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4 ,Q Z. I IZIIU U D Z :mann EI EH X HIHHEI Q1 LU lllll l H I 1 ' Rl "Bl . 7 ZH rg Thy? 1 rig .3 V 4 -, ' - Haw D .9 Z .......L I H1 W El 1 4. When tume who steals our years away shall steal our pleasures too The memory of the past wall stay and all our loys renew ff K' i s ,Z l .ff CLASS FLOWER CLASS COLGRS Red Rose Red and Whnte CLASS MOTTO ln our footsteps great men shall follow ltlprtgral ' X 'XX x if X 1 X 5 Well known to all of us is our competent and conscientious Superintendent of Schools, Donovon S. Jones. His varied interests include, in addition to all phases of school work, such worthwhile activities as Boy Scouts, and the Kiwanis. He obtained his B.S. degree from the Univer- sity of Vermont, and his V.A. from Columbia Uni- versity. He has served as Superintendent of schools since 1940. We, the class of l957, feel that he has served our town and schools very well indeed, and we wish to thank him for all he has done to make our school years pleasant ones. , 4-A fa, No one can quite picture Murdock High School without its extremely capable and genial principal Guy B. Staples. Mr. Staples has a record to be proud of, he has guided many students through their High School years. He holds a B.S. degree from Tufts and Har- vard, and has done additional graduate work at Harvard and Hyannis Teachers' College. He has now been with Murdock for thirty years and in those thirty years we have seen him at both football and baseball games, he has been with us at our traditional rallies, he has kept our spirit up in our many assemblies, and, in conclusion, he has been with us, win, lose or draw. We, the Class of 1957, wish to thank him for his help and guidance in all our school affairs. RITA M ROY The class of 1957 wall always be grateful for Mrs Roys work In their behalf In her the class found an able advisor We were very forunate that Mrs Roy consented to be our advisor Wnh out her none of our goals would have been reached We wnsh her good health and contlnued happmess Q'--sr m ...iw Back row from left Wulluarn J Properzuo Rlchard H Porter Donald MacQueen Robert Hawke Arthur Clark Wllllam Mlchaud Charles J Motyka Front row from left Warren Bently Helen M Hart Vena B Flelds Guy B Staples Verna M Carbone RltaM Roy RuthA Chuld Charles F Russell These are the teachers who have guided us through our last year tn Murdock and we are greatly nndebted to them 3-Juaalgg, 4.5 0 S ' C . 'L' 2 WX .. ff 7 f i , , ' , L Al 1 L L A ' 0 ' ' 2 ,,. - C N Q R f ' I . , , . fl ' .V ' 1 . h , I - I . . N ' A 1. ' .,- ...,, G I 1 , ' - ' ' "Qi---. .-.. f , 'W' "'- ' 4-1-IL." '...1:,'t- AJ. , I Z ' I ' I I I I I ' ' I : , . , . , . , . , . , . , . . ?lM QWQWW fy 'ESE' MDW fb 0jflZ!7ZM72Ciog2Mwf'1'+Wfw-- 5 J'MJ..,N.f31..Si,Q 'Z' ami My ,R W Wwfwf-7,ff WY Wbffwf- Wff awww gwffffgdff fy 235 nwwi-53:3 W FP 3. W My fmjggfffm ZMMC gwjwgw LMJ VQgBjE1UgIfi VZ? V ff M J ff ' W fy? 0 53 Ky RJ c, ' O Qfiwy NJSKVXN M,,,UQK Pk , QM Q1 ' E: r: X . 9 -, Fowwwmq . : QW 0 , VW W ' ' It of 'X .U C x , Q Q SJ-we GF M 'MPV QW' I aff 6 ' f I ' '734-4Z27'V Aa ,H 0 6 DC 6 x 7 jwfy Z ago!! My . Wan? Qu WU WM .ensue-14 if f vi RICHARD F. ANTONIA Farmer Rick AMBITION: To graduate? ACTIVITIES: Yearbook, Driving Club 2: Dance Committees: SAS 2, 3, 4: Senior Play. HOBBIES: Riding around, going steady, getting into trouble, cars, sleeping. QUOTATION: "He is a wise man who speaks little." NORMA JULIETTIA ABARE Norm AMBITION: To be a success in whatever I may undertake and hope that it makes everyone happy especially Bill. ACTIVITIES: Secretary of SAS: Member of SAS 2, 3, 4: Typing Club 2, Member of Murmurs 2, 3, 4: Chairman of Refresh- ment Committee 2, 3, 4, Dance Committees 2, 3, Class Suppers 3: Junior Usher 3. HOBBIES: Eating and sleeping, dancing, writing letters to B. H. QUOTATION: "A good heart is better than all the heads in the world." HARRI ET LYNN ACHORN AMBITION: To become a nurse. ACTIVITIES: SAS 2, 3, 4, Typ- ing Club 2, Murmurs 4: Food Sales Record: Dance Committees: Sophomore, Junior, and Senior Suppers. HOBBIES: Swimming, music, skating and dancing QUOTATION: "In her pocket she carried mischief." JOHN A. BARTLETT Jack AMBITION: To be a success. ACTIVITIES: Football 4: Driving Club 2: Typing 3. HOBBIES: Hunting, fishing, cars. QUOTATION: "The only way to have a friend is to be one." JEANNINE L. BERNARD Jean AMBITION: To be a success in whatever I undertake. ACTIVITIES: SAS 2, 3, 4: Typ- ing 27 Driving club 3: game club 4. HOBBIES: Skiing, skating, swim- ming, roller skating, and square dancing. QUOTATION: "He whom I love is hard to catch and conquer." ROBERT ALAN BAILEY Beetle AMBITION: To be a state cop. ACTIVITIES: Typing 2, 3, 4, I typed what I wanted and wrote stories. HOBBIES: Swimming, records, books, skiing, skating, and meeting new people. QUOTATION: "Not too loud when out with a crowd." T-' SHIRLEY MAE BRITTON Shirl AMBITION: To be a success in whatever I may undertake. ACTIVITIES: Typing club 2, SAS 2, 3, 4, Honorable Mention for Historical essay, Record Dance Committee, class suppers. HOBBIES: Dancing, skating and collecting records. QUOTATION: "Not too shy, not too bold, our Shirley has a heart of gold." LUCILLE A. BOSWORTH Lu AMBITION: To become a "TrombIy" and be a good house wife. ACTIVITIES: SAS, Game Club. HOBBIES: Skating, Collecting pennies, swimming, horse back riding. QUOTATION: "To eat, drink, and be married. EMILIE MAE BOURGAULT Emy or Em AMBITION: To get a college education. ACTIVITIES: Tournament Plays 2, SAS member 2, 3, 4, SAS Senior director 4, Murmurs staff 2, 3, 4, Editor 4, Mur- murs club 2, 3, 4, Student Council 1, Dance Committee l, 2, 3, 4, Class suppers 2, 3, 4, Historical Essay Contest 3, second prize, Food sales 2, 3, 4, Senior Play Committee, Sen- ior Play. HOBBIES: Cars, music, drums, stock car racing, motocycles, skiing, skating, swimming, bowl- ing, basketball, driving, break- ing my ankle, any sport. QUOTATION: "Why should the devil have all the fun." CAROL MARIE CHAPMAN Creampuff AMBITION: To become Mrs. C-L- O-U-T-I-E-R. ACTIVITIES: Maiorette 2, 3, 4, Band Festivals 1, 2, 3, Yearbook Staff 4, Murmurs 4, Assistant Junior Usher 3, Class Suppers, Dance Committees, Girls' access- ories, Senior Talent Show 3, Food Sales, Decoration commit- lee. HOBBIES: Swimming, dancing, hot rod racing, music, driving. QUOTATION: "In future years you'lI hear her although it may not be the same." NORMAN WILLIAM CODERRE Butch AMBITION: To go Airborne Kweight permitting, ACTIVITIES: Driving Club 2, Sophomore play, Tournament plays, Class Committee I, 2, 3, 4, Typing Club 2, Football, Senior Play, SAS Member 2, 3, 4, Assistant Junior Usher. HOBBIES: Carol Vaine, hunting, fishing, living dangerously, bushwhacking, drinking "cider," hunting outhouses, parking. QUOTATION: "There was a laughing devil in his sneer." LILLIAN ALICE BROW Lil AMBITION: Beautician. ACTIVITIES: Vice President I, Secretary 2, 3, 4, Class Mar- shall 2, 3, Maiorette I, 2, Drum Maior 3, 4, Band Festival l, 2, 3, Prompter for tournament play 3, Yearbook staff 4, Mur- murs 3, 4, Assistant Junior Usher 3, Decoration Committee 4, Class Suppers 3, 4, Food Sales 2, 37 4, SAS 2, 3, Senior Talent Show 2, Dance Committee 3, 4, Girls' accessories 2, Senior Play Usher 4. HOBBIES: Swimming, bowling, dancing, keeping a certain presi- dent happy, spending money, roller skating. QUOTATION: "Good natured, full of pep, this female devil is really hep." ARLINE R. DUNCHUS Ne Ne AMBITION: To live, love, laugh, and be happy. ACTIVITIES: Game Club 4, SAS 3, Tournament Plays 2, 3. HOBBIES: Collecting trinkets and Elvis Presley pictures, talking and goofing off. QUOTATION: "Either ioy or nothing." MAURICE J. COTE JR. Fleegy AMBITION: Career in the Navy. ACTIVITIES: Football 2, Year- book 4, Driving Club 2, Dance Committees 2, 3, 4: SUPPGY Committees 3, 4, Tournament Plays 3. HOBBIES: Sports, hunting, QIYIS, and bushwacking with the boys. QUOTATION: "Always happy, never mad, always glad and never sad." CONSTANCE H. DIAMANTOPOULAS Connie AMBITION: Eventually-get mar- ried. ACTIVITIES: Murmurs staff I, 2, 3, 4, Murmurs Club 2, 3, 4, SAS Representative 2, SAS Mem- ber 2, 3, 4, Tournament Plays, Cheerleader 3, 4, Senior Play Committee, Dance Committees 2, Committee Dance Committees 2, 3, 4, Class suppers 2, 3, 4, Tick- et Booster 3, 4, Senior Play. Skiing, collecting HOBBIES: things, piano, music, shopping. QUOTATION: "Tiny and cheerful and neat as can be." FLORENCE FRENCH Flo AMBITION: To become a nurse. ACTIVITIES: SAS 2, 3, Tourna- ment Plays 3, Girls' Accessories 3, Driving Club 4, Food sales, Dance and Supper Committees, Graduation decorating Commit- tee, Typing Club 2. QUOTATION: "Quiet as a mouse and twice as shy." CLAUDETTE ANNE GAUTHIER Dette AMBITION: To marry Homer. ACTIVITIES: SAS 2, 3, 4, Driv- ing Club, Yearbook Staff Com- mittees, Murmurs Staff. HOBBIES: Eating, dancing, talk- ing. QUOTATION: "When needed she was always there." I 6? JACQUELINE MARIE DUVARNEY Jackie AMBITION: To be a success in what ever I undertake. ACTIVITIES: SAS, Game Club. HOBBIES: Collecting stamps and iewelry, skating, swimming, eating, music, pictures of friends, working, dancing, sports, talking. QUOTATION: "The mildest man- ners and the gentlest heart." BRIAN R. HOLLISTER AMBITION: To graduate. ACTIVITIES: Driving Club l. HOBBIES: Hunting and fishing. QUOTATION: "A passive lad he seems to be, but that is only what we see." jk LEONA GOODWIN Sweetie AMBITION: To become a typist. ACTIVITIES: SAS 2, 3, 4. HOBBIES: Skating, rock and roll music, dancing. QUOTATION: "The world means something to the capable." JOAN HOAGUE Joni AMBITION: To live a good life. ACTIVITIES: Cheerleader 2, 3. 4, Captain 4, Junior Usher, Camera Club 4, SAS Member, Decoration Committee 3, Food Committee, Typing Club 2, Driving Club 2. HOBBIES: Dancing, swimming, skating. QUOTATION: "A smile for every friend, a friend for every smiIe." E -nl. ELIZABETH I. KARVONEN Betty AMBITION: To be a success. ACTIVITIES: Murmurs 2, 3, 4, Yearbook Editor 4, SAS 2, 3, 4, Class Committees, Suppers, Honorary member of the Women's Club and Historical Society. HOBBIES: Reading, skating, dancing, collecting things in general, school, musicdnd meet- ing people. QUOTATION: "Her future holds great things, success, fame, and then a ring." ...iz 4 C NANCY LABARGE Nan AMBITION: To be a success. ACTIVITIES: Tournament Plays 2, 3, Band I, 2, 3, 4, Secretary of Band 3, Librarian of Band 3, SAS 2, 3, 4, Senior Play. HOBBIES: Music, swimming, dancing, eating and sports. QUOTATION: "Blushing is the color of virtue." 'ST fd, 1. Q.. ALAN N. HUGHGILL Farmer Hugh AMBITION: To be a success. ACTIVITIES: Yearbook, Driving Club 2, Sports Club 3, Class committees 4, Senior Play. HOBBIES: Hunting, Hunting Out- houses, Girls, Drinking Qcider, etc.J Parking, Living Dangerous- ly, Bushwacking with the boys. QUOTATION: "Don't take life seriously, you'Il never get out of it alive, anyway." JUDITH Z. LAFOND Judy AMBITION: To be a good wife to a certain guy. IJ.B.J ACTIVITIES: SAS: Murmurs: Drawing Club: Camera Club: Secretary to the Mummurs. HOBBIES: Collecting books, swimming, skating, skiing, fish- ing, and collecting pictures of a certain guy. QUOTATION: "During her life there will be many a sunny day." FRANK LAFALAM AMBITION: to become a car- toonist or designer. ACTIVITIES: Yearbook staff and Dance Committees. HOBBIES: Designing cars, draw- ing, anything and everything. QUOTATION: "Frank and his gentle way will not be forgotten for many a day." ILINE LAFLAMME Sam AMBITION: Bookkeeper. ACTIVITIES: SAS 2, 3, 4: Maior- ette 2, 3: Committees and Year- book. HOBBIES: Dancing, skating, eat- ing, ping pong, drawing. QUOTATION: "l'Il be merry, I'II be sad for no one." ELAINE M. LECLAIR AMBITION: To be an Airline Hostess. ACTIVITIES: Maiorette 3, 4: Murmurs 4: SAS 2, 3, 4: Typ- ing Club: Dance Committees: Supper Committees and Music Festivals, HOBBIES: Most sports, music, boys, getting in and out of trouble. QUOTATION: "Happy am I, from care I'm free." DAVID L'ETOILE Angel Face AMBITION: To spend the rest of my life at Hampton. ACTIVITIES: Football 3, 4: Bas- ketball I, 2, 3, 4: Smoking in the Basement 2, 3, 4. HOBBIES: Sports, and going to Gardner. QUOTATION: "The wrong way always seems the more reason- able way." WALTER A. LAPOINTE Skip AMBITION: To raise I9 children, as my grandfather did. ACTIVITIES: Baseball 3, 4: Foot- ball 3, 4: Yearbook staff: Mur- murs staff: Toumament Play 2, 3, 4: Senior Play: Ticket Com- mittee: Class Vice President 2: Assistant Junior Usher: Sports Club 3: Supper Committees: Dance Committees. QUOTATION: "Happy l'lI al- ways be, if there are girls for me." MARSHALL MARTIN Marsh AMBITION: To be successful in life. ACTIVITIES: Baseball, football, driving club. HOBBIES: Fishing, hunting, and playing golf. QUOTATION: "A good sport not only in sports." ROBERT A. LEMMER Bob AMBITION: To be a success. HOBBIES: Hunting and fishing. QUOTATION: "Not too serious, not too gay, A good fellow in every way." WAYNE Z. MALISKA Whisky AMBITION: To be an island and stand alone. ACTIVITIES: Football 'I, 2, 3, 4, Cocaptain 2, 3, 4, SAS Director 2, SAS vice president 3, SAS President 4, Class president I, 2, 3, 4, Dance committees, supper committees, Toumament play 3, Senior play committee, Senior Play. HOBBIES: Hunting, driving. QUOTATION: "To him we owe much, to this we can see, to him a friend we'Il always be." 1 JEANNE MICHAUD AMBITION: Live to be never useless. ACTIVITIES: Murmurs 4. HOBBIES: Collecting moths, climbing trees, trying to hear what is meant, not said. QUOTATION: "Bashful and shy, that is the way she got her guy-lr 1 , RICHARD FIELDS MITCHELL Mitch AMBITION: See the United States on a motorcycle. ACTIVITIES: Driving club I, 2. HOBBIES: Fishing, collecting girl friends, bushwhacking with the boys, drinking iciderl, hunting outhouses, living dangerously, parking. QUOTATION: "Never let it be said that I took life sitting down." JOYCE A. MCCONNELL Mike AMBITION: To be a success. ACTIVITIES: Driving club 3, Dance Committees 2, 3, 4, cheerleading 3, SAS 2, 3, 4. HOBBIES: Dancing, skating, col- lecting records. QUOTATION: "Her disposition is as sunny as her hair." LUCILLE JANE OLSON LU AMBITION: To go to California. ACTIVITIES: Year Book 4: SAS 3, 4: Honorary member of the Woman's Club: Supper commit- tes: dance committees: Senior Play, Murmurs Staff. HOBBIES: Talking, dancing, swimming, eating, driving, Bob. QUOTATION: "Made of sugar and spice and everything nice." P ee,- Q 1 T DAVID P. MORIARTY Mo or Dave AMBITION: To be an engineer. ACTIVITIES: Baseball 3, 4: typ- ing club 2: sports club 3: assist- ant business manager of Tower: SAS 2, 3, 4. HOBBIES: Girls, sports, dancing. QUOTATION: "On and on he goes, where he stops nobody knows." STEPHEN A. OLECHNICKI, JR. Steve AMBITION: To become an en- gineer. ACTIVITIES: Tournament plays 2, 3: football 3, 4: SAS 3: .lun- ior Usher: Supper committees 3, 4: Vice President of Senior Class 3, 4: Senior Play. HOBBIES: Sports, dancing. QUOTATION: "When my studies get so deep, then I lay me down to sleep." ARDYTHE LEE RICE Ardy AMBITION: To become a regis- tered nurse. ACTIVITIES: Treasurer of Class 2, 3, 4: typing club 2: Sopho- more Hop Committee 2: SAS 2, 3: Supper Committees 2, 3: Tournament Plays 3: Murmurs Staff 3, 4: Yearbook 4: Food Sales: Junior Prom Committee. HOBBIES: Dancing, bowling, records, reading. QUOTATION: "She loves to sit and gab awhile, but mischief lurks behind that smile." Q! ELIZABETH SAWTELLE Betty AMBITION: To be a teacher. ACTIVITIES: Maiorette I, 2, 3, 4: SAS 2, 3, 4: Murmurs Staff 4: Yearbook Club 4: Junior Toumament Play 3: Girls' Acces- sories Club 3: Dance Commit- tees: Supper Committees: Food Sales: Music Festivals I, 2: Sen- ior Play Committee 4: Decora- tion Committee: Senior Play Usher. HOBBIES: Swimming, dancing, roller skating, singing, cooking. QUOTATION: "Never could there be a friend so true." 4 KENNETH A. RAYMOND Needle AMBITION: To ioin the Air Force. ACTIVITIES: Driving club 2: sports club 3: dance committee 4. HOBBIES: Hunting, fishing, bushwacking with Hugh and Cote, going out with girls, baseball. QUOTATION: "Youth is the time for pleasure." 1 Q PAULINE ALICE THEROUX Polly AMBITION: To be a good sec- retary. ACTIVITIES: SAS 2, 3, 4, SAS Treasurer 4: Tournament play 3: Secretary Murmurs Staff 3, 4, Food Sales, Suppers, Honorary Member of Women's Club 4: Senior Play. HOBBIES: lce Skating, Roller skating, dancing. "To be gentle is a test of a lady." MARYALICE A. SHAUGHNESSY Shaun AMBITION: To be a success. ACTIVITIES: SAS 2, 3, 45 Mur- murs Staff 2, 3, 4: Yearbook Staff 4, Tournament Plays 2: Class Suppers 2, 3, 4, Cheer- leader 2, 3, 4, Food Sale Com- mittee 3, Sophomore Hop 2, Junior Prom 3. HOBBIES: Skiing, dancing, col- lecting, skating, shopping. "Her friends are many, good and true, but always she has room for you." RITA ST. PIERE Riet AMBITION: to get married ACTIVITIES: SAS decoration committee. HOBBIES: naming. "She speaketh not, and yet there lies a conversation in her eyes." 1 c , . gs. 3 RICHARD THURLOW Dickie AMBITION: Manage a music store and start a local band. ACTIVITIES: Band: football 4, Play committee. HOBBIES: Music and sports. "Dick always wears a grin, and a swell classmate he has been." CAROL JEAN VAINE Ca AMBITION: To go to California with Lu. ACTIVITIES: Junior Usher, Year- book Staff, Driving Club, Food Sale, Basketball, Class Suppers, Maiorette 3, 4, SAS member 2, 3, 4, Dance committees: Music Festival 3, 45 Senior Play: Class Treasurer 4, Murmurs Staff. HOBBIES: Swimming, dancing, eating, playing records, skating, talking, walking, driving, and bowling. "Quiet and shy with a twinkle in her eye." r""' lf' ROSALIE P. THERRIEN AMBITION: To be a success in whatever I do. ACTIVITIES: Game club 4, SAS. HOBBIES: Swimming, baseball, skating, "Tiny and small, she'lI never grow tall." JAAN VEENPERE AMBITION: To be successful. ACTIVITIES: Tournament plays 2, 3, third place in American Legion Oratorical Contest. First place in Winchendon Historical Society's Essay Contest. Honor- ary member of Winchendon Historical Society. HOBBIES: Collecting coins, post cards, and greeting cards, sports lmostly court gamesj photo- graphy, reading books. If a man is a gentleman he knows quite enough. RONALD N. WEBB Webb AMBITION: To be a success. ACTIVITIES: Driving club 2, 3. HOBBIES: Hunting, hunting outhouses, Girls, drinking cider, etc., parking, bushwhacking, with the boys. "So little done so much to do." BEVERLY ANN WIGGIN Bev. AMBITION: To be a stenog- rapher. ACTIVITIES: Driving I: Camera Club: SAS 2, 3, 4. HOBBIES: Writing, slating, swimming, dancing, eating. "Bev may be a quiet gal, but she has won many a pal." WALLACE W. WILLCOX JR. Wally AMBITION: To be over six feet tall, ACTIVITIES: Baseball 3, 4: Foot- ball manager 3, 4: driving club 2: sports club 3: business man- ager of Tower 4: SAS 2, 3: Tournament plays 3. HOBBIES: Sports and sleeping. "He is small, he is wise, he's a tenor for his size." RICHARD ZERINSKY Dick AMBITION: To become an op- tometrist. ACTIVITIES: Football 2, 3, 4: Yearbook, Junior Usher. HOBBIES: Football, skating, sailing, racing, driving. "Handsome as the day is long, Dick's one we'II miss when we are gone." 53 74 Tj Ji i JL Jr 16 Q? Q? fl QX lf Emllle Bourgault Lllllan Brow Betty Karvonen Jeanne Mlchaud Carol Valne Jeanne Muchaud Elaine Laclaur Arllne Dunchus Connle Dnamond Joyce McConnell Nancy La Barge Norma Abare Ardythe Rnce Lulllan Brow Emulue Bourgault Betty Karvonen Nancy LaBarge Emllue Bourgault lllne Laflamme Beverly Wnggln Representatlve Popular Brlllaant Bashful Romantic Senous Talkattve Humorous Enthusiastic Original Friendly Best Looking Best Dancer Best Sanger Best Athlete Best Scholar Musician Orator Artist Best Drsposmon Wayne Maluska Wayne Mallska Jaan Veenpere Brian Hollister Walter LaPolnte Jaan Veenpere Norman Coddere Maurice Cote Wayne Maluska Frank LaFlam Steve Olechnlckn Duck Zennsky Steve Olechnlckl Walter LaPolnte Marshall Martln Jaan Veenpere Duck Thurlow Jaan Veenpere Frank LaFlam Alan Hughlll I 3141.5 .ladle Ueeww Betty Karvonen Sophisticated Jaan Veenpere Jeanne Muchaud Jackle Duvarney Elame Laclaur Luculle Bosworth Llllzan Brow Betty Karvonen Norma Abare Paulme Theroux Ardythe Ruce Maryalnce Shaughnessy Arllne Dunchus Joyce McConnell Maryallce Sha ughnessy Ardythe Rlce Florence French Arlune Dunchus Norma Abare Norma Abare Lllllan Brow Norma Abare Lrlllan Brow .lawk 046444 Quiet Lazy Jolly Speedy Most Likely to Succeed Hard Worker Ambmous Stylrsh Sporty Class Pest School Skipper Biggest Lme Class Flvrt Man Woman Hater Loudest Most Co operatnve Nlcest Eyes Nfcest Figure Nlcest Hair Nlcest Smile Robert Lemmer Steve Olechmckr Brian Hollister Mauruce Cote Duck Mitchell Jaan Veenpere Wayne Mallska Wayne Maluska Robert Lemmer Duck Zerlnsky Wallace Wnlcox Walter LaPomte Walter LaPomte Robert Barley Walter LaPomte Brian Holllster Norman Codderre Wayne Mallska Alan Hughrll Steve Olechnrckl Robert Barley Alan Hughlll 3641 1424400 2599444 -den mx IZ 'lt i mv Wfweau 74!64zafe ,l Q x ' , , . , V, . J I . Mx X fy QD Swwww 457 Haacqfdctaw Thus us ut We ve funally made ut These are the thoughts that are goung through all senuors heads at the present tume How many years we ve looked forward to and planned for these very days lt doesnt seem possuble that we are senuors and wull graduate un one day As we prepare for graduatuon we cant help but remember the truals and trubulatuons we all went through to attaun our goal It was not all hardshup though Some of the best days of our luves have been spent workung together to achueve our goal whuch IS very umportant to each and every one of us We cant help feelung penslve when we recall our years at Murdock If we may we would luke to take you for a short uourney wuth us through four years at Murdock so that you may understand our sentu ments lt was un the fall of T953 when we started back to school as freshmen all We were bug wheels now or so we thought But also we found that we were only a munute partucle un a huge dust storm Nevertheless we luved and learned Thus was our furst experuence un electung class offucers We elected Wayne Maluska as Presudent Steve Olechnucku as Vuce Presudent Ardythe Ruce as Treasurer and Lulluan Brow as Secretary Thus year we had a Student Councul for the furst tume also Does any one remember how many cases were brought before the councul'-' An unfamous wruter appeared durung thus year Hus name? Walter LaPounte wuth hus controversual sublect Why I Dusluke Gurls' No com ment The cats were the rage wuth theur flashy suuts and straw hats Thus year passed all too quuckly and ut was summer vacatuon tume In September T954 we were off to school agaun and thus year brought wuth ut not only the tutle of sophomore but the newness of beung per manent resudents of Murdock We were durected to our home rooms whuch turned out to be M 6 and M 8 Beung sophomores we now started the task of earnung the money that would pay our way to Washungton and New York But that was only a vague dream at the tume We held our furst class meetung of the year un the study hall M 3 and elected offucers Those elected were Wayne Maluska as Presudent Steve Olechnucku as Vuce Presudent Lulluan Brow as Secretary and Ardythe Ruce as Treasurer Also we had to elect a class advusor and thus we dud Mr Carlton Cormuer gracuously consented to accept thus posutuon and there upon he began to guude the class of 57 Our furst money makung prouect was a food sale Next on the lust was a spaghettu supper both of whuch brought us good profuts The senuors were sellung cards that year and of course we had to get unto the act We made S32 70 helpung them Not much you may say but every luttle but helps Came Aprul and the Sophomore Hop The assembly hall was decorated un a sprung motuf Alumunum stars wuth the names of all the sophomores unscrubed on them were attached to the stage curtauns On March 31 of that year the annual one act play tournament was held The play chosen was The House Next Door The cast uncluded Nancy LaBarge Emulue Bourgault Maryaluce Shaughnessy Arlune Dun . . . , . . . . . , I . , . . . 1 , . . I . , . - 1 1 1 - . . . . . ,, . . . ,, 1 ' ' , . I I - 1 - - 1 . . . . . . 1 1 . , . . I - I , . 1 1 . . . , 1 ll Il ' N 1 1 1 ' chus Ruta Jaques Tommy LaFortune Jaan Veenpere and Steve Olec nucku Mr McClure was the durector and dud a fune uob We receuved thurd pruze but wuth thus experuence behund us we felt more confudent and looked forward to next year s competutuon Other money makung prouects of the year uncluded checkung and sellung refreshments at square dances and also paper druves So ended our sophomore year and we all looked forward to a well earned summer vacatuon Summer passed quuckly and the fall brought us agaun to Murdock Thus year we were lunuors M 3 became our home room Our furst class meetung rolled around and wuth ut came the electuon of class offucers Agaun they were Wayne Maluska as Presudent Steve Olechnucku as Vuce Presudent Ardythe Ruce as Treasurer and Lulluan Brow as Secretary We held a food sale un October In late November we made Chrustmas corsages to sell We also sold autograph books and for weeks afterwards no one could go anywhere wuthout beung pounced upon by an autograph hound Our Chrustmas Dance was held on December I6 1955 Decoratuons consusted of Santa Clauses sleughs Chrustmas trees carolers and snow men Does anyone remember how long ut took to put snow flakes on the stage curtaun'? It was a huge success both socually and funancually Beung natural speedsters we decuded ut would be smart to order our class rungs early then we would receuve them earluer There was a slught duscussuon CPD about whether they would be round or square Another udea was around Why not hure some one to guve cake dec oratung lessons to our fruends and mothers? We dud and made suxty dollars uncluded un uts cast the followung Norman Codderre Wally Wulcox Wayne Maluska Jaan Veenpere Steve Olechnucku Betty Sawtelle Nancy LaBarge Arlune Dunchus Paulune Theroux Skup LaPounte Ardythe Ruce Duck Zerunsky Connue Duamond Mauruce Cote and Florence French Mr Garfunkle was our durector Last years experuence paud off and we receuved second pruze Durung March and Aprul we were all busy stuffung No not our faces but envelopes It was well worth our whale for we made S100 OO Before we realuzed ut Junuor Prom tume was only a month away We got rught unto the sway of thungs and started plannung for ut The dec oratuons whuch were very effectuve added to the gauety Musuc provuded by George Nyman s Orchestra was luked by all who attended Everythung went smoothly About thus tume honors were bestowed upon sux of our uunuors Junuor ushers were Carol Vaune Joan Hoague Norma Abare Albert Holman Steve Olechnucku and Duck Zerunsky May brought wuth ut the plannung of the graduatuon decoratuons for the senuors We worked hard and were proud of a 'ob well done lt seems that the senuors were equally happy wuth the results the way they handed out the prauses We were asked to put on the Alumnu Banquet We all agreed heartuly to do thus Mr Sawtelle accepted the request of beung chef and agaun we were a success We made S150 Summer vacatuon was agaun upon us and we welcomed ut wuth the realuzatuon ut probably would be our last vacatuon that we could spend any way we wushed It passed quuckly 1 H 1 1 1 ' I I I , . . I . . I . . . 1 1 - I . I I . 1 1 1 ' I I . . . . . Tournament Play time again approached. Our play called "The Lottery" : I I I I I I I I I I I I I I ' ' . . . U I I . , . . , . I I I I I That day funally arruved when we were agaun un Murdock and thus tume we were senuors Thus was our bug year and we had many thungs to accomplish The turst day a class meetung was held un our new home room M 5 We had a new problem Mr Cormuer our class advusor had moved durung the summer and now we were wuthout a class advusor at the begunnung ot our biggest year We weren t un thus preducament for long however Mrs Roy accepted our nomunatuon and became our new class advusor lt would be a bug task and we all vowed to help her as much as we could Class oftucers were elected wuth Wayne Maluska as Presudent Steve Olechnucku as Vuce Presudent Lulluan Brow as Secretary and Ardythe Ruce as Treasurer ln the muddle of the term Carol Vaune took on the rob of Treasurer at the resugnatuon of Ardythe We voted to get un as many actuvutues as possuble and be able to close our books at the end of January That way we would have the remainder ofthe year to plan for our class trup and our graduation We held record dances almost every other week and food sales once a month For three days the senuors came to school dressed un theur Sunday best My dudnt the boys look neat' Reason? Photographs naturally We had selected Mercer from Worcester to take them We all agree that the results were good We put on a dance for the S A S lt dudnt brung a great profut but we dud have fun On December 5 T956 the senuors put on Just Ducky by Donald Payton The cast uncluded Nancy LaBarge Connue Duamond Carol Vaune Antonua Wayne Maluska Steve Olechnucku and Skup LaPounte and Wally Wulcox Mr McClure was agaun our durector The auduence was un gales ot laughter when Alan came out dressed un gurls clothung By the way Alan what happened to the zupper'? Wally Wulcox made quute a hut un his red pauamas The cast dud a marvelous uob and we made a wonderful protut Agaun we were rungung doorbells Thus tume we were sellung Chrustmas cards Although we were a luttle late un getting started we receuved many orders and made a good profut The second supper ofthe year put on by the senuor class was a Swedush meatball supper takung place un Streeter Cafeterua on January 29 T957 The profut made on thus supper S300 O0 was a staggerung but welcome amount to us We funally realuzed that we really were goung to Wash ungton Class meetungs were held The outlune of the trup was read to us for our approval Everythung was O K We selected as our chaperones Mr and Mrs Roy Mr and Mrs Maluska Mr Russell and Mr Hawke The aur was tulled wuth excitement An annual event the Amerucan Leguon Oratorucal Contest came along We were all very proud when a member of our class Jaan Veenpere came out wuth top honors Wayne Maluska was chosen to represent us un Student Government as Lueutenant Governor Jeanune Bernard receuved the hughest score un Murdock on the Betty Crocker contest whuch entutles her to be a candidate for the tutle of All Amerucan Homemaker of Tomorrow ' I ' 1 ' . - . ' I ' I I , . . ' I . . . . I 2 ' I ' I . , . . . . . . , . ' ll II I I ' Z I I I Lucille Olson, Emilie Bourgault, Pauline Theroux, Alan Hughill, Rick . I . I . .I . . . . , . ' I , . , . ' I . . . I i I ' I . , . . l , . , . . I . . . I n I I ' 1 1 Q' 6 So must end our little iourney along memory road. We hope that you can now see the reason for our happiness. We've worked together to achieve our goal and we have succeeded. Soon we'll be saying farewell to our classmates, but we'll never forget these our busy years at Murdock High. -1 ,- .4 '- ,, - TS' 'EQ X - F Yr QS! 6412 By NANCY LABARGE and STEVEN OLECHNlCKI Norma Abare To you Norma we gave thas marror so that you can see the prettaest garl an the senaor class Harraet Achorn To you Harraet we gave thas knate to cut down your heaght Rachard Antonaa To you Rackey we gave thas model car to replace the model you have Robert Baaley To you Robert we gave these curlers to make at easaer for you to set your haar John Bartlett To you John we gave thas fur coat to keep you warm durang the cold days an Baldwanvalle Jeannane Bernard To you Jeanne we grve thas egg beater to help you an your cookang career Lucalle Bosworth To you Lucalle we gave thas toy saalor to keep you company whale your real heart beats away Emalae Borugault To you Emalae we gave thas oscar for your many fane performances Sharley Bratton To you Sharley we gave thas racket so you wont have to borrow George s anymore Lallaan Brow To you Lallaan we gave thas broom to help you clean up after New Year s partaes Carol Chapman To you Carol we gave thas stataonery so you may never run out of paper whale wratang to a certaan someone Norman Coderre To you Butch we gave thas Clark bar to remand you of a certaan Maurace Cote To you Maurace we gave thas straaght packet to keep you quaet Constance Daamond To you Connae we gave thas can of red paant to match your colorful personalaty Arlene Dunchus To you Arlene we gave thas hound dog to remand you of Elvas Florence French To you Florence we gave thas paar of boxang gloves to make at easter to handle those tough pataents Claudette Gauthaer To you Claudette we gave you thas set of budget envelopes for you to use an the near future Leona Goodwan To you Leona we gave thas black book to help keep all of your specaal names an Joan Hoague To you Joan we gave thas M to remand you of your years as a cheerleader Bryan Hollaster To you Bryan we gave thas new truck wath a let engane to speed up your malk delaveraes Alan Hughall To you Allan we gave thas certafrcate of merat for the many extra aobs you and your truck performed for the Senaor Class Betty Karvonen To you Betty we gave thas ruler to quaet down your pupals when you become a teacher Nancy LaBarge To you Nancy we gave thas rollang pan so that you can get a good start as a homemaker Elaane LaClaar To you Elaane we gave thas parrot so that you may always have someone to talk to Frank Lafalam To you Frank we gave thas contract wath Walt Dasney so that you may always draw I - . . . I , , teacher. Ilane LaFlamme To you Ilane we gave thas paant brush so that you may contanue your fane work an art Judath Lafond To you Judy we gave thas paper moon to go wath your certaan Sonny Walter LaPoant To you Skap we gave thas tacket tally sheet to remand you of the many tackets tallaes you set up for the class of 57' Robert Lemmer To you Robert we gave thas pan Class of 57 so that you wall never forget the class you chose to graduate wath Davad L Etoale To you Dave we gave thas bottle of salt water to remand you of the week end at Hampton Beach Wayne Malaska To you Wayne we gave thas football to remand you of the days you were co captaan Marshall Martaan To you Marshall we gave thas scrap book to keep all your absent slaps an Joyce McConnell To you Joyce we gave thas bottle of peroxade so that you can be the braght blond an school Jeanne Machaud To you Jeanne we gave these shears gust an case you ever decade to cut your haar Davad Moraarty To you Davad we gave thas record of Marae Anne to remand you of a certaan garl Rachard Matchell To you Dack we gave thas specaal certafacate to remand you of how many tames you have returned to Murdock Steve Olechnacka To you Steve we gave thas Chrastmas Card to remand you of the successful drave you headed our Senaor year Lucalle Olson To you Lucalle we gave thas bag of peanuts to remand you of all the tames at Senaor Play rehearsals Kenneth Raymond To you Ken we gave thas alarm clock to help you get to school on tame Ardythe Race To you Ardy we gave thas plane so you can fly to Calafornaa Betty Sawtelle To you Betty we gave thas meat ball to remand you of the many suppers that you made a success Maryalace Shaughnessy To you Maryalace we gave thas Rap Van Wankle medal for beang the only person an Murdock who can sleep 21 hours of the day Rata St Paerre To you Rata we gave thas tacket that wall brang you to Calafornaa so that you may be wath your folks agaan Rachard Therlow To you Dack we gave these red spokes so that you wall always be a red wheel Paulane Theroux To you Paulane we gave thas rope so you may hang on to your man Rosalae Therraan To you Rosalae we gave thas sewang kat an case youll ever have to mend Ronnaes heart Carol Vaane To you Carol we gave thas tacket for a vacataon from all the numbers and headaches of the Senaor Class Jan Veenpere To you Jan we gave thas tape recorder to help you an publac speakang Ronald Webb To you Ronald we gave thas dragnet badge so that you too can be a Jack Webb Beverly Waggan To you Beverly we gave thas doll to remand you of your baby sattang days whale an Murdock Wallace Walcox To you Wally we gave these palls guaranteed to grow muscles Rachard Zeransky To you Dack we gave thas dactaonary so that you may always know what you're talkang about ' - ' n n - - . . , - f - 11 n - . , . . . . . . . . . ,, . ,, . 11 11 Well The Class of one thousand nune hundred and fufty seven have reached the tume of lufe when ut becomes a necessuty to draw up thus document as a last wull and testament We hereby bequeath to the followung the possessuons whuch we feel they deserve To the School COMMITTEE we leave more worrues for the comung year To MR JONES we leave our best wushes for a happy returement To MR STAPLES we leave a book entutled How to teach the Senuors too much To MR PORTER we leave a new book of Jokes by Corney To MR BENTLEY we leave a new football squad To MISS HART we leave an automatuc absent lust machune To MR PROPERZIO we leave stull smullung To MR MOTYKA we leave a Scout unuform so he can start a troop of hus own To MR O DONELL we leave a paur of Buster Brown shoes so he wull not always have to wear those boots To MR RUSSELL we leave some modern equupment for hus chemustry lab To MR MCCLUIRE we leave a lug of cuder and a bag of peanuts to remund hum of the Senuor Play To MISS FIELD we leave a group of talented wruters for her murmurs staff To MISS CHILD we leave an aurplane so she can fly to Streeter for lunch To MISS CARBONE we leave some cottage cheese and hard tack so she may al ways keep her trum luttle fugure NORMA ABARE leaves her love for Bull to Phyllus Wheeler HARRIET ACHORN leaves her heught to Francus Tarduff RICK ANTONIA leaves hus bomber to Francus Morlock ROBERT BAILEY leaves hus curly haur to Mr Hawke JEANNINE BERNARD leaves to become Betty Crockers s assustant LUCILLE BOSWORTH leaves her appendux to Wunchendon Hosputal EMILIE BOURGAULT leaves her good humor to all deadheads SHIRLEY BRITTON leaves Algebra class gladly LILLIAN BROW leaves Davud Muchnuewucz wuth an empty lunch bag CAROL CHAPMAN leaves to uoun the Marunes Here I come Joe NORMAN CODERRE leaves tured and exhausted MAURICE COTE leaves hus fleegy s to Harruet Wlllcox CONNIE DIAMOND leaves her gugantuc suze to Dot Sawyer ARLINE DUNCHUS leaves to fund Elvus FLORENCE FRENCH leaves her love for boys to Patty Dellasanta CLAUDETTE GAUTHIER leaves for Home er LEONA GOODWIN leaves Murdock quuetly JOAN HOAGUE leaves her fugure to Shurley Newton BRYON HOLLISTER leaves 250 empty packs of cugarettes down the boys basement ALAN HUGHILL leaves his Dress to the Wunchendon Hustorucal Socuety BETTY KARVONEN leaves all the teachers broken hearted NANCY LABARGE leaves her fruendly ways to Mary Arcecu ELAINE LACLAIR leaves all the teachers un stutches FRANK LAFALAM leaves has handsome class puctures to all the gurls ILINE LAFLAMME leaves her artustuc abuluty to Ellen Wentworth JUDY LAFOND leaves Murdock lookung forward to the Sonny days ahead WALTER LAPOINTE leaves hus love for gurls to Ruchard Karon BOB LEMMER leaves for Hollywood to uoun the ' Hey Jeannue show DAVID L ETOILE leaves Murdock all worn out I JOHN BARLETT leaves his weight to Bobby Karvonen. WAYNE MALISKA leaves the Senior class worrues to Ray Clapp MARSHALL MARTIN leaves Murdock wuth pleasure JOYCE McCONNELL leaves wnth I IO absent slnps JEANNE MICHAUD leaves her guuet ways to Patty Dellasanta DAVID MORIARTY leaves Calypso record of Maryann to Louue Dellasanta RICHARD MITCHELL leaves hrs Chevy In tough sI'ape STEPHEN OLECHNICKI leaves to become a cook for Streeter Cafeteria LUCILLE OLSON leaves to get a Bobby KENNETH RAYMOND leaves broke ARDYTHE RICE leaves to earn a Buck BETTY SAWTELLE leaves her abrlnty to square dance to Jackne Llllne MARYALICE SHAUGHNESSY leaves late as usual ROSALIE THERRIEN leaves wnthout a word RICHARD THURLOW leaves hrs tlurtatnons to Charles Derby PAULINE THEROUX leaves her car nn the snow bank CAROL VAINE leaves bewutched bothered and bevvnldered JAAN VEENPERE leaves hns abuluty to speak to Flod Record RONALD WEBB leaves to loan has brother Jack on Dragnet BEVERLY WIGGIN leaves Murdock with regret WALLACE WILCOX leaves has pesty ways to Fred Bretton RICHARD ZERINSKY leaves wrth a lot Wltnesses Fleegy s of 57 Carol Vaune Elvus Presley H Boss Tweed Rack Antonia f RITA ST. PIERE leaves for California. 9 W Omtchvvtotiej By DAVID MORIARTY Junsors your tsme ss near' ln less than twenty four hours you wsll be come the top class sn Murdock Hsgh better known as Sensors We the class of 1957 are departsng for unknown horszons but before we go we wssh to gsve you these last bsts of advsce Although you have been plannsng and preparsng yourselves to as sume thss exalted posstson for the past three years you are stsll not fully prepared to step snto the shoes vacated by us Oh you have plenty of money CFort Knox never had st so goodlj and have many actsvstses antscspated but these are msnor detasls The Important part of a Hsgh and Msghty Sensor ss hss attstude lt must be such as to make the underdogs gaze sn wonder and awe at hss every actson The assumsng of thss attutude takes much practsce and we recommend a summer of such work The fsrst step sn becomsng a Supersor Sensor ss the proper angle of holdsng one s nose Thss ss supposed to gsve the requsred look of scorn and supercslsousness sf properly done Most common Freshmen hold thesr noses at a lowered or humble thsrty fsve degree angle By the tsme they are Junsors thesr noses have attasned the hesght of esghty degrees but the proper degree of snobbsshness of the Sensor ss one hundred and ten degrees To reach such hesghts takes much practsce and may result sn many a stsff neck but the end result ss well worth the effort and pasns Some Sensors have become so good that they even snub fellow class mates and alumnsl Another step sn becomsng a good Sensor ss to learn the rsght way of ex tractsng money from the lower levels Thss ss to be done as pasnlessly and qusckly as posssble Thss does not requsre much practsce as most of you have been practscsng on your parents for the past seventeen years All we can suggest ss further educatson sn pscksng pockets and extortson Careful selectson of the most susceptsble of the Freshmen ss practscal They ll be Sophomores before they get wsse to you The most noted aspect of a Sensor ss hss snabslsty to do homework As Junsors you have been sndustrsous academscally and thss wsll be your hardest task To overcome thss weakness we wsll leave to you our course sn brasnwashsng The purpose of thss treatment ss to wspe from the grey cells of the skull s sntersor any trace of knowledge Then you must ac qusre the easy gosng manner of the Sensor who ss there chsefly to help fsll the classroom and to bother the teacher by passsng sn blank papers and asksng foolssh questsons For most students thss wsll not take much effort but every actson must be perfected Books are now besng sn fsltrated snto your msdst by those of T957 who need some qusck money These are entstled Real Crazy and contasn psctured snstructsons on drsv sng study hall teachers crazy The password ss Dave sent me Just slsp a dollar to the nearest Sensor graduate and you re sn' Thss volume sn cludes courses sn study hall sleepsng paper plane throwsng and caussng rsots Also a free booklet on detentson dodgsng It ss guaranteed to be successful Another step sn besng a full fledged Sensor ss the proper procedure of conductsng a class meetsng The purpose of these ss to allow the students to catch up on gosssp and also to provsde a referee for all arguments sn I . - - I ' I 1 1 I ' I , . . ,, . . ,, . . . . - 1 . , . . . . 1 1 , . 1 . 1 , . . I - ' . ,, ,, . . . . . ' ' ll Il . . , . . . 1 ll the class advisor Be sure to elect a class presldent wuth a strong vorce or supply hum wnth a megaphone After each meetung everyone IS supposed to leave nn a state of utter confuslon However belng Sensors you wall force yourself to attend the next sesslon Barricades and hired mercen arues with machnne guns at each door of M 5 wlll assure a hundred per cent attendance The more to contribute to the chaos the better' Also necessary ns the polnshed technnque of cutting classes Most teachers are only too glad to be rad of Sensor numsances but through necessuty they must force attendance Thus detail should not bother you By assumnng a casual manner and saunterung unto the classroom drop plng your books on the desk and then wnth a flrck of your fungers slowly taunting out the door you will amaze the teacher to a poant of stupefucatnon Now you are free to engoy the hours as you please How ever thus technuque requnres much practnce and ns not suggested unless ecutron of the method Better luck next tnmel These are a few of the things that we of 1957 feel are necessary to be a proper Senior We wish you good luck In your attempts and hope you reach your goals of deception All Kuddung asude we wlsh to Impress upon you the serlousness of the posltuon you are assuming As Senrors you are looked up to by all the other classes as leaders and examples of behavior Your sensor year IS a hard one scholastlcally and socnally You wnll have to work hard towards that graduation of 1958 and we hope that when you are slttlng nn our place looking back you will regard It as a happy and successful year Jumors the best of everything from the class of 1957 WV ,ge ji ' ' Movai mes 09-"' ,,.. MP6 o 5 l I ff 0,57 RY x you ,are willing to risk a few weeks in the detention hall for faulty ex- 'R SY ix G cl 1 " ' fx WAS THERE A TIME When half of Wlnchendon llved rn Gardner? When Murdock was buult? When Betty K dndn t know the answer? When Harrlet s gaut dudn t sw: tg? When Shrrley dldn t wear George s Jacket? When Maryaluce wasn t sleepy? When Ardy was sungle? When Davnd L was an angel? When Nancy wasn t glgglung P When Rlck was shy? When EM could drlve? When Mr McClure dldn tdlrect the Sensor play? When Wayne marrned Carol C ? When Elame wasnt In detention? When the Seniors all got along When Arllne didn t luke Elvls? When Murdock had heat? When Maurice wasnt Fleegy? When Betty S dndn t know how o make a meatball P When the Murmurs came out on tame? When you didn t need a weapon to get to seventh perrod? When Claudette wore her glove? When Lucille B dldn t like the P ax y? When Polly dldn t go roller sk t g? When Judy s life wasnt Sonny P When Norma wanted to get a l When Lal powdered the cenlnng P When Connie wasnt Sklpplng When Jeanne had short haur? When Lucllle O drove her owr 9 When Ruta walked to school? When Carol V couldn t balance the books? When Jaan wasn t wrltnng speeche When Bev dndn t luke Roger? When Wally wasn t a pest? When Marshall had hrs Incense? When Rosalne was as tall as the rest of us? When Duck Z dudn t walk to Gardner? When Duck T wasnt nn trouble wnth a teacher? When Frank couldn t draw? When Joyce had dark hanr? When Dick M drove slow? When Brian talked? When Bob L made any nouse? When Mo Webb and Kenny dldn tgo out on Friday nnght? When John B was a bachelor? When Arllne L spent all her tnme at the Pad Y An? When Jon: wasn tcheermg? When Butch wasn t noisy? When Florence liked boys? When Mrs Roy wasn t busy? When we didn t have money? ' I . , . . , .V I . - - 1 I ' I I . 1 - - r . , . . . , . . - fu 1 . . , . . ' I ' I + I' . I . Il II I . , V . . . , . , - 1 . f . ' ' -T 3,, . C r,. . I ' I II Il? IlBii'JIfP ' I II ' ' III1 . U 1' wr . :cdr . I A I ' ' fi c r -J. . , . I .1 . . . , . , . . I 1 X u , , . . I I ' . , . . . , . 1 - 1 ID U r QQ 1 3 J' W - 0 " , "5 c C . . Q as 'J ' I 'H X + ' CX ,. 1 'DA' .,..lA ' 'WU 5eauofz0' From Ief1 To rlght Carol Vame Treasurer Wayne Malnska Presudent Steve Olechmckl Llllran Brow Secretary I l .Q ,,.'.... ,.,,,Q,x. S 0 ' Back, lett to right: Kathyrn Diamond, secretary. Front: John Mizhir, treasurerg Stephen Lundsted, president, David Casavant, vice president. 2 "I-3 me , "TW-Q0 U77 be '. ' 'Q ,L Wh-fr' 1-J-z nt W 5-if i L ,iv - Vg? ' 'Q 15,6 ba' 1 Yypg: ,pn JN, ., 4. w,5bL,'3:'-' M 4 f " ,if .K ' ' 'YQ an " f?1f.l.,Q5Ii!iit 'fy if 1 4,-,U A 1-.--ni" -sl 'V' HK at ' fjiwuv "" 51, r-Q,-, 74a 7mm Staff The Tower Staff has worked hard throughout thenr senior year to make up and present thus yearbook We owe our thanks to Mrs Roy for all the tume she has spent wlth us In ' Club Back row left to nght Maunce Cote workmg staff Alan Hughnll workmg staff Skup LaPounte sports Duck Zermsky assustant edntor Davnd Monarty assnstant busnness manager Frank LeFaIam art Front row Ardythe Rnce acttvmes Lulluan Brow secretary Carol Chapman workmg staff Betty Karvonen edutor Maryaluce Shaughnessy actuvutnes Ilme Laflamme art in 'Me Snag! Thlrd row left to rlght Maureen Morrsson Connue Dlarnond Paullne Theroux Betty Karvonen Ardythe Rtce Elaune LaClalr Illana Motylca Second row lrene Girard Ellen Wentworth Kathryn Dtarnond Jeanne Mtchaud Lilly Brow Maryallce Shaughnessy Adele Antonta Januce Jacoby Lucy Mortarty Fnrst row .lane Harris Ray Clapp Qlaurley Newton Jaan Veenpere Ernllue Bourgault Vtftlltarn DeCarolls l-larr1etAchorn Sktp LaPounte Betty Sawtelle Every year the Murrnurs Staff puts out two nfagazunes a wtnter and sprung ussue The students eagerly look forward to the commg of the Murdock Murmurs whlch has become an lnstututuon and the Buble of the Murdock student sf4s0W60l4 Back row left to nght George Holman Wayne Maluska Raymond Clapp Donald Patna Front row Elnzabeth James Emuhe Bourgault Norma Abare Paulme Theroux The Student Actlvuty Socuety us an orgamzatnon to promote varlous extra-currncu lar actmvntues lt us headed by four offlcers chosen from the Junlor and Sensor classes and representatives from each class Thus year It was under the capable hands of President Wayne Maluska Vuce Presndent George Holman, Secretary Norma Abare, Treasurer Paulme Theroux, Directors Emllue Bourgault Ray Clapp Donald Patna and Betsy James V9 Q 74, 1, Many thanks to our Yearbook Ciub for the wonderful work It dud In putting our Ideas Into realltles They spent much tame on at and we can never thank them enough 5. f x iz, 5 1.1 F 'J-f I Hod at pose F7111 ,vm 's K 'Whrch rs more square, the frgure or the puprI'P" i-H r 1 - - . X . I l V ' . 4 s ,., -4 v, s , I N ' """" .' I X , - , ... . A , 4 ,lr , ,,. Q ' ' , ' x K - MAL .. "Did someone say they were making new desks tor Murdock" 1 : , ' 6 ,. K K x I ex X ,, I th U ... I '-X . Q s z I gourd 61145 Dont knock the rock 'Q gm 5 And our beloved edltor my 'IIEIQ Decking The Infe you save may be mme x H I if V A , ':, A3 -H A a ' ' f , ,I A 5- 15 " , ' , i 1:3 ' ' ' 1 , A ' Y , 'V Q . J 'xx I 'fm X V X , .,,4 ,, A, V, 1 H Wx ii A N L ' K , ,f f, i A X 'x X ' " Il, fy ,, A A M' ' my ir V .. fi Y' 44 4 .6 52 A , . ...i Y f D . ' nn, A H- ' Y f fe - X ' , - V . Y X A , ,c f ,,.......f-M6 DNA! Spofztodlal 'Mme QQ Hal Y 7 Q'-s I liizq " hat are they play'ng" QI 6 Drovm Chug-a lug! .-4. , ff vlhich twln has the toni? I ad y xi-QM if' rw 44.44 L yourself Babe! Hug hill' ,4- Md-M 15 yout h ' Duck ' ,mv Young: Love Y Lv" Illulfihnr G, J f. Q Q 0 . f-. ,. Q 1 .' X xi' , W sf t LQR F 1M v' ' 'U : 5 -, 1- -. " - Xl . xx . f x Q - , . W k 1 , v Y 1 - a ,A 7 9 . , ,, 2 'fi ' yzg'lf7T . ' A , K. ,, V, A J ,if lk. I r- :V-,fix Q h ' A 4, If, ' ' V. w I. 0' ' QQ K. K PF 'I - Q, .MM7 ' xv. . ,- f ' J' ' 'fv ' g 1' ' 'if if ' f- X z . V f 12 z N, ,f 33.4 ' ' ' '?r6 , Lrmgwj , siA, ' A, V V fp ' 'W Lffffff N 4 ' , Y Pi 4' 4 lj' if S car? 51 15 F -' MM--cage M is wi- , M fx, V, . PN- ' Q ,Q W I Q 6 W --Y ,Q Q f y . . jg. 3+ -, ' nf + ' A , , . - 1 U ., .x Q V s 49 , I ' , y X Q K , 1. h an ' 4 1 Y f A, . Q 7 ,H J fi " 1' , 'K " 4 01:11 Q? fzffw ', ,? ' Y gh. V N ' I Q ,A K E J F W ' 'V xQ You look food t P1de em' 15 1 4.,gr'p 151 4,4 A -'AEK ck. 'N- way! Class trlp of 5A 1-r ni, '-A Ai 1, Ange1Face1 KW Qout on limb? l J W2 gi Sxgzzf-5 W 775715 gnu! ..a...2-ilu--.wikis-auf-""'m'5 Back row J Donaldson A Gauthier L Larochelle M Ladeau and B Duvarney Second row Bernard ODonnell Instructor N Slbley J Avenl l Girard N Arcecl E Fletcher F Cobleugh G May R Thurlow P Coblelgh S Slenko J Walker and F Parks Furs? row J Burns M Fetzpatrlck S Cross B Donah J Ruberry S Avery P Wheeler B Rogstad R Olnonen R Huggins P Olnonen J Desmarals S Hlldreth 1. Thurlow W Properzlo and N LaBarge I I I wif. N f - U, - 4 N I . so :IQ ' , . -W W ..,,.4Zw-yyxw ,, A ,L W ,, , ., mv. K, A-.1-.,,, ,- kgs mg, M W -,M H, W I r '. f M" ' - if I -M , g , 1 ar 4, f ,A K H 'A - 'Nf-QL 1, 5 "1 - f us.. -yigqwf rt" .M - mn 1 4 J X , , .S . M--. W.-. A LKKQ Wmwannww-Us , I rg, 'gzkmapc . . . , . , . , . , . . , . . . . . , , . , . , . , . I ' I ' I ' I ' I ' I ' I ' , . . 2 . , . , . , . , . I ' I ' I ' I ' I ' I ' I . , . , . , . , . . SAXOPHONE SECTION Nancy Sibley Mary Frfzpafrlc Buddy Fletcher Joy Arvem Irme Gerard 'A ' 5 CONFERENCE Mr. O'.DormeII and Larry Thurlovv S, N I Nix CLARINET SECTION Mary Fatzpatrlc Susan Cross Sandra Avery Barry Rogsfad Duck Ornonen TRUMPET SECTION Mr O Donnell Steve Hxldreth Bull Properzlo Nancy LaBarge Larry Thurlow Pete Oxnonen N PERCUSSION SECTION Buddy Fletcher Larry Larrocnelle Larry Thurlow Joy Arvenu BRASS SECTION Larry Tlwrlow Faye Cobleigh Buddy Fletcher 5 WORLD HISTORY Who Discovered AmerIc:a'P ENGLISH II Everybody Needs Engllsh CHEMISTRY Tough Problem Isn'1 It? TYPING Someone wull get a good secretary X 4 H? . STUDY The best peruod of The day 1' DRAFTING Draw that lme sfraught Wi 1 is X22 St ndmg Alan Hughzll Rnck Antoma Emulne Bourgault Steve Olechmckl Nancy l.aBarge Skip LaPonnte Wally Wnlcox Sxttung Pauline Theroux Carol Vame Lucille Olson Conme Diamond Absent Wayne Maluska We are so proud of our classmates who so devotedly and unrewardungly gave their tlme and efforts to make our play a huge success We are greatly indebted to Mr McClure, our dlrector, who so unselflshly surrendered many hours so that our play would be a success 91 .,. - 1 Sill!! F mW" IIG5 The ,food ole d 551, L L I i 4 av SA Qkjlznb Q I .I 'W' 5' . Keteanhot! Sal vatlon Arrrg L lhf'-sh! in X 'ug 'W -l G 5 I 4 I xrrw X OIAJOSU, N.. sf- 53+ K . Tre I :meurwl -Q' in-om.. -va -msc, 22-uf s .Hz S cY 'I 931 f if . ' K I Y f 5 4 3 J Qfq A Q 1 an .- ' ' 3. 5 Q i . I L Q ' V ,K , '- Q 4 v , 'sv x ,ifl ' x - " b , ' 'fa' 9 0 Q. W if lv X x I wr -',' . B Cb 1 I .' 4, A I I' W A .D Q5 1 an ."' 0 I L 'F . k pq. f 1, Y. -' ,I L 'K Ko 4 . A 1 ry V ij' "qi I 'L 5. .5 , i xx ' L 4. " K 4 f Q 6? 'Y M W An- '5 X . 0: ' ' I S ' X ,LJ .. 4 A A 1 ' " Q " 1 - , 9 A 4 A 1 a . , 'Ks -.,. J Q ,Q 'f . gi 1 , ' Q9 x V as Y I A A X 1 , d Q ' 1 K 5' 5 'O '4 ' if " 1 ', ' -Q r ' i - I , a f ' .- 'ill' Y A - 4, Q am 46" , ' - '.'JQ11pr3 if 'HL' -C'v'111i'5v-O . g:1,,A.,.. l. I L ,.. .nw ., U ,, - '.' ' X '- f 12-'wf.? . v- -"f.-if-1"' . fi'-1 , fr ' l 'S 'I w . 3' --V A .f 4 x , -. A ,vw Q Q' V . .v A V Y '.5f... - .. A N in ., lm 2 . ' 5. '. 1 - . ' .ff , . m A Q , V A q, A , i - El E 1 H , Q ' J X A k MQ Q. . I A N Q , R -- . .., P y TQ 5 ' 4 ' . - 1 . E ' ' Kjgfq uf -W' 7 r -- 45?-JLMNJL ' ' s' K Q-QQ. vi - 1 ' ' , 45 11' "" - A, x :vQ."" ' ' .. s -A In ' 1' A Q K 1 :X M . ff'Y'5 V 1 ' , '. b I F ':,. T uk.. xi 1 I X F Q' f M 4 ! 1 . D by 'V X ' Q . , q x A 5 ' .',' -.. , A. ' 'A -' U - " x 57 ....... .. .-15 If -- f E 1 - 0 A The following are the Murdock High Seniors-Back row: Dick Thurlow, John Bartlett, Skip LaPointe and Dave L'Etoile. Front row: Capt. Wayne Maliska, Dick Zerinsky, Steve Olechnicki, and Maurie Cote Marshall Martin skipped school on the day this picture was taken. Seated: Manager, Wally Wilcox. Capt Wayne Maliska and Coach Bentley Wayne broke thru time and time again to give the opposl tion fits Coach Bentley taught a bunch of boys how to play and a successful season was the result Fred Blake and Dave Casavant our two quarterbacks were sopho mores Cassy piled up a total of 50 points In his first year as Murdock quarterback He also passed for many touchdowns and first downs Blake didnt see much action but v' new ij. Upper right: Coach Porter proved to be a friend and a comfort to all the players. We will never for- get his advice "i'f's nice to win but it's more important to be a good loser." 98 G8 BG 088- 6 Murdock's three speedy ends, Steve Hildreth, Skip LaPointe, and Steve Olecknicki, Olecknicki and LaPointe were able pass receivers and de- fensive men while doing most of the work at the end positions. Hild- reth, although not seeing much ac- tion, looks promising for next year's team. Tackles Maurice Cote and John Bartlett standing, and Dick Zerinsky and Capt. Wayne Maliska were all seniors. This means that Coach Bent- ley will need tackles next year. Maliska played his third season in a row, and his experience will be missed next year. Zerinsky only played in a few games due to an iniury he received ip the "55" Orange game. Cote did a fine iob at filling in for the iniured Zerinsky. Bartlett didn't see much action, but he was a keen competitor. Murdock's guards David Monahan, and Larry Thurlow, standing. Co- captain elect Charlie Woodard, and senior Dick Thurlow. Woodard and Dick Thurlow were the first stringers, and it was a very fine iob these boys did. Centers Dave Johnson and Louis Dellasanta, Missing when picture was taken, Earnest Fletcher. Co-cap- tain elect Johnson played a great defensive game for Murdock. Fletcher proved to be an able all- around player, and Dellasanta shows considerable future promise. Fullbacks Theron Flint and Donny Patria. Patria, a Sophomore scored 50 points for Murdock, as did his classmate Casavant. Flint didn't see much action, but he improved as the year progressed. He will be a valuable player next year, as he is only a Sophomore. Murdock's cheerleaders were, back row: M. White, H. Wilcox, P. Dellsanta, J. Maliska, E. Wentworth. Front row: J. Cote, C. Diamond, J. Hoague, M. Shaughnessy and G. Blake. 9615 Rm GGG 815 9615 This is how the guys looked after the first half' of the Ware game. The game was played in 80 degree weather. No. 1431 is Hildreth C509 Fletcher 6383 LaPointe, C413 Clapp, and 1341 Flint. Q' ' gs. M- hi Halfbacks, Dave L'Etoile, Jlrnmy Caouette, and Ray Clapp discuss proper hand posi- tions. Clapp led the team in ground gaining percent with 7.3 per carry. Little Dave started every game on offense. Coauette although not seeing much action managed to throw a touchdown pass to LaPointe in the Ludlow game. al Q If you can find the ball you're better than anyone on the staff. No. i521 is Patria, 1410 Casavant, and M85 Olechnicki. Z LEADING CANDIDATES FOR T957 Back row Raymond Clapp Doug Young and Wayne Maluska Thnrd row Barry Rogstead Dave Casavant and Buddy Fletcher Second row Marshall Martm and Wally Wnlcox Furs? row Walter LaPolnte Coach Warren Bentley and Norm Desmaraus Returnnng Lettermen are Marshall Martm Raymond Clapp Walter LaPomte Wayne Maluska and Norm Desmarans Coach Bentley has much work to do If Murdock ns to have a wlnnnng baseball team thus sprung He has lost sux Iettermen from last years graduated class Thus season will present Infield problems, as he has only Martm and Clapp wuth any experience at all The outfield wnll be well taken care of by lettermen Maluska and LaPolnte Sophomore Dave Casavant might move Into the starting lineup at enther the mfleld or outfleld Senior Steve Olechnlck: IS another outfield posslblllty and Wally Wnlcox and Dave Moriarty should be of value In the :nfleld The back stopplng appears to be well taken care of by Jumor letterman Norm Desmaraus , , , . : , , . . . : , I - - I 1 , , . . . ' , . f mf gf cb TRA W fm , M1226 ff wwf A05 L G BALFOUR COMPANY Known Wherever There Are Schools and Colleges CLASS RINGS AND PINS CCMMENCEMENTINVITATIONS DIPLOMAS PERSONAL CARDS Mr Wlllam R Rowan AH'leboro, Massachuse'H's CLUB INSIGNIA-MEDALS AND TROPHIES Compliments of WINCHENDON SAVINGS BANK ll2 Cenlral SIree+ Wmchenclon BECKER JUNIOR COLLEGE of Business Admlnlslrahon and Secrelarnal Science A CAREER SCHOOL OF BUSINESS Worcesler Massacl1use'H's Assoclale In Science Degree ACCOUNTING MEDICAL SECRETARIAL BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION RETAIL MERCHANDISING EXECUTIVE SECRETARIAL SECRETARIAL FINISHING STENOGRAPHIC SECRETARIAL Transfer Privileges WIII1 Many Leaclmg Colleges Co educahonal Dormllorles Afhlehcs Placemenl' Service CATALOG ON REQUEST Day Division Programs mpl me ts THE FALLS COMPANY pl efs WINCH ENDCN c h Co i n of Com im n of THE FIRST NATICNAL BANK OF 1' lS'r + Winc end M h H' MATHIEU FORD SALES, INC Y FORD- MERCURY D I M tsof BROTHERS Com imen W H I T E Winchendon Springs, MassacI1useH' pl e ts WHITAKER FARM DAIRY pl e ts THE WARMAN PRESS pl e ts M H PARKS COMPANY Co pl e ts TOY TOWN AUTO BODY Com im n of Com im n of "The Home of 'lhe Pennysavef' Com im n of m im n of Whf Mdk h Cem NATIONAL DAIRY PRODUCTS CORP MAKERS OF SEALTEST ICE CREAM Compliments of WINCHENDON FASHIONS mpl CENTRAL PHARMACY A E ANDERSON R g Ph I h C pI'eI"F WINCHENDON FURNITURE COMPANY A is or +he Fuiure Success for +he Sfudenis of ur oc Hig General Ice r a Division Keene, New Hampshire Co imenfs of . . , e . armacisi' 78 Cen raI S+. Phone I70 Winc endon Om Im I1 S O CONGRATULATIONS GRADUATES Eghf g y I1 d MERRILL s INSURANCE + d y pl e ts ALASKA FREEZER COMPANY NEW ENGLAND WOODENWARE CORPORATION Co pli ents of BROWN PACKAGE COMPANY I een can be a risky a e and in more wa s 'I' en Ch y 'II b excl ed from coverage unde y f Iy I1 p+ I 'r -B H Com im n of Complimenfs of ITI ITI CHENEY LUMBER CO VEILLEUX ROOFING CO LECLAIR S SERVICE STATION WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE BIBEAU S HARDWARE B + W I1 COBLEIGH CLOTHING CO WINCHESTER TAILORS T I 35 THE BEEF SHOP Complimen+s of C0mpIimen+s of Complimenfs of C0mPIImenI'5 of 95 Froni' S+. es is es Complimenfs of +o +I1e Class of '57 ' From +I1e Serving GracIua+es for Over 50 Years Complimenfs of Complimenfs of 27 Fron+ S+. e . 4 I. Comphmenfs of PAT S ATLANTIC STATION We Keep Your Car on fhe Go Compllmenis of ERNIE S SERVICE STATION CompIlmen'I's of CASA GIARDI NA CompIlmen'I's of MURRAY S OIL COMPANY Compllmenfs of SLAVIN S DRUG STORE 270 Cenfral S+ Tel 272 Comphmenfs of TWIN OAKS CLAM BAR Rouie 202 Wa+ervlIIe CompIlmen+s of Complumenfs of WI LLIAMS AMENTA BROTHERS PACKAGE STGRE Spring S+ree+, Winchendon . I W IW Y QQ: 7 2 2 Z? X X ,ff Sf' f ,J- X ll? W af,- ,-,... "!,, 33,-f L,,,.. rjjlf L-,,... r"1 S OPPING l FOR A1 qf jkadlaa XX Xl , XIVQZYJL CHECK WHAT YOU WANT Good startzng salary nzth regular rawes Pleasant uork mth. other gzrls and young men Presttge of a responszble job with a well known and respected company If your 11st shows three checks then you should check mto what the Telephone Company has to offer you Smart gurls are d01Ilglt now before they graduate from hxgh school Come m and see our employment mtervlewer soon Youll enJoy talkmg w1th her Act now and you can say Wlth prlde Im all set' Im gomg to work wlth the Telephone Company' See the Guldance Counselor at your school and talk first with her about when and where to apply NEW ENGLAND TELEPHONE AND TELEGRAPH COMPANY BEST WISHES TO CLASS OF I957 MERCER STUDIO Offlclol Photographers of MURDOCK HIGH GRADUATES CLASS of T957 270 MAIN STREET WORCESTER 8 MASSACHUSETTS +I1e From For Comple+e Laundry Servlce WINCHENDON LAUDROMAT Pickup and Delivery Service 96 FRONT STREET WINCHENDON TEL 984 DR CELIAN H ABBOTT Op+ome1'rls'l' 98 Cenfral Sfreei' WINCHENDON MASS Compllmen+s of WORCESTER COUNTY Your Elec+rlcal Servani WINCHENDON TRANSIT CO A+ Your Service Compllmen+s of JEFFER S MARKET Cenfral S+ree+ Wmchendon Compllmenfs of WINCH ENDON TABLE COMPANY Com pllmenfs of MURDOCK FARM DAIRY Complumenfs of LEOMINSTER NOVELTY COMPANY ELECTRIC COMPANY , ' Complimenfs of FLETCHER'S FUNERAL HOME Complimenfs of JOHNSON'S SHOE REPAIR SHOP Always +I1e Fmesf Ih Movies CAPITOL THEATRE C I W ch o SAM FELDMAN REALTOR + I Th + Compllmenfs of DR C J ANTONELLIS DR A B SKELTON Compllmenis of PETER J SAVAGE Denhsi' Compllmenfs of PAD Y AN INC CompIlmen+s of DR PAUL BARTHEL WINCHENDON I a I1 BY e F fq REF NISHING T I 3I RESTORING I90 en ral Sf. in end n To Buy or Sell Real Esiafe See Capi o ea re Bldg. ' ' ' DR. . - - I . Cusfom BuiI+ Upholsiered Furnifure CUSTOM UPHOLSTERY COMPANY Rai ro d Sf. Winc endon ' We u and Sell Us d urnifure and Ani ues I e. I Congra+uIahons +o Ihe Class of I957 JOSEPH FRUIT STORE 22C+ . TI. 5 Comphmenis of EDGAR BARBER SHOP 78 Froni' SI' MORRISSEAU FURNITURE COMPANY MASON 81 PARKER MFG CO Compllmenis of WINCHENDON CLEANERS CenI'raI SI' Tel 988 CompIlmen'I's of LORRETTA S FASHION SHOPPE CompIlmen+s of ROSES CLOTHING COMPANY CompIrmen'I's of MORLOCK S TAXI 230 Ceniral SI' TeI 46I W en ral SI' e 33 CompIimen+s of Complimenis of I I Compllmenis of BATEMAN OIL COMPANY CompIlmenI's of J H DAVENPORT 81 SON CompIlmenI's of DR F EARLE HALL Compllmen+s of S A GREENWOOD INSURANCE Compllmenfs of THE WINCHENDON COURIER 7 Compllmenfs of BEA S BEAUTY SHOP Complumenfs of CompIlmen'l's of CLIFFORD BEAUVAIS DR UNCC'-N MAGEE INSURANCE 1 For 8 Years Your Homeiown Newspaper Y Complimen+s of GENERAL BOX COMPANY THE GARDNER NEWS Th HOME PAPER f NORTH WORCESTER COUNTY 64? GOOD FOOD Zig? BEST wrsl-:Es OLD TRAVELERS QA J THE CLASS OF RESTAURANT w Q 957 +- R553 Rs 1 gl'I'lC5l PT-nLco wr-uRLPooL E ZKEAPPLTANCES M O DONNELLS e o QU 9 Ti 92' 491 T + X 2' O ff., X c VT 7 ' T CL A Winc endon, Mass. ' X gil Ay, i VW i . Ez' +16 T? 4 T , A E 5' 'T ST: '.+'i4T i I I Compllmen+s of GOUSLIN S TEXACO STATION Comphmen+s of DR JOHN N THlBERT Denhsi' Complumen+s of TOY TOWN TAILLEURS Compllmen+s of ANDERSON S AUTO BODY Compllmen+s of Percy E Phllllps DVM Warren A Phllllps DVM Russell M Phllllps D V M Dalsy A Kulzenga B S Richard S Phllllps D V M Complnmenrs of CLAPP PROSPECT ST WINCHENDON MASS Complnmenfs of Besi' Washes +o 'Phe Class of I957 BARRY MOTOR EXPRESS Hom ,he 52 RAILROAD ST WINCHENDON MASS MURDOCK HIGH FACULTY Howard Pihlllipis, CG. Complimenfs of 5IBLEY'5 STORE DONATI SERVICE STATION SULLIVANS ESSO STATION SPRINGS MARKET GLEN CLUB FOURNIERS AUTO SEAT MONROE S SERVICE STATION HOWARD S A T C-SIROUARD NEWTON BROS LAZARUS AARONSON Neighborhood Sfore Brousseau s Package Sfore Godin s Sfore Allce Jean Shop Gllmores Hardware Alices Beaufy Shoppe Sunsei' Dairy Bar Mr and Mrs Wnlllam Shaughnessy Laprlses Barber Shop McLellans Sfore Paul Belanger Wmchendon Flower Shop Blanche S+ Plerre Lulus Beaufy Shoppe Mr and Mrs Clifford Glngrass Deschenes Shoe Sfore Flyr1n'S Hofel Unifed Co-Op Sfore 2X gf TAYLOR PUBLISHING CO H fl .

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