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'- w .A , -:Tiff " . vi! 1' ,. w 4 . -L, .,,," ,. ,fin-f - fx' 'W 4-Q4 X -1, , Bw' " TT, Q.-'..., V x '12 :K 13.1 vu-wr: 2 7 ,644 57272 5, f 1 MHMZ6 VW v 1 oo XV H- X3 c,.f L. .. i-:xx . :Zi - A 1 W f 1 , , fm, N 7 N . J fn 7 0 4.11-a-0, sluduonufakdb 77 wx 'M Mm U. ,AM My jjjju-4+v:7MWbwf10Av,LJluU"f,Q'f,'LT', !N,6oJV5LJ1AupA4..14.,7,jL.7b,g,g,V,7ovAdLML lmxudlwd Lltlu - we 7' 'WA' "'-'M' 1'-'J'-o-v-L if 'ch' 7 Lad' 'MM we ' '. UW - M ZZWUMQWJQZZ 414.0 Jai' Mzwzwgwmpwwwmmiw A,,a.pC-4. W 'ff'-"cnfn7wJ4, ' pawn! no Iv my aa-'zJ,tANJ ,-z,a.AL,-.61-kdtif! N'x,3,"37L3z,M ,.,if.ff+M,gwfMmM, 771 l - B 4..,,..1,g.g.,t ACA f""'44fg,,-.AJ N6-0-o.114.4J?f.,.,,'4CM'c"al'4"'d 7- wv W W M ,5,f3:f33lgw5nMwMM,J.ug5g573Q " ,ff :'.: 'Q v ......"- ...E 1 1 x. :rf A N AL. .mn ,..M.., ...-, ..,,...e.. ...- , -,.. ...-, ...K -,N u- .di .M ....,,.. Q.. .,.. , .x.. '33,-,sl 'L y KIM hai! 4 v ' 1 NA ii..,MQ :v.mi?Ag, .HA 1 VI 45,35 f 6 U, I ,V ' :img !..h ,MH .. , f Q - I I I 'fm I ' , Q V ,l, W 'uit L- 'K mm . ff9'1:',Q QT if 35 frm 3 F5 I 1 N' . E L,R,',q,1gF ,I "ffl 3:31 ,QB Q A V: D Nr ' K 'U'g'??f I W2 ' "F I fr' ""' ' X W, " ..., . 'f ww, ' v2 - ni 1,2 21 , V f?fis,Q6f"'Sga,,ef ?'Tm.,g ' is - , 1Z"i YM? ' - ' WSE jfggi 'Y gif' ' f?hAf 'i5l"e4'4:,- iefsfyf FW Fifi? 2 ' . ' f5v3 1"?" Q .. ,. A 3 I E 4 Y I Q . T Z A 3 E i 1 5 1 5 A z I , , ,, .WMS f, .mem 1-W fu Rn Dedication Surely it is a tremendously difficult task to be the principal of a high school during its first year of existence. There is much to be done and many thin s to overcome in making a new school a great one. Our principal, Howard J. Cgleland, has untiringly worked with us and for us to make Murrah the most pleasant memory its graduates will eger have. Therefore, it is to you, Mr. Cleland, that we proudly dedicate the first Resume . A D M I N my I O N 'QHOP' 'Irv L,E, Alfred, Member B 0 a John C. Batte, President . Dr, Kirby P, Walker, Superintendent of Public Schools W.M.Buie, Secretary Mrs, Brister Ware, Member R,W. Naef, Vice President Q! r x , i X , xx rlR P as L--4" 'Ns .lm Awww pyiuCi'Pax HOW ARD CLEL AND is A 1, .M Counselors PAULINE CARTER and WALTER JOHNSON 1 'mn' " " 1.5 , ' Pivir ww: ' f' l f 1 Wi . vm., 1 Q l ,212 3' gh Secretary MRS. DOROTHY CARPENTER f M YI! fu MRS , MARGUERITE CALDWELL mimi' ....,,w. A , , VIN!! mv Nw! 5-ui QQKEMJIVJ, MRS, GILLIE W, DODD PEARL SPANN 3 QXLL STUO, sm 61' HAZEL RUFF JAMES E, MERRITT N. ,f MRS, SUE P MAIN CHARLES R. -SHOWS 5 i 1 MEDA BONNE CRAWFORD MRS. SUSIE P. CREWS Rl "" - ' U k, J . 1 vii QEXQ fwsff 5. Milly BLANCHE MUSSELWHI-TE XSMJM 5' QQ if 16' MARIE ROSE TIZON Q CR sg: 'Q-Q.-X - w , -xv X I. 1 MRS, BESSIE DAY TALLEY ISABEL JOHNSTON l . ,A+ 'iN KATHRYN HARRIS lla -swf ,-X 'lx xy A5 ygvwf N 53XEWy 1 --an-up JOHNNY B , MCDANIEL Y E E U EMMY Lou PATTON P Q ? ' a MRS . ELIZABETH YOUNG LOUIS PULLO MWO C, LELAND BYLER K W S Z ffm. ,362 if HELEN PAULINE CARTER ""'w"""-1 2-as ,:f23'f -LL, Q: M.. 'Q I ,I ,,,,gL,.w,.,,,M 'Kyiv 4 . E ' ,:,11E L35 R E5 EE.E VERNON P GAINEY , P41, 65' 1, if Wg!! It Q muon cum PRX X. 4-..,,...s WALTER M. JOHNSON wy ' X, z ., ' fm -4"-'.a.g'Y4 ' "-VJ." A Ta 'E I 23 AX A 1... .l Z W , X 1 rg g, MH' 16. MRS. MAIDA STARLING MAL COLM NORWOOD Y df . gg X4 'Y' inw- SMP 5, ' N, , Y? .. "hug, f I 5 U A ' 4, N. NS J rr J --RM , MONROE C, NEFF ,WWUAL n1:,4,, S Z XM! M012 qv, MARY VIRGINIA YOUNGER Q f R W., k 5. k Q Q5 M 'b 1 1 B ,Z W, ,Y .2 5 A Qgsggfszzgl . v Q , V . , 1 ,,, gir l , L.. ' 512 . 5, , Y A ' " f fi: A 1 k k Q f ar 'ki 9+ l m'AA www m K.. ' ' 5 '-i Q iz 1 3 l A, l i L MAIII A ll .IA l'l'0Ii' MRS C3 felefja age: H --4, "5 4 FACULTY UIIFFIIE llllllll ...-"' ,- ...- S S f a - . I Nw ix X Children Must Play! ' 9 A I-. ' " x . ,1 l Johnnie On the Spot 1 X 1 P x 'au J. 1 M k 'wr-c"' ', ""ZL- "What's Betty Grable 24 whel-eg Linda? got that I haven't'? " We started the sales with a bang! .4nv' F Ride him Cow-Girl 25 L Go Dwyn Go .9 I 1 W 1 X I Q A X If 'wa M Which twin has the TONI9 100 lbs. of WOW! The Big Switch" UVNJE, 1.4311 WTB .f I-'W ,v ltx- f , 3.7, Q-r feb "H: L-' 0f249. Bfvuffff 4 2 , ' F52 , . fi' Y Xxx 7 X m LXL,L W 7 7 , V I If ff V! A X we 1 , m I' f lm . y, X ' ' Q ' 1 4 W' ,f pi 5 F f I MX A f I ffl X, I N Aa? x B A 'f Eg' Q X i. Mm, Eg w 28 " urn' i ea!" s.. , 1' - ,4' : , Q ' f f -9 J X-A I 6 J' 1? H xl K f X ' X? XVQ X C, XXX xx -f XXX QE n r 2 I 5 42479- 1, ,xl f fl? fi Qlf . ' eng-fx f f X .4 J , X ' K X7 X ,N - ,f ' -6 , J 11?- 13 t l ' A ff',:?, t ' 1 f' ' r ,lfffl f 34151 V ,' sri ff? M ' ""' 1" - V 1 xx , XX 5 F ! A ft' if A NANO -4 x gf f ' ' ,ff NX NN X K, If ' , ,pf fx Y X if Xj - ikgf 5 ,ffl F! N Y. N X - t f A. Qi qe,f1f 1 .-'. Q3 5 N. iss, X tkxx I .- xRi,gf.K2. 'Nuf f If 't 7 ' AF' WLZ5' I bgurptynl 21, Betty! Betty O'oc Queen of the 'lectric Range! Lim? k er ! 4315. . . Nu s 11,185 Clnvf , hr' "Here's a toast to Oklahoma!" ,,, ' ji ffgli 'L fl' fy: Xu -iffgy, 7614, . 4 1 9 X !! 4' ' XV ff, A ' f X -as 03 W f L W H ' g wg? - Q f 5 'A X .g:3gg.::::3::-f Q..5: :g M Q- uw 1 ,f1.:.::'::-::-: A f 4 'E W i? .:ff?fr11f511E1 W - 5 1? 1 , y Q- 1 , ' + f f 1 4 i th l 'W' -N W 4, i 'H 'if P 0 P ' ' NK ' 2' X Q A.: X ' '19-,K V'4t i1 79 .rl i L5 4 nr f 0 - 'iff' 'W , ,Q N' ' IK Q 'k ' ' E. 4f'A f . fl ffl 1 SPONSOR'S JOHNNY MCDANIEL WALTER JOHNSON S Q CLASS OFFICERS President ............ Lewis Wilson Vice President. . . Howard McMillan Secretary ..... .... T ommy Mills Reporter .... . . . Connie Toler WAYNE ALEXANDER "Capture his personality and you've struck an oil well. " Our husky, good-looking co-captain possesses a "come what may attitude which makes him irresistible . fuk' JOY ALLEN She is noted not only for being a whiz at the "88 keys" but also for her quiet reserved manner, friendliness, and sincerity which make her a friend of all. .R ELISE ANDERSON Want fun and excitement? Vivacious personality? 1 Blond hair and pretty eyes? If these qualities , appeal to you, then we suggest Elise, for she possesses all of them. JANIE ARNOLD A sense of humor-an easy grace, A charming manner, a lovely face. She's pretty and witty, pleasing and sweet, Attractive and active, clever and neat. fx xf SUSAN ASHER The very essence of neatness and style, Susan is correct to the ninth degree in everything she does. We all admire the wonderful job she did in editing our literary magazine. CAROL ANN BALLEY Her eyes speak for her-soft, sweet, and friendly. Carol Ann's optimistic outlook on life and her gentleness of manner have won for her many friends. MARION BARRY Happy, thoughtful, kind, and true- there's no favor she wouldn't do. Marion possesses true beauty and a different kind of charm that's all her own. She's a dream that fell to earth. :' BETTY BARTLING This genteel little lady, who has an air of Southern aristocracy, is always lending a help- ing hand wherever needed. She is noted for friendly ways and a warm smile. MARILYN BATES Marilyn is one of the smartest girls ever. Her brilliance in studies is matched only by her good work as a journalist and her cheerful assistance to the newspaper staff. FRANCES BELL Perpetual motion, conversationally speaking-- that's this pert little miss. Frances has a genuine, friendly charm that wins us all and is loyal and thoughtful. MARY LEE BETHUNE Her sincerity wins our love, her sweetness our admiration. Her face shines with overflowing gladness, and her quiet peaceful attitude can calm the stormiest situation. CAROLYN BEZARD Lovely to look at, delightful to know, Carolyn is a cute bundle of dynamite, possessing an in- exhaustible fund of energy. We all love this newcomer. ESTES BLACKBURN Whatever the sport, whatever the song, It's always better if "Skippy's" along. With never a worry, never a care, Easy going--sure to get there. anus' TOMMY BLAIR Tommy has more fun than a barrel of monkeys, for he knows that you get out of life what you put into itg therefore he fills his life and his friends' lives with fun and laughter. Iii f' rg it v slzbz lg, VIRGINIA ALICE BOOKHART A journalistic miss who's on her way up. If preceeding success is characteristic of future events, she will be a famous lady. CAROLINE BRADLEY Her alertness and capability, among other qualities, brand her as a girl well-worth know- ing. Intelligent and charming, she was born to be great. -.--afnf. ,I 'ff-".:.l'.KW" ' V- V., rv-..-.--w ., .,q,.lgg,.,1?4. wif n -. t, ALVIN BRENT When you smile it's so delightful. When you talk it's so insane. When you laugh, the world laughs with us. You intrigue us, Scatterbrainl BETH BROWN This tall dream girl is poise personified. She possesses a perfection and naturalness of beauty that startles, and an unawareness of it that charms. ZV' . WR . ' " if 1 ' if SQ s 8 'Y' CLARKSON BROWN A live-wire around Murrah, who will never be stepped on. This fun-loving adventurers motto could be: "Here we go--the world and I. " MARY IO BROWN "As lovely and as full of light as a fallen star on a winter's night." This charming senior is never to be outdone in the sparkle of her personality or in her loveliness. .W BETTY BUFORD To know her is to be charmed by her good looks, wit, and idiotic fun, for she's always ready with a little bit of foolishness at just the right time. ANN BURKE A lovely disposition and a lovely face com- bine to make a lovely girl. A friend to every- one, Ann is sure of a welcome in any group. CHARLES BURRAGE Carefree Charles is one of those who makes sure that he stays on the "sunny side of the street." Studies don't seem to worry him, and he just takes life as it comes. LUDDIE BUTLER This likeable senior has won her way into the hearts of everyone with her beaming smile and attractive personality. Possessing an agree- able nature, Luddie is always pleasing. GINGER BYRD "The world is a stage, and she is the star." Ginger's got everything--pep, capability, and friends. Inadequate are our attempts to describe our head cheerleader. SALLY CALDWELL With hair of midnight black and starry eyes, this senior's agreeable nature and consideration of others make her a lady in every Way. Sally is truly a rose without a thorn. lim if 552219 iT, -,:W'f' HH'-, :gs gs. ,gg 'LL" 'f ff' ,Fu .2 Y'H""'2T"'1f " ' JK!" '+V-R' 5 at ,. . ,!"1'm.!F 'rvfirj , if s ,i S., : -1,1 , 'Mr my-Z' lv ,ii .,.,4 ER 52" BETTY CAROL CAMPBELL A blend with an air of delicate charm, lilting , gr laughter, and intriguing conversation, Betty Carol is a source of constant merriment for her many friends. 'O' DOT CARGILL Delicate as a dream, Dot is the essence of .5 sweetness itself. The daintiness of a doll combined with cameo-like loveliness go into the making of our Theatre Guild president. DALTON CASE Always ready for a joke or a good laugh, Dal- ton is forever into some kind of fun. His like- able, carefree nature commands us to enjoy it with him. BOB CATO Bob is any gir1's dream of the boy she wishes lived next door. This all-around ath1ete's good looks and winning ways explain his popularity. BK X ,.., .ii if va!" , slr "N A fi i iirrr s PAUL Cox fr KELLY CURRIE i Kelly is a perfect carnival of fun with his Q9 sense of humor and ability to keep the crowd rolling. Who would deny that he's a side- show all by himself. DALE DANKS Handsome Dale is a likeable student and a familiar sight in the halls of Murrah. With a reputation for handling any situation, we know he'l1 succeed with his plans for a summer diploma. ALBERT DAVIS "Life was invented for me to enjoy." This handsome and mischievous senior has a flare for comic acting. If there's one fellow we want to remain the same, it's this rollicking lad. VIC CLARK Vic is one remarkable fellow--also one of the best-liked. He put his fine qualities to work as president of the Thespians and did a great job. PETER COSTAS No time is dull time when this guy is around. He is always in good spirits with the world, and because Pete likes everybody--everybody likes Pete. "Roll on old world, and I'll roll with thee. l prefer cheerfulnessg care is not for me." This sociable fellow has gained many friends in a surprisingly short time. K Im JOHN DEWEES A target of many feminine glances, this in- triguing athlete is a man among men and a giant among women. In our opinion, John is ti' both irrepressible and irreplaceable. V K W DORIS KAY DICKERSON Saint Peter must have been looking the other way to have let this delightful angel leave f Heaven. Her intangible charm speaks for it- A, ' self. ' I t La-'4 SUSAN DOWNEY Along with a quiet air and intelligence, Susan takes pride in doing her work to a nicety. Her success in life will be due to these qualities plus her congenial disposition. GAYLE DUNAWAY "Speech is silverg silence is gold." Soft-spoken Gayle has no problem making friends, for her sweet smile and pleasant disposition would strike a chord of warmth in the coldest heart. RICHARD DUNCAN Richard's prime ambition in life must be to make true the old saying- "Never a dull moment! " --for wherever he is, things hum! TOMMY EDMONDS "I make business a pleasure and pleasure my business." Tommy is a character in all the best connotations of the word--one who adds life and fun to any gathering. s y y A , 1 W ggyy , t o l v KJ Q . """' , ff I H LK E I A A im' "IQ xx x lf: f " 1 tis' " ' A x' 4 rlyyr infix LEROY FRA NC IS GEORGE ENOCHS His quiet manner is just a false front, for under it is a constant stream of wise-cracks and laugh ter that will make you enjoy life as he does. JERRY FARRIS A whimsical smile and an unassuming person- ality endear Jerry to his friends. Jerl'y'S IHOIIO could be-- "I'll never do today what I can do tomorrow. "Life's a jest, and all things show it, I thought so once, but now I know it." Leroy is tsapsssw' indescribable, with an ever-varying personality, originality and wit. JEAN GABY She's a willing worker who doesn't mind pitch- ing in to help. Don't let that calm attitude fool you, for Jean is a fun-maker and a fun-lover. JERRY GIBSON Jerry will always enjoy life, for he has the faculty for making friends and putting others at ease. We're sure his success will really be from honest efforts. HOWARD E. GOBER, JR. "We do not know what seas will be thy fateg We only know they shall be great." Courteous, industrious Howard was one of Murrah's pig-skin pushers this year. My CHAMP GOODMAN With his easy-going ways and talk, Champ seems to win friends by the carloads. Always in 5 the middle of everything, he takes his place, well-received by all. i 'V CHARLES GORDON "He'll dispute it and prove it too. That blue is black, and black is blue." Charles' polished manners, wit, and vitality make him a hit wherever he goes. ROSEMARY GOWAN "Mighty sweet, and mighty wise, With mischief shinning in her eyes." Gay, carefre Rosemary is eternally hatching up something that is guarante- ed to be fun. ISABEL GRAY 'l 7 Old Sol himself touched her heart and left his mark of brighmess and laughter. Her magnetic personality and ability to keep friends have decidedly contributed to her gentle appeal. rs. ri , X DOT GRIFFIN Tiny and darling, Dot fits perfectly the ,K description, "just plain wonderful." With a 4' it heart of gold and a smile that lights the world, her talent for making friends borders on genius MARY ANN GUICE "Effervescent and bright, a gay and bouncing light---." Talented Mary Ann, reminding us of a gay Valentine, blends intelligence with a dash of fun. .l i , 2- i ,s an iii I i i . g .s M BARBARA HEMPHILL Witty and wise, tender and true, with a heart of cheer and a will to do. Barbara's pranks and overflowing energy are as unpredictable as lightning and as refreshing as rain. EDWARD HENNE Although Edward has a quiet unassuming man- ner, you never know what he may be up to. Like his twin brother, George, his first and last love is cars. i-ou-af' DAVID HALL When I'm in trouble, I don't worry. When I'm late, I never hurry. To study hard just cramps my style. Come along with me and smile. ROSE MARION HANCOCK To know her is a pleasure for anyone. Her friendly smile and quiet manner have contributed ' l'1'1l1Ch to OUT year at MUIIHD. KAY HAGBERG A distincitive brunette, whose big brown eyes have that "come-hither" look, Kay is popular with boys and girls alike, eager for fun, and addicted to mischief. BILL HALEY Here is a humorous addition to any gathering. You never know what Bill's coming up with next but one thing's for sure---it'l1 put you in a better frame of mind. GEORGE I-IENNE Though usually quiet and reserved, George surprises us at times by injecting into the conversation a special brand of humor. He always has a mischievous look in his eyes. CHARLES HILTON Charles mixes humor and seriousness in the right proportion. Efficient, capable, and willing to undertake almost any task, he has proved him- self reliable and indispensable. ' P AT SY HILTON ' G' ..-cs' -as. tsls .tsyst g if ,ff , 5 , X X i f ? s, "vt " .f tb L i f Combine loveliness, a delicate grace, a heart- warming smile, and you have Patsy described -perfectly. She possesses a charm that would shame a lily. - fi if - PL VIRGINIA HOLLOWELL 3 ' X With cheerful smiles and constant grace, Y '3' She, shows the world a friendly face. She's merry as the day is long. Life to her is a lovely song. PATSY HOPKINS Her beautiful auburn hair accentuates her pretty face and sunny smile. Poise, refinement, and a striking personality help characterize Patsy. JEAN HUGHES How can we begin! With so much graciousness, and general lovableness, it's no wonder she has been entrusted with so many responsibilities. Jean has what it takes to rate tops with every- ODE. ? 1 ROBERT JOHNSON Quiet enthusiasm freindliness and talent sum up Robert perfectly. His interest in autos is second only to his exceptional art talent BRENT JOHNSTON Brent is happiest when surrounded by a crowd of girls, but don't be misled. Our handsome co- captain was a mainstay in the Mustand line this year, and his calm nature earned him respect from all directions. n.'F.. Qgpi RKQINBS SYLVIA JUNIKER With chocolate eyes and a sundae smile, Sylvia possesses loveliness that makes even orchids envious. This senior is a true Southerner with beauty and charm. JIMMY LANG Although a little shy and reserved, Jimmy is truly a fine fellow. His merry eyes and quiet warm smile are always welcome. He's a person you like to be with. NANCY LAY This cute little brunette is full of fun and wherever she goes she always has a smile for everyone. Nancy has an easy- to-get-along with manner that can't be surpassed. LINDA LEFOLDT A "crazy" miss with a happy-go-lucky attitude that intrigues many who become her fast friends, Linda has a zest for living and a love of excitement. rw J' ANN LEMON As wistfully lovely as a fawn, daintiness and grace characterizing her every move, Ann is both talented and cooperative---a combination hard to beat. Q""'b SARA LEMON An enchanting combination of sweetness and practicability, Sara wins a place in anyone's heart with ease. Her interest is in everything she does. K! I MARY ELIZA LOVE , A dash of rare beauty, a dash of individuality, mixed with her good humor and spicy person- 4? ality makes "Liza" a never-failing recipe for , fun in anyone's cookbook. 4 I FRANCINE LOWE It's impossible to have the blues while around -.7 this peppy little bundle of personality. She's always smiling, always gay--going on her merry way. 'fx MARY SEMMES LUCKETT She giggles if it's funnyg and one may truly say if it isn't funny, she giggles anyway. Dainty, sweet, gay, petite characterize this Murrah senior. CAROL MAHAFFEY We all admire Carol's calmness and quiet- ness---two qualities which are truly praise- worthy. A friendly manner and a sweet spirit characterize this miss. TOM MANBY Tom is the kind of person who is pleasant to be around. He has a quiet, easy manner and a 9 genuine sense of humor that attracts many friends. CAMPBELL MCCOOL "He has a heart that's staunch and true. He has a carefree, gay side, too." Campbell is one of those amiable fellows whose laughter and gay spirit are contagious to anyone he's around. SALLY ANN MCCOSH Sally possesses vitality as well as dramatic talent. Her friendly goodwill and attractive face compliment each other, while the joy of living motivates her smile. LOUIS McCRAW Genial, undisturbed Louis is one of those like- able easy-going boys who gets along with every- body. Those who meet him are never disappointed, and those who know him never regret the fact. HUDSON MCGEE "Here's to women and other expenses---" Hud- son's expression reveals an impishly clever sense of humor---the off-spring of a creative mind. DONALD McGEHEE "As carefree as the winds!" Donald breezes through life without a care in the world. His spontaneous remarks and mischievous ways are well-known around Murrah. LEE MCILWAIN Tall, dark, and handsome, Lee should win an award for his sincere friendliness and his high ideals. As Murrah's first student body president, he has worked hard and with success at making our high school a good one. CALVERT MCINTYRE To Calvert the world is just a continuous merry go-round. This handsome boy has used his eyes to turn many a girl's heart. 'K 1 3 J' HOWARD L. MCMILLAN, JR. He's really some hunk of a man and has a heart that matches his stature. Combine a congenial manner, an infectious grin, subtle humor, and you have " Scooter." MARGARET ANN MERRELL Tall and fair, with the essence of courtesy and a silver-lined disposition, Margaret Ann reflects the joy of a day in spring. rd - N5 ii- V 1' i I TOMMY LEE MILLS "A winning way, a pleasant smile. Dressed so neat and quite in style. --" Tommy is so adept in the art of fascination that our hearts are ever the captives. TANYA MILLSTIEN Tanya is one of the peppiest lasses to be found and is always in the mood for a good time She has a way of finding laughs and spreading them when needed most. V, lj . li 'ani B-31' JIM MOORE As original as the atomic bomb, though not quite so explosive, he's as friendly as a pre- election politician. There's never a dull day when you're around "Big Jim. " JOHN MOSAL Good-looking "Sonny" is the strong silent type. His expressive eyes, his mischievous smile and his slow captivating voice have quickened many a feminine heart. SY LVIA NEWSOM 1. - ,L '.: 'ij 1' 1 ' - 3 L, -r's if is Q F- A 1 'N wwf DWYN MOUNGER Rather on the quiet side, taking life seriously, Dwyn is an indispensable member of Murrah's band and will always be welcome anywhere. ANN MYERS With gentleness of manner and goodness hidden under a quiet and demure air of reserve, Ann's dependability is excelled only by her sincere and friendly attitude. A blonde beauty, a dash of color, and features like an ivory crown--that's Sylvia. A gleam of light, a happy girl--that's Sylvia. JIM NORMAN Jim has one of those quiet, keep-you-guessing attitudes. The world is always just right with him, because he meets its difficulties with a smile. + -. 1mfsnw sw -V . BLANCHE NUNNERY Sincerity is breathed into everything Blanche says. Under shyness lies her true warmth and friendliness which are two of her most endearing qualities. DIANNE ORKIN Remember daintiness, shining brown eyes, a sparkle of wit, a bit of teasing, and you'll think of this popular senior who is as fascinating as a charm bracelet. 352 .Il- i' ity CAROLYN PAYNE "And still they gazed, And still their wonder grew. That one small head Could carry all she knew." Sweetness and capability combine in Carolyn. BEN PETERS him. H 15" X 4--DN 'il' 'YS The ladies think this likeable guy is timid, but he s destined to be a heart breaker. To know Ben is to love and admire everything about ANN PITTS A pretty girl, a witty girl, A girl that's full of fun, A friendly girl, a peppy girl-- A thousand girls in one. ELLEN PORTER Her lady-like ways, sweet disposition and friendly spirit are only a few of Ellen's ad- mirable traits. Those twinkling eyes, accompanying her mischievous grin, make her the light-hearted girl she is. N 1 I , . 4 WEB f:.l,1i. , 1' ,i m,ffs,'-Elias ,:,gi5f.p,..,,g,y5m3 55 5:45 -f:::u:S f" ' 5- I gr W my X ,gy M. f :ie K, 'I K11' iff? Al ' 'M-0-v1l!"ri.41i .TACK RAWSON RIP RICHARD Rip's cheerful girn and happy-go-lucky nature always seem to say, "I'm happy-- how 'bout you?" Things are always popping when this firecracker is around. TERRY PUCKETT "Full of fun and fancy free, That's the way lwant to be." Terry never seems to be anything but happy, and his friendliness to everyone makes his smile catching. X Jack, with an air of impassive calmness and never-failing friendliness portrays an optimistic nature, which is surpassed only by his likeable ways and pleasant smile. PHIL RAY Never ruffled, seldom worried--that's Phil. Calmness and unpretentious ways speak for this easy-going senior, capable of going on his way with no fuss or bother. GEORGE REED "Happy I amy from care I am free. Why aren't they all contented like me?" George has a calm and cheerful manner that would make anyone in a "dither" slow down a bit. PEGGY ROGERS "For nothing is more queenly than kindness and nothing more royal than truth." Peggy is a valuable member of the William Murrah Singers as well as the Theatre Guild. ,, ..., Y Z .l 'W A if :I i f r soy, .I 1 sntn, "" wtf. 5 l 's--- 1is"iss y 7LL,rVkLL, .. Ib, -f Y: - g,1..,g:g,1- np.: 3 gm ' ' f BETTY SHAVER A demure young lady with an elfin charm--that's Betty. She has a special "knack" for playing the piano, and oh, how we envy it! JACK Sl-IEARER Our Hoofbeat editor is one who won't be easily forgotten. His numerous friends prove that he has sterling qualities, his ready smile proves that he is friendly. My X ,.f P, 1 Q L S' 47" bv N- 4' E ERNEST SHELTON With his intellect and capability, Ernest is sure to go places and carry with him the admiration of all, for his lofty thoughts are sealed in a heart of courtesty. ARTHUR SMITH Although he appears to be very quiet and re- served, "Snuffy" will be somewhere around if there is mischief in the air. S ,M E' .Q-E M If :Tn ff' .2 3 ' a Q4 rf' fi K'- i f RUSSELL SMITH Don't let Russel1's reserved manner fool you Quiet and industrious, he has a smile that radiates sincerity and hopefulness. His under standing ways make him everyone's favorite SHELLIE SPEED This delectable, delightful, and delovely blonde who takes gaiety with her wherever she goes is always original and attractive--with poise and sophistication at her fingertips. Ja. I X i ANN SQUIRES b ,,h: X "A thing of beauty is a joy forever--" best Q gi ' p phrases the description of Murrah's first football A r f- queen. A combination of beauty and talent hyd' it f make happiness for Ann inevitable. GEARY STUART Geary never has much to say about the sit- uationg but after asking anyone who knows, yo find he truly tops the list of swell fellows. CAROLYN THOMAS Cheerfulness and wit bubble forth to make her a welcome companion. Carolyn's sparkling eyes and merry smile have endeared her to many, for she looks at life and laughs. CONNIE TOLER "The fairest garden in her looks, And in her mind the fairest looks." Connie's genuine interest in everyone and everything has won for her many honors. """ls. ANN TURNER Friendliness, charm and an unsurpassed sweet- ness are blended into one unforgettable girl. Whoever crosses Ann's path will remember her. 3 MARVIN STOCKETT An excellent fellow, quiet and deepg Climbs all the hills, though they may be steep His honest, sunny, smiling face Has made him friends in every place. u'll , r slit, as-5 Ns GENE TURNIPSEED Gene is a friendly, likeable boy with a twinkle in her yey and a grin on his face. genuine wish for living, he is agreeable in disposition and polite to everyone. BRENDA VOGHT Brenda is brisk and lively, she is the person- ification of sweetness, with a personality that attracts all. Her quick wit makes her welcome everywhere. BAXTER WADE K tfgrudil gin "Fore he's a jolly good fellow, which nobody , , can deny--" should be quoted when speaking ' "" -7 . of Baxter. His "ear-to-ear" grin and friendly . nature make him well-liked. 1 .v K 1. an fm 'ffl' "7 .M 3 ,, fp.-as F ' C ,- 7 I . V .f- . 'L :f,.':gi-if al ' fqzxagf .ist ' g"71E?....f1f5"' I "1-...ow aqzgs rg' ' 1 .,p7'.1" "f ir . W v ,,.,.-u-N-Man . 5 ' I 1 Otis iffy ,jf Q51 " .,..a.wws,a L. ,,.. ff, 1 Q. 9 -!,A,,,,,,,,, , or .ev-K gs, If 'K-,m4' '.,,.,,,,,,, 4 Inu-' v wr W 'xy .::""""'W ,.,. I 'ww ff' 1's,-v,,,,..Mo-uq-c. MARTHA WALKER 1 Poise, personality, and pulchritude combine to make Martha an unforgettable girl. She came, she saw, she conquered! : .55 A ' Kr Q. I , 'V' 5 I 4 f f DOT WALTON Her unaffected, tranquil manner will carry her far, as will her courteous and friendly attitude. Dot is a friend well-worth seeking. VAUGHAN WATKINS Irresistible, delightful Vaughan is a debonair young gentleman with sparkling eyes. Looks are not the end of the storyg for he has a host of friends at Murrah. DOT WEBB Popular, capable, intelligent, and beautiful, Dot has not only walked off with many res- + 3 ponsible honors, but has fulfilled her many tasks with a friendliness and cheerfulness that I ir" have been characteristic of her leadershi . We I I P Q' salute our first Resume editor! LOWRY WESTBROOK Easily pleased, she pleases easily! Dark- haired, dark-eyed Lowry has a sweet nature, spiced with genuine friendliness and is always found troubling herself to help others. if af Spy BARBARA WESTMORELAND When Barbara is asked to do a thing, it is as good as done. She has an unfailing good nature that should carry her far in her industrious am- bition to become an architect. DEE DEE WHATLEY A cheerful disposition, a good-natured wit, and plenty of knowledge characterize Dee Dee who is always having the time of her life and loving every moment of it. GEORGE WILKINSON . 4 George looks at the world through "rose-colored fr A glasses" and always manages to find something to laugh about in what he sees. His witty and friendly personality is hard to beat. CHARLES WILLIAMS Many a feminine glance is cast in the direction of this handsome senior when he strolls down the corridor. No girl can resist tipping her heart to him. JOHNNY WILLIAMS johnny is a small-sized, stepped-up dynamo, who is full of vim, vigor, and vitality. Don't let this mischievous air deceive you, for at times he can be serious. BILLY WILLIFORD A true gentleman, a survivor of the days of Southern chivalry, a king of frlvolity, as full of fun as a jumping-jack--versatile Billy is comical and serious at just the right moments. My LEWIS WILSON Popular and capable he is an ideal class pres ident. A bountiful supply of good Judgment and individuality makes him both a singular and genial associate 1' ' 1.1 1, MARY EDITH YARBRO Mary Edith who is going to be a summer graduate, has a radrant smile characterized by a heart-warming personality Her cute face and playful manner make her welcome to our number. President. . . . .. .... Vice President ..... f . . . . Billy Bates Cynthia Mallad Secretary.. . . . .... . . .Jo Hester Report er ,,,,, . . . .Harry Strauss , W 'aww 7 u K . X' gk ,. eye 5 . K x a LYNN ABERNETHY The most unpleasant event doesn't seem to disturb this carefree junior. FLOYCE ADDKISON Although she is quiet, she makes a good impression any time. MARTHA ALDRIDGE With an ever-varying personality, Martha possesses T 'i "I" ,al i i is ' an-F' 0-5 in? an avid interest in life. BOBBY JOE ALSTON He laughs at trouble, and smiles at care, And when there's fun, he's always there, A if DAVID ANDERSON V, , .gr We're all proud of David's superior leadership ff ,A jf 5 of Murrah's first band. FRANK ARNOLD "Bubba" is always ready with a pat on the back, a joke to tell, and a great big laugh. wg 932 ,ef a LLOYD ARNOLD An easy manner with a subtle wit combine to make Lloyd an invigorating lad. 'Q 1' sg' 1-0.1 -i 2 H ' -dv T H. C. BAILEY He's so happy, tlrat he'1l make you happy, too! BOBBY BARNES "Big things come in little packages" ---- is an A apt summary for this Murrah student, BILLY BATES Bil1y's happy-go-lucky, unaffected nature has etched his image in a special way on our memories. 'Q V I 'A , s. 8' i ,K mx 'Nh 'X uw is .J JOHNNY BLACK N" Q"' X' V f XSJZ! NB :5,,,'skXYl5 3 A JANE BJGGS jk KA 41 4, - Artistic Jane is one of our favorites. iii .J FX. Q. -,, 1 A I 1 Versatile, considerate Johnny is X ,-4 asset to the junior class. ,, , ' 3 6 X . C "-. -A , I g ' J BETTYE B E qi XL iX'w'J'Y' N,kNVQ'5j LU 5 . 'X ' 5 Bettye with her striking red hairxid MSNXQNX- ' "N ' Kr vivacious personality, is our gai and GrenBdlfi312?sx5J ' rm it ops A - - A ' , H BURN DEAN BOTELBR Xkppxpgu kkxgsss n Ther a nd pensive grace, a cast of N s tho f ce." .X JQ,Qi5 'V' Y N X'js-lQ1,SQb,,.1 XX N A rm Cfsmss., im 5 . f Ax! af I fd, z,x , 1 I J dl' Saws , , ' may Q K W. ', A J 1'-L , . xxx Q3 r F., ,a .rv J rr - We .,. DNO' ' I L tt! 1 A A . Ai 1 ,' I, I If 4 r Q- . .. Jim fy . " jg.. Q .Aj 1- Lrg , LKQQ- .U x BUDDY BOUNDS 5' A JJ 0 By! ,JQIN f "Why worry when there are so many other things .1 J 'A' Alix to do?" ----- he seems to sa . L7 . . . Y S bs!" ' , Q OAI' 'QV JULIE BRANDT ,y ' Have you ever seen a walking doll? Take a look at her for beauty and smiles. ANN BROAD As pretty as gift wrapping and as sweet as sugar. BETTY BROWN Betty is always in a jolly mood, and her smile speaks for itself. PAUL BRUMMETT Dependable and easy-going, Paul 's feet are well- planted and his aims high. REGGIE BUCKLEY There's always a smile and a good word to be said when this boy is mentioned. . 1 RADEN BURRIS Sincere and friendly, Raden possesses a pleasing manner. CARL BUTLER Ever happy and ever witty, he fills our hearts with joy. BENNY BUTTS Small of statue but great of character. DAVID CALLAWAY David stands out as an individual in a way we all admire. 'OX 3 ' Y' GAYE CAMPBELL .az iz, '44 ..-.43 . F' 1 , .sf- ,P A flashing smile with words of witg this is the way she makes a hit. lug- Ji. Llsp .1 nf 8' C13 If iv-'4 lj' yi- WALLY CAMPBELL Independent and carefree, Wally has a smile for everyone. 'Q ggahivffblr' '51-'Q' rndgbe ' F19-Bbw 9' Nr' -W' - -1 Llvysa X .Uk I HJ- V +A. -,L . -Jy-J I t -,- r ppp-' 4 l U J' . vga" ' ,-,mfg ',rW X-kpf' M K :fuk ,W +A ctw if rx' -X, fi L-,u.f"Y 1 ,si JULIE CARGILL Her good-natured disposition denotes gentle- ness and unselfishness. CAROLYN CARL lt's nice to be natural, when you're naturally nice. BERT CASE "I'm not a millionaire, but I'm not the kind to care! " BOBBY CASE Good-looking Bobby is the subject of many a girl's affection. Q'' i X V1 Q -1 --1 QQ ,5 inf' f,,.t,.y bull! 'nur V1 GARNER CHENEY He always seems to be the image of happiness. BART CLARK Always in some kind of mischief, Bart seems to get more smiles than tears from life. HARRIET CLARK Beauty from within as well as from without. LEONARD CLARK A lad who looks on life as a good proposition and does not worry about the future. MERLE CLARK ---As lovable as she is smart, as smart as she is pretty, WAYNE COLE With a merry laugh and a witty word, Wayne peps up all who are around him. 49" JOE COLINGO Joe's "get-up-and-go" has made him a prankish spark around Murrah, DON COOPER Don takes life as it comes but makes sure there is plenty of time for fun. LEROY COOPER He is well-mannered, sincere, and as friendly a guy as you'1l ever meet. LINDA COOPER Vivacious and lovable, good humor the blue sky of her heart ---- that's Linda, , 4, DEAN COPELAND 1, 1 f'S Versatility and the natural ability to win friends 5' '05 l' G' f make Dean a capable leader, I 1 ' "5 sr' ,guts In 1,2 W DON CORBAN ui I ----Quiet in disposition but witty in conversation. BUNNY cowAN In Bunny is found the rare combination of I seriousness and gaiety. ELEANOR CRABTREE .L Quiet and unassuming, this junior is full of grace. Q I TAX has ' T "3 I 1 .3 JOHN CRAIG K ,. His prankish ways are surpassed only by his W ' " ,Ji good looks. ff! W CAREY CURRIE 0' X' ' This tall boy has many friends and as many 5 fun-loving ways. ANNE DALE Q, Shy Anne is the type that excites your curiosity. KIM DAVIS Calm Kim, with his air of assurance, is admired by many. MARILY DAVIS Her ocean blue eyes reflect the depth of her warm heart. DAVE DEAR -I' N 1' Easy-going Dave has won the admiration of all of us. JUDIE DEMLOW Our day is a little brighter from having passed her way, CRAIG DE SILVIA ---A vertebra in the backbone of Murrah's athletic program. NORMA DEW Her eyes dance with mischief. She's fun to be around. ROBERT DIAMOND "Give to the world the best that you have, And the best will come back to you." TOM DICKSON A valuable choir member, Tom has a knack for mixing work and play. BILLY DODD His sportsmanship is shown not only on the basketball court but in everythi g he does. s ry U.,-.1 V , 41' V- . J f". I 1' A 1 1 ' . 1 1 5, lla- W . , J . Miffi it ff' girl'-3 CHARLES DORTCH This good-looking little guy has made himself a favorite and is assured a future of success. JUDY DORTCH Intelligence, high ideals, and a winning smile make Judy a well-rounded person. AL DOTY His smiling face, cheerful disposition, and accomodating ways make him great. BILL DOWNING His friendliness and fun-loving ways have made Bill a memorable person. .sawn 8' ci'-7 i ...J-np Q My 'J' 1 v ANNE FLOWERS Attractive and polite, Anne has a smile that could win anyone's friendship. BILL FORTINBERRY Bil1's never-failing vitality and non- chalant manner keep us breathless. SOPHIA FOX Sophia is as priceless as the first May blossom, MARILYN FRERE Her laughing blue eyes and winsome smile make many boys' hearts skip a beat. BARBARA GALLOWAY She graces any scene with her dignity. BECKY GARDNER A gem of a girl that 's worth a million. RONNIE GARRISON His seriousness is ony a camouflage for his mischievous nature, TOMMY GARRISON He's known by many for his frequent wisecracks and unassuming manner, ANN GOBER An abundance of wit and energy---that 's Ann. RONNIE GODARD --- 'Neath a cover of quietness is hidden a genial, carefree nature, if if N -li 'T""T 2 S 'V' -, .4 SHELBY GRANTHAM Her talents bring her success---others joy. GEORGIA GREGORY Georgia, with her irresistible personality, walks into the hearts of everyone. LUCY HAMBLIN Her conscientious nature, together with a4'5 1 genuine sweetness, are to be envied. - BETTYE HAND ---A newcomer this year, but already a ,L ,S favorite! ' 1' sv 'ff DOCK HARRELL This good-natured boy is sure to have a future staffed with many friends. SUE HARRIS She walks like a goddessg she looks like a queen, 'J' 3 '.pCs 495.- . is BILL HARVEY .X 'II' A burst of wit that startles and amuses. ' SAMMY HEAD "Life holds no terrors" could be carefree Sammy's philosophy. TOM HEDERMAN With a mischievous manner and twinkling eyes, l Tom thoroughly enjoys life, ' ' sa JUDY HEDGEPETH A --. This musical Miss is persevering in every undertaking. Gul .,.,. "'-7 'H SYLVIA HEIDELBERG She's one of those persons who can be serious when necessary, yet meet each care with a smile. KAY HENDRICK Quick-witted, talkative, and sweet were words created just for Kay. MARILYN HERRING Always capable of seeing the humor in any situation, Mari1yn's company is always enjoyed! JO HESTER Her thoughtfulness and sincerity explain this pretty junior's lasting popularity. CAROLYN HOPKINS A laughing heart and a cheerful smile, Make her world gay all the while. DON HOPKINS With a nonchalance about everything, his calm ways reveal a thoughtful soul. aw' W Bill is known and admired by all for his strength of character and dependability. JOHN HOWIE He possesses friendliness, a nice grin, and a nature for teasing. BOBBY HUDGINS Good-looking Bobby, with his dry wit, is always having fun. DICK HULAN Dick's one in a million and has many friends to show for it. JIMMY ISHEE "Life is moving along fast enoughg there's no need to rush it. " HAVIS JOHNSON Calmness doesn't overshadow this student's consideration for others. SAMMY JOHNSON Quiet and somewhat shy, his chief interest could well be that of making friends. MOLLY JONES With her sunny disposition, she brings ,gqx K happiness to every life she touches. X QP FRANCES KERR G, O, KERR ,,,,,., His friendly manner is a dominatin collecting a host of friends. BOYD KYNARD Troubles never seem to trouble this clever boy BETTY JO LAMBERT Constantly wisecracking and laughing, she possesses an infectious manner, GERALD LEE Reliable and well-mannered, Gerald has a capacity for making friends. HERMINE LEHMAN She makes friendliness and dignity her specialities. 67 Her saucy, dignified ways make her irreplaceable JIM LINDSEY Jolly and fun to be with, lim is unbeatable. JOE LIPSCOMB "Never was a man born without mischief." LEE LIPSCOMB He combines both sense and nonsense in an enviable way. JIMMY LOCKHART A big package of geniality, Jimmy never utters a serious word. CYNTHIA MALLARD As Cynthia's many honors proclaim her a capable student, a host of classmates proclaim her a loyal friend. JOLENE MAPP f Her mirthful ways have caused many tears of laughter to roll down our cheeks. M 5 ,rx DAN MAss1E ' fy . Who could be gayerg who could belm tlep if A fi ' V5.9- friendly? L, 'lf' JL9l' 'F 'X ju - 'Vtv A." 'ffl' 'A f" BOBMAYNQR . , br, V LJ, .y pf. Bob has won a place for himself withlhis calm, ff - y PM but energetic manner. Q ,f""'- - J L,--5' ai 517' f . 1' , firm., L J' YI 0 ffl! -.I I 1-4, MARY ELIZABETH MCCHAREN A bl, In l' - ' "Work is her hobby and success a common U, "' . i L reward. " , " V , j' A ,H"" . 4 . JIMMY MCGEHEE , ,r "' ,il ' limmy's cooperativeness and friendly smka 4 U, - L, will take him a long way, " sv-'f'2"p'f" MW S J ,W 6 7 if in g1i 's 'ndness and generg' are unceasi ' I M Ziwfffz T A N . now him for his individual clothes and nonsensical remarks. I ERSKINE MCLEMORE Slyness and mischievousness never fade from handsome Erskine's eyes. JIM MCLEOD He unfailingly adds pep to any crowd with his get-up-and-go spirit. wrt? PAT MCNEASE He never fails to amaze us with his versatility and friendliness. SALLY MONTGOMERY sonality, lovable Sally is tops. BOB MOORE This well-dressed boy shows a kind consid- eration of others. GEORGE MOORE ---A cheerful "Hi! " a kind word, and a rich baritone voice. ANN MUSTIN As our head majorette, she has proved herself a worthy and valuable member of Murrah. RICHARD NEWMAN Richard's calm attitude and unfailing energy make a perfect combination. With her striking appearance and per- an hifi' 47' fi i, , H M' A , rig, 3, BW gp-w"'v ANN OLIVER Ann is dainty and feminine with plenty of sparkle, DALE PATTERSON His character is always in keeping with his good looks and accentuated by his sincerity, BETTY PATTON She is eternally hatching up something that is guaranteed to be fun, RUFUS PEEBLES If it be a gentleman and scholar you seek, you have him . i' 999: BARBARA PETERS Poise and exquisite taste in dress give her a cosmopolitan air, SALLY POOLE This friendly, amiable junior has a storehouse of friends. ""' HELEN PUCKETT W' Q' ,L A f This loquacious gir1's constant laughter is ff A If . 1 dy' x contagious . W5 WW KENNETH QUINN An artist in the superlative degree, Kennegwo W always has a welcome contribution. ' i GW' ow" aww? WSW MARCELLE RAINES V Because of her unselfish and unaffected ways, Marcelle has won our hearts. JEAN RAWSON Jean's enthusiasm, wit, and pep make her a happy addition in any crowd. L W R .dill c7Q,VWQ 3 ..,, l 1 V CAROLYN READY Those who know this pleasant girl find her friendship invaluable, J RICHARD REDD 3 Forever happy, forever singing is Richard, EDWIN REDDING I v Friendliness and consideration are only two f ' of his valuable traits. ROSE REYNOLDS This attractive girl who composes with ease is destined for success in journalism. ', -3 ,K gg! 53 MARY RICKETTS A sprightly redhead, Mary is bubbling over with personality and good looks. A CAROLYN ROBE l-l" si ity d f ess 'Ya us try? ha w r en N , g ut ibm q.!?9Di00jUQJWAdA my nf, , I X ,D my liar t W jig? Wi? fy ,fl LW V' 'fr 03" X MARQZ A51 RO INSON With her beautiful voice and ability to make friends, Martha Ann is an enjoyable companion. CURTIS RODGERS His character is without defect, and his jolly ways are contagious. TOMMY ROSS This good-natured band member is full of fun and frivolity. BEDFORD RUSSELL He puts all his troubles in the bottom of his heart, then sits on the top and smiles. -,L I' I """" b"'l"9' l'I'LU-"" I LE04-3 rut FAR , s' IAN SADLER Jan's creative ability brings her success and others joy. PAT SAMPLE Cheerful and lighthearted, Pat has a personality brimming over with fun. NANCY SANDIFER ---Sincerity and quietness coupled with deep earnestness and sweetness. NORMA SANDIFER Her calm and gentle manner makes her a pleasing companion. J, ' I ELLEN SATTERFIELD For agreeable Ellen there's no such thing as a 1' cloudy day, BABS SHEPPARD A fountain of sweetness is Babs. 's L - BETTY SMITH V QShe can make the dullest situation the ' ' brightest simply by entering. ' KK - BEVERLY SMITH N X' Always lending a helping hand, Beverly is an X f interesting acquaintance, l I X ' X, SARAH SMITH 1Sarah 's petiteness is like that of a Dresden Nxigurine, W I Q SHIRLEY SMITH ' 3 Cheerfulness is her blessing, and she is ours. ANNETTE STARLING This little bit of sunshine is full of fun and mischief. TOMMY STEELE ---"Live your life to the fullest and reckon not the cost." PAUL STOCKWELL Ever smiling, this junior is always willing to lend a helping hand. " , I . K. .gy 1' HARRY STRAUSS Ladies' man, athlete, and life of the party--- 4 that 's Harry. 1 l 'uv L 'Env' ,I KENNY STREETMAN Energetic, likable, fancy-free--- that's this newcomer. LYNN TANNER Studious, capable, sweet, and humorous--- these make Lynn well-liked. L . ,ap P' ROBERT TAYLOR This tall, good-looking junior is a hit in anybody's league. BOB THOMPSON You can't help admiring everything about this versatile lad. MARIANNE THOMPSON ---Quiet and neat, smart and sweet, LEO TICKNER If worry were the chief cause for death, he would live forever, if fr-"ET O if' -av"" C""" U if li KP DON TODD His obliging and congenial manner is only one 1 of the features we admire in Don. RUTH MARIE TOMLINSON Conscientious Ruth lives closely by the Golden Rule. JERRY TONEY f His amiable dgsposition mak him a gentleman in wor nd de . JO F TY Her h rt s mo riches than a mountain of gold. ' .. LINDA UPSHAW It music be the key to the soul, Linda's is beautiful, JIM VAN LANDINGHAM Good-looking, self-assured Jimmy is a welcome newcomer. W , CIN 'ff' LINDA WADLINGTON by Egg 3? . Q Her beauty and friendliness assure us that , F ' Linda is a valuable newcomer. Q? Lf! Mp: , ., ' NICKI WALKER ' 2 , rf J ---"Leave silence to saintsg I'm but human.4L ' '59 f - D 2 ga E , , , 2 x L X, .A , R My ir. P. www! - gt, sg- Q E+ ---The type of rugged individualist that girls ky' 'Z T gp adore. Q, A 'Bi ISN Q US 9- CHARLES WALLACE 5 CDN Actor, writer, athlete, and singer, Charles gs 2 'O is one of Murrah's most versatile students. J -5 '-L YVXIRQ. -blhsyvipgf ,Ll-q.11ryl'1ul-us., ridsidzi , sqft RUTHWALLACE ---"So smiling, so tender, so fresh, nd so fair. " A . .n rp , x x .il BUDDY WALTERS A A genial dispositiort ag lo f funlfe , associated with Buddy., A ' gy' 'SMQ 'psp JOHANNA WAMBLE ' Full of pep and energy is petite Johanna, who constantly radiates happiness. FRAZIER WARD l-le's not to be hurried and not to be overlooked. SARAH WARD Striking Sarah is queenly in manners as well as in appearance. LEE WARE ---Jolly, friendly, and enthusiastic with lots of fun. NORMAN WARWICK This carefree boy has a gift of gab and a sense of humor to match. MARY ELIZABETH WATKINS Her dancing is as pleasing as her looks, and her constant chatter is amazing. 'aii s JEFF WEAVER "He laughs at trouble and smiles at care, and when there's fun he's always there. " GIPSON WELLS Imagine so many great things in such a small package. 3.5 Y' ,ca i" 5 V"'f'L"?" A '59 .jf 1' 3 .af l 2 "ff" ai .A ab Vi' LEN WEST Take a smile, a laugh, and aabundle of fun--- 13? you've got Len. if If i ?f wr - . L" LOLA WHITE A girl both admired and squired, who is a good mixer in any crowd, MARY ALICE WHITE Everyone that knows this pleasant, cooperative girl will long remember her. JERRY WHITEHEAD Despite his quiet exterior, a wealth of spon- taneous wit lurks in him. Qi' fi it ANN w1LK1NsoN "K Initiative and ambition will surely spur Ann on to success. I if DAN WILKINSON A constant smile makes Dan a likable funster. LISA WILLIAMS Lisa is the envy of the junior set because of her kindness and lovableness. DICK WILSON J Dick is held in high esteem by his classmates I for his good-natured disposition. gf gi, BETSY WISE ---A winsome, demure bit of a girl who studies V hard and holds a level head high. f' F eg f l 1 V .1-WV UPHO IIRE President .... ....... J ohn Ricks Vice President . . ..... Jimmy O'Mara Secretary ,.,,,, ,,,,,,,,, R alph Gilbert Reporter ..,, .,,. R uth Curl Simmons Elizl 3 1 sn - R ,, I li ,I 111' 5 I I lan' I L 'XZ ANN ADAMS SARAH AIKENS BETTY AKERS CHARLES ALEXANDER MIMI ALEX ANDER NANCY ALLEN A 0 ufqf 7.9, s E A ff. 2? -w ' X I OSE ASHFORD L mfg? BILL BELL TONY BELL MARTIN BITTICK FS F ,gf 'SM 21? 453 -gl, BETSY BATSON NANCY BATTE 3 D I 1 0,11 BOB BJORENSON h MELINDA BONE ' , 'JY JO ANN BORTH : , 6' , I 'UO' 1' x ,nga JOAN BRADY STEVE BRASFIELD so 'Y D- J i i' -A BETTI BROWN JIMMY BROWN CHARLES RAY BUCKELS ,Q 2. W ff I N I' nw - .fm ,nw w CHARLES BURKE ELLEN BURNS JULIA BURRAGE ANN BROWN GARY CARSTENS BETTYE CHAMBLIN BUDDY BUSTER FRANK CABELL TOMMY CARPENTER MARY ROY CHAMPION SUSAN CHUSTZ TED COPELAND PEGGY COWAN CHARLOTTE CRAIG BILLY CLEMENTS STEVE CONE mmagal-Q1-my. .-lug-A uumwuwmul li ,ly BILL CREASEY GEORGE CRECHALE TOMMY DAVIS una.,-, . v A J. f- i Quo 1 ai l -J. 'Z' I 0 ROSS DODDS i in ., w- ci' WARREN DENNISON 97' I S' BOB DENTON BILL DODSON STEWART DORRIS f . NAR 43- 1114-I' WAYNE DICKERSON PETE EVERETT IEANNIE FARRIS LIONAL FARRIS . I 4 i fl? T ' I., 7 O 'Qu- .1 QF WILLIAM FONTAINE BECKY FORD KATHLEEN FLANAGAN HOWARD FLOWERS EVELYN FONDREN n 1? ig I gf EUGENE FOWLER PHY LLIS GABY GEORGE GARDNER NANCY GARLAND LILLIAN GAYDEN RALPH GILBERT LYNDA SUE FREEMAN ..d""' v . '-95' ' -w A, V . . .H 5, A L L A 2 4 1 VLRGIL GILLESPIE A Ng, ROY GOLMON . MANFORD GOOCH PATSY HACKWORTH 1 MARTHA ANN GOOCH MISSY GREEN DONNIE HALL MARY LOU HALL S 'Q 'LL ' is , nd' fi' Q!-mgsii' Z ,,,,, IO ANN GREGORY ALBERT HAND SHELTON HAND .TERRY HARDIN Q-PV LUC IAN HARVEY BUZZY HEDERMAN SARA HEDERMAN SANDRA HERRON HARLEY HARRIS JIMMY HARRISON FRANCES HAYNES JIMMY HAYNES DEBBIE HARDY REBECCA HARLAN SIDNEY HARPER FRED HAWKINS l mIz::m1f+.gmwfw,.-,ffQ lim NANCY HERTZ BILLY HESTER JACKIE HICKE 9b3. 3 G-D A I 9 ,J HUEY HOLMES 'ZZ' jx SARA HULL xii CURTIS HINES NANCY HINES CLARA FRANCES JACKSON JACKIE JETER ELLEN HOLMES MARIELLEN JACKSON SUSIE JENKINS 5, , JU DY JONES BILL KEETON GAYERA JOHNSON JUNIOR JOHNSON EARL JONES JAMES KEITH MARY ANN LANSDELL TOMMY LARCHE JOE LATHAM ROY KENNINGTON BETTY LAND RUTH KELLY mf .. , ,gg ,.. .,,.. ,, .. . ., ,M Q, 72 T552 n.m.. wa..--1'w,wx, If If K3 JO ANN LATTA EMILY LEE EMILY LEMASSON JOE LIN DSEY NANCY LIPSCOMB ANNE MARIE LOWE FRANCE S LUKE JU DY LYNN SKIPPER LORENZ JOE MAGEE JOHNNY MANDY BETH MANGUM ROWENA MCCLINTON CALVI.N MCCOY JANE MARTIN CLYDE MATHEWS FAYE MCCHAREN HARRY WELLS MCCRAW PENNY MCMURRY BOB MERRELL DAVID MILLER DIANNE McKAY FRANCES MCLEAN RONNIE McDOWELL GAYLE MILLER JOAN MILLER MARGARET MINYARD NANCY MIZE SUSANNA MIZE I DIC KY MOORE SUSAN MOREHEAD BUC K MORGAN BETTY MONTGOMERY MARCIA MORTON CARLON MOUNGER GLENNA MURPHY J.T. NOBLIN LYNN ORKIN THERESA OVERSTREET BARBARA JO OWENS TOMMY NEELY JIMMY NICHOLSON JANICE MYERS PRESTON MYERS ELIZABETH NEELY CHARLES NORTH BETSY O'FERRALL JIM O'MARA li 'Ly wb - LGE BOB PARKER GUY PARKER JIMMY PATTY IANIE LOU PORTER 9 3 PAUL PENN BILLYE IO PETT IS BILL POWELL PEGGY PRICE EDWARD PHILLIPS MARY VIRGINIA QUARLES PAT QUINTON ROB RAMSEY LARRY RATCLIFF GAIL RATLIFF CHARLES RAY ALLISON REIMERS 'ui' M OTTO ROSENKRANZ JUDY RYAN LOU SCHMELZER auf'- BILL SEABROOK gs JERE SEGREST JOHNNY SHERROD RUTH CURL SIMMONS SHIRLEY SIMS IEANE SINGER BEVERLY SMITH CAROLYN SMITH DOT SMITH if C AROLYN STATON JAY STRIKER BETHANY STOCKETT GAY STOREY PRILL SMITH SHIRLEY SNEED DICK STAMM HARRY SMITH JOHNNY SMITH IOE STENNETT LINDA STEPHENS DALE STINE SUSAN SULLIVAN MARY ANNE SUNDERMAN KILEY THAMES REBECCA TRIBBLE in TOMMY THOMPSON WARREN TODD ANN TRIPPILO BILL TURK BARBARA TOLER MOLLY TURNER BARBARA TWEEDY JUDY VAUGHN JUDY WARE X M JOHNNY WATSON CAROL ANN VEST IRENE WALLACE JEANETTE WALTER SARAH WELLS ALBERT WIGENALL AMY WILKERSON SKIPPER WILKERSON ARTHUR WHITE DUDLEY WHITE BETTY WESTMORELAND RUTH WILSON JERRY WINDHAM TISH WITHERS 1 BILL WRIGHT BONNIE WYMOND 97 it"X, I MICHELE WYNN 5' el' S7 f'r"-Q CJ Q g , 62X EX 'xxx X Xif'-xii xi xx x' - 5 Q qx'x N X bf .G QW! " QS' rf ix K --Ha J ' 4 - P A ' .,, ,5 11 S V- Z S4 7 N fi ,-.., ' 5-7 fig? f Q , , ,,, - --X 5 lf? M r. M H zlgh Lee 'Mc lwazn wg. .- ,Z ,,5J A , w R, , 'Qi' 'yr t ar. .I t L Ji" g . ,U ,N F, fgqu Most Handsome Charles Wz'llz'ams , 1 T 1-JP M ost Beautyicl Carolyn Bezard 'z ,, . , 1 my ' Mew Sylvia Beaugf Ann Squires 0, ff EJ jr -' . ,. vm, 4. ' ,wk x I 1 Y f . 4-I ' K rg 5 H .9 . X Nan A .. ,E Z! fs, J A nf 4. Q , Z, Mg 1. W' Y' M .mm V '3 aff lu wi x A W ' 1 'r . . . m- lx W1 I . D1 1 -wb Beaufy Dot Webb fy . Sem Beaugz Beth Brown Beauzyz May jo Brown Fas Dot webs A' vrfnwlh .Q . Q I., ., ,g The Resume Staff wishes to acknow1edge.Ms appreciadon to Mr. Bob Cummings for his cooperadon and wiHingnessin judging the 1956 beauty candi- dates. Murrah High School Jackson, Mississippi X. Dear Miss Webb: W I thoroughly enjoyed seeing the lovely photographs of the six beauti ful beauty candidates. I had no idea what a difficult task you were setting for me as these six are unusually beautiful young ladies, and it has been most difficult to choose the most beautiful from among them. However, I have made my selection, and I hope this will meet with your approval. May I suggest that you have all six of these lovely photographs dis- played in some prominent place, preferably your local newspaper, so that all may see the group as a whole from which my selection has been made. It has been my pleasure to judge a number of such contests within recent weeks, and may I salute your school on the exceptional beauty of this group of young ladies. Please extend my congratulations to the winnerg in fact to all six of these lovely girls--truly each one has great beauty. May I also commend Horrell Photographers for the excellent job they did. I think these are the best photographs that have ever been sent to me in judging a beauty contest or a beauty section. Many thanks for the pleasure of cooperating with you in honoring these six young ladies. With kindest personal regards, Cor ally, f K 47 Lufrz, r77lf 41 OB CUMMIN3 M ost Versatile Lee M el lwain Most Versatile Dot Webb X e M ost Intellectual Susan Asher M ost I ntelleetual Louis McGraw J F rz'ena'l iest olmnie Wz'llz'ams F riendliest Betyf Bartling M ost Athletic Ann M yers M ost Athletic Bob Cato Tommy M ills johnnie Wlllz'ams K i Ann Squires .gif 4 jamie Arnold ff 12- :,, In M D01 Grwn F az Lee Mellwain jim Moore tes Gznger Byrd Dot Webb Scooter MoMz'llan 'efff A 'fbi-L- jean Hughes Campbell MeCool 48 Mr. junior Class Bilbf Bates M iss junior C lass jo Hester M iss Sophomore Class Buggy Hodorman Mr. Sophomore Class jimmy O'Mara '- Buzz FUUTBALIJ QUEEN AND UUURT Y Ann Hederman Broad Sophomore Maid Junior Maid Ann Squires Sylvia Iuniker QUEEN Dot Griffin Senior - Maid 1 18 Senior Maid 4 EX .'f3'J' 1 C' as B fi Qs CT? I 'Q -sg 1 f 5 '1 X' hi-, X Xp' IP I X ...- ':"i-'f - I-uugk 1 4 715-f"x X O 4' .1 I f f I f i, L.. f K J- I Cv , ,X f M 1 119 r div? , X I 3 2 I I-1 y O s N X5- X . ,Q If ' 1 41 5 " xw gp . Q - x 4 K XA J Qg X V . ' 0 4,9 , 6 E f f I ww QD -f X Q 07 7 wr A' s N f bw ,Af - ,a?Tb' Q. 1 F If gi , ,, ! my ' ! fiwff' V . k f , ff-"'A A., ' , ,W - II if ANN., 19 ----V., ' . ,. , K L. f www, , y 2- .,,, V V -wk N I I "'+- -..-.i,,m- M Wm -, A W , 4 "-.5 1 A ,-Q-.,,g f ii. "' -M Johnny McDaniel, James Merritt, Head Coach, and Kermit Davis. CAPTAINS b fi Q A Ai " has 'P N -q-2, ,. c V Lucian Harvey 121 S Jimmy McGehee Charles Gordon End ogg.: fl 3' 4 ,, Xb y, I is John Dewees Tackle David Hall d . ...,., En That's the Way, Bob! ' Wayne Alexander Back 5 s s Q 'K Alvin Brent Guard Honorable Mention All-Big Eight 122 S 1 Q X9 ...1 :NL Y!-1 Q Q Q x T55 if f' l 5 f 1' X, 1,- ik Q 1 MHZ 4 U xx R A H fl Ei. ., X ,X x ff ,-: 1 4 l uk is f W 8 1 as ,.-Wiki wg, lg 1 'li 5. x Qgrx N Q! I Lloyd Arno End 'f N 4 F F1 -in "Get yow P 5. X N - x l Robert Taylor Tackle Z, A Howard McMillan it Guard nk lieu f I N ' I A ff JE' NX Pat McNease Back All City Honorable Mention All-Big Eight luber up! " "A Johnson Jaunt" il . 1 Brent Johnston Center Honorable Mention A11-Big Eight y .. , ws, K Y .s i I ,Q A. Q 1 .I 6 0 l .ff lit Bob Cato Back Leonard Clark Tackle X I A 'J a J? J' if as 1 vw . Lee Reid X Q I End l J VV K Y .k., zkil J le 5 V P M Qe.. ard g if f 1 --.e J S J J e.eee iii ii..xw?"'xf Lr , E A Campbell . . En Erskine McLemore S McCoo1 Back 'QE Stack-uE .1 W :1 '4 2 U' Z. 0 D' 0 N Q- l e e , 'mlm-www .,,,-... E 0. 0 Z' zmwflff 2, fx H 'lxvxz " 44,,, ' -, - .,,., 'iii -'Ji V i ' I z -'F rv 'Q 5- 124 ,fi Charles Williams Tackle Junior Johnson Back L Johnny Williams Back Billy Bates X Guard 'Q Dale Patterson Tackle "Wayne weaves" fe, -: ' ,.-U' "' SL Howard Gober Back Charles Alexander Back Xxx Ralph Gilbert Tackle ,nw x Q U4 ,V '7 '51 af A I Terry Puckett Center , "" . ,Al Wg: . A Charles Wallace Back Harry Strauss Back 1 xx T Q l it A , ,nf C, n X Q-aware? E 4 T J. If-1, F32 1 """" -, ti Q if f X A ' - 1 - 'I . xl Q . -1- as .2 , , S f' -' Ranny Moseley Center of i r F Q J V - , a V 'F WN , . . xx . I Buddy Buster Guard Jim O'Mara Back K e l rlylursrah Murrah Mtxryrsah Maia-ah Mor :ah Murralhu s Murrah Mur rah Murrdh b4ufrah Q- ,aa Bu, 52,1 f iz? w K ' 2 r jp Duperior 5 1 nf. Jerry ,g Windham Back ,9 A ff? iii il Q , Q I , y Nm-. 1 l , nwERfvf .urr, 'Q r f dddd QQ! B Frank Guard J ara 3 X , SCHEDULE 32 you ess f 7 s 14 41 JA 14- 31 L , 3,2 Greenville Brookhaven Provine Central Greenwood Corinth l Me ridian Columbus Pascagoula Vicksburg , - z, A bf, fl f Buddy Bounds Back 0 f o,uu .nv f if 4, 1 wg ., 0 ik is E f if . ' :Exif e no 2 My J ' A ta lrl. B b r .... my Thompson Y' , r Back i Craig D eSi1via .rg Back "B" TEAM ll 1? KNEELING: Cynthia Mallard, Ginger Byrd, STANDING: Jane Martin, Buzzy Hederman Thad MacLaurin, Billy Williford, Dianne Orkin, Lynn Orkin. I Y 5. o A we , ,, A V , ,,. , ., aio, he I, -wr 2: . : ,, fli . . I X W 'zsfi A Q R A! qt7lt.tH Wh We F ,, ' Q xv, 1. " S R ,M 1 f . ' N- ,U ,Z X, Y , - Q' .- , 'W 1 5 -if Qi 4 . M., .. , A 2- .. he - ,, a,, . ,, E' ' A 4 x r K: 5:5515 I- if Q e ,hz ff ' u Q :K ', - . V V A, if ,FV ,J 45:3 3 Coach "Mac" 3 h 4' 2 M 'V 7' ff' I . -1- Uv -1' 1: Jew 5 if f ff' S L.- x ill M K o 1,,f' V "And the score goes up another notch" "The Stack-Up" 'Q , ...W ,V X . .. .. mv.. , 2, - fe, V' , o ,,. , . 5571!--P'Nr ' yi, e ,N . Wf,, ,f ,, ,, oooho o i 5 , .n , , ' xx eohho X as , f-fewxef r",,,. Manager Mil es Riley . mfn v -5 turd' X35 fnifk' n .5 ,A if v 1 x Q wif , 1 .Aj ,Vik . 'H d3.!'f,.t u if if 5 . . n C' lg Aiq ' ...Zu Ly: .,... n ,I- x fl-.. , r W- V. a ,F L T JT .- .4 ...- I .. rw , .-.T ' A.-. r-in . X .MMQ SHWW' 'N ", 'Ffa if F S 0 H' ,. - H. y 1 -V-.-, - ' - '. ':':.-1" Q . -w e 2' e f -K' W - 1. TUJ TL ' ff? '.f', 'Hal' 5? . L W fgf i b k ,p xsibcu QW' 'Q x if af ,. 1 x n Vu Q5 0-ww ' - - M. ,mu 2-s-..., mmqwwi .Q -' '55, -...,w.Q. Q Y, ai ' . 3 5 , . 34 I 'f ,fp 5 3 A ', W . l ii 53 Bussy Rhodes EFX a N I, , f A Bob Cato "B" TEAM Charles Gordon Coach Davis BASEBALL Pitchers Sz tohers E!! QDUI J Q e I e 'X If f elders gi Infield gf..-L" , R 4- i M Ef J --,,.W,?1 U, ,.x.,. We .W .,f.,Q W. we w: ,1 Lv Q, ,. James Merritt Coach April April April April May May May May TRACK SCHEDULE 6--Canton Invitational at Canton 14--District Six Meet at Clinton Z0--Mississippi Southern Relays at Hattiesburg 27--South Mississippi Meet 1--City Meet at Jackson 4--State Meet at Clinton 8--North Big Eight at Greenwood 12--Big Eight at Meridian be 11 .sf-t , :1- CA ffrfiw , ff ,N . SY p V, so-'F1 . 1 ? CXW' aw S 4 1 ,,,i.,itit Xpeyx Calvert McIntyre 134 ' m Ywwv 1 'I AM vw: 7 1. --V.-. ,. H . ' 1 k ' sl, 'wi 1 X l '.v x if -gr ' if -..,, K 1 Johnny McDaniel Assistant Coach 4 . X9 Q 1-. -f-G1 - ,, -, ,. -- 'Wifi' Igl. ,000 sands"-can QP' Ha 'TY S113 ' ' U33 1 5 McNease 3 Craig DeSi1via TENN iii? ...:""" , Q 1 'HW A 'ICQ Q.-3' , our Q ,,: ' , 1 f 'I Q03 Ch N6 C7 GULF J 9 Returuees from '55 m x la , x -1 1 V?-4' 'Q 5 gig .Q 1,,,..,,, s A -4, ' W ,ig . a ' ' W .. RQ an faffw 1 Aff '.i.4TN:Nks ' 1 pg X 5 Mrs. Susie Crews SPONSOR QR EDITOR O0 1 0 x ' I1 'C' Q" S4 ' fvp V I 1 T 1 CLUBEDITORS Francine Lowe Carolyn Bezard Editor Dot Webb and Assistants Louis McO'aw, Connie Toler, and Jean Hughes ART EDITORS Ann Squires Ann Pitts Mary Anne Guice Vic Clark BAND PUBLICITY STAFF JUNIOR REPRESENTATIVES Luddie Butler Dianne Orkin Tommy Mills Betty Buford Ruth Wallace Dean Copeland :WEN ' 4, O' . ' as file' 1 g ggiigysg: f " , Beth Brown Isabel Gray Joy Allen Betty Barling Dot Griffin Bob Cato LITERARY STAFF REVISION STAFF SPORTS I 1 1 'V Ginger Byrd Charles Gordon Virginia Hollowell Janie Arnold CIRCULATION STAFF Business Manager Jim Moore and Assistant Ann Myers Dot Cargill Carolyn Thomas CLUB EDITORS Y K 1 V " :-iff-in iq4:""E I MIBIG Aim! . x 'BD fx W ff I7 Po I ' 'tr A L V' I dffi Ii I -C Zfi'f..:'- Q E ' . fx - sung 1 gl A ' fy '0Fnj,l F ,M Q jj, Klilagw I :Mr Lewis Wilson 5' S Q A 'fgifilf EX oFF1c1o 141 PLEIAIIE "" 'PAFF 'D J 'ISP Editor, Susan Asher, Assistant Editor, Peggy Rogersg Senior Copy Billy Williford George Enochs Editor, Carolyn Paine, Sponsor, Miss Blanche Musselwhite, and Business Manager Assistant Publicity Manager, Ernest Shelton, Business Manager SENIOR STAFF MEMBERS Bell Dewees Hemphill Hilton JUNIOR REPRESENTATIVES is Q fag f I 1 ia Broad Hester Mallard McNease williams Wise SOPHOMORE REPRESENTATIVES , r Overstreet Schmeltzer Student Advisory Board g ,Q-Y E Bradley Davis Dortch Dow ey Peeplesr IIMIFBEAT TAFF Virginia Bookhart Assistant Editor Tanya Millstein Advertising Manager Mrs, Susie P, Crews Jack Shearer Sponsor Editor v . 'Q ' "hr ' A 1 4:1 'v-J' 5: do Dot Walton Marilyn Bates Charles Hilton Managing Editor Assistant Business Manager Managing Editor Cynthia Mallard Circulation Manager if Gipson Wells Photographer Pat McNease Frances Bell Billy Dodds Linda Cooper News Editor Feature Editor Sports Editor Exchange Editor Assistants and Reporters Addkison Gowan Gregory C. Hopkins D, Hopkins Peters A ' 15:5 "' at If D R' " ' '-asf 'rf.:'f?f W in gn aa v l- - f :BQ Q . V ' 32? lm N 5 K Reynolds Sadler Smith Steele wamble Williams X 1, .4111 FPS S -. Y 1 t - J' ' ifffill' 5-N -1.4 f . 1 V t 3 .JM fl 1 ll077f9Mj STU Dl:NT ,f WW fCWW'5fWJ' 5 ff mffmf ff . CGUN HL lf"z o' 'MN"i'1"i 1 lM'lW11q,M' f eq' 'io:iw'olW'v' W I -lil Mllpffi if y T4 1 ,ff 1 Lee McIlwain Pauline Carter Spon 301' President The Student Council is made up of a student president, elected by the student body, the presi- dents of the home rooms, the presidents of the three classes, and a sponsor. The purpose of the Council is to develop student responsibility, in- itiative, and leadership through student participa tion. The Council meets regularly each week and operates by the authority and according to the provisions of the Murrah High School Student Council Constitution. ,lr s ' 4- A BAD K 1 During their first year the members of 'gf the Murrah Band have done a grand job by Anderson Drum Major McCraw Captain s nl 7 'Q . sl ' XY.. increasing school spirit by appearances at 'A pep rallies and football gamesg by contributing A' gf fl f to Oklahoma's standing orchestrag and by work- , N A - ing hard to give us a fine spring concert. These ' S.: A are but a few examples of many excellent per- A ! 1 formances made possible by diligent practice - Q Nh and cooperation under the capable leadership "N of Louis Pullo. 3 MAJORETTES Louis Pullo Director sf' J f" West Sergeant Edwards Sergeant "5 3 1 I if Head Majorette Ann Mustin, Betty Akers, Frances Kerr, and Annette Starling, Walters Sergeant x W , -72 fr C00Pe' coNcERT BAND Lieutenant V 5. I Y' , Z" E It I A 4 Kerr Sergeant 421 1111 lim C, Leland Byler Director Choir Committee Lee McIlwain, Dot Webb, Linda Upshaw, Billy Williford 4 I 3 I . g X M sm Q, A Wg Z7 YW Af X1 . i Y A X P5 KW , i - 'V li ZA W ck X y Vic Clark President Dot Webb S ecr etary JE Billy Williford Vice President 'Q' Thespian Troupe The Thespian Society is primarily an honorary organization, its members having at least 100 hours in theauical work. wx -:IU-fe Zkkh , F Emmy Lou Patton Sponsor I 148 Dianne Orkin Trea surer l. f 'ON Sponsor President Mrs, Susie Crews Jim Moore t. ,, ,iffy The Quill and Scroll, an international honorary society, is composed of students who have done outstanding work in journalism. Vice President Dot Webb Secretary Treasurer Ian Hughes Q f fs Q fa Reporter Franc es Bell mm WAR BNA and Wednesday' . on Monday' hich meets . ecll dub W P rsonae Club 15 3 we e we MPM eeung' eaCh m 'CSO at ' studied and racu d P e ute 15 . emary Pfoc i each week. Pafham ' Erid3Y O PRESIDENT Jim Moore VICE PRESIDENT Tommy Mills SECRETARY Connie Toler PARLIAMENTARIAN Dot Cargill REPORTER Mary Ann Guice SERGEANT-AT-ARMS Charles Williams SPONSOR Miss Emmy Lou Patton Baffolls S Procedure and to 55555. Cgub was organiz S e kI10w1 e PRESIDENT Elise Anderson VICE PRESIDENT Beth Brown SECRETARY Francine Lowe PARLIAMENTARIAN Peggy Rogers SERGEANT-AT-ARMS Ronnie G d o dard SPONSOR Miss Em my Lou Patton Th e d to e edge n Sf-iblish 150 of PHr11arnenrar,va1-xx 11-Collducred cl b and dmma . U HCS- I soys PRESIDENT Bob Cato VICE PRESIDENT Ernest Shelton SECRETARY Virginia Hollowell TREASURER Jerry Gibson PARLIAMENTARIAN Hudson McGee SERGEANT-AT-ARMS Charles Gordon SPONSOR Mrs, Sue Main EF ,, .M jf'-91 -wen W ,nnl Q J' .itfggrx , I . A my ,V , -'L .. nr? """YJi.: 3 333 get W- W -Q ist, iigmfw ,W 11' '1 I 45? ini .iffih ,Mi . Pufpo The B 11 I Se Offh P I 0400 througsllal and Par1iaH?eD1x1e Daddjos is eXPerience nta1',V methods to promote the f ' I IH ' . I arnrammg that l':11gamenta1s of Con elktandin ' g Comes PRESIDENT Dean Copeland VICE PRESIDENT Pat McNease SECRETARY Eleanor Crabtree TREASURER Dale Patterson REPORTER Tommy Steele PARLIAMENTARIAN Jolene Mapp SERGEANT-AT-ARMS Lloyd Arnold CHAPLAIN Dan Massie SPONSOR Miss Emmy Lou Patton - Y Iiamemat iurme' Pat. - G Ex! i dramalics and Eghis Year acuve PM K A understanding O d Gavel Club' : n , . To create 3 betrwse of the Maskrtaoi its actlvmf' - he Pu waS Pa dura 15 t Qongfess proce i in Youth uC1P anon 3 F1 0 CHAIRMAN Rufus Peebles SCRIBE Beverly Smith SPONSOR Mr . Howard Cleland X QI - for an A 'ble ughung 's siffmg best P0551 htiug thi Ovide me atge of the lg is 10 P' had ch he xighliflg This grouP The Puwose of Ehe Theme oductiOU5 Ot the P' ma." fo I .. Ok1ahO CHAIRMAN Bunny Cowan SCRIBE Jean Rawson SPONSOR Miss Emmy Lou Patton ME UP, vusrmm My PR Char Y imP0rta - Characters so as to ovgt Job of the mak 9 0 acteffze th rCO1'ne the e'UP gl-ou , e Players, Pale effects crep IS to actually m k ated b E Q- Y sr - UP the age Ilghts and to CHAIRMAN Dianne Orkin scmsr virginia Hollowell ' sPoNsoR UILII 113' Www ,, 5 A U' m .. y irginia Younger The mo - PUBL im . st Import . U I T Y pu efeft U7 the pro aunt Job of thi bhczr ' d'1Cr1 S 8fOu - y S Oufsranding on of 3 Play DP is fo Provide Work. ' 'am-2 is ke and 'Y me M5201 an Gum . d, I ,Nets , desxgfw the Theatre Gulxi cj-gfer the sei has bam craft group of ex immediate Y The sw-WF S They rake OV 153 schO01 Play ' audien pt in th ces ff Public eyiriifng an CHAIRMAN Vic Clark SCRIBE ' Harriet Clark SPONSOR Mrs, Sue Main firxhb N CHAIRMAN Tommy Lee Mills SCRIBE Leroy Francis SPONSOR Miss Isabel Johnston B Q1 , d directing' . AN miques of acuminilxv mon of action' In me rec f chatacqex. , b is to lea tation 0 f TXXLS Chl K d 'nteiffte The Purplfeir to anawslsean 1 ' 'S VOM: ' Attention 1. 5 me and effective use O CHAIRMAN Mary Ann Guice SCRIBE Thad McLaurin SPONSOR Mrs. Malcolm Norwood Thelhe pufpose of th U 0 roducrlons C Deslgn C1 Gulld e Seem . p . and lo wo ub is I0 d ' k esi r our a color scigngte sets of the O D each set, ' wr PRESIDENT Beth Brown f VICE PRESIDENT ' Dot Webb SECRETARY Mary Eliza Love TREASURER Isabel Gray REPORTER Marion Barry SPONSOR Miss Blanc he Musslewhite at r? T' The Put Gig P - I V by the sdloolose 1S to funcrion a Ms uthorities' the sts a service club I Udenr bod Of fum - Y' 0' by10 etmg any - C31 Civic 0 prone' desi tganjzatio gfled ns, f. e PRESIDENT V33 17 ,f" ' h lo 3 hxg he N . ong ns I . tent of 1 X-up am 1 . It 1Sdt2?LR'1iCS and SPOHTIYRIZHZI the various SPO' S Standar an t I ster a better Ufldets to 0 Wayne Alexander VICE PRESIDENT John Dewees SECRETARY Charles Williams REPORTER Bob Cato SPONSOR Coach James E. Merritt 'nm' T"", I--... ' ' ' 7.3551- WF f....f f E PRESIDENT Connie Toler VICE PRESIDENT Anne Broad SECRETARY Harriet Clark TREASURER Nicki Walker REPORTER Buzzy Hederm CHAPLAIN Babs Sheppard SPONSOR Mrs. James Young HH 9 - Y POSe oi 6115 Cmb' ur ' is is me teax pear. Schoox 'Eu hour the Y OWL high 'eats wrong dems am 001 Pio, . ' h i - ch 10 rI1ainYa1ni?:?assistan0e ln S a1S0 0 Membets PRESIDENT Bob Cato VICE PRESIDENT Ralph Gilbert SECRETARY Jim O'Mara PROGRAM CHAIRMAN Brent Johnston SPONSORS Mr, Charles Shows Mr, James Merritt T lilly ' 0 Cfeare . l HI communi ' maintain ' VY. h' ' and 18h standards of throughout the h 6 an character is thgmli, Schgol, and 15 P rpose of this C1 b U . PRESIDENT Julie Brandt VICE PRESIDENT Jackie Jeter SECRETARY Merle Clark SPONSOR Mrs. Gillie Dodd Yxgyhj .E I, This nu P Medica1 tses' Club ' SOci Is one of R. North efy. Qut . the rw , Jr. We Span , 0 Ofgamz and Mrs. Mal S0fS1n char ed by the Au . , colm Crot 86 of pfogra xrhary to Th Zef. borh - ms have 1, 9 Cenrf wrves of 10031 phil? Mrs. Edwarsl lcfans. rah' S AN Q, - ' ion of Mm It of a dwxs h ve The M PHI vushefs are this clubs' they bias 3 e . . H ' This dub and S: Euncdomng-aieiizt in me i1eId oi n Hman ' eating ln xargegt Otga e---that of ct same Puwos PRESIDENT Ann Burke VICE PRESIDENT Sally Montgomery SECRETARY Ruth Curl Simmons SPONSOR Mrs. Gillie W. Dodd 5? PRESIDENT Gipson Wells VICE PRESIDENT Ted Copeland SECRETARY Bill Turk SPONSOR Coach Johnny McDar1iels MW V R B 1 R me knowxedge of ta h r raPhY Cwb is ti general use' 102, The Pugpose of 151351 pictures 50' schoo 1 and en af dev eIOP'-ng' PRESIDENT John Gardner VICE PRESIDENT Frank Arnold SECRETARY Lucian Harvey REPORTER Warren Todd SPONSOR Mr . Walter Johnson mug To lea - VISUI4 rn th and I0 ob e basic f L Serve inreresringnadagnenrals of funn. U fo, . Inga , 158 V1Sua1 aids Pffnecto or I PRESIDENT Paul Brummett VICE PRESIDENT George Robinson SECRETARY-TREASURER 1 David Anderson REPORTER Sidney Harper SPONSOR Miss Kathryn Harris This C1 b memb U was or - 0 UL ers are 1icenSe5aan1zed to further th B mateut O ff am Perarofs ateur radio ' C0U1'se T' uk B piling a get nudes? Quo. mole 3 gt? y- is shelf m 1 b is 10 Pro I' Safety HIS! NIO'-or C u - use. f me 'Ie and us 159 The Pfnposg Tie auromobl a9P' eciauon 0 nd - O ver 9015 of the PRESIDENT Clarkson Brown VICE PRESIDENT Bert Case SECRETARY-TREASURER John Sharp Howie SPONSOR Mr. Vernon Gainey ff" I PRESIDENT I. T. Noblin VICE PRESIDENT Kiley Thames SECRETARY Boo Boo Keith TREASURER Donnie Hall REPORTER Carol Ann Vest SPONSOR Mr. Monroe Neff mr NX ' ream to my d to establish 3' mums S myers an ' P 1 rem . . better train Smden ses of img dub To ' t Murray, are PRESIDENT David Hall VICE PRESIDENT John Mosal SECRETARY Forest Clemments REPORTER Harry Smith he mam PMPO The HU Tlfyg hunrin main Obiecu , sn '78 So th club is 1 ar members mac 1l:'0II1ote safely 160 y ecome better and Skill in the sportsmen aff of ak PRESIDENT Mary Jo Brown VICE PRESIDENT Lewis Wilson SECRETARY-TREASURER Susan Downey PARLIAMENTARIAN Lee McI1Twain SERGEANT-AT-ARMS Lewis McCraw SPONSOR Mr. Charles Sho ws A fi , if gf ' If f f 1 wk. , Q U F I f , I I vb To prom 0 BA T fepres me 80od rn' . thi, ent Murrah at Dmkmg, better 5 Club. Varmus debate r expfession an . Ourn ' inte amenrs over the sxfljnge of ideas and a ' r re the purposes Ofo PRESIDENT AND STUDENT CONDUCTOR Tom Dickson SPONSOR MW a QJLYBB . noraafnzadoniot . rovlde a nd man BOYS. Glee Ciub is to P no a iurrhef eve The PurP0se of the - ursuing muslc te interested in P heduxe' the boys who ff bei: regular sc they Hfe P ermlued by 1 Mr, Leland Byler i.l"' I W!! l i President ,M .,.,, V. Yu ami- M - X . 5 ro ENC curb ww dgamiiis or Bridge' . dge A Cn The BY1 iufi am 1 tile learn more abou Buck Morgan Vice President Mary Virginia Quarles Secretary Molly Turner Sponsor Mrs. John T To Stu d tio appfe ' 'V th . Caldw ell, Jr. nC6 to members 3 Cha rs President Frances McLean Vice President Mimi Alexander Secretary Anne Regan Treasurer Norma Dew Reporter Lisa Williams Sponsor Miss Meda Bonne Crawford c , Hd L' 1 16 Bel Cai? ns beau3Vnfenta1S of 0 Q 13 pera F17 Opera J Club' epur 3 Pose of nd 163111 0 0" 'ffl ULUL' "F Strong in the faith Q 'I' High academic standards Jack on, Mississippi write to McFerran Crowe, President 'F Select student body Pl' Fine program of recreation and activities "F Reasonable in cost A Four-Year Co-Educational College Owned By The Synod of Mississippi HINDS J UNIOR COLLEGE Con ratulate s The Seniors 0? Murrah High School And invites them to consider Hinds as their next step in Education. Tuition-free to Hinds Countians. Room and Board on Campus only S28 per school month. No "special fee" for such courses as Music, Art, Laboratory, Science or Business training. Courses include Agriculture, Business, Science, Pre-Professional, Regular Academic, and Vocational Trades. Accelerated Course in Secretarial Training. Summer and Winter Session For Information: Write or Call President Cr. M, McLendon Mississippi Raymond f . Working hand-in-hand I ' , with Jackson public N" i ,p schools to provide ' .IAE ,I 5' . capable, well-trained A I E E U ul as - leaders for Jackson 4 L11 121 and Mississippi. ' Q, if my ai'-I Em i ,F Jhli V I Y? 1 ' sgif T, A- I 1 : A E I 'I-". ' "rf: W ' I rf"-l" i MISSISSIPPI CIILLEGE 3 -- , 'r 'l"" 1' WT.:-.. Q '2 More than 300 from Hinds County attended Mississippi College this year. Make your plans to enroll now. Write for information and catalog. Clinton, Mississippi DR. D. M. NELSON, PRESIDENT Serving Mississippi Since 1826 MILLSAP -- Your Future And You Men and women trained at Millsaps College are recognized as leaders in their fields through out the nation. More important to you than the business and professional training received at Millsaps College, however, is the training for life itself. You can expect your education at Millsaps to enable you to be "the best of what- ever you are. " Your days on the campus will, indeed, be a journey to maturity. As you study, participate in campus life, and share experiences with your classmates, you will feel the thrill of growth. You will know the delight of discovering new truths and a clearer understanding of the old values. You will be inspired as you share the quest for truth with young men and women who dream great dreams for the future--the same dream that is yours today. Fall Semester Begins September 4 At Its Heart A Christian Philosophy JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI lmlm QUO VADIS To college, that is ........ SOUTHWESTERN AT MEMPHIS Setting: Traditional collegiate Gothic buildings on a wooded campus in mid-Memphis Direction: The finest faculty giving individual attention and instruction. Production: Education, ethics, and character development which equip graduates both to live and to earn a living. A SURE hit with both men and women students. For information write Mrs. John Quincy Wolf, Admissions Counselor Southwestern at Memphis Memp his 12 Tenn, I I The Staff Wishes To Thank Mr. Frank H Mr. of the Jackson Daily News and Riuhard Bauuu For Help With The Non-Studio Photographs v -x- 'K f , .fr 5 1 1 il " l' Y, ' ff- . :Bw , ,175 21'- .C .M gg .Lf - -,A , , ,k A. ,Ji ww,-L - SSM, - ,:Z'f.' . if 5,3 fx 7" -FJ, 1H'f.Qf 141 5. A ., ' x,,.x' 4 En' - .va 4: , an : . ze- , ,r- -Z' 3 331 .F .Z-gi Lv .s H . M -- - . M. ,- LK EJ K T' . N ,lu 1 1 3 1 A . 1. -'f , reef 3 X GX. 5 1 . . . I 23... , . , , 1 nu X 1 -lyk x ' I A ,A ,. f y A 1 r , W A e - A af' -1 5-:lin ',-4--gnnaama-ll' 'nw' ', -X I x L -42- K v x A 2 1 3 1 B 5 Q4- w W x v I. J., 1 1' ' v. ' 4'-' .'-, . K... , 1. .K . y 1 ' ll' '. . K 1 an-i.a.L 'JIs...- "-fn-miaief an 5 E i I pg . - ,. 'rn " . 1 ' 2 1 1 L 4 P .E p 11 vnnooxs nk ns YV g 0 gn u :VW .i.5.g I .im -L ' L S .. ,' ...nmx. . Q -E ,r Q-.ff X lr. , . fl., . 522 .gp Q f,, 4:l:'fQ9l' 1 2 ' M1 K , fri A an Q 7' v.. X, x ,,-1 M 1

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