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Hi W ,U ,--v--.... IH 'W lx 'z . M jg K 1 xiifx V ,, A I , f'g , X , ,iff r . o , , y,,""'. . , r f , 4 i Q A 2, 4, 2? ' W 1 of fiffa '71 , 1 If I V f , f V , 1 Y f L I I ,A Q a i Y 1' . ',, I 1' A K 1 1 M , Q 1, - ' -V ,QQ 1'-'I 2 I Ai' A 1, .. , if yur M Sag V, K , w ' ' "ffl v""4 , . 1 S ,, fd . I 7- ff f 41' ' I , is 'Q ,g -nf. ' ' vita.-xr V n A Q 1 I 1 " - ' " f 'ck '-i f ' .4 5 -. - I wwf 'A"f' iw a ' v ' . lv f ' li ', v' ' 4 K 4- ' M ' V 913545 . 'rf 'tri' -f 17 Lf., ,Q ' -c - ' " Z AUX! A, 'h egg V. 65 u n aw- wg " , A 3 ,gg' s f MO, 5 " wt ,jp ' A l f ,lj as 'r'i ' .1f'A' A I 1 -I 5 fp.. s 5,1 r' G' . I 1 ' 1 . 3 J .- 40.1. " 1 ' - ,., ij . Q Vela x Q. Q. 3 R . 'V Q , ,J jg! L nw: 'Y ,I "A I mv w W wfflg! T rf A 4 f qv... , . 15' ,- x . ' 'M zu . -M. I U . , ' ' , ' ' ' .' f 'fr-ff 4 . inf:"' . .. 'P-if ' M- 1 fi ', "FQ is - I ,Q I 5. K 1, - LJ? M. . Q - " ' .l 4 I 3? ,N-J xx MW' F V 'W '- ' " S, 'Y i " Q 5 1 L1 A i 5 1 I v Q, 2' ', f 14.1 ' 1 I In f' I I "JV D. r I' ' 'L . H, , ans, lfffv f ,QT W L , , .E 'I J' 3 g A :gg Nfgmxx , -M Q fv ,Z.uA,,y Q,-v ' xg 1' 5q1,.,1f5 , ,,. W J ,f .f f'-1 .. W N N ,V 'mf' Mm , ,M F . J 1 l A-f-y f 3" ,fn f ev as' f' . , W "' A ' ,- F . ' f ,la D Q42 M pg? vi. , if Q ' ,Y 1 ,A ' W. - 64? A A J ' Q. f' ,Q ,,:',f. nfl fi ' ', V 1 M 5 Ah '-wat mg V , W if ,KY ' if M 'f Q, MN, M F54 '- fff"5? ' ,mr Q FM 1 4 -at Q 'ff gg ., Q ' A amy' -. v' 1FE'Y1'.l:2f5FiEb'ii2FMGE'Eg-!,U?'i'-,vf3f'ff,S-'ff.i'4,v'Bf5L'fb5:5ZL2filE!MYfff3Nfr??52k"L!'TXT-v': A, 'ur W. We nirfldlilaft fffgcvffvi f-ill'.n'-f?Wf.H!?5'iil+Iw25'Jl3f5FwX.hFi23iE3'iIwbiflif-'ZkWrrX.fv'liE5i5iE ' ' LITTLE MUNCY CREEK THE I954 CANUSARAGO THE SENIOR CLASS OF I954 ofthe MUNCY-MUNCY CREEK HIGH SCHOOL MUNCY, PENNSYLVANIA FOREWORD This book represents the twelfth publication of the CANUSARAGO since the year 1932, when our school was first built. Within these pages we hope that you will obtain an idea of our life at 'llVluney High" during 1954, the ninety-ninth year of the existence of the high school in lkluncy. Our aims and ideas for this book consisted of trying to present our story and history in a clear and concise way, as well as to present it in a way which we hope is slightly different from the past. We shall strive to uphold the high standards offered to us at Muncy lligh and we shall endeavor to be a credit to our Alma Mater. I would like to thank, on behalf of my staff and the senior class, the following persons for their help, patience, contributions, and advice, which made this publication possible: Mr. Donald Ross for his photography work and consultation, and Mr. James Bahr for special photography work when we needed it, Dr. Eugene P. Bertin and Dr. T. Kenneth Wood, for their historical notes, Mr. James Frailey, our yearbook consultant and our contact with the Grit Publishing Company, the school administration for alloting us time and facili- ties to prepare this production, Mr. William Reiter and Mr. Ioseph Long for their conscien- tious consultation, lVlr. Stanley Schuyler for helping us with the typing and allowing us to use the typing room to prepare copy material, hlrs. Stephen Reed for giving us a place to keep our records and perform our tasks in the library, to the faculty for their patience and help when we needed it, to everyone else who has contributed to our annual, to our ad- vertisers for their generous financial aid, and lastly the group without whom our efforts would have been fruitless-YOU, the reader of this book, for your generous support in purchasing this publication. Again from all of us to all of you our sincere thanks! THE EDITOR 2 TABLE OF CONTENTS ADMINISTRATION . GRADUATES . UNDERCLASSMEN . ACTIVITIES . . AALJSKI . . FEATURES . SPORTS . ADVERTISEMENTS . as QCI C Ek All S 6' M.. x 4' 2 5 2 ,Q 85' Ulvoeo W 3 Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page DEDICATIO The Senior Class of 1954 dedicates this issue of the CANUSARAGKJ to lVlr. Bitler, our playground supervisor, and Junior High English and Social Studies teacher. To us, lVlr. Bitlerls philosophy of life exemplifies this quotation of Seneca-Shun no toil to make yourself remarkable by some talent or other. Yet do not devote yourself to one branch exclusively. Strive to get clear notions about all. Cive up to no science entirely, for science is but one.-Long after school memories have become obscured, the memory of this sincere man will remain. Mr. Bitler was born in the vicinity of Clarks- town and completed his elementary schooling there. He then attended the lVluncy Normal and the VVilliamsport Commercial and Potts Shorthand DELOS M. BITLER College. He also attended Bucknell and later did extension work at Bloomsburg State Teachers College. He began teaching in Hepburn Township and later taught in lVluncy Creek Township, jersey Shore, and Moreland Township. He then came to Muncy to teach and has been teaching here for twenty-two years. ln 1941 he became super- visor of the playground and acts in this capacity at the present time. He has three teaching certificates. They are the Pennsylvania Permanent Certificate, Certificate for all junior high subjects and a special Certifi- cate for social studies. These have been employed by Mr. Bitler due to the fact that throughout his long teaching career he has taught all grades from 1 to 12 at one time or another. A QM xy .. .. 5 ff 3. A was 551 Jigsaw, 'W Alma Mater Hail to Alma Mater dear, Spread her fame in accents clear, Shout her glory to the skies, Tell the praise of dear old Muncy. May our hearts be ever true, To the colors white and blue, Muncy High School, here's to you- Hail to Alma Mater, Hail. School Song Here's to our dear old Muncy, Praise to her colors true, Junior and Senior High School, Hail to the white and blue, Rah! Rah! Rah! Good times we had about her, Sad times occasionally too, But when it comes to good schools Oh! Muncy we're for youl History of the Alma Mater There was in Muncy at one time a physical education teacher who taught in t is school between 1933-1936. His wife, although not a famous musician, was an acquired one. One day she sat down and began to compose a song which turned out to be our Alma Mater. She wrote for us both the words and the music-both of which are original. Her name is Eleanor Robertsg she is the wife of Steve Roberts. Our high school is unique in having its own Alma Mater. The music and words were composed just for the students of Muncy. Many thanks to Eleanor Roberts. History of the School Song Practically every school has a school song as well as an Alma Mater, and we are no exception. The words of our school song, which are so familiar to all of us were written by George Palmer, who at one time was a teacher in Muncy. Although thc words to our School Song are original, the music is not. The music to which we sing it is taken from the march, "Frat,', which is played by our high school band. Our sincere thanks to Mr. Palmer for writing our School Song. 5 CAN USARAGO "Canusarago" was an aboriginal name for what is now called Muncy Creek and is the earliest name preserved and handed down to us on good authority. In 1731, Conrad Weiser, the celebrated Indian interpreter and guide, reported this name as it was pronounced by the Indians of his generation. In proper interpretation of the syllables of the Iroquoian dialect, he had the assistance of the Iroquois chief, Shikellimy, who was with him at the time. Weiser's journal was written in German and later translated by Dr. Muhlenburg, a man of great learning and knowledge of Indian languages. It then found its way into Schoolcraft's great work and throughout its many editions, the spelling of Canusarago still conforms to that given above. In 1755, Weiser again passed this way and upon reaching the mouth of what is now Muncy Creek, he again called it Canusarago and writes in his journal: "And as we passed Canusarago, where a town now is," and again, speaking of the inhabitants, "They were chiefly Showones CShowneesD and Chickasaws. There are about 20 men in the town when they are all at home." Evidently upon his first visit the village-site on the rock to the north of the Creek's mouth had been unoccupied. It was now tenanted by a mixed population from various roving tribes. While the name of this town in Weiseris day was Iroquoian Cindicating a previous outpost settlementl it, undoubtedly, was originally a Susquehannock town with a name now lost to us. The term Canusarago is from the Iroquois and signifies town on a rock or high place from the word "Canada," town-"Ar," rock-and "Ago,,' a place-also "Kear- sarge", the high place. Those acquainted with the character and lay of the land at "the point" will readily see the application of this description. The deduction is that the Iroquoian town on this rocky height gave its own name to the creek. The first surveys were made in the Valley in 1768, at which time the beautiful name of Muncy was definitely attached, first to Muncy Manor, then to the Creek, to Samuel Wallis' plantation, to the Fort Muncy, to the Valley, and lastly in 1826, to the present town of Muncyg and the almost equally beautiful name, Canusarago, was forgotten. It was not that there was anything in the name Muncy to characterize any of these except that a tribe of Indians called Muncies, Monseys, or more cor- rectly Minsies, was found there, temporarily residing, at the time that the pioneers came. This was not their permanent home. They were here under the direction and orders of the powerful Iroquoian Confederacy. T. KENNETH Woon, M.D. 6 N X' ADMINISTRATION LARUE C. WILLIAMSON ZIGMUND M. MUSIAL Administration Supervising Principal High School Principal ESTHER H. Pous'r Doms I. SHOOK Administrative School Secretary Assistant V a Seated, Left ta Right-Grant Bussler, Clifton Fry, CliHord VVentzler, Henry Young. Standing-Orval Ilerman, IXUS. Hlnry Holmes, C. Xvilbcrt Rccslcr, II. C. OPP, C. S. VV. Rickolt. flbSL'1lfYRtbllUft Stanton. School Board OFFICERS President - - - DR. C. S. W. RICKOLT Vice-President - - - CJRVAL IIERMAN Second Vice-President - - CQRANT M. BUSSLER Treasurer - - - MRS. HELEN FRY Secretary - llowixnn OPP Meuzlaers Wzllter Hoffman ll. T. Young Max VVomelstlorf Clifton Fry Robert Stanton Stuart Recd Tlie back-luonc and ruling laotly of tlie Muncy-Muncy Creelq anal Muncy Townsliip scliool clistricts, tlie Scliool Board lias supervisecl anal approved tlie activities of tlie ellicient antl well running organization. lt is to tliese conscientious People, wlio devote mucli tiine and effort to lnetter tlie contlitions, tliat tlie gratluating ciasses of tlie Muncy-Muncy Creek lligli Scliool will forever feel inclebtecl. 9 Clur REBECCA S. ARTHUR Science, Geography School Patrol Advisor Dancin Class Advisor Junior gligh Chapel Co-Chairman Hughesville High School Muncy Normal Bucknell University Mansfield State Teachers College Pennsylvania State University 34 years service ESTHER H. POUST Business Education Administrative Assistant Muncy High School B.S., New York University M.A., New York University Pierce Business School Columbia University 30 years service BESSIE M. LONG Home Economics Muncy High School Mansfield State Teachers College 21 years service MARYELLEN WALDRON Mathematics Iunior High Chapel Co-Chairman Junior High Promotion Chairman junior High Tri-Hi-Y Advisor Muncy High School B.S., Westchester State Teachers College Bloomsburg State Teachers College 20 years service IRENE M. WITHERS English, Science Student Council Advisor Senior Class Play Director Dallastown High School A.B., Lebanon Valley College St. Lawrence University 6 years service JEAN F. DELSITE Vocal Music Supervisor Fifth and Sixth Grade Glee Club Director Junior High Glee Club Director Senior High Glee Club Director Sunbury High School B.S., Susquehanna University 3 years service Facuh DELOS M. BITLER History, English Muncy Normal Bloomsburg State Teachers College Bucknell University Potts Shorthand Williamsport Commercial School 22 years service ZIGMUND M. MUSIAL High School Principal, Science New Port Township High School B.S., Bloomsburg State Teachers College I1 years service WARD L. MYERS Industrial Arts Varsity Basketball Coach Tyrone High School ILS., Carnegie Institute of Technology M.Ed., Pennsylvania State University 10 years serrice STANLEY T. SCHUYLER Business Education Scoop Advisor Advisor, Class of 1956 Football Coach Wrestling Coach Watsontown High School B.S., Bloomshurg State Teachers College 10 years service ROBERT S. HUGHES Social Studies Faculty Athletic Manager Student Council Advisor Advisor, Class of 1954 Booster Club Advisor Sportsman Club Advisor Ashland High School B.A., Gettysburg College Bloomsburg State Teachers College 8 years service GEORGE B. HOU SEKNECHT Social Studies Junior High Basketball Coach Ili-Y Advisor Ilughesville High School B.S., Bloomsburg State Teachers College 8 years service Our Faculty JEAN L. ZIMMERMAN French, English Journalism Club Advisor Quill and Scroll Advisor Junior Class Play Director Elizabethville High School A.B., Bucknell University 2 years service LILA L. CRAWLEY School Nurse Lewis High School CKansasj R.N., Halstead Hospital Training School Bucknell University 2 years service CAROL BAILEY HOUK Physical Education, Hygiene Cheerleader Advisor Tri-Hi-Y Advisor Gym Team Advisor Uniontown High School B.S., Lock Haven State Teachers College I year service FRANCES K. REED Lihrarian Library Club Advisor Canton High School B.S., Syracuse University Mansfield State Teachers College Columbia University I year service JEAN L. ZAHER Art Booster Club Advisor Bloomsburg High School B.A., Wilson College Bloomsburg State Teachers College I year service SARAH L. MAPSTONE Dental Hygienist South Williamsport High School R.D.H., University of Pennsylvania V2 year service ARTHUR L. DELPAZ Instrumental Music Supervisor Band Director Adviser, Class of 1955 Mahanoy City High School B.S., Westchester 'tate Teachers College Bucknell University 4M years service WILLIAM E. REITER Spanish, English Yearbook Advisor Vllilliamsport High School B.S., Lock Haven State Teachers College M.Litt., University of Pittsburgh 2 years service PAUL K. WINNER Agriculture Supervisor F. F. A. Advisor Dickinson Seminary B.S., Pennsylvania State University 2 y9lIYS SPflllCl' 1. CLYDE FOOSE Mathematics, Science Juanita High School B.S., Bucknell University B.Th., Princeton Seminary lb years service JOSEPH W. LONG Mathematics junior High Hi-Y Advisor Yearbook Advisor Assistant Football Coach Lock Haven High School B.S., Lock Haven State Teachers College M.Ed., Pennsylvania State University I year service DONALD E. MILLER Physical Education Drivers Education, Hygiene M. Club Advisor Assistant Football Coach Assistant Wrestling Coach Baseball Coach Millersburg High School B.S., Pennsylvania State University I year service Parent-Teachers Association First Row, Left to Right-Mrs. john Lovell, Mrs. Rhea Bair, Itlrs. Carl Keil, Alrs. VVillian1 Peterinan, lXlrs. Maleolm Rhone, First Viee-President, Mrs. Alfred Snyder, President, ltlrs. Preston Lawton, Treasurer, hlrs. LaRue Vllillianison, Seeretaryg Blrs. Claude NVanish, itlrs. Sylvester Ritter, Mrs. Alvin Barns, Mrs. Edmund Luft. Seeomi Row-Mrs. VVoodrotv Corson, Blrs. Frank Youtz, Itlrs. Luray Swartz, Mrs. Laey Shadowens, Miss Kathryn Keener, Mrs. Carlton Peeling, Mrs. Paul Gerringer, Mrs. George Iihner, Mrs. Robert Feigles, Mrs. John VVhetstone, Mrs. C. M. Stutzman, Mrs. Fred Priest, Mrs. VValter Hoffman, Mrs. james McCarty, Mrs. Lionel Shadduek. 'Iiliirtl Row-lNlrs. Norman Ileineelnian, lXlrs. Robert Frey, ltlrs. VVilliam hlurray, Mrs. Charles Tule, Mrs. James Nieholson, Mrs. Vanllorn VVertman, Mrs. LeRoy Stroup, Mrs. Max VVoltnesdorf, Mrs. james Hager, Mrs. Lester Rohm, Mrs. Truman Yoder, Mrs. Luther Ililner, Nlrs. james llensler. Upon leaving, we wish to thank sineerelv the P. T. A. for their time, patience, and etlort so unsellishly given to us. Grade Parents First Row, Left fo lliglitfhlrs. Lionel Shadduek, lXlrs. Norman llcineelman, Mrs. Max YVoinelsdorf, lXlrs. Lester Rohm, Mrs. Sylves- ter Ritter, Mrs. Alvin Barns, Mrs. xhyiiliillll Peterman, ltlrs. Clay Berger, Mrs. Glenn Brelsford. Seeoml Ron'-Mrs. Wlilliam lXlurry, Mrs. Carlton Feeling, Mrs. Kenneth Rager, Mrs. George Elmer, Mrs. John Hlhetstone, Mrs. Fred Priest, Mrs. C. M. Stutvnian, Mrs. LeRoy Stroulx, Mrs. VValter lloflnman, Mrs. Preston Lawton, ltlrs. Edmund Luft. Tliirtl RmvfMrs. john Nixon, Ilaroltl Brown, Luther llilner, Howard VVallis, LaRue C. VVilliainson, lXIaleom Rhone, Clay Reed, Roy hlaurer, Dlrs. Kenneth Maust. We sincerely wish to thank these people who give to us, the pupils, not onlv parties, but mueh of their valuable time throughout the school year. 12 Cafeteria Staff Left to Right-Edith Murray, Clara Bower, Rowena Priest, Geraldine Rupert, Laura Fritz, Sara Stroup. The women pictured above are the ones we wish to thank for their efforts put forth to make the lunches for the children at lunch time. On Christmas and Thanksgiving they prepared the traditional holiday turkey. Again we wish to extend our appreciation for their many efforts. Janitorial Staff Left to Riglitfljat lXlcClosky, George Beilhartz, YVilmer Vllaltman, Max Blair, Albert lloldren. The success of many of our social events is due to the co-operation of the above men who keep our school clean well as warm. These men also see to it that the grass is mowed in summer and the snow plowed from the walks in the winter. VVhether we want them to hx a radiator, clean a hlackhoard, or just want them to loan us a ladder, dust pan, or hroom, they are always willing to co-operate. Many thanks to these men for their patience with us. 13 Education in Muncy I797 - 1954 In this year of 1954, we deem it highly appropriate to recall the past history of the public schools in Muncy, a history which is unique for it comprised more than thirty distinct educational institutions including: schools of art, music, painting, business and commerce, classical languages, boys' academies, girls' seminaries, a normal school for teachers, and a half dozen church schools. This variety of schools gave our borough a wide reputation as the seat of culture in the West Branch Valley. As once more the townspeople stand upon the threshold of undertaking the building of a "new school," we sincerely believe that if they recognize and appreciate the accomplishments of their predecessors, it will put renewed strength, vigor, and hope into their plans for the erection of the proposed grade school. Now we would like you to visualize the home-made linen and linsey woolsey clad figures of our forefathers. THE TIME: 1797-1873 The lirst type of formal education we became acquainted with was the "Family Schools." These schools were the association of two or more families and were held in a building owned privately or by an individual. They exist- ed from 1799 to 1806. The next school was the "Water Street School" located on the north side of East Water Street just a short distance from Main Street. The very limited data on this school revealed only that it existed between 1800 and 1806. The third institution was the "Old Log School" that was situated on the northeast corner of Main and New Streets. This school was in progress during 1800 to 1825, it was replaced by the "Old Brick School," which was built between 1825 and 1830. The school which enjoyed one of the most eminent positions in our educational system was the "Old Central School." It was located on the northwest corner of Market and Hi h Streets and was probably built between 1836 and 1840. It was this building which was officially designated as tlgie High School in 1855. The year 1855 marks the inception of free public secondary education in Muncy, thus the founding of the high school in Muncy stems from this date. The Central School functioned practically the year around, for the various instructors held Summer sessions of their own initiative in this building. We now have the era of the "Gibson Girl" and the "Flappers" of the "roaring '20's." TIME: 1873-1932 An evergrowin student body made necessary the realization of the next school commonly known as the "Union School," so cjled because it was an institution composed of three different houses. The "Market Street School" at the northeast corner of Market and High Streets, the "Main Street School" on the northwest corner of Main and High Streets, and the "Masonic Rooms School" on the second Hoor of the Masonic Building on Main Street define the components of this unit. It is interesting to note the fact that diplomas were first granted in 1881, during the era of this "Union School." The span of time C1873-1932D in the history of this school was comparatively long. As in the past, however, the increase of the student body made necessary the planning, preparation, and finally the erection of another new school building. Designers revolutionized the fashion trends with the "New Look" and the controversial hemline. TIME: 1932-1954 The "new" school building, which is currently in use as our grade and high school, was built in 1931-32 on a plot of ground approximately 12 acres in extent situated on the south side of Penn Street between Sherman and Painter Streets and was purchased from one Neil Davis. Lawrie and Green were the architects for the construction, and the product of their labor was an ediHce ac- claimed by many to be one of the most beautiful structures in the surrounding territory. The cornerstone for this building was laid without ceremony on November 24, 1931. The dedication program was held on September 2, 1932. Our school is built of beautiful mountain stone and is divided into three wings with a total of fifty-six rooms. This last number includes practically every inclosure entered by means of a door. But this school too has become cramped for space and since the consolidation of Muncy Township with Muncy- Muncy Creek, the School Board has once more found it necessary to plan for the erection of another school. Upon the completion of this proposed school it will serve as the grade school, and our present school will be the junior and Senior High School. This brief history cannot and does not intend to cover all phases of our educational systemg it is merely meant to acquaint you with the fact that as times and fashions change, so do our schools. We must always strive for prog- ress since without it our entire way of life would be stifled and possibly even collapse. 14 .X - X GRADUATES We wish to express a most heartfelt thanks to Mr. Robert S. Hughes, who for the past three years has been our class advisor. As a result of his encouragement, patience, and understanding, many of our seemingly crazy schemes became successful realizations. To us he became a friend and counsellor as well as a teacher. Through our association with this congenial man, We feel that we are better prepared to take our places in society. Once again we wish to express our deepest gratitude to you, Mr. Hughes. Our Advisor ROBERT S. HUGHES The Class of I954 Ivft to Right--Lmlisc VVL'rm'r, Rubvrt U'c1'tn1zn1, ljlllllllil Alillfllilll, Phyllis App. ROBERT VV13m'AmN lJoN,x1.D lXlARSHAI.l. llolllsli NVERNER PllYl.I.lS Am' olflllcmxs l 17 l,I't.'SlLll'IIf l ,lL'L"l,7't'SlllL'1ll A Sm:1'c'!11v'1' - 'l4l'L'tIS1ll'L'V P11v1.I.1s lVlARGARET APP MARY EDITH ARTHUR RALPH DOLICLAS BALLIET "Frenchie" Ciggles continuously-likes French and ,lull Cltandler-very nice girl. Academic l, 2, 3, 45 CTANUSAHAGO Staff, llistorian 45 S1.'oo11 Staff 1, 2, 3, 4, Literary liditor 45 Chapel Chair- man 45 Class Play 3, 45 Christmas Play I5 Class Treasurer 3, 45 Student Council 35 Quill and Scroll 3, 45 journalism flub 2, 3, 45 Student Li- brarian 2, 3, 45 Librarian Club 45 Clee Club I, 2, 3, 45 Band l, 2, 3, 45 County lland l, 3, 45 'fri-lli-Y l, l, 3, 4, Vice-President 45 Booster Club 2, 3, 45 Intramural Sports l, 2, 3, 45 May Court 4. ithqayyn Always with Delorisc-likes to eat and baby sit. Commercial 1, 2, 3, 45 CANUSAHAGO Staff 45 Chapel Chairman 45 Clec Club 15 Student Librarian 2, 3, 45 Librarian Club 45 journalism Club 3, 45 Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 45 Intramural Sports 1, 2, 4. "Domer" llotrod driverfhates to studyflikes to roller skate f and thinks th a t llughesville girls are pretty nice. Commercial 1, 25 General 3, 45 CANUSARAGO Staff 45 Scoop Staff 2, 3, 45 Chapel Chairman 45 Class Play 3, 4: Hi-Y 3, 45 Vllrestling 15 lntra- mural Sports l, 2, 3, 45 Basketball Titnekeeper 4. lVlERlAlXI RETA BIEBER "l1'lim" Quick tempered-real energetic-loves to belp people-determined to meet her goal. Academic 1, 2, 3, 45 CANusA1tAr5o Staff, Assistant Editor 45 Scoop Stal? l, 2, 3, 4, Clubs and Social Editor 45 Class Play Student Director 3, 45 Student Council 15 Quill and Scroll 3, 45 journalism Club 2, 3, 4, Junior liditor 3, liditor-in-Chief 45 Student Librarian 2, 3, 4, Captain 35 Li- brarian Club 45 Clee Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Tri-lli-Y l, 2, 3, 45 Booster Club 2, 3, 45 Magaline Drive Chairman 45 Intramural Sports l, 2, 3, 4. RICHARD EUGENE Bn1T'rA1N "Dick" Very neat buildftwo letter man- keeps English class in thc groove. Commercial 1, 2, 3, 45 CANusAaAt:o Staff 45 Scoop Staff 45 Chapel Chair- man 45 Class Play Committee 35 School Patrol 15 Minstrel Show 35 Sportsman Club 45 "M" Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Vtlrestling 1, 2, 3, 45 Football l, 2, 3, 4, Co-Captain 45 Intramural Sports 1, Z, 3, 45 Gym Team 3, 4. 18 SHIRLEY M. CoNPEn "Sl1irleyl' Likes convertibles-Clear soprano voice -is always laughing. Academic 1, 2, 3, 45 CANLISARAUO Staff 4, lloroseope Editor 45 Scoop Staff 4, Humor Editor 45 Chapel Chairman 45 Class Play 4, Commit- tee 35 Christmas Play 45 journalism Club 2, 3, 45 Student Librarian 2, 3, 45 Librarian Club 45 Glcc Club I, 2, 3, 45 Girls' Ensemble 15 Tri-Ili-Y 1, 2, 3, 45 Booster Club 2, 3, 45 Min- strel Show 1, 2, 35 Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3, 4. VVu.t.iAA1 EUGENE CCJRSCJN Hl'VfI0tij'U l'ast tallxerflikes model airplanes and plays a "hot" sax. ,Xeademie l, 2, 3, 4, CANUSARAGU Stall' 4: Scoop Stall 2, Chapel Chair- man 4: Class Play 3, 4, Student Council l, 2, 3: Glee Club l, 2, 3 4: Iland l, 2, 3, 4: County Band 2, 3, 4, Dance lland 45 School Patrol lg lli-Y 3, 4, Intramural Sports I, 2, 3, 4. THo1x1As EUGENE DEWALD "Town Quiet and shy, yet ever friendlv-ab ways seen at the Ritz-drities a green Ford. Commereial I, 2, 3, 4, CANUsAuAc:o Stall' 4, Chapel Chairman 4, Ili-Y 3, 4, "MH Club 45 Vllrestling 3, 49 Intramural Sports I, 2, 3, 4. PAYE IIELENE FREEII Hlfajfel' 'lall and slender-likes to read and will reaeh her goal in anything she pursues. Academic I, 2, 3, 45 Seoop Staff 2, 3, 4, Chapel Chairman 4, journalism Club 43 Student Librarian 2, 3, 43 Librarian Club 4, Clee Club I, 2, 3, 4, 'liri-Ili-Y l, 2, 3, 49 Booster Club 2, 3, 4, Minstrel Show 3, Intramural Sports I, 2, 3, 4. RoBERT ELWOOD FRY PAUL FREDRICK FUNSTON RICHARD C. Ci0TTSCIIALL 'iliolf' 'flVi1t1py" i'llVi11dtf" "Big Ilolmnfgood natured-tiller of the soilfan ardent wrestling fan-hails from Pennsdale. Agriculture I, 2, 3, 4: F. F. A. I, 2, 3, 4, Sentinel 2, Chaplain 3, Vice- President 4, CANIISAIIAGO Stall' 4, Chapel Chairman 4, "Nl" Club 4, lfootball 3, 43 Intramural Sports 3, 4. Pretty blank eurly hair-always has a smile-sports a nice looking conver- tihle. Agriculture Ig Commercial 2, General 3, 4, QlANlISAIIAGO Staff 4, Scoop Stall I, 2, 3, 43 Class Play 3, Com- mittee 4: Clee Club I, 2, 3, 45 Ili-Y 3, Minstrel Show 2, 35 Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3, 4. 19 lleese and Snyder's right hand man -girl shyfbaskethall manager. Commercial I, 25 General 3, 4, CAN- IISAIIAKQO Stal? 4, Scoop Stall' 4, Chapel Chairman 45 "M" Club 4, Basketball Manager 3, 4, Intramural Sports I, 2, 3, 4. CYNTHIA lVlAE CUISEWIIITE lfcindivlf Our standard for the height of cour- agc4pretty tcctltfalways smiling. Acadclnic 1, 2, 3, 4, Scoop Staff 1, 2, journalism Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Student Librarian 2, Clee Clubil, 2, Tri-Ili-Y Club l, 2, 3, 4, Booster Club 2, 3, 4, Intramural Sports 1, 2. IVAN LEE HARTBIAN "Fuzzy" "Fearless Fuzz"-two letter ll'Aill'1fSt2l' tisticiain for thc football team. Acadernic 1, 2, 3, 4, CANIISARAGO Staff 4, Scoop Staff 3, 4, Sports Editor 4, Chapel Chairman 4, Student Coune cil 2, 3, Class Play 3, Committee 4, Boys' Ensemble 1, Class Vice-Presb dent 2, School Patrol 1, Captain 1, Glee Club l, 4, Ili-Y Club 3, 4, HM" Club 4, lklinstrel Show 3, Sports Rc- porter 3, 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, llaseball 1, 2, 3, 4, lntramural Sports I, 2, 3, 4. joAN ELIZABETH 1-1EIL1XIAN f4'Sl71lQeU Fine personalityfplays a gay clarinet and tickles the lvories. Academic 1, 2, 3, 4, CANusA1IAGo Staff, Activities Editor 4, Scoop Staff l, 2, 3, 4, Class Play 4, Student Council l, 3, Quill and Scroll 3, 4, President 4, journalism Club 2, 3, 4, Senior Editor 4, Librarian Club 4, Clcc Club l, 2, 3, 4, lland l, 2, 3, 4, County Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Tri-lli-Y l, 2, 3, 4, Chaplain 4, Booster Club 2, 3, 4, May Princess 1, Foliage Queen 3, American Legion Awartl l, Poetry Award 1, Cheerleader 1, blay Queen 4. RICHARD CHARLES HICKS rfnickvx Tears around in a green Plymouth- Squcck's personal chauffeur-likes to hunt and fish. Agriculture 1, 2, 3, 4, F. F. A. 1, 2, 3, 4, CANus,uIAc:o Staff 4, Class Play Committee 3, 4, Sportsman Club 3, 4. ELSIE ELLEN JOHNSON "l1l5ze" Dishes out cheeseburgers at lXI0111'S Lunch-always in the library-a friend to all. Academic I, 2, 3, 4, CANUSARAGO Staff 4, Scoop Staff l, 2, 3, 4, Ex- change Editor 3, 4, Chapel Chairman 4, Class Play Committee 4, Quill and Scroll 3, 4, Journalism Club 2, 3, 4, Student Librarian 2, 3, 4, Captain 3, Librarian Club 4, President 4, Tri- 1IiAY 2, 3, 4, Booster Club 2, 3, 4, Sportsman Club 3, 4, Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3, 4. 20 REBA Lou KAHLER H12 eb!! Class artist - willing worker 4 ardent fan of Queen Elizabeth II. Academic 1, 2, 3, 4, CANUSARAGO Staff 4, Scoop Staff l, 2, 3, Art Edi- tor 4, Class Play Committee 3, 4, Chapel Chairman 4, Journalism Club 2, 3, 4, Student Librarian 2, 3, 4, Librarian Club 4, Clee Club 1, 4, Girls, Ensemble 1, Booster Club 2, 3, 4, Art Chairman l, 4, Tri-lli-Y 1, 2, 3, 4, Minstrel Show 1, 2, 3, Sports- Inan Club 3, 4, Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3, 4. RICHARD LYN KEMRER "Honey" Tall, quiet, and slow moving-dislikes women and being bothered. Agriculture l, 2, 3, 4: F. F. A. 1, 2, 3, 4: Sportsman Club 3, 4: Intra- mural Spoi'ts 4. Noaixm JEAN KILGUS "femme" Likes roller skating and boys-tres petit feet. Commercial I, 2, 3, 4: C.tNusAnAc:o Stati 4: Scoop Staff 3, 4: Chapel Chairman 4: Class Play Usher 3, 4: journalism Club 2, 3, li: Student Li- brarian 2, 3, 4: Librarian Club 4: Glee Club I, 4: Tri-Ili-Y 1, 2, 3, 4: Booster Club 4: Sportsman Club 3, 4: Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3, 4. RUTH ARLENE LuCAs "Lucas" A natural born nutfhates to get up in thc lnorning-relaxes over the wories. Academic I, 2, 3, 4: CANusAit.u:o Statl' 4: Scoop Stall I, 2, 3, 4: Class Play Usher 3, Committee 4: Student Council I, 2: Journalism Club 2, 3, 4: Student Librarian 2, 3, 4: LibrarA ian Club 4: Glec Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Girls' Ensemble I: Tri-IIiAY l, 2, 3, 41 Booster Club 2, 3, 4, Secretary 2: Minstrel Show I, 2, 3: Intramural Sports 1, 2: May Court 4. ANNE lXlARYLAND LUET VIOLET lVlARIE lVlAGARGLE IDONALD LARUE lVlARSIIAI.I, Niallffiffu Hljii' HIDOVIH Small, quick tempered, and blushes easilyfcrazy over horses. .Xeademie I, 2, 3, 4: CANUSARAGO Statl, XYill Editor 4: Scoop Stall' l, 2, 3, 4: Chapel Chairman 4: Class Play 3, 4: Student Council 4: Quill and Scroll 3, 4: Journalism Club 2, 3, 4: Student Librarian 2, 3, 4: Librarian Club 4: Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Girls' linsemble l: Tri-Ili-Y 1, 2, 3, 4: Booster Club 2, 3, 4: Sportsman Club I, 2, 3, 4: Intramural Sports l, 2, 3, 4. Spends her time in the library with Elsie-likes square daneing and the Navy. Academic I, 2, 3, 4: CANus.utAc:o Staff, Subscription Manager 4: Chapel Chairman 4: Class Play Committee 3, 4: Tri-lIiAY 3, 4: Booster Club 3, 4: journalism Club 4: Student Li- brarian 2, 3, 4: Librarian Club 4: Sportsman Club 3, 4: Intramural Sports l, 2, 3, 4. 21 A real joker-a friend to tbe endf courier for Schuyler's football plays. , ,Xcadeniie I, 2, 3, 4: CANusAliAt:o Stall, Photography Director 4: Scoop Staff 2, 3, 4: Chapel Chairman 4: Class Play 3, 4: Christmas Play 3: Student Council l, 3, 4, President 4: journalism Club 4: Glce Club I, 2, 3, 4: Boys' Ensemble l: llifY 3, 4: "M" Club 3, 4: Class Vice-President 4, Secretary 2: Sportsman Club 4: Sehool Patrol 1: Football l, 3, 4. lX'lAXINE lx1ARGARET MART1N ROY MAURER, IR. Lois MAR1AN McCowAN H , tr in rx x Mag' t Knows what she wants and makes :I point to get itfwears a diamond- likes square dancing. Commercial l, 2, 3, -lg C,tNusARAc:o Stal'l' -lg Scoop Stall' -lg Chapel Chairman -lg Class Play Committee 3, -lg Tri-Ili-Y 3, -lg Booster Club 2, 3, -lg Intramural Sports l, 2, 3, -l. Mm' Rev. VVclliver's right hand man-in- terested in designing and art work 'il line rnusieian. Academic l, 2, 3, 4g CANusARAoo Stall, Illustration and Layout Editor 4g Scoop Stall 1, 2, 3, -lg Chapel Chairman -lg Class Play -l, Student Director -lg Journalism Club 2, 3, -lg Clee Club 1, 2, 3, 4g Band 1, 2, 3, -lg District Band -lg County Band I, 2, 3, -lg Dance Band -lg Boys' Ensemble lg lli-Y 3, -l, Chaplain -lg "NI" Club 2, 3, -lg P. A. System Operator 2, 3, -lg VVrestling 1, 2g Intramural Sports -l 3,. Toot' Class proxy and elownfleads the band-likes blond crew cuts and blue eyes. Academic l, 2, 3, -lg C'ANusARAr:o Stall' -lg Scoop Stall' l, 2, 3, -l, "Snoop" Editor -lg Chapel Chairman -lg Christmas Play lg Class Play Coin- mittee 3, -lg Student Council lg Journalism Club 2, 3, -lg Student Librarian 2, 3, -lg Librarian Club -lg Clee Club l, 3, -lg Band l, 2, 3, -lg Cirls' Ensemble lg 'l'ri-lli-Y l, 2, 3, -l, Yiee-President l, C b a pl a i n 3: Booster Club 2, 3, -lg Intramural Sports l, 2, 3, -lg May Court -l. SIIIHLEY 'IEAN M ILHEIIXI "Milheim" Pretty long hair-eonnnereial wi7- never bothered by her neighbors. lhmtuercial 1, 2, 3, -lg CANUSARAUO Stall, Business Manager -lg Scoop Stall' -l, Business Education Editor -lg Chapel Chairman -lg Class Play 3g Christmas Plav 3, -lg Journalism Club 3, -lg Student' Librarian 2, 3, -lg Li- brarian Club -lg Clec Club lg Tri-lli- Y 2, 3, -lg Sportsman Club 3, -lg In- tramu.ral Sports 2, 3, -l. HARVEY DE1.os MOYER "Buddy" Quiet, go o cl natured-hails from Clarkstown-award winner in F. li. A. projects. Agriculture 1, 2, 3, -lg CANusARAc:o Stall -lg Scoop Staff lg Class Play Committee -lg F. F. A. 1, 2, 3, -l, President -lg Ili-Y 3, -lg VVrestling lg Sportsman Club 2, 3, 4. 22 lMlARY JANE lXqYERS ll I I7 fame Neat rlresserftrue to her Penn State man-writes real small -likes to study. Academic I, 2, 3, 4, CUXNUSARACLO Stal'l', Craduates Editor -lg Scoop Stall' l, 2, 3, -l, News Editor -lg Class Play 3, -lg Christmas Play lg Student Coun- cil 2g Quill and Seroll 3, -lg Journal- ism Club 2, 3, -lg Student Librarian 2, 3, -lg Librarian Club -lg Clec Club l, 2, 3, -lg Tri-lli-Y l, 2, 3, -l, Treas- urer -lg Booster Club 2, 3, -lg Maga- zine Committeeg Cheerleader lg ln- tramural Sports l, 2, 3, -lg May Court -l. PETER ECROYD lwIClI0l.SON LOUISE IXIIRIARI PoRzEI.T EARI. LEWIS PoIIs'I' "Pete" "L0IIise'l "l'01Is1ic" lim-sn'I have much to say-likes farm XVlll'li-SL'L'l'l'I aclinirvr uf girls. .'XgI'icIIltuI'c I, 2, 3, 4, li. F. A. I, 2, 3, 4, 'l't'vasIIrcI' 3. Not quite live fvvt-yn-ry pctitcfa gmail friend of the tuwn I:IIp-al- ways with Max. ntcarlurnic I, 2, 3, 4, C'ANusAR,xr,o Stall' 4, Scoop Stall' I, 2, 3, 4, Class Play 4, Coininittcv 3, 4, Cliristmas Play 3, Stuclcnt Librarian 2, 3, 4: Librarian Club 4, Glue Club I, 2, 3, 4, Girls' Enscniblu I, Minstrvl Slum' I, 2, Tri-Ili-Y l, 2, 3, 4, Secretary I, Intramural Sports I, 2, 3, 4, Cyin iI'l'lllll 3. .N rval nirc' guy a gmail n'rvstlt'r- drives il gI'I-cn C'lIcyy-always pvs- lcrs Zig. .Xgriculturv I, 2, 3, 4, Ii. Ii. A. I, 2. 3, 4, Prcsimlcnt 3, Scurctary 4, Grun- ty Vice-Prusimlciit 4, f'iKNllNARAlL0 Stall, Arlvcrtisirig Klanagcr 4, Swiftly Stafl' 2, 3, 4, Cltapcl libairinan 4, Stuclcnt Council I, 2, .Xrncricaii IA' giun .Xwaral I, Pm-try .Mvarsl I, Ili I' 3, 4, "Nl" Club 2, 3, 4, Svuri-tary iIYl'C1lSlll'l'I' 4, Sportsinan Club 3, 4: XYrcstling l, Z, 3, 4, Miiislrcl Slum' 2, 3, Intramural Sports I, Z, 3, 4. CIIAIILES ERNEST RISHEI. PATSY ANN ROBBINS EDNA IVIAE SCIIENCK HEl'lIlL'N "Pat" "Eddie" ,X rcal ntcv Illilgllllllk' XYOXYI C'IIIIIIIIvI'ci:Il Sports l. lyvtliall l. guy-bigli salesman for lll'lVk'-'lllll anzl built l, 2, 4, Intrainural 2, 3, 4, limxtlrall I, 2, Ilas- Ilails frinn Nlllffflllllil-iIl'lVl'S il Buick fprctty liiigvriniils-likes bluntls. Cmnmercial l, 2, 3, 4, LIANUSARAUO Stall' 4, Scoop Stall 4, Business Man- ager 4, Chapel Cliairman 4, Class Play Cuminiltce 3, 4, Innrnalisin Club 3, 4: Student Librarian 2, 3, 4, Li- brarian Club 4, Tri-Ili-Y 3, 4, Ilunstur Club 4, Intramural Sparts 3, 4. 23 Nlixoml up in mlnugliflilws Ibm' navy - a gmail liicl and likctl by all. .Xcadcrnic I, 2, 3, 4, C'ANIIsAIIAr.n Stall, Aclrrtiiiistratimi Ifclitnr 4, S4-only Stall' I, 2, 3, 4, Class Play 4, Cum- Inittcc 3, 4, Cliapcl Chairnian 4, Stu- slcnt Council 4, 'liruasurur 4, Quill and Scroll 3, 4, juurnalisrn Club 2, 3, 4, Glue Club l, Minstrvl Slum' I, 31 SIIHICIII Librarian Z, 3, 4, Librarf iaII Club 4, 'l'ri-Ili-Y l, 1, 3, 4, Ilaoster Club 2, 3, 4, Intramural Sports I, 2, 3, 4, Gym Team 2, 3. S11tRi,EY ESTHER SECULES lVlARY JOANN S11112-MAN PHILIP JAMES SuOLT1s it . ii Seckze Likes to hotrod in the truck-has pretty hair and a niee personality. Commereial l, 2, 3, 4, Cawtismmuo Stall, 4, Chapel Chairman 4, Class Play Usher 3, 4, ,lournalisrn Club 3, 4, Student Librarian 2, 3, 4, Li- brarian Club 4, Glec Club 3, 4, Tri- lli-Y l, Z, 3, 4, Booster Club 2, 3, 4, Sportsman Club 3, 4, Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3, 4. "jozmn" Swell girl-another future R.N. Cshe hope.-SD - likes eheerleading and Vl'Olfie. Aeademie l, 2, 3, 4, CANusAR.toO Staff, Propheey Editor 4, Scoop Stall l, 2, 3, 4, Grade News Editor 4, Chapel Chairman 4, Class Play Com- mittee 3, 4, Student Couneil l, 3, Quill and Scroll 3, 4, Seerctary-'I'rea- surer 4, Student Librarian 2, 3, 4, Librarian Club 4, Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, President 4, Booster Club 2, 3, 4, Cheerleader 2, 3, 4, Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3, May Court 4. "Phil" A good Scoop worker-likes hunting and Shirleyfalways a barrel of fun. Commercial l, 2, General 3, 4, CAN- us.ut.uaO Stall 4, Scoop Stall' 2, 3, 4, Assistant Editor 4, Ili-Y 3, 4, Club 3, 4, Sportsman Club 3, 4, Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4, Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3, 4. ohio PHILIP lVlASON STORY "Phil" Drives a eonvertible-import from Canton-a happy guy-always eotr tent. Agriculture l, 2, 3, 4, CANUSARALLO Stall' 4, lli-Y 3, 4, "M" Club 3, 4, Sportsman Club 3, 4, Vilrestling 2, 3, 4, Football 2, 3, 4, Intramural Sports 2, 3, 4. C3ORDON RAY STROUP ROBERT LEROY STROUP " " "Burp" Skip Pilot of the Scoop-always jolly- makes and keeps friends easily. Commercial I, 2, General 3, 4, CAN- ustximoo Staff, Typing Editor 4, Ili- Y 3, 4, "M" Club 3, 4, Sportsman Club 3, 4, Vkfrestling l, 2, 4, Foot- ball 1, 3, Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3, 4. 24 Always in a rush-big wheel in thc C. A. l'.fspends his time with a eertain llughesville "lille." Aeademie 1, 2, 3, 4, CANus.xnAt:o Stall, Editor-in-Chief 4, Scoop Stall I, 2, 3, 4, Class Play 3, 4, Christmas Play l, 2, Student Couneil l, 4, Quill and Seroll 3, 4, ,lournalisni Club 2, 3, 4, Clee Club l, 2, 3, 4, Band l, 2, 3, 4, Viee-President 4, County Band 2, 3, 4, District Band 4, Dance Band 4, lli-Y 3, 4, Football l, Sportsman Club 3, 4, Secretary- Treasurer 4, Intramural Sports l, Z, 3, 4, Sports Announcer 4. ROBERT BRUCE TULE "Tide" Class Romeo 4 always behind the wht-ul of a snappy autofhzls a crew cut. Commercial l, 2, General 3, 4, Chapel Chairman 4, Scoop Staff 2, 3, 4: Ili-Y 3, 4, "bl" Club 2, 3, 4, lVrestling l, 2, 3, 4. ROGER RITTER WACINER IIR0g!I Cood looking-witty and sineerc-is nice to have around. Agriculture 1, 2, 3, 4, F. F. A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Chaplain I, Reporter 2, Secre- tary 3, Treasurer 4, Scoop Staff 2, 3, 4, Class Play Committee 3, Student Council I, Ili-Y 3, 4, Sportsman Club 3, 4, Intramural Sports l, 2, 3, 4. FREDA IOANN WAI.I.lS "Freddie" Good in Commercial subjects-likes horses-a real nice girl. Commercial l, 2, 3, 4, CANusAitAt:o Staff 4, Scoop Stall' 4, Chapel Chair- lnan 4, Class Play Committee 3, 43 Student Council 3, Student Librarian 2, 3, 4, Librarian Club 4, Tri-Ili-Y 3, 4, Booster Club 3, 4, Intramural Sports 2, 3, 4. VV1i.i,1A1xt JAMES WALLIS NANCY ANN WALTMAN IDELORISE ARLINE WARREN "Bill" i'Nancy" "Defi "Bill" is tall, lanky, and good look- A peppy cheerleader-likes red heads A quiet, friendlv girl-likes to read ing f good natured - eyes reveal -always ready to have a lot of fun. and babv sit. 1 much. ' .Xt-adt-mic l, 2, 3, 4, LIANUSARAGO Stall, Sports Editor 4, Scoop Staff 2, 3, 4, Quill and Scroll 3, 4, Journal- ism Club 2, 3, 4, School Patrol 1, lli-Y 3, 4, President 4, "bl" Club 2, 3, 4, President 4, Class Vice-Presi- dent 3, Football 2, 3, 4, Co-Captain 4, Basketball l, 2, 3, 4, Captain 1, Baseball Manager l, Intramural Sports l, 2, 3, 4. Commercial 1, 2, 3, 4, CANusA1tAcso Staff 4, Scoop Stall 4, Chapel Chair- man 4, Student Council 2, Student Librarian 2, 3, 4, Captain 3, Librar- ian Club 4, Secretary 4, Class Play 3, 4, Clee Club 2, 3, 4, Girls' En- semble 1, Tri-Ili-Y 1, 2, 3, 4, Booster Club 3, 4, Intramural Sports l, 2, 3, 4, May Court 4. 25 Academic 1, Connnereial 2, General 3, 4, Tri-Ili-Y I, 2, 3, 4. LOUISE K. WERNER "Sq1feekie', Beautiful blue eyes and fair skin! will make a wonderful lflorenee Nightingale. :Xt-ademie I, 2, 3, 45 Cawtlsanixoo Stall' 45 Scoop Stall' 45 Class Play 3, 45 Class Secretary 3, 45 Glee Club I5 Student Librarian 2, 3, 4, Captain 35 Librarian Club 45 'liri-Ili-Y 2, 3, 45 Rooster Club 2, 3, 45 Minstrel Show I5 Intramural Sports I, 2, 3, 4. ROBERT Louis VVERTIXIAN 'Coekyl' A three letter man-leads our Class -neat dresser-has a weird laugh. Aeademie I, 2, 3, 45 CANIISARAILO Stall' 45 Scoop Staff l, 2, 3, 45 Chapel Chairman 45 Quill and Scroll 3, 45 journalism Club 45 Boys' Ensemble I5 Sehool Patrol 15 Ili-Y 3, 4, Class Play Student Director 35 Minstrel Show 3, 45 Class President 3, 45 Sportslnan Club 3, 45 Football 2, 3, 45 Basketball l, 2, 3, 45 Baseball I, 2, 3, 45 Intramural Sports l, 2, 3, 4. MAX LEWIS VVIIIPPLE Hivliflw Our future llarry IamesAvery active in the bandflikes tbe A. ii. and Louise. Aeademie I, 2, 3, 45 CRXNIISAIIAUO Statl' 4, Music and Features liditor 45 Scoop Stail' l, 2, 3, 45 Chapel Chair- man 45 Student Council 3, 4, Vice- President 45 Class Play Committee 3, Stage Crew 3, 45 journalism Club 2, 35 Band I, 2. 3, 4, President 45 Ilanee Band 45 "M" Club 45 Basket- ball Manager l, 2, 3, 45 Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3, 45 Basketball Seore- keeper 3, 45 May Queen Ruglcr I, 2, 3, 4. EDITH IUDITH WINCZATE "Edie" llails from jersey -petite - likes to eraek gum-quite a talker. Commercial, General 45 ClANUSAllAUO Statl' 45 Scoop Stali 45 Class Play 45 journalism Club 45 'I'ri-Ili-Y 45 Roost- er Club 45 Sportsman Club 4. RUTH IRVINE WITIIIIKDXV RUTH IXLENE WOI.FE "R11tlfziei' "lVol19e,' A new friendly country gal-spends A gay girl with coal black hair-ex- mueh of her time at the M. Y. ll. eels in sportsfknows how to get -all around gal athlete. along with Mr. Schuyler. QU .Xeademie l, 2, 3, 45 CANusAlmuo Commercial l, 2, 3, 45 C,tNus,umt:o Statl' 45 Chapel Chairman 45 jour- Stall' 45 Scoop Statl' 2, 3, 45 Student nalisnl Club 45 'fri-lli-Y 45 Rooster Librarian 2, 3, 45 Librarian Club 45 Club 45 Intramural Sports 4. Clee Club l5 Band 1, 2, 3, 45 'l'riA 26 lli-Y l, 2, 3, 45 Rooster Club 2, 3 4, Vice-President 3, President 4 Cxm Team 2, 3, 45 Minstrel Show 35' Intramural Sports l, 2, 3, 4. Pledge We, the class of 1954, do hereby pledge to make use of the knowledge acquired throughout our past, and to succeed in the world opening before us. We pledge to Cod, our Alma Mater, our nation, and to ourselves, loyalty and integrity. As a class, we promise to uphold and improve the standards of a free country, and to pass on to our successors the fine heritage which we have received from those who have preceded us. May the blessing of Cod be upon us as we seek to build for the future. - HEILMAN Colors-Maroon and Silver Flower - White Carnation Motto-"Enter to Learn, Co Forth to Serven Calendar of Events 1953-54 September 8 ,.....,... ,,...,........................... S chool Opened September 12 .........,.... . .....,., Opening Football Came, Canton October 26 and 27 ,..,..... .........,..,.,............,...... .... 1 n stitute Vacation October 30 ,................. ,....... M uncy Defeated Montgomery 32-0 November 3 ...,.. ,...... ...,. ,..r.......,..,.... S e n ior Kiddy Day November 12 ,...,.. November 20 ...... November 25 ..,.., December 30 .,..,.. january 4 ........,..,.. january 20 and 21 .4.... january 23 ...r......,... january 22-25 ...... February 9 ......... February 13 ...,......., February 24 .,........., February 25 and 26 March 24 .,.........,.,.. March 30 .,...,.......... April 8 and 9 ....., April 30 ..,.,..,....... May 12 ..,..r............,..,, May 19 and 20 ...,, May 21 ,..,..........,..,.. May 23 ..,.......... May 24-27 ....,... May 28 ...,..... june 3 .....,. ' ...,..4,..,.. Sadie HaWkin's Dance Band Parents' Dance Thanksgiving Dance Christmas Dance ,...,,.... Back from Christmas Vacation Mid-Year Examinations Wrestlers Defeated Williamsport 30-9 Vacation-Crade Posting Cagers Become Eligible for P.I.A.A. Playoffs Wrestlers Win West 'Branch Title Yearbook Deadline . .r.... Senior Class Play Magic Show County Band Festival junior Class Play ........,.,....s.,.. May Day Ceremony Spring Concert-Band and Vocal Seniors' Final Examinations Class Day-Junior and Senior Prom Baccalaureate Service Class Trip-New York City Commencement--Alumni Dance Junior High Commencement 27 Class History Dearie, do you remember- the chowder parties down by the seashore, every Fourth of July? Test your memory- "Do you remember the first time we trod the tarvied circle and fought for the best seats, only to be calmed by Miss Koons and Mrs. Dice?" "Or the time when Buddy Moyer won the butter we all took part in making?" "The Christmas operetta, Christmas With the Old Woman in the Shoe, gave us all our first experience with the drama." "Yes, that was some year!" "How about second grade, when we all took part in the rhythm bands directed by Ralph Balliet and Bob WertmanP" "The girls began their culinary skills by mak- ing Christmas cookies, aided by Mrs. Coodenow, who tried to explain the process of coating sand- tarts with eggwhites. This was a procedure which they found hard to understand." "Mrs. Hoffman's 'candy shop' really had a booming business every noon hour. She had quite a time trying to keep track of her home room students and also the money of the high schoolersf' "After two years we were ready to move on. Feeling a little grown up, we decided to have a sleigh ride, just like the big boys and girls." "Mn Stahl, with his sleigh and team of horses, gave us quite a thrill in the midwinter cold." "Of course, our teachers, Miss Stahl and Miss Shook, were along to chaperone." "Elevating our education by climbing the stairs, we were exposed to a new system of changing classes." "Miss Renninger tried to convert our crude etchings into a correct form of penmanship, while Mrs. Smith was occupied by training our vocal chords." . "Everyone was stepping lightly that year, pos- sibly due to his training in dancing the minuet as a portion of the play entitled Martha and George Washingtorfs Tea Party, performed at a P. T. A. meeting in February." Y "Having butterflies in our stomachs was not an unfamiliar sensation, either." "What about our presentation of Aloe Lin- coln's Store? Miss Keener spent a lot of time directing us in our parts and helping us collect the boxes, cans, and other properties needed in making the store look authenicf' "Yes, and Miss Griffith turned our thoughts toward the scientific aspect of life by teaching us to read thermometers, to understand weather forecasts, and even to do a little weather pre- dicting ourselves." "Donald Marshall and Maryland Luft both stirred up quite a commotion when they became members of our class during the year." "Mrs. Stine and Miss Castor were really astonished when the 'weaker sex' came out the victors in a tug of war during a gym exhibition for P. T. A., the fellows actually kept quiet Cfor a little time at leastl following their defeat." "But in spite of this, puppy love managed to bite Bob Wertman and Ieanne Odon, Bill Wallis and Janie Myers, Max Whipple and Nancy Waltman, Roy Maurer and Maryland Luft, and Skip Stroup and Shirley Milheim's heart after a rousing game of 'Prison'l" "Dancing class and the 5th and 6th Grade Clee Club added to the more cultural side of our 6th grade life." "Then came the thrill and excitement of entering junior high school. Changing classes on a large scale, screen reports, and weekly chapel programs Cto which we were escorted by Mrs. Arthur and Miss Waldronl included in our new activities." "Language and Science Clubs were organized by Miss Eustis and Miss Withers, the new ad- Class History ditions to the faculty. Some of our members presented the play, jean Valjean, for a chapel program." "Our class membership was enlarged with the importation of students who had just lin- ished the first six grades at Pennsdalef' "As time flew on wings of silver, we were confronted by the task of filling out application blanks for the course we desired to pursue upon entering 9th grade. Mr. Cirven and Miss Wal- dron helped us in making our decisions." "And we can't forget our picnics! 8-A went to Rolling Green bound for the roller coaster, while 8-Z found the glittering Waters of Har- vey's Lake more attractive. Petite Louise Por- zelt was welcomed into the fold along with energetic Edna Mae Schenckf' "Now for our freshman year and the memory of white dresses, nattily dressed boys, the open- ing chords of the graduation processional march, and the weak knees which somehow managed to carry us down the aisle!" "The class trip to Hershey was really Ccoolb, too." "Don't forget the students from Moreland Township who joined us and all the fun we had in our homerooms with Miss Eustis and Mr. Schuyler." "Putting away childish things, we oHicially became the members of senior high school known as 'sophisticated sophomoresf One out- standing feature was biology class and the di- secting of innocent little worms." "The homerooms of Miss Stine and Mr. Hughes underwent rather extensive Christmas decorating, but luckily the walls were still standing after all was cleared away. Elected to class oflices were: Peg Spalding, President, Fuzzy Hartman, Vice-President, Don Marshall, Secretary, PhyllisAApp, Treasurer." "As carefree, jolly juniors, our activities were varied and many. Our class ofiicers: Bob Wert- man, Bill Wallis, Louise Werner, and Phyllis App led us as we sponsored a food sale, a spring dance Cremember 'The Arch'?D, and the pro- duction of Crazy But Cute, directed by Miss Zimmerman. Those crazy rehearsals!" "Never let Mr. Coblentz's neatness or Mr. Houseknecht's closet fall into oblivion, either." "Yes, there was but one thing to mar our happiness-that was when one of our mem- bers, Cynthia Cuisewhite, contacted infantile paralysis early in the school term." "Reaching the goal we had strived for eleven long years to achieve, we found, as seniors, that our high school days were rapidly drawing to a close." "Don Marshall was elected to the vice-presi- dency of the class, which was, incidentally, the only change in class officers." "Mr. Myers was really run ragged between trying to get us into the homeroom and then working after hours building his new house." "Do you think Mr. Reiter will ever live down trading his Cadillac for a Plymouth?" "Say, 'Senior Kiddie Day' was quite the thing too-we'll never forget the recess and the walk around the 'Circlef Regressing to childhood ways and apparel for a day was really a pleasure." "Finally managing a date for our play, The Little Dog Laughed Cdirected by Miss WithersD, we presented it on February 25th and 26th." "The memory of graduation, the coveted di- ploma in our hands at last, the sadness of saying farewell to our classmates, the trip to New York City-are the latest recollections of our school days." "And while we are reminiscing, did you know that Miss Stahl became Mrs. Ceorge Stahl? That Miss Eustis changed her name to Mrs. Theodore Lindquist, and Miss Stine is now Mrs. Herbert Benchoff? Oh yes, Miss Crillith also combined her musical talent with Mr. james Ritter, who is an instrumental director." "My, the years have gone by so quickly! But that lachrymose day when we trod the tarvied circle and saw our teachers for the last time is one never to be forgotten." Do you remember? Yes, I remember- Then you belonged to the class of "54" Class Song Music from "just One of Those Things" Words by Ruth Lucas and Loig MQCQWHH . . - f Qe33fE"'s.L4:.L,JJ LI.. EJ- an tal-J Oh our school days- have gone fast. We'11 al- JH-Hi,e EJJE".lL.IJJL,l - ways re ---- mem--ber the past.-' So long to all our teachers and friends. 3 J JVM, J - U 39 f -Us-'14-4-I A In 5 we're leav ----- ing at last Yes we'11 try hard for sue-- -se .LJ suJ1-E:-4:11424 4:-Lid-'M E-S14 cess May our goal bring us hap-pi ---- ness We en-.ter to 113-5-3 151,44 l, W1 Q V' L, I J V 0 J J l learn and go forth to serve that's our motto you see If we'd e E F Hier if I J V thought a bit of the end of it when we start-ed out- as a class . 'nf ?e,J-Lfdldl-LL-Lf-JJE1'VEf"1"?Vir r -- We'd. have been a - ware- that ole fif - - ty-four- was all a. part- 4- P QJHJF-1' mfr -I H new 1:-+e.,s Ll - of the cast. So good-bye. friends and A - - men. 4 1re'rrHH-'ELLJ dJE'1r'E'Jo,4JI Here'e hop - - ing. we meet now and than,- It was great fun-. but it has U L-.e L-L L-H4-1 all end - ed to soon. Name Phyllis App Mary Arthur Ralph Balliet Meriam Bieber Richard Brittain Shirley Confer William Corson Thomas DeWald Faye Freeh Robert Fry Paul Funston Richard Gottschall Cynthia Guisewhite Ivan Hartman Ioan Heilman Richard Hicks Elsie Johnson Reba Kahler Richard Kemrer jean Kilgus Ruth Lucas Maryland Luft Violet Magargle Maxine Martin Donald Marshall Roy Maurer Lois McCowan i Pet Aversion Conceited People Blue Eyes Girls Mr. Reiter's English Classes Girls Who Step Out On Their Boyfriends Boys Who Drink Foreign Languages Homework Conceited Fellows Bad Tempers Women Women Sewing The Syndicate Sarcasm Finding Louise at noon People Who Think They Are Better Than Anyone Else "French Class" Hamlet-More Effective Than Sleeping Pills P. D. Class Robbins Not Being a Senior Being Called Mary-Land People Who Drink Alcoholic Beverages Miss Long's Classes and Her Chairs French Classes Women Drivers Wertman's Remarks Horoscope Pet Diversion Sports, French Music and Knitting Arnold Cars Yankees Willie, Sports Wimpy, Music, Reading Playing Sax in "Dance Band" Girls and Sports Swimming, Bill Sports New Convertibles Money Music Maryl, Sports, Music Music, Sports, and New Cadillacs Pay Day Dancing, Reading Art, British Royalty Bowling Roller Skating and Boys McCowan's Corny jokes Horses, Music and Dancing Edward, Dancing Army and Curly Hair Cadillac Convertible CRobin's Egg Bluel People A Certain Guy 32 Batty-lay-Word Real Cool! What's the Use! Hi Cub! Ah! Most Undoubtedly Oh! You! Pretty Cool! Oh, No! Oh! Buckets! I'11 Clue You! Just as I Figured! Watch That First Step! Wait Awhile! What's Wrong? Hey Now! Censored!! Oh! Good Heavens! Pretty Cool! Prove It! Take Two, They're Small! Is That Ofiicial? Oh, For Heaven's Sake! Well, Get That! Well, Smell You! Oh, Brother! Thunderation! Call Me Tremendous, Kid! By-and-By Language Teacher Housewife Air Force Nurse CR.N.D Undecided Nurse CR.N.D Aeronautical Engineer Navy Nurse Farmer Own a Gas Station Air Force Nurse CR.N.J Teacher Dietitian Agriculture Engineer Nurse CR.N.D Foreign Missionary Farmer Undecided Be Happy Airline Hostess Nurse CR.N.D Chief Cook and Bottle Washer Engineer Minister ? ? Name Shirley Milheim Harvey Moyer Mary Jane Myers Peter Nicholson Louise Porzelt Earl Poust Ernest Rishel Patsy Robbins Edna Mae Schenck Shirley Secules Joann Shipman Philip Sholtis Philip Story Gordon Stroup Robert Stroup Robert Tule Roger Wagner Freda Wallis William Wallis Nancy Waltman Delorise Warren Louise Werner Robert Wertman Edie Wingate Ruth Withrow Max Whipple Ruth Wolfe Pet Aversion Stan's Smart Remarks Homework Two-faced People Hurrying Zimmem1an's Remarks P. D. Topics Teachers Seckie's Crazy Remarks Peanuts Mag and I Getting Into Trouble e Moody People School Girls Whose Hair Is About Three Different Colors Teacher's Determination French Girls Who Wonft Go With Me Zigis Chemistry Classes People Who Think They Are Smart French Girls Who Crack Gum Miss Long's Chairs Bossy Boys "Toot" McCowan Fellows Who Think They Can Get Any Girl They Want Being Hurried Girls Who Think They Are God's Gift to Me Bookkeeping Classes Il Horoscope Pet Diversion Phil Study Periods Music, Dancing, and Ronnie Studying Scratching Max's Back Sports Hooking School Blonde Hair and Blue Eyes Dreamy Music Air Force and Square Dancing Wollie Hunting Sports Study Periods Judy and Civil Air Patrol Girls Hunting Horses and Reading Vonnie Buicks Going Out Ice Skating, Dancing, and Music Football Writing Letters to Special People Farm Life Louise Sports 33 Batty-by-Word Oh! No! Get Out of Here! Fine Buddy You Are Oh! Shoot! You Pot! Holy Cow! I Why? Oh, My Heavens! Oh My Cow! You Crumb! Holy Buckets! Figure It Out! ls That So! Hi Ya Buddy! It's the Greatest! Oh! Calm Yourself! If You Say So! You Got Me! Huh! You Stinker! You Don't Say! You Crud! Let's Put It Down! I'll Clue You! Oh! Yes! That's Life! You Wanna Bet? By-and-By Bookkeeper Fanner Housewife Farmer Nurse CR.N.D PPP? Navy Elementary Teacher Nurse CR.N.j Millionaire's Wife Nurse CR.N.D Mechanic ???? Profitable Business Industrial Engineer Mechanic ??P?? Millionaire's Wife Architect ????? Get Married Nurse CR.N.D Forester College Playgirl Surgical Nurse Airforce Playboy Phys. Ed. Teacher Hall of Fame MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED MOST COOPERATIVE ROBERT STROUP MERIAM BIEBER ROY MAURER PHYLLIS APP MOST STUDIOUS BEST ATHLETE WILLIAM CoRsoN MARY IANE MYERS RICHARD BRITTAIN Rum WOLFE MOST WITTY BEST NATURED DONALD MARSHALL RUTH WITHROW ROBERT FRY MARYLAND LUFT BEST LOOKING BEST DRESSED EARL Pousr JOAN HEILMAN WILLIAM WALLIS RUTH LUCAS 34 Our Prophecy Upon returning to Muncy after being away for a period of years, we glanced through the Muncy Luminary to catch up on the news gone by. Naturally, we bought it from the news- stand owned by Dick Cottschall. To our sur- prise we discovered that Skip Stroup is the edi- tor, with Shirley Milheim, business manager. The headlines read, "New Building Being Erected". We read that this building is being constructed by the D. L. Marshall Construction Co., the plans were drawn up by Bill Wallis, the world famous architect. The name of the company planning to occupy this building is R. L. Stroup Inc., manufacturers of interplan- etary aviation equipment and technical special- ties. Also, we find that Bill Corson is the chief mechanical engineer in the Stroup firm. We see a large party was held at "Ash- urstf' owned by Shirley Secules and her husband who specialize in Hapjacks. The party was given by Edie Wingate for the engagement of Mary Jane Myers to Ronny Feigles. The entertain- ment for the evening was provided by "Max Whipple and his Starlight Serenadersf' He features Toot McGowan, well known vocalist, with Ruthie Lucas at the piano. We are unhappy to read that Bob Tule had a mishap while competing in the state-wide 100 mile speedway and was rushed to the Muncy Valley Hospital. We decided to go visit him. Upon arriving there, we stopped to chat a while with Squeekie Werner, the head nurse. She tells us that many of our former classmates are her assistants. Ioan Heilman, dietitian, Ruth Withrow, head of surgeryg Edna Mae Schenck, night supervisor, and Meriam Bieber, day super- viser. As we entered Bob's room we found Louise Porzelt, who was his private nurse. "Tur- tle" informed us that another one of our class- mates, Mrs. Arnold Love, the former Mary Arthur, has twins. We proceeded up the stairs to see her. ln charge there was Mrs. Paul Fun- ston, the former Shirley Confer. We moved on to the nursery to see the twins and there we found Elsie johnson and Faye Freeh, the obstetrical nurses. As we turn the page, we see that quite a few of our fellow classmates have joined the Armed Forces. Phil Story and Dick Brittain have climbed to the rank of Major in the Marines. Domer Balliet is a test pilot in the Air Force. We find that Tom Dewald and Ernie Rishel are Chief Petty Officers in the Navy. While looking over the school news we see that Pat Robbins, an elementary teacher, is having some trouble with David Wolfe, son of Mrs. Marlin Wolfe, the former Joann Ship- man. It seems that he has picked up some of his mother's traits. Phyllis App, upon returning from France, is teaching languages. Ruth Wolfe and Fuzzy Hartman are the physical education teachers at the high school. Fuzzy is also head Basket- ball coach. His team, of which he is very proud, has taken the West Branch Championship. As we read on we find that Bob Wertman is now in Connecticut working on his master's degree in forestry at Yale University. As we read the advertisements we see that the new proprietor of the Five and Ten Cent Store is Mrs. Richard Butler, the former Maxine Martin. After inquiring around we see that her head saleswoman is Norma Jean Kilgus. Delorise Warren and Mrs. Fred Robbins, the former Freda Wallis, are the proud owners of the "Greasy Spoon Restaurant," located on Broadway. Buddy Moyer and Earl Poust operate a road- side market selling fresh foods that are guaran- teed to last until you eat them. Whose face should be find leafmg through the advertisement section staring up at us but Maryland Luft's, a well known airline hostess, advertisingfor T. W. A. We also see a full page spread advertising "Pete's Prosperous Dairy," owned by Pete Nich- olson, who specializes in sour milk. Richard Kemrer is the manager. We put our newspaper down and proceeded to go to a tea given by Nancy Waltman and Mrs. Edward Bitler, the former Violet Magar- gle. As we entered the house, we were almost knocked out by Violet's offspring. In the course of the conversation we learned that Reba Kahler is overseas doing missionary work. Also, the Rev. Dr. R. C. Maurer is now in the state of Alaska where he is the Bishop of the North Eastern Region of the Methodist Church. After bidding farewell once again, we left the wonderful town of Muncy. We stopped on our way at "Wimpy's Garage" where we found Paul Funston, proprietor, with Phil Sholtis as head mechanic. We started on our way again, not sorry we had taken the time to visit old class- mates in our home town. Our Last Will and Testament We, the seniors of 1954, with tears in our eyes and lumps in our throats, being fully aware that we are about to leave the beloved halls of the Muncy High School, at this the end of our 12th year, do hereby declare this our last will and tCSt8IT1Cl'llZ. To the faculty we leave our thanks and three months of peace and quiet. To the juniors we leave all our left-over school spirit and hope they will make good use of it. To the Sophomores we leave our love of school and homework. Have fun, Kids! To the Freshmen we bequeath our quiet and peaceful ways. To Barbara Pidgeon, "Frenchie" App wills her infectious laugh. Careful where you use it, Barb! One fountain pen is left to Vonnie Allen by Mary jane Myers, to be used every night, next fall. Ruthie Lucas leaves to Judy Konkle her ability to get up at 8:20 and still make it to school on time Cwell, most of the timeD! Boney Kemrer leaves his false teeth to Mr. Del- paz. Make sure you take good care of them. Max Whipple wills to Paul Seibert his solo cor- net chair in the band. Notice!!!! Anyone interested? "Toot', McCow- an leaves all the desks she has occupied in the last four years, Cwith her name engraved, of coursel, to anyone interested. To Donny Book, Bob Stroup leaves his precious "Slipstick" Cslide ruleD. Earl Poust wills his innocent looks to be used after a period of heckling Mr. Musial, to Eddie Robbins. Shirley Milheim leaves behind, after careful con- sideration, one box of bobby pins, ten curlers and her long, blond hair to Judy Vermilya. "Mim,' Bieber leaves Mr. Long her long eye- lashes, to be used to get himself someone, Cpreferably a wifel to open his cans of baked beans. Buddy Moyer wills his nickname, 'iTurkey," to Carl Bieber. To any needy soul, Norma Jean Kilgus leaves her ability to say the wrong thing at the right time. lvan Hartman wills his muscular physique to Kenny Hill. To anyone unfortunate enough to have French next year, Roy Maurer wills his exceptional skill in the subject. A Elsie Iohnson just vacated her post as Chief Li- brarian and wishes to turn it over to Bobby Artley. Skip Stroup wills his ability to help out the English teachers to Bob Banzholf. Don Marshall wills his good disposition and friendliness to Rodney Freeh. Bob Fry leaves his football uniform to Buddy Lowe. No alterations needed Buddy! To Sam Feigles, Phil Story wills his trusty car. It hardly ever breaks down, Sam. Joan Heilman leaves her May Queen Throne to some future senior girl. Bob Wertman leaves to Paul Seibert his secret chemistry formula. Watch out it doesn't ex- plode! One pair of speedy roller skates is left to Donn Lewis, by Faye Freeh. Anyone want to get rich fast? Mary Arthur wills her piggy bank containing six lead nickels to anyone who wants it. Max Stackhouse inherits from Patsy Robbins, her pretty blue eyes, which she knows he will appreciate. To ,lane Richmond, Freda Wallis wills her charm- ing way with horses. Make sure you use it only on horses, lane. Bill Corson leaves his seat in typing class to Lee Coodenow. By the way, the ribbons need changing. Edna Mae Schenck donates her glasses to the "Snoopi' department to be used "to get the facts." To Tommy Pidgeon, Tom DeWald wills his skill in arguing with his boss. Joann Shipman leaves Mr. Musial one bottle of aspirin pills to be taken after Chemistry classes. Donlt take them all at once! Bob Tule, alias "lover boyf' entrusts his little black book to Jay Schoch. Use it wisely, lay. Maxine Martin bestows upon Nancy Temple her ability to get engaged before graduation. To Bob Holtzapple, Shirley Secules wills her beautiful, naturally curly hair. Though she doubts anyone will claim it, Louise Porzelt leaves her dislike for classes to anyone who will take it off her hands. Delorise Warren wills one month's supply of bubble gum to Mr. Foose. Only for use after class though, please! One box of colored pencils, an eraser, and lots of paper are willed by Reba Kahler to her sis- ter, Ellen. Dick Hicks leaves his record "no fatal accidents yetv to Donny Baylor. To Bob Sterner, Philip Sholtis leaves his well worn baseball glove. Roger Wagner wills his dark hair, plus its one wave, to Janice Stroup. Shirley Confer bestows upon Connie Cummings, her quiet ways and pretty smile. Use them often, Connie. Nancy Waltman leaves to all future cheerlead- ers, her cheerleading pep. just so things don't get dull!!!! To Mr. Schuyler, Maryland Luft wills her tiny waist line. We hope you find it useful!! "Squeeky" Werner wills to Miss Long her good nature to be used constantly. Dick Brittain wills his wrestling holds to Bobby Rohm. Make good use of them. "Wimpy" Funston wills Sally Richart his prec- ious convertible. Careful of those fenders. Deonne Hartman inherits from Violet Magargle her ability to "go steady" with the same guy for three years. Ruth Wolfe wills her love for sports to Betty Rothfuss. Hope you do as well as Ruth has. Steer Clear! Ruthie Withrow left Mary Lee Wanish her soccer kick. Don't connect with it! Ralph Balliet wills his ability to speed through town and not get caught, to Bill Sommerville. One loud car horn and a book entitled How To Be A Good Driver, is left to Lynn Hess by "Windy" Cottshall. Bill Wallis wills his athletic ability to Donny Rosenbaum. Do a good job, Don. Edie Wingate leaves to all Muncians, who may come here in the future, her ability to be true to Montoursville. Except at football games, basketball games, and wrestling matches! To Kent Smith, Ernest Rishel wills his sales abil- ity, for use in next year's magazine drive. Cynthia Cuisewhite leaves her cheerful outlook on life to Mr. Musial, when the lively juniors are getting in his hair. Last, but not least, Peter Nicholson leaves his ability to sleep in class to anyone who thinks he can get away with it. With this we close our last will and testament, given at the Muncy-Muncy Creek High School, on Class Day in the year of Our Lord, One thou- sand nine hundred fifty-four. Hx - , X UNDERCLASSMEN Juniors Left to Right-Sherman Moyer, Nancy Ritter, Robert Holtzapple, Ida Mae Solomon. OFFICERS President - - - - SHERIVIAN MOYER Vice-President - NANCY RITTER Secretary IDA MAE SOLOMON Treasurer - ROBERT HOLTZAPPLE The junior class began this year to work as a group in order to raise money for the various things that arise in their junior and senior years. At the various dances throughout the past school year, they had a coat check. Barbara Pidgeon was in charge of this and since the expenses were few, they made out quite well. Along with the coat check, they also had a food sale, the success of which was attributed to the fine cooperation of the class. One of the biggest events of the year was their junior Class Play, "You Can't Always Sometimes Tell," which was a success not only financially, but dramatically as well. The juniors oHicially were known as juniors when they received their hats, pennants, emblems, and class rings bearing the year HSS." Much of the success of the juniors is due to the fine leadership which they have. Besides a group of capable oflicers, they have an energetic adviser in Mr. Delpaz. He has helped and guided them and has become a familiar figure to the class of 1955. 40 Juniors Q-3" Virxt lluw, Left to Right-Lynn lless, Homer Hilncr, Max Feigles, Kenneth llill. Second R0wfShirley Brittain, Roberta Artley, Geraldine lireneisen, Yvonne Allen, Patricia Kilgus, Deonne Hartman. Thirzl Row-Pierre Fritz, Beverly Fry, Jean Gardner, Shirley filuiani, Margaret Karger, juan lfrick, Luther Bardu. Fourth Row-Harold Bitler, Robert Ilnltznpple, Donald Baylor, Frank llellvr, Samuel Fviglcs, Harry Bcilharz, Roger Kurtz. llrmieromn Teacher-Mr. Long. eww ut- X .a t .. . A . . First Huw, left to Right-Lynn Puust, Max Staekhouse, Sherman Moyer, VVilliam Laurenson. Second Hnwwliaye Stauller, Sara lliehart, Nancy Ritter, Janice Struup, VVilma Scoflrield, Donna Lewis. Third RowfRuhert Sterner, lda Mae Soloman, Patricia Bloom, Iurlith Vermilya, Barbara Pidgeon, Paul Seihert. Fourth Row-Samuel Sasso, Edward Robbins, Kent Smith, Edward ltlichael, XVilliam Little, XVilliam Nciclerburger, VVilliam Somerville, David VVintcr. Homeroom Teacher-Mr. Houseknecht. 41 Sophomores First Row, Left to Right-Gary Frey, Larry Lawton, Clarence Fogelman, Charles Lowe, Boyd Leech, Harvey Breneisen. Second Row-Loretta llousekneeht, Janice Craig, Nancy McKee, Barbara Kilgus, Ellen Kahler, June Hessler, Lee Goodenow, Constance Cummings, Judith Konkle. Third Row-Paul Feigles, James Fenstermacher, John Ebner, Jacqueline Hicks, Beverly Hall, Charles Ciraulo, Robert Kemrer, James Edwards, John Bubb. Fourth Row-Edward McCarty, Rodney Freeh, Roger Corson, Lewis Baker, Donald Book, Vllilliam McCarty, Ira Bieber, Carl Bieber, Robert Banzhaf. Homefoorn Teacher-Mr. Foose. - f K r n 1 First Row, Left to Right-Gary Schwenk, Edwin Sieg, James Vermeulen, Ronald Taylor, Daniel McCourt. Second Row-Buela Swartz, Jane Richmond, Freda Miller, Naomi Yoeum, Dorothy Shaner, Barbara Sheppard, Rosalie Stroup, Mary Lee Wanish, Carol Meekley, Marjorie Pepper. Thirrl Row-Nancy Temple, Norma Jean Murray, Donald Rosenbaum, Thomas Winters, Marlin Wertman, Robert Rohm, Kay Swartz, VVilliam Thomas, Martin Williams. Fourth Row-Jay Sehoeh, Earl Shoemaker, Nyle Yeagle, Kenneth Sny- der, Thomas Pidgcon, Myron Shetlur, Joseph Vllhitmoyer, Vllayne Spring, Fred Vllorthington, Kenneth Moyer. Homvmom Teacher- Mr. llughcs. 42 Freshmen liirst Row, Left to Right-Raymond Long, Larry Lauchle, Jesse Lowe, VVilliam Lnrimer, Roger Frantz. Second Row-Ava Jo llilner, Josyln Fritz, Betty Jane Ellis, Mildred Crawford, Martha Cipriani, Rita Covert, Ven:-tta Gardner, Lois Ann Grunebc-rg, Marilee Camlmlwll. Vililifzi lion'-Susan Brown, Laura Bieher, Lowanda Dapp, Marjorie D:-VVald, Shirley Feigles, Patty Ileller, Shirley Gotl- sehall, Donna Feigles, Judy Foley, Jane Iloltzapple. Fourth Row-James llall, Eugene Burkholdcr, Myron LeVan, llarold Fry, James Cranvford, Gordon llill, James lloflman, Ronald llouseknevht R zld F . II ' " ' - ' ' L , ont rantz 01mraom leather Mr. Schuyler. First Row, Left to Right-Donald L. Poust, Roger Lupold, James lNIcCarty, VVilliam Ritter, Robert Stauilner, Rodney OJJP, John '.VilIiamsan. Second Row-Patricia Miller, Mildred VVhite, Eileen Persun, Sylvia Smith, Beverly Parson, lilorcncc Story, Donna Mat' Sheppard, Virginia Slaringman. Thinl Ron'-Ann Scnseman, Pearl Michael, Doris Swank, Janet Lillll'Cl1S"'l, Marjorie Moyer, Betty Jane Ruthfuss, Barbara Lucas, Gail Neufer, Joanne Ilouseknecht. Fourth Row-Alfred Snyder, Donald XV. Poust, Edward McGowan, Richard VVarg, Richard Yoder, Frank Moore, Donald Niekles, Patrick McCloskey, Ray Spangenburg, Delbert Sancs. Ilomcroom 'ill'l11.'il9T-RUSS Zimmerman. Class of l958 First Row, Left in Right-Ronald Frey, Gordon Chase, Larry Fry, Richard Fry, Lane Bitler, Kenneth Bartlow. Second Row-Gail Bryfogle, Doris Blair, Mary Ann Edgeworth, Lois Banghart, Nancy DeWald, Dianna Fry, Joyce Brittain, Phyllis Crawford. Third Row-Donald Cottsehall, Mary Geist, Celia Fenstermacher, Phyllis Booth, Carol Abel, Mary Ann Allen, Janet Edwards, Lynn llousekneeht. Fourth Rowwllobert Herr, VVilliam Heivly, Duane Beeht, Gary Allen, james Gottsehall, James Artley, Ray Banks, Eugene Hall, Robert Girven. Ilomeroom Teacher-Mrs. Houk. lfirvt How, Left lo Right-Gene Rishcl, Thomas Stutzman, Eldon Reed, Dale Sehenek, Bernard Shook, VVilliam Summers, Iames Kennedy. Svcoml Row-Ruth Ann Lowe, Rita Pedgeon, Alice Little, Ann Sehouley, Alyce Parsons, Mary VVebster, Emma Malloy, Thelma llawk. Tlzinl Row-Donald Miteheltrcc, James Schneider, Carol Hildebrand, Nancy Musser, Ruby McCoy, Geraldine Til- bury, Kay lless, Gloria VVeaver, Kent Rager. Fourth Row-Iohn Long, Douglas Shoemaker, Ronald VVertman, lack Patrizio, Frank Leech, Samuel Sellers, Clayton Solomon, Arlan Swartz, Charles VVertman. Homeroom Teacher-Miss VValdron. 44 Class of I959 . , 1 t I S sais s . . -X 5 First Row, left to Right-Kenneth Gardner, John DeVVald, David Fry, James Fetter, Leon App, John Engle, Samuel Gregg. Seeoml Rowfliay Balliet, Connie Bair, Yunita Fry, Donna Detriek, Donna Anderson, Barbara Fry, Sandra Alexandra, Linda Griggs, Shirley Michael, Judy llouseknecht. Third Row-Leona Ilall, Doris Craig, Barbara Book, Sara Jane Gray, llarriet lieigles, Barbara Elliot, Joyce llessler, Barbara Lowe, Jnan Martin. Fourth Row-Ester Foley, Carolyn Applegate, Bruce llall, Dale llessler, Norman Ilawk, Roger llreidinger, Marshall Dapp, LaRue Banghart, Kendru Anderson, Larry Gruver, Michael lidriclge, Robert lieiber, Dennis Gardner. Absent-Judith Carter. Homeroorn Teacher-Mrs. Arthur. First Row, Left to Right-Robert hlusser, Paul Sheatler, Kenneth Lee, Joseph Rose, Robert Stroup, llarold Lauchle, Donald Puder- baugh, Larry Smith. Second Row-Dorothy Vermeulen, Georgianna VValt1nan, Jane Staugger, Joyce Schneider, Jaequelyn Vlliser, Delores Smith, Pearl Sheridan, Barbara Tubbs, Nancy Seid, Mary VVolfe, Jean Ann VVoo4lley. illilifll Ron'-Nancy Zarr, Betty Miller, Gladys Yoeum, Barbara VVhitnaek, Kathleen VVhalen, Joanne Poust, Janis Somerville, Patricia VValton, Jean Robbins, Mar- garet VVhitnnan. Fourth Row-Richard Rhone, Terry Schwenk, David Youtz, VViIliam Reich, David Vklcnzel, Stephen VVhctstonc, John Temple, George VVhite, Charles Shulley, Samuel VValkcr, Allen Smith. Absent-James Maust, Sandra Scbuoley. Ilomemom 'llL'l1Clll'l'-ix1iSS VVithcrs. 45 Class of I96O First Row, Left to Right-Richard Hill, Edmund Fogelman, Harry Frey, Sherman Lupold, VVilliam Stroup, Lee Anderson, Clyde llouseknecht. Second Row-June Anstadt, Ruth Gray, Jean Hall, Sandra Vllalton, Iris Confer, Ruth Leech, Joyce Schaeffer, Josephine Cipriani, Lois Abbott, Gloria Covert. Thin! Row-Patricia Doyne, Judy Crawford, YVaync Rishel, Sandra Frick, Mary Ann Lurimcr, Kay Senseman, Nancy Pepper, Elaine Smith, Mary Ann Hartman, Marsha Bontomase. Fourth Row-Duane Shultz, Richard Wil- liamson, Robert Pclling, Ronald Poorman, Donovan Shultz, Charles Phillips, Thomas Edwards, Gary Edwards, Ronald Bobb, Williilnr Danley, Reginald Gardner. Teacher-Mrs. Stine. First Row, left to Right-Keith Shoemaker, Franklin Sellers, Jack Felix, Gary Stout, Richard Akers, Tommy lleivly, Carl Kcil. Second Row-Ann Patrizo, Gail Sheively, Connie llouscknect, Linda hlaurer, Carol Smith, Evalyn Gardner, Sandra Fciglcs, Connie Lee, Joy lives, Joyce Evcs. Third llow-VViIliam Peterman, Sally Banzhof, Sally Cummings, Lila Lee Hilner, Nancy Bciber, Phyllis llawk, Isabel Malloy, Sandra Sllillkff, Sylvia Schoch. Fourth RUw4Kay llouseknect, Judy Cleaver, Robert Flayhart, Phillip Danley. Gary Bennett, Charles Scott, Teddy Fry, Steven Anderson, Robert Myers, Ann Gautsch. rllCHCl'Ll!l'-lxlf. Douty. 46 Class of I96I First Row. left to Right-VVayne Sager, George Lupold, Gerald Long, Richard Johnson, Carl llawk, Stephen Opp, Vllayne Frye. Seeoml Rott'-Ellen Stroup, Betty Sheatler, Lydia Sheridan, Joanne Feigles, Sharon Keyser, Marian Patrizio, Nancy Corson, Carol Fetter, Shirley llarris. Thin! Row-Delores Malloy, Linda Bair, Nancy Rhone, Ann Long, Mary Detrick, Bonnie Gardner, Betty Gir- ven, Mary Belle Davenport, Isabel Gregg. Fourth Row-Judith Brittain, Joan Hartman, Carol Folev, James Mathers, Theodore Engle, Byron Bassett, Ralph Buck, Leroy Temple, John Myers. Absent-Philip Robbins, Donna lledilings, Diane Dunlap, Sharon Butcher. 'leuelier-lX1rs. Ritter. Firxt Rome. left to Right-David Mew-role Rov Shollv Mix Bicber lXlllL0ll'l'l M ' C' l Y . , I . 1, if , 2 ' utr, ,orron Vashlvurn, Brian Kennedy. Secrzml Rrm'-Austina Tillbury, Gloria Jackson, Gloria Smith, Sharon Scott, Carmeleta llause, Grace Lorimer, Rernadine Speary, Peggy Ann Smith, Nancy VVeaver. Thin! Row-Kay Kepner, Nancy Vllengcl, Diane Dugan, Carol Vermuelen, Nancy Michael, Connie Soncs, Linda Artley, Barbara Jacobs, Donna Ritter. Fourth Rzmf-Ronald llill, Barry Dingle, James Rodgers, Joseph Cipriani, liugenc Green, Stephen Frantz, Ronald Riehart, Clyde Biddle, Ronald Bubb. Teacher-Miss Keener. 47 Class of I962 First Row, left to Right-Alfred Poff, Ronald Stackhouse, Samuel McCarty, Edward Hill, Harold Miller, Richard VVest, Fred Koons, Robert Ilouscknecht. Second Row-Barbara Sue Poust, Wilnxa Rose, Millicent Barger, Mary VVhite, Helen Puderhaugh, Susan Edridge, Rae Ann Griggs, Karen Dirner, Roberta Frey. Third Row-Ruth Shook, Nancy Robbins, Darlene Iacohs, Nancy Schell, Susan Dildine, Patricia Dapp, Thomas VValtman. Fourth Row-Richard Arthur, Gary Alexander, Richard Cotner, George House- knecht, Verland Springman, Dale Fisher, George Stanton, Carey Rager, James Musser. TcacherflX1rs. Smith. First Row, Left tn Right-Dale Pepper, james Hunt, Dennis Warg, Edward VVertman, James Girven, Garreth Kirkner, Ronald Green. See0nd Rowfzlrlene Yagel, Lueella Smith, Rita Wertman, Virginia Johnson, Iuanita Iloback, Henrietta Ilolzworth, Shelby Frech, Aloha Biddle. Third, Rowfllarhara Martin, Mary Gottschall, Diane Ferguson, Susan Pflugor, Marjorie VVehster, Judy Confer, Carolyn Wlretsttmrme, Cheryl Sheridan. Fourth Row-Ray Rothfuss, Kieth Rager, Robert Sellers, James Gray, David Pepper, james Sheatler, John VVi11iams, Harold Lowe, Lynn Phillips. Teacher-Mrs.PoIf. 48 Class of I963 First Row, left to Right-Oliver Sones, Donald Babb, David Alexander, Donald Breneisen, Edward Smith. Second RowfJohn Zim- merman, Stanley Riehart, John Sehwenk, Ronald Pnust, Vllilliam Geist, Charles Riehart, Donald Blair. 'lhinl Row-VVilliam Sense- man, VVilliam Malloy, Donald VValton, Patricia Kerstetter, Grace llolzworth, Russell Pidcol, George llawk, John Leeeh. Fourth llou'fJuditli Karsehner, Judith Ritter, Lillian Sholley, Barbara llletzger, Sharon Meserole, Bonnie Covert, Christine Brittain, Susan VVood, Joyce Lawton. ,lll'tlL'llL'l'iRlI'S. lllae Stahl. First Row, left to Right-ARobert lllillcr, VVilliam Richards, Robert Temple, Herbert Rowe, Donald llill. Second Ruu'fPaula lllrieli, Jane Johnson, Mary Ann Rothfuss, Linda VViser, Linda llousekneeht, Janet Staelxhouse, Sandra Zarr, Joanne Cipriani. 'lliird RUll'fSLlSIII1 Lyons, lirank Fenstertnaelier, Steven VValdron, Stanlev lllefartv, Rolland Nuss, Garv Spearv, Connie Vik-st lirmrtli limi' -James llcrr, Stephen Musser, Max lllineemoyer, Robert Edwards, J'Villiam Scott, Peter Rubbing, Robert Shipman. 'l4t'l1l.'l1Ul'-RllSS Lottie Shook. 49 Class of I964 First Row, Left to Right-Matthew VVhite, Thomas Griggs, Edward Heincelman, Richard Opp, John Ritter, Robert Baker, Richard Fisher, Donald Peeling, Raymond McCormick, Robert Tobias. Second Row-Terry Snell, Ralph Fogleman, Kevin Kennedy, Michael Rosenbaum, Lee Houseknecht, Dean Anderson, John Konkle, Harry Stackhouse, James Plankenhorn, Grant Nuss, Robert Else, Ilarley Fry, Thomas Brittain. Third Row-Vllilliam George, Kenneth Hilncr, Robert Johnson, Sharon Dugan, Betty Ilicks, Carol Burkhart, Linda Murray, Joyce Johnson, Patsy Robbins, Joyce Karschner, Mary Ann Poff. Fourth Row-Ruth Ann Reed, Diana Dunn, Imogene McCarty, Madeline Reed, Sandra Kennedy, Gretchen Luft, Kathy Long, Ruth Lorimer, Barbara Ilousekneclit, Margaret Patrizio, Marilyn Corson, Nancy llartman. Absent-Denise Carter. Teacher-lVIac Goodnow. First Row, Left to Right-Carl Jacobs, Gary Stutzman, Larry Girvin, Carl Richart, Donald Ilerr, James Miller, Michael Foley, Gary Barto, Gerald Burkholdcr. Second Row-Edmund Luft, Robert Tomlinson, John. lhliller, James Stroup, Gary Brelsford, William Brooke, Robert Derrick, Thomas Muir, Gary Craig, Gerald Frick, Edward Burkholder, Ronald Speary. Third Row-Margaret Mc- Cabe, Charolette Miller, Daphne Frey, Doris Geringer, Jane Miller, Candace Scott, Nancy Munro, Mary Lee Lowe, Joy Shipman, Gail Miller, Bonnie Washburn, Donald Gray. Fourth Row-Mary Anna Mathers, Marion Hunt, Judith Anderson, Janet Peterman, Judith Nixon, Susan Van VVhy, Lois Shaner, Ruth Lowry, Perry Berger, David Michael, Gary Bontomase, Gary Lambert. Teacher -Mrs. C. Merrell. 50 Class of I965 First Row, Left to Right-Michael M . E ' Sh yers, IIC oemaker, Bruce Bahr, Robert Pidgeon, Daryl Edwards, Ronald Curley, Gary Bitler, Thomas Holtzapple. Second Row-Mary Anna Fenstermacher, Dianna Flock, Susan Gordner, Linda Maurer, Lee Womels- dorf, James VValt0n, Michael Maust, Jeffery Foley, Steven Breneisen, Michael Peterman, VVilliam Derrick. Third Row-Susie Dil- dinc, Kathy Hager, Nancy Miller, Darlene Fieste, Constance Geist, Phyllis Sellers, Suzanne Stanton, Virginia Dara Shadduck, Jane Schock. Fourth Row-Sylvan Fenstermachcr, Dale Fiester, Thomas Trimble Thomas y Terry Richart, Jerry llause, llenry Little, Frank Sherwood, Ronald Barto, Harley VVarren. Teacher-Miss Koons. Rohm, Desiree Balum, VVeaver, Robert Ileyl, First Row, Left to Right-Edward S ear ', Bru'e S . F k p y c ones, ran lin Sones, Glenwood VVest, Clarence Michael, Roy Leech, Ralph Kem- rer. Second Row-Jane Martin, Dolores VVilt, Robert O'Connor, Charles Neiderberger, Carl Robbins, NVilliam Milheim, Donald Gardner, Albert Irwin, Bruce Wenzel, Jay Gardner, Mary Lou Odon. Third Row-Patricia McCarty, Roberta Beiher, Kathryn Michael, Kathryn Weaver, Judith Hester, Vicky Shook, Steven Poust, Keith llousekneeht, Eugene Gardner. Fourth RnwfLinda Shipman, Phyllis Green, Bonnie Egli, Marie Barnes, Kathryn VVood, Carol Shipman, Sharon Chamberlain, Gloria Sones, Mary C. Waldron, Mary Lee Dugan, Catherine Sehenek. TeacherfMrs. McCarty. 51 Class of l965 First Row, left to Riglitelrvin Temple, Edward Dovne, Gary Lowe, Gary Heivly, Larry Lowe, Mark Hester, James Cardner. Seve uml Row-Jaek Bangharl, David Ault, John Lovell, Robert Rosernhaum, Carry Ritter, Dwight Long, James llarinan, Earl Smith, Ronald MeCowan, Frayer Page, lloward Sprout. 'Third RowfJoyce Cunningham, Kathleen Neitz, Susan Campbell, Vllanda Feigles, Betty Lou Lowry, Christine liruit, Sherry lludrnan, Jacqueline Hause, Jeanne Kistler, Sally Bower. Fourth Rf1wfLindaIlousekneeht, Cvnthia Laitleeker, Lvndia Marist, Candace Feigles, Patricia lleigles, lllarian Anderson, Joyee Applegate, Shirley Fireman, Patricia Yagel, Kathryn Brown, Aloina Faust, Mildred Barger. Teacher-Mrs. Dice. Pennsdale - , Q E L hl J lr MeCrn, Nithael Vllood, Richard Griovg, Carl First Row, left to RiglitfRonalcl llilner, Richard Dellart, Charles aue e, ae' ' i r' ' . ' gg R 9 t Qrwml limi' Mweh VVnod Connie Gardener VVilliain Chaplin, Kenneth Frv, Paul Herman, Swartz, George VVeaver, oy . war 1. r " - . , t , 1 Gary Solomon, Barbara Stroup, lidna Carson, Penny Schneider, Donnette Tubs, Genevieve Little, Jean Rothfuss. Tliinl Rfllllfixftllllf Mussehnan, VVilliam Brown, Joan Ilall, Marsliu llothfuss, Kenneth Bauner, Steven Young, Margaret Fry, Connie Fry, Frederick lleilman, Judy Gruver, Nina Davis, Naney hliller. Fonrtli How-John Gray, James Parsons, Kelly Chaplin, Donald Trimble, Janette Young, Linda Stein, Candy Carlueei, Patricia VVertman, Ilelen Carson, Sandra liall, Roger Beeht, Patrieia Spangenburg. 'l'euelu:r- Miss Nell Matter. 52 Pennsdale First Bow, Left to Riglitfllarry Burgarrl, Joseph Trimble, John Young, Chauncey Baxter, Timothy Gruyer, John Fry, Donald Spang- enburg, Robert Book. Second Row-Rachel Musselman, Sandra Eiehenlauh, Sandra Springman, Alice llall, Donna Baehle, Candace Buotli, Dale Marie Ryder, Linda Fry, Helen Swartz, Ruth Kay XVentzler. Tliird How-Linda Tubbs, Keith Snyder, Stanley llile- man, Della Mae Carson, Linda VVeaver, Judy Book, Linda Rook, Judy lloutv, Marilyn Herman, Anne lJeXVaId. Sally llriek, Joyee llolvper. l7:mrth Row-fllarhara Bennett, Ruth Bulmh, Betty lilliott, Sharon Clark, Judith Springman, Susan XVorthington, Donna Lauelile. Jean Ulmer, Linda Beieh, Ruth Vlilllllilll. l'euel1erflXlrs. Sehug First Bow, Left to Bight-Thomas Davis, Roger Solomon, Peter Brant, Gary Bubb, Peter Carlueei, Howard Davis, Biehard Fry. Second llfIll'f'lvllli1llll Bothfuss, Grant Swartz, VVilliam Miller, .Krthur Bumer, Jerry Stauller, Joyce McCarty, Beverly llall, Donna lllmer, Connie llall. 'l'l1irtI Bmi'fBetty Carson, Doris Carson, Donna Gortner, Lynn Fromm, Barbara Griggs, Joan Baker, Naney Snyder, Mary llullman, Patsy Adams, Roberta Cook. lfourtlz Rrnt'+Jane Baker, Mary Buth Stroup, Audrey Little, Joan Miteheltree, Larry Magargle, James Xl'ittman, llohert Spangburg, 'Iihotnas sliflllglllllll, Nan Vl'ootl, Dorothy McCoy, Shirley ll'ertman. letielnfi --Bliss Maggie Fague. 53 First Row, Left to Right-Linda An- derson, Terry Bufford, Katherine Nuss, Diane Hill, R o b e r t Thomas, Jay Schivcly. Second Row-Kellie Bar- low, Charles lX'lichael, Linda Gordner, Sylvia llouseknecht, Karen Reynolds, Judy Taylor. Third Row f Theodore Griggs, William Tobias, Janet Wood- side, Peggy Minicr, Patsy Johnson, Milford Snyder. 'I catcher-Mrs. J. Coppcs. First Row, Left to Right-John. Hart- man, Patricia Bubb, Peggy Campbell, Marilyn Miller, Fay Taggert. Second Row - Georgia Baker, Judith Zarr, George Gordner, Harry Young, Steve Lee, Dale Milheim. Third Row- Cheryl Hartranft, P aul Anderson, Richard Sherwood, Gail Peterman, Harold Soars, Kimber Ruger. Teacher-Mrs. J. Coppes. First Row, Left to Rightflflarshal Frye, Franklin Hester, Carol Sellers, Teresa Akers, Candice Buck, Anita Hall, Carol Neitz, Earl Richards, Thomas Schoch, Fred George, David Rupert, Diane Brook. Second Row- Donald Snyder, William Merrill, Su- sanne Wilt, Philip Kift, Richard Laidacker, Donald Wilt , Barbara Shaner, Jack Suri-ield, Barbara Burk- hart, Charles Plleegor, Joyce Lupold, Susan. Shadowens. Third Row-Roger Rathmell, Gloria Kiefer, Ann Muir, Sherry Andrews, Esther Egli, John Brink, Susan Munro, Robert Harri- man, Barbara Pidcoe, Linda West. Teacher-Mrs. Lee Menges. I ACTIVITIES Canusarago Staff Administration Editor .,.... Graduates Editor ,.,..,.. Activities Editor ..,.. ...,....... Music and Fcutures Editor ..,.. Sports Editor ,.....,. . ,,..,...... Historian ,..,. EDITORIAL STAFF Business Manager SHIRLEY M1 LHEI M Keeps the financial records-Is respon- siblc for the activities of the business staff f llandlcs the necessary corre- spondence and business transactions. Photography Director IJONALD BIARSHALL Is responsible for all Pictures in the book-llandlcs all business with the Pliotograplter and the sales of pic- tures - Assists the photographer-AP ranges picture schedules. DEPARTMENT STAFF EDNA MAE SCHENCK MARY JANE MYERS JOAN liEILMAN MAX VVIIIPPLE VVILLIAM XR7ALL1S PnYLL1s APP VVill Editor ..,..... Horoscope Edit or .,..., Prophecy Editor Tyyiing Editor AIARYLAND Lum' SHIRLEY CONFER JOANN SHIPMAN GORDON Sruouv Advertising Manager . ......... EARL Pousr Subscription Manager . ,. ..,. Viouzr MAGARGLE Editor-infChief Rounm' Srnouv Is responsible for the composition of the book-Assigns the work to be done to all the members of the Stafl3-Co- ordinates the activities of the entire Stat-F and sees that the various fac- tions carry out their assigned jobs. Assistant Editor NIERIAM BIE umm Assists the editor in his job-takes over the editor's job in his absence- Is responsible for miscellaneous ma- terial in the hook. Layout and Illustration Editor ROY Maunnn Draws both the Uroughn and com- pleted dummy W Calculates Picture proportions and cropping-Is respon- sible for all art work and designing in the book. The function of the Editorial Staff, who were advisers to the editor, was to plan and set up the 'idummyfi Contact various people concerned with the annual, and to make minor decisions which arose during the composition of our yearbook. Committee lfirst Row, left to lliglit-Patsy Robbins, Ruth VVolfe, Edith Vklingate, Ruth Lucas, Louise Porzelt, Fay Freeh, Ruth VVinthrow, Lois Mt-Cowan. Seumnl Row-Deloris VVarren, Elsie Johnson, Phillip Story, Richard Brittian, Roger VVagner, Paul Funstan, Ivan llart- man, XVilliam Corson, Maxine Martin, Shirley Secules. illl1iTLiR0ll'-lXlOl'IT18 jean Kilgus, Freda Vilallis, Louise XVerner, Richard llieks, Thomas Dewaltl, Richard Gottsehall, Robert Fry, Robert VVertman, Harvey Moyer, Phyllis App, Mary Arthur. Our annual represents the cooperation and efforts of the Yearbook Staff and the entire Senior Class along with the assistance and cooperation of the faculty and the underclassmen. The Department Staff and the Editorial Stall were organized in our lunior year. The duties ol' the Department Stall consists of seeing that the necessary tasks and functions, involving their sec! . D tion are completed. The Yearbook Committee was divided into groups assigned to the various depart- ments. Their job was to assist the various editors and managers in carrying out their assigned duties. This yearbook was printed by the Grit Publishing Company. Mr. lames lirailey, Grit representa- tive. advised us and helped our yearbook become a success in many ways. Typing Staff Advisors lfirxf Row. Left to liigliffllattsy Robbins, Edith VVingate, Shirley Seeules. Second llon'fNaney VValtman, Shirley Milheim, Ruth Vilolfe, Freda Wlallis. Standing- Mr. Schuyler, .'hIi'iser. The Typing Staff was an intricate part in our organization. The Typing Editor was responsible for the activities of this stall, which prepared all of our copy material used by our printer. 57 Mr. Reiter and Hr. Long Our Advisors provided a foundation and a support for this publication by helping us in many ways. Mr. Reiter was our editorial advisor and hir. Long our business advisor. Scoop Staff lfirst Row, Left to RiglttfDonald Marshall, Ivan Hartman, Janice Stroup, Shirley Secules, Meriam Beiber, Maryland Luft, Maxine Martin, Barbara Sheppard, Rosalie Stroup, Roberta Artely, Lois McCowan, Ralph Balliet, Jay Schock. Second Row-Miss Doris Shook, Adviserg Shirley Milheim, Edith VVingate, Edna lVlae Schenck, Phyllis App, Joan Heilman, Ruth VVolfe, Gordon Stroup, Editorg Freda YVallis, Philip Sholtis, Assistant Editor, Nancy VValtman, Shirley Confer, Mary Jane Myers, Joann Shipman, Faye Freech, Judy Vermilya, Patricia Moon. Third Row fMr. Schuyler, Adviserg Ruth VVithrow, Constance Cummings, Judith Konkle, Louise VVerner, lda Mae Solomon, Ruth Lucas, Patricia Kiligus, Barbara Kilgus, June Hessler, Lee Goodnow, Norma Jean Kiligus, Elsie Johnson, Reba Kahlcr, Roger Wagner, Max Vllhipple, Donna Lewis, Sally Ricliarts, Nancy Ritter, Louise Porzelt, Nancy Temple, Barbara Pidgcon. Fourtlfr. Row-Thomas DeVVald, Richard Beilharz, Frank Heller, Robert Sterner, Robert Stroup, Richard Rrittain, VVilliam Somerville, Roy Maurer, Robert Holtzapple, Homer Hilner, VVilliam VVallis, Yvonne Allen, Jeralrline Breneisen, Shirley Cipriani, Joan. Frick. Fifth Row-Robert Tule, Robert Vllertman, Richard Cottschall, Thomas Pidgeon, Edward Robbins, Donald Book, Lynn Poust, Paul liunston, Earl Poust, Kenneth Hill, Paul Seibert. STAFF Editor-in-Chief .,,, ...,. G oRDoN STROUP Horne Economics ., ....., EDNA MAE SCIIENCK Assistant Editor ,..,, . PHILIP SHOLTIS Industrial Arts ..,,. ..,. .,.,, . , . PAUL FUNSTON Business Manager ..,.. ,... P ATSY ROBBINS Business Education .,,., .,.,.. S IIIRLEY MLLIIEIM Circulation Manager . . ..,. NANCY WALTMAN Agriculture ..,.... ..... ROGER WAGNER Advertising Manager , ..,. RUTH WCJLFE Music ..... ..... ,... M A X WHIPPLE Sports Editor ..,.. . ., ......., IVAN HARTMAN Grade News .. .... JOANN SIIIPMAN News Editor ., ..., .. . .. ...,.. lViARY JANE TNTYERS Fawliy ......... . ----, BARBARA PIDGHON Assistant News Editor ..,. .,,,. E DITII WINGATE Alumni .... ,-.-- . A - .--4i MARY JANE MYERS Features Editor ..., .. .,., ..,. W ILLIAM WALLIS Cl14bS 111111 S0Ci11l -,.. -4,- MERIAM BIEBER Assistant News Editor .,,. .....,,,.... K ENNETH HILL Sports -.-- ,-.,- -a--- R 0 BERT WERTMAN Letters to the Editor .. NORMA JEAN KILGUS EXCWWEE ----' - .--. ELSIE JOHNSON Literary .,..,.,... . .. ,. . ..,.. ..,. P HYLLIS APP Aft '---'-' - -- ----- REBA KAHLER Femmes H , H JOAN HEILMAN Humor .... ..,. S HIRLEY CONFER Snoop ,....,.. .,.. L OIS MCCOWAN Chit-Clint ....., . ...., EDITH WINGATE J Photography ...,, DONALD MARSHALL , Typist . . , ,.,..,. RUTH WCELFE The Scoop staff is made up of students from the tenth, eleventh, and twelfth grades. ln the spring freshmen are selected for the staff. This year all of the editions came out on time. We were proud of the editions that were pub- lished this year, and are sure that the staff gained valuable experience in the Held of journalism. A new addition this year was the "Chit-Chati' column, which consisted of "ML and Miss Mysteryf' Jokes, Radio, T. V., Nlovie, and lVlusic Matchups, popular opinions, cross- word puzzles, and a 4'Can You Imagine?" section which listed impossibilities around the school. Mr. Schuyler and Doris Shook were the faculty advisers. 58 Journalism Club First Row, Left to Right-Donald Book, Robert Wertman, Charles Ciraulo, Rodney Freeh, Donald Marshall, William Wallis, Robert Stroup, Paul Seibert, Roy Maurer, Ira Bieber. Second Row-Shirley Milheim, Patsy Robbins, Shirly Secules, Faye Freeh, Nancy McKee, Sophomore Editor, Robert Holtzapple, Junior Editor, Meriam Bieber, Editor-in-Chiefg Joan Heilman, Senior Editor, Norma Jean Kilgus, Shirley Confer, Ruth Lucas, Geraldine Breneisen. Third Row-Miss Zimmerman, Adviser, Judith Vennilya, Beverly Hall, Mary Lee Wanish, Mary Jane Myers, Connie Cummings, Judith Konkle, Janice Stroup, Mary Arthur, Barbara Kilgus, Jacque- line Hicks, Edith Wingate, Lois McCowan, Nancy Ritter. Fourth Row-Violet Magargle, Yvonne Allen, Barbara Pidgeon, Betty Ann Edwards, Elsie Ellen, Johnson, Phyllis App, Maryland Luft, Joan Frick, Patricia Moon, Ida Mae Solomon, Faye Stauifer, Freda Miller, June Hessler, Lee Goodenow, Janice Craig, Sarah Richarts. Fifth Row-Patricia Kilgus, Loretta Houseknecht, Buela Swartz, Ruth Withrow, Edna Mae Schenck, Rosalie Srroup, Barbara Sheppard, Roberta Artley, Margaret Barger, Beverly Fry, Jean Gardner, Shirley Cipriani, Jane Richmond, Ellen Kahler, Norma Jean Murray, Nancy Temple. STAFF Editor-in-Chief - lVlERIAM BIEBER Senior Editor - JOAN HEILMAN Junior Editor - ROBERT HOLTZAPPLE Sophomore Editor - - NANCY McKEE The members of the Journalism Club are students from the tenth, eleventh, and twelfth grades who are interested in journalism. Each class has its own editor, who receives the beats from the Editor-in-Chief. He then distributes them to the club members in that particular class. This year's club ran a full page of School news in the Luminary every week. A new article, "Know Your Seniors," was tried and acclaimed a success. This article consisted of a different Senior each week, who was interviewed by a member of the club. Each Senior's course, interest, activities and plans for the future were printed to familiarize the public with the Seniors. Those members of the club who had four articles printed in the Lurninary during the school term, were eligible to go on the held trip. The club's adviser, Miss Zimmer- man, accompanied them on the trip as well as advised them throughout the year. 59 birst Row, Left to Right-Mary Jane Myers, Joan Heilman, President, Miss Zimmerman, Adviser, Joann Ship- man, Secretary and Treasurerg Edna Mae Sehenek. Second Row-Meriam Bieber, Elsie Ellen Johnson, Robert Hlertman, VVilliam Wallis, Robert Stroup, Maryland Luft, Phyllis App. , in 1948 the Quill and Scroll Club, which is a local branch of a national honor society, was organized. A student is eligible in the junior year to become a member. It is essential for each individual who wishes to join this organization to have had at least one-hundred lines of material printed in a paper, and they must be in the upper third oi their class. This year there are eleven members. First Row, left to Bigh1fLois MeCou'an, Yvonne Allen, Joan Heilman, Maryland Luft, Naney Vllaltman, Vice-Presidentg Elsie Johnson, Presia denlxg Geraldine Breneisen, Secretary, Nleriam Bieber, Ruth Lucas. Seco ml Bow-Loretta Housekneeht, Shirley hiilheim, Patsy Robbins, Shirley Seeules, Freda Wlallis, Joanne Shipman, Phyllis App, Louise VVerner, Norma Jean Kilgus, Shirley Confer, Janiee Craig. Third H0w4Naney Meliee, Beverly llall, Dorothy Shaner, Marjorie Pepper, Faye Frcehf, Violet Magarglelf, Judy Konkle, Sally Riehart, Louise Porzelt, Lee Good- now, June llessler, Mrs. Stephen A. Reed, Jr., Lilnrurimz. Fourth Row-Mary Lee Vllanish, lXiary Jane Myers, Naomi Yoeum, Carol Meekley, Con- nie Luminings, Joan Friek, Patricia Moon, lda Mae Solomon, Faye Staufier, Freda Miller, Jane Richmond, Ellen Kahler, Jacqueline Ilieks, Bar- bara Kilgus. Fifth Bow-Beulah Swartz, Ruth VVolfe, Edna iylac Sehenek, Rosalie Stroup, Barbara Sheppard, Roberta Artley, Margaret Barger, Beverly Fry, Shirley Cipriani, Jean Gardner, Norma Jean hlurray, Naney Temple. :'First Assistant Librarian. I This year a Library Club was orvanized bv Mrs. Ste when Reed, r., our new . . X 1 E7 . U U l . school librarian. The members oi this club aet as librarian assistants as well as student C I U b librarians. 60 Student Council First Semester First Row, Left to Right-Eldon Reed, Alfred Snyder, Maryland Luft, Ava In Hilner, Jesse Lowe, Richard Rhone. Second RowwBarbara Lucas, Edna Mae Schenck, Treasurer, Max VVhipple, Vice-Presidentg Donald Marshall, President: jean Gardner, Secretary: june Ilesslel. Third Ro'wfMr. Hughes, Barbara Pidgeon, Sher- man Mover, Pierre Fritz, Earl Shoemaker, john Ehner, Norma jean Murrv, Miss Vllithers. The Student Council members are the representatives of the student bodv from the seventh to twelfth grades. There are two representatives from each homeroom with the exception of seventh and eighth grade, where there is one representative from each grade. lt is through this organization that all school-sponsored activities are coordinated and approved. ln addition to this task the Council sponsors several dances and other activities throughout the vear. Second Semester First Row, left to Right-Richard Vvarg, Florence Story, Jane lloltzapple, Larry Lauehle. Second Ilnu'-Joanne Poust, Donna Lewis, Beverly Fry, Barbara Sheppard, june llesslcr, Maryland Luft, Seerelarv: lidna Mae Sehenelv, 'l'rei1surer. llrird Rou'fMr. llughes, Advisor: Donald Mitcheltree, Samuel Sasso, Kenneth llill, l'it-e'l'residen1g Robert Stroup, john lihner, Robert Rohm, Donald Marshall, Presidentg Miss XVithers, Azlvixor. 61 Future Farmers of America Muncy Chapter First Row, Left to Right-Carl Bieber, Iames Snyder, Mr. Winner, Roger Wagner, Earl Poust, Harvey Moyer, Robert Fry, Harold Bitler, Philip Story. Second Row-Rodger Lupold, Donald Poust, Harold Fry, Myron LeVan., james Crawford, Lyle Bitler, Pierre Fritz, Eugene Burkholder, Gary Frey, Louis Baker. Third Row- Clarence Fogleman, Delbert Sones, Richard Yoder, David Winter, Donald Baylor, Richard Kemrer, Richard Hicks, Peter Nicholson. OFFICERS President - - - HARVEY MOYER Vice-President ROBERT FRY Secretary - EARL Pousr Treasurer - Room WAGNER Reporter - HAROLD BITLER Sentinel KENNETH SNYDER Chaplain - - - - - - PHILIP STORY The F. F. A. was established nationally in 1928. Our chapter was chartered on March 29, l934. lt was originally the john Brady Chapter of Future Farmers of America, but has since been adopted, the Muncy Chapter of Future Farmers of America. There are now 32 members in this organization in Muncy. The Charter Members are: Presi- dent, Arwood Snyder, Vice-President, Charles Yeagel, Secretary, Francis Schivelyg Treasurer, Ceorge Waltman, Members, james Sedam, Amos Shipman, Fordyce Corham, lubert Spring, Robert Smith. The F. F. A. is a social organization of Vocational Agricultural students throughout the United States and outlying positions. There are 3,800 chapters. Some of the money-making activities of our chapter are: l. Calendar Advertising. 2. Selling garden seeds for the Eastern States Farmers Exchange. 3. The annual sale of onion plants, shipped by plane from a plant grower in Texas. Activities other than money-making: Sending a judging team to the Lycoming County judging Meeting in dairying, livestock, poultry, agronomy Cfield cropsl, plant insects and diseases, farm machinery, public speaking and parliamen- tary procedure. The highest scorers from each school enter in state competition at State College in lune. Products produced in farming projects are entered in the Hughesville and Bloomsburg fairs. Another important part of the education and training course are field trips which consist of trips to local farms and implement dealers as well as local fairs and the Pennsylvania State Farm Show. The agricultural course is intended to teach through medium of observation and doing. Mr. Winner has been the instructor for the past two years. The new agricultural building on Sherman Street has helped him and the boys, by enlarging their working area and giving them a place of their own to perform experiments. 62 II ll First Row, Left to Rightwlkflax Whipple, Ivan Hartman, Earl Poust, Secretary-Treasurer, VVilliam Wallis, Presidentg Robert Wert- man, Vice-President: Richard Cottsehall, Donald Nlarshall. Second Row-Kenneth Hill, Phillip Sholtis, Cordon Stroup, Richard Brittian, Phillip Story, Thomas Dewald, Robert Tule, Robert Rohm, Robert Fry. Third Row-Sherman hloyer, James Edwards, Larry Lawton, Ira Bieber, Jav Schoch, Daniel McCourt, XVilIia:n Little, Robert Baylor, Earl Shoemaker, Mr. Miller, flzlvisor. Allseut-Roy Maurer. 1 The "Nl" Club, which is a fellowship of letter winners in athletic events, is an active organization around school. The largest project this year was the sale of Christ- 1nas candy. The proceeds made it possible for the senior lettermen to receive jackets as in previous years. Mr. Miller was the advisor. Booster Club Ia lm First Row, Left to Right-Ruth VVithrnw, Joan Heilman, Diaryland Luft, Phyllis App, llleriam Bieber, Louise Vverner, Judith Kon- kle, Secretary: Ruth VVolfe, Presitlentg Barbara Pidgeon, Vice-President, Shirley Confer, Edna Mac Schenck, Shirley Secules, Maxine Martin. Second RoweMary Lee VVanish, Rosalie Stroup, Barbara Sheppard, Connie Cummings, Nancy McKee, Carol Meckley, Norma Jean Murray, Nancy Temple, Janice Stroup, Nancy Ritter, Roberta Artley, Sally Ritharts, Yvonne Allen, Geraldine Breneif sen. 'liltinl Bowflireda Miller, June llessler, Lee Coodenow, Norma Jean Kilgus, Patsey Robbins, Shirley Cipriani, Beverly Fry Margaret Bargcr, Faye Freeh, Violet Magargle, Jacqueline Ilicks, Barbara Kilgus, Jane Richmond, Ellen Kahler, Ida Mae Solomon, lfaye Stauiier, Beverly Hall, Lois McGowan. Fourth Row-hir. Hughes, .fldvisorg Ruth Lucas, Edith VVingate, Freda VVallis, Louise Porzelt, Nancy xv2llll'l'lill1, Joanne Shipman, lVIary Jane hlyers, Patricia Kilgus, Patricia Moon, Donna Lewis, Joan Frick, Elsie Johnson Reba Kahler, Buela Swartz, Lorretta Ilouseknecht, Judith Vermilya. w i This club was instrumental in supporting the high school teams throughout the year. Club membership was composed of tenth, eleventh, and twelfth grade girls who publicized athletic events, sponsored victory dances, and had a genuine interest in sports. Mr. Hughes was the advisor. 63 Tri-Hi-Y First Row, Left to Right-Lois McCowan, Norma Jean Murray, Nancy Temple, Carol Meckley, Delorise Warren, Mary Jane Myers, Treasurer, Phyllis App, Vibe-President, Joann Shipman, President, Barbara Pidgeon, Secreturyg Joan Heilman, Chaplain, Mary Arthu.r, Ellen Kahler, Beverly Hall. Second Row-Janice Craig, Loretta Houseknecht, Mary Lee Wannish, Rosalie Stroup, Barbara Sheppard, Connie Cummings, Judith Konkle, Marjorie Pepper, Dorothy Shaner, Naomi Yocum, Jacqueline Hicks, Barbara Kilgus, Edna May Schenck, Nancy Waltman, Meriam Bieber, Buela Swartz. Third Row-Mrs. Houk, Advisor, Faye Stauifer, Beverly Fry, Sally Rich- arts, Vonnie Allen, Jerry Breneisen, Janice Stroup, Roberta Artley, Nancy Ritter, Edith Wingate, Shirley Secules, Maxine Martin, Shirley Milheim, Patsy Robbins, Shirley Cipriani. Fourth Row-Ida Mae Solomon, Patricia Moon, Nancy McKee, Lee Goodenow, June Hessler, Donna Lewis, Joan Frick, Margaret Barger, Shirley Confer, Maryland Luft, Ruth Withrow, Jane Richmond, Betty Ann Edwards, Freda Miller. Fifth Row-Jean Gardner, Judith Vermilya, Patricia Kilgus, Reba Kahler, Elsie Johnson, Violet Ma- gargle, Faye Frech, Norma Jean Kilgus, Ruth Wolfe, Ruth Lucas, Louise Werner, Freda Wallis, Louise Porzelt. OFFICERS President - - - JOANN SHIPMAN Vice-President - PHYLLIS APP Secretary - - BARBARA PIDGEON Assistant Secretary - JEAN GARDNER Treasurer - MARY JANE MYERS Chaplain - JOAN HEILMAN The purpose of this organization is to promote Christian ideals in the home, the school, and the community. lt is composed of the girls from the tenth, eleventh, and twelfth grades. The beliefs of the club are expressed in this code: To build a better world Ready l must be ln the place where life doth Hnd me Holding fast-yet pushing on lnto glorious adventure You-and-l-and-God. Projects for the year included dances, a special Christmas program, and the pur- chasing of a clock for the library. The Trifl-li-Y sponsored a mistletoe sale during the Yuletide season, and the sale of pencils with wrestling and basketball schedules on them. Mrs. Houk was the club sponsor. 64 Hi-Y First Row, Le , , , Second Row-Ralph Balliet, Philip Story, Robert Stroup, Robert Sterner, Treasurer, William Wallis, Presidentg Robert Wertman, Vice'President5 Robert Holtzapple, Secretaryg Roy Maurer, Chaplain, Mr. Houseknecht, Advisor. Third Row-Donald Rosenbaum, Lynn Poust, Thomas Winters, Daniel McCourt, Alfred Snyder, yle Yagel, David Winter, Kenneth Hill, Ivan Hartman. Fourth Row-William Corson, Ronald Taylor, Jay Schock, Earl Shoemaker, Edward Robbins Kay Swartz, Donald Book W S ' ft to Right-James Vermeulen, Robert Tule, Myron Sheatler, Robert Rohm Roger Wagner Earl Poust Harvey Moyer. , , ayne prmg, Kenneth Moyer, Donald Marshall. OFFICERS President - - - - - WILLIABI WALLIS Vice-President - ROBERT WERTMAN Secretary ROBERT HOLTZAPPLE Treasurer ROBERT STERNER Chaplain - - ROY MAURER Advisor MR. CEOROE HOUSEKNECHT The Hi-Y Club is an organization composed of high school boys under the spon- sorship of the Young Men's Christian Association. The name "Hi-Y" is an abbrevia- tion of the longer name "High School YMCA." The Hi-Y for boys is a companion club to the Tri-Hi-Y Club for girls, and together they form the High School Youth Program of the Young lVIen's Christian Association. The purpose of a Hi-Y Club is: "To create, maintain, and extend throughout the home, school and community high standards of Christian character." The plat- form of the Hi-Y Club is composed of four points: Clean Speech, Clean Sportsman- ship, Clean Scholarship, and Clean Living. Cur club, although just re-activated in 1953, is one of the oldest clubs in Muncv High School. It was first activated before 1932. The present membership of Oulr club is fifty-eight. During our school term, representatives of our club have visited district and state meetings which have been held in Williamsport and Sunbury. The biggest project of the club since re-activation was a metal scrap drive, held last year. The drive was very successful, financially. The money from the treasury is used for worth-while projects in and about the school. 65 Firsf Row, left to Right-Samuel Gregg, Robert lylusser, Ly11n llouselmeclu, Larry Fry, Richard Fry, Charles Sbollcv Georve XVl1i!e, Larry Laucble, Ronald Frey, Thomas Stutlinan, Dale Selwnek, Illdon Reed, Rll,'I11lll1Cl Long,iRoclgerh Lupold, Leon' App, Samuel Vllallyer, David Rose, David Youtl, jesse Lowe. Svcnml Rowf jaines Kennedy, Richard Rhone, jack Engle, David Vllenzel, James McCarty, lfranly Lecsb, Robert Rieber, Ronald llfilhll, james llilillllllllh Stclvben VVllL'l9t0DC, Alfred Snyder, Ronald llo11sely11eel1t, Clary Allen, Douglas kll1oen1alyer, Donald lXIitcl1eltree, Patrick Mcfloslyey, Rodney Opp, Richard XVarg, Donald XV. Poust. The Patrol stall tl1is year is composed of about 30 boys selected from tbc junior high scbool. Their main duty is to prevent accidents on tl1e wav bome lrom scl1ool B to children in tbe primary and elementary' grades. The captain is traditionallv a nintb grader, this year Rodney Opp l1ad that bonor. F' it Row, left to Ri rlitfkennetb llartlow, Dale Schenek, Cary Allen, Jay Sehocb, Donald Book, Ronald Taylor, IosePl1 xxYllltIl1Oy0l', :rx 1, Robert Billllllilii, Kent Rager. Second ROII'--cwllflll llildebrand, Erlitll Vlfingate, Susan l5ron'11, Janice Stroup, Samuel Pelgles, Robert Sierner, Robert Stro11p,judi1I1 Yerrnilya, Norma jean liilgus, Violet Magargle. 'l'l1i1'rl Rowf Mr. llugbes, ,flrl1'isorq Donald Marshall, Paul lfcigles, .Xlice Little, janet Laurenson, Jacqueline llieks, Rcba Kabler, Mcriam liieber, Maryland Luft, Freda XVallis, Elsie l.llen jol111so11, James Mcfarly, Rodger Lupold. Fllllfill NOIU-lg21l'lI2lI'Ll Rook, l.ce Goode11ow, Ida Klan' Solomon, Shirley Mill1ei111, Shirley Secules. Philip Sboltis, Thomas DeVVald, Robert lloltzapple, Roger VV2lgHL'I', Barry lleilbarv, Gordon Stroup. lfifrlz Ron'- jaxncs llall, licln'i11 Sieg, Nyle Yagel, Lynn Poust, Philip Story, liarl Poust, Richard Rrittain, Robert Vl'ert111a11, I.llIl1k'l' Rardo, llon1e1' llilner, cllH!l'll'S Lowe, john llbner, Douglas Sl1oe111alyer. P l11 order to be ill this club you must be a member' ol tbe Consolidated Sl1orts111c11 Q ol' Lycoming County. Nr. llugbes was tbe clubs advisor. 66 XXMLJSIC ARTHUR L. DELPAZ Band Director After two years duty with an army band, the school welcomes Mr. Delpaz back to his regular position as band director. Since his return the band has grown from twentyffour members to sixty-three members. Mr. Delpaz is doing a line job and deserves a great deal of applause from everyone. Instrumental Music Band Parents l l , l MAX VVHIPPLE Student Director The student director of the Band has a big responsibility in assisting the director. He very often takes charge of directing and leading the Band in the direetor's absence and in this phase the student director this year has done an excellent job. i I First Row, Left to Right-Mrs. Elva Snyder, Mrs. VVoodrow Corson, Paul Heilman, Presidentg Mrs. VanDnrn VVcrtn1an, Treasurerg Roy Maurer, Vice-Presizientg Mrs. Preston Lawton, Seereturyg Mrs. Claud VVanish. Seeoml KowfMrs. XVilliam Murry. Mrs. Harry Miller, Mrs. Frank Youtz, Mrs. Deloy Poust, lNIrs. LeRoy Stroup, Mrs. John VVhetstone. Mrs. Fred Priest, Mrs. C. M. Stutzman, Mrs. Roy Maurer. Tliircl IiU'l1'fxxlllll2lIl'A hlurry, Harry Miller, VVoodrow Corson, Gordon Vllliipple, Rev. Clay Reed, Harold Brown. The Band Parents, a vital group to our band, must be given a lot of credit for their assistance to Mr. Delpaz, and their generosity expressed through their awards to senior bandsmen. Through the efforts and support of organizations of this type, our school life has been enriched during this third year of their existence. 68 Bancl ' tl Li tl-1516 K li? lfl ialilfllri s First Row. Left to Right-,lanice Somerville, Patricia Kilgus, Thomas Stutzman, Robert Flayhart, Ruth Lowe, Judith llouseknccht, ,lean Gardner, Connie Cummings, Joanne Poust, Pearl Sherdan, Iohn Vtlilliamson, Eldon Reed, Barbara Kilgus, Geraldine llrcneiscn. Secoml Rowelillen Kahler, Dale Schenck, Kenneth Gardner, Susan Brown, Norma Murray, Freda Miller, liilecn Persun, june llessler, Lee Goodenow, Kathleen VVhalen, joan Ileilman. Third Row-Nancy Ritter. Roberta Artley, Patrick Mc-Closltey, Roger Corson, Larry Lawton, Myron Sheatler, Nyle Yagel, Shirley Cipriani, Ruth VVolfe, Phyllis App. Fourth Run'-Roy Maurer, Marlin XVcrtman, Lynn lless, Lynn Poust, hlax Vllllipple, Robert Stroup, Paul Seihert, Vllilliarn Somerville, Vllilliam forson, Stephen VVhet- stone, Alfred Snyder. OFFICERS President MAX VVHIPPLE Librarian f e f PAUL SEIBEIV1' Viceflhesidcizt e - ROBERT STROUP Librarian WIl,I,lAhI So1x1ixiE1tv1i,1.E This year, with Mr. Delpaz back, the band expanded in membership. Their marching and con- cert performances exhibited their growth in musical skill. After a busy fall schedule of football games, pep rallies and parades, the band combined with thc choruses to present a Christmas carol program. On March 30th the Muncy Musicians played host to the 5th annual Lycoming County Band Festival. Again in conjunction with the Vocal Department the band performed in the annual Spring Concert. For the first time the Muncy-Muncy Creek lligh School Band was represented in the Penn- sylvania Music Education Association Central Dis! trict Band Festival with three seniors being selected by the district selection committee. They were Max VVhipple, Solo and First Cornetg Robert Stroup, Second Clarinetg Roy Maurer, Baritone. Majorettes The majorettes of our band are a group of high-stepping, vivacious young troupers. They comprise one of the best looking groups of majorettes in this region. They are, truly, a symbolic attraction to our smart-looking band. The group was led this year by head- majorette, Lois McCowan who is a senior, I , , First Row, Left to Riglitfflail Bryfogle, hlary Lee Vllanish. Secoml and who will graduate this spring. Raw-Jane Iloltzapple, Lois McCowan, Judith vermalya. 69 Vocal Music This year Mrs. Delsite was the director of the vocal department. She had charge of the Fifth and Sixth Crade Clee Club, junior High Clce Club, and Senior High Clee Club. She also taught the music classes from kindergarten up to ninth grade and grades one to six at Pennsdale. Under the excellent direction of Mrs. Delsite the three Clee Clubs participated in the Christmas Program and the Spring Concert. ln addition to this she was the accompanist for the Rhythm Band and was also co-assistant in MRS. DELSITE, Director planning the May Day exercises. Senior High Clee Club First Row, Left to Right-Phyllis App, Meriam Bieber, Rosalie Stroup, Janice Strnup, Sarah Richart, Nancy Ritter, Roberta Artley, Louise Porzelt, Ruth Lucas, Mary Lee VVanish. Second Row-Nancy VValtman, Norma Jean Murray, Freda Miller, Geraldine Bren- cisen, Margaret Barge-r, Carl Bieber, Nyle Yagel, Robert Rohm, Ioan Heilman, Lois McCowan, Judith Vermilya. Third Row-Mary June Myers, Shirley Conifer, Maryland Luft, Barbara Sheppard, Norma Jean Kilgus, lvan Hartman, Ira Bieber, Roger Carson, Myron Shcatler, Max Stackhouse. Fourth Row-Nancy Temple, Shirley Secules, Faye Freeh, Barbara Pidgeon, Donald Marshall, Roy hlaurer, VVilliam Corson, Robert Stroup, Robert Holtzapple, Earl Shoemaker, Kenny Hill, Paul Funston. Accnmpunist-Paul Seibert. This year the Senior High Clee Club had 43 students. They participated in the Christmas Play given on December 22, and the Spring Concert on May 12. The accompanist this year was Paul Seibert. 70 Junior High Clee Club First Row, Left to Right-David Fry, Leon App, Richard Rhone, Jacqueline Viliser, Betty Jane Rothfuss, Nancy Zarr, Marjory Moyer, Shirley Feigles, Rita Covert, Alyee Parsons, Georgiana VValtman, Samuel VValker, Dale Schenek, Larry Smith. Second li!IWilxllCC Little, Gail Bryfogle, Ann Sehooley, Lois Ann Gruneberg, Joslyn Fritz, Ava Jo llilner, Florence Story, VVanda Stroup, Joann llonseknecht, Gail Neufer, Barbara Book, Betty Jane Ellis, Patty Heller. Third Row--Beverly Parsons, Donna Sheppard, Marilee Campbell, Mary Ann Edgeworth, lN'Iary Ann Allen, Sylvia Smith, Eileen Persun, Susan Brown, Barbara Lucas, Geraldine Tilbury, Carol llildebrand, Jane lloltzapple, Nancy DeVVald, Kathleen Vllhalen. Fourth Row-Duane Beeht, Jesse Lowe, John VVilliamson, Jack Patrizio, Kendru Anderson, Roger Breidinger, Rodney Opp, Alfred Snyder, Stephen VVhetstone, Kent Ruger, VVilliam Ritter. This year the Junior High Glee Club had 52 members. With rehearsals once a weeli rhev worked hard for the Christmas Play which was given on Decemher 22, and the Spring Concert on May 12. Ava Jo lflilner was the accompanist this year. Fifth ancl Sixth Crade Clee Club First Row. left to Right-Eugene Green, Joseph Cipriani, Clyde Biddle, Roy Scholley, Ronald llill, Ronald Bubb, VVayne Frye, Ronald Riehart, liyron Bassett, Gerald Long. Second Row-Delores Malloy, Donna Ritter, Mary Davenport, hlary Derrick, Marian Patrizio, Sharon Keyser, Nancy Rhone, Constance llill, Grace Lorinier, Austina Tilbury, Gloria Covert, Sylvia Schoeh, Ellen Stroup, Donna lleddings. 'lihirzl Howe' Shirley llarris, Carmaleta llause, Betty Girven, Evelyn Gardner, Sanzlra Feigles, Gloria Smith, Constance Lee, Lois Abbot, Nancy Michael, Joanne lieigles, Linda Rair, Ann Long, Betty Sheatler, hlary Ann Lorimfr, Nancy Vileaver. Fourth RowfSharon Seott, Nancy Rieber,'Rutl1 Ann Gray, Gloria Jackson, June Anstadt, Lila Lee llilner, Elaine Smith, hlary Ann Hartman, Ann Patrizio, Marsha Bontatnase, Ann Gautsch, Terry Dirner, Constance Ilousekneeht, Diane Dugan, Sandra Shaner, Linda Artley. Fifth RowfJean llall, lris Confer, Sally Ranlhaf, liernadine Speary, Carol Foley, Nancy Corson, Judy Brittain, Josephine Cipriani, Linda Maurer, Sally Cummings, Patricia Doyne, Gail Sehively, Kay llousekneeht, Sandra Frick, Carol Fetter. Sixth Row-Lee Anderson, Richard VVilliamson, Ronald Poorman, Barry Dingle, John Myers, VVayne Sager, Gary Edwards, James Masters, Stephen Anderson, Robert Flayhart, Robert Myers. ' 71 Rh thm Bands First Row, Left to Right-Edward Doyne, Gary Ritter, Gary Hively, Paul Smith, Robert Rosenbaum, J a m e s Gardner, Frayer Page, Jack Banghart, Mark Hester, Dwight Long, Gary Lowe, Jacqueline Hause. Second Row-Irvin Temple, James Herman, Howard Sprout, Joyce Applegate, Shirley Firman, Candace Feigles, Kathleen Neitz, Christine Fruet, Sher- ry Budman, Connie Fahnestock, Larry Lovell, David Ault. Third Row- Mildred Maust, Marian Anderson, Linda Houseknecht, Cynthia Laideck- er, Kathryn Brown, Susan Campbell, Sally Bower, Joyce Cunningham, Pa- tricia Feigles, VVanda Feigles, Jeanne Kistler, Betty Lou Lowry, Patricia Yagel. First Row, Left to Right-Frank Sher H-H wood, Director, James VValtun, Robert Ileyl, Linda Maurer, Jane Schoch, Eric Shoemaker, D a r y l Edwards, Bruce Baht, Harley Warren, hlichael Peterman, Thomas VVeaver, Ronald Curley. Second Row-Mary Anna Fenstermacher, Connie Geist, Kathy Ruger, Jerry llause, Desiree Balum, Virginia Rohm, Dale Fiester, Darlene Fiester, Lee VVomelsdorf, Steven llrencisen, Thomas Trimble, hflichael Maust. Third Row-Terry Richart, Gary Bitler, Ronald Barto, Henry Lit- tle, Sylvan Fenstermacher, Dara Shad- duck, Susan Gordner, Susie Dildine, Phyllis Setters, Nancy hliller, Dianna Flock, Suzanne Stanton, Thomas Holt- Zapple. First Row, Left to Right-Kathryn VVood, Marie Barns, Dolores Wilt, Clarence Michael, Eugene Gordner, Glennwood West, Donald Gordner, Charles Neiderberger, Edward Speary, Robert O'Connor, Steven Poust, Jay Gordner. Second Row-Bruce Wen- zle, William Milheim, Franklin Sones, Bruce Sones, Catherine Schenck, Vicky Shook, Mary Lee Dugan, Mary Lou Odon, Gloria Sones, Carl Rob- bins, Keith Houseknecht, Thomas Reece, Ralph Kemrer. Third Row- Linda Shipman, Kathryn Michael, Roberta Beiber, Albert Irwin, Bonnie Egli, Sharon Chamberlain, Kathryn Weaver, Phyllis Green, Mary C. Wal- dron, Patricia McCarty, Judith Hes- ter, Carol Shipman. The rhythm bands are an old tradition in our school. Everyone who has started first grade and in some cases second grade can recall their first musical experience in these organizations. They are largely composed of percussion instruments and they keep rhythm to the melody of a piano. Mrs. Delsite and the grade teachers supervise and direct this Pine program for the children. 72 5 x'FEATuREs May Queen Our May Queen for 1954 was "Her Ma- jesty," Miss loan Heilman, a very vivacious and attractive senior girl. Joan was also May princess in her freshman year and the Flaming Foliage representative for our school during her junior year. The queen is selected from among the senior girls by the student body of the senior high school on the basis of her beauty and personality. JOAN HEILMAN Her Majesty and Court This year as in previous years, since 1947 when Phyllis Balliet was crowned as the first queen, the queen and her attendants were chosen from the Senior Class. They are as follows: Queen-loan Heilmang Attendantsflnmuth Lucas, Lois McCowan, Mary jane Myers, joann Shipman, Nancy Waltman, and Phyllis App. Janie Holtzapple was selected to reign as princess. The annual May Day Exercises were held in front of the school with the gay festivities that accompany spring, and the crowning of the queen. Standing, Left to Right-Joann Shipman, Nancy Waltman, Phyllis App, Ioan Heilman, Queeng Lois lVIcCowan, Mary Jane Myers, Ruth Lucas. Seated-Jane Holtzapple, Princess. 74 May Princess JANE HOLTZAPPLE This year jane Holtzapple was selected to reign as princess of the May Day Fes- tivities. Ianie is a pretty, dark haired, brown eyed freshman with volumes of per- sonality and talent. The idea of May Princess originated in 1951 with this year's May Queen, Ioan Heilman, being the first princess. The princess is selected from the freshman class by the popular vote of the junior high school students. Flaming Foliage Queen The Fifth Flaming Foliage Festival spon- sored by the Bucktail Park Association was held at Emporium this year on October 10th and 11th. The festival pays homage to the scenic beauties along the Bucktail Trail and autumn's foliage artistry. Climax of the two-day festival was the crowning of the Flaming Foliage Queen at Hyner View on Sunday, Uctober llth. A university scholarship valued at 51,400 was awarded this year's queen. The schol- arship is valid at Penn State, Temple, The University of Pennsylvania, or the Uni- versity of Pittsburgh. Yvonne Allen was our representative to the Flaming Foliage Festival this year. Vonnie has chestnut brown hair, blue eyes, is very attractive, and has a charming per- sonality. Vonnie was also May Princess in her freshman year. Selection for the Flaming Foliage Rep- resentative is made by the student body from junior girls. It is based on beauty and personality. YVONNE ALLEN Senior Class Pla First Row, Left to Right-Donald Marshall, Phyllis App, Maryland Luft, David Clayton, Ralph Balliet, Nancy Waltman, Gary Schwenck, Louise Porzelt, William Corson. Second Row-Ioan Heilman, Robert Stroup, Edna Mae Schenck, Mary jane Myers, Reba Kahler, Shirley Confer, Edith Wingate, Miss Withers, Roy Maurer, Louise Werner. Laurie Huntington .... Sidney Huntington .... Martha Huntington .. Wally Huntington ,... Miss CGusD Gustavesky Ioan Wood ....,,....,..... Ted Wood ..,...,...,.,... Lillian Wood ,...,..,...... ....... Mark Bradford ..,. . Horatio P. Honeywell Amelia Dennis ...,.,,... Caroline Blakesly ...... Grace Schoenbeck ...... Walola Breckenridge Therese Brown ..,,.,,.., The Little Dog Laughed CHARACTERS .. .,... a sophomore, home from college her brother, content with the world . Martha's part time helper Wally's one and only, 16 , .........,......,..,.....,.. . ., .....,. her father and Sid's competitor in used cars Joan's culture-conscious mother ., ..,....,....,,... . Ioan's cousin and a medical student . bird fancier and taxidennist ,... ,,....,.,,. . . Maryland Luft Robert Stroup Phyllis App .. .,...... her father, normally jocular ,..,......., ,. her mother, charming but anxious .,...,..... .. Donald Marshall Louise Werner Nancy Waltman . .Roy Maurer ,loan Heilman Ralph Balliet William Corson .. ..,.... a catty kibitzer ,.... ,.......................,... ....... M a ry jane Myers .. ......, a foolish matron ...,. ..... ,........., .,... ,.... , . . . . .. .,...... wife of the department store owner ..,....... ,. . .. Shirley Confer Edna Mae Schenck wife of the bank president Edith Wingate .. .....,. Walola's maiden sister ..,., ....,,...,.,.... . , SYNOPSIS Louise Porzelt "The Little Dog Laughedf, according to an old rhyme, "to see such sport." But the chances are more than even that he never saw such unusual sport-such mirth- prompting sport-as engagingly told in this unique stage-story. "Here I am, home from college," declares attractive Laurie Huntington, a sopho- more majoring in psychology, "expecting to find a normal, well-adjusted family! And what do I see instead? A bunch of psychological knots!" The entire action takes place at the front entrance and in the living-dining-room of the Huntington home in one of America's smaller cities. The time is early June of the present year. 76 Senior Class Play Sid's Purge Dance. Mark and Laurie in a More Intimate Moment. Zombroski's Ink Blot Test. The Senior Class Play was Presented to the public on February 25th and 26th, 1954. Curtain time was eight olclock p. m. 77 DIRECTOR Miss Irene Withers was the director of the senior class play, The Little Dog Laughed. The members of the senior class wish to extend to her their sincere thanks and appreciation for a job well done. Miss Withers has directed the senior class plays for the past five years and has clone an excellent job. STUDENT DIRECTORS The student directors for the class play were Meriam Bieber and Roy Maurer. Their duties were to assist Miss Withers with the committees, post- ing of rehearsal hours and dates, and helping with the general direction of the play. Junior Class Play Seateol, Left to Right-Roberta Artley, Yvonne Allen, Jean Gardner, Judith Vermilya, Geraldine Breneisen. Stundmg-Robert Holtzapple, Paul Seibert, Barbara Pidgeon, Samuel Sasso, William Somerville, Homer Hilner. You Can't Always Sometimes Tell! A popular panic! Without any fear of con- tradiction we can say that "You Can't Always Sometimes Telli' is an excruciating, exuberant farce that the audience will never forget. Mrs. Anne Lyster, a frivolous society matron, has a remarkably pretty daughter, Phoebe, who is of a marriageable age. A close friend, Mrs. lmo- gene Walker, has a son, Westbrook, whom she is anxious to see married. The two fond mothers put their heads together and the result is an announce- ment of the engagement of Phoebe to Westbrook. Things might have worked out to the mothers, satisfaction if Phoebe hadn,t gone to a soldiers' canteen one evening to act as a hostess. There she met Pvt. Jim Blake. Jim got one look at Phoebe and was overwhelmed, overcome, and overpowered! Phoebe felt the same way about Jim. Returning home, she writes to Jim faithfully to his training camp and when she tells him in a letter that she is going to marry Westbrook in four days in order to please her mother, the young soldier pleads for a pass and gets it. He sets off to pay Phoebe a visit and is determined to marry her himself. But Jim meets with an accident on the road and by the time he reaches the home of his adored one his uniform is a mess. He canit let Phoebe see him in his present condition, so off comes the uni- form and it is sent out to be pressed and cleaned up a bit. It is then that the crowning blow falls on poor Jim! There is a fire and his uniform goes up in flames. It is impossible to get another uni- form at that hour of the evening. Phoebe's in- ventive Cousin Charlie and her romantic young sister Juliet are suddenly inspired with what ap- pears to be a sure-fire plan. Since Mrs. Lyster is without a cook and has been unable to secure one, why not have Jim Blake don Female Attire and masquerade as said cook? ln that way he can be near Phoebe and pursue his efforts to make her his bride. Jim protests vigorously but Charlie and Juliet win him over and he is introduced into the Lyster household as Aurora Riley. Jim develops a positive genius for pulling his house of cards down around his neck. The final curtain is a honey and contains many surprises. This play was presented to a capacity audience on April 8th and 9th. Curtain time was 8 p. m. CAST Mrs. Anne Lyster ...,. Phoebe Lyster .......... Juliet Lyster .... ......... Charles Caldwell ....,.,.. . Westbrook Walker ..,. Mrs. Imogene Walker Albert Salmon ..... .....,. Martha Green .......... Private Jim Blake ..., Carrie Dearborn ,....., Student Director ....,,.. Co-Student Director ,. Director ..,..........,.... , .. Jean Gardner Yvonne Allen Roberta Artley ..,.., Robert Holtzapple Paul Seibert Nancy Bitter Homer Hilner Judith Vermilya William Somerville Geraldine Breneisen .. Samuel Sasso Barbara Pidgeon Miss Jean Zimmerman , A XVSPCDRTS Athletic Advisers STANLEY T. SCHUYLER WARD L. MYERS Footldull Coach Varsity Baskethall Couch VVrestling Coach DONALD E. MILLER GEORGE B. IIOUSEKNECIIT Baseball Coach Junior High Basketball Coach Assistant Football Coach Assistant Vlfrestling Coach Boys' Intramural Adviser JOSEPH W- LONG CAROL B. IIOUK Assistant Football Couch Girls' Intramural Adviser Gym Team Adviser ROBERT HUGHES ZIGMUND M. MUSIAL Faculty Manager of Athletics High School principal 80 Cheerleaders Standing, Left to Right-Nancy McKee, Barbara Pidgeon, Yvonne Allen, Kneeling, Left to Right-jane I-Ioltzapple, Barbara Lucas. Stand- Rosalie Stroup. Kneeling-Joann Shipman, Nancy Waltman. ing-Georgiana VValtman, Gail Bryfogle, Doris Blair, Barbara The Senior High Cheerleaders are the group of girls who are always behind our athletic teams at all games, home or away. They very often sacrifice a great deal to be present at all of the athletic events. ln addition to their above duties they are also responsible for scheduling and taking charge of all of our "Pep Meetings". We con- gratulate them on the fine job of boosting our teams' morale. Book. The junior High Cheerleaders compose a sex- tet of lively young boosters. Their primary func- tion is to lead the cheers and yells for the junior High Basketball games. Each year two girls are selected from the seventh gradefby popular vote of the junior high school. Junior high cheerleading was first started in our school in 1945. These girls certainly deserve a great deal of credit for the fine job they have done. JOAN SHIPMAN NANCY WALTMAN The two school spirit-minded girls above received their "MH awards this year for being active in cheerleading during the past three years. They were picked as cheerleaders in their sophomore year by the student body of the senior high school. Each year the senior cheerleaders receive an award for their energetic efforts. These senior girls are to be commended for a job well done. Football Team First Row, Left to Right-James Snyder, Max Stackhouse, Sherman Moyer, jay Schoeh, Charles Lowe, Ita Bieber, Edward McCowan, Frank Moore, Rodney Opp, Eugene Burkholder, Gary Allen. Second Row-Donald Rosenbaum, John Ebner, Max Feigles, Kenneth Hill, Gary Fry, Philip Story, Donald Marshall, james Edwards, Donald Book, Sam Feigles, Robert Kenirer, Luther llardo, Robert Rohm, Daniel McCourt. Third Row-Donald Miller, Assistant Coach, Robert Holtzapple, Vvllllillll VVal1is, Richard Rrittain, Robert Sterner, Earl Shoemaker, Kenneth Moyer, Robert Fry, Edward Robbins, VVil1iaru Little, Pierre Fritz, Robert VVertman, Stanley Schuyler, Coach. 1V1uncy's football team ended their league season with a record of 4 wins and 1 loss. We were runner-up to Canton, who had a league record of 4 wins, no defeats, and one tie. lnexperience and injuries at the beginning of the season hampered the Indians a great deal, as they got off to a rather slow start. However, the gridders finished strong as they ended their league campaign by soundly trouncing their tra- ditional rivals, Montoursville and blontgomery. A multiple formation offense that features a well balanced passing and running attack kept Muncy's oPfense a constant threat, and a rapidly improving line held the last three opponents to a total of fifty-two net yards from scrimmage. This sums up the history of Muncy's 1953 football team. The following six senior members of the team will graduate: quarterback, Bob Wertman, right end and co-captain, Bill Wallis, right tackle and co-captain, Dick Brittaing tackle, Bob Fry, and guards, Don Marshall and Phil Story. The 1953 football record follows: September 12-1Vluncy . O Canton ..,..,... September 19-Muncy . O South Williamsport .,.. September 26-Muncy .... 13 Watsontown .,..,.t... . October 3-Muncy .... 13 1V1iHlinburg October 10-Muncy . 8 Trevorton ,. October 17 Muncy .... 18 Sayre ...,. ..,,... October 24 Muncy r... 33 Nlontoursville October 31 Muncy 32 Nlontgomery ........... ...,............,, . November 4-Muncy Renovo-cancelled because of snow November 13-Muncy . 6 Bloomsburg ..,.,.......i.......,......,,..,.... . 82 Wrestling Team 185 lbs. Undefeated in regular season W. B. W. T." champion District Four champion Regional champion 145 lbs. W. B. W. T." champion District Four champion 127 lbs. Undefeated in regular season W. B. W. T." champion First Row, Left to Right-Larry Laucle, Larry Lawton, Iay Schoch, Sherman Moyer, Earl Poust, Luther Bardo, Robert Rohm, Pierre Fritz, Robert Tule, Thomas DeVVald, Donald Baylor, Richard Brittain. Second Row- Donald Miller, Assistant Coachg Charles Lowe, Daniel McCourt, Harold Bitler, Richard Bielhartz, Lynn Hess, Max Feigles, Samuel Feigles, Philip Story, Robert Sterner, Robert Holtzapple, William Neiderherger, Stanley Schuyler, Coach. Third Row-Nyle Yeagle, Munagerg Robert Staui-Yer, james Vermuelen, James McCarty, Boyd Leech, Robert Kemrer, Marlin VVertman, Alfred Snyder, james Hall, William Lorimer, Lynn Poust, Manager. Muncyys 1953-54 wrestling team won the co-championship, along with Hughes- ville in the newly formed West Branch Wrestling League. Four boys-,lay Schoch, Earl Poust, Don Baylor, and Dick Brittain-won individual championships at the West Branch Tournament held for the first time this year. The Indians were runners-up to Shamokin in the District Four Tournament and two boys emerged as champions for the Blue and White, Pierre Fritz, 145 pound class, and Dick Brittain, 185 pound class. Two grapplers ended their regular season undefeated, Earl Poust with fifteen straight and six tournament matches and Dick Brittain with iifteen straight and seven tournament matches. Brittain and Poust set a new record for season wins and Brittain set a new all-time high point total for the season with eighty-one for fifteen matches- 13 pins and two decisions. The team, with a twelve-three record, scored 475 points while giving up but 239 for a new record for wins and points scored during a season. Team highlights of the season were the 30-9 win over Williamsport and, of course, the victory over Hughesville for the co-championship. SEASONS RECORD Dec. lVli1l Hall ..,,. ., Muncy Dec. Chief Logan ...,.......,. Muncy Dec. Wilkes-Barre GAR Muncy Dec Sunbury ........,...... Muncy lan. South Williamsport Muncy lan. Mifilinburg ....,,.... Muncy lan. Montoursville ,,... Muncy Ilan. -Mount Carmel ....,. Muncy lan. -Turbotville .... .... M uncy lan. -Williamsport ,... Muncy " West Branch VVrestling Tournament 83 Varsity Basketball First Row, Left to Right-Max Stackhouse, Edward McCowan. Second Row-james Edwards, Ivan Hartman, William Wallis, Robert Wertman, Kenneth Hill, Earl Shoemaker. Third Row-Max Whipple, Manugerg Homer Hilner, Roger Corson, Donald Rosenbaum, Donald Book, Richard Gottschall, Manager. Muncyis cagers finished the regular season with an excellent record of 15 wins, 4 defeats. The squad included three seniors-lvan Hartman, Bill Wallis and Bob Wertman-who were main cogs in the success of the "54,' machine. Several records fell during the season and among these notable "firsts" were: first team to score more than 1000 points during the regular season, first team to win fifteen victories and first team to win eleven straight games. The lndians qualified for a District 4 playoff berth in class "Cn competition. Their first "quarry" was Smithfield, Bradford County Hkingpinv, whom they soundly defeated 58-48 at Montoursville. This victory earned Muncy a spot in the district finals against Scott Township, Columbia County champion. Muncy jumped off to an early lead against Scott and held a steady ten point margin until the iinal quarter. Then in quick succession we lost Hill, Wallis, Edwards, Shoemaker and Wertman under a barrage of frenzied Whistle tooting by the referees. Scott shot fifty-two fouls and won the game while our regulars sat helpless on the bench. Muncy's scoring was exceptionally well balanced throughout the season. Hartman led with 254 points followed by Wallis with 233, Hill 218, Wertman 212, Shoemaker 104 and Edwards 81. Our foul record was a creditable 55.61, of all tries. Next season we must replace the '54 stalwartsz Hartman, Wallis and Wertman-not an easy task. SEASON RECORD Catawissa , .....,. ,....... 4 6 Muncy ............ 39 Hughesville .,,. .,... 5 4 Muncy ............ 69 Lewisbur ..,.....,....... 30 Muncy ...,,.....,. 50 St. Joe ..,......,.. ,,... 5 4 Muncy ...,........ 49 South Wiliamsport.. 46 Muncy ...,........ 53 Watsontown ..... ...... 3 9 Muncy .,.......... 71 Danville .....,....,....... 51 Muncy ,........... 52 Montgomery ............ 56 Muncy ,..,.....,.. 73 South Williamsport., 47 Muncy ..........., 58 Montoursville ..,,.. 47 Muncy ,,......., ,. 52 Danville . .,..,......,...., 30 Muncy ..,......... 43 St. Mary ...,.......,..... 41 Muncy .........,.. 53 Alumni ........,......,.... 43 Muncy .,........., 53 Hughesville ............ 61 Muncy .......,..., 54 Watsontown ....,....... 39 Muncy ..........,. 54 St. Joe ,..,..,............. 50 Muncy ............ 44 Montgomery .,,..,...... 39 Muncy .,.. , ...,.., 51 Smithheld .,.........,.. 48 Muncy . ,.......... 58 Montoursville ..,.....,. 46 Muncy .,..,..,.... 48 Scott Township ...... 63 Muncy ...,........ 58 St. Mary ., ...,.,...,.,.,., 43 Muncy .,.. ,....... 6 9 Opponents' Total ..,, 973 Muncy ,...,.... 1151 84 Junior High Basketball l'irst Row, Left to Right-,lack Engle, Richard Rhone, Stephen Vllhetstone, Kenneth Gardner, Samuel VValker. Second How-Rodney Opp, Frank llloore, Richard VVarg, Eugene Burkholder, Donald Poust. Third Rvwf Raymond Long, Gary Allen, VVillian1 Sonimers, Larry Fry, Richard Fry, Ray llankes, Eldon Reed. Fourth Row -Ronald Ilouseknecht, john Long. The ,lunior High Basketball Team completed a satisfactory cage season this vear with a record of 8 wins and 15 losses. Their league record was 5 wins and 7 losses. These records are somewhat misleading because they do not reflect a true picture of the team. Several of the games were lost by only l, 2, or three points. The team this year lacked height and experience, which are extremely important in junior high hall. The team this year made up for the deficiency by a great deal of courage, determination, and spirit, which are essential in any game. The starting six consisted of Frank Moore, Raymond Long, Rodney Opp, Dick Wzirg, Eugene Rurkholder and Donald Poust. This combination was su Nlemented bv the followinv verv worthy h v . ll X , fs . . substitutes: Larry Fry, Dick Fry, Eldon Reed, and john Long. Several members of the team should prove to be real assets to the high school varsity cagers in the years to come. During the past seasons, Mr. Houseknecht fthe junior high coachil has a record of 92 wins and 43 losses, a record any coach would be proud to have. All in all the season probably was not the best lkluncy has experienced, but one must remember that it is not how the game was won or lost that counts, but the manner in which it was nlaved an l on this score these boys deserve a just amount of acknowledgment Catawissa , . Lcwisburg ., Stevens ,. . . Danville ..,. .,,.,... I lughesville Danville , ..,, Roosevelt .,...,,. .. Vtlatsontown hlontgomery Montoursville Stevens ...,..,.. .. Muney Muncy Muncy hluney Muncy Muncy Muncy Muncy Muncy Muncy Muncy SEASON RECORD St. Mary ..,... Roosevelt Hughesville St. joe ..,,. ,, VVatsontown Montgomery lylontoursville St. Mary . . .,..,,. Hughesville .,..,.. St. Joe .... . . Muncy lyluncy Muncy Muncy Muney Muncy Muncy Muncy Muncy Muncy l.vf 50 18 33 45 29 19 ll 31 46 23 First Row, Left to Right-Robert VVertman, Cecil Laurenson, Ronald Fcigles, Ralph Feigles, Iack Edwards, Eldon Hilner, Ivan Hartman, Donald Baylor, James Edwards. Second Row-Sherman Moyer, Ira Bieber, Robert Rohm, Donald Rosenbaum, Earl Shoemaker, Phillip Sholtis, Kenneth Hill, Homer Hilner, Edward Michael, lVlax Stackhouse, lVlr. Hess, Coach. Muncy had a fair baseball team in 1953 under the coaching of lrvin Hess. They won 3 four and lost seven. The team was led by the following seniors: Ralph Feigles, Ronald Feigles, Cecil Laurenson, lack Edwards, and Eldon Hilner. The lettermen returning for the 1954 season are: lvan Hartman, Robert Wertman, Philip Sholtis, Kenneth Hill, Max Stackhouse, Sherman Moyer, Robert Rohm, james Edwards, and Ira Bieber. The coach of the 1954 season will be Mr. Donald Miller. First Row, Left to Right-Shirley Feigles, Betty jane Rothfuss, Mary Lee Wanish, Barbara Sheppard, Rosalie Stroup, Roberta Artley, Yvonne Allen, Gail Bryfogle, Alice Little. Second Row-Mrs. Houk, Adviser, Nancy McKee, Jane Richmond, Mildred Crawford, Carol Hildebrand, Ianet Edwards, Ruth VVolfe, Betty Ann Edwards, Manager. Thin! Row-Frank Leech, Lynn Houseknecht, Rodney Frcch, Charles Ciraulo, Robert Holtzapple, Ronald Taylor, Robert Herr, Gary Allen. This yearys gym team, working under the supervision of Mrs. I-louk, began their first practice session in December. They Worked up a group of routines, which included a clown 2lCt, Raggedy Ann act, tap dancing act, and rhythmic calisthenics An exhibition of the above mentioned was given on March 25 in joint chapel. The team will lose two members, Ruth Wolfe and Richard Brittain, through graduation this year. 86 Senior Lettermen RICHARD BRITTAIN THOMAS DEVVALD ROBERT FRY RICHARD GOTTSCIIALL IVAN HARTM NN Footballffco-captainD Xvrestling Football Basketball Cmanagvrj Basketball VVrv:stling-Ccofcaptainj Baseball XVest Branch XVrestling 'l'ournument Champion 185 lbs. District 4 YV r c stl in g Champion 185 lbs. Regional XVrcstling Cham- pion IBS lbs. DONALD MARSIIALL ROY MAURER Football Vllrcstling N., X EARL POUST VVrcstling-Qco-captainD XVcst Branch Vllrestling Tournament CllllllTlI7lOI1 127 lbs. PIIILLIP SHOLTIS PIIILLIP STORX Baseball Football VVrcstl ing, GORDON STROUP ROBERT TULE VVILLIAM VVALLIS ROBERT VVERTMAN MAX VVHIPPLE Hlrcstling Wlrcstliiig Football-Cco-captainD Football Basketball Cman iucij Basketball Basketball Baseball 87 N XYADVERTISEMENTS Compliments of SPRUUT, WALIJRUN 81 CUMPANY, INC Manufacturing Engineers MUNCY PENNSYLVANIA Compliments of SMITH TRUCK LINES MUNCY, PENNSYLVANIA Compliments of MOM,S LUNCH Open 24 Hours CONGRATULATIONS, CLASS OF 1954 3-s ,ng J"'Tj?j'5 VX PHONE 2-0322 D V ID ' S 350 PINE ST., WILLIAMSPORT. PA. fllf MS ' STURE FUR MEN 11 5 Sullivan's Service Station ATLANTIC GAS AND OIL GRITTNER,S HARDWARE HUGHESVILLE, PA. Largest Selection of Printed at theuvl Linoleum in Lycoming Co. Phone 7-A Muncy R. D. No. 4 6ft.-9 ft.-12 fttwidths ESTABLISHED 1896 TELEPHONE 2-4629 xQ1gRYTHlNC APPLIANCES , . A- - MOTORS ff- E g n sigifeg FIXTURES Agfllcpix' REPAIRS 230 Pine Street WILLIAMSPORT, PA. U 91 GILBERT BRO . 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Q 3 , 'I ,X ' v Q W, f 5 til Q .- N- ,., -X, . JVAM1 4 M 1 ' 335' gg , K? C I f ,fi 1-Q., . M , Q N x 5 sw-'Q-f pf M-,2.-1 4 M , ,5 X qs 5- ,rdf - - Q. . 1,96 5 '- X 'ff 'i J V " 'V' . ixhksbgy: X Q 'Q ysillvmhhw W , I A , rural , 4 . va X A f" S 5 'Nr gms Miqa,-u wgqyfinzvmiir' M ' 'lk Q'N, -Q., 'NB' it "' 1. vifvfi. "y " " if Q ff I , ,A k 4 F avr' it I U tj ,sf va 3 1- Ng' N A ' Y ' 1.3-550 ' A V I 59 , Y. A QNSQX M . 1" .. ,, Qu . 1, ft V ' W ,ig W S. Q., f . 1 l 5 1 , N A A g 1 Jw ,I -n -QQ-www-m ., is K X I aw ' K ' J 'Z wks K Q9 1 Jim. 'A I 5 Wwgwqwkfw Q YQ V . K 1 k ,, if wx . " - my if sq tw vt QA gg W ,A N , ,N - ,FV ,. 9 L .ji X'-gl nie? X5 ' H ' K EK ar gg fx . ab ' x ,p U A if X ' . 1 2 . , in V y s ,K U A My W V Q QW A 5 t tw HNBNYM A may M if 1 iv I A L ' ls , . W 1 -Q K 'gf Q Q5 ie 91 l 'Q - ' Y S A Q v 5 k Asia iw f in ay 4 3 5 fag ft Q 5 WRX 4 5 'va y ,I 5 ,K 'ii iq S2 ti w QQ ,sn S? in 3' ig, xualfv if M . i f 0 w J ,se H 1 f My my K 9 wwf, . - 'L .S ' rs 5 x Q Y X ,W A ,. N. xt ARTHUR MYERS "I-Iappy Motoringn International Harvester Freezers ' Refrigerators SERVICE CENTER McCormick Farm Equipment Motor Trucks Phone 220-B MUNCY PA Phone 228-A MUNCY, PA. ' ' LYCOMING COLLEGE Two-Year or Terminal Courses Art -- Music -- Medical Secretarial Science Secretarial Service - Medical Technology fFor degree courses, see Page 100D Director of Admissions-Phone 7933 Founded 1812 LYCOMING COLLEGE ' WILLIAMSPORT RALPH R. GRAMMER KILGUS SERVICE STATION Registered Jeweler Lubrication Washing American Gem Society Allentown Paints Firestone Tires and Batteries 148 W t 4th St t es ree U. S. Royal Tires and Batteries WILLIAMSPORT' PA' Phone Muncy 261-9 PENNSDALE, PA Compliments of MUNCY DRY GUODS STORE MUNCY, PENNSYLVANIA 98 Congratulations to the CLASS of 1954 The Store for All Your Needs FREY'S HARDWARE WE DELIVER Phone 187 MUNCY, PENNSYLVANIA MUNCY FABRICS INC. Quality Weaving Silk-Woolen-Rayon-Cotton and Novelties Carpenter Street MUNCY, PENNSYLVANIA Compliments of Compliments of E. P. HALL GARAGE WINTERS' GRILL 100 W. Water Street MUNCY, PENNSYLVANIA MUNCY, PENNSYLVANIA 99 1 REFUELING WITH VITALITY MILK 0' -9 5 Q? DAIRY ICE CREAM PRoDUCTs will IAMS pop! 'VP' i Compliments of EDDIE DOYNE Albert W. Welsh Plumbinv-Heatin f ' f' FUNERAL HOME Appliances 108 North Main Street Phone 247-A MUNCY, PA. Phone 358-A MUNCY, PA LYCOMING COLLEGE V A.B. and B.S. Degrees Liberal Arts - Medical Technology - Business Administration Pre-Professional Secondary Education Five Year Courses in Forestry and Engineering tFor terminal courses, see Page 983 Director of Admissions-Phone 7933 Founded 1812 LYCOMING COLLEGE ' WILLIAMSPORT 100 Compliments of FRANK'S HI-WAY CLEANERS ESSO SERVICE STATION We Vitalize Your GARMENTS HALLS STATION MUNCY, PA. "Gifts that are dijerenf, Dinnerware -- China Novelties - K Diamonds 3 Watches Hawk's Crystal - Syroco Wood - Novelt Jewelry BURK'S CHINA SHOP MUNCY, PENNSYLVANIA M Mile South of Hughesville on the I-Iughesville-Muncy Highway Compliments of MODECRAFT INC. Manufacturers of Beauty Shop -Boothwork and Equipment Muncy, Pennsylvania 101 NRL .f , mn STlkl'EAXl1" 'S .Q Over a Century of Service .... Established 1850 SUCCESS IS ACHIEVED THROUGH DEPENDABILITY THE Compliments of TOWN SHOP BARRETT'S Wfxclusive line of ATLANTIC STATION Feminine Attirew North Main Street MUNCY, PA. North Main Street MUNCY, PA BEST WISHES R088 ST D10 D CAMERA TORE 'Thotographer for the '54' Canusaragon 102 MUNCY LIME PRODUCTS Producers of HChippewa" Agricultural Lime and Pulverized Limestone Excavating and Grading Filldirt and Topsoil Phone 125-16 MUNCY, PA. Plant and Kilns at CHIPPEWA Compliments of K. O. SEARFOSS MUNCY SPORT'S CENTER DONALD B. WILT Pasteurized-I-Iomogenized t MILK 19 West Water Street Phone 3883 Phone 178-A2 MUNCY, PA. 90 Day Charges 12 Month Plan No Interest Pay I X 12th Each Month N0 Ca""yi"g Charge S'ig"' Se"Vi"e C"a'ge "it-'33EI:5E5?ii2EIi??IElfliiiiiilfiifiiEfkii-iiiiiiiiri-ilE13E1E151Eliiiiiiiiii:5:CS:ES5:51E151E15IE152ESEIEEIEIE!E1ElE1EiE1E5:Z2'i"4' 103 Timo out. Chapel Play. Growing up? The height of ambition. Our plwtugrapher. 9-Hi! Cindy. Lover hwy. 10-A well earned breather. Glue club. 1 l-Is he hurt bad? Another victory. 12-Our District Band representatives BUCK'S STORE GROCERIES - PAINT AND HARDWARE CLARKSTOWN, PENNA. Compliments of Cars MURRAY MOTOR CO. and Trucks Sales and Service Full Line Genuine Ford Parts MUNCY, PENNSYLVANIA Telephone Muncy 1A Compliments Of A W. R. LONG STORE FRIEND R. W. LOWE JOHN L. RRUCH Meat and Groceries Electric Appliances Phone Muncy 2078 Muncy R D. No.1 CLARKSTOWN, PA. ORCHARD FARM Quality Foods Capons - Fryers - Eggs Apples - Plums - Sweet Cider Muncy R D. No. 4 Phone 20410 AGENCY -All Forms of Insurance- Masonic Building MUNCY, PENNSYLVANIA Compliments of BOB FREY'S MARKET Fifty-Nine Years of Continuous Banking in This Community It's Smart to Be Thrifty Save Your Money With System and Safety THE MUNCY BANKING COMPANY MUNCY, PENNSYLVANIA Member of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation STERN BROS. Clothes and FURNISHINGS for Young Men 14 West Third Street WILLIAMSPORT ROLLIE BARTLOW BOTTLED GAS and MAYTAG SERVICE 9 Phone 270-A MUNCY, PA. Compliments of L. J. EAKER'S GARAGE HUDSON Moron CAR Phone 148-A MUNCY, PA Compliments of THE YOUNG MACHINERY COMPANY MUNCY, PENNSYLVANIA Manufacturers of Chemical Equipment Grain Dryers Compliments of WELDON MFG. COMPANY I Manufacturers of Pajamas-Night Robes-Shirts Phone 74-A MUNCY, PA. It is a strong and confident man that gets ahead and nothing gives one greater confidence than to have money in the bank. CITIZENS NATIONAL BANK MUNCY, PENNSYLVANIA Member of Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. Deposits Insured up to 310,000 Compliments of Compliments of BETTY'S DRESS SHOP MUNCY PASTRY SHOP Specializing in Sports Wear MUNCY, PENNSYLVANIA 107 Compliments of THE THE SYNDICATE JUNIOR CLASS MSM L. C. BALL TOURS c'Complete Travel Service" Phone 3-2262 Williamsport, Pa. H- L' Compliments of Quality MEATS C. D. BIEBER W. P. SOMERVILLE D. K. SM1TH P. B. SEIBERT Homedfessed W. P. MCCARTY R. D. CORSON BEEF, VEAL, AND PORK J. R. EBNER D. C. BooK U. S. Government Inspected R. J. HOLTZAPPLE D. E. MCCOURT Compliments of EL-DOR BEAUTY SHOPPE Compliments of FORT BRADY HOTEL Second Floor American Legion Bldg. MUNCY, PENNSYLVANIA MUNCY, PENNSYLVANIA 108 Harder Sporting Goods Company '6The Sportsmalfs . FISHING TACKLE Store" 9 GUNS AND AMMUNITION 0 PHOTOGRAPH 9 LUGGAGE 9 BASKETBALL 9 FOOTBALL 0 BASEBALL 9 BOWLING 336 Pine Street IC EQUIPMENT WILLIAMSPORT, PA ROSS AND JIMVS CAFE HAROLD EDDY Jewelry 11 W. Water Street HUGHESVILLE, PENNSYLVANIA MUNCY, PENNSYLVANIA Pho-ne 3282 KOCH'S RADIO MARILYN MODES AND TV SERVICE Sales . Service 131 West Fourth Street DUMONT RCA WILLIAMSPORT, TV Installations That Really Work PENNSYLVANIA 60 N. Main Street HUGHESVILLE, PA. 110 Farewell Song Music from "The Waltz You Saved for Mew Words by Maryland Luft, Phyllis App, and Ioan Heilman Slim' . li V - I The time has come for us to leave you, So with , ' A , 8 J .B fb be p' 3 I v this we say good--'bye ev--er in ' 'we' W Q' HJ JI thoughts our whole lives thro ------- --ugh. le'11 remem---'ber 2-5 M11 IJ .B iw 5 W Hg Mun ..... .---- c y High . A1-ways we'11 miss our xg 19 lsr' .9 l..El.J Friends our tea- ---- chers and these halls we knew so well so we'11 go into the LJ .5 5.5 LJ fu ""' "'- t ure having said. our fond. fare- 'elle 111 Y T 3 ' X W N, 4 4 H X P ,, . r 'Y '5- 1 x s.. 'F 'H '1 . '- ,, , . . . lv .-, 6,,...4,,..,, MV ,-1 . ,'24., .:w,HdE, ,Jw . .. A. V, N4-21. N 1-X, .U-f . ,, Q 4 'L A-Q,-,411 , . M Z-sf' : q'2g!j'm'."W' , 'mrx ,L b 5 , ,H .N ly, -L N fn S ix ,lg ,.,,, Z, M, .,. , h ., v., J u in . JH v ' -'yd FMC ' n f AU A v vng.-.,, ,,.,i, ri , v - '..nv:-.5 1 w X X , X. p , X I . 4... 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