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 - Class of 1950

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,-. " w 1 f . ,yi-fy., .1 xr tx. i xi Wil S2 1 ' fi l 1.1 ,9 311.531-. :Al 'W fit k " " "N - , fu . .1 " 'NX .ff . ' 1 , A -4 R v 9 'T -A tw gg , 1: ,S .r 5 ,V V? fr 'si-f 4 'Th TIGER 1950 Published by the Seniors of 1950 Murray High School Murray, Kentucky 0l'elfUOI' In the pages of this book we present our memoirs, memoirs of accomplishments and failures. Through the following events you will see and read, we hope to show you the greater factors which molded our personalities and increased our knowledge. We, the class of '50, claim only the successes we have earned and hope, in passing, that those who follow us will be inspired to even higher achievements. We face the future with wisdom and hopeg therefore we visualize social accomplishments left undone by those in the past. Z lbecbca fion l l To Supt. W. Z. Carter: A good friend, a trusted guide, a faithful inspiration: We, the Class of 1950, dedicate this annual. "And gladly would he learn and gladly teach." Chaucer 3 nnuafsay SEATED, left to right: Martha Jean Stagner, Historian, Mary Ann Underwood, Assistant Editor-in-Chief, Charlotte Roberts, Adver- tising Manager, Janice Miller, Prophetess, Betty Thurman, As- sistant Snapshot Editor: Betty June West, Art Editor, Jean Corn, Literary Editor, Susie King, Art Editor. STANDING: William Smith, Editor-in-Chief, Jimmie Love, Photograph Editor, Jean Farris, Snapshot Editor, Pat Darnell, Testator, Walter Moser, Assistant Sports Editor, Jimmie Lee Thomasson, Sports Editor, Letitia Mau- pin, Typist, Gene Cathey, Advertising Manager and O.B. Boone, Jr., Business Manager. III 4 gn s-' Ifl Ill 4 Administration 1950 Marc! of gyclucafion WZ. Carter, Superintendent of Schools and Secretory of Board: J.W. Outlundp Luther Robertson, Chairman of Board: A.i?. Austin: Dr. AD. Butterworthg Nrs. Joe Baker. w. B. Mosse, SR-. B-5-I WA- f Nurrcy State College? Un'Ve'5"'7 0 Kentucky: Principal Seniors, you are soon to go forth to play your role in the drama of life. In all desirable activities you will do your part better, we believe, because of the training you have had in this school. During the years you have been in Murray High School the student body and faculty have created and maintaineda high standard of scholar- ship, of ideals and of conduct. We are the stewards of the greatheritage today when, from afar and in our own country, ideas antipathetic of this Republic, to the bed rock principles, are being promulgated, and at a time when economic and social life is facing great perplexities. I am sure you will do your part in solving these problems and in making this a better country. 6 Q61 0 SAUDI- jafflftgg Left to Right: Laurine Tarry, Georgia Wear, Moclelle Outland, Annie Nell Mc- Reynolds, Mrs. Holmes Ellis, Kathleen Patterson, Marie Skinner, Nargaret Graves, Celia Crawford, Emma Darnell, Hilda Street. MOU! jalfllky LULA CLAYTON BEALE, A.B., M.A. LALA CAIN, B.S. MARTHA CARTER, l3.5., l-MA MUl'I'Cly State College Murray State Col lege Nurray State College George Peabody College Commerce University of Chicago El'IgliSl1 English, Latin . i 7 J. WILBURN CAVITT, B.S. Murray State College Mathematics Household Mechanics BETTY GILES, B.M.E. Murray State College Music FRANCES GRANT, B.S. Murray State College Home Economics PRESTON HOLLAND, A.B., M.A Murray State College History, Economics,Athletics LOCHIE HART, B.S., M.A. Murray State College Librarian MARY LASSlTER, A.B., M.A. Murray State college University of Kentucky Mathematics 8 W. P. RUSSELL, B.S. Murray State College Geography, Health, Athletics DEW DROP ROWLETT, B.S., MS Murray State College Louisiana State University Physical Education FRED SHULTZ, B.S., M.A. Murray State College Science, Physics, Chemistry HARON WEST, B.S. Murray State College History, Athletics JERRY D. WILLIAMS Murray State College Music MILDRED WILMURTH, A.B. Murray State College English, French 9 ainfen ance 5? Ofpw Left to Right: Cary Boggess, Custodian: I.N. Burton, Burnette Outlond, Sam SW Left to Right: Ruth Lassiter, Secre- taryp Nell Rumfelt, Filing Clerk. my r 2 5. L. Wilson, Grover Dunn, Janitors. iii F3 l - l 3 fs l 2 2' 1 - l . , 3 l l l IIA Y 10 CLASSES 1950 MR. MOSER eniom SPONSORS MRS. GILES CLEGG AUSTIN, President Scientific Course Band i940-505 Pep Band '46,'47,'48,'495 Mixed Chorus '49,'505 Talent Night '4Sp Showboat '45,'46,'48p Regional Music Contest '45,'46,'47,'48,'495 State Music Contest '47,'48,'49: Senior Class President: Hi-Y '47,'48,'49,'50g Treasurer '48,'49i Junior Sports- F7100 Club '46,'47,'48: Tiger Staff '47,'48,'49,'50: Assistant Busi- ness Mandger '48,'49p Business Manager '49,'50g National High .School Register. WILLIAM SMITH, Vice-President Classical Course Football '46,'47,"48,'495 Alternate Captain '49, Baseball '48,'493 Basketball '47,'48,'49,'5O5 Track '47,'48,'49p Freshman Class Secretaryg Junior Class Secretaryg Senior Class Vice-Presidentg Hi-Y '47,'48,'49,'507 Secretary '48,'495 Treasurer '49,'501 Hi-Y Youth Assembly '49p Tiger Staff '47,'48,'49,'505 Advertising Nanager '48,'49i Editor '49,'5O5 Annual Eclitorg "Meet Ne In St. Lauis"g National High School Register. 12 eniord JEAN FARRIS, Secretary Commercial Course Glee Club '46,'47,'48,'495 Cheerleader '47,'48,'49,'5Og G.A.A. '46,'47i Showboat '483 F.H.A. '46,'50: Vice-President '47, Presi- dent '48, Tri-Hi-Y '48,'49,'50p Secretary '49,'50p Pep Squad '46, Football Queen '47,'48p Attendant '49, Annual Staff, Class Sec- retary '47,'49,'50p "Meet Me ln St. Louis." JEAN CORN, Treasurer Home Economics Course Band 1947-50: Glee Club '46,'47,'48,'49g Mixed Chorus '49,'50p Orchestra '47,'48,'49,'505 Pep Band '49,'5Op Showboat '48, Re- gional Music Contest '47,'48,'49,' State Music Contest '485 Pep Squad '46, Treasurer of Sophomore, Junior, Senior Class, G.A.A. '46,'475 Tri-Hi-Y '48,'497'50: Vice-President '49,'50: F.H.A. 1946-505 Treasurer '47,'48p Vice-President '49,'507 Tiger Staff '48,'49,'50i Annual Staff. WALTER MOSER Scientific Course Football '46,'47,'48,'49f Basketball '46,'47,'48,'49,'5O, Track '49, Baseball '48,'49p Vice-President Freshman Class, Hi-Y '47, '48,'49,'50: President '49,'505 Secretary of State, Hi-Y Youth Assembly '49, Tiger Staff '47,'48,'49,'50g Annual Staff. 13 eniorri BETTY JUNE WEST Commercial Course L Glee Club 1946-505 F.H.A. i946-505 Secretory '47,'48g President '49,'5op Tri-Hi-Y '48,'505 Pep Squad '46, Moiorette '48,'49: Show- boat '48, G.A.A. '46,'47,'48, Tiger Staff '49,'503 Girls' Stote '49, HouseManoger"Meet Me ln St Louis" '49, Annual Staff, Regional Nusic Contest '47,'48,'-495 State Music Contest '49, Dromatics Club '49,'50, National High School Register. O. B. BOONE, JR. Scientific Course Football '47,'48,'49g Basketball '47,'48,'49,'50p All State Guard Honorable Mention '49p Annual Staff, "Meet Me ln St. Louis." JUNE OVERCAST General Course Grove High School, Paris, Tenn.: F.H.A. '46,'47,'48, Secretory '46,'47g Entered Murray High, Glee Club '48,'49g Tri-Hi-Y '49, '50, French Club '49,'5Oi "Meet Me ln St. Louis." 14 eniom ROBERT GLIN JEFFREY Scientific Course Football '46,'48,'48,'49: Captain '49p All State Third Team '49p Basketball '47,'48,'49,'5Op All State Second Team '49p Sun-Demo- crat All-Purchase First Team '49g All-WKC First Team '495 Trophy winner foul shots '49p Baseball '48,'49p Track '47,'48g State Track Meet: Hi-Y '47,'48,'49,'5Og President '48,'49: Presi- dent Sophomore Classp President Junior Classg National High School Register. MARY ANN UNDERWOOD General Course Lowell, Flint, Mich.: President Freshman Classy Youth Govern- ment Representative '467 Student Council '46,'47p Stepping Stone Sorority '46,'47p Service Award '46,'47g Library Assistant '46,'47g Class Prophet '46,'473 Class Testatrix '46,'47p Honor Award '46,'47g Honor Comodo '46,'47. Central High School, Flint Mich.: President Sophomore Classg Honor Award '47,'48: Arrow- head Staff '47,'48g Glee Club '485 Mixed Chorus '47,'48: District Nusig Contest '48p State Music Contest '48g Spring Music lFes- tival '48jRadioWorksh0D,'48.r Entered Murray High School: Tri- Hi-Y '48,'49,'5Oi Tri-Hi-Y President '49,'507 Masquers '4S,'49, '505 Student Director "Best Foot Forward" '48g House Manager "Meet Me ln St. Louis" '49p Glee Club '48,'49p District Music Contest '49p Pep Squad '-485 Tiger Staff '48,'49,'SO, Co-Editor '49,'5Og Hi-Y Youth Assembly '49f Co-Editor Annualg Cffice Helper '49,'5Op National High School Register. GENE CATHEY Scientific Course Football '46,'47,'49pHonorable NentionAll State Quarterback '49g Basketball '47,'48,'49,'505 Sun-Democrat All Purchase Second Team '49g Baseball '48.'49: Track '495 State Track Meet '1-19: Hi-Y '47,'48,'49,'5O5 Vice-President '49,'50i Vice-President Junior Classy Tiger Staff H177 Library Staff '48,'49p School Boy Patrol '49,'5O. 15 eniorfi JANICE Ml LLER ' General Course GIGS Club 46,47,48:49,'50p F.H.A. 1946-505 Vice-President '481 Secretary '49,'5O: Tri-Hi-Y '48,'49,'505 Pianist '49p'505 G.A.A. '46,'477 Pep Squad '46g Annual Staffp Football Queen '49g Hal- loween Queen '47p State Music Festival '48g Showboat '48i "Neel Me ln St. Louis." JIMMIE LEE THOMASSON Scientific Course ' Football '46,47,48,49g Basketball '47,'481 '49, 'SOJ Baseball '48,'49p Vice-President Sophomore Classp Hi-Y '47,'48,'49,'5Op Tiger Staff '47g Annual Stall: Mixed Chorus '48,'49pACappella Choir '48,'49p State music Contest '49i Regional Music Contest '49- JEAN FUTRELL General Course Almo High: Freshman Presidentg Cheerleader '475 F.H.A. '46,'47: "The Red Headed Stepchild." Entered Murray High: Glee Club '48,'49g Tri-Hi-Y '48,'49,'50p Football Queen Attendant '48g Pep Squad '48i Dramatics Club '48: F.H.A. '48,'49,'5O: Regional Mu- sic Contest '48,'49. 16 eniom DWA IN ADAMS Scientific Course Football '46,'47,'48,'49i Baseball '435 Basketball '47,'48,'49,'50i Truck '47,'48,'49,'5Oi Hi-Y '48.'49,'50: S0119 Levder '49,'5Oi Tiger Staff '48,'49p State Track Meetp All State End Honorable Mention '49. BRINDA SMITH Commercial Course Glee Club '46,'475 Music Contest '475 Pep Squad '46,'48p GAA '46,'47,'48: Dramatics '47,'48,'49i Production crew, "Our Hearts Were Young and Gay" and "Best Foot Forward," '47,'485 Home EC. Club '46,'47i FHA '47,'48.'49.'50i Tri-H-Y '49,'5o- PHIL SPRUNGER Scientific Course Savannah High, Savannah, Ohiag FFA '46,'47f Class Treasurer '47,'48g FFA Parliamentary Procedure Team '47,'48i Class Presi. dent '48,'49g Junior Playg FFA Otticerg Ohio State Animal Judging CONTEST '48i Entered Murray High School '49. 17 eniorfi BARBARA ANN WARD General Course Corbin, Ky.: Glee Club '46,'475 Tri-Hi-Y '46,'47p May Festival '-46: Carnival Queen Attendant '46,'475 "As We Go Singing Down The Lane" '47- Entered Murray High: Pep Squad '48g Tri-Hi-Y '48,'49,'50j Drumming Club '43p FHA '48,'49.'50: Glee Club '43, '49,'501 Regional Music Contest '48. PAT DARNELL Scientific Course Band '46,'47i Track, two years: State Track Meetp Class Test- atori National High School Register. CHARLOTTE ROBERTS Home Ec. Course V Glee Club '46,'47p GAA '46.'47: FHA '46,'47,'48,'49,'50: Tri- Hi-Y 'A8,'49,'5Oi Mdiofetle '47,'48,'49i Pep Sqvvd '46i Annual Staffg Dramatics Club '47,'43. 18 eniord BUDDY VALENTINE Scientific Course Football '46,'47,'485 Basketball '46,'47i Hi-Y '48,'49i Tiger Staff '47,'48. WANDA BURKS General Course ' Almo High School: "Red Headed Stepcl1ild" 2165 "Hi and Sis New York" '47i Home Ec.Club '46,'47i Girls' Trio '46,'47j Mixed Quartet '46,'47. Entered Murray High: Production crew, "Meet Me in St. Louis." DALLAS T. DORAN Scientific Course Basketball '47,'48,'49, Mgr. '46i Hi-Y '48f'49i Hi'Y State YOUfl1 Assembly '49i Tiger Staff '47f Office worker '49. 19 eniord BETTY THURMAN Commercial Course Glee Club 1946-505 President '48,'495 GAA '46,'47: FHA 1946-50: Song Leader '47-'50g Tri-Hi-Y '481'49f'50i Chaplain '49,'50i Dra- matics Club '47,'48,'49,'501 Mixed Chorus, A cappella Choir, 1946-S05 Mixed Quartet 'A7,'48g Girls' Quartet '48,'495 Trio '48, '49,'50p Pep Squad '465 Maiorette' '47g Drum Maior '48,'495 Show- boat '48p Annual Staffg Football Queen Attendant '47,'49p "Our Hearts Were Young and Gay" '48g "Meet Me in St. Louis'1 '495 State Music Festival "47,'48,'49. SAM HARRIS General Course MARTHA JEAN STAGNER Commercial Course Glee Club '46,'475 Pep Squad 2165 Home Ec. Club '46,'475 Re- gional Music Festival '47g UDC Essay Contest '47,'485 FHA 1947-505 Slwowboat '43g Student Office Worker '47-'48i Dramatics Club '48,'49i "Best Foot Forward"g Annual Staff. Z0 eniora GENE DUNN Scientific Course Band 1945-505 Pep Band '47,'43,'49g Mixed Chorus '48,'49j Choir '48,'49i Bdskefball '46,'475 Football '495 State Music Contest '49i Regional Music Contest '48y Junior High Football '46. SUSIE KING Commercial Course Glee Club '46-'495 GAA '46,'47,'48p Pep Squad '465 Home EC. Club '46,'47i FHA '49,'5O: Music Contest '47,'48g "Our Hearts Were Young 'and Guy" '47p "Best Foot Forward" '48i Dramatics Club '47,'48,'49j Annual Staff. S RICHARD SHACKELFORD Scientific Course 1 Football '495 Hi-Y '49,'505 President Library Club '49p "Meet Me in St. Louis." Z1 eniora SANDRA SEARFOS Commercial Course GAA '46,'47,'485 Showboat 2185 Dramatics Club '49,'5Oi "Meet Me in St. Louis"f Home Ec. Club '46,'47g Office Worker '47,'43, '49- DONALD STARKS Scientific Course B004 '46f'47i Mixed Cl"0"U5 '46f'47,'48,'49,'50i Cl10il' '46"50i "Our Hearts Were Young and Gay"g "Best Foot Forward": "Meet Me in St. Louis"g Basketball '48,'49g Football Mgr. '47i Mixed Quartet '48,'49,'5Oj Boys' Quartet '49,'50. NEVA FITTS General Course PEP Sq'-105 '46f'48i Glee ClUb '46,'-471 GAA '461'47i DVUWGNCS Club '491 'SOS Production Crew, "Meet Me in St. Louis." ZZ eniom JERRY BYN UM Scientific Course D Band 1944-505 Tiger Staff '46,'47g Showboat '45,'46,'485 Mixed Chorus '48,'49,'S05 A cappella Choir '48,'49,'50j Regional Music Festival '44-'505 State Music Festival '47,'49g State Music Festi- vol '47,'49i PGP BUW5 '48,'49,'50i Fvotbull '46.'47,'48- JENNELL FOY Home Ec. Course GAA '46,'47f'48i Glee Club '46,'47i Pep Squad '46s FHA '46-'50: Girl Scouts '46,'47,'48g Music Contest '48p Dramatics Club '47, '48i "Our Hearts Were Young and Gay" '48g Tri-Hi-Y '49,'50g RSPOVVBI' FHA '49.'5O- JIMMIE LOVE Scientific Course Band '46,'47f'481 Annual Staff. Z3 eniord BETTY PITTMAN Commercial Course GAA '46,'47,'-48: Home EC- Club '46,'47: Glee Club '46,'47,'48i FHA '47,'48,'49,'50i Dramatics Club 'LlS."19i Music Contest '47g "Best Foot Forward" '48j "Our Hearts Were Young and Gay" '47: Pep Squad '48- BCBBY CARSON General Course LETITIA MAUPIN Commercial Course Freshman Class Presidentp Office Worker '46,'47i Mixed Chorus, Choir 1946-505 Glee Club '46-'50p FHA '46-'49g Secretary'48,'495 Vice President Glee Club '48,'49p GAA '46,'47i Maiorette '46, '47,'48,'49p Drum Maiorette '49g Library Assistant '46,'47,'48j Showboat H185 "Our Hearts Were Young and Gay"g "Best Foot Forward"g "Meet Me in St. Louis"g Regional Speech Festival '48,'49g Dramatics Club '47,'48,'49,'5Oi Regional Music Contest '48,'49g State Music Contest '47,'48p Tiger Staff '47,'48,'49,'5Di Assistant Business Manager '49,'5Op Triple Tl'l0 '48,'49i Tri- Hi-Y '48f'491'5Oi Annual Typistg Giftoriang National High School Register. 24' eniorfi CHARLES WASHBURN General Course EUVA PARK ER General Course Highland Park, Michigan:Glee Club '47,'48pMixedCl'1orus, Treble Clef, Ensemble, '485 Biology Club '4g. Entered Murray High: French Club '49,'SOj Music Clinic '495 Mixed Chorus '49,'505 Queen Halloween Carnival '49. WILL ED STOKES Scientific Course Football '47. Z5 eniord ALMA JO MATHIS CommercialCourse GAA '46,'47,'485 Home Ec. Club '46,'475 FHA '49,'50p Glee Club '46,'47,'48p Music Contest '47j Pep Squad '48. ' BOBBY EDWARDS General Course Football '49. GLADYS MC KINNEY Commercial Course GAA '46f471 '48i FHA '47.'48.'49,'50i Dramufics Club '47-'50:"Our Hearts Were Young and Gcy"f "Meet Me in St. Louis"5 Pep Squad '46: Glee Club '46.'47i HON EC- Club '46.'47i Music Confesf '47- 26 eniom ELSIE SLINKER General Course ' FHA '461'47,'481'491'50i Glee Club '46,'47,'48i GAA '461'47,'48i Talent Night '47j DrcmaticsClub '49,'50y"MeeY Me in St. Louis" MAX H. CHURCHILL Scientific Course Junior High Footbollg Baslcefboll '48i Football '49. HAZEL DYER General Course Glee Club '46,'47,'485 FHA,'46,'47,'48,'49,'505 Drumufics Club '49,'50g "Meet Me in St. Louis." 27 cyidfory On Sept. 10, 1946, there entered into Murray High School the most promising group of freshmen ever to enter the portal of MHS. Forty- nine "Poor little babes lost in the woods' grew up that year under the leadership of Mr. Haron West, sponsor, and Letitia Maupin, president. We came backa year later. Our intellect was broader, but our number smaller, only 43 this year. We lost Thomas Taylor, who joined the Navy, Graves Joyner, who went back to Tennessee, Robert King, who moved to Paris, Jimmy Rowland, who preferred work to school, Jean King, who enrolled at the Training School, Betty Murphy, who chose matrimony, Dick Berry, who moved to Washington, and Joyce Russell, who moved to Ohio. We gained three students: Hazel Dyer from the Training School, O. T. Stalls, Almo, Kentucky, and Maurice "Red" Myers. It was during our Sophomore year that we began to grasp the vision of our desired goal-graduation. All in all, the year was a success- ful one, but who could fail with such sponsors as Mr. Wilburn Cavitt and Mrs. Tom Rowlett and Robert Glin Jeffrey as president. In 1948 we became juniors and gained the title of 'upperclassmen' We were a determined group of youngsters, eager to continue what we had so bravely begun. We selected Mrs. Charles Snow and Miss Frances Grant as our leaders and Robert Glin Jeffrey as our President. This, our third year,marked a time of great gain, a gain of brains and beauty. Our new students were: Barbara Ann Ward from Corbin, Kentucky, Mary Ann Underwood, Flint, Michigan, June Overcast, Paris, Tennessee, and Jean Futrell and Wanda Burks,Almo, Kentucky. We lost Billy McDougal, Max Moore, and Maurice Myers, who quit school, and O. T. Stalls, who returned to Almo. Climaxing our Junior year, we gave the seniors a banquet at the Club House, the theme of which was the "Gold Digging Forty-nine r s " . On Sept. 6, 1949, we, the 47 seniors who compose the 1950 class, entered the gay old portals of Murray High to "walk the last mile of the way". This year has been one of complete victory. We have the co-op- eration of the entire student, body and faculty in all of our endeavors. Some of the highlights have been the Progressive Dinner, the Halloween Carnival, and the arrival of our class rings. Again this year, we were given two new students to taste the last bite of success withus. They were Phil Sprunger, Mansfield, Ohio, and Euva Parker of Detroit, Michi- gan. There was only one who did not enjoy the happiest year of all. He was Toy Lee Barnett, who chose matrimony. Mr. W. B. Moser and Mrs. Richard Giles have been our able guides, and Clegg Austin., our president. Soon we shall say farewell to Murray High School and to all the things which we hold so dear to our hearts. As we leave we say to the faculty: You have given us the most precious gift of all---confidence and faith, if our lives do not live up to the high ideals you have given us it will not be because of your faults. May we only say--Thanks for every- thing. "We have fought a good fight, we have finished our course, and we have kept the faith". Henceforth,there is laid up for us a crown of glory, our diploma. Martha Jean Stagner 2 8 WafionQ! 44,4 -Sumo! R955 tel' LSU HO IN AMERICAN SCHOO uWHO'S W - .....upun, Mary Ann Underwood. STAND om Smith, Robert Glin Jeffrey, Pai' DarneN, Clegg Ausfing H 29 Jael 'MM an .iafamenf We, the Senior class of '50, having supposedly sound metal faculties, make known and publish our last will and testament. We begrudgingly leave these Halls of Learning to venture forth into the world, using the knowledge we have secured and gaining more. To MR. CARTER we leave our admiration. To NIR. MOSER we leave the title, "One of the Greatest Fel- lows We Have Ever Known". To the entire faculty we leave the hope that they will endure the ones who follow us with the kind patience we have received. To the JUNIOR CLASS we leave '2Blood, Sweat, and Tears". To the SOPHOMORE CLASS we leave this quotation: "Cast your diligence upon the sea of education and it will return you achievements." To the FRESHMAN CLASS we leave the will to learn. Each individual bestowal follows, viz: I, JANICE MILLER, leave my abilityto persuade MR. HOLL- AND out of tests to all who are that cunning. I, MARY ANN UNDERWOOD, leave my brains andldignity to LOCHIE FAYE HART, who can certainly use both. . I, JEAN FARRIS, leave my ability to snare men to CAROLYN I MELUGIN. Q I, JUNE OVERCAST, leave for Detroit. We, DONALD STARKS and SAM HARRIS, leave joyously. I, WILLIAM SMITH, leave my amorous nature to BOBBY -.5 FOY. A - I I, JIMMY LOVE, bequeath my creed, "Silence is Wisdom", to s g DAVAD OUTLAND. We, DWAIN ADAMS and BUDDY VALENTINE, leave PRO- FESSOR SHULTZ with a consuming desire to fail us. fi I I, O. B. BOONE, bestow my gentle ways on EDWARD OVER- q BEY. L . I, ROBERT GLIN JEFFERY, leave my athletic ability to all if persons who have determination, courage, and the will to make - l good. , A 1, SANDRA sEARFos, leave my boisterous ways to TOM SYKES. A 1 I, JEAN FUTRELL, leave to MR. HOLLAND the many em- I barrassing moments he has caused me. 7 5 I, MARTHA JEAN STAGNER, bequeath my stately behavior ' to PEGGY ROWLAND. I, BETTY THURMAN, leave with a GEM on my finger anda HIM on my lips. Q I, ALMA JO MATHIS, bequeath my ability to make bells ring to WANDA MCREYNOLDS. 1, GENE CATHEY, leave behind me many friends. ".,zfxl?f14.g BH-1 2 ,,: . -inw f.-4 Q:-if'1' 3 Ez'-' V rita vu-rf: 1?-tffiiv 0' ' . . .. J R fv .-v ,. ' 1?g,,"g53Qf,yQ4 11.1 - I' ? V., w .s,'4e rQ:a.ys:. ':,:- H,-7-,1 , g.g,, 'v1s, , i.,l. I-11 -:I 30 I, BETTY WEST, leave my smile to SUE MCCUISTON. I, CHARLOTTE ROBERTS, leave my pretty legs to SUE PARKER. . We, BRINDA SNIITH and GLADYS MC KINNEY, leave with res- pect and adrniration for the men Ohio produces. I, JERRY BYNUM, leave my ability to captivate college girls to BILLY OUTLAND. x We, CHARLES WASHBURN and BOBBY CARSON, leave our ability to get along with as little effort possible to all who are that lazy. I, JIMMIE THOMASSON, leave my glasses to all Illinois basketball officials. Q 1, ELSIE SLINKER, leave. my exotic name to SUE JONES. I, WANDA BURKS, leave my ability to repulse wolves to Z-ANN PATTON. ' We, WILL ED STOKES and MAX CHURCHILL,1eave...sur- prised at the fact. ' i I, NEVA FITTS, leave uncontaminated by the evils around me. I, RICHARD SHACKLEFORD, leave my deep admiration for that PERRY girl to anyone who likes her. We, BETTY PITTMAN and SUSIE KING, leave our lockers in A MESS. ' , I, EUVA NELL PARKER, leave my impressive height to LIDA WALDROP. I, PHIL SPRUNGER, leave hurriedly to avoid further romantic entanglernents. I, JENNELL FOY, leave my chemistry books to MR. BOGGESS to 'use as fuel. ' ' c I, LETITIA MAUPIN, leave. excess energy to ANNE FENTON. I, BARBARA ANN WARD, leave my glamour to all girls who wish tohook class presidents. y I, HAZEL DYER, leave my conservative ways to JOAN LOVE. I, JEAN CORN, leave my ability to handle class funds to my own profit to all future treasurers. I, GENE DUNN, leave my car with the mechanics. I, BOBBY EDWARDS, leave my ferocious nature to RONALD JONES. ' I, DALLAS DORAN, leave my knack of getting tardy excuses from MR. MOSER to anyone who sleeps all morning. I, WALTER MOSER, leave my straight face to MR. CAVITT. I, CLEGG AUSTIN, leave my cute smile and dimples to BUDDY BUCKINGI-IAM who can use them to the best advantage. I, PAT DARNELL, author of this docurnent, bequeath my sympathy to the next MORON who accepts this job fSigne dj Pat Darnell, Testator. x-gi '1 . 43314 X at F vpgz. -' r 1 1 J Wi "" 5'f'A I Y if w 1' ' e ' ' '4J4."K. 31 QC? lThe year is l985.It has been 35 years since the class of 1950 wav- ed farewellto old Murray High School. A lot can happen in 35 years. The scene is in the living room of the home of Mr. and Mrs. Jackie Miller. Jackie is trying to read the evening paper while Janice rambles on and on about her old friends of '50.j How well I remember the '50 class, It was filled with beauty, brain, and brassg The memories all come back again As I think about each loving friend. DWAIN ADAMS, better known as "BEAR", took a seat in theelectric chair. ' That well known singer, O. B. BOONE, sang "Seboney" and caused a typhoon. JUNE OVERCAST, who always was so silly, has settled down since she married BILLY. EUVA PARKER, so sweet and gay, is now MRS. NOBIE CARRAWAY. From the country GLADYS MC KINNEY fled, there was no joy after PHIL was dead. ALMA JO thought childern were next to heaven but she'd just planned on three, not thirty-seven. NEVA FITTS has gone quite farg she's a famous silent movie star. CHARLOTTE ROBERTS was struck by fateg because of her chemistry she had to leave the state. SANDRA SEARFOS is the star of the arenag she's now a famous baller- ina. SUSIE KING has done her partg she's made a hit in the field of art. ELSIE SLINKER was Texas bound when John Power's a lovely model found. Because of her talent with her horn, her name is in lights: JEAN CORN. MR. MOSER and MRS. GILES are both great conquerors, because they chose the '50 class to sponsor. MARTHA JEAN STAGENER finally made "Big Time" by doing bubble dances from 7 to 9. JENNELL FOY is now a success by teaching home ec. and doing her best. Wonderful and beautiful JEAN FARRIS is now the queen of all Paris. BARBARA ANN WARD, lovely in face and leg, is tied up now with a boy named CLEGG. BETTY PEARL said she wouldn't settle down, but now a man she's finally found. That cute little girl, HAZEL DYER, now extracts teeth withwire pliers. When it comes to looks she tops the rest, that's how JEAN FUTRELL won MISS AMERICA contest. . . A talented artist, BETTY JUNE WEST, now ranks higher than all the best. 32 BETTY THURMAN, the perfect young wife, has devoted herself to CHAD for life. MARY ANN, who publishes the NEW YORK EDITIONS, has come to the top and has no competition. I ' MAX CHURCHILL'S business is doing wellg they say he's better than DIGGER O'DELL. A more talented guy you never met than CLEGG AUSTIN and his clari- net. GENE CATHEY is playing professional ball and it is rumoured that he's grown quite tall. They say DALLAS T. is doing quite well by working on the farm for his friend, H. L. You all remember BOBBY CARSONg he's chaufeur for GREER GARSON. SAM HARRIS has a car, his greatest asset, because no one can ever pass it. PAT DARNELL'S mind is very dim, his brain was just to much for him. In a lovely cottage where beauty abounds lives ROBERT GLIN with BARBARA DOWNS. BOBBY EDWARS turned out to be no phonyg he didn't really have a toni. JIMMIE LEE practices very hard: he's now the star St. Louis Card. CHARLES WASHBURN now has his dayg he's won the part of CHARLES BOYER. JIMMY LOVE, the photographer, has made good by making films in Hollywood. W. B. MOSER, JR., really hit it lucky when he found his girl in Hardin, Ky. JERRY BYNUM, known for his spunk, learned to extract odors from a skunk. RICHARD SHACKLEFORD is the king ofall the residents of SING SING. That lover boy, WILLIAM SMITH, turned out to be a great journalist. That salty sea-dog, DONALD STARKS, met his fate when he fell to the sharks. , A famous comedian, WILL ED STOKES, has made the top, and that is no joke. BUDDY VALENTINE is driving cars witha glittering gleam all the way to New Orleans. A Not RITA HAYWORTH, but WANDA BURKS, has married and divorced twenty-nine turks. , Q - PHIL SPRUNGER was shot and buried in town, he was too cute to stay around. H When BRINDA SMITH heard that PHIL was gone, she shot herselfg now they are where they belong. LETITIA MAUPIN is the bowery starg her voice has taken her quite far. An inmate in ALCATRAZ is GENE DUNN, he always did have too much fun. But now, I find, Ihave to gog JACKIE eats more than any I knowg I better go find him a filler, . Until then, I'm yours, JANICE MILLER. 33 SUPQP Zafiueb E 3521 :iff-1:-4 'if -S is Q 5- T5-xx "if QFM5 :Rf Q 53-lFf1yXXf .- .- Q ' XA 'K'k W X ik X Xf . x xgfwx- - X N N X XXX MX X ' . Xx.., X Y x X Xb xfizxf. 5-:wg-xfggggiw 5-sg 3 Q fx 5 iii O. QQ SN ' ff ff QTQS 'N xl S-X :3 fffwf E. C AT HEY Most Pop ular Boy GENE ' Girl BETTY THURMAN 34 Bee t Lookuxg E' caper abbea ROBERT GLIN JEFFREY Best A11-Around Boy, Best Looking Boy JEAN FARRIS Best A11-A1-ou ' nd G11-1, Mos t Popular Girl 35 wr Q S' enior nap5Aof4 uniord PAUL BLANKENSHIP BUDDY BUCKINGHAM President Vice-President X, ,X -,Xl K X' X X- XX X l r - my X ef. XX X S ' X X' X X X A 'N Xb X X SESM QXX- kg- X . .. 'SSSS X. was - X - Q fd aX..XX -X .- V l .... X. X :XX X x X, A ,X . XX X X XQQ " X NF me XX .X X XT XX -XXX.--Xue Xl, - :M,,k:XgWrX ,XX Xa-. X X. X1 Sig-LX 15,3 Y X -. XX- 1 if as X :SX X X X X X KX N Q N is Q xx Q X X X X Q K X :X X N X X Q as 15, e X X X ,XX -1 15: "55i"?X -.Ai ..,. -Xa -, XX. 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X X j' --we viii X 'Ms Q X 5 X S X X . 5. X . :. KX XXX.. Q., - -X .K i ': wail- ffffif ffm- 1 Xb15,ss'5Q4.i-QXLX-' S Wanda Vance Gene Wells Sue .Tone s Davad Outland Billy Outland Carolyn Me lugin Thomas Hopkins Kay Weatherly Jenne Jellison Charlie Marr Patsy R obe :rtson Frank Wilson Bobby Foy Frieda Iones Jiirunie J' one s Z etta Yate s Glenda Kirkland James Roberts Nancy Wear Billy .To Parker Bobby Dowdy Zann Patton Dallas Conyers Lochie Faye Hart uniora 3 8 XX xi - as ' vsfm X X- X N E :X X X Q X X XX Ng X X X N 2 X X X X X XXQX X X Q X E X S. .X F! X X X X X X K e X X X X X A X X X, X X X X X X X X X X RX X X X X X it X KX 'X N XXXV1 - X..- X XXX Y ' SX SSH- XX S:-X: 5 ii t b' is X Xi ,Xi i- X-.Xay . XM Q5 C X XXX' 'H Si Q 'X X XF X XX X N XXX? 1 W 5 a N X if' X X 'X Sex. is X x-,Same X sf X S X X S1 N ti. N X . , KXX N ..:X Mi .X QQ WX XX X Q X Ee x EY SX X X X Anne Fenton Martha Bland Sue Parker Mary Buchanan Martha Parker Charlene Hatchett Not Pictured: Mary Frances Williams l'ldl0.'iA0f:5 39 -' -. . FR gssmge-1-Q. ' S mei. . . X . , f x-fl. 31.2, fly ..1. . .M vii Q. . .X ' Xef. W X. -. ,, . X f. . ' I Q- - 3. L 'Ll fm -Ni? X59 WILL MAC JONES President ix K we JRE M MQSXX. .5 gr-X:'..5XXk X .. J "kk Q4 Si s lk . nf: ..f FRANK SHROAT JANE PERRY BARBARA WARREN Vice-President Secretary Treasurer XXwfs.,Yk -A Xygysfzfsf .1 e.,XXe.X.kQ.XX,'f-1gX. .MXX .r . is .N .. -X XX. X ,..a...f , M -.,.: .1Xf- N - N' --Q - X K so N Ref? X X X X QX Xa W R X 2. X ,Q Xi vi N X i X N x 3 Ss R X QQ-.., X . Xwqsgk . 5 5 Q' if S gg R sqf., . Q.. K ' XX . .. NN , . rr., L., . X X5 X' X 5 35 if Jerry Carson Wanda Diuguid Nelson Garrison Carol Searfos Betty Wiggins Jerry Lavender Sue Cutland Harold Alton Teddy Lash Anne Rhodes Joe Wilson Norma Atkins .Tane Geurin Bobby Hays Mary Yarbrough Gerald McCord il fs .M X, I .1 ' Q xg, K.. M ,. . . . 331 1 E X x ww Q5 X Q its 5 . . Q A 1- A' Q. d .. N ii X iw ii if Q ., .., 3 X ., .lgaefssgfr f . 1 N r X as X X N1 5 QS' X X X N s X xr 3 AX 9 SSX MQ, Y Q X Mx X X wsd XX? X a s X fn Xe XXX srl. .f - X S XXX bw X 'X 'Y lug f - i X ,X . . X X X x Q Q X S F Wk , X ax A 5 - ,X Ti- Xa We was NXQXWSQ NSS R Q X kg ii is K yi, i .,-is X 1X X N sr 4 x WX, S X Q X Y in , . Q -some Xa , 1- .si -. xi K Walter Edwards Loretta Seaford Y 1 James Mason Churchill Mary Alice Hopkins s 40 s :LQ gs' t . Q viii. i' l ' .gi X - .135 9 XXX S 'X X i R X X ii gvfgwn X X f X fi s . .KX . e -. ' 2 Xg. flee . .e -S :Xf rg. fb . 'Lk' X . 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X 0l'l'l0l'26 Kenneth Smith Joan Love Gerald Grogan GlO1'ia M053 Clara Smith Buddy Shac ke lfor d Pat Futrell Gene Johnson Glenn Billington Nell Futrell Terrell Clark Judy Lee Nancy Sarnmons Bud Tolley Imogene Marine Edward Overbey Fred McCord Mary Sue Stalls ' John Sprunger Rachel Blalock Sara Calhoun Billy Aden Tom Sykes , Billy McKeel Buddie Vance Jimmy Boone Billy Rumfelt F red Whitnell Not Pictured: Shirley Alexander, Bet- ty Gotham, Leroy Pol- ly, Charles Holland 1 XXX XX X 'L 5223- wr 'fit XX. E5 f Q5 'X - Is- 2.'Q?Wf-V :fX:?...X5LXx XX,K . ,,:, X xx EX N XQ eg if XX KX 1 R 1 R X X Q 2 ew R KX X X Q X X X X X -- .z 3X,X, 5 - 1-N. -- g.XX. .. X.. Q. X X .ga IFX.-X5-fefifr s. XX- XRS, QS X ESX fs 'XSS X-Ab. R N Y XMXQXWX X. 1' as-faeilis: .. . F Xa X 1: I f.1.:E,gQj1fR x Fwy 'E XE X S 41 - u . XX .f- .X X , A Y XX -X X . 5 A .. . KX. J 3- ' 5.5 . 21 . X XXX.-. - .X--XX. .f:i.2i.i Q il 6 ff ,V N X V ff ' ' 1' xwffffw f M M f 74? f f Wy L I ,f X 9' I 2424 ffff K , W,,2 V' ff 7? VVV, 1 'fi fr 4 er X XX - X o g eriiie Q X 5 rea l'l'l2l'l 'is a t ' fi or .i n img? if F f - QP 5 254 " 1 2 ' Q Xin 5 . l f in W ss , ii S LQ - .Gsm SQ? 'XSS2 ' X333 ln' A 8 3 .TERR Y KING President P -we-S.. ,, X, sig . .X su xii X XXX E? NX N WILLIAM JEFFREY PATSY ROWLAND FRANCES LEE FARMER Vice-President Secretary Treasurer X X is X - S mgegs.-QNX .. -- X-X X X X "-. .,:-... X X X X ,X X N XX Q X XX kX X X XX 5 X . X. Xi il so . X sf i 1 . . NS W . X XA William T abe r s Jeanette Prince Sue Waldrop Bob Neale Allegra Jones Bobby Starks Kenneth Workman Billie Burk Cole Bill Sledd Dortha Bushart Mary Frances Weatherly Donald Dowdy Maxine McDougal Charles Mercer .Tunior Childress Donna Faye Knight 42 X '- 2 -.QTTTE iii Q X X 'S SQ X Sf? has if as wi X F 'X X X 4 Q MQ: 'I 1.-:Q L :iw -rw, . -X X .wr inzff, fn 414 f z F' girl--s ., .W-ra f -V . ,rs X. x --'- B: X , ., XXMM i. L i h ..,E X-X fy. . Xe X Qi P XX X X R X s B f N! Xl 1 5 5 Q' R f cffmfff V 14 f ,Y fc' 'M 7 f , . , ,l "Q7:f7f'Zff,fl' , , 1 y ml 5' ' 1? 'UW' ' 4 wwf I gf ww f 1 V Xi N., ., 'fl 1 XL'L if 'iw ifw f Iv X --'- ff.: tx. . S -R - Q: X fa or XX we X ww X X as X kg. X it in 35 N X X E M X 5 .QPQJAWQQIQ Betty Outland Betty Ann Nix Patsy King F rance s R ains T ornrny Carroll Herchell Robertson Frank Allen Pool .Toe McPherson Arnold Watson Henry Graham Russell Curd Charles Whitnell Tommy Doran Billy Carson Jerry Overcast Will D. Thornton Sam Bell Glynn Walton Eugene Bushart lla Fay Hurt Not Picture d: wig all X X ,S is . if lf kbrejf Y yy ily? 4 , WW' f ,J I W VH MQ W ,,4W,,, 7 t g. Xj s. was ., .w x W M .X X X N X X N X gy N ix X X Q N or X X X it , Q ei B X X f 3 Q is ' D Q X + Q f . XXXB XX ,. V? 5 3: l X xi' ,az va K2 5 ,X DOi1g W6a1'1'61'1 .Toe Ronald Dyer 1. N X r QQ QQ - .2 5 Y 'X is N 1 2 its X Ale an Rhode s B obby Smith 4 3 .. XR- as 5 She has what it takes King's Row Alex Groza, I presume You're guess is as good as mine X X X X 5 S X so X Q XX X X X QXXX X sa so X X X X X F X X X 'ks so X 2 X X X X Q XX is 'E -, X X XXG. X.. X k ' X 'L X R' XSS X 5 Sfxg X X Q X Q Sk Y X X XSX X X X X X X X Y N X X' K X X X X XSS? X X X VX XX XX N N x X 2 Colgate srnlle - -S' s ' '-'-"M" X, X. '?Xf.XsnwX.?"' A fn fig . fy s-:Q E X Xi KX - - . me X XXX-SX Xa XXX ref gig - 1 if 3' Q f 'N .A - X . National C humps Q Behind prison walls Bored How unusual A man, Whata man!, and What? ....a man? Hangover ,NQKXXMXQ 5 X ' X . ,NP 2, 2 .gixfg . XX. XXQQK- X- X .XX -we .5 . -auf J, 1 ' A Retriever Queen for a day 44 X Athletics u'Cf1Zi'K1'I2.'1i N I 5: Su' gxgxgy 5 Wm'-W K'-.K 'l 1 ii! -1Yi1'Y'1IWll'H.Ht'1 I Zloofiaff Squad! I9 9 The first MHS varsity football team to beat Mayfield on the Mayfield homefield. FIRST ROW: Will Mac JOI1eS, William Smith, Robert Glin Jeffrey, Dwain Adams, Davad Outland, Jimmie Lee Thomasson, Buddy Buckingham, Bobby Dowdy, Bud Tolley. SECOND ROW: Gene Johnson, Buddy Shackelford, O. B. Boone, Oury Billingfon, Gene Dunn, Frank Wilson, Jimmie Jones, Fred McCord, Gene Cathey. THIRD ROW: Arnold Watson, Bobby Edwards, Harold Alton, Jr. Childress, Noble Knight, Billy McKeel, John Sprunger, Doug Wearren, Jimmie Boone. FOURTH ROW: Max Churchill, Edward Overbey, Richard Shackelford, Eugene Bushart, Gene Cohoon, Gene Wells, Joe Wilson. FIFTH ROW: Coach Holland, Manager Paul Blankenship, Coach Rus- sell, Coach West, Manager Charlie Marr. NOT PICTURED: Walter Moser, Jr. ummary The Murray High Tigers ended their 1949 football season with a recordof four wins and six losses. ' Coach Ty Holland started the season with only two regulars back from last year's squad: veteran halfback Glin Jeffrey and Dwain Adams, who switthed to end this year. Theother positions were filled with boys who were willing but lacked the age and experience necessary for a winning team. 46 ufflnl GP? After dropping the first two games to Ridgely, Tenn. by a score of 14-6, and to Russellville, 19-O, the Tigers swept to three straight victories by downing Mor- ganfield Z7-6, Mayfield Z0-0, and Fulton 42-6. The streak was snapped by Bowling Green by a Z0-0 score. The Tigers then bounded back to Ahand Madisonville a Z7-12 score. In the next game the Tigers were a three touchdown underdog but gave a great battle before falling to Hoptown, 7 -6. The next week a strong Butler High team of Princeton defeated the Tigers 12-6. COACHES In the final game of the season, the Tigers tangled with the powerful Blue Devils of Grove High, Paris, Tenn. The Grove High team was ranked as the top team in Tennessee and the Tigers rated a 40-60 point underdog by most people. But the Tigers battled the highly favored Paris boys off their feet for three periods before weakening in the last quarter and dropping the game by a 2.5-0 decision, giving the Tigers a total of 4 wins, 6 losses. CAPTAIN Assistant Couch West, Russell and Coach Ty Holland. Robert Glin Jeffrey oaffermen Jimmie Thomasson Oury Billington J'ohn Sprunger 6 Gene Wells Tackle Tackle Tackle Tackle Davad Outland Fullback Charlie Marr Manager Gene Cathey Quarterback Murray Murray Murray Murray Murray Murray Murray Murray Murray Murray TOTAL SEASON'S RECORD 6 Ridgely 14 0 Russellville 19 Z7 Morgafnfield 6 20 Mayfield O 42 Fulton 6 0 Bowling Green 2.0 Z7 Madisonville 12 6 Hoptown 7 6 Princeton 12 O Paris 25 POINTS 34 TOTAL POINTS 121 Will Mac Jones Robert Glin Jeffrey Halfback Halfback 48 Max Churchill Halfback V JL ffefni en O. B. Boone William Smith Bob Dowdy Guard Guard Guard egnckuiclqaf agzoring Player Jeffrey Jones Outland Adams Boone Cathey .' Extra .- K 14 Total so 24 12 6 6 6 1?-T' .Timmy Jones Guard e Gene Dunn e Center Buddy Buelcingharn Center' ,r'e . A. ,,.A, E ., 1, r .X E Dwain Adams 'f'Walter Moser G V YBudxTqlleyu .5 m Iii'nrrl5:'l3oone V- A .Endn End 'X 'A U'Ezid,' Q ' V 'Q Centerf xl 49 ,- 1 QQQPECIJQP5 Jean Farris, Kay Weufherly, Frankie Shroaf, Zcnn Poffon, Judy Lee 50 A A A S S 3 Q if W R x , x " PRX V 1 Q. Q Q NA Nm Tl iN .Q me N' 'N-0 M "F-1, 5: I MGR MGP G. 4 is :C ,Q : gixt. if 5 Murray 65 Trigg Murray 67 Mayfield Murray 43 Lone Oak W. K. C. Tournarneni Murray 63 Morganfield Murray 58 Madisonville Murray 4-9 Tilghman Runner-up Murray 50 Tilghman Murray 56 Cairo Murray 48 Concord Won 10 Lost 9 Tot. Pts. 988 Tot. Pts. 872 Murray Murray Murray Murray Murray Murray Murray Murray Murray Murray RCU? Memphis Central Cairo Salem Madisonville Henderson Benton Mayfield Benton Bowling Green Tilghman Organizations -A 4 Y-M Z I-f f f .S "" ' ' X 1 K .0 'Q J i r ,Q q Wafcona 0110? Oaet? JEAN A CORN w1LL1AM fmg X . L LSIVHTHX X Q . x T i T F X BE ROBERT xGLIN JEFFREY l T i in-,:.X-fx 5 K hx x .x P1NDERWQ0D 4 Q i MAUPFNQE i 4 ul mm , Xl 127 WJ' Zntrmatiunal Bnnumm ,String iilffmll Srlmul Jnumslisle SEATED: Lochie Faye Hortg Mrs. George Hart, sponsorg Mary Ann Underwood. STANDING: William Smith, Clegg Austin. Quill and Scroll, the International Honorary Society for High School Journal- ists, was founded at the University of Iowa in 1926 and has grown until today it includes more than 3,200 chapters located in every state of the union, in England, Canada, New Zealand, China, Hawaii, Alaska, Philippine Islands, and Virgin Islands. This is Quill and Scrol1's first year at Murray High. The local chapter was organized by Mrs. George Hart and with only four members has taken its place among the other organizations at IVIHS. Members must meet the following requirements: they must be a junior or seniorg they must be in the upper third of their class scholasticallyg they must be recommended by the local adviser and approved by the national executive secretaryg they must have done superior work in writing, editing, or in some other phase of journalism. 57 FIRST ROW: Buddy Buckingham, Gene Cohoon, Glin Jeffrey, Will Mac Jones, Gene Cathey, William Smith, William Thomas Parker. SECCND ROW: Richard Shackelford, Clegg Austin, Jimmy Jones, Bobby Foy, Walter Moser, president, Gene Wells, Davad Outland. THIRD RCW: James Roberts, Paul Blankenship, Bud Tolley, Jimmie Thomasson, Dwain Adams, Dallas Doran, Mr. W. B. Moser, sponsor. Jw The Hi-Y is a religious organization composed ofboys in the upper three classes who are outstanding in moral qualities. The purpose of the club is to create, main- tain and extend, throughout the school and community, high standards of Christian character. The platform is composed of four planks: CleanSpeech, Clean Sportsman- ship, Clean Scholarship, and Clean Living, Membership is invitational. Officers are Walter Moser, Jr., President: Gene Cathey, Vice-President, Buddy Buckingham, Secretary, William Smith, Treasurerg and DwainAdams, Song Leader. Mr. W. B. Moser, Sr,, is sponsor. 58 The Tri-Hi-Y is a religious organization composed of girls in the upper two classes having high standards of Christian character. The club purpose is to seek, to find, to share. The platform is composed of three planks: Pure Thoughts, Pure Words, Pure Actions. Membership is invitational. Officers are Mary Ann Underwood, President: Jean Corn, Vice-Presidentg .Tean Farris, Secretary-Treasurerg and Betty Thurman, Song Leader. Mrs. W. Z. Carter is sponsor, jf FIRST ROW: Mary Frances Williams, Zetta Yates, Zann Patton, Betty Sue Hutson, June Over- cast, Jennell Foy, Lochie Faye Hart, Letha Lyons, Sue McCuiston. SECOND ROW: Nancy Wear, Jean Futrelle, Barbara Ward, Letitia Maupin, Betty Thurman, Ann Perry, Sue Parker. THIRD ROW: Mary Ann Underwood, president, Charlotte Roberts, Carolyn Melugin, Brinda Smitli, Betty West, Jean Corn, Lida Wa ldrop, Jenne Jellison, Mrs. W. Z. Carter, sponsor. 59 iger SEATED: William Thomas Jeffrey, Letitia Maupin, Clegg Austin, Business Manager, Lochie Faye Hart. STANDING: Mrs. George Hart, Sponsor, Buddy Buckingham, Betty Hutson, Gerald McCord, Walter Moser, William Smith, Editor-in-chief, Mary Frances Williams, Jean Corn, Betty West, Bette Cotham, Mary Ann Underwood, Co-Editor. .Sta FIRST ROW: Hazel Dyer, Jennell Foy, Elsie Slinker, Mary Alice Hopkins-treasurer,,Wanda Dui guid, Betty Thurman, Janice Miller-secretary, Jean Corn-vice president, Betty West-president, Jean Futrell. SECOND RCW: Jean Emerine, Glenda Kirkland, Susie King, Norma Atkins, Betty Pittman, Charlotte Roberts, Sue Parker, Gladys McKinney, Miss Frances Grant-sponsor. THIRD RCW: Rachel Blalock, Sara Calhoun, Nell Futrell, Nancy Sammons, Martha Jean Stagner,Brinda Smith, Alma Ja Mathis, Barbara Ward, Jean Farris, Sue Outland. 60 1 'JW I X A-L --I.. . 5.1. 'zu-5 . . , - joofgaff Queen MRS. IANICE MILLER Queen of .ilafgween Carniua! MISS EUVA PARKER ii 'CWM We JL, 79 f. Owid The annual dramatic's class production. The cast included: Dallas Conyers, Peggy Rowland, Richard Shackelford, Will Ed Travis, O. B. Boone, Jean Farris, Billy Jo Parker, Betty Thurman, Pat Darnell. Zann Patton, Donald Starks, Lochie Faye Hart, Gene Hendon, Jenne Jellison, William Smith, Zetta Yates, Kay Weatherly. .gzowdoaf 1950 Q . fx, 'X . . - t do ' 1 X at D A t t l l 62 Q WXQJ Quaffef Donald Starks, Kay Weatherly, Judy Lee, Gene Hendon 0 7 cr 5 uarfef Sue Parker, Betty Thurman, Letha Lyons, Lochie Faye Hart 63 0 o FIPA P10 FIRST ROW: Joan Love, Kay Weatherly, Lochie Faye Hart, Peggy Rowland. SECOND ROW: Letitia Maupin, Betty Thurman, Letha Lyons. THIRD RCW: Sue Parker, Judy Lee 0 7 o U' 5 5I'l0 Joan Love, Judy Lee, Kay Weatherly 64 FIRST ROW: Euva Parker, Kay Weatherly, Peggy Rowland, Judy Lee, Letitia Maupin, Letha Lyons, Jean Corn, Sue Outland. SECOND ROW Bette Cotham, Betty Hutson, Anne Fenton, Betty Thurman, Lochie Hart, Sue Parker, Joan Love, THIRD ROW: Gene Hendon, James Roberts Charles Skaggs, Thomas Lee Hopkins, Paul Blankenship, Donald Starks Jerry Bynum, Will Mac Jones, Clegg Austin. A 9432592 Tiff:-3 ' i FIRST ROW: Letitia Maupin, Euva ly, Letha Lyons, Carolyn Melugin, Janice Miller, Zetta Yates, Joan -l '26l orud Betty Hutson, Zann Patton, Anne Fenton, Betty Thurman, Lochie Faye Parker, Peggy Rowland, Kay Weather- Nancy Wear, Betty West, Jean Corn, Love. SECOND ROW: Bette Cotham, Hart, Ann Perry, Sue Parker, Jean Futrelle, Barbara Ward. THIRD RCW: Rachel Blalock, Judy Lee, Nell Futrelle, Loretta Seaford, Nancy Sam- mons, Sara Calhoun, Ann Rhodes, Pat Futrell, Mary Alice Hopkins, Jane Perry, Betty Wiggins, Gloria Moss, lmogene Marine, Norma Atkins and Sue Outland. is 65 S 1 Ne S, 'Q . Q u ,gs v Y Ex B E S Ads E4 4 1 M H -3' ,HHXJWX " -L too Compliments Of HENDON SERVICE STATION 2.00 North 4th Phone 82 Compliments Of CALLOWAY COUNTY LUMBER COMPANY North 4th Phone 72 DRINK 'MW' Sunburst Grade A-- Pastuerized Milk-- Murray, Kentucky RYAN MILK CO. PARKER SEED COMPANY Carload Buyers and Processors Hybrid Popcorn Phone - 665 - Phone South Second Street Murray, Kentucky DEDICATED TO ALL WHO WERE KIND ENOUGH TO READ THE ADS. C ountry gentleman nap Maia Swing me, please what shoulders! Ri'5?'! The morning after Tom' toot' M Three ladie s and ..... Nice car S 'Z -:', - , 1 xl U x E ' ' g ' - 9 . . . Pnvate Gmng UP- L1sten to th1s Joke '79 K' 6' jk., fflwl 's MYERS YEARBOOKS n:' .'o,.-0. 'J 1, : :u o,. . :.,:::: ot. . 0 , -. . . , MYERS AND CO INC TOPEKA KANSAS li

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