Muncie Central High School - Magician Yearbook (Muncie, IN)

 - Class of 1954

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Muncie Central High School - Magician Yearbook (Muncie, IN) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Cover

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'H' 1 QE 'V OV.-MZ. 'i . , gif 45-V 4 ' , L, . -1 fain V, f- V. VR-ww ,V V , .V Vuwff Vw. '. n V ' . ' . ' 44 K f, 1 H..-4W,,, ,- ' " V M5 "+ 2 V f2ff'4-115,82-+s,w.' , 4.,' 'I 1 5. "1 .12..zluiv'7V'2'i13V1?g- - V? ' eff 5' ' - - - 'V Q' -1 'Z M- ' as -. ':wrc'V'1 4 -' . 1 -LF . -V ' cl V NE ' 'tp' 9f'74f-,-7FJ'f"- 1-" .4 'g Ii . , 3 f., , :VV ' Q, -37' V 'isp if , ., V:-...V Q Vnw.:,VV,- .. -- - V .V ,VV-V1-V.-,f,. ,+V W ,,' ll-lfqjw, V ',:Z,',:f :V. .55 .brwgwj , , .J.1.'mYg'pvj,gQ-gi,1V'1 mg, S.:'I'i1 , ' ' 3 - .V V , 4,e7..'-- fl : V"-,qw -5 -'ww-pw :V 1:-W S1-'f--1--1f..V .142 P1355 ,-gif-. 25,5 1 ,. , . V- 1,p., . iEZ1'.,. ' .V -n 1 53262 : .-'3,,.,gV,V .V , -C., .V VV, -- . , - i V V .Vim V -V VV .1 11: ' V, ,Vg ,1-V, an 1 - - . . .1. V. 4 -. V-. 1 1- -.V , - ,- .1,,1 ..- e -V . V . V 1, , ,. -V , -V V- ,.. 1, A:,,-, .,.f -- , . V. V V f fy, M. fa,-FJ ' "1-11" 1---iii -V 1? -1- V,.,1' V:4V,V,V,.- L., . m. V VV V- , . A r 1-1 V- 1,5 mm.--1fi'Vsr V , V 4 SJ., - . . , !... X' .. -.33 F-15 B ,l g I 5 Us V , 5' z V. A 1 V VV u. Vi. Jug, ,A-1 r3.1-ff-fxfigjlffj If 'tal " gf' f " ' ' :- Vi 1 ,. ug. - F : - . 4 Q53 I. J ,Q ...lil 1:5 5.2, 2 1515- f -' . ' : -QF .+V if-1' - -- ff . -. V V, .. ' QM- ,537 551 X 1 L .Y I . ' .V -4. 1 -E V :V .- MV- 1.4. 5 Q Y f QV , . V -3-"V, I ,, 3 -'V' ,rw--1... - V :V .- ' .Lv : Y j - 1 V . ..51:-' A ' 1 ' - ?,"J1kjE.,k .53 . j V lg, Q -- A A V h -. L. K .N F551 if j A V. .1 :'i ' 'V t ,V1.- ' ,gf g55i,1E5iiVg,fS-. , - 1-Q53-,fr-L ' .V V ' ' Af- A . ,. QV --'Ng' :Elm-r ' .IL "i " V. E. -,.- -, - V--,: V.QV'e1 -ww' A"7"V'.1- -.'.'41- . V -5 V . ,-.fav-1:-,-. -- ' 2 V . . V -' N: , 't f-:F V-M9'W5fQ1""i.f':!E',:?.5'fEog?:V,QV.-1254 - T . m"f4f5 . P , ,I " ' V1L',"j,NgA?i ."'f-ff:iff,:'-kgqfjfgr. ff 'gg-,P fb ,., YV V- 3-1 HQ, 2- 1- .V:.,1V,, -5-,-V,f,,,.-ff ., ,.,.,. .- . - V V- : iz.--M.:Vfigg'jg.:5'j',Ls-Q., ' V' 'ff - - fy - vw V. .V-QV--.V:.,.., -.V-w., . .tr 5 V4 V - ' ' 'Q 1- 'JJ' "WJ ma' ff.W?":'1 4- V?" V5f"H'i"'f'1' Yxa - '. 1 ' .J , .VV 1:1q.?.lY.i.,fwe, :.i7,gi.ifg-5. Wi. gggflzygif-.fhv!..J fu V .. , V-'1-'5.-f,ilt'4:f1 "' .' V, .f.l,-'gfha-nf:,,L,r ,aj -'11 - ' ' ' V 1' '4 'V..'1:V"'VFgV-2.2--.. -- V' "1i'1"f:?"Wf'fQ5:f" . A E- 1 -y ' I ' 'f 4-v':Zf?ffw'V--' 3' 5,-'. ':'.V'?f'- 'P ""'L?'7.E.."5' '+C' V b .: - ,V . -QL-ffl-: -1 JV-V ,-1-v f..,,..3!:. ng, - .V Q - N'-'fwf"' L' 'Vu " -F. , --Va? W4 .4415 ff.. V 1 W ' 4. V' 4 .af gif-V :I ,. -. V 'f1,.a2i7'3P!.t,-Vgf?VfV-. - 'V Q- ,f"-4 'T' 1 .EZ .- if ' "'T?6r?"94 rPs2'f'- ff 4 ' ' f' 17' - ' 1. ,Sf 5 '-1 4- ,. T., " -'F-2 Q ' 25 Vi-f' , VFQQS' V :E fs' 7 1" Q V VH Q, . V .T-Y:-V Y5fdQfV1"ii1J- z- 'U' - -ix EN.:-J vw" :ia 'NL F-,LV , , -4 1. -.frgifzfal-I-..-".'.'.e.h- , ' ' "Mfg 55:5 'J- ' -a ":',5V'-'fig Jw- ,- - if-F.: -VV VV V' ,'.V1 PH K '. W- ff ' :ww 1'-Wifw ,V 5--hy: Efihwg-g'!?,g: FT- - a ' 11 -i-yr: 'L' 'V x . Z1 1 - f - ' ' 'V -V .f .? 4 -:LZ ' ' " ' - -.L-' ' . . - - - at 1- ' 'Vw . 'i ' . - : fl'-me-L' ' -- ' -i n? ' ., V ' vf ' V "ZV..1f' - . 3 1 , .V.-11g"g - w ,, VV! -my j:wgg ?.,4 -.5 .1 X1-fi' V -"nu M' 'F' '-L, 7fwE:f,'7f" :v. -.nw 1 'U 'F-V'2'?A"':g' Y iii" Tv ' -'ff '-J. " '5' 1-:V-Ve"6"' -' V"lf4""' v',.j:,i.!,:5,3tf ff1: I ,E jg 3 . bi. nk "zsf3, ?-,.'.:V'-", -Vg 111:44-, V 4 'XL -. , 1 ' V , symLkVVrf:A-1 ., 44, .V V if ,Q ,,.-PM , ,. ... V- ijxv-s.V.L.V 1-525 -ii, -. 1 . , "1 '6gm.Vw+.m-f.,g'pFL2 A T ,' ' 353553 - -', L., 1--.--,1..--...ygiz V.'5.,3 , V1!.'V' , 1 V . V fir. 1 ya . - pf-. ,-.A-. ..H -' 11... 2 ' .V - 1.4. ' VV -ff-1 V' V . . -'T V- V- nr, 3 -4' . ' iff:-' Q V if " V. . V i Fm? ' V "' -5, yV'Vif"V?' .EVHP-.'f':,' ff-,Q 2S'Li'1":g fI"F'2.f 'Ui'-V' ' 1 V - . V, V- . -Y. V1-I 3.5: -fm 'VV ,V V- .-3 V: V '55 , fjrzu Vg --gi'Vfl1j15yf ' -jJ:g1',5,:Vi5zi4?Sxh,:gAlf',, gf I A ' . - ' J" 1' ' ' -fQJf'2fQ'QfQ'-':"i J:V-Hifi! V' Vg'-H'-' 4 ' T . :L :Jw . s. ,IVif,1. '77 '?V'g,t'Vf- -fb 'ff '13 - KV " VV ' " v . Q X' 1. ' ' . 3 V15 . .-25" , ,,Vg,,lV .'f'.4j 53V-,Q-1, '- '5V ' ' l , 5 V V12--A 1 'T' w'V'1VV7V:ifV F-Y--2".::'-M: ..fxVV4T-sw as l 'V V "-ni VJi'gV:: f ',,.f.Vn. f,g',21fffV:.g:-if'5h?.1V"T.-' V' V" ' , 'f V - 'U' - ': '. ' 'Afsmn 1-VV-'f ' 'nv-W . , ., 1 .' . .M , V . , 4. ,u , .V,-V,,,3- .- -E-.-,..4:V Jw. V VA - , . A. , . - e V .4 -V3 q.,,.V'ggV- VJ- ,V . up-.wg V A'-:V -.--.QV-.,u's. , L V , 1, ' V f VV ff' ' ' 'A ' Ei-EV5S2f :V K 'Vim fffxm-?J?5'i+'-' 7 " 'L f 'Spf '-if ,F - '41 nf'y.i'TS9l'gLf ' .",'5 '. , .3 -iA,,5,5..i,-Jr. Lfif in' iQ , jf, - N . x. ,?i.,V., .V mr .Sb Y . ' 3' T5-I-ri V , ' V V , , V-iff. 3 V H A' f -15, f"".,i'f,4 ' ' ' - 1 V- V - L-. x ' V ' -4' 1 - 5'1" V -f:..- V, V . - ' , . V A V' 3 1, ..,, ,V ' A4 t ' ' I '--f' 1 -fi' ' - -V We -V . V: f' W V. - 5 - 5 ' . v g " , r ' ' ' " :V V Ai, M, ,I . L V , ., . , - 'V"'s.I9 . 'Arr ,Y .V -I V: - ' -..1'J5' . " '- 2V:.-- f" "1,.-11:24 -. -- - - , Y M. - . .yr 1 , ., .g., V -V . 4 . I . .1 TF 1 -'A ltnf- .uf F' V - .aw-Af V - V V - . 1 4 F- 1 A X, J 1- ,N v ' ,, r k -X" A '-,,' . .--p:?'.:g-:"f2? ',V'V - . ,JV V, AV- . . i'N-when-Q" lliiiffk V -. V '- f-'i Li H -' V' V- - --lufmrif - 'ara . V1 1' ' -ni"'?' 4-V-e 4.1. zfdfxg-15 N Q f? WM 3, xv Q Q fx X' 7 MQW XXX Q X Xe . f if X44 XSNNWXX 'M iff Qwf f f XQXQSXX 'X e M7477 Xxx w f Rgxxxxx X X X , Recorded by 1954 Staff Central Senior School Muncie, Indiana FIELD HOUSE TRADE SCHOOL BALL ATHLETIC FIELD ,mx :I A I I 2 The 1954 Mag S ,' 1954 Mugifiufl Y RLLZW0 Sf-fxffa Wx "H x s Sw J f W-Qizgx W W2 5 N f JM :N M U' K 7 Kim f x W' ! ' K RW M f Q 'ficii-fixfwx 'YK 011 the Record THE YEAR 1953-1954 has been marked by the outstanding work of one of Central High Schoofs most active organizations, the Central High School Band. In addition to performing at all football and basketball home games, these Central musicians have participated in both state and national competition. Whafs more .... they took top honors in both events. On September 3 the band was judged the best marching and playing band in the parade opening the Indiana State Fair in Indianapolis. Because of that award the band was invited to march in the Cherry Blossom Festival on April 1 in Washington, D. C., the only Indiana high school band so honored. Community support of a concert given by the band in February enabled the group to raise the money to pay for the Washington trip. There, without knowing any awards were at stake, the band stepped off so sue- cessfully that the judges named the Central High School Band the best marching and playing band in the parade. A trophy was a symbol of that honor. BECAUSE THESE CENTRALITE MUSICIANS PERFORM WILL- INGLY AND UNSELFISHLY AT SCHOOL AND COMMUNITY EVENTS AND BECAUSE THEY HAVE BROUGHT STATE AND NATIONAL RECOGNITION TO CENTRAL HIGH, THIS 1954 MAGICIAN IS DEDICATED TO THE CENTRAL HIGH SCHOOL BAND AND ITS DIRECTOR, DON PARLETTE. The 19 5 4 Magician TIM' 1954 Magifiun kv Sl'llf1'l1 f- Mrs, Om-ns. Mr. Shilf-ff'l'. Mrs. Falls. Slunzling - Mr. II:-vkle-y. Mr. Dolulms, NIV. ,lOl1nsOn, Nr. 'I'uI1f'y. Mr. Ifarmir'I1af'I. BOARD OF SCHOOL TRUSTEES II. ARTHUR 'Fvmcv MRS. IIIxmr: W. OWENS FREDERICK DOBBS l,fI'Sl.dl,lIl Svvrelary Trmsurvr MRS. IIOBEHTII FM.1.s A. D. JOHNSON ADMINISTRATION R. D. SHAFFER S11pc'r1'11IPr1dr'lzt FORREST V. CARMICIIAEI, III-LRMAN HECIQIJLY JOHN B. BEASLEY Bll.9I.I1P.9S Dirvrtor Dirvctor Allorney BllI'ldI'I7gS and Grounds The 19 54 Magician CENTRAL ADMINISTRATION LORI-IV CHVKSTXIN Sup:-rrising IIT!-l1!'I'l1Hl Miss I.l'c1l.l.r: JOHNSON Dvun of Girls The 1954 Magician Ihzw Ii. PIuu,m'. JR Assislmzl l'I'I.IIl'IfNIl Dvan of Boys 5 , LAWRENCE J. MCCREARY Assislfznt Prinvipal Trade School SUPERVISORS ll. l". lirivklf-y Mrs. lirina li. Christy .l. .l. Freistroffvr Floyd W. Haisor Glen Stapleton Trmlf' nnrl lnzluxtriul l2il1llf'!IlI.lIl11ll Czu'tlunrv Coordinator for Health Il15fflU'ICllflll Mllilfi Eflllffllliflll llmntf l2'r'ul1nr11i4's Distrilllltirc Pl1fVSif'tll P:llllf'llll-,Il 0r'ru,patiuns Mu. Arllai G. Dalby Mrs. Suzanne S1-ntl Lllll'!ll'lillll Svlionl lYursc OFFICE STAFF Mrs. .loss-pliinv Suu: llffiw' I,'lf'rlr Trurle Sf-lmnl idv.-i. Miss D0l'0Illy .l. Sr-haflvr Flllllllflitll Scrrfftrzry Seft'rt't11r'y to the Prinripul Miss Betty Ehrlirh Miss Kay Risk Miss Carole Bauer Mrs. Jacqueline Reed General Clerk Attendance Clerk Renords Clerk Clerk Vocational Office The 19 5 4 Magician Carl B. Adams lfttore Antonini Miss Esther llartlritt Gillwrt Blackwood Miss Eleanor .loan lily llcalth lfzluwalion l,,Ij'Si1'lll El1lll'lIfl'1JlI Sovial Srienre Elirlrirrily English Trade Svhool C F E A N C Ernest H. Boyer Miss Henryf-tta Brandt Mrs. Esther K. Brown Mrs. Clair .lean Bullm-k Music English Latin. Cafeteria Manager T Sovial Srimzre Trade Srhoal U R L A T L Y Miss Jayne Burgoyne Paul E. Carmim-hael Miss Bonnie Cliff-ver Robert Colvin Home Evonomivs Head English Businvs.s Ifduvalion Art IJCPIIFUIIIZIII Ralph Conelle-y R. Lloyd Cooley Merrill Crisler Neil W. Daily .lame-s Davidson English Sorial Svienre Botany. Biology Head Military Scicnve Trade Svhoul BIl5iV1l'SS Eduratiun Health Ifduration The 1954 Magician Robert li. lluiggins Mrs. Katllleen .l. liurley lfclxsin H. liilts ll. lf. l"enimore Rivharnl Fisln-r Music Huxiriesx Eflavaliun Aura Mevlianirs Head Health hvllllfllflillfl Trade Svlruul Mail: llepartrnent C F E A Miss Marjorie Foster Rollin A. Gill Martin .l. Hansen Earl Harger. ,lr. Cafeteria Manager 7VlaLl1ematirs Busirzess El!ll1'I1fl0ll English T Ccnlral Trade Sr-lmol Trade Srlmal U R L A T L Y Mrs. Ruth ll. Harker Miss Ella Hollenbzivk .l. Carl Humphrey .lames Hyatt llamv lfr'orwrnir's Home EI'lIl1lIl7ll.f'.9 Business Edllralian Sofia! SVI-1'Il1't3 lxllilL'0lIll Julian Miss Katherine King Miss Uorotlly Krieger Miss Laura l.imle-n Roger S. lilllglvlllilll English Plrysiral l2'd1u'a!ion Home El'0II1llIIi!'.S Head Pl1j'5'.l'.V. .elermzzzzitivs for Girls Foreign Language.s Tlx 1954 Magiviun Miss Margaret Lutz Mrs, Hvvlyn Nvlllllloughxlisw llurrin-tl Alfhlllllllli Ruswll T. Nl1'Null Tllilllllll' Main futlflIt'IHllIf1'S Hume' 12'1'unurnf1's llllllll' E1'1rr11uni1's ll1'111l Alllfllflll' Slmp, S111'1'11l S1'i1'r11'1? l!"u1ul11'1:rlf. Tl'111f1' Sflllllll C F E A N C Charlvs Marvus Miss Slliillllll' Xli.ll'klk'y Miss Kathlr-1-n Nlt'f'llllll Dahl Millvr Hll.Yl.lIt'.Y.S l',vt1ll1'llll.UII Hume' h'l'0llUlIliVS lfnglfslz Hvalfh lt'11111'11Ii1m T U R L A T L Y Miss llc-le-n Mnrrison Irvin I.. Murrow Hola:-rt lf. Nolvlx- Mifs I:l'2llll'l'S l,. U'Harr:1 l1ldllIt'fIltIlfl'S Drufiirzg Auto 14'It'1'lI1IIIil'X Snriul St'it'Ill'lf Trmlv Svlmol Trazfv SVIIIIIII Edward Ulsvn Don Purlvtte Hlllifll' Posvy Hur1wl1l Rl'ilIOQ'hl ifllurlc-s R1-tligg lllu!l11'n111ti1'x Music Suviul Sl'fl'I11't' Erzglisll M11rl1ir1v Shop Trade S1'h1ml Tln' 1954 Magirian Homer C. Rive Claude Hieth William Rosander Miss Margaret Ryan Hubert A. Shroyer Snrial gl'lAt'll1'1' Printing Building Trades English Bllxirrvm l':l1ll4'lliilll1 Trade' Sfillllll Trade Svhoul C F E A N C Frank Stafford Miss .level Standerford Ernest E. Sutton Blanrh E. Tuhey English English Social Srience Head T Physical Eduration English Department U R L A T L Y Miss Lorena Turner Miss Mary E. Wade Winfred J. Wagoner Hal B. Warren Business lf1lur'ation English Business Education Mathematics Mrs. Lois Welister Harry Whittern Melvin Wilson Edwald Zetlerlrerg llama' E1-ufzornirs Mafhemalirs. Svienre Phys1'4'al Ezluralion Chemistry Trade Svhoal Thr' 1954 Magirian 4' 1 ' FD-P2 x .X nm11mm 1 s V SHWRS 1 J--7 If if 1 s-I . 1' W ' EMM CM T if KCQQL lnmbbmbgxkim fbvxmlr-1315 muainlmm Se OFFICERS QF SENIOR CLASS Barry Howard Phil Burt Pun. lil'n'r P l fl'SI'llf'Ilf Shvrry Pivrpmll Mary Uiles IS,-mm Ilowum Vifl'-l,fl'Sil1'!'lll SHERRY l'lERroxT Svvrvla ry Mun' GILES Trf'as11rvr Tha' 1954 Magirian SENIOR COUNCIL Rau' one 3 Roy l,ayf'0r'k, Non-P11 Rarlmonrl. Ilvlty Arllngast. .lnrly llirons, Linda Hollo- way, Shvrry llivrpont. Mary Giles. Sandra Nlalrlaiwr. Rau' Iwo --- Miss Linden. Mr. Julian. Kaye' King. Dann llaxis. ,loannv llzlys. ,llllly IilHllN'f'll0I', l'at Kc-ttvrlnan, Ralph l'IdniinstH'. Mr. Wagon:-r. Nun' Ihrw - Harland llurris. ,lustmi Wlriglit. llnn Nnrlnan. liarry llrmarzl. llliil Burl, lie-nrgzf' Maw. Willmlirt Davis. Rim' fnur s- ,loc lllilvhvll. Holi BOIISllIl'l'. Nanvy Nvu, .lunv AIISIIII. SPONSORS OF SENIOR CLASS NI.-Xl.COI.M Jui.i,xN Chairman Miss Lu'R.-x LINDEN Social Sponsor Wixrmzn J. IVAGONER Financial Sponsor Tin' I 9 5 4 M dgirian Mr. Julian Miss Linden Mr. Wagoner SENIORS OF 1954 Row I: MAX LEE ABRELL - Football, Basketball, Track, Concert Choir, 'iAn- nie Get Your Gun," "Musical Moodsi' . . . LEON AGULLANA - Basketball, Cross Coun- try, Track, Honor Society, Junior Council, Sophomore Council . . . SANDRA LYNN ALEXANDER - Senior Council, Cheering Block, Concert Choir, Sophomore Council, "Annie Get Your Gun," "Our Hearts Were Young and Gay," "Musical Moods." Row 2: BARBARA EILEEN ALFONT - Band, Orchestra, Concert Choir, "Mu- sical Moods" . . . CLORIS KAYE ANGEL - Cheering Block, Concert Choir, Sophomore Council, "Annie Get Your Gun," "Our Hearts Were Young and Gay," "Musical Moods" . . . JOYCE KAYLENE APPLEGATE -- Honor Society, Book Guild, Cheering Block, Future Homemakers, Spanish Club, Sophomore Council, Magician. Row 3: BETTY LOU ARBOGAST -- Senior Council, Cheering Block, French Club, All-Girl Choir, Junior Council, "Annie Get Your Gun," "Musical Moods" . . . NANCY LOU ARMANTROUT fwithdrawnl . . . LEROY ASH - Football, Honor So- ciety, Concert Choir, Sophomore Council, "Musical Moods" . . . JANE AUSTIN - Senior Council, Honor Society, Cheering Block . . . NINA RAE BAILS - Senior Coun- cil, Honor Society, Cheering Block. Row 4: CHARLES E. BAKER . . . JAMES E. BAKER - Band . . . MARGARET ELLEN BAKER - Honor Society, Math Club, Junior Council, "Annie Get Your Gun," "Our Hearts Were Young and Gayn . . . ROBERT EUGENE BALL - Honor Society . . . JEROME BALTIMORE. Row 5: WILLIAM C. BANTZ . . . JACK BARNETT . . . FRED BARTEL - Span- ish Club . . . MARILYN ANN BASHORE . . . HUGHETTA BAYMAN - Cheering Block, Concert Choir, "Musical Moods." Row 6: SALLIE BAYS - Cheering Block, French Club, Concert Choir, "Musical Moods" . . . STELLA BELL - Entered in September, 1953, from Wayne County High School in Monticello, Kentucky . . . RONALD JAY BENBOW -- Senior Council, Foot- ball, Honor Society, Junior Council . . . JERRY BENNETT -- Wrestling, Track . . . SHIRLEY GILLUM BENNETT - Concert Choir, Junior Council, "Our Hearts Were Young and Gay," "Musical Moodsf, The 1954 Magician SENIORS OF 19 S 4 Row 1: MARY ELLEN BENSON - Cheering Block, Concert Choir, "Musical Moodsli . . . MARILYN L. BEUOY - Future Homemakers, Math Club, Quill and Scroll, Band Color Guard, Concert Choir, "Musical Moodsf, Munsonian . . . MARILYN BLACKSTEN . . . CONDA JEAN BLAIR - Y-Teens, Concert Choir, "Musical Moodsa' . . . NANCY BOGGES - Entered in September, 1953, from Anderson High School in Anderson, Indiana, Concert Choir, "Musical Moodsf, Row 2: DAVID BONNELL - Golf, Physics Club . . . BOB BONSHIRE - Senior Council, Honor Society, Hi-Y, Quill and Scroll, Youth Forum, Junior Council, Sopho- more Council, "Annie Get Your Gun," Munsonian, Magician . . . WANDA J. BOOTH - Honor Society, Math Club, Quill and Scroll, Munsonian . . . SANDRA ELLEN BOTKIN - Honor Society, Concert Choir, "Annie Get Your Gunf, "Musical Moods" . . . JOYCE A. RUTLEDGE BOWMAN. Row 3: SHIRLEY ANN BOWMAN - Honor Society, Cheering Block, French Club, Youth Forum, Concert Choir, "Annie Get Your Gun,', "Our Hearts Were Young and Gay," "Musical Moods" . . . PHILLIP G. BOYD . . . JAMES KENNETH BRICKER . . . JERRY L. BRIMHALL . . . TERRE BROADWATER - Senior Council, Basketball, Track, Junior Council. Row 4: DAN BRONNENBERG - Senior Council, Baseball . . . JOAN BROOKS . . . DONALD BROWER . . . RONALD F. BROWER . . . BILLY JOE BUFFALO - Entered in September, 1952, from Lawrence County High School in Lawrenceburg, Tennessee, Wrestling, Junior Council. Row 5: PAT BURKETT - Senior Cheerleader, Cheering Block, Concert Choir, Junior Council, "Our Hearts Were Young and Gay" . . . JOHN PHILIP BURT - Senior President, Senior Council, Football, Baseball, Honor Society, Book Guild, Hi-Y, Youth Forum, Purdue Legislative Assembly, Junior President, "Annie Get Your Gunn . . . CHARLES W. BURTON . . . ZELPHA CHARLENE BUSH . . . WAYNE BUTLER - M unsonian. Row 6: ARLENE CAMPBELL - Cheering Block, Concert Choir, "Musical Moods" . . . JAYNE ANN CAMPBELL . . . LARRY W. CAMPBELL . . . KAREN SUE CARMICHAEL . . . ALLEN L. CASEY. The 19 54 Magician SENIORS OF 195 4 Row 1: CAROL ANN CAUPP - Senior Council, Cheering Block, French Club, Junior Council, Sophomore Council, "Annie Get Your Gun" . . . JUDY ANNE CHAN- CELLOR - Senior Council, Cheering Block, 6'Our Hearts Were Young and Gay" . . . ANNE S. CLARK - Honor Society, Cheering Block, Physics Club, Spanish Club, "An- nie Get Your Gun" . . . RICHARD STREETER CLAYTON - Math Club . . . ROBERT E. CLAYTON. Row 2: DWIGHT CLEVENGER . . . EDNA CLIFFORD - Cheering Block, Fu- ture Homemakers, Concert Choir, "Musical Moods" . . . ELIZABETH ANN CLOSE - Concert Choir, '4Musical Moodsw . . . GARNET ROSALYNE COATS - Future Home- makers . . . ROY L. COLLIS. Row 3: MICHAEL CONCANNON - .lunior Council . . . BARBARA .IEANNE CONDON . . . VIRGINIA COOP - Cheering Block, "Annie Get Your Gun," "Our Hearts Were Young and Gay" . . . MALVIA COOPER - Honor Society, Concert Choir, Sophomore Council, "Musical Moods" . . . MARY BETH CORY - Cheering Block, Future Homemakers. Row 4: JOYCE ELLEN COSART -- Book Guild, Future Homemakers, Youth Forum, Band Color Guard, Concert Choir, "Musical Moods" . . . LOYD COWLEY - Physics Club . . . BETTY LOU COX - Cheering Block, Concert Choir, "Musical Moods" . . . MELVIN E. COX - Wrestling . . . MARTHA D. TERRY CRABTREE - Concert Choir, "Musical Moods." Row 5: MARGIE CRAIG - Honor Society, Cheering Block, Spanish Club, "An- nie Get Your Gun," "Our Hearts Were Young and Gay" . . . KATIE MAE CRAWFORD -- Honor Society, Cheering Block, All-Girl Choir, "Musical Moods" . . . ROBERT LEE CRAWFORD - Basketball, Cross Country, Track . . . LARRY CROUCH - Concert Choir, "Musical Moodsv . . . JERRY V. CROW - Swimming, Munsonian. Row 6: WILLIAM F. DAILY . . . DAWN DAVIS - Senior Council, Cheering Block, Concert Choir, .lunior Council, "Musical Moods" . . . EDNA DAVIS - Y-Teens, All-Girl Choir, "Musical Moodsf' The 1954 Magician SENIORS OF 19 S 4 Row I: WILBURT R. DAVIS - Senior Council, Football, Track, Junior Council . . . RUTH E. DAWSON . . . RICHARD L. DEANE . . . THELMA DELANEY - Con- cert Choir, "Musical Moodsa' . . . CAROLYN SUE DENNEY - Honor Society, Cheer- ing Block. Row 2: HUGH DEVROUAX - Concert Choir . . . PATRICIA ANN DOSSETT . . . PHILIP WILLIAM DOUGLAS - Senior Council, Honor Society, Math Club, Physics Club, Youth Forum . . . RONALD JOE DOWD - Swimming . . . BILL DOYEL -- Band, "Annie Get Your Gunf' "Musical Moods." Row 3: NANCY ANN DRUMM - Senior Council, Cheering Block . . . VIR- GINIA LOU DUNN - French Club, Math Club, Quill and Scroll, All-Girl Choir, Junior Council, "Musical Moods," Munsonian . . . MARGARET JEAN EARLEY . . . MARY JANE ECCLES - Concert Choir, "Musical Moods" . . . RALPH R. EDMINSTER - Senior Council, Student Manager of Athletics, Tennis, Honor Society, Book Guild, French Club, Hi-Y, Youth Forum, Purdue Legislative Assembly. Row 4: ROBERT PHILLIP ELLIS . . . EARL ETCHISON . . . .IAN LEON ETCHISON - Book Guild, French Club, Hi-Y, Junior Council, 6'Annie Get Your Gun," "Our Hearts Were Young and Gayv . . . JANET SUE EVANS - Cheering Block . . . SARALOU EVANS - Cheering Block, Future Homemakers, Spanish Club. Row 5: WAYNE FANNIN - Football, "Annie Get Your Gunn . . . W. JOSEPH F EICK - "Annie Get Your Gunn . . . BENNY FELLERHOFF - Basketball, Baseball . . . GLORIA D. FIERCE - All-Girl Choir, "Musical Moods" . . . DUANE FLOWERS - Football, Sophomore Council. Row 6: BETTY LOU FLYE - All-Girl Choir, 'LMusical Moods" . . . PEGGY FLYE - French Club . . . BILL FOURTHMAN - Senior Council . . . DAVID FOX . . . JOHN A. FULLER - Entered in September, 1953, from Anderson High School in Anderson, Indiana. The 1954 Magician SENIORS OF 1954 Row 1: MARVIN FURNEY . . . BERT GAMBREL . . . ALLIE E. GARDNER - Concert Choir, "Musical Moods" . . . PATRICIA ANN GARRETT - Senior Coun- cil, Honor Society, Cheering Block, Physics Club, Spanish Club, Junior Council . . . BARBARA JOAN GENTRY - Cheering Block, Concert Choir, "Our Hearts Were Young and Gay,', "Musical Moodsf, Row 2: JAY NORMAN GIBBS - Junior Council . . . JOYCE ANNE GIBSON - Cheering Block, Concert Choir, "Musical Moods" . . . MARILYN GIBSON - Cheer- ing Block . . . MARY K. GILES - Senior Treasurer, Senior Council, Honor Society, Book Guild, Cheering Block, French Club, Youth Forum, Junior Treasurer, '4Annie Get Your Gun," "Our Hearts Were Young and Gayi' . . . PHYLLIS SUSAN GILL - Sophomore Council. Row 3: CECELIA RAE GILSINGER - Munsonian . . . JACK I. GINN . . . ROBERT A. GLASBY - Honor Society, Junior Council, Sophomore Chairman, Sopho- more Council . . . DARRELL OITES GLASSON . . . MARY ANNE GODDARD - French Club, Future Homemakers, Band Color Guard. Row 4: JANET CAROLYN GORS - Cheering Block, "Annie Get Your Gun," g'Our Hearts Were Young and Gayu . . . LEROY GREEN . . . PHYLLIS NADINE GREEN - All-Girl Choir, Concert Choir, '6Musical Moods" . . . WAYNE GREY . . . BERNADENE ELOISE GRIM - Concert Choir, 4'Musical Moodsf, Row 5: WILLIAM GRIMES - Concert Choir . . . HELEN M. GUFFEY - All- Girl Choir, Concert Choir, "Musical Moodsi' . . . RAY GUFFEY - fwithdrawnj . . . BARBARA GUTHRIE - Concert Choir . . . BOB HAHN - Football, Wrestling, Concert Choir, "Annie Get Your Gunf' "Musical Moods." Row 6: GERALD THOMAS HAHN . . . DONALD M. HAMILTON - Military Science, "Annie Get Your Gun" . . . HARRIET ELIZABETH HANLIN - Honor So- ciety, Cheering Block, Spanish Club, Junior Council, Munsonian, Magician . . . MARCIA ANN HANNON - Concert Choir, "Musical Mooclsi' . . . CLARENCE R. HARMEYER - Golf. The 1954 Magician SENIORS OF 1954 Row 1: SARA J. HARNISH . . . HARLAND HARRIS - Entered in September, 1953, from New Rochelle High School in New Rochelle, New York, Senior Council, Football, Book Guild, Hi-Y, Youth Forum . . . REX HART - Track . . . CHARLENE HARTLEY . . . MARVIN LEE HARTLEY - Wrestling. Row 2: ALICE HAYES - Cheering Block . . . JOANNE HAYS - Senior Coun- cil, Honor Society, Cheering Block, Spanish Club, Junior Council, "Annie Get Your Gunl' . . . ROBERT HELM . . . JOYCE MARIE HENRY - Y-Teens, Concert Choir, "Musical Moodsn . . . CHARLES HIATT - Munsonian. Row 3: AUBREY O. HICKEY, JR .... JOHN JACOB ASTOR HILL - Track, Band, Orchestra, Concert Choir . . . JAMES M. HINES - Sophomore Council . . . JOANNA LEE HIRONS - Senior Council, Honor Society, Cheering Block, Spanish Club, Concert Choir, Junior Council, "Musical Moods" . . . BETH HOLLOWAY - Senior Council, Honor Society, Cheering Block, Spanish Club, Concert Choir, Junior Council, Munsonian. Row 4: LINDA HOLLOWAY - Senior Council, Honor Society, Cheering Block, Spanish Club, Concert Choir, "Annie Get Your Gun," "Musical Moodsn . . . TOM HOLMES - Senior Council, Football, Wrestling, "Our Hearts Were Young and Gayv . . . EARL D. HOOVER . . . CHARLINE HOPPER - Cheering Block, Future Home- makers, Concert Choir, 'LMusical Moodsl' . . . W. THOMAS HOSKINS - Entered in February, 1954-, from Royerton High School in Delaware County. Row 5: BARRY J. HOWARD - Senior Vice-President, Senior Council, Foot- ball, Book Guild, Hi-Y, Youth Forum, Junior Vice-President, Junior Council . . . JACK EDWARD HOWARD . . . CAROLYN SUE HUGHES - Honor Society . . . BRUCE HUXHOLD. Row 6: ANITA MAY INGERSOLL . . . MIKE IREY - Junior Council, '4Annie Get Your Gun" . . . JAMES E. IRWIN - Entered in September, 1953, from Shelburn High School in Shelburn, Indiana. The 1954 Magician SENIORS OF 1954 Row 1: NANCY ELEANOR JANNEY - Honor Society, Cheering Block, Quill and Scroll, Spanish Club, Concert Choir, Junior Council, "Musical Moods," Munsonian . . . RAY MICHAEL JARVIS . . . NORMADENE JEFFRIES . . . BETTE NANETTE JENKINS - Cheering Block, Concert Choir, "Musical Moodsw . . . CAROLYN SUE JESTER - Concert Choir, "Musical Moodsf, Row 2: SUSAN P. JETT - Cheering Block . . . ANITA SUE JOHNSON - Honor Society, Quill and Scroll, Spanish Club, Sophomore Council, Munsonian . . . BEVERLY SUE COLE JOHNSON P- All-Girl Choir . . . CASSIE LORINE JOHNSON - Concert Choir, '6Musical Moods" . . . GERALD WAYNE JOHNSON. Row 3: JOYCE ELAINE JOHNSON - Entered in November, 1951, from Selma High School in Selma, Indiana . . . LADONNA JOHNSON . . . PHYLLIS JOY JOHN- SON . . . SUE ANN JOHNSON W Cheering Block, Concert Choir, 'gMusical Moods" . . . BARBARA JOANNE JONES - Concert Choir, "Annie Get Your Gun,', 6'Our Hearts Were Young and Gayf' 4'Musical Moodsf' Row 4: BETTY IRENE JONES . . . PATSY RUTH JONES . . . BARBARA K. JORDAN - Cheering Block . . . FRANCES LEE JORDON . . . KENNY KAISER. Row 5: JAMES KELLER - Football, Baseball, Sophomore Council . . . SHARON LEE KELLEY - Honor Society, Orchestra, "Annie Get Your Gun," 'SOur Hearts Were Young and Gayf' "Musical Moodsu . . . KENNETH D. KELLY . . . PATRICIA SUE KETTERMAN - Senior Council, Honor Society, Cheering Block, Math Club, Concert Choir, "Musical Moods" . . . KAYE KING - Senior Council, Honor Society, Cheering Block, Future Homemakers, Concert Choir, "Musical Moods." Row 6: GLEN KLEPFER - Football, Wrestling . . . ROSEMARY A. KNOPP . . . JUDY SUE KRIEG - Cheering Block, Future Homemakers, Orchestra, Concert Choir, "Musical Moods" . . . JEANIE KRITSELIS - Cheering Block, "Annie Get Your Gun," '4Our Hearts Were Young and Gay," Munsonian . . . PAUL LAMBERT - Munsonian. The 1954 Magician SENIORS OF 19 S 4 Row 1: CHARLES WALTER LANCASTER . . . FRANKLIN W. LANDIS . . . NINA MAE LARMORE . . . RICHARD LARRABEE . . . THOMAS A. LAWELL - Baseball. Row 2: JANET LEE LAWLESS fwithdrawnj . . . LINDA LEE LAWRENCE - Honor Society . . . ROY DEWAYNE LAYCOCK - Senior Council, Baseball, Honor Society, Book Guild, Hi-Y, Spanish Club, Youth Forum, Purdue Legislative Assembly, Junior Council, "Annie Get Your Gun," Magician . . . JUANITA JANE LEAVELL - Cheering Block, Y-Teens . . . ROBERTA LEE - All-Girl Choir, "Musical Moods." Row 3: CHARLES HOWARD LEONARD . . . NORMAN LEWIS . . . NICKI LIMPERT - Senior Council, Future Homemakers, Munsonian . . . DONNA JEAN LINVILLE . . . JOYCE ANN LOCKE - Cheering Block, Concert Choir, "Annie Get Your Gun,', 6'Musical Moods." Row 4-: ALICE J. LUTTON - Concert Choir, "Musical Moods" . . . LARRY MIKE MCCABE - Senior Council, Student Manager of Wrestling and Baseball, Junior Council . . . RUBY MARIE MCCALL N- Concert Choir, "Musical Moodsn . . . JOHN McCLELLAND - Junior Council . . . MELVIN M. MCCOLLUM - Entered in Septem- ber, 1953, from Burris High School in Muncie. Row 5: WILLIAM MCGRAW . . . HELEN M. MCKELVEY - Senior Council, Concert Choir, Sophomore Council, "Musical Moodsu . . . EDWARD MCNEARY, JR. -- Junior Council . . . EDWARD A. MCNICKLE - Concert Choir, "Musical Moodsv . . . GEORGE MACE - Senior Council, Football, Baseball, Concert Choir, Junior Coun- cil, "Musical Moods." Row 6: GLENN E. MADER - Military Science . . . M. SANDRA MALDANER -- Senior Council, Honor Society, Book Guild, Cheering Block, French Club, Youth Forum, Purdue Legislative Assembly, Junior Council, Sophomore Treasurer, Magician Editor . . . MARY LEE MALONE . . . MARILYN K. MANUEL -- Entered in 1951 from Burris High School in Muncie . . . HAROLD MARKS -- Sophomore Council. The 1954 Magician SENIORS OF 19 S 4 Row 1: BRUCE G. MARTIN. . . MARTHA JEAN MARTIN - Honor society, Cheering Block, Concert Choir, '4Annie Get Your Gun,', "Our Hearts Were Young and Gay,,' "Musical Moods" . . . BEVERLY JEANNE MASSIE - Cheering Block, Math Club, "Annie Get Your Gun." Row 2: NATICE COLLEEN MASTEN - Senior Council, Honor Society, Cheer- ing Block, Junior Council, Sophomore Council, 6'Annie Get Your Gun," 6'Our Hearts Were Young and Gay,', Magician . . . JANICE LOUISE RATLIFF MAY . , . JIM MAY - Physics Club, Concert Choir, g'Annie Get Your Gun," '5Muiscal Moods" . . . KAY ALYCE MEEK - Entered in October, 1952, from Central High School in Xenia, Ohio, Concert Choir, "Musical Moodsv. . . HAROLD E. METZGER - Senior Council, Track. Row 3: NINA JANE MICHAEL - Entered in September, 1953, from Selma High School in Selma, Indiana . . . ROBERT J. MIER . . . VERCIL MILLER - Foot- ball . . . JOSEPH HARPER MITCHELL - Senior Council, Honor Society, Book Guild, French Club, Hi-Y, Youth Forum, Concert Choir, Purdue Legislative Assembly, Junior Council, "Musical Moodsw . . . RAYMOND L. MITCHELL. Row 4: VIRGINIA LUCILLE MOCK . . . DAISY LOUISE MONTGOMERY - Future Homemakers, Math Club, Quill and Scroll, Concert Choir, "Musical Moods," Munsonian . . . KENT ELLIS MOORE - Band . . . JANE MOSTER - Honor Society, Future Homemakers, Band, Orchestra, "Musical Moods" . . . CARL WAYNE MURRAY - Concert Choir, "Musical Moods." Row 5: SHERMAN HARRISON NEAL . . . MAY JANE NEELEY - Cheer- ing Block, Concert Choir, "Musical Moods," Munsonian . . . JOYCE NENSTIEL - Cheering Block, Concert Choir, '6Musical Moods" . . . NANCY CAROLYN NEW -- Senior Council, Honor Society, Cheering Block, All-Girl Choir, Junior Council, 'LMusical Moods" . . . BETTY NICKOLS - Honor Society, Cheering Block, French Club, Future Homemakers, Quill and Scroll, Munsonian Editor. Row 6: JOANNE B. NIEDENTHAL - Cheering Block . . . PHILLIP NOBLE . . . DONALD G. NORMAN - Senior Council, Honor Society, Math Club, Physics Club, 4'Annie Get Your Gun," 6'Our Hearts Were Young and Gay" . . . CHARLES NUTE . . . JAMES ARTHUR O'CONNELL. The 1954 Magician SENIORS OF 1954 Row 1: NANCY OREN - Honor Society, Cheering Block . . . JERRY W. OS- BORN - Football, Track, Concert Choir, "Musical Moods" . . . BUD PALMER . . . VIRGIL R. PARKER - Entered in 1953 from Center High School in Perry Township . . . BOBELLA PATTON - Concert Choir, "Musical Moods." Row 2: BARBARA COLLEEN PEAK - All-Girl Choir, "Musical Moodsn . . . THAD A. PERDUE - Hi-Y . . . EDWARD PFLEEGER . . . ROBERTA PHILLIPS - Honor Society, Physics Club, Junior Council . . . STANLEY JACK PHILLIPS - Football, Wrestling. Row 3: SHERRY S. PIERPONT - Senior Secretary, Senior Council, Honor Society, Book Guild, Cheering Block, French Club, Youth Forum, Purdue Legislative Assembly, Junior Secretary, Sophomore Council . . . ROLAND GENE PLYMALE . . . VIVIAN SUE POULSON - Entered in September, 1952, from Royerton High School in Royerton, Indiana, Cheering Block, "Our Hearts Were Young and Gaya' . . . WANDA JEAN POWELL - Cheering Block, Concert Choir, 6'Musical Moodsn . . . SUE JEANETTE PRICE - Entered in September, 1953, from Butler High School in Hunts- ville, Alabama, Senior Council, Future Homemakers. Row 4: MARGARET A. PROUDFOOT - Senior Council, Honor Society, Cheer- ing Block, Future Homemakers, Junior Council . . . MYRON J. QUATE . . . CLARA SUE QUIMBY . . . MARJORIE QUIRK - "Our Hearts Were Young and Gayi' . . . CARL LEONARD RABENSTEIN. Row 5: SUE RHONEMUS RABENSTEIN - Concert Choir, "Musical Moodsv . . . RONALD RAY RADEKE - Entered in September, 1953, from Franklin High School in Cedar Rapids, Iowa . . . BILLY RAY RECTOR . . . NOREEN REDMOND - Senior Council, Cheering Block, Concert Choir, Junior Council, "Our Hearts Were Young and Cayf' "Musical 1VIoods', . . . BARBARA ANN REIN. Row 6: DOROTHY DELL REYNOLDS - French Club, Sophomore Council . . . JANE RHOADES . . . JAMES FREDRICK RITCHIE - Wrestling . . . CONNIE JEAN RODEFFER - Future Homemakers . . . CLYDE BRANAN ROUNTREE - Tennis, Honor Society, Physics Club, "Annie Get Your Gun," 4'Our Hearts Were Young and Gay." The 1954 Magician SENIORS OF 19 5 4 Row 1: BARBARA RUNK - Concert Choir, "Musical Moods" . . . HERSCHELL RUSHFORD - "Annie Get Your Gun" . . . SHARON RUTTER - Honor Society, Cheering Block, French Club, Future Homemakers, Math Club, Concert Choir, "Musi- cal Moodsi' . . . MARY LUELLA SCHENCK - Concert Choir, "Musical Moodsi' . . MARILYN LOVISE CAVANAUGH SCROGGINS. Row 2: LUTHER RAY SELLS - Sophomore Council . . . CLATA RAYE SEWELL - Honor Society, Concert Choir, 'gMusical Moodsi' . . . SHEARLENE DANIELS SEWELL . . . REBECCA ANN SHEAR -- Honor Society, Cheering Block, Y-Teens, Concert Choir, "Annie Get Your Gun," "Musical Moodsn . . . JIM SHERFY - Band Drum Major, Orchestra, "Musical Moods." Row 3: RUSSELL K. SHORTEN - Entered in November, 1952, from Milan High School in Milan, Indiana . . . ELLA JANE SIMPSON - Honor Society, Cheer- ing Block, Future Homemakers, Spanish Club, Junior Council . . . L. M. SIMS - Foot- ball, Track, Concert Choir, "Musical Moods" . . . ANNETTA SIZELOVE . . . NELL SKINNER - Concert Choir, "Musical Moodsf' Row 4: DONNA JEAN SMART - Concert Choir, "Musical Moods" . . . JOAN SMELSER - Senior Council, Honor Society, Cheering Block, Concert Choir, "Musi- cal Moods" . . . RICHARD M. SMENNER . . . GEORGE DALE SMITH -- Concert Choir, "Musical Moods" . . . MARCIA D. SMITH - Honor Society, Cheering Block, Spanish Club, Junior Council, Sophomore Council, 4'Annie Get Your Gunf' Row 5: MARILYN SUE SMITH - Concert Choir, Junior Council, "Musical Moodsv . . . MARY JANE SMITH - Cheering Block . . . SANDRA SMITH - All- Girl Choir, "Musical Moods" . . . WANDA J. SMITH - Senior Council, Cheering Block, Concert Choir, Sophomore Council, "Musical Moods" . . . KARL SNOEBERGER - Math Club, Physics Club. Row 6: RICHARD L. SNYDER -- Entered in September, 1952, from Daleville High School in Daleville, Indiana, Track, Cross Country, Honor Society, Hi-Y . . . SHIRLEY SNYDER . . . BETTY MAXINE SOULES . . . PHILLIP RODNEY SPANGLER . . . JOHN H. SPARLING. The I 9 5 4 Magician SENIORS OF 1954 Row 1: EDITH MAE STEINMANN - Concert Choir, "Musical Moodsn . . . DEON B. STELLWAG . . . EMILY FAYE STEPHENS . . . WALLACE L. STEVENS . . . NEIL STEWART - Swimming, Physics Club. Row 2: THEODORE J. STEWART - Math Club, Band, Orchestra, Concert Choir, "Annie Get Your Gun," '4Our Hearts Were Young and Gayf' "Musical Moods" . . . CAROL SUE STILLWAGON - Honor Society, Cheering Block, Concert Choir, "Musical Moods" . . . BYRON WALLACE STORMS . . . MYRON DUWANE STORMS - Student Manager of Wrestling, Tennis . . . BETTY LOU STRATTON. Row 3: THOMAS DWIGHT SUMNER - Hi-Y . . . DAVID SWIFT - French Club. "Our Hearts Were Young and Cayi' . . . KENNY TAFLINCER . . . RUTH TATE fwithdrawnj . . . CAROL SUE TEMPLIN - Honor Society, Cheering Block, Spanish Club, Y-Teens, '6Annie Get Your Gun," "Our Hearts Were Young and Gay." Row 4: JAMES THOMAS . . . EUNICE IMOGENE THOMPSON - Honor So- ciety, Cheering Block, Y-Teens . . . SHIRLEY MAXINE THOMPSON . . . WILLIAM HAYS THREADGILL - French Club, Math Club, Physics Club, Concert Choir, "Mu- sical Moodsu . . . JOYCE ANITA TINSLEY - Y-Teens. Row 5: TERRY REL TISLOW . . . NANCY RUTH TOBEY - Concert Choir, "Musical Moods" . . . BARBARA JANE TOMLIN - Cheering Block, Future Home- makers, Spanish Club, Y-Teens, All-Girl Choir, "Musical Moods" . . . LARRY TRICKER - Spanish Club, Concert Choir, "Musical Moods" . . . PATRICIA TRISSELL - Cheer- ing Block, Physics Club, Spanish Club. Row 6: PHYLLIS MARCILE TURNER . . . BARBARA P. TUTTLE. The 1954 Magician SENIORS OF 19 S 4 Row 1: FRANK TWILLEY -- Track, Concert Choir, "Musical Moodsv . . . GEORGE A. VALOS - Concert Choir, "Musical Moods" . . . SANDRA SUE VAN DEUSEN - Cheering Block, Spanish Club, Y-Teens . . . THERESA JOANNA VEST - Y-Teens, All-Girl Choir, Sophomore Council . . . PHYLLIS DELORIS WAGES - Future Homemakers, Y-Teens. Row 2: ALICE WAKE - All-Girl Choir . . . DAISY WARFORD . . . BOB WASKOM . . . PATRICIA JOANN WEIMER . . . WANDA LOUISE WELCH -- Cheering Block, Concert Choir, L'Musical Moods," Magician Business Manager. Row 3: JACK EUGENE WEST . . . KENNETH EUGENE WEST - Band Color Guard, Military Science, Concert Choir . . . JAMES D. WHITE . . . SAUNDRA .IO WHITE . . . JEAN WHITENACK - Honor Society, Cheering Block, Future Home- makers, Physics Club, Junior Council. Row 44: DONNA WILLIAMS - Concert Choir, "Musical Moods" . . . JAMES WILLIAMS . . . MARLOT W. WILLIAMS . . . MARY WILLIAMS - All-Girl Choir, "Musical Moods" . . . ROY WILLIAMS - Book Guild, Hi-Y, Math Club, Physics Club, Sophomore Council, "Annie Get Your Gun," "Our Hearts Were Young and Gay." Row 5: JUDITH ELLEN WILLIAMSON - French Club, Band, "Musical Moods" . . . RONALD DEE WILSON - Football, Baseball, Concert Choir, "Musi- cal Moods" . . . ANNA WINDSOR . . . BARBARA WINNINGHAM - Concert Choir, "Musical Moods" . . . FLOYD WINNINGHAM. Row 6: MARILYN WRAY - Honor Society, Cheering Block, Future Home- makers, Math Club, Concert Choir, 'LAnnie Get Your Gun,', "Our Hearts Were Young and Gayf' "Musical Moods" . . . GERALD LEON WRIGHT - Football, Track . . . ,IUSTON WRIGHT - Senior Council, Honor Society, Math Club, Junior Council, Sophomore Council . . . DONALD L. YORK . . . RICHARD YOST. The 1954 Magician FL gf J -- A-I ' '- -1' Er' X ,f-4.-fl I A7 N JUNIOR COUNCIL How :mv - Barbara Baile-y, .lurly Cunningham, Barbara Magnabosvo, Carol Kear, ,loan Marvin. Mary Jo Davis, Pat Burks. .ludy Kilgore, Gail Jones. Row two -- Cordon Miller, Gary Buntin, Willus Javobs, Jim Hinds. Gene Flowers, Charles Owens, Mrs. Earley, Barbara ,loan Smith. Rau' flvrev - Tony Cole, Ronald lN'lcCormivk, Paul Kaiser, Bob Whitney, Tom Thornburg, Shane Mrillellan, Die-k Marshall, Mr. Shroyer. OFFICERS DICK MARSHALL CAROL KEAR Prvsident Secretary JOAN MARVIN MARY Jo DAVIS ViCC'-llfCS1'dl?Ill Treasurer SPONSORS HllBERT SHROYER MISS JAYNE BIIRGOYNE Clzairman Social MRS. KATHLEEN M. EARLEY Financial The 19 54 Magician JUNIORS Row 1: Janet Abel, Nancy Adams, Betty Caroline Agullana, Don Allison, Larry Ammon, Danny Ancil. Row 2: Charles Anderson, Willian H. Anderson, Eddie Lee Arbuckle, James Armstrong, Jim Arnett, Dick Augus- tine. Row 3: Lenora Ann Autry, Barbara Bailey. Nancy Sue Bales, George Bar- low, Donald Barnes, Doretha Barnes. Row fl-: Vivian Barnheart, Jean Barr, Carroll Bates. Shirley Ann Beall, Joyce Beaty, Eugene Bell. Row 5: Richard Arthur Bell, Peggy Bennett. Tom Bennington, Carol Lee Benson. Robert Bland. Sandra Boggess. Row 6: Barbara Booth. Donnie Boyle, Gladys Brewer. Scotty Bricker, Julia Bridgman. Jerry Brown. Row 7: Pamala Jeanneen Brown, Jean Buie, Marilyn Buley, Cary Buntin, Cordon Burkett, Patricia Burks. Bow B: Fred E. Carnes. Carolyn Carroll. Janet Sue Cary, Don Case, llclen Cassity, Ronald D. Cassity. Row 9: John Casterlow. Patricia Cav- anaugh. Roger Cawker. James E. Clark, Sharon Clark, Velda Clark. Row 10: Janice Arlene Clevenger, Janice S. Clevenger. Crace Elaine Cli- dinst. Edward Coates, Kenneth Coats, Kete Cockrell. Row 11: Edward Collins, Jacqueline Sue Collins, Terry E. Collins, Dewey Collis. Barbara Combs, John Coop. Row 12: Kenny Cooper, Clyde L. Cox, Robert Crabbs, Harold Crane, Jenetta Crose. Marjorie Cross. Thr 1954 Mdgft'id7I JUNIORS Row 1: David C. Crouse, Austin Crowe, Charles Cummings, Gordon Cummins. Row 2: Judy Cunningham, Judy Cunningham, llohert Curts, Tom Daily. Row 3: James Dampier, Joyce Dar- ter. Sara Darter. Alice Daugherty, Jim Davis, Mary Jo Davis. Row el: Martha Davis. Marilyn Deane, Joyce DeVinney. Gailon Fran- cis Dick. Tony Dowell, Charles Dow- ling. Row 5: Joan Driscoll. Larry Drucke- miller. Glenda Duke. Susan Dusing. Sue Elmer, Peggy Pfdminster. Row 6: Maurice Edwards. Bill Flir- lich. Mary Anne Fley. Jim Ellison, David M. Ertle, Lydia M. Evans. How 7: Gene Flowers, Gerald Flow- ers. Nancy Ann Foster. Mary Joan Fourman, Dolores Maria Fowlkes, James Franklin. How 8: Novie Franklin. Judy Frazee, Mary French. Shirley Frye, Margaret Fulton. Carolyn Gagnon. llow 9: Jack Gardner, Chuck Gar- rard, Gerald Garrett, Dexter Gayheart, Tommy Gentry, Ruth lf. Gettinger. Row 10: Ronald Getz. .lean Alice Gibbons, Venita Giles. Boh Gilmore, Shirley Maurine Goens. Gilhert Gors. llow ll: -fJane F. Grady. Hill Gray. Charlotte Green, Claude Green, lfdward Greiwe, Addie Pearl Grimes. Row 12: Robert Grimes, Jerry Lee Gruwell, Martha Guthrie, Arthur Haff- ner, Dean Hahn, John Hahn. The 1954 Magician JUNIORS liow l: Charles Haisley. Bill Ham- mel. liussell Hanson. Bill Harris. Row 2: Clark Harris, Dorothy li. Harris, Nancy Harris, Rosie Harris. liow Ii: Alton Hart. Dan Hart. Larry Harty. Sandra Harvey. Jim Haston. liill Eugene Haughn. Rom l: Phyllis Hayden. Herlm Harry Heinrichs. liieharcl L. Heiss. Donna Heistancl. Janet Hertzog. Becky Hiatt. liow 5: Sue Hiatt. lioger Higdon. Jerry Hill. Vergil Lee Hill, Jim Hinds. Audrey Hines. Row 6: Charles Duane Hines. Janice Kay Hines. Larry Hines. Mary Ann Hines. Julia Ann Hinshaw. Jerry Hirst. liow 7: Jessie Hirst. Perry Fred Hirst. Dan Hitchens. Janice Kay Hoh- son. Hal Hoffman. Jack Hole. liow 8: Don Holt. Clenn Holt. Mar- tha Sue Holt. Phil Hossom. Jacqueline Joyce Howell. Larry Huher. liow 9: Jim Huffman. Lyman Huff- man. Patsy Lou Hulse. Tom Hunt, Holm Hurst. Carol Hutchens. liow lfl: Donna Hyde. LaDonna Hyde. Carolyn Joan lrwin. Sue Jackson. Willus R. Jacohs. Harry Johnson. How ll: Janice Jane Johnson. Sarah Johnson. Norah Jolley. Lucinda Lee Jolly. Carl Jones. Carole Jones. Row 12: Claudia Lynn Jones, Fred Jones. Gail Jones. Cary Jones, Richard Jones. Phyllis Justice. The 1954 Magician JUNIGRS Row 1: Paul Kaiser, Evelyn JoKaye, Carol Kear, Sandra Jean Ketterman, Judy Kilgore, Vic Kilmer. Row 2: Harold King, Phyllis King, John Kirby, Rob Kirkman, Jim Kistler. Kay Knafel. Row 3: Kaye Hope Knoderer. Sheila Kaye Knott, Jack L. Knotts. Manuel Kratzer, Raymond Krick, Kerry K. Kronz. Row 4: Verla Lacy. Howard Lance. Lillie Larkins, Bill Lawvere, lfloise Leffew, Barbara Leitshuh. Row 5: Rodney Lewis. Donna .lean Littell, Mary Ellen Logan. Max Louns- bury, Ann McCarroll, Jim McCarthy. Row 6: Shane McClellan, Ronald McCormick, Ruth McCoy, Larry Joe McGuire, Jim S. Mclntire, Dick Mc- lntosh. Row 7: John McKenzie. Carol Mc- Kinley, Evrie McNeary. Rarbara Mag- nabosco. Sandra Maisel, Dan Manor. Row 8: Bernice Mark, Martha Alice Martin, Joan Marvin, Dick Marshall, Lila Jean Masters, Lewis Mays. Row 9: Earl Mellott, Dick Mercer, Pat Michael, Dewight Middleton. Car- olyn Sue Miles, Cordon Miller. Row 10: Jack Paul Miller, Nannette Miller. Orviller Miller, JoAnn Mills, Nancy Mitchell, John Mock. Row 11: Sharon Mock, Henrietta Moore, Jack Moore, Kenney Moore, L. J. Moore, Sara Moore. Row 12: Judy Morgan, John Mort. Nancy Moss, Pat Nafe, Billy Lee Nel- son, Bob Nelson. The 1954 Magician JUNIORS Row l: Joyce Nelson. Jean R. New- man. Gary Nichols, Margaret Noble. Loretta Norman. Linda Norris. Row 2: Tonia Lee Northcutt. Cary Norton. Reverly Sue Ualdon. Sherry Oliver. Jim Orr. John Robert Osborne. Row 3: Charles Owen. Duane Parker. Sherry lf. Parris. Lee Paul. Danny Peckinpaugh. David Peckinpaugh. Row 4: Patty Perdue. John Phillips. Sara Lou Phillips. Jerry Pierce. Wanda Pierce. Ronald Alfred Plum. Row 5: Don Potter. Janie Powell. Pat Powell. Janet Sue Privett. Belinda Kay Propst. Jim Proudfoot. Row 6: Jerry Puckett. Kenneth l'iu- gene Ranes. Phyllis Ray. Karl Read. Genevieve K. ltedditt. Melvin Reed. Row 7: Linda Rees. Don Reeves. Judie Yvonne Rench. Larry Richards Robert Lee Richman. Luellen Ridge. Row S: Joe Riley. XVilma Ritcheson, Daisy Roberts. D o 1' o t h y Robinson Ernest Robinson. Robert Root. - Row 9: Garland Ross. Rowena Ross, Retty Jo Rusher. J ll an i ta Russell. Deanne Rutherford. Rill Said. Row 10: Shirley Ann Sallee. Janet Sanders. Anita Schaeffer. Shirley Sue Schenck. Judy Mae Schneider, Phyllis Schooley. Row 11: Carolyn Scott. James Shar- kitt. Ronald Sharp. Jim Shelton, Gene Sherfy, Jim Sherwood. Row 12: Sue Shewmaker. Harry Shrieve. Mary Shroyer. Larry Simmons. Marilyn Sue Skinner. Naomi Lucille Skinner. The 1954 Magician 'Sf' EI-I JUNIORS How l : Barbara Joanna Smith. Cath- erine Smith. Freda Eileen Smith. Janet Smnllen. S h i rl e y Snodgrass, Ruth Southerland. Row 2: Sandra Southerland, Martha Spencer. Mary Ellen Staker. Rose Stan- ley. Don Starkey. Gloria Stellwag. How Ii: Tom Stiff. Cordon Stif- fler. Dick Stillwagon. Anita Stone, Jayne Sullivan. Sandra Sult. How -l: John Summers. lleta Sue Taflinger. Nona Taylor. Robert Dale Taylor. Hohert Kirk Taylor, Joyce lflaine Thompson. How 5: Phil Thompson. Tom Thorn- liurg. lforrest Tolhert. Wlayne Tomey, Juanell Tompkins, Mary Troxell. Row 6: Jeri Trnsty. Carl Tschnor. Orpha Turner. Janet Marie Tutterrow, Karol Uhrick, Joyce Ann Upton. Ron 7: Lloyd VanSkyock. ll o lu Vaughn. Marilyn Vaughn. Jack W'ag- oner, Vergie Walker. Sonja Kay Walters. How 8: Wanda Walters. Delee War- nock. Dixie Vllashhurn. Lemmie Wash- ington. Deloris Weaver. Perthena Weh- her. lion' 9: Don Welsh. Fred Whitacre, Milford lrvin Whitcomh. John White, Tohy White. Vertia White. How 10: lioh Whitney. Sandra Wig- gins. Mattie Mae W'ilcox. John Wilhoite. linth Marie Wvilkerson. Mildred Vlfil- liams. How ll: Morris Williams. Ronald W'illiams. Donald Wilson, Mary Wil- son. Jack Wooten, Jeannine Worl. Row 12: Dixie Wright. Janet Wright. llosalee Wright. Margaret Zearbaugh. The 1954 Magid dn SOPHOMORE COUNCIL Hou' um' --- Sonja Fvlton. Joann IiI'Pl'lii0Xl'. Num-y linlingvr. iii-pina Nl1'filli!'t'. B1-is Parks. Phil Haisnr. Barlmru :Kim-Il. iN2lIN'y Hills-r. ,Indy Slmrp. Hiyilis Hllvlmrrl. Rau' luv - Don Williams. Nlirkvy Keppivr. .lim Brawl. Tum 'I'nmlin. Tum jolinanu. ,IPIIX Fox. EIIQIPIIP Tlioinpkins. Hr, Hvinovlil. Kun' threw- - Tim Harrington. Toni Parke-r. Tom 'Vinum-l'. Frm-11 Small. .lim Ure-4-n. Um: Suilerfivld, Dun Stilmivirzikw. Tlrr' I 9 54 Mugiriau OFFICERS PHIL RAISOR Clmirman PEGGY SAID iiliVliRl,Y Pfxnlgs Svcrc-lary Trvaszlrf-r SPONSORS H.xR01.n Rigiwoizm. Clmirman Miss DOROTHY KRIECI-IR IIIHRIJLS M..xRCl's Social FiIlI1IIl'I.lIl SOPHOMORES Bow 1: Pam Abel, Barbara Abrell. Betty Adams, Max Ailes, Darlene Alfont. Bow 2: Phyllis Kay Allen, Emmett Amos, Sigumond Bay Anacker, Bob Ander- son. Navetta Anthony. Bow 3: Donna Arbogast, Otto Arring- ton, Elmer Ashley, Jim Austin, Wesley Autry, Patsy Marlene Badders, Shelba Badders. Bow 4: Shirley Bailey, Wanda Bailey, Anna Mae Baker, Betty Barber, Phyllis Barber, Gail Barley, Fred Barlow. Bow 5: Bernard Barlow, Jimmie Barnes, Marla Barrett, Richard Lee Bartlett, Doris Louise Barton, Saundra Lee Beall, Gerald Evelyn Beaty. Bow 6: Jerry Keith Bebout, Joe Beck, Nadine Bebecca Beeson, Terry Dean Belcher, Alma Bell, Kenneth Bell, Eddie Benbow. Bow 7: Kenny Benbow, Don Bennett, Frank Bennington, Jerry Bertram, Billy Joe Bess, Rosalie Bildilli, Mary Billingsley. Bow 8: Janet Bird, Eddy Black, Tillie Blevins, Evelyn Boles, Harry Thomas Boling, Terry Boling, Nancy Bolinger. Bow 9: Dwaine Booth, Curtis Boots, Larry Bowen, James Bowers, Judy Bowers, Jack Boyle, Charlie Bradburn. Bow 10: Jim Brand, Harold E. Bran- don, Pat Brannon, Joann Breedlove, Gail Briner, Barbara Jayne Brown, Carolyn Bae Brown. Bow ll: Georgia Brown, Walter Brown, Clifford Brubaker, G e r t r u d e Bryant, Wanda Buckles, Alan Buckmaster, Bobert A. Burgess. Bow 12: Mike Burkett, Jim Burress, Judy Grace Burton, Bonnie D. Burton, Bill Butts, Patricia Louise Byrd, Nancy Cain. Bow 13: Lanny Carmichael, Kenneth Carnahan, Rosemary Carpenter, James Carroll, Bill Carson, Gladys Jean Carter, Jim Carter. Bow 14: Ralph Cary, Henry Caudill, Amaryllis Chandler, Lee Chapman, Tom Chapman, Charles Henry Chesney, Betty Chesnut. The 1954 Magicmn SOPHGMORES How 1: Wallace Chrich. Judy Kay Clark. Mary Clark. Sammy Joe Clark, Jackie H. Clemens. Jackie Clore. Joan Clouse. Row 2: Dixie Lee Cohee. Jane Cole. Earl Dawson Collier, Linda Collins. Mary Lou Collins. Rita Conley. Charlotte Con- ner. How 3: Marvin L. Conner. Barbara Cooper. Joanne Cooper. Lois Cooper. Kath- ryn Corbin. Foxean Cordle. John lfdward Corn. Row -11: Rita Jean Cory. Joanie Cox. Mona Cozat. Barbara Craig. Eddie Crago, Nancy Marie Crawford. Dick A. Crawley. Row 5: Saundra Cross. Dorothy Crum. Joyce Crutcher. George Lee Cunningham, Bill Current. -Jackie Curry. Tom Curtis. Row 6: Don llaxter Daniels. Joe Dargo. Mary Jo Dargo, Janice Darrall. Thomas Davis. Norma Davisson, Betty Ann Deadman. How 7: Peggy Decker. Jessie li. Dr- laney. Ralph Dennean. Betty DeWitt. lion- nie Dick. Velma Jean Donovan, Donald Douglas. How 8: Jon Driscoll. Sandra Druck. Peggy Jo Drumm. William Lawrence Dud- ley. Janice Kay Duffy. Dyanne Dugan, Hay Duncan. How 9: Clarence Farley. Paul Faris. Joan lfher. Fred James Edwards. Sandra Fley, John Flliot, Helen Fllison. How 10: Charmaine l. Fnglehart. Lester Fstep. Jeanine Ftchison. Betty Jane lfvans, Kay Fvans. Mary Lee Ifverroad. Jim Faris. Row ll: Robert Farrell. Rosalie Far- rell. Sonja Jean Felton. Nona Joyce Fe- myer. Sondra Feuer. Helen Fields, Lionel F. Fierce. Row l2: Peggy Ann Finchum, Julia Ann Findley. Clara Ann Flanagan. Ken- neth Flick. Sonnie Flint. Cail Duane Ford, Mitzi Ford. Row I3: Hob Fox. Jerry Fox, Richard Fox. Virginia Fox. Ida Freeman. Joe Fld- ward Freeman. Kay Friddle. How H: Dixie Sue Fritz. Judy Fritz. Delores Frogge. Judy Gabbard, James Carrett. Linda Cates, Ronald Joe Cates. The 1954 Magician SGPHOMORES Row 1: Ronald Geiger, Donald Gibson, Rosalie Deanne Gibson, S hi rl e y Gill, Charles Gillum, Robert Eugene Gillum, Charles Francis Glaser. Row 2: Mary Lou Glover, Marie Good- man. John Thomas Goshern, Lucy Jane Graham. Vertis Graham. Bettie Green, Bob Green. Row 3: Dennis Norman Green. Eugene Green, Jim W. Green, Ronnie Ray Greiwe, Keith Grice, Sandra Griffee, James Larry Griffith. Row ll: Clarence Grige. Brooks Morris Grooms, Ronnie Keith Grubbs, Michael Paul Grundy, Jacquelyn Haffner, Carita Hall, Jerry Hall. Row 5: Pat Hall, Patricia Hamilton, Mary Haney, Saundra Rebecca Hannon. Bertha Jane Harmeyer, Robert F. Harrod, Dick Harshman. Row 6: Nancy Hart, Joe Wayiie Hart- ley, Martha Hartley, Tom Hartley. Lynn Haskett. Marcia Hatcher, Elwood Hatha- way. Row 7: Margaret Hayes, Ramona Anna Hayes, D av i d Haynes. Marilyn Hays. James Allen Hedges, Robert Heighelbech, Jerry LeRoy Helms. Row 8: Shirley Helton, Linda Kay Henley, Glenda Henry. William Henry, Janet Hensley. Ferrell Herbert, Fred Her' bert. Row 9: Buddie Heritage, Clayton R. Herriman, Donald Harold Herron, Phyllis Hibhard. Arrlen Hickey, Mildred Chrys- tine Hickey. Pat Hickey. Row lil: Darl Hicks, John Hile, Jackie Sue Hines. Mildred Carolyn Hines, Jack Hirons. Robert Hoffman, Vonn G. Hoff- mann. Row ll: Herman Holbrook, Gil Hole, Mary Alice Hole, Patricia Ann Hollis, David Hoppes. Dick Hoover, Jack Hoover. Row 12: Jim Hoover, Jack Horner, Sandra House, Judy Houston, Janet How- ell, Tom Hubbard, Charles Huffman. Row 13: Sally Huffman, Larry D. Hughes, Ronald Hughes, John L. Hum- bert. Nancy Sue Huntzinger, Jeanne Hurst, Linda Huxhold. Row 14-: Robert lrelan, Marjorie lsen- hart. Rarbara Jackson, Kathleen Jackson, Janice Jester. Ren Johnson. Gene Johnson. Tlw 19 54 Magician Tlx' SOPHOMORES llow l: James Johnson. Joe Johnson, Tom Richard Johnson. lfdward A. Jones, Glenn Keith Jones. Janice Jones. Jim Jones. llow 2: Marlin Jones. Phyllis Jones, liiehard Lee Jones. Hohert Marvin Jones, Ronald Jones. Marilyn Joyce, Jim Kas- ll'll9l'. liow 3: Charles William Keeley. Mike lfugene Keever. Judith Keller. Charline Kelley. Lynn Kelley. lfllen Keppler, Jud- illl Ann Kiger. Row el: Terra Ifllen Kimbrew, Bob King. Charles King. Hill Kirkman. Ken- neth Wayne Klepfer. Sandra Knierim, Dorothy Jean Koger. liow 5: Mildred Koons. Connie Krit- selis. Lesta Kuhns. Bill J. Kurtz. Pat Laekey. Mattie Laey. lliehard A. Lake. llow 6: Jaek Larson. Judy Lawson, Judy Leaell. Kay Lee. llay M. Leffew. Hill Lehman. David Lephart. lloxs T: Jane Lester. Carl Lewis. Ellen Lewis. Natalie Lewis. Shirley Anne Lewis, Tlieodore Limpert. Loretta Lindsey. llow 3: Naney Lindsey. Clifford Link, Yietor Long. l"red Longfellow. Betty Losh, Donna Lounshnry. Joyce Lounshury. llow 9: Albert Love. Veda Lowman. Sandra Mc-Bride. Bob Mcllreery. Judy lN'leCal'l'erty. Vera Meliaffrey, Elma Lea lNleCalister. lion' 10: Sue Mc-Cammon. Ted ML-Clel land. Max Meliollum. Gail McCormick lirian 'lihomes Mellonald. Dan MacDonald Larry McDonald. - 9 llow ll: Anna Marie MeDonnel. Ken- neth Dale McDowell. Sue McGinnis. Re gina Melluire. Lois McKay. Johnny Mc Kinley. Darlene Melead. Row 12: Frances Mclieynolds. Ronnie Phillip Mann. Roh Marsh. Richard Mar- vin. Jack Maxwell. Connie May. Judee May. lion' iii: Marshall Maynard. Sue Mayo. liiehard K. Meadows. Sandra Melchi. Julia Melvin. Judy Mendenhall. Rosebud Meyer. liow ll: liarhara Meranda. Barbara Jean Miller. Jack L. Miller. Jerry Miller, Ken li. Miller. Nancy Miller. Peggy Miller. 1954 Magirian SOPHOMORES Row 1: Richard Lee Miller, Jimmy Mills, Pat Milner, Charles Allen Minnick, Albert Monroe Modolin, Bruce Moore, Cary Moore. Row 2: Cary Robert Moore, Cynith Moore. John Moore, Margaret Moore. Ray- mond L. Moore, Virginia Moore, Robert Morgan. Row 3: Kaye Moyer, Jo Ann Mulhol- land, Marilyn Murdock, Charles Murphy, Billy Musick, Jack Myers, Joyce Myers. Row 4: Phyllis Myers, Mari Frances Nash, Patti Lee Naylor, Elwood Neal, Ron- dall Nelson, Pat New, Barbara Nickols. Row 5: Cloria Kay Nolley, Clen Wayne Udle. Millie 0'Neal. Nancy Oyler. Bar- bara Pankey, Larry Wayne Parker, Tom Parker. Row 6: Beverly Parks, Bob Patterson Bonnie Jean Patterson, Dave Patterson, Ronny Pearson, Russell Lee Pease, Clara- belle Pence. Row 7: Jack R. Penrod. Shirley Perry. Douglas Richard Phelps, Joe Creel Phelps. Ruth Ann Phillips, Nancy Ann Pickell, Jane Pifer. Row 8: Marjorie Ann Pinion, Beverly Poole. Dick DeWayne Pratt, Marolyn Pratt. Robert Preston, Carol Price, Clara Price. Row 9: Glenn Edward Pritchard, Nancy Propst, Mary Proudfoot, Eugene Pulliam, Toni Quate, Charles Cary Raffety, Patty Ann Rager. Row 10: John R. Raines. Carol Ann Rainey. Marjorie Rainey, Phil Raisor, William Cuy Ranes, Joyce Rector, Kath- leen Redmond. Row 11: Shirley Ann Reed, La r r y Reinke. .lerry Charles Rench, Carolyn Reynolds, Jean Reynolds, Marie Reynolds, Patil Eugene Rhoades. Row 12: Phillip Bert Rhoades, Judy Anne Richardson, Kay Richey, Raymond Ridge. Beverly Riley, Mevalyn Rix, Shir- lene Roach. Row 13: Vernell Roberds, Arthur Leslie Roberts, Frank David Robertson, Beverly Kay Robling, Clark Edward Rogers, Joyce liee Rosinski. Linda Rosinski. Row l-1: Elaine Mary Routh, Jon Routh, Betty Royer, Bonnie Runk, Charles Russell. Tlu' 1954 Magn mn SOPHOMORES Row l: Fred Russell. John Sheldon Rust. Peggy Said. Sherita Sue Saffer. Alta Sanderfur. Tom Savage. David Sawicki. Row 2: John Scarborough. Eugene Ed- ward Schlagel. Sh i r I e y Jean Schwarz. Frank Glen Schwer. Lenora Schuck. Sherry Sciscoe. Rarbara Scott Row 3: Fred J. Scott. Jim Scott. Linda Sears. Ruth Sewell. Janis Shafer. Judy Sharp. Mary Shaw. Row -I.: Larry Lee Shinn. James Lee Shockley. Ronald W. Shoecraft, Chester L. Shoemaker. Darla Short. Peggy Shorten, Fred Simmons. Row 5: Donna Simpson. Marlin Simp- son. Rarbara Sites. Gayle Sly. Tom Smal- ley. Joyce Smart. Ronald Smart. Row 6: lfdgar Lee Smit. Rarbara Jean Smith. Robby Smith. Cletis Ray Smith. Cynthia Smith. lflnora Louise Smith. Erma- dean Smith. Row 7: Jane Ann Smith. Jay Smith. Jo Ann Smith. Linda Smith. Luella Smith. Phil Smith. Phil Smith. Row 8: Ronnie Smith. Sheila Smith. Ronald lf. Snyder. Larry Souders. Reverly Soules. James Spaulding. Philip Spears. Row 9: Frank W. Springer. Jimmie Lee Springman. Phyllis lflaine Spry. Sandra Stanford. Rarbara Starks. Richard G. Stepp. Martha Stewart. Row l0: Sandra Stewart. Norma Stev- ens. Pattie Stevens. Joyce Anne Stevenson. Chester Stoncr. Rruce Stong. Carol Stowe. Row ll: Richard Strahan. Triadeca Strahan. Rirdie Vernette Stratton. Dan Studebaker. Donald Paul Stump. Jackie Summers. Irene Sumner. Row l2: Cary Lee Swank. Rex Swauger. Cherril Swift. Richard Allen Swift. Rar- hara Sullivan. Larry Norman Taflinger. Lillie Mae Tate. Row lil: Thomas Howard Tate. Robert Harold Taylor. Larry Gene Teague. Sally J. Teal. James R. Tharp. Julia Thomas. Mary Joyce Thomas. Row ll: Wayne Thomas. R u g e n e Thompkins, Clarence Jake Thompson, Jackie L. Thompson. Joyce Thompson. 'Iln' 1954 Magician SOPHOMORES Row 1: Norma Thompson, Sue Thomp- son. Walter Thompson, Marjorie Thonn, Sandra Kay Thornburg. Row 2: Tom Leon Timmons, William Franklin Tinder, Tom Titamer, Danny Tomey, Tom Tomlin. Row 3: Fred M. Trout, Jean Trusty. Lois Turner, Tom Tuttle, Marilyn Tweedy. Robert Ullman, Dick Upchurch. Row 4: David Usher, Mary Ann Van- Ruskirk, Gail Van Deusen, Tonia Van Winkle, Maria Vargas, Jerry Vaughn, Larry L. Vining. Row 5: Tom Vlaskamp. June Wade, Luther Wagoner, Alice Wallace, Bill Wal- lace, Ronnie Walser, Jack Lee Walton. Row 6: Jane Ann Ward, Richard Ward. Sandra Ward, Walter Lee Ward, Rill War- fel, Nancy Warford, Deloris Ann Warrell. Row 7. Ann Warren, Donald Vifarren, Dorothy Washington, Lynda Wasson, Sara Wasson. Carolyn Weaver, Ronald Wayne Weaver. Row 8: Joyce Webb, Sue Webb, Rev- erly Webber, Shirley Weekley. Jack Wed- more, Clara Weisse, Tonianne Welch. Row 9: Ginny Werbe, Max Werking, Sandra Yvest, Rosemary Whitaker, David White, Mary Lou White, Norman White. Row 10: Ray White. Nancy Whiteman, Ronald Earl Whitenack, Jim Wickersham, Mike Wilhite, Norman Eugene Wilkinson, Wayne Wilkinson. Row ll: Cynthia Williams, Don Wil- liams, Billy Gene Wilson. Donna Wilson. George Wilson, Marianne Wilson, Mary Louise Windsor. Row 12: Jim Winkle, Beverly Winner. Cora Sue Wood. James Woolum. Richard Woolums, C h a r l e s Workman, Donna Wright. Row 13: Phil Warren Wright, Carol Wylam, Shirley Yoder. Arwana York. Donna May York, Kay lfllyn York, Floyce Young. Row l4: Hubert Young. C a r ol yn Youngberg, Benjamin ZeRelle. John Zirkel- bach, Nile Zimmerman, Sharon Zimmer- man, Jerry Zook. Tlw 1954 Magnlan NEW 10B'S Row 1: Sam Abram, Thecla Alfont, Nancy Barnet. Row 2: Ruth Bayer, Carolyn Beard, Ruth Beard. Row 3: David Benson, Billy Burton, Darwin Bybee, Hubert Campbell, Orval Campbell, James Carter, Robert Clemens. Row 4: Frank Collins, Bonnie Cook, Marilyn Cross, Patty Davis, David Evans, Mary Evans, Evelyn Fears. Row 5: Ronald Fridenmaker, Charles Gaskill, Donald Gaw, Kay Geise, Jim Getz, Peggy Goad, Carolyn Gooding. Row 6: Janice Green, Mike Green, James Cross, Wendell Guffey, Richard Haisley, Ronnie Hamilton, Glen Hammitt. Row 7: Charles Hammond, Nancy Har- meyer, Lessie Harris, Jackie HeWitt, Monty Holclren, Fred Huffman. Row 8: Mary Johns, Harlene Keys, Dale Linville, Donald Lutton, James Mc- lntire, David McLaughlin, Phillip Mann. Row 9: Judy Marsh, Sandrae Marshall, Ralph Mauller, Carol Maynard, Jo Ellen Miller, Raymond Miller, Ronnie Miller. Row 10: Shirley Murphy, Jim Os- borne, James Parks, Larry Parris, Mary Perkins, Diane Ray, David Reece. Row 11: Donald Renfrow, Rosemary Ramey, Donn Roberts, Delray Sherfy, Barbara Shook, Herman Stine, Jack Terry. Row 12: Retta Teter, Hoyt Thompson, Mariann Toomey, Bob Twigg, James Vearrier, Rayzella Verneman, James Welty. Row 13: Mattie Whitlow, Kenneth Wilson, Patty Wilson. Row 14: Donald Winn, Norma Winters, Sandra Writtenhouse. The 19 54 Magician 9.958 wi Q NW AEC gl of fl? -ri I gl CENTRAL FOOTBALL TEAM Row one - Carl Tschuor, Jack Phillips, Jerry Osborn, Bob Hahn, Harland Harris, George Mace, Wayne Fannin, Jim Keller, Bill Musick, Dean Hahn, Leroy Ash, Tom Holmes. Row two - Clark Harris, Jim Orr, Dick Stillwagon, Gordon Miller, Wilburt Davis, Glen Klepfer, Curtis Boots. Duane Flowers, Bob Vaughn, Wayne Klepfer. Row three - Tom Curtis, Ronald Benbow, Ronald Wilson, Max Abrell, L. M. Sims, Phil Burt, Bill Harris, Gerald Wright, John Casterlow, Barry Howard, Gene Flowers. 19 5 3 FOOTBALL RECORD September 11 Central Terre Haute Gerstmeyer 0 September 18 Central Hammond Tech 18 September 25 Central Linton 0 October 2 Central Indianapolis Tech' 6 October 9 Central Richmond' 6 October 16 Central Kokomo' 6 October 21 Central New Castle' 12 October 31 Central Evansville Reitz 13 November 6 Central Frankfort' 6 'Denotes North Central Athletic Conference Games Won Lost Conference Record 5 O Season's Record 8 1 The 19 5 4 Magician BEARCAT FOOTBALL COACHES Duck I-'lsmna Dfxm: NIIILI-IR ETTURE ANTONINI .-fssislunt lfmlclz ,issislanl Coavlz lfurzwlz CENTRAL ATHLETIC MANAGERS Run' vm' f jerry Hill. Ralph Ednminstc-r. exvninr numager: Rogvr ffawkvr. Ron' 11411 - Fred Jonvs. Uirk Nlarslmll. Hal S. Warn-n. xnamngr-r nf athletiv f-quipnwnl a Nupplivsz Lyman Huffman. Tlx' 195-I Magiriun 244 Q ZZM A .N x , ,. if 1 "' if S- f"'1f' ' f- .14 - :J .IQ Z A, A K H-QAA459 l My v .. .... - .. Y ff 1 bl 0 2 3 Y J x x 5? 'V X 9 BK s 51 Q 5 an We ' ., I agr ib- Y ' 'Q H P Q fl A3 CENTRAL CROSS COUNTRY SQUAD Left to riglll - Fred Carnes. Bob Oalden, Dick Snyder, Dave Patterson. Torn Johnson. limb Whitney. Charlie- Open. Dee Foist. Tony Cole. Claude Davis. Bill Tinder. ,Nssistant Coach Carl . .mc . - Wiilson. illlIIllllll't'Y 1 il1 Xlfl Dick Snyder 1953 CROSS COUNTRY RECORD September Central indianapolis Tech"' 26 September Central indianapolis Shortridge 22 September Central Wabash 32 September Central Richmond! 28 October Central lVIuncie Burris 2-1 October Central Kokomo' 25 October Central Marionik 23 October Central Anderson' 23 'NCC Meets SPECIAL MEETS October 3 Marion lnvitational Central 5th Place October 17 NCC at Richmond Central Sth Place October 20 Sectional at Anderson Central 5th Place SCHSOICS Record Won 2 Lost 6 NCC Competition Won 1 Lost All Tlx' 19 54 Magiriun CENTRAL SWIMMING TEAM Row one -- Kenneth Carnahan, John Wilhoite, Phil Wright, Hal Hoffman, Gene Alberson Neil Stewart. Row two M Bob Whitney, Lee Paul, Tom Reetor, Ronald Dowd. David Davis, Phil Spears jerry Crow. 19 54 SWIMMING RECORD January 7 - Ball State Pool Central 34 Burris 41 February 3 - YMCA Pool Central 33 Burris 42 February I5 -A Ball State Pool Cemfa' 26 Bend Adams February 20 - Purdue University IHSAA State Swimming Meet The 1954 Magician CENTRAL BASKETBALL TEAM Muncie Cen t ral Central Muncie Central Central Cent ral Row um' -- Leon Agullana, Tom Curtis, Ralph Edminster, student manager: Terre Broad- uater, .lim Barnes. Row Iwo - Phil Raisor. Benny Fellerhoif, Boll Crawford, John Casterlow. Ed Collins. Knut ll1rer-- Coavh ,lay lNlc'Creary, Max Allrell, ,lim Hinds, Gene Flowers, Assistant Coarh Carl Adams. TOURNEY RECORD NEW YPIAIVS TUURNEY REGIONAL TOURNEY l"ield House January 1, 1954 Muncie Field House March 6, 1954 50 Marion 34 Central 61 Union City 30 32 Fort Wayne South Side 36 Central 57 Middletown 52 SECTIONAL TOURNEY SElVll-FINAL TOURNICY Field House February 25-27 Fort Wayne Coliseum March 13. 195-1. 89 Cowan 38 Central 62 Fort Wayne North Side 118 91- Daleville 32 Central 63 Mississinewa 118 62-1 Burris 54 STATE BASKETBALL FINALS Butler Field House March 20, 1954 Central 59 Elkhart 50 Central 30 Milan 32 The 19 54 Magiriun BEARCAT BASKETBALL COACHES CARL ADAMS Assistant Coach JAY lVIcCREARY Coach 1953-1954 BASKETBALL RECORD November 20 H Central Winchester November 25 T Central Shelbyville November 27 H Central Fort Wayne North Side December 4 T Central Logansport' December 11 T Central Richmond' December 12 H Central Hammond December 18 H Central Anderson' December 21 H Central Elkhart January 8 H Central Lafayette Jefferson' January 15 T Central Anderson' January 16 T Central South Bend Central January 22 H Central Indianapolis Tech' January 23 T Central Vincennes January 29 H Central New Castle January 30 T Central LaPorte February 5 H Central Kokomo' February 12 T Central Frankfort' February 19 H Central Marion 'North Central Athletic Conference Cames Conference Games Won 8 Lost Season Won 15 Lost Yearis Won 23 Lost Tournament Worr 8 Lost The 1954 Magician M cfm 70 affu A JXP iztw, 4 123' D 'giidwz' BEARKITTEN BASKETBALL SQUAD w Rau' one f Bill Butts, Bob King, Fred Svott, Alan Bucklnaster, Billy Musick. Huw two -- Max fVlvCullum, Bill Tiilder. Don Salterfield, Bill Nelson, Jim Brand, Dick Woolums. SOPHOMORE FOOTBALL TEAM Row UIH' --- Daw Suuicki, Ronnie Walser, Bob Wynv, Ray llunvun, Jim Bom-rs, lllwstvr SIUIIPV, Bill Iiifklllllll. Alun lillrklilaslw. Now lwn - Dun lllvllonald. .lorry Vaughn, ,lc-rry lienrli, Phil Spears. .lulnrs Garrett, Holm lxllllill. Rlllllllf' Hur Row tlzrcf- Cum-I1 Divk Fisln-r, Bill Butts, Gr-Urge Jolmson. Elmer .-Xsliley, New Smuuge-r, Ilivk WlJIlllllllS, lfddie' lfrugo. l.urry laflinger, Dan Sllltll"llilkI"l', ,lack l:lK'lllt'llS. ,lov Durga, stuilvnl nmmiger. 82 The 1954 Magivian ll CENTRAL CHEERING BLGCK CENTRAL CI-IEER LEADERS lm!! Pu! Burke-ll. WPIIIUI' I-In-4-l'lvaule-l'. Rig! ll 'lN'QlilIllillg All lIIMt'I'Il'I1I' XIIIIITN Ilillfx. NZIIHIVHI' Will:-r. illllllilx Hul all I xnk x Null--x Pro nsl. sn uhmnorm . I ra 1954 Aluiqiriurz K 5 .52 S' , sw 6 W .A ,, w - gbkffya-f Y gm, m. . W-Ns y 'T -Q ,f N ff 'ss?'N'+x M-356 v 55531 WSJ as ,,.-a--""" Tbc' 1954 Magifian CENTRAL WRESTLING TEAM Row one - Myron Storms. student manager: .lark Phillips. Marvin Hartley. Glen Klepfer, Cene Johnson. Carl TSf'llll0l'. Coach Dick Fisher. Row luv: -v .lohn McKenzie. Mickey Keppler, Tom llll'l0I'Illllll'gI. Tom Holmes, Bob llahn, Ray Duncan. 19 5 3 -19 5 4 WRESTLING RECORD December I0 Central fl-4 New Castlei' 8 December l5 Central SAL llichmondl I3 January 7 Central 21 Crawfordsville 28 ,lanuary 8 Central I4- Indianapolis Tech' 32 January I2 Central 28 Anderson' 14 .lanuary ll Central I6 lndianapolis Shortridge 27 lanuary I9 Central I7 Southport 27 ,lanuary I9 Central 34 Richmond' 5 ,lanuary 23 Central I2 Bloomington 30 January 25 Central 46 Bluffton I0 .lanuary 26 Central 32 Indianapolis Broad Ripple I0 ,lanuary 28 Central 255 Peru I0 February 2 Central 25 Lafayette' 24 February 4 Central 49 Royerton 5 February 5 Central 45 New Castle' 5 'NCC Matches Seasonls Record Won I0 Lost 5 NCC Record Won 6 Lost I SPECIAL MEETS February 6 NCC Meet at Kokomo Central 3rd Place February 13 Sectional at Muncie Central 3rd Place February 20 State Meet at Lafayette Central 4th Place The 1954 Magzcnm l ,lohn McKenzie John Humbert 1 Glen Klepfer State Champion. 175-Pound 1953-1954 STATE CONTESTANTS Bob Hahn Jack Phillips John McKenzie, Tom Holmes, Bob Hahn Glen Klepfer The 1954 Magician CENTRAL TRACK TEAM Row om' W Bill Current, ,lim Rowers. Rex Hart. ffharlie Oven. Terre Rroatlmiter, l.e'on 1. wagon. Duane Hines. lrssie Harris. :X,gnllznii Unk Still Ron' fuvr -V l.. Nl. Sims. .lerry Look. Iom lllltlllll, Rillv Music-k. live Folst. Rlll lltllllh. lin k Snyder. Harold Metzger, tievil Barton. Rnu: rlirvf' - Rex SNilIlgIt"l', Bula Nlarsli. Daw Patterson. Toni ,lzu'kson. Freel fiarnes. Tony lol: lil'lll1lf' lltiyi' H'lrr' 'l 'fu' in L 5. 1 y Sn' 's. Nou' four -V Assistant lfoavli Carl Humphrey, lion Vllilson. Daw Sznsivki. ,lolin Hill. Rolw Uziltlf-n. Roll liolr-. Roh xillljlllll. Frank Tnilley. wTillllII'I llaxis. Hwnl liourli Mel Wilson. , .. ., . Q .lx Dick Stillwagon -. March March April April April April April April April April May May May May May May May May ou' -lll'f' Rolf Whitney. ljhigllll Xliddleton. Marlin Simpson. l,r'mmie l,I'ilHl0I'1l. .lolin lfusterlon. Maw Mn-4-Il. 19 54 TRACK SCHEDULE 27 T Hoosier Relays at Rloomington 30 H lnterclass Meet 2 T Andersonik 6 H lndianapolis Rroad Ripple 9 T Marionw 17 H Muncie Relays 20 T Fort Wayne South Side Zell T Kokomo Relays 27 T Richmondw 30 T Conference Meet at Lafayette -l T Marion Relays 7 T Sectional at Muncie Rurris ll T llolumhns Relays l2 II Anderson lRl l5 T Regional at lndianapolis Tech I8 H Indianapolis Howe 2l, T Freshman invitational at Kokomo 22 T Slate Meet at lndianapolis Tech FLASH NCAC Track Champions 1954 Xxilglllllglilill. ltoli Leon Agullana Tbr 1954 Magirian .. :ix , 'K V 0f i W W' iz? S N? 5 . WV' Row one - ffrom topi Fred Carnes. .lnhn lfnsterloxs. Terre- Broaelmm-r. Rau' luv: Don Wilson: Relay QNIPPII and Court: Miss Bonnie- Kiln-Pwr. Quo-rn i,ore-H11 Norman. Andrvy Hines, Shirley Goens. Rowena Ross, Pvrtlwna We-lml1el': Max Ahrvll. Bois Vaughn Row three - Bill Harris, Bob Crawford. l,. M. Sims. The 1954 Magician CENTRAL BASEBALL TEAM Row one - Bob Hahn. .lim Burress, Tony Dowell, Danny Bronnenberg. Tom Curtis, Phil Raiser, Ed Collins, Chuek Carrard, Roger Cawker. Row two - Lyman Huffman, Coach Carl Adams, Clark Harris, Phil Burt, Tom Lawell, Ronnie Wilson, Barry Howard, Benny Fellerhoff, George Mace, Elwood Neal, Larry Reinke, Roy Layvork, Larry Melfahe. 1954 BASEBALL SCHEDULE April lii ll St. l'anl's, lVlarion April I5 T Indianapolis Techy April l9 T Lafayeltek April 20 T Winchester April 22 H llichmondi' April 27 H Marioni' April 29 T Logansportae April 30 H Hartford City May 4 H Anderson' May 6 H Kokomo' May 7 T St. Paul's, Marion :Nfl ..-er . May 12 T Hartford City May 13 H Frankfort' May l8 T New Castle' Jim Keller 'NCC Games George Mace The 1954 Magirian ii 2 ' 'Xu 4 Qi 1 Q fl :Q Q .::::: 'E::,iE:.ijg,- ' 15- ' ' - ' .. M , ix :Wi 5 -1-T fi , 1 Charles Uarrard Phil llurl Harry llnwarcl Ronnie Wilsmi Phil liaison' Hoy Laycock Tom Lawell Dan llrunm-nlwr Benny Fellerhoff Bob Hahn Ed Collins Tom Curtis The 1,954 Magirian CENTRAL GOLF TEAM Clarence Harmeyer Coach Dale Miller James Winlcle Lee Paul Bill Warfel Clarence Harmeyer Dave Bonnell April April April April May May May May 195 4 SCHEDULE Marion and Anderson at Marion New Castle Lafayette North Central Conference Meet at Lafayette Richmond Anderson Sectional at Fort Wayne State Finals at Coffin Course, Indianapolis The 19 54 Magician CENTRAL TENNIS SQUAD Run' nm' 'V ,lim Davis. Nlyrml Storms. Ralph Edmin lu lxvnm llfn iris lfnu' lun - - ,lim Kastvttc-'r. .lan l'itm'hisnn. lioai-li Ed Ol Pn r 0 ru 1 April April April April April Nlay May Nlay Nl a y Nlay Nlav Tbv 1954 Magirlan 19 S 4 SCHEDULE llluffton Peru lforl Wayne Logansport lfrankfort lllCllIIl0llfl'ayetle lnclianapol is Kokomo Anderson Nlarion South Sirle Troll Qaooxs Cvuxkb mu Ckbb Sotxiw CAJ-Ra RX-Y CADE Emu eww IC I' Ig HONOR SOCIETY Rau' our .lnyvv llc-Vinnvy. lh-If-v Warnm'k. Nanvy Nfwx. .lmlnlw llays. .lmly llirnns. Linrlu Ilullmxay. lic-Ill llollmsaly. .IilllP Austin, Sumlru Al2ll1liHlf"T, lxl1ll'gIl1l'Pt l'rmulfnot. .loan Suu-lsr-r. Hou: lll'1l Mary Fl'1'llI'll. linlwrlzl Pllillips. .Ivan Whitmluvk. Pat llurrvtt. Kaya- King. l'ut kt'lI1'l'lllilll. llurrivt llunlin, Slu-rry Pivrpont. Nlulxiu flonpvr, Mary Uilc-S. lflulu Sf-well. .loyvv .Xpplvgule-. Nou' Ihrw' f - l'all Pmwll. .Ivan llarr. .luliu Hinshaw. lvlill'g1ill'i'l Balm-r. Wunllu Booth. lfalmlyn lla-nnvv. Num-v Ur:-n. Jud' Kilfm-1-. Klum .lu lhxxis. Hurlmra Bailvv. l,0lf-Ita Norman. ,lnxlv Cun- . . Y 5- . . . lllllglllillll. lfllu .lunv Sll!I1lSllll. Kun' four V- Sllirle-y Btihlllllll. .lunv Mnstvr. Slmrnn Rutter. Helm-m'z1 Sl1f'lll'. l':lll1l1't' Tllmnp- wn. lxlilI'4'l2l Smith. Anna- Iilark. Carol Stillu:lgm1. Martlm Nlurtin. Nutim- Nlastvn. flilll1l'!'llIf' Smith. 4Iaml Tvllllillll. Nou' file' Nanny Nliuflwll. None-nu lions. Ann M1-lfarroll, lflzuuliu .lone-s. .lanv l'mu-ll. Nunvy .lannc-y. :llnlrvy llinvs. Kutiv ffrzuxfnl'4l. Peggy l':lllIllllSlQ"l'. Margie- lfruig. Silllfllll Hulkin. llilfllilfil lllillfll, mlnitzl .lf7lIllS0ll. .lvri 'l'rusty. Suv Hiatt. Nou six - lirmalml lllm-lfnrrnivk. lionalml Williams, Dil-lx Snymlvr. I.:-on Aglllllilllil. Dun Nur' nlun. ,lustnn Vl"rig1lll, .luv Nlitvlwll. Ralph lfdlninstvr. Phil Burt, Rolwrt Bull. Nou' Xt'l'l'll Hoy l,zly1'm'k. Daw Ertvl. Cvrzllrl GRIITPII, Frrvl lfurne-s. lflylla- R0lIIlIl'f'4'. l'lnl llnugglus. Hull l'lm1sl1lrv. llnlr lrlili llXl,l'H l':lDMINSTI'IR l'rf'sirIwl1l Rm' l,n'f:m:l4 I ,I-l'4'-l'l'1'Sl'd4'Ilf Nfk'l'l1II-I lWxsTr:v Sw-rvlurrv OIWICICRS 'Wg SVKYDRVK lwfXI,lHNI-Ili 1 s TI'l'llSlIf4'f SPONSOR S. linmx IE. lIrmls'l'x' i ? Tin' 1954 Mugiriun MATH CLUB OFFICERS MARILYN WRAY MARGARET BAKER President Secretary Qc, PAT KETTERMAN BEVERLY MASSIE Vice-President Treasurer SPONSOR H. E. FENIMORE nr- Raw one - Sharon Rutter. Deloris Weaver. Wanda Booth. Margaret Baker, Pat Ketterman, Beverly Massie, Sara Wasson, Kay York. Row two - Marilyn Beuoy, Sandy Wiggins, Susan Dusing, Sandra Ketterman. Daisy Montgomery, Tonia Van Winkle. Nam-y Whiteman, Virginia Dunn, Rita Cory. Row llzree -- Bill Lawever, Ronald Williams, Roy Williams, Dick Clayton, Don Reeves ,lim May. Mr. Fenimore. Row four - Bill Carson, Hal Hoffman, ,lohn Phillips. Phil Douglas. ,luslon Wright, Karl Snoeberger, Eddie Arburkle, Don Norman, Bill Threadgill. The 19 5 4 Magirian 9 PHYSICS CLUB Row one M Sandra Wiggins. Susan Dusing, Sara Phillips. Pat Trissell, Roberta Phillips, Pat Carre-tt, .Ivan Whitt-nark, Sara Wasson, Juanita Russell. Row two - Loyd Cowley. Toby White, Ronald Williams, Neil Stewart, Lee Paul, Don Norman. Huw lhrve - Fred Wilkins, John Osborn, Roy Williams, Dick Clayton, ,lim May, David Bonne-ll, Bill Thrc-adgill, Cary Norton. Raw four K Mr. liingc-man, Rolrf-rt Mier, Phil Douglas, Bill Lawvvre, Karl Snoelxurger. OFFICERS JEAN WHITENACIi President PAT GARRETT Vice-President SPONSOR ROGER S. LINGEMAN ANNE CLARK Secrelary ROBERTA PHILLIPS Treasurer fbc' 1954 Magician FRENCH CLUB Row one Y Sharon Rutter. president: Shirley Bonman, Sandra Haldane-r. Sherry Pnrpont Betty Arlmogast. Sallie Bays. Virginia Dunn. .loan Mulholland. Row Iwo - Jeanine Etehison. Sally Huffman. Toni Quate. Judi Williamson, Judie Hemh Dorothy Reynolds. Judy lluston. lflizalretli wiilll'9ll. Row three -- Miss Laura Linden, sponsor: PZXIIIPJEI Broun, Lydia Evans, Nil-ki lnnr secretary: Mary Ann Goddard. Sandra 'l'hornlrurg. Virginia Fox. Ralph Edminster. Row four -- Robert Gilluln. Eddie Benlnon. lihil Raisor. fflark llarris. Joe Mitehell N 4 president: Jan Etehison. Bill 'l'hreadgill. David Snift. treasurer: Mauriee Edwards. , f-r 1- X X -.- X Hou' one A- Betty Arhogast. Shirley Bowman. Anne Clark. Mareia Smith. president: Linda Holloway. Beth Holloway. seeretary: Joanne Hays. treasurer: Phyllis Sehooley. Ann M4-Carroll. Nannette Miller. Rau' Iwo Y Miss Laura Linden. sponsor: Ronald Williams, Dirk Clayton. Dave Ertel. Harriet Hanlin. Dolores Fowlkes. Loretta Norman. Wanda Walters. Nanry Janney. Jane Powell. Row three - Joan Niedenthal. Sandra Yan Deusen. Barbara Tomlin. Margie Craig. Martha Martin. Saralou Evans. Anita Johnson. .loyee Applegate. vim-e-president: Genexieve Redditt. Jessie Hirst. Ella ,lane Simpson. Knut four g Pat Uarrett. Bill Kuhn. Larry 'l'rieker. lliilllillil Brown. Pat Kellerman. .lane Moster. Carol Ternplin. Pat Trissell. Joyce Nelson. Rau' fire - Mary Giles. Fred Bartz-l. Phil Burt. Hull Palmer. Roy Layeoek. The 1954 Magieian SPANISH CLUB BOOK GUILD Huw une 1 l,0rc-tta Norman. llarlmara Bailey. Ann Mvflarroll, .lane Powell. Joyve Cosart, Sandra lllaldane-r. .lluly Clark. .le-anime lin-hison. Ifnui luv: - Miss Wadi: Mary Gill-s. Slwrry Pierpont. ,loyvv Applegate, Delm' Wal'n01'k, .lanv Wliilv. ,lucly Kilgore-. Anita Svlmrffvr. Nam-y Mitvlwll. Row ilirvz' -- Jan Fitvliisnn. Clark Harris, .loe Mitvhell. Hoy Layvovk.. Jerry Hill. Lyman llulfman. Dir-k Marshall. Huw four - Hoy Williams. llaw lfirtvl, Phil Burl, Barry Howard, Harland Harris, Bill l,ilNNt'l'f'. Hull-li l'illIl'llllSl?l' JOE lVllTc H ELL Presidfnf LORETTA NORMAN Svcretary OFFICERS SANDRA MALDANER Treasurer Joyce COSART - Librarian SPONSOR Miss MARY E. WADE The 19 54 Magician YOUTH FORUM Row nm' - .loyvc llosart. Ann lllvlIarroIl. Roy l.uyf'or'k, Lore-tta Norman. Phil Rurt. Shir 5 Rowman, .lov Mitvhell. Row Iwo - Mr. Rive. Rarlwaru Bailey. Boll Bonshirei. Sandra Nlalelmwr. Barry llzmuil Harland Harris. Bill Lauvi-rv. Row three - Dirk Marshall, Mary Giles. Ronald Mvfformivk, Ralph Eclminstc-r, Nhorry Pierpont, .lorry Hill. Phil Douglas. BARRY HOWARD President PHIL Bum' Vice-Presidenl The 1954 Magiriau OFFICERS S Nl 8 SPONSOR HOMER C. RICE MARY GILES Scfcrefary SHIRLEY BOWMAN Treasurvr HI-Y CLUB 2' I 'XAHI' Huw om' Y Dir-k lx'llll'Sl12lll. .lim llmis, Hoy Williams, Fr:-d Jones. .lov Min-hell. Barry Howard, Dwight Sumner. Roy l.ay1'or'k. Don Rv:-vera. Roger Cawlwr. l.ynum Huffman. Row two -- ,lim BIIITKNS. Dirk Snyder. Ralph lidniinstf-r. Hal Hoffman, Phil Burt. .lorry Hill. Harland HZll'I'lS, lilurk Harris. .lim lluffman. Mr. Rive. lfnu' llirw- f Tony Dom-ll. Cary jonvs. Mir-ke-y Ke-pple-r. .lim Ritvhir. Holi Bonshirv, Fred Burlvl, liurry Ammon. Dick Pratt, Gordon Milltxr. Row jour --f ,lim Austin. .lan Etc-liimii, Carl 'l'sf-huor, .lim Brand. Larry Simmons. Gary Norton. Row fin' 3 Mr. Floyd Blake. Boys' Sec-rc-'tary of the YMCA ataffg Thad Perdue, .lack l'Pnrod. Tom Tomlin. Curtis Boots, David Murray. Ol-'FICI-IRS HARRY Howmn FRED JONES Przfsidmzl Secretary Ror LAYCOCK H.xR1,.-mn H,mRxs Vice-I'residr'n.t Trvasurvr Q SPONSORS HOMER C. RICE Fmvn BLAKE, YMCA Tlze 19 54 Magician MILITARY SCIENCE OFFICER S Row um- S Sgt. llluxrlm-F Nutr-. Cpl. .lanm-s .lmws. .IIIIIIPH llnxhlsou. PNISKT: Sgt. illmrlvn xIIllllI4'Il. IIUIFIRIIII Dun Ilunlilton. Rau' luv' SXSW. RI1'hill'lI Hviss. 5fSg1I. Hay llllffvy. ifpl. Frwl Innlgfvllmx. ffpl. llnrsion Slifflvr. 'GCOMPANY AH Rvu' mm Charles Nutv. lflmarlvs Cillum. Darl Hivks. .lac-k Larson. Gordon Slifflr-r Dun Nl. Hamilton. Kun' nm H Ray lluffvy. Tum IV:IIiiIlll'I2llI, Milford I... I.,1-ffew. .lim Ionvr. Illwrlvf .-X. Nlinnivlu, Bill lfurya. Run' threw' - Rivlmrwl Hf-iw. Holwrt xlflfgliill. Ilillwrt Hula-, .lvrry Hf'l11lN.'I1U!ll Iiuxix, flln-sta-r SIlUf'IIIilkPl'. Run' flfllf ' .Iuvkiv lllvlnln--nw. Iiulu-rl liurtf. lIaroI4i llruue-, Illmrlvx Nuff:-lx. llulwrl Ynung. Frf-d Longfe-llow. ' Tlx' 1954 Magirian QUILL AND SCROLL Roux nm- ---- .lc-ssiv Hirst. Holm Bonshirf-, Daisy Montgomery, Wanda Booth, Virginia Dunn. Row luv: -'-- ,loan Marvin, Marilyn Benny, Miss Mevhan, Mr. Chastain. Rfta Taflinger. Rau' lllrvv -- Barbara Bailey, .lolin Phillips, Nanvy ,lanne-y, Anita Johnson. OFFICERS Dfusv MONTGOMERY XVANDA BOOTH President Secretary BOB BONSHIRE JESSIE Hmsr Vice-President - Treasurer SPONSOR Miss KATHLEEN Mr-JEHAN Tbc' 1 9 54 M ugician THE MUNSONIAN STAFF BETTY NICKOLS Editor-in-Chief VIRGINIA DUNN Associate Editor MARILYN BEUOY News Editor WANIJA BOOTH Feature Editor .IACIQ GARDNER JOHN PHII.1.IPs Assistant Sports Editor NANCY JANNEY BI-:TH HOLLOWAY Birthday Editors DICK MERCER Business Managvr WVANDA WALTI-:Rs Circulation Manager Pliotographvr BOB BONSHIRE DAvIIm PECIQINPAUOH Sports Editor Make'-Up SPONSORS Miss KATHLEEN MEETIAN CI,ANIwE lil!-ITH Editorial Pfillflillg Row one - Mr. Chastain. Marilyn Beuoy. Barbara Bailey. Ann MI'Carroll. .lane Powell Nirglnia Dunn, Beth Holloway. Nancy Jranney. Wanda Booth. Pat Nvw. Row Iwo - Joan Marvin. Mary Wilson. Nannette Miller. Wanda Walters. Loretta Norman Reta Taflinger. Phyllis Ray. Barbara Starks. Carol Stowe. .lean Kritselis. Jessie Hirst. Row three - .lane Neeley. .ludith Cunningham. Bernive Mark. .loyve Bvaty. Alne Daugherty. Sue Jackson. Sonja Felton. Janet Wright. Miss Meehan. Janet Howell. Row four - John Hill. Glen Holt. .lark Gardner, Wayne Butler, Bob Bonshirv, .lorry Crow lohn Phillips. Fld Sattfrfield. student teavher. The 1954 Mdklliidll FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA Row nm- - Ella Jane Simpson, .Janette Price. Barbara Tomlin, Euniee Thompson, Sandra Van lJf'lISf'Y1, Mary Beth Cory. Edna Clifford, Kaye King. Joyve Applegate. Margaret Proudfoot. Row Iwo - Connie Rodf-ffer, Judy Krieg. .loyve Cosart. Marilyn Murdoek, Kay Rirhey, .loan Cooper. Shirley S1-henvk, .lean Barr. Reberra Shear, Saralou Evans, Carol Wylam. Row three f Nivki Limpert, Marilyn Beuoy, Mary Anne Goddard, Sharon Rutter, .luanell Tompkins, Mary ,lo Davis. Betty Agullana, Phyllis Svhooley, Shirley Yoder, Catherine Smith, Janet Wright. Row four - Sharon Clark, Pat Hall, Kaye Moyer, Julia Melvin, Joan Trusty, Rosalie Gibson, Donna Arbogast, Jeanine Etehison, Naney Cain. Row five - Phyllis Hibbard, Kay Lee, June Wade, Barbara Cooper, Margie Pinion, Marvin Hatvher. Row six - Miss Markley. Connie Kritselis, Javkie Summers, Janet Howell, Sandra Knierim, Judy Lawson, Jeanne Hurst, Cora Wood. OFFICERS KAYE KING MARGARET Pnoumroor President Secretary JOYCE Cosrmr 3 MARY Jo DAVIS Vice-President Treasurer SPONSOR Miss SUSAN MARKLEY The 1954 Magician Y-TEENS Row one -- Pat Rurks. Rebeeea Shear. Carol Templin. Helen Fields. Uolnres Fumlkes. Shirley Svhenek. .lean Barr. Doretha Barnes. Ruth Davis. Rarbara Seott. Row tum f Shirley Sallee, ,loyee Tinsley. .loan Cooper. Tonia Ann Weleb. Carolyn lrwin Shirlene Roaeb. .lanet Hensley. Donna Wilson. Loretta Lindsey. Addie Crimes. .laekie Clnre. Row Ihree - Phyllis Ray. Miss Rurgoyne. Rita Conley, llarita Hall. .loyee Henry, Euniee Tliompsun. Sandra Van Deusen, Barbara Tomlin. Lillie Tate, Barbara Lampkins, Joyee Crouse. Row four - Miss Markley, Katie Crawford. Luey Graham, Ruth Melloy. Conda Blair, l.illie Larkins, Vertie White, Genevieve Reclditt, Ann Warren. Mitzie Ford, Marilyn Ruley. Row fire - Patrieia Hamilton. Peggy Bennett. .luanita l.eavell. Sandra Marshall. Reatriee Shaw. OFFICERS MAIN BRANCH PHYLLIS WHEATLI-IY BRANCH REBECCA SHEAR PWS,-dent SHIRLEY Gosws Presidenl Vlmz BER Pxrnicm Bumcs we' res! cm Vice-President CAROL TEMPLW DOLORES Fowucss Secretary Secrdary " Y ' SHIRLEY SCHENCK . HELEN FIELDS Treasurer Treasurer SPONSORS Miss JAYNE BURGOYNE Miss SUSAN MARRLEY MRS. RUTH Rl-IDD The 19 5 4 Magirian SENIOR DRAMATICS Row unc - Martha Martin. Betty Arbogast, Cloris Angel, Linda Holloway, Margie Craig. Rebecca Shear. Row two - Sandra Maldaner, Joyce Locke, Sandra Botkin, Carol Templin, Janet Gors, Sandra Alexander, Beverly Massie, Margaret Baker, Mary Giles. Ruud three - Miss Henryetta Brandt, .lan Etchison. Don Norman, Jim May, Barbara Jones. .lean Kritselis. Row four - Roy Williams, Herschell Bushford, Roy Laycock, Clyde Rountree, Bob Bonshire. "ANNIE GET YOUR GUN" by Dorothy and Herbert Fields and Irving Berlin Presented As the Senior Play Central High School Auditorium Herschell Rushford CAST OF . . . . . . . Charlie Davenport Jim May ............ .............. M ac .lan Etchison -.--. . Carol Sue Templin Marilyn Wray .... Hoy Williams .. Don Norman .. Foster Wilson . . . . Dolly Tate .. . Winnie Tate ......... Tommy . . . . Frank Butler CHA RA CTE RS Betty Arbogast .lo ce Locke November 4 and 5, 1953 Annie Oakley . Little Jake Beverly Massie . . . . . . . . Jessie Ruth Tate .. Bill Doyel .... Joe Feick .... .... Pawnee Bill Ted Stewart .... . . . . . Minnie . Buffalo Bill . Sitting Bull OTHERS IN CAST Janet Abel Max Abrell Sandra Alexander Cloris Angel Margaret Baker Bob Bonshire Sandra Botkin Shirley Bowman Phil Burt Carol Caupp Anne Clark Virginia Coop Margie Craig Susan Dusing Wayne Fannin Marl Giles Janet Gors Bob Hahn Don Hamilton Clark Harris Joanne Hays Linda Hollaway Mike Irey Lucinda Jolly Barbara Jones Sharon Kelley Jean Kritselis Roy Laycock Sandra Maldaner George Mansfield Bruce Martin Martha Martin Natice Masten Lila Master Clyde Rountree Judy Schneider Becky Shear Marcia Smith De-lee Warnock PRODUCTION STAFF Sandra Botkin Wayne Fannin Hal Hoffman Linda Holloway Barbara .lones Martha Martin Director - Miss Henryetta Brandt 108 The 19 54 Magician JUNIOR DRAMATICS Row one - Judy Frazee. Marvia Smith. Judie Renvh. Sue Javkson, Carol Kear, Phyllis Svhooley. Row two S .layne Sullivan. Catherine Smith. Peggy Edminster, Sandra Botkin, Jean Kritselis, Linda Holloway. Row three - Miss Henryetta Brandt. instructor: Jan Etr-hison. John Phillips, Eddie Black. Charles Haisley, Gerald Garrett. Ronald Getz. HSEVENTEENTH SUMMERU Adapted by Anne Coulter Martens from the book by Maureen Daly Presented as the Junior Clas Play Central High School Auditorium April 7 and 8, 1954 CAST "M." APRIL T CAST "C," APRIL 8 Marcia Smith . Judie Rench . Carol Kear .... Phyllis Schooley Sandra Botkin Charles Haisley Viv Kilmer John Phillips .. Jan Etchison .. Sue Jackson .. Gerald Garrett Judy Frazee ... Ronald Getz .. ... Angie ... ... ... Margaret .. ... Lorraine Kitty ... Mrs. Morrow .... Mr. Morrow .... ... ... Javk ........ ... Art .. ... ... Martin . ...Jane . ... Tony..... Margie .. Fitz PRODUCTION STAFF Peggy Edminster Judie Reneh Carol Kear Jayne Sullivan Catherine Smith Charles Haisley Eddy Blaek John Phillips Jan Etohison Jane Cole Gerald Garrett Judy Frazee Ronald Getz Rowena Ross Jerry Hill Tom Thornburg Kete Coekrell Willus Jarobs Ann McCarroll Rosle Harris Sonja Walters Fred Carnes Bob Bland Jerry Hill Gene Alberson Delee Warnock Toma Northeutt Judy Kilgore Janet Abel Nannette Miller Barbara Bailey Larry Simmons Clark Harris Jessie Hirst Carolyn Brown Dorothy Eoff Bill Doyel Jayne Sullivan John Phillips Jean Kritselis Linda Holloway Sharon Kelley Jim May Hal Hoffman Dramatirs Coach - Miss Henryetta Brandt Tbc 1954 Magirian LIBRARY PAGES Kun- um' Siu- lllvlluinniun. Wunrlu Smith, Lynn llaskf-tt. Rau' luv: - Bc-tty Mlunis. Hulry Ma-Call. Mary Clark. llaylv Sly, Us-ul'ge -Xnn llulu-r. CAFETERIA ASSISTANTS an in Kun' nm' Marilyn Vllllglllll, lfvelyn llolvs, lllarjnriv Rainey, liluinv Rnutll. Gloria Nollvy. Huw two f Mrs. Mary flmlvrsmi. Mrs. Celwiim-ve Justus. Mrs. llc-tty Haig:-l'. Narnia Tlifnnp- l'l1yllis 'l'urnm'r. .lilllll llrauly. Nlrw. lluisy 0'IJell, llarlruru llutliric-. llarlraru Sitvs. .loyvv Neilson. Thr 1954 Magifian PURDUE LEGISLATIVE ASSEMBLY PURDUE UNIVERSITY DECEMBER 4 and 5 1953 Lvf l S Roy l.ay1'0:'k. Ralph Ednminstvr. Phil Burl. Rllllillli xll'CUI'llli4'k. Bill Lau Right -- Slwrry Pierpont. Sandra xliIl4i2ll1PI'. ffurnl Kvar. Uivk Marshall. Tlx' 1954 Magirian i1IfX'l'IiAI, HIGH DEl,l'XlA'l'IUN SHI-:RRY PIICRPOYT Pull. HURT Sfvmtor xfllffrrznlv IMLPH EDMINSTI-:R Dum M,xnsHAxl.l. Rl'lIfl'.9l'lIflIfil'l' .4llr'rn11tf' Rm' L,xYCOcK I,-wmv Mcllvxm: Rl'fIfl'Sf'llflIfil't' niflivrrzrzle' Job: M1Tcm3l.l. CARUI, Kunz R4'l1I'1'5l'IlfllIl.l't' Alff'I'lI!lff' Blu. I.,xw'vr:m: RON-kl,ll Mcllmwllcla Rvprffsrfrzlrzlirf' .41f4'flIIlf1' SANDRA Mulmixwrzlx Sludvnl .4d1'isur SPONSORS Hl?SSl'jl.l, T. MCNVTT Miss ESTHI-IR BAxRTl.r:TT KY!!! CENTRAL BAND OFFICERS JIM SHERFY JULIA HINSI-IAW President Secretary RONALD MCCORMICK JERRY PIERCE V ice-President Treasurer DoN PARLETTE Director The 19 54 Magician CENTRAL DANCE BAND CENTRAL ORCHESTRA 1' 1954 Afllgiffllll UFIVICERS Dwm ERT!-II. Cucm. Bmsow l'l'l'Sidl'lIl Sl'l'l'l'f!ll'AY TV'-KRILYN Smwrzn Pwsv ,lows V1'rf'-l'r1'sid1'l1l Tl'I'IlSIII'!'l' DI R FIi1'l'0li HUHHRT DVVICCIYS CCNCERT CHOIR Imam' Asn l'fl'Sl.dl'IIf H1 tQIlI4I'I"l'X Hum xx S4'l'I'l'flIl'vY. S1't'Ulld l'f'riud Iircuxxlvlxlc Umm Tr1'r1s11rr'r. SITUIIII l,l'fl'Ufl Umm S'I'l'1I'l,I-ITUN' UFFICICRS DI RICCTORS M-xx AHIUQLI. I' ffl'-l'rc'.9I'd1'lIf SH: JOHNSON Svvrvlzzry. Sixllz l'1'l'I.011 JERRY Oslsom Trvrzszlrvr. Sixth l'z'riud I-ILHEST ISUYER Sf'1'ul1 cf f'4'rl'n1f .SI.AAf,I l'f-rind ALL-GIRL CHOIR HAIKIMIIN Ju.-ww SMITH 1,I'l'Sidl'IIf Jovcr: Tlwsmgv I Svrrvlrzry. Third lvriou' Gul. Jovi-:s Trvzlsllrvr. Third l'c'riml DIRECTORS ISHN EST Bm' un Th ird Pvrinrl ,llaxxmc wnlllil. I'ir'4'-l'rw.s1'df'l1l l,llYl.I,lS Hn' Sl'l'I'l'flII'y. Sl'I'l'IIflI Pvrlml Rlc'l',x 'l'Vxlfl,lxm:r:n Tfl'fISllI'l'f'. Sl'l'f'lIflI l'r'rim llmax 5'l'liI'I.I-I'l'0X Sf-zwlllr l'4'riml The 1954 Magirian MAGICIAN STAFF Swim-x Mxl.11,xNr:l: Wunx Wriuzn lfvdfflll'-I-II-f,'lII'f'f. HllSI.lll'SS Marlugf-r lim' I,n'C0cK H-xRrm:T HANLIN Bon Bowsumrz .'1.9SUl'I.Ilfl' l'frf1'lor .ffrl Editor Sporls ffdilor Miss .lrzwm S'l'-KNlJIiRFOIiIl ,l. llxkl, Hl'VlI'HRl-15' lfdilorial Sponsor HllSI'lIf'SS Sponsor 6 Tlx' 1954 MdtQil'ilIII li . . ."3s:,,f' M Q 4-"..-an-A 5 I NATICE MYASTEN .. .. JOYCE Am'1.r3cATE Svnior Y4SSl.Sfl1IIfS Ek SHIRLEY SCHENCR, NIARY TROXELL, MARGARET FULTON, DOLORT:s Fowuqzs, JEAN BARR The I 9 54 Magician funior Assislants NANCY HART SANDRA ELEY Sophomore, ,4SSl.Sf!IIIfS

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