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R.. L ' .f r li, -K r M .J .. . M2151 ' - , MLC, uv, , ,, T-'QW'-L v':. L, 4 L if LL, -. ' Q X' Ek' Y-'fy L' ,Q ' L ' " 1 , Lz..l,ff kx2a..1.L','gL5,x.- i, g g K' L " ii, Q- ' 7 W x L v My 1 C f in . H3wm,1 rx J ..f"C...f,--.' PQ ' -1-54 L-,U A, .,.. i ,L .fv,Nv.. u Q. Ly,-1' " "--15 X. J L..'. z" ' .,, .L x X I CAQTLJU X51 b Y 1 1 n 4 R 2 A Q x' A A 1 W 1 1 4 ' . J 4 f V1 r f ' 1' .r ' I v K 1 Q ., .,-L .x . , X A ' 1' ' N L- H - 1: ,J vi,-.11 g-'y4qf,,,"'-'H "In 11 L Q, qpry, bv JLLL: ' Lf, ,- 1 '15, ':",,:zg fig " f'k ' - ir 53 I". ', ,L rv 1, 5 ' L. A 'f, Lv jj . V X 1' 'LQ L' 'QL L '- FW 'Q' K f 4 ' , 'I-1i",1 1:1 if 'Y T"' ,- 8 ,lf 'f . N . ,- VW AVR '1f.L.rE'1iJY1 n -'ffm --R , - . , ff . . . ifffiir-""'. 'l'1:7Q1 7 73- if ',- .4,-.,1:' 1- r . "1 5 ' .., J 5' jf A1 f V g X, -. TX? 11. f, 71:1 1' ,. -vqlwlr V- 61-U1 ff A 5 5 r 'J jf -1 -1 ,V i7 , 74, ., u if fifin- , , "I M 1, ,A ,y k f V ., . , -' f' , , J 'X ll LH? Q - 55' in "f ,- Q , e XE, ,1 R , f 'K ff 2' ' ' " .i ,- fi I4 - x - 1 1 i, 3 . . , ' QL 1 ,. , 1: I' ' T1 'U L . 1 ,- . ,J f V ' f ,. X T ,fm , I X . .' 1 5 L - " ,L z 1-1 I. -, Y L . Q, 4 .Q , ' 1 f' 1. g' g Q ' ' ' J' 4 J. fx X 1 5 x ' Y ' Y- f -. -' ' Sf I if li' I, '17, Q v- fy f' ' A .1 V ' , . . 'W IL LQ v v ,. ,1 J if S J -L " r., 7' vw f -' . K .f T, 5 , :A ff , r. , L, , , A' 4 Y - " f 11,35 f' 2 2, f ' .b , ' I ,.,.' 11 , W- f L' 15 ' --11 .11 1' f Q- - .f nga: ui! -V 5:1 J- . 7 " t :J lm if Y' 3' 'T 1 L lj . ff' "4 . 'E V 'V 37 2 A. LD .. 4. 'V ,. 1. ji ' Lu 1.fn,c'1. v ., ix ,1',,"XQ.1g xl 45 1,15 21 -T ,- , I-w,,.,.v' 1' - Qu-!fcQfL""" ' k 'Q I x':,L' ,cf " Q' LL' Li? J? U C ei, . 521-Stiff Lsffvf 'w If : V-"7X'4'1:-., 'Cx 121-17 if C 'Qu Q 5' Y15"i,r: .!f"I.!IY, 'Q A 1 1 xl .C C'-E' 'V' 5 XVII f' Q -f , 1: ,: px rg 5' R. 1' T1 , ,I Q , E .Z L Q, 5, , Y, 5 Lg L 5, 'J ,X xqu ,V ,,, L. I VJ Q A4 V- V iz ni fini . 'mg F -1 ,-1. , WSH L' T. ' ': if I " 31 . II' . -21' fs 3 J 1 W , J A Y- r f ,, ' - 4- Us J - 1- , , L . Y 4 Y 5 , If ,' v V' r V x . , , . X. , X v " A , 5. , , . , rn' f . 4,1 1, . H ,- 1 4 -y: X ' " '-1 x my .rn ,.,f,:.,, K2 ' ,il V ff 'Y if LX if -F Q lf- , -N - - -- J 'I' " 'f'-'QU T K 'KL .,.A :I 'V ' ' ' f' : ' ,, v . . v - " 5' X 11 . . V , . - --1 9 W 51 if 5-I '- " I. ' Vx' ' ' I, A L V Y K I SV? 'Q' , ---' M. . Y Y , ' .:, . . x Q P 1 1 Ll' vj' A- -11. 3- fp ,-1 -x -- r' . ,A ,. V .. 5- I . r ' 4 - . V A, i. f, Y! 7. 1 V V E LO? ff A - WW W NKMdW2MyWWU fi MJ V T' Cvfiffwfif WQMW3 W2 iki A J' , , jf V fog Q! Z0 my LVM ' .V MMR, ?g fff' ,WW - 1 ff t A JIM 72,4 foo clga UZ-4 Ye-,gif . V fs-o7"A4,ff T64TIf 04 ff, H V N ww Zkffivfff' JHUK Qx ' V9 X Ri? d Qgwffwjiwfiyg? Q wfffwfgww R WWZK A M X ' dy MMM Jjiquggz 0 ' ' , K G lg, - Q VWVGW KAN gif :i XOpJ V 1 fs ff' QZH2Z2 gWgifWMJ QQW WEWQ iXQMW 92194 J -S! . jj! " Q W- , , ...g4....V V..:.a.ELt.....A Q' " " '-D 'fi M... .Va-VV V4.5---V V-L A f,--f'f V V VV ' V lk ' V VV -V - V ' V O , 15 6 "Q-5" Qi I 1 . ,Mgnffpjf Q73 ,, E ,. ,. 1 l i L , P 1 E E E AEA A A I 9 if b A --A 4.J Q N ff M ffcdffffffc, T A W n Af 'fl A f,fAA,,W1',,1 li x gig! 1 7, , AAAf A fg Xi ' rf, - NMAGICIAN 75, A Awqfy lk R ASQE . N N - Q ASX R343 AY A 0 ff' fi ,Q X 0, Xlx- ' AL7'fJJ ' Aft HJ k " Nr- N M fwff A1 A A W QA-AM 767 vox bf bv U 6'f'jDJjbZ. me M , "Aff" f ff '7'?'Q'Af' A A WW? A lnqumff 44,-Llfifzfg K Ig 1 W9 Ofoffwxfbgf Xi- wr. My A xy, THE SANIUA CLASS ,H UF if xl , W ff CENTRAL AANIUA HIGH SCHUUL WA f 'k 4M A A MUNCIA, INDIANA W gi A A 3 fx N gif WA X A 4f4fQff7fC 7f,fZ4 YG h J-mmm ' 1 wi... 7!!flZ-i440-6lJ'LlIJ0fL!CZ TUDAY I I .fp f U Um Wea!! of School and Community of Uur Home Town ,..wn...., TRADE Sf HOOL Th 1946 M 7 CU we face a larger world, a world of our nation and many other nations. If that world is to continue to exist, we must unite for the common good of all the peoples of the world. It must truly be ONE WORLD. Since this great ideal was presented so force- fully hy the author of "One World," we hereby dedicate the 1946 Magician to the memory of a great American, WENDELL L. WILLKIE The 1946 Magician DELL L. WILL !' is 1, , 'Aw fs J ff f.jjNMyjr JI jfAff V f -J AW km' M JR al MY , f w5,,f'f QED Rf' ' Z' F J' 5 fn if f ilk? 'f fi W ' it ZIV CLASSES AA QE N u u L -4 mn ! Hb Je,-'lf Nw MQ Nvv"-vi, ll Y'cw My asf gl 1' m 1 8 ,Mffsli 4 , fir' f .e TU Je ' Left lo right--Burl Keys, president: Juanita Jones, treasurer: Naomi Fisher, secretary, Don Grundy, vice-president. CLASS OF 1946 As sophomores, we cameg as juniors, we saw: as seniors, we con- quered. As we came to school those -first few weeks of our sophomore year, there was a definite period of adjustment when we were trying to adapt ourselves to Gentral's endless and frightening number of halls, class- rooms, teachers, and upperclassmen. However, we soon felt enough at home to organize and elect the following ofiicers: Phil Bayless, president, Ed Ebrite, vice-president: Mary Lou Madill, secretary: Barbara Henman, treasurer. The main event of that first year was a big dance and games party at the end of the first semester. During the spring semester, we held a heated campaign to elect our junior officers, and a second vote was required to select the winners. We saw ourselves ready to begin work in our junior year under the direction of our officers: Dick Beeson, president: Hubert Austin, vice-president: Naomi Fisher, secretary: Juanita Jones, treasurer, On November 2, we made our first contribution to Central's social life with a lively all-school dance. We also gathered in the auditorium to hear Inge Blumenthal, a German-Jewish refugee, talk about her life in Nazi Germany, and to see 'Bubbles Concerto." hBrother Goose," with a brilliant cast, was the play given during the second semester by The 1946 Magician the junior dramatics class. We entertained the mighty seniors in May with the annual prom at the Masonic Temple. In the midst of all this activity, we still took time out to elect our oflicers for the Hnal year in school. We have certainly conquered this year, for here we are ready to graduate after a very busy one. Among the busiest have been our of- ficers, led by Burl Keys, senior president. Serving with him were Don Grundy, vice-president: Naomi Fisher, secretaryg Juanita Jones, treas- urer. We started the year out with a flourish as we ordered our class jewelry, our name cards, and our invitations. The annual senior dance was held in December, and following in rapid succession were the Senior Career Conference days, the formal senior ball, and College Conference Day. This year we were the honored guests at the annual Junior-Senior Prom. And then all those pre-commencement activities required another deep breath. Finally, the symbol of our conquest . . . that diploma! Working with us during our period of arrival, sightseeing, and con- quest, have been our class sponsors. Mrs, Helen Pennington, the chair- man of sponsors, took over the job during our sophomore year when Mrs. Gladys Townsend Hoan resigned as a Central teacher. She has managed to Weather the tempests and endure the calms which have oc- curred during our three years, Miss Ella Hollenback has guided our social destiny in her work as social sponsor, while Paul E. Carmichael has kept us balanced in monetary matters as financial sponsor. Row one-Juanita Jones, Naomi Fisher. Helen Marie Dobbs. Row two-Marjory Cox, Nancy Austin Miss Flla Hollenback, social sponsor. Row three-Burl Keys, Frances Fowl, Don Grundy, Don Fields. Row four Paul L Carmichael, flnancial sponsor: Don Miller, Bob Kelsey, Wayne Kelley, Don Stifiier, James Saunders Don Powell Dick Smekens, Jack Karlen, Mrs. Helen Pennington, class sponsor: Marjorie Maitlen. The 194 6 Magfc1'an Veterans of World War ll Seniors of 1946 are more than proud, we are also honored, to be members of the same class which includes the first veterans of World War II who have chosen to complete their high school work by correspondence or enrollment at Central. While the rest of us were spending the last few years in the class room, these fellows were doing work of quite another sort. So their senior reports are those prized possessions, their service records. ROW ONE . ROY BROOKS-Entered service on November 4, 1942, spending one and a half months in the infantry, eight months in the paratroopers, and two and one-half years in the Air Corps . . . Attended school for air me- chanics at Keesler Field, Miss., and Willow Run, Mich., and for aerial gunners at Harlengen, Texas . . . Wears the Good Conduct Ribbon, the American Defense Ribbon, and the Victory Ribbon . . . Sergeant at the time of his dis- charge on February 13, 1945. GEORGE W. BRUTCHEN-Entered service on December 3, 19423 in basic training at Miami Beach, Fla. . , . Graduated from cooks' and bakers' school at Chanute Field, Ill., and Westover Field, Mass., as well as mess sergeants' school at Fort Devens, Mass .... After graduation served as instructor at Westover Field school . . . Sent overseas with the 56th Fighter Control Squadron under the command of the Fifth, Thirteenth, and Far Eastern Air Forces, as telephone-telegraph linesman and general electrical installation worker. . . Wears the Asiatic-Pacific Ribbon with two Bronze Stars, the American Theater Ribbon, the Philippine Liberation, the New Guinea Cam- paign Ribbon, Good Conduct Ribbon, and the Victory Ribbon . . . Corporal at the time of his discharge on January 16, 1946. ROW TWO ' CHARLES R. DAUGHERTY-Veteran of thirty-three months' service, twenty-two of them overseas . . . Served in England, France, Belgium, and Germany . . . Wears the Good Conduct Ribbon, the American Theater Ribbon, ETO Ribbon with three battle stars, and the Victory Ribbon . . , Pfc. at the time of his discharge on January 15, 1946. GEORGE A. FISHER-Went in active service with the U. S. Army at the age of 16. only to be honorably discharged a year later because of age requirements . . . Immediately enlisted in the Navy SeaBees, serving with the 62nd N.G.B .... Saw duty on Maui, Saipan, and Iwo Jima , , . Ended his service at Camp Parks, Calif., after four years of active duty. LAVERE PAUL HAIDET-Entered service on January 26, 1943, and received basic training in anti- aircraft artillery at Camp Haan, Calif .... Served with the 199th AAA-AW-BN. for twenty-nine months in the Pacific Theater , . . Wears the Asiatic and Pacific Theater Ribbon with three Bronze Stars, the Philippine Lib- eration Ribbon, Good Conduct Ribbon, and the Victory Ribbon . , , Discharged as Pfc. on January 11, 1946. JAMES D. HOUSE-After induction on May 15, 1942, served thirty-eight months with the 507th Para- chute Infantry . . . As staff sergeant was squad leader in infantry detachment of twelve men who were machine gun- ners and rillemen and did patrol and guard duty and combined combat action . . . Participated in the Normandy, Ardennes, Rhineland, and Central European battles and campaigns . . . Wears the Silver Star, fourth highest rank- ing decoration for gallantry in action: the Distinguished Unit Badge, the Victory Ribbon, American Theater Rib- bon, EAME Theater Ribbon with four Bronze Stars, and the Bronze Arrowhead, the Good Conduct Ribbon, and the Combat Infantryman's Badge . . . Discharged on November 7, 1945. ROW THREE CLYDE O. KING-Enlisted June 27, 1940 . . . Served in the U. S, Army Signal Corps and spent two years in Panama and one year in India . . . Discharged with T-4 rank August 30, 1945. LLOYD C. KRAMER-Entered the Navy March 28, 1942, receiving basic training at San Diego, Calif., and additional work at Iowa State College and Atlantic Fleet Service School, Norfolk, Virginia . . . Worked as ship's electrician and general maintenance and repairman . . , Wears the American-European Theater Ribbon and participated in the invasions of Sicily, Italy, and France, as well as the African campaign . . . Rating at time of discharge on December 4, 1945, was Electrician's Mate, First Class. ROBERT E. LAMBERT-Inducted January 27, 1943, and received basic training at Miami Beach, Florida . . . Served thirty-seven months in American Theater with the 432nd Army Afir Force Base Unit as airplane mechanic on B-24 bombers . . . Wears the Good Conduct Ribbon, the Victory Medal, and the American Theater Ribbon . . . Discharged on March 1, 1946, with rank of Pfc. WALTER R. MANSFIELD-Entered service April 2, 1943, and served nineteen months overseas with the 30th Infantry Division . . . As member of combat engineer unit, supervised and assigned duties connected with the construction of roads, bridges, mines, booby traps, and supported the infantry . . . Participated in live campaigns in Normandy, Northern France, Rhineland, Central Europe, and the Ardennes, or the "Belgian Bulge" . . . Wears the Bronze Star Medal, the ETO Ribbon with five battle stars, Good Conduct Ribbon, American Theater Rib- bon, Army of Occupation Ribbon, and the Victory Medal . . . Sergeant at time of discharge, October 13, 1945. ROW FOUR GERALD W. MILLER-Enlisted on March 13, 1944, and received training at Great Lakes . . . Shipped on USS Pennsylvania on June 7, 1944, and served until June 15, 1945 . . . Sent to U. S. Naval Hospital at Oak- land, Calif,, on June 16, 1945, and later to U. S. Naval Special Hospital at Glenwood Springs, Colo. . . . Wears the Asiatic-Pacific Ribbon. American Theater Ribbon, Navy Unit Citation, Philippines Liberation with seven battle stars . . . Discharged August 31, 1945. HOWARD E. SHULAR-Entered service on December 7, 1942, and attended boot camp and following schools: Quartermaster and signal, gunnery, radar, sound, submarine, recognition, and served as supervisor of quar- termaster gang and kept complete records of ship's activities , . . Wears the Submarine Combat Pin, Asiatic-Pacific Ribbon, American Theater Ribbon, Good Conduct Ribbon, Victory Ribbon . . . Discharged on February 11, 1946, as Quartermaster, First Class. FREDERICK E. THOMAS-Enlisted in the Navy on March 13, 1942, and went to Great Lakes for boot training, and then to Norfolk, Virginia . . , Spent a year and a half in the armed guard, and three years in the am- phibious forces . . , Wears the ETO Ribbon, Victory Ribbon, South Pacific Ribbon . . . Discharged on November 10, 1945, as Gunner's Mate, Second Class. BILL WILLIAMS-Entered Navy on July 27, 1942 . . . Attended the following schools: gunner's mate school at Great Lakes, Lido Beach, Memphis, Tenn., NATTC . . . Participated in the invasions of Sicily-Lacota, Salerno, Anzio, and Southern France, and later stationed at Guam and on west coast of U. S .... Wears the American Theater Ribbon, the ETO Theater Ribbon, the Asiatic-Pacific Ribbon, and the Good Conduct Ribbon . . . Discharged on January 17, 1946. 10 The 1946 Magician Honored Graduates of 1946 The 1946 MGgiCl'HU ffxx r Q, Wxxx 'K'-7 fir lx Kgs Q Q ,X s A 'ff Lewij' w Ml fl L ff" f 5 A 5 L 5 I 411. sA.N..: .,.1.,4 1 ,di I ij -32 Q, 31 f .N ' . fl xj lr ,ff F . f v Y N I NX 't MWQWMPAQ, 12 The 1946 Magician SENIORS OF 1946 Row 1: PAUL L, ABRAMS-Hi-Y, Football, Basketball, Baseball, Intramural Athletics . . . TOPIN ALLEN . . . LUCY MARIE AMBURN-Honor Society, Social Science Club, Senior Career Day, Library Page, Junior Council, Magician, i'Musical Moods," Ideal Secretary? Most Dependable Girlit. Row 2: RUTHALICE ANDERSON . . . THOMAS E. ANDERSON-Robed Choir, "Pride and Preju- dice," 'Brother Goose," "Musical Moods' '... BEVERLY J. ARMSTRONG-Honor Society, Social Science Club, Robed Choir, Library Page, Junior Council, Magician, i'Musical Moods," 1945 Relays Queen, Dream Girlie, Fashion Plates, Row 3: ROSEMARY ARMSTRONG-Honor Society, Robed Choir, Library Page, "Pride and Prejudice," "Musical Moods" . . . JOYCE ARRINGTON . . . HUBERT AUSTIN--R.O.T.C., Honor Society, Hi-Y, Social Science Club, Science Club, Math Club, Junior Council, Sophomore Council, "Pride and Prejudice," Best Boy Skater? . . . NANCY CATHERINE AUSTIN-Honor Society, Social Science Club, Science Club, Math Club, Quill and Scroll, Senior Council, Senior Career Days, Sophomore Council . . . ROBERT C. AUSTIN- Honor Society, Science Club, U. S. Army Air Corps. Row 4: MARY LOU BADDERS--Band, Office Page, "Musical Moods" . . , EVELYN LEE BAILEY- Robed Choir . . . ANN LOUISE BAKER-Robed Choir, Munsonian, "Musical Moods," Neatestik . . . MARTHA BANTA--Honor Society, Social Science Club, Math Club, Senior Career Days, Magician, "Pride and Prejudice," Most Studious Girlx . . . CHARMAIN BARLOW-Honor Society. Row 5: WILLIAM D. BASINGER-R.O.T.C., Hi-Y, Science Club, Math Club, Oflicers' Club, Bowling, "Musical Moods" . . . ALBERTA BAUER-Honor Society, All-Girl Choir, Robed Choir, 'AMusical Moods" . . GERTRUDE JANE BAYMAN . . . JOSEPH HUGH BEATSON. Row 6: ARTHUR JAMES BECKMAN-Student Manager for Basketball and Football . . . MARTHA BERG . , . JEAN BLIZZARD-Honor Society, Quill and Scroll, Band, Munsonian, "Musical Moods" . WIl.I.lAM R. BOGART-Honor Society, Hi-Y, Ofhce Page, Basketball, Track, Best Boy Dancer? bt Senior Mock Election. The 1946 Magician 13 SENIORS OF 1946 Row l: ANNE BOGGS-Bowling, Prettiest Eyesyk . . BETTY-JEAN BOLLINGER . . . MYRNA ROXANN BOVJER . . . RAYMOND BOWLBY. Row 2: CHARLES A. BRADBURN-Sophomore Council . . . RICHARD BREDESON-Honor Society, Hi-Y, Social Science Club, Science Club, Math Club . . . BARBARA LEE BREDWELL-All-Girl Choir, Robed Choir, "Musical Moods," Class Singeryt, Future Nurse? . . . LOU BRIGGS-Robed Choir, Football, Wrestling, Track, Baseball, "Musical Moods," Li'l Abnerzli Class Artisttk. Row 3: JO ANN BROWN . . . PHYLLIS BROWNING-Entered 1944 from Bedford, Ind., Band. Magician . . BILLY E. BRUNER-Entered 1945 from DeSoto, Ind .... BEVERLY BULLOCK-Honor Society, Social Science Club, Science Club, Math Club, Senior Ca reer Day, Bowling . . . HAROLD G. BURT- NER-R.O.T.C. Row 4: OMA LEE CASEY-Robed Choir, "Musical Moods" . . . FRANCIS R. CECIL . . . CLARENCE LEON CHALFANT . . . REBA LORAINE CHALFANT-Robed Choir, "Musical Moods" . . MIRIAM P. CHAVIS. Row 5: CHARLES E. CHESNUT-R.O.T.C., Robed Choir, "Musical Moods" . . . LOIS CHIN- Science Club, Magician . , . EDWIN LEROY CHURCH . . . EULA FAY COFFMAN . . . CATH- ERINECOLE-Entered 1945 from Denmark, Tenn. Row 6: DAVID COLEMON, JR .... PATRICIA KAY COLLIER-Honor Society, Band, Magician, "Musical Moods" , . . JACK COLLINS-Hi-Y, Robed Choir, Bowling, Mimsonian, "Musical Moods," Wolf? . . JERRY V. COLSTEN . . . JAMES ALLEN CONDON-U. S. Army. bk Senior Mock Election. 14. The 1946 Magician The 1946 lwdgllfl-UH O s X A x 1 'TT U Q3 :LQ E E ...ii The 194 6 Magician SENIORS OF 1946 Row 1: RUTH MONZELLE CONGER-Honor Society . . . BETTY CONQUEST . . . WILLIAM COOK-Honor Society . . . JOHN LEON COOPER. Row 2: MARJORY ELLEN COX-Band, Robed Choir, Senior Council, Magician, "Musical Moods" . . . NED S. COX . . . MARY ELAINE CRAIG-Magician . . . EFEIE MAE CRAWLEYkAll-Girl Choir, "Musical Moods. " Row 3: MARYLOU A, CRAWLEY-Honor Society, Senior Career Days . . . VIRGINIA CROOK , . RAY CRUTCHER . . . JUANITA ELLEN CUMMINS . . .BOBBY CURTS--Band, "Musical Moods." Row 4: CHARLES B. DAILEY-Robed Choir, Intramural Athletics, "Musical Moods" . GENE DANCE-Hi-Y, Robed Choir, Football, Wrestling, Track, "Musical Moods," All-Round Boyck , . . WILBUR LEE DANNER . . . EVELYN LOUISE DAVIS . . . HELEN DAVIS-Band, Robed Choir. Office Page, 'AMusical Moods." Row 5: WANDA SUE DAVIS . . . BETTY JO DAVISSON-Honor Society, Social Science Club, Science Club, Math Club . . . WAYNE RUSSELL DAY . . . MYRTLE ADA DEAN-Honor Society, Robed Choir, "Musical Moods" . . . JOHN DEARINGER-Intramural Athletics. Row 6: DORIS DEHART-Robed Choir, "Musical Moods," Cutest Redhead? . . . MARY ALICE DELANEY . . . JOHN EDWARD DELONG . . . DORIS J. DICK-Honor Society, Social Science Club, "Brother Goose," "Musical Moods" . . . CARL R. DICKASON. R Senior Mock Election. The 1946 Magician 17 ISENIORS OF 1946 Row 1: JAMES WAYNE DIXON . . . HELEN MARIE DOBBS-Senior Council, Office Page, "Brother Goose" Cutestx . . . ROBERT M. DODD . . . DONNA LEE DONATI. Row 2: ELOISE DOYLE . . . JACQUELINE LARUE DRAVES--Social Science Club . . . WILLA MAE DUNGAN-Science Club . . . PHYLLIS DUNN-Quill and Scroll, Munsonian. Row 3: ROSEMARY DUSTMAN-Entered in 1944 from Celina, Ohio, Office Page, "Brother Goose" . . . JAMES C, EDWARDS-R.O.T.C., Robed Choir, Track, "Musical Moods" . . . RICHARD P. EDWARDS iEntered in 1944 from Burris High School, R.O.'I'.C., Hi-Y, Social Science Club, Science Club, Math Club . . . LEON FRANCIS EHRLICH , . . JANE ELLEN ELLIS. Row 4: WILLIAM J. ENGELBRECHT . . . MARGIE LOE FERNER-Honor Society, Science Club, Math Club. Senior Career Days, "Brother Goose," Most Strikingl' . . . BARBARA FIELDS-Prettiest Hairge . . DONALD L. FIELDS-Science Club, Math Club, Senior Council, Senior Career Days, "Pride and Prejudice" . MAX W. FILLER. Row 5: NAOMI JOYCE FISHER-Senior Secretary, Honor Society, Social Science Club, Quill and Scroll, Senior Council, Senior Career Days, Junior Council, Sophomore Council, Munsonian, "Brother Goose," Most Likely to Succeed? . . . WILLIAM G. FLOWERS-Trade School Projector Operator . . . THELMA M. FOLKNER-Honor Society . . . BETSY FORD--Entered in 1945 from Horseheads, N. Y.: Science Club, Robed Choir, "Musical Moods." Row 6: CHARLOTTE ANN FORD . . . IONA M. FORD-Band, "Musical Moods" . . . JO ANNE L. FORD-Robed Choir, Junior Council, Sophomore Council, "Musical Moods" . . . FRANCES E. FOWL- Honor Society, Robed Choir, Senior Council, 'iMusica1 Moods," Class Musicianff. X Senior Mock Election. 13 The 1946 Magician ,' , -Q ' ,f V', ' wjfr,1,, 1771! xx, fi'- vwlibxb ww, N HN X, x'K'x,'s. . my 5,1 1 .5 fi 655, ' XXX, E 1 f ff K ,ff E 4: ,, in E' 3 1 YK , SYN X2 2 1 S H X , ff' i V ,uw 1 The IU 4 6 lxlllgl-FIIUVI 19 KX x 'x E E i I i The 1946 Magician SENIORS OF 1946 Row I: DORIS FRASER-Band Majorette, "Musical Moods" . . AILEEN MARIE FULLER . . DONALD M. GARRETT . . . ROBERT GARRETT-R.O.T.C. Row 2: CHARLES GASKINS-R.O.T.C., Science Club, Robed Choir, 'AMusical Moods," Model Husband? . PATSY V. GAUSE . . . FRANCIS GLASER . . . JEANETTE GLENN. Row 3: PHYLLIS GOLDEN . . . NORMA J. GRAUL . . . MARGARET GRAY-All-Girl Choir, "Musical Moods" . . RAYMOND PORTER GRIDER-Robed Choir, "Musical Moods" . . . MARVIN GRIM. Row 4: DON GRUNDY-Senior Vice-President, Honor Society, Hi-Y, Senior Council, Senior Career Days, Baseball, Junior Council, Sophomore Council, Eriendliest Boyds, Most Dependable Boyi . . . DONNA JEAN GUNCKEL . , .DAVID R. GWYNN, JR.-R.O.T.C., Robed Choir, "Musical Moods" . . VIOLET J. HAFENER-Robed Choir, "Musical Moods" . . . LAURAJENE HAINES. Row 5: KENNETH E. HALL , . . VERL E. HALL , . . ANNABELLE I-IALLIDAY-Robed Choir, 1945 Relays Queen Attendant, "Musical Moods" , . . THELMA R, HALTEMAN-'iMusical Moods" . VELMA MAE HALTEMAN. Row 6: JACQUELINE SAVOY HARDEN-All-Girl Choir, Robed Choir, "Musical Moods" . . . FLORENCE MAE HARDWICK-Library Page, Munsonian, "Pride and Prejudice" . JOAN LOUISE I-IARRINGTON-Entered in 1945 from Shortridge High School of Indianapolis, Social Science Club, Math Club . . . SARA EARLENE HASLER . . . EARL HENDERSON. it Senior Mock Election, The 1946 Mag1'c1'an 21 SENIORS 0F 1946 Row l: PHYLLIS JEAN HENNESSEY . . . GEORGE RICHARD HERBERT . . . BETTY JEAN HERRON . . . MARY MAE HERRON-Entered in 1944 from Cowan, Ind. ow 2: DOROTHY HIATT . . . TWYLLA DEON HIATT . . . WANDA JEAN HIER-Robed Choir, Sophomore Council, "Pride and Prejudice," HMusical Moods" . . . EUGENE M. HILLER-Honor Society, Hi-Y, Social Science Club, Science Club, Sophomore Council. Row 3: ROSEMARY HINES-Robed Choir, "Musical Moods" . . . GLEN G. HOPPER-Intramural Athletics . . . WILLIAM J. HUBER . . . SUZANNE LENORE HUDDLESTON-All-Girl Choir, Robed Choir . . . KENT HUGUS-Football, Wrestling, U. S. Navy. Row 4: MARY LOU I-IUTSON . . . BILLIE IRBY-Honor Society, Science Club, Math Club, Senior Career Days, Cutest Blondel' . . . CHARLES E. IRELAN-Bowling . . . DAVID L. IRWIN-Intra- mural Athletics . . . JANE FRANCES JACKSON-"Pride and Prejudice." Row 5: VIRGIE LEE JOHNSON-Best Girl Dancerff . . . HOWARD L. JONES-Hi-Y, Football Manager, Intramural Athletics, "Musical Moods' '... JUANITA FAYE JONES-Senior Treasurer, Honor Society, Quill and Scroll, Senior Career Days, Senior Council, Junior Council, "Musical Moods," Ideal Central- itef, Most Popular Girl? . . . MATTIE ELSIE JONES . . . JANICE BEA KAIN-Honor Society, Social Science Club, Magician. Row 6: JACK L. KARLEN-Honor Society . . . EVADALE L. KEELEY-Robed Choir, "Musical Moods' '... HARRY CLARK KEEN, JR .... EDWARD WAYNE KELLEY-Honor Society, Social Science Club, Math Club, Robed Choir, Senior Council, Junior Council, Baseball, Intramural Athletics, "Musical Moods" . . . ROBERT C. KELSEY-R.O.T.C., Honor Society, Hi-Y, Social Science Club, Science Club, Oilicers' Club, Senior Council, Senior Career Days, Most Eiiicienti. BF Senior Mock Election. 22 The 1946 Magician The 1946 Magidan I' fn if ,A f v n Q f H12-.5-if 3' . 1 1 . 2 1 N fx B XXX 5 4 5 U' .. .XC ...f J W J, 1 kv: k,,,ll? :nm W0 13 24 ,535 lf ! fi I j X: 'Hx' R' ,A K. X f W 1 7 SX K gf? 'xxx , viz XY I A R , , . f,.,,-N, xx -W-- WM-Q,,,,f' ' LW ,, . 2 QW , Q ' +L, iv The 1946 Magifian SENIORS OF 1946 Row l: BURL W. KEYS-Senior President, Honor Society, Hi-Y, Social Science Club, Science Club, Math Club, Robed Choir, Senior Council, Senior Career Days, Football Manager, Baseball, Track, Junior Council, Sophomore Council, 'AMusical Moods," Most Popular Boy? Ideal Centralitex . . DAISYMAE KING . GERALD VERNON KIRBY . . . JAMA KIRBY-Quill and Scroll, Munsonian. Row Z: REBECCA KLEPFER . . . EDWIN KRULI.-Honor Society, Social Science Club, Science Club, Math Club, Bowling . . . KARL KUHNS-U. S. Navy . , , MARY LOU KURTZ. Row 3: PAUL E. LANGDON . , . CATHERINE LANGLEY-Robed Choir, "Musical Moods" . THELMA ANN LARKEY-Senior Career Days, Sophomore Council, "Musical Moods" . . MARGRETT ANN LAWLESS . . . SHURLEY LEE-Robed Choir, A'Musical Moods." Row 4: REXEORD LEE LEEKA-Honor Society, Hi-Y, Football, Basketball, Baseball, Bowling, Intra- mural Athletics . . . LAURA JEAN LEPHART . . . GENE EDWARD MCCLELLAND . . . BARBARA MCCREERY . . . GENE MCDONALD. Row 5: NORMA MCDONALD . . . THOMAS LEE MCDONALD . . , LUTHER MCDOWELL- Oiiice Page . . . CLARICE VIRGINIA MCINTYRE, Row 6: DONNA JEAN MCKINLEY-Band, Office Page . . . ROZETTA E. MCKINLEY-Munsonian , . BETTY MCLAUGHLIN-All-Girl Choir, "Musical Moods" . . JERRILYN McVICKER. ff Senior Mock Election. The 1946 Magician 25 'SENIORS OF 1946 Row 1: CHARLES RAY MADDOX-R.O.T.C., Science Club . . . PHYLLIS MAHONEY4All-Girl Choir, "Musical Moods" , . . JOANNA SUE MAITLEN-Robed Choir, "Musical Moods" . . MAR- JORIE ELAINE MAITLEN-Senior Council, Bowling, Nlagiciang Sweetest:". Row 2: ANTHONY M. MARSH-Science Club, Senior Career Days . . . MARGARET ANNE MARTENS -Entered 1943 from Southside High School of Long Island, N. Y.: Bowling, All-Round C1irl"', Best Sport? . . . MARGARET ANN MARTIN-Robed Choir, Sophomore Council, "Musical Moods" . . . LOUISE MARVIN. Row 3: MARY HELEN MATHYS-Entered in 1945 from Burris, Library Page . . . VERA MAE MATSON-Magician . . . BETTY JANE MAYS-Munsonian . . . ROSE MARY MEEK . . . DONALD K. MILLER-Hi-Y, Social Science Club, Math Club, Senior Council, Nentestf. Row 41 MEREDITH MILLER-R.O.T.C., Junior Council, Intramural Athletics . . . WAYNE ARLO MILLER-Honor Society, Sophomore Council . . . BLAINE MILLIGAN--Science Club, Magician, Bachelor? . . DONNA MARIE MINNICK . . . PHYLLIS ANNE MITCHELL-Honor Society. Row 5: RICHARD ERNEST MITCHELL . . . HAZEL M. MOODY-Robed Choir, Library Page, "Mu- sical Moods" . . . ROBERT H. MOORE . . . MARY ELIZABETH MORRETT . I . MARY CATH- ERINE MORROW. Row 6: HELEN FRANCES MUDD . . . LOIS MULLEN-Robed Choir, Library Page, "Musical Moods," Cutest Brunette? . . . BEVERLY ANN NEFF--Robed Choir, Library Page, "Musical Moods" . . . PHILLIP EDWARD NEEE-Entered in 1945 from Middletown, Ind., R.O.T.C,, Band, "Musical Moods" . . . RICHARD A, NICHOLS. 'I' Senior Mock Election. 26 The 1946 Magician The 1946 Magidan 'QA 'Q' , .55 4, f f rj 'I a ,,-::Z- 3 X X 3 1, ,. ,. .A f ,5 3 X , kv! X37 .K f X if 23 The 1946 Magician SENIORS OF 1946 Row 1: GLORIA MAE NOBLE . . . BETTY LEE NOEI .... NADA KAY NORTON. . .ROBERT E. O'NEILL. Row 2: ALMA LEE OWEN-Robed Choir, Magician, i'Musical Moods" . . . WILLIAM PAILLE . . BETTY JANE PEARSON-Robed Choir, "Musical Moods" . . . NORMA JEAN PECKINPAUGH. Row 3: PATSY PERDIUE . . . ROBERT LEE PERSINGER . . , JERRY PETERSON-Hi-Y, Office Page, Magician, Class Wit? Best-Dressed Boyx . . . MARTHA PHELPS-Junior Council, Sophomore Coun- cil . . . MARY LOU PHIPPS-Band, "Musical Moods." Row 4: CLEIDA JEANETTE PIERCE-Robed Choir, 'AMusical Moods" . . . JOHANNA POTTS- Entered in l943 from Winchester, Ind.: "Pride and Prejudice" . , . JOYCE BEVERLY POULL-Bowling . . . DONALD R. POWELL-Robed Choir, Senior Council, Basketball, Track, Intramural Athletics, "Musical Moods" . . . JAMES F. PREBLE-Entered in 1944 from Lincoln High School of Vincennes, Ind.: R,O.T.C., Honor Society, Hi-Y, Science Club, Officers' Club, Bowling, 'Musical Moods." Row 5: HARRIET PRESTON-Honor Society, Science Club, Math Club, Senior Career Days, Magician . . . MARGIE MAY QUATE . . , WAYNE QUATE-R.O.T.C., Hi-Y, Officers' Club, Robed Choir, Football, Bowling, Intramural Athletics, "Brother Goose," "Musical Moods," Most Sentimental Boyili . . . NANCY JANE REASON . . . RAYMOND REASON, JR.-Football, Wrestling, Intramural Athletics. Row 6: CHADD LEWIS RECTOR-Entered in 1945 from Royerton. Ind., R.O.T.C., Band, Football, Intramural Athletics, "Musical Moods" . . . JAMES E. REED--Hi-Y, Robed Choir, Junior Council, Baseball, Bowling, Intramural Athletics, "Musical Moods" . . . EDWIN GENE REEVES-Honor Society, Science Club, Math Club, Most Studious Boy? . . . MELVIN EARL RHOADES . . . KENNETH L. ROBINSON-Band, Robed Choir, "Musical Moods," Class Musician? Senior Mock Election. The 1946 Magician 29 SENIORS OF 1946 Row l: MARY JEAN ROBINSON . . . VIRGINIA MARIE ROBINSON-Robed Choir, "Musical Moods" . . . KATHLEEN MARCELLA ROSE . . . ROBERT EUGENE ROSS. Row 2: DELMAR E. ROUNDTREE-R.O.T.C ..,. CRYSTAL R. SALMON-Robed Choir, Bowling, Munsonian, Best Girl Skateryl' . , . JAMES EDWARD SAUNDERS-Robed Choir, Senior Council, Track, Most Likely to Succeed? . . . JEANNE SCAMIHORN. Row 3: HELEN LOUISE SECRIST-Magician . . JUNE SEXTON-Junior Council, Sophomore Council . . . BARBARA JEANNE SHAFER--Science Club, Library Page, Sophomore Council . . . JOHN EDWARD SHARP . . . WILLIAM M. SHEAR-Honor Society, Hi-Y, Social Science Club, Science Club, Robed Choir, Senior Career Days, "Musical Moods," Class Singer? Row 4: JENNIE LOU SHEKELL . . . MELVIN SHELTON . . . MARY JOAN SHERIDAN-"Pride and Prejudice," "Brother Goose" . . . CHARLENE SHINGLEDECKER-Robed Choir, A'Musical Moods" . . . ROBERT E. SILVERS-Hi-Y, Bowling. Row 5: NADEAN SIMS . . . VIVIAN BOGUE SINGER-Robed Choir, "Musical Moods" DOHN SIPE-Hi-Y, Social Science Club, Science Club . . . NORMA MAXINE SKINNER-Honor Society, Science Club. Row 6: JUANITA G. SLAUGHTER-Entered in 1946 from New Albany, Ind.: Robed Choir, "Musical Moods" . . . RICHARD D. SMEKENS-Honor Society, Hi-Y, Oflice Page, Senior Council, Junior Council, Sophomore Council, Baseball, Intramural Athletics . . . JOAN L. SMITH-Quill and Scroll, Rfbbed Choir. Mun- sonian, Magic1'an, "Musical Moods" . . , JOYCE ANN SMITH. X Senior Mock Election. 30 The 1946 Magician 5 Q0 FF fb . fd 3210 -FEB! Rx' 1- I HA r If f"v'lf1 -Mx x , , ,E 5 er,.,.,f ,fi ii,- f LL ' 1. . 1 f 5 ,5 f F . L, L, ff K. umm + ,ff fl I Y 3 .fn 1 v- .gf 'zggwl . f w ' 1 ' D f f x 5:9 ," ,lf 45 U 1 u 5 ' ELLA X f K Q9 f The 194 0 1Wagz'c'z'un 31 The 1946 Magician SENIORS OF 1946 Row 1: RAMONA L. SMITH-Honor Society, Social Science Club, Senior Council . . . RICHARD NORMAN SMITH--R.O.T.C., Science Club . . . VAUGHN SMITH-Hi-Y, Science Club, Football, Bas- ketball, Track, Handsomesti . . . NILA GRAY SNYDER. Row Z: JACK E, SORENSEN-R.O.T.C., Social Science Club, Munsorzian . . . CHARLES SPENCE- Football . . . EDWARD H. STAHL-R.O.T.C., Hi-Y, Social Science Club, Science Club, Oilicers' Club, Intra- mural Athletics, Most Bashfullc . . . ROSE MARIE STALEY-Robed Choir, "Musical Moods." Row 3: KENNETH S. STAUTAMOYER . . . BETTY RUTH STEWART . . . MARGARET VIR- GINIA STEWART . . . DONALD STIEELER . . . BARBARA SUTTON-Honor Society, Social Science Club, Science Club, Math Club, Sophomore Council. Row 4: LUCILLE SWAINE-Entered 1943 from Lincoln High School of Evansville, Ind .... ANONA SWALLOW-Science Club, Magician . . . GORDIN O. SWEGMAN-Intramural Athletics . . . MARY JOAN TEMPLIN-Robed Choir, Sophomore Council, "Musical Moods' '... CHARLES W. THOMAS- Intramural Athletics. Row 5: CORINNA ANN THOMAS-Robed Choir, Senior Career Days, "Brother Goose," "Musical Moods," Class Witak . . . GRANT THOMAS . . . PATRICIA AILEEN THOMAS-Quill and Scroll, Munsonian, "Pride and Prejudice" . . . GERALD THOMPSON . . . JAMES C. TRAUB. Row 6: JOHN EUGENE TURNER . . . ROBERT E. TURNER-R.O.T.C .... BEVERLY L. VAN ARSDOL . . . FREDERICK L. VAN ARSDOL4Trade School Projector Operator . . . DOLORES RUTH VARGASiRobed Choir, "Musical Moods." Fl' Senior Mock Election. The 1946 Magician 33 SENIORS OF 1946 Row 1: CARMEN JOAN VYAIN-Munsonian, "Pride and Prejudice" . . . LELAND F. WALTER- R.O.T.C., Honor Society, Hi-Y, Social Science Club, Science Club, Math Club . . . WASEKA WALTERS . . MARY ALICE WATERS-All-Girl Choir, Robed Choir. "Musical Moods." Row 2: ROBERT D. WATSON . . . CLYDE F. WEEMS . . . ELWOOD WEGESIN-Robed Choir, Football, Wrestling, Track, Baseball, Intramural Athletics, 'AMusical Moods," Class Flirty, Supermand' . . ROY F. WERTS, JR.-Hi-Y, Intramural Athletics. Row 3: FREDDIE MAE WHITAKER-"Brother Goose" . . . CHARLES E. WHITE-Intramural Ath- letics, U. S. Army . . . DELORIS J. WHITE . . . PHYLLIS WHITE . . . ELEANOR E. WHITEHAIR- Bowling. MGQIICIDGU. Row 4: RACHEL WILKINSON-Robed Choir, "Musical Moods" . . . ALICE WILSON-"Pride and Prejudice," "Brother Goose" . . BETTY LOU WILSON . . . DONA JANE WILSON-Honor Society, Math Club, Robed Choir, Senior Career Days, "Musical Moods" . . . DON WOOD-Hi-Y, Science Club, Robed Choir, Football, Wrestling, "Musical Moods," Best Sport? Row 5: MARY ELLEN WOODWARD-Honor Society . . . DENVER WOOTEN-Basketball, Best Athlete? Class Herod' . . . DOROTHY MAXINE WORSTER . . . CORELIA WRIGHT-Entered in 1945 from Lincolnton, Ga .... JOHN EUGENE WRIGHT. Row 6: JUANITA WRIGHT . . . WANDA WRIGHT-"Brother Goose" . . . THOMAS O. YINGST . . BETTY ZETTERBERG-Honor Society, Social Science Club, Science Club, Math Club, "Pride and Preju- dice," "Brother Goose," Model Housewife? 'F Senior Mock Election. 34 The 1946 Magician The 1946 Magician THE JUNIOR -CLASS OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer JOE DOOLEY EARL WILLIAMS MIRIAM BREDXVELL SHIRLEY BURCI-I Row one-Joe Dooley, Shirley Burch, Wanda DeHoff, Miriam Bredwell, Shirley Derringer, Mary Jean Stoner, Jean Dale, Marilyn Nenstiel. Row two-Max Jordan, Bill McKibben, Ned Cox, Marilyn Thornburg, Donna Sells, Bernice Davis, Shirley Cornell, Luella LeBeau. Row three!-Eddie Davies, Charles Zearbaugh, Charles Powell, Don Rahe, Bob Davis, David Weeks, Betty Ann Jones, Karl Mudge, Earl Williams, Martin J. Hansen, financial sponsor: Thea Austin. Our peppy juniors started off the year with a bang-up campaign and I election that proved to the class and to Central High that they had plenty of talent and spirit. After the Hery campaign speeches, songs, and clever stunts W had been given, the class marched to the polls and named the oflicers listed above. In October all students and faculty were entertained at the "Harvest , IIQ Hop" held at the Field House. Several interesting convocation programs have ' included movies, speeches, an all-school talent show, and the "Bubbles Con- ! certo." Juniors also ordered their class jewelry this year. Second semester It activities centered around the class play, "Love Your Neighbor," and the ye' Junior-Senior Prom. Juniors also ushered for baccalaureate and commence- , ment programs. RQ l Class sponsors are headed by Ralph T. Connelley, chairman: Mrs. Jessie Bdllva efuz---t 'iw Hoffman, social sponsor, Martin J, Hansen, financial sponsor. 36 The 1946 Magician r ,, ir 0 JUPJIORS ,, ,VcVe Row l-Jim Acton, Bob Adams, Mary Martha N .. ' 53 . I I Allred, Bob Ammon, Jerry Angel. A . 1 -zlfv :galil GV V VV V . . " ,fee ' 5' J 4' fl' A 35 Row 2-Jack Amp, Thea Austin, Eva Bailey, jim gl, Q at V Bob Barber, Jeane Bartlett, Robert Bartlett. .V grxwm A V A ' Nr fzl " VV V V Xa fi 5 4 re '4 'fl " P. may V 15 aa' it Row 3-Don Bassett, Catherine Bauer, Jean Bay- V? ,L V Y E' of-ir :VV less, David Beard, Gene Bebout, Max Bell. lx . ' ink 2' A A Q "" ' is Y, 2332 31 Row 4-Wanda Beller, Louise Benbow, Don A' it as ji.. 7 ' 131325, gf 'fa' 1 T? Ll. Q ' -5:-:Qi ' Benson. Keith Bess, Bill Binkley, Bertha Birt. W V Q? v :" , I I "al . .,.,.,.,,.,.. 5 A . .,.,.. ,VV . V' inia Blakeslee, Jenny 1 3- in 1 yi V 'C V ? f'fvgt l . 45 122 S4 l Row 5-Jerri Black, lrg Bland, Marty Boggs, Robert Boles, Earl Bolton. .V 4 yi V . A 1 A 'if f A fl Row 6A-Geraldine Bonner, Frances Branson, if 1, 4? Qi W0 1 VwVV.V:VVV ,E Q 4 Miriam Bredwell, Barbara Joyce Brown, Harold .3 r -1 Brown, Yvonne Brown, s, - - ii' 'X if V Row 7--QEarlene Bruner, Sylvia Buis, Jean Bunner, " " i ll' ", QV? f I l 4 ax? nga, Shirley Burch, Jacqueline Lou Burns, Harold Burtner. 5 ,,, V 3? .,. .Z'ff" 'al X A .l Row 8-Bill Butler, Joan Butts, Joan Byrd, VTSVY 5 ' SV 5 V V: so Geneva Campbell, Nila Carmichael, Norma Catron. E am ,Wg ' -is ' 6 . ,..,- ii' 1' Row 9-Barbara Chambers, Audrey Chandler, Bud 4' ,Z 6 V3 W VV V V VV V 7' l V Viola, Clark, John R. Clayton, Phyllis Clock, Everett Cloyd. Qgf 'Il V 2 V: ff f V VVVV X Row 10-Gene Coleman, Bill Colston, Mary Comp- V ton, Klara Conkel, Jackie Coons, Shirley Cornell. VV WV! ,Q it Q0 e. as 'fr A ra 'W 3, .,.3..::1 V L 'V ig V Row ll-Gene Cortwright, Norma Cortwright, J' f-.-- ..-, VV N ' V ' Louis Costas, Jack Cronin, Betty Crouch, Charles wi f i 95 J fr, ' W w S 6- .A - H. Crump. 'id 1 0 , V VV! VV V .VG 'T FQ. ,4, 3, 'Z , - . fri calf? VVVV 1 V53"..g Row 12-Jeanne Dale, Ralpll Darnell, Eddie V 3 f f - , Davies, Bernice Davis, Bob Davis, Myrna Jean Davis. C. 6 QQ.. tl 5 F i 36' af if if in , J 1 0' W Row 13-Betty Dean, Harold W. Dean, Robert " f. ij Ju Q -at ff ' Dearinger, Wanda Del-Ioff, Shirley Derringer, Jerry V, in A 41' , .gif H9 'rf are HMJJ Wwe? be Row 14-Dick DeVoe, Carl Dickason, Joe Dooley, V i James Dudley, Everett Duke, Patricia Dunn. l " g - C' "pf T: ' t -' r.r -.... as 5 JE -4- M. 'S' AK f if 1 ...f'. 3 JY ,HV 5' Q, V Ht 37 The 1946 Magician we , - m t, ta g Jig . ef an jefrg 'I' sr. 4 ee l 1? a me wi in ' f fx, f. ,,, fa, ef, i ,:rg5'f1f15 '54 '2-- -' 'N ,, 4 W 6 ' , f 4 f' " " WC" f , ti V21 .-'A I .iii A 'ki' 4,1 .' J H3 Q1 ., f- ,,. -VV:,V ar ff 'ft' cf' f '5'5'+ Ei Z .211 fi 43 t ff' s o tl 1 . J ,l s , p W y 'Q , fe F W 'lil ff-:X " is LQ .3 t Y"lf5E5?ff55ii ' ,Q in - W H J Q 3 . , if ' L J ' 'eff' W ' I 57 Wil" lf' V 1' A f if We fl ga :,tf+ 40-gf 335475. we sa- " A.:. ' ,V ' Q, 4 ef as .sf -'lf F 'W 1 .,.,.,... .. f 1 E .5 ,I '1V2" ' p 40 iffy -5- 5, :Q ig, 'ai Q iii , J 'M' -' if X 'N -mar .. ' , fi. as '39-' if! 56 x l figs QM!-fi A J ., ,. , 1. .,. , M Wifi? r ,gig M? " rf' -' 5' f' t' ' t' 5' if 522' 'fi fi-iv S' 44' J ,QB 15 46 1:3 :I 'LQ' 55 y RSS' ,gg X till 5, , : N5 ' iw' 'Vw we- 'ff we ieviet -+ +1 r P ' 2 , ' -ef .11 .P J. ,gg f M reliant J , fe , te, t ..:1 . A 1-f V E ,f :Q J its ia fi fig ,z e AA,A., . -- . , ,...,.. J V J T?T?'f! "'1'l.1!iQ'U ig 1 :V "3 I, y g 1 gm? 3 'E 5 ,,.,., .--. Q I 73: ' :SKK 38 JUNIORS Row l-Richard Dyrek, Carl Eley, Bill Eller, Margaret Eller, Ralph Elliott, Betty Ertel. Row 2-James Ertle, Dick Evans, Dorothy Fan- nin, Janet Farquhar, Charles V. Fields, Bob Pouch. Row 3-Frances Fox, Glen Funkhouser, John Galbraith, Barbara Gelbaugh, Jack Gibson, Marion Gibson. Row 4-Jack Gilbert. Doris Gill, Frank Gilpen, Glendora Glenn, Jack Goen, Norma Golden. Row 5-Mary Jone Gordon, Joseph Graham, Mary Ann Gravely, Bob Green, William Griflin, Mary Louise Grundy. Row 6-Rosemary Gunckel, Dorothy Habgood. Donald Haines, John V. Hampton, Wanda Harper, Jackie Harrell. Row 7-Barbara Harrington, Marlan Harris, Martha Harrison, Jerry Harrold, Jo Ann Hasson, Helen Haynes. Row 8-Patty Heldenbrand, Bernard Henry. Donald Herbert, Margaret Hill, Paul Hines, Loren E. Hole, 9-Charles Holloway, Beulah Hooten, Sam Row Hubbard, Carrol Huddleston, Patricia Huffman, Tom Hughes. Row l0-Rosalie Hutchens, Maxine Jack, Max Jackson, Victor Jeffers, Mildred Jeffrey, Arlene Johnson. Row ll-Dale Johnson, Jess Johnson, Betty Ann Jones, Phyllis Jones, Max Jordan, Dick Joy. Row 12-Willa Keeley, Evelyn Kelbel, Mary Lou Kenyon, Rita Keppler, Norma Ketcham, Harold Kingrey. Row 13-Harold Kinney, Bob Koontz, Alyce Kramer, Mary Kathryn Kuhns, Jacq LaDuron, Arthur Langdon. , Row 14--Catherine Langley, Don Lanning, Rita Lawless, Luella LeBeau, Lacky Liakos, Deloris Light- footl The 1946 Magician J U N I O R S Row liBarbara Lingo, Betty Locke. Beverly Long, l.ouise Lovett, Pat Lowden, Evelyn Lowery, Row Z-Mary Ellen Lowman, Bill Lyons, Maxine McClelland. Joyce McCoy, Ruth McCoy, Dee Mc- Ginzie. Row 'zgwilliam McKibben, Martha McVicker, Don Mace, Barbara Macken, Katy Marcy, Carol Marsh. Row 4-Ella Dean Martin, Rachel Martin, Mary Margaret Masters, Richard Mathias, Betty Maynard, Jo Anne Miller. Row 54Patty Miller, Janie Minear, Don Minnick, Richard Moore, Thora Mott, Mildred Colleen Moystner. Row 6-Carl Mudge, Nancy Mulholland, Audrey Murphy, Elaine Myers, Peggy Myers, Phillip Edward Neff, Row 7-Bonnie Nelson, Charles Nelson, Marilyn Nenstiel, Anne Nichols, Nina Nichols, Thad Norton. 1 - M 4 , ff .K a f. -if 13" . N 4' ' 1 ' k , as , , F , A Q I W mf- fe we 'S' M ft. an .v ,A A Mg 0 an J ' its , f ' ' V W V7 .:,,,,. , Qb LI, il , ,.2:Z'Q' iw ' W ,W Ziff 2, K v ,,,.,:,,:i.:, W M 4 if v , 'ITM 'life s 'il' ' as ' V af , '- "" f Pl " V rf , 5 ' A may Qfivr nag ' if ayyl in Ng Q dx? y 4' 5 ,-, x if Q Ig? 'A ' , .sig .L is I ' f ' I , W- an 'H 7i1V 'lq',ff. 'f' r t Q-A , J 'W 4, A Row 8-Dorothy Ann Ohlemacher, Nelson Ohle- macher. Anita Page, Robert Paille, Rosemary Palin, Barbara Parker. Row 0--Eleanor Parker, Regina Parker, Yvonne Parker, Donna Parks, Martha Patterson, Gladys Patton. Row 10--Nola Peckinpaugh, Katherine Penrod, Leora Pittenger, Rex Pittenger, Raymond Porter, Charles Powell. Row llfBarbara Puterbaugh, Barbara Rainey, Robert Ratcliff, Edward Ray, Phyllis Reavis, Wanda Rector. Row 12-Beverly Reed, John Reed, Lorene Reed. ' ' Ht' A Y- ai iraq , . We M, .,,.,, 6 g , M1 "-' J iii 26 ,,, up 55" if , s tv 6 , ,,,, K y We ' , , ,., , y g g 'Wh BF- my 'ff ' 55 i n , "eu --raa Qfrgrfki Rx 1. l - V i ' 1' .fee ,.,' -, ef 11' ff? f 8 if .a me 1 tr if r ' ., , 2 wi? T5 as grae Mary Ann Reed, Robert Rench, Thomas E. Ribble. Row 13-Betty Richard, Barbara Richards, Robert Rinker, Earl Roberts, Bobbie Robertson, Bud Robin- SOI1. Row 14-Fred Robling, Kathleen Rooney, Dick Rotroff, Jim Ruble, Melvin Ruble, Jack Ruddick, The 19 4 6 Magician , t-r- , , ' , 5" 11: A 4' 4 9 A 'ee m ae - " ' 1 QL' ,gf "i': ' 33: ' J ,.,., -' ' , ' Ta ,VII .,,. , f , , Flo :wi Y 4 il 'Y 3 ri ' 2 2: if A H xx A i F ,q-, . W , fy: ii 3, '- sy J I 'V Qi 35: ,.,' ix' ij ' J' U 6 s M :gf Qi, rj W , t J a fa fi ' f' f "1f', ' ,Q D... t A , g , ur L ww? 'ZOQSJ' ,G 9 AQ '55' ' fd 3 WF ' ,.,. , -my if T I v ,R az:-,V as-Si ,J fi -5' ' 1. 5524 'E' f' 'T ,Q 9314 N9 , s .f aff , 1. x'5.,. X I glflnindev 39 a-:A '- A' "" " " E .:., gs ,E:., Ai? .A :-v ,::, .4 ,.,----l A . A, Q. 0, ai., .. ,'v, ..,.., ,-... g U g g. .A II, Qlll I U llv A ,.,., -,EI VIZ' I V Ilub y A W A, if , :vl . ,:.: SN f .".. S "': uae, Afi s., Q -'ip ,.,1: f "-A.-1 . ,A ..,., , ,,EE A A , A""5Z f AA I A of ":A"" 7 'ViA',.!: :'q 3 'i"A':'A" A,A'- L an it t B c rw 1-5 ,. f rg ZZ. T A A ,cA , A ee - t me ..-, i V, :::.: an is " 4? W pw K it a if at i, cgi :..,.,.,. , A 9 'i 'Q - ,Q ff , , ig, rg A AA ...A c 722-' " M5 W fli' A .J ' ' J S A ':" ::A ' c ,,:A ' 5, A-'V 1,:: 1. 1 V 1Q1 g1 ,I A.,., A .,,.1 ,.,, , ::?.::, ,:AE V 4 21'21 at ,. ,A , ' 4 ...I VA! ,45. 1 22' . 6. ,, Q. la . . , V - A. , W J , 4192 'Q W ' A5321 Q, .,-LZ fa A. A Q'A-,' - f A ' ak ? xx E xi! ,.. , Z: -..,-..,: 'V A N "'ii sa 8 irq- QQ fe ' A aa are 2. If Ak ?. I V n fx ww Z . gy A w ilv A,,,.,. .,A, A,,A,,. i , A ":: i iw , ""' P 1 ,- ,A A af. ' E .Q " ' " f , 7.1 ear .A -af- 'I --v" I ,- I lllyv ' 4 . g2,Af, .A W I HA, Q in r An 'N I W A,VV: A. ,.V.. , A ,, 'FW W W J i W ,A 'W V ',. ' iI.::,:-,. 5QZffIQ,AZ' A ' A ' EEA' 'A" -"A c b . .,A. rrrcrr 1 - , W J , as crer v J ,f an ,Qu W? Q , In Qf, H Q ' -fi fi? H S ' i i i A,,, A, ,A,A, ,A ':', is AA zfifl ' ' :" A 4 A ,,A,A,A AA ",, fI r Q.. A di, .A,, 'Z W A W4 "'-'QQg:i?L2! L , 333 ,Ag i 15 WEE A. had f , e 1211. AAA- ,ff 4 ,M 40 JUNIORS Row 1-Edith Russell, Eugene Sanders, June Sanders, Donna Sells, Ruthann Serra, Mary Jane Shafer. Row 2-Mary Sharkitt, Nancy Shear, Doris E. Shinn, Mary Martha Skillman, Clara Skinner, Dick Smalley. Row 3-Herbert Smith, Richard Smith, Thedus Smith, Herschel Sneed, Maribel Spangler, Max Starr. Row 4-Lois Stevens, Phyllis Jeanne Stevenson, Bob Stewart, James Stewart, Drucilla Stillwagon, Jo St. Myer, Row 5-Joanne Stokes, Mary Jean Stoner, Vera Studebaker, Billy Stump, Kathryn Sullivan, Helen Jean Swan. Row 6-Don Swanger, Tom Terrell, David Dale Thomas, Marilyn Thomas, William J. Thomas, Charles Thompson. Row 7-Bob Thorn, Marilyn Thornburg, Bar- bara Thresher, Barbara Trego, Virginia Trego, Jo Ann Tribby. Row 8-Josina Trissell, Lee True, Maurice Truse- dell, Martha Lou Turner, Richard Tuttle, Carolyn Tyler. Row 9-Jack Vining, Joe Vlaskamp, Jack Vore, Betty Wade, Norma Vwfaggoner, Lois Wagner. Row 10--Jack Wallace, Juanita Wallen, Janice Ward, Rosalin Ware, Albert Watkins, Dave Weeks. Row ll-Dave Weil, Donna Weiss, Emil West, Thelma West, Jim H. White, Lester White. Row 12-Bill Williams, Carol Williams, Earl R. Williams, Lorraine Williams, Gail Wilson, Jeanne Wilson. Row 13-Jim Wilson, Marlen Wilson, Reba Wilson, Ruby Wilson, Vern Wilson, Bill Wise. Row 14-Margaret Woodgett, Jo Ann Wright, Patricia Wright, Fredine Wynn, Dorotha Yarger, Charles Zearbaugh. The 194 6 Magician SOPHOMORE CLASS CLASS OFFICERS Chairman Secretary Treasurer JERRY JUSTlCli JOE MCGRAW JANET SMEKl?NS Row one-Patty Joris, June Linville, Betty Jones, Carolyn Fisher. Row two-fxfirginia Stetson, Jeanne Linder, Jo Ann Rotroff, Sue Ramsey, Alice Allman, Marjorie Heuer. Row three-Wanda Hardsog, Dorthadel Lowery, Mary Ann Madix, Nancy Marvin, Janet Smekens, Etta Acton, Barbara Hyatt. Row four-Miss Helen Morrison, financial sponsor, Edward Olsen, class sponsor: John Jones, Bob Richardson, Tom Blake, Bill Pingry, Ted Spencer, Jerry Justice, Joe McGraw. The yearlings at Central High started their activities by choosing council members who, in turn, elected the officers for the year. Activities for the semester were planned by a social committee headed by Betty Jones and a convocations committee headed by Pat Phillips. Other committees were named during the year. On December 14, the sophomores and juniors combined to sponsor the appearance of Eiffel G. Plasterer of Huntington, the originator of the i'Bubbles Concerto." During the winter the class was also the guest of Gibsons Ice Arena for a skating party which had its ups and downs. The spring term party-nights with skating and dancing were enjoyed by class members. A special motion picture show was presented at a class convocation. Several other programs were also held. Edward Olsen is chairman of sponsors for the class. Miss Helen Morri- son is financial sponsor. Miss Lucille Johnson, dean of girls, has assisted with the social activities. The 1946 Magician 4.1 ,Viv . .fe 36 in 'V ,,5, . gf...-lgzlg. X -, 5,6 ' .g a M ag, .-45,41 'ltixt' -aff-pr 'fit X ' - 'Mi 9-iz, M A ,X - if ' l f J X114 ' h . ' . 4 We '-ft 'is f 'i ""' 1 J ri ' --V2-.V if ,. - - 'aryl 1' wi i 5 :., ,., ff .,.. . V-V':- :ri - t , saaar A i f gyg y 5, af -tw -22:5 w jfgrj -1 ,,,-.15 ,.,, n kk f i A ,V .'vv.. ' J . rv X ,..f,5 X ' K if , ..,, g 3 'LEA , ,, y M., V. .1 3 J wir ,:., 1 123.692 fa He. are 5 S Y V i ,s ,,i ,p I 1+ . f .:,.: g .-1. 31 . A it Kea' 2 F JK E f-r!YXf.:f l Q t I I - -,.-- -"'. lvv' I ii' P1111 if as , , - , L1 A igff , 5. ,,., 337g QQ? f c -was K .. Q1 I fi HAHV aa A H' i 3 'Z S .. Q W an if ' ii 'A-- Auf? :iii 5a.z,5'l::f35 , A 'i 4 .X A if 1 il ' - ',,. 'P' 2 X' , new l :" i " G ,gt ,Q-fling, 46 QA: -6, . 'ff -J -i' if zg. 'af r -1 - .1 ,- ..... . , ce qw' A fist, 11154 4 i- ni 1t'u'iY,4:6"' I ie 'G A x 36' -A . gl'.,?I55' K ' iw, . J J -"' ' ' . ra . r . Q '. - :G-,,-i 5 . sap- 'gl .-fe . 'f t J 1 'if' fa .4 -ff: -'Tit We . .- A 9, ag .. J X J LA fa , gin? L A 6 -. 3 , Q? A .,-,: N 0 b E' rf. 'ab :li fe t ,P at A ffgj si i ',A.. I . 'L ace if af? f i -4 fe A i 1 Ai A Y. , xieb' K , iii ":' i if x 5 y 14: l,cv0i', H. A A A.. i fl" he ll fre' . - i J., X . rr r g ,,, ,, , g ill il. if-rv-'lf 'fr . ..-.Q i Amin 3 iff' W. W iw " e - 22, ,,.- ' V J, fi. -4' E34 ' A ' . A 'A:-A:. fi, - J- U Ny r Q Q - ,L T 10- ill ,wig as-If 1' -'.. r ' ' " ,. .1 'wr' 4 K""ll. Q Z 'Lint ff' ,.. 'af iz. A 3 42 SCPHOMORES Row l-Etta Jane Acton, Rosie Alfont, Alice Ann Allman, Jacqueline Amburn, David Ancil, Row 2-Norma Jean Anderson, Patty Arbogast, Jack Armantrout, John Arman- trout, Billy Arnold, Lenora Belle Atkins, Annette Austin. Row 3--Francis Ayers, Don Babcock, Esther Nl. Ball, Joanne Ballinger, Bob Barnes, Jane Barnes, Joan Barr. Row 4-Marvin Bartle. Harold Bashore. Nila Jean Beam, Jeanne Beatty, Dale Beck, Lorna Behr, Dale Bell. Row 5-Jack Bennett, Jack L. Bennett, Joyce Bennett, Connie Bentley, Barbara Bick- nell, Jacquelyn Sue Black, Tom Blake. Row 6-Nellie Bogue, Martha Bolton, Patricia Bond, William Booth, Don Brant, Nadene Breidenstein, Alice Mae Bricker. 7-Joan Briggs, Nancy Brooks. Row Donald Eugene Brown, Garland Brown, Jack Brown, Robert Brown, Patty Bruner. 8-Phyllis Bruner, Donna Marie Row Buell, James Burl Bullard, Josephine Bumba- lough, Carl Burns, Nancy Ann Burress, Jack Carmichael. Row 9--Juanita Carmin, Bill Carpenter, Richard Carrier, Carolyn Carson, Ruth Case. H. John Casey, Helen Chambers. Row 10-Mary Chambless, Wilbert Ches- nut, Elizabeth Clark, Mary Lou Clemens, Jim Coburn, Suzanne Collier, Beverly Collins. Row ll-James Collins, Carol Condra. Joann Cool, Abraham Cooper, Jr., Jackson Cooper, Ramona Cousins, Carole Cox, Row 12-Dorthy Cox, lmogene Crago, Emma Lou Craig, Bob Cranor, Ethel Cray- craft, James Crenshaw, Frances Crook. Row 13-Earl Crouse. Jane Crusius, Rich- ard Cunnington, Fred Darter, Betty Louise Davis, Evelyn Jean Davis, Evelyn Jean Davis. Row 14-Jay Davis, Patty Davis, Robert Lee Davis, Sylvia Davis, Harold Deeds, Vir- ginia Delaney, Helen DeRome. Row 15-Billy Disinger. James Dixon, Richard Dominick, Phyllis Duncan, Phyllis Ann Earley, Patsy Elliott, Patricia Elsten. The 1946 Magician SOPHOMORES Row l-John Ertel, Wilma Ertle, James Eskew, Marjorie Ewing, Gerald Fields. Row 2-Louetha Fields, Mary Fields, Cecil Finn, Carolyn Jane Fisher, Mary Ann Floyd, Virginia Ford, Jean Foster. Row 3-Robert Fred, Mary Ann Futrell, Priscilla Gabbard, Betty Jean Gadbury, Alice Colleen Gage, Vernis Gage, Marjorie Gal- lagher. Row 4-Paul George, Everett Gibbs, Herschel Gibson. Donna Glentzer, Cassius Goens, Freddie Goodall, Don Goodman. Row 5-Hairretta Grant, Thomas Grave, Phyllis Gray, Wanda Grider, Burrell Griftith, Donald Grim, Jacquita Grim. Row 61Robert Gruwell, James Gwinn, Bob Halteman, Dorothy Haney. Wanda Hard- sog, Cynthia Harrington, Beulah Harris. Row 7-Ruby Harris, Ted .Harris, Bill Hart, Marvin Hart, Doris Harvey, Joan Hauck, Jewett Hayes, Row 8-Virginia Hayes, Wanda Mae Hayes, Gail Heath, Billy Hedge. Pat Hen- nington, Clarence Hensley, Doris Ann Hess. Row 9-Marjorie Heuer, Jack Holt, Bev- erly Anne Hoover, Robert Houser, Rosalie Howe, Betty Jo Hudson, Anna Lee Hugus. Row 10-Jean Hume, Forrest Hurst. Alice Hutchens, Mary Lou Hutson, Barbara Hyatt, Curtis E. Irby, Jr., Bob Ireland. Row llTMyra Irwin, Marjorie Jackson, William Jackson, Norman Jeffers, Ed Jenkin- son, Dorothy Johnson, Nellie Johnson. Row 12-Robert Johnson, Ruthella John- son, Betty Louise Jones, Harold Jones, Janet Jones, John Jones, Patty Joris. Row 13-Jerry Justice, Jimmy Justice, Serena Kaiser, Floyd Kaster, Samuel Keasbey, Don Kennedy, Ralph Kerrigan. Row 14-Mary Kinder, Wilma Jeanne King, Priscilla Klepfer, Dick Koontz, Suzanne LaDuron, Rosemary Lamb, Richard Lang. Row 15-Allen Lasater, Larry Lawson, Sarah Ann Leicht, Laddie Lewis, Wanda Liggett, Gloria Lindsey, June Linville. The I9 4 6 Magician , . . ,,, .,.., ., I gif 4' , Hz K Q n . 4 ' V B435 f :fi wr :las ' ' et' " ' Q W F .,.. , . ri, b . g . :rg 10 fn 1 an 1 Q -., , . Q ry, Et" ?Uw4ePa,f e"' adds? 'f" "" A sf F kia G' la t fr 1 ' ., ':'. l 4 5 lx? 8 qi.. L F -at -.,, A ' , ,L DXQQY :,z ,,.,' Q 1 I f .gnn g .1 ig-'QQP 5' M it at - ,WW '. 1' EL, gfmaw -H D ff - , ge t-,y e '- e af- 8 ' if A s g 1 ..' .3ff'a' :ii i . f at 3 as J ig W .H -5,-if -- ' 'ff - - Q 't" i ? n ,., A ......, dw? -21211:-V: V .- - ky 0 f -.ff . J . ,.. ri' . K ,Wi J., . " . . s ,A - sc F J S' -is , 35 if f ,, A . , Hgln yff' ,. fi.. up 53. an ' ., " X . , - if 0' "Y s'i,?i'l fly l lv t . Ml Q? ff: I 1.-,jf 'K , t ,ogg X. .- i . A l I ,. , gif. , -we 2 4 ' . Mm -arf' , .56 -il? . I: J 64,1 r W? . -1 , , . , W' iw, f . -2 ' fl-9 U5 -vie' k . i I I lx gf l' g 'M- . x . ' - la.. 922-wif' lf -1 U A 'v f' ,ef "' Q ...t rl if 'La if 'FC nm I! t ji ':"' Q f as dk A :- 5 K I N q f jg., 4? ,Q 3? H il it 6 9 2. 2 3 ,ll 'if V wg 5- 6 Q32 , A 4' k ff '21, , ics? g 3 " E2 Q ,.,. , . 1,01 S575 . .,,. --- - . ' A' f I Y 1 'Q W Q Q I ..,. -I .3 Y f ii ,,,i wi? is -2 A . '05 'I 1 .QE Q., , :..Vg 3. A- Q iff ' "'i': Z- :f-- 3 Q- x . . f, 35' ,i-...a..l 4-3 i 'Y .3 F -N 2 1' a of ' ' Q ' f' JA ,IQ 1 , Ig: 5 ' 1 f TFL ,gi il 4- '1 ' i 0 Q N V fp fi 4 ll G 'Q' ' '1,s '. V, ,gi an g ld :Q , A , 3,4 5, v 1 lil E ., ' ' :'1 ' 40 gtg me iv Q ,K .tw X' w ., 4' fx' . in 5 , if fefftrf- ae ee ag if I A 4 y., 'cf' W. eg ,W kwa! . 1 C ., I I X if 1 H +1 Y 1 wig, W, fe sp -if 9, if ..,.. L fans-, i?6ff5, 'SP, .Q 5 1 'fx 'fir I., Q aa , rim -, M1 all 9 fi 5" in i av Q5 'ff fr ', 1.1 i f -gl. vi- f' . 'I'f.,l 'V 'N , 1 k . ' 'E' I Qi qi . . l i 0 I mi: in fl PM , 'Q in PM H6 . if 59' if . , A 22, , " gg' is Ms, -11,516 .' ,S ffff' .Q ' in 4' W .4 4 521311-' .Q-V fl .fd .. ,. an 'ii rl. v'A-, Iv,'-V I e l an 32:2 I1 M Q . 55: 4 H i 1, ,,.. g,Qg5, .Q ,.,. , - 1, I ,,., ,gk E if 3 3 K Al 44 1 1 rl fl M 2222" Q ii' .,. 1 vb . rs re W an ' 13 45' E Qi ff Kim . -f s X It . VAL L - L , .,.. I F ,,.,, Y , , ' ' r v real .WWn?e. 1 ' K? fi Q ' , iifliiif rg A? , ' -f-K ,,-iMlAg'g , . g 435 Z .3 if W ,fr " ' an 9 L - ,fm ,rx ,R-Q-F.. ,im , . 5, ll. i'af4 'U ,M ' ' 1: 6 , Q no M WF xv" 'of' 4' P swans., Q 'K 2, V 1. f it ef fa ' ., ' n , A . 1152 Q49 f. 3.1, wg V,,, ff , if gr J 133 ' 3 , 'fl' 1, 'gs ln.,"'lw . 51- i fr . 11 bfii rf 0- wt? ii, J ' ' , , . l I 2., ief'f M 1. V fx, f i 'i , ,nl I lx 'I 44 SOPHOMORES Row l-Mary Lockwood, Jack Louns- bury, Alvin Lowery, Dorthadel Lowery, Margaret Luzader, Clyde Lyle, Margaret Dureta Lyons. Row 2--Novella Jean McAdams, Charles McCaffrey, Bob McClelland. Joe McGraw, Gene McGuire, William Mclntosh, Carl McKinley. Row '5QPhyllis Rosemary Mader, Mary Ann Madix, Louise Malone, Phyllis Manis, Betty Martin, Bobbie Jean Martin, Harold Martin. Row 4-Barbara Marvin, Nancy Marvin, Peggy Mason, Prank Masten, Ted May, Mary Ann Maynard, Marjorie Mays. Row 5-Phyllis Mendenhall, Delores Jean Meranda, Martha Sue Merz, LaJean Michael, Roy Lee Miles, Jack Milhollin, Bill Miller. Row 64Charles Miller, lilora May Miller, Harriett Nliller, Marilyn Miller, Otis Nliller, Louis Mingus, Stephen Mitchell. Row 7-Wanda Mitchell, Samuel Mohler, Dean Montague, Donald Moore, Ensel Moore, George Moore, John Moore. Row 8-Ruth Morgan, Fred Mosier, Harry Moyer, Maxine Mullen, Eugene Mumaw, Dolletta Murphy, Beverly Nafe. Row 9-Bob Newton, Virginia Niccum. Jacqueline Nicewanner, Jack Nichols, Margie Noel, Rex Noel, Helen Nungesser. Row 10-Richard Nye, Joe Offord, Jesse Ogburn, Joe Ogburn, Carl Olson, Donald Osborn, Mary Osborn. Row ll-Victor Osborn, Phillip Osgood, Ruth Owens, Naomi Oxley, James Palmer, Gaylord Parker, Etta Parks. Row 12-livelyn Parks, llva Mae Pence, Harriet Pennock, Jack Perkins, Pat Phillips, Bill Pingry. Charlotte Pippin. Row l3fGerald Pittenger. Robert Pol- hemus, Orville Poore, Francis Potts, Barbara Powell, Max Pratt, Blanche Price. Row 14-Delores Priddy, Harry Proctor, Jack Proctor, Pat Props, Martha Ragland, Sue Ramsey, Leroy Rapp. Row 15-Ramona Rasche, Betty Lee Rawlins, Sarah Jane Rayburn, Sally Ream, Don E. Reber, Harry Rector, Janice Rector. The 1946 Magician SOPHOMORES Row l-Charline Reed, Ruth Reed, Ruth Rench, Peggy Reynolds, Lelton Rhodes, Dolores Rice, Beverly Richards. Row 2-Boh Richardson, Walter Rich- mond. Mary Ann Riseden, Rosemarie Risk, Barbara Roach. Joanne Rogers, Jack Rollins. Row 3-Carl Ross. Doris Ross, Marilyn Roth, Jo Ann Rotrofi, Mary lidith Rush, Jane Russey, Ann Satryan. Row 4-Carolyn Saunders, Mettie Ann Saunders. Jack Schaubut, Shirley Schitter, Robert Schrader, Jack Scott, Kathryn Scott. Row 5-Robert Scott, lfred Segraves, Roger Sexton, Alice Shafer, Shaffer, Ralph Shaw, Jane Sheridan. Row 6-Glen Short. Lorcne Shreves. Pat Singer, Charles Skill. Dwight Skinner, Janet Smekens, Arlis F. Smith, Row 7-Paul Smith, Charles Sowers, Theodore Spencer, Jim Stacey, Jeanette Stafford, Eleanor Ann Stanley, Elsie Stauta- moyer. Row 8-Herman Stephens. Virginia Stet- son, John Stewart, Marjorie Stuart, Barbara Suiter, Jack Sutton, Nila Taber. Row 9-Mary Taflinger. Billy Taylor, Richard Taylor. Robert Taylor. Kenneth Thompson, Nettie May Thompson, Wilma Jean Thompson. Row 10-Patricia Thornburg, Dian Thorpe, Wanda Tolhert, Marjorie Traub, Jack Tripp, Sylvia Tucker, Gilbert Turney. Row 1l1Thomas Tuttle, Becky Valan- dingham, Budd Vandegriff, Bonnie Van Skyock, Donald Vaught, Delmar Verneman, Lola Vickers. Row 12-Betty Vorhees, Peggy Wade, Wayne Wallace, Carlamae Ward, Don Wat- son, Ramona Weakley, Shirley Webb. Row 134Jim Webster, Mary Weekley, Patty Weems, David West, Verna White, Glenda Whitehair, Phyllis Wilkerson. Row 14-Joan Willard, Sue Williams, Mildred Wills, Wilmeth Wills, Diane Wilson, Margaret Wilson, Billie Jean Wright. Row 15--Ruth Ellen XVright, Margie Yingling, Sharon Yobst, Barbara Young-Kin, Joyce Youngkin, Mary Alice Zetterlwerg, Dale Zimmerman. The I9 4 6 Magician 'f"'TS WK 7552: r,, ,- info -f, 'c 2 f a at -f QL ii A 1 U ' ,Q .i PK ' ' " ,af 4. - ' k , , ,A it ' ' "i'i" fe sir My an fre M " 4 arf 41 K ai-fm -'H li? , M f-5 2 a Ti Q wi K ,, i f , I gk ,L . 9 hifi ,, L M 9 .gr - N' V ' if W Liora' li ff" Fr 51 S ws- els, ,458 HR ,-' Q J. .5 sg 62065, . -21 ,, M v ,ffm frilly L ,a,. QL as i t ,. i. 3. B' 3 'W R' ii 'ST B . e il sniff W ',,.- t c 315' TE' 1 T , ' H, 5.:A.a: A -- f M fgefiga,,4,.1 in I jg B A. Ivfii' ig' .E "i:' f w 1 1 V ' 1 W' .." "Sz 4' ii avi iii ,T We an i - iajlff ,lg Qi, zglugyuug Zuuv V lt? T K as fx M Elf QQ , 11011 ca-9 f 5- 35 ,Qi ez a , zz, as 5.1 ,. 4. 1 i f' T 1- - ' ' 4 We .,,.,.... 1 1-4 W . , f S f 7' A is ? fs 'Q 3, 9 5 4 , , at-' ri E " W-1 . T.: Z., Q 'wg' ., ,vw 'gl te' as Q was M " 'L' Q '55 A... s aab. Us 1 . . 1 JL , fs wh c is at 'gi fsfn Joi? if if- 1., ' ex , 1 is .,, ,, s , g 'I . WL , 1 ' . f if Q fl it .. 5 . - t 3 IQ ,S T iii 3, A' in e 'NP ,prey ff? rf if lg J K ' Q if . 4 i iiii f . all t . V l' 'all X q ' . We 0 nga. tu i . S l A ii. is ' .1 g Ki i . . -W' ' ff sw- '?f' ,, ., 49 ' X 2. , Q 4 4 Eur. f ' at ' ' an t A 4 ' wg ' WFP? N '5'?,+f'Q. 40 if ir '?L,'ii,,i ig 1:33 42' Mft A iw ,E K M 4 V . , , .,,. . , J ,E , 't l f - ' QQK fs 451 . 'f ,ii . is .Q W, . 1-ff rt... " 5 " ff? 'ff fi' W gf rf 'ft "'? ' ',, ,I Qt v in L ,,.. A ' 'V '73 ' X ' -. " if " n J if Q a 45 NEW I0 B's U .I X F L is J A if it I '- 455:55 In s so .M .... "1 V e ' ,.,. 1 .4 ,. 13 A Q91 . , A , .,., . . V 5' F A K1 2 iq. K e I,- -sp. ' -9 Ki , gl .Nw h A A a if .. Zia R .MV . 4 Q. X A M ,,. if ' : b -: Q I . name- I. , 3 f ' ,. "' .,,,.,. A I r -. .. . Q ,,,, H 'ax ,W ,e J ' . Q , -' A 3, A , y . . W - , 4' Ah fl .J sr, ' if ,lb 1 ar- ' 1 A Q ,QE Al , P3 if 1: Q-'Q 2 . A fs . Q 3? ., Q x QM, ' New X s ' ,. ' 2 rf W X if ,, , K 'lap . I A K ' 'AW ,. f 2-gg ,MU 'R f L6 br . , an as f ii K. is F' MV ' . as L 33 sc I " sw ' lf" - . 0 1 f 1'-Tr .F r I . gr ' . 'W Y "' . Q ' J -, s 1 ' 'l' 'fs K .. mx , ,- L 1 - lliM1!l', ul -4 s ' i ' s. AQ., Si, M we l if 'V' L in Ji A 46 Row l-Jimmie Lee Abram, Joyce Abrell, Patsy Alexander. Row Z-Q-Roberta Anderson, Gene Arm- strong, Joan Bailey, Donald Bebout. Norma Jean Bell, Richard Benson, Jacqueline Blake. Row 3-Juanita Blake, Bill Blizzard. Barbara Boise. Curlie Bolden, Norma Bowen. Jack Bragg. Jim Buckles. Row 4-Don Buennagel, Barbara Bullock. Henry Bundy, David Burtin. Sharon Butler, Darlene Carr, Wanda Casey. Row 5--Phyllis Cecil. Lois Pauline Chad- wick. Rosemary Clifford, Caroly Sue Co- burn, Jack Cole, Gene Cole, Bertha Coleman. Row 6--Norma Conn, Dick Cook, Marf lene Cooper. Carolyn Cummins, Barbara Davis, Helen Ruby Davis, Carl Day. Row 7--Juanita Dean. Charles Disney. Mary Lou Dix. Jim Dowling, Constance Draves, William Drumm. John L. Ifdwards. Row 84Su1anne Edwards, Marvin llmen- hiser, Ula Empey, Tresa Eppard. Patricia Eeeney, Russell Ferrell. Merrill Flick. Row 9-Tommy Gambrel, Ann Gayman. Fred Grove, Dave Guenther, Eston Guffey, Norman Harmeyer, Mary Louise Hart. Row 10-Peggy Harvey, Elbert Hawkins, Joan Hill, Edna Hines. Richard Holland, Larry Holloway, Barbara Humbert. Row ll--Joan Irwin, Percy Jeffrey, Joe Johns. Richard Johnson. Frederick Jones, Norman Jones. Lee Kaesar. Row 12 -Rosemary King. Gertrude Koons. Robert Lamb, Jane Lambert. Charles Lamm, Frankie l.andrey, Lucille Large. Row 13-Mary Lou Lecington, Evelyn Lee, Audrey Lephart. The 1946 Magician NE Row l-Helen Marie Lerch, Robert Lutes, LaVina l,yons. Row Z-Rose Mary McKenzie, Margaret McMullen, Ronald Mansfield. Betty Martin, Bill Martin, l.ois Martin, Roberta Martin. Row 3-Vv'aneta Martin, Norma Maxwell, Beverly Mays. Janet Minnick. Calvin Mitchell, Jane Moller, Kate Morgan. Row 4--Chester Morris, Annis Moyer, Bob Mynett. Orville Neuerman, Charles New- lin, Barnet Oldham, Joe Oliver. Row 5-Nora Page, Betty Payne, Richard Perkins. Joyce Phillips, Jack Pingry, Phyllis June Plymale, Jacqueline Poling. Row 6--David XVilliam Porter. Gerald Porter, Mary Puterbaugh. Jack Quesinberry. Betty Reason. Betty Riddleberger, Ronald Rinearsen. Row 7fWanda Robertson. Vvlilma Rollen, Annette Rowles. Eleanor Schafer, Donna Schrader, liranklin Shannon, Emily Shultz, Row 8fJanet Skaggs, John Smith. Nancy Snyder. l.owell Sorrell. Gloria Stevenson. Patsy Stevenson, Jean St. Myer. Row 0-Betty Jean Stonecipher, Estel Stratton. David Stump, Freda Sutton. Jack Tallinger, Robert Taylor, Billy Terry. Row 10 - Norman Thomas, Viola Thomas. Donald Thonn. Joanne Thornf burg. Davy Lee Truax, l.acy Vance. Alice Walker. Row ll-Gloria Wallace. Imogene XVallen. Ben Ward. Beverly Webb, Roma Jean Webb, Thomas West, Bill Whitaker. Row lZ-Joretta White, Marshall Vklillis, lirances Wilson, June Wilson, Gene Vylooten, Vv'ilbert Wright, Raymond Wyninger. Row l37Bob Yates, Dixana Yockey, Spencer Zachary, The 1946 Mag1'cian W l0 B's fc: fir A ' " -if 5 - -J ' ' x 0 an Q. " ' ' . " , 6 fe' - "- ' A ' k R' ., I.. ew- .AP 1, ' 41 , er iv -in szf- . 3 r A x.,,.,.f' ' a L I NM i. I . me f ' y we on . i Q ' Q sa. N fx 'Q . L A . 'I 'Z Azinzbfia V' S 2 3:-.., A .y ,QM fx i k k 1, 4 K xi -...S ' D-fs' W W' 1- fu if ' i J gi? 1 ' V! 1 in 'H 1 ., ' A w so A 1. F :iv 5 . A W ,g ag. ,A ' is w . 4 Q 3 J.: tv' F ,za V H , K, y JV ,., r .,.. "" 'A ,'l""'. A "" S ,fl 9 ... iz ali' Q4 gr hm- A. H ... - Q? -" N' ' i s N' . 1 W 1 N P K' - x, . Q 1 -... ' ' Q. . W . 'sf . 3 7' iw, 1 L Q., Q t ,,.. Li .. S MJT D A .P .533 .bi Q E y Wh it 'X Li A2 . W U ' 7 5' - W T 1 -Q Q3 5, E? :.:::::, . W i ? Q3 A AFL .I xt 'Q A I , . 4 ff .. z. ". .. 4' if v , ' Q g ym A E t .. ,Ja , ,. h is . Q - 19" ,-S: 5" I 7 4 A Q 'lm s 3 -4 as 1 ,, v 47 0 NWS! Walkfif I Kwjmf , 'Dearfs 4 4 office Q ' V K' n 1 Q W FACULTY 5 I I I :Qgg I' gf? I England M' f?W2El!.iiFdllf."iifll2!i'1J1:, f a fha 1946 Mzzgzliun 49 Superintendents of Muncie Schools 1945-1946 , 1- ff V. ' ' ' A WI I V . 2 I fl - Q. V H. B. ALLMAN 1 Superintendent since 1936, who resigned to become director of sum- mer sessions at Indiana University, effective Feb- ruary 16, 1946. Muncie heard with regret of the resignation of Mr. Allman, who has made a very real place for himself in the life of our city. During his thirty-five years in teaching he has demonstrated that he is a capable executive and his new post will enable him to further still more the cause of education in Indiana. The appointment of Mr. Shaffer, the friendly and popular Central High School principal, to the post of superintendent was deserved recognition of his work as a schoolman. To Mr. Allman, Central students and teachers extend best wishes for his success in his new position. To Mr. Shaffer, Central students and teachers offer congratulations on his appointment but regret that he will no longer be in such close contact with us. R. D. SHAFFER Principal of Central High School since 1937, who was named to suc- ceed Mr. Allman as su- perintendent of Muncie Schools on February 16, 1946, I , 'E ifX The 1946 Magician Muncie Board of Education Lrft to right-Miss Grace Fern Mitchell, executive secretary to board and superintendent: R. D. Shaffer superintendent of schools: John C. Banta, treasurer: William T, Haymond, president: Ora T. Shroyer, secretary T. B. Calvert, director of research and budget. E-s The 1946 Magician SUPERVISORS KENNETH ATCHLEY Veterans Counselor MRS. ERMA B. CHRISTY Educational Guidance ana' Home Economics XVALTER l:lSl'll'2R Physical Education and Athletics FLOYD RAISOR Health Education J. FREISTROVIZER Distributiue Occupations 51 CENTRAL'S N EW PRI NCI PAL EARL PECKINPAUGH- When Mr. Shaffer was named the new superintendent of Muncie schools, the board of education chose as his successor Earl Peck- inpaugh, principal of Roosevelt School. Coming to Muncie in 1935, Mr. Peckinpaugh was first named social science instructor and coach at Wilson Junior High, where he served for eleven years. Then he was moved to Roosevelt, a position he had held for the past nine years. Since he joined the'Muncie schools, he has also served as assistant coach of the Bearcat football squad. Born in Delaware county, Mr. Peckin- paugh attended the Mt. Summit school, Spiceland Academy, and was graduated from New Castle High School, He attended Indi- ana University, from which he received a Bachelor of Arts degree. While in college he participated in four major sports: football, basketball, wrestling, and baseball. Following graduation he was a coach and physical education instructor in Minneapolis. 52 He entered the army as a private at the out- break of World War 1, later serving overseas in all grades from private to captain. He re- mained in the army until 1929 and during three years of that time he was instructor in the infantry school at Port Benning, Ga. In 1924 he was graduated from the field artillery school at Fort Sill, Okla. Four years were spent as assistant professor of military science and tactics at Iowa State College. Before leaving military service he was also stationed in Hawaii and on the Pacific coast. After his discharge, Mr. Peckinpaugh went back to college before accepting a position as principal of the Sulphur Springs High School. By 1934 he had completed work on his Mas- ter of Arts degree in education at Indiana University. The following year he came to Muncie. Central students and teachers welcome Mr. Peckinpaugh to his new position as head of our school. The 1946 Magician CENTRAL'S DEANS HAROl.D ANDERSON MISS l.UClI.I.E JOHNSON Dean uf Boys Dum of Girls OFFICE STAFF Seated-Mrs. Claude Palmer, visiting teacher: Mrs, Josephinc Saunders, clerk at Trade Schcuolz Miss Bertha Arbogast, ftnancial clerk andrsecrctary to the principal: Mrs. Julia Harris, spectal clerk. Sfttmling-Mrs. Frances DeCapua and Miss Rose Mary Thomas, attendance clerks, The 194 6 Marzfcian J. Trade Sthool an W. Sealed-Gilbert Blackwood, electricity: Harry Whitlern, related math and science: Dr. W. L. Howard, vice- principal of Trade School: Thamar Main, machine shop: H. F. Brickley, supervisor of trade and industrial edu- cation: Wesley C. Pierce, printing. Standing-Robert lf. Noble. auto mechanics: Gail Gaddis. woodwork and drafting: Herman Beckley. building trades and carpentry: lrvin l.. Morrow, drafting: l.ester Pierce, auto mechanics: Charles Rettig, machine shop. Vw Social Science Seated-R. Lloyd Cooley, Miss Josephine Clevenger, Russell T. McNutt, department head: Miss Frances l.. O'Harra. Miss lfsther Bartlett. Standing-lilmer Posey. Ralph Connelley, James Hyatt. 54 The 1046 Muy1't'1'un Science and Mathematics Seated-Miss Helen Morrison, mathematics: Miss Frances Andrews, botany and biology: Miss Margaret Lotz mathematics. Standing-H. Emory Fenimore, head of mathematics department: Edward Olsen, mathematics: Hal B. YVarren, mathematics: Edward Zetterberg, chemistry: Roger S. Lingeman, physics. sf Physical Education and Health Seated-Ettore Antonini, physical education: Miss Katharine King, girls' physical education: Walter H. Fisher, supervisor of physical education: Miss Ola E. Courtney, health education: Floyd W, Raisor, supervisor of health education. Standing!-Melvin Wilson, health education: Dale Miller, physical education: Arthur Beckner, health and physical education: Clifford Quinlan, R.O.T.C. Miss Suzanne Rosenthal, school nurse, was not present when picture was made. The 1946 Nfagician Home Economics Sealed-Miss Ola lf. Courtney, foods: Miss Ella Hollenback, clothing: Mrs, Jessie Hoffman, nutrition. Standing-Mrs. Evelyn McCullough, foods: Mrs. Clair Jean Bullock, food trades and lunchroom manager at Trade Schoolg Miss Dorothy Kreiger, modern living: Miss Nelle Scott, lunchropm director at Central. Mrs, Ruth Ball Harker, hygiene and home nursing. was not present when the photo was made. 1-'s Foreign Language, Music and Art Left to right-Glen Stepleton, vocal music and head of music department: Mrs. Esther Keller Brown, l.atin and Spanish: Griffin S. Stephenson, art: Miss Laura Linden. French and Spanish, head of foreign language depart- mentg Ernest H. Boyer, instrumental music, 56- The 1946 Mdgll'l'ClI7 English Seated-Nliss l.ucile K. Mayr, Miss I-lenryetta Brandt, Miss Maude Michael. Miss Margaret Ryan, Miss Deborah lfdwards. Sfamirng-Miss Kathleen Meehan, Miss lileanor Jean Bly. acting head of department: Miss Mary lf. XVade, Miss .lewel Standerford was unable to be present when the photo was made. k-1 Business Education SeatedfMiss l.orene Turner, Martin J. Hansen, Fred Bogart, head of department: Paul ll, Carmichael, Mrs. Helen Pennington. Slanciing-fel. Carl Humphrey, Robert Colvin, Neil W. Daily. The 19 4 6 Magirzlln 58 -ali-Anile BYBWBJQ- -5-43" " Left to right-Kenneth Atchley. veterans counselor: G. L. Alexander, mathematics and natural science super usor VJ. M. Wampler, social studies and English supervisor: H. F. Brickley, supervisor of adult education Veterans School This year Central is proud to welcome many of her former students who interrupted their schooling to answer the call of their country to serve in the Army, Navy. Marines, or Coast Guard. Having served with distinction and honor in the four corners of the world, these veterans have now returned to Central's classrooms to complete their work for graduation, to take post- graduate Work before going on to college, or to take special trade courses to fit themselves for a particular job in industry or business. Several hundred more still in service have written to ask what they will need to complete their educational requirements. Some of these veterans have elected to complete their work at Central, participating in the regular high school courses so that they may benefit from the classroom associations and class discussions. Others have chosen to take part of their work at Central and part at the Trade School, where they may be enrolled in auto mechanics, drafting, electricity, and radio, building trades, machine shop, or printing. Another group is enrolled at the Trade School to take all-day courses in one particular trade, the goal being the achievement of sufficient skills and knowledge to enable them to go out into industry and hold jobs as competent wage earners. Muncie industries are cooperating with this phase of the special work in order that these men may be placed successfully when they finish their work. A new department has been added to Central's broad educational Held, the Veterans lnstitute, a special section based on the plan of individual study. Located at the Trade School, the institute has been set up to provide a way for the veteran to select and master quickly the subjects needed to complete his high school education, doing this in an "all-veteran" atmosphere, ln a few weeks or months, depending on the amount of work required and the time spent, the veteran may earn the required credits. Approximately half of the veterans in Central are participating in this plan which allows them to complete their work in less time than would normally be required in the regular high school program. The staff of this new department consists of H. F. Brickley, supervisor of adult education: K. L. Atchley. veterans counselor: W. M. Wampler. social studies and ljnglish supervisor: G. L. Alexander. mathematics and natural science supervisor. Three are veterans of World War ll, while Mr. Brickley was loaned by the city schools to the office of the state supervisor of vocational education. ln this work Mr. Brickley aided greatly in the administration of the war production training program in Indiana. Mr. Atchley, a lieutenant colonel in the Air Corps during the war, served in England with the Eighth Air Force as commanding officer of a sub-depot squadron and as a base engineering ofiicer. Mr, Alexander, a navy lieutenant, was with the Fleet Training Command of the Seventh Fleet as instructor in anti-submarine warfare. Later he was in charge of the Fleet Training Center at Guiuan Samar in the Philippines. Mr. Wampler, a captain in the Air Corps, served with the 33rd Fighter Group at Burma, India, as a squadron executive officer and radar observer. He later acted as supervisor of the ground training school at this base. Central is honored to present this group of her war veterans who have served so nobly in World XVar ll. The 1946 Maqrczzm Scenes at Veterans School SUPERVISED STUDY CLASS- ROOM GROUP Left rotU7Roland Bruner, Eldon Warrell, Kenneth Dyer, Bill Williams, Robert Lee, litigene Scott, and Gerald Alexander. instructor. Middle row- Don Weist, John Darnell, James XVil- son and Omer McFarland, Jim Gra- ham, Edward True, Willard Byrns, Right row-Roy Brooks, Bernard Hale, XVendell Wampler, instructor: Vernon Cox. Kenneth DeHart, REPRESENTATIVES OF VETERANS ON ALL-DAY TRADES COURSE Row one-Hubert Stafford. draft- ing: Joe W. McFarland, drafting: John Death, drafting: Roy Wirts, drafting, John Rogers, radio. Rott' two -David Collins, drafting: Marvin Adams. drafting: John Bundy, elec- trical. COUNSELING IN SUPERVISED STUDY ROOM Mr. Alexander is shown helping John Darnell with his lesson assignf ment in mathematics, While Mr. XVampler is aiding Don NVeist in a tlifhcult part of Anlerican history, The I 9 4 6 Magt'cx'an W? lik ill!! ff T9 0' IJ 5 mfs ence cfubfvafzlefub wllad Qff Qi? OW I ' I . 50 bg do O dr Ce xl 'Ll C " OC' Cl - X .. rN ' 41 URBANIZATIUNS . .. Inaba " Pe f ' ' lei Q ' 'kid . f.. 'F' Q Q I 1 B-mTo. 61 HONOR SOCIETY GENE REEVES, President PHYLLIS WHITE, Secretary HUBERT AUSTIN, Vice-President LUCY AMBURN, Treasurer MRS. ERMA CHRISTY, Sponsor Row one-Norma Waggoner, Wanda Rector, Carolyn Eisher, Phyllis White, Harriet Preston, Betty Jones, Louise Benbow, Wanda DeHoff. Alberta Bauer, Shirley Burch, Hubert Austin. Row two-Mary Alice Compton, Margie Eerner, Billie Irby, Marylou Crawley, Rita Keppler, Patty Heldenbrand, Betty Jo Davisson, Beverly Bullock, Ruth Conger, Martha Banta, Doris Shinn, Mary Ellen Woodward, Gene Reeves, Jack Cronin. Row three-Betty Zetterberg, Drucilla Stillwagon, Jean Blizzard, Jean Bayless, Charmain Barlow, Barbara Sutton, Mary Ann Reed, Doris Dick, Jackie Harrell, Luella LeBeau, Norma Skinner, Barbara Richards, Bill Cook. Row four-Juanita Jones, Ramona Smith, Thelma Eolkner, Phyllis Mitchell, Ruth Ann Serra, Dona Wilson, Nancy Austin, Don Bassett. Row Hue-Janice Kain, Beverly Armstrong, Lucy Amburn, Myrtle Dean, Frances Eowl. Helen Mudd, Don Grundy, Dick Smekens, Leland Walter. Row six-Louis Costas, Richard Ehrlich, Charles Powell, Wayne Miller, Ed Krull, Eugene Hiller, Dick Bredeson, Bill Shear, Wayne Kelley, Bob Kelsey, Jack Karlen, Bill Bogart, Tom Hughes, Garland Brown, Burl Keys, Max Jordan. r I f -Zs glgq Those who can meet the highest standards of leadership, char- ' acter, service, and scholarship may be elected to the Central chapter T of the National Honor Society, one of our most active organiza- gf i tions. Every other Tuesday members hold luncheon meetings fi where business is discussed and interesting programs are presented. -rx i ft! Each spring an Honor Awards Day is held under the sponsorship E g HP' of the Honor Society where all who have brought special recogni- gg tion to Central are honored. Initiation services for the new , T iam., pledges are held twice during the year. 62 The 1946 Magician HI-Y CLUB DON GRUNDY, President JACK PETRO, Secretary DICK SMEKENS, Vice-President MAX JORDAN, Treasurer H. A. PETTIJOHN, Sponsor Row one-Bill Bogart, Joe Dooley, Jack Goen, Earl Williams, Dick Joy, Roy Werts, Bud Robinson. Jim Acton, Bill Binkley, Row two--Ed Davies, Jerry Peterson, Don Miller, Dick Herbert, Bob Kelsey, Don Babcock, Jack Holt, Jack Gilbert. Row three--Ned Driscoll, Nelson Ohlemacher, Louis Costas, Lacky Liakos, Gene Cole- man, Dick Smekens, Jack Karlen, Don Grundy, Max Jordan. Row four-Gene McClelland, Leland Walter, Bob Silvers, Jim Reed, Bob Persinger, Paul Abrams, Ed Stahl, Bud Clark. Row five-H. A. Pettijohn, sponsor: Bob Davis, Don Wood, Howard Jones, Jack Collins, Bill Shear, Dick Bredeson, Dohn Sipe, Jack Cronin, Burl Keys. Gene Hiller, Tom Hughes, Gene Dance, Paul George, Bill Basinger, Charles Zearbaugh, Hubert Austin, John Reed, Bob Koontz. The climax of activities for the school year came on Thurs- day. March 21, when the club served as hosts to more than 165 fs delegates and their leaders in the annual district conference. Clubs QQ, ff, , f' represented included Portland, Dunkirk, Hagerstown, New Castle, ft .f jig' .x. Richmond, Cambridge City, Marion, and Alexandria. The gen- Jsf',4,l"Lt' 'S-' Z.. 1 f Y eral assembly opened at 4 o'clock at the First Baptist Church, while the conference dinner was held at 6:30 o'clock at the Y. M. C. A. if Q3 . W, The principal speaker was Don Bitsberger of South Side High of ,A I Fort Vvlayne, president of the State Hi-Y Council. A l ik. The 1946 Magician 63 SOCIAL SCIENCE CLUB HUBERT AUSTIN, President BEVERLY BULLOCK, Secretary ROBERT KELSEY, Vice-President JOAN HARRINQTON, Treasurer RUSSELL T. MCNU'l"l', Sponsor Row onew-Betty Jo Davisson, Nancy Austin, Martha Banta, Lois Chin, Marilyn Thornburg, Beverly Armstrong, Naomi Fisher, Jo Anne Miller. Jackie Harrell. Row two-Luella l-eBeau, Mary Ann Reed, Jackie Draves, Beverly Bullock, Ramona Smith, Barbara Sutton, l.ucy Amburn, Doris Dick, Janice Kain. Row three- Lacky l.iakos, Hubert Austin, Don Miller, Burl Keys, Max Jordan, Don Bassett, Bob Kelsey, Tom Hughes, Earl Williams, Leland Walter. Row forrr-Wayne Kelley, Jack Sorensen, Dick DeVoe, Eugene Hiller, Ed Stahl, Ed Krull, Dohn Sipe, Dick Bredeson, Bill Shear. Interesting programs and stimulating discussions about current problems are the keynotes of the Social Science Club meetings held twice each month. Mrs. Esther Keller Brown, as guest speaker, discussed Chile at one of the meetings. Movies of current interest If a l were shown, and student talks were included in the year's pro- C Fil - 0 v gram. Highlight of the year is the annual banquet held in the T7 - spring when special awards are made to the boy and the girl who w . . , . ' X mf have done outstanding work in the field of social science. 64, The 1946 Magician MATH EMATICS C LU B RICHARD BREDESON, President HUBERT AUSTIN, Secretary EARL WILLIAMS, Vice-President BEVERLY BULLOCK, Treasurer H. FLNIMORIZ, Sponsor Row one--Dona Wilson, Billie Irby, Margie Ferner, Harriet Preston, Martha Banta, Garland Brown, Dick Smekens, Leland Walter, Jo Anne Miller, Dick Herbert, Wayne Kelley. Row two-Jean Blizzard, Annette Austin, Cynthia Harrington, Jewell Siggins, Nancy Austin, Ruth Owens, Luella LeBeau, Nancy Brooks, Dian Thorpe, Barbara Sutton, Betty Jo Davisson, Tom Hughes, Bill Basinger. Row three-Don Fields, Gene Reeves, Jack Sorensen, Drucilla Stillwagon, Bill Binkley, Betty Zetterberg, Mary Ann Reed, Jackie Harrell, Beverly Bullock, Don Bassett, Ed Krull. Row four-Bill Pingry, Earl Williams, Dick Bredeson, Harold Jones, Burl Keys, Don Miller, Max Jordan, Bob Moore, Hubert Austin, H. E. Fenimore, sponsor. Good fun and valuable information are combined in the Mathematics Club meetings which are held every other Wednes- day. Seniors must actively participate in at least one meeting in order to become full-fledged alumni. Talks about the calendar, different timepieces, the statistics of chance, and many other mathe- I matical subjects were presented this year. Pledges are brought M5 F e it K, R , K into the club twice each year during never-to-be-forgotten initiation - - t wg services . . . ask Earl. Parties are also held. PCLAN9 The 1946 Magician SCIENCE CLUB ANTHONY MARSH, President NANCY AUSTIN, Secretary-Treasurer RICHARD EDWARDS, Vice-President R. ll. LINGEMAN, EDWARD ZE'I"I'l3RBERG, Sponsors Row one-Vaughn Smith, Dohn Sipe, Dick Herbert, Bob Koontz, Bill Shear, Jo Anne Miller, Kathryn Marcy, Willa Mae Dungan, John Reed. Row two-Anthony Marsh. Anona Swallow, Barbara Sutton, Marilyn Thornburg, Jewell Siggins, Norma Skinner, Betty Jean Bollinger. Row three--Ed Stahl, Mary Jane Jordan, Betty Jo Davisson, Margie Ferner, Billie Irby, Beverly Bullock, Mary Ann Reed. Row four-Blaine Milligan, R. S. Lingeman, sponsor: Hubert Austin, Earl Williams, Gene Reeves, Harriet Preston, Jack Gilbert, Bill Pingry, Nancy Austin, Betty Zetterberg, Garland Brown, Betsy Ford, Barbara Shafer, Jim Acton, Marlen Smith, Richard Smith, Row five-Edward Zetterberg, sponsor: Jerry Colsten, Eugene Hiller, Charles Gaskins, Ed Krull, Phil Osgood, Bob Kelsey, Leland Walter, Burl Keys, Dick Bredeson, Don Wood, Gene Sanders, Bill Basinger. ,Q 51525, ' 'ilfl'ff's 35 'ale givin 66 Last fall the Science Club was reorganized after a lapse of sev- eral years, The purpose of the organization is threefold: to in- crease the interest in science among students, to afford opportunity for presentation of scientific topics, to widen the individual's field of scientific thought. Members are drawn from the physics and chemistry classes which alternate in presenting programs for the meetings held the first and third Tuesdays of each month. An interesting variety has been given this year. The 1946 Magician R. O. T. C. Officers and Non-Coms ROBERT KELSEY, Major WAYNE QUATE, Captain JAMES PREBLE, Captain Cl.llfIfORD J. QUINLAN, L1. Colonel TT" l l l -. .- X. wsmsem Row one-Lt, Col. C. J. Quinlan, PMSQST: Major Robert Kelsey, Captain James Preble. Captain Wayne Quate, lst Lt. Edward Stahl, Adjutant: lst Lt. Max Jordan, lst Lt. Tom Terrell, Znd Lt. Bill Williams, Znd Lt. Bill Basinger. Row two-lst Sgt. Bob Koontz, Sgt. Rex Pittenget, S-Sgt. Robert Rinker, S-Sgt. Marlen Wilson, S-Sgt. Charles Chesnut, Sgt. Arthur Langdon, S-Sgt. Dick Evans, S-Sgt. James Edwards. T-Sgt. Charles Maddox. T-Sgt. John Reed. S-Sgt. Bill Griffin. Row three-Richard Green, S-Sgt. Bill Lyons, lst Sgt. Phil Brady, Sgt. Dick Rotroff, S-Sgt. Robert Persinger, S-Sgt. Gene McClelland, Sgt. Charles Gaskins, Sgt. Harold Burtner, Sgt. Delmar Roundtree. Sgt. Frank Gilpen, S-Sgt. Don Swanger. Row four--S-Sgt. Tom Ribble, T-Sgt. John Clayton, T-Sgt. Richard Smith. S-Sgt. Jack Sorensen, S-Sgt. Eugene Sanders. S-Sgt. James Dixon, Sgt. Gerald Thompson, S-Sgt. John Turner, Sgt. Meredith Miller, Sgt. Don Benson, S-Sgt. Joe Vlaskamp, Sgt. Richard Dailey. Row Hue-Sgt. Bob Replogle, Sgt. Edward Ray, Sgt. David Beard, Sgt. Leland Walter. Central's unit of the R. O. T. C., organized last year, is one of the largest groups in our school. Classes meet the third and sev- enth periods, and the newly installed rifle range is also in use during the other four. Lt. Col. Quinlan, as professor of military science . . , , , . isa and tactics, is in charge of the work. Assisting him are the oflicers "ls and non-commissioned officers shown above. Every two weeks l if F ., Ry , the officers lunch in the tearoom to discuss problems relating to the 'fa i ...Z iw I betterment of the unit. Zatcrtiwo The 194 6 Magician 67 R. O. T. C .... Company A FIRST PLATOON Row one--Major Bob Kelsey, Capt. James Preble, lst Lt. Max Jordan, lst Sgt. Phil Brady, T-Sgt. Richard Smith. Row two-S-Sgt. Gene McClelland, Max Bell, Earl Bolton, Byrl Harnish, Joe Offord, S-Sgt. Dick Evans, Don Buennagel, Jack Vining, James Montross, Charles Sowers, John Cooper, William Jackson, Don Mace. Row three-Bob Halteman, James Ertle, Dave West, Jim Acton, Bob Ireland, Harry Proctor, Jesse Ogburn, Bob Richardson, Sgt. Harold Burtner, Sgt. Dick Rotroff, Sgt. Meredith Miller, Row four-S-Sgt. James Dixon, Jim Peters, Charles Lamm, Bob Cranor, Stephen Mitchell, Ronald Manstield, SECOND PLATOON Row one-Major Bob Kelsey. Capt. James Preble, Znd l.t. Bill NVilliams, lst Sgt. Phil Brady, T-Sgt. John Clayton. Row Iwo-S-Sgt. Charles Chesnut, SfSgt. Eugene Sanders, Lee Shaffer, Richard Cunnington, Marvin Hart, Robert Polhemus, Rex Noel, Jack Pingry, Dick Lang, Cecil liinn. Row three-linsel Moore, Sgt. Art Langdon, S-Sgt. John Turner, Kenneth Hall, Jack Carmichael, l.acky Liakos, Ned Cox, Thomas Tuttle, Sgt. Delmar Roundtree. Row four-S-Sgt. Jack Sorensen, Harold Dean, William Pingry, Bob Barnes, James Dudley. Sgt. Gerald Thompson, James Palmer. 68 The 1946 Magician R. O. T. C .... Company B FIRST PLATOON Row one-Capt. Wayne Quate, lst Lt. Tom Terrell, lst Sgt. Bob Koontz, T-Sgt. Charles Maddox, Major Robert Kelsey. Row two-S-Sgt. Bill Lyons, SfSgt. Joe Vlaskamp, Sgt. Rex Pittinger, Robert Ratcliff, William Martin, Phillip Neff, Sgt. Richard Green, Gail Heath, Richard Moore, Richard Tuttle, Sam Hubbard, Sgt. Frank Gilpen. Row lhree-S-Sgt. Robert Rinker, Jim Webster. Harold Deeds, Gerald Pittenger, Don Reber, Jack Gibson, Leonard Edwards, Gerald Fields, Thomas Mahoney, William Thomas. Row four--S-Sgt. Tom Ribble, Don Haines, Louis Costas, Jack Sutton, Abraham Cooper, Earl Blake. Row HUe+Henry Bundy, Richard Mathias, Sgt. David Beard, Harry Moyer, Dale Johnson. Row six-Dick Koontz, David Ancil, Lelton Rhodes, Jack Gilbert. Frederick Jones. SECOND PLATOON Row one-Major Bob Kelsey, Capt, Wayne Quate, Znd Lt. Bill Basinger, T-Sgt. John Reed. lst Sgt, Bob Koontz. Row two-S-Sgt. Bill Griffin. Bud Clark, S-Sgt, Marlen Wilson. James Swallow. Sgt. Don Benson. Sam Mohler, Tom Blake, Jack Milhollin, David Reber, S-Sgt. Don Swanger. Row three-S-Sgt. James Edwards. Phillip Osgood, Hubert Levi, Billy Terry, Emmett Duncan. Robert Houser. Don Osborn. Sgt. Richard Dailey, Sgt. Leland Walter. Row four--Otis Miller, Chadd Rector, Jack Bragg, Bill Drumm, David Burton, Jack Que- sinberry, Sgt, Charles Gaskins. Row Eve-Billy Taylor, Jack Bennett, Bob Barber, Sgt. Edward Ray. The 1946 Magician The Munsonian Stuff Row one-Ruby Wilson, Bob Curts, Crystal Salmon, Margaret Stewart. Row two-Lola Vickers, Anna Lee Hugus, Phyllis Dunn, Mary Elizabeth Morrett, Pat Thornburg. Row three-Betty Wilson, Fredine Wynn, Jean Blizzard, Drucilla Stillwagon. Row four-Florence Hardwick, Barbara Hyatt, Frances Wilson, Audrey Chan dler, Helen Swan, Regina Parker, Row five-Dorothy Moore, Betty J. Jones, Rozetta McKinley, Joanna Maitlen Jama Kirby, Pat Thomas, Joan Smith, Barbara Joyce Brown. Row six-Carl LaWall, Jack Collins, John Hamp ton, Mary Ann Riseden, Elsie Stautamoyer, June Sanders, Patsy Perdiue, Mary Martha Skillman, Don Bassett Pat Hoffman, Miss Kathleen Meehan, sponsor: James Dowling, Nancy Austin, Luella LeBeau, Miriam Bredwell Jerry Detrich, Jerry Harrold, Jack Sorensen, David Ancil, John Turner. Row seven-Dick Joy, Tom Hughes Pat Props, Joe Dooley, Emil West. Editor ,...........,,,.,..,... Business Manager ,...,. .. Associate Editors ,... Assistant Editors .....,.... Feature Editors .............,,... Mary Elizabeth Morrett, D Assistant Feature Editor ..,..... Miss Inquisitive ..,.,............ Sports Editors ......,......,..... Assistant Sports Editor ........ Advertising Editor .,..........,..,.. Assistant Advertising Editor ,....,. Fashion Flashes ......,,....,.....,.. Girls' Sports .........,,...............,...,....,.......,.,....,.....................,....,. Alumni in Service Editors ..... ,...... ...........,..,...........,..,......,........... .,........,....Naomi Fisher Joy ..,Nancy Austin, Luella LeBeau rucilla Stillwagon, Joan Smith Audrey Chandler, Pat Huffman .,......,..,.,......Jean Peckinpaugh ...,,,.,....,,.........Catherine Bauer ..,....Don Bassett, Tom Hughes Turner ...,...,..............,Jean Blizzard ..,,,...,..,......Nancy Mulholland ...Ann Baker, Miriam Bredwell Harrold ......Pat Thomas. Phyllis Dunn Chatter ..............,.., Nancy Carey, Carmen Vyain, Fredine Wynn, Crystal Salmon, Joanna Maitlen Whozits ....................,........,................................,............,..........,.........,...,..... Virginia Stewart Who's Who ........,...,.......,,,..,,.,.,..,..........,.............. ....,....,..,.........,............. F lorence Hardwick Birthday Editor ...,........,,.,...,.............,..,.......,..........,............,..........,...,..,,...,.......... Jama Kirby Reporters--Emil West, Joe Dooley, Joe Graham, Barbara Hyatt, Brown, Helen Swan, Jerry Detrick, Mary Martha Skillman, Eleanor Parker, Bob McClellan, Betty Mays, Shirley Derringer, Ruby Wilson. Dorothy Jean Moore, Barbara Faculty Advisers ...,...,..,.....,.,,...,,.............,,.................,.. Wesley C. Pierce, Miss Kathleen Meehan 70 The 1946 Magician 1 1 1 1 Quill and Scroll ng - OFFICERS x. i I 5 f-" NAOMI IHISHER NANCY AUSTIN La President Secretary 'CN , I I .IOAN SMITH LUELLA LEBEAU A y Vice-Presiden! Treasurer 3 Y MISS KATIILIQEN IVIEISIIAN I l 'W' Sponsor gf : mexico Last year the Wesley C. Pierce chapter of Quill and Scroll was organized at Central to honor those students most interested in journalism. It is an inter- national fraternity for high school journalists with chapters all over the world. Students eligible for the organization must have been enrolled in the news- writing course, must be in the upper third of the junior or senior class, must be recommended by the sponsor and approved by the members, and must have a certain grade average for the previous semester. A feature of the annual banquet is the formal initiation of new pledges. Eight girls became members at the affair held in April this year. Other social and business meetings are also held, meetings being regularly scheduled for each month, Row one-.Ioan Smith. Pat T h o m a s, Juanita Jones. Row Iwo-Mary Morrett, Phyllis Dunn. Row three'-Luella Le- Beau, Nancy Austin, Au- drey Chandler, Jerry Har- rold, Don Bassett, Tom Hughes, Jama Kirby, Miss Kathleen Meehan, spon- sor: Drucilla Stillwagon, .lean Blizzard, June Sand- ers, Pat Huffman. The 194 6 MUgl.Cl.UH 71 Rota one-Harold Kingrey, Martha Banta, Mary Joan Sheridan. Pat Thomas, Jane Jackson, Rosemary Arm strong Row two-Barbara McCreery, Alice Wilson, Charlotte Ford, Carmen Vyain, Betty Zetterberg, Florence Hardwick, Wanda Hier. Row threeiTom Anderson, Shirley Boggs, Rose Mary Meek, Betty McLaughlin Dale lowler Don Fields, Hubert Austin. SENIOR DRAMATICS Seniors who were interested in dramatics-acting, stagecraft, costumes, make-up, or any other phase of the work-had an opportunity to join the senior dramatics class offered during the Hrst semester, The principal job of the class was to select and produce the annual senior play, Being members of the Class of 1946, the group departed from the usual type of high school production by selecting 'Pride and Prejudice." With its setting in the easly l800's, the adaptation of the famous Jane Austen novel in- volved many unusual problems of costumes, furniture, and make-up. The mannerisms of the period had to be faithfully copied. The large cast was assisted by committees responsible for costumes, sets, make-up, and prompting. The players appeared in two performances on December 6 and 7 to the delight and appreciation of large audiences. Members of the cast included Betty Zetterberg, Don Fields, Mary Joan Sheridan, Wanda Hier, Madonna Smock, Florence Hardwick, Jane Jackson, Rosemary Armstrong, Joanna Potts, Pat Thomas, Martha Banta, and Carmen Vyain. Also appearing in roles were Hubert Austin, Dick Herbert, and Dale Fowler, who were not members of the class. "Accent On Revenge" and "His First Girl," two one-act plays, were given in an after-school show later in the semester. Members of the class agreed that they had spent a busy and profitable eighteen weeks. The 1946 Maqzcrun JUNIOR DRAMATICS During the second semester the juniors took over dramatic activities around Central as thirty-five of them enrolled for the junior dramatics class. They gave the annual play, a bill of one-act plays, and an assembly program during the eighteen Weeks. "Love Your Neighbor," a three-act comedy by Albert Johnson, was pre- sented on April ll and l2. A special feature of the second performance was the between-acts appearance of the stock company from Radio Station WLW of Cincinnati. Members of the audience were singled out for special attention by the actors. Immediately following the final curtain a member of the cast. David Weeks, participated in a broadcast performance by the radio group. The moat numerous cast in recent years included Jerry Harrold, Bertha Birt, Janet Earquhar, Harold Kingrey, Wanda DeHoff, Katherine Penrod, Gail Wilson, Nila Carmichael, Harold Dean, Earl Williams, David Weeks, Catherine Langley, Shirley Burch, Bill Pingry, Rex Pittenger, Gene Sanders, Drucilla Stillwagon, Carolyn Tyler, Audrey Chandler, and Jean Dale. Other class members assisted in the production. Both the junior and senior dramatics classes were taught by Miss Henryetta Brandt of the English department. Paul V. Carmichael, of the business educa- tion department, was in charge of stage sets during the year. Mary Dawn Thees and Betty Resler Were student-teachers. Row one-Jerry Harrold, Audrey Chandler, Jo Anne Miller. Row Iwo-Harold Kingrey, Earl Williams, David Weeks, Bill Pingry, Eugene Sanders, Rex Pittenger, Harold Dean. Row three-Mary Lou Kenyon, Jean Dale, Katherine Penrod, Bertha Birt, Barbara Thresher, Donna Parks, Wanda Del-Ioff. Row four-Joan Butts, Barbara Joyce Brown, Gail Wilson, Betty Richards, Janet Earquhar, Ruth Owens, Nila Carmichael, Drucilla Still- wagon, Carolyn Tyler, Jackie Coons, Ruby Wilson, Shirley Burch, Catherine Langley. The 1946 Muq1'c1'tm LIBRARY PAGES Row one-Mary Skillman, Beverly Nafe, Beverly Armstrong, Lucy Amburn, Florence Hardwick. Row two- Mary Mathys, Barbara Shafer. Row one-Kathryn Marcy, Gail Wilson. Row two Betty Crouch, Geneva Campbell, Mary Chambless. 74 BLUE TRI OFFICERS KATHRYN MARCY President BETTY CROUCH Vice-President GAIL WILSON Secretary MARY CHAMBLESS Treasurer GENEVA CAMPBELL Social Chairman MRS. FRANK ELBERTsoN Sponsor The 1946 Magician The 19 4 6 Mag1'c1'an BEARCAT BAND President Serrelury-Treasurer PAT COLLIER LOIS XVAGNER Vice-President Director JAMES PREBLF ERNFST BOYIER PERSONNEL Robert Adams, Jama Badders, Mary Lou Badders, David Beard, Dale Bell, Jean Blizzard, Phil Brady, Jack Bragg, Don Brown, Phyllis Browning, James Buckles, Pat Collier, Jackie Coons, Marjory Cox, Bob Curts. Barbara Davis, Helen Davis, Virginia Delaney, lona Ford, Doris Fraser, Helen Futrell, Cassius Goens, Harietta Cirant, Leslie Cirinage, Dorothy Habgood, Frank Hurst, Curtis Irby, Flax Jackson, Percy Jeffrey, Rita Keppler, Mary Kuhns. John McGee, Donna McKinley, Kathryn Marcy, Janellyne Moller, Phillip Neff, Ruth Owens, Rosemary Palin, Mary Lou Phipps, Robert Polhemus, Barbara Powell, Leroy Rapp, Chadd Rector, Peggy Reynolds, Bob Richardson, Walter Richman, Don Ricks, Kenneth Robinson, Robert Ross. Glen Short, Pat Singer, Herbert Smith, Shellie Smith, Charles Sowers, Helen Swan, Nettie Mae Thompson, Maurice Trusedell, John Turner, Richard Tuttle, Carolyn Tyler, Joe Vlaskamp, Jack Vore, Lois Wagner, Shirley Webb, James R. Wert, James Wilson, John Wright. 75 MORNING SECTION ROBED CHOIR GFNIE DANCE Presidenl NOI.A PECKINPAUCJ DORIS DEHAIIT Secremries BILL SHEAR Vice-President H ANNABELLE HAI.I,lDAY I'IA'ZliL MOODY Treasurefrs GLEN S'I'12PLliTON Director AFTERNOON SECTION The 1946 Magifian ALL I.OUISE BENBOVV President JOYCE BENNETT .IOANNE ROGERS Sccrvlzzries MORNING SECTION -GIRL CHOIR BETTY ANN JONES Vife-President JOAN HAUCK KATHERINE IDIZNROD YTFCCISLIFCFS I GLIQN S'II2I1I,I2'l'ON Direfmr The 1946 Mugidan AFTERNOON SECTION MUSICAL MOODS THE IIARMONEERS Otis Edwards, John Henry Webb David Gwynn, Raymond Gridcr. BARBER SIIOI' CHORUS THE GOLLY SISTERS Catherine Langley. Nola Perkin- paugh. Shirley Burch. The 1946 Magician DANCE BAND VARIETY TAI' CHORUS THE .IITTERBUGS Jackie Harden, Margaret Oaldon, Barbara Jean Parker, Virgic John- son. The 194 6 iwllgl-Cl-df! OF 1946 fr, M1 r? f A jx X X fin LL WX 2 ., 2:59 f - - Haw 80 f, " K Nw X I R iivfflf 1 W XX N Jw x Qigfiaa., ATHLETICS I I I Eawff ' X ' ' . .. Q.L YV Y -7!lTanfrL 81 YW7, , , BEARCAT ETTORE ANTONINI ARTHUR E. BECKNER MELVIN WILSON Football Basketball Track Wrestlz'ng L.: DALE NHLLER CARL ADAMS CLIFFORD J. QUINLAN Intramural Basketball Football Football Baseball 82 The I9 4 6 Magician CTW TTTS S if MENTORS ETTORE ANTONINI Among the head men on Central's coach- ing staff is Ettore Antonini, who became chief football mentor when Walter H. Fisher retired as football coach to devote all his time ,to directing physical education activities in the city schools. Mr. Antonini, formerly assistant coach, made a good record in his first year as head man. His well-coached boys annexed the North Central Conference cham- pionship again. ln his spare time he also coaches the wrestling team, which placed sec- ond in the state meet. MELVIN WILSON A World War II veteran, Mel Wilson has returned to the coaching staff as head track man after serving with the U. S. Navy since 1943. Upon enlisting Ensign Wilson was sent to Dartmouth College for endoctrina- tiong from there he went to a naval training school, then to Princeton, and finally to an amphibious training base at Little Creek, Va. Later he sailed from San Francisco for Milne Bay, New Guinea, where he spent eight months at various coastal points. Lt. Wilson was in Leyte, the Philippines, for a year and before his discharge in February, l946. was in Yokohama and Tokyo. CARL ADAMS Carl Adams, who took over the direction of the Bearkitten squad this year, is Coach Beckner's associate in basketball. He had a very successful year as the Kittens lost very few games. Mr. Adams, now a teacher at McKinley, received his AB. degree from Wabash College and later studied at Ball State, and Purdue. He has taught at Ander- son, Rosstown, and Delphi. This spring he assumed command of the Bearcat baseball squad. He was assisted by James Hyatt of the social science department. At Delphi he was basketball, track, and baseball coach. The 1946 Magician ARTHUR E. BECKNER Art Beckner, who completes his third year as basketball coach, retained the sectional title for the second consecutive year. A former Bearcat himself, he saw his team rise to su- preme heights in the regional tournament in the game with New Castle that went into a triple-overtime. He is already mapping his strategy for next season with a team losing only three members by graduation. In the spring Mr. Beckner's coaching job is to direct the spring practice for the hardwood warriors of the coming year. DALE MILLER Dale Miller, another veteran of World War II, was in the U. S. Army from l942 to l945. He saw action in the South Pa- cific. Mr. Miller, a graduate of Clinton High School, played four years of basketball there and was quarterback on the school's state championship football squad. While attend- ing Ball State, Mr. Miller played quarterback three years on the Cardinal football team. After graduation he went to the Knights- town Soldiers' and Sailors' Home where he coached an undefeated football squad in 1941. After his discharge from the service he became assistant football coach and direc- tor of intramural athletics. CLIFFORD J. QUINLAN ln his second year as a member of the Central faculty, Clifford Quinlan acted as an- other assistant to Coach Antonini in direct- ing the football team. ln the U. S. Army from l942 to 1945, Mr. Quinlan served as a physical education instructor. His college training was received at Georgetown where he played football for three years. He also attended Duke University to work on his master's degree. His teaching experience in- cludes work at Cleveland, as R. O. T. C. in- structor at George Washington High School of Indianapolis, and at the University of Akron at Akron, Ohio. 83 Y' Q A , 1 ' 1 Qi , R ai-i g, .f V : J in C sl - 1Mwu,fa,B ,rs fi ..... Q V '- i , 'ze .-,, ' , P, .,, ' 1 .,,,. Q ' IQ' . V , g ,. L X, FOOTBALL SQUAD Row one--John Casey, Ralph Elliott, Marion Gibson, Bill Butler, Joe Dooley. Row two-Abe Cooper, Wayne Quate, Bill Taylor, Ray Reason, Don Wood, Elwood Wegesin, Jim Acton, Vaughn Smith. Row threel John Jennings, Rexford Leeka, Bill Zearbaugh, Gene Coleman, Louis Briggs, Gene Dance, Jerry Justice, Paul George. Row four-Bob Ammon, Dwight Skinner, Marion Acton, Paul Abrams, Walter Thompson, Bill Brewer, Erank Cray, Charles Spence, Jacq LaDuron. September 14 CHD 21 CTD 28 CHD October 5 CTD 12 CHD 19 CTD Z4 CTD November 2 CHD 9 CHD 84 Bearcats Bearcats Bearcats Bearcats FOOTBALL HERE'S OUR 1945 RECORD 19 14 Central, Eort Waynem... Anderson Westville, lll .,..... ......27 Tech, Indianapolis .... Bearcats ,.,.... ....,. 3 6 Marion .,..,.,.,.,...,. Bearcats .,..,, ..,,.. 4 6 Bloomington Bearcats ,..... ...... 5 8 Kokomo ...,, Bearcats .,.,... .125 New Castle, ,...,.. Bearcats 13 6 0 6 0 12 ......l3 Washington, South Bend ,,,...,,,. 0 The 1946 Magician They Did It Again Ho-hum! The Bearcats made it six-in-a-row by annexing the North Cen- tral Conference championship again this year. Two hundred and Hfty-seven points were piled up by the Purple and White, while the opposing teams were scoring fifty-seven. The average number of Bearcat points per game was more than twenty-eight, compared with the slightly more than six tallied by their opponents. Quite a record, we'd say! The Bearcats opened their season with the powerful Fort Wayne Central team by winning the game, 19 to 13. Fort Wayne seemed certain to win by a one-point margin until the closing minutes when Joe Dooley ran eighty-three yards for a touchdown and turned defeat into victory. In their first out-of-town game, the Cats made their official bid for another North Central championship by whipping the Anderson Indians, 14 to 6. The Purple and White touch- downs were made possible by a charging line that completely outplayed the Anderson forward wall. In the last period they made a fifty-eight-yard drive, climaxed by Louie Briggs' twelve-yard smash for a touchdown. WESTVILLE FALLS Continuing their string of victories, the Central eleven defeated Westville, Ill., 32 to 0. Coach Ettore Antonini used three different teams during the game. As the game ended the third team, composed chiefly of sophomores, was pushing the Westville boys back against their well-trampled goal line, Gibson charged eighteen yards through the entire Westville team for the last touchdown. In the next game Tech of Indianapolis bit the dust in a 27-to-6 defeat. Although the Cats were unable to score during the first quarter, and made only one touchdown in the second, they crossed that double line twice during the third. In the final round the Big Green attempted a pass from behind their own goal line, only to have it intercepted on their fifteen-yard stripe by Gene Dance, who crossed the marker for the final tally, Central's fifth victory was won over the Marion Giants, 36 to O. The team was led by Joe Dooley, left halfback, who put across four touchdowns in an amazing display of speed. A reserve halfback, Gene Wojack, showed fleetness when he carried the ball for a sixty-live-yard touchdown. Still marching along undefeated, the Cats turned Bloomington away with a 46-to-12 score. LaDuron scored the final touchdown from the two-yard line. The 1946 Magician 85 Row one-Don Wood, tackle: Paul Abrams, center: Elwood Wegesin, guard. Row two-Ray Reason, guard: Louis Briggs, fullback: Charles Spence, end. Row three --Joe Dooley, halfback: Vaughn Smith, end: Gene Dance, quarterback. The Purple and White eleven scored 46 points in the first and third to grind out a 58-to-13 victory over the Kokomo Wildcats. Joe Dooley contributed three touchdowns with jaunts of sixty-three, nine, and two yards. Louie Briggs plunged over from the four- and the two-yard lines to score twice more, Twelve additional points were added by Marion Gibson in line smashes deep within Giant territory. Gene Dance sneaked over from the two-yard line, and then Paul George made a twenty-four-yard pass to Rex Leeka for the final points. 86 The winning string of the New Castle Tro- jans was snapped by the Cats to the tune of 25 to 7. It was the eighth consecutive tri- umph for the boys. In the first few minutes of the game, the locals were thrown back to their own Hcoflin-corner," but they recovered with an eighty-yard run by Joe Dooley. The Trojans were held scoreless until the closing minutes of the game, while Marion Gibson made the final score for the Cats. Since this game wound up our conference play, the Cen- tral team was assured of retaining the North Central Conference championship once again. The 1946 Magician ...... 'W ,fif , , , 1-191' J 5, 1,-N U .. he Row one-Marion Gibson, halfbackg Bill Brewer, tackle: .lim Acton, center. Row two-Erank Cray, end: Bill Zearbaugh, fullback, Ralph Elliott, tackle. Row three-Gene Wojack, halfbackg Jacq LaDuron, halfback: Wayne Quate, center. The Bearcats brought the season to a thrill- ing climax in the final garne, a scoreless tie, played before more than eight thousand Mun- cie fans. They tangled with Washington of South Bend, another powerful high school aggregation with a line that greatly out- weighed the Cats' line, Each team launched drives which penetrated deep into scoring ter- ritory but the line always held., In the final minutes, the Bearcats were four yards from the Washington goal line, but were unable to push across for the score. The 194 6 Magician That scoreless tie ended a beautiful season of football, one with eight victories and no defeats. The Bearcats played outstanding ball and were awarded third place in the state line- up by the Indiana sportswriters. Central players to receive state recognition included Captain Don Wood, all-state tackle: Co- Captain Elwood Wegesin, all-state guard, Ray Reason, all-state guard: Charles Spence, all-state end. Honorary mention was given to Joe Dooley, halfback. 87 2"- . ...Av -U -. .,. ,,,..,,,.. Lefl lo right-Fred Robling, Jack Cvoen, Marion Acton, Bob Newton, Denver Wooten, Vaughn Smith Nelson Ohlemacher. Charles Swathwood, Ted Harris, Dick DeVoe, Bob Davis, Marion Cvibson, November 21 QHRJ 28 CI-IJ 30 CTJ December 7 fT7 8 CI-ll 14 CTJ 15 KHJ 19 ll-ll Jcmuary 4 KHU 9 CHD 12 CTJ l6 lTl 18 CI-IJ 25 CTD 29 CTJ February 1 CHD 8 CTl 15 lHl Bearcats , . Bearcats . Bearcats . . . Bearcats , Bearcats Bearcats . . . Bearcats . . . Bearcats . 88 This Is the Bearcat Record Bearcats 24 Union City . 2l Bearcats ...,... .,..... 4 5 Alexandria ...A ..3l Bearcats ., ...,.,. 30 Frankfort ..,i... ..,...25 Bearcats , .,.,.. 39 Richmond . . . 35 Bearcats 29 Anderson ,,,., 30 Bearcats 37 Logansport . ...,.. 33 Bearcats 27 Shelbyville . , 28 Bearcats 33 New Castle . .. ..,. .37 Bearcats r.... . ,....., 29 Kokomo .. i..,..,....... ..,. . .36 Bearcats .... ......, 4 3 Marion . ,,.. ,..., ....., ...... 2 7 Bearcats .39 Central, Fort Wayne.. ......5l Bearcats 46 Tipton ,i,.,,r,,. ,,,.r,,.. .....3 3 6 Bearcats 33 Lafayette .......,.. ..., ..38 Bearcats...-... . .,.,. 25 Anderson ... ...,..3l Bearcats 3l Hartford City .. 32 Bearcats ...... ....... 4 l Tech, Indianapolis .. .,.... 30 Bearcats . ..... . . 34 New Castle , ............ ..... . 40 Bearcats 3 l Richmond . . .... ..., 4 8 ToURNAMENT SCoREs lnuitalional Tourney on December 22 . ... .. .. 2l Central, Fort Wayne . .. .. 52 37 Marion Covertimel .. . , 36 Seclional ....33 Cowan .,..,.l9 . .32 Burris ,, . .24 .46 Yorktown ..... 26 . M46 Royerton ... , .. . ....36 Regional ' ..,.37 .31 New Castle Ctriple overtimej ....,. .35 Richmond . , , ..... ..... ,......32 The 1946 MGg1'Cl'0U 1945-1946 BASKETBALL The Bearcats had a good season in spite of that old one-point jinx which dogged them all year, Five games lost by a single pcint were chalked up in the season. The heartbreaker of them all was that regional game with the Richmond Red Devils, lost by one lone tally. Just that afternoon a two- point margin was held by the Cats in the thrilling triple-overtime game with New Castle. The team started the season playing Union City in a game which was a battle all the way. Union City tossed scares right and left at the Cats but didn't frighten them enough, for the local quintet was on top of a 24-to-21 count when the gun sounded. Showing im- provement over their Erst appearance, eight days later the Bearcats toppled Alexandria. 45 to 31. in an encounter where they were never in danger. The Purple and Wluite marked up their third victory in as many starts and the first in North Central competition hy next lick- ing Frankfort, '50 to 25. The game was close and rough all the way. The following week the Central boys handed the Richmond Blue Devils a 39-to-'55 defeat for the fourth straight victory and second North Central win. The Red Devils threatened the Cats in the fourth quarter but failed to garner enough points to down them. Central was handed its first defeat on De- cember l'n by the Anderson lndians in a thrilling game played at the Field House. The Bearcats led all the way until in the last few seconds when a pass was stolen by lanky Johnny Vxfilson. who scored the winning goal. The Bearcats lost. 'JO to 29, that one- point margin, Logansport was the next op- ponent four days later and fell to the prowess The I9 -1 6 lxitlgl-Clltlfl Above-Nelson Ohlemacher, Vaughn Smith. Marion Picton, Bob Newton, Left-Dick DeVoe. fired Robling. of the hardwood warriors in a closely contested match, 37 to 33. The next evening the locals met the old one-pointer again, being defeated by Shelbyville, 28 to 27. The third defeat for the Centralites was handed to them by the New Castle Trojans who took the long end of a 37-to-33 score. The boys had plenty of shots but couldn't make them stay in the bucket. They were still in a slump when Kokomo handed them a 36-to-29 defeat a few days later. The year ended with the holiday tourney held for the Grst time on the Saturday before Christmas. The Cats were whipped, 52 to 2l, by Fort Wayne Central, while Richmond beat Marion, 38 to 35. ln the consolation game, Marion downed the Cats, 36 to 35. another one-pointer lost in an overtime game. Richmond, in the meantime. upset Fort Wayne, 40 to 21. On January 9, the Centralites started out the New Year by defeating Marion, 43 to 27. Three days later they traveled to Fort Wayne Central, where they were set back, 5l to 39. Tipton gave the Cats some bad moments in the third period but the Cats maintained their margin. The boys added another victory by de- feating the Blue Devils to the tune of 45 to 36. The Bearcats were cracked in the last minute and a half of the next game by JeHf of Lafayette, losing, 38 to 33. The game was a real thriller all the way. Then they headed for Anderson to avenge the one-point loss handed them in December, They tried hard but victory wasn't theirs, for Anderson scored 3l points to their 21. The inspired Hartford City Airedales upset the boys with a free throw from the charity line to win another of those one- The 1946 Magici'an 1 i i I E . Q"Ff F Z Ab4?L7L' M3l'lC7l1 Gibson. Charles Swalhwood. Bob Davis. Denver Vwlooten. Right----.lack Coen, Ted liarris. pointers, the Hnal score being 32 to 3l. A few days later the 6 Central boys were back in the winning column when they held Tech of Indianapolis to two Held goals in the last half. They took that encounter by a 40-to-30 score. New Castle leaped to a tremendous lead in the opening minutes of the next game but the Cats found themselves in time to avert a threatened walkaway. However. they failed to halt completely their opponents' victory march to a 40-tof34 Iinish. The Hnal game of the regular season was played on the home floor against Richmond. The locals fought the invaders for three quarters but the pressure was too great and they lost, 48 to 3 l. The Bearcats really came back with a bang for the sectional 1 tournament when they held Cowan. their first opponent. to three field baskets during the entire game, which ended with a 33-to-l9 score. The Cats overcame Burris by a 32-to-24 victory. and then whipped Yorktown, 46 to 26. They retained the sectional crown by defeating Royerton in the final game, 46 to 36. One of the greatest battles ever fought on any court in any season was the triple-overtime game in the regional tourney the next week. After some of the most spectacular ball playing ever done by Bearcats, the Muncie quintet finally downed New Castle, 37 to 35. They were a tired bunch of boys when they took the floor against Richmond that evening but they fought hard and maintained a lead throughout most of the game. With only two minutes to play, Richmond sent in the ailing Bruck who proceeded to score four points to tie up the ball game, 32 to 31. That one- point jinx was working overtime that evening. The 1946 Magic1'an 91 THE BEARKITTENS 1945-1946 Invitational November 1Ve 21 QHH 24 Z8 f'Hl . . 24 30 TTJ '54 1JL'Ci'I'l7bEF 7 CTU 29 8 cm . 22 15 CI-Il , I8 19 my 2 2 15 January 4 CHU . 25 0 C1-U '53 IZ QTE . '57 I6 fTl .. 18 IS fl-Il .. 40 25 CTF , I7 Z9 my 37 February LHB 35 TTT . . 15 LHP 28 Invitational Row one-Fred Robling, Jack Goen. Kittens -'-""' "" 2 1 Row two-Dick DeVoe, Nelson Ohlemacher, Bob Newton. Kittens... ......,. 33 RECORD Tourney Union City ,.....,. 15 Alexandria ......,., 23 Frankfort ..v...,... 19 Richmond .......... 25 Anderson ...,.,., 19 Eaton . .............. 13 New Castle ...,,.... 20 Kokomo .....,...... 19 Marion . .........,.. 19 Ft. Wayne Cent...22 Tipton 4.,,........,. 20 1.osantville ...,.... 31 Anderson ,,..,..,.. 21 Hartford City ,..,.. Tech, Indpls ..,.,.. New Castle . Tourney New Castle ........ 19 Richmond ....,... 20 This year's Bearkittens were the toughest in many seasons, They were coached by Carl Adams, who used a Newton-Ohlemacher-DeVoe-Robling-Cmoen combination with deadly effect. The Kittens won fourteen games, losing only three. They also took an invitational tournament held during January at the Field House. Their first loss came January 5 at Anderson, after Bob Newton had been moved up to the Cat squad. The only other losses were to New Castle and Richmond. Coach Adams' boys scored 491 points to their opponents' 360, an average of more than twenty-nine points per game, to their opponents' twenty-one. The Hrst five were later moved up to the tournament squad by Coach Beckner. 92 The 1946 Magician 22 26 17 Richmond ....,..,.. 2 9 WRESTLING Row one-Charles King. Richard Dominick, Norman King. Richard Perkins. Row Iwo-Gene Dance, Louis Briggs, Don Wood, Ray Reason. Row Ihree?Coach Etlore Antonini, Gerald Marsh, Jacq l.aDuron, Fred Harris. Row four-John Jones, Bob Boles. Central's matmen won seven matches and lost only three this year. a record indicating the power of the boys directed by Coach Ettore Antonini. Local supporters of the squad saw some exciting matches in the small gym. On a trip through northern lndiana the grapplers whipped Clark of Hammond, Washing- ton of East Chicago, and Howe Military Academy. On that trip their only set back came from Roosevelt of East Chicago. Three of the squads encountered during the year failed to score against the Bearcats. When the Cats went to Bloomington for the state meet, they were nosed out by Bloomington with only one point. They brought back the following state titles: Ray Reason, undefeated in two years, 154-pound title: Don Wood, heavyweight: Norman King, 103 pounds, chosen one of the two outstanding athletes on the mat: Dick Perkins, 95 pounds. The schedule follows: January 13 Bearcats . . 22 Bloomington .. . ......23 22 Bearcats . . .16 Bloomington . ,.,., . 25 24 Bearcats . . .30 Crawfordsville . .. 9 28 Bearcats.... ...37 New Castle... 3 31 Bearcats.. ...... 51 Clark, Hammond .. . .. . 0 31 Bearcats ...... ...... 2 0 Washington, East Chicago ............ 17 February 1 Bearcats. . . 19 Roosevelt, East Chicago .. . .24 2 Bearcats .. .49 Howe Military . .. .. . . O 4 Bearcats . . H38 New Castle .... . . . .. . .. O ll Bearcats . . 49 Howe Military . , . 3 Slale Meet Bearcats. .. 41 Bloomington 42 The 1046 Magician 94 INTRAMURAI. CHAMPIONS left to right-Dale Miller, director of intramural athletics: Roy Werts, Frank Cray, Bill Taflinger Bob Watson Glen Hopper, David Thomas, Ray Reason, captain. INTRAMURAL ATHLETICS The intramural champions, led by Ray Reason, as shown above, won their crown in February by defeating Paul Abrams' team, 28 to 17, in the tournament held at the Field House. Dale Miller, director of intramural athletics, was in charge of the program that is designed for boys who do not participate in varsity play. Mr. lVliller's selections for the all-tourney team include Ted Lacy and Paul Abrams, forwards: Everett Duke and David Thomas, guards: Frank Cray, center. His second team was composed of Charles Nelson and Harold Collins, forwards: Ray Reason and Wayne Kelley, guards: Roy Werts, center. Those receiving honorable mention were Gene McDonald, Chadd Rector, Darrell Riley, Charles Holloway, Lacky Liakos, forwards: Charles Dailey, Jim Acton, Jim Tolliver, centers: Allen Brown, Gene Lounsbury, Bob Watson, Fred Mosier, Howard Jones, Richard Smekens, guards. The 1946 Magzczan BOWLING One of the newer activities about Central, begun early in December by a group of interested students led by Monnie Martens, resulted in the formation of the "Alley Cats," under the direction of Harold V. Anderson, dean of boys, and Neil W. Daily, business education teacher. Games are rolled each Wednes- day after school at the Hotel Roberts alleys. More than thirty-five students and faculty members have participated regu- larly in this activity. At first, class teams were formed, but because so many of the keglers obtained after-school jobs, individual bowling was adopted. Other faculty members who bowl with the group are Carl Humphrey and Robert Colvin. All juniors, seniors, and faculty members who rolled at least ten games prior to April 17 were eligible to enter the tournament that opened then. Winners were: Katherine Penrod, girls division: Ed Krull, boys division. Row one-Jack Collins, Marjorie Maitlen, Eula Fay Coffman, Katherine Penrod, Margie Ferner. Ann Boggs, Monnie Martens, Dick Herbert. Row two-Bob Coleman, Marlen Wilson. Gene Sanders, Bob Griffin, Meredith Miller, Jim Reed, Row three-Vkfayne Quate, Jim Preble, Charles Irelan, John Dearinger. Bill Binkley, Jim Palmer, Dean Harold, V. Anderson. Row four-J. Carl Humphrey, Neil W. Dailey, Robert Colvin, faculty mem- bers: Bill Bogart, Bill Basinger. The 1946 Magician 95 SPRING TRACK Row one-Charles Powell, Karl Mudge, Gene Dance, Howard Jones, Jim Saunders, James Edwards, Don Powell, Abe Cooper, Bob Pouch. Row two-Chadd Rector, Dave Lambert. Bob Nicholson, Jerry Justice, Bob Newton, Pat Phillips, Bill Basinger, Ralph Elliott, Vaughn Smith, James Stewart. Row three-Dick Delaney, William Gage, Melvin Shelton, Frank Cray, Gene Schuck, Bill Taylor, James Dowling, Gene Sanders, Dwight Skinner, Bill Powell. Row four-Coach Mel Wilson, Jerry Johnson, James Guinn, Bob Halteman, Stephen Mitchell, Ted Harris, Bill Brewer, Louis Costas, Jack Perkins. The annual inter-class track meet held April 4-5, 8-9, opened the 1946 track season at Central. The sophomore team emerged as winner, thereby gain- ing the right to name the Queen of the Relays. Maryl,ou Puterbaugh received the title, and runners-up who served as her attendants and aided in the distribu- tion of prizes included Peggy Harvey, Nancy Marvin, and Sally Ream. Coach Mel Wilson, the ex-Navy man, faced a tough season, but prospects were good. Experienced thinlies reporting included Charles Powell, Karl Mudge, Gene Dance, Howard Jones, James Saunders, James Edwards, Don Powell, Abe Cooper, James Stewart, and Vaughn Smith. A number of other hopefuls bolstered the lineup. 1946 SCHEDULE April l2 CTD ..,.. ,,.,.... A nderson 19 CTD .... .. ....... Richmond 27 CHD ,.... .,.... M uncie Relays May 4 CTD ..... ,...................,... K okomo Relays ll CTD ...... ...... B ig Ten Conference, Kokomo 18 CHD .,.., ..,....,,,....,......,..,, S ectional Meet 25 CTD ...., ....., S tate Meet, Indianapolis 96 The 1946 Magician B A S E B A L L Schedule for 1946 April 19 CHQ .... ......,.,.... E aton 9 CTQ ....,,........,.. Marion 20 CHQ .... ..... K okomo DH CTQ ...,.........,. Richmond CTQ ........ Jeff of Lafayette 23 CTQ .... ....... Y orktown QT, ...HHHHI Jeff of Lafayette Z6 CHQ .,.,.,...... Anderson CTQ ......... Hartford City 30 CHQ Hartford City CHQ ,.,..... New Castle May 3 CTQ ,.., ........ N cw Castle CTQ Tech, Indianapolis, DH 7 CHQ .,.. .,....., R ichmond CHQ .....,...,..,........,... Marion Fifteen veterans from last year's outfit reported when the spring call for baseball was announced. The holdovers were Joe Dooley, John Hampton, Denver Wooten, Burl Keys, Bob Ross, Gene McDonald, Don Grundy, Max Jordan, Charles Swathwood, Louis Briggs, Marion Gibson, Wayne Kelley, James Reed, Dick Smekens, and Fred Robling. Because of the need for spring basketball practice under the direction of Coach Art Beckner, the baseball team was put under the guidance of Coach Carl Adams, Bearkitten basketball coach. James Hyatt, social science teacher and basketball scout, was named his assistant, Row one-James Peters, Don Osborn, Don Thonn. Fred Dartcr, James Eskew, Lelton Rhodes, Don Watson, Jack Schaubut, Tom Graves, Jim Webster. Row two--Elwood Wegesin, Bob Ross, Gene McDonald, Burl Keys, Max Jordan, Dick Smekens, Fred Robling, Joe Dooley, Marion Gibson, Don Grundy, Wayne Kelley, John Hamp- ton, Jim Reed. Row three-Coach Art Beckner, Dick DeVoe, Jack Goen, James Preble. Meredith Miller, Bob Thorn, Charles Holloway, Dick Dyrek, Bob Watson, Coach Carl Adams. Row four-Jack Proctor, Paul George, Earl Vannatter, Charles Skiff, Larry Holloway, James Justice, Bob Garrett, Carl LaWall, Dave Colemon, Paul Hines. The 19 4 6 Magician X I E H T FIT 7053 PlHCE S2PTCvnbf:P Sun- MMI- 71:25. Wai. Tnura Eff. S617 I QV 3 Pf 5 lo 17 3 9 fO ll I2 I3 I4 15' fb I7 I8 19' zo 21 22, 23 24 25 2b 27 X Z9 30 FEATURES 'ir' cu-I Can1?'ali+c.S L h- -n1 P I l n V 1 99 V! ' A. 5 351 A v.Jmiaif4' f N ,Q 1 7 f.1e.Qge,'ff f Lefl lo right!Martha Banra, Blaine Milligan, Lucy Amburn, Eleanor Whitehair. Titre magician if l J v ll C ll ,ll 51" ' 'll ilu all ' ' 7 l lil ,Y A l i r X 1 ' l ' M lf, 1' rl X Y ll x I ima i ' l ll if i ' :iii I A li .ll it 1-ll aaaa lllg I, I nl, f A -Q r H , I . - '1 tu g c i 5' 14.3, 100 Now to meet the people who worked countless hours to prepare this book. And what a job that dauntless little band faced! They had only to arrange schedules, prepare and edit copy, check identifications, sketch and resketch, check and recheck, far into the night. Only persons who have Worked on an annual can know the amount of time required to prepare such a volume. Heading the staff were those two very busy seniors4 Blaine Milligan, editorial: Lucy Amburn, business. While Blaine was busy with the innumerable tasks of the editorial division, Lucy was busy working to finance the resulting publication. Blaine's right-hand man . . . or rather, woman . . . was Eleanor Whitehair, associate The 1946 Magician editor, Martha Banta. art editor, was assisted by Janice Kain and Lois Chin. As you have seen, their work pretty nearly covered the world. .loan Smith. who was in charge ofthe senior section. was another of the steady Workers on the staff. Underclass pictures were handled by Z-Xnona Swallow and her two junior assistants, Don Bassett and Tom Hughes. Harriet Preston and Alma Owen were recorders of the l94-5-l946 flight log. Practically all of the photographs were taken by that camera-hound, R. S. Lingeman. physics teacher. On the business staff, advertising was obtained by Marjorie Maitlen, Marjory Cox, Phyllis Browning, and Elaine Craig, Those working with subscriptions were Beverly Armstrong, Shurley Lee, Jerry Peterson, Vera Mae Matson, and Helen Secrest. Paculty sponsors for the book were Miss Jewel Standerlord, editorial: J. Carl Humphrey, business. R. S, LINGEMAN Photographer Rott' one-Don Bassett, Joan Smith, Jerry Peterson, Tom Hughes. Row two-Marjory Cox. Marjorie Maitlen, Helen Secrist, llarriet Preston. Rott' three-1Anona Swallow, Janice Rain, Vera Mae Matson. Alma Owen. Rott'fotzrfBeverly Armstrong. l.ois Chin, Elaine Craig, Phyllis Browning. The 194 O llfldgZ'C'liUl7 IFE .fY'v'n': fra 4-. Jin. 4? I 4? v sr .fx 02 The 1946 Mugmun 7. 12. 4. 21. FLIGHT LOG 1945-1946 HARRIET PREsToN ALMA Lum OWEN Sep temher With doubt in our minds and butterflies in our middles Cto use a clicheh, let's board our jet plane and enjoy the won- ders of modern transportation in the whirling journey of the seniors. All shiny and bright with the previous sum- mer's tans Cor burnsj, we are off, con- scious of a new face in our midst, the stewardess, Miss Lucille Johnson. dean of girls. You need a ticket on this ride. as well as on any other, so activity tickets go on sale today. The lineup of events indi- cates a busy year. Our new football coach, Mr. Antonini. is all right. He has a team that wins. The Bearcats begin the season by beat- ing Fort Wayne, 13-19. We gather in the auditorium today for a Constitution Day program. Dr. John ek C' 9937? L 'lunch 7 'Q- "-2 L.. egg, Y o R. Emens, president of Ball State, de- livers a well-received speech. October Bob Kelsey and his committee produce an evening well spent for Centralites in the all-school dance, "The Foot Ball." Other members of that committee are Beverly Armstrong, Dick Bredeson, Don Grundy, Doris Dick, Jim Reed, and Frances Fowl. We are ready to dance, for we are back tonight with a victory over Tech of Indianapolis. The sophomores choose their officers. Those juniors and seniors with halos are the ones who have just been initi- ated into the Honor Society. The teachers have a meeting in Indian- apolis, and we are free for a long week end. QContinued on page 1055 Best Wishes, Seniors ! 'kit THE MUNCIE EVENING PRESS The 1946 Magician 103 DOWNSTAIRS Housewares and Toys Pure Food Market Luncheonette STREET FLOOR Cosmetics and Accessories Notions and Stationery The Mixing Bowl Men,s and Boys' Shops MEZZANINE Optical Shop Rest Rooms SECOND FLOOR Fashion Shops Millinery Footwear Lingerie THIRD FLOOR Gifts and Chinaware Needlecraft Shop Yard Goods Closet Shop Linens and Bedding Beauty Salon Children's Shop Teens' Shop FOURTH FLOOR Home Furnishings ' ' General Offices Credit Office EASTERN lNDlANA'S SHOPPING CENTER Exchange Desk Luggage 04 The 1946 Magicz'un FLIGHT LOG CContinuef1 from page 1035 I". Y w Wylie! 5 a 5 , f " , f' . ri --f- ,- l iz.. November Dr. Leon W. Ciodshall, professor at Miami University, speaks today. Football fans are thrilled by a scoreless tie between the Bearcats and South Bend Washington. Tonight the Trade School holds open house, and those boys are mighty proud of their new lunchroom. 14. Music is the order of the day as the band and choirs give the fall concert. Things are hopping tonight. The 'lHar- 21. 23-2 4. 6-7. 14. vest Hop" is a big success, and the juniors are responsible. We get the first look at our basketball team tonight as they beat Union City, 24-21. 3. Thanksgiving vacation. Four whole days to eat and recover! December The deserving Bearcats are being hon- ored tonight for having won the North Central Conference football champion- ship. A talented group of Miss Brandt's sen- ior thespians entertains us with two presentations of Hpride and Prejudice." The High Street Methodist Church is the scene of our annual Christmas pro- gram, 'lThe Messiah," sung by the choirs. CContinued on page 1075 'kiri' HOTEL ROBERTS MANAGEMENT-THORNBURG HOTEL Co. DIAL 8861 The 1946 Magcan 0 STUDENTS' Our BALLROOM Is the Place ' for Your DANCES and BANQUETS BALL BROTH ERS COMPANY GENERAL OFFICES: MUNCIE, IND. Makers of Ball "Perfect lllZISOIl,l, "Ideal," Spiral "Eclipse" Fruit Jars Genuine Zinc Porcelain Lined Caps Docu-Seal Caps and Extra Lids No. I0 Glass Top Seal Caps Extra Rubbers . . . Jelly Glasses Friendly pau fx IN 'if' -XJ COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO. Muncie, Indiana 06 The 1046 Mugidan FLIGHT LOG CContinued from page 1053 2 v ax li 'TA -. f f l SN... 5. We enroll for the new term. We are really flying nowl Welcome aboard, 10 B's. Miss Lotz, back from the WACS, and Mr. Wilson from the Navy, also join us. Q4 Q wnuf, February January ' 12. We seniors are aimin' to be in the know ll. Centralls sharpest journalists, members Whmft Comes to Ourlcafeefs' and that of the Quill and Scroll, are having 3 we will be after a series of four career dinner party tonight. conferences, the first of which is held today. Teaching, bookkeeping, and en- ll. lt seems that We are Well oniourlway gineering are discussed. now, The oflice issues a tentative list of . raduatin seniors 2-13-14. For three nights we can see our g g ' classmates at their best on the stage in 17. Nutchuk, Zi I'G3l ESliiIT1O, C1'1f6I'talI1S CEU- the mugig department production, "Mu- tralites today. sical Moods." The boys, l hear, are 22. Girls who have completed nutrition iheckmg m 3 takvoff OH barbershop and hygiene and nursing courses receive armony' Certificates in an impressive Red Cross 15. Another one of those thrillers as Rich- 3SSQ1'I1bly today. fContinued on page lO9D Office Phone 2-1901 Res. Phone 6296 Congratulations! The Muncle Stone John C. Banta, Inc. and Llme Co. r Incorporated MEN'S WEAR CRUSHED STONE 'k 'A' Over on Mulberry Street Hoyt Avenue and 21st Street 113 South P. 0. Box 1212 Muncie, Indiana The 1946 Magician -1-Q WS: M -M E His? rx, , mi 32 E22 UV' 108 T170 1946 1VIagic'1'c1n FLIGHT LOG filonlinuccl from page 1071 I . I f L 5 1 rl Mn X.. mond edges out the Bearcats by only one point in the last game of the season. l9. The revived Science Club is sponsoring the appearance of R. J. Kryter of Indian- apolis, an expert on the atomic bomb. Let's hope there are no demonstrations, 23. THEY DID IT AGAIN!! Our mighty Bearcats have taken the sectional title for the second consecutive year. I-Iello, regionals, stopping over on the way to state. 25. If you need paint removed by experts, see Burl Keys, Gene McClelland, Jim Acton, Bob Moore, Don Swanger, Ilddie Davies, David Weeks, Max Jor- deng Mr. Anderson, foreman. , Activity ticketholders are entertained in the auditorium by former musical com- edy star, Jesse Phillips Robertson. . Now, buddy, is the time to find out what your classmates really think of you. Mock elections are held today, but we have to wait for the results in the Magician. ' . Future stenographers, doctors, and art- ists are given advice today as another career conference is under way. . At this point Mr. Allman bales out over Indiana University, and our Mr, Shaffer becomes the new superintendent of schools. Our new pilot is Mr. Earl Peckinpaugh. We wish all three good luck in their new positions. 1Continued on page lllj White's Super Market EVERYDAY LOW PRICES 1204 East Adams 214 Om-5 BQ q S ., 351 C nk " 9 1: ' 0.2 9 2,12 ' -., ' 'V 1 X I- ,X - N filif' O . .I ,lin 1 'ki .1 A f o W ral A .,5'-NIL. Nation-Robinson Printers, Inc. LETTERPRESS AND OFFSET Dial 2-1221 426 East Howard Street Muncie V'-x ,.,4 'C 2 0 3 gs-3...Si Sl'-:xii "x Qx.L-"ix5 "' ' 'V X5 Wig L f 1 1 XX...-xi X The 1946 Magician 109 vw 4 ii Q 'N 3 lil? fffll X I in -ll X Pelhom's-Muncie 122 West Charles Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Class of 1946 Pelham's- Indianapolis '140 East Wabash . , 'X l 'KJ' l ' N- f ee r, E l .MA X610 x ,,BUxnz...' QUALITY ISN'T RATIONED at the Lee E. Beckley Jewelry Store 109 South Mulberry Howell's Flower Shop In the Rivoli Theatre Building 214 South Mulberry Street Dial 8822 'A' Howell Florists 1620 University Avenue Dial 7808 For the Best in Musical Merchandise and Equipment PEARSON'S MUSIC DEPARTMENT 1- 116-118 South Walnut Street 110 The 1946 M g FLIGHT LOG CContinued from page 109, D01 Sfm- Mr. Shaffer is presented a gift as a token of our appreciation for his guidance on our journey thus far. March There's one moment that many a Cen- tralite will never forget-the moment 5. 12. 23 Many a senior is a fall guy on ice skates, as exhibited at the senior skating party. With talks of returned servicemen as inspiration, students came through with S165 for the Red Cross. Always did say that Central has a good band, and this proves it: Some of our musicians entered a state contest today, and they all came back with prizes. Kenneth Robinson won second place on the trumpet, while the following won first places: Pat Collier, flute: Ruth Owens, bassoon: Herbert Smith, saxo- phone. when Denver Wooten dropped the ball 26. Law, beauty culture, merchandising, and into the basket to Win 3 triple Overtime music are careers discussed in the last from New Castle in the regionals. Rich- Conference of fhe Year' mond proved too much for our gallant 28, All switches do not turn on lights, as Bearcats in the Hflal game' h0VYf9V9fy and discovered by Vera Mae Matson. Fire they lost by the narrow margm of one drills are exciting, aren't they, Vera? P0l1'1t- CContinued on page 1151 Congratulations Best Wishes to Central High School to the Class of 1946 if 1 Cardinal Cafe H. L. Green Co. 111 East Jackson Street 5c to 351.00 Store The 194 6 Mag1'c1'an 111 ,S -X , Safe Prompt !j'i SS.: X X , - l Xxxx K if 'S' X Q4 if CRAIG CAB 'Q X Q, 5 Courteous Econonlieal lone 63 6 6 I5 PenzeI's E -.' '2- The place to buy your f i 3-Q I , . I. 'X 'N .gg o SLHOOL SUPPLIES in 0 QL s o BOOKS l-5,13 I STATIONERY 52 Qx,-yA,.L o GIFTS 'R ' -A -A' 'U hx 'Xi J, g 211 South Walllllt Street ' . S L. ' 4891 -- Dial -- 4891 ' -J"""' y . A A4 B o R D E N 's Q TD QL pf F . . . 2 .. urnas Ice Cream Dlvlslon K Muncie .Z 6 H IF IT'S BORDEN'S, IT'S GOT TO BE GOOD! i 310 West Main Street 112 The 1946 M g cm The 1946 Magrliun 113 The Cade 'Company Floral Artists Rite-Way Shoe Shop R. PAUL ROBINSON, Prop. 'A' 'k Corner Main and Walnut Streets 309 East Wysor Street Muncie, Indiana PIIOHC 4922 The Jewel Shop i' 117 West Charles Street Muncie, Indiana Commercial Printing Company Phone 7707 i High and Jackson Streets Lifw IN CORPORATED BEST BURGERS UNQUALIFIED QUALITY if . . in . . MENS WEAR Hamburger Inn and 121 West Charles Street HABERDASHERY The Fashion A Good Store in a Good City 112 East Adams Street A S M A R T S T 0 R E For Smart Dressers PERSONALIZED SERVICE EXCLUSIVE LINES Weesner's JEWELERS AND PHUTOGRAPHERS 116 East Main Street DIAMONDS, WATCHES, JEWELRY Gifts for All Occasions 'A' The good will of its customers is the PHOTOGRAPHS A SPECIALTY Fashion's most valuable possession. 114 The 1946 Magzfz n FLIGHT LOG CContinued from page 1115 2 mm., . ., 24 'rv .EQ Urea, Q students promises a hilarious evening or two in the production of 'lLove Your Neighbor." Even if we can't get into the college of our choice, we are thankful for the knowledge gained at today's college con- B"" ference. . Central's bowling contingent begins its APPII tournament. There are some potential 5. I'll see you at the dance tonight! Anna- champions among that list of 'iAlley belle Halliday, Bill Bogart, and their Cats!" committee have cooked up a swell time In Spring a Young Centralitevs fancy fOr US tfmighfr if We know 3UYfhiU8 turns to thoughts of Spring Vacation! about them! Assisting Annabelle and Coming down for refueling. Bill are June Sexton, Bob Kelsey, Joan Ford, Iona Ford, and Jerry Peterson. May fmt yes' We mllstn t forget M1SS,HO1' The juniors and the seniors, with their ack' OL? Social sponsor' Who ls the favorite dates, go to the Prom planned right arm on all the committees. by an able junior Committee ll-12. A cast of twenty junior dramatic Ccontinued gn page 1179 Congratulations to the Graduating Class of 546 Greetings! 'k - I I ir King s Men s Wear One of America's Fine Shops . Delaware Engraving for Men HOME OF BOTANY 500 SUITS and Tailored by Daroff t Lithograph Company Exclusive in Muncie The 1946 Mag1'r1'an 115 Wilson Pastry Shop B B Confectionery 115 West Charles Fountain Service, Sandwiches, Dial 8551 Candy, Tobacco, Magazines CURB SERVICE 414 North Elm Street Muncie, Indiana Muncie's Five Leading Theatres RIVOLI, STRAND, WYSOR, HOOSIER and UPTOWN 116 The 1946 Mag FLIGHT LOG fContinued from page 115D Q . J L. M. Bari The Honor Society has a 'Afeedf' The seniors extend their hospitality to their mothers at the Senior Mothers' Tea this afternoon. The committee in charge is composed of Doris Dick, Janice Kain. Betsy Ford, Mary Lou Badders, Margaret Martin, Phyllis Dunn, Frances Fowl, and Harriet Preston. More halos appear as another group of Centralites is initiated into Honor Society, Seniors strut in their Ucoming-out" clothes as caps and gowns have just arrived. June . Baccalaureate services are held today at the High Street Methodist Church. Talented seniors show their stuff in the traditional Class Day in our auditorium. The banquet. Hard to believe that we have almost reached our destination, huh, seniors? Fasten your safety beltsf We're coming in for a landing. We are a well-traveled bunch, for we have seen the whole of Seniorland. Tonight We get the diplomas to prove it. Another year has ended for the rest of them. -W fw l it px 'ggxf Vg -A-A X l Owl Drug Stores Headquarters for MEDICAL, FIRST AID, HOSPITAL AND SURGICAL SUPPLIES PHOTOGRAPHIC EQUIPMENT No. 1-Dial 7724 No. 2-Dial 2-2341 Z7 T A A '4 ' E' 0 fair QCDIW5'-5 5-em--l l .-ll-A.NL- o JS- THE SENIORS' CHOICE for Their YEARBOOK PORTRAITS The People's Studio 323M South Walnut Street Dial 6762 Charles R. Dollar C. R. Ilamllvv The 1946 Magician 117 107 W. CHARLES ST. 9 Books Ct 9 Gifts 0 Leather Goods Q 0 Greeting Cards RT 5 School Supplies 0 Zoshey Cosmetics 9 Monogramming ' Rental Library 5 Stationery September l3 CTD 20 CHD 27 CTD October 4 CHD November 22 CHD 27 CTD 30 CHD December 6 CHD 7 CTD 13 CHD 14 CTD Schedules for 1946-1947 FOOTBALL 1 1 CTD Fort Wayne Central 18 CHD Anderson 23 CHD Evansville Memorial November l CTD Tech, Indianapolis 8 CHD BASKETBALL January Union City 3 CTD . 3 CTD Alexandria 15 DH, Bosse, Evansville l7 CTD 24 CHD Z8 CHD 31 CTD Richmond Anderson February 7 CHD Logansport 14 DH, Shelbyville 21 CHD December Marion Bloomington Kokomo New Castle Emerson of Ciary Kokomo Marion Central, Fort Wayne Jeff, Lafayette Anderson Hartford City Tech, Indianapolis New Castle Connersville Frankfort 22 CHD Big Four Tournament 118 The 1946 Magcan YOUR MIIGIIIII-IN al MWWQQZKZQZZE ir PRINTERS STATIONERS OFFICE OUTFITTERS TWIN CITY PRINTING COMPANY 119-123 West Park Avenue N Champaign, Illinois -9, ,f '-my AT Y b kT Ctl L C.Ch'm1ainI1l

Suggestions in the Muncie Central High School - Magician Yearbook (Muncie, IN) collection:

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