Murray State University - Shield Yearbook (Murray, KY)

 - Class of 1942

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Murray State University - Shield Yearbook (Murray, KY) online yearbook collection, 1942 Edition, Cover

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4 3 . F v Wk ,f J- 1 :J-7 'J 11 . "1 ' .- -.u-'f'J1. H. -. r, yg.. 5-K if 1. 1 ,iw ,4- 1 1' 235' , . 1 .N ,T .-, .W -1 v ...x . .W .ky . 1. - ..f',, 2,35 9' l 1. f -4 1 w v l940' , 4 l gif? sy: . gg on X N frffc Xe :X r X r ' f ln a lrue sense of +he word we have fried lo presenl' io you "Our Record" a+ Murray S+a+e College for +he year l94l-l942. Noi' in picfures and words alone is l'his pas? year deeply efched, buf also in our lhoughls. Here in our Murray haven, we have lcnown freedom and happiness. Now more so 1'han ever we are grearly indebled +o 'lhe principles of democracy. Regardless of +he furure we know each of us will 'Face il' as 'lrue Thoroughbreds. JM if CWM' WECUVJ 4. Ai gf 4, Q A .i,3'. 2 M f ,vga i . if 'X nr, fs i1 , Q by V, M dw t 4 Nas, Q 1 VA if Qt, ka, Y 'Q .- wi 'ii 4 , v ' vw 'Q' ' ,gf-:. if-HE '4.11ff ' Q 'Q .fi-Q -' X. 5.13 . + 'Y-4, ' , ,.,,, 'QQ 4' J f X S111 I s' .WW 5 ws W r, .Sw X fa ,y2g?wQsx.w:,- ff w in v 1 K ,ejgl , ..- 4,35 i,q,,A.M l Where +he greal and +he small mee+. Whelher il' be Chemislry or Lil., each has a+ leas+ one good recolleclion of lhal class. However we do nol' fhinlc we have been unmindful of +he opporlunilies we have had. We believe +ha+ our friendship be+ween class males will someday become our mos+ cherished memories. Clow Q Clie, UIHOL 5,5 0 mcniwiniiaw aw Q MTR We Q W' ' ' Sw. sirwl 12' N X A Wm ' A 1 lk 2 Q . Rx x ww, Pl W K ti, if , . .V ,A ,X QW 'N PMR ffkxkxx A " M ,Q , rm? ff Y 2'1?ff ,A ,., ff . .Q , . , ,A '3 X' Nh Q N ' M "'V34,i?,'f Y , 1 XG.. "ix wp , . Yin .1 w. W Wm Q - wx! , ' wg, wx, Y " 5 s , naw at Q' W ,W A G , xv' g K x ,-QA., ,X . .w , , ,.,.g,,, fgfai, ' it ' aa g is xv V' ,wx ,X V , .Wr,5" fu 3 W4 . K fy' ,, Xlgax 1 N Y awk ix , A 1 . Q - X' K K . , A! 'Qt L am, at A AV f QWEF' ,Wi - it-X 4 .A S., Q NNN X A X X .Q K xl? ' QA rx A15-3' A Ex "fifty W4 G 2 ii Q NVE? H Wfg' ix . Q ' Y .wk . A , ,ig H ws X H MW iw 5 it geiglm Q H Q N f Q 1 .ul ,u x Wg X 9" , ' j Ji rf Q., 3 ,K 4 Q ' .-aw. : 'sm gs ,gi A 'S Q M iggw Wk A321 5335? ,,::f' V 2 Z an uf 52 E, 5 W ih- ' K 30 f,...,:, gil Eg,A. if IQ, A w?i1 Q4 fsf . Digg -A if , M if 5 -1 1 Q 3' yi 3 r Y . far-Sf .- - Pa. Ag :g k f 959' L, ff ig w PSE W f : -fm ,, A Nh - -' H , 33 ,Q VL 2 sf K . ,1 N K 8 S 12 S 1 ff 2 K f E nw 12 ,sexi L 212,555 4 kssiier . 3 WLFASYKL gang ,uw Q4-,I 43125, . 3 -x, 1, ,f.., ,gm gil ' Each +ime +he Blue and Gold fool: +o field, or fhe floor, we +urned SMS oul' a "+housand s+rong." We had pep rallies +ha+ wouldn'+ qui+- we had bon-fires +ha+ wouldn'+ burn-and we yelled so loud a+ one game, which we were losing, +ha+ non-loo+ball spec+a+ors came oul rhinlcing we were winning. This I94I-i942 has been an excellenf year for inframural spor+s. ln+eres+, compe'ri+ion, and par+icipa+ion have been greaf. Wells Hall! Ah, how in+eres1'ing +l1a+ phrase sounds. Da+ing seemed +o be +l1e 'Favori+e pasi' 'rime a+ Murray +l1is year. 3 Qs? TSS T , ,P W 6 iw ,, 11 , Q gf. ,V ,wg wk v , an 1 ' ,. Q ' Q -M 'EK x W 'Ax' 5 wa,-,Q 5 Mwf W ill To some +his may seem like so many words. Yer words like prepardness and viclory are only words +o some 'roo. To us fhese are more fhan iusi' words: fhey mean preparafion, feamwork, sfucly, ac+ivH'ies, play, drill, faifh in God, and fhe inlesfinal 'for'l'ii'ude fo sland up for one's righls like all frue red-blooded Americans did, do and always will do. Vicforyl The word gives one a feeling of mas+ery, glory, self-safisfacfion, and relief: yer +o a++ain il' we know fhe 'l'hings we mus+ do. We do no+ believe 'rhal' +he +hings we give up are sacrificed, for we know fhal' we will again have 'rhese same pleasures. Maybe we are foolhardy, unwise, and foresigh+ed. We do nor +hink so. Gladly we accepr +he 'Fu+ure's challenge for God, for Counfry, and for Murray Sfafe. gw., ,. -1 'ag -'af' .. "'f -' " 'ff " '. if -- ' f' 2 F . '--U' '- " ef I -'H -'tv' X -I 2 3 ..-nw ,s - J, ' 'S QL - . 'fngqilii ,gk ' - 't ,-ex , ?'-z.5gg,5Yn . , 1, ,. 1 . " .' -" '. "4 "'f -1 n- o - 5-.5 '- J '.' ir f. .i - 'gf '.- ' . .,,-." '.- " 5 -r '.. ,' ' ,,. 11 59 ' 5 " I "'-ii' . . .' Mi--v'fjP3' l-ti "71-QQ15' if '-nz' .' 'Qing 55-1Njg"'-:Jill-.2 F-193-.g,'ii'M-Q.- 4, 11-1 -'-4. .-Q ,' :' 1-. -' , 5, -mpg' Qt' 1 ,ff . , fem-'Q' 4' --s 4 - -,--,if .X ,- '-'.ef5Q'5,-wf'15'Pn,fFq-. 1's,y:--.-f--- .-af uL.+f'-eff .tim-Q,-:.f.1f.v e- -f "fee -NM:-fs. -Kiev: -Q93 - +9 . - '- , - . -,',,g,Q ld'-2' '-. 1 . " O -'57 -'-5 -?'Q.v:1'31,,v-Yliynfiv-QV' '-1 X '-. : 5'-f.a--I-'Li 'A S-'Nei r-v.!'x3,'- E.,-QQ.-1:--r'."f?w:' fD',k'. .19 -5-f-'"-- ,133 --1 :'a,eh.4 . .31-' -'- , 'Z ', jgfnp in-iw"",, 4- J rzvexfgks'-1 9. N' 18' --3, n:'ff':"'f.15d'1""' 'fm r.-15-5:44Z'54q35,,Qf'.sqw12 N5'-W "'y1,+f1'Jw-'-.e-'- -.ig-pf.. -4-Tiffif'-'-if-cafllf'-v.wffiq-Vg swat-"""':7-.-.' 9"'g-.Nx,f- ..f ,,,5'-W-31474-r.QvlS f,:f-.-Q---3-4 my -sn. -.env f---4-- .H--'Tu-. En'L'J.Z- ':'3 1 '+fi-.-4-'0:'-We --1---We rw- J'--Q .-. ,.!:1,.:-.-15?--f V' -.4vTf,r-"-.VN --:f --'E' '-4-.fn-'.',,-uf-si-f'v"f -Q 'r+v-- "- .- M-'-"-.iffy fa-lv. .ww -:rg-" -of -'9fazu--1:.:f,g -"-kg-11' 13 g.---f- 1391.1 2: --,-s,--.-3 1---,--y,.:Q-f-.:n'-.:-qffz- lv'-lf-Y., ,7 . ---54. -..e -4-ww-als .m-,fev -' .1-- 3-.Isv L-.r.g.-W ,.,.1 . --.. -qw s,.,, '51, .Jay ,Z-.M--. - lg 3.4 :ff .1 S-.4 ,va-.5 -1-.J 1 ge.. -M... gn:-f1..-5-3 1-Q,-3.-L QQ-ff:fwzff-..g-wif:1,-5 ffl? 3:14 J.:-gas' s.:f-F-7:24 juss--'.?:p-5'q:-.iz-'gg?2Qq?a-M13 lsyaiqsjk, 1?-Afffmwifggggwnziwgiqgiiff ways: 'pff2:i?:.,Qf-Q42-:Cf ffff,-Z9'13f-fi-,4Q: uo..f2ga1sg-.3'f-,',g ,Qff,:fg.g' -'f-.H-rar:--4-4,.12' 1 ff'-f-e.?'i7i.ff-if----.-",f 'H M---f 'A.',iL-147'-. -Fffvvrir-,: 11-2.1-'L?.'-'1.1l.v .f'4.T?'?"'f 11- 'lfggi 2 -"1..'a ., -5-.5 1-A2 ff P,--'Q'-xii:-ff. 'f"1."4-on-"--'-nj: -'--1.-mmf :ng f5A??14g.-YJ: .mieg-'4'.::.1g,4f, J :TY--'55 -' 1'2"-T: iii.'-"-.'Sf1-?7ifilr-'j- '-7-1- 1- "':?"g fm--J--: :-J-'f 'Af7'a.1f'ff5f-'LTI-.-'. I-1,5-if-f1ri::,:'7"1.'ff.1-"-...-: 'f -.i'2.i.7-QP :"i-'1"2 -s 'Yi if'-PLE-"-3-I ri"f4?51'-II'f'E'.5f1iTl'f'5"" C-'f"".41 fl --1 - A- -gl f' 'lg .5545 Q-. sr-A .3 Q- A.-fn!" 'R-ij3',',f4-.g -f,g?g"5, .lg-ysjrvgrg.rf.g'1:f:fg:--.fy1,':,-gzgiljf-L lj IQ 'lzfkj 3,3-,FQQ.5,j3,,ggi.5g.?,-131-.Q.l,:.K? '5.'.f'jQf,:5yfi,.5 - - '---. 1--'- D- K -'f:""'-I. --' ' fm" Z' --"f'A-1-P1.l'Z-133:--I"-1-'Gei- N:--.. L' -2"Hf'1-' . 4-J-fr-:.T',,c?-' -:-2"..,.".'.-'-.-'.-sae- '. 14'--".t"'-' 1 . - 1 n " me , ,'.,:,.,, .- -'-. -' - -- L. -, .Y - -21 .'-: zz, -'v -,. --- -1--- -4-. -P :'.,,: ff' -vg . .-,.',- . :,,.,,.f.-3'-. 'l.-"'-91-.7 ' - - j. 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'- .e':'-Y ' "- '1 -1 'f "-"" ,- "3.-.Z5""2" 4' -A - . - --- .-11. 1 --, :-- -.'-Q 'Y ...:.f..,1i'-z.-'A-- 1 ws 4. s, ,J --5.3 ..-.jg r-is.-nz "9 'sr -35-Q' fe.-'half-f -,-4... -f"iU-'14, 1-Lv f f' Ziff' six- 'HEY ,' ' e5,5:e-:.-5255:-qag1'uif-5::::,y5,,x:g1y.'g.f-3..ggg...-ng..-.' .-,-- -:Af 'l,f'.p Lk-L22 Ast' ae. Q '?315'X5'. . i? .f," 1' P'-Q' 31. , ui F M--5333 K. . w-. ---?"w--- 1- -fi +L. .:,s-f1..'w- - . ff -fe..-'-re :-,- .1 1 - ' -'-6-rv mr- "1-c..w, 4 ' 1 -, :mf -if-gf. A ,J '- . - --r mm'-'. 45.43,-Ly.I'E-S: ,QW may xg ,,-5--.-vy-4.4. V- jg! .. up Lf WA: ,..,, ., 14,-Q. . , , 3 V. . p h: ,,-,-Q,g,.. ., 5,-,, 3.4 ,Q,,,,,..,. ,:. . , , A ,. , -.,, ,H t . , A. Lg, 2. N- -' -' P ' -f 'STL ' -' -'-' ,nf ,A ,,- n , .w 51-' 2. ..v'21'1' , pl '- .- f- .x.fkY - Y - .f2fif!'b:'ri'4-1 . J, - . , s. Aw- -.3 " - -'S2i:IN'1: - ., f'.5..- . -'V f - i f Sygfp .4-3 ,',,-1 -. -: ., - u, . -.. - -- - :qs---- f - -, wg- - 5 - ' ,- . 1 bp, 'A - - ,Xl ., , . .,, fi. I. I T' ,,.. . . ' V ,,,- ,v ii if .a,.! lb . .P 1 xx,-,-.', ,. . a-. A-" -i's'A L "-. ,.4. .-en . - ' .- :. M- 4' A8 . -.-'-"1-Q?-1.' ff ----s f! , . 1 - ' f- ff ' 42' ' .- . 4 L.--.ef 4, ., -f-W z -:W w,,.-, :f-new K f--as-fa ff' 'N 4 M A . M., l A A Q . 1,4 - 1 V' .. gg .NA Lima uv . A , - ,, V v vgkz I , . ,. 1. , . V.. :!,:r.m,t.5y, -3,4 ,M-, ,, ,5, ..:f.q.i yi. V -T . .',Lg2f,W. gwxfgyi '- -- - -- " -- -- M- - 1 ' 4' - -- ur- '- :va -:- -' --1-wwe 4- fl . . 'Sf - W' ' . 953 .-.M- . :'. 5 A f A , i ' .- '45-. U ' iff ? H5 'Y ,- li This, lhe I942 Shield, is an edifion of I,000 copies published' by lhe sludenr body of Murray Slafe College. We, lhe Edilor and Business Manager, are ever graieful lo our unliring siaff, Mr. Yancey, and John Benson. We also wish 'lo lhank any and all members of fhe sl'uden+ body fhal have helped in any way on fhe Shield. L., DYKE MAYO . . . Ediior-in-Chief J. LEWIS DORAN . . Business M anager x. sQ www-ww Wfwmmkmhwfmw, ,Y 'Wm' ,M Aiwwmwwxmym A: am, W K v :W -Afsf-wif' q . mpg! V Murray lf fender The college annual is an inI'eres+ing and unique ins+i+u'rion of Ihe Iypical American college. In if are recorded ac+ivi+ies and phofographs which will increase in in+eres+ and imporfance as 'I'he years come and go. I+ is, indeed, a freasure chesf of memories. I +rus+ I'haI' each s+uden'I will preserve Ihis and o'I'her "Shields," The pleasure 'rhai' 'rhey will give you, Ien and +wen'I'y years hence, will be even grealer Ihan 'rhaf which you now enioy. They will recall happy ex- periences, good friends and good fellowship. Las+ year's annual was by far +he besi' +ha+ 'rhe college has produced, and I am confideni' +ha+ +his one will measure up +o Ihe high sfandards se+ by +he annual of I94I. May I exfend my sincere congrafularions +o Ihe s+aff which has edifed +his mos+ exceIIen'I' pubIica+ion. Sincerely yours, JAMES H. RICHMOND, President U61 if f .25 ., ,A E ww ,ll ,nt ull. nity DQ!!! Vlllb 'Oli O 'll ' .4 X X -5:-gzgg, 5217 lirsww Q 11 , ,mis D IC 35. IIULTY FORREST C. POGUE Social Science C. S. LOWRY Head of Deparl men'r of Social Science G. C. MAYRELL JOHNSON Social Science M. G. CARMAN ASHCRAFT Social Science Head of De pa rfmenf of Mafhemalics EVELYN LYNN C. R. McGAVERN Fine Arfs lPianol FRANKLIN P. INGLI Malhemafics S Fine Arfs IMusicJ WILLIAM FOX L. R. PUTNAM Fine Arfs fMusicj PRICE DOYLE Fine Arts IMusicJ Band Direclor Head of Depa rimenf of Fine Arls JOSEPH N. GARTON A. C. LAFOLLETTE Public Speaking Debale Coach HELEN THORNTON Fine Arls lMusicJ Fine Arfs lDramaIicsI W. D. L. C. FOWLER Commerce ELLA WEIHING LEWIS Education Dean of Women English FRED M. GINGLES Head of Deparimenf of Commerce 1 N-.J ,A 'Q' 'G' MQ ra-.-Q, T181 191 RICE MOUNTJOY Physical Education and Coach CATHERIN Frenc CAROLINE WINGO Home Economics LTY E FEHRER h and Spanish H. LEE HOPE Fine Arts Wlusicl EMILY WILSON Fine Arts lMusicl ELLISON BROWN Librarian Director H. L. HUGHES Chemistry ON El DA WEAR Cashie SUZANNE SNOOK Assistant Registrar E. H. SMITH f GEORGE PATTERSON Physics and Chemistry Director of Public Relations ETTA B. GRANT Assistant Librarian BETTY HAYS SARAH HENDERSON Secretary to Director of Public Relations Recorder CHARLES HOSKINS Assistant Bookkeeper JOHN HOLMES N. Y. A. Woodwork Department RUTH SEXTON Head of Department of Home Economics M. O. WRATH ER Assistant Director of Public Relations FRED SHULTZ LTY Education L. J. HORTIN Direclor of Journalism and Publicily Dlreclor G. TQ HICKS Head of Deparimenl of Educafion WALTER BLACKBURN Chemisfry R. A. JOHNSTON Chemlslry A. F. YANCEY Physics G. A. MURPHY Commerce CHARLES T. HIRE Head of Deparlmen? of Physical Science A. M. WOLFSON Head of Deparimenf of Biology LILLIAN HOLLOWELL English F. D. MELLEN Acfing Head of Deparfmenl of Languages and Lileralure BEATRICE FRYE English and Languages NADINE OVERALL English and Languages RUTH ASHMORE Direclor of Wells Hall W. M. CAUDILL Dean of Men Geography TENNIE BRECKENRIDGE Secrelary fo lhe Presidenf JOHN W. CARR Presidenl Emeritus CLEO GILLIS HESTER Registrar E20 E211 JAMES W. MOORE LTY Physical Education and Head Football Coach CARRIE ALLISON Physical RUE L. BEALE Social Science, House Director of Men's Dormitory Education JOHN MILLER Physical Education and Coach ROY STEWART Head of Physical Education Department ELIZA SPANN Biology Department CARLISLE CUTCHIN Physical Education and Coach FLOY ROBBINS Geography and Geology A. CARMAN Head of Department of Agriculture GRACE WYATT Biology MARIAN BEERS Fine Arts IMusicl MARY ED McCOY HALL Head of Art Department NELLIE MAY E. B. HOWTON Agriculture WYMAN Education W. J. GIBSON Head of Department of Library Science 142 'nz , ,,,. ill .g?gegs X i ill Q i X52 5 l is 1 X I fi E E gil? Qi -my 1 SEL X340 H1 V is -A . ..,. Q . I ' of D f- ,Q , Q ff' 5 1' Q E SEIU S BOB SALMONS ..... CHARLIE CLIFT ...,.. BARBARA KETTLER . . . . . . . . Presidenf . . . . . ,Vice-President . . Secrefary-Treasurer Yes, we have finally made fhe grade fo be classified as a Senior. Sounds mighfy imporfanf, doesn'f if? Four years since we enfered Murray Sfafe College. Seems only yesferday since we were herded info 'rhe side door of fhe LiHle Chapel. We hope fhaf we have affained fhe goal which is a freshman's ambifion: To be a senior. There are several of us who will be glad when we walk down fhe aisle and receive our di- plomas, yef fhere will be e feeling of sadness, knowing fhaf we will never be an undergraduafe again, a re- membrance of fhe wonderful f' h h ' :mes we ave ad here af Murray, our classmafes and friends, our feams, our frips, our dances, our inifiafion, and Our Murray Sfafe. URIIUIIS HARON WEST ..... .... P residenf AUSTIN ADKINSON ..... Vice-Presidenf JANE ALLEY ....... Secreiary-Treasurer Juniors! Don'i gel exciled, folks, be- cause fhere is iusl one more year fo go. Remember ihere is many a slip 'lwixl 'lhe cup and ihe lip. SUPHUMUHES THOMAS HUSBAND . . . . . President BERT HOLLEY . . . . . Vice-Presidenf JOE RUSSELL . . . . Secrefary-Treasurer You are really a par+ of fhe siuden+ body +ha+ make up fhe upper classmen now, Sophomores. We hope fhal you have noi been loo hard on fhe 'Fresh- men. A+ fhis slage of college life is when you really lake on your aHi+udes of work and siudy fl-:af you will confinue ihroughouf your college career, We hope +ha+ you have made up your mind fo do your besf a+ anyihing you under- fake. FRESH BILL WASHBURN . . ,... Presidenf GENE GRAHAM . . . . . Vice-Presideni JO CRASS . . . . , Secretary-Treasurer One year ago you didn'f know for sure jus? which college you would aH'end. We hope you are glad fhal you chose Murray Sfafe because we are glad fo have had you. Our sincere hope is lhai you will 'Finish your 'four years, for as you know fhe college morfalify ra+e is fhe hlghesl during fhe 'freshman year. FRANK SHIRES ....,,................ Obion, Tennessee B.S. in Music Education Sock and Buskin, '39, '40, '4l, Young Democrat Club, '39, Vivace Club, '39, '40, '4I, Phi Mu Alpha, '40, '4l, Alpha Psi Omega, '40, '4I, Vagabond King lBaritone Leadl, '40, Men's Glee Club, '39, '40, '4I, Men's Quartet, '40, A Capella Choir, '39, '40, '4l, College Bank, '40, '4l. VIRGINIA RAY CABLE ....,............. Murray, Kentucky B.S. in Commerce Sock and Buskin Club, Commerce Club, Journalism Club, Young People Prayer Group, Epworth League. WARREN L. PHILLIPS . .......... ..... . . . Benton, Kentucky B.S. in Social Science Transfer from Hiwassee College, Madisonville, Tenn. MARY EMMA HARDER .,............... Linden, Tennessee B.S., Home Economics Sigma Alpha Iota, Secretary, '4I, '42, Kappa Delta Pi, Pep Club, Y. W. C. A., Vivace Club. WATKIN P. JONES ......,........ . .Lorain, Ohio B.Mus.Ed., Cornet Phi Mu Alpha, Vivace. BETH WILSON ............ ......,. M elburn, Kentucky B.S. in Home Economics Household Arts Club, Pep Club, Student Council Wells Hall. TUCKER ..................... Westport, Tennessee B.S., History Sock and Buskin Cub, International Relations Club, Business Manager, C., Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities, Commerce Cub, President, '4I, Kappa Delta Pi, Baptist Student Union, Honor Roll, College News Staff. J. P. I. R. MARY LEAH WILLIAMSON ................ Murray, Kentucky B.S. in Home Economics Portfolio Club, Household Arts Club. CHARLIE V. CLIFT ..........,......... Murray, Kentucky B.S., Physical Education M Club, Transfer from Washington University. BETTY J. AKEN ........... .......... B arlow, Kentucky B.S., English, Library Science W. A. A., Library Science Club, Sock and Buskin, Future Teachers, Pep Club, English Club. HAROLD RIDDLE ....,....,.........., Fulton, Kentucky B.S., Commerce Sock and Buskin, Alpha Psi Omega, Geography Club, Commerce Club. BETTY BURDICK ................... Union City, Tennessee B.S., Commerce Commerce Club, Pep Club, Treasurer of Junior Class, Cheerleader. HARRELD N. KIRKPATRICK .............. Russellville, Kentucky B.S., Physical Education, History M Club, Basketball Varsity. MADGE DEWEY ROWLAND ............ . . Bassett, Kentucky B.S., Home Economics Portfolio, Household Art. JOE C. FITCH .... .... .......... S p ringville, Tennessee B.S., Music Tri Lambda, International Relations, Sock and Buskin, Vivace Club, Alpha Psi Omega, College Band, Campus Lights, Death Takes a Holiday. MARY VIRGINIA HENRY .....,........... Sturgis, Kentucky B.S., Commerce Commerce Club, Sock and Buskin, "Naughty Mariette," Honor Roll, Student Council of Wells Hall. RAMER B. JEWELL, JR .... , ....... . ..... Clinton, Kentucky B.S., Commerce Physics Club, Commerce Club. MARTHA LOUISE MELTON ............... Paducah, Kentucky B.S., Home Economics Household Arts Club, Pep Club, Annual Staff. IZ4 I ERMINE VINCENT .... . . . , . Central City, Kentucky B.S., Physical Education M Club: Physical Education Club: Varsity Basketball: Freshman Basketball, Co-Captain. ANTOINETTE WALLER .,................ Boxville, Kentucky B.S. in Home Economics Household Arts Club: Portfolio Club. CHAMP RUSHING ..... .........,...... O zark, Illinois B.S. in Agriculture Agriculture Club: M Club: Freshman and Varsity Basketball: Freshman and Varsity Football. ANNIE LAURIE aumerre .nfl . ..,...... Fulfon, Kentucky Home Ecoitomics Household lWelIs rt-tall Student Council. H. L. CARTER ...... ,I . . ..,., Mayfield, Kentucky 'ii QLS., Misfit, . Vivace Club: CollegeffOrchestf9:"College Brand: Glen Club: College Dance -,BaqH,: Campus Lights. MARY KATHERYN McCLELLAN Lx. Q .q .... . ."Lowisburg, Kentucky S a.9.e,,g1gImic , vavsce club: Pep c1ubyofenemaf'ssna:,., elea club: Y. w. c. A.: Sigma Alpha Iota, President, '4I: Jlunior"Pfom Queen Attendant: Kappa Delta Pi, Favorite, '4l, '42: Vagabond King: Naughty Marietta: Campus Lights: M Club Follies. BARBARA B. KETTLER . . , . ....... l . .... Hickman, Kentucky B.S., Home Economics Household Arts: Kappa Pi: Portfolio: Wells Hall Student Council. FRANCIS ALLEN HOFFMAN A ..... . . . .5 .... St. Charles, Kentucky A.B., Geography and Geology Geography and Geology Club: Hopkins County Club: Debate Team: Young Peoples Prayer Group: Westminster Fellowship. SARAH LEE ROWLAND .... ....... I ....., B askett, Kentucky B.S., Home Economics Porttoio Club: Alpha Psi Omega: Sock and Buskin: Household Arts. IVAN BUELL LAMB ......,....... L ...... Murray, Kentucky B.S.,, Music Vivace Club: land: Orchestra: Brass Ensemble: Chorus. MARTHA D. MEALS ........ "" Qi ...... Benton, Kentucky B.S., Homemiconomics Household Arts Club: Student Council Wells Hall: Football Queen At- tendant: Pep Club: Y. W. C. A. DONALD JOSEPH TURCOTTE .....,.... . . Norwich, Connecticut B.S., Commerce Commerce Club, '39: Reporter, '39: Physical Education Club, '38, President, '4l: Vice-President Sophomore Class: President Junior Class. DOROTHY J. STREET ...... . .......,..... Cadiz, Kentucky B.S., Music Transfer from Christian College Columbia, Missouri: Sigma Alpha lota. JAMES RICKMAN .,.................. Paducah, Kentucky B.S., Music Phi Mu Alpha: President Kappa Delta Pi, '4l: President Vivace Club, '4I: Vice-President Junior Class. ANNIE LOU ROBERTS ......,.......... Mayfield, Kentucky B.S., Music Vivace Club, '39, '40, '4I, Secretary-Treasurer, '40: Sigma Alpha Iota, '39, '40, '4I, Vice-President, '4I: Beta Pi Theta, '40, '4l, Secretary, '40, '4I: Kappa Delta Pi, '4l: College Band, '39, '40, '4l: College Orchestra, '38, '39, '40, '4l: Girls' Glee Club, '39, '40, '4l. NANCY N. ALEXANDER ....... ...... . . Milan, Tennessee B.S., Music Education Sigma Alpha Iota. HAROLD JOHNSON HILL ................ Marion, Kentucky B.S., Biology Biology Club: Physical Education Club: Young Democratic Club. KATHLEEN WINTER JONES ....,......,.... Fulton, Kentucky B.S., Music M Club Follies, '4l: Theatre Orchestra, '38, '42: Glee Club: A Capella Choir: Band: Orchestra: Vivace Club: Pep Club: Vagabond King, '40: Student Organization: Maid ot Honor to Junior Prom Queen: Football Queen Attendant: Sigma Alpha Iota: Favorite, '4I: Campus Lights: Naughty Marietta. ' E251 ELEANOR HURT OLIVER ....,........... Marlin, Tennessee B.S., Home Economics Household Arls Club: Pep Club: Y. W. C. A.: B. S. U.: Transfer from U. T. Junior College. JOE DREYFOOS PASCHALL .,..,........... Hazel, Kenluclry B.S., Physical Educafion M Club: Physical Educalion Club. MARY ANNA CROFT .... . ...... Dawson Springs, Kenlucky B.S., Elemenlary A. C. E.: Geography and Geology: Hopkins Counly Club. ELMO REED ..... 'L T . . , . ....... , . Benlon Kenlucky B.S., Music Vivace Club: Phi Mu Alpha: College Band: Orcheslra: Boys' Glee Club: Dance Band. DALENE BOTTOM , ....... . , , ...... Owensboro, Kenfucky B.S., Music Vivace Club: Pep Club: Orcheslra: Band: Drum Maiorelre: String Quarfer: Thealre Orcheslra: 'Campus Lighls: Vagabond King: Naughty Marielfa: S. A. I, Sweelhearf of Junior Class: Favorile, '40, '4l, '42: M Club Follies, '39, '4l. HAROLD GlSH ..... . . . , . ...... Cenfral Cify, Kenlucky B.S., Physical Educalion Physical Educalion Club: M Club: Freshman and Varsily Foofball: Fresh- man and Varsily Baskelball: Freshman and Varsily Track. ANNE ROSS . . . . . ......... Germanlown, Tennessee B.S., Science Area Transfer from Lambulh College. WILLIAM RANDOLL SWYERS . . ....... .... P ennsylvania B S., Music Vivace Club: Phi Mu Alpha: Band: Orchesira: Chorus. MARGARET CAROLYN MUSE ,. ......... Paris, Tennessee B.S., Music Sock and Buskin: lnlernafional Relalions: Pep Club: Alpha Psi Omega: B. S. U. Council. BILLY SHELTON ......., . ,,.... . . Mayfield, Kenfucky B.S., Music Phi Mu Alpha: Vivace Club: Sock and Buskin Club: College Band: Orches- lra: Glee Club: A Capella Choir: College Danco Band: Campus Lighls, Direclor Campus Lights, '42. SARA LEE HARGROVE , . . ,.... ...... M ayfield, Kenfucky B.S., Elemenlary Educalion Campus Lighls, '4l: Pep Club, '4l: Transfer from Chrislian College, Columbia, Missouri. GEORGE CARL SPETH .................. Buffalo, New York B.S., Physical Education M Club: Foolball: Swimming: Baseball, Boxing: Campus Lighls: M Club Follies: Dramalics Club: "Mary of Sco?land:" Physical Educalion Club: Physical Educalion Carnival: Wafer Carnival. REBECCA JANE ROBERTSON . . . ......... Murray, Keniucky B.S., English Library Science Club: Household Arls Club: Tri Lambda: College Band, J. ELWOOD SWYERS . . . . ............ Pilsburgh, Pennsyvania B.S., Music Vivace Club: Band: Orcheslra: Brass Ensemble: Phi Mu Alpha. MARTHA ESTELLE PICKARD . . . . ....... Paducah, Kenlucky A.B., English: French Pep Club: A. C. E.: Y. W. C. A.: Bela Pi Thela. JUANITA GENTRY . .........,....... Paducah, Kenlucky A.B., Speech Area Sock and Buskin Club: Porlfolio Club: Debale Club: Tri Lambda: Alpha Psi Omega: Who's Who in American College and Universilies. RUTH LORENE BENEFIELD ., .,., ,....... M elber, Kenfucky B.S., English Sock and Buskin: Y. W. C. A.: Y. W. A.: Commerce Club: Tri Lambda: B. S. U. ROBERT C. BAILEY ................ . . .Sebree, Kenlucky B.S., in Agricullure Agriculfure Club. T261 ARVED MARTIN LARSEN ................ Washington, N. J. B.S., Music Education Phi Mu Alpha, '39, '40, '4l, Vice-President, '40, '4l, Vivace Club, '39, '40, '4I, College Band and Orchestra, '39, '40, '4I, '42, Kappa Delta Pi, '40, '4l, Director-Conductor Campus Lights, '40, '4I, Men's Glee Club, '39, '40, Treasurer Freshmen Class, '39, '40, Trombone, Billy Shelton's Dance Band, '39, '40, '4I, '42, Brass Ensemble, '39, '40, '4l, '42, Student Council, '40, '4l. NANCY KATHLEEN NORRIS . , . ........... Guthrie, Kentucky B.S., Home Economics, English Treasurer, Student Council, '40, '4I, Household Arts Club, '39, '40, '4l. DAVID JEFFERSON WALLACE ............. Paducah, Kentucky B.S., Chemistry, Mathematics Bio-Med Club, '39, '40, Physics Club, '39, '40. HATTIE LORENE LAMB ............... . . Benton, Kentucky B.S., Home Economics HARRY VINCENT DAVIDSON ............,.. Bayou, Kentucky B.S., Music Education Vivace Club, '38, '39, '40, '4I, '42, Program Chairman, '4l, Phi Mu Alpha, '39, '40, '4I, '42, Historian, '4l, Kappa Delta Pi, '40, '4I, Honor Roll. HELEN SYKES . . . . . , ..,...., ...., M urray, Kentucky B.S., Secondary Education GLEN DURWARD CULP . .... ...,....... B enton, Kentucky Health and Physical Education Agriculture Club, '39, '40, '4I, '42, President, '4I, '42, Physical Education Club, '39, '40, '4I, '42, M Club, '39, '40, '4I, '42, Freshman Basketball, Varsity Basketball, '40, '4I, '42, Co-Captain Basketball, '4I, '42. SARA ROBINSON ........ ...,....... M ayfield, Kentucky A.B., Library Science Transfer trom Lambuth College, Library Science Club. ROBERT MILBURN ARNOLDI ............. Leadwood, Missouri B.S., Music Education Sock and Buskin, '40, '4I, '42, A Capella Choir, '40, '4l, '42, Band, '4l, Glee Club, '40, '4l, '42. MARTHA LEWIS PRIDE .,..... , ....... . . .CIay, Kentucky B.S., Home Economics Household Arts Club, '40, '4l, '42. J. E. CHOATE ...........,.,....... Pryorsburg, Kentucky B.S., English, Social Science Transfer trom Freed-Hardeman, Tau Kappa Alpha, '4l. MILDRED LUCILLE MANLEY ......,........ Seneth, Missouri B.S., Music Education Sigma Alpha Iota, '39, '40, '4l, '42, Vivace, '39, '40, '4l, '42, Y. W. C. A., Secretary, '40, '4I, Pep Club, '39, '40, '4l, '42. WAYNE DANIEL BURDICK , ............... Murray, Kentucky B.S., Music Education Phi Mu Alpha, '40, '4l, '42, Vivace Club, '40, '4l, '42, College Band, '39, '40, '4l, '42, College and Symphony, '40, '4I, '42, Campus Lights, '4l, '42, Billy Shelton's Dance Band, '39, '40, '4I, '42, Woodwind Ensemble, A Capella Choir, Men's Glee Club. RUTH ANNE FORD .................. Greenville, Kentucky A,B., Commerce, English Beta Pi Theta, '40, JAMES I. HARLAN .... ................ B arlow, Kentucky B.S., Commerce International Relations Club, '40, '4l, Kappa Delta Pi. ETTA FENTON ...................... ' . Murray, Kentucky B.S., Home Economics Pep Club, '39, '40, Portfolio Club, '40, '4I, '42, Treasurer, Household Arts Club, '38, '39, '40, '4l, 42. PETER PAUL KOSS ,,.. ...........,. M ossup, Connecticut B.S., Chemistry, Mathematics M Club, '39, '40, '4I, '42, Secretary and Treasurer, '4I, Student Council, '39-'4l, Freshman Football, Captain, '38, Varsity Football, '39, '40, '4l, Co-Captain, '4l, Kappa Delta Pi, '4l. GINA LOYCE BEALMEAR ................ Marion, Kentucky B.S., Health and Physical Education Pep Club, '38, '39, '40, '4l, Secretary and Treasurer, '40, President, '4I, Physical Education Club, '40, '4l, Secretary and Treasurer, Household Arts Club, '40, '4l, Y. W. C. A., '39, '40, '4l, English Club, '40, '4l. I27l ELDON A. BYRD .................... Paducah, Kentucky B.S., Social Science International Relations Club, '40, '4I. MARY KATHERINE LAWRENCE ......... . . Brewers, Kentucky B.S, Social Science, THOMAS LEO DODD, JR .........,. . ....... Eldorado, Ill. B.S., Social Science Sock and Buskin, '40, '4l, '42, Alpha Psi Omega, '4l, '42. MAYME MORGAN ............... , . . Buchanan, Tennessee B.S., Primary Education Tennessee Club, '29, Secretary. BILL DICKINSON .,... ............. . . Taylorville, Illinois B.S., Music Education Vivace Club, '38, '39, '40, '4I, '42, Men's Glee Club, Phi Mu Alpha, '39, '40, '4l, '42, Historian, Concert Band, '38, '39, '40, '4I, '42, Symphony Orchestra, '38, '39, '40, '4I, '42, M Club Follies, '40, Brass Ensemble, , Campus Lights, '39, '40, '4I, '42, JULIA GILLIAM ..................... Benton, Kentucky B.S., Music Education College Band, '39, '40, '4l, '42, Symphony Orchestra, '4l, '42, Sigma Alpha Iota, '40, '4l, '42, Girls' Quartet, '4I, Girls' Glee Club, A Capella Choir, '39, '40, '41, '42. BOB ELLISON IRVAN ..... ..... ........ M u rray, Kentucky B.S., Physical Education I Physical Education Club, '4l. ERNESTINE MILLER ............ . . . . . Murray, Kentucky B.S,, Social Science TASS HOPSON ...........,.......... Murray, Kentucky B.S., Physical Education Physical Education Club, '39, '40, '4l, '42, M Club, '40, '4l, '42, Mas. CARRIE MAE ROACH ...,.. . .Murfsy, Kentucky s.s. J. PAUL HOGAN .....,..., ..,... . . . . Melber, Kentucky B.S., Mathematics Transfer from University of Redlands, Redlands, California. FRANCES GREY WHITE .,........ ,.... . .Cobb, Kentucky B.S., Home Economics Household Arts Club, '40, '4l, Pep Club, '39, '40, '4I, '42. ROBERT FISER . .......... ..,....,. B enton, Kentucky B.S., Physical Education M Club, '39, '40, '4I, '42, Physical Education Club, '39, '40, '4l, '42, Agriculture Club, '39, '40, '4l, '42, Boxing Team, '40, '42. ROSE VANDERMESSE ........,......... Murray, Kentucky B.S., Music Education , Sigma Alpha Iota, '40, '4l, College Band, College Orchestra, Sock and Buskin, '40, '4l, '42, Vivace Club, '40, '4l, '42, GEORGE FREDERIC JOHNSON ............ . . . Lorain, Ohio B.S., Music Education A Capella Choir, '39-'42, Men's Glee Club, '39-'42, Band, '39-'42, Or- chestra, '39-'42, Vivace Club, '39-'42, Phi Mu Alpha, '39-'42, President, '4l-'42, Kappa Delta Pi, '4l, Vice-President, Campus Lights, '4l, Assistant Director, '4l. LOIS MURPHY GOODE ...... ...., .... M u rray, Kentucky B.S., Library Science, English Transfer from Wayne University, Detroit, Michigan, A. C. E., '39, '40, '4I, '42, Geography Club, '40, '4l, Portfolio, '4I, '42, Library Science Club, '39, '40, Kappa Delta Pi, '4I '42. KATHRYN GOHEEN . . . ,............ Birmingham, Kentucky B.S., English "Shield" Staff, '4I, "Shield" Staff, '42, Assistant Business Manager, College News Staff, Sigma Sigma Sigma, '42, Student Council, '4l, Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities, '4l. WILMA MAE MESCHER .................. Metropolis, Ill. B.S., Music Education Vivace Club, Twentieth Century Commerce Club, '4I-'42, Sigma Alpha Iota, '4I, '42, Band, '4l, '42, Orchestra, '4l, '42, L28l DOLLYE MCALLISTER ......,..,......... Paris, Tennessee B.S., English Sigma Sigma Sigma, '42, Deutche Verein, '39, College News Staff, '4l, Junior Prom Queen, '4l, "Shield" Staff, '4l, "Shield" Staff, '42. JAMES LEWIS DORAN ....,........... Mayfield, Kentucky B.S., Social Science Business Manager "Shield," '42. MARGARET ROBERTS . ............ . . .Almo, Kentucky B.S., Commerce Commerce Club, '4l. JACK HAINES .................... South Bend, Indiana B.S., Physical. Education Freshman Football, '39, Freshman Basketball, '39, Varsity Basketball, '40, '4l, '42, Varsity Football, '40, '4l, '42, Co-Captain Football Team, '4I, M Club, '40, -41, '42,'PhysicaI Education Club, '40, '41, '42. JERRY DOSSETT . . ,.,. ........ I ,l .... ,. . Paducah, Kentncky A B.S., Elementary Education 7 I Vivace Club, '4l, Pep Club. JOHN R. FORD , . . . .... ,. ..... ' ...... Arlington, Kentucky B.S., Science Area Agriculture Club, '38, '39, '40, '4I, '42. RUTH BOWLIN ......... ......... .... M e mphis, Tenn. B.S., Home Economics Home Economics Club, Vice-President, '4I, Portfolio Club, Social Chairman, '40, '4l, Pep Club, '40, '4l, Marionette Show, '40, '4l, Y. W. C. A., '40, '4l, Sigma Sigma Sigma, '4l, '42, Student Council, '4I, President, '4I, Senior Representative, '4l. DALE MELUGIN . . ............... . ,Murray, Kentucky B.S., Social Science Physics Club, '39-'4l. MARY KARBER . . ..... I ........... . .RosicIare, III. B.S., Home Economics JAMES EDWARD REDDEN ........... .... M urray, Kentucky B.S., Agriculture Agriculture, '39-'40, Democrat, '40-'4l. HELEN MARGARET HIRE ........... .... M urray, Kentucky B.S., Music Vivace Club, '40-'42, President Sigma Alpha Iota, '40-'42, Kappa Delta Pi, '4I-'42, Orchestra, '40-'42, Chorus, '40-'42, String Quartet, '40-'42, Theatre Orchestra, '40-'42, Band, '40-'4l. STEPHEN ALOYSIUS LEVANDOSKI ............. La Porte, Ind. B.S., Physical Education, Biology M Club, '39-'42, Vice-President, '4l-'42, Physical Education Club, '39-'42, Reporter, '40, Freshman Football, '39, Freshman Track, '39, Varsity Football, '39-'4l, Varsity Boxing, '40-'42, Intramural Sports, '39-'4l. MATTIE WILLIAMS . . ............ . . Murray, Kentucky B.S., English MARVIN PRINCE . ....,....... . . Benton, Kentucky B.S., Agriculture KATHRYN LEE CHRISTIAN ............. . . Sturgis, Kentucky B.S., Social Science Area ROGER LEE FULLER ...,..... ........, C arrollton, Kentucky B.S., Biology, Chemistry German Club, '39-'40, M Club, '40-'42, President Student Organization, '4l-'42, Who's Who, '4l-'42, Freshman Football, '38, Freshman Basketball, '39, Varsity Football, '39-'4l, Swimming Team, '39-'4l. REMA LONG ....................... Benton, Kentucky B.S., Commerce Commerce Club, '4I, Household Arts, '40, Pep Club, Annual Staff, '39-'42, Associate Editor "Shield," '42, Junior Prom Queen Attendant, '4l. DALTON LOUIS MAYO ................ Dukedom, Tennessee B.S., Science Area Transfer from University of Tennessee, Blo-Med Club, '40, '4l, Physics Club, '40, '4l, Deutche Verein, '39, Chairman Junior Prom, '4l, Junior Editor "Shield," '4l, Editor-in-Chief "Shield," '42. i291 ALBERTA ALEXANDER ,... ............... I lsley, Kenlucky B.S., Home Economics Home Economics, Secrelary-Treasurer, '40, '4lg Pep Club, '38, '40, W. A. A. Presidenl, '40, '4lg Sock and Buskin, '39g Play "The Women." ROBERT A. CROWELL . .,..,....... . Providence, Kenlucky B.S., Social Science, Mafhemafics RENA MAE BLUE .....,..,.. ,.... P embroke, Norfh Carolina B.S., Home Economics: English Home Economics, '4I. MARGARET RUMPH ................... B.S., Home Econmlcs Porffolio Club, '4I-'42, Household Arfs Club, MARY JANE CONLEY .......,. ........ B.S., English English Club, '40, '4Ig Vice-Prosidenf Classical Club, '40, Prayer Program Commiflee. FRANCES ELIZABETH GATLIN ..... ........ B.S., Home Economics Murray, Kenfucky '39-'40. Kuffawa, Kenfucky '4Ig Young Peoples . Murray, Kenfucky Transfer from Shorfer College, Rome, Georgia: Y. W. C. A., '39, '40. BONNIE EZELL .... ........ ...... L a Fayelfe, Kenlucky B.S., Elemenfary Educafion Geography Club, '39, '40, A. C E., '40, '4Ig Secroiary W. A. A., '40, '4I. JERRY GLOVER . . ,........ ...... U nlon Cify, Tennessee B.S., Malhemafics DOROTHY JEAN BROOKS ..... . . . . ..... Paducah, B.S., Vocalional Home Economics Household Arls Club, Sock and Busking Mefhodisf Young People, from Wesfern. MARY CLAIRE OLIVER ............... . . Murray, B.S., Elemenfary Educafion Kenlucky Transfer Kentucky WILIMINA GRAMSE ......,....... .... P aducah, Kenfucky B.S., Commerce Transfer from Paducah Junior College. OLGA KELLEY FREEMAN ............... B.S., Secondary Educafion Geography and Geology Club, Presidenf, '40, A. C. Kappa Delfa Pi. Hazel, Kenfucky E., Presidenf, '40, CORDELIA ABELL PULLEM ...... ...,. .... W a verly, Kenlucky B.S., Seconda ry Educalion HENRY MARVIN FULTON ..... . .......... Murray, Kenfucky B.S., Commerce Band, '38, '39, College News Slaff, '39, '40, HELEN ELIZABETH MCNEIL ..,.............. Paducah, Ky. B.S., Physical Educaflong Commerce Pep Club, '39, '40, Physical Club, '40, '4l. BETTY CARTWRIGHT . ................... Gary, Indiana B.S., Commerce Transfer from Lambufh College, Jackson, Tennessee MARGARET VIRGINIA HOWARD .......... Farmingfon, Kenlucky B.S., Secondary Educafion ROLENE CRAWFORD .................. Murray, Kenlucky A.s., english Transfer from Oklahoma A. 8: M.: French Club. U01 JOHN L. CULP ...,...,. , . ...... Gilbertsville, Kentucky B.S., Commerce Commerce Club, '38, 39, '40, '4I, '42. JANE SHULTZ ...., . ,....,.... .... M urray, Kentucky B.S., Secondary Education Pep Club, '38, '39, Union County Club, '38, Portfolio Club, '40, Campus Lights, '39, CHARLES WILLIAM SILVERBLATT ........... Osceola, Arkansas B.S., Chemistry and Biology German Club, '39, Pre-Med Club, '38, '39, '40, '4l. BESSIE THURMOND . , . . . Q . . . l. fl .... . . Brandon, Kentucky B.S., ,Home Economics Housellotd Arts Club, '38-'4I. ROBERT H. SALMONS ........,......... Beloit, Wisconsin B.S., Physical Education M Club President, Senior CIass'President, Physical Education Club, Varsity Basketball, '39, '40, '4l, '42, Co-Captain Basketball Team, Varsity Football, '39, '40, '4l, All-K. 1. A. C., '41,-All S.. 1. A, A., '41, All-American, '4l, Physical Education Carnlvai, '40, 'Sif"'Witor' Carnival Director, '4l, Who's Who in American Colleges and'UniveniNes, '4l, M Club Follies, '40, Director of M Club Follies, '4I. MARTHA sus UPCHURCH . . . ...... . ....., Murray, Kentucky B.S., Home Economics Household Arts, '39, '40, '4I, '42, B. S. U. Council, '40, '4l, '42, Y. W. A. President, '42, Pep Club, Portfolio Club, '4I, '42, GENEVA VANHOOSER ...........,....... lrka, Kentucky B.S., Secondary Education A. C, E., '39, '40, Future Teachers of America, '40, Geography Club, '39, Library Science Club, '4l, '42. EVELYN MELVIN ....... ., ..., Winter Haven, Florida , B.S., English Sock and Buskin, '38, '39, "40, '4l, Pep Club, '38, '39, '40, '4l, '42, Library Science Club President, '4l, '42, English Club. EARLYME STUBBLEFIELU i . . . . Murray, KentuckY B.S., Homguiconomics Home Economics Club, '40, '4l. WAYNE MCCLURE WILLIAMS .............. Wingo, Kentucky B.S., Agriculture Agriculture Club, '37, '38, '39, '40. MARTHA LOU BARBER . . , ......... . .Murray, Kentucky B.S., Biology Bio-Med Club, '39, '40, ROBERT JAMES STUBBLEFIELD .............. Murray, Kentucky B.S., Biology and Chemistry Bio-Med Club, '39, '40, '4l. ELSIE CALHOUN . . . . Eddyville, Kentucky JOHN RAYMOND MITCHELL ............ Union City, Tennessee B.S., Chemistry and Mathematics Physics Club, '39, '40, '4l. ELIZABETH THOMSON . . . . , . ...... . . Kuttawa, Kentucky B.S., Commerce Library Science Club, '40, '4I, Commerce Club, '38, '39, English Club, '40, '4lg Pep Club, '40, '4l. SARA WASHBURN . . . . Murray, Kentucky EVELYN JOYCE STEINBECK .............. Bardwell, Kentucky B.S., Home Economics Household Arts Club, W. A. A., Y. W. A., Westminster Fellowship. FRANCES GREY WHITE .................. Cobb, Kentucky B.S., Home Economics Household Arts Club, '40, '4l, Pep Club, '37, '38. U11 CLARA BELLE LOWRY , ............. Pembroke, Norlh Carolina B.S., Home Economics Household Arls, '40, '4l. CARL FERRARA .................. Asbury Park, New Jersey B.S., Physical Education Varsily Foolball, '39, '40, '4l, M Club, '39, '40, '4l, '42. BARBARA JUNE BRYON .............. Cenlral Cily, Kenlucky ,--wf'9'.S,, Secondary Educalion Transfer from',Weslern Slale Teachers College. LONIE EDGAR RUDD . '. ........ . . . Benlon, Keniucky K " B.S,, Commerce r A. C. E. Club, '40, "M, Young Peoples Prayer Group, Presidenl, I94l, Twenlielh Ceilfury lCommorco Club, '4l, Young Democra? Club, '40, '4l. REBEKAH Lo1s IJGHT1 J ......... L . . . . . . Cadiz, Kenfucky ' ' B.S., English Classical Club, '39, '40, Library Science Club, '40, '4'l, '42, Tri Lambda, '40, '4l, Trigg Counfy Club, '38, '39, Girls' ,Sfudenl Council, '40, '4l, I Kappa Delia Pi, '40, '4l. STEWART RUSHTQN .,.... . ..... . J Asbury -Park, New Jersey 5 B.S., Physical Eduoallon A Freshman Foolball, '38, Varsily Foofball, '39 '40 '4l' Variil Baseball, '4l, T 1 T , Y TBoxing Manager, '40. X' ,N y BETTY eRAves L . . . l ,... . ....... Q Q . . saruwen, Kenlucky T n.s., Secondary Edgewall' ll Q Transfer from Weslern Slale TCBCIIIYS College. JAMES MOTHERAL ....... , ....... . . Mayfield, Kenfucky B.S., Social SCilTlCl" ' ' Transfer from Wesfern Slale Teachers College SARAH ERNESTINE FISHER .................. Bardwell, Ky. B.S., Home Economics, Transfer from Lambulh Colle e, Porlfolio Club, Q Home Economics Club. MARTHA ELIZABETH FRANKLIN ..,......... B.S., Elemenlary Educalion MRS. OPAL MITCHELL . ,.............. Smilhland B.S., Home Economics ORVILLE MITCHELL .................. Smifhland B.S., Social Science, Biology GELA T. ELLIS . . ....,.......... . . Murray B.S., Home Economics ANNA MUREL MYRE ................... Benlon B.S., English Kappa Pi Club, '38, '39, A. C. E., '40, '4l. MARGARET SUE SAUNDERS ....,....,.... B.S., Home Econmics . Marion, Kenlucky Kenlucky Kenlucky Kenlucky Kenlucky . Murray, Kenlucky Household Arls, '39, '40, B. S. U. Secrelary, '40, '4l, Y. W. A., '39, '40, '4l. MABEL FUTRELL MARTIN .............. . .Cadiz, Kenlucky B.S.. Secondary Educalion A. C. E., '4l, '42, Y. W. A., '39, U21 14 Tribute 4 TU THE SENIUH5 Seniors: We have sTruggled Through Tour long years, hard buT pleasanT years. We have ToughT a good TighT. May our guerdon be even greaTer Than we had hoped. We leave Murray STaTe under circumsTances diTTerenT Trom Those Taced by any class before us. A grave responsibiliTy is ours as we Take our place in liTe. Some oT us will be sTaTioned aT home, oThers abroad, buT whaTever our Task may be, leT us give The besT ThaT is in us To uphold The principles seT TorTh by The TaThers oT our land and To "keep flying" The banner oT enlighTenmenT wiTh True Americanism. EL .... l3il Firsi' Row Third Row CARL W. COHEN ANN WORTEN LEO HUTT GENIEVE EDUMDSON MARGARET HOLLAND FLEMING HODGES MARY AVALON MEUTH BOB COVINGTON BILLY LIPFORD JANE ALLEY DAN W. GREGORY NELL GRACE CANNON THOMAS HOWARD DAN C. HUDSON Second Row BoHom Row JERALDINE HURT JAMES WASHAM KITTY MAY WILLIAMS JACK LAMBERT TOMMYE JUETT MARGARET SMITH HARRY DUBIA GRACE NELL WEST EMMA SUE GIBSON JESS HAHN NANCY GERMAN WAYNE DORAN DOROTHY PICKARD NANNIE BURKEEN 1 T341 Firsf Row Third Row MARIANNA NEWMAN HARON WEST MARY J. BIVENS MARY V. GORE JAMES MEADE RUTH NALL MARY EVELYN RUSSELL EVELYN LOUISE JEWELL MARY E. JACKSON CHESNEY D. MALONE JACK THOMPSON EARL SCHERFFIUS GRACE ASHBROOK LOUISE HALLEN Second Row Bofiom Row EDNA ELKINS BILL MASON RUTH AGNES CARTER JOE LITTLE BEN THURMAN SHELBY RUMPH RICHARD BYRD NELL FINLEY EVELYN LOU LOCKHART LINDA MOULTRIE VIVIAN ROGERS LOUISE GENTRY HAROLD WEST JOHN IHLER I351 Firsf Row Third Row DOROTHY EBERHARDT JIMMIE CARROLL CLARA ALLEN HAROLD McDANIEL PAT GINGLES JOYCE HILL WELCH NOBLIT VIRGINIA MCDOUGAL VERGIE ANDERSON WILLIAM MILLER BETSY ANDERSON JOHN POWERS MARY GRESHAM ONEIDA OSBURN Second Row BoHom Row AUSTIN ADKINSON KATIE DUKE CONRAD JONES FLORINE JACKSON ANN EVA GIBBS ANDREW CROSBY MARIAN MAYFIELD HUGH MCELRATH JAMES COLLIE ANNE BERRY H. L. HARDY MARION FLETCHER WAYNE REYNOLDS G. F. FELTS U61 Firs+ Row Third Row WILLIAM B. BYRD MAX E. HOWARD RALPH ALEXANDER RUPERT WARREN NORMA JEAN HICKS LEVI OLIVER RELLA GIBBS HYLAND GRIMMER JEFFEREY HOWARD SUE AKIN WILLIAMSON E. ALLISON REBECCA DAVIS BOB MELUGIN ROBERT HARGROVE Second Row BoH'om Row LUCILE BARRIGER WILLIAM CRAWFORD MRS. J. O. CAMPBELL BETH CROMWELL THOMAS DAVIS THELMA BOYD NELSON BOYD WILL CANNON HARRY FENTON ROBERT L. HENDON RALPH CROUCH JOE Ross IMOGENE COLSON J. D. HAMILTON E371 Firsi' Row Third Row CARROLL WELT VIRGINIA VEAL THOMAS M. GANTT DOROTHY THOMAS MRS. ADELINE SEEBER FRED GANAS MARTHA JANE BLALOCK HELEN MASSEY DOROTHY GUERIN FRANCES SUITER KATIE HILL NELL ALEXANDER RAY MOORE ROBERT GINGLES Second Row BoH'om Row LOUISE EDWARD BENJAMIN THOMAS ARABELLA COOK MAXINE WEAVER HOWARD TITTSWORTH JEWELL K. THOMAS LOUISE CARTER MARY NEWCOM ELIZABETH BRANDON LYNDLE BARNES HELEN LOVETT ORTHA COLLINS VIRGINIA KINDRED RUTH PERKINS E331 Firsf Row DOROTHY WHITE CHARLES MCCALLUM CALVIN BROWN GERTRUDE VANCE GERALDINE BISHOP ADRON WHIPPLE MRS. DOROTHY SALMONS MARY SEAY JESSIE DARNELL MARTHA E. BONNER TED HALEY Third Ro Second Row WARREN SLOCUM MARGARETT BOAZ KATHLYN SHEMWELL BILL WETHERINGTON RODERICK H. OUTLAND ELIZABETH UPCHURCH W FRANCES SHELTON WENDELL SHELTON WILLIAM KEISTER LUTHER SHAFFER RICHARD MILLS E391 Firs'I Row Third Row JOSEPHENE CRAWFORD MARTHA ROBERTSON RALPH COLE JAMES W. ELLISON EARLINE RICHARDSON FRANCES SLEDD PAUL MAHAN ROBERT EVANS J. C. GIBSON MARY A. CALLIS OLIVER C. HOOD BETTY PHILLIPS BETTY WILSON Second Row BERTRAND HOLLEY GENEVE BYRD OMA GORDAN CAPPS NORMA T. PARKER LATTA THOMPSON EDDIE J. MELTON JANE MORRIS TREMON BAUCOM, JR. ELODA RAMEY JOHN L. NALL FLORENCE PURYEAR PHILLIP BRIGGS N ELL TERRELL BoH'om Row RALPH GINGLES BETTY JEAN WILLIAMS JAMES DAVID EDWARDS NANCY WHITNELL CURTIS HUGHES MATILDA QUIREY WARREN P. SLOCUM CARROL L. LAND ROBERT A. RADFORD WILLIAM C. SMITH SUPHU UHE III. S5 l40I 5 U MODENE WILKINS HENRY ADAMS PAULINE MORGAN BEULAH FLOYD MALCOLM E. CATES DREXA WILEY CLARA MAE BRECK RUTH ARMSTRONG Firsf Row LOUISE PUTNAM NELL DONOHO BUSCH HENDRICKSON MARIE BRANDON JOHN R. HARRIS Second Row HELEN WEST TOM HUSBAN D UHEIII. SS Third Row FRANCES FUQUA MIKE NICHOLAS LAURA G. HOLMES JANE WAKE MARCE LEWIS MARTHA BOTLER RAYBURN WATKINS MARGARET BRADLEY M. G. GIVENS BoH'om Row CLIFFORD WHITE LUCY JANE LEWIS MONTES HURT BEN K. MILLER INRIDGE CLEO DUNCAN JOYCE BONDURANT EMALENE ROBERTS RAY VEN CASOVIC VIRGINIA IRENE SULLIVAN J. D. SOWELL MARJORIE HUIE KATHERINE MCVAY E411 L. C. MILLER MARY L, CABLE ANNA MARTHA HALL PHYLLIS DICKINSON JULIA K, LATIMER HAROLD DEERING LORRAINE ARNETT MARGARET MCGAW Firgf Row ROW ANNA L. RICE G. W. GARDNER MARTHA SHULTZ BETTY BOYD MABRY BILL LEE KATHERINE WILKINS CATHERINE HAYS OPHELIA RUSSELL DOUGLAS MITCHELL JAMES BURTON SHELIA MALLOY ELIZABETH PINNEY JOE BROOKS PHILLIPS G- B' LILLIE Second Row Boifom Row RHODA SUE MAHAN ANGIE M. APPERSON HUGHLON RICKEY CECIL CLODFELTER JEANNE NALL MARTHA EARLE FRANCES NELSON MARTHA WYATT CHARLINE MARTIN JOE RUSSELL VIRGINIA RUTH ODOM WILLIAM R. DRAFFEN MAYME RYAN MILDRED KOLB UP III UHEII 55 E421 SIJPHIJ UHEIII. S5 BRENDA COOPER Firsf Row HAROLD ALSOBROOK MARTHA HASKELL JAMES ENDICOTT WADE GRAHAM MAE ALICE FIELDS LAVERNE BUCY ERNESTINE DAVIS GLENN HAWLEY JEANNE BETH GASSER Second Row MRS. DOROTHY BARKER JOHN BENNETT RUBY COUNCE JACK DRE JAMES VALDEZ COURSEY KATIE LOUISE DAWSON BILLY HIXON SHARLOTTE OVERBY RUP Third DORA SUE MCCRACKEN CHARLES PRYOR DOROTHY KING HAROLD LEU DEMAN LOWELL PARRISH ONEIDA AHART PURVIS BONNER LARA E. OWEN Row MARGARET NELL COLE JOHN L. COOMER JANE NEESWANGER PAUL JOHNSON MILDRED GARRISON Boifom Row EUGENE HOL HUGH PERDUE GANEEL JONES JOE FULKS AGNES BROOKS MES E431 JOHN WELCH VIRGINIA MATTINGLY ROY VANCE ATTIE LITTLE AGNES SUMNER ISAAC FORD WANDA LEE SISCO JAMES OVERCAST Firs'I Row Third Row CHARLES LEONARD CHRISTINE MILLER RALPH WHITE EVELYN ROSS GRANGER LATTA Second Row RAYMOND STOVALL RUSSELL PARKER MARY F. WILSON AUBREY WATERS WALLACE STEGALL OLIVIA TURLEY DOROTHY JONES WAYNE WYATT HAROLD FUSON INA SUE SLAYDEN KENNETH KEANE JAMES LAWRENCE OLIVER MAJORS EUGENE WAGGONER HAMILTON MCKLVEEN LOUISE UTLEY DeWITT ROBERTS BoHom Row GEORGE TUCKER KENNETH KITCHEN FRED CHUMBLER WATSON ARNETT MARY H. FRANKLIN HENRIETTA WOODALL SUPHU UHE III. 55 L44I SIQIPHIJ IJ LEWIS E. BARBRE MARY E. SULLENGES BLANE SYKES ROBERTA JORDON H E I. S 5 Firsi Row Third Row HERBERT LAX FREDA SMITH CARLTON HOLLOWAY WANDA ARANT PERKINS MARQUESS ROBERT SHERIDAN FRANCES NELSON, II FLORENCE LEVAN JESSIE J. WILKINS Second Row LOUISE LLOYD CHARLES SEVERS EUGENE SMITH CHARLES GENE SYERS GORDON LYNN GEORGE WALTERS BOB NAGEL IZZIE BASHINSKI RUBY DEFEW GILFORD CROWELL J. M. HUNT DON BRUMBAUGH EDWARD GLOCKNER THOMAS HOGANCAMP RAY MOFIELD SHIRLEY MILLS BILLIE JEAN WELDON J. R. TUCKER BoHom Row SARA SUE JOHNSON R. H. UPTON FRANCES ANN EVANS RAY TREON L451 Firsf Row JANICE LYON CHARLES ASHBY LOUISE RAMEY ROBERT HARDIN LOU JEAN JOHNSON CAROL VINSON, JR. MARY B. FOWLER JAMES CALVIN Fourfh Row BUCK O'CONNER EILENE KNOX HELEN CHILDRESS KAY C. MONTGOMERY BILL SCHARFENBERG MARY D. MCGREGOR ROBERT L. STOUT LINDA WASHAM Second Row LINDSEY MERRILL OPEL FLEMING RICHARD ROBERTS MARY F. BROADFOOT JOHN PRITCHARD MARGARET KEY MOSE PINKSTON LOU NELL MILLER I46l Third Row BETTY OVERBEY GEORGE W. TANDY ANNIE L. MULLINS JAMES NEWMAN JENNIE ANN DOYLE JIMMIE PRIDE MILDRED PERRY CHARLES SIMONS Fifih Row CHRISTINE HIGGINSON JAMES MCCAULEY HILL ANNE MITCHELL ARNOLD D. WIRTALA FRANCES BACA TIM O'BRIEN JANE ANN SEAY DUANE HAYES If .57-V -I.. , K FREE AN Firsi Row MARTHA BELLE HOOD WALLACE GORDON WATHANA SLAUGHTER MARY LOUISE STODDARD LEROY POOLE LUCY M, WILFORD ROBERT CORDER GOLDA WALLACE Fourfh Row MARTHA L. GUTER JOSEPH W. DOSSETT WANDA L. SILLS MARTHA CHURCHILL MARGERY CLAYTON MARY FRANCES BELL AURELIA M. MCQUIRE PAUL WILLIAMS Second Row MURVIN WYMAN DORTHY M, SAMPLES JESSIE LEE WATSON JESSE W. LYLES KATHRYN OWENS RAYMOND H. HAYES MARJORIE FOOSHEE CHARLES CLARK Third Row RUTH CATHEY CURTIS R. MILLS BARBARA H. HOLT LOUIS CHRISTIAN JEAN JENKINS MARGARET YOUNGBLOOD DAYNE CROUCH CHARLOTTE WEAR FIHI1 Row GEORGE ODOM ELAINE THOMPSON EVA RAE MCWRIGHT MARY KEY HARLAN JOETTE SMITH MILDRED A. WHITLOW THOMAS SCRUGGS SHIRLEY BELLE MCCLURE l47J Firsi' Row ALLEN TOY POWELL THELMA A. PHARIS GOLDIE PEELER LOIS GOODAKER MARGARET RICHARDS MARY D. CAIN FAYE DAVIS WILLIAM DONALD STROUD Fouri-h Row EDNA MAE POWELL JUNE FOWLER MIRIAM MCELRATH IMA JEAN ARNOLD BARNEY OLIVER CLARA KEY DOUTHITT LESTER MARTHA BROADFOOT Second Row KATHERINE BRITTAIN JOYCE OGLESBY CLYDEANE GRAHAM IDA MAE JENKINS WILLIAM SHAFFER JANE GIBBS GEORGE THOMAS JAMES ANNA LOUISE TRAVIS Third Row NELL CHERRY CHARLOTTE VAN HORNE JOY SIGHTS PAULA MILLER BERTIE S. MEACHAM JOHN T. ROBERTSON MARY ETHEL LANSDEN CHESTER BRANTLEY FIHI1 Row MARIE POYNER ANNA RUTH CARTER BONNIE MAE LENNAN MARY ALICE MCDANIEL MARY C. JOHNSON ANNIE MAE COST ROBERT RANDOLPH JOSEPHINE MOSELY ' S Il 5 S T481 E II 5 Firsf Row JAMES MENEES NELL CALHOUN J. C. ALEXANDER DOROTHY CASEY ROBERT CUNNINGHAM REBA D. MCHOOD THOMAS POGUE VIVIAN CAUDILL Fourfh Row VIRGINIA LEE PALMER ROBERT CRAIG TERESSA COLBURN JOHNSON OWEN JANIE CANEER FRED BROACH MARJORIE BOWDEN HARRY BLACK Second Row MARTHA CHESTER RICHARD MILLER JOSEPHINE BROACH HUBERT MARTIN LA DEAN MCNEILL MARK MITCHELL JEWELL RAMEY D. M. PEYTON Fiffh Row SHELBY ISBELL MADELINE L. BURNLEY JAMES W. HOLMES MARY EDITH LAX CARNEY OLIVER DOROTHY BARGER CHARLES CALLIS ANNE DUNCAN Third Row CHARLES W. CHANCELLOR DEAN BUTLER FRED A. LAMB DORIS BEENY JAMES MCBRAYER ROSELLA STRONG JOHN PADGETT EDNA JEANNE PERDUE I-'QI Firsf Row RICHARD GHOLSON REBECCA HURT MARVIN HARRISON LILLY B. GRAHAM AUSTIN HIGGINS MARGARET L. GRAVES CLIFTON CAVENDAR FRANCES LASHER Fourfh Row Second Row LORETTA HAYDEN GENE GRAHAM BLANCHE FULKNER CHESTER ANDERSON ROBERTA ARMSTRONG RACHEL BARNETT MARTHA GALLOWAY FRANK DUBIA EDITH ANN COLEMAN W. C. ANDREWS RUTH HOLLAND WILLIAM S. BLUE MILDRED FERGUSON SCOTT BROWN FRANCES HARRELL GLEN DUNCAN Fifth Row LOWELL HENSON NINA HIGHT SAM FINCH FLORA FERGURSON MERRELL FRENCH JOSEPHINE HAMOND DANNIE BROYLES MILDRED CLAYTON E 5 II U01 Third Row BILLY IRVAN EDITH CUNNINGHAM BILL BELEW WELMA DAVIS CRASS GARDNER ALICE GOODMAN CURTIS BROWN MARGARET EMERSON PRES IIN Firsf Row JULIA POGUE W. W, BELL MINNE FISH HARRY FELTY ELLA SUE HARRIS RAY PRUETT SARAH JACKSON JIM NALLEY Fourfh Row OTIS MELLON JANICE M. ST. JOHN ELBERT PAUL PARRISH FLORA REAVES GENE P. FAIRCHILD MARY EVELYN ATKINS JOHN FARMER CHRISTINE JEWELL Second Row WAYNE JOHNSON JUELLA JONES BAILEY ANDERSON BEUNA FRANCES COTHAM HERMAN L. COZART MARGARET GORDON ROBERT HARDIN JANE GRIFFITH Fifth Row NANCY MCCLURE WILLIAM FULLER MARY JORDON WALTER HILLS WILMA ROGERS HERMAN ELLIS LENORA HUGHES MARION BROWN Third Row RUBY BROWN EUGENE BROWN BRUNDA SUE FUTRELLE JAMES CARTER KARNELL HUTCHENS EDWARD ASHLEY DOROTHY DEAN HOLLAND EARL RANDOLPH U11 FirsI Row HELEN HOLMES EDWARD SWENTKO FLORENCE HARRIS BERNARD SELMA SUE LASSITER WILLIAM H. WELLS DORIS HOUSE DANIEL SULLIVAN Second Row E. C. SELLERS RUTH BAKER WILLIAM WASHBURN BETSY TUCKER RICHARD WHITE VALCOLA PAYNE BASIL SMITH ALIESE JAMES FourII'n Row THOMAS THURMOND MARY GREENWOOD E. E. WILSON ANNE DATHERINE DUKE FRED M. WELLS LOYCE SHELBY DONALD H. SPRAWLS MARTHA LEE SKAGGS Third Row JEAN WALKER EURAL WADLINGTON JO CRASS LOYD RATTERREE DOROTHY KALER NED YORK CLAUDINE SHEMWELL THOMAS W. SAFFOLD FIIII1 Row LELIA CULDER CHESTER WEATHERFORD LULA B. WALLACE CHARLES FRANKLIN FLORENCE THURMAN JOHN STOVALL MARY MADDOX JOHN STOUNE E5 IIN I. l52l emma..-I 5 E L S FIrs+ Row MARY B. HEDSPETH JAMES PRUETT RUTH YOUNG EARL YATES ATTIE OPAL POWELL BOB MCALISTER AMA TAYLOR THOMAS B. JONES Second Row JOE KINGSTON MARIETTA HILL CHARLES THOMAS JAMES NELLIE NODINE BLAYLOCK JACK EVANS MARION G. TAYLOR GARNETT H. JONES MINNIE LOU HOLLAND Third Row RUTH WITHERSPOON MAX CARLISLE LUCY BYRN POWELL PUCKETT MARY L. MORRIS JOHN HICKS ELSIE SHAEFFER CHARLES WALSH Fourfh Row JAMES BONNER HILDA FARLEY VITO BUCCHIERI RUTH MAYME NEAL W. BUNN GWENDOLA KOON RALPH SHEARER MARY ELLEN COLLIE Fifih Row GRACE TYSON THOMAS COOPER LOIS MCFALL POSTON ARWOOD NELL HOUSMAN JOHN RILEY UNDERWOOD HAZEL BABB HARRIS BLAGG Sixfh Row MRS. J. R. TUCKER RUTH BONNER WALTER PERRY DOROTHY THATCHER EDWARD MCDANIEL EDWARD JOHNSON ROBERT BLANKENSHIP RALPH BURCHFIELD ISS! Student UHEANIZ TIU OFFICERS ROGER FULLER . ....... . . .Presidenf JOE LITTLE ..,.. . Vice-Presidenf KATHLEEN WINTER . . . . . , ,Secrefary NANCY NORRIS . , .,......., . , . ,Treasurer REPRESENTATIVES DON TURCOTTE . , .......... . Senior Represenfafive PETER KOSS . . . . Senior Represeniaiive I-IARON WEST . . . . .Junior Represernafive RUTH NALL . . , . . , Junior Represeniafive CLIFFORD WHITE . , . Sophomore Represenfafive RUTI-I ARMSTRONG . , .Sophomore Represenrafive JOHN PADGETT . , , , .Freshman Represenrafive MARJORIE BOWDEN . ..,........ Freshman Represenrafive Led by courageous Roger FuIIer The Sfudenf Organizafion has complefed anofher successful year af Murray Sfafe. The Sfudenf Organizafion is 'rhe highesf sfudenf governing group af Murray Srafe CoIIege. This organizafion has Jrhe responsibihfy of elecfing cheerleaders, supervising sfudenf affairs and acfivifies. The president vice-president secrefary and Treasurer are elecfed by The srudenr body, and The cIass represenfafives are elecf d IJ ' ' cIasses. e y Iheir respechve 1 - 1 V exif.-ff , f : fgg E W f, -gm 4- ff My - Eff? Y 'l 4413529 1 94 4, 1 5 43 , , R a W yi W msg 5 4 1 f ,Q 1 2, ' :LV rray 14 "MISS MURRAY STATE" TO MISS NANCY WHITNELL GOES THIS HONOR, ELECTED BY THE STU- DENT BODY. MISS WHITNELL IS A SOPHOMORE, AND MURRAY STATE'S IDEA OF A BEAUTIFUL GIRL. MISS BARBARA KETTLER MISS KATHERYNE McVAY MISS ANN WORTEN - 5 wa. .. S"' Q I QQ -Ii? I fl ww' riff. if L 7 , A. rrr, ff , . I' 4 Q 4,1-3 gwfg if 5, ,ww .,, LSP, jf all HL ,f 1 19 X3 8531? 4 w"Skni3'1M'f?w5 AHIT? 2' 2 I ' f few ffwvf.-'1' ww 'Q wk, I. + Q sf if 5 Jigy, 33g'f.wf3',,5g,x,3F! axgk If,,g,g,51'?fg:fM I 25 I 1 'NZ' 4352 ,IMI I I, 4, Q aff? H me A giiffigf My f I . f . if f Q -Yfiyswifyf 75, 57, 5' ,gba MI 'f9'3I5i,i, 'Q '2'if-fp I ' ix, W, ,wg L, I .8 ,, .2 ,LI 1 , is ,Lg ggi., fefflpgmlx, 5+ in f:-e I 'wgf ' ' -4, kfafg Q25 I- Xb 7 W k.k A 1 , ggzmffgfwivgg M - f ,Nigga 5, :Ql 'WW MISS NANCY NORRIS MISS NORRIS WAS ELECTED FOOTBALL QUEEN BY THE VARSITY FOOTBALL SQUAD IN THE SPRING OF '4I. SHE IS A SENIOR FROM GUTHRIE, KY. MISS MARTHA ROBINSON MISS MARGARET HOLLAND MISS MARGARET BRADLEY El ENE? 1, MISS VIRGINIA VEAL MISS ANN MITCHELL MISS MARY WAYNE TURK MISS MARY KATHERYNE AMcCELLAN MISS DALENE BOTTOM MISS KATHLEEN WINTER 2 5, 1 if Q 4 .A Agni? GF ,Qi 2 we 'W EQ 53,3 4 ,ga www Aman 11541 K, , vw ,rw " A f V 9?, f.fE' 4- 1 3, ,Q-'Tying M ft ,F W 3 in ,A " t , r, 'ski 'AFENSN P Sf"'f'? M swuaanllwasum mf 94.1 A M wig -F' N :ggi My v 1 , ,,,.,w-gn-ef-' ff W Q f ff Q 1 1 ma fx ww! f W ' -Ii: 3335 USQSW my '5 f:::: ' :,.. . , . , wp. ,Wg I , ,gy n g ,ww ...4 ss - ' "'--- 5. M H 4 X ,fe M mf f ' A :: :gE.g'g',:.g V ,Q Q 'W-,f 7 -FE:-Z 2 ,, mifw Pm. if 53' Q S ' 6' xf as 2 Q, 4 ' 'iff Jw ,X 1 25 w 5 ab 5 3 X K? sf 2 ,W .fu-ff: mar- -':ear LQ1'w' mi 2 2 if A , M ,, .x , wg ff n f P :sf M um ...... - A 2 1 ,, Q5 A X 2' q ..,1E. . Q .., .- Q,gg,v, ,A ' fi: -' . 1. , il tx 0 1 M F, .5 -.,, O 7 '-fi. fx -L 'v . yy if 1 gangs W 1 S A A 1-1- -'-4 3 l' 9 ..f" I . ww. 'bw Qwfimvb, W wsmggwwvw ,ff Nl H .1 my L K 2 Qs is Y 1? 55 iii inn xiii ibut iii ink 'K iii X5 ,sf 5 , I. Q gi bs NX W K5 L:'?6i:'4 5g V,...,,,wi """"""' fag U, 1 . am Wg, yew-1 v 'I X qw Q ggagsfify 2 x 'f Mqgwy SSgwn x ,W2,gw,wsggpg'g wgswjg as " 6 x y .... . ff 1 z lb ps- , . Q fee s: S' 1 2 ,laws ,ew Q ww V 5 --:- -:--: -:E-1.:..: f Q iw B Y m.n,W,Q 5 U ,me . . 2 W., A M 1, QV M-::. 5 r , lzl- E --------------- Q 5 V 33 .15 :Rez hw f Mmm w 5wQf5fm" Q W +1 Q' . ,gg Egg, X 1 5 Aw mg 3 L I 2 his f . .g4:: g-25 :53. ., -5:5g,.- :. ..- qi gm, mg as 5 5 xkhnn 'S-:rm M M 'Q ,hgh . Q 5, N W, ' W wwf AS? 2555? MUWW: .. .,.. g K is E G t 1 4 if wc A-www-W 5 Q if li SPF, K w 'fm aw ff? PMS? atgqf Q 'Wig gif? 94' ff' Q SQA 5 an 1 QQ ,P 'N las F553 'Q We 3" M-'Mui if ir F r o rn Halloween pranks To our flying l-lislory inslruclor. Seems lilce llwe boys have siarleol on a big deal irip. l-le who goes lo Jrlwe Li- brary To reacl "Fun- nies," Our nolole Presiolenl pauses for The candid camera man. 'am 1? 1 'QL ' :Sm ,: 4- 4 ' 3514- 'Qi W. 4'- :gfexff , ,:sz,,Qfwe3f?iSgwgggxg. . 'Miz - Mawr ff Q ,M ,.,h,, .VW ., av! ,.Aag,:Q,,fw - .rw Ak-. gm 'sq' f 3 27, A X Y A Q ff :iffy .34 may 'Q its P WP yx 5 as ,N EU HES ROY STEWART . ..,,,..,. DirecTor oT AThIeTics JIM MOORE ..,...., I-Iead EooTbaII Coach, Boxing Coach RICE MOUNTJOY . .I-Iead BasIceTbaII Coach, AssisTanT EooTbaII Coach, Track Coach CARLISLE CUTCI-IIN . . .BasebaII Coach WALTER BLACKBURN . ...,.. Tennis Coach JOI-IN MILLER .... ..... F reshrnan Coach FRITZ WEBER ..........,.. Swimming Coach, Trainer Beginning The year wiTh Two new TooTbaII coaches, Murray proved herseIT an ouTsTanding pupil. WiTh The addiTion oT Rice MounTioy, we have a new basIceTbaII coach as weII as an assisTanT TooTbaII coach. We believe he Icnows whaT he is TaII4ing abouT and we are behind him all The way. This AThIeTic DeparTmenT is one oT The TinesT in The SouTh. IT musT be good, because our good enemy, Coach Ed Diddle oT WesTern, scouTs everyThing Trom a Too+baII game To a pooI game aT Murray. We made a predicTion IasT year ThaT is coming True. Now we are making anoTher, and I,OOO people can'T be wrong. For The enTire AThIeTic DeparTmenT we are pre- dicTing a successTuI TuTure. LETS EU THUHIJUEHBHEIIS ! THE FIGHT SONG So, lighl, Murray, on lo lhe goal, We will Welch lhe-m lake lhe ball down lhe lield, As we cheer lor our Alma Ivlaler brave and bold, We'll charge on lo viclory, our llag waving high, So march, boys, march on down lhal line: Place lhe ball o'er line, For old Murray's name, and Thoroughbreds' lame, And everylhing lhal's righl, FIGHT! FIGHT!" CHEERLEADERS Sam Pelillo, Belly Burdiclc, Flem Hodges, Dol. While, Keeney Keene, and Charley Seavers. This sexlel ol ear-splilling yell leaders car- ried Murray Slale lo ils highesl year in slu- denl body spiril. We were lor lhe Blue and Gold win, lose, or draw. Coach Moore Came tn Us frnm lfnnn. Stale l l Letter en Top Row: JACK LAM BERT A small buf very explosive pack- age and sure fo be one of nexf season's backfield bulwarks. HAROLD FUSON Remember his sfandouf play in fhe Wesfern game? Slafed fo be one of Murray's greafesf pivof men. Second Row: STEW RUSHTON One of fhose guys who played because he liked fhe game. TEDDY SASSEEN A possible fouchdown from any place on fhe field. Thai' was fhe way opposing clubs regarded fhe Mayfield mife. Third Row: CHAMP RUSHING Few fellows could have gone ouf four years and sfuck like Champ did. He was a swell guy and an inspirafion fo his feammafes. JERRY G-LOVER A converfed fackle, Jevry's sfeady defensive play and fine blocking made him a sfandouf af his posifion. Fourfh Row: ROGER FU LLER Big, rugged, and fasf, "The Rock" was nofed for his defensive fac- fics. Opposing cenfers will never forgef. JACK HAlNES A greaf compefifor, a fine leader, and one of fhe besf defensive ends in The whole Soufhland. The Trainers FRITZ WEBER ...... Trainer The round man from Poffsville, Pa., has kneaded a lo? of Charley Horses and made a lof of friends here af M. S. C., buf our loss is Uncle Sam's gain. Take if easy on fhe men in olive-drab. LEVI OLIVER ...... Manager This spare, lean lad from Eddyville has a ready grin and a ready answer for everyone. If fhe alhlefic deparfmenf had arms, you'd have lo name one of fhem Levi ANDY CROSBY ..... Trainer Frifzie's successor, Andy, is energetic, en- fhusiaslic-he also likes his work. What more could a group of perspiring afhlefes ask? Letter en Top Row: BOB SALMONS I-Ie could snag lhose passes, and his flank was rarely lurned. A line, all-round alhlele and a good Ioolball man. CARL FERRARA Only ISO pounds and 'Ihe leading ground gainer on The club. Thal fells The slory of The lillle rnan Thar never guil. Second Row: PETE KOSS Pele played The lough posifion ol blocking back. I-Ie was a line field general and his blocking won him The covered Blocking Award. "RED" WHITE This oversize Collossus should be one of lhe Soulh's finesl' lacklers. I-Ie has everylhing for The lolz, Third Row: MIKE NICHOLAS A good blocker, and a crushing lackler. I-le'll bear walching These nexl Iwo years. JIM TUCKER Remember 'Ihe Weslern game? Jirn's end play was one ol lhe Iealures of Ihe clay. Bolfom Row: WID ELLISON ll Uncle Sam don'l demand pri- orily, his services as a llankman will be much in demand nexl Tall. STEVE LEVANDOSKI I-lard running, savage Tackling, and a real sense of Team play. These adieclives describe Sleve's lasl and besl year. is Co-Caplains Jack l-laines and Pele Koss really gave llwe Tliorouglwbreds an inspiralion lllis lall. l-laines, one ol llie grealesl ends in llie Soulli, made All-K. I. A. C., alllwougli be was unable lc play in lwo games. Jaclc always nad llie liglwl, and was al lwis grealesl when llie going was llwe lougliesl. Keep 'em llying, Jack l-laines! Pele Koss, llie pool-beaded, ligllling blocking l801 EHIDIHIJN LEADERS guarlerbaclc. Koss was selecled by his leam and coaches as llwe unsung nero, winner ol llme Blocking Award. For llwe pasl lour years we llave seen a lopnolcll lield general in lliis boy, and lie will be sadly missed in llie lall ol '42. Koss made lwonorable menlion on All-K. l. A. C. Keep plugging, Pele Koss! FUIJTBALI. Murray, 48: Culver-Sfocldon, 7 Showering fhe helpless Missourians wifh a barrage of fouchdowns, fhe Blue and Gold gridsfers inifiafed fhe '4I campaign wifh a one- sided friumph. A one-feam affair, fhe game marked liffle more fhan fhe debuf of Murray's new menfor, Jim Moore. Murray, Og Easfern, 6 Wifh fhe fine punfing of junior failback Bob Perkins making if a ball game, fhe Mooremen dropped a close one fo an undefeafed Easfern eleven, 6-O. Easfern fallied lafe in fhe firsf quar- fer on a pass from Smifh fo Schusfer. Murray was in Easfern ferrifory on fhree occasions, buf was unable fo punch fhe pigskin across. Murray, 6, Union, I4 Wifh "Casey" Jones af fhe fhroffle fhe Bull- dogs fallied fwice, fhen fook fhe defensive while fhe 'Bred eleven proceeded fo sfage fufile marches back and across fhe gridiron. This was a poinfed game for Union and in score fhey fook home fhe bacon. For Murray anofher moral vicfory, if such a fhing exisfs, wifh I5 firsf downs fo 3 for Union. SE!-ISHN UF '41 Murray, 6: Tennessee Tech, I4 lAf Owensboro, Ky.l The fhird hearfbreaker in a row. Again fhe edge in firsf downs fhis fime II fo 6. If was fhe Murray line providing fhe show as fhey puf fhe sfopper on Sfubblefield, fhe Techsfer speed merchanf. Counfers for fhe Golden Eagles came on fwo long passes involving Sfubblefield and Rukivina. Levandoski broke fhe 'Bred fouchdown famine by scoofing I6 yards on a wide reverse early in fhe fhird period. Murray, Ib: Morehead, 7 "V" for vicfory, and a very welcome one. Morehead fallied firsf and if seemed for a mo- menf fhaf fhe favored visifors were infending fo give us a shellacking. I-Iowever, fhe 'Breds came back for 6 poinfs buf missed fhe conver- sion. Then our All-K. I. A. C. fackle, George Spefh, boofed a niffy I5-yard field goal fo give Murray a 9-6 lead. Syers, Perkins, Sasseen, and fhe whole forward wall made a difficulf fask seem easy as fhe Murray gridsfers rolled. Lamberf and Ferrara were spinning and running well and "Sfeve" made fhe Murray reverses a fhing fo sfarf scoufs fo diagramming defenses. FUIJTBALI. Murray, 0, DelTa, 0 BoTh The weaTher and The DelTa STaTesmen proved paradoxical, as lack oT scoring keynoTed a marine encounTer. The highlighT oT The ball game came when Levandoski emerged wiTh a sTerling deTensive play as he drove beTween Two DelTa blockers To smear Brooks, Delfa Tailback, iusT one yard shorT oT The Murray goal. Murray, 3 lg Memphis STaTe, 6 A slighT Tlurry oT snow broughT on a Tlurry oT Touchdowns wiTh The 'Breds looking almosT pro- Tessional as They Turned on The heaT in The second halT To win going away. The running aTTack really goT inTo high gear wiTh a whole hosT oT Murray backs geTTing in The scoring column. Sasseen, Levandoski, Ganas scored once each wiTh Ferrara Tallying Twice, To prove ThaT a Mo- linski coached line was noT impregnable. Murray, 34: Middle Tennessee, 6 To Carlisle CuTchin STadium The Red Raiders oT Middle Tennessee broughT one oT The TallesT and mosT colorTul Teams we have seen in many a SEASIIN UF '41 season. The Red, WhiTe, and Blue Raiders proved no maTch Tor The 'Breds, as The score indicaTes. lT was The Tullbacks day as They counTered every Time buT once in a high-scoring conTesT. Ferrara, The galloping Greek, climaxed Three years oT varsiTy TooTball wiTh a classic perTormance. The line Turned in Their usual game, wiTh Glover, l-laines, l-lahn, and SpeTh boTTling The Raider running aTTack. Murray, 03 WesTern, 0 SixTy minuTes To no decision. A Typical Murray- WesTern ball game repleTe wiTh gridiron drama. NeiTher Team ThreaTened seriously, as The Tracas was sTaged beTween The Two 30-yard lines. A TighTing WesTern line reTused To be inTimidaTed by The heavier Murray Torwards, and Therein hangs The Tale. For The 'Breds, playing wiThouT The services oT Co-CapTains Jack l-laines, iT was Fuson, Glover and Tucker doing a iob To- geTher wiTh WesTern's Downing and Cullen. Sophomore Sasseen was The Murray scoring ThreaT. X I aff' ' 4 r., .5 11.1 an Qi: ' ww. AT THE G There he goes! Polaclc Levandoslci on a reverse fha? ran fhe Eagles from Morehead nurs. ln our eslimalion This one looks as if if will go for ar leasl' lorry yards. The 'Flag wavers. Loolc closely and you will see lhe lerfer "R" on The 'Flag on lhe girl's shoulder. This leffer means Righf, and Murray is really Righf. Lo and behold! The ll-:ree Murray presidenfs all in one aulo. Congrafularions, genflemen. The dancing Hood girl. This is one of rhe many shows befween halves. Yours fruly and The one and only. Seems very inrenf on somefhing. Couldn'l be fhe girl, could il? Wm B SHETBALI. RESULTS OF THE SEASON Murray . . 25: Cape Girardeau . Murray. . 38: Soulhwesl Kansas Murray. . 53: Auslin Peay . ,. . Murray . . 53: Mississippi College Murray . . 49: Illinois Wesleyan . Murray . . 58: Cape Girardeau . Murray. . 44: Middle Tennessee Murray. . 27: Vifeslern . . . . Murray . . 46: Memphis Slale . . Murray. . 35: Tennessee Tech . Murray. . 43: Union Universily . Murray. . 53: Della Slale . . . Murray. . 56: Morehead Slare . Murray. . 44: Morehead Slale . Murray. . 43: Weslern . . . . Murray. . 68: Union Universily . Murray. . 52: Middle Tennessee Murray. . 63: Tennessee Tech . Murray. . 70: Memphis Slale . Murray. . 46: Della Slale . . . Murray Frosh Murray Frosh Murray Frosh Murray Frosh Murray Frosh Lindsey Wilson . . . Paducah Jr. College . Weslern ....... Paducah Jr. College . U. T. Jr. College . . Murray Frosh . 29: Weslern ....... 50 v COACH MOUNTJOY In lhe spring of I94l Rice Mounfioy was hired as head baslcefball and assislanl foofball coach. He came here 'From Danville High School wi+h a mar- velous record, and we are sure Thai he will keep his baHing average high above fhe average. Imme- dialely upon assuming his responsibilifies here he began having spring baslrelball pracfice af nighl. A fighfing 'ream for '42 wilh his and fhe players' rewarcl. Keep 'em huslling, Mounficyl UFIQIIE ' - ' "Red" Culp and Bob Salmons were selecled as leaders ol The '42 Racehorses. They Thoroughly de- serve rhis honor. The ho++esJr, lriclcieslr, and lighlringesl lorward we lcnow, "Red" Culp. Caplain al lhe Nalional Infer- collegiale Tourney of 'rhe All-Redhead Team, and also showed Weslerners how ro shool a baslcelball. Bob Salmons. You'll never see a beller ball handler! All-K. l. A. C., All-S. l. A. A., All-Amen loan, and All-Thoroughbred! Thal was his record in '4l. We predicl a repelilion in '42. mwsmw, , - .... ... Aw H2Q:Mmemfyzrfsxxszsxvmw samiwuwtma ..Amm 5w.mmw.:21zn.f,imszsmmwmwymmvawwykaxmwmwimwwsnu SL E si as ,4 f AHIIH UF THE THUHIJUGHBHED5 BaskeTball, king oT The winTer sporTs, Tound The gods oT good TorTune ensconced on The back oT The Thorough- breds. WiTh iockey Rice MounTioy la newcomer To The Murray STaTe sTablesl up, The Hosses ran an ideal race, breaking TasT Trom The posT, sTaying well up among The leaders, and Then pouring on The coal in a blazing sTreTch Tinish. SporTing a squad Trom which only Two oT lasT year's K. I. A. C. champs and S. l. A. A. and NaTional runners- up had been graduaTed, The 'Breds opening salvo was a dud-Murray bowed To Cape Girardeau, 25-36. "Then Things began To Take a diTTerenT hue," as STeve Levan- doski said when he walked inTo a sTraighT righT hand, and The MounTioymen bounced back To nose ouT SouTh- wesT Kansas in an overTime, 38-36. Then, as consecuTively as dormiTory meals, came Tive welcome wins over AusTin Peay, Mississippi College, Illinois Wesleyan, Cape Girardeau lrevengel, and Middle Tennessee. All good Things musT, oT necessiTy, come To an end, and These raTher monoTonous sTring oT vicTories were no excepTiong WesTern provided The end-a Thrill- ing 29-27 sTruggle wiTh The verdicT going againsT MounT- ioy's chargers. Don'T go away, as revenge is in The oTTing! RepeaTing like a well-oiled ColT .45, The Gold and Blue swepT Through Memphis STaTe, Tennessee Tech, Union UniversiTy, DelTa STaTe, Morehead Two nighTs in a row, and Then ThaT big one-a Torrid Triumph over The I-lillToppers. This is a Tiasco worTh remembering because iT TypiTies The kind oT game ThaT The Murraymen had been playing all year. The deTensive play oT sophomores Johnson and Ellison as They liTerally "saT" on WesTern's "Bucky Sydnorf' The specTacular game-saving anTics oT 'lllnderpressure PeTe Culpf' rangy Joe Fulks, his re- bounding and shoTmakingg Bob Salmons, whose ball handling and Team play helped keep The Team TogeTherg a spoT "game-breaker" by The name oT Herb Hurley: The consisTency oT Bones Grimmer, and a swell bunch of guys who compose ThaT liTTle known and unsung group which comes under The general heading oT subsTiTuTions. Murray seTTled deeper in The vicTory ruT by carving ouT wins over Union UniversiTy, Middle Tennessee, Ten- nessee Tech, DelTa STaTe and Memphis STaTe. To recap, iT was one oT This insTiTuTion's greaTesT bas- keTball seasons U8 wins, 2 deTeaTsl, a Triumphal campaign made possible by an able and TalenTed squad under The TuTorship OT a greaT compeTiTor. THE SE HUHSES UF 1 The Murray Sea Horses were oursplashed in 5 meels, 4 of The dual variely and one of lhe Triangular. Lacking in reserve slrenglh, +he Murray mermen had Two oulsranding naralors in sludenr coach Frifz Weber, 50-yard free sryle, and Carroll Jones, diving and 220-yard, free sryle. The Squad: Frilz Weber, Sludenr Coach: Torn Maddox, Cap- rain-Elecig Carroll Jones, George Sperh, Joe Banlcen, Roger Fuller, Bill McMurray. MEETS AND SCORES Murray . . . . . 32: Missouri School ol Mines . . 42 Murray . . . . 24: Universily of Kenluclcy . . . 48 Murray . . . . . 27, Universily ol Tennessee . . 48 One Triangular Meel' Murray . 29, Mo. School ol Mines 427 Washingl'on Uni. . 59 W. E. BLACKBU RN Coach TENNIS UF 19111 April April April April April April April April May MGH' May May May May May Murray ..,. Murray .... Murray Murray Murray Murray Murray Murray Murray Murray Murray Murray Murray Murray Murray V Dayid Lipscomb Maryville College T. P. l. . . . , uniyersiry or Miss Millsaps . Memphis Sfale . Larnbuih . Soulheasl Missouri Wesrern S. lnd. U. . Wesiern Lambulh . S.l.N.U.. T.P.l.,. Memphis Slale . The freshmen iennis Team finished The season wilh Two wins and one loss. Below, Top Row: Bill Lewis, Ed Ponczelc, H. D. Holi. Bo'H'om Row: Freddy Ganas, J. D. Hamilfon, Bill Wilson. elsif' 'Tm LETSSJ The spoiless escufcheon of The Murray Srale milmen received iis iirsl blolr in Three lisiic seasons as They fell ai The hands of Soulhwesr Louisiana lnslilule, na- rional champs, by The lopsided score of 8-O. This broughr The season lo a close wirh The enviable record of 3 wins, I loss and I He, which was encoun- Jrered wirh The Universiry of Florida. The Gold and Blue liislicufiers lrounced Purdue, Arkansas Tech rwice, while losing lo The aforemen- Jrioned Louisiana and lieing Jrhe Universiry of Florida. Squad Members: ivlilce Nicholas, George Spelh, Sieve Levandoslci, Bob Fiser, Leo l-lu++, Jesse Sowell, Red Lillie, "Scrappy" Sheridan, Danny Allman, Jim Washam, Diclc Roberrs, Jaclc Dre-rup, Billy l-lixon, and Bob Caudiil. B SEB LL UF 1941 Re-inilialing a nalional pasrime which had lain dormanr on Murray Slales sporr program for some Jrinne, The Thoroughbred nine emerged wirh 7 wins as againsl 8 selbaclcs. Slarring for rhe Curchinmen were Carl Srellin, who poulliced lhe polalo lor a resounding .467 lo lead The Team al lhe plalet Hyland "Bones" Grimmer, Jrops in runs barred in, wifh I8g and Leslie McKeel, wirh 4 round lrippers. George Adlcinson and McKeel shared The hurling honors, as Adlcinson won 3 and losr 3 and McKeel won 2 and dropped 2. RESULTS OF THE SEASON May 5-'Murray . . . 8: Belhel lTenn.l . 9 April 26--Murray . . 61 Easlern . . . . April 24fMurray , . 67 T. P. l. . . . . April 9-Murray . 2Iy Belhel . April I4fMurray . . 6: Illinois Wesleyan April I5--Murray . . . 53 Bradley Tech . . May I5--Murray . . , lO: T. P, l. . . . DOUBLEHEADERS May 5-Murray . . . 3-5: Weslern May I3kMurray , . 3-3: Middle Tennessee April 29-Murray. , , . 7-7: Weslern May 2-Murray , . 5-77 Middle Tennessee FOOTBALL John Miller, Treshman coach, scored again as he led his yearlings To a successTul season in boTh TooTball and baskeTball. l-lighlighTing The Trash grid eTTorTs was The sTerling line play oT Powell PuckeTT, "Red" Arwood, Johnny Hicks and Jack BurchTield. Leading The backs were Johnny Underwood, Ralph Shearer, and Charlie Walsh. The young Thoroughbreds again made The Trip To Pensacola, Florida, To engage The UniTed STaTes Naval Air Corps Team oT All-STars and All-Americans. This year, Tor The TirsT Time The Navy boys won going away. The Team reporTed a mosT inTeresTing Trip and said The Navy really did Tix Them up laTTer The gamel. FRESH TE!-TM The lnuilder OT Thoroughbreds, Freshman Coach John Miller, has given us anoTher successTul season Tor The Yearlings. Coach Miller Teaches The boys The TundamenTals oT The lvloore-MounTioy sysTem. An every- ready aThleTe, a man who never gives up, a backer OT The sTudenT body, and a True Thoroughbred is John Miller. BASKETBALL The baskeTball Team mighT have escaped wiTh Tewer booTs on Their escuTcheon had noT Three OT Their Their sTars, John PadgeTT, CliTTon Cavender, and LesTer WesT, been draTTed Tor varsiTy duTy. The Thing ThaT characTer- ized This year's Treshman squad was Their youTh and even more Than ThaT, Their abiliTy To scrap a liTTle harder when The going goT Tough. This year's Team had a sTrenuous schedule and showed Their abiliTy as TuTure Thoroughbreds. "Keep 'em husTling," John Miller, and They will wear The True colors oT a Thoroughbred. OFFICERS: MARION FLETCHER MARTHA PRIDE . NANNTE BURKEEN JEAN HICKS . . . DR. WEIHINO , . . MISS ASHMORE . MRS. BROWN , . . ll Tw X .T , , . . PresidenT . . Vice-PresidenT . . . . . SecreTary , . .Treasurer . . Sponsor . . . Sponsor . . Sponsor 451 gh' QW I flflfl .WV F' xg, X l, sf l ll. l "' rn " T: g' ' u 4, lhlz M ,S N ,W 59' aw T dim?-8 4571? +f3'v1 ,s:gf:5s:f.5-'sg ef:..:5 gym rQ9,Q.Q MLOAQ ..... The Wells l-lall STudenT Council was esTablished On The campus OT Murray STaTe College in April, I926. Since iTs beginning, iT has been one OT The mOsT successTul work. Today, This council ranks as one OT The mOsT respecTed groups aT Murray STaTe. One OT The chieT TuncTiOns OT This council is The exTensiOn OT a helping hand TO Treshmen, in The assisTance given The Treshmen in Their choice OT exTra-curricula acTiviTies. The purposes OT The Council are TO enacT and enTOrce regulaTiOns, TO prOmOTe The welTare and TO TurTher The besT living cOndiTiOns OT The residenTs OT The Girls' Dor- miTOry. OTTicers TO The Council are elecTed Once a year by The women OT Wells Hall. TO gualiTy Tor membership in The Council, One musT be OT gOOd characTer, parTicipaTe in The college acTiviTies and have a recOgniTiOn as giver OT service on The campus. HALL STUDENT COUNCIL I ERIE LT HE III. DURWARD CULP .... ..... . , . . ..... FresidenT LaVERNE BUCY ..,.. CHAMP RUSHING ,... RALPH SINGLES , , The obiecTives oT This club are: I. To provide recreaTional and educaTional acTiviTies Tor iTs members. 2. To sTimulaTe inTeresT in AgriculTural research. 3. To creaTe and nurTure a love oT counTry liTe. 4. To promoTe scholarship among iTs members. 5. To develop rural leadership. 6. To encourage and promoTe conservaTion oT wild liTe. 7. To develop aesTheTic appreciaTion among iTs mem- bers. To aTTain The obiecTives as seT TorTh above The club has underTalcen The Tollowing acTiviTies: The club is aTTiliaTed wiTh The youTh secTion oT The American CounTry LiTe AssociaTion and is represenTed aT The annual meeTings oT This organizaTion. Members oT The club aTTend such meeTings oT The rural leaders oT KenTuclcy as The Farm and Home meeTing held , . , . . . . , Vice-PresidenT . . Secrelary ancl Treasurer . . . . . . ReporTer aT The UniversiTy oT KenTuclcy, and The NaTional Live- sTocl4 ExposiTion held aT Chicago each Tall. The club assisTs in promoTing and puTTing on meeTings oT rural leaders aT Murray STaTe Teachers College and aT The College Farm. One-halT oT The meeTings of The club are devoTed To The discussion oT Topics ThaT are oT viTal inTeresT To sTudenTs oT agriculTure. Speakers oT inTeresT and noTe are secured To lead The discussions aT such meeTings. The club sponsors aT leasT Two meeTings each year ThaT are enTirely social in Their acTiviTies. AT one oT These meeTings The boys have as Their guesTs The members oT The Household ArTs Club. Members oT The club are encouraged To belong To conservaTion clubs and organizaTions in Their home com- muniTies and To acT as leaders oT These organizaTions. Club meeTings are conducTed according To parlimen- Tary rules, Thus giving experience in group leadership. The Physical Educalion Club is macle up ol Those sludenls, bolh looys and girls, lhal are eilher maioring or minoring in Physical Educa+ion and Heallh. H is one of Jrhe largesl and mosl aclive clubs on lhe cam- pus. Each year i'rs sponsorship ol Jrhe "Physical Eclu- calion Carnival" is one ol Jrhe oulslanoling spring evenls. This club has among ils obieclives lhe promo- Tion ol slrong, he-allhy, ancl conclilioned bodies. Also This club demonslrales i+s memberships aloilily lo lhe high school seniors each spring. PHYSICAL MUHH!-TY The M" Club is made up ol ihose aihleles who have ihose boys who have earned Jrheir "M." A Wafer Car earned 'rheir "M" eiiher in maior or minor sporis. The nival and Jrhe "M" Club Follies are presenied each spring purpose is io bring iogeiher in closer companionship by Jrhe club. BOB SALMONS ,.... ..... .,.... P r esidenl STEVE l.EVANDOSKl . ...... Vice-Presidenl' PETE KOSS . . . . Secrelary-Treasurer Ermine Vincenl Red Culp Sieve Levandosld George Spelh Pele Koss Champ Rushing Bob Salmons Jack Haines Bob Fiser Carrol Jones Jerry Glover Jess Hahn Harold Gish Jack Lamberi Joe Russell Leo Hull Harrold Kirlcpairick Joe Lillie Tom Johnson Hyland Grimmer Cliff While Friiz Weber Bob Perkins Fred Ganas Wid Ellison Carl Ferrara Jack Thompson Roger Fuller Siu Rushion Milce Nicholas Ted Sasseen Gene Syers Harold Fuson Tas Hopson Charlie Cliff iss 'Jia THE PEP IIL B LIBRARY scllaivcla CLUB The Pep Club is The welcoming commiTTee Tor Murray EVELYN MELVIN . . , BETTY AKEN ..... ELIZABETH THOMSON GERALDINE HURT , , W, J. GIBSON .,.. STaTe and sponsor oT The TooTball cheering secTion. One oT iTs chieT aims is The magniTicenT and gorgeous decora- Tions ThaT adorn The sTadium and The goal posTs Throughv ouT The coIorTuI season oT TooTball, AnoTher oT iTs aims is To promoTe IoyalTy To The college, and To advance BBW Mm The spiriT oT Tellowship and service among college sTu- Egjliiieelbion MarTha I-laslcell Geraldine Huff denTs. The membership is made up oT girl sTudenTs and in Mary C. Johnson The pasT years has been greaTIy enlarged. IT has become OFFICERS MEMBERS , . , presidenf . Vice-PresidenT , . SecreTary . . Treasurer . . bponsov Evelyn Melvin Rebekah l.ighT Rebecca RoberTson Sara Robinson Virginia Sullivan EIizabeTh Thomson The Library Science Club was organized in The Tall oT I94O. IT has Tor iTs purpose The beTTermenI oT educaTion Through The one oT The ouTsTanding organizaTions on The campus. library. PHYSICS III. B OFFICERS HARRY FENTON . . ...... .... P residenr DALE MELUGIN . . .... Vice-Presidenl WAYNE WYATT . . . ,Secrefary-Treasurer PAUL HOGAN . . . . . .Reporler U The Physics Club has as irs primary purpose The crearing ol a belrer inreresl in Jrhe physical sciences and lrend of scienlific lhoughr. B. S. .IIUU EIL The Baplisl Sludenl Union Execulive Council which represenls The 350 Baprisr and Baprisl preference slu- clenrs on our campus. Froni row: G. A. Murphey, Mary Gresham, Hugh Thomas McElralh, Chrisline Miller, H. L. l-lardy, President Sue Saunders, l-lughlan Richey. Chesrer Durham, Sludenl Secreraryg Miss Lillian Hollo- well. Second Row: Margarel Muse, Oneida Aharr, Beu- lah Rae Floyd, Aubrey Warers, Elizabelh Upchurch, Wal- Jrer Marlin, Sue Upchurch, Roberr Covinqlon, Lorraine Arnelr, Marilda Quirey. mwrs HIP PI THE . E. E. III. B OFFICERS OFFICERS AUSTIN ADKINSON . . , . . . .Presidenl Qi-GA K. FREEMAN V A Apresidenf JAMES WASHAM ..,.. . .Vice-Presiclenl LOIS GOODE .... Vice-Presidenl CLARA MAE BRECKENRIDGE . . ,seaaiafy-Treasurer FRANCES FUQUA . Vice-Pfesiden+ RUBY COUNCE . . , Vice-Presidem' MARY CLARA OLIVER . .Secrefary Q NELLIE MAY WYMAN . .Sponsor The purpose ol Kipa Pi is 'ro offer lo iis members an opporiunify for developmenl and improvemeni of creaiive abilily in ihe field of iournalism. All Murray Sla+e siudenls in+eres+ed in iournalism are eligible for membership in +his organizaiion. The M. S. T. C. branch of fhe Associaiion lor Childhood Educa- 'rion has for ils purpose and aims: lll To slimulale grealer pride and inieresl in our professional 'rrainingi l2l fo provide a means by which lhe members may exiend Their lcnowledge of Their pro- fession as such, and enioy professional fellowship: l3l 'ro help im- prove classroom leaching in lhe elemenlary grades by familiarizing ourselves wiih fhe newer, accepled 'rrends and goals in fhe educa- fional field and l4l To help malce lhe general public increasingly aware of educal'ion's role in democracy. W. Z-I. I-L EL B OFFICERS ALBERTA ALEXANDER ...... .,.. P residenT DOROTHY WHITE . . . . , Vice-PresiClenT BONNIE EZELL . . . . . SecreTary ATTIE MAE LITTLE . . . .Treasurer SARA WASHBURN . . . . . ReporTer MRS. TOM ROWLETT . . . . . , . Sponsor The Women's AThleTic AssocaTion is a branch OT The NaTional AssociaTion ancl each year emblems are pre- senTed To The girls who have earned The required num- ber OT poinTs. The purpose oT The associaTion is To TurTher The inTeresT and abiliTy OT girls in sporTs. BET PI THET OFFICERS HUGH MCELRATI-I . ..,.. .... P residenT GERALDINE BISHOP . . . .Vice-PresidenT ESTELL PICKARD .,.. .... S ecreTary ELIZABETH UPCHURCH . . . . .Treasurer MRS. A. M, WOLESON . . . . .PaTroness MRS. C. A. BISHOP ..,, . . PaTroness MISS CATHERINE FEHRER . . . . , . .Sponsor MISS NADINE OVERALL ..,.........,. Sponsor The BeTa Pi TheTa EraTerniTy, which was Tounded in April, 1926, aT Birmingham, Alabama, has as iTs chieT purpose The TurThering OT inTeresT in The sTucly oT The French language and liTeraTure. "Parlez Francais, eTudiez le Francais, eT voyagez en Francais," Les Couleurs: Pa pourpre, l'or, eT la blanc. Le Fleur: Fleur-ole-lis. I TEHNATIUXT L H I. T S II O The lnfernafional Relafions Club, oldesT club on The campus, was formed for The purpose of discussion of infernafional problems. lT is aided by The Carnegie EndowmenT Fund. On November 7-8, I94l, The Mur- ray Club senT delegafes To The Ohio Valley lnTernaTional Relafions Club Conference assembled aT KenT STaTe Universify, Kenf, Ohio. This confer- ence is composed of clubs from Ken- Tuclcy, Ohio, and WesT Virginia. Del- egafes senT by The Murray Club were: Pay Mofield, Ralph Crouch, Billy Lipford, J. P. Tuclcer, and Joe Eifch. l-lighlighfs of The conference were addresses by Dr. Werner BohnsTedT, formerly of Germany and now aT MT. Union College, Alliance, Ohio, and Dr. Benjamin Oerig, wifh The League of Nafions aT Geneva for I8 years and now aT Haverford College, Haverford, Pennsylvania. Dr. Bohn- sTedT spolce on "The War Economy of Germany," and Dr. Gerig ad- dressed The group on "The Emerging Blueprinf of a EuTure World Order." Miss Amy Heminway Jones, who is The Carnegie EndowmenT Fund rep- resenfafive, conducTed The business meefings. Four round Table discussions were held. The subiecTs discussed were "The UniTed Sfafes and a World aT War," "The Wesfern Hemisphere," "Europe in The EuTure," and "Prob- lems of The Ear EasT." Each group meT Three Times. Each year The Murray Club spon- sors The Purchase-Pennyrile Baslref- ball Tournamenf, a conTesT befween The leading Teams of These secfions of The sTaTe. WiTh money made on This Tournamenf, The club sponsors a scholarship To one or more sfudenfs who have shown an inTeresT in infer- nafional relaTions. In I94I The 5250.00 available was divided be- Tween Edward Ponzeclc and J. P. Tuclcer. 5 Il06.l IILUB SUCH AND BUSHIN The lure oT The drama is universal, and on The Murray STaTe campus, This inTeresT is TurThered by Sock and Buslcin, The dramaTics club. One learns by doing, and Soclc and Buslcin does wiTh The ThoughT oT group arT uppermosT. ln dramaTics, as in no oTher Tield, is The compleTe harmony and cooperaTion oT The enTire group necessary Tor success. ln an eTTorT To promoTe inTeresT in The TheaTre, Sock and Buslcin, each season, presenTs Three-acT plays and a number oT one-acT plays, The ouT- sTanding evenT oT The season being a musical presenTed in collaboraTion wiTh Sigma Alpha loTa, naTional music TraTerniTy Tor women. Pre- ceding This grand Tinale are comedies, Tragedies, mysTeries, and even melodramas. All phases oT The producTions, such as lighT- ing, cosTumes, scenery, and make-up are handled enTirely by The club members. Along wiTh The Technical Training comes acTual direcTing and acTing experience, a sTudenT direcTor being ap- poinTed Tor each play. ln l94O Sock and Buskin inauguraTed iTs one- acT play conTesT Tor high schools in The surround- ing TerriTory. The parTicipanTs are divided inTo Two groups, A and B, according To school enroll- menT. Sock and Buslfin awards a Trophy Tor The I107l besT producTion in Class B and Alpha Psi Omega, naTional dramaTics TraTerniTy, awards The Trophy in Class A. Individual Trophies Tor The besT acTor and acTress are awarded by ProT. Price Doyle, head oT The Fine ArTs DeparTmenT, and Miss l-lelen ThornTon, sponsor oT The dramaTics organ- izaTions. Sock and Buslcin opened iTs l94I season wiTh The presenTaTion oT a midnighT mysTery, "The BaT." This successTul producTion was Tollowed by Shalcespeare's "Taming oT The Shrew." This year sees The beginning oT a new cusTom in Soclc and Buslcin. A bloclc oT cloTh is To be presenTed To each member Tor his signaTure. These bloclcs will be embroidered and chained TogeTher To malce a drop curTain Tor The sTage. lT will Take many bloclcs To malce The curTain compleTe, buT once iT is compleTed will be a symbol oT The spiriT oT Soclc and Buslcin. All The praise oT crediT Sock and Buslcin may deserve, are due To The unTiring eTTorTs oT iTs sponsor, lvliss l-lelen ThornTon. Under her un- selTish supervision, Sock and Buslcin has grown Trom a small club To one oT The largesT and mosT powerTul organizaTions on The campus. To her, Sock and Buskin pays iTs sincere TribuTe. Sock and Buslcin goes ahead. The TwenTieTh CenTury Commerce Club, organized January 7, I939, has as iTs chieT TuncTions The building up OT a greaTer Commerce DeparTmenT and The promoT- ing oT The individual inTeresTs oT The sTudenTs in Their Training Tor meeTing The everyday problems oT The busi- ness world. lTs membership is made up oT sTudenTs maioring or minoring in Commerce and sTudenTs Talcing The special one-year Commerce course. Regular meeTings OT The club are held Twice each monTh, and special meeTings upon call by The presidenT. lnTeresTing programs are provided by a program com- miTTee who malce use oT The TalenTs and knowledge oT our own membership and also ThaT oT ouTside speakers. One oT The enjoyable meeTings oT The year is ThaT oT The annual picnic and Tish Try. This meeTing is held aT Pine Bluff on The beauTiTul Tennessee River. The sTudenTs enjoy Themselves boaT riding, swimming and playing games. ATTer a bounTiTul supper, all go Tor a boaT ride up The river. The club's acTiviTies are sponsored by The TaculTy of The Commerce DeparTmenT. OFFICERS Fall SemesTer RAY MOFIELD , ...... .,.... .... P r esidenT BILLY LIPFORD .,.... RAYBURN WATKINS , . JACK DRERUP . . . Vice-PresidenT . . . . . SecreTa ry . . Business Manager TWENTIETH CENTURY CII TVIEHCE CLUB Phi Mu Alpha is a naTional honorary music TraTerni'ry Tor men, The main purpose oT which is To advance The cause oT music in America. More Than sevenTy-Tive men have been iniTiaTed inTo Gamma DelTa ChapTer since iT was insTalled May I5, I938. AT The presenT Time There are TwenTy-Tive acTive members. Each year Gamma DelTa sponsors The college dances, and presenTs an ouTsTanding musical revue, Campus LighTs. The proceeds Trom This show go inTo a chapTer On ChapTer Day, Gamma DeITa presenTs a reciTal oT American music including original numbers by acTive and alumni members. This chapTer also has acTive mem- bership in The SocieTy Tor The PublicaTion oT American Music and Through This organizaTion has greaTly increased iTs library oT prinTed and recorded American music dur- ing The pasT year. The chapTer has always endeavored To give general supporT and cooperaTion To oTher organized acTiviTies on The campus and in Turn express graTiTude Tor The supporT received Trom various deparTmenT organizaTions and indi- loan Tund which already exceeds 560000. viduals on The producTion oT Campus LighTs. OFFICERS FRED JOHNSON . . , . President WILLIAM SWYERS . . .Treasurer TED HALEY . . . . .Vice-PresiclenT HARRY DAVIDSON . . .HisT0rian JESSE DARNELL . . .SecreTary ELMO REED , , . , . .Warden ACTIVE MEMBERS RoberT Arnoldi Jesse Darnell Glenn Hawley RoberT Radford RoberT Sheridan Calvin Brown Harry Davidson Frederic Johnson Elmo Reed Frank Shires Wayne Burdick H, L. CarTer William Dickinson James Edwards WaTkins Jones HamilTon Mclilveen James Rickman Nikolai Rohulick Warren Slocum Elwood Swyers Ralph Cole Ted Haley Arvid Larsen William ShelTon William Swyers FACULTY MEMBERS Price Doyle William Fox Leslie R. PuTnam Franklin P. Inglis Lee Hope Clair McGavern TIOOT VIV IIE EI. OFFICERS WATT JONES . .,.., .... P residenf KATHLEEN WINTER . , , . Vice-Presidenf MARGARET HOLLAND . . . Secrefary'Treasurer LEE HOPE . . . .Faculfy Sponsor O The Vivace Club, which consisfs of maiors and minors in fhe music deparfmenf, is fhe largesf club on fhe campus of Murray Sfafe College. lf has as ifs primary purpose fhe promofion of good music on fhe campus and offers fhe sfu- denfs of music fhe opporfunify of lisfening fo as well as performing fhe higher fypes of music. The oufsfanding social evenf of fhe year is fhe annual Homecoming brealqfasf af which grad- uafes of fhe music deparfmenf are invifed as special guesfs of fhe members of fhe club. lvleefings are held fwice monfhly and feafure members of fhe faculfy and oufsfanding sfudenf musicians. Programs vary, consisfing of vocal and insfrumenfal solos, cluefs and many inferesf- ing combinafions of insfrumenfs such as sfring quarfeffe, woodwind quinfef, brass ensemble and ofher small ensembles. The mosf recenf addifion fo fhe club's acfivifies is fhe annual recifal, which is presenfed by a represenfafive number of ifs members. Near fhe end of each year fhe oufsfanding girl and boy musicians are selecfecl by fhe music faculfy on fhe basis of scholarship, leadership, musicianship, characfer, and probable success. Their names are inscribed on a plaque which is sponsored by fhe Vivace Club. mwesswit Sv if ., ' it - " ,. X' 'W ...., . M ' wg M: I i W .TIM Y .. ,. Y ff' 4 gf W- , rw 55 'X f 1 - :X " is 2 M' Q -f lk f ff - V Q ' K . K Q' x 'aim V H N K 6538- , w ' 3l1.,, w:,z1-Q Wy, :.. 21' 4 ' "' '-" : ""' E 5' ' Esy kfx 353, 5 K"w?'fw,5'e1'-N., 4 f ,WM H .M - -.:..,g-:.' 1'- an .sv 'Pg N A .Nw A-1f,j,Qfj1J .. ' :QM iw wfgbwgf qffggfwg Nlgfkw' TNC, .gg M ..e:, "N ya QQ' 5,5 nk 7 M W W Wim 'wif M95 if l' Q. I 6 Ms-in 21 ' RUTH BOWLIN Tri Sigma Girl SIGMA Organized on The Murray College campus during The Tall oT l94I was The Alpha Chi ChapTer oT Sigma Sigma Sigma NaTional SororiTy. From a selecTed group oT TiTTy coeds, ThirTy-one agreed To peTiTion The NaTional Council Tor a charTer esTablishing This chapTer. On The recommendaTion oT The Tri Sigma represenTaTive, PresidenT James l-l. Richmond selecTed Mrs. Mary Ed Hall, Tormer member OT The sororiTy, and Miss Alice Keys as sponsors Tor The Alpha Chi ChapTer. ATTer undergoing The required peTiTioning period, insTallaTion services were held in January, and The peTiTioning girls became charTer members oT Tri Sigma aT Murray STaTe. Sigma Sigma Sigma sTrives To esTablish among iTs members a perpeTual bond oT Triendship, To develop in Them sTrong, womanly characTers, and To impress upon Them The high sTandards oT a proTessional liTe. RecogniTion oT scholarship, recogniTion oT leadership, and social service are imporTanT poinTs sTressed. Social Training and personaliTy developmenlr are also a parT of The sororiTy's program of work designed Tor The all-round developmenT oT iTs members. SIBTVI SIGMA Alpha Psi Omega is an inTernaTional honorary dramaTic TraTerniTy, having as iTs chieT purpose The TurThering oT inTeresT and apiliTy in all phases oT clrama. The Gamma Epsilon ChapTer oT Alpha Psi Omega, loc:aTed on The campus oT Murray STaTe, is, ThereTore, a TraTerniTy chapTer limiTecl To The TwenTy mosT ouTsTanding sTudenTs oT olramaTics-sTuclenTs who have shown inTeresT anol abiliTy in all phases oT play proclucTion. Each year The Gamma Epsilon casT presenTs one or Two plays TeaTuring The TraTerniTy mem- bers. ALPHA PSI UTVIEEI-I Q ROSTER RUTH NALL PresidenT EMMA SUE GIBSON Vice-PresidenT JOE FITCH SecreTary-Treasurer JUANITA GENTRY MARIAN FLETCHER BILL WETHERINGTON WAYNE REYNOLDS FRANK SHIRES HAROLD RIDDLE HELEN THORNTON Sponsor fx N.-I 1 4x A444 44 The obiecTs oT This TraTerniTy shall be: To Torm bodies oT represer1TaTive women who shall by Their influence and Their musical ir1TeresT uphold The highesT ideals oT a musical educaTiori1 To raise The sTand- ards oT producTive musical worlc among The women sTu- denTs oT colleges, cor1servaTories and universiTies: To TurTher The developmenT oT music in America and assisT in The clevelolomenT oT a sTronqer bond oT musical in- TeresT and undersTanoling beTween Toreign counTries and America: To give moral and maTerIal aid To iTs members: To IoromoTe and dignify The musical proTession: To de- velop loyalTy To The Alma MaTer. OFFICERS MARY KATI-TERYN MQCELLAN . . . . Presidervr MARY KARBER . . . . . . Treasurer HELEN HIRE . . . Vice-Presidem ROSE VANDERMESSE . , . . Se-rqeanf-aT-Arms MARY I-TARDER . . . . SecreTary DALENE BOTTOM . . . . . Chaplain SIETVI I. PH IllT H Top Row: Dollye McAlisler, William Keisfer, Juanlla Genfry, Rayburn Walkins. Second Row: Jack Drerup, Eugene Holmes, Billy Lipford, Richard Gohlson. Third Row: Jean Hicks, Louis Chrislian, Ray Mofield, Ralph Crouch. Fourth Row: Professor A. C. Lafollelfe, Coach The debalers loiclured here represenled Murray Slale College in lhe Third Annual Mid-Winler Tournamenl held al Murray on January I9. The home schedule lhis year included debales wilh such schools as Evans- ville College, Middle Tennessee, and Union Universiry. Four debalers are relurninq lellermen from lasl year's leam: Ray Moiield, Rayburn Wal- kins, Ralph Crouch, and Billy Lipiord. SITY DEBT TI ' I-KU PP LPHA OFFICERS RAYBURN WATKlNS . . ..,. Presidenl J. E. CHOATE . . . . . Business Manager BILLY LIPFORD .... . . Vice-Presidenl' RALPH CROUCH . , , . Publicily Direcior RAY MOFIELD , . . . , . Secrelary A. C. LaFOLLETTE . , ,... . Sponsor HONORARY MEMBERS Dr. James H. Richmond Dr. W. G. Nash Tau Kappa Alpha, nalional honorary forensic lralerniiy, is an organizalion primarily for ihose wiih advanced ex- perience in infercollegiale forensic aclrivilies. Murray Sraie received Hs chapler in The spring of I94I largely lhrouqh The worlc of Prof. A. C. LaFolleHe, direclor of public speaking and debale. Prof. L. J. Horlin Prof. Leslie R. Puinarn Tau Kappa Alpha sponsored The Murray Mid-Winler Debale Tournamenr and 'rhe annual l-ligh School Debale Convemlion here rhis year. Each spring ir holds Jrhe "Speech Banque+" a+ which varsilry debale leiiermen are announced and new mem- bers are received info ihe fraierniiy, IIIISII MEN'S QUARTET This orqanizaTion is direcTecI by Pro- Tessor L. R. PuTman. IT appears on various chapel programs and in concerT during The year. MEN'S GLEE CLUB The Men's C'Iee Club is a branch oT The music deparTmenT open To The enTire sTudenT body. Membership is gained by TryouTs. The Glee Club represenTs The Tiner oT The male voices aT Murray STaTe. AT IeasT one exTended Tour oT The sur- rounding TerriTory is planned each year by The organizaTion. GIRLS' QUARTET This QuarTeT is also direcTed by Pro- Tessor PuTman. IT makes Tours Through- ouf WesTern KenTucIcy and Tennessee, also appearinfg in chapel. ORCHESTRA The College CrchesTra is one oT The ouTsTandinq TeaTures oT The music de- parTmenT. The group has abouT sixTy- Tive members and is under The leader- ship oT ProTessor Price Doyle. IT gives several concerTs each year. The space aIloTed here is noT a measure oT iTs signiTicance. Upper RighT: Men's QuarTeT. Middle RighT: Men's Glee Club. Lower Righf: Girls' QuarTeT. Below: OrchesTra. iw 2? i n it W ',?"Q A THE BAN This organizafion consisfs of ninefy-four members, chosen from an average group of l5O aspiranfs. The chief funcfions are fo presenf in formal concerfs fhe besf symphonic liferafure available, and fo provide ad- vanced fraining for fhe many insfrumenfal maiors who make up ifs personnel. A fribufe fo fhe serious fype of worlc fhe band does lies in fhe facf fhaf many former members are now holding high posifions in fhe various musical organizafions of fhe armed forces. During fhe fall monfhs fhe band is converfed fo a marching unif, and performs infricafe maneuvers af all foofball games. A full corps of bafon and flag fwirlers are parf of ifs makeup. ln addifion fo fhe playing of spirifed marches and fhe beffer popular music, fhe march- ing band specializes in A Capella singing. The symphonic and marching band is under fhe direc- fion of professor William H. Fox. A IIAPELI. IIHUIH The A Capella Choir which was organized by Pro- fessor Leslie R. Pufnam in fhe fall of I932 is complefing fhe fenfh year of ifs exisfence. If is an organizafion made up of selecfed voices bofh men and women. In ifs reperfoire are included fhe composifions sung by all of fhe leading organizafions of fhis fype, and ifs pro- grams are favorifes wifh fhe sfudenfs. This year fhe choir made a special Chapel appearance af Chrisfmas, and again vvifh fhe college orchesfra in fhe celebrafion of our annual music week. Recenfly fhe choir received a signal honor in having a number, "Sfeal Away," especially dedicafed and wriffen for if by fhe lafe l-lorace Alden Miller, composer and conducfor of nafional repufafion. THE SHIELH DYKE MAYO J. LEWIS DORAN JOHN ILER . . . .Edifor-in-Chief HAROLD WEST . . . REMA LONG . . .Business Manager Phofog rapher . .Ari Ediior . . . , .Associaie Ediior ELEMING HODGES .,.. CARL COHEN JESS HAHN KATHRYN GOHEEN .Asst WAYNE DORAN . .Asst BILLY LIPFORD . . .Asst DOLLYE MQALISTER . BETTY BURDIC MARTHA MELTON . . , A. F. YANCEY Junior Ediror Junior Ediior Sporfs Ediior Business Mgr. Business Mgr. Business Mgr. . Assisiani Ediior K .... Assisiani' Ediior Assisianf Eciifor . . . . .Facuiiy Advisor REMA LONG Associafe Edi+or DYKE MAYO Ediior-in-Chief THE SHIELII Unhappy brainchild of some unrealizing or scheming mind, 'rhe college yearbook, like a freacherous Circe, seems inevirably lo be buf a bundle of grief 'io every sialic. As rhis ediiion of rhe "Shield" goes ro press fhe ediror and business manager can only anxiously hope Jrhar rheir own mental vision of The coming publicarion may be fulfilled, Likewise we hope rhaf 'ihe book may bring enioymenl io our fellow srudenls. And if, in 'rhe years +o come, irs covers may occasionally be opened by ifs owners and iis pages srir up happy memories of college days ai' Murray Slafe, our efforis, worries, and workl?l will have been repaid. ln selecling maierial for ihe '42 "Shield" we have lried 'ro fea- iure sfudenf life as if is lived ar Murray Slale. ln This we hope we have noi' shown loo much play because we have also fried 'io show 'ihe earnesfness and eagerness wifh which we work as well as play. Thar +he sludenls, faculfy, and aclivifies of Murray Srale College have been iusrly porfrayed is our desire. Beginning in Seprember, '4l, yours Truly had "Shield" plans as indomirable as The spirif 'rhar characierizes fhis insrifurion. We have 'fried ro slick by 'rhese plans Jrhrough rhe fhick and lhe rhin. We have had several problems, some rhaf almosi' slumped us, and of course we could noi possibly do everylhing Thar we wanfed 'ro do. Bur, we are nor alibing, nor offering excuses: we 'rhink and believe if is a grear book. If you like if half as well as we enioyed preparing if for you our reward will be bounfiiul. P. S.-To 'rhe Ediior and Business Manager of "Shield" '43q "We hope lhal' you do noi have lo cui more ihan half your classes, rhal' you do nor lose over +wen+y pounds, and lasr buf nor leasf, lhal your hair does noi fall ou'r." J. LEWlS DORAN Business Manager 3 if fi T , M W K wg - ew ,wwh L I y K y .. c ez. -:J-::. 511+ -.1:,,..,.,A,:.,.w ,.: 5- N ,H IE - ,, - -10 . ,. ,... 52:42-'30 . E., -I 61.55 , ! i ' F: I: ,J ,R Iwi: ,ii f FL J 1- , Q ' 5 Qqkxii ' Q M 312. S 1 Sm ' if W ai, 3 ,Egg if , K I ,. . q 5 . 1 ,T P bzgifiixz ist RQ fxw V H ' 2 WW 1 ffff t if X wx 3, ff" 4 1 4 s SE Q as A ,N P4 r x F51is:e's:'. X -L N H.. kg, ,:.: 1. '5Z, j?xQ . qflgif zigy JJ .. , 3 ,H , N K I iw M,,,6,,, -45 ff? ' . - ,,- ,A T ,y,gm,f E :fg ww wg. S?2wg.w' ' 11 ' , ,K if a ,ax ll ii HEHIJNI-XITIII i., iii l gi 'sr' 3. Q"hL 1 'KET H ,- l ll? A T The Civi ian M U H H A Y PiloT Training course aT M. S. T. C. is now oeing oTTerecl To The TourTh group oT sTuclenT pi oTs since insTallaTion on lvlurray's cam- pus in The Ta l oT I94I. Fligh+ insTrucTion is given under The super- vision oT Twe and Clarksvi le. Dr. Chas. T-lire Several oT T campus are n U. S. A. LET'S KEEP Knapp Flying Service oT lvlurray Ground courses are direcTed by oT The lvl. S. T. C. Tacu Ty. he Tledglings Trained on lViurray's ow in The Tlying service oT The 'EM FLYING AT MURRAY In mem of-ia FENDOL CARROL BURNETT Class I944 0 JAM ES F. WILSON Member of 'flrsl Board of Regenls of Murray Slaie College I J. 6. GLASGOW Former head of Malhemarics Deparfmenl' of Murray Slafe College I ENSIGN RUSSELL SNYDER Class of l937. Killed in acflon December l8, l94l. Ll24 l The murray State TRAINING SEHUUI. JOHN CAVITT, Edifor Top Row: EVELYN JOHNSTON, criTic Teacher, TiTTh grade, MRS. DEWDROP ROWLETT, criTic Teacher, physical educaTion, CARMAN GRAHAM, Principal, MRS. DOROTHY ROWLETT, criTic Teacher, arT, MRS. ROBERTA SEAT RUDD, criTic Teacher, home economics. Second Row: LORA FRISBY, criTic Teacher, English, MATTIE TROUSDALE, criTic Teacher, fourTh grade, OLA B. BROCK, criTic Teacher, second grade, ROBERTA WHITNAH, criTic Teacher, science, RUBY SMITH, criTic Teacher, sixTh grade. Third Row: VERNON ANDERSON, criTic Teacher, commerce, ANNIE RAY, criTic Teacher, Third grade, CLARA RIMMER, criTic Teacher, languages, MAYME WHITNELL, librarian, BERTIE MANOR, criTic Teacher, TirsT grade. FourTh Row: W. H. BROOKS, criTic Teacher, agriculiure. Since iT became a Tour-year high school seven years ago, The Murray Training School has Talcen rapid sTrides. The Training School began wiTh experT Teachers and has builT up a school spiriT ThaT is noT surpassed in WesTern Keniuclcy. Our aThleTic and debaTe Teams have boTh made Tine rec- ords. Our exTracurricula acTiviTies have Tlourished, and our scholasTic sTanding in This sTaTe is Tar above The average. Backed by a Tine insTiTuTion, The Murray STaTe Teachers College, The Training School has many advanTages over The average high school. Every Teacher employed musT have a masTer's degree and Thus The sTudenTs of The Training School have experT Training in every Tield. The College oTTers many advanTages in ThaT iT oTTers Tor The sTudenTs physical educaTion, and every sTudenT oT The Training School has access To The College Library. Free music insTrucTion is also oTTered as well as The Turnishing oT musical insTru- menTs. RecenTly, The Training School has insTalled a Com- merce DeparTmenT and an AgriculTural DeparTmenT. This oTTers experT Training in commercial Tields while The Agri- culTure DeparTmenT gives a ToundaTion Tor TuTure Training in This line and also aTTords rural sTudenTs who plan To be Tarmers Tine experience and insTrucTion. The newesT addi- Tion To This deparTmenT is a shop which has been compleTed iusT This Tall. Under The sponsorship oT The MoThers' Club and The WPA, a new lunch room has been compleTed which supplies lunches Tor some. These and many oTher advan- Tages and addiTions have made The Training School one oT The besT equipped and TinesT schools in KenTuclcy. TH SEHUUL LTY H261 First Row: ARIEL FRANCES ARNETT, English Book Club, '40, '4l, President, '40, Treasurer, '4l, Commercial Club, '4l, Vice-President, English Book Club, '38, '39, Vice-President, Sophomore Class Pres- ident, 39, Senior Class Vice-President, '42, CORTEZ BYERS, Com- mercial Club, '42, Treasurer, Book Club, '40, '4l, '42. MARION SHARBOROUGH, Beta Club lhlonoraryl, '40, '4l, President, '4l, International Relations Club, '40, Dramatics Club, '40, '4l, English Club, '39, '40, '4l, Commercial Club, '4l, President, '4l, Mixed Chorus, '39, '40, '4l, Secretary, '4l, Sextet, '40, '4l, Glee Club, '39, '40, '4l, Orchestra, '40. LARRY DOYLE, Science Club, '39, '40, '4l, Secretary, International Relations Club, '4l, Beta Club, '40, '4l, Secretary-Treasurer, Orchestra, '38, '39, '40, '4l, Woodwind Quintet, '38, '39, '40, Woodwind Trio, '4l. JOAN HARRELL, Dramatics, '40, '4l, Mixed Chorus, '38, '39, '40, '4l, Glee Club, '38, '39, '40, '4l, Commercial Club, '4l, Bela Club, '40, '4l. Second Row: ALBERT WATSON, Science Club, '40, '4l, Commer- cial Club, '40, F. F. A., '4l. MARJORIE ARNETT, Beta Club, '42, Dramatic Club, '4l, '42, President, '42, Book Club, '40, '4l, '42, Vice-President, '42, Home Economics Club, '40, '4l, '42, President, '40, Treasurer, '42, Glee Club, '40, '4l, '42, Orchestra, '4l, Mixed Chorus, '40, '4l, '42. JOHN CALVIN NANNY, F. F. A., '4l, '42, English Club, '39, '40, '4l, '42, President, '4l, Senior Class, '42, Vice-President, Junior Class, '4l, Treasurer, Mixed Chorus, '42, Vice- President, Basketball, '40, '4l, '42, Track, '39, '40, EDNA YORK, Commercial Club, '40, '4l, '42, English Book Club, '39, '40, '4l, '42. MANCIL JAMES VINSON, F. F. A., '39, '40, '4l, '42, Treasurer, '42, Science Club, '4l, Vice-President, '4l, English Club, '38, '39, '40, '4l, '42, Treasurer, '39, Mixed Chorus, '4l, '42, Cheerleader, '40, '4l, Debating, '4l, '42. Third Row: FLORENCE ZANE HOLCOMB, Commercial Club, '4l, '42, Book Club, '39, '40, '4l, '42. PAUL EDWIN HALEY, F. F. A., '40, '4l, '42, English Book Club, '40, '4l, '42, Mixed Chorus, '4l, '42, Track Team, '40, '4l. ERIS MARIE COPE, English Book Club, '40, '4l, '42, Commercial Club, '42. JOE CLIFFORD JONES, Science Club, '39, '40, '4l, '42, President, '40, '4l, F. F. A., Club, '39, '40, '4l, Treasurer and Assistant Secretary, English Book Club, '38, '39, '40, '4l, '42, Honor Roll, '4l, '42, Student Council, '4l, '42, Junior Class, '40, '4l, President. CATHRINE ROBBIE BOGARD, English Book Club, '39, '40, '4l, '42, Commercial Club, '42. Fourth Row: RICHARD WILCOX, F. F, A. Club, '40, '4l, Science Club, '42, Basketball, '4l, '42. MYRTIS HOYLAND TAYLOR, Eng- lish Book Club, '39, '40, '4l, '42, Commercial Club, '4l, '42. GENE FRANCES GRANT, English Club, '39, '40, '4l, Home Economics Club, '40, Dramatics Club, '40, '4l, Commercial Club, '4l, Mixed Chorus, '4l, Glee Club, '39, '40, '4I. HARUE ARMSTRONG, Com- mercial Club, '4l, '42, President, '4l, Secretary, '42, English Book Club, '39, '40, '4l, '42. ERNEST EDWARD FARROW, English Book Club, '38, '39, '40, '4l, '42, Mixed Chorus, '4l, '42, Freshman Class, '38, President, Junior Class, '4l, Business Manager, Senior Class, '42, Treaurer. Fifth Row: MARY JANE CORBIN, Beta Club, '4l, '42, Vice- President, '4l, Dramatics Club, '4l, '42, Vice-President, '40, Book Club, '40, '4l, '42, President, '40, Glee Club, '40, '4l, '42, Mixed Chorus, '40, '4l, '42, Sextet, '4l, '42. MARY LAVINIA JONES, Home Economics Club, '4l, English Book Club, '39, '40, '4l, Mixed Chorus, '40, '4l, Glee Club, '40, '4l, Sextet, '4l, Orchestra, '39, '40, '4I. JOHN B. CAVITT, Science Club, '39, '40, '4I, '42, Watchdog, '40, '4l, F. F. A., '4l, '42, Reporter, '42, Training School Editor of "Shield," '42, Mixed Chorus, '42, Honor Roll, LARUE ARMSTRONG, Commercial Club, '40, '4l, Book Club, '39, '40, '4l, '42. VELMA CHRISTEEN MCCLURE, English Book Club, '39, '40, '4l, '42, Commercial Club, '40, '4l, '42. Sixth Row: RANDOLPH LYNN STORY, F. F. A., '40, '4l, '42, Sec- retary, '4l, '42, Science Club, '40, '4l, '42, President, '40, Dramatic Club, '42, English Club, '39, '40, '4l, '42, President, '42, Senior Class, '42, President, Junior Class, '40, Vice-President, Honor Roll, Track, '39, '40, MARTHA LANE POYNER, Home Economics Club, '39, '40, '4l, '42, President, Glee Club, '38, '39, '40, Commercial Club, '38, '39, '40, '4l, English Book Club, '38, '39, '40, '4l, Mixed Chorus, '39, '40, Student Council, '4l. MARY VIRGINIA FUTRELL, English, '40, Dramatic Club, '38, '39, '40, '4l, Glee Club, '4l, Mixed Chorus, '4l, Commercial Club, '4l, MARY HELEN GORDON, Book Club, '39, '40, '4l, '42, Game Club, '4l, Secretary, Glee Club, '39, '40, '4l, '42, Mixed Chorus, '39, '40, '4l, '42, Orchestra, '39, '40, '4l, '42, Sextet, '4l, '42, Band, '4l, Junior Class, '4l, Secretary. JOHN BROWN RUSSELL, Science Club, '4l, Vice-President. Seventh Row: ORA LEE DUNN, Commercial Club, '40, '4l, English Book Club, '38, '39, '40. LORENE HUTCHENS, Commer- cial Club, '40, '4l, Book Club, '39, '40, '4l. EARLA MAE MCCLURE, Science Club, '4l, '42, Debate Club, '4l, '42, Latin Club, '4l, Dramatic Club, '40, '4l, Glee Club, '39, '40, Public Speaking, '39, '40, Mixed Chorus, '4l, '42, Book Club, '4l, '42. VIVIAN RULENE LAMB, Commercial Club, '4l, '42, English Book Club, '39, '40, '4l, '42, Secretary, Glee Club, '39, '40, '4l, Orchestra, '39, '40, JUANITA WILLIAMS, Home Economics Club, '38, '39, '40, Commercial Club, '4l, Book Club, '39, '40, '4l, Orchestra, '38, '39, '40, '4l. Eighth Row: ORA MAE MILLER, Commercial Club, '40, '4l, Secretary, Book Club, '38, '39, '40, '4l, ANN ELIZABETH COPE, English Book Club, '39, '40, '4l, President, '4l, Commercial Club, '4l, '42. J. H. THEOBALD, Commercial Club, '40, '4l, Science Club, '4l, '42, F. F A., '4l, '42. BETTY JO LASSITER, Glee Club, '38, '39, '40, '4l, Mixed Chorus, '39, '40, '4l, Sextet, '4l, '42, Home Economics Club, '39, '40, English, '39, '40, '4l, JEAN HURT, Com- mercial Club, '4l, Glee Club, '38, '39, '40, '4l, Mixed Chorus, '4l, English Book Club, '39, '40, '4l, TRAINING SEHUUL H271 SE IUHS TRAINING SCH Coach Scales Toolc over The reins as basl4eTball coach oT Murray Training School wiThouT The services oT Tive leTTermen. The ColTs, oTT To a bad sTarT, have rounded inTo an aggressive Team +ha+ now shows possibiliTies and hopes oT a greaTer Team Tor nexT year. The schedule is as Tollows: November II, '4I, Puryear: November I8, New Concord: November 25, BenTon: Novem- UDL ATHLETICS ber 28, Reidland: December 2, Paris: December 9, Almo: December l2, ST. Mary's: December I5, Cayce: December I9, Hickman: January 3, '42, Sharpe: January IO, Hazel: January I6, I-liclcman: January 20, l-liclcman: January 20, New Concord: January 24, Almo: January 29, Puryear: January 3l, Wingo: February 5, Hazel: February 6, Cayce: February IO, Milburn: Feb- ruary I3, ST. Mary's. Clayion, Allen lrvin. BASKETBALL FronT Row, reading from Ieff To righh Homer Bulla d Gaylon Thurman, Marvin Harris, Paul Haley, H. W Wilson. Second Row, reading from le'H' To rig Coach Scales, Dickie Wilcox, EvereH'e Davidso Mancil Vinson, John Nanney, Joe Windsor. 0 CHEERLEADERS Leff To righfz Ernesi' Farrow, Frances Farris, Charli + --I ---- L ---- -1- - -1 -1 .-1-..1,ii1"i-q1m1w.1..1 GREETINGS FROM PADUCAH TO THE STUDENTS OF MURRAY COLLEGE Wilh lhe Mosl Corclial and Good Wishes from lhe Relail Merchanls Associalion of Paducah, Ky. A. 8: P. Grocery Sfore Brighfs Bradshaw and Weil Ci+izens Savings Bank VV. T. Granl' Co. Gilberl'-Benne'H' Drug Co. Hannan Supply Co. Heinie and Tyler Harris Bros. Hanlc Bros. Kirchho'ff's Balcery Kenfuclcy Ulilifies Kresge Lowen1'hal's M. Manas 8: Co. Thom McAn Shoe Sfore M. Marks, Clofhing Michael Hardware Co. Meacham Sfores Nagel 8: Meyer, Jewelry Owen Bros. Cleaners if MEMBERS Paducah Tire and BaHery Co. Paducah Dry Goods Sfore Pi++sburgh Plaie Glass Co. Peoples Na+ional Bank J. C. Penny Co. Poll: Shoe Sfore Paducah Newspaper Co. Paducah Laundry and Cleaners Runge's Shoe Siore Rhodes-Burforcl Co. Rosen'Field's Clo+hing Siore Sears-Roebuck Co. Soufhern Bell Telephone Co. Sfar Laundry Waflcins, Inc. Walgreen's Wallers+ein's Clofhiers Weille's Clo+hing Sfore Woolwor+h's D. E. Wilson Wolfson's Radio Siafion WPAD Yopp's Seed S'I'ore 'I' "'--' ""-----"'---'-- ---- "I- HALL :-IQTEL MAYFIELD, KENTUCKY V I FIRE-PROOF a DINING ROOM o COFFEE SHOP a AIR-COOLED WGTCOMTI O. Incorporaled LOUISVILLE. KENTUCKY For Twelve Years Sole Producer of STANDARD MURRAY COLLEGE RINGS AND PINS Manufaclurers College and School Jewelry, Invifafions, Diplomas, Cerfificaies Wri+e for Prices Prompf Delivery MURRAY FOOD MARKET "THE CI-D REI-IABI-E" The Complelre Food Marlcel For 55 Years FRUITS, VEGETABLES, GROCERIES, , MEATS . LOCHRIDGE 8: RIDGWAY FURNITURE 8: HARDWARE Phone I2 Free Delivery MAYFIELD, KENTUCKY THE COLLEGIATE INN A Permanenf School Booslrer Throughouf Every Aclrivify Cafering Io "Those Who Care" STEAKS - OUR SPECIALTIES LLOYD ALLBRITTEN, Propriefor WE DELIVER PHONE 412 SCHULZE AND BURCH BISCUIT CO. PARADISE SALTINES HONEY GRAHAMS When You Wan+ Good Crackers-Don'I' Search-Buy Schulze and Burch CLYDE WASHAM, Disfricf Represenfalrive Finer Igerfumez 'Better Qlnametira Sperm! Elghntn Hiniahing zmh Suppliers 1? ilmm ami! Kittie illiagfielh, Zig. I Q -ii fi X III E:--2 TSG Y? Wafches Diamonds. Jewelry Musical Supplies Op'IicaI Goods 0 Glasses properly fi+Ied-Regisfered Opfomefrisf PARKERS JEWELRY STORE JOE T. PARKER Manager MURRAY, KENTUCKY i.l JONES DRUG CO Prescripfions Carefully Prepared FORTUNE'S Ice Cream CALLOWAY COUNTY LUMBER co. PANGBURNS We Handle NaIIonaIIy Known and Chocolafes Adverhsed ProcIucIs HALL BROS. Murray. Kenfucky Q Phone 72 Grading Cards COMPLIMENTS OF KEYS-HOUSTON CLINIC Corner Fif+h and Walnulr O Murray, Kenfucky OF ALUMNI ASSCDCIATION O F I MURRAY STATE CGI I PGP SUPERICJR LAUNDRY AND DRY CLEANERS "WE INTEND TO BE A STEP AHEAD" PROMPT 0 RELIABLE Murray, Ky. Thomas Banks, Mgr. Phone 44 MURRAY LUMBER COMPANY lncorporahed Phone 262 De-pOT Sfreef "EVERY FOOT A SOUARE DEAL" We Plan Tor YOU any Type OT Building "EVERYTHING TO BUILD ANYTHING" COMPLIMENTS T. 0.TUl2NEl2 MURRAY, KENTUCKY 'P N E 5 M U R R AY MILK PRODUCTS COMPANY llncorporafedj fy: Manufacfurers and Disfribufors of E "AlRCO" PRODUCTS "SUNBURST" BRANDS E E 2 MILK POWDERS MILK 5 E CREAM POWDERS BUTTER E EAT DR SKIM MILK POWDER BUTTERMILK WHOLE MILK POWDER SWEET CREAM I WHOLE Eee POWDER CU LA MURRAY, KENTUCKY 4411631-y FLD-'IRQ JOHNSON-FAIN APPLIANCE COMPANY R. C. A. and Philco Radios 0 Frigidaire Sfoves and Refrigerafors 0 Maylrag and Easy Washing Machines Phone 56 Murray, Kenfuclcy THE LEDGER AND TIMES "KenTucIcy's MOST Progressive Weekly Newspaper" THE BEST NEWSPAPER IIN A GOOD COUNTY JusT IIIce The Thoroughbreds--Tar ahead in everyThIng-LarqesT IoonaTide paid cIrcuIaTion. CornpIeTe news coverage OT enTIre counTy, sTaTe and naTIon KENTUCKY'S OUTSTANDING JOB SHOP "We PrinT TheCoIIege News" JOE LOOKOFSKY'S STORE MEN'S WEAR 9 SHOE REPAIRING MAYFIELD, KENTUCKY THE ASK YOUR GROCER FOR RANDOLPH SPECIAL HARVEST DREAM BAKERY LYNN GROVE BEST YUKON'S BEST Bm of QUEEN OF THE WEST FLOUR BREAD A and All Forms oT Fine M U R R A Y PasTry ProcIucTs "We Serve The WHOLESALE GROCERY COMPANY college" DISTRIBUTOR Ph 79 ESSO LUBE I-IAVOLINE QUAKER STATE RING FREE GULF PRIDE KOOL MOTOR PRYOR MOTOR COMPANY 5I2 Main STreeT MURRAY, KENTUCKY Telephone 2I "The Super Garage" For The TinesT In washing, poIIshIng and waxing-In Tac:T, everyThIng Tor your car, see us' CompIimenI's of THE VARSITY THEATRE and Ihe CAPITOL THEATRE I pp I' fy pI' g+I1V B+ PI' fy TI1 'I' II I 'I In Iy 'III FRANK LANCASTER M g QUALITY MEATS U PROMPT SERVICE Call 2I4 SHROATS MEAT MARKET COMPLIMENTS COMPLIMENTS OF OF COMMONWEALTH LIFE OVERBY PRODUCE INSURANCE gg. COMPANY OI-IN I. YORK I.EWI eral Aqenf Specia 'hr Ernnka Svhnppr SPEClALTY APPAREL FOR WOMEN AND MISSES I23 Wesi Broadway Mayfield, Kenluclcy Opportunity "Success or 'failure comes from wi+hin." . . . In fhis, +he richesi' counfry in fhe world, fhere is good business ahead for fhose who have confidence in +he fuiure and +hemselves. V The experience and faciliiies of +his bank have sfarfed many small businesses on fhe road +o success. You+hful indusfry will find fhe Bank of Murray a valu- able ally in planning 'For fomorrow. BANK OF MURRAY Large Enough +o Talce Care of You-Small Enough fo Be Aware of You Federal Deposif Insurance Corporafion Member 55,000 MAXIMUM INSURANCE FOR EACH DEPOSITOR 55,000 BOONE CLEANERS A GOOD PLACE TO EAT Telephone 234 c::H-to MURRAYS FINEST AND LARGEST COLLEGE STUDENTS CLEANING PLANT' ARE ALWAYS WELCOME AT Rug and Furni+ure Cleaning Garmeni' Sforage K fd Murray, Ky. Souih Sicle Square AIR CONDITIONED WALLIS DRUG CO. MURRAY STATE TEACHERS COLLEGE MURRAY, KENTUCKY A STANDARD STATE TEACHERS COLLEGE MEMBER American Associafion of Teachers Colleges, Soufhern Associafion of Colleges and Secondary Schools, Kenfuclcy Associafion of Colleges and Secondary Schools, NaTional Associafion of Schools of Music, American Council on EducaTion, Teachers College Exfension Associafion, Nafional Associafion of Commercial Teacher-Training lnsTiTu- Tions, Approved Library School. Firsf Summer Term Opens June I, l942 Second Summer Term Opens July 8, I942 Fall Ouarfer Opens Sepfember 2I, I942 Winfer Quarfer Opens February 4, I943 CHOICES OPEN TO STUDENTS Murray provides Training Tor The following: l. Those preparing To become Teachers, principals, supervisors or superinfendenfs of schools. 2. Those desiring a liberal arTs degree, eifher A.B. or B.S. 3. Those desiring The degree of Bachelor of Music. 4. Those desiring The degree of Bachelor of Science in Home Economics. 5. Those desiring The degree of Bachelor of Science in Agriculfure. 6. Those desiring To prepare for The profession oT law, medicine, denTisTry, or The- ology. THE GRADUATE SCHOOL The degree of lvlasfer of Arfs in Educa'Tion will be conferred on sTudenTs fulfilling requiremenfs for This degree. Gracluafe courses carrying residence credif will be offered on SaTurdays for ln-Service Teachers. Undergraduafe Courses Offered on Safurdays for Residence Credif Special Emphasis Is Placed on Scholarship, Healfh, Effecfive Use of English, and The Developmenf of Characfer, Personalify, and Professional Skills An Excellenf Physical Planf-Large and Beaufiful Campus-Twelve New and Well- Equipped Buildings For caTalogue and full informafion address JAMES H. RICHMOND. PRESIDENT MURRAY, KENTucKY COMPLIMENTS TO MURRAY STATE COLLEGE OUR AIM TOO IS SERVICE TO I-IUMANITY MASON MEMORIAL HOSPITAL PEOPLES SAVINGS BANK All DeposIIs WIII1 Us up Io 55.000, Are Insured IO0 Per Cenf MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION -DIRECTORS- DR. C. H. JONES LYNWOOD MORRIS I-I. T. WALDROP L. D. OUTLAND T. I-I. STOKES DR. I-IUGI-I HOUSTON R. I-I. FALWELL DR. J. A. OUTLAND BERT MOORE F. B. CROUCI-I L, L. VEALE A, F. DORAN EAT AND ENJOY Golclbloom Ice Cream CITY EVERY DAY IN SOME WAY "One of I'I1e Good Things of Life" CONSUMERS COMPANY Incorpora'I'ed f Easfman KocIaIxs COMPLIMENTS WI1I+man's CI'1ocoIa+es OF I , X "3 Greefing Cards I n x fpxv ,.- I Serco' Suppl.-as cz. T. WINSLOW, JR ' ' 'I I 'PMN -. I m b lv -Xe gf Male Our Sfore Your Sfore WI1IIe In Murray INSURANCE CO. DALE AND STUBBLEFIELD THE REXALL STORE MAYFIELD. KENTUCKY LITTLETO N 'S ALL THE LATEST STYLES FOR SMART CO-EDS Dry Goods-Shoes-Ladies' Ready-+o-Wear "WE FEATURE QUALITY MERCHANDISE" WHO SHOP AT NORTH SIDE SQUARE PHONE 578 MURRAY KY 502 W. Main Phone 307-W I BARTCDN S coRN-AUSTlN 8. co. MEN'S WEAR STORE M C + urray en er Q for Eeeduring STyle-MarT Clofhes for Young STYLE-MART CLOTHES Men and Men Who Shay Young "WHERE MEN TRADE" SouTh Side Square Mayfield, Ky. COMPLIMENTS CF STYLEMART nz Made by MERIT CLOTHING COMPANY, INC. MAYFIELD, KY. 5 O fi - 'sii "MQ Q. SLTLLS Woolgura Coats BROWNBU-T SHOE STQRE Wesi' Side Couri' Square Murray, Kenfucky MAI- DONNE T Pi I-TI L, I I Beau-'hy Shoppe "Ken+ucky'S Mosr Collegia+e Hangou+" WHERE SKILLED THE WHOLE CAMPUS BEAUTICIANS MEETS HERE MAKE YOUR APPEARANCE COUNT GENE AND RUTH HUGHES PHONE 270 Complimerds of A' B' oo coAL BEALE FRANK P L COMPANY SON Hardware Furni+ure Efc. "We Are Boos+ers for Murray Thoroughbredsn MURRAY LAUNDRY MODERN EQUIPMENT Q PROMPT DELIVERY See Our Dormilfory Solicifors R. M. POLLARD, Prop. PHONE 303 We appreciafe +l'xe College Phone 36 COMPLIMENTS GF A FRIEND "II Does Make a Difference Who Wrifes Your Insurance FRAZEE, MELUGIN 81 HOLTON INSURANCE AGENTS FIRE ' CASUALTY ' AUTO Phone 33I Firsf Floor Gailin Building Murray, Keniucky RILEY'S GROCERY STORE "THE" Siore of +I1e College Addi+ion AIways Ihe besf in quaIiIy, and as Iow in price KANSAS CITY MEATS Phone 356-J Delivery Service CQIVIPLIMENTS QF Only Portable with TUUCH CONTROL' Sfandard and Porfable Typewrifers since 1914 ' HOWARD D. HAPPY COMPANY E t Visif Our Nearesf Office GSI Side COM+ Square Murray' Ky' MAYFIELD HOPKINSVILLE PADUCAH COMPLIMENTS OF G. TANDY SMITH, JR. ARCHITECT PADUCAH, KENTUCKY V ARCHITECT for WELLS HALL AUDITORIUM MEN'S DORMITORY LIBRARY SWANN MEMORIAL DORMITORY TRAINING SCHOOL HOME EC. PRACTICE HOUSE JOHN W. CARR HEALTH BLDG. PRESlDENT'S HOME-ALTERATIONS STADIUM CENTRAL HEATING PLANT FINE ARTS BLDG. OFFICE EQUIPMENT COMPANY, INC. Complefe Office Oui'fH'+ers Also Complefe Line of SCHOOL FURNITURE AND SUPPLIES II7-I25 SOUTH FOURTH LOUISVILLE, KY. WABASH 5I6l BRANCH STORE I28 WEST SHORT LEXINGTON, KY. PHONE 3372 AND 3302 H. B. BAILEY, SR. R. H. FALWELL 8: CO. JEWELER FIRE AND LIFE INSURANCE 4 , WE WILL BOND YOU H- B. BAILEY' JR. INSURE IN SURE INSURANCE Regisfered Opfomefrisi Telephone 50 WGSI' Side Square Ml-WHY. KY- Peoples Savings Bank Murray, Ky Y 22. ? . my if ff A mf f ff' ' W 'WX X f 5 , Nagy, 3 A b M 75 W i Q. Xf M WJ. K : ...f' A3IkIf' EXI5 3: 55:?'f:35':'f'::':5':-5f5':9iI':E2t:Efz5i E ..:.-,-- 25 Wwig?IRSGrs?S"'WSa?lWFff?RXV555S5f5X53W1?5Qi?'YQ' SSx,1,,QQ'?fX'fKX-fm m igiw W as Xu .... :,..'-,:-: 5::: ..:-.: :-waz.:-.:::: -: -: - ----- QQQX w?w1Qfse1.SfWSum'iX1wafYNm.s?M5fMm.wf1'w V E' fl Q Xi' H55 , f ,ia W, -'f Q..mwmgX1XQ argsmmmgwgyw,www ew , in .w ?w if S gp W In .,.,, i f- Mmgsmzfffgmswwfzsffmgws5ewwmfN?Xf' X X X A s L M?-ws new - ' A . "' X,,'WXX2XfX .H X x K 'X 5 A 2 Q XX Y K 4 . X M w viii. 4 ,. Xb 3Q8'gQ5 5xVgqFgiriaisgvwfwsibigfifggigmgh Q 1 , Q X ' ,..-:-rrerrisz-mm: E - -:: .... 2 ':-'-2:--.-.2.2.2 V W .,.. -:x -.:'5. :2Gg:--I :- :. .. Qmi? Kwik W'M11w33?'.9'YXQXX.s'Xw X 1 U vw , P' X 'I 3 Q A, X 3 if X555 :-:-.:.:. :-W.. 5z:: :.-1 52: mi?ig 's- E' ::-:--r' -:: 2'.:.s-'2- QX MQw"S'g5Lfi1Zg2g1w3'g5vS8E g5g X- QYW- X X v . ff? EF I 1 ,-5' 2 if X X A XX X Xf-X N ami A XE? ' X 5 ' ' "' if ... - 2 , X 12 ,Wx ' X , 4:21 Q' -'--- 1 X 'z f N 5, -,-- .... S: 1 ,-. km Eamwgm -z-aaa: .1 rmm Q- V -R... :,,. g.g4- -:-.s.,:,gg- 5 N X ...- W X N Y, .3 , v-.-- . ,,..., ..... . ..... : ,,WA,,wwm.,m, -ma as Y .... : -xx -, ..,. ,, .... . Q .-A , W . sg : ., Q ,M , Z -.--- ,, 'MIYWXRW 'QMXW 'X gi: 0, ---- E21 , W , ft , 12 32.:g:::5:E5EZ-E5:'-f:-:-:::..:..,.:,:5-3:-:.:,.f:,:5:3-1.,:.-N-z Mm "" 'mx im N X , Lg WM, i ' 'Se EXW if ' Wm- .,., 1 ' 'S' ' W' W1 X , A X Q . 'sfs::.3g"g-I-5f2:'53, X J .,.,.,... Q ,,,,,,, .,..., 1a:2ig:Ef'E': X 5122! K: ,rw ,I , 1 'N X ' " 'X"""" ?f.r.z:.s:s1a.fras! - :r:.:r' X r, ----: Li 'X 5 , gwyfaf. Q QW 1 ' ' ' ' ' X y W 'X ik A! X' V V , Q, X' X X if Wg., My f . . f A X -azz: ir, ga P fu 34, X r H, , L' .Q y Ms-F W- -, 'X X M if ' J' ' Q XX. Q . - XX if Y, gg X M 1, 35, X , F Q , 1 szafff' f H5 J ..... , L A , , 4, XX 1X Q, , . as E ,S ' S ft wwifvil A Q . Q - 3 W W 9' A W , X? desi x - Q 2- "We Q 5 ' W Wig. Xiygf P , : U R KQV E :: ff. ,-N 1? 4 LH MQ r , ff I ,F , 1 1,, 1 Jggw 'Mil ,J 'PQ , ' . M W : Q fc M if 4 M' 'Zi' :' ., .gig ' W ' 443351 wiki ui, '53 .: gan W ,EH x X .if5?i' 6 ' ks' S 'X fr U55 Nik 1 L 7 1 -x-f:?gy,9 f k K 42. Y E , ' 95 x 'qv 2 Q wa Q W 'I X N XPS , 5, ve X Souther Enyra vers, Inc NA SHVILLE, TENNESSEE wif W 1 S? if if 5 ig A , 5 L Q' va F 9 u Q 0 U Y ? U' E 5' o ll PHIHTIHE EUIIlPAHYfA'fIASHVlllE O .3 S, :- l-I nl 0 CR SIBIIIIIIY 0

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