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Text from Pages 1 - 120 of the 1947 volume:

u w 1947 SlZaqieicin PUBLISHED BY THE SENIOR CLASS OF CENTRAL HIGH SCHOOL MUNCIF., INDIANAR. D. SHAFFER The 1947 Magician £)eclicati on TO R. D. SHAFFER Superintendent of Muncie City Schools who won the respect and admiration of Central students during his nine years as principal of Central High, the 1947 Magician is dedicated. His friendliness, sincerity, and keen interest in students and their welfare are characteristics which enable him to guide successfully the educational activities of the public schools of Muncie. The 1947 Magicianis for Administration, The chiefs of our schools; On the Board of Education They draw up the rules. 6 Magician Left to right — R. D. Shaffer, superintendent of schools; John C. Banta, treasurer; William T. Haymond, president; Ora T. Shroyer, secretary.stands for BEARCAT, The best in the land. And to Central he's tops, The 1947 Magician 7 And we don't mean . . . maybe.C stands for Caliber Of most high degree. This means STUDENT COUNCIL . A new one have we. TOM FOSTER President EARL PECKINPAUGH Principal OFFICERS MIKE ELLIOTT JO ANNE MILLER NANCY MARVIN Vice-President Secretary Treasurer SPONSORS MISS LUCILLE JOHNSON HAROLD V. ANDERSON Dean of Girls Dean of Boys Row one — Connie Bentley, Willa Keclcy, Jackie Nicewanner, Martha Huffman, Wanda Rector, Jackie Harrell, Jo Anne Miller, Tom Foster. Row two—Peggy Harvey, Frances Fox, Katherine Penrod, Ruth Owens, Ann Cunningham, Norma Babylon, Nola Pcckinpaugh. Row three — Etta Acton, Dixana Yockey, Jean Hume, Joanne Armintrout, Joan Bailey, Roberta Haskins, Peggy Ellis. Row four — Patsy Elliott, Betty Jo Hudson, Jerry Harrold, Bobbie Martin, Carmen Charlton, Anita Page, Mr. Harold V. Anderson. Row five — Bob Robinson, Jack Armintrout, Forrest Hurst, Charles Miller, Bob Halteman, Lacky Liakos, Bill Thomas. Row six — Dick Taylor, Don Hewitt, Floyd Raster, Gene Bebout, Miss Lucille Johnson. Row seven — Bob Fred, Dick Perkins, John Jones, Harold Jones, Don Buennagcl, Bob Scott, Dale Zimmerman, Bob Mantock, Mr. Earl Peckinpaugh. 8 The 1947 MagicianOFFICERS SHIRLEY BURCH WALTER ROBINSON MARY ANN REED EARL WILLIAMS Treasurer Vice-President Secretary President stands for Class. Our school numbers three. But the best of the lot The 1947 Magician 9 Are the faces you'll see.SENIOR COMMITTEES DUES COLLECTORS Myrna Jean Davis Nina Ruth Nichols Barbara Gclbaugh Barbara Trennepohl COLLEGE CONFERENCE DAY Jerry Dctrich, Frances Fox, Charles Holloway, Barbara Hyatt, Luclla LeBcau, Charles Powell, Marilyn Thomas SENIOR BANQUET Bertha Birt, chairman; Miriam Brcdwell, Nola Peckinpaugh, Myrna Jean Davis, Bob Schrader, Tom Hughes, Drucilla Stillwagon. SENIOR OFFICE Joan Byrd Rachel Martin Mary Ann Gravely Peggy Myers SENIOR DANCE Marilyn Thornburg, Charles Sherrill, co-chairmen; Eddie Davies, Jackie Harrell, Joe Dooley, Richard Martin, John Hampton, Peggy Myers. MOTHERS TEA Jo Anne Miller, Nancy Brooks, co-chairmen; Annette Austin, Phyllis Reavis, Bonnie Nelson Marilyn Roth. SENIOR CAREER DAYS Mary Martha Allred, Bob Barber. Bertha Birt, Marty Boggs, Miriam Brcdwell, Nancy Brooks. Barbara Brown, Audrey Chandler, Bud Clark, Mary Compton, Shirley Cornell. Bob Davis, Jerry Detrich. Richard Ehrlich, Carolyn Fisher, Bob Fouch, Jack Goen. Mary Ann Gravely, Donald Grim, Jackie Harrell, Marian Harris, Pat Huffman, Barbara Hyatt, Paul Johnson, Dick Joy. Rosemary Lamb, Luella LeBeau, Lacky Liakos, Louise Lovett, Evelyn Lowery, Charles Nelson, Nina Ruth Nichols, Anita Page, Madonna Parks, Martha Patterson, Katherine Penrod, Charles Pippin, Leora Pittenger, Charles Powell, Robert Ratcliff, Don Reber, John Reed, Bob Rcplogle, Barbara Richards, Marilyn Roth, Bob Schrader, Doris Shinn, Bill Stump, Helen Swan, Marilyn Thomas, Richard Tuttle, Carolyn Tyler, Donna Weiss. Row uui---Barbara Gclbaugh, Myrna Jean Davis, Walter Robinson, Shirley Burch, Earl Williams, Mary Ann Reed, Max Jordan, Bertha Birt, Jerry Harrold. Row two—Marilyn Thomas, Jerry Dctrich, Miss Eleanor Bly, chairman of senior counselors; Mary Compton, Gail Wilson. Row three—Dave Weeks, Eddie Davies, Gene Courtwright, Charles Powell, David Thomas. 10 The 1947 MagicianROW ONE HARRIS ARNOLD. United State Navy from March, 1 43, to January, 1 45. Dance Band, Robed Choir, Intramural Athletics, "Musical Moods." MIKE ELLIOTT, United States Navy from March, 1945, to August. 1946. P«P Club, Student Council, Office Page, Intramural Athletics, Junior Council, Sophomore Council. ROW TWO PAUL H. HINES, United States Army from May, 1944, to April, 1945. Pep Club, Football, Intramural Athletics DALLAS MORGAN JONES, United States Navy from July, 1944, to June, 1946. Football, Besketball, Wrestling, Sophomore Council. JACK F. McCURDY, United States Navy from March, 1945, to July, 1946. Football, Track, Intramural Athletics. JOE MEYER, United States Marines from March, 1945, to August, 1946. ROW THREE LLOYD POWELL, United States Navy Seabecs from October, 1943, to December, 1945 CHARLES RAY SCHAMIHORN, United States Navy from August, 1945, to August, 1946. Senior Council, Football, Baseball, Intramural Athletics. HAROLD E. SULKEY, United States Navy from December, 1944, to August, 1946. Student Council, Robed Choir, Football, Basketball, "Musical Moods.” BOB TEMPLIN, United States Navy from January, 1945, to July, 1946. Intramural Athletics. The 1947 Magician 11SENIORS OF 1947 Row 1: JAMES HOWARD ACTON — R. O. T. C.( Hi-Y, Science Club. Senior Council, Office Page, Football . . . ROBERT PAUL ADAMS — Band, Dance Band, Robed Choir, "Musical Moods” . . . PATSY ALLIE . . . MARY MARTHA ALLRED — Y-Teen, Robed Choir, "Musical Moods” . . . ROBERT EUGENE AMMON — Hi-Y, Football, Intramural Athletics. Row 2: JERRY ANGEL — Intramural Athletics . . . SAMUEL L. ARNOLD — Entered in 1946 from Shortridge High School, Indianapolis . ANNETTE AUSTIN — Honor Society, Math Club, Science Club, Social Science Club . . . THF'A ELAINE AUSTIN —Junior Council . . . EUNICE I. BAILEY — Band, Library Page, Sophomore Council, "Brighten the Corner,” "Love Your Neighbor.” Row 3: EVA BAILEY . . . BOB G. BARBER — R. O. T. C., Office Page . . . JOAN BARR — Honor Society, Robed Choir, Office Page, Sophomore Council, "Musical Moods’’ . . . JEANE BARTLETT—Entered in 1945 from Petroleum High School . . . JOHN ROBERT BARTLETT. Row 4: DON BASSETT — Honor Society, Math Club, Quill and Scroll, Social Science Club, Sophomore Council, Mumonian, Magician . . . MARY CATHERINE BAUER — Munsonian . . . DAVID M. BEARD — R. O. T. C., Band, "Musical Moods” . . . FLONNIE M. BEATY . . . GENE BEBOUT — Student Council. Row 5: MAX EUGENE BELL— Robed Choir, "Musical Moods” . . . WANDA A. BELLER . . . LOUISE BENBOW — Honor Society, Pep Club, Robed Choir, "Musical Moods” . . . JOYCE BENNETT — Robed Choir, "Musical Moods” .... DONALD E. BENSON — Football, Intramural Athletics. Row 6: BILL BINKLEY — Hi-Y, Math Club, Student Council, Basketball . . . CHARLES BIRD . . . BERTHA A. BIRT — Honor Society, Social Science Club, Senior Council, "Brighten the Corner,” "Love Your Neighbor”. . . JF'RRI LOU BLACK — Rober Choir, "Musical Moods”. . . EARL NELSON BLAKE — R. O. T. C„ Hi-Y, Robed Choir, "Musical Moods.” The 1947 MagicianThe 1947 Magician 1314 The 1947 MagicianSENIORS OF 1947 Row 1: VIRGINIA E. BLAKESLEE — Robed Choir, "Musical Moods”. . . GENEVIEVE BLAND —Robed Choir, "Musical Moods”. . . MARTIN BOGGS — Junior Council, Track, Intramural Athletics . . . ROBERT BOLES . . . GERALDINE BONNER — Robed Choir, "Musical Moods.’’ Row 2: DONNA SELLS BRADBURN— Senior Council, Junior Council, Sophomore Council . . . PHILLIP A. BRADY — R. O. T. C.. Band. Dance Band, Robed Choir, "Musical Moods”. . . MIRIAM Z. BREDWELL — G. A. A., Math Club, Pep Club, Science Club, Social Science Club, Robed Choir, Junior Secretary, Junior Council, "Musical Moods,” Munsonian. .. NANCY JOAN BROOKS— Honor Society, Math Club. Science Club, Social Science Club . . . BARBARA JOYCE BROWN — 'Brighten the Corner,” "Love Your Neighbor,” Munsonian. Row 3: CHESTER HAROLD BROWN . . . DONALD E. BROWN — Band, Dance Band, "Musical Moods” . . . GARLAND R. BROWN —Honor Society, Math Club, Pep Club, Science Club, Social Science Club . . . EARLENE L. BRUNER—Sophomore Council . . . SYLVIA BUIS — Robed Choir, "Musical Moods.” Row 4: FRANCES JEANETTE BUNNER — Robed Choir, "Musical Moods” . . . SHIRLEY JUNE BURCH—Senior Treasurer, Honor Society, Social Science Club, Robed Choir, Senior Council, Junior Treasurer, Junior Council, "Love Your Neighbor,” "Musical Moods,” Munsonian . . . JACQUELINE LOU BURNS—Pep Club, Robed Choir, "Musical Moods,” . . . JOAN BUTTS —G. A. A.. Pep Club . . . JOAN C. BYRD. Row 5: BETTY GENEVA CAMPBELL — Senior Service Scouts . . . NILA RAY CARMICHAEL—Robed Choir, "Love Your Neighbor,” "Musical Moods”.. . NORMA LEE CATRON . . . BARBARA LEE CHAMBERS —Pep Club. Robed Choir, Librarv Page, "Musical Moods,” Munsonian . . . HELEN JUANITA CHAMBERS. Row 6: AUDREY CHANDLER — Honor Society, "Love Your Neighbor,” Munsonian . . . BUD CLARK — Fintercd in 1943 from Highland Park High School, Dallas, Texas; R. O. T. C., Hi-Y, "Brighten the Corner’’. . . JOHN RUSSELL CLAYTON — R. O. T. C„ Robed Choir . . . MARY LOU CLEMENS . . . GENE COLEMAN — Hi-Y, Senior Council, Football, Track, Bowling. The 1947 Magician 15SENIORS OF 1947 Row 1: BEVERLY JEAN COLLINS — Robed Choir, "Musical Moods,”. . . ROBERT COLLINS . . . MARY ALICE COMPTON — Honor Society . . . KLARA LOUISE CONKF.L —Robed Choir, "Musical Moods” . . . JACQUELINE Y. CONQUEST. Row. 2: JACQUELINE LOUISE COONS—Band. Robed Choir, "Musical Moods” . . . SHIRLEY CORNELL— G. A. A.. Math Club, Pep Club. Science Club, Social Science Club, Junior Council . . . GENE CORTWRIGHT — Social Science Club, Senior Council, Purdue Debaters’ Conference, Magician . . . NORMA CORTWRIGHT — Honor Society, All-Girl Choir, Robed Choir, "Musical Moods” . . . LOUIS COSTAS — R.O. T. C., Honor Society. Hi-Y, Science Club, Intramural Athletics. Row 3: ETHEL MAE CRAYCRAFT—Entered in 1945 from Mt. Sterling High School, Mt. Sterling, Ky.; Robed Choir. "Musical Moods” . . . JACK RUSSELL CRONIN — R. O. T. C., Honor Society, Hi-Y, Student Council. Motion Picture Projector Operator .. . BETTY JEAN CROUCH — Senior Service Scouts . . . CHARLES R. CRUMP — track . . . MARION RICHARD CUNN1NGTON — R. O. T. C. Rosv 4: RICHARD E. DAILEY — Pep Club. Intramural Athletics . . . JEANNE DALE — Pep Club, Junior Council, Sophomore Council, "Love Your Neighbor”. . . RALPH DARNEL! EDDIE DAVIES —Hi-Y, Math Club, Pep Club, Senior Coun- cil, Junior Council, Track, Intramural Athletics . . . BF.RNEICE JF.NEVIEVE DAVIS — Pep Club, Robed Choir, Junior Council, "Musical Moods,”—Magician. Row 5: MYRNA JEAN DAVIS—Senior Council . . . ROBERT L. DAVIS — Hi-Y, Senior Council, Office Page, Junior Council, Basketball . . . VERONICA JOAN DAVIS — Entered in 1946 from St. Nicholas High School, Zanesville, Ohio . . . BETTY DEAN . . . HAROLD W. DFiAN — R.O. T. C., Intramural Athletics, "Love Your Neighbor.” Row 6: ROBERT EUGENE DEARINGER . . . CHERRY MAE DEF.RING — Robed Choir, Y-Tcen, "Musical Moods” . . . WANDA LEE DEHOFF — Honor Society, Junior Council, Sophomore Council, "Love Your Neighbor” . . . SHIRLEY ROSALIE DERRINGER — Robed Choir, "Musical Moods,” Mnnsonian . . . JERRY DETRICH — Robed Choir, Senior Council, "Musical Moods," Mnnsonian. 16 The 1947 MagicianSENIORS OF 1947 Row 1: RICHARD H. DEVOE — Social Science Club, Office Page, Basketball, Baseball . . . JOE DOOLEY — Hi-Y, Math Club, Pep Club, Quill and Scroll, Science Club, Social Science Club, Junior President, Junior Council, Sophomore Council, Football, Baseball, Track, Intramural Athletics, Mvnsonian . . . EVERETT GENE DUKE — Intramural Athletics . . . PATRICIA R. DUNN . . . RICHARD THOMAS DYRF.K — Entered in 1945 from West Tech High School, Cleveland, Ohio; Senior Council, Football, Baseball, Intramural Athletics. Row 2: RICHARD J. EHRLICH — Honor Society, Student Council . . . WILLIAM LEE ELLER —Intramural Athletics . . . RALPH R. ELLIOTT — Football, Track, Wrestling, Intramural Athletics . . . PAT ELSTEN — Robed Choir, "Musical Moods” . . . DARRELL R. EMSHWII.LER. Row 3: BETTE ERTEL — Pep Club, Robed Choir, "Musical Moods”. . . RICHARD L. EVANS — R.O. T. C., Hi-Y, Intramural Athletics . . . DOROTHY FANNIN — Robed Choir, "Musical Moods” . . . JANET M. FARQUHAR — "Love Your Neighbor,” Musical Moods”. . . NANCY LENORE FERRELL—Entered in 1946 from Franklin High School, New Athens, Ohio; Robed Choir, "Musical Moods.” Row 4: CHARLES R. FIELDS . . . CAROLYN JANE FISHER —Honor Society, Sophomore Council . . . MARY ANN FLOYD — Science Club . . . ROBERT FOUCH — R. O. T. C., Pep Club, Sophomore Council, Track. Intramural Athletics , . . FRANCES G. FOX—Entered in 1945 from Harrison Township High School; Honor Society, Student Council. Row 5: GLEN FUNKHOUSER . . . MARY ANN FUTRELL —Robed Choir, Musical Moods’. . . CLARA MAE GARRETT—Entered in 1945 from Cowan FLigh School . . . BARBARA LOU GELBAUGH — Honor Society, Senior Council, Junior Council, placed fifth in state Constitution Day contest . . . GENE GIBSON — R.O.T.C. Row 6: JACK A. GIBSON — R. O. T. C. . . . JACK B. GILBERT — R. O. T. C., Honor Society, Hi-Y . . . DORIS GILL . . . FRANK M. GILPEN — R. O. T. C., Science C.Iub . . . GLENDORA GLENN—G. A. A., Math Club, Science Club. The 1947 Magician 19SENIORS OF 1947 Row 1: JACK L. GOEN —Hi-Y, Office Page, Basketball . . . CASSIUS. M. GOENS — R.O.T.C., Band, 'Musical Moods”. . . NORMA JEAN GOLDEN . . . MARY JANE GORDON — Honor Society, Math Club, Pep Club, Science Club, Senior Service Scouts, Robed Choir, "Musical Moods” . . . JOSEPH GRAHAM — Basketball, Munsonian. Row 2: MARY ANN GRAVELY . . . ROBERT C. GREEN . . . WILLIAM T. GRIFFIN —R.O.T.C., Pep Club . . . BOB GRUWELL —R. O. T. C., Intramural Athletics . . . ROSEMARY ANNE GUNCKEL — Robed Choir, "Musical Moods.” Row 3: DONALD HAINES— R.O.T.C ROBERT HALTEMAN . . . JOHN V. HAMPTON — Pep Club, Football, Baseball, Intramural Athletics, "Musical Moods” . . . WANDA J. HARPER . . . JACQUELINE ROSALIE HARRELL—Honor Society, Math Club, Social Science Club, Student Council, Bowiing, "Musical Moods,” Magician. Row 4: BARBARA JEAN HARRINGTON — Pep Club . . . MARLAN HARRIS — Honor Society, Wrestling, Intramural Athletics . . . MARTHA E. HARRISON . . . JERRY ANNE HARROLD —G. A. A., Pep Club, Quill and Scroll, Social Science Club, Senior Council, Student Council, Sophomore Council, "Brighten the Corner,” "Love Your Neighbor, "Mumonian . . . JO ANN HASSON — Entered in 1945 from Memorial High School, St. Mary’s, Ohio. Row 5: PATRICIA HELDENBRAND — Honor Society, All-Girl Choir, Robed Choir, "Musical Moods”. . . BERNARD W. HENRY. . .DONALD EUGENE HERBERT— Intramural Athletics . . . MARGARET FAYE HILL—Entered in 1946 from Yorktown High School . . . CHARLES EDWARD HOLLOWAY—Honor Society, Baseball, Intramural Athletics. Row 6: AGNES HOOVER — Entered in 1945 from Montpelier High School . . . BEVERLY ANNE HOOVER —Honor Society, Student Council . . . SAM HUBBARD — R.O.T.C., Hi-Y, Science Club, Intramural Athletics . . . PATRICIA ANN HUFFMAN—G. A. A., Pep Club, Quill and Scroll, Mnnsonian . . .THOMAS H. HUGHES — Honor Society, Hi-Y, Math Club, Quill and Scroll, Social Science Club, Intramural Athletics, Mnnsonian, Magician. 20 The 1947 Magician22 The 1947 MagicianSENIORS OF 1947 Row 1: ANNA LEE HUGUS — Pep Club, Science Club, Social Science Club, All-Girl Choir, Junior Council, "Musical Moods,” Munsonian . . . PRANK HURST — Pep Club, Band, Robed Choir, "Musical Moods” . . . ROSALIE HUTCHENS — Entered in 1945 from Burris High School; Science Club, Social Science Club... BARBARA LOU HYATT — Honor Society, Pep Club, Quill and Scroll, Social Science Club, Robed Choir. Student Council, Purdue Debaters’ Conference, "Musical Moods,” Munsonian . . . LOUISE IRWIN. Row 2: MAXINE ELSIE JACK —Honor Society . . . MARJORIE R. JACKSON .. . MILDRED JEFFERY ... DALE R. JOHNSON — R. O. T. C., Office Page, Bowling, Intramural Athletics . . . HATTIE PEARL JOHNSON — Y-Tcen. Row 3: PAUL E. JOHNSON — Entered in 1945 from York Community High School, Elmhurst, Illinois; Robed Choir, "Musical Moods”. . . BETTYANNE JONES — Honor Society, Pep Club, Robed Choir, Junior Council, "Musical Moods” . . . MAX JORDAN — Senior Vice-President during first semester, R. O. T. C., Honor Society, Hi-Y, Math Club, Science Club, Social Science Club, Senior Council, Junior Council, Sophomore Council, Baseball . . . RICHARD D. JOY — Hi-Y. Office Page, Munsonian . . . SAMUEL THOMAS KEASBEY. Row 4: WILLA KEELEY—Honor Society, Student Council, Sophomore Council . . . EVELYN M. KELBEL —Pep Club . . . MARY LOU KENYON . . . RITA JANE KEPPLER — Honer Society, Math Club, Pep Club. Robed Choir, "Musical Moods,” . . . NORMA JEAN KETCHAM. Row 5: HAROLD KING RE Y—Sophomore Council, Intramural Athletics, "Brighten the Corner,” "Love Your Neighbor” . . . HAROLD KINNEY . . . PRISCILLA KLEPFER . . . ROBERT P. KOONTZ — R. O. T. C., Hi-Y, Science Club . . . ALYCE KRAMER. Row 6: MARY KATHRYN KUHNS — Band Majorette, Library Page . . . JACQ J. LADURON —Hi-Y, Football, Track, Wrestling . . . ROSEMARY LAMB —Robed Choir, "Musical Moods”. . . ARTHUR LANGDON — R. O. T. C., Pep Club, Track . . . DON LANNING — Robed Choir, "Musical Moods.” The 1947 Magician 23SENIORS OF 1947 Row 1: BETTY LOUISE LARR ABEE . . . CARL LA WALL . . . LUELLA LEBEAU — Honor Society, Math Club, Pep Club, Quill and Scroll, Social Science Club, Bowling, Purdue Debaters’ Conference, Junior Council, Munsonian . . . CHRIS L. LIAKOS, Jr.— Hi-Y, Pep Club, Social Science Club, Student Council, Baseball, Intramural Athletics... DELORIS PAULINE LIGHTFOOT —Pep Club, Robed Choir, "Musical Moods.” Row 2: BARBARA LINGO —Honor Society . . . BETTY DOLORES LOCKE — Pep Club, Office Page . . . BEVERLY LONG — Honor Society, Munsonian . . . LOUISE LOVETT —Robed Choir, "Musical Moods”. . . EVELYN NADINE LOWERY — Robed Choir, "Musical Moods.” Row 3: MARY ELLEN LOWMAN— Robed Choir, "Musical Moods” . . . NAOMI LUTZ —Sophomore Council . . . EDWIN LUZADER — R. O. T. C. . . . JOYCE A. McCOY —Robed Choir . . . RUTH McCOY. Row 4: DEE McGENZIE — Football . . . WILLIAM R. McKIBBEN, Jr. —Hi-Y, Junior Council . . . MARTHA SUSAN McVICKER — Robed Choir, "Musical Moods” . . . DON D. MACE —R. O. T.C. . . . BARBARA MACKEN — Pep Club. Row 5: CAROL MARSH . . . ELLA DEAN MARTIN . . . RACHEL MARTIN — Honor Society, Pep Club, Robed Choir, "Musical Moods”. . . RICHARD H. MATHIAS — R. O. T. C., Pep Club . . . BETTY MAYNARD. Row 6: MARY ANN MAYNARD — Robed Choir, Sophomore Council, "Musical Moods”. . . MARGARET LAJEAN MICHAEL ... JO ANNE MILLER —Honor Society, Math Club, Pep Club, Social Science Club, Student Council . . . ODESSA MILLER— Y-Teen . . . PATRICIA ANN MILLER — G.A. A., Pep Club, Senior Service Scouts, Robed Choir, "Musical Moods.” 24 The 1947 Magician2526 The 1947 MagicianSENIORS OF 1947 Row 1: JANE ELLEN MINEAR — Pep Club, Robed Choir, "Musical Moods’’. . . DON MINNICK —Intramural Athletics . . . BETTY MITCHELL . . . DOROTHY JEANNE MOORE — Munsonian . . . RICHARD R. MOORE — R. O. T. C. Row 2: MARILYN MOSIER — Entered in 1946 from Winchester High School, All-Girl Choir, "Musical Moods,” Mutt soman . . . MILDRED COLLEEN MOYSTNER . . . NANCY MULHOLLAND — Robed Choir, "Musical Moods,” Munsonian . . . AUDRY MURPHY —Pep Club . . . PEGGY MYERS —Honor Society, Pep Club, Robed Choir, "Musical Moods.” Row 3: NORMA RUTH NASH . . . BONNIE MARIE NELSON — G. A. A., Pep Club, Robed Choir, "Musical Moods”. . . CHARLES NELSON — Pep Club, Social Science Club, Intramural Athletics . . . MARILYN NENSTIEL—Robed Choir, Library Page, Junior Council, Sophomore Council, "Brighten the Corner,” "Musical Moods” . . . E. ANNE NICHOLS — Entered in 1945 from Technical High School, Indianapolis; Honor Society. Row 4: NINA RUTH NICHOLS — Robed Choir, "Brighten the Corner,” "Musical Moods” . . . THAD D. NORTON—Math Club, Honorable Mention in state Constitution Day contest . . . DOROTHY ANN OHI.EMACHER — Pep Club, Sophomore Council, "Brighten the Corner,” "Love Your Neighbor”. . . NELSON L. OHLEMACHER — Hi-Y, Basketball . . . ANITA PAGE — Honor Society, G. A. A., Math Club, Science-Club, Social Science Club, Student Council, Robed Choir, Winner of first in county and second in district 1946 Rotary Club Speech Contest, "Musical Moods,” Magician. Row 5: ROSEMARY PALIN — Band, "Musical Moods”. . . . ELEANOR M. PARKER — Munsonian . . . REGINA PARKER — Sophomore Council, Munsonian . . . MADONNA L. PARKS—Robed Choir, "Musical Moods”. . . MARTHA LAVONNE PATTERSON — Robed Choir, "Musical Moods.” Row 6: NOLA PECKINPAUGH — Pep Club, Robed Choir, "Musical Moods,,. . . VADA PENNY — Entered in 1946 from Jackson High School, Jackson, Ohio; Office Page . . . KATHERINE JOANNAH PENROD — Honor Society, G. A. A., Robed Choir, Student Council, Bowling, "Brighten the Corner,” "Love Your Neighbor,” "Musical Moods”. . . . LEORA MAE PITTF.NGER — G. A. A., Pep Club . . . G. REX PITTENGER — R. O. T. C., Bowling, "Brighten the Corner,” "Love Your Neighbor.” The 1947 Magician 27SENIORS OF 1947 Row 1: RAYMOND PORTER — Intramural Athletics . . . CHARLES E. POWELL — Honor Society, Hi-Y, Social Science Club, Robed Choir, Junior Council, Track, Intramural Athletics, "Musical Moods” . . . HARRY G. PROCTOR — R. O. T. C., Pep Club, Robed Choir, "Musical Moods”. . . BETTY JO PROPST—Robed Choir, "Musical Moods”. . . BARBARA J. PUTERBAUGH. Row 2: DON E. RAHE — Hi-Y, Junior Council, Sophomore Council, Intramural Athletics . . . BARBARA SUE RAINEY —G. A. A., Pep Club . . . ROBERT E. RATCLIFF— R. O. T. C., Math Club. Robed Choir . . . EDWARD P. RAY —R. O. T. C. . . SALLY JANE REAM — Robed Choir, Junior Council, "Musical Moods.” Row 3: PHYLLIS JEAN REA VIS — Pep Club, Robed Choir, "Musical Moods,” Magician . . . DON E. REBER—R. O. T. C., Intramural Athletics . . . WANDA RECTOR — Honor Society, Student Council, Bowling . . . CHARLINE REED . . . JOHN REED — R. O. T. C., Hi-Y, Pep Club, Sophomore Council, Intramural Athletics, "Brighten the Corner.” Row 4: LORENE REED . . . MARY ANN REED — Senior Secretary, Honor Society, G. A. A., Math Club, Pep Club, Science Club, Social Science Club, Senior Council, Purdue Debaters’Conference . . . ROBERT RENCH . . . MARGARET BELLE REYNOLDS— G. A. A., Band, Dance Band, Robed Choir, "Musical Moods”. . .THOMAS E. R1BBLE —R.O.T.C. Row 5: BETTY JEAN RICHARD—"Brighten the Corner,” "Love Your Neighbor”. . . BARBARA ANN RICHARDS — Honor Society, Social Science Club, Robed Choir, "Musical Moods” . . . R. DARRELL RILEY — Office Page, Intramural Athletics . . . ROBERT E. RINKER — R. O. T. C., Pep Club, "Brighten the Corner”. . . EARL ROBERTS —Basketball, Track. Row 6: BARBARA ROBERTSON . . . WALTER ROBINSON — Senior Vice-President, Honor Society, Hi-Y, Math Club, Science Club, Social Science Club, Senior Council, Sophomore Council . . . YVONNE PARKER ROBINSON . . . FRED L. ROBLING — Hi-Y, Basketball, Baseball . . . DALE A. RODGERS. 28 The 1947 MagicianThe 1947 Magician 2930 The 1947 MagicianSENIORS OF 1947 Row 1: JEAN RODGERS—Entered in 1946 from Gaston High School, All-Girl Choir, "Musical Moods”. . . MARILYN F.STA ROTH —Pep Club, Robed Choir, "Musical Moods,” Magician . . . RICHARD ROTROFF . . . MELVIN H. RUBLE — R.O. T. C., Robed Choir, Intramural Athletics, "Musical Moods” .... JACKIE L. RUDDICK. Row 2: EDITH LOUISE RUSSELL — Y-Teen, Robed Choir, "Musical Moods”. . . EUGENE FRANKLIN SANDERS — R. O. T. C., Pep Club, Senior Council. "Love Your Neighbor” . . . JUNE ALICE SANDERS — Honor Society, Quill and Scroll, Munsonian, Magician . . . CAROLYN ALICE SAUNDERS . . . ROBERT A. SCHRADER — Sophomore Council, Track. Row 3: GENE T. SCHUCK — Honor Society, Pep Club, Robed Choir, Intramural Athletics, Purdue Debaters’ Conference, "Musical Moods”. . . KATHRYN WYVF1TTA SCOTT . . . RUTHANN SERRA — Entered in 1945 from Anderson High School, Honor Society, Social Science Club, Magician . . . ALICE MARIE SHAFER — Office Page, All-Girl Choir. "Musical Moods’. . . MARY LENORE SHARKITT. Row 4: NANCY JANE SHEAR—Office Page, Robed Choir, "Musical Moods”. . . DORIS E. SHINN — Honor Society, G. A. A., Pep Club, Senior Service Scouts, Robed Choir, "Musical Moods,” Magician ... DORTHEA JEWELL SIGGINS—Honor Society, G. A. A., Math Club, Science Club, "Brighten the Corner” . . . MARY MARTHA SKILL-MAN— Pep Club, Library Page, Munsonian . . . CLARA BELL SKINNER. Row 5: RICHARD SMALLEY . . . THEDUS GAYLE SMITH . . . MARIBF.L WANETA SPANGLER —G. A. A.. Science Club . . . L. HERMAN STEPHENS — Sophomore Council . . . LOIS E. STEVENS. Row 6: JAMES STEWART — Track, Intramural Athletics . . . DRUCILLA J. ST1LLWAGON — Honor Society, Math Club, Pep Club, Quill and Scroll, "Love Your Neighbor,” Munsonian, Magician . . . JOANNE STOKES—Honor Society, Pep Club, Sophomore Council . . . VERA MARJORIE STUDEBAKER — Robed Choir, "Musical Moods”. . . BILLY CHARLES STUMP—Entered in 1945 from Hyde Park High School, Chicago; Hi-Y, Science Club, Robed Choir, Intramural Athletics, "Musical Moods.” The 1947 Magician 31SENIORS OF 1947 Row I: KATHRYN E. SULLIVAN . . . JACK L. SUTTON - R. O. T. C„ Honor Society, Pep Club . . . JAMES WALTER SWALLOW . . . HELEN JEAN SWAN — Senior Service Scouts, Band, "Musical Moods,’’ Munson tan . . . DON SWANGER — R. O. T. C„ Football. Row 2: PHYLLIS J. TAYLOR — Y-Tcen, All-Girl Choir, "Musical Moods”. . . TOM TERRELL . . . DAVID DALE THOMAS— Senior Council, Basketball, Track . . . HOWARD E. THOMAS . . . MARILYN THOMAS —Pep Club, Senior Council. Row 3: WILLIAM JENKINS THOMAS—R. O. T. C., Robed Choir, "Musical Moods”. . . NETTIE MAY THOMPSON — Band, All-Girl Choir. "Musical Moods,” Mumonian . . . ROBERT THORN . . . MARILYN LEE THORNBURG — Pep Club, Social Science Club, Junior Council . . . BARBARA ELLEN THRESHER, Sophomore Council. Row 4: RICHARD L. TOWNSEND — Entered in 1946 from North Central High School. Spokane, Washington . . . BARBARA JANE TREGO . . . VIRGINIA LEE TREGO—Robed Choir, "Musical Moods”. . . BARBARA TRENNEPOHL — Pep Club, Robed Choir, Senior Council, "Musical Moods”. . . LEE E. TRUE — Motion Picture Projector Operator. Row 5: MAURICE F. TRUSEDF.LL — Entered in 1944 from West Aurora High School, Aurora, Illinois; Senior Council, Band. Dance Band, Robed Choir, "Musical Moods” . .. MARTHA LOU TURNER — G. A. A VIRGINIA LEE TURNER — G. A. A., Pep Club, Robed Choir. Office Page, "Musical Moods”. . . GILBERT E. TURNEY . . . RICHARD V. TUTTLE — R.O. T. C., Hi-Y, Band, Robed Choir, "Musical Moods.” Row 6: CAROLYN JOAN TYLER — Honor Society, Band, "Love Your Neighbor,” "Musical Moods” . . . JACK L. VINING — R. O. T. C JOSEPH A. VLASKAMP — R.O.TC, Social Science Club, Band, "Musical Moods”. . . JACK C. VORE — Band, Robed Choir, 'Musical Moods”. . . BETTY JEAN WADE — Honor Society, Robed Choir, Office Page, "Musical Moods.” 32 The 1947 MagicianThe 1947 Magician 3334 The 1947 MagicianSENIORS OF 1947 Row Is NORMA WAGGONER — Honor Society, G. A. A., Science Club, Robed Choir, Sophomore Vice-President. Sophomore Council, "Musical Moods” . . . GERALDINE LOUISE WAGNER — G. A.A., Pep Club, All-Girl Choir, "Musical Moods”. . . .LOIS C. WAGNER — Band Majorette, Sophomore Council, "Musical Moods”. . . JUANITA M. WALLEN — Honor Society, Dance Band, Robed Choir, "Musical Moods”. . . JANICE WARD. Row 2: ROSALIN M. WARE — Robed Choir. "Musical Moods”. . . PHYLLIS WASSON — Honor Society, Pep Club, Student Council . . . DAVE WEEKS — Hi-Y, Pep Club, Office Page, Senior Council. Junior Council, Robed Choir, "Love Your Neighbor.” "Musical Moods”. . . DONNA W. WEISS —Robed Choir, "Musical Moods”. . . JAMES R. WERT. Row 3: THELMA WEST — Honor Society, Math Club, Pep Club, Science Club, Robed Choir, "Musical Moods” . . . LESTER WHITE . . . ROBERT WHITTEMORF. . . . CAROL B. WILLIAMS — G. A. A., Robed Choir, "Musical Moods”. . . EARL R. WILLIAMS — Senior President, Hi-Y, Math Club, Pep Club, Science Club, Social Science Club, Senior Council, Junior Vice-President, Junior Council, Robed Choir, "Love Your Neighbor,” "Musical Moods.” Row 4: LORRAINE WILLIAMS — "Brighten the Corner,” "Musical Moods”. . . MILDRED FAY WILLS—Robed Choir, "Musical Moods”. . . IRIS GAIL WILSON — Honor Society, Math Club, Pep Club, Senior Council, Robed Choir, "Love Your Neighbor,” "Musical Moods” . . . JEANNE WILSON — Entered in 1945 from Dearborn High School, Dearborn, Michigan . . . JIM L. f ILSON — Pep Club. Band, Football Manager, "Musical Moods.” Row 5: MARLEN D. WILSON — R. O. T. C., Bowling, Robed Choir, "Musical Moods”. . . MYRTLE REBA WILSON. . . RUBY JEANNE WILSON —Band, Mun-sonian . .. VERN EVERETT WILSON — Hi-Y . .. MARGARET ANN WOODGETT — Robed Choir, "Musical Moods.” Row 6: PATRICIA LEE WRIGHT—Pep Club, Robed Choir, "Musical Moods,” Magician . . . FREDINE WYNN — Honor Society, Quill and Scroll, Y-Tecn, All-Girl Choir, Robed Choir, Munsonian . . . DOROTHA MAXINE YARGER—Robed Choir, "Musical Moods.” The 1947 Magician 35stands for DEANS, Of which Central has two. And, if you are bad, They w-iTl g'e t y'O'u! !!! ! ! MISS LUCILLE JOHNSON Dean of Girls MRS. MARY LUELLEN Secretary HAROLD V. ANDERSON Dean of Boys Assistant Principal MRS. FRANCES DeCAPUA Secretary 3 6 The 1947 MagicianEARL PECKINPAUGH, Supervising Principal MRS. OPAL REED. Secretary stands for EDUCATION, Our principal aim. Mr. Peckinpaugh and aides Assist us to same. DR. W. L. HOWARD Assistant Principal MRS. JOSEPHINE SAUNDERS Secretary The 1947 Magician 37stands for FAME Bestowed upon these Who won senior honors With the greatest of ease. Shirley Burch Most Popular Girl All-round Girl Earl Williams Most Popular Boy Public Speaker Bob Davis Dream Man Best-Looking Brunette Jo Anne Miller Dream Girl Marilyn Thomas Max Jordan Vashion Plate Fashion Plate Neatest Neatest Shirley Derringer Cutest Blonde 38 Tom Hughes Barbara Mackcn Joe Graham Best-Looking Blonde Cutest Brunette Best-Looking Redhead Best Dancer Miriam Bred well Cutest Redhead Earl Roberts Joe Dooley Harold Sulkey All-round Boy Athlete Best Sport Friendliest The 1947 MagicianJean Bunner Gene Schuck Lorraine Williams Robert Adams Pat Heldenbrand Singer Singer Best Dancer Musician Musician Martha Elizabeth Harrison Photographers Choice The 1947 MagicianRow one — Gene Schuck, Joan Barr, Shirley Burch, Annette Austin, Carolyn Fisher, Luella LeBeau, Louis Costas, Jackie Harrell, Don Bassett, Anita Page, Drucilla Stillwagon. Row two — Charles Powell, Audrey Chandler, Nancy Brooks, Jean Baylcss, Paul George, Garland Brown, Jack Gilbert, Tom Blake, Thelma West, Barbara Hyatt, Norma Waggoner, Wanda Rector, Barbara Lingo. Row three—Rita Keppler, Marlin Harris, Max Jordan, Walter Robinson, Fred Darter, Ted Spencer, Larry Lawson, Joanne Stokes, Mary Jane Gordon, Barbara Richards. Row four — Betty Wade, Willa Keclcy, Jo Anne Miller, Bertha Birt, Anne Nichols, Peggy Myers, Rachel Martin. Row five — Charles Holloway, Emily Shultz, Katherine Penrod, Jewell Siggins, Wanda Hardsog. Row six — Cynthia Harrington, Mary Alice Zetterberg, Frances Fox, Barbara Gclbaugh, June Sanders, Ruthann Serra, Ruth Owens, Doris Shinn, Marjorie Hcucr, Diane Wilson, Glenda Whitehair, Shirley Webb. Row seven—James Collins, Mary A. Compton, Gail Wilson, Sue Ramsey, Juanita Wallen, Ann Satryn, Wanda DeHoff, Bettyanne Jones, Louise Benbow, Phyllis Wasson, Pat Heldcn-brand, Norma Cortwright, Beverly Hoover. Row eight—Francis Potts, Ted Harris, Stephen Mitchell, Robert Davis, Richard Ehrlich, Bill Pingrv, Mary Ann Reed, Maxine Jack, Carolyn Tyler. LUELLA LiBEAU President OFFICERS DON BASSETT JACKIE HARRELL Vice-President Secretary LOUIS COSTAS Treasurer SPONSOR MRS. ERMA B. CHRISTY stands for Grades. For them you must strive If in HONOR SOCIETY You would like to arrive. 40 The 1947 Magicianstands also for Granite Of which pledges are made. At MATH CLUB initiations The weak would be dismayed. BILL PINGRY President OFFICERS NANCY BROOKS Vice-President ANNETTE AUSTIN Secretary JO ANNE MILLER Treasurer SPONSORS MR. H. E. FENIMORE MR. EDWARD OLSEN Row out- — Drucilla Stillwagon, Anita Page, Annette Austin, Nancy Brooks, Jo Anne Miller, Bill Pingry. Row two—Rita Keppler, Lueila LeBeau, Jean Bayless, Ann Cunningham, Shirley Cornell, Jackie Harrell, Betty Jo Italiano, Thelma West, Mary Jane Gordon. Emily Shultz, Betty Sholcy. Row three — Barbara Bullock, Jane Barnes, Garland Brown, Jewell Siggins, Glendora Glenn, Eddie Davies. Row four — Mary Ann Reed, Miriam Bredwell, Larry Lawson, Fr.’d Darter, Don Bassett, Tom Hughes, Joe Dooley, Don Babcock, Bill Taylor. Row five—Robert Ratcliff, James Collins, Bill Booth, Dick Koonts, Max Jordan, Walter Robinson, Lola Vickers, Dorothadcl Lowery, Ruth Owens, Gail Wilson, Cynthia Harrington, Pat Thornburg. Row six — Mr. H. E. Fenimore, sponsor; Harold Bashore, Jack Carmichael, Stephen Mitchell, Thad Norton, Francis Potts, Ted Harris, Earl Williams, Mr. Edward Olsen, sponsor. The 1947 Magician 41stands for Harmony With it peace never fails. SOCIAL SCIENCE CLUB members Can present more details. TOM HUGHES President OFFICERS MARY ANN REED Vice-President JACKIE HARRELL Secretary WALTER ROBINSON Treasurer SPONSOR MR. JAMES L. HYATT Raw one — Tom Hughes, Walter Robinson, Max Jordan, Shirley Burch, Anna Lee Hugus, Barbara Hyatt, Jackie Harrell. Row two — Garland Brown, Earl Williams, Bill Pingry, Jean Baylcss, Anita Page, Barbara Richards, Marilyn Thornburg. Row three—Mr. James L. Hyatt, Don Bassett, Phil Osgood, Cynthia Harrington, Annette Austin, Ruthann Serra, Nancy Brooks, Luella LeBcau, Shirley Cornell, Bertha Birt. Row four — Charles Powell, Charles Nelson, Larry Lawson, Lacky Liakos, Gene Cortwright, Jo Anne Miller, Mariam Brcdwcll, Patricia Thornburg, Ruth Owens. 42 The 1947 MagicianRow one—Bob Fred. Robert Davis, Walter Robinson, Dave Weeks. Jack Gocn, Ronnie Copeland. Row two—Homer Bradburn. Don Babcock, Nelson Ohlemachcr. Joe Dooley. Paul George. Row three — Mr. H. A. Pcttijohn, Harold Benson, Kenneth Delk, Fred Powell. Row four — Joe George, Jack Gilbert, Ted Spencer, Jack Pingry, Fred Darter, Bob Newton, Bob Reploglc. Bob Koontz. Max Jordan. Dick Joy. Row file — Lacky Liakos, Bill Wilson. Bud Clark, Larry Lawson, Bill Pingry, Bob Ammon. Row six — Tom Hughes, Charles Powell, Louis Costas, Bill Stump, Bob Boxcll, Francis Lafferty, Vcrn Wilson, Don Thonn, Dick Tuttle, Earl Williams, Eddie Davies, Marty Boggs, Gene Coleman, Tom Moore, Marshall Willis, Bill McKibben, Fred Robling. MAX JORDAN President OFFICERS FRED DARTER WALTER ROBINSON DON BABCOCK Vice-President Secretary Treasurer SPONSOR MR. H. A. PETTIJOHN A nice bunch of Joes. They deserve praise and acclaim, For they’re on their toes. The 1947 Magician 43stands for Industry In getting things done. These SENIOR SERVICE SCOUTS Prove work can be fun. OFFICERS JOANNE ARMINTROUT DONNA BURCHARD MARY SHINN JOAN LIMBERT President Vice-President Secretary Service Records LEADER MRS. JULIA MOORE PHYLLIS MADER Treasurer Row one — Doris Shinn, Bobbie Martin, Phyllis Madcr. Row two— Helen Swan, Edith Macc, Patty Miller, Mary Shinn. Row three—Dorothadcl Lowery, Wilma King, Joan Limbert, Ann Satryan, Geneva Campbell, Jane Lambert, Mary Chambless, Wanda Liggett, Joanne Armintrout. Row four — Mary Jane Gordon, Betty Sholcy, Sarah Jane Rayburn, Lcora Osborne. 44 The 1947 Magician ■iRow one — Eva Mac Pence. Anna Lee Hugus, Lola Vickers, Dorothadcl Lowery. Row two — Harriett Miller, Cynthia Harrington, Barbara Bullock, Joanne Ballinger, Mary Ann Madix. Row three — Beverly Propst. Sally Ream, Joan Hauck, Jane Barnes. Row four — Glen Short, Paul George. Fred Darter, Bob Fred, Ruth Owens. Row five—Bill Taylor, Harold Jones, John Jones. Jack Perkins, Ted Harris. Row six — Bill Pingry, Phil Osgood. Mr. Edward Olsen, chairman of sponsors; Dave Ancil, Ted Spencer, Don Kennedy, Pat Phillips, Bobbie Martin, Miss Dorothy Kreiger, social sponsor; Miss Helen Morrison, financial sponsor; Twila McKee. Patricia Deming, Nancy Marvin. OFFICERS PAUL GEORGE JERRY JUSTICE LOLA VICKERS RUTH OWENS President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer SPONSORS MR. EDWARD OLSEN MISS HELEN MORRISON MISS DOROTHY KREIGER Chairman Financial Social J stands for JUNIORS. Now, they mustn t mope, For they'll all be seniors Come next year, they hope. The 1947 Magician 45JUNIORS Row 1: Etta Acton, Rosie Alfont, Jackie Am-burn, Norma Anderson, Patty Arbogast. Row 2: Jack Armantrout, Billy Arnold, Clara Athalone, Lenora Atkins, Don Babcock. Row 3: Jama Badders, Esther Ball, Joanne Ballinger, Jane Barnes, Marvin Bartle. Row 4: Harold Bashore, Dale Beck, Dale Bell. Connie Bentley, Barbara Bicknell, Jeane Bilby. Row 5: Jacqueline Black, Tom Blake, Martha Bolton, William Booth, Nadcne Brcidenstcin, Bill Brewer. Row 6: Alice Brickcr, Joan Briggs, Jack Brown, Robert Brown, Pat Bruner, Phyllis Bruner. Row 7: Donna Buell, Josephine Bumbalough, Jack Carmichael, Juanita Carmin, Carolyn Carson, Ruth Case. Row 8: John Casey, Mary Chambless, Elizabeth Clark, Suzanne Collier, Beverly Collins, James Collins. Row 9: Carol Condra, Joann Cool, Jackson Cooper, Ramona Cousins, Carole Cox, Imogene Crago. Row 10: Emma Lou Craig, Bob Cranor, Richard Crawley, Frances Crook, Fred Darter, Evelyn Jean Davis. Row 11: Evelyn Jean Davis, Patty Davis, Robert Davis, Lucille Day, Virginia Delaney. Row 12: Pat Deming, James Dixon, Richard Dominick, Gloria Dorman, Phyllis Duncan. Row 13: Phyllis Early, Patricia Elsten, Marvin Emenhiser, Robert Engelbrecht, Marjorie Ewing. 46 The 1947 MagicianJUNIORS Row 1: Charles Farrell, Gerald Fields, Lou Etha Fields, Cecil Finn, Jeanne Foster. Row 2: Robert Fred, Priscilla Gabbard, Betty Gadbury, Alice Gage, Paul George. Row 3: Everett Gibbs, Donna Gilley, Donna Glcntzer, Don Goodman, Jane Gorman. Row 4: Tommy Graves, Phyllis Gray, Wanda Grider, Wanda Flardsog, Cynthia Flarrington, Beulah Harris. Row 5: Ruby Harris, Ted Harris, Doris Harvey, Joan Hauck, Jewett Hayes, Wanda Mae Hayes, Row 6: Gale Heath, William Hedge, Pat Hen-nigan. Betty Flensley, Doris Hess, Marjorie Heuer, Row 7: Jack Holt, Robert Houser, Rosalie Howe, Betty Jo Hudson, Jean Hume, Forrest Hurst. Row 8: Alice Hutchens, Mary Lou Hutson, Curtis Irby, Diana Louise Irwin, Myra Irwin, Marjorie Jackson. Row 9: William Jackson, Norman Jeffers, Janet Johnson, Nellie Johnson, Robert Johnson, Ruth-clla Johnson. Row 10: Betty Louise Jones, Harold Jones, Janet Jones, John Jones, Patty Joris, Jerry Justice. Row 11: Jim Justice, Serena Kaiser, Floyd Raster, Don Kennedy, Wilma Jeanne King. Row 12: Charles Kirk, Lou Koons, Dick Koontz, Susanne LaDuron, Dave Lambert. Row 13: Richard Lang, Allen Lasater, Larry Lawson, Sarah Leicht, Wanda Liggett. The 1947 Magician n a i, ft ft S i Q ft ' S3 V» 1 r . o ft ft8 ! r 2 ft 1 ft yft 9 .li ft ft ft S ft G m n 5 ft ft m C) ft a ✓ :n Q is ft li i f Q lift 9 4 ft a • 8 ,i- q 501 47JUNIORS Row 1: Jeanne Linder, June Linville, Dorthadel Lowery, Jackie Lutes, Margaret Luzader. Row 2: Durcta Lyons, Novella McAdams, Joe McGraw, William McIntosh, Twila McKee. Row 3: Phyllis R. Mader, Mary Ann Madix, Betty Martin, Bobby Jean Martin, Barbara Marvin. Row 4: Nancy Marvin, Peggy Mason, Sherry Mendenhall, Martha Merz, Charles H. Miller, Flora May Miller. Row 5: Harriett Miller, Marilyn Miller, Pat Mitchell, Stephen Mitchell, Dean Montague, Kate Morgan. Row 6: Ruth Morgan, Eugene Mumaw, Dol-lctta Murphy, Beverly Nafe, Robert Needham, Bob Newton. Row 7: Virginia Niccum, John Nicewander, Jacqueline Nicewanner, Louise Nierstrasz, Margie Noel, Helen Nungesser. Row 8: Dick Nye, Joe Oflford. Carl Olson, Mary Osborn, Victor Osborn, Phillip Osgood. Row 9: Ruth Owens, James Palmer, Etta Parks, Evelyn Parks, Eva Mae Pence, Harriet Pennock. Row 10: Jack Perkins, James Peters, Pat Phillips, Bill Pingry, Charlotte Pippin, Gerald Pitten-ger. Row 11: Bob Polhemus, Francis Potts, Barbara Powell, Bill Powell, Jim Powers. Row 12: Max Pratt, Delores Priddy, Jack Proctor, Beverly Propst, Martha Ragland. Row 13: Sue Ramsey, Leroy Rapp, Ramona Rasche, Betty Rawlins, Sarah Rayborn. 48 The 1947 MagicianJUNIORS Row 1: Don F.. Reber, Janice Rector, Ruth Reed, Ruth Rench, Dolores Rice. Row 2: Beverly Richards, Bob Richardson, Waiter Richmond, Mary Ann Riscden, Barbara Roach. Row 3: Doris Ross, Jo Ann Rotroff, Mary Rush, Jane Russey, Ann Satyran. Row 4: Carolyn Saunders. Mettie Saunders, Jack Schaubut, Shirley Schitter, Jack Scott, Lee Shaffer, Row 5: Jane Sheridan, Glen Short, Emily Shultz, Pat Singer, Dwight Skinner, Paul Smith. Row 6: Ted Spencer, Joanne Stanton, Elsie Stautamoyer, Marjorie Stuart, Nellie Rose Stuby, Barbara Surer. Row 7: Nila Taber, Mary Taflinger, Bill Taylor, Wilma Thompson, Joanne Thornburg, Patricia Thornburg. Row 8: Wanda Tolbert, Marjorie Traub, Sylvia Tucker, Thomas Tuttle, Becky Valandingham, Clarence Van Matre. Row 9: Earl Vannatter, Donald Vaught, Lola Vickers, Betty Vorhccs, Wayne Wallace, Carlamac Ward. Row 10: Ramona Weakley, Shirley Webb, Jim Webster, Mary Wcekley, Verna White, Glenda Whitchair. Row 11: Joan Willard. Diane Wilson, Margaret Wilson, Gene Wojack, Elizabeth Wood. Row 12: Jean Wright, Jewelena Wright, Ruth Ellen Wright, Margie Yingling, Sharon Yobst. Row 13: Audrey Young, Barbara Young-kin, Joyce Youngkin, Mary Alice Zetterberg, Dale Zinmerman. The 1947 Magician 49Kstands for Kids, SOPHOMORES to you. Whose numbers are many, And whose brains are too. (Fooled you!) OFFICERS LOWI-LL WILLIAMS JERRY KADINGER ANN CUNNINGHAM ELLEN KAISER Chairman Vice-President Secretary Treasurer SPONSORS MR. ELMER POSEY MISS LAURA LINDEN MR. W. J. WAGONER Chairman Social Financial Row one—Bob Boxell, Pete Austin, Ann Cunningham, Ellen Kaiser. Row two — Tom Foster, Jerry Kadinger, Kay Collins, Zana Dotson. Row three — Barnet Oldham, Miss Laura Linden, social sponsor; Tom Moore, Rex Gant , Jim Buckles. John Bcnbow, Jackie Baird. Peggy Harvey, Joanne Thornburg, Mr. Elmer Posey, chairman of counselors; Lowell Williams. Row four — Mr. W. J. Wagoner, financial sponsor; Fred Powell. 50 The 1947 MagicianSOPHOMORES Row 1: Herbert Acton, James Adams, Margie Adams, Mary Jo Adams, James Agullana, Elmore Alexander, Phyllis Alwine. Row 2: Roberta Anderson, Myrna Antrim, Phil Armantrout, Joanne Armintrout, Gene Armstrong, Murray Ashcraft, Pete Austin. Row 3: Norma Babylon, James Bailey, Joan Bailey, Jacqueline Baird, Barbara Baisc, Barbara Baker, Bill Baker. Row 4: Keith Baker, Mary Baker, Joan Baldridge, Lydia Bales, Richard Bame, Donald Barefoot, Oscar Barnes. Row 5: Don Barton, Russell Beard, Joan Becker, Cecil Bell, Doris Bell, Norma Jean Bell, Robert Bell. Row 6: John Benbow, Richard Benson, Walter Berry, Robert Beymer, Jacqueline Blake, Curlie Bolden, Jeanette Bowers. Row 7: Barbara Bowman, Robert Boxell, Mary Boyd, Homer Bradburn, Robert Brady, Jack Bragg, Juanita Brant. Row 8: Pauline Bricker, Roy Brickcr, Ruth Brower, Jack Brown, James Buckles, Donald Buennagel, Janice Buller. Row 9: Henry Bundy, Jane Burns, Evelyn Bushnell, Ed Canan, Jerry Carnagua, Darken Carr, Lois Carr. Row 10: Eleanor Carter, Eleanor Casper, Phyllis Cecil, Doris Chadwich, Lois Chadwick, Carmen Charlton, Bertha Coatie. Row 11: Joan Coats, Carolyn Coburn. Jack Cole, Bertha Coleman, Euladean Coley, Kay Collins, Mary Lou Collins. Row 12: John Compton, Mary Concannon, Norma Conn, Richard Cook, Alice Cool, Bill Cooper, Marlene Cooper. Row 13: Rosemary Cooper, Virginia Coffman, James Cox, Albert Craig, Betty Crawley, Louise Craycraft, Fred Crow. Row 14: Ann Cunningham, Lillian Daniel, Barbara Davis, Fay Davis, Orville Davis, Donna Day, Juanita Dean. Row 15: Richard Deerr, Barbara Delaney, Kenneth Delk, Robert M. Dillon, Mary Lou Dix, Zana Dotson, Jim Dowling. The 1947 Magician 51SOPHOMORES Row 1: Constance Draves, Max Driscoll, William Drumm, Melvin Dudley, Norma Duffey, Patsy Duffy, Patsy Duncan. Row 2: John Edwards, Suzanne Edwards, Richard Eldridge, Ula Empey, William Erdel, Richard Ertel, Ed Etheridge. Row 3: Barbara Fairchild, Marjorie Fannin, Particia Feeney, Russell Ferrell, Ronald Fields, Paul Fisher, Merrill Flick. Row 4: Jack Folkner, Joyce Fording, Otec Foster, Thomas Foster, Don Fox, Helen Freeman, Mira Mae Frost. Row 5: Harold Fruit, James Fulton, Joe Gagnon, Rex Gantz, Joseph George, Melvin Gibson, Marilyn Gillespie. Row 6: Joanne Gindhart, Robert Gindhart, Gloria Godfrey, Patricia Gowin, Madonna Green,, Lewis Gregory, Shirley Gregory. Row 7: Jay Gruwell, Justeen Guffey, Richard Hahn, Patricia Hale, William Hamilton, Fred Hannan, Richard Hardacre. Row 8: Wayne Hardwick, Norman Har-meyer, Wilma Harnish, Nile Harper, Judy Harris, Louise Hart, Charlotte Hartwell. Row 9: Buddy Hartzell, Roberta Haskins, Clarence Hathcock, Elbert Hawkins, James Hayes, Carmen Hays, Mary Herbert. Row 10: Earl Herron, Evelyn Hill, Jeanette Hill, Jo Anne Hill, Barbara Hillard, Carl Hines, Oetha Hobbs. Row 11: Eugene Holdcraft, Helen Holland, Richard Holland, Larry Holloway, Helen Hoover, Eugene Huddleston, Martha Huffman. Row 12: Barbara Humbert, Richard Hutton, Freda Huxhold, Catherine Hyde, Paul Ireland, Joan Irwin, Virginia Irwin. Row 13: Betty Jo Italiano, Pauline Jack, Richard Janney, Beverly Jarvis, Victor Jeffers, Percy Jeffery, Jane Jellison. Row 14: Lunda Johnson, Pat Johnson, Fred Jones, Norman Jones, Jerry Kadingcr, Lee Kae-scr, Ellen Kaiser. Row 15: Carolyn Kctcham, Dale King, Ethel King, Rosemary King, Russell Kirshman, Jo-hanne Klinger, Bill Knott. 52 The 1947 MagicianSOPHOMORES Row 1: Devonna Lacy, Judy Lacy, Vance Lacy, Francis Lafferty, Jane Lambert, Charles Lamm, Frankie Landrcy. Row 2: Mary Lou Lecington, Yvonne Lc-Mons, Audrey Lephart, Hope Lewis, Peggie Ley-cndeckcr, Joan Limbert, William Linder. Row 3: Peggy Lounsbury, George Lovett, Dean Lowe, LaVina Lyons, Mantha McAdams, Robert McAdams, Robert McCarthy. Row 4: Jean McClellan, Sherman McCoy, Richard McGregor, Gene McGuire, James McKinney, Tom McLaughlin, Margaret McMullen. Row 5: Richard McPherson, Edith Mace, Patsy Mangus, Michael Manring, Bob Mantock, Hazel Markum, Lois Martin. Row 6: Waneta Martin, William Martin, Madeline Mathys, Marcella Mathys, Norma Maxwell, Beverly Mays, Margie Merriman, Row 7: Bob Miller, Garland Miller, Glenn Miller, Norma Miller, Janet Minnick, Lewis Mitchell, Jane Moller. Row 8: Delores Mongrain, Tom Moore, Lue-ise Moorehead, Mary Mount, Annis Moyer, Beverly Myers, Robert Myers. Row 9: Robert Mynett, James Needham, Louanne Neff, Charles Newlin, Joan Newquist, Jane Nichols, Evelyn Osterman. Row 10: Nora Page, Jack Parker, Phyllis Parker, Betty Payne, Norma June Pearson, Roma Jean Pearson, Richard Perkins. Row 11: Joyce Phillips, Pat Pickcll, Jack Pingry, Gary Pippin, Jerry Pippin, Phyllis Ply-male, Jacqueline Poling. Row 12: Elmer Powell, Fred Powell, Jacqueline Proctor, Nancy Proctor, Helen Purcell, Mary Lou Puterbaugh, Jack Qucsinbcrry. Row 13: Rachel Quirk, Theresa Rahe, Connie Mack Rea, Betty Reason, David Reber, Basil Renbarger, Robert Reynolds. Row 14: Jack Richardson, Phyllis Richardson, Betty Riddleberger, Donald Rinearson, Phyllis Ritchey, Joyce Roberts, Wanda Robertson. Row 15: Bruce Robinson, Wilma Rollen, Betty Ross, Madonna Ross, Mary Jane Rosselle, Annette Rowles, Patsy Ruddick. The 1947 Magician 53SOPHOMORES Row 1: John Ryder, Donna Schrader, Joyce Schramm. Row 2: Gretchen Scott, Janet Scott, Norma Scott, Paul Seward, George Shafer, Joe Shaffer, Pat Sharkitt. Row 3: Alberta Shelton, Mary Shinn, Betty Sholey, Alice Shoopmon, Charles Siggins, Virginia Simmons, James Sims. Row 4: Janet Skaggs, Maryann Smalley, Mary Ellen Smith, Roy Smith, Alberta Sneed, Naomi Sprowl, June Staggs. Row 5: Eleanor Stanley, Barbara Stein, Al-majean Stcttler, Charles Stewart, Mary Stewart, Ruth Ann Stewart, Lem St. John. Row 6: Betty Stonecipher, Estell Stratton, Naomi Strong, Martha Swain, Ralph Swain, Betty Swift. Birdie Tait. Row 7: Norma Taylor, Laura Templin, Norman Thomas, Viola Thomas, Don Thonn, Janice Thresher, Davy Truax. Row 8: John E. Turner, Marjorie Tutterow, Eileen Tuttle, John Ullom, Charles Van Camp, Robert Vandevender, Margaret Vardaman. Row 9: Pat Wallar, Imogene Wallen, Jean Walters, Jack Ward, Bobbie Warren. Marie Watters, Juanita Weaver. Row 10: Beverly Webb, Roma Webb, William Wells, Helen Westerman, Curtis Westfall, Walter Whitacre, Bill Whitaker. Row 11: Joretta White, Lowell Williams, Mary Anna Williams, Richard Williams, Marshall Willis, Frances Wilson, Herbert Wilson. Row 12: Jack S. Wilson, Joseph Wilson, June Wilson, Tom E. Wolfe, Betty Woodgett, Stella Wooten, Richard Wyant. Row 13: Bob Yates, Bill Yeager, Dixanna Yockey, Linda Younce, Dixie Zapf, Pat Zook. 54 The 1947 MagicianNEW lOB’S Row I: Patty Abrams, Joan Ammon, Irma Jean Anderson. Row 2: Jim Armantrout, Dick Arnold, Carol Ashcraft, Ellen Atherton, Naomi Babbitt, Mae Bailey, Ramona Ann Ball. Row 3: Don Barker, Claude Beaty, Harold Bell, Harold Benson, Kathryn Boles, Jack Book-out, Paul B. Boone. Row 4: Donald Bowers, Betty Bowles, Patricia Bragg, Reba Bricker, June Briggs, Imo-gene Bright, Darrel Brown. Row 5: Dale Cameron, David E. Canter, Jr., Jack Carpenter, Richard Caupp, Avery Clark, Robert Clark, Janet Clevenger. Row 6: Jo Ann Clevenger, Jack Collins, Ronald Copeland, Alva Crawley, Kay Creps, Marjorie Crouch, Bessie Daugherty. Row 7: Billy Davis, Robert Lee Davis, Memory Deeds, Patsy Devers, Miriam Evelyn Don-son, Thurston Duke, Delaine Eddy. Row 8: Bonnie Ellis, Peggy Ellis, Patricia Falls, Ralph Fields, Geneva Fields, Louise Frasier, Charlotte Garges. Row 9: Darrell E. Gill, Lawrence Glassen, Luella June Green, Phyllis Gribble, Virgil Grider, Jr., John Griffen, Howard Grim. Row 10: Dick Gruwcll, Warren E. Hahn, Gene Harris, Catherine Harrold, Betty Jo Hasse, Walter Hawk, Joyce Hayes. Row 11: Carolyn Ann Herron, Dorcas Hill, Betty Holdcraft, Charles Hopkins, Don House, Carl Hudson, Bonnie Hunt. Row 12: Jean Irby, Inez Jenkinson, Paul Jones, Clyde Keeley, Francine Kimmel, Twyla Kissinger, Nancy Klepfer. Row 13: Virgil Lamb, Velva Lasatio, Larry Liby, Keith Longfellow, Jack Lutz, June McCaffrey. The 1947 Magician 55NEW lOB’S Row 1.: Eugene McCallister, Idona Mc- Daniel, Melvin McDonald. Row 2: Dorothy Sue McDugle, Bonnie Jean McIntosh, Loring McLin, Barbara McMullin. Tom McVicker, Hazel Manis, Richard Mann. Row 3: Thomas Marsh, Gran Martin, Nancy Martin, Mary A. Mascari, Wanda Matchctt, Deloris Mays, Virginia Meek. Row 4: Mary Alice Moler, Ocie Montague, Marilyn Moore, Mary Moore, Theodore Moore, Robert Moorehead, Ernest Moss. Row 5: Mary Nafe, Harold Neal, Barbara Jane Nelson, Jim Northcutt, Granville Oldham, Mary Lee Orr, Leora Jane Osborn. Row 6: Pat Osborn, Keith Palin, Kenneth Palin, Jo Ann Palmer, Nondius Peck, Richard W. Porter, Martha Powell. Row 7: Anna Prince, John B. Reed, John Richards, Frances Ring, Bob Robinson, Rodric Russell, Charles Scott. Row 8: Frank Scruggs, Charles Shinier, Jimmy Smith, Harold Snider, Jack Spence, Joy Ann Springer, Teddy Stacey. Row 9: Lucille Staggs, Joyce Ann Stanley, Bonnie Stepp, Wesley Strauch, Beverly Swain, Charles Thomas, Harry Thomas. Row 10: Mark Thomas, Pat Thompson, Rosemary Thompson, Elaine True, Andy Tur-ber, Joanne Wake, Johnny Wallisa. Row 11: Jim Waters, Mary Weaver, Jack West, Barbara White, Donald White, James White, Jayne White. Row 12: Marshall White, Crystal Bernice Whitmire, Joan Williams, Sue JoAnna Williams, Barbara Ann Wilson, Bill Wilson, Davy Lee Winkle. Row 13. Billie Wood, Frances Woolum, Betty Wormer, Bill Worthen, Joann York, Barbara Zachary. 56 The 1947 MagicianLIBRARY PAGES Seated Mary Martha Skillman, June Burns, Betty Woodgett, Carrol Ashcraft, Marilyn Nensticl. Standing— Bill Warren, Betty Jo Hudson, Pauline Jack, Ramona Ball, Barbara Chambers. The 1947 Magician stands for the LIBRARY, Where pages abound. In books, magazines, pamphlets Much knowledge is found.C stands for Loyalty To our Central High. The PEP CLUB does have it, As those yells testify. YELL LEADERS SHIRLEY BURCH NOLA PECKINPAUGH DAVE WEEKS EARL WILLIAMS SPONSOR MR. H. V. ANDERSON 58 The 1947 Magicianm stands for MUSIC Which fills Central’s ear, As our musicallyTalented Rehearse through the year. CENTRAL BAND OFFICERS LOIS WAGNER DICK TUTTLE RUTH OWENS DICK THOMPSON President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer DIRECTOR MR. ERNEST BOYER The 1947 Magician 59ALL-GIRL CHOIR OFFICERS ETTA JANE ACTON President MARY LOU PUTERBAUGH Vice-President DONNA SHRADER Secretary PEGGY HARVEY Secretary MARILYN MOSIER Treasurer HELEN PURCELL Treasurer DIRECTORS ERNEST H. BOYER, GLEN A. STEPLETON 60 The 1947 MagicianROBED CHOIR OFFICERS BILLY STUMP President DONNA PARKS SHIRLEY DERRINGER Secretary MELVIN RUBLE MIRIAM BREDWELL Treasurer DIRECTOR GLEN A. STF.PLETON The 1947 Magician 611947 EDITION DUNBAR CLUB Row otic — Wanda Grider, Bonnie Mays, Rosemary I.anib (at piano), Nettie Nettles, Mary Ruth Odell, Dean Montague, Cherry M. Dccring, Mary Donna Baker, Estcll Stratton, Charlotte Levi, Bertha Coatie. Row two — Otee Foster, Norman Thomas, Betty Wood get t, John Casey, Jim Adams, Elnorc Alexander. PIANO QUARTETTE Clockwise—Pat Heldenbrand, Emily Shultz, Betty Riddlchergcr, Anita Page. "THREE BLIND MICE’ Left to right — Jack Vorc, Ruth Owens, Bill Yeager — clarinet trio. 62 The 1947 MagicianMUSICAL MOODS DANCE BAND Row one — Juanita Wallen, piano; Johanne Klinger, vocalist; Maurice Trucsdell, sax; Rill Yeager, clarinet; Bill Davis, sax; Phil Brady, sax; Dale Beck, sax; Walter Richmond, sax; Calvin Mitchell, sax. Row two—Manuel Parker, bass; Andy Turber, drums; Percy Jeffery, trombone; Glen Short, trombone; Bob Adams, trumpet; Don Brown, trumpet; Jackie Bragg, trumpet. DOUBLE OCTET Left to right—Gene Schuck, Jane Russcy, Barbara Hyatt, Tom Moore, Anita Page, Melvin Ruble, Mary Lou Puterbaugh, Jackie Coons. Bob Adams, Pat Hcl-denbrand, Marshall Willis, Sally Ream, Ruth Ellen Wright, Dick Tuttle, Betty Riddlebcrger, Dave Weeks, Alice Hutchens, Harriett Miller, Maurice Truesdell. "DANGEROUS DAN McGREW” Left to right — Ronnie Copeland, Dave Weeks, Nola Pcckinpaugh. Shirley Burch, Earl Williams. The 1947 Magicianstands for the Newspaper That keeps us in touch. The ML7?S(SONfAN, we know. Tells us so much. OFFICERS LUELLA LeBEAU Editor DICK JOY Business Manager SPONSORS MISS KATHLEEN MEEHAN MR. WESLEY C. PIERCE Journalism Printing Row one—Roma Webb, Virginia Irwin, Jim Dowling, Anna Lee Hugus, Joe Graham, Joe Dooley, Dick Joy, Catherine Bauer, Bob Rcplogle, Lola Vickers. Row two—Barbara Bowman, Virginia Coughlin, Norma Maxwell, Jerry Dctrich, Shirley Derringer. Row three—Maryann Smalley, Barbara Chambers, Beverly Myers, Jane Jellison, Betty Jo Italiano. Row four — Charlotte Levi, Peggy Lounsbury, Peggy Harvey, Phyllis Cecil, Joyce Schramm, Betty Gadbury, Joretta White, Frances Wilson, Luella I.cBeau. Row five — Annis Moyer, Mary Ann Riscdcn, Mary Chamblcss, Eleanor Parker, June Sanders, Barbara Hyatt. Row six — Elsie Stautamoyer, Mary Skillman, Nettie Mae Thompson, Ruby Wilson, Helen Swan, Miss Kathleen Meehan, Audrey Chandler, Dorothy Moore, Pat Huffman, Pat Thornburg, Miriam Brcdwcll, Jerry Harrold, Shirley Burch. Row seven — Dave Ancil, Junior Davis, Gene McGuire, Bob McCarthy, Tom Hughes, Don Bassett, Gene McClellan, Drucilla Stillwagon. 64 The 1947 MagicianRou-one—Walter Robinson, Mariam Bredweli, Max Jordon, Garland Brown, Forrest Hurst, Lee Shaffer, Stephen Mitchell. Row two—Bob Koontz. Anita Page, Anna Lee Hugus, Mary Ann Reed, Jean Bayless, Myra Irwin, Thelma West, Mary Jane Gordon, Mary Ann Lloyd, Annette Austin. Rou three—Louis Phillips, Shirley Cornell, Nancy Brooks, Jeanne Linder, James Collins. Row four — Mr. Edward Zetterberg, sponsor; Earl Williams, Maribel Spangler, Jewell Siggins, Glendora Glenn, Mr. Roger S. Lingeman, sponsor. WALTER ROBINSON President OFFICERS MAX JORDAN Vice-President SPONSORS MIRIAM BREDWELL Secretary-Treasurer MR. ROGER LINGEMAN MR. EDWARD ZETTERBERG stands for Oxygen, Osmosis, Ozone, and Oxide. For meaning of terms See SCIENCE CLUB guide. The 1947 Magician 65stands for PLAYS Given winter and spring By juniors and seniors . . . The bells surely did ring! Miss Henryetta Brandt Director Casts and Committees "BRIGHTEN THE CORNER” Jeri Carson - Nina Nichols Opal Harris Jerry Harrold Dell Marshall Bertha Birt Neil Carson John Reed Jeffrey Talbot Harold Kingery Delivery Girl Lorraine Williams Townsend Marshall Bud Clark Mrs. McElhenney Barbara Brown Robertson Bob Rinker Bud Clark, student assistant; Katherine Penrod, soud effects; Jewell Siggins, prompter; Eunice Bailey and Dorothy Ohlemacher. stage props; Betty Richard, hand props; Phil Osgood, lights; Marilyn Senstiel, publicity; Betty Richard and Carol Marsh, make-up. "ANNIE LAURIE” Sir Robert Laurie Jack Pingry Annie Laurie Nancy Marvin Jeanie MacLaren Dixana Yockey Lord Ferguson - Joe Offord Lady Carlyle Juanita Carmen Sir William Douglas Ed Jenkinson Lord Donald Gregory Bob Richardson Lady Scott - Twila McKee Lord Bruce '------------- Jim Peters Lady Bruce Jane Sheridan Rev. Wallace William Martin Mither Macintosh Margaret Luzader Ramsey - Janice Rector Meg Harriett Miller Sandy Glenn Miller Bill Martin, student assistant; Norma Conn, prompter; Jim Peters, sound effects; June Linville. hand props; Pat Deming and Bill Martin, make-up; Ula Empey, costumes; Myra Irwin, stage props. 66 The 1947 MagicianSENIOR PLAY "Brighten the Corner" by John Cecil Holm was given December 12 in the auditorium by members of the class in senior dramatics. JUNIOR PLAY "Annie Laurie" by Wall Spence was given April 22 and 2 3 in the auditorium by the junior dramatic class. The 1947 Magician 67stands for QUILL AND SCROLL is the name, For budding young journalists A pathway to fame. LUEI.I.A UBF.AU President DON BASSETT Vice-President OFFICERS DRUCILLA STILL WAGON Secretary PAT HUFFMAN Treasurer SPONSOR MISS KATHLEEN MEEHAN Row one — Miriam Bred well, Jerry Harrold, Lola Vickers, Barbara Hyatt. Row two — Don Bassett, Druciila Stillwagon, I.uella LcBeau, Pat Huffman, Eleanor Parker. Row three—Joe Dooley, Tom Hughes, Norma Maxwell, Audrey Chandler, Miss Kathleen Meehan, sponsor. 68 The 1947 MagicianOFFICERS AND NON-COMS Row one— James Davidson, PMS T; Bob Koontz, 1st Lt; Don Swanger, 1st Lt; Phil Brady, Capt; Max Jordan, Major; Bud Clark, Capt; Tom Ribblc, Capt; Frank Gilpcn, 1st Lt; Dale Johnson, 1st Lt. Row two—Bob Rinkcr, T Sgt; Don Mace, T Sgt; Russell Kirshman, 1st Sgt; Marlen Wilson, 1st Sgt; Louis Costas, S Sgt; Robert Halteman, S Sgt; Sam Hubbard, M Sgt; Harry Moyer, SSgt; Ed Ray, T Sgt; Melvin Ruble, T Sgt. Row three — Harry Proctor, S Sgt; Rex Pittengcr, S Sgt; Bob Polhcmus, S Sgt; Richard Cunning-ton, Sgt; Don Rcbcr, Sgt; Harold Dean, S Sgt; Dave Ancil, Sgt; Herbert Levi, S Sgt; David Beard, S Sgt; Dick Evans, S Sgt; Robert Davis, S Sgt. Row four — William Thomas, S Sgt; Joe Ofiford, S Sgt; Gene Sanders, S Sgt; Bob Needham, Sgt; Dale Zimmerman, Sgt; Bill Pingry, Sgt; Robert Radcliff, Sgt; Jack Pingry, Sgt; James Ertle, Sgt; Bob Miller, Sgt. Row five—Don Osborn, Dick Lang, Tom Blake, Virgil Ringo, Bob Barnes,Jack Gilbert, Jack Vining, corporals. Row six— Bob Cranor, Nile Harper, Dick Tuttle, R. Reynolds, Bill Lotts, Richard Moore, J. Needham, corporals. TOM RIBBLE Captain OFFICERS MAX JORDAN Major BUD CLARK Captain JAMES DAVIDSON Professor of Military Science and Tactics PHIL BRADY Captain stands for R. O. T. C., Our uniformed men Who march, drill, march, drill, And then do it again. The 1947 Magician 69R. O. T. C. COMPANY A FIRST PLATOON Row one — Don Mace, Harold Dean, Don Rcbcr, Bill Lotts, Bob Miller, Bill Pingry, Jack Gilbert, Bob Polhcmus, James Montross, Harry Moyer. Row two—Richard Caupp, Bob McCarthy, Jack Armantrout, Tom Tuttle, Jim Armantrout, Eugene Estes, Tom Moore, Walter Whitacrc, Glenn Miller, Virgil Ringo. Row three — Ernest Moss, Spencer Zachary, Elmore Alexander, W. Berry, Dave Winkle, Jack Glasson, John Edwards, Rex Gantz, Curtis Westfall. Row four — Bill Thomas, Melvin McDonald, John Turner, Richard Wyant, Lewis Gregory, Davy Truax, Herbert Estes, Don Haines, Virgil Grider. SECOND PLATOON Row one—Russell Kirshman, Sam Hubbard, Tom Blake, James Ertlc, Gene Sanders, Joe Offord, Rex Pittenger, James Needham, Robert Rinker. Row two — Jerry Justice, Jack Milhollin, Darrell Jacobs, Basil Rcnbarger, Jack Richardson, Jerry Carnagua, John Richards, Jack Vining. Row three — Jack Bookout, Robert Renengar, Richard Benson, Don Osborn, Richard Hardacre, Bob Davis, Bill Miller, David Hampton. Row four—Bob Mantock, Bill Worthen, John Brown, Pete Austin, Jack Gibson, Fred Taylor, Charles Chenault, Richard Moore. 70 The 1947 MagicianR O. T. C. COMPANY B FIRST PLATOON Row one—Ed Ray, Robert Ratcliff, Robert Barnes, Dale Zimmerman, Richard Cunnington, Herbert Levi, David Beard, David Ancil, Dick Evans. Row two — Bill Jackson, Sherman McCoy, Jack Sutton, Don House, Gerald Pittengcr, Jack Yingling, Marshall White, Arthur Clark, Melvin Chenault, Gene Gibson. Row three— James Buckles, Orville Davis, Joe Shaffer, Jack Bennett, Tom Gambrel, Richard Tuttle, Robert Gruwell, Ed Jenkinson, Dave Reber. Row four — Charles Scott, Stanford Falender, Emmet Duncan, Avery Clark, Virgil Lamb, Jack Carmichael, James Adams, Percy Jeffery, Clarence Hathcock. SECOND PLATOON Row one — Melvin Ruble, Marlen Wilson, Harry Proctor, Louis Costas, Robert Davis, Richard Lang, Bob Cranor, Jack Pingry, Robert Haltcman. Row two — Fred Harper, James Dixon, Cassius Goens, Harold Stockton, Ted Moore, William Hawk, Charles Kirk, Roderick Russell, Jim Palmer. Row three — Pat Greene, Keith Longfellow, Jack Spence, Bob Davis, Jim Webster, Samuel Mohler, Bob Linder, Charles Thomas, Richard Houser. Row four — Gran Martin, William Hamilton, Donald Bowers, Jack Bragg, Gerald Fields, Gerald Klepfer, Kenneth Palin, James Needham, James Sims. The 1947 Magician 71stands for SUPERMEN Of field and floor, Of gridiron and court . . . Need we say more? COACH ETTORE ANTON1NI 1946 FOOTBALL RECORD September 13 (T) Bearcats 31 Central of Ft. Wayne 6 20 (H) Bearcats 37 Anderson 6 28 (T) Bearcats 13 Evansville Memorial 19 October 4 (H) Bearcats 26 Tech, Indianapolis 11 (T) Bearcats 56 Marion 0 18 (H) Bearcats 35 Bloomington 0 23 (H) Bearcats 38 Kokomo 0 'November 1 (T) Bearcats 26 New Castle 0 8 (H) Bearcats 13 Emerson, Gary 0 Row otic — Harold Sulky, Charles Delaney, Robert Ammon, Jim Acton, Gerald Marsh, Bob Boxell. Row two — Dallas Jones,Lowell Williams, Jerry Justice, Lee Kaesar, Wilmuth Wills, Charles Ncwlin, John Hampton. Row three — Jacq LaDuron, Dwight Skinner, Dee McGenzie, Gene Wojack, Charles Scamihirn, Homer Bradburn, Harold Boling, Abe Cooper. Row jour — Kenneth Delk, Ralph Elliott, Fred Powell, Bill Brewer, Jim Peters, Bill Taylor, Marvin Bryant, Fray Cray. Tbe 1947 Magician 72Kneeling — David Thomas, Jack Goen, Homer Bradburn, Bob Davis, Harold Sulky. Standing — Bob Newton, Joe Graham, Earl Roberts, Nelson Ohlcmachcr, Dick DcVoc. 1946-47 BASKETBALL RECORD Not ember 22 (H) Bearcats 41 Union City . - 34 27 (H) Bearcats 51 Auburn 36 29 (T) Bearcats 35 Shelbyville .. „ - 46 December 6 (H) Bearcats 42 Richmond - 35 10 (T) Bearcats 39 Anderson - 37 13 (H) Bearcats 60 Nogansport . 38 18 (T) Bearcats 29 New Castle . . . 16 January (T) Bearcats 39 Kokomo 3 42 7 (H) Bearcars 59 Central, Ft. Wayne 46 8 (T) Bearcats 61 Marion 48 r 17 (T) Bearcats 43 Lafayette 59 r 24 (H) Bearcats 41 Anderson - 31 I 28 (H) Bearcats 66 Hartford City 29 31 (T) Bearcats 34 Tech, Indianapolis - 17 February - 7 (H) Bearcats 37 New Castle 35 8 (H) Bearcats 70 Bossc, Evansville 51 14 (T) Bearcats 40 Connersville 38 21 (H) Bearcats 74 Frankfort 48 TOURNAMENT SCORES Sectional Bearcats 28 Yorktown 26 Bearcats 41 Burris 46 COACH ARTHUR BECKNER The 1947 Magician 73CONFERENCE JIM ACTON Center HOMER BRADBURN Fullback ROBERT AMMON Guard GERALD MARSH Guard DALLAS JONES Halfback JOHN CASEY Tackle RALPH ELLIOTT Tackle ABE COOPER Halfback BILL BREWER Tackle HAROLD SULKEY Fullback CHARLES SCAMIHORN Halfback DEE McGENZIE Guard The 1947 MagicianN S C H A M P I O JACQ LaDURON Halfback JOE DOOLEY Halfback DWIGHT SKINNER End BILL TAYLOR End 1 RANK CRAY End PAUL GEORGE Quarterback HAROLD BOLING Tackle MARVIN BRYANT Halfback KEN DELK End CHARLES DELANEY Tackle JOHN HAMPTON Center GENE WOJACK Halfback The 1947 Magician(jXl 76 The 1947 Magician78 The 1947 MagicianThe 1947 Magician 79stands for TEACHERS CThe people who try To teach us our letters As the days roll by. COUNSELING COMMITTEE Stated — Miss Eleanor Bly, chairman of senior counselors; Mrs. Erma B. Christy, supervisor of guidance; Miss Lucille Johnson, dean of girls; Harold V. Anderson, dean of boys. Standing — Edward Olsen, chairman of junior counselors; Earl Peckinpaugh, principal; Elmer Posey, chairman of sophomore counselors; Dr. Vi'. L. Howard, assistant principal of Trade School. If MagicianRETAIL SELLING Left to right — Principal Earl Pcckinpaugh, Louis Novick. manager of Stillman's; Kenneth R. McGrew, manager of J. C. Penny s; F. L. Diedrich, manager of S. S. Kresgc Five and Ten; Superintendent R. D. Shaffer, Randall F. Bevens, manager of Scars, Roebuck and Company; Robert L. Hartley, advertising manager of Ball Stores; II. F. Bricklcy, vocational director; J. J. Freistroffcr, coordinator in distributive education. Mrs. hrma Christy, another member of the committee, is not shown. The five representatives of local stores work with school officials to develop the cooperative selling program. BUSINESS EDUCATION Seated Miss Freda Pope, Robert Colvin, W. J. Wagoner, Miss Lorcnc Turner. Standing J. Carl Humphrey, Neil Vi'. Daily, head of department; Marion J. Hansen. The 1947 Magician 81ENGLISH Srated—Miss Deborah Edwards, Miss Blanch E. Tuhev, head of the department: Miss Maude Michael, Miss Lucille K. Mayr. Standing—Miss Kathleen Meehan, Miss Jewel Standcrford. Miss Eleanor Bly, Miss Mary E. Wade, Miss Margaret Ryan. FOREIGN LANGUAGE, LIBRARY, ART, MUSIC Seat'd — Mrs. Esther Keller Brown, Latin; Miss Laura Linden, head of foreign language department; Mrs. Adlai Dalby, librarian. Standing — Paul E. Carmichael, art; Glen Stcpleton, head of music department; Ernest H. Boyer, music. 82 The 1947 MagicianHOME ECONOMICS Seated — Miss Dorothy Krcigcr, Mrs. Evelyn McCullough, Mrs. Ruth Ball Harker, Mrs. Jessie Hoffman. Standing Mrs. Erma B. Christy, head of department; Miss Ola Courtney, Miss Marjorie Foster, cafeteria director; Miss Ella Hollenback. The 1947 Magician 83SOCIAL SCIENCE Seated — Miss Henryctta Brandt, Miss Josephine Clevenger, Miss Esther Bartlett. Standing — James Hyatt, Lloyd V. Cooley, Elmer Posey, Russell T. McNutt, head of department. The 1947 MagicianTRADE SCHOOL Seated — H. F. Brickley. supervisor of trade and industrial education; Robert E. Noble, auto mechanics; Harry Whittern, related math and science; Dr. W. L. Howard. Standing — Charles Rcttig, machine shop; Gilbert Blackwood, electricity; Herman Bcckley, building trades and carpentry; Tharmar Main, machine shop; Ralph Conclley, English. Gail Gaddis, woodwork, and Irvin L. Morrow, drafting, were not present when picture was made. VETERANS INSTITUTE Left to right — W. M. Wampler, Earl Harger, veterans’ counselor; Jonathan Young. Seated — Mrs. Clare Jean Bullock, vocational home economics at Trade School; Miss Frances L. O’Harra, social science. Standing — Paul Baker, auto mechanics; Wesley C. Pierce, printing. These were absent when previous photos were made. The 1947 Musician 85stands for US The MAGICIAN staff. Of the work we have done You don’t know the half. EDITORIAL DRUCILLA STILLWAGON ANITA PAGE Editor Associate Editor Doris Shinn Berneice Davis -Don Bassett ) Tom Hughes ) Ruthann Serra Jackie Harrell June Sanders Jean Hume Sue Ramsey Mary Ann Riseden David Ancil Mr- Roger S. Lingeman Editorial Assistant Organizations Athletics Art Senior Schedule Calendar . Underclass Pictures Photographer Photographer BUSINESS EUGENE CORTWRIGHT Business Manager Advertising and Subscriptions Marilyn Roth Phyllis Reavis Pat Wright SPONSORS Editorial, Miss Jewel Standerford Business, J. Carl Humphrey The 1947 Magician 86Anica Page, Drucilla St ill wagon. Gene Cortwright. Rott. ®-T«m Hughes Dun Bassett. Dave Ancil. Rou tuo — Doris Shinn, Jackie Harrell, Mary Ann Ma yn RothRamSCy’ Jea" HumC’ Ruthann Scrra» Junc Sander?. Row three — Phyllis Reavis, Pat Wright, The 1947 Magician 87Left to right — Dick Dyrek, Charles Holloway, Charles Nelson, Joe Dooley, Charles Schamihorn. Jerry Angel, and Don Rahe were not present for pictures. INTRAMURAL ALL-STAR TEAM Selection of Mel Wilson, Director FIRST TEAM SECOND TEAM Charles Holloway, 7th Gym "A Robert Brown, Auto Mechanics Mike Elliott, 6th Gym Jerry Justice, Building Trades Frank Cray, Wrestling F Robert Templin, Veterans F Bill Brewer, Health Ed C Charles Bird, Machine Shop G Everett Duke, Building Trades G Charles Nelson, 7th Gym "A” HONORABLE MENTION Curlie Bolden, 6th Gym; Jack Holt, Auto Mechanics; Marty Boggs, 7th Gym "B”; Roy Bricker, 1st Gym; Don Goodman, Auto Mechanics; Bob Fouch, 6th Gym; Charles Van Camp, Sophomores; Bob Thorne, Machine Shop; Jack Cole, Sophomores; Gerald Marsh, Wrestlers; Bob Replogle. 7th ROTC; Charles Powell, Health Ed; Gene Schuck, 3rd Gym. stands for Victors . . . These fellows had won When the INTRAMURAL tourney Its schedule had run. 88 The 1947 Magician4 13 13 14 stands for WEARERS OF PURPLE AND WHITE. On mat, diamond, and track jnnuary 21 Bearcats 24 Bearcats 28 Bearcats February 4 Bearcats Bearcats Bearcats Bearcats Bearcats 12 24 29 z 1254 6 38 15 0 They know how to fight. 3 RESULTS Southport - 23 Roosevelt, E. Chicago . . 24 Jeff, Lafayette 12 y2 Southport 355 2 Bloomington . - 38 Lafayette - 8 Crawfordsville 25 Bloomington . 46 ST ATE MEET Bearcats - - . 20 Bloomington (winner) 58 Row one Jjcq LaDuron, Harold Boling, Charles King, Dick Perkins, Richard Dominick, Marian Harris. Row two David And. Frank Cray, Ralph Elliott. John Jones. Gerald Marsh, Coach Ettore Antonini. The 1947 Magician 89BASEBALL-TENNIS Row one—Don Babcock, John Hampton, Max Jordan. Philip Hampton (bat boy), Joe Dooley, James Smith. Row two—Homer Bradburn, Pat Phillips, bred Darter, Jack Schaubut, John Wallin, Charles Holloway, Tom Foster. Row three — Ken Delk, Fred Powell, Bob Newton, Charles Schamihorn, Dick Dyrek. Row four — Dick DcVoc, Fred Robling. BEARCAT DIAMOND SCHEDULE April 16 Yorktown There 18 Hartford City There 21 Losantville Here 25 Anderson (2) There May 2 Logansport Here 5 Royerton There 8 Marion There CARL ADAMS Baseball Coach 90 9 Hartford City Here 14 New Castle Here 15 Kokomo There 20 Richmond (night) There 23 Technical Here 27 Frankfort There 29 Lafayette Here June 2 Richmond (night) Here Row 1 —Jim Palmer, Garland Brown. Row 2 — Herbert Levi, Jack Gilbert, Ted Spencer. Row 3—Tom Hughes, Coach Ed Olsen, Jack Fields. The 1947 MagicianTRACK - GOLF 1947 TRACK SCHEDULE April 3-4-7-8 Inter-Class Track Meet 11 Anderson, here 19 Goshen Relays 26 Muncie Relays May 3 Kokomo Relays 6 Richmond, here 10 North Central Conference Meet 16 Sectional, Ball State 24 State Meet, Indianapolis Row one—Dick Gruwell, Wesley Strauch, Dave Lambert, Jack McCurdy. Bill Brewer, Joe McGraw, Pat Phillips, Nile Harper. Row two—Harold Snider, Paul Hinc , Gerald Marsh, Gene Schuck, Bob Fouch, Bob Newton, Charles Van Camp, Charles Powell. Row three — Bob Myers, John Jones, Bill Taylor, Jim Waters, Stephen Mitchell, Earl Roberts, Jack Stewart. Gene Coleman. Ocie Montague, Charles Ferrell. Row 1 — Don Herbert, Marty Boggs. Row 2 — Lee Shaffer, John Reed. Row 3 — George Shafer, Jack West. The 1947 Magician MEL WILSON Track Coach 91stands for Xercises Which all bowlers like. As they roll down the alleys, Sometimes they strike. FIRST TEN BOWLERS GIRLS Ruth Owens Katherine Penrod Euella LcBcau Jackie Harrell Wanda Rector Delores Priddy Sally Ream Alyce Shafer Carolyn Carson Connie Graves BOYS Sam Mohler Rex Pittengcr Marten Wilson Bob Johnson BoB Needham Shellic Smith Dale Johnson Gene Coleman Rodger Wasson Tommy Graves HAROLD V. ANDERSON Sponsor Row one — Evelyn Davis, Mary Ellen Lowman, Ruth Owens, Katherine Penrod, Luella I.cBeau, Wanda Rector, Jackie Harrell, Jackie Proctor, Bobbie Martin, Edith Mace, Phyllis Bruner. Row two— Bob McCarthy. Sam Mohler, Marlen Wilson, Jim Webster, Jim Palmer, Tom Graves, Mr. Harold V. Anderson, sponsor; Gene Coleman. Ron tbret------Shell ic Smith, Dale Johnson, Bob Needham, Rex Pittenger, Sherman McCoy, James Needham. 92 The 1947 MagicianG. A. A. RUTH OWENS President ANITA PAGE Vice-President NORMA WAGGONER Secretary-T reasurer MISS JUNE BOSWORTH Sponsor Rou one— Elaine Myers, Geraldine Warner. Rou two—Patty Miller, Edith Mace. Row three—Leora Pittcngcr, Virginia Turner. Joan Butts. Row four — Joan Limbert, Mary Chambless. Row file — Miss Bos worth, sponsor; Katherine Penrod, Pat Huffman, Carol Williams. Dorthadel Lowery, Doris Shinn, Miriam Brcdwcll, Jerry Harrold, Glendora Glenn, Ruth Owens, Anita Page. Ron six — Bonnie Nelson, Mary Ann Reed, Jane Barnes, Joan Briggs. Row seten— Shirley Cornell, Maribel Spangler, Jewell Siggins. marks the spot Where two more are seen To be more specific, G. A. A. and YTEEN. Y-TEEN PEARL JOHNSON President PHYLLIS TAYLOR Secretary ODESSA MILLER Assistant Secretary MRS. MARY WILLIAMS Sponsor Row one — Phyllis Taylor. Edith Russell, Pear! Johnson, Mary Martha Allred. Row two — Charlotte Levi, Bertha Coleman, Odessa Miller, Nellie Johnson, Cherry Mae Decring, Mrs. Mary Williams, sponsor; Otec Foster, Norma Taylor. The 1947 Magician 9}stands for YEAR, From September to June. Here are all of the things That keep us in tune. 94The 1947 Magician96 The 1947 MagicianThe 1947 Magician 97ANCIL EYES Row one — Dick Koontz and Max Jordan inspect R. O. T. C. Magician staff checks underclass photos. Row two — Seniors rehearse for annual class play. Santa Claus (Earl Peckinpaugh) arrives for teachers party in cafeteria. Reindeer (Miss June Bosworth and Miss Freda Pope) draw Santa’s sleigh. Row three—Members of Muttsonian staff picnic. 98 The 1947 MagicianTHE CALENDAR Row one Paul Hines and Dallas Jones, former G. I.’s, hold memorial plaque to be placed in the l.brary in honor of Central.tes who served in World World War II. The plaque is the gift of the Class of .'”4V • Large junior cast prepares play given in April. Row two— Barber Shop Quartet harmonizes for Musical Moods. . . Students have X-rays. Row three — Speakers’ table for North Central Conference dinner in honor of the winners, the Bearcats, held in Central cafeteria--Underclassmen get their photos made. The 1947 Magician 99means AND SO FORTH For this part we save Space for the merchants That ads to us gave. The 1947 Magician 101»—■— Meet Me at Stillman’s "Hi, Shop” men's i THIRD FLOOR NATION-ROBINSON PRINTERS, Inc. LETTERPRESS and OFFSET DIAL 2-1221 426 East Howard Street MUNCIE • m m m m m M • IN MUNCIE IT S B B Confectionery Fountain Service Sandwiches Candy - Tobacco Magazines ★ CURB SERVICE PAUL'S FLOWER SHOP WE TELEGRAPH FLOWERS Flowers for All Occasions CUT FLOWERS FUNERAL DESIGNS POTTED PLANTS WEDDING FLOWERS DISH GARDENS CALL 2-6585 ★ FREE DELIVERY 114 North Elm Street 2215 SOUTH MADISON ST. Muncie, Indiana ► at 16th and Madison Streets Open Sundays and Holidays 102 The 1947 MagicianDOWNSTAIRS Housewares and Toys Pure Food Market Luncheonette STREET FLOOR Cosmetics and Accessories Notions and Stationery Teen Shop Men’s and Boys’ Shop MEZZANINE Optical Shop Rest Rooms Book Shop and Rental Library SECOND FLOOR Fashion Shops Millinery Footwear Lingerie THIRD FLOOR Gifts and Cliinaware Necdlecraft Shop Yard Goods Closet Shop Linens and Bedding Beauty Salon Children’s Shop EASTERN INDIANA'S SHOPPING CENTER FOURTH FLOOR Home Furnishings General Furnishings Credit Office Exchange Desk Luggage The 1447 Magician 1031947-1948 BASKETBALL SCHEDULE November 21 Selma Here 28 Shelbyville Here December 5 Richmond There 9 Anderson 12 Logansport There 17 NewCastle There 20 Hammond January 3 Central, Fort Wayne There 7 Marion 14 Kokomo Here 16 Jeff, LaFayette Here 23 Anderson There 27 Hartford City 30 Tech, Indianapolis Here February 6 New Castle 7 Bosse, Evansville There 13 Connersville Here 20 Frankfort There f " " 1 1 1 1 | The Jewel Shoppe 1 1 ★ 1 1 117 West Charles Street 1 1 Muncie, Indiana i i i i- +— I i I 4 Commercial Printing Company Phone 7707 ★ High and Jackson Streets Wil son Pastry Shop n 115 WEST CHARLES STREET Dial 8551 i i . f I -4 Compliments of S.S.KRESGE CO. 214 S. Walnut 300 S. Walnut Muncie, Indiana FOR SPORTING GOODS Paints - Appliances “Whizzer” Bike Motors GADBURY-SNYDER 120 WEST CHARLES Phone 2-6881 •—— 104 The 1947 Magician+• •OTHCD UHOia AUtMOtITT OP TMI COCA-COlA COMPANY IV Coca-Cola Bottling Co. (Muncie, Ind.) Inc. i STUDENTS ! Our BALLROOM is the Place FOR YOUR DANCES and BANQUETS ★ ★ ★ HOTEL ROBERTS MANAGEMENT —THORNBURG HOTEL CO. DIAL 8861 —-------------------- —-------------------—- h The 1947 Magician 105Riverside Flower Shop High and Charles Sts. Phone 9969 Muncie, Indiana • I I ■ ! -------------------------------------——+ ----------------------------------- f Good Luck When you’re "on your own,” remember that a dollar saved is a dollar earned and this is the place where you always can SAVE on JEWELRY AND SPORTING GOODS The Delaware Jewelers 518 S. WALNUT ST. ‘•The BARGAIN CORNER of Muncie” BEST WISHES to the Class of 1947 I H Howell’s Flower Shop In the Rivoli Theatre Building 214 South Mulberry St. Dial 8772 ★ H. L. Green Co. 5c to Si.00 Store ■ Howell Florists 1620 University Avenue Dial 7808 106 The 1947 Magician1 i i i i MUNCIE’S FIVE LEADING THEATRES RIVOLI, STRAND, WYSOR, HOOSIER and UPTOWN • ———— ■ ■ i F j TAKE THE LONG LOOK — The Muncie Stone Buy QUALITY 1 and Lime Co. ★ 1 Incorporated i ■ • 1 i INDIVIDUALLY TAILORED CLOTHES ■ CRUSHED STONE READY FOR SERVICE SUITS HATS - HABERDASHERY SPORTSWEAR ★ i I ★ i Hoyt Avenue and 21st Street i Muncie’s Most Modern Phone 2-1901 Men’s Store P. O. Box 1212 Muncie, Indiana JOHN C. BANTA, Inc. Over on Mulberry Street — 113 South ■ —-—-———————————. The 1947 Magician 1071947 FOOTBALL SCHEDULE September 12 Central, Fort Wayne - - Here 19 Anderson There 27 Memorial, Evansville Here October 3 Tech, Indianapolis There 10 Marion Here 17 Central, South Bend Here 22 Kokomo There 31 Emerson, Gary There November 7 New Castle Here --—-—-—-—-—i —— —----—-—-—-—-—4 » Rite-Way Shoe Shop K. PAUL ROBINSON, Prop. ★ 309 East Wysor Street Phone 4922 WHITE’S SHOP FOR MEN j 114 EAST MAIN STREET (next door to Merchants Trust) HIGH QUALITY — LOW PRICES Home of SOCIETY BRAND Clothes Lee Hats - Wilson Sportswear Munsing Wear - Jantzen Beachwear Jersilo Sweaters - Massagic Shoes WHITE’S Bert Cummings "We’re never too busy to say hello” I------------------------------ The Cade Company ★ FLORAL ARTISTS ★ Corner Main and Walnut Sts. Muncie. Indiana Weesner’s Jewelers and Photographers 116 EAST MAIN STREET Diamonds - Watches - Jewelery GIFTS FOR ALL OCCASIONS Photographs a Specialty BEST BURGERS ★ Hamburger Inn 121 West Charles St. I I § ■—-—-—-—“—-—-—•—-—-— —-—-—-—-—-—-—•+ Compliments of LAWSON’S JEWELERS "By the Sign of the Clock” Muncie, Indiana 108 The 1947 Magician ? fms (J3cnk" lCE CREAM | V J FIT FOR A ..ju TM GOLDEN - SPOON AT ALL BORDEN DEALERS BORDEN’S Furnas Ice Cream Division MUNCIE If It’s BORDEN’S, It’s Got To Be Good! 310 WEST MAIN STREET I I s I I I i + -t P E N Z E L’ S BOOKSELLERS • STATIONERS OFFICE AND SCHOOL SUPPLIES 211 South Walnut Street Muncie, Indiana -+ T CRAIG CAB T? 6 6 16 SAFE PROMPT CRAIG CAB COURTEOUS ECONOMICAL —+ The 1947 Magician 109■+ +• YOU WILL FIND DISTINCTIVE GIFTS for All Occasions at JCWCLCRS 117 WmI |»ck«M Curtie-Vlen Owned — Curtie-VUn Operated 117 West Jackson Street Good Luck, Seniors of ’47! Roger’s Jewelry 202 South Walnut Street Flowers for All Occasions ★ WE TELEGRAPH ★ Love’s Flower Shop TIIE Fan? STORE ----—+ +•-------------------------- Compliments of KING’S ONE OF AMERICA'S FINEST MEN’S SHOPS i Charles and Walnut +--------------------------- +-------—-— GOOD LUCK, BEARCATS! Compliments of RETZ Sporting Goods Store -----------+ +•—---------------------------— -— THE FASHIDN A GOOD STORE IN A GOOD CITY 112 East Adams Street A SMART STORE For Smart Dressers PERSONALIZED SERVICE EXCLUSIVE LINES The good will of its customers is the FASHION’S most valuable possession. PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS + ----------- ——+ 110 The 1947 Magicianmmm ENGRAVING LITHOGRAPH CO. •+ The Scott Printing Co. HAS BEEN PRINTING SCHOOL and COLLEGE ANNUALS FOR MORE THAN FIFTY YEARS The 1947 Magician 111THE SENIORS’ CHOICE FOR THEIR YEARBOOK PORTRAITS The People’s Studio DIAL 6762 Charles R. Dollar G. R. Handley •—---------—————————— f Compliments of LEE E. BECKLEY JEWELER AND WATCHMAKER 109 SOUTH MULBERRY STREET Muncie. Indiana Advertisers All-Girl Choir Band Basketball, Team Players Baseball Bowling B the Bearcat Board of Education Calendar Dance Band Deans Dedication Dunbar Club Faculty Former Servicemen Football, Team Players G. A. A. Golf Hi-Y Honor Society Intramural Winners Junior Council - Junior Play Juniors Library Pages Magician INDEX 102-112 60 5 9 73 76-77 90 92 7 6 94-95 63 36 5 62 80-85 1 1 72 74-75 93 ■ 91 43 40 88 45 66-67 46-49 57 86-87 Math Club Mock Election Munsonian "Musical Moods” New lOB’s Pep Club Principal Quill and Scroll Robed Choir R. O. T. C. Science Club Senior Class Senior Council Senior Play Senior Service Scouts Senior Officers R. D. Shaffer Snaps, General Sports Year Social Science Club Sophomore Council Sophomores Student Council Tennis Track . Wrestling Y-Teen 41 38-39 64 62-63 55-56 58 37 68 61 69-71 65 -11-35 10 66-67 44 9 4 96-100 78-79 98-99 42 50 51-54 8 91 91 89 93 I 12 The 1947 Magician 

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