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THE TGWER MURDOCK HIGH SCHGOL WINCHENDON, MASSACHUSETTS 1954 - - ' 0l"Ql,U0l" May this book, in the many years ahead, be a constant reminder of the wonderful times we have had, and friendships we shared as students of Murdock High School. LI'6!0CL SIA00! Song VICTORY SONG There's a school in this town called Murdockg And her sons and daughters, too, Are all the true supporters Of her glorious lfVhite and Blue And whene'er her sons are fighting And would rather die than yield, You can hear the school that backs them up Co singing clown the field- CHORUS Oh Murdock, dear Murdock, we sing to youg Lead on to vict'ry 'neath the White and Blue. Oh Murdock, dear Murdock, firm as a rock, Give us a cheer-rah! rahl Give us a cheer-rah! rahl Cheer for our Murdock: Qllepeatj CLASS FLOWER CLASS COLORS Red Rose Red and White CLASS MOTTO "Destinati ad optima" "Destined for the Best" 2 Ag? -'Z-'-71:7-A ' f ni 231' JM --""' 04, "','4 J5r"h R BGWXGF CLASS OF NINETEEN FIFTY-FOUR DONOVAN S. JONES, Superintendent VVe first remember Mr. jones when he used to show us educational movies in the elementary grades. Since then we have come to know him as one of the most conscien- tious persons in the Town of Winchendon. Not only has he participated in many school affairs, but he has also taken part in many of the town's activities, such as: Kiwanis, 4-H Clubs, Cubs and Boy Scouts. We, the Class of 1954, wish to express our sincere appre- ciation to Donovan S. Jones, our superintendent, for his unfailing interest in the success of our class. GUY B. STAPLES, Principal The success of our class would not be complete without the friendly aid given us by Mr. Staples. He has always been fair and helpful to every member of our class and the guidance and advice he has offered us has proved to be invaluable. We extend our utmost appreciation to Mr. Staples for his constant consideration toward our class members indi- vidually and towards our class as a whole. Without his guidance and help we, the Class of 1954, could not have been so successful through our high school days and would not be as well prepared for the future years. A RICHARD H. PORTER, Class Advisor Every year there are innumerable tasks to complete, which require the leadership and direction of a faculty member. The Class of 1954 selected Mr. Richard H. Porter as their advisor. We feel that his congenial leadership and guid- ance has helped us to obtain the goals we have aimed for. Through many days of long hours, and hard work, he has helped to make this year one we will all remember. He has been cheerful and patient, and to him the Class of l95-l would like to express our sincere appreciation and thanks for all he has done for us. 4- MURDOCK HIGH SCHOOL, WINCHENDON, MASS. gacuag ' ' ' : I xx -J I "- I 3' if Front Row: Mr. Properzio, Miss Hart, Miss Carbone, Mr. Staples, Miss Fields, Miss Roy, Mr Russell, Back Row: Mr. Bentley, Miss Child, Mr. McClure, Mr. Cormier, Mr. Goss, Mr. Motyka, Mr l,O!'lCI', Miss Young and Mr. Laliontaiue. 5 I I CLASS CF NINETEEN FIFTY-FOUR ymiooi ,sw Qu 'HFS' From Left to Right: jeannette Tourigny, Assistant Editor: Barry Boutelle, Editor: Gail Warman, Assistant Business Managerg Martin Parks, Business Manager. A The yearbook was prepared this year under the leadership of four capable stu- dents. Credit is given to Barry Boutelle, Editorg Jeannette Tourigny, Assistant Editorg Martin Parks, Business Managerg and Gail YVarman, Assistant Business Manager. Their never failing energy made it possible for them to undertake the job of preparing the yearbook successfully. We wish to extend our many thanks to the staff and to all others connected with making the yearbook one to be long remembered by everyone. 6 MURDOCK HIGH SCHOOL, WINCHENDON, MASS. enior Cfcwd Omcerd Arlinc Maliska, Thomas Maliska, Richard Ladeau, Doris McAllister. We, the Class of 1954, feel that we chose four outstanding students to lead our class. Without such ability and enthusiasm as shown by our class oliicers our class could not have reached the peak of success we have obtained. Thomas Maliska, president, has led our class through many successful ventures that required extraordinary leadership, Richard Ladeau, vice president, has gone far beyond the normal duties of l1is oflice to make this year a prohtable oneg with- out the records and correspondence which were faithfully kept by Arline Maliska, secretary, we would have been unable to embark on all of our ventures, and last but one ol' the most important offices of our class is held by Doris McAllister, treasurer. With Doris' capable handling of our funds the treasury reached a limit which we had never imagined possible. To all ol' these oflicers for their outstanding job in the interest of the class we offer our sincere thanks and wishes for all of the best in the future. 7 ARTHUR RICHARD ASHMORE Ambition: To be a success. Hobbies: Football, golf, hunting, Eshing. Activities: Football 1, 2, 3, 4g Basketball 1, 2: First Aid Club lg Model Airplane Club 2: Chess Club 3. "Women are my specialty." Ambition: To be a success. Hobbies: Records, driving, eating. Activities: Knitting Club 1: Camera Club 2, 3, 45 Ma- jorette 4. HQ - , - V- ' KATHLEEN V. AMENTA :rKay:1 Ambition: To be a successful secretary. Hobbies: Skating, swimming, accordion. Activities: Band l, 2, 3, 43 Cafeteria l, 2: Chairman of Senior Supper, Class Committees 2, 3, 43 Band Librari- an 45 Band Festivals 1, 2, 3, 4: Class Song, S. A. S. l, 2, 3, 4: Senior Play Usher. lx "Kay is short as everyone knows, but short and sweet as the saying goes." "A rchieu JANE BAILEY Ambition: To be a success in whatever I undertake. Hobbies: Riding, swimming, skating. Activities: Majorette 4, S. A. S. l, 2, 3, 43 Basketball l, 2, 3, 43 Glee Club 4: Senior Play Usher. "Why should the devil have all the fun." LOIS BARTLETT flsueii uiet and assuming let me be." 8 NELSON D. BARTLETT flDingeI! Ambition: To be rich, own a new car, and to customize ir. Hobbies: Swimming, skating, skiing, bowling, car en- gmes. Activities: S. A. S. l, 2, 3, 4: Chess 1, 2, 3. "Humor is the harmony of the heart." BARRY L. BOUTELLE "Bear" Ambition: To go to California. Hobbies: Baseball, football. Activities: Baseball 2, 3, 43 Football 45 junior Usherg Tournament Play 35 Stunt Night 2: Senior Play: Year- book Editor: Chess Club 35 Class Will: Bank lg First Aid Club 1: S. A. S. 3, 4. "I never let my work interfere with my pleasure." Q 1 '11fej.V5,.:"i"."':3. ' . .Q'."'f5ii'7" . , xv.. lilly- ,tqfgjgm ,i'1uEE1'r' - 'l ln.. ETH I1 JOAN BERARD "Beezoe" Ambition: To be a success. Hobbies: Boating, reading, sewing. Activities: Sewing Club lg Driving Club 2, 4: Camera Club 39 Assistant Chairman of Food Sales. "She's not too shy, and not too bold, Our joarzie has a heart of gold." JOHN P. BOWLER Ifjackil Ambition: To become a successful boat builder. Hobbies: Milking cows, hunting, fishing. Activities: Chess Club 2, 35 Class Committees 2, 3, 4. "Oh, what may man within him hide, though angel on the outward side." 9 ANNETTE CARDIN I Ambition: To be a success in whatever I do. Hobbies: Dancing, skating, swimming, popular music. Activities: S. A. S. 3, 43 Class Committeesg Glee Club lg Driving Club 3, 43 Senior Play Usher. "This little miss is quiet, petite, with C1 quiet way, and a smile that's sweet. VIRGINIA A. COTE !lGin!! Ambition: To be a good nurse. Hobbies: Collecting stamps, tennis, swimming, classical music. Activities: Knitting Club 25 Driving Club 3, 43 S. A. S. 3, 43 Class Committees 2, 3, 4. "Laugh and the world laughs with you." JOSEPH P. DAVINI, JR. lljayn Ambition: To be a Eorester. Hobbies: Archery, skiing, hunting, photography. Activities: Photography 2, 3, 45 Class Committeesg Foot- ball 2. "The shy and mysterious type." WILLIAM DPNOWAY ffBil LY Ambition: To succeed. Hobbies: Photography, traveling. Activities: S. A. S. 3, 4 3 Camera Club 3g Driving Club 4. "He is zz wise man who speaks little." JANICE M. DRURY Klan!! Ambition: To own a car and travel. Hobbies: Drawing, piano, collecting statues and pic- tures of horses. Activities: Camera Club 3: Driving Club 4. "Her hands are on the wheel, but her eyes are on the street." PATRICIA A. DUMONT X ulgattyn Ambition: To be a nurse. Hobbies: Skating, bowling, horseback riding, swim- ming, basketball, tennis, skiing, cooking. Activities: Knitting Club lg Camera Club 3: Driving Club 2: S. A. S. 3, 4. "Blushing is the color of virtue." w 'hh I: 1 i 1 . ARMAND P. DUBE lfDubeJ! Ambition: To play in sports. Hobbies: Photography, swimming, hunting. Activities: Football 2, 3, 4, Co-Captain 4: Baseball 2, 3, 4. "His record here should carry him far. Yes, even to being la big league star." RICHARD J.1!?ITZMAURICE ff itz!! Ambition: To go to Greenland. . Hobbies: Hunting, fishing, girls, baby-sitting. Activities: Baseball 2, 3, 4: Football 45 Basketball 2, 3, 4g S. A. Si: Chess Club 2, 3. "Where there's a good time, there I'll be. If you don't believe me, come and see." ll I I PATRICIA FRENCH IKPatD Ambition: To live a year in Europe. Hobbies: Horseback riding, skating. Activities: Glee Club 1, 23 Massachusetts Music Festival lg Tournament Play 25 Vice President lg Senior Playg S. A. S. 2, 3, 45 Author of Campus Article: Murmurs Club 2, 3, 43 Chairman of junior Prom and Senior Re- ception Decorating Committeesg Honorary Member of Woman's Club and Historical Society: American Le- gion Oratorical Contest 1, 2, 3, 4: Murmurs Staff 2, 3, 4, Editor 45 C. M. I. P. A. Award. "Her future holds great things, success, fame and then a rzngf' WILLIAM DEFAMACHE ffBi J! Ambition: To see the world. Hobbies: Hunting, auto racing, fishing, hiking, swim- ming. Activities: Chess Club 15 First Aid Club 2: Driving 3. "The cheerful man is King. I ' A EARL ROBERT GAUTHIER ffG0ke!J Ambition: To play professional baseball. Hobbies: Baseball, football, golf, eating. Activities: Baseball 2, 3, 45 Football 45 Chess Club 1, 2, "Never sad, never mad, just a lad, forever glad." GLORIA J. GOODWIN ffH0neyII Ambition: To become a nurse. Hobbies: Horseback riding, cooking, skating. Activities: S. A. S. 3, 45 Glee Club 1, 23 Basketball 2, 3, 4g Camera Club 3. "A good natured girl is loved best in the world." 12 WILFRED H. GOYETTE "Willie" Ambition: To be a success in whatever I undertake. Hobbies: Hunting, fishing, swimming. Activities: Chess Club 2, 3. "To worry little, and study less, is his idea of happiness." BARBARA L. HODGKINS Ambition: To live a long and happy life. Hobbies: Hunting, fishing, horseback riding. Activities: Driving Club 2. "Be good, do good, make good." ,.. , 'rg-,. ...i .' ' 'fafk CAROL HIGGINS Ambition: To join the Air Force. Hobbies: Skating, skiing. Activities: Music Appreciation Clubg Glee Club. "Her friends are many, good and trueg but always she has room 'for you." HBabsu RAYMOND E. HUGHGILL KKHugh!J Ambition: To be a success. Hobbies: Hunting, fishing. Activities: Driving Club 2g Camera Club 3. "Money doesn't bring happiness. What's wrong with 13 L .-1 5 -4 I ' '. -N ' -.'!Q' '.'r ' I f 5 --lm-325 . K- -,- 1 fiiifxi, . MARY J. HUNT "Mimi" Ambition: To be a success and be happy in whatever profession I may undertake. Hobbies: Skating, tennis, reading. Activities: Band 2, 3, 43 Chorus lg Murmurs Staff 3, 43 Band Festivalsg Dramatic Club lg Class Committees: S. A. S. 2, 3, 4, C. M. I. P. A. Award 3, 4. "Made of sugar and spice and everylhing nice." If 'vga inf?-I ' BEVERLY A. JOHNSON ffMaJI Ambition: To go to California. Hobbies: Skating, sewing, cooking. Activities: Model Airplane Club 23 Glee Club 1, 2: Camera Club 3. "Her little tongue is nevefstillg talk it must, and talk it will." Jrrr-igfs . JOHN MATHA JOYCE lfjackv ' Ambition: To be a lineman. Hobbies: Stamp collecting, woodwork, Iishing. Activities: Chess Club 29 Chef's Club 3 5 Camera Club 4. "Youth is the time for pleasure." ELIZABETH A. LADEAU i ffBetty!J Ambition: Not to move to California. Hobbies: Reading, swimming. Activities: Model Airplane Club 2: Driving Club 4. "In quietness and confidence she'll be your strength 14 RICHARD F. LADEAU lrnickl! Ambition: To be a mortician. Hobbies: Records, dancing, skating. Activities: Class Vice President 4g junior Usher: Tourna- ment Play 33 Senior Playg Stunt Night 2: Model Air- plane Club 33 Driving Club 23 Class Committees, Year- book Staffg Class Prophecy. "Dignihed and tall was he, as much a man as one could PARMELIA M. LEFEBRE t'Pam" Ambition: To be a WAF. Hobbies: Dancing, clothes, sports, eating. Activities: Cheerleading 2, 3, 43 S. A. S. 1, 2, 3, 43 Basket- Q ball 1, 2, 3, 43 Murmurs Staff 2, 3, 43 Camera Club 33 Glee Club 1, 2, 43 Class Marshal 13 Model Airplane Club 23 Stunt Night 23 Senior Play Usher. As innocent as a devil of two years old." . . 2 Q . A . l ' ARLINE MALISKA "Squeckie" Ambition: To be a success. I-lobbies: Dancing, swimming, eating, music. Activities: Band 1, 2, 43 Class Committees: Junior Ush- er: S. A. S. 2, 3, Ali Cheerleader 2, 3, 4, Captain 4g Class Secretary 43 Camera Club 3, TTCHSUTCTQ Band Club 2, 43 junior and Senior Director of S. A. S.: New England Festivals l, 23 Senior Play Usherg Class Will. "There's no grace like the grace of enthusiasm and activity." THOMAS P. MALISKA ffT0mJ! Ambition: To be a success in the military field. Hobbies: Sports. i Activities: Class President 1, 2, 3, 43 President Of S- A- S. 4, Vice President of S. A. S. 33 Football 2, 3, 4, Co- Captain 4g Senior Playg Tournament Plays. 2, 3, 4. "I can resist anything but temptatzonf' 4 15 HENRY R. MAY, JR. "Mable" Ambition: Lumberjack. Hobbies: Dancing, hunting. Activities: Chess Club 2, 3. "Laughs abound when he's around." fi:g,qgaf'.g'5v' ' 'S ' DORIS A. MCALLISTER "Dar" ' Ambition: To go to Scotland. A Hobbies: Skating, dancing, collecting Eddie Fisher pic- tures. Activities: S. A. S. 1, 2, 3, 4: Camera Club 2, 33 Knitting Club, Class Treasurer 3, 45 Class Committees 2, 3, 4: Yearbook Staifg Class Prophecyg Glee Club 45 Basket- ball 3, 4: Senior Play Ticket Committee. "A cheerful word and n pleasant smile to all she meets each day." HELEN E. MERRILL Ambition: To be an elementary teacher. Hobbies: Music, skating. Activities: Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Band Festivals 1, 2, 3, 4: All State Music Festival 3: Orchestra 1, 2: Murmurs Staff 3, 4: Business Manager of Murmursg Yearbook Staffg Manager of Band: C. M. 1. P. A. Award 3, 45 Honorary Member of Wo1nan's Clubg Class Comrnitteesg S. A. S. 2, 3, 4. "The force of her own merit makes her way." ROBERT W. MITCHELL IIB0b!J Ambition: To be a success. Hobbies: Fishing, swimming. Activities: Chess Club 2, 3. "Why take life seriously? You'll never get out alive." 16 ALICE MURRAY HAZ!! Ambition: To be a success outside of Mfinchendon. Hobbies: Records, dancing, roller skating. Activities: Cheerleading 3, 45 Class Committees: Basket- ball 3, 45 Camera Club 25 Music Appreciation 35 S. A. S. 2, 3, 45 Stunt Night 2. "As lmge as life and twice as natural." J OANNE MURRAY Kfjoll Ambition: To become an R. N. Hobbies: Sports, dancing, roller skating, acting, music. Activities: Cheerleading 3, 45 Tournament Play 35 Bas- ketball 3, 45 Camera Club 25 Murmurs Staff 45 S. A. S. 2, 3, 4: Stunt Night 25 Senior Play5 Class Committees. "Never marry for money, go where money is and fall in love." MARTIN A. PARKS ' lfskipk Ambition: To go to California. Hobbies: Skiing, hunting, baseball, swimming. Activities: Baseball 2, 3, 4: Yearbook Business Manager: S. A. S. 3, 4: Class Committees 45 Class Gifts. "He who is not jealous is not in love." JUDITH A. PIERCE lfJudy5J .Qijfi Ambition: Nurse. Hobbies: Swimming, dancing, knitting. Activities: S. A. S. 1, 3, 45 Knitting Club 1, 25 Majorette 45 Class Committees 45 Class Gifts: Glee Club 4. "Judy is attmctive with a great deal of poise, and you can be sure she's a hit with the boys." 17 JUNE B. PRICE Ambition: To become a nurse. Hobbies: Dancing, horseback riding, skating, basket- ball, swimming. Activities: Basketball l, 2, 3, 43 Senior Play: Murmurs 3, 4: Typing Club 2: Tournament Play Usher 2, 3: S. A. S. 1, 2, 3, 45 Class Committees. "A smile for every friend, a friend for every smile." JAMES M. RAYMOND lljimb Ambition: To be a pilot. Hobbies: Baseball, fishing, hunting. Activities: Football 1, 3: Baseball 2, 3, 4: Chess Club 2, 35 Class Committees. f'Men of few words are the best men." being miserable?" CHARLES F6hRUSSELL, JR. fl as!! Ambition: To own a camp of my own. Hobbies: Football, campwork, horses, swimming. Activities: Football 3, 43 Baseball 25 Senior Class Play: Tournament Play 39 Class Committees. "Full of mischief, a jolly good sort." IRVING H. SHEPPARD "She " Ambition: To become a drrljftsman and travel abroad. Hobbies: Hunting, fishing. Activities: Football 2: Basketball 1, 23 Baseball 35 Chess Club 2, 3 3 Class Committees. "Who doesn't love wine, women and song, remains a fool his whole life long. -t- Ambition: To be a professional football player. - Hobbies: Football, eating, hunting, girls. Activities: Football l, 2, 3, 4: Baseball 2, 3, 4g Basket- ball l, MALCOLM bA. SIBLEY llSi J! 2, 3, fl: Chess Club 2g S. A. S. 3, 4. "With a personality as big as himself." NANCY E, SMITH !lNanJ! 7 Ambition: Dental hygienist. Hobbies: Swimming, skating. Activities: Stunt Night lg Tournament Play Prompter 2, 3g Decorating Committees 2, 3, 4: S. A. S. 1, 3, 4: Glee Club -lg Basketball l, 2, 3, 4: Murmurs Staff 4g Senior Play Prompterg Typing Club 3. "Her hair is no Sunnier than her disposition." -it .2 .-... ffiilfd' :- .5-:5f:::e.h . .H -A 5 1 :-: P.. if 1-:: -'::., A if-si "ff: A H' NORMA JEAN SMITH ' gr .li rrsynittyu Rl , I, -- . egg :- Ambition: To be a nurse. . - I ' ' Hobbies: Roller skating, ice skating, badminton, tennis, ft ' f- 3 ' f swimming. f Activities: Typing Club 33 S. A. S. l', 2, 3, 4-5 Camera 23 "fp . . 7 Driving Club 4-3 Glee Club lg Majorette 45 Knitting L, A Club l. il- - "An innocent look fools the best of us." ' ' ' nic: It , 1 LEONARD E. TARDIFF "Eddie" Ambition: To own a diner and be a success. Hobbies: Going to court, collecting cars. Activities: Chess Club 1, 2, 3. "A little time may be enough to hatch great mischief." 1 NANCY TENNEY ffNan!! J Ambition: To become a nurse. pu. Hobbies: Swimming, bowling, basketball, dancing, rol- ler skating. E L i"- - Activities: Basketball l. 2, 3, 4: Murmurs 4: Maiorette fl: Tournament Play Usher 3: Secretary l: S. A. S. 1, 2, 3, 4: Class Committees: Driving Club 3: Typing , Club 2: Senior Play Usher. "There's no wisdom like franknessf' JOHN A. T ERO Ambition: To enter into some type of engineering. Hobbies: Skiing, model railroading, photography, sail- ing. Activities: Football 2, 3, 4: Baseball 2: Photography Club 2: Typing Club 3: Tournament Plays 2, 3: Class Committees: Class Treasurer lg S. A. S. 1, 2, 3, 4: Year- book Staff: Senior Play. "Clouded by no unfriendlinessf' CAROL LOUISE TILTON "Tillie" Ambition: To become a private secretary. Hobbies: Dancing, bowling, parties, sports, photog- raphy. Activities: Photography 1: Class Committees. "Dance, laugh, and be merry, and be a friend to all." J EANNETTE E. TOURIGNY "Jeannie" Ambition: To be a success in whatever I undertake. Hobbies: Sports, dancing, music. Activities: Class Vice President 2, 3: Assistant Editor of Yearbook: Murmurs Staff 2, 3, 4: Band 2, 3, 4: Tourna- ment Play 2: Tournament Play Prompter 3: Senior Play Usher: Murmurs Club 4: Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4: Glee Club 1, 2: S. A. S. l, 2, 3, 4: Orchestra 2: Class Committees: Stunt Night 2: Band Festivals: Oration to 4 Juniors. "Quietness, good nature, and sincerity make a steady character." 20 PHILIP H. TOUSIGNANT "Touzie" or "Phil" Ambition: Registered barber. Hobbies: I-Iunting, fishing, motorboat racing. ' Activities: Science Club lg Driving Club 2: Chess 3, Camera Club 4. "Silence is worth more than unmeaning words." p GAIL J. WARMAN t Ambition: To be a success in whatever I undertake. Hobbies: Horseback riding, dancing, acting, bowling, records. Activities: Basketball 23 Class Treasurer 23 Cheerlead- ing 3,'4g Tournament Play 2: Rand 2, 3, 4: Orchestra 2, 33 Massachusetts All State Festivals 2, 35 Junior Usherp Senior Playg Assistant Business Manager Yearbook Staff: Murmurs 45 Stunt Night 2, Class Committees 2, 3, 4: S. A. S. l, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 49 Cheerleading Club 45 Band Club 2, 3. "Wedding is destiny." GLORIA QZWARMAN lf OD Ambition: To be a cloctor's assistant. Hobbies: Music, eating, sports. i Activities: Band 33 Majorette l, 23 Drum Majorette Glee Club 2, 3: Stunt Night 25 Basketball 1, 2: Knit ting Club 2, 3: S. A. S. I, 2, 3, 45 Secretary of S. A. S. 3 Senior Play Prompterg Class Committees. l "Sl1e's happy-go-lucky, one grand sport, always ready with a witty retort." MARJORIE C. WEBB "Margie" Ambition: To be a success in whatever I undertake. Hobbies: Bowling, dancing, hiking, reading. Activities: Senior Play: Murmurs Staff 4: S4- A. S. 3, 4: Class Committees 2, 3, 4. "Good natured, fun, full of pep, this female devil is really hep." 21 FAY A. ZERINSKY Ambition: To be a buyer. Hobbies: Reading, swimming. Activities: Treasurer of S. A. S. 45 Murmurs Staff 3, 45 Honor Student of Women's Club 45 Decoration Com- mittees l 2, 3, 45 Knitting Club lg Music Appreciation 25 Camera Club 33 Murmurs Club 45 Senior Play Ticket Committee 4g Class Historyg D. A. R. Award. "Whatever is worth doing, is worth doing well." JAMES U WOODWARD "Woody" Ambition: To be a good marine. Hobbies: Hunting, fishing, saving money. Activities: Senior Playg Model Airplane Club 35 Chess Club 1, 2. "Always save for a rainy day." EDWARD DELANEY "Eddie" Returning from service in the United States Navy late in the year Eddie entered our class too late to be able to place his picture in our yearbook, but we are very hon- ored to have Eddie as a member of our graduating class. gf 6155 ang Music-Down Through the Years Dear Murdock High, this Class of '54 Bids fond farewell, goodby tor ever more. As we depart, our thoughts will always stray To our dear school and what it means today. With heads held high, we proudly bear your name, For in our hearts your memories remaing And though our past brought happiness and tears, We're grateful for your guidance through the years. Dear Murdock High, our school days here are through, In all these years, our teachers were so true. We won't forget the friends we made while For in our hearts they will remain so dear. In store for us there lies a new career. We will be brave, for life will bring no fear. Beyond this day, our fate we can't foretell. Again, dear Murdock, we will say farewell. here Words by MARY HUNT and HELEN MERRILL ff luv?- f"' , iivff ,'Z,,,,. -'-,,,.. .-,Z 2. .: 1 -A gr'- !Y -' , N K-f f if -sIY,- , Y xiii. l gl-ii-,,.. SW gf Y? -slr ns X , ' 'rf - 1' 1 A I 6 1 if I 1 , - ' ,f f ! ,-X x f f ' , FHL bd., A X f 2 iff W ' 5 ' I E-' ? f ' ' N ' MM -- ' X- if 1' ,. in , M 1.-.4 4- i :I ' 5 ' . --JD ' -'iPT' grid- 23 CLASS OF NINETEEN FIFTY-FOUR Cfaaa tjshafory On September 6, 1950, Murdock High School celebrated a wonderful occasion, the birth of one of the most brilliant infants ever to make his ap- pearance at Old Murdock. Various names were suggested for this child prodigy. Aunt Minnie wanted to call him after "Albert Einstein." The teachers, especially those having prophetic pow- ers, were all in favor of naming him "Dennis the Menace." After much argument and to avoid further controversy, it was finally agreed upon to call him by a number, 1954. Being only one year old, the Class of 1954 was filled with a more than ample sunply of vim and vigor for the election of class officers. After hav- ing secured permission from the higher-ups, the class elected Thomas Maliska, Presidentg Patricia French, Vice Presidentg Nancy Tenney, Secretary, and John Tero, Treasurer. Of course, our class would not be complete without an Adviser, so Mr. Aveni was chosen for the job of guiding us along the rocky paths of this first year. Our activities consisted of one well attended record dance held in our dearly beloved cafeteria. We also had big ideas about money-making, so we decided to try our hand at selling candy. This was only 1954's first contact with money, but it paved the way in later years for our now well- known big income projects. Our one big thrill of the year, however, took place on Friday, March 2, when a freshman, Pa- tricia French, competing with four upperclass- men, won first prize in the annual American Le- gion Oratorical Contest. Once more, only this time as sophomores, we started the year off with a bang and with a great deal of enthusiasm. To lead us on throughout the year, we elected Thomas Maliska, Presidentg Jeannette Tourigny, Vice Presidentg Pauline Juneau, Secretaryg Gail Warman, Treasurerg and chose Mr. Aveni, who graciously consented to undertake the duties of Class Adviser once more. Soon came the big event of the year, the Sopho- more Hop. Not only did we surprise everyone else, but we also surprised ourselves when it turned out to be the most successful Hop in years. Valentine decorations transformed the auditori- um, and a gay crowd danced to the music of Lafortune's Orchestra. Chosen to reign over the Hop were James Bartlett, King, and Joanne Martin, Queen. It was the class's first taste of success, but it was due mainly to the wonderful co-operation given by all. When spring came into view, we made our first appearance in the Morton E. Converse Play. We presented "The Perfect Gentleman" with a cast that included Gail W'arman, Jeannette Tourig- ny, Thomas Maliska, John Tero, Patricia French, and our coach, Mr. Hicks. Although we only re- ceived third prize, we had the backing of every sophomore. Not long after, Stunt Night beckoned us. Little did we know, but this was to be our first and last appearance portraying our natural aptitudes to prove that we were future Milton Berles. If you recall, no one recognized our ability, so we had to be content with third prize. W'hen the American Oratorical Contest was held, Patricia French was first-prize winner for a sec- ond year. We were even more honored when she went on to two more rounds of the contest before losing to a boy from a Worcester High School. With all the activities of the year you will not be surprised when I tell you that little 1954, that promising child, now had begun to wear a slight- ly haggard look. He was growing up and having a harder job of it than he thought. Before we knew it our junior year was upon us. Although we did not have half the activities that our senior year would present, we nevertheless looked forward in anticipation of the things to come. Once again it was time to elect officers. VVe chose Thomas Maliska, Presidentg Jeannette Tourigny, Vice Presidentg Pauline Juneau, Sec- retaryg and Doris McAllister, Treasurer. Again Mr. Aveni consented to become our Class Ad- viser for our junior year. Then we really began to get going. We made our plans for the annual Junior Record Dance which was held on Decem- ber 12. It was a tremendous success, as are nearly all of our dances. At the Tournament Plays this year, we presented "The Spider's Web" with Barry Boutelle, Thomas Maliska, Joanne Murray, John Tero, and Jolene Johnson, under the direction of Miss Young. Will you ever forget Tom's magnificent acting? 'In fact, the whole cast outdid themselves. Not pnly did we, but so did the high and mighty seniors, believe that we would get first prize, But, such was not the case, as we were awarded second prize. QW' e wuz robbedlj MURDOCK HIGH SCHOOL, WINCHENDON, MASS. Ahead of us lay our big dance of the year, the junior Prom. As we wanted to be original, we decided to decorate the auditorium similar to the Coronation decorations in England. Patricia French was elected chairman of the decorations and the remainder of the class co-operated beau- tifully in making this dance the big success it was. Pauline Juneau was elected Queen, and act- ing as Prince Consort was Thomas Maliska. For the third year in succession Patricia French received first prize in the Oratorical Contest, and went as far as the District, where she was elimi- nated. We were soon confronted with the juniors' an- nual obligation to the Senior Class, making the decorations for their graduation exercises. VV1: were heartily congratulated and thanked for our efforts to give them a beautiful send-off. As the year came to a close, it was noted that 1954 had now attained maturity. His hair had even begun to recede and there were noticeable circles under his eyes. The pace was beginning to tell. At last on September 9, 1954, we were known as the "high and mighty" seniors. We started our whirlwind of activities by electing Thomas Ma- liska, President, Dick Ladeau, Vice President: Arline Maliska, Secretary, and Doris McAllister, Treasurer. We were very happy when Mr. Por- ter kindly consented to guide us through our final year. Our class rings finally arrived during the second week of October. We were really thrilled, as now we actually felt like "Seniors" On November 2nd, 3rd, and 4th, Purdy's Studio of Boston took our class pictures. Though We were a little afraid of the results, we were all pleased when we received our pictures on De- cember 2lst. Our money-making projects this year consisted of food sales, fudge sales, Christmas card sales, a spaghetti sunper, a talent show, sale of magazine subscriptions. and record dances. It seems that the Class of 1954 has an excellent knack for put- ting on record dances. Wife not onlv make a large proht, but everybody always has a good time. On December 3rd, after much studying and re- hearsing, we presented our Senior Play, "Come Out of Your Coma" by .lay Tobias. The cast included Thomas Maliska, Dick Ladeau, Jimmy Woodward, John Tero, Marjorie WVebb, Gail XfVarman, june Price, Patricia French, Joanne Murray, and -Iolene johnson. Mr. james McClure directed the play and did a wonderful job. The play, a hilarious comedy about the antics of a college boy, was well received by a large audience. Though this history must of necessity close to meet the printe-r's deadline, there are many thrill ing events that we are looking forward to. The most exciting, however, is sure to be the class trip. Although little 1954 looks like an old man with his tottering body, bloodshot eyes, and trembling hands, he has the wisdom that can come only from long and bitter experience. 1954 had really grown up. By FAY ZERINSKY JUNIOR USHERS at Graduation Exercises, 1953 J A v Ushers at Graduation Gail Warman, Thomas Maliska JUNIOR PROM Z , x W V NINETEEN FIFTY FOUR H MURDOCK HIGH SCHOGL, WINCHENDON, MASS ' 1.1 ff' L L. 27 CLASS OF NINETEEN FIFTY-FOUR Orafion fo flee yuniord History is being made today. We, the Class of 1954, will disclose to the oncoming seniors the carefully guarded secret of our financial success. You should fully appreciate this honor, for we are stormed daily with requests for this information. The Chase National Bank, -I. P. Morgan and Co. and Henry Ford II wanted to engage us to handle their vast interests. Even President Eisenhower has heard of our success. Last week we received a telegram from him asking us to lend him a few thousand dollars to balance the budget. Our fame has spread not only through the United States, but to foreign countries as well. Prime Minister Churchill is trying to negotiate a small loan for the mighty British Empire, but we have decided to decline all offers. At no cost to you, the underclassmen, we present to you a detailed plan on how to raise money for your class. One of the chief ways to make the largest amount in the least time is to sell record dance tickets to the junior High Schoolers. This must be done by a scientific method. It is a well-known fact that boys like girls, and vice versa. Some of you may not have heard this fact, but after four years of observation in Murdock, I assure you it is true. Keeping this in mind, we send our most beautiful girls and gorgeous hunks of manhood to spell- bind the innocent seventh- and eighth-graders. After the senior girls have spent a short while flut- tering their eyelashes, and murmuring, "Oh, you doll, you," the boys are more than glad to part with two bits. Meanwhile our senior "men of the world" are being surrounded with Streeter girls. Now is the time for action. These seniors manfully roll up their sleeves and proceed to contract and expand their biceps. This is most naturally met by the "ohs" and "abs" of admiration from the girls. Our boys are right on the ball. Knowing this is their cue for the next step, they pull out the tickets, which, needless to say, are promptly all sold. If by any chance, there is a boy who is not over- come by the charms of our girls, the boys take over, This also must have a proper procedure. The victim is put bottom side up and his money falls out. A waiting senior picks up the money, hands him a ticket and his change, and thanks him for his fine co-operation. Another very simple way to earn money is through a food sale. But our class does not both- er our busy mothers to bake foodg the Household Arts girls make it. For three weeks preceding the sale, they bake cakes, pies, cookies, and other such sweets. They may be slightly stale by the time the sale takes place, but the class is insured against broken bridgework. You will be surprised to learn that the biggest profit of all is not from the food, but from a by-product of the food sale. A team of senior boys goes from house to house selling alka-seltzer to our customers, making at least a one hundred per cent profit. Here are the results of our last sale: sale of food 533500, alka-seltzer 31,122.40 As everyone knows, once a boy or girl reaches that glorious age of sixteen, it is his earnest de- sire to acquire a driving license. Our class, always on the alert for new ways to make money, did not overlook this possibility. We suggest you set up a driving school with Professor Bobby May as head instructor. For one hour after school he and his assistants will teach the art of driving. Included in this course are lessons on one-arm driving, ways to save gas, how to spot policemen, cheapest places to buy gas, filling your car to capacity and how to get Dad to lend you the car. After ten lessons, the dramatic moment comes. The student must pass the big test, driving Pro- fessor May's Model A. Any one who can do that can easily operate a jet. VVhile the boys are giving driving lessons, the girls are setting up a charm school. Their motto is "We make beautiful roses out of wallflowersf' This will prove true because awkward, self-con- scious girls going in will come out poised, charm- ing, and self-assured. Problems overcome by this beauty course are knock-knees, big feet, bow legs, and ding-toes. If your problem is excess weight we have exercises for hips, spare tires, piano legs, and too many chins. In the hair department we have cures for girls with bushwoman blues, cow- licks, bleached hair, and hair overbaked by per- manents. Solution? Shave it off and sell them a wig. just another way to get two profits from one idea. From experience we know that Murdock stu- dents dislike anything involving work. So, noting their unhappy faces as they trudged back and forth between Murdock and Streeter, we decided it would be a good idea to cash in on this handi- cap. Our manual training boys devised a tow between the schools. This will prove to be very popular, a bargain for only l0c, round trip 15c. Soon you will have the entire student body as customers. With students changing classes many times a day, this will add greatly to the appear- ance of your treasury. MURDOCK HIGH SCHOOL, WINCHENDON, MASS. Another innovation of our class is an Open House. Formerly when Open House was held, parents were not expected to pay, but our plan is different. Parents are glad to pay, for instead of viewing their beloved children displaying the good behavior they especially put on for Open House, we devised a new plan. First install win- dows from which you can see into classrooms, but students cannot see out. The parents will receive more than their money's worth when they see their darling junior fast asleep, passing notes, talking, eating, copying, giggling, or mak- ing goo goo eyes at the cute little chick across the room. You will not become too popular with the underclassmen when they find out, but they will understand when they are seniors and try to reach their goal. But the biggest and best way to make money is on a senior play. Instead of making only 312500.00 by holding it in the town hall, we suggest this method. Hire one of Barnum and Bailey's tents and pitch it where the biggest crowd will be found Friday evenings, by the nineteenth hole at the golf club. Next, offer grammar school chil- dren admission for only 5c, provided they laugh loud and long. A crowd, attracted by the low prices and laughing from within, will rush to buy tickets. I'm afraid that after the performance they will be very dissatisfied to learn they have to pay to get out, but, juniors, it's all in the art of having financial success. If you follow our plan as diligently and exactly as we have advised, you will be rewarded immedi- ately by overwhelming success. So that you may never forget the Class of 1954, we hereby present you with this nest egg to inaugurate your cam- paign. May you find wealth and happiness as we have done. By KIEANNEITE TOURIGNY JUNIOR USHERS at Graduation Exercises, 1953 Pauline Juneau, Richard Ladeau T. Maliska, B. Boutelle, R. Ladeau Barry Boutelle, Arline Maliska . . l Q I pf ox 7 I ' :- qt Ushers at Class Day 29 Presentation of Gift CLASS OF NINETEEN FIFTY-FOUR ,XYHQL 4' The Moon and I 43-A Unknown Quantity-Fresl1men Goof OH? Tlme . LFS? -4, - .-5-3. wr' . A .fi .gn ,Q :Hg-?m Real Gone 'X MURDOCK HIGH SCHOOL, WINCHENDON, MASS. CZ... 'MA We, the Class of 1954, being of reasonably sound mind, do establish this docu as our last will and testament. We do solemnly bequeath to those whose n appear below the items hereafter mentioned as being most appropriate for persons: TO THE SCHOOL COMMITTEE-VVe leave our sincere gratitude and troubles from future Senior Classes. TO MR. STAPLES-We leave new clocks and class bells to take the place o present antiques. TO MISS FIELDS-We leave a copy of the latest mystery story, "Who's Cheating?" TO MRS. ROY-We leave extra sturdy padlocks to put on her refrigerato keep out future "Household Arts" students. TO MISS CARBONE-We leave the latest edition of "I Learned to Dance an Expert." TO MR. PORTER-We leave our most sincere gratitude for being a wond adviser. We also give him a Toni Home Permanent for his pineapple clip. TO MR. GOSS-We leave the record "Have You Heard?" Sorry we can't you what the song signifies. TO MR. LAFONTAINEfWe leave black eye-glasses so that he may not be to see how badly his beginners drive. TO MR. WALSH-We leave the Navy Band. Now we'll show Orange Hi gh won't we? TO MR. MOTYKA-We leave a printing class that will get the "Murmurs" OH UIUC. TO MISS HART-We leave a "Private Eye" to make it easier on her checkin on absen tees. TO MR. BENTLEY-We leave a new gymnasium in case the Community B mg never is finished. TO MR. MCCLURE-We leave our thanks for making our Senior Play succe TO MR. CORMIER-We leave that box he's always talked about with a m dollars in it. TO MISS YOUNG-We leave a modernized Biology lab. to replace that one Columbus brought over with him in his first voyage. TO MR. PROPERZIO-We leave a smoke detector for when he goes in the basement. TO MR. RUSSELL-We leave an Oscar for coaching our prize winning to ment play. ment ames these less f the Been rs to from erful leave able up, out S UP uild- ssful. illion that boys' urna- KATHLEEN AMENTA-Sends l1er driver's license back to Sears Roebuck. ARTHUR ASHMORE-Leaves his Valentino technique to Clyde Huntoon JANE BAILEY-Leaves her quiet personality to Carol Smith. LOIS BARTLETT-Leaves her quiet ways to Pat Powers. NELSON BARTLETT-Leaves his two quarts of milk at the Snack Bar ni ht. JCgAN BERARD-Leaves her long walks from home to school to her sister BARRY BOUTELLE-Leaves all the teachers with a headache. JOHN BOWLER-Leaves his new hair-do and beard to Bobby Spaulding. ANN ETTE. CARDIN-Leaves all the teachers in stitches. JOSEPH DAVIN1-Leaves his bow and arrow to John Skelton. WILLIAM DONOWAY-Leaves his noisemaking to Tommy Williams. 31 every Judy. CLASS OF NINETEEN FIFTY-FOUR JANICE DRURY-Leaves her ability to sew to anyone who wants it. ARMAND DUBE-Leaves his skill in sports to Wally Wilcox. PATRICIA DUMONT-Leaves her quiet ways to Marion McAllister. RICHARD FITZMAURICE-Leaves his nickname of "Big Wheel," which he acquired in S. E. C., to any future senior. PATRICIA FREN CH-Leaves her talent for speaking to Shirley Raymond. WILLIAM GAMACHE-Leaves his printing ability to Eddie Raymond. EARL GAUTHIER-Leaves Em quads to Mr. Moytka. GLORIA GOODWIN-Leaves her love for Chemistry to Clarence Wentworth. WILFRED GOYETTE-Leaves his job as "Chef" at the Travelers Restaurant to Wesley Boutelle. CAROL HIGGINS-Leaves her ability to mix up love letters to any girl who wants it. BARBARA HODGKINS-Leaves her farming knowledge to Larry Wolski. RAYMOND HUGHGILL-Leaves his dancing ability to Mike DeCarolis. MARY HUNT-Leaves her red hair to Sherry Dellesanta. BEVERLY JOHNSON-Leaves her Navy Heet to Mary Gouslin. JOHN JOYCE-Leaves his dancing ability to Bobby LaFortune. ELIZABETH LADEAU-Leaves her favorite comic strip "Jughead" to Murdock. RICHARD LADEAU-Leaves his ability to play poker to Mr. Staples. PARMELIA LEFEBRE-Leaves for the Air Force. ARLINE MALISKA-Leaves her love for Tenney's to Lorraine Larochelle. THOMAS MALISKA-Leaves his square shoulders to Bobby Smith. HENRY MAY-Leaves his tardy slips to Miss Hart. DORIS MCALLISTER-Leaves Mr. Goss a wastebasket full of gum. ' HELEN MERRILL-Leaves all her love prescriptions in Rushia's pharmacy. ROBERT MITCHELL-Leaves his autograph on Barbara's books. ALICE MURRAY-Leaves her ability to get along with Mr. Russell to Sylvia Sirnrnoneau. JOANNE MURRAY-Leaves Zeb broken-hearted. MARTIN PARKS-Leaves his station wagon to Bill Webber. QMaybe you can get more kids in now, Bill.J JUDY PIERCE-Leaves her figure to Arline Lalflamme. JUNE PRICE-Leaves her constant talking to Joan Dufault. JAMES RAYMOND-Leaves his curly hair to David Gould. CHARLES RUSSELL-Leaves his French classes with regret. IRVING SHEPPARD-Leaves his quick temper to the faculty. MALCOLM SIBLEY-Leaves his teeth to Bucky Fitzmaurice. NANCY SMITH-Leaves her blonde hair to Lucille Higgins. NORMA SMITH-Leaves her smile to Kay Pangborn. EDGAR TARDIFF-Leaves Murdock with haunting memories. NANCY TEN NEY-Leaves her cousin to Arline Maliska. JOHN TERO-Leaves his all-star scrapbook to Bernie Ahearn. CAROL TILTON-Leaves to become George's secretary. JEANNETTE TOURIGNY-Leaves her typing ability to Nancy Vaine. PHILLIP TOUSIGNANT-Leaves his love of outdoor life to David May. GAIL WARMAN-Leaves class pictures to all of the boys at Murdock. GLORIA WARMAN-Leaves her knowledge of Algebra I to Ronald Webb. JAMES WOODWARD-Leaves his milk route to Lorraine Buzzell. FAY ZERINSKY-Leaves free passes to the Mohawk Drive-In to all young couples who wish to go. By ARUNE IVIALISKA and BARRY BOUTELIE 32 MURDOCK HIGH SCHOOL, WINCHENDON, MASS. chow Hounds SPAGHETTI AND MEATBALL SUPPER .K ,sl ,-1 Mess? Duty M-I if 1 I A . of If 1, 'if Eflinvqnsvf T 1 -,q,,L' M S ' -H-19 M 1 Umm! Good! Take 3 Chance ET" . Aa 1 - ' j H fr fb V- lf ZF' Head Chef 33 Set Another Place-Quick M21 CLASS OF NINETEEN FIFTY-FOUR Cfarfrf pI"0l0L-QC? Dick: Well, we're finally here on the moon. Gosh, Doris, did you ever dream that you would be on the moon in 1979? just think, you and I are the first people ever to make it. I'm glad that I accepted Mr. Russel1's offer to take the trip up here. Doris: So am I. I can hardly believe that I'm here. Dick: Well, we are, and we might as well get started. It ought to be a lot of fun studying the earth from here. Have you finished setting up that atomic telescope yet? Doris: Yepl You be the first to look, I don't dare. Dick: 1'll have to wait for that cloud to pass. I can't see a thing. There it is. Gosh! It's about the size of a large ball. I'll have to adjust the magnifier. I can't make anything out. Ah! There we are. There's San Francisco, and Detroit, and look down-there's Boston. just think, we can see those cities 238,000,000 miles away. There's Martin Parks with his old '53 Chevy heading for California. And look who he's got for passengers! None other than our old classmates, Nelson Bartlett, Thomas Maliska, and Richard Fitzmaurice. Finally, after 25 years, their dream of going to California has come true. And look down there in Reno! If it isn't june Price, running the Golden Saloon, with Virginia Cote singing and dancing in the chorus. And there's the new I-Iodgkins Ranch. Doris: Isn't that Barbara branding the steers? Let's take a look at Florida. May- be we can find a few interesting things down there. Look! There's Edgar Tardiff's alligator farm. Dick: Isn't that lfVilliam Donaway judging a beauty contest? He sure must have changed since he graduated. Take a look at who's in the contest. None other than Patricia French, running for "Miss Massachusetts." Doris: There's Armand Dube managing the Red Sox at Sarasota. Take a look at that character down there. Well, if it isn't Earl Gauthier, still trying to make the team. Dick: Let's swing the scope over to Washington, D. C., and see how everything is going. Things are kind of hazy down there. Try your cinerarnatelevision set. Gosh! There's YVil1iam Gamache painting the Washington Monument, and Barry Boutelle, scraping old paint, etc., off the dome of the capitol. He always said that would be his main ambition. Change the channel and see if you can't get inside the capitol. Doris: Well, that looks like President lNilfred Goyette with his secretary, Gail Warman, sitting on his knee. There's Secretary of Agriculture, Raymond Hugh- gill having an argument with Henry May, owner of C. P. May Sc Son, nation-wide lumber dealer. Dick: That's enough of the Capitol. Let's take a look down Pennsylvania Ave- nue. Is that the Ashmore and Maliska School of Dancing, with the Master of the Tango, Irving Sheppard? Right across the street is the Amenta Spaghetti I-louse. Doris: Oh, lookl Over there! The l'Vebb School of School Skipping, with Malcolm Sibley as director. I guess we've just about covered Washington. Let's go over to New York City. Dick: Who's that on the corner of 59th Street ahd Broadway? Why, if it isn't jimmy Woodward, selling "Terge." lfVhat do you say we take a look into Radio City and see if any of our old friends have gotten into television? Doris: just a minute! I'll have to change the channel. Well, I'll bel Look! It's Philip Tousignant taking Arthur Godfrey's place. Gosh! I never thought he'd get into television. And look! Isn't that Fay Zerinsky on "Kukla, Fran and Ollie"? Gee, I didn't realize we had so much talent in our class. There are the two new "Toni" twins, Alice and Joanne Murray, they'll never part, will they? 34 MURDOCK HIGH SCHOOL, WINCHENDON, MASS. Dick: 'I'hat's enough! I don't want to see any more. Look down there on the docks. Isn't that the Bowler Ship Yards? They're just launching the new S. S. Murdock, the fastest ship ever built. lt sure makes me homesick to see that name. Mfell, l've had enough of New York. Let's go to grand and glorious Iafinchendon. I bet it hasn't changed a bit. Doris: It's sure going to be fun looking in on the old town. There it is. Isn't it beautiful? Dick: A new school has finally been built. I wonder if any of our old classmates are still around there. Let's take a closer look. I see Elizabeth Ladeau has taken over the Ilousehold Arts Course and Robert Mitchell is now the janitor. Doris: That must be the S. 15. C. class over there, with the teacher daydreaming. lt's no surprise, though. Look who the teacher is: james Raymond. Somebody ought to throw a firecracker and wake him up. Dick: Let's leave the high school and look around town. There's Helen Merrill playing hop scotch with her kindergarten class. Boy, look at that car go! I wonder who's being chased by the cops. Wliy, it's Gloria Warman with the chief of police, Iohn joyce, chasing her. She always loved to be chased by cops. Doris: So they Hnally finished the community building. It sure is beautiful, even though it took them so long. Look! There's the director, Charles Russell, with his class in reducing. Among them are Annette Cardin, Louis Bartlett and Norma Smith. The name of the course is "How to Iflatten the Flabby." Dick: I wonder what that crowd down there is for? Oh, I see, there's a sale at Tenney's Doughnut Shop, owned and operated by Nancy Tenney. I heard she specializes in two-hole douglmuts. Doris: Isn't that john Tero driving the town garbage truck? He always said he would end up with that kind of a job? And there's the Berard Animal Hos- pital. I heard she received her cap when she treated a canary for a fractured skull. Dick: Let's take a look in Sibs and see if any of the old crowd are still there. Well, l'll be darned! Arline Maliska, Pam Lefebre, and Carol Tilton! Gosh, look at them! They're covered with cobwebs. I bet they've been there in that same spot for years. They never were too ambitious. Doris: Isn't that Jeannette Tourigney pushing a baby carriage? The last I'd heard was that she married Liberace. Let's take one last look around town before we call it a clay. Well, for heaven's sake, there's jane Bailey looking over the graves at the cemetery. I hope she doesn't fall in. They'll think she belongs there. Isn't that joseph Davini painting signs on fire hydrants? They say "For Fire Only." Hmmm, he never was very fond of dogs. Dick: IfVell, Doris, we've just about covered the United States and I can think ol' only eight of our old classmates that we haven't seen. Doris: Yea, one of them is Carol Higgins. I wonder what she's doing for excite- ment. Dick: The last I heard was that she was training horses at Sarasota Race Tracks. Someone told me that Janice Drury was singing for the Metropolitan Opera. I always knew she would do something with that voice. W'hat ever became of Patricia Dumont? Doris: I read not too long ago that she and Gloria Goodwin were making records. Their latest hit is: "We're INorking on a Plan, to Try and Catch a Man." Dick: From what I've been told, Beverly johnson is now running the Home for Aged Men in Fitchburg. Boy, she's determined to get one, isn't she? Doris: I-Iow about Mary Hunt? Isn't she a barker at Coney Island for Za Za, the jungle girl, known to us as .Iudith Pierce? Dick: There's only one more person that we haven't seen and that's Nancy Smith. I wonder what she's doing for excitement? Doris: VVell, her mother was telling me not too long ago that she has gone into the undertaking business with a fellow named Richardson in Leominster. Dick: I guess that just about finished our jaunt for today, but we had better retire, for we have a big day ahead of us t0mOI'1'OW. I bet our friends will never believe that we have been watching them from the moon. Oh, well, we've got to get some rest. Good night, Doris. Doris: Good night, Dick. By DORIS NIC!-XLLISTER and RICHARD LADEAU 35 CLASS OF NINETEEN FIFTY FOUR O' h 42, r -1 v-. '. ,l 1 5 THE CAST Front: R. Ladeau, J. Price. T. Maliska, G. Warman, B. Boutcllc Back: C. Russell, M. Webb, J. Tern, P. French, J. Woodward, j. johnson .ag . if N-.- . A 4 ' sl S v- Ur I 4 MURDOCK HIGH Where is the party! SENIOR PLAY 'Come Out of Your Coma By JAY Tonms e senior production of "Come Out of Your ma," given at the Town Hall, December 3, 3, at eight o'clock, was a hilarious success. e play was about the crazy antics of a college shman, Billy Cartwright and his friend Buz adford, both of whom resided at Mrs. Peck's rding house. By making his aunt and uncle ieve his rheumatism was unbearable Billy ob- ned money from them, but when both relatives ided to visit their poor sick nephew the play k on a hilarious turn. Billy, along with some his friends, tried to put on an act to make his atives really believe he was on his death bed t their plans blew up when Mrs. Peck and her sband showed up and spoiled the well made ns. The play ended with Billy being forgiven d most every member of the cast discovering a w romance. ch credit is due to the members of our class t were in the cast and also prompters and stage nds. We would like to extend a special men- n of thanks to Mr. McClure for his successful ection of our play. the Tournament Play Contest our class was ain successful and walked off with first prize E the production of "The Red Key." John ro, Patricia French and Ioanne Murray were e cast that brought these laurels to the Class '54-. Mr. Russell directed this prize winning fort and we extend our sincere thanks to him r his tireless energy spent in our behalf. Aa ' ai' SCHOOL, WINCHENDON, MASS. fv v ,M Tn-.. lVow! lVhat a kickf ' with X X M.. The cure is worse than the disease. get B i Two hogs rolling in mud. CLASS or NINETEEN FIFTY-FOUR Cfcm ia To KATHLEEN AMENTA we give this strong box for all the money you are always collecting for the class. We appreciated it. To ARTHUR ASHMORE we give this map so that you can find your way to Connecticut instead of ending up in New York. To JANE BAILEY we give this stick of gum to remind you of the tables and writers cramp you got from Miss Carbone. Here's an extra one for her too. To LOIS BARTLETT we give these recipes to add to the ones from Home Eco- nomics. You'll need them before the year is over. To NELSON BARTLETT we give this car and chauffeur to take you to Playland whenever you want to go. To JOAN BERARD we give this wig to replace the hair we'll never forgive you for cutting off. To BARRY BOUTELLE we give this weekly pension, guaranteed for a lifetime so that you will never have to exert yourself with work. To JCSHN BOWLER we give this new list of names so you won't call everybody "Spec y." 'Elo 1-BNNETTE CARDIN we give this cook book to help you in the "Rich" days a ea . To VIRGINIA COTE we give this bed pan to remind you of and keep you in training for the days ahead. To JAY DAVINI we give this apple so you can practice being a second "XVilliam Tell." ' To WILLIAM DONAWAY we give this book ol ten easy lessons on "How Not To Be So Shy When Girls Are Around." To JANICE DRURY we give a serviceman of every different rank to make your Fan Club complete. To ARMAND DUBE we give this Oscar for your line athletic sportsmanship. Murdock's teams will miss you. To PATRICIA DUMONT we give this scooter so that you won't have to walk to and from work. To RICHARD FITZMAURICE we give this cat to keep you company when your other one is roaming. To PAT FRENCH we give this book of famous speeches so that you won't have to spend all your time writing them. To WILLIAM GAMACHE we give this powder puff to help cover up that "Bash- ful Billy Blush" of yours. To EARL GAUTHIER we give this unbreakable egg so that you can practice hitting cars for next Halloween when you use real ones. To GLORIA GOODWIN we give these vitamin pills in case you decide not to be so "petite." To WILFRED GOYETTE we give this pillow to rest your head on instead of the hard desks or your elbow. To CAROL HIGGINS we give plenty of air mail paper so that you'll be able to write more letters to a certain person. To BARBARA HODGKINS we give this tractor to start your farm with. To RAYMOND HUGHGILL we give this duplicate copy of your brother's "little black book." To MARY HUNT we give this peroxide and freckle remover in case you decide to be a blonde. To BEVERLY JOHNSON we give this story of "Dennis the Menace," but it's nice to have a class pest like you. To JOHNNY JOYCE we give this license to go into competition with Arthur Murray. 38 MURDOCK HIGH SCHOOL, WINCHENDON, MASS. To ELIZABETH LADEAU we give this "Jug" to whistle into whenever you want a certain fellow. To RICHARD LADEAU we give this shovel so that you may dig your way to success. May all your undertakings in life be successful. To PARMELIA LEFEBRE we give this ring so that you'll always be a ringleader. To ARLINE MALISKA we give this rope to hold a certain "Guy" in his place. To THOMAS MALISKA we give this list of congratulations from your classmates for your "Alternate Appointment to VVest Point." To HENRY MAY we give this "Master Mechanids Degree" for your faultless operation of your Model A. To DORIS MCALLISTER we give this Toni Refill Kit to give you curls without effort and we hope you'll have that "Tony Home Permanently." To HELEN MERRILL we give this gremlin to aid you in your many accomplish- ments. To ROBERT MITCHELL we give this can of 3-in-l oil to oil the squeaks in your laugh, your car, and your leather jacket. To ALICE MURRAY we give these shears so that you can cut off a lock of Booker's hair. To JOANNE MURRAY we give this picture of Mr. Goss so that you won't have to stay after school to see him. To MARTIN PARKS we give a two-way trip to California, a guarantee for suc- cess, and our thanks for your obliging help with the yearbook. To JUDY PIERCE we give this mirror so that you too may see the cutest girl in the Senior Class. To JUNE PRICE we give this jet plane to take you back and forth to Schenec- tady in a hurry. To JAMES RAYMOND we give this can of spinach to put some more life and movement into you. To CHARLES RUSSELL we give this tooth to replace the one that was knocked out in Mr. Bentley's class after a whole season of football uninjured. To IRVING SHEPPARD we give this dollar for gas so that you can give the boys a ride for nothing. To MALCOLM SIBLEY we give this new fender to replace the one your girl damaged. To NANCY SMITH we give this muffler for your giggle that got so many class- mates in trouble, especially in household arts. To NCQRMA SMITH we give this siren so that we'lI be able to know when you're aroun . To LEONARD TARDIFF we give one date with Pat French. Maybe she'1l teach you her secret on "How to Grow Six Feet Tall." To NANCY TEN NEY we give this new penny for good luck with the boyfriends many. To JOHN TERO we give this mascara kit so that you'll always have those nice eyes. To CAROL TILTON we give this key to Murdock so that you can come in any time you wish and make up for the years of fun you've missed in Murdock. To JEANNETTE TOURIGNY we give this candy bar to remind you of all the times you've managed our food sales and made us some money. To PHILIP TOUSIGNANT we give this bell so that you can be heard as well as seen. To GAIL WARMAN we give this registration so that you can keep your Model A on the go. To GLORIA WARMAN we give this surprise package. Guess what's in it? A pair of tights. To MARJORIE WEBB we give this spider to go with your name. To JIMMY WOODVVARD we give this streamlined milking machine so that you won't wear out your lingers. To FAY ZERINSKY we give this push cart to carry that big load of books you always have. 39 By JUDY PIERCE and IVIARTIN PARKS PQ J, 9' : H , 'N i - '95 Oar' ? -N t-Q'- FWK . N I' Q U - " Xxx xxx!! X ' 'YN ,,.. G X Quff , D C? 1.55 1 ,Xu F I,., h 2 I X L 'FQ "" XIL' Q- XS Eli .5 k' I .Ny NE - --S- g-w 1 I . ' -335. ' - Most Popular SENIOR LITTLE OSCARS Best Looking Most Popular Man-Woman Hater Best Actress-Actor Noisiest Most Studious Best Dancer Best Natured Most Musical Most Dependable Class Dictionaries Best Athlete Most Dignified Most Basliful Peppiest Most Likely to Succeed Best Sense of Humor Most Talkative Nicest Personality Most Stubborn Best H ookey Players lllost Talented Best Dressed Most Ambitious Most Friendly Most Optimistic Most Pessimistic Biggest Line Class Dreamer Class Pest Cleverest Most Romantic Nicest Eyes Nicest Smile Nicest Figure Loudest Dressed Cutest Nicest Lips Quietest Most Serious Shortest Tallest Nicest Hair Best Friends Ni cest Teeth N icest Legs Gail W'arman Doris McAllister Barbara Hodgkins Jolene Johnson Jane Bailey Fay Zerinsky Arline Maliska Virginia Cote Helen Merrill Kathleen Amenta Patricia French Arline Maliska Patricia French Patricia Dumont Jane Bailey Patricia French Virginia Cote Jane Bailey Doris McAllister Beverly Johnson Marjorie Webb The Murray Twins Judith Pierce Fay Zerinsky Doris McAllister Joan Berard Nancy Tenney Parmelia Lefebre Jane Bailey Beverly Johnson Jolene Johnson Joanne Murray Gail Vlfarman Gail Warman Judith Pierce Gloria Goodwin Judith Pierce Lois Bartlett Lois Bartlett Norma Smith Kathleen Amenta Patricia French Gail VVarman Patricia Dumont Gloria Goodwin Nancy Smith Jolene Johnson Barry Boutelle Barry Boutelle William Donaway Thomas Maliska Earl Gauthier John Tero Arthur Ashmore W'illiam Gamache Barry Boutelle John Joyce Richard Ladeau Armand Dube Richard Ladeau William Donaway Henry May Thomas Maliska Richard Fitzmaurice Richard Fitzmaurice James Woodward Martin Parks Henry May Barry Boutelle Martin Parks John Joyce Barry Boutelle Richard Fitzmaurice Nelson Bartlett Arthur Ashmore Wilfred Goyette John Joyce Richard Ladeau Arthur Ashmore John Tero Arthur Ashmore Thomas Maliska Nelson Bartlett William Gamache Robert Mitchell William Donaway Richard Ladeau Leonard Tardiff Malcolm Sibley Martin Parks Robert Mitchell John Bowler Martin Parks Charles Russell 42 Most Digriihed Q 93, ' 'f 1 , 17 .T ' f"?9"Y t 4 X ' V ' M- X r 'l4 I ', LN.- Lf gwiiu 'EVE' A siafgi x -X . ,. ,, .gf -d . ., V ,. :v . - ' A: X Q f "5! in Photography Club-Shudderbugs 4115. . Driving Club-Murdock's Menaces Drafting?PP Chef Club-Something's cooking 44 T Physics Class-Russell's theory gr' V6: 1 .l ' lfrrml lrmw, lmfl In Righl: P. Parks, M. Clcaves, H. Merrill, D. Gould, WV. Abbott, K. Armenta, ll, May. M. l"lx-teller. .sf-r-mul Ifuw: Mr. Walsh, S. Siminean, IJ. Caonette, N. Smith, L. Bartlett, N. Tenney, J. Bailey, CL. Warman, ul. Price. gl. Pierce. -I. johnson. li. Sawtelle, P. Powers, A. Dorr, A. Clark. 'l'hirrI Ifmu: ll. Rouleau, C. lfales, lf. Clobleigh, I. Girard, R. Oinonen, VV. Properzio, D. Johnson, D. fiZlllllllL'l', I.. l.arochelle, ll. Rogslad, W. Reynolds, P. Iletu. F. Parks, S. Avery. I-'vnrlla lrnw: li. l"leu'her, j. Aveni, ll. Walker, N. Drouin, R. Vaine, N. Labarge, C. Sienko, S. llildrelh, M. l-lnnl, J. Maliska, P. Xvhcelcr, Tourigny, Anderson. MURDOCK SCHOOL BAND The Murdock lland, under the able direction of Mr. W'i1liam VValsh, is com- posed ol' thirty-eight members of the -junior and Senior High School. At the beginning ol' the l!l53-H351 school year, the band devoted most of its time to thc preparation ol' hall'-time demonstrations for the football games at home. It is scheduled lor two lull rehearsals each week, which are held on Wednesdays and Fridays. They traditionally participate in several performances each year, such as, Armistice Day, Memorial Day parades, home football games, and school assemblies. The band also participates in certain state music festivals. Of chief importance is the concert put on by the music department of Murdock High School and SUCCIICI' ,junior High School, usually held in the spring of the year. The rest of the year has been devoted to the more serious job of preparing musical concerts. The music department regrets that the mortality rate due to graduation reaches the number ol' six. These Seniors, having been trained for many years, will naturally be missed greatly. The members ol' the band and all of the student body give a vote of thanks to Mr. VVilliam Walsh for his very able and successful leadership of the Murdock Band. C .AA . CLASS CF NINETEEN FIFTY-FCUR 1 . 1 1 1 X 5 ' 4 Fran! Row: Joanne Murray, Gail Warman, Mary Hunt, Helen Merrill, Patricia French, Thomas Maliska, june Price, Fay Zerinsky, Nancy Smith. Middle Row: Nancy Tenney, Doris Caouette. Jeannette Tourigny, Katherine Jerome. Miss Field, Marjorie Webb, Lucille Higgins, Constance Diamond, Sylvia Siminoneau, Dolores Rouleau. Back Row: janice Tourigny. Carol Sienko, james Jerome, David May, WVilliam Murphy, jolene Johnson, Marilyn Fletcher, Sherry Dellasanta. MURMURS STAFF For about sixty years the "Murmurs" has been bringing Murdock students the news and activities. Through these years many new departments and features have been added including, this year, a freshman department. With Miss Vena Field, faculty advisory Patricia French, editorg Helen Merrill, business managerg and a staff divided into ten departments, the "Murmurs" has continued to keep its standard as a top-rate school magazine. 'a ' 1 Patricia French Helen Merrill Editor Business Manager 46 MURDOCK HIGH SCHOOL, WINCHENDON, MASS. JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS fn- I, t I i Y , i - - Left to Right: Doris Caoucllc, Secretary: David Diamond, Vice President: John Daniels, Presi dcnlg Dolores Rouleau, '1wI'CHSlll'CI'. SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS Left to Right: Arline lidwards, Trcasurcrg David Larochelle, Vice Presidentg Wesley Boutelle, President: Sherry Dellasanta, Secretary. . 47 R I CLASS OF NINETEEN FIFTY-FOUR Y l --A Front: Fay Zerinsky, Thomas Maliska, William Murphy, Dolores Rouleau. Back: Arline Maliska, William Abbott, David Larochelle, Sylvia Simmoneau. STUDENT ACTIVITY SOCIETY The Student Activities Society is a student organization whose purpose is to pro- mote various extracurricular activities. The four oflicers of the S. A. S. are chosen from the junior and senior classes while one director from each class is elected. The S. A. S. this year was under the leader- ship of Thomas Maliska, Presidentg William Murphy, Vice Presidentg Dolores Rouleau, Secretaryg Fay Zerinsky, Treasurerg and Arline Maliska, William Abbott, David Larochelle and Sylvia Sinimoneau, as class directors. Membership fees this year were one dollar, and the usual buttons and member- ship cards were issued. Members received two free copies of the "Murmurs" and reduced rates on the activities of the S. A. S, Arline Maliska Thomas Maliska Fay Zerinsky Senior Representative President Treasurer 48 X . .,1' i 5 i Zi- lii ,,, K ,,. '...---- lj Z.. sw ,W X ,' f x + I, ff b l if Z N !' N X b X, Q N w , 'fiiiffh x P X A J, W X H llwl A ,X N 7 'A' u 1' 2 NJ, QW Y X Z 1" ,5 VL 1 Y E 2 S wgx- 1 X XJ wvmdifiia ,-12,4 - CLASS OF NINETEEN FIFTY-FOUR . . -Q-rxiryfgn r , A - - fsbltr, ' FOOTBALL SQUAD Frmzl: William Murphy, Manager. First Row: C. Russell, M. Sibley, j. Tero, E. Gauthier, A. Dube, T. Maliska, A. Ashmore, B. Boutelle. Middle Row: Coach Richard Porter, S. Lallarge, R. Fitzrnaurice. H. Finch, W. Abbott, M. Deflarolis, D. May, J. Moriarty, W. Garnache, Coach Warren Bentley. Back Row: B. Ahern, C. Huntoon, A. LaI'lante, N. Rouleau, A. Valade, D. Diamond, T. VVilliams. Murdock's football squad set an impressive record on the gridiron this past fall. With four victories and despite three setbacks Murdock was chosen as one of the outstanding teams in its class in the county. In their first game the boys in blue trounced Leicester 26 to 6 for what was to be Leicester's only defeat, then Murdock was stopped by Ayer 32 to 0, only to bounce back and shellac Northboro 25 to 6. In their fourth game Murdock fought dog- gedly only to drop a close one to Arms 27 to 24, and then Millbury came on to drop the Blue and White 31 to 13, but Murdock jumped back into the win column to impressively set back favored Orange 33 to 21, and continued to stay in the win column by defeating highly touted Holden 13 to 7. Murdock is proud that it has placed two boys from its 1953 squad on the Worces- ter County Small School Suburban All-Star Team. They are Armand Dube, quar- terback ancl co-captain of the '53 team, and john Tero, veteran center. We, the Class of 1954, wish continued success to the coaches and future teams of Murdock. May 'they enjoy as much success and bring as much praise to the halls of Murdock as the 1953 team has. .a-.i Armand Dube Thomas Maliska Co-Captain 50 Co-Captain MURDOCK HIGH SCHOOL, WINCHENDON, MASS. Left to Right: Arline Edwards, Sherry Dellasanta, Katherine Jerome, Sally Knight, Joanne. Murray, Alice Murray, Arline Maliska, Susan Bailey, Gail Warman. CHEERLEADERS Our attractive cheerleaders were even more attractive when they appeared in their new costumes this past fall. The most enthusiastic followers of our football team the cheerleaders really added a touch of color this year promenading with the hand and cheering the boys on to victory. Many new cheers were added this year much to the enjoyment of all the spectators and because of the energies of all the girls, the moral of the town and the follow- ing ol' the team reached its greatest peak. So we give three cheers to nine lovely girls who were also outstanding in their duties on the sidelines. ' l e, ' ' it 5-:gk . Y 5l ' vfggl jifw , ,..:, ' ' . . 1 . fHf'f.-will f! ' 1 I 1 ,, 'gg l I Q ' fi 51,35 1 lu' ir 1 ff ' X7 -f -4 ,v 'Q 'I U! I X l .f Q 1 Q rl. 4- H J -,wg:'m4-- L ,f Ar., r.g'l v " r M I L 9- rwfffd' 1 'rl 1' fl 4 I7 Y wad .lf T, I -5 "MJ, 1 , w bf ' Q, xg ff f 1 ' , , i-LH , w Lg, ' 'Q " ' ' ' :Ji-,av 3 f il , ff' i' l'lf'3 if 'fff75'?',,f?f 33-gf?" '65, r, 1- ffl' 5 ' . P 1 'T H' fl .-fra-i1,f,,1:4+f4f 1:2 nw - , , W ' "fs-'rf -ififfifa .l'iiif7-f53 "1 3fa l"Ll Right End Malcolm Sibley I Left Guard Earl Gauthier Left Halfback 'lc ,V '.'l"f , ll rw'f:'ff' - - 'Q' 'Y.T."J-or :',.i,:'-'E , . . ,Eg,"1Q"'-'fifqfi--J3' l L-.M-Q' HA- 152 r.: 111- .ml 5 L ',. GL R?" 5 ':'.1- -swf if ff '. 1 "rl-QM!! r .r ills-ua 1 1 5 W ' J-, I 7.3.--up 1 l 'l we 1 A as fffbdlflwi ll ' 4 sim lfv l ll ll' ,r , F Fa w ll ' :XJ k fl at i W W Y :nw X L I' -' X gr 1 4 J puns 19 'V x af, x u, ,I i ' 9 ' P :lr I Ju J 1 9 'ff , 4 " isukl. ' ' I' f fr H 'mis sy 'll -N as a , . , YL! " f' iw-fbl Quarterback Right Halfback Armand Dllbe Charles Russell Coach Bentley, Coach Porter .l 1:0 Right Guard Right Guard Fullback Arthur Ashmore Left End Richard Fitzmaunce Left Tackle Sherman Lallarge Norman Rouleau William Abbott Barry Boutelle 1 I Right Tackle Center Thomas Maliska 52 John Tero 4 1 . . 'g.",4'-N' a -A '11 XIX, nj V ,ix '."'f."v if r ':t.'.- I: 1' 'iz fel? fum! 'Pl ,xi L 'x Q2 " ' ua f f Q " b ,' .. . Y .' ,. A' 1 M 1 4 .N......:.- ..-.. fm,--, - A f ,. ,:.'-Rf." -' ., f ,rf-i PQ rua.: , , , Y., ,h 1. L- . X -- 4 . N- M m mf--f .V . f f. - ,- i-.i ' .f -' LW 1: -. A . -.,:g...z4vr,--.,,--V'-1 1- . .g....f-.i:f . 1 'hash' Jen- ,Y ,P-: , . -'A' .U L' 2. ff '. - rw-' -' ,, V aff : ' ,fy , 5 L ix x.., N ., 1 ki I gg V Y ' . ,F , I lx. 'Aj ,H leaf. . . I - ,L H V .wg F N l A 'Z K' 'Pile 'sa f. . 'H -, 5, Q eg:-.. U -....,. , k -1 .-1 "r4- - a 7'-'F Wa' ff' V ' 1 xl I , . I M . . I . If y .Xxx +v ,I L ,n w -- H H N J X-, , 1: 1 . .f . L 'I ' X fa 1 -EJ, 3-154 'A . ev' X' Ii V fx X 'I 'H 51.1. fs. 5 I .fx Q ' 3 'full .X 1,3 1, 1:- E ,rf K'-Q ' i' I 1 1 wa. Ifgl ' I A., I l ' 1 v, A .v I 1 A. I 3,-vq 4- '1- A 1 v 7 v I. NX .y,, V D' , . -4, .. 1 Q' R f Ny N in N as M D 1 - -ua .t1, ,. nu Hr Q . 1' 'I' , f' fm. f Q v wp- wx ow valfi - W4 1 at ,f Snr, q :-v ' Vg 2-'f f:?Hf,pL Htl . ' kg? 'iff-, I guy, ,F , ., 4 5, . 1 ' A1 ,.'.'f 'Q-1.5: V 37 17 -KW . , , P lImr3hl!nns1ul:u.L'.' '!rA.... .- .nv-rv . .'um5xLmA.- 'L'.v'r-"rn . we..- vwv-:I 4 ad E Gauthier M. Parks 54 CLASS OF NINETEEN FIFTY-FOUR Front Row, Left lo Right: Clarence Wentworth, Richard Lapointe, Armand Dube, Bill Possiel, john Wentworth, Dick Fitzmaurice, Richard MacDonald, James Raymond, Richard Simmoneau, Earl Gauthier, Martin Parks, Barry Boutelle. Second Row: William Webber, Manager William Murphy, David Gould, Henry Finch, Robert Spaulding, David May, Malcolm Sibley, Roger Sanborn, Roger Bibeau, Garry Beckwith, Walter Dunton, Ronald Lacy, Coach Warren Bently. BASEBALL SQUAD Due to the necessity of our meeting an early deadline we have been unable to include all of the Murdock men who played on the diamond this spring in this photograph. The photograph pictured here is the very successful squad of '53. With the closing of last year's baseball season, the boys on the Murdock squad had an outstanding record to show for themselves, being defeated only three times in a fourteen game season. Murdock played one of the toughest schedules around. Taking on such teams as Gardner, Fitchburg and Leominster and putting them down to defeat. A good part of last year's team being Juniors and Sophomores and returning again this spring gives us confidence to predict that by the time of this publication another banner year must be recorded in Murdock's baseball annals. Although the team will greatly miss the "clutch hitting" and "terrific playing" of the Seniors lost last year, we feel that we have for certain filled in the empty spaces with ellicient and capable ball players. The team, with the superb backstopping of Armand Dube, the fine hurling of Richard Fitzmaurice, Billy Possiel and Clarence Wentworth, the spectaular play of infielders such as Skippy Parks and Earl Gauthier, and the able outfielding of Barry Boutelle has established a record on the diamond of which they and all of us can be very proud. 4 K . l 'EF-': Y. iid, , ,if .-.Q , L N-,'z:71s.'f, an f rift t. in R. Fi tzmaurice , I b X I 'V x 1 Af' A. my j' I f -J W f f ,Y ff IT'-A -.,,., fir-1 'X 1 NJ J , . ,, li NW I -,WJ gjli N x ng k Y 7 f-., '1 M W l XX H l ' x IDN Y 1, HH x N m KK Ibwfzmybk M L X l Y CT? Z2 . 2 3 3 ,f--'-'C 23 -D " J' 'x 1 -'- N 'L-'i ' i fz 1--gi, CLASS OF NINETEEN FIFTY-FOUR Compliments of BAXTER D. WHITNEY and SON. INC. Manufacturers of Quality Wood-Working Machinery Since 1837 56 MURDOCK HIGH SCHOOL, WINCHENDON, MASS. Compliments of ANCHORAGE MOTEL Located on Routes 50 - 29 - 211 just 12 Miles from the Nation's Capital at Fairfax Circle, Fairfax, Va. If you are planning a holiday week-end or an educational tour through Washington. D. C., we can offer you a special teachers and students discount plan. 5? CLASS OF NINETEEN FIFTY-FGUR Compliments of I. I. POWERS General Contractor 238 Main Street Cambridge, Mass 58 MURDOCK HIGH SCHOOL, WINCHENDON, MASS. IN THE LONG RUN You and your friends will prize the portrait that looks like you -your truest self free from stage effects and little conceits. It is in the "long run" photography that Purdy success has been won. Portraiture by the camera that one cannot laugh at or cry over in later years. F or present leisure and future pride, protect your photographic self by having Purdy make the portraits. PLEASING PORTRAITS PROMPT SERVICE RIGHT PRICES 367 Boylston Street Boston Official Photographer Murdock High School Class of 1954 Special Discount Rates to All Students of M. H. S. 59 CLASS CF NINETEEN FIFTY-FOUR Compliments of WHITE BROTHERS Cotton Manufacturers Winchendon Springs. Massachusetts Compliments of NEW ENGLAND WOODENWARE CORP. Winchendon. Massachusetts 60 MURDOCK HIGH SCHOOL, WINCHENDON, MASS. -i ' V' Compliments of THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF WINCHENDON 114 Central Street Winchendon. Massachusetts Compliments of WINCHENDON SAVINGS BANK Sidney N. Fletcher, Murdock, 1903 ...................................... President Sidney N. Fletcher, Ir., Murdock, 1933 ................................ Treasurer Ruth N. Tappin, Murdock, 1915 ............. Dorothy Solander, Murdock, 1935 ....... Douglas Knotts, Murdock, 1940 ........ Della G. Adams, Murdock, 1919 ....... Assistant Treasurer ............................Te11er .........Teller ..........Clerk 61 CLASS OF NINETEEN FIFTY-FOUR Congratulations to the Class of 1954 MERRILL'S INSURANCE AGENCY 1863 to 1954 Compliments of BUERKEL 6. COMPANY. INC. Established 1877 Engineers and Contractors 18-24 Union Park Street, Boston. Massachusetts Heating Air Conditioning Plumbing Compliments of TOY TOWN BCATS Compliments of MURDOCK FARM DAIRY, INC. Milk and Cream Telephone 143 62 MURDOCK HIGH SCHOOL, WINCHENDON, MASS. Compliments of F. S. CHENEY LUMBER CORP. Everything in Building Materials and G. E. Appliances 2 Iuniper Street Telephone 51 Compliments of L. G. BALFOUR COMPANY Attleboro Massachusetts Class Rings and Pins Commencement Invitations Diplomas Personal Cards Club Insignia Medals and. Trophies Compliments of WINCHENDON FURNITURE COMPANY Compliments of Arrow Shirts Interwoven Sox COBLEIGH CLOTHING CO. "Serving the public for over 49 years" Clothcraft Suits Freeman Shoes 63 CLASS OF NINETEEN FlFTYfFOUR Compliments of MURRAY'S OIL AND WOOD CO. Compliments of I. H. DAVENPORT 6. SON Winchendon, Massachusetts Telephone 83 Compliments of GENERAL BOX COMPANY Franklin Street Winchendon, Massachusetts Telephone 304 Compliments of THE ALASKA FREEZER CO.. INC. Winchendon, Massachusetts 64 MURDOCK HIGH SCHOOL, WINCHENDON, MASS. Compliments of ROSE'S INC. Clothing and Furniture "Frigidaire Appliances" 208 Central Street Winchendon, Massachusetts Compliments of OLD TRAVELERS RESTAURANT Compliments of M. H. PARKS COMPANY Spools and Bobbins For the Textile Trade Compliments of THE FALLS COMPANY 65 CLASS OF NINETEEN FIFTY-FOUR Compliments of MORLOCK MOTOR SALES Compliments of A. P. BATEMAN AND SON COMPANY Compliments of CENTRAL PHARMACY Compliments of CLAPP NOVELTY Compliments of CLOVER FARM STORE 15 Main Street Telephone 520 Compliments of BATEMAN OIL COMPANY Bateman Homgas Service Best of Luck to Our Seniors MR. AND MRS. RICHARD F. SNOW Success to the Seniors always S. A. GREENWOOD AND SON INC. Servfice, Safety, Satisfaction 66 MURDOCK HIGH SCHOOL, WINCHENDON, MASS Compliments of WINCHENDON TRANSIT CO. "At your service" Compliments of IOHNSON'S SHOE REPAIR SHOP Compliments of WILSON BUS LINES Ashbumham Massachusetts Compliments of TOY TOWN TAILLEURS "Makers of Fine Ladies' Coats and Suits" 86 Front Street Telephone 29 Compliments of HOWARD'S Best of Luck to the Class of "54" The Home of Your Lane Cedar Chest O'DONNELL'S Compliments of . WINCHENDON FLOWER SHOP Compliments of VAINE'S FILLING STATION Winchendon Springs Massachusetts 6? CLASS OF NINETEEN FlFTYfFOUR Compliments of WINCHESTER TAILORS Manufacturers of Coats and Suits for Women G Men 27 Front Street Winchendon, Massachusetts Compliments of MORRISSEAU FURNITURE CORP. Winchendon's Leading Furniture Store 76-78 Front Street Telephone 650 Best Wishes to the Class of 1954 GOODSPEED MACHINE CO. Best Wishes to the Class oi 1954 REMO A. GIARDINI - SULO I. KARVONEN Toy Town Auto Body 6 Welding Corp. Congratulations to the Class of "54" SNACK BAR Congratulations and Best of Luck to the Seniors CY BREHIO SEE YOU AT SIB'S "The After School Meeting Place" Compliments of YE HIDDEN PALACE Where you can dance, and see the best in floor shows and have your favorite liquors. 68 MURDOCK HIGH SCHOOL, WINCHENDON, MASS Compliments of MONROE'S SUNOCO STATION Your Driving Pleasure is Our Aim Telephone 458 Compliments of THE BEEF SHOP Compliments of WINCHENDON CUSTOM UPHOLSTERY Re-upholstering - Refinishing - Repairing "We buy and sell used furniture and antiques" WINCHENDON LAUNDROMAT Complete Laundry Service 96 Front Street Telephone 948 Compliments of FLETCHER'S FUNERAL HOME Compliments of DR. CELIAN H. ABBOTT Optometrist Compliments of THE CORNER STORE Ioe, Earl, Dave, Dick, Harvey, Pauline Compliments of DR. ALTON B. SKELTON DR. CARL I. ANTONELLIS DR. AUBREY V. GOUI.D 69 CLASS OF NINETEEN FIFTY-FOUR Compliments of DR. W. I. SHAUGHNESSY Compliments of THE WARMAN PRESS "Home of the Penny Saver" Compliments of IEFPERS MARKET Meats - Groceries - Vegetables Compliments of TWIN HII.L GARAGE Pontiac Sales and Service For fine jewelry visit H. W. ABBOTT'S Iewelry Store Best Wishes to the Class of 1954 From WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE Compliments of LORETTA'S FASHION SHOPPE Central Street Winchendon. Massachusetts Compliments of WINCHENDON TABLE CO. 70 MURDOCK HIGH SCHOOL, WINCHENDON, MASS Compliments of BOIS BROTHERS 262 Central Street Phone 848 Compliments of MATHIEU FORD SALES Compliments of LECLAIR'S SOCONY SERVICE Recopping Tires - Road Service - Battery Service 98 Front Street TelePh0Ue 343 Compliments of SLAVINS DRUG STORE Quality Prescriptions Compliments of lOSEPH'S FRUIT STORE Compliments of W. P. HILDRETH AND SON 349 Central Street Telephone 365-W Compliments of SIBLEY'S STORE 5 Beniamin Street Waterville Compliments of I ' UNITED CO-OPERATIVE SOCIETY OF WINCHENDON 71 CLASS CF NINETEEN FIFTYfFOUR Compliments of THE VVINCHENDON COURIER For 76 years your home-town newspaper BOB and G-EORGES TEXACO SERVICE Lubrication T91ePh0I19 355 Wheel Balancing Gas Accessories Oil Compliments of ERNIE'S SERVICE .STATION "Where young folks like to stop" Compliments of CO-OPERATIVE BANK Compliments ol F. EARLE HALL. D.M.D. Compliments of DR. PETER I. SAVAGE Compliments of DR. L. PAUL BARTHEL Compliments of ANDERSON'S AUTO BODY H. GII.MORE AND COMPANY L. A. AARONSON THE SPRINGS MARKET DR. LINCOLN MAGEE DESHENE'S SHOE STORE ALICE IEAN SHOP WINCHENDON'S ARMY 6. NAVY MORR.ISON'S MARKET STORE INC. A. 6. P. STORE CAPITOL THEATRE INC. BERARD'S BARBER SHOP GODIN STORES BELANGER MANUFACTURING CO. THOIVIPSON COAL AND GRAIN LAFORTUNES IENNY STATION '22 R

Suggestions in the Murdock High School - Tower Yearbook (Winchendon, MA) collection:

Murdock High School - Tower Yearbook (Winchendon, MA) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Page 1


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Murdock High School - Tower Yearbook (Winchendon, MA) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


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