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THE WILDCAT FINAL EDITION - - 1980-1981 -i VOL. 1 PG. 1 .iiii;i;i9iciyDiTi9i iiK CLOSE-UP OF SATURN An unmanned spacecraft named Voyager I sailed past Saturn, sending us photos of a previously unknown planet. LANDSLIDE VICTORY After 12 years of trying. Ronald Reagan hiarnessed a time-for-cfiange conservatism and swept Jimmy Carter out of tfie White House with a surprise landslide at the polls. LAS VEGAS CASINO BURNS - The second worst hotel fire in US. history killed 84 and injured 500 at the MGM Grand Hotel. The fire alerted people to the fact old fire safety controls may not be keeping pace with fire control problems in high-rise buildings, MULVANE HS MEDIA CENTER 1900 N. Rock Rd. Muivane, Kansas 67110 GOLD M EDALIST - At the Winter Olympics in New York, Eric Heiden captured five gold medals In an unprecedented sweep of the men ' s speed skating events. DURANTE DIES - Jimmy Durante parlayed his big nose and sunny affability into a 60-year career spanning entertainment all the way from vaudeville to television. He was 86. FINAL EDITION 1980-1981 VOL. 1 PG 2 BASEBALL ' S TOP HITTER - Kansas City Royals third baseman, George Brett, wrapped up the season with a phenomenal batting average just short of .400 and was voted the A. L. ' s most valuable player. His team lost the World Series to the Philadelphia Phillies. BRUSH FIRES - A wall of fire headed toward the campus of California at San Bernadino — one of several brush fires that raced through Southern California, destroying over 30,000 acres and over 100 homes. IRAN, IRAQ DECLARE WAR - Iran became sufficiently weakened by worldwide repercussions over the seizure of the American Embassy and became a feasible target for neighboring Iraq. BAILING-OUT CHRYSLER - President Carter shook hands with Chrysler Chairman Lee laccocca in May after signing a $1.5 billion federal loan to keep the nation ' s third largest auto- maker afloat. When their 1981 line didn ' t sell as predicted, the corporation started looking for further federal generosity. GIVE PEACE A CHANCE - The hopes of a generation were summed up in John Lennon ' s poetic lyrics. The former Beatle was shot and killed on the steps of his New York apartment, causing a worldwide outpouring of grief. - - " ■ WBfi, M HP ! P%M Sfiw ajHW J V m M 1 WHO SHOT J.R.7 - Over 83 million Americans turned on their TV ' s one Friday night in November to find out who shot JR. Ewing, the dastardly double-dealer of CBS ' " Dallas " The episode had the highest ratings in television history. ai ' v; b i The 19S1 Wildcat editors: Gary Arroyo, Laurie Randall, and Bob Longnecker. -1981- ?aJiXdcttt Mulvane, Kansas IV Wildcat -Hzur Picturjes The outstanding Mulvane High School Band poses in new green and wnite uniforms. :ongratulations Seniors! Congratulations, Seniors! On behalf of the Board of Education, U.S.D. 263. 1 extend congratulations for the successful completion of your high school education. Outstanding students working with a good educational system can allow each student the maximum opportunity to be- come a good citizen making the most of his individual talents and abilities. We hope that you will remember your years at Mulvane High School with a feeling of pride. Terry Richardson • President Terry Richardson President Ron Crawford Thomas Grabcr Ed Hardison Dcbra Kcndrick Harold Nicholson Allen Winter ADMINISTRATION A New Era 1 would like to take this opportunity to offer the sin- cere congratulations of both myself and the LSD 263 Board of Education to the 198! graduating seniors of Mulvane High School. You have been an asset to our school system, and we are extremely proud of you and your outstanding accomplishments and achievements during your tenure as students at Mulvane High School. You will be entering a ' " new era " " upon your graduation from high school, a " ' new era " " filled with challenges, successes, failures, ecstacy, heartache, leaving old friends, meeting new friends, gladness, sadness, opti- mism, pessimism, confidence, fear, and many other fac- ets of your " new era " " . We hope that we have adequately prepared each of you for successfully meeting and coping with this ' " new era " , by having provided you with the educational opportunities and skills which you will need to meet your new challenges. Look forward to your " new- era " ' with optimism and confidence, and we wish you the best of luck in whatever endeavor you undertake. Dean Parks. Supt. USD 263 Dean Parks is shown at his desk in the new downtown office. Jerry Nelson Vice Principal Dennis Stout Principal To the students of MHS: This year and last year have both been very rewarding to me as principal. I hope that MHS has given you the aca- demics and social tools to cope with today ' s complex society. Good luck and make the most of each day. r J Q y l- ' Janet Watson visits with Dennis Stout. L r -- Librarians; Mrs. Reiter. Sandy Showalter, Tammy Carroll, Shelly Means, Kim Hoselton, Elizabeth Means, Kaye Watson. Amy Phillips, Cheryl Mitchell, Penny Baker, Janice Maltbie, Renea Young, Ken Sutton, Cathy Iverson. FACULTY Ron Adkins Counselor Bill Bailey Vocational Aericullure Martha Bieri Science, Math Bill Brown Social Science. Coach Jon Brown Social Studies. Coach cicnard Canfield .Art ' t)ebbie Crosley Home Economics 3renda Diener Business Collelte Erickson English 11 Rick Erickson P.E.. Coach Bill Fairchild Driver ' s Ed Kim Frank Resource Room. Coach John Fry English Dave Hall Auto Mechanics, Coach Don Gifford Social Science, Coach Robert Glaser Science Nancy Haddon Resource Room Bob Harris Vocal Music Marge Goering Speech, Drama Ada Jaax English Marvin Jelinek Industrial Arts, Coach Dave Johnson Industrial Arts, Coach Joe Johnson Biology Gary Lillich Math Charles Mason English, Coach Meg McGranaghan Business Terry Minton Resource Room Kipp Nixon Spanish Linda Pierce Journalism Ted Powers Band Beverly Reiter Librarian Bob Schreiner Industrial Arts Virdell Shay Counselor Pat Thomason English Karolee Weller Math Nancy Winter P.E.. Coach 10 Sometimes Stuco President Monte McKee and sponsors Brenda Diener and Jerry Nelson feel caged in by all of their responsibilities. Some of the most pleasurable events the student council provides for M.H.S. are the dances. Top Row: Miss Diener, Mr. Nelson, Jill Angeli, Phillip Jones, Mike Rose, Bob Chippeaux, Arlene Reekie, Trey Green, J. T. Klaus. Second Row: Dec Dee Rather, Kristi Bolinger, Margaret Raidel, Chris Tackett, Mary Swayne, DeeLayna Bongiorni, Lori Fo.x, Lori Melick, Peggy McDaniel, Tia Moyer, Mark Elliott, Sonya Cleverdon. Third Row: Debbie Harrington, Pam Wells, Brenda Johnson, Todd Shoemaker. Dale Landes, Suzie Avery. Monte McKee, Kathy Weaver, Janeen Kerns, Sandy Lawrence, Kirsten Bloomgren. Bottom Row: Walter DeBacker. Gary Arroyo. Stoney Nichols, Danny Simon, Jan Eighmey, Dave Cross, Tim Giles, Fred Sims, Kevin Burke. Stuco Has A Busy Year Student Council has made this school year a pro- ductive one. Along with dances, the first theme for a homecoming dance was introduced. Stuco helped oth- er organizations in activities and awards provided for past and present students. After a long discussion and dispute, the homecoming election process was restat- ed. The year has been special to me bacause of the help and cooperation of the members. As the voice of the student body, the members came up with enough new ideas to last for years. I used the year as a trial i process for new techniques tc listen to the students. Jerry Nelson and Brenda Diener gave much help the entire year as sponsors. Our new experience was a Stuco workday. May all student councils of the stu- dents at Mulvane High be as enjoyable as this year. Monte McKee Dec Dec Rather. Suzie Avery. Dale Landes. Monte McKee. Miss Stuco President Diener, Mr. Nelson. roj " ' r? rli If 9 , ., - Marcie Standerfer Dietitian Larry Daily Custodian Doris Earl Head Cook Jan Hyson Cook Floyd Reusser Custodian Jim Slavens Bus Supervisor Dorothy James Cook Dee Williams Resource Room Our Best Friends Special services require special people. The staff at MHS consists not only of the adminstra- tion, faculty, and students, but there are also cooks, lunch helpers, custodians, and bus dri- vers. Without these wonderful people who pro- vide these services the school would be in an unfinished state. We say " thank you " for your help and concern. The Mulvane High School Students B Lunch: Brian Ellis, Vince Champlin, Troy Ehrlich A Lunch; Julie Ramsey, Ken Sutton. Tina Silvey ■■v!i.: ' V ■. ' .: SENIORS iAA Brad Almire Gary Arroyo Teresa Baughn David Boutz Alan Alquest Tammy Anderson Jil Angell Kim Ash Susie Avery Sandy Bachman Bill Been Duane Boutz Tracy Bell Jeff Branine Kristi Bolinger Shelly Brooks Darryl Brueggeman Amy Bruendl Kevin Burke Shelly Camp Debbie Cardwell Tammy Carroll Richard Champagne Vince Champlin Bob Chippeaux Bryan Cook Sonya Cleverdon Greg Cox Brent Collett Mark Crawford Spencer Colliatie Teresa Crawford t ' Dave Cross Trov Ehrlich Tim Crow Paul Danler Jan Eighmey Gary Elston David Ford Mark Fox Terry Haas Robbin Hagbom 1 RP d 1 Rri jKL J Shk ' H mii Kenneth Gladman Troy Hagermn Joe Davis Jod Flagler Joe Gonsalves Greg Hamilton Randy Hansen 1 P ' - ' 1 n B ' M l l ■ bju hI " t L _ A. KM Debbie Harrington Edna Head Scott Henderson Brad Higgs Marc Huslig Steve Hendricks John Herrin Mary High Brent Iverson Leanne Hillwig Gary Jacquis Kim Hieberl Martin Hinkle Jill Johns Brenda Johnson Greg Johnson Lori Krueger Tammv Lankard Randy Lanzralh Tina Love Rob May Krisli Lawless Joe Lisac Sand) Mahlandt Peggy McDaniel Janice 1.iltbic Monte McKee Bob Longnecker David Martinez Colleen McWilliams Mary Myers James Newton Vickie Powell Tom Neal Gary Nickelson Pam Radar Cindy Nelson Lori Phillips Scott Ramsey Sandie Newell Randy Plummer Laurie Randall J. VonBon.C. Miichel! S. Bachman, t. oiiii». I... »,.owford. J. Rccd. S. Hendricks, uBuipniQ )) , M. Hinkic, G. Elslon, S. Henderson. General Reading First Hour s , JW-sr-ifc- ii Top Row; J. Whilson. G. Nickclson, R. May. M. Smith, J. Lisac. 2nd Ron T. Bell, P. Danlcr. G. Wcancr. Bottom Row: R. Hansen. T. Crow, T. Sloan, G. Jacquis, R. Smith, J. Branine, D. Whilson. Macho Men; Top Row; S. Colliatc, E. Sims, S. Hendricks, M. Crawford, J. Rccd. Bottom Row: M. Hinkic, .1. Gon- salvcs. G. EKton, K. Gladman, S. Henderson. Top Row: J. Maltbie, T. Anderson, S. Bachman, L. Krcuger, J. Voi Bottom Row: T. Baughn, M. Myers, .1. Terry. H. Head. C. Mitchell. Ronnie Smith Scott Snow Karen Sommerhauser Cathy Spain Tani Steadman Chris Stephens LaVona Stout Belinda Stovall Mary Swayne Jeff VanZant Teresa Tatum Joan VonBon Janiece Terry Sally Walker Tresa VanBuskirk Janet Watson Arlene Reekie, Peggy Megonigle. Kim Hiebert. dm- ffe) Peggy and her Pinto. Friendship Friendship The most cherished possession . . . The most well-kept possession - Wrapped in honesty; trust and hope. Tied with a handclasp. Given with love. Miss Javon Murphy A truckload of beauties! Fifteen Fantastic Friends! top row, 1 to r: Cathy Spain, Mary Swayne, Javon Murphy, Tani Steadman, Chris Stephens, Laurie Randall, middle row: Lori Phillips, Pam Wells, Karen Sommerhauser, Tracey Robberson, Jan Eighmey. bottom row: Colleen McWiliiams, Kristi Bolinger, Leanne Hillwig, Amy Bruendl. f ;♦ « k M " r ■ ♦ K% w J k Kathy Weaver Gary Wegner Pam Wells Rusty Westfall Tammv Whitmer Donnie Whitson Rex Wilson SENIOR CLASS OFflCERS: Gary Arroyo, V.P.; Kevin Burke. Pres.; Pam Wells. Sec; Bob Chippeaux, Treas. ii ■ BV 1 J .- Mary Swayne annual sales PRODUCTION CREW PHOTOGRAPHERS Annual Staff Tracey Robberson typist Top Ros (I to r): Jeff Kill, Jill Johns, Gary Arroyo, Joe W. Johnson, Ada Jaax, Stoney Nichols, Bob Longnecker Bottom Row (I to r): Karen Sommerhauser, Laurie Randall, Pam Wells, Debbie Harrington. Mr, Kerns and Mr . Thomason assist siudenis Karen Gehring and Lori Jones with ihcir maca?inc sales. Danny Simon and Mike Rose headed teams which ex- ceeded all previous magazine sales records. This Page Sponsored JIM KERNS Magazine Sales Representative JUNIORS Cory Allen Brel Almire Wade Anderson Denis Armstrong Ron Ashburn , Sherri Ashlock Susan Askins Carol Baker Penny Baker April Bales Phillip Ball Gayla Batson Joey Belden Bryan Bell Brad Bohanan DeeLayna Bongiorni Janice Brown Bernard Champagne Bryan Chavez Mike Coffey Carrie Coleman Tina Collins Bill Cotton Robin Countryman Becky Crowe Kent Daniels Ginger Darbro Kathy Deschner Lorrie Dicus Jeff Eggert Sam Ekey Debbie Elliott Bryan Ellis (jina Epps Robert Fanning Kim Ferguson 34 t % Jerrie Fletcher Lori Fox Debbie Foxworthy Jerry Francisco J.J. Frecka Carol Frikken Karen Gehring Leonard George Todd Gerdes Renee Gibbs Tim Giles Jim Gregory John Grosdidier Kelly Hagbom Brenda Hall Jamie Hancock Randy Hardison Melanie Hare Lisa Hartman Danny Harvey Susan Heatley Darrell Hively Kalhy Honeycutt Jack Howard David Hull Tony Humbolt Calhy Iverson Clint Jackson Lisa Jacques Tara Johnson Ron Johnston Lori Jones Phillip Jones Dale Landes Roger Lanzrath Kelly Lawless 35 Kelly Leonard Ken Locke Tracy Loeb Mark Lucas Slacy Luckner Mary Lusk Mareen Manges Paula Mann Vic Marcelle Mary Mayhugh Dana Maynard Duane McDaniel Shelly Means Elizabeth Means Linda Meek Boyd Mills Buddy Naillieux Curlis Napier Cindy Newell Debbie Newton Stoney Nichols Kevin Olson Richard Owens Mary Pennington Uk Amy Phillips Kul ' h Pohlenz Brian Pope Roberta Poteete Terry Proctor Sherry Quigley Rose Radcliff Margaret Radiel Sheri Randall Dec Dec Rather Bob Ray Kenny Rickards 3b ■i 4 .- fiOf r; Sandy Rodgers Celia Rogers Dawn Rogers Mike Rose Tina Ruff Carl Schlick Dawn Schwartz Tina Silvey Danny Simon Terry Smith Greg Staska Paula StengI James Stephens Brad Storey James Storey Max Stout Ted Sullivan Martha Sumpter Ken Sutton Jeff Swayne Chris Tackett David Terrel Sheila Thompson Devon Tucker Evelyn Wallsmith Mark Ward Tim Warren Ace Watson Marijane Wells Marni Wells Johnnie Wright Renea Young Chris Zimmerman Lorrie Bird Carrie Coleman Lisa Johnston Mike Rose, Treasurer, Danny Simon. President, Pat Thomason. Sponsor. Stoney Nichols. Vice President. Karen Gehring. Secretary. Sponsors: Mr. Canfield. Mr. Bailey. Mrs. Reiter, Mrs. Thomason. a i i Standing: Lori Fox. Stoney Nichols. DeeLayna Bonjiorni, Mike Rose, Phil Jones, Danny Simon. Mike Coffey, Chris Tacketl. Dee Dee Rather, Giles, Dale Landes, Karen Gehring. Sitting: Mr. Bailey, Mrs. Thomason, Mrs. Reiter, Mr. Canfield. Tim e n 1 o r s r r, ' 38 ' 82 H--l _ SOPHOMORES Larry Alumbaugh Sherry Alumbaugh Annelle Ake Audrey Anderson Laurie Bachmar Diann Barr Allison Befort Jerry Bell Kenneth Bippert Kirsten Bloomgren Kim Bolinger Rcnae Bollerman Robert Bonner Kelly Brooks Robert Brown Sherrill Burgin Kelley Burns Kenns Burrell Kevin Butler Jim Carroll Diana Cleverdor Mary Cole Chuck Collett Sid Collialie LaVina Collins Marilyn Connet Jim Costello Paul Craft Melinda Crook Shirley Crow Darrel Croxson Mark Daily Walter Dc Backer Lori Dcloney Julie Eggcrt Mark Elliott 40 K % f i 1 X l» " . ' . -s ■• .■ Jenny Ekey Scott Essex Tyna Fajen Darrin Paris Mark Flickinger Doug Ford Debbie Fulker! on Felisa Galvan Nancy Gehring Kimberly Gelter Eddie Gcrlach Lori Gibbs Tony Gonsalves Daren Green Trey Green David Hagerman Patricia Harvey Cheryl Herrin Chris Hicks Jzohn Hogan Kim Hoselton Frank Howard Todd Humbolt Sandy Humphries Andy Jackson Linda Jarrett Shelley Johnson Glenda Jones Jennifer Jones Sue Kenworthv Janeen Kerns Jeff Kill Jaliene Kilpatrick J.T. Klaus Terry Kopplin Julie Krueger ■41 Bret Lambky David Langham Sand) Lawrence Valerie Lea Knsli Learned Chelle LeClerc Brad Long Kellie Lough Debbie Love Melody Mahan Pam Maltbie Paul Mayfield Max McCormick Maria McKee Tim Means Jimmy Meek Lori Melick Barry Milligan Kirsten Mize Tammy Moore Kris morion Tia Moyer Jon Murphy Lar Nelson Jeff Patterson Karen Phillips Sarah Phillips Mary Pickens Jennifer Pounds Jeffrey Pray ll.irold Puhs Julre Ramsey Gwen Reekie Wendy Reiser Wayne Rich Todd Robinson 42 9 1 W- - f J ©ft Brian Ross Sieve Runyan Tim Ryan Todd Schen Lisa Schlaegel Keilh Schniltker Greg Schott Mark Schwartz Carole Sears Doug Sears Stacy Shoemaker Sandy Showalter Bernie Simonsen Buddy Simrell Fred Sims Cristy Starbird Wanda Storey Damn Strait Kent Struble Erie Suit Keith Timmons Blaine Tucker Robert Turner Mike Tuttle Jenny Unger Gene Lrban Robin Van Deest Doug Van Dorn Mary Vendrick Janet Von Bon Lvn Vossberg Twila Walker Debbie Wallsmith Donna Ward Kaye Watson Paula Wayman Linda Weaver Tess Weeks Kevin Well ' ; i Kevin Werth Allen Whilmer Greg Wilcox Ro ilkin ' .on Daryn Wilmeih Melissa Wilson Robert Young Robyn Smart Officers; Top Row. John Fry, Walter DeBacker, J.T. Klaus. Mark Elliott. Fred Sims. Trey Green. Bottom Row: Tia Moyer. Janeen Kerns, Sandy Lawrence. Lori Melick, Kirsten Bloomgren. The Class Of ' 83 Pi) " fl n rv ' rt L. i ' We are family! " This group is exhausted from all these hours of studying! " Cindy Milleson, David Boulz, Suzie Avery, Monte McKee, Peggy McDaniel, Gary Arroyo. Brenda Johnson, Troy Hagerman. Sandy Sears, Gregg Reiser, Tina Love. ACTIVITIES immm Mulvane National Honor Society Installation The Mulvane National Honor Society Jeff VanZant. Bill Been, Mary Swayne, and Mike Rose reflect the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat as they compete for the Derby College Bowl. They placed 4th. Greg Staska, Roberta Poteete, and Mike Rose placed 3rd in Algebra competition at Emporia Slate University. helly Camp, Treasurer: Pam Wells, Stuco Representative; Bob Chippeaux, Stuco Representa- ve; Tani Steadman, Secretary; Brenda Johnson, Vice President; Jan Eighmey, President. NATIONAL, HONOR SOCIETY Mr. Glaser, sponsor discusses coming events with Jan Eighmey, President. ' r Proud Citizens Of Our School The National Honor Society proudly inducted the new members for 1981 with a ,5; beautiful candlelit ceremony planned by President Jan Eighmey. Another highlight of the year was competing in College Bowls. The NHS members were pleased to serve as guides for speakers for the successful career fair. The NHS members are selected on the basis of scholarship, character, leadership, and service and are y registered with the national organization. NHS members: 1 to r: Back Row: Mark Fox, David Boutz, Todd Shoemaker, Mark Ward, Danny Harvey, Danny Simon, Bob Chippeaux, Jeff VanZant, Tim Giles, Greg Cox. Third Row: Monte McKee, Greg Reiser, Tracey Robberson, Amy Bruendl, Arlene Reekie, Gary Arroyo, Greg Johnson, Tani Steadman, Shelly Camp, Marc Huslig. Second Row: Mr. Glaser, Kevin Burke, Kim Ferguson, Mike Rose, Lori Fox, Billy Cotton, Pam Wells, Jan Eighmey, Brenda Johnson, Tara Johnson, Amy Phillips, Debbie Elliott, Cathy Iverson, Mrs. Jaax. Bottom Row: Kent Daniels, Vicki Powell, Karen Gehring. Kim Hiebert, Debbie Harrington, Margaret Radiel, Roberta Poteteete, Karen Sommerhauser, Bryan Ellis. B a 1 Sherry Quigley. Tani Steadman. DeeLayne Bonjiorni, Arlene Reekie. Bailey shows Gary and Bryan how to ride , a donkey. Bill Bailey, Bryan Bell, Darryl Brueggeman, Gary Nickelson, Todd Shoemaker, Rob May. Joe Richardson, Chris Zimmerman, Tony Humbolt. Bill Bailey, sponsor, plans with vice-president Todd Shoemaker and pres. Gary Nickelson. ' i --u: Future Farmers Of America The membership of the Mulvane F.F.A. rose from 42 to 67 students. Many members competed in the Pest Control Contest which Joe Richardson won. The annual Hamburger Fry was well attended with 82 members and parents present. The donkey basketball game was a success as usual, with bruised teachers, alums, and students. The don- keys, however, were not injured. Bill Bailey Top Row; Jerry Bell, Kelly Burns, Audrey Anderson, Lori Gibbs, Twila Walker, Randy Hardison, Carl Schlick, Dcni Armstrong, Brad Storey. Fourth Row: Garlan Clark. Cindy Newell. Sue Kenworthy, Lori Bachman, Doug Ford, James Storey, Boyd Mills, Duane McDaniel, Jeff Patterson. Third Row: Larry Alumbaugh, Gene Urban, Darrin Strait, Joe Gonsalves, Wade Anderson, Kelly Lawless, Vic Marcelle. Lary Nelson, Trey Green. Second Row: Kenny Burrell, Todd Humbolt, Keith Timmons, Sandy Bachman, Tammy Anderson, David Hull, Randy Hansen. Troy Ehrlich. Tammy Lankard, Sandy Mahlandt. First Row: Kathy Weaver, Mr. Bailey, Bryan Bell, Darryl Brueggeman. Gary Nickelson, Todd Shoemaker, Rob May, Joe Richardson, Chris Zimmerman, Tony Humbolt. The better half of. . Gary President Gary Nickelson, FFA Sweetheart, Tammy Anderson. Nickelson. The Mahlandt sisters. The bull gives his clown a good ride. Brad Nickelson and Bill Bailey. Larry Alumbaugh and Duane Burns. FFA Rodeo i mT H m M ■■i H H K ' S H L 1 1 ■f__ a ' ' ' ' i lw_J- j HHTff B •ownw 4B .. ' - rM Bf ' ' -- | Top Row. 1 to r: QUILL TYPE OFFICERS; Shelly Camp, Presi- dent; Mr. Adkins, Sponsor: Jan Eighmey, Stuco Representative; Traccy Robberson, Secretary; Bottom Row; Tani Steadman, Trea- surer; Karen Sommerhauser, Gate Chairman; Laurie Randall, Vice President. Quill type, whose new members are chosen each spring by older members, is a valuable service to the whole school. They sell and take tickets at all athletic events and help promote school spirit by having poster parties and holding contests! Quill type also keeps the communi- ty updated on school events by use of the marquee in front of the school. Through the leadership of President Shelly Camp and sponsors Ron Adkins and Bill Fair- child, Quill Type has had a successful year. Top Row, I to r; Mr. Adkins, S. Askins, K. Gehring. P. Mann, S. Randall, K. Bolinger, T. Shoemaker, L. Hillwig, B. Pope, T. Ehrlich, M. Fox. 3rd Row: T. Warren, K. Lawless, D. Simon, P. Wells, K. Hiebert, L. Randall, J. Eighney. K. Sommerhauser, B. Been, R, Weslfall, 2nd Row: K. Lawless, S. Camp. L. Phillips, M. Swayne. L. Fox, M. Lusk, R. Countryman, C. Tackett, S. Ashlock, B. Chippeaux Bottom Row: K. Daniels, D. Harrington. B. Johnson, C. Spain, T. Robberson, T. Steadman, L. Hartman, T. Giles. G. Arroyo A. i 1 : - Xr - L Back Row: Sue Kenworthy, Margaret Radiel. Melinda Crook, Marni Wells, Janice Brown, Chclle LeClcrc, Shcrrill Burgin, Terry Weeks. Jerrie Fletcher, Peggy McDaniel. Renee Gibbs. Front Row; Mary High. Janiece Terry. Shirley Scheikofsky. Lori Jones, Ginger Darbro. Valarie Lea. Miss Crosley, sponsor; Mary High, President. The Year Of The Family Boiiom Row: Janice Brown. Margaret Radiel. Jan Crosley. Peggy McDaniel. iece Terry. Mary High. Top Row: Debbie i(SSSi This year, quality rather ihan quantity seemed to be the key to the Future Homemakcrs of America ' s achieving more goals. involvement and leadership. The theme this year, " The Family, " encouraged members to include alt members of the home and community in Iheir aciiviiies. School .spirit was shown in the fall by nraking " goodies " for National Coaches Week. Officer ' s ' orkshop and Fall Conference provided an opportunity to share ideas with other schools. Drawing Secret Sister names gave members the chance lo do special things for each other during the year. Halloween and Christmas were special times lo share with preschoolers and senior citizens. A Valentine ' s Day favorite again (his year included the selling of cookies with proceeds going to the March of ' Dimes and Epilepsy Foundation. Spring always brings a rush of activities. This year a trip to KAKE T.V. and Kaleidoscope. State ; Meeting and ln.stallation Dinner for members and their families and a Style Show kept everyone busy. We look forward to the coming year with Mulvane having four district officers and a tot of new ideas. We would like to give special thanks to our two chapter mothers this past year: Mrs. Darlcne Sinclair and Mrs Thelma Terry. Members: Front Row: D Crosley. M. High, J Terry. P. McDaniel. K. Weaver. J. Brown. C Tackett Middle Row: M. Radiel. M. Mayhugh. R. Pohlenz, G. Darbro. M Wells. S. Askins, S. Kcnworihy Back Row: J. Fletcher. S. Burgin, R Gibbs, C. LeClerc. L. Jones. M. Vendrick. M. Crook. L. Weaver. V. Lea. JV Basketball .IV FB Cheerleaders Pep Club Shows Spirit Of The ' 80 ' s The concept of the pep club has changed drastically over the past few years. Members are no longer required to attend a specific number of games, wear uniforms or sit in assigned areas. Students not involved in athletics are more apt to obtain jobs than spend their evenings at the high school watching the game. The crowds that do attend (adults involved) have become increasingly more boisterous and rowdy. Cheerleading is an exercise in crowd control as well as the leading of cheers. But thanks to the people pictured on this page, our spirit has remained intact. These students had a positive impact on the team, the school and the community at large. Opposing teams and visitors consistantly marvelled at the quality of our cheerleaders, stuntmen. pom pon girls and pep band. They were undoubtedly the best in the league. We ' d like to thank these students for a job well done. Spirit and pride are alive and well at MHS. Miss McGranaghan Mrs. Weller IBs Varsity Cheerleaders Klassy Kals Varsity Cheerleaders And Stunt Men Sonya Clcverdon, President, Peggy McDaniel, Vice President. Spon- sors: Mrs. Weller Miss McGranaghan, Miss Croslcv , Sponsor Meg McGranaghan and President Sony a Cleverdon dis- cuss upcoming Pep Club plans. Seventh Row: J. Pounds. G. Reekie. G. Jones. S. Humphries, K. Learned, M. Pickens, D. Ward. C. LeClerc. D. Barr. S. Burgin, T. Weeks, J. Fletcher, K. Burns. Sixth Row: D. Wallsmith, S. Kenworthy. L. Jarrett, M. Crook, J. Von Bon, M. Mayhugh. L. Hartman, T. Silvey, L. Jacques, R. Potccte. T. Proctor, E. Wallsmith. M. Radiel. S. Rodgers. Fifth Row: S. Crow. M. Vendrick, R. Van Deest, M. High. D. Harrington. V. Powell. T. Tatum, S. Heatley. C. Iverson. S. Shoemaker. N. Gehring, L. Melick, J. Unger, K. Geller. Fourth Row: K. Ferguson, D. Foxworthy. K. Gehring, C. Rogers, J, Tcrrv, T. Johnson. M. Wells, C. Baker, P. Mann. J. Angell. K. Sommerhauser, A. Bruendl. M. Cole. M. Wilson. L. Schlaegel, J. Jones, K. Bolingcr. Third Row: M. McKee, G. Reiser, S. Ramsey, L. Stout, S. Camp, P. McDaniel, K. Weaver, D. Newton. M. Wells, P. StengI, S, Ashlock, J. Brown, T. Moore. F. Galvan. T. Moyer. Second Row: D. Crosley, K. Bolinger, M. Lusk, R. Countryman, L. Randall, C. McWilliams, T. Steadman, C. Spain, T. Robberson, J. Murphy.L. Fox, M. Swayne, C, Stephens, L. Weaver, K. Mize, K. Weller, M. McGranaghan. Front Row: K. Hiebert. A. Reekie. K. Lawless. C. Tackett, P. Wells, S. Quigley.D. Bonjiorni, L. Phillips, S. Cleverdon. j. Eighmey, L. Hillwig, D. Rather. P. Wayman. A. Bcforl, C. Starbird. D. Cleverdon, K. Lough, L, Deloney, J. Kerns. -rrf ' f fs f JQt ' ' ' -X ' . A rt rt A V AA The M Club executives are Kevin Burke, vice-president; Darryl Brueggeman, secretary; Arlene Reekie, president; Charles Mason, sponsor; and Kristi Mr. Mason and Arlene Reekie confer. M-Club M-Club is an organization consisting of all stu- dents who have lettered in any athletic event. Un- der the leadership of Charles Mason, sponsor, and Arlene Reekie, first female president of this orga- nization, M-Club has provided the school with sev- eral pieces of equipment. Three record boards for football and basketball and equipment for the weight room were also purchased this year. M- Club members proudly wear their green and white letter jackets and help promote school spirit. ■ox. D. Landes. J. Howard. 4th Row: D. D. Brueggeman, K. Lawless, A. Reekie, K. Burke, Mr. Mason. ,K Jvi T ' « j: i Collett and Kate Erickson. Kayettes ' Faculty Breakfast Hurrying to the breakfast! Linda Weaver. Celia Rogers, Dean Parks. D. Harrington. T. Tatum. Jenny Unger. Service Is Part Of Being A Kayette ?, Kristi Lawless, President. Kayette Members At Work Kayettes started their 1980-81 school year with a covered Top Row: Celia Rogers, Vice President; Kristi Lawless, President: Middle ' ' sh membership drive Sponsors Collette Erickson and Brenda Row: Debbie Harrington, Stuco Representative; LaVona Stout. School P ' " " made this year fun, successful, and profitable for all. The „._. _ ,. _.._ ' " " ' vival kits were given to the teachers and a delicious faculty Sponsor: Brenda Diener, Sponsor; Karen Gehrmg. Treasurer. breakfast was held. Kayette members also trick-or-treated for UNICEF and sponsored a bloodmobile here at MHS. One o( the highlights of every Kayette year is the secret pal exchange. Miss Diener. for example, will never forget the rabbit gift. At the close of the year senior members were honored at a banquet. Top Row: D. Cleverdon, J. Kerns. G. Jones, M. Cole, M. Wilson, F. Galvan, T. Moyer, L. Weaver, T. Moore, J. Pounds, S. Kenworthy. Sixth Row: G. Reekie, C. Sears, N. Gehring, L. Melich, S. Shoemaker, K. Learned, M. Pickens, K. Bloomgren, L. Schlaegel, J. Jones. Fifth Row: J Unger. C. Herrin, A. Beforl. K. Mize, C. Tackelt, M. Wells, T. Johnson, S. Ashlock, P. Stengl, L. Hartman, J. Brown. Fourth Row: R. VanDeest, S. Crow, R. Poteete, L. Jacques, T. Proctor, B. Crowe, K. Ferguson. K. Leonard, D. Foxworthy, A. Bales, T. Love, S. Sears. Third Row; T. Weeks, P, Megonigle, S. Newell. K. Bolinger. A. Bruendl, T. Silvey. P. Mann, S. Quigley, R. Countryman, M. Lusk, L. Fox,,D. Bonjiorni. Second Row: V. Lea, R. Bollerman, J. Murphy, C. Spain, T. Steadman, K. Sommerhauser, P. McDaniel, J. Terry, J. Angell. A. Reekie, V. Powell, T. Whitmer. Bottom: Mrs. Erickson, K. Gehring, C. Rogrs, T. Robberson, D. Harrington, K. Lawless, S. Stout, S. Cleverdon, J. Eighmey, L. Randall, Miss Diener. Good food and good fellowship at the membership dinner. Scenes From The Bloodmobile z n ' f-jM Marge Coering, Sponsor Scoti Ramsey, llankcd by the other officers, presides at a meeting: Tami Sears, Jeff Swayne, Jill Angcli. Jim Stephens. This was the first year for Mulvane High School ' s Thes- pian Club. Five members have earned the necessary points for Charter membership. Under the able guidance of Mrs. Marge Goering, the club is progressing; the members are good performers and interested in theatre. 1 have been honored to serve as MHS ' s first Thespian president. -, jjc yy j Scott Ramsey Scoii Ramscv. President. Top Row: Ron Johnston, Greg John.son, Mary Pickens, Joey Bclden. Julie Ramsey. Cesar Nolla, Tami Sears, Mrs. Goering. Donna Ward. Middle Row: Krisli I. earned. Jill Angcli, Debbie H;irring(on. Lisa Jacques. Scotl R;iinsey. Jim Stephens Bollom Row: Dec Dec Rather. Waller f)cBackcr. Jeff S va nc. Pci!i! Mciioniulc, speech 5th Hour ; ' ' -H , J3 - Topsy Turvy World Class Members Robert Brown Shirley Crow Debbie Elliott Felissa Galvan Trey Green Scott Henderson .laneen Kerns Jeff Kill Dale Landes Brad Long Paul Mayfield iini Means Tammy Moore Tia Moycr Jeir Pray Lisa Schlacgcl ( " red Sims Jim Stephens Marijanc Wells Allen Whitmer Mrs. Erickson instructs those who competed in debate toumamenU: Walter DeBacker. Tim Giles, J. T. Klaus, Tami Sears. Kri ti Learned Jeff Eggert, Kevin Wells. Young Debaters Do Well Debate was re-introduced to MHS in the 1980-81 school year. A new, young squad began work immediately on the topic of Commercial Advertising. Tami Sears, transferred in from Ottawa as our only experienced debater and proved to be a valuable asset to the squad. J. T. Klaus and Walter De- Backer proved their skills at the God- dard Novice Tournament by winning 2nd place. All members of the squad did a fine job of representing MHS and we can look forward to continued suc- cess in this area. , . Tami Sears, senior. Collette Erickson The debaters were fortunate to have the help of Collette Erickson, an experienced debate coach, and Beverly Reiter, a librarian who is knowledge- able and willing to give maximum help to stu- dents. Trophy Winners J. T. Klaus and Walter DeBacker made a successful debate team. They are pictured with the second- place trophy they won at the God- dard Novice Debate Tournament. Jeff Euert and Kristi Learned. Kevin Wells and Tim Giles. mm MUSIC n ' i ,1 W ' ij t r.u A 0U 1 V ' H »M ' i - 1 «»- fi t Hf yUlgggj u Percussion: Top row, (I to r); G. Staska, D Hull. 5lh row: L. Alumbaugh, S. Ramsey. M. Schwartz. 4lh row: B. Ellis, K. Olson, S. Humphries. 3rd row: V. Marcelle. 2nd row: F. Galvan. Bottom: B. Almire. Flutes: Top row, (1 to r); K. Mize, M. Sumpter, S, Quigley, J. Pounds, L. Vossberg. 6th row: C. Herrin, D. Ward. 5th row: J, Kerns, A. Bruendl. 4th row: C. Milleson, J. Brown, W. Reiser, K. Burns 3rd row: M. Cole, L. Weaver. 2nd row: M. Pickens, K. Lough. Bottom: L. Phillips, P. Wells. Mulvane High Clarinets: (I to r); S. Sears, T. Love, L. Hartman, P. Stengle, E. Wallsmith, C. Tackett, M. Wilson, M. Crook, L. Fox, J. Elighmey, J. Murphy, T. Moyer, A Befort, L. Melick, S. Crow, T. Moore, S. Lawrence, K. Hoselton, G. Reekie, Johnson. General Ted Powers, Commanding Officer II I - . Trumpets. Top Row: G. Jones, S. Essex, G. Reiser, J. Klaus, B. Schwar S. Shoemaker, D. Cleverdon. Descending Row: G. Arroyo, G. Johnson, S Johnson, T. Hagerman, D. Farris. School Band Saxes, Top to Bottom: K. Lawless, M. Connet, C. Dicus, L. Schlaegel, C. Sears, M. McKee, K. Bloomgren, L. Nelson. D. Strait, M. EI;iott, T. Walker, P. McDaniel, S. Cleverdon, L. Stout, A. Reekie. Top Row: J. Davis. B. Milligan, D. Bonjourni, G. Urban. Sixth Row K. Daniels. B. Storey. Fifth Row: K. Lawless. S. Runyan. Fourth Row M. McKee, R. Westfall, B. Cook, D. Love, Third Row: T. Gerdes, P Craft. Second Row: J. Unger. R. Young. Bottom Row: M. Huslig, S Avery, J. Runyan, G. Schott. Band Officers: B. Johnson, B. Ellis, A. Reekie, T. Powers, L. Stout, S. Avery. y U : =. Twirlers; Lori Phillips, Javon Murphy The director directs! A 1 |T rH= n 1 Pi 3|b| i»s :3 r t V 3J» ' • ia " ' ' ' 7 VIH jS JcW I k.uCm 1 ' n B J aJb ?l Ry Majorettes: LaVona Stout, Suzie Avery. - ' i 1 i==f Ilj l4 r w • i RuAj Am I M 1 [ ajSm 1 Wlj ' H f% g 1 M f Top Row L 10 R: J. Davis, L. Nelson. B. Store). R. Young, M. Huslig. 4th Row: P McDanicl. S. Clevcrdon. M. Elliott. C. Scars M. McKcc. P. Cral ' l, J. Linger, B. Cook. G. Schotl, R. Wcslfall, K. Daniels. 3rd Row: S. Sears, S. Lawrence, S. Crow. M, Wilson. G. Reekie. C. Iverson. L. Stout, .A. Reekie, K. Lawless, M. McKee. 2nd Row: B. Johnson, S. Esse.x. S. .lohnson, J. T. Klaus, G. Johnson. D. Farris. T. Hagcrman. G. Reiser, B. Schwartz, G. .Arroyo. Bottom Row: S. Ramsey, B. Almirc, T. Shoemaker. G. Slaska. K. Olson. M. Schwartz, L. Vossbcrg, W. Reiser. C. Herrin, J. Brown, M, Pickens. K. Burns. Concert: Girls " Glee Bob Harris Vocal Inslructor The Spring Concert. Mixed F.nsemble. Back Row; J. T. Klaus, J. Watson, V. Champlin. C. Morton, C. Jackson, M. Wells. K. Butler. Collins. S. Ramsey. I.. Stoftt. G. John.son. M. Cole. Front Row: S. Ashlock. J. Eggcrl, A. Bruendl, S. Essex. .Angel:. Second Row: T. Mixed Chorus: Top Row: J. Unger, C. Herrin, K. Morton, J. Watson, J. Ramsey, V. Champlin, B. Lambky. K. Butler, J. Storey. J. Hagan. K. Schniltker, R. Johnson, L. Meek, K. Deschner, L. Vossberg. D. Newton, M. Wells. Third Row: A. Bales, T. Collins, L. Bird, V. Lea, J, Carroll, D. VanDorn, M. Schwartz, D. Croxson, C. Jackson, J. Eggert, Amy Bruendl, S. Ashlock, P. Stengl, M. Cole. Second Row: Mr. Harris, R. Young, C. Iverson, K. Brooks, R. Bollerman, R. Bonner, J. Lisac, B. Bell, M. Mahan, J. Jones, K. Leonard, S. Schowalter, J. Angell. Bottom Row: E. Means, W. Storey, M. Vendrick, S. Means, S. Essex, A. Jackson, T. Haas, K. Mize, K. Phillips, L. Col;ins, J. Eggert, J. Flagler, M. Huslig. Marc Huslig Two guitars accompany the Mixed Chorus. . ccompanist Girls ' Glee: Top Row: J. Unger, C. Herrin, K. Morton, J. Watson, J, Ramsey, D. Maynard, L. Gibbs, J. Watson. M. Mahan, L. Meek, K. Deschner, L. Vossberg, D. Newton, M. Wells. Third Row: A, Bales, T. Collins. L. Bird, J. Krueger, V. Lea, B. Simonson, A. Anderson, R. Bollerman, A. Bruendl, M. Cole, J. Angell, S. Ashlock. P. Stengl. Second Row: W. Storey, M. Vendrick, S. Means, S. Brooks, K. Mize, J. Jones, K. Leonard, S. Showalter, J. Eggert, G, Batson. Bottom Row: Mr. Harris, L. Means, R. Young. C. Iverson. E. Head. S. Kenworthy. J. Eighmey, A. Ake, K. Philips, L. Collins, J. Flagler. Marc Huslig. Accompanist. H H ii . YV db ' l? K. Burns, S. Ashlock, P. Stengl. S. Camp, T. Steadman. Sponsors: Meg McGranaghan, Kim Frank, Don Gifford. Fellowship Of Christian Athletes Senior FCA members work really hard! Back Row. C. McWiUiams, J. Stevens, R. Countryman, M. McGranaghan, S. Runyan, K. Frank, C. Herrin, T. Steadman, D. Gifford, L. Hillwig, K. Bolinger, S. Camp. Middle Row: G. Darbro, P Wells, A. Bruendl, L. Randall, R. Westfall, G. Johnson, L. Phillips. Front Row: P. Stengl, J. Eighmey, C. Spain, T. Robberson, M. Luck, J. Runyan. 1 ' ATHLETICS JV.Top Row: B. Milligan, D. Hagerman, W. Rich, B. Lambky, D. Croxson, K. Schnitlker. D. Vandorn, E. Gcrlach. B Tucker, A. Whitmer. Second Row: T. Robinson. F. Sims, B. Long, R. Young, S. Runyan, P. Jones, K. Lawless, L. Nelson. D. Armstrong, B. Storey. Bottom Row: C. Hicks. T. Giles. J. Bcldcn. V. Marcclle. D. Simon. B. Pope, B. Cotton, M. Lucas. Top Row ( L to R): T. Robinson, B. Long, B. Lambky, D. Hagerman. K. Schnitker, W. Rich, D, Croxson, S. Runyan, L. Nelson, D. Van Dorn. B. Tucker, A. Whitmer, R. Young, E. Gerlach, B. Milligan. Middle Row: C. Hicks, B. Pope, M. Lucas, F. Sims, V. Marcelle. B. Cotton, J. Belden, D. Simon, T. Giles, M. Ward, K. Lawless, D. Armstrong, B. Storey. Bottom Row: J. Runyan, R. Lanzrath, B. Longnecker, J. Davis, S. Snow, E. Sims, G. Elston. B. Higgs. T. Bell, D. Cross, D. Ford, M. Crawford. Top Row: Dee Dee Rather, Leanne Hillwig, Jan Eigh- mey, Don Gifford, Arlene Reekie, Pam Wells, Kristi Lawless. Bottom Row: Dave Johnson. Jon Brown, Rick Erickson. Super Attitude And A Better Year To Come! The 1980 football team got a good look at the countryside of Kansas with four long road trips. There were times when it looked as if the Cats were going to get over the hump — but the hump in terms of number of wins still remains. However, the Wildcats finished with a super attitude and with encouragement from the 1980 Seniors and getting over the hump of more than two wins with a commitment to excellence will be the goal of 1981! Jon Brown Head Football Coach Defense: D. Armstrong, J. Belden, M. Lucas, M. Crawford, S. Snow, E. Sims, J. Runyan, T. Giles, B. Milligan, D. Ford, B. Pope. , 1 Offense: (Standing) S. Snow, B. Milligan, B. Pope, M. Crawford, G. Elston, J. Runyan, F. Sims. (Kneeling) B. Longnecker, D. Boutz, E. Sims, R. Lanzrath. B. Cotton, T. Bell. B. Higgs. k 79 AJ, Tracy Bell Jeff Branine Duane Boutz Mark Crawford Honorable Mention. Back David Cross Joe Davis Gary Elston David Ford Brad Higgs .. «ky. nULV4j : f Randy Lanzrath Bob Longnecker ■■■■«■■■ Jeff Runvan Vi£ VHxy Eric Sims Scolt Snow Head Coach, Jon Brown f3 m i -fiimi - « Seniors: V. Champlin. M. Fox. D. Brueggeman. M. Swayne, M. Huslig. T Shoemaker. R. Weslfall Cross Country ' 80 Cross Country 1980-81 was a very successful team. We had the largest squad Mulvane has had in the last few years. We were young with 1 senior. 4 juniors and 3 sophomores on the Varsity. We fielded a full Varsity team and most of the full J.V. team at the meets. We also had a very successful girls " team, made up of Mary Swayne and Lori Fox. We started the year at Clearwater and came home with six medals. We then faced 5 and 6A competition the rest of the year which helped at Regionals when we ran against all 4A teams. The team got stronger every meet. We had some great efforts by individ uals and we came together as a team at regional. We placed third there and we went to the state meet at Wamego. It was the first time a full team had gone in ten years. We placed tenth at state. It was truly a great experience for me to be associated with young people willing to work so hard to achieve a goal. We hope to continue this type of success in the years to come. Charles A. Mason Juniors: D Harvey. D. Landes. L. Fox. T. Warren. M. Coffey. Trainers: Tara Johnson and Marijane Wells. Coach: Charles Mason. Marc Huslig sings the " Cross Country King, ' Who says Cross Country isn ' t glamorous? Sophomores: Top Row: A. Jackson. M. Elliot. J. Prey. C. Collett, Bottom Row: G. Wilcox. F. Howard, J. Patterson. 1K Attendant Leanne Hillwig Escort Gary Elston Queen Lori Phillips Escort Mark Crawford Attendant Pam Wells Escort Jeff Runyan Football Royalty Football Royalty reigns over a victorious game. Bug Buddies! Top Row: Allison Beforl, Christy Starbird. Paula Wayman Bottom Row: Lori Deloney, Kellie Lough. Diana Cleverdon. Football Varsity i Cheerleaders ultrabrite: Brenda Diener, Connie Humphries Happv Scorekeepers Varsity: Top Row: N. Winters. K. Frank. Fourth Row: N. Gehring, J Humph- ries. M. Cole. D. Cleverdon. Third Row: M. Wilson, G. Reekie, T. Sears, L. Melick, L. Delony. Second Row: C. Tackett, M. Mayhugh, J. Brown. S. Randall. G. Jones. K, Lough. Front Row: M. Wells, S. Avery, A. Reekie, A. Bales, D. Rather. C. Rogers. Wildcat Volleyball A pyramid about to fall! Juniors: S. Randall, C. Rogers, J. Brown. A. Bales, D. Rather. ri " Here ' s how, girls. " Kim Frank ASSISTANT COACH Arlene Reekie CTL ALL LEAGUE M. Mayhugh, C. Tackett, M. Wells TRAINERS Suzic Av7r VOLLEYBALL SCORES A RECORD NUM- rTi A?f f fa BER OF ALL-LEAGUE SELECTIONS We began the season with many new faces. Our two seniors were joined by the largest number of underclassmen in recent years. Each year the team decides on goals for the season. Improvement in individual skills, development of a positive attitude and teamwork were chosen as our team goals this year. The girls worked very hard throughout the season to accomplish this. The hard work was rewarded with a record num- ber of all-league selections: Arlene Reekie was se- lected for the 1980 CTL All League Volleyball Team, and April Bales, Sheri Randall, and Dee Dee Rather received Honorable Mentions. Kim Frank Coaching is a rewarding experience when the ASSISTANT COACH team is characterized by dedication and willingness Head to work. yyi Nancy Winter, Coach Varsity. Standing: Nancy Winter, Kim Frank. Kneeling: L. Melick, S. Randall, D. Rather. A. Bales. S. Avery, A. Reekie, C. Rogers, S. Humphries, N.Gehring. Nancy Winter Head Coach i JV Cheerleaders: D. Cloverdon, A. Befort, K. Lough, C. Starbird, L. Deloney. K. Mize. J. Kerns. L. Weaver. Tj 1 -.U 11 5Qi Sophomore Team: Back Row: W. Rich, K. Butler, D. Hagerman.G. Wilcox, C. Collett. R.Turner. ijaSKClDall 1 From Row: J. Patterson, C. Hicks, E. Gerlach, R. Young, T. Robinson, S. Colliate, A. Whitmer. Mulvane Basketball 1980-81 Winning and to be a winner doesn ' t always mean having niiore wins than losses. The seniors this year won four games, yet they will graduate winners. They will be winners because they never failed to practice hard, to play hard, and to lose hard. They worked as much together and as hard to win the last game as they did the first. The team this year did achieve a couple of accomplishments. They brought home the consolation trophy from the Chaparral Tournament and won the first basketball homecoming in six years. It was a very good team to work with and be associat- ed with. I will always remember their character and determination. Coach Charles A. Mason J.V.: R. Turner, J. Belden, T. Warren, G. Wilcox, K. Butler, W. Rich, D. Lee. C. Hicks. B. Pope. M. Coffey, D. Harvey, S. Nichols, A. Whitmer. Varsity: L to R Back Row: D. Harvey, D. Landes, B. Iverson, V. Marcelle, D. Hagerman, M. Huslig, D. Brueggeman, T. Warren. M. Fox. G. Hamilton. Front Row: Manager, T. Johnson, Head Coach C. Mason, B. Pope, A. Whitmer, M. Coffey, J, Belden, Ass ' t. Coach R. Erlckson, and M. Wells. Darryl Brueggeman. Kevin Burke-ALL LEAGUE. Mark Fox. Greg Hamilton. Marc Huslig. Brent Iverson-HONORABLE MENTION. Coach Charles Mason. Vicki Powell. Attendant. Brent Iverson, Escort. i I Cathy Spain. Attendant. Kevin Burke, Escort. Arlene Reekie, Queen. Darryl Brueggeman, Escort. Basketball Royalty Brent Iverso . Vicki Powell, Darryl Brueggeman, Arlene Reekie, Kevin Burke, Cathy Spain Vicki Powell. Arlene Reekie Honorable Mention, All-League Wildcat Girls Varsity; Standing: Mr. Brown, Lori Melick, Vicki Powell, Arlene Reekie, April Bales, Mary Cole, Kristi Lawless, Carol Baker, Stacy Shoemaker, Cclia Rogers. Nancy Gehring, Kim Frank. Basketball Girls Show Enthusiasm Powell and Lawless. Girls ' Cagers Show Enthusiasm Basketball takes a lot of hard work and practice. This year ' s team gave it their best. They were very enthusiastic and always put forth great effort. Al- though the won-lost record doesn ' t indi- cate it, this was an enjoyable year be- cause of the wonderful attitude of the girls. Coach Brown The coach plans new strategy. ,LV: Standing; N. Gehring, C. Rogers, M. Cole, D. Rather. G. Reekie, Miss Frank. Kneeling; L. Melick, S. Shoemaker. Reekie. N. Gehring. .1. Brown, L. Bird, M. Radiel, S. Showalter. Seniors: Top Row: Mary Swaync, Debbie Juniors; Top Row: Janice Brown. Middle Row: Harrington. Bottom Row: Arlcne Reekie. Robin Countryman. Mary Lusk. Bottom Row: Kristi Lawless. Kim Hiebcri. Lori Fo.x, DccDce Rather. Sophomores: Mary Cole. Melissa Wilson. Gwen Reekie. Nancy Gehring. Managers: Javon Murphy. Leanne Hillwig. Tani Sieadman. Robin. Coach Winter, DecDee. Runners: Marv and Arlene. Girls Track Coacli Jclinck encourages Davis and Snow. Rusty Wcstl ' yll, joc Davis, John Reed, Scott Snow. Bryan Cook, Tracy Bell. vjr t ac -JTl - " TRTI 1 JfTV in i.N« , i»-4 aai IV I ' ■i — aoiiiw — ■qvi- TTDJcijEHZSJonriu. t csar Nulla, .loey Beldcn, Mark Ward, Bill Cotton, Jack Howard, Ron Johnston, Jeff Svvavne Jim Stephens. Brvan Bi ll, Curtis Napier. Tim Warren. Stacy cheers on Tim Warren. Darren Paris, Barr Milligan. Frank Howard. Greg Wilcox, .ieff Prcv, Fred Sims, Mark I ' llioli, Doug VanDorn. r, • Bil Brown M. Jelinek Fred Sims Boy ' s Track -1981- Joe Davis ' V-, «« msmA R t ' l i ljwli a L ' ' V M H JV Cheerleaders: Allison Befort, Christy Slarbird, Diana Cleverdon. Janeen Kerns, Kirsien Mize, Lori Deloney. Linda Weaver. Kellie Lough. EIGHT STEPS TO A GOAL! Sponsor Meg McGranaghan holds back the eager JV ' s! -MflHftMiaMMM Varsity Basketball Cheerleaders And Stuntmen Top Row: (L to R) Jett Swayne, Phillip Jones, Jeff Rynyan, Monte McKee, Mark Lucas. Billy Cotton. Cesar Nolle. Bottom Row: (L to R) Dee Layna Bongiorni. Chris Tackett, Leanne Hillwig, Pam Wells, Sherry Quigley. Jan Eighiney. V A pre-game flag salute. i 1 Pyramid Power. An impressive mount. Top Row: Lori Fox, Javon Murphy. Mary Swayne, Robin Countryiman. Middle Row: Chris Stephens, Colleen McWilliams, Mrs. Winter. Tani Steadman, Kristi Bolinger. Bottom Row: Cathy Spain, Tracey Robberson, Laurie Randall, Mary Lusk. JUNIOR POM PONS Stage Beauties. The 1980-81 Pom Pon Girls, The Klassy Kats Are 1 %i " 2 " - Kim i:iMR!iiiiMitJUUilNiU!k197TIHif ] bv ihc Booster Club. The Booster Club has been a longtime support for all MHS activities. In addition to aiding all organized athletic events, the club has paid for the National Honor Society hall panel, and sponsored the hamburger feed for all athletes. This year ' s officers, headed by Jack Ward, are Dalbert Humphries, Karen Rambo, and Judy Steinle. McinbcT.s: Buck Row: Mr. Glascr, B. Ivcrson, L, Hillwig, K. Bolingcr. Mr. Erickson, Mrs. Erickson, Mr. .lolm.son. Third Row: K. Burns. D. I.andes, D, Clcvcrdon, S, Humphries, G. Elston, K. Lawless. R. VW-sllall. Mrs. Wiihrou. Second Row: D. Kllioil, . . Bales, D. Ford. K. Lawless, T. Steadman, K. Schnitlker, Mr. Nelson, Mrs. Baunigarlner. F ' ronl Row: Mr. Fry, .1. Belden, V. MarccDc. T, Robbcrson, G. Rei.scr. (i, .l jlinson, P. Wells. Mr. Adkins. Methodist Youth ■ % Presidcnl Greg Johnson. Ori ' iccrs: Dale Landcs, Tani Sieadman, Kelly Burns. Gregg Reiser, Greg ,lohnson, Traccy Robberson. Joey Belden, Pani Wells, The Junior class worked really hard ihis year on the Prom for the Seniors. Spending a lovely day and evening at Cessna Activity Center on Saturday was the background for those marvelous pictures. Even though the Prom did take a lot of time and preparation by the Junior class, the Prom was a success and a photograph book of memories for all. The very efficient cooks responsible for the good food Mary Swayne. Mary Pickens, Mary High. Donna Ward Wanda and The Nerd! 1 ■ ' - Vanitites LaVona Stout, Jeff Swayne. Kathy JoAnne . . . - Mary U T.1 . . Mary High Donna Ward Mary Pickens • A Comic View Of Life In »_ Phases Three Acts Jeff Swayne, Mary Pickens. Greg Johnson, LaVona Stout. Jeff Swayne. j ff Eggert, Jeff Swayne, Cesar Nolla. Dancing at the prom. liH " IfTP ■ fl Jm Prom Night Narrator J. T. Klaus Announcer Greg Johnson Nerd Jeff Swayne Schwartz Cesar Nolla . .1 Jeff Eggert Wanda Mary Pickens Ma LaVona Stout Randy Greg Johnson Clara Mae Donna Ward Visitor From Forest Hills Krisli Learned. We ' re fired up and ready. rT » T T ' To help prevent drug abuse in Mulvane. Carl and Ciilliy Pope have organized a group called Concerned Parents. These people educate parents by giving talks to different organizations and holding seminars. Although teenagers may attend, the group is mostly for parents who care about the community. LeDenna Ehrlich. t liris .immcrman. I) Harr. N. Gehring. W. DcBackcr, D. Van Dorn. The Popsodciu smile. Suinding: (L to R): .1. Grodidier, T. Loeb, J. Swayne. T. Humbott, R. Hardison. D. Hively, J. Howard. G. Balson. J. Belden, R. Pohlen?. a. rope. u. union Middle Row:S. Ekcy. . I Stephens, G. Darbro, J. Pounds. J. Fletcher, S. Henderson, M. Hare, K.Struble. M.Ward. Bottom Row: D.Simon, R.Gibbs, L. Jone I). Bongiorni. G. Epps, C. Newell, D. Elliott, C. Iverson, G. Slaska. Mr. (iilTord will never be the same! Gifford ' s 3rd Hour American Cesar Nolla. What comes up come down. Histor Thai ' s riaht-we did it! BigC! Mike buys the privilege to throw a pie. Back Row; Mark Fox, Ken Locke, Mike Coffey, Danny Harvey, Dee Dee Rather, Becky Crowe, Kristi Bolinger, Brent Iverson, Vic Marcelle. Greg Hamilton. Front Row: Danny Simon, Lori Philhps, Colleen McWilliams, Arlene Reekie, Sheri Randall, Billy Cotton. (yell) AUTO HOME BUSINISS HEALTH LIFE ' JIM COFFEY INSURANCE AGENCY 212 EAST MADISON, DERBY. KANSAS 67037 PHONE: OFF 788 2853. RES 777 4880 Coffey ' s Angels I ALL jiv -■-•. Dee Dee and Mike. Heavyweights! The Strider is a rock band made up of five Mulvane High School graduates. The members are Scott Snow, rhythm guitar; Joe Davis, bass guitar; Brad Almire, drums; Terry Haas, lead guitar; and Marc Huslig, keyboards. Cclia Rogers, Penny Baker, Shcri Randall, Karen Gehring, Kelly Leonard. Mary Pennington, Sheila Thompson, Becky Crowe, Debbie Toxworlhy. M M HARDWARE . 115 V» ' est Main f Mulvane, Kansas 67110 Phone 777-1911 Milton Monica Peggy - Donna - Duane McDaniel Peggy helps the primary children across the busy road. C ' ainy Spain, Laurie Randall, and Peggy McDaniel refresh Tracey Robberson. Mr. Gifford, Coach Brown, and Jeff Run yan. Mr. and Mrs. Branine with Wayne and Jeff. %ifjg- ijjS it ■■ V- ' 1 ,- " " Wayne Rich. Mark Elliott. Danny Simon, Rick Erickson. and Kevin Burke await the pie contest. Bill Fairchild. April Bales, Kelly Leonard and Bill Fairchild. The Senior bleachers are always exciting! olden rtours Library Daze Mason ' s Eager Creative Writers Bill Fairchild v A ,1 Dave Johnson, Bill Fairchild, Joe Johnson, Ted Powers, Jon Brown, Rick Erickson. Lining up for MHS ' s excellent meals _ , r JJI Pizza Peddler Operating Corporation PIZZ3 PGClCllGr 5217 East Kellogg, Wichita, Kansas 67218 (316)688-5581 i ♦ m it ii n 1 w h MJk i W? iiLw« ?3 Rcnea Young. Hardeer Charbroil Burgers 236 West Greenway • Derby, Kansas Please Karen, hold still! Laurel and Hardy. Spencer ' s Angels l.ori Phillips, Dee Layna Bongiorni, Diana Cleverdon, Kristi Bolinger. Colliate At His Best Top Row: Brad Higgs, Gary Elston, Bob Longnecker. Middle Row; Scott Snow, Joe Davis, Spencer Colliate, Sid Colliate, Mark Crawrord. Bottom Row: Lori Phillips, Dee Layna Bongiorni, Kristi Bolinger, Diana Cleverdon. Truckin ' Along Back Row: Kent Daniels, Penny Baker, Celia Rogers, Shelly Means, Phil Ball, Bernie Champagne, Dale Landes, Kelly Lawless, Terri Proctor, Martha Sumpter, Becky Crowe, Roberta Poteete. Middle Row: Margaret Radiel, Renae Young, Evelyn Wallsmith, Mary Mayhugh, Carol Frikken, Elizabeth Means, Mary Pennington, Debbie Fox- worthy, Kelly Leonard, Sherry Quigley, Carol Baker, Tina Ruff. Front Row: Clint Jackson, Jeff Eggert, April Bales, Bryan Ellis, Susan Heatley. American History Sixth Hour Bill Brown, Instructor Charlie ' s Angels ■U K Dick Rathbun congratulates Mark Fox for winning a weekly foot- ball contest. 2nd Row: Phil Jones. Bernard Champagne. Mr. Canfield, ReJtwTT son. Phil Ball, Teresa Tatum. Front Row: Morgan Smith. Scott Snow. Curtis Napier. Colleen McWilliams, Janiece Terry. Melanie Hare, Tammy Carroll, Mary Pennington. David Terrell Brenda Johnson and Billy Cotton. Jeff Patterson on his way to the Sonic. Roy Wilkerson and Steve Runvan. Sandy Mahlandt and Tammy .An- derson. ' i k.J Top Row (1 to r): M. McCormick. A. Simrell. D, Cross, H. Pulis. E. Sims. E. Suit, T. Neil. S. Schiekolsky. G. Wegner, P. McDanicl. J. Bell, T. Schcn. G. Wilcox. C. Slarbird. K. Butler. S. Kenworthy, A. Jackson. G. Jones. M. Schwartz. N. Gehring. Front Row (I to r): B. Brown. D. Wallsmith, B. VanDccst. B. Simonsen. J. VonBon. K. Bolinger. P. Wayman. L. Deloney. L. Randall. S. Humphries. Devon Tucker and Mr. Brown. The Great Warriors. World History Third Hour Bill Brown, Instructo The seniors are monkeying around. Mark Daily. Dennis Kimble. Diana Cleverdon. 2i U Kim Ferguson. DAIRY KING Kenney Mauricia Kraus, Owners Dennis Debbie Kimble, Managers Connie Newton. Betty Jonci K utton Financial Services A Division o1 EF Hutlon Company Inc Betty L Jones CFP Branch Coordinaloc Rock Road Plaza 1 15 Plaza Lane East Mulvane KS 67110 Telephone (316) 777-0118 it. D Wallsmith. L. Jarrett, S Kenworthy, J. Ramsey. E» Algebra is fun!! Jody Flagler, Dee Williams, Kim Frank and Johnnie Wright. :c ] J X SHORTHAND CLASS: short hands! (I.G.A.) Cindy filleson, David Boutz i Troy Ehrlicb. Bryan Cook. Kenn Burke. Warren Owens. Brad Almire. Greg Hamiltoo. The dashing Joe Johnson. Queen Lon. Show " em Joe! Biologj ' ! Ebullient AngelL The erudite Todd Johnson. Somnolent Bill Been. A sophisticated printer. Kristi Bolinger works while the others talk. " You can call me Joe, but you doesn ' t have to call me Johnson! " V. Marcelle. T. Robinson. Sherry Quigley. No. 27. Fred Sims. Pam Wells, Debbie Harrington, Brad Almire and Mark Champagne watch Jeff Runyan mal e a BIG bank withdrawal. President Frank Carson, Sr. « Mu mffe f4 - Member FDIC " fe ' " ' ' j USE OUR DRIVE IN fK jjjf, " A STRONG RELIABLE BANK YOU SINCE 18S6 " 122 W. MAIN 777-1171 SERVING Linda Ebersole at the Career Fair. V. Powell. T. Tatum, L. Jones, K. Hiebert. The J. Maltbie, M. Myers, K. Ash, L. Ebersole. lU- ' ' Flower Shop 104 ' 2 S. First • Cut flowers Mulvane. Ks- 671 10 • Specializing in permanent (316) 777-4719 nowers ■ silk and dried Linda Ebersole • Green plants RICHARD H. EBERSOLE ATTORNEY AT LAW (316) 777-1670 104 S. FIRST MULVANE. KANSAS 67110 M, Mvcrs. L. Jones. K. Hieberl. V. Powell, ¥ t . Walter and J T. are Getting Angry! School is fun! Pretty fans as well as pretty girls. The whole school helped " embellish " Gary Arroyo ' s 18th birthday as Raven surprised Gary during B lunch. ft. PHONE 788-2861 Derby Floral and Gift Shoppe ;,- ' Cb W 401 NORTH BALTIMORE ■ " w ;? DERBY, KANSAS 67037 Elaine and Jerry Layton Top Row: Tracey Robberson. Colleen McWilliams. Mary Lusk. Javon Murphy. Bottom Row: Laurie Randall, Lori Fox. Robin Countryman, Kristi Bolinger, Cathy Spain, Tani Steadman. What a bunch of dolls Here I am! Rosalie and Gary Elston Gary and Chris on Cloud Nine. T. Ryan, T. Silvey, M. McKee, J. Richardson. Psychology Mr. Brown Second Hour Top Row (1 to r)- L. Fox, K. Lawless, J. Runyan, B. Higgs, R. Gibbs. J. Terry. T. Carroll, B. Brown. 3rd Row: B. Ch.ppeaux, J. Bclden. G. Staska, B. Pope, G. Nicholson. T. Bell. 2nd Row: J. Johns, T. Johnson, L. Krueger, R. Pohlenz. D. Schwartz, K. Sommerhauscr. J. Murphy. Bottom Row: M. Wells. R. Poiecte, M. Hare, T. Collins, T. Lankard, T. Steadman. k-l 1 ' « rrf 1, ; " ■•- Parents " Night; Mr. and Mrs. Pope and Brian. Best Wishes From COMPLETE HOME BUILDERS INC. " if «djhB||Vildcats block the Hornets. ■ SWkjf xr r nr 1 1 Sherry Quigley. Mark Lucas. One Day In The Lives Of Sherry And DeeLayna Band Belles! DccLayna Bonjiorni, Jeff Swayne. Sherry and DeeLayna. ' Mr. Schreiner takes good care of his students Electricity Class Top row, I. to r.; J. VanZant. T. Gerdes, J, Howard. Mr. Schreiner, D. Green. Bottom row. I. to r.: D. Langham. E. Sims, D. Wilmcth, K. Werth. O f n IE Gary Jaquis Vw :? %mM K J CYO Officers L 10 R: Lisa Jacques. Susan Heatley, Peggy McDaniel, Jeff Swayne, Arlene Reekie, Gwen Reekie, Mary Cole. Paul Danler, Steve Hendricks, Spencer Colliate, Mary Myers, Janicce Tcrrv, Joan VonBon, Sandy Bachman. Catholic Youth Organization Back Row: A. Alquest, D. Cross, M. Fox, K. Burke, M. Huslig, B. Chippeaux. Third Row: D. Simon, D. Martinez, B. Schwartz, L Vossbcrg, M. Crook, L. Fox, J. VonBon, J. Jones, A. Reekie. D. McDaniel. Second Row: B. Cotton, M. Radiel, S. Avery. P. McDaniel, M. Swayne, L. Phillips, J. Klaus, W. DeBachcr, M. Lucas. Front Row: S. Heatley, L. Jacques, J, Swayne, K. Somnierhauser. G. Arrovo. M. Cole. G, Reekie. D. Barr. Of ' o o u n t Third place. Derby softball. Serious slubents who are about to graduate. Compliments Of Peddler Leah Fairchild with her aides Jeff Kill and Stoney Nichols Bill Brown. Bill Fairchild. and Ron Adkins. T. Warren. R. Erickson. lohn Frv. Kcnnv Burrcll. I ynn Vossbcrg, Shelley Brooks, and Kelly Brooks Greg and Cathy. Back Row: L, Fox. T. Steadnian, C. McWilliams, M. Swayne, J. Murphy, R. Countryman. Front Row: M. Lusk. K. Bolingcr, C. Spain, T. Robberson, L. Randall, C. Stephens. Top Row: Janel Watson, Mary High, Laurie Randall, Kathy Weaver. Bottom Row: Suzic Avery. Peggy McDaniel, Cindy Nelson, Tracey Robberson, Cathy .Spain. La Intelligentsia This class takes pride in being ebullient, erudite, seraphic, gregarious, concatenated, eminent, ingenious, and effulgent. Top Row: Kathy Weaver, Laurie Randall. Middle Row: Suxie Avery. Peggy McDaniel. Mary High, Janet Watson. Cindy Millcson. Bottom Row: Tracey Robberson, Cathy Spain, Tresa VanBuskirk, Arlene Reekie, Cindy elson. Marc Huslig, John Hcrrin, Brenl Collett, Jeff VanZant. Dave Cross, Bill Been, Greg Hamilton. Tup row: Nancy Gchring, Glenda Jones. Diana Cleverdon. Bottom; Melissa Wilson, Mary Cole, Stacey Shoemaker, Janeen Kerns, Lori Mclick Friends Are Forever Mr, Schreiner. Spencer Colliate. Mark Crawford. Drafting Second Hour HI Darren Slrail. John Reed. Randy Plummer. Randy Hansen. Troy Hagerman, Joe Davis, Scott Snow Chcllc LcClcrc, Shelley Johnson, Kim Hoselton. ItlMll WAYWAN SIMON OIL CQ MULVANt.KANSAS • PHONt ;77-l926 505 Park Clyde Wayman Mulvane Paula Wavman. The seniors face the nation! Danny Simon sells prom favors. Eager Algebra Scholars :;; .. " W«««M| -».« E NEVERLOSE A DEAL OVER PiP V. ACE Mlvtcy S«rvk» Avollobl Fr « Eatimal ' master charge J.W.METZ LUMBER CQ Your One Stop Building Center W« ' n Open: • a.m. I 6 p.m., Msn.-Fri. I o.m. to 4 p.m.. Sat. Carpel Jones Blair Paint Power Tools Plywood Storm Doors . Windo Wood Paneling Hardware Congoleum Electrical Supplies Lumber 6770 S.E. Blvd. (K-15 Frontag. Road) 788-3781 P ' " - " " ' " Supplies Spencer Colliate, Gene Jones, Rav Warren. B. Schrcincr. K. Lawless. J. Kill. Dave .lohnson. Armstrong enjoys school! John Fry and Kelly Burns. Mark Crawford pins a corsage on Miss Frank. AMYDEL DUANE BURNS Flowers for all occasions Local and out of town orders handled promptly. ROWAN ' S FLOWER GIFT SHOP 109 W. Main Mulvane, Ks. Colleen and Kelly (Same) (Same) Julius Caesar! 2SSi " bS)FEE SERVICE CENTER Ingalls Electric Sales Service 104 WEST MAIN MULVANE 777-1571 •Showing A Complete Line Of General Electric And Maytag Appliances Electrical Service Supplies MULVANE AND PECK COOPERATIVE UNION Mulvane Phone 777-1122 This is no mild-mannered real estate sign. CONGRATULATIONS to GRADUATES of " 81 from Dr. L.H. COBB Your neighborhood ERA Real Estate Specialist " presents Super Sign ' " We make home buying selling simple and fast. ERA-Nye Realty K-15 Hwy Box 100 777-1181 BEN ' S AUTO SERVICE Ben Phillips 7141 S. Broadway Haysville THE BEAUTY SPOT Kathy Pope-Owner 112 W. Main 777-4821 l ' »79 Eleclfonic Rp.illy Asmx i.ilc. Inc. Neighborhood offices everywhere, each independently owned and operated. 150 ERA-NYE REALTY MULVANE RADIO TV, INC. g lfH Your Radio Shack Dealer 205 W. Main, Mulvane DON PERSELS Phone 777-1041 Terry Proctor J. Kilpalrick, S. Walker. Brenda Hall. Ms. Crosley J. Tucker, C. Milchell, S. Walker. S. Alum- baugh. L. Weaver. K. Mize. ■ - - Top Row (I to r): S. Rogers, L. Dicus. 4ih Row: D. Stradford. L. Fox. B. Chavez. T. Sullivan. C Tackelt. 3rd Row: R. Counlrsman. M. Lucas, K Ferguson 2nd Row A. Walson, S. Luckner, J. Frecka, D. McDaniel. B. Storey. C. Zimmerman, R. Fanning, R. Ashburn, K. .Miller, B. Brown Bottom Row: J. Hancock, B. Hall. S. Thompson, K. Gehring, L. Hartman. Just monkesin ' around American History Fifth Hour Mr. Brown CowboN Bil - Ml t a Gary Elston and C " isty Starbird ■ m M ■ 3TWK3IJ r v m r S l t t BB . v SU k W ' ri o A r ' iw l -- " 0 ■ T ' i ooMh -Hl P. Wayman, K. Lough, B. Iverson, K Bolinger, G Elston, C. Starbird, A. Befort. M. Crawford Home of Nation ' s Most Beautiful Cars DARRYL STARBIRD K-15 Highway • Box 385 Mulvane, Kansas 67110 (316) 777-4665 MULVANE Congratulations to the 1980-81 Mulvane Senior High graduates from the LSD =26? BOARD OF EDUCATION and ADMINISTRATION Good Luck. Seniors! from BERNADINES BEAUTY SHOP 777-1554 523 S. Central Family Profile System MULV. NE PHARMACY 104 E. Main Mulvane NORDEN PLUMBING " If you need a plumber bad, you need him good " Ted Norden Doris Norden 777-1171 MULVANE. KANSAS COMMERCIAL CONTAINER RESIDENTIAL SERVICE SERVICE MULVANE TRASH SERVICE TO START TRASH SERVICE PHONE " " " -03;! GARRY LLSK. 0»ner-Mgr P O Box E MLLVANE. KANSAS Good Luck To The Graduates From DR. PORTER 7-1362 114 V. Main Congratulations and Best W ishes to the Graduates of 1981 DR. LA. ROBINSON Congratulations From Head Hunters Hair Shop DER V BOWL Tr E rr DERBY BOWL Judv Jones. Ouner Mulvane PAPENHAUS OIL CO. Gasoline — Oil — Grease — Accessories Tires — Batteries — Sution Tank agon Service Tune-Lps Special Attention Given to School and Church Parties 444 S Baltimore Derb . Kansas League Bowling 211 S. First 777- 1 07 J Anatomy girls dissect Joe W. Johnson. Tammy and friend. Jan Eighmcy, Tani Sicadman. Tara Johnson, Chris Stephens, Brenda Johnson. Krisll Bolingcr. Arlcnc Reekie. Debbie Harringto Miss Bicri and Fred in front. Bob Longneckcr. Steve Hendricks, and Bill Been look askance!! Miss McGranaghan cheerfully gives instructions to Lori Phillips. Compliments Of till HKsI S Mll ' S M B .K DERBY KANSAS ' Mums the word. ' Mary Swayne, Lori Phillips, Pam Wells. Vossberg creams Mark Elliott. Rick l-rickson, Lori Phillips, Jon Brown. Senior pictures arrived today. Billv Cotton. Mike Col ' feN, Dannv Simon. I ori Phillips and Javon Murphy twirl to the music played by the high school band. I ori Phillips, I.eanne Hillwig. and Pam Wells arc the l ' )SO- S I roothall uuccn cam " ' R.k. THOMASON. D.D.S. Telephone 1210 N. ROCk ROAD MULVANE. KANSAS 67110 FamiU Care Center Sateliie Office 118 EAST MAIN MULVANE. KANSAS 67110 Bus: 777-0106 After Hours: 326-3301 Ff M EARN le mxl N lERCHAVTS XT E SANK f Dav3 " MAIS BANK 330 East Madiso " • Derbv, Kansas 67037 MOTOR BANK 201 North Balrim.ue • Derbv, Kansas 67037 MEMBER FDIC MARQUISE STUDIOS 65 ' ears Experience So Very Dependable Enid. Oklahoma MUUVANE TRUE VALUE HOME CENTER JOE and VIRGINIA BELDEN. Owners 201 WEST MAIN MLLVANE. KANSAS 6 ' 110 PH -oy DICK ' S PLUMBING Good Luck. Seniors! Ill W. Collier 777-1221 Mulvane E. EUGENE BULLINGER. A. LA. ARCHITECT Hail C. Pettit, A. LA. Architect 117 S. Hvdraulic .Avenue Wichita. KS 67211 Division of Nursing and Health Services SAINT MARY OF THE PLAINS COLLEGE St. Joseph Medical Center 1121 South Clifton Wichita. Kansas 67218 Senter - Smith Morluarv Mulvane 501 S. E. Louis Blvd. (Hiway K-15) 777-1632 " A Family Serving Families " BALFOUR JEWELRY ' S FINEST CRAFTSMEN Box 432 Salina, Kansas 67401 Bill Barr (913) 827-7013 Bob. Ace and Jerrj watch Sam plane a board. lop row (I to r): J. Swa Tic. T. Smith. T. Sullivan. R. John- ston. D- Johnson bottom ro»: S. Walker. K- . sh Woods 4th Hour John Reed uses the lathe. Tom Neal Troy. Sally and Kim help Duane «-ith his clock. Waiting for the bell! fji l.arr Rickels, publisher. The Derby Reporter Judy DzicwuUki. Assistant Manager. Mr. Brown ' s mischievous class! Standing: Robin Countryman. Chris Stephens, Mr. Brown, Paula Mann. Kim Ferguson Ceha Rogers Sharon Horning, Stacy Luckner. Sitting: Tammy Headgepath, Peggy McDaniel, Ginger Darbro, Sonya Cleverdon, Kelly Leonard, Brenda Hall, Sheila Thompson, Teresa Tatum. Psychology Is A Key To Life . . Psychology Bill Brown, Instructor Bcckv Crowe. Standing: Rusty Westfall, Greg Cox, Dale Landes, Mr. Brown, Todd Shoemaker, Richard Cham- pagoe, Mark Fox, Billy Cotton, Greg Hamilton. Kneeling: Donnie Whitson. w ¥ fc 11 ' I IIU GARNE [BW0 W!)V MJtj-«-sgr---- GARNETTS AUTO SUPPLY NO. 4 619 N. Baltimore 788-1553 Or 788-0212 GARNETT AUTO 208 S. Baltimore, Derby, Kansas purveyors of round meals and flat snacks Under personal management of Dale McCulloch 788-2011 .V l I zDapioaryJnc. | J .iQckers, !)(giffi(g£a 264-0486 Tnr® 2402 South Seneca (Corner Pawnee Seneca) )IMBOLINGER ©irv]i(S@, liimco 262-9342 EVERYTHING FOR THE ROCKHOUND Retail — WholeiaU lentz =iapiilary,lnc. 11740 S. OLIVER • RT. 2, BOX 135 2 miU$ west of town on hwy. 53 MULVANE, KANSAS 67110 MaVIN and BERNITA LENTZ 16; PAUl and ANN RADia 3 J 6-777-1 372 Congratulations Seniors From MULVANE PIZZA HUT 4iut SAV-A-TRIP Soft Drinks • Beer • Ice Sandwiches PIX BARBER SHOP Complete Hair Care 104 Prather Jim Sharpe 777-4121 Top Row (L to R); Vicki Powell. Cindy Nelson. Bottom Row (L to R): Robert Brown, Tim Warren, Dave Cross, Mark Crawford. Mr. Don Gifford, Instructor. Top; Jim Stephens. Bottom Row: Brad Almire, J. T. Klaus, Marijane Wells, Mike Rose, Darrin Paris. I 5 Marijane lor President! Politics : Johnson, Shirley Scheikofsky, Tony Gonsalves, LaVona Stout, Wal- ter be Backer. Who jumps first? Buddy and Sloney Nichols. future disc jockeys ' . Posing for the Wildcat centerfold. Those sophomores get smaller M W l ImdR WmS V H rW r B AL BETTY ' S CAFE PIZZA DEN GOOD FOOD AT REASONABLE PRICES 113 W. MAIN 777-1931 Al And Bctly Dccaire ScoU Henderson. Andy Jackson. Dana Maynard. Julie Ramsey. Tina Collins Cjina Epps. Sally Walker. Sheryl ' s 207 W. Main Shoe Mulvane Shack 777-4327 aSH PRINT SHOf .Quality -etPEsiENce • i= st reev ce Print 6hop ■WHERE SERVICE AND EXPERIENCE MAKE THE DIFFERENCE " Ken Lyerla 637 N Baltimore, Derby. Kansas 67037 • 788-2091 Dee Dee Rather Quality Homes Under Construction In Settler ' s Addition Will Build To Suit In Your Location Bodine Construction Realty Co. CHARLES VELMA 223 PIONEER PLACE 777-1602 T]T|T! lT-r ..-. Best Wishes From The AMERICAN LEGION J. Eggert. R. Ashburn, R, Fanning. D. Paris. T. Headgepath. S, Burgin. S. Showalter, S. Alumbaugh. Congratulations Graduates CHARLES REALTY Robert Glaser aids John Herrin. Brad Higgs. Bryan Bell, Ronnie Sagely. Tim Ceilings and Gina Epps. ■ft Jl David Martinez, Tony Rhynard, Darryl Brueggeman. Mark Fox, Bob Chippeaux, Mr. Schreiner, James Stephens. First Hour Drafting busy as bees . . putting down the graphite! At m Randy Lanzrath. Bob Ray, Mr. Schreiner. Trey Green, Alan Alquest, Terry Smith, Mr. Schreiner, Andy Jackson. 11 John Gregory. Dennis Armstrong, Tracy Loeb. Brett Lambky, Mike Tuttle, John Grosdidier, Sam Ekey. ' ' mM ji I RBLDDX Congratulations from H AND R BLOCK 112 E. Main Mulvane Congratulations, Seniors, From: DERBY HOME AUTO INC. DORSEY DRUGS GRIENER SONS MULVANE CHAMBER OF COMMERCE NEW YORK LIFE INSURANCE SELLERS PRESCRIPTION SHOPS TIMBER PRODUCTS INC. WELLS BOOKKEEPING SERVICE SELF SERVICE HIGHLANDER LAUNDRY Mulvane and Third 777-9957 Hours: Mon. thru Sat. 6:30 AM to 8:30 PM Sunday: 9 AM to 6 PM Congratulations to the Class of 1981 C S CONSTRUCTION Chris and Stan Wilmeth 777-4591 Congratulations to the Class of 1981 from FLASH! ADVERTISING b- DIRECT FACTORY DISTRIBUTORS Prom Favors Custom Printed Spirit Builders Buttons-T-Shirts-Bumper Stickers Promotional Items-Printed Pens Pencils WESTERN AUTO MERLE J. CANNON 110 West Main-Phone: 777-1591 MULVANE, KANSAS 67110 THE PRINT SHOP Commercial Printing of All Kinds 106 Prather Mulvane, Kansas AIR CAPITAL VENDING, INC. 7007 WEST MAPLE WICHITA, KANSAS 67209 (316) 943-0172 267-3435 Box D-Mulvane 170 Phone (316) 777-0722 C »?SON-CAMPBELL INSUILANCE JOHN STUHLSATZ 200 WEST MAIN MULVANE, KS. 67110 (316) 777-0121 Back Row: Mr. Slavens, Mr. Flowers. Mr. Storey, Mrs. Cleverdon, Mrs. Workman, Mrs. Wilco.x, Mrs. Carmichael, Mrs. Clasen, Rev. Heinz. Front Row; Mrs. Waller. Mrs. Parkey, Mrs. Moore, Mrs. Arnold, Mrs, Young, Mrs. Gomez. Mrs. Steadman. Tammy Moore. Greg Wilco.x Sonva Cleverdon. thanks to the bus drivers for their carefulness, consideration and Tani Steadman. r:)iaiia Cleverdon. SI 59 »Zi9 Tnm»» ,89 1» a- « - ' 69 59 Z« 159 3:A Potato Ci ' 19 2 59 1-9 3 19 SoflQilnks ;i ' i ' .40 .50 .60 99 1 89 ■ " » " ' " Fred Sims runs for a touchdown. Ron Sweat Owner SUB STUFF SANDWICHES 423 E. Madison, Derby David Ford Assistant Manager MHS Vocal Concert Djvid Ford. The arrival of senior pictures. Photographs and Memories. I Is been a good-year! Monkev sec . . . Monkey do. The Joys of this life, When you ' ve summed it all up, Are found in the Making of friends Joys Of Life Terri Proclor. Martha Sumptor, Lisa Jacques, Renca Young, t ' uthv Ivcrson. Susan Heallev. PRQFESSkQilAL RADPG CQCISULTAilTS • STEVE FflCfln • COBPLCTC SUSPEnSIOI ■ PROFESSkOnUL CHASSkS COnaTRUCTkOn . " . , ' „ S3Q4 S0E AO ibCHkTflb AnSAS IMii ' J " ! Football Homecoming King and Queen. PHILLIPS SOUTHERN ELECTRIC .EltCTRIC CO. INC A Foolball Varsity Cheerleaders. Stuntman Cesar Nolla. Cheerleader Lori Phillips. Mr. Johnson and a favorite student, Lori Pljjllips, . H -IBBi — I ' ■ ' 4 Pani Wells. Mary Swayne, Lori Phillips. iv: Thcv arc on iheir way. and Russell. Teresa Tatum ■H 3 .ji:m -■■ _ m L A 0 larnngion Memories The memories that friends have made together grow stronger with every passing day. Tammy Whitnicr Top Row: Teresa Crawford. Mr. Schreiner. Debbie Harrington, Suzie Avery. Bottom Row: Melanie Hare, Mary Pennington, Maria McKee. Rob May, Randy Lanzrath, Joe Gonsalves. Tim Crow, John Herrin, Monte McKee, Bret Almire, Morgan Smith. Top Row: Ken Rickards, Kevin Olson. Chris Zimmerman, Carl Schlick. Bottom Row: Wade Anderson. Brian Chavez. Drafting-Fourth Hour Top Row: Mr. Schreiner, M. Hare, T. Crawford, B. Almire. M. Pennington. C. Schlick. M. McKee. J. Herrin. D. Harrington. K Rickards. S. Avery, C. Zimmerman. Bottom Row: K. Olson, M. Smith, B. Chavez, M. McKee, W. Anderson, T. Crow. onK . ivow. S. Colliale, E. Sims, S. Hendricks, M. Crawford, J. Ree llinklc. J. Gonsalves, G. Elston. K. Gladnian, S. Henderson. When You Know How They ' re Built. ' T JJt, Motorcycles Corp. Your 1 YAMAHA DEALER RL HENDRICKS LES MANAGEFI (316) 945-8221 K N Motorcycles ' 3820 W McCormick Wichita. KS 67213 Phoiographs and Memories for Sieve and Colleen. Congratulations Seniors From MULVANE Pizza PIZZA HUT !||Qt. The yearbook staff wishes to thank THE MULVANE NEWS and JOHNSON PHOTOGRAPHY for use of their photographs. Sieve Hendricks. A great twosome. Colleen and Steve are happy! liiir- eyed group. Hui loe and the pom pons. Captain Colleen. Robin Hagbom, Krisli Bolinger, Leanne Hillwig, Lori Phillips. Tracey Robberson, Sandy Newell, Colleen McWillianis, Tani Slcadman. Donna and Krisli. Top Row; Kelley Burns. Middle Row: Krisli Learned, Mary Pick- ens, Robin Van Deesl. Bottom Row: Chris Tacketl, Shirley Crow, Donna Ward. Angell, LaVona Stout, Tani Steadman, Tracey Steadman, Peggy Megonigle, Sandy Sears, Tina Love. CONGRATULATIONS TO THE GRADUATES The Mulvane Police Deparimcnt h presently 3 seven man force with William J. Simmons 35 Chief of Police. Ii is the goal of the Mulvane Police Department to provide service to ihe public. The Police Dcparimeni provides this service through iii Patrol Force. Investigator, Police Cadets. Dispatchers and in the future through its various community programs the quality of individuals working for the Police Department varies from Police Officers with mas- ters degrees to those with High School diplomas. As Chief of Police I am working to upgrade the Police Department and the Police officer. I want lo wish the Seniors successful futures and the rest of the student body a successful High School career. Al- though our primary function is to enforce the law. we are also here 10 help. MULVANE POLICE DEPARTMENT k a tlA r CD Gene Howard. Cadets Todd Gerdes. Phil Ball, Brian Alquest. James Slcphens, and Officer Gary Ryno. Round the cauldron — . ' Brown ' s Pyrannid Power. Busy administrators. " Look out below! " The Reckies. M. Smith, P. Kraft, B. Almire, K. Burke, J. Kill. B. Schreiner and T. Baughn. J. Reed. D. Wilmeth, P. Mayfield. T. Means, M. Lui Drafting Third Hour Bob Schreiner, Instruct M. Smith, R, Wilson. T. Headgepath, T. Baughn. B. Schreiner, K. Lawless, D. Armstrong. Mrs. Goering. Chrisii Learned. Ron Johnston, Lisa Hartman. Walter DeBacker, Mary Swayne, J. T. Klaus, Tami Scars, Mrs. Goering. Kevin Wells, Marijanc Wells, .Icff Eggerl, Lisa Jacques. Sitting; Jim Ste- phens. Mary Pickens, Robin Van Deest, Joey Beldcn, Debbie Elliott. Peggy Megonigle. Jeff Swavnc. ( ' ront Row: Jill .. ngell, Cesar Nolla, Donna Ward. I. to R: S. Ramsey. B. Pope. E. Gerlach. W. Rich, J. Krueger, J. Ramsey, L. Weaver, R. Van Deest. J. Linger. ,1. Jones, D, Green, C. Hicks. M. Elliott. P. Wayman. W. Reiser, D. Schwartz. David Boulz. 1 ' i.lna Head, Tammy Carroll. Mrs. Cioering. Tina Collins. Mar Pickens liinii Scars, v2 iBi Hunk Hunters Mi Tani Sleadman, Dale Landes. Calhy Spain, Greg Hamilton ?r UJ ' ll ' N lA L Tani Cathy Brcni Iverson. Javon Murphy. Javon .1 Tracey w Tracey Robberson, Dwight Landes Sonya Cleverdon, Scott Ramsey, Peggy McDaniel, Greg Johnson. I Steve Helm, Julie Ramsey. Scott Ramsey, Cindy Shanks. Hitchin ' Post Stables 1 4 mi. se. of k15 k53 jct. " ■ ' " Mulvane, KS 67110 OWNED AND OPERATED BY SCOTT AND JULIE RAMSEY Janet VonBon, Dana Maynard, Lorrie Bird, Julie Ramsey, Renea Bollerman, Julie Krueger, Lisa Johnson. Scott Ramsey x r -Sm. 6 1 I • ' Sandy Sears, David Boutz, Sonya Cleverdon, Scott Ramsey, Suzie Avery, Gary Arroyo, Peggy McDaniel, Greg Johnson. ITi3iri!!il.lJlT |4 Joe Lisac. Steve Hendricks. Troy Hagerman. Ken Gladman. Brent Iverson. John Reed. Brad Higgs. Vince Champlin. IVERSON AND WESTFALL PLUMBING AND ELECTRICAL INC. Rose Hill 776-0511 Mulvane Plumbing — Electrical Custom Home Building . sk Us About Your Water Conditioning Needs Kellv Lx ugh. Brent Iverson. Todd Shoemaker. Rusty Weslfall. r-f % ■il -M The long-disunce RUNNER. Duane Boutz. Randy Plummer, Greg Schotl, Kelly Lawless. Electricity Spring Semester -1981- Bp enny Bipperl, Tony Gonsalves, Mr. Schreiner, Daryn Wilmeth, Jack Howard. Todd Gerdes. Jeff Vanzanl, Bob Schreiner. Todd Gerdes, Daren Green. David Langham, Gary Jacquis. Mr. Hall, Mr. Jelinek, Mr. Schreiner. Back Row: Lisa Schlaegel, Lorrie Bird, Julie Ramsey. Janet Watson, LaDcena Ehrlich. Mary High. Front Row: Darrel Croxson, Scott Ramsey, Jimmy Meek, Brian Pope. Mary, is thai inlcresting? Mar and Rob. f: f ' tJan Eighmey xl f xs H rare nnA si zciul ' k )irtcj jiU rzrxnivc t Karen Sommerhauser? r--c ■ .N Sonva and Diana Clevcrdon. Krisli Lawless, Arlenc Reekie. Sonva CIcverdon. " (iood friends! My. how they have grown! The happy Ihrcc-somc. Diana and Sid. . serious moment Tor Sonya and Roger. I.ori and Sonya Mr. Erickson. your hair is messed up! PAUL RATHER SALES ASSOCIATE enqlish Realty inc. 200 EAST MADISON DERBY. KANSAS 67037 OFC: 316 788-1523 RES: 316 777-4111 n ' h L V i w 1 Coach Brown. DccDec Ralher. lunior-Sonior Prom. oiitball Varsity Cheerleaders. I)eel ec and Mike. 1 1 1 1 i We ' re so glad we ' ve had this time together, just to have a laugh or sing a song. Seems we just get started and before you know it, comes the time we have to say ... so long. We, the 1 2 year students, have shared the good times and the bad times together since the begin- ning of our school days. Saying goodbye to high school means saying goodbye to fellow students with whom we have spent each school day. We are joyful at starting our lives as adults but at the same time we are sad to leave our friends. Our new lives must now begin. This page is compliments of Virgina and John Steadman and Kvlo. Sixth Row T Hagerman, T. Crawford. S. Bachman, S, Mahlandt, C. Milleson, J. Watson. Fifth Row: T. Haas, T. Rhynard, B. Higgs, B. lungncckcr M. Crawford. T. Shoemaker, B. Overson, B. Been. J. Reed, K. Burke. Fourth Row; L. Philhps, L. Stout, T. Talum, D. Harrington K, Lawless, J. Johns. C. Mitchell, B. Johnson. . . Reekie. Third Row: E, Sims, R. Westfall, M. McKee, S. Hendricks. B. Chippcaux D Martinez. D. Bruesceman, K. Gladman, G. Nicholson. Second Row: J. Maltbie, K. Hicbert. M. Myers, J. Terry, S. Walker, T. Baughn, T. Steadman, K. Sommerhauser. S. Avery. S. Cleverdon, S. Scheikofsky. First Row: G, Reiser, J, Richardson, R. May, J. VanZant, G. Elston, S. Ramsey. G. Johnson, G. Arroyo. State of Kansas Scholars: G. Arroyo. S. Ramsey, G. Reiser. G. Cox. M. Huslig. J. VanZant, K. Burke. M. Fox. D. Harrington. J. Johns, M. Swayne. m " ' hus1U. " " ' ' " ' " ° ° ' Danforlh Award-M. McKee. Citizenship Award-J. Eighmey. ' w iwTl . •w ■ s nrrtr Ixiv k ' n s b Top Row: T. Crow, B. Almire, T. Hagerman, B. Collett, J. Herrin, M. Huslig. Fourth Row: G. Johnson, G. Arroyo, R. May, D. Boutz, T. Neal, B. Higgs. Third Row: T. Ehrlich, G. Elslon, D. Cross, B. Longnecker, P Danler, D. Whitson Second Row: L. Ehrlich, P. Rader, C. Spain, L. Phillips, T. Robberson, J. Eighmey, A. Bruendl. First Row: L. Hillwig, M. Myers, S. Newell, T. Headgepath, J. Terry, S. Bachman. Top Row: T. Sloan, M. Crawford, R. Lanzrath, J. Reed, B. Been, M. Jones, K. Burke, J. Richardson. Third Row: J. Maltbie, K. Hiebert, P. Megonigle, S. Camp, T. Whitmer, L. Randall, T. Carroll, D. Cardwell, J. Flagler. Second Row: J. VanZant, E. Sims. R. Westfall, D. Ford, S. Brooks, P. Wells, E. Head, K. Weaver, B. Johnson. First Row: G. Reiser, R. Smith, J. Branine, R. Cham- pagne, K. Gladman, R. Plummer, T. Haas, T. Rhynard. Top Row: S. Scheikofsky, L. Krueger, T. Crawford, K. Lawless, C. Stephens, C. Mille- son, T. Tatum. Third Row: S. Ramsey, V. Champlin, B. Cook, J. Davis, A. Alquest, 0. Nicholason, D. Brueggeman, J. Runyan. Sec- ond Row: S. Cleverdon, J. Watson, J. Von- Bon, L. Stout. T. Sears, A. Reekie, J. Mur- phy, S. Mahlandt, T. Lankard. First Row: B. Iverson, M Smith, V. Rouviere, R. Hansen, S. Henderson, M. Hinkle, J. Newton. Top Row: S. Snow, M. McKee, D. Martinez, M. Ryan, T. Shoemaker, D. Boutz, D. Harrington, J. Johns, C. Mitchell. Third Row: S. Avery, T. VanBuskirk, V. Powell, J. Angell, R. Hagbom, K. Bolinger, M. Swayne, S. Sears. Second Row: G. Hamilton, S. Hendricks, J. Lisac, B. Chippcaux, S. Colliatie, J. Gonsalves, G. Cox, B. Schwartz. First Row: S. Walker, S. Baughn, T. An- derson, C. McWilliams, T. Steadman, T. Love, K. Som- merhauser, P. McDaniel, M. High. Wilson Lake - Senior Skip Day - May 11, 1981 FINAL EDITION - 1980-1981 VOL. 1 PG. 3 i:4 MOUNT ST. HELENS - With a blast comparable to the largest H-Bomb ever tested. Mount St. Helens erupted on May 18. Despite all the warnings, 32 people died and a paralyzing blanket of gray soot dropped over cities, farms and highways as far east as Montana. REFUGEES FLOOD FLORIDA - In a little more than two months. 110.000 Cubans descended upon the United Slates The sudden indux forced Florida ' s governor to declare a state of emergency. Cuban President Fidel Castro claimed it was to teach the U.S. a lesson for welcoming Cuban hijackers as heroes. THIRD CANDIDATE - Although John Anderson won only a small percentage of the popular vote in the presidential election, he stressed that his campaign was not wasted, " We have put the major parties on notice that they can never again come up with the kind of choices they have this year. " POLISH UNREST - Poland ' s striking workers brought down the government and dangerously provoked the Soviet Union. TELEVISION STRIKE - Over 1,200 actors went on strike demanding compensation for videocassettes and cable TV. The long-winded strike lasted several months, delaying the new fall programs. FINAL EDITION 1 1980-1981 ' VOL. 1 PG. 4 HOCKEY VICTORY - For the first time in 20 years, the American hockey team won the hockey gold medal, defeating the world champion Russian team. The American team had only been playing together for five months. ' SHOGUN ' FEVER - The 12-hour television mini-series captured rare top ratings for NBC. Richard Chamberlin played the lead in the story about 17th century Japan. BORG WINS, AGAIN - Sweden ' s B,orn Borg falls to his knees after beating John McEnroe of the United States to the All England Tennis Championship for the fifth straight year at Wimbleton. THE RELEASE OF THE HOSTAGES A surge of relief, joy and patriotism swept the country when the hostages were released from Iran after 444 days in captivity on Jan. 20, inauguration day. ACTOR DIES - Peter Sellers, a mastermind of disguise, played a variety of characters and was lovable in them all, from Inspector Clouseau in the " Pink Panther " films to Chauncey Gardiner in " Being There. " THE ABSCAM TRIALS - Two of seven Congressmen involved in the ABSCAM trials are shown arriving at Federal Court with their wives to deny charges that they accepted money in exchange for political favors from an FBI agent, posing as an Arab sheik. OLYMPIC BOYCOTT Beauty and pageantry couldn ' t hide America ' s absence from the Summer Olympic Games in Moscow. A number of countries boycotted the Games to protest the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan.

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