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Muizenberg Junior School - Seagull Yearbook (Cape Town, South Africa) online yearbook collection, 1987 Edition, Cover

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Lb.-f1f.,,.,,. , M W U V I H W PRINCIPAL Std Va SENIOR ASSISTANT STAFF 1987 Mr R.W. Just, B.A., H.P.T.D. Mr N.P. Carr, Dip. C.R.E., P.T.D. sm Vb HEAD OF DEPARTMENT ivir A. Raven, B.Ed., B.A., P.T.D., Dip. sec. Ed. Std lVa Std lVb Std llla Std lllb Dip. Speech iUNlSAI Mr D.E.F. Read, B.Prim. Ed. Mrs C. Roynon, H.D.E. Mrs M. Sletcher, D.E., H.D.E., Art Miss A. Arenhold, B. Prim. Ed. Std lla HEAD OF DEPARTMENT Mrs D. Hunt, B. Prim. Ed. Std Ilb Std la Std lb Sub B1 Mrs L. Miles, H.D.E. Miss J. Gardner, H.D.E. Junior Primary Miss C.T. Lloyd, H.D.E. Junior Primary Mrs D. Boerssen, N.T.T.D. Junior Specialist Sub B2 HEAD OF DEPARTMENT Mrs A. Gibbon, H.P.T.D., Remedial Diploma Sub A1 Sub A2 Senior Practical Class Junior Practical Class Miss C.A. Hawksworth, Junior Primary, H.D.E. Pre-Prim. Mrs C.A. Otty, T.E.D. Junior Specialist Mrs S. McQueen, D.E., D.S.E. iMentally Handicapped and Remediall Mrs S. Heldzingen, P.T.C., Dip. Spec. Ed. iSpecial Classl Pre-Primary Mrs K. Prins, Dip. Nursery Education Music SENIOR ASSISTANT Mrs l.K. Rabie, U.P.L.M., U.T.L.M. Music Mr P. Marcelle, T.L.D. iUCTl Music Mr W. Lewis, T.L.D. IPianol, T.L.D. iSingingl Library Mrs E. Broekmann, B.A., H. Dip. Lib. Remedial Speech Mrs P. Rose, P.T.D. Higher Primary, D.S.E. Speech Correction and Hard of Hearing Remedial Miss P. Meyer, B. Prim. Ed., D.S.E. iRem.I Secretary Mrs S. du Preez, Dip. N.B.l. Accountant Mrs Hickey Caretaker Mr N. Volsteedt We wish to thank the following families most sincerely for their page sponsorship: Nortier family Snaith family Potgieter family crawnursf familyi Horner family Alexander family Brennan family Wark family Smith family van der Vijver family Jones family Calverey family Atkinson family Laubscher family Soltau family Kippsy family Y' I .....c...a...-...... ,ity-s.."" f - ' f ' ' Sheriff family Shean family Lawrenson family Kilian family Joubert family Goldie family Mielck family Venables family vhite family Prins family Montgomery family van Schoor family Dunn family Bosonotto family MacBeath family Knight family Horstmann family Penderis family Dednam family Hardcastle family Murphy family Nicholas family Haigh family Hewitt family Sharpe family Carter family Peck family Mathers family Fenton-Wells family Chinchilla Pre-Primary fusing family ' Wann family PRINCIPAIJS ADDRESS 1987 1 . INTRODUCTION I arm going to depart from my usual format of giving an account of most of the school activities. As we are essentially a child- centred school so I am going to give our children, represented by Head Girl Kim Montgomery and Head Boy Quinton Atkinson the oportunity of reporting on the children's activities as seen from the children's point of view. For my part I wish to comment on the Staff, and the outlook for our School in the years to come. 2 . STAFF ' They say a school is only as good 'as its Principal but it is also true that without a good staff you cannot have a good school. I must also tell you that our staff is regarded by Inspectors and numerous visitors to the school as one of the rmost enthusiastic, inspired and one with an unusually strong team spirit and close bond between members. Each one of them cares about your child and each one will go beyond the call of duty to ensure the happiness of your child. They are indeed a staff of which to be proud. Part and parcel of our staff on the administrative side is Mrs du Preez our hard-working'School Secretary and Mrs Hickey, our efficient and ever- cheerful Accountant and Assistant Secretary. ' Junior Members in the businessinof theqschool are the Prefects. Thanks to them for duties well-performed. Seeing our children safely across the road is a vitally important duty - our thanks to Mrs Brough in this regard. Iast but not least thanks to the cleaning staff led by Caretaker Mr Volsteedt. 3. ACADEMIC, CUL'I'URAI. Sf SPORT With regard to our various other activities, we have made some notable impressions. O1 the sportsfront, soccer was introduced after a request made by yourselves and the boys. At the Afrikaans Eisteddfod we came away with the Santam Shield for the greatest participation by any school lboth English and Afrikaans! in Cape Town. In addition we claimed other trophies and many diplomas at this Eisteddfod and the Cape 'Down Eisteddfod. In the field of Gifted Education our Sub A activities were presented to a select group of 60 teachers at the Teachers College i.n the form of a tapefslide show. The numerous odmer activities have progressed well, with our fair share of highs and lows, defeats and triumphs. Greater detail may be found further on in the School Magazine. ---if MUIZENBERG HIGH SCHCDI. At this point I wish to pay a special tribute to Mr Gibbon and the High School Cormwittee for their outstanding spport and co-operation with the Junior School. What is particularly pleasing from our point of view is the increase in numbers at the High School this year and the fact that more teachers have been appointed in the field of Art and Music. May die High School go fren strength to strength and may the bond between us growl ever stronger. THE P.T.A. Sf THE PRE-PRIMARY CC1WVlI'I'I'EE The P.T.A. Committee, under the leadership of Tess Louw, and with your co-operation in the important business of fundraising, brought in a sum of over R12 O00 and money is ccming in. Many thanks to them and to you. The Pre-Primary, underrthe firm, yet unobtrusive leadership of Roy Glover has met virtually every demand imposed on it. THE SCHIL CG"IbfDI'l'I'EE In this my l0th year at M.J.S. I look back over my associationland work with many School Committees, but I can assure you that this Ccmnittee, under the leadership of Jeremy Poole, now in the 3rd and final year of office, has been one of the most demanding yet one of th the most efficient, hardworking and concerned Curmittees I have had priviledge to work with. Their achievements have been many, but I wish to highlight theirthree main contributions which I personally think benefitted the school most: Firstly the problem of providing transport for the many teams and groups that go out frcim our school week after week. A school bus is an expensive item, especially in G a school that has limited funds, yet the Ccmmittee have spared no effort to resolve this problem and are getting closer and closer to their goal of purchasing a bus for our school, naturally with your financial support Secondly, the introduction of our new school uniform has given our school and pupil image a definite boost. Nerd: year I hope all pupils will be in new uniform. ' 'Ihirdly, and most significantly has been the introduction of a detailed school budget, closely monitored and constantly being improved upon. Our finances in the meantime have also improved - and here I must give my unreserved praise and thanks to all the parents who so generously and unselfishly paid their school fees. Thus on behalf of the school my sincere thanks to the Ccxmmittee for their labours over the past 25 years. NEW POLITICAL DISPENSATION It is just as well that our financial and educational system is healthy, for developments, especially political developments are at work which are already profoundly effecting our educational system as we know it at present and we as a school and you as a parent body must be prepared to face the challenge of what is going to happen to us in the future. Under the new political dispensation Education is an Own Affair - it no longer falls under the jurisdiction, of the Old Cape Provincial Council but is controlled directly from Pretoria. Frcxm Pretoria the money trickles to the 'various Departments and the emphasis is on the word trickle. Add to this fact that our Director of Education, Dr Walters is working on the same budget as 1986 and you will begin to appreciate some of his fand our! problems. A first result has been the abolition of teachers' posts. A second is that it is now far more difficult to secure teaching posts even when a school's enrolment is increasing. The third effect - and the one that touches us rmore personally has been the drastic cutbacks in terms of what the Department provides. This school' hall of this kind, for example, will not be in the plans of schools to be built in the future, unless the school corrmunity is prepared to finance the building costs. If this school hall were to burn down tomorrow the Department will not rebuild it - and so it has to be insured by M.J.S. - a further drain on our school funds. The fact that we no longer have a maintenance grant for our fields and equipment is well known to you. The pool chemicals amount will be R35 tjmousand next year so if you want your chi.ld to swim, which I'm sure you do, you have to pay for it. There is also the warning that if school expenditure on text-books, electricity, water and the telephone not be reduced by 252 Kas compared with 19867 - then the school is liable for payrment. In the circumstances I expect that all schools will have no option but to raise their school fees considerably in order to maintain their basic facilities Cteaching aids, library books, audio-visuals, copying facilities, sporting facilities and equipment, grounds machinery and so forth! . In order to keep such an increase as low as possible it is imperative that parent and pupils support the staff in ensuring that text-books and exercise books are properly looked after and that children are taught the importance of caring for school equipment and facilities. oompunazms IN EDUCATION , It is not only the new Political and Financial dispensation that is going to effect us. Altogether another sphere which is increasingly dermanding our close attention is the dramatic grcwth of the Computer, which is now so much part of our modern-day living that we as parents and teachers simply must give your child every opportunity to master basic skills and to provide funds for more computers. Our school is fortunate in having an expert in Computer Education join our school r year, namely Mr Peter Rickards, to whom we look for guidance in this context. Fortunate is M.J.S. too, to have a parent group which has sustained the Computer Club over the past few years. NEW METHODS 'IO ENHANCE THINKING SKILLS This last year, the teachers and I have attended courses and seminars I concerning new meduods in teaching your child thinking and reasoning skills to unlock the potential of that miracle organ which is the brain. In addition in-service training courses are planned for next year at M.J.S. PLEASANT VDRKIINK: ENVIRONMENT And then last, but not least, we need to look at the appearance and image of our school. Plans and moves are underway to improve those very im- portant "First Impression" areas: namely the Secretaries' office and foyer, and the Staffroom, a room to which so many dignitaries are invited. I think you will agree, that our hard-working Secretaries and Teachers also deserve a pleasant yet efficient working environment. CDIXULUS ION In conclusion, I give you earnest assurance that we will stay up at the front with the best of them, we will continue to improve ourselves Cboth teachers and pupils! and we will continue to improve our facilities, if the finances are provided. But whatever we do, we need you, the parent at hcme, supporting us positively in all our endeavours for the ultimate benefit of your child. RWJUST As 1987 draws to a close so does our three year term of office and I should like to review it briefly Firstly, school fees were increased and together with stringent control measures and a vast improvement in the payment ratio the financial position of the school improved dramatically. These stringent financial controls willunfortunatel now always be part of our day to day financial Y planning as the cutbacks in education tal e effect Secondly the bus was sold as it had become uneconcrmical to run We are at present negotiating the purchase of a minibus. A sincere thanks to all the parents and teachers who transported children to and from matches. Without their assistance our sporting activities would surely have ground to a halt. This year saw the introduction of a new look uniform and a "new" sport - soccer. Both have proved to be very popular and have rapidly become part of the school life at M.J.S. i Contact and oo-operation with the High School has developed into joint planning meetings and we look forward to further opportunities to serve our joint interests. I During the year we said farewell to parents and teachers alike and at the end of this year we must again bid farewell to all those leaving the school and we wish them well wherever they may go. In conclusion I should like to thank you for your support through troubled times. It has been most gratifying to know that we could always depend on full parent co-operation. It has made our task that much easier. Wishing you la blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year. JEREMYPOOLE SCHOOLC1lVlMI'I'I'EECI-IAIRMAN SCI-III. QlV1'MI'I'I'EE Mr J Poole iCnairma.n7 Mr R Pringle Mr R Crowhurst Wice-Cnairmanl Mr E Smith - Mrs M Montgomery Mr J Kipps Mrs A Myers Mr D Potgieter P T A REFLECTIONS ON 1987 As our fundraising year of 1987 draws to a close, we can, I feel, look back on a successful year of fundraising for Muizenberg Junior School. We land hopefully youl , enjoyed fundraisers such as the Barn Dance held in May, The International Evening and the 'Great' M.J.S. Sleep Out. I E r I: M J S pupils were very enthusiastic about the Craft Classes which were C ! run on two occasions during school holidays, some lovely handmade 5 Christzmas Gifts were madeQ The 2nd International Evening once again proved a great success and it , was very encouraging to see the tremendous turn-out of family and friends. I! I An enthusiastic response was received for the Friday 13 Sleep Out at . Sandvlei, with the children using great imagination in creating their 1 COStUITES ! 1 A tremendous rapport exists between the M.J.S. staff and the P.T.A. y Cormiittee and I thank the Staff sincerely for all their help and co- y operation during 1987. To you, the parent, a very sincere word of thanks. Without your backing i and support we cannot function as a fundraising body. 'Every financially J successful fundraiser helps to keep the schools budget in the "Pink". L, Finally, to all those hardworking P.T.A. Ccmmittee members, many, many 5 thanks for your loyal support and back-up throughout the year. - were an excellent team. To those brave souls who have offered to yi serve a second year on the Committee - see you next year ! Year, and I am sure May you all have a very happy Christmas and New will have a tremendous fundraising year in 1988 oo SCHOOL CIMMI'I'I'EE CHAIRMAN'S REPORT ' ' ' , I I o TESS LOUW CHALRLADY 1987 P.T.A. mMVlI'I'l'EE Mrs T Louw Mrs FNJones Mr J Kipps Mrs A Venables Mrs J Jacobs Mrs F Calverey C Chairlady J K Secretary J C Treasurer I Mrs Potgieter Mrs C A Sharpe Mr C Plastow Mrs D Kenney QPre-Primary Representati Mr E Smith iSchool Committee Representative! WE g we , ' W ..,,,.., 7 I , 5 , ,, R Q - 5 gg. :V .,-g,l1'. ...,,Q1-3 .3 z , Possible two highlights this year for us all were the visit of 'Grannies' MUIZENBERG JUNIOR PRE-PRIMARY ' During the year we had a major change in the Pre-primary. We said good- bye to Mrs Payne who left with her husband to manage a holiday resort in Sedgefield. It was a pleasure to welcome Mrs Karen Prins as our new teacher and it has been a joy to work with someone who has vision and enthusiasm and endless energy. During theuyear the children have been taken on outings of an educational nature which have included places like: Mineral World, Tokai Forest, Sheep Farm, Container Ship, S.P.C.S.7 Snake Park, Fire Station: World of Birds: S A Naval Band and others. HEAD GIRL Sf HEAD BOY REPORT 1987 This year has been a very busy year for everyone at M.J.S. The pupils of the school have been a part of many activities in and out of school. One of the most fun and profitable activities has been the participation of the pupils with the Fairest Cape Association. We have also been on clean ups with our non-european twin school Steven Road Primary. We are the first european and non-european schools to do so. And on account of that our name has been mentioned in many newspapers for e.g. The Argus The Cape Times, The Sunday Times and our local newspapers. 'Ihis year the Language Festival Day, Arbor Day and Founders Day fell on the same day. For Arbor Day we planted over 50 trees at Sandvlei. on Mother's Day and an activity morning lSaturdayJ for Fathers and Children for Father's Day. Needles to say, our land of 'Australia' was the gem of the International Evening Cwe're not biased are we ?J As a result of our fundraisers - ' C a rummage sale, cake sale, Easter Rafflel we were able to purchase blinds for the classroom, erect a new side gate, hang a commando net, build a drying rack, purchase blocks, tools and other equipment for the children and begin with the plans to build a platformfactivity corner., which will be handed over for completion next year. We are grateful to Mrs Dixon for her work in training the children to swim. Also to Susan Forshaw for her involvement and help during the year. I would like to corrmend the Pre-Primary Committee on their successful 'Boot Sale' which was a first for Muizenberg Junior. Their enthusiasm and hard work has helped to make the Pre-Primary department more effective in preparing the young-ones for Junior School. May I in closing wish you all a happy and safe holiday and much joy as we celebrate the birth of God's Son at Christ-mas time. ROY GLOVER PRE-PRIMARY CHAIRMAN P.T.A. PRE-PRIMARY CI1'MI'I'1'EE: Mrs D Kermey Mrs M van Schoor Mr R Glover lChairmanJ Mrs G Van del' MGIWS Mr J Donaldson fTreasurerJ Mrs B Adams Mrs J Lewis lsecretaryl MIS E COWHH After that we assembled in the hall for the Language Festival presented by the pupils and the Founders Day service, presented by Mr Raven. There has been a few athletic outings and galas throughout the year and we have had our fair share of defeats and victories. This year's General Knowledge team has participated in many quizes against Western Province Preparatory, Westcott and Kirstenhof. Unfortunately we lost the Triangular Cup to Kirstenhof but we know that next years team will win it back. We also participated in our first Music Quiz at Grove Primary against 5 other schools. All those involved with music and singing at our school can be proud of our many Eisteddfod achievements and we are lucky to have had very good teachers. Our annual International Evening passed with flying colours. We made R2 700. It was even better than last year's due to the enormous response of the teachers, the parents and especially the pupils. 'Ihere have been many rumours that die change from rugby to soccer was not a good choice. But this is not true. We have done exceptionally well. Especially our Under 13 team who only lost one match in the entire season. Our class camps this year have been the best ever. The Std 5 camp was very exciting, as we had talks and slides about the place were we stayed which was Hout Bay. The Prefects Camp was also enjoyable and will stay in our memories for a long time. g Just recently we had our Sleep Out. Although the weather wasn't on our side, it was a very successful project. We have enjoyed this year very much and we all hope the next Std 5's will enjoy it just as much l From all the Std 5's we'd like to thank the school for 7 happy years. KIM IVDNIGQWERY QJINION ATKINSON ""'-""'3""" 1 g' Nl 'f I rg sf. Qlg3:7,,il.i? J , y"f'3:A'5'l5'L ' . t , "2 f- 1 ' A ,H . ,U 3 6, 1 ., 1 Q, 4' fr' -lxllww ww rl v-wmwwlmrvr ,A J N if W .- ---1, ,X K ,V J Wg-Wwjliqzu I U, L:-. if PRINGLE 6? YORK Row fy, ' GENERAL CARTAGE Fu. 1 Q FURNITURE REMOVALS ' ZTSTRRTSSTSZS IHEHHHUHHH ilggva, WWW LES my SPECIALISING in l.oAps Enom 1-prow :' PoR'r Ecggggirilggg EA-Tis EIONDON N 5' Jill-r,a, 'lrlltll GARDEN CENTRE wllrrsm ' Layout 8t landscape your :.HERBS noses A Por PLAN1s 1 SHRUBS COMPCST' SEEDLINGS TEL as 7575 l . oPEN 1 pAvs A WEEK K . ildkfa . G garden for you. Supply new Home-owners plants at a Discount price. Provide you with a garden service. Install Microjet irregation systems. Fulfil most of your gardening needs. For further information 84 a free quotation contact Bon or SEAN at 12-9829 l -M-M-we-.V--U. ., ,....,. ...fffl-:s.m3Fl!.nE:rx.:.' Au., . ,ig J...-E ..,,pf . -- eww . -'L' vi fi Q 4 1524 5 ' ' .-,f 11 L. 5 .nun,g:Lgf. an . . J. it Mattias.. ' ,tar 4!ltcjg1,'gj,.4y'i,f R .O n?W'f' fax 'f 4 L vo Q5 '4mh dna' . ,0 Wigw- ' 'MT NIA ' T 5 s I 'W 5 A JI' nf f '4 I if E- 'X IUOPXID oooh the Z,DOPLD'S best setting Poe1IePenCe book x 1. I -'5 --A'1 5' ',, , hi 'Q Q -V' ' D' 1 X ' I ' 'FQM f'i,,w.3o I H - 5 xo .Hifi ""' - , ' f t '26 1 541 t f 73 I -, +5 -3-'Qi' Yr ' C Q fi' Q H. . 11 t s o t' xt 0 Q 4. .-'4"Y"-1-Wm , V :L 1-5' 3' W' ' me 2111- ' 4 .F 'JN ' 'Y' M . I B v K ,-. ' A 1 ul X ' 1 ,Ji An I. Tag . -"- F . ' Q 51 xr' 2 . 1' 'I - ' 213. 1 I s", XII' I J, -1 E AWQQ4 vlfgkx :I k X' lax 1-'A It ."-' kt: . L,4g : it-f ' ', - -- . 0 K' 515- 1' ' -l , s :,.:. ' ' 1 '. , ' 3 'Wf' ' ' 1 1 , ' . 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We'd H Aff! 43191-et 31g3gdl?UPllS and teachers on excellent achievanents at Tweede Taal Koorspraak We entered 9 - an excellent standard- Muizenberg Junior School hosted this groups fran Sub B to Std 4 in section Our pupils mst-slwvyable event- -me all our pupils and teachers - 'THANK You AND At iknmialgilisteddfod Prize-giving held at the City Hall our school received a for the greatest participation in the Speech 5 Drama sectmon. is a -great honour as we are the first English school ever shield- The Std ZA class also received a trophy for Choral 2 - 5- We are 'very proud- Tb all our who passes: thank you for your efforts too. You all tried your be-st- tape 'num Results: P - I lkrit Julian Bs Hfmsufs Thomas M91-it mmimia Backer may Merit Daniella Biicker merit may Alanna M911-it Ev A nmieua seam mn-t ,hey l you - Merit lmaiella in Merit J' ,Becker 50n'?m'5 nmieua am ' ,hurt ju' Fm mms NEI? 'Julian imomas Merit Q mm 4 Carimlia meiax - 5 lhvld U - Honours ,mill Um' music pupils zmdtmdhers we say thank youiand well done. MRS D HUNT .i...ll2E'E They year 1987 must feature in the history of Muizenberg Junior School asoneofthebstyearseverfcrcmunitteeandclubmanhersofthe ' Club. 'iheirirwolvanmithasnotonlybeaioonfinaito thesclnolbuttodwecmummityatlarge- AC SCHOOL the objective was to educate due children regards an attitude to litter and the conservation of our resources. Here I must the staff for their roll and in particular the members of the Environment Ccmnittee all of whcm did sterling work during the year. To date the committee and other members of the club went on seven clean-ups. These included the Marina, Sandvlei Bird Sanctuary, Silver Mine, Kalk bay and Table Mountain. The members attended two seminars held at Old Mutual in Pinelands. Our school also took part in the Spring Festival in Cape Town, the planting of more than fifty trees in the vicinity of the vlei, ccrrpetitions of various kinds. In the Litter Post Ccmpetition, Kim Montgomery and Geoffrey Millward took first and third place respectively. A fine achievement when one considers that many other schools entered. In the Metal Box Litter Sculpture, M.J.S. took a third place. Kim Montgomery was successful in being granted an audience by the late Minister Wiley. Kim was also Highly Ccmnended for a English language Environment Project organized by the Cape 'Down Eisteddfod. , 'lhe highlight of the year must be that Kim Nbntgcxnery and Quinton Atkinson lead a mass of 2 000 children of all nationalities into the Civic Centre for World Environment' Day. There they presented a scroll to the Mayor of Cape Town in the presence of many odier Mayors and Mayoresses from the metropolitan area of Cape Town. The scroll bore the naxres of almost every child at M.J.S. having trade a pledge for a better tomarrow. NPCARR A E?-.T-.T-'J.. I On l7 August 1987 thirty-two very excited pupils and future pupils of Muizenberg Junior School had their first ballet classes in die hall at the school, having moved here fran "The Friend Activity Centre" in Muizenberg. Since then our numbers lmve grown and we have thirty- seven pupils entered in the National Society of Dance Teachers' Badge Tests, which are being held at the School on Saturday 21 November 1987. Unfortunately these results will be too late for publication in the . magazine. I would like to thank Mr Just for inviting us to move to the school and for allowing us to use the hall on Saturdays during the 4th term and whenever else I could fit in a minute for extra lessons 1 Thank you to the Junior Primary teachers for their co-operation in re-scheduling their Monday time-table, to Mrs du Preez, Mrs Hickey and parents for their help and the boys and girls for working so hard this year. CAROL-ANN LEADER CSI-lARPEl - -........,, -.,-wr .- :ff3'.':i','-3-fly' f' ' as W ww I A- a,I55fN,:,:,5,t ,gy My ff , 7 . , 3, R w ' ' , . . . so 1 T A frivgg' iafgrig..?3,4'S,g"mg.' 1 , 2 slim,-as Hf.w1"g'+:uQ' - X ' .- - Q W A wp. Y Q, 'qt fy - - f-L ting E51 --GI!-...L-Q xx-1 tinge xxpsmzzy -J. .-....-......,. -., I yea. -1-f -V - vs te... cs- .1 Li ...a clans .411-as-11- or then Bi ,-3,,,l1 gk- A-1k?.ir 1-fl?-f,,i,i.?xQl1, ...- Y n.--. ----' -...-A Q1-, P MUIZENBERG NHNS CIYIOBER 1987. INFERNATIONALI94 PERVADES MUIZENBERG JUNIOR GAIETY and excitement were the order of the day at Muizenberg Junior School on Friday 4 September. The occasion was the school's Inter- national Evening - an impressive exhibition of the pupils' work and World ' variety concert . Each classroom featured a different country and was adorned with pupils' creations depicting facets of their country's national life. Posters, paintings, drawings, projects, ornaments, clothing, toys, books, magazines and even examples of local cuisine served by the stall and mothers all combined to convey the spirit of each country. The countries were drawn from all the continents of the world and it was evident that every single child in the school had been involved in this splendid event. Charming musical items at the jam-packed concert culminated in a moving finale where hordes of children re- presenting an enormous variety of nationalities joined in song. The spirit of internationalism was clearly apparent. Crowds of people thronged the classroans and corridors to see the displays and sample the foods. All in all, it was a wonderful occasion which none of the children are likely to forget. , FELICIA SIOCH DGPUTER CLUB At the beginning of 1987 it looked as though it would be impossible to run the Cmputer Club, when most of our instructors resigned for various reasons Luckily several parents volunteered and the Club is doing well. Our instructors are: Mrs Cowan, who teaches "Turtle I" Advanced groups. They have been doing procedures and sub-procedures "Turtle II" and are now learning variables. " rtle" Beginners from 3rd term - very keen MY and enthusiastic. Mrs White, who teaches "Yertle" Beginners from lst term 19877 they have learned to use Repeat and are now busy with polygons. Mrs Biicker teaches "Snertle" A group of very keen boys, also started in January 1987, who now have a good understanding of Repeat, .- and into procedures. T a delightful display of their talents in a most stirring 'We are the U1 und wmv- U-:vw ---- f rf.--n .--fu.-su 1 1f1uar-:Q 1 gznusxzr-E: A Mr Boehm and Mr Hebbert teach our Wednesday night classes for the more advanced children. This class uses the computer language "BASIC", the day classes use "LOGO". Our big news this year was the acquisition of a new KIBM Ccxrpatiblel Comp ' ut the ICL - Elf, and the promise that at the right time, the Apple will be replaced by a second ICL. We will also be moved to a more suitable rocm as soon as possible. MRSRBKIGER SCRIPTURE UNION This year in Scripture Union we have been doing lots of fun things and learning about God. One of the outings was to the beach for supper. We went to St James beach and had a nice picnic and swam. Our "Sleep-in" in the school hall was fun. We played games, ate hot dogs, milo, pudding, watched a film and went to bed. We have had a fancy dress party and we went to Kirstenhof and had an Action Palaver. We played duster hockey, marie munch, cricket and a ball game. It's so nice to believe in God and have fun at the same time ! NINA T SCRIPTUREUNION-SUBA-STDI We are indeed priviledged to have the freedom to meet as a group around God's Word every Thursday. The Junior Scripture Union Group has been an inspiration this year. Their love of God, simple faith and enthusiasm has been most encouraging. MRSAGIBBON MISSCLLOYD MRARAVEN MRDREAD DRAMA HDRKSHOP 1987 has been an eventful year in the history of the Muizenberg Drama Workshop, which is a good 5 years old incidently. The most exciting highlight for the entire workshop was our productiqq of "Peter Pan". This show was done in conjunction with the Junior Just Us Company. ef! -' s " - fl 4 J, I I , . . K A , 4 X 1 as Era ff .. S wig!-f,,g. fs 2 H ' 1 Q at rf. -Q if 1 K, 1' l 5 . 5 . I 1' X We Werenpriviledged to have the services of experienced drama people in their fle1d,'Rodny-Mark Verner, for his lovely music and acting ability, and Alfred Rietman for his creative directing. It was a real family affair, as mum's put their shoulders to the wheel and helped make costumes, props and scenery far into the night. Luckily coffee was always at hand 1 We did enjoy the production and found to our amazement that all the years Of training held us in excellent stead ! Congratulations to our special .actors and actresses who distinguished themselves by being most PrOfGSS1ODa1 Iit's an experience that we'1l long remember I know ED It's to see how the standard of work in our drama classes have improved as we . Michal and Ruan de Witt distinguished themselves too by playing the parts of "Happy" and "DOpey" in the production of "Snow White" put on by Just Us and directed by Rodney-Mark Vemer at the Nico Malan during the September holidays - well done. 'Xmas last year 1986 Michal de Witt, Uhandi Prins, Natalie Howard-Carr, Wayne van Schoor and Tracey Adams helped to contribute to the success of "Welcome Home Noddy" in the Nico Malan. They were 'toys' of noticeable ability - good work. . Members of the Workshop will continue to help Just Us in productions next . It is good to see our members year, so keep on reaching for the stars ! We were priviledged to have the services of another two gifted teachers during the year who contributed their knowledge for the benefit of the workshop, Patrick Lilley, who left to join Napac - and Martin Clohessy a well-known Speech Teacher. Many exciting plans are in the pipe line for next year - make-up stage craft, prop making, scenery, costumes, directing which will be introduced to you by well-known personalities. This will guarantee a really elite team of professionals emerging from Muizenberg Junior Drama Workshop. 'Ihank you for being such a dedicated group of fantastic people. CINDY JUST . MUSIC This has been a pleasantly busy year. We began on a high note on 26 March with a Staff!ParentfCapabfPupi1!Past Pupil Concert which was most successful and thoroughly enjoyed by both players and audience. on 23 April we participated in Kalk Bay's "Sound Waves" at the Muizenberg Pavilion. The Pavilion was absolutely packed - standing room only, am! we had a most appreciative audience. The 4 June saw us at Kirstenhof Primary Schoo1's Ensemble Evening, another delightful occasion. In June the Trinity College Examinations were held and for Grade I, Traceyanne Iambert was awarded a Merit having gained 832. we held our own "Evening of Music" on 5 August which was very well attended, went very well, and a happy time was had by all in a good relaxed atmosphere. This was followed five days later on 10 August by the Kirstenhof Choir Festival where both our Junior and Senior Choirs participated acquitting themselves well. It is so good on all these various occasions to see 'and hear what other schools are doing. - The 21 August was the day for the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music Examinations held at this school, as has been the custom for the past several years . h Results : Possible Total 150 Pass with Distinction 130 Pass with Merit 120 Pass . - 100 Grade I Nicolette Hallett 130 D Judith Narramore 134 D Thandi Prins 131 D Ryan van der Merwe 135 D Grade II Yvonne Boker 127 Grade III Philip Lindner Jul ian Thomas Grade-Y Evdokia A1 exiou I N , l rw' +a7w-'XYZ is Wi? si- '53 1 1 1 1 . 2 , I . 1 5 1 1 . N V 5 s 115 P I 1 25 M .. .1 111 P A ..A. K , 3 130 D H Daniella Biicker :nero QQXWX L Y en'30Ye6 by botln pxayersa and nuaif-Y S.-, The Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music Theory Examinations were held in our Library as usual on 8 october. The results are not yet known. Grove Primary invited us, firstly, to their Musical Evening on 22 September and secondly to an Inter-School Music Evening on 13 October. The Music Quiz was a first for us and of the four schools pitting their musical wits against each other, we came third after our hosts and Rustenburg Junior, followed by Pinehurst and St Cyprians. The Recorder Pupils played their Trinity College Examinations on 22 October and at the tine of going to press the results have not been published. All in all it has been a most worthwhile and beneficial year both for playing and for listening. With these sort of experiences our performances can only go from strength to strength. M S I K RABIE' GENERAL KhKWHlHl3E ,l,1.i.l-i- 1987 has been an exciting year for our participants and they have shown that our pupils are aware of the world around them and that they are able to discuss a wide spectrum of topics. I would like to thank pupils, parents and staff for their support which contributed to a successful year. MRS A cz-nssou GENERAL KIKNHJUUSE At the beginning of the year all Std 3 - 5 pupils had a quiz to see who would be in the General Knowledge Team. All the pupils who got 15 and above were taken and we had another quiz to see who was to be in the team. Our first quiz was here at Muizenberg where we won against Western Province Preparatory School and Llandudno Primary School. In the semi-finals of the Inter-schools General Knowledge Quiz we were knocked out. In the Bruce Lane Trophy Quiz we were beaten by a very close margin. We were very honoured to be invited to take part in Western Province Preparatory School's inter-house quiz and in a Music Quiz at Grove Primary School. All in all we had a very good and eventful year. We thank Mrs Gibbon for all her trouble and time to coach us. DUNCAN PRINGLE CALLIGRAPHY CLUB The Calligraphy Club was first begun this year and has proved to be so popular that I am sure it shall continue in the years ahead. It is an artthat many pupils find pleasing and useful, especially as it can be used in the presentation of projects,for improving their style of writing and to stimulate the creative mind. 1 would like to thank the Calligraphy Club nrzmaers for their enthusiasm and dedication during the year. Keep on practicing ! M S M A SIEHCH R LIBRARYXLEDIA CENTRE After a nervous start the library has developed into the heart of the school. Prme and more teachers and pupils are making use of our Media Centre for projects, research and reading for pleasure. Inter- school chess matches are fought within it's tranquil atmosphere ! We are fortunate to have Mrs E Broekmann to do all the administrative work. Her calm, serene personality is much appreciated by harassed teachers and confused pupils in search of the Wright stuffu. Liz won't hesitate to stop filling catalogue cards to fund the nB.F.G.u for a wide-eyed Dahl lover. The entire school was invited to visit the Muizenberg Public Library. Each class was given an educational tour and now know the link between using the school and municipal libraries in general. Block Loans of up to 79 books have been acquired from the Education Library. These have enhanced our reading material giving our pupils nore information and enrichment i.e. International Evening. The Round Table Organization have donated a considerable amount of books to local schools. We are one of the lucky reciprients and look forward to receiving our donation soon. A big 'thanks' to the 5Of5O Club for working so hard to raise funds for our library. This year, inspite of departmental cut-backs, we have bought more than 260 books from local booksellers. 'Look, search and buy while the price is right' is our motto E! We are indeed grateful to all the 'urns' who have helped with the essential nitty gritty tasks. We look forward to your continued support next year. MRS S L MCQUEEN E. ! I Q A wwWv7'l5l sims p 3' I ,7 I I' I A 5 it , , , Qsiiif, , A --1 I TOCKAR'S PHARMACY MU IZENBERG 68 BEACH ROAD Lifegro SHAREINOURFLAIR 1 LIFE Assurance Investment Disability It House And Business Q., Insurance 1 'if It Wills Taxation Income ' Ad vi c e 1-it f., wi Ml Malcolm and Lorraine 885620 I-I . A971152 B 255 IH' ffqz l' QR? It xii? V1 tr, -: nf I I I Your Friendly Muizenberg M o'roRs Q39 lx it. 9 It Dealer v. ,IQ I al 4, VK we have AUTOMATIC CAR WASH R3,00 AUTO SHOP STEAM CLEANING V MAIN ROAD MUIZENBERG PHONE 88-7.925 fopposite Surfers' Beachj TEL: 88-7803 or 88-8033 Res: 88-7578 YOUR .FRIENDLY PHARMACY, For 'F Speedy service "' Special PLUS prices "' Professional Photocopies "' Cheapest passport photos! ' WITH C OMPLIMEN TS FROM VX PCN! T Mania BCQ Pnomanrv coNsu:.TANTs a ESTATE AGENTS ' ' ,-.-.., ll Ig mm ' -. :.4.a.,L,..4.m.s.-,e.1,.., -- - - - f tus- ufeA1!:4Les.l:J:,... -5-..l.1ff,i,..A,1,.,,, ' , r . m A , , . , U I l Q -L, ,1 51:-'f':"?.'i' i'. f't.'- g -'M , 1-I WR Qi' T' , .i"f71mf "u'JIf.'f.,-fi - ' 4 my My ,Jinx V 'yd A r V Rl 5' f i: Mfaii 'ff' 15. wi 'Pk 2 ."l5,in '5.FQ wk--Ti'.f,lQ? 16, ET 4 A,,4,4wSy3fp.G'1 ev f ' mf,-hr fm A 43,23 f u 4-ef 4 f 6 ljgvgwygk 'n D iv W M U O O SCHOOL STATKONERY eo MWMEUW? TEXT BOOKS F9501 Hpgg REMEDIAL BOOKS AND O SOPPLEMENTARY READER TOYS Gufrs AND POSWERS Ruse:-LR STAMPS ' FOR ALLYCDUR 216 RECREATION ROAD, ' U ' MOTURIN5 REQUIREMENTS 'LOEERZEZS S"""'si,'0""'?3 86- TQL. 8226l6fQZ4I56 90 ST. GEORGE S STREET 5 vb Sa C Q D Q SCHQ-CL 3. LEISUREL 24 MAN ROAD CCB WYNOERO Ph: 771075 THE OPFQDAL QTOOOSTS5 OF OOR GA ONWORM QALSO BALLET WEARQ MUIZENBERC5 JUNIOR SCHQOL Q2 P Q V n ' I , wb A ',..W.....M,.,..,O .,.- :O . .. z -M - . 1 I1 - " fl' I ' ' 'HW l lII.ILZZL'TE3.IILIITII 'I IBIS I I 1 1 ' H 'K 1, ,'R'Il'Qm fji-g'l,1.,'X: ,I 2 '--X 1'-4'u,11it:'1,iL.Er',ai-, 1'f'1',3 I 1 ' if, gi M515 Kiwi. I 'if' 'GY 3: Q j v 1 P fl 1 , 2 if X 3 , ft W I i L, S' V we ,. KIRSTENHOF BUTCHERY ISLAGTERY TEL. 72-2089 TOP QUALITY MEAT AT BEST PRICES FUR BULK BUYERS f , Contracted to: B U Y A I D POLLSIVIOOR ROADfWEG KIRSTENHOF RETREAT 7945 be Hxwn Zguuksbnp. MAIN ROAD KENILWORTH 1700 PHONE 771613 With Compliments Specialists in School Library and Educational Books .J R d Burton YO U R O My I I YOUR HEALTH AND BEAUTY PHARMACY IN MUIZENBERG G' "A rndidon ol sonic: for our J docodu to our community" rw A QEICHLIN I AI OIVIIIQ f ATLANTIC ROAD MUIZENBERG oma urniokero Stockists of FECHTER'S KNYSNA FURNITURE , is I 7951 ' B8-7829 eo cHuRcH STREET . I 7538-1911 WYNBERG 7800 BUSINLZ-S?P':,:iZU:56 HOME 88-7223 . .. , . f .V ,... +m..f.f.snomp-.sw 4...-M... , ' , 1' VAL. .air 1' n Q '. - e as fekwkwexfwfSMalNffsXVQWwMMANX"MX5QN:g xg' QE ' I r ' qi S t Q t il 1 ' W put r 1 1 mes in Q F 5 ,fffwl 4 1 xg X9 ,M , ,A A Q T IQ W 1 WESTTEUQPROVINCE CDLOURS L Stevens: Mr R Just JUIIJ ' We have had a successful year with numbers growing all the time. We will have to look into the idea of having two separate classes next year. There is scne very good potential being shown by a number of children. iLisa Stevens represented Western Province at the South African Judo Championships in Port Elizabeth. I would like to thank the Headmaster and Secretary for their help throughout the year. A E BUTCHER JUDO COACH w,.m.u.z,,:..:.:...,,,i4,:..4g.,,.,... -, ,. . . V - -- --V .. . .ii W, ..-,.,...-...- ...,. .- .,., .-,,,, hY,,,,i,1,1,,. ,,,,k,, V V-VV , ,l,, ,. V 7.-.,f.,.,V-wer. Y i Y SOCCERUl3 gi the in the history of Muizenberg Junior a season of soccer The Ul3A and B sides proved beyond doubt, that they oould compete against more experienced schools and do well in their respective leagues. Positive progress and development among the players could be assessed every week, with a number of players featuring very prominantly. The highlight of the season was the son's 'revenge' match against the dads, wgho lost 5 - 2 E CThe first 'Sons and Dads' match was won by the dads, Top goalscorer for the season was Craig Campbell with 14 goals followed by D1-1HCaI'1 Pringle and Basil Lawrenson with 12 goals each. The analysis for the season is as follows: First Half Season: Played Won Lost Draw Goals ForfAgainst A Team 6 2 l 3 27 14 B 'Beam 0 7 l 5 l 7 27 Second Half Season: K A Team 7 6 l 46 15 B Team 5 3 l l l9 9 A very big 'thank you' from all the players to the Moms and Dads who assisted with the transport. Looking forward to the next season of soccer. MR W LEWIS How I scored my magnificent long shot goal Our opponents centred once again and we're going down our half. Christoph our sweeper intercepted the ball and booted up to me, I ran back and collected it and started running towards their goal area. Their wing came down to plough me out of the ground, but just as he got to me I booted down to Quinton our wing. He carried it down further and then crossed it into the goal area, their goalkeeper jurrped up and got it. He took sane to find a place to kick the ball and he found it, it was down the centre straight at me. This was my only chance to do something good for the team, I ran and collected up the ball, controlled it, and booted for goal from 40 metres out. It was a high climbing ball and after a while it started dropping. I thought to myself, "Oh no now I really have made a mess of it !" But it wasn't 1 The goalkeeper dived to stop the ball, but too late. It crashed into the back of the net - it was aGOAL !!! GQAIG CAMPBELL . S'I'D 5 U ll SOCCER This year Muizenberg Junior School changed from Rugby to Football. . Our team was very enthusiastic and very willing to play football being very well captained by Justin Howarth. We had much fun and thoroughly enjoyed the season. Our best game was against St Agnes. During the first half we played hard but unfortunately we were down at half time by 2 goals. During the second half we dominated them and scored 2 goals to even the score 2 - 2. The most inproved players of the season were David Klosser and David Laing who could really be relied on. Thank you team for a great season. JUSTIN HGNARTH NETBALL REPORT - 1987 I, . fl, This year we had four teams carpeting in the False Bay Region League A Altogether there were eight schools we played against Miss C Lloyd took the beginner netball girls who were always very keen and enthusiastic. with the help of Miss Arenhold and myself the U side and both Ull sides enjoyed their netball, even though they. did not fare so well. U13 girls this year. They benefitted from her help and came a close third in the league. The U12 girls played well during the season Let's hope next year is just as enjoyable ns' 5520 ' ' if ,,-' . 10 f,Qii We would like to say a big thank-you to Mrs L Telford who coached the 3 ' 12 ..2'- w?aiei1'.':-:Lg MRSLMILES time 'sxeql an-L+:-1. x-.xxe-xr gc?ax.Keegaer junpccx uf.: ann -g , . p ,- .-.A SWIMVEHXE REPORT 1987 'Ihe year started off on a sound note wlth many new members jo1n1ng both the Seruor and Junlor Teams Our Inter House Gala was held on a sunny Saturday mornlng 7 March Thls was well organlzed by the two coaches Mr N Carr and Mrs L Mlles, and I am sure lt was enjoyed by both swumers and spectators Van der Stel won wlth Rhodes ccmlng Jn a close second and Dlaz thlrd Well done to all the swlmners who recelved trophles Our swmmers are ccxnpetlng 1n two galas ln November The flrst at Boston Prunary and the second one 15 our annual gala agalnst Kalk Bay Prrmary We wlsh our swmmers all the best We look forward to more of these occaslons next year MRS I. MILES U 10 CRICKET The season ccmnenced wlth a group of very enthuslastlc players Some who had U10 experlence and others, who had progressed from the num crlcket league The m1n1 crlcketers soon adjusted to the longer duratlon of the game as well as to the harder ball ouch ' An analysls of the flrst team matches Played Won Lost Draw Players that featured Wllb battlng and bowlmg Total Number of Runs 'Dotal Number of W1CketE Sean Laubscher 45 15 Paul Ungerer 43 4 Bryan Telford 24 Paul Louw 22 4 Davld Lalng 22 Paul Harrls 4 The new season has started wlth a vlctory ln thelr flrst match ' Mrs Roynon and Mr Laubscher are the coaches for thls season. MR W LEWIS U 13A CRICKET REPORT 1987 We started the season Wlth enough enthuslastlc boys to form a well balanced slde We went lnto our flrst match feellng confldent It was a close game but thanks to Cralg Campbell we flnally pulled dmrough second match was sllghtly easler, thanks to a 70 run partnershlp between Duncan prlngle and Shane Bowler Our flnal match was agalnst Bergvhet They flnally ended our record of unbeaten matches We ve started our second term of cr1cket on a hlgh note by both our matches agalnst Sun Valley by 8 W1CkStS and John Graham by 60 runs DUNCAN PRIINKSLE CHESS 1987 Th1s year chess has become more popular amongst our senlor boys Eweryone attended practlces and many a lunch break was spent challenglng each other and thelr Headmaster Our chess team conslsted of Marc Nadler lcaptalnl Matthew A1rd KIlSt1eI'l Alrd, Courtney Klpps Ph111p Lrndner Shastrl Frelsllch Norman Ohlssen and Davld Klosser All matches were played wlth much determlnatlon and enthuslasm We are proud to announce that we had four vlctorles thls season MISS C HAWKSIADRTH ATHLETICS REPORT Sports Day was held on a very sunny Frlday the 13 February. The day was enjoyed by both runners and parents. Van der Stel came flrst w1th 179 polnts, Rhodes second wlth 153 polnts and Dlaz thlrd wlth 139 polnts. Jerome Fowler recelved the followlng trophlesz Vlctor Ludorumg 1000 m Boys Open Trogmy and 400 m Boys Open Trophy. The V1ct'.r1x Ludorum Trophy was won by Veronlque des Fountarn. Candlce Freeman recelved the trophy for 1000 m Glrls Open. The 400 m Glrls Open Trophy was won by Caryg wllllamg, We would llke to thank B111 Innes for organlslng such a successful Athletlcs Meetlng. X In Ste Us, xr, a xac OL 11 H- L 1--Q -f. ..f,r-- ,..-,... , - t. IQ R ix e centre B might it ta i Q le Q txzxll and Inv fcixxrwi i t, , Y vann flrn-rrx lil 'V F41 I Fit: iv . -1 ' 52... K ' -- gf'?f-1-12512 ' i ...i . ' "1 '-' --" .r L?'f:5E2T.?lg fi?-' X P 5 . - - - - ' ' ' - 5, and-f s ..-afeawL,ji.5 f 1 - , 5319 : - ' ?1.:af?f, I 'fi-jf Qaida 5 :Ga "-:"a 12 2-'eiuvtgz QA yi-fe . . ' ' ' ' -A Faqijjfihifz' ,- - Vlrvfm.-' Ng.: ' , . , - ' ' 1,-"final . - . . gif? . I ' i ' , - .-rf . - I . V Q Y -- ,k YA T I - - - . V ' ' ' ' V' W . m , - . . . - ' 5 . : 1 f E . . , . "W . 1 . . ---Y V 1 ' . 1 p u o I ' ' g ' U - ' ' . . 1 . . . . , . . . D - . ' 7 y I . . . . . ' . . W . . . IXJ -B L I A 9 I 2 f1X"'jJ?'E'f' We then took our best athl . etes to co lete in an Inter-schools Athleti meetlng OH the 26 February at Bellville. Our athletes fared well ands more than 5 reached the finals, VE were the hos V t school for the Inter-s h l dr ' ' was held on Wednesday 4 March. Th. C 00 S Qua an9U1ar Meeting which lS day was enjoyed by everyone. MRS'L MILES CROSS TUNTRY This year saw our numbers greatly reduced because of transport difficult' ies, when they took the bus off the road they also took a lot of runners off the road. Despite this M.J.S. acquitted itself well this season. The Freeman twins shaped particularly well with Carmen taking a first at Newlands and a second at Fish Hoek. The boys too did well but it would appear that the girls have the edge on the boys. NPCARR TENNISETTE I - This sport is becoming more and more popular and some of our pupils are Showing great potential. The Sub A's have participated enthusiastically this year whilst our Sub B group have played on Thursdays and have had the opportunity of putting into practice the techniques and rules they have,learnt. The Std I group have continued to build on the basic skills learned ast year and are now playing competent games together on Tuesdays. MISS C A HAWKSWORTH TENNIS Esnnis has been very well supported by both non-team and team players 1 s year. he have a great number of young keen players and our classes are quite big. A This year we have had one tennis team entered in the tennis league but hope to have two teams playing matches next year. So, practice hard during the holidays everybody 1 MISS A ARENHOLD A TEAM REPORT The tennis team has enjoyed a very successful year and are proud to report that we have won all our matches. We are all grateful to the teachers who make it possible for us to A big thank you to Mrs Norman, Miss Lloyd, play our matches. Mrs Heldzingen and Miss Arenhold. The tennis players who played matches regularly are: Chad Venables Duncan Pringle, Quinton Atkinson, Shane Bowler, Dylan Mitchell and Gary Myers. I We wish the tennis teams for 1988 the best of luck. CHADVENABLES BILL SEDDON IVUIORS MAIN ROAD RETREAT 629900 SERVICE AND RUSTPROOFING . UNDERSEALING OF .CARAVANS VNURKSHOP gpy P A M o T o S P Ao T f 629858 REPAIRS '10 All MAIES 'OF VEHICLES ji SPEXIIALISTS REPAIRS AND SPARES MORRIS MINORS CIJNTRACIORS TO BUY-AID L inn. i N G H gi NE C 2 2 U1 r c E L 2 s XJ G .1. ,r- 1 h fi ju tc I 17 'H 'V 'r 13 25- S974 9-A '71 J HD as 0 dl fa? rf 5 U14 5:2 'E x L a O X E ,-If OUTDOOR EDUCATION I WI -n ". ' 1: EM. - Q-X 9. - - fxl 7' pl! Q O I jr b , I6 I5 '42 -I IQWII " QQ, If 'I' MUSHY PEAS 8, QI WITH COMPLIMENTS FROM If N DELICIOUS FILLETS FRESH FRIED FISH by to o , gm f N J. R. Forshaw I ' T ' Zllruemarfs QQ IPTYI LTD is Z3 ' ,L flake Qtnaps QI I 4 W I' f O O Plus other tasty take-aways 56 Tea and Coffee 7 X O Q KIFISTENHOF cENTRE, Q INext to HyperpineI f Q MAIN ROAD, RETREAT Q nf? I 5 I film X IA TRS? 3Bbnnz 750679 M 8 ygg I' X 1 'O' X f NO' X 'SNNQ' E "' I-G kg- Q H --Hu H - Q - I FOR COMPLETE PROPERTY I O QU OQLSQ I , SERVICES, SALES, LETTING, mg' I --f- , , X I AUCTIONEERS, INSURANCE I CWS j- Eff, "" A,", 35- . AOENTs,PROPERTv I I , I I ' MAINTENANCE Shop 27a Blue Route Centre, ' .I ' I Tokai, Phone 728515 IV I I I " I . I HNANDB I Uiws vvvwher eanftbesyvu- I I I TPITIOZ I9IQSDI7IAVLIfI7PIJVl4f , FANTASTIC CHRISTMAS GIFT ' SELECTION I I I I I I : Cut cIIong dotted Iiflil- Q - I I I I I J.J. FERNANDES ESTATE AGENTS CC 124 MAIN ROAD MUIZENBERG 7950 TEL. IO21I 88-1618 1 IO21I 98-1531 AIH IO21I 88-7566 i i a t i i "-25'-"3s22'aif,1::k 'N 7. I tit .J X mi L A ou need mine foous on your investment options not a blur of business buzz words You need your money worries worked out not conventional vvisdorn You need oriyate disoussions in deotn not orint outs in tnoiioate You need to be an indiyiduai not an index nurnber You need the personal touun f f I C91 t Wi Personal Trust RY NEIERCI 'Di 5610040 TRSY QJPMESNSHIFNIFEA 14Longstree1CapeTown Fortunherdelailsotoursevvioesplease wnteto ROYGOW PO BOX-1785 CAPETOVVN 8000 orteiephone41B114Otoarrangeadiscuss:on. SPECIALISTS IN: 0 Estate and retirement planning 0 Money Market 0 investment rnanaqernent Co t I I 0 rporae inanoe 0 ncornetax o Generalhnanciaiservioes o Property services - O Life assurance 0 Non resident asset management ",,ry 1 not vvait-listed. You need original oonoeots ... ADMIX 111210 L.8n A. LIFT TRUCK SERVICES Specialising in THE MAINTENANCE OF FORK LIFT TRUCKS, HYDRAULIC CYLINDERS I HYDRAULIC PUMPS 81 CONTROL VALVES 17 Brassie Street LAK ESIDE 7951 WITH COMPLIMENTS .AIX I XXX 135 "rfww rv.r1un . .1um.--m. a1.1.Nur-u l"",l'.-J'--wlx. - - - - W--- W-Y--W f-W-'W "-'M 'Wm .f l Q 4 Q .m,N Q if ,g.,ig I 1 ' A l 4.': .Lg xf-a'ff:2sfQ +f-:Zzsw f !.XX"5.bb6',,bX7L X f 4 x ,I II an I t'h't'B5 95 ass r 1 II will O, v 'X' . -N f f 1 'Q f Mb X, , Qs: f ,,. ff:.-.0'f-1:1-GZ-2-::107b1lff2.'47,wff'--f'X'f"XN!! IQ. ' Cbwss :. - fe,- Pre- Mwwvmwy T1 - , 'U ff. 'ff-. 1: .- Tr- 'f--, 'f1'f,9." I A x, 4 1 X W " nr ,P 4' 4' 1. I 1 us' ' 'g I :N f Q . Lo uh'- ' Qrlc Q A WL If I ,. Q, 1 ."T"n ,,' ' yzfqalai mga fjgtq . ' fu-,sr I i lf . d,.,..P- I if Shvgon I all -4 ff ' 4 Q - fkalip f K D . Q W 'naw dl- ' v 'N' - . ' 5 1 LAuff.'S ' 4 'ow' My 28 . ., , .A..,. ,X I ku 3 . 1 ,X , .V-,HV-, il -,,,. E+, , 'K I 1- My I . , - ' 5 fgiitiff i'?':'F 'fwiw'-'If ' ' T., ,. K x , , 'ff l 'fixf-,Q 4" . 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ISL-FVNJU OF 5'4LlL-1. 1' CQCLSDGONEI and anger feels like a threat from a scoundrel. f ' A rv 'rim ri D ' ' ' Y .V ,Qian f A -I - . ,, at on r .ff 7f7Z7f r r 12221 If -ls A I 1 I -.6 I I , bl 5 f- 9 f up - om can l X' v 'S'f1i4,, , 0 Q A D Qld x -, 'inffla 0 1 -'j-I7-:I UR, l ,. , im- l f---W I. ,fr , 3 NN I Im lx Ilff I I-M85-I v . , l ' Q ' " ' "' V'i'FfW1'll'a'?'. 5' -.M ' ' , 37 9 A ff Side: , Jw POM- U 'IW ' I ml- 5 CS' ' VIDA, 4:5 View l :.-.-.,- -.--...,- -.J-fir-1 f ' .f J L' ' . . :"'U' , 1 .,. If ,lf , D W' " ' ' .:.' Ill F .I .V QM-,.,', " IL H" ," '- . 1' 4-15, I- - O I 1, ft. rv 'I 4-1' .J III24, I ! ,- I4IIVI,,,,QI, L It D - if-19 . l . l..,f ------,--1gfqTF-'- 'nw' 3 7 l - , I . I IIl,,f:f,, IIIIIIIIIIILI .I I D, , I . - BI-fda ,, l "W 1 ' -r"' ,W ' Q Jfvg A Eye uk 'E l ' - - . 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Muizenbcrg Junior School was in flames. The teacher, Mr Macaroony acted swiftly by rounding up the class and leading them down the hallway and out to safety. The school was alerted and after the children were safe the teachers ------ f V mum' nr 'i'1"illu, , ?, jxyqjjjgi5j3y,f7g"ff'j5Sgrig'Ui',213Z., Ye: i:','7i"15..' .an . r f,:-ff ' , ' .. f 4: .,,5,,g2"5'gfa ' - - . ' 4uf.ifggffm. Yx'-'2,c:'-'.fs:ff:x.fg-.Yivf.mv4s,f5,,:,:.f,:.Z,M,:.nF. ,Fx 1 , Mmm. .,,-u-3, .,,. -1 ' .. il 1 - . -,. 1 5-:Q ao.-rf.wwfxv.v A Q 1'Q,, ,4,g,,,.:rl f,,,.,:,.,',Q, 123 " vi iziq f ', .cp fs.: I 222' 4-7, ff' 'px few- ' -x wr "",1. till' "- ---'N'4"1' f7".vfE-'J Nvfmvmvfqvas wevn'--vffxvk " . I , , , . , .vit-"lg-0.110gg-.f:2.'o1.'o-19.4.9frabo.-vfcdl . -11' - -N -fhcxl'.:'rAu'!n:zAsvAtzAr:fAN':fA-1fA'.9av.:f'A-- -f I 3 J l , .4 lu , -1 " , i , -r Y I l V 4 :- - . 0 Whilst firemen and teachers were hastily running towards the fire in an effort to put out the fire, groups of children gathered across the Main Road grabbing each other in moments of excitement and happiness. Their happiness stunned and a shocked passers by. But their behaviour had a very good explination. The fire that started in the Science laboratory, spread and devoured the office with all t.he years exam papers. As there were only three weeks left to the end of the year, it seems highly unlikely for any form of exam to take place. At the end of Uwe third period, the Std SB class were busy packing away their books and cleaning up after their experiments. They had been working with a candle and flame. When one of the boy's books caught alight spreading some high inflammable liquid near by. From that moment on the fire seemed to spread through the Science Lab at great speed. returned quickly to help the firemen who arrived very quickly at the scene of the disaster. 'Dotal damage has not yet been estimated, but from what one could see, it seemed as though the wing of the school suffered the most damage. Classes will resume shortly until the year ends and those children's class- rooms affected by the damage will be acconmodated elsewhere. g The fire was put out by 3 p.m. yester- day afternoon. o E AIEXJLOU 5B FIIMSTARS '87 Sarah - Stare Into Space Scott - What A Country I Matthew - Revenge of the Nerds .100 Dave - Surfing U.S.A. MFE ! Wayne - Growing Pains Jerome - Return from the Planet The sound of water gushing by ofthe Apes The warmth of the sunlight about to die . The swish of the water as the fish dodge Quinton - Head of the Class The rusty coke tine against the wooden lodge, Kathy - Jaws The shuffle of a bird in a woven nest Mr Just - W1'1O'Se The Boss It's about to begin the final test. . The echoeing bang of a falling tree The nausiating buzz of a chain saw near me. X CLC" ' . ,eve vs, The disgusting burp of a dirty man W ff '49 The clunk upon the ground from his beer can. 4 SVQN7 'SXQBQE The fumes from a broken down car. . 5.373 It's much too late its gone too far. .':5X"'? . N , 7 rlfklqi I g XA:-' K DANIELS X, ,XIX SB rw I ,M D -it 56 Qxwq 4 IX-4: fax. 1:3 - ' '97 Y ,..,..,,. .,.,.,,,r. ' Psi. V- y XC" I - .Lf 1 Wf X f , , P s I I I Wg A , D 'Q ' - 1 , Y ' P . ' ' '1 wi? " 'xl' 2 4 v' 2 ' 1 ' F 'ff f K . ' ' f ! N mf, I lfff 1 , ix ., if A-Qi v - 1,0533 '9f ,y i iff ' .K Q V i x ' - fxfqfk- , 3 we A X K A Vp' f' ! QR i. -' A f n , ff 5 , I X . gl. Us Qiioxb ' 'A V. l I CX 1 4 f 5 !x I I I HIS 1: -L NIXIYAVXV4 rf uf? B f . ND? 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Muff-if B, ".-Q EDUCATIONAL BOOKSELLERS I 8L PUBLISHERS J an Carel J uta from Zalt Bommel m Gelderland, Holland, founded has bookshop m Cape Town m 1853 and several months later publlshed his first txtle a booklet by Prof Changouln on the Constxtuuon Ordinance Issued seperately m Dutch and English For more than 130 years the Company named alter hlm has remaxned a South Afncan leader nn the Held of booksellmg and pubhslung. We are proud of our reputatnon and South Afncan hentage and look forward to offenng you professlonal servnce developed from expenence gamed over more than a century of catenng for the requxrements ofthe South Afncan book buyer CONSULTARE CHAMBERS HANCOCK STREET NORTH END PORT ELIZABETH 600 TEL 54-457718 MERCURY CRESCENT HILLSTAR INDUSTRIAL TOWNSHIP WETTON P O BOX l23 KENWYN 7790 TEL 7l ll8l f , . n a U 5 . . . . . .. . , . . . . . . . . - . . - . . . 9 . . . . . . . u . . . ' 0 S LH' ' T ' Ang?" ' T 'l ' Y - ' -f 1 Q K , MM-.. 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Suggestions in the Muizenberg Junior School - Seagull Yearbook (Cape Town, South Africa) collection:

Muizenberg Junior School - Seagull Yearbook (Cape Town, South Africa) online yearbook collection, 1983 Edition, Page 1


Muizenberg Junior School - Seagull Yearbook (Cape Town, South Africa) online yearbook collection, 1984 Edition, Page 1


Muizenberg Junior School - Seagull Yearbook (Cape Town, South Africa) online yearbook collection, 1988 Edition, Page 1


Muizenberg Junior School - Seagull Yearbook (Cape Town, South Africa) online yearbook collection, 1987 Edition, Page 32

1987, pg 32

Muizenberg Junior School - Seagull Yearbook (Cape Town, South Africa) online yearbook collection, 1987 Edition, Page 60

1987, pg 60

Muizenberg Junior School - Seagull Yearbook (Cape Town, South Africa) online yearbook collection, 1987 Edition, Page 31

1987, pg 31

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