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 - Class of 1954

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, Q A 1 A ?- 6 ras 'rs .M sy .vm f' lu ul nu rn fn .n Lil fhxif' LN rx we 'A R' fm' W, W X 1 P! X 'N' Y , - , ,K 3 M. . ,fl X X , ,fwm 1 +, , 'IS f ki I A M ff X E N 3 RX x .3 Q Y --. .-, "7 ..,. is v 1' ,qi Axwatagx S fu.-f 3 Ms ,1 4 w xx ,vf 5 , ,xi Qi n x . Q 2 Q I 'gm 9 , . , xi x, vw A 1 M ,ga , k 3 sv X '55 Y ' -1 . I ' ' Q f 2 -'I v Sai 2 Z, f nf ew Huw if . . .,,, .:., , Q We gg . as 'T :UFS ,JMS MQ: aww A P. xull r 4 - 111- 71l l and if-Q FIA nl'-:S nn Bl 'lv ww., if-2 5? if Lg! MN M we fwl ,Sfgg ig TW"1k ii A x V, f 1 5 , , qt' Kwai F 55 351 fffl-1 'fl SCENE WE SEE OURSELVES GO BY. GLIMPSE OF LAUGHS. OF SIGHS OF TEARS 'i FLEETING DREAM IS GONE, WE FILL MEMORIES THAT NEVER DIE ..... CONTENT DEDICATION, ADMINISTRATION AND FACULTY Dedicalion, Dr. Ralph Woods, Board of Regenls, Dean of College, Dean of Sludenls, Adminislrafive Officials, Adminisfralive Slaff, Presidenl Emerifus, Deparfmenl' Heads, and Facully. Pages I CLASSES Senior Class Officers, Seniors, Junior Class Officers, Juniors, Soph- omore Class Officers, Sophomores, Freshman Class Officers, Fresh- men, Nigh+ Classes, and Graduale School. Pages I9 58 ORGANIZATIONS AND ACTIVITIES Alpha Sigma Alpha, Sigma Sigma Sigma, Della Alpha, Tau Sigma Tau, Sigma Alpha Iola, Phi Mu Alpha, Alpha Bela Alpha, Bela Bela Bela, Alpha Psi Omega, Soclr and Buslrin, Kappa Pi, Kappa Della Pi, Agricullure Club, ACE, Commerce Club, Induslrial Arls Club, IRC, "M" Club, Nursing Educafion Club, Delia Lambda Alpha, SAACS, Vivace Club, WAA, Alumni Associafion, Ordway Hall Council, WeII's Hall Council, BSU, Wesley Founda+ion, Sfudeni Religious Council, Wesfminsfer-Disciple Sludenl Fellowship, YWCA, Romance Language Club, Home Economics Club, Cheer- leaders, Sludenl Organizafion, College News, SHIELD, Home- coming, Music, Debafe, Dramalics, ROTC, and "Campus Ligh+s." Miss Murray Slale, Campus Favorifes, Oulsfanding Men, Body Beauliful, Foolball Queen and Aflendanls, Who's Who, Shield ueen, and Ideal Freshman Girl. XX FEATURES Q Pages II3 I26 ATHLETICS Foolball, Coaches, Foolball Lelfermen, Baslcelball Lellermen, Bas- Irelball, Coaches, Baseball, Carlisle Culchin, and Traclc. Pages I27 Pages 59 I I2 SECTION II is an easy maller, wilh all Ihe oulside aclivilies, Io over- loolc Iwo indispensable groups Io any college. The adminis- Iralion, wilh ils filing cabinels Iilled wilh your records, grades, schedules, and every delail for Ihe enlire sludenf enrollmenl, in addilion Io allending Io Ihe many olher busi- ness allairs necessary Io run a school of This size, is doing a commendable iob. The olher group, more widely known and iusl as essenlial, are Ihe Iacully members, The Ieachers, whose classes we allend vvilh lillle Ihoughl as Io Ihe inlegral parl Ihey play in our very lives bolh here al Murray and aller gradualrion. A special Iribule is due These Iwo vilal groups, who are recognized in This seclrion of Ihe SHIELD. CHARLIE CISSELL ANN WHAYNE Adminisirafion Editor Faculfy Edifor ,,c.,W,f,ww WH., H . if ffff-we H- 'NN'1M"'r V D E D I C A T I O N MISS TENNIE BRECKENRIDGE THE I954 SHIELD sTaTI poinTs wiTh pride To a person who has held a posiTion oT viTaI imporTance on The Murray STaTe campus Tor several years, Miss Tennie Breckenridge, SecreTary To The President IT is wiTh admiraTion ThaT we dedicaTe This volume oT The SHIELD To Miss Breckenridge, in recogniTion oT her years oT service To The college. Miss Breckenridge is a naTive oT MayTield, KenTucky. She came To Murray in I925 and has served under The Tour presidenTs oT The college. She has Taken a personal inTeresT in The progress ol The college and in iTs sTudenTs. For Those who do noT know Miss Breckenridge, we Take This means oT inTroducing her To The sTudenT body and recognizing her conTribuTions To Murray STaTe College by dedicaTing To her This volume oT The SHIELD. 10 THE PRESIDENT OF MURRAY STATE COLLEGE Thinlc . . . Thinlc . . .lhal is a mollo of Dr. Ralph H. Woods, Presidenl ol Murray Slale College. Dr. Woods is a man ol relrospecl only in Terms ol gauging progress. l-lis goal: "lo develop ellecliye leaders concerned wilh an enriched and a more salislying way ol life," is ever conslanl. Yel, wilh The lremendous laslc ol pressing Jroward Jrhal goal, he has The lirne lo be lriendly, lo be lcind, lo rernemlzer names ol sludenls --lo praclice whal he leaches. DR. RALPH H. WOODS I1 O. B. SPRINGER MAXON PRICE Henderson, Ky. Barlow, Ky. CLAUDE WINSLOW HOLLIS C. FRANKLIN Mayfield, Ky. Marion, Ky. BOARD OF REGENTS AND DEANS A college musl have more lhan a sludenl body. ll nnusl have a policy, a budgel, and well laid plans lhal proiecl wav inlo lhe lulure. This worlc is done so quielly lhel we seldom realize The service our governing body-The Board ol Reqenls, is giving. DR. WILLIAM G. NASH Dean of College Friendly, considerale, buf firm when he musl be . . . lhal's Dean Wil- liam G. Nash. He Knows a lol more lhan he will ever fell you in chapel, because he Iceeps "posled" on more lhings lhan chapel culs. He lcnows whal lhe slale lhinlcs an educafed person is, and he will see lhal' you are educaled before you are a graduale from Murray Slale. The qualilicalions ol lhese men are: Educalion, expe- rience, wisdom, loresiqhl, business managemenl . . . and lhe willingness lo serve. J. MATT SPARKMAN Dean of Sludenls Dean of Sludenls J. Mall Sparlcman is Iirsl of all lhe sluden+'s friend. He helps us solve our problems, plan our exlra-curricular aclivilies, . . . our social program and whal problem have you? He is capable, sincere, wilh a wonderful sense of humor. ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICIALS PRESTON ORDWAY CLEO GILLIS HESTER M. O. WRATHER Business Manager Regisfrar Direcfor of PubIic Relafions "'-N Slrudenfs don? do all The work af Murray SIaIe. If you Icnow aII your grades from freshman year Io senior? WeII, dan? believe II, help Ihe Adminlsfrahve OIIICIEBIS on reqe if you can-+ keep up Wnh your Own record you Shouldnur Isrrarlon days . . . or jus+ hang around and observe some- Q . ' l have 'ro guess whar a job II IS Io Iceep up wlIh every- Iime. DO you know now many Credns YOU neva? DO you know ones. IhaI's whar Ihe AdmInIsIraIIve OIIIcIaIs do for wha? courses you wiII have To fake To qradua+e7 Do you you! ELTIS HENSON I. H. KEY SARAH KNIGHT LYDIA WEIHING Direc+or of Field Services Superinfendeni' of BuIIcIIngs and Grounds Counsellor of Women DIEIIIIGD 13 ADMINISTRATI DR. JOHN WESLEY CARR Presidenf Emerifus We call him "The Grand Old Man," buf if's nof years fhaf have endeared him fo us . . . if"s service given! Wifh fafherfy affecfion, a business man's zeaf, The pafience of Job and fhe for-esighf of an educafor, Dr. John Wesfey Carr, now Presidenf Emerifus of Murray Sfafe, nurfured fhe coflege from infancy and hefped fo give if a permanenf foundafion. Twice he was our Rresidenf, fwice Dean , . . Though he is 94 he has nof refired as our Capfain of lnspirafion. He Hsfiil dreams of a fairer, a qreafer and a beffer Murray." Whaf more could a man give for a coileqe? VE STAFF Firsf Row: REX ALEXANDER . .House Direcfor of Ordway Haif SALLY ALEXANDER . SARAH ASHCRAFT. . , . .Cferfc Pubficify Office . . Recorder, Regisfrans Office TENNIE BRECKENRIDGE Secrefary fo The Presidenf Second Row: MARY E. BROWN . Assisfanf Direcfor of Welis Hai! WANDA LEE D:CK . MARTHA GUIER. , . . . . Secrefary fo Regisfrar Secrefary fo Direcfor of Pubfic Refafions MRS, ROBERT HOLLAND. . . Secrefary in Pubfic Third Row: BARBARA JEFFREY LOUISE JELLISON , PALJLINE JOHNSON WILMA OUTLAND Fourfh Row: ANN PAGE . . SARAH T-f. PANZERA Refafions Office . . Secrefary fo Diefifian , . . Assisfanf Diefifian Recorder, Reqisfrans Office . . Assisfanf Regisfrar , Cierk, Business Office . Secrefary fo fhe Dean of Coffeqe RUBYE POOL . Secfefary fo fhe Dean of Sfudenfs CATHERTNE FURDOM ,,.. Cierk, Business Office Fifih Row: BEULAH ROBINSON JAMES A. ROGERS FAY W. SLEDD . LUCILLE THURMAN House Direcfor of Easf Half . . . . . . . . Bookkeeper . Assisfanf Business Manager . . , Cierk in Business Office """l-he 'J 4, JI Firsi Row: THOMAS B. HOGANCAMP . DR. WALTER BLACKBURN . . . Physical sexe-nge DR. C. S. LOWRY -4.- - - A. OARMAN .A,., . ,Agriculture H. L- OAKLEY 4-.. A - DR. M. 6. CARMAN ..,... . .MaTLTemaTics DR. PRICE DOYLE ...,..... ..... F ine ATTS Third Row: LT. COL. WALLACE J. HACKETT. . . . MTLTTary Science RUBY STMTJSQNA 4 I ' HARRYSPARKS Second Rowr ROY STEWART .....,. . . Health and DR. HERBERT HALPERT. . . .Lanqcaqes and Lnerafure DR. A. M. WOLFSON ..... . . . , . . MARY A. HARRIS .... ,,.., N Umm, Edccaficn DR. HENSLEY WOODBRIDGE . . , . DEPARTMENTAL HE A . . . .Business . . SOciaL Science . IndusTrTaL ArTs Home Economics . . . .EducaTTOn PL1ysIcaL Educafion Biological Science . Library Science DS Hrs? Row: DR. W. D. AESCHBACHER . REX ALEXANDER ..... VERNON ANDERSON ..., . MRS. VERNON ANDERSON. . . , . IST LT. HORACE E. BAILEY . , MXSGT. JOSEPH T. BARRON SGT. MANUEL BRITO. . . Second Row: OLA B. BROCK ....,, EDWARD HAYS BROOKS . FRANCES BROWN ,,,, MXSGT. THOMAS CALLAVJAY. . MARGARET CAMPBELL . . A. G. CANON .,... MAUNONE CHENOWETH , . ,SociaI Science Physical Educafion . . , . , Business Assisfarif Librarian . . R. O. T. C. . R, O. T. C. , , R. O. T. C, . Crific Teacher Physicai Science Home Economics , , . R. O. T. C. . . Crific Teacher . PhysicaI Science , .CriIic Teacher F C L T Third Row: ANN HERRON COI-IRON . . .Reference Librarian MARY CRENSI-IAW. . . . . Home Economics JIM CULLIVAN . , . .Physicai Educafion CLARA EAGLE .... .........,. A rf CHARLES L, ELDRIDGE . Agriculiure ITraininq Schoolj RICHARD FARRELL ATTIE FAUGHN . Fourfh Row: FRED FAUROT. . . MRS. FRED FAUROT DONALD FINEGAN BEATRICE FRYE . FRED M. GINGLES R. E. GOODGION DAVID J. GOWANS ........Music . .Crific Teacher . . Physical Educafion . . Physical Educafion . . . . . . . . Ar? Lanquaqe and Liierafure , . ...,. Business CriIic Teacher . . . ,Music Firsi Row: INEZ HAILE ....,. MRS. HERBERT HALPERT VERDA HEAD ..,.. C. T. HENDERSON . . ROBERT L. HENDON. HARLAN HODG-ES . LILLIAN HOLLOWELL . Second Row: E. B. HOWTON . R. A. JOHNSTON . . . MXSGT. EARL W. JONES C. W. KEMPER .... CHARLES KERN . SARAH KNIGHT . . . MAJOR A. B. LANDIS . . . . . . CrIIic Teacher Languages and Liferafure , . . . . . . .Business . . Crific Teacher . . . .AgrIcuI+ure . . . IJhysIcaI EducaIion Languages and Liferafure . . .AgrIcuI+ure . . PI1ysIcaI ScIence . . . . R. O. T. C. . BIoIogIcaI Science . . . . R. O. T. C. . .Physical Educaflon ...R.O.T.C. F C L T Third Row: DR. EDWIN LARSON . . G. T. LILLY ..... MAVIS Iv1cCAIv1ISH. . W. J. IVICCARTHY . . JOSEPH C. MAREK. . NEALE MASON .... DR. PETER PANZERA. . Fourfh Row: PAIJLINE PARKER . . HELEN PARROTT . . DR. R. B. PARSONS . . . ROMAN PRYDATKEVYTCH LESLIE PUTNAM .... DR. ANNIE RAY. . E. G. SCHMIDT . Language: and Liferafure . . . . . IndusIriaI Arfs . . CriI'ic Teacher . . . . . Indusfrial Arrs Languages and Liferafure ...,..,..IvIusIc . .PhysIcaI ScIence . . . . . . BusIneSs . . Home EconornIc5 . . . Educaiion . . . Music . . . . MUSIC . . . Crific Teacher .Q . . JournaIIsrn I7 FA LT Firsf Row: ARLIE SCOTT . REZINA SENTER. . ONNIE SKINNER , EUGENE SMITI-I, . RUBIE SMITH . . DR. LIZA SPANN . DAVID STEVENSON . Second Row: LOTTYE SUITER . . . RUSSELL W. TERI-IUNE J. ALBERT TRACY . . . . .Aqriculmre . . . . . Library Science Languages and Liferaiure . , . . .Criiic Teacher . . . . Educarion , . . BioIogicaI Science Languages and Lirerafure , Criric Teacher . . . . Music . .Speech DR. TOM C. VENABLE , DOLORES VINSON .,., CAPTAIN WM. E, WALLACE. . GOLDIE WATERS .,,., Third Row: AUBURN J. VJELLS. , CARRIE WI-IITE . . , ROBERTA WI-IITNAH . MAYME WI-IITNELL, . JOI-IN WINTER .... ANNIE WOODBRIDGE . GRACE WYATT .... . . . . .Edacafion . .Assisfanf Librarian ....R.O.T.C. . . .Crific Teacher , . Social Science . . PhysicaI Educaiion . . . .BioIoqicaI Science Librarian ITraining SchooIi ..,....,.Music Lanquanes and Liferamre , . . .BioIoqicai Science ESCO GUNTER Diredor of The Training School ll Ah, classes. l-lere is your piclure, and lhe piclures ol Jrhe gang. There's lhal guy lhal you loarely lqnew, who always smiled and spoke when you saw him. And The girl you wenl sleady wilh one semes- ler. Wonder whalever happened To so and so? l-lere are some peo- ple you had complelely lorqollen, and some you will never lorgel. lmpor+an+7 These pages will bee- come more valuable 'rhan you ever dreamed. The SHIELD porlrays Jrhese classes so lhal each familiar lace can be preserved in your memory. BILL PRYOR Assisianf Edifor M-uMf,.,.., The palh from lreshman year un- lil now lurned oul lo be "a long, long frail awindingf' and lhere were limes when we would have loved lo drop by The wayside and resl awhile . . . loul The ldnd ol memories lhal live in golden shrines are noi' made by giving up. We are no longer afraid ol lhe road ol lile ahead, lor we have learned +o guard oursell wilh The shield ol hope, endeav- or, and achievement DAN SHIPLEY Class Editor OFFICERS RONNIE SHOLAR . . . . , Presidenl DON PACE. . . .Vice-Presidenl BRENDA Slvllll-l . . . . Secrelary RAYMOND SUMNER. . . .Treasurer Firsl Row: TOM MIX ADKINS, Paducah, Kenluclcy: B,S,: Physical Educalion-I-lislory. CHARLES DEAN AKRIDGE, Fredonia, Kenluclcy: BS.: Physical Educa- rion-Commerce: M. Club: Tau Sioma Tau: Commerce Club: Baskelball I, 2, 3, 4, DAVID LAWRENCE ALLEN, Henderson. Kenluclcy: B.A.: Social Science: Tau Siqma Tau: Wesley Eoundalion: lnlernalional Relalions Club: Kipa Pi: Ordway I-lall Council: Fuse Edilor 2, 3: Who's Who 4, TED TIPTON ALLEN, Miami, Florida: BA.: Biology: Tau Sigma Tau, Sec- relary 2, 3, Presidenl 4: Disciple Sludenl Fellowship, Presidenl 4: Bela Bela Bela, Treasurer 3: J. V. Baslfelball I: Whos Who 4, JOHN SMITH ARMSTRONG, Cadiz, Kenluclcy: B.A.: Social Science-. MILTON JAMES ARTER, Malloon, Illinois: B.S.' Social Science: Della Alpha. Second Row: RAY LEWIS ASHBROOK, Arlinqlon, Kenluclcy: BS.: Agricullure: Wes Iey Foundalion: Aqricullure Club, BARBARA GLENN ASHCRAFT, Murray, Kenluclcy: B. S.: Elemenlari Educalion: A.C.E.: Alpha Siqma Alpha, Vice-Presidenl 4: Kipa Pi, Treas urer I: Wesley Foundalion: Campus Liqhls I. REGENA MADDOX BAGGETT, Paris, Tennessee: BS.: Commerce-I-lis lory: W.A.A.: Wesley Foundalion: Y.W.C.A.: Commerce Club. WALLACE EARL BAGGETT, Paducah, Kenluclcyg B.S.: Social Science M Club: Traclc 2. HAZEL WALLACE BARNES, Savannah, Tennessee: B.S.: Home Eco nomics: Home Economics Club: Y.W.C.A.: Peabody College lo Teachers. JANETTE JACKSON BARNES, Beaver Dam, Kenluclcy: BA.: English Spanish: Kappa Della Pi: Modern Language Club. Third Row: CARROL GENE BARNETT, Harrisburg, Illinois: B.M.E.: Music: Phi Mu Alpha: Tau Sigma Tau: Wesley Foundalion: A Cappella Choir 3: Cam- us Liqhls: Marching Band: Concerl Band: Orcheslra I. MARY ANNA BATTS, Wiclclille, Kenluclcy: BS.: Home Economics: Home Economics Club, Vice-Presidenl 3: Kappa Della Pi. ROSE MARILYN BECK, Princelon, Kenluclcy: B.S.: Elemenlary Educa- lion: Alpha Siqrna Alpha: A.C,E. ROBERT DEAN BELL, Vienna, Illinois: B.S.: Social Science: Sock and Buslcin: Pershing Rilles: Inlernalional Relalions Club: Debale Team. GEORGE STEPHEN BIEBER, Sl. Anne, Illinois: B.M.E.: Piano: Phi Mu Alpha, I-Iislorian 4: Vivace Club, Presidenl 4: Band 3: Chorus I, 2, :Or- cheslra 3: A Cappella 3, 4. JEAN ANGELYN BLACKWELL, Paris, Tennessee: B.S.: Elernenlary Edu- calion: Della Lambda Alpha: Kappa Della Pig A.C.E. Firsf Row: SUE BLALOCK, Louisville, Keniuckyg B.S.: EIemenIary Educaiion: A.C.E.: Sigma Sigma Sigma: WeIIs I-IaII CounciI, Vice-Presidenf 4: Tau Sigma Tau Sweeihearf Afrendani 2: Radio Theater 2, JOHN BOHNA, E. MiIIsboro, Pennsyiyania: B.S.: Elemeniary Training: A.C.E.: DeIia AIpha: FoorbaII I, 2, 3, 4: Track 2: M CIub: Besi Groomed 3: Oufsianding Men 4. BILLY MAC BONE, I3uIIon, KenIucIcy: B.S.: PhySiCaI Educaiion-I'IisIory: PhysicaI Educaiion CIub: M. CIub: Fooiball I, 2, 3, 43 BasebaII 2, 3, 4. LEWIS FARRIS BOYD, SaIem, Keniucky: B.S.: Commerce: Commerce Club. MARY ANN BRADY, Fulion, Keniuckyg B.S.: Commerce'-Library Science: Commerce CIub: Spanish CIub: Sigma Sigma Sigma, Presideni 4: Kappa DeIIa Pi, Corresponding Secreiary 3, Recording Secreiary 4: SHIELD Shaif I, 2, 3, 4: Sophomore CIass Secreiaryg DeIIa Lambda AIpha: Alpha Befa AIpha: Pi Omega Pi: PanheIIenic CounciI, Vice-Presidenr 4. ENOS HOWARD BRANDON, Murray, Kenfucky: B.S.: InduslriaI Aris: Indusirial Arfs Club, Second Row: HAI. FRANCIS BRANSON, Robards, KenIucIcy: B.S.: Hisioryg B.S.U. JERRY ALLEN BROWN, Marion, Keniucky: B.A.3 Social Science: Speech CIub: Tau Kappa AIpha: French CIub: T.K,A., Vice-Presidenip Siudeni Organizafion. JOYCE ELLEN BRUNER, EIora, Iilinaisy B. A.: Chemisiry-BioIogy: Sigma Sigma Sigma, Keeper of Grades 4: Beia Beia Befa: S.A,A.C.S.: DeI+a Lambda Alpha. BOBBY JOE BURNETT, Paducah, Kenfucky: B.S.: Agriculiureg Tau Sigma Tau: AgricuIIure Club, Vice-Presidenr 4. MARY ALICE CAMP, CarrsviIIe, Keniuckyg B.S.: Elemeniary Educaiionz A.C.E.: Home Economics Club. JERRY RONALD CAPPS, Calveri' Cify, KenIucI4y: B.S.: Physical Educa- Iion. Third Row: JAMES BOYCE CARLIN, Paducah, Kenfucky: A.B.: Commerce: B.S.U: Commerce CIub: Pi Omega Pi: Paducah Junior College: Union Uni- wersify. ELIZABETH ANN CARR, Cadiz, Kenfucky: A.B.: EngIish-Library Science: Kappa Delia Pi: B.S.U.: Delia Lambda Alpha: German CIub: AIpha Beia Alpha. ELVA CAROLYN CARTER, MayIieId, Keniuckyg B.S.: Commerce: Com- merce CIub, Reporier: B.S.U., Execuiiye CounciI, Secreiary: Pi Omega Pi. VIRGINIA WEST CARTER, I-IopIcinsviIIe, KenIucI4y: B.S.: I-Iome Eco- nomics. BARBARA ANNE CATLETT, Murray, Keniucky: B.S.: Home Economics: Ilome' Economics CIub: Besi Groomed 2: Campus Fayoriie 3: EooIbaII Queen Aiiendanf 2. RUTH MARIE CHAPPELL. Paducah, Keniuckyg B.S.: Elemeniary Educa- 'iong A.C.E.: Kappa DeIIa Pi. Firsl Row: ROBERT ERNST CHERRY, Palmyra, Illinois: B.S.: Aqricullure: Agricul- lure Club: Kemper Mililary School, Boonville, Missouri: Baskelball, lzoolball: Presidenl, Junior Colleqe- Class: Lniyersily ol Illinois, Cham- paiqn, Illinois: Kappa Sigma. WILLIAM DUDLEY CHILTON, JR., Louisville, Kenlucky: BS.: Elemen- lary Educalion: Della Alpha: A.C.E.: Lasl Resorl 2, 3, 4: Greek Leller Week: Track. ANN PERRY CHURCHILL, Murray, Kenlucky: B.S,: Commerce: Sigma Siqma Siqma: B.S.U.: Pi Omega Pi, Secrelary. SYLVIA JEAN CLARK, Marion, Kenlucky: BS.: Arl: Sigma Sigma Sig- ma: Kappa Pi. ROBERT HENRY CLAYCOMB, Henderson, Kenlucky: A.B.: Hislory- Enqlish: Der Eidelweiss Klub: Romance Lanquage Club, Vice-Presidenl 3: BSU. JONES FRANKLIN CLEAVER, Maylield. Kenlucky: B.S.: Social Science: Commerce Club, Vice-Presidenl: Inlernalional Relalions Club: Campus Liqhls 2, Second Row: DORIS MCCOMBS CLOAR, Murray, Kenlucky: B.S,: Commerce-English. ROBERT TURNER CLOAR, Union Cily, Tennessee: B.S.: Hislory-Com-- rnerce: Della Alpha: M Club: Journalism Club: Foolball, Co-Caplain 4: Ihlernalional Relalions Club: Oulslaridinq Men 4, JEFFERSON DAVIS CLOPTON, Smilhland, Kenlucky: B.S.: Social Sci ence: Inlernalional Relalions Club: Wesley Fouridalion. OWEN H. CLOPTON, Reclor, Arkansas: BS.: Biology-Chemislry: Della Alpha: Chemislry Club: Ordway Hall Council. BETTY ANN CLYMER, Mayfield, Kerilucky: B.A.: Hislory-Polilical Sci- ence: Alpha Sigma Alpha, Vice-Presidenl 3, Regislrar 4: Inlernalional Relalions Club, Secrelary 3, Vice-Presidenl4: SludenlOrqar1izalion 2, 4, Sc-crelary 3: Romance Lanquaqe Club: Cheerleader 2, 3, 4: Della Lamb- fia Alpha: Campus Payorile 3: Miss Murray Slale 4, Who'S Who 4? Wells Hall Council, Represenlaliye I, Secrelary 2: ACE: Home Eco- nomics Club: Sprinq Carnival Queen 3. ANN SUE COCHRAN, Murray, Kenlucky: B.A.: Social Science: Span- ish Club: Kappa Della Pi: Della Lambda Alpha. Third Row: ALICE HART COLEMAN, Paducah, Kenlucky: BS.: Physical Educalion- Commerce: Siqma Siqma Sigma: Physical Educalion Club, Vice-Presi- denl: W.A,A,, Secrelary-Treasurer 2, 3. LARRY HALL COLLEY, Farminqlon, Kenlucky: B.S,: Physical Educalion, ESTHER RUTH CONDITT, Marion, Kerilucky: BS.: Elemenlary Educa- lion: A.C.E, l, 2, 3. BETTY ANN COOK, Hickman, Kenlucky: B.A.: Chemislry-Biology: French Club: Wells Hall Council 2: Bela Bela Bela, Secrelary 3, 4: Chemislry Club, Secrelary 3: Alpha Sigma Alpha: Sailing Club. JEAN BROOKS CORN, Murray, Kenlucky: B.S.: Home Economics: Oll Campus Club, Presidenl: Home Economics Club, Presidenl 3: Sigma Sigma Siqma, Treasurer 3, Oulslandinq Senior: Disciple Sludenl Fellow- ship: Who's Who 4. GEORGE MILBURN COVINGTON, Paris. Tennessee: B. S.: Socia Science. 23 Firsl' Row: JOAN COX, McKenzie, Tennessee: BS.: Commerce: Sigma Sigma Sig ma: Commerce Club: Pi Orne-ga Pi, Kappa Della Pi: Belhel College. VERNA JEAN CROGHAN, Carmi, Illinois: B.M.E.: Music: Sigma Alpha Iola, Secrelary 4: Sigma Sigma Sigma: Kappa Della Pi: Della Lambda Alpha: A Cappella, Band and Girls' Ouarlel I, 2, 3, 4: Murray Macs? Secrelary Freshman Class: WhoIs Who 4. LOIS SUNDMAKER DARNELL, Melropolis, Illinois: B.S,: Library Science- English: Alpha Sigma Alpha, Edilor 4: Alpha Bela Alpha, Presidenl 4' W.A,A.: Sock and Buslcing Treasurer Sophomore Class: Lasl Resorl 3. BETTY ANN DAVIS, Hoplcinsyille, Kenluclcyq B.S.: Elernenlary Educalion: Alpha Sigma Alpha: A.C.E.: W,A.A.: Y.W.C.A., Vice-Presidenl 3, Presi- clenl 4. JAMES W. DULANEY, Paducah, Kenlucly: B.A.: Social Science: Kappa Della Pi: College News. BOBBY EUGENE DUNN, Murray, Kenluclcy: B.S.: Chemislry: S.A.A,C,S. Second Row: ' ' ROBERT MARVIN DUNN, Paducah, Keniuclqy: A.B.: Social Science BSU. JANA RUTH EARLY, Paducah, Kenlucky: B.S.: Physical Educalion-Corrv merce: XfV,A.A: Physical Educalion Club. BILL EDWARDS, Benlon, Keriluclnyg B.S.: Agricullure: Aqricullurg Club, JAMES A. ELKINS, Paducah, Kenluclcy: BS: Commerce. BILLY GLENN EVANS, Trenlon, Tennessee: B, S.: Commerce-Physical Educaiion: M Club: Physical Eclucalion Club: Foolball 3, 4: Pearl River .Iunior College. ROBERT LYNN FERGUSON, Maylield, Kenluclcy: A.B.: Chemislry-Malh: American Chemical Sociely, Presidenl 3: Tau Sigma Tau, Third Row: THOMAS CLARENCE FERGUSON, JR., Owensboro, Kenluciy: B.M.E.: Music: Phi Mu Alpha: Sludenl Organizaiion I: Viyace Club: Campus Lighls Direclor 4: Cheerleader 2, CAROL GRAHAM FISH, Paris, Tennessee: B.S.: Elemenlary Educalionq A.C.E.: Wesley Foundalion: Foolball Queen 2: Mounlain Laurel Repre- senlalive 3: Campus Favorile 4. JOE THOMAS FORD, Mayfield, Kenluclcy: B.S.: Physical Educalionr Agricullure: Della Alpha: Baslcelball: Baseball, MARGARET ANN FORD, Trenlon, Tennessee: BS.: Malh: Sigma Sigma Sigma: Wells Hall Council, Treasurer: Mississippi Slale College lor VVomen. THOMAS DOUGLAS FOREST, Murray, Kenlucky: BS.: Comme-rce Commerce Club. ANTHONY EDWARDS FRANC, Tonawancla, New York: B.S.: Social Sci- ertce: Baseball Coach I952 Season, Firsi Row: ROBERT LEWIS FRENCH, Paris, Tennessee: Physics-Malh: Alpha Gam- ma Sigma: Sanla Anna College, Sania Anna, California. RICHARD HENRY GATLIN, Benion, Kenluclcy: B.A.: Maih: Tau Sigma Tau. BARBARA NELL GIBSON, Paris, Tennessee: B.A.: Commerce: Commerce Club: Pi Omega Pi: Judson College, Marion, Alabama. ILAR LOGAN GRADY, Sl. Louis, Missouri: B.S.: Social Science: Della Alpha, Corresponding Secrelary 4: Chorus 4. BETTY JEAN GREER, Vienna, Illinois: B.S.: Commerce: Souihern Illinois Universily. PAULA ALICE GROSSNER, Memphis, Tennessee: B.A.: Spanish-Hislory: inlernalional Relalions Club: French, Spanish and German Clubs: Soclc and Buskin: Hunlingdon College: Chapel Choir and Glee Club. Second Row: BEN DRAKE HALL, Ellclon, Kenluclcy: B.S.: Social Science: Phi Mu Alpha, Presidenl: Band: lnlernaiional Relalions Club: Epsilon Omicron Sigma, Presidenl: Campus Lighls: College News: Purchase-Pennyrile Tourna- menl: SHIELD Slall. JAMES EDWARD HAMILTON, Calverl Ciiy, Kenlucky: B.A.: Chemislry- Biology: Tau Sigma Tau: Bela Bela Bela: Chemislry Club: Sludenl Or- ganizalion. MILTON HUGH HAMILTON, JR., Murray, Kenluclcy: B.A.: Hislory. BETTY JUNE HANCOCK, Harrisburg, Illinois: B.S.: Elemenlary Educa- lion: A.C.E. PHYLLIS ANN HARRIS, Paducah, Kenlucky: B.S.: Physical Educalion- Biology: Sigma Sigma Sigma, Vice-Presidenl 4: Bela Berla Bela: Sludenl Organizalion 2, 3: Kappa Della Pi: Physical Educalion Club, Secrelary 2, 3: W.A.A.: Who's Who 3, 4: Campus Favorile 3, 4. GENE EDWARD HENDON, Murray, Kenluclcy: B.S.: Chemislry-Biology: Kappa Della Pi: Bela Bela Bela. Third Row: NANCY CRISP HENDON, Murray, Keniuclcy: B,S.: Elemenlary Educa- lion: Alpha Sigma Alpha: A.C,E.: SHIELD Slali: We-lls Hall Council. Secrelary 3: Kappa Della Pi. LADY MARTIN HICKS, Benlon, Kenluclcy: B.S.: Home Economics: Home Economics Club: Sailing Club: Spanish Club. RICHARD GERALD HICKS, Flora, Illinois: B.S.: Biology-Chemisiry: Bela Bela Bela: S.A.A.C.S,: Ordway Hall Council. JOE BENTON HIETT, Benlon, Kenluclcy: B.S.: Chemislry-Biology: Persh- ing Riiles: Bela Bela Bela: S.A.A.C.S.: Oulslanding Company Com- mander, R.O.T.C. 4. FRANK MYERS HILL, Murray, Kenluclcy: B.S.: Agricullure: Agricullure Club. WANDA LOU HOLLAND, Hardin, Kenluclcy: B.S.: Physical Educalion- Commerce: W.A.A., Vice-Presidenl: Physical Educalion Club: Commerce Club: B.S.U.: Campus Liqhls: Cheerleader 2, 3, 4: Well's Hall Council 4' Campus Fayorile 4. 25 Firsl Row: TOMMY HARRISON HOOPER, Nashville, Tennessee, B.S., Social Sci- cnce, Band I, 2, 3, 4, Della Alpha, Soclc and Buslcin, lnlernalional Rela- lions Club, Radio Guild I, Campus Liqhls I, Kanqaroo Kourl 2, 3, 42 Lasl Resorl, Direclor 4, Greek Leller Show I, 2, Dramalic Produclions 2, 3, 4, Oulslandinq Men 4. RHODENE TAYLOR HOSICK, Murray, Kenluclsy, B.S., Home Economics, Home Economics Club. MARTIN FREEMAN HURDLE, Paris, Tennessee, B.S., Hislory, Kipa Pi. CHARLES C, JAMES, Paducah, Kenluclcy, B.M.E., Music, Phi Mu Alpha, Dance Band: Band. ROBERT GLEN JEFFERY, Murray, Kenluclry, BS., Physical Educalion, M Club, Foolball, Who's Who 4. JERRY LEE JOHNSON, Pullon, Kenluclcy, B.S., Malh-Chemislry, Della Alpha, M Club, Traclc. Second Row: LACY JOINER, JR., Cadiz, Kenluclcy, BS., Commerce, Commerce Club, Vice-Presidenl 3, Presidenl 4, Pi Omega Pi, Vice-Presidenl 4, Assislanl Business Manager SHIELD 3, Business Manager 4, Campus Social Com- millee, lnlernalional Relalions Club, Who's Who 4. JACK JONES, Murray, Kenlucky, B.S., Hislory. PEGGY ROGERS JONES, Madisonville, Kenluclcy, B. S., Elemenlary Edu- aalion, Sigma Sigma Siqma, Keeper ol Grades, Della Lambda Alpha, Secrelary 2, Kappa Della Pi, Corresponding Secrelary 4: A.C.A., Wells Hall Council, Vice-Presidenl, Vivace Club. EDWIN H. JORDAN, Maylield, Kenluclcy, B.S., Comrnerce-Aqricullure, Commerce Club, Aqricullure Club. SYBIL DUNN KEARNEY, Murray, Kenluclcyp B.S., Physical Educalion- l-lislory. MATTIE CALDWELL KENDALL, Paris, Tennessee, B.S., Elemenlary Edu- calion, Pep Club, A.C.E. 26 Third Row: DIVINA DORIS KEY, Paducah, Kenluclcy, A. B., English, B.S.U., Y.W.A. JOAN ETHEL KIRKLAND, Owensboro, Kenluclcyg B.S., Elernenlary Edu- calion, Kappa Della Pi, Sigma Sigma Sigma, Alpha Psi Omega, Treas- urer, Soclc and Buslrin, Presidenl 4, A.C.E., B.S,LI., Waler Carnival I, 2: Dramalic Produclions I, 2, 3, Summer Thealer I, 2, Wells Hall Council 3, Pershing Rifles Sweelhearl, Campus Favorile 4, Who's Who 4, JOHN A. KOLB, JR., Bloomfield, Kenluclcy, B.S., Business Adminislra- lion, Commerce Club, Pershinq Rilles. BETTY LOU KREISLER, Sedalia, Kenluclcy, B.S., Elemenlary Educalion, A.C.E., Treasurer 4. ROY C. LAMBERTH, Murray, Kenluclry, B.S., Social Science, Wesley Foundalion. CARL WAYNE LEAZER, Salisbury, Norlh Carolina, B,M.E., Voice-Clari- nel, Phi Mu Alpha, Scholarship Winner, Vivace Club, Band, Orcheslra, Chorus, A Cappella Chair, Men's Ouarlel, Madriqals, All American Concerl Direclor 4, Whois Who 4, Firsf Row: SUZANNE LEE, Cairo, IIIinois: B.S.: Home Economics: Home Economics CIub: Siqma Sigma Sigma. THOMAS F. LeVAN, Burna, KenIucIcy: B.S.: Commerce'-Physicai Educa' iion: M CIub: PhysicaI Educaiion CIub: Commerce CIub. MARJORIE MCCORD, Vicksburq, Mississippi: B.M.: Piano: Sigma AIpha Iofa, Vice-Presidenr: Band, Orchesfra I, 2, 3, 4: Vivace CIub, Secrefary- Treasurer 2: DeI'ra Lambda AIpha, Vice-Presideni: Campus Liqhis, Dance Direcror 33 MaioreI're I, 2, 3, 4. WILLIAM PAUL MCELWAIN, Owensboro, Kenruclry: B,S.: Chemisiry- BioIoqy7 Beia Befa Beia. RONALD KEITH MCGREGOR, MadisonyiIIe, Kenfucky: B.A.: Chemisfryi BioIoqy: S.A.A.C.S., Presideni 4: Beia B-era Beia, Treasurer 4. DOROTHY NELL MABRY, Cunningham, Keniucky: B.S.: Library Science- Commerce: Pi Omeqa Pi, Treasurer: AIpha Beta AIpha, Reporierg Kao- pa De-IIa Pi: Commerce CIub. Second Row: JEAN MALONE, SrarIcyiIIe, Mississippi: BS.: Air: Kappa DeI+a Pi: Band: Concerr Band: SHIELD Siaifg SaiIinq CIub: Body Beauiifui 2: Campus Fayorire 4: Who's Who 4. ANGELEE MARTIN, Henderson, KenIucIcy: B.S.: EIemenIary Educaiiong A.C.E., Vice-Presideni 2, Presidenr 3: AIpha Siqma AIpha, ChapIain 47 DeI'ra Lambda Alpha, Presidenf 2: Kappa DeIIa Pi, Presidenr 4: We'sIey Foundarion, Secrefary 2, 4, Vice-Presidenf 3: Debafe 3, 4: Iniernafionai Reiafions CIub: Who's Who 4. NANCY JUNE MAY, Union Ciiy, Tennessee: B.A.: Spanish-Library Sci- ence: French Club: Spanish Club: Sigma Sigma Sigma, Corresponding Socrefary 4: Alpha Befa Aipha, Treasurer 4, CAROL FRANCES MERTZ, Cairo, IIIinois: B.S.: Maih: Gamma Phi Beia IVanderbiIII: Befa Beia Bera: InIerna+ionaI Re-Iaiions CIub. JO ANN BURKETT MISCHKE, Mayiieid, Kenfuckyg BS: Home Eco- nomics: Siqma Sigma Siqma: Home Economics CIub, Secreiary 2: Wes- Iey Eoundaiion, Vice-Presidenf 3: Campus Rehgious Councii, Vice'-Presb :IenI 3: Deira Lambda AIpha: Kappa DeIIa Pi. ANNE CROUSE MOORE, Murray, Kenfucky: B.S,: I-IeaIIh-Physical Edu- carion: W.A.A.: Sigma Alpha Iofa: PhysicaI Educaiion CIub. Third Row: EDWARD C. MOORE, JR., NashyiIIe, Tennessee: B.S.: Physicai Educa- Iion: Hisfory: DeIIa Aipha: M Club, Reporre-r: Baseball: Junior CIass President ROBERT LEE NIFONG, Paimyra, IIIinois: B.S.: Business Adminisiraiion: Commerce Club: SaiIinq CIub: Wesrern IIIinois Sfafe College, Macomb, Iilinois: Uniyersiiy of IIIinois, Champaiqn, IIIinois: Kappa Sigma, JOE HORACE NOFFSINGER, Henderson, Keniucky: BS.: Commerce: Commerce CIub: Uniied Business Educaiion Associafion. KATHERINE ANN NUNN, SuIIiyan, Keniucicyg B.S.: Elernenrary Educaf 'ion: A.C.E.: BSU.: Y.W,C.A. JOHN PAUL OLDHAM, EIk+on, Keniucky: B.S,: ArIAMaIh: Por+ToIio CIub: Kappa Pi, Presiderif 2, 3: SHIELD Siaif I, 2: Ediior I953 SHIELD: Edifor I954 SHIELD: Who's Who 3, 4: American CoIIeqe Srudenf Lead- ers 3: Ouisrandinq Men 4. ROY LEE OLDHAM, BarIow, Keniucky: B.S.: Maihg Deira AIpha, 27 Firsf Row: HOYT WEST OWEN, I-lardin, Kenluclcy, B.S., Social Science. DON MAC PACE, Salem, Kenluclcy, B.S., I-Iisiory-General Business, Tau Sigma Tau, Treasurer 4, Iniernalional Relalions Club, President 4. CHARLOTTE ROBERTS PARKER, Murray, Kenluclcy, B.S., Home Eco- nomics, Home Economics Club, Sigma Sigma Sigma. NANCY ETTA PARSONS, Sommeryille, Tennessee, B.M.E., Voice, Band, Symphony Orcheslra, Vivace Club, Sigma Alpha Iola, Presideni 4, Sig- ma Sigma Sigma, Sergeani-al-Arms, Chorus, Campus Lighls, Social Commillee, Wesley Foundalion: Campus Favoriie 4. DIANNE PEAK, Herrin, Illinois, B,M,E., Music, Sigma Sigma Sigma? Sigma Alpha lola, Chaplain, Alpha Psi Omega, Presideni' 4, Soclc and Buslcin, Treasurer, Vivace Club, German Club, Band and Choir, Murray Macs 2: Las? Rescrl. ROBERT FREDRICK PENDLEBURY, Chicago, Illinois, B.S., Commerce: Della Alpha, Sludenf Organizalion, Treasurer, Commerce Club, Inler- 'ialional Relalions Club, Ordway Hall Council. Second Row: LOIS ANN PENFIELD, Lorain, Ohio, B.M.E., Music, Viyace Club, Sigma Alpha Iola, Treasurer, All American Conduclor, Campus Lighls, Debale, Radio Guild, Band, Orchesfra, BARBARA ANN PINCKNEY, Tiplonyille, Tennessee, B,M.E., Music, Vivace Club, Secrelary-Treasurer 3, Sigma Alpha Iola, Sergeanl-al-Arms 4, Slephens College. JAMES OTHO POOLE, Crollon, Kenluclcy, B.S., Agricullure, Agriculiure Club. TADDY GAYLE POTTS, Paducah, Kenlucliy, B.S., Indusirial Aris, Indus- Irial Arls Club, Vice-Presideni I, Presideni 3, 4. BILLY JOE PUCKETT, Mayiield, Keniuclcy, BS., Social Science, Tau Sigma Tau, Iniernalional Relaiions Club, Commerce Club, Campus Liqhls 3. ROSEMARY SHARON REDD, Princelon, Keniuclcy, BS., English. Third Row: MARION ARTHUR REITHEL, Rosiciare, Illinois, B.M,E., Music, Phi Mu Alpha, Dance Band, Band. RUg3E C. REYNOLDS, Fullon, Kenluclcyq B.S., Elemenlary Educalion, A. . . JOHN BURCH RICHARDSON, Cecilia, Kenlucly, B.S., Hislory, Irler- rialional Relaiions Club, Xavier Universily, Cincinnali, Ohio, A.B. Cin- cinnali Bible Seminary. JOHN WALTER ROBERTS, Hopkinsville, Kenluclcyg BS., Maih-lnduslrial Arls, Induslrial Arls Club, Melhodisi Sludenl Cenler. GERRY ROBY, Paducah, Kenluclcy, B.S.: Elemeniary Educalian, A.C.E., Presideni 4, Kappa Della Pi, Nafional I-lonor Sociely. LAWRENCE DENTON ROYSTER, Paducah, Keniuclcy, B.M.E., Music, Phi Mu Alpha, Band Direclor 3, Campus Lighls IQ, 3, 4t Viyace Club. Firsf Row: MARGARET JOYCE RUSSELL, Brownsville, Texas, B.S,, Home Eco- nomics, Kappa Della Pi, Home Economics Club, Disciple Sludenl Fel- lowship. MARY ANN RUSSELL, Murray, Kenlucky, A.B., English-Hislory, French Club, OIT Campus Club, Wesley Foundalion. HAROLD LOUIS SASSE, Henderson, Kenluclcy, B.S., Chemislry-Malh: Chemislry Club. MARTHA SUE SAWYER, Hiclcory, Kenluclqy, B.S., Commerce, Pi Omega Pi, Presidenl 3, 4, Kappa Delia Pi, Vice-Presidenl 4, Sigma Sigma Sigma, Recording Secrelary 3, Commerce Club, Inlernalional Relalions Club, Junior Class Treasurer, Who's Who 4. CHARLES EPHRAIM SCHOLES, Mayfield, Kenluclcy, B.S., Speech- Drama-Hislory. PAT ALVIN SHACKELFORD, Murray, Kenluclcy, BA., Chemislry-Malh, S.A.A.C.S,, Physics Club, German Club. Second Row: RICHARD STEPHENS SHACKELFORD, Murray, Kenluclcy, A.B., Physicsf Maih, Tau Sigma Tau, Vice-Presidenl 4, lnduslrial Arls Club, Chemislry Club, Track. DAN SHIPLEY, Murray, Kenluclcy, B.S., Agricullure, Agricullure Club, Vice-Presideril' 3, Presidenl' 4, SHIELD Slaff, Class Edilor 2, 3, 4, B.S.U., Execulive Council 4, Sludenl' Organizaliori 2, Who's Who 4, RONALD REX SHOLAR, Hoplcinsyille, Kenluclqy, B.M.E., Trombone, Phi Mu Alpha, Viyace- Club, Chorus, Symphony Orcheslra I, 2, 3, 4, March- ing and Symphonic Bands I, 2, 3, 4, Campus Lighls Orcheslra I, 2, 3, 4? All American Concerl, B.S.U., Execulive Council, Ordway Hall Council, Presideril' 4, Sludenl Organizalion, Represenialive I, 3, Vice-Presidenl' 4, Social Commillee, Senior Class Presidenl, Oulslanding Men 4, Who's 'Who 4. ANNE SHROAT, Murray, Kenluclcyg B.S., Elemenlary Educaliong A.C.E. BILLY NORMAN SIRESS, Benlon, Kenluclcy, B.S., Hislory. HAROLD FRANKLIN SKAGGS, Paducah, Kenluclcy, A.B., English, B.S.U. Third Row: MARY BETH SLATTERY, Providence, Kenluclcy, B.S., Home Economics, Sigma Sigma Sigma, Home Economics Club, Della Alpha Sweelhearl 2, Campus Favorile' 3, Oulslanding Home Economics Upperclassman 3. DAVID LEE SMITH, Hollow Rock, Tennessee, B.S., Commerce, Phi Mu Alpha, Commerce Club, Vels Club, Campus Lighls I. MARY BRINDA SMITH, Murray, Kenluclcy, B.S., Library Science-Physical Educalion, Sigma Sigma Sigma, Alpha Bela Alpha, Vice-Presidenl 4, W.A.A., Presidenl 3, 4, Secrelary 2, Physical Educafion Club, Secrelary 3, Panhellenic Council 3, 4. 'NILLIAM MARION SMITH, Murray, Kenluclcy, B.S., Social Science, College News Sporls Edilor, SHIELD Slall 3, Sporls Edilor, Epsilon Omi- cron Sigma. WILLIAM NULL SMITH, Challanooga, Tennessee, B.M.E., Music, Phi Mu Alpha, Dance Band 2, Campus Lighls 4, Band, Orcheslra, Vivace Club. RAY MYERS SOLOMON, Murray, Kenluclcy, B.S., Physical Educalion? Baslcelball. 29 Firsf Row: DOROTHY CLARK SPENCE, Sheridan, Kenluclcy: BS.: English-Library Science. JEWELL POGUE STALl.lNS, Paducah, Keniuclcy: B.S.: Elemenlary Edu- caiion. ROY DOUGLAS STANLEY, Nebo, Kenluclcy: B.S.: Commerce: Com- merce Club: lndusirial Arls Club: Speech Club: Debale 2, 3, 4, NELLlE STRICKLAND, Gilberisville, Kenluclcy: B.S.: Elemenlary Educa 'ion-Library Science: Alpha Sigma Alpha: Alpha Bela Alpha, Secrelarv 3: A.C.E., Secreiary 3: Kappa Della Pi. MALCOLM HEARRIN SUBLETT, JR., Murray, Keniuclcy: BS.: Chemis- iry: Hislory: S,A.A.C.S., Presiclenf 3. THOMAS H. SUBLETTE, Fullon, Keniuclcy: B.S.: Agricullure: Tau Siqma Tau: Bela Bela Bela: Agriculiure- Club: Ordway Hall Council: B.S.U.: Presidenl oi Sludenl Organizaiion 4: Vice-Presidenl ol Junior Class' T-'Vho's Who 4: Oulslandinq Men 4. Second Row: RAYMOND PlERCY SUMNER. Cadiz, Kenluclcy: B.S.: Commerce: Comf merce Club, Treasure-r 4: B.S.U.: Speech Club: Unifed Business Educa- iion Associafion: Senior Class Treasurer: Campus Brolherhood. DORSE DEEN TABER, San Leandro, Caliiornia: B.M.E.: Music: Phi Mu Alpha: Vivace Club: Campus Lighls 3. BARBARA OWEN TAYLOR, Union Cily, Tennessee: B.M.E.: Music: Sig nta Sigma Sigma: Sigma Alpha lola, Social Chairman 4: A Cappella Choir: Campus Liqhls 2, 3, Coslume Direclor 4, PETER H. THAMES, Warrinqion, Florida: B.S.: lnduslrial Arls: Pershing Rifles: lnduslrial Arfs Club. RICHARD CLAUDE THORNE, Red Bay, Alabama: B.S,: Social Science M Club. COILLA DUNN TIMMONS, Tellico Plains, Tennessee: BS.: Elemenlary Educaiion. Third Row: OSWALD V. TODD, Henderson, Kenluclcy: B.S.: lnduslrial Arls. RALPH F. TRAVIS, Smilhland, Kenluclcy: B,M.E,: Piano: Phi Mu Alpha, Treasurer 3, 4' Vivace Club: Campus Lighis: lnlernalional Relalions Club. NORMA JONELL TURNER, Dralcesboro, Keniuclcy: B,M.E.: Music: Sigma Alpha lola, Edilor: B.S.U.: Vivace Club: Orcheslrag Slrinq Orchesfra: Campus Lights, Slail 4: All American Concerl. CHARLES D. UZZLE, Graham, Kenruclcy: BS.: Social Science: Della Al- pha, Presidenl 4: Wesle-y Foundalion: Ordway Hall Council: Spanish Club, OTIS PATE VALENTINE, Murray, Kenluclcy: BS.: Commerce: Della Al- pha: Commerce Club. WILLA DEAN WALDROP, Hazel, Keniuclcy: B.S,: Elemenlary Eflucalion: A.C.E. Firsi Row: MAURICE DELANO WALKER, Tiline, Keniuclxy: 8.5.7 Commerce: Della Alpha: Commerce Club: B.S.U. MARY LOU WALLACE, Savannah, Tennessee: B.S.: Home Economics: Home Economics Club. WILLIAM JERRY WARMUTH, Union Cily, Tennessee: B.M.E.: Music: Vivace Club: Phi Mu Alpha, Band: Campus Lighls: Band: Orcheslra. NANCY BROOKS WEAR, Murray, Kenfuclcy: BS.: Elemenlary Educa- lion: A.C.E.: Siqma Sigma Sigma: Wesley Foundafion Council: Band: Campus Liqhls: Concerf Band: SHIELD Sfaff. EARL LEE WEBB, Arlinqion, Kenluclcyg B.S.: Arqiculfure: Aqricullure Club, Secrelary-Treasurer 4. MURREL D. WEBB, Arlinqlon, Kenluclcy: BS.: Aqricullure: Aqriculfure Club. Second Row: WILLIAM A. WEDDLE, Srarlcville, Mississippi: B,M.E.: Music: Phi Mu Alpha: A Cappella Choir: Band: Men's Ouarlel: Vivace Club, Vice-Pres- idenl. CHARLES DAVID WEST, Mayfield, Kenluclcy: BS.: Commercefl-Iislory: Tau Siqma Tau, Corresponding Secrelary 4: Commerce Club, Treasurer 3: lnrernalional Relalions Club. BILLIE NADINE WHATLEY, Omaha, Illinois: BS: Elemenlary Educalion: A.C.E. JANICE LATTA WHEELER, Fulfon, Kenluclcy: BS.: Malh-Commerce: Alpha Sigma Alpha, Presidenl 4, Treasurer 2, 3: W.A.A., Treasure-r 3, Senior Represenfafive: Commerce Club: Della Lambda Alpha: Pan- hellenic Council, Chairman: Pi Omega Pi: Whols Who 4. JERRY WILSON, Mayfield, Kenruclry: BS.: Induslrial Arls: lnduslrial Arfs Club. MACON WILSON, Mayfield, Ke-nluclcy: B.S.: I-Iislory. Third Row: BILLY JOE YOUNG, Benion, Kenlucl1y:B.S.: Hislory-Physical Educalion: Baslrelball. Do iuniors loose ideniily in Ilie sludenl body? We're neiilwer green as freshmen, over sure as sophomores, or digniiied as seniors. Suddenly we realize wliai edu- calion means, and despiie fears of anxious professors we begin Io slwow promise ol becoming worllny cilizens. You don'Jr Iwear mucli aboul us-Iliere are all Ilwose Courses we've pul oil as long as possible, and now we're busy malcing sure Ilie dream we liad oi gradualing will come Irue. DON HUGHES Class Editor LIIILWS OFFICERS BOB lylcIvIILLION . . ...... ,... P resicleni JIM I-IEARON . . . . . . . . Vice-Presideni BEAULAI-I ASI-IBROOK . . . . . Secreiary JIM WEAVER .... . .Treasurer Firsf Row: MARTHA ALDRIDGE JODY ARCHER. . . . BEULAH ASHBROOK. . ERNIE BAKOS. . . RAY BAUER . . BOB BEACH . . . JOYCE BENNETT. . VERNON BENNETT. . Hopkinsville, Ky. . Hopkinsville, Ky. . .ArIinq'ron, Ky. . . .Lorain, Ohio . . Porrsmoulh, Ohio . .KanIcaIcee, Ill. Hclabardsyille, Ky. . . . Paducah, Ky. GEORGE BLOOMINGBURG. . .BenIan, Ky. Second Row: JAMES H. BOONE ....... Murray, Ky. ROMAN BORODIJEWYCZ. . Hudson, N. Y. JACKIE BOSWELL ..,. . . Paducah, Ky ROBERT BOWDEN . . . . Murray, Ky RANDALL BOWMAN . . . EI. Knox, Ky ARDATH BOYD . . . . . Murray, Ky ROBERT BOYD. . . . .ManIeno, Ill BILL BROOK. . . .Hazel Parlc, Mich BETTY BROOKES. . .... Paducah, Ky Third Row: ROBERT BUCKINGHAM JESSIE BUTLER .... EYRL BYASSEE .... SARA R, CALHOUN. THOMAS CHANEY. . DONALD W. CHILTON JOE CLARK. .. .. BOB COLE ..... ELEANOR COLVILLE. . . . Murray, Ky . . .EulIon, Ky Maury Cily, Tenn. . . . Murray, Ky . .Calumbus, Ky . . Erlanger, Ky . . Sharpe, Ky . . . Murray, Ky Union Cily, Tenn Four+I'm Row: NANCY COOK . . EDWIN CREAMER. . OSBORNE CORET. . JAMES CROSS . . . EDWARD DAVIS . . . CHRIS DIMAS . . GEORGE W, DOWDY. . . ROBERT E. DOWNS . EDDIE EDMONDS. . . . MayIield, Ky. . .KanIcalcee, III. . . . Salem, Ky. . .Chicaqo, III. . . Henderson, Ky. . . .Chicago Ill. . Earrninqlon, Ky. .Owensborcm Ky. . . .Bernie, MO. Fiffh Row: HARVEY ELDER . , . . . Pryorsburq, Ky. MASON EVANS, JR. . . . . Murray, Ky. HELEN EZELL. . . . . . Hopkinsville, Ky. HELEN FAUGHN. . . .Paducah Ky. ANN FELTNER. . . . . . Cadiz, Ky. JIM FERN .... . . SI. Louis, Mo. DONALD E. FITZGERALD Memphis, Tenn. JIM FITZGERALD . . . . . .Chicaqo, lil. J. Y. EITZHUGH. . . . Murray, Ky. 33 bbIIb0'f'S Firsi Row: JIM GAINEY ,... PEGGY GEURIN. . . WENDELL GORDON . MARGARET GRAHAM SUEGREER ...,. JOE HAMBRICK. . BILLY HARRELL. . DON HARVEY. . . JIMMY HEARON. . Second Row: Conway, S. C. SHIRLEY HENRY . . . .Doyer, Tenn. DONALD HICKS. , . . . Benion, Ky. CAROL HILTON . . . . . , . .Ipaya, III. CHESLEY HOLLOMAN. . . BIacIcIord, Ky. LARRY HOPKINS . , Dyersburg, Tenn. ARCH HOSICK . . . . .MIIan, Tenn. CHARLES E, HOWARD. . . . Prowdence, Ky, DONALD HUGHES .... CIay, Ky. JO ANN HLIMPHREYS, . . . Murray, Ky. . . Benfon, Ky. . FranIcI'orI, Ky. MadIsonvIIIe, Ky. . . WIrIqo, Ky. . , Murray, Ky. . Mayfield, Ky. . . Murray, Ky. . . Herron, III. Third Row: GLENN IOLEI-IEART JONELL JACKSON WILLIAM V, JAMES JENNE L. JELLISON. . NANCY JONES , . RAONALD JONES. . PAUL JORDAN . . DAN KENNEDY . . TED KOENIGSMARK ..., . ,LouIsvIIIe . . . .Fredonia . . Osceola, . . Murray, . . EuIIon, . . . .Murray, Mcweaqua . . Lakeland, .Ky Ky Ark Ky KY Ky III KY Murphysboro, III Fourfh Row: GWILLA KUPCHYNSKY. . ALFRED L. LADD. . WILL LANGEORD, . FREIDA LAWRENCE. MARY E. LAWSON. CHARLES E. LENTS. MARY ALICE LUCAS RICHARD LYONS. . ONIE MABRY. , . 34 .SaIIsbury, N .C. . .EddyyIIIe, Ky . . Paris, T . .Cadiz, . . Murray, . . Berman, . . MarIon, MadIsomvIIIe, Cunningham, SVIVI Ky Ky Ky. Ky Ky Ky Fifth Row: CECIL MALLORY .... . ,EIkIon, Ky CHARLES MANCHESTER. . . Paducah, Ky BARBARA MANN . . WALTER MATHIS. . BILL MAYNARD . . CARQIVM MEI IIGIN GAIL MQDANIEL. . PATSY ROSE MCELYA MARILYN MQFADDEN Marrowbone, Ky . . Mayfield, Ky . . EIIdon, Ky . Murray, Ky . . Peofme, III . . . . La Cenfer, Ky . . Paris, Tenn Firsf Row: BOBBY MQGEE. . . BOB MQLEMORE. , GLORIA MQLEMORE, BOB MQMILLION. . CAPITOLA MCNEELY. SUSAN NASER . . . CHARLES OUTLAND JAMES D. OUTLAND. . WILLIAM PARKER. . . .MayIieId, Ky. . .PaducaI1, Ky. . , PaducaI'1,Ky, . .PaducaI1, Ky. , Fulfon, Ky. . Sfurqis, Ky. . . Murray, Ky. . , Murray, Ky. . .... Murray, Ky. Second Row: JUNE PENDERGRASS BOBBY G. PHILLIPS. DAVID L. PINSON. . BILLY PITT ,.... HOWARD POWELL . .AIamo, Tenn. , . . EIkIon, Ky. . . Paducah, Ky. . . Benfon, Ky. Bermfon, Ky. DONALD PROVENCI-IER. . Easf Prairie, Mo. BILL PRYOR . . . . . . .CeruIean, Ky. BARBARA JEAN PUCKETT. . , Lone Oak, Ky. JIM OUINN ..... ,.... P aris, Term. Third Row: HENRY RAMEY JOHN RAY. . ZANN RAY. . MARTIN REISER, JR RICHARD RIKEL DON RITTER . Eddyyme, . ,MayfieId . Murray, . AsIiIarid , Paducah CromweII, Ky KY KY III KY Ind VYILLIAM ROARK, . . . ,MempIwis, T WILLIAM ROBINS. . . . . .Anna, III ANNE RYALS. . . . . . , HopkirlsviIIe, eI'1I'1 KV Fourfh Row: ROBBIE SALMON. . LUCY SHEEFER. . NELLIE SHEFEER, , THOMAS SHOLAR. LONNIE G. SINCLAIR CHARLES SKAGGS . CHARLES E. SMITH . CHARLOTTE SMITH . LILLIAN SMITH. , . . Murray, Ky . ,CIay, Ky . .CIay, Ky . . ,Cadiz, Ky . .Bismarck, Mm Hardin, Ky Hapkin5yiIIe. Ky . . Paducah, Ky Brownsville, Tenn FifII1Row: REX G. SMITH . . . .MayTieId, Ky MACIE SNIDER . . .Union CiIy, Tenn AL SPENARD ........ Kankakee, III CEWENDOLYN SPICELAND. . .MadeI, Tami RICHARD STARKEY JIM STOKES . . . BOB SUGO . . BARD SULLENGER. RONALD SURACE. . .DaisyIown, Pa , . EarIinqI0n, Ky . .SpoTISyiIIe, Ky , . . BardweII, Ky . .Loraim, OI1i. 35 bIIILO'f'S Firsi Row: BLANTON TARR . PAUL M. TAYLOR . . BILLY TERRELL .... MARTHA SUE TERRETT Second Row: BILL CLARK THOMAS . VICKI THOMIS .,.. WILLIAM V. THOMPSON EUGENETROTTER. . . Third Row: FRANK TUCKER . CLIFF VICKERS . . SHIRLEY VINEYARD . . CHARLES WALDROP, JR Fourfh Row: BILL WALKER . . MORRIS WALKER . . BILLY LEE WATKINS . JIM WEAVER. . . FIHI1 Row: SELMA ANN WI-IAYNE DAVID WHITE .... WILLIAM G. WILSON . JEANETTE WOODWARD Sixfh Row: ZETTA YATES . . . DONALD YOUNG. . , GIIberIvIIIe Ky. . EarIIngIon, Ky. . . .EuIIon Ky. . I-IIcIcr'nan Ky. . . Murray, Ky. . Paducah, Ky. . . Benion Ky. Dawson Springs, Ky. . Paducah, Ky. I'IumboIdI, Tenn. . ladfrasbufg, III. . . Murray, Ky. . PrinceIon, Ky. . .CrossyiIIe, III. . . Symsonia, Ky. . . Mayfie-Id, Ky. . Columbus, Ky. Jackson, Tennessee , . Pembroke, Ky. . . Osceola, Ark. . . .Murray, Ky. . Grand Rivers, Ky. Laslr year we learned enough aboulr Jrhe ropes from upper- classmen +o he a knof in rhe end and swing on. Wiih disfracrions of being freshmen gone, we're back wiih hopes of finishing a iob well begun. We couidn'+ ler Jrhe class go on while we sai won- dering whai mighi have been if we'd finished coiiege. We've grown enough now Jro fake our share of 'rhe sighs and fears as well as ihe laughfer. JANE PERRY Class Edifor op ore OFFICERS JIM emfisie . . ,Presidenf suE eAieDNER . . . . viCe.PfeSiaem+ LU ANN CASEY. . . .seaeiafy DONNA SHOEMAKER . . . .Treasurer STI WGS Firsi Row: CHARLES L, ADAMS. JAMES E. ADAMS. , . JOYCE ADAMS . . . AMELIA ALDRICH. BETTY ALEXANDER . , CAROLYN ALLEN . . BUFORD ANDERSON . . FRANK ANDERSON. PAULANDERSON. . . .MayIieId, Ky. , . BarIow, Ky, . . Wickliife, Ky. . . . KeyiI, Ky. . . .Monfice-IIo, Ky. WesI Paducah, Ky. . . . . BerIcIey, Ky. . . Kuwwrawa, Ky. . . , . Benfon, Ky. Second Row: RALPH ANDERSON . . JIM ASHLEY ..,. . JERRY BAKER ..,,. NANCY N. BALDWIN. . MARY W. BALE .... NOREL BALES. . BETTY BARCLAY. . GENE BARLOW. . DICK BARNUM ..... . . Princefon, Ky. Union Ciiy, Tenn. . .Hickmarm Ky. , . Kuffawa, Ky. . . EddyviIIe, Ky. . . LouisyiIIe, Ky. . .CIinIon, Ky. . . MayIieId, Ky. , . Ridgeway, III, Third Row: LEON BENNETT ...,.... Paducah, Ky WILLIAM M, BIOHAM, JR.. . .Paris, Tenn OURY BILLINOTON, . . . . . Murray, Ky RACHEL BLALOCK . . . . Murray, Ky DOROTHY BOI'IAN . . . . IVIadisonyiIIe, Ky MYRNA BONE . . . . . , .Hickman, Ky OWENDOLYN BORMANN . . Mefropohs, III BETSY BOYD ........ Calyerf Ciiy, Ky I'IENRY L. BRADLEY, III , . .Paducah, Ky Fourfh Row: PATTY BRADLEY . . H. B. BRADY. . , BETTIE BRANDON JOY BRANDS. . . BOBBY BRASHEARS DOROTHY BRASHER JAMES BRAY. . , CHARLES BROOKS. FRED F, W. BROWN 38 . . Paducah, Ky . . RusseIIyiIIe, Ky . . . BeriIor1, Ky , . Fern Creek, Ky . . . EranIcIorI, Ky . . PorIaqeyiIIe, Mo. , . . Dyersburq, Tenn . . OiIberI5viIIe, Ky. . .Sh Louis, Mo Fiffh Row: GENE H. BROWN. . FRANK BRUNOTTS. . JUNE BUCKINGHAM. MARTHA ANN BUDDE. BOB BURCI-IETT .... MARY BUREN .... . KENNETH W, BURKLOW, CLAIRE CAMPBELL. . WALTER CANADA. . . . Browder, Ky. , . Lorain, Ohio . . Paducah, Ky. . . Paducah, Ky. . .RusseIIviIIe, Ky. . . LouisviIIe, Ky, . . Providence, Ky. . . Kuffawa, Ky. . . Defroif, Mich. Firsf Row: DARRELL CANNEDY, . . . ROBERT CARTER. . . . LU ANN CASEY. . LEONARD CASORIA. . . BILL CASTLEBERRY. . PHILIP CHANDLER. . BOBBY CHANEY. . . NORMAN CHERRY. , . JAMES CHURCHILL. . . . Rodcloridqe, III. SpoIIsviIIe, Ky. Owensboro, Ky. . EImonI, N. Y. . .BenIon, Ky. , .BarIow, Ky. . Graham, Ky. CoIurnbus, Ky. . . Murray, Ky. Second Row: CHARLIE CISSELL , BILL CLAXTON. . . BOB CLIFTON. . . MORRIS COEFMAN. . . . MARTHA COHOON. . . DONALD COLEMAN . . GERALD COLLINGS. . . FRANCES COLLINS. . . HOWARD COPELAND. , . , Paducah, Ky. . . CIInIon, Ky. . . FuIIon, Ky. Providence, Ky. Holland, Mo. . .WInqo, Ky. .CaII1oun, Ky. . .EIIcIon, Ky. . BenIon, Ky. Third Row: EDWIN CORLEY. , JIM CORNETTE. . . BETTE COTHAM . . CHARLES COTHRAN JACK COTHRAN . . DAN COWHERD. , ROLAND CRADDOCK. . . HopIcinsyIIIe, Ky . GreenyIIIe, Ky . .Murray, Ky . EcIdyyIIIe, Ky . EcIdyvIIIe, Ky HopIcinsviIIe, Ky Hun'1I:uoIdI, Tenn ARVIN CRAFTON . . . .Sharon Grove, Ky MARVIN CRASS ....,.. Winqo, Ky Fourih Row: SAIL CRESS .,... SHIRLEY ANN CROSS. JIMMY CROWELL. . MADELYN CROWLEY . LOIS CRUM ..... LOUISE CUNDIFE. . RETA DANIELS. . , . JACOUELIN DAVIDSON EDWARD DAVIS .... . LouIsyIIIe, , . , Murray, , . . Benfon, .SIauql'IIers, . . LouIsyiIIe, . , .Loui5yIIIe, , .MadIsonyIIIe, . . . .Murray, . . HopIcinsyIIIe, Kv KY FiHI-I Row: . JOHN DAVIS. . . . KENNETH DAY. , . RUTH DOUGLAS, . . SUE DOUGLAS. . . WANDA DUIGUID. . NEWELL DUNLAP. . . ANN DUNN ...... JOHN ED DUNN. . , WILLIAM H. DUNNIN6 39 . . . Bandana, Ky . .MacIIsonvIIIe, Ky . , Paducah, Ky . , ScoIIsyiIIe, Ky . . Murray, Ky . . Paris, Tenn . .Paducah Ky . . . ,CeruIean, Ky . . . .CroIIon, Ky, r 0I'6S Firsf Row: BETTY DUNVILLE. . PATRICIA L. DYER. . RICHARD W. FARLEY. DOT FARRIS ..... PAUL E, FELDSIEN . BETTY FIELDS ....... . .Sebree, Ky Pefersburq, Tenn . . , . LoIa, Ky . . Murray, Ky , .ManIeno, III . , Paducah, Ky WILLIAM RONALD FILER . . . Princefon, Ky MARY FISH . ..,... . .EIIcIon, Ky JOHNNIE FISHER . . . . . . Paducah, Ky Second Row: YUVONNE FLEMING EARL S. FLOOD . . . EDGAR FRANCE. . RONALD G. FRASER. . DAVID FREELAND, . SHIRLEY FREEMAN , THOMAS FRYER. . EVELYN FUGERSON. BETTY FULKERSON . . .FuIIon, Ky. FarmInqIon, Ky MadisonviIIe, Ky . .NuIIey, N. J . . Paris, Tenn . . Paducah, Ky . . CIay, Ky . NorIonviIIe-, Ky . . ..,. BeI'Ion, Ky Third Row: DON FUOUA. . . . . .Murray, Ky. GLENDA FUOUA ...... FarmInq+on, Ky. ANN KELLY GARDNER. .JacIcsonyIIIe, N. C SUE GARDNER .... . .CIarIcsvIIIe, Ind. LONSO BARTON GASTON . . Beechmonf, Ky. E-ARBARA GERALDS ...,.. Paducah, Ky. WILBUR GILBERT. .... Humboldf, Tenn. ELIZABETH GLUTTING . . , , Louisville, Ky. WALTER GOODE, JR.. . . Le Noir Cify, Ky. Fourfh Row: JOANN GORDON. . LAVERN GOWIN. . MOLLYE GRABLE. . . ROBERT W. GRAY , . MARILYNN GREGSON THOMAS GRIMES, JR. BARBARA GRUBBS. , WILLIAM HAILEY, . DALTON HALEY. . . 40 Fi'Hh Row: . . , Benfcn, Ky. DALE HAMILTON . . . . . . Murray, Ky .La Grange, Ky. MARTHA C. HARRISON . . .CIawson, Mich . , , Murray, Ky. COOPER HARTON ...,. HopIcInsyIIIe, Ky Union Cny, Tenn, BOB E, HAYS .... . . Murray, Ky .Ownesboro, Ky. JEAN HEATH ..... , . Paducah, Ky SaIem, Ky. GORDON HENSHAW. . . .SIurgis, Ky . Buchanan, Tenn. CAROL HENSLER. . . . . Paducah, Ky . .ParIs, Tenn. JANIE HENSON. . . , Paducah, Ky . .Mayfieu Ky, NORMAN HERRON. . . . Providence, Ky Firsf Row: JAMES E. HILL. . PATTI HILL. . VIROIL HILL ..,. THOMAS HODGES. R. CLINTON HOLDER. . . BARBARA HOLLAND HERBERT HOLT. . . LANETTE HOWARD. RONALD HUCKSTEP. . .EIdorado, III . . HazeI, Ky. . . .Marion, Ky Grand Rivers, Ky . . .Paris, Tenn GoIden Pond, Ky . .TrenIon, Tenn Calyerr CiIy, Ky .CI1arIesIon, Mo. Second Row: HAROLD HUIE ..... MARY AMANDA HURDLE. , NORMA IVEY ..,.., RICHARD JAMES. . VIDA JAMES. . . . MARTHA JENKINS. . . JACKOUELIN JOHNSON ROBERT E. JOHNSON. . . . Murray, . MayIieId, Ky. . . Paris, Tenn . . BenIon, Ky . WicIcIIIIe, Ky Henderson, Ky . EuIIon, Ky CIinIon, Ky Ky. ROBERTA JOHNSON ....... Burna, Ky. Third Row: ALMA JOHNSTON . . BERNARD JONES. BOBB LYNN JONES DONAL JONES . . PAT E. JONES . . . WILL MAC JONES WILLIS W. JONES . JAMES G. JORDAN JAMES H. JORDAN . .Kufiawa . . PrinceIon . .MayIieId, . . Benfon, , . Iviurary, . . Murray. . . . Cadiz, Browns Grove . . EIIcIon, Fourfh Row: EFFIE KEMP. . . DON KENNEDY . . JIM KENNETT. . JOHN KENNEY. . CHARLES KEOWN . JEAN KING. . . . PAULA KING. . , MAURELLE KIRKSEY. . MERLENE KREUTER . . .LaIceIand, . .MadisonviIIe, . . Paducah, . .EarIinqIon, . .Owensboro, . , , Barlow, . . Paducah, . . MeIropoIis, . . Murray, Ky KY KY Ky KY KY Ky Fiffh Row: FRISCILLA LANDERS. MERLIN LARIMER. , . BETTYE LARMON. . EDDIE M. LASSITER. . JERRY LAVENDER. . RALPH M. LAWTON. . BOB LIGON. . . . ANNE LINTON .... CHARLES LITCHFIELD. 41 . , . LouisviIIe, . . ,BenIon, . Lewisburq, . , Louisville, . . Murray, CenIraI Cify, . . Mayfield, . . FuIIon, . .Cadiz 'II' WGS Firsf Row: VJILLIAM A. LOGAN. , WILMA MCCARTY. . BOBBY McCLAIN .... FANNIE MAE MQCLARD. . . CLIFFORD McCONNELL HENRY M. McCORMICK. . . BRUCE MCEUEN .... MARGARET McFARLAND RITA MQGREW ,... Brownsville, Ky. . EdcIyviIIe, Ky. Dudedom, Tenn. . .AIamo, Ky. . Princeion, Ky. RusseIIviIIe-, Ky. . . Marion, Ky. . . .Dixon, Ky Fern Creek, Ky Second Row: ANNA MCHARGUE. BOB MAHAN .... CAROLYN MAIER. . DONALD MAPEL. . CHARLES MARKHAM . . ROBERT MAROUESS. CURT MARTIN. . . JIMMY.I.MATHIS. . ARTHUR MATTINGLY. . . . .La Grange, Ky. . . Mayfield, Ky . . Louisville, Ky . .HarIIord, Ky . .CIinIon, Ky . . Paducah, Ky . . Providence, Ky . . MayIieId, Ky CInarIes+on, Mo Third Row: GEORGE MATTINGLY. PHYLLIS MAYS. . . RALPH MAYS. , . BRUCE MAXWELL , . MARILYN MEANS. , EVA JOY MILAM . . TOM MILTON . . . JEAN MOORE. . . . .IO ANNA MOREFIELD . . .Cairo, III . Henderson, Ky. I-IurnboIdI, Tenn JacIcsonvIIIe, FIa . .I-Iardin, Ky . Lewisburq, Ky Owensboro, Ky. . .He-a'rI1, Ky. . .BenIoru, Ky. Fcur+I1 Row: CUINT MORRIS. . EVA MUNDAY. . RONNIE NASH .... MARILYN NEAL ..., MARION SUE NESBITT. CHARLES NISWONGER. DONALD NUCKOLLS. . BRICE L. O'DANIEL. . GEORGE E. OVERBEY. . 42 . Scoffsville, Ky. . . Depoy, Ky. Providence, Ky. Paducah, Ky. . Murray, Ky. . . Nebo, Ky. , Reidiand, Ky. . . EIIdon, Ky. . . Murray, Ky. Fiffh Row: ROBERT D. OWEN . . CHARLES PACE. . , WILLIAM I'I. PALMER JAMES W. PANTER. PAT PEARIGEN . . . ROSE MARIE PERDUE. . JANE PERRY ..... SUSAN PERRY .... WILLIAM W. PETERS. . .Owensboro, Ky, . . . I-Iardin, Ky. . . . . Paris, Tenn. . . . LouisviIIe, Ky. . Wafer VaIIey, Ky. . . . Paducah, Ky. . . . Murray, Ky. Dawson Springs, Ky. . . . Trenion, Ky. Firs+ Row: GLORIA PHILLIPS. . TREVA PORTER. . . LA NEIL POWELL. . DONALD POYNER. . DON PRUITT ..,. CALVIN RAMEY .,.. . NorIonviIIe, Ky. . Lewisburg, Ky Friendship, Tenn . . MayTie'Id, Ky . Henderson, Ky . Lamasco, Ky MARTHA LOU RAMSEY Dawson Springs, Ky CHARLOTTE RANNEY ...,. HarITord, Ky ELBERT RAY, . . . . ...., Sedalia, Ky Second Row: BARBARA REID. . ANN RHODES. . CHERYL RICE . . DICK RICE ..... WINNIE JEAN RICH . . EVELYN RILEY .... FRANK RIZZO . . EARL W. ROACH. . . . Paducah, . . Murray, . . MonIiceIIo, . . Fredonia, . .WicIcIiTTe, . . Fredonia, . .EImonI, N. . . Syrnsonia, CHARLOTTE ROARK ...... Graham, Ky Ky KY Ky KY Ky Y KY Ky Third Row: GORDON ROBERTS. FESTUS O. ROBINSON MARLIN ROBERTSON WILLIAM ROBERTSON BETTY SUE ROBINSON STEVEN RODGERS. . MEREDITH ROGERS JAMES ROLLINGS. . BOYCE ROSS .,.. . .Columbus . .Owensboro . . . . .Prince-Ion . CenIraI Cify EaIIs of Rouqe, . . . . .Paducah . .Murray, . . .BarIow, . . . . .HicIcrnan, Fourfh Row: CHARLES PAT ROSS. . RUTH ROLAND. . . NANCY SAMMONS. . ROBERT SCHMERBAUCH EDITH SCHOENIN6. . GENE W. SCHOLES. . MARTHA SCOTT. . PEGGY ANN SEAY. . ARTHUR SEELYE. . . . Murray, Ky. . . Murray, Ky. . . Murray, Ky. . . Cairo, III. . Paducah, Ky. . MayTieId, Ky. . . Murray, Ky. BaIesviIIe, Miss. . LOuisyiIIe, Ky. FIHI1 Row: BUDDY SHACKELFORD. . . .Murray, Ky. CHARLES SHIPLEY. . ANN SHIVERS. . . . DONNA SHOEMAKER TERRY M. SILLS. . . DORIS ANN SISK .... BETTY JO SMITH. . RICHARD SMITH. . MARY LOU SNOW. . 43 . .Murray, Ky. . . Paris, Tenn. . . .KeviI, Ky. . . .Paducah, Ky. Dawson Springs, Ky. . Dyersburg, Tenn. . . Murray, Ky. . . Paris, Tenn. , ..., 'we 'IP 0I'6 Firsi Row: BEVERLY SPURRIER. , JEANNINE STALLINS. . JULYN STEINBECK. . MARY ANN STICE. . HUGH STIMSON. . MARTHA STINNETT. . TOMMY STOKES. . Owensboro, Ky. . Princefon, Ky. . . Bardwell, Ky. .paducaim Ky. . MayfieId, Ky. Owensboro, Ky. .CaIhoun, Ky. Second Row: DOROTHY STONE . . . HAROLD STUBBLEFIELD. . ROBERT SULLIVAN. . . TOMMY TATE. . . . . JOHN B. TAYLOR. . JULIA TERRETT ...... . . Paducah, Ky. . . Paducah, Ky. . . Hickory, Ky. Cenrrai Ciiy, Ky. . .I-Iardin, Ky. . .HicIcrnan, Ky. JACOUELINE TIMMONS. .Cunningham Ky. Third Row: HAROLD TOLLEY. . , HARRIETT TOWNSEND. KELLY TRIBBLE. . BOB TULEY ...... TILFORD UNDERWOOD COFFIELD VANCE. . . CHARLENE VAN METER 44 . . Murray, Ky . . Hickman, Ky Hopkinsville, Ky .Car+I1aqe, Tenn . . Puryear, Tenn . . Murray, Ky . ,MiIIwOocI, Ky. Four+h Row: HAROLD VAUGHN. , JAMES H, VINCENT. . . SARAH NEALON VINCENT JACK VOEGELI ..... BILLY WALL ...... BOBBIE EDD WALLER. . TOM WALSH. . . . , . MayiieId, Ky . . . Paris, Tenn . . .Paris, Tenn. . . .EuIIon, Ky . . Purye-ar, Tenn . .LouisviIIe, Ky . . LouisviIIe, Ky Firsf Row: BOB WARD . . RANDALL WARD. . . . . WILLIAM F. WARDER. . . JERRY WATSON ROBBIE WATSON. . . . BETTY WEATHERFORD. . DARRELL WHATLEY. . . .Marion, Ky. Providence, Ky. I-IopIninsviIIe, Ky. I-IumboIdI, Tenn. .JacIcson, Tenn. . .CIinIon, Ky. . .OmaIwa, III. Second Row: DUANE WICKISER. . JIMMY WIGGINS. . BERNICE WILFORD. . BILL WILLIAMS .... DONALD R. WILLIAMS. . . JOE WILLIAMS. . JOYCE WILLIAMS. . .MaI'roon, III . MayIieId, Ky Farmingknn, Ky . .Paris, Tenn . Mayfield, Ky . . .Cairo, III Owensboro, Ky Third Row: LOUVENE WILLIAMS . . MARK WILLIAMS. . MARIEDA WILSON ..., . MARTHA ANN WOMBLE. . . MILDRED ANN WOOD. DONALD WOOTEN. . BETTY ANN WRATHER. V45 Fourih Row: MILDRED WRIGI-IT KATHRYN YONKER. . JOANN YOUNG. BEVERLY ZOOK . . Gracey, Ky. . . . Pana, III. LouisviIIe, Ky. . .I-Ierrin, III. 4-lg ,Vw Ywff 45 Biq CIifI'y, Ky . .BasIceI', Ky . SIeeIe, Mo . Paducah, Ky . . Cadiz, Ky . .Ne-bo, Camden, T KV GDN Losll . . . losl in Allie lurmoil ol regislralion. We go in circles seelcinq auloqreplis of unlcnown professors. Wlwen we've found llwem llie class is closed, and we're in ei maze ol conllicls. Cur linal scliedule does nol resemble e lillli cousin ol llie original. We're in e mood lo spend our reqislralion money lor a one- way lickel lwome. Tlien an up-- per-clessmen speaks a word ol encouraqemenl, and we're oll lor anollwer aulograplw . . . Mrs. Sledd's. JOYCE COLLIER Class Ediror FB MBV! OFFICERS CLEM CORBO . . . ...... . . . Presiclenlr GERALD NELSON . . . . Vice-Presidenl JULIE HAWKINS . . . . Secrelary JANE MABRY . . . . Treasurer Firsf Row: GENE ADAI R .... GEORGIA ANNE ADAMS , . PEGGY ALLEN . . . ROSEMARY ALTON . TED ANCYPOWIC. JORGEN F. ANDERSEN. . NORAH ANDERSON ALTA FAY ANDRUS PAUL ARGO . . . . . . . .MayIield, Ky. Hopkinsville, Ky. . . .Cadiz, Ky. . Louisville, Ky. . .Nurle-y, N. J. . , . Gary, Ind. Madisonville, Ky. , . Murray, Ky, , . Eullon, Ky, Second Row: SHIRLEY ARNOLD . . JAMES ATHERTON. . . . JAMES O. ATKINS. JAMES R. ASHBY. , HALLIE ANN AYERS. . . MARY KAY BAGWELL.. . . . . .Murray, Ky. Owensboro, Ky, McKenzie, Tenn . Bandana, Ky . Lewisporl, Ky. . Paducah, Ky BOB BAKER .... . . .Madisonville-, Ky JAN BALLARD . . , .KenneII, Mo REBECCA BANDY .... Drakesboro, Ky Third Row: BETTY BARR. . . . . JAMES ALLEN BAXTER. . . MYRNA BEARD .... DORRIS G, BEASLEY. . EDITH BEATY. . . BETTY JUNE BELL. . . BOBBY BELL. . . JOAN BELL. , . SAMUEL BELL. . . . Owensboro, Ky . Mayfield, Ky . .CrolIon, Ky . . Island, Ky , .Bardwell, Ky . . Slurqis, Ky Hopkinsville, Ky . . .EIkIon, Ky Memphis, Tenn Fourfh Row: JAMES R. BENTLEY. . BETTY LOU BEYER . CHARLES BLURTON SHIRLEY J. BODNER HYLDA BOGGESS DONNA BOITNOTT RETTA BONNER. . CARLTON BOSTIC. BEVERLY BOTTOMS , .LouisvilIe, Ky. . . Paducah, Ky Humboldl, Tenn . Louisville, Ky Madisonville, Ky . . Princelon, Ky . . Murray, Ky . . Maylield, Ky . . Paducah, Ky Fifth Row: JUDITH BOULTINGHOUSE. .Rockporh Ind SHELTON BOWEN ..... Cenlral Cily, Ky ROBERT E. BOYD . . , , Hopkinsville, Ky PEGGY BRADFORD. ROSE ANN BRADLEY. . JANET BRASHER. . JEAN BROWN . . RATSY BROOKS . . CLYDE BROWN . . . . Paducah, Ky . .Annela, Ky . , Mexico, Ky . , Clinlon, Ky . . Nebo, Ky . .BardweII, Ky If FIrs'I Row: OWEN BROWN . . PAULA BRUMLEY. , JAMES BULLOCK. . BOB BURGESS. . . BILLY CLYDE BURNETT. . ETHEL BURNETT re Imw LLLL JO FRANCES BUTLER. . JUNE BUTTERWORTH . . . Paducah, Ky . Beech Creek, Ky . .EarIInqIon, Ky . .Owensboro Ky , .MayIIeId, Ky . . Paducah, Ky . . Rip-Iey, Miss . . . .SaIem, Ky . , . . .Murray, Ky. Second Row: LA DONNE BYERS. . ARDITH CABLE. . . NOVELLA CALHOUN NITA KAY CAMPBELL . . RALPH CAMPBELL. MOLLY CARMAN. . . . .BenIon . . MeI'ropoIIs . . EddyvIIIe, . . LouisviIIe . . . . Sharpe . . . GIasqow HUGH THOMAS CARROLL. . .Murray JAMES H. CATHEY ,..,.,. Ben+on JUNE CAUDILL . . . . .OIIve HIII Third Row: JANE CHAMBERS . CAROLYN CI-IAPPELL PATRICIA CHESNUT. GENE CLARK. . , HOWELL CLARK . . JOI-IN CLARK .... MARY KAY CLARK. ALAN CLAUBERG. , DATHA CLEAVER, . . Owensboro, Ky .. ...Murray Ky . . EIIcIon, Ky . . Benfon, Ky . . . DexIer Ky ....CIay Ky BrownsyiIIe, Tenn . .NuIIey, N, J . ,AIrno, Ky Four'rI'l Row: ANN CLICK ,.., . . . . .Grar1I, Ala MARGARET COFFMAN ..... Fuiron CAROLYN COLE. . ERLENE COLE . . JULIA COLE. . . NOVICE J. COLE. . JERRY COLLEY. . . JOYCE COLLIER ,... . CLEMENT CORBO, JR.. 48 . Owensboro, Ky. . . .KeyiI, Ky . .Benfon Ky. . .MayIieId, Ky. .Farminqion Ky. , .MarIIn, Tenn. ,Asbury Park, N. J. . Ky. Fif+h Row: WILLIAM A. COTI-IRAN . . . . EddyyIIIe JOE COTTON .... JAMES W. COWAN. WILLIAM E. CRAFT, NORMAN B. CRAIN. . ELAINE CRANOR. . CHRISTINE CRAVENS. . JOE B. CRAVENS. . KATHLEEN CRISPIN. Dawson Springs, . , WI1ea'IcroI:I .HopIcInsyIIIe, , . Murray, . .CroIIon, . . Princefon, . ,HopIcInsvIIIe , . LouIsvIIIe, Firsf Row: JOANNA CROET, . DONALD CULLUM. . JAMES CULLUM. . . ROSEMARY CUMMINS. . . JUDYACUNNINGHAM. . PATSY CUNNINOHAM. . DUANE DAPPERT. . . GRACE DAVIS. , . . BETSY DAWSON . . . . . . Salem, Ky. . .RosicIare, III. EIiZaI9eIIlI'own, III. .ArIinqIon, Ky. Goiden Pond, Ky. . , . Cadiz, Ky. . . Benfon, Ky. , . Glasgow, Ky. . , Herndon, Ky. Second Row: CAROL DeBOE . . . RONALD E. DECKARD EETTYE DeVINE. . . THOMAS DIENER, . LINDA DILLARD. . MARILYN DILLOW, . LOUIS DINK. . . . JOHN C. DORRIS. . . . . ,Providence Ky. MARTHA JO DOSSEY. . . . . .SaIem, Ky. . MI. Vernon, Ind. CaIverI Ciiy, Ky. . .ReacIing, Pa. SpringIieId, Tenn. . . .Jonesboro, III. EIizabe+IiIown, Ky. .Cave Cify, Ky. Third Row: JAMES DOWDY, . . . . Murray, Ky LINDA DOYLE. , , ,CaIver'r CiI'y, Ky DALE DRAFFEN . , . . . Benfon, Ky LARRY DRISKELL. . . . .Mayifie-Id, Ky RICHARD A. DUBLIN. . . . .MayIieId, Ky LAVADA DUNAVANT. . .CaruII1ersviIIe, Mo CHARLOTTE DURHAM ...... Nebo, Ky WANDA DURRETT. . . . . . .BarIow, Ky GRETA EASLEY ......... Marion, Ky Fourfh Row: SHIRLEY EASLEY. . CHARLES EBLIN6. . THOMAS EDLER. . . SUE EDMONDS. . , . CRAWFORD EDWARDS. GARST EDWARDS, . SHIRLEY ELI .,.. PAT ELY .... BOBBY ERWIN. . . . . EuIIon, Ky . GreenviIIe. Ky . .Jersey Ciiy, N. J . , . DexIer, Mo . .CI1arIes+on, Mo . . Hardin, Ky . .CroIIon, Ky . . Benfon, Ky . MayfieId, Ky FIHI1 Row: SHIRLEY ESTES, , BILL EVANS. . . WILL EVANS .... NORA JEAN EZELL BILLY JOE EARLESS . FRANCES LEE FARMER JEAN FERGUSON . . MARY LOU FERRELL ROBERT EINLEY. . . 49 . . .AnceII, Mo . .DeIroiI, MICI1 . ,Murray, . . Murray, . . . Princefon, . . . Murray, . . Murray, . . .CI1arIesI'on, . . Norfonyille, Ky KY KV KY Ky Mo. Ky Tieh Firs+ Row: MIGNON FLEMING. . PATRICIA FOLEY. . ALMA B. FORD. . JOYCE FORD . . . JERRY FOSTER . . JUDY FOSTER . . FRANCES FOX. . FAYE FRANKS . . DARIUS FRAZIER. . . . FuIIon, Ky . . Pembroke, Ky Cunningham, Ky . . Mayfield, Ky . . .Marion, Ky . CaruIhersviIIe, Mo . .PaduCah, Ky MadisonviIIe, Ky .GiIberIsyiIIe, Ky Second Row: ESTHER FREDERICK . BOBBY FREEMAN . . DONNA FREEMAN. VERNON FREEMAN. FRANK GALLIMORE TOM GALLOVVAY . . GYNDEL GARNETT. HAROLD GARRISON Providence, Ky . . . I-IopIcInsyiIIe, Ky . . . I-Iazard, . . Bismarck, . . Puryear, T . . Owensboro, . . MeIbe'r . . . . .I'IiCIcman, GARLAND GARST .... CenIraI Cify, KY Mo EDD Ky KV Ky KV Third Row: CALVIN GIBSON. SHIRLEY GILL. . . VONNA SUE GILLIAM . JAMES eLENN. . no EDITH e-LOVER JIM eoosm. . . JIM eorigm . . MAR VHA eoone. DOINA eoreoom . HebbardsviIIe . .AIIensyiIIe, . . .I'IaryieII, . .Vero Beach, Dawson Springs, . .HaIeyviIIe, . CaIyerI CiIy . HopkinsviIIe, . .Owensboro Ky. Ky. Mo. FIa. Ky. Ala. Ky. Ky. Ky. Fourih Row: MELVA GORRELL. . EVA LOU GRAVES . CHARLES GRAY . ANN GREENFIELD HAROLD GRIGGS . . LARRY GRIMES . . CHARLES GRISSOM . FOSTER GUESS . . PAUL D. GUESS . 50 . .LewisbLrq, Ky , . .BardweII Ky CenIraI CiIy, Ky MorIon's Gap, Ky CaIyerI CiIy Ky . .Paducah Ky . .Wingo, Ky . Marion, Ky . Cadiz, Ky Fifih Row: AMELIA GUHY. . . HOWARD HABACKER. . MARIE HAGMAN. . GEORGIA HALF , JIM L. HALL . . ROSE MARIE HALL SUE HALL . . . . FAY HAMBY . . RAY HAMBY . . . .MiIburn, Ky . .Paducah, Ky . . Mysric, C . . Murray, . . . FuIIon, OVID KV KY Misenheimer, N. C . . .HicIcman, . Norfonville, . NorIonyiIIe, KY Ky KV Firsf Row: TERRELL HAMILTON. BILL HAMMOND. . LINWOOD HARDY, JR.. . ROBERT HARRIS. . . SUE HARRISON . . SUSAN HART. . . ANNE HARVEY. . FRANK HAVILAND. JULIE HAWKINS. . . . MayIIeId, Ky . . PrInceIon, Ky . , , .CadIz, Ky . .WeSI Point Ky . MadIsonvIIIe, Ky . BrownsyiIIe, Tenn . BardsIown, Ky. NepIune CiIy, N. J Murray, Ky. Second Row: PAUL HAWKINS. . . .MayIIeIcI, Ky. GARRETT HAYES. . . . Leonardo, N. J. JAMES E. HAYES. . . . . . .CroIIon, Ky. ADA RUTH HEATHCOTT. . Newbern, Te-nn. BUDDY HENDERSON. . .OICI Hickory, Tenn. DUANE HENDRICKSON .... MayIieId, Ky. FRED HENDRIX .... .... B ardweII, Ky. TERRY HEOUEMBOU RG . . CInarIesIon, Mo. PEGGY HICKS ........, Dover,Ter1n. Third Row: SUE HIGDON. . DARYLE HILL. . . . . Pierce-Ion, Ind JAMES HOBSON. . . . . BOBBY JACK HODGE BOB HOGAN . . . . MARY DEAN HOLDER RUDY HOLLAND. . ROBERT L. HOLLIDAY Camden, Tenn EarmingIon Ky . . Marion, Ky . Princefon, Ky Vanceburq, Ky . . Murray, Ky .OImsIead, Ky MARY LOUISE HOLZHAUER. . .RanIouI, III FourII1 Row: BILL HOOVER . . . . .MayIIeId, Ky. CHARLES HORTON. . . .Lewvspam Ky. JO HORTON ..... . . . Murray, Ky. RICHARD HOWARD .... Vero Beach, EIa. DONALD HUBBARD ....... DaIIon, Ky. LEE HUDGENS. . . SYLVIA HUDSON. . JAMES HUGHES. . . . SIeeIe, Mo. , . . Keyll, Ky. . . Murray, Ky. BECKY HUMPHRIES. . . .PrinceIon, Ky FIIIII1 Row: ILA EAY HURT . . JOHN G. INGRAM NAN INGRAM . JOY JACKSON . VIRGINIA JARRELL. . . BILLJEFEREY, . . LOUIS JETER. . BILL JOHNSON. . ALLEGRA JONES . . Murray, Ky. . .SI1arpe, Ky Jackson, Tenn Buchanan, Tenn ProyIde-nce, Ky . . Murray, Ky CoyIngIon, Tenn . Clinfon, Ky . Murray, Ky HCI Firsf Row: ANN JONES . . . EVELYN JONES, . JANE KEARBY. . . MARILYN KELLEY, , KATHERINE KENDALL. . WILLIAM KENNEDY, LEONARD KIK, . EMLIS H. KING. . . PATRICIA ANN KING . ,ScoIIsyIIIc, . , , Cadiz, . . . Hickman, . . .MadisonvIIIe, . . .Murray, . , DaIIon, . . Murray, . . Canfon, , . . .Benfon Second Row: RAYMOND KING. , PATSY ANN KINGINS HUGH KIRKWOOD. DONNA EAY KNIGHT. . BILLEY RAY KNOX. JOHN KUYKENDALL. BEVERLY LA MAR. , ANICE LASHBROOK. JOETTA LASSITER. , . .CIInIon, Ky . , Murray, Ky . . .EarIIngIon, Ky . . Murray, Ky . .ParIs, Tenn . Providence, Ky . .CrossyIIIe, III Owensboro, Ky . Lynn Grove, Ky Third Row: JAMES LATIMER. ALLEN LAWRENCE JAMES LAWRENCE. . PATSY LAWRENCE EIARQED LEATH , RUTHALEE, . . JAMES LEGG. . , GEQQQE LESTER . BIILLSIKQ7-LILES .... . .PaducaI'1, Ky . .Cadiz, Ky . .CadIz, Ky . ,KIrIcsey, Ky Farrnfngfon, Ky Morqanfown, Ky . ,MayfIeId, Ky . EddyyIIIe, Ky I-Iumboldr, Tenn Four+I1Row: HAL LINK ..,. WAYNE LISANBY. . . .SaIIsbury, N. Dawson Springs, BILLY LITCHEIELD. , . . Blackford, SUE LITTLEPAGE. . JACKIE LOEGREN. . NORMA LOLLAR. . LYNN LOOPER. . KATEE LOWE ..,. SHIRLEY LOYLESS, , 52 . .Owensbord . . .Paducah . .I'IopREnsvIIIe, . . MayIIeId, . . . Eulfon, . . I.ouIsvIIIe, Fiffh Row: GEORGE M. LUCKEY, JR. .... Paris, Tenn RAY LYNCH ..... SARA JO LYON , . , . MARY NELL MCCAIN. JUNE McCAY .... JERRY MQCLARNEY. BILLIE DORIS MECLEISH. . CLARA McCLELLAN . LOIS McCLURE ..., Harhford, Conn . .SymsonIa. Ky HopIcInsviIIe, Ky . . . DePoy, Ky . . Roberfs, Ky BrownsyIIIe, Tenn . . I-IIcIcrnan, Ky . .SyrnsonIa, Ky Firs+ Row: ATHEL MQCONNELL. . . MARGARET MQFERRAN , . . CAROL MQGAW. . . BARBARA MQGEE. . DOT MQGILL ...... MI. NANCY MCGUIRK. CHARLIE MQKINLEY, . . EDNA MQKINNEY. , EDWARD H. MQLANE .... .SllceSl'on, Mo. . Loulsville, Ky. . .LIsman, Ky. . . .Anna, Ill. Waslwinglon, Ky. . Princelon, Ky. . . ,KevIl, Ky. Morqanlown, Ky. . Loulsville, Ky. Second Row: JANE MABRY .,,. MARY ANN MABRY. WILLIAM MANN. . DONNA MARSHALL. JOHN MARTIN . . . BARRIE MARTLAND. GENE MASON. . . BILLY MATHIS. . . SHIRLEY MATHIS ,.,.. Cunnlnqlwam, Hopkinsville, Ky. Ky. . . . Paris, Tenn. Calverl Olly, , .Gralaam, . . Marlon, , . Maylleld, . . Mayfield, . . .Ben+on, Ky. Ky. Ky. Ky. Ky. Ky. Third Row: VIVIAN ANN MATLOCK ROBERT MATTHEWS. . WAYNE MATTINGLY, GINGER MAY ..,.. SHIRLEY MAY. . BETTY MAYER. . . SUZANNE MEANS. . NANCY MELLETTE. , CHARLES MERCER. . , , Eullon, Ky . . Herrin, III . .Clay, Ky . . Ellxfon, Ky . . Sleele, Mo . . Murray, Ky , . . Hardin, Ky Hunfsville, Ala . . Murray, Ky Fourih Row: ANN MERCKER . . VOJAI MEREDITH . . . Louisville, Ky . .Paducaly Ky JOHNNY MILLER .....,. Paducalw, Ky SHIRLEY MILLIKAN. . . Dawson Springs, Ky LACY MITCHELL .....,. Arlinglon, Ky ANN MOORE .... . .Dixon, Ky BLONDAVENE MOORE .,.... Hazel, Ky DOUGLAS MONROE. Dawson Sprlngs, Ky BONNIE MORAN ........ Ranloul, Ill Fiffh Row: PATRICK H. MOYNA. . ELIZABETH MULLINS RONALD MURPHY. BEVERLY MYERS. . ROBERT E. NAYLOR, BOB NEALE. . . , GERALD NELSON. . . . OPAL NEWTON , DOROTHY J. NORWOOD. Asbury Parlc, N. J ,Birrnlngl'1am, . Decalur, . . Wicklllle , . Hickman, . Murray, . .Paducah Hawesvllle, Ala Ind KY Ky Ky Ky KY Buena Vlsla, Tenn F re Ima Firsf Row: CHARLINE NUNN. . BARBARA OAKLEY. . EMILY OLDHAM . . FRANK OSBORN. . TOMMY OSBORNE. . MARK OWEN .... NANCY O. OWEN . . MARK PARKER , . . SHIRLEY PARKER . . . .SIurqis, Ky. . ,LouisyiIIe, Ky. . . ,EIIcIon, Ky. . .JacIcson, Tenn . .PaducaIw, Ky Owensboro, Ky . .ArIIngIon, Ky Owensboro, Ky . . . Murray, Ky Second Row: ROBBIE JO PARKS. . . . Lynn Grove, Ky ROBERT PALMER. . ..., Fulron, Ky JEAN PARIS .... GERALD T. PARKER. . . .SI'urgIs, Ky . . Murray, Ky BOBBIE PASCHALL. . . . , Puryear, Tenn DONNA PATTERSON . . MARTHA PEAL. , KENNETH PECK. . . . . Eulfon, Ky . . Cadiz, Ky . . Salem, Ky CAROLYN PENNEBAKER .... Paducah, Ky Third Row: BILLY PERRY . . ROBERT E. PETRIE DONNA PHILLIPS BOBBY PICKARD PEGGY PICKARD MARTHA PIPER JAMES M. PLAIN CHARLES POOUE BLANCHE POLLEY, . . .Murray . . . .Bardwe-II . . Benfon Lynn Grove EarmInqIon OIrnsIead Sacrarnenfo, . . Murray, . . EranI4Iin Fourfh Row: JOYCE POLLEY. . FRANK POOL ,,.,. SAMMY LANE POORE. FRED POTTINGER. . . MARY CECILE POWELL. . STACIE POWELL . . RICHARD PRICE . TED PRINCE. . . . . EDWARD S. PULLEN. . 54 . . Nebo, . . Murray, . . Sebree, La Cenfer, KirIcmansviIIe, , . . EIIcTon, . . Barlow, . , Paris, T KY Ky Ky Ky Kr KY Ky CVTTI . . Roberfs, Ky Fifih Row: NANCY PURDOM DONNA OUERTERMOUS. . EUGENE RAGSDALE . , SHIRLEY RASHID CHARLOTTE REAGAN. . . NANCY REAVES . PAT REDDEN. . CLAUD REID. . JIMMY RICKS. . .Maywood, III. . Fredonia, Ky. . . Salem, Ky. . .FuIIon, Ky. Dresden, Tenn. Dyersburq, Tenn. . Murray, Ky. . Symsorna, Ky, . Cadiz, Ky. Firsi Row: JAY RIDQEWAY. . GELA RILEY. . . ALLENAiRISTER. . LEONAROBERTS f . BETTY ROBERTSON. . . . COY ROBINSON. . . .KevII, Ky. . Kirksey, Ky. MayIIeId, Ky. CeruIean, Ky. Paducah, Ky. HICIrman, Ky. PAUL ROEDELL ,.... Jersey CIIy, N. J. DONALD K. ROGERS ..... MayIIe'Id, Ky. MAX ROGERS ......... Murray, Ky. Second Row: PATRICIA ANN ROSS. . . SUE ROWE. . . . . PATSY ROWLAND . . LYDIA RUEDEMAN. BETTY JANE RUSH. HAL RUSH ..... MAX RUTHEREORD. JOYCE SALYER. . . DICK SANDERS. . . . .PaducaI1, Ky. JeIIersor1viIIe, Ind . . .Murray, Ky. .CresIwood, Ky. .TompIcinsvIIIe. Ky, . .MeIrc-polls, III . .DeIroi'r, MICII. . . Paducah, Ky. . . ,Pawnee, III Third Row: CHARLES SAWYER. . LYNDA SCHOLES , . . MARY ANN SCRUOGS. . . JOY SHAW ..... ELDRIDOE SHEEFER, . BLANCHE SHELTON ROSE ZELL SHELTON . SUE SHEPHERD . . . RICHARD SHERIDAN . .FuIIon, . .May'I:IeId HopIcInsvIIIe .CoIumIJus, . . . .Clay CenIraI CIIy . PrInceIor1 . .CeruIearr , PrinceIon Fourfh Row: BETTY SHIELDS. . . JAMES SHOCKLEY. . DONALD SIMMONS. . JERRY SIMMONS. JACK SIMPSON. . JOHN SIMPSON. . WALTER SIMPSON. BILL SLEDD. . . . ARTHUR SMITH. , . . CromweII, Ky . .MayIIeId, Ky. . . .Murray, Ky. .I-IumboIdI, Tenn . Owensboro, Ky PopIar BIuIf, Mo , PopIar BIuII, Mo . . .Murray, Ky ParIIand, Me. Fif+h Row: BEVERLY SMITH. . DONALD SMITH. . JANET SMITH . . , MALCOLM SONS. JOHN B. SPANGLER. BOBBY JOE STAMPS BILLY STEELE .... JANET STEIN. . . BARBARA STEUERLE 55 . .FarmInqIom, . . MayIIeId, , . BenIon, , . ,Cadiz, . . . L0uIsyiIIe, . . .Auburr1, . . Murray . .CrosuyIIIe, . ,LouisyIIIe, Firsf Row: DON STOESS .... . .La Grange, CHARLOTTE STOKES . . . . La Cenler, HAROLD W. STONE. . . . . .Marion, Ky MARGARET ANN STRADER . Morqanfield, CLAUDETTE STURM Paducah GABE SUMMERS Slweplnerdsyille Ky RONNIE STUART. . . . . .Torrance, Calif . Ky Ky I GLENDA SURGENOR ..... Louisville-, Ky BOBBY SWEENEY. . . . .Greenville, Ky KV KY Second Row: JOE SYKES. . . . ROBERT TAYLOR. ANITA TEMPLETON MARTHA THOMAS. . . BETTIE THOMPSON KENNETH THOMPSON. . ELLA TIDWELL. . GEORGE H. TODD. . JOHN M. TODD . . . . Murray, Ky . . .Cadiz, Ky . . . .Dyersburq, Tenn .Calyerl Cily, Ky . . . Paris, Tenn .Slwelbyyille, Ky . . Hazel, Ky . . . Clay, Ky . Henderson, Ky. Third Row: RUBY E. TODD. . . SAM TRAUGHBER. BILL TULLY. . . . PAUL TURNER. . LOIS TWEED .... GEORGE VAN OVER JAMES VARIOT. . . . Greenville, Ky. . . .Asl'1land, Ky. . .F+. wayne, ind. Dawson Springs, Ky. . .Columbus Ohio . . . .Clay, Ky. . . . .Beaver Dam, Ky. JACOUELYN VAUGHAN . , . Franlclorf, Ky. GLADA VAUGHN ..... Maury Ciiy, Tenn. 56 Fourfh Row: JOSEPH L. VERDI ..... Jersey Cily, N. J DONALD R. VINSON .... Providence, Ky. JOE VIOLETT ..... . . . Russellville, Ky. BOBBY JOE WADLINGTON . . Kulfawa, Ky. CECIL WAGNER. . . . . GLENDA WALDROP. . . WILLIAM B. WALK. LA OUITA WALKER RICHARD WALL. . . . Paducah, Ky. . . Murray, Ky. Covingion, Tenn. Madisonville, Ky. . . Paris, Tenn. Firsi Row: JERRY WALSTON. . MIKE WARDLAW. . JOE WARIVIINGTON. FRANCES WARNECKE. . JO WARREN ,... MARTHA WATSON . NANCY WATTERS. . BILLY WELCH .... DONNA SUE WELLS. . . Benfon, Ky . . Marion, Ky . . Paducah, Ky . . Paducah, Ky . . Murray, Ky . . FIorence, AIa . Owensboro, Ky . Nor'ronviIIe, Ky . . Wickliffe, Ky. Second Row: WILLIAM M, WEST. . JOHN A. WFSTBROOK. . CAROLYN WHITE . . MAXINE WHITE , . WILLIAM WHITE . . MARTHA WHITT. . DONALD WILKEY .... PATSY WILKINS. . JANE WILLIAMS. . . . .EIIcIon, Ky. .MiII Spring, Ma. . . LouisviIIe, Ky. . . . I-IazeI, Ky . . I-IopIcinsyiIIe, Ky. . . HaIeyyiIIe, AIa, Dawson Springs Ky. . . . BenIon, Ky. . . Hickman, Ky. Third Row: AMBER WILLIAMSON JACKIE WILSON. . JAMES W, WILSON . JEAN WILSON. . . JERRY WILSON. . RONNIE WILSON. . SHIRLEY WIMAN. . BILLIE WINSTEAD. . KENNETH WINTERS. . . . KeviI . . LouisviIIe . . LouisviIIe GoIden Pond . . . SaIem . . Princeion . . DubIin . . Dixon . . Marion Fourih Row: JAMES R. WOLFE, . DONALD WOOD . . CI-IARLEY WOOLF. J. C. WYATT .... JEANETTE YEAGER. . . ROBERT A. YORK. . . .CenIraI CiIy, Ky . . .Cadiz, Ky . . Salem, Ky . . PrinceIon, Ky .ShepherdsviIIe, Ky . . . Ben+on, Ky MARY FRANCES YOUNG. . . .Kevil .Ky 57 NIGHT CLASSES Fronf Row, lefl lo righl: Myra Jo Shrader, Billie H. Damesworlh, Ten- nie Breckenridge, Virginia Harrison, Madelle Talenl, Mary Marlha Jones, Billie Barriger, Floyd Griffin, John H. Troller, Perry Cornwell, Ernesl Brewer. GRADUATE SCHOOL Firsl Row: Kalhleen Pallerson, Mrs. Elizabelh Wade, Mrs. Jean Jack- son, Mrs. Reba Dodds, Mrs. Iona Brink, Mrs. Mazie Howard, Miss Pauline Henley, Mrs. Opal Emerine, Mrs. Mavis McCamish, Mrs. Mau- none Chenowelh. Second Row: Mrs. A. Linlon Carlier, Mrs. Mary Jane Lilrlelon, Mrs. Lois Sparks, Mrs. E. B. Howlon, Mrs. Virginia Adkinson, Mrs. Clinlon Rowlell, Mrs. Eslher Aden, Mrs. Eyrl Kennedy, Mrs. May King. Second Row: Edwin Robinson, Olis H. Cunningham, James Nanney James Glass, Charles Harmon, Vlfilbur R. Norman, Henry M. Piper, Marvin B. Lewis, Dorris L. Clark, Edward A. Wiser, Dewey Smilh, Rob- erl H. Hall. Third Row: Terrell Tucker, Joe Pal' Xfard, Max Beale, Keifh Morris John E. Scoll, Charles Perkins, Jr., Plorner D. Eulrell, Noryille Cole, Thomas Bell, Glen Hodge, Groover A. Parker. Third Row: Thomas Buckley, Thomas Brann, Mrs, Eunice Harris, Miss Nelle Walker, Mrs. Hilda Slreel. Fourfh Row: Orville Mitchell, William Forbes, Enoch McPherson, Thomas Fleming, Guy Lovins, Dellon Dodds, J. Garvin Smilh, Bob Pullin, Elberl Clark. Fifth Row: Samuel Jones, William Nichols, Joseph Gardner, Conrad Carroll, Henry L. Paul, Jack Slory, Lloyd Spiceland, Russell Below, Vernon J. Hale, Jake Goranllo. .. - ...,. . ., . . . 1 ' sf ' A 4WHf2W'!"'l"F"?""' 's'.ear 2i.ik . , v- ww lim OrganizaTior1s and acTiviTies are as much a parT oT college liTe as The oliT- Tusion oT knowledge, Murray STaTe aT- TempTs Through iTs exTracurric:ular acTiv- iTies To bolsTer iTs eolucaTional program and To provide an ouTleT Tor diTFerenT inTeresTs, TalenTs, and aloiliTies. All oT The TraTerniTies, sororiTies, clubs and oTher groups work TogeTher, and wiTh The STudenT OrganizaTion To improve The social and recreaTional TaciliTies oT our college. On The Tollowing pages are clepicTed The organi'zaTions and acTiviTies which represer1T The various phases oT Murray STaTe's campus acTiviTies. CHARLIE WALDROP MARY ANN BRADY Organizafions Edifor Activities Edifor 2---13' il. 'i'-Wf - 5 .44 MARTHA ALDRIDGE BEULAH ASHBROOK ROSE BECK LU ANN CASEY BETTY COOK NANCY COOK ANN DAVIS SUE DOUGLAS ANN KELLY GARDNER SUE GARDNER MARILYN GREGSON NANCY CRISP HENDON PAULA KING ANNE LINTON GAIL MQDANIEL JEAN MOORE ZANN RAY ANN RHODES NANCY SAMMONS NELLIE SHEFFER DONNA SHOEMAKER LILLIAN SMITH NELLIE STRICKLAND MARTHA SUE TERRETT SELMA ANN WHAYNE BETTY ANN WRATHER MILDRED WRIGHT ONIE MABRY LUCY SHEFFER BETTY CLYMER LOIS DARNELL ANGELEE MARTIN Secreiary Treasurer Regisfrar Edifor Chaplain ALPHA SIGMA ALPHA BETA NU ci-iAPTER A ig 4 Q Q W JANICE WHEELER BARBARA ASHCRAFT PresidenT Vice-Presidenf "From The hearT oT old Virginia To The place where BeTa Nu dwells" . . . And so ends anoTher Alpha Sigma yearl NoT iusT an ordinary year, louT a year Tilled wiTh work, service and Tun, Tor oThers, as well as Tor Alpha Sigmas. l-lomecoming Tound all The Alpha Sigma's working enThusiasTically on our annual l-lomecoming Brunch. SisTers in BeTa Nu gaThered Trom Tar and wide To recall many pleasanT memories. Thanksgiving was one oT The many occasions when Alpha Sigma rendered service To oThers by helping Those less TorTunaTe Than we. One oT our acTiviTies This year ThaT enabled us To serve oThers and have Tun our- selves was our Trips To ForT Campbell, Combining work wiTh Tun, we presenTed VarieTy Shows To The paTienTs aT The base hospiTal. ChrisTmas comes buT once a year and so does The highlighT oT Alpha Sigma's Social evenTs-The lvlisTleToe Ball. This year we danced beneaTh The TradiTional MisTleToe Ball by The lighT oT an open Tireplace. Fun Tor alll Alpha Sigma was honored This year by having one oT iTs members, BeTTy Clymer, selecTed as Miss Murray STaTe. The selecTion oT This greaT honor Trom our group made I953-54 a wonderTul year Tor Alpha Sig. "We will serenade our chapTer While liTe and voice remain Then welll pass, buT noT ForgoTTen like The resT." 61 SIGMA SIGMA SI Firsl Row: Joyce Bennell, Sue Blalock, Pally Bradley, June Buckingham, Sara Calhoun, Barbara Callell, Ann Churchill. Second Row: Sylvia Clark, Alice Coleman, Jean Corn, Belle Colham, Joan Cox, Verna Croghan, Margarel Ann Evans. Third Row: Ann Fellner, Belly Greer, Sue Greer, Lanelle Howard, Amanda Hurdle, Vida James, Nancy Jones. is .. 62 ho' . - '- if..-is , ,ks , ,a- in Fourlh Row: Peggy Jones, Joan Kirkland, Maurelle Kirk- sey, Suzanne Lee, Mary Alice Lucas, Anna M. Mcl-largue, Gloria S. McLemore. Fiflh Row: Carolyn Maier, Marilyn Neal, Charlolle Parker, Nancy Parsons, Dianne Peak, Pal Pearigen, Rose Marie Perdue. GMA ,-A g o ea 53.9 - Pr GI Q39 on - 9 EJ, 1 2:19. '. Liege Aeoxes -' ALPHA CHI CHAPTER Sigma Sigma Sigma, Tounded aT Longwood College, Vir- ginia, l898, and a member oT The NaTional Panhellenic Con- Terence, was insTalled on Murray STaTe campus in January, 1942. Tri Sigma aims To develop characTer, scholarship, ciTizen- ship and spiriTual consciousness among iTs members, Through good companionship, Charm School, Harmony Hour, and oTher inTegraTed programs ThaT encourage The personal de- velopmenT oT individual members, Tri Sigma gives a design Tor living and worThwhile sTandards oT social relaTionships. "Tri Sigma serves children" is The purpose oT The sororiTy's social service proiecTs. Among The social service proiecTs are The Robbie Page Polio Research Fund, Care paclcages, ChrisT- mas packages To The EndicoTT ElemenTary School in Clarlc CounTy, Virginia, and baslceTs oT Tood To needy Tamilies. Our social highlighTs begin early in The year wiTh The annual Sadie Hawlcins Square Dance and conTinues Through The year wiTh The annual ChrisTmas parTy Tor underprivileged children, The campus wide ValenTine Formal, The Founderis Day l3anqueT, plus all The enjoyable Panhellenic aTTairs. This was Truly a greaT and memorable year Tor all con- cerned. FirsT Row: Jane Perry, Lahleil Pow- FourTh Row: Barbara Taylor, Jo ell' Barbara Reid' Ann Terrell, Sarah VincenT. 1 Second Row: Joyce Russell, MarTha i Sawyer, Mary BeTh SlaTTery. ' Third Row: Brinda SmiTh, DoroThy Fifth Row: Robbie Waison' Nancy STone, Merlene SydboTen. Wear, Charlene WhiTe. MARY ANN BRADY PHYLLIS HARRIS ZETTA YATES NANCY MAY BETTY GRACE BROOKS JOYCE BRUNER President Vice-Presidenf Recording Secreiary Corresponding Secrefary' Treasurer Keeper of Grades BXXXIIQ4 DELTA ALPHA f ALPHA CHAPTER Above all else Della Alpha slancls lor men. X l N xx L CHARLES UZZLE DR. R. B. PARSONS Presidem' Sponsor JOHNNIE FISHER Sweeihearf JOHN BOHNA BILL JACKSON DON HARVEY JACK THORPE ILAR GRADY PAUL JORDAN Vice-Presidenl Secrefary Treasurer Pledgemasfer Corresponding Secreiary Serqeanf-af-Arms 64 Firs+ Row: Mill Arler, Bobby Brashears, Bill Chillon, Four+h Row: Dan Kennedy, Don Kennedy, Bill Logan, Ed- Charles Cissell, Joe Clark, Bob Cloar, Chris Dimes. die Moore' Ronnie Nagin Roy Oldham' George Overbeyl Second Row: Roger Esles, Richard Farley, Paul Feldsien, Bob Pendleloury' Jim Fifzgerald, Joe T. Ford, Ken Hodge, Jay Hodges. Fiffh Row: Bobby Phillips, Roberl Schrnerbauch, Buddy Third Row: Tom Hooper, Larry Hopkins, Charles Howard, Donald Hugnes James Jennings Jerry Jonnson James Shaclcellord, Harold B. Tolley, Buddy Valenline, Jack Voe- Jordon. geli, Charlie Waldrop, Maurice Walker. 65 TAU SIGMA TAU ALPHA CHAPTER Firsf Row: James Adams, Dean Alcridge, Gene Third Row: Jim l-lamillon, Jimmy l-learon, Bob C. Barnelr, Vernon Bennell, Charles Brooks, Jim- lVlcMillion, Gary Nielcirk, William Parker, Billy my Cornelrle. Puclcell. Second Row: Arvin Crailron, Roberf Downs, Rob- V Fourfh Row: Jim Roberls. Carl Sarlen, Lonnie Sin- erl Ferguson. James Gamble, Waller B. Goode. Clair, Thomas Subleile, Don Williams. 66 DAVID WEST responding Secrefa ry DON PACE Treasurer I ln TED ALLEN HARRY SPARKS DICK SHACKLEFORD Presidenf Sponsor Vice-Presidenl 99 6 JIM WEAVER Alumni Execufive Secrefary li HENRY GATLI N Recording Secretary responsible Io God, Io sell, Io one anolher . . pledged Io Ilme lwurnble, nearly company ol all men . . bound Iogellwer In mulual respecl and cooperalion . . Tau Sngma Tau PAUL TAYLOR DAVID ALLEN Cusfodlan Chaplain LA NEI L POWELL Sweelhearf 67 T' JODY ARCHER JACKIE BOSWELL ELEANOR COLVILLE LIN DAVIDSON HELEN FAUGHN ANN FELTNER MARGARET GRAHAM CAROL HILTON GWILLA KUPCHYNSKY GLORIA MQLEMORE MARILYN MEANS ANNE ELIZABETH MOORE MARILYN NEAL CHARLOTTE SMITH BARBARA ANN TAYLOR SHIRLEY VINEYARD MILDRED ANN WOOD BEVERLY ZOOK SIGMA ALPHA ICTA IOTA BETA CHAPTER The Sigma Alpha loTa, proTessional music TraTerniTy Tor women, endeavors To uphold in iTs obiecTives The advancemenT oT musical developmenT and scholasTic sTandards among iTs members. loTa BeTa ChapTer acTiviTies This year include: being The re- cipienT oT The NaTional College ChapTer AchievemenT Award aT The 5OTh Golden Anniversary ConvenTiong presenTaTion oT Scholarships To Shirley Wiman, Linda Dillard, and Joyce Col- liery orienTaTion oT prospecTive pledges aT The "Hamburger Supper" and The "Rose ParTy"1 presenTaTion oT a musicale and The second "Masquerade Ball"g celebraTion oT lncorporaTion Day by sponsoring Miss PaTricia Pierce in a piano reciTal7 enTer- e,Q, ,Q A4 e Q NANCY PARSONS Taining our province prexyg iniTiaTion oT nineTeen new members: Pfefidenf and in coniuncTion wiTh Phi Mu Alpha, presenTaTion oT "All- American ConcerT" and "Campus LighTs." This year has been a rewarding one To several S.A.l.'s and To The successive oTTicers and members we exTend The wish Tor a mosT prosperous year. ARJORIE MCCORD VERNIE CROGHAN DIANNE PEAK LOTS PENFIELD JONELL TURNER BARBARA PINCKNEY Vice P esidenT Secrefary Chaplain Treasurer Edifor Sergeant aT Ar s 69 DORSE TABER TOM HURLEY RALPH TRAVIS W. A. WEDDLE BILL LUTHER JIM FERN ' ' T Warden Execuiive Alumni Secrefary Pledgernasier Vice-President Secrefary reasurer MARION REITHEL RICHARD FARRELL Presidenf Faculfy Advisor PHI MU ALPHA GAMMA DELTA CHAPTER QiE?,4JE? f s f - i ' LJ ' ' WFOC Gamma Deiia, ihe Murray Siaie Chapier oi Phi Mu Aipha, music ira- ferniiy, received ifs charfer from ihe naiional organizaiion in I938. Each year Phi Mu Aipha sponsors ihree scholarships for incoming sfu- denfs oi music who show promise of becoming ouisianding musicians. Ad- diiionaiiy, Phi Mu Aipha co-sponsors, wifh Sigma Aipha loia, 'rhe AII- American concer'r using music by American composers. Gamma Delia is mosr widely known on The campus and Ihroughoui' rhe area for iis musical show, "Campus Lighisf' "LighIs" is produced in con' iunciion wifh Sigma Aipha Ioia, and has been presenied on ihe Murray Sfaie campus each spring for fhe pasi sixfeen years. "Campus Lighis" is considered ihe high poini oi The year in campus enieriainmeni, and has been recognized as one of ihe Iop shows oi iis Iype in fhe Unired Siaies. In keeping wifh ifs obieci oi advancing ihe cause oi music in America, Phi Mu Aipha aifempis, ihrough ihe AII-American Conceri, "Campus Lighisf' and iis dance band, "The Men of Nofef' io bring The besf music of ail iyoes To ihe campus. PRICE DOYLE NEALE MASON ROMAN PRYDATKEVYTCH R. W. TERHUNE JOHN C WINT ww ww GENE C. BARNETT GEORGE BIEBER BILL BIGHAM FRANK BRUNOTTS EYRL BYASSEE DARRELL CANNEDY TOM FERGUSON ROBERT GRAY BEN HALL JOE HAMBRICK CHARLES JAMES WAYNE LEAZER CHARLES MANCHESTER BILL MAYNARD DON RITTER EESTUS ROBERTSON, J BILL ROBINS LAWRENCE ROYSTER RONALD SHOLAR BILL SMITH RONALD SURACE BLANTON TARR WILLIAM THOMAS TATE JERRY WARMATH DAVID WHITE DUANE WICKISER BILL WILLIAMS BRINDA SMITH NANCY MAY NELLIE STRICKLAND NELL MABRY MISS REZINA SENTER Presidenf Treasurer Secrefary Reporter Sponsor MRS. VERNON ANDERSON MARY ANN BRADY BETSY CARR MRS. ANN COHORAN I LOIS DARNELL BARBARA GRUBBS MRS. DELORES VINSON ZOE WILLIAMS 72 L BETA BETA BETA PAUL TAYLOR GENE HENDON BETTY COOK RONNIE McGREGOR DR. A. M. WOLFSON President Vice-President Secrefary Treasurer Sponsor Bela Bela Bela is a sociery for srudenis of rhe biological sciences. lr seeks 'ro encourage a scholarly afrainmenr in This field of learning by reserving irs memblership for rhose who achieve superior academic records and who indicaie special aprilude for The subiecr ol biology. Firsi' Row: Ted Allen, Joyce Bruner, Jim l-lamilion, Phyllis l-larris, Joe l-leilr, Second Row: Thomas Hop- lcins, Don Hughes. Carol Meriz, Bobby Spenser, Lillian Smilh. Third Row: Doi Srone, Thom- as Sublerre, Charles Wal! drop. 73 DIAN NE PEAK Presideni ZETTA YATES Vice-President JOAN KIRKLAND Secretary-Treasurer W. J, ROBERTSON Sponsor BOB BELL ALPHA PSI OMEGA GAMMA EPsiLoN CHAPTER The Gamma Epsilon Chapler of Alpha Psi Omega, Narional Honorary Dra- malics Fralernily was eslablished in T937 and is The oldesr Tralernily on The campus. Membership is limiled To Those doing a high slandard ol worlc in draf malics. The Gamma Epsilon Chapler worked in coniunclion wilrh The Sock and Buslcin Club lo produce Thunder Rock in February. A scene Trom Dark of +he Moon, ana olher Murray Sfale Thealre producrion, is picrured below. LEON BENNETT VERNON BENNETT CHRIS DIMAS BETTY RUSSELL VICKI THOMIS ZOE PUTNAN 4..1 . 721 SOCK AND BUSKIN Organized in l926, Sock and Buskin is proud OT The TacT ThaT iT is The oldesT organizaTion on The campus. As an organizaTion iT seeks To promoTe inTeresT in all phases oT TheaTre work and To encourage parTicipaTion among sTudenTs, TaculTy and Townspeople. Since The lasT ediTion oT The SHIELD The club has produced Kind Lady, a bill oT one-acT plays, and Dark of The Moon, which incidenTaliy broke all aTTendance records aT Murray STaTe TheaTre wiTh a ToTal oT over ISOO people seeing The play, and Thunder Rock in conf iuncTion wiTh Alpha Psi Omega. Summer TheaTre aT The KenTucky Dam Village STaTe Park was again very successTui, almosT doubling The pre- vious year's aTTendance. Among The producTions were: Male Animal, PeTTicoaT Fever, and The LaTe ChrisTopher Bean, The BarTer TheaTre reTurned This year wiTh a Tine producTion OT Ah Wilderness and TeaTured a Tormer Murray acTress, Miss Joan Douglass. This was The only proTessionai group broughT To The Murray campus This year. Seven members oT The club accompanied Mr. Rob- Sock and Buskin officers are Dianne Peak, Treasurer, Joan Kirkland, Pres denl Zoe PuTnan, SecreTaryg Kay Yonker, HisToriang lslandingj Max Grogan Vice PresidenTg W. J. Roberlson, Sponsor, and Bob Bell, Sergeanf-aT-Arms erTson To Savannah, Ga. in February To The annual meeT- ing oT The SouTheasTern TheaTre ConTerence. ProiecTs Tor The TuTure include The groups TirsT chil- drens TheaTre producTion, Tom Sawyer, To be sponsored by The Murray ChapTer oT The American AssociaTion oT UniversiTy Women. Members of Sock and Buskin are: First Row: Ethel BurneTT, BeTTy Russell, ZeTTa YaTes, Paula Grossner, Peggy Bradford, Jennie Lou Jellison, ArdaTh Boyd. Second Row: Jean HeaTh, Vicki Thomis, Zoe PuTnan, Kay Yonker, Joan Kirkland, Dianne Peak, Kafie Lowe, Mary Lou Snow. Third Row: Max Grogan, Bob Bell, Bob Pufnan Hal Rush, Tom Russell, Vance Nickels, Leon Benneff, John Kenny, Osborne Croft, Chris Dimas, Jim Herron, Ed McLane, Harold Leafh, and Mr. W. J. Roherfsfm 'Kaffe-0Bw'rfW'2.2Im4z'rMMMwM NM fwsfhffw-iwrwvae "M ' ' 'TW JO ANN TERRELL BOBBY McGEE BILL PRYOR ARDATH BOYD MISS CLARA EAGLE MR. DON FINEGAIS President Vice-President Treasurer Secrelary Sponsor Sponsor K A P P A P l Q ALPHA ALPHA CHI CHAPTER i mg!!! Kappa Pi, a nalional honorary arl lralernily, was eslablished ro 3 honor oulslandinq sludenls in Ihe lield ol visual arls. Alpha Alpha TEM? 5 Chi Chapler ol Kappa Pi was eslablished on lhe Murray campus I in May, l95O, one ol sevenly-live chaplers in The Uniled Slales. q"7f06 Alpha Alpha Chi Chapler and Porllolio Club sponsored lhe an- nual Chrislrnas Sale lhis year. This sale gives lhe sludenls ol lhe arl deparlmenr an opporlunily Io sell lheir worlc. Alpha Alpha Chi Chapler also awarded ils lirsl annual arl scholar- ship Jrhis summer lo Robbie Jo Parks. SYLVIA CLARK FRED BROWN NEWELL DUNLAP GLADYS LINN MARTHA NASH JOHN OLDHAM SUSAN PERRY JIM ROBERTS CHARLES SKAGGS TOM WALSH Ideal Pledge I953 76 KAPPA DELTA PI Kappa Della Pi, an honor sociely in educalion, aims lo losler high slandards ol preparalion lor reaching and lo encourage a closer fellowship among lhose who have al' lained excellence in scholarship and dislinclion lor Jrheir achievernenl as sludenls and leathers. Della Omega Chapler was inslalled al Murray on May 3lI l939. OFFICERS ANGELEE MARTIN , . MARTHA SAWYER . . MARY ANN BRADY. . PEGGY JONES . . DR. R. B. PARSONS .,.. MRS. CLEO 6lLLlS HESTER Presiclenl . .Vice-Presideni Corresponding Secrelary Secrelary Treasurer Counselor JOHN KOLB, JR. MARTIN REISER, JR. BILL LOGAN FRANK TUCKER DAVID PINSON GLENN FARTHING BILL BROOK FESTUS ROBERTS Capiain Isf Lieufenanf 2nd Lieufenani' 2nd Lieuenanf Znd LieuIenan1 2nd Lieutenant Warranf O.fIcer Ist Sergeant PERSHING RIFLES Q., G V I594 Company Third Reqlmenl ol The Nalional Honorary W'L5L1:1iE.INx:nIt:CE Sociely ol Pe-rshinq Rifles was organized al Murray Slale SHIRLEY ANN CROSS sponsor College in January of I953, 5,,ee,hea,, Firsf Row: BILL CLAXTON .,... . . MXSQI. HENRY L. BRADLEY, III. , . . SFC ROBERT CARTER . , . . .SEC STEVEN RODOERS . . . .SFC JOE WARMINGTON . , .SFC DONALD WILLIAMS . . . , SEC SAMUEL BELL .... . .Sergeanl TOM GALLOWAY . . . Serqeanl Second Row: WILLIAM ROBERTSON. I . . MARK WILLIAMS , . . . . JERRY BAKER . , . ERNIE BAKOS ...,. DONALD COLEMAN I JOHN DAVIS ..,. BILL HOOVER . . RALPH LAWTON . , 78 Se-rqeanl Sergeanf Corporal Corporal Corporal Corporal Corporal Corporal Third Row: JOHNNY MILLER GENE MURDOCK LONNIE SINCLAIR JIM FITZGERALD JOE I-IIETT , . . BOB SUGG . Alumnl Alumni Alumni Corporal Corporal Corporal Member Member Member MARTHA SAWYER LACY JOINER, JR. ANN CHURCHILL NELL MABRY MARTHA ALDRIDGE THOMAS B HOGANCAMP PresldenT Vice-Presidenf Secreiary Treasurer Historian Sponsor Pl OMEGA PI On July 25, I953 Pi Omega Pi, a naTional business educaTion TraTerniTy Tor TuTure Teachers OT business sub- iecTs, became The nevvesT TraTerniTy on The Murray cam- pus. AT This Time Gamma Epslion ChapTer was insTalled -Thereby becoming one OT 92 chapTers in The UniTed STaTes. Membership in Pi Omega Pi is open To lasT semesTer sophomores, iuniors, and seniors who have aTTained a 2. scholasTic average in educaTion and business subiecTs plus a I.5 raTing in all oTher college subiecTs. The local chapTer MARY ANN BRADY BETTY BROOKES also plans To admiT a member oT The business educaTion TaculTy each semesTer as an honorary member. Mr. Thomas B. l-logancamp, TaculTy advisor, and Mr. Vernon Anderson have already been made honorary members. The primary purpose OT This organizaTion is To promoTe a closer Tellowship among Teachers oT business subiecTs. lT aTTempTs To accomplish This purpose by encouraging iTs members To parTicipaTe in all OT iTs acTiviTies as well as oTher campus aTTracTions. JAMES CARLIN CAROLYN CARTER JOAN COX J. Y. FITZHUGH BARBARA GIBSON JANE PERRY LUCY SHEFFER JANICE WHEELER 79 AGRICULTURE CLUB OFFICERS DAN SHHDLEY. . . .vresadeiii BOB BURNETT . . . ,viQePfeSidem EARL WEBB , , .secreiafyerfewrs MURREL WEBB . . .Repofief The Agricullure Club lunclions lo pro- vide educolional and recrealional oppor- lunilies, lo develop leadership and on ap' y . . D "The annual Field Day for Weslern Kenfuclcy Youlh, direcled by lhe precielion ol rural lile. Agriculhlral Club." Lefl lo Righf, Firsl Row: Edward Davis, Wesley Rollings, Glenn Farlhing, James Hayes, Gene Brown, Alfred Ladd, Richard Farley, Mr, Arlie Scolf, Mr. A. Carman. Second Row: Linwood Hardy, Gene Woods, Allen Lawrence, lvie Balls, Bob Burnett, Cooper Harfon, James Jordan, Thomas Sublefle, Mr. Robert Hendon. Third Row: Mr. E. B. Howlon, Charles Smilh, Henry Moseley, Dan Shipley, Gord on Henshaw, Bernard Jones, Bill Pefers, Wayne Maflinqly, D. T. Doran. Fourlh Row: James Lawrence, Thomas Fryer, Frank Hill, Ray Ashbrook, Roberl Cherry, Earl Webb, Murrel Webb, Frank Anderson, 80 ASSOCIATION FOR CHILDHOOD EDUCATION OFFICERS GERRY ROBY . . . . Presidenf SUE OREER .,.. . ,VMC-PresIdenI MARY ALICE LUCAS . . . ,Treasurer MISS RUBY SMITH . . . .Sponsor A.C.E. is a professional orqanizafion creafed Io form ca cIoser reIa- Iionship among Those inIeresIed in working wiIh children as Teachers, acImInIsIraIors, and socIaI workers. IIs members fake an acfive parlr in campus aciivifiesl and render many services Io Ieacher and parem groups. The IocaI organlzahon is aTIIIia'I'ed wnh Assodafion for Child- hood Educahon Infernahonal. 81 WW, T 4 T 5 if COMMERCE CLUB The Commerce Club is an organizaTion which gives iTs members a proTessional inTeresT in business and business Teaching. Membership is composed oT sTudenTs obTaining an area, major, minor, or Tield in The DeparTmenT oT Com- merce. The chieT aim oT The club is To bring abouT a closer relaTionship among sTudenTs wiTh common inTeresTs. IT aT- TempTs To accomplish This purpose Through sTudenT par- TicipaTion in The numerous educaTional and recreaTional acTiviTies sponsored by The club ThroughouT The year. Among These acTiviTies are The enTering OT a TloaT in The annual homecoming parade, a picnic aT KenTuclcy Lalce during boTh The Tall and spring semesTers, The co-sponsorf ing along wiTh Pi Cmega Pi oT an annual spring conTerence Tor high school business Teachers, parTicipaTion in The Spring Carnival, and oTher inTormal geT-TogeThers. The club also sTrives To give a large number oT iTs mem- bers valuable leadership Training by elecTing new oTTicers each semesTer. The oTTicers Tor The Tall semesTer are shown aT The boTTom oT The page. OTTicers Tor The spring :ee mesTer lnoT picTuredl are: Raymond Sumner, presidenTq Dan Cowherd, vice-presidenT7 MarTha Aldridge, secreTaryy RoberT NiTong, Treasurer: Nellie SheTTer, reporTerg and Mr. Fred Qingles, sponsor. LACY JOINER JR FRANKLIN CLEAVER NANCY COOK RAYMOND SUMNER JIMMY JORDAN BOB SUGG VERNON ANDERSON President Vice-President Secrefary Treasurer Reporier Serqeanf af-Arms Sponsor lnclusirial Arfs Building INDUSTRIAL ARTS CLUB The purpose of The lnduslrial Arls Club is lo encourage sludenl parlicipalion in lhe aclivilies of lhe lnduslrial Arls Deparlmenl and lo promole a beller under- - - . . I-In sffanchng of lhe lnduslnal Arls held. f. 0 OFFICERS S fx X.. T TADDY POTTS . . , Presklen' A '4 5 BILL HATLEY. . I vsEE,PfE5IdeEA il vlA TS BiLL VJILSON . Se-Qrelary RANDALL WARE .... Treasure J. W. ROBERTS .... Public Reunions GEORGE LILLY H. L. OAKLEY WILLIARD MECARTI-IY The I953-54 lnclus+rialAr+s Club cle'.:lica+es fhis page +0 +he deparfmen+ faculfy who have given freely of fheir lime and efforf in supporfing ancl building up our club. 1 W INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB OFFICERS DONPACE... BETTY CLYMER .... RUTI-I DOUGLAS. . , DAN KENNEDY ....... . DR. WILLIAM AESCI-IBACI-IER .... 84 . . Presidewr Vice-President . , SeCreIary . . Treasurer . . . Sponsor LUB OFFICERS ROBERT CLOAR . . ,....,. . . .Preszdem TED ROENIGSMARK. . . . . .vTEe.Pre5iaen+ RAY LAFSER ..,. . . .seEfe+afy-Treasurer MR. ROY STEWART , . . . . . .sponsm The "M" Club oT Murray STaTe is composed oT men on The campus who have won leTTers in any sporT. Any person who has leTTerecl is eligible Tor membership. The "M" Club sponsored The Alumni vs. VarsiTy baslceTball game, The Alumni Homecoming BaslceTball Banquet and The Spring FooTball game. 85 NURSING EDUCATION CLUB The Nems Clulo was organized lo impress upon friendship among Jrhe nursing sluclenls lhrough Jrhe slrudenl nurses lhe slandards anol icleals of lhe fellowship and social aclivilies. nursing profession ancl lo creale closer ponds ol LAMBDA AL MARY ALICE LUCAS ANNA MQHARGUE , ANN SHIVERS . . DOROTHY STONE . MISS REZINA SENTER OFFICERS P . . Fresder' Vice-Presiidrfm . . Serreifiw . .Treaeurei . . . Spomci DeIIa Lambda Alpha is an honorary IraIerni+y organized Io promofe sc3hoIarship among freshmen women. Those achieving a 2.5 standing are ehqible for membership. Firsl Row: Dr, Peler Panzera, Richard James, Charles Howard, Pal Shackleford, Bobby Dunn, Ronald McGregor, Norman Crain, Dr. W, E. Blackburn. Second Row' Harold Sasse, Gordon Roberls, Don Hughes, Wendell Gordan, Morris Walker, Don Hicks, Charles Waldrop. Lasl Row: Richard Rikel, Malcom Sublelle, Pal Ely, Beulah Ashbrook, Charles Mercer, Bill Sledd, and Vernon James. Members nol piclured are James Hamillon, Joe Hieff, William Parker, Howard Powell, Bobby Spenser, lid Creamer, Belly Cook, Roberl Ferguson, Joyce Bruner, Owen Clopfon, Richard Hicks, Don Harvey, Gene Barlow, Henry Bradley, Bill Jackson, James Callzey, Arvin Craflon, Gene Clark, Jean Heafh, Chesley Holloman, Dorolhy Slane, Franklin Shroal, George Lesler, Clyde Brown, William Hoover, James Wilson, Anna McHargue, and John Todd. STUDENT AFFILIATES OF THE AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY OFFICERS RONALD K, MQOREOOR . . Presidenl PAT SI-IACKLEFORD . . Vice-Presidenl BOBBY DUNN . . . Secrelary BOBBY SPENCER . . Publiclly Chairman 88 VIVACE CLUB OFFICERS GEORGE BIEBER. . . , Presidenl BEVERLY ZOOK . . Secretary-'freasurci W. PX. WEDDLE. , . .Vice-Presidenl MR. NEALE MASON ..., .... E arully Spa nsiir Vivace, one of The ololesr clubs on lvlurray's campus, was organized in l933 lor lhe purpose ol bring- ing Togelher lhose whose common inleresl was music. On The morning ol each Homecoming, Vivace s presenl members galher wilh iTs grads al lhe l-lui for a Homecoming lorealcfasl which has become a rradilion. This year Vivace celebrales ils 25+h anni- versary. Vivace recognizes musical worlh by placing The name ol lhe Music Deparlmenrs Oulslancling Sen- ior Boy and Girl on a plaque in lhe Recilal l-lall. 89 WOMEN'S ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION I BRINDA SMITH . JO ANN I-IENLEY DOT STONE , . . ANNA McCORD . SUE NAZER . . , BETTY JO SMITI-I . MRS. FRED FAUROT OFFICERS Presidenl . ,Vice-Presidenl . .Chairman 0 Secrelary Treasurer I Awards Publicily , Sponsor The Womenls Alhlelic Associalion is a nalional organi- zalion for all women who are inleresled in parlicipalinq in any sporl or acfivily and who are concerned wilh heallhlul living. The exlrra aclivilies include such Things as: Sporls Days al Soulhern Illinois Universily and Universily of Ken- Iucky, and enioying picnics ancl oulings al Kenluclcy Lelce. GRADUATES . . CLASS OF 1954 YOU Are cordially reguesTed To come by The Alumni oTTic:e in The AdminisTraTion building AT any Time beTore you leave The campus And ioin your Alumni AssociaTion. Should you leave The campus BeTore doing This, The TirsT Time you look Through Your yearbook Talce a minuTe To wriTe and ioin your AssociaTion. And IeT This page serve As a reminder For all The years To come ThaT your AssociaTion Always wanTs To lcnow Where you are. WiTh all besT wishes From All The graduaTes who have gone beTore you. THE MURRAY STATE COLLEGE ALUMNI ASSOCIATION 91 ORDWAY HALL CCDUNCIL The Ordway l-lall Council, governing body ol The men's clorrnilory, is composed of four ollicers and represenlalives, eleclecl from each suiie in ihe olormilory al lhe beginning oi each fall semesler. The council seeks lo prornole The besi inleresls of all lhe men by inlerpreling rules and furnishing leadership in conforming io regulalions. The officers of The Ordway Hall Council llefll are Ronnie Sholar, President Mr. Rex Alexander, House Diredorg David Allen, Vice-Presidenfg lsfandingl Jim Herron, Secrefary, and Bill Halley, Treasurer. A house meeting af Ordway Hall Crighfl is held in The lobby fo discuss dormifory problems. 92 WELL'S HALL COUNCIL The Wells l-lall Council, governing body oT The girls dorrniTory, is composed oT Twelve members-Tour elecTed olilicers selecTed by The enTire house in The spring and represenTaTives chosen Trom each oT The Tour classes and The Tour floors in The Tall. The council seeks To prornoTe The besT inTeresTs oT all The girls by inTerpreTing rules and Turnishing leadership in conTorming To regulaTions. So- cially, iT provides parTies, Teas, and inTormal geT-TogeThersg maTerially, iT uses iTs Tunds To make The dormiTory more livable and cornTorTable. As The council Tires burn, so The spiriT ol: Wells l-lall conTinues To glow ThroughouT The years. as Tw The officers of The council are Sue Greer, Presidenfg Sue Blalock, Vice-Presi- denfg Ann Whayne, Secreiary, and Margaret Ann Ford, Treasurer. Miss Sarah Knighf is Counselor. 93 Q3 . . . all 'rhis and more is B. S. U.!!! BAPTIST STUDENT UNION SLEY FOUNDATION . . .serving as a hub for sfudenfs in keeping Chrisf on Hue campus. Worship, sfudy, and relaxafion-direcfed Toward Christ" MRS. J. E. "BROOKS" CROSS .... . . . Diredror BUB HOLT. . . . . . .Presidenf 95 DEINT O COUNCIL The STudenT Religious Coun- cil is composed OT represenTa' Tives Trom religious organizae Tions on The campus, The coun- selors oT advisors oT These groups, and The minisTers oT Murray. ITs purpose is To bring These religious groups inTo closer Tellowship and promoTe religious liTe OT all sTudenTs. Each spring This council sponsors The Re- ligious Emphasis Week Tor parT oT iTs program in elevaTing The spiriTuaI IiTe OT The sTudenTs on The campus OT Murray STaTe College. This year The council spon- sored an all campus ChrisTmas caroling, collecTed conTribuTions Tor The MARCI-I CF DIMES, and sponsored an EasTer Sunrise Service on The Campus. The oTTicers OT The council are Don I-Iughes, PresidenT: Bub I-IolT, Vice-PresidenTg Dan Cow- herd, SecreTary: and Mrs. J. E. Cross, Sponsor. NSTERDISCIPLE ENT FELLOWSHIP OFFICERS TED ALLEN . . , .... Presidenr JOYCE RUSSELL . . . . . Vice-Preside-nT DON HUGHES . . .Treasurer UNIE MABRY . . . SecreTary BOB RU FF ' ' Sponsor YOUNG WOMEN'S CHRISTIAN ASSOCIA'ION Young Women's Chrlslian As- socialion is an organizalion which holds as ils purpose lhe desire lo realize lull and crealive lile lhrough a growing Icnowle edge ol God. Any girl who allends Murray Slale is eligible lor membership in Y.W.C.A. One ol lhe oul- slandlng allairs ol MSC is lhe Big-Lillle Sisler Picnic which is sponsored by Y.W.C.A. annual- ly. This is enioyed by all girls and is when many lreshmen become acguainled wilh upperclassmen. Elecled lo serve as ollicers lor lhe I953-54 lerm were: Presi- denl, Ann Davis: Vicefpresidenl, Belly Coolcq Secrelary, Lucy Sheller: Treasurer, Susan Naser: and Reporler, Nellie Sheller. THE ROMANCE NGUAGE CLUB I OFFICERS HENRY OATLIN . , .Presid Pfsum. enossmsre . I . JANE BARNEIT . S MRS. ANNIE WOODBRIDGE , . . . . , . Vice-Pre-sid BARBARA OAKLEY , 'Ireasi ..........Spon The Home ELorwomiCS Chb 35 an orqaimaffon WMU' Helps It mcmbefs fri Infer- H G M E pref We purpose and funcfinms cf home economics, am: fo urwdersfand the oppor- Mmifies for careers in Home efonomlcs. A150 if provides an opporhmiiy for 'Hue qirfz, E C 0 N O M I C S in We deparfmemf fo enjoy felhvwship amid soda! hours fogefbcr. OFFICERS C L U B MARY ELLIS LAWSON. . , A . . . . . .vfegsdm JOYCE BENNETT .... . ,Vic.o-Preaidsmi HELEN EZELL . . . .Seffefary PATTY BRADLEY , , .Treasurov 98 The cheerleaders lead an audience al a local 'lheafre in a yell following a pep rally af lhe college. The cheerleaders are Sue Greer, Shirley Freeman, Sue Higdon, Shirley Cross, Wanda Holland, Nancy Jones, and Belly Clymer. CHEERLEADERS The cheerleaders add much lo lhe color and pep of lhe loolball and loaslcerball games. ln addirion lo leading cheers al lhe home ball games, The cheerleaders also sponsor pep rallies and allend many of 'rhe outof- lown games +0 help supporl our reams. Wanda Holland, senior from Har- din, Kenluclay, is caplain of The cheerleaders lhis year. The olher cheerlead- ers are: Nancy Jones, Belly Clymer, Sue Greer, Shirley Cross, and alfernales Sue Higdon and Shirley Freeman. Lefiz The cheerleaders are shown in acfion af a foofball game in Cufchin Sladium. 99 E l Members of The STudenT OrganizaTion are isTandingT Jim Godsey, Freshman Re presenfaiiveg Jim Fifzgerald, Junior RepresenTaTiveg Don Hughes, Junior Repre' senTaTiveg Bill Whiie, Freshman RepreseniaTive, Buddy Shackleford, Sophomore Represenfaiiveg fseafedj BeHy Clymer, Senior RepresenTaTiveg John Bohna, Senior Represeniafiveg Lillian Smifh, SecreTary, Tom SubleTTe, PresidenTg Ronnie Shola r, Vice-Presidenf, and Bob Pendlebury, Treasurer. Members not picfured are Gene Barlow, Sophomore Represenfaiiveg Bob Pullin, Graduale Represenfalive, and PeTe Ryan, Graduafe Represenhifive. The STudenT OrganizaTion is selecTed by The enTire lecTion of Murrays delegaTe To The MounTain Laurel Fes- sTudenT body and worlcs Tor The welTare oT all The campus. Tival. The STudenT Org also sponsors TryouTs To choose cheer- leaders, and in addiTion, selecTs The OuTsTanding Senior Boy and Girl. Awarding prizes Tor The Homecoming pa- rade TloaTs and sponsoring Kangaroo KourT are Two more Working wiTh The oTher organizahons To keep The social calendar Tull oT social acTiviTies Tor The sTudenTs is one oT The many iobs oT The STudenT Organizahon. The Big Name Dance, an annual aTTair, is made possible by The or we Councils rundions Silldefli OVC!-. l . The STudenT OrganizaTion is one oT The busiesT organ- The council also sponsors The class elechons, The Miss ig5Ti0n5 on The campus providing a social program and OH-1- Murray STaTe and Campus l:ayoriTe elecTions and The see er acTiyiTies Tor The inTeresT oT The sTudenTs, STUDENT ORGANIZATION TOM SUBLETTE RONNIE SHOLAR LlLLlAN SMITH BOB PENDLEBUR Presidenf Vice-Presidenf Secrefary T.-eagurer IOO 5 3 2 BILL WILLIAMS Edilor BILL BROOK Sports Edilor DAN COWH ERD Adverfisinq Manager BOB McMlLLlON Photographer E. G. SCHMIDT Direclor of the College N lNo+ Picluredl JANE WILLIAMS News Wrifer JOETTE LASSITER News Wrifer THE CGLLEGE NEWS Murray Slale's official newspaper, The bi-weelcly College News, enlered ils 28+h year ol publicalion in I954. Among news slories Tirsl lcnown To lhe campus lhrouqh ils pages This year were The announcernenl ol lhe Shield Queen, Iwo na- lional poelry conlesl winners, Tralernily sweelhearls, Whos Who, and The loolball queen. The paper also published a copyrighled series of arlicles by Murray professors on lhe influence ol Russian Communism on American arf, educalion, social science, lileralure, and olhers. The College News is a member ol lhe Associaled Colle- giale Press, The Columbia Scholaslic Press, lhe Kenluclcy Press Associalion, and lhe Nalional Edilorial Associalion. The pa- per received a Firsl Place ralinq from lhe CSP in I952. "t'i'T,,1 51511 Q, xml-ff x--ww-sf , JOHNNY OLDHAM Edifor 1954 1. SHIELD STAFF LACY JOIN ER Business Manager JOHNNY OLDHAM LACY JOINER . . BILL PRYOR . . . MARTIN REISER . . CHARLIE CISSELL . ANN WHAYNE . DAN SHIPLEY . . DON HUGHES . JANE PERRY . . . JOYCE COLLIER . JEAN MALONE . . MARY ANN BRADY CHARLIE WALDROP BILL BROOK . . . BEVERLY SPURRIER NANCY COOK . . LOUISE CUNDIFF . LU ANN CASEY. . BILL LOGAN . . JIM ROBERTS . . ROBBIE PARKS . SLADYS LINN . . NANCY WEAR . . THOMAS B. HOGANCAMP . . THOMAS B. HOG-ANCAMP Facuify Adviser . . , . .Ediior . .Business Manager , . . . , .Assisianf Edifor . .AssisIanI Business Manager . , .Adrninisiraiior . . . . Faculfy . .Senior Ciass . . .Junior Ciass , ,Sophomore CIass . .Freshman CIass . . .Feafures . . . .Acfiviiies . .Orqanizaiions . . ,Sporfs . . Typisi . . Typisi . . . . . .TypisI . . . . . . , Typisi . STaII PIIOIOQVGQITEY Special Pnoiographer ......,ArIisi . . I:eaIure Wriier . . Eeaiure Wrlier . . Eacuiiy Adviser MARTIN REISER BILL PRYOR BILL LOGAN Assisfant Business Manager Assisi-ani Edifor Phofoqrapher 102 x The secfion edifors for flue l954 SHIELD are Dan Shipley, Jean Malone, Charlie Cissell, Don Hughes, Joyce Collier, Bill Broolr lslandingl, Ann Wl1ayne,ancl Mary Ann Brady l Typisfs for fhe I954 SHIELD are Lu Ann Casey, Beverly Spurrier, Louise Cundiff, and Nancy Coolr. Jane Perry seafedl. 103 The Indusfrial Arfs Club Hoa+ and +he Tau Sigma Tau floa+ +ied for firsf place in lhe annual Homecom- 1953 HOMECOMING A brighl and sunshiny olay macle l-lomecoming a memorable occasion desioile lhe Thorobreols cleleal al lhe hands ol Memphis Slale. Homecoming gol olll lo a good slarl wilh The Vivace Club brealclasl, The lralernily anol so- rorily alumni lunclions ancl conlinuecl To be a clay lo remember Through The Homecoming paracle, loolball game ancl Jrhe l-lomecoming dance. ing parade Merlene Kreu'fer was crowned The l953 'fooiball queen al 'the Home- coming 'foolball game. Her aHenclan+s were Robbie Walson and Barbara McGee. 104 The Fine Arfs Lounge was The sefiing for fhe annual Homecoming Dance iabovei. The Murray Sfaie College Marching Band Hopi led fhe pa rade, which was pariicipafed in by mcs+ of fhe organiza+ions on 'rhe campus. Kappa Pi and fhe Agricuifure Club fied for second place in fhe parade. 105 A, .1 ... Direcfor James P. Dunn and The Murray STal'e College A Capella Choir USIC A THE GIRLS' QUARTET Vernie Croghan, Jackie Boswell, Shirley Wiman, Jody Archer nv! ' . if ' ,if I . Q1 5 ii g D is All . THE MEN'S QUARTET Sfeve Rodgers, Erl Byassee, Fesfus RoberTsor1, Wayne Leazer C 106 TIVITIES The music deparTmenT and iTs organizaTions aTTord lvlurray a large parT oT iTs publiciTy Through iTs ren- novvned "BesT Band in Dixie," iTs A Capella choir and band Tours and The annual Campus LighTs. The Marching Band provides pep and pageanTry Tor The TooTball season in The Tall. ATTervvards iT becomes a concerT organizaTion giving campus and OTT-campus concerTs. The A Capella choir is made up oT sTudenTs Trom all deparTmenTs chosen Tor Their singing abiliTy. The choir presenTs chapel programs and malces Tours To various ciTies. The college OrchesTra provides addiTional expel rience in sTring ensemble worl4. lT presenTs Two Tormal concerTs. The duarTeTs are chosen according To The abiliTy oT The members To blend Their voices. They presenT several programs in chapel and aT various high schools. The music deparTmenT worlcs hard To give Murray sTudenTs The besT in music Tor Their enioymenT. PicTured aT righf: MARCHING BAND, Richard Farrell, direc- Torg COLLEGE ORCHESTRA, Dr. Price Doyle, direcTor3 CONCERT BAND, Richard Farrell, direcTorg STRING OR- CHESTRA, David J. Gowans, direcTor. V F HENRY GATLIN FARRIS BOYD BILL ROARK JERRY BROWN HAROLD STUBBLEFIELD INTERCOLLEGIATE DEBATE clebaTe TournamenT in The naTion, The Tau Kappa Alpha meeT aT Denver, Murray Tied Tor TiTTh in The naTion, This year The Team de-loaTes in Three TournamenTs-aT CharlesTon, lllinoisq Bloom- ingTon, lnolianag and Dallas, Texas-in addiTion To TorTy-six non-olecision debaTes wiTh WesTern, Memphis STaTe, SouTheasT Missouri, Tennessee Tech, VanclerbilT, SouThern lllinois, Indiana, and a Team Trom India. Farris Boyd, l-lenry GaTlin, and Bill Roarls leTTered This year To join Charles LenTs, J.ALBERT TRACY Henry Ramey, Royce Cruce, Jerry Brown, ancl l-larold STubbleTield. Debafe Coach Ten members oT The beginning clebaTe class parTicipaTed in TwenTyfTwo ex- hibiTion del::aTes in KenTucl4y high schools as a parT oT The exTension program. The debaTe squad, reading from leff To rigl1T, is Bill Pryor, Don Williams, Douglas Stanley, Farris Boyd, Royce Cruce, Raymond Sumner, Ed Overby, David Pin- son, Joe Williams, John Ed Dunn, Don WooTen, Jim Bray, Harold Sfubblefield, Henry Gaflin, Jerry Brown, and Bill Roark. 108 DRAMATIC PRODUCTIONS A scene from "Dark of 'lhe Moon," which feafurecl Tom Rus sell, Leon Bennerf, and Vicki Thomis, is shown above. The Murray Sfale Thealre presenfed "Thunder Rock" 'this year and s+arred Leon BenneH. Two scenes from +ha+ play are picfured above. Darlc of +he Moon and Thunder Roclc were Two of rhe Murray Srare Thea+re's produclions This year. ln addilion lo These a program of one acrs, rhe Barrer Thea+re's Ah Wilderness, and The Mur- ray +hearre's lirsl childrens produclion, Tom Sawyer, were presenled before Murray audiences. This year Dark of +he Moon broke all previous arrendance rec- ords, over ISOO people saw This produc- rion. The Murray Srare Thearre is under The direclion ol W. J. Roberrson. Barfer Theafre, a professional group, broughi "Ah Wilderness" 'lo Murray S+a+e College. The casf from 'lhis play is piclured here. RESERVE OFFICER TRAINING CORPS A new sTaTT, reorganizaTion oT The corps, a riTle Team The TirsT honorary regimenTal sponsor, and The presenTa- Tion oT The corps Tlag highlighTed The second year ol lv1urray's Reserve OTTicer Training Corps. Colonel W. J. I-IacI4eTT, CapTain, W. E. Wallace and LieuTenanT Horace Bailey, all made Their bow To lvlurray STaTers. The Reserve Officer Training Corps Color Guard ReorganizaTion oT The corps was made aTTer The cadeTs had enlarged Their number To meriT regimenTal sTaTus. They now boasT a regimenTal command oT Two baTTalions and six companies. WiTh The TormaTion oT a highly accuraTe riTIe Team, The deparTmenT began using iTs riTle range in The base- A gunnery class insTrucTed by SergeanT BriTo IIO if J , E. X, A V Doclor Woods presenfs 'lhe regimenfal 'Flag lo Colonel Haclxefl menl of Qrdway Hall. The cadel sharp shoolers are Colonel F. l., Wellenreiler, lVlSC's lirsl PlVlS81T, was pre- coached by Sergeanl Joseph Barron. senled lo The cadels by Doclor Ralph l-l. Woods in early Miss Nancy Parsons was lhe choice ol lhe corps lo be December' lhe regimenls lirsl sponsor. Colonel Parsons received her RQSUHS from me fgrsi deparlmenfal ingpecfiom were Oak ClU5leV5 al llle annual Mililarv Ball- borne our: Murray was conlinuinq lo be Jrhe linesl unil The regimenlal flag which had been designed by Li. in lhe Second Mililary dislricl. R.O.T.C. Rifle Tea m CAMPUS LIGHTS An annual produclion by Phi Mu Alpha and Sigma Alpha lola, Campus Ligh+s, has become a lradilion al Murray Slale College. From Seplember Till February, "Ligh'rs" is broughl from an embryo of an idea +o a highly polished, musical exlrayaganza. Thousands ol sludenl- hours of worlc are expended in an allempl To hold up lhe high slandards sel in The lasl sixleen years. From curlaine puller To direclor of The show, lhe long monlhs Of rehearsal are lorgollen in lhe excilemenl ol opening nighl. A scene 'From fhe Roman ski+ Uopl The Murray Men labovel The comedy dance of Cupid and Psyche lRon Surace and Carole Henslerl The "Campus Ligh+s"' orcheslra, chorus, and dancers Direcfor Tom Ferguson SECTION The speciTic Time has Tinally come Tor The announcemenT To be made. An eager sTudenT body awaiTs To hear a Triendls name or perhaps even Their own ThaT has received The honor oT Miss Murray STaTe, Mr. and Miss Body BeauTiTul, FooTball Queen, Who's Who, Campus l3avoriTe, or Shield Queen, The sTudenT body voTe deTerrnines mosT oT The honors, buT in cases, These honors are selecTed by a special group. These are The eyenTs ThaT creaTe The glamorous spoTliqhTs on The campus ThaT in The Tu- Ture will shine iusT as brighT as They do Today. This is iusT anoTher phase in our college liTe aT Murray STaTe. JEAN MALONE ll I! is , Silva kia! A ff sf' FeaTure Edifor MURRAY STATE Ziff, Cfgmef Camfpus F A V O R IT E S ggzria Wcoawzore .Si Caro! jiri Campus F A V O RIT E S -.,L1larri5 CLI! I'l cl muff, Lffan SMA WGN cy pa Quffandhlg MEN RONNIE SHOLAR BUB HOLT DON HARVEY JIM FITZGERALD 1 Ns TOM SUBLETTE JOHN BOHNA TOM HOOPER BOB CLOAR JOHNNY OLDHAM MARY ANN STICE Miss Body Beau+iful BEAUTIFUL HAROLD CANNEDY Mr. Body Beau+iful .xdffenclanfd BARBARA McG-EE ROBBIE WATSON OOTBALL QUEEN W7erLne Jcfeufer .sjgalgofe Illlui III AMONG STUDENTS IN Firsl Row: O DAVID ALLEN, Henderson, Ky.: B.A.: Social Science: Tau Sigma Tau: Wesley Foundalion: lnlernalional Relalions Club: Kappa Pi: Ordway Hall Council: Fuse Edilor 2, 3. . TED ALLEN, Miami, Fla.: B.A.: Biology: Tau Sigma Tau, Secrelary 2, 3, Presidenl 4: Disciple Sludenl Fellowship, Presidenl 4: Bela Bela Bela, Treasurer 3: J. V. Baslcelball I. . BETTY CLYMER, Maylield, Ky.: B.A.: Hislory-Polilical Science: Al- pha Sigma Alpha, Vice-Presidenl 3, Regislrar 4: lnlernalional Rela- lions Club, Secrelary 3, Vice-Presidenl 4: Sludenl Organizalion 2, 4, Secrelary 3: Romance Language Club: Cheerleader 2, 3, 4: Della Lambda Alpha: Campus Favorile 3: Miss Murray Slale 4: Wells Hall Council, ACE: Home Economics Club: Spring Carnival Queen 3. 0 JEAN CORN, Murray, Ky.: B.S,: Home Economics: OH Campus Club, Presidenl: Home Economics Club, Presidenl 3: Sigma Sigma Sigma, Treasurer 3, Oulslanding Senior: Disciple Sludenl Fellowship, Eighleen Murray sludenls were accepled by lhe Publi- calion, Who's Who Among Sludenls in American Univer- silies and Colleges, lor inclusion in lhe I953 volume. The nominees will be lisled in The I953 publicalion wilh a bio- Second Row: ' WAYNE LEAZER, Salisbury, N.C.: B.M.E.: Voice-Clarinel: Phi Mu Alpha, Scholarship Winner: Vivace Club: Band: Orcheslra: Chorus: A Capella Choir: Men's Quarlel: Madrigals: All-American Concerl Direclor 4. -V 0 JEAN MALONE, Slarlcville, Miss.: B.S.: Arl: Kappa Della Pi: Band: Concerl Band: SHIELD Slall: Sailing Club: Body Beaulilul 2: Campus Favorile 4. 0 ANGELEE MARTIN, Henderson, Ky: B.S.: Elemenlary Educalion: ACE, Vice-Presidenl 2, Presidenl 3: Alpha Sigma Alpha, Chaplain 4: Della Lambda Alpha, Presidenl 2: Kappa Della Pi, Presidenl 4: Wes- ley Foundalion, Secrelary 2, 4, Vice-Presidenl 3: Debale 3, 4: Inferna- lional Relalions Club. O JOHN OLDHAM, Ellclon, Ky.: B.S.: Arl-Malhemalics: Porllolio Club: Kappa Pi, Presidenl 2, 3: SHIELD Slall, I, 2: SHIELD Edllor, I953, l954: Who's Who 3: Oulslanding Men 4. graphical slrelch, They will also receive a cerlilicale ol recognilion awarded by The organizalion. Seleclions lor lhe honor are based on leadership, schol- arship, personalily, and aclivily parlicipalion on lhe came pus. AMERICAN UNIVERSITIES AND COLLEGES Firsf Row: I VERNA CROGHAN, Carmi, III.: B.M.E.: Music: Sigma Alpha Iola, Secrelary 4: Sigma Sigma Sigma: Kappa Della Pi: Della Lambda Al- pha: A Capella, Band, and Girls Ourlel I, 2, 3, 4: Murray Macs: Sec- relary Freshman Class. 0 PHYLLIS HARRIS, Paducah, Ky.: B.S.: Physical Educaiion-Biology: Sigma Sigma Sigma, Vice-Presideni 4: Beia Bela Bela: Sfudenr Or- ganizaiion 2, 3: Kappa Della Pi: Physical Educalion Club, Secrefary 2, 3: W.A.A.: Campus Eavorile 3, 4: Who's Who 3. ' ROBERT GLIN JEFFERY, Murray, Ky.: B.S.: Physical Educalion: M Club: Pooiball. O LACY JOINER, JR., Cadiz, Ky.: B.S.: Commerce: Commerce Club, Vice-Presidenf 3, President 4: Pi Omega Pi, Vice-Presidenl 4: Uniied Business Educalion Associalion: Assislanf Business Manager SHIELD 3, Business Manager 4: Campus Social Commirlee: Inlernaiional Re- lalions Club. 0 JOAN KIRKLAND, Owensboro, Ky.: B.S.: Elemeniary Educarion: Kappa Della Pi: Sigma Sigma Sigma: Alpha Psi Omega, Treasurer: Soclc and Buslcin, Presidenf: ACE: B.S.U.: Wafer Carnival I, 2: Dra- malic Produciions I, 2, 3: Summer Theaire I, 2: Wells Hall Council 3 Pershing Rifles Sweelhearf: Campus Favorile 4. Second Row: 0 MARTHA SAWYER, Hickory, Ky.: B.S.: Commerce: Pi Omega Pi, Presidenr, 3, 4: Kappa Delia Pi, Vice-Presidenl 4: Sigma Sigma Sigma, Recording Secrelary 3: Commerce Club: Inlernainonal Relafions Club: Junior Class Treasurer. 0 DAN SHIPLEY, Murray, Ky.: B.S.: Agricullureg Agriculiure Club, Vice-Presidenl 3, Presidenr 4: SHIELD Sralii, Class Edilor 2, 3, 4: B.S.U. Execulive Council 3: Sludenl Council 2. ' RONALD SHOLAR, Hoplrinsyille, Ky.: B.M.E.: Music: Phi Mu Al- pha: B.S.U. Execuiiye Council 3: Siudenl Council I, 3, 4, Vice-Presi- denl 4: Oulslanding Men 4. 0 THOMAS SUBLETTE, Fullon, Ky.: B.S.: Agricullure: Tau Sigma Tau: Bela Bela Bela: Agriculiure Club: Ordway Hall Council: B.S.U.: Presidenl ol Srudeni Organizaiion 4: Vice-Presidenf of Junior Class: Oufsranding Men 4. 0 JANICE WHEELER, Eulfon, Ky.: B.S.: Marhemafics-Commerce: Alpha Sigma Alpha, President 4, Treasurer 2, 3: W.A.A., Treasurer 3, Senior Represenlalive: Commerce Club: Delia Lambda Alpha: Pan- hellenic Council, Chairman: Pi Omega Pi. ggwia WCQZLM ore Jon Whilcomb, noled magazine illuslralor, selecled Glo- ria McLemore as Ihe Iirsl annual Shield Queen. The con- Iesl was a Ihree round eliminalion. A sludenl commillee seleclecl Ihe Iilleen mos'r Ioeaulilul girls on The campus, 'rhen Ihree OPI-campus judges eliminaled all buf five ol Ihese girls. Pholographs were Ialcen of Ihese girls and were senl Io Mr. Whifcomb. JON WHITCOMB F I N A L I S T S GWEN BROWN CAROL FISH MARY ANN STICE MERLENE SYDBOTEN 125 IDEAL FRESHMAN GIRL Alvlf, IZA 'lgfoffy v-!JmfAmff lli ll Was loolball season a failure iusl be- cause Murray losl six garnes and only won lhree? Slalislically, Murray was much superior lo ils oploonenls. lr ran up more yardage, had a beller puni average, beller passes compleled rec- ord, and a beller rushing record lhan did ils opponenlrs. The Brads iusl failed lo pull some close ones oul of lhe lire. in baskelball, 'rhe record was I5 wins againsl as rnany losses. Antler lourna- menl play Murray was on lhe shorl end ol a I5-I6 counl. Qur opponenls had a beller shooling percenlage lhan we did, because we look +he mosl sholsi We broke even wilh The opposilion on free lhrows. We dorninaled The back- boards and we fouled less. ln lolal poinls, we were oulscored by 43 poinls. l-lowever, lhe opposilion was rnuch su- perior lo whal il has been in Jrhe pasl. No excuses, iusl lacls. BILL BROOK Sporfs Edifor 1-fwfgiwfrigff , gs, , , ,V swW.W,,.,,.,Q i :area Q V, I A iggggkjls W ... 3322255 m"f5ef?f1?wQ'w'ffiwi Qiiimmw r wfzg ' W Wim miie . , Leif To riqhf, FirsT Row: Glin Jeffrey, Claude Thorne, Billy Evans, Billy Bone, Ray Lafser, Bob Cloar, John Bohna, Ken Hodge, Rodger Esfes. Second Row: Tom- my Milfon, Obbie Todd, Harold Cannedy, Don Harvey, Ben Chamness, Hal Killebrew, Bobby Waller, Calvin Walls, Jack Cain. Third Row: Virgil Hill, Ben Syd- boTen, Malcolm Sons, Don He1heringTon, Billy Walker, Carl Walker, Bobby Joe Mason, Bub Holf, Eldon HeaThcoTT. Fourih Row: Don Heine, Bill Warren, Dick Meador, Ronnie Phillips, Gene Murdock, Jim Barfon, Billy Arnold, Billy Liles, Abner Davis, FifTh Row: Coach F ed Fa r T L' C h J' ' ' r u o, ine oac im Culllvan, Assisfanl Coach Gene Mueller, Art SmlTh, Jimmy Arnold, Mac PriTcheTT, Manager Bob Chaney, Trainer Bob Alcorn. FOOTBALL WiTh a predicTion oT "a Tair season coming up" The Thoroloreds opened grid pracTice SepTember l l under The waTchTul eyes oT head coach Fred FauroT. The Team was young, inexperienced in some imporTanT posiTions, and hampered by The aboliTion oT The Two pla- Toon sysTem. The loss OT seven seniors Trom The l952 Team had parTicularly wealcened The Racers in The line, BoTh Taclcle sloTs were empTy and The iolo OT Tilling Them was going To be diTTiculT, The sTraTegy OT The Racers would again be The "spliT T" ThaT had helped gain Them Three Ohio Valley conTer- ence championships and a Tie in The Tangerine Bowl game oT I949. The TirsT opponenT ThaT The Racers would Tace were The Cardinals oT The UniversiTy OT Louisville. The Racers, if JIM CULLIVAN Line Coach GENE MUELLER FRED FAUROT AssisTanT Coach Coach somewhaT aT a disadvanTage in sTrengTh, held The advan- Tage by opening aT home. SaTurday, SepTember I9 was The daTe oT The game. Louisville was paced by iTs All-American candidaTe John UniTas. Murray was relying heavily upon All-OVC back John Bohna and veTeran quarTerback Ray LaTser. When The dusT had seTTled Tronn The curTain-raiser, Murray Trailed I9-I4. The passing oT UniTas and The Tum- bling oT Murray had been The diTTerence. John Bohna and "Sugar" Cain had carried The mail Tor Murray's Two TDs. WiTh The propheTic ThoughT of "experience is The besT Teacher," Murray's eleven seTTled down To correcT iTs mis- Takes and prepare Tor The iniTial clash in The OVC againsT Tennessee Tech. The game in Overall STadium was a disasTrous aTTair. The Golden Eagles proved To be more Than a maTch Tor The Racers as They measured Them Tor a 9-O counT. NOT only did The MSC'ans lose The game buT also several oT Their players. Uphs! Where do you Think you're going? This seems To be The con- versaTion as a Middle Tennessee player sTops a Murray gain. Four gridiron sTalwarTs oT Coach Fred FauroT were side- lined aTTer The clash. John Bohna had ribs cracked. Roger EsTes injured his ankle and Virgil Hill broke a wrisT. Co- capTain Bob Cloar suTTered a shoulder separaTion. Limping home The Racers licked Their wounds and pon- dered on how To sTop EasTern KenTucky STaTe. ATTer The game, The Breds had The answer. They needed a pass deTense. BuT iT was Too laTe, The Maroons had passed by Them 9-I4 Tor Their second OVC loss. WiTh Homecoming a week OTT, The Thorobreds worked hard during pracTice. This was The BIG game. IT you An unidenfified Murray player Hopl is hiT hard by Two Middle Ten- nessee STaTe players in an OVC conTesT, which Murray losT 28-26. The Thorobreds labovel geT ready Tor a liTTle blocking drill under The waTchTul eye of Murray menTor Fred Faurof. couldn'T win iT Tor yourselT, or Tor The school, or Tor The coach, Then win iT Tor The Alumni. BuT even The enThusiasm oT Homecoming couldn'T save The Breds Trom being Tiger baiT, as The Memphis STaTe College gridders worked The home Team over To The Tune oT 20-O . WiTh The season halT over, people were beginning To wonder and shake Their heads. Would I953 be a repeaT oT I949? Maybe iT would be worse some ThoughT. BrighTer days were righT around The corner Though. ROY STEWART BOB CHANEY AThleTic DirecTor Manager And The TirsT oT The brighTer days was Evansville College. Traveling up To The neighboring meTropolis, The Racers were slow in Tinding They could win. AT TirsT The game looked as iT neiTher Team would score, as The TirsT halT closed in a scoreless Tie. The Third quarTer exploded like a Tirecracker, as John Bohna raced 40 yards wiTh an Evansville kickoTT To seT up The TirsT score oT The game. Four plays laTer, Murray Tal- lied. Then in The Tinal period The Racers iced The game by Tallying anoTher Touchdown To come ouT wiTh The vicTor's manTle, I4-7, WiTh a week oTT To resT up and To pracTice in, The Breds Racers apparenTly hadn'T read The record books as They began To swap poinTs wiTh The visiTors. The Racers used every scoring possibiliTy known in TooTball. They scored Touchdowns, kicked exTra poinT.s, made Tield goals, and scored a saTeTy, buT iT was all To no avail, as The Raiders squeezed pasT The Racers by The smallesT oT margins, 28-25. The unexpecTed loss To Middle Tennessee served To arouse Murray's dander. Much To The regreT oT AusTin Peay STaTe College, The Breds were sTill mad when They meT The Governors Tor a non-conTerence clash. For Three guarTers oT play, The game was unimpressive, Then The rooT caved in on AusTin Peay. The Racers scored Co-capTain Bob Clear iusT misses an inTercepTion as The ball passes over The head of The inTencled receiver. prepared Tor an OVC baTTle againsT Morehead. WiTh The TasTe oT vicTory sTill sweeT in Their mouThs, The Racers meT The Eagles on The sisTer school's Tield. Clicking like clockwork, The Racers mauled The hosT eleven 33-O To come ouT OT The OVC cellar. ReTurning To Murray like conquerors oT old, The Racers appeared To have decided To win The remaining games on Ther schedule. AnoTher OVC opponenT Taced The Racers when They charged inTo CuTchin STadium Tor an aTTernoon game wiTh Middle Tennessee STaTe College. The Blue Raiders had a powerTul Team. An impressive record oT vicTims, which included Memphis STaTe. BuT The and scored and scored again. When They leTT The Tield, The Governors were on The shorT end OT The score, 34-I3. The lasT game oT The season was The TradiTional blood TeasT wiTh WesTern KenTucky STaTe College. This season's Tinal was To be held aT Bowling Green. And iT was wiTh much hope and expecTaTion ThaT The sporTs ediTor oT The College News picked The Thorobreds To win. The l-lillToppers scored TirsT wiTh a legiTimaTe Touch- down. Then on The kickoTT, a menTal lapse oT The whole Murray Team, Turned whaT mighT have been vicTory inTo deTeaT. The ball rolled inTo The end zone and was recovered by a Wesiern player. A Jrouchdown rhe oilicials ruled, and Murray awoke io iind Themselves irailing I3-O. However, before rhe game was over, rhe Racers scored and rhrear- ened io score again uniil a pass inierceplion wrore finish io a raiher dismal season. The record siood ar ihree wins and six deieals. The Racers had experienced Their worsl season since I949 and Jrhe iourlh worsr in rhe school's hisiory. However rhe season did provide for some brighr spois. Alihough iniured by some cracked ribs, John Bohna again was chosen for lrhe All-OVC Team. This was The second siraighr year for John. Also, Ben Chamness was selecled for The second ream, Bobby Joe Mason wafches his 'leamma+e baflle +he Blue Raiders of Middle Tennessee iusf before enfering +he game wifh fresh insfruc- +ions. The prospecis lor rhe nexi season are brighr. Murray only losi eighi seniors from a Team oi mosily freshmen, sophomores and a few iuniors. Leaving iooiball were John Bohna, Bob Cloar, Ray Laiser, Bill Mac Bone, Bill Evans, Claude Thorne, Ken Hodge, and Glin Jeffrey, Coach Eauroi has someihing io look forward io in guarierbaclcs Bub Holi and Ari Smilh. Carl Wallcer and "Sugar" Cain, MSC's pony baclcs, will be baclc. So ihe Thorobreds closed lheir season. Wiser and more experienced in ihe ways oi The game. 131 Louisville's Hugh Kriever looks fo make sure 'ihaf Hal Killebrew is blocked ou? as he picks up yardage for his feam. SCORES Murray .... l4g Universily of Louisville . I9 Murray . . . Og Tennessee Tech . . . 9 Murray .... I43 Easiern Keniuclcy Siale i9 Murray . . . O7 Memphis Siaie . . . 20 Murray .... 14, Evansville . . . . 7 Murray .... 333 Morehead Siare . . . O Murray ..,. 25: Middle Tennessee . . 28 Murray .... 345 Ausiin Peay Slale. . I3 Murray . . . 7, Wes+'n Kenruclcy Siare i3 Bedlam breaks loose in fhe Murray-Louisville game as a lone Louisville player reaches for fhe ball. Everyone else seems fo be concenfraiing on fhe man in +he middle of +he pile. Firsi Row: BILLY ARNOLD. . JIM BARTON . . RAY BAUER . . . JOI-IN BOI-INA. . . BILLY MAC BONE JACK CAIN . . . HAROLD CANNEDY Second Row: BEN CI-IAMNESS. . BOB CLOAR. . . LEE ESTES .... RODGER ESTES. . BILLY EVANS .... DONALD I-IARVEY, ELDON I-IEATI-ICOTT. . . . .GonzaIes, Florida , . .St Louis, Missouri . . . Porfsrnouili, Olwic Brownsville, Pennsylvania . , . Fullon, Kenfuclcy . Brownsville, Tennessee . .G-reenfield, Illinois . . . . .Cairo, Illinois .Union Ciiy, Tennessee . Owensboro, Kenluclcy , , .TayIorviIIe, Illinois . . Trenion, Tennessee . Providence, Kenluclcy . Newbern, Tennessee Third Row: DON I-IEINE . . KEN HODGE . . BUB HOLT. . . SLIN JEFFREY . I-IAL KILLEBREW . . RAY LAFSER . , BOBBY JOE MASON Fourilw Row: TOMMY MILTON. BEN SYDBOTEN . , CLAUDE TI-IORNE . CARL WALKER . . BOBBY WALLER . . CALVIN WALLS . . . De Koven, Kenfuclcy . , Louisville, Kenlucky . . .TrenIon, Tenn, . .Murrc-xy, Kenlucky . . . .Cairo, Illinois , S+. Louis, Missoui . Humboldt Tennessee .Owensboro, Keniuclcv . ,Paclucalm Kenfucky . . Red Bay, Alabama . Brownsville, Tennessee . . Louisville, Keniuclcv Madisonville, Kenluclcy FOOTBALL LETTERMEN 132 BAS Firsf Row: HOWVE CRITTENDEN GENE GARRETT. . TED KOENIGSMAQK BOBBY MLLEMORE FRANCES WATROUS KETB SQU Second Row: DEAN AKRIDGE. . . . . Piiof Cai, Ky. 4 ALC, Cem,3,B Ky, JACK Hfwvm. . . M rpmbm M JOHN POWLESS. . ' ' B B' POWELLSMNTH . , . - -C5W'3'BfC'W KM REVNPARDT Muon . . . . . . , . . A ,Hambfg N, Y 'RICHARD SMRKEY. . 4 A . arkoy pmyed in oriy four qdmes HMS mason. HC was unabk: M nrmfinue- bonawse of a hearf Condifiom, A .Fr d VNU K, Cf' rw x I Cawcv LH K . Va 5 X , ..Lfax,5 V' Pa 133 Q 1 Q 32 , 34 W'5f??'1?F' fi' I .,. ff - 1 ',.v .,., A 'nr Q -mt' :': H 71 '. + 55 Mandi k is 1' M my F2-f gg, my N - kgs? A .5 Q , t Qyaxiff . Neg? Q5 experience had a seTTIing eTTecT on his young TeammaTes. When The smoke oT The regular season had cleared away, The Murrayans had a I5- I 5 record and second place in The Chio Valley conTerence because oT a 6-4 record. Thorobred supporTs were iolTed by The unbelievable TirsT round deTeaT oT Murray in The OVC TournamenT by Middle Tennessee, 86-84, in an overTime Tussle. The regular season opened wiTh The Breds on a Two- game road Trip. The TirsT game was a sloppy aTTair Thai wenT To Siena College, 62-49. The second game was againsT ST. BonavenTure and The Racers walloped The Bon- nies 68-60 To come home wiTh an even record. The TirsT game on The home Tloor, piTTed The Breds againsT a Tormer QVC Toe, Evansville College. The Breds measured The Aces Tor a 94-88 seTback. Traveling up T: Morehead College, The Racers losT noT only Rich STarke-7 buT also The conTesT. The Eagles surprised us 69-65. A reTurn engagemenT againsT Evansville broughr ouT The TighT in The Murray Team. They ToughT To The Tinish and vicTory oT a 66-60 TiIT. The Thundering I-lerd Trom Marshall College Tell vic- Tim To Murray by The wiThering score oT 93-76. The Racers looked like a Cinderella Team in This game. EveryThing They aTTempTed, They accomplished wiTh near perTecTion. The PanThers oT KenTucky Wesleyan Tried To maul Murray buT ended up geTTing mauled, 74-64. Flying ouT To Provo, UTah, Tor Two games wiTh Brigham Young Uni- versiTy, Murray wenT inTo a Tail spin, losing boTh oT The games 65-77 and 66-89. Limping home The Breds enTered The eighT Team Tield in The TirsT KenTucky lnviTaTional TournamenT aT Louisville. The TirsT game againsT Xavier UniversiTy had liTTle resem- blance To a ball game, as The MuskeTeers dumped Murray 69-49. Villanova was Murrayls second KIT opponenT, and aI- Though The Racers played a much beTTer game They leT The visiTors slip pasT, 65-74. Siena College was The Tinal KIT Team To meeT Murray, and The Racers arose To handily dunk The Indians 9I-68 and Tinish sevenTh in The Tourna- rnenT. The DayTon Elyers dive bombed and sTraTed The Racers inTo submission wiTh a 98-68 runaway. The Tigers oT Mem- Jaclc Turner TighTs wiTh Francis WaTrous and Bobbv McLemore Tor a free ball. Murray's John Powless wafches anxiously. Ari SpoelsTra is raTher Tighf-lipped as he wafches The proceedings. Bobby McLemore aTTempTs To block a shoT by WesTern's Tom Marshall. The highly ranked HillToppers were slowed To a walk by The 'Freezing 'racfics used by The Racers. phis STaTe sTalked inTo Town and leTT licking Their wounds aTTer Murray handed Them a 82-73 downTall. The I-lilIToppers oT WesTern came lTowel" shopping and despiTe The slow ball-handling TacTics employed by Murray, The Big Red regained possession oT The coveTed Trophy by edging Murray 57-43, The Golden Eagles oT Tennessee Tech came To roosT and had Their wings clipped and Their Tail TeaThers pulled. The Racers sTomped The Eagles wiTh a 93-77 decision. The Racers headed WesT Tor The second Time and The TirsT sTop was Memphis. The Tigers bared Their claws, bided Their Time, and ouTsTalled The Racers To Take The game 47-45. The Oklahoma CiTy ChieTs scalped The Bred: by 72-43. Limping on To Tulsa, The Golden I-lurricane blew Murray's hopes ouT The door wiTh a 6l-El decision in an overTime game. Gene GarreTT resumed his college play as The Racers enTerTained The Maroons oT EasTern KenTucky. Gene neTTed 25 poinTs To lead The Racers To a 9I-73 vicTory. The Ram- blinl Wrecks Trom Georgia Tech raTTled inTo Town and were raTTled and wrecked even more by The 77-66 deTeaT Murray gave Them. The UniversiTy oT lMlousTon's Cougars raked Murray across The back wiTh a 69-62 humbling. This was The Third wesTern Trip To end vicToryless Tor The Racers. KenTucky Wesleyan played hosT Tor The Racers and also vicTim as They bowed Tor The second Time wiTh a 86-80 shellacking. The MuskeTeers oT Xavier Traveled Jo Murray Tor -1 reTurn encounTer and had To husTle To Take a 70-66 de- cision. Middle Tennessees Blue Raiders provided The bark Tor Murray To sharpen iTs claws on as The Racers galloped To a IO5-83 vicTory. The nexT Tennessee school Tared a liTTle beTTer againsT Murray, as Tennessee Techs Eagles Tripped The Racers wiTh a 79-69 upseT. This was The TirsT vicTory over Murray Tor The Tpllans since T946. Middle Tennessee was able To give a beTTer accounT- ing oT iTselT The second Time iT meT Murray. The Raiders held The Racers To an 88-77 win. WesTern KenTucky proved To be an ungracious hosT as They soundly spanked The Racers wiTh a record shaTTering IO4-68 deTeaT. The Big Red scored The mosT poinTs ever Tallied againsT Murray and also ran up The largesT poinT spread againsT a Murray Team. SisTer school Morehead sallied TorTh againsT Murray buT meT more Than iT had bargained Tor as The Racers senT "Whoa, ball, whoa I ! !" appears To be The re- John Powless puTs one up and in as several Four of Murray's Thorobreds are all up in The acTion oT Gene GarreTT and Francis WaTrous Memphis players Try To block his eFTorTs. WaT- air abouT This ball game. Ted Koenigsmarli as They sTrive To bring a loose ball under con- rous waiTs Tor a chance aT The rebound. T221 wiTh The ball, Gene GarreTT iI7l, Bobby Trol in The Murray-Morehead game. McLemore l2Ol, and Howie CriTTenden hud- dle-up under The board Tor The rebound. The Eagles home wiTh an 86-76 seTback. Treking up easT To meeT The Maroons oT EasTern, Murray guickly humbled Them wiTh a 93-86 kayoing. WiTh The regular season Tinished, The Thorobreds seT TorTh Tor The OVC Tourname-nT. The TirsT opponenT was Twice beaTen Middle Tennessee. Murray had anTicipaTed liTTle Trouble Trom The Blue Raiders buT beTore iT was over, The Racers Tound They had discovered a horneT's nesT. When regulaTion Time was over, The Two Teams were dead- locked 78-78. JusT as The TirsT overTime ended, a Racer Touled a Raider and Murray Took iT on The chin, 86-84. l-lowie CriTTenden and Gene GarreTT were named on This year's All-OVC Team. For Gene iT was a repeaT per- Tormance. CriTTenden broke GarreTT Beshear's single sea- John Powless blocks Jack Turner ouT of The way as Francis WaTrous Takes a loose ball oTT of The floor in The TirsT half of The Murray- WesTern conTesT. son scoring record of 643 poinls by sinking 9 more poinls Tor a lolal oi 652. Looking Toward nexl year, The Racers have plenly To cheer aboul. Again They will play a maior schedule. The Thorobreds will have a new slable To prance in. A new, SOOOfseal gymnasium, now under conslruclion, is supposed To be ready in Time Tor The opening oi nexl year's season. Coach Hodges will also have an experienced Team back, He loses Two players: Dean Akridge and Gene Gar- rell. Several Breds are due Tor discharge from The armed services. The relurn oi These boys would cerlainly bolsler Murray's lineup. Yes sir, mosl everyone is happy. This years season, a lillle mediocre when compared wilh pasl seasons, buf a whopping success if you consider The caliber of The oppoe silion. Nexl year promises To be a Tussle. Bu? don? counl The Thorobreds oul yer: a Two-year-old is always more dan-- gerous Than a yearling. Memphian Forresl Arnold is all fied up as he aifempfs To score againsf Murray. Francis Wairous seems 'fo have ofher ideas. Wesfern's All-American candidate, Tom Mar- Pivofman Francis Wafrous hugs The ball as Murray's Francis Wairous and Bobby McLeA shall, goes up 'for a sho? and is followed up by he comes down on a Memphis Sfafe player. more cover up Jack Turner as he affempfs fo 'John Powless. Bobby McLemore and Howie Teamma+e Bobby McLemore wafches, ready find 'rhe basket Ar? Spoels+ra wails fo fry for Criflenden also gef info The acfion. fo give any necessary assisiance. The rebound. SCO RES MSC, . . . 86 Kenfucky Wesleyan. . 80 MSC. . . 45 Memphis . . . . 47 MSC Siena , ..., 67 MSC. . . 43 Oklahoma Cily . . 72 MSC Sl. Bonavenlure . 60 MSC . . . 51 'Tulsa ...,. . 6l MSC Evansville .... 88 MSC . . . QI Easfern Kenlucky. . . 73 MSC Morehead , . 69 MSC. . . 77 Georgia Tech . . , 66 MSC Evansville ,... 60 MSC . . , 62 Housfon .,.,.. , 69 MSC Marshal' . . , 76 MSC. , . 86 Kenlucky Wesleyan. . . BC MSC Kenlucky Wesleyan 64 MSC . . , 64 Xavier ,.,... . 70 MSC Brigham Younn . 77 MSC. . , . T05 Middle Tennessee . . 83 MSC Brigham Young . 89 MSC . . . 69 Tennessee Tech . . 79 MSC Xavier ..... 69 MSC , . . 88 Middle Tennessee . . 77 MSC Viflanova . . 74 MSC. . . 68 Wesiern Kenlucky .... IO4 MSC Siena . , 68 MSC. . . 86 Morehead . , . . . . 76 MSC. . . Uaylon ..... 95 MSC. . . . 93 Easlern Kenlucky. , . . 36 MSC Memphis . . . 73 OVC Tournamenf MSC Weslern Kenlucky 57 'OVEVTTVTTH MSC Tenressee Tech , 77 MSC. . . B4 'Middle Tennessee . . 86 137 BASEBALL SQUAD Handicapped wiThouT The sTeadying hand oT Coach Carlisle CuT- chin, Murray's baseball nine Toiled Through Twelve games, and wiTh a Tew breaks could have had ThaT long-awaiTed winning season, Finishing The year wiTh Tive wins and seven deTeaTs The 'Breds posTed The besT diamond record in several years. This had been The year ThaT Coach CuTchin had been waiTing Tory a good, hard-hiTTing, experienced Team. l-lowever, a hearT aTTack in mid-March prevenTed The veTeran menTor from guiding his charges. Tony Franc ran The Team. The vicTories were exTracTed Trom AusTin Peay, Middle Tennessee, David Lipscomb, and Twice Trom Evansville College, The deTeaTs were aT The hands oT AusTin Peay, Middle Tennessee, David Lipscomb, and Twice Trom WesTern and BeThel College. Sparkling Tor Murray were power hiTTers Bobby McLemore and Powell SmiTh, MasTer oT The mound were "Kayo" Willis, Len Casoria, and Harold Kelley. Sherman Childs held down caTching duTies. TRACK The Thin-clads oT Murray STaTe didn'T exacTly burn The cinders oTT oT The ovals This year, buT They did improve on lasT year's mediocre record. Finishing second again in The OVC Track TournamenT sparked The season. One oT liTe's darkesT momenTs beTell The Team in The TirsT meeT OT The year, when iT was beaTen in The mile relay+The TirsT Time iT had happened since Murray resumed Track aT The end oT The war. The rarely-occurring incidenT was accomplished by Cape Girardeau. The regular season record was Three wins and Two losses. The Thin- SQUAD lies ran roughshod over WesTern Tor Two vicTories and also downed Union UniversiTy. BoTh oT our losses were To Cape Girardeau. Freshmen Carl Walker, WalTer Goode, and Bob Jones were sTand- ouTs all during The season. Goode Turned ouT To be a "galloping ghosT" on The mile sprinT. NexT season's ouTloak was brighTened by The reTurning oT mosT OT The Team. Murray mighT really burn The air on The cinder circuiT This year. IN MEMORIAM MR. CARLISLE CUTCHIN Carlisle Cufchin, beloved coach af Murray Sfafe College since l925, died Augusf 20 a+ his home iusf off fhe college campus. He was 68 years old. Deafh came suddenly from a hearf affaclc. Earlier in fhe year, Mr. Cufchin suffered anofher affaclc, buf had responded fo freafmenf and was believed recovering. "Cufch" as he was fondly known, was fhe fafher of afhlefics af Murray Sfafe. When he firsf came fo fhe campus he coached all sporfs and served as afhlefic di- recfor. Gradually he refired from acfive parficipafion, and af fhe fime of his deafh was acfive only in baseball, in addifion fo his dufies as professor of healfh educafion in fhe physical educafion deparfmenf. ln I939, fhe college recognized his long years of service fo fhe school and named fhe college foofball sfadium in his honor. The records fhaf his 'reams have compiled are sfill sfan-ding. ln baslcefball, he has been equalled buf nof surpassed. In foofball, he has been mafched buf nof beffered. The memorial fhaf was posfed af fhe base of fhe college flag read: "Mr. Cufchin was an oufsfanding coach and a leader af Murray Sfafe College fhroughouf his 28 years as a faculfy member. For many years, he coached fhe fhree major sporfsz baseball, baskefball, and foofball. He will be missed by fhe greaf number of friends he made among 'rhe sfudenfs whose lives he influenced and, also, by his innumerable admirers in fhe sporfs world." His memory will long linger wifh 'rhe Thoroughbreds. 'hui' W , PWA .5 X' Y F ' ir.: 'R , X M. .., .-,. .,,515. 'K '1 .sl F W 1 5' 1 M Q 1 ig? K E 54 4' Sa 3 H if M if M" 'Q av ig M 3 J 2 , , K , 5 is Sf Q Q , ,E ? 3 , 's W ., .. wi, W X' i, Wm . im., , " fx 5 49" 7' 4 Ek: L I ' . 2, 3 " ' ' fi., xxf ff 3 1 - Jiiqi - 4 ' k ' L:-5 E' Ti . 3 A JJ. ,,:. .gr I s 2 Q V Q ' " 4' E , M yf. ,fm ilwzafhnls -M, gg. Q' K' 4 ,fum a R RSM'-Q hx we .. .wi W 32 'MEL ff I Wir. - ,eggs gf mx 5,p,,Z,:.,S I A OUR VISION FADES. THE CAMPUS LIGHTS GROW DIM in 'Q XI! 1 it -1 A THAT PASSES, NEVER TO RETURN EXCEPT OUR DAYS OF LAUGHS AND SIGHS AND GUARDED WITH JEALOUS CARE THROUGH 4 , VV 'I A.'A I -vA-, "-: I an I -'--- g " ':,', " ' I ' O.D RR AfR-A I f I " --R ---' I I Q ,,. .V ,,D, I 1 . stay RDRA . ,, OD I ag- , I I A sq . , We i, X H , an JJ: 'l gag X if W MW 33' MW' 'I I' WE KEEP A GOLDEN SHRINE OF MEMORY SAFE LOCKED WITHIN A TREASURE-HOUSE I I US LIGHTS used wifh permission of Phi Mu Alpha frafernifyj 'F-H-fx Yf' , .Aw -1 . ww x 3 " " , ..,WW,, M, h,,,v,W,. ,. W .. W XL.. , ,M W A .. ,YW M14-fR,gM., ym,.u..,. .W 1:3355 rf Q . A W 555737 q - 0- , , Q44 'rsrwf' wa Lisw 4 0 ffgafgwii- ,W ,N A Myrxww A Q - ez M W, v ,. ,www ws.. 'N' www mm, nib' 'p-U, R., Tfiif I si NAL WORD FROM THE EDITOR AND THE BUSINESS MANAGER The I954 SHIELD!!! We hope ThaT we have parTially recreaTed This pasT year in picTures and words. We realize ThaT iT is noT compleTe buT we sincerely hope ThaT iT brings back many oT your memories and preserves Them Tor many years To come. IT would have been impossible To ediT This yearbook wiThouT The capable assisTance OT The enTire sTaTT, who are picTured elsewhere in The book. To each oT These we say "Thank you" Tor a iob well done. To Mr. W. P. Campbell, OT SouThern Engravers, and Mr. KenneTh Wells oT Wells STudio we owe our Thanks Tor The engravings and individual phoTographs. IT has been a very enjoyable pleasure knowing and working wiTh Mr. John T. Benson, lll OT The Benson PrinTing Company Tor The pasT Two years. John is a Tine person To work wiTh and we have gained much Through being associaTed wiTh him. The SHIELD selecTed The campus beauTy This year wiTh The capable assisTance OT our Three semi-Tinal iudges, Mr. William Caldwell, Paris, Tennessee, Mrs. Dick SheeTs, Paducah, KenTucky, and Mr. KenneTh Wells, MayTield, KenTucky, and our iudge who selecTed The winner Trom The Tive TinalisTs, Mr. Jon WhiTcomb, naTionally-known maga- zine illusTraTor. We wish To Thank These people Tor Taking Their Time To aid us in presenT- ing This honor. We wish To Thank our sponsor, Mr. Thomas B. I-logancamp, whom we consulTed Time and Time again Tor advice. IT would have been diTTiculT To compleTe The year had iT noT been Tor his assisTance. To These and The many oTher people who helped make This book possible we say "Thanks" and we hope ThaT The reader enioys The l954 SHIELD as much as we enjoyed compiling iT, JOHNNY OLDHAM, EcIiTor-in-Chief LACY JOINER, Business Manager DRINK TRADE-MARK REG. U. S. PAT. OFF. 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S epiember I6, i954-January 27, l955 Second Semesier .,,........,.............,...., January 3l, 1955-June 2, I955 An Experienced Faculiy Trained in +he Besi' Colleges and Universifies in fhe Naiion and Abroad An Excelleni Library, a Spacious Healih Building, a new Science Building, an indoor Swimming Pool, and +he Largesl' College Audiforium in Kenfuclcy. Thorough Training for Elemen+ary and Secondary Teachers, Supervisors and Adminisfrafors Musical Oppor+uni+ies Comparable 'lo fhe Besf in ihe Naiion. Army R.O.T.C. lGeneral Miliiary Sciencel Murray Siaie offers a program 'ro meer siudenl needs wheiher ihey be in Ari, Agriculiure, Biological Sciences, Ceramics, Commerce, Dramaiics, Educaiion, English, Healih and Physical Educaiion, Home Economics, lndusirial Aris, Journalism, Languages, Library Science, Liieraiure, Mafhemaiics, Music, Physical Sciences, Social Sciences, Speech, Pre-Medicine, Pre-Deniisiry, Pre-Pharmacy, Pre-Engineering, Pre-Law, or Pre-Theology. Murray S+a+e's Division of Nursing Educaiion, operaiing in associaiion wiih Jennie Siuari Memorial Hos- piial, Hopkinsville, and Owensboro-Daviess Couniy Hospiial, Owensboro, offers a fhree-year program in nursing educarion, upon compleiion of which a siudeni will become a graduaie nurse and be eligible io falce ihe Siaie Board Examinaiion io become a regisiered nurse, Following lhe foregoing program, a sludenl' may spend ihree semeslers ai ihe college and compleie The requiremenis for ihe Bachelor's degree wilh a major in Nursing Educaiion. ... .l-li DEGREES CON FERRED Bachelor of Aris Bachelor of Science Bachelor of Science in Home Economics Bachelor of Music Educafion Bachelor of Music Bachelor of Science in Agriculiure Masier of Aris in Educaiion L. .--1- Ve+erans are urged fo fake advanfage of regular and special offerings made available lhrough our resources and faciliiies, including evening classes. For furiher informafion, address RALPH H. WOODS, Presideni' Murray, Keniuclxy w l A Memorable Year 0 Congratulations to the Student Body and Faculty of the Murray State College for completion of another outstanding year of accomplishments. 0 The Staff of your annual has worked exceedingly hard to give you a superb book and one which portrays the high- lights of memorable activities. 0 Neither time, effort nor expense have been spared to provide you with a permanent record, attractively presented and complete in every detail. 0 To preserve the photography and literary efforts of the Staff, the best grades of material have been combined with skilled workmanship to provide the finest quality yearbook. 0 W'c are proud that the 1954 Staff selected us to hclp design, print and bind the :'Shield." We have earnestly en- deavored to fulfill the confidence placed in us. I - I BEN SON PBIN TIN G COMPAN Y gomflek 1900! dffaauwzokafzhfy NASHVILLE 3, TENNESSEE I 1 5:62235 3 :wg up E' K fx? i .f., F1212 f L. 'Q ,F-5.

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