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Q.-.2 , ., fluffy ,., - ,inf-..Qf. ls.. me A- .,-A4 rv Annum . ,,g""1L"""n, V, ,M-'v?',,3.'F'H' S 'Qf'1if,g,- '!?ff,'."""'!"l":'.g -.,. . Q na l J' -af ' 'i "': lg n'i v 4 c '28-r '.5.3u1'l" X lu. , gl . -,.' nj " . :Qual L0 .' 'va ' Fw, Q Q , .,.,. N7 H 1 if .,. 4 l . AX . . 1' H 'J ' an .'f.' 4 ' , S 4 . ,, .3 ru . s , lg O 4 F l PRESENTED BY 1 . THE SENIOR CLASS ' '. ?"Q5"'5 9 OF ' Ai.:- MULLINS HIGH SCHOOL MULLINS, SOUTH CAROLINA -mun- ,Bk 'Q X PURE ORD Students of Mullins High School, this annual is for you. Our memories of high school days are made up of the many happy hours we have spent together. Our fun in clubs, our success or failure on the athletic Held, and our hours of toil in thelclussrooms are combined in cheerish memories of our high school days. We hope with this publication we have enshrined the joys of our "happy hy-gone daysv. .' Q 2 "A- m A 4-7 YW- i ' UEIJIUATIU For his enduring love, depenclalnility, and friendlinessg YVe the Seniors of 1949, dedicate our annual to Claacle Bullock who has always been a -shining example to us. 3 . Q -r.,- T E WARUE SUPERINTENDENT EDGAR COX PRINCIPAL L. QI. HENDRIX THE .YUPHE E COURT MRS. I. P. CAIN MRS. DERIIAM LEYVIS LUTHER MARTIN SAM P. WOOD D. S. BROOKS, JR 4 THE BUS ES L. j. HENDRIX, Principal . . . Mathernatics, Coach lliaskethallj LAWRENCE YATES . . . .......... Science SUSANNE BETHUNE ............. English and History CALHOUN GAULT . Physical Education, Coach fBasketball and F ootballj NIARGIE MCMEEKIN . Girls' Physical Education, Coach CGirls' Baskethallj CHARLOTTE PLOXVDEN WINIFRED SHELLEY H. L. STOUDELIIRE . D. H. SLOAN . . DOROTHY TODD . . ANNE CRIMBALL . CELESTE BONNETT . T. H. SKEEN . . MARIE D. WARD . . . ELIZABETH B. STREET . . . . . . Librarian . Commercial . . Agriculture . Mathematics . . . . English . . . Home Economics . . . French and English Chemistry and Mathematics . . History anzl English . . . . Secretary YW.,-T CLASS HI NTURY One bright September morning, in 1937, a group of frightened, timid youngsters walked up to the grammar school to begin eleven years of long, hard work. It wasnit long until the newness of new place wore off and we soon learned to start the hundred-yard dash to the lunchroom as soon as the bell rang. The biggest thing we found wrong with school was that we couldn't talk when we wanted to. That first year passed quickly and so did the second, much to our surprise. The next year we were herded into the little building where Miss Turner, Miss Derrick and Miss Watson were our shepherds. The fourth grade thrilled us with changing classes and here we first met Miss Moore. The old piano took a terrific heating when she wasn't looking. Miss Senn is always remembered along with that fateful fifth year. Her shoe tree was always humming, it seemed. And that old record player we used to write by, ah, those were useless days, we thought. The sixth grade made us "king-beesn in the grammar school. Several of our classmates left us for good but their places were being filled. Bill Dudley won the history medal this year. Next year, we were taken down a few notches from our high place in the grammar school. Most of us thought that we would get lost while looking for our rooms in the seventh grade. But the newness soon wore off and we were able to find our classes without being told. In the eighth grade we were reinforced by a large crowd from Gapway and Scotch. Also Margie Livingstone from Conway, and janet Lambert, who was transferred from Nichols. This year some of us were invited to join the journalism Club and were duly initiated. fNeed I say more?j Some of the girls helped with the junior-Senior Banquet this year, too. A few of us got enough courage to go out for some of the sports and played our time on the bench. The ninth grade found us well accustomed to the high school building, and feeling right at home here, too. We were surprised with a few new students from Nichols, quite unexpectedly. Some of the boys and girls served at the junior-Senior this year. We were told that we would have the honor fha-hal of being the first class to go to school twelve years. Oh, welll! Another year isnit too long. In the tenth grade, Bill Dudley was elected president. Certrude Freeman joined our ranks from Marion and Tom Huggins, a fugitive from Hemingway and another preacher's son, also there was Marjorie McCumber with us now. A lot of our boys were on the football team this year and we were real proud of them. Now we were closer to the end than we realized, in the eleventh grade. The long- waited time for us to sit in the front seats of the auditorium in chapel was now at hand. Even though we weren't officially Seniors yet, we were the upperclassmen-and that was something. The Student Council was started this year and real progress was made. We practiced real hard and the junior Play was a big success, with the help of Miss Hardin and Mr. Yates. The Revue was not published this year, much to our sorrow. And now, it was here. Seniors at last . . . This year the Beta Club was inaugurated. Many new things had been added since we first stepped into ole, M. H. S. Hal Norton was elected president of the class, Sara Hug- gins, vice-president, and Bobbie Ellis, secre- tary. We campaigned for Senior Privileges- something unheard of in Mullins before. The jazz Band, which was started last year, had now grown into a full-fledged orchestra, "The Stardustersv. The LEAF staff was elected and quickly got to work on the annual, the best yet. It seemed like no time until we were being measured for caps and gowns. Now that we were really going to leave, we found just how much we really liked M. H. S. Now commencement has come and gone and we said goodbye to good ole' M. H. S. -"j1FF1E,' BECKHALI, C lass H istorifm. .,,, CL S UFFICEH N President SARAH PIUGCINS Vice-President BOBBIE ELLIS Secretary and Treasurer fit.. NORTON ELLIS HUGCINS C S POE Soon weire going to graduate And bid you all adieug But before we go We would like to leave This simple thought with you. If every minute of the day VVould turn into a glassg Each man Would have a lot of them Before a day had passed. But look into these glasses How many do we findg Are filled with love and kindness And things to help mankind. Few are filled with goodness. And its not hard to guessg That all of the other glasses Are filled with emptiness. If we wonit Waste a minute And work hard all the dayg XVl1en We lay down to sleep at night XVe may be heard to say. YVe thank Thee, for this day, dear Lord, And now before it passesg VVeirc verv glad to say that we Have filled all of our glasses. -EDWIN Friorn, Class Poet. 7 SE IUH FLEETWOOD BASS "Drift" , Science, '46, Military Club, '47, '48, Football, '47, '48, Basketball, '47, '48, '49, Band, '47, '48, '49, Orchestra, '49, Block "M" Club, '49. EUGENE G. BECKMAN ujimev Football, '47, '48, '49, Journalism Club, '46, '47 '48, '49, Block "M" Club, '49, Beta Club, '49, Student Council, '49, President of Beta Club '49, Band, '47, '48, '49, Boys' Chorus, '48, '49, Jazz Band, '48, '49, LEAF Staff, '49, Basketball, '47, Junior Class Play, '48, Military Club, '46, Winner of Civitan Essay Contest, '48, Senior Superlative, '49, Winner of Eleventh Grade History Medal, '48. BETTY JANE BROWN KB V, 1 Glee Club, '46, Sports Club, '47, Journalism Club, '48, '49, LEAF Staff, '49, Senior Superlative, '49, Junior Class Play, '48. JOSEPH A. BROWN 6610637 F. F. A., '46, '47, Music Appreciation, '48, Foot- ball, '48, Military Club, '49. CLAUDE T. BULLOCK Library Club, '46, Science Club, '47, Music Ap- preciation Club, '48, Study Hall, '49, Dedication, '49. FLORA JEAN COLLINS Secretary of Class, '47, Glee Club, '46, Student Council, '48, Basketball, '46, '47, Marshal, '47, '48. CLASS DONALD B. COLLINS ..DOn,, F. F. A., '46, '47, '48, '49, Beta Club, '49, GEORGE W. DUDLEY, JR. "Bill" President of Freshman Class, '46, President of Sophomore Class, '47, Football, '46, '47, '48, '49, Basketball, '46, Baseball, '46, '48, journalism Club, '46, '47, '48, '49, Beta Club, '49, Senior Superlative, '49, Military Club, '46, Marshal, '46, '47, Block "M" Club, '49. BOBBIE JEAN ELLIS "Bobbie" Secretary and Treasurer of Senior Class, '49, Cheer- leader, '47, '48, '49, Chief Cheerleader, '49, LEAF Staff, '49, Palmetto Girls State, '48, Journalism Club, '47, '48, '49, President of Sports Club, '47, Glen Club, '46, '47, '48, Vice-President of Music Club, '46, Beta Club, '49, Basketball, '46, '47, '48, '49, Captain of Basketball Team, '49, Queen of M. H. S., '49, Senior Superlative. EDYVIN FLOYD journalism Club, '46, '47, '48, '49, Editor, '47, Military Club, '46, '47, Beta Club, Vice-President, '49, LEAF Staff, '49, Football, '46, '47, '48, '49, Co-Captain, '49. ALICE IONE FOWLER "lone" I. H. A., '46, '49, Sports Club, '47, Senior Superlative, '49. GEBTBUDE FREEMAN Transferred from Marion, '47, Krmwsy News, '48, '49, Feature Editor, '49. SE IUP1 0 KENNETH CASQUE Drill Club, '46, Military Club, '47, Basketball, '47, '48, Football, '47, '48, '49, Music Appreciation, '48. JAKE GIBBS Transferred from Charleston, S. C., '47, Basketball, '47, '48, Captain of Basketball Team, '48, Foot- ball, '48, '49, jazz Band, '48, '49, Block "M" Club, '49, Senior Superlative, Baseball, '48, Co-Captain 4al'.Football, '49. 1 -,- ' JACK CRAVES F.7'A. 'Club, '46, '47, '48, Drill Club, '48, 'ffiiskc-tball, '49. GRACE HARDWICK Cleo Club, '46, '47, Sports Club, '46, '47, '48, Beauty Contest, '46, '47, Basketball, '47, '48, Knowsy News Stall, '48, '49, LEAF Staff, '47, '49, Beta Club, '49, Cheerleader, '49, Junior Play, '48- Palmetto Girls State, '48. s EARLE j. HAYES, 111. "Professor" Science Club and Military Club, '46, journalism Club, '47, '48, '49, Student Council, '48, '49, President, Beta Club, '49, Iunior Play, '48, Winner of Civitan Essay Contest, '48, Band, '47, '48, '49, Boys Chorus, '48, '49, jazz Band, '48, '49, LEAF Staff, '49, Senior Superlative, '49, LESLIE HERRING "Smokie" Baseball, '47, '48, Military Club, '47, Senior Superlative, '49, Band, '-19. CLASS EARNEST HINSON Transferred from Franklin, Virginia, '48, Football, '48, '49, junior Play, '48, Block "M" Club, '49, jazz Band, '48, '49, Basketball, '48, Baseball, '48. MIRIAM HOOKS "Tiggie" President of Sports Club, '48, Basketball, '46, '47, '48, Beauty Contest, '47, '48, Cheerleader, '47, '48, Glee Club, '46, PIERCE HUGGINS "Red" Science Club, '46, Military Club, '47, '48, Block "M" Club, '49, Vice-President of Sophomore Class, Vice-President of Class, '47, Football, '46, '47, '48, '49, Baseball, '47, '48, Boys State, '48, Winner of Civitan Essay Contest, '48, V ffm- . -V wrv,,qvnr-wpp'- -..-- I A, . .. SARAH HUCGINS I. H. A. Club, '46, Sports Club, '47, '48, Music Appreciation Club, '48, 'junior Play, '48, Basket- ball, '48, '49, Vice-President of Class, '48, Miss Hi Miss. M THOMAS HUGGINS Transferred from Hemingway, '47, Baseball, '47, Football, '48, Military Club, '48, Manager Foot- hall Team, '49, Block "M" Club, '49. XV. D. JENERETTE "Bill" Journalism Club, '46, '47, '48, '49, Beta Club, '49, Football, '48, '49, Basketball, '46, '47, '48, Block "M" Club, '49, Student Council, '49, Band, '49, Marshal, '47, Boys Choms, '48, '49, jazz Band, '49, Senior Superlative, '49, 1 uh - ., Q p Y 4 .N 'x . W SE IUH l 1 MACK JOHNSON F. F. A., '46, '47, Football, '47, '48, '49, Music Appreciation, '48, Military Club, '49. ALMA .IEAN IOLLIE .flow Il. H. A.. '46, '49, Secretary and Treasurer oi AI. Il. A., '49, Sports Club, '47, Beta Club, '49, l.1':.u-' Stuff, '49, Class Prophet, '49, Winner of the lissuy Contest, '48. JOYCE JONES "Mamie" j. ll. A., '46, Sports Club, '47, Music Club, '48, Senior Supcrlutivv. WINSTON KING Military Club, '48, F. F. A. Club, '47, Football, '48, '49, Basketball, '49. JANET LAMBERT j. H. A., '46, Sports Club, '47, Beauty Contest, '47, '48, Journalism Club, '48, '49, Marshal, '47, '48. NlARClE MORRIS LIVINGSTONE "Connie" J. H. A., '46, Sports Club, '47, Vice-President of j. H. A., '49, Student Council, '49, Beta Club, '49, Senior Superlative, 749. CLASS NIARY ELIZABETH LOWE "Mary Lib" Sports Club, '46, '47, '48, Clee Club, '46, '47, '48, Music Club, '49, Beauty Contest, '46, '48, Senior Superlative, '49. HERBERT MARSH F. F. A., '46, '47, '48, '49, Football, '46, Baseball, '48, '49, Senior Superlative. ELLEN MARTIN J. H. A. Club, '46, '47, '48, '49, Senior Superlative. KING MARTIN Drill Club, '46, '47, '48, Block "M" Club, '49, Basketball, '46, '47, Football, '48, '49, Senior Superlative. MARGUEBITE MAUNEY I. H. A., '46, '49, Sports Club, '47, Music Ap- preciation, LEAF stuff. MARIORIE MCCUMBER I. H. A., '47, '48, Music Appreciation Club, '49, Band, '49, gr-1-1 - Jvnvvwnv ,-Ifyvvle--Y, - SE IUH MARGARET MCM ILLAN Tmnsfcrred from Myrtle Beach, '46, Sports Club, '46, '47, '48, Basketball Cheerleader, '48, Student Council, '47, '48, Usher for junior Class Play, '48, Cleo Club, '46, '47, Marshal for Graduation, '47, '48, journalism Club, '47, '48, PAUL MCMILLAN Football, '48, '49, Block "M" Club, '49, Beta Club, '49, Student Council, '48, '49, Senior Superlative. KIAIXIES THONIAS IYICQUEEN al, Tip Basketball, '46, '47, '48, '49, Football, '46, '47, '48, '49, junior Class Play, '48, Attended Boys State, '48, Block "M" Club, '49, Military Club, '49, Baseball, '49, 4 ANNIE MAE MERRITT J. H. A., '46, '47, '48, '49, Beauty Contest, '47, junior Class Play, '48. ANNIE MAE MILLER Transferred from Zion High School, '48, I. H. A., '49. ROBERT HAL NORTON journalism Club, '46, '47, '48, '49, Editor of Knowsy News, '48, Associate Editor, '49, Vice- President of Sophomore Class, '47, President of junior Class, '48, President of Senior Class, '49, REVUE Staff, '47, Editor of THE LEAF, '49, Marshal, '47, '48, Football, '46, Basketball, '46, '47, '48, '49, Co-Captain of Basketball, '49, Elected King of M. H. S., '49, Boys Chorus, '48, '49, Senior Superlative, '49. -1'1-r-- Y- - -"-Y- f-v-.'- Y V -r - ' '--' 'nwvvfvuvww - -- ff'-vrvf f -- - 1- CLASS D. H. OWENS Military Club, '46, F. F. A., '47, '48, '49, Beta Club, '49, S. H. OWENS F. F. A., '46, '47, vis, '49, Military, '47. ANN PERMENTER Sports Club, '46, '47, '48, Beauty Contest, '47, '48, Basketball, '46, Glee Club, '46, '47, junior Class Play, '48, Senior Superlative, '49, LEAF Staff, '49, lzlcgisic Appreciation, '49, Manager Basketball Team, if JIMMY REAVES Football, '46, '48, '49, Basketball, '46, journalism Club, '47, '48, '49, Block "M" Club, '49, Military Club, '46. BETTY DEAN ROGERS Transferred from Marion, '49, Music Appreciation Club, '49, KENNETH ROGERS F. F. A., '46, '47, '48, Military Club, '49, S SE IUH IRA M. ROGERS Transferred from Ayuor, '48, Military Club, '49, Beta Club, '49, CHARLES SMITH Military Club, '46, Science Club, '47, '49, Block "M" Club, '49, Basketball, '48, '49. FRANCIS D. SMITH Football, '46, '47, Drill Club, '46, '47, Block "M" Club, '49, LEAF Stafl, '49. r VIRGINIA SNIPES "Gennie" Transferred from Lake View, '47, I. H. A. Club, '48, '49, Music Appreciation Club, '48, '49, Beauty Contest, '48, W. G. SKIPPER "Skip" Agriculture Club, Secretary, '46, President, '47, Music Appreciation Club, '48, Military Club, '49. PATSY VAUGHAN "Pat" Clee Club, '46, Sports Club, '46, '47, Beauty Contest, '47, Secretary of Sports Club, '48, Man- ager of Basketball Team, '48, Football Cheerleader, '48, Vice-President of Sports Club, '49, Senior Superlative, '49, Miss Auctioneer, '49. CLASS BOBBIE IEAN WEBSTER I. H. A. Club, '46, '47, Music Club, '48, '49g Senior Superlative, '49, Usher Junior Play, '48. KENNETH WRIGHT F. F. A., '46, Drill Club, '48, Basketball, '46, '47, '48, '49. ERNEST VVILLIAMSON Military Club, '46g F. F. A. Club, '45, '49g Senior Superlative, '49. I7 Y L EI IUP1 XVITTI lCS'l '... IilCCliS'l' FIIIHTS ISICST Al.I,-ROUND ISICSTLOOKINC . BEST DRICSSICD . l+'HlENDLlES'l' . BES'l'DANClCliS . IIAZIEST . . . . IMIII. X'Ic1MII,I.,xN ,IND AIOYCIC KIONIQS ANN PIf:IINIIcN'I'I'1II NNI: EIINIQSI' IIINSON . HAI, NORTON AND BIc'I"I'Y AIANIC BIIOWN BOIIIIII-3 .II-:AN ELLIS ANI: BILLY .lIcNI4:IIIc'I'TIc . . NIAIIY IIIB LOWIQ AND BILL DUIJLIZY . . ANN PIf:IIIxIIcN'I'I-:II AND IIAL NCJ1X1'CJN BOIIIIII: AIEAN ELLIS AND BILLY AIIQNIQIII-:'I'TIf: . PATSY VAIIGHAN ANI: LESLIE HHIIRING I 8 UPEPILATIVE NIOST IN LOVE . . . MOST DEPENDABLE MUST BASHFUL . . MOST POPULAR . . MOST ATHLETIC . . MOST INTELLECTUAL MUST DICNIFIED . MOST TALENTED . . . ELLIQN XI.1.II'I'IN ,IND llIcIIIII4:II'I' NIAIISII . IIAL Nolrrox ANIJ NIAIIGII: LIvINcs'I'oN BIJIIIIIIQ XVIQIISILII AND EIINIcs'I' XVILLIABIS BOIIIIIIQ VIEAN ELLIS ANI: BILLY jI5NEIIIa'I'TIc . BOIIIIII: II-:AN ELLIS ANI: IAKIC CIBIIS NIAIICIIQ LIVINGSTON AND ,IIFFIIC BIZCKAIAN . . IUNIQ FowI,IcII .IND EAIIL j. IIAYIQS BOIIIIII: .IRAN ELLIS ANII BILLY jIcNIcIII3'r'I'Ic I 9 --new-,-' -f f '-P A CLASS PRUPHECY Dear Hal, Congratulations! I was indeed pleased when I saw your name in the current issue of "Who's Who in American. Since you were president of our class of 1949, Iim sure you will be interested in these bits of gossip con- cerning the other members of our class. Having returned to dear old Mullins last week after ten long years, I found quite a few things changed. In the business world, Earle Jennings Hayes sure has been prosperous! He bought his be- loved wife, Anne Permenter, a new fur coat for her birthday. He even increased his jan- itor, Ernest Hinson's pay . . . Mrs. Hinson, formerly Grace Hardwicke, is now official washwoman for Bane's Launderette . . . "Smoky Joeisv poolroom burned last week due to the inefficient wiring by Electrician Tom Huggins . . . Jiffie Beckman and Bill Jenerette, after long years of practice, have finally reached their goal of becoming house detec- tives at the Sir Walter Motel, now under the management of Paul McMillan . . . Kenneth Wright is now under the care of Doctor King Martin and, "The Second Gillespiev, Doctor Claude Bullock, undergoing treatments for a slit throat obtained while getting a shave from the town barber Mack Johnson . . . Gertrude Freeman, "Super-duperi' rep o rt e r of the Nichols H erulcl, plays a prominent part on this staff in writing consolations to the heart broken . . . Speaking of hearts, would you think Edwin Floyd ever had one when he still insists on butchering those "poor little innocent cowsv? . . . Our most prominent and successful millionaire, Bill Dudley, is now liv- ing on Snob Hill enjoying much luxury with his beloved wife, the former Miss Bobbie Ellis . . . Kenneth Gasque has taken up where his father left off in "Doing A Black Business White" . . . Game Warden "Red,' Huggins slightly injured Fleetwood Bass in one of his "drifting" moments! . . . Francis Smith is giv- ing instructions to Jack Graves and Winston King on "How to Get Muscles F astv . . . Janet Lambert, Joyce Jones, and Betty Jane Brown just canit hold a man, so theyire just estab- lished an old Maid's home in North Mullins . . . "Tiggie', Hooks, Margaret McMillan, and Flora Jean Collins finally finishing Coker Col- lege with degrees in Men Psychology, still can't nab a man, so they have decided to join the North Mullins Old Maid's Home . . . W. G. Skipper and Jimmy Reaves have finally moved to the river, they decided that their old "Model T" just couldn't withstand the Wear and tear to go and come back to town in one day . . . Marguerite Mauney is now residing at her cottage at Windy Hill Beach . . . T. Mc- Queen and Charlie Smith are coaching basket- ball at the big city of Fork. Good work boys! . . . Our favorite drummer, Jake Gibbs, had to lay his sticks down because of a broken arm. Mrs. Gibbs just doesnit have any mercy . . . Don't miss Pat Vaughanis new movie, "Petunia Pig Goes On A Spreen . . . These Gapway boys have really come up in this world. S. H. Owens is now head of the Farm Bureau, D. H. Owens is professor of Math at Gapway School, Joe Brown, having reformed, is the pastor at Gapway Baptist Church, and Don Collins just rides around in his good-looking cars. Others making their homes at Gapway are: Margie Livingstone Gasque, Ione Fowler Lewis, and the "Love Birdsv Ellen and Herbert . . . Bobbie Webster is now teaching dancing at the Uni- versity of Hawaii . . . Earnest Williamson has finally reached his goal as chief chicken grower of South Carolina . . . Virginia Snipes after turning down her offer to be a Powers Model, has taken up the profession of nursing . . . Sarah Huggins still canit make up her mind about anything . . . The Ipana Company has hired Ira Rogers to pose for pictures advertising their products . . . Annie Mae Merritt, Annie Mae Miller, and Marjorie McCumber have opened a new beauty salon, specializing in "How to Become Beautiful" . . . Kenneth Rogers has an experimental farm of his own at Rains, South Carolina . . . Betty Dean Rogers having such a love for fireworks and excitement has just tied the knot with Capps . . . Mrs. Clyde Richardson, the former Miss Mary Lib Lowe, had such a love for dumb animals that she is now raising little " ipossumsn. As for me, I just live and look after other people's business!!! Sincerely, ALMA JEAN JOLLIE, Class Prophet. PERMENTER ALLEN ANDRISHOK MCMILLAN LARRY PERMENTER EMERSON ANDRISHOK President Secretary JIMMY ALLEN BETH MCMILLAN Vice-President Treasurer JOLLY JU. IUR N Firsf How: Beth McMillan, Sarah Williamson, Ann Collins, Evelyn Harrelson, Rae Maria Carter, Jean Brewer, Anne Margaret Strickland. Second Row: Carlton Sawyer, Mr. Skeen, Loraine Huggins, Kathryn Alford, Doris Marie Rogers, Nezanne Marsh, Barbara jones. Eunice Fowler, Emerson Andrishok, Lonnie Rogers. Third Row: james C. Arcl, llenry Collins, George Smith, rl. B. Rogers, Dorothy Turner, Christine Owens, jim lluggins, Chuck Mayers. Fourth Row: Thomas Hooks, Carl VValters, Frank McMillan, Tony Byrd, Charles llarrelson, Billy Sims, Charles Casque, Billy Rogers, jack Cihhs, jimmy Allen, Max McMillan, Billy Pope, Harvey NVehster, Cene Altman, 'KPetev Clark. Larry POI'll1Cl1tCI', Robert Brown, Dan Fowler, David Page, Malcolm McMillan. 2 I ALLEN SIIELLY SCOTT MARTIN CIIAD ALLEN CRAY SCOTT P1'esifI1fni Secretary BURN SHELLY SARAH ANN MARTIN ViC'C'-l,l'l'.S'illl,'l1f Treasurer Till'-A UREW C M N l First Row: Mary Lon Lane, Cray Scott, Joyce Cordon, Carolyn Croom, Sarah Graves, june Brown, Polly Io Collins, Barhara Martin, Lois Brown. Second Row: Bobbie jean llarrelson, Vernon Fisher, Sylvia Harrelson, Sarah Ann Martin, Ruby Mae Rogers, Margaret Rieharclson, Virginia Brown. Third Row: Mary Frances Rogers, Bernice Turner, Margaret Floyd, Bernaclean Collins. janet Sims, Fannie Owens, Sarah Martha Martin. Fourth Row: Maurice Bloom, Mary Ruth Casqne, Annie Lawrence Lee, Lucille Rogers, Marjorie Hayes, Shirley Martin, Verna Norton, llelen Lewis. Fifth Row: Charles Register, jimmy Shelinglaw, Burns Shelly, David Bane, Harry Bolyn, "Buddy', Rogers, Dale Collins, Chail Allen. Sixth Row: il. L. Williamson, Charles Harrelson, Edward Lee Casqne, Danny McQueen, Charles NVilkes, Percy Tyler, Iaek Lewis. 22 ROGERS FOWLER PEN NY BOBBY ROGERS FRED FONVLER President Vice-President BOBBY PENNY Secretary and Treasurer "FRU TIE " Firsf Row: Helen Herrington, Sallie Turbeville, Ida Casque, Verna Mae Alford, Imogene Carmichel, Armenta Elliott, Eulalle Christmas, Virginia Lee Grant, Betty Blue Rogers, Ann Tyler. Second Row: Susannah Martin, Catherine Mayers, Mary Grace Harrelson, Esterlean Rogers, Lynn Lewis, Norma Faye Martin, ,lean Nick, Shirley Taylor, Cherry Margaret Price. Third Row: john Fisher, Dorolyn Harrelson, Ella Owens, Doris Shaw, Margaret Herrington, Fannie Belle Newberry, Scottie White, Elizaheth Merritt. Fourth Row: Empie Miller, S. P. Ward, johnny Drew, Eddie Young, Gene Carter, David Rogers, Herbert Vaughan, Carlisle Harrelson, Dean Brown, Jimmie McCracken. Fifth Row: Pat Lewis, Laverne Harrelson, Bobby Tinclall, Buck O'Neal, Ceorge Creighton, Arleigh Naiu, Hugh Lewis, Phenee Strickland, Roth Snowden. Sixth Row: Sherrill Lewis, Fred Fowler, NVallace Permenter, Bohhy Rogers, Henry Rushing, NVooclroW Martin, Smitty Carter, Otto XVillianison, Lindsey McMillan. 23 l'hi11l llmr: Mailrulm Cairlnivliau-l, Ann Tnlsun. Imm Ilcmrclml, lmln Nl1iri1.lrm'l Xl lung llulrln' llugliing, ffzxlipll l.1'n'is. w .IU IUH HIGH X' Tho lmlu' sillvrsf' l'llxl Ilmrg C.:-ul'i1v -Inna-s. Alnyn l,m-nls. Il. lf, l"4m'lc'r. llillx' Xldfailllaill, Swmul Hun' Xudrcx llullkin lin ' . . 1 ' , 1 lr.u'.i 'Xml Shun-, IIA-muy l.uu Slum, .Mun Nrxrlml. l"lul'mn-1'ffullillx. Nlalliilzixvl Nldlraw. llvlvn llzxr1lwivkf', Carol Clin Tlnnl llulr: Huw Nl.n'ic- XYlxils', I"lnm Sum' OW:-ns. l.if7in- XI.u- Unvnx. X1-lsun lxinu, lliL'lI.lI'tl flfillll. N4-il Nla'Nlillun. Ilnyvm' lidwaircls. lim Brown. Flnrl in Un--ns. lrnywu-L XVlnlm-, Slnrlvy llanu-Ixun. Nlllulwy Nurlmm. Q - - Iwmillr llulr: Xuslull Nlaxrllu. f,ln:n'lw Nlrlulxl. K,.u'nlyn lin-xv. Xlrumm Ann Xllm-n. Pzilxy llvma-1'. C.arnl llrunn. Nlalrtlm Nm-Il Floyd, Frank llcnnmu Nlsulgc' I.1-1' Lullm-. Nlllvn- l.1-nn, lfiflh llulr: Xlilr-I1.u'I X14-llalv. lnlnliim' Unmw. Flnrql Klan' lilxlnu. lilisv Inu-luml. xl.ll'Q.lI'i'l 'l'l1l'nvl'. Xlziry' Ann Collins, xlklfj' lmnm' lxlucaifllzili, Snnmx Sllznllu, llmli l'4mvll. llvllx In Nlnljlxn-1-lv. llillvnw-x Slrin'lxl.ulcl. l'llll,ulu'll1 .-Xml Smilll, Sulll llnu: Xhulv Xlulllumxma. Xulm- lhvu-lx, lwmm l'l.1H. lilllx Klmquli-. I'1n11 Floyd. llnqll ffulllnx. iflqlral B1-ll Alford. lilizailvvlll Ann Britt. ll A llnllrmll. l'lxll Xllnxl-uul. Imkn IU-ui-ll. tmnlx llvmxn. filuxh-.viix lll.nnlml. Srlrnlll limi: II.uh lxvy Hun lillly Xlllllv. llrllu' Xldrllll. Billy l,c'n1xI l'vurly llrill. Il.u'lx Clailmnl. lliblhllxl Xlalllllvns LUN NIE OXVFNS Pmvirlmzf YIRCINIA Al,l,liN l'iff'-I'r'r'.s'icl1'11l IIOYCIC ICDXVAIKDS Sl'f'l'l'flll'lf mul 'l'n'r1s11l'c1 HOBBY ATKINSON Pr1'.virlf'nt ININIY Nlsillllx l'ia'4'-I'l'1wifl4'rlt l,U'l'lllCll l3U'I'l.lCR Sc'r'rc'Irlry and 'l'1'4'as1m'1' 'inf llnvr: Hulvlhny Atkinson. Illillllllf' l?Oll4'!', Him-lmrcl Alle-n, Jar-k Snipn-Q, Virginia Ami Ard, Svlvin Fnxworth. Carol Hnrrz-lmn, Churle-s Roh-rs. Willard llukvr lnlmnv Slunglih-r llmmv Xllrfln l"lri'4mt llwrrvlxovl S1'1'ml!l llrrlr' l-lulclv llnglrw Dunn Hours Pl , I I . . I . . . I. . . . . , 1 I Y' '. 'z R' . .nl KYB:-ll. Akilm- Nlnrwh. jam-t Smith, A ll Ifluin- Ilulu--Y, llw-lynx f1ri'lm, Clmrlim' NLM- ll4'nll1'c'y. llnddy Clvlulllml. lCmlw:1l'cl Dunn. . .ir-ll:-v, lflslvrle-:in ll:n'1'vlsml. Ilmnin Brown. Slivridzni llumlnuncl. Eli7llw I I'uurIh llulr: IM-wmm Nlilclnlm, l.4-my Klrmwxlmy, CI. Nl. li.nln'y. Ilwul Smilli, Inlay Yzulgliull. Pzinlinn- l'ldn':n'dN. Xliriann llinsun, lliglry I1'n0r'M' L y , 1111 l4'rmn'nhr. ' 1 C K C 'iflll llmr: Nanwy llzil'1'c'lNrm, Vicki llaunlln. Nlairllm Balm. l"rulxc'1's llnnivlx. fflural I"luy.I. Uvurylr ll1'l'4u'l1. lmmmilal Xlbstuli. llnlwrl Byrd, Le-graindv Sanvvr irlll llllllk? llll!'Ill'llI' llruwll. l.ntlu'r llullvr. llawvl Nlzu' Martin. NlA'lv:inl1's'l1 'l'nrm'r. llrwlwr! Lu' Ard. livlty Ilrm liogvrs, Iluyco Harrell, C1-ne Lexus Xluraillm Amir' Dixun. .YEVE TH GH illll f'Th0 l'l'HfllP rmflf0rs" 1 ,W . i 5 a,.,,.f 1- 1 V ' 1 W Q, 7 " 'Q ? figa V ' 4 A P . . N! . w , - A .4 1 M V .0 v J A . 4 ,KI . K s rw rw 3 " I 'Q Q' I N ski s 5. X, "1" ii 1 N" A 4 ' ' a ng h , QVAL w this 1' -x ' ak Q, 6 A L , I -1 1' I I A., , .F A, iff' '1 gr 53 1 - 'I 4 Y ,M . , iw , B , 5 .iff f ,mf 1 '. . 1 li UWUY EWU evvs Hounds The entire staff of the Knowsy News has Worked through the past nine months to keep the student body informed, and above all, to uphold the spirit of Mullins High. JIMMY ALLEN HAL NORTON Editor Associate Editor JIMMY ALLEN . . . . Editor-in-Clzief EARLE HAYES AND TONY BYRD . Mimeographists HAL NORTON . . . . Associate Editor EDWIN FLOYD ....... Mimeoseopist BETTY JANE BHONVN . . Exchange Editor JANET LAMBERT, BILL DUDLEY, IMOGENE GERTRUDE FREEMAN . . . Feature NOHMA FAYE MARTIN ..... Art JIFFIE BECKMAN AND BILLY JENERETTE Sports Editors GRACE HARDWICK . . . Circulation Manager VERNA NORTON AND CAROLYN CROOM- Advertising Managers Editor CARlN1ICI'IEAI.., BUDDY ROGERS, JIINIINIY Editor REAVES, LYNN LEVVIS, SHIRLEY MARTIN, BUCK CYNEAL, JIM S H I L L I N G L A WV, AUDREY BUFFKIN, MARGARET FLOYD, WALLACE PERMENTER .... Reporters BOBBIE ELLIS AND JIFFIE BECKMAN . Typzlsts MISS PLOWDEN, MRS. SHELLEY . . Sponsors First Row: Jimmy Allen, Mrs. Shelley, Sponsorg Miss Plowden, Sponsor, Hal Norton, Margaret Floyd. Second Row: Norma F. Martin, Lynn Lewis, Imogene Carmaehel, Carolyn Croom, Bobbie Ellis, Shirley Martin, Verna Norton , Jimmy Shellinglaw. Third Row: Grace Ilardwiek, Betty Brown, Gertrude Freeman, Janet Lambert, Audry Butfkin, Buck 0'NeaI. Fourth Row: Bill Jenerette, Tony Byrd, Jimmy Reaves, Edwin Floyd, Bill Dudley, Jiflic Beekman, Earl Hayes, Wallace Permenter, Buddy Rogers. 'i 26 J Z ,AND 0SlfIl'fflISfBl'S!! Lvft fu Riglzl: Fla-L-twuunl Buss. ,liific ISQL-knum, usllllbkj'-A llcrring, Hr. 'I'uwnscml, Bill .lvlu-1'vtt1'. Left In Right: -liffic Bccknum, Bill jclnclwttu, Flectwood Buss, -I. T. NIcQuc1-n, jimmy Allcn Chad Allvn, llnl Nurtmm, Earle llzlyc-S. HUYY CHUHUf " Hr0aners" 27 J.H. .CLUB "liisi'uil Hurnm's" IJURIS Minor: Romans . , , Prggidgng Mfxnrcnc LivlNc:s'1'oN14 . . . . Vice-President AIAI.-x -lic.-xx -jOI.l.Il'l . Secretary and Treasurer First Row: Bohhie jean llarrelson, Margaret Herrington, Mary Lou Lane, Kathryn Alford, Annie Mae Miller, Cherry M. Price, Eliza- heth Merritt, Esterlean Rogers, Dorothy Turner, Bernice Turner, lone Fowler, Ahna jean jollie, Margie Livingstone, llelen Her- rington, Eulalee Christmas, Doris Marie Rogers, Nancy llinds, jean Nick, Ellen Mar- tin, AI'L'l11t'Ilttl Elliott, Katherine Mayers. Second Row: Doris Shaw, Vernon Fisher, Ruhy Mae Rogers, Nezanne Marsh, Annie Mae Merritt, Sarah VVilliainson, Bessie Alt- inan, Mary Frances Rogers, Barhara Martin, Frances Bane, Cray Scott, Dorolyn llarrel- son, Marv Grace llarrelson, Margaret Rich- ardson, Marguerite Mauney, janet Sims, Miss Crimhall, Sponsor. tAhsent from picture: Flossie Cause, Verna Mae Altord.j First Iiozu: john Fisher. Phence Strickland, Roth Snowden, Burn Shelly, A'Snntty" Carter, Hugh Lewis, Dean Brown, Fred Fowler, 'Shotn Rogers, Cene Carter, D. Il. Owens, Edward Best, Pat Lewis. SLTUIIII Row: Vlfallace Pernienter, llenry Russian, NVinston King, VV. C. Skipper, uPee VVee,' Brown, joe Brown, "Chuck" Mayers, Francis Smith, jack Craves, Frank McMillan, james Carl Ard, Ernest VViliainson, Thomas Ilooks. 'l'hir11 Rout: NVoodrow Martin, Carl VValters, Kenneth NVright, llenry Collins, Ernest Hin- son, "Dirt" Rogers, jinnny CFootj Reaves, Charles Sinith. VValter Penn Clark, Don Col- lins, Charles Casque. j. B. Rogers, Charles Harrelson. jack Lewis, Mr. H. L. Stoudernire, Sponsor. F.F. . CLUB " Thi' UUrnfefls" 28 S HIT HY CLUB ll One, two, three, four Each Monday morning the campus echoes to the steps of our future Generals. NVest Point might Find ample material here. Left tu Higlzt, First How: Shirley Taylor, Betty ju McQueen, Mildred Norton, Shirley llarrelsun, Pauline Edwards, Senttie WVhite. Seernzzl Huw: jenny Shaw, Margie Me- Cumher, Buhhy VVehster, Virginia Snipes, llerlmert Vaughan, Leona VVestun. Tlzircl limo: Oliver Yates, Sponsor, Rose Marie YVhite, Mitzie Lewis, Ann Smith, Mary Lih Lowe, Betty Dean Rogers, Ann Permeuter. Fnurtlr Row: Neil Mt-Millan, Sammy Shanks, Huhy Powell, Cene Carter, Patsy Vaughan. Fifth Row: Pat Lewis, Roth Snowclen. XVnmlruw Martin, Smitty Carter, Billy Sims. The Future Generals" UH? PPHECI TMJ The Hecnrfl Wimlurs 29 TUBE T CUU ClL "The Students Buddies" We, the members of the Mullins High Student Council, have as our goal to develop school spirit and to encourage citizenship so that each student may take his place in the World of tomorrow. First Row: Madge Lee Collins, Mary Grace Harrelson, Mary Ann Collins, Carolyn Croom, Richard Allen, Margie Livingstone. Second Row: Doris Marie Rogers, Shirley Harrelson, jean Smith, Ann Tolson, Pauline Edwards. Third Row: Paul McMillan, jim Huggins, Chad Allen, Ann Collins, Audrey Builkin, Sara Ann Martin. Fourth Row: Malcolm McMillan, Arleigh Nain, Wallace Permenter, Smitty Carter, Billy Ienerette, Shirley Martin, jimmy Allen, .liflic Beckman. EARLE HAYES . . . President BETII lhlClX1ILLAN . .... Vice-President VERNA No1zToN . . Secretary and Treasurer HAYES MCMILLAN NORTON 30 fPURTf CLUB First How: Sarah Graves, .loyce Corclon Sarah Ann Martin, Annie Lawrenee Lee Sylvia llarrelson. Sceoml How: june Brown, Virginia Brown 1 , Eunice Fowler, Barbara jones, Evelyn llar- relson, Bernaclean Collins. Third Hour: Anne Collins, Patsy Vaughan Betty Blue Rogers, Sarali Huggins, Virginia l Grant, Marjorie Hayes, Lneille Rogers, Rae Marie Carter, Anna Margaret Strieklancl Miss lNleMeekin, Betli NIL-Xlillan. u First Row: jake Cilmlms, Billy Pope, jillie Becliman, Calhoun Canlt, Coaell. Second Iiow: Paul Mc-Millan, Bill jenerette W bl. T. McQueen, Bill Dncllev, Larrv Per- menter, llarvey YVelJster, clllllCli myl-rs. Third How: Fleetwood Bass, jinnny Heaves Edwin Floycl, "Bull, Huggins, Tlroinas llng: gins, Bobby Rogers, Franeis Smith. Fourth How: Ernest llinson, Billy Rogers Davicl Page, Lonnie Rogers, Cene Altman Charles Sniitli, Emerson Anclirsliok. BLUCHCH H CLUB 'XUUI' l'lPl'Ul'SH 3 I v BET CLUB "Thu l5mins" HICCIKXI.-XX FLOYD ALLICN ANUHISIIUK -lll"l'Il4Z I3r:ftKx1AN . . . l'rr'.s'i1lr'nt ICINVIN F1,m'n . . Vim'-Prrzvirlwzt .IIAINIY A1.l,l'1N . . Sr'1'l'z'!rlry I':IXII'1llSON KXNIJHISIIUK . . TI'l'l1.S'Ill'l'l' I IIS Km: fmllllls, l',lll'l llaljfvs, rmul limit Billy llllcllvy. ll. Il. f,NY4'll9, lm R071-rs, IDUII Collins, Tully Byrd. Larry P0l'Illl'llt1'l', Billy jt'Ilt'I'l'Ul' "I limr: Mule-ulln Nh-Nlillam. Cnwv llzlrclwick, Bobbie Ellis, Alma AI. jullic, Nlalrgic Livingston. Kutlmryn Alford, fa Paul KIVNIIHJII. 32 llUYi' I3 QNHET lL H U1'ibh1e1's" -I. 'l'. NKQUEICN Captains CIBBS NORTON AND SMITH Our boys enjoyed a very success- ful season. They displayed sports- manship with every bounce of the ball, and reaped many victories for dear old Mullins High. SMITH NORTON Left to liiglzf, Kneeling: Ilnl Norton, -luck Graves, Frank McMillan, jnck Gibbs, 'AShot" Rogers, llollis Cordon Arliegh Nnin. Standing: Cnlhonn Cnult. Conchg NV. U. Skipper, Danny ML-Onccn, W'inston King, Kenneth NVright, T McQueen, George Smith, .linnny Allen, Charles Smith, L. tl. llcndrix, Conch. UIHLV I3 UHETH LL "Hur l,ilSSil'SH Cnurlz XHIXIICICKIN Crlplrzin lCI,l.lS Om' lzuly lmskvtvcrs dc-sc-1'vc the highcst przlisc. Thcy 'know how to vxccpt victory and dcfcut. Tlwir sportsnmnship was uncxccllccl by no tvzun. lutwl limit Annu- Ccmliins. Xwmlm' Xlursln, Yvrmx Nmtmm, liutly -In Nh-Qllcvll, Slxirla-5' Nlurlin, Sylxin llz1l'1'c-lsm rlmlxiv ,Il'llIl lfllix. rmlrf Iinuu x'iI'j.fiIli1l flmul, livllx Xlc'XIiH1u1, Slllllll Iluggills, l4lll'iHt' lingers, Bvlly Blllt' liugvrs, NLHIUY llimls Imvl Siunns, xI1ll4LfilI't't lfluyml, 34 FUUTB LL The Squad" First Row: Fred Fowler, Lavern Harrelson, K'Dirt" Rogers, Bill Dudley, Edwin Floyd, Larry Pernienter, jake Gibbs, -I. T. Me-Queen, Harvey Wk-luster, T. L. Floyd. Second How: Roth Suowden, Billy White, Sherrill Lewis, Jini Huggins, "Shot" Rogers, Jiffie Beckman, Billy jenerette, Vfallace Perrnenter, Paul McMillan, .limmy Reaves. Tllirrl Row: Luther Butler, Ernest Hinson, Bill Pope, Chad Allen, Chuck Mayers, Maxis Meklillan. Dannie MQ-Queen, Fleetwood Bass. Lonnie Rogers, David Page, Eugene Altman. CHEERLE DEPrg' !'The r 'c1'ea1nfzrs" Left to Riglil: Patsy Vaughan, Shirley Martin, Cheerleader-in-Chief, Bohhie Ellis, Grace llardwiek, Carolyn Croom, Anna Margaret Strickland, 35 NEST STRLII " Hut Shots " I'irsI limr: llarvev XVehsler, linnnx' Rc-aves. Eclwin Floyd Billy Pope, Larry l,l'l'Illl'ltll'Y, Daniel Page. ,lake Gibbs 1'r'on1l lime: "Shot" llogers, liill ljncllev. lirnest llinson, Eugene Altnuni. Our sincere congratulations are clue this hard-fighting team. Through honest endeavor and hard work, they fought their way to the lower state elimination. SECU D STRIIY "Jr, Champs" l"ir.s'I Row: Fleetwood Bass Sherrill Lewis, Maxie ML-Millan Lonnie Rogers, Chad Allen .liilie Beckman, -I. T. McQueen Seennrf Row: Chuck Moyers -liin llnggins, "Dirt" Rogers Bill -lenerette. The hard-fighting HBH team holds one of the hest records of any 'AB team in the state. Their season was a total success, every game was a victory. They were scored on one time. 36 If If Auctinnvvrs FLOYD AND GIBBS Co-Captains PAGE R. T. PERMENTER L. G. WEBSTER R. E. DUDLEY Q. B. POPE CENTER GIBBS L. ALTMAN L. H. ROGERS R. H. 37 IIINSON F. lx. FLOYD R. G. REAVES L. T. MCMILLAN L. G. IIAMPUS UAPEHS X f UUEEN AND KING .joggie Cclffis Worion MISS HNUVVSY NEWS Mrm Worfon NHSS LEAF jefh Jlcjiiffan SS UCTIU EE gjdby Kl!6LLLqlZ6UZ Coaches HENDRIX, COX, MCMEEKIN, CAULT AND SKEEN We are greatly indebted to the everlasting guidance these coaches have given us on the athletic fields. 4I 1949 mf STAFF STAFF HAL NORTON . .... Editor-in-Chief IIININIY ALLEN . . Associate Editor EARLE HAYES ..... Business Manager BETH lA1ClX'lILLAN . Assistant Business Manager BOBBIE ELLIS ....... Photography BETTY JANE BROVVN . . Club Editor EDWIN FLOYD ....... Sports Editor GRACE HAHIJNVICK ...... Class Editor ALINIA JEAN IOLLIE, ANN PERMENTER, NIARGUERITE lA1AUNEY, j1FFn-1 BECKINIAN . . . . Typists FRANCIS SINIITILJAKE GIBBS . . . Art Editors ,,jlm35I37iief AWj2513EQ,,,,,, Miss BETHUNE, Mn. SKEEN . Faculty Afluisors The staff, with the help of all members of the senior class have worked faithfully to give you this annual. It is our one hope that you will enjoy THE LEAF as much as we have enjoyed publishing it. Earle Hayes, Beth McMillan, Grace Hardwick, Bobbie Ellis, Alma jean jollie, Marguerite Mauney, Ann Permenter, Betty jane Brown, Francis Smith, Edwin Floyd, jimmy Allen, Hal Norton, jake Gibbs, Mr. Skeen, Miss Bethune, Iiffie Beckman. 42 Rzigaw W-f -H f ' -- --wr '-" 'fm-." .,,,., . CLASS ILL We, the SENIORS of the CLASS OF 1949 do hereby declare this to be our last will and testament. I, Fleetwood Bass, do hereby will and bequeath my pretty curly hair to jim 1-iuggins, so he can be as nandsome as I am. I, Iifie Beckman, do hereby will and bequeath my affection for short women to David Bane. I, Betty lane Brown, do hereby will and bequeath my soft voice to Annie L. Lee so she wonlt be heard so much. I, Joe Brown, do hereby will and bequeath my love for Martha Ann Ricks to Frank Mclvlilian. Carry on Frank!!! I, Claude Bullock, do hereby will and bequeath my ability to speak French to Billy Pope in nope that he'll pass, too. I, Don Collins, do hereby will and bequeath my car to Nelson King, so he won't have to riue his scooter to school on cold mornings. I, Flora jean Collins, do hereby will and bequeath my freckles to I. B. Rogers. I, Bill Dudley, do hereby will and bequeath my position as Miss Bonnett's "pei, to Bill Pope. I, Bobbie jean Ellis, do hereby will and bequeath my height to Carolyn Croom, so she can be as tall as Lonnie. I, Edwin Floyd, do hereby will and bequeath my big muscles to Lavern Harrelson, so he will be muscle-shouldered instead of muscle-headed. I, lone Fowler, do hereby will and bequeath my loud mouth to Rosemary Smith. I, Gertrude Freeman, do hereby will and bequeath my back seat in Mr. Hendrixls class to Harvey Web- ster just in case he needs it. I, Kenneth Gasque, do hereby will and bequeath my love for Rosemary Smith to Smitty Carter, so we can keep it on Marion Street. I, lake Gibbs, do hereby will and bequeath my height to Barbara Martin. I, jack Graves, do hereby will and bequeath my Rrffition as president of the "Fast Drag Clubl' to Chad en. I, Grace Hardwick, do hereby will and bequeath my ability to go steady to Lonnie and Carolyn. I, Earle Hayes, do hereby will and bequeath my un- limited vocabulary to Anthony Montgomery Byrd, alias Tony. I, Leslie Herring, do hereby will and be ueath my position as Dinny Dimwit's double to Chublc Mayers. I, Ernest Hinson, do hereby will and bequeath my position as Mrs. Ward's pet to Emerson Andrishok. Donlt let her down Em!!! I, Tiggie Hooks, do hereby will and bequeath my ability to play basketball to Shirley Martin, so she can star some day. I, "Red,' Huggins, do hereby will and bequeath my beautiful red hair to "Pinkey', Smith, so he can keep up the red hair in M. H. S. I, Sarah Huggins, do hereby will and bequeath my sweet personality to Margie Hayes. I, Tom Huggins, do hereby will and bequeath my love for Shakespeare to Emerson Andrishok, because he showed so much interest in him. I, Bill Ienerette, do hereby will and bequeath mv love for Central Drug Store to Chad Allen, so it will be in good hands. I, Mack Johnson, do hereby will and bequeath my beautiful physique to Kemp Page, so he won't be so at. I. Alma ,lean Iollie. do hereby will and bequeath my ability to type to Dirt Rogers, so Ann won't have trouble reading his notes. I, Joyce Jones, do hereby will and bequeath my blue eyes to David Bane, so he can catch some of those short women. I, VVinston King, do hereby will and bequeath my streamlined figure to Edward Earle Dunn. I, janet Lambert, do hereby will and bequeath my ability to get to school on time to Eugene Altman, so he wonlt be late every day. I, Margie Livingstone, do hereby will and bequeath my dignity to Shirley Martin, so she will behave her- self in the picture show. I, Mary Lib Lowe, do hereby will and bequeath my love for 'Possums to Dean McMillan, in hopes he will start catching them instead of killing them. I, Herbert Marsh, do hereby will and bequeath my love for agriculture to "Pee Ween Brown. I, Ellen Martin, do hereby will and bequeath my love for the Marsh Family to Billy Pope. I, King Martin, do hereby will and .bequeath my beautiful sun tan to Tony Byrd, so he wonlt have to spend all summer at the river. I, Marguerite Mauney, do hereby will and bequeath my excess weight to Marjorie Hayes. I, Marjorie McCumber, do hereby will and bequeath my excess brains to the office, so they can be dis- tributed among the needy students. I, Margaret McMillan, do hereby will and bequeath my brains to "Shot" Rogers, so he'll be next to the "dumbest" instead of the udumbestv. I, Paul McMillan, do hereby will and bequeath my wit to Charles Register. I, I. T. McQueen, do hereby will and bequeath my mathematical ability to Chuck Mayers. I, Annie Mae Merritt, do hereby will and bequeath my ability to catch a man to Janet Page. I, Annie Mae Miller, do hereby will and be ueath my love for chewing gum to all the lucky people left in school. I, Hal Norton, do hereby will and bequeath my buddy, Chuck Mayers, to anybody thatls willing to take him off my hands. I, D. H. Owens, do hereby will and bequeath my love for French to jimmy Allen. I, S. H. Owens, do hereby will and bequeath my silent manner to the teachers of M. H. S., so they can pass it out to the students who ask questions that they canlt answer. I, Anne Permenter, do hereby will and bequeath my pretty blonde hair to Rae Marie Carter. I, Jimmy Reaoes, do hereby will and bequeath my nickname "Foots" to Edward Lee Gasque. I, Betty Dean Rogers, do hereby will and bequeath my quiet manner to the 10th Grade so they may become dignified. We, Kenneth Rogers, Ira Rogers, and W. G. Shipper, do hereby will and bequeath our ability to liven up a clgssroom to Billy Pope, Eugene Altman, and Tony Byr . I, Charlie Smith, do hereby will and bequeath my height to Carlton Sawyer. I, Francis Smith, do hereby will and bequeath my love for Conway to Joyce Gordon. I, Virginia Snipes, do hereby will and bequeath my long blonde hair to Ann Collins. I, Patsy Vaughn, do hereby will and bequeath my loud mouth to the future cheerleaders of M. H. S. I, Bobbie lean Webster, do hereby will and be- queath my bashfulness to Ann Collins. I, Ernest Williamson, do hereby will and bequeath nav bashfulness to "Dirt', Rogers, so Ann won't be the only bashful one. I. Kenneth Wright, do hereby will and bequeath my ability to have my homework to Emerson Andrishok. -BILL IENEREWE, Class Lawyer. Kirby Rexall Drug Store HIfl'Il8UIIll11lt' l,l'l'8f'I'i1lfiUIIS by I1iCt'lI8l'l1 Druggisf' :-: WHITMAN'S CANDIES :-: FEATURE CHRISTMAS AND GRADUATION GIFTS -: Parker 51 Pen or Parker 51 Set :- -, ,.. if-1, "IfIa'X,1 LL DRUG STORE Is A Good Drug Store To Do All Im'r1a,1,1i11g,' T-1t,1...- PHONE 2771 JOE KIRBY, Proprietor 44 Dial I-101, 52411 S. C. License 7-1-3 JAME P. DA IEL GENERAL CONTRACTOR MULLINS, S. C. ++++ RESIDENTIAL :-: COMMERCIAL :-: INDUSTRIAL FREE ES'1'1MAT11:s WORKMANSHIP :-: INTEGRITY :-: DEPENDABILITY 45 COM l'l,lM ENTS Olf' ANDERSON BROTHERS BANK "Thr llama' of Sufi' Bmzl.-ing" AND ANDERSON THEATER COMPANY "Tim Ilnmz' of Good I,il'fllI'l'S', 1 14 . vw MI'I.I.INS, S. C. 46 DIXUN S WAREHOUSE DIXUX .xxn I,. V. GOOVH, I'r0prief0r.v MITLLINS, S. C. 47 1 r 1 r 4 4 r 1 ALLALALAL-LALALALLLALALALALAL'L'lil'l'l'l'l'l'L'l'l'l'LALAEE: 5EELALAL-L-L-LAL'Lil'LALALALALALALAL-LALALAL-L'L'l'l'l'l'li 1'-' 4. :J 142 12: lj: VVEBS'1'ER'S Florists gigi gp :EI :ef 1 y ly vr 1 v 1 , Z H . fm" "'M"Mf" OP :af ip: Wf Ilazv' r'10ww-S fm' ,111 'Pg 'il E21 Elji 0c'0a.vio11s" 15: ':'l I 'Z' if EAGLE s 5 6. 10 gpg :,g Iii: EFI WEBSTER'S FLORIST lf fu 'P' 'in iii SAM Wl'lliS'l'I4IR, Owner + + + + ig: Eg! IGI gli! ii' la: cc 44 . my 77 'PI 'fn Igig lj MAIN S'l'lil'1l'1'l' MULLINS, S. C. :H III: Elf: PARK S'l'RlCE'1' MULLINS, S. L , , I45 iff T-TvTvT-T-T-T-T-T-T-T-T-7-T-T-T-T-T-T-T-T-T-T-T-7-T-T-T-T-T-T-iig :I1L-----VA.--.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-v-v-v-.-.-:-.-.-,-.-.-.- BUTCH'S DRIVE-IN We serve sandwiches. short orders, and complete dinners "COME TO BI"1'CII,S TO DINE AND DANCEH BUTCH'S DRIVE-IN "BUTC'H" DICNTON, Owner NURTII MAIN IQXTICNSION NORTH MULLINS, S. C. 48 A LUTHER V. MARTIN INSURANCE AGENCY + + + + MULLINS, S. C. gmzts of I nszzramre and Bonds" I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I II I. 1,1 I I I II I I I . I I I I I I I I I I I I I4I Ill I I I I , I I I I I I I I I I , , I I I I I I II II I II I. CREIGHTON'S LADIES SHOP IVE CARRY A COMPLETE LINE OF THE LATEST STYLES IN ALL IVOMEN,S WEAR "Visit Us for the Best Buys" PHONE 41321 S. MAIN ST. MULLINS, S. C. I I II 'I Ill I I III :I If I II, I ,, .... ...... ..... .... ...... .... .... ..I -A----'-v-'---'-'-'-'-'-'-'-----'-'-'-'-'-'-'-'-'-'-'-::::4 I I ILAL-L-L-L-L-L-L-LAL-L-L-L-L-L-LALAL-L-L-:A ' A ' - ' - '-'A ' - ' - '-'- ' - '- 'AU ----,----v-------f--.--f---------f-------f--------f------.f--- I I I MULLINS FOOD CENTER "For the 1I'iInest Dleats and Freshest Produce Visit Our S tore" SEMI-SELF SERVICE MULLINS FOOD PRODUCTS A. W. FLOYD, Illafnager MAIN STREET MULLINS, S. C. I I I Ill I I QI I H I Ill I I I I II I I I I I I I I I Ill I I I I II 'I I I I I Ill I I II I I I I 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 V 4 V 4 I 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 I 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 V 4 V 4 V 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 41: 4 4 4 4 I4 41' 42' 45: 4,44 4,44 4,44 4,44 4,44 44, 44, 44, 49, 44 42' 42' 45' QI 44, 44, 4,44 44, 44, II I THE DAVIS NATIONAL BANK MULLINS, SOUTH CAROLINA RIEMBI-IR or 'l'lIl'I l'1l'IIDl'ZlKAL IIESEIKYI-I Sm's'1'm1 AND l"lf1m:u.u, l,l'1l'OSl'l' INSURANCE Co1u'onA'1'IoN I-I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I CARTER'S DRUG STORE We fill all prescriptions promptly and accurately VISIT OUR MODERN SODA FOUNTAIN AND TRY OUR DELICIOUS ICE CREAM SOVTH MAIN STREET MULLINS, S. 4 50 I'OMPI.IMENTS OF , 5 51 r L ISA II ,,, I THE LIONS CLUB MULLI NS, SOUTH CAROLINA I I 4 I I I I 4 I 4 I I 4 I I 4 I 4 I I I I I 4 I 4 4 I I I I 4,4 I I I- II 'I II I II III: I, 'I 'I 'I II I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I 4 I I I I I I I I I I 4 I 4 I 4 I I 4 I I I I I 4 I I I I 4 I 4 I 4 I 4 Il' """""" "" "" "" "'-" POPE PETROLEUM COMPANY Ullislrilzutors of A mom Products' cc Q :I PHONE 34-31 MULLINS, S. C ,.v.,,.,.,.,.,.,.,. WINSTEAD'S Everything in Furniture RULANE GAS SERVICE The Modern Fuel for Every Purpose GAS AND ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES ,flny Household Appliance is no Better Than the Service Behind it. Ash .-llumf Service II'hene1'er You Buy WINSTEI-lD'S Rulane Service IXIAIN STREET INIULLINS, S. C. I 4 I 4 I 4 I I 4 I 4 I 4 I 4 I 4 I I 4 I 4 I I I I 4 I I I I I I I II II, , .I II I I I I 4' I' ' I I I I, I I, I I' 4 I I ' I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I' I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I 4 I 4 I 4 I 4 I 4 I I 4 I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I 4 I II II Itl Ill 'I I ' I I 4 I 4 I I I ' I I:I I I 4 M. D. EI.L1NG'1'oN, Agent SINCLAIR REFINING COMPANY COMPLETE LINE OF PETROLEUM PRODUCTS MARION, S. C. 4 4 'I 4,4 4 c'oM1'I.1M1aN'rs OF COX FUNERAL HOME MULLINS, S. C. BEST WISHES YIWQ THE SENIOR CLASS OF '419 WALLER'S FURNITURE STORE witw. MULLINS, S. C. ,-AvAvAv----,v,-,v,v,v,-.--f-f-f-f-f-f.f.L.------.-.L.- .-W """""""""" ' r C '0MPLIMl'1N'1'S 01" MULLINS LUMBER COMPANY cc . xr MULLINS, S. C. MULLINS IEWELRY "Sr'f' Us for a CYOIIIIIIFH? S1'If'r'fion of Oufsfamling Jfwz'lry" + + + + MULLINS, S. C. ,------------------..------------ BEST WISHES TO THE SENIOR CLASS OF '49 BELK'S DEPARTMENT STORE MAIN STREET MULLINS, S. C. I ,I ,I ,I ,I ,I ,I III I,l ,I ,I ,I ,I ,I I,I I,g ,I ,I up .,I ,I I I I I,I I,I I,I I,l ,I ,I IJ ,I I I I I,I I,I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I .V.'.'.v.:I I I I :I I IQ: II, I4 IU' ,I I Best of Luck to The Seniors of '40 GASQUE'S COAL YARD + + + + "A Black' Business Done IVhite,' VVE CARRY A COMPLETE LINE OF ALL HARDVVARE GOODS AND FARM IMPLEMENTS "See Us for Quality Goods at a Reasonable Price" MEARES HARDWARE MAIN STREET MULLINS, S. C. """"''I'-'-'V''V'"""""'-"AX 'YI ,I I QI I,I I,I I,l I,l I,I I,I I,I I,I ,I I,I ,I Ill I,I .,g ,I up ,I ,I ,I ,I I I I ,I ,I I,I I,I ,I I,I .,g ,I I,I I,I I,l ,I I,l I,I 'I I I,g I,I I,I I I .II III 4 'I 'I ifFQTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTL B1s1f'oR1-1 ITIAKING YOUR SELECTION or' IIIURNITURE, SER Us t.l WATSON AND MOODY FURNITURE STORE S. MAIN ST. MULLINS, S. C. I LT-T-T-T-T-T'T-T-T-Tv?-Tv?-T-T-T-T-T-TVT-TWT-T-T-T-T-Tv?-TWT-T Kelvinator Zenith Duo-Therm Thor fit...-. P L A T T ' S Electrical A pplianvcs PHONE 6556 MULLINS, C. -------------------------------1 COMPLIMICNTS 01" IONES' MOTORS "Your Paclrard Dealef' D DIAL 6511 N. MAIN ST. MULLINS, S. C. -L-L-5-L-L-L-L-L-L-L-LAL-L-LAL-L-L-L-L-L-L-L-L-L-L-L-LA:LAL-L-T HOWARD B. SMITH HI71S'll'I'd'7Zl'6 of All Kinds" + + + + DIAL 5051 MULLINS, S. C. Vff"'A'-''"'A'A'Af'A:'-'-"""-T:"""""'A"-'-T" WELCOME "N" Bring a Friend to the VVELCOME "N" "We Prepare Only the Finest Types of Foods" McINTYRE ST. MULLINS, S. C. '..v.-.v.Y.v.v.v.w.v.V.w.i.V.-.v.v.v.v.'.v.w.v.v.v.v.w.w.i.v. - - ..-,....-- - MARTIN MOTOR SALES COMPANY DEALERS FOR OLDSMOBILE AND CA DI LLA C PARK STREET MULLINS, S. C. - i1 I. I I I I. I1 1,1 I1 In In V1 1,1 I-I . 1,1 1,1 1,1 1,1 1,1 I-' 1 11 1,1 If 11 I2 . 1,1 1,1 1,1 1 I, 11 . 1,1 1,1 1,1 1,1 I IOHN COOPER STORES AVHOLESALE GROCERIES RE'fAII, Zllalfers of Di-H11-Ma Gucmo PARK STREET MULLINS, S. C. 1, ............................... -.x 7--A-f---v-v-v--v-v-v--.-.-.-.-.-.-.A.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.- Best IVishes to the Class of '49 IOI-IN R. COLLINS 'WVHoLEsA1.ERs,' + + + + MAIN STREET MULLINS. S. C. I 1 I I I 1 1 1 1 1 I I I I I I I I I I I I I I 1 I 1,1 I 11 11' .41 .11 all ': 1 1:1 III .41 Ill all I ,I 111 111 11 -1 I1 I2 11 I 1,- Ii l, 11 1,1 1 I, 1 11 II, BARNHILL'S Electrical, Oil and Gas Appliances UNIVERSAL 0 BENDIX RCA RECORDS "Se1'z'ice and Repairs" PHONE 41901 MULLINS, S. C. .7iLTLT5LTLTLTLT:TLTLTLTLTLTLTLTL7LTLTLTL7:T:TLTLTLTg7LTLT'TJ fr- --------------------v.------------------.,v-----.-.-.-.QQ .--.,---s,- 1I 11, . I 1 I1 I1 I1 I 1 II II II ,I I II 1-I I1 111' 1 11, 11, 1 1 . 12' 15' 11' II I 1 1 '1 I1 I1 I, l, I, I I. I. I. I I I, I, 1 I 1 I 141 1 1 IT' 1 1 ,1 1 41 I 1'1 15' ,1 ,1 1 I 1 ,1 1 1 I 1 1 I 1 I ,.------------------------------ THE ENTERPRISE PUBLISHING COMPANY H1fl'gI7I7I1'IIg Our Jlst Year of lining Qualify Priniing of All Kinds" 11.11 MAIN S'I'Rl'll'1'I' MIII1I1INS, S. C. I TST-T-T-T-T-TvTvT-T-T-Tv?-T-T-T-Tw?-T-T-T-T-T-T-T-T-T-T-T-T-T-Tvf I-'A-"""' 'P"""""""""'FI MULLINS HARDWARE HARDIVARE FARM IMPLEMENTS SPORTING EQUIPMENT MAIN STRICET MULLINS, S. C. 1 I 4 1 11, I 1 1'-' 15' 11 4 111 1 4 1 1 1'I I 1 I 1 I 1 1 P I 11, 1,-I 1 1 1 4 15: 4 141 11 111 1'1I I1 ,1 ,1 ,1 II 1 '1 1 11: 1 1 1 15' 11' 11: 11, I1 ,1 :I 11, 1 1 1 1 4 41 1 '1 4 41 ,1 I 4 1 1 1 1 I 1 1 I 1 L--T-T-T-T-T-T-T-T-T-T-T-T-T-T-TvTvTvT-T-T-T-T-T-Tft-T-T-T-T:-1I 1 ---------------v---------'------ ---------------- --------- A - ----A-A-fm II I 'I II Ij1 Ii: 'I I1 I II 1 I V1 It MULLINS FOOD VAUGHAN-WILLIAMS 'II I, 'II I PROCESSING Co. INSURANCE 1:5 I 11 II I 'PII Ig, :I I: III Hrs! IVislms to Class of '49 Ev111uY'1'H1N1s IN INSURANCE II 1 '1 1' '1 II' '1j1 II I j1 III + + + + I :ii ,1 Ii II II1, I If: IC. FRONT ST. MUILINS, S. C. MULLINS, S. C. I I1 I1 I II I II I IQLTLTLTLTL7LTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTL7:T:T:7gTLT:T:Tilg L'LT:TL7:T:TLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTgTgTLTgTgI THE SOUTHERN PRINTING COMPANY "MuIli1zs' First and only E.rclusiz'e Job Printers" COMMERCIAL PRINTING OFFICE SUPPLIES J. H. ESTES, Owner PHONE 3911 FRONT STREET MULLINS, S. C. I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I' II II' I lc, ,lp up I I I Ill Il I II . BROWN'S. INC. FURNITURE - .IEXVELRY "life Aim to PI ease " .I .. Q ,, I, DIAL 4101 MULLINS, SOUTH CAROLINA I .L .... ...... - .v.v.v.....-.,.,v.,.,.,.,.'.,.,.,...,. RASOR 6. CLARDY CO. DEl'AR'1'MEN'I' STORE "I'I.z'1vIu.s'iz'e but not E.z'pensizre" MAIN STREET MULLINS, S. C. I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I Ill II 'I 'I I I I I Ing , II' 'LTLTLTLTLTLT-TLTLTLTLT-TLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTL ' I VAUGHAN MOTOR CO. Dodge Plymouth PHONE 2781 O MULLINS MOTOR CO. B 'll ich GMC PHONE 3111 MULLINS, S. C. rL------- ...- -------------------- I.-LAL-L-L-L-L-L-L-L-L-L-l- ' -L-L-L-L-L-LAL-L-L-L-L-L-L-L-L-L-L-L-. -,,,,,,--..--------v,-,---,v-v,-A-,--f--Av--'I - ----- A"' R 'A"""' 'UI LITTLE PEE DEE LODGE AND PALMETTO ROOM C'nIvr1'r.v of Finv Foods Pnoxrz 2837 Ml'LLlxs, S. C. F. C. X. COOPERATIVE. INC. QIYALITY FARM SUPPLIES DEPENDABLE SERVICE BII'l.I.lNS, S. C. COMl'LlMENTS ov -o HENDRIX FURNITURE COMPANY MvLLlNs, S. C. Com1v1,m1cN'1's 01-' COLLINS DEPARTMENT STORE NIULLINS, S. C. M, .............................. COIN! PLIM ENTS OF IONES BROTHERS' GROCERY NORTH ITIULLINS, A C. HARRIS 6 WEBSTER INSURANCE SERVICE Fin' - .vlufo - Bonds - Life Hospifalixatiou J. xx. u.uuus s. R. WEBSTER, JR. BI.-IIN S'l'llEE'l' Ix'IlfI.I.lNS, S. C. LTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLETL7:Tl7L7L7L?L7L7LT:7L7fLTLTLTL?' I'm11'LIMEN'rs 01-' ROSE'S DIME STORE AIAIN S'l'IKI-111.1 NIVLLINS, S. C. WEBSTER'S DISTRIBUTING COMPANY WHOLESALERS C 'A N DIES :-: TOBACCO XOYEl.'l'll'1S :-: Sl'ECIAI.'I'IES l',xuK S'l'lll'IE'l' MVLLINS, S. C. 1 p,------..-- -A---- ---------------- I 1 ,I I ,,,,?gTLTLTLTLTLTL7L7LTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLQi 14 14 :QE If, I1 COMPLIIIII-:NTS OI-' iff: I1 1 114: 11: 5:1 DIXIE LAUNDRY AND DRY 2:1 1:4' 1,4 11 CLEANERS 11 li, I I,:, I1 MULLINS FIRST 1,1 1, 11 LAUNDRY AND DRY CLEANERS fbi 14: 14: I4 --AA-------A----------------A-A- !,4 I 4. CUMPLIMI-iN'l'S OF MULLINS FLORAL SHOP AIVLLINS, SOI"I'H CAROLINA lf- Y... YY- v.Y. -. .,,.,.....,,, --,-,A. 4 4 ,LAL-L-4-L-L-L-4-L-LAL-L-L-L-A-L-LAL-L-L-L-L-L-L-LAL-L-L-L-L-LAL I K'OAII'I,IxII4:N'I's OF HARDWICK'S GROCERY4 STORE MI'I,I.INs, SOI"I'H CAROLINA I1?-Tvrvrvfvf-T-T-1-T-1-:vsrv:-1-7-f-f-f-v--v-V---v- - - - - 4 4 L-----Tit-:-Tftvt-T-T-T-7-TfTvTf:v7v:-T-T-f-T-v- ----- 4- --------- -------- - ----A------- - - - ' I CcnI1,LImI4:N'I's OI-' SANITARY CLEANERS IIAVREL STRIQET Q MI'I,I,INs, C. Tflgfgi'?LTLTLTLTLTgTgTgTgTLT' 1 I I 4 I I' -g-g-:ALAL-:ALAL-L-L-L-L-L-L-L-L-L-L-L-L-L-L-L-L-.1-L-L-L-LALALALA 'J 1:1 IQ' 14, 1 14, 1 14, 1, Ii: COMPLIAIIIINTS OF lil: fi: fr" 45' 1 1jI MCMILLAN MOTOR COMPANY 11 :if :EI 'Ir 'Il 14 14 1" 15' 17: 14: lp, AIULLINS, SOUTH CAROLINA 14, 11' II IILTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTQII mlfltlfltlTLTLTlTLTLTLTLQ1TLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTW, :111 ,FI 1 I 1,., 1, 'fl :UI IQ: COIIIPLIMI-tNTs OF 1:-I lf- I1 ,gl 1:4, 1'4I lf, :QE PALACE DRUG COMPANY 1,1 I 1 1:21 fe: 11, H1 41, 'JI 14, l,', '4 , If If.: IIIITLLINS, SOUTH CAROLINA l,1, all 11, '11 I11'r-T-7YTLTLTL:LTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLtLtLTlTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTEI E1,,L-L-L-L-L-2L-lALALALALALALALALALALALAL-L'LAL-L-L-L-LDL-L-LAL-L-: 14: I-ju 14, ,II 1.11 COMPLIIIIENTS 014' 1 11 :Qu 1-, ,11 11, ,gl 111 POP'S POP CORN STAND :QI 11 11 1-, ,II 14, ,II ES: :EE SOUTH MAIN ST. INIULLINS, S. C. 11 1'4 4 I 4 I UOMPIJAII-:NTs OI-' THE GULF SERVICE STATION c'HARLI4:s w. HARIIELSON, MANAGER MI'I.I,INs, SOIITII CAROLINA QAI the Rod Light, LITLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLT:TLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLT. I , I 1 LTV-.-L--L-L-,,,,,,,,,-A-,A-A-,,,,,,,,,,,,Ai ConI1'I.IMIsN'1's 014' STONE'S SINCLAIR SERVICE STATION RIULLINS, S. C. ITiTLTLTL7LTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTQTQTLTLT. BEST OF WISHES TO THE SENIORS BUFFIKIN'S MEN'S SHOP MAIN S'I'III:I:'I' BIIILLINS, S. C ComII'I.IMI:N'I's 01-' BILL'S SANITARY CAFE ITIAIN S'I'Iu4:r:'I' TVIULLINS, S. C. COINIPLILIENTS OF NAIN'S FISH MARKET 1"ll0N'l' S'I'IxIf:Ia'I' BIULLINS, S. C I I I ............,....-,......--,,,, - LLLLLLL LLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL :LLL-l'l'LfTl 'I COOPER STUDIO "For Photographic IVorl.' of 1Jisfinc'fi0n, See Us." MARION ST. MULLINS, S. C. Iixfrn copies of the photo- graphs Ixppcnring in this An- nual may be obtained at our studio. COMPLIMENTS OF ALBERT SMITH Everyorzds Oil Dealer BIULLINS, S. C. I ffftfT-T-T-T-T-T-T-T-T-T-T-T-T-Tri?-TfTfT-1-T-T-T-Ti?-T-Tv?-T Yi-,-A-A-,-.-A-,-,--.-,-,---------------W---.------- I Iz1f:s'I' or' LUCK T0 'rule SIQNIORS OF ,IQ THE KNOWSY NEWS 1II'I.I,INs HIGH SCHOOL M f j'iu'?f f ,K,. 'L Q' , bl X ., x x ,-1 X . - 'xx X , V -. . . ,. Y. :,, -H NKX 1-, AAI 11l!y- Gxjtf X CX N " 4,51 g kg E I If ' x fAK 1 5 . Q li l X X A ,fix 4 N. Vx, H ff ...y ,,, 'I f ' gl . 'L fx rw, 3 35"-' ' if M QQ' K 5l W4 XJ 5 Q X fx N X, 4 , 2 ' f N f JK MJ mm I 4 X MJ ' , x ,Q ar-'V ln. V4 1 vs p. . Y. 1 . , f.X . ll IP, N01 QW qv. , 2' "-' '+- ,, Qjffifxxx K V714 x ' Q5 W5-X vw ,7 5,1 v' .nf x' ' W' K' fx x ff rf' . 7 1 1 E 4, X "v ' X17 K , -. L' Sf 1 Q ,,...f-f..LN-I - 1 Q XXXL-X ?1?f,y4 . I. 1 I I if Q RX kr' WV- w I - X A h, I X,L ,fi f.. ,- A , N U 1 fx f l 7g I I X 1 XXX J N Tm X Fx ' A X N X , , 1 NNR Sf. 5.1 f ' 1' J , - fQ 32? , A17W'P Egg! 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Suggestions in the Mullins High School - Leaf Yearbook (Mullins, SC) collection:

Mullins High School - Leaf Yearbook (Mullins, SC) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 40

1949, pg 40

Mullins High School - Leaf Yearbook (Mullins, SC) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 28

1949, pg 28

Mullins High School - Leaf Yearbook (Mullins, SC) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 9

1949, pg 9

Mullins High School - Leaf Yearbook (Mullins, SC) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 24

1949, pg 24

Mullins High School - Leaf Yearbook (Mullins, SC) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 5

1949, pg 5

Mullins High School - Leaf Yearbook (Mullins, SC) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 62

1949, pg 62

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