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 - Class of 1947

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,Q ,W ff m ' fpffvy? ffalfvig 1--5-rv-vvf--M -'ua Q.-R-r-1-53--07?--f K -,v--P-Nw-.--y Y.:-W H -1- - -----N- -' -- -2:11 , .M .. . - ' . ldv: 'J.,'LVwl'mV'."q . ,W !,,, ' U 'f' 4 j- . ' I . ",' f ,' 'Y I 1. 5.51.17-"a J iw SEEN.-. ..., 4 . 4 ' 4 4 , 1 . . 1 , .4 ' I 1' I? gin' VS A .ba FU.: 55 5 ll 'bfir'-fb Y 2- -f ., -J -'I-Q.-Lld. g- , ' hir + :fill . 'gi , L If J.. .w - f A fw .- -r H1 I in .- .X . 'lr' 4' 2+ 'LQ-2 -,F I. , Q A if +1547 1'--. vp-pq -Q-1' f- - -0 -f A f-v-gf.',5ff :vs-wpawv-.v- -iz:-Q :-'-G .:Q34-fn .ff - uv I. L ,.-, TTENTI ON, PLEASE " "BABES IN Aamswor Psnmmso Sv R oo' QL 'Lx xwmxxswiznugyxp wiv-QW 400 ow V659 xf-'V fd N55 ,Q QW 4V lx N9 A7 AW4 654161, N ,T R 7' 480 N4 fp divx W LXSSWAA OM? 194 , 9 QNX 7190 ,V N4 X34 TED 4 wg TLEASE RE IQTUKE is ovf ' W 'DJ N070 4217 is WHS 'mis ,pmagucfaph 3,10 S'24naa7,77loh3aY ala 660176 . If e ,A 'f , - 1 THE Samoa CLASS Y OF THE S my Q u J , ggcgaof xv, N 'XG st 'il' " -Nw, ss. 1. O : N- fu L I 1 , 5., . , X Q. N : X 16 X E .at , , I l :II L. ' S ul' : E 'K' A vs lsx IN' : X I S Q ' in ff wif : IH: y 'I 1 jbftitinfif THE 1965? TIGER ANY new OF S'Ml'-H'-'TY Tb PERSONS grigrfg uvmo on nano ms Pu9.:1.Y C-0"'UD f if 'fkffffgf' Qf. if f. I ESEEEEEEEES Ben Allen Brumley Thomas P. Crawford Coy H. Darnell Hugh Grey Erwin Max R. Guthrie C. C. Hughes I Lilburn Van Huie Herschell C. Johnson Orville Joseph Kuhn John Hugh Mason Tom Moffitt James Knight Parker Johnny Parrigan Herman Eddie Roberts J Billy Ray Walston ESEEEEEESEE ANNUAL STAFF Back Row-Billy Rudolph, Robert Moser, Mary Martha Outland, Virginia Hays, Billff Furgerson, Edna Earle McKee1, Geneva Outland, Harold Beaman. Front Row-Chris Cunningham Hopkins, Anna Lee Crass, Carolyn Vaughn, Phyllis Farmer, La Vora Holland, Jo Anne Hendon. ,av .1 W My-sv' Robert Jackson Moser. Editor Charlotie Holland. Asst. Editor I Be t Years f GUI Lifen xkt Nm xx 'K A 5 , 'ws . .f ,ua 1 A Q ,, b bv H blln ...,.. , , Q i.'QQwgK k NH ' "W" w-4..-QQQI1,3g:- -. , M , ' R? if yr A W h MURRAY HIGH SCHOOL 'Swell Guyn MR. W. B. MOSER Whatever success we Seniors of 1947 have had is due largely to the untiring efforts of our beloved sponsor. Mr. Moser's sympathetic understanding of our problems and his sound advice have guided us and made our senior year one of pleasant memories. L- 5. ..,,, 152123 VQX 30 2 ,fix Xhefg QI? XC ACT iofv lil IIIEIIIDBY CLEVE LEE Cleve Lee yvas superintendent of buildings and grounds of Murray High School for 17 years and he journeyed through eleven and one-half years -with the senioirclass of 1947, but he will be unable to share their greatest moment in a school career -graduation. Mr. Lee died instantly January 28, 1947 from a heart- attack, while performing his duties onthe first floor of the buildingq A ' ' ' . 4. , 'I ff 71 Time Out For Play Murray Murray Murray Murray Murray Murray , T Murray Murray Murray 0 0 0 'SEASON'S RECORD 52 H Princeton 12 33 T Morganfleld 0 33 H A Mayfield 0 .21 T A Fulton 6 32 H Bowling Green 0 12 T Sturgis 7 28 7 H Hoptown 6 7 H . Russellville 7 6 T Paris 14 "IHS ll In The Stars' S ,pqem V- ' v I ' ' J , vi?-ghfffg, ,117 f'317'1fi.i-Lmiff '.2??55f 1?tftS'QW5f??L2X.iii Sis-13'iQs4Qwf' i af, L- e I - - - ff f . -4. 5 gqa.., f1'w . asu: A Mm f . s f- Q , . -p,1,,yiN mf V, 'A ig'-,,,gv-- ...QM -vnu 4, fm ,,,- , .,, + Q W 1 " - ' " ' First Row, left to right: Bill Rowlett, Billy Furgerson, Gene Hale, Lee Ross Melugin, Kenneth Slaughter, Hugh Wilson, James Ramsey, Harry Smith, Billy Thurman QCD. Second Row: Harold Miller, John D. Phillips, Joe Graves Baker Hughes Giles, 'Billy Farris, Joe Pace, John Downs, Robert Moser, Bobby Ward.-Third Row: Bobby Cable, George Allbritten, Eli Alexander, Jackie Miller, Chad Stewart, John Paul Butterworth, Billy Rudolph, Pete Purdom, Wayne Hatchett, Head Coach Preston Holland. Fourth Row: Assistant Coach Dub Russell, Oliver McLemore, Howard Brandon, Paul Dill, Joe Pat Hackett, W. Shackelford, Terry Grant, William Foy, Carl Shroat. Fifth Row: Manager Harold Beaman, Joe Cable, Billy Joe Crass, Charles Tolley, Vester Orr, Pat Elkins, Assistant Manager William Hopkins, Assistant Coach Haron West. FOOTBALL SUMMARY ' The Murray 'High Tigers, coached by 'Pre8t0n."Ty"' Holland, enjoyed a most successful season.. Seven victories, one tie, two defeats were entered into'the records at the. close of the season. The team. Won-A the Western Kentucky Conference, the first of its lifetime. They were the: first team of Western Kentucky ever to play J-in 'the Shrine Game with Henry Clay of Lexington. The boys were one for all and all for .oheg therefore, teamwork, splendid leadership, and a love for the game combined to make a most enviable record for 1947. nAI8H7t You Glad YOIJIIC Youn 'QT PRESTON QTY! HOLLAND W. P. lDubl RUSSELL Head C oarh Football and Baskeiball , HARON fHermust WEST Assistant Coach Assistant Coarh BILLY THURMAN Captain' S "THE-TIME OF THEIR LIVES' S LEE ROSS MELUGIN BILLY FURGERSON BOBBY WARD Back Back Back tg-fr W Jos PACE GENE HALE BILLY RUDOLPH Back Tackle Guafd JAMES RAMSEY BOBBY CABLE BILLY JOE FARRIS Tackle Guard Center PAUL DILL Back JOE GRAVES BAKER Center JACKIE MILLER Back ' :QQ Q JOHN NEAL PURDOM . Bark ix uf- HUGH EDDIE WILSON Tackle 95 fy at 3 ELI ALEXANDER A End KENNETH SLAUGHTER End ROBERT MOSER End a i N Q. WW 1' YS,-m7Cx . HUGHES GILES E nd T' W' 1 ers 1I1 . K. C. .QV 'vves .s-wi B f CZ 1' v 6, Q. 9 . 6' sl 1 'O fq I' D O ef 6 01 Yo e , , - .P J' s J-61? , X Oi. Yi ' Q' 35, '50 . .1 '52 Liz-'. " Owe S Q19 . on , ,,q C . . 6 111 H Hgh . ' 0,10 .. 50, l ' ' A A3 . Q ' Qz-Q 0 0 , o A ' QQ, 0 f . Q ' A A 'I " ' Q29 Q ' or 60.8 , Y 'Qx J' S . t 0 all , T U A X6 Sub , 5 ' ., . "' O Q50 09569128 d M . ' " ' ' 9: 53 1 'af' W' A739 YA Y X9 -eta . H - O A xg A 12 O Q, cv 15 ' v osvax e , " F fb x 4 69,9 qfv bg ix X i M X 3 Lp 66,0 0.26 0 Q e Q! K 9 uh C J 3 do QQ, 2 xcxotgxgg k' I 5 41. 1 town 'W sw ag, 'Sf Y axgb 6. rbifgilffalgbgggyio 6538 Q aj eb 0 Q egK,feX,,i,ZW,., QP Q 23304188666 QM, Xixolvm 5 'QQ Q 000060 Q 5' of '71 'A '24 13 A 5667! bag? a tel' Sturgls gggizugakes 0 Q oxen ed Fergurwn Stripes Tiger Te GQ Q6 Q4- oume W y K XX KW Xxxxlas M 35,8 fe,-.dy Q T Flghtmg qw A 1. I xg M930 , Ser, PI. , , Ya . , 11 114 . , HY . , T k ' and swf - Yee Q09 Yevw ,Q a 1 0 m Ko H 6 " ' IVC X to tgtagxtial Stl bo The MH G Q4 ie been blocked. Hits b ' S gm P 0 9 5 . Son eh: ee - 5 Q tg 5 2 69' 'QF5 9 rxve oi their ad Fwe iliid 5 bout'-9 game , 55 H, X xx ' d 'th i t Q ui. -- iw 0 2 524 2:22, zaauw, W df P ' .5295 X 2,15 og Y, lev e OSS Q eta' 43 9 X955 XX a O Q Oxieew 0 . Y' Al ey M, el' 9 ow vga 5 F m T Q' ' A Y0 ' iotif' fly G can GJSQOCS 239 0 ' ghard Yopvri' H33 igxxfl 'el' may 80 - ' Q1 '90 40? 'bf - gyboss' W Yimr ayiieg gg? 3 'O "'G1c?kf , 5 . Q x Q9 10010 1 e 3-Varna S QVEYFOVYEYQ an' ' 1' ' 07607 Q, ob, -6? 085, Q15 x School wer? at Mayiyekime ikst Q 'feat Q12 ef 6 Qs K. ,-90 Murray, 9-9 at X d 110 e GQ SQ :Wi-Qzsg x 'A um, qcore Stood 'ifmen pm e 2, kk ide"-Yffed 69 'V' ' X A 4 -gm, '1'.e - 3' N2 QQ 12 YS, ge Gt 1v5agfIZ.c?y5hee1T' 1 5 31, QQ 0561.9-Qgi eo .6 x . 1513110 G 6 I ' BQ e toqe 5 Mad15o 5 KP 'fxgetg 'QW-7 Gt a N6 W2 v""" nv. Poi 52335 HS be! .3 d 1 ' ' det 3 82, Q ,- 6.6 1950 QQQB 'F Amsgy qi Q 925 , M13 kv im CUB ' 4 - 13 C Yiwe , X Q ' 0 or 35 0010-u aw 6 Mum GE E " Y ' 5.319 ,ji lv OPEAQSY 32 Qs 89 '30,c0y0'f9fi,5, Y- 46'.32W11e1 f-945' Su,- V g 7' 15 32 1? so 'bf f avg 9911349 nah' , It . - ,, , 9 wx 85530 Mill' gwf ,,e-'rs Roar 0511917 Tig After ,rzsffkn Q' . The uf I I ound Y own Fulton 45-35 Up Geai' Y Y Mumy 42 Po.. Bowling emu za mm BB gdunfell 8 F, Johnson 4 .W in pm: 8 F' '3""""fee 'S gdsifefgdg n I N I fx IK ffl, Q if - 1 .X 1 514 'RuStle1"s Roun -upn MURRAY-TILGHMAN The second game with the Tornadoes was much better than the first one. They stopped our winning streak with nine straight. At half-time we were at even terms, then in the last frame our team pulled ahead to win 43-40. W. K. C. TOURNAMENT In the first game the Tigers downed Bowling Green 42-29. The second round was a repeater 43-32 over Madisonville. The final game was played against Henderson. They took an early lead, but the Tigers cut it to 39-39 with two minutes to play. The tide changed and lost by seven points. MURRAY-PARIS Seeking revenge -the Tigers were looking forwardgto the cage tilt. Score 43-17. TOPO TO BOTTOM BILLY FURGERSON 'H. D. MURRELL BILLY JOE I-'ARRIS ALFRED CLARK MURRAY-CUBA The Murray Tigers started off the Cage season with a bang. The Tigers took an early lead and never let up. The final score 46-32 for Murray. MURRAY-MAYFIELD Still the victories were in our hands. We were not letting up against Mayfield. It was a rough game, but the Tigers pull- ed away in the last frame to win 38-33. ALL-KENTUCKY TOURNAMENT The Murray Tigers traveled to Louisville for the All-Ken- tucky Basketball Tournament. The team barely eased by Middlesboro in the first round 36-35. In the second round Central City downed the Purchase team 49-42. TOP TO BOTTOM BILLY THURMAN KENNETH SLAUGHTER ELI ALEXANDER BOBBY WARD ncbutlaw Cf The P ainsw Front Row, left to right: Billy Thurman, Eli,Alexander, H. D. Murrell, Kenneth Slaughter, Billy Joe Farris, Billy Furgerson, Bobby Ward. Back Row: Coach Preston Holland, Bobby Hargis, Alfred Clark, Asst. Coach Haron West, Chad Stewart, John Paul Butterworth, Harold Miller, Manager Harold Beaman. BASKETBALL SUMMARY , The Murray Tigers, coached by Preston "Ty" Holland, had a record of 17 wins and 7 defeats. The team played in three tournaments during the season. They were runners-up in the Western Ken- tucky Tournament. In the District meet they were stopped 'by Brewers, runner-up in the State Meet. Murray Murray Murray Murray Murray Murray Murray Murray Murray Murray Murray Murray Murray Murray Murray Murray Murray Murray Murray Murray Murray Murray Murray Murray '0pen Verdictn CAGE RECORD 46 H 28 H 58 H 30 H 43 H 38 T 26 H 39 H 36 H 41 T 45 'H 30 H 32g H 36 fA1l-Ky.J 42 f' 51 T 42 CW.K.c.y 43 " 42 'f 41 T 43 H 41 T 49 T 41 misty Cuba Cairo Sedalia Memphis Central Paris, Tenn. Mayfield Henderson Benton Madisonville Tilghman Fulton Wickliife Mayfield Middlesboro Central City Fulton Bowling Green Madisonville Henderson Benton Tilghman Cairo Wickliife Brewers nvigi antes of Boomtownn l i Front Row, left to right: Gene Cathey, Glen Jeffrey, Jimmie Lee Thomasson Dwain Adams Walter Moser, Buddy Valentine. Back Row: Coach W. P. Russell, William Smith Gene Dunn O. B. Boone, Dickie Berry. Murray Murray Murray Murray Murray Murray Murray Murray Murray Murray JUNIOR HIGH RECORD 33 T Mayfield 46 H T Mayfield 34 T Benton 23 H Benton 18 To Franklin 37 H Franklin 17 T Sedalia 26 I H Sedalia 34 fTournamentJ Fulton 26 " 2 Clinton qswing, Cowboy, Swingn CHEER-LEADERS L65 'T JO ANNE SHROAT PYVRRHNV 5 NIU HRH I' ew Q jx 2 M ' f fm h.,. M G Q s x , A ,', ,, iii ,, - ' ' ' f' ff N c 1 P i 3 3 M fA 1 if K ,,,. . if '- I rs? -F , ai'?g'A wg 4 " w w 'V 1 i fb X, X55 f N .N ., ,, .mgiggg M .-., A 3' 1 X 1 'X ,L Q 1 Q 0 Zfmm? i 4 r , '1- 1 T Wibggfi jf Q - an ,F H A A - .:..,, ' - 1 K , -gi' fi 'WW A , 1 fl : .f N c yu ,Lf Y' h . , vt: ,gfkifzx - M i s , , . J! Q, i I , , 4, 3 , 'fi 1? 'V , 'M' L iff A KJ f ,I " X Q, J X " ,. If 5.5! f 0 A275 ,is , i , K ,-4 fl . W' .Wy-u nf w si EW' Q In , .4 if NL -t 'x 43.145 I Q X A Wqvh T' is X' 5 5 ' -JR W-95 ' sin 'U . f him :W ,H . A . ' -bf. .239 V ,-W, '.,, K 1. a f., , VK . Nr! Y .. V' Q . V "Q v ' f f' W-9 V , . .. Q ixksff, N - . wa? ff 4 jj ' 1 H K , N ,Hb Hg-ii , A ff? Qi... , Mx, Q' if ,, S .ini www f , . ..,. 2 '1,,,k, ,kiixf-sf Q- X ff' .K, l .-wp-w , ,g W, A, sei EQ! ifmilif , ' . 252' 'X' 1' 1,515 jg- 'H A 'M wig, 'KA lj A 5 i ,Q fi' , 1 ' wfwsesz xv 3' A .,,,.A ,MQ if W y Y A Y' A: N .Y ff A ,wwf ' x " W K my iy iq ff .5 1 , iwfqk 5:2 , f K ,J ,565 if Q XIQNLJZ Q M1 ,.-.wr :H f -ee .Q 5 ' f 5 ' , I, , , A ,gi mgj, gg. A , Q 1 X 4 A ,M 2 J, QA L ' -.f E 'S . M A -J '. E' E257 - L 1' J mf' Y ,E qv 1 X , va Mi f QSM? 1 N gg ,P P Y wb. V ,, ,K X fl NIVXCII TWO WO1'1C1Sn X MR. ED. FILBECK. Principal MR. W. Z. CARTER. Superinienden! True To Life WILBURN CAVITT. B.S. Murray State College Education and Mathematics The Lady In The Lake MISS LULA C. BEALE. A.B.. M.A. Murray State College Peabody College Education and English Be-zyare Of Redheads MISS ANNE H. RICHMOND. A.B. University of Kentucky Murray State College English Above Suspicion LALA CAIN. B.s. Murray State College Commerce t Exclusifve l VIRS. LOUISE COTHRAN. B.S. Murray State College Home Economics Slightly Scandalous HARON WEST. B.S. Murray State College Physical Education. Health. Commerce Gay Cavalier --w. B. ivroslan. sn.. B.s.. M.A. N Murray State College University of Kentucky Natural and Physical Science Sunny Side Up MRS. TOM ROWLETT. B.S.. M.S. Murray State College Louisiana State University Health. Physical Education. and ' Recreation ww Jie Pardon lily Past W. P. RUSSELL B.S. Murray State College Geography. Health. and Physical Education Little Miss Big MISS FRANCES WILLIAMS .B.S Murray State College Library Science I Lifue My Life MISS MARY LASSITER. .A.B.. M.A Murray State College University of Kentucky English and Mathematics Running The Team PRESTON HOLLAND. B.A.. M.A Murray State College Athletics and History One In A Million DR. MARCELLA WOLFSON A University of Brussels CBe1giumJ Doctor in Biology Chance Of fl Lifetime MRS. CHARLOTTE WHITNELL Gulfport, Miss. Graduate Student in Expression Sing Your Way Home -MISS MARY E. ROBERTS Business Music Education Murray State College Music Dust M op Blues CAREY BOQGESS X, Superintendent of Buildlings HW' K... W""I 9-Wfvrfw . . .3 Q-I if ' X f r ffm Q 35 512.321 - .f-gf ' - .,.. . .. ,524 ' 'iii 'r e ar f ' fiwfis 2 "i'ff2QxQ':i-f -' 'Q W l A +1 'Q iw ee K l l l i N 0 77 Devotwn l 1 I Back Row: Miss Laurine Tarry, BTS., Murray State Teachers Collegeg Mrs. Emma Darnell, A.B., Murray State Teachers Collegeg Miss Margaret Graves, A.A. William Woods College .QFulton, Mo.Jg Miss Kathleen Patterson, A.B., Mur- ray State Teachers Collegeg Miss Marie Skinner, A.B. and M.A., George Peabody College and Union University. l Front Row: Mrs. Annie Nell McReyno1ds, A.B., Murray State Teachers Collegeg Mrs. Hilda Street, B.S., Murray State Teachers Collegeg Mrs. Georgia Wear, ALB., Murray State Teachers Collegeg Mrs. Modell Outland, B.S., Murray State Teachers College. l WI-vlley WSIB IEXPCIICIHLL n Left to right-Mr. Jabe Outland, Tobacco Merchantg Mr. A. B. Austin, Clothing Merchantg Mr. Luther Robertson, Wholesale Grocerymang Mr. W. Z. Carter, Superintendent of Murray City Schoolsg Dr. A. D. Butterworth, M.D.g Mrs. Joe Baker, Housewife. , K W gm L if E' 45 W 1: .Q I ggi Ji ,Q,,, EM Q 0, ,JA-Q eh Q hi 6 ' 1 5, Q ,S ., it Q ' A W ,Y , I A -M ...-gf" . f , K rj ? . wi wg , T45 3 . 8 3 .4 V... 1 y 2 'K 'M Nl 5 i W if qw ww 1 4 was '. an . Q ' 1 3 T- Presenfzng Tfle CZJSSES... RX Sk .TM X AW Nw A N2 QS 65 .bm A1 C? 43' I' i V 4.- 9 J' vo Sl-EIIIUBS The seniors-those industrious, digniiied, scholarly seniors - leaving Murray High School with Wonderful memories to last a lifetime. Eager yet reluctant to leave. VVhere are they head- ed? We wonder . . . Sponsor W. B. MOSER, SR. O eg? 8 ogy xb0v ' o, 494, , 52 'af QQ 4'5" s . f P 4,9 as M .. 49 ' 6' D.. ,ef 4 ,sw ww' W aiwiif 1, W 9 . . 3 ' U who " K MW --- , , g,,,,, .A-..,.p ' Woo 9 y 00 , , 6 - WANDA sus ADAMS COLSON' Bamboo Blonde "I think it well to be reserved." I COMMERCIAL: One-act play '43, F.H.A. '45, '46g Vice-president of F.H.A. '46, Tri-Hi-Y '45. TED BARNETT Blake Mine Nlusic "If music be the food of life. sing on." SCIENTIFIC: Band '43, '44, Treasurer '44g Pep Band '43, '44, Entered from Mayfield High '45: Vice-presi- dent Band '45, '46g President Band '46, '47, Mixed Chorus '45, '46, Pep Band '46, '47, "Grandad Steps Out" '46, "Showboat" '46, Contest '44, '45, HAROLD GRAVES BEAMAN Dark fllibi "Business is generally quiet with the man who keeps quiet about his business." SCIENTIFIC: Hi-Y '44, '45, '46, Vice-president '45, '46, Manager of Football '43, '44, '45, '46, of Basket- ball and Track '44, '45, '46, '47, Sports Editor of An- nual, W.K.C. Title. GLENACE BERKLEY, Pursued GENERAL: Pep Squad '45, '46, Glee Club '44, '45, '465 G.A.A. '45, Home Ec. Club '45. HILDA BUCHANAN Ufakc Up find Lim' "A virtuous maiden, mild and comely." COMMERCIAL: Home Ec. Club '43, '44, '45, F.H.A. '45, '46, '47g Secretary of F.H.A. BOBBY CABLE Flight To Nowhere "Force and decision in his word whenever he speaks he is always heard." I SCIENTIFIC: Football '44, '45, '46g Hi-Y '45g W.K.C. Title. J. W. CATHEY I Wonder Who's Kissing Her Now "He thinks by the inch. talks by ihe yard. and should be hanged by the foot." GENERAL: Basketball '45g "Grandad Steps Out" '46g Hi-Y '46. ANNA LEE CRASS Pin Up Girl "How'e1' it be. it seems lo me. 'Tis only noble to be good." GENERAL: Tri-Hi-Y '45, '46g President '46g Pep Squad '43, '44, '45, '46, "Groom Said 'No' " '46g "Gran- dad Steps Out" '46, Glee Club '45, '46g Home Ec. Club '44, '45, Vice-president '45g Librarian Glee Club '46g Annual Staffg Miss Murray High! '46g "Showboat" '46. gk F , .,,, ., f 4,-J"fx iw' by -'r?.::'1'Tl""' M , 'X ",, ' fa X. ff HF 4 4 4' 4 if-fi "f,Jjs'Q1'? . ., 93691 37 .. K '7 fe1.5"fTrQf". -'f ', 'fx ' .,"'35fL2 ' iw ,Y f i?:,?,'ff9'j92 f J 43.127 59 sag- , X ,srzwifszf r 4 L JQBX dfa eff' . 14, 0'v4i ,few FT- Q' K 5 I? " X mt., mx . f' I ,' ,"' . ..4, X ,K , ,- F . i at N., f - M ,1 6 - e,.......f-f ' ji? Q F gf? 7: , CHRYSTALLINE CUNNINGHAM HOPKINS Possessed "A girl she seemed of cheerful yesterdays and confident tomorrowsf' VOCATIONAL: Mixed Chorus '45, '46, Glee Club '43, '44, '45, '46, Pep Squad '43, '44, '45, '46, Leader '46, Tri-Hi-Y '45, '46, "Groom Said 'No"', "'Gran- dad Steps Out" '46, Home Ec. Club '44, '45, "Show: boat" '43, '44, '45, Trio '46. PAUL DILL Somewhere In The Night "Mischief, thou art afoot. take what course thou wilt." SCIENTIFIC: Football '44, '45, '46, Band '43, W.K.C. Title. PHYLLIS FARMER Heartbeat ' "A cheery smile and a pleasant way, we'd like to meet her every day." GENERAL: Tri-Hi-Y '45, '46, "Showboat" '44, '45, '46, Mixed Chorus '45, '46, "Grandad Steps Out" '46, Glee Club '43, '44, '45, '46, Home Ec. Club '45, Majorette '43, '44, '45, '46, Jr. Trio '45, Secretary Sophomore Class '44, Trio '46, Mixed Quartet '46, Annual Staff '46, BILLY JOE FARRIS I Ring Doorbells "Witty, lively. and full of fun. a good friend and a true one." SCIENTIFIC: Football '45, '46, Basketball '43, '44, ,45, '46, Track '44, '45, '46, "Showboat" '45, "Groom Said 'No' " "Grandad Steps Out" '46, Hi-Y '45, W.K.C. Title. BILLY FURGERSON Alias Billy The Kid "A lad so well contented with himself that he nevers looks in a mirror." SCIENTIFIC: Football '43, '44, '45, '46, Basketball '44, '45, '46, '47, Track '44, '45, '46, '47, Second Team All State Football '46, All Purchase Team Basketball '46, Athletic and Scholastic Club '44, Football Captain '45, Basketball Captain '46, Hi-Y '44, Annual Staff, "Show- boat" '45, '46, One-act play '43, "Groom Said 'No' " '46, All W.K.C. Football and Basketball, Vice-president of Class '45, All District Basketball '47, Most Popular and Best All-round. HUGHES GILES Blonde Alibi "He may be tall and handsome, but he's just plain Huz to us." SCIENTIFIC: Football '43, '44, '45, '46, Track '45, '46, '47, Hi-Y '44, '45, "Showboat" '45 Vice-president '43, '44, '45, '46, Co-captain '45, '46, W.K.C. Title. BETTY GLASGOW People Are Funny "If foolishness extended the length of life. I would live forever." GENERAL: Camden H. S.:-Home Ec. Club '43. Mur- ray: Home Ec. '44, Glee Club '44, '45, '46, Pep Squad '44, '45, '46, "Blues on the Run". '47, Tri-Hi-Y '46. GENE HALE , , Easy Come, Easy GOLXX' "Speech is great. but silence is greater." SCIENTIFIC Football '44, '45, '46, Honorable All- 5 State '45, 'Basketball '43, '44, '45. 'LGU' k m , , af M V. --v, , SW. ,,.v ,fl k fi K la ,cms Tzmvbi "lug"-me--'rf' Ag, CONNIE HAMPTON A Hit With A Miss "He has a wixl io conquer." SCIENTIFIC: Moved from Hazard 44. Mixed Chorus '44, '45, -Band '44, '45, Pep Band '44, '45, Orchestra '44, '45, Boys Quartet '44, '45. BETTY JO HARRELL Pilgrim Lady "Silent and sedaie Making her first ra!e." GENERAL: Home Ec. Club '44, '45, F.H.A. '45, '46, '47. VIRGINIA CATHERINE HAYS Kitty "Born to write. converse. and .live with ease." GENERAL: Home Ec. Club '43, '44, '45, Cartoonist of Tiger '45, '46, F.H.A. '46, '47, Historian, Annual- Staff, Art Staff for Annual, Senior Play "Blues on the Run" '47. 'pf 9 Jo ANNE HENDON What A Woman I 'There ii sometimes mudh in little." GENERAL: Cheerleader '44, '45, '46, '47, Football Queen '44, '46, Glee Club '44, '45, '46, '47, "Sl1owboat" '45, '46, Junior Play "The Groom Said 'No' "3 Senior Play "Grandad Steps Out", Orchestra '45, Tri-Hi-Y '45, '46, '47, Most Popular Girl, Best All-round Girl, Latin Club '43, '44, Concert Band '46. I CHARLOTTE HOLLAND I Know W'here I'm Going "Work hard. know the rules. shoot square." GENERAL: Tiger Staff '44: Editor Tiger '45, '46, Home Ec. Club '44, '46, Assistant Editor of Annual. LA VORA HOLLAND Chatterbox "I have a tongue, but for fear I don't show it. I talk all the time so you'11 be sure and know it." GENERAL: Russellville High School: President Fresh- man Class '43, Spring Music Festival '43g Girls' Trio '44g Sub Deb Club '44g Dramatic Club '44, Secretary of Sophomore Class '44g Home Ec. Club '43, '44g Glee Club '42 '43, '44 '44, '45, '46g Cheer Leader '42, '43, '44, '45g Junior Play "The Scarecrow Creeps" '45, Mixed Chorus '43, Pep Squad '45. Murray High School: President Glee Club '46, Mixed Chorus and Mixed Octet '46, Pep Squad '46g "Showboat" '45g "Grandad Steps Out" Senior Play '46, Tri-Hi-Y '46, Annual Staff '46. RUDY HOLLAND Genius at Ufork "Young in years, in judgment o1d" SCIENTIFIC: Hi-Y '46g "Grandad Steps Out" Senior Play '46. ANNA BELLE LASH Sunbonnet Sue "Her very frown is fairer than the smiles of maidens are." GENERAL: Entered here from Flint, Michiganin 1945: Glee Club '45, '46. ff-fi AQ' ,GF MARCELLA MAXEY The Secret Heart "The fair. the chaste. the unexpressive she." COMMERCIAL: Home Economics Club '44, '45, F.H.A. '45, '46, '47. JO ANN MCDANIEL Her Kind of Man "Beauty is truth. truth beauty." GENERAL: Glee Club '43, '44, '45, Home Ec. Club '43, '44, '45, '46, Pep Squad '43, '44, '45. EDNA EARLE MCKEEL Calendar Girl A "Talents differ: all is well and wisely put." 1 GENERAL: Pep Squad '43, '44, '45, '46, Glee Club '44. '45, '46, Home Ec. Club '44, '45, '46, Tri-Hi-Y '45, '46, F.H.A. '45, '46, "Groom Said 'No"' '46, "Blues on the Run " '47, "Showboat" '44, Debate Team '45, Annual Staff. LEE ROSS MELUGIN Personality Kid "Not too serious. not too gay, but ' altogether a jolly good fellow." SCIENTIFIC: Football '42, '43, '44, '45, '46, President '43, '44, '45, '46, Hi-Y '44, '45, "Showboat" '45, '46, Track '46, One act play '43, W.K.C. Title. QJIFN 1 Q, N ,ge . - dawg, me K ,,,,5i,y'.4,,b, 'u ,J , 5 W 'HW' 4. 5 .25 92" P'-.1 f .y fa, JACKIE MILLER Thafs My Gal "Not afraid of work. but in sympathy with it." SCIENTIFIC: Football '45, '46, Basketball '45, Hi-Y '45 '46, Treasurer '45, '46, Track '45, W.K.C. Title. ROBERT JACKSON MOSER Run-around "I hope one morning to awake and find myself great." SCIENTIFIC: Football '43, '44, '45, '46, Hi-Y '44, '45, '46, President '46, "Groom Said 'No"', "Grandad Steps Out", Public Discussion '44, Oration '46, Presi- dent Speech League '46, Member of National Athletic Scholastic Society, W.K.C. Title, Editor of Annual. H. D. MURRELL Wonder Mant "I will most willingly attend your ladyship." SCIENTIFIC: Basketball '42, '43, '44, '45, '46, Honorable Mention All Purchase Team '45, All District Team '43, Track '44, Band '45, Orchestra '45, Quartet '45, Mixed Chorus '45, "Tomboy" '44, "Showboat" '43, '44, Presi- dent Class '44, Vice-president '45, Hi-Y '43, '44, Nation- al Athletic Scholastic Society. GENEVA OUTLAND Do-wn to Earth "Let come what will, I'1l do A my best." COMMERCIAL: Home Economics Club '43, '44, F.H.A. '45, '46, President '46, Vive-president Home Ec. Class '46, Glee Club '45, '46, '47, "Showboat" '46, Junior Play "The Groom Said 'No' " '46, Mixed Chorus '46, Annual Staff, Tiger Staff '45, Senior Play "Blues on the Run" '47, Student Office Worker, High School Register '47. LETRICIA OUTLAND Unconquered "The only way to have a friend is to be one." CLASSICAL: Latin Club '43, Glee Club '45, '46, Treasurer of Glee Club '46, Pep Squad '46, Secre- tary of Class '44, '45, Tri-Hi-Y '45, '46, Sec. and Treas. of Tri-Hi-Y '46, McDowell Music Club '43, '44, '45, '46, "Blues ton The Run" '47, MARY MARTHA OUTLAND Too Good to be True "Nothing is gained without ambition" COMMERCIAL: Home Ec. Club '43, '44, F.H.A. '45, '46, Sec. of F.H.A., '45, '46, Glee Club '45, '46, Sec. of Glee Club- '46, Mixed Chorus '46, Trio '46, "Showboat" '46, Student Director of "Groom Said 'No' "Q Student Of- fice Worker '43, '45, '46, Lunch Room Bookkeeper '45, '46, Tiger Staff '44, "Blues on the Run" '47, An- nual Staff '46, High School Register '47, Jos PACE. Jn. I They Won'l Believe Me "Talk to him of .l'acob's ladder. and he will ask the number of steps." SCIENTIFIC: Hi-Y '44, '45, Football '43, '44, '45, '46, Track '46, '47, "Showboat" '45, '46, W.K.C. Title. JOHN NEAL PURDOM Big Sleep "Don't let your studies interfere with your education." SCIENTIFIC: Hi-Y '44, '45, Football '43, '44, '45, '46, W.K.C. Title. JIMMY RAMSEY The Green Years "Thorough in his work fo the last degree. A successful man he'll surely be." SCIENTIFIC: Hi-Y '45, '46, Football '43, '44, '45, '46, Mixed Chorus '46, "Blues on the Run" '47, W.K.C. Title. BILLY RUDOLPH Born to Speed "A cheerful disposition is a fund fo great capital." SCIENTIFIC: Football '44, '45, '46, Track ,'45, '46, '47, Hi-Y '44, '45, '46, Annual Staff, Tiger Staff '46, "Blues on the Run" '47, WALTER SHACKELFORD Secret Life of Walter M. ' "My hear! is whole. my fancy free. run on liffle girls don'f bother me." SCIENTIFIC: West Technical High School, Basketball '45, Foreman Guild '45, Murray: Football '46, "Blues on the Run" '47. , JO ANNE SHRQAT The Strange Woman "I-Iumerous with lofs of poise, plenfy of friends among the boys." V GENERAL? Latin Club '43, Home Ec. Club '44, Glee Club '44, '45, '46, Mixed Chorus '45, '46, Pep Squad '43, '44, '46, Cheerleader '45, '46, "The Groom Said 'No' " '45, "Grandad Steps Out" '46, "Showboat" '43, '44, '45, Annual Staff, G.A.A. '43, railways MARY JO SKAGGS So Goes My Love "lA good natured girl. and earnest in all her efforts." VOCATIONAL: Home Ec. Club '44, '45, Tri-Hi-Y '46, '47g Manager Magazine Drive '46, McDowell Music Club '43, '44, '45, '46. KENNETH K. SLAUGHTER Champion of the Cue "My ideaiof an agreeable person is a person who agrees with me." GENERAL: Basketball letterman for three years, Football letterman for two years? Track letterman for one year, In service over two years, "Showboat" '46, 'BETTY SMITH -. Betty Co-ed "She's merry and gay, know's how to work and to play." VOCATIONAL: Treasurer of Junior Class, '46g Treasur- er of Senior Class, '473 Tri-Hi-Y '46, '47, Home Ec. Club '45, '46g Member of C.A.P., Wayne High School, Wayne, .Mich., '44, "The Groom Said 'No"' '46, "Gran- dad Steps Cut" '47, SEDNA EARL STARKS KNIGHT This Time For Keeps "For she was more than over shoes in love" GENERAL: Majorette '43, '44, '45, '46, Glee C1ub"43, '44, '45, '46, "Showboat" '44, '45, Home Ec. Club '44, '45, Latin Club '43, '44g Mixed Chorus '45, '46. BILLY THURMAN Spellbound "Though quiet, 'tis said he has deep thoughts." GENERAL: Football '44, '45, '46g Captain '46g Basket- ball '43, '44, '45, '46, Track '44, '45, '46g W.K.C. Titleg Honorable Mention All-State '46g All W.K.C. Foot- ball Team. CAROLYN VAUGHN She IfVouldn't Say Yes "For a girl more active, capable and fine: You'll search the world and never find." CLASSICAL: Latin Club '43g Tiger Staff '44g Pep Squad '43, '46g Tri-Hi-Y '45, '46g McDowell Music Club '43, '44, '45, '46g "Showboat" '45, Vice-president Speech League '46g "Blues on the Run" '47g Annual Staff. BOBBY WARD Drifting Along "Let the world slide, let the words go, a fig for care and a foe fqr woe." SCIENTIFIC: Football '43, '44, '45, '46g Basketball '45, '46, Hi-Y '44, '45g Treasurer '44g W. K. C. Title. ANNE WOODS Rendezvous With Annie "A practical sense niixed with quiet humor." GENERAL: Lafayette: Dutch Clubg Pep Club '45g Honor Club '44, '45g Student Council '45g Girl Reserves '45g Girls Council '45. Murray: Pep Squad '46g "Grandad Steps Out"g Glee Club '45, '46g Tri-Hi-Y '46g Home Ec. Club '45, '46. PVT. JOHN D. PHILLIPS. 'U.S.M.C. PVT. J. W. CATHEY. U.S.A. CADET LEE R. MELUGIN. M.M.C it Four short years ago in September of 1943, there walked, ran, or other- wise entered into the corridors of Murray High School a group of the most intelligent, most dignified, and most beautiful students ever to enter the haven of Murray High School. Altogether there were around fifty of us that year, several new pupils having been added to our eighth grade class. Other than being the best class in school, nothing of great importance happened to us that year. r In 1944 when We returned as sophomores to M.H.S., several of our number did not return. Among those' were Joe Glasgow fnow in Oak Ridgej, Lynn Wallace, and Helen McFall. We also had new ones in our midst. We elected Miss Richmond and Mr. Cavitt as our sponsors and they led us through another happy year. On "Talent N ight," sponsored by the seniors, our class presented two skits. As juniors We entered in 1945 and again we lost old students and gained new ones. Among those entering our class were La Vora Holland, Connie Hampton, and Ted Barnett, all of great musical talent, Rudy Holland, our carpenter and electrician, and Anna Belle Lash. During that year we looked to Miss-Cain and Mr. West for class guidance, and I am sure there could not be found two more 'faithful or loyal sponsors. Early in the season we had aprogressive dinner, starting at the Methodist Church with the appetizer, to the high school for the main course, and to the club house for dessert and to play games. Later in the year we presented a chapel program entitled "The Faculty" which enabled the teachers to see how they appeared to the students. The junior classpre- sented a play entitled "The Groom Said 'No' " with Billy Furgerson and Anna Lee Crass in the leading roles. Withthe money thus made, we presented the senior class and faculty of M.H.S. with a banquet in the form of a night club with beautiful chorus girls and suave waiters fthe soph. boysj in attendance. The juniors enjoyed themselves immensely in thus entertaining the seniors and faculty. In 1946 we, the dignified seniors, walked in and took our place as the pivot of M.H.S. for one year. We chose Mr. Moser as ourladviser and' sponsor for our last year's work, and we know we could not have ac- complished so much or have been so happy without his excellent help. This, our last year, has been our greatest. The football and basketball teams, composed mostly of seniors, won great honors. In October we had a combination Halloween Carnival and Pie Supper in Outland's To- bacco Barn. In December the senior class presented a play, "Grandad Steps Out," featuring J. W. Cathey in the title role. Also in December we ordered our class rings. At Christmas we drew names for a party which +he mothers of our class gave for us in the club house. In January Mr. Moser gave a birthday party for Robert Jackson and invited the seniors and their friends. At mid-semester we were saddened by the departure of several of our classmates. We lost Edna Starks in matrimony, and Anna Belle Lash by bgraduation. J. W. Cathey joined the Army and Lee Ross Melugin, our class president all through our four years of high school, joined the Merchant Marines. We had a progressive dinner in his honor the night before he left. We Were indeed sorry to lose our presi- dent for he had served us faithfully. Early in the first semester John Dee Phillips joined the Marines. In the spring a young man's fancy turns to love and so does a woman's for in March two of our girls, Chris Cunningham and Wanda Adams, were married. ' On May 23 We shall say good-bye to Murray High School and to all the joys and pleasures we have known here. We know that we have had, for the past four years, the best leadership and guidance from the splendid teachers of M.H.S. that any group of students have ever been fortunate enough to have, and if we do not turn out to be great in the world it will not be their fault.--Mary Martha Outland. .Lal WJ!! Am! '7 agua SZIVIGR 6.81455 it To whom it may concern: We, the Class of '47, had better leave before we go completely insane after four years of hard study and no play. Second: To the faculty and to our friends: We shall always remain deeply grateful for the needless hours they spent in our presence and for the great amount of knowledge that we do not have. . Third: To our underclassmen: To the Class of '48 We leave a hard way to go because they never had one. To the sophomores, our good reputation. ,To the freshmen, our hope that they too may have a will someday. Fourth: I, Rover Ward, leave . . . barely. 1 ' I I, Jo Skaggs, leave my mechanical knowledge of the Cables to Hilda Todd. I, Marty Outland, will my book called "The Jones," to Zetta Yates. I, Tu Ton Hale, will my atlas equipment to little Hugh Eddie Wilson. I, Mimi Harrell, leave with the "Jack of all Trades," Rudy Holland. I, Pork Chops Shroat, will my diary of male cheerleaders to Janice Weatherly. We, Jo McDaniel and Conrad Hampton, leave together. I, Peaches McKeel, will my sugar and cream to Betty Beach. I, Glennie Berkley, leave because marriage awaits me. I, Chris Hopkins, leave with a skip, jump, and a "hop." I, Cecil Miller, leave but shall return to get a sophomore girl. I, Jo Holland, leave my art of conversation and surplus pep to Julia Ann Holland. 1 I, Huz Giles, will my compact, comb, make-up, and artificial eye lashes to William Foy. I, Curly Farris, will "the dudad," "that thang," and "holy cow," to anyone of Miss Anne's class-keep them Well. ,' I, La Ha Holland, leave my giggles floating here and there to make life cheery when I am gone. I, G. G. Outland, leave my way of prying into everyone's business with- out trouble to Mary E. McClure. I, Paul Moser, will my road maps of adjoining towns to Wayne Hatchett. ' I, Furg Furgerson, leave my fanciful ways with the girls to Bill Rowlett. I, Pete Purdom, leave my cave man ways of romance to John Downs. I Emily Vaughn, will my "ramrod" to any unlawful soul. 7 7 I Cuball Barnett, leave my musical ability to Jerry Williams--he needs it so.'. . I, Inspirator Beaman, leave my good pep speeches to Willie Hopkins. I, Puss Cable, will my cute little dimples to Bobby Hutchens to slay the girls with. I, Meat Melugin left months ago due to Uncle Samfs stubbornness. I, Harkless Woods, leave my sickness and broken legs to anyonelwho wants. to stay out of school. I, Lee Crass, leave my beauty to Orene Tabors. I, Hildie Buchanan, take everything with me because anyone wouldn't have it. I, Phil Farmer, leave as a maid int waiting. I,'Wheaties Glasgow, take my scatter-brains with me because I'l1 need them later. I, Marshmallow Maxey, leave my "One Man Fashion" to Betty Thurman. I, Blondie Colson, leave my blushing 'innocence to anyone who wants to blush. ' I, Bets Smith, leave my love letters floating here and there, maybe Jean Wisehart will catch a few. I,.Turtle Knight, left at the half to spend the rest with a knight. I, Pee Wee Hendon, leave my sweet disposition to Naomi McMil1en. I, Belle Lash, leave singing "Oh Johnny, Oh J ohnnyf' I, Trish Outland, leave my regular school attendance to George McCutchens. I, Pickle Dill, leave my route to Mayfield open. I, Wormy Holland, leave my masterful ways to Pnil Crawford. I, Baby Pace, leave my cute ways in class to anyone who will accept them. I, Josh Cathey, left a few months ago to be with my Uncle Sam. I, Defus Phillips, left months ago to attend the leatherneck's school. I, Ramrod Ramsey, leave calling "Oh Emily, Oh Emily." I Ru Rudolph, leave my photographer's ability to anyone who likes 7 a dark room. I, Shack Shackelford, leave my billiard career to someone who has money. I, Slaughter, leave my way of laying out of school every day to Joe Cable. I, Payne Thurman, leave my football and basketball career to Marshall Richard Berry. ' I, Hubby 'Murrel1, will my blonde hair to Coach Holland-lpoor soul he wants beautiful hair so much. ' I, Kitty Hays, leave my ability of writing a will to the will writer of '48.-eSenior Class of 1947. GW i Z we, Av--: k,,,A . ,.A I Q no Q , . fs- 4,0 'vo .4 Q ff? 496, , T M--f':Y -'-- .NOQQ Q9 - .. I, gf' 6' 0+ 90? ' -is 'Q O 49 S 'vga ' r rl J U Il I U ri EJ The J uniors-in such a hurry to fill the shoes of the seniors, they tread on their heels--hurrying to nothing and creeping to some- thing! Will they ever change? Do We Want them to? Why should they? They will be seniors next year! Sponsors MISS LALA CAIN MRS. LOUISE COTHRAN QQ-v af 19 6? qgo 0 'V' 'fe 0' I 63, S , Q06 SZ? i Qs' 5 25 'gm Q06 I - 9136. 5. I 'lf' L 1 BILLY JOE CRASS MARY ELIZABETH SYKES BETTY ROBERTS JERRY WILLIAMS RUBY ATKINS WILLIAM FOY JOE EARLE BLALOCK JOE WOOD CABLE MAURICE F. CRASS GRACE ANN WILLIAMS BETTY LOU BEACH WILLIAM M. ROWLETT SARA LEE SAMMONS BOBBY GENE MOORE JAMES THOMAS GARLAND HENRY LATT WALDROP JOE PAT BLAND HILDA GREY TODD VESTER ANDERSON ORR MARGARET JEAN HUMPHRIES MGH? V . .W ,- , ..,,. , 3 A ,fm qv--4 .L U , 'R av? 25 5 W! RONALD WALLACE CHURCHILL LAVINIA WIMBERLY JACKIE MADDOX JOE GRAVES BAKER JEAN WISEHART BOBBY GENE HUTCHINS HUGH EDDIE WILSON NELL MARIE POLLY WILLIAM HOPKINS MARJORIE NELL LANCASTER CHARLOTTE JACKSON ENOS HOWARD BRANDON JOHN DONALD MCDOUGAL JOHN HOWARD DOWNS ALFRED CLARK JOANN ST. JOHN THOMAS GRAVES PARKER MINNIE JO MCCORD WANDA JAMES EDWARD PHILLIP CRAWFORD - I. . QUE' G J' THOMAS EDD ADAMS WAYNE EDWARD HATCHETT SADIE MCCLURE MARY MCCLURE 5' ? TERRY DAVID GRANT Wm M new QW Umm 1 "fy, I 4 ,,v.:,- 9 Q f mf 3' -9 qi 4 .50 0 Lrg A- am h ,J 695 235' VQI. - QQ9 Av J I 62' QQ SDPHUIIIDBES The sophomores--the in-between class no longer "green fresh- men," but not yet in the honored rank of the upper classmen. Their day is coming and When it does-Watch Out! Sponsors MISS ANNE RICHMOND WILBURN CAVITT 91 -9 'J- 5" seas o 499 QQ 464 -'I' 1, ef' J O of s eff' J wi M Y ... if" 'Win -fix? I - c..., , ., ,. ., . K L 125. 5 " ZSESATV, 4-1 Q S325 awww MI. r ' 1 f ' :I x Z1 , ,, ,, - , --. 3' 327V M -3 '1 4 .J W? 2 f I Q I 1,59 L1 :gg I . ,Af Qu 3250333 ali, ,,.allffwwQjEg NORMA JEAN LOVINS CHARLES HARRY SMITH BARBARA JEAN DOWNS ELI ALEXANDER JAMES PATTERSON SYKES ANITA WASHER CHAD LEE STEWART HAZEL JEAN RUSHING MARY JACOUELINE WEAR PAT WILLIAM ELKINS JEAN TAYLOR GERALD HOLLAND GENE LOVINS JO ANN PARKER GENE SHROAT GEURIN ANNA RUTH BILLINGTON RUPERT FOWLER PARKS DOLORES ANDERSON JOE PAT HACKETT JOE THURMAN 4' XJ. , 331 sg 1 .A 'BTQQM gg 252 x X NETTIE LOU CULVER GEORGE ROBERT ALLBRITTEN PEGGY BUCHANAN CHARLES WASHBURN JOHN TOM LAMB NAOMI JEAN MCMILLEN WANDA TREVATHAN JOHN PAUL BUTTERWORTH JAMES H. BONDURANT HAROLD MILLER BETTY SUE OUTLAND JAMES THOMAS ROSE BILL HAMPTON JAMES SHELTON KLAPP CHARLES HOWARD TOLLEY CARL EVERETT SHROAT BILLY PRESTON CAIN WILLIAM NOLD McELRATH BETTY LOU MCKEEL ' OLIVER C. -MCLEMORE CLARA OLEAN WILSON WILLIAM LUTHER HUGHES MILDRED SLINKER JANICE WEATHERLY JOHN WILFORD MCIVOR JULIA ANN HOLLAND JOHN L. COMPTON BOBBY STARKS HARGIS WILLIAM DOLE CRAGO Q. 2 l 1' l 'lf Sze' Oda, X Q39 .639 'S .aa 45' 01 45 'Q r' r I" rl I " r' ' nl nod Ill all The freshmen-those little lost looking lads and lasses-those babes - in - the - woods gazing about them with frightened exe pressions on their well-scrubbed faces. Will they ever grow up? Will they ever learn there are no elevators here? Wait and see . . . Sponsor HARON WEST 4 'poo ,ofa h "Q: ef' 1 '91 4, 0 .55 . 6' 1? W ,,.r .gr 'U W , Q, fx 4 ,,,,5 W. . .r 09,0 .N : i f i' . ' J- ' . fx Julia? W-51 , .wg mug BOBBY EUGENE DUNN CLEGG AUSTIN GRAVES JACKSON J OYNER, JR. BOBBY JOE CARSON WILLIAM M. SMITH WALTER B. MOSER, JR. ORENE TABORS JERRY D. BYNUM WILL ED STOKES SAMUEL RAY HARRIS THOMAS HUGH TAYLOR JENELL FOY ALMA JO ERNESTBURGER MAX GENE MOORE GLADYS MCKINNEY ROBERT GLENN JEFFREY SOLON PAT DARNELL RICHARD S. SHACKELFORD MARY BRENDA SMITH JERRY DWAIN ADAMS ,uv-f in aa iw - V .,,,, ., V .,M.MhW,., m..., M-.,.nM.,,...,,,mW.-,,.X .M..w.0..Wi- - 5 43-u. 3?5"5 , 3 1228 We , H ,. A 7 , :pt ' .-.. ' 3 lEmi'g,5, dwg ' Y 3115? X .tfflz 'Y 'KRSQSW ., 4 Jiikgg DALLAS THOMAS DORAN BETTY JUNE WEST O. B. BOONE. JR. NEVA GRAY FITTS JAMES HUNTER LOVE LETITIA MAE MAUPIN ROBERT KING JIMMY PACE ROWLAND Y ELSIE SLINKER JAMES LEE THOMASSON MARTHA JEAN STAGNER BETTY PEARL PITMAN ' w NORMA JEAN FARRIS DORTHA JEAN KING MAX HORACE CHURCHILL BILLY MCDOUGAL GENE STRATTON CATHEY BETTY JEAN THURMAN DONALD PAT STARKS SUSIE FRANCES KING BOBBY LEE EDWARDS BETTY LOU MURPHY OTTIS PATE VALENTINE JANICE BLALOCK new 817' , A CHARLOTTE ROBERTS , 3" "" E Y 5 . A JEAN BROOKS CORN A if -V , T SANDRA JOAN SEARFOS Nj RK , TR TOY LEE BARNETT A A 1 RICHARD MARSHALL BERRY SWB QL-ASQ ,gif , 5 fa W 352 QS milk www W QWimf f J Q ASW wg ' Eg? W J 7 dx Qi WM Q " bw WWWX' QW ki M MYR0! xx, P2 QQMM .215 5 W M W N qfiawjy 236 wif .yaeffzl fvenfj ,QV ,4 V wx gx wg mx? X f XXX, N bf! NATIONAL HO OR OCIETY A N A 'FIU AL N392 55' I1 A f , 41 -1.-1: Q .Q W S 6 as ,xgrxn 7' 5 'div 3 L-f 'E fa qxfoixkx 4 , ny Y'iv1'L me L X 'I x fl fm, udfka ROBERT JACKSON MOSER H. D. MURRELL BETTY SMITH MARY MARTHA OUTLAND LA VORA HOLLAND GENEVA OUTLAND CAROLYN VAUGHN JO ANNE HENDON ww ,AY NWNUNHL WWA Af? X fc !Vnw8,!mwa19lJw 'FIBER HDYHLTY D M533 Murray Schoof ' M538 Murray Grade SCAOO7 ANNA LEE cnAss " ELOISE ALLISON Spellbound They Won't Believe Mc " D R E A M " Best Looking Boy Anal Girl ? Q 2 4 HUGHES GILES ANNA LEE CRASS "The Time, The Place And The Girln Most Pobufar Boy Anal Girl Best AN-Around Boy And Girl JO ANNE HENDQN BILLY FURGERSON NTIIC WOIHGH WIIO CHIIIC BEICJZW A final! Queen TOBACCO QUEEN Foo .TO ANNE HENDON JANICE BLALOCK PADDLE YO UR OWN" 'N " ever ay oo - ye 1 wool. 0 14. k 1 Y f . 'V . V -Ji Q Nm-my yr.M,..4, . Sp ag-,'. ,, ,, M, CC'HffAll!:mtfm-1 ,Pm ag. A M4 v U mfzwxmp ,,,ff,,M,,.,n nw, ,W ,. . ,AM,..A, A WEN MJT .fy pb . John f'V'QdilLl'- lf . ' . lf fa by . '. A mf V, A -f H 14325 Huff - Q g in A - Q . x , 2 r 5? t ! A 5 ' 1- M' f ' fiQflte,,isZJJ,.tf 'flfv IQ-fyfvrl Lpvi Jfmvm M N 0 EHCII Hi Wnn HI-Y CLUB Front Row-Joe Blalock, Jimmy Ramsey, Harold Beaman, Jackie Miller, Phil Craw- ford, Joe Pat Hackett, Joe Graves Baker, Billy Rudolph. Middle Row-Thomas Edd'Adams, Billy Joe Crass, Vester Orr, John Downs, Robert J. Moser, Billy Joe Farris, Eli Alexander, Hugh Eddie Wilson, Carl Everett Shroat, Mr. W. B. Moser. Back Row-John Paul Butterworth, Jimmy' Klapp, william Hopkins, Tommie Parker, Harold Miller, Joe Cable, J. Don McDougal, Bill Rowlett, Rudy Holland. N ie felcl Fouie 7' TRI-HI-Y CLUB Front Row--Joann St. John, Margaret Humphries, Phyllis Farmer, La Vora Holland Jo Anne Hendon, Sara Lee Samm-ons, Jackie Ann Maddox. Second Row-Chris Cunningham Hopkins, Lavinia Wimberly, Edna Earle McKee1 Betty Smith, Mary Jo Skaggs, Jean Wiseheart, Betty Roberts. W lmy Girls Leave Homev HOME EC. CLUB Front Row-Anne Woods, Lavinia Wimberly, Margaret Humphries, Betty Beach, Jackie Maddox, Janice Weatherly, Letitia Maupin, Betty Thurman, Jean Wisehart, Jenell Foy. Second Row-Geneva Outland, Olean Wilson, Barbara Downs, Anita Washer, Alma Jo Ernest- burger, Virginia Hays, Betty Sue Outland, Mary Martha Outland, Susie Frances King Martha Jo Stagner. . Third Row-Janice Blalock, Charlotte Roberts, Betty June West, Jean Corn, Betty Lou McKee1 Edna McKeel, Gladys McKinny, Brenda Smith. 'Th U A A " 6 I1 elf O i DEBATE CLUB Front Row-Phil Crawford, Mr. W. B. Moser, William McElrath. Second Row-Charles Tolley, Pat Sykes, Bill Parks. 1 " IGHT EDITOR' ! . Front Row-Ronald Churchill, Virginia Hays, Hilda Todd, Thomas Edd Adams, Bill Parks, Joe Blalock. Back Row-Charlotte Holland, Don McDougal, Bill Cain, Bill Rowlett, Jimmy Klapp, Wm. Smith. No Picture-William McElrath, William Hughes. 'BORDER PATROL' Left to Right-Judge H. A. Murrell, Mason Evans, Jerry Carson, Leroy Polly, Gene Johnson, H. B. West, 'Billy McKeel, James Mason Churchill, Fred McCord, William Thomas Parker, Frank Wilson, Joe Wilson, Burman Parker, Buddy Vance. "' MOOTH AS SILK' GLEE CLUB Front Row-Brenda Smith, Marjorie Lancaster, Mary Martha Outland, La Vora Holland, Glenace Berkley, Jean Wisehart, Anna Ruth Billington, Betty Thurman, Jo Anne Hen- don, Margaret Humphries, Lavinia Wimberly, Wanda Trevathan, Betty Roberts, Sara Sam- mons, Phyllis Farmer, Jenell Foy, Elsie Slinker, Jo Ann St. John. Second Row-Gladys McKinney, Norma Jean Farris, Janice Blalock, Anna Lee Crass, Geneva Outland, Hazel Jean Rushing, Olean Wilson, Ruby Atkins, Jackie Maddox, Janice Weath- ' erly, Betty June West, Martha Jo Stagner, Betty Lou Beech, Chrystalline Cunningham, Jo Ann Parker, Jean King, Anita Washer, Betty Pittman, Letitia Maupin, Miss Mary E. Roberts. ' Third Row-Peggy Buchanan, Neva Fitts, Naomi McMillen, Susie King, Edna McKeel, Nell H Polly, Anne Woods, Betty Lou McKeel, Betty Roberts, Mildred Slinker, Jean Com, Le- tricia Outland, Betty Glasgow, Norma Jean Lovins, Nettie Lou Culver. l BOYS QUARTET MIXED OUARTET GIRLS TRIO , Boys Quartet, left to right-Thomas Edd Adams, Ronald Churchill, Joe Earle Blalock, Jerry A' Williams. ' Mixed Quartet, left to right-Ronald Churchill, Phyllis Farmer, La Vora Holland, Jerry Williams. , Girls Trio, left to right-Phyllis Farmer, Chrystalline Cunningham Hopkins, Mary Martha Outland. ' J' I G PARADE GF 19-47" 22 65 25 3f5Iii1fi2?E 'Wir s J is ,.,, 1 Q if . Q J A , , , , , .Ma g 7 is - .272 ,diy fy P7 - . , 3 , . - as ,X y gy. , ' f .4 ' . Y' . xy f 1746 i Front Row-Jerry Williams. q Second Row-Betty Beach, Letitia Maupin, Phyllis Farmer, Letha Lyons, Jo Ann St. John f, Edna Earl Starks. Third Row-Ronald Churchill, Jerry Bynum, Noble Knight, Frank Littleton, Gene Dunn, Wil- liam McElrath. Fourth Row-Gene Hendon, Will Mac Jones, Edward Overbey, Jimmy Love, Bobby Hutchins. Fifth Rowf-Tommy Parker, William Thomas Parker, Bobby Foy, Bud Tolley, Thomas Hopkins, Bobby Cole, Donald Starks. Sixth Row-Ted Barnett, Jirruny Jones, Gene Wells, Tommy Doran, Bill Sledd, Gene Lovins. Seventh Row-Maurice Crass, Jean Wisehart, Wanda James, Gerald McCord, Bill Parks, Jean King. Eighth Row-Clegg Austin, Jimmy Klapp, Lockie Fay Hart, Mary Frances Williams, Carolyn Melugin, Nancy Wear, J. Don McDougal. Ninth Row--Miss Mary E. Roberts, Thomas Edd Adams, James Bondurant, Sara Ruth Calhoon, Joan Love, Barbara Downs, Anne Rhodes, Patricia Futrell, Ann Curry, Geneva Sue Allison, Joe Earle Blalock. ' ' A PEP SQUAD First Row-Chris Cunningham Hopkins. Second Row-Jo Anne Hendon, Janice Weatherly, La Vora Holland, Wanda 5,:,. ,,,-,.. V McReynolds, Jackie Maddox, Jo Anne 11-a 1334 Shroat. ' , Laff y, . . . 5 Third Row-Marjorie Lancaster, Anna , , . . -V ' .'2'-' 'f'- Ruth Billington, Betty Thurman, Joyce ., i'Qe1 t"' ""A -'iff '1'. 'e':,'i t ':-- - V""'i I 'it" , Russell, Peggy Buchanan, Norma Farris. Fourth Row-Jenell Foy, Sara Sammons, Anita Washer, Dolores Anderson, Betty Roberts, Jackie Wear. Fifth Row-Gladys McKinney, Nettie Lou Culver, Jean Taylor, Jo Ann Parker, Betty Lou McKeel, Minnie Jo McCord. figs wp, 'cpyfi V , , H ,VV 5 :V H A Kawaa J Lt- lg ,Q -Y l ' ' tw! V. N 6 if ij"g:'5,V,r3gf51s . 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A 8,2114 al ' Q f " 'FJ-9 Q , 4 5? V+ W K:-are V 1 1' V f ,,w. In A W V fill N K.-L57 .L I 2 , , , A V 3' The V ,ff 'am 5 J 'JL fd'-1 V r"""n" 31" iffy! M' 'A A V - f '- Q if ,UV-aa: - V f 5 if. ,. 1 g g.. V f ' ,A V ,, T ., L , . ,,,. 1, 'iff' -' 3 E72 , 55, tl-5.5 ,w ' N W, aa , 4 .. , J ..,. .,, ,, s h.. , I H U, 5 ,t ., K VL, ig V i 'L L, .md Y Q L' 'iii ' 'z' Til' is i t lag V f" , x -N 31 , ' K ff' ,Q . 45:3 ,A K thi, .Y X M at ' 0 . , X 4 5, 513, as 5,5 V fe A -' f' - ' if . , ,,,. at - W' HA, Y . t- 4 r X, f V .anim , W - I , . 1, .f New , L sa M ' I x Q g bam W ,S vi fi 'f fix J ,Ei , , , , fi ai js, mm 1 S af il 5 ' l E A ff mf 1: aff, 15 1 f sw Y .s,. , 9 . -V X , ..,-. Q V x K Q , .ily X arf 4, paw Q fkaaarihm 'V ff Ear' t - 1522 . . ,Q " 1. " 99 - to Kiley t 'K x N ,W A N af 'Lf , ' 1 L . ,,.. 11 1 ., - Sixth Row-Anna Lee Crass, Neva Fitts, Betty June West, Jean Corn, Charlotte Roberts, Hazel Jean Rushing. Seventh Row-Edna Earle McKeel, Le- tricia Outland, Betty Glasgow, Naomi McMil1en, Carolyn Vaughn, Susie King. Eighth Row-Brenda Smith, Margaret Humphries, Wanda Trevathan, Norma Jean Lovins, Mary Elizabeth Sykes, Miss Mary E. Roberts, Lavinia Wimber- ly, Martha Jean Stagner, Anne Woods, Charlotte Jackson. 1 w 4 Y' PHEVIELUS W. 'ik "Coming Soon" Cnot more .than 10 years hencej to our silver screen, "The Human Comedy," starring all the members of the Senior Class of '47. Paul Dill and Bobby Cable arelworking together in "Dangerous Busi- ness" for less work and higher pay. Heard they were getting results. Betty Jo Harrell is now in Alaska teaching the Eskimos how to "win friends and influence people." Rudy Holland has asked her to marry him, so if nothing goes wrong, the Eskimos are going to be wondering "For Whom The Bell Tolls." Robert Moser, national leader of the Y.M.C.A., is leading a world-wide campaign against the evils of liquor. Carolyn Vaughn, an old maid, is trying to capture Jimmy Ramsey, one of Hollywood's richest playboys. Letricia Outland was taking "A Walk In The Sun" down "Fifth Avenue," had a sun stroke, andi was taken to J. C. Miller, M.D. La Vora Holland's was "A Perfect .Marriage," so she's taking a "Vacation in Reno." ' A most touching scene is the one in which John Neal Purdom is living in Ireland attempting to raise potatoes for a living. We find that Charlotte Holland is running a newspaper all her own, with pink ribbons and ruffled curtains in her office. Connie Hampton is working in a dough- nut hole factory. If he runs out of anything to do, he stuffs macaroni. "Winning Through Air Power" is noted the best seller of the year, written by' Billy Joe Farris, who flew around the world in ten years in his new pink helicopter. He let Bobby Ward get off in Spain to try to convince the ladies "there's nothing like a dependable ice man." Here's a heart breaker-Mary Martha Outland is taking to drink and is a "Pistol Packin' Mama." ,She and Mary Jo Skaggs fight savagely every night to see who is going to be the winner of a new luxurious fur coat costing 52.98 fat a special price, of coursej. Billy Thurman has a nice little business. He's running a date bureau, but takes out all the good looking ones himself. Saw him last night at the "Goose Club" with the latest gal about town, Anna Belle Lash. Anne Woods and Betty Glasgow are having an "Adventure" on a large bug hunt in Africa, but no luck so far. The famous Billy Furgerson, who made Hollywood sigh when he went in '47, is a popular star, although he's ageing. His next picture will be "I-Ieartstopf' You don't want to miss the part of "Barnett's Boogiemen" appearing at the White House. Seems the band is President Pace's favor- ite. The vocalist is Phyllis Farmer. She excells in singing lullabys. Edna Starks is up around Hoptown with the rest of the "mentally unbalanced." J. W. Cathey is pulling nails out of Harold Beaman's house. Harold wants "The Walls to Come Tumbling Down" so he can collect insurance and have "The Time of His Life." Virginia Hays is touring the U. S. selling the new 8-way cold pills made by Gostowski and Zinzilieta. They're making millions of dollars out of the stuff. Edna McKeel, famous designer, has charge of all wardrobes in the picture. Her latest creation for the fashion world was worn by Glenace Berkley at her coming out party. Hilda Buchanan, the world's greatest woman crime doctor, is trying to solve the -Rudolph-Shackelford case. Walter "Slugger" Shackelford is said to have killed Billy "Brute" Rudolph because he wouldn't let him play with his scooter. Lee Crass portrays the role of a young miss who works on Hughes Giles' cotton plantation raising corn iwhich this ish. The "Queen of Burlesque" is none other than Wanda Adams, who got her beautiful chassis by reading Gene Hale's booklet, "How to be A Slinky Jane or A Slim Jim." Marcella Maxey helps Geneva Outland de- fiea dogs at Geneva's Dog Kennels. Betty Smith is a retired gal now,because she made millions when she took Lee Ross Melugin to Barnum's Circus and won first prize with her freak. Jo Arme Shroat and Jo Anne Hendon heard that Kenneth Slaugh- ter 'had some xxx in his ice box, so .they rushed over to investigate. They found only the bottle left and Kenneth singing at the top of his voice. "Maizie" was there at the time and said it was all her fault. Jo' Ann McDaniel, world-famous ballerina adds her bit artistry to the picture by doing a graceful ballet, Ta Ra Ra Boom Ta. H. D. Murrell plays the part of Yeduhi fyou know, the little man who ran awayl. The management recommends this picture heartily to you. The admis- sion will be the usual . . . -Chris Hopkins L 3-mi: W i i A Q ww ..fx2 6 --mfw 1 .,., 112252 x ,ZA XE, vm: ??gZeEQ5:2?Qfiv-:fa .,w-u-v.w-w,,:-f a ii' A CALLOWAY IVIONUIVIENT CO. Lasting C.7VIem01'ial,v . Orr, urray, Ky B 183 , HADDEN 81 BILBREY 210 Main Phone 886 RILEY FURNITURE S: APPLIANCE CO. Y K I ina Dealer J A C K ' S BIIJLIARD PARLOR f I COLLEGE DRUG Tom Williams ' ' ' , 1 , . . I 1 ' V Ice Cream V Sandwiches -:- Blanana Splits ' W ' Milk shakes qand Melfs' K FlNLEY's ICE CREAM SHOP X x Cigars l -:- l , Cigarettes ' -:- ' Candies 4 l COMl1L1MENTs OF Hencldn elfvice tation ,FITTS SLCHANDLER l 1 , l All Types Plumbing Materials and Fixtures ' xpllumbing Work Guaranteed ' t V :non Poplaf street ' l . Telephone 629 - 1 lelhmw' L . L L COMPLIMENTS OF L The Leclger CS' Times L L L Your Progressifue Ho111e Newspaper For Over Half fl Centuf LV L Job Printing -:- Publishers L Murray, Kentucky L L pair' 1177 :iff -1qff,'1"ff. ff" ' ' 'L Q" x frL'v-r-7u5':f!'Qnmg-, :nw-1 - W,-J ',L1.1"EjRELL up-1gR,W.4r: I:-5,515 F I -1 1 , I Frank Pool Coal Company HIGH GRADE GOALS- L Phone 3 L 1 L L BETTER BUILDING BLOCKS L ' L East Highway Phon 324 L L L L '-'A """ ' " 52" 'nga-.A :.,,-L-L54.xg,L...L .L'.'..'.LU!...Ln...1Lh . I vm I s l Y Corn-Austin Co. lVlze r'1' Ellen T 1'z1 de Emroat Brothers Pur Gm Hardware - 'clusxve Dealers - Westingh Appl 1- Warm Morning St Sh 11 G I Q COMPLIMENTS OF Belle-Settle C0 Murray, Kentucky COMPLIMENTS OF Western Kentilclrzy Stages V..-.L-. ,-w... A-. .1 4, V- , x 1 .. 5 .5 15 ' if J lf ! Q- iq , L 5, g1',f:".1 ,, Q, . 'Q -mx, .in .5 . 4, iq b ,sy .5 ,xv .- .. J, iartlg, 1,,.-KE -'2"'p-2 -. ' ., '.f,.'Q..1,.-...m - - 4- 2 , . ' -f:,--,.n.f-W'-4'E-'Q.1,uJP -f'.'kw,-Am. 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Huik-: Flower Shop, A Truly Fine Cleanzng 1 A QI ' PhQne 430 ' .Q X X 'gil 1 4 , 'LQ . . . "E, H . , 'l', J Q,f3lQ.j ,'.. 5 .A -' 1 .,'1.'. 7' ' . V Eu . -- 1 Q 1-V1 . pl . . ffl'-'. . 2 f if 'I A4 '2f'V l f 'J -'w wffff132b5....xf...s1S I -.': iw , 3, r v v 'v' .. -Q f vm .-' ,,.. . ,yu Uv, y,-f.. lm, ,.w.,,.1.-- .2 '- H -. l ,... . 1 .11-1 .-lei-4 ' Jjff. ,gnxy ,...f" JMfQ?.'4r,w."-'- -qxfn r , ,1. lg ,fV..11- vf1.q,,:' '- 4 y.-1 A -f1.Q,.',g6. -y.-Q. M., ' x, ly, A V A , A. .. . - ' ix - ff , ,N Y 'ff -E!3.v-- -4 Ns .-'.-j!.Lij..1. 1. gffvxffgm . ' 7 'Q 2-555:-,9N.,.r5,,f,5Y f ra Lage, RU gig-'h'3-,Ft,?.ih7A " ,.,.!gf:'g-:V 'uf -,.3. ...,,:,.. , YALE.. , ,V ,, , ! w ., 0 1 L .,..J,..,.. .Q-V3 ,. lu. ,, 1.5 6-2.7, , .,- ,,, V ., ,,4.,,,,.' ,V , .,,. ,.,,, ,...,, ,w ,,,,,., ., v V. ., W.. J , I U H , HT H , , , ., N ,-.1 . f-- v -W, F--f , - Y V , Nm N, H ,, w, ,H , . , ,, , , n-. ,. .-, ., r , X S lr X M , P X 11 r 'I el 4 f -4. M , , , , . ,f , , .. 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T Best Grades West Kentucky Coal Rudolph Thurman, Owner Telephone 130 Phone 64 ones Cleaners Compzm Cleaning Sw-me X T Phone 567 T' Alfred Young , Thomas Redden MELUGIN LoNG'S BAKERY SERVICE STATION l T 4 'fLez Us .Not Pray For Lighter Bur dem, But For Stronger Backs." N. Melugin G. Ross Q A Operators -THEODORE Roosnvem rjrvvirigr f ,.,f M-lm: ,,Y! If A-.,' . ':,1 - . 5, ,,,.,-,,,::,,g5 I , ,, , CABLE MOTOR COMPANY Your De Sota-Plymouth Dealer - Diamond-T Trucks First Clasfs Repair dt Al Price You Can flfford To Pay Ray Cable Fifth at Poplar 'Phone 485 --1'-..-.i Berry Insurance Agency ..-.:.-i-- PURDOM BUILDING Telephone 81 I JWzzrray'5 Olafesl Firm Name In Gcfzerzzl Insznmzce X 2.21 ,, R V "To Be Sure" COMPLIMEN TS OF THE MURRAY INSURANCE AGENCY Automobile, Fire and Casualty Insurance Office Over Dale Sz Stubblefield Phone 601 . Murray, Ky. COMPLIMENTS OF' Dunnys Barber Shop Murray Paint S And Wallpaper Co. a ' ,Yu Dale O' ' Stulylmlefis-L1 The Rexrzlf S1011-T SOD AS -2 GREETING CARDS - SCHOOL SUPPLIES -: KODAKS -1- COSMETICS Little-ztonys T SWELIIH S Grocery CQMIDLIMENTS QF North of Post Office ToHey's Food Market PHONES ' 25 ' I N C O R P O R A T E D COMPLIMENTS OF Munay Auto Parts Murray, . Phone 16 P3111-t Automotive Replacement Parts Alldt Your N. A. P. A. Jobber Walllaaper Co. Miller Auto Parts Benton, Ky. Phone 2891 I f' ,nu-f -1 ' v- ' -, COMPLIMEN TS OF I . . eale O11 J. Wallis A B B 8 S And Son u Hardware, Plumbing Electrical Appliances I 7 Baucum s Real Estate and Insurance 'Agency Peoples Savings Bank Building E Phone 122 COMPLIMENTS OF Louise's Beauty Slioppe 2 PVU Can Usa Your Head In Our Busincis Phone 606 COMPLIMENTS OF COMPLIMENTS OF A PARKERS HO STON M DEVITT F D MA U ' C OO RKET CLINIC, Inc. L est Prices -:- Higliest Quality C t S vice -:- Murray, Ky' THE J. H. 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Expert Floral Designing Ufhefe Good Friends Meet And' Landscaping O ' Phone 364-J aoo olive sr -PHONE 46 Murray, Kentucky The Hut Kentucky's Most Famous Collegiate Hangout Steaks -:- Chicken Dinners -:-A Sandwiches -:- Salads Of A11 Kinds COMPLETE FOUNTAIN SERVICE COMPLIMENTS OF V COMPLIMENTS OF Belqte-Gilbert Co. Peopes Savings Furniture Banlz Murray, Kentucky I , A , ' - r ' 'COMPLIMENTS OF GRAHAM sl JACKSON W , 1: fix , ., ' E. SQIJIUGUID sl SON Thnelyclothes FURNITURE A W Shifts ' , 1 ' . CHICKS GULF STATION If You Cmft Stop, Smile 115' You G0 By Murray Fashion Shoppe A JQHNSQN GRQCERY The"Hozz5e Uf Fashion I A A ' I 1 Groceries -1- Meats -:- Feeds thel Key E ' Watson h ne 293 ne 307-W H. B. Bailey Gladys Scott The fefwcler The wvarsity and Capitol Theatres ' k Pete-'s Lu El ' S1109 S110 Auto Parts C S P N If II The Tiger Typography By MURRAY DEMOCRAT fwurray, Kentucky X ,.n.-m3:,4-:,pi - W, gf 1 -wav: Wfiaeszfurg.-.gufefe1w25:'-rffsf-viFfP,'yf' f.14 "Mf:w1 'E'ff9fTJ':,"l -"' 'f' 'zaaifwlf' .A,, ,, 1,. A, , , .1 , . . . . , ., f. . ,,..Y - M-.- . ,,. -.4- i-TT, 1- ,Q . . -- .',,'14+4.-gg fwggt' T :?gL. ' ,-4,-.. L ri gh ,.,,,,, WK 4 ' , V-,Wg , A ' . ' , ,X I 1 K i v .1 ' X , :K ,FE .-f ' gs N Q l X 1 1 " 1 fm L , , li 1,1 "' 1 . Q I ae: 1 .Q I :C ,. G ig ' 1 . '- W ,fr iii" ' L 'Q . I X .1 1 .. 1 L. D A .K PM ."l 1 , Q -, V X f 1, x .XVI in 4 3 , V X , i-i --iv -W - -vt V A, LQ f T!

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