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4 WILDCAT m In Los Angeles, Baldwin Hill Reservoir cracked, then broke releasing a torrent which wrecked hundreds of evacuated homes, but produced few casualties. Sandy Koufax won two as the Los Angeles Dodgers beat the Yankees four straight for the world championship. At year ' s end, Koufax was named the league ' s Most Valuable Player. Right: James Whittaker of Redmond, Washington, became the first American to reach the top of Mt. Everest. National EvenU Quints were born m Aberdeen, S. D., and in Venezuela in the same week. Here two of the American quints pose for pictures before going home. Lyndon B. Johnson of Texas took office immediately follow- ing President Kennedy ' s death and affirmed his intention of continuing the foreign and domestic policies of his prede- cessor. Leaking gas exploded during the finale of an ice show in Indianapolis, killing 68 and injuring many others. Ransomed for 3240,000, Frank Sinalni, J,, relumed home safely two days after being kidnaped and posed with his sister Tina, left, and his mother, Mrs .Xancr Sinatra. 31 V Accused slayer of President Kennedy, Lee Oswald, was shot fatally before f national TV audience. Right: Mrs. Jacqueline Kennedy, Caroline and John, Jr. leave Washington for Christmas in Florida. 1 Review — 1963 Wilh the assassination of John F. Kennedy of Massachusetts, youngest president in U.S. history, the country lost a highly-regarded and remarkably capable statesman and administrator. President DeGaulle of France, saluting, stands with German Chancellor Erhard, right, and President Lubke, as some heads of state gathered in tribute to the late President Kennedy. President Kennedy, and soon-to-be retired, Ger- man Chancellor Adenauer met in Bonn dunng Kennedy ' s successful ten-day tour of Western Europe. President Kennedy and then Vice-Presidenl Johnson (second Jrom Tight) met with leaders of the August ' ' March on Wash- ington " dramatizing the nation ' s leading domestic issue in 1963. Major Gordon Cooper received the Distinguished Service Medal from President Kennedy at the White House in May, following Cooper ' s 22 orbit flight and manually controlled re-entry. f .VV ' 03:2. THE 1964 WILDCAT MULVANE HIGH SCHOOL MULVANE, KANSAS SUPT. JOHN B. IRELAND Beginning this year, the Mulvane School System is to be intelligently and inspiringly led by a man who is very capable and respected by all. Mr. Ireland, a native of Florence, Kansas, received his bachelor ' s degree from Phillips University, Enid, Oklahoma, and his master ' s from Wichita University, Wichita, Kansas. DEDICATION Mr. Ireland began his career as an educator at Rosehill, Kansas, where he was a teacher and coach for four years . When he came to Mulvane in 1953, he taught for one year and was principal at the Junior High for one year. He was then Mulvane High School ' s principal until he was pro- moted to the position of Mulvane School Superintendent this year. In this, his first year as superintend- ent, we, the Journalism Class of 1964, would like to welcome Mr. John B. Ireland by dedicating to him the 1964 WILDCAT. FOREWORD With the close of this school year comes the recalling of many enjoy- able and worthwhile experiences that will be a part of each and every stu- dent ' s high school memories. It has been a year of changes and progress, and all of these have improved Mul- vane High. Leadership under a new principal and superintendent, an undefeated season in football that resulted in the Chis- holm Trail League Championship, a fine victory for the Cross -Country Track Team as State -Champs, fine basketball team, the adaption of an all-school play, and many more events have added much to each per- son ' s store of knowledge. We, the Journalism Class of 1964, hope that this year book will recall fond memories through its pictures and words . " tBK " Wisdom is the principle thing; therefore get wis- dom and with all thy getting, get understanding. ' Proverbs 4:7 .i w y ADMINISTRAXrON W 17 23 29 35 y ATHLETICS V " T A B L E O F C O N T E N T S 49 59 ADMINISTRATION W. D. MUNSON JOHN B. IRELAND Superintendent ADMINISTRATION Superintendent ncT Jv ' M j i A y M j " W tmk K ' iV DR. L. H. COBB Board LYLE B. COUCH Principal DR. D. CARR Board B. SPEER Board MRS. G. HEERSCHE Board J. B. TARR Board K,ATHRYN AIKENS Language BETTY BOREN Secretary HAROLD BRANDENBURG Social Science and Coach FACULTY if JAMES CULBERTSON Boys P. E. and Coach ROGER DAESCHNER Political Science LILYAN ERICKSON Speech and Library BILL FAIR CHILD Driver Education JOHN FRY English ROBERT GLASER Mathematics and Science LOUISE HALL Home Economics CLINTON HILL Social Science and Coach ADA JAAX English and Counselor WILLIAM JACOBS Commerce WILLIAM MA BEN Science IRIS OVERTON Typing and Girls P. E. WILLIAM PARKER Mathematics FLOSSIE PIPPIN English TED POWERS Music ROBERT SCHREINER Industrial Arts JEAN SHAW Secretary FRANCIS SHOUP Vocational Agriculture DONNA TRAVIS English CARSON WARD Mathematics SENIORS . CORINNE AYERS KATHY BODINE HARRIET BOLSINGER DORIS BROWN MYRA BRUN MEIER GAVE BRYANT DONALD BUTCHER JIM CANADY JIM DORSEY KENNETH DULANEY LINDA ANN DAVIS DAVE FARBER EDDIE BOWEN KAYE BRYANT LINDA JANE DAVIS GEORGE FOSTER o f - " IkHi DON FREDERICK REBECCA HARGROVE WILLA HINSHAW RICHARD IVERSON DONALD FRIKKEN ROBFRT HA INKS DENNIS HESS %itfL£ JLjL JOHN HARDING JUDITH HILDERBRAND PATRICIA HILL PHYLLIS HOTH BOB JACKSON SANDRA HOWARD DARREL JONES IVAN HUMBOLT GAIL JONES GERALD KECK WILMA LANPHER JULIE LEICHHARDT JACK LONG JACK MUTH BARBARA NUNN CONNIE NIBLACK KEITH PETERS JAMES NICHOLSON RITA PIERSON STEVE NOSSAMAN JULIE PITTET - v DARLENE POTTS JAMES PROTHRO BEVERLY SAXTON JOYCE SIMON 5! . KATlTl ' POTTS DENNY RORK MARY ANN RORK - ' ■ FLOSSIE REUSSER d TERRY RICHARDSON RODNEY ROGERS KATHLEEN SCHAPER GREG SHARPE JUDY SHIRK LARRY SLAVFJMS JANICE SMITH JOE SMITH %v ' ' h h0 1 KENT SMITH CHARLES SWAN MIKE TARRY ALLEN TEETZEL k i JON THOMSON MARILYN VERMILLON KATHY WINFREY JUDY WARD MARSHA WINFREY TOM WESSELS JEANNE WOODS SHIRLEY WILLIAMSON RICHARD WOODY SENIOR N SNAPS r CLASS OFFICERS AND SPONSORS SENIORS-FRONT ROW: T. Richardson, Treas. ; J. Shirk, Stu-Co Rep. ; J. Woods, Sec. ; B. Haines, V. Pres. ; BACK ROW: J. Thomson, Stu-Co Rep. ; Mr. Parker, Sponsor; D. Frikken, Pres. ; Mr. Culbertson, Sponsor. JUNIORS-SEATED: Miss Aikens, Sponsor; V. Walker, Sec. ; F. Elstun, Stu-Co Rep. ; STANDING: Mr. Shoup, Sponsor; W. Galliart, Stu-Co Rep. ; Mr. Hill, Sponsor; R. Wayman, Treas. ; R. Dame, Pres. ; R. Long, V. Pres. SOPHOMORES -SEATED: ]. Darbro, Sec. ; S. Ward, Stu-Co Rep. ; N. Lowery, Treas. ; STANDING: M. Davey, Stu-Co Rep. ; Mr. Schreiner, Sponsor; S. Iverson, Pres. ; Mrs. Pippin, Sponsor; Mr. Glaser, Sponsor; J. Call, V. Pres. FRESHMEN -SEATED: C. Cobb, Treas. ; D. Thomas, Stu-Co Rep. ; J. Utt, Sec. ; STANDING: E. Boyd, Stu-Co Rep. ; Mr. Fry, Sponsor; D. Kimble, Pres. ; Mr. Ward, Sponsor; Mrs. Jaax, Sponsor; Mr. Daeschner, Sponsor; B. Mock, V. Pres. JUNIORS «r- 4 ROW 1 Linda Alderman Cindy Atkins Jerry Backus Charlotte Bally Johnnie Barnes David Bishard ROW 2 Thelma Boone Thay Brauser Ivin Brown J an is Brown Mike Bronnenberg Raymond Buchanan ROW 3 Ronnie Cherry Gerald Church ROW 5 Jeaneen Colvin Karen Corkery Gary Cox Ramona Crow Richard Dame Linda Diller Linda Donaldson Bill Dorsey James EXidley Don Dye Rickey Ebersole Frances Elstun Jim Elstun Joyce Erickson Greg Farber Roimie Fast Kay Flagler Jerry Forshee Tom Fortner Jane Galliart Wayne Galliart Willa Garms Gwen Grieve David Hall .. p .. ' - ROW 4 Janet Herrsche Diane HoUenback ROW 5 Mary Rowland Authur Howlett Lee Humbolt Mike Humbolt Barbara Huckle Doug Irwin i 0 ROW 6 Patsy James ! Dallas Johns Kathy Johnson Tony Jones Mary Arm Kiethley Nancy Kendrick ROW 1 Linda Kimble Kenneth Kincaid Larry King Doug Koeple Ray Kopsa Kathy Knight ROW 2 Mike Langstaff Ricky Lawson Susan Lentz Roland Long Melvin Love Billy Laurance ROW 3 Clydene Martin Veda McCain ROW 4 Betty McDonald m Ronnie Meek ROW 5 Phil Miller Steve Morgan — i. Mike Myers Mildred Nelson David Niblack Kenneth Norland ROW 6 Billy Nunn Ronnie Pack Doyle Palmer Carla Payne m ' Judy Pittman ' Mike Pray ' - f, ' ROW 1 Diane Procter Georgia Reichel Sue Richardson Gene Roberts Peggy Rosendale Kenneth Schaper ROW 4 James Taylor ROW 2 Judi Shultz Janice Taylor Ron Stauffer Kent Stotts Cheryl Stout Linda Stout Charles Strobel ROW 5 Mikell Taylor Ronnie Utt Vicki Walker Ronnie Wayman Victor Wheeler ROW 3 Norma Strode Harold Whitley Sherry Stunkel ROW 6 Leonard Williams Natalie Williams William Williams Gary Wine gar Mike Woolery Jin Zackarey SOPHOMORES vl ROW 1 Linda Andrews Carol Arroyo Greg Ayers Merle Bally Roger Bartunek Steve Bell ROW 2 Sandra Bolsinger Debby Boren Larry Braddy Carolyn Brauser Linda Buchanan John Call ROW 3 Carol Carlton ROW 4 ROW 5 Steve Carmichael Frank Cobb David Coleman Jack Coleman Terry Cook Nikki Cowel Curtis Crow- Bernard Cummins Jeannine Darbro Mickey Davey Diana Davis Bill Diller V ' J I ROW 1 ROW 2 Steve Dody Patricia Dulaney Rick Engleman Ruth Graber Jim Grier Bill Grieve Barbara Griffin Glenna Grother Pat Harbarger George Heersche Susan Helmer Jane Herrman ROW 3 Linda Hofford ROW 4 Harold Hewlett Bud Huffman Bertha Humbolt Jeri Humphrey Steve Iverson Alvin James ROW 5 Vi Glenn Jones Nancy Jones Mike Kendrick Maurice Kennedy Bruce Kimble Suanne Kirkpatrick f Tim Kloehr Maria Knight Dennis Kuntz Jane Lippincott Coy la Lockhart Gordon Long Jerry Long Charles Love Nora Lowery Linda Martinez Linda Masterson Kathy Mazzati ROW 3 Larry McCaskey ROW 2 ROW 4 Ken McClaflin Marsha McCort Bertha McKee Robert Morgan Connie Moses Bill Murrow Andy Musick Connie Myers Dorma Norden Mide Nida Billy Nungesser Debbie Nye ROW 1 Linda Peterson Phyllis Pittet Myrna Prothro Teddy Richardson Linda Robinson Roger Robinson ROW 2 Max Rock Steve Roney Gloria Sanchez Gary Slavens Joe Smith Debby Somers ROW 3 A lye i a Stotts ROW 4 Sally Utt Jane Vermillion Terry Wakeland Sue Ward Bob Welch Jane Wessels ROW 5 Tom White Barbara Whitley Donna Williams Elizabeth Wilson Ann Wyatt Gary Yacconi - W SOPHOMORE AND FRESHMAN SNAPS FRESHMEN ROW 1 Delrae Backus Marcia Barnes Curtis Barth Stephen EXiane Booth Ricky Boone Gary Bowen Eddy Boyd Cindy Carmichael Carolyn Cobb Larry Cook Teresea Cook Chris Crawford ROW 3 Bruce Croft ROW 4 ROW 5 Galen Cummins Kenny Cummins William De Haven Clair Diller Diane Eubanks Kenneth Fast Linda Failing Dale Grundeman Gayle Hale Richard Heersche Ronnie He in Karl Henderson i rw ' - ■s ' f. I V i : ' John Hightower Debby Hill Montez Hinds Cynthia Irwin Bobby Jerred John Johnson ROW 2 Bill Alan Jones Nancy Jones Sandra Kees Patti Keithley Sandy Kepple Mark Kessinger ROW 3 James Kilts Dennis Kimble Brenda Knollenberg Terry Lashbrook Charles Kraft Sandra Larson Kathy Lawson Steve Layton Rita Matzek Teresa Masterson Sandra Meyers Brenda McClaflin Wally McGinnis ROW 1 Don McKee Bill Mock David Myers Jill Nelson Mathew Niblack Elma Dean Nix ROW 2 Nancy Nye Bobby Parker Diane Peters Danny Pray James Radford Shirley Reder ROW 3 Don Reed ROW 4 David Richardson Linda Riddle Randy Rogers Joann Royer Dana Rork Frank Sanchez ROW 5 James Schuessler Allen Scott Lela Arm Scott Diann Shaffstall Arthxir Smith Kathy Smith ROW 1 Donna Somers Darrell Sommerhauser Jack Storey Ben Strobel Patty Tarry Harold Taylor ROW 2 Kerry Taylor Miron Taylor Peg Tefft Richard Tharp Donna Thomas Francis Thompson 9r ROW 3 Tom Turner ROW 4 Janie Utt Jane Walker Janet Ward Kenneth Ward Gary Wenzel Lee Wharry ROW 5 Eva Whitley Mike W ' llliams Karen Wills Nadine Wood Butch Woods Carol Woody HONOR ROLL— FIRST SEMESTER -A- SENIORS-Shirley Williamson, JUNIORS-Ray Kopsa, Kay Flagler, Janice Taylor. SOPHOMORES-Frank Cobb, Mickey Davey, Steve Iverson, Linda Andrews, Suanne Kirkpatrick, Elizabeth Wilson. -FRESHMEN-Harold Taylor . -B- SENIORS -Jim Dorsey, Donald Frikken, Darrel Jones, Gail Jones, Terry Richard- son, Denny Rork, Joe T. Smith, Kent Smith, Jim Travis, Myra Brunmeier, Linda Ann Davis, Becky Hargrove, Judy Hilderbrand, Patricia Hill, Willa Hinshaw, Wilma Jean Lanpher, Julie Leichhardt, Mary Lowery, Carol McAdam, Judy Shirk, Joyce Simon, Janice Smith, Marilyn Vermilion, Katy Winfrey, Jean Woods. JUNIORS-Gregg Church, Greg Farber, Ronnie Fast, Doug Irwin, Roland Long, Billy Lowrance, Ronald Meek, Pam Coleman, Dianne HoUenback, Mary Howland, Barbara Hukle, Patsy James, Mary Anne Keithley, Judith Schultz. SOPHOMORES-Greg Ayers, John Call, Steve Carmichael, Jack Coleman, Steve Dody, George Heersche, Jr., Bud Huffman, Tim Kloehr, Mike Nida, Max Rock, Tom White, Jeannine Darbro, Glenna Grother, Jane Herrman, Linda Hoffoi ' d, Jeri Humphrey, Jane Lippincott, Coyla Lock- hart, Nora Lowery, Marsha McCort, Connie Moses, Donna Norden, Phyllis Pittet, Sally Utt, Jane Vermillion, Sue Ward, Jane Wessels, Ann Wyatt. FRESHMEN-Eddy Boyd, Kenny Cummins, Kenneth Fast, Dale Grundeman, Richard Heersche, Peg Tefft, John Johnson, Donna Thomas, David Myers, Jane Walker, Quinn Radford, Janet Ward, James Schuessler, Darrell Sommerhauser, Ben Strobel, Butch Woods, Carolyn Cobb, Kathy Failing, Montez Hinds, Sandra Kees, Patti Keithley, Sandra Larson, Teresa Masterson, Diane Peters, Linda Riddle, Dana Rork, Kerry Taylor, Patty Tarry. HONOR ROLL— SECOND SEMESTER -A- SENIORS: Janice Smith, Shirley Williamson. JUNIORS-Ray Kopsa. Kenneth Norland, Barbara Hukle. SOPHOMORES-Frank Cobb, Mickey Davey, Steve Iverson, Linda Andrews, Elizabeth Wilson. -FRESHMEN-Harold Taylor . -B- SENIORS-Jim Dorsey, Don Frikken, Gail Jones, Terry Richardson, Denny Rork, Kent Smith, Mike Tarry, Jim Travis, Myra Brunmeier, Gaye Bryant. Kaye Bryant, Linda Ann Davis, Becky Hargrove, Willa Jo Hinshaw, Julie Leichhardt, Mary Lowery, Carol McAdam, Kathy Potts, Kathleen Schaper, Joyce Simon, Marilyn Vermilion, Katy Winfrey, Jeanne Woods. JUNIORS-Greg Farber, Ronnie Fast, Roland Long, Bill Lowrance, Ronald Meek, Pam Coleman, Linda Donaldson, Kay Flagler, Willa Mae Garms, Mary Howland, Patsy James, Mary Anne Keithley, Sue Richardson, Janice Taylor. SOPHOMORES-Grey Ayers, John Call, Steve Carmichael, Jack Cole- man, Bernard Cummins, Steve Dody, George Heersche, Jr., Bud Huffman, Andy Musick, Max Rock, Steve Roney, Tom White, Jim Bowes, Jeannine Darbro, Glenna Grother, Susan Helmer, Linda Hofford, Jeri Humphrey, Jane Lippincott, Coyla Lockhart, Marsha McCort, Donna Norden, Sally Utt, Jane Vermillion, Sue Ward, Jane Wessels, Ann Wyatt. FRESHMEN-Eddy Boyd, Kenny Cummins, Kenneth Fast, Dale Grundeman, Richai ' d Heersche, John Johnson, Mark Kessinger, David Myers, Don Reed, James Schuessler, Darrell Sommerhauser, Ben Strobel, Richard Tharp, Cincy Carmichael, Carolyn Cobb, Kathy Failing, Sandra Kees, Patti Keithley, Sandra Larson, Teresa Masterson, Shirley Reder, Linda Riddle, Dana Rork, Kerry Taylor, Peg Tefft, Donna Jo Thomas. 34 ORGANIZATIONS STUDENT COUNCIL J. Dorsey, V. Pres. P. Coleman, Sec. M. Tarry, Prcs. J. i-oleman, Tres. SPON. B. Maben, B. Fairchild. The Student Council is the main governing body of Mulvane High School. Its members consist of representatives from each organization and class, and with the guidance of our two sponsors, Mr. Fairchild and Mr. Maben, we attempt to establish a coopera- tion between the student body and the administration. We, the students of Mulvane, have a school to be proud of, and it is for this reason that we should be mindful of the fact that it is only through our determination and fore- sight, that our high school will continue to grow and develop with the future. FIRST ROW: J. Shirk, J. Thomson, S. Ward, M. Davey, D. Thomas, E. Boyd, F. ElsUin, W. Galliart, ]. Dorsey. SECOND ROW: B. Dorsey, R. Iverson, D. Hess, J. Travis, F. Reusser, K. Schaper, W. Hinshaw, P. Coleman, J. Coleman, M. Tarry. THIRD ROW; Mr. Fairchild, Mr. Maben. FIRST ROW: J. Travis, R. Iverson, D. Hess, J. Thomson, G. Sharpe, C. Swan, M. Tarry, T. Richardson, B. Lowrance, W. Jacobs. SECOND ROW; G. Farber, R. Kopsa, D. Dye, W. Galliart, B. Dorsey, L. Davis, K. Potts, J. Smith, W. Hinshaw, J. Simon, J. Shirk. THIRD ROW: R. Wayman, M. Taylor, F. Elstun, N. Kendrick, L. Kimble, S. Stunkel, J. Utt, P. Hill, ]. Schultz, J. Heersche, V. Walker, K. Winfrey. FOURTH ROW: D. Irwin, L. King, D. Johns, F. Reusser, K. Bodine, J. Leichhardt, C. Ayers, B. Hargrove, K. Schaper, P. Coleman. QUILL TYPE The members of Quill Type serve their school by providing for the comfort and con- venience of our patrons at school events, by developing character, and encouraging improvement in scholarship and promoting school loyalty. LEFT TO RIGHT: D. Hess, Pres. J. Travis, Tres. K. Winfrey, Sec. W. Jacobs, Spon. R. Iverson, Vice- Pres. 3, FIRST ROW: S. Dody, T. Richardson, D. Johns, M. Davey, J. Harding, T. Richardson. SECOND ROW: F. Cobb, S. Roney, S. Iverson, M. Tarry, D. Farber, R. Iverson. THIRD ROW: S. Carmichael, G. Long, R. Wayman, R. Dame, J. Coleman, G. Sharpe. FOURTH ROW: A. Smith, C. Strobel, B. Dorsey, D. Irwin, D. H.ill, G. Keck, D. Frikken, G. Jones, J. Dorsey, D. Jones. FIFTH ROW: S. Bell, A. Howlett, R. Meek, K. Dulaney, D. Keopke, B. Kimble. SIXTH ROW: B. Grieve, C. Crow, M. Meyers, R. Lawson, Mr. Brandenburg, R. Pack. SEVENTH ROW: T. Cook, K. Stotts, D. Dye, W. Galliart, Mr. Hill, Mr. Culbertson. M-CLUB John Harding Richard Iverson David Farber 38 Vice-Pres Katy Winfrey Pres Willa Hinshaw Sec. -Tres Kathleen Schaper CHEERLEADERS: PEP CLUB Kathy Bodine Corinne Ayers Julie Leichhardt Flossie Reusser Becky Hargrove CHEERLEADERS: K. Bodine, C. Ayers, J. Leichhardt, F. Reusser, B. Hargrove. FIRST ROW: M. Nelson, J. Colvin, M. Rork, C. McAdam, L. Davis, M. Lowery, J. Pittet, J. Simon, K. Schaper, W. Hinshaw, K. Winfrey, R. Graber, J. Smith, J. Utt, S. Williamson, L. Buchanan, D. Norden. SECOND ROW: M. Vermilion, C. Carlton, P. Pittet, R. Harbarger, L. Martinez, J. Herman, S. Larson, N. Ny , J. Nelson, C. Carmichael, D. Peters, J. Ward, P. Tefft, C. Irwin, B. Knollenberg, E. Whitley, B. McClaflin, J. Woods. THIRD ROW: M. Knight, J. Vermillion, J. Darbro, D. Boren, N. Jones, S. Helmer, J. Humphrey, N. Lowery, J. Walker, C. Cobb, N. Jones, C. Crawford, D. Hill, K. Taylor, P. Tarry, G. Hale, K. Failing, D. Somers, 1. Overton. FOURTH ROW: S. Utt, M. McCort, J. Heerche, N. Strode, N. Kendrick, P. Hill, J. Utt, S. Ward, J. Lippincott, M. Protliro, G. Sanchez, A. Stott , P. Dulaney, A. Wyatt, L. Riddle, D. Thomas. FIFTH ROW: C. Bally, L. Peterson, F. Elstun, C. Stout, K. Knight, M. Taylor, L. Kimble, S. Stunkel, R. Crow, S. Richardson, S. Lentz, D. Proctor, L. Stout, P. Keithley, C. Martin, S. Reder, T. Cook. SIXTH ROW: L. Donaldson, J. Wessels, B. Whitley, D. Somers, L. Hofford, J. Schultz, V. Walker, P. Coleman, D. Hollenbach, J. Taylor, B. Hukle, D. Eubanks, K. Wells, K. Lawson, S. Myers, M. Winfrey, G. Grieve. m K m 1 HULVANE t ' l ' FIRST ROW: D. Farber, G. Farber, B. Haines, Mr. Shoup, ]. Dorsey, A. Teetzel, D. Frikken. SECOND ROW: C. Diller, T. Wessels, S. Bell, G. Slavens, W. DeHaven, J. Schuessler, D. Butcher, R. Heersche, S. Morgan, B. Diller, R. Robinson, G. Church, R. Cherry, W. Williams, A. Howlett. THIRD ROW: J. Storey, R. Hein, B. Jackson, M. Woolery, J. Long, I. Humbolt, G. Keck, D. Woody, ]. Nickleson, B. Dorsey, R. Stauffer, K. Schaper, T. Fortner, G. Heersche. FOURTH ROW: M. Kennedy, T. Wakeland, J. Long, J. Forshee, J. Elstun, B. Parker, B. Mock, D. Pray, R. Rogers, C. Croft, J. Kilts, M. Pray, B. Morgan, G. Foster, R. Buchanan, D. Howlett, S. Booth. FFA The FFA is an exceedingly active organization in high school today. To become a member you must be enrolled or have had one year of vocational agriculture. The Mulvane chapter starts the year with the officers setting dates for the year ' s activities. These activities include- -a watermelon feed; a parent-son banquet; a skating party; various judging contests; and the state convention. One thing FFA teaches emphatically strong is parliamentary procedure and that is sometimes said to be the show case of clubs. All meetings are held using a strict parliamentary procedure which is very interesting and educational to the boys . The organization has done much to promote interest in Future Farmers of America and vocational agriculture. FHA BOARD OFFICERS FIRST ROW: S. Williamson, F. Reusser, C. Ayers. SECOND ROW: B. Hargrove, ]. Shirk, J. Utt, V. Walker, Miss Hall, sponsor. THIRD ROW: L. Davis, C. McAdam, N. Strode, A. Wyatt, P. Hill. FIRST ROW: S. Williamson, F. Reusser, C. Ayers. SECOND ROW: Miss Hall, sponsor, N. Strode, A. Wyatt. President Flossie Reusser and her executive board led the FHA activities this year. Some of the activities tliis year included the Hootenany Membership Party, the District FHA Meeting at Anthony, the State FHA Convention at Topeka, and the election and installation of the new officers. Becky Hargrove, state secretary, aided by some of our members, presented her state project " After High School-- Then What " during the afternoon program at the State Convention. FIRST ROW: Miss Hall, N. L. Jones, V. Walker, L. A. Davis, C. McAdams, N. Strode, A. Wyatt, F. Reusser, S. Williamson, C. Ayers, P. Hill, J. Utt, J. Shirk, B. Hargrove. SECOND ROW: B. Humbolt, B. Hukle, D. Hollenbach, P. Coleman, K. Schaper, K. Bodine, J. Leichhardt, W. Lanpher, L. Peterson, L. Martinez, D. Backus, C. Woody, L. Scott, B. McClaflin. THIRD ROW: L.J. Davis, J. Hilderbrand, L. Buchanan, N. Jones, C. Crowford, D. Thomas, M. Heinz, J. Walker, J. Nelson, P. Dulaney, J. Heersche, J. Wessels, N. Lowery, F. Elstun, M. McCort, M. Taylor, C. Irwin. FOURTH ROW: C. Taylor, P. Tarry, N. Nye, C. Bally, L. Donaldson, L. Riddle, J. Utt, C. Carmichael, J. Woods, P. Tefft, D. Shaffstall, B. Knollenberg, J. Herman, M. Lowery, C. St Tit, N. Villi,Tm -., S. Keys. EZ DL lJiiLi 41 MEMBERS; 1ST ROW: B. Hukle, M. Vermilion, S. Ward. 2ND ROW: Mrs. Travis, K. Schaper, D. Boren, E. Wilson, B. Humbolt, L. Masterson, D. Sommers, D. Hill, N. Jones, K. Taylor, P. Tarry, J. Utt, P. Tefft, A. Stotts, N. Cowel, P. Dulaney, M. Howland, L. Davis, J. Darbro, J. Hilderbrand, J. Lippincott, C. Brauser, L. Martinez, J. Schultz, L. Hofford, J. Leichhardt. 3RD ROW: P. Hoth, G. Grother, G. Sanchez, S. Richardson, T. Masterson, G. Hale, B. Griffin, K. Winfrey, M. Rork, K. Potts, M. Winfrey, ]. Vermillion, W. Garms, S. Stunkel, N. Lowery, L. Buchanan, L. Peterson, S. Utt, M. Taylor, L. Kimble, M. Lowery, C. Ayers, J. Utt, P. Hill. 4TH ROW: M. Hinds, M. Barnes, P. James, V. McCain, C. Irwin, M. Prothro, D. Shaffstoll, B. Knollenberg, J. Colvin, M. Nelson, J. Shirk, J. Simon, C. Cobb, D. Hollenback, J. Taylor, S. Reder, K. Wills, C. Carlton, P. Harbarger, L. Andrews, S. Bolsinger, T. Brauser, C. Stout, K. Knight, F. Reusser, K. Bodine, B. Hargrove. 5TH ROW: J. Brunmeier, M. Knight, J. Humphrey, S. Helmer, W. Hinshaw, G. Bryant, D. Potts, K. Bryant, J. Pittet, J. Smith, J. Nelson, L. Riddle, C. Carmichael, J. Herrman, P. Pittet, N. Jones, L. Donaldson, C. Bally, D. Rork, J. Ward, D. Peters, D. Backus, P. Coleman, B. Whitley, D. Norden, D. Sommers, R. Graber, N. Wood. KAYETTES Under the capable leadership of their president, Kathleen Schaper, the Kayettes completed various projects to make a successful club year. Adopting an orphan, hostessing the Unit Conference, collecting " Hose for Japan, " and decorating for school dances were some of their many projects in working for a 2000-Point Award . OFFICERS; SEATED: D. Norden, Treas. ; J. Schultz, Sec. ; STANDING: K. Schaper, Pres. ; Mrs. Travis, Sponsor; B. Hargrove, V-Pres. BOARD; SEATED: B. Hukle, P. Hill, J. Smith, P. Hoth, K. Winfrey, J. Leichhardt, J. Brunmeier, C. Ayers, M. Lowery, P. Coleman, D. Norden, N. Lowery; STANDING: Mrs. Travis, J. Shirk, K. Ports, L. Davis, J. Hilderbrand, B. Hargrove, K. Schaper. WILDCAT STAFF K. Bryant, Mrs Pippin, J. Hilderbrand, K. Potts, J. Woods, W. Lanpher, J. Travis (EDITOR), C. Swan. CAT TALES STAFF Mrs. Pippin, J. Travis, J. Hilderbrand, J. Woods, J. Harding, C. Swan (EDITOR). F=- - JOURNALISM In addition to editing a fine school paper, CAT TALES, the Journalism Department has worked hard to produce a yearbook which we hope will bring back to you many warm and memorable experiences . The CAT TALES and WILDCAT staff hope that their work in Journalism this year has been profitable to everyone. MIXED CHORUS FIRST ROW: B. Nunn, L. Kimble, K. Bodine, B. Hargrove, W. Garms, J. Liechhardt, V. Walker, S. Williamson, S. Lentz, D. Norden, L. Riddle, S. Stunkel, J. Heersche, J. Vermillion, C. McAdam, N. Strode, P. Hill, N. Lowery, L. Diller, J. Darbro, M. Rork, J. Shirk. SECOND ROW: S. Ward, B. Huckle, D. Hollenback, C. Brauser, C. Cobb, L. A. Davis, J. Utt, S. Helmer, W. Hinshaw, A. Wyatt, L. Stout, J. Wessels, B. Whitley, C. Martin, J. Humphery, K. Knight, G. Grieve, F. Reusser, C. Ayers, E. Wilson, D. Boren, M. Hinds. THIRD ROW: R. Graber, M. Knight, C. Barth, R. Heersche, L. Wharry, G. Ayers, G. Heersche, B. Woods, R. Fast, F. Cobb, H. Whitley, G. Jones, M. Davey, L. King, K. Kincaid, B. Grieve, B. Haines, D. Dye, B. Dorsey, P. Coleman, J. Schultz. FOURTH ROW: D. Kimble, K. Fast, B. Jones, E. Boyd, R. Long, J. Coleman, T. Richardson, M. Tarry, S. Bell, D. Rork, B. Mock, J, Dorsey, D. Frikken, G. Long, B. Lowrance, J. Call, D. Bishard, J. Travis, R. Kopsa, W. Williams, B. Kimble, R. Ebersole, D. Hess. VARSITY GIRLS GLEE CLUB FIRST ROW: B. Nunn, K. Failing, J. Ward, K. Potts, D. Thomas, J. Pittet, L. Diller, N. Cowel, C. McAdam, N. Strode, J. Woods, P. Hill, N. Lowery, J. Darbro, M. Rork, J. Shirk, D. Boren, M. Hinds, D. Backus. SECOND ROW: D. Hill, G. Hale, L. Andrews, B. Griffin, F. Elstun, N. Nye, G. Grother, J. Heersche, J. Wessels, B. Whitley, L. Davis, C. Martin, J. Humphery, K. Knight, G. Grieve, S. Kees, E. Wilson, J. Schultz, R. Graber. THIRD ROW: S. Ward, M. Knight, M. Taylor, B. Hargrove, P. Harbarger, E. Whitley, W. Garms, S. Williamson, S. Lentz, S. Stunkel, S. Helmer, J. Vermillion, D. Norden, L. Hofford, P. Coleman, J. Colvin, V. Walker, C. Ayers, F. Reusser. FOURTH ROW: B. Huckle, D. Hollenback, L. Kimble, C. Brauser, C. Cobb, D. Rork, K. Scharper, L. Riddle, J. Utt, W. Hinshaw, A. Wyatt, J. Utt, L. Stout, N. Jones, P. Pittet, D. Proctor, D. Peters, K. Bodine. 44 BOY ' S GLEE CLUB -L ; « FIRST ROW: C. Barth, D. Kimble, R. Heersche, B. Jones, E. Boyd, R. Long, P. Miller, B. Welch, B. Nunn, B. Woods, K. Fast, G. Ayers, G. Heersche, D. Hess, J. Liechhardt. SECOND ROW: J. Elstun, ]. Forshee, L. Wharry, J. Coleman, A. Scott, S. Bell, D. Father, D. Rork, S. Roney, R. Iverson, D. Reed, B. Grieve, C. Henderson, D. Dye, R. Ebersole. ROW THREE: B. Dorsey, T. Richardson, D. Jones, T. Richardson, M. Tarry, F. Cobb, R. Fast, H. Whitley, G. Jones, M. Davey, L. King, K. Kincaid, B. Haines, W. Williams, B. Kimble, J. Harding. FOURTH ROW: K. Peters, D. Johns, G. Sharpe, B. Parker, J. Dorsey, C. Swan, D. Frikken, S. Layton, G. Long, J. Call, D. Bishard, B. Mock, B. Lowrance, J. Travis, R. Kopsa, D. Hall. GIRL ' S GLEE CLUB }pm M ' T ' Id - FIRST ROW: S. Larson, K. Failing, L. Buchanan, L. Peterson, P. Tarry, J. Ward, N. Cowel, J. Woods, J. Walker, J. Pittet K. Potts, M. Prothro, J. Nelson, S. Howard. SECOND ROW: N. Jones, K. Taylor, C. Crawford, J. Brown, N. Nye, C. Irwin, L. Andrews, B. Griffin, C. Carmichael, G. Grother, D. Thomas, S. Kees, P. Harbarger, D. Somers. ROW THREE: D. Hill, M. Harbarger, N. Kendrick, M. Lowery, P. Tefft, S. Myers, L. Donaldson, J. Erickson, C. Stout, N. Williams, P. Hoth, L. Hofford, J. Colvin. FOURTH ROW: G. Hale, L. McClafin, M. Taylor, L. Scott, F. Elstun, D. Rork, K. Schaper, N. Jones, J. Utt, P. Pittet, D. Proctor, E. Whitley, D. Peters, D. Backus. 45 FIRST ROW: S. Ward, J. Darbro, L. Riddle, L. Hofford, D. Norden, S. Helmer, D. Somers, N. Nye, D. Hill, J. Wessel, M. McCort, P. Coleman. SECOND ROW: W. Garms, L. Kimble, P. Hill, C. Martin, K. Knight, J. Heersche, B. Whitley, P. Miller, W. Hinshaw, M. Howland, ]. Ward, F. Cobb, D. Rork, L. Scott, C. Henderson, D. Nye, L. Mazzant, E. Whitley, M. Rock, D. Boren, R. Kopsa . THIRD ROW: S. Kees, C. Lockhart, D. Somers, K. Wills, G. Hale, L. Peterson, C. Irwin, K. Lawson, M. Hinds, C. Cobb, J. Hum- phrey, B. Nunn, R. Meek, J. Dorsey, A. Musick, K. Kincaid, B. Kimble, D. Rork, G. Church, G. Long, T. MULVANE HIGH STANDING: Majorettes]. Humphrey and K . Knight, M. Knight, D. Boren, Head Twirler; P. Hill, K. Wills. PRESIDENT: Jim Travis VICE PRESIDENT: Jim Dorsey 46 Kloehr, D. Bishard, B. Dorsey, B. Cummins, G. Heersche, ]. Call, J. Muth, G. Avers. FOURTH ROW: R. Graber,. D. Hess, S. Lowrance, L. King, J. Johnson, B. Mock, R. Ebersole, R. She ' rr -, B. Jones, C. Love, D. Kimble, H. Whitley, C. Barth, R. Boone, J. Forshee, J. Leichhardt, F. Reusser, C. Avers, B. Hargrove, B. Welsh, J. Travis, Travis, R. Heersche, D. Backus, E. Boyd, D. Reed, B. Woods, M. E)avey, S. Layten, Mr. Powers, M. Knight. SCHOOL BAND STUDENT DIRECTOR Bill Lowrance TREASURER: Dennis Hess SECRETARY: Corinne Avers FIRST ROW: D. Rork, M. McCort, C. Martin, E. Boyd, S. Ward, J. Darbro. SECOND ROW: R. Graber, P. Coleman, E. Wilson, R. Kopsa, J. Ward. THIRD ROW: B. Lowrance, D. Hess, R. Ebersole, B. Mock. FOURTH ROW: J. Muth, B. Cummins, G. Avers, FIFTH ROW: B. Nunn, D. Rork. SIXTH ROW: J. Travis. PEP BAND MUSIC SNAPS i ' ■r fr£ wm m w7 H I F Kfi 1Br. k V ii fc 5 ATHLETICS 042Vi 2 40 i, 71 ,ik7e 2 M FIRST ROW: D. Hall, R. Lawson, R. Wayman, G. Jones, T. Richardson, G. Sharp, K. Dulaney, D. Fricken, J. Harding, J. Dorsey, D. Jones, G. Keck. SECOND ROW: G. Long, F. Cobb, S. Roney, R. Pack, R. Dame, ' D. Johns, T. Richardson, M. Davey, B. Dorsey, M. Humbolt, M. Myers, Mr. Culbertson. THIRD ROW: J. Coleman, C. Stroble, S. Dody, R. Meek, A. Smith, R. Jones, S. Carmichael, A. Hewlett, S. Bell, B. Kimble, G. Yacconi, S. Iverson, D. Palmer, Mr. Brandenburg. FOURTH ROW: W. Galliart, D. Grundemen, A. Musick, D. Hewlett, L. Wharry, G. Heersche, B. Jones, R. Stoffer, J. Call, L. King C Love G Cox ' M. Bally. . • . FOOTBALL 1963-64 STANDINGS WON Mulvane 5 LOST TIED Augusta 3 Valley Cent ' s 3 Andale 2 Clearwater 1 Goddard 1 1 3 4 5 1 1 SCORES Mulvane 19 Derby 14 Mulvane 27 Harper 7 Mulvane 19 Augusta 6 Mulvane 47 Goddard Mulvane 41 ... . Clear vater Mulvane 33 Valley 7 Mulvane 42 Caldwell Mulvane 46 Andale Mulvane 67 ... . Belle Plaine fi-V " » ». - ' ' 5v8i ' Chisholm Trail League Champions Undefeated ?r SEASON IN REVIEW Terry Richardson runs over Panthers Johns, Richardson, Pack take a breather Wildcats cl,uvL-d Goddard Wildcats after crucial Valley Center win Andale win clinched title Davey gains against Clearwater 67-0! Undefeated All League End, Captain Jim Dorsey All League QB Terry Richardson -tf All League Guard Ronnie VVayman i iv ' -jyp All League FB Greg Sharpe All League Tackle Ricky Law.son 51 FIRST ROW: R. Iverson, T. Richardson, G. Sharpe, D. Johns, T. Richardson. SECOND ROW: M. Davey, G. Jones, G. Farber, S. Carmichael, Coach Hill, D. Farber, R. Dame, J. Dorsey. BASKETBALL 1963-64 RECORD Mulvane 52 Derby 61 Mulvane 71 Burrton 58 Mulvane 70 Andale 36 Mulvane 37 Pretty Prairie 35 Mulvane 48 Augusta 78 Mulvane 65 Andale 38 Mulvane 61 Clearwater 58 Mulvane 46 Augusta 78 Mulvane 61 Valley Cente r 53 Mulvane 68 Clearwater 49 Mulvane 41 Derby 38 Mulvane 49 Goddard 59 Mulvane 59 Goddard 56 Mulvane 40 Valley Center 41 Mulvane 60 Kiowa 51 Mulvane Mulvane Mulvane Mulvane 59 56 58 48 Anthony Caldwell Andover Notre Dame 49 54 63 52 denotes league games Coach Culbertson Coach Hill B-TEAM LEAGUE STANDINGS Augusta 10- Mulvane 6- 4 Valley 6- 4 Goddard 6- 4 Andale 2- 8 Clearwater 0-10 FIRST ROW: S. Iverson, J. Coleman, S. Roney, B. Lowrance, M. Davey, D. Hall, Mr. Culbertson. SECOND ROW: B. Kimble, F. Cobb, S. Dody, G. Long, D. Johns, R. Dame, R. Wayman. w! « ' ' is ' v:;::? i ' " VARSITY TRACK 1964 TRACK RESULTS: SCHOOL RECORDS: State Indoor tied for 3rd. Mike Tarry -- mile run -- 4:21.4 Anthony Relays 2nd. Greg Sharpe -- discus -- 138 ' 7 " Wichita Relays 2nd. Terry Richardson, Ted Richardson, Southwestern Relays 1st. Dallas Johns, and Darrell Jones - - Fredonia Relays 1st. 880 Yard Relay -- 1:33.4 C.T.L. Meet 2nd. Terry Richardson -- 100 Yard State Regional 2nd. Dash -- 10. 1 State Championship Meet . . . 3rd. PLACED IN STATE MEET: Mile Run - Mike Tarry 1st; Bill Greive 4th. High Hurdles - Darrell Jones 4th. Low Hurdles - Terry Richardson 4th; Darrell Jones 5th. 880 Yard Run - Dallas Johns 4th. m ROW 1: B. Grieve; M. Tarry; T. Cook. ROW 2: Mr. Hill; D. Invin; K. Stotts; D. Farber; C. Crow. Mike Tarry-First in State CROSS COUNTRY Competing as an organized team for the first time, the cross-country squad inaugu- rated the fall season with several good showings in area meets. Improving progressively under the coaching of Mr. Hill, the team surpassed all ex- pectations and won not only the class " A " regional championship at Wichita, but also brought Mulvane its first state championship trophy by winning the state meet at Emporia. The 1963 season was most successful for the Wildcat Hill and Dale Runners, and with five letterman returning next year the future is bright and promising. ' « ' 5, 3,0 V J .s i-j r ROW 1: D. Kimble; G. Wenzel; D. Myers; B. Woods; B. Mock; Q. Radford; D. Grundeman; S. Layton; L. Cook; B. Croft. ROW 2: J. Hightower; B. Jones; D. Reed; R. Heersche; K. Henderson; R. Tharp; K. Fast; C. Diller; M. Taylor; A. Smith. ROW 3: L. Wharry; A. Scott; S. Booth; R. Boone; R. Rogers; E. Boyd; W. McGinnis; M. Williams; M. Kessinger. ROW 4: Mr. Brandenburg; D. Pray;C. Kraft; D. McKee. FRESHMAN --XJ : n ippf HfffllllP I S S i |H an B o ■G L fe " P " ■ j s FRESHM.AN CHEERLEADERS: Donna Jo Thomas; Patty Tarry; Kerry Taylor; Debbie; Hill; Brenda Knollenberg. ROW 1: B. Croft; D. Myers; D. Reed; W. McGinnis; D. Grundeman; L. Wharry; C. Diller. ROW 2: J. Brown; R. Boone; R. Heershe; B. Jones, Q. Radford; R. Tharp; J. Kilts; A. Smith. ROW 3: A " . Scott; E. Boyd; B. Mock; B. Parker; D. Richardson; S. Booth; M. Williams; M. Kessinger; R. Rogers. ROW 4: S. Layton; K. Fast; J. Johnson; B. Storbel; D. Pray; F. Sanchez; J. Hightower; Mr. Culbertson. ATHLETICS ATHLETIC SNAPS -t ACTIVITIES WILDCAT Queen Julie Leichhardt Corinne Ayers Becky Hargrove Greg Sharpe, Corinne Ayers, Queen Julie Leichhardt, Terry Richardson, Becky Hargrove, Jim Dorsey. r V f ROYALTY Queen Corinne Ayers Kathy Potts Kathy Potts and David Farber Flossie Reusser Queen Corinne Ayers and Jim Dorsey Flossie Reusser and Terry Richardson ALL-SCHOOL PLAY Dennis Kimble " Eddie " John Harding " Tom Corbett " " THE COURTSHIP OF EDDIE ' S FATHER Tom Corbett John Harding Elizabeth Kathy Knight Eddie Dennis Kimble Mrs. Bridges Willa Hinshaw Helen Ann Maria Knight Norm Charles Swan Rita Pat Hill Mrs. Masters Mary Lowry Dolly Kathy Potts Becky Pat Pendleton Mr. Donnelly Doug Irwin Loretta Barbara Hukle Alice Corinne Ayers Mike Jerry Backus Mr. Shane Denny Rork Cal Victor Wheeler Harry Tom White Student Director .... Darlene Potts Director Lilyan Erickson ft ? yf Z 62 J MJ A 1P «a gm ' aTgg TOg? an ' gK1 tlBi wwlJi Juu. t hfau MUSICAL PRODUCTIONS MINSTREL NtEMORIES CAST Interlocutor Bob Haines Mr. Bones John Harding Tambo Jim Travis Reverend Brown .... Willa Hinshaw Catfish Con Bob Welch Soloist Gail Jones Pat Hill Andy Musick Accompianist .... Julie Leichhardt and Boys OKLAHOMA CAST Curly Gail Jones Laurie Pat Hill Will .Andy Musick .Annie Jerri Utt Jud Denny Rork Intern Bob Welch Accompianist. . . . Jeannine Darbro and the Mi.xed Chorus Directed by Mr. Ted Powers " l ' ?Slrs .;S rS5 SPEECH AND DEBATE The Speech Department this year included debate as well as the various speech events. Debate got under way at the annual Debate Clinic at Wichita University. The debate team this year took part in tournaments at Wichita University, El Dorado, Arkansas City, South Western, and Fredonia. The district Debate Contest was held at Emporia . The regular speech events were entered at the District Speech Contest at Goddai " d and the League Speech Contest at Wichita University. Jerri Humphrey and Tom White went on and received first place metals at the State Speech Contest at Kansas State University. ii ORIENTAL ENCHANTMENT ?? M The Junior - Sen- ior Banquet and Prom was held on May 2, 1964, b:30 pm at the Mulvane High School. The music was by the " Mellotones " Rick ' Ebersole G Wila Garms Bill Dorsey Barbara Nunn 65 SENIOR SKIP DAY " I can tell when I ' m not wanted. " " What do you mean can I 5wim? " " Look Kathy, Candid Camera . " " One more word about my wiggle and I ' ll pop you. " Fun at Courtney Davis. " Please, Gail, I ' d rather do it myself. " " Becky PLEASE stop kicking that sand in my face ! " I wonder where Julie and Gail went. " " Well, Where ' s the sun? " Can ' t anyone have a little privacy around here? " So pert and pretty. The three musketeers. " Sun or no sun, I ' m going swimming. " " Julie be reasonable, It ' s too cold to swim. " VJx. 13 14 FIRST ROW: D. Hess, B. Nunn, K. Smith, W. Lampher, B. Haines, D. Brown, K.Peters, J. Hilderbrand, G. Foster, C. Niblack, ]. Smith, L. ]. Davis, A. Teetzel, B. Hargrove, ]. Canady, B. Saxton, R. Iverson, J. Moore, R. Rogers, M. Vermilion. SECOND ROW: J. Thomson, J. Utt, K. Dulaney, J. Shirk, E. Prothro, J. Ward, G. Keck, F. Reusser, D. Butcher, K. Potts, J. Dorsey, D. Potts, D. Woody, M. Lowery, B. Jackson, L. A. Davis, J. Travis, M. Touhey, J. Harding. K. Schaper. THIRD ROW: M. Winfrey, T. Richardson, K. Bryant, D. Frederick, S. Williamson, D. Jones, K. Winfrey, M. Tarry, M. Rork, J. Nicholson, C. Ayers, G. Sharpe, J. Leichhardt, E. Bowen, G. Bryant, G. Jones, K. Bodine, I. Humbolt. FOURTH ROW: P. Hill, P. Hoth, S. Nossaman, J. Smith, T. Wessels, W. Hinshaw, D. Rork, C. McAdam, D. Farber, M. Loper, D. Frikken, J. Woods, J. Muth, J. Pittet, L. Slavens, J. Brunmeier, C. Swan, H. Bolsinger, J. Simon. COMMENCEMENT Marilyn Vermilion On Friday, May 22, at eight o ' clock the graduating class of 1964 held commence- ment exercises in the high school audi- torium with Dr. C. William Nichols, Pastor, First Christian Church, Augusta, Kansas as guest speaker. His subject was " The Uncommon Man " . Following his address, Mr. Robert Spear, school board member, presented diplomas to the graduates . Baccalaureate services were held Sunday evening, May 17, with Rev. Robert Haines delivering the sermon. Don Frikken ' f? t? f: ) ' 1 ' ' ii fei h - « Those graduates attending all twelve years together. i CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS FROM THE WILDCAT SPONSORS Kenneth ' s Shoes Darrell ' s Drive Inn Dewey Drug, Derby Hunter Pharmacy, Derby Steen ' s IGA, Derby Frederick ' s Grocery Dr. L. H. Cobb, M. D. Wayman Standard Service Mulvane Radio T. V. Inc. " Warren Chippeaux Melvin Lentz Electric Dick ' s Plumbing Quality Cleaners McCune ' s Locker and Meats Radfords Hardware Hamon ' s Dry Goods Campbell Reality Long Equipment Kimble Electric Mulvane IGA Derby Floral Bill ' s 66 Service Dr. Gunnels, Dentist Gambles Mulvane Furniture and Mortuary Pix Barber Shop Paydens Western Auto Mulvane Pharmacy H. L. Swan Oil Co. Dub ' s Place Creative Decor Goldsmith ' s Inc . , Wichita Dr. Dale Carr Steffen ' s Dairy Foods, Wichita Corkery ' s Market Cook ' s Insurance and Bargain Corner Nye Reality John Moss Ford, Inc. Robert ' s Recreation De Coursey Cream Co. , Wichita Calavan Music Co. , Wichita Home Savings Association, Derby Rowan ' s Flower and Gift Shop Charles W. English, Inc. The Mulvane News Bernadine ' s Beauty Shop The Mulvane State Bank Evelyn ' s Beauty Shop Mulvane Cooperative Union C and W Auto Supply Derby Bowl The American Legion Papenhaus Oil Co. D. C. and M. B. Hefners ' Chiropractors Kincaid Body Shop Highlander Center Laundry Humbolt Plumbing Dairy King Above: A short step toward disarmament was taken with cautious optimism with the signing of the limited nuclear test ban treaty in Moscow. Seated: Sec. of State Dean Rusk, Andrei Gromyko, LordHome. Premier Khrushchev stands be- hind Lord Home next to U.N. Secretary General U Thant, Adlai Stevenson and U. S. Congressional leaders. Right photo: Red Chinese-Russian retailor worsened during the year as they battled for leadership of world commumsn This Moscow meeting between Mikhail Suslov, left, and Teng Hsaio-Peng i August failed to produce accord. An unidentified priest went to the aid of a wounded soldier during a revolt in Venezuela. For this picture Hector Rondon won the 1963 Pulitzer Prize for news photography. World Events in Review — 1963 Pope Paul VI began his reign after the death of Pope John XXHl. Pope Paul re- convened the Ecumenical Council and at year ' s end planned an unprecedented journey lo the Holy Land. y Left, below: Dr Helge Ingstad, veteran Norwegian explorer found remains of a 9- house Vikmg settlement in Neufoundland dating 500 years before Columbus. Right: .4 huge landslide into Vaiont Reservoir in northern Italy sent a wall of water into the valley below destroying Longarone and killing some 3,000 people. Above: Vietnamese tanks assaulted President Diem ' s palace during successful November coup which resulted m Diem ' s death. Meanwhile, (color) U.S. advisers continued working with Vietnamese troops m inconclusive fighting against Communist Viet Cong guerillas supplied from . ' orth Viet Nam. A new island, 114 mile long and 130 feet high, was born off southern Iceland from an under- water volcano. Britain ' s new prime minister. Sir Alec Douglas-Home, took office m November, after scandals shook Harold .Macmtllan ' s government. East- West tension continued: left; Gen. Chong of North Korea levels a pistol at U.N- spokesmen during discus- sums of armistue-violating raids at Panmunjom. Right: Russian attempts to control Allied access to Berlin failed ' ■ ■ ' ■■ ■••rnunilr Ihi .Amriu an cnniny had heen delayed 42 hours en route to the city.

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