "lohnny," in all you undertake. Page Twenty-nine l ELISABETH M. HALL 7l32 Upland St. Commercial Practice "Betty" Quiet and demure personality- charming disposition - hard worker - always Willing to lend others a help- ing hand. ALMA W. D. l-IARLLEE 2129 N, 29th St. Commercial Art "Lee" Our talented song loird-Very sweet disposition-seldom without a smile-- three cheers for a swell person. LEE V. HEMSLEY 208 N. Horton St. Machine Shop "Termite" Good naturecl-quiet-good friend in and out of school-favorite sport: basketball-what about the girls? Page Thirty BERNICE I. HALPERN 3l36 W. Montgomery Ave. Commercial Art "Sis" Very popular - vivacious - never a dull moment with "Sis" around-a future expert in ceramics. ELIZABETH M. HARTMAN 2437 W. Thompson St. Commercial Practice "Betty" Lots of Dobbins spirit-hard worker -God's gift to men-liked by every- oneea beauty which can't be beat! MARY T. HERRMANN 3124 St. Vincent St. Commercial Practice Sincere worker-anxious to please others-a grand person to have for a friend-sure to be successful. FRED W. HANNUM 860 N. 19th St. Machine Shop "FWZ" Excellent singing voice-first loves: music and sports-always calm- pleasant disposition. IUNE M. HARTMANN 5615 Loretta Ave. Industrial Chemistry One of the most outstanding students in Dobbins-a born leader-attractive, considerate, ambitious-bright as a flash bulb-Iune, Luck Forever. WALTER HEYDUK 4039 "M" St. Pattern Making "Buddy" A "Wolf" in Santa Claus' clothing -an ex-Navy man - plump -- jolly -- boisterous-probably wind-up as a Bo'- sun's Mate. IAMES E. HIGGINS 638 Hermitage St. Radio Technical "Toad" If he's shy, pleasant, and fun to be with-if he's dependable, and earnest- if you ever need a real pal-that's "Toad." LEO A. HORONZY l35 Seville St. Commercial Practice Speed demon with a typewriter-- keen sense of humor-works hard and plays hard-nice all-around chap. VINCENT I. I1-XNNUZZI 457 E. Cosgrove Si. Auto Maintenance "Lover" Good looking-rarely seen or heard -a loyal classmate-diligent worker- interested in track and girls. EMERY M. HILL 20 E. Oxford St. Auto Maintenance "Pat" When it comes to personality, "Pat's" tops-likes roller skating-anxious to make good in his trade. VIVIAN M. HUBER 7320 Montour St. Commercial Practice "Viv" Quiet - alluring - likes Washington D. C.eWhy?-a fine Dobbins represent- ative- we know she will be a success. MARY L. ISPHORDING 6l4O Boynton St. Commercial Practice "Mary Lou" Exciting-full of pep, vim, vigor and fun-an expert typist-active in Dob- bins social affairs. LENA B. HINSON 3712 Wallace St. Home Economics "Peaches" Lovely and vivacious-seldom seen without her smile-noted for her ability in cooking-never a dull moment with Lena around. LOUISE M. HUDSON lU6 E. Rockland Si. Beauty Culture "Huddy" Likeable lady-sweet smile and a disposition to match-enjoys bowling and football games-an all-around girl. PAUL ISAKOFF l853 N. 8th St. Auto Maintenance "lzzi" Chuck full of personality-a "right" guy-likes all sports-success is ap- parent. l Page Thirty-one MARYELLEN IENSEN 5124 Ogden St. Commercial Practice "Ir" Full of school spirit-helpful-active and efficient-a nice person to know- Good Luck, "lr." LADORIS M. IOHNSON 1517 N. Gratz St. Commercial Practice "Ann" Charming-sweet little lady -dili- gent-efiicient-Dobbinites will miss LaDoris and her winning ways. THOMAS F. IORNA 16 W. Mount Airy Avenue Machine Technical "Tom" Slow grin-likes to eat and sleep-a favorite in his shop-should make a "man about town." Page Thirty-two WILLIAM S. IOHNS 211 E. Haines St. Auto Maintenance "Buddy" Talent-pep-personality-likes, and is liked by everyone-bound to make a good Auto Mechanic. THOMAS C. IOHNSON 1931 W. Hilton St. Restaurant Practice "Tommy" Likes music-hep-cat king of Dobbins - excellent singing voice -the original popularity kid. MARIANNE KAHLEH1' 2736 N. I-lemberger St. Industrial Chemistry It she is a terrific basketball player- if she is a strawberry blonde with a cute pug nose-if you can't help liking her-then that's Marianne. GUSTAVE A. IOHNSON 5336 Delancey St. Machine Technical "Gus" A smooth operator-efficient worker keen observer-nice person to know- a sure-fire ace Machinist. HELEN L. IONES 1900-K N. 27th St. Commercial Practice A likeable person-loves to talk-a capable secretary-interested in sports -success is predicted. ROBERTA I. KALMIN 6058 Augusta St. Child Care "Bobbie" Our "Bobbie" from Brooklyn-loves children-an amateur Lily Pons-one of our outstanding Child Care students. BERNARD KAPLAN 2122 N. 8th St. Radio Technical "Kap" "Bernie's" our class comedian-full oi sparkling energy-hubba kid-always on the go-truly a "live wire." WILLIAM L. KERN 3713 N. Darien St. Machine Design "Bill" B-basketball, his first love-l-in tensely interested in his trade-L-like able fellow-L-lends a helping hand whenever he can. ff 1-:DNA l. cx 4934 R b' ve. Beauty u "BUDDY" ce, A harm, and beauty are her notes-horseback riding her main terest-bound to be successful. MARVIN C. KATZ 1712 Widener Plaza Commercial Practice "Marv" Tops in football, basketball, and math- ematics-loves to dance-a real asset to Dobbins and our senior class. IOHN I. KEYES 5505 Lansdowne Ave. Power Technical "lack" Strong, silent type-excellent reputa- tion-a member of our terrific I. V. football team-will excel in his chosen field. CHARLES P. LALLY 3536 New Queen St. Cabinet Making "Lal" One of the fighting Mustangs - in- terested in all sports-swell fellow- he will go far in his chosen field. GWENDOLYN Z. KENERLY B10 N. 47th St. Home Economics "Sugar" Personality plus-ktwinkling eyes that are full of mischief-vivacious-attrac- tive-luck to you, "Sugar." FRED KOBLE 878 N. Lex St. Auto Maintenance A whiz at wit and humor-IOUQQ likeable - conscientious - a first rate Auto Mechanic-good luck, "Fred." ROSE LANG 4282 Viola St. Commercial Practice "Rosie" A fine secretary-earnest and sincere -has helped Dobbins through her efforts-swell gal, that "Ftosie." Page Thirty-three 'Q N X ROBERT E. LEBON 6529 Regent St. Machine Technical "Bon Bon" A combination of intelligence and physical perfection-sincere and un- affected-serious, yet full of tun-an all around good sport. IOSEPH M. LODDO 2635 N. Colorado St. Power Technical "Load" Greatly liked by his classmates- snappy dresser-an excellent student -bound to make good. IOSEPH F. MCICFARLAND 1747 N. Taney St. Refrigeration and Heating "Mac" A loyal friend-magnetic personality -likes all sports-hopes to become first rate repairmanfsuccess is certain. Page Thirty-tour IOSEPH H. LEWIS 1722 Beechwood St. Welding "Ioe" Dandy chap-full of humor-amiable -talented in his trade-we know he will succeed. MARGERIE A. LYNCH 2845 N. 27th St Beauty Culture "Margie" Sweet and lovely-wins friends with her radiant smile-mainly interested in beauty culture - anxious to succeed - and will. HOBART MADDOX 1918 Page St. Machine Shop "HoBo" Energetic - a friendly disposition - calm spirit-likes all sports-genius at work-with that personality he can't tail to succeed. IACK LIPSHUTZ 2630 N. 30th St. Auto Maintenance "lack" Busy as a bee-first love, baseball -has a mania for building model air- planes-his mechanical ability repre- sents his success. SHIRLEY E. MQCDONALD 4660 Fernhill Rd. Commercial Practice "Blondie" Excels in typing-one of best singers in Dobbins-"Blondie" will surely suc- ceed-and she's cute too. EDITH M. MAHLER 1931 Harrison St. Restaurant Practice "Kit" Cute, is the word for "Kit"-loves roller skating, dancing singing-hopes to be a dietitian-luck to you in your ambition. EARL MANLEY 2615 Susquehanna Ave Auto Maintenance "Buster An earnest student-has a weakness for swimming and sweet potato pie- best wishes for future success. ETTORE D. MASCITELLI 1847 S. 15th St. Food Merchandising Popular with both fellows and girls- good-looking - early bird - personality plus--a great fellow. "Eddie" HARRY MCLEOD 5012 Brown St. Auto Maintenance "Shy" - possesses a character--quiet in manner-does well in his trade-he should go far. Hshyn dependable THOMAS I. MARSHALL 426 Winona Ave. Cabinet Making "Tommy" Makes a hobby of driving-does a swell job on stage crew-nice to work with-ready to go places in life. MARIE M. MASSARA 2931 N. 22nd St. Commercial Practice Explosive - efficient - incomparable -- tops in her line - a nice person to know and a good friend to have. EVELYN V. MCMONIGLE 1913 N. Etting Sa. Commercial Practice "Eve" Always a lady-takes her studies seriously--loves to dance-cooperative -success is apparent. LAWRENCE C. MASCIO 3605 N. Sth Si. Auto Maintenance "Hutch" Exceptionally good dancer-full ot personality-active in all social events -a very popular fellow. IAMFTS I. MCELVANEY 3241 N. Hope Street Painting and Decorating "Mac" Good sport- full of mischief -one of the best in his trade-liked by all-- good luck, "Mac." RICHARD MCPHILLIPS 1004 Olive Place Commercial Art "Termite" Always helping others-wonderful sense of humor--popular-plenty of personality-good luck, "Termite" Page Thirty-five HARRIET W. MEDEARIS 866 Moss St, Home Economics "Sis" Gay and charming-full of life and pep-always ready with a smile- interested in music-excellent cook. FRANCES C. MEULSTEE 2414 N. 5th St. Restaurant Practice "Frannie" Those who know her value her friend- ship - likes: sports and music - an ex- cellent student- great success to the future "salad" expert. GREGORY MIRAKIAN 894 Bridge St. Machine Shop "Lucky" The good humor fellow of Dobbins- likes to sing and dance-neat dresser- good machinist-ambition: a toolmaker. Page Thirty-six DAVID G. MEKEL 2138 E. Washington Lane Auto Maintenance "Dub" A handsome fellow - generous - speed demon - cooperative fellow- worker-bound to succeed. DELORES E. MEYER 3433 Germantown Ave. Commercial Practice "Meyers" Talkative - tantalizing - truly orig- inal-Delores is our class comedienne -lots of luck to you. HUGH MOORE 4005 Baltimore Ave. Machine Design "Huey" Likes all sports-a terrific basketball player-"Handsome Huey"-the person- ality boy. IOSEPH C. MELOGRANO 6319 Dickens St. Sheet Metal "Sonny" Always entertaining everyone-a swell fellow to know-does well in his shop-"Sonny" undoubtedly will find success in sheet metal work. RUDOLPH PETER MILLER Ir. 714-7th Ave. Circle-Grace Park, Chester P. O., Pa. Machine Design "R" Pride of the Marines-pride of Dobbins -desires to be an expert designer-we know you'll pull through again, "Rudolph." DORIS M. NELLEIT 1239 E. Oxford St. Commercial Practice "Dot" Has a mania for printing-excellent typist -quiet and helpful-liked by everyone-success will come to "Dot." M. IOBN NEWBY 852 N. 29th St. Commercial Practice "Irish" Loves to swim and skate-exceed inqly attractive-will make a perfect secretary-the best of everything to our class Vice-President, a very lovely person. WILLIAM F. OEHLER 6617 Cornelius St. Machine Technica, 1, 'I "Ape" Shy'an5i lquiet, But strong as an"Ape" vfffready to help-tops in football 'id'track-"Bill" is a natural born leader. ANTHONY I. PACIFICO 2013 W. Indiana Ave. Cabinet Making "Tony" Terrific in track and baseball-always has a smile for everyone-Dobbins will surely miss "Tony." ROBERT H. NITTEROUR 48 E. Wister St. Machine Technical "Nit" The "brain" oi the class-efficient, capable and perseverinq-a pleasant companion-an excellent tool maker. DONALD T. O'MALLEY 3100 N. Chadwick St. Auto Maintenance "Monk" Short, dark, and husky - partial to brunettes-essential in the Mustang line -admirable classmate. IOHN R. PACIONI 45l9 Baker St. Auto Maintenance "Patch" "Patch" is one ot those indispensable classmates-his sport interests vary- destined to he an exceptionally good mechanic. CALLAIJLY NORCUM 2045 N. Woodstock St. Beauty Culture "Dit" Personality plus - a sweet lassie- H lots of pep--friendly disposition- undoubtedly a successful beautician. IOHN R. OTT 519 E. Ashmead St. Auto Maintenance "lack" Noted for his boundless sense of humor-always ready to lend a helping hand-good luck in your chosen field, "lack." RITA C. PANACCIO 3043 Almond Street Commercial Practice Loves fun, excitement, qayiety-re- luctantly settles down to the sedateness of an office-fun to be with. Page Thirty-seven ROBERT PORTER 1448 N. Hollywood Street Printing "Tiny" T-"Tiny"-1-interested in all sports -N-nice personality-Y-you're sure to like him-our candidate tor success. ROBERT P. QUARTUCCI 6015 Ross Street Machine Design "Q" Ambition: Advance in engineering field-likes roller skating-dandy friend -swell fellow to work with. ANNA REISER 1809 N. Mascher Street Home Economics "Snooks" Winning ways-sweet matured-sharp sense of humor-pleasant and pretty- active in student activities-that's "Snooks" Page Thirty-eight IOHN A. POWELL 2116 E. Hazzard Street Commercial Art "lack" Another talented artist-Liked by his fellow classmates-Cooperative-Sure to be a success. IOHN L. RASE 4128 N. Franklin Street Machine Shop "Spike" Served with Navy-fine machinist-- very determined in everything he does -liked by everyone-good luck, "Matey." MILTON R. RICE 2844 N. Lambert Street Restaurant Practice "Lo" Ambitious-energetic-enjoys music -one of Dobbins best singers-hopes to own a restaurant someday-Destiny: Singing waiter. ALBERTA PROKOP 1935 Bristol Street Commercial Art "Bert" Sweet disposition-quiet in manner- does well in her trade-liked by all- proof that good things come in small packages. CHRIS M. RECCHIONE. IR. 5527 Pulaski Avenue Refrigeration and Heating "Rick" A likeable fellow-contagious sense of humor-works hard toward his goal -bowling and swimming and football are his hobbies. MARY ROBERTO 2913 N. Taylor Street Commercial Practice "Ginger" She's quiet, first-ambitious, second -helpful always-"Nice" is the word for "C-linger." IOI-IN ROMAN 96 E. Moreland Avenue Auto Maintenance "Iohnny" His quiet, shy manner does not effect his inherent popularity-invaluable as a friend and teammate-We'll think oi you often, "Iohnny." MAURICE I. SCALVINO 2061 W. Stella Street Auto Maintenance "Sharlcey" Terrific sense of humor-shy when it comes to girls-"Vim and Viqor" kid -Good luck, "Sharkey." DORIS SELTZER 2457 N. Opal Street Home Economics "Blondie" A friendly disposition-charming smileipossessor of a beautiful crown- ing glory-always in the hearts of those who really know her. IDA I. ROSCIOLI 3l3O N. Spangler Street Beauty Culture "Chicky" "Chicky" is the class commedienne -energy plus has lda-serious onlv now and thenefalways friendly. NAOIVII P. SCHANK 13l9 N. Marston Street Home Economics "Nome" Quiet manner-wonderful sense oi humor-loves to lauqh-sweet and shy --a perfect wife for that man. LOUIS I. SHARP 5356 Morris Street Machine Design "Reds" Excellent in his trade-interested in baseball-pastime: driving-let's hope he drives to success. IOSEPH F. ROSS 2715 W. Parrish Street Sheet Metal "Ioe" Always ready to come to the aid of his classmates-refined manners-ca operative-truly everyone's palfa real handy "loe." FRED SCHMICK 843 E. Almond Street Sheet Metal "Zeck" F-first love: sportsiR-ready to qo places-E-excellent in his trafle-D- Dobbins rooter-that's our "Frei" EVELYN SHAVERS 2435 N. 2Uth Street Home Economics "Eve" A pleasant associate-famous for her clever ad-libs-sweet disposition-Wirv ning smile-you can't lose with "Eve" wt fn- ,fa,,,LJ' 5,4 P Page Thirty-nine Q. r it la I W t r P, GEORGE SHOWERS 3726 Mt. Vernon Street Auto Maintenance "Georgie" Tops in his studies-always active! loves to dance, play basketball, play a sax. FRANK SZABO. IR. 5ll W. Morse Street Auto Maintenance "Frankie" A picture ot quiet refinement-a favor- ite classmate-active in his shop-will succeed in whatever he undertakes, MARGARET A. TEAGUE 3259 N. Newkirk Street Commercial Practice "Margie" "Margie"-you've been our inspir- ation-always glad to help out-very nice to know--short, sweet, demure- always ready with a cute smile. Page Forty ALVIN SNYDER 4714 N. lOth Street Machine Shop "Wilco" A sincere and earnest studentAlceen sense of humor-works his fingers to the bone for the football team-a "right" guy that "Wilco." IANIE B. TALIAFERRO 2Ul9 N. College Avenue Commercial Practice Mischievous glint in her eye --- "lanie's" always there when she's needed most-one in a million. DONALD THOMPSON 5353 Belfield Avenue Cabinet Making "Don" Always glad to be ot assistance-ew cellerit football playerAtolerant and steadfast staunch friend. MARSHALL SUNTZENICH 1414 N. 29th Street Plumbing HSOHUGYH A "Phillies" and Dobbins rooter! interested in sports4cooperative-the future plumbing teacher ot Dobbins. ELIZABETH I. TAYLOR 2740 W. Sterner Street Commercial Practice "Betty" Dynamite on a dance floor-serious about her studies-everybody's pal! good luck to "Betty", a sweet, cute girl. JOSEPH M. TOMKIEL 2665 Deacon Street Machine Design "Tonch" ,Toe is a hard worker-usually quiet - carefree - easygoing - the "Dick Haymesn ot Dobbins. HARRIET E. TOMLINSON 2217 W. Ingersoll Street Home Economics "Het" Sparkling eyes-delights in dancing -wistful little smile-when "I-let's" around there's bound to be fun. THERESA V. TUCCI 4730 Tacony Street Beauty Culture "'l'uchie" "Tuchie" goes for anything musical -cheerful, friendly, always pleasant- an efficient B. C. operator. IOSEPH WADSWORTH 4718 Mansion Avenue Sheet Metal "Joe" A native ot the hills ot Manayunk- a regular joker-likecl by many-very amusing - hard worker -- good luck, .iyoeln IEAN Y. TOMLINSON 2217 W. Ingersoll Street Home Economics "Butch" A laughing lassie with sunshine in her smile-radiant gloom chaser-her personality makes her popular with everyone. MARVIN VICTOR 1610 W. Columbia Avenue Electric Power "Vic" "Vic's" hobby is horses-terrific in baseball-a nice chap-a good elec- trician-good luck to a swell Dobbinite. IEAN C. WAGNER 1828 N. 19th Street Commercial Practice A prize for any executive-clever- skilliul-practical-leanie has that wot deriul trait ot "stick-to-itfivenessf' ARTHUR TRIBLE 901-B-Reno Place Electric Power "Trip" Enioys sports-a really fine dresser- terriiic track man-a man about town- Here's success "Trip", you sharperoo. VANGELINE VISSAR 2935 W. Turner Street Commercial Practice "Angie" "Angie", everybocly's friend-a very good dancer-loves music-hard worker -good typist. LILLIAN M. WARE 2369 N. Cleveland Avenue Commercial Practice "Lil" Active, peppy--always on the go- does well in everything she undertakes -an asset to any organization. Page Forty-one FLORENCE WENKE 429 W. Raymond St. Commercial Practice "Floss" Efficient - dependable 7 has con- tributed a lot ot her efforts to the of Dobbins-likes: horse- betterment back riding and singing.. GLADYS I. WILSON i930 Dallas Road Home Economics "Happy" Slow of mischief radiates irom her tace - attractive, original, impetuous - active in student activitiesfbe happy with "lfiappy." RITA M. WOODWARD 4010 York Road Beauty Culture "Rite" A tiny packaqe of charm and grace-- loves to dance and sing-an all around likeable girl. Page Forty-two ERNA WESTERMANN 45ll N. llth St. Home Economics "Bright Eyes" An indispensable classn'1ate-inter ested in sports-cheerful as a cricket-H a contagious laughter bubbling over with personality. HOMER WILSON 5043 Brown St. Auto Maintenance "Bright Eyes" Rates first with his classmates- "Bright Eyes" loves to dance and sing -should make a good Auto Mechanic or Crooner. ALFRED WORKMAN 60 East Wister St. Sheet Metal "Monkey" An accurate, diligent worker-always clowning-perfect personality-success to a good sheet metal "Monkey." ION WILLIS i409 N. 22nd St. Cabinet Making "Little Fruity" "Little Fruity's" pastime is art-Very quiet fellowAlots of iun to those who know him-main ambition: his own shop. PRICE I. WOOD 2033 N. 22nd St. Printing "Woody" W-wonderful boy-O-once in a lite- time-O-on the ballfD-determined to make good-Y-yearning for his ow.1 print shop-"Woody" spells success. CHARLES N. WRIGHT 630 YN. Venango Street Cabinet Making "Chuck" Smooth fellow-very interested in all sports - loads of pep - a competent cabinet maker. HALLWAY T0 LEARNING Dear Class: The sorrow of parting is tempered with the thought that we will meet again in the future. In the years to come you will find, time and again, bits ol information. skills. trade-lore ap- pearing to help you in your struggle for exist- ence. Each time you think these thoughts or use your skills. the seeds oi which were im- planted here, we meet again. It is pleasant to feel that so much good is pro- vided. and the only regret is that more could not have been done in the time allotted. May the years treat each of you kindly and bring happiness and fulfillment! 'Till we meet again! William Bravennan CLASS SPO IDR 0F .IA UARY '4 ULASS UFFICEIR HARRY HAILS MILDRED WILLIAMS MARIE COOPERSON WALTER TILL President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Page Fortyeiour WALTER A. ADAMSON 2710 W. Silver St. Printing "Addy" Year Book stait-Ambition: eat-eat and eat- hep cat -- sharper - good Worker - sportsman - jolly - good luck to the eatingest primer we've seen. BETTY M. BAILIE 2105 North Park Ave. Commercial Practice "Shorty" Active in school functionsvone of our yell leaders-short and sweet- wants to be a prosperous secretary- how can you miss, "Shorty"? DOROTHY I. BALLARD 2312 N. 13th Street Commercial Practice "Tiny" T-terrific in sports-I-inclined towards music--N-naturally brilliant-Y-yearns to be a doctor-that spells our "Tiny." LORRAINE A. ANDERSON 3023 W. Girard Ave. Commercial Practice "Lorre" Full ot wisdom-full of fun- popular with chums-a likeable person -loads of what is good tor her. MELVINA BALDWIN 608 W. Columbia Ave. Restaurant Practice "Nina" Quite a baker-easy to get along with - wonderful personality - sweet person - happy-go-lucky - marriage on her mind-no need for worry. MARGARITA BARNADA 2918 Ogden Street Home Economics "Marge" Intelligent - jolly - sincere - attrac- tive-passion tor slacks-thoughts dwell on clothes and men-we'll miss you, "Marge" CONSTANCE 1. ANTONUZZI 2850 N. Van Pelt Street Commercial Practice "Connie" Wonderful athlete-good student- easy to look at-excels in skating, dancing, basketball-ci budding pri- vate secretary. EDWARD N. BALL 4312 Penngrove Street Machine Shop "Bouncer" A gay blade--popular with the girls-antipathy towards work-Amlob tion: to own a machine shop-Destiny: big time politician. ANNA M. BARRETT 1713 Meadow St. Commercial Practice "Cateyes" Wants to be a receptionist-loves being around people-always ready, willing, and able. Page Forty-tive RICHARD BAUER 2730 W. Poplar St. Auto Maintenance "Rick" "Rick"-the blue-eyed lady-killer-W collector of swing records-a future hep-cat fender bender. ISRAEL BERMAN 2947 W. Gordon St. Machine Design "Ray" The "Voice" of Dobbins-industrious person-anxious to become a iamous singere-the one most likely to succeed "Frankie" in the hearts of the teen- aaers. DONALD C. BOCKIUS IR. 5026 Wakefield St. Sheet Metal "Don" Excels as a student-a credit to the sheet metal shop-accurate in his work feveryone's friend. Paae Forty-six DORIS C. BECKER 3061 N. Bambrey St. Commercial Practice "Dutch" Cheerful character-loves to shun as rnuch work as possiblewbut "Dutch" is there in the clutchewhat a hep-cat! GEORGE I. BIDDLE 2559 N. Colorado St. Machine Shop "Ray" Serious worker-a friend of every- one-handy with rod, reel, and rifle -will undoubtedly make an expert machinist. RAYMOND R. BONI 800 North l2th Street Machine Design "Ray" Sincere, friendly, sociable-interested in amateur boxing-His aim is Mechani- cal Engineering-all the luck in the World, "Ray," GERALD F. BELIVEAU 5743 Windsor Ave. Plumbing HGGYTYH Shy with the girls-masterful With the plumbing tools-Well-liked-friendly -hopes to do lots of traveling-"Bon Voyage, Gerry." CARL E. BLESSING 558 E. Gilliam St. Food Merchandising "Bless" "Bless" is blessed With sincerity, per- severance, determination-always punc- tual-rapid calculator-expert foods man-will own a chain oi grocery stores some day. ANNA M. BRANAN 1326 N. Myrtlewood St. Commercial Practice "Dimples" Sweet innocent smile -- o-so-cute - natural winning personality-fond of ice-skating-Bon Voyage to "Dimples." N CHRISTIAN BRENNER 2925 W. Turner Street Auto Maintenance "Chris" Popularity boy of Dobbins-Ambition: To be a sailor or good mechanic-Pre- diction: he will make a success in either. LAWRENCE E. CARROLL 1807 N. Taylor Street Auto Maintenance "Larry" Smooth fellow-shy with the girls -Hobby: football - who knows but what he may be a future "Van Buren." DORIS E. COLEMAN 3714 Mantua Avenue Beauty Culture "Dot" A born comedienne-tall and pretty- a favorite among the boys-"Dot," luck to your future. ALBERT BUCCI 188 Benezet Street Machine Shop "Pep" The friend of the people-loves to entertain classmates with tall tales- likeable chap-"Pep" is hep as a machinist. BERNARD B. CHAZIN 1232 North 42nd Street Auto Maintenance "Buddy" "Spark Plug" personality-always willing to lend a helping hand-never a dull moment-Success to "Buddy," CAROLYN COLLINS 7209 Wissinoming Street Home Economics "Dolly" lester of H. E.-good worker-active -full of pep-good looking, too-right fellows?-and she can cook!!! DOLORES BUTLER 733 N. Dekalb Street Beauty Culture "Shortie" Laughing constantly-amiable girl -sweet disposition-wel1'liked by all -"Shortie" will not fall short of her goal. ARCHIE F. CLARKE 2013 W. Madison Street Restaurant Practice "Arch" Earnest worker-amiable-swell guy - worthy character - looks innocent most of the time-best of everything, "Arch." IOSEPH F. CONNERS 3422 Commissioner Street Machine Design "Yuss" An avid football fan-good worker -anxious to excell as a designer of soft, comfortable seats-We know you'll succeed, "Yuss." I-A f . x IF 'X T ft X . w NQJY 'f Page Forty-seven 9 ANNA B. CONWAY 809 E. Schiller Street Beauty Culture 'Annie" Short, sweet, cute-a snuggle bunny -classie lassie-full of school spirit- "Annie" will succeed as a beauty operator. HAROLD F. COTTMAN 1932 Croskey Street Auto Maintenance "Turk" Likeable fender-bender--lots of pep and vitality-always on the job and ready to do his part--lots ot luck fo you, "Turk" ALMA M. DAPP 2920 W. Cambridge Street Commercial Practice "Penny" "Penny" is from Heaven--never ti dull moment-ambitious-warm person- ality-probably will be an Ice-Follies girl some day. Page Forty-eight MARIE M. COOPERSON l528 N. 15th Street Commercial Practice "Cuddles" Small package oi cuteness-active- bright - extremely cooperative - "Cud- dles" is sure to succeed in lite. PRISCILLA T. CROWELI. 682 Brooklyn Street Commercial Practice "Pat" Trim, sweet, neat-diligent and care- tul worlcer4Ambition: To be a successe ful secretaryellestiny: Working for Veterans' Administration. MARION R. DAVIS 465 Potterton Heights Commercial Practice "Booper" Peach in the rough--loves dancing and collecting records-wants to be a good secretary-Luck all the way to "Booper."' l l l 1 CHARLES P. CORRIGAN 2741 N. Hemberger Street Printing "The Mouth" Avid sportsmanf- grand personality -dandy chap-very talkative-friend in neediintelligent-success to you, Charles, in the future. IESSIE I.. CROZIER 2909 N. Bonsall Street Commercial Practice "Hunt" A rare friend+the kewpie doll of the class-thrills to jive music-downright good kid-"Hunt," to you, luck always. PHYLLIS A. DE SANTO 2965 N. Ringgold Street Commercial Practice "Phy" Lover of typing-collecting records and listening to Vaughn Monroe-swell girl-likely to be a typist for a juke box company. THERESA M. DIDIO 2958 N. 23rd Street Commercial Art "Terry" Popular -tall and alluring - great interest in art-efficient--terrific sense of humor-good luck! RONALD DUBIN 3120 W. Gordon Street Auto Maintenance "Ronnie" "Play Ball" is Ronnie's favorite saying -wants to be a first-class mechanic- you can't miss if you keep playing that ball. ROBERT EGOLF 603 Oak Lane Avenue Machine Shop "Reds" Dynamic personality-makes friends easily-likes plenty of leisure time to practice his horseback riding, fishing, and hunting. VIOLA T. DI MARIO 2852 N. Garnet Street Beauty Culture "Vi" Attractive -jolly - ambitious - pop- ular - slick - excellent hairdresser - smart in class. Best wishes, Viola. CHARLES F. DUKE 2415 Perot Street Auto Maintenance "Duke" Pep - personality - perseverance - talented auto mechanic-best wishes to you, "Duke." DELORES F. EICHORST 2235 N. Orianna Street Beauty Culture "Dee" "Dee"-pride of Dobbins rooting sec- tion-tall and pretty-Wonderful beau' tician-success to a swell girl. HOWARD W. DOLE 813 N. Beechwood Street Industrial Chemistry "Pineapple" Shorty-assistant photographer-out door man-passion for: swimming, hunt- ing, camping. Good luck to a tuture dairy chemist. DONALD DUNCAN 748 N, Brooklyn Street. Painting and Decorating "Don" Interested in football, boxing, painting -guiet and likeable-the future holds success for him as a decorator and painter. KENNETH A. EISER 2Oll Bleish Street Electric Power "Ken" Tall, lanky, smooth-grand person- ality-serious worker-favorite among our electricians-good luck to you, "Ken," in your experiments. M QW Page F orty-nine JOSEPH FEOLA 34 E. Abbotsford Road Restaurant Practice "toe" A restaurateur in the bud-always on the qc-active in school affairs-- destined to be the "Duncan Hines" of tomorrow. ROBERT W. FOSTER 2537 N. Bouvier Street Machine Shop "Bob" Fascinator of the "slick chicks"-a genuine interest in machines-liked by boys as Well as girlsfsuccess will be his. . .fl AUDXEY G. FREIQDEI5 isoettiv. Firth ?fi6Gl Commercial Practice "Dimples" Qelicious, delightful, delovelyw-small package of cuteness-a terrific cheer- leader and jitterbug----make way, cruel world, for "Dimples " Page Fifty MILDRED E. FISCHER 209 W. Thompson Street Restaurant Practice "Milly" Cheerful-bright-sweet-intelligent -clever-sincere-right on the beam-- quite a "filly" is our "Milly," MABEL I-'REELY 2l29 N. 22nd Street Home Economics "May" Quiet - unassuming N hard worker -friendly- neat dresser-hobby: me 'i. Good luck in your future as a dress- maker. EDNA E. FULTON 4253 N. Reece Street Industrial Chemistry "Eddie" First lady chemist to fly to the moon fa high flyeri-Wonderful personfswell friend. How about a chlorine cocktail, "Eddie"? IOHN R. FLEMING 2943 N. Bambrey Street Printing "Muscles" Muscle man- quite a hoofer-Win- ning smile - good printer - Way with girls-good luck, "MuScles." MARY E. FREELY 2337 N. Woodstock Street Beauty Culture "Liz" Sincere Worker-active in school ac- tivities-edandy person-luck to "Liz," a good beauty operator. ROBERT F. GAINES 5505 Spring Street Electric Power "Bobs" Athletic-very popular with the fair sexihis hobby is repairing broken heartsfthe future "Mr. Anthony." Q-Jax if Wwfffwa. DOLORES C. GALLAGHER 5227 Penngrove Street Commercial Practice "Mike" An obliging gal-a natural blues chaser-amiable, active, alluring-yen for dancing and saving money-good luck, "Mike." CAROLINE GARRETT 3532 Old York Road Commercial Practice "Carrie" Exhilarating spirit-subtle humor- rapid typist-enjoys roller skating- dogged determination to drive a motor- cycle-"Carrie" will carry on. SHELDON GOLDBERG 3114 W. Montgomery Avenue Auto Maintenance "Choo Choo" All-around athlete-star in basket- ball, football-shines as an auto me- chanic-clestiny: an expert simonizer. GEORGE GARDNER 1701 Bristol Street Commercial Art "lr." Talkative-handsome "Ir.," they call him-future golden gloves champ --- knockout with the girls. LILLIAN M. GEGENHEIMER 1302 N. Broad Street Commercial Practice "Gegie" Reserved - quiet - pleasant -intel- ligent-"Geggie" is all of them-best wishes to one of the finest. HAROLD 1. GREENE 2434 N, Waterloo Street Cabinet Making "Greene" Sport crazy - studious - on the ball with the womenhMummm, don't blame you either girls-good luck to one of our future coffin makers. WALTER L. GARDNER 1536 N. Woodstock Street Auto Maintenance "Walt" A shrewd little character-plenty ot stirring personality-plenty of ambition -all the best of luck, "Walt," MARTTN A. GIARROCCO 4996 Master Street Pattern Maker "Geronimo" Very talkative-sincere, earnest, ami- able-a future master in pattern making -will make some girl a perfect hubby. EDWARD GROH 4312 Howell Street Printing "Ed" Grand guy - sports fan - all around good fellow-hard worker-future press man-pleasing personality. M49 Page Fifty-one I A .1 K c2 1 f 1-- IOSEPH V. GUARINELLO 57l E. Herman Street Auto Maintenance "Gar" Striking tor first rate mechanic-"Gai" is an expert with a car-success tor the future. LARRY DER HAGOPIAN l807 N. Darien Street Plumbing "Baldo" "Date bait" of the plumbers-has that certain something that charms the tairet' sex e ambition: master plumber 7 des- tiny: making telephone plumbing dates for his boss. ANDREW T. HAMILTON 4654 Sydenham Street Cabinet Making "Andy" Ambitious - builds railroads - inter- ested in drawing-well liked-"Andy" is handy to have around-huh, girls? gbest wishes for success. Page Fifty-two BETTY M. HACKMAN 20 Meehan Avenue Beauty Culture "Hippo" Sweet disposition-cute package-fine beoutician-great jitterbugAbest of luck to you, "l-lippof' HARRY HAILS, IR. 3047 N. Bambrey Street Auto Maintenance "Harry" Handsome "Harry"-football star and prexy of the class-an all-around American boy-success here is cpparent. BERNICE R. HAMMET 2922 W. Cambridge Street Commercial Practice "Neicie" Super combination of personality and talent-ambitious-helpful-full of that Dobbins spirit-our hats oft to "Neicie." t 1. K. t 1-.' I fl WILLIAM HAGANS 4650 Brown Street Auto Maintenance "Bill" Subtle sense of humor-hard worker hactive in school activities-"Bill's" sure to succeed. IOHN B. HALLMAN 3509 N. 22nd Street Auto Maintenance "Glenn" Gegreat guy-L-likeable-E-enen geticfNAneat-N-natural leader- that's "Glenn," ROBERT E. HANNA 903-A Reno Place Radio Technical "Hep" Magnetic personality-infectious smile eactive-hepcat-here's luck to you, "Hep," HERBERT HANTMAN 3227 W. Oxford Street Printing "Herb" Popular-intelligent-unusual talent for writing-"Herb" is one swell guy- good Worker-bound to go places. ANNE I.. HART 54 W. Sharpnack Street Commercial Practice "Anne" A Dobbins beauty-sweet and lovely --diligent worker-whiz in typingkac- tive around school-just an all-around girl. HARRY HEATH 2109 W. Pacific Street Cabinet Maker "Spike" Shschool spirit-P-personality kid- l-initiative-K-kid of charms-E4 energy plus-S-P-I-K-E-our future lion tamer. ERNEST F. HARRIS 651 North 36th Street Cabinet Making "Reds" Class officer e go-getter - sports and music fan-intelligent-credit to himself and school- sincere Wishes to you, "Reds," for your future. MARIAN R, HARTMANN 56l5 Loretta Avenue Commercial Practice "Mutz" The essence of charm, innocence, de- mureness-a leader in class, sports, clubs-a first rate yell leader-4"Mutz" is bound to succeed. DORIS M. T. HENDERSON l445 E. Huntington Street Commercial Art "Doll" Singer - dancer - sportswoman '- clever-fine character--bundle of fem- ininity--everybody's favorite is "Doll" ---a happy future to you, IANIE M. HARRIS 1035 Pallas Street Beauty Culture "Lee" Nice personality-always laughing- gay-good singer-excellent beautician -ambition: to be a successful wife- she cari't miss. IUNE E. HAWKINS 2ll7 W. Master Street Commercial Practice "Bunny" A friend in need is a friend indeed- full of mirth and cheer-gem in sports -wow on the dance floor--hop to suc- cess, "Bur1ny." ROBERT I. HERLINGER 2806 North 20th Street Printing "Mortician" Ambition: undertaker-travel enthu- siast-earnest about Work and women -sense of humor-success to the first traveling mortician. Page Fiftyethree HARMAN S. HOLDEN 2235 N. Lambert Street Auto Maintenance "Piggy" P--- perfect rnechanic-1-intelligent-- G-good guy-G-go getter-Y-yearn ing to own a shop of his own some clay. WALT HUBEB. 3445 N. Mascher Street Auto Maintenance "Hubba" A Casanova with the opposite sex- the real "Hubba-Hubba" kid-ambition: taxi driver-"Taxi, Sir?" CHARLES S. IACKSON 1837 N. Ringgold Street Machine Shop "lack" Although quiet he has a knack tor getting into trouble-proficient in his class Work-active in sports--We're bet- ting on you, "lack." Page Fifty-four SELMA HOLLANDER 1821 North Eighth Street Commercial Art "Shorty" Whiz in English-Excellent in Com- mercial art-quiet, reserved, and clever -bost of luck to one of the best. WILLIAM L. HUNDLEY 715 North 43rd Street Machine Shop "Leslie" Football enthusiast-full of pep and ambition-helplul to his classmates-- straighttorward tellow-his success is evident. THOMAS E. IEFFERSON 1903 W. Master Street Electric Power "leH" A giant killer with the opposite sex- always neat and well groomed-a speed artist on the track team-look out, Hollywood, here comes "left" DORIS D. HOLT 6335 N. Burbridge Street Commercial Practice "Hope" Lots of fun-"square shooter"-burns up a typewriter- or good skater, dancer, singer-where there's "Hope," there's hope for success. GEORGE E. HURWITZ 4222 Ogden Street Machine Shop "Gum" A star football performer for the ter- rific IV's - captivating personality -- -adept in his trade-"Gum," best of luck. BERNARD L. IOHNSON 2419 Stewart Street Auto Maintenance "Bernie" Popular with classmates-likes: sing- ing, football, baseball-destiny: croon- ing mechanic-here's some Dobbins luck to you. 1 FLORENCE L. IOHNSON 1630 N. Willington Street Commercial Practice "Slim" S-sure bet to success-L-loyal in sports-l-ideal to work with-M- masterful with a typewriter-all spell out "Slim" for success. DORIS D. KAUFI-'MAN 1855 North 19th Street Commercial Practice "Dorrie" Full of spirit-crazy about dancing and singing-works like a troian-like able - pleasing - sweet- all to make "Dorrie" a sure winner. GEORGE H. KLEINGUENTHER 2725 Moore Street Printing "Georgie" Lots of personality--ambition: a pho- tographer - active - happy-go-lucky -- intelligent-clever-best of luck "Georgie" GWENDOLYN S. IOHNSON 2528 W. Harlan Street Commercial Practice "Gwen" G -- good typist - W - Winsome lass -Eienthusiastic worlcerAN-naturai ability in art'-"Gwen" has a bright future ahead. SAMUEL KEMP 527 North 56th Street Commercial Art "Radar" Chief hobby: drawing-nomad type imorriage fever-deep thinker-diag- nosis: that "Radar" better send out those beams and find her. DOROTHY IRENE KLINK 3519 North l3th Street Commercial Practice "Blondie" A sweet, shy, little girl-ready to help -quiet, but hard worker-destined to be an excellent private secretary-sua cess, "Blondie" GABRIEL KASHISHIAN 6114 Irving Street Auto Maintenance "Kashish" Short-shyfambitiouse-dancer and singer first rate - good athlete 3 all around good fellow. MONA A. E. KILLIP 873 N. Preston Street Restaurant Practice "Blondie" Popular Blonde Bundle--cheerful per- son-loads of fun-interesting-carefree -hard worker-lets have a ham on rye, "Blondie," ALBERT H. KOPPENHAVER 2454 North 28th Street Machine Shop "Kope" Big, lumbering, unassuming lad-- wishes school was all sports-ambition: to be a first-class machinistedestiny: scorekeeper for the "VVarriors." Page Fifty-five fwdwv MARVIN S. LAMAR 1227 Dauphin Street Commercial Art "Angelo" Hero on gridiron-loves his work and girls - magnetic personality - dandy chap-will succeed in life. WILLIA P. 32 S. Y d t i ten Ce C sanova" invar ' s h i adies' an-goo t nd gymnast -can't ke 1 boy n. MAYBELLE L. LINDSAY 2038 N, Woodstock Street Beauty Culture "Chink" Cheerful personality-popular-favor ite with the boys -- classy lassie- -- "Chink" is a sure-fire girl to succeed as a beauty operator. Page Fifty-six WALTER T. LAMOND 204 W. Duncannon Avenue Machine Design "Tiny" "Tiny"-personality boy of the ma- chine designers-an expert with pin- ball machines-we hope you hit the jack-pot in your future. HERBERT M. LEMMON l324 N. Frazier Street Machine Shop "Lemon" Friendly, quiet, unassuming, humble -a star in track, basketball, footballf meticulous dresser-"Lemon" is due to be a huge success. EDWARD K. MacCOY 2442 North 27th Street Electric Power "Mae" Always laughingfalways looking for an argument-athletically inclined-fine traclesman-destined to be an electri- can's mate on a PT boat. ff .ff-EV HARRY LARKINS 3061 Unruh Avenue Printing "Moose" Likes hunting, fishing and camping- dependable worker-sports fan-bu al- ding printer with an eye towards the future. CAMILLA T. LIEDTKE 2230 N. Hancock Street Beauty Culture "Giggles" A natural jokester - lovable - con- stantly gay-hard Worker-a spirit of mischief and humor-always climaxecl by that well-known giggle. SAMUEL R. MUCFARLAND 7l00 Cresheim Road Pattern Making "Mac" Pattern Maker in the rough-ambr tious to become an expert-fond of sports-swell person-concerned with the future-dor1't worry, "Mac." MARGARET M. MAHONEY 2027 W. Somerset Street Commercial Practice "Peggy" AmbitiousQdiligent worker-coopen ative - a swell friend - good singer - "Peggy" is pegged for future success. IOHN N. MCMASTER 7714 Mathias Street Pattern Making "Curley" C-cringes at the sight of a girl-U- unfeigned friendliness - R - righteous -L-learnes fast-Y--yen to enlist in Army-"Curley" is our man. BRUCE R. MILLS 7903 St. Martins Lane Printing "lock" I-jolly-O-oh what a sweet little boy-C-clever-K-kind of man girls dream about- active in sports-that's "lock" for success. FRANK B. MAXWELL 3107 Hartville Street Refrigeration and Heating "Mac" Kink of Iesters-quite a crop of hair -Hand girls too-huh, "Mac"?-diligent worker-personality plus-good luck to our jesting iceman. EVELYN L. MCNEAL 2412 North l5'th Street Child Care "Evey" Sweet girl-swell companion-sharp dresser-cooperative-first rate Child Care student-how's the bike riding, "EVey"? JOHN H. MIRKIL 6101 Elmwood Avenue Machine Design "Reds" The clown of Dobbins-exceptionally good machinist-expert "apple polisher" -has a trick of getting good grades with little workehow do you do it, "Reds"? RICHARD A. MCCORKLE 5158 Harlan Street Machine Design "Corky" Unassuming and quiet chap--friendly and hard Working in class and extra- curricular activities-fate has it that he will succeed as a railroad builder. DONALD E. MILLER 5604 Media Street Machine Design "Shorty" Winning personality-a hard worker in classroom and athletics-hobby: tink. ering with model trains-destiny: de- signer for Baldwin Locomotive Works. HUBERT L. MITCHELL 1919 Columbia Avenue Welding "Mitch" Good welder but better wood Carver -popular with fellow students-enjoys dancing and singing-delights in sleep- ing in class. Page Fifty-seven MARGARET M. MONTEFORTE 2928 Croskey Street Commercial Practice "Reds" Sweet disposition-serious and earns est worker -- star volleyball player- pleasina personality-good luck to you, "Reds," ALVIN MOSKOVITZ 3014 W. Colona Street Refrigeration and Heating "Al" Sparkler-expert refrigeration man- br-br-it's cold -'ladies' man--eager and willing-yen tor sports-that's "Al," MARY R. NERI 3448 North lOth Street Commercial Practice "Shortie" Looks quiet, but talkative otherwise -sports minded-serious in her work -short in stature, but tall in intelligence -may success be with you. Page Fifty-eight IOSEPH MOONEY 468 E. Thompson Street Printing "Bo-Bo" Unsurpassed in diligence-always plugging at his work-popular in class -best wishes to an ace iellow and ace printer. CARL G. NECKER 3l3 W. Annsbury Street Power Technical "Peck" Dangerous hobby: guns and girls -- slightly shy -swell person-clever sense ot humor-luck to the future, "Peck." PETE NICOLA 2011 North 3'rd Street Power Technical "Nick" Sports conscious - well liked - win- ning smile-dandy fellow-good worker -- cre"'t to school-luck to the sunshine kid, "Nick" YJ' DONALD W. MORRIS 628 North 39th Street Machine Shop "Ducky" The "boogie woogie" man ot Dobbins -excels at the drums-quick humor- always ready to laugh-will make a good machinist. IOI-IN F. NEMETH l53O N. Marston Street Commercial Art "Big Iohn" Comedian-shy, but girls, look out- the man with the camera-devoted classmate-excellent in art-sharp chap -success to you, "Big Iohn." WILLIAM I. O'BRIEN 5927 Norwool Street Auto Maintenance "Obie" 'l--on the ball-B-big deal-l- ' ' ' "ve plus - E - energetic boy -- O-B-l-E spells out "Obie" for success. MAY V. OLDFIELD 2052 Bridge Street Commercial Practice "Barney" Hobbies: skating, dancing, swimming -ambition: to be a successful typisf-e prediction: stenographer for a midget auto racer. PETER PAPPAS 3248 Longshore Avenue Refrigeration and Heating "Pap" Happy-always joking-good worker -iriendly-loves dancing-progressive workerisuccess to "Pap," FORTUNATO P. PERILLO 3036 North 23rd Street Printing "Putty" Perpetual talker - amiable - hobby: football and girls-unusually energetic -will talk his Way to the height ot the PR trade. LELIA I. OWEN 2229 North 22nd Street Beauty Culture "Reds" A sparkling smile---full oi pep and iun f-ea swell liifuld ta have--a keen sports enthusiast. HERBERT L. PATTERSON 1543 North 60th Street Machine Shop "Pat" P - personable and perspicacious- A -- ocrne ot apiitude - - T - thoughtful and considerate-all add up to "Pat," THOMAS D. PHELAN 7l6 W. Fishers Ailenue g Auto Maintenance "Cookie" A regular sparkplug-personality plus---"Harry Iarnesu of Dobbins-excei lent mechanic-a rosy future, "Cookie," FRANK A. OWENS C732 N. Carlisle Street Restaurant Practice Pleasant manners--worker in extra- curricular activities ---unbaunding energy -the future has no limit for this likeable chap. CARL I. PEARCE 2628 North 16th Street Cabinet Making Gods gift to women-sharp guy- nice personality and character-every body stand up and cheere"Carl" is here and good luck to you, boy! HELYNN S. PINKETT l914 North 23rd Street Beauty Culture "Pink" Pinky's got just about everything-A pep, personality and poise-how can she help but be successful? Page Fifty-nine Q 'I HERMAN W. PISACANO 2052 W. Indiana Avenue Printing "Voice" Popular - clever pressrnan - second Frank Sinatra-excellent dancer-neat dresser-way with girls-hope you print your Way to success, "Voice" CHARLES H. POWELL 5724 Keyser Street Auto Maintenance "Hoppy" "Floppy" is a rabbit on the Cinder- path--a shark in the Water-a depend- able mechanic-good luck, kid. DOMINICK RAGNO 2838 N. Van Pelt Street Printing "Lover" All around sportsman-hobby: fair sex-Wonderful personality-sharp dan- cer-on the beam-success in your work either girls or printing. Page Sixty WILLIAM L. POOLE lll7 South 52nd Street Auto Maintenance "Flapper" Tall, light and handsome-very soci- able - unassuming chap - orchestra member - destined to be a great mechanic. MARIE G. PRICE l530 W. Kinsdale Street Commercial Art "Blondie" Blonde bomber of CA-knack of doing things right-sweet kid-heroine of the girls' sports-blessings on thee blonde' haired child. CHARLES H. RAUSCH 2921 N. Franklin Street Radio Technical "Charlie" Spends most of his spare time on pho- tography-triendly, patient and loyal- hopes to become a successful bachelor. VINCENT I. POST 2630 N. Franklin Street Restaurant Practice "Shorty" Willing worker-passion for bowling -is tops with both fellows and girls- pal to everyone-lots of success, "Shorty." CLARA R. PRIMOLI 2940 North 23rd Street Commercial Practice "Reds" R-reserved and refined-E-easy to get along with-D--dashing red hair- S-sure bet for success as a secretary. LOUIS RICHARD 1917 W. Somerset Street Printing "Lou" Good sportsman-enjoys printing and girls - basketball tan - well liked - magnetic personality-bound to succeed. ADA G. RILEY 2257 North 22nd Street Home Economics "Splinter" A petite package of personality- her witty chatter shoos away eyeryone's blues-a grand girl, this "Splinter." ALBERT I. ROSS lOO3'B Ogden Place Radio Technical "Rock" Lover - dancer - good radio man - neat fellow-on the ball-likeable-sirr cere-luck from all of us, "Rock" ROBERT C. SAMPSON 4320 Wyalusing Avenue Machine Design "Sam" Another good machine design man- his hobby is trick photography and loafA ing-we vote him most likely to succeed in loafing. MARY ROMBERGER l627 W. Columbia Avenue Commercial Practice "Rumen Gay, cheerful, vivacious-willing worker - exuberant personality - conf stantly on the go-a true pal and true Dobbinite. EMILIO I.. SACCO lll8 North 64th Street Machine Shop "Sacco" Considerate of his fellow workerse friendly smile-interested in machines and the "Phillies"-doomed as a bat boy for the "A's." STANLEY F. SARMIENTO 3744 North 7th Street Radio Technical "Stan" Speedy - very popular -friendly -- enjoys sports - sharp man with the women-luck be with you, "Stan." RUDY E. ROSCHER 5235 North 6th Street Radio Technical Nomad - spark plug personality - cheerful - gloom chaser - sincere and serious-intelligent-will go a long way in his work. RICHARD A. SALTIEL 2820 North 24th Street Printing "Dick" Always kidding - collects stamps - neat dresser - ambitious - studious - active in school affairs - best of luck, "Dick." GEORGE H. SAWCHUCK 4453' Greene Street lndustrial Chemistry "Chuck" Future chemist-member of allied youth-doesn't smoke, drink or study -kidding aside, a wonderful fellow with a brilliant future. -I 41 X X l , 1-'M K AMN M-At I Jim N Nxt 1' iff - gf' .17- .ihffwi I Page Sixty-one WARREN B. SCHANER 2103 W. Erie Avenue Industrial Chemistry "Warren" Active-ambition: a chemistealways joking-loves to argue-was on varsity track team-qood-natured-jolly-be-St wishes for your future, STANLEY SCHULTZ 637 Porter Street Refrigeration and Heating "Schultz" The joker-swell friend-writes music -a crackerjack refrigeration man-has an eye towards the galseul wish I knew the word tor love in Spanish." ROBERT A. SHIVES 1624 North 26th Street Commercial Practice "Bob" Quiet and unassuming-conscientious commercial student-active in school affairs-ambition: bookkeeper-destiny: keeping books tor the Internal Revenue Department. Page Sixty-two CHARLES H. SCI-IONEWOLF 2112 N. Melvin Street Radio Technical "Wolf" "Wolf" is just what his name implies -popular with the girls-interested in sports of all kinds-"Wolf" will get along in lite. PATRICIA L. SHAFFER 3065 N. Percy Street Commercial Practice "Pat" A sparkling personality-eftervescent --hard worker-plenty of school spirit -editor-in-chief ot the year book-here's luck to a swell Dobbinite. LOUIS S. SMITH 6333 McCallum Street Commercial Art "Smitty" "Smitty" really isn't sleepyg he's in deep thought-serious-sincere-e extremely dependable-one oi the best in commercial art. o- if HERBERT L. A. SCHOOLFIELD 5515 Master Street Restaurant Practice "Herby" "Herby"-a likeable restaurant prac- tice boy-sparkling charm--hopes to own a store of his own some day-best wishes! GEORGE SHERIAN. IR. 5726 Delancey Street Auto Maintenance "Sherry" Shy fellow with an eye for the girls -a little heartbreaker-the future for him is already paved. THOMAS R. SMITH l8l9 W. Oxford Street Cabinet Making "Smitty" Snappy dresser-"killer" instinct with the girls-spends most ot his time in late room - tamous last Words: "I would have been on time but . . ." PAUL SPRING 7819 Devon Street Machine Shop Tall, dark cmd good looking-quiet and unconcerned-easy moving manner -good machinist-the future already cut out for Paul. CHARLES L. TANKSLEY 1616 North 26th Street Machine Shop "Leon" L - likeable - E-earnest - O - out- shines all others-N - notable in his trade - "Leon" spells a certain rosy future. MARION C. TERRY 1503 North 25th Street Beauty Culture "Terry" Sweet-neat-complete-short and beautiful-a good singer-an excellent beautician-luck is yours, "Terry," MARIE L. STROTBECK 2749 North 23rd Street Commercial Practice "Strot" S-Aslick chick-T-typing whiz-R-- radiant smile-O-optimistic outlook- T-tops in everything-that gives you "Strot." WALTER H. TANZLER 3056 North 5th Street Sheet Metal "Walt" Lover of sports and girls-bashful fha-hal- attractive and active - that's our "Walt"-tantalizing-sure bet for success. ALICE 1. THOMAS 906-A Myrtle Place Beauty Culture "Candy" Charm-grace-beauty-personality -"Candy" can't miss being a success with all these qualities. ROBERT L. SUESS 3201-C Henry Avenue Commercial Art S-sincere-U-unusual personality -E-exacting in work-S-square shooterhS-success in his future life. ROBERT P. TAYLOR 262 W. Duncannon Avenue Machine Design "Bob" A participant in school activities -- diligent in his class work-industrious- ambitious-expects to be a storekeeper -'good luck in your venture, "Bob." GEORGE B. THOMPSON. IR. 122 Winchester Avenue Cabinet Making "Chip" Active-terrific sense ot humor-chief interest: Wine, women and song-hard worker-"Chip" oft the old block-we wish you cabinets and cabinets of luck in the future. I Page Sixty-three 'fl ,nfrvvlfu-of, left-.fDXn1 fl SAMUEL THOMPSON 4004 Haverford Avenue Auto Maintenance A natural leader-football and base- ball fan - ambition: to walk around the world-destiny: owner of portable auto shop. STERLING A. TURNER l920 N. Taylor Street Auto Maintenance , "Prof. X" A speed demon in typing-a great mechanic-expert guitar player and singer - future singing secretary of General Motors. THOMAS W. WAGNER l4ll N. Hobart Street Sheet Metal "Wag" Interested in sports-one of our infal- lible football players-a fellow you can have lots of fun withAhard Worker. Page Sixty-four WALTER I. TILL 6800 Martins Mill Road Machine Design "Walt" A born leader-meticulous in his work-active in school affairs-spends much time reading and running-prob ably will become an authority on tool designing. GEORGE M. UPTON. IR. l3 W. Upsal Street Commercial Art "Upy" Girlbshy-very bashful-lover of music-blows a mean trumpet4look out Harry lames, here comes "Upy." IOHN E. WALKER 2210 W. Oakdale Street Commercial Art "lohnny" ls all out for the fairer sex-a "Iohnny- on-the-spot"-true gentleman-destined to be another lohn Powers. 9' LUTHER FRANK TRAWICK 4502 Fairmount Avenue Cabinet Making "Luke" All around sport enthusiast - brilliant person-sharp with the opposite sex- ambition: millionaire-We can dream can't we, "Luke." THOMAS I. WACKER 303 W. Champlost Avenue Commercial Art "Tom" T -tantalizing - O-oh! boy - M - mastermind in art--pleasant personality -adds up to "Tom"-best of everything. LOUIS WEST l939 North llth Street Printing "Padrae" P - personality - A - active - D - dandy chap-R-right man for the job -A--adorable-Eeenergy plus-"Pad- raeuhthe man with the voice. IESSE N. WILEY 5611 Musgrave Street Sheet Metal "Newport" Quiet type-pastime: resting-full of ideas-twish I had someJ-sincere- :ooperative-active lwhen workingl- 'good luck, "Newport" MAYME A. WILLIAMS 2537 W. Dakota Street Beauty Culture Nice personality-neat dresser-hard Worker-hobby: writing letters-destiny' editor of a beauty magazine. FRANKLIN H. WOODS 2520 West York Street Painting and Decorating The "brain" of painting and decorat- ing-possesses a gilt of "gala"-very popular-a leader around the schooli good luck to you. AGNES WILLIAMS 2508 Sedgley Avenue Beauty Culture "Aggie" Quiet-sedate-lovable-persistent -a true friend -- a fine beautician -A "Aggie" will surely get ahead. MILDRED ANN WILLIAMS 2220 W. Berks Street Home Economics "Bunny" Perpetual smile-v--gloom Chaser-win ning personality---good athletekswel. disposition-class officer-here's luck, "Bunny," hopping her way to success. GLORIA I. ZIMIVIERIVIAN 3337 W. Clearfield Street Child Care "lame" Capablef dependableelovable - ine terests: movie stars-ambition: nurse-- oh, Nursie, come over here and hold my handl IAMES WILLIAMS 3842 Parrish Street Printing "Will" Hero of basketball court-guiet- shrewd character-popularedestinyz lawyer-lets hope he reaches his goal, ROSE D. WINNEMORE l5l8 North 27th Street Home Economics "W'1nnie" Sharp stutleattractivefjolly--won- derlul personality-lull of virn, vigor and vitality-little heartbreaker--knack with needle and thread. VIRGINIA M. ZOLKO 2933 W. Cambridge Street Commercial Practice "Ginny" Enjoys talking - nice to know - friendly-keen sense of humor-flair tor skating and dancing-best wishes to a sweet all-round girl. Page Sixty-five dr Q' l f 11 Y sv it A ". ' , ww 4 - "" fj 2 cw,,G,o ffw bbfwzwsm .. ' ji ' I Af'Q60c'ffAg-.' fWf2f?i-Z?-lf"4f1r? . iwdfvfif-f'17ma"'7"" X g A . E , 1 Q-v -' PqSi1y 2'- AL A A M ,, , i , f, f m ,HJ Q 2 is V Zi 'WUQDX x 3, E 1 Q3 ii ml iv i -r i 3 1 3 L 1 S 2 f S z L I Page SixiY1:Seven . xii, ff' W. QQ ,A 1 n ri ,I A ', Q - v .- - Xl Q X ,. A x 1, :524'?3V"fi,5 xf1m,'S?f V "fj'ff"T :3'5f "VE -, ' 5 . wr, . ,,-,1m ,, -3,1 fn, - - , U-4 Y - fy - ,- .fgf-4 f , M, 1 f, ,M H Qs ' ' y L -, 524 . 1 1.1 4 ' if ea Q ,Xu .f X x r y .: su Y' 'v f 4 A U 2 K f Q Page Sevbmy z H' N .. . A w ,x QL A . fi A 4 1' 'f ia! 43 ,J Z4 'ei 71 . . ii . ig! if ,H ... 14? . fg ,, LS in 1 . ,wa 5 -a fi , ,s if 1 ,Q 1 if Q 15 is A 15 1 i ' 54 . - .J 1 f 2, ' 1 Q , 5 'W' M. L nv 1 4, 1tw . 3f,:. ' ' LET STALL HEER Back Row: Mr. Brcvermcm. Betty Ifdne, Evelyn Dorwcxri, Maureen 4 Cassidy. Olga Potcpchuk, Irene Karabin. Marcella LaBur. Doris Riitinq. Front Row: Doris Oh. Delores Gallagher. Marie Cascio. Iune Hariinann, Audrey Friedel, Beity . Bumie, Betty mmnq. I p i 3 n v 2 ! 1 s ! ! 1 , .. .. , .- , 1 -.. ...-. , ,. . ...... ..-V Y5 67 2 R? '-'f' ' a f QQSQ ,,,f,fQ 535 4 Ur '3- in Qi 51 Page Seventy-foul F0llTItllLl, First Row: Shaner. Gillice. Birdsey. Murray, Scott, Brown, Haeberle, Avant, DiGrasso, Muschera. Raqno, Phillips, Marthers. Second Row: Coach Bonetti. Mqr. Hurwitz, Barker, Field. Gallagher, Smilley, Stevens, Morrison, Cieslik, Monahan, Mgr. Carter, Coach Rudder. Third Row: Wilson. Lemmon, Koppenhaver, Williams, Lidwith. Lyons, Pistilli, Aric, Smith, Holden, Connelly. Adams. Being one of the less talked about sports in our school, the I. V. Football team is one of the strongest aggregations around school. The two men who teach the boys the fundamentals are head coach Mr. Wilbert Rudder and his assistant Mr. Frank Bonetti. This year the team encountered some stiff competition in the Public High League. Every day the fellows practiced blocking, passing, punting, and devoted endless time on running plays to get them in shape for the rough stuff. With the close of the regular season, the boys went into the playoffs for the championship. Although the team failed to gain the much coveted title, losing to Southem by a score of 13-12, it was undoubtedly the best team thus far. No doubt you will see most of these boys in action on the Varsity team next year. lflliflll Ii.l.'KE'PIHI,l, First row: Goldberg. Arnold. Kern. Portman. Katz. Reibold. Oqlesby. Middle row: Maqen. Mgr.. Trawick. Freezman. Lamar. Howard. Mowbray. Coach. Back row: McGarry, Moore. lohnson. Mgr.. Hammond. Wilmanski. Winning five non-league games in the beginning oi the year. the Dobbins court- men swung over to their Public High League schedule to win six out of fourteen games to wind up the season tied in eighth place along with Ben Franklin. Frankford, and Roxborough. The high scoring of forward Paul Reibold helped to make every game played a good one: Reibold wound up the season with 250 points to take second place in the scoring standings. Last year's coach. Mr. Irving Buck. who resigned. leit a diiiicxilt iob to be lilled by new basketball coach, Mr. Ernie Mowbray. Teaching in his second year at Dobbins and his first as basketball coach. Mr. Mowbray turned out a well-bal- anced smooth-working combination. Page Seventy-six ' 1 21' 7 LA- . . SMI ' ,azslgji-'qc .L sr: , K: faq me F 1 4fpQp37fs3,La,jQfL1g. X ' 4 - 1 fs 1-N 4.3 .MX ,- a5'Trrs- , f iM,,,,. sr V. X, Q Jw-ggqyxl C - . .V - A U.e,J -1 ff-,-.Noe-, , P , A' , If ,, 4, :-5,oi.f,,-- - - y4.t:1,3.g.ALk .- 2 . ,, Q .'-4511, 'if' kvsfyvfhxyk-Yi.y A I 1 it .fibre , s a 1 , Fi f'fg?27,Lx??1'vff.if 5 l 1 l elT7'2"QIf,f'X 1 2 1 g 2 if m1'g2..':'3w . ' - .f fw 'ze Jule- " '-'lxr J' , 1 . ,f -I fZl'7'lL:xJ,'f-.2 f l abgviifl, I L- , , s A f f,.,p.,p,,gA N - ,,.,,s,t,,-.,, v 1 ' .2 i ff 'Q1,'sf1"-'awe C-6 w.i?wV3.X-147323 4 , r 1 , - 'e X he ff v il xi A s' ,A .tlfrfflvvxgkf r. - 'Q' 1353! fr K , . , ge, ..g:'2-1,1 ve . H ,wqjefflfs-1'e.,-'-,,-,A , 1 - '1 g,,-- :',.3'fSnb ..,1k1..,,f .jx 3.i'5Q4Z' gjf -.SL ft. ' buf-2,:.'Aiy'f'f'P1 f it X for im 3222 fav 1.YQMg s.Q.f..ff n X 'H'fF4I"'?5i45.'59-'75 '1' 3114,-Q: 4,1 'fpjxl 95,fY5R.1T"f N , k'Fib-525, Tlic wifi Q puff' ,, -fQ,w-.- A 45 vs.. . f ' W A iA.?a'F'55T?k73E'-32.05 , I im,,,,f'mf' Top row: Cohen. Mgr., Long. Phillips, Lasch. Fox. Strauss, Abrams, Foulks, Banks. Mgr. Middle Row: Bruce. Tolbert, Greene, Hansbury, Pasquallichio. Russel, Glatz. Kean. Coach. Bottom row: Raslray. DiGreqorio, Dutton. McCrea. Krolick, Adler. Moore. The varsity squad has the honor and glory in the school during the basketball season and is "the team" for several months. Not known as well, but with the eagemess and fight oi the varsity squad. the iunior varsity team has fought well and hard to gain the position they now hold. This season so far, the team has a record oi nine wins and five losses, all close games because of the sharp- shooting of Frank Raskay and Anthony DiGregorio, who are the high scorers for the "Iayvees." Not to be outdone were Anthony Krolick. Edward McCrea. William Hansbury. and Larry Dutton who came across to help score in several ofthe rough spots. Through the calm thinking and planning of Coach Ierry Kean. whose squads in five years have lost only twelve games and won about sixty-five. our IV's are well up in front in the standings. Knowing Mr. Kean's coaching ability and the record he has compiled so far. we are waiting to see how close to the top the team will finish. s GYM TEAM Front row: Leo Buchakiian, Stanley Levin, Timothy Leonard. Donald McCord, Marshall Con-nican., Middle row: Mr. Braverman. Charles Wright, George Bolton. Iames Heard. William Oehler. Back row: Paul Rubin. Chester Weaverling, Leonard Patterson. After the tive leading scorers graduated last Iune, Coach Bill Braverman set to work to fashion a new group of acrobats. Using Bill Oehler. Stan Levin. Charles Lally, Paul Rubin, lim Heard, and Tim Leonard as a core, a new squad was assembled and sent on its way. Most of the newcomers like Ches Weaverling, George Bolton. and Len Patter- son are lower termers: and the squad is being groomed for next year by its crowded schedule of this season. In addition to the above mentioned. point gatherers can be found in Ioe Primus and "Buck" Buchakiian. The team has now won from Bartram and lest to Olney, Bok, and Southern and expects to turn the tables on the other teams still left to play. It is always a treat to watch these gyrnnasts perform their graceful. difficult feats on the apparatus. Best of luck. fellows: we'll be looking in the papers to see Dobbins leading the Public High Gym I.eague! Page Seventy-seven Page Seventy-eight lflltflll lllt'EIllLL Front row: Haeberle. Victor. DeMarco, Freezman, Wickman, Bonnett, Bamlord. Morrone. Back row: Kelleher, Mgr.. McGan'y. Portman, Shoenberger. Mr. Braverman, Coach. Raiken, Shayka, Wilmcmski, Young, Mgr. Regardless ol the comparatively mediocre season the varsity baseball team experienced last year, our boys played hard and exciting ball. Despite the fact that the other teams in the Public High League were quite superior to the Mus- tangs, Dobbins still turned out some excellent players in Wickman, Wilmanski, Shoenberger, Snyder, Raiken, Morrone, and DeMarco. However. the knife of graduation has taken many of these seasoned players, leaving Coach Shadle, who will take over the coaching iob held by Mr. Braver- man last year, quite a task in trying to mold a winning nine. With Freezman and Victor to serve as a nucleus and the addition of the players from our excellent "Iayvee" squad oi last year which won ten and lost five to end up in third place, it is hoped-and believed-that a winning team may be in the olting this year. As we go to press we have about a month before the baseball season begins. Therefore, it is diflicult to make any predictions at this time. Nevertheless, we feel certain that our coaches will be out there each day putting the boys through their paces with the hopes of molding a winning team. TRACK TEAM Back row: Dr. Novak. Coach. Bailey. Cavanauqh. Grimes. Smith. Schaner. Ray. Iolmson. Tiger.' Pistilli. Manley. Mr. Hille. Coach. Middle row: Iorna. Mgr.. Conway. Sander. Snyder. Lemmon. Smith. Howard. Gaines. Farrington. Webb. Ietterson. Dienno. Mgr. Front row: Iohns. Eley. Cormican. Cavanaugh. Trible. Rite. Hopkins. Shaetter. Necker. Chabot. Pacilico. Frymiare. Last year the track team gave an excellent account oi itself in its first season in the Public High League competition. Although never a big winner. the Mustangs caused plenty of upsets for the favorites who kept underestimating the power ot our green squad. Graduation has crippled a very promising squad. Such heavy point winners as Nate Howard. Tom Sanders. lim Smith. Carl Iohnson. Ed Rite. Phil Snyder. Will Hopkin, and Royce Webb will be missing from the lines. Much credit tor our tearn's showing last year should go to the tine coaching of Dr. Novak and Mr. Hille. This year Mr. Bravennan is replacing Mr. Hille as Dr. Novak's helper. As we go to press we find the team getting oft to a good start in the indooi track meets with indications pointing towards a better all-around team this season. Page Seventy-nine GIRL." VAR 'l'I'Y VULLEYIIALL Page Eighty-two Front Row: Price, Schirra, Cassar, Giunta, Washington, Miss Schweitzer, Coach, Montelorte, Teague M. Williams. Middle Row: Edmonds, Clark, Coier, Sax, Sheer, Phillips, Mathews, A. Williams Last Row: Mitchell, Wilkinson, Kahlert, Kelly, Strom. The girls volleyball team opened its second varsity season with an enlarged schedule. Roxborough, Gratz, William Penn and Bok were the schools played. Twenty-five girls regularly enioyed the practices with competition resulting in improved skills, techniques and team cooperation. At the end of the season our school was hostess to the first volleyball play day in the city. All Senior and Vocational High Schools brought twelve partici-- pants each for a peppy, enthusiastic and social iamboree. Miss Schweitzer. our very capable coach, is looking forward to continued success with the volleyball squad in the future. 1 TRACK TEAM A 5 L no Back row: Dr. Novak, Coach, Bailey, Cavanaugh, Grimes, Smith, Schaner. Ray, lohnson, Tigerf Pislilli, Manley, Mr. Hille, Coach. Middle row: Iorna, Mgr., Conway, Sander, Snyder, Lemmon, Smith, Howard, Gaines, Farrington. Webb, Ieiterson, Dienno, Mgr. Front row: lohns, Eley, Cormican, Cavanaugh. Trible, Rite, Hopkins, Shaetter, Necker, Chabot, Pacitico, Frymiare. Last year the track team gave an excellent account of itself in its first season in the Public High League competition. Although never a big winner, the Mustangs caused plenty oi upsets for the favorites who kept underestimating the power ot our green squad. Graduation has crippled a very promising squad. Such heavy point winners as Nate Howard, Tom Sanders, lim Smith, Carl Iohnson, Ed Rite, Phil Snyder, Will Hopkin, and Royce Webb will be missing from the lines. Much credit for our tearn's showing last year should go to the iine coaching of Dr. Novak and Mr. Hille. This year Mr. Braverman is replacing Mr. Hille as Dr. Novak's helper. As we go to press we find the team getting oit to a good start in the indooi track meets with indications pointing towards a better all-around team this season. Page Seventy-nine ISIHIJ' lflR.'ITl' li,l.'KETlilIrIr Page Eighty Front row: Cofer, Nell, Gutierrez. Kahlert, Ware, Fulton. Teague. Back row: Drummond, Mgr.. Mitchell. Williams. Kelly. Washington, Miss Hall. Coach. Dressed in flaming red and true Dobbins spirit, our girls fought courageously against such stiff competition as Southern. Olney, Bartram, P. S. D., Kensington, William Penn. Bok. Roxborough. and Gratz. Our team this year was not sparkled by continuous wins, owing partly to the loss of some members of the squad through graduation and partly to the lack of time and interest of more upper tenn girls. However. mainly through the efforts of Miss Hall. who took over the reins this year as coach, a team with a great fighting spirit was molded. Marianne Kahlert and Lillian Ware exhibited some of the finest pieces of guarding found anywhere in the city. while Connie Gutierrez, Delores Kelly, Leona Cofer, and Helen Nell developed rapidly into better-than-average guards. Our top scoring was made possible by Donna Mitchell and Mabel Teague and swift-running Edna Washington. Mildred Williams and Edna Fulton also showed potentialities for good forward material. Q GIIil,U' J. ll Iil.'IiETIilI,l, Front Row: Hinson. Wilkerson, R. Williams, Strom, Cullen, Cassidy. Second Row: Brooks, Harlee, Soules, Matthews, Bescript, Smith, Kelly. Third Row: Miss Schweitzer. Coach, Edmodns, Mgr., Kenerly. Cassar, Sax, Tull, Phillips, Mgr.. Miss Hall, Coach. The iunior varsity basketball team has many promising players for the varsity of the future. Many girls came out for basketball this year without even con- sidering making the first team but with the spirit to play. win or lose. Although the record compiled by the "Iayvees" did not measure up to records of other schools, promising material was discovered that would not have been found. Among some of the players who displayed ability were Agnes Cullen, Gerry Matthews, Delores Bescript, Kenerly and Annie Smith, to mention a few. Miss Hall expects to present a formidable aggregation on the court next year because of the experience gained by the members of the iunior varsity team who will advance to the varsity squad. Page Eightyeone GIRL " VAR I'l'Y VULLEYBALL Page Eighty-two Front Row: Price. Schirra, Cassar. Giunta, Washington. Miss Schweitzer, Coach, Montetorte. Teague M. Williams. Middle Row: Edmonds. Clark. Coler. Sax. Sheer. Phillips. Mathews. A. Williams Last Row: Mitchell. Wilkinson. Kahlert, Kelly. Strom. The girls volleyball team opened its second varsity season with an enlarged schedule. Roxborough, Gratz, William Penn and Bok were the schools played. Twenty-five girls regularly enioyed the practices with competition resulting in improved skills, techniques and team cooperation. At the end of the season our school was hostess to the first volleyball play day in t.he city. All Senior and Vocational High Schools brought twelve partici-- pants each for a peppy. enthusiastic and social iamboree. Miss Schweitzer, our very capable coach. is lorward to continued success with the volleyball squad in the future. GlIlI,." Igl'l'Ill-llllltll, lllII,I,lll'I5,lI,I, 9 , - Second Row: Gorski, Edmonds, Miss Schweitzer, Coach, Cassar, Washington. Front Row: Schirra, Gelbarth, Sheer. Kelley, Matthews. When a call was issued for teams to compete in our first intra-mural volleyball tournament, eight teams answered the call. The members were made up of the different classes in the school. Among the teams competing were: Naughty Dobbinettes, Scarlet Dobbinettes, Tigerettes, Blue Devils. Spark Plugs. Outlaws, Lucky Nine, and Hell Cats. After the smoke of the battle cleared, the Tigerettes were crowned the winners. The Tigerettes were composed of first-termers and they were able to wresl the diadem after subduing teams comprised ol fifth and sixth termers. The intra-mural volleyball tournament will be a yearly activity now, for only through this will Dobbins be able to put forth winning varsity teams in the future. Page Eightyethree B51 045' or I PRINTED AND PUBLISHED BY was misss CLUB or' MURRELL Dofssms VOCATIONALMTECHNICAL vol. rx--No. 3 Lehigh Avenue at 22nd street, Philadelphia 32, Pa.-January, 1947 PricMe?Five CQ lx-D0blri11it,s:Aiials In 'llruvk'l'4'1lI!1 H0115 illr. Puling Spf-uks at Annual Xmas' Party lSixtV Studes Recei fapture Of Killnr ' I 212 DRY lm' hlllflfl Mnnnml Easter Few l?Qafu m5 Talent ,Honor Awardg ' ' 1 0 - Marv Race to Be Honor-mil By Mayor and Police here has been 1: great deal in thv l In Mm-sxllnly Progrznn Higliliglitn-xl hy A skii ve-ni, thi' truck 11 'tvfl llonn-dy Skit, 5pc':xkvl'S hung in 'im Tha-nw Anwrinrmxs All' Q Rama fkjlaug P,-ogpms lnspirvs Stmlvnl Allllif5llK'l'k 10 Killdivg and Tau-hers IN if VNS' U"SPlV3'1f5 l fWf"'lblf"f 0102 At one-tifteen sharp. :students flockedf Uiiiihin-. Vncaumwl twhuvl studcntrs to the assembly for the annual Christ- Harry Bxmfoid STUDFBZT Gf1V!lHNMIfN'I' Awmos Ralph Painter, Printing Myrtle Pflavstvrcr. Home Efrspmimiq Gum: GRADLMTLQN KEYS 2 ' ' . u Mai ntena nce wvspapers lately about the increase in -1 . www V,-ivglpgg MW mg guggg crimes. Perhaps the one that April QUT Wh' :hi of mm pwgrun Bright colors were seen Mgimen yvgk Curistrw i t e dffni Mainten Maintenance Y. I donlt P1 actace Practice Prac oys, .L he victxm Construct ent of '35 Cm Maintenag :rs were mey were We are layed at hem to vlarvin with two or aiding fiend' on, a Main ten Mau 1 tens Maint-ena Cul ture Pr-actin Practice Practice Design PracLi4 H8113 10D8 Main tenar Mid Maintenanz he Wa? Maintenal felop-ed a ningmn Race bns alertness and sense of we Marvin Race and to call him a Dobbinite, New SA Officers Win By a Large Majority Robert Le Hon of MT51 and Jfmarv Newby of CP 52 were elected as Dobbins new student president and vice-presiw ient respectively, by sl majority of Dob- ma students. on January 7, 1947. Ie Ennis rival was Walter Till of MD41. Mis Newby defeated Manic House-r ZP51. and Lillian Ware CP52. hllarvin Katz, football and basketball star, was nominated for the presicfency. Dutwas disqualified the day before -lou- don. The campaign rally for the Lxmvirrvesr was held on the day of elfemion Bi!! Wilwh, former presideni, bwtwbimxilcd the Vsflmgers of C18 candidates Fm' Le B011 Wllliam Oehler, MT51 spoke, Till had Myrtle Pflaestercr, HE61, Ray Bcrnmn, MDD. sang uwalter Tilfs the Guy" to the hmm of "BH the End of Timex' for, of course, Walter Till. .Tune Hartmann introduced the cam- paign managevs of the nomiunefs for the vice-presldenwy, Larry Reardon E271 spoke for Miss Newby, Harry Bbiis A41 for Miss Hauser. and Donald INK SPO'l STAFF Malntenax Mamten Mainten Mainten Culture Culture CWD celebrate nom cfmsmnding citizens-- Bwnjamin Fmnklin. With tiw Color Guarrl as itfs representative, Dubbing was present at the final phase of this ilmzrofssivv cflvbralion. In thu world- rcxmwned mumda of ctw Franklin In- rztlimi. in the very shadow of Franklin! mvnwnrizx' In nmrlxlc, preeavut-dzay hmrthda, of OOC 4.2! uhm. nf nur :pity mid hm-mage to giminyguishod pz'f:dfef:essur. Anmxji Une lwwriwrod guests weve Llcilmj kQSm'm'vwr uf Pvnnsylvzmia, Jol LI. P111 and nur nwn Mayor. Box-na Sam.1cI, Tire' kvyrmte of the emi ccrcrxmny was the presentation of t' Poor Rivlmrd Gwld Mwlal Award Plxilzxdelplnlafs lending juuzwmlisi. Rnbe McLean. prvsidoun of ihe Aswciat Press :aid the Evening Bullerin. , Alan in keeping wifh the sphfit of th idny was the recognition throug schzvlauships of two Philadelphia stu dfnts for du-if essays on "Franklin an Lhe U. N. O." Their literary offoris wer ax litiingi tribute to this cuunix-y's greates 2 zazubussador. 1 Yes, There Is A Difference! If the "Ink Spotv looks a little difiercm now you can blame it f on the Advertising Campaign go- ing 'on at present. UMW P-Nmln in business are really seeing our paper--cane! Front Row. Mr. Granzow, Sponsor, Hantman, Hartmann, Solomon, Pflaesterer. Back Row: Cooperson, Till, Massa, Saltiel, Lang. Fisher. Beauty As presid6nt both his senior class J, Homewood am the season before He has also mcg 5 an interscholastic league represent H Puwnsn When it comes to being on the staff of the Ink Spot. life "ain't" just a bowl of strawberries and cream. It sounds glamorous to be a "star re- porter." You swell with pride when Mr, Gr-anzow likes your article. But just in case you've been misinformed herds the real low-clown, Kiddies It means an Incessant search for news, and Never stopping till each issue is complete. It means Keeping posted with all the activities and than sweating till all the Hcopyu is in. It means Pleading with printers to publish promptly and Offering suggestions for increased circulation. and finally Those two-thirty sales when the job is finished. But after all is said and done and you see your name among the grad- Q uates in your "Senior Issue-"1then being on the staff of the Ink Spot is ons of the memories you'll lock in your heart forever. K J une Hartmann, Literary Editor Practice Care Design Design ami the Student Association, Bill has Rober1Martin,Pattel'making been an nc-tive Dobbinite, He played Carl Hedweger. Plumbing nickle on our Mustang line 'and was Fred Gosley. Printing nmnagcr of a chnmpiunship basketball Richard Saltiel, Priniing I9 ' . been V' nt P0 U.. Restaurant Practice hem.-Lab. ude V Award ounc aefer, Indu r of Lhe Bs ce Award In scholasti dur his st i ODOT approval C of Secoz f leading ec ti fo Pe keen te fox one C iem Sch of Rochestn rship valu shed in 19 tics Co. iefnc sun Scho 5 e and are : vxiw ora Ali: ffyrffm:Mfwwwsaxafmf we 7 , : f , iii-'YY 11 1 .1 "V,nwifigfifiwi3'55fWmlf512f2f:'-iwsssifwzign7um- ww ' ' - 1 Kiwi?-X ' 1' K ' W ' E ' Lyff - 'A 'v-may-f "-' ' gfigy - fe" QQ ,,,k gaygief. MQ? ' W W A' ' , L QQ 1 ",W ,fag ,, NK 2 y, f f iggggjjjjg ,fkffgfifyf fi if - g ggi, X - Jiilfi l " 4, 3 ,, 3,f"A Y f --- 4 . f2QiL g l 9' 'f w I ' . 4.31 W 'M V? X 5 45 fy 4-4 K, if V, 5, 1 A k 7 .", 1' L- K1 Q if ,f K RN, T, M-,K M,Q2L 2 M ,K Qs ,5 ,k.: , .....A A... R , 11 f R484 F, K M?mVy5:H I 5 Q ,.,. gn , 7V'A ' MF' 5 , ' Mfvff WMV' AW"A 'A ' " g1f2:fz'sff,w,,1,, i r , U , S "' ,. P 55 " I K' ' g x , g zz 2 K i "t V "',: -' f "'V fbifff fs I Lm,' A ,,, ,, . :1 ,, - gg M F, f . I if V V e i , , , M ' . A M ' f 51 XM f W A ...,:: 15. E 7,5 I i 4, 2 l V H fi W , A ya . ,, - g . , , L7 A Ai, Q fl as V ,A M If Allv : A I , Vx., in M71 Q' ,fun Y ff, , 1 , 1 ' 4 g I f I " H rm? K Q jg' k,Qgi, 'Af 5 3 3 k ,E f , i -W' WA V, 5 ,cc -, AQ ff' . -as gg .Q x ,qigg Z 3 .,,. 3 WL., I K by K 'rl V ,A M W. H, i A kwwira ,W -'Nm' ' W W A 1-Q . Q ' ' , H I 2 E if V 2 55+ P 4 A 7 , W V ' m ' , ,- , Q Y A , , LA ' E y if 'rv iw, ,f gg- -V.k,-f f Z 1 3 if Vi 1 ge X V ag , A rw H ,. Q1 GIK Y .,.. 4-M L, i - Q' , If A A , .FV i' f i VV In V 7 N VK '. W V- 'uk :ite . V fl . ,AJ , . 5 V. V, 'SM 2 " 1 f y ff , f . ,A I: A lx" Q M X 3 N .' , , , I 4, E, . 1 ,f VK Riff' jgvizkffzg r Q2 I k V 5: K Q ,gif gif, W J' ' ' 'X Q , ' my TS' A if fg vm ' sl ' 'Al ll' '-',: if ' V- fi K ' H f f 1 . 52 f if? ? : ig ' QQ . uf Q A f mf A .,-1, , f Fifi? .Y is 3535 as iv ""' 'if x H. sa .. V 2 0. T x 4 wr 5 an .wg ly Q., if gg ., 0 xg xv V 4-' 0. at x, KA Y 4 9 M 'fa-1 fg gzgg Q M ' if A A a S Mm. 5 5 , ,, QA 4 E? ga QW?- if f, pw -i ,- ,Www - ns-1 - mm. - gg 9 . 2 L Q K W W' . 'Q 1,5 'Q ' V ff' fri?" UEf,,L, i jg? NL Q I - H15 Q? K f ,',' L wr? f , 2 Q ' ' Z ' " K -. 4, Wi? Q' is V455 ,ag 5. xx' v . f 5' -7 rc ? , 5 LV 1 , , 4 in K 41 5 W' 153 , 5 2 35 Q ,gig 'KQQG it 'ig Wa F W' ' f L f if 1:'LL W ' if ' . ' .?'Qf'22? 3 F Qff55f5,rQa Q 45 if fx g, , , I , K L1,,,. 0 - 5 3 52 L3 JI Ng 1, R, N 4 ga fi, M . J . F . . . WV' -ww.. ' J W ,g iffn W 1 , 15 , ' if A f ,fa f W V15 ,.A. 'ZE W ii ' 4 ' ,, Q 1. W kkl, Z y f 1 I A':,' f 5 f 1 1 55 3g ,Sf A,,. " ' 1 . ,A- I 5 VZ,A L V ! , , fm, Lztgwihg, X fs, 9.1442 E ' 4+ ' Xfgski EA an 51 GI,EElTLlIt Page Eighty-eight This year we had the largest enrollment for the glee club in the history ol Dobbins. The group participated in the lively Music Depart- ment "Variety Show" in November. This program raised a large sum of money for the music fund. In addition, the group took part in the school show, "Trade Whims oi l947". which took place in April. Many of the group members contributed solos and ensemble numbers to enhance our regular assembly programs. We will long remember the line renditions ot both popular and concert songs by this excellent group. llltl'HEt'TIil Our School Orchestra this year was probably the best we have ever had. Although it was not the largest in number, it made up in quality what was lacking in quantity. The group played for assemblies, took part in the Music Department's "Variety Show" and "Trade Whims of l947". Last, but not least. we had commence- ment music supplied by this iine group. We shall never i:rget marching down the aisle at graduation to the music played by the school orchest.ra. Mr. Harry E. Moses Music Director Page Eighty-rune H 1' W iw ri? vu' A' ik ,g S3f"'l'?f f4 vi 4 yo Q 7 V , -neg f, 11 '4 VP' YM A self? Mg, Yfpyp ..,,,Vq 3. Q, A -' 1 is' Ulf . if ' 52 'nt ""' Mg ? it MT 1 ' ., 2 f. J f3w5w1n23.1gmQu cam W A 1 Q fi ' 7 I 4' L , ,,., K , 3, 0 3' 'Sf A , S? K .Q W ' I L? ' 1 ' 'W 2 ' 9' 5 . :Wi ii Y Af' xft K M X 'W A ,. h Q 1 5 'lug 7. 3 5 t i f : , 7 Q V ' Yi 3 5 Q .. vzlzg EE Y f W 5 gLU,, JT iigyxy -QL: M y I 1 " ' .' ' A W2 lip, ., 1 f ci. Li? ' 351 ff .:- , Mf'?555'f3, L 'Rig 2 5 5:2 ' I"-N A ' ,. V W V f f .I I .gi zj, I , ' Y I ' A 9 , 3 1' 1 ' , W: F - 2 f nz, ,., ,Z . V, E , ,. glx,-.1 7 HF' U, . A ---Q -' 3W'W35KE aggag 'ii Vgr' I L I - E J' K RW Q wr m Y L - 93' ' -up lr' ' 4 A A 5 si Z 5 5 2. W 'V' is 3 S Q ' 1 in i, , if . Q- S3 E JUD6 ea, ,, , . Y 1 li 219 . ,IVE 1: M , M 5 if ' n ,,, 'Nw 1 3' W, ' Ny ,UB ,vb fx g 'F' 'I f 1 1 -ffff:fwi',fff f ' f wg.ww,, g... ,,, 53.3w!. fl 9 " M -aqy, f.,u,f R 4 M , 1 it , , J A--, in U lfil t , LZ Y if ' g , . awk! - ' ' 'E W 1, --u ,--Q" A QF L ,M . M.. fb li'-w ,..., mn. , Gammencemeni Paagaam MURRELL IIUBBINS VHUATIUNAL-TECHNICAL SUHUIIL .xx 7 ffk Mr. Baker-"Well, I don't know what we can do about that." Vosburg-"That's Mr. Briggs' department." Mr. Briggs-"If I were principal . . ." Mrs. Thomas-"Now, girls . . Mr. Cipriano-"The author simply says . . Mr. Lmie-"Eh, eh, uh, uh, etc.'f Mr. Donovan-"This is the last roster change you will have this term." Mrs. Iones--"BC's, cease that noise." Mr. Wilcox-"We will make a commercial artist out of you or a corpse . . . take your choice." Miss Schweitzer-"How about getting rid oi the gum, girls." Mr. Shearer-"I'll have you understand I'm the boss in this room." Miss Brueckmann-"I would rather have a whole class ol boys than one girl." Dr. Novak--"This is a LABOR-atory not a lab-ORATORYJ' "THEY'LL SAY IT EVERY TIME" F- Mr. Rotenberg4-"I run a democratic shop . . but l'm boss.", Mr. Shadle-"Now when I was at Central . . . Mr. Welch--"In Collingswood High its different." Mrs. Biggard-"Take two demerits." Dr. Cutler-"It is chemically criminal . . Mr. Lewis-"I'm a strict disciplinarianf' Mrs. Lawson-"Commercial artists are the worst classes." Mr. Hille-"All right, boys. get to your babies." Mrs. Wilson-"You have K.P. duty for two weeks." Mr. Brown-"Stop nrnning oft at the mouth." Miss Wills-"Shades of my grand.mother!" Mr. Bortner-"And where are you going?" Miss Devlin-"All right. darlings." " Mr. Boodish-"Do it when you iind the time." Mrs. Kelly-"Will you stop masticatingf' Mr. Goltzer-"Stop trying to boss me. girls." I Page Ninety-three 3 W 5 f 1252 -i v U Il Mmm hmm f H ' if A . -nal IM M4 .M-M' , EIA ,,,,. N m :iv . 5':m F,:5,: f ,Q we 'Wie '.f,. Q if ,S 3- 'E , ,MM .,., , HK w 91 1 v Viiigiiiinh ' 7fze Mm Hakim! Une 5 ' L 3 '27 w,..,, . ::h M ':.A .iif ., . ig ' A"" V f .7 I A I X A 3 4 5 N Q Lf vw ga 2 aw? M35 -Q 9 'X mall" ' WWAQL2fQ i3Q5j2b Qi EL Ei aw E xx E SPS., 5 JMQK? QQ 53332 fl:-. 7 5' Lk 22,36 Saivkggviyiqfafv X is gk ig, ER HSS 1:5 Jwgwiiiqg 52+ was if?Qf?fjifj?1 wfgiilfdjgi S259 RQ X s ff, W 3 . ' a QL QQ AQ xg' NW IE gig. W F L wif53"?5QgfZlWvWf kg? E5 iaifiikif iafff LW QQ! m'f'f-wig? gif WQ5W'i1W F6 Q if ff wmkff W' f if MW Ayr! 6555 ,ig-'gr W , ' Q f .g -, ,gg i lf.: Ag . .Q If , f ssl .", ,X .",1 r.z,,ng: 5" ,jg'f'f iii-N55 '-19:-Hag. is " EAW 1 ' A ld'-f'ff jf: fqiyty- V. N A 'Ii Nxv. Ii f322'7f.v1-.f.zffnf 1' " 'M L'1 '5gfbZi1i411. Q., im '5-19-Milf 4 ' Z Q Nw N AW Jgggijjfg gig? xiii QQ gf Q Wyfwfi , ff 1- T, QM, XQQQQE fgugwgj, E A Qfligqqi Q WA gWg'2 x G oiqkib eg Ek of 5 BW M Leif' ,QQQQQQ Q5 Elf? QQ H9233 5 gf gm 2155 Em 1540? 4 . 3-f, g,,Egwi5jf 3 Kifsfixiifiisi ME P ggiijgqiiifii S TP Eli? Swag i skjigiaik M fig 3556 A352 1 N2 MF? Sf S fifgfggisxg M Q 'EE-XRLQZ? N 'Qbmktgxbifaqsgg Q ?-LJ? 44-ffL'Qf2 2? E wggoygjqgr 411 Dj? W E7 ww? AVDQQXY

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