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PEOPLE . . . enjoy Life. 14 . . . seek Knowledge. 60 . . . prefer Involvement. 88 . . . encounter Competition. 140 . . . are People. 190 . . . offer Cooperation. 258 . . . make MHS. 288 Paragon Volume VII Munster High School 8808 Columbia Avenue Munster, Indiana 46321 Experiencing life while [earning to live V. VJ ?• • Vj mm .2 J kJr Jk choosing involvement “not just to win but to participate” during ’72 PEOPLE discover themselves vi THE COMMUNITY hospital AN ACUTE CA general HOSPITAL • emergency • X-RAY SUITE • laboratory • PHARMACY • PHYSIO THERAPY • SURGERY • recovery • INTENSIVE CARE ARCHITECTS WILLIAM J. BACHMAN E PARTNERS CONTRACTORS general PLUMBING E. HEATING AIR CONDITIONING ELECTRICAL ELEVATORS MECH INSULATION STERILIZERS KITCHEN EQUIPMENT SUPERIOR CONSTRUCTION CO, INC GARY, INDIANA J W SNOOK CORPORATION GUSSMAN COMPANY TRI-CITY ELECTRIC COMPANY SHEPARD ELEVATOR CO PAUL J KREZ CASTLE COMPANY SOUTHERN STEARNES CO jw v; MUNSTER INDIANA GARY INDIANA HAMMOND, INDIANA GARY INDIANA NILES, ILLINOIS ROCHESTER. NY ELK GROVE VILLAGE ,ILL icr C ■ .Jwikf - ' 3Sr v ad W ™ ™ ■ r IF ; m f f v pt iS S Ji J v jy with help from others. ‘.i.stSiSas PEOPLE ENJOY LIFE . . . - H- . Life 17 LEFT: Ron Wennekes, Debbie Nowaczyk, and " Sasha " . ABOVE RIGHT: Jim Knesek. CENTER: Penny Konozy, Toni Berke, Angie Speranza, BELOW RIGHT: Wayne Straub, Jack Partain, Steve Dalesandro. Summer TOP: Sue Hannaback, Jeff O ' Barske, Sue Trent, Tony Cort— Summer re- flected as " a barrel of fun” at Schultz Park. ABOVE: Chris Malo, Cathy Brant, Diane Johnson— Freshman promote the “year of bikes. " BELOW RIGHT: Greg Stone, Bob Cornell, Charlie Downs — " Scrambled” fun at Com- munity Park com- memorated the Fourth of July. ABOVE: Janet Skogen-A helping hand highlights a morn- ing at day camp. BELOW: Bridget Moynaugh. Melissa Gilchrist, Marian Meisterling— Spot Color in the ' 71 year- book produced various first reactions. Summer Activities Life 19 5 BELOW: Mike Bosch (Rev. Toop), Mary Bosch (Ida)— " I shall say what I have to say in the court. " RIGHT: Cast and Crews: Front (Seated)-S. Bolls, M. Honnen, D. Hale. Sec- ond Row— K. Plunkett, D. Leirer, S. Sublett, C. Smith, L. Waxman, S. Hymen, G. Breclaw, M. Reister, Miss Saltzs- tein, D. Cusick, Third Row: S. Smith, N. Riffer. M. Gilchrist, |. Crary, M. O’Barske. Fourth Row-K. Crary, C. Mansueto, B. Crary, D. Huebner, M. Sublett, T. Hagerty. N. Vranich, G. Mazza, Mr. K. Linden. Fifth Row— S. Crary, J. Brandley, G. Warner, S. Nelson. Sixth Row-B. Smith, R. Dietrich, D. Abrinko. Not pictured-L. Fort, K. Leonard, W. Wilkens, E. Hensey, D. Longhauser, ). Murphy, P. Quint, H. Gilchrist, K. Pope, D. Middleton, V. Bussert, D. Dunning, C. Strachan, D. Halon, M. Bosch, M. Bosch, J. Papais, D. Davidson. Summer Theatre Dedication and individuality assisted to form the Mustang Summer Theatre’s continued success. In the theatre’s fourth season, members sold community pa- trons for the first time. From the finding of black suits to the falling of closet doors, emerged the play " See How They Run " on July 24, 25, 26. Rehersals immediately began for the play, " The Man Who Came To Dinner. " With the help of an exchange student from Krefeld, Germany, Mischa Honnen, the play was presented to a full house on July 30, 31, and August 1. Summer Theatre’s season concluded with a “cool pool party,” football games, and a final farewell to an inspiring director, Mr. John Toth. Dir: Mr. John Toth. Asst. Dir.: Miss Claire Saltzstein, Mr. Karl Linden. LEFT: Scott Sublett (Sheridan Whiteside). Maggie Reister (Maggie Cutler)— " In the words of the Master, I may vomit.” BELOW LEFT: Cheryl Smith (Harriet Stanley)— “I’ve brought you a Christmas present. Ta, Ta. " BELOW: John Papais (Corp. Clive Winton), Sue Bolls (Penelope Toop)— " Just say your name is Humphrey. " Life 21 FAR LEFT: Vicky Rundle and " Samoset. " ABOVE: Laurie Donoho, Annie Estrada, Robin Marden,. Sharon Richwine. BELOW LEFT: Scott Ross. BELOW: Train City. Fall Life 23 ABOVE: Bonfire 1971— While many students finished their class floats two Munsterites witness the 1971 Bonfire. RIGHT: Bill Klage, Carol Angel— The freshman princess ac- knowledges parade spectators. 24 Homecoming Despite the 7:00 p.m. curfews, the bell tolled for the defeated seniors and sophomores, while the juniors emerged with a first place float. The seniors placed second with their float creation: Magilla Gorilla. Or- chestra’s first place car utilized the movie theme, “Dial M For Murder.” “Guess Who ' s Coming to Dinner” prepared by the Senior D.E. took second place in the car competition. Homecoming ' s “spirit week” stimulated en- thusiasm with red and white day, senior cords day, the Chicken Bar-B-Q and the annual bon- fire. The long awaited homecoming game against the Lake Central Indians put Munster on top, as the Mustangs tomahawked the In- dians 19-0. At half time the band and drill team entertained the massive crowds with “Music to Crown Queens By.” Majorettes twirled fire bat- ons as the field ' s lights dimmed. The slow illu- mination of the lights caused the crowning of Susie Speelman, 1971 Homecoming Queen, to occur in the dark. The Homecoming ex- citement prevailed through the dance on the following evening with “The Glards” which hosted 129 couples. Old movie flicks shown on the wall, complimented the dance, as home- coming activities drew to a close. TOP: Dave Huebner, Debbie Cusick— Calmed by the atmos- phere, Junior royalty relaxes. LEFT: Senior Float— King Kong fails to conquer in the float competition. ABOVE: Ca- rol Russel, Hugh Kuhn— Sophomore Princess and escort await the Homecoming Parade. Life 25 RIGHT: Stan Folta, Jane Wolak, Ray Saintare, Debbie Ash- enbremer, Roxann Straub— The Sophomore class makes a lone attempt at individuality. BELOW: Roger Clark, Jim Hope, Jim Schultz, Jim Schmidt, Tom Trent, Dave Sarchet— The boys of the senior class use their heat to start another fire. ABOVE LEFT: Ron Jones Dave Deray— Twice as much Senior effort leads to twice as much dis- appointment. ABOVE: Kathy Meagher, Peg Quint— School hours do not halt the mass produc- tion of flowers. LEFT: Mr. Jim Mclndoo, Curt Cum- mings, John Hansen— The first overall class effort producess a first place junior float. Life 27 RIGHT: Susie Speelman— The 1971 Homecoming Queen reflects upon the weeks festivities. BE- LOW: Orchestra Car— " Dial M for Murder " earns first place in stiff competition. BELOW RIGHT: Barry Helm An- gela Speranza— The Sen- ior Princess and her escort strike a royal pose. Homecoming ABOVE: Melissa Gilchrist (Martha Brewster), John Leonard (Mortimer Brewster)- " Just look at her jumping over those gravestones.” BELOW: Cast and Crews— Front Row: L. Fort, P. Little, W. Wilkens, N. Vranich, D. Abrinko, B. Crary, A. Corban. Second Row: Mr. Karl Linden (Dir.), K. Bachman, J. Crary, D. Dunning, R. Rosenthal, J. Webberl- ing, D. Warner, L. Waxman, L. Murphy, M. Frantz, C. Boch- nowski, L. Chiorelli, T. Andrews, M. Kopacz, J. Given, K. Leonard, M. Dorris, T. Hagerty. Third Row: D. Strachen, L. Regelman, R. Gubitz, C. Griffin, C. Longhauser, M. Bach- man, M. Mounough, J. Leonard, D. Hale. Fourth Row: M. Bosch, S. Bolls, J. Tokarz, M. McLean, K. Lengyl. D. Stoker, N. Riffer, L. Freisen, B. Bunting, C. Downs. Fifth Row: D. Hinchon, G. Markey, H. Gilchrist, J. McLean, J. Covert, M. O’Barske, B. Cleland. Not Pictured: J. Schmidt, M. Meisterl- ing, D. Middleton, S. Speelman, S. Smith, L. Ebling, D. Cus- ick, D. Leirer, M. Gilchrist, V. Bussert, C. Plunkett, M. Reis- ter, C. Smith, B. Leibengood, D. Franzen, C. Mansuetto, M. Puncho, P. Proll, N. Vickers. 30 Fall Drama The life-like sets and scenery made one think he had come to get a quick taste of that Elderberry wine while only vis- iting the superb performances of “Arsenic and Old Lace.” Mr. Karl Linden, a Munster High School alumni, directed his first Mustang Fall drama. The many weeks of intense rehearsing made the play the most financially successful single show. The stereo-typing of old horror characters Boris Karloff and Peter Loree, made the production even more mustifying and rea- listic. Dir.: Mr. Karl Linden. Asst. Dir.: Mrs. Sherry Fech. Stu. Dir.: Cheryl Smith. LEFT: Rick Gubilz (Mr. Gibbs), Diane Leirer (Abby Brews- ter)— “Would you like a glass of Elderberry wine? We made it ourselves.” BELOW LEFT: Susie Speelman (Make-up Crew), Brian Crary (Officer Klein)-Greasepaint and an ex- perienced crew transforms a student into an actor. BE- LOW: Mark O’Barske (Dr. Einstein), Nick Vranich ()ona- than Brewster)— “He said I look like Boris Karloff. " Life 31 Life 33 FAR LEFT: Sue Keen, “Baby. " ABOVE: Marcia Goodman, Rob Rosenthal. LEFT: Linda Goldsmith. BELOW: Bud Phil- lips, Wendy Wilkens. Winter ABOVE: Lisa Hanock, Scott Alien-Friends dis- cuss the possibilities for a " big weekend” in Mun- ster. RIGHT: Joe Iorio— The Future- of driving privileges lies in senior hands. Winter Activities As the chill and snow of the win- ter months set in, Munster High School stu- dents dashed from the Senior to the Junior High buildings only hoping that the promised corridor would soon be finished. The swim- ming and wrestling teams gained more support than the devoted yet defeated basketball team. With the addition of the new McDonald’s, stu- dents fled there on weekends as a sure cure of the “munchies.” As semester finals began, old Munster alumni, who pledged never to return, emerged for a quick final glimpse of good ol ' MHS. LEFT: Sue Gillespie, Vicky Harwood— Two Students linger on the verge of a detention. ABOVE LEFT: Julie Murphy— " You deserve a break today. " ABOVE: Lori Street. Kathy Stoddart, Eileen O ' Connell, Linda Zagrocki— Munster High School girls crowd the bathroom between classes to catch a breather. Life 35 ABOVE: With the possibility of victory, Mustang spirit is aroused. RIGHT: Sophomore victory proves money never ceases to play a big part at Munster. 36 Sectionals School and class spirit reached an all time low during sectional week. Annual “red and white” and “class colors” day tried to revive spirit, but ultimately failed. Without a pep session class competition depended solely on the class walls and student enthusiasm. De- spite apathy from students, class walls were decorated. Freshmen boosted the team with “Fire up Big Red,” while Seniors cried “Ask Us if We Care.” Although a sign appeared stating that there would be no Junior Wall due to lack of interest, Junior support reflourished and urged “United We Stand, Divided We Fall. " The Sophomores won the spirit trophy with their creation “Put Your Money on the Mus- tangs” which featured scores of paper money and large dice. Spirit did heighten during the game as hopes for a sectional win were aroused. Unfortunately, Munster bowed to Ga- vit in a close first game. -MfBk ABOVE LEFT: Bob Miller— Two points are anticipated by the Mus- tang Cheerblock. LEFT: — One final plea for spirit is given. FAR LEFT: Pat Proll. Sue Woodward. TOP: Brian Cusick. Todd Lanman. LEFT: Ron Jones. BELOW: Mary Allen. Spring ABOVE: Karen Leonard (Grandma— “I don ' t know how I’m suppose to do anything with this G-D d— n toy shovel! " RIGHT: Mary McLean (Mable Lamston)— " I ' m so sick of being me that I don ' t know what to do. " BELOW: Cast and Crews— Front Row: C. Mansuetto, J. McLean, C. Downs, J. Mansuetto. J. Covert, D. Oulett. Second Row: J. Crary, B. Grow. D. Halon, L. Fort, J. Leonard, C. Longhauser, M. She- vin, D. Abrinko, Third Row: M. Gilchrist, S. Bolls, L. Wax- man, M. McLean. J. Leonard, L. Murphy, M, O ' Barske, N. Richter, M. Reister, D. Hale, J. Papais, Fourth Row: C. Grif- fin, V. Bussert. D. Strachen, B. Cleland, P. Little, M, Puncho, K. Gray. 40 Spring Drama Three plays, “Lemonade,” “The Bald Soprano,” and “The Sandbox,” imitated the theatre of the absurd for the spring drama, “An Evening of One Acts.” Three different direc- tors rehearsing simultaneously and starting sets at the last minute added confusion but hastened the finished product. An audience and cast discussion after the performances helped the stifled “attenders” to understand the themes and actions of each play. Mrs. Fech’s favorite line during rehearsals, “You guys could drive me to drink,” was no longer heard after the final performances. Directors: Mr. Karl Linden, Mrs. Sherry Fech, Melissa Gilchrist. LEFT: Debbie Hale (Mrs. Martin), Dave Abrinko (Mr. Mar- tin), Vicky Bussert (Mary the Maid)— “I can let you in on a little secret— Elizabeth is not Elizabeth, Donald is not Don- ald. " BELOW— Karen Gray, Patty Little, Mrs. Karl Linden— The creation of intriguing scenery is necessary to provide the correct mood for the theater of the absurd. Carnival Small children marveled over the successful spring carnival. The juniors and seniors combined their efforts in sharing vari- ous game booths and concession stands. The annual German Club Jail and Science Club’s Fish Pond added to the tradition, while new at- tractions such as the Majorettes’ “Spin-O- Prize,” Paragon’s “Candy Land” and Ice Crean booths, and the sophomores’ Puppy Raffle made this carnival more imaginative than pre- vious ones. The day concluded with a dance featuring the “Tatasus.” ABOVE: Kim Raymond— (oily clowns circulate the news of the upcoming carnival at the elementary schools. RIGHT: Linda Zagrocki, Kathy (ones, Sherry Goldstein. Kathy Stoddart— " You ' ve won a million dollars, compliments of Crier " 42 TOP: Brian McLaughlin— Capturing the affection of a living prize became the main attraction. LEFT: Jim Hope-Alert volunteers keep a watchful eye on swarming contestants. ABOVE: It ' s just another MHS dance . . . " peace, love and tranquility. " Life 43 Musical Decorated houses and banners a- cross Ridge Road helped to publicize Munster High School’s eighth musical performance. Unfortunately, various acts of vandalism hin- dered early rehearsals, but had little effect on the final performances. “Breakdown,” “drain- ing bottles,” and Scott Sublett’s “If I Were A Rich Man " dance created an atmosphere of re- laxation. Another success emerged with cast and crews immensely proud. Cast— S. Sublett (Tevye), S. Bolls (Golde), S. Webber (Tzeitel), L. Waxman (Hodel), D. Cusick (Chava), L. Ha- nock (Sprintze), M. Bosch (Bielke), S. Cohen (Yente), T. Berke (Yente), J. Gott (Motel), B. Do- noho (Perchik), B. Wilthew (Lazar Wolf), T. Ot- tenheimer (Mordcha), S. Ross (Rabbi), P. Shaw (Mendel), P. Coulis (Avrahm), E. Schmidt (Na- chum), P. Rothstein (Grandma Tzeitel), M. Meisterling (Fruma Sarah), B. Grow (Con- stable), W. Gott (Constable), R. Lanman (Fyedka), M. Reister (Shaindel), D. Watson (the Fiddler). Musical Dir.: Mr. Richard Holmberg. Technical, Drama Dir.: Mr. Gene Fort. Co-Cho- reographers: Mrs. Warren Engstrom, Miss Kris Ward. Student Dir.: John Papais, Gloria Gyure. Lighting and Sound: Miss Marge Gonce. RIGHT: Terry Hagerty, Donna Schley, Chris Sobek, Joanne Kuhn, Phil Coulis, Scott Ross (Rabbi), Debbie Cusick (Chava),— " Mazeltov Chava.” BE LOW: Toni Berke, (Yenta), Sue Bolls (Golde)— “Golde, darling 1 have such news for you!” BELOW RIGHT: Scott Ross (Rabbi)-“May God bless and keep the Czar far away from us. " 44 ABOVE: Dave Watson (the Fiddler)— “A Fiddler on the roof . . . sounds crazy, no? " LEFT: Marian Meisterling (Fruma Sarah)— “How can you allow it? How can you let your daughter take my place?” Life 45 Musical ABOVE: Sara Cohen (Yente)— " I just heard that Perchiks been arrested in Kiev. " RIGHT: Scott Sublett (Tevye)— “It’s true we ' re the chosen people, but couldn’t you choose somebody else once in awhile? " 46 w m lf$- 5? ' I " ? ' j, akf y I -1 TOP: Cast— Front Row: H. Pugh, D. Bolanowski, N. Johns, C, O’Conner, K. Strachan, B. Etling, K. Vogt, A. White. B. Graff, J. Hlinke, S. Miller, P. Ballard, C. Rawlins, D. Wat- son. Second Row: C. Bombar, J. Murphy, D. Sorenson, L. Altherr, M. Pfister, C. Lindeman, P. Quint, M. Runian, M. Bosch, T. Hagerty, S. Webber, D. Schley, K. Pope, C. So- bek. W. Wilkins, L. Waxman, S. Speelman, J. Burlison, M. Lang. Third Row: D. Rys, K. Bell, T. Ottenheimer, R. Stei- ger, K. Leonard, S. Ross, D. Hale, M. Shevin, M. Reister, R. Jones, E. Schmidt, B. Wilthew, D. Croissant, M. Meisterling, G. Ahlborn, J. Kuhn, L. Hanock, G. Gyure, D. Cusick, T. Berke, S. Cohen. Fourth Row: P. Schaw. B. Grow, W. Gott, T. Donoho, G. Karas, D. Demy, J. Gott, M. Wood, B. Cor- nell, B. Hasse, C. Simpson, D. Low, D. Huebner, S. Bolls, R. Lanman. R. Lavery, Not Pictured: S. Sublett, B. Donoho, P. Rothstein, R. Slivka, D. Abrinko, S. Kutska, R. Rosenthal, J. Breshock, A. Shields, M. Hawryszkow, B. Bembinista, T. Smith. LEFT: Scott Ross (Rabbi), John Gott (Motel), Sue Webber (Tzeitel)— “Swiftly fly the years. " ABOVE: Dave Watson, Todd Donoho— " Be merry, it ' s a wedding. " Life 47 Musical ABOVE: Rick Lanman, (Fyedka), Mike Wood, Terry Lavery, Dave Hueb- ner, Mike Hawryszkow, Dale Sorenson— “To your health, and may we live together in peace.” RIGHT: Trippy Ottenhei- mer (Mordcha), Mr. Gene Fort— The drama direc- tor ' s suggestions help in making Fiddler a profes- sional production. BE- LOW RIGHT: Fiddler Crews— Front Row: B. Smith. D. Eidam, M. Mur- phy, T. Ogren, K. Bacon, J. Murphy, D. Peterson, M. Bartok, E. Siavelis, M. Shevin. Second Row: C. Downs, L. Mazanek, T. Stine, B. Hasse, D. Winter, S. Foresnfeldt, J. David- son, S. Miller, K. Gray, D. Franzen, L. Fort, J. Crary, ). McAllister. Third Row: C. Griffin, L. Charelli, A. Donnersberger, K. Bouton, C. O’Connor, B. Etling, R. Ottenheimer, K. Sum- mers, D. Demy, K. Quint, L. Heatherington, J. Stine, M. Bower. 48 LEFT: Sue Bolls (Golde), John Gott, (Motel), Sue Webber (Tzeitel), Lisa Waxman (Hodel), Debbie Cusick (Chava)— “Oh hear our Sabbath Prayer . . , Amen. " BELOW RIGHT: Scott Sublett (Tevye), Dave Demy, Bob Wilthew (Lazar Wolf). Terry Hagerty, Trippy Ottenheimer (Mordcha)— “How much more can we be joyful when there ' s really something to be joyful for?” Life 49 ABOVE LEFT: Dale Lam- mering, Dave Watson— The friendly setting of the pre-Prom parties sets the mood for the evening. ABOVE RIGHT: Brian Lucas. Mary Beth Gaudio— A little momento of a big evening will be kept forever. RIGHT: Tim Ashby. Susie Klein. Julie Schumway, Phil Hasiak— The arrival of the first food trays signaled the formation of massive food lines. 50 Prom A newly attempted arrangement of the evening ' s festivities found Prom at the Hol- iday Inn in Harvey, Illinois. Afterwards, the revelers returned to the high school for Post- Prom. Balmy weather supplemented the eve- ning, as pre-Prom parties introduced the activ- ities. The Bill Thomas Orchestra and the ele- gance of the ball room created an atmosphere of sophistication. A late buffet-style dinner prompted ravenous appetites. The “All-Star Frogs,” surrounded by decorations of fish nets and underwater murals, accented the theme of “Aquatic Illusion.” Breakfast’s began the Sun- day activities while later in the day, Munster Prom-goers invaded every available strip of sand for an exciting afternoon. ABOVE LEFT: Sue Ra- pacz, Richard Musier- Lace and frills replace blue jeans and grubs. LEFT: John Papais, Deb- bie Hale— A rest from the dance floor provides an opportunity to talk. Life 51 RIGHT: Rob Rosenthal. Marcia Goodman. Paula Kovich. Charlie Wilson— Enjoyment fills a quiet moment. BELOW: Ken Bumbales, Jo Ellen Bre- shock. Barry Helm— A delay in serving causes an increase in appetites. Prom LEFT: John Estrada. Sheryl Finklestein— Dancing together, thought to be outdated, is revived at Prom. BELOW LEFT: Larry Smenyak. Debi Greenspon— The orchestra attempts to provide " hard rock. " BELOW: Dave Franzen. Linda Fort-Prom instills a romantic feeling. Life 53 ABOVE: Marcy Aarons. Jim Mulligan— The tongue of a whale supplies an entrance to Post Prom ' s Aquatic Illusion. RIGHT: Debbie Murzyn. Bob Miller— As dawn approaches, sophistication fades. 54 ABOVE LEFf: " All-Star Frogs " — Would you believe a $1500 band LEFT: Gary Klug, Gina King— The champagne fountain added an air of elegance to Post Proms informality. ABOVE: Roger Clark, Gary Flat!, Linda Siple, Gail Do- bosz— Formal clothing is no barrier in " getting it on. " Prom Life 55 NT A3 ABOVE: Greg Mannion, Dave Sarchet. Sue Bolls, Kelley Donersberger— Class officers bring the class together for the last time. ABOVE RIGHT: Ruth Fruehauf, Diane Ga- jewski. Greg Gambrell, Mary Kay Garafalo— The joy of leaving is mo- mentarily set aside. RIGHT: Nancy Chipman, Mariam Meisterling, |im Logsdon— " When we ' ve all begun to see the world we are on, don ' t you see there ' s only one.” TORTS ONLY OHS V« can head the call Ha can trip and fall Upon us all Flat us the rule we ' re all begun to Don ' t you see we all begin to ee It ' s just t There ' s or There ' s o ily )nq Do we hayd the To In ano Do wi Or do we let Co to Do you sr 56 Graduation The disappointment of an indoor, rather than an outdoor graduation didn’t dampen the seniors spirit. The 1972 Baccalau- reate program hosted the 10th and 11th grade choir, Rev. Gerald Gregg and Rev. Paul Schmidt. Dark and light blue gowns spotted the fieldhouse during the commencement cere- mony. Penny Kozeny, valedictorian, gave the opening invocation, while Dave Sarchet, salu- tatorian, initiated the welcome. The concert choir sang “Anthem For Spring” and “There’s Only One” with Marian Meisterling as soloist. Mr. Fech’s last remarks choked all, but his su- preme handling of Paul McCoy’s plastic nose added a note of lightness to the graduating class; the celebration had only begun. LEFT: Mr. John Fech (Class Sponsor)— " If you don ' t get the right diploma, please don ' t make a scene. " BELOW: Dr. Van Devander (Supt.), Penny Kozeny, Mr. Jon Fech— The Valedictorian receives her diploma, the symbol of four years achievement. Life 57 RIGHT: |im Mulligan- Anticipation leads to boredom. BELOW: Judy Lair. Gayle Rutz — A swinging tassel is a con- stant reminder of the high school finale. BELOW RIGHT: Sue Woodward. Pat Proll— A few find solu- tions for the over- whelming heat. ABOVE: Mr. Donald Sands, Paul McCoy, Mr. Jon Fech— The class of 1972 will always be re- membered. LEFT: Sherry Barth, MaryAnne Baus- chelt, Ben Beckwith, Kathy Bell, Donna Bembe- nista, Toni Berke, John Bi- ckel, Nancy Bjelland— The solemn mood cannot be kept for more than minutes. Life 59 HI unjw uu - Sbs a FH m mo u « tBg «m •[ B S «wn Lr« ' W Sfcs2 ' jIL uu tu QPLE SEEK KNOWLEDGE o LVNO ' M ' »FV RIGHT: Tom Duffala. Steve McDonald— Every- body scrambles to finish their class float by making flowers and ignoring school work. BELOW: Carroll Hriso, Tony Cort— Testing the flammability of metals in chemistry lab develops “social relation- ships.” BELOW RIGHT: Nancy Riffer, Snoopy— Imaginations run wild in drama class as one of the students portrays a Pea- nuts character. Enthusiasm 62 . ABOVE: Cheryl Popa, Mark Jacobsen, Greg Price, Doug Norris, Nancy Schoenberg, Steve Jarzon- bek, Marion Espino — Freshmen can even find fun reviewing for an Eng- lish etymology test. LEFT: Miss Frankowiak— An in- volved discussion of Sep- arate Peace prompts a dynamic reaction from a spirited teacher. Knowledge 63 TOP: Brenda Helm— Constructing a bubbly sphere bursts the monotony of endless U1CSM. ABOVE: Kathy Reck— A headrest is necessary while trying to analyze Jefferson ' s presidential administration. RIGHT: Marion Burns— To- morrow’s problems always manage to divert one ' s mind from today’s English discussion. 64 Concentration ABOVE: Mr. Karagianis, Rich Spector, Brian Hott-An im- possible Physics exam induces intense deliberation. LEFT: Phil Coulis-Utter frustration results from an unclear Gov- ernment definition. Knowledge 65 ABOVE: Peggy Tilka, Wendy Wilkins— An outside tete-a-tete relieves the tensions of an indoor study hall. RIGHT: Mr. Bengert, Jim Redar, Tom Slivka, Kevin Gibbs- Informal after-class discussions clarify the hidden plot of Phineas. 66 Communication ABOVE LEFT: Miss Anne Brisco— Drawing upon re- membrances of her ex- cursions to Spain, Miss Brisco describes how to haggle in the market place. ABOVE: RIGHT: Mr. Lonnie Chase— Class explanations curb first day student teaching jit- ters. LEFT: Cheryl Long- hauser— Ignoring a voice in the headset, and still keeping a watchful eye on the teacher, is an almost impossible feat. Knowledge 67 Uniqueness BELOW: Kathee Bogusz— The flawless composition is an accumulation of minute details. 68 LEFT: Multitudes of fluor- escent lights and wooden beams create the impos- ing domed ceiling of the fieldhouse. BELOW LEFT: Tom Pilarczyk— In shop, human skill, raw mate- rials, light, and heat are the elements necessary to orchestrate a work of art. BELOW: Kathy Redar- Perfectly coordinated movements between hand, eye, and needle re- sult in an exculsive gar- ment for its ' creator. Knowledge 69 Preparation RIGHT: Joyce Angelecos— Difficult routines with props are polished to perfection during Drill Team ' s fifth hour class. BELOW LEFT: Guy Adams— The individual relies on his own tastes when transforming an ordinary cafeteria lunch into a gourmet delight. BELOW RIGHT: Mrs. Linda El- man— Coffee and doughnuts appear just as often as tests and lesson plans in the language prep room. 70 ABOVE: Toni Berke, Mary McLean, Kathy Stoddard, Lorie Street— Each edition of the Crier emerges from hours of frustrating work and an incredible mess of rubber cement. LEFT: English 11 essay tests require more than total memo- rization of lecture notes. Knowledge 71 Exploration ABOVE: Dana Pas- salcqua— Splitting cells in the phases of mitosis are examined by freshman bi- ology students. ABOVE RIGHT: Manuvering a compass and ruler, meas- uring segments and ang- les, finally accomplishes what the directions re- quire. RIGHT: Steve Kus- tka, Debbie Ham— The in- testines of unconscious mice are probed by ad- vanced biology students in the ether filled science- biology lab. 72 LEFT: Miss Jean Rawson, Elaine Theodore, Nancy McDaniel, Leslie Hoekhema, Tim Ellison, Juliann Driggs, Sharon Miller— Before actually teaching a class, cadet teachers research behavior, discipline, and teacher require- ments. BELOW: Dave Eidam— Sound equipment is repaired with soldering guns and prepared for classroom use by A.V. assistants. Knowledge 73 74 Participation BELOW: Dave Demy, ]im Pawelko, Nancy McDaniel, Ja- nice Hay— Sociology students analyze and debate proposed solutions to the ills in U.S. society. FAR BELOW: Strained muscles, aching backs, and deflated lungs are suffered dur- ing the " Cureton " program. Knowledge 75 ABOVE: Mary Ellen Forszt, Anne McDonald-The proper bumping technique is perfected in Advanced P.E. class. RIGHT: Gus Tsirtsis— The only excuse for missing a test is total unconsciousness. 76 Determination LEFT: Eva Pacenka-Typing a flawless business letter re- quires patience and a decent ink eraser. BELOW LEFT: Be- verly Bunting— Drama students learn to assume other iden- tities through impromptu speeches. BELOW: Julie Mirkov— Either a stepladder, or a flashlight, or binoculars are neces- sary to examine every cranny of a top locker. Knowledge 77 — — - — M mk i • • Freedom ABOVE: Confusion in the halls and the mass of lockers brings school to an end. RIGHT: Anne McDonald, Russ Frank— “Phys-Ed couples” relax by enjoying square danc- ing after a strenuous six weeks of tests and Cureton programs. LEFT: Paul McCoy-The possibility of a checkmate breaks the routine of a boring resource. BELOW: Mrs. York ' s sixth hour English class-The arrival of warm, sunny weather prompts some informal class discussions. Knowledge 79 Language Arts Home Economics ENGLISH 9— The number one song of the year. " American Pie. " was ana- lyzed. science fiction stories were created, and various types of novels were studied. ENGLISH 10— Students chose between four science-fiction novels, while student teachers enhanced the course. ENGLISH 11-juniors wrote term papers, explored mans inhumanity, read poetry, and became ac- quainted with death. WORLD LITERATURE— Classics were compared and contrasted. MODERN LITERATURE— The course incorporated an in- vestigative study of modern literature. ADVANCED PLACEMENT ENG- L1SH— The main objective of becoming new critics was achieved through an unbiased analysis of certain works. SPEECH I— Group discussions and indi- vidual speeches stimulated constructive criticisms. SPEECH 11— Topics in- cluded persuasion, debate, and radio-television units. DRAMATICS-The basic principles of pantomime, and improvisation, a dialect study, and the presentation of memorized cutting comprised the course. JOURNALISM I- Students produced films after studying film techniques, explored television and radio programming, and learned the principles of yearbooking and newspaper journalism. JOURNALISM II -NEWSPAPER-Lsoliciting adver- tising, composing last minute articles, and meeting bi-weekly deadlines re- sulted in eager anticipation of each issue. JOURNALISM II— YEARBOOK— The endless frustrations of lost pictures, improperly cropped pictures, and illegible type sheets finally evolved into a yearbook. Foreign Language SPANISH I-Workbook exercises introduced vocabulary and sharpened grammar skills. SPANISH II— Spanish culture was emphasized with a field trip to the Folklore Ballet of Mexico. SPANISH III— Classroom conversa- tions revolved around Spanish literature and poetry. GERMAN I-Memo- rization of dialogues and vocabulary tests launched German students. GER- MAN II— Dialect skills were strengthened through student tapes. GERMAN 111— iotal immersion in the German language broadened awareness of Ger- man customs. GERMAN IV— (German conversations compared and con- trasted teenage customs in the United States and Germany. GERMAN V— In addition to numerous novels and short stories, individual projects were presented. GERMAN VI— A small class studied German literature and pre- pared for the college advanced placement test. CLOTHING I— Novice seamstresses produced their first garments from easy-to-sew patterns. CLOTHING II— A study of fabric construction accom- panied the sewing of wool garments. ADVANCED CLOTHING-and TAI- LORING— The completion of five varied outfits improved the girls ' sewing skills. FOODS I-Meals prepared in class incorporated members of the four Basic Food groups. FOODS 1 1-Consumer buying, nutritonal facts, and for- eign foods were studied. HOME NURSING AND CHILD CARE-Upon suc- cessful completion of the course, students were issued certificates from the American Red Cross. FAMILY LIVINC-The implications of the Space Age on the homemaker of tomorrow were examined. Social Science INTRODUCTION to SOCIAL SCIENCE— The individual, his role in society, and how he functions in society were expamined. WORLD HISTORY-Stu- dents concentrated on the development of Western civilizations and tradi- tions. U. S. HISTORY-Classroom seminars debated and discussed material presented in lecture. U S. GOVERNMENT— Seniors studied national gov- ernment and then chose four other units of related government studies. SO- CIOLOGY— Seniors studied society and the interactions of people within that society. ADVANCED U.S. HISTORY— Individual students excelled in particular eras of U.S. History. ADVANCED GOVERNMENT-Students simulated political conventions and developed their opinions on China in a research paper. ADVANCED SOCIOLOGY-Small student seminars ex- plored social disorganization, juvenile delinquency, and the population ex- plosion. ECONOMICS— Topics included formation of businesses, GNP, cir- cular flow of the economy, and the stock market. PSYCHOLOGY-Basic principles of behavior development, personality, and learning processes were explored through the use of simulations, group discussions, simple ex- periments, and highly stimulating lectures. Science BIOLOGY— Freshman paced themselves through units including cell biol- ogy. genetics, and conservation. ADVANCED BIOLOG Y-Seniors pursued the course by arranging their own curriculum. CHEMISTRY-A thorough introduction to general chemistry was supplemented by some mathematical treatment of (he fundamental theories of modern chemistry. GENERAL SCIENCE— Earth, physical, and life sciences were studied, with attention given to current environmental and ecological problems. PHYSICS(PSSC)- Intense lab work and classroom studying encompassed the fields of optics, waves, mechanics, electricity, and atomic structure. ADVANCED CHEM- 1S I RY— Selection of laboratory reports and seminar reports prepared stu- dents for college chemistry. ADVANCED PHYSICS-The relativity and quantum theories were thoroughly examined. HEALTH and SAFETY- C lasses explored the effects of tobacco, alcohol, and narcotics, mental health, and the systems of the body. Summary Business Education GENERAL BUSINESS— The course explained the everyday functions of business and the enterprise system. TYPING I-Students mastered the keyboard and mechanics of typing tabulations. TYPING II— A minimum speed of 45 words per minute was the main objective. TYPING III— Vocatio- nal typing was emphasized. TYPING IV-Typing mailable letters from vari- ous types of businesses was stressed. SHORTHAND I-Students practiced producing mailable letters and developed their speed. SHORTHAND II— The course emphasized proper English usage and office habits. BOOK- KEEPING— The analysis of financial statements climaxed the course. BUSI- NESS LAW— The study of judicial procedure was culminated with a stu- dent written mock trial. SALESMANSHIP and MARKETING— All areas of selling and marketing were covered. DISTRIBUTIVE EDIJCATION-Stu- dents maintained a job in the community, w’hich was supplemented with classroom instruction. CLERICAL PRACTICE- The course acquainted stu- dents with office procedures and business machines. COOPERATIVE OF- FICE PRACTICE— Students worked at " training stations " and devoted one hour a day to discussions. General Education CADET TEACHING-An orientation program was followed by an actual teaching experience. DRIVERS S EDLICA1 ION— The summer course com- bined lectures, behind-the-vvheel driving, and in-the-car observation. Physical Education BOY ' S PHYSICAL EDUCATION- Fitness testing introduced and con- cluded the year, with Curetan and seasonal sports interspersed. GIRL’S PHYSICAL EDUCATION— Girls progressed from team sports to developing individual skills in recreational sports. ADVANCED PHYSICAL EDUCA- TION— Members of girl s varsity teams polished individual and team ef- forts. DRILL TEAM-A newly established class provided practice time for the perfection of weekly routines. Fine Arts ART I— Aspiring artists experimented with fundamental techniques. ART II— The course involved further experimentation with oil painting, water- colors, and silkscreens. ART 111— Techniques in woodcutting, watercolors, and intaligos were developed tp perfection. ART IV— Individual direction was stressed, as students created and exhibited their own projects. BAND— Selections from pop. classical, modern, and jazz music were played. OR- CHESTRA— Performances included classical and popular compositions. CHOIRS— Harmonious voices resounded from the music rooms as each choir developed its own unique sounds. MUSIC THEORY— ’I raditional the- ory, harmony, and sight singing were studied. MUSIC APPRECIATION— The course was a study of music and its relationship to the entire field of art. Industrial Arts INDUSTRIAL MATERIALS and PROCESSING— Students became familiar with shop procedures and hand tools. INTRODUCTION to DRAFTING- Areas studied included orthographic presentation, pictorials, equipment us- age. and sectioning. POWER I (MECHANICS)— The course provided an un- derstanding of the internal combustion engine. POWER II (ELEC- TRICITY)— The basic theory of electricity with useful applications was taught. TECHNICAL DRAFTING I— Auxiliary views and revolutions, fas- tenings. and pattern developments were included in the course. TECHNI- C XL DRAFTING II— Students developed an entire set of house plans and constructed a scale model house. POWER MECHANICS-Emphasis was placed on the two stroke cycle engines, which were investigated in the labo- ratory. ELECTRONICS— The course taught the basic theory of electronics and discussed many areas of communications. Mathematics GENERAL MATH i-Basic mathematical concepts were mastered. GEN- ERAL MATH II-Emphasis was placed on the individual and practical needs of the students. PRE-ALGEBRA-Students strengthened their math- ematics background with basic algebra concepts. ALGEBRA— Students ap- plied basic algebraic concepts. GEOMETRY-Units on basic assumptions, congruent triangles, proofs, and the Pythagorean Theorem were included in the course. .ADVANCED ALGEBRA-Deductive reasoning was emphasized with units on polynomials, rational expressions, logarithms, and matrices also presented. TRIGONOMETRY-Trigonometric ratios, circular func- tions, and problem solving were studied during the semester. ANALYTICAL GEOMETRY— The study of two fundamental limits, called the derivation and the integral, and the study of plane and solid Euclidean geometry com- prised the course. BLtSINESS MATH-Students were acquainted with the practical approach to business problems. COMPUTER MATH— The theo- ries and techniques used in data processing were studied and executed. UICSM 9— Students contributed ideas, principles, and goals, while master- ing the structure of mathematics. UICSM 10— The uses of logic and proofs enabled students to examine triangles, parallelism, and the properties of polygons. UICSM II-The puzzling concepts of relations and functions, sys- tems of equations, and logarithms were explained. Knowledge 81 RIGHT: Leslie Feingold, Jean Stine, Jack Dennen- berg— Classes at the Uni- versity of Minnesota Jour- nalism Workshop taught yearbook editors various aspects of yearbooking. ABOVE: First Row— C. Sobek, M. Sansone, K. Bo- gusz, J. Stine, J. Dennen- berg, B. Wilthew, D. Sar- chet, G. Mannion, J. Papais, L, Pochter, L. Sen- nett, S. Schultz. Second Row: M. Fetzko, S. Web- ber, S. Bolls, D. Croissant, S. Smith. Third Row: L. Altherr, C. Marden, J. Sa- tek, L. Feingold, J. Satek, J. Washburn, K. Donners- berger, P. Tilka, M. Forszt, S. Woodward, P. Proll, M. Meisterling, C. Bond, M. Jugovic, J. Crary, K. Bach- man, B. Graff. Fourth Row: S. Speelman, B. Raymond, J. Smith, P. Benchik, D. Cusick, E. An- dersen. Not Pictured: M. Maxwell, N. Chipman, K. Henke, K. Johnson, J. lorio, P. Bretz, P. Hamacher 82 Summer Instituters The United States and Europe pro- vided the setting for new friendships and ex- periences for selected students. Germany, through the I.U. Honors Program, hosted Eve Andersen, Debbie Croissant, Beth Graff, Mary Ann Jugovic, Craig Rawlins, and Laura Sen- nett, while Jane Washburn and Susi Speelman spent their summers in Switzerland. The ma- jorettes, Pam Bretz, Pam Hamacher, Janet Sa- tek and Janice Satek, learned new flag routines at the Smith-Walbridge Camp. Lori Altherr, Debbie Cusick, Carol Marden, Chris Sobek, and Janna Smith earned three superior and ex- cellent ratings at ISU’s cheerleading camp. Art sessions were attended by Kathy Henke, Pat Proll, Sherry Schultz and Susan Woodward at Ball State and Kathee Bogusz and Marilyn San- sone at 1SU. ISU also accomidated Physics stu- dents, Greg Mannion, Joe lorio, Sue Smith, Peggy Tilka and math students, Nancy Chip- man, Marian Fetzko, Mary Maxwell, Sharon Miller, and Mary Ellen Forszt attended ISU for chemistry sessions. Jack Denenberg won a pho- tography award at the U. of Minn, journalism workshop. Jill Crary, Leslie Feingold and Jean Stein, also participated in the workshop. Girl’s State was visited by Katy Bachman, Sue Smith, and Chris Sobek, Keith Johnson and Dave Sar- chet attended Boys’ State. Nancy Chipman, Kelly Donnersberger, Marian Meisterling and Sue Webber studied various aspects of music at LU. ABOVE: Beth Graff. Debbie Croissant, Mary Ann Jugovic, Craig Rawlins, and Eve Andersen. Not Pictured: Laura Sen- nett-Excitement overtakes these students as they await their departure for a two-month stay in Krefield, Germany. RIGHT: Janet Satek, Pam Hamacher, and Janice Satek- The Majorettes practice the fine points of the flag routine that they learned during the summer at Smith-Walbridge Camp. Knowledge 83 ABOVE: Mary Ann Jugo- vic— For outstanding citi- zenship, Mary Ann re- ceived this years ' D.A.R. award. ABOVE RIGHT: Top Ten Seniors— First Row: M. Maxwell, M. Jugovic. Second Row: Penny Kozeny, Sharon Miller, Donna Bembe- nista. Fourth Row: Kathy Andrews, Sue Smith, Chris Sobek, Dave Sar- chet. Top: Nancy McDaniel. LEFT: National Merit Finalist — Paul McCoy, Linda Gregg, Tom Campion. Not Pictured— Nancy McDaniel 84 ACADEMIC AWARDS and SCHOLARSHIPS HOOSIER STATE SCHOLARSHIP COMMISSION AWARDS Eve Anderson, Kathy Andrews, Jo Ellen Brink, Tom Campion, Laura Clifton, Debbie Croissant, Teresa Espino, Marian Fetzko, Garret Figuly, Sherry Goldstein, Linda Gregg, Gloria Gyure, Joe lorio, Mary Ann Jugovic, Greg Mannion, Macy Maxwell, Mark Mazza, Sharon Miller, Sheldon Musick, Lloyd Neukranz, Pat Proll, Gayle Rutz, Marilyn Sansone, Dave Sarchet, Jim Schmidt, Sherry Schultz, Joe Shneider, Martin Shreibak, Chris Sobek, Angela Speranza, Claire Stephenson, Jean Stine, Harry Strick, John Trent. TRI-KAPPA SCHOLARSHIP— George Mazza TRI-KAPPA AWARDS TO TOP 1% OF JUNIOR CLASS Maggie Reister, Marcia Bartok, Jenny Murphy, Diane Peterson. NATIONAL MERIT SCHOLARSHIP LETTERS OF COMMENDATION Eve Anderson, Donna Bembenista, Beverly Bond, Deb croissant, Dennis Dietrich, Steve Holajter, James Rasch, Sherry Peglow, Sue Smith, Harry Strick. NATIONAL MERIT FINALISTS Tom Campion, Linda Gregg, Paul McCoy, Nancy McDaniel. TOP TEN SENIORS Penny Kozeny, Dave Sarchet, Sharon Miller, Chris Sobek, Diane Bembenista. Mary Ann Jugovic Nancy McDaniel, Macy Maxwell, Sue Smith Kathy Andrews, Linda Gregg D.A.R. AWARD— Mary Ann Jugovic PANHELLENIC AWARD-Penny Kozeny KIWANIS SCHOLARSHIP— Gloria Gyure ELKS SCHOLARSHIP-Patty Proll INLAND STEEL RYERSON CORPORATION HONORARY SCHOLARSHIP- Jane Washburn UNIVERSITY and COLLEGE SCHOLARSH IPS Keith Johnson-UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN Bob Wilthew— BUTLER UNIVERSITY Ken Bumbales— WESTERN MICHIGAN Marty Shreibak-BRADLEY UNIVERSITY Susie Speelman— COE COLLEGE HONORARY Knowledge 85 TOP: Biology Assistants— First Row—). McNees, D. Patter- son, M. Salatas, D. Ashenbremer, M. Ryan, L. Altherr, B. Moynagh, E. Siavelis, M. Rosevear, G, Warner, S. Trent, C. Russell, B. Helm. Second Row— A. Wuellner, D. Scolnik, G. Keen, D. Winter, M. Horlick, P. Benchik, K. Raymond, G. Pratt, D. Skozen, A. Corban, N. Calhoun, K. McLendon. Third Row— J. Milliken, L, Pochter, L. Blake, L. Waxman, S. Webber, B, Brown, J. Fitzner, M. Tharpe, T. Watson, R. Klug. Fourth Row— R. Fruehoff, J. Davidson, ). Etling, F. Abel, T, Stine, P. Goodman, C. Rawlins, M. (ablonski, D, Ham, H. Aberman. Not Pictured— K. Anderson, S. Ges- cheidler, B. Kinder, M. Leone, C. Kroll, S. Replinger, S. Shelly, R. Straub, J. Wolak, C. Schwarz, B. Smith. C. Lan- ting, B. Gerlach, P. Maloney, J. Shutka, P. Good, ABOVE: A.V. Assistants— First Row— R. Limning, D. Eidam, D. Ca- rollo, C. Knutson, K. Butynski. Second Row— W. Roades, B. Merchant, D. DeVersiak, B. Budny, P. Cress. RIGHT: Art Assistants— K. Reck, T. Lang, J. Estrada, M. Conrad, P. Proll. 86 Student Assistants Maintaining equipment in prime working condition occupied the A.V. assist- ants. Art assistants helped students with pro- jects and kept the art room in order. Biology assistants shouted for silence, graded tests, or- ganized student study guides, and operated film projectors and recorders. Delivering pas- ses from the office and guidance departments comprised the main duties of the office assist- ants. Books and magazines were checked out under the watchful eye of resource aids. Filling out attendance slips and jotting down test re- sults earned the P.E. assistants one half a credit per semester. ABOVE: P.E. Assistants— First Row— C. Lanting. A. Coulis, P. Bookwood, D. Dunning, N. Bates. Second Row— L. Ledna, D. Croissant, K. Bachman, D. Speranza. Third Row— T. Bache, J. Viront, P. Bretz, L. Wieler, C. Johnson, D. Wood, K. Bouton, P. Rothstein, Fourth Row— J. Brouwers, J. McDaniels, K. Hulett, E. Shelensky. Fifth Row— S. Snook, J. Skogan, M. Benne, M. Reilly. Not Pictured— K. Udich, L. Gerlach, B. Chizmar, M. Kaminsky, M. Allen. LEFT: Re- source Assistants— First Row— C. Kroll. C. Stephenson. D. Rosenbloom, M. Horlick, B. Kroll, W. Roades. I. Chem- erinsky, N. Rosenberg. C. Ulber. Second Row— M. Kowalc- zyk, B. Cleland, S. Homan, B. Rokosz, D. Lutton, J. Gage, R. Whitcombe, L. Mellady. Not Pictured— G. Bourne, M. Max- well, D. Hiser, R. Arges, N. Kolten, T. Rodda. BELOW: Of- fice Assistants— D. Lindstrom. S. Lieberman, D. Middleton, T. Lang, G. Bourne. Knowledge 87 4 . V A i Vi ABOVE: Patty Little— At the annual Christmas Party for the children at Tradewinds, Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus pay a suprise visit making the Student Senate project a success. RIGHT: A long awaited decision over the issue of driving to school was settled in favor of the senior students on a temporary basis. Student Senate Student Senate’s year was one of ac- complishment. Members obtained their requests for chocolate milk, a pop machine, and a corridor to be built between the high school and the field house. An experimental driving plan was set up with the Seniors. Once a month, two members from each class participated in exchanges with Highland, Noll, Merrillville, and Lowell. Student Senate spon- sored homecoming activities, the Christmas Party at Tradewinds Rehabilitation Center, the election for Mr. and Mrs. Scrooge, and the leg contest with the Basketball players. The Senate also ratified a new constitution with a new ju- dicial branch (student court) which will go into effect next year. Sponsor— Mr. Ross Haller. 90 LEFT: Rick Lanman, Debbie Cusick, Tom Trent— Repre- senting the student body the president carries off home- coming festivities smoothly. ABOVE: Don Kirschner, Rick Gubitz— Two officers confer on one of the many petty " points of order " at the once-a-month Student Senate meeting. BELOW: Student Senate— First Row: P. Bretz, M. Kaplan, P. Little, C. Sobek, J. McNess. Second Row: D. Mid- delton, M. Goodman, K. Lanting, B. Boroughs, M. Bosch, B, Moynagh, D. Ortman— Sec., L. Lanman, C. Marden, J. Smith, ). Washburn, S, Smith, C. Russell, B. Helm. Third Row: L. Bleicher, S. Richwire, M. Consoer, S. Dunn, K. Donnersberger, B. Page, J. Papais, T. Trent— Pres., M. Pfeis- ter, J. McAllister, S. Ressler, M. Bochnowski. Mr. Ross Hal- ler— Sponsor. Fourth Row: F. Troy. D. Kirschner— Vice Pres., P. McCoy, L. Pochter, M. Weber, B. Weinberg, R. Gubitz— Treas., B. Cummings, B. Wilson, R. Hirsch, L. Bi- ckel, J. Schmidt, T. Ottenheimer, E. Schmidt. Mill 1STER HIGH SCHOOL Involvement 91 RIGHT: National Honor Society provided enter- tainment by presenting the Omega players to the student body. BELOW: National Honor Society First Row: K. Andrews. K. Quint, M. Jugovic, D. Sar- chet, B. Girot, K. Johnson. J. Papais, G. Mannion— Pres., S. Holajter— Treas., G. Figuly. M. Schreibak. Second Row: Mr. Lloyd Linquist— Sponsor, P. Good, D. Bembenista, M. Sansone, L. Sennett, J. Washburn, P. Proll, K. Bachman, M. Maxwell, P. Tilka, S. Smith, L. Fei- ngold, K. Donnersberger. L. Gregg. M. Bauschelt. Third Row: E. Anderson, M. Fetzko— Vice Pres., N. McDaniel, C. Sobek. K. Bumbales, D. Croissant, G. Gyure, M. Gilchrist, N. Bjelland, P. Kozeny— Sec., L. Heatherinton, B. Graff, L. Hoekema, C. Stephen- son, S. Peglow 92 National Honor Society, Quill and Scroll NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY: As a community project, members made snowmen tray decorations for St. Margaret’s Hospital. The student body had the opportunity to at- tend the performance of “The Diary of Adam and Eve” by the Omega players, which was sponsored by the club. Profits obtained from the play were used to promote leadership and education by awarding two scholarships to de- serving seniors. Tom Trent and Sharon Miller were chosen to apply in Washington , D.C. for the International National Honor Society scholarships. Sponsor— Mr. Lloyd Linquist. Of- ficers— Greg Mannion— Pres., Marian Fetzko— Vice Pres., Penny Kozeny— Sec., Steve Holaj- ter— Treas.. QUILL AND SCROLL: Elimination of winter initiations enabled new members to gain recognition for journalistic achievements at the annual publications banquet. The deci- sion, made by the members, to work on the separate journalistic media rather than to par- ticipate actively in the club, made Quill and Scroll strictly an honorary organization. Spon- sor-Miss Nancy Kelley. ABOVE: Quill and Scroll— First Row: S. Barth, J. Wash- burn, L. Feingold, M. Jugovic. Second Row: L. Gregg, K. Bo- gusz, M. Bosch, C. Sobek. Third Row: J. Stine, M. Fetzko. Not Pictured: R. Hirsch, S. Goldstein, J. Rasch, M. McClean. LEFT: Kathy Bogusz, Brooke Boroughs— Outstanding achievements in the area of journalism are recognized each year by the initiation into Quill and Scroll. Involvement 93 RIGHT: Miss Pat Frank- owiak, Mrs. Helen Engst- rom, ]ohn Papais, Debbie Hale, Scott Sublett, Mary Bosch, Bob Liebengood— After long hours of coach- ing, the champion speak- ers proudly display their state trophy. Not pic- tured— Tom Trent. BE- LOW: Steve Weiss, Doug Amber, Brian Cummings— Teamwork is not only seen in the performances of the Varsity Speech team, but also in its par- ticipation at their annual chicken barbeque. 94 Speech and Debate For the third consecutive year the Speech and Debate team took first place in state competition. An overwhelming victory of 14 points was the largest margin ever accom- plished by a high school team in the past dec- ade. Senior John Papais helped gain recogni- tion for the Munster team by placing first in two catagories. He was the only high school speech member to accomplish a double win in the past 10 years. Senior Mary Bosch also took first in poetry, while Senior Tom Trent cap- tured first place in discussion. Early morning bus rides— “Are we there yet?”— and Barney, the team’s mascot, accompanied various meets and victories. The U.S. jury system was the to- pic of discussion for Saturday debates with various schools. Several students attended a workshop at Purdue University where they gained student legislative skills. Their fourth annual chicken barbeque and a Christmas wrap sale succeeded in earning funds for fees and transportation. Coaches— Mrs. Helen Engstrom (Head, Speech), Miss Pat Frank- owiak (Sub-Varsity, Extemp.), Mr. Daniel Ben- gert (Debate). Officers— Pres.: J. Papais; V. Pres.: J. Crary; Sec.: M. Bosch; Treas.: S. Smith; Hist.: K. Leonard: Student Senate Rep.: M. Reister. Records— Sectionals: 1st; Regionals: 1st; State: 1st. Individual State Records— Humorous In- terp.: J. Papais, 1st; Dramatic Interp.: J. Papais, 1st and D. Hale, 4th; Discussion: T. Trent, 1st; Poetry: M. Bosch, 1st; Orat. Interp: B. Liebe- ngood, 6th Boys Extemp.: S. Subett, 7th; Im- promp.: K. Bachman, 8th. Above Left: Scott Sublett— A speech member displays tal- ents needed to surpass opponents. Below Center: Speech and Debate— Front Row: K. Siefert, C. Mansuetto, D. Hale, D. Peterson, M. Kaplan, L. Waxman, L. Sennett P. Book- wood, M. McLean. S. McKenna. C. Hriso, N. Riffer, M. Reis- ter, R. Higgins, C. Wonnel, K. McLendon, C. Longhauser. Second Row-C. Manske, J. Clement . N. Simpson, J. Hand, K. Gregg, M. Rosevear, C. Griffin, T. Denmark, L. Murphy, L. Zagrocki, G. Pratt, M. Goodman, K. Bachman, B. Kroll, R. Morris, E. Andersen, S. Smith, M. Franz. P. Quint, Mrs. Helen Engstrom, Miss Pat Frankowiak, Mr. Daniel Bengert; sponsors. Third Row-M. Basila, A. Becker, T. Hagerty, D. Amber, B. Brown, P. Maloney, T. Ottenheimer, T. Trent, J. Schwartz, J. Papais— President. Fourth Row— R. Spector, M. Mazza. R. Fogelman, G. Mazza, S. Weiss. S. Sublett. R. Gubitz, B. Liebengood, J. Leonard, D. Eidam. Involvement 95 r } r ' V A " x ABOVE RIGHT: Orchestra— First Row: Mr. Carl Linden- director, C. Lindeman, K. McLendon, D. Stevens, G. Pau- lantes, T, Peglow. L. Orloff, J. Peach, V. Bussert. Second Row: C. Wayland, M. Kovach, D. Lutton, B. Saterblom, J. Such, C. Bussert. Third Row: J. Calhoun, J. Mehalo, H. Lo- rentzen, Fourth Row: D. Cala, K. Leonard, M. Franczek, G. Gambrell, K. Yasko, C. Ulber, P. Schaub, C. Manske, J. Cle- ment, S. Peglow, N. Chipman, G. Pevetak, E. Schmidt, M. Fary. Fifth Row: J. Bickel, J. Carr, R. Garson, P. Schaw, B. Hetrick, P. Novak. Sixth Row: L. Greisen, J. Brown, G. Adams. ABOVE: “Willard” the Indian-eating mouse is the star of the Thespian homecoming car. RIGHT: Brooke Boroughs, Debbie Hale— Thespians often instruct future members about the backstage aspects in the production of a play. 96 Thespians Orchestra THESPIANS: Mustang Summer Theatre, Mr. John Toth’s final production at M.H.S., initiated another year for the Interna- tional Thespian Society Troupe No. 2861. A new director with new ideas, “we all have to learn together,” distinguished this year’s Thes- pian activities. “Willard,” a Homecoming float disappointment, did not dampen future goals. The fall production of “Arsenic and Old Lace” constituted Mr. Karl Linden ' s first major suc- cess. A surprise visit from Mr. John Toth added excitement to the Christmas party. In the spring, Thespians supplemented their season with the performance of three modern one acts. The annual banquet at San Remo’s and new initiations concluded another year for the Thespians. Sponsors— Mr. Karl Linden, Mrs. Sherri Fech. Officers— Pres.: Melissa Gilchrist, V. Pres.; Jill Crary, Sec.: Diane Leirer, Treas.: Linda Fort, Scribe: Sue Bolls. ORCHESTRA: The orchestra’s eighth year began under the di- rection of a Munster High alumnus, Mr. Karl Linden. Winning first place recognition in the homecoming parade, their car “Dial M for Murder” provided much confidence for further projects. Ushering at the Van Cliburn Concert and selling candy door to door helped to publi- cize the orchestra’s involvement in music other than just concerts. More experienced players participated in a new group. “The Strolling Strings,” which played at all orchestra con- certs and at various community benefits. At NISBOVA more than a dozen members placed first and the orchestra achieved a second place in sight reading and performance. LEFT: John Such, Barb Saterblom-Practice for concerts is accomplished during classroom time. BELOW: Thespians— Front Row: J. Crary, L. Waxman, S. Sublett. M. Bosch, L. Fort, L. Murphy, D. Strachan, D. Abrinko, M. O Barske. Second Row: D. Hinchion, R. Gubitz, T. Hagarty. M. Gilchrist, K. Leonard, C. Longhauser. D. Dunning. N. Riffer. Third Row: B. Crary, W. Wilkens. J. Papais, D. Hale. H. Gilchrist, S. Bolls. B. Leibengood. J. Murphy, J. Leonard. N. Vranich. Involvement 97 ABOVE: Breaking with the uniform clothing tra- dition, a variety of spring outfits accent a chorus of spring songs. RIGHT: 10th Grade Girls Club— First Row: G. Keen. K. Guilotte, P. Bortz. J. Philips, D. Warziniak, J. Melhalso. K. Bucher, ). Yates, K. Bou- ton, C. O ' Connor, B. Helm, D. Ashenbremer, J. McNees. Second Row: L. Manzanek. L. Regelman, G. Warner, M. Koloch, N. Johns. G. Miller, N. Opin- ker, N. Kivet, D. Nick- oloff, C. Russell, C. Rus- sell, D. Figuley, M. Ruman. Third Row: C. Hulett, S. Replinger, M. Pfister, A. Donnersberger, J. Angelocos, S. Anderson, B. Clark, S. Hulsey, J. Brinkman, B. Etling, L. Speranza, L. Carlson. Fourth Row: K. Summers, F. Helminski, D. Sholte, J. Brouwers, S. Trent, B. White, L. Goldsmith, D. Popa, G. Kaplan. D. Petro, T. Flynn, K. Vogt. m B 0B- v ® 1 £ 1 j B A 1 Hi HH| III tt B jp mill li g n --1 . iH j a a ml I 1 - ' i B | i» H v - f ' •; WfcS kl vrB 1 . r j® w ■ f W ■ A tb li -y | 98 Glee Clubs 9th GRADE CHOIR: Traditional 9th grade girls and boys glee clubs were combined to form one group. The choir performed at both Christmas and Spring Concerts, but was unable to attend the NISBOVA contest. Direc- tor— Mr. Richard Holmberg. 10th GRADE CHOIR: Although small in number, the club at- tained a second place rating at NISBOVA. At Christmas the choir performed “Ceremony of Carols,” accompanied on the harp by Mrs. Joe Huges. They also entertained at the annual Spring Concert. Director — Mr. Richard Holmberg. LEFT: Bryan Crary, John Green, Joe Sobek. Bob Lewann— Serious learning can and does take place during a relaxed class hour. BELOW: 9th Grade Choir— First Row: P. Ste- vens. D. Johnson. L. Lesinski, J. Ferro, R. Brandt. M. Ko- pacz, C. Baut, B. Seehausen, C. Murry. Second Row: J. So- bek, D. Pope, B. Crary, S. Keeler. B. Breshak. G. Mikes, B. Lewann, J. Green, S. Siemering, S. Shupe. Third Row: J. Watkins, C. Brandt, B. Leask, C. Bartok, H. Gilchrist. L. Schnell, M. GeBore, S. Greer, D. Stamps. L. Valko, L. Strayer, C. Casey, N. Simpson. D. Strachan, S. Spillar, V. Bussert, R. Sholte, M. Etling, T. Andrews, M. Lang. Involvement 99 10th and 11th Grade Choir Numerous choir members continued the “Gorilla Choir” tradition. Large in number, the choir sang at the Christmas concert per- forming “Jazz Gloria,” accompanied by a bass, trumpet, and percussion. They also partici- pated in the annual Spring concert and the NISBOVA contest, where they received a sec- ond place rating despite participation in class A competition. The year ended with their per- formance at Baccalaureate. Director— Mr. Rich- ard Holmberg. BELOW: Mr. Richard Holmberg-The man behind the voices now appears on stage. RIGHT: Debbie Murzyn. Susie Klein. Lisa Hanock. Ana Encinosa— Minds often stray as the class hour grows longer. 1(X) ABOVE: 10th and 11th Grade Choir-First Row: S. Buckner. K. Winner. D. Greenspon. N. Zopp. D. Peterson. D. Nelson. L. Crary, J. Long. E. Siavelis, L. Parker. S. Cohen. Second Row: M. Kaplan. M. Bower, L. Hanock. J. Smith. L. Altherr. ). Tokarz. D. Nowaczyk, N. Stevens. C. Bombar. D. Valko. B. Kenealy. Third Row: M. Koloch, S. Greer, M. Shevin. L. Waxman. C. Marden, S. Klein. M. Goodman. C. Wilson. M. Connor, M. Reister. K. Bacon. Fourth Row: M. O ' Donnell. C. [ohnsen, D. Humes. K. Stoddart. J. Murphy. L. Adaska. C. Johnsen. P. Babas. D. Halon, P. Quint, A. McCollum. J. Paluga. Fifth Row: S. Marks. J. Milliken, L. Blake. S. Keen, C. Plunkett. P. Kovich, D. Murzyn. T. Smith. M. Berghian. A. Encinosa. J. McAllister. Sixth Row: B. Bembenista. D. Cusick, D. Hale. D. Watson, R. Steiger. R. W ' ennekes. S. Sublett. M. Blocker, K. Watson, R. Monaldi. M. Hirsch, R. Rosenthal. Seventh Row: T. Haggerty, B. Cornell. B. Hott. M. Hawryszkow, C. Levenberg. T. Ottenheimer. D. Hueb- ner. H. Pugh, D. Rys. G. Adams. B. Aranowski. Eighth Row: B. Hasse. D. Sorenson. D. Low, C. Rawlins. B. Cummings, B. Grand. D. Abrinko, B. Grow. R. Lanman. P. Hasiak. T. Fetzko, |. Powley. LEFT: Mary Beth Berghian. Gwen Bruhn, Debbie Murzyn. Carol Marden— A casual atmosphere sur- rounds the annual Spring Concert. Involvement 101 ABOVE: Concert Choir— First Row: S. Bolls, J. Kuhn, S. Miller, M. Bauschlet. J. Hlinka, P. Coulis, B. Donoho, D. Schley, J. Gott, T. Slivka, B. Kelley, T. Trent. Second Row: K. Pope, W. Wilkens, C. Sobek. K. Donnersberger, L. Heatherington, M. Bosch, A. White, A. Coulis, D. Estrada, D. Angel, T. Thomas, S. Webber. Third Row: J. Lair, J. Mur- phy, C. Bond, D. Lammering, J. Satek, J. Stine, K. Bell, ]. Barker, D. Bembenista, K. Bogusz. Fourth Row: P. Good, M. Nondorf, P. Hamacher, C. Kendrick, J. Copple, C. Stankie, B. Krol. Fifth Row: B. Graff, K. Quint, J. Davidson, ). Bur- lison, G. Ahlborn, M. Tanis. Sixth Row: P. Shaw, G. Pri- chard, R. Jones. P. Ballard. E. Shields, J. Garzinski, D. Demy, G. Gyure, S. Kustka, M. Wood, W. Gott, T. Lavery. RIGHT: Greg Prichard, Chuck Simpson— Last minute prep- arations are made by choir members at the Spring Concert. Concert Choir This year’s Concert Choir did not seem to satisfy expectations. The choir enter- tained at the Christmas Concert with their per- formance of Messiah, accompanied by the or- chestra. They also sang in the Spring Concert, the NISBOVA contest in Hammond, where they received a second place rating, and at Commencement exercises. Director— Mr. Rich- ard Holmberg. LEFT: The Concert Choir provides a holiday spirit for the Community at the Christmas Concert. BELOW: |uli Shumway. (ill Davidson. Sue Bolls. Donna Schley. Lisa Heatherington, Kelley Donnersberger, Janet Satek, Dale Lammering— Concert Choir members learn their final song in anticipation of Commencement exercises. Ensembles All the vocal groups improved con- siderably this year. Their talent brought forth many requests from different organizations to perform, some of which they had to turn down. Girls ' Sextet, Girls’ Ensemble and Boys’ Ensemble all received a first in region and in state contests, while Mixed Ensemble only re- ceived a first in region. Mixed Ensemble dis- banded after contest, as a result of schedule conflicts, however, many of the members par- ticipated in the other vocal groups. Directors— Mr. Gene Fort, Mr. Richard Holmberg. ABOVE: Girls ' Ensemble— C. Bond, L. Waxman, P. Ham- acher, M. Gilchrist. M. Ruman, N. Johns. G. Gyure, K. Pope. J. Gobel. RIGHT: Chris Sobek, Mr. Gene Fort— Director- Discussing performance numbers before an engagement brings confidence to one of the members. 104 BELOW: Boys ' En- semble -B. Grow, R. Lan- man, R. Gys, D. Sorenson, E. Schmidt, D. Huebner, D. Low, B. Hott, C. Bus- sert, M. Hawryskow, C. Rawlins. LEFT: Girls ' Sextet: M. Meisterling, M. Reister, D. Cusick, C. Lindeman, C. O ' Connor. C. Sobek. Involvement 105 Aviation, Medical Club AVIATION: Interest in the aspects of flying materialized into a new club. The Aviation Club sent for some sample contest models, displayed model aircrafts in the com- mons and held a successful Pepsi sale. Plans were formulated to design and build a full size glider. Sponsor— Mr. Ron Tyner. Officers: P. Cress— Pres., T. Watson— Vice Pres., K. Mehok— Treas., MEDICAL CLUB: The new Medical Health Club replaced future Nurses’ Club by broadening their goals and plans to emcom- pass the whole medical profession. A lollipop sale with a giant lollipop raffle succeeded in making profits for plans to visit the Indiana Medical Center and Chicago hospitals. At Christmas, bean-bags, made by the club, brought happiness to the pediatric ward at St. Margaret ' s Hospital. Sponsor— Miss Chris Bieliki. RIGHT: Renee Steven, Paul Cress-Aviation Club sells cold pop to help quench the thirst after a long day. ABOVE: Aviation Club-T. Erickson, J. Miner, K. Mehok, P. Good- mann, T. Watson, P. Cress, S. Harvey, S. Petso, K. Cwick. Sponsor— Mr. Ron Tyner. 106 ABOVE LEFT: Medical Club— First Row: P. Bretz, T. Holmes, Second Row: K. Kolodziej, W. Kontos, S. Buckner, Third Row: Miss Chris Bieliki— Spon- sor, C. Wayland, L. Zagr- ocki, N. Maluga, R. Brandt, ABOVE: Dennis Danko, Nick Sumbles, Doug Amber, Paul Cress— Proudly displaying a mas- ter piece, an Aviation member explains the con- struction of a glider, LEFT: Kathy Kolodiziej, Nancy Maluga, Nancy Raves— A chance at win- ning the big lollipop en- courages students to sup- port the club ' s sale. Involvement 107 ABOVE: Greg Eidam, Dirk Wonnell, Janet El- kins, Mr. David Carmony, Paul Wickland— Providing entertainment for the community as well as it- self, the Stage Band plays at their annual " String of Pearls " dance. RIGHT: Stage Band— First Row: R. Van Inwegen, J. Pan- chisin, G. Eidam, D. Won- nell, J, Elkins. Second Row: Mr. David Carmony, G. Devetak, J. Brown, N. Calhoun. Third Row: M. Biegel, G. Weinberg, P. Shaw, B. Hetrick, D. Kal- man, P. Wickland, G. Griffin, J. Miner, E. Shea, C. Bussert. Stage Band Pep Band STAGE BAND: A simulation of the " Big Band Era” was the focal point for this year’s Stage Band. Being an extra-curricular organization, Stage Band was extremely selec- tive in choosing its members. Aside from The Spring Concert and “String of Pearls” dance the band performed and toured for many com- munity organization dinner dances. PEP BAND: Under the direction of Mr. David Car- mony, the volunteer Pep Band played at home basketball games and pep rallies. Pep Band managed to revive spirit in Mustang fans even when a loss was close in sight. Introduction of elementary students to the fundamentals of playing a band instrument and participation in Lansing’s Good Neighbor Parade were unrec- ognized sides of the Pep Band. Band Dir.-Mr. David Carmony. 108 ABOVE LEFT: Jeff Brown— When the pep club loses interest, the band not only provides music but also adds its own enthusiastic cheers. ABOVE: Pep Band— First Row: M. Agerter. L. Chi- nelli, A. Esterhay, J. El- kins, V. Young, K. Cope- land. C. Stevenson. S. Peglow. Second Row: N. Schaub. A. Bunting. S. Sipes, B. Knapik, M. Ma- zur. G. Krawcheck. P. Meagher, R. Garson. N. Calhoun. Third Row: Mr. Carmony, R. Van In- wegen, L. Greisen. C. Manske, J. Clement. P. Schaub. M. Biegel. P. Tal- ent. J. Patlyek. G. Wein- berg. Fourth Row: P. Wickland, W. Schmidt. D. Harrison, P. Novak. B. Hetrick, D. Sweeny, D. Shea. J. Bickel. Fifth Row: J. Miner, G. Griffin. J. Schmidt. J. Zink. D. Mee- ker. G. Devetak. M. Alias. E. Shea. J. Carr. LEFT: John Biegel, Paul Noul- vak-A pep band full of surprises played at every home basketball game. Involvement 109 is II ABOVE: Jan McNees— Band members review formations that they practiced all summer. BELOW: Paul Wickland, Rick McClaughery— At the Highland game the band plays the energeric tune, “Hawiian War Chant.” Marching Band MARCHING BAND: This year for the first time two drum majors assisted “coach " in preparing for the Halloween and Christmas parades. Half time at home games entertained the crowds with polished forma- tions to the tunes of “Super Star”, 25 or 6 to 4”, “Sloopy,” “Puppet Man” and various Christ- mas songs. A formation of the letters U.S., made the “Discovery America” show one of the most valuable half times of the season. no ABOVE: Mr. David Carmony— Pounding out the beat to " Go-Go”, " Coach " assisted the cheerleaders at the Valpo pep rally. BELOW: Front Row— J. Clement— drum major, D. Leonard, L. Greisen, M. Agerter, J. Nigro, B. Bolls, B. Hasse, T. Truver, D. Lee, D. Ray, R. Vanlnwegen— drum major, Mr. D. Carmony, Second Row— P. Wickland. G. Eidam, G. Grif- fin, D. Wonnell, G. Ciucki, S. Demaree, D. Wayland, J. Humes,, B. Krapik, N. Calhoun, D. Queer, B. Bunting, M. Kowalczyk. Third Row— J. Panchisin, S. Zink, E. Dhea, J. Shea, L. Mattews, S. Peglow, T. Martin, C. Stevenson, K. Copeland, V. Young, G. Wonnell, R. McClaughry, D. Moya, P. Schaub, Fourth Row— G. Devetak, D. Klem, D. Meeker, P. Talent, D. LaRocca, L. Fields, P. Waisnora, L. Neukranz, S. Sipes, P. Young, N. Schaub, A. Bunting, P. Huck, D. Sweeny. Fifth Row— T. Carr, S. Bilik, T. Schultz, J. Wood, J. Patlyek, J. Smith, f. Fogelman, M. Mezey, N. Richter, G. Winberg, M. Biegel, P. Novak, B. Hetrick. Sixth Row— J. Kus, J. Carr, P. Meagher, G. Krawczyk, L. Chiarell, K. Swing, R. Garson, J. Elkins, B. Berns, N. Chipman, L. Chi- dester, C. Manske. Seventh Row— G. Borne, C. Krol, D. Miller, J. Brown, B. Polonis, F. Costello, P. Shaw, K. Barkal, J. Miner, J. Berns, M. Washburn, C. Page, D. Horath. Eighth Row— E. Schmidt, P. Lee, J. Bickel, B. Vanlnwegen, M. Elias, D. Harrison, W. Schmidt. Involvement 111 Cheerleaders Despite the intense heat while attend- ing camp at Illinois State, the varsity cheer- leaders received three superior and two ex- cellent ratings for spirit and action cheers. During halftime at home games, the cheerlead- ers surprised the fans by throwing miniature plastic footballs donated by community busi- nesses. Serving as boy cheerleaders for the basketball season, Phil Coulis, Todd Donoho, Dave Huebner, Hugh Kuhn, Rob Shupe, and Dave Watson, tried to encourage more team support. The J.V. and Freshman squads fur- nished the school body with bake sales which provided money for their new outfits. Spon- sors: Mrs. Pat Sholts and Mrs. Doris Johnson. BELOW: Chris Sobek (Captain) and Phil Coulis-Lettermen elevated cheerleaders and the pep block ' s morale at the same time. RIGHT: Varsity Cheerleaders: S. Speelman, D. Cusick, C. Sobek (Captain), J. Smith, L. Altherr, C. Marden. BELOW RIGHT: Freshman Cheerleaders: M. Vance, S. Watson, P. Ruf. K. Kish. 112 BELOW: Debbie Cusick and Susi Speelman— While Crown Point fans experience defeat, Munster cheerleaders are overwhelmed with a victory. BOTTOM: Junior Varsity Cheerleaders— S. Replinger. M. Reilly, J. Brinkman, S. Trent. . »! 1 MUSTANG I l Involvement 113 ABOVE: Majorettes— Front Row: J. Satek, P. Hamacher, P. Bretz. Back Row: D. Weeks, L. Ledna, R. White, D. Kasper, G. Georgas, D. Rumbler, J. Satek. LEFT: Robin White— A first year member reveals satisfaction after a long week of practice. Majorettes Giving summer twirling lessons enabled the Majorettes to earn money for the Smith-Waldridgh camp where new flag and twirling routines were learned. At the home- coming game the field ' s lights dimmed as the majorettes twirled fire batons to the appro- priate tune of “Light My Fire.” A class period gave the majorettes time to prepare for home games and parades throughout the Calumet Area. New dimensions to the tunes of “Tom- mie” and “Sweet Georgia Brown” reflected the long hours of preparation before their per- formances. Sponsor: Mrs. Mary Yorke. 114 LEFT: Diane Weeks. Pam Hamacher, Janet Satek, Janice Satek— To the tune of " Opening Night,” the Munster Majorettes dis- play uniformity in their performance. BELOW: Debbie Kasper. Diane Weeks, Janet Satek— A fire routine and new out- fits introduced a new im- age for the corps at homecoming. 1 Drill Team Class time set aside for practic- ing eliminated unorganized performances at games. A larger membership provided for more variety and completeness in routines. Novel costume props such as the clocks, smile faces, cardboard guitars and a Mustang Malt Shoppe brought alive the tunes of “25 or 6 to 4”, “Confidence”, “I Dig Rock ’n Roll Music”, and “Charleston”. Capts.: L. Ericson, D. Schley. Col.: K. Dobosz. Sponsor: Miss Marcia Fedorchak. ABOVE: Terry Smith- Summer practices often occurred at inopportune times for many of the team ' s members. ABOVE RIGHT: Jennifer Mehalso, Nancy Johns-The Drill Team highlighted the eve- ning of the Michigan City game by returning to the “Roaring Twenties.” RIGHT: Cathy Hanus, Lynn Ericson, Karen Do- bosz, Melissa Boldt-With perserverance and effort the Drill Team members brought forth many ex- citing routines. 116 Involvement 117 LEFT: Drill Team-F ' ront Row: L. Lanman, N. Johns, D. Schley, D. Schley, K. Dobosz, L. Ericson, D. Figuley, J. Wig- ley, C. Russell. Second Row: M. Dietrich, S. Resler, P. Biel. G. Dobosz, S. Crossant, T, Smith. J. Skogan, R. Bryan, C. Hriso. Third Row: M. Fisher, D, Stoker, M. Pfister, ). Phil- lips, J. Mhalso, L. Speranza, J. Stine, M. Lang, A. Speranza, J. Jeorse. Fourth Row: S. Hulsey, J. Angelicos. R. Guilotte, D. Nickoloff, S. Gage, M. Boldt, C. Hanus, K. Sagala, A. Ba- tor. BELOW: Karen Dobosz, Terry Smith, Patrice Biel, Liz Lanman, Gayle Dobosz, Jan Wigley, Rosanne Bryan, Me- lissa Boldt-A roar of enthusiasm encourages the Mustang Football team as the score is doubled. .. ' RIGHT: Freshman Pep Club-First Row: J. Calhoun. L. Or- loff. A. Boroughs, A. Estrada, C. Simmering, R, Marden. S. Gerdt. Second Row: J. Kustka, M. Consoer, L. Bleicher, C. Berke, T. Denmark, B. Brown, D. Wooden, D. Komelik, P. Gallado. Third Row: M. Walsh, N. Hawkins, S. Sipes, A. Bunting, N. Schaub, S. Wolak, M. Proll, P. Brumm, P. Wais- nora. Fourth Row. ). Parker, S. Sheliga, D. Passalacqua. K. McKenna. C. Schwartz, A. Ray, A. Webber, T. Ellison. J. Kucer. Fifth Row: S. Spillar, S. Luerssen, N. Simpson, A. Montes, P. Anderson, L. Nelson, J. Farrow, S. Biel, C. Kwasny, J. Wigley, M. Kick, L. Strayer. Sixth Row: M, Vance, J. Watkins, J. Gage, N. Furlough, M. Long, F. Orlich, H. Harr, S. Weiller, B. Ryder, L. Donaho, G. Kaplan, S. Watson. BELOW LEFT: Varsity Pep Club Officers-Front Row: L. Adaska, Treasurer; J. Kuhn, President. Second Row: ). Murphy, Secretary; D. Stoker, Vice-President. BE- LOW RIGHT: Toni Berke-The winning touchdown of the Highland and Munster clash brings delight to this enthu- siastic Munster fan. Pep Club The apathy of a memberless pep club overturned the school spirit. In revolt to last year’s structured pep club, the new of- ficers decided on more of a “free-spirit” organ- ization. The officers sponsored the annual Christmas wreath sale which caused an exten- sive budget deficit. Smile pins, key chains, and spirit ribbons were later sold to replenish their funds. Aside from planning spirit week activ- ities, the pep club also decorated the players’ homes. The Freshman pep club organized preparations for their tourney which included a Christmas card sale and new outfits. Varsity sponsor: Mr. Arthur Haverstock, Freshman sponsor: Mrs. Virginia Schwarz. ABOVE: Dale Lammering. Kelly Donnersberger-Football players often awake to a wonderland of crepe paper and signs, courtsey of Pep Club. LEFT: Dave Lautz. Leo Chruby, Ron Seligar-Spirit decorations magnify the rivalry between Munster and Valpo. Involvement 119 G.T.O. In their second year of existence, the Girls Timing Organization obtained the second largest enrollment of any other Mun- ster organization. Members supported the mi- nor sports of swimming, wrestling, and track by painting signs and decorating the homes of players. Cinder and Matmaids timed during meets and helped the coaches with team records. The mermaids’ season concluded with a water basketball party complete with the swim team. Sponsor-Mr. Jon Jepson. RIGHT: Maureen Pfister, Marcy Lang, Coach Stone-At the Munster-Hammond High track meet, the G.T.O. timers re- port encouraging times to Coach Stone. RIGHT: G.T.O.- Track-First Row: R. White, B. Etling, M. Lang, C. Hriso, J. Phillips, D. Angel. Second Row: W. Kontos, L. Carlson, B. Hanes, T. Oberle, M. Driggs, A. Bunting, M. Etling. Third Row: J. Skogan-President, M. Bartok, L. Adaska, L. Ledna, M. Consoer, D. Nickoloff, W. Ham, S. Allen, M. Walsh. Fourth Row: N. Johns, J. Mehalso, D. Warziniak, J. Sartain, J. Yates, N. Riffer, C. Russell, K. Summers, S. Peters, B. Clark, J. Murphy, P. Meagher, M. Leeney. Fifth Row: M. Pfister, C. Lindman, L. Borsatino, P. Anderson, D. Goleic, C. O’Connor, D. Sholte, ). Bowers, D. Puncho, M. Kaminiski, L. Fields, P. Kozeny, J. Stine. 120 ABOVE LEFT: Beth Ray- mond, Janet Satek-G.T.O. duties included keeping records at the Marathon as well as Swim meets. ABOVE: G.T.O. Swim- ming-First Row: D. Ham- President, C. Lanting. M. Frantz, M. Dietrich, K. Meagher. K. Lengyel, P. Biel, L. Waiss, C. Boch- nowski. K. Lichtsinn. J. Tokarz. Second Row: B. Page. C. Valilionis, C. Burke. L. Zagrocki, T. Bache, L. Mazanek, L. Neukranz, E. Garofalo. C. O ' Connor, B. Shinken, W. Wilkens, J. Kuhn. M. Garofalo, M. Bochnowski, Third Row: S. Bolls, P. Rothstein, D. Kasper, L. Dahl, S. Dunn, L. Bleicher, C. Simmering, S. Biel. S. Ressler, ). McAllister, J. Satek, K, Donnersberger, L. Regelman. B. Chizmar. LEFT: G.T.O. Wrestling- First Row: K. Bacon, J. McNees. L. Rudzinski- President, S. Cohen, R. Marden, L. Donoho, D. Wein. C. Longhauser, M. Nondorf, I. Farrow, D. Ashenbremmer. M, Max- well, M. Ryan. D. Patter- son. Second Row: J. An- gelcos. S. Hales, D. Nowaczyk, D. Scolnik. S. Lewis, J. Watkins, S. Spil- lar. J. Parker. N. Furhof. E. Schlensky, P. Leask, J. Wolak. T. Bauschelt, A, Donnersberger. A. Wol- ner. G. Keene, M. O ' Donald. Involvement 121 Lettermen Synchronized Swim LETTERMEN: An athletics council re- presenting the M-Club was formed to take any grievances to the head coach. The lettermen helped the in-season team by selling programs, sweeping floors, and holding ropes at half- time. A dance with the “Circus” added money to the established funds to help finance the let- termen ' s jackets. Sponsor— Mr. Mike Niksic. Officers: Keith Johnson— Pres., Rod Clark— Vice Pres., Greg Karas— Sergeant-at-Arms, Phil Coulis— Treas. SYNCRONIZED SWIM: Swim- mers composed and choreographed their own routines for their spring show. An Easter candy sale obtained funds for costumes and decorations which were made for the show by the members. The club sponsored its annual water show entitled “Its a Small World” which featured acts revolving around various coun- tries of the world. Swim team members helped with the show and at intermission M.H.S. di- vers, coached by Mr. Charles Chelich, per- formed. The year’s activities concluded with a cast party. Sponsor— Miss Marcia Fedorchak. General Chairman— Julie Murphy. ABOVE: Patricia Biel. Renee Guilotte, Claudia Kwasny. Debbie Ham, Paula Anderson. Sue Biel— To the theme of " Its a Small World " the Ha- waiian natives begin the annual synchronized swim show. RIGHT: Syn- chronized Swim— First Row: ). Murphy. K. Bell, D. Ham, D. Croissant, L. Dahl, S. Croissant, S. Egli, T. Oberle, C. Siemering, C. Schwartz, S. Biel, C. Kwasny, Miss Marcia Fe- dorchak— Sponsor, J. Smith. Second Row: D. Schley, L. Altherr. C. Burke, J. Eggers, P. Ander- son. B. Garafalo. L. Lan- man. D. Schley. 122 » ’•f. h K ABOVE LEFT: Lett ermen— First Row: T. Kelley, M. Bobin, M. Wolfe, G. Karas, P. Hasiak, S. Allen, K. Watson. M. Bo- gusz, B. Young, B. Smith. Second Row: M. Rizzo, B. Grand, J. Lee, M. Graham, B. Eggers, P. Shaw, C. Bussert, T. Smelko, D. Miller, L. Micon. M. Blocker. Third Row: T. La- very, R. Higgins, B. Girot, D. Oberle, D. Hubner, R. Clark, D. Lautz, D. Watson, J. O ' Barske, T. Donoho, J. Kolas. K. [ohnson, B. Helm, T. Fetzko. P. Coulis, T. Cort, K. Bum- bales, B. Hetrick, L. Neukranz, P. Ballard, J. Gott, ). Schnei- der, P. Hiple, A. Groeger, R. Eidam, M. Victor, S. Sala, R. Clark, Coach Mike Niksic— Sponsor. Fourth Row: R. Lan- man, T. Peglow, T. Kinnane, |. Miller, H. Kuhn. B. Mueller, P. Wickland, J. Rothstein, W. Gott, T. Rasch, R. Nelson, M. Webber. LEFT: Terry Kelley— Along with being active in their individual sport, the l ettermen sell programs and su- pervise at games. ABOVE: Rod Clark. Keith Johnson, Bill Dye, Dennis Dietrich, Susi Speelman— The lettermen add to their funds by presenting the “Circus " at their dance. Involvement 123 RIGHT: Debbie Wood. Anne McDonald, Miss Dorothy Christoff— W ' hile the coach gives advise, the team members catch a quick breath during a time out at a Munster-Griff- ith game. BELOW: G.A.A. Intermurals— First Row: M. Sa- latas, J. Phillips. A. Wuellner, M. Musick, K. McKinne, K. Andersen. S. Greer. M. Kolock, M. Croner. Second Row: K. Bauter. M. Kowalczyk, J. Iorio, D. Popa, G. Miller, R. Argus, P. Anderson. D. Goleck, W. Ham, K. Summers. R. White, N. Kivett, K. Bucker, S. Krajewski, S. Robb. N. Calhoun. Third Row: K. Bacon. N. Johns, D. Warziniak, G. Keen. N. Opin- ker, C. Sipkosky, L. Neukranz, B. Etling, L. Mazanek, B. Clark. C. Russell, D. Speranza, K. Lichsinn, D. Dunning, C. Longhauser, G. Dobosz, D. Kasper, M. Bochnowski. Fourth Row: J. Brinkmann, S. Dahlkamp, K. Lyle, C. Schwarz, M. Driggs, C. Popiela. C. Gerdt, M. Kaminski, C. Middleton, P. Bortz. Fifth Row: R. Stevens, D. Schley. S. Replinger, K. Hulett, S. Dunn. A. Estrada. M. Long, A. Ray, T. Andrews, P. Orlich. C. Waskiewicz, J. Harkenrider, N. Simpson, J. Al- len, N. Riffer. N. Bates, F. Helminski, L. Kolember. Sixth Row: D. Figuly. L, Goldsmith, L. Skelley, R. Sholte, R. Mar- den, L. Donoho, S. Richwine, D. Ruf, G. Siemering, L. Lan- man, M. Wood. Seventh Row: S. Greer, N, Fruehauf, T. El- lison, D. Nowaczyk, S. Meyer. l if U Vi v ■ v M ' V A Jr " ' ■ ' f 1 % ' V j i J at A " ' r 1 ■ iJ. , T ' t 124 G.A.A With nine different intramural and extramural sports offered, more girls had a chance to compete in the area of their desire. G.A.A. not only competed but also hosted many money-making projects, a variety of par- ties, and a determined membership drive. At the annual awards banquet members partici- pating in varsity sports or who have accumu- lated points won various G.A.A. honors. Spon- sor— Miss MaryBeth Stonebreaker. LEFT: Mary Ellen Forszt— As she swings, A G.A.A. member obtains pleasure from her favorite sport. ABOVE: Miss Marybeth Stonebraker-As volleyball members dig their coach, their coach “digs” the ball. Involvement 125 G.A.A RIGHT: Fall Varsity Teams— First Row: P. Malinski, J. Bor- sattino, C. Mathews, ). Sartain. D. Greenspon, G. Gyure, J. Mehalso, P. Dalton, S. Richards, D. Daltom, M. Schoop. Second Row: S. Leonard, S. Gillespie, S. Rothstein, Third Row: S. Rucinski, D. Wood, P. Anderson, C. Johnson, L. La- zinski, J. Hand. L. Borsattino. D. Echterling. M. Forszt, S. McKenna. BELOW: Debbie Croissant, Missy Ruman, Miss Jean Rawson (Coach)— This victory foreshadows a great season for Munster ' s new girls ' swim team. 126 ABOVE LEFT: Mary Ellen Forszt, Anne McDonald— The Munster Basketball Team edges a victory over Griffith. ABOVE: Kathy Muta, Missy Vance— Style and grace are shown in all aspects of this year ' s gymnastics ' team. LEFT: Spring Varsity Teams-First Row: P. Bretz, S. Doherty, M. Bachman, M. Moynagh, V. Harwood, S. Biel. Second Row: J. Skogan, M. Reilly, M. Pfister, R. Ottenhimer, D. Passa- lacqua, C. Burke, Third Row: C. Hsriso, J. Brouwers, P. Bookwood, R. Carson. Fourth Row: L. Dahl, S. Resler, P. Biel, G. Heatherington, M. Benne. Involvement 127 D.E. The disappointment of a second place homecoming car did not dampen the spirit of D.E. Organized money-making pro- jects such as the Christmas candle sale, the candy sale and a movie for the elementary schools, ‘ ' Run Wild, Run Free” expanded the group ' s responsibilities beyond just the oper- ation of the bookstore, “The Joint.” Winning regionals then taking fifth in state marked an “official " successful year. Jr. D. E. hosted a pic- nic at the dunes for the Sr. D.E. members and extended their service by taking “The Joint” into full control by early May. Awards: T. Go- wer; 2nd place state, Window Display, R. Sandburg; 2nd place state, Ret. Mer. Test. B. Williamson; 3rd place state, Ad. Layout, R. Hirsch; 3rd place state, Ret. Mer. Test, J. Given, R. Minas, L. Clifton; 3rd place state, Decision Making. ABOVE: Distributive Ed. -Sr. —First Row: Mr. James Mclndoo, T. Hayes, J. Lynn, B. Senak, L. Clifton. Second Row: R. Hirsch, E. Sosbey, R. Minas, T. Gower, J. Given, R. Monaldi, M. Franczek. R. Seliger, R. Sandberg, B. William- son, J. Hoeppener, D. Lindstrom. RIGHT: A unique theme provides for an impressive homecoming car. 128 LEFT: Distributive Ed.-Jr.— First Row: B. Kennedy. H. Hef- fley, ]. Reppa, C. Lanting, M. Thoesen. V. Rundle. Second Row: C. Bombar, J. Hayes, D. Kaiser, G. Borowski, K. Mur- phy, C. Fo rd, R. Hinkel. BELOW: Kurt Banazack, Maria Thoesen— D.E. supplies the student body with various classroom materials. Involvement 129 V 1 -) I r ' 1 O.E.A. Planning for the future in the area of office occupations and developing individ- ual abilities to the fullest were only parts of the O.E.A. pledge that members upheld. Doughnut, candy, and polyfluff sales aided funds but also showed the responsibility in the organization. An annual Employer-Employee banquet con- cluded a year of accomplishments. Sponsor: Miss Rose Holder. Officers: Pres.; A. Pele- shenko, Sec.; L. Siple, Treas.; S. Schmueser, Historian; G. Macko. Awards: M. O ' Donnell; 3rd place state and nation, machine dupli., A. Peleshenko; 4th place state, job man., N. Curtis and C. Kocal; 5th place state, Chap. Dis. ABOVE: O.E.A.-Sr.— First Row: A. Peleschenko, L. Siple. C. Carney, B. Moore, G. Macko. Second Row: Miss Rose Holder— sponsor, S. Schmueser. C. Kocal, ). Summers. D. Weeks. RIGHT: Cindy Kocal, Gerry Macko— Making money for their organization, O.E.A. members sell polyfluffs at Munster High’s carnival. v- ABOVE: O.E.A.-Jr.— First Row: D. Wien, T. Wilson, S. Cook, Debbie Helton, P. Bretz. Second Row: C. Copeland, L. Belinsky, M. O’Donnell, J. Pondusa, S. Lewis, Miss Rose Holder- sponsor. Third Row: S. Buchner, K. Estrada, M. Burns, B. Rokosz, M. Hodus, S. Harkenrider, B. Senek. LEFT: Linda Siple, Mary Anne O ' Donnell— At the Employer-Employee Banquet a third place na- tional winner accepts an outstanding achievement plaque. Involvement 131 Photography, Science Club PHOTOGRAPHY: Inquisitive photo- graphers participated in this newly formed or- ganization. Working on individual projects, students learned new techniques of oil tinting, developing black and white prints, and picture composition. An Eastman Kodak slide presen- tation was shown by the club for all interested students. Sponsor— Mr. David Russell. SCI- ENCE CLUB: An overabundance of members aided Science Club in its various activities. A tour of Purdue’s Science Department and the annual trip to Turkey Run provided ex- citement and experience off school grounds. Helium ballons at the carnival, a concession stand at the AAU Swim meet and contest, “Miss Simple Harmonic Motion” secured money to purchase better lab equipment. A swim party and banquet concluded a success- ful year. Sponsor— Mr. Jim Karagianis. ABOVE: Photography Club— First Row; S. Jarzombek, K. Butynski, D. Budny, D. Greenspon. Second Row: D. Amber, Mr. Dave Russell— Sponsor, W. Budny, J. Murphy, R. Stei- ger, J. Warner. Third Row: J. Budda, B. Brown, J. Mayer, B. May. RIGHT: Julie Murphy— Putting to use her newly ac- quired skills the Photography Club member prints her own pictures. 132 ABOVE LEFT: Mark Vic- tor, Paul McCoy. Larry Pochter— Science Club provides a vital part of any carnival, helium bal- lons. ABOVE: Mr. James Karagianis, Larry Poch- ter-The president and sponsor of Science Club discuss a possible field trip to Turkey Run. LEFT: Science Club— First Row: B. Bembenista, R. Hel- minski; Sec., K. Bogusz, D. Bembanista, M. Sansone; V. Pres., B. Graff. Second Row: J. Davidson, C. Ul- ber. J. Mansuetto, M. Vic- tor, G. Figuly, K. Quint, K. Bachman, R. Morris. M. Leeney, E. Aberman. D. Moya. Third Row: H. Strick, D. Amber, R. Walker, B. Brown, L. Pochter; Pres., J. Bickel, P. McCoy, D. Victor, S. Mu- sick, K. Butynski, M. Driggs, B. Bond. Not Pic- tured: T. Watson; Treas. Involvement 133 ABOVE: Miss Nancy Kelley, Jeff O ' Barske, Brooke Boroughs, Sherry Goldstein— Emotions rise to a peak as a farewell ode is read to the publications advisor. ABOVE LEFT: Pegasus— First Row: S. Wilson, P. Schaub, C. Manske, B. Rokosz, J. Copple, S. Miller. Second Row: P. Quint, M. Puncho, B. Boroughs— Editor-in-Chief, A. White, J. Burlison, J. Treder, S. Speelman, M. Modjeski. Third Row: D. Hale, M. O’Barske, S. Gillespie, K. Bacon, M. Hor- nblower, R. Hirsch. Fourth Row: M. Bosch, K. Graham, W. Wilkens, T. Thomas, B. Bembenista., M. Sansone, R. Hel- minski, D. Bembenista. RIGHT: Brooke Boroughs— This dedicated editor puts her feelings, determination, and energy into the production of Munster’s literary magazine. 134 News Bureau, Pegasus NEWS BUREAU: Informing the com- munity was the sometimes hectic chore of the news bureau staff. Despite communications limited only to columns in various community newspapers, the staff continued its coverage of all school functions. Sponsor— Miss Judy Tay- lor. Awards— Most Potential: Sandy Petso, Most Outstanding: Linda Zagrocki. PEGASUS: Staff participation and enthusiasm was limited to a dedicated few. Various activities including a garage sale, car wash, and a dance obtained adequate funds to bring the PEGASUS staff out of a 750 dollar debt from the previous year. The annual drive to collect both art and liter- ary material sought creative Munster minds. Sponsor— Miss Nancy Kelley. Awards— Most Dedicated Staffer: Sharon Miller, Special Award: Mary Bosch. LEFT: Sarlee Hymen— In a humorous dissertation, the edi- tor of News Bureau explains her organization. B ELOW: News Bureau— R. Humes, J. Tokarz, |. Lynn. L. Zagrocki, S. Hymen— Editor-in-Chief. S. Petso. Involvement 135 RIGHT: Rick Hirsch— Minutes before the deadline, a staff member works frantically to complete the “dummy layout” on this week ' s newspaper. ABOVE: CRIER Staff— First Row: D. Medansky, P. Benchik, C. Manske, E. O ' Connell, S. Goldstein— Editor-in-Chief, L Hanock, K. Gray, M. Bower. Second Row: }. Rasch, J. O ' Barske, Miss Nancy Kelley— Ad- visor, K. Stoddart, N. Bjelland, L. Zagrocki, L. Street, J. Hay, K. Jones, R. Hirsch, F. Benchik, B. Boroughs, P. Cress, Third Row: R. Steiger, M. McLean. 136 LEFT: Laura Street, Anne McCollum, Kathy Stod- dart— A good idea and hard word created CRIER ' S very first out- standing homecoming car. BELOW LEFT: Marcia Bower, Kevin McLendon— During the last few min- utes of second hour class, CRIER students meet the demand for their product. Crier Previous years of apathy did not hamper this year ' s CRIER Staff. Trememdous dedication among staff members and new writ- ing techniques were the keys to success. New and different articles won much acclaim from students as well as faculty members. Arousing editorials, interviews with athletes, “Party Place, " and unusual photography were only a few of these new additions. Annual carnation and " Whopper " sales accompanied with staff enthusiasm, pulled the CRIER out of debt for the first time. A new precedent, selling new- papers in classrooms at the end of second hour, enabled more students to purchase them. Sponsor— Miss Nancy Kelley. Involvement 137 ABOVE: Miss Nancy Kel- ley, (oanne Yates, Patty Leask, Cheryl Longhauser, Joanie Phillips, Carol Hriso— A promotion mem- ber entertains the staff at a Christmas party at Shakey ' s. RIGHT: Para- gon-First Row: M. Ko- lach, K. Kolodziej, D. Nickoloff, K. Raymond, M. Kaplan, R. Gubitz, L. Regelman, P. Kovich, K. Anderson, F. Blacke, S. Dahlkamp, J. Yates, B. Shinkan, P. Leask, P. Meagher. Second Row: N. Johns, J. Denenberg, J. Phillips, C. Hriso, P. Little, C. Sobek, C. Sim- pson, J. Satek, J. Estrada. Third Row: K. Butynski, S. Richards, M. Schoop, S. Barth, K. Bogusz, M. Fet- zko, M. Bartok, W. Kon- tos. Fourth Row: S. Robb, S. Krajewski, J. Satek, S. Cohen, J. Jugovic, C. Rus- sell, C. Longhauser, F. Helminski, K. Bucher, N. Kivett, J. Clement, P. Schaub, L. Gregg, K. Meagher, J. Washburn, J. Stine; co-editor, Miss Nancy Kelley; Advisor, M. Jugovic; co-editor LEFF: Mary Ann Jugovic, Jean Stine— Paragon ' s co-editors give a section editor the " evil eye” for not meeting the deadline. BELOW: Patty Little, Leslie Feingold, John Jugo- vic— An intern schedules a photographer for future pic- tures. BOTTOM: Miss Nancy Kelley— Paragon ' s advisor is caught in the act of her very favorite past-time. Paragon For the third consecutive year PARAGON received an All-American rating by the National Scholastic Press Association. Pizza at Shakey’s and a skit by Promotion con- stituted the Christmas party. A “giant cookie” sale, the annual S.O.S. sale, and bake sales at various community businesses were among the many money-making projects. This year’s an- nual campaign for the yearbook, LIFE, suc- ceeded in selling over one thousand books. Editors and interns struggled through hectic deadlines and various picture problems. An ice cream shoppe and candy wheel at the carnival concluded another fine year with staff mem- bers immensely proud. Sponsor— Miss Nancy Kelley. Awards— M.O.E.: Linda Gregg, M.O.I.: Kim Raymond, M.O.P.: Diana Nickoloff. Involvement 139 PEOPLE ENCOUNTER COMPETITION . Fall Sports Football Team: First Row— Coach Mike Nick- sic, K. Barkal, P. Lanman, D. Huebner, B. Grow, B, Miller, P. Hasiak, M. Bo- bin, T. Donoho, K. Wat- son, F. Castillo, B. Melind, P. Bechman, Second Row— B. Hasse, T. Keeler, J. Bolcis, T. Kish, D. Janke, R. Eidam, B. Eggers, M. Bogusz, E. Green, C. Wil- son, M. Wolfe, J. Kru- pinski, T. Parker, ). Grunewald, N. Katsoulis, Coach Jim Stone. Third Row— Coach Jeff Brown, Coach A1 Bochnowski, G, Schmidt, T. Hack, R. Sholts, D. Lautz, B. Young, G. Karas, K. John- son, B. Vitkus, B. Wil- thew, B. Donoho, P. Coulis, J. Dausch, A. Groeger, P. Ballard, J. Gott, R, Orlich, T. Largus, R. Christopherson, B. Grand, Coach Ed Rob- ertson. Fourth Row- Coach Jerry Croll, T. Cort, T. Thomas, G. Spoljaric, R. Downing, J. Smith, M. Mawryzkow, S, Mullins, T. Papais, M. Graham, D. B, Fodor, J. Phelan, D. Higgins, T. Smelko, D, Treder, B. Hered, T. Kelly, D. Murzyn, C. Pavel, T. Fetzko, J. Beck, B. Cum- mings, J. McMorris, T. Ogren, S. Winterfeldt, M, Rizzo D. Miniuk. Fresh- man: First Row — T. Groves, P. Lee. J. Mitchell, M. Baraz, R. Mescall, B. Hasse, D. Porter, L. Ba- binesak, P. Bryan, J. Janke, B. Peterman. Sec- ond Row— P. Delsandro, D. Harrison, L. Brenman, J. Stauffer, K. Strick, D. Konkoly, B. Lipson, G. Panchisin, A. Coulis K. McWard, M. Mezey. Third Row— B. Bookwood, J. Costello, S. Keeler, R. Brooks, B. Miller, B. Klage, J. Demy, B. Bo- rowski, M. Agerter, J. Kes- sler. Fourth Row— J. Pow- ely, C. Morfas, D. Nattoli, B. Breshock, B. Booney, P. Kish, B. Smith, J. Green K. Robertson, M, Goodman, VARSITY FOOTBALL M.H.S. OPP. 142 ABOVE: X-Country: First Row— M. Mullholland, J. Fitzner, J. Kolas, R. San- tare, R. Clark, N. Sumbles, ). Rasch, S. Dayney. Sec- ond Row— R. Messersm- ith. Coach Rich Dilling, R. Carr, T. Rasch, S. Frank, B. Shupe, R. Klug, T. Hayes, M. Jacobsen, D. Mullholland, S. Sala, B. Hott, S. Gray. BELOW: Tennis Team: First Row— B. Montez, C. Wonnell. Second Row— D. Kalman, C. Downs, R. Nagdeman, D. Moya. Third Row- Coach Lloyd Lindquist, K. Smith, J. Jugovic. C. Bus- sert, W. Wakefield. J. Rothstein, D. Sorenson, G. Price, B. Girot, S. Roth- stein, Fourth Row — B. Cornell, G. Stone, P. No- vak, J. Fox, D. Oberle. Competition 143 ABOVE: Bruce Donoho, Bill Young, Phil Hasiak, Coach Friend— Mustangs share a team joke in the final post game session. RIGHT: Mike Bobin, Ken Bumbales, Nick Kat- soulis, Tony Cort — “Bumbles” receives team con- gratulations after a touchdown run in the Clark game. 144 ABOVE LEFT: Bob Miller— Munster halfback secures nec- essary yardage for a first down. ABOVE: Bob Miller, Barry Helm, Bill Vitkus— Aggressive gang tackling and pursuit produces a crucial win against Merrillville. LEFT: Rudy Ei- dam, Dr. Mason— Junior defense man sustains a concussion in the last conference game. Football Enthusiasm and dedication inspired Coach John Friend’s Mustangs to capture first place in the Lake Suburban Conference for the second consecutive year. All-State Keith John- son, Donoho’s “golden toe”, and the pass de- fense, which broke a record in successfull pass interceptions, attributed to an exciting and vic- torious season. Dr. Van Devander’s pep talks and an attitude, “We’ll play anybody,” boosted ambition among players, although frustration arose after the annual “world war” defeat to Valpo. Tri-Capt.: K. Johnson, G. Karas, P. Ha- siak. Awards: P.H.D.— Whitey Sheard Scholas- tic Award— K. Bumbales. Headhunter— P. Coulis. Jaycee Leadership— G. Karas. All Con- ference— K. Johnson, K. Bumbales, B. Helm, B. Wilthew. Season records: Lake Suburban Con- ference— 1st place. J.V.— 2-3. Freshman— 5-2-1. Competition 145 Football ABOVE: Bob Wilthew-Senior fullback charges with his powerful All-Conference form. RIGHT: Dave Huebner-In a moment of team pride, this junior halfback celeb rates the final game and a victorious season. 146 i I TOP: Bob Wilthew, Bruce Donoho, Phil Coulis, Pat Ballard, Ken Bumbales, John Gott, Alan Groeger, Barry Helm, Keith Johnson, Greg Karas, Paul Schaw-Seniors receive recogni- tion for their total efforts before the final game with Gavit. LEFT: Greg Karas— Co-captain prepares for the start of the conference title game against Merrillville. ABOVE: Keith Johnson-Alert secondary man contributes this play to help produce a new Mustang interception record. Competition 147 RIGHT: Jim Kessler-This freshman outruns the Valpo defense for a five yard gain. BELOW: Jay Janke, Dave Notloli. John Demy, Scott Keeler-Fresh- men celebrate a touch- down which ensured a victory against Lowell. I.V. FOOTBALL Hammond Morton Hammond Gavit Lowell Griffith E.C. Roosevelt MHS 6 13 14 14 14 SOPHOMORE FOOTBALL MHS OPP Highland 14 22 Crown Point - 27 0 Lake Central 0 20 Merrillville 20 14 FROSH FOOTBALL k 4 Highland Lowell Griffith Crown Point Taft Lake Central Valparaiso Jeff Calumet T.F. South MHS 7 6 6 14 20 20 0 20 OPP. 20 6 0 0 0 8 16 16 Football ABOVE: Alan Groeger, Dennis Minuk, Kevin, McClendon. Gary Spolja- ric-Gridmen welcome one of the few breaks during the long summer prac- tices. LEFT: Despite strong opposition the J.V. Mustangs successfully up- end a Griffith runner. Competition 149 RIGHT: “Harriers” ant- icipate the start of the Crestmoor Conference Championship. BELOW: Rick Carr-At the challeng- ing Youche meet ' Percy " finishes with an imporved time. BELOW RIGHT: John Kolas— Sophomore contemplates and ques- tions his unknown time. X-Country Practice evolved into perfection as the X-Country season grew short. A chal- lenging schedule demanded early morning workouts before the sun rose. The Lake Hills Country Club became the “Harriers” home away from home. Although senior injuries and an occasional lack of “warm-up” time before competition added to disappointment, mutual pride between team-mates and Coach R. Dil- ling’s perserverance and encouragement in- spired the team to a winning season. Co- Capt’s.: Jim Rasch, Rod Clark. Awards: P.H.D.- Scott Sala; M.V.P.-Jim Rasch. Records: Section- als-3rd; Conference-5th; Regionals-7th. 150 ABOVE: Through hazy summer workouts an intense team dedication evolved. LEFT: Jim Rasch-Friendship outweighs close competitive rivalry. Competition 151 ABOVE: Dan Mulhol- land— Sophomore finds solitary rest after an ex- hausting meet at Youche. ABOVE RIGHT: Rod Clark— Compelled by the desire to improve, this senior runner strives for a strong finish. LEFT: Dan Mullholland, Scott Sala, Rod Clark, John Kolas, Steve Dayney, Tom Rash.— Final minutes be- fore sectionals brought the team together for mu- tual encouragement. 152 X-Country LEFT: Jerry Rosko, John Kolas, Jim Rasch, Dan Mullhol- land-Co-Captain compares rival times with previous team records. BELOW: Pre-sectional workout at Lake Hills led to a third place in Sectionals. Competition 153 RIGHT, [on Fox- " J.P. " gives the Munster " net- men” a lift in the Griffith meet. BELOW: Coach Lindquist— With an unde- feated season at stake, Coach Lindquist outlines a victory over the Crown Point team. ABOVE LEFT: Doug Oberle— “Chicago, " a new player from Terre Haute, achieved a perfect record. ABOVE: Dave Kal- man. Jeff Rothstein— Captain and Co-captain work to lead the team on to a second at the Conference meet. RIGHT: Steve Rothstein— As a new freshman on the team, Steve follows his brother ' s example by becoming an outstanding player. Tennis “If in doubt, call it out. If you don’t want to win, call it in,” reflected the atti- tude of the Munster netmen. The team’s mas- cot, “Buzz’s” (C. Bussert) 10 lb. zuchinni squash, led the team to a season of victories. This year by placing a second in sectionals and holding the record of 9 wins and 1 loss, the team proved its dedication to long practice ses- sions. Overall the tennis team’s alertness domi- nated its season since all it had to dodge was “J.C.’s” (J. Rothstein) flying racket. Capt.: D. Kalman. Co-Capt.: J. Rothstein. Awards: M.V.P.-D. Kalman. Competition 155 Tennis TOP LEFT: Bob Montez— A J.V. player strengthens his backcourt volley before the Crown Point meet. TOP RIGHT: Chris Bussert— The “Zuchinni Kid " claims another victory against River Forest. ABOVE: Paul Novak— A strong junior strains to score the winning point at the Griff- ith match. RIGHT: Bob Girot— This reliable senior adds his usual humor to the team spirit. FAR RIGHT: Jon Fox— Long secluded hours of twilight practice insure the team of a second at sectionals. 156 Competition 157 f VARSIJY BASKETBALL Pr. f. Soiuh i lammund High Lowellf Michigan City Elston Highland Gavit Michigan City Elston E. C Ruoseyfilt W C. Roqgjevelt Hammond Tech - plammond Clark Lake Central Merrillville River Forest Crown Point Griffith Whiting Calumet Valparaiso Morion Sectional-Gavit Winter Sports BELOW— Basket ball Teams— First Row— S. Er- skine, M. Goodman, B. Hasse, A. Melind, B. Bre- shock, R. Duhon, B. Book- wood, T. Hulett, K. Van Vessen, W. Gott, J. Fox, Varsity Coach Dick Hunt, D. Oberle, B. Miller, J. Ja- sinski, T. Smelko, L. Bie- dron, J. Scatena, ). Beck. Second Row— Asst. Coach Vick Greg, Frosh Coach, Greg Luksich, S. Keeler, C. Morfas, B. Kanyer, D. Nottoli, C. Mikes. T. Bielski, J. Gott, B. Cort, ). Powley, R. Clark, G. Ku- cer, D. Francen, P. St. Ar- nuad, D. Drewry, O. Blue, J.V. Coach Ed Robertson, Sophomore Coach Ed Sherry, R. Sholts. Third Row— M. Kolas, J. Butkus, T. Rudakas, J. Horvatich, ). Marshall, ). Etling, B. Grand, T. Fetzko, J. Ah- lborn. Not Pictured— J. Knesek. 158 VARSITY WRESTLING M.H.S. OPP. M.H.S. OPP. Lowell 39 15 Gary Emerson 39 17 Calumet 22 36 Merrillville 24 26 Lake Central 39 18 Highland 9 36 Hammond Tech 30 18 E. C. Roosevelt 10 37 ABOVE— Wrestling Team— First Row— B. Cus- ick, K. Snedden, B. Berey, M. Baraz, L. Mustari, T. Watson, B. Klage. J. Schwer, J. Pupillo. Second Row— T. Kinnane, T. Brown, M. Graham, G. Tsirtsis, M. Mirkov, D. Watson, J. O ' barske, R. Higgins, G. Spoljaric, T. Donoho, B. Hered, B. Ricks, T. Franczek. Third Row— M. Victor, J. Georgas, R. Downing, P. Coulis, M. Wolfe, B. Grow, J. Petsas, B, Cum- mings, K. Watson, Coach A1 Bochnowski, Asst. C fach, George Thegze. LEFT— Swimming Team- First Row— T. Jepson, G. Markey, D. McCarthy, Second Row— D. Dietrich, L. Neukranz, B. Kelley, P. Hiple, T. Lavery, Third Row— J. Marshall, J. Lee, M. Blocker, R. Wennekes, P. Wickland, L . Micon, R. Lanman, Coach Jon Jep- son, Asst. Coach Jerry Croll. Fourth Row— D. Wonnell, M. Chelich, J. McLean, W. Wilson, J. Rasch, D. Lautz, H. Kuhn, B. Knutson, J. Miller, Fifth Row— B. Smith, B. Muel- ler, B. Hasse, T. Stine, J. Stewart, M. Wickland, T. Ogren, D. Sorenson. Sixth Row— D. Gainer, R. McClaughry, J. Babas, T. Jepsen, D. Norris, T. Lan- man, D. Pope, T. Wood, R. Kurz, D. Lee, D. McMorris, M. Moynaugh, R. Selby. Competition 159 Basketball A year of disappointment engulfed the Mustang cagers as school spirit dwindled to an all time low. Spirit week, including a legs contest, sparked enthusiasm among team mem- bers. “Spinner " (R. Clark) was the proud win- ner for the prettiest legs while “Guber” (D. Oberle) received the award for the ugliest. “Ambrosia” (B. Miller) kept the team alive with his back of the bus Helen Keller jokes. Despite team injuries and frustrations, the ca- gers stuck together while Mr. Robertson re- vived attitudes during practices as well as games: “You’ve gotta want to win, you just can’t stand around and expect things to hap- pen— you’ve gotta make ’em happen.” Cap- tain— B. Miller. Awards— M.V.P.: W. Gott; P.H.D.: J. Powley; Best Mental Attitude: D. Oberle: Best Tourney: R. Clark; Highest Free Throw Percentage: W. Gott. Record— J.V.: 9-11; Sophomore: 5-4; Frosh A: 13-5; Frosh B: 16-1. BELOW: Mustang huddle— Laughter helps to relieve ten- sion as Senior players prepare for their final home game. RIGHT: Bob Miller— Junior guard utilizes good finger-tip control despite strong Wildcat defense. LEFT: Coach Dick Hunt— Varsity Coach releases the frus- tration that develops from a long, disappointing season. BELOW: Roger Clark— Strong forward " pretzels " toward the basket to raise the score in the victorious Merrillville game. FAR BELOW: Bob Girot— Sparked by Bob ' s success in controlling the tip-off, Munster enters the second half of the Hammond Tech game with a renewed determination to win. Competition 161 RIGHT: John Powley, Ward Gott, John Gott- During the fourth quarter of the Sectional game, John reduced the Gavit lead to only two points. BELOW LEFT: Jim Kne- sek-Junior guard easily scores after beating the " press” on the fast break. J.V. BASKETBALL M.H.S. T.F. South Hammond High Lowell Michigan City 1 lighland Gavit Michigan City Highland E C. Roosevelt i lammond Tech I lammond Clark Lake Central Merrillville River Forest Crown Point Griffith Whiting Calumet Valparaiso Morion SOPHOMORE BASKETBALL M.H.S. OPP Clark ( Irown Poin I lighland Calumet Crown Point Clark Highland Calumet 162 Basketball LEFT: John Fox-Jon overcame early season injuries to be- come a leading scorer in the Whiting game. BELOW: Ward Gott-Senior forward demonstrates his consistent accuracy which produced the highest free throw percentage of this year ' s team. ABOVE: John Marshall-Frosh guard beats his Clark oppo- nent to the base line where he scores to put the Mustangs ahead. RIGHT: Dave Notolli, Craig Mike, Tom Rudakus, Bob Breshock, Bob Hasse, Chris Morfas-Freshman cagers watch anxiously as their teammates fight to maintain the slim lead over Gavit. 164 FROSH " A” BASKETB M.H.S. River Forest 61 Hammond Gavit 39 Lake Central 64 Griffith 48 Highland 49 HammondTech 68 Hammond Clark 32 Griffith f 36 Lake Central 45 Lowel 1 40 Merrillville 42 E.C. Washington 19 TRSouth 61 62 ilparaiso Jeff. 37 ond High 54 FROSH “B” BASKETBALL M.H.S. River Forest 58 Gavit Lake Central ( Griffith Highland Hammond l ech Hammond Clark Lowell Griffith 1 lighland Merrillville E C. Washington T.F. South Taft Lake Valpariso Jeff. Hammond High Basketball ABOVE: Don Blue-J.V. player looks for the open man while penetrating the attack zone. LEFT: Dave Franzen, Paul Drury-Agile J.V. frontline battles to overcome the Wildcat ' s rebounding efforts. Competition 165 Swimming The months of September and October brought wealth to the Munster barbers as one by one the seahorses began the season with their annual haircuts. Community business and resident donations supported the swim team’s first Swim-A-Thon which earned a $1600 profit used for new pool equipment. Al- though a fine year record was marred with losses to South Bend Jackson and Adams, school spirit gradually heightened during mid- season as the seahorses ranked high in state. State finals proved to be disappointing with a disqualification in the medley relay and a final 5th place state ranking. Captain-Terry Lavery. Awards-M.V.P.:H. Kuhn; P.H.D.: D. Dietrich. Records-Sectionals: 1st: State Finals; 5th: Indi- vidual State Records— 200 yd. Freestyle: B. Mueller 6th; 200 yd. I.M.: H. Kuhn, 1st; 100yd. Butterfly: H. Kuhn, 3rd; Diving: M. Chelich, 2nd; 400yd. Freestyle Relay: (T. Lavery, J. Rasch, J. Lee, B. Mueller) 7th. BELOW: Terry Lavery, Lloyd Neukranz-Jubilant seniors express team pride as they accept a first place Sectional trophy. RIGHT: Paul Wickland-Weariness overcomes every muscle after long hours of practice. H ABOVE LEFT: Bob Muel- ler-Conscious of stiff com- petition. " Fit” readies himself for an all-out ef- fort in the 400 yard free relay. ABOVE: Dennis Dietrich-With continual efforts to improve his time, Dennis qualifies for state competition. LEFT: Matt Chelich-Freshman diver perfects his form be- fore capturing a second place at State. Competition 167 Swimming ABOVE: Hugh Kuhn-State Champion completes the third leg of his I.M. with hope of setting a new pool record. LEFT: Varsity Coach Jon Jepson. Assistant Coach Jerry Crol-Coach Jepson becomes dissatisfied with the team ' s performance as South Bend Jackson narrowly beats the Seahorses in another event. 168 ABOVE LEFT: Paul Hiple-Paul ' s outstanding effort at South Bend Adams produces his best time of the season. ABOVE RIGHT: Mark Wickland-Frosh breaststroker enjoys a moment of relaxation af- ter capturing his first Sec- tional victory. LEFT: Lloyd Neukranz-Senior swimmer carefully eval- uates the team ' s Sectional scores. Competition 169 RIGHT: Ted Jepson, Rich- ard McClaughry, Rick Selby, Doug Pope-Contin- ual encouragement from frosh swimmers helps to maintain team spirit dur- ing the Michigan City meet. BELOW LEFT: Dave Lautz, Coach Chel- ich-Junior diver and his proud coach join in the celebration and ex- citement that accom- panies an overwhelming triump in Sectional diving competition. BELOW RIGHT: Jim Marshall-Ea- gerly checking the score- board “Red” verifies his time in the 50 yd. free event. Swimming LEFT: Jim Lee— Determined junior overcame a seasonal ill- ness to become a vital member of the 200yd. medley relay team. BELOW: Hugh Kuhn, Terry Lavery-In keeping with the traditional lane competition, “Tycoon” and " Lave " take a break from practice to enter in a spitting contest. Competition 171 172 ABOVE: Phil Coulis— Senior wrestler displays his sectional winning form. RIGHT: Dave Watson— While being closely watched for illegal moves, Co-Captain Watson struggles to place in the Conference finals. Wrestling Practices strengthened the desire and attitude of the young wrestling team. With the help of only 2 senior team members, the team was 5-5 in conference competition. The Grapplers hot temper, which resulted in many penalties during meets, were cooled with a pil- low fight at Culver, Diet Pizza, and a bottle of champaigne for the coach on New Year’s Eve. “Iron Rod” (M. Wolfe) kept spirit thriving among the “Feast and Famine Club” and after the dreaded weigh-in a feeling of momentary relief prevailed. Coach Bochnowski in his last season with the Grapplers, achieved recogni- tion for the team by sending 3 contestants to regional competition. Co-Capts.— P. Coulis, D. Watson. Awards— M. V.P.: P. Coulis; P.H.D.; D. Watson, Pin Trophy: R. Higgins; M.V. Frosh: B. Berey. Records-Conference: 4th; Sectionals: 4th; J.V.: 2-7; Frosh: 2-2. ABOVE: Mike Wolfe— Fighting to recapture the lead in the close Griffith meet, " Hokey " attempts a take-down. BE- LOW LEFT: Ron Higgins— By adding this pin to his record. Conference Champ Higgins captures the Pin Trophy. BE- LOW: Todd Donoho — Junior wrestler experiences exhaus- tion and disappointment after losing by a decision of 5-3. ■ Competition 173 LEFT: Jeff O’Barske— In a victorious match against Gary Emerson, Jeff exe- cutes a stand-up move for a 1 point escape. BELOW RIGHT: Kevin Watson— " Chopper " manuvers his Merrillville opponent into a perfect double leg take down. V. WRESTLING M.ll.S ell met Central | Tech Griffith Gary Emerson E. C. Roosevelt Highland Grown Point FROSH WRESTLING sfuand 1th Grown Point I lammond l ech Competition 175 Spring Sports Baseball Team— FIRST ROW— Asst. Coach Tom Haverstock, D. Moya, T. Corl, J. Given, R. Nelson, K. Grasty. T. Martin, L. Biedron. SECOND ROW— Asst. Frosh Coach Mike Olivitto, B. Montez, W. Gott, J. Phelan, D. Lautz, D. Oberle, J. Gott, B. God- dard, T. Duffala, B. Het- rick. J. Hansen, H. Lind- ers, J.V. Coach Ed Kernaghan. THIRD ROW— Frosh Coach George Sofianos, G. Schmidt, D. Blue, N, Kat- soulis, D. Medansky. S. Mullins, T. Parker, J. Janke, M. Fisher, A. Burn- stein, K. Robertson, R. Downing, C. Mikes, B. Maginot, S. Winterfeldt, T. Largus, M. Ladd, Var- sity Coach Mike Niksic, T. Bielski, J. Freeman, Asst. Coach Ed Sherry. FOURTH ROW-M. Chel- ich, D. Nottoli, S. Keeler, A. Rapacz, D. Clark, B. Ruth, T. Jepson, L. Babin- sak, B. Bookwood, R. Du- hon, D. Konkoly, G. Pan- chisin, |. Butkus, Not Pictured: K. Bumbales. VARSITY BASEBALL Sajumet Highland E! fd Rpose vblt Mianigan City , Gri X VVt Merrillville j lMw Point; i KiSflGentralt Highland - Griffith Merrillville E. C. Washington Hanover Central Valparaiso Gary Lew Wallace Hobart Jir ' CTRooseyelt JJrvgfTcJTcsf-r Benton Central Benton Central Morton Clark Bishop Noll Lowell Crown Point -Lake Central 176 VARSITY TRACK Gary West Side M.H.S. 31 OPP. 69 Crown Point M.H.S. OPP. 46% Chesterton 74 29 -Lowell 55 -46% Lew Wallace 76 24 Calumet 50% Merrillville 62 38 -Lake Central 67 -30% Hobart 60 40 Highland 90 Northwestern 62 38 -Griffith 43 -15 Gary Roosevelt 47 Michigan Gity Elston 49 99 -Highland 14% -64% MerrivillvHlt; 70 — 48 Hammond High 48 g 52 Chesterton k. 67 41 MoHon 4 54 I W 37 M L a : I 1 i Morton Griffith [rech ' T t [-Merrillville i Calumet A -E.C. R MB Merrilivilk Valparaiso Loufl| Rensijflaer VARSITY ...... dpp. ' HirpmoncTTech ' Calumet a Merrills, il le Jl Hi 172 Merriliyille Morton Griffith Lake Central -Highland Valparaiso Hammond High Clark -River Forest Morton -Lew Wallace Griffith -Highland 194 |i. ■ 159 210 160 ■201 ll if Ih.i 156 1 55 173 56 I . ' I i 65 176 Central n Point 162 165 -231 187 149 H. I -168 11)4 167 fin 1 54 166 168 i in ABOVE: Track Team- First Row— T. Hodor. T. Papais, G. Price. T. Smelko, M. Webber. T. Fetzko, M. Rizzo. B. Bud- nev. M. Mulholland. T. Rasch. R. Messersmith, D. Budney. Second Row— M. Kolas, B. Hott, S. Dayney, S. Sala. S. Lautz, S. Roth- stein, D. Mulholland. S. Gray. M. Corban. M. Mezey. Third Row— R. Clark. D. Huebner. T. Kelly. K. Johnson. S. Al- len, D. Miller. B. Bo- rowski. J. Rasch, R. San- tare, M. Jacobsen. F, Castillo. R. Frank, Peter- son. T. Peglow, D. Dietr- Dye. R. Carr, M. Bogusz, Coach Jim Stone. Coach Rich Dilling. LEFT: Golf Team— First Row— G. Klug, K. Barkal, B. Wil- son, T. Reglow, D. Dietr- ich, B. Markovich. T. Guiden. Second Row— P. Lanman. C. Levenbert. C. Malo, T. Zellers. R. Man- chak, M. Fissinger. Coach Ed Musselman. Third Row— B. Girot. R. Clark, B. Kanyer, P. St. Arnaud. D. Wonnell. Competition 177 Baseball Controversial tryouts initiated another season for the Munster baseball team. Although playing between raindrops became hectic, “bus ride jokes, " and sophomore bat- girls kept spirits and attitudes rising. Unused basketball shooting gloves became “handy” during cold spring games. Grades and play re- hearsals greatly affected team membership. “Big Fred, " an avid fan; diving for those fly balls; and “standing room only;” added a lighter side to the team’s dedication and struggles. Captain— K. Bumbales, Awards— Golden Glove; R. Nelson; Golden Bat: K. Bum- bales; M.V.P.; K. Bumbales; PHD: D. Oberle. ABOVE: Dave Lautz, Joe Given, Lou Biedron, John Hansen- Concerned (earn members encourage the outfield to over- come the strong Bishop Noll offense. RIGHT: Bob Hetrick- After a close play at second base, Bob awaits the umpire s decision. 178 FAR ABOVE: Doug Oberle— Junior catcher scrambles for first base to avoid being tagged out by the Highland de- fense. LEFT: Ken Bumbales— Trying to beat a throw from center field, this senior races towards first base. ABOVE: Lou Biedron— Pitching with a renewed effort. Lou secures the third out. Competition 179 ABOVE: Craig Mikes— Freshman player slides in from third base after being driven in on a single. RIGHT: Rick Nel- son— In preparation for the Lowell game. Rich concentrates in con- trolling his fast ball. 180 J. V. BASEBALL M.H.S. OPP. Bishop Noll 1 | 4 Hobart 2 7 E. C. Roosevelt 11 1 E. C. Roosevelt 4 2 E. C. Washington 4 3 Valparaiso 3 2 Valparaiso 7 6 Lowell 16 4 Crown Pont 3 0 Lake Central 1 2 Calumet 4 6 Highland 5 4 Griffith 8 11 Merrillville 2 3 FROSH BASEBALL M.H.S. ij OPP. T. F. North 8 3 T. F. North 4 3 Merrillville 4 14 T. F. South 3 2 Crown Point Taft 8 3 Lake Central 14 7 Lowell , 1 , 0 Lake Central 1 0 Lake Central 3 10 Baseball ABOVE: Tony Cort-J. V. pitcher follows through after delivering a winning pitch. LEFT: Bob God- dard-Before getting a base hit. Bob fouls down the third base line. Competition 181 RIGHT: Gary Klug- Promising junior ex- emplifies a good follow through in his iron shot. BELOW: Roger Clark, Pete Lanman— Teammates discuss an opponent ' s drive following a Confer- ence match at Lake Hills. BELOW RIGHT: Dennis Dietrich— In the Morton Match, “Brillo " follows an unsuccessful attempt at a 20 ft. putt. 182 Golf The season began slowly with little success, but with a record win against Gavit, a remarkable upsweep in the player’s at- titudes and scores developed. Klug’s special K- Mart putter came in handy during close meets and improved his game from a 60 to a low 36 strokes. A profit of $600 from the Golf-a-Thon enabled the team to purchase new golf bags and equipment. Captains— D. Dietrich, T. Peg- low. Awards— All Conference: R. Clark, T. Peg- low; P.H.D.: T. Peglow; M.V.P.: R. Clark; Best Buzzer: P. Lanman, Longest Driver: B. Girot; Best Putter: G. Klug. Records— L. C. In- vitational: 9th; Conference: 1st. LEFT: Bob Girot— After fighting the exhaustion and fatigue of a long match, Bob welcomes the tee off on the final hole. BELOW: Tim Peglow— Vital team member is overwhelmed by his exceptional 300 plus yard drive. 1 Competition 183 BELOW: Tim Peglow. Coach Ed Musselman, Bob Girot, Roger Clark— Team members receive score cards and play- ing positions before the close Lake Central match. — Golf LEFT: Roger Clark— Exploding out of the mud enables this All Conference golfer to make a brief recovery on to the fairway. BELOW LEFT: Bob Girot— Consistent Senior con- centrates in reaching the green with a 5-iron shot. BELOW RIGHT: Bill Wilson— Determined to perfect his putting style, this J.V. golfer spends much time on the practice green at Scherwood. Competition 185 Track Laughter and high spirits accom- panied hard workouts making the track team ' s many wins seem like sheer potential. Cinder- maids and car trouble diverted the members ' attention from the meets, but renting a Herz solved only half of the problem. The team ' s never ending winning streak brought full unity among its members and the seniors had con- fidence that strength and success would con- tinue for years to come. Captain— K. Johnson, S. Allen: Awards— P.H.D.: R. Clark, K. Johnson; M.V.P.: S. Allen. Records— Munster Relays: 1st: Chesterton Relays: 2nd; Hammond Relays: 2nd; Clark Relays: 2nd; Conference: 4th; Sectionals: 7th. School Records— 2 Mile: J. Rasch; High Hurdles: S. Allen; Low Hurdles: K. Johnson; High Jump: T. Fetzko. ABOVE LEFT: Frank Costillo— Competing with great con- centration, Frank jumps nineteen feet in the Sectional fi- nals. ABOVE RIGHT: Keith Johnson— Senior standout qualifies for finals in the low hurdles. RIGHT: Matt Bo- gusz— By narrowly clearing the bar, this pole vaulter is able to defeat his Merrillville opponent. 186 ijO ABOVE: Terry Kelley— Sophomore hurdler advances with good form to capture a first in the high hurdles. LEFT: Tom Papais— J.V. runner leans for the tape with the hope of set- ting a record in the 100 yard dash. Competition 187 Track ABOVE: Scott Allen— After reaching the final hurdle in good position, Scott presses in to win the high hurdles. RIGHT: Tim Hodor, Coach Jim Stone, Terry Kelley, Matt Bogusz— Team members react with usual interest to one of Coach Stone ' s informal talks. 188 ABOVE LEFT: Jim Rasch— Jim prepares for the 2 mile event during the vital moments before the gun. ABOVE RIGHT: Charlie Wilson— Per- forming with added strength, this junior strives to improve his dis- tance in the shot put. LEFT: Rob Shupe— At the Highland meet. Rob at- tempts to clear 5 ft. 10 in. in the high jump. Competition 189 MR. DONALD M. VAN DEVANDER: Supt. of Schools; A.B. Park Col- lege, M.A. Kansas U., Ed. D.U. of Missouri. MR. JOHN PRESTON: Assl. Supt.; A.B., M.A. Northwestern U., Indiana U., Howard U., U. of Illinois. MR. TED KLOOSTER: Business Manager; A.B. Calvin College. ABOVE: Mr. George Kur- teff— A discussion with two class officers evolves into plans for a senior trip. ABOVE RIGHT: Mr. James Bawden— The assist- ant principal is enter- tained by antics of the skit performers. RIGHT: Mr. George Kurteff, daughter Lisa— The possibility of a victory is mirrored on the faces of the principal and his daughter. 192 MR. GEORGE KURTEFF: Principal; B.S. I.S.U., M.S. Indiana U. MR. JAMES BAWDEN: Asst. Principal; B.S. Mon- tana State U„ M.S. Pur- due U. MR. JOHN TENNANT; Asst. Principal; B.A. Hanover College. M.S. In- diana State U. The 1971 to 1972 school year brought a new face to head the Administration department. Dr. Donald Van Devander, for- merly superintendent of the Waukegan school system, wanted to see more individ- ualized instruction with more opportunities in curriculum choice. During the year, adminis- tration busied itself completing plans for the new middle school and planning revisions for the high school curriculum. The bomb scare and other acts of vandalism were the only dis- ciplinary problems that involved the staff. Board of School Trustees: Mr. William T. Hen- sey, Jr. (Pres.), Mr. Donald F. Sands (V. Pres.), Mr. Jack Stine (Sec.). Building and Grounds Su- pervisor: Mr. Raymond Drux. Superintendent’s Secretary: Mrs. Alice Altherr. Head Book- keeper: Mrs. Julie Keeler. Payroll Clerk: Mrs. Marlyn Roark. Receptionist: Miss Deborah Scott. Secretaries: Mrs. Augusta Green, Mrs. Marlyn Nitz. Booster Club Officers: Mr. Joseph McLaughlin (Pres.), Mr. A1 Smith (V. Pres.), Mr. Bernard Hill (Executive Sec.), Mrs. Doris John- son (Sec.), Mr. George Kurteff (Treas.). LEFT: Mr. Donald Van Devander, Bob Miller— The new su- perintendent shows his interest in the upcoming Valpa- raiso-Munster game. BELOW: Mr. John Tennant— With deep contemplation, the assistant principal surveys a bas- ketball pep rally. MR. ROBERT SPEELMAN: Counselor: Explorer Post Dir.; B.S., M.S. Miami U. MRS. SHIRLEY TALTY: Coun- selor; B.S.. M.S. Indiana U. MISS JANE BEAMAN: Coun- selor: B.A. Union College, M.S. San Diego State College. The clerical staff welcomed a newly acquired coffee pot and dupli- cating machine. Curriculum changes, ap- plications, questions, and a “Meet Your Counselor Night” kept the guidance de- partment busy. Cupcakes, potatoe chips, and peanuts were only a few of the new items sold by cooks at lunch time. A larger school enrollment increased bus loads for bus drivers and custodial duties. ABOVE: Mr. John Friend— Athletic Dir.; Head Foot- ball coach: B.A. David Lipscomb College, M.S. Southern Illinois U., Indiana U; Mrs. Ilene Souders— Elementary Coordinator; B.S., M.A. Ball State U; Mr. Lowell Sennett— Dir. of Special Services; B.S., M.S. U. Wisconson. RIGHT: Custodians— Mr. T. Robin- son, Mrs. R. Lane. Mrs. M. Lloyd, Mr. E. Karnas. MR. DONALD GUSKE: Coun- selor; B.S. Purdue U., M.S. Ball State U. MRS. CHERYL |OSEPH: Librar- ian; B.S. Indiana U., M S. Purdue U. MISS MARGE GONCE: Audio Visual Dir.; B.S.. M.S. Indiana U. ABOVE LEFT: Clerical Staff-Mrs. M. Rincon. Mrs. I. Silverman. Mrs. L. Horlick. BELOW LEFT: Special Services-Mrs. R. Brusch (Re- source sec.), Mrs. B. Russell (Science sec.), Mrs. A. Guiden (Guidance sec.). Mrs. M. Pruzin (nurse). Mrs. V. Schwartz (para-professional). ABOVE RIGHT: Mrs. B. Friend, cashier. Mrs. A. Pritchard, snack bar attendant. BELOW RIGHT: Kitchen Aides-Mrs. J. VanDyke, Mrs. S. Prakley, Mrs. M. Hinton. People 195 MR. STEPHEN ABERNATHY: Psychology: B.S. Ball State U. MR. NICHOLAS AN]ANOS: Ge- ometry: Freshman Class spon- sor: B.S. Purdue U.: Masters De- gree Candidate. MR. DANIEL BENGERT: Senior English: Debate Team Coach: A.B. Nortre Dame U.: Masters Degree Candidate. F A C U L T Y A new social committee helped to slightly break apart the fac- ulty’s small cohesive inner groups by ac- quainting teachers to others from differ- ent areas and departments. Although there were no raises the staff was ex- panded by three. Many teachers, aside from preparing for classes, used outside time to chaperone dances, form bowling teams, collect tickets at games and meets, and organize their own Halloween and Christmas parties. The annual faculty versus Notre Dame basketball game, Crier’s “Party " Place, and Miss Martig- noni’s wedding added excitement not only to the faculty but also to the student body. RIGHT: Mr. Stephen Abernathy— A new psychology teacher observes students conducting mirror ex- periments. FAR RIGHT: Miss Judy Taylor— The " Comic Imagination " unit provides an opportunity for junior English teacher to display her talents. MRS. KATHERINE BER- NTHAL: junior Flnglish; B.A. Valparaiso U.. M.A. Purdue U. MISS CHRISTINE BILICKI: De- scriptive Chemistry: Allied Med- ical Health Careers Club spon- sor: B.A. Indiana U. MRS. EMMA BRANKLE: Home Ec.; B.S. Ball State, M.S. Purdue U. MRS. RUTH BRASAEMLE: Sen- ior English: B.A. Valparaiso U., M.A. Purdue U. MISS ANN BRISCO: Spanish I. II: B.A. Depauw U. MR. EDWIN BURKHARDT: So- ciology, Advanced Sociology: B.S., M A T.. Indiana U. 196 MR. DAVID CARMONY: Junior Band. Cadet Band. Senior Band, Pep Band. Stage Band. Rook En- semble. Concert Band, Wind En- semble. Marching Band: B.A. Ball State U. MISS DOROTHY CHRISTOFF: UICSM 9. Advanced Algebra: B.S. Purdue U.: M.S. U. of Illinois. MR. HAL COPPAGE: Sociology. Government: Survivors sponsor; B.S. Indiana State U. MISS SUE CURTIS: Art I; B.A. Indiana U. MR. JOHN EDINGTON: Biology. Advanced Biology. General Sci- ence: B.S. Indiana Central Col- lege. M.S. Purdue U. MRS. LINDA ELMAN: Spanish I. II: A.B. Indiana U.. M.A. U. of Chicago. MRS. HELEN ENGSTROM: Speech I. HI. Drama: N.F.L.. Head Speech Team coach: B.A. Butler U.. M.A. Valparaiso U. MR. JON FECH: Geometry. Ad- vanced Algebra: Senior Class sponsor: B.S.. M.S.. Indiana State U. MRS. SHERRY FECH: Junior English: Drama Assistant: B.S.. M.S.. Indiana State U. MISS MARCIA FEDORCHAK: Physical Education; Drill Team sponsor. Synchronized Swim- ming sponsor. G.A.A. coach: B.S. Indiana U. MR. GENE FORT: World His- tory. U.S. History: Ensembles. Musical Dir.: B.A.. M.S. Indiana U. MISS PAT FRANKOWIAK: Sophomore English, In- troduction to Social Studies: Speech Debate coach: B.A. St. Francis College. M.A. Purdue U. MR. DAVID GEISE: Power Me- chanics, Electronics; B.S. In- diana State U. MISS MARY GETTY: Advanced Chemistry. Theoretical Chem- istry; Pep»Club sponsor; B.S. St. Mary-of-the- Woods. MR. JEFFREY GRAVES: De- scriptive Chemistry: A.B., M.S., Indiana U. MRS. IRIS GREENBAUM: Span- ish I, III: A.B. Indiana U.; Mas- ters Degree Candidate. MR. ROSS HALLER: Govern- ment. Advanced Government: Student Senate sponsor: B.A. Valparaiso U.. M.A. Ball State U. MR. ARTHUR HAVERSTOCK: Biology, Advanced Biology, Gen- eral Science: Pep Club sponsor: B.S. Purdue U. MISS ROSE HOLDER: Short- hand I. II, Clerical Practice, Co- operative Office Practice; O.E.A. sponsor. G.A.A. coach; B.S.. M.S.. Indiana State U. MR. RICHARD HOLMBERG: Ninth-grade Choirs, Girls ' Glee Club, Tenth Eleventh-grade Choir, Concert Choir. En- sembles; Musical Dir.; B.S. Northern State, M.M. North- western U. MR. RICHARD HUNT: Indus- trial Education. Drafting; Head Basketball coach: B.S., M.S. Ball State U. MR. JON JEPSEN: Physical Edu- cation: Swim coach: B.S. Purdue U„ M.A. N.E. Missouri State. MRS. DORIS JOHNSON: Soph- omore English: Cheerleader sponsor; B.S., M.S., Purdue U. MR. JAMES KARAGIANIS: Physics, Advanced Physics; Jun- ior Class sponsor. Science Club sponsor; B.S. Purdue U. MISS NANCY KELLEY: Journal- ism I. II, Senior English; Para- gon, Crier, Pegasus advisor: B.S. Indiana U. MR. DONALD KERNAGHAN: World History, Economics; Jun- ior Varsity Baseball coach; B.S. Northern Illinois U.. M.A. Valpa- raiso U. 198 MISS EVELYN LANZ: Health and Safety: B.A. St. Scholastica. M.S. Purdue U. MK. KARL LINDEN: Orchestra. Strolling Strings: Thespian Sponsor. Drama Dir.; B.S. Wayne State. MR! LLOYD LINDQUIST: Com- puter Math, Senior Math: Na- tional Honor Society Sponsor: Tennis Coach: B.S. Grinnel Col- lege. M.S. Purdue U. MR. ED MUSSELMAN: General Math. Business Math: Varsity Golf coach: B.S.. M.S. Indiana State U. MR. MICHAEL N1KSIC: Physi- cal Education; Asst. Football coach. Head Baseball coach. Let- terman ' s Club sponsor: B.A. Ball State U. MR. JAMES PANCHERI: Fresh- man English: B.A. Purdue U. MR. JAMES MCINDOO: Dis- tributive Education. Sales Marketing: Junior Class sponsor. D.E. Club sponsor: B.S. Indiana State U. MRS. PAT MCNAMARA: U.S. History; Sophomore Class spon- sor: B.A. Purdue U. MRS. HELGA MEYER: German I. Ill: German Club Sponsor: B.A. U. of Cincinnati. M.S. Pur- due U. LEFT: Mr. Alan Smith— In his " official money collecting " out- fit. this math teacher was a familiar personality at most sport events. ABOVE: Mr. William Thegze— A Student Senate spon- sored faculty contest elected a study hall supervisor as " Mr. Scrooge. " People 199 MISS )EAN RAWSON: Cadet Teaching, Business Law. Typing III, IV; Girls Swim Team coach; B.S. U. of Mississippi, M.S. In- diana U. MR. ED ROBERTSON: Fresh- man English; Frosh Football coach, Reserve Basketball coach; B.S. Indiana U; M.S, Indiana State U, MR. DAVID RUSSELL: Soph- omore English: Photography Club sponsor: B.A. Purdue U. F A C U L T Y MR. JERRY SCHROEDER: Freshman English: B.A, Purdue U. MR. JIM SHABI: U.S. History: B.S. Ball State U. MRS. PATRICIA SHOLTS: Typ- ing I, II. Shorthand I; Cheer- leader sponsor; B. Ed. Wisconsin State College; Masters Degree Candidate. MU- ABOVE: Mrs. Sherry Fech— A few teachers attempt to stir up basketball spirit by participating on “sock day. " ABOVE RIGHT: Mr. Arthur Haverstock— De- spite full classes a biology teacher still manages indi- vidualized instruction. RIGHT: Mr. Steve Wrob- lewski— Ball handling as well as humor is displayed by teachers during the Notre Dame-Faculty basket- ball game. 200 MR, ALAN SMITH: UICSM II, III; B.S. Indiana U., M.A. Valpa- raiso U. MR. RICHARD SMITH: Soph- omore English; B.S., M.S. In- diana State U. MR. GEORGE SOFIANOS: Pre- Algebra. Algebra 1: Frosh Base- ball coach; B.A., M.S. Purdue U. MR. JAMES STONE: Typing I. General Business, Bookkeeping; Track coach. Asst. Football coach: B.S., M.S, Indiana U. MISS MARY BETH STO- NEBRAKER: Physical Educa- tion. Advanced Physical Educa- tion: G.A.A. sponsor, coach; B.S. M.A. Ball State U. MRS. RUTH STOUT: Art I, II, III, IV: B.S. Ball State U. MISS |UDY TAYLOR: Junior English; News Bureau sponsor: B.A. MacMurray College. MR. GEORGE THEGZE: Geom- etry; Asst. Wrestling coach; B.A. Oberlin College, M.A.T. North- western U. MRS. MARLIS TIPPETT: Ger- man IV, V: A.B. Valparaiso U., M.S. Indiana U. MR. RON TYNER: Biology; Aviation Club sponsor; B.S. In- diana State U., Masters Degree Candidate. MR. GARY WEBSTER: German II, VI: German Club sponsor; A. B. Indiana U. MR. THOMAS WHITELY: U.S. History, Advanced U.S. History B. A. Purdue U. MR. STEVE WROBLEWSKI: Pre-Algebra, Algebra: Frosh Football coach, Athletic Trainer; B.A. Franklin College. M.S. In- diana U. MR. JACK YERKES: Freshman English; Frosh Basketball coach. Frosh Football coach; B.A. Wa- bash Colleges. M.A. Ball State U. MRS. MARY YORKE: Senior English; Majorette sponsor: B.A. Marquette U. People 201 EILEEN MICHEALLE ABERMAN: Sci- ence Club 11,12: Biology Asst. 9.10. GAIL ELAINE AHLBORN: Pep Club 9,10: Biology Asst. 10. Choir 9-12: Musical 12. )ON SCOTT ALLEN: Choir 9: M-Men 10- 12: Swimming 9: Track 10-12. EVE ANDERSEN: Crier 10; Pegasus 10; Pep Club 9. 10: Speech Debate 10-12; N.H.S. 11,12; Choir 9,10: German I.U. Hon- ors Program 12; Ind. State Scholarship. KATHLEEN MARIE ANDREWS: N.H.S. 11,12; Student Senate 12; U.Y.S. 10.11; Biol- ogy Asst. 10: Ind. State Scholarship. DIANE MARIE ANGELL: Pep Club 9,10; Library Asst. 9; Choir 9-12 THE CLASS OF KATHRYN MARY BACHMAN: Crier 9; Speech Debate 9-12; (Debate Capt— 12); Thespians 10-12; N.H.S. 11,12; Science Club 11,12; German Club 11; G.A.A. 9-12; Orchestra 9.10; Fakers Club 11; Synchro- nized Swimming 10: Library Asst. 11; Girl ' s State 12. JAMES EARNEST BALL: Track 10. PATRICK BALLARD: Student Senate 12; German Club 11; Ensemble 12; M-Men 12; Prom Comm. 11; Musical 11,12; Football 10-12; F.C.A. 10-12; Choir 11,12. ' — I Senior Class Officers— Front— Greg Mannion (V. Pres.), Dave Sarchet (Pres.). Standing Sue Bolls (Treas.), Mr. Jon Fech (Sponsor), Kelly Donnersberger (Sec.). 202 A well united class with much am- bition succeeded in either making or breaking the old school traditions. They brought back senior cords, went on a senior trip to Califor- nia, did not win first place for any of its home- coming floats, had a class picnic at the Dunes, drove to school, and registered to vote. This made the senior class more exceptional than any other in many distinct ways. High football spirit encompassed the group’s final unified ef- fort in creating Magilla Gorilla for home- coming proclaiming. “Kong ’Em We’re King’’ and a senior finalee at the final home football game. The senior banquet followed by a dance at the Log Restaurant tied together loose ends before baccalaureate and commencement cer- emonies which were held on May 28, 1972. (ERRY ANNETTE BARKER: Ensemble 12: Choir 10,12: Musical 12. SHERiSE ELLEN BARTH: Paragon 10-12 (Asst. Organizations Ed.) 11. Co-Person- alities Ed. 12; Pep Club 9,10; Musical 11, 12; Choir 9-12. Cadet Teaching 12; Quill Scroll 12. MARY ANNE BAUSCHELT: Paragon 10; German Club 10; Prom Comm. 11. N.H.S. 12 . BERNARD T. BECKWITH KATHY JOAN BELL: U.Y.S. 11; G.A.A. 11,12; Band 9; Synchronized Swimming 11,12; Musical 12; Choir 11. DONNA A. BEMBENISTA: Paragon 10,11 (Asst. Academics Ed. 11); Pegasus 12; Speech Debate 9; N.H.S. 11,12; Science Club 11,12; German Club 10-12: U.Y.S. 10; Survivors 10-12; Musical 11,12: Choir 9-12. TONI WINN BERKE: Crier 11.12 (Feature Ed. 12); Pep Club 12; Gary Wirt H.S. G.A.A. 9, 10; Student Council 9.10; Musical 12. JOHN ARCHIBALD BICKELL: Student Senate 12: Science Club 12; German Club 10; Band 10-12 (Pres. 12); Pep Band 11,12; Wind Ensemble 12. NANCY SUE BJELLAND: Crier 10-12 (Fea- ture Ed. 11. Associate Ed. 12); Pep Club 9,10: Choir 9-11. N.H.S. 12. JIM EDWARD BLUE ROBIN LYNN BLUMENTHAL: Crier 9: Pep Club 9: Drama 10: Student Senate 10; U.Y.S. 9,10; Spanish Club 10: Office Asst. 11 . People 203 KATHLEEN MARIE BOGUSZ: Paragon 10-12 (Asst. Ads Ed. 11, Ads Ed. 12): Pep Club 9: Science Club 11,12: German Club 10: U.Y.S. 9,10: Survivors 10-12: Science Asst. 9; Choir 10,12; I.S.U. Summer Art Program 12; Quill Scroll 12. DAVID ANDREW BOLANOWSKI: Musi- cal 11,12; Tennis 10: Golf 12; Choir 9-12. MELISSA ANNE BOLDT: Crier 10: Drill Team 11,12; Pep Club 9,10; G.T.O. 10,11; Synchronized Swimming 9,10; Choir 9-11. SUSAN ANNE BOLLS: Pep Club 9; Speech Debate 9-12; Thespians 11,12 (Scribe 12); Drama 10-12; Student Senate 9; G.T.O. 12: Prom Comm. Chr. 11; Musical 11,12; Biology Asst. 11; Library Asst. 11; Summer Theatre 11, 12; Choir 11,12; Class Tres. 12; German l.U. Honors Program 12. BEVERLY BOND: Pep Club 9; Science Club 12; U.Y.S. 10; Library Asst. 9. CAROLYN JEAN BOND: ' Pep Club 9,10; O.E.A. 11: Ensembles 9-12; Musical 11,12; Choir 9-12. BROOKE BOROUGHS: Crier 10-12 (Pro- motion Ed. 10. News Ed. 12); News Bureau 12 (Journal Corr.); Pegasus 10-12 (Promo- tion Ed. 10, Managing Ed. 11, Ed. -in-Chief 12); Quill Scroll 11,12; Student Senate 11,12; D.E. 11 (V. Pres.); Musical 11. MARY PATRICIA BOSCH: Paragon 10,11 (Organizations ed. 11); Pegasus 12 (Manag- ing Ed.); Pep Club 9,10; Speech Debate 9- 12 (Sec. 12); Thespians 11,12; N.H.S. 11,12; Student Senate 11,12; Prom Comm. Chr. 11: Musical 10-12; Library Asst. 11; Sum- mer Theater 10-12; Choir 9-12; Quill Scroll 12. GEORGIA VICTORIA BOURNE: Band 11; Library Asst. 12; Orchestra 9; Office Asst. 12. DONALD E. BRANSON: Basketball 9. VALERIE SUE BRECLAW: G.A.A. 10; Prom Comm. 11; Musical 11,12; Choir 10,11; Clark H.S. Pep Club 9,10; U.Y.S. 9,10; G.A.A. 9; Spanish Club 9; Choir 9: Li- brary Asst. 9; Class Sec. 9. JOELLEN MARIE BRESHOCK: Pep Club 9,10; G.T.O. 11; Musical 10-12; Choir 9-12; Prom Comm. 11; Student Senate 11. PAMELA JEAN BRETZ: Future Nurses 12 (Sec.): Majorettes 11.12; Speech Debate 10; Drama 10; Student Senate 12; German Club 9; O.E.A. 12; G.A.A. 11,12; Synchro- nized Swimming 9; Biology Asst. 10,11; Li- brary Asst. 9,10. JO ELLEN BRINK: Crier 9,10; Pep Club 9,10; Speech Debate 10,11: Thespians 10- 12; Drama 10,11; German Club 9; Biology Asst. 9; Summer Theater 10,11; Ind. State Scholarship. LINDA SUSAN BROWNLEE: Pep Club 9- 11: Drama 10,11; U.Y.S. 10; G.A.A. 9; Span- ish Club 10: Synchronized Swimming 9,10; Musical 11; Biology Asst. 11. 204 PATRICIA SCOTT BRIJCE: Pep Club 10; Office Asst. 11. ROSEANNE MARIE BRYAN: Drill Team 11,12; Pep Club 9,10; Speech Debate 10: Thespians 10; Drama 10: Student Senate 12: G.A.A. 12; G.T.O. 10: Musical 10: Sum- mer Theater 9.10; Choir 9-11. DAVE MILTON BUDARZ: Fakers Club 11: Track 11; A.V. Asst. 9. KEN M. BUMBALES: M-Men 11,12; Foot- ball 11,12; Baseball 11,12 (Capt. 12): F.C.A. 11,12: Lew Wallace H.S. Student Council 9,10; Baseball 10: Track 9; Football 9,10: W. Club 10; Basketball 9,10; N.H.S. 12. [AN ELIZABETH BURLISON: Pegasus 12: Pep Club 9-11: Student Senate 10: Musical 10-12; Choir 10-12. MARIAN R. BURNS: O.E.A. 12: Art Club 11: Musical 11: Choir 11,12. THOMAS J. CAMPION: Choir 9-11; Nat l Merit Finalist: Ind. State Scholarship. COLLEEN ANN CARNEY: O.E.A. 11,12; U.Y.S. 10,11; Art Club 9; Co-op. 12: Choir 10,11. RICK WILLIAM CARR: Chess Club 12; Fa- kers Club 10,11: M-Men 9-12; Cross Coun- try 10-12; Track 9-12. Bruce Nagle, Diane Marden— The hardships of a junior year are forgotten as the new seniors enjoy a relaxing day at the Dunes. People 205 LINDA PEARL CHIDESTER: Pep Club 9,10; German Club 9; U.Y.S. 10; Band 9-12; Orchestra 12; Pep Band 9-12: Wind En- semble 12; Library Asst. 9,10. NANCY JANE CHIPMAN: Crier 9; Stu- dent Senate 9,12: Band 9-12; Pep Band 9-11; Orchestra 12; Wind Ensemble 12; Musical 9-12; N.H.S. 12. BECKY CHISMAR: G.T.O. 11,12. CAROLE LEEANN CICHOSKI: Paragon 10; U.Y.S. 10; Spanish Club 10; Musical 11; Choir 10,11. ANDRE V. CIUCKI ROD ALAN CLARK: Fakers Club 11: M- Men 9-12 (V. Pres. 12); Prom Comm. 11; Cross Country 9-12 (Co-Capt. 11,12); Track 9-12. W JH, ' Greg Mannion— Summer routines are disrupted for picture taking sessions 206 LAURA JEAN CLIFTON: Art Club 11; D.E. 11,12; Spanish Club 10; Horace Mann H.S, Student Senate 9; Spanish Club 9: Ind. State Scholarship. RORY JOSEPH CONCES: Drama 9. JANIS JEAN COPPLE: Pegasus 9-11: Pep Club 9,10: Choir 10-12. ANGELA MARY COULIS: Pep Club 9,10; Science Club 11; G.A.A. 9,10; Spanish Club 10; G.T.O, 12; Musical 10: Choir 9-12; P.E. Asst. 12. EVE MARIE COULIS: Drama 10; Choir 9- 12; Spanish Club 10; G.A.A. 10; Crier 10; Pep Club 9,10; Musical 10; Future Nurses 11 . PHILIP S. COULIS: Paragon 12; Band 9,10; M-Men 9-12 (Tres. 12); Prom Comm. 11; Musical 11,12; Football 9-12; Wrestling 9-12 (Capt 12); (Capt 12); Track 9; F.C.A. 9-11; Class V. Pres. 11; Choir 11, 12. JILL CRARY: Crier 10-12 (Bus. Mgr. 11); Pep Club 9,10; Speech Debate 10-12 (V. Pres. 12); Thespians 11,12 (V. Pres. 12); Drama 10-12; Student Senate 11; Band 9,10: Synchronized Swimming 9,10 (V. Pres. 10); Musical 10-12: Library Asst. 11: Summer Theatre 11,12; Choir 10; N.F.L. 10-12. JOE CRESS DEBORAH ANNE CROISSANT: Drill Team 11: Pep Club 10,12: N.H.S. 11,12; Stu- dent Senate 11,12: G.A.A. 9-12 (V. Pres, 11); Fakers 11; Synchronized Swimming 9-12 (V. Pres. 11); Prom Comm. Chr. 11; Musical 11,12; German I.U. Honors Program 12; Ind. State Scholarship. NANCY MARIE CURTIS: Pep Club 9,10; German Club 9; O.E.A. 12, JEFF CWIOK STEVE DALISSANDRO DEBBIE MAE DALTON: Future nurses 11; Pep Club 11; G.A.A. 11,12; P.E. Asst. 12. JAMIE WALTER DAUSCH: M-Men 12: Football 9-12. JILL ELLYN DAVIDSON: Pep Club 9-11: Student Senate 10,11; Science Club 12; U.Y.S. 10,11 (Pres. 11); Survivors 11; G.A.A. 9-11; Musical 10-12; B iology Asst. 11,12; Choir 9-12. People 207 DAVID EDWARD DEMY: Musical 9.12: Football 9: Choir 9-12. JOHN DEPA GARY DERE GEORGE DEVETAK: Bank 9-12; Pep Band 9-12; State Band 10-12: Wind Ensemble 12. DENNIS WARD DIETRICH: Paragon 12; N.H.S. 11.12: M-Men 9-12; Swimming 10- 12; Golf 9-12 (Co-Capt. 11); F.C.A. 9-12. KAREN LYNN DOBOSZ: Drill Team 10-12 (colonel 12): Pep Club 9-11: G.T.O. 11: Mu- sical 10. KELLY JEANNETTE DONNERSBERGER: Crier 10; Pep Club 9.10: Speech Debate 9; Drama 10; Student Senate 12; G.T.O. 11,12; Musical 10-12; Choir 10-12 (Piano Ac- comp.); Class Sec. 12; N.H.S. 12. BRUCE ALAN DONOHO: Choir 11; Stu- dent Senate 10-12; Ensembles 12; M-Men 12: Prom Comm. 11; Musical 10-12; Foot- ball 9,11,12; F.C.A. 11; Class V. Pres. 10; Class Pres. 11. DIANE CHRISTINE DRABENSTOT: Pep Club 10. JULIANN MARIE DRIGGS: Science Club 11,12; U.Y.S. 10,11; Prom Comm. 11; Choir 9,10: Cadet Teaching 12. CLIFF EUGENE DUGGAN: Speech De- bate 9. WILLIAM G. DUNN: Swimming 9,10. DAVE DVORSCAK: A.V. Asst. 9,11,12. LINDA MARIE EBLING: Drama 10-12; Student Senate 9; German Club 10; U.Y.S. 10; Library Asst. 9. GREG EIDAM: Band 9-12. 208 TOM KARL EISMIN: Wrestling 9. TIMOTHY THOMAS ELLISON: Golf 9.10: Cadet Teaching 12: Choir 9.10. LYNN ERICKSON: Drill Team 11,12 (Capt. 12); Choir 9-11. Senior Homecoming Float— A giant “King Kong” emerges from a final unified effort. TERESA JANE ESPINO: Ind. State Scholarship. DOREEN LOUISE ESTRADA: Pep Club 9,10: O.E.A. 11; D.E. 11: Spanish Club 10; Choir 10,12. )EFF EVANS LESLIE JOAN FEINGOLD: Paragon 10-12 (Asst. Personalities Ed. 11. Photography Ed. 12); Pep Club 9,10: N.H.S. 11,12; Choir 9-11; U. of Minn. Journalism Workshop 12; Quill Scroll 12. MARIAN MARTHA FETZKO: Paragon 10- 12 (Co-Organizations Ed. 11, Co-Person- alities Ed. 12); Pep Club 9,10; N.H.S. 11,12 (V. Pres. 12): Student Senate 11; Choir 10: U. of Minn. Journalism Workshop 11; I. S.U. Summer Math Program 12; Quill Scroll 11,12; Ind. State Scholarship. GARRET DANIEL FIGULY: Science Club II, 12; German Club 11,12; Chess Club 10; Choir 9,12; N.H.S. 12: Ind. State Scholarship. People 209 HOWARD SCOTT FINE: Thespians 9-12; Drama 9-12; Band 9, 10; M-Men 10-12; Wrestling 10 (manager.); Baseball 10 (man- ager.); Library Asst. 10. 11; Summer Theatre 10. MARY ELLEN FORSZT: Pegasus 12; Stu- dent Senate 12: U.Y.S. 10; G.A.A. 9-12; Spanish Club 10: Prom. Comm. 11; Musical 11; Office Asst. 9; I.S.U. Summer Chem- istry Program 12. LINDA ANNE FORT: Th espians 10-12 (Treas. 12); Drama 10-12; Science Club 11, 12: U.Y.S. 10; Fakers Club 11; Musical 11, 12; Library Asst. 11; Summer Theater 10- 12; Choir 9, 10. JOHN NEAL FOUDRAY: Wrestling 10. JON W. FOX: Paragon 12; M-Men 11, 12; Football 9; Basketball 9-12; Tennis 10-12; Golf 9-10. MARK LOREN FRANCZEK: D. E. 11, 12 (Sgt.-at-Arms 12); Orchestra 9-12. MARILYN JOY FRIEDMAN: Crier 10: News Bureau 11 (T.V. Correspondent 11); U.Y.S. 9, 10; Spanish Club 10. RUTH ANN FRUEHAUF: N.H.S. 11. 12; Bi- ology Asst. 12; Bowen H.S. Student Coun- cil 9; Human Relations 10; Honors Club 10; Guidance Asst. 10; Yearbook 10; French Club 9, 10; G.A.A. 9, 10. DIANE FRANCIS GAJEWSKI: Pep Club 9, 10; O.E.A. 11, U.Y.S. 10, 11; Spanish Club 10, 11. GREGORY RALPH GAMBRELL: German Club 10; Wrestling 11, 12; F.C.A. 11; Or- chestra 10-12. MARY KATHERINE GAROFALO: Pep Club 9, 10; G.T.O. 11, 12; Prom Comm. 11; Musical 10. JUDITH LYNN GARZINSKI: Choir 11, 12. KAREN LYNN GEIGER: Paragon 10; Crier 10; Pep Club 9, 10; G.A.A. 9; Choir 10, 11; Cadet Teaching 12. LYNN MARIE GERLACH: German Club 11; G.A.A. 10, 11; Band 9, 10; Biology Asst. 12; D.E. Asst. 11, 12; Orchestra 9. KEVIN THOMAS GIBBS 210 MELISSA GILCHRIST: Pep Club 9: Thes- pians 10-12 (Pres. 12); Drama 9-12, Art Club 12; Fakers Club 11; Ensembles 11, 12; Musical 10, 11; Summer Theater 9-11; Choir 9-12; N.H.S. 12. ROBERT JAMES GIROT: M-Men 10, 12; Prom Comm. Chr. 11; Football 9; Basket- ball 9-12; Tennis 10-12; Golf 9-12; N.H.S. 12. JOSEPH C. GIVEN: Thespians 12; Drama 10-12; D.E. 11, 12 (Tres. 12); Football 9-11; Baseball 9-12; Summer Theater 10. JOY LEE GOEBEL: Pep Club 9 (Pres.); U.Y.S. 10, 11; Ensembles 11, 12. SHERRY GOLDSTEIN: Crier 9-12 (Asst. Feature Ed. 10. Feature Ed. 11, Editor-in- Chief 12); Pep Club 9; Quill Scroll 11, 12; Spanish Club 10; Ind. State Scholarship. PEGGY SUE GOOD: Crier 10; N.H.S. 11, 12; Student Senate 9, 10; Spanish Club 10; Musical 10-12; Biology Asst. 10, 11; Choir 9-12. s E N I O R S JOHN HADLEY GOTT: Ensembles 11,12; M-Men 10-12; Musical 9, 11, 12; Football 9, 11, 12; Basketball 9-12; Baseball 9-12; F.C.A. 11, 12; Choir 9, 11, 12. WARD RANDALL GOTT: Ensembles 11, 12; M-Men 11, 12; Musical 9, 11, 12; Foot- ball 9; Basketball 9-12; Tennis 10; Baseball 10-12; Golf 9; F.C.A. 12; Choir 9, 11. 12. TRACIE LYNN GOWER: Pep Club 9; U.Y.S. 9, 10; D.E. 11, 12; Band 9. People 211 MARIANNE ELIZABETH GRAFF: Pep Club 9-11; N.H.S. 11. 12; Science Club 12; German Club 9-12 (Pres. 12); U.Y.S. 10; Musical 10-12; Choir 9-12; German I.U. Honors Program 12. KIMBERLY ANN GRAHAM: Paragon 10; Pegasus 12 (Layout Ed. 12); Cheerleader 9; Drill Team 10. 11: Pep Club 9-11; Student Senate 9; G.T.O. Choir 11. L. KEITH GRASTY: M-Men 11. 12; Prom Comm. 11; Musical 9, 12; Football 9, 11; Baseball 9-12. Seniors Bob Wilthew, Barry Helm, Phil Coulis— Sunday afternoon scrub games continued the Munster-Highland football rivalry. ■ JUDY GREEN: Pep Club 9-11: O.E.A. 11; Library Asst. 9. LINDA JEAN GREGG: Paragon 10-12 (Co- Layout Ed. 11. Layout Ed. 12); Choir 9, 10; Pep Club 10, 11; N.H.S. 11, 12; Quill Scroll 11, 12; German Club 10; Ind. State Scholarship; Nat ' l Merit Finalist. GLEN GRIFFIN: Band 9-12; Pep Band 9-12; Stage Band 9-12; Orchestra 9-12. ALAN WALTER GROEGER: Chess Club 10-12; M-Men 12; Football 9-12; Wrestling 9: Track 9. 10. RICHARD MARC GUBITZ: Paragon 10-12; Speech Debate 10-12; Thespians 11, 12; Drama 10-12; Student Senate 11, 12 (Tres. 12): Musical 9; Tennis 9; Baseball 10, Sum- mer Theater 10. RENEE LYNN GUILOTTE: Drill Team 11, 12; Pep Club 10; G.T.O. 11; Synchronized Swimming 11, 12; Choir 10, 11; Lake Cen- tral H.S., G.A.A. 9; Pep Club 9; U.Y.S. 9. 212 GLORIA ELAINE GYURE: Choir 9-12: News Bureau 9; N.H.S. 11. 12: G.A.A. 9-12: Ensembles 10-12: Prom Comm. 11: Musical 11, 12; Ind. State Scholarship. DEBBIE G. HAM: Pep Club 9-11; G.A.A. 10; G.T.O. 11, 12 (V. Pres. 12): Synchro- nized Swimming 11, 12; Musical 11; Biol- ogy Asst. 12. PAM R. HAMACHER: Majorette 12; Pep Club 9. 10; U.Y.S. 10; G.A.A. 9; Ensembles 11. 12: G.T.O. 11; Musical 10-12; Choir 9-12: Cadet Teaching 12. LINDA LEE HAMMOND: Pegasus 12 (Art); Band 9. CATHY LYNN HANUS: Paragon 10; Drill Team 11. 12; Pep Club 10; Biology Asst. 11: Choir 9-11; Musical 11; Drama 10. JANICE MARIE HAY: Crier 11. 12 (Bus. Mngr. 12); Pep Club 9. 10; U.Y.S. 10: Prom Comm. 11; Musical 10. TERRANCE L. HAYES: D.E. 11, 12; Musi- cal 9, 10. LISA HEATHERINGTON: Crier 10; Pep Club 9-11: G.T.O. 11; Musical 10-12: N.H.S. 12 . HOWARD WILLIAM HEFFLEY: D.E. 12; Baseball 10. BARRY MOORE HELM: M-Men 11, 12; Football 10-12; Basketball 9: Track 11. 12; Musical 12. RUTH MARY HELMINSKI: Pegasus 12; Thespians 11, 12; Science Club 11, 12 (Sec. 12); Survivors 10-12; Art Club 10; Musical 11; Summer Theatre 10; Choir 9, 10. ELLEN KAE HENSEY: Crier 10; Pep Club 9, 10; Drama 10-12; German Club 9; U.Y.S. 10: Musical 11, 12; Summer Theatre 11; Choir 9-11. ROBERT PAUL HETRICK: Band 9-12: Pep Band 9-12; Stage Band 11, 12; Wind En- semble 11, 12; Orchestra 12; M-Men 11, 12; Baseball 10-12. PAUL GLENN HIPLE: M-Men 10-12; Swimming 9-12. RICHARD A. HIRSCH: Crier 9-12 (Asst. Ads. Ed. 11, Ads Ed. 12): Pegasus 9-12 (Pa- tron Mngr. 12); Student Senate 12; D.E. 11, 12; Spanish Club 10; Musical 9, 10; Tennis 9; Choir 9,10; Quill Scroll 12. People 213 JOAN ELAINE HLINKA: German Club 10: Ensemble 12: Musical 11,12: Choir 9-12. LESLIE ANN HOEKEMA: Pep Club 9.10: G.A.A. 9,10: Choir 10-12: N.H.S. 12. IER1LYN HOEPPNER STEVE |. HOLAJTER: N.H.S. 11.12 (Treas. 12); M-Men 11,12; Football 9; Tennis 10,11; Baseball 10. MARTIN JACOB HOMAN: German Club 10,11 (V. Pres. 11). JAMES RANDOLPH HOPE: Football 12. SARALEE HYMEN: News Bureau 11,12 (T.V. Correspondent 11, Ed. -in-Chief 12); Thespians 11,12; Drama 10; Survivors 10; Spanish Club 10: Musical 12; Summer The- ater 11; Rockford East H.S. junior Achievement 10. JOE A. IORIO: Drama 9,10; Student Senate 10: Science Club 12; I.S.U. Summer Phys- ics Program 12; Ind. State Scholarship. KEITH ALAN JOHNSON: Paragon 12; Choir 9.10; N.H.S. 11,12; M-Men 9-12 (Pres. 12); Football 9-12; (Capt. 11,12); Basketball 9,10; Track 9-12: F.C.A. 9-12 (Pres. 12); Boys State 11. KATHY M. JONES: Crier 10-12 (Ad Ed. 11, Circulation Ed, 12); Pep Club 9; Drama 10,11; U.Y.S. 9: Band 9-11: Choir 10,11. RONALD HOLT JONES: Drama 10; Survi- vors 10-12; Musical 11,12; Gavit H.S. Class Pres. 9; Wrestling 9; Track 9. MARY ANN JUGOVIC: Paragon 10-12 (Copy Ed. 11, Co-Ed. -in-Chief 12); Crier 9- 11 (Asst. News Ed. 10); Pep Club 9,10: N.H.S. 11,12: Quill Scroll 11,12; German Club 11,12 (V. Pres. 12); Musical 10,11; Choir 9-12; D.A.R. Award 12; U. of Minn. Journalism Workshop 11; German I.U. Honors Program 12; Ind. State Scholarship. DAVID KALMAN: Band 9-12 (Pres. 11); M- Men 10-12; Tennis 9-12; Orchestra 10-12; Musical 11; Stage Band 11,12; Pep Band 10 , 11 . GREGORY JONATHAN KARAS: M-Men 11,12 (Sgt.-at-Arms); Musical 11: Football 9-12 (Capt. 12); Baseball 9; F.C.A. 9-12; Ca- det Teaching 12; Choir 9-12. BOB P. KELLEY: Musical 9-12; Swimming 9-12; Track 10,11; Choir 9-12. 214 FRANK KEMP CHERYL ANN KENDRICK: Pep Club 9.10: G.A.A. 9.10.12: Biology Asst. 12: Choir 10- 12. NIKOLAS ANTHONY KENWICK: Don- nors Grove H.S. Thespians 9-11: Drama 9- 11: D-Men 9-11: Swimming 9-11: Tennis 9- 11: A.V. Asst. 9.10: Yearbook 9.10. Bill Vitkus, Bill Young-With the passage of the 18 year old vote, seniors register to vote during lunch mods and study halls. People 215 DON KINTNER: Band 9.11. DONALD K1RSCHNER: Choir 11: Student Senate 12 (V. Pres.). KATHLEEN ANN KNUTSON: Crier 10: Pep Club 9.10: U.Y.S. 9,10: G.A.A. 9: Cadet Teaching 12: Musical 10-12: Choir 9-11. CYNTHIA MARIE KOCAL: O.E.A. 11,12: U.Y.S. 9-11. AD LAI KOLANKO RICHARD M. KOLEMBER: Bowen H.S. Drama 9-11; Football 9,10. PENELOPE SUE KOZENY: N.H.S. 11.12 (Sec. 12); G.T.O. 12; Neodesha H.S. Band 9,10; Y— Teens 9, 10; F.H.A. 9,10: Dickenson H.S. F.H.A. 11; French Club 11; N.H.S. 11. KAREN SUE KRISTOFF: U.Y.S. 9,10. REBECCA LYNN KROLL: Future Nurses 11; Crier 10; Pep Club 9-11; Speech De- bate 9-12; Drama 10; U.Y.S. 10,11; Spanish Club 10; A.V. Asst. 9; Library Asst. 9-12; Choir 10-12. JAN LYNN KRUEGER LINDA LOUISE KRUPINSKI: Pegasus 10,11; Musical 11; Choir 9,10. JOANNE KUHN: Pep Club 9-12 (Pres. 12); German Club 11; G.A.A. 12; G.T.O. 11, 12; Synchronized Swimming 10-12; Prom Comm. Chr. 11; Musical 11,12; Choir 10-12. 216 Jim Redar, Kim Graham— A " spirited " sen ior couple liven up a school dance. STEVE A. KUSTKA: Musical 10-12; Cross Country 9; Choir 11, 12. JUDY MARIE LAIR: Pep Club 9; DE. 11 (Tres.); Choir 10-12. DALE ELLEN LAMMERING: Paragon 10,11 (Co— Promotion Ed. 11); G.T.O. 12; Prom Comm. Chr. 11; Musical 10-12; Choir 10,11; Homecoming Princess 10,12. CHERYL ANN LANTING; Crier 10; Pe- gasus 10; G.T.O. 12. BILL ROGER LARSON: Drama 10: Chess Club 10; Musical 11; Football 11; Choir 9- 11 . CHRISTINE ANN LAUTZ: Crier 9; Pep Club 9; Drama 10; U.Y.S. 10; G.A.A. 11; G.T.O. 11; Prom Comm. 11; Musical 11; Choir 10. People 217 JAMES TERRENCE LA VERY: Paragon 12: Ensembles 11,12; M-Mem 10-12; Synchro- nized Swimming 10-12: Musical 9-12: Swimming 2-12 (Capt. 12); F.C.A. 12: Choir 9-12; Class Pres. 10. ROBERT D. LEIBENGOOD: Speech De- bate 11,12; Thespians 10-12: Drama 10-12: Library Asst. 10.12; N.F.L. 10, 11. DIANE LE1RF.R: Pep Club 9.10; Thespians 11,12: Drama 10-12; Choir 9-12. JOHN R. LEONARD: Speech Debate 10- 12; Thespians 10-12; Drama 10-12; Summer Theatre 11. GERALD LERNER PAUL A. L1CHTSINN: Band 9-11; Pep Band 9-11. DEBORAH ZOE L1NDSTROM: Pep Club 9; U.Y.S. 10; D.E. 11,12: Band 9. JAMES HENRY LOGSDON: Decator H.S. Student Activist Club; Swimming 9,10; B.K.U. Fraternity. JUDI RAE LYNN: Crier 9; News Bureau 11,12 (Times correspondent 12); Pep Club 9; Drama 11; Student Senate 9; Science Club 11; G.A.A. 9.11; D.E. 11,12; Musical 10; Choir 11. GREGORY EDWARD MANNION: N.H.S. 11,12 (Pres. 12): Band 9: Class V. Pres. 12; I.S.U. Summer Physics Program 12: Ind. State Scholarship. GERALYNN MARIE MACRO: Crier 9: Pep Club 9,10; Speech Debate 9,10; Student Senate 11: O.E.A. 11,12 (Historian 11); U.Y.S. 10,11; Biology Asst. 10: Co-op. 9-11; Choir 9-11. DIANE BETH MARDEN: Pep Club 10: Drama 9-11: G.A.A. 10-12 (Sec. 11, Pres. 12); G.T.O. 11; Biology Asst. 10; Lindberg H.S. Drama 9 KERRY DAVID MARTIN: Basketball 9,10; Track 10-12. THERESE ELIZABETH MARTIN: Crier 10; Student Senate 11; German Club 10; G.A.A. 10; Band 9-12 (Corresponding Sec. 12): Pep Band 10-12; Wind Ensemble 12. ROBERT ARTHUR MATTOX: Football 9. 218 MACY MAXWELL: N.H.S. 11,12; G.T.O. 12; Library Asst. 11.12; I.S.U. Summer Math Pr ogram 12; Ind. State Scholarship. GEORGE MAZZA: Speech Debate 10.11; N.H.S. 12. MARK GEORGE MAZZA: Speech De- bate 11,12; Ind. State Scholarship. CHARLOTTE JEAN MCCAIG: Art Club 12; Office Asst. 11. MICHAEL PATRICK MCCAIN. LAURA BETH MCCARTY: U.Y.S. 9; G.A.A. 9; D.E. 11; Biology Asst. 11. Alvina White— The dream of graduation becomes reality with beginning preparations for commencement. PAUL (UDSON MCCOY: Student Senate 12: Science Club 11,12; Nat ' l Merit Finalist. NANCY JEAN MCDANIEL: Pep Club 9; N.H.S. 11.12; Science Club 11,12; German Club 12; Choir 9,10; Cadet Teaching 12: Nat’l Merit Finalist. MARY MCLEAN: Crier 11. 12 (Editorial Ed. 12; Pep Club 9: Speech Debate 9,10; Thespians 11,12; Drama 10-12; N.F.L. 9-12: Fakers Club 11; Library Asst. 11: Summer Theater 10; Quill Scroll 12. People 219 BRIAN H. MCSHANE: Musical 9. KATHLEEN MARIE MCWARD: G.A.A. 10,11; Musical 11. MARIAN ELIZABETH MEISTERLING: Paragon 10: Pep Club 9: Thespians 10-12: Drama 10-12; Fakers 11; Ensembles 10-12; Sextet 11,12; Musical 10-12; Library Asst. 10; Summer Theater 11. ROGER R. MESSERSMITH: Art Club 11; X-Country 12: Track 12; Ball State Sum- mer Art Program. DEBORAH LEE MIDDLETON: Thespians 10-12; Student Senate 12; O.E.A. 11,12; G.A.A. 11,12; Biology Asst. 10.11: Summer Theater 11. SHARON ANN MILLER: Pegasus 12 (Co- Managing Ed.); N.H.S. 12; Science Club 12; Musical 12: Choir 11,12; Lafayette H.S. Math Club 9; lnd. State Scholarship; Qu Scroll 12. RANDALL KENT MINAS: D.E. 11.12 (Sgt.- At-Arms 11, Pres. 12); Baseball 9. MARIA ANNETTE MODJESKI: Pegasus 12; Pep Club 9,10; Ensemble 10; G.T.O. 11 (Sec.) Musical 10-12. RAYMOND B. MONALDI: D.E. 11.12. 220 DEBRA MONTGOMERY BARBARA JEAN MOORE: News Bureau 11 (Historian): Pep Club 9,10: Thespians 9- 12; Drama 9,10; Student Senate 10; O.E.A. 12; U.Y.S. 10; Art Club 10; Musical 11,12; Library Asst. 10,11; Summer Theater 9,10, PAT DANIEL MULLANEY: D.E. 11: Foot- ball 9-11. JAMES MICHAEL MULLIGAN: Baseball 10 . 11 . JULIE MURPHY: Pep Club 9; Speech Debate 10-12; Thespians 11,12; Drama 11,12; G.A.A. 10,12: Ensemble 12; Synchro- nized Swimming 10.12; Musical 11,12; Biol- ogy Asst. 10; Summer Theater 10: Photog- raphy Club 12; Choir 9-12. SHELDON MARK MUSICK: Science Club 11.12; German Club 10,11; Chess Club 10: Ind. State Scholarship. BRUCE ALAN NAGLE: Musical 9-12: Swimming 9; Speech Debate 9. RICHARD EDWIN NELSON: M-Men 12; Basketball 9,10; Tennis 9.10; Baseball 9-12; LLOYD WILLIAM NEUKRANZ: Paragon 12; N.H.S. 12; M-Men 10-12; Musical 9.11,12; Swimming 9-12; Ind. State Scholarship. RICHARD A. NOLAN: Basketball 9-12. MARILYN LOU NONDORF: Pep Club 9.10; U.Y.S. 10; Art Club 10; G.T.O. 12; Mu- sical 10-12: A.V. Asst. 11. DEBORAH C. ORTMAN: Student Senate 12 (Sec.); U.Y.S. 9,10 (V. Pres. 10); Art Club 9; G.A.A. 11,12; Band 9. MARIAN CECELIA OTTE: Pep Club 9,10; Prom Comm. 11: Musical 11,12; A.V. Asst. 11,12; Choir 10-12. BARBARA ANN PAGE: Paragon 10; Drill Team 10: Pep Club 9.10; Student Senate 9- 12 (Sec. 11); Choir 9,10,12; G.A.A. 9-12; Fa- kers 11; G.T.O. 10-12; Synchronized Swim- ming 9-12 (Sec. 11): Biology Asst. 10,11. JOHN PANCHISIN: Band 9-12; Stage Band 9-12; Pep Band 9-12. People 221 JOHN ). PAPA IS: Speech Debate 10-12 (Treas. 11, Pres. 12); Thespians 10-12: Drama 10-12, N.H.S. 11,12; Student Senate 9-12 (V. Pres, 9, Treas. 11); Musical 9-12; Football 9, Wrestling 9; Biology Asst. 10; Summer Theater 10.11; Northwestern Summer Drama Institute 12. NANCY PAPP DORIS PAVEL )IM MIKE PAWELKO STEVE JOHN PEDONE: Shop Asst. 10.11. SHEREE LYNN PEGLOW: Band 9-12 (Sec. 12); Prom Comm. 11; Musical 11,12; Or- chestra 9-12; Wind Ensemble 12: Pep Band 9-12; N.H.S. 12. TIMOTHY MARK PEGLOW: M-Men 12; Musical 11; Golf 9-12; Orchestra 9-12; N.H.S. 12. ANNA PELESHENKO: Pep Club 9; O.E.A. 12 (V.Pres., Pres.). JAMES NICK PETSAS: M-Men 12; Wres- tling 11,12. TOM A PILARCZYK: Library Asst. 9 Or- chestra 9-11. LAURENCE NEAL POCHTER: Student Senate 12; Science Club 11,12 (Pres. 12); German Club 10-12; Biology Asst. 10-12; World Affairs Tour 11. KATHY LYNN POPE: Paragon 10: Pep Club 9,10; Thespians 10,11; Ensembles 10,12; G.T.O. 10,11; Prom Comm. 11; Musi- cal 10-12; Summer Theater 10,11. GAIL PRATT: Musical 11; Choir 9-11; Thespian 11,12; Speech Debate 11,12; Drama 10; U.Y.S. 10; Pep Club 10. GREG ALLEN PRITCHARD: Choir 11. JAMES PROHL: Wrestling 9,10. 222 Anticipating spring vacation in California, seniors await to board their plane. PATRICIA MARIE PROLL: Paragon 10-12 (Asst. Activities Ed. 11. Activities Ed. 12); Drama 12; N.H.S. 11,12; U.Y.S. 9-11 (Sec. 11): Art Club 9-12; Musical 9; Choir 9; Ball State Art Workshop 11; Ind. State Scholarship. MICHAEL CHARLES PRUE DEBBIE ANN QUALKINBUSH: Lake Cen- tral H.S. Scout 11,12; Pep Club 9; Quill Scroll 12; Y-Teens 9-12; Band 9-12; Spanish Club 9; Wind Ensemble: Prom Comm. 11. KAREN LEE QUINT: Pep Club 9,10; N.H.S. 11,12; Science Club 12: Musical 11,12; Choir 10-12. SUSAN ELIZABETH RAPACZ: Student Senate 10; O.E.A. 11.12 (V. Pres. 11. State Sec. Candidate 11): U.Y.S. 10,11 (Treas. 11). JAMES L1NGLE RASCH: X-Country 9-12; Swimming 9-12; Track 9-12: Quill and Scroll 12. NANCY SUSAN RAVES: U.Y.S. 10; Choir 11 . CRAIG RAWLINS: Wrestling 9; Baseball 9,10; Football 9-11; M-Men 11,12: N.H.S. 11,12; German Club 11; Choir 9-11; En- sembles 10,11: Musical 9-11; Class Treas. 10; Student Senate 10: German I.U. Honors Program 12. BETH ANN RAYMOND: Paragon 10,11; (Co-Promotion Ed. 11); Pep Club 9,10; Ger- man Club 11: G.T.O. 12; Prom Comm. Chr. 11; Musical 10, 12; Choir 9,10; Cadet Teach- ing 12. People 223 JIM REDAR WAYNE REYNOLS ROADES: A.V. Asst. 12; Library Asst. 12; Shop Asst. 11. BARBARA DIANE ROKOSZ: Pegasus 12: Pep 10-12; O.E.A. 11.12; Musical 12; Li- brary Asst. 12. A parade down Columbia Avenue highlighted seniors last day at M.H.S. BETH ROSENSTEIN: Choir 11; Crier 12 (Co-Features Ed.). SCOTT LESSER ROSS: Ensemble 12: Mu- sical 12; Choir 11,12; M-Men 11,12. PAM ROTHSTEIN: G.T.O. 12: Musical 12; Cadet Teaching 12; Choir 11: Washington H.S. Booster Club 9; Drama 9. LESLIE ANN RUDZINSKI: Pep Club 9,10; G.T.O. 11,12 (V. Pres. 12); Prom Comm. 11: Choir 11. Cadet Teaching 12. GAYLE ANN RUTZ: Cheerleader 9,10; Drill Team 11; Pep Club 9-11; Prom Comm. 11; Ind. State Scholarship. KATHLEEN CYNTHIA SAGALA: Drill Team 11,12: Pep Club 10: G.T.O. 11; Choir 10,11; G.R. Clark H.S. Pep Club 9,10; Pio- neer News 10; Drill Team 10; Student Sen- ate 9,10; German Club 9,10. 224 MARILYN PATRICIA SANSONE: Pe- gasus 12; Pep Club 9; N.H.S. 11,12; Science Club 11,12 (V Pres. 12); German Club 10-12; Survivors 10-12: Choir 9,12; l.S.U. Summer Art Program 12; Ind. State Scholarship. RICHARD SANTARE DAVID STUART SARCHET: N.H.S. 11,12; M-Men 9-12; Prom Comm. Chr. 11; Foot- ball 9,1 0; Basketball 9-11; Track 9-11; Biol- ogy Asst. 10; Class Pres. 12; Boy ' s State 12: Ind State Scholarship. JANET ANN SATEK: Paragon 10-12 (Sec. 11. Co-Athletics Ed. 12): Majorettes 11.12 (Capt. 12): Pep Club 9.10; G.T.O. 11.12: Prom Comm. 11; Musical 12; Choir 10-12. JANICE ANN SATEK: Paragon 10-12 (Rearch Ed. 11. Organizations Ed. 12): Ma- jorettes 11,12; Pep Club 9,10: G.T.O 11,12; Prom Comm. 11. KENT SAVAGE: Football 9. PAUL BARKAL SCHAW: Band 9-12; M- Men 11,12; Musical 11,12: Football 9-12; Basketball 9; Baseball 9,10. DANNA KAY SCHLEY: Drill Team 10-12: (Capt. 12); Pep Club 9-11: G.A.A. 12; Sych- ronized Swimming 9-12; Choir 11,12. DONNA ELLEN SCHLEY: Cheerleader 9,10; Drill Team 12; Pep Club 11; G.T.O. 11; Choir 12; Synchronized Swimming 10-12: Prom Comm. 11; Musical 12; G.A.A. 10-12; Ensemble 12. JAMES A. SCHMIDT: Drama 10,12; Stu- dent Senate 9-12 (Pres.9); Band 9-12: Pep Band 9-12; Musical 9-12; Football 11; A.V. Asst. 9-11; Ind. State Scholarship. SHARON SCHMUESER: Band 9: O.E.A. 11,12; Co-op. 12: Biology Asst. 10,11. JAMES ALLEN SCHLUTZ: Bishop Noll H.S. Track 9,10; Swiming 9. SHERRY SCHULTZ: German Club 10,11: Art Club 11,12; Ind. State Scholarship. RONALD KEITH SELIGER: D.E. 11.12. JOSEPH NEIL SHNEIDER: Student senate 9; German Club 9: M-Men 10-12; Musical 9; Basketball (Mngr.); Ind. State Scholarship. People 225 BARBARA ANN SENAK: Pep Club 10: O.E.A. 12: D.E. 11,12: Spanish Club 10: Mu- sical 11: Library Asst. 11: Office Asst. 10: Bishop Noll H.S. Pep Club 9; Latin Club 9: Musical 9. LAURA SENNETT: Crier 9,10: Speech Debate 11: Drama 11; N.H.S. 11,12: German Club 9-12: Musical 11.12: I.U. Honors Pro- gram 12. AVA ELIZABETH SHIELDS: Ensemble 12; Choir 12; G.A.A. 12: G.B. Clark H.S. Choir 9-11: Biology Cub 9-11; Latin Club 9- 11 . MARTY F. SHREIBAK: N.H.S. 11.12; X- Country 9: Ind. State Scholarship DIANE LOUISE SHROPSHIRE: (ULIE ANNE SHUMWAY: Drill Team 10; Pep Club 9,10; Musical 10-12; Choir 9-12. ROBERT PARKER SHUPE: X-Country 12; Track 12; Fredonia H.S. X-Country 9-11: Basketball 10; Football 9. CHARLES W. SIMPSON: Paragon 11,12; Musical 9,11,12; Choir 9-12. LINDA L. S1PLE: O.E.A. 11,12 (Treas. 12); U.Y.S. 10,11; G.A.A. 11; Band 9; Synchro- nized Swimming 11. SUSAN LYNN SMITH: Pep Club 9,10: Speech Debate 10-12 (Treas. 12); Thes- pians 11,12: Drama 10-12; N.H.S. 11.12; Student Senate 11; Choir 9,10: Prom Comm. 11: Summer Theater 10.11. CHRISTINE )EAN SOBER: Paragon 10-12 (Asst. Athletics Ed. 11, Co-Athletics Ed. 12); Cheerleader 10-12 (Capt. 12); Pep Club 9; Band 9.10; Sextet 11, 12; G.T.O. 11: Musi- cal 10-12; Choir 11,12; Girl ' s State 12; N.H.S. 11,12; Student Senate 9-12 Quill Scroll 12: Ind. State Scholarship ROY EDWIN SOSBY SUSIE SPEELMAN: Cheerleader 9-12; Drama 11,12; Student Sfate 9,10: Musical 10-12; Choir 9-11. ANGELA MARIE SPERANZA. Paragon 10: Drill Team 11,12; Pep Club 9.10; Stu- dent Senate 11; Prom Comm. 11; Home- coming Princess 12: Ind. State Scholarship. JOSEPH SPOLJARIC: Football 9. 226 CLAIRE ANN STEPHENSON; N.H.S. 11. 12; Band 10-12; Pep Band 10-12; Wind En- semble 12; Chemistry Asst. 12; Library Asst. 12; Portland H.S. Band 9; Spanish Club 9; Science Club 9 (Pres. 9); Student Council 9 (Sec.-Tres. 9); Ind. State Scholarship. RENEE M. STEVENS: Pep Club 10, 11: G.A.A. 10-12. ROBERT W. STEVENS: Survivors 10; Track 9. CAROLYN MARIE STANKIE: Pep Club 9,10; U.Y.S. 10; Choir 9-12 RICH SCOTT STANNERS RANDY L. STEFANIAK -rt Scott Alien-Accepting his award at the Senior Banquet, the " class clown” displays his talents People 227 Refreshments provide relief from the sun at the senior picnic held at the Warren Dunes. )EAN TRENAM STINE: Paragon 10-12 (Co-Ads Ed. 11. Co-Ed. -in-Chief 12): Drill Team 12: Pep Club 9.10.11: Quill Scroll 11.12: G.T.O. 11.12: Prom Comm. 11: Choir 9-12: Class Sec 11: Ind. State Scholarship. CATHY )0 STRACHAN: Pep Club 9.10: U.Y.S. 10: G.A.A. 9.10: Sychronized Swim- ming 9.10: Prom Comm. 11: Musical 10.12: Choir 9-11: Cadet Teaching 12. HARRY HANDLER STRICK: Speech Debate 9.10: Science Club 11.12; Chess Club 10: Ind. State Scholarship. FRED STRICKLAND JACQUELINE SUMBLES: Choir 9.10: O.E.A. 11.12: (Pres 12); Student Senate 11. JUNE SUMMERS: Pep Club 10; O.E.A. 11 . 12 . DOUGLAS ERIC TALBOTT MARY E. TANIS: O.E.A. 11; Ensemble 12 (piano accomp.); Sextet 11.12 (piano ac- comp.); Musical 11,12: Choir 10-12. MELISSA JANE THARPE: Pep Club 10; Thespians 11,12: Drama 11; Science Club 11.12; German Club 10,11; G.A.A. 9-12; G.T.O. 10: Synchronized Swimming 10: Li- brary Asst. 9-11; Chemistry Asst. 11,12. 228 ELAINE MARIE THEODORE: Biology Asst. 10; Cadet Teaching 12. TONI ROHAN THOMAS: Paragon 10: Pe- gasus 12; Pep Club 9-11; Student Senate 9,10 (Treas. 9); Choir 9-12; Class Treas. 10: Prom Comm. Chr. 11. DON THOMPSON TOM P. THOMPSON MARGARET ANNE TILKA: Pegasus 12; Drill Team 10-12 (Capt. 11); Pep Club 10.11: G.A.A. 9-12 (V. Pres. 10): G.T.O. 10,11; Syn- chronized Swimming 9-12 (Pres. 10,11): Choir 10: Prom Comm. 11: N.H.S. 12; I.S.U. Summer Physics Program 12. BARRY ALAN TRACHTENBERG: Drama 10 . JENNIFER LYNN TREDER: Pegasus 12: Drill Team 10; Pep Club 9-11; Synchro- nized Swimming 9,10; Musical 10-12; Choir 10 , 11 . JOHN THOMAS TRENT JR: Speech De- bate 10-12; Thespians 10.11; Drama 10.11: N.H.S. 11.12: Student Senate 10-12 (Pres. 12): Prom Comm. 11: Musical 10; Summer Theatre 11: Class Treas. 11; N.F.L. 10-12: Choir 10,12: Ind. State Scholarship. RICK ALAN ULICINI: Science Club 10; Wrestling 11,12. CLAUDIA A. VA1LIONIS: Crier 10: Pep Club 9-11: G.A.A. 10-12: G.T.O. 11.12: Syn- chronized Swimming 10-12: Biology Asst. 10 . 11 . NANCY KAY VICKERS: Pep Club 9: Drama 9.11.12; Musical 11.12. DAVID PAUL VICTOR: Science Club 12. MARK ALAN VICTOR: Science Club 9.10.12; Chess Club 10: M-Men 11.12: Wres- tling 11.12; Biology Asst. 11. WILLIAM ALEXANDER VITKUS: Para- gon 12: M-Men 11.12: Football 9-12: Track 11 . BENTON M. WAKEFIELD: Choir 10: Ten- nis 10: Wrestling 10: Musical 9. People 229 RICHARD DON WALKER: Drama 11: Sci- ence Club 11,12; Chess Club 11. |ANE ALYCE WASHBURN: Paragon 10- 12 (Co-Ads Ed. 11. Promo. Ed. 12): Crier 9,10: Pep Club 9: N.H.S. 11,12; Quill Scroll 11.12; Student Senate 12: German Club 11; Band 9,10: Musical 10,11: Biology Asst. 10; Choir 9-12; World Affairs Tour 12; U. of Minn. Journalism Workshop 11. JOHN WEBB JOHN DAVID WEBBER: M-Men 11,12; Football 9-12. SUSAN DALE WEBBER: Crier 10; Drill Team 10; Pep Club 9-11; Thespians 11,12; Drama 11,12; Student Senate 9; Ensemble 10,11; G.T.O. 11; Musical 10-12; Biology Asst. 12; Choir 9-12. CARY JOHN WEBER: Football 9,10; Golf 10. 230 DIANE LEE WEEKS: Majorettes 11.12: Pep Club 9,10: O.E.A. 12: U.Y.S. 10: Art 10: G.A.A. 9: Musical 10.11. MARK WEIN: Band 9,10: Science Club 10: Chess Club 10.11. TWALA ANN WELLS: U.Y.S. 10. ALVINA WHITE: Pegasus 12: Pep Club 9.10: Musical 10.12: Choir 9-12. SUSAN JEANETTE WHITE: Pep Club 9.10: Art Club 9-11: Spanish Club 9.10: Synchronized Swimming 11: Prom Comm. Chr. 11: Choir 9.11: Ball State Art Work- shop 12. PAUL A. WICKLAND: Band 9-12: M-Men 11.12: Musical 12: Swimming 9-12: Stage Band 10-12: Pep Band 9-12: Orchestra 12. WENDY ANN WILKINS: Crier 9.10: Pe- gasus 12: Pep Club 9-11: Thespians 11.12: Drama 11,12: G.A.A. 10-12 G.T.O. 10.12: Synchronized Swimming 10-12: Prom Comm. Chr. 11: Musical 10-12: Summer Theater 11: Choir 9-12. BARBARA ANN WILLIAMSON: Future Nurses 11; D.E. 11.12: ROBERT MICHAEL WILTHEW: M-Men 9-12; Prom Comm. Head Chr. 11: Musical 12; Football 9-12: Basketball 9.10: Track 9- 11; F.C.A. 11,12. SHERI L. WOLFE: Crier 9: Art Club 12: G.T.O. 11,12 (Pres. 12). ROBERT MICHAEL WOOD: Musical 9-12: Swimming 9,10: Choir 9-12. SUSAN WOODWARD: U.Y.S. 10: Art Club 10.11: D.E. 12: Ball State Art Work- shop 12. BILL L. YOUNG: M-Men 12: Football 9-12. People 231 David Abrinko Guy Adams Lori Adaska Jim Adoba Lori Altherr Junior Class Officers— Karen Gray (Sec.). Eileen Harr (V. Pres.). Todd Donoho (Treas.), Mr. James Mclndoo (Sponsor), Mr. James Karagianis (Sponsor), Marcia Bower (Pres.). Dave Anderson Tom Anderson Tom Andrews Brian Arrington Pam Babas Kim Bacon Marcia Bartok Michael Basila Alice Bator Rita Beatty Lynn Belinsky Barb Bembenista Paula Benchik Mary Beth Berghian Jeff Berns 232 A united class effort with help from the sponsors attained much recognition for the junior ' s first place Homecoming float, " For Whom the Bell Tolls.” A paradoxal sit- uation occured during sectionals concerning cooperation, but the juniors pulled through with a second attempt, “United We Stand, Divided We Fall. " Prom preparation added enthusiasm with participation on various committees. A car wash, carnival booth, lol- lipop and candy heart sales were major money-making projects aimed to lower the price of prom tickets. Sponsors: Mr. James Karagianis, Mr. James Mclndoo. mmm Mark Biegel Mary Bieker Patrice Biel Mark Blocker Mike Bobin Mary Bochnowski Matt Bogusz Joe Bolcis Cindy Bombar Pam Bookwood Marcia Bower Mike Breaz Bruce Brown Gwen Bruhn Shirley Buckner Carole Busick Leslie Camp Dave Carlson Jim Casey Ira Chemerinsky Roger Clark Jan Clement Sara Cohen Marilyn Connor Sue Cook Kathy Copeland People 233 Lyn Crary Sue Croissant Curt Cummings Lisa Dahl Bob Davis Connie Day Emerson Delaney Helen Deluga Patty Devore Melissa Dietrich Gail Dobosz Susan Doherty Todd Donoho Mark Dorris Mike Drascic Diane Dunn Sheryl Egli Rudy Eidam Janet Elkins Ana Encinosa Thomas Erickson Anne Esterhay John Estrada Mike Fischer Patty Flynn Sindi Ford Marian Jo Frantz Sue Gage Lori Garmus Mary Beth Gaudio Sandy Gibbs Marcia Goodman Karen Gray Ed Green Debi Greenspon 234 Sheri Greer Jay Griffith Sharon Groeger Bob Grow Debbie Hale Denise Halon Sue Hannabach Lisa Hanock John Hansen Sue Harkenrider Eileen Harr Rosemary Hartkoorn Phil Hasiak Jerry Hayes Bob Hazelwood LEFT: Rick Lanman, Marcia Bower— Juniors sell he- lium balloons at football games to raise money for prom. ABOVE: Ana Encinosa— The proud creator displays the head for the winning junior class home- coming float. John Hegedus Debbie Helton Edith Hensley Frank Hibbs Rhonda Hinkle People 235 Bob Hinze Mike Hirsch David Hiser Maryann Hodus Talli Holmes Sharon Homan Brian Hott Sandy Ismael Mary Jablonski Carol ]ohnsen Connie Johnsen Theresa Kaczka Ken Kaminski Marlene Kaplan Debbie Kasper ABOVE:— Despite the initial lack of interest the juniors ultimately conformed and produced a sectional wall. RIGHT: Dave Lautz, Dave Huebner— After months of anxious waiting junior rings were finally received. Jeff Keck Tom Keeler Sue Keen Christy Keitz Bonnie Kenealy 236 Bill Kennedy Gina King Tim Kish Susie Klein Gary Klug Kathy Kolodziej Wanda Kontos Charlie Kopacz Sam Korellis Paula Kovich Sue Krajewski Tom Krol Garry Kucer Pam Kucer Liz Lanman Cathy Lanting Dave Lautz Jim Lee Kathy Lengyel Karen Leonard Sheila Lewis Sue Lieberman Carol Lindeman Patty Little Laurie Livingstone lean Long Mike Lorentzen Cathie Luerssen Sharon Maloney Nancy Maluga Chris Manske Carol Marden Sandy Marks Jim Marshall Carol Mathews People 237 )an McAllister Anne McCollum Anne McDonald Steve McDonell Mary Kay McNamara Lynn McNeill Kathy Meagher David Medansky Kelli Mehok Bob Miller Bob Miller [an Milliken J ulie Mirkov Cindy Mitchell Melissa Mitchell Ron Monaldi Roberta Morris Brigid Moynagh Bob Mueller Bob Mund Jenny Murphy Kevin Murphy Pat Murphy Debbie Murzyn Debbie Nelson Mary Neverauskas Paul Novak Jeff O’Barske Mark O’Barske Doug Oberle Colleen O’Connor MaryAnn O’Donnell Rich Orlich Trippy Ottenheimer Lynn Parker 238 Diane Peterson Craig Polak Julie Pondusa Maryjo Puncho Peggy Quint Carol Marden, Patti Little— Junior car wash provides money for prom. Kim Raymond Maggie Reister Jim Reppa Sue Resler Sue Richards Judi Richter Neal Richter Sarasue Robb Penny Roland Della Rosenbloom Sue Rosenfeldt Rob Rosenthal Jeff Rothstein Shellie Rothstein Diana Ruemler People —ft) Vicky Rundle Amy Ryder Peggy Schaub Ed Schmidt Martha Shoop )im Schwarz Chris Sebenste Dennis Sepiol Ed Shea Marilyn Shevin Bill Shofner Richard Sholts Elainie Siavel is Nuala Sinisi Danita Smigiel Cheryl Smith (anna Smith Terry Smith Sue Snook Nancy Spillar 240 Monica Stevens Jay Stewart Kathy Stoddart Diane Stoker Lorie Street |ohn Such Joyce Teliga Maria Thoesen Nancy Thomas Angel Thompson Bruce Trimbur Ron Vierk Nick Vranich Mitch Wade Lorraine Waiss Dave Watson Tim Watson Lisa Waxman Cheryl Wayland Donna Wein Steve Weiss Ron Wennekes Lynn Wieler jan Wigley Steve Williams Cheri Wilson Terry Wilson Carol Wleklinski Mike Wolfe Debbie Wood Esther Woolard Sheri Wozniak Linda Zagrocki Nancy Zopp People 241 Marla Abalman Harold Aberman Rick Adams |ohn Ahlborn Janet Allen Marv Allen Doug Amber Katie Andersen Patrice Anderson Sharon Anderson Paula Angel Joyce Angelcos Brian Aranowski Rose Arges Debbie Ashenbremer Molly Bachman Teresa Backe Marcia Bairn Kevin Barkal John Barker Nancy Bates Tom Bauer Trina Bauschelt Jeff Beck Alan Becker Paul Beckman Lou Biedron Steve Bilik Faith Blacke Ken Blanchard Don Blue Robert Bolls Louise Borsattino Penny Bortz Jeanne Brinkmann Joani Brouwers Jeff Brown Joseph Buda Beverly Bunting Alan Burnstein Ken Butynski Natalie Calhoun Newspaper and paint were the new materials used for the crea- tion of the sophomore float, " Squeezy Rider.” Although defeated in Homecoming float competition sophomore spirits and attitudes were not dampened. The class of ’74 came back strong and won the sec- tional class competition with their wall, “Put Your Money on the Mus- tangs,” which featured large dice and scores of paper money. Soph- omores ordered class rings and sponsored various bake sales. The selling of Mustang mugs, a puppy raffle at the carnival, and a Sadie Hawkins turn-about dance revealed the sophomores continual originality. 242 Evelyn Camp Lynn Carlson Frank Castillo Rob Christophersen Kathy Ciez Betsy Clark Beth Cleland David Copple Alison Corban Bob Cornell Joe Corns Tony Cort Sophomore Class Officers-Mrs. Pat McNamara (sponsor), Scott Sala (Treas.). Tim Smelko (V. Pres.), Brian McLaughlin (Pres.). Not pictured: Donna Figuly (Sec.). mi Lj;. n riljl 1 v v V, i T ' f LJ1 i j iJLi k L. A Mary Croner Brian Cummings Sarah Dahlkamp Dennis Danko Jennie Deluga Jack Denenberg THE CLASS OF Dan DeRolf Peter DeRolf Jeff Dobis Tom Dobosz Allison Donnersberger Ralph Downing Charles Downs Michaelle Driggs Debi Dunning David Eidam Ash El Naggar Barb Etling People 243 |im Etling Kent Evans Ilona Farrow Beverly Featherly Tom Fetzko Lisa Fields ABOVE: Brian McLaughlin, Mrs. McNamara— Complaints of disorder threatened to halt soph- omore float production. RIGHT: Paint sprayed newspaper resulted in an octopus for the soph- omore float, " Squeezy Rider.” Donna Figuly Melody Fisher Patty Fleck Terri Flynn Bill Fodor Stan Folta Dave Franzen )im Freeman Mike Gaudio Sue Gillespie Linda Goldsmith Debbie Golec Lee Gordon john Graff Mark Graham Bob Grand Kathy Gregg Lisa Greisen )im Grunewald Tom Guiden Karen Guilotte Terry Hagerty Becky Haines Wendy Ham Josephine Hand Dan Harder Janet Harkenrider Susan Harvey Billy Hasse Mike Hawryszkow 244 Tim Hayes Jean Hazelwood Brenda Helm Fran Helminski Bob Hered Ron Higgins Doug Hinchion Tim Hodor Melodee Horlick Carroll Hriso Patti Huck Kathy Hulett Suzette Hulsey DeAnn Humes Ted Hunter Janice Iorio John Isaacs Charles Ismael Terry Jasinski Joanne Jeorse Nancy Johns John Jugovic Mark Kaminski Megan Kaminski Laurie Kaplan James Kasle Nick Katsoulis Ginger Keen Terry Kelly Mark Kiesling Bill Kinder Tom Kinnane John Kipta Nancy Kivett Rich Klug Beth Knapik Bill Knutson John Kolas Linda Kolember Melody Koloch Mark Kovach Mary Kowalczyk Judy Krause Greta Krawczyk Chris Kroll Hugh Kuhn Mark Ladd Marcy Lang Theresa Lang Tom Largus Patty Leask Lisa Ledna Mickey Leenev Dan Leonard People 24r Melinda Leone Mike Lessig Charley Levenberg Karen Lichtsinn Hans Linders Ardis Lindstrom Jim Lipton Bob Livingstone Cheryl Longhauser David Low Debbie Lutton Bob Maginot Paula Malinski Chris Malo Patrick Maloney Joe Mansueto Greg Markey Ron Matasar Marty Matusek Robert May Jeff Mayer Laura Mazanek Dan McCarthy Jan McDaniel Sue McKenna Brian McLaughlin Jim McLean Jan McNees Patty Meagher Jennifer Mehalso Kevin Mehok Bill Melind Laura Mellady Dave Miller Dick Miller Geri Miller Marla Minnick Jim Mirkov Mark Mirkov Bob Montes Nancy Morningstar Margaret Moynagh Daniel Mulholland Steve Mullins Debbie Murray Marlene Musick Len Mustari Don Nelson Laura Neukranz Diana Nickoloff Debbie Nowaczyk Chris O’Connor Tom Ogren Nicki Opinker 246 Robin Ottenheimer Cheryl Page Janet Paluga Tim Parker Debbie Patterson Chuck Pavel Mark Paulovich John Pawlowicz John Peach Sally Peter Debbie Petro Jeff Petrunich Sandy Petso Maureen Pfister Jim Phelan Joanie Phillips Cathy Plunkett Lori Pintzow Perry Podolak Debra Popa Cindy Popiela John Powley Mark Pucalik Lynda Puncho LEFT: Mr. Jim Stone, Jim Etling— Selling mugs with the school insigina revealed the soph- omores ' talent in salesmanship. ABOVE: Bales of hay transformed the commons into a realistic dog patch for a “Sadie Hawkins " dance. BELOW: Only the ordering of class rings could keep anyone after school on his own accord. People 247 Debbie Queer Mike Radecki Chris Rawlins Doug Ray Dale Rebar Linda Rege lman Mary Reilly Shirley Reiplinger Mark Resler Mary Lynn Rieckhoff Nancy Riffer |im Roedel Mary Ann Rosevear Richard Rowe Steve Rozzos Kriss Rucinski Missy Ruman Carol Russell Cathy Russell Margie Ryan Scott Sala Mary Ann Salatas Ray Santare (ill Sartain Tim Hodor, Thomas Fetzko— Struggling to cross the little Calumet during the “big boat race.” |ay Scatena Debbie Scholte Tim Schultz Dianne Scolnik Catherine Seifert Martin Sennett Barb Shinkan Elaine Shlensky Victor Sidabras Janet Skogan Tim Smelko Paul Smeltzer 248 Patti Smiddy Brent Smith Jeff Smith Keith Smith Dale Sorenson Diana Speranza Lisa Speranza Pat St. Arnaud Ralph Steiger Tom Stine Greg Stone Roxann Straub Nick Simbles Kathy Summers Ted Thomas ]an Tokarz David Treder Susan Trent Tom Truver Melanie Urban Rich Van Inwegen Mike Victor Jill Viront Karen Vogt Maria Vranich Carolyn Wamsher Gretchen Warner Dorothy Warziniak Mark Washburn Chris Waskiewicz Connie Webber Mike Webber Glenn Weinberg Beth White Janice White Robin White Karen Wilk Garry Williams Bill Wilson Teresa Wilson Karen Winner Debbie Winter Scott Winterfeldt JoAnn Wleklinski Jane Wolak Dirk Wonnell Janet Wrobel Alison Wuellner Jo Ann Yates Vicki Young People 249 Gail Adams Sheree Adzia Mark Agerter Paula Anderson Theresa Andrews Caro! Angell (oe Babas Lynn Babincsak Arlene Bachnak Dave Backe Tim Ball Mike Baras Gayle Bartok Frank Benchik Robert Bender Melinda Benne Bruce Berey Bruce Berns Barbara Bickell Gary Biedron Susan Biel THE CLASS OF Freshman Class Officers— Lorie Donoho (Pres.). Diana Ruf (Sec.), Brad Smith, (V. Pres.), Darla Moreno (Treas.), Mr. Nicholas Anjanos (sponsor). Tom Bielski Laura Bleicher Clarice Bochnowski Judy Bodnar Terry Bohley Sherry Boleck Dick Bolls Brad Bookwood Allison Borough Robert Borowski Jean Borsattino Melinda Bouque Cay Bouton Rhonda Brandt 250 Although a lack of funds pre- vented the freshmen from having a home- coming float, the class of 75 concentrated on decorations for the homecoming dance. A Christmas card sale and various bake sales helped increase the class treas- ury. Despite a near disqualification due to the use of class colors, a large cannon and “Fire-up Big Red” was featured on the frosh sectional wall. Class unification was weak but first attempts revealed possible future potentials. Cathy Brant Larry Brenman Terry Brennan Barbara Brown Terry Brown Laurie Brumm Paul Bryan Bill Budny Dave Budny Audrey Bunting Greg Buran Cindi Burke John Burns Vicky Bussert )im Butkus Tom Butynski Don Cala Julie Calhoun Debi Carollo Tony Carroll Carol Casey Matt Chelich Leslie Chiarelli Claudet Ciucki Doug Clark Tim Cleland Steve Collison Kerry Coltun Marylu Consoer Mark Corban Gerry Costello Angelo Coulis Jackie Covert Bryan Crary Tim Cross September Crouch Brian Cusick Kevin Cwick Gale Davis Steve Dayney Jeff Decker Laura Deere Sue Demaree John Demy Tracy Denmank Carla DeRe Sandy Donofrio People 251 Lorie Donoho Sharon Drechsel Barb Dubczak Derek Duhon Rebecca Dunn Shirley Dunn Bill Dye Donna Echterling Jennifer Eggers Mike Egli Diane Eicke Mark Elias Tomi Ann Ellison Steve Erskine Marian Espino Ann Marie Estrada Mary Ann Etling Monica Fary Jacklyn Ferro Mark Fissinger Jerry Fogelman Sue Fredericks Tracy Friend Karen Friedman Naomi Fruehauf Monica Gabor Judy Gage David Gainer Debbie Gajewski Patti Gallas Betsy Garofalo Robin Garson Karla Geiger Garry Gempka John Georgas Cheryl Gerdt Heather Gilchrist Lois Gilman Tom Giorgio Marc Goodman Steve Gray John Green Dave Greenspon Sandy Greer Carol Griffin Ted Hack Hallie Harr Geary Hartkoorn Vicki Harwood Bob Hasse Nancy Hawkins Carol Hay Jill Headdy Gina Heatherington Bill Herr Byron Helton Larry Hirsch Roger Hostettler Tim Hulett Janet Humes Bob Hunter Jerry Hymen Mark Jacobson 252 Jay Janke Sieve Jarzombek Don Jeeninga Ted Jepsen Tim Jepsen Diane Johnson Jim Kaczka Sabrina Kalan Bruce Kalapach Brian Kanyer Gwen Kaplan Robert Kapp Scott Keeler Jim Kessler Shirley Dunn— Comic strip movies on walls highlight freshman homecoming decorations. Mary Kick Lee King Tony Kiser Kathy Kish Paul Kish Bill Klage David Klemm Cindy Knutson Mark Kolas George Koloch Nancy Kolten David Konkoly Mary Kopacz Denise Kornelik People 253 Dan Kotfer Linda Kowalisyn Jim Krajewski Ken Krupa Joanne Kucer Kris Kucer Mark Kuck Ron Kurz Mike Kus Julie Kustka Claudia Kwasny Todd Lanman Dave LaRocca Steve Lautz Lori Lazinski Kandee Leary Barb Leask Daniel Lee Pat Lee Judy Leonard Norman Levenberg Bob Lewann Ron Lewis Randy Liming Benji Lipson Marsha Long Heidi Lorentzen Sue Luerssen F R O S H Janet Lummio Cathy Luscavich Maryann Lush Kathy Lyle Tom Maginot Toma Lee Mallett Robert Manchak Allen Mannion Robin Marden John Marshall Sue Martin Mitch Masolak Chris Mason Laura Mathews RIGHT— Freshman create “Fire Up Big Red " for sectional wall. ABOVE-Benji Lipson, Todd Lanman, Bob Breshock, Joe Sobek, Gerry Costello— Their first year in the high school prompted enthusiasm from the fresh- man block at sectionals. 254 Janice Mazur Nancy McAllister Rich McClaughry Cliff McCoy Don McCoy Karen McKenna David Meeker Sammy Megremis Allison Mehalso Jim Mellady Randy Mescall Carole Meyer Carrie Meyer Valerie Meyer Mike Mezey Chris Middleton Mary Beth Miller Michael Minnick Jon Mitchell Anna Montes Jean Montgomery Darla Moreno Chris Morfas Mike Moynagh Mark Mulholland Laura Murphy Moira Murphy Paula Murray Kathy Muta Robert Nagedman Robert Navarro Leslie Nelson Doug Norris Dave Nottoli Nancy Novak Teresa Oberle Jeff Ogorek Patty Orlich Laurie Orloff Denise Ouellette David Panchisin Frank Papakosmas Judy Parker Dana Passalacqua Jim Patlyek Michele Pawelko Bill Peterman Eric Peterson Tim Petsas Mike Pfister Sue Pfister Therese Phelan Kathy Pondusa Cheryl Popa Doug Pope Dave Porter Jim Powley Greg Price Maureen Prohl Pam Puls Donna Puncho Jim Pupillo Cindy Ranta People 255 )ohn Rapacz Tom Rasch Ann Ray Mike Reel Mark Richardson Ron Richardson Sharon Richwine Mike Rippey Scott Rizzo Keith Robertson Terry Rodda Will Rogers Barry Rooth Nuna Rosenberg Howard Roth Steve Rothstein Tom Rudakas Diane Ruf Becky Ryder John Saksa Coral Savage Dave Sayka Nancy Schaub Warren Schmidt Lori Schnell Nancy Schoenberg Renee Schulte Candy Schwartz Beth Seehausen Ricky Selby Gloria Serrano Dennis Shea Sue Sheliga Joseph Sherby Sue Shupe Cheryl Siemering Nancy Simpson Sandy Sipes Susan Sipes Carol Sipkosky Tim Skaggs Pam Slivka Brad Smith Stacy Smith Kevin Snedden Nancy Snook Joe Sobek Glenn Souther Sue Spillar Kurt Spongberg Gary Spurlock Diane Stamos Jeff Stauffer Drew Stevens Pam Stevens Diane Strachon Tom Strantz Laurie Strayer David Street Lee Strict Karen Swing Phil Talent Vince Tomae 256 Lori Thomas Kathy Tobin Nancy Tomic Eddie Truver Carrie Ulber Lorraine Valko Missy Vance Kirk VanVessen john Wagner Paula Waisnora Bruce Walker Maureen Walsh James Warnaar David Warner LEFT: Terry Oberle— Patched jeans and juke box music pro- vide atmosphere for the Sadie Hawkin ' s dance. ABOVE: Rich McClaughry— Attempts to ' ‘Tip the Cat ' ' are supervised by the freshman class. Joan Watkins Shawn Watson Stephen Watson Donna Wayland Amy Webber Kathy Webber Jay Weberling Diane Wein Roxann Whitcombe Mark Wickland Jill Wigley Candi Wilkins Ray Wilkinson Mark Williams Cindy Wilson Ray Wohrle Ed Wolak Chris Wonnell Mary Wood Denise Wooden Sidney Wuellner Kerry Yasko Cinthia Young Pam Young Neal Zacok Tom Zellers Linda Zweige Sandy Zweige People 257 PEOPLE OFFER COOPERATION . . . OT A FRIEND y Carole King) re clown and troublecLand you [elpinghand 4 tig, nothing is going right eyes, and think of me and soon I [h ur darld st nights ame andl oil know njrto see you .summer or 11 you’ve e you’ve got ‘e you should li end cfark and begin to 11 my name - 2KO “The true profession Of man is to find His way to Himself . . — H. Hesse BURNS FUNERAL HOME Cooperation 261 PEPSI-COLA 262 V ■P _ ■ j% £ 4 £ u $1 ' SvAs - . n 4 % Without friends And a boundless Love for “messing Around” it is Difficult to Discover an Inkling of Individuality. CALUMET NATIONAL BANK | The absurd and the Unexpected may be The two greatest Means for breaking The monotony of Man’s constant Inner struggle. SCHOOP HAMBURGERS, INC. MAIL POUCH CE HARDWARE BOULEVARD SALES i i tm cr Eli ■ ' % m HT’ _ ii r 1 •» i i J Srfo;M t| i 1 1 1 Cooperation 265 PPER CHEVROLET The adventures And misadventures Of living ... Cooperation 267 . . . are the Doors to new Experiences. MARCUS rentacar RENT 72 MODELS NOW ' Cooperation 269 Fantasies and images that We harbor present themselves In life’s reality. Cooperation 271 Half of Our dreams Become plans . . . . . . Half of Our plans Become reality. INLAND STEEL COMPANY Cooperation 275 A life time of Inner happiness Emerges from The hope of Underrated dreams. N’S RESTAURANT 276 Cooperation 277 Are people afraid of seeing the self That they reflect To others? Cooperation 279 CONSUMER ROOFING CO. . . .Only if that image Masks the true self. The “self” That you uncover Will lead you To other people. If a man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer. Let him step to the music which he hears, however measured or far away Henry David Thoreau COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND When you’re down and troubled AMERICAN SAVINGS LOAN ASSOC. 8230 Hohman Avenue Munster, Indiana (Sindi Ford) BARNES ASSOCIATES INSURANCE 907 Ridge Road Munster, Indiana (The Barnes Children) BEN’S RESTAURANT AND LOUNGE, INC. 2739 Highway Avenue Highland. Indiana (Sarasue Robb, Matt Bogusz) BOULEVARD SALES Heavy Duty Towing 1300 Carroll Street East Chicago, Indiana (Sue Croissiant, Carroll Hriso, Sue Richards, Gail Do- bosz, Sarasue Robb) BRANT CONSTRUCTION COMPANY, INC. 9501 Indianapolis Blvd. Highland. Indiana BUILDER FAIR CONSTRUCTION 9318 Walnut Drive Munster, Indiana (Lloyd Neukranz) BURGER’ SUPERMARKETS Munster-Ridee Rd. and State Line Hammond -165th and Columbia Munster-1830 45th Avenue (Margaret Reister, Jim Schultz) BURNS FUNERAL HOMES Munster, and Hammond BUZZ’S HIGHLAND SHELL 9653 Indianapolis Blvd. Highland. Indiana (Sarasue Robb, Kathy Bogusz) CALUMET AUTO WRECKING, INC. 2015 Summer Street Hammond, Indiana CALUMET NATIONAL BANK Hammond, Indiana (HOME Office) A Location Near You (Janice Satek) CARPETLAND U.S.A. 8201 Calumet Avenue Munster, Indiana (Jane Washburn, Kerry Martin) DAVID CHIZMAR, INC. 5305 State Line Avenue Hammond, Indiana (Becky Chizmar) CHRISTENSON CHEVROLET, INC. 9700 Indianapolis Blvd. Highland. Indiana (Dave Franzen, Linda Fort) COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND CONSUMMERS ROOFING CO„ INC. 2323 165th Street Hammond, Indiana (The Gluth Children) m CUNNINGHAM REAL TORS 1739 Ridge Road Munster. Indiana Driggs Pharmacy 7207 Indianapolis Blvd Hammond, Indiana EINHORN’S 6540 Indianapolis Blvd. Woodmar Shopping Center Hammond, Indiana Marquette Mall Michigan City, Indiana (Ruth Helminski) FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS LOAN OF EAST CHICAGO 707 Ridge Road Munster, Indiana (Ron Jones) GARY NATIONAL BANK (Munster Branch) 7967 Calumet Avenue Munster, Indiana GUARANTEE CORROSION CONTROL P.O. Box 2067 East Chicago, Indiana (Sue Richards, Faith Blacke. Pat Proll) HAMMOND NATIONAL INSURANCE 5248 Hohman Avenue Hammond, Indiana (Carol Lindeman) HAMMOND YELLOW-CHECKER CAB CO. 5108 Hohman Avenue Hammond, Indiana JOE HIRSCH ’‘COURT SHOPS” Downtown Hammond Woodmar Shopping Center (Leslie Rudzinski) HOUSE OF PIZZA 7008 Indianapolis Blvd. Hammond, Indiana HOWARD SONS 719 Ridge Road Munster, Indiana INLAND STEEL CO. 320 Watling East Chicago, Indiana J.J. WRIGHT OLDSMOBILE 5603 Hohman Avenue Hammond, Indiana KIWANIS CLUB OF MUNSTER 8225 Schreiber Ave. Munster, Indiana (Miss Kelly) LEO F. KNOERZER CADILLAC 6131 Hohman Avenue Hammond, Indiana (Marian Fetzko) PAUL H. LADD REALTY CO., INC. 9735 Fran-Lin Parkway Munster, Indiana LOUIS PHARMACY and you need a hi elping hand. . 8142 Calumet Avenue PEPSI-COLA Munster, Indiana 9300 Calumet Avenue (Diana Ruemler) Munster; Indiana MARCUS AUTO LEASE (Rick Gubitz, Sara Cohen) 8840 Indianapolis Blvd. PLEASANT VIEW DAIRY CO. Highland, Indiana 2625 Highway Avenue (Keith Johnson, Janet Satek) Highland, Indiana MCDONALD ' S RESTAURANT (Paula Kovich) 515 Ridge Road MAMA PUNTILLOS Munster, Indiana 3325 W. 45th Street (Mr. George Kurteff, Ronald McDonald) Highland, Indiana MEADE ELECTRIC COMPANY, INC. Jb 1 (Kathy Reck) Chicago, Illinois H.B. REED CO„ INC. Joliet, Illinois 1h “ 8149 Kennedy Avenue Hammond, Indiana Highland. Indiana EDWARD C. MINAS CO. SCHOOP HAMBURGERS, INC. Downtown Hammond 5452 Calumet Avenue River Oaks Shopping Center Hammond, Indiana (Rick Gubitz) 215-17 Ridge Road MERCANTILE NATIONAL BANK Munster, Indiana OF INDIANA (Martha Schoop) A Full Service Bank PETE SHAVER 909 Ridge Road LINCOLN-MERCURY. INC. Munster, Indiana 5814 Calumet Avenue MINER DUNN HAMBURGERS Hammond. Indiana 8940 Indianapolis Blvd. (Jeff Rothstein, Janice Satek) Highland, Indiana SIMMONS CO. (Hank Pugh) 9200 Calumet Avenue MISTER LUCKY’S Munster, Indiana 8955 Indianapolis Blvd. (Kathy Meagher, Linda Gregg, Highland, Indiana Jack Denenberg, Rick Gubitz) (Sandy Hale, Kevin Watson) SMART SET COIFFURES ! MUNSTER FOOD MART 1004 Carroll 8932 White Oak Avenue - Boulevard Room Munster, Indiana 4916 Indianapolis Blvd. MUNSTER LANES East Chicago, Indiana 8000 Calumet Avenue (Chris Sobek. Kathee Bogusz. Munster, Indiana Faith Blacke) (Sarasue Robb, Sara Dahlkamp. SOSBY ' S ACE HARDW’ARE Martha Schoop, Patti Leask, 8420 Calumet Avenue Katie Anderson, Patty Meagher, Munster, Indiana Mary Croner, Carol Russell, (Darrell Kiser) Peg Schaub, Nancv Johns.) TEIBEL ' S MUNSTER LUMBER COMPANY U.S. Highways 30 and 41 330 Ridge Road Schererville, Indiana Munster, Indiana WHITE INSURANCE AGENCY. INC. (Lloyd Neukranz) 6712 Calumet Avenue MUNSTER STEEL COMPANY, INC. Hammond, Indiana 9505 Calumet Avenue The Bogusz Children) Munster, Indiana WILLIAM’S STANDARD SERVICE (Martha Schoop) 747 Ridge Road | NORTHER INDIANA PUBLIC SERVICE CO. Munster. Indiana 5265 Hohman Avenue (Scott Allen) Hammond, Indiana J.P. WLEKLINSKI CO„ INC. (Jo Ann Yates. Joannie Phillips, Finance and Insurance Administrators Diana Nickoloff) 625 Ridge Road PEPPER POT PIZZA Munster, Indiana 9628 Indianapolis Blvd. (Fran Helminski, Kathy Bucher) Highland, Indiana ZANDSTRA (Barb Shinkan, Nancy Kivett, 2629 Highway Avenue Cheryl Longhauser) Highland, Indiana (Dave Bolanowski, Chuck Simpson) n . . ain’t it good to know BUSINESS PATRONS CALUMET PLAZA ANTON ' S RESTAURANT 7981 CALUMET AVENUE MUNSTER, INDIANA THE RESTAURANT FOR YOU- YOUR FRIENDS— YOUR FAMILY COLUMBIA PACKING CO., INC. 6730 COLUMBIA AVENUE HAMMOND, INDIANA YANKEE DOODLE DANDY 745 RIDGE ROAD MUNSTER, INDIANA PHONE: 836-8800 ALDON BUILDERS 9456 CALUMET AVENUE MUNSTER, INDIANA STAR DELICATESSEN 229 RIDGE ROAD MUNSTER, INDIANA J. J. SEFTON ENTERPRISES 1141 MACARTHUR BOULEVARD MUNSTER, INDIANA VILLA PIZZA 8124 CALUMET AVENUE MUNSTER, INDIANA SENIOR PARENTS PATRONS MR. AND MRS, ALVIN ABALMAN MR. AND MRS. N. H. ANDERSEN MR. AND MRS. WILLIAM J. BACHMAN MR. AND MRS. BERNARD BECKWITH MR. AND MRS. ROBERT T. BELL MR. AND MRS. FRED BEMBENISTA MR. AND MRS. HOWARD BLUMENTHAL MR. AND MRS. GEORGE C. BOURNE MR. AND MRS. STANLEY BUMBALES MR. AND MRS. R. L. CAMPION MR. AND MRS. ALBERT B. CHIPMAN MR. AND MRS. STEVE P. COULIS MR. AND MRS. WELTON A. CROISSANT MR. AND MRS. EUGENE J. CURTIS MR. AND MRS. JACK DIETRICH MR. AND MRS. FRED G. DONNERSBERGER MR. AND MRS. GEORGE J. DVORSCAK MR. AND MRS. ORVILLE F. EBLING MR. AND MRS. T. M. ELLISON MR. AND MRS. JOHN L. ESTRADA MR. AND MRS. EUGENE M. FEINGOLD MR. AND MRS. JOHN FETZKO MR. AND MRS. JOSEPH D. FIGULY MR. AND MRS. RUDY FOLTA DR. AND MRS. JACK FOX MR AND MRS. FRANK GAROFALO MR. AND MRS. WILLIAM GARZINSKI MR. AND MRS. FRANCIS GIROT MR. AND MRS. SOL GOLDSTEIN MR. AND MRS. DAVID L. GOTT MR. AND MRS. JOHN H. GRAFF MR. AND MRS. GERALD GREGG MR. AND MRS. CARL F. GUILOTTE MR. AND MRS, GEORGE W. HAY MR. AND MRS. ROBERT D. HEATHERINGTON MR. AND MRS. WILLIAM T. HENSEY, JR. MR. AND MRS. ROBERT F. HETRICK MR. AND MRS. FORREST G. HIPLE MR. AND MRS. ROBERT HIRSCH MR. AND MRS. ROBERT HOEKEMA MR. AND MRS. MELVIN HOEPPNER MR. AND MRS. ANTHONY IORIO MR. AND MRS. Z. T. JUGOVIC MR. AND MRS. ADAM R. KOCAL MR. AND MRS. JOHN M. LAIR, JR. MR. AND MRS. DONALD R. LAMMERING DR. AND MRS. HERBERT A. LAUTZ MR. AND MRS. JAMES P. LAVERY MR. AND MRS. ARTHUR P. LEIER MR. AND MRS. JOHN F. LEONARD MR. AND MRS. ROBERT E. MANNION MR. AND MRS. JOSEPH H. MCSHANE MR. AND MRS. EDWARD C. MINAS MRS. ISABELLE MODEJESKI MR. AND MRS. JAMES R. MULLIGAN MR. AND MRS. F. D. NELSON MR. AND MRS. T. J. NOLAN MR. AND MRS. NELSON H. ORTMAN MR. AND MRS. EDGAR L. PEGLOW MR. AND MRS. NICK J. PETSAS MRS. RITA PROLL DR. CAROLYN M. RAWLINS MR. AND MRS. JULIUS RAYMOND MR. AND MRS. JERRY ROTHSTEIN MR. AND MRS. F. SATEK MR. AND MRS. JOHN SCHULTZ MR. AND MRS. A. LOWELL SENNETT MR. AND MRS. NORMAN SHNEIDER MR. AND MRS. M. J. SHREIBAK MR. AND MRS. K. M. SHUPE MR. AND MRS. A. C. SMITH MR. AND MRS. JOSEPH J. SOBECK MR. AND MRS. ROBERT E. SPEELMAN MR. AND MRS. PORTER G. STEVENS MR. AND MRS. JACK W. STINE MR. G. P. STRICKLAND MR. AND MRS. WILLIAM H. STRICK MR. AND MRS. PAUL SUMMERS MR. AND MRS. JACK M. THARPE MR. AND MRS. THEODORE R. THOMAS MR. AND MRS. WILLIAM G. TILKA DR. AND MRS. LEE H. TRACHTENBERG MR. AND MRS. RICHARD TREDER MR. AND MRS. JOHN T. TRENT DR. AND MRS. ADOLPH WALKER MR. AND MRS. RICHARD A. WASHBURN MR. AND MRS. DONALD E. WHITE MR. AND MRS. DAVID G. WILKINS MR. AND MRS. ARTHUR F. YOUNG 286 that you’ve got a friend.” COMMUNITY PATRONS MR. MRS. A. M. ADASKA MR. MRS. RUSSEL ALTHERR MR. MRS. NATE ANDERSEN MR. MRS. JAMES ANGELL MR. MRS. CHRIS ARGES G. H. ARNOLD MR. MRS. JOHN ASHENBREMER MR. MRS. JACK D. BAER MR. MRS. WILLIAM BARTOK MR. MRS. R. N. BATES MR. MRS. PAUL BECKMAN MR. D. BENGERT MR. MRS. RICHARD BENNE MR. MRS. ROBERT BIEKER MR. MRS. E. N. BIEL MR. MRS. GEORGE BLACKE, JR. MR. MRS. RAY J. BOBIN MR. MRS. JOSEPH BOWER MR. TOM BOYER MR. MRS. RICHARD T. BRAMBERT MR. MRS. JEROME BREMAN MR. MRS. RICHARD BRUSH MR. MRS. REX E. BUCHER MR. MRS. THOMAS R. BRYAN MR. MRS. MAX L. BURKE MR. MRS. NATE BURNSTEIN DR. MRS. JACK BUSSERT MR. MRS. JOSEPH BUTYNSKI MRS. SUE CAMPBELL JOHN G. CAPPS MR. MRS. THOMAS CLARK MR. MRS. RICHARD CLOTT MR. MRS. JOSEPH CONRAD MR. MRS. JOHN R. COONEY DR. MRS. A. J. COSTELLO MR. MRS. ROBERT CRONER MR. MRS. WILLIAM H. DAHLKAMP MRS. GERTRUDE DANKANICH MR. H MRS. RICHARD W. DAVIS, SR. MR. MRS. S. DELUGA MR. MRS. SIDNEY DENENBERG MR. MRS. GENE DERE MR. MRS. R. E. DUNNING MR. MRS. JAMES DYE DON ECHTERLING MR. STEVE R. EDELEN MR. MRS. JON FECH RICH PEGGY FISSINGER MR. MRS. JOHN P. FOX MR. MRS. TIMOTHY GALVIN MR. MRS. R. D. GEIGER MR. MRS. MARK GELFMAN MR. MRS. GESCHE1DLER MR. MRS. JOSEPH GIORGIO DR. MRS. MYRON GORDON MR. MRS. SAM GRAY MR. MRS. WILLIAM GRAY DR. MRS. IRWIN L. GREENSPON MR. MRS. ROBERT GROVES MR. MRS. ROBERT E. HAINES MR. MRS. GORDON HALLER MR. MRS. ALBERT C. HAND MR. MRS. RONALD HANOCK MR. MRS. WILLIAM D. HARRISON MR. MRS. RUSSELL HANSON MR. MRS. ROBERT HAYES MR. MRS. RUDY HIGGINS MR. MRS. CHARLES W. HOTT MR. MRS. MICHAEL HRISO DR. MRS. J. E. HULETT DR. MRS. M. J. JACOBO MR. MRS. CARL JEORSE L M JEWELERS DR. MRS. RICHARD S. JOHNS MR. MRS. B. KAPLAN MR. MRS. HAROLD KING MR. MRS. MAX KIVETT MR. MRS. |ACK A. KLEE MISSY MR. MRS. P. A. KLOBUCHAR MR. MRS. GEORGE KOLOCH MR. MRS. ARRIS KONTOS MR. MRS. HENRY J. KOLODZIEJ MR. MRS. MILTON KONTOS MR. MRS. JIM KOUFOS DR. MRS. R. J. KRAJEWSKI MR. MRS. THOMAS KEELER MR. MRS. CHAS. KRUGER MRS. ARTHUR J. KUHN MR. MRS. GENE LEAHY MR. MRS. THEODORE E. LEASK MR. MRS. ROBERT LEONARD MR. MRS. R. Q. LITTLE, JR. MR. MRS. RAYMOND LONGHAUSER DAVID D. LOW MR. MRS. ELMER MALLETT MR. MRS. JOHN MALUGA MR. MRS. HEINZ J. MANSKE DR. MRS. M. D. MANSUETO MR. MRS. JERRY MARLUS DR. JOHN MASON STEVE A. MASSACK MR. JEFF L. MAYER MR. MRS. RICHARD MCCLAUGHRY MR. MRS. E. M. MEAGHER MR. MRS. RONALD J. MILNE DR. MRS. ALFRED MINTZ DR. MRS. MITCHELL GOLDENBERG DR. MRS. H. Y. MONTES MR. MRS. KEVIN MOYNAGH MR. MRS. C. E. MURPHY MR. MRS. JOHN E. NICKOLOFF MISS MARY NICKOLOFF MR. MRS. DAVID W. OGREN DR. MRS. ROBERT H. PEACH MR. MRS. NICK OPINKER MR. MRS. THOMAS PASSALALQUA MR. MRS. CARL W. PETERS MR. MRS. EDWARD J. PHILLIPS MR. MRS. THOMAS REMMERS MR. MRS. HOWARD RIFFER MR. MRS. FRANK RIZZO MR. MRS. O. C. ROBBINS MR. MRS. EDWARD ROBERTSON PATRICK ROPER DR. MRS. CARL ROSENTHAL DR. MRS. HENRY J. ROSEVEAR MR. MRS. HARRY RUBIN MR. MRS. EDWARD G. RUE MR. MRS. SAUL RUMAN MRS. H. G. RUSSELL MR. MRS. BARON SCHAUB MR. MRS. DON SCHOLTE MR. MRS. ALLEN SCHOOP MR. MRS. R. G. SCHWARTZ MR. MRS. VERNON SKOGAN MR. MRS. E. M. SHORB MR. ALAN SMITH DR. MRS. J. E. SMITH MR. MRS. R. J. SORENSON MR. MRS. KENNETH SPURLOCK MR. MRS. JOSEPH V. STODOLA III MR. MRS. JAMES D. STOKER MR. MRS. HOWARD STOUT MR. MRS. JOHN M. STRANTZ VALE FAMILY MR. MRS. R. S. VANCE MR. MRS. D. C. WALKER MR. MRS. R. DOUGLAS WARNER MR. JOSEPH WARZINIAK MR. MRS. BRUNO WASKIEWWICZ MR. MRS. MIKE WATSON MR. MRS. LOUIS N. WAYLAND MR. MRS. HERBERT WEINBERG MR. MRS. ROBERT WILL JAMES R. WINGFIELD MR. MRS. WILLIAM B. WILSON MR. MRS. RICHARD WISNEWSKI MR. MRS. HERMAN WISSENBERG MR. MRS. JOSEPH YATES Cooperation 287 i 1 SsSn j K d ' JKk ' W v , fc waS tA ? y V mKj WM Mf B ] H ' w . f? k i- Jk| We of MHS are the individuals T B ||| S 1 k 1 a f V f • | % in the crowds o of PEOPLE. Completion PARAGON SPECIFICATIONS: The 1972 Paragon was printed by Paragon Press in Montgomery. Alabama, on 80 lb. “Calais " paper. The 10-column, mosiac and Look-Life layout styles were combined to form the basic page plan, except in the prologue and epilogue where a modified modular style was used. The book has two pica inner margins, and outer margins of three, four and five picas. The copy style was designed to identify each spread with a label head (36 pt. Melior) and page label (8 pt. Melior). Combined captions (8 pt. Melior) for each page describe each picture. Body copy (10 pt. Melior) containing history of events begins with one line of mood copy (12 pt. Melior). S.K. Smith of Chicago, Illinois produced the cover of red leatherette Ovo- tone with a completely new grain pattern and an embossed figure. Rainbow color was used in the opening and on dividers which are double exposure pictures with special tint screens. Photography was done by Root Photogra- phy Studios in Chicago, Illinois and student photographers of the Paragon Staff, In the Athletics section, varsity scoreboxes were printed in overburn and reverse over the team pictures. Junior Varsity and Freshman scoreboxes overburned on pictures of 30% screen. The Personalities section in- corporated candid pictures, mug shots, and verticle heads (30 pt. Melior). An 8 pt. line outlines the candids and heads. Blocks of a 100% black reverse and 4 pt. lines combine to create a distinct design in the Advertising section. The names of advertisers (18 pt. Melior) were printed in either overburn or 100% black on the respective pictures. The heads (18 pt. Melior) were written as phrases which formed sentences and thus unified the section. The cover, prologue and epilogue, and dividers emphasized the theme of People, showing the individual emerging from the crowd. ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS: Paragon 1972 is the creation of its entire staff aided by special people we wish to thank, . , . Mr. and Mrs. Richard Wash- burn for housing our homecoming float . . . Mr. and Mrs. John Barth, Mr and Mrs. Joseph Bogusz. Mr. and Mrs. John Fetzko, Mr. and Mrs. Z, T, Jugo- vic, Mr. and Mrs. Arris Kontos, Mr. and Mrs. Allen Schoop, and Mr. and Mrs. Jack Stine for hosting deadlines . . . Athletic board composed of sen- iors . . . Kiwanis Club of Munster, Mr. Kenneth Sosby, Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Shinkan. and Renwald’s for helping the Promotion Staff with its projects . . . Mr. Bernard Hill for his cooperation in picture taking . . . Johann ' s for last minute trophies . . . Mr. George Kingsley for making a special effort to answer all of our questions . . . Mr. Bob Jones for help in creating a color divider design and the opening section . . . Mr. Jack Bundy for originating the idea for the cover design . . . Linda Hammond for art work on the cover . . Miss Marge Gonce, Mrs. Ina Silverman, Mrs. Horlick, and Mrs. Rincon for allowing the use of the general “Pub " area and for handling our fi- nances, phone calls, and mail ... Dr. Donald VanDevander for his sincere interest in our book . . . and Mr. James Bawden, Mr. George Kurteff, Mr. John Tennant and our advisor Miss Nancy Kelley for cooperation and pa- tience in allowing the staff to create its own book. PHOTO CREDITS: Jack Dennenberg— 6, 9. 11, 17, 18. 19, 23, 25, 27, 30, 31, 32. 33, 40, 44, 46, 49, 62, 63, 72, 73, 75, 77, 82, 83, 84, 87, 90, 92, 93, 94, 95, 96. 97, 109, 115, 122, 123, 137 142, 145, 148, 149, 150, 152, 154, 155, 156, 160, 161, 162, 162, 166, 167 168 171 179, 180, 182, 183, 184, 186, 187. 188, 189, 193, 194, 195, 200, 202, 206 211 215’ 216, 217, 219, 224, 227, 230, 232, 243, 244, 247, 248. 261, 262, 264, 265. 266 267 ' 269, 271. 273, 274, 2279, 281, 282. Rick Gubitz— 67, 77, 91, 94, 108, 112, 113, 205, 247, 282. Jo hn Jugovic— 2, 6. 9, 25, 28, 62, 68, 82. 84. 87, 108, 114, 114, 119, 121, 143, 146, 147, 151, 153, 164, 165, 166, 170, 182, 183, 184. 185, 193, 199, 217, 250, 260 263 267, 268, 273, 275, 278, 280. Chuck Simpson-12, 16, 17, 27, 32, 33, 38. 39, 42, 63. 66, 72, 74. 83, 84 86 87 90, 91, 120, 136, 137, 147, 154. 212, 223, 228, 236, 263, 279, 56. Promotion Staff— First Row-Kathy Bucher, Faith Blacke, Carroll Hriso, Sara Dahlcamp. Second Row— Diana Nickoloff, Patti Leask, Katie Ander- son. Third Row— Barb Shinkan, Patti Meagher, Cheryl Longhauser, Nancy Johns, Linda Regelman. Fourth Row— JoAnn Yates, Carol Russell. Not Pic- tured— John Estrada, Ken Butynski. 298 1972 Paragon Staff: First Row-Peg Shaub (assist. Personalities), Kim Ray- mond (assist. Activities), Sarasue Robb (assist. Advertising), )an Clement (assist. Personalities), Sara Cohen (assist. Activities), Patti Proll (Activities), Sheri Barth (co-Personalities). Kathee Bogusz (Advertising), Mary Ann Jugo- vic (co-Editor-in-Chief). Marlene Kaplan (assist. Athletics), Chris Sobek (co- Athletics), Sue Krajewski (co-Academics), Paula Kovich (assist. Academics), Martha Schoop (assist. Advertising). Sue Richards (co-Academics), jean Stine (co-Editor-in-Chief), Chuck Simpson (Photographer). Leslie Feingold (Photo. Sec.), Third Row-Miss Nancy Kelley (Advisor). )anice Satek (Or- ganizations), Rick Gubitz (Photographer). Janet Satek (co-Athletics), Linda Gregg (Layout), Kathy Meagher (assist. Layout). Kathy Kolodziej (Assist. Or- ganizations), Marcia Bartok (co-Copy), Wanda Kontos (co-Copy), John Jugo- vic (Photographer), Marion Fetzko (co-Personalities), Jack Denenberg (Head Photographer). Jane Washburn (Promotion). Co-Editors-Jean Stine, Mary Ann Jugovic. As production of the 1972 Paragon began, we established three goals. The basic ideas communicated by these goals laid the framework for the organi- zation of the staff and book. Although at times they seemed unattainable, the challenge these goals presented provided an asset to the entire staff. According to the staff ' s basic organization, each individual is directly in- volved with a specific area of production. This year in addition to his indi- vidual responsibilities, each staff member was encouraged to take part in other aspects of the book. We believe that a unified staff effort results in a unified book. Munster High School is noted for its tradition of exellence. Previous Mun- ster yearbooks have gained national recognition, and with the format of this book the Paragon staff sought to live up to this tradition. Its contents reflect all aspects of pride in exellence at Munster High. We feel that a school is no more or less than the people in it. With the theme " People " Paragon 1972 focuses on the individual and his involvement in the group. The entire staff worked together to present a complete picture of people of MHS. People are the basis of Munster High School and of Para- gon 1972. Mary Ann Jugovic— co-Editor-in-Chief Jean Stine— co-Editor-in-Chief Completion 299 INDEX FRESHMAN Sheree Adzia— 250 Mark Agerter-109. 110. 142. 250 Paula Anderson-122. 126. 250 Theresa Andrews-30. 99. 250 Carol Angell-24. 250 |oe Babas- 159. 250 Lynn Babincsak-142. 250 Arlene Bachnak-250 David Backe— 250 Tim Ball-250 Mike Baras— 142. 159. 250 Gayle Bartok-99. 250 Frank Benchik-250 Robert Bender— 250 Monica Benne-87. 127. 250 Bruce Berev-159. 250 Bruce Berns-110. 250 Barbara Bickeli-250 Garry Biedron-176. 250 Susan Biel-122. 127. 250 Tom Bielski— 158. 176. 250 Laura Blecher— 91. 250 Claruce Bochnowski-30. 250 Terry Bohley-250 Sherry Boleck-250 Richard Bolls— 250 Brad Bookwood-142. 158. 176. 250 Allison Boroughs— 250 Robert Barowski-142. 177. 250 lean Borsattino— 250 Melinda Bouque— 250 Clay Bouton— 250 Rhonda Brandt-99. 250 Cathy Brant-18. 99. 251 Larry Brenman-142. 251 Terry Brenman-251 Bob Breschock-99. 142. 164. 158. 254. 264 Randy Brooks— 142 Barb Brown— 251 Terry Brown-159. 251 Laurie Brumm— 251 Paul Bryan- 142. 251 David Budney— 86. 132. 177. 251 William Budny-132. 177. 251 Audrey Bunting-110. 251 Greg Bu ran— 251 Cindi Burke— 127. 251 John Burns-251 Vicky Bussert— 20. 40. 41. 97. 99. 251 Tim Butkus— 158. 176. 251 Tom Butynski— 251 Donald Cala-97. 251 Julie Calhoun— 97. 251 Debi Carollo— 251 Anthony Carroll-251 Carol Casey— 99. 251 Charles Chelich-159. 167. 176. 251 Doug Clark- 176. 251 Tim Cleland-251 Steve Collison-251 Kerry Colton-251 Mary Lee Consoer-121. 251 Mark Corban-177. 251 Gerry Costello-142. 189. 251. 254. 264 Angelo Coulis-142. 251 Jackie Covert— 30. 40. 251 Bryan Crary-20. 21. 30. 31. 96. 99. 251 September Crouch— 251 Brian Cusick-39. 159. 251 Kevin Civiok-251 Pamela Dalton— 126 Gale Davis-251. 252 Steve Dayney— 143. 152. 177. 251. 252 Jeff Decker— 251 Laura Deere— 251 Peter Delsandro— 142 Sue Demraree— 110. 251 John Demey— 142. 148. 251 Tracy Denmark— 251 Carla DeRe— 251 Larie Donoho— 121. 252 Sandra Donofrio— 251 Sharon Drechsel— 252 Barb Dubczak— 252 Derek Duhon-158. 176. 252 Rebecca Dunn— 252 Shirley Dunn-91. 252. 253 Bill Dye-123. 177. 252 Donna Echterling-126. 252 Jenifer Eggers— 122. 252 Mike Egli— 252 Mark Elias— 252 Diana Eicke— 252 Tomi Ann Ellison— 252 Steve Erskine— 158. 252 Marian Espino— 252 Ann Marie Estrada— 252 Mary Ann Etling-99. 121. 252 Monica Fary— 97. 252 Jackly Ferro-99. 252 Mark Fissinger— 177. 252 |erry Fogelman— 252 Sam Frank— 143 Sue Fredericks— 252 Karen Friedman-252 Tracy Friend— 252 Naomi Fruehauf— 252 Monica Gabor— 252 Judy Gage— 87. 252 David Gainer— 159. 252 Debbie Gajewski— 252 Elizabeth Garofalo— 122. 252 Robin Garson-109. 110. 127. 252 Karla Geiger— 252 Garry Gempka-252 John Georgas-159. 252 Cheryl Gerdt— 252 Heather Gilchrist-30. 96. 99. 252 Lois Gilman— 252 Tom Giorgio-252 Marc Goodman-142. 158. 252 Steve Gray- 143. 252 John Green-99. 142. 252 David Greenspon— 252 Sandy Greer— 252 Carol Griffin— 30. 40. 252 Tim Groves— 142 Ted Hack— 252 Hallie Harr— 252 William Harrison— 110. 142 Gerry Hartkoorn-252 Sue Harvey— 252 Vicki Harwood— 252 Robert Hasse-142. 156. 164. 252 Nancy Hawkins— 252 Carol Hay— 252 Jill Headdy-252 Gina Heatherington— 127. 252 Bill Herr-252 Larry Hirsch— 252 Jack Horvatich— 158 Roger Hostettler— 252 Tim Hulett— 158. 252 Janet Humes— 110. 252 Bob Hunter-252 Jerry Hymen -252 Mark Jacobson— 63. 143. 177. 252 Jay Janke— 142. 148, 176. 253 Stephen Jarzombek— 63. 253 Don Jeeninger-253 Jim Jepson-159. 170. 253 Diane Johnson-8. 99. 253 James Kaczka— 253 Sabrina Kolan— 253 Bruce Kolapach— 253 Brian Kanyer-158. 177. 253 Gwen Kaplan-253 Robert Kapp— 253 Scott Keeler-99. 142. 148. 253 James Ressler-142. 148. 253 Mary Kick— 253 Lee King— 253 Tony Keser— 253 Kathleen Kish-112, 253 Paul Kish-142. 253 William Klage-142. 159. 253 David Klemm— HO. 253 Dan Klosak Cindy Knutson— 86. 253 Mark Kolas- 158. 177. 253 George Kolach— 253 Nancy Kolten— 253 David Konkolv— 142. 176. 253 Mary Lou Kopacz-50. 99. 253 Denise Kormelik-253 Dan Kotfer— 254 Linda Kowalisyn— 110. 254 Jim Krajewski— 254 Kenneth Krupa— 254 Joanne Kucer— 254 Kris Kucer— 254 Mark Kuck-254 Ron Kurz-159. 254 Mike K us— 254 Julie Kustka— 254 Claudia Kwasny— 122. 254 Nancy Kwasny— 250 Todd Lanman— 159. 254 David LaRocca-110. 254 Stephan Lautz-177. 254 Lori Lazinski-126. 254 Kandee Leary— 254 Barbara Leask-99. 254 Daniel Lee-110. 159. 254 Patrick Lee-142. 254 Judy Leonard— 254 Robert Lewann— 99. 254 Norman Levanberg— 254 Ron Lewis— 254 Randy Liming— 86. 254 Benji Lupson— 142. 254 Marsha Long— 254 Heidi Lorentzen— 254 Janet Lummio— 254 Maryann Lush -254 Kathv Lyle— 254 Susan Luerrsen— 254 Cathy Luscavich— 254 Rose Ann Madarang Tomalee Mallett— 254 Robert Manchak— 177. 254 Allen Mannion— 254 Robin Marden— 23. 121. 254 John Marshal-153. 164. 254 Susan Martin— 254 Mitch Masolak— 254 Laura Mathews-110. 254 Janice Mazur-254 Nancy McAllister— 254 Gordon McArthur Rich McClaugary— 159. 170. 257 Cliff McCoy-254 Donald McCoy-254 Karen McKenna— 254 Doug McMorris-159 Kevin McWard— 142 David Meeker- 109. 110. 254 Sammy Megremes— 254 Allison Mehalson— 254 Andrew Melind— 158 Jim Melloday-255 Randy Mecsall-142. 255 Carola Meyer— 255 Carrie Meyer-255 Valarie Meyer— 255 Michael Mezev-109. 110, 142. 177. 255 Chris Middleton— 255 Craig Mikes— 158, 164. 180 Ed Miller— 145 Mary Beth Miller— 255 Joyce Minalo-97 Michael Minnick— 255 Jon Mitchell— 142. 255 Anna Montes— 255 Jean Montgomery— 255 Darla Moreno— 250. 255 Chris Morgas— 60. 142. 158. 164, 255 Mike Moynagh— 30. 159. 255 Mark Mulholland— 143. 255 Laura Murphy-30. 40. 96. 99. 255 Moira Murphy— 255 Paula Murray-255 Kathy Muta-127. 255 Robert Nagedman-143 David Nattoli— 142. 148. 156. 164. 255. 290 Leslie Nelson-255 Douglas Norris-63. 159. 255 Nancy Novak-255 Teresa Oberle-122. 255. 257 Jeff O ' Gorek-255 Patricia Orlich— 255 Laurie Orloff-97. 255 David Panchisin— 176. 255 Glen Panchisin— 142 Frank Papakosmas— 255 Judy Parker-121. 255 Dana Passalacqua-72. 255 James Patlyek-109. 110. 255 Michele Pawelko— 255 Tim Petsas— 159. 255 Bill Peterman— 142 Mike Pfister— 255 Susan Pfister-255 Theresa Phelan-255 Kathy Pondusa-255 Cheryl Popa-63. 255 Doug Pope-99. 159. 170. 255 David Porter— 142. 255 James Powley-142. 255 Greg Price-63. 143. 177. 255 Maureen Prohl— 255 Pam Puls— 255 Donna Puncho— 255 Jim Pupilla— 159. 255 Denise Ouelbette-255 Cindy Ranta-255 John Rapacz— 255. 256 Tomas Rash-123. 133. 152. 159. 177. 256 Anne Rav-256 Michael Reel-256 Mark Richardson— 256 Ron Richardson-256 Sharon Richwine-23. 91. 256 Mike Rippey— 256 Scott Riggs— 256 Keith Robertson-142. 176. 256 Terry Rodda-256 300 INDEX William Rogers— 256 Berry Rooth— 256 Nona Rosenberg— 256 Howard Roth-256 Thomas Rudakas— 158. 164. 255 Diane Ruf— 112. 256 Becky Ryder-256 Carol Savage-256 Dave Sayka— 256 Nancy Schaub— 109. 110. 256 Lori Schnell— 256 Nancy Schoenberg-63. 256 Candy Schwarz— 122. 256 Beth Seehausen-99. 256 Rick Selby-159. 170. 256 Floria Serrano— 256 Dennise Shea— 109. 110. 256 Susan Sheliga— 256 foseph Sherby— 256 Susan Shupe— 99. 256 Cheryl Siemering— 99. 122. 256 Nancy Simpson— 99. 256 Sandy Sipes- 109. 110. 256 Carol Sipkosky— 256 Tim Skaggs— 256 Paul Slivka— 256 Bradley Smith-20. 142. 159. 250 Joe Smith— 110. 142. 256 Stacy Smith— 256 Kevin Snedden— 159. 256 Joe Sobek— 254. 256 Glen Southner— 256 Susan Spillar— 99. 121. 256 Kurt Sponberg-256 Gary Spurlock— 256 Diane Stamos— 99. 256 Jeff Stauffer-142. 256 John Stevens— 256 Pam Stevens— 99. 256 Diane Stracheri-20. 30. 40. 99. 256 Tom Strantz— 256 Linda Strayer— 99. 256 David Street— 256 Lee Strick-142. 256 Mike Sublett— 21 Karen Swing— 110. 256 Phillip Talent-109. 110. 256 Laura Thomas— 257 Vincent Thomas— 256 Kathy Tobin— 257 Nadezda Tomic— 257 Eddie Truver-257 Carrie Ulber-87. 97. 257 Lorraine Valko— 99. 257 Mary Catherine Vance— 112. 127. 257 Bill Vanlnwegen— 257 Kirk Van Vessen— 158 John Wagner— 257 Paula Waisnora— 110. 257 Bruce Walker— 257 Maureen Walsh-121. 257 James Warnar— 132. 257 David Warner— 30. 257 Shawn Watson-99. 112. 257 Donna Wayland— 110 Jay Weberling— 30. 257 Amy Webber— 257 Kathy Webber— 257 Diane Wein— 121, 257 Roxann Whitcombe— 87. 257 Mark Wickland-159. 169. 257 Jill Wigley— 257 Candi Wilkins— 257 Raymond Wilkinson-257 Mark Williams— 257 Cidny Wilson— 257 Ray Wohrle— 257 Ed Wolak— 257 Chris Wonnell— 110. 257 |errv Wood-110. 159 Mary Wood— 257 Denise Wooden— 257 Sidney Wuellner— 257 Pam Young— 110. 257 Neal Zacok— 257 Tom Zellers— 177. 257 Linda Zweige— 257 SOPHOMORES Richard Adams-242 |ohn Ahlborn— 158. 242 Mary Allen-242 Douglas Amber-94. 132. 242. 290 Katie Andersen-138. 242. 278 Patrice Anderson— 242 Sharon Anderson-98. 242 Paula Angel— 242 Joyce Angelcos— 70. 98. 117. 121. 242 Brian Aronowski— 101. 242 Rose Arges-242 Debbie Ashenbremar-26. 86. 98. 121. 242 Marla Abalman-242 Mary Bachman-30. 127. 242 Theresa Backe— 87. 120. 242 Marcia Bairn— 242 Kevin Barkal-2. 10. 142. 177. 242 John Barker— 242 Nancy Bates-87. 242 Tom Bauer— 242 Trina Bauschelt— 121. 242 Jeff Beck-142. 156 Alan Becker-94. 242 Paul Beckman— 142. 242 Lou Biefron— 158. 178. 179. 242 Steve Bilik-110. 242 Faith Blacke— 138. 242. 269. 271 Kenneth Blanchard-242 Don Blue- 158. 165. 176. 242 Robert Bolls-110. 242 Louise Borsattion— 242. 126 Penny Bortz— 98. 242 Kim Boutin— 87. 98 Jeanne Brimkman— 98. 113. 242 Joani Brouwers— 87. 127. 242 Jeffrey Brown-97. 108. 109. 1 10. 242 Kathy Bucher-98. 138. 267 Joseph Buda-132. 242 Beverly Bunting-30. 77. 109. 110. 242 Alan Burnstein— 176. 242 Chris Bussert— 30. 97. 123. 143. 156 Ken Butynski— 86. 132. 133. 242 Natalie Calhoun-86. 108. 110. 242 Evelyn Camp-243 Lynn Carlson— 98. 121. 243 Tom Carr-110 Framk Castillo-10. 142. 2. 177. 243 Rob Christopherson— 10. 2. 12. 142. 243 Kathy Ciez— 243 Betsy Clark-98. 243 Beth Cleland— 30. 40. 87. 243 David Copple— 243 Alison Corban— 30. 86. 243 Robert Cornell-18. 47. 101. 143. 243 Joe Corns— 243 Tony Cort-18. 63. 44. 140. 158. 243 Paul G ess— 86 Mary Crofter— 243. 278 Brian Cummings— 91. 101. 142. 159. 174. 243 Sara Dahlcamp— 38. 243. 278 Dennis Danko— 243 Jennie Deluga— 243 Jack Dennenberg— 82. 138, 243. 273 Dan DeRolf— 243 Colin Dickerman— 243 Jeff Dobis— 243 Allison Donnersberger-98. 121. 243. 290 Ralph Downing-142. 159. 176. 243 Charles Downs- 18. 30. 40. 143. 243 Michaelle Driggs-121. 133. 243 Debi Dunning-20. 30. 87. 243. 290 David Eidam— 86. 94, 243 Ash El Naggar— 243 Barb Etling-98. 121. 243 James Etling-86. 158. 244. 247 Kent Evens— 244 Ilona Farrow— 121. 244 Beverly Featherly— 244 Thomas Fetzko-101. 123. 142. 158. 177. 244. 248 Lisa Fields-110. 244 Donna Figuly-107. 244. 197 Melody Fisher— 244 Jon Fitzner— 86. 143 Patrice Fleck— 244 Patty Flynn— 244 Bill Fodor— 142. 244 Stan Folta-26. 244 Dave Franzen— 10. 30. 53. 158. 165. 244. 266 Jim Freeman-244 Terri Flynn— 98. 244 Tom Franczek— 159 Karen Guilotte— 98. 244 Mike Gaudio— 244 Susan Gillespie— 126. 244 Linda Goldsmith— 33. 98. 244 Dabbie Golec— 244 Peter Goodmann-86 Lee Gordon— 244 John Graff— 244 Mark Graham-123. 142. 159. 244 Robert Grand-101. 123. 142. 158. 244. 290 Kathy Gregg-94. 244 Lisa Greisen— 30. 97. 109. 110. 244 Jim Grunewald-2. 10. 142. 244 Tom Guiden— 177. 244 Terry Hagerty-20. 30. 21. 47. 94. 96. 101. 244 Sandy Hales— 121. 268 Wendy Ham— 121. 244 Josephine Hand— 94. 126. 244 Dan Harder— 244 Janet Harkenrider-244 Bill Hasse-8. 101. 110. 142. 158, 159. 244 Mike Hawryazkow— 48. 101, 140, 244 Tim Hayes— 244 Jean Hazlewood-244 Brenda Helm-64. 86. 91. 98. 244 Fran Helminski-98. 138. 244. 267 Robert Hered-142. 159. 244 Ron Higgins-123. 142. 159. 173. 244 Doug Hinchion— 30. 96. 244 Tim Hodor-244. 248 Melodee Horlick— 86. 87. 244 Carroll Hriso-63. 117. 121. 127. 136. 138. 244. 265 Patti Huck-110. 244 Kathryn Hulett-87. 98. 244 Suzette Hulsev-98. 117. 244 De Ann Humes— 101. 244 Ted Hunter— 244 Janice Iorio-244 John Isaacs— 244 Charles Ismael— 244 Terry Jasinski— 158. 245 Joanne Jerose— 117. 245 Nancy Johns-98. 116. 117. 121. 138. 245. 278 John Jugavic— 138. 139. 143. 245. 192 Mark Kaminski— 245 Laren Kaplan— 98. 245 James Kasle-245 Nick Katsoulis— 2. 10. 144. 176. 245 Ginger Keen-86. 98. 121. 190. 245 Terry Kelly-123. 142. 177. 188. 245 Mark Kiesling— 245 W ' illiam Kinder— 245 Tom Kinnane— 123. 157. 245 Nancy Kivett-98. 138. 245. 266 John Kipta— 245 Rich K lug— 86. 142. 245. 194 Beth Knapik— 109. 245 John Kolas— 123. 143. 152. 153. 177. 245 Linda Kolenber— 245 Melody Koloch-101. 138. 245 Bill Knutson-245 Mark Kovach-74. 97. 245 Judith Krause-245 Greg Krawcyk-109. 110. 245 Chris Kroll-87. 110. 245 Hugh Kuhn-25. 123. 159. 168. 171. 245 Mark Ladd- 176. 245 Marcy Lang— 47. 121. 245 Theresa Lang— 86. 87. 245 Peter Lanman-2. 10. 142. 177. 182 Tom Largus— 142. 176. 245 Parry Leask-121. 138. 245. 278. 290 Lisa Ledna— 114. 121. 245 Michaline Leenev— 245 Dan Leonard— 110. 245 Melinda Leone— 246 Michael Lessing— 246 Chas. Leven berg— 101. 177. 246 Karen Lichtsinn— 120. 246 Hans Linders— 176. 246 Ardis Lindstrom-244. 246 James Lipton-244. 246 Bob Livingstone— 244. 246 Cheryl Longhouser-30. 40. 67. 94. 96. 121. 138. 244. 246. 266 Dave Low- 18. 47. 101. 244. 246 Debbie Lutton-87. 93. 244. 246 Bob Maginot— 246. 290 Paula Malinski— 246 Patrick Maloney— 94. 244. 246 |oe Mansuetto— 133. 246 Gregory Markey— 30. 159. 244. 246 Greg Markovich— 177 Ronnie Matasar— 246 Marty Mat used— 246 Robert May-132. 246 Jeff Mayer-132. 246 Laura Mazanek— 246 Dan McCarthy-159. 246 Jan McDaniel-87. 246 Sue McKenna-94. 126. 246 Brian McLaughlin-43. 243. 244. 246. 290 James McLean— 159. 246 Kevin McLendon— 86 Jeff McMorris— 142 Jan McNees— 86. 91. 98. 111. 121. 246 Patty Meagher-109. 110. 138. 244. 246. 278 Jennifer Mehalso-98. 116. 117. 121. 126. 246 Kevin Mehok-246 Bill Melind— 142. 246 Laura Melladv— 87. 246 Robert Merchant— 86 Larry Micon-123. 159 Dave Miller— 246 Dick Miller-110. 123. 177. 246 Geri Miller-98. 246 Jeffery Miller-123. 159 Marla Minnick— 246 Jim Mirkov— 246 MHS 301 INDEX Denny Miniuk— 142. 148 Mark Mirkov-159. 246 Robert Montes-143. 156. 176. 246. 290 Nancy Morningstar-246 Beth Mova-110 Margaret Movnagh— 127. 246 Daniel Mulholland-143. 152. 153. 177. 246 Steve Mullins— 142. 176. 246 Debbie Murray— 246 Dan Murzyn— 142 Marlene Musick— 246 Len Mustari— 159. 246 Don Nelson-176. 246 Laura Neukranz— 246 Diana Nickoloff-98. 117. 121. 138. 246. 261 Rich Nigro— 110 Debbie Nowaczyk— 16. 101. 121. 246 Bob Nutson— 159 Christeen O ' Connor-98. 246 Tom Ogren-142. 159. 246 Nicki Opinker— 98. 246 Robin Ottenheimer-127. 247 Cheryl Page 110. 247 Janet Paluga-101. 247 Debra Popa Tom Papais— 142. 177. 187 Tim Parker— 10. 142. 247 Debbie Patterson— 86. 121. 247 Charles Pavel— 142. 247 Mark Pavlovich-247 |ohn Powlowicz— 247 John Peach-97. 247 Sally Peters— 247 Debbie Petro— 98. 247 Jeff Petrunich— 247 Sandra Petso— 247 Maureen Pfister-47. 91. 98. 117. 127. 247 |im Phelan-142. 176. 247. 192 Jean Phillips-98. 117. 121. 138. 247. 261 Cathy Plunkett-20. 21. 30. 101. 247 Lori Pintzow— 247 Perry Podplak— 247 Bob Polo n is Cindy Popiela— 247 John Powley- 101. 156. 158. 162. 247 Mark Pucalik— 6. 247 Lundia Puncho— 247 Debbie Queer— 110. 248 Michael Radecki— 248 Chris Rawlins— 248 Doug Ray- 110. 248 Dale Rebar— 248 Kathy Redar— 69 Linda Regelman— 30. 98. 138. 248 Mary Reilly-87. 113. 1 27. 248 Shirley Reiplinger-98. 113. 248 Mark Resler— 248 Mary Rickoff— 248 Nancy Riffer-6. 20. 21. 30. 62. 94. 96. 248 Mark Rizzo-123. 142. 177 Jim Roedel— 248 Mary Ann Rosevear-86. 94. 248 Steve Rothstein— 143. 155 Richard Rowe— 248 Steve Rozzos— 248 Kris Rucinski— 126. 248 Melissa Ruman— 6. 47. 98. 126. 248 Carol Russel-25. 91. 98. 138. 248. 278 Cathy Russel-86. 98. 117. 248 Margie Ryan-86. 121. 248 Patrick St. Amaud— 156. 177, 249 Scott S ala— 123. 143. 152. 177. 243. 248 Mary Ann Salatas— 86. 248 Ray Santare— 143. 177. 248 Jill Sartain— 216. 248 Jay Scantena— 156. 248 Gary Schmidt-110. 142. 176 Debbie Scholte-98. 248 Tim Schultz- 110. 248 John Schwen— 159 Dianne Scolnik— 86. 121. 248 Catherine Seifert— 248 Martin Sennett— 248 Joseph Shea— 110 Barbara Shinken— 138. 248. 266 Elaine Shlensky-87. 121. 248 Victor Sidagras— 248 Janet Skogan-19, 87. 121. 127. 248 Tim Smelko— 123. 142. 158. 177. 243. 248 Paul Smeltzer-248 Patti Smiddy-248 Brent Smith-123. 248 Jeffery Smith-110. 142. 248 Keith Smith-143. 248 Dale Sorenson— 48. 48. 259. 143 Diana Speranza— 87. 248 Lisa Speranza— 98. 117. 249 Gary Spoljaric-142. 148. 159 Ralph Steiger-47. 101. 136. 132. 249 Tom Stine-86. 159. 249 Greg Stone-18. 143, 248 Roxann Straub— 26. 248 Nick Sumbles-143. 248 Kathy Summers— 98. 248 Ted Thomas-142. 248 Jan Tokarz-30, 120, 249 David Treder-142. 248 Susan Trent-18. 86. 91. 98. 113. 248 Tom Truver— 110. 249 Gus Tsirtsis— 76. 159 Melanie Urban— 249 Rich Van Inwegan-108. 109. 110. 249 Mike Victor-159. 249 |ill Viront— 87. 249 Karen Vogt -98. 249. 290 Marie Vranich— 249 Carolyn Wansher-249 Dave Warner-21 Gretchen Warner-86. 98. 248 Dorothy Warziniak-98, 248 Mark Washburn-248 Chris Waskiewicz-248 Connie Webber-248 Mike Webber— 117. 248 Glenn Weinberg— 109. 248 Beth White-98. 248 Janice White-248 Robin White-7. 114. 121. 249 Karen Wilk-249 Garry Williams-249 Teresa Wilson— 249 William Wilson-8. 159. 177, 185. 249 Karen Winner-101. 249. 290 Deborah Winter— 86. 249 Scott Winterfeldt— 142. 176. 249 JoAnn Wlekl inski— 249 Jane W r olak-26. 121. 249 Dirk Wonnell— 108. 109. 110. 159. 177. 249 Janet Wroebel— 249 Alison Wuellner— 86. 249 Jo Ann Yates-98. 138. 261 Vicki Young— 248 JUNIORS Dave Abrinko— 20. 21. 30. 40. 101. 96. 97. 232 Guy Adams-70. 101. 232 Loir Adaska— 101. 121. 232 James Adoba— 232 Lori Altherr— 82. 86. 47. 101. 112. 122. 232 Dave Anderson— 232 Thomas Anderson— 232 Tom Andrews-232 Brian Arring ton— 232 Tim Ashby-50. 278 Pam Babas— 101, 232 Kim Bacon-101. 121. 232 Marcia Bartok— 121, 232. 138 Michael Basila-94. 232 Alice Bator— 232 Rita Beatty— 232 Lynn Belinsky-131. 232 Barbara Bembenista— 101. 133. 232 Paula Benchik— 82, 86. 136. 232 Mary Beth Berghian— 101. 232 Jeff Be ms- 110, 232 John Biegel— 108. 109 Mark Biegel-233. 109. 110 Mary Bieker— 233 Patrice Biel-117. 120. 122. 127. 233. Lisa Blake-86. 101. 197 Mark Blocker-101. 123. 159. 233 Michael Bobin-123. 142. 144. 233 Mary Bochnowski— 91. 233. 120 Matt Bogusz— 123. 142. 177. 186. 188. 233. 276 Joseph Bolwis— 142. 233 Cindy Bombar-47. 101. 129. 233 Pamela Bookwood-87. 94. 127. 233 Georgean Borowski-129 Marcia Bower-101. 136. 232. 233. 235 Michael Breaz— 233 Bruce Brown-86. 94. 132. 133. 233 Gwen Bruhn-233 Shirley Buckner— 101. 131. 233 Carole Busick— 233 Leslie Camp— 233 Dave Carlson— 233 James Carr— 94. 109. 110 Jim Casey-233 Ira Chemirinskv— 87. 233 Roger Clark-26. 123. 158. 161. 182. 184. 185. 177. 233 Jan Clement-88. 94. 97. 109. 110. 138. 233 Sara-Jane Cohen-32. 46. 57. 101. 121. 138. 233. 262 Marilyn Connor— 101, 233 Sue Cook-131. 233 Kathy Copeland-109. 110. 233 Lyn Crary-101. 243 Sue Croissant-117. 122. 234. 265 Curt Cummings-27. 234 Debra Cusik-21. 25. 47. 49. 82. 91. 101. 112. 113 Lisa Dahl-120. 122. 127. 234 Bob Davis— 234 Connie Day— 234 Emerson Delaney— 234 Helen Deluga— 234 Patty DeVore— 234 Melissa Dietrich— 117. 120. 234 Richard Dietrich— 21 Gail Dobosz— 11. 117. 234. 265 Susan Doherty— 127. 234 Todd Donoho— 47. 123. 136. 142. 159. 173. 232. 234 Mark Doris— 234 Mike Drascic— 234 Paul Drewry-158. 165 Tom Duffala— 63, 176 Diane Dunn— 234 Bill Eggers— 123. 142 Sheryl Egli-122. 234 Rudy Eidam— 123. 142. 145. 234 Janet Elkins-108. 109. 110. 234 Ana Encinosa— 100, 101, 234, 235 Thomas Erickson— 234 Anne Esterhay— 234. 109 John Estrada 53. 86. 138. 234 Mike Fischer— 234 Patricia Flynn— 234 Cynthia Ford-129. 234. 267 Marian Frantz-30. 94. 120. 234. 195 Susan Gage— 117. 234 Lori Garmus— 234 Mary Beth Gaudio— 50. 234 Gail Georgas— 114 Sandy Gibbs— 234 Bob Goddard-176. 181. 192 Marcia Goodman-33. 52. 91. 94. 101. 234 Karen Gray-40. 41. 136. 232. 234. 193 Edward Green— 142, 234 Debi C»reenspon-53. 101. 126. 234 Sheri Greer-101. 235 Jay Griffith-235 Sharon Groeger— 235 Bob Grow— 40. 47. 101. 142. 159. 235 Debbie Hale-20. 21. 30. 40. 41. 47. 51. 94 . 95. 101. 235 Denise Halon-20, 40. 101. 235 Sue Hannabach— 18. 235 Lisa Hanock— 101. 100. 136. 235 John Hansen-27. 176. 178. 235 Sue Harkenrider-131. 235 Eileen Harr-232. 235 Rosemary Hartkoorn— 235 Phillip Hasiak— 50. 101. 123. 144 . 235 Jerry Hayes— 129. 143. 235 Robert Hazelwood— 235 John Hegedus-235 Debbie Helton-131. 235 Edith Hensely— 235 Frank Hibbs— 235 Rhonda Hinkle— 129. 235 Robert Hinze— 236 Mike Hirsch— 101. 236 David Hiser— 236 Maryann Hodus— 131. 236 Talli Holmes— 236 Sharon Homan— 7. 236 Dave Horath— 110 Brian Hott-65. 101. 143. 177. 236 David Huebner— 21. 25. 47. 48. 101. 140. 123. 142. 146. 177. 236 Sandy Ismael— 236 Mary Jablonski— 86. 236 Dan Janke-142 Carol Johnson-101. 87. 126. 236 Connie Johnsen— 101. 236 Theresa Kaczka— 236 Kenneth Kaminski— 236 Pete Kaminski— 236 Marlene Kaplan-91. 94. 101. 138. 236 Debbie Kasper-114. 115. 7. 120. 236 Jeff Keck-236 Tom Keeler— 8. 142. 236 Susan Keen— 101. 236 Christy Keitz-236 Bonnie Kenealy-101. 236 William Kennedy-129. 237 Gina King-55. 237 Darrell Kiser— 265 Tim Kish-5. 142. 237. 193 Susie Klein-50. 101. 100. 237 Gary Klug-55. 177. 182. 237 Jim Knesek— 17. 163 Kathy Kolodziej— 237 INDEX Wanda Kontos-121. 138. 237 Charles Kopaz— 237 Sam Korellis— 237 Paula Kovich— 52. 100. 101. 138. 237. 276 Susan Krajewski— 138. 237 Tom Krol-237 Joe Krupinski— 142 Garry Kucer— 158. 237 Pam Kucer-237 Elizabeth Lanman-91. 122. 117. 237 Rick Lanman— 47. 48. 91. 101. 123. 159. 235. 193 Kathy Kanting-4. 91. 129. 237 Dave Lautz— 123. 142. 159. 176. 178. 170. 236. 237 Jim Lee-123. 159. 171. 237 Kathy Lengvl-30. 120. 237 Karen Leonard— 30. 40. 47. 96. 97 . 236 Shelia Lewis-121. 131. 237 Sue Lieberman— 87. 237 Carol Lindeman— 237. 260 Patty Little-30. 40. 41. 90. 91. 138. 139. 237. 239 Laurie Livingstone— 237 Frank Lorentzen-237 Jean Long-101. 237 Catherine Luerssen-4. 237 Sharon Maloney— 94. 237 Nancy Maluga-237 Chris Manske-94. 97. 109. 110. 136. 237 Carol Marden— 2. 82. 91. 101. 112. 237. 239 Sandy Marks-101. 237 Jim Marshall— 159. 170. 237 Tony Martin— 176 Carol Mathews— 237 Anne McCollum— 101. 238 Anne McDonald— 76. 78. 127. 238 Stephen McDonald— 63. 238 Kathryn McLendon-94. 97 Mary Kay McNamara— 238 Lynn McNeill-238 |anis McAllister-91. 101. 120. 238 Kathy Meagher-27. 120. 138. 238. 237 David Medansky— 136. 176. 238 Kelli Mehok-238 Robert Miller-54. 142. 145. 158. 160. 193. 238 Janice Milliken— 86. 238 Jeff Miner-109. 110 Julie Mirkov— 77. 238 Cindy Mitchell— 238 Melissa Mitchell— 238 Ron Monaldi— 101. 238 Roberta Morris— 94. 133. 238 Brigid Moynagh— 18. 19. 86. 91. 238 Robert Mueller-8. 123. 159. 167. 238 Robert Mund-238 Jenny Murphy— 238 Kevin Murphy-129. 238 Pat Murphy— 238 Debbie Neison-101. 238 Mary Neverouslas-238 Paul Novak-97. 109. 110. 143. 56. 238 Jeff O’Barske— 18. 159. 175. 238 Mark O Barske-20. 30. 31. 96. 123. 136. 238 Douglas Oberle— 123. 143. 155. 158. 176. 179. 238 Colleen O’Connor-120. 238 Mary Ann O ' Donnell— 101. 121. 131. 238 Rich Orlich— 96. 142. 238 Trippy Ottenheimer— 47. 48. 91. 94 . 238 Lynn Parker- 101. 238 Eva Pecenka— 77 Diane Peterson— 94. 101. 239 Craig Polak— 239 Juliann Pondusa-239 Hank Pugh-4. 47. 101. 263 Mary Jo Puncho— 30. 40. 229. 239 Peggy Quint-27. 47. 94. 101. 239 Kim Raymond— 42. 86. 138. 239 Kathy Reck-64. 87. 268 Margaret Reister-30. 40. 47. 91. 101. 239. 270. 296 Jerome Reppa— 129. 239 Susan Resler— 11. 91. 117. 120. 127. 239 Sue Richards-126. 138. 239. 265. 269 Judi Richter— 239 Neal Richter-40. 110. 239 Sarasue Robb- 138. 239. 265. 276. 278. 280. 193 Penny Roland-239 Della Rosenbloom-87. 239 Bob Rosenthal-30. 32. 52, 101. 239 Jeff Rothstein— 123. 143. 155. 239. 277 Shellie Rothstein— 126. 239 Diana Ruemler-114. 239. 282 Victoria Rundle— 22. 129. 240 Amy Ryder- 240 David Rys— 47. 101 Peggv Schaub— 91. 97. 109. 110. 138. 240. 278. 290 Edward Schmidt -47. 90. 91. 97. 109. 110. 240 Martha Schoop-126, 240. 264. 272. 278 James Schwarz— 94. 236. 240 Chris Sebcnste— 240 Dennis Sepiol— 236. 240 Ed Shea-236. 240 Marilyn Shevin-40. 47. 101. 236, 240 William Shofner-240 Richard Sholts-142. 158. 240 Elaine Sivelis— 86. 240 Nuala Sinisi-240 Danita Srnigiel-240 Cheryl Smith-20. 21. 30. 240. 290 |anna Smith-82. 91. 101. 112. 122. 240 Terry Smith— 116. 117. 240 Sue Snook— 87. 240 Rich Spector— 65. 94 Nancy Spillar— 240 Monica Stevens— 101. 241 Jay Stewart— 159. 241 Kathryn Stoddart— 42. 136. 241 Diane Stoker-30. 117. 241 Lorie Street-136. 241 Scott Sublett— 20. 21. 46. 48. 94. 95. 96. 101 John Such-241 Terry Swarthout— 94 Dale Sweeney— 109. 110 Jouce Teliga-241 Maria Thoesen-129. 241 Nancy Thomas— 241 Angel Thompson-241 Bruce Trimbur— 241 Debbie Valko-101. 241 Ron Vierk— 240. 241 Nick Vranich— 20. 21. 30. 31. 96. 241 Mitchell Wade— 241 Lorraine Waiss— 120. 241 David Watson-47. 50. 29. 44. 101. 123. 142. 159. 172. 241 290 Kevin Watson-101. 123. 142. 159. 175. 268 Tim Watson-86. 159. 241 Lisa Waxman— 20. 21. 30. 40. 47. 49. 86. 94. 96. 237. 241 Cheryl Wavland— 97. 241 Donna Wein— 131. 241 Steve Weiss-94. 241 Ron W ' ennekes— 16. 101 159. 241 ,Lvnn Wieles— 241 |an Wiglev-117. 241 Steve Williams— 241 Charlie Wilson-140. 142. 189. 241 Cheri Wilson-101. 241 Terry Wilson— 131. 241 Carol Wleklinski-241 Bert W ' oess— 241 Michael Wolfe-123. 140 142. 159. 173. 241 Debbie Wood— 87. 241 Esther Woolard-241 Sheri Wozniak-241 Linda Zagrocki-42. 94. 120. 136. 241 Stephen Zink— 110 Nancy Zopp-241 SENIORS Eileen Aberman-133. 202 Scott Allen-123. 177. 188. 202. 227. 271. 194 Eve Anderson— 82. 83. 92. 94 . 202 Kathleen Andrews— 84. 92. 202 Diane Angel— 121. 202 Kathryn Bachman-82. 87. 92. 94. 133. 202. 197 James Ball— 202 Pat Ballard-47. 123. 142. 147. 202 Jerry Barker-203 Sherri Barth -203 Mary Anne Bauschelt-59. 92. 203 Bernard Beckwith— 59. 203 Kathleen Bell-122. 203 Donna Bembenista— 59. 84. 92. 133. 203 Toni Berke-17. 44. 47. 59. 73. 136. 203 John Bickell— 59. 91. 97. 109. 110. 133. 203 Nancy Bjelland-59. 92. 136. 203 Jim Blue-203 Robin Blumenthal-203 Kathleen Bogusz-68. 82. 92. 93. 133. 204. 271. 280 David Bolanowski— 47. 204. 279 Melissa Boldt-116. 117. 204 Susan Bolls— 5. 21. 30. 40. 44. 47. 49. 56. 82. 96. 120. 202. 204 Carolyn Bond-204 Brook Boroughs— 10. 91. 93. 96. 136. 204 Mary Bosch-20. 30. 47. 91. 93. 95. 96. 136. 204 George Bourne— 87, 204 Don Branson— 204 Val Breclaw-204 JoEllen Breshock— 52. 204 Pamela Bretz-7. 87. 91. 114. 131. 127. 204 JoEllen Brink-204 Linda Brownlee— 204 Patti Bruce-205 Roseanne Bryan— 117. 205 David Burdarz-205 Ken Bumbales— 52. 92. 123. 142. 144. 147. 179. 205 Jan BurIison-47. 205 Marian Burns-131. 205 Tom Campion— 84 205 Colleen Carney— 130. 205 Rick Carr-143 150. 177 205 Linder Chidestar— 110. 206 Nancy Chipman— 56. 97. 110. 206 Becky Chizmar-120. 206. 279 Caroie Cichoski-206 Andre Ciucki-206 Rod Clark- 123. 143. 152. 177 206 Laura Clifton -128. 207 Rory Conces— 207 Janis Copple— 207 Angela Coulis— 87 . 207 Eve Coulis— 207 Phil Coulis— 44. 65. 112 123. 142 147. 159. 172. 207. 212 |ill Crary-20. 21 30. 40. 82. 207 Joe Cress-207 Deboraha Croissant -47 82. 83 87. 92. 122. 126 207 Curtis Nancy— 207 Jeff Cwick-207 Steve Delessandro— 207 Debbie Dalton— 126. 207 Jamie Dausch— 142. 207 |ill Davidson-10. 86. 133. 207 David Demy-47. 48. 75. 208. 290 |im Depa-208 Gary Dare-208 George Devetak-108. 109 110, 208 Dennis Dietrick-8. 123. 159, 167, 182. 208 Karen Dobosz-116. 117. 208 Kelley Donnersberger— 56. 82. 91. 92. 202. 208. 194 Bruce Donoho— 91. 144. 147. 208 Drahenstat Diane— 208 Juliann Driggs-73. 208 Clive Duggan-208 Bill Dunn-208 Dave Dvorscak— 208 Linda Ebling-208. 30 Gregory Eidam-108. 110 208 Toni Eismin— 209 Tim Ellison-73. 209 Lynn Erickson— 116. 117 209 Teresa Espino-209 Doreen Estrada— 131. 209 Jeff Evans— 209 Leslie Feingold— 82. 92. 93. 209 Marian Fetzko— 82. 92. 93. 209. 261 Gary Figuly-133. 209 Howard Fine-210 Mary Ellen Forszt-76. 82. 126. 127. 210 Beverly Ford— 204 Linda Fort-40. 53. 30. 96. 210. 266 |ohn Foudary-92. 210 Jon Fox-143. 154. 158, 160. 163. 210. 194 Mark Franczek-97. 128. 210 Marilyn Friedman-210 Ruth Fruehauf— 56. 210 Diane Gajewski Mary Garofalo — 56. 120. 210 Judy Garzinski— 210 Karen Geiger-210 Lynn Gerlach— 210 Kevin Gibbs— 210 Melissa C.ilchrist-18. 19. 20. 21. 30. 40. 92. 211 Robert C.irot-92. 123. 143. 156. 158. 177. 183. 184. 185. 211 Joseph Given-128. 176. 178. 211 Joy Goebel-211 Sherry Goldstein-42. 136. 211 Peggy Good-92. 211 John Gott-47. 49. 123. 142. 147 158. 162. 176. 211 Ward Gott-47. 123. 158. 162. 163. 176. 211 Tcrrv Gower— 128. 211 Marianne Graff-47. 82. 83. 92. 133. 212 Kim Graham— 5. 10. 212. 216 Keith Grasty— 176. 212 Judy Green— 212 Linda Gregg-84. 92. 93. 138. 212. 273 Glen Griffin-108. 109. 110. 212 Alan Groeger— 123. 142. 147. 148. 212 Rick Gubitz— 30. 31. 91. 96. 138. 212. 261. 262. 273. 194 Renee Guilotte— 122. 212 Gloria Gyure-47. 92. 126. 213 Debbie Ham— 72. 86. 122. 213 Pamela Hamacher-83. 114. 115. 213 Linda Hammond— 213 Cathy Hanus— 1 16. 117. 213 Janice Hay-75. 136. 213 Terrana Haves— 128. 213 Lisa Heatherington— 92. 213 Howard Hcffley-129. 213 Barry Helm-28. 52. 123. 145. 147 212. 213 Ruth Helminski— 132. 213. 263 Ellen Hensey— 213 Robert Hetrick-97 108 109. 110. 123. 176. 178. 213 Paul Hiple— 123. 159. 169. 213 Richard Hirsch-91 128. 136. 213 loan Hlink.i— 47. 214 Leslie Hoekema— 73. 92. 214 MHS 303 INDEX Jerilyn Hoeppner— 128, 214 Steve Holajter— 92. 214 Martin Homan— 214 fames Hope-26. 43. 214 Saralee Hymen— 20. 21. 214 Joseph Iorio-214 Keith Johnson— 92. 123. 142. 147. 177. 186. 214. 269. 194 Kathy Jones— 136. 214 Ronald Jones-27. 39. 47. 214. 282. 290 Mary Ann Jugovic-82. 84. 92. 93. 138. 139. 214 Dave Kalman-143. 155. 214 Greg Karas— 47. 123. 142. 147. 214 Bob Kellev-159. 214. 194 Frank Kemp— 215 Cheryl Kendrick— 5. 215 Nick Kenwick— 215 Don Kinter— 215 Don Kirschner— 91. 215 Kathleen Knusson— 215 Cindy Kocal-130. 216 Adlai Kolanko— 216 Richard Kolember— 216 Penny Kozeny-17. 57. 84. 92. 121. 216 Karen Kristoff— 216 Rebecca Kroll— 87. 94. 216 Jan Krueger-216 Linda Krupinski— 216 Joanne Kuhn-10. 47. 120. 216 Jack Kus— 110 Steve Kustka— 38. 72. 217 Judy Lair— 58. 217 Dale Lammering— 29. 50. 217 Cheryl Lanting— 87. 120. 217 Bill Larson— 217 Christine Lautz— 217 James Lavery-8. 47. 48. 123. 159. 166. 171. 216 Bob Leibengood— 30. 94. 95. 96. 218 Diane Leirer-20. 21. 30. 31. 218 John Leonard— 30. 40. 94. 96. 218 Gerald Lerner— 218 Paul Lichtsinn— 218 Debbie Lindstrom— 87. 128. 218 Jim Logsd on— 56. 218 Judi Lynn-128. 218 Gerry Macko— 218 Greg Mannion— 56. 82. 92. 202. 206. 218. 194 Connie Mansueto— 6. 20. 21. 30. 40. 94 Diane Marden— 205. 218 Kerry Martin-218. 272 Therese Martin— 110. 218 Bob Mattox— 218 Macy Maxwell-84 . 92. 121. 219 George Mazza— 20. 21. 94. 219 Mark Mazza— 94, 219 Charlotte McCaig— 219 Mike McCain— 219 Laurie McCarthy— 219 Paul McCov-59. 79. 84. 133. 219 Nancy McDaniel-73. 75. 84. 92. 219 Mary McClean-30. 39. 40. 73. 94. 136. 219 Briane McShane— 220 Kathleen McWard— 220 Michael Meese— 219 Marian Meisterling-18. 19. 30. 45. 47. 56. 82. 220 Roger Messersmith— 143. 177, 220 Debbie Middleton-20. 30. 91. 220 Sharon Miller— 73. 84. 220 Randall Minas— 128. 220 Maria Modjeski— 220 Ray Monaldi— 128. 220 Debbie Montgomery— 221 Barbara Moore— 130. 221 Pat Mullaney— 221. 197 Jim Mulligan— 54. 58. 221 Julie Murphy-96. 122. 132. 221 Sheldon Musick— 133. 221 Bruce Nagle— 205. 221 Rick Nelson-123. 176. 180. 221 Lloyd Neukranz— 110. 123. 159. 159. 166. 169. 221. 272. 280 Richard Nolan— 221 Marilyn Nondorff— 121. 221 Debbie Ortman— 91. 221 Marian Otte— 221 Barbara Page— 91. 120. 221 John Panchisin— 108. 109. 110. 221 John Papa is— 14. 20. 21. 40. 51. 82. 91. 92. 94. 95. 96. 222 Nancy Papp— 222 Jack Partain— 17 Sheree Peglow-97. 109. 110. 222 Timothy Peglow-97. 123. 177. 183. 184. 222 Anna Peleshenko— 130. 222 James Petsas— 157. 222 Tom Pilarczyk— 69. 222 Laurence Pochter— 82. 86. 133. 222 Kathy Pope-20. 47. 222 Gail Pratt -86. 94. 222 Greg Pritchard-222 James Prohl— 222 Pat Proll-30. 58. 82. 86. 92. 223. 269 Michael Prue— 223 Karen Quint-92. 223 Susan Rapacz— 51. 223 James Rasch-136. 143. 151. 153. 159, 177. 188. 189. 223. 194 Nancy Raves-223 Craig Rawlins— 223 Beth Ravmond-4. 82. 233. 194 Jim Redar-4. 66. 216. 224 Wayne Roades-86, 87. 224 Barb Rokosz-87. 131. 224 Beth Rosenstein— 136. 224 Scott Ross-23. 44. 47. 224 Pam Rothstein— 87. 120. 224 Leslie Rudzinski-121. 224. 268 Gayle Rutz— 58. 224 Kathleen Sagala-117. 224 Richard Sandberg— 128 Marilyn Sansone— 82. 92. 133. 225 Rich Santare— 225 Dave Sarchet— 26. 56. 82. 84. 92. 202. 225 Janet Satek-82. 83. 114, 115. 120. 138. 225. 269. 194 Janice Satek-82. 83. 114. 115. 138. 225. 263, 277 Kent Savage— 225 Paul Schaw-2. 10. 47. 97. 108. 123. 147. 225. 279 Danna Schley-5. 44. 117. 122. 255. Donna Schley— 47. 117. 122. 225 James Schmidt-26. 30. 91. 109. 225 Sharon Schmueser— 130. 225 Jim Schultz-26. 225. 270 Sherry Schultz-82. 225 Barry Seliger-225 Ron Seliger— 128 Ann Senak— 128. 226 Laura Sennett-82. 92. 94. 226 Ava Shields— 226 Joseph Shneider— 123. 225 Marty Shreibak— 92. 226 Diane Shropschire— 226 Julie Shumwav— 50. 226 Robert Shupe-143. 189. 226. 194 Chuck Simpson-47. 138. 226. 279 Linda Siple-130. 226 Denise Skozen— 86 Tom Slivka— 66. 194 Susan Smith-21. 30. 82. 84. 92. 94. 226 Chris Sobek-47. 44. 82. 84. 91. 92. 93. 112. 138. 226. 271 Roy Sosby-128. 226 Susie Speelman— 28. 30. 31. 47. 82. 112. 113. 123. 226 Angela Speranza-17. 28. 117. 226 Joseph Spoljaric-226 Carolyn Stankie— 227 Rich Stanners— 227 Claire Stephenson-92. 109. 110. 227 Renee Stevens— 227 Robert Stevens— 227. 290 Jean Stine-82. 93. 117. 121. 138. 139. 228 Cathy Strachan— 47. 228 Harry Strick-133. 228 George Strickland-228 Jacqueline Sumble— 228 Jine Summers— 130. 228 Douglas Talbott— 228 Mary Tanis— 228 Melissa Tharpe— 86. 228 Elaine Theodore— 73. 229 Toni Thomas— 229 Don Thompson— 229 Ton Thomson— 229 Margaret Tilka-66. 82. 92. 229 Barry Trachtenberg— 229 Jennifer Treder— 229 J. Thomas Trent-26. 91. 94. 229 Fred Troy— 91 Rick Ulicini— 229 Claudia Vailionis— 120. 229 Nancy Vickers— 30. 229 David Victor— 133. 229 Mark Victor-123. 133. 157. 229 William Vitkus-142. 145. 215. 229 Wake Wakefield— 143. 229 Richard Walker— 133. 230 Jane Washburn-82. 91. 92. 93. 138. 272 John Webb— 230 Gary Weber— 230 John Webber— 230 Susan Webber-47. 49. 82. 86. 230 Diane Weeks— 7. 114. 115, 230 Mark Wein— 230 Twala Wells-230 Alvina White— 219 Susan White— 230 Paul Wickland— 108. 109. 111. 123. 166. 159 Wendy Wilkins-30. 33. 47. 66. 96. 120. 231 Barbara Williamson— 128. 231 Bob Wilthew— 47. 48. 82. 142. 146. 147. 212. 231 Sherri Wolfe-231 Robert Wood-47. 48. 231 Susan Woodward-39. 58. 82. 231 Bill Young-123. 144. 215. 231 ADULTS Mr. Stephen Abernathy— 196 Mr Nicholas Anjanos-196. 250 Mr James Bawden-192. 193 Miss Jane Beaman-194 Mr. Daniel Bengert— 66. 94. 196 Mrs. Katherine Bernthall— 196 Miss Christine Bilicki-196 Mr. A1 Bochnowski— 142. 159. 174 Mrs. Emma Brankle— 196 Mrs. Ruth Brasaemle— 196 Miss Anne Brisco— 67. 196 Mrs. Ruth Brush— 195 Mr. Edwin Burkhardt-196 Mr. David Carmony-108, 109. 110. 197 Miss Dorothy Christoff— 197 Mr. Hal Coppage— 197 Mr Jerry Croll— 159. 168 Miss Sue Curtis— 197 Mr. Richard Dilling-143. 177 Mr. John W. Edington-197 Mrs. Linda Lee Elman-70. 197 Mrs. Helen Engstrom-94. 95. 197 Mr. Jon Fech-57, 59. 197. 202 Mrs. Sherry Fech— 30. 197. 200 Miss Marcia Fedorchak— 122. 197 Miss Pat Frankowiak— 63. 94. 95 Mr. John Friend— 144. 194 Mr. Gene Fort— 48. 197 Mr. David Geise— 198 Miss Mary Getty— 198 Miss Marge Gonce— 195 Mr. Jeffrey Graves— 198 Mrs. Iris Lee Greenbaum— 198 Mr. Vick Grey— 156 Mrs. Ann Guiden— 195 Mr. Donald Guske— 195 Mr. Ross Haller— 91. 198 Mr. Arthur Haverstock— 198. 200 Miss Rosemary Holder— 130. 131. 198 Mr. Richard Holmberg— 100. 198 Mrs. Lillian Horlick— 195 Mr. Richard Hunt-158, 161. 198 Mr. Jon Jepsen— 159, 168, 198 Mrs. Doris Johnson— 198 Mrs. Cheryl Joseph-195 Mr James Karagianis— 65. 132. 198, 232 Miss Nancy Kelley-136. 138. 139. 198, 278 Mr. Donald Kernaghan— 176. 198 Mr. Ted Klooster— 192 Mr. George Kurteff— 192. 193 Miss Evelyn Lanz— 199 Mr. Karl Linden-21. 30. 97. 199 Mr. Lloyd Lindquist— 93. 143. 154. 199 Mr. Greg Luksich-158 Mr. James Mclndoo— 27. 128, 199, 232 Mrs. Pat McNamara— 199. 243 Mrs. Helga Meyer— 199 Mr. Omar Musselman— 177. 184. 199 Mr. Michael Niksic-123. 11. 142. 176, 199 Mr. James Pancheri— 199 Mr. John Preston— 192 Mrs. Mary Ann Pruzin— 195 Miss M. Jean Rawson— 73. 126. 200 Mrs. Mona Rincon— 195 Mr. Ed Robertson-142. 158. 200 Mrs. Betty Russell— 195 Mr. David Russell— 132, 200 Mr. Donald Sands— 59 Mr. Jerry Schroeder— 11. 200 Mrs. Virginia Schwarz— 195 Mr. Lowell Sennett— 194 Mr. James Shabi— 200 Mr. Ed Sherry— 158, 176 Mrs. Patricia Sholts— 200 Mrs. Ina Silverman— 195 Mr. Alan Smith-199. 201 Mr. Richard Smith— 201 Mr. George Sofianos— 11. 176. 201 Mrs. Ilene Souders— 194 Mr. Robert Speelman— 194 Mr. James Stone-11. 121. 142. 177. 188. 201. 247 Miss Mary Beth Stonebraker— 201 Mrs. Ruth Stout— 201 Mrs. Shirley Talty— 194 Miss Judy Taylor-197. 201 Mr. John Tennant-193 Mr. George Thegze-159. 199. 201 Mrs. Marlis Tippett— 201 Mr. Ronald Tyner— 201 Dr. Donald VanDevander— 57. 192, 193 Mr. Gary Webster— 201 Mr. Thomas Whitely— 201 Mr. Steve Wroblewski— 11. 200, 201 Mr. Jack Yerkes— 11. 201 Mrs. Mary Yorke— 79. 201 304 Printed By BRADBURY, SAYLES, O ' NEILL-PARAGON College and Independent School Affiliate of Paragon Press, I

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