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Published by Photographs Page Two “There can be no progress except In the individual and By the individual himself. ” Delaney Printers by Root Photographers Paragon ' 66 Munster High School Munster, Indiana Volume I Dedication With warm appreciation — The Staff dedicates Munster High School’s first yearbook to MR. GENE A. FORT Forward Our education is to develop each of us as individuals. In creating our first Paragon, we strive to emphasize individuality in our school — the diverse talents, ranging from the academic and the athletic to the artistic. This school year has been one of many new accomplishments and experiences, whose memories will never be entirely forgotten. With the coming years however, other experiences will super- impose themselves upon those now fresh on our minds. We hope our Paragon will someday help us recall everything that was 1965-’66. .... the pride of making the Honor Roll .... that special dance with that very special person .... the anxiety before an English final .... cheering a close and well -played game .... the hilarity of the Drama Club’s productions .... the " cozy” atmosphere in the halls .... the beauty of a choral concert .... the grumbles and grins of which each of us was a part during this past year. Page Six CAST Sheridan Whiteside Maggie Cutler . . Larraine Sheldon Sara Gilman Bert Jefferson ... Jim Smith Dr. Bradley ... . Beverly Carlton . Michael Siebielec Mrs. Stanley _ ... .. Barbara Butkus Mr. Stanley . . _ David Pope Harriet Stanley . _ — Valerie Astolas Richard Stanley .. . Dale Roades June Stanley . . Connie Branson Miss Preen . . . Jeanine Bryan Banjo _ . Sara . . .. . John .. Mrs. McClutcheon Mary Alice 1 Baxter Mrs. Dexter . _ . Sandy _ _ Professor Metz _ . Karl Linden Expressmen . Larry Carlson Greg Pearson Convicts Mike Lavery Baker Westcott — Paul Coulis " The Man Who Came To Dinner” Page Eight " The Mouse That Roared " Under the direction of Miss Ann K. Burgdorf, the play entitled “The Mouse that Roared” was presented to the public on March 25 and 26 in the Elliott School Auditorium. The play was about a microscopic country in the Alps, Grand Fenwick. Financial troubles and the Q-bomb, a bomb of inestimatable strength, all added to the fun of this two act play. The leading roles of Gloriana XII and Tully Bascom were played by Sara Gilman and Dick Good respectively. Also featured were Linda Anderson, Gwen Sartain, Joanie Blieden, Karl Linden, Jeff Gubitz, and Randy Roller. Others in the cast were Dave Pope, Valerie Astolas, Linda Larson, Connie Branson, Greg Pearson, Harold Smith, Margie Brazina, Gayle Blohm, Roberta Peterson, Dean Roades, Cene Carlson, and Patty Speelman. Page Ten Sectional Pep Assembly German Weihnachtsmarkt Page Thirteen Page Fourteen Talent Shout Page Fifteen MUSIC DEPARTMENT Ever had an Oklahoma Hello? Well you have if you attended the production of “Oklahoma” presented by the Music department on May 19th, 20th, or 21st. The two lead roles of Laurey and Cyrly were played by Jill Molnar and Karl Linden, while Aunt Eller was portrayed by Sandy Sands, Tammy Ashby and Randy Levin as Ado Annie, Mike Siebelic as Will Parker, Fred Malo as Jud Fry, Jeff Gubitz as Ali Hakim, Jerry Livingston as Andrew Carnes, and Yvonne Satterblom as Gertie Cummings. Support- ing roles were held by Harold Smith as Ike Skidmore, Steve Walsh as Cord Elam, Doug Reed as Slim, and Jan Ferry as Ellen. Working under the direction of Richard Holmberg, the cast was assisted by Miss Anne Burgdorf, and Mrs. Helen Engstrom — Drama. Mr. Fort did an excellent job with the set design as well as helping out with the direction. Assisting these four were Ray Barton — lighting, Dale Rhoades — Student Di- rector, and Dick Good — Stage Manager. A special thanks went out to these people who made the production possible — and a huge success. The choreography this year was done by Mrs. Shannon Lorenzo. Working under her direction were: Girls — Cindy Blackmun, Kathy Brown, Sue Makarewich, Rennee Peyrot, Cin- dy Stewart, Sandy Sutter, Kathy Viewing, Gayle Yahnke, Sue Emerson, and Carol-rae Kraus. Boy dancers included: Jeff Horan, Bill Coe, Dale Rhoades, Jerry Livingston, and John Krause. Background music was supplied by a Chorus of 56 people, and an orchestra of 20 pieces — rehearsals under the direction of Paul Brown. Featured in the orchestra were several mem- bers of the Gary Symphony Orchestra, including Florence Gindle, concert mistress; and members of the Munster Adult and High School Bands. Committees and their chairmen included: Jane Rittman — Tickets, Gene Carlson — Make-up and Programs, Cyd Rundle — Costumes, assisted by Mrs. R. Morehead, Jeff Gubitz — Publicity, and Randy Roller — Properties. All practices and the final production were held in the Elliott School Auditorium — and met with the Music de- partment’s most overwhelming success. Page Nineteen Prom Shots A quick trip to France was made May sixth by MHS Juniors and their guests. Lend- ing a French flavor to the ’66 Prom was the theme, “An Evening in Paris.” This exciting occasion featured the music of Dean Connors. After returning from Paris, the “travelers” enjoyed continued dancing at Woodmar Country Club. Hal Morris band was obtained by the Parents’ Committee for this after-prom finale to a unforgetable evening. Page Twenty “ The test of every religious, political, or educational system is the man that it forms.’’ AMI EL Administration MR. FRANK HAMMOND MR. FRANK HAMMOND has been an avid advocate of education for the past 38 years, 14 of them as superintendant of the Munster schools. He likes today’s modern methods, but he is “old fashioned” enough to believe the academic curriculum is most important. Mr. Hammond is pleased with the fine high school and a successful curriculum despite this year’s lack of a senior high building. 1965-66 has been the year of the big jump forward for Mr. Hammond. Greatly pleased with the mature perseverance of the class of ’67, Mr. Hammond feels the entire school has progressed under group leadership and sponsorship. He believes our expanded extra-curriculars add credit and interest to each student’s school life. With our combinations of a modern building, high scholastic standards, diversified activities, well-maintained discipline, and an outstanding faculty and student body, Mr. Hammond takes justifiable pride in Munster’s junior and senior high schools. Page Twenty-two IN HIS SECOND year as principal of our junior high school, Mr. Ray Rittman, is doing a fine job. Truly interested in each student’s progress, he encourages scholastic growth and achievement. Under his direction Wilbur Wright Junior High School has maintained its high educational stand- ards. We have great respect for Mr. Rittman, not only as a principal, but as a man vitally concerned with our education. DR. BERARD MASSE, first principal of Mun- ster High School, has worked these past two years to get our high school off to a successful start. His .behind-the-scenes coordination of our various “first efforts” have greatly contributed to building a sound foundation for Munster High School. Few of us fully realize Dr. Masse’s significant role in establishing a tradition of academic excellence in Munster. MR. RAYMOND RITTMAN Wilbur Wright Junior High Principal DR. BERARD MASSE Munster High Principal Page Twenty-three MRS. EMMA BRANKLE Purdue Home Management MISS ANN BURGDORF Valparaiso University English, Reading MR. AL BRINSON Indiana State University Business Education, Debate Club MR. PAUL BROWN Ball State Instrumental Music MR. EDWIN BURKHARDT Indiana University Social Studies Page Twenty-four MISS DAGNIJA DOMBROUSKI Indiana University German MRS. HELEN ENGSTROM Butler University English, Speech Club MR. GENE FORT Indiana University Social Studies Page Twenty-five Physical Education MISS MARGIE GONCE Indiana University Graphics MR. ROBERT GROVER Ball State Librarian MRS. RUTH HOMCO Indiana University English MR. JAMES JENNINGS Trinity University Physics Page Twenty-six MRS. DORIS JOHNSON Purdue English MR. DONALD KERNAGHAN N. Illinois Social Studies MR. LAWRENCE KOCAL Indiana University Social Studies MRS. ANNA LABONC Edgewood German MR. ZACHARY LAZAR Wabash Biology Page Twenty-seven MISS DOROTHY LEWIS Page Twenty-eight MR. LLOYD LINDQUIST Purdue Mathematics MR. JOSEPH McLOUGHLIN Purdue English , Journalism MR. MICHAEL NIKSIC Ball State Physical Education , Health MR. JOHN FREDRICK ROSE Purdue Chemistry MR. GORDON ROSENAU Indiana University Science MRS. BETTY SHAKES Indiana University Physical Education, Health MRS. MARY SKWERES N. Illinois Vocal and Stringed Music Page Twenty-nine MR. RICHARD SMITH Indiana State English MR. REX SMOLEK Purdue Mathematics MRS. SOUDERS Elementary School Coordinator Page Thirty MISS CYNTHIA SOLENBERGER University of Houston Speech and Hearing ROBERT SPEEIMAN Miami Guidance MR. MR. JAMES STONE Indiana University Social Studies MRS. RUTH STOUT Ball State Art MRS. BETTY SZASZ Methodist School of Nursing School Nurse Page Thirty-one The library owes a lot to the students who work as library assistants. Student assistance can be seen in the number of monitors we have. The bookstore is attended by Cindy Stewart and Jami Friedman. Ron is one of the many active • graphic arts assistants. Page Thirty-three " It is not so important to know everything as to know the exact value of everything, to appreciate what we learn, and to arrange what we knotv.” — H. More Summer School 1965 Wherefore should one ever be mad enough to attend school for two balmy summer months? In Munster, of course, where several hundred students from Munster and neighboring towns converge to further an education. Who could forget? — the first days of driving circles in the park- ing lot and experimenting with the power brakes? — the drama class production (?) where the goofs were as good as the lines? — typing and ‘don’t look at the keys!’? — phys one-two ed three-four! — or “So what if there’s a muddy ditch there? After that biology frog!” Ah, summer. Who could forget? Page Thirty-six Business and Math The seven business courses offered at our school are taught by Mr. Brinson, Mrs. Kaupke, and Mr. Walters. Students were kept busy making double mock entry records of a grocery concern, using the Gregg theory in Shorthand I to sharpen skills at taking phonetic dictation, and learning everyday aspects of personal economy. In Munster Math is also an important course in our education. Regular Math leads to the mysteries and delights of algebra and geometry, the perfect function of a straight line and the discovery of x. UICSM (learning the letters in sequence is half the course) has been a special feature of our Math de- partment headed by Mr. Lindquist. Page Thirty-seven English and Language Beginning language classes, Spanish, German, and Latin taught by Mrs. Lorenzo, Miss Lewis, and Mrs. Walters, worked on developing listening and speaking skills along with grammar basics. The more advanced classes began reading literature and translating everything from novels, plays, and short stories to mythologies. For juniors — and all grades — it has truly been the year of the book! Page Thirty-nine Home-Management and Art Home-Management All 7th and 8th grade girls explored the field of home economics in their studies of foods and clothing. Areas of interest found in Management I, II, and III, range from the study of social and family relationships and foreign cooking — to simple tailoring and house furnishing. Art Department Art has become an ever-expanding depart- ment at Munster High School. Drive and talent — both named Mrs. Ruth Stout and Mrs. Carolyn Meyer — have encouraged art projects in all grade levels, from required art in the seventh and eighth grades to elec- tive arts I and II for Senior High students. Munster High art has also been making a name for itself with all that glazed clay and oiled canvas • by participating in regional shows such as the Tri-Kappa Show, Northern Indiana Science Fair Associated Art Salon, and the Three M Show. Art talent has also been unleashed to help decorate the various halls, making them all interesting conversa- tion pieces with individual “objects d’ art.” 11th grade choir 9th 10th grade choir Girls Glee Club Forming a new division of 9th, 10th, and 11th grade stu- dents, the Girls Glee Club has been very hard-working this past year. Singing at the Christmas and Spring Con- certs, the Glee Club has taken much appraisal. 11th Grade Concert Choir On October 21, 1965, the 11th grade concert choir began it’s appearances with a performance at the Civic Center in Hammond for the Indiana State Teach- ers Convention. Following this, the choir began busily working for the Christmas Concert which was held on December 17th at Elliott School. The culminating events of the year were the production of “Oklahoma” and the Spring concert which was held on June 3. This final concert featured all the vocal music groups and turned out to be a very successful occasion. As you may well see, this year has been definately a profitable one, and it would not have been so without the direction and guidance of Richard Holmberg, Vocal Music Director. Well over 100 students have performed in Band concerts throughout the year. After participating in the pre-Con- test Concert, the Concert Band received an “excellent” rating in regional competition. In. preparation for next year’s football half-times, Ca- det and Concert Band mem- b ers have already begun marching practice, which will continue through the summer. Plans were made to send two boys and two girls to Cre- scendo Music Camp this sum- mer to learn drum majorette tactics. In addition to these activi- ties, selected Band members supplemented the pit orches- tra in this year’s musical, “OKLAHOMA.” Page Forty-two Science Magnetism, astronomy, chemistry, cytology, genetics, momen- tum, and energy were studied by the students from 8th through 11th grade in the various levels of science offered at Munster High School. Science teachers Mr. Roseneau, Mr. Lazar, Mr. Edington, Mr. Rose, and Mr. Jennings used several methods in presenting their material, which included lab work, extensive use of the re- source center, lecture, reading in depth, and making use of seminars. Industrial Arts Wood, metal, electricity, drafting, power, and graphic arts and crafts were the fields of exploration opened in industrial arts, better known as shop. Mr. Hunt and Mr. Engstrom instructed boys in grades seven through eleven in shop skills, with special emphasis on safety. In addition, vocational op- portunities in the industrial arts were explained. Page Forty-four Journalism The “Crier” was the bi-weekly prod- uct of the industrious Journalism De- partment. More than a dozen editions have been put out, including a special Christmas edition. Exchanging papers with other area schools provided ideas for improvement. Other activities of the Journalism Department included joining the Na- tional Scholastic Press Association, and sponsoring a dance, “September Stars.” Also a Munster chapter of Quill and Scroll, an honorary journalism society, was formed. At a Quill and Scroll ban- quet, awards for outstanding work in journalism were presented and next year’s Journalism staffs were announced. Page Forty-five Page Forty-six Social Studies and Typing All history courses from 7th through 11th grade have focused special attention on the interpretation and importance of history as to why and how it affects our lives today. Whether it was a survey of the Western World, physical geography, or American contemporary issues, social studies instructors at our school have attempted to expose us to history as seen through past and contemporary historians. All seventh graders took twelve weeks of Personal Typing; a special feature of. these classes was a “creative hour” when they typed figures in the shapes of swans, trees, and deer. Typing I and II offered improvements of legal and business forms for students planning office careers. Football Munster 1965 Football Record Opponent 13 Morton 0 26 Demotte (var.) 0 22 Crown Point 0 26 Dyer Central 0 35 River Forest 0 26 Bishop Noll 0 34 T.F. South 0 14 Hammond Tech. 6 Page Forty-eight MUSTANG CRY VICTORY! MUNSTER HIGH’S FIRST varsity football team showed spirit, speed, and stamina in the completion of their first season. The Mustangs, with coach John Friend at the helm played a brilliant season on the gridiron with a mighty offense and an unconquerable defense. They went undefeated all the way and allowed only six points to be scored on them. The gridders opened the season with a 13-0 victory over Morton. Then they succeeded in coming out on top in their first encounter with a varsity team, Demotte, with a 26-0 win. The Mustangs then took on Crown Point and dealt them a 22-0 loss. This was followed by a 26-0 triumph over Dyer Central. River Forest was next in line and was promptly put down 35-0. The mighty Mustangs then conquered Bishop Noll 26-0 and surpassed T.F. South 34-0. Only Hammond Tech remained to take on the Mustangs. Munster led 7-0 in the first quarter, but later in the half, the Tech Tigers scored — the only team to have accom- plished the mission. The Mustangs put seven more points between them and final victory. The hard- fought game ended with Munster pulling out a well deserved 14-6 victory. An almost perfect ending to a perfect season. Row 1 — B. Butkos, G. Baker, E. Hass, S. Merten, D. Paul, L. Ulbrich, J. Horan, J. Livingston. Row 2 — D. Massa, B. Duffalo, T. Dalfonso, P. Reinstein, P. Forsythe, B. Nowak, E. Cunningham, M. Bogusz. Row 3 — F. Malo, J. Pavlovich, B. Walt, M. Niksic, M. Kautz, B. Garzinski, N. Rader, W. Gloros. Row 4 — S. Bolls, M. Cone, B Boender, J. Buhler, P. Polok, M. Edwards, G. Milikan, R. Maroe. Row 5 — T. Beckman, L. Glaros, R. Nondorf, B. Bogusz, M. Adley, M. Ford, J. Sprotsoff, R. Baudino, L. Woyland. Page Forty-nine Basketball Munster 34 43 51 60 44 53 38 81 50 54 59 Page Fifty-two Varsity Basketball Results Opponent Munster Opponent Morgan Twnsp. 50 Demotte KUAA Tourney Lowell 74 40 Wheatfield 47 Gavit 62 74 Kouts 63 E. Gary Edison 84 52 Clark 72 Highland 73 69 River Forest 51 Washington Twnsp. 45 51 Wheeler 54 Hebron 61 56 T.F. South 70 Morocco 26 78 Boone Grove 81 Dyer Holiday Tourney 39 T.F. North 73 Dyer 51 Sectional Lowell 56 65 Whiting 80 Dyer 64 Basketball The Mustangs opened the season at Morgan Twp. We led at half time 18-13, but didn’t have it in the stretch and lost 60-34. The Lowell game was a disaster, 74-43. Gavit opened their season against us. At the end of the third quarter the Mustangs trailed 40-38 and never came back. The final was 62-51. We again fell apart in the second half in the game against Gary Edison. The final score read 84-60. We were defeated again by Highland with the final score 73-44. The Mustangs were well overdue for victory. Here it was Dec. 3, and already five defeats. The Mustangs won, and it was because we didn’t fold in the stretch. Mike Edwards, Dick Massa, and George Baker combined for 42 of 53 points and we won 53-45. At Hebron, the roof came in, 61-38. The following night at Morroco, it was early Christmas. The Mustangs did nothing wrong in an 81-26 stomp! In the Dyer Holiday Tourney, we lost two close games. In the opener against Dyer, we had a 3 point lead 40-37 going into the last quarter. We lost it 51-50. The consolation game was a. cliffhanger. We played Lowell and lost 56-54. The next regular season game was against Dyer. We led 47-45 going into the fourth quarter and lost 64-59. In the Demotte Tourney we collapsed. We were eliminated by Wheatfield 47-40. The Kouts game was special. We led by 13 points, 61-48, heading into the last frame and almost lost. Final was 74-63 in favor of the Mustangs. We lost to Clark 72-52. The River Forest game was one of the better played -games. We triumphed 69-51. At Wheeler we trailed by 10 points 38-28 going to the fourth quarter and made a tremendous come-back only to lose, 54-51. The T.F. South game was terrible. Going into the last quarter we trailed by 7 points, 51-44, and lost 78-56. The victory over Boone Grove was a supreme effort. Dick Massa had 13 points along with George Baker. Jeff Horan had 14 points and sophomore Mike Edwards had 22 points. At TF North, the last game of the season, we fell apart. The final score was 73-39. In Munster’s first sectional appearance, we faced Whiting. We played a good game but lost 80-65. Bob Wetnight Front Row — Bob Nowak, Steve Merten, Dick Massa, Jeff Horan, John Bognar. Row Two — Mike Edwards, George Bak- er, Bob Wetnight, John Chipman, Pete Forsythe, Mr. Friend-coach. Page Fifty-three Page Fifty-four R. Baudino, R. Woisnoro, L. Carlson, G. Hagberg, C. Ebling, R. Maroe. B. Stout, M. McComos, J. Stevens Kneeling — Coach Hunt, Mgr. M. Adley. Freshmen Teams B. Boender, S. Bolls, B. Bogusz, M. Ford, M. Cane, L. Glaros, G. Miliken, T. Beckman, L. Wayland, R. Nondorf. Page Fifty-six Front Row Bob Stout, Richard Baxter, Mike McComas, Mark Cane, Jim Stevens, Bob Johnson, Bob Duffala, Nick Rader. Second Row — John Bognar, Mike Edwards, Jim Paterson, Gus Hagberg, Jeff Horan, George Baker, Ross Maroe, Derek Paul, Steve Merten, Pete Forsythe. Baseball The baseball team is very optimistic about the 1966 season. Every member of last year’s team is back. Coach Niksic is looking forward to a fine season. The team’s pitching load wi ll be carried by sopho- more Mike Edwards, junior John Bognar, and fresh- man Ross Maroe. So far this season, Mike Edwards is leading Coach Niksic’s mound corps with a 2.69 era. Our Mustangs opened the season with Dyer. The weather was more suitable for football as Dyer blanked us 3-0. Next we went against Highland High and were promptly defeated 6-3. Hammond High was our next opponent and we lost 11-0. Crown Point was a tough team and came out on top 10-6. In a game just before Paragon deadline we were once again defeated by Hammond High 6-3. Page Fifty-seven Results Opponent Munster 3 Dyer 0 6 Highland 3 11 Hammond High 0 10 Crown Point 6 6 Hammond High 3 Swimming Our swim team has completed its first competitive season (1965-66). Although our boys swam in more than the allotted events, they made definite progress in all areas. Their record was 2-9 with a ninth place out of twelve teams in the sectional. Jeff Kidder qualified for the State meet in Bloomington by placing second in the 100 yard butterfly with a time of 1:02.3. He did swim a 1:01.4 in the trials of the sec- tional and repeated this time in the prelimi- naries of the State meet. Even though he did not qualify for the finals in the State meet, he gave an excellent performance. The Med- ley Relay team placed 5th, and Sumner Nel- son placed 6th in the 100 yard free style in the sectional at Griffith. Page Fifty-eight Row 1 — H. Silverman, D. Wickland, C. Gordon, T. Luerssen, J. Kidder, C. Aul, B. Stone, S. Hagerty. Row 2 — D. Horan, D. White, S. Nelson, E. Micon, P. Reinstein, T. Dillon, J. Krause, Mr. Roseneau (coach). Row 1 — S. Parrish, B. Phares, P. Jan- kura, B. Pansing, R. Higgins. Row 2 — E. Allen, J. Treder, A. Guttstein, B. Wilson, Mr. Roseneau (coach). Page Fifty-nine (lei. to right) Row 1 — Jim Budarz, Bob Nowok, Jim Cleveland, Joe Fuss, Ron Boudino, Bob leopold- monager. Row 2 — Mike Salisbury, Eldon Hass, Pete Reinslein, Tom Dalfonso, Mike Bogusz, Jim Smith, Dave Crockett, Mike Ogorek. Row 3 — Mark Kautz, John lindstrom, John Chipman, Dick Massa, Larry Carlson, Dave Clark, Greg Eppler. Track Munster High’s new track team got off to a hard start. Mr. Jim Stone took the reins with Mr. George Walters assistant. Workouts started early. Facilities were fair. Munster opened the season by sending sev- eral relay teams to the Hoosier Relay in Bloomington. Munster’s showing was good. With bad weather prevailing, our Mustangs entered their first varsity track meet at the University of Chicago. Our Mustangs started the outdoor season with the Andrean Relays. Our showing dem- onstrated great improvement. The first duel meet was against Noll. The final score was 76-46 in favor of Noll. lunster Track Results Opponent 7 Highland 69 Dyer 77 42 Noll 76 .4 Andrean Relays 7th place red division 10J Highland 63 £ Griffith 75 6 Tech 6£ Noll 74J 31 Dyer 87 Page Sixty Row i d. R e ed, D, Lowson, C. Gordon, M. Stimok, M. Salisbury. Row 2 — J. Fuss, R. Rolick, 0 Forsythe, P. Oovis, Mr. Lindquist (cooth). Tennis Munster Opponent The Munster netmen finished their first season of varsity competition. It was uphill 3 Crown Point 2 all year long, because our boys had determi- 0 E.C. Washington 5 nation and desire. Coached by Mr. Lindquist and paced by MVP Mike Stimak, the team 1 Highland 4 was .500 at 4-4 going into the last match. 4 Griffith 1 Mr. Lindquist was very pleased with the 4 River Forest 1 performance this year. Next year should be a big season all around for our netmen. 0 Highland 4 2 E.C. Roosevelt 3 Coach - Mr. Lindquist Final Varsity Record 4-5 2 Crown Point 3 5 River Forest 0 Page Sixty-one Front Row — Will Glaros, Chuck Livingston, Jim Prentkowski. Second Row — John Zachau, Ron Gyure, Jeff Sorenson. Our longstickers opened their first season of varsity competition. Coach Roseneau, very pleased with last year’s 9-2 record is very optimistic about this season. His number one man, Will Glaros steadiest player of the team, is off to a real good start. Munster opened this year’s season with 2 defeats against Clark and Griffith. In the next match, our Mustangs fired a blistering 169 only to tie Gavit. Our boys still looking for their first win battled Tech and won. However, they fell off and lost their next match to Noll. In a meet just before the Paragon deadline our boys beat Morton. Page Sixty-two Cross Country Mustang harriers completed its first season of varsity competition. Things did not look too good at the beginning of the season but our Mustangs had a strong will and a true desire. Paced by Junior John Chipman, our boys came through with a two and five season. They opened the season against Clark and lost by a score of 38 to 22. Then they took on Highland and were turned back 31 to 24. One of the best all-round days for our harriers was at the triangular at Whiting. Munster defeated Whiting while losing two in a row to Highland. Munster lost to Merriville and then came back to edge East Gary. The last regular season meet was lost to Dyer. Munster ran in the Crown Point sectional and placed 17th of the 21 teams that competed. Coach - Mr. Walters Final Varsity Record 2-5 JV Record 3-3 First Row — Mike Haviland, Dave Clark, Bill Baker, Mike McComas, Dove Wickland. Second Row — Dave Crockett, Dick Baxter, Jeff Kidder, Jim Budarz, Jeff Brager. Third Row — John Chipman, John Bognar, Larry Carlson, Jim Betz, Bob Stout. Fourth Row — Jim Patterson, Gus Hagberg, Jim Stevens, Ron Waisnora, Ron Shlensky. Absent — Chris Ebling. First Row — Mike Haviland, Dave Wickland, Jeff Brager. Second Row — John Chipman, Jim Budarz, Larry Carlson. Munster Opponent 38 Clark 22 31 Highland 24 24 33 Whiting Highland 31 23 35 Merrillville 22 26 East Gary 29 36 Dyer 19 Sectional Six 1. John Chipman 11 4. Jim Budarz 5 2. Jeff Brager 1 5. Dave Wickland 4 3. Larry Carlson 10 6. Mike Haviland 2 Page Sixty-three Sandy Sutter, Kathy Brown, Lorrie Rich, Sue Emerson, Nyla Guess, Janet Navta. Cheerleading A total of twenty spirited girls directed much of their energy to- ward actively supporting our ath- letic teams. Cheerleaders on all grade levels practice often to make a good public showing. A conven- tion in Indianapolis was also at- tended in order to learn new cheering techniques. Front — Kerry Ransel, Mar- jorie Trent, Jan Shorb. Back — Barb Krueger. Page Sixty-six Sr. High Student Council Gloria Kostka, Toni Karas, Jeff Brager, Paula Parrish. Stimulate school spirit — Christmas charity to needy families — student support of the Viet-Nam war — bake sales and talent shows — loyalty week and pep assemblies — College Luncheons — working out a parking lot traffic problem — a cheering block Sportmanship Award — a curfew assembly — a best-dressed Santa . Claus president — all these and more were projects undertaken by the Senior High Student Council. Mr. Gene Fort served the pioneer council as advisor along with the council leaders ' Jeff Brager, president; Gloria Kostka, vice-president; Paula Parrish, secre- tary; and Tony Karas, treasurer. Between the Student Council and senior high classes, a red and white button slogan became a credo: GO MUNSTER! Page Sixty-eight Dance Club Munster High Dance Club, under the direction of president Susan Emerson and advisors Mr. McLaughlin and Mrs. Morehead, was composed of sophomores and juniors who planned the Club’s monthly dances. Usually these evenings featured recorded music from 7:30 to 10:00 p.m. Occasionally live entertain- ment was provided. Special events were the Mustang Move-Out, the December Snow Ball, with Yvonne Satterblom, and the May dance on the patio. Teen Canteen The Junior High Teen-Canteen has spon- sored a dance each month. Officers were Chairman, Barbara Jankura, and Secretary Luann Bates. Mrs. B. R. McDaniel served as treasurer, and sponsors were Mrs. Wam- sher, Mr. and Mrs. Kernoski, and Mr. and Mrs. Skogan. Page Sixty-nine Jr. High Student Council On Tuesday afternoons four top junior high leaders — Jeff Gubitz, president; Bob Norris, vice-president; Joyce Skov, secretary; and Carol Czyzewski, treasurer — met with repre- sentatives from the seventh, eighth, and ninth grade home rooms to discuss the junior high student council’s activities. Mr. Kocal served as mentor to their projects, which included a planned Honors Day Program, a spring dance with the “Chances R” playing, pennant sales, Christmas charity baskets, a Freshmen graduation dinner and dance. To round out their year in student government, the student council planned a gift to the newly erected high school — which will be theirs to use in the near future! Page Seventy The Council. Back Row — Toni Karas, Linda Werskey, Yvonne Satterblom, Chris Peterson. Middle Row — Sandy Sands, Cindy Blackmun, Tammy Ashby. Front Row — Jill Molnar, Gayle Yahnke, Janet Navto, Jan Ferry. Girl’s Ensemble The Girl’s Ensemble entered the competition at the North- ern Indiana School, Band, Orchestra and Vocal Association’s Solo and Ensemble Contest on January 29. The girls sang “Come In” by Randall Thompson and received a 1st Rating making them eligible for the State competition. Butler University was the site of the State Solo and Ensemble Contest on February 19th. The girls again received a 1st place rating. At the Music Department’s Christmas Concert on Decem- ber 17 the Girl’s Ensemble performed singing, “Bring a Torch Jeanette Isabella,” “Balualow” and “Let it Snow.” Other personal appearances include a Christmas party for the Tri-Kappas in December and an installation dinner for the Munster Junior Women’s Club. The Girl’s Ensemble assisted by the Sextet worked in Oklahoma on songs such as “Many a New Day” and “Out of My Dreams.” Under the leadership of Richard T. Holmberg and Gene Fort the Girl’s Ensemble have proved quite successful and hope to continue their work next year. Page Seventy-one Boy’s Ensemble The Boys Ensemble acquired four new members this year and with the addition of Michael Hand, Scott Arrowsmith, Dale Roades and Ron Gyure have done quite well. In the Northern Indiana School, Band, Orchestra and Vocal Association’s Solo and Ensemble Contest on January 29 the boys sang “Li’l Liza Jane” and received a 1st rating. Along with the Girl’s Ensemble and the Sextet the boys attended the State Contest at Butler University on February 17. They repeated “Lil Liza Jane” and received an- other 1st place rating. The Boys Ensemble have kept busy singing for the Munster Junior Women’s Club, in December, in the Christmas Concert and they assisted in Oklahoma singing “It’s a Scandal, It’s an Outrage.” They made their last ap- pearance for this year at the Spring Concert on June 3. Back Row — Dick Massa, Ron Gyure, David Pope, Fred Malo, John Krause. Middle Row — Mike Solomon, Dick Peach, Mike Hand, Bob Nowak. Front Row — Ray Barton, Karl Linden, Jerry Livingston, Jack Bailey. Seventy-two Left lo right Leslie Low, Lindo Berey, Kathy Vieweg, Randy Levin, Donna Sitler, Debby Dixon. Maureen O ' Conner at piano. The Sextet was just formed this year and has been very successful. The six girls started the year at the NISBOVA Contest at Lew Wallace on January 29. They sang “May Day Carol” and received a 1st place Rating. At the State Solo and Ensemble competition they repeated their previous performance and again received a 1st rating. Other activities in which the Girl’s Sextet have partici- pated include singing for the Munster Junior Women’s Club in December, Oklahoma when they assisted on “Out of My Dreams” and “Many A New Day.” They sang in the Christmas Concert on December 17 and ended the year’s activities at the Spring Concert on June 3. Page Seventy-three The Sextet Debate “Compulsory arbitration in labor-management disputes in basic industries” was alternately upheld and attacked by de- baters as the year’s question. A balanced record of wins and losses was made in first sub-varsity, then varsity competition. Important in debating was the use of clear reasoning in and factual support of arguments. Page Seventy-four National Forensic League initiation banquet. Speech . . to develop the speaking ability of each student indi- vidually and to improve speech education in this school. . . Such is the stated purpose of Munster High’s charter chapter of the National Forensic League. With the combined guidance and coaching of Mrs. Engstrom and the leadership of the officers — Edward Kraus, president; Jamie Friedman, vice-president; Nancy Micon, secretary, and Sally Kackley, treasurer — Munster High’s initial speech club sallied forth to capture ribbons at practice meets, sectional invitationals, and regional competition. The year came to a graceful and successful close for the Speech Club in March when the Hammond High School speech department initiated seventeen Munster students into the National Forensic League. Page Seventy-five Row 1 — Kathy Vieweg, Marcia Boldt, Sue Makareowich, Jill Molnar, Jill Croker. Row 2 — Sandi Goodman, Patty Boose, Jackie Frantz, Kathy Grow, Judy Rinkovsky, Holly Ross. Costumed in red and white as a “baker’s dozen” of sprightly cowgirls, the Munster High Drill Team was orga- nized and directed by Mrs. Shannon Lorenzo. They fancy- stepped their way into basketball games to support the Mustangs, marched in the Hammond Christmas Parade, and strutted to cheers at Munster High Pep Assemblies — to cover a diversified year as another of Munster High’s teams. Drill Team Page Seventy-six Left to right — Helen Baker, Debbie Kirincic, Gabriello Castillo. Front — Karen Kirincic. Pep Club The Pep Club’s efforts boosted our athletic activities. Sips on lockers appeared regularly before each game encouraging players, and money was made through the sale of Munster sweatshirts. Our first sectional competition was accompanied by an organized cheering block, and a gigantic “Mustang” horse-shoe. These activities were carried out under the lead- ership of officers Karen Kirincic, Helen Baker, Gabriella Castillo, and Margie Brazina, and sponsors Mrs. Arlene Walters and Mrs. Shannon Lorenzo. Page Seventy-seven Chess Club The Chess Club, sponsored by Mr. Smolek, engaged in various types of “ladder” competition. Winners of the five-round Swiss Tournament held in January were Pete Davis, Jim Walker, and Mike Leonard, who placed 1st, 2nd, 3rd in that order. Second semester competition was based on points and a second tournament was held in May. Page Seventy-eight Linda Anderson and Jeff Gubitz. Drama Workshop Lights dimmed, pancake was donned, nervous “don’t buff the lines” were whispered backstage as the curtains were drawn on Munster High Drama Club’s two productions. Miss Anne K. Burgdorf directed each to a successful full-house in November with the hilarity of “The Man Who Came to Dinner”; “The Mouse that Roared” played to capacity for two nights in March. Dean Roades and Cene Carlson. Page Seventy-nine Would you believe a bow tie? About this meatball instead of a quarter Page Eighty-seven Page Ninety MUNSTER HIGH’S JUNIORS elected their first class officers this year. John Chipman presided over the class activities with the help of vice-president Pete Forsythe and secretary-treasurer Jill Molnar. With the support and sponsorship of Mr. Robert Speelman, the class officers began making arrangements for our first class prom. They also sold class pins, sponsored a dance, and selected graduation announcements. Junior Class Officers Dorothy Adams James Adams Janet Ahlborn Scott Arrowsmith Tamara Ashby Mike Ault Jack Bailey George Baker James Ballard Betty Barthold Debra Becich James Betz Tom Black Dennis Bleck Jill Blocker Deborah Blohm Gregg Blohm John Bognar Page Ninety-one Page Ninety-two Jeff Brager James Budarz George Budzik Bill Burkhart Robert Butkus Goil Bunger Robert Carlson Cynthia Carls on Laura Carney John Chipman Maribeth Cloghessy Russ Columbo Ed Cunningham Tom Dalfonso Janice DePriest Barbara Dettman Tom Dietrich Debra Dixon Ferd Ehrenzeller Susan Emerson Gregory Eppler Teri Eschenbach Carol Evanson Jon Ferry Rick Flemming Robert Flickinger Vanessa Foley John Fordyce Jamie Friedman Daniel Fundyk Kathy Gage Patrick Gallagher Susan Greene Craig Gordon Linda Grothouse Mike Hand Ann Hasselbohm Suzi Herman Marcia Hestermann Page Ninety-three Donna Hinkle Jeff Horan John James Ed Jankura Joe Johnson Robert Johnson Solly Kackley Roy Klemm j Gloria Kostka Annette Karas Rosalind Kelly Jeff Kidder Pat Kohan Edward Kraus John Krause Patty Kristoff Judy Kuc James London Michael Landsman Mary Beth Lanning Page Ninety-four Robert Leopold Nancy Levenberg Randy Levin Karl Linden Jerry Livingston Roland Luebker Mary Lyle Fred Malo Richard Massa Lana McGuffey Steven Merten David Meyer Nancy Micon Daniel Mitziga Carol Moore Dinah Moore Donna Moore Vicki Moore Page Ninety-five Andrea Nevers Sheri Niksic Robert Nowak Dianne Olson Cassandra Oprea Jerry Ortman John Pavlovich Richard Peach Chris Peterson Kathy Priester Roland Ralick Lisa Ravenscroft Douglas Reed Peter Reinstein Jane Rittman Dale Roades Linda Robbins Randy Roller Page Ninety-six Sharon Rutz Alan Ryder Michael Salisbury Sandra Sands Yvonne Satterblom Michael Siebielec Dale Skaggs Donna Sitler Anita Smith Harold Smith Edward Smulevitz Michael Solomon Helen Stauverman Juleen Stiemert Dennis Stevens Clara Stimac Mike Stimak Cynthia Stone Page Ninety-seven Linda Tousignant Diane Turpin Larry Ulbrich Marie Valko Patty VanDyke Sally VanDyke Bill Walt Tom Warner Bill Wells, Jr. Linda Werskey Charmaine White Leslie White Marilyn Witvliet Gayle Yahnke Page Ninety-eight Diann VanStright Sophomores Lorry Alport Linda Anderson Valerie Astolas Susan Atkins Helen Baker James Barger Debra Bauer Mary Alice Baxter Nedra Becich Cathy Beyer Donald Bellamy Linda Berry Donna Blessing Joanie Blieden Gayle Blohm Patricia Boase Mary Jo Bower Marcia Bolt Connie Branson Marguerite Brazina Barbara Butkus Chris Campbell Larry Carlson Gabriella Castillo William Coe Ray Conover Paul Coulis Shelley Columbo David Cornwell Jill Croker John Curtis Danito Czyzewski Tom Dardis Mary Davis Peter Davis Dianne Depoe David DeRolf Shirley Dykstra Tom Dillon Patricia Dorrigan Gay Downing Peggy Eisner Page Ninety-nine Sophomores Laura Emerson Michael Edwards Chris Ebling Kay Earl Steven Fleming Bereneice Fitzner David Forsythe § Donald Forrest Gary Fowdy Patricia Fox Jacqueline Frantz Joe Fuss Robert Garzinski Larry Gempka Debra Gigsfed Sara Gilman Will Glaros Richard Good Sandie Goodman Kathy Grow William Guber Ronald Gyure Nyla Guess Joe Hamacher Michael Havaland Susan Hendrickson Glenna Henson Jan Kasten Jack Kaetly Mark Kautz Joe Keeler John Keene Joyce Klemm Roman Kiszenia Karen Kirincic Michel Koester Carol Kolanko Jorene Koliada Robert Kragel Tom Kowalisyn Carol Roe Kraus Page One Hundred Sophomores Betsy Lanman Carol LaRocca Linda Larson Patrick Lavery Linda Leirer Michael Leonard John Lindstrom Robin Lewis Andrea Lipner Yvonne Lippie Marty Lipson Chuck Livingston Cynthia Lloyd Linda Lockey Leslie Low Melissa Lyon Suzanne MacDonald Suzanne Makarewich Greg Martin Charlene McBain Michael McComas Michael McConnell Richard McCoy Richard Messersmith Karen Moore Lynn Moore Julie Morehead Linda Morris Claudia Myers Terry Nagle Christine Nelson Debra Nelson Sumner Nelson Charles Niementowsk Michael Niksic Maureen O’Connor Jill Ogren Curt Orloff Roger Panicucci Paula Parrish Ron Patterson Greg Pearson Paul Polak David Pope James Prentkowski Paula Pritz Ruth Procario Nick Rader Larry Rich Page One Hundred One Sophomores Judith Rinkovsky Kathy Rosenwinkle Holly Ross Laurence Russell John Ryder Gail Sandberg Ted Satter Karen Sheets Cheryl Skelley James Smith Mary Sopata William Sopata Patricia Springate Rudy Stefaniak Sandra Sutter Susan Swallow Eileen Talanian Martha Tonis Shirley Teliga Mark Thomas John Thompson Paula Tomlin Robert Tracy Debra Treder Cheryl Tucker Kathy Vieweg Kathy Von Borstel Kenneth Walker Debra Warot Gwen Watkins Jeff Weberling Robert Wells Coralee Wennekes Jack Wetnight Cynthia White u Dean White Tom Whitlatch David Wickland John Wisnewski Eileen Woess Charles Wright Joan Zwart Page One Hundred Two Freshmen Cynthia Abel Michael Adley Diane Ahlborn William Alexander Tom Allen Debra Altherr Douglas Angel Kathi Archer Chris Aul William Baker Fred Baker Michael Banjura Joe Baric Jim Barker Beverly Barton Ron Baudino Richard Baxter Susan Beckwith Nancy Belshaw David Benoit Virginia Benson William Betz Brad Boender Joe Bogusz Cynthia Boldt Scott Bolls Gary Bonner Mary Bourne Constance Bowles Brian Bracco Barbara Braden Avery Brooks Jeanine Bryan Joseph Buhler Gail Burke Allene Burns Edward Burton Mark Cane Rikki Carlson Susan Carney David Clark Terry Cohen Barbara Connor Carol Connor Pamela Cooper Thea Coulis Mark Crary David Crocuett Jenny Cunningham Carol Czyzewski Mary Lynn Davis Tim Day Martin Deluga Tod Demakos Randall Demas Cynthia Dilbo Tom Dixon Michael Dunn Kathy Durkovich Debra Duykers Kathy Eder Gary Egnatz William Eitzen Arlynn Ellison xy Page One Hundred Three Noncy Evonson William Fine Patricia Finley Cothy Ford Michael Ford Stanley Franczek Goil Fuss Robert Gage Robert Gassel Vicki Gerhard Louis Glaros Lynn Goebel Romey Goldstein David Golich Lynda Gorczyco Kenneth Grasty Virginia Greene Jeff Gubitz Gayle Gyure Gus Hagbcrg Scott Haggerty Kenneth Havilond Celia Hayes Kathy Hegedus Karen Hendrickson Steven Hensley Dennis Horan Pamela Huielt James Huttle Barbara Jankura Debra Johns Cothy Johnson Cynthia Johnson Linda Johnson Jack Jones Sheri Jusko Freshmen Jacqueline Kaczka Phyllis Kallen Karen Kernoski Paul Kincaid Sandra Kingma Mary Klemm Kurt Klitzke Barbara Kostka Adrian Kovach Paul Kovach Mary Lou Kryzer Richard Lautz Michael Lavery Paul Lee Jeonne Leibengood Gary Levenberg Kathy Long Tom Luerssen Jeff Luster Ross Maroe Nona Malovance Michael McAnulty Carol McDaniel Martin McClellan Ed Micon Glenn Miller Greg Milliken Timothy Molnar Elaine Mormon Debra Munson Carolyn Murakowski Robert Neal Sandra Nelson Steven Nelson Robert Newman Pat Nolan Richard Nondorf Robert Norris Dario Northrup Michael Ogorck James Patterson Denise Paluga Renee Peyrot Tom Plunket Roberto Peterson Karla Pritz Phil Juolle Ray Radermacher Dean Roades Charles Rochefort Harold Rosenbloom Clayton Ruth Virginia Sola Paula Sarchet Marci Scateno Richord Scheffel Linda Schley Rondy Schnell James Schoer Gail Seehousen John Sikora James Shropshire Glenn Scolnik Ron Shlensky Janice Sigel Gail Seehausen Howard Silverman Joyce Skov Piper Slock Peter Smith Corol Smulevit Barbara Snook Freshmen Carol Sobek Jeff Sorenson Patricio Speelman Tom Spero Dennis Spoljaric Chris Springet Jack Sprotsoff Jack Sraves James Stevens Barbara Stiglitz Robert Stine Bradley Stone Robert Stout Jeannette Strudas Cathy Summers Debra Sutter Tom Swarthout Catherine Tailor Gordon Talanian Colleen Talty Ruth Teplinsky Linda Thompson Susan Throgmorton Melody Toth Judy Troy Mork Turner Ron Waisnora Sally Walker Debra Warner Larry Wayland Stephen Walsh Gloria Whitlatch Terri Williamson Loura Wozniak Dennis Yosko John Zachay Page One Hundred Five Tom Adam Eric Allen Gail Ammon Peggy Amo Anita Ahlgren Todd Barton Laurie Bates Luann Bates Terry Boudino Gordon Beatty Susan Bellamy Thad Bembenista Mark Berey Patricio Berghian Stuart Bernard Paul Beyer Barbara Binko Nancy Bishop Cathy Boender Claudio Bond James Bovenkirk Susan Lynn Brink Jane Brossart Nancy Brown Dean Brumm Deanne Brusch Mory Candiano Linda Castillo Sonia Castillo Carlus Catlow Dewey Conces Keith Corban John Coulis Barbara Crockett Douglas Cummings Daniel Dolfonso Craig Davidson Jack Day Nanette Delaney Frank DePriest Jody Dobis Terri Downing Gary Duffola Pam Eisner James Eidom George Evonoff William Finch Nancy Fodor Wesley Forsythe Leslie Friedman Neil Gailmord Jody Gallagher Charles Gastreich John Gavelek Ellen Goodman Bruce Gower Patricia Green Allen Guttstein Arnold Guttstein Kenneth Haas Chuck Hall George Hassellof Julie Headdy Rudy Higgins David Holajter Becky Hyle Ellen Jacobson John Jones lorry Johnson Sharon Johnson Tom Karas Linda Karll Page One Hundred Six Barbora Kennel Debra Kirincic Mark Kivett Gail Klein Nancy Koester Bruce Kowalisyn Larry Kraus Peggy Krol Barbara Krueger Jeanne Kuhn Donna lammering Cynthia lammers Jaquelinc Lang Jill lonman Diana Lanting Debra Lekos John leone Annette Lippie Joe Lippie Fred Loomis Jay Lynn Robert Lyon Nick Mokarewich Barbara Maloney Doris Monske James Maroe Larry Morvel Marlis McClellan Nyna McCoy Cathy McCullough James McDaniel Tom McDonald Becky McKay Richard McNees Robert Mills Janet Miner Eighth Grade Steven Mohler James Morris Terry Myers Cathy Nawojski Laura Neesley Robert Nelson April Northrup Susan Ogren William Pansing Daniel Pearson Pamela Peglow Robert Phares Louis Pigg Mark Pope Janice Price Kerry Ransel George Rasch Carol Raves Jeff Richards Randy Roebuck Larry Rosenstein Sheryl Rubrecht James Russell David Ryder Marta Salisbury Nancy Sands Mary Sateic Kathy Scheffel Ralph Schwarz Susan Schwarz Tom Siemering Judy Simpson David Shapiro William Shaver Jan Shorb Debra Skelley Page One Hundred Seven Eighth Grade Julieonn Slivka Susan Sproutsoff Gary Starewicz Roxanne Stasick Linda Stefaniak David Stevens Charles Stewart Debra Steward Lynn Stewart Debra Street Mark Sutkowski Roxanne Sylvester William Tanis Carla Tchalo James Treder Marjorie Trent Sharon Tucker Gavin Turner Janice Utterback Paula Walker Richard Wamsher Sherri Webber Julie Wennekes Glenn Weyand Calvin Wiers Robert Wilson Shelly Wilt James Wingfield Linda Wisnewski Joan Wollard Page One Hundred Eight Seventh Grade Greg Abrinko Jeon Alexander Robin Allen Susan Amos Cathy Angelcos Tom Ashby Richard Atkins Debra Altherr Michael Aurelius Joyce Barker Wendy Barton Karl Bassett William Bauer Karen Beatty Tod Beckman William Bell Dennis Benoit Beth Berey Pamela Blanchard Debra Bolcis Debra Bolin Jon Bonner Eric Booker Dennis Borgman Jeff Boris Robert Broco Betsy Bragcr Nancy Branson Karen Brooks Russell Brooks Cheryl Brown Fred Coirns Nora Campbell Michael Cone David Carlson David Carlson Koren Corothers Debra Cassis Diana Castillo Lydia Castillo Debra Choel Elene Clopman Coralee Cleveland John Connor Todd Corban Christina Covert Shelley Crory Steven Crory Mark Croker Michael Crowe Richard Delaney Peggy DeRolf Susan Delaney Helen Dewitt James Dilbo Susan Dixon David Doescher Zarije Draskovich Leslie Dunn Terry Dunn Chuck Dunning Gail Dupler James Durkovich Andrea Egnatz Fred Eicke Kolvin Eitzen Beverly Eppler Mork Erickson Curtis Etter Eileen Fehring Trudy Fowdy Chuck Frost Page One Hundred Nine . I Ron Fundyk Dorothy Goge Ronnie Gershman Chris Gilchrist Anne Gigstead Nancy Gile Neil Goodman Lorry Gray William Greene Dawn Guess John Hestermann Patricia Ann Higgins Moriette Hinkel David Hoover Sharon Hostetter Alexis Huttle Philip Jankuro Cathy Johnson Patricia Johnson Richard Johnson Terry Johnson Tom Johnson Michael Jonnma Daryl Justice Peggy Kasten Estelle Katsoulis Sharon Keen Donna Keene David Kcilman Debra Keilman Richard Kennel Denise Kluse Tom Knowlls Kent Kraus William Kuc Robert Kulka Seuenth Grade Janet Lanman Richord Leet Nicki Lekas Roger Levin Beth Little William Long Laura Lon man Michael Loomis Becky Lorentzen Mory Ellen Luerrsen Greg Molovonce Doris Marks Fred Martin Greg Martz Cynthia McClellan Mork McConnell Ronnie McGuffey Susan Meyer Mark Miller Edward Minas Anne Mintz Pamela Mitziga Barbara Moore David Moreno James Morris William Morris Nancy Nagle Brenda Neal Robert Nelson Kerrin Nierman Michael Nolon Chester Nordyke Douglas Oliver Ronald Ortman Suzanne Parks Scoff Porrish Page One Hundred Ten Diane Patterson Gena Patterson Dayne Paul Loretta Pedone Claude Peyrot Robert Plunkett Michael Parbaugh Moute Rader Phillip Raymond Karen Read Greg Richardson Paula Rinkousky Jill Rittman Juanita Rochefort Debra Roller Jerry Rosko Barry Ross Brad Ross Paul Rozyzewski lorie Ruman Gordon Rundle Debra Rutz Vicki Sala Susan Sambor Cathy Satek James Schooler Gwen Schoon Linda Schmueser Fred Schroer Marc Scttoenberg Jaime Sefton Robert Shinkan 4ft S ' ! Li i- Seuenth Grade Gayle Skogan Sheryl Smith David Spaniol Robert Spillar .David Springer Susan Stewart Tricia Stoker Rhode Tanis Margaret Ulber Dennis Ulbrich James Uram Joyce Utterback David Vieweg David Walker Kathy Walt Chris Warot John Webb Karyl Wehle Douglas Wells Debra Welson Scott Wigley James Wingfield John Wingfield Marlene Woznaik thzabeth Yaczko Jayne Yahnke Elaine Yasko Deborah Young Manfred Young Donald Zollner Joe Zopp Sharon Zweige Page One Hundred Eleven We wish to thank the builders of MHS, T a land is Construction Company tor their generous donation. Page One Hundred Twelve Founders Club Members The Borden Company Burger’s Super Markets, Inc. Cunningham Realtor David’s Pharmacy Mr. and Mrs. Maxwell Davis Dr. and Mrs. I. E. Friedman and Jamie Leslie Gary National Bank — Munster Branch Global Travel Agency The Golden Hanger The Hammond Clinic Dr. Richard S. Johns Leo P. Knoerzer Corporation Harry Koester Agency Dr. and Mrs. Herbert Lautz Montgomery Ward Munster Chamber of Commerce Munster Lumber Company, Inc. Northern Indiana Public Service Company Pepsi-Cola General Bottlers, Inc. Don Powers Agency, Inc. Ed Rosenwinkle State Farm Insurance Agency Simmons and Company Tina Marie Pastry Shoppe, Inc. Wleklinski and Company Page One Hundred Thirteen Patrons A.A.A. Rug and Upholstery Cleaners Advance Realty and Insurance Dr. Herbert Arbejter Gerald J. Barker Mr. William Belshaw Mr. Richard F. Benne Big Wheel Restaurant Boy Scout Troop 5331 Brant Construction Company Burns Funeral Home Calumet Press Carpetland U.S.A., Inc. Compliments of a Friend Continental Baking Company, Inc. Duffy’s Castle Mr. Eugene M. Feingold Dr. John L. Ferry First Federal Savings and Loan Association of East Chicago Fogarty and Schoop Dr. Jack M. Fox Mr. Glenn Hairstylist Dr. and Mrs. Phil Goodman Gus Bock Hardware Company Haney’s Prescription Centers, Inc. Hansen Brothers Florists Joe Hirsch, Inc. Inland Steel Company Dr. E. S. Jones Ken-Mar Jewelry and Gifts William R. Knutson Insurance Agency John A. Kulka Real Estate and Insurance Lanman Hardware Mr. and Mrs. Marvin L. Levin Lichtsinn Motors, Inc. The Log Mr. Fred A. Malo Orval R. Meyer, Inc. Builder Miles Paint and Wallpaper Company Munster Meat Market, Inc. Munster Pharmacy Dr. M. M. Nierman Oak Ridge Barber Shop Dr. and Mrs. R. H. Peach Walter Piest Furniture Company Dr. J. Wesley Powley Dr. George C. Rasch Sealtest Foods Dr. and Mrs. Jerald Smith Gene Springet Insurance Agency Stardust Bowl Terry’s Vitamin, Cosmetic, and Sundries Discount Center Joe Tittle and Sons, Inc. Dr. and Mrs. Lee H. Trachtenberg Mr. and Mrs. James M. Turner United Realty Dr. Francis J. VanderWall Vu Mor Television Mr. and Mrs. Paul Werskey Page One Hundred Fourteen Paragon Staff Dear Students, I have set this page aside not only to give recognition and show my appreciation to my advisor and the staff for all their effort, but also to thank all of you and the faculty for the patience and support you have given us. Starting out inexperienced in a new field is always hard. But we soon realized that in order to make what seemed an endless task a reality, we had to work and learn. Un- fortunately, some things we learned too late and mistakes were made, but in spite of all that we continued. The product of all our work and learning is the first edition of the Munster High School yearbook, Paragon ‘66’. Editing this book has been both a worth- while and valuable experience for me. I hope we have succeeded in making it en- joyable for you. Sincerely, 0 The editor-in-chief of Paragon ‘66’ Sandy Sands Page One Hundred Fifteen Paragon Staff Editor-in-chief Sandy Sands Assistant editor Dale Roades Lay-out editor Tammy Ashby Copy Editors Debbie Dixon and Cene Carlson Sports Editor Larry Carlson Business Manager Linda Werskey Advertisement Randy Levin Sales Manager Sherri Niksic Publicity Jim Smith Photographers Mike McConnell, Ron Patterson, and Dale Roades Reporters Jill Molnar, Jan Ferry, Debbie Treder, Ann Hasselbohm, Cindy Stewart, Ron Gershman, Dick Good, Mary Davis, Ma ry Lynn Davis, Jeff Gubitz, Joanie Blieden Advisor Mr. Gene A. Fort ; ‘ £ i m

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