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 - Class of 1956

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A f? Ei'-vf -3, v,,.z.,? .,,, ,V W: 4 :wi , X . X . A , - fl.. 51,55 Vf ww H 'F 0 H M4 W QM , fW JM V S5 J M h ' ' A QQ WW Aff- X , QWMK U, W if Qdqfywi Wx G? 'fM'M' Q4 W 0jj!Qj3,,15j'M Q5 W3 gypfpwgf 3gjjifj,f 2 6 ' cliff' .gy EQ . .Q '35-es' QW Q a5jjZLQfN U kwa -L ii, 'Z Tw HMM ?JZ,,w1 1 5 X. ,Wa L XX 1LX X 1-Lg, Ju l X-M, if X44 " mr X ,,N, X 91 V X 22551 , , .g W ., mix? swf? XQQX . ,L ' Ja v-I nf U' J X 2 ' D X ,X X . XX 1 XX., X XX I i,g....4..4v'sJ rg X ,X ,K ,lm X .LTTE . X4-:XX 'XE if Q ix X ,,,,. :W X' . 4 XXQXQ .XX,, X 'XS r X 11" mv, ,X,,X 3-Q. F V wwf: XvXgX X ' , its -'-' X X - 'X' " -V" X.' . Y JX 'X X' J., ,X . ,-:X IJ' , - 125' ,.X ' AXXI,'F-fn..-Xiu' X' X 'XX , ' " ' V' X1,- X X Mme XX ' wwf -fm XXW QVL 'ff-'nw' W X. 1-X 1 S'-"nf rw-XrXI53'!M' M-UX-, .XXX1 XX X A ww ... Xw-X .N wp XX.,X X XX X . wh- , , . . X , 1 , XXX .XJ , X XX,y Xff X'X'w,33.X X f,-X ' f'1 :X-,f?4fX 9,rfa,XX,gXf.X'54v3 Xw XX 9 -. 3fl'?', 4XW 'Xu jf2X4'X X W 'X -- X XX-,ff Qvwg wlww :V,,,,,.X,:X,'XX,!--X:,y:X:a WXX:.,,g.,,,5,55-x.,g V, , l, , ,m y X U XXL. - X, .X,.,.,XX,XXaX, XXX, Xwfli. . 4 .ix X H, X X I A , W l ., ,W , , .- ' X ' ' ,,' X' , ,, Xl.JuXf ' .fr xlx QQ- X, HW' QXXX-31+ ' Y , , A' , X7 , -mx KA Y ,- ,, .X,XXw5,n.,X C-11:43, QQ. , L ",i'f+,J ,SHE W X X, X I? A -X XX- .X XX XXXXXQ . ,.. ,X .X ,Xfiv 'Xg1!,..Xfw2X""'4Q"? qXg, r :."" :X:-'- 'XX ..:1f.ri X fa. - 'fr X X X tw- 33,5 , 'WE' :wig - ' Q jggi, X . ' X.,: Q' y '5"vf-'ft' U 3 ' W W' M NNW., - X-ki W" ' H- XX 59 'XXXXX 'f'+-'M'X13g'fW:' -H' -'1 Q'-'V-"4 - 'Q " ,,, ws, H' .:'3?f:'Q3,...Qi,r1x'2"'XX'iltff X1' , X X, -,X .Y XX X. . ,X ,, -XX-XmXXXXX,Xy...s: N N, X R L , A In , XX X 4, XXX!! XXX , P fm., ' X , lR.U.l-1. 4'Y-',,,', MMM J I X . jf J V I wg ., . X JM WW . . J' X X ' - :..2!,,,, X61-X "sh-'A"" sg R 3.,.,Lu,---4.1, V x V , f ,awc,41..4f, ,X ,X N' D 'rg - ' ff "cv, mm U 1 'Q X ,X Xfs' X V955 FM Q X: 524' ' inf MX ,HX ,X mfr , KNAK XXXXXXE HL V if fx , X,:"L L N X 54 1- X?'I' 1. X1 fs X A V1 J X rf 'fm ,IQ X X Fw V 'I' X X, J hi it X.:XXf' iw , il?- E IA. Xie' X X-KX 9527 'X ,fa f iii i. .dx X , '- j H Lf" , "W, 1 .X X., ,XXI Y. m . fr' , H, XM ,955 , -'Y' A Ae 1' In 1, ",iv?-'4Z.1'+.f:'1- FONMXQM ,Ewa XJ jg ,QL ' LNG X XQLLAXXX X 'X ' ' ' ' ' ,Xl ?'fXLQX'- ' X I K ,I?gX,'l PY' HTXH K: JKD' X 1 ,X.X an x A I is n T . X ZX, ' . W X X . Q . , N - ,' " 'XXX A 4 -Y' N X I . I A I b ,im :fu - F 4 V L Sv I , A X XX Y 0 x elm -h XM an EQ , ' X VMJ ' A jd I 'Q' Q X AA X QJJXOV 'D ggi? X X.,X ff XXi X 5 J X 5 -. X. J. ,.,,X,v,4gXX ,,,.. ,, , YN 1 ' ,X ,X XX' X 1.X 5-'Z X . X f. - X ' X X-X X , ,'X. 'Q XX.',wXX. X , . ,l'.X', '- " ":Qi' M ' u "" " ' .Y ' Y TW '.W "'!J"3ix1X:5JV': I ff ', TSM- X ".n7"1lL X X X '54 I956 PHOENIX M 1 XHTWE' I - 4 fi V it ll , X YK:-Rfxg - IQ f : R TR 1 5 4 ,A f X Q R Q : In 2 ,lair - 'II-if xix -' "X Sf 4 - "" -R .. E Q T- - ' ' ,It 1 2 - El., XI:-f x":" A".:", --7.1! N s-f W I I a n XII ,Lux I- I I hI I 1- MUNDELEIN CATHEDRAL HIGH SCHOQL 750 North Wabash Avenue Chicago 11, Illinois DEDICATION As in the tongues of fire that burned away the ignorance and tears of God's apostles, the Sacred Dove has burned a path of knowl- edge and courage to the doors of our school. With each caressing flame, He kindles the tire of Christian warmth and loyalty that swells within these walls and aftably fills our hearts. In acknowledgment of this work of love, we dedicate this album ot memories to you, O Holy Spirit, patron ot wisdom and strength. 0 lt R ,I J rm, X E Rf' 5 53 X 13.4 . 7017, .' ..'.-'Ili X . x-, - . 3 ,Z l H M it , ., ' 4,13 . ,. , ,H t -.1 i H HIV: I ll ' ' 32-71 -344 1 .. Vp ' ' QQ ",".V 31'.'i'3fHg.',:., .Q 1. jff.Q,jf1.2..Q52Qi-525f ,i 5' . . :I .-. F. l-,- -, vl., .-VILUJZ t 'W " ' ' ., n .. . ff, .ly quly ' Y ,-,.l .L "H 'fa - 52' P -ff' IVAN! . xxxxxttxxlxi X X . ,139 ,t .. In f Xvtxvw fs..-L Page 4 And Gladly Monsignor Patrick Hayes .... ,..,.... D irector Sister Mary Cecil .........v ...... P rincipal Sister Mary St. Bertha ..,. .....,.....,.,,,. E nglish Sister Mary Daniel ,,,,,,,,,,.,.,,,., Latin, Library Sister Mary Eustella ..r......... English, Library, Psychology, Spanish Sister Mary Gerard .......... Clothing, English, Social Science Sister Mary Magdala .......... Geometry, Latin Mathematics, Science Sister Mary St. Marguerite .... Social Science Sister Mary of the Rosary ..,...........,. English., Social Science Sister Mary Paula ...... Mathematics, Science Sister Mary Sharon ...,.................. Iournalism, Social Science Sister Mary St. Theresa .... Business Education Rev. William Gubbins ....,,.. Athletic Director, Religion I Rev. Iames Murtaugh ,........w..........,............. Student Council Advisor, Religion II Rev. Iohn McAvoy ..v.......,............... Religion III Rev. Emmett Regan ..... ...... M usic Director, Religion IV Monsignor Hayes is our rector and chief advisor of our Rev- Iohn Bcmahcm ------ --'---- C ounselor School. He guides our spiritual and social activities. Rev. Robert Herne mm-Counselor Rev. William Goedert .... ....,.. C ounselor Expert help comes from Father Though newly arrived, Father Herne as he makes the rounds Goedert has already made his of the Square. way into the heart ol the student body as counselor and friend. Known around school as a form- er treshmen religion teacher, Father Banahan now confines his dealings with students to friendly talks and good advise. Teach Clothed in a mantle ot love, bound by the cincture of service, they are to us the parents of our spiritual lite, and god-parents of our fun. Their hands are ever outstretched to guide and help the students as they Wend their way through lite. Love and respect come naturally to them. Who are they? Our faculty, our diocesan priests and the Sisters ol Charity, B.V.M. Father Gubbin's youthful zest and natural charm help make freshmen religion a delightful, as well as instructive period. His hearty laugh and winning ways have endeared Father Regan to seniors as he readies them tor the years after grad- uation. His quiet wit and "ready and willing to help" manner have gained Father Murtaugh the love and respect ot the sopho- mores. A far-reaching love of the Holy Spirit and the students about him, facilitate Father McAvoy's duties as instructor and friend of the juniors. Page 5 That' September Morn A whispered prayer for help from each and every student on this day marking a new adventure, a Wave and a clasp of a fdendly hand not seen for so long, bright faces vvhich reHectthejoy ofthe beginning ofan- other school year, a year of promise and hope,a yearofsenousstudy and good times as eager feet shuffle up the well-worn stairs of our school. With each step the halls vibrate and re-echo with happy voices eager to return. After attending the Mass ot the Holy Ghost in the Cathedral, Elaine Feliksik, Anne Duray, El- eanor Zabiaka, Kay Keating, Marie Beckman, and Rozanne Bertucci lead the student body to witness the yearly blessing of the school. On this tirst day, the Rt. Rev. Msgr. Patrick I. Hayes, the Rev. Iohn McAvoy and the Rev. Wil- liam Gubbins begin the beautiful custom ot the blessing of the school. It is in this ceremony that we beg and entreat the Holy Spirit to shower graces and aid on the plans and dreams of the coming year. "Ring in the new and ring out the old!" and that's just what junior Patricia Hanlon is doing as she formally an nounces the official beginning of an other anticipated school year. The shrill summons causes vacation-weary stu dents to clamor toward silent classrooms ready and anxious to continue where they left ott last year. Page 6 f . - , A - A AL :e H,-..::-..q5-A-'-'A-T W- , . ww - ,. 055, ' ' " 6. A A-rf - ' Y-Sf W -Q ' f'1t-sf-'WW 'f :W e,'-signs lf i 5.1: ,V :W K A xi . ' s E N I o R s ill ..,.-we ,ss, is 4 , :. , 1 9 Y fr fn lt +L' rig? X , 1 it K V .1-""' if-exe W -. . . -f7'w'f ' F10 'El f'-- , A -M 'N -ff Q "' ,V - , ?"'Z,M,..,,Q' U S W s'?f,, 'w w W' - i M. W F' ,ly 1 -.g ,". A ,. , .. A ,, y- M- ....,. . I we ' LvffA .. . H M . . , V mgf'.5,,E 7 .4- i ff! w l l r P i fl 5 fx ti Q ,, i I V if 5 C n file, tw, ali ,fl i l ,141 . lil ,,.f" A 5 5 323, Long after the gray walls of our school are demolished we shall always remember the lamiliar rooms that we studied I in, the toot-scarred floors, "Old Facelul' at one end ol the hall, and the Phoenix Nest at the other. The precious mo- ments ot decorating the classroom Christmas tree, the senior I dinner and dance, our trip, the prom, and May Coronation , l will never be forgotten. ,Q - , Amid these joys we encountered sorrow, for one, who lt laughed and cried with us, now knows the heavenly warmth 4 jg of his Master's smile. CQII Our love for the Cathedral and school will travel with us l l, as we face the world courageously equipped with the knowl- edge and wisdom obtained from our teachers, the devoted ,' gl priestsxand nuns. , J., jg , V L ,r.s or r "' 5 ' "--f faves -W it Page 7 ali.. f t SENIORS Senior class officers, Iune Myers, Anne Duray, Carol Grundhoeter, Ierry Ryan, Abraham Gomez, Mike Laurie, Ann Dolphin, and Diane Keating, discuss the activities of the year over cokes in the school auditor- ium. AMARILLO, MADELEINE PHYLLIS OUR LADY OF SORROWS Yearbook 4. Rosary Club 4. Pep Club 3. Spanish Club 1, 2. Shorthand Award 3. Musical 4. ARMENDARIZ, LOLITA LUCIA ST. BONAVENTURE Class Vice-President 1. Class Treasurer Z. Phoenix Art Editor 3, 4. Yearbook Art Editor 4. Rosary Club 4. Pep Club l, 2. Shorthand Award 3. S. D. S. 3. Mundelein Press Conference 4. Musical I, 2, 3, 4. BARNES, RICHARD IOHN ST. ALOYSIUS Football l, 2, 3, 4. Football Co-Captain 4. Basketball I, 2, 3, 4. Baseball 2, 3, 4. Rosary Club 4. Altar Boy Society 4. Musical 4. BECKMAN, MARIE ANNE OUR LADY OF THE ANGELS Class Treasurer Z. Honor Society 4. Phoenix Reporter 4. Year- book 4. Honor Roll 1. Rosary Club 4. Vocation Club 4. Library Club 4. Pep Club l, Z, 3. Spanish Club l, 2. Perfect Attendance 3, 4. Shorthand Award 3. S. D. S. 3. Cisca 2, 3. Poetry Award l. Musical I, 2, 3, 4. BERGIN, WILLIAM PATRICK HOLY NAME CATHEDRAL Baseball 4. Rosary Club 4. Altar Boy Society 4. Musical 4. BERTUCCI, ROZANNE MARIE ST. MARY INCORNATA Vocation Club 4. Library Club 4. Shorthand Award 3. Im- maculate Conception Program 4. Musical 4. BERTUCCIOLI, LEA IEANETTE HOLY NAME CATHEDRAL Rosary Club 4. Vocation Club 4. Library Club President 4. Pep Club l, 2, 3, 4. Periect Attendance I, 2, 4. Shorthand Award 3. Immaculate Conception Program 4. Musical 4. BIRK, SLYVIA MARIA HOLY NAME CATHEDRAL Rosary Club 4. Spanish Club 1. Shorthand Award 3. Immac- ulate Conception Program 4. Musical 3, 4. Page 8 BOBROWSKI, GERALD ARNOLD ST. BONIFACE Rosary Club 4. Vocation Club 4. Track 3, 4. Musical 3, 4. BOZEK, RICHARD ANTHONY ST. PHILIP BENIZI Honor Society Vice-President 4. Student Council 4. Football 1, Z, 3, 4. Basketball l, 2, 3, 4. Rosary Club 4. Vocation Club 4. Altar Boy Society 4. Poetry Award l. Musical l, 3, 4. BRANDENBURG, RICHARD BRUCE OUR LADY OF MOUNT CARMEL Class President 3. Student Council 3. Yearbook 4. Football 1, 2, 3. Basketball 1, 2. Altar Boy Society 4. Senior Dinner Com- mittee 4. Operetta 1, 3. Musical 1, 4. BRAUN, MARY LOU HOLY NAME CATHEDRAL Honor Society 3, 4. Phoenix Reporter 4. Yearbook 4. Rosary Club 4. Vocation Club 4. Library Club 4. Pep Club 1, 2, 4. Shorthand Award 3. S. D. S. 2. Cisca 3. Musical 4. BROOKS, LOUISE MARIA HOLY ANGELS Rosary Club 4. Vocation Club 4. Perfect Attendance Z. Short- hand Award 3. Musical 1, 4. BUDRIK, IEWELL ANN ST. VINCENT DE PAUL Class Treasurer l. Volleyball l. Library Club 4. Pep Club 1, 2. Shorthand Award 3. S.D.S. Style Show 3. S.D.S. .3. Immaculate Conception Program 4. Musical l, 3, 4. BURNS, DELANNE KAY ST. GENEVIEVE Volleyball l, 2. Vocation Club 4. Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4. Short- hand Award 3. S.D.S. Style Show 3. Immaculate Conception Program 4. New World Scholarship 4. Musical l, 3, 4. CALAMIA, MARY ANN THERESA SANTA MARIA ADDOLORATA Library Club 4. Pep Club 3, 4. Perfect Attendance 3, 4. Short- hand Award 3. Immaculate Conception Program 4. Musical l, 4. CASTELVECCHI, ANTHONY IOSEPH OUR LADY OF THE ANGELS Basketball 3, 4. Baseball 3. Musical 4. CONWAY, KATHLEEN THERESE ANNUNCIATION Vocation Club 4. Pep Club 2, 3. Perfect Attendance 3. Shorthand Award 3. S.D.S. Style Show 3. Cisca 2, 3. Immaculate Con- ception Program 4. New World Scholarship 4. Musical 1, 3, 4. CONWAY, SARA ANN ANNUNCIATION Yearbook 4. Pep Club 1, 2, 3. Shorthand Award 3. Cisca 3. New World Scholarship l, 2. Cardinal Stritch Award 3. Musical.4. CYZEN, KENNETH WALTER ST. BONIFACE Football 3, 4. Basketball 3, 4. Baseball 3, 4. Rosary Club 4. Vocation Club 4. Musical 4. DERUISA, LORRAINE CECELIA ST. ANSELM ' Phoenix Page Editor 4. Phoenix Reporter 3. Yearbook 4. Patron Skit Chairman 4. Honor Roll l, 3. Vocation Club 4. Library Club 4. Pep Club 3, 4. Spanish Club 1, 2. Shorthand Award 3. Poetry Award l. Cisca 3. Election Campaign Chairman 4. Oratorical Contest 3. Musical 4. DESECKI, BARBARA LOUISE ST. BARTHOLOMEW Phoenix Reporter 3, 4. Yearbook 4. Rosary Club 4. Vocation Club 4. Library Club 4. Camera Club 4. Pep Club 1, Z, 3, 4. Spanish Club Secretary 2. Spanish Club l, Z. Shorthand Award 3. Football Dance Committee Chairman 4. Poetry Award 1. Cisca 3. Operetta l. Musical l, Z, 4. Page 9 DOLPHIN, ANN VERONICA ST- VINCENT DE PAUL Student Council Vice-President 4. Class Treasurer 4. Phoenix Reporter 3, 4. Yearbook 4. Rosary Club 4. Vocation Club 4. Pep Club 2, 3, 4. Cheerleading 3, 4. Cheerleader Captain 4. Shorthand Award 3. S.D.S. Style Show 3. Musical 4. DUNLAP, BARBARA ANN HOLY CROSS Pep Club 1, 2. Shorthand Award 3. Musical 3, 4. DUNLAP, CAROL LUCY HOLY CROSS Perfect Attendance 1, 3. Musical 4. DURAY, ANNE ROSALIE OUR LADY HELP OF CHRISTIANS Class Treasurer 4. Honor Society Secretary 4. Student Council 4. Honor Society 3, 4. Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 4. Phoenix Co-Editor 4. Phoenix Statt 3, 4. Phoenix Alumni Co-Editor 4. Yearbook 4. Rosary Club 4. Vocation Club 4. Library Club 4. Pep Club 4. Spanish Club l, Z. Spanish Club President 2. Shorthand Award 3. Poetry Award 1. Cisca 3. NSPA 4. Chicago Scholastic Press Guild 3. Mundelein Press Conference 4. Operetta I. Musical l, 4. FARACI, DOMINIC DANIEL ST- VINCENT DE PAUL Football 2, 3, 4. Football Co-Captain 4. Basketball Z. Baseball 2, 4. Rosary Club 4. Vocation Club 4. Altar Boy Society 4. Cisca 3. Musical 4. FARNUM, PATRICIA RUTH OUR LADY HELP OF CHRISTIANS Honor Society 4. Phoenix Reporter 3, 4. Yearbook Co-Editor 4. Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 4. Cheerleading 3, 4. Rosary Club 4 Vocation Club 4. Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4. Kate Clifford Award 2, 3 Cisca 3. Football Queen Attendant 4. Citizenship Award 3 NSPA 4. Oratorical Contest 2. Codes of Conduct Congress Representative 3. Musical I, 4. GOMEZ, ABRAHAM PENA HOLY FAMILY Student Council Treasurer 4. Class President 4. Rosary Club 4. Spanish Club 2. Spanish Club Vice-President 2. Musical 2, 3, 4. GOZDECKI, RONALD LADISLAUS ST, BONIFACE Class President 2. Student Council 2. Phoenix Reporter 3, 4. Yearbook 4. Altar Boy Society 4. Perfect Attendance 1, 4. Mun- delein Press Conference 4. Cisca 3, 4. Musical I, 4. GRIMM, CATHERINE ANN OUR LADY OF ANGELS Phoenix Business Manager 4. Yearbook 4. Honor Roll 1. Voca- tion Club 4. Pep Club 4. Perfect Attendance 1, 3, 4. Shorthand Award 3. Poetry Award I. Cisca 3. Mundelein Press Confer- ence 4. Musical 4. GRUNDHOEFER, CAROL CECILIA ST. VINCENT DE PAUL Class Secretary I, Z, 3. Class Vice-President 4. Student Council 4. Phoenix Reporter 3, 4. Yearbook Managing Editor 4. Honor Roll 2. Rosary Club 4. Pep Club I, 4. Shorthand Award 3. New World Scholarship 4. Football Queen Attendant 4. Operet- ta 3. Musical I, 4. GUERRIERI, MADELINE FRANCES OUR LADY OF THE ANGELES Yearbook 4. Volleyball 2. Perfect Attendance 4. Shorthand Award 3. Musical 4. HAMMERSCHMIDT, IO ANN NORA ST. VINCENT DE PAUL Class Treasurer l. Phoenix Reporter 3, 4. Yearbook 4, Volley- ball 2. Rosary Club 4. Vocation Club 4. Spanish Club 1. Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4. Shorthand Award 3. Poetry Award 1. Cisca 3. Football Queen Attendant 4. Musical I, 4. HEFLIN, AMBER CATHERINE ST. CATHERINE OF SIENA Student Council 4. Honor Society 4. Phoenix Co-Editor 3,4. Yearbook 4. Rosary Club 4. Vocation Club 4. Pep Club I, 2, 3. Shorthand Award 3. Election Campaign Chairman 4. NSPA 4. Mundelein Press Conference 4. Musical l, 3, 4. IONES, PATRICIA ANN HOLY C3055 Honor Roll 3. Rosary Club 4. Library Club 4. Perfect Attend- ance 1, 3, 4. Shorthand Award 3. S.D.S. 3. Cisca 3. Greatest Improvement Award 4. Immaculate Conception Program 4. Musical 4. Page IO IOZEF GRACE EVELYN ST ANTHONY Yearbook 4 Rosary Club 4 Shorthand Award 3 Musical 4 KACZMAREK RICHARD IOHN ST BONIFACE Honor Society Treasurer 4 Student Council 4 Phoenlx Reporter 3 4 Phoenix Sports Editor 4 Yearbook Sports Editor 4 Rosary Club 4 Vocation Club President 4 Perfect Attendance 3 4 Mundelein Press Conference 4 Operetta I Musical 'I 4 KANNABY PHILIP THEODORE ST PHILIP BENIZI Basketball 4 Baseball 4 Perfect Attendance 4 Poetry Award 4 Cisca 3 Mus1cal3 4 KEATING DIANE ELEANOR OUR LADY OF THE ANGELS Student Council Secretary 4 Class Secretary Z Class President 3 Class Vice President 4 Student Council 3 4 Honor Society 3 4 Phoenix Reporter 3 4 Yearbook 4 Honor Rolll 3 Cheer leading 3 4 Rosary Club 4 Vocation Club 4 Library Club 3 Pep Clubl 2 3 4 Spanish Clubl Perfect Attendancel Z 4 Shorthand Award 3 SDS Style Show 3 Cisca 3 Mission Crusade Delegate 4 Citizenship Award 3 Codes of Conduct Conaress Representative 3 Chicago Scholastic Press Guild 3 Honor Society 4 Phoenix Reporter 3 4 Yearbook 4 Honor Roll l. Volleyball l. Rosary Club 4. Vocation Club 4. Library Club 4. Pep Clubl 2 3 4. Spanish Clubl 2. Perfect Attend- ance 1 2 4. Shorthand Awards 3. Poetry Award l. S.D.S. 3. Cisca 2 3. SSCA 4. Mundelein Press Conference 4. Chicago Scholastic Press Guild 3. Musical I 3 4. KEIL HEROLD CHARLES HOLY NAME CATHEDRAL Class President 1. Student Council l. Honor Society 4. Phoenix Reporter 3. Phoenix Page Editor 4. Yearbook 4. Photographer 4. Rosary Club 4. Vocation Club 4. Interracial Society Repre- sentative 3. Disk Iockey 4. Oratorical Contest Winner 3. Mun- delein Press Conference 4. Chicago Scholastic Press Guild 3. Operettal 3. Musicall 2 3 4. KERKHOVE, RITA MARIE HOLY NAME CATHEDRAL Phoenix Reporter 3, 4. Yearbook 4. Rosary Club 4. Vocation Club 4. Pep Club 4. Perfect Attendance 4. S.D.S. 3. Muniie- lein Press Conference 4. Musical 4. LALLEY, BERNADINE ANN ST. VINCENT DE PAUL Honor Society 3, 4. Honor Roll l. Vocation Club 4. Library Club 4. Perfect Attendance l, 2, 3. Shorthand Award 3. Poetry Award l. Cisca 3. Immaculate Conception Program 4. LAURIE, MICHAEL IAMES ST. VINCENT DE PAUL Student Council President 4. Class President I, 4. Class Treas- urer 3. Honor Society 3, 4. Phoenix Reporter 3, 4. Yearbook 4. Photographer 4. Honor Roll4,4. Baseball 4. Tr'-'1Ck 3, 4- ROSCUY Club 4. Vocation Club 4. Mundelein Press Conference 4. Ora- torical Contest Winner 3. Musical I, 4. LE COMPTE, DIANA MARY OUR LADY HELP OF CHRISTIANS Class President Z. Class Vice-President I. Student Council l, 2. Vocation Club 4. Library Club 4. Pep Club I, 2, 3. Shorthand Award 3. Cisca 3. Immaculate Conception Program 4. Musical 1, 2, 4. LEE, MARILYN THERESA ST. THERESE CHINESE MISSION Yearbook 4. Shorthand Award 3. Musical 4. LONGTIN, ANN MARIE HOLY NAME CATHEDRAL Rosary Club 4. Vocation Club 4. Immaculate Conception Pro- gram 4. Musical 4. LORENZ, ELAINE ELIZABETH OUR LADY OF SORROWS Rosary Club 4. Library Club Secretary-Treasurer 4. Spanish Club l. Cisca 3. Greatest Improvement Award 4. Immaculate Conception Program 4. Musical 4. MARTINKA, PHILOMENA ROSE ST. MATTHEW Volleyball 2. Yearbook 4. Camera Club 4. Library Club 4. Pep Club l, Z. Shorthand Award 3. Cisca 2, 3. Musical 4. Page I I KEATING KATHERINE VIRGINIA OUR LADY OF THE ANGELS ,ep MAZZARELLA, MARY ANN ELIZABETH OUR LADY OF THE ANGELS Phoenix Reporter 4. Yearbook 4. Rosary Club 4. Vocation Club 4. Pep- 5Zll1'B'1,'i.2,,.37f 4f Spanish Club 1, 2. May Queen 4. Foot- ball Dance Committee 4. Senior Dinner Committee 4. Poetry Award l. Mundelein Press Conference 4. Musical 1, 4. MCDONALD, PATRICIA ELIZABETH ST. RICHARD Vocation Club 4. Pep Club 3. Shorthand Award 3. Cisca 2. Musical l, 3, 4. MCGOVERN, BEATRICE VERONICA OUR LADY HELP OF CHRISTIANS Rosary Club 4. Library Club 4. Pep Club l, 2, 3, 4. Perfect Attendance 3, 4. Shorthand Award 3. S.D.S. 3. Cisca 2, 3. Im- maculate Conception Program 4. Musical 4. MCLELLAND, IUDITH IRENE BLESSED SACRAMENT Rosary Club 4. Library Club 4. Pep Club 2, 3, 4. Pep Club Co-President 4. Spanish Club l, 2. Shorthand Award 3. Poetry Award l. S.D.S. Style Show 3. Cisca 3. Football Queen At- tendant 4. May Queen Attendant 4. Immaculate Conception Program 4. Musical 4. MYERS, IUNE ANN OUR LADY OF THE ANGELS Class Secretary 3, 4. Student Council 4. Honor Roll 1, 2. Rosary Club, 4. Vocation Club 4. 'Library Club 4. Pep Club l, 2, 3, 4. Pep Club Co-President 4. Spanish Club 1, 2. S.D.S. 3. Cisca 3. Oratorical Contest 2. Propagation of the Faith Repre- sentative 3, 4. Immaculate Conception Program 4. Musical 4 NIEDERKORN, IANET MARIE OUR LADY HELP OF CHRISTIANS Photographer 2. Volleyball l, 2. Rosary Club 4. Vocation Club 4. Library Club 4. Pep Club l, 2, 3, 4. Shorthand Award 3. Cisca 3. Immaculate Conception Program 4. Musical 4. ST. BONIFACE ST. MATTHEW 3 . i PALMISSANO, THERESA BRIDGET 5 . OUR LADY OF THE ANGELS 25.1 ference 4. Musical l, 4 VISITATION Musical 4. ST. VINCENT DE PAUL PRESENTATION Page I2 NOVAK, ROBERT IAMES Student Council 4. Football 3 4 Basketball 3 4 Rosary Club President 4. Vocation Club 4 Cisca 3 Musical 4 PACIONE, MICHAELENE FRANCES Volleyball l. Rosary Club 4 Vocation Club 4 Pep Club 1 2 3, 4. Shorthand Award 3 S D S 3 Cisca 3 Immaculate Con ception Program 4. Musical l 4 J - A Q Rosary Club 4. Vocation Club 4 Library Club 4 Spanish Club l,Z. Perfect Attendance 3 4 Cisca 3 Immaculate Conception Program 4. Musical 2, 4 PECORA, CORBINA ANN OUR LADY OF THE ANGELS Phoenix Reporter 4. Yearbook 4 Vocation Club 4 Spanish Club l, 2. Shorthand Award 3 Cisca 3 Mundelein Press Con PETERSON, BURTON MICHAEL Class Vice-President 3. Student Council 3 Honor Society 3 Football l. Basketball l '2 3 4 Baseball l Rosary Club Vocation Club 4. Senior Dinner Committee 4 Operetta 2 3 PIERCE, DIANNE MARGARET Vocation Club 4. Library Club 4 Perfect Attendance 4 Short hand Award 3. Greatest Improvement Award 3 Immaculate Conception Program 4. Musical 4 QUIGLEY, GERALDINE MARY Yearbook 4. Pep Club 2 3 Shorthand Award 3 S D S Style Show 3. Cisca 3. May Queen Attendant 4 Musical 3 4 RAMIREZ, IAN EDWARD OUR LADY OF MOUNT CARMEL Football 2, 3. Basketball 1 2 3 4 Perfect Attendance 1 3 Or atorial Contest 3. Operetta 3 Musical 4 RENTAS, DIANE MARIE OUR LADY OF SORROWS Kate Clifford Award I, 3. Shorthand Award 3. Immaculate Con- ception Program 4. Musical 4. RYAN, IEROME EDMUND RESURRECTION . Class Secretary 4. Student Council 4. Basketball 3. Baseball 4. Rosary Club 4. Alter Boy Society 4. Musical 4. SCARPACI, RONALD IOSEPH OUR LADY OF POMPEII Yearbook 4. Basketball 3, 4. Baseball 4. Rosary Club 4. Altar Boy Society 4. Perfect Attendance 3. Typing Award 3. SCRO, TINA CAROLANN ST. BONAVENTURE Rosary Club Representative 4. Vocation Club 4. Pep Club 3, 4. S.D.S Style Show 3. Football Queen Attendant 4. Election Cam- paign Chairman 4. Immaculate Conception Program 4. Musical 4. SERINO, MARYANN ROSE OUR LADY OF THE ANGELS Phoenix Reporter 4. Yearbook 4. Rosary Club 4. Vocation Club 4. Library Club 4. Pep Club 1, 4. Cisca 3. Chicago Scholastic Press Guild 3. Mission Crusade Delegate 4. Musical 4. SIMONE, ROSE MARIE CATHERINE OUR LADY OF THE ANGELS Class Vice-President 3. Student Council 3. Honor Society 3. Phoenix Reporter 3, 4. Yearbook 4. Volleyball 2. Rosary Club 4. Vocation Club 4. Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4. Perfect Attendance 4. Shorthand Award 3. Typing Award 3. Election Campaign Chairman 4. S.D.S. 3. Cisca 2, 3. Mundelein Press Conference 4. Musical 1, 4. SURBY, RITA ALICE ST. BRUNO Phoenix Reporter 3, 4. Yearbook 4. Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 4. Ro- sary Club 4. Vocation Club 4. Pep Club 4. Perfect Attendance 1, 2, 4. Shorthand Award 3. Typing Award 3. S.D.S. 3. Mu- sical l, 3, 4. SZCZECH, GERALDINE BERNICE ANNUNCIATION Honor Roll 1. Volleyball 2. Library Club Vice-President 4. Pep Club 2, 3, 4. Shorthand Award 3. Immaculate Conception Pro- gram 4. Musical 1, 4. TARRANT, MARY ELLEN HOLY NAME CATHEDRAL Class Vice-President 2. Student Council 2. Phoenix Reporter 3, 4. Yearbook 4. Cheerleading 3, 4. Rosary Club 4. Vocation Club 4. Library Club 4. Camera Club 4. Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4. Shorthand Award 3. Betty Crocker Homemaking Award 4. Cisca 3. Football Queen 4. Oratorial Contest 3. Musical 4. THEOBALD, ROBERT IOSEPH OUR LADY HELP OF CHRISTIANS Rosary Club 4. Perfect Attendance 2, 3, 4. Musical 4. TOMASETTI, IOHN FREDERICK ST. CHARLES 'BORROMEO Football 4. Baseball 4. Vocation Club 4. Musical 4. TRIPTOW, ANNE MARIE ST. VINCENT DE PAUL Phoenix Reporter 3, 4. Yearbook 4. Honor Roll 1. Vocation Club 4. Pep Club 1, 2. Perfect Attendance 4. Shorthand Award 3. S.D.S. 3. Election Campaign Chairman 4. Operetta 1, 2, 3. Mu- sical l, 2, , 4. TUMAN, DONALD PAUL ST. BONIFACE Rosary Club 4. Musical 4. VALENTI, GAIL MARIA ST. ANGELA Phoenix Reporter 3, 4. Yearbook 4. Rosary Club 4. Vocation Club 4. Camera Club 4. Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4. Spanish Club 1, Z. slhorthanf Award 3. Cisca 3. Election Campaign Chairman 4. usica . Page I3 y J .. Page I4 M' lflhl-Mk, WILSON. SHELIA ANN BLESSED SACRAMENT Vocation Club 4. Pep Club 3, 4. Perfect Attendance 3, 4. Senior Dinner Committee 4. Immaculate Conception Program 4. Mu- sical 4. WINKLER, MARGERY LOIS ST. VINGENT DE PAUL Library Club 4. S.D.S. 2. Immaculate Conception Program 4. Musical 4. ZABIAKA, ELEANOR MARRIANNE ST. NICHOLAS Honor Society President 4. Student Council 4. Honor Society 3, 4. Phoenix Reporter 3. Phoenix Page Editor 4. Yearbook Co Editor 4. Phoenix Alumni Co-Editor 4. Honor Roll 1, 2, 4. Ro sary Club 4. Vocation Club 4. Library Club 4. Camera Club 3 Spanish Club 1, 2. Perlect Attendance 3, 4. Shorthand Award 3. S.D.S. 3. Cisca 3. SSCA 4. NSPA 4. Mundelein Press Confer ence 4. Citizenship Award 3. Mu ical 1, 3, 4. , In Memoriam 1937-19 56 Arthur Miller, senior, took leave of his friends and family to meet his Lord and Savior in the garden of Paradise, on Friday. Ianuary 27. Throughout his three years at Mundelein, Art devot- ed much of his time to sports and singing. Dressed from head to toe in the red and white attire of Santa Claus, Art captured the hearts of the first and second graders at the Tiny Tot Christmas party. His iovial smile blending warmly with his loveable personality, had and never will cease -to glow. In the comforting words oi Father McAvoy, who delivered the funeral sermon, "Art is now with His Creator and has already learned the tenderness oi His Mother's love." I -A, 'K An extra flight of stairs, the wonder of new subjects, the thrill of finally earning the title, "upperclassmen", small things such as these create the atmosphere of junior year. Happy days crammed full with thoughts ot lessons, assemblies and extra-curricu- lar activities, greeted us at every turn. We grew spiritually, men- tally, physically, We found new strength in retreat, days of recollection, Mass, Holy Communion and the recitation of the rosary. Our enthusiasm has blos- somed into determination as We strive to possess the quali- ties needed as future leaders oi our school. JUNICJRS 8 Page I5 . 'A r A yu' .Q - Q- 5 I WFFQF? .l ,,, " 7 is 'jr 'FK L,'f ' f Z xx an . 'fc , . I' ., - . - I . q ' M if ' 7 L V L K jf A 7' ' 7 ffm W Bennett Alrniro Herbert Almquist Sandra Anderson Mary Balachia Leo Bertuccioli Bernadine Bozek is 9 li Nl P 7? ag. ,161 rsvp- -YL y- vu W S :Q M K l , Mais W C3 P' l X ' 41 M x G' . 'Jr WM y f,.: 2- F :gy M 4 .4 L L Fl 5 fy -fy' M- 4 P - 'liege M B, ,g l ll if ' jf y Q if loan Bracy Daniel Brannigan Iudy Burns Dennis Calderisi Iosette Candella Ianice Cartin Patricia Cartin Nancy Casaletto Thomas Casey Michael Cassatteri Sandra Cesario Raymond Cloud Ion Cobb Virginia Colletti Nancy Comella Michael Connolly Ramona Czech Ianet DeGrazia Carole Flynn ' . rv, I K A L,Ay Q Q 'W V! . LL. LL .rr, wr was lj li f y yyy ynK F L QF- F I 1x , NI' , do lr -G by or L 43" 'FQ f -ww: 1 ' if ,ly 'W 'i'4 A ,l,l l , 7 EK h.'Ikk A ll X 45 f I ' A It fa L F 3' ... Loretta Deruisa Thomasina D'Incogn1to Sally Ann Emerich Richard Ficarra Elaine Feliksik Betty Iane Fitzpatrick Mary Beth Foley William Fuery Raymond Gaast Alexine Geddes LaVergne Gill Richard Greco Richard Grimm Eileen Handschiegel Thomas Harrity Iay Herrera Catherine Intante .. . A am RM , M ,i ,SW gr? . , ...,. ,Q ff A , . K I In ,K X K kj if . T ,M kg: , .M . F wwf L F ii? y,ry -L L as A. ' , ' -V W. ' 5 1 My L 'W f A ' I 31. ,-k- K, . . x ,, ' W '." . 'Q V V ' A' . f ,.l,,.,,.,t 'F F F 1 L, , if F . A . . 1 . M" ,. 'Q V : .M f VE XX ,.V, . ij qt y W X F' T Al ytrytt , V . A N --- . f- . K I ' ,wi i M I , 'F , h 'N vw' 3. my L lr- r , A 4 ix K? t K. WVR 1, V. my K , A y i 5 1 X in my ,r Y K 5 W, M iv f ,ld Theodore Kern Shirley Krull Ieraldine Kunio Nadine Kwolik --3,35 A My slrt 'lyy F MF L 1 nl' .L Fe Barbara Lavorata X F ' N ' Walter Lechowicz Q 1 ttlyttr t t rtty s r Q W ' B V Kirlilr L N Gertrude Lee l N G G' lllz :EZEE V llll ,t y Marian Lee ,g V. .,F G f -': is .lr y y s 4 F A L F:::- Rose Ann Lemak "' "' Q. ' lt y slywi t Ioanne Lillig FFL F J ij . F' N' L, ,Q T76 Robert Lorenz , I 5 1 1:15, Ff," lr- Page 16 , .,, . mug' JUNIORS . . . CLASS OF I957 Raymond Miller Patricia O'Callaghan Robert Pacione Ioyce Page Virginia Pedroza Hector Pedroza Frances Ptest Phyllis Pittman Shirley Radoha Virginia Rendek Phillip Rodgers Iames Schiltz Marian Selsky Rose Marie Severino Walter Shaban Donna Shpikula Marilyn Stoltman Iames Theobald Carole Thompson Margie Valenzuela Marian' Vitello William Wedge Richard Willard Carol Williams Iean Wincheski Carol Winkler Iacqueline Wolak Mary Ann Wozniak Regina Zahora Dolores Zulaski Page I7 NOT PHOTOGRAPHED Frank Amari Patricia Hanlon Gerald Brunning Norbert Lewakowski is Patricia Cuff Marti Lorenzo Iudith Donahue Helen Mahoney Carole Schwind DeLourdes McBride Diane McCoy Loretta Miller JUNIORS TOAST THANKSGIVING Diving into the "swing, sway, and swoon" theme "A Little Bit of Heaven" shines in Father McAvoy's of the afternoon, cmd harmonizing to the pop tune "P. exuberant smile as he approaches the stage to croon S. I Love You," Bill Fuery, Ray Gaast, and Phil Rod- that Irish folk song during the junior Thanksgiving gers appear on the set as the "Three Iuniors" made spectacular. their theatrical debut. The songs, dances and laughter that filled the auditorium as the junior class pre- sented a satire of the "Toast of the Town" will never fade from our hearts' memories. Beating a toast of rhythm in his portrayal of the spectacular Gene Krupa, Norb Lewa- kowski, adds a thoughtful thump of boogie before his final colossal downbeat. Page 18 it SOPHOMORES When you bisect an angle and dissect a worm, you know you really are a sophomore. No longer the "babies" of the school, neither were we the eldest. We found ourselves to be "in- betweens" with an uphill climb confronting us. Studies were more difficult, so we tackled them relentlessly. We enjoyed fully the anticipation ot traditional events and the presentation ot our own production. We've now reached the end of our ascent. Our friendships are cemented, our spirits absorbed by the -walls of Mundelein. At this time we give our thoughts to the two years remaining and wish them to be as reward- ing and profitable as the one we are now leaving. Page l9 w l tiffw- r, if ..,,4 5 Page 20 Phyllis Angelo Richard Anselmo Susan Baran Virginia Barnes Veronica Barron Carolann Bartello Robert Bernatski Constance Beutel lane Bezak Marion Blake Arlene Bozek Nancy Brandenberg Sandra Burns Rasmo Casini Nancy Choy Michael Coconato Dorothy Conway Patricia Conway Gene Crudele Geraldine Curtin Anthony DeGrazia Iosephine Deliberto Catherine Derby William Dini Adolph Durpetti Arlene Felty Edith Ferguson Dorene Fischer Mary Flaherty Thomas Flynn Kenneth Fuery Kathleen Gaughan Iudy Gleason Deanne Gnatek Ioan Gorski Rocco Greco Samuel Greco Stephen Greco Iames Hanrahan Robert Hernandez Carol Hintgen Kathleen Kennedy Joyce Kerrigan Thomas Klosinski Harry Kral Matthew Longtin Marietta Mattila Ann McGovern Dolores Melera Patricia Mika Carol Page Edward Parsons Rose Pawlicki Michael Perry SOPHOMORES . . . CLASS OF I958 Yvonne Pesaresi Marilyn Rizzo Patricia Sbalchiero Catherine Schlitt lean Shulak Constance Simione Iulie Skvarenina Elizabeth Sladak Amelia Sokolski Ioseph Straube Cornelius Sullivan La Vergne Szczech Mary Ann Szymczk Suzanne Tierney Carol Tousant Barnette Tucker Steve Tugman Patricia Van de North Paul Vargas Iudy Wenchowski Patricia Wingert Frances Zummo Songs of America, some old some new, are prac- ticed by the sophomores as they mix the business of learning with the pleasure oi a community singing session. NOT PHOTOGRAPHED Lucille Amarillo Barbara Angelo Gerald Boysen Ioseph Duffy Mary Ann Falco Iohn Glanz Shirley Novak Iulius Rodriquez Christine Weber Page 21 STUDIOUS SOPHOMORES 'nv Page 22 . W-, '."."-'?f?uf..'-' ' Enthusiastic listeners Marilyn Rizzo, Mary Ann Szymczk, La Vergne Szc- zech, and Bill Dini group around Fa- ther Murtaugh admiring a picture of Our Lord, as he recalls to them facts pertaining to their religious training. ,J V X 'J . ,.,, , 1 X3 ,Ag ,,., .-gigs? 'ZS it .J .,.-""'tf Oflering assistance in arranging geometric The exotic land of the Far East is pointed out ligures on bulletin board are Iudy Wenchowski, by Kathleen Kennedy to Michael Coconato and Ioan Gorski and Connie Beutel. Dorene Fischer Iames Hanrahan during an afternoon session in and Pat Wingert lstandingl prove that illustra- world geography. tions help solve their problems. FRESHMEN A new world unfolds, an entirely different mode of life greets the freshmen. ln September we were welcomed and given dinks dyed to our symbolic color, green. This color sig- nified not only our newness to high school, but al- so our hope for success in its environment. While we explored the intricacies of algebra and Latin, we were stealthily injected with school spirit and loyalty, and bombarded with little bub- bly feelings of happiness at sharing with our new- found friends, all the momentous events usual to freshmen. In the beginning we were the hope of our be- loved school. Now we are more. We are a part of if Page 23 Allen Adams Russell Anzalone Barbara Astrella IoAnn Avant Ioanne Azara Ioseph Barbera Lydia Bellandi Frank Belluomim Ioanne Bongiorno Steven Boyle William Brannigan Patricia Brunning Robert Calderisi Barbara Casey Mary Kay Cotseres Iohn Cheloni Eileen Coniglir Thomas Connelly Eileen Coyne Margaret De Cori Ronald Delaquila Rose Del Dotto Mary De Notto Lary Derby Cornelius Dillon Catherine Di Venere Leonard Dudas lean Durpetti Iay Emerich Vivian Faraci Frank Frieri Geraldine Flynn Stephanie Gale Rose Gorny Robert Gozdecki Thomas Grabowski Diane Hall Raphael Handschiegel Iohn Harte William Herlihy Edward Hill Georgianna Hodum Mary Eileen Hughes Leontine Iankowskr William Iedlink Ronald Iones Richard Iuarez Iohn Iusino Melanie Kaczmarski Rita Kelly Iudy Kilobassa Marilyn Krnak Marlene Kuzsynski Marianna Litka FRESHMEN . . . CLASS OF I959 NOT PHOTOGRAPHED: Robert Lawicki mm ' tl Paul Maldonado lohn Piovesan Richard Lupo Michael Malchiodo M y ddydiolzo 3 Christine Maltezsos M ,,o 'C S if in 4 C , it Iohn McCann 5, . ipy zvli i ,A Tii C' y J 'QT 5 loseph McDermott , , R' QV: A mWl -K Liif ie' , f i Mary Ann Mee V,VE E Vlrik ili . ,Q ,Ai7,., ttyiii 1 Qii 1 . ' Roberta Meyer V deid Y he 5 , R' V K lf- , L. ,W i , Albert Michalak K' i X C Shiflev Musiel in S i ii 4- iii R . idsii S iiii or iiee ,gg l C Theresa Pdcione iieii ifi iii as R in Barham Pancyrz i i e i ,W 4,i in X, 4 yy Salvatore Pariso :fi 5 i'Q lillgll tl S . if All Olga Pedroza yd C L A H Vincent Peterson Edward Powell Charles Radoha Ioann Randazzo ,. .Ml,583E5.,1 K ,Q A , A' " 1' 4 X.. '- w .X ., www , NY if W? .A , 1 ffl 525 faire! W V- ' " V' 1 5 , Q' i ffl, ,, , .Q K H . ,tl I ff A, ' M ' I 5 George Rusk f 'W fiiifizff rast S S Dudley Regelbrugge , t if A g , - 1 , :mt g kkhr if Vrkr my Q Iames Rentas xl H A '- iq Manfred Ruckser ' ' A M V' E etlt - P , George Russell A if . Kathleen Ryan 3' .' 1 Q91 if . M if H Q Patr1c1a Ryan i I -- - K 5, ,- iw g ift Y K .4 fl Nickolas Sabatino . " it t, , 'l.' in ' i' l :,v2'f f 'ig iff? 1.-fw j, lf' ' yhf i ' y ytcl s y c rs Thomas SCIIHPSY ' f .ysc A . Ioseph Sanchez R y - C - . C E Carol lean Sellers M f ' i J' ' T' ' ix N UHCY 5erI110r1fe f 1' v -Q we 3 , . l tssl R QQ ycsy, M A5 . . ' ' tti' W wi ' ' - ,,,, V Wllllcm Shqfala A , f . , Lk., ftczy Marian Simioni A 1 W' C V X' ' ' M S l 'tllli Al'l' Y 5 arva tinson B Paul Strauve S i in S i ,1 R S l -If . . fr - Z 1 s,'t' R R .t Iosephine Szymczak " " "S as i.. , ,'i - ff - Thersea Tarullo fl.. et,, t ggjff M 'Q Qi , Q J , at , . as tyllel A lirys so R lean Terdlna - ll, .t ,tli if - Cecelia Tongson he tsl, frra R if H 1. 5 l A is . ilii fl til M S -- S- M. C Edward Toniolo ' R I ,, ti't R Claudette Toussaint A R Z Ronald Trendle C .N ifwa - A ig' y " I ft, 1 --m. loan Viverito . Y R 4 ' f't' Diane Wlelgos 7 ,ihy , U . - A Ltyl, ,yAh t ,, , J ,. ., ,sf Kg! . K jmkr ,lggpigil Iohn Zurawski f - 5 Ll, X I l X' ' E 'mi l Page 25 I tx PRAY Opening the Advent season Albert Mich- alak of Room 8 lights the Advent wreath in the front corridor, as fellow students Mari- anna Lifka, Bob Lawicki, Marilyn Krnak, Shirley Musial, Robert Calderisi, Terry Pac- ione, Ronald Trendle, Lydia Bellandi, Ioe Sanchez, Ioanne Azara, and Michael Mal- chiodo look on. PGNDER Giving thought to the past and the future as Parent-Teacher meeting starts, brings Ronald Delaquila and Albert Michalak with their parents to discuss the abilities and behavior of the boys with Sister Mary of the Rosary. Page 26 f-'ggi PLAY As amateur playrights and actors, the stu- dents of world history class introduce scenes from "Roman Days." Re-enacting parts are Charles Radoha as Octavius, Vince Peterson as a soldier, Mary Kay Cotseres as Cleopatra, Rose Gorny as Cleopatra's maid in waiting, and Lenny Dudas as Mark Antony. t S 5 3? t if 1' ,Mx gg if .' it lglg tgl g, ,, . I ' ' -, 1? ,L f ' gg, g wxlifggqlg' - , , .... V - -' 'j Q L.,' - 5 tj' fffa in "'t'1,,.J -f ,. i xx 'A - 'Q Q V q ,g ., , L V , ii' k M 4 14 Q Q . V wh . , V xg!! i ' J ffl ,lip i' Q-A K , l via l S T U D I E S M . "' 1 4 'z P me is y 29- I cj . .E ,Q I YK t ' -P L- uk: ll, F FV? . m ln V l l,,f Y I t fl, . X l 45 V X 1, 'Q X K ll H fl ir, i I' QQ? h ,, fi ' 'f my ' 1 . Wt Qi: l ,V ' 'ye' If w R , N 1 l . P if '31 K - H r t ' , if er 1 1, r?f J .e" v w it y - N K Qt gf, 1, , I l, ' v A, lm, he tl I I '21 , ll , fl! t 11" . . ay U- ' I 6' ll yi-,ij Forever imprinted in the minds ol all students is the un- ,gm , 6 ending knowledge tound in each day's world ot study. 1- gl , Ea, an Reviewing for a final exam with a whispered prayer to 'fiat V 1' the Holy Ghost, discussing a chapter in history, watching a j4l F movie in biology, and the telling of a funny experience in -,M 5 English class blend together to create an atmosphere of t is mystery and wonder. ,Q it afpwl if ilgtli l . x if t his Wk A, , i I W . if i , fiait? e' it , , it , , he tx 'ia V ,,tvi my t lr sa - if , - P N' wi. ll vp A ,' ff X if is 'f'o"t1!"'1 in "e ' ' " I- " M v "-"- "GLW " Aafifi 'a- Page 27 I , Q . The art and customs of Spanish speaking countries Love of God, presence of the Holy Spirit, cmd Chris- provide enjoyable listening for Ioan Bracy, Frances tian purity are among the topics infused into the Pfest, and Bennett Almiro during a Spanish I class. juniors during their religion class conducted by Fa- ther MCI-lvoy. FROM THE FIRST BELL .,y , M mx I 'R v XJ. t W or Qleniglt R "Ho-hum, I give up," sighs Michaelene Pacione as she tries to choose the ideal President of the U. S., Kathy Conway and Philomena Martinka lend a help- ing hand by offering some favorable suggestions for Presidenf Hayes, Transforming English into the past, present, and fu- ture tenses of Latin, are members of Latin I, Diana Hall and Manfred Ruckser and Melanie Kaczrnarski. Page 28 Traits and talents of Phil Kannaby and Maryann Ser- ino are revealed even in handwriting, as Sister Mary Eustella determines the slant and size of their scrawls from her "Black Book" during psy- chology class. Delving into the musical background of Latin-American history are Iosephine Deliber- to, Sandy Burns, Cornelius Sullivan, Mike Perry, Tom Flynn, and Howard Pfest. Dem- onstrating the maracas is Sis- ter Mary Gerard. Weekly current event strip films, seen by the senior his- tory class are shown by Richie Barnes and Abe Gomez while a junior, Ted Kern, lends a helping hand. Page 29 gy. L, Keeping abreast ot the times is a major chapter in United States history studies, Here current events are debated in an open forum by Ann Dolphin, Richard Kacz- marek, Diana Le Compte, Herold Keil, Anne Triptow, and Ian Ramirez. The Grace oi God is in courtesy." Ei- leen Coniglio, Christine Maltezsos, and Larry Derby are carrying out their lesson in courtesy taught in English I. "What will l do after high school?" is the question being discussed by Marilyn Lee, Theresa Palmissano, Pat- ricia Iones, Sara Conway, Arthur Mill- er and Ierry Ryan with Father Regan during a senior Religion class. D E 'V' 5,-r -rr., , Pointers for putting on a round collar are explained to Helen Mahoney by mem- bers of the sewing class, Nadine Kwolik Toiling away like "busy beavers," Anne Triptow, Marie Beckman, Michael Laurie, Pat Farnum, Madeline Guerrieri, Rose Marie Simone, Carol Grundhoeler, Gerry Quigley, Gail Valenti, Barbara Desecki, and Mary Tarrant put their study period minutes to work for them. Dolores Zulaski, and Thomasina D'Incog: nito English III has now taken on a new slant, learning poetry by record. Listening are Alexine Geddes, Virginia Colletti Carole Piyrrrr, Richard Willard, and Iarrrea Theobald. Page 37 Success at last! This is the picture por- trayed in the lace ol lean Wincheski, as she completes an Advanced Math problem with the aid of Bill Bergin, Bob Lorenz, Virginia Pedroza, and Mike Connolly. 'X am., , y RWJQM The yearbook must go to press, so able staff members: fback rowl Madeleine Amarillo, Philomena Martinka, Made- line Guerrieri, Marilyn Lee, Grace Iozef, Mary Lou Braun, and Maryann Serinog ffront rowl Anne Duray, Phoenix co- editor: Geraldine Quigley, Mary Ann Mazzarella, and Cor- bina Pecora congregate to complete their jobs. Keeping a sharp look out for any suggestions that might appear in the Nest note box, Deadline, the beloved mascot of the Phoenix publications, mans his post with diligence and perseverance. Scanning the new headline chart, Richard Kaczmarek, Ronald Gozdecki, and Mike Laurie seem puzzled in their at- tempt to choose between Bodoni, Cheltenham, or Goudy Bold type faces for the paper. Page 32 , . 4 ,Vik-1 . ,. .. , i J if irr .':1 - 42 A., eg w ' ," Wfti A ii .f--K Deeply engrossed in her art work for the Phoenix publications, Lolita Armendariz adds finishing touches to her latest sketch, "Double double, toil and trouble," sounds the hub- bub that fills the sewing room at the Sunday session of the Phoenix staff. Clicking typewriters, pens and pencils, plus plenty of inspiration are the required as- sets of the meeting. Final copy reading for the yearbook is done by Ann Dolphin, Marie Beckman, Sara Conway, Ronald Sear- paci, Gail Valenti, Anne Triptow, Pat Farnum, Year- book co-editor, and Kay Keating. -Q C9 , N NEST OF NEWS Snuggled tightly into a corner, as a child tucks his most precious treas- ure, is the humble Phoenix Nest. Beyond its Wooden frame, painted brown and flamingo, lies the intricate fascination of pinning and pasting dummies, typing copy, proof-reading gallies, cropping pictures, assigning and reassigning stories and counting out headlines to perfection. With a pencil, scissors, and paste jar in one hand, and cake and coke in the other, the editors meet their deadlines. From 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. with overtime on Sunday, the staff, under the direction of Sister Mary Sharon, Phoenix staff advisor, laugh and toil through eight editions of the paper the Phoenix Alumni, and the yearbook 1 Examining pictures that have just been re- turned from the engraver are staff members Brandenburg, Rita Surby, Cathy Grimm, Phoenix business manager, Rose Marie Sim- one, Io Ann Hammerschmidt, Barbara Des- ecki, Rita Kerkhove, Diane Keating, Mary Tarrant, and Carol Grundhoefer, yearbook business manager. Ready smiles prove that "the pictures are good." The Yuletide season announces the edition of the Christmas Phoenix as page editors Herold Keil and Lorraine Deruisa, with sports editor Richard Kaczmarek, struggle over dummies and rewrites. Amber Heflin, co-editor of the Phoenix. pauses before classes to check the coming events on the calendar in the Nest. Gay spirits vibrate through the Nest as staff members get into the feeling of the holidays during a gala Christmas celebra- tion. As one editor to another-a few pointers are given to Eleanor Zabiaka, co-editor of the yearbook by Ed Marciniak, editor of "Work," well-known labor alliance paper. Page 33 In these, our commercial classes, We prepare tor our livelihood We become well qualified workers who have been taught coopera- tion, understanding, courtesy and reliability in the true Christian manner, and We derive pleasure and a feeling of accomplishment While Bill Fuery, Bennett Almiro, and Ray Miller, tap the keys ot their typewriters, Sister Mary St. Theresa explains to Leo Bertuccioli and Sandra Cesario that the fastest typists are not always the best typists. The senior shorthand class works diligently to complete their assign- ments while Dianne Pierce, Berna- dine Lalley and Gerry Quigley show the correct forms of the Eng- lish-to-shorthand lesson on the blackboard. Iunior typists Bob Lorenz, Walter Shaban, Phil Rodgers, Mike Con- nolly, Iudy Donahue, Ierry Brun- ning, Bert Almquist, Bill Wedge, and Iim Theobald race on for speed, keeping tormost in their minds, accuracy. Page 34 from a job well done. F I.. " .55 3. fi. I9 .XI s W. , , . .. 1 . i , ,W A -",,,Qk ,Q 5 ,N y r x K- K 'V , X - SI s Q ' N - N- 'W ' 'I ..,,,,?sc... ,,,., I xxg,'1uk 4' I www ,yy W", YH.. - 5' I-. - Q X ' ' "6 .s f - .,I Q 1 It s e I n1'-- I9 ',,.Le-- . Q if ACTIVITIES .av I I I I I I I I xx .px ,. :QQ V, x it I Q . Rx I l Ii In L a KI Q., we .K QI 1... ' I e f?I W fliif I JI g lf! I I EI J .: y I ei tri I I, 5 , I I li' 1 ' 3, I I 1, , 1 fl fl , I l' gi I Ag ,,r I ff iff I Mb i I I . yi , . Q I ,- .. 1 . A I . y t I .I I '. .V A I tl .t I 1 55 9: I I X5 I' the I ,yo . II 4 1 , I, I W 'If .Nj ig A if . I ,if 5' .5 ' yi, sam EQ, I J 9? 5' Vg, D, -J, I Ms, . . . ll aff! VA' 2. Y -17 ' f "' ,' I I' x ' jf .. Q I Tucked carefully between the pages oi this section are o n the uniorgotten memories, links which bind school life into ,,. 'I L' lf! a fascinating chain oi events. X W, Gay musicals splash forth with the season's cheer. Clubs s by IJ and organizations fill spare moments with excitement, while ,AA school dances light up the heart, making for sure-footedness I It Q. Iii, A and wonderful times. Link by link the chain is completed, I ' f i t 'Y forming a store oi memories never to be forgotten. ,- J 1 t g I f I , ff A .Qi -l I i s .3 X Y gt -it V g'-f N 3 IIV , LST 'Q Q.. ' xg s. . I . , ., .,,s-Q - ' '-may Page 35 SUBWAY CASINO Ramona Czech, Bob Novak and Iudy Burns chat with a sailor during the band's intermission. Rhythmic tempos of the Iohnny Lewis Band, colorful bids and decorations, and the royal coro- nation of Mary Tarrant as queen highlighted the 1955 Pirates' Football Dance on November l2, Serving the refreshments at the As the evening whirls by, Pat gala affair are Mary Ann Mazzarel- Flynn, ex '56, and lim Schiltz are la Amber Heflin, Corbina Pecora one of the many couples entranced and Barbara Desecki. by the splendor of the moment. lt's "coke time" for Dick Bozek, Tony Castelvecchi, Tina Scro and Io Ann Hammerschmidt after an enticing whirl about the floor. This delightful evening of dancing and refreshments was thoroughly enjoyed by juniors and seniors at the celebration following the Pirates' exciting football season. Y First in line to enjoy the taste- tempting variety of food are senior boys, Tony Castelvecchi, Ian Ram- irez, Ierry Ryan, Ron Scarpaci cmd Ierry Bobrowski. Refreshments were a main attraction not only for the boys but the dancing belles as well. ,..-- FOR THE GLORY OF THE "Christ is Christmas" is brought to students at the start ot their holidays, by the annual Candle- Lighting ceremonies and the presentation of a "Christ-Child Cantata" by the entire senior class. Such songs as "Holy Night, Peaceful Night", "Arise, Shine", and "The Voice of Him That Crieth in The VVHdernessH renders that night at Bethleheni near athand. First grader, Michael Schmidt pre- sents Monsignor Hayes with a Christ- mas spiritual bouquet from all the stu- dents. .11 President ofthe Student Council, Michael Laurie, lights the traditional candle dur- ing Ccmdle-Lighting ceremony while Ann Dolphin, vice-president, stands by hold- ing a vigil-light. A chorus of voices ring through the au- ditorium as seniors sing hymns for the "Christ-Child Cantata," presented for the grade and high school. Christ's birth as it took place in Beth- lehem hundreds of years ago is portrayed by Corbina Pecora as our Blessed Mother, cmd Robert Theobald as Saint Ioseph. Representing the angels are Anne Duray and Barbara Desecki with Don Tuman and Ken Cyzen as wisemen. LORD Page 37 IK L s 9 ,..i5"" Page 38 Flanked by narrators Margery Winkler and Diane Rentasp Iewell Budrik, in glittering gold cloth, portrays Mary, "The Queen ol the Uni- verse." Candle bearers Michaelene Pacione, Sylvia Birk Theresa Palmissano, and Diana Le Compte pay homage to "Our Lady of the Green Scapular depicted by Ann Longtin. "0UR TAINTED NATURE'S SGLITARY BOAST" During the first week of October, the senior Speech Class honored the Virgin Mary with a tableau in honor of the Immaculate Conception. Under the direction of Sister Mary Eustella. the stage was set in a spiritual glow as some of the many apparitions of Our Lady were re-enacted, While the chorus rang out with the Well-known "O Sanctissiman and "Immaculate Mary". Paying tribute to "Our Lady of the Mirac- ulous Medal," portrayed by Tina Scro, are Dianne Pierce, Carol Dunlap, Beatrice Mc- Govern, Iune Myers, Ianet Niederkorn, Roz- anne Bertucci, Theresa Palmissano, Shelia Wilson, Louise Brooks, and Grace Iozef. Kneeling are Patricia Iones, Diana Le Comp- te, Gerry Szczech, Sylvia Birk, Michaelene Pacione, Maryann Calamia, Lea Bertuccioli, Barbara Dunlap, and Delanne Burns. The Cathedral Square is full of crepe paper, voices hoarse and dull from shoutingg hands are rubbed raw from fierce clapping and Weary candidates wait nervously for the final results. This is election day at Mundelein. When all the votes are tabulated, the triumphant quartet is found to be: Michael Laurie, president, Ann Dolphin, vice- presidentg Abraham Gomez, treasurer, and Diane Keating, secretary. ' mm AWG' M N Surrounded by their hard-working committee, pa- Sporting paper hats and cardboard badges Abra- per hats and pasteboard boxes, Royalites Anne Duray ham Gomez and Ann Dolphin give their final cam- and Michael Laurie pause for a minute before con- paign promises before the school goes to the polls. tinuing their final parade and giving their last minute speeches. A jubilant crowd gives their favorite candidate a rousing cheer and loud whoops before entering the voting place to put their choices into office. YAN it While loyal fans give rousing cheers in their behalf, Iune Myers and Carol Grundhoefer, the feminine Diane Keating and Ierry Ryan describe their platform twosome in the presidential race, pledge their loyalty to the interested spectators. and good intentions to a throng of well wishing com- mittee members. Page 39 af an ,Rf A ' if w 1 E, ., ? 1 E f' if ' if , , if Q9 we ' A' g I 39 rs 'Q' 35 if 4 M, fa, Vi: if 'Q' is M ' '- 3 ,MH fu- - :A 1 Q ,Af ,XY Ap 55" A- 'Y , 'QL ' ' ,,. ,' L' ff f. 1 . . T.: gg iv v s D G fi. 2 9 Q S 2 l I gy? ,v 5 4 Q IN' M iv Q ,F gf in Q 6. 'S W e Q 45.5 X gk, I .y .riff -f' wa , H4 'J' 12-' W.s. is it 1 R v LAV4 K 'f 1 GOING SOMEWHERE? 3' Page 42 is "The old brown mare, she ain't what she used to be," after hauling tor three and a halt hours a buggy filled with Pirate rooters to the toot- ball game at lllth and Indiana. On loot, by bus, or by horse and buggy, the students un- waveringly make their way around the vast and crowded city of Chicago, From the north, south, east and west, they journey with haste so as not to be late for school, a football game, or a party. Finding themselves lost from the crowd, Gerry Quigley, Carol Flynn and Pat McDonald stop to take a good look at the many different displays of ma- chinery at General Motors Powerama. Stretching their necks to gaze upon the stars, Ken Cyzen, Richard Kaczma- rek, Ierry Bobrowski, Ron Gozdecki, Ron Scarpaci and Tony Castelvecchi stop to look through a telescope while on tour with their class at the Adler Planetarium. , 1 , J ll ii . ns' 5 Ancient timekeepers at the Planetar- ium attract the attention ol Ron Goz- decki, Richard Kaczmarek, Lorraine Deruisa, Shelia Wilson and Louise Brooks. CATHEDRAL CAR NIVAL 19" , is me Peddling her wares while roaming the auditorium is lane Bezak puzzling all with her grisly disguise. "Here ye, Here ye, come one, come all, two cents a try or three tries for five cents, everyone wins a prize," shouts Marie Beckman. Prospective winners are Dick Bozek, Charles Ftadoha, Maryann Serino, Bea McGovern and Philomena Martinka. Gaining entrance to the bad lands are Eleanor Zabiaka and Ronald Gozdecki as they fight off Burt Peterson before the Cathedral Carnival opened. All perked up in circusdom finery is Pat Winger! as she extracts pennies from all in trade for multi-colored masks. Balloons, beanbags, bubble gum, and bakery goods were all part of the Ca- thedral Carnival which was a sparkling success in promoting student relation- ship. Profits from the huge party day went to the Athletic Department, which was able to provide new uniforms and equipment for both football and basket- ball teams. Page 43 IN THE BREADTH OF THE YEAR Page 44 While the beautiful words of "Oh Mary We Crown Relaxing with music after a cozy meal at the Nor- Thee" fill the Cathedral, Mary Ann Mazzarella takes mandy House Restaurant, the seniors dance by fire the jewel-studded crown she will place on Our Lady's head from Gerry Quigley, while attendant Iudy Mc- Lelland looks on. and candlelight on the night of their first class dinner dance in quaintly decorated surroundings. "That Enchanted Evening" finds happy pair Dianne Pierce and Burt Peterson off to a glorious night of dancing and fun at the most important event on the senior social calendar, the prom. Gliding gracefully and rhythmically over a gleam- ing hard-wood floor, the students enjoy their whirling night on wheels as they pack Riverview Park for the annual Roller Skating Party. Listening attentively and getting some professional advice on grooming from hair stylist, Herman Lasin- ski, the junior and senior girls enjoy the "Hair Clinic," just one of a series of lectures throughout the year sponsored by the Student Council. HOLIDAY HAPPINESS -sail '-fu ""'mf'-0-fN...,,M X Hanging tinsel cmd bright colored balls, senior dec- Coniiding his innermost desires to the "nice man in orators Shelia Wilson, Ronald Scarpaci, Tony Castel- the white beard", a tiny tot receives one ot those secret vecchi and Ierry Bobrowski put the finishing touches desires from his "senior big brother" at the annual ot gloss on their evergreen friend. TiI1Y TOVS ChfiSTmCfS PUFTY- With happiness shining in their eyes and the joy of a wonderful day glowing in their faces, the first and second graders of Holy Name Cathedral Gram- mar Scrhool trolic happily with their toys and eat heartily of candy, ice cream and cookies while the seniors look on delightedly. Bringing the Wisemen to the Cathedral, Dianne Pierce, Maryann Serino, Kay Keating, Mary Ann Maz- zarella and Marie Beckman, help usher in the feast of the Epiphany. Page 45 THAT NOONTIME PAUSE Spinning platters of rock cmd roll, some fast and others slow, is the official school disc-jockey Her- I . J old Keil, senior. Am? zlglzglariiggzierschmidt smiles hupphl M V . CI. a 1 Y as fzzilie-tfafmfiing 10 Aiifiussf mfg: C 'PPU19 session", r urmg Cm after- .-i, ' Waiting for the green light, and a go-ahead signal from Officer Tom Murray, Leo Bertuccioli, Theresa Pacione and Ion Cobb, chat with the "friendly man on the corner", before school. Seemingly famished freshmen and sophomores dine heartily at their lunchroom located on State near Superior. They agree wholeheartedly that l2:lU is one of the best times of the entire day. Available to them are various types of sandwiches, milk and cokes. Page 46 ftwg-an-ware. ' - Q-"'w-.5-www-wwr m ,A V , .. ' . , ' . .-V. v . - is est , I1 . .A -9 H 1 3-41 '-HE Q . V , H in,,,4-3. ., .. , .c.,.. -M15 -A...,..-M. tb, c f 2 f K , K ,Q ,K -W, -J , V N Q - " f """"" V fi'- :K ' ff I M I V3 - so 1 : . . ff'-N Q Yi Y Qi. 4 -v. W rv , , V, 6 mfg , , , , L 1 I EW -- 5' r 1. : ' 1 . figgy I Ps- gt The two powerful lines stand poised and ready for action. 'Ve In a few seconds the center will snap the pigskin and both i ri :Tiff-in - ' walls oi human flesh will clash in fierce competition, each , -e Q55 striving to push the other back. A . For some, the time for participating in high school football, e ,,g,,,,g,"j S P 0 R T S basketball and baseball games has elapsed, but the fierce I N struggle and competition continue in a different contest, the 'C contest of life. , ' " '2?i'fitrf We have been practicing and preparing to enter this game 3 ' for almost twelve years, but now the long hours- of trial and preparation are at an end and the B I G game is at hand. 1 Let us pray that the offenses which have been capably , iff wa 43,4 taught to us will aid us in reaching our goal and crossing -1' ,,. 'ta it into the "Promised Land", the heaven that God has pre- Ax pared for us. , X Q r is ,321 K. ii - t -1 li gi 4, ix , ' if Q l 4,7 Q 1 ' s v fe ii ', A 5, 5 Qi - , iii' me V, a ' 3' L my .. o' + if l V , l in ' ff' f 5 f," . Q3 ,p t FM 3 It lk 'lit K 'Q t K- 'Q ,ir 1 if X , it ,A 'lf I 1- X t .Q 1 . '9 t. IX in 1. A- V. .auf A Page 47 tsmpw- fmt: -ft :wasps-rf I 'w,W5w-'www FOOTBALL "'t"fwqwqw1,g3vnnun1:,gt-Qqw'-rp g,F-fswm.. The success oi any team is ascertained not only by the number of victories it has Won, but also by what each player has achieved by being a part of that team. During the gridiron season, the Pirates displayed a spirit of team work and lair play that will prevail with them throughout their lives. Page 48 The boys that answered the call to "Fight, team, fight", are standing, back row, Ken Cyzen, Danny Brannigan, Richard Ficarra, Vince Peterson, Tom Flynn, Dick Bozek, Dominic Faraci, Tom Harrity, Ion Cobb, Phil Rodgers, Charlie Tous- ant, lack De La Font, Art Miller, Richie Barnes, lim Schiltz, front row, Coach, lim Shaunessy, Dennis Calderisi, Lenny Dudas, Ken Fuery, Connie Sullivan, lay Emerich, Bill Fuery, Ray Gaast, Rich Greco, Larry Kocen, Iohn Tomasetti, Bob Novak, Bob Bernatski, and Wally Lechowicz. Scores of The Football Games in 1955 MCHS 6 MENDEL CATHOLIC 6 MCHS 6 ANGEL GUARDIAN 2 MCHS 6 FENWICK 20 MCHS 6 ST. GEORGE 19 MCHS 13 LAKE GENEVA 13 With Mundelein's goal posts in sight, Fenwick's line surges ahead to discover a stiff wall of Pirate defense awaiting them. Despite many such efforts on our part, the game was lost by a 14 point margin. A Pirate attempt to pierce the bricklike Mendel defense falls short as the ball carrier is snowed under by a deluge of white jersies. Dom Faraci and lay Emerich race over to lend a helping hand to their be- sieged buddy, but they arrive too late. While the scoreboard read 13-13, the Pirates zipped into Northwestern's territory. ln their last and final effort to break the stalemate, a number of ill-fated penalties were called against them, and the score stayed stationary for the remainder of the game. Page 49 Q .. .. ,w-.,f, . hm, W i. r,hS H1 5 , 35s , s V: With grim determination on his face and the ball nestled safely under his arm, halfback Richie Barnes scampers around left end in an effort to pick up the necessary first down yardage for the Pirates. The ac- tion took place during the Fenwick game which the Pirates lost by a score of 20 to 6. Quarterback Ray Gaast sinks back to pass, but is swarmed upon by a host of Lake Geneva Cadets loe- fore he can find an open receiver, to whom he can pitch the pigskin. The play took place in the final stage of the game when the Pirates were trailing by 7 points. Unable to wrestle free, Phil Rodgers is caught in a trap of oncharging linemen as he endeavors to gain a few yards in the Mendel game. Page 50 Ray Gaast boldy blocks one of Northwestern's fight- ing Cadets and tumbles him to the turf in the shadow of his own goal posts. The Pirates managed to snap their spell of sixes on this beautiful autum-colored campus as they battled the Cadets to a 13 to 13 dead- lock. ?,.,,..-nal il I A few points of strategy are discussed by Coach Shaunessy and the members of the squad as they rest between periods. Dom Faraci demonstrates the art of sure tackling as he sends Richie Barnes sprawling with a bone-crush- ing tackle during Pirates practice session at Lake Shore Park. It was hustle and hardwork such as this, that contributed immensely to the success ol the Pi- rates on the gridiron. Time out!" to restore their lost energy lor the big Sf cond halt is taken by team mates Dom Faraci, Dick Bozek and Bob Bernatski. Tasty, tempting oranges really hit the spot after a grueling first period work- Page 52 I 5 1 Good ball handling and abounding baskets made the Lights a team to tear. From leit are, Phil Kannaby, Mike Cassettari, Bob Pacione, Dan Brannigan, Ron Scarpaci, lay Herrera, Bill Wedge, lim Ramirez, Dennis Calderisi, Richie Barnes, and Ierry Ryan. High spirited spectators cheered with Wild excitement many times during the basketball season as the Pirate Cagers ran into the Win- ning spotlight. In return, the players' untaltering fighting spirit pro- Height combined with skill add up to smooth sailing for the Pirates Ed Parsons, Phil Rodgers, Iay Emerich, Bob Novak, Norb Lewakowski, Dick Bozek, Coach Bernie McCauley, lim Schiltz, and Ray Gaast. tNot photo- graphedl Tom Harrity, Tom Casey, Bill Brannigan, Ken Cyzen, Tony Castelvecchi, and Rich Greco. vided thrilling moments for the students faithful in attending the games regardless of difiicuties in transportation or Weather. Ray Gaast turns away in dismay as he watches his opponent's two-handed set shot swish easily through the netting. Ray's sorrow soon turned to joy as Mundelein bounces back with a basket of its own to shoot into the lead and stay there for the rest of the match. Bob Novak flies through the air with the great- est of ease as he soars high over everyone else to tip in a nifty two-pointer for the Cathedral. Plays such as this helped the team keep alive their hopes for a Pre-Christmas Tourney cham- pionship. "It's mine! It's mine!" cries St. Willibrod's player as the ball bounces off the backboard, but Richie Barnes seems to have different ideas as he tips the rebound to Iim Schlitz. Tom Har- rity waits to give a helping hand. w......,.8 Page 53 13 S The referee litts the ball high into the airg two op- r off the court each straining to posing centers soa smack the spinning object into friendly hands and once again another Cathedral basketball game is under way. On this occasion the Pirate center makes good use ol his superior height and agility to knock rms. the ball into his teammates eager a h his list in disappointment Bob Novak clenc es as he comes up too late to prevent the St. Willi- brod's man from sending the ball on its journey h hoo toward and through t e p. Page 54 Dick Bozek seems to be walking on air as he attempts to sink a basket amidst a bar f A G The Cathedral "Tom-Tom," consisting ot Tom Casey and Tom Harrity, stands poised under the basket waiting tensely tor the pass from Richie Barnes which could mean 2 points more towards victory. ' J ' ff " . ,n ,xgug ., -3.',jw-Q H I Qgkvfigq, 1 iii' 1 7 Bl ' 'inf w if f-Q-,M - 5' 5 Q Ulf' .. W L,., vm. M. ff Q V ,nv A ,Wd s f l H In 'v 3 cf-it Q Ni, W , g if Wmmm 3 if fa MQW vw K 54 A wg, , away? "'1:,,N, , - 4 5951 , A ' , , Wm gf? if ' 3' S 1 , f Q? 'VA V ek Lk J v,,X.,Mb. Q q If Q K. 1, I 'N-, 'F , Q- fl ' K'kL fig gg , Q ' 'V 5 D 1 :", , -,'- 2 X 5 xLL,L 0 Q 5, Ng , Q5 - A Maw I "' " - .3 -S Z3 ic' I RW if, lik M? ' Q' S.sNllsGesQf:am'1Qw' .- Very Rev. Msgr. Iames C. Hardiman Rev Rev Emmett T. Regan Rev Iohn McAvoy Rev. Iames D. Brett Rev. Iohn Banahan Rev Robert G. Herne Rev Iames Murtaugh Rev. William Gubbins Rev William Goedert SPECIAL PATRONS His Eminence, Samuel Cardinal Stritch, Archbishop of Chicago Rt. Rev. Msgr. Patrick I. Hayes Rt. Rev. Msgr. Ioseph F. Cussen Rt. Rev. Msgr. W. I. Rooney Rev. Iohn I. Boyd Rev. Iohn Cardiff Rev. L. F. Carton Rev. Leo P. Coggens Rev. Roger Coughlin Rev Thomas I. Downes Iohn I. Egan Rt. Rev. Msgr. Ioseph Morrison Mother Mary Consolatrice, B.V.M. Sister Mary Richardine, B.V.M. Sisters of Charity, B.V.M. Alamo Food Shop Alexian Brothers Hospital Anna Flower Shops Babula, Edward Banquet On A Bun Baran, Mr. G Mrs. Edward T. Becker, Bette Beckman, Mrs. Catherine Beck's Book Store Bertuccioli, Lea, '56 Beutel, Mr. G Mrs. C. A. Bingo 6- Ann's Tap Bobrowski, Mae Bonneau, I. E. Bozek, Richard, '56 Brandenburg, Mr. 6: Mrs. W. Brannigan, Mrs. D. 6: Family Braun, Mary Lou, '56 Buchmann, Louise Budrik, Iewell, '56 Burke-Sullivan Funeral Home Byrd Theater Calderisi, Mr. 6 Mrs. Domonic Calderisi, Robert Casey, Mr. 6- Mrs. Thomas I. Cassettari, Marie A. Clemens, Ioseph Conqui, Ralph Connolly, Mr. G Mrs. Iohn Comella, Mr. 6- Mrs. C. Covone, Frank Cunningham, Thomas I. DeAdam, Mr. G Mrs. Robert G. Delaquila, Mr. G Mrs. Rocdo Dolphin, Ann, '56 ' Dunlap, Carole, '56 Dunlap, Mrs. Karen Dunne, George Dun-Wel Litho Duray, Mr. 6: Mrs. Vincent Edwards, Tom E. Elizabeth Arden Ever Ready Metal Finishers F. H. Industrial Caterers, Inc. Rev. Richard I. Feller Rev. Iames V. Flannery, C.M. Rev. Louis Giambastiani, O.S.M. Rev. Ioseph Gilbert 'I' Mr. G Mrs. E. W. Farnum Farnum Patricia, '56 Feliksik, Mr. 6- Mrs. W. Feulner, Edwin I. Foley Family Friends General Auto Service Giambastiani, Louis Gill's Grocerland Gilman, George Gnatek, Mr. 61 Mrs. I. Gorman Church Goods House, In Gozdecki, Mr. 6 Mrs. Walter Grundhoefer, Carol, '56 Grundhoefer, Charles L. Grundhoefer, Mrs. Iulie Hall, Mr. 61 Mrs. Fred Hammerschmidt, Mrs. A. Handschiegel, A. Hanlon, Mrs. I. C. Harrity, Mrs. Iohn Healzer Cartage Co. Heflin, Mr. 61 Mrs. W. M. Hehn, Frank E. Ir. Hermann, Mrs. E. Hogan, Ed Imperial Baking Co. Iohnsons Coffee Shop Iones, Mr. G Mrs. William A. Iozef, Mrs. S. Iozef, S. K 6- K Service Station Kaczmarski, Mr. 6- Mrs. Stanley Kannaby, Elizabeth Katsenes, Nicholas Keating, Mr. 6. Mrs. Michael I. Keil, Herold, '56 Keil, Mrs. Tessa Kerkhove, Mr. 6 Mrs. Geo. O. Kerns, Mr. 61 Mrs. T. Knapik, Albert R. Kobos, C. Kraftex Tile Contractor Kral, Mr. 6: Mrs. Frank A. C. Rev Edward W. Liebrich Rev Leo T. Mahon Rev. L. H. Mattei Rev. Leonard Mattei Rev Ioseph McDonnell Rev Ioseph Ognibene Priests of Holy Angels Church Rev. I. G. Richards Rev. F. I. Spellman Rev. Anthony I. Vader Reverend Victor, O.S.B.M. Rev. R. I. Vonesh Lalley, Mr. G Mrs. Iames Lauber, Clover "Whitey" Lavorata, Mr. 6: Mrs. Iohn Lavorata, Mr. 61 Mrs. Peter Leamington Fruit Market Lemak, Mr. 61 Mrs. Iohn Lewis, Dr. Calvin I. Lillig, Ioanne Lindsay, Mr. 61 Mrs. G. Lombardo, Dominic Lyon-Healy Inc. Marshalek, Stanley Masiulis, Mrs. Alfons Mazzarella, Mary Ann, '56 Mazzarella, Mr. G Mrs. F. Merrithew, Mr. G Mrs. George F Moran, Ruth Morris B. Sachs Inc. Moy, Wilson Myers, Arlene, '55 Myers, Iune, '56 McCann, Peter I. 6- Family McLelland, Ralph E. McLennon, Iack Near-North Guild ,Q Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Church Pcmec, Mr. G Mrs. D. O. Pappas, Mrs. Frances Paterek, Ann A Patron Prudential Girls Przybylo, Chester L. Quigley, Mr. :S Mrs. Frank Raczka, Mr. 61 Mrs. Felix Radoha, Iohn G Martin Rendek, Mr. G Mrs. Iohn Rhodes, Mrs. Pearl Riederer, Frank W. Rosenthal, Mrs. B. I. Sack Family Sbalchiero, Mrs. Helen Scro, Carl Ccro, Mrs. Mary Selsky, Mr. 61 Mrs. Iohn Ir. Page 57 Seniors of Room 4 Seniors of Room 5 Simioni, Agnes Skvarenina Family Small, William Smith's Food Shop Sophornores of Room 9 Stadium Oil Stoltman, Andrew R. Students of Room 7 Students of Room 8 Studzinski, Walter A. Sullivan, Mrs. Michael Surby, Mr. 6- Mrs. William Szymczak, Mr. :Sr Mrs. I. Tarrant, Mary, '56 Tarrant, Mrs. Ruth St. Thomas Aquinas High School Club Thompson, Mrs. Leona Tucker, Mr. 6. Mrs. Iames Tuman, Mrs. I. Ty-Dall Products Valenti, Frank Valenti, Mrs. Ida Van De North, Mr. 6- Mrs. H. A Vigon, Mr. 6. Mrs. Sidney Vitello, Mrs. Ida Walsh, Margaret West, Mrs. Magda Willard, Frank Wingert, Mr. 61 Mrs. Arthur G Wolak, Mrs. Ioan Zabiaka, Mr. 6: Mrs. N. I. Zabinski, Marion Zei, Ed Zulaski, Mr. G Mrs. C. REGULAR PATRONS A G I Hardware Co. Alamo Laundromat Aldrich, Ietferson E. Almquist, Bruce, '52 Almquist, Lois Amarillo, Marie, '55 Ambassador Book Shop Amberg, Virginia L. Anderson, Svea Anderson, Mrs. Roy Andrychowski, Mr. 6. Mrs. Michael Armendariz, Marie T. Armendariz, Diane, Bonnie, Michael, and Lydia Armitage Service Station Arndt, Mrs. Frank Astrella, Mr. 6- Mrs. William Austermuehle, Mrs. Hilda Azara, Mrs. Mary Babula, Mr. G Mrs. Bruno Balachia, Mary Balachia, Mrs. S. Bamber, Mrs. Myra Barnes, Mrs. Margaret Barnes, Martin R. Ir. Baseleon, Harry T. Battaglia Family Baumann, Andy Baumgartner, Mr. 61 Mrs. Bedford, Lt. Thomas Bell, Mrs. Iohn I. Bellandi, Mr. G Mrs. V. Bendull Variety Store Bennett, Harold Ben's Food Mart In Memory of Ioseph I. Bergin Bernatski Family Bertucci, Mr. G Mrs. Frank Bertucci, Frank Bertucci, Rozanne, '56 Bertuccioli, Mr. 61 Mrs. Aldo Besyk, Mr. 6: Mrs. A. Bezak, Mr. 61 Mrs. I. Biegai, Mr. 6: Mrs. W. Biology Class of Room 9 Blake, Maurice Bobrowski, LeRoy, '55 Boffa Drugs Bonarek, LaVerne Borovina, Grace Page 58 Bosley Inn Bourne, Mrs. Ioseph Bowman, Mr. E. I. Bozek, Mr. G Mrs. A. Bozek, Arlene Braun, Mr. G Mrs. Peter Brooks, Mrs. Arthemise Buerger, Mrs. Mary Bugay, Margaret Bukotsky, Iohn Burke, Bill Butirro, Mr. 6- Mrs. M. C G C Food Mart Cahill, Paul Caine, Matthew I. Calamia, Calamia, Calamia, Calamia, Marion Mary Ann, '55 Rose 6: Iosie Mr. ol Mrs. Sam Campion, Mrs. Mary Candella, Mrs. Anne Marie Capuli Market Carbone, Carbone, Mr. Alexander F. G DiFrancesco, Carbone, Mr. 6- Mrs. Ioseph Carson, Margaret Casaletto, Mrs. Helen Casaletto, Nancy Casey, Kathleen, '52 Castelvecchi, LeRoy, '51 Castro, Iane Catanese, Ioseph Cesar, Terry Chan, Benny Chan, Ienping I. Cheloni, Henry Chiam Restaurant Chicago Pizza Cicero, Martino Choy, Mrs. Helen R. Christine's Curtain 6 Drapery Shop Chrzas, Marilyn Cirkle, Patricia Capt. Wm. I. Clark "I Will" Post No. 36273 Cloud, Ray Colabelli, Iennie Colantonio, Bernard Collandra, Frances Colletti, Iohnny Compliments oi a Friend Chase Confectionary Connolly, Mrs. Martin Conroy, Iohn Contreras, Ioseph Conway, Mr. 6. Mrs. I. H. Costanza, Mr. 6- Mrs. A. Cotseres, Mrs. Harry Cottrell, Mrs. Emilia Courtesy Foods Coyne, Mrs. Iohn Coyne, Theresa, '55 Credit, Leo D. Czech, Mr. 6- Mrs. Alex Daly, Iames I. Daly, Mr. G Mrs. R. Damalas, Tom DaPisa, Pete DaPrato, Ada DeBert Family DeCori Family Dee's Style Shop DeGrazia, Mr. 6 Mrs. Eugene Deitos, Mr. 6- Mrs. Paul Deleware Drug Co. DelDotto, Mr. G Mrs. De Mar's Restaurant Denotto, Sarah Derby, Mr. 61 Mrs. Iames Desecki, Maryanne, '54 Desecki, Mr. 6: Mrs. William DeWitt Food Mart Dgorek, Mr. 6: Mrs. Iohn DiGirolamo, Iames Diliberto, Rose Dillon, Neil Dini, Bill Dino G Sons Meat Co. Ditosa, Mr. 6. Mrs. Anthony Dominelli, Victor Donahue, Maureen, '55 Doocy, Mr. 6- Mrs. Iames Downes, Lorretto Dray, Iohn Dudas, Mr. G Mrs. Louis Duggan, Mr. 6: Mrs. William Dunlap, Karen Dunlap, Mr. G Mrs. Marshall Dunne, George Ir. Dunne, Iim McLund, Mrs. Christine Wmwamruw-W 4. W.. Duray, Anne, '56 Duray, Mr. 6- Mrs. Dave E.D.R. Transport Co. Edeans, Red Emerich, Mrs. Hugo Fahey, Mr. 6- Mrs. R. Farnum, Mrs. E. W. Fauser, Mr. 6: Mrs. Peter Felty, Frances Ferrari, Mr. 61 Mrs. Frank Finn, Adrienne, '55 Fischer, Mrs. E. Flaherty, Mr. 6- Mrs. Patrick Flood Master Manufacturing Corp. Food Fair A Friend A Friend A Friend A Friend A Friend Fuery Family Fuller Park American Legion Gasparovich, Mr. G Mrs. Tony I. Gassman IGA Gates, Nellie Gazika, Margaret George, Art, Fred, Ed, Charles Glanz, Dorothy, '55 Gleason, Iudy Gleason Gleason , Lorraine , Margaret Gleason, Virginia, Gleeson, Mrs. M. Godawski, Lillian '51 Gomez, Mrs. Lucy Gorski, Gene Gorski, Gene, '55 Gorski, Mary Ann Gorski, Mr. G Mrs. Roman Graetz, Terry Gratz, Mrs. Theresa Grice, Ieannette Grimm, Ieanne Marie, '55 Grivest, Mary T. Guerrieri, Mr. 6: Mrs. Iohn Guidarelli Nut Co. Hamlin Cleaners Hannak, Iohn Hardyski, Mrs. Iohn Hartan, Raymond Harte, Maria Hartman, George R. Healy, Iohn Heimsoth's Pharmacy Henshaw, R. S. Hernandez, Robert Hernandez, Mr. G Mrs. I. F. Hodum, Laura Hodum, Mr. 61 Mrs. George Hoellen, Mr. 61 Mrs. M. I. Hogan, Mrs. William Hollywood Restaurant Holy Cross Rectory Holy Cross School Honor Society Hoover, Larry A. Hughes, Mr. 61 Mrs. Felan T. :.-rw rriwwu '+A 'A sw.w.-f-:ufrffwv-agp-1-qw ,- lnfante, Mr. G Mrs. Al lnfante, Charlotte, '55 Ingelbretson, Marion Iack's Barber Shop Ianco, Robert lankowski, Mr. G Mrs. C. F. lay, Mr. 6- Mrs. Iames Iim's Food Shop Iohnson, W. Iohnson Floral Shop Iones, Don Iunior Iournalists Iuniors oi Room 2 Kaczmarek, Mr. 61 Mrs. Edward I. Kaczmarek, Mr. G Mrs. Iohn Kaczmarek, Richard '56 Kahn, Melvin A. Kaphengst, August Kapple, Betty Karabin, Stephen '54 Kauffman, Gladys Kay, Mrs. Clara Keating, Mrs. William I. Kelly, Charlie Kennedy, Marilyn I. Kerkhove, Nancy Kerkhove, Rita '56 Kern, Ted 61 Family Kiolbassa, Mr. 6: Mrs. S. Kirby, Helen M. Kistner, George W. Klingler, Daisy Kopec, Iames Krasovskis, Mr. G Mrs. O. Kroll, Mrs. Mayme Kunio, Ieraldine Kwolik, Mr. 6: Mrs. Walter Lach, Stanley Lalley, Bernadine '56 Lalley, Iarnes Ir. LaPelusa, Alfonso LaPelusa Family G Mother Bruno Lasar, Fearn '55 Latin Class II - Lauber, Clover Lopez, Frank Ir. Lorenz, Elaine '56 Loveland, Betty Lupo, Sam Lydon, Donald Mackin, Mrs. Iarnes Mangene, Filomena Mantsch, Barbara 6: Bloomdahl, Ioan Marabotti, Marsalli, A Mares, Mr. Maraget G A. lfredo 6. Mrs. George F. Martha Martinka, Mr. 6. Mrs. Joseph Martinka, Mrs. Iosephine Martinka, Philomena '56 Martinka, Rudolph Martino, Mrs. Mary Mason, Kathryn Mattila, Mrs. Ruth H. Matumoto, Mitzi Meehan, Thomas I. Melera, Mr. 6: Mrs. Charles Meredith, Loretta Midwest Grocery Mid-West Store Miekina, Mr. 6. Mrs. C. Miller, Arthur, In Memory of Misiewicz, Ioseph C. Model Greeting Cards Monaco Alamo Pharmacy Moonan, Bernard I. Moran, Edward I. Murray, Tom Musial Family McDonough, Iames '55 McBride, LaVelle McBride, Mr. 6: Mrs. Robert Ir. McCann, Mr. 6- Mrs. H. A. C. McClurg 51 Co., Order Control Lauber, "Whitey" Lauber, "Whitey" Laurie, Ioe Ir. Laurie, Mike '56 Laurman, Mrs. A. A. Lechowicz, Mr. 6 LeCompte, A. B. Lee, Gertrude Lee, Lawrence Lee Marian Lee Lee Marilyn '56 Pong 6: Family Clover Clover Mrs. Dept. McDonald, Pat '56 McGovern, Bea '56 McGovern, Iames McGovern, Mr. 6- Mrs. A. McKinnon, Florence McLennan, Tom '55 McMillan, William Nettin, Ioe New Sedgwick Market Nicholas, Steve Nick Totoni G Sons Trucking Niederkorn, Betty '55 Niederkorn, Ianet '55 Niederkorn, Nolan, Mrs. Mr. 6: Mrs. A. W. Iames Novak, Betty Leidig, Nettie Lenzen, Inez Lew, Raymond Lewis Alley Bowlerettes, Team No. 5 Lewis, Mrs. Marlene Lewkowicz, Florence Lillig, Mr. 6- Mrs. M. A. Loboyko, Sophie '53 Logan Family Lonski, Mrs. Stanley Novak, Walter Oddo, Frank Oertel, Patricia '55 Officers of Room 8 Old Cathay Restaurant Orzechowski Family Our Lady Help of Christians High Club Pace, Mr. 6- Mrs. Pacione, Mrs. A. Page 59 Page 60 Page, Mrs. Carrie Page, Mr. 6- Mrs. D. Page, Mr. 6- Mrs. D. Palmer, Cornelius W. Palmissano, Theresa '56 Pappas, Alice Pawlicki, Mrs. Mary Pawlicki, Rose Peca, Mr. 6. Mrs. George Peca, Mr. 6- Mrs. Stanley Pecora, Mark Pedroza, I. T. Pedroza, I. T. Peng, Harry Perry, Michael Pete, Mac, Helen, Elsie Peterka's Grocery Petras, Mr. 6. Mrs. George R. Pierce, Allen Pine Tree Inn Platter Shop Pollock, Mrs. Catherine Punch G Iudy Shop Quane, Mr. G Mrs. Queenan, Iarnes Radoha, Martha Radzik, Mr. 6- Mrs. Ed Rainbow Cleaners Ralph's Market Ramirez, Mrs. Ellen Red Pagoda Chop Suey Rentas, Diane '56 Rentas, Iimmy Rentas, Mrs. Marie Resurrection School Ricci G Co. Richart, Elizabeth Rizzo, Mr. G Mrs. Nick Rodes, Mr. 6: Mrs. William Room A Room C Room D Room 5 Rollo, Mrs. Rose 61 Marie Rucci, Ioseph vu., mms. 1-- ,wwf Rubinkowski, Mrs. G Mrs. Sigmund F. Ryan, Mr. G Mrs. William Rymut, Mr. 6: Mrs. C. St. Catherine of Siena Parish St. Sabina Lateran Club St. Therese Chinese Catholic Sak, Mr. 61 Mrs. Stanley Salad, Tom Our thanks go Mission now to: ....,,,.. ,,,. ., Sarnpey, Winilred Sandstrom, Mr. 6- Mrs. V. E. Scarpaci, Mary Scarpaci, Ronald '56 Schafer, Mr. 6- Mrs. Ioseph Schiltz, Peter Schmidt, Marie C. Schreiner, Chas. A. Ir. Schubert, leanne Schwind, Betty '53 Schwind, Carole Schwind, Mr. 6- Mrs. H. A. Schwind, Nancy '55 Serino, Mr. G Mrs. D. Sesko, Ralph Severino, Mrs. Lena Severino, Rocco Shpikula, Taras 6. Family Shriver, Mrs. Simioni, Attillio Simone, Mr. 61 Mrs. P. Simone, Rose Marie '56 Simoncik, Mr. 6: Mrs. Steve Skidmore Shoes Sladek, Mr. G Mrs. George Smietana's Food Shop Smith, Iesse Smith, Marilyn Smith, Patric Sokalski, Mr. G Mrs. Walter Sonnenberg, Iohn, D.D.S. Spence, Mrs. Marie Standard Photo Supply Co. Staring, Augusta Straube, Irvin Staup, Augie Students oi Room B Sultan's Beauty Shop Sun Cleaners Sung, Sze Lee Surby, Mr. 6. Mrs. Michael Swatek, Ronald Swidmor Laundromat Syke, Bernadette Szczech, Mr. G Mrs. Edward Szczech, Gerry '56 Tamborello, Mr. 6- Mrs. Gerald Tarullo, Madlin Teasdale, Mr. G Mrs. Theobald, Mr. 6: Mrs. Raymond I. Theobald, Robert '56 Thiel, Mr. 61 Mrs. Max Thompson, Patricia Toles, Rosie L. ' Thank You .N WW. A. .,-, sw1,.,.?wmt-ww ' gr'-gv5sw1nWQgs Tom, Mrs. Tom Tomasetti, Iohn Sr. Tornnitz, Casey, Art, Iimmy, 6. can Tongson, Tony Travers, Kenneth Triptow, Mr. G Mrs. Iohn Troccko Family Ty-Dall Products Unique Food Mart Uszko, Victoria Van De North, Patricia Van Den Elzen, Catherine '52 Verdone, Dr. Charles Veterans Grocery Virginia's Tap Vitale's Shoe Service Viverito, Mr. G Mrs. O. Voldan, Mrs. Walsh, Mr. 6- Mrs. I. Walter, Mr. 6: Mrs. Allan Walter Leia Grocery Wedge, Mrs. E. West, Mr. 61 Mrs. Gerald Western, Mrs. Gertrude Weyrich, Robert Williams, H. R. G Family Willix, George A. Wilson, Mr. 61 Mrs. Homer Wilson, Shelia '56 Wilson's Food Market White, Mrs. Mary Wingert, Timothy G Tish Wong, Mrs. Mary Lee Woods Industries Wozniak, Mary Ann Wozniak, Mrs. Sophie Wu, Harry I. Wystrach, Mr. 6: Mrs. Frank Yong, William Young, Mrs. Mabel Young, Russ Zabiak, Mr. 6. Mrs. M. Zabiaka, Eleanor '56 Zahora, Mrs. Mary Zahora, Reggie Zalesny, Walter Zambon, Mr. G Mrs. A. Zamorski, Mr. 61 Mrs. Stanley Zeller, Edward W. Zikich, Dr. Dobrivoje Zo G Io Food Shop Zymali, Mr. 6: Mrs. Frank Noah and his ark which brought the patron drive safely to the shores of success. The loyal friends ot MCHS who became our patrons and breathed lite into each line ot print. Sister Mary Sharon, the hand at the helm ot our journalistic endeavors, otten tired but never waivering in encouragement and praise. Father Regan tor the many wonderful pictures he submitted to our book. To all the faculty who have nourished the spirit of our school in each student's heart. To the students, who provided all the treasured moments ot the past year. To the gray and dark walls ot MCHS which have gathered us to their bosoms and engulfed us with their warmth and triendliness. To all those who have given their time and energy in producing this book. Also Mr. Robert Hansen oi Walinger Studio. Norman King Company, for the publishing of the yearbook. X3 22 1 Nw Qljsllgf N A X.. ii sf X REE?-J ,WEX 621 ix L A A W 4 ,I ,, , , , , . t . , 4, 1 sf ol ., fj,,l:,.3V w,.fQgt 3w, , f .. M 1L'fi7W51ZM, gf W f"'L-44f.4.ff My fMfQfifl2j3Zi-Ak fmjea, JWZWZQMUQ My lyk-M , Nw X D sf 333453 ff 3 r ., 5' W y 1 c. '-.5 " ' ' ' 'X' ' ::',e'5" fwy . S ' , ' E fd' .. fl 1- A 1 F' 'W ..-, 1' -1' ' ?'fWM , if ' . -r-,W 1. - b I i ff ig fwf W W ,U W V WW FZ! U 9 I' I I I L f 1 "' o v '5 0 F A Q , ' ' R X Y, N S X X Y X Y X , 5 -, I' A. . 1 Y X 'X x M X ., be . Q 5 RN 'x X I get X x Q p H ,Wx ,V W 1- ,Y . .,. If , . .4 5 ,-

Suggestions in the Mundelein Cathedral High School - Phoenix Yearbook (Chicago, IL) collection:

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