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Th Hook 2505 0 CQVM' Q" X v Q4 17, iill- ,. , , G -1 w ' J 1 .iq 4 'Q5.5l',:v- 9. V V x LV V ye, f m-ff,'sf71fA1.5ff' 'X ' -i f-ff-14' 1--L A ., Limb, .V X. ,, A - , fn Q f 1 ' -'Qf ' -W ' ,LVN - yy - , X VVAVVV V V. I Wg, ,,VV?:V1.5V ,, , , ,, V . M2 V O 5 'Q , A KJ D ' A .ff A E ! QW' ,J ' Q Q ' - M 1? ,K ' U 7 , 'A vat' 577 'x ' ' B ' L f K - fi? . " ' ,Q .1 ,Jw .- gig . ' MTM A VV F . 91 I V I ,L ff , , KN JL. L in ' ' ' -Q' . 55 1 . ' 1 . ., VJ K -M F I -J' X ' 1 , r ' - . zpix 7 L X f 0 , ' f I ' - F1 A x , KP , .fb 'B' 5. V t A V , X Lb , W1 Q5 Q - , J Q a , . V P, 0'7f'f,Qv 1 X, . " P N , gf: if fx In - H 1 n ,. -V J J H . . 5.44.-f . I , I . r 5 X , l ? I - ' r 5, 1 Vf , V IA, 4 , 5 V Q' X fl f ,X N- ' x f- A L, f 1- K! . 1' v , V D - ,114 f x A -fcxftff K I9 Q f l , , ' 1 f Aw 1 ' O' , C M. , .gf , X ' 1, K '- W ,gg,,- ' U sq x , I, 2555 ati' Q ' lj 4 ffi, It " 'LJ -,. I ' ' i i ' - V, 54,4 iff, 1 'njgm' V V x r ' ' , - 'I ,VJ ' K f L 6 ff ', w, , .11-fit -f ' v " - HK, iii? 'S 1 . , ' ff V1 S 4.:f:.!1 X 1 I M J N f- " . fff is I, JP ,V ' ' - w as ' 7 I 13 7 -1 :fg 9 . ' V1 Q - , W 0 dm W W gQg 9a,13 f - ' , 1 - 9 4244 A MU ' X Y - 'Z ' N 'IJ my f 0 W ' 75 -f yr., 1 ' N X Q2 L , XX . 1,2 m, S . 4 1 v X V J ' 1 XX fuk! 145 ' , "Ax . IQ SE A '21 H -. . ' .A - - T455 I X , AJH A MJQ, qi.,-piA.1.., .V,E EV ..L ,,Vfj,Qu:,4,.-,I V5.VrVjg .5 y gf,?VV,5. V V V V MV: VV V VV :,V'VV M14 VV V V VV V V A VV' T " ' 1' ' f 10 af 1 , - 1 wf '?rI15g,5,-V:"w 11,5-1 ..-v-, iv 'S?2,i-,Q-,.j5,fg,g3 jg ' f V , - K7 , jr,Q5g4,ViVfii-1354 , .W . -nw V , 1, 55!ff.A:'9'f. -aan ' 2 1 rx f .. ,ffl-View '1 . f- 'f 'F' PCV14 ' " 'fi 7 7 'iw "" L 'V . . ,. , V -w. .. A1 121:12 .frm.1M.g,'f, 1. ,,,f,,.-gm,-, ,,,,,,! x , N ,V ..,m,.,-.W W , , , V . . ,M VVV W" Q XM V' 2? M W VM M qc fwffjgpy fu W 7 we vw W0 f' QLXM 7 af ff X54 W si W W ..,r M 4' Y 'M ""A"k .2 . . x ,fd , S' o Ji My U I S D I M f 0, W' Rf- f' MQ? 0LU2?J:"' f N X, ' , , .. Af' fi ,K x, V, , V ,.. N 1 4 11 J' x , Q-, ,111 , ' X .1 Q ' ' X X X ,. . ff N Q! X J, 'JI' I, , X X 4 -f L", .., R'-'xv' Wm, W , ,,,, Y, , ,,, 1 F 4. . , ,AA MUNHISKO 1947 C' HI! 'Q N E i LgfQ.X'X 2.5 W L, X ' I I RQ I ' L A X If my , S xy X I f xlggfgxm x X I p , , """w II ' KV vw PUBLISHED BY THE SENIOR CLASS or MUNHALL HIGH SCHOOL MUNHALL, PENNSYLVANIA ff ,X .X f fy, A With our sincere best wishes and with Clue apologie fellow we present the 1947 MUNHISKO. The Song of Munhall High-Awatha On the shores of Monongahela, By the great brown rushing waters, In the sinolqeffllled busy valley, Close beside the roaring steel mill, Stands an old and noble high school, Loved by every Munhall Indian. Four short years of our existence Have been spent in this our high school, 'Years of joy and years of wisdom, 'Years not easily forgotten, Now these happy years are ending, Ending with a note of sadness, No No No No But more joys of happy school days, more strolling through the hallways, more passing notes in classrooms, more stops for colqes at drug stores not everything is sadness If we look tofward the future. s to Long lf Q. .L... ,, 3111 Hlrmnriam MVS S' l ,av p y lil' MISS ALBERTA SCHILLINGER After o life time devoted to the teaching profession, Miss Alberta Schillinger died last September 22, less than three months following her retirement. During her thirty-five years in the Munhall Public Schools she had, as pupils, many of our present teachers and many of our parents as well. Miss Schillinger was known and loved by all for her gentle yet disciplin- ary ways, her generosity, and her frank, encouraging smile. Her favorite hobby was the study of birds and of nature, and there was nothing she liked more than to go tramping off into the fields and woods. lt was on one of these outings that death came. This was, we like to think, the way she would have wanted it. Although she herself is absent, her fine teachings will be present in our hearts, and we shall try to carry on her work in Munhall, which she called "home." ll! fi 310- 5 . DEDICATION MR. GEORGE E. WALBERT Early this year Mr. Walbert, one of our most beloved teachers, died. During the twenty-four years of his association with Munhall High School he was a friend and an adviser to those students who studied under him. He was almost a second father to many boys and girls who called him "Uncle George." A graduate of Franklin and Marshall College, Mr. Walbert received his master's degree at Washington and Jefferson College. After teaching in elementary schools in Somerset County, he served as principal at the Berlin High School from l908 to l909, when he moved to Johnstown to teach for two years. ln l9ll he went to Waynesburg College as a professor in Greek and other languages. ln l9l 3 he became principal of Waynesburg High School and remained there until i923 when he accepted a position in Munhall Schools. Forty-six of his seventy years were devoted to education. As he dedicated himself to us, we now dedicate our l947 MUNHISKO to him. ,fff 7 - ""xlsxQ X x ii- -lil. 51.--2-11 Tlrey have been muck more than teachers Loyal fiends to guide us onfward. fn X K X x xxx X ' , f X X x X A f XX , V qf X in r Fl Y i--i.i.T-- Left to right: B. R. Ferris, W. R. Wilson, Dr. R. M. Miller, J. G. Garland, Mrs. A, B. Wright, W. A. Smith, J. W. Schwartz. Officers: President, J G, Garland, Vice President, W. R. Wilson. BOARD OF EDUCATION Worlcing behind the scenes, this group of citizens is responsible for keeping our schools running smoothly and efficiently. The class of l947 would like to express its appreciation to the Board of Education for the fine work they have done and are doing. MISS ELIZABETH FORREST Secretory flf ,if -'If 9 Xlx Q ' xxx I l Superintendent To the Seniors: The administration of the Munhall Schools extends sincere congratu- lations to you upon your successful completion of your high school work. Today, as never before, the nation is in greater need of well-prepared citizens. Someone has said that "Not its lands, not its rivers, not its forests, not its money-important as these things are-only its people make a nation truly great." All victories in peace and in war are won by people. The early in- habitants of our country, the American Indians, lost their country because each tribe was a law unto itself. The various tribes failed to cooperate in the building of a nation. The motto of the early colonists who built our nation was "United we stand, divided we fall." Not only unity of the nation is de- manded, but a unity of all nations of the world must be developed. We live today in a world that is increasingly interdependent, and the dawn of the new Atomic Age demands that we learn to live in "One World." ln the preamble to UNESCO are these significant words, "Since wars begin in the minds of men it is in the minds of men that the defenses of peace must be constructed." Yours is a task to eliminate war among nations and to build a lasting peace. May you each one do your part in the great task of education, which will help solve this critical problem of mankind, 'fffgf io "" xls xs XS' DR. EARL O. LIGGITT MUNHALL scHooLs MR. MAX W. WHERRY Principal MUNHALL HIGH SCHOOL Graduates: Potentially this world of ours is a place of beauty, peace, security and plenty. Yet we have wars, disease, and poverty because men do not use their minds or because they do use them in the wrong way. You ot the tuture must help bring order out of the confusion that sur- rounds us. May the training to think that you have received while here in Munhall High School encourage and stimulate you to this purpose. ln our hope for a better world our taith lies in you-that you will be persistent in intelligent thinking-that you will relate your thinking to the real issues of life. THINK: Think to make our world of the future a more beautiful place in which to live. -Q., 'ffif Il "' xl-Q xs- MR. HOMER W. BEGGS Principal WOODLAWN JUNIOR HIGH To the Class of l947: Graduation from high school is, as always, an achievement of which to be proud. The recent war emphasized the worth of the kind of education which high school offers, but the war also gave rise to the realization of the immediate need for a kind of world intelligence which will permit all people to live together. Travel in terms of "Moons," true in the days of the American Indian, no longer applies, for modes and speeds of travel and communication have narrowed distances, making us neighbors to the rest of the world. Thus, it seems tair to say that there is an opportunity for you to make world citizen- ship a reality by living with honor the ideals ot American democracy. flair' , h- tv 0 f 12 X15 -x.....-- MR. RICHARD D. KOEHLER Director, Vocational Education MUNHALL HIGH SCHOOL To the Class of l 947: As you go forth into fields of higher education or industry, we hope you will carry on with the excellent record you have made in high school. The good habits you have learned should be of real value to you in facing the problems of every day life, and we are confident that you will apply and use them to the best of your ability. Our sincere congratulations upon completing this important phase of your career! jff ' -' 13 ""xl-Q XR, rr-Y l l i l r i l l l l I l l L.. Mrs. Mary D. Bane English Miss lrene E. Bollinger Biology Miss Ruth Briggs Bookkeeping Mrs. Genevieve M. Cahoon Health Education Miss Elizabeth B. Carroll Home Economics FACULTY -..-'Wifi-f' I4 Xls Q xg- Mr. Charles E. Blick History Mr. Leslie Brand, Jr. Typing, Business Training Mr. G. Edward Busch Science, Library Mrs. Ida B. Campbell Latin, English Mr. Theodore T. Charlton Mathematics, Counseling Miss Sarah E. Cox Science, Geography Mrs. Elizabeth F. Donaldson English Mr. Beniamin S. Elkins Social Studies Mr. Joseph Evancho Art Mr. Howard T. Fox Auto Mechanics Mr. Albert C. Frantz Chemistry, Geometry Mrs. Ruth N. Gray World History Miss Elsie G. Groot Typing Mrs. Jeane T. Hall English Mrs. Josephine O. Hill Latin, World History Miss Margaret S. Howal' Library Miss Mildred M. Keltz English FACULTY I fffgf I5 xl-XQ, xss FACULTY fl!! if 0 'Z' T6 Rx' R X? ' Mr. Nicholas H. Kliskey Health Ed., Athletic Director Mr. Joseph S. Lacko Physics Miss Betty Jane Lloyd Business Training, Typing Miss Joanna Loffreda English, Social Studies Miss Erika H. Lutsch German Miss Margaret A. MacBeth English, Counseling Miss Margaret M. Markey Shorthand, Office Practice Mr. Robert Markley Civics Mr. John L. McCarthy Industrial Arts Miss Jean E. McClatchey English, Counseling Mr. Thomas McGrath Machine Shop Miss Dorothy G. Newell Home Economics . Y Mr. Joseph H. Noroski English Mr. Earl S. Oster Heafth Education Mrs. Ma rjorie Peterson Music Mr. Harry J. Ramsay Biology Miss Mary Jean Reed Music Miss Thelma A. Rush Speech, Dramatics Mr. William R. Sandmeyer Electricity Mrs. Elsie Mae Serbic Social Studies Mr. J. Lewis Shannon Business, Sales Miss Donna Jean Shaver Health Education Mr. Hubert C. Shiring Mathematics Mr. Ellwood J. Smith Related Subjects FACULTY fl!! -,' -'L l7 xlsw Xi' ' i FACULTY ,ffi -, '-2' I8 X:-XQ XS' Mr. Kenneth V. Todd Music Mr. Horace H. Trimble General Science Miss Ada B. Widdowson Algebra Miss Kathryn M. Wilson Spanish, English Mr. J. Solon Wilson Social Studies Mr. James L. Zimmerman Mathematics, Counseling Mr. Stanley A. Zingle lndustrial Arts, Counseling Miss Jean Howat Secretory To Dr. Liggitf Miss Bernice Jones Secretory to Mr, Wherry Miss Marjorie Mach Secretary, H. S. Office Miss Mary Jane Olen Secreta ry to Mr. Beggs Mrs. Edna W. Spangler Secretary, Supt's Office ...- 'K ?""""" A4 L NW ima. ,ffff 1' Q '-" XQS xg- , W' w 2 O How We envy the green feslrie W ith fuk three years lejQ at Munba x N , ?5'v Q , X5 If ., , 7 Q e e e' G xx 5. - S X X ll' ,iw N Y, PIN-UPS fglihkqk A ,,,,,',.....,-'KM Bottom row, left to rightfE. McKibben, M. A. Horrey, N, Morgan, W. Smith, M. Lucas Second row---B. Morgan, R, M. Lorkins, C. St, Cloir, J. Guiney, S. Dios. Third row+Brickner twins, M. Jones, S. Fleming, B. J. Forrest. Fourth row-V. Bretsnyder, M. Kushner, W. Moresch, Pork "small fry." ,,..'f!5-f' zz Xie Q Xi ' "Look, a Froshl" "Aren't they green?" "Small looking, aren't they?" "Hey you, Freshiel" These phrases were our introduction to high school. Eight years of grammar school were over, and we were looking forward to our high school careers. We were a little bold-a trifle conceited. But it was soon knocked out of us-not physically, but mentally of course. Solving for un- knowns in algebra was a bit harder than the arithmetic we had known. Latin verb conjugations and noun declensions soon showed us hovv much we did not know, how much more we had to learn. We explored the mysteries of science and diagrammed sentences in English. We were uneasy through the first few weeks, but we soon knew we could master the subjects if we tackled them with an honest effort. Our first semester was a period of ad- justing, organizing, and getting acquainted, and early in the second semester we emerged as a unit. Our first effort was that of electing representatives to Student Council. Evelyn Satalla, Anna Marie Gress, and Jack Toperzer were elected to represent the freshmen in the student government asso- ciation. Later, class elections were held, and, after a brief period of campaigning, the freshmen selected for president, Raymond Boytim, vice president, Jack Toperzer, secretary-treasurer, Marian Savko. We chose Miss Loffreda to guide us as class sponsor. Many freshmen took part in activities such as the Science Club, with Mr. Trimble as sponsor, Miss Peterson's Junior Choir, the Munhisko Staff, and the Junior Leaders Club. With these activities to help us become better acquainted we turned our attention to social events. Our first social event-a tradition here in Munhall--was the freshman party. This event was held in the spring and was really our introduction to class activities and to social life at Munhall High. lt was really an enjoyable evening and pointed the way to future success. Before we realized it, finals were held, and our first high school was over. Looking back, we realized that we had come a long CLASS CF 1950 STUDENT COUNCIL MEMBERS A. M. Gress, J. Toperzer, E. Satalla, lj! x 1 I l T' AZT' jfs l All l lj, way. A year had seen us slowly, but surely, prepare ourselves for more and greater responsibilities. When school reopens in Septem- ber, we shall not be a bewildered and uneasy group, but a sophomore class-ready to take our rightful place among the students of the best high school under the finest instructors of any school anywhere. 21, fl!! .,,,,,' -3 za xl-Q xs- llll iQ ,..f- l r l l i l i l l l l l Lg. W . .KY H 4, fff ' -'L' 24 "" xl-Q Xi' J. Ackerman, O. Ackerman, R. Alexander, W Bair, F. Bakanic, R. Baptie. R. Becker, D. Belan, M. Belan, D. Berger, R Bogesdorfer, E. Borko. R. Boytim, R. Bruno, D. Buban, D. Burkhart, D. Burkhart, B. Burns. D. Cannon, D. Ceyba, J. Ceyba, C. Chasko, W. Coles, R. Crawford. A. Czyz, J. Delandro, B. Dobas, D. Dobranski, B. Donnelly, A. Doyle. H. Durkota, C. Ednie, A. Elkins, L. Evagues, R. Fawcett, M. Fedorka. J. Flaherty, L. Florian, L. Gensamer, M Gordon, A. Gress, G. Gress. D. Grossett, C. Henrikson, R. Holoman, N Horvatt, G. Hospodar, R. Howell. M. Hreha, E. Hrinda, M. Hritz, A. Hruska, J. l-lunt, M. Jacisin. C. Jackson, J. Kampe, G. Kavinsky, M. Kish M. Komar, J. Kormosh. V. Koval, M. Kracunovsky, B. Kundravi, M Kundravi, J. Kushner, A. Kuzma. J. Kuzma, M. Kuzmik, J. Lacey, A. Larko D. Lenart, M. Levkus. B. Lucero, J. Maddison, C. Mandell, J. Mar- cinko, A. Margie, A. McAllister. V. Melish, F. Metro, R. Monick, W. Morgan J. Morris, M. Moskal. 1 M. Mrazik, C. Nagy, A. Nemeth, M. O'Brien, A. Palchik, V. Palchik. T. Pepke, A. Perhac, H. Perhac, A. Pakrytka, A. Pollack, L. Pupik. P. Race, W. Race, R. Richey, G. Robes, L. Roman, G. Rowe. R. Rudowsky, N. Rushe, H. Sabo, J. Sabo, J. Sabo, R. Sanitrik. E. Satolla, M. Savko, C. Scamahorn, R, Schiver, R. Schrneltz, R. Sega. H. Shipe, A. Slava, F. Smoley, D. Spisak, L. Stahlberg, J. Strong. C. Styles, A. Szatkowski, W. Tarr, S. Thomas, M. Tima, H. Tirnko. A. Tornascin, A. Tomko, J. Toperzer, D. Urban, J. Vavrek, R. Walls. B. Wargo, J. Wilson, M. Yacko, N. Yatsko, P. Zanos, E. Alesius. L. Anderson, M. Badalato, B. Beserock, D. Besnak, S. Bevan, B. Bingle. J. A. Brennan, R. Brierly, M. Broadrlghf, T. Brosky, E. Bugel, B. Bukauskas. S. Burk, W. Burke, R. Codman, R. Carney, W. Corr, N. Chilli. R. Clever, E. Cloonan, M. Cook, A. Csider, C. Daly, G. Damich. R. Danis, E. Danko, E. Fertlemes, N. Fisher, M. E. Glaherty, B. Forbes. fflf .-, -ff' 25 Xlx Q XX- " "'7 ,ffff -., --- ze xlsxw XSN L. Gent, J. Gibson, B. Gray, E. Grieb, J Heard, D. Hess. R. Hindmarsh, L. Hopwood, M. Jones, R Kazimer, M. Kenney, J. Kestle. E. King, C. Kondas, D. Kosseff, J Kostrub G. Kyle, R. Lacey. A. Lacock, R. Ladick, J. Lebedo, W. Lees W. Leppla, R. Lloyd. W. Lorentzen, C. Magnus, R. Mantia, G Maresch, D. Martin, G. Matthews. A. McCann, D. Miller, J. Miller, L. Miller J. Needham, R. Neundorf. B. Paris, E. Pavasko, A. Polacok, C. Roger J. Redpath, H. Ripper. D. Rolewitz, J. Ruffing, G. Rushe, C. Salal J. Salaj, E. Sanis. P. Schrading, R. Schwartz, D. Scott, J. Sed- lak, N. Shaw, W. Sherman. B. Shipe, A. Skarupa, F. Snyder, B. Somuk P. Staskus, S. Steiner. D. Stevens, L. Stoebe, C. Swickley, A. Thir G. Thomas, J. Thomas. L. Thompson, K. Tice, M. Todd, E. Volinski E. Vrabel, P. Welsh. A. M. Wertz, J. Wilkinson, N. Wilson, L Wiltrout, R. Wincferson, J. Wintruba. T. Younkins, C. Yuhasz, D. Zovodnick, R Bongartz. 1 I One bright morning in i9-45, some one hundred students, representing about five different schools, came to Munhall to begin their high school careers. Nothing exciting happened the first day except that no one could find his home room. The next few days were spent in getting ac- quainted with one another. Then we were off to the election polls to vote for Student Council members. Those elected were Marilyn Noble, Mar- jorie Davis, and Lois Hillman. ln January, we elected our executives -George Eden, president, Donald Strang, vice- president, Kathleen Lacey, secretory - treasurer, Mr. Charlton, sponsor. Our first social event was a skat- ing party, which proved to be a big success. Our freshman party in March topped off the events of the year. At the end of our freshman year, we really felt that we were a part of the school. We had finally recovered from the bashfulness of our first year. At the beginning of this term, we were joined by students from Homeville, many of whom were eager to 3 ,X tix' S ox n k X 2s?,' R xx F , X ' T is x ' X K Y, KE i 'xx K ilk! sag CRS flf , -- -1 Q Z' Xxx? xs- CLASS OF 1949 MUNI-IALL OFFICERS K. Lacey, Miss Howat, G. Eden, D. Strong WOODLAWN OFFICERS R. Prosser, D. M. Eckbreth, N. McWhinney, W. Ririe participate in the various organizations of the school. ln October, we re-elected our freshman officers. Anna Mae Ripper was added to the freshie representatives to Stu- dent Council. Because of increased duties, Mr. Charlton tendered his resignation early this year, and Miss Margaret Howat was elected sponsor. Social life began with the class party on November l5. lt was a great event, and everyone had lots of fun. Along with noon dancing, paper drives, and selling ponchos, we had a very successful year, closing with the Sophomore l-lop. Now we are looking forward to being juniors. I ,i ,S w ff ff ,- Xxx R X4 G. Ambro, B. Ambrose, W. Anderson, A Andras ,E. Andrews, N. Borlog. D. Bartlett, G. Baur, R. Beckef, M. Belyan E. Berrey, C. Birovik. . M. Bishop, B. Bradish, H, Brown, R. Bugos V. Bugos, J. Cadman. D. Campbell, J. Cashmere, H. Caspar, J Churilla, M. Chvasta, B. Cibula. E. Cuttler, A. Dargo, M, Davis, J. Delu, C Demko, J. Devey. R. Divers, J. Dobranski, J. Docherty, F Dominski, F. Duffeck, A. Durkota. G. Dzvonik, G. Eden, A, Evanov, G. Evans, E Fawcett, J. Fedorka. E. Feeney, J. Fisher, G. Gaudish, D. Gehring, M. Godish, G. Gresko. B. Grieb, J. Guidish, J. Gwynn, N, Hompson, M, Harkovich, J. Hicks. H. Hilligsberg, L. Hillman, N. Hinkle, B. Hollis, J. Holly, S. Hoover. N, Horabs, A. Howell, A. Hreha, D. Hruska, J. Hudson, W. Jackson. S. Joyce, M. Junn, S. Kasiorek, C. Kelecava W. Kepes, D. Kinavey. I A, King, D. Kline, T. Koehler, R. Kondas, O. Koslow, S. Koslow. J. Kostelnik, R. Kostelnik, C. Kremer, M. Kurutz, L. Kusek, M. Lacek. R, Lough, R. Lebeddo, M. Lepoif, J. Lesko, l D. Link, B. Long. A. Loposky, D. Loatzenhizer, R. Lucas, M. Macko, M. A. Madar, J. Maiernik. F. Malloy, J. Marriotti, R. Martin, E. Maszle, S. Maze, l, McCloskey. M. Meneely, D. Minosky, D. Molindo, M. Molnar, M. Monk, J. Moore. M. Morgan, A. Morris, E. Morris, W. Morti- mer, E. Mosley, C. Mrazik. T. Muha, V. Maha, C. Murphy, M. Nemchik, R. Nesky, M. Noble. R. Noxak, M. Novolel, M. Novotnjak, B. Nuss, J. Ondo, D, Opsitos. M, O'ToaIe, J. Papay, D. Parkinson, A. Pas- tor, E. Pavlik, M. Pavlik. M. A. Pavucsko, R. Petrick, J. Pikufis, D. J. Pollard, B. Poole, R. Puspoki. S. Quinn, E. Race, J, Rakouski, T. Reid, L. J. Rhey, H. Ribar. H. Richards, J. Richards, A. M. Ripper, G. Roba, R, Robinson, D. Rogers. L. Rogers, E. Rosendale, W. Rowell, J. Rus- nak, D. Sabo, D. Scheetz. A. M. Schick, E. Schick, V. Schomer, R. Shaw, R. Shirnko, C. Sikora. E. Simko, J. Simko, M. Skorski, E. Smith, M. Smith, P. Smoley. ,,,.'f!fL 29 Xie WN xi r i l xfllf -up ' -2' 30 xlsv X?- J Sninsky, J. Sotak, E. Spangler, E. Stasko M. Steiner, L. A. Stephens. C. Stiehm, D. Strong, J. Stupar, S. Stupar M. Takach, P. Tellman. T. Terrick, C. Tichon, B. Tishon, H. Tomko E. Toperzer, W. Toperzer. P. Toplansky, J. Vagas, F. Vargo, M. Vasko E. Vrabel, V. Wagner. R. Waldron, N. Wanless, R. Wassil, J. Wat- son, V. Weber, A. Wieson. G. Wilcox, G. Wotherspoon, J. Wright, L Yanchik, A. Yanyo, M. Yanyo. M. Yanyo, M. Yesko, F. Yonick, P. Yurcon, A. Zak, M. A. Zopf. P. Zorn, R. Adams, S. Anderson, L. Ashoff, E. Banyas, L. Banyas. D. Benny, S. Bishkoff, J. Bodnar, M. Bodnar, A. Borsh, H. Bost. E. Brain, F. Brandt, E. Brecko, M. Bugos, R. Burk, T. Burke. J. Carbaugh, R. Carney, L. Chilli, C. Coon, M. Dietzen, M. Dobos. D, Eckbreth, E. Ferchak, E. Ferchak, R. Fertlemes, M. Franklin, R. M. Frinso. W. Funk, V. Georgieff, D. Harr, E. Harvey, G. A. Hasapes, A. Higham. J. Hill, B. R. Hleba, E. Hohman, A. Hornyak, E. Hromanik, S. L. Irwin. 1 1 D. Isaac, P. Jackson, C. Jones, W. Jones, M. Kraft, D. Krepps. D. Laird, J. Lanchester, A. Lebeda, M. Lees, L. R, Lyden, R. Lyle. E. Mannella, H. Maresch, W. Matthews, C. Mayo, V. McCloskey, A. McGill. N, McWhinney, W. Melnick, R. Mikullo, S. Molzer, B. A. Muir, B. Muir. M. G. Muir, A. Nau, W. Noroski, F. Novotny, D. Ord, A. Pearson. R. Peters, F. Pingor, H. Polacok, R. Prosser, M. Pryle, J. Reed. W. Ririe, J. Robinson, M. Rogan, J. Rowe, C. Sabo, D. Sallinger. B. Schell, R. Schoff, E. Senich, P. Serechin, G. Sestak, E. Shields. ' R. Sikoski, E. Smedansky, J. Stevens, J. Stoffel, R. Storer, P. Sturek. E. Swingle, C. Thompson, L. J. Thompson, J. Vincevich, E. Voitka, R. Volinski. J. Wagner, L. Wehrer, N. Weise, P. Werling, R. Wertz, R. White. J. Williams, N. Williams, D. Winderson, V. Yarkovsky, R. Zogran. ,ffff 1 ' 2' 3 I Xie XQ xg- PM N fl!! I sv O ' -5' 32 Xxx 5 gg - 1 CLASS OF 1948 Officers B Loper, Mrs, Campbell, G, Pavlaff, J. Sullivan . ln our freshman year we chose George Pavloff, Rudolph Janosko, and Betty Jane Tomko to lead us. Through their efforts we spons- ored several activities, which, however, were all surpassed by our dance at the end of the year. During our sophomore year we again held swimming and skating parties Our Harvest Party started us off well in the fall. In the spring the Woodlawn sophs and Munhall sophs danced to the music of Tommy Wallace s orchestra in the boys' gym. Later both groups joined together for a Penny Carnival in the Woodlawn gym. Both these events were very helpful in getting us acquainted before we yoined forces for our junior year. The officers for our sophomore year w re G orge Pavloff, president, Rudolph Janosko, vice presi- dent and Bernadine Loper, secretary-treasurer. At fall elections this year George Pavloff was still our choice for Bernadine Loper as secretary-treasurer. Many of our leaders were elected to Student Council, where they are doing good work. The selection of A Date with Judy as class play was an important event in our lives All of us were excited and pleased with the way it went over with the students and people of Munhall. Then of course this year brought the big moment for all of us- the Junior Senior Prom-to which we've looked forward for years. Y After three successful years of work and fun, we are looking forward to our senior year. Under the capable leadership of Mrs. Campbell, our class sponsor, our past years at our Alma Mater have been enjoyed by all. 7 I f president. With him we elected Jim Sullivan as vice president and A if , gr f . T 4 . ' E Z ,il I - fff .-,' -T1 as Xi-Q Xix ff 4 -- Xx' Q xg- D. Abraham, R. Ackerman, E. Adams, M. Alexander, J. Allas, G. Allen. D. Anderchak, M. Andres, J. Andrews, S. Barnauskas, G. Barrett, D. Barron. V. Barry, V. Baughman, J. Beck, A. Belan, A. Belan, M. J. Bennett. J Benson, H. Berger, J. Berger, L. Berger, T. Bishop, F. Blasko. S. Blattner, F. Bodnar, R. Bodnar, M. Bon- gartz, K. Bonner, E. Boytim. P. Bracken, L. Brazinskas, L. Buban, E. Buff, M. Bunda, C. Burke. W. Cavanaugh, R. Chasko, R. Chopnek, R. Chorba, J. Chrestay, R. Chuha. A. Churma, S. Churma, L. Cibulka, R. Clever, M. J. Coll, W. Conroy. M. Crane, E. Csider, C. Czudek, R. Czyz, E Danis, J. Debresney. E. Demskl, S. Domen, T. Dorney, M Dou- kakis, R. Dowd, M. Drobne. L. Ducar, M. Duleba, C. Durica, D. Durica, E Durst, A. Ehnot. , , x.,X B. Elkins, R. Ellenberger, W. Ellsworth, J Evans, L. Flent, J. Florian. P. Foradas, M. Forbes, E. Forgacs, M. Foster, M. Franks, R: French. E. Funk, T. Gamble, D. Gamrat, G. Gensamer, S. Getsy, S. Glick. E. Godleski, G. Goral, D. Gottus, M. Gresko, D. Gretz, E. Gribble. D. Grim, R. Gross, L. Gryb, W. Gustafson, D. Gyduska, M. Gyure. J. Gyurina, E. Halko, B. Hammond, P. Harry M. Hasak, A. Heidel. H. Hellett, D. Hlavach, E. Hoblak, R. Hoff- man, R. Hollis, J. Horvath. L. Houck, R. Hovan, F. Hraszczyna, M. Hreha, O. Hruska, P. Huber. M. Humanic, L. lrwin, R. Janosko, J Johnstone, F. Junstrom, D. Kampman. J. Kane, R. Karnes, E. Kelley, V. Kinzel S. Kitsinger, R. Konis. 1 D. Kormosh, C. Kosko, E. Kovach, L. Koza, D. Kriso, L. Kulisek. D. Kulus, B. Kura, J. Kurtz, W. Lammie, C. Larko, M. Laughlin. M. Laychak, J. Lebedda, E. Leech, E. Lesko, G. Lesko, G. Lippert. ff ,Q -, Xx' Q xxx flf .11 , -ZL- XQQ XS' A. Lockmor, B. Loper, J. Loposky, M. Lucas R. Lucas, G. Luteran. J. Lutsch, D. Lynch, J. Mann, M. Mariotti H. Marsh, C. Martin. W. Mathias, L. Mattiko, F. Maxwell, J. Mc- Cann, G. McCarter, R. McCloskey. M. McShane, J. Mikina, O. Miller, W. Moore, J. Morgan, D. Murdock. A. Murphy, W. Nou, P. Needham, A Noroski, V. O'Donnell, B. L. Ogonosky. D. Olen, K, Ondeck, M. Onofrey, G. Paskert, E. Pasternak, D. Pastor. G. Pavloff, L. Pearson, F. Perhac, M. Pesta W. Phillips, A. Pido. J. Pingor, K. Pitassi, E. Popko, R. Price, J Prologo, D. Ptasienski. J. Ramsay, L. Reese, M. Ribor, A. Richards J. Richards, I. Ries. H. Riley, E. Rinyik, C. Robbins, C.. Roberts B. Rosenal, A. Rosenthal. R. Roth, J. Rushe, R. Sabo, M. M. Sarosy, B Savko, E. Savko. C. Saxon, W. Scannell, J. Schrecengost, G Schryver, B. Seitz, S. Semancik. r r 1 1 I D. Sharp, L. Shipe, M. Simath, V. Simko, P. Sincak, D. Smith. E. Somuk, A. Sorobach, J. Spisak, R. Spivak, F. Stagon, R. Stahl. E. Stanchak, J. Stawiany, B. Steiner, R. Steiner, D. Stoebe, Jean Strang. June Strang, E, Strichko, M. Stripay, B. L. Stuart, H. Stumpe, F. Stupar. K. Sublette, J. Sullivan, W. Sullivan D. Surincek, l. Tennant, B. Thir. E. Thomas, F. Thomas, M. Thomas, V. Thomas, J. Thran, A. Timko. E. Timms, E. Tkacs, M. Tomascin, J. Travis, F. Turcovsky, J. Tutko. D. Uhryniak, R. Uplinger, E. Urban, M. Vahs, P. Vargo, E. Vohar. I. Volinski, D. Vrabel, R. Wages, D. Wain, M. Walls, J. Watkins. J. Webb, R. Wehrer, G. West, D. White, H. Whitenight, C. Wilkinson. C. Willis, G. Wiltrout, S. Wotherspoon, E. Yacko, B. Zedo, M. Zook. ffl!! t, -'IP' 37 Xlx Q XX- W frat Would' life in bzgfv school be like W ith no clubf far change j9om study? 32 f XL? X4 , 5 'J SK N ACN A Q 9 :- C If Jfx '-1 L , 6 CY 5 J X X Q r M First row. left to right-AS. Pavloff, Graham. Schorr, C. Stedlarz. Rodda, A. Noroski, M. Greslco, Benson. D. Olen, Y. IVlcKibben. Second rowfMrs. Campbell. G. Smoley, A. Ripper. L. Hillman, R. Lucas, M. Davis, E. Keirzer. M. Boclnar. Third row-R. blanosko. F. Park. P. Martilm, E. Szckely. P. Harry. E. Yurcon. D. Imlay, Mr. Blick. STUDENT COUNCIL The Student Council is one of the most re- spected organizations ot the school. On Thursday afternoons problems ranging from electing the Hall Patrol and conducting Freshman Election to granting charters lor noon-dancing and parties are discussed and acted upon. Election is held in November. Any student wishing to be a candidate for membership must have a 2.5 average and must get twenty-seven of his classmates to sign his petition in order to have his name appear on the ballot. This year thirteen seniors, nine juniors, four sophomores, three freshmen, one eighth-grader, and one seventh-grader were elected to serve as members of the Council. This term the main project, revising the school's handbook, has taken much time and consideration. Informal dances were sponsored by the Student Council after most ot the Friday night basketball games. In the fall Mary Ann Bodnar and Ed Szekely, as representatives of our school, attended the Student Council Conference at Hershey, Pennsylvania. They brought back ideas tor the improvement of Student gov- ernments. Mrs. Campbell and Mr. Blick are the cap- able faculty advisers. OFFICERS President .................. EDWARD YURCON Vice-President ............. RUDOLPI-I JANOSKO Secretary-Treasurer ......... YVONNE MCKIBBEN Assistant Secretary-Treasurer ...... ANN NOROSKI Attendance Chairman .,......... DONALD IMLAY Chairman of Social Committee GEORGIA SMOLEY ,ffff 40 a T f Xie Q Xi' WOODLAWN SCHOOL COUNCIL First row, l. to r.-fR. Adams. R. Bortesch. D. Lirz. M. Sullivan, Nl. Pryle, L. Banyas. C. Yuhasz, G. Matthews. Second row-W. Nlelnick, W. Mattliews, N. Mcwhinimey. Miss Nlenk, Mrs. NlcGil'vl.1eny, Rogers, D. Hess, D. Scott. WOODLAWN HOME ROOM CONGRESS First row, l. to r.fE. King, T. Cook, R. McCulloL1gh, R. Wallace, E. Sams, L, Chilli, N. Jurso. Second row -- E. Menk. R. Zogran, W. Noroslci. C. Magnus, D. Scott. M. Pryle. R. Frinsco, Mrs. McGibbeny. The Woodlawn School Council is made up of representatives from every grade in the school in proportion to the number ot stu- dents in each grade, Among the duties ot this group are the sponsorship of social func- tions of the school, the maintenance ot a Hall Squad to regulate traffic between class rooms, and the discussion of problems rela- tive to school lite. The Home Room Congress, composed of one representative from each home room, meets with the Council in order to get the ideas and the opinions of the students di- rectly to this governing body ot the school. OFFICERS President ..... ....... W ILLIAM MATTHEWS Vice President ................ DUNCAN SCOTT Secretary ................ CHARLOTTE YUHASZ Sponsors ....... MISS MENK and MRS. MCGIBBENY ff!! ir, s 'T' 4l Xxx? xx- Second row--A, Rosenthal. R JUNIOR SCIENCE CLUB One of the new clubs organized this year in Mun- hall High School is the Ninth Grade Science Club under the sponsorship of Mr. Trimble. The club's activities are directed by the president, Lawrence Florian, who is ably assisted by the vice-president and chairman of the program committee, Marshall Gordon, and by the secretary-treasurer, Dorothy Dobranski. Membership is open to any ninth grade science student who wishes to develop a hobby, to participate in science activities that cannot be carried on as part of the classroom work, or to learn more about the different fields of science. JUNIOR SCIENCE CLUB First row. l. to r.-R. Rudow sky. C. Styles. D. Ceyba. C Nagy, H. Sabo, A. Margie. M Kish. A. M. Gress. D. Dobranski Second row-M. Savko. Sabo L. Gensamer. B. Burns. R. Boges dorfer. A. Pollack. M. Kuzmik, B Donnelly. M. O'Brien. Third row+IVl. Levlcus. C Scamahorn. A. Slava. L. Stahl berg, V. Melish. D. Urban. C Nlandell, D. Lynch. E. Solomon. Fourth row-G. Rowe, Wil son. Morris. V. Palchik, A Larko. A. Czyz. G. Robes, R Szmitrilc, A. Nemerh. E. Satalla. L Pupilc. R. Howell. R. Crawford. J Lacey. R. Nlonilc. Maddison Mr. Trimble. PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB First row. I. ro r.-G. Pavloff F. Park. L. Crawford. T. Guidish G. Furniyal. Ackerman. D. Imlay. PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB Under the direction of Mr. Ramsay, the Photography Club was organized to teach members how to take, develop, print, and enlarge pictures. Because of the lack of supplies the club was not very active during the first semester, but with funds secured from noon dancing the new materials were purchased. Officers are not needed, since each person does his share of the work. Membership is limited to those who have a 2.5 average and can afford to put in the time it takes to learn to make pictures. ,fffEf'mmres 'ive'-f' 42 X'Q X , xg, Q N,-sv j. Harvey, M. McShane. M. A. Pratt, C. Mandell, M, Noble. Blattner, A. M. Churma. L. Hill- man. V. L. Troutman. G. Smoley. J. Lesko, D. Sabo. A, M. Ri er. atalla, M. Davis, P. Yurcon, Mr. Shannon. STAMP AND BOND SALES loch, E. Cotteral. E, Ferchalc, A. Ferchalc. ams, L. Anderson, D. Isaac, B. Hill STAMP SALESMEN Even though the war has been over for almost two years, we are still fighting to se- cure world peace. The best way we students can do this is by buying savings stamps. The stamp salesmen at Munhall High School and Woodlawn Jr. High School did a remarkable job of selling stamps and bonds to the student body and faculty during the war period. They have been as zealous this year in selling stamps as a thrift project. The salesmen are chosen in the home- rooms. The stamp sales are turned in each day, the percentages, each week. At Munhall, Room 2l4, Mrs. Donaldson's home room, should be congratulated for maintaining a lOO96 in stamp sales each week. The Stamp Committee is headed by Mr. Shannon and consists of Shirley Cline, Lois Crawford, Lucille Popko, and Ruth Adams. Mrs. French has charge of the stamp sales at Woodlawn. MUNHALL STAMP SALESMEN First row, l. to nil. Graham. arko, E. Nemeth, M. Sarosy, Second row-A. M. Gress. S. PP Third row j D. Lynch, E. WOODLAWN First row, I. to r.fR. McCul- Second row 1 R. Mikulla, E. ,ffff -10" 43 Xx' S sg s l I MUNHALL HALL PATROL C. St. Clair, M. Jones. V. Harr. J. Fedarka, M. Kushner, A. nuson. Third row - B. Biroscalc, H. Hi ham E. Keitzer, L. Poplco, H. ler. A. Mulhern, A. Weber, G. D. Imlay. G. Furnival. Fifth row -- E. Szelcely, R. Urban. WOODLAWN HALL PATROL First row, l. to r.-B. Hleba, J. Lancbester, M. Kraft, D. Harr, C. Coon. D. Eckbrerh, D, Sal- linger, J. Rowe, L. Banyas, E. Brecl-co. S. Irwin, A. Borsch. Second row+A. Lewis, A. Mc- Gill, A. Pearson, Vincevitch, R. Frinsco, M. Franklin, B. Muir, C. Sabo. L. 1. Thompson, R. Silcoslci. Third row - A. Higham, R. Prosser, W. Jones, Mrs, McGib- beny, A. Lebeda, Miss Menk. Fourth raw i E. Hohman, C. Jones, W. Matthews, W. Melnick, N. Mcwhinney, R. Adams. R. Zoggrnn. HALL PATROLS Each year at the end of the first semester the Student Council selects the new hall cops from a group of juniors who volunteer for the position. Each hall patrolman must have a 2.5 average in his school work, and this average must be maintained throughout his term as a member of the hall patrol. Each squad serves for two semesters, beginning at the end of the first semester for the school year. Each period the hall cops are excused several min- utes earlier than the other students so that they may be at their respective posts when the bell rings to exchange classes. These students are responsible for turning on and off the hall lights, keeping traffic ffff ""xls Ks N C moving, and lessening the noise and confusion in the halls. The hall cops themselves elect their captains, who make the assignments to the various posts and substi- tute for those members absent from school. This year the captains were Georgia Smoley and Edward Szekely The sponsors of the Student Council, Mrs. Campbell and Mr. Blick also serve as the sponsors of the hall patrol. At Woodlawn the hall cops are freshmen when they are selected. These then serve until the end of their first semester as sophomores. Their captains were Norman McWhinney and William Melnick, and the sponsors were Miss Menk and Mrs. McGibbeny, First row, l. to r.--J. Schorr, R. Yesko, M. Bodnar, M. Larko, S. Pavloff. Rodda, Guiney. Second row - V. Bretsnyder. Mihalcin, I. Malus. M. Somiak, V. Carter. M. Semancik. S. Mag- g 1 Oneufer. H. Madyda, P. Novorny, A. Carr. Y. Nlclfibben, D. Nagy. Fourth row-iz. Roba, L. Eich' Smoley, C. Prosser, E. Yurcon. JUNIOR RED CROSS Under the sponsorship of Mrs. Gray and Mrs. Donaldson the Jr. Red Cross, a junior member of the Pittsburgh Red Cross, has been very active. The members of the Jr. Red Cross include the home room representatives elected by the pupils and any other students who are willing to devote some of their spare time to this organization. Under the able guid- ance ofthe sponsors and Mary Ann Bodnar, the Presi- dent, the group this year has been successful in com- pleting the projects that were undertaken. MUNHALL OFFICERS President .,.............. MARY ANN BODNAR Vice President .......... VERNA LEE TRAUTMAN Secretary-Treasurer .. ..... MILDRED GRESKO MUNHALL JUNIOR RED CROSS First row. I. to r.fE. Gribble. T. Lawson. G. Lesko. Horvath. D. Takacs. E. Nc-meth. R. Yesko. M. Gresko. Benson. Second row f V. Weber. Evans, C. Siedlarclz, M. Somiak. P. Novotny. M. Jones. M. Larko. J. Wiechelt. M. Chavasta, Stawiany. Third row--D. Lynch. B. Loper. K. Lacey. J. Wilrrout. M. A. Harrey. D. Lynch. C. Martin. NI. Alexander, Pilcutis. Fourth row - F, Levlcus. H. Szabo. B. Kane. IVI. A. Bodnar. A. Ncmeth. Chrestay. H. Hilligs- berg, G. Guidish. johnson. Fifth row--Mrs. Gray. L. Rod- gers. M. Takacs. L. Pupilc. C. Ednie. V. L. Traurman. E. Saralla. M. Fedorko. Mrs. Donaldson. Before Christmas the Red Cross sponsored a project to send small boxes to unfortunate children overseas. Just before Christmas the organization sponsored a drive for clothing for the people of Kentucky. The annual membership drive, along with these other pro- jects, has made this a very successful year for the Jr. Red Cross. The Woodlawn Jr, Red Cross is under the able sponsorship of Miss Charleton. WOODLAWN OFFICERS President ...................... BILL NOROSKI Vice President ..... . . .DUNCAN SCOTT Secretary-Treasurer ............ EUGENE HARVEY WOODLAWN JUNIOR RED CROSS First row. I. to r.-D. Sallinger. J. Vincevich. M. Kraft. B. Besee rock, M. Behun, P. Suhoza, M. Sargo, S. Knight, R. Welsh. . Inglis, R. Jackson. A. Skarupa. W 'JI TJ' 9.-j32'm :su-932 Eifrg W' .H za. F0003 gsgigji slug-ISI 5 N 'VZZ Om " cn? 34 PDO wg an gift Ml F75? UP S Z O'-1 W. as 'U iw 6 we Er 5' IU F.. 1 F2 22 EV? ,ffff 'io'-f' 45 Xx' Q XX C LIBRARY CLUB First row, 1. to r.-E. Nemeth F. Fitz. D. Straka. Miss Howat LIBRARY CLUB The Library workers are "busy little beavers" stamping, carding, and shelving books. This goes on before school, at noon, and after school. Collecting permits and straightening shelves keep the club mem- bers busy during study halls. Before Christmas, toys were bought and packed to be sent to children in Kentucky. Several weeks of noon dancing were sponsored by the club. A pre-Christmas party, to which the girls brought their best beaus, was held in the Library. Just before the holidays the girls met at their usual time, Tuesday at noon, and ex- changed gifts. Miss Margaret Howat, our librarian, is sponsor of this club. flf f wp- - -,. Xlx R X4 N I. Malus. H. Brown. Second row -- B. Biroscak, T Lawson, E. Stuno. L. Wodrick M, Semancik, D. Burala. S. Quinn B. Nuss. B. Tishon, N. Barlog A. Howell. Third row - Docherty, V Bretsnyder, K. Lacey, M. Noble B. Long. MUNHALL VETS O'Leary, R. Urasek, R. Saba. Weber. R. Gregory. MUNHALL VETS Starting this September something new was added to our vocabulary, the PG's. We are all familiar with these post graduates, although they are only a small group. These are the older fellows who went out and fought for our school, our town, and our country, when their school careers were interrupted by the War, Scattered all over the globe during the War, from Austria and Germany to China and Pacific Islands, the fellows are now re-united in the Library, their "home- room." Some of these veterans have come back to begin where they left off in order to get a diploma, others, to take refresher courses or subjects necessary to enter college. Welcome back, Fellows! i i First row, l. to r.-R. Lucas, J. Second roxv-W. Van Kirk, S. Ackerman, W. Adamitz, W. WOODLAWN LIBRARY CLUB AND DRAMATIC CLUB The Library Club is one of service. Throughout the year the workers insure efficient circulation of books, remind pupils when books are due, "read" the shelves, make the library attractive, help new pupils to use the library, and distribute reserved books, Several social events were held during the year, providing recreation for this otherwise hard-working group, First in a series of assemblies presented by the Woodlawn Dramatic Club was "The Trial of Atomic Power" presented to the pupils on Armistice Day and to the public in observance of Education Week. Gen- uine Zircon was the play selected for the annual Christmas entertainment. A selection from A Midsummer Night's Dream and a comedy which took place in a girls' school were put on during assembly in January. A mystery play was the final assembly for the year. Nothing But the Truth, o comedy, was the annual spring play, presented to the school and public on March l4. Mr, Busch, the sponsor of the club, and his young actors build scenery and give assistance to other groups planning assemblies. Frequently this club gives per- formances for civic organizations outside the school. LIBRARY CLUB First row, l. to r.-M. L. Jones, B. Somuk, H. Ripper, M. C. Ken- ney, D. Zavoclnick. C. Coon, S. Burk, M. Broadright, R. Clever. E. Ferchak, L. Anderson, E. Pavasko, K. Tice. Second row -- P. Jackson, D. Isaac, P. Welslx, L. Thompson. Mr. Busch, C. Thompson, P. Schrading, A. Brennan, E. Valinski, N. Mcwhinney, W. Matthews, W. Nlelnick, C. Jones. DRAMATIC CLUB First row, l. to r.-W. Melnick, R. Volinski, E. Hormanik, C. Thompson, R. Hornyak, R. Peters, W. Ririe, R. Burk, E. Ferchalc, N. Mawhinney, R. Carney. Second row - E. Vrabel. N. Shaw, B. Sornuk, H. Ripper, P. Pryle, M. Kraft, C. Coon, Rowe, B. Ferchalc, L. Anderson, G. Darnich, M. Todd, E. Pavasko. Third row-D. Harr, B. R. Hleba, D. Miller, D. Eckbreth, D. Krepps, M, Lees, G. Maresch, P. Jackson, K. Tice, N. Miller. Fourth row7M. E. Flaherty, Hill, B. Paris, J. Stoffel, V. Geor- gieff, H. Maresch, C. Swickley, R. Lyle, C. Sabo, L. Thomp- son, Williams, E. Volinski. L. V. Gent, B. Bingle, A. Bren- nan, R. Carney, D. Isaac, M. Broadright, A. M. McCann, E. Cloonan. Fifth row-P. Schrading, Mr. Busch, B. Muir, W. Matthews, C. jones. flfr' I -9 ir 0 Xx' S XS' l i SENIOR LEADERS First row. I. to r.-I. Saralla M. Ochtun. S. Pavloff, Stawi any. V. Horvath. M. A. Bodnar M. L. Bennett, Benson, M Forbes. Second roiv-Mrs. Cahoon, J Feclorka. D. Talcacs, H. Madyda D. Kormash. B. Loper, D. Kriso M. Greslco. I, Ries. G. Srnoley. E. Keitzer. JUNIOR LEADERS CLUB First row. l. to r.-E. Satalla. R. Howell, D. Belan. C. Ednie. L. Pupil-c. D, Lynch, C. Mandell. M. Fedorlco, R. Crawford. Second row i M. Novosel, Rusnak, O. Koslow, I. McCloskey, S. Koslow, S. Maze. F. Dominski. F, Yonicl-c. Third rowfMiss Shaver, M. Noble. K. Lacey. A. Howell, D. Kinavey. Lesko, M. Savko. E. Solomon. LEADERS CLUB The Leaders Clubs were just organized several years ago, but they have already gained the respect of both the administration and the student body. To be a Leader, one must not only be athletic, but also have a good scholastic standing. The clubs meet weekly. The first meeting of the month is a business meeting in which the following month's activities are planned. The other meetings are activity meetings in which the girls learn to play and to referee various games. Juniors and seniors belong to the Senior Leaders Club, freshmen and sophomores, to the Junior Leaders Club. ,ffff 'ive'-"' 48 Xx' S xg c The purpose of this society is to create in these girls an active interest in the field of physical education? athletic events as well as physical projects and con- tests. Some activities of the clubs were: bowling Third row 1 S, Dias. R. Nlatthews. T. Layton, D. Olen. parties, sled-riding, dancing, and bake sales. Senior Leaders Junior Leaders President ..... Mary Ann Bodnar Kathleen Lacey Vice Presldent.Mary Lou Bennett Secretary ..... Joan Stawiany Laura Jean Rhey Treasurer .... Veronica l-lorvat Marilyn Noble Sponsor . . . . .Mrs. Cahoon Miss Shaver Y-TEENS The Y-Teens, formerly called Girl Reserves, is ci junior division of the Y.W.C.A. To be a member at Munhall a girl must be in the eleventh or twelfth grade. The officers for the year are chosen at the end of the eleventh grade, giving the girls a chance to start their meetings early in the following year with an organized cabinet. At Woodlawn the girls are from the ninth and tenth grades. They were very active this year with week-end MUNHALL Y-TEENS First row. l. to r.--G. Lesko, G. MCCarter. Horvath. Schorr. C. Sr. Clair. J. Guiney. J. Rodda. F. Fitz. I. Malus. E. Keitzer. M essay, 0-Siam 22253 EIFPEEL ' D wUfH gf-gg gfirpl :TSO 5 -l fivw 22955 'fl-goi U 'FS '4E'l?fP ZVQFQ 'Smu- ,,, . . eZZ55w?r Third row - P. Novotny. . Jones, L. Houck, C. Siedlarz. . Somiak. V. Carter. A. Carr. . Sorobach. M. Sarosy. UJFU'-4 Fourth row 1 R. Matthews. . Sutton. R. Lucas. M. Larko, . Yesko. Graham, I. Satalla, . Magnuson, E. Roba. 3 D- 259935 raging? l'g'Ei' ,TCT ePo'wsf . .3 .3 F' ?'?s5WE 5?w55ml EW OF- :FEBS- ZTUJLS y-nur? wg. 5 P702E?:Ijrf 3Qm'E 9W"z' QFD3v? Sixth row 4 T. Dorney. W. Hicks, M. Skarupa, D. Durica. D. Lynch, C. Martin. R. McClosky. D. Kriso, M. Seaman. T. Layton. Seventh row 4 G. Barrett, L. Cobb, C. Czudek, M. Yousko, O. Ostlund. A. Powell. M. Lucas. D. Slava, B. Kane, D. Vrabel. Eighth row -- A. Oleksa, M. Kushner, L. Reese, A. Weber. E. Lesko, Cook, M. K. O,Leary, K. Bodner. D. Pastor, Herbst, B. Bales. P. Schick, McClure D. Kampman, M. Waldron, G. Wiltrout, F. Turcorslcy. WOODLAWN Y-TEENS First row, l. to r.-E. L. Brain, J. Lanchester, E. Shields, R. Sikoski, B. R. Hleba, M. Kraft, J. Rowe, C. Coon, M. Franklin, L. Banyas, E. Ferchak, B. Muir, N. Williams, V. Yarkosky, A. M. Nau. Second row-J. Hill, Stoffel, P. Dietzen, G. A. Hasapes. Williams, L. Thompson, D. Eckbreth. G. Sestak. D. Sallinger. L. Chili, D. Harr. Third row-L. R. Lyden. S. Anderson, M. Badolata, L. Ashoff. R. M. Frinsco. P. jackson, D. Krepps. A. M. McGill. A. Pear- son. Fourth row-Miss Carroll, V. Georgeiff. P. Werling. M. Bodnar. J. Carbaugh. C. Sabo, S. Bishkoff. S. Molzer. L. Wehrer, D. Winder' son. A. Lewis. S. Morris. B. Muir. B. Schell, S. Irwin. D. Ord, C. Mayo. conferences, a barn dance, school parties, and special service proiects. Munhall Woodlawn President ....... Joan Rodda Donna Eckbreth Vice President . . .Joan Guiney Donna Sallinger Secretary ....... Shirley Magnuson Rose Frinsco Treasurer ....... Joanne McClure Marlene Kraft Program Chairman Jeanne Cook Sponsor ........ Miss MacBeth Miss Carroll lfafff ,-,, -Z- 49 Xls Q XS - MUNHALL HI-Y liizmr row. l. to r,fR. Uplinger, il. Caclman. E. Szelcely. R. Urhriii. A. Gress. C. Prosser. E. Yurcon. li. Sninsky. G. Furnival. Second row 7 Richards. G. Pavloff. D. Luce, T. Smith, C. Schryver. Plersch, T, Ciuiclish, D. Imlay. Third row - T. Nluha, W. Moore. F. Park. Sullivan, Nlccarthy. G. Laird, E. Godlvwski. lVlr, Blick. lfourth row7B. Antol. R, Ondo. li. Thomas. W. Jackson. j. Nlann. Fifth row - T. Stagon, M. Mnriotti. H. Spires. G. West. R. Cotter. M. Novotnyalc. C. Sikora. FI. Welab. C. Durica. D. Wlmire. WOODLAWN HI-Y First row. l. to r.fD. Lyle. R. Prosser. W, Funlc, lf. licrchalc. R, liurke. H. Nlaresch. Stevens. V. McCloskey. E. Hromzxnilc. R. lfurtlemes, F. Novotny. M. Bugos. Second row 1 R. Mikulla. W. Ririe. Reed, W, Noroslii, R. fogran. R. Volinslci. Scnich. R. Adams. W. Nlelnick. E. Sm: Liansky. Third row -4 E, Harvey. l'l. Best. W. Matthews, C. jones. lf. Votjlco. N. Mcwlxinney. A. beclcla. A. Hornynk. R, Siorur. C, Thompson. THE HI-Y The l-li-Y organization of Munhall has come a long way since l932 when the six members of the first club were granted a charter. lt has grown in membership until this year's roll contains about 49 active members, The club carried out an active program in both business and recreation. Committees are chosen to attend meetings and services at various Y.M.C.A. centers and churches in order to obtain and develop new ideas which would broaden the program of our club. This year, as in past years, one ofthe club's pro- jects was the Lenten Services held during the noon ff If ,Q Xx' S X XX- hour. On the recreational side, bowling leagues, basketball games, swimming parties, and picnics were some of the activities which were sponsored by the club. Munhall Woodlawn President ..... Robert Urban Norman McWhinney Vice President.George Pavlott Raymond Zogran Secretary ..... Edward Yurcon Raymond Burke Treasurer .... Charles Prosser William Ririe Sponsor . . ...Mr. Blick Mr. Shiring First row. 1. to r.-M. Yanyo. T. Lawson. M. Skarupa. M. Yanyo. S. Pavloff. E. Ellenberger. E. Stuno. Tutko. F. Dominski. Second row'-M. Gresko. Stawinny. A. Andres. F, Duffek. M. Jones. Y. McKibben. C. Van Kirk. L. Reese. L. Brazinskas. Third rowfE. Keitzer, M. Chvastn. L. I-Iillman. M. Semanscik, Lesko, Docherty, N. Barlog. B. Tishon. L. Pupik, M. Kish. R. Llplinger. Fourth row-D. Luce. Chrcstay. W. Toperzer. M. Lacck. I. Ries. A. Piatt, D. Olen, R. Crawford. Mrs. Hall. Fifth row-G. Smoley. S. Magnusoxx. G. Allen. M. Alexander. Miss Markey Sixth rowfR. -Ianosko. F, Parks. G. Pavloff. Miss Groat, D. Burkhardt, D. Murdock, M. Sarosy, C. Durica. S. Scmanscik. G. Schryver. G. West. F. Thomas. THE MUNHISKO The MUNHISKO is the bi-weekly publication for the students of Mun- hall High School. This year Georgia Smoley is the editor-in-chief, while Rudy Janosko, Stella Pavloff, Elsa Keitzer, Dorothy Olen, Ferd Park, and Martha Semancik are the assistant editors. The Munhisko Staff is a group of energetic boys and girls who write, type, assemble, and then sell the paper to the pupils of Munhall High School. This year many new features have been added to make the paper more enjoyable. In each publication, a page is dedicated to the "outstanding senior boy and girl." "The Wolf," consisting of tips to future Wolves, and "The Voice," taking us back through the years in Munhall history, are both new and have proved very popular this year. Faculty advisers are: MRS. HALL . . ..... .......... . ... .. .. Publication MISSBQQXANRSEY l .. . .... Typing and Assembling MISS GROAT . .... . .... .......... .............. C irculation ff! 'i '-f' SI xlsxs Xi' ANNUAL STAFF HEADS GEORGE FURNWAL iEditorJ ROBERT URBAN KBusimess Marwagersi DONALD IMLAY EDWARD SNINSKY VIRGHXIIA BRETSNYDER KSports Editor! iLiterary Editor! JEANNE COOK AUDREY WEBER iArt Editor? KTyping Editori ff J 'Z' 52 X99 Xi - First row. l. to r.fV. Carter. B. Biroscak. A. Nlihalcin. D. Stralca. M. Slcarupa. Rodda. T. Lawson. I.. Zubkus. I. Nlalus. C. Siedlarz. Second rowfl.. Eichler, I.. Crawford. I-icrbst. M. Finnecy. M. jones. F. Fitz. J. Schorr. Y. lVIcKibben. V. Horvat. M. Kushner. Third row-E. Kietzer. E. Mooney. E. Rohn. Fedorko. I, Saralla. J. Graham. A. Crawford. M. Lucas. Hnvics. M. Fidel. C. Prosser. Plersch. Nor in picture but assisting procluctionffhfyping: D. Takacs. A, Winters. Caspar. B. Pieininger. M. A. Bodnar. ANNUAL STAFF Dear George: Well, our Annual has finally been published. Al- ready the "kids" have scribbled on those pictures we worked over so painstakingly. Remember how it all started-last spring Miss Keltz called us in and informed us we were the editors of the Yearbook. Gee, we were thrilled! We didn't know then what work it would be. Soon after school started we decided on our theme, Indians. The staff went into the engraver's to get ideas and to meet the men who were to help us. Sched- ules were made and seniors went to East Liberty lin the rainl for their senior pictures, Next came the day for group pictures. lAll this time the business managers were "hound- ing" the business men of Munhall and Homestead for ads.J Then the glossies of the seniors came back. We rolled up our sleeves and went to work, remember! Mounting board, rulers, pencils, pictures, cutters, glue, brushes, and rags "messed up" 209 day after day. Nights tooffor we brought lunches and burned the lights until about nine o'clock or later. lt was fun, though, wasn't it? l still remember your figuring the ,ffff -info'-"' 53 Xx' S proportions of those group pictures. The underclossmen pictures came back. Sometimes we were tempted to throw them all in the waste paper basket. They were so small, all were different sizes. They were just a general "headache" But the last panel was finally finished and sent off to the engraver's. We all heaved a sigh of relief. Later came our writing spree. The Literary Staff worked like beavers, you wrote poetry, a dedication, and an "ln Memoriumng sports write-ups were dashed off. Almost all of us tried our hand at those senior verses. Ours weren't very successful, were they? Then we cut and pasted againfour dummy and the print- er's. The day came when we sent the last picture and write-up to the printer. But we weren't satisfiedgno, we wouldn't be until we had the finished product in our hands. Well, George, l am holding one now, l have just looked it over from cover to cover. l can see some of our mis- takes, but l think of them as our trademarks. Yes, l think it is pretty good. l hope all the Seniors feel satis- fied with our record of our school days--the i947 Annual. Virginia xg fN-.,,-,....- BAND "Here comes the band!" These words have rung in your ears many times if you have ever attended a foot- ball game between Munhall and one of her rivals. The band is also found in the auditorium playing for both football and basketball assemblies. Before the basket- ball season is over, the maroon and white uniformed marching band is transferred into a symphonic orches- tra, playing the overture for class plays and special assemblies. Of course, this requires much practice. MAJOR Boots stepping, batons twirling, and smiles flashing! Here come our peppy majorettes. They deserve a lot of credit, for in hot, wet, and even cold weather they work hard to win our approval. Practice goes on in the summer months as well as during school. The drills and routines must be memorized. New girls must be train- The band members do practice morning. We are very proud of our were chosen to participate in and Orchestra. Those selected George Eden, Walter Pletsch, -the third period every fellow classmates who the All Western Band for the Orchestra were and Michael Bishkoff, for the Band, Don Barron, Shirley Dias, Steve Domen, Robert Ellenberger, Albert Morris, Gordon Rowe, and Paul Smoley. ETTES ed. Marching must be perfected. Finally under the direction of the head majorettes, Marie Fidel and Shirley Dias, every one is ready. The long hard days cf work are rewarded by the admiration and the applause of all the spectators. CHCHR The choir can be heard practicing the first period of every morning. The choir sang around the Christ- mas tree, in assemblies, and at a meeting of the Parent Teachers' Association. This year, for the first time, Munhall was represented in the All Western Choir, which was held in Clairton, Pennsylvania. The ff ,Q -- Xxx Q Xin' four members participating were Julia Havics and Margie Somiak, first aftoj and Marie Fidel and Claire Siedlarz, first soprano. All these activities are under the skillful manage- ment of Mr. Kenneth V. Todd. S. Dios, M. Fidel, S. Deon, Y. Mcliibben, L, Brazinskcls, D. Scheetz, AA Murphy, P. Schick V xr ffff 111+ '-f 55 Xxx S xxx .A 1 "Are you ready? Let's go!" Here are the girls, dressed in the familiar maroon skirts and white sweaters, who lead you in cheering in the pep assemblies and at the games. During the football and basketball seasons these girls helped cheer our teams on to victory. The sponsor of the cheerleaders for this year is Miss Shaver, who drilled them at the meetings and assisted in their activities. This year Rose Marie Larkins, Shirley Cline, Carroll Van Kirk, and Mary Katherine O'Leary, the senior cheerleaders, and Lois Crawford, the manager, will graduate. Cheering at all Junior Varsity sports events is under the direction of the Junior Varsity Cheerleaders, In the fall they also help the Varsity Cheerleaders from Woodlawn put on the "pep assemblies" prior to each of the football games. Each year after several weeks of practice and tryouts, new cheerleaders are chosen to represent the Junior Varsity and students of Woodlawn for the entire school term. This year the faculty sponsor was Mrs. McGibbeny, the student coach was Dolly Rogan. ff! , - 'ull' 0 'Z' 55 Xx' Q xx' CHEERLEADERS First row, l. to r.-f R. Larkins S. Cline. Second row -- M. K. O'l.eary. C. Van Kirk. Third row-Nl. Pcsta. Rushe Fimurtlx row 7 L. Houck. L Crawford, Nliss Shaver, A. Noroski. JUNIOR VARSITY CHEERLEADERS First row. l. to r.-M. Flaherty. P. Suhoza. B. Somuk, M. E Flaherty. A. Nl. McCann, B Bevan, B. Laird. Second row f A. Schultz. E Danko, Mrs. McGibbeny. D Rogan. G. Nlaresch, S. Badolata. X7 , if f 4. 7 71 Q7 L25 fi Left to right-fArmand Gress. Robert Urban. Miss Rush. Ray Price. Charles Prosser. STAGE After an evening play rehearsal is over and the last of the cast has left, the lights in the auditorium continue to burn for some time. lf you could watch the work being done by the Stage Guild, you would be amazed. This small group of boys, under the direction of Miss Rush, are carefully con- structing and painting scenery for a class production. These unsung heroes, who sel- dom come in for the publicity that a play receives, are sacrificing precious hours of sleep in order that the set will be just right and will suit the playin every detail. While the play is in progress each guild member has a list of jobs to carry out accur- ately and precisely in order to make the play ff! , - tv Q '-"' 57 Xx' Q xa- GUILD a success. Dimming lights, ringing tele- phones, breaking glass, or any other sound effects that a script calls for must be carried out at the right moment. Between acts, when the curtain is closed, furniture is shift- ed and the stage is made ready for the next act. Nor is the stage work finished after the curtain has closed and the auditorium is emptied. Numerous articles of furniture must be returned to their owners. Scenery must be taken down, and the stage set for a coming assembly. So to Miss Rush and her Stage Guild, who are seldom seen, let us say thanks. "NEW MOON" Munhall High School really went profess- ional when the Music Department selected for its l946 spring musicale Sigmund Rom- berg's well-known operetta, NEW MOON. The leading roles of "Marianne and Robert" were ably interpreted by Lura Jean Gibson and William Phillips, and the comedy "leads" were portrayed by Fred Hague, Marie Fidel, Harry Endres, and Barbara Franklin. These roles were supported by ex- cellent choruses of goy courtiers, ladies, doncing girls, ond sailors. Beautiful scenery designed and construct- ed by the Art Department, under the direc- tion of Mr. Walter Weaver, and gorgeous costumes, worn originally by the professional New York cast, combined to make the pro- duction most colorful and realistic. The exceptionally well trained cast, under the direction of Mr. Todd of the Music De- partment and Miss Rush of the Speech Department, played for four performances to capacity houses in the Homestead Car- negie Library Music Hall. Munhall can well be proud of a faculty and student body who can produce such professional entertainment for the school and community. ,ffff 'iff' 58 Xxx Q xx - "SHIRT SLEEVES" Were we excited! The cast for the junior class play, Shirt Sleeves, was announced. The play books were given out, along with strict instructions to have the first scene memorized by the following Monday. Our eyes were bright and merry, for we had made the cast, but after a few weeks of get- ting up at 6:l5 to be at school at 7:30 for rehearsals our eyes were dark, tired, and sleepy-looking. After five weeks of work land funl our big debut came. The house lights dimmed, the curtains parted, and the show had begun. Before long the first act was over, the audience laughed and applauded, and our slight case of stage fright disappeared. Shirt Sleeves centers around a well-to-do American family, the Rands, who lose their wealth and are forced to begin over again in another shirt sleeve era. There is love in- terest aplenty, too, for the oldest son, Don, is in love with a beer runner's daughter, Margie Scanlon, of whom Mr. and Mrs. Rand disapprove. And Diana, the very sophisticated Rand daughter, jilts her old high school beau. Even the maid Kitty falls in love with the milkman, After losing their money, the Rands are forced to auction most of their furniture, and in the second act we hear the loud voice of the auctioneer calling out his bids, much to the dismay of the proud Mrs. Rand. Our play had action, excitement, and com- edy, the latter supplied mostly by Esther and Theodore, the teen-age Rand twins, and Kitty and Elmer, the domestic lovebirds. When the curtain goes down, it's on a happy ending, for the family gets together and finds strength to carry on over the lean years .Don marries Margie, Diana goes back to her old beau, Kitty gets her Elmer, and Mrs, Rand gets most of her furniture back. ,..,.,.. ? A ff ,Q -, . SNS XS - vt "THE WIND IS NlNETY" At the beginning of our senior year, en- couraged by the success of our junior play, we looked forward to our final play produc- tion. Deciding now as seniors that we were a little more dignified, we chose a serious play, a deeply moving war fantasy with deft flashes of humor and imagination - The Wind Is Ninety. Indeed, the wind was blow- ing hard outside on November Zl and 22 when our play was produced. The plot centers around an Army Air Force Captain who is killed during the Sec- ond World War. He tries to "get through" to his family and help them get over the shock of learning of his death. That is a hard assignment for the young Captain to complete because each member of his fam- ily is trying to hold him in their thoughts as they best remember him. His mother thinks of him as the little boy whom she used to comfort and advise when he was in grade school, his Dad, as a young college boy who was out to better the world, Jean, his wife, as the romantic young man who proposed to her one moon-lit night, and his children, Joan and Chris, as their Daddy who went off to war and promised to come back to them. Finally with the help of a World War l vet- eran, the Captain "gets through" to his family, and they imagine him not dead, but living with them and guiding them. Most of all, they remember why he has died. Although this type of play was different from the ones usually put on by a class, it was a huge success. This was due to the un- dying patience and efforts of Miss Rush, to whom we are more than grateful. lt was she who encouraged us, taught us, and coached us through the weeks of practice and the two performances of the play. To her we say a thousand thanks. ,ffff 'is'-' 60 XQ- Q xx- ,ffff 'i 0 '-f' Xxxgg Xxx ATHLETICS To the braves who fought far Munball G0 the tfzanky of all the Indians. . lg: ' ' A ny x I I .,.,mN' X T 4 29 Flrst row. 1. to nil. Smxdansky, R.E.g H. Whltenlght. R.T.g Troha. L.T.: G. Pavloff. R.G.: M. Lucas. C.: R. Gabbel. L..G.g F. Stupar. L.E. Second row-J. Schoaf, R.H.g D. Sharp, Q.B.g R. Hoffman, FB.. D. Devey, L.I-I. FOOTBALL During the l946 season our team attained the best record in our high school's football history. ln the WPIAL class AA, we won 5, lost l and tied l. ln the newly organized Steel Valley Conference we won 2 and lost l. Early in the season our hopes for an unbeaten season were wrecked by Duquesne. Undaunted by this defeat, we bowled over all other opposing elevens except for a scoreless tie with Mt. Lebanon. Many a team favored over us before game time met its equal in a fighting Munhall eleven and soon witnessed superior ball playing in the course of the game time. We, the members of the Class of '47, are proud to say that these boys represented us on the gridiron during our senior year. Munhall l8 German Township O Munhall l 3 Duquesne 26 Munhall 7 Jeannette 6 Munhall 32 Braddock 6 Munhall l3 Baldwin O Munhall 9 Turtle Creek O Munhall 25 Rankin O Munhall O Mt. Lebanon O Munhall 26 l-lar-Brock O l43 38 ,ffff ire'-"' Xx' S XS- 64 First row. l. to r.-J. Kane. R. Sikoslci. R. Nlikula. A, Evano. E. Mazlc. C, lVlagnus. F. Vargo. P, Huber. R. Puspoki. Devey. R. Lacey. C, Koslco. Second rowfG. Albrecht. R, Stahl. R. Kohut. S. Joyce. Sullivan. Schlossnagel. W. Smith. Delwresiiy. D. Devey. G. Pavloff. R. Gabbel. H. O'Toole. Mgr. Third row-J. Noble. Mgr.. Troha. R. Fitzgibbons, D. Sharp. H. Whiteimiglmt. R. I-Ioffmnn. M. Lucas. Schoaf. J. Smidansky. T. Stagon. S, Burala. F. Stupar. Mr. Rowley. Trainer. J. Spisals. Under the leadership of Coach Nick Kliskey and his assistant, l-lube Shiring, Munhall l-ligh School produced one of the greatest football teams in its history. Equal credit is shared by three factors: the varsity members, the coaching staff, and the enthusiastic student body. Acting as a team to make a team perform its best, these groups focused the eyes of the football world on our Indians and put on display the sense of fair play and good sportsman- ship that are typical of our Alma Mater. fl!! , -., -tv 0 " 55 Xx' S xi- OUR WARRIORS ff' First row. 1. to r.-R. Sikoski. Smidansky. Troha. R. Vasko. Second rowfR. Gabbel, J. Schlossnagel. J. Schoaf. Third row-S. Butala. D. Devey. Fourth row-Mr. Kliskey. -,,,'f!f'?f es Nik S xx, - . First row. 1. to r.fC. Donnelly. Beck. D, Devcv. C. Kosko. P. Huber. R. Reset:-xr, C, Ragcr, F. Parks. H. Second row7T. Burke. Mgr., A. Belan, It Stupar. Troha. Sm1dansky. Kurtz. 11. Hellecc, H. Morgazt. Shiring, Coach. BASKETBALL During the cage season of 1946-47, Mun- down to defeat many of their opponents hall again was well represented in Section 6. and lost only after the most bitter battles. At the beginning of the season, Mr. Shiring's All told, we won 15 and lost 6, and were boys were not considered much ofa threat. tied for third place in Section 6 when the This was soon proved otherwise, as they sent season ended. SEASON RECORD Munhall 50 Braddock 31 " 31 Homestead " 58 Rankin 34 51 Baldwin " 37 Uniontown 43 41 Washington 52 Braddock 30 45 Brentwood 47 Rankin 38 " 34 McKeesport 56 McKees Rocks 37 Section 6 Final Standing 19 Duquesne 34 W Pct. 47 Trinity 29 Duquesne ...., ,,..... c c 12 857 27 Homestead 24 Homastead 12 857 33 Baldwin 22 Munlnall ,.....,, ,,.., 9 643 47 Washington 31 McKeesport ..... 2 9 643 53 McKees Rocks 36 Brentwood ,.,,. S 6 .428 43 Brentwood 44 Baldwin ......... 2 ccc. 4 10 285 41 Mclieesport 40 Washington , . . , ..,. 3 11 .214 37 Duquesne 42 Trinity .......... W 3. 1 13 O71 51 Trinity 30 Duquesne won sectional playoff game. ,ffff 1 xg? 67 A XX, First row. I. to r.fP. Serechin. Mgr.. M. Mrazik. M. Boyrim. R. Smith. B. Lcppla. R. Richey. Kostrub. Mgr. Second row-Mr. Nlarklcy. A. Niartinez. Senich, R. Alexander. C. Magnus. R. I-Ircha. R. Lacey. M. Cook, RESERVES AND JUNIOR VARSITY Varsity Reserves under the direction of Mr. Smith and the Junior Varsity under Mr, Markley are stepping stones to the Varsity. Here the young aspir- ants practice diligently and Iook forward to the day when they may represent Munhall in Section Six. First row. I. to r.-W. Jackson. E. Senich. R. Adams. H. O'TooIe. R. Nlikula. Second rowfw. Melnick. Mgr.. A. Hreha. W. Cerniawslci. Robinson. D. Laird. E. Mascly. A. Ehnor. Nlgr. 'fffi-f ss ""' xl- XA XS' if First row, 1. to r.-R. Gross, A. Piatt, Guiney, A. Weber, H. Higham. Second row+D. White, P. Bracken, C. Stiehm, G. Schryver, Ramsay. R. Konis. Gyrina. Third row-W. Matthews, M. Tomascin. B. Muir. W. Noroski. C. Sikora. RIFLE SQUAD "Dead center again!" That phrase is heard quite often whenever one of our sharpshooters fires away at the target. All their opponents can bear witness to this, for when the final matches were completed, our team was right up there at the top. Mr. Charlton and Mr. Wilson share the coaching responsibilities of this organization, lt is through their unrelenting efforts that one of the finest squads in the country is "shooting it out" for Munhall. ff! 1 -- tv 0 '-f 59 Xxx R Xi ' First row. l. to r.-vR. Carney. R. Danis. C. Swiclcley, S. Gill, R. Lebedcla. E. Csicler, Oneufer. G. Thomas. G. Rushe. A. Thir. R. Fertelmes. F. Brandt, R. Lyle. Second row-R. Brierly. G. Matthews. Needham. R. Prosser, M. Mariotti. M. Novotnyalc, W. Gustafson. Watkilis. W. Funk. E. Volinski. R. Dowd. Cadman. Third row-B. Shipe. R. Lloyd, Marcinko, Mann, T. Muha. Richards, Sedlalc. E. Cutler. E. Tkach. Mr. Oster. Fourth row+B. Poole. M. I-Iumanic. S. Churma. B. Wargo. C. Durica. R. Zogran. Fifth rowfj. Morgan. J, Lutsch, R. Wages, C. Pitassi, S. Domen. W. Nau. iN. Nlorgan, R. Sikoslci. R. Littlehale. G. Johnson. and M. Lucas are mainstays of the team but do not appear WRESTLING TEAM in the picture.l A major step to expand the sports program was the introduction of wrestling in January l947. Mr. Oster was given the difficult task of building a team from completely inexperienced boys. Determination to learn and will- ingness to work hard partially compensated for the inexperience. Wrestling has a great future here, and we feel confident that soon Mun- hall will send forth a team that will bring honors to it in that field. Munhall 5 Shadyside ll Munhall 3 Greensburg l3 Munhall 2 Carnegie l3 Munhall l7 Millvale 5 Munhall 6 West View 9 Munhall O Greensburg l7 Munhall 3 Carnegie l3 Munhall 4 Dormont 9 Munhall 8 Shadyside 7 Munhall l 5 Millvale 5 Munhall 5 West View ll 68 l l3 ,ffff 1'0" 70 QS Q XS Ns SENIORS Unknown lies the diytant future For the class of Forty-sevcng But we think that We are able To CO7Zj6'0Tlf iff Wlclfly problems. 'R I f-:X Q gig Q W 'if I n WW ff ff, 6 ' Wy 'Jn 'N NX XX A x W E fi f+ X N' Q Z I S 7 S MISS MILDRED M. KELTZ At the end ot our sophomore year Miss Lloyd, our sponsor, was transferred to Woodlawn. Luckily for us Lt. lj.g.l Mildred Keltz was dis- charged from the WAVES and was available for dutyl Miss Keltz has been our friend. No one but a friend could have helped us, and sometimes dragged us, over the ruts and bumps of our high school career. We owe her a special "thank you" for the guidance and patience she has shown in the preparation of this annual. She has Spent countless hours-more than anyone will ever know-on it. We hope she will remember us as fondly as we shall always remember her. fff -,I -'-L' 74 xl-Q Xgc Georgia Smoley, Miss Keltz, David Devey, Donald Imlay CLASS OF 1947 Remember back to the days when we were freshiesl Gee, that seems like a long time ago, doesn't it? We were busy then and in our sophomore year, for the war had brought many new activities. These included selling stamps, salvaging newspapers, silk stockings, tin cans, and records, and learning first aid. Our last two years have been years of peace, it is true, but they have not been the "rosy" days we pictured during the war. These days have brought their problems, world-wide as well as personal ones. Our class is unique in several ways. With us, several "vets" will grad- uate, with us, seventeen fellows who completed their course in previous years will receive their diplomas. We, the Class of '47, will have the distinction of being the largest graduating class in the history of Munhall High School. Looking back over our high school days we recall many happy memories which we shall never forget. We certainly owe a word of thanks to our class presidents, Ed Szekely, Bob Urban, and Dave Devey, for helping to make our high school days so successful. fl!! ' -Tf 75 "xl-Q xxx Oliver Charles Adamirx "0lIie" He's usually ZL'l?d7'll1g Il f1'ir111lly grin: If he came early, ilu' s1'l11111l would cave in. Tall and lanky: one of our Vocational lads: usually seen speeding clown Main Street in a "sharp" car: expects to be an auto mechanic: looks forward to shop class, but doesn't take his other studies seriously. Paul E. Ague "Smiley" He's s111ili11g Illlll l111pj1v I'7'I'Vl' day, And did he shim' 111 ilu' .S'1'11i111' Play! A dark-haired friendly lad: hails from Ohio via Utah: in his general course. Consumer Ed. and P.O.D. are his favorite subjects: witty: takes part in assembly programs: senior play cast: will join one of the services. Bernard Anfol "Nerby" Always ready Ia l111lj1 a f1'i1'111I, H1"ll be Il su1'1'1'ss in 11111 1'111l. Short: friendly: likes to tease girls: gym is tops: Hi-Y: Munhall Drum and Bugle Corps: Munhall Garden Boys: to join the armed forces. Julius Ban ".lurk" julius is busy 111111 fwfr in 1l1f- mand, For driving Il Irurlc 111' l1'1111i11g' the band. A pleasant, clarlt-haired fellow: always seems happy: Student Director of bancl: "New lVloon": would like to enter trade school. Carolyn Best "Car" Ca'rolyn's first in a line of three And just as cute as she can 1112. Short, sweet, and neat: attended Baldwin High for three years: a com- mercial stuclent: prefers P.O.D.: her aim is to be an efficient secretary. ff ,Q ,- Xxn Q xg N 1 Ruth Ann Adams "Ruthie" A 1'11l1' lilllff llll.S.Y ix .vl111, ll'itl1 Il .Yllllflfllllg pemorzality. Drown-haired lass: enjoys English: Biology Club: after she completes a business course, some lucky person will have lxcr for his secretary. James Andres "Jim" H1"s l111'111'1l ilu' l11'111ls 11f 11111115 ll l11.t.v, fjllf' of II11' 1f1llllI'U.S' nf 11111' 1'l11.s'.s'. A tall. dark-haired fellow: general course: prefers gym: plays basketball for "Sharks": his future plans are undecided. Beverly Bales "Bev" Sllf' 1'1111x ll11'1111gl1 II11' halls, 1'111'1'f1'1'1' Illlfl guy, ffllfl llf'l' 1'l11'1'1'l11l .s'111il1' bright- 1f11x 11111'l1 day. Bluefeyed: peppy: auburn-haired gal from Homevilleg usually giwgling: tain' student: gvm rates: Y-Teens: Band: hopes to enter college. Jo Anne Barnes "Jo" .ln A111111 l111.v .v111'l1 pretty 1'l11ll11'.s'- ,fl girl 11'l111111 I'Yll'l'Y07I!? likes 117111 kllflllls. A tall blonde: favorite subject is boys: enjoys arguing with teachers: Woodlawn Student Council: Hi-Litas: Woodlawn Y-Teens: future is unde- cided. Evelyn Best "Eve" 01111 of lllz' l1'ij1l1fts 11'ill1 llllil' of l11'1111'1z, Allfl .v111111' of il11' 1li1'1'.9l rlntlles ill lflfllll. Often mistalien for Carolyn: lilies dancing: commercial course: prefers P.O.D. to any class: lm:nn't decided about her future, Marilyn Best "Mar" Another girl whose rzanze is Best: If lier llIIll'l.Y ral, tl1at's llze test. Beautiful red hair: tallest ot' the triplets: nice personality: academic student: looks forward to chemistry class: Y-Teens: goes for ice-skating in a big way: would like to go to college. nBBu Betty Biroscak A fun lowing jrranksler, so full of pep: You caift Iufat Betty, slztfs really "Imp," A short brunette: deep dimples: loves to dance: Y-Teens: Library Club: Hall Patrol: will be active in any office. Eleanor Blasko "El" For zvork slze is excused each day: As a nurse slic hopes to make lzer way. A cheerful brunette: favors chemistry to any other course: Y-Teens: Latin Club: MUNHISKO: will make a sociable nurse. Wilma Bogesdorfer "Wilm" A tall and willowy girl is she: An office worker she wants lo lie. Tall: long brown hair: pleasant: com- mercial student: loves to type: Red Cross: Stamp salesman: Junior and Senior Leaders Clubs: Bowling Club: will make an efficient comptoinetei' operator. Donald Brickner "Brick" A liajzjry-go-lurley lfirl is lu'- Hc looks jus! like his lirollicr -see! Brown hair: taller of the twins: likes to tease girls: pals around with "Herk" and "Ron,': Biology Club: Woodlawn Hi-Y: secretary of Woos- lawn sophomore class: would like to go to college, ,ff 4 ,- Nis- . L Y Grace Biery A quiet girl wlio's never too wearjy To help a friend: tl1at's Grace Biery. Reserved: blonde, commercial student: claims home economics as her favorite subject: would be an asset to any office. Manta Bishop "Smiley" Slzorl and lllflllllf, friendly to ull, Oflwi semi flillirzg down llie hall. A tiny blonde: good-natured: sweet- voiced: takes a general course: Y- Teens: Latin Club: MUNHISK plans to go into training for a nurse. Mary Ann Bodnar Sliulent Coimril, I.r'ade1's, and :lunior Red Cross, llilll'7l this girl lrvlves-tl1ey'll feel ll loss. A tall blonde: personality plus: presi- dent of Red Cross: Y-Teens: Home Room Representative: Student Coun- cil: Latin Club: president of Junior and Senior Leaders Clubs: MUN- ldISKOQ Hall Patrol: National Honor Society: will be outstanding in a business career. Virginia Bretsnyder "Ginny" Xziwfl, capable, her work is fine- For llzis book slit' wrote mam' ll line. A tiny blonde: swell personality: Honor Roll: Literary Editor of An- nual: Library Club: Y-Teens: Hall Cops: MUNHISKO: Debate Club: I'-Il-LITES: Latin Club: G. E. E.: student coach for junior and senior plays: National Honor Society: will reside at Westminster College next year. Ronald Brickner "Brick" A friendly pal to one and all Hfr1f'.v a lad tlzafs "on the ball." Brown hair: cute grin: also likes to tease girls: and Mac" student: Biology Club: vice president of Woodlawn sophomore class: Woodlawn Hi-Y: future plans are undecided. ' l Harry Brinker "Brink" Harris' is Tflllly up I0 par: He even rlrizfes a nice big rar. A good-looking shorty: loafs with "Ding": forever doing geometry: his- tory class is tops with him: Latin Club: Home Room Representative: will study medicine. Arthur Bungerf "Bungy" A IIl'll6l' swzim r'an'l be fomzalg He is gfmrl In have arounrl. A handsome dark-haired lad: good sport: thinks shop sketching is tops: Band: "New Moonn: his goal is to be an auto mechanic. June Burkhart A quiet girl of high F.Slc2l'llI In zulmsv eyes frzcndslzzps gleam. Auburn hair: sociable: commercial student: a "home ec" whiz: Bowling Club: will brighten up any office as a secretary. Clifford Capp "Cliff" Cupiffs a whiz with the gals, Yet with boys he usually pals. A handsome blond: mischievous blue eyes: always teasing girls: likeable: Woodlawn Hi-Y: Biology Club: am- bition is to be a retired bachelor at twenty-one. Aldo Carr "Al" A pleasant girl fn have arnunrl: .She very seldom makes a souml. A tiny brunette: neat: spends much time on art work: Honor Roll: Latin Club: Y-Teens: Hall Patrol: will enter the commercial art field. ,ts-M 1 flf -.J -3' 78 X:-Xe xg, Bernard M. Bugos "Gus" Towers high above the res!- Do llze girls think him ll pest? A tall, friendly guy: always jibing around: enjoys chemistry class: l'li-Y Latin Club: plans to go to college and spend lots of time admiring the opposite sex. Thomas Burke "Tom" Dependable, amiable, full of fun, A perfect gentleman, liked by everjvorze. Dark hair: sincere: nice personality: general course: Hi-Y: capable Basket- ball Manager: thinks only about the present, not the future. Steve Butola "Boots" A football player, S077lt?1l'll!1t slzv, 1112 llillllllj' passes all girls by. A husky blond: quiet: commercial student: excels in gym class: Junior Varsity Basketball: Varsity Football: no definite plans. William Raymond Carney usudu To play baseball is one of liill's aims, l1'e lzupe he plays some big league games. A short. quiet lad: likes senior sri- ence: likes football and baseball: Woodlawn Biology Club: HI-LITES: hopes to become a baseball player. Virginia Carter "Gin" liingefs smile is full of cl1eer,' ll'e'rc' always glad to have her near. Tall and attractive: neat: chatty: Y- Teens: Hall Patrol: Woodlawn Student Council: Annual salesman: Latin Club: will wear a white cap. Joan Cartmel A lovely girl wilh blonde hair- .Xlf"llft'I' a trouble and never a rare. Likeable personality: neat: wears her hair in "bangs": pals with "Jon: Woodlawn Toppers: HI-LITES: her aim is to be happy always. Florence Mary Chapel "Flo" Flo is serious onee in a while: Most of the lime she wears ri smile. Tall, dark-haired commercial student: often seen talking to "Mary" in the home room: enjoys playing guard on the basketball team: Choir: has no future plans. Shirley Ann Cline "ShirI" Leading cheers, she ran't he heat: Il'hen you see her, she is neat. Pretty hair: vivacious personality, lives with "Lou: honor student: favor- ite subject is "Simmy'l: HI-L1'I'ES: Y-Teens: Stamp Committee: Student Council: junior play cast: one of our best cheerleaders: commercial student: assembly programs: vill study busi- ness administration. John Colbert "CoIbie" If with words john cannot win, He will "slay you" with a grin. Light brown hair: loves chemistry l?l: uacl' student: a loyal Kaufmann employee: Hi-Y: Biology Club: will replace Mr. Kaufmann. Jeanne May Cook "Cookie" At Claffey's Cookie aims to please: At home she sketches, draws with ease. A giggly brownvlte: "nuts" about roller skating: has a ftiendlv Hi! for all: Rusty's other half: Art Editor for Annual: lVlUNHIfilk'Cl: student coach for junior plav: Y-Teens: Hall Patrol HI-LITES: G. E. E.: Latin Club: Biology Club: licensed beautician: will be a famous artist. ,as ffefv- 1 ,-L, -nur ' Xxx S xi N i Jane Caspar "Casey" A swell gal u'ho's full of fun find luis a .smile for everyone. Livelyl can usually find something to laugh about: takes a general course: always loafing in the hall: Woodlawn Toppers: Cheerleader: Annual sales- man: future is undecided. Beatrice Chopnek "Bea" Artizfe, Iulkuliife, full of fun- ll'e zvourler zvhen her night u'ork's done. One of our shorter lassies: long brown hair: a commercial student: one of her favorite subjects is shorthand: vcry friendly: Choir: stamp salesman: Y-Teens: always seen at the skating rink: will be a secretary. Louise Cobb "Weeze" She ueifer left her work un- iloue, flnfl vel she ulzuays hurl her fun. Blonde hair: brown eyes: galvby, likes "craft" class: commercial student: leafs with the Whitaker gang, Y- Teensg will be a beautician. Mary Frances Conroy "Mare" In the elassroom through the l111llu'ux'.s, Ifull of jun, and laughing Ill'll'IlY.S'. A cute, darl:-haired miss! carefree: always says "l-low Un-Frankie-ish": usually seen with Sheila or Flo: SS. S.S.S.: one of the "Lex" fiends: am- bition is to see the world, Robert Cotter "Doc" Though "sliy" and "quiet" de- .sf'ril1e lhis Bob. IIe'll do his best on every jab. A blond lad: a tease: loafs at the fire engine house: Band: Hi-Y: junior play: Junior Varsity Basketball: will Claim a Civil Service job. Gloria Vivian Cowalsh "Dolly" She does her work in a quiet way, And never has very much to say. A blonde mite: commercial student: looks forward to speech class: MUN- HISKO: Choir: Stamp salesman: will go to a business school. Alma Crawford "Little AI" A cute little red-head, so petite- From head tn toe--Oh, so neat! A red-headed tike: sweet: loves study hall in 219: Honor Roll: always in a hurry: Y-Teens: Annual salesman: Latin Club: student coach for senior play: will be another Florence Night- ingale. Joseph Davis ".loe" Here's one joe who makes little noise, He'll usually be found with all "the boys." Dark-haired: a Vocational studenti pals with "Chippy": very, very quiet: hasn't decided about his future plans. Shirley Ann Dean "Shirl" As rute a girl as she ran be, And such ll whiz U5 in rhem- istry. Naturally curly blonde hair: likes to sing: Majorette: always writing to Jessie: Choir: Latin Club: Junior Leaders Club: Y-Teens: W.O.W.: future plans-to be a physical ed. teacher and a wife. Shirley Dias "Shir" One of the jnlvasrnztest girls we'z1e met, .S'l1e's won arclaim with her rlarinet. A friend to everyone: small built: likes speech: W.O.W.: Band: Major ette: Latin Club: jr. and Sr. Leaders: All State Orchestra: Southwestern Band: All State Band: assemblies: will make a fine air hostess. s iff! -,, -'ff 80 Xie N xg - Charles Cowen "Ding" "lJii1g"s" a gill' wlm'.v lnls of fun: Ile has a smile for everyone. A tall, good-looking chap: Nlr. Frantz's pet peeve: adores chemistry: does his own experiments by copying Hilda's: Latin Club: will study engin- eering. Lois Crawford "Lo" An attrarliife miss of seven- t1'1'r1, Ililh Shir! and Gin, she's usually seen. A talkative brunette: lively: Honor Roll: Y-Teens: HI-LITES: Secretary of Home Room Congress: Annual salesman: junior play cast: manager of cheerleaders: stamp salesman: Photography Club: NIUNHISKO art staff: wants to "keep on living!" Lois Deakin "Lo" Ilrijiplv, talkative, full of fun, A Imam of szinsliine fm' e1ff'1'y- one. A short, brown-haired miss: giggles most of the time: likes school very much l?l: intends to be a secretary, David James Devey "Dave" Il'r"1fz' set him high above lhe rest: As Presirlent, l1e's stnnrl the lwsf. A diminutive guy: quiet: Honor Student: Football: Basketball: Base- ball: Senior Class Ptesident: Hi-Y: National Honor Society: will continue schooling at college. Edward Divers "Ed" Here's one guy who hates to wait Until the day he'll graduate. A blond-haired "general" student: very quiet: favorite subject is liter ature: likes to hunt: a friendly kid. will probably wear khaki before work ing for the Pennsylvania Game Com mission. Michael Dobos "Dike" He is quiet, he is shy, lful '4lJike" is a friendly gay. A Vocational student: hails from the "Park": delights in playing softbal and football: enjoys machine shop: lots of fun: will be a machinist in the Navy. Boyd Donnelly "Bird" Ilis quiet ways and large brown eyes Make him seem so very wise. A Vocational student interested in auto mechanics: favors math to other subjects: very quiet: will succeed in anything he undertakes. John E. Dorko "Dork" Ile won applause in the junior play Czirrviizg out luggage-he aml Ray. Always wisecracking: tall: general student: likes gym: Hi-Y: junior play: assemblies: will be a success in the future. Anna Duleba "Ann" Anolher one of twins is she, lint whieh is which is easy to see. A cute commercial student: crazy about P.O.D.?: sells stationery for senior class: loves to dance: contin- ually smiling: will probably ask "Number Please?" Julius Duran "Jule" As a director he aspires to fame: ll'e hope that 1. D. will achieve his aim. A swell kid: really interested in everya one's troubles: takes a general course: likes speech class: good looking: always in a hurry: procxuced Minstrels at the Carnegie Library: aims to be a director. ir' ff fi -, Xx' Q XS N Walter Dominski "Cat-foot" A quiet senior-oh, so tall! Il'ho seldom says a word at all. A tall senior: has coal black hair and eyebrows: general course: likes English: exceptionally quiet: loafs with the Munhall Garden gang: future is undecided. Charles Donnelly "Chuck" lfrom the girls he gels no kicks: He wants to he like his name- sake Blix. A swell kid: nice to know: quiet: loafs at the fire house: general course: likes biology: Varsity basketball: Varsity baseball: will be a physical education teacher. Thomas A. Douglass "Doug" One swell glly, he likes to flanee Am! thus gives all the girls a ehance. Sharp dancer: enjoys a good laugh: likes sports, especially football and basketball: general course: has fun in gym class: joanie's friend: pal with Met and Gig: plans to succeed in the future. Cecelia Dumblawskas "Cil" ll'ere you ever near where "Gil" sat? Then You know that she loves In chat. Pretty hair: commercial course: takes pleasure in office practice: always cracking gum: appreciates school l?j: future in question. Lois Ruth Eichler "lke" She selrlom misses a day of sehoolg To he there promptly is her rule. An honor student: English and typing top her list of subjects: pretty black hair: Home Room Rep.: Annual sales- man: Secretary to Miss Shaver: Hall Patrol: will continue schooling in college. Eileen Ellenberger livery morn she plays the keys, The choir and Mr. Todd to please. Quiet commercial studentg pals with another Eileeng loves to roller skateg Y-Teensg HI-LITESQ MUNHISKO: Hall Patrolg member of G.E,E.g plays the pianog will probably be an office worker. Josephine Fedorka "Jo" Quiet and dependable is this lassj She certainly shines in Spanish class. Blondeg has a smile for everyoneg loves Spanish, but dislikes nightwt academic courseg referees intra-mural basketball gamesg Junior and Senior Leadersg Annual salesmang Hall Patrolg will wear a white cap in the future. Marie G. Fidel "Maria" She's happy as the day is long, And sings many a fascinating song, An energetic, clark-haired songstressg one of the head majorettesg Bowling Clubg Choirg Y-Teens: Annual sales- mang one of leads in "New Nloonnq All Western Chorusg assembly pro- gramsg to be a secretary. ' Florence Marie Fitz "Flo" Long before this girl could walk, We do believe that she could talk. Tall, brown-haired comedienneg al- ways grinningq pals with lreneg Miss Howat's Secretary, Library Clubg D.D.T.g Stamp, Annual and MUN-- HISKO salesmang Y-Teensg Student Councilg Bowling Clubg Choirg future plans are undecided. Sara Fleming "Sarrie" Personality plus, with plenty of pepg Here's one gal who's certainly hep. Short, blonde lassg Wittyg enjoys speech classg assembly programsg ,lun- ior Red Crossg Woodlawn Dramatic Clubg plans to do office work. ff! 1 . ,-:I ks. Q xg sg Rose Marie Emery "Rosie" A sweet little miss with never a frowng Her "Messenger" column sure gets around. General courseg favors English: al- ways laughingg short miss, Latin Clubg quit school at the end of the first semester, n Andrew R. Fetsko, Jr. "Fets Do you know that this boy Andy On the diamond is quite handy? A vocational studentg enjoys gymg can really bat a ballg easy going: sometimes quietg always hurrying through the hallsg plans to join the Navy. Marjorie Evelyn Finnecy "Finney" Margie's petite and pertg My, how she loves to flirt! A carefree curly-haired missy Mr. Wilsonis Secretaryg Band: Y-Teensg Annual salesmang plans to become a secretary. Myron Fitz "Minnie" A boy who left to win his fame With Uncle Sam in an Air Corps plane. Brownhaired chapg reservedg never has much to sayg takes a general courseg joined the Air Corps during the first semester. Elizabeth Jean Forrest "Betty Jean" Our Betty just loves to singg Auditions many her voice will bring. Brown-eyed galg thinks choir is tops: Honor Studentg Y-Teens: Woodlawn Hall Patrolg HI-LITESQ "New Moonug intends to study voice and become a singer. George E. Furnival "Furny" Able editor of the Annual is he, A future success he's bound to be. A curly top: good-naturedg Annual Editor: splendid performances in "Shirt Sleeves" and "The Wind Is Ninety": Hi-Y: Photography Club: Hall Patrol: Latin Club: National Honor Society: ambition is to go to the moon by rocketship. 1 Edna Mae Gafehouse "Gate' Usually talking. always gay, She is laughing rnost of the day. A short, short blonde: a live-wire: Y- Teens: business training is her favor- ite subject: the Bell Telephone Com- pany will claim her as an employee. Frances Goral "Francee" Here's a girl with lzair of brown I1'ho's seldom seen with a frown. A tall, dark-haired girl: takes the commercial course: a whiz in gym class: plans to become a successful housewife. Louise Green "Greenie" A smiling girl who's usually seen, Wearing her favorite color, green. A tall. attractive brunette: self-assun ed: sports enthusiast: will be a cos- metic representative. Armand V. Gress "Army" A tall guy with a friendly smile: On the Stage Guild he's been quite awhile. Dark hair: happy-go-lucky: mannerly guy: liltes geometry so well he took it two years: Stage Guild: Student Council: Hi-Y: will become a butcher. QU' ff ff ,- Xxlsx Robert Gabbel "Bob" On the football field we saw his grit: .Vow in the .flrlny he's doing his bit. A husky guy: good-humored: Varsity football and baseball teams: left lVlunhall the first semester for the U. S. Army. Andrew Gill "Andy" For his diploma he's worked well- 'l'hat I ain sure we all can tell. A dark-haired lad: an odd giggle: German is his favorite subject: loves potato chips: has no future plans as yet. Jean Graham Une of our favorites if you please. .-ind she's firesifleizt of the D. D. T's. A cure brunette: wonderful person- ality: Y-Teens: Student Council: Hall Patrol: Annual and Stamp sales- man: junior play: D.D.T.g aspires to become a nurse. Russell Gregory "Russ" After a hileh in the Army he I'fllIlC' liaek lo lllunliall his Clffllfllllll lo claim. One of our Vets: friendly to every- onefespecially girls: enjoys science class: a business college will claim him as a student. Mary Catherine Grosik "M.C." Her engaging eyes and blonde hair- Indeed, they make a inateliless flair. Short. lVlr. Elkins' Secretary: Annual salesman: Y-Teens: Library Club: looks forward to bookkeeping: will be an asset to some office as a secretary. Thomas Guidish "Speedo" In Ihr' srlrrml llllldllllllf lll',X quilt' KI big 5f7Il't'k,' ll1".t r1lz1111Vx's l'l'IlIly with II zuillv 1'1'111111'lr. A tall. dark Romeo: pals with Smitty: po ular: Camera Club: Hi-Y: l-lomc P Room Representative: hopes to be an engineer. Elizabeth Ann Guley "Betty" Quilr' Il gt'lIlll.Y 11t l111.xk1'Il111ll, 'fitllIA't' Xlll' is 11l1le I0 1111tr1'111 l1 115 all. A tall brunette: gahbv: works at New- berrv's: Choir: Y-Teens: plans to wear the white cap of a nurse in the future. Harold Hagerty "Hitch" .tl Tl't'll-ltlIOIt'tl tllflll sm111'1111Y h1"ll l11'- 'l'hix Iwi' 1l'llU.YU llllllltj is ll11g1'rl.x'. A light-haired Vocational student: never has much to say: usually ex' presses himself with a long. low whistle: has no particular ambition. Mary Ann Harrey Xl lllllfl llll.Y.Y lL',lU.Yl, gflldlhi Nfl' high, I11 this zunrlrl slzc's sure 111 Url I 5 ly. One of lVlunhall's brunettes: conf genial: lilies to sing: Junior Red Cross: "New Nloonh: her ambition is to be an old maid. Julia Havics "Julie" .fl lmflflx' girl who lozfvs to sing, 6:11011 llzings we hope the f11t111'1f will bring. A vivacious brownette: chatty: hails from Homeville: All-Western Choral Festival: singing is her favorite pas- time: Mr. lVlcCarthy's Secretary: has no definite plans for the future. ':":"iE'iii' SR Q , . ii' L ,: Wk A ' 2.1 if f'.' 11 .1 - .' Q 1 . 1. 'Z "'w:wf?f?f'- 'fi' - - i- ,gf an ff fi a, Xxx S Xi' Joan Guiney This redhead is ri dead shot. And to her studies she gives much thought. An attractive miss: honor student: Rifle Team: Hall Patrol: Y-Teens: Latin Club: G.E.E.: one of the GMSS: excellent in "Shirt Sleeves" and "The Wind Is Ninetyu: appeared on junior Town Meeting of the Air: National Honor Society: plans to marry the boss's son. Dorothy Habzansky "Hubby" lmzuglzing and talking, al11111y.i H055 'lillI1l,S how yo11'll find her t"l'FTj' day. A brown-haired lass: choir is her favorite subject: is devoted to the "Lex": Junior Red Cross: plans to "take it easy" after graduationefor awhile anyway. Virginia L. Harr "Bunny" l'iXt'l'lll'l1f .strwirx for the ,'lll'.N'- HISKO S116 11'Vil1's: Rffadiizg llllflllj' lmnks, she spends her nights. Another shorty: always smiling: easy going: Choir: Y-Teens: MUNHIS- KO: Biology Club: Latin Club: will be an efficient nurse. James Harry "Jimmy" .4 f11t111'e surrrss he's lmund to lm In the field 0fC!17'fJFtllTj'. Brownish hair: always seen hurrying from one place to another: amiable: hopes to replace Mr. McCarthy. Donald Earl Heacox "Beetle" A nirer lad 011712101 be found- A handy fellow to hazfe around. Tall and blond: likes math best: one of the Vogational students: loafs with the Project gang: hasn't decided what to do in the future. Dolores Elaine Healey "Dorie" A tiny miss zvill: wavy hair, Sim and "Twin" make quilt' Il pair. Cute and PBPPYZ always ready to laugh: a sports fan: her two desires are never to worry and to keep on having fun. Jacqueline Herbst "Jackie" .lIl!'lflf'7S full of vim and pep, Ant! on the rlanrif floor, rm: .she step! Long brown hair: very attractive: en- gaging personality: one of the Home' ville crowd: W.O.W.: Cheerleaderl Y-Teens: Hall Patrol: Latin Club: Annual Staff: no future plans. Hilda Higham Um: in ll Illlllitlll,f!lI'S1I6'lfgIJ, lIrre's ll girl you ought to lmozv. Friendly: pretty auburn hair: favors gym: often teased by Mr. Frantz: soda-jerk at Sherman's: outstanding on rifle team: HI-LITES: Jr. Red Cross: Y-Teens: Hall Patrol: future is anyonels guess. Arlene Holland A girl who lm! a quiet life'- She left us, Ilmugli, to bemmz' ll wife. Commercial student: favorite subject is P.O.D.: Bowling Club: Y-Teens: Choir: became a bride on December 24. Donald lmlay "Don" Un the go, lmsy-a man of nffrzirs is hr! A .vzuress in the future heir sure to he. Friendly lad: well-liked: rates cheme istry high: Honor Roll: Student Council: Latin Club: Photography Club: vice-president of senior class: lslall Patrol: Home Room Rep.: Co- Business Manager of Annual: "Shirt Sleevesug "Pot Boilern: "The Wind ls Ninety": National Honor Society: to go to college. -if K NNXK .gl 1 - x 3. M, 'if t-N ,fl ff!! .1 ,' , -ff- Xxx? X?' Betfy Jane Heininger "Janie" Ili' missml hw' in the jzmim' year: Nou' Zl'1'lI'lf glrul to see her lzrrf. Long brown hair: pleasant: looks for- ward to office practice: Junior Red Cross: Bowling Club: aspires to be- come a secretary. Willa Hicks In xrllrnol .tn quiet and so shy- Iizit frm .tllrf talk outsirlfa' Uh lllyj Dark-haired: friendly: commercial student who likes office practice: Y-Teens member at Homeville and Nlunhall: Stamp salesman: hopes to be a typist. Noreen Louise Holian "Nu" Iiigglv. giggle zvlzerz this you llI'lll'i You lmrm' that little .Yoweri is iimr. Commercial student: tiny: blonde: one of the many who likes gym: Y- Teen at Woodlawim: usually seen with "Weasie": plans to go to secretarial school. Veronica Horvat "Ronnie" Um' of Ihr' zvittimt girls in sfllonli liflllllll' !'I'l'lI1IvlllV is no1wdy's foul. Peppy: lots of fun: favors shorthand: Secretary to Nlrs. Cahoon: Y-Teens: jr. and Sr. Leaders: Jr. Red Cross: Bowling Club: secretary-treasurer in sophomore and junior years: annual salesman: future undecided. Joseph Jano "Joe" A lull lnrl. with ll fVlff7ll1l4Y .s'1l1ilr'C Ile mzrl his !lI1fX make school u'm'llm'l1ilff. A lanky Vocational lad: friendly: wisecracker: wears glasses: thinks that school is a recreation center: enjoys machine shop work: futurefOl1-ffolx. George Johnson "Turtle" All types of school work, this lad hates, Gee! Will he he glad when he gra rl ua tes! Dark-haired lad: general course: en- joys chemistry: wrestles in the 133 pound class: Uncle Sam will deter- mine his future plans. Fred Kadash "Skinny" Fred stands out 'cause he's hlonll and tall, Anrl he's friendly and pleasant to all. A husky blond: nice kid: well-man- nered: likes chemistry in spite of kidding from his friend Mr. Frantz: will dress in khaki for about two years. Irene Kate "Toots" lrenefs smile is full of eheer, Anil we are glad to have her llflllr, Commercial student: pretty hair: nice smile: fond of Choir: Biology Club' "New Moon": will work for Bell telephone or some other office. Elsa E. Keitzer "Keitz" To go In rollege is her am- l1lllU7l,' Those "Aix" she makes are a family tradition. Very intelligent: quiet: tall: thinks Chemistry is tops: High Honor Roll: Senior Leaders: Latin Club: Hall Cops: Student Council: coach for "Shirt Sleevesu: HI-LITES: MUN- HISKO: Annual: National Honor Society: will go far after college or business school, Dorothy Kirtz "Dot" Do you see rlouhle when you see this lass Well, the1'e'1'e Dorothy and Doris in the senior class. The other twin: also favors gym: peppy: always giggling: the same course as her sister: hopes to con- tinue to have as much fun as she is having right now. ,ffff 'ire'-f' 36 Xxe Q xg c Mildred Lee Jones "Jonesie" Energy plus-and a poet too, She always has a "Hi" for you. Lots of fun: academic student: an other chemistry fiend: Red Cross: Y-Teens: MUNHISKO: Annual: Hall Cops: Biology Club: Dramatic Club: to attend collge. Bertha Kane A sweet young lady with lovely brown hairy She's so quiet you scarcely know she's there' Pretty brown hair: friendly: office practice is her favorite of commercial course: Red Cross: Y-Teens: Stamp salesman: D.D.T.: will be an asset to some office. Mildred Kavinsky "Mickey" New jaees rlaes she like to meet, And her danfing ean't be beat. Cute smile: commercial course: likes sports, especially roller skating, ten- nis, and basketball: Bowling Club: MUNHISKO: jr. Leaders Club: B Club: future is in question. Doris Kirtz "Twin" One of a pair of identical twins, Iiasily her many friends she wins. One of the two: friendly: light brown hair: commercial student: enjoys gym classes: hopes to become an excellent typist: will work in an office. William Klinko He eomes to srhool and strug- gles all day, just waiting for that day in illay. Very dark hair: wisevcracks during class time: usually seen with Smitty: is partial to P.O.D.: Woodlawn plays: has no definite plans for the future. David Koehler "Clem" A gift to the women, short or tall, Makes no difference, he likes them all. One of our taller boys: nice smile: dark curly hair: gets around where girls are concerned: wears "cowboy" clothes: intends to work llj on a ranch. Marie Delores Kushner "Kush" Mariels features are lovely to see, And she's as nice as nice can be. Pretty brunette: dependable: pleasant: Office Practice ranks high on her list: Y-Teens: Hall Patrol: Annual Staff: Stamp salesman: hopes to at- tend business school: Mr. Trimb1e's Secretary. William D. Ladany ll'hen he wants to be Bill's a whiz: He loses no sleep over am' quiz. n 1 Commercial course: enjoys bookkeep- ing: tall: well built: Hose Club: in- tends to go to business school. Rose Marie Larkins "Terry" A snappy cheerleader with lots of pep, On the gym floor she can step! Commercial course: likes crafts and office practice: Head Cheerleader: Y-Teens: HI-LITES: Dramatic Club: loves ice skating: hopes to get mar- ried after working in an office. Thelma Lawson "Stinkey Mae" Here's a gal who loves to jit- terbug, With a good partner, she can cut a rug! Peppy: friendly: academic course: chemistry fiend: went to Duquesne in junior year: Library and Latin Clubs: Red Cross: Bowling League: Y- Teens: Annual salesman: MUN4 HISKO: future plans include col- lege and nursing. ! ,ffff --' sv ""' xls xs Xi' Eugene Kozey "Kaz" Although "Kaz" is kind of shy, All will say he's one swell guy. Rather short: wavy hair: with him, science is tops: chose a general course: likes to talk about sports: will probably wear navy-blues for a while. Joseph Kuzma "Morrician Joe" Never in a hurry, always slow. lint when he hears the bell- wateh him go! A black-haired commercial student: husky: a soda jerk at Evans': Hose Club: German is favorite subject: in- tends to go to embalming school. Gordon Laird "Gig" In all his classes he clowns around, In his report room he goes to town. One of lVlunhall's wits: handsome academic student: trig is tops on his schedule: Hi-Y: Biology Club: one of Miss Keltz's prize ill students: hopes to go to college unless Uncle Sam has different ideas. Mildred Larko "Mil" Quiet and dependable is this lass, A fine addition to any class. Likeable: commercial student: likes English: Y-Teens: Red Cross: Stamp salesman: Hall Patrol: Bowling Club: hopes to do office work. Thelma Layton "Bub" Her hair falls in natural curl, ll"ouldn't you like to meet this girl? Pretty dark hair: friendly: always busy: office practice is her favorite commercial subject: Y-Teens: Senior Leaders Club: Bowling Club: intends to go to business college. 'HI 1 l Catherine Lepolt "Kay" Very lmjrjn' Illlll :wrt guy, This is how ilu' it all day. Dark brown hair: always laughing: thinks Spanish is tops: Choir: Latin Club: hails from Homeville: future has not been decided. Ella May Liddle "Pee-Wee" A 1'f'1'x' slrorl gal is "Pre ll'c'z'." ll'l1o's jus! as flair' as slit' f'Il!I lm. A peppy little blonde: contagious giggle: l-ll-LITES: Yffeens: Junior Red Cross: Wondlawim Dramatic Club: likes the name Bill: will say "Number please?" Robert A. Litz "Bob" .-llu'rn'.s nvulx' lo lrwljl ll gut, ,-llz1'r1ix'.x'gi1'fir1g llll' girls llzzl tj 1'. A tall curly ht-ad: lots of fun: ardent football and basketball fan' lays - P basketball for the Sharks: enjoy.: crafts: will wear bell bottom trousers. Joseph A. Lockmar "Locky" Tall mul qllirl ix our joe, Heir ll fvllon' nw all know. A brown-haired. carefree chap: he lieves in taking life easy: one of th Monte Carlo gang: will join some branch of the service. Mary Lucas "Luke" A jolly' girl flllll full of fun, 441111 lzvzfvr Iirml zvlzen tlny is IlUl1l'. Energetic: brownette: sparkplug on a basketball team: Y-Teens: MUN- I-IISKO: Bowling Club: future i:. undecided. fff , - 'suv 0 "" 88 ge S XS sg Marilyn Louise Lewis "Clem" A IIVIIPX lillle miss willl lrlomlz' lmirg A rwnrly smile and never Il care. A rather short little lady: worries about chemistry: Choir: Band: Oper- etta: Latin Club: likes music and plans to study it in college. Ronald Littlehale "Ronny" Aflw' u mulch we watch him lwanz, For lm mually wins for Mun- lIltll,.Y Imm. I-lanclsome guy with an engaging grin: likes to tease the opposite sex: dis- likes cleaning up after chemistry ex- periments: Biology Club: Wrestling Team: will spend his future with Uncle Sam. Betty Jane Lloyd lf,l.'s engagzfd you see: A rlmrnzing wife sl1e'll lm. Long brown hair: another shorty: quiet: finds bookkeeping interesting: MUNHISKO Staff: plans to be married. Florence Lovas "FIo" II'ill1 hm' hooks she spfnrls Illllfll time: ll'iII1 l'1ff'l'l'071f', she gets along fI7II'. Short: friendly: doesn't have too much to say: always says "Holy Cown: Ulans to work as an operator at the Bell Telephone Company. Edward A. Luteran "Mooney" His aims and desires are quile zlnusiml, For he hopes to be arzollzcr Strm Musial. Quiet: always talking about sports! prefers speech class: races with tardy bell: would like to play professional football or baseball. Florence Lutzko "Flo" A zlrjzmzrlalnlrf girl, willi not llllllll lo .vary Sim :Ives goml worl: every sin- gle day. Long, blonde hair: quiet: sings alto in choir: "New Nloonn: Senior Lead- ers Club: has an undecided future. Shirley Magnuson "ShirI" .S'l1irl's name is always on the llmmr Roll: Iliilmut exerlirni, .she rzfarlzes her goal. A tall brownette: efficient: Y-Teens: G.E.E.: Hall Patrol: Latin Club: Dramatic Club: one of G.M.S.S.: Honor student: MUNHISKO: Editor of HI-LITES: "Shirt Sleevesng spoke on Junior Town Meeting broadcast: will go to Thiel College. Joseph Mantia "Joe" .lon wants I0 Inf a n1'w.vf1aj1z:r- man, For this lie zuorlcs as hard as lm can. Blond: extremely talkative: likes Sports and girls: hopes to be a news- paper routeman: quit school at end of first semester. Lynn Martin "Pickles" lluls' uxually Illllllllg' a differ- ent rar: In l"rank's .tlalian wagon he ruulcl go far. Nice looking: pleasing disposition: often seen with "Bungy'i: works after school: Band: Woodlawii Red Cross: Woodlawn Dramatic Club: "New lVloon": l-lall Patrol: uncertain about his future. Catherine Maris "Kitty" Htxlllllllltjl' jllcfasalu is what .sl1c"ll say, If in llze fulure .she gets her way. Blonde: loafs with "Sis',: enjoys go- ing to parties: carefree: P.O.D. tops her list of subjects: will be a tele- phone operator. ff ,Q ,- Xx' Q XX: Helen Marie Madyda "Dimples"' A fawnrile among the girls and lmys, Her dimples show her many joys. Dark hair: always flirting around school: Y-Teens: Senior Leaders Club: MUNHISKO: Junior Red Cross: Hall Patrol: aims to be a priv- ate secretary. Irene Molus llripjmy-go-liieky, bright and gIlY, Sin' has a cheerful, winning way. A witty brunette: always kidding around: usually seen with Flo: Choir: Y-Teens: Annual salesman: Bowling Club: Library Club: Hall Patrol: will be a typist at the Westinghouse. Wayne Maresch "Herk" A lllflf lad wl10's lals of fun, llf".i a favorite Munllall son. Light-haired: likes fun and girls: honor student: l-lall Patrol: Business Manager of Junior play: Biology C'u'b: Hi-Y: to attend Penn State School for Agriculture. and then buy a farm. Paul E. Martin Dark curly hair, an Eagle Srrzzil, To In' a scientist without a rloullt. Usually seen meandering around the halls: claims chemistry as his favor- ite class: Student Council: MUNHIS- KO: plans to enter armed forces, then go into the scientific field. Ann C. Mafia Always talking and chewing gum- All the day she is never glam. A dark-haired commercial student: gabby: goes roller-skating quite a bit: Library Club: Stamp salesmanl will be an office worker. Ruth Matthews "Blondie" Her hair is hlomlfg' her eyes are blzieg As a mzrse, sheill rare for you. A popular gal: always smiling: blush- es easilyg HI-LITES: Hall Patrol: Y-Teensg Latin Clubg Senior Leadersg says she plans to he an old maid. Regis A. McClosky "Rege" Nou' we ask you-is il fair To give a boy such curly hair? One of the Vocational students: quiet except in study hallsg definitely doesnlt like homeworkg will be an electrician or an auto mechanic. Elizabeth McKibben "Sis" A fall, dark miss is lhix girl: She does l'7'E'l1Yf,IiIIg in Il zullirl. Happy-go-lucky: habitual gum-chew erg likes partiesg German rates: Choir: "New Nloonng no definite fixture plans. Alan McKnight "Pix" A very nice kid, but sehloru, heardg By few things is he ever stirred. Likeable ladg believes in taking lifc easy: says chemistry is his favorite: Hi-Yg HI-LITESQ plans to attend college and become a mechanical engineer. William J. Meneely "Moocher I" A nicer kid cannot he found, This tall lad who is Navy bound. Blondg has a friendly gring nice guyg really digs in on his chemistry experi- mentsg loafs with "lVloocher IIN: hopes to become a Naval officer. ,MC -... --- so Xi'-Xe gg. Jay McCarthy "Mac" A nicer fellow you mnnot jindg He sure lo Irwell: his name in mind. Curly hairg dislikes homeworlcg friend- ly greetings for everyoneg Home Room Representativeg Hi-Yg has no future plans. Joanne McClure "Ginger" She is IIIIIIIIX, and she is gayj She'lI he fl szzrcess in every lljlly. A tall, peppy missq loves to danceg usually seen with "Eleven: Latin Clubg Bandg Y-Teens: nice clothes: busi- ness school or college. Yvonne McKibben "Bubbles" liulzhling over wilh mirfh and fun, .She has Il smile for eweryorze. Cuteg vivacious: a contagious laugh: the senorita is fond of Spanish: Hall Patrol: Student Councilg MUNHIS- KO artist: "Shirt Sleevesu: "The Wind Is N-inetyllg Choirg "New Moonllg hopes to be a commercial artist. Russell McWhinney "Russ" Sueressful in studies, rrzring to go, Anoiher fllllllflllii Romeo. A tall chapg mannerlyg a wise-crackerg Stage Guild: football team: "Shirt Sleeves" and "The Wind ls Ninetyug Red Crossg Hi-Y: will attend college and, eventually. become a doctor. Jack Metro "Met" jaf'k's a good dancer-full of wit, He drives a truck and is proud of it. Dark-haired Romeog likes to teaseg always annoying the teachersg has a hi! for everyoneg hopes to live a nice life on his own farm. Agnes Miholcin "Aggie" "Aggie" is our dllllllllg bug, lou slzbuld see lzer "cut a rug." A gay lass: talkative: crazy about office practice: Miss Gt-oat's Secre- tary: Red Cross: Rifle team: Y-Teens: Hall Patrol: Annual salesman: MUN- HlSKOg future is undecided. Dorothy Misla "Dolly" .Yezfer zuorriecl, full of glee, jolly and happy always is she. Naturally curly hair: always hurry- ing somewhere: Choir: "New Moonu: HI-LITES: Latin Club: Dramatic Club: Y-Teens: Annual salesman: "Shirt Sleevesn: hopes to attend Tech. Eileen Mooney "Rusty" A tall red-lzeacl with many a friend, A star in the future, on that we'll depend. Gabby: lots of fun: nuts about roller skating: contagious giggle: loafs with "Cookie": G.E.E.: Dramatic Club: Woodlawn Hall Patrol: jr, Red Cross: MUNHISKO salesman: An- nual Staff: Woodlawi1 Library Club: Y-Teens. Harvey Morgan "Mousie" 'little Mouse" II1Illl!lg'f"X the team, As a player l1e's on llze beam. A dark-haired ladies' man: member of the "Sharks": one of the managers of the basketball and football teams: keeps his classes lively. Aurelia Mulhern "Ree" On her left lzaml, wlzat's that thing? Ol: look!-A dianumrl ring. A tiny lass: quiet: Choir: Hall Patrol: Dramatic Club: Biology Club: Latin Club: will make Roy a good wife. F K, -nr K' 'WV' 6 ,ffff 'M Q Xxx S xx - -Z- Donald Miller "Lum" fl willy kid zulm has liglzt hair Aml :walks around as if on air. A Vocational student: usually up to something: pals with George: enjoys machine shop: wants to move to Canada where there are plenty of fish. John Molinda "Junk" One of the gang. a regular guy, Always has that look in lzis eye. Lightfhairecl fellow: loafs with the Monte Carlo gang: baseball team: Sharks, basketball team: will make a jolly sailor, Bonita Rae Morgan "Bonnie" For lim' future she has a yen To be a doctor in llze enrl. Another of Munhall's blondes: chat- ty: Choir: Band: "New Moon": MUNHISKO: will be efficient in her medical career. Niles Morgan "Mo" II1' has the best build in our rlass Anil hopes to be armtlzer Atlas. Another of our jokesters: wrestling team: friendly: often seen driving his car: plans to be a physical ed, in- structor, Dorothy Jane Nagy "Dot" llw' lrlvelvx' eyes, so big and l1rrm'n, An' newer acrorlzpanierl by a frbzwz. A quiet brunette: whiz at bookkeep- ing: Hall Patrol: Latin Club: Bowl- ing Club: hopes to answer when you dial 'operatorfi William Neil "Timber" Very quiet, makes no noise, Otlzerzvise, like all the boys. Dark hairg science tops his list of subjectsg his only ambition is to find a job that pays high wages for doing nothing. Elaine Nemeth Elaine's a jmjmlar, rlarlr-liairml . lassg And quite a zvorlcer in our class, Friendly: a chemistry fiendg Junior Red Cross: Stamp salesman: Y-Teens: Library Club: MUNHISKOQ will study law at Pitt. John Novak "Moocher ll" Tall and bloml, a fuiurz' en- gineerg I.oaferl zuilh .llooclier all lhrough the year. Good-looking: likeableg prefers chem- istry: MUNHISKO salesman: hopes to study engineering. Pauline Novotny "Roxy" Big brown eyes, a friamlly smile, She makes hrr classes worth her while. A brunette lass: quietg Vfoodlawn Dramatic Clubg Y-Teens: Hall Patrol: Junior Red Cross: Biology Club: will make an efficient private secretary. Mary Kay O'Leary "Kay" She goes all through the clay Carefree in her Irish way. Long Clark hairg cheerful: Junior Varsity and Varsity Cheerleaderg Woodlawn Dramatic Clubg Biology Club: Y-Teensg HI-LITESg only ffl cle-sire is to be an old maid. fl!! Q , "14- Xxn Q XS' Eleanor Nemcsik "El" Her hair is ilark, and lively is shag After srhuol she ianrlcs' at the L'. C. A lively brunette: likes P.O.D.1 Jun- ior Red Cross: Choir: MUNHISKO: a commercial studentg bas no definite future plans. James Noble "Jaggers" .-1 jllifrismil manager of mir A fflllllf In his eAx'r'.v sjairks of mischief gleani. Peppy guy who likes chemistry: keeps his teachers stepping: football man- ager: will probably enter some branch of the armed forces. Leonard Novak "Len" I.f'11 is lall aml I.l'll is lllillf Len is fall of pep anfl vim. Always teasing the girls: thinks sen- ior science is "O,K.": academic stu- dent: another of the "Sharks"1 jun- ior Varsity basketball team: his am- bition is to be fi radio technician. Marcella Ochtun "Marcie" A jrislcrv gal zulrnis luis of fun, A I!lI'I'I'lilll jzal 10 1'w'rym1e. Tiny: brown hair: does more than her share in gym class: Junior Lead ers Club: Senior Leaders Clubg Y- Teens: her goal is to be a steno- grapher. Anna Oleksa "Ole" Pnfliy lalnmli' hair, rfiwacious .smile- ,4 skirt'r'al1'r is hm' style. A friendly smile for everyone: likes shorthandg Secretary to Mrs. Bane: Y-Teensg Junior Leadersg Senior Leadersg will take a secretarial course at a business school. Evelyn Oliver "Eve" flajzpy, jnfjipy, full of fun, Never tired when day is done. Brown hair: often found laughing: always at office practice: a commer- cial student: will be an office worker or a telephone operator. Dorothy Olsavsky "Dot" Tall and sincere with hlrnzrle hairg Neifer a sound to show she's there. Friendly: enjoys bookkeeping: a com- mercial student: a swell forward in basketball: would like to work in an office. Robert Ondo "Bob" One of the qzzietest chaps we've llIl'l,' Tall and jmjnllar, you can het. Dark-haired: one of the Baker's Shoe Store gang: Hi-Y: Junior Varsity Basketball Team: Junior Red Cross: has two ambitions: to open up his own business and keep his distance from females. Olive Ostlund "Poose" A tall miss, and you must agree, A s11rf1's.xful nurse sl1e'.t going to he. Quiet: likes literature: Yffeens: Bi- ology Club: Bowling Club: HI, LITESg will go into training. Margaret Pavlik "Margie" Altlmngli she's one we never hear, l1'e're always glad to have her near. A light brown-haired commercial stu- dent: quiet: member of the Y-Teens: plans for her future are undecided. ,ffff mr Q 'Z' Xxo XQ xg- George Olsavicky "Judge" Always willing to lend a hand, He works very hard at his newspaper stand. Small, cheerful guy: always chewing gum: looks forward to gym class: will follow his family tradition and join the Navy. Alfred Omelchuk "Gopher" Gojrlzer knows haw to use his brain: .SIUIIIK high position he's SUTC lo attain. Nice personality: one of Mr. Frantzls chemistry fiends: Honor Student: Hi-Y: plans to attend college. Helen Oneufer "Fuffy" Il's a pleasure to he so near Une so radiant with joy and rlleer. Small. dark commercial student: thinks art class is wonderful: Hall Patrol: Y-Teens: hopes to continue in art field. John Polfy "Jay" "I5xruses have I by the score, If they fail, I'll invent some more." Tall: dark-haired: favorite subject is girls: is taking a north by northwest course: another "Shark": has no definite future plans, Stella Pavloff "Stell" Afnlaition is her middle name, We feel quite sure 'twill bring her fame. A popular tykeg dark-haired: pleasing personality: Honor Roll: MUNHIS- KO: Annual salesman: Latin Club: junior and Senior Leaders Clubs: Hall Patrol: Student Council: Y- Teens: to study journalism. Edward Povucsko "Puts" This dark-haired lad is quite reseruedg He's going to the Navy, so we heard. Always seen but seldom heard: Ger man rates: takes a general course: will join the Navy. Lucille Popko "Lou" Sparkling eyes, and nite dark hair, ll'hen there's gaiety "Lou" is there. A friendly smile and a cheerful word for everyone: carefree: Hall Patrol: Y-Teens: HI-LITES: will enter some branch of the business field. Ray Price "Beans" He's quite a card they all do say: Ile has a new joke every day. The life of any party: a regular cut- up: likes study halls best: the self- appointed boss of the Stage Guild: junior play: "New Moc-nu: Band: Hi-Y: assembly programs: future is undecided. Charles Prosser, Jr. "Chuck" Chuck has plenty of work to do, For he's a fourth of the stage guild crew. A tall witty guy: lilces to ice slcate: Stage Guild: Hall Patrol: Student Council: Hi-Y: Rifle Team: Annual Staff: candy salesman: junior and sen- ior play: future plans are undecided. Richard Resetar "Whitey" A participant in most every sport, All fair ladies he likes to court. Very, very light hair: often seen loaf- ing in halls: helps broadcast football games: Student Council: Stamp sales- man: basketball and baseball teams: will join the Navy after he looks up some Mt. Lebanon girls. lv 'wc ,M 'A fflf -'ff 94 Wie S Xi- Walter Plefsch "Jake" By quite a majority, the band aeelaims, None other than "jake" as its Harry james. No. l on the "Pest" Parade: always arguing with the teachers: Hi-Y: HI- LITES: Dramatic Club: Annual sales- man: Band: intends to go to college. Alice Jean Powell "Al" 1t's easy to see, if you ask me, An excellent secretary she will he. Brown hair: jolly: enjoys choir: Y- Teens: Dramatic Club: junior Red Cross Representative: Toppers: plans to get a secretarial job. Mildred Prologo "MiIlie" Her sparkling eyes and jet lzlafk hair Make a fascinating pair. Pretty hair: sociable: hails from Mun- hall Gardens: tal-res a general course: is true to her one and only: MUN- HISKO: is going to be a sales clerk. George R. Reirhmiller "Bob" An ambitious guy, always on the go, In a pinch, a good friend to know. Tall: likes to annoy the opposite sex: stars in chemistry class: Woodlawn Student Council: Home Room Repre- sentative: Hi-Y: plans to go to col- lege or a business school. Elvira Roba "Roby" A diligent miss she'll always be, Une who frets over chemistry. Dark hair: one of our Kaufmannites: always worrying about her lessons: Hall Patrol: Annual salesman: Y- Teens: junior Red Cross: Latin Club: D.D.T.: Stamp salesman: hopes to study pharmacy at Pitt. Joan Rodda "Joanie" A neat dresser, peppy, and keen, As president she's a Capable Y-Teen. A friendly brown-haired missg deep dimplesg usually wears a smile: likes to danceg Honor Rollg Hall Copa: Debate Teamg Student Councilg Latin Clubg annual Staffg HI-LITESQ President of the Y-Teensg Home Room Representativeg to be a recep- tionist. Kenneth Rosenal "Rosie" An irnpish smile he always wears, As through the corridors he tears. Brown-haired fellowg has a contagious gring always teasing and joking: ex- cels in gymg Hi-YQ Woodlawn's tumbling teamg hasn't decided on the future. Robert Sabo "Bob" For Uncle Sam he did his bil: Back at school he made a hit. Short, dark-haired guyg served in the Navy for two years, pals with "Bud" and "Russ"g physics is his favorite subjectq likes to play basketball: hopes to be a physical education in- SffUCIOf. Leroy L. Saracco "Nick" This good looking boy we know as "Niek" Is always up to some new trick. One of our shorter boysg tumbling teamg claims he's taking an easy courseg wants to make a million dol- lars in his first year of business. Wilbur J. Savage "Doc" He left Munhall High School to roamg This year we're glad that he is home. Wavy hairg can always be found teas- ing girlsg forever looking for a good time, likes artg HI-LITESQ spent some time in the Navyq will become a commercial artist. ff! 1 . -' Xxx S xg , al' Thomas Rodger "Fund" Un his being quiet, you can dependg He'll enter business in the end. Dark-haired: hails from Whitakerg shy smileg gym rates highestg always seen with "Madam" and "Poko"g aims to go into business after grad- uating. Shirley Rosser "ShirI" l'sually flitting through the hall, With a friendly .smile for all. Blondeg cute smileg rosy cheeksg a commercial student, English class is her favorite period of the dayq Stamp salesmang undecided about her future. Joseph Salaj "Joe" joe is a Sllllllj' lad, never llluep Give him a nod and he'll smile at you. Dark hairq always talking in home roomg loves to play football: a gen- eral studentg thinks chemistry is topsg no future plans. Irene Satalla "Renee" RFIIFFJS rlaim to fame will be art, ' In M.H.S. she made her start. A cute little trickg sparkling person- alityg Student Councilg Junior and Senior Leaders Clubsg Y-Teensg D.D. 'f'.g Color Guardg Home Room Rep- resentativeg Junior Red Cross: to at- tend commercial art school. Dolores Schaff "Dux" Slll?IS quiet and reserved most ezferywliere, liut about her studies she has little Care. Brown hairg really a whiz in any kind of sportsg likes typing best of all her subjectsg a commercial studentq plans to be a secretary. Kenneth Schell "Ken" He is friendly you can tell,' lizferybody likes Ken Schell. Brunette chap: usually grinning: claims bookkeeping as his favorite subject: canlt decide about the future. Jack Schlossnogel "Sloppy" Always joking, never I1 frnzvn. He is a very amusing rrlozun. Happy-go-lucky: Miss Wilson's pet peeve: keeps any class going: foot- ball team: HI-Y: Woodlawn tumbl- ing team: business manager of senior play: plans to go to college. Janet Schorr High lzmmr stiulent, slim and gal, The perferl lead in Ihe senim play. Blonde: likes sports: honor student: G.M.S.S.g Hall Patrol: Dramatic Club: HI-LITES: Y-Teens: Latin Club: Home Room Representative: Student Council: Annual Staffg pron- erty manager of "Shirt Sleevesn: "The Wind Is Ninetyu: National Honor Society: will attend Tech. Mildred Semen "Mill" Noisy in gym, quiet in class, Always rm the gn is lhis lass. A blonde miss: excels in gym class: a commercial student: Choir: MUN- HISKO: Y-Teens: her ambition is to be a bookkeeper. Helen J. Severn Studious, refiized, zmil serene, Prim and neat IU,lf'7lf"'I'f3 she's seen. Wavy brown hair: quiet: ready smile: likes office practice: Miss Markey's Secretary: would like to be a beau- tician, Q. . . I l ff! ,-,J -lb 96 xlsxe Xin Pauline Schick "Shmoe" In nmnlx' .s'jmrt.v she is supreme, A useful arlzlilimz to any team. A pretty blonde: friendly: hails from Homeville: Mr. Lacko's Secretary: Majoretteg Y-Teens: Choir: W.O.W.: hopes to be a receptionist. Jack Schoat "Lefty" He .slnrrefl in eiwrgx' football grinze: In the fielcl !JfS11!H'lS l1e'll make ri name. An all around athlete: quiet in class- es: loafs in the halls: co-captain of football team: plays basketball and baseball: plans to be a cross-country bus driver. Evelyn Schultz Szveel. snmll. quiet, and rlemure, Slufll .x'11r'r'r'r'1l, of Ihat 1ue'r6 .YlllY'. A brunette lass: always giggling: en- jovs Consumer education class: takes a commercial course: Choir: wants to be either a florist or a shoe salesclerk. Martha Semcncik This lnll girl in the library zz 'U rlcs ,' Any lcinrl of lnsk shr' never sllirks. A brunette: doesn't believe anything she doesn't see: enjoys chemistry class: MUNHISKO: ,lunior Red Cross: Hall Patrol: Library Club: is doubtful of what she'll do in the future. Joseph Shields "Joe" His nmjm' pmhleni is chem- islry, A 1'hen1i.sL he sinljnly will not be. Short: lively: always grinning: dis- likes chemistry experiments that Hdonlt turn outn: likes trig: plans to attend college. O Claire Siedlarz lirozun eyes, a sweet smile- Iler singing is zvorllz-ivliile. Quiet: neatg favors choir: "New lVloon"g Student Council: Student Congress: Debate Club: Junior Red Cross: Annual Staff: Y-Teensg All Western Chorus: would like to be- COYTIC 3 SUCCESS. Margaret Jean Skarupa "Red" Print, tidy, and oh so neat- This red-hearlefl lass who's mighty sweet! Short red-head: livelyg takes com- mercial courseg favors English: HI- LITESQ Y-Teens: Hall Patrol: Bi- ology Clubg Class Treasurer in fresh- man year at Woodlawn: works at Isaly's: hopes to become a secretary. John Smidansky "Bud" In all sports he does excel- A true athlete, you can tell. Personality plus: loafs with "Dave": tops in sportsg chemistry agrees with him: Hi-Y: Hall Cops: tumbling team: basketball: football: baseball: National Hgonor Society: to attend college. Thomas J. Smith "Tom" When it comes to friendliness he beats the rest, The seniors hail "Tom" as one of the best. Continually wise-cracking: tall: brown hair: one of the Bakerls Shoe gang: loafs with "Speedo" and "Etsi"g never a care: Hi-Yg to study law. Edward R. Sninsky "Etsi" Tall, very friendly, and liked a lot, Ile zvnrketl on the Annual, he- liewe it or noi. One of the Baker's Shoe gang: hangs out with "Urbie" and "Tom"g plans to rocket to the moon with "Furny": favors geometry: Hi-Y: Student Coun- cil: Sports Editor of Annual: wants to be a night club owner. ffff 1 . ,-Z, Xxx S . xg 4 , Robert Sikoski "Kutch" His 'l'lI'lIll'X are inany, his faults fran Likes his sports, as rnost boys do. Dark hair: rather bashfulg swell kid: thinks chemistry is tops: football team: Junior Varsity basketball: tumbling team: plans to enter service. Dorothy Jean Slava "Dot" Coliznieirial sluflent, blolzflz' and shy. With lhougllls for just a cer- tain guy. Usually smiling: loafs with "Mil"g favorite subject is P.O.D.: Choir: Y-Teensg MUNHISKOQ aspires to attend art school, Jean Smith "Smitty" This young lass is tall and street: Ill mos! sports she Calf! he heat. Tallg well-poised: lots of pep: con- siders shorthand tops: Rifle Team: Hall Patrol: Y-Teens: HI-LITES: plans to do office work. Georgia Smoley "George" A girl of Zl'!lllIl'l'01l.S' ininrl is she, And as gflflfl a sport as a girl fan lie. Vivacious lass: tall: enjoys gym: edi- tor of MUNHISKO: Co-Captain of Hall Patrol: Student Councilg Secre- tary-Treasurer of senior classg Stamp salesmang Senior Leaders: Debate Team: assemblies: National Honor Society: to major in English at Pitt, Eugene S. Soltis "Poko" Ile's nol small: he's not tall, .Yo one lieaizs' hiin in the hall. One of the Whitaker gang: loafs with "Madam" and "Fund'lg wittyg favors literatureg hopes to own his own store. Margaret Somiak "Margie" An all round Sl107'l,fllll of fun, Always seems to be on the run. Can usually be seen with "Letty": friendly: likes Choir: Y-Teens: MUNHISKO: Red Cross: Hall Patrol: "New Moon": hopes tt, come a beautician. Carolyn St. Clair "Saint" Yeh: notire iuhen she lrmkx al ' you That ".Saint's" eyes are of piercing blue. Infectious giggle: very friendly: Y' Teens: Hall Patrol: junior play: Woodlawn Tops: HI-LITES: NIUN HISKO: G.E.E.: GMSS: to take a secretarial course in college. Dorothy Jean Straka "Dot" A !'lIf'l'7'j' gal 1i'l11'1'e'1'r she goes, A lass Zl'll0lll f'1ll'l'ylI0flj' lc1m11'.s'. A very busy miss: generally seen smiling: Secretary to Miss Keltz: Class Secretary in freshman year: President of Library Club: Student Council: Bowling Club: Y-Teens: Annual Staff: MUNHISKO: Home Room Representative: Jr. Leaders Club: hopes to attend business school. Sheila Suhoza "She" She has nzaiiy, many Il friend, A helping hand .vhe'll ulznays lend. Tall and dark: usually seen with Mary and "Weese": enjoys skating and dancing: likes office practice: X Teens: Dramatic Club: HI-LITES: plans to study journalism in New York. Edward Szekely "Szek" In his rlass heiv one of the lzest, Therelv never a doulzl of his passing a test. Tall: busy: helps keep Spanish Class lively: President of sophomore and freshman classes at Woodlawn: Stu- dent Council: Hi-Y: Co-Captain of Hall Patrol: senior play: candy stand salesman: baseball team: National Honor Society: plans to continue his education. 1 5 if ff! , - 'mr v "" 98 Xxx Q xg, Harvey Spires "Harv" firirwy Spires is Hire and tall, A frimzrlly guy to one and all. Exceptional drummer: Master Drum Sergeant: five years of orchestra: one nice guy: MUNHISKO: Hi-Y: hopes to enter the field of accounting. Michael B. Stegar "Sheriff" Mike is werv selrlmn. lzearfl, llziwllvv e1fc'r .mys a iunrd. Light brown hair: hails from Lincoln Place: often goes roller skating: fav- ors chemistry: hopes to get into some form of commercial flying, Elaine Ann Stuno "E" ll'riling Io jrirnrls is her flelighl: She'.x al Ihr' l,l'Xl!lglUll every night. Shorty: loves to giggle and roller skate: favorite subject is English: MUNHISKO: Bowling Club: Library Club: Red Cross: plans to become an air hostess. Jean Shirley Sutton "Sut" llereli' Il girl wlmiv 'lll'Ty sweet: She is femiiziizz' zum' quite pelile. Tiny: struggles through P.O.D.: lots of fun: loves to laugh: junior and Senior Y-Teens: Latin Club: future is undecided. Dolores Szuba "Zulu" For her, zzlhlelilzs is no chore: In any gauze she helps the Xl'0'l'ff. Short, brown-haired miss: impish grin: takes the commercial course: likes English class best: intends to continue going to school. Gilbert Takoch "Gaze" This quiet hoy who is known as "Gaze" At his job at lsaly's sprmls his days. Brown-haired lad: sociable: takes a general course: prefers P.O.D.: play- ed for "Sharks'i basketball team: one of the Garden Plan gang: intends to join the Navy. Louise Tester "Wese" Giggle, giggle, all day thra- Yet she is sweet and gracious too. Petite and blonde: commercial course: loafs with Sheila and Nu: belongs to the S.S.S.S.S.: Y-Teens: Biology Club: will go to New York. Verna Lee Trautmon "Honey" 1t's very plain that Verna Lee Has a delightful personality. Talkative black-haired miss: academic student: likes chemistry: Y-Teens: Stamp salesman: Vice President of Red Cross: Latin Club: MUNHIS- KO: Bowling Club: to become a nurse. Mary Ruth Ullom "Ruthie" A very clever girl she is: At art she really is a whiz! A cute dark-haired miss: commercial course: enjoys bookkeeping: loves to roller skate: Red Cross: Y-Teens: spends her spare time drawing: will work in a bank. Carroll Van Kirk "Carl" A competent clzeerleader is she: A commercial artist she could be. Attractive: peppy: general course: enjoys chemistry: has a cute smile: Rifle Team: MUNI-IISKO: cheer- leader: Dramatic Club: talented in art: will go to Penn State. .ik si,- .isi Lii. ff fi ,- Xxx R Xi ' Dolores Takacs "Dee" Dee is always on the run, And she is also full of jun. A dark-haired commercial student: peppy: likes gym: Miss Newell's Sec- regyg jr. and Sr. Leaders Club: MUNHISKO: Y-Teens: Choir: Red Cross: will study health ed. at Slip- pery Rock. Thomas Tishon "Tish" "Tish" is tall and rather blond, Of the gals he's sort of fond. Good-looking academic student: sleeps through Spanish class and study halls: prefers literature: a member of the Hi-Y: will join the armed service. John Troha "Bread" Foolhall surely is his meat: The girls all think he's pretty 4'n1'11t." Tall blond: takes a general course: favorite subject is literature: stellar tackle on the first string football team: center on the basketball team: will be a farmer or join the service. Robert Urban "Urb" A hos' of great resolve is he, And what a personality! Very active: smooth personality: graci- ous and polite: Class President for three years: President of the Hi-Y. Hall Patrol: Annual Staff: Photo- graphy Club: Stage Guild: outstand- ing roles in "Shirt Sleeves" and "The Wind Is Ninetyn: National Honor Society: would like to study medicine. William K. Van Kirk "Bud" just look what the Navy has lnrrzell out- A perfect man without a doubt, A husky blond: good looking: strug- gles through the academic course: enjoys the opposite sex: was with the Navy for thirty-two months: will probably play football for Thiel. Ray Vasko "Daisy" 011 11111 g1'111111111 111' f11.x1 11'1111 111.1 f111111'.' I11 1111' 111'111 11j .sj1111'l.t y1111'1l 111'111' 11f.s' 11111111'. A "general" student: enjoys gym and science: worked hard at physics: play- ccl football as a "cc-ntc-r'l: will be joining the Navy or continuing with his schooling. Shirley Wallace "ShirI" 811111 111!lj'.Y 1111' 11111 1Y1'1' 111 1111' 17l11lI1f .S'111"11 11lI1'11Vx:s' 11'1111 Il 1I1'1111111g IIIIIIK1, Usually smiling: pretty hair: com- mercial course: enjoys music: "Shirt Sleevesug 'iThe Wixid is Ninetyug "New Mooni': ul-7o't Psoilerng Band: Choir: Y-Teensg Fl-LITES: assem- blies: Red Cross: Tdomc Room RCD- rcsentative: wants to be successful in the music field. Audrey Fay Weber XIII' 11111'11x'A .v1'1'111x 111 1'1'111'11 111'1' goal. 5 l'111' x111' 111f111'1' 1111.v.s1'.x l111' H1111111' R1111. Pleasant: quiet: efficient: excellent commercial student: Secretary to Mr. Ramsay: I-lonor Student: Y-Teens: Typing Editor of Annual: Rifle Team: Hall Patrol: HI-LITES. MUNHISKOg "The Wiiid ls Nine- tyu: G,E.E.g intends to become a private secretary. Jean White "Jeannie" 11 11111111 1111.s.s ix 1,115 gi1'1 ,I1'1111: I11 111z11'1y' 1'1111111'.s .v111".s' ll1Zl'Ilj'S x1'1f11. A cute blonde: neat dresser: takes a genera course: enjoys senior science: l usually seen with 'iVern" or Sheila: is undecided about her future plans. Marilyn Wilson "Myrt" .S111"x 1111111111 111 111' Il 111g S116- 1'1'ss, IV111' she SlII'l'!l11.S x11 11111111 1111j1111111?s.9. Dark hairg full of fun: enjoys part- ics: Y-Teensg Bowling Club: MUN- HISKOg Junior Leaders Club: wants to be either a beautician or a tele- phone operator. flf ,,,' , -'P' Ioo Xx' S XS c Miriam Waldron A girl of few ZL'07'!lS is 1111s l11.xs: SI11' z1'11.v 1111 1111112 for 1'1'1'1'y l'1IIX.Y. A cute commercial student: depend- able: very friendly: favorite subject is office practice: ,lunior Red Cross: Y-Teens: Hall Patrol: lVlrs. Grayis Secretary: a loyal member of the D.D.T.'s: interested in a commercial career. Edward R. Walters "Madam" zl111I!1IlQ'1l 11618 111'1f1'1' 111'1'x' 1111111. ll1".v 11115 11ff1111 111 Illlj' I'IY1Zl'Il. Brown hair: likes German: a com- mercial student: one of the Wliitaker gang: usually seen with "Poke-Pele" and "Funo"Q will be an accountant after attending business school. Shirley Mae Weber "ShirI" ll1'1'11'.v I1 gal z1'1111's 1111111 of .vf1111'l.1- .411 11.ss1'1 111 1111' fI'Illll .sl11' 51111- j1111'1s. A blonde commercial student: Y- Teens: Tops: Dramatic Club: Hall Patrol: will be a physical education teacher. Jeannette Wiechelt S111' 11111'1n'.S s1fe111x 111 111' 11111113 gui? If111' 111'1' i1'5 l1f'11C1' ll 111111 11111 filly. A very short miss: always on the go: likes to wear jeansg Y-Teens: Choir: MUNHISKO: plans to take another course in business training. Anna Elizabeth Winters "Ann" .S1l1'11r1f is g01llf'lZ 1llv!','l'l' 111'111'11 .i111111' sayjg S11 A1111 .x'1111111d be 1'1v1z1'1' day by day. A blondeg quietq efficient: favorite subject is young men: Choirg Y- Teensg Secretary to Miss Rush: hasn't decided what to do yet. + Leatitia Wodrick "Letty" She goes serenely along in fl quiet way, ll'ilh rm occupied miml and not much to say. A tall, brown-haired lass: a commer- cial student: Choir: Bowling Club: Library Club: Y-Teens: will attend a business school. Edward Yurcon "Yurk" In any class you'll find but few Who can do all things "Yurk" crm do, Blond: nice personality: likes the opposite sex: Vice President in soph- omore and junior years: Student Council President: Hi-Y: Photo- graphy Club: "Shirt Sleevesu and "The Wind Is Ninety'i: Latin Club: MUNHISKO: assemblies: Hall Patrol: will go to college. Paul Zapf "Pete" A short but mighty hefty guy, To do his work he sure does try. Light hair: very quiet: one of the Whitaker gang: usually seen with "lVladam": likes history class: takes a general course: is undecided about his future. Lorraine Zubkus "Zubby" A girl of golden locks is she, With a cheerful personality. Tall: forever cracking gum: likes to sing: "New lVloon": Concert: Dra- matic Club: loafs with "Ruthie" and "Kay": future plans??? Martha Lee Ambro "Marty" .Yerfer a rare, nezfm' Il worry, Azul sheis seldom in a ll'llT7'y. Tall, brown-haired missg seldom seen frowning: a commercial student who favors typing: aspires to become a stenographer. f ff!! , , f , -t, XQS X5' Rita Ann Yesko "Reet" A szuell lcirl, you frm het! .find one of Ihr' hest typists 1i'e'z1e jouml yet. Lots of fun: likes English class: Jun- ior Red Cross: Hall Patrol: Y-Teens: Secretary to Miss Cox: will do some type of clerical work. Joseph Yusko "Joe" In the fuluwf look on books for his mmm, For, you see, lo he an author is his aim. A tall blond: can always hold up his end of an argument: one of the Balzerls Shoe Store gang: MUNHIS- KO: is going to Duquesne University to take up journalism. Edward D. Zedo "Zeke" A true lozfrr of .sports and fun, He's alzualvs reruly with Il pun. Short, brown-haired lad: loafs in the halls: a member of the Sharks Basket- ball Team: MUNHISKO: his am- bition is to own a Las station, Efeanor Zukerman "Zuke" "Z1tlfe"j1lays the piano hy ear- Her rzrraizgentcuts we like to hear. Long hair: plays the piano beauti- fully: likes English: MUNHISKU: will attend Tech to be a piano teacher. CAMERA SHY WILLARD ADAMITZ RUSSELL KHOREY STELLA ALL EVELYN MORASKY ARCHIE GRAHAM JACK SCHAVONE WILLIAM SMIDANSKY VETERANS WHO WILL RECEIVE THEIR DIPLOMAS WITH THE CLASS OF '47 JOHN BURKE EDWARD COOK JOHN COYNE JOHN DURANKO RUSSELL EMERY RUSSELL GULEY JESSE HESS BERNARD JANOSKO ROY JOHNSTON RICHARD KOHLER WILLIAM KOHUT BERT LAYTON LEE LYNAM RAYMOND MARTIN RUSSELL MARTIN LAWRENCE MIEDEMA FRANKWILDING ffl: ,J ,H ul' T02 Xie, MlSS BETTY JANE LLOYD Back in our freshman year we elected Miss Lloyd as our sponsor. For two years she served very ably in this capacityg but, much to our sorrow, she was transferred to Wood- lawn in September of our junior year. We shall always remember her for her sin- cerity and wise counseling, and we'd like to thank her for the excellent start she gave us in our career as an organized class. l MR. HUBERT C. SHIRING Those of us who attended Woodlawn chose Mr. Shiring as our sponsor for the first two years of high school. He devoted much of his time and energy to make these years happy and memorable. Nothing was too trivial nor too great to be undertaken so that we might have some of the best parties ever held at Woodlawn. We extend our sincere thanks to him for the guidance that he gave us and for his efforts in our behalf. fl!! -J . -'I' 103 XQQ We MUNHALLOGY SEPTEMBER Vacation is over! lt seems funny without last year's grads. We brought our school spirit back with us-I O06 football tickets sold. Hurrah! In the first game Munhall is victorious over German Township. Seniors take the 60 to East Liberty lin the rain!! to get their pictures taken. Senior Leaders and Hi-Y have meetings today. Now we are really getting in the groove. What are those creatures? Oh, the Senior Leaders are having their initiation. A big party at Camp Ca'houn climaxes their day. Big excitement-Senior picture proofs. What oh's and ah's and groans! Another victory for Munhall. Poor Jeannette! Power strike! Take your choice: walk, or wait an hour for a street car. Even the power strike can not stop school. Every fellow on the bench was in the Braddock game--and we still won. OCTOBER All were shocked this morning to hear of the death of Miss Schillinger. We tried to express our sympathy by sending flowers. Another blow-Mr. Walbert died this morning. How we all shall miss him! Y-Teens are initiated. Don't they look sharp in their stunning outfits! A wiener roast was held after school. Yum, yum! Was that food good! What are all those queer words? Oh they're just the campaign slogans for the senior class presi- dent written in Spanish! They are campaigning vigorously. ,ffff is '-"" 104 Xx' S xxx Cheerleaders operated on "Bonehead Turtle Creek" in assembly! Operation successful-final score in the Indians' favor. Joan Guiney, Shirley Magnuson, George Furnival, and Charles Prosser participated with Edgewood students in the Junior Town Meeting of the Air. Senior play tryouts. Miss Butler and Mrs. Patterson from Carnegie Library talked to us and showed us pictures today. We beat Rankin in this perfect l?l football weather. llt was wet and coldl. Election Day. First morning practice of senior play cast. Gee, 7:30 is early, isn't it? Guess what that horrible smell was. Yes, the dear chemistry classes made chlorine. Oh I'm sick-l'm one of those chem- istry students. Dave Devey elected president of senior class. Mt. Lebanon game was exciting, score IO-Ol was disappointing. No school-Teachers' Institute. Magician was at assembly today. We're still wondering where the rabbit went. Jr. Leaders look sharp in their vegetable hats, jeans, and shirts worn backwards and inside out. Senior pictures! My, I never knew we had such handsome fellows. NOVEMBER Last football game of the season successful. Har- Brack lost. Football holiday. lsn't this wonderful? Armistice Day-inspiring assembly program. Hi-Y holds party for themselves! Good idea, isn't it? Excused at 2:I 5 because of Teachers' Meeting. "The Wind ls Ninety" was presented. All the members of the cast and Stage Guild did their very best, and their best was wonderful. Physics and chemistry classes visit the mill. Thanksgiving vacationeate too much. DECEMBER lsn't it horrible? Report cards again! Weren't those chemistry grades simply awful? Yeah, Mun- hall is victorious over Braddock in the first basketball game of the season. Christmas play underway. Those morning re- hearsals again. Colored nature films shown at assembly today. Rankin bows to the Indians. MUNHALLOGY Uniontown defeats our braves. First loss of this season. NNe scalp Braddock a second time! Student Coun- cil sponsors dance in girls' gym afterwards. Do you like to dance without music? Well, that's what we did at noon today. Wonder why Mr. Frantz is angry. Could it be because his second period class locked him out? Christmas play, "The Toy Shop," is presented. Carols are sung by the Choir, Latin, German, and Spanish classes. Vacation begins with early dis- missal. Indians triumph over Rankin. Chalk up another one for Munhall. Poor McKees Rocks! JANUARY How was the party last night? Where is all that pep and energy, basketball team? We lose to Duquesne. Shucks! Chemistry test book missing! Aren't the underclassmen pictures swell? Trinity is downed by the Munhall five. Two violinists and a pianist entertain us at assembly. Believe it or not, Munhall scalps Homestead by the score of 27-24. Munhall students go wild. Extra, extra! Chemistry test book still missing! Students stage a school wide search. Afternoon classes are suspended! Baldwin loses to Munhall. Semester exams begin. Oh, darn it! Who ever invented these tests? Pep assembly. Munhall cheers team on to victory over Washington. English and history exams. ,ffff fi s '-f 105 XxS Q xxs Science, math, and language test. Tough day, wosn't it? Munhall wins in non-league game with McKees Rocks. First home wrestling match makes big hit with students. Y-Teens and Hi-Y sponsor Hi-Teen Twirl tonight in the boys' gym. No school-semester vacation. Report cards again. Just when l was ready to get the car next Saturday night. Assembly-"Aims and Purposes of Students in Munhall High School." Mrs. Bane reads "Beowulf" to her English classes . . . such a blood curdling story. McKeesport-Munhall game-one of the most thrilling of the year. Score is 4l -40 in Munhall's favor! FEBRUARY Assembly program was a play woven around the feminine characters in Shakespeare's plays. 'Twas splendid, Shirley Dias, Janet Schorr, Joan Guiney, Shirley Cline, Yvonne McKibben, and Marie Fidel! Munhall Indians again wage war successfully over Trinity. Hi-Y holds a swimming party. Of course it had to be practically the coldest night of the year. Homestead overpowers us on their home floor. Several seniors sent to the Twelfth Avenue, Park, and Woodlawn Schools to observe teaching methods. St. Valentine's Day. Did you get that special card? At assembly a cowboy entertains us with songs, rope tricks, and jokes. Baldwin falls easily to Munhall's superior forces. Sr. Leaders hold dance after the game. Munhall 4l-Washington 40. Sounds exciting! Well, it was. Speaker in assembly talks on Brotherhood Week. Y-Teens ask for pennies for offering to the Y. W. C. A. Munhall victorious over Brentwood. McKeesport falls to Munhall. The chemistry students are very busy writing those themes. Yes, the test book is still missing. Where are all those laughs coming from? The auditorium-for the juniors are putting on their play, "A Date With Judy." Orchids to the cast and Miss Rush! MUNHALLOGY l l I8 I9 25 28 30 STAMP COMMITTEE MARCH 2 4. Over l5O Seniors go to the Playhouse to see 2 "MacBeth." 7. Seniors hold their last class party in boys' gym. 14 What is all the noise? lt's only the balloons bursting. l2. Report cards again! My, only twelve weeks until 23 graduation! 26 l4. Commercial students see movie, "l Want A Job," brought out by the Robert Morris School of Busi- 27 ness. 28 l7. Senior girls hear speech from Bell Telephone 29 representative and see movie. l9. Woodlawn plays host to Forensic League this evening. 2l. Well "it" has finally arrivedl Krazee Karnival is sponsored by Leaders Clubs. 2 APRIL l. Fooled again! l should learn from bitter experi- 3 ence. But do l? Oh, no. 4 3. Easter Vacation. Now, maybe we can catch up on our sleep. 5 8. School resumes. What's this-eyelids are still 6 drooping! April Showers Dance sponsored by the Library Club and the Stage Guild. Open House at the High School. Ah, Mom and Dad, you don't really want to talk to my teach- ers, do you? Several seniors struggle through the Civic Club test. Are you sure you want to go to college? Band and choir entertain us with musicale. Report cards-Better cancel that movie date for tonight. A representative from Pennsylvania Railroad shows film in assembly. MAY State Scholarship exams. Tough, weren't they? The Prom! Aren't those magic words? Didn't the girls look gorgeous in their gowns? The fellows--gee, they're handsome. Award Assembly. Now our athletes will be flash- ing sweaters and "M's." Senior Reception. Final Senior Assembly. Hey, lend me your hand- kerchief when you're through with it. Seniors' torture begins-final exams. All the students suffer today. Long awaited day arrives-books are turned in. Senior Sermon. May we carry this message into our future. JUNE Commencement-Don't forget to come to West Field tonight, Aunt Mary and Uncle Joe. No school-a chance to rest after last night. Kennywood, here we come! Chance to recuperate after yesterday. Last day of school. Over two hundred and fifty seniors say good-bye to Munhall High School. Always we shall hold our high school In our hearts with deepest reverence- Now we say farewell to Munhall And to all "Sara riafrafif' Sa-a na-ra-i.-"Long life and happiness" flf f -vf 1, ' -1' I 06 Xl- R xss IN APPRECIATION The Closs of '47 wishes to thank the friends who helped moke this book possible. ROGER DIXON, M.D. W. ROBB JONES, ODS. R. C. O'HARE, D.D.S. S. LEWIS, ODS. C. M. LERGENMILLER, o.D.S. A. E. MCCLURE, OC. A. A. SZATKOWSKI, DOS. HARRY ROSENBAUM, D.D.S. E. O. BEACHAM, ODS. G. R. SIPPEL, M.D. M. ADA RIBAR, OC. H J. O E. J. S. C A. C. . B. A. R. T. .F. SARON, O.O.S. SULLIVAN, ODS. STEINMETZ, M.D. CLARK, O.o.S. FOSTER, ODS. ILYAS, M.D. BALTIMORE, M.D. MAIN GARAGE Photog rophy- HILL STUDIO, East Liberty, PCI. Printing- GENERAL PRESS CORP., Torentum, PO. lf!!! .1 'ff' 107 X:-Q XX- E. A. REEIEEER, o.o.S, W. S. GLENN, ODS. S. A. NORRIS, M.D. L. L. THOMPSON, M.D. C. R. SMITH, M.D. E. L. JONES, M.D. R. W. MCOERMOTT, M.O L. R. LOSA, M.D. I. M. RHODES, OC. R. I. MCGUIRE, M.D. LOUIS KRIEGER, DOS. W. M. EVANS, M.D. R. M. MILLER, o.o.S. C. W. DITTMAN, o.O.S. L. E. NEWLANO, II R. I. HUGHES, M.D. O. R. MEEHAN, OSC. L. T. SABOW, M.D. BEST WISHICS TO THE CLASS OF 1947 FROM HOMESTEAD'S LEADING SHOE REPAIR CHIODO SHOE SERVICE WHERE SHOE REPAIR IS AN ART Good Leather Soles for Foot Comfort 813 AMITY STREET HO 2264 HOMESTEAD, PA SAVE- Safely and Profitably with FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS 8g LOAN ASSOCIATION OF HOMESTEAD Corner Sth Avenue and Ann Street Homestead, Pennsylvania "lnsured Savings Account" Since I899 it's been FRlEDLANDER'S "FOR FASHIONS FIRST" ZZI East Eighth Avenue Homestead, Pa. Res. and Office Phone: HO 6394 Day or Night Service GEORGE IRVIN GREEN FUNERAL HOME 35II Main Street Homestead Park, Pa. flf if sig-I" 108 A XX, HOMESTEAD HARDWARE STORE Albert Dickstein, Prop. 222 East Eighth Avenue HO O6l9 Homestead, Pa. For Quality Cleaning "GUST" THE CLEANER Ladies' and Gents' Work A Specialty Dependable ServicefMost Reasonable Prices Years of Experience Our Success+Your Satisfaction IO9 Whitaker Street HO 9236 Whitaker, Pa. Congratulations to the Class of '47 HALF BROS. WOLFSON'S All Work Done on Premises 207 E. Eighth Ave. HO l5OO Your community's favorite JEWELER Nationally Advertised Merchandise Diamonds Reset While You Wait Hamilton, Elgin, Bulova and Waltham Watches, Diamonds, Electrical Appliances Home of Discriminating Jewelry Costume Jewelry HOMESTEAD AUTO SALES -NASH CARS- Oldest Dealer in Homestead 205 West Eighth Avenue HO 4344 West Homestead, P METROPOLITAN LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY Paul J. Riley, Manager ,ffff 1 Q '-f 109 RSX- HANDELSMAN'S FINE MEATS AND GROCERIES 4004 Main Street HO 7876 Homestead Park, Pa. BLACK Cr WHITE MARKET Frank Damich, Prop. 3414 Main Street HO IO44 Homestead Park, Pa. I"IOW8I'd Hess ATLANTIC SERVICE I7th and West Street HOMESTEAD, PA. Phone: HO 9304 ListaIc Gulf Service Corner of Main St. and Miller Avenue GREASING AND WASHING HO 9457 Homestead Park, Pa. Prop. John S. Listak Homestead's Leading Store For Men SOL'S CLOTHES SHOP Eighth at Amity HO I385 LET RAY MAKE YOUR NEXT SUIT RAY'S MEN'S WEAR Homestead, Pa. ,ffff - , Nix XQ X4 S Compliments of VELTRI'S s1'eAKs - CHOPS Compliments of Courtney Electric SALES AND SERVICE 4002 Main Street HO 086i WESTINGHOUSE DEALERS MARESCH'S West Run Road Munhall, Pa. prop' N. L. Courtney Congratulations Compliments of K G' H RESTAURANT to the Class of i947 806 Amity Street From Craig "Porky" Chgdwiclq HOMESTEAD PAINT a- GLASS --Headquarters- WATSON - STANDARD PRODUCTS Your Charles J. Schmidt, Mgr. 3l8 East Eighth Avenue GAME HO ll73 Homestead, Pa ff ,Q ,, XQQ XS C Compliments of CASPAR'S SERVEL GAS REFRIGERATORS WASHERS-RADIOS Compliments of BEEDLE BROS. Jones 8: McClure Successor to John W. Bainbridge Agency NOTARY PUBLIC Insurance of All Kinds Real Estate and Renting Service 820 Ann Street HO 5500 Cr l376 Homestead, Pa Compliments of WALTER E. RAVENSCROFT JOSEPH M. BAYUK -CLEANERS- 4O'5 West Eighth Avenue A FRIEND RUBEN'S FURNITURE AND APPLIANCES Open Evenings by Appointment 3l2 East Eighth Avenue I-IO i225 Homestead, Pa ff!!! .-,, -3- II2 if-Xw X xs-"N.....--- Dial HO 2600-MCK. lO787 AMMERMAN CLEANERS RUGS AND COLD STORAGE BUTTERMILK HOLLOW ROAD HOMESTEAD, PA. Welcome to Windsor House The Most Popular Dinners in Town Fine Foods Carefully Prepared SHORT ORDER PLATE LUNCHES lOZ E. Eighth Avenue Homestead, Pa. L I N C O F F ' S YouR JEWELER "credit to All" 240 Eighth Avenue Homestead, Pa. HI - HAT HAT CLEANING SHOP Corner Eighth Avenue and Ann Street Homestead, Pa. We Guarantee Our Work to Be Equal to the Best flf .-,f , -7, Xx' S Xix Congratulations to the CLASS OF '47 Meet your Friends at a Friendly Store GRACE WILLIAMS CONFECTIONERY "SAY IT WITH FLOWERS" The Gift With A Soul ELICKER AND STRONG 328 East Eighth Avenue HO i775 Homestead, Pa. Compliments of Bamford Brothers Munhall, Pennsylvania WHEN BE'l-TER AUTOMOBILES ARE BUILT BUICK WILL Compliments of FR'EDERICK'S SUPER MARKET Quality BUILD THEM MEATS AND GROCERIES 2l26 Whitaker Way HO 2266 Whitaker, Pa. Homestead Drugs Prescriptions COMMUNITY PHARMACY 22l East Ninth Avenue PROFESSIONAL PHARMACISTS HO IOI7 Homestead, Pa. 815 Am Street HO 3442 ,ffff tvs' -' 1 1 Xx' Q xxe 4 UNITED CANDY SHOPPE Flowers-By-Wire "Well Known Store for Quality" 0 Public 192, Bassett s Flowers 230 Eighth Avenue Homesfe-Gd, PQ. and Glfts Compliments of SMYTHE'S DRUG STORE Corner Eighth Avenue and Ann Street Homestead, Pa. For Every Occasion JAMES HUSAR, Mgr. 3905 Main Street HO 7l 88 Homestead Park, Pa. HO 2267 Ambulance Service Private Chapel Compliments of Jos. A. Prolcopovitslr FUNERAL DIRECTOR 4l3 Ninth Avenue Munhall, Pa. GORDON - JACOBSON, Inc. Eighth Avenue and Library Street Homestead - Munhall, Pa. Phone: HO 3600 COFFEE SHOPPE 3908 Main Street Homestead Park, Pa. SANDWICHES ICE CREAM TAKE THEM OUT ff ,Q ,, Xxx S xxx LEVINE BROS. HARDWARE Homestead's Busiest Store 324 East Eighth Avenue Homestead Rochester Duquesne Visit the new C. C. Davis Plumbing and Heating New Installations andlfepairs Ol"l PLUMBING AND HEATING EQUIPMENT Service on Automatic Heat Controller H.Cr H. SANDWICH SHOPPE Excellent Food at Moderate Prices Modern Air Conditioning 326 E. Eighth Avenue Homestead, Pa. 424 Green Street Phone: HO 4015 Homestead Park, Pa. TEXOLITE Like Magic-Goes Over All These Surfaces WALL PAPER, PLASTER, COMPO-BOARD, ETC. HO ADAM G. WICKERHAM REGISTERED ARCHITECT Forbes Building l35 East Eighth Avenue l O61 Homestead, P Now painting can be easy and inexpensive News Paint-Glass Co. 308 Eighth Avenue Phone: HO 0686 GILLEN AND CCULTER CO. FUNERAL DIRECTORS This home is dedicated to the memory of those who in Eternal Sleep repose herein and is tor the use and comfort of relatives and friends, with no extra charge. 3lO East Ninth Avenue HO 4l OO Homestead, Pa ff!! 'X Q 'Q Xxx, , SALLY SAGE sHoPPE B 0 N N I E HOSIERY LINGERIE FROCK5 MILLINERY for 228 East Eighth Avenue HO 4999 Homestead, Pa. "Doing what comes naturally" HOMESTEAD HI BOOSTER CLUB Serving Greater Homestead District "BOOST BETTER ATHLETICS" Box l97 Homestead, Pa. COLUMBIA SUPER CLEANERS America's Largest WHOLESALE CLEANERS Forrest Avenue W. Homestead, Pa. Phone: HOmestead 2l OO HOmestead l389 Shoes for the entire Family X-Ray Fitting lLittIe'sl VICTOR SHOE STORE "HOMESTEAD'S LARGEST SHOE STORE" Louis J. Papp, Manager 316 E, Eighth Ave. Homestead, Pa HOmestead 0254 Lewis Stein, Prop. PARK ELECTRIC G' HARDWARE We Sell and Service WASHERS, SWEEPERS, SEWING MACHINES 33l7 Main Street Homestead Park Munhall, Po. SALES-SERVICE PARK CYCLE Cr AUTO SUPPLY CO ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES Wheel Goods-Auto Accessories Smetana Bros. 38l4 Main Street HO 2l lO Homestead Pork, Pa WE CALL FOR AND DELIVER Phone: HOmestead 0372 CAPITOL CLEANING AND DYEING Lowest Prices Always Your Garment Insured While In Our Care Cor. Eighth and McClure Munhall, Pa. ffff if O '.-f' II XQS xx- 7 WHITAKER DRUGS "YOUR COMMUNITY DRUG STORE" Louis Weinberger, Ph.G. B.S. Whitaker, Pa. KOZY KORNER SNACK SHACK Burn HI - CO Coal The Hottest Coal ln Town Homestead Ice Co. ANYTHINQANYTIME HO 4166 for ANYBODY 2615 Mom street HO 9266 West Homestead' PO' FAMOUS CANDY CO. MonongaheIa wholesale Trust Company Homestead, Pa. F.H.A. Loans . . . Repair Loans Mortgage Loans We invite you to apply to Us in any kind Ot financing PROMPT SERVICE CIGARS, TOBACCO, CONFECTIONERY Grocery Specialties and Drugs 504 East Eighth Avenue HO T386 Homestead, Pa HILK'S FURNITURE Your Home Should Come First 320 East Eighth Ave. Homestead, Pa Telephones: HO 2228-2229 -,'f!f?-' 1 1 8 xls Vs xss Compliments of J.. R. WATKINS THOMAS A. GRIBBLE GEORGE L. AURENTZ GOOD LUCK SENIORS Come ln and See Us EVANS CUT RATE John B. Evans, Prop, Phone: HO 3320 HO 88lO Albert S. Schwartz SCHWADRON SCHWARTZ TIRE SERVICE Wall Paper G' Paint Co. RECAPPING WALL PAPER 1 PAINTS 1 GLASS TIRES - TUBES - ACCESSORIES BATTERIES ROOFING SUPPLIES Eighth Avenue and West Street Opposite Hi-Level Bridge Homestead, Pa. Distributor Reading Batteries Dunlop and Mohawk Tires 434 E. Eighth Avenue Homestead, Pa. 8llA WIX CAN FIX Plumbing and Heating Sewers opened with electric cleaner Opened or no charge mity Street HO i248 WICKES 5' COMPANY Phone: HO 6692 FASHION DRESS SHOPPE Complete line of WOMEN'S WEAR Margaret Kuzma 3 I 8 V2 Eighth Avenue Homestead, Pa. BOOK'S SHOES For the entire family BON N'S MEN'S WEAR "Where Spending ls Saving" 323 East Eighth Avenue SPORTING GOODS PANTS, SWEATERS, SHOES, BOOTS -AII Types- WE GIVE S 8 H GREEN STAMPS ff li ,- Xxx Q xg C Compl imehts of M. R. BRETSNYDER YOUR DESOTO AND PLYMOUTH DEALER 301 W. 8th AVENUE HO 3800 W. HOMESTEAD, PA. ANN'S FLOWER SHOP AND GIFT POTTERY CENTER since 1932 136 East Eighth Avenue HO 1024 Homestead, Pa. GENUINE MOTOR PARTS 215 West Eighth Avenue Homestead, Pa. Phone HO 0516-4952 Parts for all Makes of Cars, Trucks and Buses S11erman's Pharmacy M. A. Sherman, Ph.G. ,r .X QL 1 ! 3417 Main Street Homestead Park, Pa. fl!! , - 1 Q '-f' 120 Xxxts All Garments Insured HO Ol 28 JOHNSON'S HIGH GRADE CLEANERS -2 STORES- I lth and Amity Sts. 305 W. 8th Ave, Telephone: HOmestead 2939 F. A. NAJESKI REAL ESTATE-INSURANCE NOTARY PUBLIC 3Ol East Eighth Avenue Homestead, Pa. Lady-Fashion Shoes for Women John C. Roberts Shoes for Men Compliments of Red Goose Shoes for Boys and Girls POST SHOES , , APPLEBAUM'S Footwear for the entire family x-Ray Fitting CONFECTIONERY STORE SOL POST Phone: HO 8200 I6l 3 Andrew Street Munhall, Pa. 8lO Amity Street Homestead, Pa. WATCHES DIAMONDS JEWELRY Certified Watch Repairing C L E M E N T S "MAIN JEwELER" 3313 Main Street Homestead Phone: HO 33l3 "Gifts That Last" Park, Pa. Telephone: HOmestead I707-O8 420 Eighth Avenue MERVIS MOTOR SALES Homestead, Pa. WE CALL FOR AND DELIVER Style Quality Service Phone: HO 2400 Phone: HOmestead 0348 MIDWAY ROBBINS 5HQp CLEANERS AND DYERS BETTER CLEANING, BETTER SERVICE 248-250 Eighth Avenue Robert A. Coleman, Prop. Homestead, Pa. 812 McClure Street Homestead, Pa ,ff 1. -surf "" '21 Xxx Q xi 3 WHETSTONE'S FLOWER SFIOP Flowers For All Occasions WEDDINGS OUR SPECIALTY SI 5 Amity Street Phone: Ho 4006 Res.: HO 6639 Homestead, Pa. G. C. GARBER DRUGS, CONFECTIONERY FOUNTAIN SERVICE, NOTIONS HARDWARE, PLUMBING SUPPLIES 3502-O4 Main Street HO 3I88 Homestead Park, Pa. I'Iaver's Pharmacy Regis Hover, Ph.G. I" 2 gi. I 2 I I6I9 McClure Street Homestead, Pa. Telephone: HO 4422 Homestead Radio Co. "Homestead's Largest Appliance Store" Compliments of RIES VARIETY STORE 23I Whitaker Street HO 2760 Whitaker, Pa Established I93O Homestead, Pennsylvania Compliments of ORRIS' ICE CREAM BAR phones: SANDWICHES SODAS-SUNDAES HO O37-I HO -I8-,O HO 1879 2I3I Whitaker Street Munhall, Pa HO 9332 flf 4 A 3' I22 XXXSSi----' MORRIS GRINBERG'S Z A I M E S LADIES' AND CHlLDREN'S WEAR FASHIONS FOR WOMEN AND CHILDREN l29 East Eighth Avenue 309 Eighth Avenue Homestead Po Compliments of S M IT T Y I S Compliments of Cradle thru high school CHlLDREN'5 WEAR SHUPINK CREDIT JEWELER 237 East Eighth Avenue Homestead, Pa. FIRESTONE STORES Compliments of l35 East Eighth Avenue Homestead, Pa. A FRIEND Phone: HO 2700 CINDERELLA SHOE SHOPPE SMART SHOES FOR WOMEN EXCLUSIVELY LEONA THEATRE Phone: HO I444 Leona Theatre Building 236-238 East Eighth Avenue Homestead, Pa. fff ' -ff 123 "" xl-Q xi' ANDERSON'S CLOTHING - HATS - SHOES 332 East Eighth Avenue Phone: HO 2820 PARK BEAUTY SHOP COMPLETE BEAUTY SERVICE HO 7066 3903 Mom Street Carlton Men's Shops 335 East Eighth Avenue Homestead, Pennsylvania Best Wishes to the Class ot l947 for Happiness and Success George M. Hall, lnc. Our Congratulations MEYER I. GRINBERG HOUSE FURNISHINGS and ELECTRICAL STORE 219 Eighth Avenue Homestead, P "Do It With Wood" l35 West Seventh Avenue SOLOMON'S HOMESTEAD'S BEST STORE FOR MEN Eighth Avenue at McClure Street HO l l68 Homestead, Pa. Homestead, PG' ,ffff ' -5 I X:-Q xg- GROSS CONFECTIONERY HOME MADE ICE CREAM 512 East Eighth Avenue Munhall, Pa. NIFTY SHOPPE FOR NIFTY CLOTHES Corner of Eighth and Amity Homestead, Pa. Co11ins and Schweinherg THE BEST COAL IN TOWN 3500 Main Street Phone: HO 2888 Homestead Park, Pa. Compliments of AIFTZA ACICCTMBI1 JUSTICE OF THE PEACE J. E. MARLOW RADIO senvics 4614 Main Street Next to Price's Garage HO 8100 KOH UT'S COMPLETE MARKET 1700 McClure Street HO 2244 Homestead, Pa. ,ffff if 0 '-"' 125 XxN S xs- HAHN 8g SKYRMES REAL ESTATE AND INSURANCE Agents for Property Anywhere in District SEE OUR NEW PLAN "MIFFLlN MANOR"-lWEST MIFFLIN also our "HAMILTON HILLS" PLANiHOMESTEAD PARK 803 AM ITY STREET HO 4444 HOMESTEAD, PA HO1715 Res.:HO3193 RICHARD E. LLOYD George SITIOICY JUSTICE OF THE PEACE . . .INSURANCE . . . Munhouf P0- in all its branches REAL ESTATE-MORTGAGES RENTS COLLECTED NOTARY PUBLIC TH ELMA'S PLAC E CONFECTIONS and 518 E. 8th Avenue GROCERIES Munholl' PO' 4601 Main Street Munholl ,flax i Q, '-"' 126 Xxx KERR Cr INGRAM LUMBER AND Mn.LwoRK Doors, Roofing, Flooring Insulation Materials Storm Doors and Windows Hard Boards Building and Industrial Lumber B T C Business Training College IOI W. 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Suggestions in the Munhall High School - Munhisko Yearbook (Munhall, PA) collection:

Munhall High School - Munhisko Yearbook (Munhall, PA) online yearbook collection, 1944 Edition, Page 1


Munhall High School - Munhisko Yearbook (Munhall, PA) online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Page 1


Munhall High School - Munhisko Yearbook (Munhall, PA) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Page 1


Munhall High School - Munhisko Yearbook (Munhall, PA) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Page 1


Munhall High School - Munhisko Yearbook (Munhall, PA) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 1


Munhall High School - Munhisko Yearbook (Munhall, PA) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 1


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