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A Q ' ii ,-5' .5,.,1gr-1"'1E,? 3, E55:. 3, 9' ' QQZEL ..,,f:-:,.::1g.,5-1:.:.. :EEL house and town, Fourth floor . . V, uptown and reding I ' DIAL CE-5-242l or mail coupon to Kerr's ' l Please send the following Pat Perkins dresses Q l0.98 l 1 , 4 I I E quan. E size charge U : l I 1 l I cash III I I i I g I I 1 ma. II : I l l l I , name --, ,... Y -- ---- - H- I :address-..,-,,, sn, ffff . -ffr .-----f- ---' - - ---fl I city , ,,,,,, ,,,,, , , ,,,,,, YYYsY.Y-f- V - ----- -- I I Add ZW- sal packing-shipping charges on cash Q l I orders hey wifi' 'Marv qv , ,-JB. - W WJ. "',, -' ,Wh 1425 25,1-9' nh 35 E Q fd? -J -fa-bQ-f2T'6r51 - mg f -' 'r 91 'hi H" Hr fgxw. 11- I Editor ------- Business Manager - - - Advertisement Manager Staff Members ------- Xmb-W' Au-V HH 5145! - - - - LINDA HOPFER RAMONA DITTELMIER - - TRESA RICHARDS ' " ' " ' IO LASATER ELIZABETH CHARTER MARY JONES Because he has been patlent w1th h1s students problems because he has al cause he has strrved to lmpart to hrs students an lntelllgent knowledge of the subject matter he taught as well as guldance toward a better 11fe through honesty patlence and hard work and because he has served the schools of Oklahoma for 10 years and 5 years at Mulhall Hrgh School the Annual Staff respectfully dedlcate the 1960 Plrate to Mr Roy C Parkhurst commerce and mdustrral arts teacher I 1 - D ways had a keen sense of humorg be- . , . Q I . . , Sedum? Zuma! 'Ewa Dfzdaerw Qmultofv 9,44 1 14 x I' I lv if 1 ge ri fu If ix 'E N F l I I U 1 L i? 1, IE n ii i In .- 'i I ! 4 d 3 5 5, fi 'Q in I4 3. !i ll gl F5 In Il ,I VX w ! 15 li A A IN 5. I. i ill up I ! n s .4ln.r:1-.kval-l111rn11.velglznsn.v.l'n-narznz:n'lnu.x-lu-n1au.lLnhwlxn' 4unrnll,n,:e:r:rwg:-lJrvn.-w:4aar.rr.z.1a1 ELLA SCHNEIDER lst and 2nd RICHARD RAUPE Vocational Agriculture MR. LOREN S. NOTLEY MR. HARRY PRICE Superintendent Principal and Coach GRACIE MAJOR WILLIE NELSON HAZEL CASE 3rd and 4th 5th and 6th 7th and 8th Home Ec ROY C. PARKHURST Commerce - Shop NORMA LEABO English p r r 1 lr..n1.u.1nnfrsnunn.r.'u,uu'lunmn.-1,::xu1nv I.:un-lnnvunfxnnnu-1nnn.n::uuuu11uunnwnnnnuan ..:n.nuun:ul..:zunn, .rm I .ru1.'m' .zlunuvn:nu,nur..uu 'Ln uu.nn-nu .1n.r7 GLEN RAUPE Class Plays 3, 4, Basketball 2, 3, 4, Baseball 1, 2. 3, 4 JANICE LASATER Class President 4: Class Plays 3, 45 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Band 1, 2. 7952 MARVIN SPAULDING Class Plays 3, 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 45 Baseball 2, 3, 4.' INA HEPPLER Class Plays 3, 4g Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Band 1, 2. JERRY UHRIG Class Plays 3, 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4. SYBLE SHAFER Class Plays 3, 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4: Basketball Captain 4. ' GLEN TERREL Class Plays 3, 4, Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4g Band 1, 2. ANN HARRIS Class Plays 3, 45 Oklahoma Honor Society, Vale dictorian. '-in--ww-1-'Y - . 1 Five SS Studenlso i On AGU Honor Roll Fiye Sand Springs students have been named on the hon- or roll for the spring semes- ter at the University of Okla- homa, Norman. . 'They are Charles Ed Buch- ner III, Marjorie Irene Buch- ners John Douglas Hastie, Ruith Carolyn Kibbe and Har- old Ray Paden. 1 To be elegible for the hon- or roll, a student must have an oer-all B grade average in no less than 12 credit hours. ...ii 8 r Sand Spring Residents I Sand Springs had 64 ne residents during the month o June, the Chamber of Com merce reported this week. The Chamber list is base on new meter connection shown by Public Service, Okla homa Natural Gas and the Mu nicipal Water Bord. The new residents: Eva Owens, 203 Wilson, M. Ratliff, west of Buford Robert Cox, 6900 Sand Spring Rd., R, J. Robbins, 1112 Gar ' ' ul Land, 1011 Wilson 1L1n4-- DAT-fm HAROLD GORRELL Class Plays 3, 4g Band 1, 2, 3: Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 CAROLYN MILLS Secretary-Treasurer, Class 4g Class Plays 3, 45 Basketball 45 Salutatorian. JIM CLARK Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4. DORIS FITZPATRICK Class Plays 3, 4g Band 1, 2, 35 Danforth Award. RICHARD ANDREWS Class Play 45 Band 1, 2, 3g Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4, Bas- ketball Manager. PAUL WILLIAMS Basketball 4, Baseball 3, 4. KERMIT REDMAN Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4g Class Plays 3, 4, Basketball Captain 4. GARY FENT LINDA HOPFER Annual Candidate 2, 4-H Secretary 2, F. F. A. Queen Candidate 2, 4-H Club 1, 2, 3, 4, 4-H Judging 1, 2, 3, 4, 4-H Rep. 4, Outstanding 4-H Girl 3, F.F.A. Queen 3, Class Play 3, Class President 2, Class Sec- retary-Treasurer 1, 3, 4, Student Council 1, 3, Bas- ketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Letterman 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball Captain 4, Band 1, 2, O.S.U. Band Clinic 1, Honor Society 1, 2, 3, Paper Editor 4, Annual Staff 4, Paper Staff 4, White House Conference 4. TERRY BLANEY Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4, Student Coun cil 4, Letterman 4, Paper Editor 3. JOYCE LASATER 4-H Club 1, 2, 3, 4-H Judging 1, 2, 3, 4-H Secretary 3, Band 2, Reporter 4, Junior Play 3, Student Coun- cil 3, Annual Staff 4, Paper staff 4, Vice President 2, 3, Basketball Student Manager 1, F.F.A. Queen 1, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Letterman 2, 3, 4. LLOYD FITZPATRICK RAMONA DITTELMIER Class President 1, 35 Class Rep. 25 Class Play 35 Student Council 1, 3, 45 Student Council Secretary 4g .Student Council Song Leader lg Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4g Band 1, 25 Letterman 1, 2, 3, 45 O.S.U. Band Clinic 15 Honor Society 1, 2, 35 White House Con- ference 45 Annual Staff 45 Paper Staff 45 4-H 1, 2, 3, 45 4-H Queen Candidate 25 4-H Queen 35 4-H President 2, 35 4-H Vice President 45 4-H Judging 1, 2, 3, 45 4-H Dress Revue, Medals l, 2, 3. BILL SC HMIEDBAUER TRESA RICHARDS Class Rep. 15 Class Secretary-Treasurer 25 Letter- man 2, 3, 4g Annual Staff 45 Paper Staff 45 Band 1, 2 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 45 Student Council 35 Class Play 35 4-H President 45 4-I-I Queen Candidate 35 4-H Recreational Leader 1, 25 4-H Vice President 35 4-H Meat Judging Team 35 4-H State Roundup 35 4-H Judging 1, 2, 3, 45 4-H County Medals 1, 2, 35 4-H Dress Revue, Medals 1, 25 Outstanding 4-H Girl 2. ELIZABETH CHARTER Transferred from Luther 45 Secretary-Treasurer lg Glee Club 1 2 Music Festival 25 Paper Staff 45 Poster Committee for Junior Play 3. GEORGE BOWDEN Class Rep. 3, Vice President 4g F. F. A. Sentinel 2, 35 F.F.A. President 45 Class Play 35 Band 1,25 Base ball 1, 3, 4g Livestock Judging Team 2, 3,45 Dairy Judging Team 3, 4: Second Highest in County Dairy Judging 3, 45 Outstanding F.F.A. Freshman in Coun ty lg Delegate to State F. F. A. Convention 2, 3, 45 F. F. A. Farm Shop 25 Entomology Team 35 F.F. A. Central Oklahoma Leadership Training Conference 2, 3, 45 Candidate for Junior Master Farmer 45 Can- didate for Outstanding F.F. A. Senior 4. JOHNNY MCNEELY Vocational Agriculture 1, 2, 45 Junior Play 3g Stu- dent Manager 45 Engineering Team 4g Sentinel 4. 4 I 1 :vwmm4a,wwzUv1mfwwuQif1'fmwuwwAw.,mmmszfs:Qa:f2mzzw.Q1mme:wiw' -wwsvmumeagsaawmmmfwQAwwaww1fQ1mfQnmswwiwsmzgemmzwswLfwww -ngwsmmwmamwfsvnsmmNewMLwwwmfl rsexmmfazsssnmrmwaxzbxmvWeismanw.:mwa,wwmyasewwzawwmwwz:f:Q-wfsyg-iw, lwfffw f 'f--f -- ww :ew -fm-4 ,f nf Lf-- fs:1:91,4w,w:,xffA,z,-:x 4 f- F KENNETH UHRIG NORMA SPAULDING GLEN ANDREWS JEAN BARKER IVAN STEWART MARY JONES IERRY SWEENEY ANN GORRELL CALVIN ABBEY KAREN FISHER TOM SYLVESTER FLORENCE LOWRIE JOE OLIVER ROBERTA MILLS TOM RYAN Y I 9 i i 1 l 5 I E ! I I E i I ' ' . E i I Doug Lasater Janice Andrews Eugene Tester Glen Fillmore Shirley Richards Vernon McNeill Bill Fitzpatrick Betty Dixon Pete Miller Gary I-Iopfer Alice Harris I Fi I2 II El I I I I EI I In ,I II IZ II UI Il I. iI I 'I II I, II EI 5: Q, h, I, I I I I 5 I I I E I A I I I I I I I I I I I II I l s I 1 n II II I I I I Ii I II I I I I I I 5 I I I I x I ?ze45mea Dale Frey Norma Ritter Max Towle John Reed Donna Dittelmier Kenneth Hopfer Jack Shafer Sherril Gorrell Kenneth Hudspeth Don Hopfer Mary Schmiedbauer William Fitzpatrick Edith Bates n I l 4 1 4 w w 1 4 Bill Harris Gary Bartrarn Karen Shafer Danny Graves Quentin Spaulding Sharon Wiss Danny Notley Ruby Frey Harvey Bollinger Kay Lowrie Bob Betchan 49454 Kenny Fillmore Bonnie Charter Lynn Fent Joyce Clark Ann Miller Bill Ryan Cloyanne Lowrie David Hopfer Gary McNeill Velma Stewart Jerry Barurarn Glenda Mills r Darlene Abbey Alan Leonard I W X l l I 1 I W Sm!! Wynona Dennis Don Harman Sharon Voreis Karla Kay Johnson Judy Galloway Lynne Rae Killebrew Linda Freeborn Johnny Jones Gayle Hudspeth Patsy Sylvester Howard Hilburn Norene Fitzpatrick Freddie Moore Dale Adkins Charolette Wesley Philip Orr Bettie Bates Donna Bartrarn Donnie Kirby Lonnie Kirby Kathy Notley Billy Freeborn 'Mad Roger Harman Leo Sylvester Pamela McNeill Bonnie Bartram Norma Moore Keith Schwandr Cheryl Orr Gerald Ryan Jackie Mills Sharon Gallaway Karen Alinger David Orr ?owzZ4 Alan Fillmore Cathy Miller David Bode Ronnie Alinger Debra Howard Wayne Hopfer Donna Bircket Mark Price 6245 Tony Price Pauline McLaughlin Ierry Sylvester Shirley Freeborn Iradyth Lowrie Donald Alinger Charlotte Gill Jackie Dixon Garye Galloway Glenda Bartram Steven Schwandt Vicki Gill Gary Orr Roger Alderson Secand?mde Craig Fent Sheryl Blaney Everett Alinger Durene Howard Carol Parkhurst Melvin Cyphers Joy Schmiedbauer Rodney Wiss Dusty Bode Susan Killebrew Roberta Burnett Eileen I-Iillburn f W 1 N E I A 1 4 w 1 A r O The 1958-59 Pirates could rightly be rated as one of the best teams produced by Mulhall High School, a statement qualified by its outstanding record of 24 wins and 5 losses, losing 4 of these games by two or three points. As capable as they may have been, not a single player stood out as being more outstanding. It was a team of young men able to defeat almost any high school team on a particular night. Much credit to the winning ways during the 1958-59 season was the good bench strength. It was not uncommon to see the reserves play almost half of the ball game and still beat their opponents by twenty to thirty points. It was gratifying to win the 89'ers Conference as well as the conference tournament, adding these trophys to those acquired by the superb teams of Mulhall High in the past. The 1959-60 season is looked on with expectation as four returning lettermen will be on hand, led by Terry Blaney and Gary Fent who were starters from the 1958-59 team. However, the loss by graduation of such outstanding players as Jerry Uhrig, Kermit Redman, Glen Raupe, Harold Gorrell, Buck Spaulding, and Paul Williams will be sorely felt. F The 1958-59 basketball team had a problem of rebuilding, having one forward and one guard returning from the first team of the previous year. Fortunately, several capable lettermen returned. The team was strengthened by changing Linda Hopfer from guard to forward, to have a starting team of Ramona, Ian, and Linda as forwards, Syble, Ina, and Jo as guards. There were several high points of the season: defeating Morrison, Sumner, and Red Rock who were all rated highly in the state, and nearly winning the district, losing to Red Rock a team we had beaten early in the season. The girls are to be congratulated on their team, and school spirit. Even though the 1958-59 season was to be considered as a "rebuilding" year, they never lost their de- sire to win, and finished with a record of 15 wins and 12 losses, with 5 of those losses being by one to three points. The 1959-60 team will miss such capable graduating seniors as Jan Lasater, lna Heppler, Syble Shafer, and Carolyn Mills. However, several of the lettermen will be. returning next year, assisted by another very good group of Freshmen, assuring a banne year for 1959-60. I F They were not expected to be too successful. Known throughout the league as a two -man ball club, this team, without rebounding strength, outside shooting, or good balance, took a little defense, a little ability, and the desire to win and won with each man contributing in his own way to the total team effort and team success. No finer tribute can be made than to say: "They hung in tough. " Because this slang phrase sums up an attitude of determination and hustle that characterizes this club. You might say we-.started six men: Terry, Gary, Kenny, Lloyd, Bill, and desire to win. ' r me 32 E if if as r 4 xzgifsn hi fssi ffzss gElbES9iiE ig t 5lfE?5, . t 1,35 1.:. J, ill? l.,r if si? if 53251 'lr 4 A Z-3531! T 3 ill lil 1 5 xg 'if pk .J-1 3 . . . 7-if ' ::' Q lj? il T my 2:2-5 ji A M,-. M , . z ' sg... ,, g, 55 - , ffrr is ' ent gkweq Smitty I 1959 -60 has been a successful year for our girls team. In seeking reasons for this success, we could mention individuals who have turned in sparkling performances, field shot percentages or ability. All this was there. We could mention high scorers, fast guards, and capable re- serves. We had these and they are important. The key, however, to the success we have had, the thing which causes this team to stand out must be attributed to the teamtspirit every girl has showng the subordination of individual feelings, individual honors and individual importance to team effort and team importance. ln years to come we will not remember the score, the wins and losses or the pattern. The warm fellowship, however, the mutual effort of teammate who have shared in a common struggle will live on continually young in our recollection. .lah Wind V 7464 o Left to right: Sharon Wiss, Kay Lowrie, Karen Shafer, Glenda Mills, Velma Stewart, Ruby Frey, Cloyann Lowrie, Ann Miller, Coach Loren Notley. 2 FRONT ROW, left to right: Alan Fillmore, Gary McNeil, Jerry Bartram, Lynn Fent, Danny Graves. SECOND ROW: Bill Ryan, Quentin Spaulding, Gary Bartrarn, David Hopfer, Alan Leonard. THIRD ROW: Coach Loren Notley, Danny Notley, Bill Harris, Bobby Betchan, Harvey Bolinger. LINDA I-IOPFER Crown Bearer and Flower Girl GARYE GALLOWAY TRESA RICHARDS RAMON A DITTELMIER GLENDA BARTRAM ! IO LASATER TRESA RICHARDS new and 14 N ORMA SPAULD ING ALICE HARRIS 1 N DONNA DITTELMIER MARY SCHMEIDBAUER ?.?.f4. Zaeen and 14 JEAN BARKER TRESA RICHARDS , SHIRLEY RICHARDS pda Zaeeae i Q SYBLE SHAFER Basketball Queen, 58 -59 LINDA HOPFER F. F. A. Queen, 58-59 RAMONA DITTELMIER 4-H Queen, 58-59 5 I I ln I i 5 I I 5 E I 3 3 H I 1 i I i 1 3 ! 5 E l I I 1 I I ! E I 5 E I ! ! E E I 3 Q K i : Wi FRONT ROW, left to right: Bill Schmeidbauer, Torn Ryan. SECOND ROW: William Fitzpatrick Kenny Hopfer, Dale Frey, Bill Fitzpatrick, Jack Shafer. THIRD ROW: George Bowden, Glen Andrews, Glen Fillmore, Doug Lasater, Ivan Stewart, John Reed, Kenneth Hudspeth. FOURTH ROW: Tom Sylvester, Johnny McNeely, Pete Miller, Max Towle, Gary Hopfer, Don Hopfer, Mr. Raupe, Advisor. GEORGE BOWDEN Engineering Team FRONT ROW, left to right: Kenneth Fillmore, Velma Stewart, Donna Dittelmier, Ramona Dittelmier, Tresa Richards, Shirley Richards, Linda Hopfer. SECOND ROW: Mark Price, Karla Kay Johnson, Wayne Hopfer, Donna Bircket, Debra Howard. THIRD ROW: Sharon Voreis, Patsy Sylvester, Gayle Hudspeth, Kathy Notley, Norene Fitzpatrick, Donna Bartram, Lynne Ray Kil- lebrew, Alan Fillmore, David Bode, Cathy Miller. FOURTH ROW: Alan Leonard, Gary Mc- Neil, Charlotte Wesley, Iudy Galloway, Bobby Betchan, David Hopfer, Quentin Spaulding, Danny Graves. 4-141 FRONT ROW, left to right: Jean Barker, Mary Jones, Linda Hopfer, Ramona Dittelmier, Karen Fisher, Roberta Mills, Tresa Richards. SECOND ROW: Donna Dittelmier, Janice Andrews, Shirley Richards, Alice Harris, Mary Schmiedbauer, Edith Bates, Sherril Gorrell, Jeanie Ritter, Joyce Lasater, Florence Lowrie, Ann Gorrell, Elizabeth Charter, Mrs. Hazel Case, teacher. ame ' Student? ?apew and 24005046 Staff endow F547 7959 Sally Parsons - - Henry Blodgett - - Mrs. Olivia Orkney Mamie McCork1e - Faith Crabbe - - - Hope Crabbe - - - Monty Van Twiller Reggie Van Twiller Quadlander Crabbe Terence Flarity - - Jack Quinlan - - - Ivy Lane ---- Patrick Flarity - - FAITH, HOPE, and FLARITY - - - SYBLE SHAFER - - PAUL WILLIAMS - - ----- ANN HARRIS DORIS FITZPATRICK - - - - INA HEPPLER - IAN LASATER ' " ' 'JERRY UHRIG MARVIN SPAULDING - HAROLD GORRELL - KERMIT REDMAN - - - - GLEN RAUPE - - - CAROLYN MILLS RICHARD ANDREWS cmdafz 77547 7?57 Mrs. Imanda Highgate Nancy Highgate - - - Tom Laurence - - Lon Torence - - John Florenz - - Florence - - - Philip - - Mary - - - Arthur ---- Beagle Jones - - TAKE IT EASY - - LINDA HOPFER ' ' ' IO LASATER - - TERRY BLANEY ------GARYFENT LLOYD FITZPATRICK RAMONA DITTELMIER - - GEORGE BOWDEN - - TRESA RICHARDS -' JOHNNY MCNEELY - - BILL SCHMEIDBAUER uf: f , f 5: -.f..,, .-Q -f-f,- ,,- ff if-1, . - 4. -,'-, . - .. -- Q- ,..f A,k' f sf, fy JQuxawgQ:m:ww.:1w-uw f:H,-ve.:w,.H,fa-mf,f.:-7.Q.,z-zm-, -,aw :ag:mff+pf--Q,-ve: f,w,:.--uwewzf-vmff,wwf-:f-vN-11.ww71:,wsww,fm:4wmwmMw:muQwwwf,:w:,.Q.,:-:J cg- OKLAHOMA STATE BANK ,,g51:---V Home Owned and Operated , :Q Member F D I C ' g ' L ' hz.-: 5: x.-. ,3- M 1121 'Y " -"f - 1 Ki -1 "' 3-JK - 5 ,, -N Q.. nl.- i'3f:5:3:ZJ-7-1-If:-y - .. 5'-215 5 , Lfgg-g.g.3::'.:5 1... -.. 5, 4 - iv.-Z-1'I-'4 - 1 ' 211 1:50 . '5+.-- :-" I 2 X 39 2 5 1 gl 5 n . xx - -. - Mu1ha11 1 1 m m m m 1 I m X MULHALL COOPERATIVE ASSOCIATION eed, Seed, Fertilizer, Grain, and Petroleum IHX F ' Products Owned by Farmers to Serve Themselves' MI 9-2361 Mulhall GEORGE H. CHRISTIE, Mgr. HUGH JOHNSON NELSON STANDARD SERVICE JOHN DEERE DEALER STATION x so 'the Tires AA,' I A I Z Sales and Service Batteries STANDARD o535""'V"'Tm Accessories MI 9-2242 Mu1ha11 Ph. MI 9-8201 Mulhall I IICOIV VLEUUI BEAVER VALLEY HARDWARE BILL CRAVEN Ph. MI 9-2218 Mulhall KINCAID OIL CO. MI 9-2239 Mobllgas L ' Mu1ha11 STANSBURY PRODUCE at FEED BERT STANSBURY Ph. MI 9-2232 Mu1ha11 U -'Fl TAYLOR REPAIR SHOP HOWARD TAYLOR Box 12 Mulhaiwl FARMER'S STORE , for I Q I Fine Foods HELEN'S CAFE is Home Cooked Foods MI 9-2216 Mulhall Mulhall mi LET US HELP THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK LE elf Drive In Service 9 P ' 1 E Z 4 Member Federal Deposit f , ffg +vfffZ, In C .- ct -9 surance orpora ion 4 Q - Z 776 5 Guthrie Ph. BU 2-4415 55- H ,gig-5741 LLOYD LENTZ Sz SONS Furniture - Clothing ' " Guthrie Ph. BU 2-4866 Make Your Home Complete 1 .TACK TALBOTT 8: SON ACTON'S Appliance and Furniture Furniture - Pianos Your RCA Victor and Guthrie Ph. BU 2-3300 RCA Whirlpool Dealer OKLAHOMA TIRE 8: SUPP LY PARKER HARDWARE 8: PAINT CO. AS. Guthrie Guthrie Ph. BU 2-4380 120 E. Okla. Ph. BU 2-1277 1 V 1 f ' 1 FURROW at CO. I Guthrie Crescent Floweurs and Service of Quality I Inc. Guthrie Ph. BU 2-2730 1 L p I ALLIED VAN LLNES Wallpaper Queen Knives L GENERAIYIT-'JRAnLIfS,liiEn1:iYioS1T?D3CE INC I DAVISONWS HARDWARE , ' ' 106 W. Harrison Guthrie 208 W. Harrison Ph. BU 2-3229 Sherwin-Williams Paints Guthrie y WREDE'S ROYAL TIRES Wholesale and Retail Guthrie Ph. BU 2-2067 I UMCVICKER STATIONERY CO. klahoma Ph. BU 2-2775 110 E. O Guthrie, Oklahoma Nearly Everybody In Logan County PEELER OIL CO. Ph. BU 2-0441 Reads the Guthrie GUTHRIE DAILY LEADER "Quality "Dairy mul 9 1 0 G at E Controlled" Products" ' I E. W Guthrie GOLD PUT DAIRY, y Q- Q 1 i..-'1QW1 Ph. SPOT mc. + '-m-1I'l-- fe f'EJI'QE"L BU 2-30.6 P' AMBULANCE Thoughtfulness . . . DAVIS FUNERAL HOME LANG B. DAVIS 113 N. Wentz Guthrie BU. 2-3131 DAMON LUMBER COMPANY G C All Kinds of Building Materials' Ph. BU 2-0567 Guthrie 124 W. Cleveland "0'W'A"" I P TOM BUTTERWORTH MOTOR ,: f r -- COMPANY ,UQQ N 9 9 - 1 ' Sales and Service -1 Q'-.... Ph. BU 2-2113 Guthrie - Q - f 118-120 E. Cleveland JOHN H VAUG . HN DIRT CONTRACTOR P. O. Box 21 M DAVIS GENERA WALT DAVIS L REPAIR ulhall MI 9-2256 Box 31 Mulhall I FERRELL'S TEXACO SERVICE RAFF S CAFE . MI 9-8202 Mulhall Plate Lunches - Homemade Pie MI 9-2248 Mulhall LARRY'S FOOD MARKET YTENZER BROTHERS . . Furniture and Hardware Co. Quality Grocer1es Crescent Funeral Home Ph. 100 Crescent A GOODNIGHT'S DONALDSON EQUIP. CO. Diamond - Jewelers J. I. Case Dealer Crescent Crescent HOOD REXALL DRUGS W. R. HOOD KEEP-U-NEAT Crescent 1 GILT EDGE DAIRY WHITE HOUSE BEAUTY SHOP KENNEMER SHOE PENNEY'S Always First Quality Ph. BU 2-0260 105 W. Okla. Guthrie HAROLD MAKER Glass Shop Ph. BU 2-4514 1412 East Noble Guthrie BAKE-RITE BAKERY PAUL L. OVERTON, Prop. Bread - Rolls - Pastry Guthrie VIC WOOD'S GUTHRIE AUTO PARTS 24 Hour Wrecker Service Ph. BU 2-0324 Day or Night 211 East Harrison Guthrie DAVIS CAMERA Headquarters for Zenith Ph. BU 2-4378 117 W. Okla PIONEER LOCKER SERVICE Slaughtering - Processing Ph, BU 2-4225 310 S. Division Guthrie Guthrie Congratulations to TAS TEE, FREEZ Mulhm Seniors Ph. BU 2- 0290 west Highway 33 THE LINTZ DEPARTMENT STORE , Guthrie Guthrle FARMERS MILL ANTRIM LUMBER COMPANY Ph. BU 2-3249 201 N. Division Guthrie RALPH COFFIN, Owner Feeds - Grinding - Mixing - Molasses , Ph. BU 2-4373 212 N. 9th Guthrie TED'S FRIEND-L-E SERVIICE Service Stations and Cabins R s1v11Tf-I FTUNE-RAE HOIME RAY SMITH Bos SMITH Ph. BU 2-9755 823 N. Wentz Ph. BU 2-2272 220 N. 1 Guthrie Guthrie C. I. NELSON DOUGLAS FOOD MARKET Oldsmobile and Rambler Sales and Service Ph. BU 2-0313 N. 2nd Street Shop for Fine Foods Guthrie 4 Guthrie COTTERAL FURNITURE COMPANY NU-'ES FCOD MARKET Complete Line of Home Furnishings Plus Free SGH Green Stamps Ph. BU 2-1468 124 N. 1 1 Ph. BU 2-1320 223 N. Division Guthrie Guthrie C. F. SYLVESTER, Consignee CORDIS IMPLEMENT CO. TEXACO, INC. Ph. BU. 2-4811 115 E. Springe Guthrie Allis-Chalmers Sale and Service Ph. BU 2-0342 2001 W. Okla. Guthrie 1' 11 I DICK FOGARTY'S HOME 8: AUTO STORE BU 2-3351 112 E. Okl Guthrie Ph. LONG RADIATOR 8: GLASS SERVICE Ph. BU 2-3314 814 W. Noble Guthrie 3. -E E- THE FIRST STATE BANK ' I Friendly Banking Service Since 1902 ?Qg n a Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation " T 101 E. Oklahoma Ph. BU Z-0470 ml - L1 lcnevnotrrf Mill AUSTIN CHEVROLET CO. Guthrie, Okla. MURRAY REXALL DRUG STORE Sales Service 109 E. Okla. Ph. BU 2-3500 Ph. BU 2-0181 Guthrie MCDOW1-:LL BROTHERS THOMPSON Uniforms for Every Purpose 811 North Western Oklahoma City 6, Oklahoma Book and Supply Company 117 N. College Edmond, Okla. DALE WILSON CHEVROLET Ph. 47 '-6' - P. O. Bo 96 3 X y Marshall, Oklahoma -bl SCHALLENBERG OIL CO. Standard Oil Co. Products 714 S. Division Ph. BU 2-3077 WM. E. DAVIS and SONS, INC. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma FARMERS UNION SUPPLY INSURANCE Farm and Home Supplies WALLACE and CLYDE DENNY 1008 N. Wentz Guthrie For Fun Parties and Stanley Merchandise Contact RUTH BETCHAN and IDA FAYE RAUPE DAMRON'S AGGIE STUDIO Portrait and Commercial Photographers 21 3 South Knoblock Stillwater , Oklahoma Ph. FR Z- 1600 Z4 Hour Service A11 the queen pictures appearing in this annual were taken at Damron's Aggie Studio , f TAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY "The Wor!d's Best Yearbooks Are Taylor-made"

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