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WILDCAT ! ' ; •I ; 1982 FINAL EDITION II ' 1981-1982 VOL. 1 PG. 1 4 ia ...u ' lio ALLEN RESIGNS — National Security Adviser Richard Allen resigned, even though cleared of wrongdoing In accepting gifts from Japanese journalists. ROYAL WEDDING — Worldwide attention was focused on England ' s Prince Charles, heir to the throne, and Lady Diana Spencer, his new Princess of Wales, when they were married in a televised ceremony at St. Paul ' s Cathedral POPE SHOT — Pope John Paul II was seriously wounded in an assassination attempt in St. Peter ' s Square in Rome. A Turkish terrorist was sentenced to life in prison for the shooting. CHAMPION IN THE RING — Sugar Ray Leonard took the undisputed world wefterweight championship after stopping Thomas Hearns in a 14th round TKO. REAGANOMICS WHIZ-KID — Budget Director David Stockman, in trouble over published remarks he made that Reaganomics might not work, offered to resign but was asked to stay on. MULVANE HS MEDIA CENTER 1900 N. Rock Rd. Mulvane, Kansas 67110 FINAL EDITION - f 1981-1982 - VOL. 1 PG 2 STONES ROLL AGAIN — In their first U.S. tour since 1 S78. the Rolling Stones, led by 38-year-old Mick Jagger, played a 1 0-week concert tour that included 42 performances. It was the Rolling Stones 19th year together. WINNINGEST COACH — Alabama football coach Bear Bryant achieved a record 315th collegiate football victory when the " Crimson Tide " defeated Penn State, making Bryant the all-time most victorious. SINKING FEELING — Destruction occurred in drought-parched central Flonda as a series of sinkholes developed. The largest, in Winter Park, swallowed cars, houses, businesses. VIOLENCE IN IRELAND — Unrest continued in Ireland. Belfast was the center of violence as rioting tore through troubled Northern Ireland in the wake of the death of IRA hunger striker Bobby Sands. He, along with other IRA members, carried out a hunger strike protest from their jail cells. DODGERS TAKE SERIES — After losing the first two games, the Los Angeles Dodgers came back to defeat the New York Yankees anO take their first World Series title in 16 years. MULVANE HIGH SCHOOL 915 WESTVIEW MULVANE, KANSAS 67110 ' JOE LOUIS DIES — Known to many as the " Brown Bomber, " Joe Louis died at the age of 66. He was world heavyweight champ lighter from 1937 to 1 94 9. and was recognized as one of the best heavyweight fighters ever. FFA ' s GOLDEN ANNIVERSARY These charter members returned to help celebrate the Mulvane FFA chapter ' s 50lh anniversary: (left to right) Francis Shoup, Carrol Curfman. Lee Lemaster, George Heersche, Neal Farber, Homer Thompson, Martin Palmer, Kenneth Wilson. Of, 1981 - m2 Yearbook Executive Staff; Tim Giles and Roberta Poteete, production editors, and Danny Simon, advertising editor To The Students Of MHS: On behalf of the Board of Education I want to express our thanks for your contribution in making this past year a success. It is our hope your exper- iences as students of MHS have prepared you for the future. Best wishes to each of you in your chosen field. Sincerely, JfautM ie Garland Bell Garland Bell President Ron Crawford Dan Defoe Ed Hardison Debra Kendrick Harold Nicholson Bob Runyan To the 1982 Graduating Seniors of Mulvane High School NOT THE END — ONLY THE BEGINNING! I would like to take this opportunity to express my most sincere congratulations to the 1982 graduating seniors of Mulvane High School, and to wish you all the best in the various pursuits that you will undertake in a very short time. No matter what path you choose, just remember that your graduation from Mulvane High School is not the end — it is only the beginning. It is simply another step in the journey through the many wonderful opportunities that lie before you, and you have more opportunities awaiting you than any graduatmg class that has ever walked across the stage of Mulvane Senior High. My wish for you is that you will make every effort to utilize all of the educational skills that you have attained to explore these unlimited opportunities, and to choose a vocation that will challenge you and bring you both success and happiness as you go through life. Phyllis McGuire Board Treasurer Again, congratulations to you 1982 graduating seniors of Mulvane High School, good luck to you and God bless you! Dean Parks, Supt. - - — USD 263 n I ? . Dean Parks Superintendent Terry Withrow Board Clerk Our Common Goal: Education (Stout ' s Letter) The three groups of people involved in making a school function are the community, students, and faculty. These three factions must work cooper- atively toward one common goal: to prepare a child to live in, and contri- bute efficiently to the society of which he is a part. I would like to thank the community, students, and faculty for making U.S.D. 263 an excellent educational institution 1981-82 was a great year! Dennis Stout J - CAmm •fp, Dennis Stout Principal Sharron Westfall Registar I Ron Adkins Counselor Cathy Ashton Resource Room Bill Bailey Vocational Agriculture Martha Bieri Science, Math Jon Brown rij , Coach. A.D. Business Education ickson English II, Debate P.E., Coach Driver Education John Fry Sophomore English Don Giffor Social Science, ». Chuck Glaser Science Marge Goering Speech and Drama S K« i!,« Bob Harris Vocal Music Ada Jaax Senior English Marvin Jelinek Weldine, Coach Dave Johnson Woods, Coach Joe Johnson Biology. Photography Rhoda Kloth Spanish Garv Lillich Math Charles Mason English, Coach Ted Powers instramental Muac Beverly Reiter Librarian Bob Schreiner Industrial Arts Virdell Shay Counselor Kim Sigg Resource Roooi, Coach Pat Thomason Junior English Karolee Weller Algebra Nancv Winter P.E., Coach -.■ ■ . ' !«K !» ■■-•- - ' «- " «(►«« «». SSSi: f ' m Band Officers: Sandy Humphries, Darren Yohe, Gwen Reekie, Mr. Powers, Glenda Jones, Steve Runyan, Chris Tackett. Flutes: Top row (1 to r); Kathy Howard, Kathy Reese, Cheryl Herrin, Kellie Lough, Lyn Vossberg. 6th row: Martha Sumpter, Sherry Quigley. 5th row: Jennifer Pounds, Wendy Reiser. 4th row: Debbie Mclntyre, Diane Mohney, Janice Brown, Tammy Sullivan, Donna Ward. 3rd row: Leanette Casey, Kelley Burns. 2nd row: Janeen Kerns, Mary Cole. Bottom row: Maria Brundl, Linda Weaver. Lower Brass: Top row: Brad Storey, Barry Milligan, Lon McCosh. 5th row: Steve Runyan, Dee Layna Bongiorni. 4th row: Kent Daniels, Kyle Couch. 3rd row: Patty Grieve, Kelly Lawless, Robert Young. 2nd row: Jennifer Graber, Greg Schott. Bottom row: Debbie Love, Lisa Swayne, Jenny Unger, Todd Gerdes. Band Days The Peppy Pep Band Drummers: Top row (1 to r); Kevin Olson, Greg Staska, Vic Marcelle. 4th row: Larry Alumbaugh, Kurtis Westfall. 3rd row: Bryan Ellis, Debbie Plains. 2nd row: Traci Lawless, Darren Yohe. Bottom row: Mark Schwartz, Jeff Jones, Sandy Humphries, Pat Pulis. Clarinets (1 to r): Sandy Lawrence. Shirley Crow, Julie Schmidt, Kathy Rickards, Shelly Mahlandt, Terri Elliott, CrlrA uri, f " . r, ' - w r u° ' : °i ' = " ' = ' = ' " ' ' " ' = » ' ° " " ' • " " " " o " - " «« Reekie, Melinda Crook, Allison Befort, Evelyn Wallsmith, Chris Tackett, Lisa Hartman. .► E " ' S Trumpets; Top row: Cheryl High, J.T. Klaus, Darrin Farris, John Schlick Shelly Johnson, Stacy Shoemaker, Tony Johnson Descending row: Paul Terrel, Diane Cleverdon, Teri Turkic, Glenda Jones. Band Majorettes: Sandy Humphries, Mr. Powers, Glenda Jones. Saxes; Top to Bottom: Larry Nelson, Mark Elliott, Lorrie Dicus, Laura Pickens, Mary Powell, Kirsten Bloomgren, Greg Williams, Crystal Engstrand, Shirley Crow, Lisa Schlaegel, Tedi Ferrington, Stacy Iverson, Carol Sears Marilyn Connet, Maria McKee, Twila Walker. tff } Marcie Standerfer Dietitian B Lunch: Bill Cotton, Ken Sutton, Bryan Ellis. Anita Robberson Nurse Larry Daily Custodian Dorothy James Cook Jan Hyson Cook Spe ' afi. -thariks to 5peciafl. peopk. fro pa The MH5 Students Floyd Reusser Custodian Jim Slavens Bus Supervisor ' p Cory Allen Bret Almire Wade Anderson SherrI Ashlock Susan Askins Carol Baker April Bales Bryan Bell Phill Ball Lorrie Bird Gayla Batson Bradley Bohanon t " ' A Li Denis Armstrong Penny Baker Joseph Beldon Dee Layna Bongiorni |K ' 1 H Deborah Bradshaw Mike Coffey Tina Collins William Cotton Robin Countryman It ' s all in a day ' s work! Friendship ' A symbol ofdiithatis Qood i " r life.! Berly Poleele. Lisa Jacques, Terri Proctor. The three Mousekeieers. mmmmmBmmmUi The shooting stars; Kirsten. Stoney. Jeff, and Joe Chris and Roberta are smihng yearbook salespersons! Roberta Poteete, Tara Johnson, Lisa Jacques, Dale Landes, Susan Heatley. Tim Giles, Chris Tackett. Sherry Quigley, Danny Simon, Sloney Nichols, Jeff Kill, Kirsten Bloomgren. The Wildcat Staff Yearbook friends. Tara. Lisa, Susan, and Sherry. Dale and lim assisted Danny in managing business for the yearbook. ■:im Mt 1 i .»■. Kim Ferguson Lori Fox Debbie Foxworthy Jerry Francisco Kelly Hagbom Danny Harvey Brenda Hall Susan Heatley Melanie Hare Darrell Hively Lisa Hartman David Hull Tony Humbolt Ron Johnston Roger Lanzrath Tracy Loeb Cathy Iverson Lisa Jacques Lori Jones Phillip Jones Kelly Lawless Mark Lucas Kelly Leonard Stacy Luckner -% Tara Johnson Dale Landes Ken Locke Mary Lusk The group that hangs together. Robin Countryman and Jerry Nelson. A gregarious bunch of seniors. English IV Third Hour Top row; Todd Gerdes, Phil Jones, Dee Dee Rather. Robin Countryman, Middle row: Evelyn Wallsmilh, Margaret Radiel, Lisa Jacques, Susan Askins. Sherri Ashlock, Mark Lucas, Lori Fox, Sheri Randall. Front row: Elizabeth Means, Dawn Schwartz, Carol Frikken, Paula StengI, Marni Wells, Debbie Newton, Kim Ferguson, . da Jaa.x, April Bales. Joey Belden. Principal Dennis Stout and Vice-Principal Jerry Nelson Senior fun and games ' ? Senior officers (standing): Bill Brown, Cesar Nolla, Ada Jaax. Mike Coffey, Joey Belden. Sitting; Janice Brown. Chris Tackett, Don Gifford, Dee Dee Rather, Dale Landes, Danny Simon, Dee Layna Bongiorni, Vic Marcelle, Lori Fox, Amy Phillips. mai Learning skills for life. Counselor, Ron Adkins. [ 1 ' .1 w Maureen Manges Dana Maynard Michelle Miller Debbie Newton 5 Paula Mann Vic Marcelle Duane McDaniel Alicia Means Buddy Naillieux Sloney Nichols Curtis Napier Cesar Nolla Linda Matteson Elizabeth Means Cindy Newell Kevin Olson Roberta Poteete Renee Ramirez Kathryn Reeves Tern Proclor Sheri Randall Kennv Rickards Sherry Quigley Dee Dee Rather Sandy Rogers Margaret Radiel Sheila Reams Celia Rogers Debbie with Roger. Mary Ann ' s favorite teacher. Canfieid. Sitting pretty- Mary Ann and Debbie relax Keep on truckin ' Attendant Dee Dee Rather Escort Dannv Simon Queen Lori Fox Escort Joey Belden Football Royalty Back row (I to r) Mark Ward. Joey Belden, Danny Simon. Front row (i to r) Dee Layna Bongiorni. Chad Canlield. Lori Fox. Hilary Pierce. Dee Dee Rather. 29 Dawn Rogers Terry Smith Brad Storey Michael Rose Tony Rouviere Dawn Schwartz Tina Silvey 1 » i ' i Greg Staska James Storey Paula Stengl Ted Sullivan Tma Ruff Daniel Simon James Stephens Martha Sumpter yUKmim Ken Sutton Tom Swanson Jeff Swayne Evelyn Wallsmith Mark Ward Tim Warren Marijane Wells Lorrie Charles Boyd Mills Renea Wilcoxson Tammy Swanson m Chris Tackett : Dan Weber Chris Z immerman Jack Howard Ginger Darbro Jerry Francisco, Senior " 82 Ebullient And Erudite! (back row. 1 to r) Penny Baker, Martha Sumpter, James Stephens, Lorrie Dicus, Debbie Elliott. {Second row) Michelle Miller, Melanie Hare. Karen Gchring, Sherry Quiglcy. Celia Rogers. Marijane Wells. (Third row) Tim Giles, Danny Harvey, Danny Simon. Billy Cotton. Mark Ward, Mike Rose. (Front row) Tim Warren, Dale Landes, Jeff Swayne, Jeff Eggert. R. Lanzrath, S. Nichols Fat vour heart out, Burt Reynolds! f im 4- ' « U4t lJW_ A Annette Ake Larr ' Alumbaugh Sherry Alumbaugh Audrey Anderson Lauri Bachman Montv Lee Ball Allison Befort Jerry Bell Ken Bippert Kirsten Bloomgren Kim Bolinger Renae Bollerman Robert Bonner Kelly Brooks Robert Brown Sherrill Burgin Kelley Burns Kenneth Burrell Kevin Butler Jim Carroll Diana Cleverdon Mary Cole Chuck Collett Sid Colliatie Lavina Collins Marilyn Connet Jim Costello Melinda Crook Shirley Crow Darrel Croxson A,0 • m ii. i Paul Craft Mark Daily Walter De Backer Lori Deloney Julie Eggert Jenny Ekey i iw Mark Elliott Tyna Fajen Darrin Paris Mark Flickinger Doug Ford Debbie Fulkerson Felisa Galvan Nancy Gehring Kim Gcller Eddie Gcrlach Kevin Gillespie Daren Green Trey Green Tony Gonsalves David Hagerman Patricia Harvey Cheryl Herrin Christopher Hicks Jeffrey Holmes Jzohn Hogan Kim Hoselton Frank Howard Todd Humboli Sandy Humphries Andy Jackson Linda Jarrett Shelley Johnson Tony Johnson Glcnda Jones Jennifer Jones Sue Kenworthy Jancen Kerns Jeff Kill Jalicne Kilpatrick J.T. Klaus Terry Kopplin Julie Krueger Brett Lambky Sandy Lawrence Valerie Lea Kristi Learned Alexander Lior Brad Long Kellie Lough Debra Love Melody Mahan Pam Maltbie Roberta Mather Paul Mayfield Max McCormick Maria McKee Tim Means Jimmy Meek Lori Melick Barry Milligan Kirsten Mize Tammy Moore Kris Morton Tia Moyer Jon Murphy Lary Nelson Jeff Patterson Karen Phillips Sarah Phillips Mary Pickens Jennifer Pounds Jeff Pray Harold Pulis Julie Ramsey Gwen Reekie Wendy Reiser Wayne Rich f ' %i T ' n rtll flT f ( - ' - X (S ' f l l Todd Robinson Brian Ross Steve Runyan Shawn Ryals Timothy Ryan Todd Schen Lisa Schlaegel Keith Schniliker Carole Sears Gregory Schott Mark Schwartz Stacy Shoemaker «0f Pt Sandy Showalter Bernadette Simonsen Fred Sims Robyn Smart Cristy Starbird Wanda Storey Darrin Strait Keri Slump Timothy Swanson Keith Timmons Robert Turner Blaine Tucker Aaron Tuttle Jenny Unger Robin Van Deesl Doug Van Dorn Mary Vendrick Janet Von Bon l.yn Vossberg Caria Walker Twila Walker Debbie Wallsmith Donna Ward Kayc Watson Paula Wayman Linda Weaver Terry Weeks Allen Whitmer Greg Wilcox Rov Wilkinson Daryn Wilmeth Melissa Wilson Kevin Wells Kevin Werth Johnnie Wright Robert Young Seniors ' 83 Executive Officers Of The Junior Class Malinda Alexander Brian Alquesl Diane Alumbaugh Rocky Anderson Jill Arnold Darrin Bachman Julie Batson Kevin Bell Loren Bird Diana Bleam Bradley Bobbin Brent Bohanan David Bowers Jake Bowhan Becky Bozone Steven Bradshaw Diane Brown Maria Bruendl Andrea Bruner Carolyn Burris Michelle Butler Leah Canady Nova Cane Bruce Cardwell Lanette Casey Julie Chapman Sherryl Cochran Kyle Couch Julie Covington Judy Crow David DeBacker Ronnie DeCou Kevin Diefenbach James Dunegan Brad Edwards Terri Elliott ■ . kV mmki r Tracey Elliott Kristel Engstrand Scott Erickson Tcddi Farrington Kristine Fuller Pete Goforth Jena Graber Patty Grieve David Hall Mark Hamilton Rick Hancock Chen Hiebert Cheryl High Kevin Hoover Kathy Howard James Hurst Tawnya Infinger Stacy Iverson Sheila Jameson Dilan Johns Jeff Jones Bob Karmes Lance Kissinger Kevin Langholz Shawn LaRock T raci Lawless Vance Lough Tommy Luckner Shelly Mahlandt Jeanette Maltbic Kathy Marcelle Roberta Martiens Lonnie McCosh Mike McCurdy Patrick McElravy Lona Mcintosh Debra Mclntyre Melinda Metzger Candy Milliren Monica Mills Ron Mills Diane Mohney Kevin Moyers Debbie Murphy Carla Myers Pam Newel Sieve Nicholson Laura Pickens Debbie Plain Theresa Potlete Mary Powell Tim Powell Monica Pudden Pat Pulis Micheal Rayl Cathy Reese Teryy Reusser Katherine Rickards Raylene Roeder Kathy Rogers Tammy Russell Tracy Schild 1 m Frankie Schmidt ■ — J Julie Schmidt m " John Schlick Kathy Sears r Shelly Seimers Patrick Sellers .1 C. Shook Ron Silvey Tammy Slater Rick Starbird llfB». S % Brcnda Starr Brenda Slough Tammy Sullivan Lisa Swayne Hollie Tackelt Allen Tcelzel Paul Terrel Todd Travis Teri Turkle Sheryl VanDorn Julie Von Bon Timothy Weide Cathy West Kurtis Westfall Monte Wilcox Gregory Williams Daren Yohe Clinton Young Lawless, President. John Fry, Sponsor. Sophomore executive officers. i(y d A It :.feL. Stuco Scenes back row; Vic Marcelle. Danny Harvey, Gwen Reekie. Mike Coffey, Janeen Kerns, Glenda Jones, David Hull, Amy Phillips, Janice Brown, Dee Layna Bongiorni, Sherry Quigley. Melissa Wilson. 2nd row: Cesar Nolla. Steve Runyan. Mary Cole. Traci Lawless, Lisa Schlegal. Mary Vendrick, Mary Pickens. Curtis Napier, Walter DeBacker, Miss Diener. 3rd row: Joey Belden, DeeDee Rather. Mark Lucas. Trey Green. Stacy Iverson. Teri Turkic. Lsa Hartman. 4th row: Fred Sims, Tim Ryan, Danny Simon, Chris Tackett. Maria Bruendl. Stacey Shoemaker. Front row: Robert Young. Darren Yone, Mark Elliott, Sandy Lawrence, Dale Landes, Stoney Nichols, Kris Fuller. Stonev Nichols. Stuco - Successful And Super Stoney Nichols, president, Jerry Nelson and Brenda Diener, sponsors, have led the Student Government through a successful year. The school has appreciated the gift of a new sound system from stuco. The amplifier, speakers and microphone came to S450. Even the parking lot was beauti- fied or at least improved by the senior stuco work day. The major dances this year were the Get Acquainted. Football and Basketball Homecoming, Christmas and the Sadie Hawkins. Stuco Executive Group L A . 1 Sue Baumgartner and Sharon Westfall FHA Turkies: (standing) Traci Lawless, Karen Gehring. Celia Rogers, Sherry Quigley, Glenda Jones, Marni Weils, (sitting) Jeff Swayne. Stoney Nichols. Mark Ward, Allen Whitmer, Dee Layna Bongiorni, Mark Elliott The FHA Banquet District Officers Debbie Mead and Marni Wells FHA Executive Officers left to right - Melinda Crook, Diane Brown, Ginger Darbro, Janice Brown, Debbie Mead. Marni Wells Future Homemakers This year has been an outstanding one for the MHS FHA chapter. In addition to being an effec- tive local president, Margaret Radiel was a mem- ber of the State Executive Council and the District President; Susan Askins was District Historian. The State FHA Meeting which was held at MHS in October was well attended and highly successful. Mrs. Mead has been the local chapter sponsor as well as District Advisor. She has done so much for all of us this year. Whenever we needed help, she was always willing to assist us. Thank you, Mrs. Mead, for everything. Good Luck from FHA. Back row Debbie Wallsmith. Michelle Miller. SherritI Burgin. Teddi Farrington. Susan .Askins. Debbie Newton. Mrs. Mead (sponsor) Middle row - Margaret Radiel. Loren Sapienz. Valerie Lea. Linda Jarrett. Sue Kenworthy Front row - Janice Brown, Diane Brown. Ginger Darbro. Marni Wells. Melinda Crook Preside Johnson : Snaps Of The 1981- ' 82 NHS Installation Seniors: Robert Poteete, Debbie EllioU, Amy Phillips, Margaret Radiel, Paula Stengl, Susan Heatley, Sherri Ashlock, Cathy Iverson, Karen Gehring, Mr. Glaser, Tara Johnson, Lori Fox. Second row: Curtis Napier, Tim Giles, Stoney Nichols, Mark Ward, Brian Pope, Danny Harvey, Mike Rose, Third row: Billy Cotton, Greg Slaska, Kent Daniels, Bryan Ellis, Vic Marcelle, Danny Simon, The National Honor Society Juniors: Darrin Paris, Todd Schen, Kirsten Bloomgren, Brad Long, Linda Jarret, Jenny Ekcy, Lori Melick, Walter DeBacker, Patricia Harvey, Diane Cleverdon, Nancy Gehring. Second row: Melinda Crook, Mary Vendrick, Mary Pickens, Janeen Kerns, Mary Cole, Stacy Shoemaker. J,T. Klaus. Third row: Jeff Kill, Fred Simms, Sandy Humphries, MULVANE FFA w (1 to r) Jerry Bell, Lary Nelson, Tony Humbolt, Bryan Bell. Darrin Bachman. 2nd row: ; Hull, Wade Anderson, James Storey, Brad Storey. ' i Sponsor Bill Bailey and President Tony Humbolt. FFA Celebrates Golden Anniversary The MHS chapter of Future Farmers of America celebrated its 50th anniversary this year. Many of the charter members were here to help celebrate the occasion. The ' 81- ' 82 FFA year was another busy and successful one. Cheryl High was elected as sweetheart. The watermelon feed was a big hit and the rodeo was another big event in spite of the cold, rainy weather. Tony Humbolt, the president, and Bill Bailey, sponsor, thank all those who have participated for the last fifty years! back row; T. Silvey, M. Powell, M. Butler, M. Zimmerman, D. Hull, L. Kissinger, T. Walker. K, Burrell, C. Zimmerman, J. Patterson. 2nd row: K. Burns. G. Batson, R. Silvey. L. McCosh, G. Darbro, L. Backman, K. Howard, S. Erickson. K. Veil, P. McClravey, D. Ford. 3rd row: J. Batson, A. Anderson, C. High, S. Mahlandt, C. Newell, J. Graber, K. Marcelle, S. Kenworthy, P. Piilis, L, Alumbaugh. 4th row: J. Storey, J. Bell, L. Nelson, T. Humbolt, B. Bell, D. Bachman, B. Storey, W. Anderson. Twila Walker Kenny Burrell, Larry Nelson, Laurie Bauchman, Larry Alumbaugh, Jerry Bell. Four FFA ' s busy cutting beef. FFA summer camp. Mary Powell Kathy Howard Bobbie Jo Bailey Duane McDaniel, Bill Bailey, Shelly Mahlandt. Bobbie Joe Bailey. Quill Type Members Are Special Quill Type Executive Committee; top row: Lori Fox, Mary Lusk, Lisa Hartman, Sherri Ashlock, Paula Mann. Bottom row; sponsor; Mr. Fair- child, Bryan Ellis, Karen Gehring, Mr. Adkins, sponsor. Qualifled Unique Ideal Laudable Leaders Terrific Young Perfection Excellent President Karen Gehring with sponsors, Mr. Fairchild and Mr. Adkins. Members of Quill Type on ladder: K. Gehring, B. Ellis, L. Fox. Standing: sponsor; Mr. Adkins, M. Pickens, S. Askins, M. Vendrick K Daniels, J- Unger, J. Jones, P. Mann, T. Warren, R. Countryman, S. Ashlock, A. Bales, M. Elliott, J.T. Klaus, J. Kerns, M. Cole, N. Gehring T. Giles, M.Wilson, S. Humphries, V. Marcelle, G. Jones, G. Reekie, D. Cleverdon, sponsor; Mr. Fairchild. Kneeling: L. Deloney, W. Reiser L. Weaver, L. Hartman, C. Tackett, S. Lawrence, D. Simon, J. Kill, S. Shoemaker. Seventh row: Melissa Wilson, Tammy Moore, Diana Cleverdon, Jennifer Pounds, Wen- dy Reiser. Sixth row: Linda Weaver, Kellie Lough. Glenda Jones, Fifth row: Karen Phillips, Sheryll Burgin, Bernie Simonsen. Fourth row: Shirly Crow, Janet Von Bon. Sue Kenworthy. Third fow: Kim Gelter, Cristy Starbird, Kim Bolinger, Melinda Crook. Sandy Showalter, Jenny Unger. Second row: Lori Melick. Sandy Humphries, Nancy Gehring, Robyn Smart, Kristen Mize. First row; Paula Wayman, Lori Deloney, Janeen Kerns, Kelly Burns, Shelly Johnson, Mary Cole, Valerie Lea. Kayettes ifth row; Traci Lawless, Sheila Jameson, Julie Schmidt. Tawnya Infinger, Candy Milliren, Cheryl High, Debbie Mclntyre, Teri Turkle. Fourth row: racey Elliott, Theresa Poteete, Shelly Seimears, Judy Crow, Monica Pudden, Julie Von Bon, Sherrill Cochrn. Third row: Carolyn Burris, Jill krnold, Kris Fuller. Stacy Iverson, Kathy Howard, Julie Covington, Tammy Slater. Second row; Debbie Plain, Lanette Casey, Diane Mohney, Lona Mclnlosh, Julie Chapman, Carla Myers, Diane Bleam. 1st row: Maria Bruendl, Leah Canady, Pam Newel, Lisa Swayne, Hollie Tackett, Teddi Farrington, Cathy Reese, Diane Brown. standing (left to right) Sheri Rndall, " Debbie Foxworthy, Karen Gehring, Sherry Quigley, Mary Ann Penning ton, Celia Rogers, Marijane Wel Lisa Jacques, Sherri Ashlock, Roberta Poteete, Paula Stengl. sitting (left to right) Chris Tackett, April Bales, Mi- chelle Miller, Robin Countryman, Mary Lusk, Lori Fox. Kelly Leonard, ' Janice Brown President Celia Rogers with sponsors Brenda Deiner and Karolee Weller MHS Kayettes Sophomores Juniors Back row (1 to r) Diana Cleverdon, (sponsor) Brenda Deiner. Lori Melick, Carole Sears, Gwen Reekie, Mary Cole, Robin Van Deest, Sherrill Burgin, Valerie Lea, Jenny Linger! Mary Vendrick, Shirley Crow, Jenny Ekey, Kelley Burns, (sponsor) Karolee Weller. Middle row - Stacy Shoemaker, Linda Weaver, Jennifer Pounds, Loren Sapienza, Tammy Moore, Robyn Smart, Jennifer Jones, Cheryl Herrin. Bottom row - Janeen Kerns. Allison Befort, Nancy Gehring, Melissa Wilson, Sandy Lawrence, Glenda Jones. Sandy Humphries Back row - Monica Pudden, Judy Crow, Julie Von Bon. Cheryl High, Terri Elliott, Mindy Metzger, Kathy Howard, Jena Graber, Leah Canady, Maria Bruendl, Kris Fuller. Middle row - Hollie Tackett, Kristal Eng- strand, Tawnya Infinger, Theresa Po- teete, Stacy Ivcrson, Carolyn urris, Shelley Seimers, Carla Myers. Front row - Lena Mcintosh, Lanettc Casey, Debbie Plain, Jill Arnold Scenes Of Kayette Fun And Frolic ' C V Z™ . Pep Club sponsors (Miss McGranaghan and Mr. Rick Erick- son) congratulate Glenda Jones, president, upon completion of a successful vear. The football varsity cheerleaders show their appreciation to Ms. McGran aghan who was always available for helpful support and encouragement. The Pep Club, guided by sponsors, Meg McGranaghan, Rick Erickson, and president, Glenda Jones, had another happy, busy and productive year. The organization helped to rejuvenate the spirit of the Wildcat teams. Fund raising events were necessary to finance the many projects. The cheerleaders and stuntmen were impressive. Officers, spon- sors and members are to be congratulated on their achieve- ments. Front row-,Mr. Erickson. Miss McGranaghan, Sherri Ashlock. Paula Stengl, Debbie Newton, Marni Wells. Chris Tackett, Janice Brown, Roberta Poteete. Lisa Jacques, Susan Heatley, Tina Silvey, Cathy Iverson. second row; Dee Layna Bongiorni, Dee Dee Rather, Michelle Miller. Marijane Wells. Tara Johnson. Robin Countryman, Mary Lusk, Karen Gehring. Celia Rogers, Sherry Quigley. Margaret Radicl, Sandy Rodgers. third row; Cristy Starbird. Kellie Lough. Paula Wayman. Kim Gelter. Lori Deloney. Robyn Smart. Kirsten Mize, Lori Melick. Janeen Kerns. Mary Cole. Nancy Gehring. Sandy Humphries Karen Phillips, Mary Vendrick, Sherrill Bergin. fourth row: Glenda Jones. Kim Bolinger. Shelly Johnson. Melissa Wilson, Tammy .Moore. Diana Cleverdon. Jennifer Pounds. Wendy Reiser. Linda Weaver, Sandy Showalter, .Melinda Crook. Kelley Burns, Valerie Lea, Shirley Crow, fifth row; Tawnya Infinger. Judy Crow, Teddi Farrington, Diane Brown, Diana Bleani, Tracey Elliott. Traci Lawless. Debbie Mclntyre, Terri Turkle, Cathy Reese. Candy Milliren. Julie Covington. Hollie Tackett. sixth row; Jenny Unger, Sue Kenworthy, Shelly Seimers, Carolyn Burris. Theresa Poteete, Lona Mcintosh. Monica Pudden, Julie Von Bon, Diane Mohney, Cheryl High, Terri Elliott, Tammy Salter, Sherryl Cochran, Kathy Howard. Seventh row; Janet Von Bon. Bernie Simonsen. Sheila Jameson, Julie Schmidt. Lisa Swayne, Lanette Casey. Debbie Plain. Jill Arnold, Kris Fuller. Stacy Iverson. Maria Bruendl. Pam Newell. Leah Canady. Carla Myers, Julie Chapman. - 1 .M4 . a V ■ L. ' J -; f . ' . H i W - T ' H ' JI B r - BHEB B I ik C Billy Collon, Mr. Mason; Sponsor, Mark Lucas, Mark Ward, Joey Belden, and Mary Cole. This year M-Club, an organization consisting of all students who have lettered in any athletic event, has had two major projects. Under the direction of Charles Mason, sponsor, and the leadership of Mark Ward, president, M-Club sold calendars and litterbaskets. The money from selling these two products was used to purchase weights and various other equipment for the benefit of the athletic program. For the first year, M-Club has Dale Landes and Sid Colliatie. adopted a designated letter jacket for the members of M-Club. Lettermen and letterwomen are proud of their personal achieve- ment and wear their jackets with pride. Back row: C. Nolla, S. Runyan, B. Edwards, A. Whitmer, F. Howard, S. Colliatie, B. Long, T. Robinson, T. Luckner, S. Humphries, B. Milligan, D. Hagerman, W. Rich. 3rd row: C. Hicks, L. Fox, D. Simon, B. Cotton, L. Melick, S. Shoemaker, B. Pope, M. Wilson, C. Napier, T. Giles, L. Nelson. 2nd row: M. Lucas, P. Jones, M. Ward, J. Shook, M. Cole, T. Warren, N. Gehring, Mr. Mason. 1st row: J. Belden, T. Ryan, V. Marcelle, D. Rather, R. Johnston, D. Landes, J. Swayne, K. Lawless, F.Sims. Paula Mann, Dawn Rogers, Melanie Hare, Sheri Randall, Maryann Pennington, Debbie toxworthy, Terri Proctor. Officers: Shirley Crow; Worthy Associate Advisor; Carole Sears; Worthy Advisor; Judy Crow; Hope; Kathy Rickards; Charity. International Order Of The Rainbow For Girls Back row; Laura Pickens, Lona Mcintosh, Sheryl VanDorn, Monica Pudden. 2nd row: Sherryl Cochran, Kathy Howard. 3rd row; Tammy Slater, 1 Rickards and Judy Crow. Rainbows is a Masonic organization for girls from twelve to twenty years old. It teaches the lessons of love, religion, nature, immortality, fidelity, patriotism and service through the colors of the rainbow. Fellow- ship is an important part of this organization. Carole Sears is the Worthy Advisor and Shirley Crow is the Associate Worthy Advisor of the Mulvane chapter. Making snow cones on a hot summ r; Carole Sears. Kristi Learned, Lisa Hartman, Robin VanDeest. Shirley Crow. Mrs. Reiter Collette Enckson , Instructor ' 81-82 !•!« : KM tcsW how Strength Kristi Learned and Kevin Wells The 1981-82 Debate Topic dealt with the improvement of Ele- mentary and Secondary Education. Four returning debaters pro- vided a strong experienced nucleus for the squad. Kevin Wells attended summer debate camp and brought back a wealth of mate- rial. Kristi Learned was very diligent and was a top-notch debater this year. J.T. Klaus and Walter DeBacker continued to excel by placing 4th in the Circle Invitational Tournament. The novice debaters also did a fine job and gained valuable experience. The program is still in the building stages and there are many areas for improvement. Collette S. Erickson From left: Paul Mayfield, Kevin Wells, Carolyn Burris, Rayleen Roeder, Mrs. Erickson, Walter DeBacker, Paula Wayman, Kristi Learned, Kim Bolinger, J.T. Klaus. Mixed Ensemble is such fun. Highlights From " The Wiz " Jeff Eggert choreographed a medley of songs from " The Wiz, " a famous Broadway play. The mixed en- semble featured this during the fall vocal concert at the high school. This entertaining novelty was direct- ed by Bob Harris, vocal instructor. Across the back: Sherri Ashlock, Mark Schwartz, Kelly Leonard. J.T. Klaus, Mary Cole. Kevin Butler, Marni Wells, Phil Jones, Tawnya Infinger, Keith Schnittker. Sherryl Cochran, James Storey. In front: Robyn Smart, Tommy Luckner. Sheryl VanDorn, David Bowers, Paula Stengl. Jeff Eggert. Michelle Miller, Loren Bird, Jennifer Graber, Robert Bonner, Hollie Tackett. Kyle Couch. .;.. ' - " 1 mn M 1 B m f M 9 P ?fe Ka v iij Hlrl r -- A iliHHi Mix Lynn Vossberg plays a flute solo during the excellent Christmas concert iJ J jJ c ' t hJ " Simple Holiday Joys. " Vocal Superstars From back (L to R); Pam Maltbie. Bernie Simonsen, Julie Ramsey, Renae Bollerman. Jzohn Hogan, Doug VanDorn. Jimmy Meek, Darrell Croxson, Kevin Buller, Keith Schnittker, Bret Lambky, Todd Travis. Kathy Deschner, Kristel Engstrand, Patty Grieve, Michelle Chambers, Dawn Simpson, Marni Wells, Debbie Newton. 2nd row: Debbie Elliott, Julie Chapman, Roberta Mathers, Lori Scott, Sherrill Burgin, Cathy Iverson, Jim Carroll, David DeBacker, Kevin Langholz, Kyle Couch, David Bowers, Mark Schwartz, Sandy Showaltcr, Roberta Martiens, Karen Phillips, Sheryl VanDorn, Paula StengI, Sherri Ashlock, Renee Ramirez. 3rd row: Tammy Slater, Wanda Storey, Kaye Watson, Kathy Rickards, Tina Collins, Debbie Wallsmith, Rocky Anderson, Rick Starbird. James Storey, Tommy Luckner, Jeff Eggert, Julie Eggert, Jeanette Maltbie, Brenda Stough, Michelle Butler, Gayla Batson. Front row: Sherryl Cochran, Cheryl Herrin, Lynn Vossberg, Nova Cane, Kathy West, Tawyna Infinger, Hollie Tackett, Loren Bird, Robert Bonner, Sheila Jameson, Pam Newell, Robyn Smart, Kelly Leonard, Jennifer Jones, Debbie Murphy, Bob Harris. WALTER MARY KENT Wall DeBacker, Mary Pickens. Tim Giles and Kent Da Trisha Springer of KAKE listens to the MHS team study for the i Dr. Larry DeVann of Butler Juco congratulates captain Tim Giles for placing second in the statewide High-Q. MHS proudly accepts its trophy at From left back: Debbie Elliott, Robin Van Deest, Mrs. Pierce, Felisa Galvan, Mclanie Hare, Susan Askins, Krisli Learned, Lisa Jacques, Kim Bolineer (left 10 right) Joey Belden, Phil Jones. Duane McDaniel, Mark Lucas Jeff Eggert and Allison Befort The Inner Issue: Good And Getting Better! The Inner Issue is a school newspaper which is a welcome addition toMHS. The staff, under the guidance of Mrs. Pierce, has been steadily improving the paper both in content and format. New equipment includes a platemaker and a process camera. (left to right) Standing-Duane McDaniel, Phil Jones, Mark Lucas, Joey Belden, Melanie Hare, Felisa Galvan, Susan Askins. Mrs. Pierce, Kim Bolinger (left to right) Sitting- Debbie Elliott, Robin Van Deest. Kristi Learned, Lisa Jacques . f BciLK row- VI)ss McGranaghan (sponsor), Mary Lusk, Lanette Casey, Kyle Couch, Steve Runyan, Kurds Westfall, Daren Yohe, Traci Lawless, Janice Brown, Mr. Gifford (sponsor). Dee Dee Rather, Janecn Kerns, Lori Melick Middle row-Paula StengI, Valerie Lea. Shcrryl Cochran, Jenny Unger, Cheryl Herrin, Sherri Ashlock, Ginger Darbjo,;,Kelly Burns, Jailene Kilpatrick Front row-Greg Williams. Maria Bruendl, Danny Simon, Pal Pulis. Diane Brown • ' ; ' .: ' I .■ , ■ • ' i ' , J.- - Fellowship of Christian Athletes The purpose of F.C.A. is to confront coaches and athletes with the challenges and adventure of accepting Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, and serving Him in their relation- ships and serving Him in the fellowship of the church. Sponsors-Meg McGranaghan Linda Don Gifford I IViN " J - L, Mike Coffey Danny Harvey Dale Landes JeffSwayne TheAugusta Meet. T m Warren Back row: Coach Charles Ma.on. Robert Turner, Jeff Swayne, Dale Landes, Tim Warren Kev.n Butler, Jack Howard. Sid CoMiat.e. M ke .. Coffey, Danny Harvey. Front row: Manager Tara Johnson, Kurtis Westfall, Loren Bird, Brenda Starr, Ten Turkic, L,sa Swayne, Kick Hancock. Frank Howard, Manager Marijane Wells. 4-L ?r 80 fl sr. ' f. ' M, ■i -VT .; m- m IS ' ' I Kurlis Weslfall. Rick Hancock, Loren Bird Liss Swavne, Ten Turkic, Brcnda Starr. ' ' ffiritfAW Robert Turner, Kevin Butler, Frank Howard, Sid Colliatic S .-» ' .. ' ..■:% Harriers Have An S ' | ' Outstanding Season 0 -.- " - " ' . , " ■ ' ' The Mulvane Cross Country Team had an outstanding season par- ' i ticipating in seven meets, winning two. finishmg second twice and. ' - - fourth once. , " f- The boys were favored to win the Chisholm Trail League and the 4 A, ' . state meet at Wamego where they finished tenth for the second year in. .- ' a row. ; ' ■• " The giris ' team gained a lot of experience this year The high Mght ,,- . was Teri Turkic who set a new MHS record at Augusta by running a 13:18 breakmg the old school record by five seconds. ' " ■ ' [■ We will lose some outstanding seniors this year, but most of the boys ' ' »j ' ■■ team and all of the girls ' team will return, so we are looking for a- - I successful season again next year. ,- ■ , ' , -■■;■■- ' • ■ ' i - .-■ " . " ' . " ■ ' " ' .- ' - " .V " - ' - " •; " . ' " ' ' Charles A, Masar ■• -... ' ■. • V ' s ' ■!-. . . ' -. • ' ■ ,.- ' . ■ ■ And they ' re off! Mike Coffey. Jack Howard, Dale Landes, Tim Warren, Jeff Swavne, Danny Harvey. Trainers Tara Johnson and Marijanc Wells with Coach Mason. 81 r. DO Ji§TOGD |DTR isi ro»- Dee Dee Ralher, Mary Lusk, Lori Fox. 2nd ro v Allen WhUmer ohn SchUck, Danny S.mon, Chr.s Hicks, Kev.n Bell. Doug Ford G g Williams 3rd row: Robert Young, Todd Robinson, Dav.d Hull, Terry Reu seT Lary Nelson, Darren Yohe, Greg Staska. 4th row: Jon Brown, Coach Eddie Gerlach. Fred Sims, Barry Milligan, V,c Marcelle, Doug Van Dorn irDGO IQTR 1st row: Janeen Kerns, Dee Layna Bongiorni, Sherry Quigley, row Pat Pulis, Brian Pope, Mark Lucas, Joey Belden, 3rd Blaine Tucker, J.C. Shook, Pat McElravey, Clint Young 2nd row: Junior Varsity Cheerleaders 1st row: Maria Brundl, Stacy Iverson, Tract Lawless, 2nd row. Jake Bowhan, Pat Sellers, Billy Cotton, Brad Long, Kelly Lawless, Brent Bo- hanon, 3rd row: Brad Edwards, Tim Giles, Daved Hagerman. Wayne Rich, Cesar NoUa, Allen Teetzel Sophomores Phil Jones, Tim Ryan, Carolyn Burris, Kyle Couch, Cheri Heibert, Dilan Johns, Kris Fuller, Steve Runyan, Mark Ward f 1 J J ■ ■ 9% ' ar .fg p KUS Top row: Dave Johnson, Don Gifford, Jon Brown. Rick Erickson. 5th row: R. Countryman and T, Luckner (managers) B Boh Shook, G. Williams, J. Bowhan, D- Hall, D. Johns, B, Edwards, 4th row: D, Yohe, P. Pulis, J. Schlick, K Couch K Bell C Reusser. A. Teetzel, P. Sellers. 3rd row: D. Hagerman, D. VanDorn. L. Nelson. W. Rich. B. Long. . Whitmer T Robinson R Gerlach. 2nd row: D. Hull. V, Marcelle. J, Belden. K. Lawless, C. Hicks, S. Runvan. B. Milligan. F. Sims. T, Rvan. 1st row M Staska. B. Pope, D Simon. B Cotton, M. Lucas, P. Jones, C. Nolla, T. Giles. anan, J.C. Young, T. Young. E. Ward, G. WILDCATS HAVE WINNING SEASON The 1981 Football season marked the first winning season for the Wildcat Football team since 1977. It was a credit to the seniors as they provided the leader- ship necessary to overcome an opening-season, heart- breaking loss to propel the Wildcats to a winning season. , Jon Brown Head Coach VARSITY FOOTBALL SCOREBOARD (5-4) Shcrr Quiglc . . lar Lusk. Don Giflord, DceDee Rather, Jon Brown, DeeLayna Bongiorni, Dave Johnson, Lori Fox, Janeen Kerns. Mulvane Mulvane Mulvane Mulvane Mulvane Mulvane Mulvane Mulvane Mulvane 7 35 9 3 7 6 7 10 27 Augusta Valley Center Buhler Goddard Wellington Clearwater Andover Circle Rose Hill 14 6 6 40 21 22 6 7 2 OT OT Seniors: Back row: M. Lucas, J. Beidcn, P. Jones, V, Marcelle, C. Nolla, M. Ward. Bottom row: D. Simon. B. Cotton. B. Pope. K. Lawless. T. Giles. G. Staska. Juniors: Back row: B. Milligan. B. Long. B Tucker, T. Ryan, D. Hagerman, W. Rich. S. Runvan. D. VanDorn. Bottom row: L. Nelson. C. Hicks. A. Whitmer. T, Robinson, E. Gerlach. D. Ford. R Young. F. Sims. Denis Armstrong Joev Belden Phil Jones Kelly Lawless Mark Lucas Hon. Mention, Linebacker Vic Marcelle All League Punter Cesar Nolla Brian Pope Danny Simon Greg Staska Mark Ward CTL Guard-Hon, Men. David Hull VICTORY!! Joey ' s catch. Team action. ' ■V ;i- v. ' : ' -•,■ »• ' .- - .; v. J.V. Cheerleaders :3 V ■ ! • • ;; — Sppbomore fpotball .sguad with " JV -cheerleaders. . - ; ,T-op to : ' Maria Braendl. CfieriHieberi ' Siacy.Iversonj Bottom row: earolyn , ' ' f - ' ' , ' ; ' " ' - " ■ ' ■ ' - ' :, .- ' " ■ ' " .r ' ' yV ' - ' T " ' i! " ■ - , ' ' r ' ' ' - ' " " Bnrris, Kris Fuller, Traci Lawless, " ' • ' -- ' ■■..: -•■■ " ' ' tr- ' " . ' -c ' v- " :-r " ' - ' ' . ' " • - V — y? ' : . ' ' S ' -- n . - ' -■■ . ' -•f . ■•■ - ' l iWJ )(«J P HPQ KK ' ' ' ,- - :-— ' ■,■ ■•.•..- .r - . ? «- —-- ■-, ' . ' ' -. ••. " ■ ' ■■ -y}- ' ) - " ' •■ :;. " , ' ■ Stepping jrpriri ' tire " woVjir ■ ' • ■H Miss McGranaghan poses with; (1 to r) Standing. Janeen Kerns. Sherry Quigley, Lori Fox. Mary Luslc. Sitting: Dee Layna Bongiorni, Dee Dee Rather Vuigicv. Luri rox. iviarv lusk. aiuing. uee i_avna Dongiorni. uec uee - ' ■■ v -: ' ■.- . - ' ■ • ■-,■- ■■ ' , • . . ■ -.■ . ■ ... ■ , Rather. _ . ,. _- , V •■■. ' ?•, . ' V ■--;■ : ■■. -• ' - • ' - v ' ' ' -: JV vO. " • i ■ ' ■. " ' ' ■■- - " ■ V- - " - ' ' - ' ' ■ ' ■- " .- ; ' •; ' JS - ' I?- ' V rs I t u Fbotbafti ChfierCfiadens f :- " SJ ' .; ' ■ i - ' .-r ' ; ' r:- " v ' : " v - -vV.V: ' - ' wV.- ;,-i ' S ,t.;-.v . ' --v - S?-- The stars burst ' ,. ; ' ;, ' . z ' ' ■- - ■. ' .-;.5: ■ ' v:. . " We support each other Apnl Bales C.T.L. All-League 3 Dee Dee Rather Honorable Mention Celia Rogers ' Honorable Mention VB Technique And Strategy Pay Off In the past few years, volleyball has developed into a highly technical game of strategy and individual skill. This skill may be perfected only through long hours of practice. This team worked very hard throughout the season tt) improve. As a result, the team gained the respect of our opponents and spectators alike. This makes any season a success. Varsity Varsity Game Snap Juniors - (left to right) Nancy Gehring, Carole Sears, Diana Cleverdon, Sandy Humphries, Janeen Kerns, Glenda Jones, Mary Cole, Melissa Wilson, Kellie Lough, Lori Deloney, Owen Reekie _m " i ' iM a -mW? Teamwork Coaches Kim Sigg and Nancy Winter Sophomores - (top to bottom) Debbie Mclntyre, Raylene Roeder, Diane Mohney, Andrea Bryn- ner, Julie Schmidt, Traci Lawless, Tawnya In- finger, Kris Fuller, Kathy Howard, Stacy Iverson Managers Leah Canady and Debbie Plain What a dedicated group of girls. Eddie Oerlach, Paul Terrel. Terry Reusser, David Hall, Robert Turner, Kevin Butler, J.C. Shook " , Steve Nicholson, Pat McElravy, Darin Yohe, Coach Mason, Kneeling: Kevin Moyer, Greg Williams. Allen Whitmer. Scott Erickson, Sid Colliate, Kevin Bell, Mike Rayl. Coach Canfield explains a new play. Zero Club Standing: Sid Colliate, Eddie Gerlach. David Hagerman, Coach Mason, Kevin Butler. Robert Turner, Allen Whitmer. Kneeling: Chris Hicks. Paul Terrel, Terry Reusser, David Hall, J.C. Shook, Steve Necholson. Pat McElravy. Darin Yohe. Kneeling: Kevin Moyer. Mike Rayl, Greg Williams, Kevin Bell. Women over the men Head Coach, Mason, plans strategy. ' 81 - ' 82 Brought Excitement To MHS Cagers - The basketball season this year was very successful. The 1981-82 Wildcats brought much suspense to the fans. Eight games were won in the last seconds. Buhler was beaten for the first time and a second place trophey was brought home from the Chaparral Tournament. Much leadership was shown by our seniors. They came with in two games of making the state tournament. They ended with a record of 10-11, the best record since 1972. They were a pleasure to coach and to work with. They set a goal for future Wildcat teams to shoot for. Charles A. Mason Kneeling, 1 to r; Kevin Beli, Dale Landes, Eddie Gerlach, Robert Turner. Joey Belden. Tim Warren, David Hagerman. Kevin Butler, J.C. Shook, Vic Marcelle, Mike Coffey, Danny Harvey, Allen Whitmer, Sid Colliate, Standing, Tara Johnson, Chris Hicks, Marijane Wells, and Coach Mason. Joey Belden Dale Landes CTL, Hon. Mention Mike Coffey Vic Marcelle CTL, Hon. Mention Danny Harvey Tim Warren CTL, First Team All State Hon. Mention Coach Mason with trainers Tara Johnson and Marijane Wells. ' ' B,Vj| Sherry Quigley escorted by Danny Har- vey. Marijane Wells escorted by Tim Warren P ffA.i ' . rTk : ' x Mike Coffey and Queen Mary Lusk with Rhonda Mead and Jeff Carson Basketball Homecoming Escorts (standing) Danny Harvey, Mike Coffey, Tim Warren, Attendent (seated) Sherry Quigley, Queen Mary Lusk, Attendent (seated) Marijane Wells , «4 V ' u ' :| ' m ' i| M;. (left to right) Diane Mohney, Debbie Mclntyre, Stacy Shoemaker, Gwen Reekie, Nancy Gehring, (coach) Bill Brown, Mary Cole. (asst. coach) Leah Fairchild, Tawnya Infinger, Celia Rogers. Traci Lawless, Jailene Kilpatrick. Debbie Plain The 1981-1982 season was a re- building year in Girls ' Basketball with just two seniors on the team. Several individuals were recog- nized for their excellent perfor- mances. Nanch Gehring was named to the all tournament team at the Mulvane Invitational Tournament and Mary Cole was unanimously se- lected to the all-league team. Mary also established a new school record for most points scored in one season. With most of the key performers returning, next season should be very rewarding. Coach Bill W. Brown Celia Rogers Marv Cole (left to right) Judy Crowe, Lanette Casey, Bill Brown, Kelley Burns (silting) Gwen Reekie, Stacy Shoemaker, Diane Brown, Diane Mohney, Debbie Roberta Martiens, Tawnya Infmger, Traci Lawless, Leaii Fairchild .. Vii VilVM- [}JA AJLWM r NJw- y ,v» „ ■-- i .■ t ' .l ■ . y, ' _- -v.-.u: Carolvn Burris. Diana Bleam, Leah Ken- . _; .- ,y nedv, Maria Bruendl ' ' -■ ' .•. Junior Varsity Basketball Cheerleaders JV group cheerleaders, Diana. Jill, Stacy. Maria, Kris. Leah. Carolyn. Pam •r M i s. -t. ■w r- i m r m r% - J : dl P s ' : : , ' 7;■; . " ,■ lop row: Dee Layna Bongiorni, Wendy Reiser, Karen Phillips, Sherry Quiglev, Lori Melick. Linda V caver, Chris Tackett. Bottom row: Billy Cotton. Brad Edwards, Pat Pulis, Mark Lucas, Miss McGranagahn, .Mr. Erickson, Joey Beldcn, Jefl ' Swayne, Danny Simon. Cesar Nolla. Varsity Basketball Cheerleaders . : Dee Layna. Chris. Lori Karen. Wcnd . Shcrr , Linda, Chris, Linda. Wendy. Dec Layna. Sherry. Karen ' : Back row: David Belew, Brian Nulick. Allen Whitmer, Rob- ert Turner. Darrin Paris. Greg Quigley. 2nd row: Chris Hicks. Steve Runyan. Barry Milligan. Doug Ford, Terry Reusser. David Edson. 3rd row: Manager; Robert Young. Todd Robinson. Mike Ravi. J.C, Shook, Pal Sellers. Manager; Ed Gerlach. Front row; head coach Don Gilford, Dale Landes, Vic Marcelle. Manager. Lisa Lacques. Rob- ert Fanning, oach, Dave Kal- zenmeier. The 1982 Baseball season was one of firsts. Ever- ything we accomplished was a modern day first. Our record (10-12), indicates the youth of our team. Though we will miss our three Senior members, (Rob- ert Fanning, Dale Landes. and Vic Marcelle), we will have an excellent group of returners to defend our Regional Championship in 1983. The program is off to an excellent start, and with continued dedication, we should continue to improve. 1 thank the Seniors for their efforts. I encourage the underclassmen to con- tinue to work. I wish to thank everyone for their support, in this the first year of the program. The future appears bright for Mulvane Baseball, and I ' m glad to be a part of it. SINCERELY, DON GIFFORD ffit»ijgy T m 1 k nffJI H ' " J H ■1 ta n l Top row: Diane Mohney. Lisa Swayne, Kathy Howard, Mindy Metzger. Middle row: Becky Bozone, Monica Mills. Tawnya Infinger, Roberta Martiens, Kris Fuller. Front row: Cheri Hiebert, Brenda Starr, Maria Bruendl, Stacy Iverson Traci Lawless, Terri Turkic, Melissa Wilson, Jaliene Kilpatrick, Mary Cole, Diane Cle- vcrdon. Four new school records, numerous metals, trophies, and twen- ty girls meeting the requirements for a letter all acid up to a successful 1982 track season. Long hours of hard work made personal and team goals a reality. Top row: James Stephens, Trey Green, Fred Sims, Brad Long, Larry Nelson, Jeff Pray. John Howard. Middle row: Brian Pope, Jeff Swayne, Mark Ward, Brian Bell, Joey Bcldcn, Jim Carroll, Curtis Napier. Front: Darren Yohc, Dilan Johns, Kurtis Weslfall. Back row: Jeff Swayne, Mark Ward, Brian Bell. Front row: Brian Pope, James Stephens, Joey Belden, Curtis Napier. Back row: Larry Nelson, Jeff Pray, John Howard, Front row: Jim Carroll, Fred Sims, Brad Long, Trey Green. w- fc tj--3x;!. 4 » MI L_ t nfl rp j B 1 j IB H KK m 1 i JPm B l iBib L ' si Lr iBHI Janecn Kerns. Kirsten Mize. Robin Countryman. Jenn Unger, Kcllie Lough. Tammy Moore, Jennifer Pounds. Paula Wayman. Robyn Smarl. Marv Lusi . l-ori Fox. Mary Vendrick. A preUy totem pole. Klassy Kats .A Junior horseshoe. Senior traffic directors The Hat Routine done to " ' I ' m Stepping Out " Klassy Kats - A Winning Squad The Pom Pon squad has lived up to its name of Klassy by demonstrating winning ways. Last summer the girls won the highest trophy given at the NCA camp at Tulsa for competitive perfor- mance: They also placed first at a Hutchinson meet and second at MHS. The local squad is noted for effective choreography that comple- ments the up beat music. Under the helpful leadership of Nancy Winter, the sponsor, the girls spend many hours making up the routines and then perfecting them. Their polished performances during halftime at ball games reflect the fun the girls have in addition to the hard work. Congratulations for an excellent year. (starting at left bottom) Robyn Smart. Robin Countryman. Paula Wayman. Tammy Moore. Kellic Lough, Kirslen Mize. (sponsor) Nancy Winter. Mary Vendricit. Jenny Unger, Jennifer Pounds, Mary Lusk. Janeen Kerns. Lori Fo. ' The Best Of Times " The Best of Times " lived up to its promise as the best of proms. The hard work, yummy food and excel- lent planning of the juniors made it a real success. The decorations of the 30 ' s were outstanding and the sen- iors appreciated being individually recognized on the mural. Thanks from the seniors! (I to r) Candidates Tara Johnson and Kelly Lawless. King and Queen, Vic Marcelle and Roberta Poteete. Candidates Stoney Ni- chols and Lisa Jacques. Mr. and Mrs. Thomason enjoy the Junior class president, Mark prom. Elliott, makes his speech. Prom Servers: Kristel Engstrand, Sheryl VanDorn, Rick Hancock, Teri Turkle, Pat Sellers, Kris Fuller, Mark Hamilton, Terry Reusser, Cheryl High, Dilan Johns, Jill Arnold, Kyle Couch, Scott Erickson. Prom singers, Jeff Eggert and Sherri Ashlock Senior class president, -iDanny Simon, Beverly Reiter keeps busy at praises the prom. the food table. A quiet moment for Mr. Lillich and his Mrs. Canfield looks on as Mr date. Canfield clowns for the camera. FHA THANKSGIVING SUPPER (1 to r) Phil Jones, Marni Wells, Loren Sapienza, Sherrill Burgin, Debbie Newton, Ron Johnston, Chris Tackett, Valerie Lea, Sheryl VanDorn. After School Fun 1 ' lUmy BsnKwdll anfi KdlEe BT ' BI BP m M T 1 ■■«i ' ' - ' W ■fel K ' ' M mm i ' J. H 2 M ■ m 1 Carol taikar Silewe Kis as, PH BM AraflESwmtb Tbc JcjiifiiiV of mmumc Jeff Carson, Hilary Peirce Homecoming Cuties Old Settler ' s fun- 1981. Friendship There are all kinds of friendships, but the best kinds, are the kind that lasts. n Tara and Marijanc wiih their two favorite guys One who " " lend as quick as he " borrow, One who " s the same today as tomorrow, One who ' ll share your joy and sorrow. That ' s what 1 call a friend. 1 ' J ' sL 4m A Cliarlie and his angcl.s " A shocking experience? " . .i. School Daze! Forever friends. Standing: Phil Jones, Marni Wells, Janice Brown, Sheri Ashlock. Kneeling: Debbie Newton, Paula Stengl. Ginger Darbro. Officers; 1st row (1 to r); Mary Cole, Melissa Wilson, President; Jeff Swayne, Walter DeBacker. 2nd row; Gwen Reekie, Denis Armstrong, Cesar Nolla, J.T. Klaus. — Catholic Youth At School 1 St row (1 to r); R. Poteete, L. Jacques, S. Heatley, L. Vossberg, O. Maynard, L. Swayne. 2nd row: K. Fuller, T. Poteete, C. Myers, G. Reekit, J. Jones. 3rd row: D. Armstrong, D. Simon, B. Cotton, M. Cole, M. Wilson, W. DeBacker, J.T. Klaus. 4th row: D. McDaniel, M. Lucas, L. Fox, K. Wells, J. Swayne, M. Schwartz, C. Nolla, T. Ryan. Baby Tackett IP «i Baby L awrence Chris Tackett and Sandy Lawrence. Mr. Bill Brown and Chris. ' " Life With Chris And Sandy r Mr. John Brown and Sandy. Piiula performs her pom pen roulinc. iuini rreiu Todd Huniboli ■!■ WAYMAN SIMON STANDARD Red Carpet Service COMPLETE CAB CARE PHONE 6B3 »B5 683-0661 } . J [ . — ■ Congratulations, Seniors From DR. AND MRS. LESLIE COBB V ■ r " - tjJ l 1 ■HliJ B ill lA lv The new " Green Machine " was a big hit of ' 81 football season. Stewart Heersche made and donated the machine which was a brain child of the Booster Club. The Big Lean Mean Green Fighting Machine m i ' ? " . ' What you arc is God ' s gift to you What you make of yourself is your gift to God. Heersche Hondamotive ' s " Green Machine " ■ jw4 ' i xi i v i - % 4 l J . w%: -vi Heersche Hondamotive Complete Honda Car Repair Service STEWART DEBBIE HEERSCHE ,:Sf 3 The Green Machine The new Green Machine is a welcome addition to MHS Wildcat activities. The Booster Club originated the idea. Heersche Hondamotive built, painted and donated the car. The green machine ' s debut was a big event in the fall Homecoming Parade. en Fcrman ' giniy Sleadman Ginger Wilcox Kitra Workman Sharon Quinton J.C. Hinds Margaret Waller ■ Janice Parkcv 1 Janel Gomez 1 Carolyn Flowers 1 Kathy LeClair 1 Geneva Young 1. Vlaxine Kessler ' 4 Alice Clascn Ik- K 1st row (1 to r) Waller DeBacker. Kristi Learned, Julie Eggert. 2nd row: Mary Pickens, Donna Ward, Lisa Hartman, Kent Daniels, Diane Mohney, Bryan Ellis. 3rd row: Laura Pickens, Glenda Jones, Jeff Eggert, Clint Jackson, Darrin Paris. e« a A truck load of Wildcats! Trisha Springer watches as the Mulvane team studies for the High-Q final match. . imt 5 M V a ? f Sf These Students Enjoy American History- Allison Befort, Sherrill Burgin, Darrel Croxson, Marilyn Connet, Mark Daily, Mark Elliott, Tyna Fajen, Cheryl Herrin, Sandy Humphries, Glenda Jones, Pam Maltbie, Gwen Reekie, Greg Schott, Terry Smith, Cristy Starbird, Terry Weeks, Roy Wilken- M?, ;i ' It ' s a Bird! It ' s a plane! It ' s Super Roy! Left to right: Roy Wilkinson, Terry Smith, Mark Elliott, Mark Daily, Greg Schott, Darrel Croxson. Standing; left to right: Terry Weeks, Marilyn Connet, Glenda Jones, Sandy Humph- ries, Cheryl Herrin, Gwen Reekie, Allison Befort, Tyna Fajen, Kneeling; left to right: Sherrill Burgin, Cristy Starbird, Pam Maltbie. Left to right: Roy Wilkinson, Darrel Croxson, Greg Schott, Mark Elliott, Mark Daily, Terry Smith. Bill Brown, Instructor. . T I l.Ji Mr. Mrs. Jim Coffey AMERICAN FAMILY INSURANCE AUTO Ham Busmiss hiaith ufe JIM COFFEY INSURANCE AGENCY ;i2 EAST MADISON. DERBY, KANSAS 67037 PHONE. 316 788 2853 School Friendshi ps Will Endure r FIRST FEDERAL : SAVINGS iliiS : ASSOCIATION First Federal Savings and Loan Association of Sumner County Mulvane Branch K-15 and Rock Road Member FSLIC Savinas insured to $40,000 World History at its best. Mr. Bill ' s beauties! Brad Bohanan World History 3rd Hour (On slide from I to r) Lona Mcintosh, Cathy West, Tom Swanson, Dale Landes, Amy Phillips, Julie Von Bon, James Hurst, Monty Ball, Rocky Anderson, Rick Starbird, Jeff Patterson, Kyle Couch. (Standing from 1 to r) John Schlick, Roger Lanzrath, Curtis Napier, Blaine Tucker, Carla Walker, Bill Brown, Diane Bleam, Tracy Elliott, Allen Teetzel, Todd Travis, Steve Nicholson, Shawn Ryals, David De Backer, Lance Kissinger, Bernard Champagne. V, On top: Ron Mills, Todd Gerdes, Kevin Olson, Paul Terrel, Clay Thornton, Daren Yohe. Standing: Julie Covington, Mary Vendrick, Jeff Eggert. An interesting subject! Another side of speech. Kevin keeps ' em laughing. Speech Class Marge Goering, Instructor. Good Luck To The Seniors From IVERSON AND WESTFALL PLUMBING AND ELECTRICAL, INC. Stacy and Company An outstanding group of girls Stacy Iverson Jenny Unger and Rusty Weslfall Jaliene and Mrs. Weslfall Crash course More American Beauties American History American Beauties Getting busted??? Fifth Hour Group Picture Standing: Tony Rouviere, Robert Turner, Robert Brown, Tim Means, Darrin Paris. Michelle Le Clerc, Debra Love. Julie Krueger, Tony Johnson, Mr. Brown, Sherry Alumbaugh. Kenny Burrell. Paul Mayfield. Eddie Gerlach. Kneeling: Kirsten Mize, Lisa Schlaegel, Carole Sears. Sue Kenworthy. Lauri Bachman. Twila Walker, Trey Green, Jerry Bell. Sitting: Max McCormick. Blaine Tucker, Jeff Kill. Nancy Gehring. Robert Young. Fred Sims, Tia Moyer. 135 Tom. Kenny and Jack. Drafting 5th Hour ip J»5;, tk:3 » Duane i Bret and Daren. (Back row 1 to r) Mr. Schreiner, Mark Daily. Monty Ball. David Hagerman, Tom Swanson. Todd Humbolt. (Middle row) Duane McDaniel, Jack Howard. Sid Colliatie. (Front row) Bret .Almire. Daren Green. Kenny Bippert. 136 ' M M HARDWARE M M HARDWARE Denis . . , the camera ' s ihal way! Mr. Lillich instructs class. Todd Humboli. Duanc McDaniel. Mark Daily, Sid Collialie. Monty Bali, David Haggerman. Johnnie Wright, David Bowers, Janice Brown and Mrs. Sigg. Fred Sims, Danny Harvey, Melinda Crook, Kir- sten Bloomgren. Brian Pope, Mary Lusl(, Tara Johnson. Bill Jackson. gJLL ' g STANDARD ' ' ' °° ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' " through the wringer. Bill Bailey and Harold Pulis. Quiet! Geniuses at work. Mulvane KS. Shelly Le Clerc, Bill Cotlon, Kelly Brooks, Mark Daily. Max McCormick, Paula Mann, Mr. Schreiner, Wade Anderson, Paul Craft. David Hull, Jack Howard, Curtis Napier, Melanie Hare. Paul Mayfield, Denis Armstrong, James Stephens, Bret Almire. Drafting Fourth Hour The optimist club is proud to sponsor: Youth Appreciation Week, Mulvane Opti- mist Soccer League, Bike Safety Program, Tri-Star Soccer, Tri-Star Football, Youth Oratorical Contest, Tri-Star Basketball, Tri-Star Baseball and Summer Baseball Teams. Thirsty teammates Tim and Marie. £ |li } ILL Top row (I to r) Collette Erickson, Sharon Westfall, Sue Baumgarlner, Ron Adkins. Middle row (1 to r) Kevin Diefenbacli, Kurtis Westfall, Darren Yohe, Vic Marcelle, Kelly Lawless, Joey Belden, Dale Landes. Front row (I to r) Tracy Lawless, Sandy Humphries, Diane Cleverdon, Wendy Reiser, Linda Weaver, Jennifer Pounds. Kelley Burns. Dale Lanes, President. 1 1. The Dairy King gang: from school, to work ... to play? (1 to r) Steve Runyan, Mark Daily, Todd Gerdes, Melissa Wilson, Sherry Quigley, Kim Ferguson, Diane Cleverdon, Jennifer Pounds, Tammy Moore. Dennis Kimble Owner OF MULVANI SHAKES • CONES • SLUSHES ICE CREAM SUNDAES POP • BANANA SPLITS FRIES L WIDE MENU SELECTION COMrOMTABLE BOOTHS o, .S?i JtSit ' ilSSV ' . ' Sti :.Atj i ' A -S " U ijr X 1 American ) 0MJ History W m 4th Hour V cT? Wise Owls! Larry Aiumbaugh Sherry Aiumbaugh Audrey Anderson Robert Bonner Chuck Collett Sid Colliate Jim Costello Shirley Crow Lori Deloney Jenny Ekey Linda Jarrett Bret Lambkey Brad Long Jimmy Meek Sar ah Phillips Julie Ramsey Sheila Reams Todd Robinson Brian Ross Todd " srhfn Tony Gonsalves Daren Green Trey Green Kelly Hagbom Jzohn Hogan Andy Jackson I uu j ociic n Robert Sears Bernie Simonsen Darrin Strait Tim Swanson Jenny Unger Robin Van Deest Standing: Renea Wilcoxson, Elizabeth Means. Sitting: Linda Matteson, Carol Frikken. Shelly Means. Tina Ruff. Together we have shared, three years inside these walls. And our voices and our laughter, have echoed through the halls. Now we say good-bye to you, as our time is at its end. But our memories will be fond ones as we say " farewell " old friend. One-half dozen American Beauties. Drafting First Hour L__ ' mn .m 1 Todd gets a lift out of drafting. ■U Kenny turns the tables on Mr. Schreiner. Drafting builds muscles. ■ ' ' Robert Schreiner Instructor From left to right: Bret Lambky, Mark Lucas, Trey Green, Billy Cotton, Kevin Gillespie, Daryn Wilmeth, Todd Schen, Kenny Burrell, Kenny Rickards, Keith Timmons, Mr. Schreiner, Tony Rouviere. HXJWJU The girls in anatomy with a recent victim of ANOREXIA NERVOSA Anatomy Four buddies on a bench. Just hanging around! S tri ; S:;::. : i r v «!! -- y ' - ' o- ™h, Me,od Shelly Johnson, Carol Baker, Celia Roger elody Mahan, Dee Dee Rather, Paula GARNETT ' S AUTO SUPPLY NO. 4 619 N. Baltimore 788-1553 Or 788-0212 GARNETT AUTO Good Luck To The Graduates From DR. PORTER 777-1362 114 W. Main Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Graduates of 1981 DR. L.A. ROBINSON WESTERN AUTO MERLE J. CANNON no West Main-Phone: 777-1591 MULVANE, KANSAS 67110 PIX BARBER SHOP ' ■ COMPLETTE Hair Care [ 104 Prather Jim Sharpe 777-4121 Congratulations to the 1981-82 Mulvane Senior High graduates from the USD 263 BOARD OF EDUCATION and ADMINISTRATION PAPENHAUS OIL CO. Gasoline — Oil — Grease — Accessories Tires — Batteries — Station Tank Wagon Service Tune-Ups 777-1071 r , ci " WHERE SERVICE AND EXPERIENCE PniU allOp MAKE THE DIFFERENCE " Ken Lyerla 637 N Baltimore, Derby. Kansas 67037 • 788-2091 DICK ' S PLUMBING Good Luck, Seniors! 1 W. Collier 777-1221 Mulvane LARRY R. ANDERSON, M.D. JOEL T. WEIGAND, M.D. CLAY SHAW, PA. USE. MAIN MULVANE, KS 67110 HOURS 9-12 1-S M.F Phone 7V7-0106 AFTER HRS 36 1261 Good Luck, Seniors! from BERNADINE ' S BEAUTY SHOP 777-1554 523 S. Central Congratulation, Seniors from COMPLETE HOME BUILDERS, INC MARQUISE STUDIOS 66 Years Experience So Very Dependable Enid, Oklahoma Slonev and his sludenls. Jon Brown ' s 4th Hr. Psychologists! Carol Baker, Penny Baker. April Bales. Phil Ball, Mike Coffey. Debbie Elliott. Jerrie Fletcher, Debbie Foxworthy. Nancy Gehring. Lisa Hartman, Susan Heatley, Cheryl Herrin, Cathy Iverson, Shelly Johnson, Kelly Lawless, Kirsten Mize, Stoney Nichols, Mary Ann Pennington, Mary Picker;s, Terri Proctor, Kathy Reeves, Margaret RadicI, Kenny Rick- ards, Tony Rouviere, James Storey, Mar- tha Sumpter, Evelyn Wallsmith. Melissa Wilson, Renea Wilcoxson. Jon Brown. j n 151 ■ Julie Ramscv, Lisa Swayne. Lorrie Bird Scenes From Sixth Hour Drama Mrs. Goering It ' s Just An Act .r! I- 1 Sing along with GilTord? Don Gifford Instruclor American History sixth houi (I lo r) Melissa Wilson. Rhonda Hoover. Renee Bollerman. Valerie Lea. Janet Von Bon. Lyn Vossberg. Jennifer Jones. Debbie W ' allsmith. Karen Phillips. Diane Cleverdon. (I to r) Tim Ryan, Kevin Gillespie. Alex Lior, Shawn Ryals. lelT Pray. Doug Van Dorn. Keith Schnittkcr. Daryn V ilmeth. 153 Ingalls Electric Sales Service 104 WEST MAIN MULVANE 777-1571 •Showing A Complete Line Of General Electric And Maytag Appliances Electrical Service Supplies R.K. THOMASON. D.D.S. Telephone 777-1151 1210 N. ROCK ROAD MULVANE, KANSAS 67110 BALFOUR JEWELRY ' S FINEST CRAFTSMEN Box 432 Salina, Kansas 67401 Bill Barr (913) 827-7013 NORDEN PLUMBING " If you need a plumber bad, you need him good " Ted Norden Doris Norden 777-1171 MULVANE, KANSAS MULVANE AND PECK COOPERATIVE UNION Mulvane Phone 777-1122 A-«r Accounting- Second Hour Accounting- First Hour Want to talk about religioii College Hill Churc Of Christ Sitting: Lisa Schlaegel, Kathy Deshner, Jimmy Meek, Kneeling: Lori Bird, Julie Ramsey, Cheryl High, Ten Elliot, Standing: Darryl Croxson, Rick Hancock, Brian Pope. mile real " his is no -mannered estate siga Your neighborhood ERA® Real Estate Specialist " presents Super Sign ' " We make home buying selling simple and fast- ERA-Nye Realty K-15 Hwy Box 100 777-118 © 1979 Eleclronic Re.ilty A Neighborhood offices everywhere, each independently owned and operated. ERA-NYE REALTY ! ei-. iij « i i. s J»w ■.■i..j...rf— -g Best Wishes From The AMERICAN LEGION BOWL Sheryl ' s 207 W. Main Shoe Mulvane Shack 777-4327 Senter - Smith Mortuary Mulvane 501 S. E. Louis Blvd. (Hiway K-15) 777-1632 " A Family Serving Families " DERBY BOWL MULVANE RADIO TV, INC. fg lfH Your Radio Shack Dealer Special Attention Given to School and Church Parties 205 W. Main, Mulvane DON PERSELS Phone 777-1041 444 S. Baltimore Derby, Kansas 158 League Bowling COMMERCIAL CONTAINER RESIDENTIAL SERVICE SERVICE MULVANE TRASH SERVICE TO START TRASH SERVICE GARRY LUSK, Owner-Mgr PHONE 777-0311 P. O. Box E MULVANE, KANSAS 1 n C oA! fj, Second hour sophonuTL " The class [icks together. chiss VV.tlch ihe birdie. Titii. Introduction To Social Science .lerrv Bell. Robert Broun, l.ori Del_one . lerri Hlliott, Kim Geller. Daren (jreen, .l ohn llugan. St.ics hersoii. Boh Ka lnc. , Kellie I ough. ShelK M.tlilandl. Diane lohne . Pani e vell. Monica Puddcn. Cath | Reese. Kalh) Richards. Tim R an. f rankie Schmidt, .luiic Schmidt. Pal Sellers, Tamnn Siilli an. Todd Travis, l. n osseberg, Ke in VVenh. Cath W est. Bill Brown, Instructor, 1591 We see you Janeen! Dale ' s adorned with lovely ladies. Tammy Moore, Kirsten Mize, Mary Vendrick, Paula Wayman A group cute enough to cuddle. PHONE 788-2861 Derby Floral and Gift Shoppe 401 NORTH BALTIMORE DERBY, KANSAS 67037 Elaine and Jerry Layton Mulvane High School Band Mark Lucas and Parents Mark entertains his friends . J Ti mk !::. hl vfl " 1 ' Get Down Mark M Rah Rah Gifford ' s Soao. American History rirst hour American History, • -% " Jl Mr m ■ruHi|ip _|||M Ir p K J f 1 ' 1 1, . £M ,. ' eis b h isf --saB Sf It ' s just one of those days! Behind car: Roberta Mather. Jim Carroll, Kevin Butler, Harold Pulis, James Stephens, Clay Thornton, [n front of car: Kevin Wells, Sandy Showalter, Wanda Storey. Jaliene Kilpatrick, Kris Morton (in car), Mr. Gifford, Kristi Learned. Annette Ake. Michelle Miller, Sherry Quigley. Martha Sumptcr, Shirley Crow, Jenny Ekey, Linda Jarret, Jennifer Jon(»s. Tammy Moore. Annptte Ake. Shorthand Takes Skill And Shorthand Stimulates Students C r iL-apidaryJnc. i EYiRYTHINO FOR THE ROCKHOUND Retail — Wholesale =]apidary,lnc. 11740 S. OLIVER • RT. 2, BOX 135 2 miles west of town on hwy. 53 MULVANE, KANSAS 67110 MaVIN and ERNITA LENTZ PAUL end ANN RACia 316-777-1372 FARMERS and MERCHANTS SlMERANKQfDERBV Main Bank 330 E. Madison 788-2811 Express Bank 201 N. Baltimore 788-1533 Member FDIC " We want to be your bank ' ' • 24 HOUR SERVICE • SERVICE CALLS WRECKER SERVICE ASH WRECKER SERVICE ROUTE 1, BOX 433 MULVANE, KS 67110 JOHN MARY ASH 316 777-4606 OWNERS 316 777-1056 208 S. Baltimore, Derby, Kansas purveyors of round meals and flat snacks Under personal management of Dale McCulloch 788-2011 tJ MULVANE HIGH. SCHOO DV ZZ UIU JUb REACHES TVE BE 40 Craig. Vicki. Joe. Todd The 3 Marx brothers Groucho. Chico. and Harpo ROCKER " mjevane iga OMEDWNpO -1WME |OPERATED VIRGIN A LOVi .I ' BSSS SONSHINE LOCK MEATS Hours: 8-6 • Sat. 8-1 PHONE 777-1114 DfCK RATHBUN, Manager After Hours 777-4920 Meat from Sonshine? Debbie Love Kell :, ■■:■ ;» : ii!-. ' a— — ■ ■ H ■■1 Stoney Nieholl I Hpier H Congratulations to the Class of 1982 from A FLASH! ADVERTISING p — 11=11 IIUllUII ,_ , Financial Services DIRECT FACTORY DISTRIBUTORS Prom Favors Custom Printed Spirit Builders Buttons-T-Shirts-Bumper Stickers Promotional Items-Printed Pens Pencils Box D-Mulvane Phone (316) 777-0722 JAe H utton Financial Services A Division of EF Hutlon Company Inc Betty L Jones CFP Branch Coordinator Rock Road Plaza 1 15 Plaza Lane East Mulvane KS 67110 Telephone (316) 777-0118 " wmh a- .PIA M H R BI U o s J 1 ULd ' -mm ' , T ' ' ■ HE ' . Stuhlsatz Associates £l niutancs. John Stuhlsatz Derby, KS 67037 (316) 788-I5n msmm Congratulations from H AND R BLOCK 168 112 E. Main Mulvane BEN ' S AUTO SERVICE Ben Phillips 7141 S. Broadway Haysville Shirt Shoppe • Custom Caps • T-Shirts • Jackets • • Specialty Heat Transfers • Cliff Sharon Barnard OWNERS 788-5914 718 N. Baltimore Derby. Kansas 67037 WEDDINGS • GROUPS • PORTRAITS Johnson Photography 417 East Helbert Mulvane, Kansas 67110 JOE W. JOHNSON (316) 777-1095 Business Law Fifth Hour In truck; Todd Gerdes. Evel n Wjllsmilh. Wayne Rich. Michelle Miller. Mike Rose. Phil B;ill, Tim Giles, Mary Vendrick. Robin Countryman Standing and sitting: Allen W hiimcr. Chris Hicks, tili abcth Means. Miss McGranaghan. Dale Landes. Danny Simon. i " Miliar LOVE Love conquers: all obstacles, all hurt, all pain. It ' s a single smile, , _, a gentle kiss, a warm thought. But most of all, love is a constant reminder of all that is good in life! Marni Wells Phil Jones ■ , D«e Dee Rather Quality Homes. Under Construction In Settler ' s Addition Will Build To Suit In Your Location Be dine Construction Realty Co. CHARLES VELMA 223 PIONEER PLACE 777-1602 — 1 I ' ' 1 ■! " I — ■▼ I I ' ' — — p-— , — I ' -v - n — -r k __ TTT- :--- SAVA-TRIP SOFTO ;;3zi: )FTI»lKi(S-B£E(lia ' ' . ' J.W. METZ LUMBER COMPANY ROGER MODDELMOG — RAY WARREN Contractor Sales Phone (316) 788-3781 6770 SOUTHEAST BLVD. DERBY, KANSAS 67037 The Print rii iiiei-Tim iU Shoppe, V Inc. i05 SOI TH MAIN WICHITA KANSAS b7202 PHONE Cilti 2W-1( li Congratulations - Students From SAV-A-TRIP Soft Drinks • Beer • Ice Sandwiches TELEPHONE T77-0103 MICHAEL A. PAVLICK, D.D.C. OFFICE HOURS BY APPOINTMENT 114 E.AST MAIN MULVANE. KANS.AS 67110 SELF SERVICE HIGHLANDER LAUNDRY Mulvane and Third 777-9957 Hours: Mon. thru Sat. 6;30 AM to 8:30 PM Sunday: 9 AM to 6 PM PHILLIP ' S AUTO SERVICE 7141 So. Broadway Haysville, KS 522-0921 Warren Phillips Ben Phillips MHS ' 76 Drafting students help each other out. Studious workers. Drafting can be fun! Put Down That Graphite!!! Mr. Schreiner and Kelly Hagbom Kevin Olson is hard at work. h- ' - ' mtm Lucious locker room lads. Some very interested students. American History- Third Hour Back row: Mark Schwartz, David Haggerman. Second row: Lavina Collins, Kenny Bippert, Kevin Werth, Sandy Lawrence, Larry Nelson, Stacy Shoemaker, Allen Whitmer, Kellie Lough, Barry Milligan, Janeen Kerns, Lori Melick, J.T. Klaus, Chris Hicks, Mary Cole, Walter DeBacker, Kathy Deschner, Mary Vendrick, Todd Humbolt, Kim Hoselton. Front row: Kelly Brooks, Shelly Johnson, Keri Stump, Paula Wayman, Kim Bolinger, Kim Gelter, Julie Eggert. Congratulations From The POLICE DEPARTMENT Monty and Jennifer enjoy going to school dances GAS l ME SERVICE 7148 S.E. BLVD. DERBY. KS 67037 i IckerS 1 Kim Bollnser and Paula Wavman S®ini®( PHilni K 2402 Soulh Sfrneca (Comer Pawnee Sen. JIMBOLINGER Dale and his harem ■L i 2 ' ■ ;599CTII8ICPK J ■ : . j ' J •. A ' -1 ' ]K.MJtjl|i T l iH 1 S - ■■■■« .J« " • u Ik M fl Amydell and Kelley Burns t ' s cf lower Shop 109 W. MAIN ■ BOX 258 MULVANE, KANSAS 67110 (316) 777-1091 biiaiie ami Amyilell Burns (going down) Kelley Burns, Mary Vendrick, Jennifer Pounds, Wendy Reiser, Jenny Unger, Loren Sapienza, Sherryll Burgin, Lynn Vossberg, Linda Weaver ' i l3 F M Wm SSSSmR g ' ' ! VV - ' f J ■J V - . V i A. Front to Back; A. Phillips, T. Gerdes, J. Brown, P. Stengl, S. Ashlock, M. Wells, D. Rather, M. Lusk, M. Wells, D. Newton, D. Gifford. Front row; M. Wells, C. Hicks, S. Phillips. 2nd row; D. Gifford, J. Kerns, A. Phillips, M. Vendrick, P. Thomason, S. Ashlock, M. Lusk. 3rd row; J. Unger, P. Stengl, J. Brown, J. Brown, D. Newton, M. Wells. 4th row; T. Johnson, D. Rather, S. Runyan, T. Gerdes. V- ES • .:SJit ' " 7 T WBHj • Cathy, Renea, Susan, Tina Lr American History Second Hour Monty Ball, Kirsten Bloomgren, Kelley Burns, Paul Craft, Melinda Crook, Mark Flickinger, Doug Ford, Pa- tricia Harvey, Jeff Holmes, Frank Howard, Terry Kop- plin. Melody Mahan, Maria McKee, Tammy Moore, Jennifer Pounds, Wendy Reiser, Wayne Rich, Kenny Rickards, Steve Runyan, Robyn Smart, Keith Timmons, Donna Ward, Kay Watson, Linda Weaver, Greg Wilcox. Lovely ladies of liberty. Another exhausting day in history. i-jBli Sciiij Ti m Mary Powel «?y 1. r Jf C .CI BiKllMMfc BMBBBJ ' i H ) ' Drafting Mike McCurdy, Jack Howard Todd Gerdes and Brian Alquest Mr. Schreiner pulls Mr. Jelinick ' s beard Cats ' Fred Sims heads upfield behind block of Wayne Rich for yardage against Buhler. BRANINE CHEVROLET CO., INC. 1014 N. Second MULVANE, KANSAS 67110 Chevette • Monza • Camaro Nova • Malibu • Monte Carlo GARY E. BRANINE Bus. Phone 777-1191 Dealer Home Phone 777-1034 SHIELD OF SHELTER ' --■f ' f I ' -i SHELTER INSURANCE Mary Dixon helps a customer. David Hull and Jack Howard deep in thought. Doug Ford and Lisa Jacques enjoy the Prom. r-%M Here is a solution to your quarterback dilemna. Coach. , . 4i Compliments Of CHARLES REALTY Robert Glaser and Linda Pierce Wildcal Women show who has the strength at MHS. (clockwise) Kim Bolinger, Paula Wayman, Kim Gcltcr. Kellie Lough Lori Dcloncy, and Crisly Starbird. AUTOMOTIVE REPAIR 103 PRATHER 777-0S44 standing: Theresa Poteete, Carolyn Burris. Kris Fuller, sitting: Carla Myers, Shelly " Scimears, Leah Canadv. There goes that Lawless smile! Traci and Danny share a happy moment. Traci goes for the hurdle. Kelly and Traci Lawless. Lawlesses And Wildcat Pride Go Together Shelly Johnson and Kelly Lawless. Left side: Kirsten Mize, Jenny Unger, Kellie Lough, Tammy Moore. Right side: Janeen Kerns, Robyn Smart, Paula Wayman, Jennifer Pounds. Front: Mary Vendrick THERE ' S A TIME FOR --- Fricnds- Joy- Singing- Understanding and love! % - JI I H i " « 4£ t lP r ' T ii.1 _ .. , DouE VanDorn and Kellv Leonard. Kelly Leonard and Jennifer Jones. Tia Moyer, Kelly Leonard. Jennifer Jones, Monty Ball, Terry Smith, Felisa Smith, Lynn Vosscberg. (front) Mark Daily. Sid Colliate. at Sellers, Tim Reusser, Kurt Westfall, Pat Pulis. Brad Edwards, J.C. Shook. Todd Travis, Dilan Johns, Tim Means; Keviiii Bell. Linda Weaver and Robert Youni Priceless ScKool Days Some school days are priceless jewels To remember for all days Some events become the joys That we gather by the way Here ' s looking at you. Terriiic Trio Late? Not again. Football Robin Countryman, Mary Lusk, and Lori Fox. 1 1 r s e n i r P r 2 i m 1982 Terri Proctor and Bob Hasty Paula Mann and Leroy Montano Good Timing With Paula And Terri J Bti ,.p • STEVE FftBftn ■ CQRPLETE SUSPERSkOn S PROF ESSkOAAL CMASSkS CORSTRUGTkQn . " . , ' u •(a s)g62-afli ■•V r TTd Front row, (left to right) E. Wallsmith, T. Proctor, L. Joijes, C. Rogers, S. Luckner, T. Collins, S. Rodgers. A. Phillips, R. Wilcoxin, C. Iverson. second row, (left to right) C. Frikken, K. Deschner, A. Bales, S. Quigley, D. Rather, J, Brown. K. Ferguson, M. Wells, T. Johnson, L. Harlman. third row, (left to right) B. Naillieux, J. Beidon, S. Nichols, B. Cotton, D. Simon, B. Bell, M. Ward, B. Pope, T. Giles, fourth row, (left to right) K. Daniels, J. Howard, T. Humboldt, B. Ellis, D. Hull, B. Bohanan, D. Armstrong. C. Schlick, K. Lawless. TWELVE YEARS TOGETHER Together we have shared, what few have ever known. A special bond of friendship that through the years has grown. Twelve years we ' ve been together. Behind our class we ' ve stood, While sharing those experiences, both the bad ones and the good. Now ye say so long, to our class of ' 82. But our memories will be fond ones, of the special twelve years few. Lisa M. Jacc[ues ' JSP- Valedictorian, Mike Rose; Salutitorian, Roberta Poteete- Carver Award, Marijane Wells. Sherri Ashlock sings Alma Mater, Masonic Essay Awards Lion ' s Club Scholarship, Susan Heatley. Music Awards, Brad Storey, Kent Daniels, and Jeff Eggert. Ushers. Danforth " 1 Dare You " and Citizenship. American Legion Civil Defense Lifesaving Award. Mf( ) T - - O (top row, left to right) K. Lawless, M. Ward, B. Bohanan, B. Bell, P Ball, B. Champagne, D. Weber, J. Eggen. (second row, left to right) J. Brown, K. Gehring. K. Ferguson, S. Reams, D. Rogers, T. Proctor, (third row, left to right) M. Miller, S. Means. T. Ruff, K. Reeves, S. Heatley, T. Silvey, S. Rodgers. (bottom row, left to right) G. Batson, B. Crowe, S. Quigley, D. Bongiorni, P. Stengl, A, Phillips. (top row, left to right) T. Swanson, T. Sullivan. R. Johnston, V. Marcelle, T. Loeb. K. Locke, (second row, left to right) J. Swayne, M. Rose, B. Naillieu.i, W. Owens, B. Pope. G. Staska. R. Lanzrath. (third row, left to right) R. Countryman, L. Fox, D. Elliot, T. Swanson, G. Darbro, D. Bradshaw, K. Deschner. A. Bales, (bottom row, left to right) S. Luckner, K. Leonard, P. Mann, C. Rogers, M. Pennington, R. Ramirez, S. Randall. The Pride Of 1982 (top row, left to right) C. Napier, K. Sutton, J. Francisco, B. Ellis, T. Humboldt, T. Gerdes, D. .Armstrong, B. Storey, (second row, left to right) M. Coffey, D. Harvey, S. Nichols, B. Cotton, D. McDaniel, R. Fanning, K. Daniels, (third row, left to right) M. Hare, B. Hall, Lorrie Charles, E. Means, L. Matheson, D. Foxworthy. L. Hartman,T. Collins, (bottom row. left to right) C. Baker, C. Newell, S. Ashlock, C. Tacketl, L. Jacques, R. Wilcoxson, C. Frikken, C. Iverson. m f Ctt l (top row. left to right) M. Lucas. J. Howard. C. Thorton, D. Hively, D. Hull, J. Belden, K. Hagbom, D. Landes, C. Schlick, C. Zimmerman, (second row. left to right) C. Nolla, T. Giles. B. Mills, B. Almire, K. Olson, T. Warren, J. Stephens, C. Allen, J. Storey, P. Jones, (third row, left lo right) D. Schwartz, M. Manges, E. Wallsmith. M. Sumpter, M. Wells, T. Johnson, P. Baker, M. Lusk, D. Rather, (bottom row, left to right) D. Maynard. L. Bird, M. Radiel, L. Jones, S. Askins, D. Newton, M. Wells. R. Poteete, V. McKintosh. I[ i . - %-% t FdreijJ€Cfl.ioa Friend Here she stands, oWMHS, „, ■lh« school u»t caJuL our ou» . And above Ker flies our Nation ' s flaq,. , , in ujKich our jTide is ahoum. V ith»rv est waUs, our lives are molded tach in a dit+ertnt uiaU) To be leaders of tomorroui ' s luorld, our Nation ' s pride somedau. We ' ve made our friends and had our- We ' ve learned our lesson and learned of life, ue had a lot to ain. Our memories are what uje lt leave behind U e echoes of our lauq tcr. But our Knotuledqe So our dass of »82. . . sees thcjr journcu end, Atearmauf . as ujHUave behind MHS, alo al ' friendl V- FINAL EDITION 1981-1982 • VOL. 1 PG. 3 PEACE RALLIES — The largest demonstration in Bonn, West Germany ' s history was a mass peace rally attended by about 200,000 people. It was indicative of the pacifist and antinuclear movement that swept Europe. HISTORY-MAKING FLIGHT — The space shuttle " Columbia " made history by becoming the first manned space vehicle ever to return to orbit. The shuttle ' s two missions opened up new possibilities for future space travel. DERBY WINNER — Pleasant Colony won the 1 07th Kentucky Derby from a huge field of 21 horses. The jockey was Jorge Velasquez. 40th PRESIDENT — Ronald Reagan, former movie star and governor of California, was sworn in as President of the United States, becoming the oldest man ever to hold that office. His conservative viewpoints marked a change from the previous Carter administration. CABINET CONTROVERSY — President Reagan ' s controversial and aggressive Secretary of State, Alexander Haig, was chastened for lack of team play ear ly in the Reagan administration. FINAL EDITION ' 1981-1982 VOL. 1 PG. 4 FIRST WOMAN ON THE COURT — Sandra Day O ' Connor became the first woman member of the U.S. Supreme Court. She is a lawyer and a former Arizona state senator. McEnroe wins — John McEnroe defeated Bjorn Borg for the Wimbledon title. Dunng the year, his on-court tennis behavior earned him the title of " Super Brat. " I CALIFORNIA GOLD — Only two years after leading the NFL in losses, the San Francisco 49 ' ers led the league in victories and won the Super Bowl by defeating Cincinnati. S? " ? HOTEL DISASTER — Suspended walkways covered with people collapsed into the crowded lobby of the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Kansas City, killing 113 persons. EGYPTS SADAT KILLED — Egyptian President Anwar Sadat, the only Arab leader to make peace with the Jewish state, was assassinated by a group of army men as he viewed a military parade in Cairo. I I ! IfT ASSASSINATION ATTEMPT — President Reagan survived an attempt on his life when he was shot outside a hotel as he waved to the crowd. John Hinckley, Jr., was charged with shooting the President and three others. INDY 500 - In a mass of controversy, the Indy 500 victory went first to Bobby Unser, then K lario Andretti (shown here) then back to Unser. MULVANE HIGH SCHOOL 915 WESTVIEW MULVANE, KANSAS 67110 RUBIK ' S CUBE CRAZE - James Nourse devised and published a solution to the Rubiks Cube invented by Hungarian professor ErnO Rubik.

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