Mulhall High School - Pirate Yearbook (Mulhall, OK)

 - Class of 1966

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Mulhall High School - Pirate Yearbook (Mulhall, OK) online yearbook collection, 1966 Edition, Cover

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Ri ,..1.,..., ...www Awww ....-...- 4... ,- ww WMQMN-M ...W mum- .- ,,,4 ...X ww .....-..4..u.-W ww. .-H .N-.-Q W.-ff Q...-.WX-X. 0.-1,-Q ....,-w- .5--.- ...XX .wana- WX QD- ,-w.w-v ...- 1-My 4+..-.-- X M-f ww-4 X wf-,mx-we X'-usa-no-v XX .Q-.wr .N X. X-X .nw-wmv-X.. :awww Qrvf --.X-4-suv 'sauna ,,.. .- p.- .-.V .........,-,...--..--4--1 ..- ..- had ff' .., fa WX ., , ' 'I f , ef . 'Q 4,,,-- ,f,,.,,X4 .-.4 W... .ff- ,...-,...-.-...- ....--o.,...-- .ir ,-ff...-.- .,.., ...Q ! f ...4-M ,4- M... X.-..-M ...---w ..- un-.-.-- XXX - XWXXK x i , 8 h Xx X v A x -X , X xg JXQXNXS X S- X , X XXX XXX X s, SCX 4 . -Vw W XXX X Nw XX NQJXXQXXXXXXXN -3-XXSIQ 4 XX K -- XXXXQQX P XXX- XXSX - X 'X Q QV X XXQ-W -X X X - X N Xts B -'Q' XXXX XXQXQX , QNX X-X X X -K ---gggg - - - X X - X 'Q f XX. -Ni XX XX X X - -X X X X S X XX X X X XX xfNlR Syx X X - - - Y X X X X XX- X X X - X X Q f XX X Wk X NT X5 -XXXX WKX xi. QNQXX-Q-W W X X XXXQXX ' QXQQC X X Q X XX fx XX Q X- X X xxx"-N S' ,QQ X Rf XX ' X . X X V X X X X XXXXXX WXXX X -X - X X XX - Q X ' X XXXXQ R XX XX xsxf Xl XXX X XXX XX X X X XX X X X fX XX -X X X X N K X M X 1, sta Xsgfxw AKEN X XX X X X XXXQ' x x XX x X5 ' -- Xu gpg X X K M N X XX-Q XXX Xen X 'XX -XX X 4 'SX kv - X X -X --Sl XSX5 X-Xi X - NX -xx X XXXX XXX -W X QW xv 1 -X X k XX gg Q XXXX.u.-X Xw. - XSXXg..XX4.X1..XXXs. X-Aw Q5 45XXX---QXXXSLS-F5525-ri XXbX iXMXSMXSX x X 1 AMW fag Q xr , K Mm. W 9, x Q' Q f L i Ms My ww WK' w Wifi 1 mm 32254. ff, N1 4 Um Q ,LW X gh S K affil- N 1-1 wifi I Q x m"'A li 4. ,,.. , i 5 he lgirztiez I X I x ':'J"'fj" , ' . Tw N i f X. ,Q gm ,jf V 'N ,sm - I Y I A Zfxvvf fs f' 4,5572 ,fx Inf! V- Z ff Published hg Us-ll' The Euurnalism 0112155 nf glmnlhall Ciiligh jnlynnl 1955 MR. gl MRS. T. C. ANDERSON Bedicatinn We, the Annual Class of Mulhall High School, would like to dedicate this 1965-66 edition of the Pirate to our superintendent, Mr. T. C, Anderson, and our Business Education teacher, Mrs. T. C. Anderson. We feel they deserve this honor for the work they have done for us and our school. Through this dedication we wish to show our appre- ciation for all they have done for us. V 'hav SUPERINTENDENT MR. THOMAS C. ANDERSON Science B. S. , Southeastern State College Ed. , M. , University of Oklahoma f' rlmmtsiraitun PRINCIPAL ELEMENTARY PRINCIPAL MR KENNETH P LEACH MR FREDRIC D JACKSON Industrral Arts Industrral Arts B S Central State College B S Oklahoma Crty Uruversrty 9 ' . . 1 Q P. A I ' 'f 3 0 l O - vp . ., Mrs. D. G. Harrington Mrs, F, D, Iacksgn Home Economics English B.S. , Sam Houston State Mr. J. K. Fritz Guidance and Couns Central State Mrs. T. C. Anderson Business Education B.S. , Mt. Southeastern State Mrs. J. M. Crouc B.A. , Central State elrng Mr. B. H. Bain 312 6 Agriculture Education Oklahoma State University . . . A:k' , f s' P f 1 h Q 1 B.S. , Elementary Education Oklahoma State University Mrs. W. J. Schneider Elementary Education B.S. , Benedictine Heights Mrs. M. E. Henry Elementary Education West Texas State Mr. Floyd Gallaway Mr. Lawrence Schwandt President Vice - President 7 narrl A, i 7 duration Mr. Richard Miller Mr. Richard Fent Clerk Member fry' Mr. Raymond McPeek Mrs. Frank Johnson Member Treasurer Qlnsinrlian Mamie Hannah Iva Combs Linda Crabtree, Helper Walt Andrews Qfunlm V mi 13:11 George Bowden Charles Gorrell Kenneth Leach 7 us Qgriners qgzqanr and nnnal Staff Teresa Luster Editor 5? ' 442 , Judy Gallaway, Donna Bartram Sports Reporters Patsy Sylvester Assistant Editor Linda Crabtree Circulation Manager Sharon Voreis, Philip Orr Artists Mrs. T. C. Anderson Karla Johnson Faculty Advisor 1 p Charlotte Wesley Typist Typist Linda Freeborn Howard Hilburn Assistant Reporter T . yplst Gayle Hudspeth Assistant Reporter '3 rom the 7 sitio: Thoughts Dear Friends, l have truly enioyed my Senior year here at Niulhall. lhave made new friends and renewed old friendships. As a Senior, one thing that is brought to mind more clearly than any other is the influence of the school in the molding of our lives. As we work with many and varied personalities, we must learn to get along with all if we are to get the most out of the years we spend in school. ln getting along with people, we must first learn that they also may have ideas on how things can be done which may be as effective as our own. Thus, the school molds our lives through association with others and our ability to assume responsi- bilities. First, through lesson assignments, then in later years, other projects and activities of which the successful completion become our responsibility. Further- more, we gain experience in assessment of valuesg that is "the ability to discern" and to say YES to the good andNO to the bad. Friendship means an attachment to others by mutual respect and affection. This a lot. Unless this relation or feeling does exist they are not true friends. ' - i have learned a lot. These friends, l feel, are for life. ut yet there is the attachment to each other . ' hip more fully ing says friends, others, b f friends 's year. mean l have made many Some friends may be closer than As l am in my last year of school, i realize the value o than l did. We each realize the separation which will come at the end of thi We will miss one another , but there is the one bond between us which no one can break May each of you remember this and may the Lord richly bless you. Sincerely yours, T ere sa Luster , Editor mint Gllzws GBffin:ers 195 LEFT TO RIGHT: Karen Shafer, Presidentg Kay Lowrie, Secretaryg Gerald Klingaman, Reporter Sharon Wiss, Vice Presidentg Dianna Fagan, Treasurer. KAREN SUE SHAFER Cheerleader 1,25 Basketball 1,2,3,4g Class plays 1,3,4g 41H Secretary 13 4-H Queen 25 4-H Vice President 25 4- ' . - H President 3, 4 H club 4g Pep Club President 2g Class secretary 3g Assistant Editor of Pirate 3, Assistant Editor of Annual 3g Editor of Pirate 4, Basketball Queen 4' Cla , ss President 45 Home Economics Award 4g Voted most pop- ular girl in school 3 DIANNA .TEAN FAGAN Beta Club member 3,4g Vice President 4g Reporter 3- Treasurer 4g Annual Queen 3g FFA Queen Attendant 35 History Award 4. j LAVERNA KAY LOWRIE Cheerleader 1,25 Annual Queen Attendant 1g FFA Queen Attendant 23 Class Reporter 1g FFA Queen 3- Class Secretary 4g Basketball Queen Attendant 4, Basketball 1 2,3,4g Letterman 1,2,3 ,4g Annual Staff 3g Paper Staff 3,4g Class plays 1,3,4. GARY LYNN BARTRAM FFA 1 , 2, 3,4g FFA Vice President 4g FFA Sentinel 3- Class Plays 1 , 3,49 Senior Class Play 3g Class Vice Pres- ident 2 3- - , , Basketball 1 ,2,3, Letterman 3g Baseball 1,2, 33 Entomology team 3g Dairy Judging 1, 25 Dairy Prod- ucts 35 Lettered 1 , 2,3. Y SHARON KAYE WISS Basketball 1 , 2, 3,45 Class Vice President 45 Class Plays 1 ,3,45 Journalism 35 Annual Staff 35 Paper Staff 3,45 Cheerleader 1,25 Assistant Editor 45 All-around girl 45 OSU Alumni Award 45 Basketball Queen Candidate 45 FFA Queen Candidate 3: FFA Queen 45 Valedictorian 4. RUBY EILEEN FREY Typing Award 2,45 Librarian 25 Shorthand Award 3,43 Basketball 1 ,2,3,45 Letterman 1,2,3,45 Class Secretary and Treasurer 25 Class Plays 1,3,45 Paper Staff 3,43 An- nual Staff 35 Sports Reporter 45 WCTU Essay Award 2,3 Basketball Queen Candidate 4. ROB ERT WAYNE BETCHAN Student Council 15 Basketball 1 ,2,45 Class President 1, - h C ntest 2 25 FFA 1,2,3,45 FFA Reporter 3, FFA Speec o , FFA Crops Judging Team 1,2,3,45 FFA Poultry Judging . 1- Team 15 Lettered 45 Letterman 45 Class Plays 1 ,3, Va entine King Candidate 4. GERALD LEE KLINGAMAN ered 2,3,45 Baseball 1 ,2,3,45 Basketball 1 ,2,3,45 Lett All-Conference Team 45 Basketball King 45 Outstanding ' ' . Bo Athlete 45 Class Vice-President 1, Class Reporter , Y Class President 35 Class Plays 1 , 3,45 FFA President 45 . I 1 FFA Secretary 35 FFA Crops Team 1,2,3,4, FFA Catt e ech Contest 25 FFA 1 ,2,3,45 Student Judging 15 FFA Spe Council 25 Beta Club 2,3,45 Beta Club President 45 An- d' B 45 Merit Award 45 Saluta- nual King 35 Outstan ing oy torian 4. A K M.. GERALD "I promise I won't tell anyone! f f-1 rv M j psi" .- 3 KAREN SHARON "AiI1'f I SWCeI?" "Bring on the water!" DIANNA "I don't believe a word of it." BOB "My cakes bigger than your cake! " RUBY "Aw come now! KAY "Just call me b1ondy!" GA RY "I'd rather eat it myself!" ' P ff H V L ,,,L mints uf 1955 BACK ROW: Ronald Klingaman, Vice Presidentg Philip Orr, President. FRONT ROW: Teres tary, Linda Crabtree, Treasurer, Patsy Sylvester, Reporter. a Luster, Secre PHILIP EARL ORR FFA 1 , 2, 3,4g President of Class 1 ,4g Class Reporter 2g FFA Secretary 3g FFA President 4g Class Plays 3,4g An- nual Staff 45 Farm Shop Team 2g Valentine King Candi date 3g Annual King Candidate 45 Class Vice-President TERESA JANE LUSTER Music Contest l ,2, 3,4g Class Vice-President 2g Class Secretary 4g Class plays 3,45 Beta Club 3,4g Beta Club Secretary 4g Editor of Annual and School Paper 4: Inter- scholastic Typing 3g Literature 3g Algebra lg WCTU Es- say Award 3g Chorus l,2g Planned Progress Panel lg Dis- trict Chorus 2g Librarian 4. RONALD LYNN KLINGAMAN Class Plays 3,4g Basketball l ,2, 3,4g Letterman 2, 3,4g Class Vice-President 4g Class President 3g Beta Club 3g FFA l,2,3,4g Baseball l,2,3,4g FFA Treasurer 3g FFA Vice-President 4. JACKIE LEE MC ANALLY BILLY JOHN FREEBORN FFA l,2g Class Plays 3,4g Basketball 1,2,3,4g Baseball 1 , 2 , 3 , 45 Vice-President 1 . LINDA SUE CRABTREE Class Treasurer 45 Class Plays 3,49 Basketball 2,39 Cir- culation Manager of Annual 44 Circulation Manager of Paper 49 Paper Staff 3: WCTU Award 1,2,3g Debate Team 1 . gl: NA SUE BARTRAM DON WCTU Essay Award 15 Class Secretary and Treasurer 15 Basketball 1,2,3,4g Lettered 1,2,3,45 Letterman's Club 1 , 2,3,45 Annual Queen Attendant25 Class Vice President 25 Paper Staff 3,45 Annual Staff 45 Sports Reporter 45 Outstanding Girl Athlete 35 All-conference team 2,3g a Club 45 Class Reporter 35 Class Plays 3,45 Pep Club lg Alternate Cheerleader 1. Bet Treasurer 1 , 2, Librarian NELL WES LEY CHARLOTTE LA Basketball 2,35 Beta Club 3,45 Beta Reporter 4g WCTU Essay Award 2,35 Class Plays 3,45 Interscholastic-Amer ican Literature 35 Paper Staff 3,45 Annual Staff 45 De- bate Team l . PATSY CHARLENE SYLVESTER Merit Award 35 Class Secretary 2, 35 Class Reporter 1 ,45 FFA Queen Attendant 35 Basketball 1,2,3,4g Letterman 2,3,45 Annual Queen Attendant 45 Assistant Editor 45 Beta Club 3,45 Paper Staff 3,45 Class Plays 3,45 Letter 45 Annual Staff 4. man Club Secretary WILLIAM MARCUS HARRIS FFA 1, 2, 3,43 Class Play 3,45 Basketball 1, 2: Baseball 1.2. HOWARD MARVIN HILBURN JAMES WOOD BALLENGER FFA 3,4. Class President 25 Class Plays 3,43 Annual Staff 45 Paper Staff 3. 4. N , , 1 fy 1 ,.. ' -e ' 4? '-1-M, RONNIE "Rub-a-dub-dub! " PATSY TERESA -'He1P'- "Yakety-yak and don't talk back! !" umm PHILIP pq., A, I "Ma, this just won't go!" LINDA I ,.'l'? swf-I A -.wir 1- . 1 W 111-. f : , W +3.?a fa1, - 5 1- , I. "HA! HA! You can't get DONNA me r1ow!" JIMMY "Well, I thought it was funny! ! " "Only my hair dresser knows for sure! " BILLY JOHN "Lets play ball! !" A BILL "Fm a rootin tootin cow CHARLOTTE WY! " "Ma, what do I do now?" Huniur Gllass G9ffi1:ers 1955 LEFT TO RIGHT: Judy Gallaway, Presidentg Sharon Voreis, Secretaryg Linda Freeborn, Reporterg Don Harman, Vice-President. Don Harman David Bussard Karla Kay Johnson Linda Freeborn Judy Gallaway Sharon Voreis Gayle ,Hudspeth Gene Sears Charles McAna11y Snplyumure Gllzxsa-5 Q9ffir1zrs LEFT TO RIGHT: Alan Fillmore, Presidentg Joy Fagan, Treasurerg 'David Bode, Secretary, Cathy Miller. Reporterg Wayne Hopfer, Vice-President. Cathy Miller Alan Fillmore Billy Crabtree Joy Fagan Donna Bircket David Bode Celine Tow e Debra Howard Wayne Hopfer 'N 51 ff: , 441, , V wi ,p, '. ' ' FX A 1 X e A 1 u'l l5lg v"f in ' Ogg ff 5 li ' 1 i, Q, N f 2 1 Q6 ? W ' A cf X 'W . 'S xi ' My , My .V.,V AV Liqfiiifeg, i 3' i.1wff'.in w 'V fl' Wi, ,'f.y2i,p5,fLf'S1 x z r iii, ' 1,5 'F-Izgif lh .Pin Nr ,. .1 , nA,, .--.w w fy., ,mwea ,- g.:!,m--,Y 95153: 'NP5,frr r g- 1:2 e X L r Vg I V f 1 Xx3xrSi.l 1-3, 2 Dennis Bussard 7 res man Qllzn-as G9ffi1:nrs BACK ROW, Left to Right: Jane Sears, Treasurerg Norma Moore, Reporterg Pamela McNeill, Sec retary. FRONT ROW: Roger Harman, Vice-Presidentg Tommy Fagan, President. 'ii 'SSDI' b my o E. my fgt' E 4 iii ,ax " -kgigieirkf ik 1. mm my 1 Q , K . i ' V I 'U ,. as Jackie Mills Bonnie Bartram Tommy Fagan ,fV"'0f fi- ' A1- Keith Sohwandr Jane Sears Roger Harman ifk U Y' 899' .,,' " ww, Norma MODIS Pamela McNeill Cheryl Orr Leo Sylvester Sharon Gallaway David Orr 1955-1955 intently and 7 iglqih 011215-,za Q9ffin:ers -xiii-.W .gf TOP YROW, Left to Right: Marilyn Luster, Treasurer: David McAna11y, Vice Presidentg Rodney Wiss President. BOTTOM ROW: Sherry Crabtree, Reporter: Durene Howard, Reporter: Patricia Walter, Secretary. 7 iglqilq Grade Rodney Wiss Marilyn Luster Durene Howard Brian Gordon 'avi 1"'P9 x 3 Pat Walter Joy Schmiedbauer Craig Fent .lf IQ. fi.. ""'9'j 46' 401 Roberta Burnett Lucinda McB1air m QU LYYV X OX X x X . - r- ,, , .Y, ,QNXXXXXNQX v A x W Ya A sf David McAna11y DUSIY Bode Glenda Bartram Eileen Hilburn Levonn Lowrie e ""' . , 51, "ee :-.' W Steve Schwandt 52111211111 ii 'i'A . qi gvzszg wa mx 1 Melvin Cyphers Jackie Dixon if Z 'V an ..:i.,' S :ft ' ' 'X I M, , y I pmfii? 1 1 Garye Gallaway CE r zz dn mg ,R V: r Sherry Crabtree fn.Y L. Darla Klingaman 1? y fi 35' wt vi Z.'745'?5s wifi W Polly McLaughlin Jerry Sylvester Grades 7 Inmnniztrg 1-E Carl Bussard Dennis Howard W Q 'fn ey X J y 5 gil fr XX Mr David Klingaman Gary Orr Shirley Freeborn William Burnett 50111 Janet Johnson Bert McBlair Grade Mary Detwiler George Mclaughlin 3235555 ' ' 2 Qiiiziifl iii - any . , 1 2- V, ga - .215-i f. .1-Q . 51: Q5 , .ssc K W rr' V if ' f 1' ldv' 5 ' V r in-f' . am fm., K ,..,--r ,rg Ricky Redman Randy Voreis 'TH Brenda Bartram 4656 34 'Wav I me Ve Phy111s J3CkSOI1 Mark Lough Teresa Lowrre gee, I1 , Qf".Jf I L m g W R211Tl0l'1Cla M1115 Eddre Moore Barbara Schwandt Gary Cyphers 'Wi aw I nqs g 3 Gary Freeborn 136' 'bf W-rf Tommy Moore CE r adn Kathy Schwandt Scotty Oldenburg i II :X 'x .-r, 5 W at mf K - ', . ,QV If - 415, 'K 5 ' ' L '43 ' 2 W 4 . I 4. . xrx Q, iq' eta as: V - I - 5 ,gi ',,.1 TF ? W. ' ox! Z-Al 'T LY fa I' I t r .. , 3'ff"ie,'x -1- M 35 A , ' - V' 1 ' I 87 L ryk' ' - ' V J or Q51 , , 1 , V M 5 'G ,- M A I -Y " 1 W2 y :EQ 11 gf' 'Q"""-yfiw? Q if y Ned Detwiler Randy Gallaway Terry Redman Debbie Fillmore Kathy Goodrich F' 4 until! Gary Ditch Kay Goodrich Judy Oldenburg C5 r EI de W O h gl I Lori Yost Patricia Ferrell Mark McPeek 1 O 'Z . Kent Stephenson und grade Stephen Luster Jean McB1air Debble Bussard Freda Jackson Kenneth Cyphers Marty Gallaway Ernie McB1air Darrell Howard S , Nr ernnnl Graded Leonard Ditch :Sri X 1, -vw -ind vw " YB Y 5:5 'af me 5 Q .al fx Dale Freeborn David Luster Michael McPeek Vicki Lough 'll John Donaldson ' AJ X, x l John McLaughlin William Orr ,A a V WRX rm x -G' rr in if .. 'Nm I M' Q' ,. 'gli I 4 LQ. - ,r ,I Lp, ,r ' I ' X nn::fV..r. , X F 9' -, 1' ':. "fm ' ' ., jj A Billy Rackley Ronda Redman Sue Yost Lawrence Seaton Michael Gessner Terry Seaton Clinton Silvers 7 itat Grade -1-QW Kathy Bussard Robin McAna11y Brent Stephenson Chris Harman Greer McB1air e 'ugg -9355.55 1 ' 1 K Q1 X ive 2911, lg I if A ff, . -',. f L,, Q 'T 3 .L Q 1, .-" Joseph Goldstein 54-55, Sparta fsniilmiiies E5-EE LEFT TO RIGHT: Donna Bartram, Karen Shafer, Celine Towle, Sharon Wiss, Cathy Miller, Patsy Sylvester, Judy Gallaway, Ruby Frey, Kay Lowrie, Gayle Hudspeth, Joy Fagan, Debra Howard, and Coach Kenneth Leach Girl? '54 Sharon Wiss Guard Seniurs Egzrskeihall 1 Ruby Frey Karen Shafer Tfgrifde Kay Lowrie FOITW3.I.'d V7 g Guard Average ' 10. LEFT TO RIGHT: Ronald Klingaman, Dennis Bussard, Don Harman, Billy Freeborn, Gerald Klingaman, Bob Betchan, David Bode, Alan Fillmore, Wayne Hopfer, and Coach Kenneth Leach. 'ggngfs 'fgasknihall nam '54-'E Gerald Average Klinga man '7 . 9 FRONT ROW: Sharon Gallaway, Bonnie Bartram, Donna Bartram and Debra Howard. MIDDLE ROW: Mr Kenneth leach, Coach, Patsy Sylvester, Cathy Miller, Celine Towle, Norma Moore and Gayle Hudspeth. BACK ROW: Judy Gallaway, Cheryl Orr and Pamela McNeill. Chitika 'fgaskeihall nam 195 -IEEE Donna Bartram Forward Average: 17 Patsy Sylvester Guard FRONT ROW: Wayne Hopfer, Dennis Bussard, Roger Harman and Thomas Fagan. MIDDLE ROW: Leo Syl- vester, Keith Schwandt, David Orr and Jack Mills. BACK ROW: Mr. Kenneth Leach, Coach, Alan Fillmore David Bode, Ronald Klingaman, and Don Harman. Zgugjs 'fgaskeihall nam 195 -1955 Center Ronald Klingaman Average: 4. 22 ha 'fgaskni II Queen KAREN SHAFER Kay Lo Sharon Wiss 1954 1955 Sue Yost Ruby Frey 'fgaskreihzxll 691121211 195 PATSY SYLVESTER 1955 Donna Bartram Senior Attendant V. Flower G1r1 V1Ck1 Lough Crown Bearer Joseph Goldstein Ai. MT? jn- Q , Judy Gallaway Junior Attendant Debra Howard Bonnie Bartram Sophomore Attendant Freshman Attendant LEFT TO RIGHT: Sharon Gallway, Bon- nie Bartram, Duyene How- ard, Jane Stears, Pam McNeill. Cheryl Orr, Jan Fillmore, Norma Moore, Pat Walter, Joy Schmeid- bauer, and Coach Kenneth Leach. Nil?- ,,,g X 5 X ww xaewswsbus,-ffm gi SWK 'SQA as says We stir MWSXKWSNS Lani 1954-E 7111 and S111 Basketball wmis LEFT TO RIGHT: Rodney Wiss, Roger Harman, Leo Sylvester, Dav- id Orr, Keith Schwandt, Dav- id McAnal1y, Jackie Mills, Craig Fent, Tommy Fa gan, Dusty Bode, and Coach Kenneth Leach. BACK ROW: Coach. Mr. Kenneth Leach, Craig Fent, Dusty Bode, Brian Gordon, David McAna1ly, and Jerry Sylvester. FRONT ROW: Rod- ney Wiss, Garye Gall- away, Melvin Cy- phers, Steve Schwandt and Jackie Dixon. BACK ROW: Mr. Kenneth Leach, Le- vonn Lowrie, Durene Howard, Patricia Walter, and Eileen Hilburn. FRONT ROW: Sherry Crab- tree, Darla Klinga- man, Lucinda Mc- Blair and Glenda Bartram. 195 -1955 7111 and S111 Grade 'jigaskeihall wma 7 uiurn 7 armers uf marina , 4, W nnmnnlnluhunls ,,-,,,,,,,,,-,- 35- BACK ROW, Left to Right: Billy Crabtree,- Gene Sears, Phillip Orr, Jack McAnally, Ronald Klingaman, David Bussard and Jackie Mills. SECOND ROW: Mr. Billy Bain, Advisor, Keith Schwandt, Don Harman, Jimmy Ballenger, David Bode, Bill Harris, and Arnold Shafer. FRONT ROW: Dennis Bussard, Alan Fillmore, Wayne Hopfer, Leo Sylvester, Roger Harman, Tommy Fagan and David Orr. A Alan Fillmore getting his hog ready for the Commu- The Schwandt brothers getting their Angus heifer nity Fair. ready for the Community Fair. 7 gif Qllqzxpim' 5fIIQfhBE11'f '71 A' Tulliffiif M: SW F X f A ' Ig 1 K ' ' f 1 ,Q Q3 f .wg ' 2 F Ei fi 1 5:4 iii! , f-I 3 ,V E in -li 1955 Cathy Miller Patsy Sylvester 1955 312119 Q'LI'gz1pier Sweetheart 1957 Debra Howard Jane Sears Qdtendanis nnual QQIIBBII and iienrlzmis PATSY SYLVESTER CROWN BEARER Clinton Silvers Jane Sears Sharon Voreis FID WER GIRL Kathy Bussard Cathy Miller 4-4 Qlluh 195 and 1955 rrr BEGINNING TOP ROW, Left to Right: Durene Howard, Craig Fent, Brian Gordon, Jerry Sylvester, Melvin Cyphers, Rodney Wiss, Debra Howard, Garye Gallaway, Norma Moore, Pat Ferrell, Lori Yost, Sue Yost, and Joy Fagan. Mrs. Harrington, Mark Lough, Ricky Redman, Gary Orr, Gary Cyphers, Steve Schwandt, Janet Johnson, Tommy Moore, Mary Ellen Det- wiler, Dennis Howard, and Mr. Bain. Karla Johnson, Mark McPeek, Kent Stephenson, Dar- rell Howard, Terry Redman, Brenda Bartram, Barbara Schwandt, Phyllis Jackson, Gary Ditch, Ned Detwiler, Randy Gallaway, Kay Goodrich, and Kathy Goodrich. BACK ROW, Left to Right: Norma Moore, Reporter: Debra Howard, Vice Presidentg Karla Johnson, Sec- Joy Fagan, Presidentg Steve Schwandt, Game Leader: Melvin Cyjphers, Game Leader. retaryg Jerry Sylvester, Song Leaderg 4-QQEI Gbunen 1955-1955 'T""'Y""""'i' 'S NK ,meh EQ? 52 SEA TED, Left to Right: Cheryl Orr, Pamela McNeill, Celine Towle, Cathy Miller, Donna Bircket. STANDING: Jane Sears, Mrs. Harrington, Norma Moore, Joy Fagan, Bonnie Bartram, Debra Howard and Sharon Gallaway. FIRST ROW, Left to Right: Lucinda McBlair, Joy Schmiedbauer, Marilyn Luster, Sherry Crabtree, Darla Kling- aman. SECOND ROW: Roberta Fer- rell, Durene Howard, Pauline Mc- Laughlin, Glenda Bartram, Levonn Lowrie. THIRD ROW: Mrs. Harring- ton and Eileen Hilburn. SEATED, Left to Right: Sharon Voreis Judy Gallaway, Karla Johnson, Linda Freeborn, Gayle Hudspeth. STAND- ING: Donna Bartram, Linda Crabtree, Charlotte Wesley, Teresa Luster, Pat- sy Sylvester, and Mrs. Harrington. .l BACK ROW, Left to Right: David Bode, Alan Fillmore, Wayne Hop- fer, Don Harman, Ron- ald Klingaman, and Dennis Bussard. MIDDLE ROW: Celine Towle, Patsy Sylvester, Judy Gallaway, and Donna Bartram. FRONT ROW: Mr. Leach, Cathy Mil- ler, and Debra Howard. . ,aa ,aww 2,-...1,1g,:i1 ,, -is 1.-wx 1.. -. s wi Q .MYR fy: is Wikia 1 may , isfifwgizifriiifsf-figs 1 sag rli,,fs,L,5 mmf, TV BHBII11 2111's Qllnh 21512121 Qlluh FRONT ROW, Left to Right: Karla Johnson, Debra Howard, Donna Bartram, Cathy Miller, Gayle Hudspeth, and Leo Sylvester. BACK ROW: Patsy Sylvester, Judy Gallaway, Norma Moore, Teresa Luster, Charlotte Wesley, Shar on Voreis, Tommy Fag an, and Mr. Anderson. 1954 'tGIaIm uurselfn Fred Smithie . . Fannie Smithie . . Lucy Smithie . . Barbara Hanson . . Harold Ainsworth . Jack Bird ..... Mrs. George Wonder . Mr. George Wonder Han Webster . . . Evans . . . . CAST . Gary Bartram . . . Ruby Frey . . Dianna Fagan . . . . Sharon Wiss Gerald Klingaman Ronald Klingaman . . .Karen Shafer . . . Philip Orr . . David Bussard . . Kay Lowrie 195 Patsy Wrllram Wrmple Ken Grant Darsy Lrnden Ann Wesley James Gray June Allan .Tack Benton Mrs Karley George Karley 2 Iglqi QBYIII 'Q' 2 Pnmr Glass uf IEEE Teresa Luster Brlly Freeborn Ronald Klrngaman Lrnda Crabtree Patsy Sylvester Phrlrp Orr Donna Bartrarn Don Harman Charlotte Wesley Howard Hrlburn uhm. ,, 2 rnnrnginn Glass fffhe Elnninr Flag 1954 Jonas Pennington . Connie Pennington Emily ...... Kent Warren . . Alice Warren . . Loring Barber . . Susan Grey .... Dr. Myles Lovejoy The Flower Woman Rod Stanford . . . Thomas Burt . . CAST . . . .Bill Harris . . . . Ruby Frey . . Gary Bartram . . Bob Betchan . . Sharon Wiss Gerald Klingaman . . Dianna Fagan Quentin Spaulding . . . Kay Lowrie . . Karen Shafer . . Bob Betchan :A Grandpa Hatcher Maggie Louise Betty Edgar Clara Ralph Wyatt Henry Collins The Widow Williams Adam McPherson 'Qfhv flluniur 0112155 Chranrlpzfs fnin Sister 1955 Ronald Klingaman Donna Bartra'm Charlotte Wesley Patsy Sylvester Howard Hilburn Linda Crabtree Billy Freeborn Philip Orr Teresa Luster Bill Harris '5 r GEM 7 ahnriima W' I "MOST POPULAR" "BEST PERSONALITYN Judy Gallaway. Philip Orr and Donna Bartram Ronald Klingaman and Patsy Sylvester "QUIETEST" "PRETTIEST" Jack Mills and Linda Freeborn Gayle Hudspeth ff q r-M1-W vww' AA wa, 1 1 A . 'A . ggi . ., ff hwu ff V, . W 2 I i L 42 xnwf A.. fag: gf X if V -5 dm' f W -V , ,.. ,,- J - iv .. , ,I vf I 6. ,Q .J . .V .,,a,f , vm .. K , , Y? .f.,'pwf1"v:" x ,W-M ' My gg' Lf f W . SW f '52 ax L I ' f Ni if - 7 - ww,S,:4x'm?L3fQ5g45g'xfgfg-4 -W Ng ' 'K X K . .VM v.--' -- - 4 at , ' ,iz QW. , ff 1 , i . Qs.-fff K f , - ,' , - L A SQ Q 2 mix :E Y Q . A , A Lf gfx ,ki f, Q - fl ' - ,S-1, V ,sw img -V 1 N - W 1 :St x "Trash ! " " Halt! " " Working? ?" in r X, "Happy New Year! " "After which game?" or f S e , EC, ,. My My Agar !! Till "Ordinary gym class!" ..He1P!.. ehr yeeh y - -Af I -mg rry Y Q M 5 ' as le? "sho fry! " "Squeeze me!" "Tight Squeeze! " 'O A r.r, r 1 3 J rr sim! 5 r'Af ' ' i?'i ,! ..O0pS!.. Fi 735' if A . , ? Ms 'ff ' . . .ig ,BQ I f ,Hifi . ' I , 3 .. I M813 5 'XT Q, .1-.A 3 X 5. I 5 "Mumps!" "Crunch, Crunch! " "Hurry ! " "O0'7 !" "Arer1't we cute!" L .C A K nfs "Shaving cream or'??" "Huh?" "What a change!" "Peek-a-boo! " " Who's who?" "Sh E " in la ' " Gorgeous two!" "Censored ! " "A tooth pick?" " 1-2-3 go!" "Co11ision! !" "Just one more step! "R08ef??" "The better half! !" "I-100k mom, H0 teeth!" "Teresa at her best! is ..,, r- r Q Y xvv ff: '., 'Q " . lf , y , 1 I A . WA FQQQ, ggi, ,Alta 1 , . 1 It A, . W 393 f ' si , i A ii i . N,,, N 'v Act your age!" "Masked bandit!" "Smile Fido! !" "Anything burning?" r - ff A' "Come out!" " With Ain't I cute! !" "Oh-la-1a!" "Yep, Idid if- " your hands up... as , ' ' ,T i f A! in y. X lil1 L..qwhm- H 'swf " Whiskey!" "The day after!" "Chin up!" "Miss Clarion" ' L 4, af ,4 .Q my 5 'pw-br ' e :Q J ,. rx ' ,iii Qi. . mifri' giiflzf' 1 tw.:..r . , 'V -.f.'z'!.. '-.s HQ' 4--- A-V4 ' , " 'f W5 'fszpi--1.sQ,,, 'H f ,f Jef sr V ,.. .v I . , 4 -if g . -, L ' ' ,Vx a,fij.j." -A . 'f-. 'x -.oqfnff lf" -.A-iw -.1f"fW I ., - 'I .f"F'iC .' "IJ, ' 'lv - f ', 3'1.ff4f'1 1 L, ' A L -M mama.,-:A , "Line up!" "I'd rather paint! " "Here A1an!" "Here we COITISV' 1 . a 755 fb Bbw.-. ff . Jw 'rw D- is rsf ...' 1 M -fi" 4. V Hwayneg V' "Come hither!" "A11 right now!" "One of those days! "Boring Class !" " 1-2-3 Skip!" "A likely crew!" "We11--- !" Bahia liluneral flume Lang B. Davis Telephone BU. 2-3l3l 233 N. Wentz Guthrie, Oklahoma Qbhlahnma 512112 Qank Member of F, D. I. C. Mulhall, Oklahoma Ra Smith giluneral 25101112 y smith Bob smith Ambulance Service Phone BU. 2-2272 Guthrie, Oklahoma Compliments of The gllirst State funk member of F.D.I.C. 22M East Oklahoma Guthrie, Oklahoma Stillwater's Greatest Store The Store for Young Moderns If it came from KATZ -you can be sure Lilliullqall Gluuperzxiiiie Qussnriaiinn Feed, fertilizerg Grain, and Petroleum Products Owned by the Farmers to Serve Themselves Johnny Doggett, Manager We Give Phone MI 9-236i Top Value Stamps Mulhall, Oklahoma 35111311 Euhnsun John Deere Dealer Sales and Service 303 DEERQ- E U ' P M E N T Phone MI 9-2242 Mulhall, Oklahoma KINCAID OIL COMPANY Mulhall, Oklahoma Phone MI 9-2239 IICIIFVILKN NEHI-ROYAL CROWN BOTTLING COMPANY R. C. Cola Enid, Oklahoma TEE CEE'S DRIVE IN Good Food--Cold Drinks Call In Orders Specialty-Broasted Chicken 1122 North Wentz Phone BU 2-2614 Guthrie Oklahoma BILL PUGH Ford and Mercury Dealer Guthrie Oklahoma KHOURY FURNITURE Complete Home Furnishing 302 6th Street Phone FE 6-9512 Perry Oklahoma AUSTIN CHEVROLET CO. Sales and Service lOl-IO3 East Harrison Phone BU 2-0181 Guthrie Oklahoma GUTHRIE COTTON OIL CO. Grain - Fertilizer - Feed 204 West College Phone BU 2-4400 Guthrie Oklahoma MARQUISE STUDIOS Finest Electronic Equipment 25 Years of Experience Enid Oklahoma TUCKERS BENDIX LAUNDERETTE 24 Hours A Day . Wentz-BU 2-9761 Oklahoma Open 311 N Guthrie TOMMY TUCKER Texaco Service Wash, Grease, Tune-Up, Tires, Batteries, and Accessories Corner of Noble and Wentz Phone BU 2-O571 Guthrie Oklahoma LINGERFELT JEWELRY AND T.V. Santa Fe Watch Insp. 214 W. Oklahoma--BU 2-4365 Guthrie Oklahoma BAKE-RITE BAKERY Bread, Rolls, Pastry 215 E. Oklahoma--BU 2-3023 Guthrie Oklahoma PARKER HARDWARE l2O East Oklahoma Guthrie Oklahoma L ---- ---- --- ---- 633 CEDAR PERRY, oKLAHoMA 73077 LONNIE AND JAY'S MONTGOMERY WARD Barber Service 620 Cedar ll5 South Division FE 6-2252 Guthrie Oklahoma Perry Oklahoma COLLEGE MACHINE SALES Honda Sales and Service Butler 2-l36O OKLAHOMA TIRE 8 SUPPLY CO. BUtler 2-4380 Guthrie Oklahoma Guthrie Oklahoma I LUTHYE GARAGE PEELER OIL CO' Auto-Electric Service Bulllel' 2-3871+ 226 St. Guthrie Oklahoma Perry Oklahoma NILES FOOD MARKET 223 North Division Free SSH Green Stamps Guthrie Oklahoma BORDEN MILK CO. John Bridal, Disty. Perry Oklahoma B.K. DANIEL MOTOR l2O East Cleveland DON'S DRUG STORE Butler 2-2ll3 Crescent Oklahoma Guthrie Oklahoma MARIQS DRUG' Prescription specialists ,ACTONIS . 112 W. Oklahoma Furniture 8 Pianos Guthrie Oklahoma Guthrie Oklahoma MCVICKER STATIONERY CO. INC llO E. Oklahoma Butler 2-2775 Guthrie Oklahoma NELSON BROS. Furniture 5 Carpeting Guthrie Oklahoma DAMON LUMBER COMPANY Dealer In All Kinds of Building Material Corner First and Cleveland Guthrie, Oklahoma GEORGIA'S BEAUTY SHOP Georgia and Donna Phone MI 9-2283 Mulhall Oklahoma MARVEL'S STEAK HOUSE Steaks, Chops, and Sea Foods - Hotel lone Guthrie Oklahoma TAYLOR'S GARAGE General Repairing--Welding Mulhall Oklahoma HATCHER CITY DRUG Featuring Russell Stover NELSON'S STANDARD SERVICE STATION Candy HmmNdmn S ti 1 lwa te r Ok1ahOma Phone MI 9-8201 -- Mulhall. Oklahoma Keepsake Diamond Rings MATTOX JEWELRY FR 2-678l - 702 Main St. Stillwater Oklahoma THE FARMERS STORE Where Price Sells and Quality Tells Mulhall Oklahoma HTHE BERNHARDT'SH Strode Funeral Home Phone 405 FR 2-5550 Stillwater Oklahoma RAFF'S CAFE Home Cooked Food Phone MI 9-2248 Mulhall Oklahoma HARDWARE MART COMPANY We Give and Redeem A 85 M Stamps 120 East Ninth Ave. - Ph. FR 2-0526 Compliments of WHEELER GROCERY SdHwmm,OMMwma Mulhall Oklahoma MURPHY'S HARDWARE DALE WILSON CHEVROLET RCA Victor - Whirlpool 520 Delaware St. Gifts and Sport Goods Ph FE 6-2273 Stillwater Oklahoma Perrv Oklahoma STEWARTS T.V. SERVICE Phone 405 MI 9-2364 Rural Route Mulhall Oklahoma KUM BACK LUNCH "Where Good Food Is Served" North Side Square Eddie Parker -- Perry, Oklahoma T, LOGAN COUNTY LIVESTOCK AUCTION-Sale Every Tuesday C. M. Acton, Auctioneer Guthrie Oklahoma FRY'S I.G.A. MARKET 204 E. Oklahoma Guthrie Oklahoma BARBRA'S BEAUTY SALON l2l South Broad BUtler 2-ll6O Guthrie Oklahoma CHARLES SHOE HOSPITAL We Sell Boots and Riding Equipment Shoe Repair--210 E. Okla. Guthrie, Oklahoma DENNY'S INSURANCE AGENCY Property, Auto, Hail, Crop, Life 1008 N. Wentz -- BU 2-0373 Guthrie, Oklahoma TED'S FRIENDLY SERVICE Gibble Gas-l2O S. Division Gold Bond Stamps Guthrie Oklahoma JACK TALBOTT AND SON Appliances -- Furniture 104-106 E. Oklahoma -- BU 2-3021 Guthrie, Oklahoma BROWN'S TOWNHOUSE RESTAURANT Charcoal Steak, Sea Food Dining Room - BU 2-0550 113 E. Okla. - Guthrie, Oklahoma QUALITY SHOE REPAIR ' Leather Goods and Saddles FOEQREXAEET FE 6-2606 Crescent Oklahoma Perry Oklahoma PROPANE SALES Call Collect WO 9-3526 PHILLlP'S l.G.A. Crescent Oklahoma Crescent Oklahoma STANFILL-BROCK CHEVROLET SANDHBPN TANK TRUCKS Sales and Service Q' hts If?l'g13e2lgS.il9-3l3A?C?9 2532 . 1 - -- - WO 9-3660 g Fmwlmmd Crescent Oklahoma Cwmmn,OMMmma Hmgw? WmutoHn?SmpAtDMWMnd THOMPSON'S BOOK AND SUPPLY and HaveATreat Sghgol Suppl ies HAWS DAIRYLAND pl- 4-0201 Cwmmn,OMdwma Edmond Oklahoma CRESCENT MACHINE WKS. INC. General Machine Works 5 Welding--2ll Grand SOONER SUPPLIES Complete Welding Supplies One Mile South Hgwy I77 Crescent Oklahoma Stillwater Oklahoma LEWIS-KILPATRICK FORD SPORT SHACK Sales 5 Service WO 9-252'-I Joe Williams Tiny Lang Crescent Oklahoma Perry Okiahoma BIRCKET INSURANCE AGENCY Good Insurance For Your Needs -- MI 9-2368 Mulhall Oklahoma MARGERETS DRESS 8 BEAUTY SHOP-Merle Norman Cosmetics I23 W. Oklahoma-BU 2-4230 Guthrie Oklahoma Congratulations MR. AND MRS. GEORGE MC DOWELL Congratulations LARRY BLACK'S SPORTING GOODS INC. BISAGNO HATCHERY---Perry, Oklahoma MONTGOMERY WARD---Stillwater, Oklahoma CENTRAL DRUG STORE---Stillwater, Oklahoma STILLWATER NATIONAL BANK AND TRUST COMPANY---Stillwater, Okla GAGE WESTERN STORE---Stillwater, Oklahoma E AND L CAFE---Perry, Oklahoma BOWEN SHOE SHOP---Guthrie, Oklahoma KENNEMER SHOES---Guthrie, Oklahoma RALPH'S FURNITURE MART---StillwaterQ Oklahoma Wav wx, ZW: k - ,M 4, W A V Q W' , Q, W, mmm- Kiw..fg?1',L,-.Mvzawi-'wwgswf:L.,n.a3, .Ma ws? ' MSF" Wm r fm.: :m Q ..xvm4 X 'QNX XXXXXXXXXX Aim K' 'K'w'1"wc:: NXXXXX XXX X Xxw XXXXNXXW wwXX,.,Nx -use 1 1 NGC! 4,fw..g ,X ,X Mg. .. . if X 2 ' ' .X ' " 'Q X 'f fff"fz--rf S 1 f1fffX.L ci. 1 Xa - 11":.' 3 X331 ' 6 4 5,371 J 51 3 'K W 9 y, 4 l 4. , X4 .X , , , mm. X ,.L,, Q.: Xl k we if 2 xl Qfgk 'AX XXx rw - X X . X X XXX, Miss QSXXX mg? X WW Q X . XXX5 XX FXX X XX X XL V -X X XX X . X . X 6539: NX SXXN J A Sf :KN SWK t X Xi i 5 QQ' QQ xxx it X A 5 XXXX. : X X XX X X X X .XX -X .X X X XX - X X XXX X. S N. 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Suggestions in the Mulhall High School - Pirate Yearbook (Mulhall, OK) collection:

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