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'TIIE K2 1966 CDPILADJ WT use L A Q21 Seniors, reenacting the annual tradition of graduation, step into a. new world of goals and duties. Responsibilities of student government interpret the necessity of qualified leadership. QM 'ml Q 'Wt'-vm. it Q U hr Q 2 M Heritage Is Qur Gift To Uthers . . . Vivacious cheerleaders spark the athletic program by encouraging students to attend the coming game , ,s V " 'Z Zi 1 2 wt . V sv D , ,1 QQ., 3 I Ig Organized distribution of state owned textbooks marks the beginning of a new year of study Metropolis of Mobile offers unlimited opportunities to young people striving for success. 4 I l qs Q e,,,,1'w 'X' Q .1 J up , Announcements initiate each new school day. Heritage, handed down from generation to generation, is enriched through individual initiative and success. In education lies the oppor- tunity for one to gain personal achievement. During the three years spent at Murphy, each student becomes a little older, a little wiser, and a little better informed about the re- sponsibilities of life. Should we fail to fulfill these responsibilities, we would be failing not only ourselves but also the students of tomorrow. Each aspect of high school days is touched by the penetrating rays of learning. To advance in their academic phase of learning, students borrow freely from the Torch of Knowledge, By participating in classes, sports, and clubs, they learn the necessity of cooperation and self- discipline. Every addition strengthens and brightens the flame until it is ready for use, either in choosing and upholding a career or in furthering education at a college or university. In June the graduating class ventures into the outside world, to pass the flaming torch of knowl- edge to others, giving them the opportunity to enrich their own minds. Joe Jones prepares to accept duties as Student Council President. 5 tim, 9 Nt f KX f in I 'Mx 1 g NNN XX ef fy! XXX XXX f fi 1 i WX ' ff A li L X ,V ll XX ff 5 f K-'L2 Knowledge, key to the future, demands careful study and diligent preparation. nne a -X if ll origin it Pgfftsse it Physical development, as well as mental cultivation, requires active participation from individuals attempting to obtain their goals. 7 . 1 I 1 w w 1 Y Y w 1 Faculty .... Activities. . . Sports. . . . Classes ....... Advertisements I 1 - 3. Sf' A+: 1 K . E , fi' XA- 5 w i, . Q' ? and preclslon m classroom research cfm my rw R ig Supporting Murphy in all of its many activities requires a loyalty that few people possess. When someone has this loyalty and maintains it from year to year, it is appropriate to recognize her efforts in a material manner, Upon graduation from Georgia State lTeachers College in 1953, Miss Catherine McNally came to Murphy as a phy- sical education instructor and began at once to Find a place in the hearts of her students and fellow workers. To the tremendous tasks of co-sponsoring the senior class and coaching the boys, tennis team, Miss McNally adds the re- sponsibility of chaperoning dances and bus trips, attending athletic events regularly, and working after school with girls and boys who participate in intramural sports programs. Shortly before her father's death in 1964, the people of Chickmauga, Georgia, built a ball park naming it the Dan McNally Park because of his interest in young athletes. Following in his footsteps, Miss McNally has stimulated and encouraged many teens to lead healthier and more active lives, Her teaching assignment does not end with school, for she works summers as a playground supervisor. Young people all over Mobile have been influenced by her promotion of honesty and fair play in all that they do. To express our appreciation, we proudly dedicate to you, Miss Catherine McNally, THE 1966 MOHIAN. Mrs. Delaney, Mr. Taylor, and Miss McNally go over the final plans for graduation ..........,M..,,H . .,.,.....- W ni" ,Emi JL f K E V, 1 MH. .,,, - I E . . if ,,,. , , ' K N .. , gr H A L M - wwf: 5721 1- : P' ' " 'rf N ,... .. ,-,, H :Q V K , .. Q. Q ws Q N 7 "f FQ 71,5155 UNTTH5 '5wi75i3?'fi5 4 i ws-1 L Wm Q. kwin f ,, "l!' 'i " w-vig. 3? it'ff'fEf 3 ' WEEE: .'f2!:a:., -'ffiiw-ilkwfkz 'W QW ggi? iw W 9, Q We. if vi 1' '4 r S1 XW W X '91 ex 5. X W , f is Q M F i X ,M f ,M 8 Sm 35 Vit Q L , 3 f tw if , . , M as-,e:eg,.',l L,,.1 ,fz ' :fi .Q 5 , H ,tai 11 ,Iv im? 4 , s ri t L I 'lr e 1 WL 4 f if 4 f www 'Oiwyj,-Ct3wj,fgf2evgfJiiiw viii' f-Elf .roiifiiff,,iig5E-f-S55,--E35 If-4l'flgQIQ5:figE .ffvff.erf,,',w:,,-Us ff ,f- sy rrf tins. K fag- ,ree gg sr: 1' -K ' r we X- w UWM .Hy M if rm. ' me Qsiffi zabifflbw' flfbrf, fx5tt:.xrcm,,, fr f f-wwf 47UsE??Mfsf veil we-,1 gfgsfgfffik rpgsf'--REQ: 'fri-JESS" Si.: 3CEi"'f5Gi. 'ffysxffiigj''WPCSAW1rd4ff,oJV'f-Q-EM W - Stimulating knowledge, promoting success and instilling leadership, the 115 faculty members of Murphy High School develop the citizen of tomorrow. Through eighty five courses, the staff prepares the students for all walks of life The eleven departments range from trade skills to college preparatory offering to all students unlimited opportunity X 5 XX ' X X X X XX X XX X, XXXX X X ri X NX X W XX,f X V K llfl , X X 4 1 llll l i sf 77 586 Attend Mobile Schools Mr Arthur Smith Mr Jack Gallalee Mr Charles McNeil Mr William Crane, and Dr. Cranford Burns head Mobile School System. Striving to solve the problems of Mobile's public schools is the Mobile County Board of School Commissioners. Serving as president of the board this year is Mr. Jack Gallalee. Mr. Arthur Smith Jr., fills the duties of vice- president and Mr. Charles McNeil, Dr. Sidney Phillips, and Mr. William Crane complete the group. These live citizens give very generously of their time and effort with- out pay to improve the many Mobile schools, four of which are new this year. Attending these institutions are 77,586 students who are instructed by 2,642 dedicated teachers. Working with the board is an administrative staH' headed by Dr. Cranford H. Burns, Superintendent of Schools. He is aided by Dr. Comer L. Scarborough, Assistant Superintend- ent, Dr. Clyde Zeanah, Assistant Superintendent in charge of administration g Mr. Judson Martin, Assistant Superin- tendent in charge of personnel 5 Mr. John K. Montgomery, Assistant Superintendent in charge of business, Mr. James McPherson, Assistant Superintendent in charger of pupil personnel, and Mr. Frank Schneider, Assistant Superintend- ent in charge of curriculum. Without these men, who are in charge of over all supervision of the entire educa- tional system, our schools could not be run efliciently. r. Taylor Directs Improvements Three years ago Mr. Raymond B. Taylor lirst accepted the duties of Murphy High School's principal. Under his administration our alma mater has progressed in many fields. The reading lab and Biology B.S.C.S. have broadened curricular opportunities. To meet the increasing demands for facilities the groundwork for the expansion of the cafe- teria has been finished 3 the main oliice has been divided into suitesg and a new guidance branch has been introduced into the olhce. For the convenience of the students new lockers have been installed, and several sidewalks have been laid. Murphy's principal oversees these improvements while coordinating the diverse work of teachers, guidance counselors, and assistant principals. Mr. Taylor's efforts result in the efficient operation of Murphy. He relaxes by backing the Panthers and working in his yard. Whether advising colleagues or patrolling halls, he sees that Murphy High fulfills its obligation to the adults of tomorrow. Taking time oii' from administrative duties, Mr. Taylor gets acquainted with students during the lunch period. Mrs. Taylor greets Mrs. Spencer at the first P.T.A. meeting of the year. Hetty Cunningham relates story of mishap to Mr. Taylor Admini tration Influences Every my-fm-09.5. Junior Richard Lasnier discusses college preferences with Guidance Counselor, Mrs. Stout. MRS. DOROTHY S. BODIFORD, Secretary. MISS GLADYS BAXTER, Guidance Counselorg U. of Alabama, B.S.Ed., U. of Southern Mississippi, M.A. MRS MARGARET G. FISHBURNE, secretary. MRS. LOUISE K. HAMIL, Assistant Principal, Director of Adult and Veteran Divisiong U. of Alabama., B.S., M.A. MRS. JEAN KERN, Bookkeeperg Huffstebier Business College. MISS ESTHER KNUDSEN, Adult and Veteran Division, Oliice Manager and Veteran Coord.g U. of Alabama, Presbyterian College. I8 Phase O Murph Operating Murphy High School, a complex, demanding job, is the business belonging to the Administration. Co- ordinated by Mr. R. B. Taylor, this group of school per- sonnel handles problems ranging from discipline to guid- ance and exerts influence over every phase of the school's operation. Divided into three offices, the administration is specialized to cope with problems efliciently. Mr. Tay- lor's office is concerned with supervision and coordination of the complete school. Financial matters are taken care of by the Business Office. The Guidance Oiiice aids stu- dents in facing the broadening scope of education. The Adult and Veteran Division, under the supervision of Mrs. Louise Hamil, offers classes at night to adults and students who need extra assistance. By maintaining Murphy's ef- ficient operation the Administration insures that the school serves as an important part of Mobile. Mr. Willcox checks state textbook forms. l l MRS. RUTH PERDUE, Receptionist. MRS. MYRTLE SLAUGHTER, Registrar. MRS. DOROTHY STOUT, Guidance Counselor, Birm- ingham Southern, B.A., U. of Alabama, M.A. MR. RAYMOND B. TAYLOR, Principal, Auburn U., B.S., U. of Alabama, M.A. MR. HENDERSON B. YOUNG, Assistant Principal, Livingston State College, B.S., U. of Alabama, M.A. MR. CHARLES O. WILLCOX, Assistant Principal, Howard College, A.B. Gerri Andrews lends Mrs. Bodiford a helping hand with monthly Alabama Register reports. Department Stresses Basic Grammar Azalea Trail rehearsal is directed by Mrs. Lois Delaney. MRS. CATHERINE BURNETT, English 5 Texas Univer- sity for Women, B.A., B.S., Texas Christian U., M.A. MRS. MILDRED H. COUSAR, English, Winthrop Col- lege, A.B., William and Mary. MISS JOYCE COKER, English 5 Livingston State College, B.A. MRS. BARBARA CROPP, English, Speech, Mississippi State University, B.S. MRS. LOIS JEAN DELANEY, Speech, Dramaticsg West- ern Kentucky State Teachers College, A.B., University of Alabama, M.A., Four Arts Club, Senior Class Sponsor. Three thousand ninety-two sophomores, juniors, and seniors attend one hundred seven classes in the English Department. This is the only subject required during all three years at Murphy. Whether a student plans to further his education or to begin his career, a thorough knowledge of his own language is essential to his success. Arranged homogeneously in three levels, sophomore and junior classes are designed so that each student can attain his capacity. Those who desire a strong foundation in Eng- lish are offered elective courses in journalism, speech, and dramatics. A choice of world literature, creative writing, or English is offered to seniors. Twenty-two instructors, headed by Miss Hope emphasize the fundamentals of grammar. MISS KATHARINE HOPE, English, World Literature, Huntingdon, A.B., Peabody College, M.A., Bible Study Club 5 Head of Department. MRS. FLORENCE BALDERSON, English, University of Alabama, B.S. With his oHice assistants Mr. Wilkie compiles the discrepancy report during his duty period MRS. MARGARET GATES, Reading Laboratory, MRS. BETTY GRAHAM, English, University of Alabama, B.S. MISS ELIZABETH GREEN, English, Spring Hill, A.B., Auburn, M.A., Future Nurses. MRS. RUTH GROOM, English 3 University of Alabama, A.B., M.A., Junior Historic Club, MISS MARIE A. NICHOLS, English, Alabama College, B.S., University of Mississippi, M.A., Argument, Inc. MRS. RUTH POOLE, English 5 Park, A.B., Northwestern. MRS. FLORENCE REPLOGLE, English 5 Aubum U. B.S., Florida State U., M.S. MISS EDITH RICHARDS, English, Alabama College, A.B., Harvard. MISS ANNE SAVAGE, English, Washington University, B.A., U. of S. Mississippi, M.A. MRS. MELBA M. TURNER, English, U. of Alabama, B.S., Red Cross. MR. ROY WILKIE, English 3 University of Alabama, B.A. MRS. LONA WILSON, English 5 Livingston State College, B.S., Peabody College, M.A., University of Alabama, A.A. Certificate. News .. "ww-......., Discussions in Mrs. Goodwin's history classes familiarize students with American heritage. Current events keep Mrs. Cooner's classes up to date. MISS RUTH LIPSCOMB, Gov. and Econ. 5 U. of Southern partment. MRS. F. LEE BRIDGEWATER, American History, Illi- nois State U., B.S., Columbia U., M.A. MRS. LUCILLE HOLLIS COONER, Gov. and Econ., U. of Alabama, A.B., U. of Southern Mississippi, M.A. bama, B.A. U. of Alabama, A.B.g Key Club. 22 Mississippi, B.S., U. of Mississippi, M.A., Head of De- MRS. GLO GOODWIN, American History, U. of Ala- MR. RICHARD L. HEFFINGTON, American History, MR. THURMAN HOWELL, American History, U. of Southern Mississippi, B.S., M.Ed. MR. WILLIAM C. KIRK, World History, Howard Col- lege, A.B., Southwestern Seminary, Th.M., U. of Southern Mississippi, M.E. MR. MCCARY C. MANCILL, Gov. and Econ., U. of Alabama, A.B., Carnegie Institute of Technology. MISS JOSEPHINE M. MICHAEL, Gov. and Econ., Washington U., A.B., M.A. MRS. GLORIA NEEL, American History, Geography, U. of Alabama, A.B. MRS. RUBY M. PIERCE, Gov. and Econ., Auburn U., B.S., U. of Alabama, M.S., Spring Hill College. MR. JOSEPH F. SHARPE, Gov. and Econ., American History, U. of Alabama, B.S., Spring Hill College. MISS ROBERTHA STEELE, Gov. and Econ., Livingston State College, B.S., Auburn U., M.S. MRS. VIRGINIA S. YORK, American History, Wesleyan College, A.B. U. of Edinburgh, Georgia State College, Schule Klessheim. Social Science Prepares Leaders "I have but one lamp by which my feet are guided, and that is the lamp of experience. I know of no way of judg- ing the future but by the past." This quote by Patrick Henry expresses the necessity of Murphy's Social Science Department. To avoid re-experiencing the blunders re- corded in history and thereby maintain the position of the United States in the world today, tomorrowfs leaders must associate the past with the future. A staff of fourteen in- structors assumes the responsibility of preparing two- thousand one-hundred eighty-nine students for this chal- lenge. Sixty-nine classes in world history, geography, gov- ernment and economics, and American history inquire into the past, re-discovering the achievements of mankind. In this way the Social Science Department plays its role in preserving our way of life for posterity. Mr. Kirk points out African civilization of ancient man Language, Key To Understanding Miss Wall schedules use of language lab with Miss Gay. MRS. MARTHA BRITT, Spanish, Presbyterian College, B.A. MISS MARY GUARISCO, Spanish, Montevallo, Auburn U., B.A., Spanish Club. MRS. FLORENCE ROBINSON, French, Alabama College, A.B., U. of Alabama, M.A. MISS BERTHA SPRADLIN, Spanish, Longwood College, B.S., Columbia U. MISS NANCY N. WALL, German, French, King College, B.A., Spring Hill College, German Club, Interclub Council, Stage Crew. MISS ANNIE LOU WHITE, French, Mississippi State College for Women, A.B., French Club. Languages, the universal means of communication, enable each individual to interpret the problems of the world. As a part of preparing tomorrow's leaders, the Language Depart- ment is equipped with the most up-to-date methods of teaching. Introduced in 1963, the language laboratory gives the student a chance to develop his senses and his mind through listening and repeating dialogues or structure drills. Instructed by seven trained teachers, thirty-seven courses afford an invaluable knowledge for not only the basic fundamentals of grammar but the history and customs, also. Four years of French, Spanish, Latin and three years of German are available to the nine hundred seventy-two stu- dents who seek a better understanding of foreign countries. MISS JESSIE MARY GAY, Latin, Washington U., A.B., Columbia U., M.A., Latin Club, Head of Depart- ment. Department Stresses Initiative Personal experience through participation teaches stu- dents to develop their interests in manual skills as well as creative thinking. Individual initiative is stressed by the seven dedicated instructors. Under the Industrial and Fine Arts Department is the sponsorship of the Fan Randlette Art Honor Society, whose membership provides experience for those students talented in this field. Training by modern methods familiarizes students with the techniques of the business world. Courses in mechanical drawing, crafts, dramatics, metal work, art, machine shop, homemaking, and wood working are offered to those in- terested in learning the basics of modern business. Headed by Mr. W. C. Sitz, nine hundred and one students receive technical experience for their future careers. N Art students, guided by Miss Kennedy, are encouraged to higher standards of achievement in their artwork. MRS. LUCY P. DURANT, Home Economics 5 Alabama College, B.S. MISS CLYDE KENNEDY, Art, U. of Alabama, A.B., Art Institute of Chicago, Fan Randlette Art Honor Society. MRS. JEAN MARLAR, Home Economics g Alabama Col- lege, B.S. MR. MILLER SHEPPARD, shop, wood Workingg Auburn U., B.s. MISS IRENE STAPLETON, Crafts, U. of Alabama, Livingston State College, B.S. MR. T. R. USRY, Industrial Arts, U. of Alabama, B.S., Visual Education. ..i.,,,,,V MRS. ZELLA ROBERTSON, Geometry, Algebra, Arithmetic, Mississippi State College For Women, B.S., U. of Alabama, U. of Southern Mississippi. MRS. VIRGINIA M. STICK- NEY, Algebra, Geometry, U. of Alabama, B.S., Auburn U., M.S.5 National Honor Society. MRS. HELEN A. WHITIN- GER, Advanced Arithmetic, Al- gebra, Alabama College, B.A. MRS. JOSEPHINE WILKINS, Algebra, Geometry, Trigonom- etry, Mississippi State College For Women, B.A., U. of North Carolina, M.A. MRS. WILLIE E. REYNOLDS, Algebra and Trigonom- etry, College Algebra, Modern Introductory Analysis, Alabama College, A.B., Auburn U., M.S.g Head of Depart- ment. MISS JUNE SWANSON CAPELL, Plane Geometry, Alge- bra 2, Trigonometry, Adv. Arithmetic 5 Alabama College, B.S., Louisiana State University, M.A. MR. JOHN W. DUNN, Geometry, Algebra l, Advanced Arithmetic, Livingston State, B.S., U. of Alabama M.A., Monitors. MISS HATTIE GUNTER, Algebra, Geometry, Analysis, Troy State, B.S., Peabody, M.A. MR. THOMAS MCCANN, Analysis, Algebra, Geometry, U.S. Naval Academy, B.S., George Washington U., L.L.B.3 Locker Sponsor. MISS SANDRA MURRAY, Algebra, Geometry, South- eastern La. College, B.S., Florida State U. Miss Murray explains the construction of geometric figures. Mathematics: Theory And ractice Reasoning has become more important in the courses offered by the Mathematics Department of Murphy High School. The curriculum includes not only the theory in- volved but also the practical application that is necessary in everyday life. By completing one of the' fifty classes, the stu- dent acquires several valuable qualities-reason, persistence, and accuracyh-which increase his ability and efliciency in other fields. One thousand four hundred thirty-two students utilize the courses in advanced arithmetic, algebra, special math, geometry, and trigonometry. A dedicated group of ten teachers guides students in understanding the world of numbers. The Mathematics Department indeed readies Murphy's students for places in tomorrow's society. Mrs. Whitinger compares differences in two solids Mr. Dunn shows principles behind curved stitching, which takes advantage of geometric patterns, to Ruth Ann Myrick. V at li i ,,.. -r."w,gs r H f' ' :sexism-'rm , onv,3'fTiin!'fT'Qiiz'7LKi?Q2EffsSmfigififi. A. ,fws 1255? fsgisfirfw ff-I . 27 Sound Bodies Build Sound ind .s,..,,,a ,W , iissazafilif Coach Kear1ey's class lines up for scrimmage, a part of the physical education program which builds self-confidence and team work. MR. ROBERT H. WILLIAMS, Physical Education, Troy State College, B.S., Springfield College 3 Head of Depart- ment. MR. CHARLES D. ANDERSON, Physical Education, Livingston State College, B.S., Auburn U., M.S. MR. LEVAUGHN HANKS, Physical Education, Troy State College, B.S. MR. DAN KEARLEY, Physical Education, U. of Alabama. MR. VANCE E. MCCRORY, Physical Education, Uni- versity of Alabama, B.S. MR. ROBERT SHAW, Physical Education, Mississippi State University, B.S. B 28 Miss Sparkman leads daily exercises in gym class to keep her students physically Fit "Sound minds in sound bodiesn sums up the efforts of Murphyls Physical Education Department. A staHi of twelve energetic instructors, five women and seven men, undertakes the task of developing one thousand five hun- dred seventy girls and one thousand two hundred fifty-seven boys for entering the adult world. Students are strengthened through exercise sessions. Learning that confidence and teamwork are necessary for success in life through three phases of sports. The Hrst is composed of those conducted in physical education class. Intramural sports, those under- taken voluntarily by students after school, are included in the second class. The third, which consists of the varsity sports, has the greatest degree of training and preparation. Upon his graduation the student is ready to become a well- rounded and able part of the adult world, and this depart- ment achieves its aim to develop sound bodies. MISS ELOISE FOSTER, Physical Education, Alabama College, B.S., THE MOHIAN. MISS CATHERINE MCNALLY, Physical Education 3 Georgia State Teachers College, B.S., Senior Class. MISS LINDA SUE SPARKMAN, Physical Education, Alabama College, B.S., Cheerleaders, Student Council. MISS LOLETE TANNER, Physical Education, University of Alabama, B.S., Intramural Director, Head of Department. MRS. BARBARA DOUGLAS, Phys- ical Education, Alabama College, B.S. 5 Junior Class, Tennis Club. Vocational Department Provides 55 I' I A x , A wt... We-. . j Connections are checked in electronics class under Mr. Cleveland. MR. E. C. STEPHENS, Vocational Related Subjects 3 Livingston State College, B.S., U. of Alabama, M.A.g D.O. Club, Head of Dept. MR. C. WHEATLEY CLEVELAND, Electronics, Maryvale. , MR. BRUCE EVANS, JR., D.O. Related Subjectsg Coordinator, U. of Alabama, Bs., MA. MR. NOLAN C. GRIFFIN, D.O. Related Subjects, Howard College, M.A. K: MRS. MARY HALSTEAD, D.O. Related Subjects, Belhaven College, B.S., U. of Alabama. MISS MARGUERITE KAHALLEY, Vocational Related Subjects, Job Training 3 U. of Alabama, B.S.5 D.E.C.C.A. Club. 30 Students With ork Experience Experience is an important part of the Vocational De- partment. Designed for those who intend to go to work right after graduation, this department oiTers courses in diversified occupation, electronics, auto mechanics, machine shop, sheet metal, drafting, and distributive education. Students acquire on-the-job experience which is so often required by employers in the D.O. and D.E. programs. Other courses permit students to specialize in certain trades which lead into rewarding careers. Through fifty classes, ten instructors assume a role in preparing five hun- dred seventy-seven young people for entry into the adult world. These teachers stress individual accuracy and skill demanded by the business world. The necessity for team- work is impressed upon the individual through the D.O. and D.E. programs and also through classroom activities. Thus the Vocational Department of Murphy does its part in preparing today's youth for the challenges of tomorrow. Mr. McKnight explains to Richard Harris and David McKenna. the use of a meter in checking cam angle and rpm s pn Commercial Department Emphasizes s . mE,w:s5? . igigfsmeig Vw f , ' 1 -X zssfffa141,:f- . xx f L- .Air S Z, 'IV ix - HS' - In Mrs. McCa.a points out shorthand riristakes to Linda Pugh. MISS CAROL PURIFOY, Accounting, Record Keep- ing, Mississippi State College for Women, A.B.g Head of Department. MRS. MARY G. BUFFKIN, Typing, General Busi- ness, U. of Alabama, B.S. MISS ADDIE HOLMES, Shorthand, Typing, General Business, U. of Alabama, A.B., M.Ed. MRS. ELSIE JONES, Office Machines, Alabama Col- lege, U. of Alabama, B.S. MRS. KATHRYN B. MCCAA, Typing, Shorthand, General Business, U. of Southern Mississippi, B.S., Sophomore Class. 32 The Great Importance of ccuracy Accuracy is stressed in all eight courses offered by the Commercial Department of Murphy High School. Today's highly mechanized businesses demand accuracy in all phases of work from dictation to accounting. To meet the stand- ards required by today's employers, workers must build a desire to be accurate, to always be right. The Commercial Department contributes to this goal through its courses in accounting, general business, shorthand, typing, business law, notehand, record keeping, and office machines. These courses benefit not only students who intend to enter into a commercial career by letting them master the basic skills but also those who intend to go to college by giving them additional assets for successful college educations. One- thousand eight-hundred eighty-Hve students take advantage of the courses given in sixty-six classes by thirteen teachers. MRS. JOAN MCILWAIN, Business Law, Typing, Wil- liam Carey College. MRS. ANN DYER MITCHELL, Notehand, Typing, General Business 5 Belhaven College, Mississippi State College for Women, B.A., Junior Red Cross. MRS. DINAH LEE MORROW, Business Law, Typ- ing, Mississippi State University, B.S. MRS. HILDA W. NORRIS, General Business, Typing, Howard College, Judson College, A.B., National Honor Society. MRS. MAXINE PECK, General Business, Typing, Shorthand, Belhaven College, Bowling Green College A.B. MRS. SUE SAVAGE, Shorthand, Typing, Transcrip- tion, General Business, Livingston, Auburn U., B.S.' Future Business Leaders of America. MRS. NANCY YOST, Typing, Record Keeping, Au- burn U., B.S. 1 7 ? Mrs. Norris briefs students on outline in general business. Science Department Prepares The MRS. ETTA FRANTZEN sissippi, B.A. 5 Ushers Club, Head of Department. MRS. JOY BARRETT, Biolo ' U. f N B.S. MR. G , Alabama, B.S., Chem-Bo-Phys. , Chemistry, University of Mis- gy, o orth Carolina, LENN O. BURNHAM, Chemistry, Biology' U. of MRS. HARRIS FRIEDLANDER, Biology, University of Alabama, B.S. MRS. RUTH HEATH, Biologyg L.S.U., B.S., University of Alabama, M.A.g Future Doctors Club. Mrs. Heath reviews aquatic habitation with her third period Advanced BSCS class. 34 Leaders In Tomorrow's Research Science is becoming more important in the courses offered by Murphy High School. In a world in which survival de- pends on science, the United States needs leaders who have specialized in allifields of study, but especially those who have undertaken the variety of sciences. Education assumes the responsibility of preparing these leaders. This instruction, however, demands competent teachers, large number of courses, and extensive equipment, all of which are present at Murphy High School. Eight teachers through forty-one classes in chemistry, biology, physics, laboratory, and general science enlarge the minds of one thousand one hundred seven students. The courses are various blends of research, lecture, and experimentation which permit the student to use his own academic background and reasoning. For those with exceptional initiative and determination this depart- ment sponsors Murphy's annual science fair. Participation and recognition in the fair often serve as the encouragement to build a career around scientific study. Mrs. Frantzen and Eugene Smith observe Bettie Betancourt's pulverizing technique. Mrs. Barrett volunteers for a blood sample test. MRS. DORIS MORRIS- SETTE, Biology 5 Hunting- ton College, B.S. MR. A. T. SIMMONS, Phys- ics and Biology, Livingston State Teachers College, B.S., Radio Club. MRS. LOUISE S. WEDGE- WORTH, Adv. General Sci- ence, Alabama College, B.S. MRS. MYRTLE T. PETER, Class Voice, Creative Mu- sic, Girls Chorus, Special Chorus, Alabama College, B.M.g Head of Department. MR. LEE E. JEFFERS, Band g Florida State U., B.M.E., MR. CHARLES MAN- CHESTER, Orchestra, Mur- ray State, B.M.E., Florida State U., Murphy Band directed by Mr. Jeffers, backs team during Vigor game. usic Demand Regular Practice Inspiration from three instructors, encourages the two hundred four musicians to take advantage of the chorus, voice, and creative music classes at Murphy. The main phase of the musical program is intended to benefit the one hundred five members of the Special Chorus. Ten of the schoolis most notable vocalist make up the Madrigals. One period each day finds Mr. Charles Manchester teaching and conducting the fifteen member orchestra. Mrs. Myrtle Peter leads the choral division and Mr. Lee Jeffers directs Murphy's Marching Panther Band. Seventy-two performers play at games, assemblies, and parades. Mrs. Peter's music classes learn through demonstration. 36 ibrary Contains Gver 20,000 Books bama, B.A.3 Head of Department. MISS ARDIETH VICKREY, Li B.S., U. of Alabama, M.A. Miss Ardieth Vickrey completes records in circulating library. MISS MARTHA C. GATLIN, Li- brarian, CReferencejg U. of Ala- brarian, QCirculationj 5 Troy State, Murphy's library remains ready to serve groups or in- dividuals with over twenty thousand books and unlimited information. A serene atmosphere encourages concentration essential to all who realize a need for constant study. Trained librarians are always willing to help the students locate subject matter. Room 135 contains such reference materials as six sets of encyclopedias, six dictionaries, and seventy periodicals, while in room 133 the interested reader can relax with a classical Greek tragedy or a contemporary action packed thriller. The collection of books stems from the romantic to the realistic and from biographies to novels of science fiction, all of which serve to enrich. Reading, whether it is for enjoyment or research, not only feeds one's hunger for knowledge, but also strengthens one's scope of understanding for interpreting the future. Miss Gatlin helps students locate and select good reference materials. 3, 5 g Z ai mai., ,mmf Y is is x E? E, A 5 E, w R Beloved Friend And Wise Leader We loved Dr. Comer Scarborough. We knew that he was our friend. We knew that he was the friend of all who needed friendship. For our happy hours he was a winsome, genial companion whose kindly humor and witty quips delighted us long after the occasion which called them forth had passed. When we were beset by difhculties, he was a compassionate friend whose wisdom and understanding brought us comfort and needed strength. Our welfare was his deepest concern even when he himself was suffering racking pain. We admired and respected him as a sane, intelligent, courageous leader. Often when we were bewildered by choices, it was he who was able to direct us to the way of reasonableness and of integrity. b We revered him as one who sought with sincerity and humility to follow Him who taught that all men are brothers and that the second Great Commandment is, "Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself." Surely this will forever be a better world because of our wise leader. E. Lura Moore I' f 'Gm is 'WA Us ,awww tl ws, 1, 1, Q wi am ws We ,g ,K 'ELs,'z.m -4- -7 .L,,-A ,rx ff 4 -X rW11ffg,iX:wzf 'f-Xw Amir w X , .1 S5'i'J5,i5.:?i"V21-Kiwis'-' M316-is is b i si , ,ws XM if :gm ,X X1 MX in U up Z L.L1L,. it 'iXQi:2g5'sggQ5T5 X wuts w,X,w VW W'!'wf! in 5 Q, ',f,:wwfX-1 X we ,worse-warts, K :ex K Q K ., my , ,,-W, W W,Iizyrtw,,,5W.tX,i.X,,?5s, ,,1fm,ma1,,i eel--V,-Ms5f,,me, :-vA X .saw ,aaa ,-,. a2ef.e4setgs,.se, X11-firm L,.,,,,S,. :,,,,,Lw..m,,Dai.WX,XX,-XX,,Ag,.,,X.ii,.ay,fvfi.-fXX,,r,wX-1mari 'cifrw W f -egi2rs,fger,yfg,y2522259f,f.mgNff2ymg,tttgts-rgsegfff1Ew,2Esfi5155.gsqJWgirXjffMtares1g,,'g35smi-'fqs5gfs51f,y3,fJg.itsyep , H X ,ie gif ' :feels if1Qws'1':X-fm? fX1Qwff+F.sQf.iiftz X X1fa.Xz,w,ef- at,na-t-fs1teget.ff1:Qs1?wzi.XXX:f2gt3g,f 5wr:qQi5gw'Qgmf'f we X3 5 Lx 3,235 :ff f-liek--'-va? X -liisfi -yfe3f"'1efe,1t -ff "iff-ffT1f2f5i1: Sf .M.:,i,,,,A5 Mf,W,W5,,k ,wwr,,,f3g,,,.X1Mfzn,,,X:X5QQfgfamzgfgyvf QWXZ-k,sXiXz-lX.,. fit. s,WQ,.,,X31X.,,i.w,,i. 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X iX X XfXlffHirXXfH ti XQQMXQX M fg ww Xft w:X'XXfX MX,-t,X,XX1Sr tu XXxXX,sfXfXm XXQX-Xfqfft-iXXXXXXeX XQKXXNX XfXfwXiX Xa iXXwXgXX X tXtXfXfQXQ,XtXYXxXX,Xi,5,tXXXXXfX,,gQXXX X Bonfire Coach Anderson urges stu- dent body to back the Cats. Bonfire lifts spirit and sparks Panthers on to victory. Lane Knudsen, Bettie Betancourt, and Bonnie Hart sell homemade cookies to Flo Friedrich to help raise money for the French Club at pep rally bar-b-que. 42 Boosts Spirit Before Vigor Came Spirits reign supreme as homecoming activities reach a peak. Spirited Panther supporters hustle to three buses as they leave for the Pensacola game. Spirited Murphians filled the air with shouts of encour- agement at pep rallies and Held assemblies all through the year. To support the Panthers out-of-town as well as at home the Student Council and Senior Class each sponsored a bus trip. Enthusiastic students filled four buses going to Lanier and three to Pensacola. Burning the Vigor Wolves, made by the various clubs, boosted morale before the biggest game of the year, and a Held assembly after the game fea- tured the presentation of the Key Club trophy to Coach Anderson. A six-car pep parade before the game against Davidson capped off the football season. Enthusiasm mounts as Nancy Dill and Judy Willson cremate a wolf. Susan Beagle and Laura Adams supervise the decorating of a car by Tony Aguillard, Mary K. Spence, and Sharon Taylor before Murphy caravan rolls. Student Council Poster Contest Carolyn Hall confers with Claire Stanard about Student Council pro- ceeds. Claire Stanard, Anna Blackmarr, George Horton, Frank Daughtery, Robert Cohen, Mike Aycock, Sheryl Wilson, Carolyn Hall, Barry Friedman, Doug Beville, Darby Luxenberg, Leslie Greer, Betty Harris, and Betsy Lott serve as the governing council. Gerri Andrews delivers report on her sections proceeds during the senior class magazine sale. 44 Boosts Attendance A Games Student Council President Joe Jones calls Monday representative meeting to order. Murphy's Student Council is a vital force in the direc- tion and organization of our school. Under the leadership of Joe jones, the Council co-ordinates student activities and encourages better student-faculty relationships. It is composed of two main bodies, the governing council and the representative council, and it offers an opportunity for over one hundred students to become a working part of the operation of a large high school. During 1965-66 the stu- dent council sponsored bus trips, prepared Christmas bas- kets, sold parking spaces, made direction signs for the stair- wells, and arranged homecoming activities. A voice from all sections in the representative council helped to translate the ideas of the student body into a working school policy. Sheryl Wilson, Betty Harris, George Horton, Leo Jernigan, and Frank Daughtery help Miss Sparkman judge poster contest. Iii-sf' 3, 1,l7 gi g' ,gig g 3 3 lggisswf ,f Q 4' 3 A C i l :E i X fl:-it fx x E,2 ,'.lV XD 'X it N ki? A ' f-.ima 'a X 2 .ggy X33-sp s :,,.,y et., 5 :59'l7-vz A .- ,i wifi- V-+ ww, -wr .A w - - 'fl 215524 t " ti 9 2 ,aku 2 F ie J. f, fists is at A 'Whig' ' W " s fdigvvdifffr ' - FQ 1 ,V f -me fs 4- , :- 7 4331 vc A .:.-:, ,LZ +. gy 3, .W xx , Ns! .mow MV' md Biology winner George Horne Jr., completes final check. inners In Four One hundred nineteen students entered Murphy High School's Science F air. Sponsored by the Chem-Bo-Phys Club under Mr. Burnham's direction, the 1966 Science Fair of- fered Murphy students the opportunity to seek recognition on the second and third of February. To give credit to the projects showing the best planning, judging was based on neatness, originality, artistic ability, presentation, and sub- ject matter. Winners in the four divisions were Mike Thompson in physics, George Horne Jr., in biology, David Quackenbush in mathematics, and Robert Taylor in chem- istry. Winners at Murphyls Science Fair then competed at the regional science fair at Spring Hill College. Ronald Cherry examines the molecular structure of uranium. 5 W, J ' 5, Zig A ij.: , 'gff lg 1, 4, Q It ,ps Mike Thompson, physics winner, checks his project's equipment. As Mickey McCartney watches intently, Norman Cox aids Jim Flanagan in setting up his project. Division Receive Recognition Bob Taylor makes final adjustments on project, "Apparatus for Artificial Production of Amino Acids." Howard Moore supervises Ludie Austin in adjusting light. Jeanine Smith and David Ditto ponder "Euler's Formula for Polyhedraf' Doug Beville and Jamie Wacker serve punch to parents at PTA Open House. 1600 Parents Attend Open House Mr. Young, Assistant Principal, has a friendly chat with an interested parent. Discussion is the word which describes the Parent Teach- er Association. Parents concerned with the welfare of all who are connected with Murphy High meet with teachers and principals to talk about both the accomplishments and problems of students. The annual Open House held on the twenty-eighth of October gave almost one thousand six hundred parents a chance to talk with teachers. Refresh- ments were served after a brief but important business meeting. The P.T.A. is another example of the concern of parents for the betterment of the community. hri tmas Assumes ManyAspeets Christmas at Murphy High School took on many forms. In the Horseshoe the Booster Club erected a Christmas tree decorated with ornaments contributed by students. An- other aspect of the Yuletide Season at Murphy was the decorating of the doors of the various sections. Judging followed, and Hve-dollar prizes were awarded to sections 305, 162, and 114. Following through with the Yuletide spirit, sections were divided into pairs, and baskets of food were prepared for less fortunate families. Special assemblies capped the Christmas Season at Murphy. A joint program arranged by the Special Chorus and the Orchestra featured Christmas songs in a sing-along fashion. Martha Jane Cassidy makes final decoration adjustment. Senior Chuck Dunn aids Mrs. Pierce in decorating section 120's door. Mrs. Neel's section 305 won first place for this door on the Twelve Days of Christmas. Gray Ladies spread Christ- mas spirit by having a tea. Quarter Finals: Patty May, Billie Jewel Molpus, Susan Patton, Susan Russell, Dana Tuttle, Judy Willson, Katy Lou Warren, Carol Trice, Paula Raider, Joan Norman, and Mary Lou Mitchell. Second Lady-in-waiting Katy Lou Warren receives congratulations from 1965 queen Linda Brantley. Pride of Murphy: First Lady-in-waiting, Susan Beagleg 1966 Azalea Trail Queen, Judy Willson, Second Lady-in-waiting, Katy Lou Warren. urphians Gain Top Three Honors Early in the fall senior girls from sixteen Mobile County High Schools entered in competition for the 1966 Azalea Trail Queen. Faculty members submitted a list of senior girls qualified to represent Murphy. The contestants ap- peared before a faculty committee and twenty were chosen to be presented to the Senior Class. From these girls ten were selected to enter the county-wide competition, held during the Greater Gulf State Fair. Here, the Trail Court was Hnally chosen and Murphy hailed six maids: Susan Beagle, Paula Longmire, Paula Raider, Susan Russell, Judy Willson and Katy Lou Warren. January 17, eleven finalists, five from Murphy, were selected to vie for the title of 1966.Azalea Trail Queen. Murphy girls, Katy Lou Warren, second-lady-in-waiting, Susan Beagle, lirst-lady- in-waiting, and Judy Willson, queen, captured the top three Azalea Trail honors at the coronation ceremony. Susan Russell and Paula Raider sold the most tickets to the pageant and received a trip to Miami, where they par- ticipated in the Orange Bowl parade and halftime festivi- ties. The 1966 Court members appeared in the Floral festi- val in New Orleans and the three finalists will represent the Mobile Jaycees at National functions during the year. Judy Willson's mother shares the excitement with her Court members await the big moment, naming of the 1966 Azalea Trail Queen. Fortieth nnual Over four hundred attend prom. . . Robert Cohen, Junior Class President, and date Beverly Murphlansdanced to the Kn1ghtS0fEbOnY- Metzger lead call outs for the fortieth annual prom. Senior and Junior Class officers and dates open the 40th annual prom with "Deep Purple." 52 Prom Held Cr tal all Room "Deep Purple" was the theme of the 1966 Junior-Senior Prom held on February 5. The Junior Class presented the Prom off campus at the Crystal Ballroom of the Battle House Hotel for the first time in recent years. Junior Class President Robert Cohen began the night's activities as head of the call-outs. Presentation of the officers of the Junior Class, Senior Class, and Student Council completed the Promls formalities. Loretta Williams was the chief attrac- tion. Under the direction of Mrs. Douglas the Junior Class assumed the role of host to four hundred Murphy students. Juniors and Seniors relax during intermission. Della Culbertson, Beverly Metzger, Robert Cohen, Sheryl Wilson, Betty Harris, Linda Smith, and Hern- don Inge welcome the break for punch and cookies. Senior Class President, Mike Aycock closed the prom with Jane Cunningham Miss Barbara Maul, Dr. John Douglas, Miss Linda Sparkman, Mrs. Lincks and Mrs. Hayman discuss the trends in teenage dancmg 1965 Homecoming Court: Stanley Leslie, Dana Tuttleg Alan Previto, Gaye Long, Chuck Dunn, Jan Criglerg Joe Fritz, Anna Black- marrg Glenn deGruy, Knox Middleton, Jimmy Robinson, Paula Raider 5 Sandra Richardson, Phillip Lewis, Debbie Copeland Don Touchstone, Claire Stanard, Steve Pardong Paula Longmire, Tony Hoeltzel, Susan Russell, Sandy Galdis, Katy Lou Warren, John Powell . i , L i it ,:1t,iifir'1M ' ,J seth i Laura Adams gives last minute tips to Claire Stanard. Neal Shaw chaulfeurs Katy Lou Warren, Stanley Senior maid Susan Russell Leslie and Dana Tuttle onto the ball field. waits her turn to go on the field at Ladd Stadimn. The former Connie Jernigan, 1955 Home- coming Queen, awaits to crown Paula. Paula Longmire and escort Tony Hoelt- ' zel prepare for downtown parade. i 54 1 urphians Celebrate 36 Homecoming One of the biggest events of the school year is home- coming. Along with the gaiety of pregame activities comes one of the highest honors a girl is able to receive. There were two maids representing the sophomore class, and four maids came from the junior class. Elected from the senior class were six maids and Miss Panther who was chosen for the first time by the football players. The afternoon before the game found Murphy's student body at a field assembly viewing girls selected by popular vote. The former Miss Con- nie Jernigan, Homecoming Queen of 1955, had the honor of crowning Paula Raider. The parade of convertibles pre- sented the maids in a rainbow of colorful formals, carrying large bouquets of yellow chrysanthemums. High spirits reigned supreme as the Golden Panthers clashed with the Biloxi Indians. The festive weekend, not soon to be for- gotten, was capped off with a Victory-Dance in the cafeteria. Student Council President Joe Jones crowns 1965 Homecoming Queen Paula Raider. Paula Raider receives congratulations from proud family. Christmas season arrives at Murphy as Business Manager Sarah Schear and Advertising Manager Anita Sellers trim the Mohian tree while Editor-in-Chief Jan King makes arrangements for the Christmas basket which was prepared for a needy Mobile family. Assistant Photographers Chuck Royal and Curtis Barrett pick up tips on printing pictures and using chemicals from Photographers Dean Zampieri and Ben Kimbrough in the MOHIAN dark room. N- 2' it -fziefiw H' f1if4s2H'fiff1 i f 1 1 3 V Twent -five Staff Work had long been underway on THE 1966 MOI-IIAN when students started pouring on the Murphy campus in September. No sooner had the staff heads been appointed than the task of selecting a capable and efficient staH to prepare the three hundred pages of copy began. Passing by room 181, one may find the staff members counting characters, writing headlines, or drawing layouts. This year the staff chose as its motto "Aim high not wide". Twenty-five members selling calendars, bookcovers, ad- vertising space, and subscriptions add to the financial well being of the book. Besides striving to produce a book worthy of an All American rating, the staff highlighted the year with the presentation of Panther Spirit Night, revealing outstanding seniors and the 1966 MOHIAN dedication. Senior Class Editor Gayle Lees, Junior Class Editor Betsy Lingo, Sophomore Class Editor Sue Hicks, and Assistant Class Editor Marion Pettiss check picture placement in class section. embers Record Events Of 1966 Activities Editor Marilyn Sutts, Typist Diane Bonds, Sports Editor Herndon Inge, and Club Editor Penny Mann assern- ble MOHIAN calendars before September registration. Circulation Manager Lane Knudsen, Faculty Editor Bettie Betancourt, Club Editor Penny Mann, and Assistant Club Ed- itor Kathy Hanks enjoy a picture that was printed backwards. Art Editor Ginny Poole, Proofreader Judi Morrow, Assistant Class Editor Joan Spain, and Assistant Advertising Manager John Huff add finishing touches to the MOHIAN door before the judging. Literary Editor Nancy Richardson collaborates with Writers Howard Walker and Judy Lauter on captions. Hz' Times A.H. .P.A. Sweepstakes l to 1 X. Co-Editors Lorraine Spann and Robert Dumas check the advertising section of the paper prior to printing. Thirty-five members strong, the Hi-Times staff insures that Murphy students receive the news about the school. The paper includes news on several subjects: faculty, stu- dent government, and clubs. Directed by Go-Editors Lor- raine Spann and Robert Dumas, reporters, writers, typists, and layout editors produce eleven copies in the year. First published in 1927, the Hi Times has won nationwide and statewide recognition. This year under the sponsorship of Miss Evelyn Hinz the Hi Times won the Alabama High School Press Association Sweepstakes Award, the great- est publication award within the state. Following its record, the Hi Times continues to be "Murphy's Blue and Gold Spirit in Black and Whitel' for all students. Assistant Sports Editor Jimmy Linaris, Sports Editor Brad Green, and Managing Editor Greg Spies plan basketball deadline schedule. Reporter Linda Dozier, Reporter Betsy Bryant, Bookkeeper Cheryl Turk, Reporter Sandra Williams, and Assistant News Editor Jan Wilson plan sales campaign. inner Exchange Editor Ellen Stern, Advertis- ing Editor Linda Ehman, Business Man- ager LeAnn Frank, Reporter Beverly Mil- ler, Circulation Editor Lynn Cunning- ham, and Reporter Susan Fairbairn re- view basic layout principles and ideas. w.M7w-WM 'HWWWNMWM Reporter Debbie Burnet, Typist Joyce Patterson, Assistant News Editor Flo Friedrich, and Typist Sandra Curtis confer over material for columns. Exchange Editor Cindy Austin, Art Editor Mike Varhely, News Editor Peg- M 0190? gy Johnson, and Reporter Jean Wojohn collaborate on topics for columns. Reporters Lorraine Alexan- der, Martha Moorer, Anne Thigpen, and Susan Rouillier examine exchange newspapers. Four Arts Club Members Witnesses Linda Adams, Jan Wilson, Frank Daughtery, Joy Ison, John Morrison, Jane Rosner, Daniel Dix, Tony Aguil- lard, Pat Patton, Daniel Long, Linda Sumrnerall, David Gwin relate their dramatic stories to the judge and jury. 60 Present The zlghzf 0 anuagf 16512 Thirty members of the Four Arts Club and the twelve members of the stage crew presented Ayn Randls Night of january 16th on the ninth, tenth, and eleventh of March. A comedy of modern times, the play consists of three acts. While the setting, a courtroom, and the plot, a trial, as- sume important roles in the play, the element of audience participation adds a special attraction to this drama. Mem- bers of the audience compose the jury. Since the jury is chosen at random, the outcome of the trial remains unde- cided throughout the play. Thus the actors had to learn two endings to cope with the final decision. "Mrs. Faulkner, one of us is lying and I think we both know which one As Stan Chassin, john Hansen, John Morrison, and Billy Dumas watch Beth Williams pleads I want to go on the stand right away usio Department Present George Mike Jacobs, David Gwin, Eddie Davidson, and Kathy Links relax during break in rehearsal. As 'Duane Plash meets Mickey Parrish, he says, "Well hello, Sam, you old son-of-a-gun!" "Vat iss dat wat's nudging me?" whispers Jerry Milam to i Eddie Davidson. 1 Duane Plash, Terry Oshita, and Mickey Parrish run through dress rehearsal. MMMDYMYJ , 7 Cershwinls Operetta Gzrl Crazy Entertaininggthe student body of Murphy High School on the thirtieth and thirty-Hrst of March and the first of April, the Music Department presented George Gersh- winls operetta, Girl Crazy. Participating in the production of this operetta were the one-hundred thirty-seven members of the Special Chorus and the All Girl's Chorus. Presented in two acts, the comedy has the one-horse town of Custer- ville, Arizona, as a setting. The plot deals with the misad- ventures and romances of individuals belonging to the high society of Hollywood, California, who invade Custeryille. ' "Don't go awayf, says Gloria Waters to Jerry Milam. "I Got Rhythm!" sings Linda Glissom to Eddie Davidson and Mlke Jacobs MTEMBERS: FIRST ROW: Katy Lou Warren, Carolyn Weeks, Esther McCrory, Kirksey Pritchardg SECOND ROW: Joan Scott, Terry Yernm, Donna Lunsford, Diane Otrmann, Margaret Lawson, Susan Grayg THIRD ROW.' Lynn Robinson, Eddie Stafford, Judy Johns. ment as the string section practices during third period If 64 Orchestra Director Mr. Manchester adjusts an instru- Members: FIRST ROW: Charlotte Durant, Douglas Vick, Jimmy Norris, Plia Dees. SECOND ROW: Betty Brislin, June Heath, Vanda Erdmann, Pete Gill, Mike Burnett, Russell Sharp. 25 Members Perform In Girl Crazy Third period everyday twenty-Hve members of the Mur- phy orchestra practice for special assemblies and concerts. Directed by Mr. Charles Manchester, these musicians com- bine wind and string instruments to play both classical and popular music. Each member must have a basic knowledge of music and must be accomplished on one instrument. Be- sides entertaining at the Thanksgiving and the Christmas assembly, the orchestra also accompanied the operetta, Girl Crazy, and presented a program for TB Hospital patients. Plia. Dees changes music during practice Special Chorus members raise their voices with "Little Drummer Boy" at Christmas concert. Madrigals Chosen From Special Chor Entertaining the student body through this year's operetta, Girl Crazy, and the special Thanksgiving and Christmas as- semblies, the Special Chorus varies the atmosphere at Mur- phy High School. This serves to keep the student body alert and to forge another link between the students and the school. This group of Murphians, ninety-seven members strong, extends its influence outside the school to the com- munity through civic programs of music. The benefits are by no means one-sidedg members learn the necessity of co- operation and have the opportunity to develop their abilities. For those who have the desire and the special talents there is a select group known as the Madrigals which consists of eleven members of the Special Chorus: four senior boys, six senior girls, and one junior girl. The Madrigals section leaders of the Special Chorus, are: Lynn Cunningham, Beverly Stewart, Janet Jordan, Duane Plash, Beverly Bringer, Terry Oshita, Mickey Parrish, Gloria Waters, Murry Hodge, Joan Norman, Bubba Strange. Forty Members Learn Fundamentals Forty members of the All Girl's Chorus, practicing daily First period to train their voices properly, learn the funda- mentals of rhythm. Under the direction of Mrs. Myrtle Peter, this organization is designed to develop musical talents and elevate interests. Besides participating in assemblies at Thanksgiving and Christmas, the chorus took an active part in this year's operetta. The Monday evening before Christmas, the All Girlls Chorus in conjunction with the Madrigals presented a concert for parents and students. Mrs. Peter explains musical terms to All Girl's Chorus officers, Linda Pittman, Carol' Cohen, Libby Burgett, and Marilyn Ezelle. TOP ROW: Jan Wilson, Janice Wiggins, Sharon Bagley, Sherry Stevens, Libby Burgett, Betty Hammer, Charlotte Terry, Gail Gibson, Patty Walding, Patricia Gunn, Linda Malovey, SEC- OND ROW: Kathy Scott, Lynn Adams, Mary Helen Hansen, Joan Botts, Judy Acton, Rosa- lind Weinstein, Kathy Vincent, Kathy Newman, Janet Jones, THIRD ROW: Carol Stanley, Marcia Owen, Peggy Foehl, Marilyn Ezelle, Diane Dees, Elizabeth Tait, Glenda Pinkerton, Annette Guy, Barbara Allen, Debbie Yeager, Kay Boykin, Myra Shirah, Marilyn Howell, FOURTH ROW: Brenda Brooks, Linda Pittman, Pamela Williams, Sandra Robinson, Carol Cohen, Juanita Evans, Phyllis Hoffman, Ann Britton, Camille Stoudenmier, Marilyn Manuel, Diane Walton, Cindy Alums, Sandra Holland, Brenda McCullough, Marie Bordlon, Fay Hulett. 'x 67 Brass: FIRST ROW: Fred Kasten, Stephen Denmark, William Wilson, David Ishee Butch Aikensg SECOND ROW: Tim Price-Williams, Bruce Merchant, Dick Tolpin John Morrisong THIRD ROW: Jerry Sessions, Larry Simmons, Bill Walters Tense band members cheer the Pan- thers on after halftime show with Vigor. 68 1 Band Recognizes Promising Talent Performing away from the campus, the Murphy band plays an important role in presenting the image of the school to the community. Whether on the gridiron or at a concert the band's seventy-two members bring the school closer to those who support it. This branch of the curriculum also serves to recognize promising young talent. Three years' worth of encouragement, guidance, and practice often serve as the incentive for a musical career. Members of the band also have the opportunity to compete throughout the state on both an individual and a group basis. The student body reaps the benefits of their talents through holiday assemblies. Majorettes Linda Baldwin and Joy May and Drum Major Jimmy Blake relax after halftime performance. Brass: THIRD ROW: Judy Young, Juny Armus, Bruce Bates, SECOND ROW: Jon- athan Largue, Robert Marchman, Don Thurston, Bobby Wermuthg FIRST ROW: Kenneth Sawyer, Harold Partridge, Dickie Morse, John Hudson, Andy Merchant. Seventy-two Band Members Present FIRST ROW: Robert Wilson, SECOND ROW: Joe Askew, Sheila Bell Bennie Bray, THIRD ROW: Leo Jernigan, Jimmy Blake, Daniel Detman. , Mr. Jeffers watches the Murphy Band maneuver during halftime performance. Woodwinds: THIRD ROW: Charlotte Jones, Cecelia Tull, Harry Evans, Patricia Haney, Bill Spence 5 SECOND ROW: Stan Foster, David Syltie, Phyllis Demotropolis, Sally Kemp, Morris Boyd, FIRST ROW: Hal Hofheins, Vernon Moore, Barbara Norris, Larry Haight, Glenn Nelson. SChool's Image To The Communit Woodwinds: SECOND ROW: Raymond McCoy, Pamela Rarig, Charles Gollott, Mike Lieb, Diane Bonds: FIRST ROW: Cheri True, Glen- da Webb, Sandy Cowan, Joan Arno, Joan Spain, Jackie Jerome. Woodwinds: THIRD ROW.' Rusty Sharpeg SECOND ROW.' Tommy Jackson, Kathy Lincks, Hugh Rushing, Don Snodgrass: FIRST ROW: Phil Smith, Greg Stein, Donald Watler, Robert Lamey, Robert Parker. 71 Norman Cox Lane Knudsen James Blake Senior Speaker finalists nervously await their turns to address the nine hundred fifty-six members of the graduating class 72 Fifty Compete For Senior Speakers Fifty participants competed for Senior Speaker finals in the auditorium February 15. The graduation committee selected the theme "What Graduation Means to Me", and the contestants composed a one minute theme on the sub- ject. The speeches were judged on quality and delivery, and the English Department chose fifteen seniors to re-ad- dress the graduating class. The fifteen finalists presented their speeches to the senior class on February 18. The six seniors who were chosen to speak at commencement exer- cises were Gerri Andrews, James Blake, Norman Cox, Jerry Milam, Lane Knudsen, and Jean Strickland. Listening attentively to Lane Knudsen's speech, Senior Speaker finalists prepare to address their classmates Gerri Andrews Jerry Milam ean Strickland I , WEQPJL fielfoefg Senior Inductees: SEATED: Cindy Austin, Sarah Schear, Flo Friedrichg STAND- ING: Debbie Burnet, Jean Wojohn, Mike Varhely, Cheryl Turk, Penny Mann. Officers, lighting symbolic candles from the candle of Truth, are Lane Knudsen, Treas.5 Leann Frank, Vice- Pres.5 Ginny Poole, Sec.g and Anita Sellers, Pres. Lane Knudsen awards scrolls of merit to Ellen Stern, Jimmy Linaris, and Robert Dumas for outstanding work in journalism. 74 Jan King taps Susan Fairbairn for membership into the Quill and Scroll. 22 Tapped B Quill and Scroll, an organization for students who have achieved outstanding accomplishments in the Held of journalism, is designed to deem those worthy of mem- bership. The care which must be used in writing good copy is symbolized in the Quill, while the permanent quality of good writing is symbolized in the Scroll. Those who excel in editorial, literary, art, and business departments of the Mohian and the Hi Times and who have maintained a "B" average throughout high school are eligible for mem- bership in this organization. The program expressed the ideals of the society: loyalty, integrity, truth, learning, judgment, initiative, leadership, and friendship. Disclos- ing of the twenty-two inductees climaxed the assemblies. Quill nd Scroll President Anita Sellers closes induction ceremony with the candle of friendship Junior Inductees: SEATED: Judy Morrow, Bettie Betancourt, Bryant, Martha Cassidy, Susan Rouillier, STANDING: Howard Ben Kimbrough, Judy Lauter, Kathy Hanks, Brad Green, John Hazel Grey, Betsy Walker, John Huff, Hudson, Bruce Lee. Members: SEATED: Peggy Johnson, Linda Ehman, Laura Adams, Lorraine Spanng STANDING: Ginny Poole, Jan King, Lane Knudsen, Anita S ellers, Leann Frank. 75 FRAH Qbserves 25th nniversary Celebrating its twenty-fifth anniversary this year is the Fan Randlette Art Honor Society. In observing the occasion, the club presented an exhibit of work done by former mem- bers who are nowp recognized artists. This display was held at the American National Bank in November. Late in October judges from the Mobile Art Association selected new Fan Randlette members. Their choice was based on the entries in the annual membership contest-exhibit. Following the contest, an induction meeting and party were held to welcome the twenty-one new members. Other activities of the art society included maintaining the bulletin boards in the Arts Building and keeping a scrapbook up to date. An annual Patio Exhibit in April gave members a chance to display their work. Named in memory of Mur- phy's first art teacher, this art group has been sponsored by Miss Kennedy since its beginning in 1940. Mike Varhely, President, and Charlotte Durant, Sec- retary, gather information on several classical artists. Members of the Fan Randlette Art Honor Society, SEATED: Jeanette Brown, Darby Hickson, Leila Hollowell Bobbie Johnson Charlotte Durant STANDING: Janet Marshall, Mike Varhely, Harry Bachus Dora Eubanks Margaret Noyes Marsha Jordan, select pictures for the art show. 52 1 K Lettermen lub Boasts 7 Members Bubba Vaughn Secretary Mike Aycock Vice President and Jocko Potts President head the 1965 66 M Club Murphy's "M" Club forged an additional link between Murphy athletes and the school. To boost morale for the finish of the football season, this group presented films of the Vigor and Biloxi games to the physical education classes. Capping outstanding seasons, the "M" Club sponsored banquets for the members of the basketball and football teams. An honorary club under Coach Lefty Anderson's direction, the "M" Club membership numbered over seventy. Members must have lettered in a varsity sport. All members of Murphy's UM" Club must have lettered in a varsity sport 1 ICC Coordinates Thirt -Five Club .i C44ClCCLC:CC,CA Anita Sellers, Vice-Pres., Jackie Jerome, Treas., George Horton, Pres., Katy Lou War- ren, Sec., and Miss Wall, Advisor, lead the campaign to keep Murphy's campus clean. Coordinating the activities of the 35 organizations and clubs of Murphy High School is the Inter-Club Council. By recording all projects of their individual clubs, the ICC insures that these activities will not overlap when put into operation. Since the individual clubs share many of the same problems, the council provides an excellent opportunity to conduct discussions and arrive at satisfactory solutions. Members, FIRST The club presidents who comprise the ICC are trained in leadership and parliamentary procedure which are needed to run their organizations effectively. To beautify the Mur- phy campus, a clean-up campaign was sponsored by the ICC starting in January and lasting through June. At the end of the year, awards were presented to recognize some of Murphy's most outstanding organizations. ROW: Robert Cohen, Mike Aycock, Norman Cox, Jim McGough, Glenn Wimpee, Doug Beville, George Horton. SECOND ROW: Teresa Girod, Maria Vergos, Susan Beagle, Carol Cohen, Caroline Fowlkes, Alexa Smith, Brenda Chadick, Vicky Hudson. THIRD ROW: Anelda Lewis, Nancy Smith, Jackie Jerome, Denise Patronas, Margaret Jackson, Peggy Johnson, Miss Wall, Anita Sellers. FOURTH ROW: Katy Lou Warren, Jimmy Blake, Mickey Parrish, Mike Varhely, Bill Quina. Leadership, igh Morals Stressed John McMurphy, Sec., Mr. Heffington, Sponsor, Tom Galloway, Vice- Pres.g John Powell, Pres., Bill Quina, Sr. Bd. Mem., Derry Hargett, Treas.5 and Jay Kayser, Jr. Bd. Mem., lead the 1965-1966 Key Club. "We Buildl' is an appropriate motto for the Murphy High School Key Club. Since 1951, this organization has been striving to serve the school and community and to establish leadership and high morals among its members. Remaining active throughout the year, Key Clubbers raised the Hag every morning before school, put out a student directory in December, and assisted the sponsoring Mobile Kiwanis Club in selling fruit cakes and concert tickets. In May they awarded the second annual R. L. I-Ieflington College Scholarship to a deserving Murphy senior. All Key 'Club members were required to maintain a 6.5 average in schoolwork and to have outstanding citizenship qualities. A board of teachers selected the 25 junior and senior mem- bers in November. Sophomores were chosen at the begin- ning of the second semester. Directing the Monday night meetings were John Powell, the 1966 president, and fac- ulty advisor. Mr. Richard L. Heffington. They directed the Key Club in the support of the local established charities. Members, left to right: FIRST ROW: John Powell, Neal Rowell, Dick Roshto, Billy Dumas, Robert Cohen, Susan Beagle, sweetheart, Jay Kayser, George Horton, Jimmy Robinson, Roy Benton. SECOND ROW: Earl McMurphy, John McMurphy, Sam Linnick, Bruce Lee, Joe Fritz, Bruce Finley, Derry Hargett. THIRD ROW: Tony Sessi, Joe Mat- zenger, Tom Galloway, Fred Kasten, Cliff Steckney, Bill Quina, Herndon Inge, and Mr. Hefiington, Sponsor. ,fn ,.,. J 1 Ushers Assist Local Productions Assuming a significant role in presenting Murphy High School to the public is the Ushers Club. Mrs. Ruth Groom was the first faculty advisor of the group when it was or- ganized twenty-four years ago. Since then, Murphy has been supplying ushers free of charge for both civic produc- tions and school functions. The forty-five boys who compose this beneficial organization were chosen by their teachers on the basis of personal appearance, scholastic achievement, and also conduct. President Jimmy McGough and faculty advisor Mrs. Etta Frantzen scheduled ushering dates with the Joe Jefferson Players, Mobile Civic Ballet, and the Mobile Symphony and Civic Music Association. This or- ganization also oH'ers its services for all programs and as- semblies held in the school's auditorium. Jim McGough, President 3 Mike Varhely, Treasurer, and Nat Sonnier, Vice-President, prepare to distrib- ute programs for an assembly in the auditorium. Members: FIRST ROW: Nat Sonnier, Tom Foster, jim Fernandez, Larry Dalgo, Mrs. Frantzen, Sponsor, Khyle Jor- dan, Robert Williams, Walter Ogburn, Joe Reese, Wayne Peters, Jim McGough. SECOND ROW: Robbie McClure, David Gwin, George Horton, David Spies, Jay Kaiser, Greg Spies, Brad Green, Maury Brook, Frankie Kyser, Joe Fritz, Mickey McDonnell. THIRD ROW: Johnny Marshall, Neal Shaw, Robert Cohen, Mike Varhely, Bruce Lee, Maynard Cliff, Leon Maisel, Stan Akers, Skip Dorlon, Bob Dunn, Bill Spencer, Chandler Ogburn, Herbert Foster. 80 onitor Check Traffic In Halls Controlling traffic in the halls of Murphy is the job of the Monitors Club. Each morning throughout the entire school year, the nineteen members arrived at school at 7:30. By keeping students without passcards out of the buildings, they relieved teachers of this burdensome task. All monitors were required to have good character and maintain a G average in school work. Faculty Advisor Mr. John Dunn and President Lydia Gibson headed the Moni- tors organizations, which was formally organized in 1955. Lydia Gibson, President 5 Mr. Dunn, Advisors and Leland Allen, Vice-President, guide the 1965-1966 Monitors. Holding Advisor, Dorothy the .responsibility for keeping students out of the halls before school are: FIRST ROW: Mr. Dunn, Lydia Gibson, Sandy jones, Irene Bexley, Glenda Snow, Marci Wallace, Rebecca Quebedeaux, Tooley, Carol Murray, SECOND ROW, Eugene Smith, Eddie Hickman, Leland Allen, Joe Hickman. 81 ' 4 Letterrnen Sponsor r. H1gh Meet Composed of lettermen in cross country, track, and field events are Spike Shoe Club members, FIRST ROW.' Derry Hargett, John Crigler, Ben Wilson, Neal Rowell, SECOND ROW: Bob Taylor, Sandy Galdis, John McMurphy. Vice President Neal Rowell, Treasurer John Crigler, President Derry Hargett organized the Christmas tree sale. Q Organized seven years ago by Coach Fred Carley, the Spike Shoe Club annually recognizes those boys who have lettered in either cross country, track, or field events. Each year the lettermen raise money to finance their out-of-town meets. A December Christmas tree sale at Springdale Plaza and a car wash provided most of the 1965-1966 funds. In addition to money-raising projects, the eight Spike Shoe Club members also sponsored the annual Jr. High School Cross Country Meet. This prepared younger boys for future competition in high school, while promoting the interest of Murphyls track team at local meets. Boosters Mix Rally Cheryl Wilson, Sec., Mrs. Whitinger, Sponsorg Jean Strickland, Chap- lain-Sgt.-at-Armsg Leann Frank, Treas., Marilyn Sutts, Pres., Barbara Amos, Vice-Pres., set good example by paying their dues early. Eighty vivacious Booster Club members worked diligently to heighten school spirit for Murphy's sports events and to create greater support for all school activities. Meetings conducted by President Marilyn Sutts were held after school every second and fourth Tuesday of the month to plan spirit-raising projects. These included decorating the goal posts for each of our football games, announcing all sports activities over the P.A. system, holding a pep parade before the Murphy-Davidson game, and decorating the box seats at Ladd Stadium for homecoming. On November eighteenth the Booster Club sponsored a barbecue and pep rally. During the Christmas season this lively group added to the beauty of the campus by decorating an eighteen foot tree which was displayed in the horseshoe. ith Barbecue ff 1 Booster Club members Ginny Bolling, Kati Bol- son, Renee Laffre, Connie Hanlein and Nita Short decorate goal post for the Murphy-McGill game with blue and gold. Booster Club members listen for direction on decorating the mammoth Christmas tree. A. -rim , .www f 7 Chem-Bo-P Travels To Gak idge Norman Cox, Jon Gardberg, Cindy Bittner, and Jim Flanagan check announcements back stage before the Chem-Bo-Phys Talent Show. Students interested in different fields of science find a common meeting ground in the Chem-Bo-Phys Club. Five hundred dollars was raised by the Chem-Bo-Phys Club this year to ,buy new science books for Murphy's library. Cookie and cake sales in October, as well as the second annual Chem-Bo-Phys Talent Show on November 18, were the main fund-raising projects. After donating the sci- ence books, many of the one hundred four members par- ticipated in a field trip to Oak Ridge, Tennessee, and Hunts- ville, Alabama, during March 19-21. Sponsored by Fac- ulty Advisor Mr. Glen O. Burnham and headed by Presi- dent Norman Cox, this organization advanced sciences of all types at Murphy and provided a place for science stu- dents to meet and share experiences. Treasurer David Quakenbush, Sponsor Mr. Burnham, Vice- President Jackie Jerome, Recording Secretary Diane Lundy, Corresponding Secretary Cathy Terril, and President Norman Cox assume oilicers, duties in the Chem-Bo-Phys Club. Red Cross-110 embers Strong Training students in community responsibility and serv- ice is an important role of Murphy's Junior Red Cross Club. Every month, the 110 members undertook at least one beneficial project. These consisted of taking the aged to see the Christmas lights in December, accompanying crippled children downtown on Mardi Gras Day, observing Teachers Appreciation Week in the month of April, and helping to improve the beauty of Murphyis campus in May. In addition, the organization sponsored parties for the Boys' Club, Child Day Care Center, Mulherin Home, and the children's ward of the Mobile General Hospital. Each section in the school elected one representative to at- tend the Junior Red Cross Club meetings and help to organize projects and activities for the 1966 school year. Wainette Long, Dennis Primeaux, and Aar- on Harbaugh tally United Fund donations. 1966 Red Cross Officers: SEATED: Linda Spooner, Sec. Brenda Chadick, Pres. 5 Wainette Long, 2nd Vice-Pres STANDING: Candy Walton, Pub. Chrrn, Barry O,Donnell, Parl, Paula. Jones, Sr. Advisor, Mary Kustura, Jr. Advisor Representing each section, Red Cross members strive for community improvement. - Q, H- :fy ' f . t I 2255553 , .iff ,-.ifwgfw'vZm:11 ' -5 iafiflfiiigxsir'--' w uh' . , ' ' L IW' 5 ' iifiiizififli 5552 7 7 , it .J L' - f 111' 'sviswif' , P Q I .1 ,,, .L,,. , W - f' 5WQgz.y.,,.,,f ,,.. . tfffg. f 1 t ii- 1. . -' ' Z .GE -eg". t zf:P:,:'L.Q'i . Url: iIm!2'?' 1594: .,., . Spanish Club members were familiarized with the Spanish customs, heritage, culture and ways of life. inata Broken At Chri tma Two new additions were made to Murphyis Spanish Club this year. For the lirst time, one student from every Spanish class was chosen to serve on a board of representatives. The job of each representative was to report to his class all meet- ing days and activities of El Circulo Espanol. The club's constitution was also amended to add the ohice of public- ity co-chairman. At regular meetings, speakers, programs, and films were designed to promote interest in Spanish- speaking countries, their customs, heritage, culture, and ways of life. Murphy's exchange students from Guatemala and Mexico City were guests at several of the meetings and spoke about their countries. The Christmas party on December 16 featured the breaking of a pinata made by five club members. Boasting one hundred forty members, El Circulo Espanol held its banquet in May at which time the new officers of the club were announced. Shelley Thompson, Lucy Dixon, and Vicky Hudson prepare scrap- books for a rural school in Spain. 22 arty p Leaders of the Spanish Club, Miss Guarisco, Advisorg Marcia Jordan, V-Pres.g Martha Williams, Sec.g Diane Ortmann, Treas.g Vicky Hudson, Pres., and Judy Lauter, Pub. Chrrn., col- lect dues from several of the Club's one hundred forty members. One student from each Spanish class created a Board of Representatives for the Club. Y-Teens Kept Trophies Polished Cynthia Geiger assists President Linda Sum- rall in polishing one of Murphy's golf trophies. Goals of the Murphy Y-Teens are threefold. The first is to grow spiritually as a person. The second is to grow in friendship with people of all races, religions, and nation- alities. The final aim is to grow in both the knowledge and love of God. Although Y-Teens has social events, it is first and foremost a service club, rendering aid to both school and community. Each month the five members participated in at least one beneficial project. In November they raised money for supporting the Inter-Club Council's exchange student sponsoring program. During January, they enhanced the appearance of Murphy's trophy case by polishing the many awards won by Murphians in the many fields of competition. Y-Teen members Cynthia Geiger, Linda Sumrall, Mrs. Turner, Advisor, and Bar- bara Saad are responsible for keeping the trophies in the trophy case polished. Biblical Biographies Discussed ,wf""'7 Barbara Sobieski, Vice-Pres., Teresa Girod, Pres., Miss Hope, Advisor, and Gloria Waters, Sec., plan the daily devotional. HStudy to show thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed" CH Timothy 2 :15j. Follow- ing this motto, the Bible Study Club endeavored to enrich their lives with a better understanding of religion. Meet- ing every third Thursday of the month with their faculty advisor, Miss Katharine Hope, the main topic of discussion for the club this year was biography in the Old and New Testaments. At a few meetings, slides of the Holy Land were viewed. The 18 members planned the devotionals to be announced on the P.A. system every morning and after- noon. As a concluding project, the Bible Club made its an- nual donation of a religious book to Murphy,s Library. MEMBERS, FIRST ROW.' Barbara Sobieski, Teresa Girod, Miss Hope, Advisor, Diane Bonds, Sheila Bell and Sharon Dixon, and SECOND ROW, Jewel Detlefsen, Cynthia Williford, David Walters, Gloria Waters, Mickey Parish and Melanie Terranova select a religious book for the library. Debaters Attend ine Tournament Negative team members George Ewert, Mike Varhely, Carolyn Weeks and Cathi Conditt practice debate techniques with Miss Nichols' supervision. 'iResolved: That the federal government should adopt a program of compulsory arbitration in labor-management disputes in basic industriesf' This topic was debated by members of Argument, Incorporated in nine interscholastic forensics tournaments at various high schools and colleges in this area. These tournaments took them to such places as Emory University, Howard College, the University of Ala- bama, and Loyola University. Debaters, under the leader- ship of President Mike Varhely, conclude each school day studying the techniques of debate and preparing for com- petition. All Murphy students were eligible for membership in Argument, Incorporated, which was First organized in 1916 as the Barton Debating Club at old Barton Academy. President Mike Varhely explains a debate topic to Car- olyn Weeks, Treasurer, Patsy Busby, Vice-President Sharon Mungerg Secretary, and Miss Nichols, Advisor Affirmative team Maxey Roberts, Maya Pitf, Richard Ortmann, Patsy Busby, Mary Gourdouras, Sharon Munger practice before an interscholastic tournament. '19 if 5 3 rc xi, 25' u iness Methods Attending the Alabama state convention at Jackson- ville State College was the high point of the year for the forty members of Future Business Leaders of America Club. Here they competed against other clubs from all over the state in parliamentary procedure, oratory, typing, shorthand, progress reports, and spelling contests. Addi- tional trips were taken to local banks and employment and oflice departments of various stores. These trips help stu- dents develop a better understanding of all aspects of the business relationship. Each commercial class was repre- sented in FBLA by a student with a C average or better. By participating in the activities of the club, members pre- pare to take the place of todayis business leaders. Studied B F BL President Alice Jackson and Treasurer Gerry Jean Frake prepare program material for Monday night meeting. Members Linda Johnson, Kathleen Smith, Betty Buckley, Garry Williams, Diane Palmer, Alice Jackson, and Gerry jean Frake represent each business class. Annual Tea Honors 1 Teachers Future Teachers Margaret Jackson and Christine Fell make Through the Future Teachers of America, practical experience is offered to those interested in the field of edu- cation as a career. The eleven members learned about instructing at many different levels by observing classes in elementary and junior high schools and by assisting Mur- phy teachers. On January 7 and 8, three club members and plans for the FTA state convention with sponsor, Mrs. Cropp. their faculty advisor, Mrs. Barbara Cropp, attended the FTA state convention in Montgomery. After their return, they initiated a 'fteacher of the week" award to recognize deserving members of Murphy's faculty. The annual tea held in the month of March in the cafeteria honored the one hundred twenty-live Murphy teachers. Future Teachers Margaret jackson, Freda Wilson, Christine Fell, and Sharon Mayer, with the aid of their advisor, Mrs. Cropp, gain practical experience in the field of education. 'ff Martha Bodden, Hist.3 Carol Noel, Vice-Pres., Martha Sutts, Treas., Nancy Smith, Pres., Lynn Adams, Chap., prepare to send Christ- mas cards to American soldiers in Viet Nam. .N.A. Aid Dedicated Gray Ladies Since 1949, the Future Nurses of America Club has helped Murphy students explore the requirements and benefits of a career in nursing. By aiding the Gray Ladies in the medical unit, the 25 members acquired valuable experience in ad- ministering lirst aid. They also gave parties at childrenis homes during holiday seasons. On the second and fourth Thursdays of the month, speakers from local hospitals and clinics inspired members to enter into the Held of medicine. Ofhcers for next year were installed at the annual Future Nurses banquet held in the spring of the year. Members: FIRST ROW: Becky Dodson, Martha Bodden, Lynn Adams, Nancy Smith, Deb- bie Chambers, Karen Easley, Fay Hulett. SECOND ROW.' Shirley Jordan, June Smith, Linda Kane, Martha Sutts, Carol Scott, Betty Capps, Kathy Brannan, Jewel Tanksley. e u Seventeen ray Ladies Aid nit Mary Anne Kustura, Alexis Crabtree, and Nan- cy Smith await their Junior Gray Lady induction. 1f.. Ng, 25... , L.. -me ' ' ,ew . fffgitififf " 5 234' ' 1? ' T V My 1 fix' ' ' "X, 1 . . . .L Q 1 f K t-1111.1 .if tv. .. vff',11..4i1 J11..w. 1 7- we .frgiai rf gtfa1i'ef .4 at 1131-tttifggr- .,it1 w.i1g1 A ,. 1 H wi ' t 1 git - ra -wtg mtke-1.6-14. ii A MPN., 11, 'H . 5,5 A-t .kr-trek -eg,-1':rf -gt".."1 A wi " i-Qtiqe-.522 - '- i W7 I -1 W V " w-sg if we s he g. A '- 1 - 'fi ., r - .5 .. my 1 1' - 1 .M -,E 24- Q-91,4 tw, . 1: -.r.,rt, , WP 1- K f - V. 1, - H35 1 ..... 1 Y my H if . . as 'fi -"- iii ' ,'f'. ,. '.'. 4' .i 1' Mrs. ft, 4 X gf K1 '5 2 A grim . if Wt tt mf if of , 1 323 is ti? Sw A351 i 51 55 t ' Q , .9 9 Q' ss X 1 as li , if f 1 J 7 1f2zf'f 4571. "yy E197-7 :,,- 'Q"'f!t5' I :,. 11 11, .. . . , .Y WI.115.f .iw .3 ,L1 Barton is formally installed as one of Murphy's seventeen Gray Ladies by Mrs. Glaeser. . 1135 if tl 15' V421 2 iw' E G 'ii' A at ri 1, + M ' -i 1 ,.. 1, N1 L ..1 -5 Y it 9'3 'fi 55 it l- ft. .. -3:' , S is ffli e i 1 .1 22 F61 -11 eff, f . its . 55, E if We 1 f .tl L. te, 1 ,,, 1,.. .+- 1 at 1 QE it it i,11- .,i14.57 . lr ki S lt 1 4 it 11 ga ft.. 1 if 2 Seventeen mothers of Murphy students volunteered to take a course in first aid offered by the Mobile Chapter of the American Red Cross. These women were inducted as Gray Ladies in September and served the school by caring for students who became ill. Working in shifts, 42 hours a day, one day a week, these devoted women saw to it that there was always someone on duty in the medical unit dur- ing school hours. Also working in the medical unit were six- teen Junior Gray Ladies. This group consisted of interested students who worked daily during their free period. Mrs. Cahill, R.N., instructs students Mrs. Kugler, Mrs La Grave, Mrs. McGonigal, Mrs. Cantrell and Mrs. Barton Mrs. Edgar and Mrs. Rowse complete daily records in the medical unit. tw1aMNm111.w.,1tt111t11w1t11ts-emma .vmtwmtwm-wma-tis,,.1m1ww A 1MsmMm1emfmwtuwwmmw+wMmem -D L1 2 we L, :Xzf3Xss?5Xf2?Xz2ffsrefX-X X if.i:'f,35SsfX5l-XM-X:1zQ2f'1X . s i if-XXa?sXXisae1QXsX11e?'rsffl t Xi5isXi:fXXff'Xv1'X :ax X,.a,,,. ,, X,.,..n, .XX .. 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XXXXXX'XlXXXXXlXXXX',LXOX :XXXI.xXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXfXXXX X XXXX.XXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXX XXX XX XXXcXXXlX-XXXXXXXXXIXXXXXXlXXXXW31XXXXXXXXXXXX'XXX'.XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXff XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX'XXXXXXXlXlXX'Xli.XX XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX'XXX.XXXXXXXXXXfXXiXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX XXXX, XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.XXXXXXXfXXXXXX.X.XXXXXXXX:XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXLQXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX X WC XXXXXXXllllXlXIXXXXXl.XlX'XlQXSTUSXX XXlXXXXXlIllXlXIXXXXllXXXXX X XXTXXXXX-XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXIXXXXXXKXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXWXWXXXXXXXXXXXJXXXXXXXXfXXXXXXXXllXllXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXlXXlXXXX-lXXXXlXNlgXXXX'XXXXXQXXXXSX XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX X -XXXXXXXXX XXXXX X :XXXX XXXXXX XXXXXXXI X X XXX X XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX X XXXXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXX XXXX XX l XX Enthu iastie Cheerleaders Spread '5Fight, Team, Fight!" the relentless battle cry, has been echoed throughout the year at ball games and pep rallies. Shouting forth chants of encouragement, our cheerleaders strove to promote more school spirit in the student body. Leaders on the field and off, they supported the Cats at all their athletic contests and school events. Besides backing the team, they burned the wolves at the bonfire before the Murphy'-Vigor game. Ten energetic girls, headed by Susan Beagle, sold booster ribbons to pay for traveling expenses, uniforms, and shakers. Their enthusiasm sparked the Pan- thers to many victories during the year. Head Cheerleader Susan Beagle leads "Beat Vigorln with the Murphy fans Panther spirit sparkers-Nancy Dill, Judy Willsong Pat Womack Mary Katherine Spence Head Cheer leader, Susan Beagle, Sharon Taylor, Tony Aguillardg Jane Cunningham Laura Adams Sandy Montalban Support Of Panthers To urphians Judy Willson, Pat Womack, Laura Adams, Susan Beagle, and Sandra Montalban get ready to welcome McGill cheerleaders. Cheerleaders excite spectators with pyramid during time out. Murphy's cheerleaders, including six Seniors, boost Cats to victory at the last game of the season with "Roll Panthers! Beat Warriorsll' 103 Cats Scored 225 . to pponentsi -s, P 2 'hwy V B Q. . gnu! :...'i war' I 'L' 3 l vw f me g s t f V 'W' jf VV " ff' 'ffz'gf , V A V. , V V M VV mg V' f , J 'V l ' - ' V I 'K I '33 5 LQ' iiiiiiim ' V gf, V V V51 S. .S . V V .W .. . 51. V wx, saw ,V . .. ., ' W f A X 7 3 E 4 U 5 3 5, V. L K ,V V. , J 0, 1 . 1 . V, m7338422 B759 M VV if 1 of 5 Vw. .V 3 .V - V B W- A mf" 4.7 V ' . A 1' ii ' V W Q.,-.V ps- lr M. ,' w Sli. V Qs, ' 5-'Bn i L .Vi ' . EW GSW' , X W Y Qs, f KX M M f if VN f ' . V VV 1 .. 7 . if A V ,V V 7 if g . V , jj L 4 .ii L EV., L I REV V . f F ' + '1 Q . ,, V K S- V 5' '- " Q .. 'fi .V D ' 'Ni ' -. 1' VAL. V1 ' "' , -. V . , xi ' . V331 ' A " 7 K- , ' Af . V f if 7 ff' . :V .ti . V. J-S1 ., V 4 Y . , . v A 1 .V-5 . , K 9- .. ..,. V- - - S . .. ,, gg- V ,iw 559 - wk., 5. V ,Hn V V V , V ,M 3. . ,V V ,3 V . 41,1 . - . - V WL . V , V. ,I V V-- . , I . 5 . VV ' H V - U - .- .A V K M, , X-.. , . . . . V ' MV a.....t , J. , .. V 'V V V A - 1 , ,V V 5 AV , V af, VV H V VVV VV VVQ V H- -v"V VV V V, ,V ' 1 1- V . V K " ag s - vgif'f,wf,i, ,grit . .fest-1ezfsi'P.?,g. --- wif' -V1-'Q M XV- 1113539 .vQg,7,gMU-A57 V. -V .im".'Qf.:.-,.-ix r " A'-13145 y - 'Q' Jffvgw-..w.'tv-g9iQfiV.fV..VV1.w wi.figt'hsi.,i.,fm-,V,w.K AL.V s s,.V..,4iVV..-gf., r,,.e,g-,VV1 Mig? '!W13'.!'2fW 1':..v.fV2mV VVVL fe w Ll' ii?,X's5ra.1 iiQf5Vfig"?ii333l:5Q ',i':,U:VV.u .ii .. V .gli kk'L 'V V . V e. we, Vqlw- 'raw .,',.4 L - mfs . 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VV V.MffzfyV rV.?ififefVf1S?msFS9i.f-w:2V'f''i25?i.f?fs i:4?f:gnri.1w5Jff.'a?.a?V?+2'..iffffaTV'?1f-Sw1fQfim':vsQf?.wviIis,?5irTSw..Ei2'4V :ff-?cf.5.'QEf2a .. Xtf5l2aif'1i'E:Vf'.?Ml lie.. FIRST ROW: C. Pettis, C. Keltner, T. Wade, G. Bailey, G. Horton, M. Sanders, J. Newell, L. Smith, M. Aycock, L. Nelson, G. Turner. SECOND ROW: C. Green, P. Gilchrist, J. Potts, R. Miller, K. B. Vrocher, D. Page, M. Fitzhugh, R. Luna, M. P. Rolls, D. Kelly, K. O'Neal, F. Gardner, K. Lomers, Bagwell, L. Vegliachich. THIRD ROW: G. Lindsey, Mills, B. Howell, T. Page, B. Vaughan, J. Caton. Dr. John Coaches Dan Kearley, Robert Shaw, Assistant Principal Charles Willcox, Coaches Lefty Anderson, Chuck Max- ime, and Vance McCrory hold on to prize possession. TNLHV VV Douglas, team doctor, checks Kim O'Neal's broken nose. Vigor wins toss before 31, 101 fans. Panthers Bury Wolves 14--6 Murphy's Blue and Gold smashed a decisive victory over the Wolves of Vigor High although Vigor was higher ranked in the U.P.I. high school standings. The Cats' de- fense held the Wolves to only one first down in the sec- ond half and intercepted two of Hunter's aerials. Don Page led the Panthers down the field in six plays following the second half kickoff. The drive went 62 yards and Page capped it with a 10 yard bootleg sprint around right end. Mike Aycock booted the p,oint after to put the Murphy Panthers ahead 7-6 late in the third period. Murphy clinched the victory with an eleven play, 16 yard drive late in the fourth quarter. Jocko Potts, alternate quarterback, took over the drive at Vigorls 30 and carried the Panthers on in with a 16 yard pitch to halfback Philip Gilchrist with 2:18 left. Aycock kicked the eictra point. The victory was the fifth in a row for Coach Lefty Andersonis Panthers, whose fans were chanting "We're Number 1',. MURPHY,S RED LETTER DAY! Murphy Racks Raiders 27-0 Panthers Trap Bobcats 35-0 Blasting oFf the 1965 football season, the Panthers bom- barded the Bobcats of Theodore 35-O. The Panthers gained 51 yards in 11 plays to score early in the first period. A Page to Vaughan pass of 36 yards set up the Golden Pantherls second touchdown. Early in the second quarter a Theodore fumble set up Terry Page's final 8 yard run for the third touchdown posting a 27-O lead. With Clint Keltner doing most of the gaining early in the final period, a Page to Gilchrist pass, covering 17 yards set up Murphy's fourth score. Untouched by the offensive team, guard Kim O'Neal raced 35 yards for the final six pointer of the game after intercepting a Bobcat pass. Junior Gene Bailey pushes back Theodore's defense. Mike Aycock catches a pass to set ' up the Cats' third score. Rejecting the Raiders was not hard for the unbeaten Panthers. With 1:39 left in the first half, fullback Mike Fitzhugh scored with a Hve yard run. Halfback Mike Ay- cock converted. In the second half touchdowns came easier as the Panthers, moving 48 yards in Hve quick plays, made a third quarter touchdown. Don Page, during the drive, shared duties with quarterback Jocko Potts. Aycock con- verted. Terry Page ripped off a 52 yard run for a fourth quarter T.D. and the final score came on a 33 yard pass from Potts to end Bubba Vaughan. Clint Keltner sidesteps a Rains quarterback. Tornadoes Untwisted 42-7 Murphy's Jungle Cats, scoring the first three times they had possession of the pigskin, rolled on to a 42-0 victory over the Laurel Tornadoes. Quarterback Jocko Potts made the first sc-ore when he ripped off a 20-yard run. Don Page dashed 19 yards for the next T.D. in the Hrst quarter. Plunging into the end zone early in the second period, Clint Keltner made the Panther's third touchdown. Page capped a .drive after the second half kickoff, scoring on another 19-yard run. In just four plays, 65 yards were covered for the next score. Fullback Mike Fitzhugh made the Cat's Hfth T.D. after a pass interception, sprinting 40 yards for the score. This was one of seven interceptions turned in by the alert Panther defense. Junior halfback Terry Lee Page was the big gun with 331 yards gained against the opposing team. Terry Page scored three touchdowns, twice on runs of 19 yards and went 25 for the final T.D. Coach Anderson accepts congratu- lations from Coach Poole of Laurel. Mighty Cats Collar Bulldogs 28-0 Murphy's Blue and Cold smashed into the first period with a 75 yard, 16 play drive for the first touchdown. Clint Keltner rammed over from the one to cap the main drive with halfback Mike Aycock kicking his thirteenth extra point of the season. Potts, who intercepted two of Fred Coats' passes, returned one 30 yards for a T.D. and carried another back 17 yards to set up an end zone run at the three yard line. Mike Fitzhugh plunged across from the one to score Murphyis third six pointer. Pearly Howell, notable in Murphyis defensive line, inter- cepted a Coats pass at the Soldier's 22 and in five plays Aycock scored from the two. Howell also blocked a Cadet punt which was recovered on the U.M.S. 16 yard line with Murphy beating the Bulldogs 28-0. U.M.S. Cadets try in vain to stop Senior Jocko Potts. 1 Wa-4 m Kicking specialist Mike Aycock boots all extra points. Cats Fumble Away Game 17-O After receiving API's No. 1 rating, Murphy's Panthers became over-confident and fumbled away the game, 17-0, to the Poets of Lanier. All of Lanier,s scoring was accom- plished by the Speigner brothers, Danny and Jimmy. Danny got 11 points with a 30 yard Held goal, a score, and two extra points while jimmy, a center, ran back 55 yards for the other T.D. Dannyis field goal was the only scoring in the First half, coming at the end of a Poets' march that had gone 55 yards before being upset by the Cat defense. In the third period Murphy managed to move the pigskin to the Lanier 38 yard line, where disaster struck. Jocko Potts attempted a pitchout to Philip Gilchrist but the pitch was faulty. Speigner picked it up at the Lanier 45 and scam- pered to the goal line for their next score. A Cat fumble set up the Poet's last seven points. jocko Potts uses his block- ers for a large gain Junior, Paul Himes, carries in a decisive play from Coach Anderson. Yellow Jackets Jarred 32-6 Coach Anderson,s Cats revenged the 1964 Homecoming loss to McGill in '65 with 32-6 win. The Cats entirely over- powered the Jackets, giving them only 5 first downs with Murphy taking 13. Junior Terry Page started the Panther scoring drive on a 55 yard punt return late in the first quarter. Clint Keltner scored twice on runs of one and 63 yards. He also finished with 145 of the Blue and Gold's 214 yards on the ground in 16 carries. Mike Aycock's kick went through. Murphy's Bill Vrocher recovered a. McGill fumble at the Jacket 19 to set up Murphy's next tally. Six plays later, Keltner rammed across from the one and Ay- cock booted the point with 5 seconds left in the first period. The Panthers moved 39 yards in 5 plays for the next T.D. Keltner ran four straight times moving the skin to the live after Terry Page's goal line fumble was recovered in the end zone by Bubba Vaughn for the late First half score. Aycock missed his kick. The next sixpointer came when Keltner sprinted 63 yards following a host of blockers. Aycock missed his boot. Murphy threatened twice in the third quarter, giving up the ball both times. Jocko Potts tossed nine yards to George Horton for the six pointer and Mike Aycock failed in the extra point attempt. The Jackets got their T.D. on bombs by quarterback Mike Sanders. He tossed it to end Bill Barnwell for the score but Barnwell missed the conversion. Panther end Bubba Vaughan pulls in pass for big gainer Murphy's second score stretches a lead over McGill, 14-0. Don Kelley catches screen pass for a gain as a Biloxi halfback moves up. Murphy Tromps Pensacola 12-0 Pensacola's Tigers, never moving past the Murphy 25 yard line, fell under the attack of the Cats 12-0. The Panthers put their first six points on the scoreboard mid- way in the First period. Jocko Potts fielded a punt and re- turned it to the Panther 33 but a penalty against the Tigers pushed the ball to the Cat's 48. Don Page put the 52 yard pay-off march in motion by plowing to the Pensacola 34 on a keeper play. Clint Keltner raced to the 26 and again to the Tiger 14. Getting a first down at the Pensacola three, Mike Aycock plowed to the one. Keltner burst into the end zone from that point, with Aycock's kick sailing to the left. For Murphyfs second period score, Potts threw Gilchrist an end zone pass and Aycockis kicks sailed right with Murphy's Blue and Gold tromping over Pensacola's Tiger team, 12-O. Mike Aycock sets final arrow into a Biloxi Indian. Indians Scalped 21-7 Murphy's Homecoming Game set the site for the Biloxi Indians' defeat, 21-7, for the Cats, seventh victory. Mis- sissippi's Number 2 team began the game with a 67 yard touchdown run in the first period to stun the Cat defense. At last the Blue and Gold crashed 83 yards on a 10-play drive that followed the Indian kickofif for their first score. Clint Keltner blasted the Final three yards for the points and Mike Aycock equaled the score with the first of three successful conversions. Jocko Potts intercepted a Biloxi pass, to stop their drive, and scampered back 80 yards setting up the next points with four minutes left in the game. Two plays after the kickoff, a Biloxi pass was intercepted by 155 pound sophomore quarterback, Philip Gilchrist at the Indian 39 to set up Murphy's final tally. Keltner tore off the right side for a 33 yarder to the six on first down, blasted to the two on the next play and finally banged in with 2:02 left in the half. Mike Aycock converted assuring the win for Murphy. George Horton shoots for extra yard. Davidson Warriors finally drag down fullback Clint Keltner. Mike Fitzhugh, with a host of blockers, pushes past the Davidson Warriors. Warriors Shut Out 14--7 Closing the 1965 football season with a nine and one rec- ord, Murphyls Blue and Gold plastered a finishing win of 14-7 over the Warriors of Davidson High. In the final game Murphy got both T.D'.s as a result of bad snaps from the Davidson center. The first high center sailed over David- son punter Robert Campbellis head, and when he tried to recover the ball it was fumbled in the endzone, and Murphy tackle Bill Vrocher fell on it for a touchdown. Davidsonis six pointer came in the second quarter following a 48 yard pass play from quarterback Wade Boyette to speedster Jack Yerke, who took the ball after completing their first pass in eight tries. The second time, however, Campbell had no chance to get the punt away, and Murphy took over on downs at the Davidson lO. On the first play Murphy full- back Clint Keltner blasted off the left side of his line and went into the endzone standing for the score that broke the 7-7 deadlock with 4:58 left as Mike Aycock converted. All Mobile County Conference team members: Jimmy Mike Aycock, offensive and defensiveg Ray Miller, ...L.- L M .LW .,,- Newell, offensive and defensiveg Moye Sanders, offensiveg detensive' Gene Lindse defensive, discuss college plans. 5 ya Panthers Score 225 Points To pponents 5 Season's Statistics X E 5 K. xg 1 3-Lffi2LLfLLLl-QLLQ L -gfL.,s,LL,LL-L-QL:L,g.L--Ls-LLL-.L.3,-Ls,-.,Lf.-:ggif.L,LL,,LL,LLLLLL,L,my-LLLLLL-LLL-,Ls-LL-L,L,.,. LLL,LLLLLLLLLL,,,5g LLL,LL,.Lg L--fm LL, - Lt -PLLA.,-LL--LL,LLL,LLL,LL,.LLL.L,fss:L1s4LLLL U 5 isisL:PLi??LsYifff1,sLs:2551L2SLsfi,fzL2gfLLiffLZi2LE?fLgszfMLf'iSfXSiZ?fiifLLLiifz3214?QLLELZLQELLQQLQKgZf?iZL?!Li2sg'gs5Z5LLt2,sLEZMQELLXEZZHEEE,SQELLfsLLti35i'i1'2l'?tzE?biZ?fxflitiiffiifwizfi32925214 :Lg the LL H ,Q-f5fLLL,L,,fL,1L,.L7 LLLw89L7fsaLLQs,s:LL .LM rs L - --L-::L:::-L,-nw LLL-W--LQ-1:--,LLLLL-151:-L-LL,LLL.--Lv-L---- MLLLL-,Lf 3vf.L:L1L:fLL3.LL Lwwww ,L--e3-N3 L 3, L L ..,.. L -LL-L A-,,A ,--, L , ,LLL .,,. 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The Panthers roared to a 78 to 73 victory over Lanier who was ranked number one in the state at the time. Vigor bowed to the Cats four times during the regular season for a total of 167 points to the Wolves' 150. Eddie Hart, the big man for the Panthers with an average of 18.8 points and 11 rebounds per game, was also chosen for each of the all tournament teams. Lee Thomas was next with an average of 11.2 points and 5.3 rebounds. Coach Le Vaughan I-Iank's hoopsters compiled 1785 points with opponents scoring 1547 points during the regular basketball season. Robert Smith breaks up U.M.S. play by intercepting Chris Humeis pass. Lee Thomas drives in for 2 points during Pensacola game 1 r 5' wkav ii' if' Golden anthers Cutclass 1gor Springing off to a good start, the Blue and Gold Cats captured three Tournament crowns before the mid-season. The Cats' Hrst tournament, The Mobile County Conference Championship Tournament, ended with Murphy on top, 49-40 over Vigor. Center Eddie Hart was chosen for the All-Star squad and also scored 17 points for the Panthers. Murphyis second title was the F airhope Invitational Cham- pionship, with the Cats growling to a 53-51 victory over Rutherford High School of Panama City, Florida. Hart was chosen to the All-Star Team in this tournament while Bill Conerly was high scorer with 24 points. Seniors Eddie Hart and Jocko Potts werertied for the Panther high-scorer position in the Pascagoula Invitational, each scoring 17 points. The eagers of Murphy won this tournament, 58- 51 over the Vigor Wolves, chalking up a third straight win over the Wolves this season. Hart was also chosen to repre- sent Murphy on the Pascagoula Invitational All-Star Squad and was awarded the Most Valuable Player trophy. Jocko Potts and Don Page share enthusiasm with Coach Hanks after final victory at Pascagoula. Murphy's starting team, Lee Thomas, Don Touchstone, Robert Smith, Jocko Potts, and Eddie Hart, and Coach Hanks cast ques- tioning glances at the erratic Pascagoula clock. WJ? -fa ,,3,4 aww .a.-Af. Panthers Have Successful Season U.M.S. Cadets close in on Robert Smith who scans the defense for a gap. Don Touchstone assists Cliff Stickney in a fast break. Leaving the floor, Don Touchstone deflects Foley pass. As Bill Conerly and Cliff Stickney run inter- ference, Lee Thomas evades Cadet Murray Meador. 119 Eyes meet as Philip Gilchrist guards Foley center. Jim Mason shoots as Jay Michaelson moves in. Hal Hofheins goes up for a shot Mike Hall, Jim Mason, and Norwood Hill get last minute instruction. aby at Have Perfect Season Mike Hall and Larry Merchant jump to block the pass of a Foley opponent. HIIII542: ,I .V M., I I, .I,I.,,,I,,.I,I .,,I, . 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Coach Carley's Cross Countr Team Anticipating their competition, the members of the cross country team rest before meeting Ram Coach Fred Carley's cross country team, following a per- fect season in 1964, won all of its dual meets this year. The McGill Relays was the only large meet won by the Cats. Murphy's Striders placed second in Calloway Gardens Meet losing by 59 points to Dykes of Atlanta. The Mobile County Conference Championship was won by McGill. Derry Har- gett placed third after two McGill runners. These three run- ners reset the County 1.8 mile time, lowering it by 7 seconds. At the State Meet, the Blue and Gold placed 7 points be- hind the leader, Sidney Lanier. Coming in first at the Troy State Invitational was Murphyis Hargett as the team placed third, 21 points behind Vigor and 1 point behind McGill. Neal Rowell hits the finish line, far ahead of the other runners 122 Sprinted Ahead The Dual Meets As the shot is fired, Murphy and McGill start the standard 1.8 mile course. W,-fVXXXsx,S54,,.XX Xgss-WXQXWHX sy, XX,wayXQQWXJXXW-:XXXt,XWfg:,3tm? f-7f M- -XX? f SXXMXGX-X 'X ,XXX XX:-W,?fX:,X l X wt tg X QR my f'E'3f13X1tX5-WQXX my wh. ,hs 3w5t1,iX5f53fX55f'W'Aiu35 tgtbiggftftxwtkigati sg, Q, 1 ttI5EX,MQ as 1XX5zt1,J,Xtt,tX5gt,XXXQ,,XLns9WtXtaXqQ?5rX, ,gg . on 3 91 L sf. fXf?i53aXX.XX,X A at ,,r.s are 1 f 9 1 , , uw A15 P -'Q X, 3- - , 1 -+: if 3' is- M: .. a n ix , 'if a , ,f m M X X - fm - 7fwQt4Xf 5 27 ,fl 251-1 ws yw ,e Km Am 1 Ks'0f1 s , 1VX X1 -. . X tffltfiiwffar-as l'?53"51235t?Wi-'Si 1 is 6353 Zi 1 D H t d Jhn Cri ler, the Neal Rowe 1, erry arget , an 0 g X las-wg - esgsfgi . . top three on the squad, led Murphy m pomts per meet. its iw E ve? E - a-Fefe X ,A MX wi- XX ., - 1-,Kgs 45-5 'H3f11'? ?E,, X,-f Xt-,X , XX:1s,.Xw,,gt ?wXn i H5,3rf1'51 sg Vffz 3, Xt tt iW1i,w'tlWitt5 MXXWX-XXXQffX2aX1fX fs Q ii as X as X X Q -gsfw-tk Akir a fm N , ffX1'v, Z 4 fits' 3- tt VH? J' kW'75Vlt -Ylgssnts a, A J , .9 U- U.-' - ' Q i""f'1X Sky?- 1' - '- - 451 Xsii frf A -W7 Al' 7? 51569353 Rs 'EX .S ff - M :mr if X 4:35 -5-E1 'X s -wX'f'v HX?-X,eww.-f1,g.f-Xfnf-If-X sw -7 XL A y H X1-XX gf: ,gm Jtweggggimkuefggycgifp Mijggigg E ggi-za sf? 'QMS' Qi-feffsf fit was Wtta XXtQ3ihf2ttisXX2f 153- XM XXXh:fsi?iXt 7 HBE? 'W-if ,X X , J .effiarc max' m53gQ,feQ?Tff'-f'H51,,f-. Q ,XV ft' ,QSM ?5y e1X5. ,gr eatly V , . ,: ,Q 7,f:xwX,X53y Xi, i A Aw 2 2 at - - -. lst- EQXXXE, ' -' -- W :v1X?-53. Z iihw 535 M-2 W2 sf 535 Mat 3' its Xi-tw 'gif Qfaffxggigsiw A W ffXfX XeatXfXtrX2fffXXi-X'tgXefst?X-kg g - sg U 'TEX-X1 ts 5553? 51.3 gefizfgilafgwgp SEQ wa S X Q : 5 -.-. Qt ':--' r A aft? XX W s -al X-, M -- VH- i: Q55 HX Mgt? wgwiwiii MXL Q A 3Q3ith. 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H H ft XX fX , l P XX th S tX sw E, 5 it ettztesewf Xmm tt X as v ' ge t W- 2 - . , ff NW"ffef'i'? We-W X- SX X rf-af firm? -tit-5? SX 5'- :,, . ,- I, I.: All V-1- :T in .X-:,. H 3 X -Q.:-,tr . .. X:,, .:Z Xsf,1 2 X X .M as X Qs X, . .. f H -1 fgg'2s-. . ss,mff f55 S2-W -. XL X - g it - X 2 Q. 'sgee t ieft i 5:1 -ttf ff vgiitfw 1, 1 X13 if Q5 3 ,A 123 John Crigler runs the mile in 4 :38. Briefed by an official, Bruce Lee prepares to run Clearing the bar at 5' 10", Bill Quina places fourth in the Coliseum Relays. 124 l "l Traokmen Compete In Five States I' .. . W 1 t ,lf V 'Ag if ie 1 l 3 1 211' f li f 1 lllili 1 1 1 11 .1 f W . 1 . 1111 .1 1 11 1 1 1.1 .1111m. 11 . 11.11 A 1 FIRST ROW: Terry Page, Mike Fitzhugh, Bruce Lee, Neal Rowell, Derry Hargett, John Vignes, Jerry Cummings, Sandy Galdis. SECOND ROW: Ben Wilson, David Parker, Steve Denmark, Eugene Boutries, Pete Rouse, Hal Hofheins, Joe McEvoy, Philip Gilchrist. THIRD ROW: John McMurphy, Paul Weatherly, Mike Hayes, Mike Pierce, Kenny Davis, Doug Chamberlain, Donny Rowell. FOURTH ROW: Don Kelly, Don Page, Bubba Vaughn, Eddie Hart, Stan Akers, Robert Bolson, Jim Van Hoose. 1 ,,..,, t-., .. 1 1 1 .1.1 1 e,.e, N r.,,,r. ,,.., .,.., 11 11 11111 1. 1 1 1 1 1 f1111.1w1.s1::11111 12:11 11 1, . . 1 1 1 1 1 U 1 1 ,.f1 21 fmeiqiili?11i2kf9s'?1f?isif'ESH2 53.511111 '11 . 5 12' I 1,1111 15 1 . 1 -1 11 1!1111t21112.111:11 :c1gf13sf111g11g1111111111111111111 1-1.11 1 1 B i11LIf111z111x2L1,1 1111111121 1113321-1:1 f.1fff1VL ,1,i,11,- 1 '. 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"QAM iz 1 bf Z 1" 1-K 111 1 fy 111 iff!-ISS-S41-2fi11SV-1 111.61 f11.:11 11 1 3 115 1,5 ' i1:f :.1"x11t1 1 111 ' I 9111211 1 1 5 21111-1wsgff11511 11? ,f5i51512il51'll1f?11'111 1 .11 E 3 .1 1311 .4 sz?xiii?L3X?si?is5ZiXlLiy?55'f U '5 'K ,IS lik? EW ' 5 ,.li2iiSQ.,5f52g 11111111?:111f111-212,11,.1-11111112 1115:11ii11i11ff11f11s211e1g5,gQ1zgsgg11g1211,11 1 311321 If 11 1 ' 50011 5111111111 ,yLk.113'Z117,,i. 1 K ' f,. if' 151112ff'51933I37lstg:3L.5i7.5T."1,f' W H. 1 1 ' 9' Q 1l, T 117Q991!11ffil1If'1Q 517,117 mg , 1 ' I -fn 1 .fzvsifiSiE7?i?5fVfit"tf,'fgu 1' . . 111 ,, '1f'i'f7l:3e?-L11 12.111151 ' ' i1I1v.1Q1. 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N11111111 1.1 111111 111.111 111 1 ,.,.,.1,1,1,.111,111,11,.11111 1- 1111111 1 11111111 1111.11-1,1-1111111-1X,11X111 Lw11g3g11f111111 11f-z1f1 A1111 111 1121.21 11151111111 f11'i1:1w11f111w11211f111w1 f11 11111 wr 411-111 111 .111 11 111 1-11111111.91-111111 111111 11111111111.111111,1,1.1 111 11.111111 1 1i1111 11112111-111 .11 .11 111 111 1111111 mi4411111111111S1,1'1 'fialiff I iw 111: 1511382133111 12411'4s1e115is1ii1?54112135451311113511 4,5i151132,,'Sq9S1g11 wgif+11gag1i,gsg,5Sf52eg5eEg,gQg,gv3g,gw,gs15451544iggf51gE2111f115ng,s11li1fi.' . x1?1111S13Sg1,5S1ggifggEg1? 1ff11-11v:a1111111 A Q 21121 '111511122,f8gfX1gw14fwgfif1w1iw1ffv-Uv-111.111111115111K1161111z11f1111111111111111111s11111111115111gsgXf31Xgi1,g1,1111111111111wg , , , ,111111111111111 11 111111-111 1 1 11 1111- - -1 111.111111.111111111.1111a.11:11.111fwfriA1111-11111111111111111111111f111f11111w111111211111111111111111-1111,-'11-111111111111. 1-1 11111-1111111511 11s11,s1,111111111 1 11 111.1,,1,2,,.1,11,,31,11 .11-f111'1,1z11,,111111.11.111 1 1.11N1911.,.,111,,111,111 ,1,,1,11,,11,.11,1,,11,11 1. ..,1.11,111,11,,11 151115113111is9111111111,111gfK111112111211222.111let11111111.i1e1z1s11,511.fvfbi2fifwe s'f111'11'111111V11f11fi11f .111212251215sgg511?s11S111S11ft1111f1gf 1'1111,11111111111w1gg1g,11,g111g11,511 1i111111,11,,11 11,l111,111,11,1111111111111111 .11.11,1,,111,11.11 1.,1 1,1..1,,1,,11-W1 1 1.,. .11.11..1,111,111. 1 111. 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Sam Linnick and Mike Aycock show the correct pitch 1 as fi 516199-2L2Q?'?f,'fi? i',fiTeifu if -if-Y'f,fQh5Sianh1,iwi SU 4.-f 1,-kiiiiligllgmixas'ffM'l-ifirfs! li? f'1vi,27ir'xF4z's'M'.gYN-Zgifgqvii 51 5 rim s? 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In 1965, the Murphy netters placed first in the state high school tournament held at Samford University. Anelda Lewis congratulates Miriam Sauls after her victory in a Saturday practice match. 1966 Girls' Tennis Team Members: Betsy Sanford, Billie Jewel Molpus, Judy Lauter, Miriam Sauls, Ginny Bolling, Saundra Jordan, Anelda Lewis. wi, .W . 128 AAA Q41 at Netters Compile A Record 2. I Y 7 i .-4' 2-yay-iff L 7 A is 'S , . . y - ' , , J X Bill Fishburne gains top perch on tennis squad. 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Winning the most games was junior pitcher, William 4 Conerly winning five and losing none. Pitching the most games was senior, Ray Bishop who won four while only losing three. Six top players of ,65 were Raymond Parker, Wayne Boatman with Don Page, Jocko Potts, and George Horton playing every game. The highest batting average was hit by Don Page with Jocko Potts and Don Page hitting the most home runs. This year there are four juniors and f seven seniors returning to start the season. f"""""""s ,NA 2 D , 3 i A x31 :Z .W ,L gii ,QE iii' Q. ntramurals Promoted For Students Intramural sports participants: FIRST ROW: Mrs. Barbara Douglas, Linda Elliott, Joyce Peacock, Katie Peacock, Wanda Boggs, Anelda Lewis, Dora Eubanks, Elizabeth Kinsey, Miss Linda Sparkmang SECOND ROW.' Betsy Sanford, Miriam Sauls, Nancy Smith, Sandra Malone, Cathi Hughes, Miss Catherine McNally, Lola Pyle, Linda Famell, Ann White, Saundra Jordan, Billie Jewel Molpus. Table-tennis champion, Betsy Boasting the highest bowling averages are Janet Sanford, Wins tournament. Jordan with 147 and Liska Wheeler with 120. 132 nterested In Friendl Competition To promote the interest of all students in sports the Physical Education Department sponsored intramural ac- tivities for the first time this year. This program enabled more individuals to develop interest and skill in athletics. To attract the maximum number of students, the depart- ment offered a wide range of sports. Participants achieved personal recognition through competition for the indi- vidualg through teams they learned the need for coopera- tion. Murphy students took advantage of this opportunity in varying numbers: seventy-three participated in table tennis, forty went bowling, ninety played volleyball, thirty- six played basketball, and six ran track, during the season. Anelda Lewis works out during intramurals. Referee Joyce Peacock jumps the ball for Alice Lit- ton and Cindy Tanner as Ann White waits to intercept. Wanda Boggs hands off baton to Renee Laffre Q0-Q 5 EW f ia AAAAA7 A.77,,AAA -,A -,A27-Q 7f:f A7A-A7AA,A,AA,77A-fAAAA 'A ,AAA-7A7A -me--fs -AAAAA ,AAA , -7,,7AAf--All--W,-7A7A5,7A,AA-AAAMWA-7AAAAA,A7,,-MLAAAA, 7 A, T 951 Yawitm g,,n5A,,A,l 1 AAA, A vga iy,i,wA,,,R5,i wt, ,,, t,,,,A ,Mgt ,ge MQAA, AAA. Al HAAAAA l.Al7,J Atwe, Ag.,-snr gAA7A,i,l5,,,g-i2x,,qs?,7gii9s5-zzz,-7,', AAA7A,,y35,gA egg? Iggy-i777AA7,s 7 7 -g7,A,4raz,,2fgAg,sAyALv1AxlAA7, fA7I,A-Aa miie? A ,A A ,AA .fL. ,5f. , A Lglt MAE, A ,A.Wt A A , WAAA ,LLW,L ,A ,,,, NR A af M ,A-,AAN rAaPf3.33gh H Ag, ,,,,,i,3.-ff A, digg 'iq ffgggswnfig ' ay AA., ,A ef -as Fit fgf em ea W4 'W My ,er af AA A- ff Q 77-sis, Af cfltii- 77 2 Q AA jeR37AtfA7AAi:-1-trim K wt 7.3gfAwfAA17Ar,,- A33 7,AgyA M QMA -,IMS Ti, I Myf, ,AMG-W, ,PA Jw, Ag! 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They attend two hundred ninety-eight classes during a seven period day to enrich themselves physically and mentally, in order to be better prepared to accept the challenge of the future. 4zAffgeegrzeggggtimssggtsmvsgig A me A7-Af.77AA7LAAA 7 iilfi?5?i?f"5'W?1il'f25?f?ii'?ii57ii?f?fefi35?'5?2xf275i'E,iifg4Wtlgilfii"'?ig13?1jWifA5S'Z2QJ?7?iQLi7iY?fQ?P132QligI2t!?s?Il'Y12Vlfjnim ?R5f,'5i??- fS'35l?.?j" EtKt?W?'f,ll"if , XA!i?f9?ZE5"f1il?r?7NAl ill A. 7 A 7 N-SAS-f -7-Aw ir W' 'N A A AAAt-2swielsgsg-arise-1:g5f2:A7g77AA7-::72,'-wslieei'-27Af:i,fAA, g,A A, yeA:gemgAA -A sg, 1 AMW A Af ls, A,1 lim ft l S - eip gf AfAA,lAAAQis'.iliiQ,A ding zE , A 7urseMAs'e-age 1:7 if , ew-sf A 7 7 M-- 7 ,A A , - -fglzg-:i k ,fe-"1 4511? gmsgfs 'FV7 M 'if-if-' fi? ini-ki?ff"iffii-rE57f5?QiQ?f'35.27iaS5lvfffxifvilfifi' 5 , 'w-evil' xi 4 A wb? 1654-xl'-Qu'- . f"':r2"'A' ' 3f5A?4,ez7Qee,7A7A'f,2'2g.ge25AE7a??4A:g,eAf77ArAfsa7fm'fiI,se:gessff7i7"k?l:f77gfe7,,,Q 7':77fweeAA,Af 7 21,-7:7 ,gaze-4P77,7,7Ag2A 7-agents?-1 ,, ?'fi7l?h6?2QiH:1ier Qwiefsf'inf'swtwAwefe-r2AAAeggg22s?fL:a?lQ71sW HSAW7 77 ,A-Wifi AA,?,m--f-fn't- Wea " 7 7 f 'lf in ffiW7A5?l??Q7 gfWW??34i?f4lAJ?2i'727555iff52AWt?Xf553fS-755957fQ?fevf,7ii5ffAff ''WQ47-iff-ViffgfifgyQAWWW'iW'7WfH552 A? 2732 X73-tif,-'3i'5"NAf9 r T'7A '77 -A7 " A5 5iAAFlf5i1fg'f1e37A-its? 21557125-' tl ltlifxititit 'WLiiifit553fPfJf3232125357971'-vtittiiittligezstrfsiit17A f r? ---- ,QAAAA Asif: tllitfffrltf -QM K -KX K 'F W Gif! 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Chuck Dunn, Leo Jernigan, Kay Atkins, and Jean Strickland, Senior Representatives, make last minute checks before graduation. ICR Ready For Graduatlon Abernathy, Bonnie Adams, Laura Adams, Linda Adcox, Kathy Ade, Charles Adger, Jean Akers, Stanley Allen, Albert Allen, Alvin Allen, Edward A Allen, Lillian Anderson, Katherine Anderson, Robert Andrews, Geraldine Apken, Paula Arendall, Barclay Armour, Smith Armstrong, Ronnie Askew, Joe Atkins, Kay Austin, Cynthia Austin, Marguerite Aycock, Michael Bachus, Harry IOR Pres1des Over Fort - 1ght Baggett, Robert Baggett, Rosie Bailey, Deborah Bailey, Sandra Bairefield, William Baldo, Claude Balzli, Linda Bankester, Leonard Barlow, Jana Barnes, Fred Barnes, Richard Barrett, Joanne Bartee, Anna Barton, Kenneth Bass, John Bass, Ray Batton, Pamela Baumhauer, Helen Baxter, Alma Beagle, Susan Beasley, Linda Beasley, Martha Beckman, George Belcher, Jackie National Honor Society Members Bell, Carol Benitez, Laura Benton, Roy Betty, Debbie Bexly, Irene Biggers, Kay Biggs, Douglas Biggs, George Billy, Jerald Blair, Charles Blake, James Bleyswyk, Shelby Boggs, Wanda Bogue, Charles Bolin, Charles Bond, Jo Ann Bonds, Diane Boone, Claude Boswell, Chrysis Boulo, Susan Boutries, Eugene Bowen, Terry Bowman, Nina Boykin, Carol Membersh1p n FR H Ach1eved B Brabner, Angie Bracewell, Joseph Bradley, James Brandau, Sharon Branum, Gloria Branum, Patricia Brasell, Janelle Brassell, Linda Bricken, Thomas Bridges, Carolyn Brigham, Mary Bringer, Beverly Britt, George Brown, Edna Brown, Jeanette Brown, Laurence Brown, Ronald Brown, Suzanne Bryant, Kenneth Buckhalter, Linda Buckley, Betty Buitt, Judy Bullock, Connie Burgess, Margaret Four Talented S IOR rtists Burk, Howard Burk, Jamie Burke, Dan Burnet, Dorothy Byrd, Robert Cagle, Jeannette Cale, Sandra Cannon, Colleen Cannon, Linda Canode, Steve Cantrell, Larry Capps, Jerry Carl, Charles Carstens, Robin Carter, Judy Catlin, Jimmy Caton, Gloria Cawthon, Cecelia Chadick, Brenda Chamberlain, Doug Chamberlain, Sherry Chambers, Deborah Chaney, James Chanin, Ludmila ICR Queen Presides Cver The - 'E Me e4 w e li. y . - K r wieffisefiirflais , y Q as 4 'V' lg ' . . V 553326 'lofi f -fe ' ' - fag A aff ' Paula Raider's third year in the Homecoming Court is capped by being chosen to reign as Queen during the 1965 activities. 142 Chapman, Robert Chasin, Stanley Chestnolvick, Brynda. Ching, Charles Christie, John Cieutat, Mary Clanton, jane Clanton, Jean Clark, Linda Clarke, Stanley Clements, Brian Cleveland, Tony Coker, Bryant Coker, Clifton Coker, Danny Coker, Ruth Coleman, Linda Sue Coleman, Patricia nnual Festivities of Homecoming QK HW Comish, Jimmy Conditt, David Conerly, William Conner, Joe Coogan, Richard Cook, Adrienne Cooper, Chris Corcoran, Linda Courtney, Susan Cox, Norman Cox, Richard Craig, Mary Ellen Crane, David Craton, Nancy Crawford, Marise Crawford, Marshall Crawley, Beverly Crenshaw, Linda Crigler, John Cromwell, Carol Cross, Edward Crow, Sheila Cunningham, Henry Cunningham, Hetty Six Murph S ICR Girls Selected Cunningham, Jane Curry, Byron, Curtis, Brent Curtis, Daniels, Daniels, Daniels, Sandra David janet LaVaughn Davidson, Edward Davis, Davis Davis Davis, 3 Carol Henry John Lind a Daw, Brenda Dawson, Sheila Dean, Dewayne Dearmon, Linda Dees, Edgar Delchamps, Bill Deloach, Brenda Demetropolis, Portia Detman, Dan Dettra, Harriet Dewrell, Wanda Dix, Daniel To Be Mald In 1966 Azalea Trail Dixon, Sharon Dodson, Becky Donald, Jean Dorgan, Ann Dorlon, Harry Drinkard, Roger DuBose, Craig DuLon.g, Alfred Dumas, Billy Dumas, Robert Dungan, Dee Dunn, Bob Dunn, Charles Dunn, Kathi Durant, Leslie Dutton, Randy Eastburn, Gregory Edwards, Mary Ann Ehman, Linda Ehrlin, Martha Eichold, Alice Elkins, George Elliott, Frankie Engstrom, Charles Spmted S ICR Heads The Ten Evans, Harry Evans, Linda Evans, Tony Ezelle, Lois Fairbairn, Susan Farnell, Linda Farris, Lynn Fausak, Randy Fay, Karl Fell, Christine Ferniany, Amelia Fickling, Linda Files, Nancy Finley, Bruce Fishburne, Bill Fishwick, Diana Fiske, Sylvia Flanagan, Jim Flowers, Betty Floyd, Kenny Foerster, Paul Folks, Jane Rae Forsyth, Edward Foster, Donna Marie i Member Murphy Cheerleading Squad Head cheerleader, Susan Beagle, boosts Murphy spirit, Foster, Sharon Fountain, Jane Fowler, Lynn Fowlkes, Caroline Fox, Priscilla Frake, Gerry Jean Frank, Leann Frase, Eileen Fraser, Larry Frazier, Steve Freeman, Jerry Friedrich, Flo Frost, Brenda Fuqua, Herbert Fuller, Danny Fuller, Michael Gabel, Pam Galanos, Flora ICR Girl hosen To Lead City Galdis, Alan Galloway, Tom Gammill, Charles Garcia, Wayne Gardberg, Jonny Gardner, Mike Gay, Emrie Gibson, John Gibson, Lydia Gibson, Nancy Gilbert, Larry Gillen, Joe Gillis, Jean Girod, Teresa Gladding, Betty Glaeser, Carmen Glenos, Pete Glisson, Linda Gordon, Gay Goubil, Toni Gourdouras, Mary Graham, Tyrone Gratta, James Graves, Ann Drive For 766 so iss United Fund Green, Alice Green, Paul Green, Tony Greene, Charles Griffin, David , Grimes, Franklin Guess, Reginald Gurley, Richard Gutierrez, Scott Hackmeyer, Michael Hadley, Raymond Hagood, Virginia Hahn, Kathy Haley, Cheryl Hall, Carolyn Hall, Daniel Hall, janet Hallett, Lynne Hallman, Jerolyn Halston, Sharon l , Hamm, Margaret Hammond, Sally Hammonds, Beverly Hansen, John 149 ICR Presents ur h -Vi or Key Club President John Powell presents annual Mur- phy-Vigor victory trophy to coach Lefty Anderson. PVS Harbin, Joanne Hardesty, Jane Hardin, Donna Hare, Brenda Harford, Donald Hargett, Beverly Hargett, Derry Harper, Nancy Harrington, Steve Harris, Gerald Harris, Jackson Harris, Richard Harrison, Claude Hart, Bonnie Hart, Debbie Hart, Edgar Hartley, Emestine Hartzes, George Key Club Trophy To Head Coach Haskins, Bfobby Hawkins, Jimmy Hayden, James Hayes, Suzanne Hayles, Byron Haynes, Terry Heacock, Alfred Hebert, James Henderson, Roy Henderson, Frank Henley, Dwight Herman, John Herrick, Kae Hess, Donna Hickman, Joe Hickman, John Hicks, Sue Hickson, Darby Hillarcl, Sandra Hinton, Sharon Hiteshew, George Hixson, Richard Hoagland, Betty Hodge, Murry IOR Class Aided In uidance Hodo, Ronnie Hoeltzel, ,Tony Hoffman, Eugene Hofheins, james Holbein, Fred Holcomb, Ruth Holland, George Hollowell, Leila Honea, Barbara Hoppe, Philip Horne, George Horton, Douglas House, Patricia, Howard, Thomas Howell, Bentley Hudson, Vicky Huggins, Barbara Hull, Margaret Hunt, Barbara Hurn, Patricia Hurst, Gregory Hurst, Sylvia Huston, George Irby, Mike flice B Experienced Counselors Ivey, Carol Jackson, Alice Jackson, Margaret Jacobs, Gary Jefferson, Alfred Jenkins, Louise Jennings, Steve Jepko, Patricia Jernigan, Eddie Jernigan, Leo Jernigan, Paul Jerome, Jackie 153 Jesse, Carol Johnson, Billy Johnson, Brenda Johnson, Cecelia Johnson, Charlotte Johnson, Clara Johnson, Edwin Johnson, Howard Johnson, Jerry Johnson, Linda Johnson, Marie Johnson, Peggy Forty-Eight SE IOR Club Members nv'-. ek?- 154 Johnson, Suzanne Jones, Jones, Jones, Jones, Jones, Jones, Jones, Jordan Jordan jordan 1 2 J Joe J udy Kathy Mike Paula Sandra, William Dixie Gregory Janet Jordan, Khyle Jordan, Richard Jordan, Saundra Jordan, Shirley Jordan, Steve Keeffe, Keith, Keller, Kelley, Kelley, Kelley, Kelley, Mary Ann Mike Connie Joe Joel Leon Robin Kelly, Vicki Honored Panther Spmt 1ght Kerlin, Patsy Kersh, Joe King, Jan King, Louis King, Richard Kinsey, Elizabeth Kinzer, David Knudsen, Lane Kroh, Connie LaCoste, Cheryle LaFon, Doris Lambert, Kathy Lamey, Robert Langham, Kenneth Langley, Janis Largue, Roy Larsen, Mamie Lassiter, Cynthia Lathan, Gary LeBlanc, Mickey Ledbetter, Marilyn Lee, Judy Lee, Linda Leech, Graham PfCS1dCHt O The Nauonal Honor Lees, Gayle Leggett, Richard Lewis, Anelda Lightsey, David Linaras, Jim Lincoln, Robert Lingo, Betsy Lipscomb, Carole Littleton, June Litton, Alice Livingston, Stan Loden, John Loftin, Susan Logan, James Lomers, Kenneth Long, Daniel Long, Gay Longrnire, Paula Loper, Sylvia Lord, Angela Lott, Betsy Ludlam, Charles Luna, Robert Lutz, Carolyn Society Pledges In Eddie Hart, President of the Murphy's National Honor Society, administers oath to new members at the annual induction ceremony. 157 SE ICR Members Luxenberg, Darby Lyons, George McBride, Peggy McCall, Patricia McCarty, Daniel McCarty, Thomas McCartney, Mickey McCaskil1, Harry McC1ary, Cheryl McCoy, Raymond McCullough, Don McDavid, John McDonald, James McEvoy, joe McGhee, Jerry McGonigal, Burke McGough, Jimmy McGraw, Nancy Six S IOR Scholars oin Ranks Mclnnis, Donna Mclnnis, Larry Mclnnis, Ray Mclntosh, Terry McKenna, David McKenzie, Bennie McLeod, Richard McMillin, Ann McMillan, James McMurphy, John McNair, Judy McRae, Arthur McWilliams, Bruce Maddox, Ruby Maisel, Leon Mallett, Robert Mallory, John Malone, Sandra Mann, Penny Mann, Susan Manuel, Connie Markis, Jake Marshall, Janet Marshall, John '!!,".L"' ational Merit Semi-Finalists 4"",,-,I Martin, John Massey, Gail Matthews, Billye May, Joy May, Patty Maybry, Richard Mayer, Sharon Mayo, Cathy Mayo, Linda Meatyard, James Merchant, Bruce Merchant, Katherine Meredith, Sharon Middleton, Paula Milam, Jerry Miller, James Miller, Jo Ann Miller, Michael Miller, Patricia Miller, Ray Mills, Milton Mims, Danny Mirns, Randy Minchew, Joyce Ideals 0 National Honor Society Minton, Betty Mitchell, Mary Lou Molpus, Billie Jewel Moncrief, Henry Monroe, John Montgomery, Alice Mooney, Deborah Moore, Newell Moore, Penny Moore, Vernon Mordecai, Kay Morgan, Linda Morris, Grace Morris, Shannon Morris, William Morrison, John Morrison, Kenneth Moss, Sandra Murff, Kerry Murray, Carol Murrill, Paulette Nash, Leslie Nealy, Horace Neese, Joe Stressed To New SE IOR Induetees l6l Neigel, Larry Neira, Maria Nelson, Bob Nelson, Glenn Nelson, Larry Newell, jimmy Nicholson, Kay Nims, David Noel, Carol Norman, Joan Norris, Beverly Norris, Lynn Oberkirch, Fred O'Brien, Brenda Ogburn, Walter O'Neal, Kim Ortmann, Richard Oshita, Terry Otto, Bonnie Owens, Richard Owens, Sammy Page, Donald Palmer, Diane Papageorge, Mary Ellen Talented S ICR Part1e1pates I Parish, Parker, Parker, Patrick, Patron Patters Patters Michael David Raymond Ralph as, Denise on, Joyce on, Robert Patton, Pat Patton, Susan Payne, Tom Peacock, John Peacock, Joyce Pennington, Linda Perkins, Shirlene Perrym Peters, Pettis, Pierce, Pierce, Pierre, an, Matterson Wayne Robert Marian Riley Adele Pittman, Lynda Pitts, Linda Plash, Duane Poe, Susan The Chem-Bo-Phys Club alent Show Polewoda, Janise Ponder, Ginger Poole, Ginny Pope, David Post, Lynn Potts, Jocl-to Powell, John Powell, Judy Powell, Linda Powell, Robert Price, Eugene Price, Nancy Pritchard, Larry Purcell, Linda Purvis, Bennie Pylate, Deborah Pyle, Lola Quackenbush, David Daniel Dix sings three songs in Chem-Bo-Phys talent show. 5 4 College Bound S IOR Took ' QF, Quebedeaux, Rebecca Quina, Bill Raider, Paula Raley, Kenneth Ramsey, Harry Rattner, Mike Raue, Fredrick Reese, Joe Regan, Teresa Reid, Maurine Reinhart, Voncile Reneke, Edward Reneman, Nancy Rhodey, Alan Richards, John Richards, Margaret Richardson, Joe Richardson, Nancy Richey, Jackie Ridderbjelke, Deborah Rivenbark, John Robertson, Brenda Robinson, Graham Robinson, Jewel CT nd S T EXam1nat1on In Fall Robinson, Jimmy Rolls, Harold Roper, Marilyn Rose, Bettina Roshto, Richard Rosner, Janie Ross, Dale Rowell, Neal Rouse, Peter Rubey, Robert Rubira, Lydia Russell, Susan Saad, E. Sanders, Sanders, Sanders, Sandley Sanford 1 3 J. Joanne Linda Moye Joe Kay Savell, Diane Saucer, Michele Sauls, Miriam Sayers, Pam Scarclilf, Francis Schaffer, Marilyn Four S ICR Class Members Hold Schaub, Jane Schear, Sarah Scheu, Edward Schock, James Scott, George Scott, Joan Scroggins, Beverly Sedgewick, John Seguin, Thomas Selby, Ruth Sellers, Anita Sellers, Phillip Sessions, Jerry Shaw, Neal Shelton, Debbie Shepard, Darlene Shephard, Ronnie Shiel, James Shields, Clifford Shipp, Donna Shoemaker, Linda Simmons, Lany Sinclair, Leslie Smith, Brenda flioe Youth APPTCCIHYIOH Week Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Conrad David Eugene James Jo Ann Kathleen Lance Linda Loutishie Marcia Margaret Nancy Richard Robert Ronald Sharlene Shelia. Vicky Sneeringer, Phillip Snow, Glenda Sobieski, Barbara Sossaman, Kathryn South, Fred Southerland, Robert E IOR Drum ajor Directs Murph Spann, Larry Spann, Lorraine Sparkman, Tommy Spies, David Spooner, Linda Sprouse, Donald Stadther, Garland Stark, Craig Steele, Sandra Stepps, Raye Stern, Ellen Stevens, Joetta Stewart, Beverly Stewart, Joy Stidham, Brenda Stojcich, Patti Stokes, Mike Stokes, Pat Senior Jimmy Blake serves his second year as drum major M3FCh1Hg and n Parade Ground Strachan, John Strange, Hugh Strickland, Jean Stringfellow, John Strong, Rex Sullivan, Judy Sullivan, Martha Summerall, Linda Sutts, Marilyn Sypsa, Stefan Tallman, Pat Tam, Charles Tanner, Bobbie Jean Tanner, Cynthia Taylor, Barbara Taylor, Dock Taylor, Margaret Taylor, Mike Taylor, Robert Taylor, Robert Taylor, Sharon Teague, Dottie Terranova, Melanie Thomas, David Two SE ICR English Students Win Thomason, Sheila Thompson, Carley Thompson, Nancy Thompson, Racheal Thompson, Shirley Thoss, Emery Tillery, Spencer Todd, Mitchell Tolpin, Richard Tomberlen, Billy Tooley, Dorothy Traczewitz, Tracy Trawick, Rosemary Trice, Carol Troche, Martha Tucker, Glenda Tucker, Joe Turk, Bernard Turk, Cheryl Turner, Barbara Tuttle, Dana Twine, Bruce Uptagraft, Jim Urquhart, Jane Honors In 1965 CTE Competmon Van Antwerp, Kit Van Hoose, James Walden Walker, Walley, l7l Wacker, Walcott, J Walters, Walton, Walton, Varhely, Mike Vaughan, Carol Vaughn, James Vergos, Maria Via, Dorothy Vignes, John Vinson, Linda Vrocher, Bill Jamie Judy Barbara Sandra Otis David Geary Tommy Ware, Russell Warlick, Ray Warren, Katy Lou Waters, Gloria Waters, Juanita Watler, Donald Three-Year S ICR Letterman I Watson, Bob Watson, Jeff Webb, Tommy Weed, Larry Weems, Linda Welford, Lemar West, Bob Westover, William A Whatley, Robert Wheeler, Liska White, Ann White, Bill White, Bob White, Jean White-Spunner, Nancy Wiggins, Lyndon Williams, Gwyn Williams, Kathy Wiliams, Martha Williams, Montea Williams, Pamela Williams, Richard Williams, Vicki Willson, Judy 172 President Cf The Spike Shoe Club Wilson, Ben Wilson, Lorena Wilson, Robert Wilson, Tom Zydlak, Daniel Zanipieri, Dean Zuber, Charles I 173 Wimpee, Glenn Windham, Helen Winner, James Winters, Becky Wise, Wanda Wojohn, Jean Womack, Patricia Worrell, Frank Wynne, Ronald Yawn, Ronald Yeager, Ann Yeencl, William Cinderman Derry Hargett pre- sides over Spike Shoe Club. th anther Spirit ight Held K Panther Spirit Night Chairman, Anita Sellers welcomes Mr. Jack Crisp, master of ceremonies. Art Rigas receives final instructions about house lights from Jan King. 1967 Mohian Staff mast heads: Assistant Editor Ben Kimbrough, Advertising Manager John Huff, Editor-in-Chief Howard Walker, Business Manager Kathy Hanks, Assistant Editor Judy Lauter. Mrs. Groom awards Outstanding Senior scrolls to Vicki Kelly, Mike Aycock, Flo Friedrich, Laura Adams, jimmy Blake and Carol Trice. f A v. ,ft W As Staff Hosts Record Crowd Excitement, joy, disbelief-these moods best express the feelings of Miss Catherine McNally, dedicatee of the 1966 MOHIAN February twenty-sixth marked one of the high points in Murphy High Schoolis extracurricular activities. On this date one hundred Fifteen Murphy students took part in the seventh annual Panther Spirit Night sponsored by the MO- HIAN Staff. Scenery consisted of the emblem on the 1966 MOHIAN, a torch imposed on an "M", flanked by rep- licas of the covers of the 1964 and 1965 MOHIANS. Mr. Jack Crisp assumed the role of master of ceremonies for his seventh straight year. Opening the evening's activities were the introduction of the candidates for class favor- ites and presentations of the outstanding seniors as se- lected by the faculty. The dedication of the 1966 MOHI- AN to Miss Catherine McNally climaxed the evening. Cap- ping the night's activities were the introduction of candi- dates for Mr. and Miss Panther Spirit and the announce- ment of the top ofhcers of the 1967 MOI-IIAN Staff. A reception in the cafeteria honoring the participants fol- lowed the presentations in the auditorium. Jan King welcomes audience to the seventh annual Panther Spirit Night. 1967 Staff Heads Announced Robert Haas and Jimmy McGough en- tertain with "Take Her Out of Pity". Miss Eloise Foster gives last minute details for recep- tion to Howard Walker, Jan King, and Dean Zampieri. Mrs. King and Penny Mann serve ice cold h PSN ' ' . . . punc to pamclpants and guests Members of the audience are enthralled as Claire Stanard sings 'LWhat Have They Done With the Rain". 42,,..,, F -. 176 r. nd Miss Panther Spirit Eddie Hart ane Cunningham National Honor Society President National Honor Society "Mn Club Latin Club Inter-Club Council Cheerleader Key Club Teacherls Assistant Ushers' Club OHice Assistant Basketball C0-Captain Track l77 . Taylor Aooep Junior Inductees: FIRST ROW: C. Weeks, A. Blackmarr, P. Swift, L. Hatcher, P. Caytong SECOND ROW: S. Pell, L. Borden, L. Leatherbury, B. Estes, B. jones, THIRD ROW: J. Fritz, B. Lee, J. Hughes, M. Bodden, S. Oberkirch, FOURTH ROW? R- Adams, D- Rider, B- Moore, J- KQYSCR T- Foster- Betty Flowers pins badge on inductee Marcia Jordan. Junior Inductees: FIRST ROW: J. Lauter, M. Jordan, S. Wilson, J. Morrow, B. Harris, C. Hebert, N. Patterson, A. Holifieldg SECOND ROW: A. Reinschmidt, R. Owen, N. Owen, D. Lollar, P. Mason, J. Moore, B. Bryant, S. Ellis, H. Walker, THIRD ROW: D. Touchstone, D. Lundy, B. Betancourt, F. Garrett, F. Kasten, T. Sessi, B. Plumstead, J. Glenn, T. Holland. I78 43 Seniors And 45 unior To Senior Inductees: FIRST ROW.' D. Patronas, P Johnson, P. Mann, S. Hicks, C. Ivey, G. Andrews, S Mann, SECOND ROW: P. Jones, B. Lott, S. Beagle K. Van Antwerp, B. Abernathy, P. Foerster, B Arendallg THIRD ROW: K. Lambert, K. Sanford G. Brannum, N. Rowell, B. Chapman, T. Galloway, A. White. Senior Inductees: FIRST ROW: V. Smith, A. Brab- ner, B. Hargett, P. Williams, G. Waters, M. McCart- ney, C. Hall, R. Kelley: SECOND ROW: B. Walden B. Fishburne, E. Frase, J. Strickland, H. Cunningham, Dun an' THIRD ROW' D Detman R Barnes, D. g , . . , . B. Dunn, D. Tolpin, D. Hargettg FOURTH ROW D. Spies, R. Taylor, Hebert. Candles symbolizing leadership, character, scholarship, and service are lit by National Honor Society speakers Bruce Finley, Mike Aycock, Vicky Hudson, and Jane Hardesty. Inez Langham Memorial Chapter MI light the candle of Scholarship from the Eternal Flame of Knowledge? Silence prevailed in the auditorium as these words were spoken, and the National Honor Society induction began. Juniors and Seniors seeking admission must possess qualities of character, scholarship, leader- ship, and service and maintain a scholastic average of 3.3. The Inez Langham Memorial Chapter, established at Mur- phy in 1926, was named in honor of a late sponsor. Mur- phyis National Honor Society, sponsored by Mrs. Virginia Stickney, recognized Seniors and Juniors in a special can- dlelighting ceremony held February 24 and 25. i 1 Excitement surges through the robed group as Beverly dent Eddle Hart before the mduetlen ef new members Stewart watches Jane Rae Folks adjust Terry Oshita's collar. Members FIRST ROW M Aycock J Hardesty, K. Warren, N. Cox, E. Hart, SECOND ROW J Cunningham B Flowers J Jerome A. Baxter, B. Hart, W. Wise, THIRD ROW R Guess G Robinson P Batton L Wheeler, L. Hallett, L. Adams, FOURTH ROW S Schear J Carter F Smith J McMurphy, J. Powell, H. Evans, C. Harrison. Stresses High Scholastic Average Members: FIRST ROW: J. Blake, B. Finley, V. Hudson, T. Oshita, I. Folksg SECOND ROW: P. Tallman, A. Litton, C. Trice, B. Stewart, D. Plashg THIRD ROW: P. May, H. Johnson, M. Craig, V. Kelly, R. Carstens, R. Leggett, G. Nelson, FOURTH ROW: G. Jordan, D. Quackenbush, C. Coleman, J. King, M. Todd, J. Flanagan. Officers: Katy Lou Warren, Secretary, Norman Cox, Chaplain, Jimmy Blake, Treasurer, Greg Jordan, Historian, Eddie Hart, President National Honor Society members begin induction ceremony with a solemn procession down the aisles. l 181 utstanding Seniors Fine Arts Mathematics Harry Evans Pat Tallman Teresa Girod David Qiuackenbush Darby Hickson Mike Varhely Marcia Smith Eileen Frase 182 As Selected By The Faculty For Superior Work Commercial Beverly Stewart Susan Mann Speech and Dramatics Linda Adams Peggy Johnson utstanding Seniors English Terry Oshita Vicki Kelly James Blake Laura Adams Mike Aycock Carol Trice Flo Friedrich Robert Mallett 184 As Selected By The Faculty For Superior Work Music Jerry Milam Duane Plash Katy Lou Warren jackie Jerome Harry Evans - - Harry Evans Richard Barnes Jane Cunningham Soclal SCICHCC Angie Brabner Norman Cox Katy Lou Warren 185 Cutstanding Seniors . Jan King Lorraine Spann Publications iii 1 186 Vocational Sharon Halston Gus Peter Glenos As Selected By The Faculty For Superior Work oreign Language Katy Lou Warren Denise Patronas Vicki Hudson Betty Flowers Lane Knudsen law Science Jackie Jerome jim Flanagan Howard Johnson David Qiuackenbush Physical 3 i in f Q fi gg, Education Claude Harrison Anelda Lewis George Elkins Wanda Boggs Francis Reese Joyce Peacock fWM'Wf mzw. ' WW sW1.:E'W Anais-.K Mr. Taylor congratulates Richard Barnes, Jeanette Brown, and Terry Oshita on h . . t eir national ratings in the National Merit Scholarship competition and the NCTE. Murphy's three National Merit Finalists-Richard Barnes, Jeanette Brown, and Harry Evans-strengthen their knowledge through perpetual research and study. 188 urphian Recognized ationally Three Murphy students received finalist ratings from the National Merit Program in which seventeen thousand high schools throughout the nation took part. Based on biographi- cal statements and examinations as well as tests, the program serves as an avenue through which promising students gain admission to college. A finalist rating includes the student's name in a booklet sent to colleges, universities, and sources of Financial aid. Richard Barnes, Jeanette Brown, and Harry Evans qualified out of fourteen thousand semi-finalists and, therefore, were awarded the ratings of finalists. Two seniors recognized to be outstanding English stu- dents received certificates of merit from the National Coun- cil of Teachers of English. Thirty students recommended by their English teachers submitted a theme and a reading list to a committee of teachers in this department. The themes, past grades, and reading lists were judged before the list was narrowed down to six. A summer teachers' workshop decided whose material would be sent to the national com- mittee. Robert Mallet and Terry Oshita achieved the highest scholastic awards in English a high school student can re- ceive and their names were sent to many colleges. Miss Hope, head of the English Department discusses world literature with Terry Oshita runner-up, and Robert Mallet, winner, in the National Council of Teachers of English N S I 1' 1 UH WZ hx Q" 4 , x Y? fa A, . 'v i 0 ,su MW, Q f ' vm y -IQ,-wwaimh-'trww ' " f . , - 5? . .,,f.l,,QQ,wmw, 44. iQ A 4 ' Ek f Pity' ' s 2' Pi L, I m1Q,.,qv39 .... , on 3 fl f -wx 1+ .K J Ackerman, Arnold Adams, Lynn Adams, Randy Aguillard, Tony Aikens, Walter Aldridge, Garet Alexander, Lorraine Allen, Donald Allen, John Allen, Philip Alums, Tanya Amos, Barbara Arnhardt, Sybil Austin, Dolph Auter, Robert Bachus, Larry Bagwell, Kenneth Baker, Al Baker, Robert Baldwin, Linda Baldwin, Shirley Ball, Callie Bancroft, Linda Barlow, Steve Barr, Kaya Barrett, Ruby Batchelor, Linda Baxter, Debbie Beagle, Thomas Beard, Virginia Beaven, Lucy Bedford, Beverly Bedford, Brenda Bedingfield, James Bedwell, Ineater Bell, Julie Bell, Sheila Belue, Brenda Benson, Sue Benson, Susan Betancourt, Bettie Beville, Lucy Bickford, Nancy Bittner, Cindy Blackmarr, Anna Blackmon, Dwight Blackwell, Barbara Blake, Jackie U IOR Class Numbers 857 Strong President 0fjU IOR Class Heads Bodden, Martha Bodiford, Frank Boggen, John Bolling, Ginny Bolling, Libby Bonner, Susan Borden, Linda Bostick, Jimmy Botts, Jan Bowden, Alfred Bowden, Brenda Boyd, Jimmy Brady, Judy Brannan, Kathleen Brannon, Patricia Brannon, Ronnie Brewer, Mark Bricken, Knox Britton, Ann Brook, Maury Brown, Billy Brown, Charles Brown, Richard Bryan, Robert Bryant, Betsy Bryant, Stephanie Bryars, Bob Buck, Marilyn Buckhalter, Chuck Bullard, Diane Bullard, Richard Bunkley, Bill Burdeshaw, Debra Burks, William Busby, Patsy Busby, Ray Bush, Martha Byrd, Roger Byrd, Van 1965 66 homecoming parade sparked by the efforts of Junior Class President Robert Cohen. Homeeommg Parade Comm1ttee Caffey, Susan Cain, Thomas Calhoun, Calvin Campbell, Collie Campbell, David Campbell, Helen Cannon, Barbara Cannon, Betty Cargill, Cathy Carlisle, Linda Carr, Ray Cassidey, Martha Jane Castle, Cynthia Caton, John Cawthon, Linda Cayton, Patricia Chandler, Charlotte Childs, Suzanne Clark, Conley Clarke, Helen Cobb, Richard Coggin, Debby Coggins, Joy Cohen, Robert Coleman, Claudette Conditt, Cathy Cone, Gary Coniff, Mike Cooper, Bush Copeland, Debbie Couch, Butch Cousar, Carolyn Cousar, Lilis Craven, Sammy Crawford, Charlotte Creekmore, Louis Crigler, Jan Cronenberg, Anne Crowson, Sara Culberson, Sarah Culbertson, Della Cummings, Jerry Cunningham, Lynn Dail, Toni Dalgo, Larry Dameron, Gale Darley, Jackie Dases, Cynthia JU ICR Cfiiee Assistant Michele Elsevier, office assistant. f X O 194 Prove Davis, Bettie Davis, Chris Davis, Connie Davis, Crestena Davis, Glenda Davis, Jim Davis, Lawrence Davis, Sam Davis, Sharon Davis, Susie Davis, Theresa Dean, James Dean, Larry Dean, Sandra De Gruy, Glenn Denmark, Raymond Denmark, Stephen De Rossett, Joyce Derr, Dendy Diehnelt, Andrea Di Gangi, Kathy Dill, Nancy Dixon, Lea Dorlon, Kathy Douggar, Ronnie Dozier, Linda Duke, Susan Dunlap, Harold Dunn, Yvonne Duplan, Peggy Durant, Charlotte Durant, Hiram Easley, Cheryl Echement, Robert Edgar, Ginger Ed-son, Wilbert Elliott, Linda Ellis, Melanie Ellis, Suzanne Helpful To Staff n Ma1n flice Elsevier, Michelle Enfinger, Lynn Ernest, Mike Estes, Barbara Eubanks, Beverly Eubanks, Dora Ezell, Paul Feaster, Becky Fendley, Linda Ferniany, Ed Few, Allen Fillingham, Pat Fitzhugh, Mike Fletcher, Jim Flott, David Foerster, Michael Fontaine, Katherine Forrest, Vickie Foster, Bonnie Foster, Herbert Foster, Torn French, Anna Fritz, Joe Fuller, Gary Fuller, Richard Gaffney, Charlene Gardner, Diane Garrett, Becky Garrett, Fredericka Garrison, Trisha Gaston, Patty Getchell, Duncan Gillman, Joe Gilmore, Shelia Gilmore, Sherry Givens, Elaine Glaeser, Gary Glenn, Jule Glidewell, Janice Gollott, Dodson Gollott, Sandra Gonzales, Doug Green, Brad Green, Buddy Green, Janice Greene, June Griffin, Gwen Griiiin, Robert Grimes, Frances Grimes, Linda Grow, Catherine Guerry, Barbara Guinn, Becky Gutel, Tommy Gwin, David Haas, Robert Hackmeyer, Beth Hallman, Mona Lynn Hammac, Joyce Hammett, Paula Hampton, Tom Haney, Patricia Hanks, Kathy Hanlin, Wilhelmina Hansen, Larry Hanson, Mary Harbaugh, David Hardesty, John Harding, Judy Harding, Linda Hardy, Kay Harris, Betty Harrison, Patricia Harvell, George Hatcher, Donald Hatcher, Linda Hathcock, Regina Hayes, Douglas Hayes, Mike Haymon, Donna Haynes, Elaine Haynes, Glenda Helton, Connie Henderson, John Hestle, Jean Hill, Anita Himes, Paul irls State Tennis Champion Girl's state tennis champion, Betsy Sandford. 196 Member U The JU ICR Class Hoffman, Ramon Hoit, Helen Holland, Tommy Holt, Kenneth Horne, Alleta Horton, George Howard, Kenny Hudson, John Hudson, Mike Huff, John Hughs, Jackie Imsand, Mark Inge, Herndon Inge, Linda Ison, Joy Jackson, Bobbie Jackson, Tommy Jacobs, Michael Jenkins, Cecille Jernigan, Barbara Jernigan, Brent Johansen, Charlotte Johnson, Bobbie Johnson, Donna Johnson, Doug Johnson, Larry Jolly, Pam Jones, Barry Jones, Carolyn Jones, James Linda Baldwin, only junior ma- jorette, practices before big game. Jones, Larry Jones, Lois Jones, Mandie Jordan, Marcia Jordan, Patsy Ka-sten, Fred O Kayser, Jay Keel, Debby Keith, Marshall 197 ember of UNIQR Class Serves Kennedy, Irene Kennedy, James Kersten, Harry Killam, Patsy Kimbrough, Ben King, Dorothy King, Stanley Kiser, Terry Kittrell, Cathy Kogon, Larry Knapp, William Kruse, Dianna Kugler, Dale Kustura, Mary Anne Kyser, Frank Lagos, Linda Lambert, Willa Lane, Angela Lane, Donna Lane, Tommy Lassiter, Tommy Lauter, Judy Lavender, Buddy Leatherbury, Laura LeBlanc, Linda Lederman, Judy Lee, Bruce Lee, Kenny Lewis, Debby Lightsey, Elizabeth Linam, Vernan Lincks, Kathy Lindsey, Gene Lingle, Kenny Linnick, Sam Lloyd, La-Don Lloyd, Ronald Lockler, Kathie Logan, Elizabeth Lollar, Dianne Long, Doris Long, Wainette Loper, Larry Lose, Keith Love, Margaret Lowing, Jimmy Luck, Sharon Lundy, Dennis As Vice President Cf Ushers lub Lundy, Diane Lundy, Shirley Lunsford, Jimmy Mac Farlene, Gail McAlister, Bob McCaskey, Kathy McCoughn, Pamela McClure, Robby McCoy, Joan McCrory, Esther McCue, Candy McDonald, Jerry McDonald, Ricky McDonnell, Mickey McDonough, John McGinley, Brenda McGowan, David McLeod, Rita McMurphy, Earl McNeil, Chuck McNellage, Sharon McPherson, Winton Mallory, Jimmy Marchman, Robert Marriott, Ginger Martin, Brenda Martin, Johnny Mason, Priscilla vMassengale, Phyllis Massey, Ginger Mathews, Betty Matzenger, Joe Mees, Foy Melton, Penny Merrill, Charles Mietz, Gerald Miller, Adger Miller, Mickey Miller, Mike Junior Nat Sonnier, Usher Vice- President, oversees seating. Member fJU IOR Class Handles Miller, Stuart Milling, Fred Minette, Jane Mohnani, Laju Molpus, Mary Edith Montalban, Sandra Moore, Bob Moore, Helen Moore, Janet Moorer, Martha Morgan, George Morrison, Nelda Morrow, Judi Moss, Voncile Munger, Sharon Murphy, Susan Musgrove, Ronald Myrick, Ruth Ann Nabors, Bob Nall, Becky Neese, Janice Nelson, Lynn Nerren, Carol Nichols, Hubbard Nixon, Patti Norville, Hatsie Nowell, Allen Oberkirch, Suzanne O,Donnell, Barry O'Gwynn, Glenda OlGwynn, Rita Olensky, Joanne Oliver, Jeanine Ortmann, Diane Owens, Harold Owens, Nita Owens, Rita Page, Terry Painter, Jim VV , RE 'l Q 'All 5 , T T? Claire Stanard helps with ticket sales for Pensacola game. 200 Finances Cf The Student Council Parker, Gearldine Parr, Helen Patterson, Linda Patterson, Nancy Pell, Sharon Perez, Betty Pettis, Cecil Pettiss, Marion Peyregne, Donald Phillips, Carole Phillips, Regina Phillips, Sherry Pierce, Leigh Pierce, Kenneth Pierce, Mike Pinkerton, Glenda Pittman, Peggy Plumstead, Bart Porter, Doris Pou, Rachel Powell, Carolyn Powell, Diane Powell, Kathy Prather, Susan Prewitt, Billy Prince, Brian Provost, Marcia Puckett, Mike Pugh, Linda Rackley, Bonnie Raustler, Kirke Redisch, Phillip Reese, Jenny Reeves, Ruth Ann Reid, Janice Reinschmidt, Alice Rettig, Cynthia Richardson, Patricia Riddle, William Rider, David Rivers, Ronald Roberts, Ralph Robinson, Brenda Robinson, Richard Robley, Candye Rogers, Polly Rolls, Phil Rouillier, Susan ,l ,, ip, ., .. 3 ui s I fi YW' A ui gm 'WW' , W lf QR ' ':wKH?5S1K -7 wil "asf J 3' il r c .V .-, ,i 5- , L 5, A X g i L.. 'YT""'f5 infer n 5 ea fe, . Vx Wi? 201 , Rowell, Ronald Rowse, Mark Royal, Charles Runkel, Annette Russell, Jeannie Sandford, Betsy Scarcliff, Brenda Schiemenz, Robert Schultz, Richard Scott, Barry Scott, Carol Seibert, Joyce Sessi, Tony Shannon, Patricia Shaw, Pam Shearer, Ruth Sheridan, Steve Shetler, Donna Shoemaker, Sammy Shuford, John Simmons, Dusty Simms, Claudine Simpson, Kathy Sims, Thomas Skinner, Linda Smelley, Rebecca Physical Education In tructor l J J l l l Smith, Alexa Smith, Cynthia Smith, David Smith Garland Smith, Judy Smith, Linda Smith, Louie Smith, Phil 4 Smith, Sharon Smith, Steve l Smith, Travis F Snypes, Al Sonnier, Nat Sowell, Dale Spain, Joan Spears, Diane Spence, Mary Katherine Spies, Greg Spottswood, Claudia Spottswood, Martha Springer, Kenneth Stahlnecker, Greg E 3 202 S V Chosen To Spon or JU ICR Class Stallings, Beverly Stanard, Claire Stewart, Becky Stickney, Cliff Stokley, Clayton Stork, Arlen Stoudenmier, Camille Strickland, Eugene Stromei, Brenda Styers, Linda Sudiha, Yvonne Sullivan, Vicky Sutton, Pat Sutts, Martha Swift, Pam Sypsa, George Tacon, Rozlyn Tagert, Joyce Tait, Elizabeth Tanksley, Jewel Tapia, Joni Tate, Margaret Taylor, Linda Tharp, Charlotte Tharp, Sharon Thiele, Carolyn Thigpen, Debbie Thomas, Billy Thomas, Donna Thomas, Evelyn Thomas, Lee Thompson, Scharleane Thompson, Cynthia Thompson, Steve Thurston, Don Tillman, Jimmy Tillman, Joe Tolbert, Billy Tolbert, Johnnie Mrs. Douglas, Jr. Class Sponsor LIU IOR President Of Y-Teens lub Torbert, Marcia Torgeson, Evelyn Torp, Arlen Touchstone, Don Traczewitz, Terry Tull, Cecelia Turner, Lana Turner, Linda Tyler, Kathy Usher, Mary Beth Vail, Helen Van Aller, Dee Dee Vanvig, jane Vautier, Connie Vines, Lynn Vinsant, Kathy Voelz, Dave Vogtner, Rebecca Wade, Terry Wainwright, James Walker, Howard Walker, Pat Wallace, Marci Waller, Sylvia Walley, Gary Walley, Rachel Waltman, Chris Walton, Andy Walton, Candy Walton, Richard Wanamaker, Lancia Warlick, Ken Watford, Julia Watson, Charlotte Watterson, Jamie Weber, Wesley Ann Weeks, Carolyn Weil, Glenn Wells, Sara Martha Cassidy, Y-Teens President Eleets Project Of Trophy Pol1 hmg West, Jeannie Wheeler, Bryan White, Bonnie White, Sharon Whitson, Kenneth Wiggs, Diane Wilkinson, Cathy Williams, Beth Williams, Dollie Williams, Garry Williams, Leslie Williams, Linda Williams, Sandra Williford, Cynthia Wilson, Andy Wilson, Freda Wilson, Jan Wilson, Luther Wilson, Sheryl Winsor, Nancy Winter, Alix Womack, Paula Wonson, George Wood, Harriet Woodham, Diane Woolford, Scott Yett, Becky Young, Harvey Young, Judy Yrabedra, Kenneth Juniors compete agamst sophomores on cold rainy days in the gym ane Cunningham National Honor Society, Latin Club, Cheer- leader, Teacher's Assistant, Oflice Assistant Senior s Selected By Judy W1llson Cheerleader, Azalea Trail Queen, Homecoming Maid Mike Aycock National Honor Society, Senior Class President, "MH Club, Key Club, Latin Club, Football, Golf 206 Favorites Popular Vote Leo Jermgan Senior Class Representative, "A" Band , Joeko Potts "Mn Club, Football, Basketball, Baseball 207 l C Susan Beagle Junior Historic Society, Latin Club, Key Club Sweetheart, Head Cheer- leader, Azalea Trail Maid, National Honor Society, Office Assistant Susan Russell French Club, Chem-Bo-Phys Club, Homecoming Maid, Azalea Trail Maid ww -a v Senior s Selected By Joe Jones Student Council President, Key Club, Ushers' Club, Youth Appreciation Week Mayor Eddie Hart National Honor Society President, "M" Club, Inter-Club Council, Key Club, Ushers' Club, Basketball Captain, Track 208 artieipate In Southeastern 225 CCJES Odom, Mary Ogburn, Clifford Oliver, Carl Olsen, Robert O'Neal, Clare Overton, Sondra Owen, Marcia Owen, Stephen Owens, Sandy Paravicini, Linda Parden, Steve Parker, Linda Parker, Robert Partridge, Harold Pate, Janis Patrick, Danny Peacock, Katie Pearson, Charles Peevy, Bill Peppers, Ralph Perri, Gloria Phelps, James Phelps, Johnny Pickard, Jesse Pierce, Frank Pierre, Billy Piff, Maria. Pollman, Judy Pond, Mike Pope, Brenda Pose, David Potter, Pete Potts, Glenda Powell, Tom Powers, Lynn Price, Ann Price-Williams, Tim Primeaux, Dennis Pritchard, Kirksey Provost, Miles Pruett, David Puckett, Charles Puckett, Geary Ragsdale, Carol Ralls, Suzanne Ramirez, Gail Rarig, Pamela Rawlins, Margaret Ten SQPHUMORE Assistants Serve Raynor, Charles Reed, Mike Reneman, Michael Rettig, Larry Revette, julie Richards, Tommy Richardson, Sandra Rikard, Jimmy Roberto, Gary Roberts, Maxey Robinson, Anne Robinson, George Rogers, Clara Rogers, Donna Rogers, Jeanette Rose, David Rose, Joe Rose, J. Richard Rudd, Jane Rumbley, Austin Rush, joy Rushing, Hugh Ryland, Gene Saad, Barbara Sammons, David Sanderford, Gayle Savell, Gail Sawyer, Kenneth Scarbrough, Nancy Schaffer, Dineen Scheu, Billy Schjott, Deanna Scott, Anne Scott, Kathy Sealey, Martha Sealy, Brenda Sellers, Jane Sessions, Ray Sharpe, Wanda Shaw, Becky Shaw, Teri Sharp, Russell Sinclair, Julie Shirah, Myra Shirley, Ray Short, Jan Short, Nita Lynne Silvester, Allen I as is N, 226 690 urphians In Both ibraries .'?.i?i O VAYXFDL,Ef 7J'1'iM 2 O57 1 f.-qw ,ff If N an 5 5 . Smith, Smith, Smith, Becky Wise checks overdue books. Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, South, Steele, 227 Silvernail, Ann Simmons, Larry Simmons, Robert f Slaughter, Charles Sledge, Clark Janet Jeannine June Lynda Mitchell Steve Suzanne Snodgrass, Don Soles, Linda Sommer, Denise Sheila Sowell, Jeanne Spence, Bill Spencer, William Spooner, Jerry Sprinkle, Russell Stafford, Charles Stair, John Jon Stein, Billy Stein, Greg Steiner, Cynthia Steiner, Jackie Stephens, Florence Stephens, Sherry Stephenson, Ronnie Stewart, Connie Stewart, Weston Stierwalt, Jane Stinson, Wendy Stokes, Betty Stokes, Danny Stokes, June Stokke, David GPHO CRE Class Boasts Stokley, Milton Stone, Barbara Stowe, Nancy Stubblelield, Pepper Sullivan, Jean Susman, Bill Sutton, Glen Swendson, Linda Syltie, David Talbert, Rheba Tanner, Max Tanner, Mitchell Tate, Paul, Taylor, Genevieve Taylor, Shirley Terrill, Cathy Tew, Martha Thacker, Rita Thames, Brenda Tharp, Sharon Thompson, Elaine Thompson, Howard Thompson, Shelley Thoss, Marsha Thrash, James Tomlin, Diana Touart, Debbie Travis, Mike True, Cheri Tubbs, Margaret Tucker, Susan Turrittin, Jimmy Ungar, Audrey Van Liew, Dale Vaughn, Kenneth Vigliotti, Angelo Vines, Roger Vogtner, Robert Wacker, Chris Wade, Sally Walding, Patty Walding, Tom Walker, Pat Walker, Sheila Walley, Dyal Walters, Bill Walters, Fred Walton, Diane Une Varsity Football Player Ward, Frances Waters, Brenda Weber, Cathy Weinstein, Rosalind Weiss, Mickey Weiss, Victor Welch, Kenny Wells, Jesse Wharton, John Wheeler, Newton Whigham, Susan White, Diane Whiteside, Amy Whiting, Wiggins, James Janice Wiggs, Glenn Wilkerson, Willie Williams, Barbara Williams, Gwen Williams, Kathy Williams Linda 2 Williams, Robert Williams, Steve Williard, Kathy Wilson, Harold Wilson, William Wimberley, William Winstanley, Sally Wood, Jody Wood, Judy Woodham, Pat Worthy, Wright, Wright, Yeager, Yeager, Percy Anne Debbie David Debbie Yeend, Ricky Yelverton, Mary Yemm, Terry Young, Janice Young, Mike Philip Gilchrist, only Sopho more on varsity football team 2 E i i I 2 5 2 3 f E x 2 i l Q 2 W --W-in "" -5:1-iMiiNWMM Yww SkW Nt .... ' L: .:'. 11 - .1-1. ,.. -a.,usaaaaa'e1n-:z-wheres:--as-.Wg,- ::g,, ,..,. , . .I 41 4' jj 'j 'L-" -sw -'H-4 suvJr-as...,,-V fe-:s:,az:aa::az: ,wr ,.,5,.q5.:,...,,,,1.,,.,,:.fs. al. .aaa A. -..r f , ,,. M, W '--9 , ' lg g? new!msixsesf ff- -- -Us m3 mw:imnmm ..:si :faas-a.,M:s2.- Future citizens in a growing community, require the en- couragement of present business leaders. The one hundred forty-nine advertisers in the 1966 MOHIAN demonstrate their faith in our generation by purchasing space to display their goods and services. The publication of this book depends upon the support of the merchants of the Mobile area. l wwrfw 'W-ffl W' IWW UV s JTYWWWV f ,QgQw1gfyJifQryy:fZwlW f figeljw any fy MJ, Wfgugej S gi X gi f psf ' P P ' af , f 2 s y fi A Wm i, 'W , i ,s 4 isp s , ff gg ',,sWXQ, , w sgyg '52, ' it 1 45,5 JW f W Q4 L" iw My my ' 4, limi ff ytlgyj ' f X fr ' f .se ff- fx . 4 new w Q li? 1 ff WU W wwf 425 s f i ESQ Mgr be baggy! 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Myflrffiamlgmyw wyywfwwfyyy rua,-.J 1 www Ms H ,fi if ws ,f I flag? will-Q en ,QL f -5 ' N A ' 'pg Q L wws, M, ffg:lfW"f"f1 Www My W yff eigf sl f mm f'fk,, , 1- H' 1 M f f flgflk s wiring? qs, AW? - -gi g 'fjf ,gglfwif-M flwm f Us 4 ,, .fy gwwawf :wwf 'Ii sm .mel f M 1 , as X1 g If Umm W wg 4 Q ,lwifmf W gi M MW, M 7,- ,MF , l wlmemfgnigwwlamslmwaf fi - ew fmiwfiir- X is A 1 .Q New lst. lf . QW fslfe-Wm M oigiwwgfwgf iwiqwfwwfwmzg Jffamfwyfw , H 0 E :W 3 ,, '- ',,l.sw 141 1 4 ,Lk 3511, j vsyfyiwgffswsfsws s K .v L,gF.gM,, ,jx rdlgbgmw .LJ . if fit. Z -, wr' w rp ff ,nm TM,-f ww if is jf mf were w 7 H, f K. ff. itsssfssslkscggslrllu in M i ff if w, Wai ' ' '5'14llH"HfW'Lw-if J' M 7 Vs, if S X i f A firms af yssffigeiiyss I Y' X ., J 1 , ia S MGHIAN Lost dmired atron July 4, 1965 marked the passing of a very dear friend of students, faculty and administration of the Mobile Public School System. MR. JAMES HENRY McEACHERN was the kind of man we as students admired. He was a sup- porter of not only the schools, but also churches and many charitable organizations. Mr. McEachern helped many a needy student to have a square meal or to find a job in order to further his education. He was known for his kindness. THE MOHIAN Staff lost a personal friend, one who always had a pleasant smile and a helpful word of encourage- ment especially at deadline time. The words of the poet, James J. Metcalfe, best expresses our feelings in this poem: As God may give so God may take And life must come and go Whatever weather may prevail Cr how the rivers flow It is not ours to question Him To murmur or complain Or criticized Him for the tears That mingle with the rain Our sorrow and our tragedy are His divine command And in the deepest darkness we Must try to understand God rules the whole wide world And all the universe He made And if we love and honor Him We need not be afraid And if He Wants us to be sad And undergo a loss Then let us do His holy will And let us bear the cross. 232 Loundromof-Pressing-Cleoning . , 3: -"- gm--S: ':-' f f"l?ffli1?i?li3 , " g . - 4 , 1 ::.,: , Ly hf .q,, 1,:4, ., :, , : ,., ::. Vieux Corre French Coffee Shop ond Donuts Sonnier's Hygenic Diaper Service "The Country Club of Coin-Op Cleoning" 2551 Old Shell Rood Diol 478-8496, 478-3644, 477-6259 HILL TOP SHOP 4456 Old Sh ll R d Picture Frames, Art Supplies and Antiques Congratulations Class of '66 PAULMONT 3,518 Jfxi FRIENDLIEST ss IN town Glu PRINTING 8. STATIONERY when ,, Comes me Fo, You CO., INC. 400 St. Louis Street To Think of Real Estate Think of S ,A S Ro8ERrs BROTHERS REFRIGERATION suPPLY co., L LQQP SHELL SERVICE P. o. Box 8156 - 2851 om SHELL ROAD oven 24 Houses A DAY ROAD senvice 7 A M.-io PAA. Q If d M h o D ty 8 473 9314 s 8 H STAMPS R 432 5828 234 MOBILE, ALABAMA TONY'S CARRY-OUTS RUCHE BROWN-SERVICE 342-9412 342-1183 Undertaking Company, lnc. 4369 Old Shell Rd. 470 Azalea Rd. ' I -I . In Qld Mobile, ills Gldsmobilel 'f'.'Z . "1-.-I Z' , 4' .-9? . . ...., -. ' . . . where the Action isl if mai! 'f . 4 11. R lg: Q12-if ' ' ' - , A"' ,I ,.l, .,..., .. 5?.'lff Ifl21E1:S. 233321512121 fit, 22252552 '3Efi5EffE1, 25222552 ffffffgllflf 'ilffllilfllfffl .v'l flfkll,ll,lflfl55i3E2.flf. I306 St. Stephens Road at Five Points HEmlock 3-l83l PARK MOBILE, INC. PHILLIPS Daily, Weekly, M may R f !l W 3 - 3 7 2 7 "" 160 N h R I S 235 St. Emanuel, at Conti Street ort oya treet ELAN D BERKSHIRE ARMS L55 AND DAUPHIN APARTMENTS S, Mobile's Most Thoughtful Londlords" Ph 4715456 Ph 4714441 If You Don'+ Drink - yjrwrreof yzaufuaf INSURANCE COMPANY INSURANCE FOR NON-DRINKERS ONLY Auto - Fire - Life CLYDE A, JACKSQN 3ll Glenwood S+ree+ Res.: 473-7366 Mobile. Alabama Office: 477-5206 l 6 UER'S Congrofulofions ' nnucs, mc. C4055 of '66 Reg. N6. 3526 fm, m6AUpH.N .AEPARKWAY BONNER NOVELTY CO. 236 MOBILE, ALABAMA PHoNE 471 5326 66 Dguphin Sf, HE 2-7405 'H 136 4363 OLD SHELL ROAD SPRLNG HILL MOBILE, ALABAMA 36608 ROBERT'S TEXACO SERVICE Max Williams, Manager "Our Service Is Our Reputation" Tires-Batteries-Accessories Phone 473-9282 623 Holcombe Ave BAYLEY'S STEAK HOUSE Dauphin Island Parkway Belle Fontaine, Ala. Steaks Seafood RICHEY BEAUTY SALON D Iberville Shopping Center Ample Parking Space Behind Fawcetts Drugs 20 Springhill Ave. 473-2744 SCOOTERAMA, INC. Your Cycle 8. Scooter Dealer Vespa-Cushman-BSA 3 Suzuki Cycles 237 ROGERS EXTERMINATING CO. 2106 Govern ment Street Phone 473-3517 Nights and Holidays-Phone 479-7669 22 S Florldo SL 479-7639 EXTERMINATORS SINCE I939 FABRIC MART 213-A Conti Street 319 S. Wilson Ave. ClgdHtg S I Installation . Metal Work . S Climate Control, Inc. 3258 Old Shell Road Ph 471 3358 Mobile and Prichard G B thl tt D IdH Old lb ' Woshingtwoxing Marguerite Benson Hall A' A 97 R dsme School of Dance mm 473-6080 1719 Dauphin St. 473-5901 117 Sanchez Amoco Service Station Dauphin and Lafayette Sts. Mobile, Alabama Baton . Tap . Ballroom B ll t A b t Modern Jazz Eddie Sanchez, Prop. GR-91150 "We Give Individual Attention to Each Pupil -,...M,- York Chrysler-Plymouth, Inc. lformerly Barnes Motors lnc.l lmperial-Chrysler-Plymouth-Valiant 3016 Highway 90 West Mobile, Alabama PEANUT Slwppei mpoareo Ano 'B 6 DOMESTIC V55 IIIIT MEATS SCHOOL FUNCTIONS AND SERVICE CLUBS SOUVENIRS 0 . . . , . s v.s x --.4 s--A xx x '. x 'w'cs:RP-'-G"-i -I1 '-' '11-'if " " ' 19"-"T"-K . , - t W- - A' 's A - -' - '- "-"" N f" . 1 A!! " -' 7259 7' ' ' 'vu '- -M '-:I ' ' '- ' 1028:-. 1: .raise s -as " . . .ggi 52233 ,gs -s is M ..,Q., 35252555 :Sew R-rbi! mm b -2: -s. 9 -. -.xg S355 was t 8 3. EIGESQX Elk If .em ag, if fi fc J fi The Southernlndustrles story... a growth through dlverslflcatlon ' - Southern Oyster Shell Milling Corporation - - Mayo Shell Company ii 0 Pelican State Lime Company , . . . ::,,. .5 . Radcliff Materials, lnc. , gg -W' .... ' Henderson Sugar Refinery, Inc. egg? :.:, . ,. . ' ' Grand Hotel Development Corporation sijflvp .t.: , d processing oyster shell for Ureaging an highway paving, cement and masonry man- S 0 U T H E R N utacture, calcium hydrate and quick lime, INDUSTRIES poultry feed and other industrial uses... .re s CORPORATION fining and marketing sugar. . .operating an internationally-known resort hotel. GENERAL ori-icizs 0 Moeitis, ALABAMA 52532. ,ff 1 .ty I:-e. .. . ...,......,.,...., , ,..., .,..,.,..,., ,..,, A , ....,...... . .. . . A . . .... sl: ..-eqwz sv-f -we-.5 YS, - pgs, s, gzggpgigsgs -r:r--:'-: -:gg '-'l Sarah Schear prepares for college by selecting luggage from Mobile Medical Center Pharmacy 1720 Springhill Ave. Phone: HE 3-2551 . Fast Accurate Prescription Service . Drive-Up Window Registered Pharmacist Prompt City Wide Always On Duty Delivery Service Robert E. Loftin Charles N. Loftin B.S. Pharmacy B.S. Pharmacy Res. Phone 342-6418 Res. Phone 479-9093 Paragon Cleaners Gerhard-I-'S 280 S. McGregor Ave. Since 1913 For Fine Luggage And Gifts Bring Your MOHIAN For Free Gold Monogramming 239 Phone: 342'6850 109 Dauphin Street HE 2-7324 Mobile, Alabama , - ,. .. YSTH1-A . -- . ' --9' .' M UBILE c 0MPAlYJl,lL ..V',,4 7 JqA.V.V PJPI 1090 - PHONE 432-2705 MOBILE. ALA. 36601 Steel Fabricators Q Steel Service Center Steel . Aluminum . Copper . Stainless 6l6 N. Conception St. Mobile, Alabama Phone: 432-2705 Congratulations 1 K i El f E, COMPLETE ' X-' l G Y Class of 66 'iff Q BEAUTY SERVICE Green's Toulminville Gulf se f 2270 St. Stephens Road my Wg 1455 MONROE ST PHONE: 473-6474 Tri-State 'llll-Ili lDlRtl2lHlIlD tlIlLIEAN IEIRS Svicw ve i- ch Shelf UW Wholesale, Inc. "Dealers In Food Products" 2490 Halls Mill Road Mobile, Alabama Ideal Drugs, Inc. 107 Upham Street 479-742l St re Hrs. 8 A.M.-8:30 P M lDaiIyl Sunday-3 A.M.-8:30 P.M. Free Pick-Up And Delivery lillilili llll lll FU RNITURE COM PANN 477-5211 2855 sprang i-mi Ave Nluxines Nlpv Supply Cpmpppv Distributors Fashions That Flatter Plumbing And Heating Supplies 307 Glenwood Street 478-3412 93 Sidney Phillips Drive Tunner's Kwik Lunch The Pencil 208 Dauphin 432-880i For Additional lnformation p.o. Box 8461 Mobile, Ala. lO2 Dauphin 433-5966 Wholesale Distributors A Variety of Sandwiches tSchooI Suppliegl Po-Boy . All Beef Hamburgers . Fish tWe Do Our Own Imprinting in Mobile, Broasted Chicken Cooked to Perfection Phone 342-7320 om, Gibson, ln 6 Mlmes Day or Night Owner Fresh Fruit Drinks By Gallons Every day'more and more high schoolers are sporting one or more of these f , Q X lm! 'R A quality made High School ,V M , , Jewel ry item s. You r H :gh ' School name is deeply X , ,X - carved around the center I stone which can be your , .U -- official school color. Come 3 J X t f ix 'L f is ,M y Y' I , in and order now for your- self, or as a gift. See our -Q ' z' I Y'-3 large display of quality 5"M'f3 it items, priced for your 'fl budget on Easiest Kredit , Q My Mzi, Terms. Yi .- ' Going to college is easier with a low- if co-st, insured education loan from the Merchants National Bank. 5'0UTfl'.S' MR6'Z".S'7 Dl,4MOND Dl.S'Plr4Y B U S C KREDIT JEWELERS-OPTICIANS More And More Mobilians Shop At Downtown Sales Company CLAUDE-MOQRE p Sp ' g Goods-Musical Instruments Toys A d Gifts . 6 Saint Joseph St. 258 Dauphin Street Mobile, Alabama 432-6595 is ,QQ ii E 1 5 Q 3 i 5 s li 5 E3 ,L bf Mobile Glass Company, Inc. 701 North conception sf. L-We Fm, Earle D. Getchell ' M. S. Adams, Jr. Th Sg of SERVICE ALL OVER TOWN Dial 2-4474 for Delivery 4 Q Q I l r ,Q l URNITURE ISTRIBUTQRS :,: ' 1: 3 lift 4 :L rltlilii: ' , ,.-. fmew. li 44 1, Ltlfii , X an ri, pu 4 ut 1 suing.. in ilu 'fx ii, N ' Q if 1 hu 'Nl .L ,Qi N, v4 time N ! 'taniiii 'lifter u"'lv lille null' li lm N nil' la "'ii"u ul' r. 1f3"f"'7iC"wZ'9 R 14111 A1 143:14 'lunch 'l 'ii' HiY"":lii'4" tr 1 n,11Liyf"i 4. ec flu. -umjq ' E4 '1j3gNd1.,jQ"fw 1 14 . .l A in ' .wear-19 -un:-,. ' -- ' Ifoiwern, H' w-:www 4:--t ' . i 'zj' - 7 4, V, 1500 BELTLINE HIGHWAY MOBILE, ALABAMA ,ivy My 3,3 ,V I 1 pw 1 rr' pi, i - 513551 ----- -3.4.4. Building for the Future ""- On the Heritage . , of ,he page Gibson s Drug, Inc. Our officers would like to meet you 4 Dauphin Street personally and explain why FIRST IONAL ' h b k f glrlgv? up withliloini inagoonljr you to 473-3556 HSS 473-3557 Prescriptions Called for and Delivered Store Hours 8 A.M.-8 P.M. Daily More than a Century of Service! N f After Store Hours 473-8604 Kleinschrodt Cabinets, Inc. A 4 lPronounced Klein-Schrotel Custom-Made And , if it Wooden Kitchen Cabinets ,,,, 129 Mobile sneer 477-0329 , ,smk A ii Heiter-Starke Printing Co. Mobile's Only Manufacturers of Carbon Form . 3282 S ' d I PI 304-6-8 St. Michael Street 243 ,,Diningprt:9yoC:Jiikeo?, For "Take-Home" Foods Phone 432'52l6 Dial-A-Menu 479-0534 MOBILE COUNTY FASTEST GROWING COUNTY IN THE STATE PROFIT AND PROSPERITY We would like for you to become a part of the fastest growing county in the State of Alabama. IDEAL FOR INDUSTRY AND AGRICULTURE No other section in the United States offers the homeseeker or in- vestor surer returns for his money than Mobile, Alabama. We have over 800 miles of paved county roads, making every section of the county easily accessible on paved roads. We are proud of the religious, cultural and educational advantages of our City and County. Investigation and correspondence are solicited. For further informa- tion about this wonderful section communicate with the County Commission of Mobile, Alabama. COUNTY COMMISSIONERS Leroy Stevens, President Hugh E. Fort, Member Will D. Haas, Member 244 Burch's Cleaners and Laundry Complete Service . 4 Locations To Serve You Main Location 603 Holcombe Ave. 477-4692 176 S. Ann St. HE 3-7811 Navco McVay Shopping Center 471-9388 Cottage Hill at Azalea Rd. Shopping Center 471-9340 Do lt Yourself Coin-Op Dry Cleaning and Laundry Attendant on Duty to Help You Open 6:30 To 11:00 Prescription Specialist The 0 cr ful Oliver Drugs C e Ro-Mac Filter "Right-A-Way Delivery" 452 Govt- 51' of 2759 Pleasant Valley Rd. Phone: Collage Hlll Rd' Children's at Azalea Rd. At Highway 90 471-4455 Sh Walker-Lewis Contracting Co. KL. L. Lewis, Ownerl F B Q 359 Regina Avenue ww General Repairs A Specialty TOY CENTER Sill, Roof Repair, Remodeling, Additions 13" G """e"' 5'- 5P'i"9"' P' HE 8-3026 o 471 3223 Commercial And Residential Established Mobile 1906 432-1 021 973-2358 "Party House of Mobile" 245 Toys - Hobbies - Party Accessorles Congratulations! Class of '66 o o L Bruce-Termlnlx Company l P . I ! ..m.o.d.le.n.n. o.o.cL .A.toJLeA.. J 'ZW ?a,67afDd,,.ayaa1,yaZ2, ' 14.5 I2-15:13 Start with 12 trees - harvest 15 - end up with 13! That's a miracle in anyone's book and yet that's just what the South has done in 25 years. In 1935, Southern forests contained 120 billion cubic feet of wood. Since then, 147 billion cubic feet have been harvested. Buttthese forest still contain more than 131 billion cubic feet - nine per cent more wooj now than before that mammoth harvest. I-P is proud that its foresters played a key role in this miracle o reforestation. Now they are meeting new challenges - like managin timberland for such varied purposes as watershed protection, hunting and public recreation - or, using forest geneticists to develop improve strains of pines -- or conducting complex economic studies in order t realize the greatest financial return from each acre of timberland. This is truly modern forestry and it demands an ever-increasing number of college-trained men skilled in the latest technique of their profession. INTERNATIONAL PAPER Brannan Sporting Goods Company Everything In spam 3058 Springdale Plaza Phone 471-3463 or 64 English Drug Store, Inc. "Prescriptions As Prescribed" Prompt Delivery Service 2,6 477-0434 l 2669 Springhill Avenue X' X Balfour representatives aid Juniors in selecting class rings early in school ye RIBUTE K fl, TOA N FINE CLASS 'fl IN A GREAT SCHOOL -f ' CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES E. G. Fitzgerald-Jim Johnson Gene Fitzgerald-Bo Davidson REPRESENTING X 4 0 X Vg l . J JQLQZZQYHZQ 6 JEWELRY'S FINEST CRAFTSMEN CLASS RINGS AND PINS 'CLUB INSIGNIA l, MEDALS ' TROPHIES ' PLAQUES ' DIPLOMAS X COMMENCEMENT INVITATIONS ' i K . t . ff, S X , - - o.- f . ig-fx!!! - " Gr','f-'-'si - Uncle Joe's Body Shop Tel. 433-7198 157 N. Cedar Street Mobile, Alq, .l. W. Jordan, Manager Res. 479-5323 7 3 3 Z if ' ffffi if' +344 it 1 Y 1 to fefe ar.. isp 3 X I ' 7 Qu i' ' ' -WJ wom.n or N Fon non-u Msn Ann wguisu DOWNTOWN ' PRICHARD ' SPR-INGDALE PLAZA Mel, M, suvflil ll cms 1908 Government Street Mobile, Alabama l I F Th f E 1 s th 9 I P t t Ph t F h g Camera Equipment of All Kinds Springdale Photo Center 3264 Springdale Plaza Phone 479-9114 "World's Finest Chef at the World's Finest Restaurant" 6-aa." 1500 Government Street in the Ramada lnn Motor Hotel "Famous For Fine Food the World Over" Welcome To The Florida Bowl Home Owned 81 Home Operated ,ff 'ff'- f P 7' ff v- ' 4 .' 5 Q af 3- -In f XXX 7 V ff 477-0486 "Finest In The Notion" Air-Conditioning-Heating Cooling-Heating Mobile Supply Company Distributor 7016 wma Sew 1865 1 Claudio Spottswood smiles at the camera os her portrait is d Spottswood Studios 2520 Old Shell Rd. Phone 478-9353 Thoss Sporting Goods Company, Inc. In Business Over 77 Years S h l Sweaters, Athletic Eq p t A d Sp t g G d tAllK d 249 76 D ph Ph 432 5624 Westlawn Drug Store J. G. Moore l5l S. Floridcr St. f N GRADUATES FREQUENTLY TURN INTO TELEPHONE PEOPLE BEST W PANY X J 600 St. Louis St. 'WP T Trail Cadillac-Pontiac, Inc. HE 2-7741 "Troil Square" The Home of Pontioc-Tempest-Codilloc ond the Cor of Tomorrow Grond Prix I C0'19'C'fU'G'iOf'S AAA Warehousing Co. From Long Distonce Moving-Bonded Storoge ' 9 Luckle S Beauty Salon Agents For North Americon 2807 Government Blvd. Von Lines Phone 4775698 601 weimcker Ave. 479-9417 Y M et The Nicest People H d Th l fy lf Ilg tth lh II fh l'f 'th gift f - Soles And Service Otis Lee Motorcycle Co. 25, 955 Springhill Ave. i Downtown Mo Mobile, Alobomo The Princess House Gf0dY Bvifk CONPUNY Restaurant and lounge We're Famed For Good Food 308 St' Louis Sli' 254 Government St. Open Day and Night Mobile' Alabama 432-2238 Mobaie, Aicbeme l gag x 'M' 'GFP Penny Mann and Ginny Poole shop for sportswear at Il X , wil X ,hex NX U , ,,4:53.5:gt1:1zz:5:g:g:g:::5:513:3:5-zz:-:-1-:-zE:5:I:23Ig:gt5:53:g:::5:5:5:::-:g:-:':-:-:5:1:-:-:iz7:1ri:Iglgtgrgrgzz:55:15:3zz:1:1ci:is:.:-:iziz-S:1:5:5:3:?:5:1:f:f:f:2g:g:55:3:iz:3:2:-:-:-:-:1:5:1:i:-:f:A:1:f. "I - ' -- 5:3252551231-2515:-:5:::3:::5:3:5:::3:f:5:-:gitE:2:2:f:f:752225:f:3:I:I:Zg231513:-:gi:f:E:f:f:f:2:f:f:E:E:2zfzizfzizfgigiglgtgig:g:g:-:5:::5:f:f:f:f:2:2:3:i:f:i:f:i:f'5:32f:1:f:T:fgIgIp2g:g:-:-:f:Q:f:f:f:7:2512:i:2:1:f:i:2:gEigE 1 , 1' 'GZ S ll' fa! I In Downtown Mobile! Royal, Dauphin and Conti Phone HE 3-3731 For Personal Shopper Service Mobile Rug and Shade Co. Largest Dealer of Floor Coverings and Window Shades in This City 305-317 Dauphin St. 306 Conti St. 61 S. Wilson Ave., Prichard Inc. 2014 Halls Mill Rd. Agents Gravely Power Equipment Clinton-Briggs 81 Stratton Lauson-Wisconsin Gasoline Engines and Parts-Rototillers McCulloch Chain Saws Gravely of Mobile, 479-4596 V NDS I fZj7C0Z77C9 Sa la BLACK AND WHITE COLOR FILM DEVELOPING 252 PHOTOGRAPHIC SUPPLIES "Thru Your Vantone Dealer" congmfuiqiions MOHIAN Staff of 1966 Mr. Moses fits Jane Cunningham with a pair of shoes from Damrich Shoe Store 205 Dauphin ST. 438-2581 1, ,1:.:1::,:,:5::::,1::, .,.A,A. Mr, ,.,. 1 ., MQ.: .,.A. g:::1,:,a:.:.g::,1,:.:::. 4,4, : an. ,-.- :-1 -,..,., 1 -1+ ..,-. - 11:-.,.-1 1:1:11::::r::ss:1:1112111:-6-1-:r:rs:: :rar ..-.A 1 r:1:r:1:f.- ..-. 1 1::.:,1::r1:'::1 ---.'.- 1 '- CHECKING ACCOUNT C hecks Imprinted lVzth Your Name Address NAT xo-1Sf'2S15..BAN K and T:.esxeifuCoinpany 'S S, C 2 MAXEY'S FORMALS RENTALS -A' TUXEDOES -A' FULL DRESS -k MORNING SUITS Congratulations! Class of '66 -k DlNNER JACKETS l "WE MALBIS 70 Dauphi Steel MOBILE ALABAMA Bakery M yLp1 HEI kzsais Loop Medical Center Pharmacy , ,,pg:i:i1i1igiQi11,:g., . .g':Qi1i1i3:3:i1 QiQii:i1i1i:i'E'ii3: "'i 2152 Airport Boulevard ""' " ' "'i"" S""" Mobile, Alabama 36606 ,Q.'B...N,2.'i'?.'iE.e4gs..,, xga2.'v'Z'T.LE,'?'l'Z.'Z.. "For All Your Drug Needs" OPEN SATURDAYS FROM 9:30 A. M. TO NOON Member Federal Deposil Insurance Corporalion :fr- Mr. Colagcz shows Ben Kimbrough, Anita Sellers, and Jon King how Io udiusi The new MOHIAN ca wmiimzimiiiiimiiiw Zmzuif 31-.aan kg A5,mIi'-z,e3,w1s a-jail I S, 4 ' QI X I ' T Auuun Rmn Avunos "jf I IIHLHBHZ PHIIIU SIIPPLU,IIIU. ti ii EIIIJPEBIIIIIPISIILEP ,ff 1, wg, ,::::::,:: Y' XX me Auznznu nova Lil! If is, ...s...... 3 lmsfggk ' 1 4' CALAGAZ PHOTO SUPPLY, INC OFFICIAL SUPPLIER OF FILM FOR THE 1966 MOHIAN r I I Sue Hicks samples latest in fall shoes at Women fffmqfzh Shoes Men llss Wcndefful Correct Fit ln Quality Footwear Always CitY Club looch Gnd Four 3ll8 Springdale Plaza . Phone: GR l-3267 Wesboro Home Owned-Home Operated Downtown Theater. Howard Walker, Sue Hicks, John Huff, and Gayle Lees enioy a movie at the For The Best in Movie Entertainment Attend a Giddens and Rester Theatre Downtown . Roxy . Auto-Sho Air-Sho . Coming Soon . Bel-Air Theatre ll Weatherby Furniture Co. "Fine Furniture and Appliances For the Home Downtown Office 150 N. Craft Hiway 557 Conti Street, Mobile Chickasaw, Ala. 3274 Springdale Plaza 63 S. Wilson Ave. Mobile, Alabama Prichard, Ala. Bidgood Stationery Company "Everything for Your Office" Blue Prlnls-Pneleeeples Engineering al School Supplies 68 St. Francis Street 432-0518 Mobile, Alabama Kirkpatrick's Clover Farm Store Mobile owned and operated- Finest meats in :town- QUE? , k,MWW1M7 Wmww. 5 a S Murphy students enioy snacks at the Rebel after school. Old Shell At McGregor Ave. 2518 Old Shell Road 342-7703 Mobile, Alabama I O Charmaine Colffures For Complete Beauty Care Try Charmaine's . Our Stylists Are Superb Congratulations Barber Shop for Gentlemen ln Rear of Charmaine's to the Director of Vivian Woodland Cosmetics Charmaine Coiffures Ben-Jays 4467 Old Shell Rd. Cottage Hill Shopping Center Class of ' 342-0457 477-7534 From l Mobile's Buford Tractor Finest and Most Complete Junior Department Downtown-Springdale DRINK if Thirsty gym students refresh themselves with ice-cold Cokes. EDM that REFRESHING New FEELING: ,Q t Ev rx W f f? V 'MG 4 X t QQMP A, A COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO., INC. Mobile. Alabama . BUY MONEY ORDERS . PAY UTILITY BILLS Sapps Service Center LD . CASH CHECKS 5 E . BUY TRAVELERS CHEQUES 5 5:30 Cl,m, to 8:00 p,m, 3 Open All Day Saturday for Your Convenience 5 Q Z " MOBILE CHECK EXCHANGE 8 MAIN OFFICE-2660 SPRING HILL AVE. . Chesfer Sapp.-M. E, MCKeIVGiner IOperating Under State Supervisionj X W fin-fl g ' ' , A. i ' e -,' l . . ,.. X BURGER . CHEF gf'-lx. .VX I ,ly f H A M B U R G ' R , I -i' ABBS MOVING SERVICE I I Agent: Mayflower World-Wide Moving Service T:JE:lif:lxs:gLr?:lliElLlrl:g?: H. Abb Wooldridge, Jr. Owner 3945 Airport Boulevard 554 South Royal Street Mobile Alabama "The World's Greatest T56 Hamburger" Phone: 4334655 Mr. Knudsen shows his daughter Lane around the Ruberoid plant. The Ruberoid Co. J. S. Walton and Co. P. O. Box 863 Grading-Paving The Shoe Box 2809 Springhill Ave. Crichton 477-6221 Marie Jurrell, Jock Crisp, and Ethel Ccbler, Owners "Nationally Advertised Shoes for Entire Family" Buster Brown-Risque-Air Step Jarman-Roblee-U. S. Keds Ballet ond Top Shoes Toulminville Printing Co. Programs and Tickets "Wedding lnvitations cz Specialty" 2328 St. Stephens Road Mobile, Alobomc G1:.x1.frr-3 Ur Y v 1 ll d "ALMOST EVERYTHING" Government ot Catherine Bolton Ford of Mobile, Inc "The Home of Royal Service" 201 St. Joseph Street 438-T541 Best Wishes Class of '66 Air-Conditioning Ryan Stevedorlng Co., Inc. Engineers, Inc. Contracting Stevedores-General and Bulk Cargo MAIN OFFICES 2715 DauphinStreet Mobile, Alabama BRANCH OPERATIONS AT . . . . Fruit Distributing Co. New Orleans, La. Baton Rouge, La. Gulfport, Miss. Pascagoula, Miss. 66 Beauregard St. Georgetown, S. C. Panama City, Fla. 432-7551 Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Frozen Foods A X v"',f- ps , 14- K lp - I ,l Q , ly 'll - Elliott's Jewelry In Mobile Springdale 100 Dauphin St. 3076 Springdale Plaza 432-1 386 478-3508 Congratulations A Class of '66 Murphy students enioy Graf's milk during lunch break. G f' D ' 260 ra s airy ,, 1 fini If Q, 1 by 1 i M X fl ff L? M4 f.. if f' 'fwfr L f 1 Il f 4-'r-.--wx, X ,X L WH L O ' V O lsomisfitg 432-4667 9N :hc pri see: M bl Al b Congratulations From Home Savings and Loan Association MORE TH GOOD LOOK ! AUSE IT? KATTEI?-llllllWf0! CONGRATULATIONS FROM MOBILE FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN Larry Ridgeway Escambia County High School so NORTH ROYAL E 5 I. Glynn Gilbert C. F. Vigor High School "An Old Store With a New Look" "More Than Ever You'll Like Trading at , Evelyn Corbitt Citronelle High School HERE ARE THE 1965 BELLAS HESS SCHOLARSHIP WINNERS Bellas Hess will award 6 more scholarships in 1966 to out- standing seniors in the Mobile area. Your school principal will have all the details ofthe Bellas Hess scholarship plan. 'SIIFFIISIUIIF aiiliiliiilils if .. fd .Wim A-warzfwvyf f 3' ' A 7 Rm 9 . Rf. fn R2 L Y ,R 2 R W T? if .I H Q Y N 4, Henry Grace Satsurna High School Judith McDonald Mercy High School Marcina Legge Ben C. Rains High School L X'-.5 ff , 1 "Service ls Our Business Bush Cooper's FAIRWAY SHELL SERVICE CONGRATULATIONS Phone 473-5149 S8.H Green Stamps Road Service Class of 1966 U-J CHEVROLET CO. PRICHARD CHICKASAW 452-1661 Complete Automotive Care GOODYEAR DEALER ABC FENCE INDUSTRIES "The Largest Independent Retailers of Chain Link Fence in the U.S.A." 1920 St. Stephens Rd. Mobile, Ala. 479-1485 SUPPORT OUR ADVERTISERS We Sponsor CAR WASH PARTIES Call Us for Details COMMERCIAL G U A R A N T Y BANK v MOBILE , T RW 356 Government 0 Telephone 432-0411 Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation JET CAR WASH, INC. T959 Government Sf. Springdale Plaza 961 Springhill Ave. When you th ghl I I 9 l d I I lll WE HAVE YOUR CLASS RING 55232112 glgglglj Immediate delivery for classes of1968,1967,1966 qu as I kll:Lg .., as When purchased at i Q Ross Jewelers "JP 'I if IT IS 5375 in Id- ----------- S24-00 - gf ' 9 ----- 57-95 mc . whi e of N 1 ff lviemold is C l f d , WITHOUT CHARGE I film? TT1f"'h lp d With your goldistoiwsetliigli U ' ' fl 2.6 lla lulfl f de for 'Ore d d f3lQi3ief3'5gc373ifi53tea0f insuf- eeissiwllllllllllll s . . . 5135.00 C '-"' "-'-'---'-"'---""' """" ance, explaining h,0W your 1 'r-- RN-eiiss BIKINI! ir ms :smile ringis Protected agamst dam- S6110 TXYIINTT1 ' ,.,s.r,s. ..,,sI.s......r.,.,s,., age of loss due to: WNQWIISI .k TH EFT 4, LARCENY INS ME Iffffi ir Loss or STONE ."- "" 2 if BU RGLARY A if ACUDENTAL BREAKAGE if ROBBERY if FIRE Springdale Plaza . Dauphin St. . Royal St. . lgrichard . Pascagoula . ay Minetfe A Advertising Directory AAA Warehousing and Moving Co., Inc. . . . 251 15iBB's Moving Service . . . 258 ABC Fence Industries . . . 262 Air-Conditioning Engineers, I . . nc 260 Almyr's Shoes . . . 255 American National Bank . . . 253 A8cM Peanut Shoppe . . . 238 B Balfour . . . 247 Bauer's Drugs . . . 236 Bayley's Steak House . . . 237 Bellas Hess . . . 262 Bidgood Stationery Co. . . . 255 Bolton Ford . . . 259 Bonner Novelty . . . 236 Brannan's Sporting Goods Co. . Bruce-Terminix Co. . . . 246 Bullard Oldsmobile, Inc. . . . 235 246 Burch's Cleaners and Laundry . . . 245 Burford Equipment Co. . . . 256 Burger Chef . . . 258 Busch's Kredit Jewelers . . . 241 C Calagaz Photo Supply, Inc. . . . Charles Crane . . . 248 Charmaine Coiffures . . . 256 Chin Laundry and Cleaners . . . Claude Moore Jeweler . . . 242 Cleveland Florist . . . 236 Climate Control, Inc. . . . 238 Coca-Cola Bottling Co., Inc. . . . Colony Cafeteria, Inc. . . . 243 Commercial Guaranty Bank . . . Constantine's . . . 248 D Dairy Fresh Corporation . . . 242 Darnrich Shoe Co. . . . 253 Dauphine Apartments . . . 236 Delchamps Food Stores . . . 246 Demeranville Floral Co., Inc. . . . 261 261 Diamond Roofing Co., Inc. . . . Downtown Sales Co. . . . 242 E Elliot's Jewelry . . . 260 English Drug Store, Inc. . .. 246 F Fabric Mart . . . 238 Fairway Shell Service . . . 262 First National Bank . . . 243 Florida Bowl . . . 249 Foodtown Stores . . . 234 Fruit Distributing Co. . . . 260 Furniture Distributors of Mobile G Gerhardt's Luggage and Gifts . . . Gibson Drug Store . . . 243 Giddens and Rester . . . 255 Gill Printing and Stationery Co., I 234 Goldstein's, Inc. . . . 251 254 242 257 263 .- 239 nc. . . . Grady Buick Co. . . . 252 Graf's Dairy . . . 260 Gravely of Mobile, Inc. . . . 252 Green's Toulminville Gulf Service Station . . . 240 Gregg Harris Furniture Co. . . . 240 H Haas-Davis Packing Co. . . . 249 Hammel's . .. 252 Heiter-Starke Printing Co., Inc. . . . 243 Hill Top Shop . . . 234 Holiday, Inc. . . . 237 Home Savings and Loan Association . . . 261 I Ideal Drugs, Inc. . . . 240 International Paper Co. . . . 246 I Jet Car Wash ... 263 Joyce Jewelers . . . 253 K Kayser's . .. 256 Kirkpatrick's Clover Farm Store . . . 256 Kleinschrodt Cabinet's, Inc. . . . 243 L Loop Medical Center Pharmacy . . . 253 Loop Shell Service Station . . . 234 Luckie's Beauty Salon . . . 251 M McEachern of Mobile Photography . . . 232 Malbis Bakery Corporation . . . 253 Marguerite Benson Hall School of Dance . . . 238 Maxey's Formal Rentals . . . 253 Maxine's . . . 241 May Supply Co. . . . 241 Merchant's National Bank . . . 241 Metzgerls, Inc. . . . 248 Mobile Check Exchange . . . 258 Mobile County Commissioners . .. 244 Mobile Distributing Co. . . . 261 Mobile Federal Savings and Loan Association . . . 262 Mobile Glass Co., Inc. . . . 242 Mobile Mgdical Center Pharmacy, Inc. . . . 2 Mobile Rug and Shade Co., Inc. . . . 252 Mobile Steel Co., Inc. . . . 240 Mobile Supply Co. . . . 249 Modern Beauty Shoppe . . . 240 N Nixon Drugs, Inc. . . . 262 O Oliver Drugs . . . 245 Orchid Cleaners . . . 240 Otis Lee Honda Motorcycle Sales . . . 251 264 P Paragon Cleaners . .. 239 Park Mobile, Inc. . . . 235 Paul Brown's Toy Center . . . 245 Paulmont Clothing Store . . . 234 Paul's Gulf Service Station . . . 256 The Pencil Co. . . . 241 Phillip's Furniture Co. . . . 235 Preferred Risk Mutual Insurance Co. . . 236 Princess House Restaurant and Lounge 252 R Rebel Queen . . . 256 Refrigeration Supply Co., Inc. CRescoD . . . 234 Richey Beauty Salon . . . 237 Roberts Brothers, Inc. . . . 234 Robert's Texaco Service . . . 237 Roche Brown-Service Undertaking Co. . . . 235 Roger's Exterminating Co. . . . 237 Ro-Mac's Shoes . . . 245 Ross Jewelers . . . 263 Ruberoid Co. . . . 258 Ryan Stevedoring Co., Inc. . . . 260 S Sanchez Amoco . . . 238 Sapp's Service Station . . . 258 Scooterama, Inc. . . . 237 Sheraton Battle House . . . 259 Shoe Box . . . 259 Smith Bakery . . . 261 Sonnier's Hygenic Diaper Service . . . 233 Southern Bell Telephone and Telegraph Co. . . . 250 . i Southern Industries Corporation . . . 239 Spottswood Studio . . . 249 Springdale Photo Center . . . 248 T Tannerls Kwik Lunch, Inc. . . . 241 Thoss Sporting Goods Co., Inc. . . . 249 Tony's Pizza Carry-Out . .. 235 Toulminville Printing Co. . . . 259 Trail Cadillac-Pontiac, Inc. . . . 251 Tri-State Wholesale, Inc. . . . 240 U U-J Chevrolet Co., Inc. . . . 262 Uncle Joe's Body Shop . . . 248 V Van's Photo Supply . . . 252 W Walker-Lewis Contracting Co. . . . 245 J. S. Walton and Co. . . . 259 Weatherby Furniture Co. . . . 255 Weinacker's . .. 259 Westlawn Drug Store . . . 249 Y York Chrysler-Plymouth, Inc. . . .238 The 1966 Mohian Staff Aim High Not Wid ei? JANICE KING SARAH SCHEAR MISS ELOISE FOSTER Editor-In-Chief Business Manager Faculty Advisor ANITA SELLERS NANCY RICHARDSON Advertising Manager Literary Editor JOHN HUFF HOWARD WALKER III Asst. Advertising Manager Writer BETTIE BETANCOURT JUDY LAUTER Faculty Editor Writer GAYLE LEES DIANE BONDS Senior Class Editor Typist JOAN SPAIN VIRGINIA POOLE Asst. Senior Class Editor Art Editor ELIZABETH LINGO LANE KNUDSEN Junior Class Editor Circulation Manager SUSAN HICKS JUDI MORROW Sophomore Class Editor Proofreader MARION PETTISS DEAN ZAMPIERI Asst. Class Editor Photographer MARILYN SUTTS BENJAMIN KIMBROUGH III Activities Editor Photographer PENNY MANN CURTIS BARRETT JR. Club Editor Asst. Photographer KATHY HANKS JAMES RIKARD Asst. Club Editor Asst. Photographer HERNDON INGE III CHARLES ROYAL Sports Editor 265 Asst. Photographer urph Loses Dedicated Workers fskwm X WWW . Sf! ,351- ,1 , s 1. Q.. we rr M,-J' tv tg s f it tit' gi e , . . fs K 52 . Q. ff A Panther Spirit was never embodied in anyone more ac- tively than in Mrs. Alice Stapleton. Her readiness to go that extra mile was often displayed as she fed athletic teams, prepared extra refreshments for faculty meetings, and pro- vided punch and cookies for many school functions. With Mrs. Stapleton's death Murphy lost more than an effi- cient cafeteria manager 3 it lost a generous, loyal friend. In March of 1966, Murphy's administration lost a ca- pable oflice worker, Mrs. Doris Stumph. Serving at Murphy since 1946, she has aided many students in transferring from other schools and in sending college transcripts. As Records Clerk, Mrs. Stumph was in charge of the perma- nent record cards that are Filled out by every Murphian. The administration, faculty, and students will miss the assistance of our dedicated friend Mrs. Doris Stumph. Senior Director . . . Key to Abbreviations: Arg. Inc., Argument Incorporated, A.R.C., Amateur Radio Club, Boost., Booster, Bowl., Bowling, Cafe., Cafeteria, Capt., Captain, Cet., Cetaceans, Comm., Committee, Coun., Council, F.N.A., Future Nurses of America, F.D.C., Future Doctors Club, F.R.A.H.S., Fan Randlette Art Honor Society, I.C.C., Inter Club Council, Inc., Incorporated, J.H.S., Jr. Historic Society, Jr., Junior, Lib., Library, Maj., Majorette, M.A.R.S., Murphy Aeronautical Research Society, Off., Office, Orch., Orchestra, Pres., President, Rep., Representative, Sec., Secretary, Span., Span- ish, Spec. Chor., Special Chorus, Sr., Senior, Teach., Teacher, Tramp., Trampoline, Trop., Troopers, Treas., Treasurer, Ush., Ushers, V.I.E., Vocational Industrial Education, V.P., Vice-President, 2, Sophomore, 3, Junior, 4, Senior. ABERNATHY, BONNIE N.H.S. 4. C137,1795 ADAIR, MICHAEL EDWARD ADAMS, LAURA N.H.S. 3,4, Quill and Scroll 3,4, 3,4, Span. Club 4, MOHIAN 3 CAsst. Class Ed.5, Cheerleader 3,4. C137,54,102,103,75,179,184,1745 ADAMS, LINDA Stud. Coun. 3, Boost. Club 2-4, J.H.S. 2-4, Four Arts Club 2-4, Teach. Asst. 3, Off. Asst. 4, Lib. Asst. 4. C137,90,183,605 ADCOX, KATHY C1375 ADE, CHARLES C1375 ADGER, JEAN Hi Times Rep. 2, Teach. Asst. 3. C1375 ADGER, ROBERT EMMETT V.I.E. Club 4. AKERS, STANLEY Boost. Club 4, Ush. 4, Tennis Club 2, Track 3,4, Cross Country 4, "M" Club 4. C137,1255 ALLEN, ALBERT D.E.C.A. 3,4, Visual Ed. Asst. 4. C1375 ALLEN, ALVIN Red Cross Rep. 3,4, Monitors Club 2-4 CSec., Treas.5, D.O. Club 4. C137,2805 ALLEN, EDWARD Boost. Club 2, Golf Team 4. C137,1275 ALLEN, LILLIAN V.I.E. Club 4. C1375 AMMONS, KENNY L. V.I.E. Club 3,4, Monitors Club 2. ANDERSON, KATHERINE Club 4, Girls' Chor. 2, Spec. Chor. 3. C1 7 ANDERSON, ROBERT C1375 ANDREWS, GERALDINE Span. Club 2, Boost. Club 2,3, Red Cross 2,3, Stud. Coun. 4, Four Arts Club 2-4, OH. Asst. 4, Senior Speaker, N.H.S. C137,19,181,44,73,1795 APKEN, PAULA MARIE C1375 ARENDALL, LAWRENCE BARCLAY Gym Cadet 4, N.H.S. 4. C137,1795 ARMOUR, SMITH LOUIS V.I.E. Club 4. C1375 ARMSTRONG, RONNIE C1375 ASKEW, JOE Band 2-4. C137,12,705 QTSQLNS, KAY tu . oun. 3, Sr. Class OfFIcer4 . ' . , 031136, CRep 5, OH Asst 2,3. AUSTIN, CYNTHIA LOUISE Span. Club 2, Red Cross Rep. 3, Hi Times Rep. 4, Hi Times Staff 2-4 CReporter, Asst. Exchange Ed. 3, Exchange Ed. 45, Quill and Scroll 4. C137,59,745 AUSTIN, MARGUERITE JOAN C1375 AYCOCK, MICHAEL BRAUN N-H-S 3,45 Stud- COUH. 2-4, "MN Club 2-4, Key Club 3,4, Latin Club 3, Football 2-4 CAll MCCC Conf.5, Golf2-4, Boys' State Rep. 3. C137,106,108,110,112,136,178,53,77,44,179,127,184,174,2065 BACHUS, HARRY C137,765 RPIIQGETT, ROBERT ALBERT BAGGETT, ROSIE Monitors, Club 2. C1385 BAILEY, DEBORAH MAE Red Cross 2, Teach. Asst. 3,4. C1385 BAILEY, SANDRA LEAH Span. Club 2-4, Boost. Club 2-4, F.N.A. 2, Red Cross 2. C1385 BAIREFIELD, WILLIAM DUVEL D.E.C.A. 4. C1385 BALDO, CLAUDE MILTON C138,465 BALZLI, LINDA DIANE Span. Club 2, Boost. Club 2,3, Hi Times Rep. 2-4, Intramural Sports 4. C1385 BANKESTER, LEONARD C1385 BARLOW, JANA C1385 BARNES, FRED PALMER V.I.E. Club 3,4. C1385 BARNES, RICHARD HARRISON, JR. Chem-B0-Phys 3,4, German Club 4, National Merit Semifinalist 4, N.H.S. 4. C138,280,179,l855 BARRETT, JOAN Boost. Club 2, U.R.S. Club 3, Teach. Asst. 4. C1385 BARTEE, ANNA MARIE F.N.A. 2, Red Cross 3, Teach. Asst. 3. C1385 BARTON, KENNETH EARL Bowl.Club 2,J.E.T.S.4. C138,395 BASS, JOHN C1385 BASS, RAYFORD D.E.C.A. 4 CV. Pres.5, Hi Times 4, Spec. Chor. 3, D.E. Asst. 4. C1385 BATTON, PAMELA MARIA N.H.S. 3,4, Span. Club 4, Stud. Coun. Rep. 3, N.C.T.E. Finalist 3, Teach. Asst. 3,4. C138,1795 BAUMHAUER, HELEN BARTEE Boost. Club 2, Span. Club 2. C1385 BAXTER, ALMA JEAN N.H.S. 3,4, Stud. Coun. CPres. 35, French Club 3, Science Club 2, Yearbook Business Manager 2, D.O. Club 4. C138,1795 BEAGLE, SUSAN ELIZABETH J.H.S. 2, Latin Club 3,4, Key Club Sweetheart 4, Hi Times Rep. 2, Cheerleader 2-4 CHead 45, Azalea Trail Maid 4, Class Favorite 3,4, OIT. Asst. 4, N.H.S. 4. C138,147,102,103,78,79,88,10,179,10,2075 BEASLEY, LINDA ELAINE Span. Club 2. C1385 BEASLEY, MARTHA JANE German Club 4, Red Cross Rep. 2, Teach. Asst. 4. C1385 BECKMAN, GEORGE H. Cet. 3. C1385 BELCHER, JACKIE GLENN C1385 BELL, CAROL FAYE Span. Club 2, French Club 2, Boost. Club 2, Stud. Coun. Rep. 2, J.H.S.2. C1395 BELL, KENNETH EDWARD D.O. 3,4. BENITEZ, LAURA CARMEN Teach. Asst. 3. C1395 BENSON, DONALD ORBREY Senior Director . . . BENSON, WALTER LEE BENTON, ROY HARTE C139,795 BETTY, DEBORAH ANNE French Club 25 Teach. Asst. 2,3. C1395 1 BEXLEY, IRENE Monitor's Club 4. C139,815 BIEHL, SUSAN GAYLE BIGGERS, DOROTHY KAY French Club 25 Red Cross 2-45 Boost. Club 25 Lib. Asst. 2. C1395 BIGGS, DOUGLAS FRANKLIN D.O. Club 4. C1395 BIGGS, GEORGE MICHAEL C1395 BILLY, PAUL JERALD C1395 BLACK, JOHN HANS BLAIR, CHARLES MILTON C1395 BLAKE, JAMES MALCOLM N.H.S. 3 CTreas. 455 Stud. Coun. Rep. 2-45 I.C.C. 45 J.E.T.S. CPres. 455 Chem-B0-Phys Club 45 Band 2-4 CDrum Major 3,455 N.C.T.E. Semifinalist 35 Senior Speaker 4. C139,5,7O,71,180,69,72,179,184,1745 BLEYSWYK, SAM SHELBY C1395 BOATMAN, ROY FRANKLIN BOGGS, WANDA LOUISE Volleyball Team 2-45 Basketball Team 2-45 Track Team 2-45 Gym Cadet4. C139,132,133,1975 BOGUE, CHARLES ARTHUR Span. Club 25 Chem-Bo-Phys Club 35 J.E.T.S. 4. C1395 BOLIN, CHARLES PATRICK V.I.E. 45 Band 2. C1395 BOND, JO ANN F.T.A.4. C1395 BONDS, MARY DIANE Four Arts Club 45 F.T.A. 25 Bible Club 45 Span. Club 45 MOHIAN StafICTypist5 45 Band 2-45 Girls' Chor. 25 Spec. Chor. 3. C139,71,78,97,2615 BOOKER, DANNY PAYTON BOONE, CLAUDE DAVID Boost. Club 35 Band 2. C1395 BOSWELL, CHRYSIS LEE Stud. Coun. Rep. 2-45 Boost. Club 2,35J.H.S. 2-45 Teach. Asst. 3,4. C1395 BOULO, SUSAN ANTOINETTE French Club 2. C1395 BOUTRIES, EUGENE WILLIAM JR. Stud. Coun. Rep. 2-45 Teach. Asst. 2,3. C139,1255 BOWEN, TERRY D.E.C.A. 3,4. C1395 BOWMAN, NINA C1395 BOYKIN, CAROL D.E.C.A. 45 Teach. Asst. 2,35 Stud. Coun. Rep. 45 Cafe. Asst. 2-3. C1395 BRABNER, ANGIE Outstanding Senior 45 F.B.L.A. 3. C185,1405 BRACEWELL, JOSEPH GWINN Red Cross 2-45 "MU Club 3,45 Baseball 2-4. C140,1315 BRADLEY, JAMES CLIFTON C1405 BRANDAU, SHARON KATHRYN C1405 BRANNON, HAROLD C. BRANUM, GLORIA JUNE V.I.E. 3,4 CTreas. 455 N.H.S. 4. C14O,1795 BRANUM, PATRICIA JEAN Latin Club 4. C1405 BRASELL, CHARLOTTE JANELLE Tramp. Club 35 V.I.E. 4. C1405 BRASSELL, LINDA C1405 BREADAHL, SALLY GLORIA BRICKEN, THOMAS HM" Club 3,45 French Club 25 Tennis Club 3,4. C140,1295 BRIDGES, CAROLYN C1405 BRIGHAM, MARY ELIZABETH C1405 BRINGER, BEVERLY Span. Club 2,35 Red Cross 2-4 CTreas. 455 Chor. 2 Madrigals 4. C140,665 BRITT, GEORGE NORMAN 'IAM Band 2,35 J.E.T.S. 4. C1405 BROWN, EDNA WAYNE Red Cross 3. C1405 BROWN, JEANETTE ANDREA F.R.A.H.S. 45 Cet. 3,4 CSec. 455 National Merit Finalist. C140,92,188,765 BROWN, LAWRENCE HOWARD Baseball 4. C1405 BROWN, LINDA MAE V.I.E. Club 3,4. BROWN, RONALD C1405 BROWN, SUZANNE L. French Club 2-45 Boost. Club 45 Off. Asst. 4. C1405 BRYANT, DANE RANDELL BRYANT, DONALD KENNETH Football 25 Tennis 2-45 Lab. Asst. 4. C1405 BUCKHALTER, LINDA IRENE D.E. Club 3. C1405 BUCKLEY, BETTY DIANE Red Cross 25 V.I.E. Club 45 F.B.L.A. Club 4. C140,965 BUITT, JUDITH DE LATHA Boost. Club 25 F.N.A. 25 Red Cross 45 Cet. 3 CSec.5. BULLOCK, CONNIE SUE Girls' Track Team 2. C1405 BURCH, GEORGE RONALD BURGESS, MARGARET FRANCES V.I.E. Club 4. C1405 BURK, HOWARD D.E. Club 35 Intra. Sports 4. C1415 BURK, JAMIE SHIELDS J.H.S. 2,35 Off. Asst. 3. C1415 BURKE, DANIELD WILBERN Chem-Bo-Phys 3. C1415 BURNETT, DOROTHY E. Boost. Club 2-45 F.D.C. 45 Red Cross 45 Hi Times 45 Quill and Scroll 4. C141,59,91,745 BUSCH, LARRY WAYNE BYRD, ROBERT Bowl. Club 25 Hi Times Rep. 25 Basketball 2 CMgr.5. C1415 CAGLE, JEANNETTE C1415 CALE, SANDRA C1415 CANNON, COLLEEN C1415 CANNON, LINDA ANN C1415 CANODE, STEVE HALL Teach. Asst. 3. C1415 CANTRELL, LARRY C1415 CAPPS, JERRY M. V.I.E. Club 3,4. C1415 CARE, CHARLES DOUGLAS C1415 CARSTENS, ROBIN MCVAY N.H.S. 3,45 German Club 3,45 Chem-Bo-Phys Club 45 Boost. Club 2 J.H.S. 2. C141,87,1795 CARTER, JUDITH MARIE N.H.S. 3,4. Club Activities, Honors, Year, And Pages Pictured 4141,1795 CATLIN, JAMES GLENNON Span. Club 25 Gym Asst. 4. 41415 CATON, GLORIA JEAN V.I.E. 45 Spec. Chor. 2. 41415 CAWTHON, CECELIA JEANETTE F.R.A.H.S. 3,4. 41415 CHADICK, BRENDA Red Cross 2-45 Y-Teens 2,35 I.C.C. 4. 4141,85,78,115 CHAMBERLAIN, SAMUEL DOUGLAS 4141,1255 CHAMBERLAIN, SHERRY WAYNE Monitors Club 25 Gym Cadet 45 Off. Asst. 45 Teach. Asst. 2-4. CHAMBERS, DEBORAH LOUISE Stud. Coun. 3,4. 4141,s5,9s5 5 EIIQISNEY, JAMES MELTON 1 CHANIN, LUDMILA STANISTAWN German Club 45 F.D.C. 45 French Club 35 Glee Club 35 American Legion Award 2. CHAPMAN, ROBERT N.H.S. 4. 4142,1v95 CHASSIN, STANLEY SIMON Four Arts Club 45 Span. Club 25 D.E.C.A. Club 3. 4142,615 CHESTNOLVICK, BRENDA MAURA Chem-Bo-Phys Club 3,45 Span. Club 3,4. 41425 CHING, CHARLES LAWRENCE D.E.C.A. Club 3,4. 41425 CHRISTIE, JOHN RALPH A.R.C. 2-45 Red Cross 45 Stud. Coun. Rep. 45 Monitors Club 3,45 Hi Times Rep. 25 Teach. Asst. 2. 41425 CIEUTAT, MARY FRANCES D.E.C.A. Club 45 D.E. Asst. 4. 41425 CLANTON, MARGARET JEAN 3,45 Chem-Bo-Phys Club 25 Span. Club 25 Stud. Coun. Rep. 35 . . .4. 4142,1785 CLANTON, MAJORIE JANE N.H.S. 3,45 chem-B0-Phys 2, V.I.E. Club 4. 4142,1785 CLARK, LINDA V.I.E. Club 3,4 4V.P. 3, Pres. 45. CLARK, TERRY VAUN F.R.A.H.S. 45 V.I.E. Club 3,4. CLqRKE, STANLEY GREY 4142 CLEGHORN, RICHARD KENNETH CLEMENTS, BRIAN C. D.E.C.A. Club 4. 41425 CLEMMONS, RODGER EARL SLESVELAND, JERRY ANTHONY 14 COKER, BRYANT ALAN Bowl,Club 25 Baseball 45 Teach. Asst. 2-4. 4142,1535 COKER, CLIFTON 41425 COKER, DANNY PAUL D.o. Club 3,4. 41425 COKER, RUTH 41425 COLEMAN, GEORGE GORDAN V.I.E. 3,4. EIOJSEMAN, LINDA SUE 14 COLEMAN, PATRICIA ANN Red Cross 25 Girls' Chor. 25 Spec. Chor. 3. 41425 I COMISH, JAMES ROBERT Chem-Bo-Phys 3. 41435 CONDITT, DAVID KING Latin Club 35 Intra. Sports 4. 41435 CONERLY, WILLIAM JOSEPH MMU Club 3,45 Basketball 2-45 Baseball 2-4. 4143,119,118,114,1155 CONNER, JOSEPH A. 41435 COOGAN, RICHARD German Club 3,45 Chem-Bo-Phys 45 "M" Club 45 Football Mgr. 4. COOK, ADRIENNE REGINA J.H.S. 45 Boost. Club 2. COOPER, MARY CHRISTOPHER French Club 25 Span. Club 3. 41435 COPE, JUDITH ANN CORCORAN, LINDA Boost. Club 35 Red Cross Rep. 35 French Club 35 Span. Club 45 Hi Times Rep. 45 Off. Asst. 4. 41435 COURTNEY, SUSAN 41435 COX, NORMAN ELMER JR. N.H.S. 3,45 J.E.T.S. 45 Chem-Bo-Phys 3,4 4Pres.55 I.C.C. 45 Stud. Coun. 45 Gym Asst. 45 Lab. Asst. 25 Senior Speaker 4. 4143,78,46,180,172,179,72,1855 COX, RICHARD LEIGH CRAIG, MARY ELLEN N.H.S. 3,4. 4143,1795 CRANE, DAVID NEANDER Chem-Bo-Phys 3,4. 41435 CRATON, NANCY 41435 CRAWFORD, MARISE V.I.E. 45 F.B.L.A. 4. 41435 CRAWFORD, MARSHALL LANE 41435 CRAWLEY, BEVERLY ANN Span. Club 25 Red Cross 4. 41435 CRENSHAW, LINDA LUCILE 41435 CRIGLER, JOHN "M" Club 3,45 Spike Shoe Club 2-45 J.E.T.S. 45 Track 2-45 Cross Country 2-4 4Co-Capt.5. 4143,82,126,123,1245 CROMWELL, CAROL GRACE French Club 2,35 Boost. Club 3. 41435 cRoss, EDWARD 41435 ckow, SHEILA 41435 4 CRUISE, RONALD ELDWIN CUNNINGHAM, HENRY W. 41435 CUNNINGHAM, HETTY J.H.S. 25 French Club 25 Span. Club 45 Azalea Trail Court 45 Teach. Asst. 45 Off. Asst. 3,45 N.H.S. 4. 4143,17,1795 CUNNINGHAM, ,MARTHA JANE N.H.S. 3,45 Latin Club 45 Cheerleader 2-45 Class Favorite 2,35 Teach. Asst. 2-45 Off. Asst. 4. 4144,253,102,53,88,179,185,206,1775 CURRY, BYRON JOSEPH "M" Club 3,45 Baseball 3,4. 41445 CURTIS, EVERETT BRENT German Club 2-45 Stud. Coun. Rep. 2-45 Band 2,3. 41445 CURTIS, SANDRA LOUISE J.H.S. 25 Hi Times 4 4Typist55 Spec. Chor. 3,4. 4144,595 DANIELS, DAVID LAMAR Boost. Club 35 Track Team 3,4. 41445 DANIELS, JANET CAROL Gym Cadet 45 Intra. Sports 4. 41445 DANIELS, LA VAUGHN DAVIS, CAROL Stud. Coun. Rep. 25 French Club 25 OH. Asst. 2,3. 41445 DAVIS, HENRY F. D.E.C.A. 3,4. 41445 DAVIS, JOHN PHILLIPS V.l.E. 45 Hi Times Rep. 2. 41445 DAVIS, LINDA RUTH Red Cross 45 Bible Club 4. 41445 Senior Director . . . DAVIDSON, REUBEN EDWARD Spec. Chor. 2-4. C144,63,625 DAW, BRENDA DAY Off. Asst. 3. C1445 DAWSON, SHEILA C1445 DEAN, DEWAYNE C1445 DEARMON, LINDA ELLA C1445 DEES, EDGAR ALLEN JR. Cet. 3,4. C92,1445 DELCHAMPS, WILLIAM McCARTHY D.E.C.A. 3,4. C1445 DeLOACH, BRENDA LEE French Club 25 Spec. Chor. 3,45 Girls' Chor. 2. C1445 DEMETROPOLIS, PORTIA SUZANNE French Club 2. C1445 DETMAN, DANIEL JOSEPH Chem-Bo-Phys Club 35 Band 2-45 N.H.S. 4. C70,144,1795 DETTRA, HARRIET Stud. Coun. Rep. 35 German Club 3,4 CSoc. Chr.55 Cet. 4 CHist55 Intra Bowling 4. C87,92,1445 DEWRELL, WANDA F0059 Club 35 Stud. Coun. Rep. 45 French Club 4. 144 DIX, DANIEL C144,163,605 DIXON, SHARON Boost. Club 35 Bible Club 35 Bowl. Club 25 Spec. Chor. 3,4 CTreas. 45 Girl's Chor. 25 OIT. Asst. C94,1455 DOBSON, RICHARD ANDREW DODSON, REBECCA ANN F.N.A, 3,45 Jr. Gray Ladies 3,4. C98,1455 DONALD, JEAN BELLE Home Ec. Asst. 3,4. C1455 DONOHOO, GARY DORGAN, MARGARET ANN Red Cross 4. C1455 DORLON, HARRY Usher's Club 45 Boost. Club 25 J.E.T.S. 45 Stud. Coun. Rep. 3,45 Chergi-Bo-Phys 25 Hi Times Rep. 2. C145 DRINKARK, ROGER C1455 DRISKELL, KURT WAYNE DUBOSE, CRAIG MASON C1455 DuLONG, ALFRED V.I.E.4. DUMAS, ROBERT BRUCE Hi Times CAsst. Sport's Ed. 3, Co-Ed. 455 Gym Cadet 45 Football 2 q145,11,58,745 DUMAS, WILLIAM Arg. Inc. 25 Stud. Coun. Rep. 2-45 Key Club 3,45 "A" Band 2,35 Teach. Asst. 3,4. C145,58,79,615 DUNGAN, DEE French Club 3,4 C2nd V. Pres. 455 F.D.C. 4. C145,91,895 DUNN, CHARLES OWEN Stud. Coun. Rep. 2-45 J.E.T.S. 4. C145,13,54,136,495 DUNN, KATHLEEN Boost. Club 3. C1455 DUNN, ROBERT Boost. Club 2,35 Chem-Bo-Phys 2,35 Usher's Club 35 J.E.T.S. 35 Span. Club 25 Red Cross Rep. 45 Gym Asst. 35 N.H.S. 4. C145,280,179,11,l295 DURANT, LESLIE D.E.C.A. 25 Cet, 3,4. DUTTON, RANDY Span. Club 25 Boost. Club 2,35 OIT. Asst. 2,3. C1455 DYSON, PATRICIA DIANE EASTBURN, GREGORY 1 Gym Asst. 4. C1455 EDWARDS, MARY ANN Chem-Bo-Phys 35 Rep. to Ala. Girls, State 3. C1455 EHMAN, LINDA Quill and Scroll 3-45 Stu. Coun. 2,35 Span. Club 25 Red Cross 2,35 Hi Times 2-4 CAdvertising Manager5. C145,58,75,415 EHRLIN, MARTHA C1455 EICHOLD, ALICE Stud. Coun. 3-45 French Club 3-45 Gym Asst. 45 Off. Asst. 4. C1455 ELKINS, GEORGE Bowl. Club 2,35 Chem-Bo-Phys 3-45 J.E.T.S. 4. C145,1875 ELLIOTT, FRANKIE D.O. Club 4. C1455 ELLIS, EUGENE Fouri Arts Club 3-4. ENFINGER, BETTY SUE ENGSTROM, CHARLES LEWIS Span. Club 2. C1455 EVANS, HARRY N.H.S. 3-45 Chem-Bo-Phys 45 Band 2-45 Orchestra 2-45 1st Place in State and District on Clarinet 2,35 National Merit Finalist Mobile Student Symphon 2-45 Outstanding Senior. C146,188,i0,182',179,1855 EVANS, JOYCE EVANS, LINDA D.E.C.A. 45 Red Cross 35 D.E. Asst. EVANS, TONY Frengh Club 45 Red Cross 25 Boost. Club 25 OIT. Asst. 3. 146 EZELLE, LOIS C1465 FAIRBAIRN, SUSAN ANN Span. Club 35 Stu. Coun: 35 Hi Times Reporter 45 Quill and Scroll 4. C146,58,745 FARNELL, LINDA JOY French Club 25 Tennis Club 25 Spec. Chor. 2-45 Gym Asst. 4. C146,1325 FARRIS, REBECCA ANN Hi Times Reporter 2,35 Boost. Club 3,4. C1465 FAUSAK, RANDALL LEE C1465 FAY, KARL PHILLIP Monitor Club 35 Bible Club 35 Teach. Asst. 3. C1465 FELL, CHRISTINE Span. Club 25 Boost. Club 25 F.B.L.A. 35 F.T.A. 4. C146,975 FERNIANY, AMELIA MARIE Boost. Club 25 Span. Club 25 Hi Times 2,3 CReporter 25 Asst. Bus. Mgr. 355 Gym Cadet 4. C1465 FICKLING, LINDA SUE D.O. Club 4. C1465 FILES, NANCY GAYLE Stud. Coun. Rep. 45 Teach. Asst. 4. C1465 FINLEY, BRUCE CRAVE, JR. N.H.S. 3,45 Key Club 45 Ushers Club 3,45 Chem-Bo-Phys 3,45 Stud.C0un Rep. 2,35 Chem. Lab. Asst. 3. C146,l79,1295 FISHBURNE, WILLIAM "M" Club 3,45 J.E.T.S. 45 Tennis Team CCapt.5 3,45 Gym Asst. 45 N.H.S. 4. C146,1795 1 FISHWICK, DIANA Stud. Coun. Rep. 35 Boost. Club 2-45 French Club 2-45 J.H.S. 3,45 Off. Asst. 45 Teach. Asst. 3,4. C1465 FISKE, SYLVIA SIDNEY Red Cross 45 Boost. Club 2-45 F.B.L.A. 2. C1465 FLANAGAN, JAMES N.H.S. 3,45 Chem-Bo-Phys 3,45 F.D.C. 3,45 Allied Medical Careers Club 25 Hi-Y 25 Stu. Coun. Rep. 25 Nat. Sci. Foundation Participant 4. C146,91,46,84,179,1875 FLOWERS, BETTY N.H.S. 3,45 Latin Club 3,45 Teach. Asst. 3. C146,88,179,178,1875 FLOYD, HARLOD KENNETH C1465 Club Activities, Honors, Year, And Pages Pictured FOERSTER, PAUL MARTIN, JR. French Club 2-45 Football Team Mgr. 25 N.H.S. 4. C146,1795 FOLKS, JANE RAE N.H.S. 3,45 F.D.C. 3,45 Teach. Asst. 2,35 Chem. Lab. Asst. 45 Hi Times Rep. 3,4. C146,1795 FORD, RONNIE V.I.E. 4. FORSYTH, PAUL EDWARD Orchestra 2,3. C1465 FOSTER, DONNA MARIE Stud. Coun. Rep. 3,45 Span. Club 3,45 Gym Asst. 4. C146,535 FOSTER, SHARON C1475 FOUNTAIN, MARY JANE Red Cross Rep. 2. C1475 FOWLER, LYNN C1475 FOWLKES, CAROLINE SHEPARD Stud. Coun. Rep. 2-45 Span. Club 25 2-4 CSec. 3, Pres. 455 Boost. Club 2-45 I.C.C. 45 Four Arts Club 3,45 Lib. Asst. 35 Teach. Asst. 2,3. Cl47,78,905 FOX, PRISCILLA Stud. Coun. Rep. 45 Spec. Chor. 3,4. C1475 FRAKE, GERRY JEAN F.T.A. 25 Boost. Club 2,35 Red Cross 35 Monitors 3,4 CSec.-Treas. 455 V.I.E. 4 CHist. 455 F.B.L.A. CTreas. 455 Gym Cadet 4. C147,965 FRANK, LEANN Quill 81 Scroll 3,4 CV. Pres. 455 French Club 2-4 CAttend. Sec. 455 Red Cross Rep. 25 Four Arts Club 3,45 Boost. Club 3,4 CTreas. 455 Hi Times 3,4 CReport. 3, Bus. Mgr. 45. C174,83,58,74,75,89,415 FRASE, EILEEN MARY French Club 3,45 Boost. Club 3,45 Hi Times Rep. 2-45 Teach. Asst. 45 N.H.S. 4. C147,182,1795 FRASER, LARRY NEIL C1475 FRAZIER, STEVEN Teach. Asst. 4. C1475 FREDERICK, JAMES FREEMAN, JERRY C1475 FRIEDRICH, FLORA MAE Red Cross Rep. 35 Hi Times 4 CAsst. News Ed. 455 Gym Cadet 45 Teach. Asst. 2-45 Quill Sc Scroll 4. C172,42,59,74,1845 FROST, BRENDA JEAN Y-Teens 2,35 Off. Asst. 2. C1475 FULGHAM, JAMES FULLER, DANNY D.O. Club 3,4. C1475 FULLER, GEORGE FULLER, MICHAEL BRELAND Span. Club 25 Chem-Bo-Phys 45 J.E.T.S. 4. FUGUA, HERBERT F. Spec. Chor. 2-4. GABEL, PAMELA ANN C1475 GALANOS, FLORA C1475 GALDIS, ALAN VINCENT "M" Club 45 Spike Shoe Club 35 Boost. Club 35 Cross Country 45 Track 4. C148,82,54,1255 , GALLOWAY, THOMAS MARLOWE JR. Key Club 2-45 "M" Club 3,45 Hi Times Rep. 3,45 Golf Team 2-45 Off. Asst. 45 N.H.S. 4. C148,79,1795 GAMMILL, CHARLES ALLEN C1485 GARCIA, WAYNE JOSEPH C1485 GARDBERG, JOHNATHAN PRINCE Chem-Bo-Phys 3,45 Boost. Club 35 Red Cross 45 J.E.T.S. 45 Lab. Asst. 3,45 Monitors 3. C148,845 GARDENER, FRED "M" Club 45 Football 3,4. C148,1045 GARRISON, MARGIE GAY, JERALD EMRIE C1485 GEORGE, THOMAS C. JR. French Club 35 Off, Asst. 4. GIBSON, JOHN C1485 GIBSON, LYDIA ROWENA Red Cross 25 Mon. 2-45 V.I.E. 4. C148,815 GIBSON, NANCY CAROLYN C1485 GILBERT, LARRY C1485 GILLEN, JOSEPH RAYMOND "M" Club 35 Football 3. C1485 GILLIS, ELMA JEAN Boost. Club 25 F.B.L.A. 25 Tennis 2-45 Off. Asst. 4. C1485 GIROD, TERESA ELOIS N.H.S. 3,4 CV. Pres.55 I.C.C. 3,45 Club 2,35 Red Cross 25 Hi Times Rep Bible Club 2-4 CPresidenI55 Red Cross 3,45 F.T.A. 35 Boost. Club 35 Hi Times Rep. 2,35Teach. Asst. 45 Lib Asst. 3. C148,78,94,182,1795 GLADDING, BETTY JANE Red Cross 3,45 Stu. Coun. Rep. 35 Four Arts Club 3,45 Lib. Asst. 4. C1485 GLAESER, CARMEN SYLVA Off. Asst. 4. GLENOS, GUS PETER, JR. V.I.E. 45 Baseball Mgr. 3. C148,1865 GLISSON, LINDA KAY Spec. Chor. 3,4. C148,635 GORDON, IRMA GAY Off. Asst. 45 Intramurals 35 Y-Teens 3. C1485 GOUBIL, TONY C1485 GOURDOURAS, MARY CAROL Arg. Inc. 2-4. C148,955 GRAHAM, TYRONRE C1485 GRATTA, JAMES ANTONIO Football 35 F.B.L.A. 4. C1485 GRAVES, VIRGINIA ANN F.N.A. 2-4 CTreas.55 Monitors Club 4. GRAYSON, WILLIAM DAVID GREEN, ALICE MAE C1495 GREEN, ANTHONY DEVAN C1495 GREEN, PAUL HOWARD C1495 GREENE, CHARLES M. HM" Club 4, Football 2-4. GRIFFIN, DAVID C1495 CRIMES, FRANKLIN WEBSTER JR. V.I.E.4. C1495 GUESS, JOHN PAUL GUESS, REGINALD PAUL JR. N.H.S. 3,45 Chem-Bo-Phys 3,45 J.E.T.S. 3,4 CV.-Pres.5. C149,1795 GUNTER, CHARLES GURLEY, ARNOLD R. C1495 GUTIERREZ, FRANKLIN SCOTT Golf Team 2-4. C1495 HACKMEYER, MICHAEL C1495 HADLEY, RAYMOND C1495 HAGOOD, VIRGINIA Band 2, F.B.L. 3. C1495 HAHN, KATHY Stud. Coun. 25 French Club 35 Red Cross 35 J.H.S. 25 Boost. Club 25 Teach. Asst. 35 OIT. Asst. 2. C1495 HALEY, CHERYL C149,52,1635 HALL, CAROLYN Senior Director Soph. Class Sec. 25 Jr. Class Sec. 35 Stud. Coun. Sec. 45 Boost. Club 2,35 Red Cross Rep. 35 Span. Club 2-45 N.H.S. 45 Youth Appreciation Week Judge 4. 4149,2,44,1795 HALL, DANIEL J.H.S. 45 Chem-Bo-Phys 3. 41495 HALL, JANET 41495 HALLETT, LYNNE N.H.S. 3,45 French Club 3, 4149,1795 HALLMAN, JEROLYN 41495 HALSTON, SHARON 4149,1865 HAMM, MARGARET 45 Off. Asst. 4. Span. Club 2,35 Red Cross 2-45 Teach. Asst. 4. 4149,s5,41,1625 HAMMACK, LINDA D.E.C.A. 45 D.E. Asst. 4. HAMMOND, SALLY F.R.A.H.S. 3,45 Boost. Clu 41495 b25 Ofl'.Asst. 3,4. HAMMONDS, BEVERLY Tampoline Club 35 Gym Cadet 45 Teach. Asst. 3. 41495 HAMMER, SUSAN JANE French Club 2,35 Boost. Club 2,35 Red Cross 2. HANKS, BILLY LEE HANSEN, JOHN French Club 45 Four Arts Club 3,4. 4149,615 HARBIN, JOANNE 41505 HARDESTY, JANE N.H.S. 3,45 Latin Club 3,4 4Sec.-Treas.55 Boos 4Club Reporter55 United Fund Speaker 4. 4150,s9,1795 I-IARDIN, DONNA Boost. Club 2,35 F.B.L.A. 3,45 Off. Asst. 3,4. 41505 HARE, BRENDA 41505 HARFORD, DONALD Chem-Bo-Phys 25 Spec. Ch 4150,1625 HARGETT, BEVERLY N.H.S. 4. 4150,1795 Q HARGETT, DERRY t. Club 2-45 Hi Times 2 or. 2-45 Boost. Club 2,3. Key Club 3,4 4Treas.55 Spike Shoe Club 2-45 UM" Club 2-45 J.E.T.S. 45 Chem-Bo-Phys 35 Track 3,45 Cross Country 2-4 4Capt. 455 Lab. Asst. 35 N.H.S. 4. 4150,173,82,126,79,123,179,1255 HARGROVE, BUDDY "Mn Club 25 D.O. Club 35 4855 HARPER, NANCY 41505 Football 2. HARRINGTON, STEVE 41505 HARRIS, DIANE ROSALYN HARRIS, GERALD 41505 HARRIS, JACKSON Teach.Asst. 41505 HARRIS, RICHARD 4150,315 HARRISON, CLAUDE N.H.S. 3,45 Chem-Bo-Phys 5,4,J.E.T.s. 4. 4150,179,1875 HART, BONNIE N.H.S. 3,45 French Club 2-4 4Rec. Sec. 3, Pres. 455 Jr. Hist. Soc. 2-3 4Historian 355 Lib. Asst. 2. 4150,42,89,1795 HART, DEBBIE 4150,1615 HART, EDGAR N.H.S. 3-4 4Pres. 455 HM" Club 45 I.C.C. 45 Key Club 2-35 Ushers, Club 25 Basketball 2-4 4Co-Capt. 355 All County 3, All Tournament Team 355 Track 3-45 Class Favorite 3 4150,117,179,114,125,208, ,4. 1711005 HARTLEY, ERNESTINE 41505 HARVEY, MARIA VERONICA Red Cross 2-35 Hi Times Rep. 3-45 Spec. Chor. 2-45 Teach. Asst. 4. HARTZES, GEORGE D.O. 5-4. 41505 HASKINS, BOBBY Hi Times Rep. 4. 41515 HAWKINS, JIMMY F.D.C. 45 Boost. Club 4. 4151,915 HAYDEN, JAMES 41515 HAYLES, SUZANNE Red Cross 2. 41515 HAYLES, BYRON 41515 HAYNES, TERRY V.I.E. 4. 41515 HEACOCK, ALFRED 41515 HERBERT, JAMES N.H.S. 4. 4151,1795 HENDERSON, FRANK 41515 HENDERSON, ROY HM" Club 3-45 Basketball 3-4. 41515 HENLEY, DWIGHT V.I.E. 45 Hi Times Rep. 2-35 Baseball 25 Teach. Asst 2 41515 HERMAN, JOHNNY 41515 HERRIGK, KAE 41515 HERRIN, DOROTHY Four Arts Club 45 Teach. Asst. 3-4. HESS, DONNA Lib. Asst. 41515 HICKMAN, JOE Monitors 4. 4151,815 HICKMAN, JOHN Monitors 4. 41515 HICKMAN, ROBERT HICKS, SUE N.H.S. 45 Four Arts Club 2-45 French Club 45 MOHIAN 4Soph Class Ed. 45. 4179,56,1515 HIOKSON, DARBY F.R.A.H.S. 3,45 Red Cross 45 French Club 2,35 Stage Crew 2 3 4 Four Arts Club 35 Off. Asst. 3,4. 4151,76,1s25 HILBURN, TERESA ELIZABETH HILL, DAVID ALLEN HILLARD, SANDRA Glee Club 3 4Pres.55 Spec. Chor. 4. 41515 HINTON, SHARON French Club 25 D.E.C.A. 45 V.I.E. Club 4. 41515 HITESHEW, GEORGE 41515 HIXSON, RICHARD Gym Asst.4. 41515 HOAGLAND, BETTY 41515 HODGE, MURRAY Chem-Bo-Phys 35 Spec. Ch 4151,665 HODO, RONNIE V.I.E. Club 5,4 41525 HOELTZEL, TONY or. 2,3,45 Madrigals 3,4 Band 2,3,45 Orch. 35 Choir 2,35 Madrigals 2. 4152.545 HOFFMAN, EUGENE 41525 HOFHEINS, JAMES Bowl. Club 25 Football 2,3,45 Gym Asst. 4. 41525 HOLBEIN, FRED 41525 HOLCOMB, RUTH Girls, Chor. 25 Spec. Chor. 3,4. 41525 HOLLAND, GEORGE 41525 Club Activities, Honors, Year, And Pages Pictured HOLLOWAY, GERALD 41525 HOLLOWELL, LEILA F.R.A.H.S. 4. 4152,765 HOLSTON, SHARON D.E. 3,4 4Chaplain 3, Pres. 45. HOLT, DEWEY THOMAS HONEA, BARBARA Span. Club 2,3, Boost. Club 2-4. 41525 HORN, GEORGE 4152,465 HOPPE, PHILIP Bowl. Club 3, Red Cross Rep. 4. 41525 HORTON, DOUGLAS 41525 HOUSE, PATRICIA F.B.L.A. 4V.-Pres. 45, Off. Asst. 4. 41525 HOWARD, JOHN v.i.E. Club 4. HOWARD, THOMAS 41525 HOWELL, BENTLEY HMM Club 3,4, Football 2-4. 41525 HUDSON, VICKY N.H.S. 3,4, I.C.C. 4, Boost. Club 2, Four Arts Club 2-4, Span. Club 2-4 4Pub. Ch. 2, V. Pres. 3, Pres. 45, Teach. Asst. 2, Lab. Asst. 2, Off. Asst. 2-4, Gym Cadet 4. 4152,5,78,86,179,1875 HUGGINS, BARBARA OIT. Asst. 41525 HULL, MARGARET Span. Club 3, Boost. Club 2, Red Cross 2, Teach. Asst. 2,4. 41525 HUNT, BARBARA F.D.C. 4. 41525 HURN, PATRICIA Girlls Chor. 3, Spec. Chor. 4. 41525 HURST, GREGORY Hi-Times Rep. 2-4. 41525 HURST, SYLVIA Jr. Gray Lady 4. 41525 HUSTON, GEORGE "MH Club 3,4, Tennis 3,4. 4152,1295 IDEN, BOBBY RAY INGE, KRISTINA IRBY, MICHAEL EUGENE Bowl. Club 2,3. 41525 IVEY, DAISY CAROL Stud. Coun. Rep. 4, Four Arts Club 2-4, Chem-Bo-Phys 3,4, OPI. Asst. 3,4,N.H.S.4. 4l53,1795 JACKSON, ALICE F.B.L.A. 2-4 4Pres. 45, 4V.-Pres. of state F.B.L.A. 45, Bowl. Club Pres. 2, I.C.C. 3,4, Stud. Coun. Rep. 4, V.I.E. 4, Spec. Chor. 3, Teach. Asst. 2,3. 485,96,1535 JACKSON, FRANKLIN D.E.C.A. 4. JACKSON, MARGARET F.T.A. 3,4 4Pres. 45, Four Arts Club 4, French Club 4, I.C.C. 4. 4153,78,975 JACOBS, GARY Monitor 2,3, 4153,63.625 JEFFERSON, ALFRED 41535 JENKINS, LOUISE Red Cross 2,3, Girls' Track Team 2, Girls' Volleyball Team 2, Boost. Club 2, Girls' Chor. 2, Spec. Chor. 3,4. 41535 JENNINGS, STEVE 41535 JEPKO, PATRICIA Red Cross 3, Off. Asst. 4. 41535 JERNIGAN, EDDIE 41535 JERNIGAN, LEO Stu. Coun. 3,4, Class Rep. 3,4, Hi Times Rep. 3,2, A Band 2,3,4. 470,136,153,2075 JERNIGAN, PAUL 41535 JEROME, JACKIE N.H.S. 3,4, German Club 2,3,4, Red Cross 2, Chem-Bo-Phys 2,3,4, F.D.C. 3,4, I.C.C. 4, A Band 2,3,4, D.A.R. Citizenship Award, 1st Place Science Project 2, Finalist-Regional Science Fair 3. 410,71,78,84,91,153,179,185,1875 JESSE, CAROL 41535 JOHNSON, BRENDA Boost. Club 2,3, J.H.S. 2. 41535 JOHNSON, CECELIA Y-Teens 2, Hi Times Rep. 2,3. 41535 JOHNSON, CHARLOTTE 41535 JOHNSON, CLARA French Club 2, Bible Club 4, F.T.A. 4. 41535 JOHNSON, EDWIN Hi Times Rep. 3, Baseball 4. 41535 JOHNSON, HOWARD N.H.S. 5,4, chem-B0-Phys Club 2,3. 4153,179,1875 JOHNSON, JERRY 41535 JOHNSON, LINDA D.E.C.A. 4 4Treas. 45, F.B.L.A. 4, D.E. Asst. 4. 4153,965 JOHNSON, PEGGY Quill 8a Scroll 3,4, I.C.C. 4, Red Cross 3, French Club 2,3, Four Arts Club 2,3,4, Hi Times 4Reporter 3, News Ed. 45, N.H.S. 4. 4153,59,78,75,183,1795 , JOHNSON, MARIE Span. Club 2,3, Boost. Club 4. 41535 JOHNSON, SUZANNE QUINCY Red Cross 2, V.I.E. 4, Tennis Club 3. 41545 JOHNSON, WILLIAM V.I.E.4. 41555 I JONES, JOE Stud. Coun. Pres. 4, Stud. Coun. V.-Pres. 3, Soph. Class Pres. 2, I.C.C. 4Pres. 35, Key Club 3,4, Ushers Club 2-4, Favorite 2-4, Youth Appreciation Week Mayor 4. 4154,5,44,2,5,2085 JONES, JUDY F.B.L.A. 2. 41545 JONES, KATHY Boost. Club 2-4, Span. Club 2, Off. Asst. 4. 41545 JONES, MIKE French Club 3, Chem-Bo-Phys Club 3. 41545 JONES, PAULA Red Cross 2-4, French Club 4, F.D.C. 4, Teach. Asst. 3, Chem-Bo-Phys 2, N.H.S. 4. 4154,85,91,1795 JONES, SANDRA 4154,815 JONES, WILLIAM 41545 JORDAN, GREGORY N.H.S. 3,4 4Hist. 45, Chem-Bo-Phys Club 3,4, Bowl. Club 2,3 4Pres. 35. 4154,1795 JORDAN, DIXIE Boost. Club 2, Red Cross 3. 41545 JORDAN, KHYLE Ushers' Club 2-4. 4154,805 JORDAN, JANET Bowl. Club 3,4, Spec. Chor. 2-4, Madrigals 4. 4154,66,1325 JORDAN, RICHARD Bible Club 3,4. 41545 JORDAN, SAUNDRA Bowl. Club 4, OPI. A-sst. 4, Gym Cadet 4. 4154,132,1295 JORDAN, SHIRLEY F.N.A. 4, Off. Asst. 2. 4154,985 Senior Director . . . JORDAN, STEVE 41545 KEEEE, MARY ANN 41545 KEITH, MIKE 41545 KELLAM, MARILYN KAY KELLER, CONNIE 41545 KELLEY, DON 4110,1255 KELLEY, JOE 41545 KELLEY, JOEL 41545 KELLEY, LEON 41545 KELLEY, ROBIN J,H.S. 25 Boost. Club 2,35 Span. Club 35 N.H.S. 4. 4154,1795 KELLY, VICKI N.H.S. 3,45 F.T.A. 25 French Club 2-4. 4154,179,184,1745 KELTNER, CLINT HMI' Club 3,45 Spike Shoe Club 2-45 Football 2-4 4All MCCC, Most Valuable Back55 Track 2-4. 4106,104,111,126,1255 KERLIN, PATSY Tennis Club 45 Stage Crew 2-45 French Club 2-45 Off. Asst. 2. 41555 KING, JANICE BLISS N.H.S. 3,45 Quill and Scroll 3,45 French Club 3,45 MOHIAN 4Writer 355 4Ed.-in-Chief 455 Gym Cadet 4. 4155,11,254,56,74,75,179,231,40,174,175,1865 KING, LOUIS 41555 KING, RICHARD Tennis Team 3,4. 4155,1295 KINSEY, ELIZABETH Tennis Club 3,45 Gym Cadet 45 Girls Volleyball 4. 4155,1325 KINZER, DAVID D.E.C.A. 3,4. 41555 KNUDSEN, LANE N.H.S. 3,45 Quill and Scroll 3,45 French Club 2-4 4Vice-Pres. 455 J.H.S. 35 Mohian 4Writer 35 Cir. Manager 455 Sr. Speaker 45 Outstanding Sr. 4. 4155,42,258,57,74,75,80,89,72,179,4O,1875 KROH, CONNIE 41555 KUSH, JOE 41555 LACOSTE, CHERYLE ANN Four Arts Club 2-4. 41555 LAFON, DORIS 41555 LAMBERT, KATHY MICHELENE Stud. Coun. 2-45 Span. Club 25 N.H.S. 4. 4155,1795 LAMEY, ROBERT EDWARD Band 2-4. 4155,715 LANGHAM, KENNETH 41555 LANGLEY, JANIOE SUE 41555 LARGUE, JOHNATHAN LEROY Band 2-4. 4155,695 LARSEN, MAMIE LOUISE Spec. Chor. 3,4 4Sec. 45. 41555 LASSITER, CYNTHIA REBECCA French Club 25 Four Arts Club 35 Red Cross Rep. 2-45 Spec. Chor. 3,45 Girls Chor. 35 Off. Asst. 4. LATHAN, GARY WAYNE 41555 LEBLANC, MICKEY ANNETTE Spec. Chor. 45 Hi Times 4Feature Ed. 2,355 Hi Times Rep. 2,3. 41555 LEDBETTER, MARILYN L. D.E.C.A. 4. 41555 LEE, BARBARA LEE, GERALD WAYNE LEE, JUDY ANN Span. Club 2-45 Teach. Asst. 4. 41555 LEE, JOHN ROBERT LEE, LINDA 41555 LEECH, GRAHAM STONES D.E.C.A. Club 45 D.E. Asst. 4. LEES, GAYLE IRIS Tennis Club 35 Four Arts Club 45 Mohian 4 4Sr. Class Ed. 455 Gym Cadet 45 Stage Crew 4. 4156,255,565 LEGGETT, RICHARD B. N.H.S. 3,45 German Club 25 Chem-Bo-Phys 45 J.E.T.S. 45 Spec. Chor. 3,4. 4156,1795 LEONARD, STEVEN EARL V.I.E.Club4. LESLIE, STANLEY 4545 LEWIS, ANELDA I.C.C. 3,45 Tennis Club 2-45 Bowl. Club 45 Teach. Asst. 3,45 Gym Cadet 4. 4156,78,g132,133,l29,1875 LIGHTSEY, DAVID 41565 LINARAS, JIM GEORGE Hi Times 2-4 4Sports Report. 2,355 4Asst. Sports Ed. 45. 4156,58,745 LINCOLN, ROBERT DONALD Intramurals 4. 41565 LINGO, ELIZABETH KELLAM French Club 3,45 Boost. 45 Mohian 4 4Jr. Class Ed.5. 4156,565 LIPSCOMB, CAROL MARY 41565 LITTLETON, JUNE LITTON, ALICE WYNELLE N.H.S. 3,45 German Club 45 Gym Cadet 4. 4156,133,1795 LIVINGSTON, CARLTON STANLEY 41565 LODEN, JOHN IVIE F.D.C. 45 Span. Club 35 Band 2,35 Football 35 Basketball 35 Track 2. 41565 LOFTIN, SUSAN GENE J.'H.S. 2-45 Hi Times Rep. 2,35 Off. Asst. 3,4. 41565 LOGAN, JAMES WARREN 4156 LOMERS, KENNETH Football 4. 4156,1045 LONG, DANIEL JEROME Cet. 3 4Pres. 355 Jr. Varsity Football 2. 4156,605 LONG, LAUREL GAY Span. Club 2,35 Boost. 2,35 Stu. Coun. Rep. 3,45 Red Cross 45 Intramural Sports 45 Miss Panther 45 Homecoming Court 35 Teach. Asst. 2. 454,1565 LONGMIRE, PAULA ANN Boost. Club 2,35 French Club 35 Jr. Class Pres. 35 Sr. Class Vice-Pres. 45 Homecoming Maid 3,45 Favorite 25 Azalea Trail Maid 4. 4l56,13,54,1365 LOPER, SYLVIA RUTH 41565 LORD, ANGELA FAYE Boost. Club 25 Hi Times Rep. 25 Off. Asst. 3,4. 41565 LOTT, BETSY WRIGHT Stu. Coun. 4Class Rep. 255 4Class Sec. 455 Span. Club 35 Boost. Club 3,45 Off. Asst. 45 N.H.S. 4. 4156,136,44,1795 LUDLAM, CHARLES 41565 LUNA, ROBERT ALFRED "Mn-Club 45 Football 2-4 5 All-Conference Defensive End. 4156,1045 LUTZ, CAROLYN 41565 LUXENBERG, DARBY GAY French Club 45 Stud. Coun. 4Class Rep., 25 ClassTreas. -3,455 Span. Club 25 Boost. Club 35 Hi-Times Reporter 2. 4157,136,445 LYNN, RICHARD Spanish Club 25 D.E.C.A. 3-45 Teacher's Assistant. ESYONS, GEORGE WILSON 1575 MCBRIDE, PEGGY 41575 MCCALL, PATRICIA MAXINE Boost. Club 2. 41575 Club Activities, Honors, Year, And Pages Pictured McCARTY, DANIEL JUSTIN C1575 MCCARTY, THOMAS Gym Asst. 3. C1575 MCCARTNEY, SYDNEY PORTER Lat. Club 35 Chem-Bo-Phys 3,45 J.E.T.S. 45 N.H.S. 4. C157,46,1795 MCCASKILL, HARRY V.I.E. 3,4. C1575 MCCLERY, CHERYL DARLENE Red Cross 2,35 Span. Club 25 Lib. Asst. MCCOLLEY, KENNETH KING McCOY, RAYMOND 2,3. Ush. 3-45 Span. Club 45 Band 2-45 Spec. Chor. 4. MCCRARY, DONALD McCULLOUGH, DONALD V.I.E. 4. C1575 McDAVID, JOHN CARLISLE Stu. Coun. 2,35 Off. Asst. 4. C1575 McDONALD, JAMES FREDERICK C1575 MCDONNELL, OWEN EDWARD MCEVOY, JOSEPH CLARENCE J.E.T.S. 45 Track 45 Gym Asst. 4. C157,1255 MCGHEE, JERRY GENE C1575 MCGONIGAL, BURKE LAND J.H.S. 25 French Club 2,45 I-Ii Times MCGOUGH, JAMES EDWARD Ush. CPres.5, 2-45 Cet. CVice-Pres.5 2-45 C157,92,280,1765 MCGRAW, NANCY CAROLYN Red Cross 3-45 Cet. 3-4. C1575 MCINNIS, DONNA C1585 MCINNIS, LARRY EARL C1585 MCINNIS, RAYMOND EARL Baseball 2-4. C1585 MCINTOSH, TERRY JOHN Teach. Asst. 2. C1585 MCKEAN, DONNIE PATRICK V.I.E. 3,4. MCKENNA, DAVID C158,315 MCKENZIE, BENNIE Red Cross 2. C1585 MCLEOD, RICHARD MALCOLM Stu. Coun. Rep. 35 Red Cross Rep. 3. C1585 MCMILLIN, ANN C1585 MCMILLAN, JAMES ALAN C1585 McMURPHY,JOHN STEADMAN N.H.S. 3-45 Key Club CSec.5 3-45 " 3-45 Cross Country 3-45 Track 4. C158,82,179,1255 MCNAIR, JUDY MARIE Monitors Club 2-4. C1585 MCRAE, ARTHUR EDWARD C1585 McWILLIAMS, BRUCE ROBB Stud. Coun. 4. C1585 MABREY, RICHARD D.E.C.A. Club 4. C1595 MADDOX, RUBY C1585 MAISEL, LEON Rep. 45 Teach. Asst. 25 Off. Asst. 4. I.C.C. 4. M" Club 45 Ush. 3-45 Spike Shoe German Club 2,3,45 Hi Times Rep. 35 Hi Times Staff 2,3 CReporter 2,35 Asst. Sports Ed. 355 Teach. Asst. 35 Chem-Bo-Phys 45 Ushers Club 4. C158,2805 MALLETT, ROBERT N.H.S. 3,45 N.C.T.E. Award 4. C158,l89,179,1845 MALLORY, DANNY PARKER Spec. Chor 4. MALLORY, JOHN C1585 MALoNE, SANDRA Girls' Chor. 35 Spec. Chor. 45 Gym Asst. 4 Intramural Sports 3 4 C158,1325 MANN, PENELOPE LAMPSON Boost. Club 25 French Club 25 2 MOHIAN Staff 4 CClub Ed5 Quill and Scroll 4, N.H.S. 4. C15s,252,57,74,179,23o,1765 MANN, SUSAN Bowl. Club 45 Stu. Coun. 45 Teach. Asst 3 IN H S 4 Outstanding Senior C158,1s3,1795 MANUEL, CONNIE LORRAINE N.H.S. 3,45 V.I.E. Club 45 Stu. Coun. 25 Span Club 2 CSI-:C C158,1795 MARKIS, JAKE Stu. Coun. 2. C1585 MARSHALL, JOHN SAMUEL Ushers Club 3,4. C158,2805 MARSHALL,JANET F.R.A.H.S. 45 Boost. Club 45 Span. Club 2 OH Asst 4 C158,765 MARTIN, JOHN C1595 MASSEY, GAIL C1595 MATTHEWS, BILLYE Boost. Club 2,35 Span. Club 25 French Club 3 C1595 MAY, JOY Stu. Coun. 25 Boost. Club 25 Span. Club 2 FBLA 4 HI Times Rep. 45 Band, CMajorette 3,455 Teach. Asst 2 3 4 C159,71,695 MAY, PATRICIA TOWNSEND N.H.S. 3,45 Stu. Coun. 35 Red Cross 4 Span Club 34 Boost Club 2,35 45 Hi Times Rep. 2. C159,50,90,1795 MAYER, SHARON C159,975 MAYO, CATHY GENE Boost. Club 25 Hi Times 2,35 Off. Asst. 3 4 C1595 MAYO, LINDA LUCILLE C1595 MEATYARD, JAMES EDWARD NMR Club 3,45 Wrestling 2. C1595 MEIER, ROBERT EUGENE MELTON, DANNY V.I.E. Club 3,4. MERCHANT, BRUCE A Band 2,3,4. C159,685 MERCHANT, KATHERINE Girls, Chor. 2. C1595 MEREDITH, SHARON C1595 MERRYMAN, RICHARD ALLEN MIDDLETON, PAULA French Club 4. C1595 MILAM, JERRY Spec. Chor. 2-45 Senior Speaker. C159,181,73,185,63,625 MILLER, FREDDY JAY Red Cross Rep. 45 F.D.C. 45 Band 2,3. C915 MILLER, JAMES Boost. Club 35 Hi Times Rep. 3,4. C1595 MILLER, JO ANN Intra. Sports 45 Off. Asst. 4. C1595 MILLER, MELVIN EARL D.E.C.A. 4. MILLER MICHAEL French Club 25 Stud. Coun. Rep. 35 F.D C 4 Teach Asst 3 C159,915 MILLER, PATRICIA F.N.A. 3,45 off. Asst. 4. C1595 MILLER, RAY D.O. Club 3,45 "MH Club 2-45 Football CAll City Guard5 C159,104,1125 MILLS, MILTON "MU Club 3,45 Football 3,45 Wrestling 2 C159,1045 Senior Director MIMS, DANNY C1595 MIMS, RANDY French Club 2,35 Off. Asst. 4. C1595 MINCHEW, JOYCE V.I.E. Club 4. C1595 MINTON, BETTY V.I.E. Club 4. C1605 MITCHELL, MARY HOU Boost. Club 25 Off. Asst. 4. C160,505 MOLPUS, BILLIE JEWEL Latin Club 3,45 Boost. Club 35 Intra. Asst. 45 Gym Cadet 45 Teach. Asst. 4. C160,50,132,129,885 MONCRIEF, HENRY German Club 3,45 J.E.T.S. 4. C1605 MONROE, JOHN Red Cross 2-45 Intra. Sports 4. C1605 MONTGOMERY, ALICE V.I.E. Club 45 Hi Times Rep. 4. C1605 MOONEY, DEBORAH Sports Rep. 45 Tennis Club 45 Off. Stud. Coun. Rep. 25 French Club 25 Off. Asst. 4. C1605 MOORE, ALANA TERESA D.E.C.A. Club 45 Off. Asst. 2-45 Hall Monitor 3. MOORE, N1-:WELL C1605 MOORE, PENNY French Club 2,35 Four Arts Club 2-45 Teach. Asst. 25 Span. Club 4. C1605 MOORE, VERNON Chem-Bo-Phys Club 2,35 Band 2-45 Quartet Superior State 3. C160,705 MORDECAI, KAY Boost. Club 25 Red Cross Rep. 2,3. C1605 MORGAN, LINDA I-Ii Times 35 V.I.E. Club 45 Girls'Chor C1605 MORRIS GRACE ELIZABETH Chem-Bo-Phys 25 F.N.A. 2,3 CSec. 35. C1605 MORRIS, SHANNON Spec. Chor. 45 Girls' Chor. 3. C1605 MORRIS, WILLIAM F.R.A.H.S. 2-4. C1605 MORRISON, JOHN "A" Band 2-4. C160,68,60,615 MORRISON, KENNETH Football 2. C1605 MOSS, SANDRA Teach. Asst. 2-4. C1605 MURFF, KERRY C1605 MURRAY, CAROL Monitors Club 3,4. C160,815 MURRILL, PAULETTE French Club 2. C1605 MURRAY, RICHARD .25 Off. Asst. 35 Spec. Chor. 3. H1 Times Re 3 Asst S orts Ed 3 'Teach. Asst. 3. ' ' P- C - . J, NALL, JIMMIE DIAISIJE NASH, LESLIE C1605 NEALY, HORACE German Club 2,45 "MH Club 45 Basketball CMagr. 3,45. 060,535 NEESE, Joi: D.E.C.A. 4. C1605 NEIGL, LARRY C1615 NEIRA, MARIA n.E.c.A.4. C1615 NELSON, GLENN N.H.S. 3-45 Chem-Bo-Phys 3-45 J.E.T.S. CSec.5 45 F.D.C. 3-45 Band 2-4. C161,70,91,10,1795 NELSON, LARRY "M" Club 45 Football 4. C1615 NELSON, MARBLE D.O. Club 3-4. C1615 NELSON, MAX NEWELL, JIMMY 'AMB Club CV-Pres. 45, 3-45 Football 2-45 All Conferenceg All State. C161,1 125 NICHOLSON, KAY C1615 NIMS, DAVID Span. Club 2-35 Chem-Bo-Phys 3. C1615 NOEL, CAROL F.N.A. 3-45 Hi Times Rep. 45 OH. Asst. 3-45 Gym Cadet 4. C161,s5,985 NORMAN, JOAN Spec. Chor. 2-45 French Club 2-35 Ma C161,50,665 NORRIS, BEVERLY C1615 NORRIS, DANIEL JOSEPH NORRIS, MELVIN LYNN D.E.C.A. 3-4. C1615 OBERKIRCH, CHARLES FRED, C1615 OGBURN, R. WALTER Ushers Club 3,45 Chem-Bo-Phys 3. C161,280,805 O'BRIEN, BRENDA C1615 ORTMANN, RICHARD ALLEN drigals 4. JR. Arg. Inc. 45 Span. Club 35J.H.S. 3-45 Stud. Coun. 2-3. C161,95,905 O'NEAL, KLEBER MILLER,JR. HM" Club 45 Football 3-45 Track 4. 161 CSI-iITA, TERRY SUSAN N.H.S 3-45 French Club 3-45 Girls' 45 NCTE Finalist 4. Cl61,188,189,66,179,625 OTTO, BONNIE JEAN F.R.A.H.S. 2-45 Off. Asst. 3-4. C1615 V H OWENS, JOHN RICHARD C1615 Chor. 25 Spec. Chor. 3-45 Madrigals OWENS, SAMMY CHRISTOPHER Red Cross,2-3. C1615 PAGE, DONALD "Mn Club 3,45 Football 2-4 CCo-Captain 455 Basketball 45 Baseball 3,4 CAll-Conference55 Class Favorite 4. C161,117,126,100,2095 PALMER, BETTY DIANE F.B.L.A. 45 V.I.E. CD.O.5 4. C161,965 PAPAGEORGE, MARY ELLEN J.H.S. 25 Boost. Club 25 Span. Club 25 German Club 3,4 CHistorian 45 Soph. Class Rep. 25 Stu. Coun. Rep. 35 Homecoming Court 3. C1615 PARISH, JAMES MICHAEL Bible Club 45 I.C.C. 45 Spec. Chor. 2-4 CPres. 455 Madrigals 3,4. C161,78,94,625 PARKER, DAVID TRAVIS J.E.T.S. 4. C162,1255 PARDER, RAUMOND "M" Club 3,45 Baseball 3,4. C1625 PARMAN, CHARLES ESCHOL V.I.E. Club 3,4. PATRICK, RALPH EDWARD Bowl. Club 2. C1625 PATRONAS, DENISE JOAN German Club 2-4 CProg. Chair. 355 I.C.C. 45 N.H.S. 4. C162,7s,s7,179,1s75 PATTERSON, JOYCE ANN CPres. 455 Chem-Bo-Phys Club 3,4, Boost. Club 35 Hi Times Staff4 CTypist5. C1625 PATTERSON, ROBERT GRADY Bowl. Club 2,35 "M" Club 3,45 Baske C162,1145 PATTON, PATRICIA ANN tball CManager 3,45. Club Activities, Honors, Year, And Pages Pictured Stu. Coun. Rep. 35 Four Arts Club 3,4. C162,601 PATTON, SUSAN French Club 45 Four Arts Club 4. C162,501 PAYNE, THERESA FAY V.I.E. Club 3,4. PAYNE, THOMAS McKAY C1621 PEACOCK, JOHN HOUSTON C1621 PEACOCK, SYLVIA JOYCE Girl Volleyball 2-45 Gym Cadet 45 Outstanding Sr. 4. C162,132,133,1871 PENNINGTON, LINDA ELAINE Stu. Coun. Rep. 2. C1621 PERKINS, SHIRLENE C1621 PERRYMAN, MATTERSON C1621 PETERS, WAYNE WOODROW Usher's Club 45 Span. Club 2. PETTIS, ROBERT LEON C1621 PIERCE, RONNIE EUGENE V.I.E. Club 45 UM" Club 45 Football 4. PIERRE, FRANCES ADELE Hi Times Rep. 4. C1621 PITTMAN, LINDA CHERIE Girls' Chor. 25 Spec. Chor. 45 Span. Club 25 Boost. Club 2. C162,661 PITTS, LINDA Span. Club 25 F.T.A. 25 Tri Hi Y' 35 Band 2-35 Maj. 2-35 Chor. Club 25 Span. Club 4. C1621 PLASH, JAMES DUANE N.H.S. 3,45 Spec. Chor. 2-45 Madrigals 3,4. C162,66,179,185,621 POE, SUSAN MARIE Stud. Coun. Rep. 4. C1621 POLEWADA,JANISE GREEN Span.DClub 2,35 Four Arts Club 2-45 Boost. Club 2,35 J.H.S. 3,4 CCorr. Sec. 4 . C163,901 PONDER, MYRNIE VIRGINIA Stud. Coun. Rep. 45J.H.S. 3,45 F.D.C. 45 Teach. Asst. 2,3. C163,901 POOLE, VIRGINIA RUTH Quill and Scroll 3,4 CSec. 415 Four Arts Club 2-45 25 MOHIAN 3,4 CAsst. Class Ed. 3, Art Ed. 41. C163,252,57,74,75,401 POPE, CHARLES BARRY D.E.C.A. Club 45 D.E. Asst. 4. POPE, DAVID R. D.E.C.A. Club 45 D.E. Asst. 4. C1631 POSE, DONALD CHARLES ROY POST, WINNIE LYNN Red Cross 35 Off. Asst. 4. C1631 POTTS, TOMMIE JACK, JR. "MU Club 45 Football 2-4 CAll Conference 15 Basketball 3,45 Baseball 2-4 CAll Conference15 Favorite 2-4. C163,107,108,130,117,104,116,114,2011 POWELL, JOHN BROACH N.H.S. 3,45 Boost. Club 25 Key Club 2-4 CPres. 415 I.C.C. 45 Sec. Rep. 2. C163,11,54,150,179,791 POWELL, JUDY ANN V.I.E. Club 4. C1631 POWELL, LINDA JEAN C1631 POWELL, ROBERT KHYLE Chem-Bo-Phys 35 J.E.T.S. 45 Chem Lab Asst. 3,4. C1631 PREVITO, ALAN ROBERT Stud. Coun. 2,35 So h. Class Treas. 25 Jr. Class Pres. 35 D.E.C.A. Club 25 Bible Club 35 Band,2-45 Gym Asst. 4. C541 PRICE, FRANKLIN EUGENE C1631 PRICE, NANCY C1631 PRITCHARD, JAMES LARRY C1631 PRYOR, JERRY WAYNE Football 3. PURCELL, LINDA SUE V.I.E. Club 4. C1631 PURvIs, BENJAMIN F. 41631 PYLATE, DEBORAH Girls' Chor. 25 Spec. Chor. 3,4. C1631 PYLE LOLA Red Cross 2-45 Off. Asst. 3,4. C163,1321 QUACKENBUSH, DAVID MOULTON N.H.S. 3,45 Chem-Bo-Phys. 3,4 CTreas. 41. C163,84,182,179,1871 QUEBEDEAUX, REBECCA C164,811 QUINA, WILLIAM RICHARD, III Key Club 2-45 Ush. Club 3,45 Hi Times Rep. 45 Track 4. C164,78,79,1241 RAIDER, PAULA Stud. Coun. 35 Hi Times Rep. 25 Hi Times Feature Ed. 45 Homecoming Maid 2,35 Homecoming Queen 45 Azalea Trail Maid 45 Favorite 3. C50,54,142,1641 RALEY, KENNETH Chem-Bo-Phys 35J.E.T.S. 45 Lab. Asst. 3. C1641 RAMSEY, HARRY Band 3,4. C1641 RATTNER, MIKE C1641 RAUE, FREDERICK C1641 REESE, JOE Stud. Coun. Rep. 45 Usher's Club 3,45 Teach. Asst. 4. C80,164,1871 REGAN, TERESA Span. Club 4. C1641 REID, MAURINE C1641 REINHART, VONCILE V.I.E.3,4. C1641 TENEKE, EDWARD C1641 RENEMAN, NANCY C1641 RHODEY, ALAN D.E.C.A. Club 45 D.E. Asst. 45 French Club 4. 41,641 ' RICHARDS, MARGARET C1641 RICHARDSON, Joe C1641 RICHARDSON, NANCY Boost. Club 25J.H.S. 3,4 CV.-Pres. 415 MOHIAN StaffCLit. Ed. 41. C164,57,901 RICHEY, JACKIE V.I.E. Club5 Teach. Asst. 2. C1641 RIDDERBJELKE, DEBORAH D.E.C.A. 45 Red Cross 45 D.E. Asst. 4. C1641 RIVENBARK, JOHN C1641 ROBERTS, RODDIE ROBERTSON, BRENDA D.O. 3. ROBINSON, GRAHAM N.H.S. 45 J.E.T.S. 45 "MV Club 3,45 Basketball 25 Baseball 25 Tennis Team 3,4. C167,179,1291 ROBINSON, JEWEL French Club 25 F.B.L.A. 25 Monitors Club 4. C1641 ROBINSON, JIMMY Key Club 2-45 V-Pres. of Class 2. C1 65,541,791 ROLLS, HAROLD C1651 ROPER, MARILYN Span. Club 35 Glee Club 35 V.I.E. 4. C1651 ROSE, BETTINA Arg. Inc. 25 Chem-Bo-Phys 35 Four Arts Club 2-45 Hi Times Rep. 2-45 Red Cross 35 Teach. Asst. 2-4. C1651 Senior Directory . . . ROSHTO, RICHARD Key Club 2-4. C165,795 ROSNER, JANIE Four Arts Club 3,45 Stud. Coun. Rep. 2-45 Teach. Asst. 2,35 Red Cross 2 4 C1655 ROSS, DALE Boost. Club 2,35 Red Cross 2-45 Intra C1655 ROWELL, NEAL Key Club 3,45 Spike Shoe Club 2-45 mural Sports 45 F.B.L.A. 2. HM" Club 2-45 Future Doctors Club 45 Chem-Bo-Phys 35 Track 3,45 Cross Country 2-45 N.H.S. 4. C165,122,82,79,123,179,1255 ROUSE, PETER C165,1255 RUBEY, ROBERT Chem-Bo-Phys 35 Boost. Club 3. C1655 RUBIRA, LYDIA French Club 25 Off. Asst. 3,4. C1655 RUSSELL, SUSAN Stud. Coun. Rep. 2-45 Chem-Bo-P Trail Maid 45 Favorite 4. C165,54,50,2085 SADD, ELIAS JOHN C1655 SANDERS, BENNIE JOANNE C1655 SANDERS, LEMUEL MOYE "M" Club 2-45 Football 2-4. C165,104,1125 SANDERS, LINDA LOUISE C1655 SANDLEY, JOSEPH MICHEAL Hi Times 3. C1655 SAUCER, MICHELE MARIE C1655 SANFORD, KAY hys 35 Homecoming Maid 45 Azalea Stud. Coun. Rep. 35 Span. Club 25 Boost. Club 25 Hi Times Rep. 25 Off. Asst. 45 N.H.S. 4. C165,132,1795 SAULS, MIRIAM ELAINE Chem-Bo-Phys 25 Future Doctors 3,45 Tennis Club 3,45 French Club 2-45 Intramural Sports-Rep. 45 Tennis Team 35 Lab. Asst. 2-45 Gym Cadet 4. C4,165,91,132,1295 SAVELL, DIANE C1655 SAVELL, JERALD SAYERS, PAMELA Red Cross 2,35 Tennis Club 25 Bowl. Club 35 Boost. Club 3. C1655 SCARCLIFF, FRANCIS Boost. Club 35 Red Cross 4. C1655 V SCHAFFER, MARILYN. F.N.A. 35 Chem-Bo-Phys 4. C1655 SCHAUB, JANE C1665 SCHEAR, SARAH ELIZABETH N.H.S. 3,45 French Club 3,45 Span. Club 3,45 J.H.S. 3,45 Four Arts Club 3,45 Trampoline Club 35 Boost. Club 45 MOHIAN StalI4 CBus. Mgr. 45. C166,233,239,56,74,89,86,180,1795 SCHEU, ROBERT EDWARD Stud. Coun. Rep. 45 Bowl. 2,45 Hi Times 2,3 CReporter55 NM" Club 3. C1665 SOHOCK, JAMES ALBERT, JR. C1665 SCOTT, GEORGE C1665 SCOTT, JOAN LOUISE French Club 35 Intramural Sports 35 Orchestra 2-45 Spec. Chor. 3. C166,261,645 SCROGGINS, BEVERLY JEAN C1665 SEALE, MAX BRUCE SEDEWICK, JOHN PHILLIP OIT. Asst. 3,4. C1665 SEGUINS, THOMAS JOSEPH Intramural Sports 4. C1665 SELBY, ETHELYNN RUTH C1665 SELLERS, ANITA ELAINE Quill St Scroll 3,4, CPres. 455 J.H.S. 25 Chem-Bo-Phys 35 I.C.C. CV-Pres. 455 MOHIAN 3,4 ,CAsst. Adv. Mgr. 35 Adv. Mgr. 455 Gym Cadet 4. C166,254,56,78,74,75,41,230,174,1755 SELLERS, PHILLIP PAUL C1665 SESSIONS, JERRY WAYNE "M" Club 45 HA" Band 45 Orchestra 45 Football Team 45 Baseball 4. C166,685 SHAW, NEAL FREDERIC Usher Club 45 Stud. Coun. Rep. 2-45 Teach. Asst. 45 Gym Asst. 4. C166,54,2805 SHELTON, DEBORAH BEA French Club 25 Four Arts Club 2-45 Chem-Bo-Phys Club 3. C1665 SHEPPARD, DARLENE EDNA C1665 SHEPHARD, RONNIE C1665 SHIELD, JAMES VIRGLE, JR. German Club 2-45 J.H.S. 3,45 Chem-Bo-Phys 25 Lab Asst. 3,4. C1795 SHIELDS, CLIFFORD ANDERSON, JR. Off. Asst. 2-45 Hi Times Rep. 4. C1665 SHIPP, DONNA LEIGH F.N.A. 3,4 CSec. 455 Boost. Club 2-45 Off. Asst. 3,4. SHOEMAKER, LINDA JOYCE I Span. Club 25 Boost. Club 25 Hi Times Rep. 3,45 Lib. Asst. 45 Off. Asst. 4 C1665 SIMMONS, OWEN LANGLEY C166,685 SINCLAIR, LESLIE FREIDA Boost. Club 25J.H.S. 25 Teach. Asst. 45 Off. Asst. 4. C1665 SMELSER, THOMAS EDWARD Cet. 3,45 Spec. Chorus 4. SMITH, BRENDA JOYCE C1665 SMITH, CONRAD French Club 3,4. C1675 SMITH, DAVID C1675 SMITH, EDWARD EUGENE Red Cross 2-45 Monitors Club 2-4, CV. Pres. 355 Span. Club 25 Teach Asst. 4. C167,35,815 SMITH, JAMES PEDRO Football 25 Gym Asst. 4. C1677 SMITH, JO ANN C1675 SMITH, KATHLEEN ANITA F.B.L.A. 45 V.I.E. 4. C167,965 SMITH, LANCE EDWARD Stud. Coun. Rep. 25 Span. Club 25 Off. Asst. 4. C1675 SMITH, LINDA V.I.E. 4. C167,1825 SMITH, MARCIA LYNN 0674.325 SMITH, MARGARET REGINA Four Arts Club 2-45 Trampoline Club 35 Off. Asst. 3. C1675 SMITH, MARY SHELIA Future Teachers 2,35 Spec. Chorus 45 OIT: Asst. 35 Teach. Asst. 4. C1675 SMITH, NANCY LOUISE I.C.C. 3,45 Chem-Bo-Phys 45 F.N.A. 2-4 CPres. 3,455 Gym Asst. 4. C167,85,78,98,99,1325 SMITH, NANCY LOUTISHIE Spec. Chorus 2-4. C1675 SMITH, PAULA CHRISTINE SMITH, RICHARD V.I.E. 4. C1675 SMITH, ROBERT "MH Club 45 Basketball 3,4. C167,117,119,114,1155 SMITH, RONALD C1675 SMITH, SHARLENE Red Cross Rep. 3. C1675 SMITH, VICKY N.H.S. 4. C167,1795 Club Activities, Honors, Year, And Pages Pictured SNEERINGER, PHILIP C1675 SNOW, GLENDA Monitor's Club 3,4. C167,815 SOBIESKE, BARBARA Bible Club 2-45 Hi Times Rep. 3,4. C167,945 SOSSAMAN, KATHERINE OH. Asst. 4. C1675 SOUTH, FRED N.H.S. 2 CPres. 355 Basketball 2,35 Football 3. O67J7W SOUTHERLAND, ROBERT Basketball 2,3. C1675 SPANN, LARRY D.E.C.A. 2-45 Lib. Asst. 4. SPANN, LORRAINE Quill and Scroll 3,45 Boost. Club 25 Span. Club 3,45 J.H.S. 3,45 Hi Times CAsst. News Ed. 355 CCo-Ed. 45. C168,11,58,175,41,1865 SPARKMAN. TOMMY D.O. 3,4. C1685 SPIES, DAVID German Club 3,45 Ushers Club 45 Chem-Bo-Phys Club 45 N.H.S. 4. C168,280,1795 SPOONER, LINDA Frggch Club 25 Red Cross 3,45 F.N.C. 45 Teach. Asst. 25 Jr. Gray Lady 4. 1 ,85 SPROUSE, DONALD Monitor's Club 35 D.E.C.A. 4. STADTHER, GARLAND F.N.C. 3, C1685 STARK, CRAIG N.H.S. 3,45 Hi Times Rep. 4. C168,1795 STEELE, SANDRA French Club 2-45 Four Arts Club 3,45 J.H.S. 25 Stud. Coun. Rep. 35 Hi Times Rep. 45 Teach. Asst. 25 OH. Asst. 4. C1685 Y Y STERN, ELLEN Stud. Coun. Rep. 2,35 Boost. Club 2-45 French Club 25 Four Arts Club 3,45J.H.S. 25 Hi Times, CRep. 35 Exchange Ed. 45. C168,159,1745 STEPPS RAE NHLE.4 new sTEvENsjoETTA NCLE.4 STEWERT, BEVERLY N.H.S. 3,45 Stud. Coun. Rep. 25 Spec. Chor.3,45 Madrigals 45 Teach. Asst. 2-45 Gym Cadet 4. C183,66,1795 STEWERT, JOY C1685 STIDHAM, BRENDA C1685 STIEGLER, RENE A. STOJCICH, PATTI C1685 STOKES, MIKE C1685 STOKES, PAT Chem-Bo-Phys 3,45 Span. Club 2-45 Off. Asst. 45 Teach. 3. C1685 STRACHAN, JOHN C1695 STRANGE, HUGH Spec. Chor. 3,45 Madrigals 4. C169,665 STRICKLAND, JEAN Boost. Club 3,4 CChap. 455 Class Officer 35 Class Oflicer 45 Senior Speaker 45 N.H.S. 4. C169,13,136,83,181,735 STRINGFELLOW, JOHN C1695 STRONG, REX C1695 SULLIVAN, JUDY V.I.E. 45 F.B.L.A. 4. C1695 SULLIVAN, MARTHA C1695 SUMMERALL, LINDA V Y-Teens 2-45 I.C.C. 35 Four Arts Club 45 Girls Chor. 35Spec-ial Chor. 45 Off. Asst. 4. C169,93,605 SUTTS, MARILYN Boost. Club 3,4 CPres. 455 French Club 3,4 CCorrs. Sec. 455 F.T.A. 35 Stud. Coun. Rep. 45 I.C.C. 45 Bowl. Club 35 MOHIAN 4 CAct. Ed. 45. C169,83,57,895 SYPSA, STEFAN Tennis Club 3,4. C1695 TALLMAN, PAT N.H.S. 3,45 French Club 25 Red Cross 45 Hi Times Rep. 35 Lab. Asst. 2-4. C169,182,1795 TAM, CHARLES C1695 TANNER, BOBBIE JEAN C1695 TANNER, CYNTHIA Red Cross 25 Latin Club 2,35 F.D.C. 25 Chem-Bo-Phys 35 Intramural Sports 2-45 Gym Cadet 4. C169,1355 TAYLOR, BARBARA D.E.C.A, 45 Hi Times Rep.5 Lib. Asst. 2,3. C1695 TAYLOR, DOCK V.I.E. 4. C1695 TAYLOR, MARGARET Boost. Club 25 French Club 25 Hi Times Rep. 2-45 Off. Asst. 4. C 1695 TAYLOR, MIKE C1695 TAYLOR, SHARON Stu. Coun. Rep. 25 Boost. Club 3,45 Cheerleader 3,4. C169,825 TAYLOR, ROBERT Basketball 45 N.H.S. 4. 1169,47,179,1145 TEAGUE, DOTTIE Hi Times StaffCTypist55Jr. Grey Lady 25 Lib. Asst. 3. C1695 TERRANOVA, MELANIE . l Bible Club 45 French Club 3,45 Boost. Club 3,45 H1 Times Staff CReport. Typist.5 C169,945 THOMAS DAVID Teach. Asst. 2. C1695 THOMASON, SHEILA C1705 THOMPSON, CARLEY German Club 2-45 Four Arts Club 2-45 "Mn Club 3,45,Ushers Club 45 Cet. 45 J.E.T.S. 45 Football 2-45 Basketball 45 Baseball 3,45 Lab. Asst. 25 Cafe. Asst. 2-4. THOMPSON, NANCY Stu. Coun. Rep. 25 Boost. Club 25 Off. Asst. 3-4. C1705 THOMPSON, RACHEAL V.I.E. 45 Red Cross 25 Teach. Asst. 45 Cafe. Asst. 3-4. C1705 THOMPSON, SHIRLEY Off. Asst. 3-4. C17O,865 THOMPSON, SHEILA GLENNETTE THOSS, EMERY Cet. 4. C170,925 THURMAN, SHARON ANN TILLERY, SPENCER V.I.E. 3-4. C1705 TODD, MITCHELL N.H.S. 3-45 German Club 45 Chem-Bo-Phys 2. C170,1795 TOLPIN, RICHARD I l I Chem-Bo-Phys 3-45 Boost. Club 45 J.E.T.S. 45 Hi Times Staff 25 Hi Times Rep. 35 Band 2-45 Orch 2-4. TOMBERLEN, BILLY C1705 TOOLEY, DOROTHY F.N.A. 2-35 Monitors 4. C170,815 TRACZEWITZ, TRACY UM" Club 45 Chem-Bo-Phys 45 D.E.C.A. 25 Football 3-4. C1705 TRAWICK, ROSEMARY V.I.E. 4. C1705 TRICE, CAROL C170,50,184,1745 TROCHE, MARTHA C1705 Senior Director TUCKER, GLENDA C1705 TUCKER, JOE C1705 TURK, BERNARD C1705 TURK, CHERYL Quill and Scroll 45 Boost. Club 25 French Club 25 Hi Times Staff 45 Hi Times Rep. 2-4. C170,58,745 TURNER, BARBARA C1705 TUTTLE, DANA Stu. Coun. Rep. 25 Boost. Club 25 Intramural 45 Homecoming Court 4. C170,54,50,2095 TWINE, BRUCE C1705 UPTAGRAFFT, JIM C1705 URQUHART, JANE French Club 3-45 Lib. Asst. 4. C1705 VAN ANTWERP, KIT N.H.S. 45 Red Cross Rep. 35 Chem-Bo-Phys 35 French Club 45 Off. Asst. 4. C1795 VAN HOOSE, JAMES French Club 25 Football 45 Track 3-4. C171,126,1255 VARHELY, MICHAEL F.R.A.H.S. 3-4 CPres. 45 N.F.L. 3-45 I.C.C. 45 Arg. Inc. CTreas. 3, Pres. 455 Ushers' Club 2-4 CSec.-Treas. 455 Chem-Bo-Phys 25 Stage Crew 3-45 Red Cross 45 Hi Times Staff 3-45 Quill and Scroll 4. C171,280,59,78,95,74,76,95,l82,252,103,l625 VAUGHN, CAROL C1715 VAUGHN, JAMES UMC' Club 3-45 Football 2-45 Track 4. C171,104,109,77,1255 VERGOS, MARIA Hi Times Rep. 25 Four Arts 2-45 Boost. Club 3-45 Red Cross 45 F.B.L.A. 45 Intramural45 I.C.C. 4. C171,785 VIA, DOROTHY C1715 VIGNES, JOHN Spilgg: Shoe Club 45 Cross Country 45 Track 4. 12 VINSOR, LINDA C1715 VROCHER, BILL "M" Club 2-45 Football 2-45 All Confer. 4. Cl71,1045 WACKER, JAMIE J.H.S. 2. C171,485 WALCOTT, JUDY Span. Club 2. C1715 WALDEN BARBARA N.H.S. 4. C171,1795 WALKER, SANDRA Stu. Coun. 2. C1715 WALLEY, OTIS C1715 WALTERS, DAVID Chem-Bo-Phys 2-45 J.E.T.S. 2-45 Boost. Club 3,45 J.H.S. 45 Bible Club 45 Hi Times Rep. 4. C1715 WALTON, GEARY Band 25 Football 3. C1715 WALTON, TOMMY Boost. Club 35 Span. Club 3. C1715 WARE, RUSSELL German Club 2. C17l,535 WARLICK, RAY German Club 2. C1715 WARREN, KATY LOU N.H.S. 3,4 CSec.55 Stu. Coun. 2-45 J.H.S. 35 Latin Club 3,4 CV. Pres. 3, Pres. 455 I.C.C. 4 CSec.55 Four Arts Club 45 Orchestra 2-45 Homecoming Maid 45 Azalea Trail Maid 45 Murphian ofthe Week 3. C171,54,134,73,50,64,88,179,134,184,187,2095 WATERS, GLORIA Stu. Coun. 25 Red Cross 45 Bible Club 4 CSec5 Girls Chorus 2 Spec Chor. 3-45 Madrigals 45 N.H.S. 4 C171,66,97,94,179,635 WATERS, JUANITA F.N.A. 25 Red Cross Club 35 D.E C A 4 Teach Asst 4 C1715 WATLER, DONALD Span. Club 25 Marching Band 2-4 C171,715 WATSON, BOB Football 2,35 Baseball 2. C1725 WATSON, JEFF D.E.C.A. Club 45 Golf Team 2,35 Gym Asst 4 C1725 WEBB, TOMMY Golf4. C1715 WEED, LARRY C1725 WEEMS, LINDA C1725 WELFORD, LEMAR C1725 WELLS, SALLY GODSHALK WEST, BOB D.E.C.A. Club 4. 41725 WESTOYER, WILLIAM C1725 WHATLEY, ROBERT C1725 WHEELER, LISKA N.H.S. 3-45 German Club 2,35 Bowl Club 2 3 Off Asst 3 C172,132,1795 WHITE, ANN C172,133,1325 WHITE, BILL C1725 WHITE, BOB WHITE, JEAN Spec. Chor. 3,45 Girls'Chor.2. C1725 WHITE, SHIRLEY ANN Tennis Club 2-45 Gym Asst. 45 N.H S 4 C1795 WHITE-SPUNNER, NANCY Span. Club 2,35 Boost. Club 2-45 Off Asst 4 C1725 WIGGINS, LYNDON Hi Times Rep. 25 OFI. Asst. 4. C 1725 WILLIAMS, CATHY Stud. Counc. 25"Red Cross Club 3 French Club 2 4 J H S 2 H1 Times Rep. 45 Off. Asst. 3-4. C1725 WILLIAMS, GWYN C 1725 WILLIAMS, MARTHA Stud. Counc. 35 Span. Club 2-4 CSec 3 45 French Club 3 4 Spec Chor 45 Teach. Asst. 4. C172,86,635 WILLIAMS, MONTEA French Club 2,35 Boost. Club 2,3. C1725 WILLIAMS, PAMELA Intramurals 35 Red Cross Club 2,3 Girls Chor 3 N H S 4 41724795 WILLIAMS, RICHARD DECA Club 3,4. C1725 WILLIAMS, VICKI Red Cross Club 45 Spec. Chor. 3-4 Intramurals 4 C1725 WILLSON, JUDY Cheerleader 3,45 Azalea Trail Queen 4 Homecoming Maid 2 4 Class Favorite 2-4. C172,102,103,50,51,54,2065 WILSON, BEN Spike Shoe Club 2-45 "MM Club 2 4 Cross Country 2 4 Track 4 C173,182,1255 WILSON, LORENA Red Cross Club 2,45 V.I.E. Club 4 CSec 5 Gym Cadet 4 C1735 WILSON, ROBERT Band 2-4. C173,705 Club Activities, Honors, Year, Ancl Pages Pictured WILSON, TOM Boost. Club 3,4, Cheerleader 3,45 Teach. Asst. 4. C1735 C173,102,1035 WILSON, WAYNE GERALD WORRELL, FRANK Wrestling 2. C1735 WIMPEE, GLENN WYNNE, RONALD Cet. 3-4 CPres.5g I.C,C. 45 Teach. Asst. 4. Chem-Bo-Phys 4. C173,925 C1735 WINDHAM, HELEN YAWN, RONALD Span. Club 25 Stud. Counc. Rep. 2, Off. Asst. 2,35 Boost. Club 2,3. C1735 C1735 YEAGER, ANN WINNER, JAMES Span. Club 2,3g F.D.C. 4, Lab. Asst. 2,3. D.O. Club 3,4. C173,915 C1735 YEEND, WILLIAM WINTER, BECKY C1735 Red Cross 4, Four Arts Club 4. ZAMPIERI, DEAN C1735 Quill SL Scroll 3,45 Span. Club 2,35 Ushers Club 3,45 ,I.H.S. 45 MOHIAN WISE, WANDA Staff CPhotographer 3,45g Football 25 Gym Asst. 4g Hi Times Rep. 3,4. C1735 C173,1765 WOJOHN, JEAN ZUBAR, CHARLES Boost. Club 45 j.H.S. 4, Four Arts Club 45 Hi Times Rep. 3, Hi Times C1735 4 CReporter5g Teach. Asst. 2,45 Quill and Scroll 4. ZYDIAK, DANIEL C173,59,74,905 D.E.C.A. 3,4. WOMACK, PATRICIA C1735 Sophomore Debbie Hawkins shares her Christmas treat with Senior Sandy Steele. Mr. Willcox checks Senior Graham Robinson's state textbooks. Coach Shaw moves offensive team in as Coach Anderson and Coach Maxime get the defensive team out. 281 unior Directory. . . ACKERMAN, ARNOLD 191 ADAMS, LYNN 191 ADAMS, RANDY 191,178 AGUILLARD, TONY 191,43,102 AIKENS, WALTER 191 ALDRIDGE, GARET 191 ALEXANDER, LORRAINE 191,59 ALLEN, DONALD 191 ALLEN, JOHN 191 ALLEN, PHILIP 191 ALUMS, TANYA 191 AMOS, BARBARA 191,83 ARNHARDT, SYBIL 191 AUSTIN, DOLPH 191 AUTER, ROBERT 191 BACHUS, LARRY 191 BAGWELL, KENNETH l91,10,104 BAKER, AL 191 BAKER, ROBERT 191 BALDWIN, LINDA 191,197,69 BALDWIN, SHIRLEY 191 BALL, CALLIE 191 BANCROFT, LINDA 191 BARLOW, STEVE 191 BARR, KAYA 191 BARRETT, RUBY 191 BATCHELOR, LINDA 191 BAXTER, DEBBIE 191 BEAGLE, THOMAS 191 BEARD, VIRGINIA 191 BEAVEN, LUCY 191 BEDFORD, BEVERLY 191 BEDFORD, BRENDA 191 BEDINGFIELD, JAMES 191 BEDWELL, INEATER 191 BELL, JULIE 191 BELL, SHEILA 191,11,70,94 BELUE, BRENDA 191 BENSON, SUE 191,90 BENSON, SUSAN 191 BETANCOURT, BETTIE 191,35,42,57,89, 178,75 BEVILLE, LUCY 191 BICKFORD, NANCY 191 BITTNER, CINDY 191,89,84 BLACKMARR, ANNA 191,190,54,44,178 BLACKMON, DWIGHT 191 BLACKWELL, BARBARA 191,87 BLAKE, JACKIE 191 BODDEN, MARTHA 192,98,178 BODIFORD, FRANK 192 BOGGEN, JOHN 192 BOLLING, GINNY 192,83,88,129 BOLLING, LIBBY 192,88 BONNER, SUSAN 192 BORDEN, LINDA 192,178 BOSTICK, JIMMY 192 BOTTS, JAN 192 BOWDEN, ALFRED 192 BOWDEN, BRENDA 192 BOYD, JIMMY LANE 192 BRADY, JUDY 192 BRANNAN, KATHLEEN 192,98 BRANNON, PATRICIA 192 BRANNON, RONNIE 192 BREWER, MARK 192 BRICKEN, KNOX 192 BRITTON, ANN 192,67 BROOK, MAURY 192,80 BROWN, BILLY 192 BROWN, CHARLES 192 BROWN, RICHARD 192 BRYAN, ROBERT 192 BRYANT, BETSY 192,58,90,178,75 BRYANT, STEPHANIE 192 BRYARS, BOB 192 BUCK, MARILYN 192 BUCKHALTER, CHUCK 192 BULLARD, DIANE 192 BULLARD, RICHARD 192 BUNKLEY, BILL 192,129 BURDESHAW, DEBRA 192 BURKS, WILLIAM 192 BUSBY, PATSY 192 BUSBY, RAY 192,95 BUSH, MARTHA 192 BYRD, ROGER 192 BYRD, VAN 192 CAMPBELL, COLLIE 193 CAMPBELL, DAVID 193 CAMPBELL, HELEN 193 CANNON, BARBARA 193 CANNON, BETTY 193 CARGILL, CATHY 193 CARLISLE, LINDA 193 CARR, RAY 193 CASSIDEY, MARTHA JANE 193,75 CASTLE, CYNTHIA 193,90 CATON, JOHN 193,104 CAWTHON, LINDA 193 CAYTON, PATRICIA 193,178 CHANDLER, CHARLOTTE 193 CHILDS, SUZANNE 193 CLARK, CONLEY 193 CLARKE, HELEN 193 COBB, RICHARD 193 COGGIN, DEBBY 193 COGGINS, JOY 193 COHEN, ROBERT 193,190,192,80,78,53, 52,79,44 COLEMAN, CLAUDETTE 193 CONDITT, CATHY 193,95 CONE, GARY 193 GONNIFF, MIKE 193 COOPER, BUSH 193 COPELAND, DEBBIE 193,54,211 COUCH, BUTCH 193 COUSAR, CAROLYN 193 COUSAR, LILIS 193 CRAVEN, SAMMY 193 CRAWFORD, CHARLOTTE 193 CREEKMORE, LOUIS 193 CRIGLER, JAN 190,54,193,21O CRONENBERG, ANNE 193 CROWSON, SARA 193 CULBERSON, SARAH 193,90 CULBERTSON, DELLA 193,53 CUMMINGS, JERRY 193,125 CUNNINGHAM, LYNN 193,59 DAIL, TONI 193 DALGO, LARRY 193,11,8O DAMERON, GALE 193 DARLEY, JACKIE 193 EUBANKS, DORA 195,76 EZELL, PAUL 195 FEASTER, BECKY 195 FENDLEY, LINDA 195 FERNIANY, ED 195 FEU, ALLEN 195 FILLINGHAM, PAT 195 FITZHUGH, MIKE 195,104,111,126,125,211 FLETCHER, JIM 195 FLOTT, DAVID 195 FOERSTER, MICHAEL 195 FONTAINE, KATHERINE 195 FORREST, VICKIE 195 FOSTER, BONNIE 195 FOSTER, HERBERT 195,80 FOSTER, TOM 195,11,80,178 FRENCH, ANNA 195 FRITZ, JOE 195,59,80,79,178 FULLER, GARY 195 FULLER, RICHARD 195 GOFFNEY, CHARLENE 195 GARDNER, DIANE 195 GARRETT, BECKY 195 GARRETT, FREDERICKA 195,178 GARRISON, TRISHA 195 GASTON, PATTY 195 GETCHELL, DUNCAN 195 GILMORE, SHELIA 195 GILMORE, SHERRY 195 GIVENS, ELAINE 195 GLAESER, GARY 195 GLENN, JULE 195,178 GLIDEWELL, JANICE 195 GOLLOTT, DODSON 195 GOLLOTT, SANDRA 195 GONZALES, DOUG 195,127 GREEN, BRAD 195,58,80,75 GREEN, BUDDY 195,11 GREEN, JANICE 195 GREENE , JUNE 195 GRIFFIN, GRIFFIN, GRIMES, GRIMES, GWEN 195 ROBERT 195 FRANCES 196 LINDA 196 DASES, CYNTHIA 193 DAVIS, BETTIE 194 DAVIS, CHRIS 194,127 DAVIS, CONNIE 194 DAVIS, CRESTENA 194 DAVIS, GLENDA 194 DAVIS, JIM 194 DAVIS, LAWRENCE 194 DAVIS, SAM 194 DAVIS, SHARON 194 DAVIS, SUSIE 194 DAVIS, THERESA 194 DEAN, JAMES 194 DEAN, LARRY 194 DEAN, SANDRA 194 DCGRUY, GLENN 194,59 DENMARK, RAYMOND 194 DENMARK, STEPHEN 194,68,125 DeROSSETT, JOYCE 194 DERR, DENDY 194,87 DIEHNELT, ANDREA 194,259,91 DI GANGI, KATHY 194 DILL, NANCY 194,43,102 DIXON, LEA 194 DORLON, KATHY 194,90 DOUGGAR, RONNIE 194 DOZIER, LINDA 194,58 DUKE, SUSAN 194 DUNLAP, HAROLD 194 DUNN, YVONNE 194 DUPLAN, PEGGY 194 DURANT, CHARLOTTE 194,76 DURANT, HIRAM 194 EASLEY, CHERYL 194 ECHEMENT, ROBERT 194 EDGAR, GINGER 194 EDSON, WILBERT 194 ELLIOTT, LINDA 194 ELLIS, MELANIE 194 ELLIS, SUZANNE 194,178 ELSEVIER, MICHELLE 195,194,90 ENFINGER, LYNN 195,88 ERNEST, MIKE 195 ESTES, BARBARA 195,178 EUBANKS, BEVERLY 195 282 GROW, CATHERINE 196 GUERRY, BARBARA 196 GUINN, BECKY 196 GUTEL, TOMMY 196 GWIN, DAVID 196,63,62 HAAS, ROBERT 196,176 HACKMEYER, BETH 196 HALLMAN, MONA LYNN 196 HAMMAC, JOYCE 196 HAMMETT, PAULA 196,259 HAMPTON, TOM 196 HANEY, PATRICIA 196,70 HANKS, KATHY 196,57,75,174 HANLIN, WILHELMINA 196 HANSEN, LARRY 196 HANSON, MARY 196 HARBAUGH, DAVID 196 HARDESTY, JOHN 196 HARDING, JUDY 196 HARDING, LINDA 196 HARDY, KAY 196 HARRIS, BETTY 196,190,53,44,45,178,210 HARRISON, PATRICIA 196 HARVELL, GEORGE 196 HATCHER, DONALD 196 HATCHER, LINDA 196,90,178 HATHCOCK, REGINA 196 HAYES, DOUGLAS 196 HAYES, MIKE 196,125 HAYMON, DONNA 196 HAYNES, ELAINE 196 HAYNES, GLENDA 196 HELTON, CONNIE 196 HENDERSON, JOHN 196 HESTLE, JEAN 196 HILL, ANITA 196 HIMES, PAUL 196,108 HOFFMAN, RAMON 197 HOIT, HELEN 197 HOLLAND, TOMMY 197,178 HOLT, KENNETH 197 HORNE, ALLETA 197 HORTON, GEORGE 197,2,11,104,110,80, 78,88,79,44,45,211 HOWARD, KENNY 197 MASSEY, GINGER 199 Pages Where Pictured HUDSON, JOHN 197,69,75 HUDSON, MIKE 197 HUFF, JOHN 197,255,57,75,174 HUGHS, JACKIE 197,178 IMSAND, MARK 197 INGE, INGE, HERNDON 197,57,53,233,79 LINDA 197 ISON, JOY 197 JACKSON, BOBBIE 197 JACKSON, TOMMY 197,71 JACOBS, MICHAEL 197,63,62 JENKINS, CECILLE 197 JERNIGAN, BARBARA 197 JERNIGAN, BRENT 197 JOHANSEN, CHARLOTTE 197 JOHNSON, BOBBIE 197,91,76 JOHNSON, DONNA 197 JOHNSON, DOUG 197 JOHNS ON, LARRY 197 JOLLY, PAM 197 JONES BARRY 197 JONES, CAROLYN 197,90 JONES, JAMES 197 JONES JONES , LARRY 197 LOIS 197 JONES, MANDIE 197 JORDAN, MARCIA 197,76,178,86 JORDAN, PATSY 197 KASTEN, FRED 197,79,l78,68,121 KAYSER, JAY 197,80,79,178,127 KEEL, DEBBY 197 KEITH, MARSHALL 197 KENNEDY, IRENE 198 KENNEDY, JAMES 198 KERSTEN, HARRY 198 KILLAM, PATSY 198 KIMBROUGH, BEN 254,198,56,75,174 KING, DOROTHY 198 KING, STANLEY 198 KISER, TERRY 198 KITTRELL, CATHY 198 KOGON, LARRY 198,127 KNAPP, WILLIAM 198 KRUSE, DIANNA 198 KUGLER, DALE 198 KUSTURA, MARY ANNE 198,99,85 KYSER, FRANK 198,80 LAGOS, LINDA 198 LAMBERT, WILLA 198 LANE, ANGELA 198 LANE, DONNA 198 LANE, TOMMY 198 LASSITER, TOMMY 198 LAUTER, JUDY l98,129,178,57,75,86,174 LAVENDER, BUDDY 198 LEATHERBURY, LAURA 198,178 LEBLANC, LINDA 198 LEDERMAN, JUDY 198 LEE, BRUCE 198,124,80,79,178,125,75 LEE, KENNY 198 LEWIS, DEBBY 198 LIGHTSEY, ELIZABETH 198 LINAM, VERNAN 198 LINCKS, KATHY 198,71,62 LINDSEY, GENE l98,112,104,210 LINGLE, KENNY 198 LINNICK, SAM 198,79,127 LLOYD, LA-DON 198 LLOYD, RONALD 198 LOCKLER, KATHIE 198 LOGAN, ELIZABETH 198 LOLLAR, DIANNE 198,178 LONG, DORIS 198 LONG, WAINETTE 198,85 LOPER, LARRY 198 LOSE, KEITH 198 LOVE, MARGARET 198 LOWING, JIMMY 198 LUCK, SHARON 198 LUNDY, DENNIS 198 LUNDY, DIANE 198,84,178 LUNDY, SHIRLEY 199 LUNSFORD, JIMMY 199 MALLORY, JIMMY 199 MARCHMAN, ROBERT 199,69 MARRIOTT, GINGER 199 MARTIN, BRENDA 199 MARTIN, JOHNNY 199 MASON, PRISCILLA 199,178 MASSENGALE, PHYLLIS 199 MATHEWS, BETTY 199 MATZENGER, JOE 199,79 MEES, FOY 199 MELTON, PENNY 199 MERRILL, CHARLES 199 MIETZ, GERALD 199 MILLER, ADGER 199 MILLER, MICKEY 199 MILLER, MIKE 199,91 MILLER, STUART 200 MILLING, FRED 200 MINETTE, JANE 200 MOHNANI, LAJU 200 MOLPUS, MARY EDITH 200 MONTALBAN, SANDRA 200,l1,102,103 MOORE, BOB 200,88,178 MOORE, HELEN 200 MOORE, JANET 200,178 MOORER, MARTHA 200,59 MORGAN, GEORGE 200 MORRISON, NELDA 200 MORROW, JUDI 200,57,178,75 MOSS, VONCILE 200 MUNGER, SHARON 200,95 MURPHY, SUSAN 200 MUSGROVE, RONNIE 200 MYRICK, RUTH ANN 200,27 MacFARLENE, GAIL 199 MCALISTER, BOB 199 MCCASKEY, KATHY 199 MQCAUGHN, PAMELA 199 MCCLURE, ROBBY 199,11,80 MQCOY, JOAN 199 MCCRORY, ESTHER199 MCCUE, CANDY 199 McDONALD, JERRY 199 MCDONALD, RICKY 199 MCDONNELL, MICKEY 199 MCDONOUGH, JOHN 199 MCGINLEY, BRENDA 199 MCGOWAN, DAVID 199 MCLEOD, RITA 199 MCMURPHY, EARL 199,79,127 MCNEIL, CHUCK 199,127 MCNELLAGE, SHARON 199 MCPHERSON, WINTON 199 NABORS, BOB 200 NALL, BECKY 200 NEESE, JANICE 200 NELSON, LYNN 200 NERREN, CAROL 200,190 NICHOLS, HUBBARD 200 NIXON, PATTI 200 NORVILLE, HATSIE 200 NOWELL, ALLEN 200 OBERKIRCH, SUZANNE 200,178 O'DONNELL, BARRY 200,190,823 O'GWYNN, GLENDA 200 OIGWYNN, RITA 200 OLENSKY, JOANNE 200 OLIVER, JEANINE 200 ORTMAN, DIANE 200,86 OWENS, HAROLD 200 OWENS, NITA 200,178 OWENS, RITA 200,178 PAGE, TERRY 200,104,125 PAINTER, JIM 200 PARKER, GEARLDINE 201 PARR, HELEN 201 PATTERSON, LINDA 201 PATTERSON, NANCY 201,91,178 PELL, SHARON 201 PEREZ, BETTY 201 PETTIS, CECIL 201,104 PETTISS, MARION 201,56 PEYREGNE, DONALD 201 PHILLIPS, CAROLE 201 PHILLIPS, REGINA 201 PHILLIPS, SHERRY 201 PIERCE, KENNETH 201 PIERCE, LEIGH 201 PIERCE, MIKE 201,125 PINKERTON, GLENDA 201,67 PITTMAN, PEGGY 201 PLUMSTEAD, BART 201,87,178 PORTER, DORIS 201 POU, RACHEL 201 POWELL, CAROLYN 201 POWELL, DIANE 201 283 POWELL, KATHY 201 PRATHER, SUSAN 201 PREWITT, BILLY 201 PRINCE, BRIAN 201 PROVOST, MARCIA 201 PUCKETT, MIKE 201,246 PUGH, LINDA 201,32 RACKLEY, BONNIE 201 RAUSTLER, KIRKE 201 REDISCH, PHILLIP 201 REESE, JENNY 201 REEVES, RUTH ANN 201,91 REID, JANICE 201 REINSCHMIDT, ALICE 201,178 RETTIG, CYNTHIA 201 RICHARDSON, PATRICIA 201 RIDDLE, WILLIAM 201 RIDER, DAVID 201,813,178 RIVERS, RONALD 201 ROBERTS, RALPH 201 ROBINSON, BRENDA 201 ROBINSON, RICHARD 201 ROBLEY, CANDYE 201 ROGERS, POLLY 201 ROLLS, PHIL 201,104 ROUILLIER, SUSAN 201,59,75 ROWELL, RONALD 202,125 ROWSE, MARK 202 ROYAL, CHARLES 202 RUNKEL, ANNETTE 202,90 RUSSELL, JEANNIE 202 SANFORD, BETSY 202,196,129,132 SCARCLIFF, BRENDA 202 SCHIEMENZ, ROBERT 202 SCHULTZ, RICHARD 202 SCOTT, BARRY 202 SCOTT, CAROL 202 SEIBERT, JOYCE 202 SESSI, TONY 202,79,178 SHANNON, PATRICIA 202 SHAW, PAM 202 SHEARER, RUTH 202 SHERIDAN, STEVE 202 SHETLER, DONNA 202,259 SHOEMAKER, SAMMY 202 SHUFORD, JOHN 202 SIMMONS, DUSTY 202 SIMMS, CLAUDINE 202 SIMPSON, KATHY 202 SIMS, THOMAS 202 SKINNER, LINDA 202 SMELLEY, REBECCA 202 SMITH, ALEXA 202,78 SMITH, CYNTHIA 202 SMITH, DAVID 202 SMITH, GARLAND 202 SMITH, JUDY 202 SMITH, LINDA 202,53 SMITH, LOUIE 202,104 SMITH, PHIL 202,71 SMITH, SHARON 202 SMITH, STEVE 202 SMITH, TRAVIS 202 SNYPES, AL 202,114 SONNIER, NAT 202,11,80 SOWELL, DALE 202 SPAIN, JOAN 202,71,57 SPEARS, DIANE 202 SPENCE, MARY KATHERINE 202 43102 SPIES, GREG 202,58,80 SPOTTSWOOD, CLAUDIA 202,249,90 SPOTTSWOOD, MARTHA 202,90 SPRINGER, KENNETH 202 STAHLNECKER, GREG 202 STALLINGS, BEVERLY 203 STANARD, CLAIRE 203,2,54,44,176 STEWART, BECKY 203,91 STICKNEY, CLIFF 203,114,119 STOKLEY, CLAYTON 203 STORK, ARLEN 203 STOUDENMIER, CAMILLE 203,67 STRICKLAND, EUGENE 203 STROMEI, BRENDA 203 STYERS, LINDA 203 SUDIHA, YVONNE 203 SULLIVAN, VICKY 203 SUTTON, PAT 203 SUTTS, MARTHA 203,98,88 SWIFT, PAM 203,818,178 SYPSA, GEORGE 203 TACON, ROZLYN 203 TAGERT, JOYCE 203 TAIT, ELIZABETH 203 TANKSLEY, JEWEL 203 TAPIA, JONI 203 TATE, MARGARET 203,90 TAYLOR, LINDA 203 THARP, CHARLOTTE 203 THARP, SHARON 203 THIELE, CAROLYN 203 THIGPEN, DEBBIE 203 THOMAS, BILLY 203 THOMAS, DONNA 203 THOMAS, EVELYN 203 THOMAS, LEE 203,117,114,119 THOMPSON, CYNTHIA 203 THOMPSON, SCHARLEANE 203 THOMPSON, STEVE 203 THURSTON, DON 203,69 TILLMAN, JIMMY 203 TILLMAN, JOE 203 TOLBERT, BILLY 203 OHNNIE 203 TOLBERT, 5 TORBERT, MARCIA 204 TORGESON, EVELYN 204 TORP, ARLEN 204 TOUCHSTONE, DON 204,54,117,114,119, 178 TRACZEWITZ, TERRY 204 TULL, CECELIA 204,70 TURNER, LANA 204 TURNER, LINDA 204 unior Director TYLER, KATHY 204 USHER, MARY BETH 204 VAIL, HELEN 204 VAN ALLER, DEE DEE 204,190 VANVIG, JANE 204 VAUTIER, CONNIE 204 VINES, LYNN 204 VINSANT, KATHY 204,67 VOELZ, DAVE 204 VOGTNER, REBECCA 204 WADE, TERRY 204,10,104 WAINWRIGHT, JAMES 204 WALKER, HOWARD 204,255,57,178,75, 174,176 WALKER, PAT 204 WALLACE, MARCI 204 WALLER, SYLVIA 204 WALLEY, GARY 204 WALLEY, RACHEL 204 WALTMAN, CHRIS 204 WALTON, ANDY 204 WALTON, CANDY 204,11,85 WALTON, RICHARD 204 WANAMAKER, LANCIA 204 WARLICK, KEN 204 WATFORD, JULIA 204 WATSON, CHARLOTTE 204 WATTERSON, JAMIE 204 WEBER, WESLEY ANN 204 WEEKS, CAROLYN 204,95,178 WEIL, GLENN 204 WELLS, SARA 204 WEST, JEANNIE 204 WHEELER, BRYAN 205 WHITE, BONNIE 205 WHITE, SHARON 205 WHITSON, KENNETH 205 WIGGS, DIANE 205 WILKINSON, CATHY 205 WILLIAMS, WILLIAMS, WILLIAMS, WILLIAMS, WILLIAMS, WILLIAMS I , , BETH 205,90,61 DOLLIE 205,90 GARRY 205,96 LESLIE 205 LINDA 205 SANDRA 205,58 WILLIFORD, CYNTHIA 205 WILSON, ANDY 205 WILSON, FREDA 205 WILSON, JAN 205,58,67 , LUTHER 205 WILSON, SHERYL 205,88,44 , NANCY 205 WINTER, ALIX 205,90 WOMACK, PAULA 205 WONSON, GEORGE 205 WOOD, HARRIET 205 WOODHAM, DIANE 205 WOOLFORD, SCOTT 205 YETT, BECKY 205 YOUNG, HARVEY 205 YOUNG, JUDY 205,69 YRABEDRA, KENNETH 205,114 WILSON WINSOR ,94 ,45,17s,83 Kathy Hanks relives the Civil War with Mrs, Goodwin. Miss Purifoy gathers up her Christmas presents and begins her holidays. 284 Sophomore Director ABERCROMBIE, ANN 215 ABERCROMBIE, CINDE 215 ACTON, JUDY 215,67 ADAIR, OLIVIA 215 ADAMS, BRENDA 215,176 ADAMS, GAYLE 215 ADAMS, LINDA 215,214,213 ADGER, MARY HELENE 215 ADKINS, JUDY 215 AHRENS, CAROL 215 ALBRITTON, PATSY 215 ALLENBACH, CARL 215 ALLUMS, CINDY 215 AMESBURY, PATSY 215 ANDERSON, BOBBIE JO 215 ANDERSON, KAREN 215 ANDERSON, PERRY 215 ANDREWS, AL 215 ANNIS, SANDRA 215 ARCHER, TIM 215 ARENDALL, ROB 214,215,212 ARMUS, JUNY 69,215 ARNO, JOAN 6,71,215 ATKINS, PAUL 215 AUSTIN, ANNA 215 AUSTIN, LUDIE 47,215 AUSTIN, ZOE 215 BAGGETT, WAYNE 215 BAILEY, CHARLES 215 BAGLEY, SHARON 215 BAKER, MARY KATHERINE 215 BARLOW, JUDY 215 BARNES, JOHN 215 BARRETT, CURT 10,596,215 BARRETT, MICHAEL 215 BASS, KAY 215 BATES, MARY 215 BATTON, SANDRA 215 BAUGH, JOAN 215 BEDINGFIELD, CHARLOTTE 215 BERTOLOTTI, LaDONNA 215 BEVILLE, DOUG 48,78,214,215,129 BISHOP, AUBREY 215 BITTNER, NANCY 215 BLACKMAN, BECKY 215 BLATCHFORD, PENNY 215 BLEDSOLE, DOUG 215 BLEYSWYK, NORALYN 215 BODDEN, MAYBELLINE 216 BOEHM, DANA 216 BOLDING, CHARLOTTE 216 BOND, BRENDA 216 BONDS, SHEILA 216 BONNER, BRENDA 216 BORDELON, MARIE 67,216 BOSTWICK, DIANE 216 BOTTOMS, SIDNEY 216 BOTTS, JOAN 216 BOYD, MORRIS 70,216 BOYD, WENDY 216 BOYKIN, DONNA 216 BOYKIN, KAY 67,216 BRABNER, ERNIE 216 BRADY, BILL 216 BRANNAN, LATRESIA 216 BRANNON, ROBERT 216 BRANTLEY, DALE 216 BRANUM, LINDA 216 BRANUM, TOM 216 BRAY, BENNIE 70,216 BRENNAN, BILLY 216 BRENNAN, SCOTT 216 BRENT, RICHARD 216 BRICKEN, MARION 216 BRILL, SUSAN 216 BRISLIN, BETTY 65,216 BROOKS, BETTY 216 BROOKS, BRENDA 67,216 BROWN, ANNE 216 BROWN, BOBBY 216 BROWN, MARGIE 216 BROWN, PAT 216 BROWN, TOMMY 216 BRUCK, LAWRENCE 216 BUCHANAN, PAULA 216 BULLOCK, PAULA 216 BUNTIN, BUFORD 216 BURGESS, GARY 217 BURGESS, LOIS 217 BURGETT, ELIZABETH 67,217 BURKE, GREG 217 BURNETT, CHARLES 217 BURNETT, NANCY 217 BURNS, JOHNNY 217 BUSBY, CHRIS 217 BUTLER, JENNY 217 BUTTS, LYNDA 217 CAIN, STEVE 217 CAMPBELL, ADELIA 217 CAMPBELL, ROBERT 217 CAMPBELL, RUTH 217 CAPPS, BETTY 98,217 CARAWAY, BILL 113,217 CARDWELL, OWEN 217 CARTEE, BOBBIE 217 CARTER, DON 217 CATLIN, PAUL 217 CAZALAS, DOROTHY 217 CHAMBERS, JIM 217 CHENNAULT, CHARLYNE CHERRY, RONNIE 217,46 CHESTNOLVIC, MIKE 217 CHEWNING, HUGH 217 CHURCH, CINDY 217 CLAPP, DAVID 217 CLARK, GARY 217 CLARK, JOAN 217 CLARKE, DEBBIE 217 CLARKE, TOMMY 217 CLARKE, TONY 217 CLEMENTS, SANDRA 217 CLIFF, MAYNARD 80,217 COCHRAN, BRENDA 217 COCHRAN, JIMMY 217 COCHRAN, WANDA 217 COHEN, CAROL 67,78,217 COLBERT, BEN 217 COLLIER, LINDA 217 COLLINS, JOYCE 217 COLYER, CONNIE 217 COOK, TERRY 217 COOKSEY, DEBBIE 217 COO'PER, JAMES 217 CORN, RONNIE 113,217 CORNELSON, CAROL 217 COURTRIGHT, JANNIE 218 COWAN, SANDY 71,218 COWAN, SUSAN 218 COX, KAREN 218 COX, PHILLIP 218 CREWS, HURLEY 218 CROSS, PHILLIP 218 CROSS, SANDRA 218 CULBERTH, JUDY 218 CUMBIE, FAY 218 CUMMINS, MARY 218 CUNNINCHAM, ANN 218 CURTIS, SUSAN 218 DAILEY, DIANE 218 DALY, JOAN 218 DAUGHERTY, FRANK 218 DAVIS, CONNOR 92,218 DAVIS, JOEL 218 DAVIS, KATHY 218 DAVIS, SHIRLEY 218 DAWSON, DIANE 218 DEARMAN, VIVIAN 218 DeBAKEY, BETSY 218 DEES, PLIA 65,218 DeKEYSER, ARMAND 218 DeLOACH, BLAKE 218 DEMETROPOLIS, PHYLLIS 70,218 DENHAM, MARTHA 218 DIGMAN, BARBARA 218 DIXON, LUCY 92,218,236 DOGGETTE, CARL 218 DORTCH, EVELYN 218 DOUGLAS, FRANK 218 DUMAS, RUSTY 218 DUNLAP, STAN 218 DUNN, LORI 218 DUNNING, BETH 218 DUPLAN, JOSEPH 218 DURANT, HELEN 218 DWYER, DEBBIE 219 DYSON, GAYNELL 219 285 217 EASLEY, KAREN 219,98 ECCLES, LESTER 219 EIDMAN, BONNIE 219 ELDER, SUZANNE 219 ELLIS, TOMMY 219 EMBRY, JAMES 219 ENGLAND, ED 219 ENGLISH, DIANE 219 ENCSTROM, PATRICIA 219 ERDMAN, VANDA 219,65 ETHERIDCE, TOMMY 219 EVANS, CATHY 219 EVANS, SHARON 219 EWERT, GEORGE 219 EZELLE, MARILYN 219,67 FARNELL, DARRYL 219 PAY, JANICE 219 FELL, JOE 219,113 FERNANDEZ, JIM 219,80 FISHBEIN, CASSIE 219 FOERSTER, WILLIAM 219 FOLKES, CHARLES 219 FONTAINE, MAY 219 FORKO, MELANIE 219 FORSYTH, SUSIE 219 FOSTER, DORIS 219 FOSTER, STANLEY 219,70 FOX, LAMAR 219 Fox, RICHARD 219 FRAZIER, CHARLES 219 FREELAND, SHERRY 219 FREEMAN, SHARON 219 CANUS, CHERYL 219 GARDNER, CARLTON 219 CASTON, VICKIE 219 GATTIS, JUNE 219 CEICER, CYNTHIA 219,93 GEORGE, SHERI 219 GIBSON, DIANE 219 GIBSON, GAIL 219,67 CILBERT, BESSIE 219 GILCHRIST, PHILIP 219,104,229,120,21 125,213 GLASS, LINDA 219 GLIDDON, BRENDA 219 CLISSON, BILL 219 CLISSON, GLENN 219 GOLDY, DAVID 220 GOLLOTT, CHARLES 220,71 GOLOMB, MIKE 220 GOODMAN, GEORGE 220 GRANSON, CAROL 220 GREEN, JUDY 220 GREEN, SUE 220 GREER, JAN 220 GREER, LESLIE 220,127 GRIDER, DORA 220 GRIMES, DIANNE 220 GRODSKY, CLAIRE 220 GUNN, PATRICIA 220,67 GUNTER, KENNETH 220 GUY, ANNETTE 220,67 GWIN, STEVEN 220 HAAS, HAP 220 HAAS, JIM 220 HAGINAS, SAMMY 220 I-IAICHT, LARRY 220,70 HALL, CLAIRE 220 HALL, MIKE 220,120,121 HALL, PAM 220 HAMMOCK, BETTY 220 HANDWERCER, RONNIE 220 HANKINS, DIANE 220 HANLEIN, CONNIE 220,83 HANNON, SHARON 220 HARDING, KAREN 220 HARGETT, BEN 220,113 HARPER, BUTCH 220 HARRIS, MIKE 220,113 HARRIS, SHELIA 220 HARRISON, BOYCE 220 HARRISON, ROYCE 220 HASS, SANDRA 220 HASS, STEVE 220 HAWKINS, DEBBIE 220 HAWKINS, JUNE 220 HAWKINSON, CHARLES 221 HAYES, SHARON 221 HAYWARD, TUCK 221 HEATH, JUNE 221,65 HENDERSON, BOBBIE 221 HICKS, HONEY 221 HILBURN, DAVID 221 HILL, HELEN 221 HILL, NORWOOD 221,120,121 HILL, RICKY 221 HINMAN, LYNN 221 HIXON, LUCIA 221 HOFFMAN, PHYLLIS 221,67 HOFHEINS, HAL 70,221,113,12 HOLIFIELD, JACKIE 221 HOLLADAY, TIM 221 HOLLINGSHEAD, GAIL 221 HOPKINS, KATHY 221 HORSTMAN, DAVID 221 HORTON, CHARLES 221 HORTON, MARILYN 221 HOSS, CAROLYN 221 HOVEN, LINDA 221 HOWARD, DAVID 221 HOWELL, CYNTHIA 221 HOWELL, MARILYN 221,67 HUFF, CYNTHIA 221 HULETT, FAY 221,67 HUNTER, JEANNE 221 HUSTON, CHERYL 221 ISHEE, DAVID 221,68 JACKSON, GREG 221 JACOBS, PEGGY 221 JARVIS, WINSTON 221,113 JEFFREY, PAUL 221 JEFFREY, ROBERT 221 ENKINS WILLIAM 221 ,I 4 JINRIGHT, DELAINE 221 JOHNS, JUDITH 221,64 JOHNSON, CAROLYN 222 JOHNSON DOUGLAS 222 JOHNSON, LINDA 222,96 JOHNSON, SAM 222 JOHNSON, THOMAS 222,113 JOHNSON, WAYNE 222 JOHNSTO N, JULIE 222 JONES, CHARLOTTE 70,222 JONES, WAYNE 222 JORDEN, KEARSEY, KELLEY, KELLY, B CAROL 222 SANDRA 222 DOROTHY 222 RENDAF 222 KELLY, G EE 222 KELLY, MARY 222 KEMP, SALLY 70,219,222 KENNEDY, RONALD 222 KERLIN, SHARON 222 KILLOUGH, ROGER 222 KINSEY, BILL 222 KLOBAS, KOSSOW, MARY 222 KENNETH 222 LADEN, GIL 222 LAFFRE, RENEE 83,222 LAIRD, JIMMY 222 LAMBERT, MARIE 222 LAWSON, MARGIE 64,222 LEE, CARLETTA 222 LEE, ELIZABETH 222 LEE, NANCY 222 LEE, WAYNE 222 LEONARD, BRENDA 222 LEWIS, PHIL 54,222,212 LEWIS, TOMMY 222 LIGHTSEY, SHARON 222 LINCOLN, CHARLOTTE 222 LONG, SHERRY 222 LOWERY, FRANKLIN 222 LUSCHER, HARRY 121,222 LUXICH, JUDY 222 LYNN, LARRY 222,113 MCAULEY, CORKY 113,222 MCBRIDE, TRAVIS 222 MCCALL, THERESA 222 MCCANTS, MIKE 222,129 MCCARTY, DANNY 222 MCCARTY, KITTY 222 MCCARY, RONALD 222 MCCLAIN, DEBBIE 223 MCCLURE, WAYNE 223 MCCONNELL, EDDIE 113,223 MCCORD, KENNETH 223 Pages Where Pictured 0,121,125 MQGORQUADALE, DAVID 223 MQCRORY, BRUCE 223 MQCULLOUGH, BRENDA 223 MCEVOY, JAMES 223 MCGHEE, MIKE 223 McKAY, GERALD 223 MCLENDON, JUNE 223 MQMURPHY, EDWARD 223,127 MCNEESE, LINDA 223 MCPHERSON, LINDA 223 MCWHORTER, CHARLENE 223 MAHONE, GLEN 113,223 MALOVEY, LINDA 223 MALOY, MIKE 223 MANCILL, CARL 223 MANCILL, LUCILLE 223 MANESS, CHERYL 223 MANN, MARTY 223 MANUEL, MERLYNN 223 MARCH, LOUISE 223 MARRERO, KATHY 223 MARTIN, BEVERLY 223 MARTIN, CARLA 223 MARTIN, MARY 223 MASON, JIM 113,120,121,223 MAULDIN, MEL 223 MAYFIELD, RUTH 223 MEADOR, MARGARET 223 MEADOR, MARJORIE 223 MEADS, MARY ANN 223 MELECH,RONALD 223 MERCHANT, ANDY 69,223 MERCHANT, LARRY 121,223 MERRILL, GWEN 223 MIDDLETON, KNOX 54,216,223,212 MILES, RAYFORD 224 MILLER, BEVERLY 59,224 MILLER, JOHNNY 224,127 MILLIGAN, BARBARA 224 MILLS, CLINT 224 MILLS, LETITIA 224 MIMS, MICKI 224 MING, MIKE 113,224 MINTON, NANCY 224 MISHKIN, SUSAN 224 MOLPUS, MARILYN 224 MONTGOMERY, MARTHA 224 MOORE, HOWARD 47,224 MOORE, SHERRY 224 MORCOM, ELIZABETH 224 MORGAN, ANN 224 MORGAN, JUDY 224 MORRIS, CHERYL 224 MORRIS, IMA JEAN 224 MORROW, JUANITA 224 MORSE, DICKY 69,224 MOSELEY, CHARLES 224 MOSHER, GLENN 224 MOSLEY, RANDY 224 MURDOCK, CATHY 224 MURPHY, PAT 224 MURRAY, DON 224 MUSTIN, BILL 224 MUTCHNICK, HELEN 224 NEEL, YVONNE 92,224 NELSON, GARY 224 NELSON, LINDA 224 NETTLES, WAYNE 224 NEWMAN, KATHY 67,224 NICHOLAS, BECKY 224 NICHOLS, JENNIE 224 NIXON, ROSEMARIE 224 NORRIS, JIMMY 65,224 NOYES, MARGARET 224,76 ODOM, MARY 225 OGBURN, CLIFFORD 225 OLIVER, CARL 225 OLSEN, ROBERT 225 O'NEAL, CLARE 225 OVERTON, SONDRA 225 OWEN, MARCIA 67,225 OWEN, STEPHEN 225 OWENS, SANDY 225 PARAVICINI, LINDA 225 PARDEN, STEVE 54,113,225 PARKER, LINDA 225 PARKER, ROBERT 71,225 PARTRIDGE, HAROLD 69,225 PATE, JANIS 225 286 PATRICK, DANNY 225 PEACOCK, KATIE 132,225 PEARSON, CHARLES 225 PEEVY, BILL 225 PEPPERS, RALPH 225 PERRI, GLORIA 225 PHELPS, JAMES 225 PHELPS, JOHNNY 225 PICKARD, JESSE 225 PIERCE, FRANK 225 PIERRE, BILLY 225 PIFF, MARIA 95,225 POLLMAN, JUDY 225 POND, MIKE 225 POPE, BRENDA 225 POSE, DAVID 225 POTTER, PETE 225 POTTS, GLENDA 225 POWELL, TOM 225 POWERS, LYNN 225 PRICE, ANN 225 PRICE-WILLIAMS, TIM 68,225 PRIMEAUX, DENNIS 85,225 PRITCHARD, KIRKSEY 64,225 PROVOST, MILES 225 PRUETT, DAVID 225 PUCKETT, CHARLES 225 PUCKETT,,GEARY 225 RAGSDALE, CAROL 225 RALLS, SUZANNE 225 RAMIREZ, GAIL 225 RARIG, PAMELA 225 RAWLINS, MARGARET 225 RAYNOR, CHARLES 226 REED, MIKE 226 RENEMAN, MICHAEL 226 RETTIG, LARRY 226 REVETTE, JULIE 226 RICHARDS, TOMMY 226 RICHARDSON, SANDRA 54,214,216,226 213 RIKARD, JIMMY 226 ROBERTO, GARY 226 ROBERTS, MAXEY 90,226 ROBINSON, GEORGE 226 ROGERS, CLARA 226 ROGERS, DONNA 226 ROGERS, JEANETTE 226 ROSE, DAVID 113,226 ROSE, JOE 226 ROSE, J. RICHARD 113,226 RUDD, JANE 226 RUMBLEY, AUSTIN 226 RUSH, JOY 226 RUSHING, HUGH 71,91,226 RYLAND, GENE 226 SAAD, BARBARA 93,226 SAMNLONS, DAVID 226 SANDERFORD, GAYLE 226 SAVELL, GAIL 226 SAWYER, KENNETH 69,226 SCARBROUGH, NANCY 226 SCAFFER, DINEEN 226 SCHEU, BILLY 226 SCHJOTT, DEANNA 226 SCOTT, ANNE 226 SCOTT, KATHY 67,266 SEALY, MARTHA 226 SEALY, BRENDA 226 SELLERS, JANE 226 SESSIONS, RAY 226 SHARP, RUSSELL 65,226 SHARPE, WANDA 226 SHAW, BECKY 226 SHAW, TERI 226 SHIRAH, MYRA 67,226 SHIRLEY, RAY 226 SHORT, JAN 226 SHORT, NITA LYNNE 226 SILVERNAIL, ANN 227 SILVESTER, ALLEN 226 SIMMONS, LARRY 68,227 SIMMONS, ROBERT 227 SINCLAIR, JULIE 226 SLAUGHTER, CHARLES 227,129 SLEDGE, CLARK 227,127 SMITH, JANET 213 SMITH, JEANNINE 47,227 SMITH, JUNE 227 SMITH Sophomore Director SMITH LYNDA 227 SMITH MITCHELL 227 STEVE 227 SMITH, SUZANNE 227 SNODGRASS, DON 71,227 SOLES, LINDA 227 SOMMER, DENISE 227 SOUTH, SHEILA 227 SOWELL, JEANNE 227 SPENCE, BILL 70,811,227 SPENCER, WILLIAM 80,227 SPOONER, JERRY 227 SPRINKLE, RUSSELL 227 STAFFORD, CHARLES 227 STAIR, JOHN 227 STEELE, JoN 227 STEIN, BILLY 227 STEIN, GREG 71,227 STEINER, CYNTHIA 227 STEINER, JACKIE 227 STEPHENS, FLORENCE 227 STEPHENS, SHERRY 227 STEPHENSON, RoNNIE 227 STEWART, CONNIE 227 STEWART, WESTON 227 STIERWALT, JANE 227 STINSON, WENDY 227 STOKES, BETTY 227 STOKES, DANNY 227 STOKES, JUNE 227 STOKKE, DAVID 227 STOKLEY, MILTON 228 STONE, BARBARA 228 sToWE, NANCY 228 STUBBLEFIELD, PEPPER 228 SULLIVAN, JEAN 228 SUSMAN, BILL 228 SUTToN, GLEN 228 SWENDSON, LINDA 228 SYLTIE, DAVID 70,228 TALBERT, RHEBA 228 TANNER,MAX 228 TANNER, MITCHELL 228 TATE, PAUL 228 TAYLOR, GIN 228 TAYLOR, SHIRLEY 228 TERRILL, CATHY 84,228 TEW, MARTHA 228 THACKER, RITA 228 THAMES, 'BRENDA 228 THARP, SHARON 228 THOMPSON, ELAINE 228 THOMPSON, HOWARD 113,228 THOMPSON, SHELLEY 228,86 THOSS, MARSHA 228 THRASH, JAMES 228 TOMLIN, DIANA 228 TOUART, DEBBIE 228 TRAVIS, MIKE 228 TRUE, CHERI 71,228 TUBBS, MARGARET 228 TUCKER, SUSAN 228 TURRITIN, JIMMY 228 UNGAR, AUDREY 228 VAN LIEW, DALE 228 VAUGHN, KENNETH 113,228 VIGLIOTTI, ANGELO 228 VINES, ROBERT 228 VOGTNER, ROBERT 228 WACKER, CHRIS 228 WADE, SALLY 228 WALDING, PATTY 67,228 WALDING, TOM 228 WALKER, PAT 228 WALKER, SHEILA 228 WALLEY, DYAL 113,228 WALTERS, BILL 68,228 WALTERS, FRED 91,228 WALTON, DIANE 228 WARD, FRANCES 229 WATERS, BRENDA 229 WEBER, CATHY 229 WEINSTEIN, ROSALIND 67,229 WEISS, MICKEY 229 WEISS, VICTOR 229 WELCH, K ENNEY 121,229 WELLS, JESSE 229 WHARTON, JOHN 229 WHEELER, NEWTON 229 WHIGHAM, SUSAN 229 WHITE, DIANE 229 WHITESIDE, AMY 229 WHITING, JAMES 229 WIGGINS, JANICE 67,229 WIGGS, GLENN 229 WILKERSON, WILLIE 229 WILLIAMS, BARBARA 229 WILLIAMS, GWEN 229 WILLIAMS, KATHY 229 WILLIAMS, LINDA 229 WILLIAMS, ROBERT 80,229 WILLIAMS, STEVE 229 WILLIARD, KATHY 229 WILSON, HAROLD 229 WILSON, WILLIAM 68,229 WIMBERLEY, WILLIAM 229 WINSTANLEY, SALLY 229 WOOD, JODY 229 WOOD, JUDY 229 WOODHAM, PAT 229 WORTHY, PERCY 229 WRIGHT, ANNE 229 WRIGHT, DEBBIE 229 YEAGER, DAVID 229 YEAGER, DEBBIE 229 YEEND, RICKY 229 YELVERTON, MARY 229 YEMM, TERRY 229 YOUNG, JANICE 229 YOUNG, MIKE 229 2 'I .E fvfs Coach Maxime guides the sled as Milton Mills shoves him back. 287 QRXSRP1-, ind' Mike Hall blocks a possible two pointer from Foley. The MOHIAN Staff truly regrets that it was not possible for each of you to share in the production of your annual. We have tried to represent accurately the events of 1966 and to create a living memory of this school year. To those who have made our task easier and more en- joyable we extend our sincere apprecia- tion . . . Mr. Raymond B. Taylor, Principal .................. for his support and understanding Mr. Jerry Thompson, American Yearbook Company .... .. .. ...... for his Constant encouragement Miss Eloise Foster, Faculty Advisor .... ..... . .. for her efforts that made the 1966 MOHIAN possible Spottswood Studios Miss E. Lura Moore Mr. jack Crisp .... Mr. Elmore Sonnier Miss Nancy Wall ....... Our teachers and parents .... for Azalea Trail and jr. Sr. Prom photographs . . . . . . . . . for Dr. Comer L. Scarborough's memoriam for emceeing Panther Spirit Night for sign advertising Panther Spirit Night for helping with Panther Spirit Night scenery . . . . . . . . . . . . . . for their patience and guidance THE 1966 MOHIAN STAFF 3 5 P M Y .- f 'P - s I 3 1 j I 'N v3 E 'i - r , Yi, , ., if r 'I 1 l 1, rf

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