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Muhlenberg High School - Muhltohi Yearbook (Laureldale, PA) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Cover

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K N i I l ! V , i r 1 E F I i i S P 1 3 E Q .4 ma ' " 1 - Y " H , .vi v v , 4 A x f I 1 ' A v H'-54 , -x f-'f 'J M? 1 nw." iw r ' , Q, ,1 , t J, N , V- gl L g, fl "fit, , J ' , ' , , ,. .N '-'q g f, ., mfg ,ff 13. jr 'Qi' 'f , , .1 vm MQ 1 L .-I A 1 , Q. ,H q.-,Nu w h? 'Lk .h ,X gl, ,X , Q F fi 1, r 4 . .f N ,av . V, 4 1 as ' 42 ll ,7 . . -, 1 .,k. 1,1 x Je- W. , . , ., ., , : A- , ,, by ' - V ,sv - ' F . , - , - L5 , , f .'A "H Q, H Ty'4'..,, -A I.. ,, 'ww , - ,xg - . -1- . fx ,- ,,' ,,, rpg f , , . . - . , ,v ., f I Q,-2 ff.x:r,,,,, , ,, , ,.. ,,,H M . , Q J, 1.55-. - :f m A , ,U A. -W 5. l y A ,, ,,., -,-X H , 1 ., , H I , M - f - 41 1 + 5 M y 4 X- -P- Q . "al it Y.. , BERG TOWNSHIP HIGH W W5 A EF NE S5 41 75 EN QE 53 N5 llull llnll llull I PUBLISHED BY CLASS 1946 MUHLENBERG TCDWNSI-HP I-HGH SCI-IOOI. I Zfrcwvrd IVO, H10 class of 1046, SiIICCI'l'I'1j 110116 this yca1'bonls will l'l'l'IlH lllflllllj III 1' Ill 0 rics of 011 r lllljldllalj days at J1IlIl1C'lIbCI'g Tozunslzip Iliglz School. 7 1946 Dadivafiou To "mm world", in wlziclz p1'11pI1? of all 7IIlf'iU'llS in 11,11 live 111111 'zcorlr ini p1'111'1' IIIIII SCClll'ff'1j Illllillfllillfly by fl just llllll 1'q11if11I1I1' l'11if1'1Y N11fi1n1s 111'1j1111i:11fi1m1, wc: H10 class of 1946, 1I1'1Yi1.'11f1, this y1'111'Im11lf. 3 -- H w if-' N ,tw .-,sl-Q... r I Weffvzf Mr. C. E. Cole, who is retiring crfter having served as Superintendent oi Muhlenberg Town- ship School District lor five consecutive tour-year terms since 1925. During that time Mr. Cole has been cx guide and friend to many students throughout their school careers. We. the class of 1946, wish to express our sincere appreciation for his unicriling interest in and devotion to the development and the improvement ol the schools of Muhlenberg Town- Ship. 4 Adm hi fmfim f 1 I 9 n EHR1. H. BOYER LLOYD M. SCHHEFFER EI-VIN H- RDBMS President Vice-President Treasurer 1943-1949 1945-1951 1941-1947 CHHRLES H. TROUT Secretary 1945-1951 HRTHUR C- MEI-ICK CHESTER M. FIES IOSEPH W. SEYFERT 1943-1949 1941-1947 A 1941-1947 1946 CLINTON E. COLE CHHRLES S. CRUMBLING Superintendent Principal B.S.. Muhlenberg College B.S.. Hlbright College M.H., Columbia University M.S.. Cornell University EVELYN M, BECKER MELVIN S. BINKLEY Home Economics Mafhemaffcs B.S.. Hlbright College B.S.. Elizcxbethlown College Ed.M.. Temple University 7 I MYRON F. BOYER General Science, Illatlzematics B.S.. Kutztown Stale Teachers College ELLH M. BRESLER Geography B.S.. Hlbright College HENRY M. BRHDER Science B.S., Muhlenberg College IHMES R. BROKENSHIRE Science B.S., Franklin cmd Marshall College 1946 Vt .L , CHHRLES E. BUCKWORTH Physical Education B.S., East Stroudsburg Stale 1 Teachers College IDR I. EBLING Home Economics B.S., Penn ,State College LLOYD L. CLEMENS Physical Education B.S., Hlbright College EMM!-1 P. EPLER Physical Education B.S., Temple University I EDITH H. FETTERMHN English H.B.. Ursinus College On leave of absence. HHRRY G. GERBERICH Mathematics B.S., Lebanon Valley College C. HUGUSTR FLOYD Latin, German H.B., Bucknell University S .. in ' CLHRK E. ,HHND History B.S., Millersville Slate Teachers College 7946 ESTELLH E. ,HHRRIS IOHN E. HHRRIS English History H.B.. Wilson College B.S., Schuylkill College QUENTIN R. KEHTH HI-TH H- HORTON Mechanical Drawing Vocal Music B.S., Millersville State Teachers B.S., Mcxnsiield State Teachers , College A College Serving in the Hrmed Forces 11 I FREDDB. KELLER GUS KING commercial Insffunlental Music B.S.. Indiana State Teachers Sl- HYaCinlh College' Canada College Paris Conservatory ot Music France l THELMB. L. KNHUSS Commercial B.S.. Bloomsburg State Teachers College LeROY K. LHUCK Social Science, journalism H.B., Muhlenberg College M.H., Columbia University 1946 .BHRBHRH I. MHRTIN Commercial Plattsburg State Normal School Nell College MIRIHM E. MOYER English B.S.. Kutztown State Teachers College FLORENCE E. MESSNER English, Spanish H.B., Penn Stale College FRHNCES H. M. RHHN Guidance Counselor H.B., Hood ,College Ed.M.. Harvard University I HHZEL H. RHMSBY E. BRHINERD REINERT English Geography SLB.. Hlbright College B.S.. Kutztown State Teachers College STELLH M. ROTH QSHRH R. ROTHERMEL English Librarian H.B.. Penn State College H.B.. Mt. Holyoke College 14 1946 ESTELLE I. RUPP Art B.S.. Kutztown Slate Teachers College KERMIT H. SCHMEHL Mathematics VPh.B., Muhlenberg College M.S., University of Pennsylvania HERBERT l. SCHLENKER Science B.S.. Blbright College M.H., Lehigh Universty IHMES B. SHHNER. IR. Industrial Arts Williamson Trade School I RICHHRD ,B. SHERKER Mechanical Drawing B.S., Millersville State Teachers College EDITH E. STHUDT History H.B.. Ursinus ,College MB.. Columbia University HNNH R. SLIFER Physical Education B.S., Temple University M. CHTHERINE WERTZ Civics B.S., Lebanon Valley College i ' gg-,qwv -4 gf,-A ya V 1946 IHSON W. WHITE ' ESTHER M. WILLITS Mathematics History B.S., Bucknell University B.S., West Chester State Teachers M.S., University oi Michigan College M.B., Duke University A IEHN B. WOODS M. HNNETTH. KHUFFMHN English, Latin Music H. B.. Hlbright College B.S., Penn State College 17 I HBRRY G. GENSEMER Attendance Officer GRI-ICE L. GOOD School Nurse Washington Scxnitarium and Hospiial CLHRH K. OXENREIDER Secretary to Superintendent Inter-State Commercial College ETHEL I. SHHNER Secretary to Principal Wyomissing High School 611155 w.m?1 rw up-ienlwlli pea 'I Girl Reserves ll, 12: Mixed Chorus 10, 11, 12: Cheer- MHRGBRET RDBMS Commercial Tall, slender "Margie," who has brown, wavy hair and a passion for reading novels, is one of our peppy cheerleaders. She also' took part in the senior class play. Her chief delight is talking, and once started, can hold her own in any conversation. In the future Mar- garet would like to be a filing clerk. leading ll, 12: Muhltohi. IOHN HNGSTHDT Induiifidl "Iohnnie," one oi the quieter members ol the Senior Class. claims mechanical drawing is his favorite subject. Being an ardent lan oi baseball, he has played on a city league team. In his spare time he can usually be iound building model airplanes. and in the luture he would like to become an aviation mechanic. Basketball ll: Track 12. KENNETH HRTZ Commercial This blond-haired chap is a source ol much entertainment to his triends. Hmong his accomplishments are playing the piano, saxo- phone, clarinet, and guitar. Living in the country, as he does, has its advantages: he has a football iield in his back yard and a bas- ketball court in his front yard, which promotes varied activity. Soccer ll: Football 12: Safety Patrol 12. ELSIE BHLSHMINI Commercial "May I help you?" says Elsie, working on Saturday at a local "Five and Dime." Besides working, Elsie loves to drive around Temple in her dad's Ford. Sometimes she surrenders to temptation and "cowboys," much to the dismay of her lrantic passengers. Elsie also possesses the "gilt ol gab," a marvelous appetite, and an ex- tremely energetic nature. Girl Reserves 11, 12: Muhltohi: Mixed Chorus IU: National Honor Society'12. 20 1946 LHWRENCE BEYER Hcademic "Larry," cr lively little "cuss," has man-handled a trombone in the band for the past three years. His outstanding characteristic is his faculty for getting into trouble-usually by annoying Mr. Harris. who is his homeroom teacher. Hs to the future, Lawrence would like to further his knowledge inichemistry and physics at Hlbright College. Band 10. ll. 12: Mixed Chorus 12: Muhltohi. RUTH BRICKER Hcademic Ruth's chief characteristic is her big. blue eyes. Being primarily interested in sports. she rates hockey as an H-1 outdoor sport. Her pet peeve is making speeches. "Ruthie" dotes on Perry Como. and the music of Vaughn Monroe's orchestra places first on her list. She is undecided about her future. G. H. H. IU: Girl Reserves 11. 12. HRLENE BROWN Commercial Here we have a petite miss who spends most of her leisure time roller-skating. In class she sits quietly. mentally composing letters for that private in the air corps. which sometimes accounts for that startled look when she is called upon. Hfter leaving Muhlenberg. "Fritzie" would like to secure a position as a typist. ' Girl Reserves 11. IBNET cooMBs Hwdemic Ianet has done her share in keeping up Muhlenberg standardsby her ardent work as editor of the Observer. She can generally be seen bustling around the halls, doing her bit as Coach Clemens's "Good Man Friday." Ianet seems to like all kinds of foods and sports. Maybe this is what makes her so full of pep. H college education is her aim for the future. National Honor Society ll. 12: Girl Reserves ll. 12: Muhltohi: Observer ll. 12: Debating ll. 12. 21 MELVH CRHMER Commercial Melva, a Blandonite, travels to Muhlenberg daily. Perhaps this is an advantage, as she gets excused five minutes early each day. "Mellie" believes in "making life merry" and can usually be seen walking through the halls with two special friends. In the future she would like to put her typing ability to practical use. Mixed Chorus ll: Girl Reserves ll. BETTY DHVIS Commercial Basketball, baseball, collecting movie stars' pictures, and embroid- ering constitute this quiet senior's recreational activities. Much of her time was spent participating in G. H. H. activities and perform- ing secretarial duties in the office. "Betts" intends to enter the McCann's School of Business to further her education 'after grad- uation. Girl Reserves 11, 12: G. H. H. 10, ll, 12: Muhltohi. DHVID DeHNGELO Industrial "Butch" can usually be found at the Sarig building in Temple en- ioying baseball, his favorite activity during the summer, and at Perry's during the winter. This lad likes to dabble 'in chemistry and can be found performing his experiments at various hours of the day. David will probably be working for'Uncle Sam after grad- uation. ROBERT Dslsr academic "Dr, Deist, call surgery!" This is a preview of Bob's life ten years hence. In contrast to his ambition he spends Saturdays at the local H. P. His leisure time, if any, is taken up driving his dad's car, boxing, hunting and fishing. Bob is also one of those lucky per- sons who has a keen sense of humor. Debating ll.. 12: Mixed Chorus 12: Hall Patrol ll, 12: Muhltohlz H1-Y 11, 12: National Honor Society 12. 22 1946 SHRH DeSHNTIS Commercial Teachers have tried in vain to divert the energy this brown-haired lass used in chewing gum to more constructive channels. Sara chooses the moving pictures as one of her favorite recreation cen- ters, getting there via a gray "Chevy" and a "certain someone." In the future she would like to obtain a position as a typist. RUBY DILWORTH Hcademic "Blame Ruby for it." is a pet expression of the members of the Ob- server Staff when a mistake is found, for Ruby is one 'of the over- worked prootreaders. Hard to believe. she claims journalism is her favorite subject. Her spare time is largely taken up with reading and "getting hep" to what is happening in the world. She intends to further her education at Hood College. Mixed Chorus 10, 12: Observer 11. 12: Muhltohi: Girl Reserves ll, 12: Debating 12: National Honor So- ciety 12. MHRIHN FHLLER Commercial This tall. blonde. lively miss can usually be heard saying, "The meeting will please come to order." Marian. president of the Girl Reserves and G. H. H., was active in sports in her junior and senior years. Hlong with many other commercial girls, Marian would like to obtain a job as a typist after graduation. Muhltohi: Girl Reserves ll. 12: G. H. H. 10. 11. 12: Track Team 10, ll. 12: Drill Team 12. FREDERICK EISENBROWN Industrial This blue-eyed lad can frequently be seen bouncing around in his Ford car. "Tiny" served three years on the stage crew, and also has the unique pastime of gazing at beautiful girls and chew- ing on his Ry-Krisp. Hlthough he is usually in a humorous mood. he has a serious nature which comes to light at various times. Stage Crew 10, ll, 12. 23 RICHHRD FEGLEY Commercial When asked if he has any extra-special likes, he immediately re- plied. "women." From this you may surmise that he is quite popu- lar with theopposite sex. "Dick" also delights in wearing loud at- tire and playing "Hbbott" to Vic's "Costello." Hfter ,school he wants to continue his studies in the field of commercial art. Hi-Y 12: Muhltohi. MARY FEHR Commercial You are liable to find this red-haired miss enioying any active sport available. rating basketball and soccer as favorites. Being the manager of G. H. H. has kept her rather busy for the past two years along with her secretarial work. Mary has an unusual knack of putting two and two together and therefore hopes to become an accountant some day. Girl Reserves 11. 12: G. B. H. 10. 11. 12: Track, man- ager l0. 11, 12: Muhltohi: National Honor Society 12: Bowling ll. IEHN FELTENBERGER Commercial Iean is a dark-haired. demure girl who may often be seen eating at the West Reading Diner and rug-cutting at the "iive-joint." Hn- other pastime which consumes a lot of her energy is gliding over the floor of the skating rink. Occasionally. she settles down long enough to keep up her correspondence with a member of the armed forces. Hfter graduation she plans to be a typist. Girl Reserves ll, 12: G. H. H. 10. 11: Muhltohi: Bowl- ing 10. DONHLD FETTERMHN I-lcademic H mania for collecting current best-sellers is 'possessed by this temperamental senior. "Donny" is fond of playing classics on the piano and attends concerts faithfully. where he hounds the great masters for their autographs. Working as a fountain clerk solves his financial worries. Donald plans to enter the Eastman School of Music upon graduation. Hi-Y 11. 12: Mixed Chorus 10. ll, l2:lHall Patrol ll. 12: District Chorus 12: County Chorus 12. 24 1946 IOYCE PINK Hcademic There is never a dull moment when Ioyce is around. This 5' 9'f bombshell ol energy combines a hlithe spirit with a sparkling per- sonality. Resu1ts?l "Io" is quite a gal. Taking the lead in the class play. Ioyce also proved ,she can be a serious actress as well as a side-splitting comedian. Her luture career is nursing. Mixed Chorus 10. 11. 12: Observer ll. 12: Muhltohi: Horizon Club 10. 11, 12: Girls Track Team 10. ll. 12: National Honor Society 11, 12: Color Guard 12: Bowling 12. LUTHER PINK Hcademic This long. lean. and lanky senior has as his ambition the owner ship oi a large dairy concern. Wonder where he got that idea? "Tuliy's" leisure is occupied by his great love-pigeons. Luther loves to talk and will give his Socialistic views to anyone willing to lend an ear. He also doubles as the mighty 'Nimrod during the hunting season. BETTY IHNE FRY 'Commercial "Let's go 'up to Reeser's," is often heard from "Betts." This "hep- cat" rates the art of iitter-bugging and roller-skating at Dreamland Park 'at the top of her recreational list. She certainly has the en- ergy ior it. Betty says typing is her favorite subject. and after grad- uation she hopes to enter a business school. Muhltohi: Girl Reserves 11. 12. RUTH GHRDNER Commercial "Ruthie," a gay, brown-eyed miss. spends a great deal of her time working at Bachman's aiter school. However. she manages to squeeze in time to write letters to her "one and only." and to drive her dad's Ford around Laureldale. Ruth intends to become a typist in someone's oliice aiter graduation. Girl Reserves ll, 12: Muhltohi: Bowling 10. 25 I-if vw., .,. I' I i CHTHERINE VGHSPRRI Hcademic Here is one girl who takes her studies seriously, which is evidenced by her scholastic standing. but still has time to whizz around in a green "Chevy." Risewing club and bowling take up much of "Cathy's" spare time. In the future Catherine intends to enter Immaculata College to take up a course in retcril merchandising. Girl Reserves ll, 12: Muhltohi. ERNEST GHUBY Commercial Picture a quiet and grave young man with a respect for everyone andtyou have Ernest. He has the distinction of being the giant of the class and is usually calm and collected, except when the fen- ders fall off his car. Ernest's favorite sport is "big game" hunting frabbits, pheasants, women, and 'the likel. He plans to be a me- chanic, or possibly, a marine. GEORGE GEHRY Hcademic George's booming laugh can be heardlfrom one end of the hall to the other. Being artistically inclined, George designed the class emblem. His taking the male lead in the class play couldn't have had anything'to do with his selling the most tickets, could it? He plans to attend Duke University, but is undecided as to the phase of his studies. Mixed Chorus 12: Track 12: Muhltohi: Soccer ll: District Chorus 12: County Chorus 12. IHNE GEIGER Commercial "Do you sink you know'd me?" If you hear this strange phrase, you know that lane must be somewhere around, even though you may havela hard time finding her. "Ianie's" favorite hobby at pres- ent is writing letters to a lad in the navy. Rfter graduation she would like to be a typist. Mixed Chorus 12: Muhltohi: Girl Reserves ll, 12. 26 1946 RBLPH GREENHWHLD Hcademic H fondness for study and athletic tendencies are excellently com- bined in this unusual senior. His 230 pounds loffered a formidable barrier against enemy tacklers on the gridiron. He also partici- pated on the debating team and was "chief executive" duringthis senior year. Ralph plans to study metallurgy at Lehigh University. Debating 11, 12: Mixed Chorus 10. ll. 12: 'National Honor Society ll, 12: Track 10. 11, 12: Band 10, ll. 12: Football 12: Orchestra 10. Il: Muhltohi: Traific Court 12: Soccer 11. District Chorus 12: County Chorus 12. GHRRETT GREENE Hcademlc Garrett seems to be fascinated by automobiles and can often be seen riding about in a station wagon which 'is loaded with jovial students. He particularly dislikes "mushie" movies and possesses a keen sense ot humor. Garrett plans to attend Lehigh University in preparation for a future as a mechanical engineer. Mixed Chorus l0: Track. manager ID. 11, 12: Na- tional Honor Society 12. LINN GRIM Hcademic Here is our vice-president. one of the taller boys, sprouting to 6 feet, 4 inches. High scorer on the basketball team. he rates this sport "tops." Teasing the girls is his hobby and there's no one who laughs so much at Linn's jokes as Linn does. In the future he in- tends to be either a lawyer or a metallurgist. Hi-Ylll, 12: Mixed Chorus 10. 11. 12: Basketball 10, 11, 12: National Honor Society 12. RICHARD HHHN academic The best place to hunt for Richard'is at Wilhelm's Paint CompGi!1Y where he draws his pay check. He likes to take pictures. especially of a brunette in the junior class with whom 'he spends a-great deal of his spare time. His pet peeve is preparing last mmllle news reports for history class. In the future'Dick hopes to own a large poultry farm. 27 BETTY HHRTMHN Commercial Here is a tall. brown-eyed blonde 'with a pleasant disposition and a diamond on her left hand, which indicates her future is well- planned. "Bonnie" is quite active in sports, having been a :mem- ber oi G. B.. H. lor two years. She was also an ardent rooter at tootball and basketball Xgames. Her services were much appre- ciated as food chairman for the Girl Reserves. G. H. H. 10, 11: Girl Reserves ll, 12: Muhltohi. IOYCE 'HEFFNER Commercial Here is a pleasant lass who always has a shy smile for everyone. "Ioycie" enioys basketball and baseball games, while dress de- signing is her main hobby. Hubba! lHubba! I wonder who that tall blond fellow is whom she rave.s about? Hlter graduation, Ioyce would like to become a stenographer. Girl Reserves ll, l2: Muhltohi. MHRGHRITE HEI'-'FNER Commercial "Margy" is one oi the taller girls oi the senior class and also one ot the more talkative. She lhas a close-knit group ot associates which can usually be found in a huddle somewhere. She likes to attend basketball games and movies. Being on the lackadaisical side. her physical'activities seem limited to bike-riding and walking. Girl Reserves ll. 12: Muhltohi. if if CHBRLES HEIM Industrial "Heimy," who is one ol the smaller members 'ol the class, spends his spare time working with anything mechanical. He also spends considerable time practicing gymnastics, at which he is very good, and 'helping on the stage crew. Charles is an excellent chemistry student and plans to become a radio technician. Stage Crew 10. ll, 12: Tumbling Team 10. ll, 12. 28 1946 CLHRENCE HEIST Hcademic "Sonny" is the jovial little fellow who is interested in photography. His favorite subject is chemistry, and he's a whiz at remembering formulas. Clarence claims he was born sleepy and never had the time to rest. Hfter graduation he intends to study at Hlbright to become a photo-chemist. Track, manager 11, 12. ELTON HEIST I-lcademxc "Hiesty," who can usually be seen strolling the halls of Muhlenberg with Hlma. is an ardent sports lover, -baseball being tops. Hs a junior he was president of the class and during his senior year. held the position of vice-president in the Hi-Y. Going away to a specialized school to study aeronautical engineering is his future ambition. Baseball 10, ll, 12: Hall Patrol 10, 11, 12: Mixed Chorus 10, ll. 12: Hi-Y 10, 11, 12: Muhltohi: Soc- cer ll. , EDWHRD HEVHLOW ' Commercial Swish! "What was that?" "Oh, just Eddie in his Chevy." Early in his career as a driver of motor vehicles, "Ed" was forced to work in order to pay for the upkeep of his car. His ready smile is an index to his pleasant disposition, which enables him to gain friends easily. Hfter graduation, Edward plans to be a merchant-mariner. Muhuohi. ' H1-,Mg HQCH Commercial This lass is one of the class warblers, having been a soprano so- loist in Mixed Chorus for the past two years. We were proud to hear Hlma sing on the Girl Reserve program which was broadcast over a local station. She is fond of sports and was in regular at- tendance at football and basketball games. Hlma would like to become a secretary. Girl ,Reserves ll, 12: Mixed Chorus 10, ll, 12: Muhltohi: District Chorus 12: Safety Patrol 12: County Chorus 12. 1 29 , YA, ROBERT HOLLINGER Hcademic Curly, blond hair and deepblue eyes are a combination to make any girl's heart beat faster. Bashful? Well. maybe. but neverthe- less Bob is quite a guy. He likes all kinds of sports and ,is a past master of the violin. Bob also likes to talk about his recent Italy. In the future he expects to attend college and extend his travels. ' Hi-Y 10. 11. 12: Mixed Chorus 10. ll. 12: Baseball ll, 12: Hall Patrol ll: Debating 12: Traffic Court 12: National Honor Society 12: Muhltohi. FERN HOPTLEY Hcddemic Dark-eyed and energetic best describe Fern. She can often be seen on the athleticjield where she acts as referee and manager in girls' sports. Fern was responsible for planning those good Girl Reserve programs. "Hoppy" is also irequently found running errands for a certain teacher on the first floor. Girl Reserves 11, 12: G.H.H. 10, ll, 12: Mixed Chorus 10. ll, 12: Track Manager 10, ll, 12: Muhltohi. GEORGE :IRWIN Rcademic George is one of the musical members of the class. He has been a iaithtul member of the band for three years, and also plays in the dance band. His executive ability has been amply demon- strated as president of Hi-Y and as treasurer of the class during his junior and senior years. He plans to enter Blbright where he will take a ,liberal arts course. Hi-Y 10. 11. 12: Band 10, ll, 12: Orchestra ll: Base- ball l0: Basketball 11: Hall Patrol 10. ll. 12. HHRRY ISENBERG Hcademic Harry is known as one of the best excuse-makers in the senior class: in fact, he's "Hlibi Ike." Good-natured. he is a welcome addition to ,any group. He is iond of hunting and demonstrates his ability as a gunman each November. Harry likes chemistry and usually argues with everyone about it. He hopes to study chemical engineering at Case School oifflpplied Science. Hi-Y ll. 12. 30 1946 SHIRLEY IHCKSON Hcademic Little but spunkyl Neatly curled dark hair. attractive clothes. and a jolly disposition make Shirley nice to know. Much of the credit for her attractive appearance is due to the tact that ,she is an ex- cellent seamstress and makes many of her clothes. We may some- day see her as a "woman in :white." Girl Reserves 11. 12: Muhltohi. RICHHRD IRCOBY Industrial This handsome lad is very popular with the girls and can usually be found with some pretty young miss. 4"Iocko." who is our "Man on the Flying Trapeze." spends most ot his spare :time perfecting his technique. He also enjoys imitating Goodman on the clarinet. "Dick" plans to join the ranks oi the United1States Marines. Tumbling Team 10, ll. 12: Band 10. ll. 12: Swim- ming Team ll. 12: Hi-Y ll. 12. I EHRL KBNTNER Commercial "Strike, spare. or split?" No. he's not combining baseball. tires..and bananas: it's just "Muscles" talking about his hobby. bowling. Most of his spare time. however. is taken up ,by his job in the St. Lawrence Restaurant. Unless he's nabbed by' his Uncle Sam. Earl would like to enroll at Wyomissing Polytechnic Institute. VICTOR KEHLER Commercial Rn excellent student who loves to tell comy jokes. is "Vic." On the more serious side. we are indebtedlto him for his work as editor of the yearbook. Besides hunting and liishing, Vic enjoys the com- edy ol Hope and Skelton. His future ambition is tolattend Wharton School oi Business to become a Certiiied Public Hccountant. National Honor Society ll. 12: Hall Patrol 10: Ob- server 11. 12: Muhltohi. 31 Baseballvmanager 10. ll. 12 Hall Patrol ll 12 . vW17yvf..5,.1 lifli fi. ELEHNOR KELLER Commercial Ii you should ever walk along Frush Valley Road and hear some- one teverishly trying to play "Chopsticks" on the piano. you can be sure it's Eleanor. "Nookie." who greatly admires the Navy. spends her spare time as a hard-working clerk in the ,Mohican. Hs to her future. she would like to increase the staff of sorne office as a typist. KHTHRYN KETTERER , Commercial "Oh, hello, that you. Mert?" is not only Fibber McGee's line. as this native of Hyde Park will enthusiastically infonn you. She never didlsucceed in eating during shorthand class without being caught -crime doesn't pay! Hfter graduation "Katie" would like to be- come a secretary in a dress concem. Girl Reserves ll, 12: Mixed Chorus 10,117 Maior- ette 12. SHIRLEY KLINE Commercial Dynamite often comes in small packages. "Kliney" is really just a pocket-sized edition but quite capable of being heard. Fl certain sailor named Louis is the obiect of this blue-eyed girl's affections. Perhaps this is the reason she takes such an ardent interest in cook- ing. Shirley would like to become a beautician. Girl Reserves 11. 12. ELEHNOR KROGMHN :Hcademic "Krogie" is 'usually arguing and appealing to her friends to help her out. She is a rabid basketball fan and. during her junior and senior years. helped cheer the Muhls to victory. Her varied activi- ties keep her constantly "on the go." Eleanor hasn't decided whether to take up nursing or to enter the field of modeling. Cheerleading ll. 12: Muhltohi: Observer Staff ll. 12: Mixed Chorus ll. 12: Girl Reserves 11. 12: Bowl- ing Club ll.,l2. 32 7946 IHCKSON KULP Industrial This "Bpostle of the Obvious" is Mr. Lauck's problem child. who manages to keep the classroom in lan uproar when he innocently comments on some simple question.. Raising homing-pigeons ranks first on his list of hobbies. His future ambition is to become an apprentice to Aa general contractor. Providing Uncle Sam doesn't find a place for him. Mixed Chorus 12. IHCK LHNE Hcademic Very quiet but full ol friendliness best describes this serious senior "lack," one of our musical men, has his trumpet as his constant companion. In his spare time he can be heard trying to imitate his favorite. Harry James. His greatest ambition is to become a doctor, and he plans to enter Franklin and Marshall College in the pre-medical course. Band 11. 12: Football. manager 12. HILDH LEIB OLD Hcademic Hilda. another one of the "third finger, left hand" girls, rates home economics ,as her favorite subiect. perhaps because it fits in with her future plans. She is one of those rare specimens. a quiet girl. and can usually be seen studying her German. Hilda is the do- mestic type. and housekeeping for "Ioe" is her future ambition. Muhltohi: Hrchery ll: National Honor Society 12. SHRH LERCH Home Economics Sara has a smile for everyone. Her willingness to help and her cheerful disposition have made her many friends. How does that Oldsmobile look? Hfter what "Weezy" puts it through, we're afraid to look. Sara's dark. naturally wavy hair is the envy of all the girls, especially on rainy days. Girl Reserves ll, 12. 33 IVIIRIHM LUPPOLD Commercial IENNIE LUDWIG Commercial From Blandon to Laureldale is a long ride, but "Luddie" has been doing it every day since she enrolled at Muhlenberg. Hlthough her iraveling limits her extra-curricular activity, she makes up for it by playing on the soft-ball team of her home town during summer vacations. She hopes to become an office worker alter graduation. Muhltohi: National Honor Society 12. Mim 1S usually seen but not heard: however. she thoroughly en- joys a good time and is always in on the fun. She likes to dance and may often be seen riding her bicycle around Laureldale after school. Her weekends are occupied by working as a clerk in a dress shop. Miriam's future plans are indefinite. Girl Reserves 11. 12. MHRY LYNCH Commercial Blthough "Madie" came to this school in ninth grade, she is now quite at home. She takes a special interest in art, and very compe- tently served as Craft Chairman of Girl Reserves for the past year. Mary is usually very calm and collected and takes her school work seriously. Hfter graduation she hopes to obtain a secretarial posi- tion. Girl Reserves ll. 12: Muhltohi. VIVIBN MacLHTCHIE Flcademic Vivian is the blonde of our class whose pet hate is a "rainy Sun- day." She excels in archery and also enjoys swimming and danc- ing. Her artistic ability found an outlet in the art section of the yearbook staff. Ht present she is planning to go to college but is undecided as to what course she will follow. G. H. H. ll: Girl Reserves 11. 12: Muhltohir Hrchery 11: Bowling Club 12. 34 7946 MHRGHRET MHRBBRGER Commercial Diminutive proportions. green eyes and brown hair are the chief characteristics ot "Peg." She can olten be seen traipsing around Laureldale with her pal. Margaret. In spite of her smallness. Peg withstood the rigors ot the cheerleading squad for two years. She would like to attain a secretarial position. Girl Reserves ll. 12: Cheerleading ll. 12: Muhltohi. BETTE MENGEL Hcademic lb... Red-haired, 5'5" tall. and attractive best describes our Bette who particularly enjoys English and lots ot laughter. She expended a great deal of her time and energy writing tor the Observer and, as assistant editor. racking her brain for ideas tor the yearbook. Hfter graduation she is heading for the Reading Hospital to become a "woman in white." Mixed Chorus 1U. 11. 12: Girl Reserves 11. 12: Ob- server ll, 12: Muhltohi. IBCQUELYN MENGEL Home Economics "Iackie," a chatter-box, enjoys bike-riding and corresponding with a Brazilian lad. H real homemaker. she spends a great deal ot her time sewing. Iackie would love to be her own boss and in the tu- ture intends to open up her own dressmaking business. Ht present she has a part-time iob in a five-and-ten cent store selling cookies. Girl Reserves 11: Muhltohi EDGHR Msnrz Hwdemic Meet the class "Casanova." "Meri," who has quite a reputation with the ladies, can laugh at the grimmest things. even German. Edgar. who owns a fine collection ot records, is especially fond ot classical music and is an accomplished violinist. In his studies he excels in mathematics and intends to be either an engineer or lawyer. Track 11, 12: Hall Patrol 10. ll. 12: Mixed Chorus 10. 11, 12: Orchestra 10, ll: Hi-Y ll. 12: Debating 11. 12: Soccer 11: Muhltohi. 35 IOHN MILLER IR Hcademic IDR MILLER Hcademlc Looking for Ida? She can probably be found at Bachman's where she has worked for some time. "Robin" also iinds a good deal of time to spend with a towering lad from Mohnton. B silly grin which usually wreaths her face indicates she is always looking for fun. In the future Robin hopes to become a Medical Missionary. Muhltohi: Mixed Chorus 10, 12. Iohn tells us his only interests in life are ice cream and mystery movies at the Laurel Theatre. However, he has served as manager of Track for the past three years and during the summer he is a reg- ular patron of South Temple Pool. In the winter his leisure time is spent at the Y.M.C.H. where he participates in various indoor sports. Hall Patrol 11, l2: Track, manager 10. ll. 12: Swim- ming 12. SHIRLEY MILLER Hcademic This lively miss is a product of Centerport. Her dimples and win- ning smile are just two elements of her pleasing personality. Shir- ley delights in dancing, has a mania for Fords, and is especially attached to a certain green one. We think it might be the driver. In the future Shirley intends to top her curls with a nurse's cap. Girl Reserves ll Muhltohi. ,Ir .ll - .Jr academic "Golfl" Who said golf? Why "Mollie," of course, who really rel- ishes this sport. Hlthough LeRoy appears quiet. his cheeriulness has made him many a friend. Mollie comes from a long line of travelers. being the fourth of his family to iourney back and forth from Moll- town each day. In the future he hopes to attend Wyomissing Poly- technic Institute. Hi-Y ll, 12. 36 1946 IOHN NHGLE "Leave the women alone" appears to be the constant policy oi this tall, quiet lad. " Nagle" spends a great deal of his spare time at his hobby-raising chickens. Iohn was one of the five judges who handed out retribution to violators of the traffic laws during his senior year. He intends to model the Navy'si new uniforms some- time in Iune. Traffic Court 12. ELWOOD OXENREIDER Hcademic Everyone knows "Slug" as the "all-around athlete," because there aren't many sports which he doesn't include in his activities. The only dislike that this lad has is doing homework for a certain com- pulsory class. Htter graduation, "Oxy" wants to enter Hlbright Col- lege, hoping to become a future coach. Soccer 11: Basketball 10, ll, 12: Baseball 9, l'0, 11, 12. Hcademic BETTY NICKLISS Hcademic "Dizzy" is one of the jive queens of the Senior Class, for she can usually be seen "jitterbugging" at the Y.M.C.H. on Saturday nights. Betty delights in laughing with other members of the class. She intends to become a school teacher and plans to further her educa- tion by attending a state teachers college. Cheerleading ll, 12: Girl Reserves 11, 12. PHTRICIH OWEN S Hcademic "Pat's" artistic ability can readily be seen upon entrance into the art room and on the division pages of this book. This fun-loving lassie. who is quite a tease, is fond of the out-of-doors and enioys all sports. In the future Pat intends to enter Moore's Institute of Hrt, and after that to start her own business in dress designing. Mixed Chorus 10, 11, 12: Girl Reserves ll, 12: Muhl- tohi: Safety Patrol 12. 1 37 SHIRLEY PEIPHER Commercial Shirley is a blonde-haired. blue-eyed mite. only five feet tall. When asked what was her favorite dish. she said, "Hny dish. but fill it with spaghetti first." Shirley was kept quite busy as Muhlenberg's representative in Pomeroy's Be-Teen Shop. In the future she plans to be a hairdresser. Girl Reserves 11. 12: G.H.F1. 11, 12: Bowling Club IU, 11: Muhltohi: Observer 12: Maiorette 10, ll. 12. PHTRICIH PEIRCE Hcademic Hctive participation on the Observer Staff and the position of as- sistant editor on the Muhltohi have utilized the journalistic ability of this senior. "Patsie's" chief form of exercise is walking to school each day. but she also enjoys horseback riding. She intends to lurther her education by attending college to major in chemistry. National Honor Society 11. 12: Girl Reserves ll, 12: Mixed Chorus 10. 11. 12: Muhltohi: Observer 11, 12. HHROLD PFHUTZ Commercial Baking cakes is this young man's unique hobby. He probably spends his leisure moments tracking down new recipes. During school hours, he has usually maintained a state of silence. except at lunchtime. Harold's chief love is the family car and spends a great deal of time washing and polishing it. He would like to enter the automobile business after graduation. BLICE RHPP Commercial Bookkeeping is this quiet senior's favorite major. Despite the beliel that a person can do only one thing at a time, Hlice enioys listening to the classics while doing homework. Music hath charms. you know. She is very active in church aflairs. which take up much of her time. Her ambition lies in becoming someone's private secre- tary. ' Girl Reserves ll. 12: Muhltohi: Bowling Club ll. 12. 38 1946 ROBERT REDDY Industrial "Oh, how I hate to get up in the morning," is the theme song ot this carefree, blue-eyed lad. "Rabbi" delights in playing his slide trom- bone and was a member of the dance band in that capacity during his senior year. When asked what his particular ability was, he beamed and said, "Women." Hiter graduating, Rabbi would like to make music his career. Band 12: Stage Crew 10, ll, 12. CHRSON REED Commercial Never hurrying, never worrying, Carson ambled serenely through his high school life. Talk about trapping or hunting, and "Drake" is your friend lor lile. Favorite pastime, other than teasing the "fairer sex," is baseball, and he keeps a scrapbook of all his favo- rite baseball players. Hfter graduation Carson plans to join the Navy. Baseball 11, l2. CHRL REETZ, IR. Flcademic "Reetz" is one ol the more athletic members of the Senior Class, who places football at the head oi his activity list with swimming a close second. He helped hold the Blue and Gold line at right tackle while his specialty on the swimming team was the 220. Carl intends to use his proficiency in "math" in studying at the Univer- sity of Illinois to become a civil engineer. Football 12: Soccer 11: Swimming 10, ll, 12: Track 10, 11, 12: Hi-Y ll, 12: Debate 12: National Honor Society 12. ROY ROTHENBERGER Industrial "Red," who incidentally is the only red-haired boy in the Senior Class, has been indispensable as manager of the basketball team lor the past two years and as a member of the stage crew. He would like to enter Wyomissing Polytechnic Institute alter gradua- tion unless the United States Marines points a beckoning finger at him. Basketball, manager ll, 12: Stage Crew 10, 11, 12: Soccer 11. 39 EDWHRD ROTHERMEL Hcademic "Eddie," one of the younger members of the class. enjoys all kinds of sports, and also promenading in the halls at noon with a certain girl from Pricetown Road. His spare time after school is pretty well taken up with assisting his father in his produce business. "Eddie" hopes to become a draftsman. Hall Patrol ll. MHRY SHVINI Commercial The easiest way to find Mary is to trace the sound of laughter and merriment to its source. She may seem quiet in classes, but that's only when she's separated from her friends. "Shorty" spends her leisure time in the Temple Post Office awaiting missives from a cer- tain sailor. Girls, it won't be long before you can go to Mary's Beauty Salon for your favorite hair-do. Girl Reserves ll. 12. MHRY IHNE SCHHEFFER Home Economics Whenever there is a group of girls in a circle laughing. one can usually find this jolly lass in the midst of it all. although in a class- room she is a very shy person. Deforming her face by chewing gum is a bad habit which Mary has acquired. In the future she intends to become a hairdresser. RICHHRD SCHLEGEL Hcademic Here is our quietest senior, who follows faithfully the old adage. "Silence is Golden." He never annoys anyone. teacher or pupil. Richard was one of the two seniors chosen to represent Muhlenberg in the all-state chorus. His hobby is the study of flowers and trees. and his ambitions for the future lie in the field of horticulture. Mixed Chorus 10. 11. 12: District Chorus 12: County Chorus 12: Hll-State Chorus 12. 40 1946 EDWHRD SCHOENNHGEL Industrial Do you want to get into a good argument? Find "Ed," who will argue with anyone about anything. Ed is another one of those iellows who has to bend to enter a room. Being both athletically and artistically inclined, he was a member ol the swimming team and produced some fine posters. He is noted for his griping and constant arguments. Swimming 11, 12. NHNCY SECHRIST Home Economics "-and then I killed it." It's only Nancy relating one of her hunting experiences. So lar as we know, she is our only female hunter. Nancy is very fond oi dogs and can often be seen with "Spike," her ioxhound. "Zeke" rates art as tops of all her subjects. Hiter graduation she would like to cook for a certain soldier. WILLIHM SEIDEL, IR. Commercial B crop ol blond hair, two blue eye, one pair oi glasses, and a dry sense of humor, aptly describes this commercial student. Much ol "Billy's" time is taken up playing a "squeeze box" in an orchestra. He's also very good at playing the piano. His favorite teacher is Miss Thelma Knauss, whom he pestered unmercilully and unrelent- ingly during the school day. WILLIHM SHHRP Industrial If you have ever seen "Sharpie" whizzing past you in most any kind oi a car, you can be certain that he's going to purchase a new "Hiv- ver." However, his collection of cars doesn't seem to be able to get him to school regularly. "Sharp" and studies are like oil and water-they just don't mix. Hlter graduation he hopes to become an automobile dealer. 41 DORIS SHINGLE Hcademic This pleasant red-haired miss with the cheery smile comes from the Pricetown Road. Hlthough swimming occupies much of her time, she can also be found "plowing" around in a Plymouth coupe. In school she can easily be found because of her loud gum-cracking. In the future "Hokey" hopes to work in a novelty shop and later share her home with that certain lad. , . , A Q -I BETTY SHOWERS Commercial "Boy! Was that a swell party," is an expression that can be heard from anyone who was at any of Betty's many' gatherings. She can usually be seen with three other girls, also from the Senior Class. Betty's favorite "dish" is chicken potpie and tall, blond sailors. 1.1 the future she hopes to be a secretary. Girl Reserves 11. PHUL SHULTZ Industrial. This husky lad could very well be spotted as a guard on the :loot- ball team and. in recognition of his line playing, was chosen as the outstanding line player in the county league. He is also an active member of the track team. Because of his ability in driving trac- tors and trailers. Paul plans to work as a mechanic after graduation. Track 10, ll, 12: Soccer 11: Football 12. Muhltohi: Safety Patrol 12. HNITB s1GG academic Hnita is small, energetic, and very much alive. Her chief delight is in the realm of music, and she has three real live pupils of her very own. Born in Switzerland, she shows a natural aptitude for sports, especially skiing. Hnita plans to enter the Reading Hospital to become a nurse. Mixed Chorus 10, ll, 12: Girl Reserves ll, 12: Ob- server 11, 12: Muhltohi: National Honor Society 12. 42 1946 MHRY BNN SLONHKER Hcademic "Coming to the game tonight?" has been a lavorite question of Mary Hnn. Find why? Because she's a cheerleader and was al- ways on hand cheering the Muhls to victory. She likes to dance and where there's music, there's Mary Hnn. She plans to enter Kutztown State Teachers College to study elementary teaching. Cheerleading 10. 11, 12: Muhltohi: Observer ll, 12: Girl Reserves 11, 12: Chorus 10. Girl Reserves ll, 12: G.H.H. 10, 11: Muhltohi: Safety ROBERT SNYDER Hcqdenuc Bob seems to be a quiet lad to persons who don't know him 'very well, however, to his friends he is "one ot the boys." Hrrayed in a tie-less shirt and sport coat, Bob can usually be seen driving his iather's car. 11 Robert doesn't become a "Nephew in Uniform," he'd like to further his education in the field of engineering. Traffic Court 12: Muhltohi. RUTH SPIES Hcqdemic "H smile lor everyone," seems to be the motto of Ruth, who is lull of pep and plenty of ideas. "Hon" is a lover of nature, spending most oi her spare time swimming or hiking. Her favorite hobby is writing letters to a certain private first class. Ruth plans to join quite a few other senior girls in the nursing profession. Patrol 12. EDITH STEFHN Commercial Hnother pianist, Edith spends most oi her spare time trying to mas- ter 'Tantasie Impromptu." Tiring of this, she relaxes by reading a good novel. In school she has been an excellent student and has already accepted a secretarial position which she will assume alter graduation. Blways dependable, she has rendered line service as a secretary in the school office. Horizon Club ll, 12: Muhltohi: Mixed Chorus ll: National Honor Society 12. 43 gi- MHRY LOUISE STOCKWELL Hcademic Sweet music can be heard when Mary Lou is playing the piano. This is not only an idle pastime, but her future ambition. During her senior year, Mary Lou participated in the Senior Class play, portraying Mrs. Wood. Much of her time is claimed by her profit- able hobby, sewing. She intends to enter the field of music after graduation. Mixed Chorus 10, 12: District Chorus 12: County Chorus 12. GEORGE SUMMONS Industrial Quite the ladies' man! That's George, who is tall, dark and husky. George spends most of his time practicing on his saxophone or thinking about women. George is not afraid of work: he can even go to sleep beside it. Our "Hubba-Hubba" boy's main desire in life is to become a millionaire. When you learn the secret, George, tell us. RUTH THIELE Hcademic. Trim, petite, and friendly describe this small senior, who can al- ways be seen rushing through the halls. That's. right-she's a jour- nalist. Much of her time outside of school is taken up with playing the piano. She can usually be found with her chum, Hnita, for the two are inseparable. She intends to maior in journalism at Hlbright. Horizon Club 10, ll, 12: Mixed Chorus IU, ll: Ob- server ll, 12: Muhltohi: Bowling Club 12. IOHN THOMHS Commercial This small, red-haired lass, who portrayed the part of Milly Lou, a brat, in the Senior Class play, enjoys reading and doodling on the piano. Incidentally, she hates being called "Ioan" and prefers "Io- Hnne." Ioan, though very talkative among her friends, is rather quiet in class. She wants to work in an office after graduation. Muhltohi. 44 7946 IEHN TOBIHS Home Economics Quiet. cute and tall, are the adiectives that best describe lean. "Toby" is always holding up the line indulging in long telephone calls about the swell time she had the night before. Hddicted to ice cream, she is always ready for a trip to Fries's. Iean intends to study beauty culture and hopes to find you in her beauty salon soon. Girl Reserves 11. 12. Chorus 12. by that unusual. resounding giggle W Girl Reserves ll. 12. FLOYD WHRMKESSEL Hcademic Hfter spending his sophomore year in New Iersey, Floyd has :re- turned to the halls of Muhlenberg. To prove that "Warmie" is ath- letically minded. he did a good job at left end in football's initial year at Muhlenberg. One of Floyd's favorite sayings is, "Do you have any gum?" Hfter graduation he would like to study engineer- ing or drafting. Football 12: Hi-Y 12: Mixed Chorus ll. 12: Track 12: Muhltohi. 45 BEHTRICE VOESTE Hcademu: I-llways ready for a good time. Beatrice is particularly distinguished by a laugh that cannot be suppressed Small but spunky Beatrice finds much enjoyment in playing the piano and reading Much of her time was taken up by the class play in which she portrayed the maid. Her desire forthe future is to become a nurse Mixed Chorus 10, 11, 12: Girl Reserves ll 12 Muhl tohi: District Chorus 12: County Chorus 12 Hll State GWENDOLYN WHLLEY Commerclql "Gwen" can be found with her nose in a book almost anytime She has no special preference. however in the subject matter any thing from the latest Book-of-the-Month selection to comic books Next to reading for should we say along with readxngl chewing gum occupies most of her time. Her dlsposihon is best indicated . -.s.v..,..-vs. .Lv CLIFFORD WEIDNER Industrial CHRL WEHVER Commercial Presenting to you this high-spirited senior who loves the out-of- doors. rating ice skating and horseback riding "tops." Much of Carl's time is spent in the fields and woods looking for unusual bird specimens. This interest was probably fostered by his long associa- tion with Boy Scout activities. Carl would like to play a trumpet in some orchestra after graduating. Mixed Chorus 10, ll: Baseball 12. "Save the pieces!" Here comes "Mike" around the corner on two wheels in his "37" Ford. He can usually be found around cars trying to take them apart and put them together. He also enjoys listening to both jazz and classical music. "Cliff" can usually be found at a Hyde Park "iuke joint." In the future he intends to be- come an auto mechanic. LESTER WEINMHN Hcademic Pounding the drums in assemblies occupies much of this lanky lad's time. Lester also has a keen interest in sports, particularly track, while his favorite phrases are "double" and "triplet para-did:lles." His pet indulgence is a bowl of wheaties and milk with bananas piled on the top. Drumming up business for an orchestra is Lester's future desire. Band IU, 11. 12: Track 11, 12. WILLIBM WENTZEL 1,,duS,,i,,1 This tall, dark-haired fellow is an example of one of Muhlenberg's happy-go-lucky students. We have discovered that "Bill" has a weakness for a certain green-eyed miss from Raymond Street. His future ambition will probably be delayed for a year by Uncle Sam, but later he would like to become a cabinet-maker. 46 1946 ROBERT WEYHNDT Hcademic Bob lends support to the maxim, "Slow but sure." Duringf his life he has made many tracks. That is the best way to explain his hobby. which happens to be model railroading. He never spends money on pin ball machines-he has one in his cellar. Bob helped to serve as track manager during his junior year. Track 9. 10. EDWHRD WILLIHMS .Hcademic "Who's been drawing faces on this paper? Two to .one. its Ed He is eternally sketching some kind of drawing on any scrap ot paper he can iind. This practice was used to good effect on the "Hthletics" division page of this book. Besides art. his favorite sub- iect was chemistry. Edward hopes to become an engineer in the future. Hall Patrol ll: Observer 11: Muhltohi. WHLTER WINTER Hcademic "Bush" is one oi the more active members ot the Senior Class whose extra-curricular activities werewidely diversified. His first love is music, having been one of the stand-bys in band and orchestra and baritone soloist in mixed chorus. He expects to further his musical knowledge at Cornell University. Track 10, 11. 12: Football 12: Baseball ll. 12: Band 10, ll, 12: Orchestra 10, 11: Mixed Chorus 10. 11. 12: Debating 11: Muhltohi: Traffic Court 12: District Band 12: County Band 12: H11-State Band 12. IOHN ZIMMERMHN HC4IdemiC The girls must certainly take a lot from this lad, who takes a mis- chievous delight in tantalizing them. Iohn re-entered Muhlenberg in his sophomore year after attending Wilson tor three years. He is fond of tinkering with machinery. and after graduation plans to enter Wyomissing Polytechnic Institute. Hi-Y 12. 47 I Hlass History Two hundred seventh graders entered Muhlenberg in the fall ot 1940. Now. alter six event- ful years, 112 remain to graduate as the class of 1946. "The Toymaker," an operetta which was presented in 1941. included many members of the class. Martin Held and Patricia Peirce received the I-Imerican Legion awards tor outstand- ing members ot the eighth grade. In ninth grade the Senior Woman's Club presented awards to the two most outstanding members ot tthe class. Ralph Greenawald and Patricia Peirce. H more democratic method ot passing to classes was instituted in 1943 during our tenth year. The presence oi the class in the senior high school became apparent in the membership ot various organizations and athletic activities. Ralph Greenawald and Ioyce Fink were given the Maidencreek Hosiery Company awards tor being outstanding members of the tenth grade. H new system of arranging homerooms was adopted in our eleventh year. which caused a little constemation until we became accustomed to it. Doris Young and Walter Winter had the leading roles in the operetta, "In Gay Havana." Five juniors were elected to the' Na- tional Honor Society. Friday, Hpril 13, marked the day of the Iunior Prom. Ioyce Fink and Ralph Greenawald received the Iunior Woman's Club prizes for outstanding eleventh grade students. Ioyce Fink and George Geary took the leading parts in the senior play, "Iune Mad," pre- sented November 29 and 30. Paul Shultz was chosen the outstanding line player in the Berks County Football League. Linn Grim and Elwood Oxenreider were members ot the teams which won the Berks County Basketball Championship for 1945 and 1946. The Senior Prom was held Friday. Hpril 26. Music was furnished by Harvey Marbarger's orchestras Friday. Iune 7, marks the climax of twelve long years of work when commencement exercises take place. OFFICERS Iunior Year President .,,.. .....,.... . .. .,.. .,.., , ,. ,..,,....,. .,.,Elton Heist Vice-president ..,., Robert Snyder Secretary ,, ,,..,.,....., Ruth Thiele Treasurer , , , ,.., ,.,.. .,.,. , . .,.,......... George Irwin Senior Year President ..,.. .,., . .. ..,,. .,.. .... .,.,. ..,....,. R a lph Greenawald Vice-president .,.,.,....,,............. Linn Grim Secretary .. .. Treasurer .,..,..,, CLHSS COLORS Kelly Green and White CLHSS FLOWER White Rose 48 .....,..........Hnita Sigg .....,...George Irwin 1946 6711155 Will , F : fn We, the Class of 1946 of Muhlenberg Township High School. do hereby bequeath those highly charac- teristic traits which have made us the fine specimens of perfection which we are, to all those unfortu- nates we choose: so that they, too, may become as outstanding as we were. Margaret Bdams wills her ability to make tasty chocolate cakes to Mariorie Marbarger. To Ralph Biehl, Iohn Hngstadt wills his skill in building model airplanes. On Hnthony Distasio. Kenneth Hrtz bestows his inferiority complex toward the girls. Elsie Balsamini's ability to stay out of trouble is presented to her sister, "Sandy." Lawrence Beyer wills his friendliness for dogs to all dog lovers. To Gloria Muthart. Ruth Bricker grants her ability to blush easily. Hrlene Brown's long fingernails are bequeathed to Bonita Moyer. Ianet Coombs's ability to do several things at one time is willed to the ever-ambitious basketball man- ager, Hlan Hrmstrong. Melva Cramer presents her love for ice skating to Iosephine DeSantis. To Mabel Schittler, Betty Davis donates her rosy cheeks. David DeFlngelo's expert billiard playing is given to Eugene Malandra. Robert Deist bequeaths his boxing ability to his brother, Donald. Sara DeSantis gives her curly hair to Marveanna Feltenberger. Ruby Dilworth gladly relinquishes her Observer "troubles," as a proofreader, to next year's victim. The manly CPD build of "Tiny" Eisenbrown is bestowed on "Peanuts" Weaver. Marian Faller submits her Girl Reserve problems to the future Girl Reserve president. To the best man of '47, Richard Fegley wills what he thinks he's got. Mary Fehr's ability to get along with anyone is presented to David Fry. lean Feltenberger bequeaths her stitch-in-time ability to Shirley Bosold. The Veronica Lake hair of Donald Fettennan is sorrowfully bequeathed to George fBillyJ Miller. Ioyce Fink wills her comic roles in operettas to Ruth Trexler. The remains of his cedar chest, Luther Fink grants to Mr. Buckworth. Betty Iane Fry and Mary Hnn Slonaker award their "iitterbugging" talent to Iack and Robert Slonaker. Ruth Gardner's ability to stay out of trouble while driving is contributed to Mary Hnn Hunter. Rose Gutierrez is the reluctant recipient of Catherine Gaspari's talkativeness. Emest Gauby bestows his car upon his brother, Forrest. Mr. Harris, history instructor, is blissfully presented with the red wig wom in "Dress Reversal" by George Geary. lane Geiger wills her position as secretary of her Sunday School class to Gloria Wolfe. Ralph Greenawald gives his prowess at shot-put to Henry Pfautz. To Mr. White. teacher of mathematics, Garrett Greene reluctantly presents his bow-ties. Linn Grim's ability to "direct traffic" is bequeathed to Miss Messner, English teacher. Richard Hahn's brown wavy hair is willingly given to Hllen Hassler. Betty Hartman bestows her chairmanship oi the Food Committee of Girl Reserves upon Mary Ellen Walters. Ioyce Heffner's love for shorthand goes to Ida Geisler. Margarite Heffner's good sportsmanship is presented to everyone who goes to Muhlenberg. Robert Gordon is endowed with Charles Heim's ability to do math. Clarence Heist wills his gift for answering in "certain classes" to Martin Held. The Class of '46 proudly bequeaths to Hlma Meitzler, Elton Heist. Edward Hevalow offers his manly physique to his brother, "Billy." Hlma Hoch's lovely soprano voice is willed to Richard Boyer. Robert Hollinger presents his "love" for + and - signs to Miss Floyd, Latin teacher. Fern Hoptley's dark eyes are granted to Kurt Weller. George Irwin's ability to be calm and collected at all times is granted to Omar Greene. Harry Isenberg contributes his long "needed" vacations from school to lane Shipe. Shirley Iackson grants her "height" to "lim" Doian. Richard Iacoby bestows his tumbling skill on Paul Weller. To Ianet Pritchard, Earl Kantner offers his knowledge of bookkeeping. Victor Kehler wills to the class of '47, his genius. Eleanor Keller bestows upon Iune Gambler her love for biology. Kathryn Ketterer and Shirley Kline bequeath their limited knowledge of shorthand to Gloria Rothenber- ger. Eleanor Krogman endows "Pete" Wolfe with her ability to cheerlead. 49 I "Ducky" Kulp's supernatural brain is willingly given to Helen Reisner. lack Lane bequeaths his skating ability to Beverly Strauss. Charles Eisenbrown is willed the "art" of being quiet by Hilda Leibold. To Mary lane Titlow, Sara Lerch presents her sewing ability. To Pearl Eschbach, Iennie Ludwig bequeaths her proficiency in bookkeeping. Miriam Luppold gives her dark hair to Charmaine Moyer. Mary Lynch wills her long walk to school to Marilyn Wertz. Vivian MacLatchie's skill at archery is awarded to Dorothea Kelchner. To Ernest "Red" Ernst are donated the freckles of Margaret "Peg" Marbarger. Bette Mengel presents the miniature coca cola bar in her locker to Groninger's Cafeteria. To Mrs. Becker, the big teet of "Iackie" Mengel are gladly given. Edgar Mertz's "Don Iuan" tactics with the opposite sex are thoughtfully bestowed upon Barry Seidel. To Miss Knauss, the fattening candy bars of Ida Miller are presented. Iohn Miller's ability to blush is happily awarded to Royden KSill Seyler. Shirley Miller wills the mirror in her locker to all those who are going to miss it. To Hmelia Guidotti. LeRoy Moll presents his quiet disposition. Iohn Nagle's ability to learn math formulas is reluctantly given to Kathleen Haines. Betty Nickliss offers her short walk to school to Ronald Updegrave. Patricia Owens gives her ice skates to Betty Miller, since she will have more use for them. Elwood fSlugl Oxenreider's skill in athletics is bequeathed to Mr. Clemens, coach. On George Hasker, Shirley Peipher bestows her blue eyes. Patricia Peirce wills her love for horseback riding to Ianice Neuroth. Harold Pfautz grants his ability to drive his father's car to his sister, Florence. The quietness of Hlice Rapp is bequeathed to Richard McKently. The slow-ticking alarm clock of Robert Reddy, is given to his sister, Patricia. Carson Reed awards his gift for getting along with the opposite sex to Donald Dahms. To Gerald Haus, Carl Reetz wills his ability to "catch" cold. , Roy Rothenberger donates his managership in basketball to "Tommy" Rauenzahn. To Hrthur Hartzell, Edward Rothermel grants his ability to load trucks. Mary Savini contributes her dark eyes to Marjorie Fry. To Robert Hains, Mary Iane Schaeffer awards her talent for chewing gum vigorously. George Oxenreider is willingly given the meekness of Richard fPussyl Schlegel. Edward Schoennagel bestows his swimming ability on his brother, "Iake." Nancy Sechrist's love for dogs is given to Fludrey Blatt. William Seidel bequeaths his ability to play the accordian to Miles Hoover. William Sharp presents his excess weight to Mr. Shaner. To Mr. Brokenshire, Doris Shingle donates her loud gum cracking. Betty Showers gladly gives her height to Iune Sterner. Paul Shultz wills his athletic ability, especially to "kick the pigskin," to Leon Shultz. Hnita Sigg's love for skiing is bestowed upon Emily Snyder. Robert Snyder's desire for a car goes to Hubre Givler. The height of Beatrice Voeste and Ruth Spies is willed to Donald Walters. To lean Frederick, Edith Stefan awards her quiet disposition. Miss Rahn is willingly given Mary Lou Stockwell's talent for playing the piano. George Summons wills his love for horses to Hrlene Seidel. Ruth Thiele's position as Hlumni Editor is relinquished to Ianet Geise. Ioan Thomas wills the art of arguing to Iacqueline Meier. lean Tobias gives her height to Doris "Shorty" Wurst. Gwendolyn Walley's giggle fabout nothingl goes to Mary Irwin. David CWhitiel Moyer is regrettully presented with Floyd Warmkessel's position on the football team. Carl Weaver's smooth vocabulary is willed to whoever can use it. To Lee Heffner, the troublesome Ford of "Mike" Weidner is willingly given. The drumming ability of Lester Weinman is bestowed upon Donald Wolfe. William Wentzel's ability to shoot pool is willed to Reuel Thomas. Robert Weyandt bequeaths his track managership to Iohn Newpher. The private "blow-up works" possessed by Edward Williams is sadly presented to Mr. Schlenker, chem istry teacher. The crooning ability of the seniors' Sinatra CWalt Winterl is donated to Robert Bradley. Iohn Zimmerman wills his love for food to any of the undernourished. l jf 50 7946 Editor-in-Chief VICTOR KEHLER Richard Fegley lean Feltenberger Ioyce Fink Betty Iane Fry Ruth Gardner lane Geiger Ioyce Hettner CLHSS WILL Margaret Hdams Ioyce Fink Catherine Gaspari Margaret Marbarger Iacqueline Mengel Ruth Thiele Richard Fegley Vivian MacLatchie MUSIC Hlma Hoch Beatrice Voeste Elsie Balsamini Betty Davis Marian Faller Mary Fehr lean Feltenberger Ruth Gardner Edward Hevalow Miss Thelma L. Knauss Jlfluhlfvhi Stay Hssociate Editors PHTRICIH PEIRCE BETTE MENGEL PERSONHLITIES Margarite Helfner Edward Hevalow Eleanor Krogman Iacquelyn Mengel Ida Miller Shirley Miller Patricia Owens ORGHNIZHTIONS Betty Davis Marian Faller Robert Hollinger Fern Hoptley Edgar Mertz Shirley Peipher HRT STHFF Doris Shingle Hnita Sigg Mary Hnn Slonaker Ruth Spies Edith Stefan Ioan Thomas Beatrice Voeste PHOTOGRHPHY Robert Deist Betty Hartman Fern Hoptley Shirley Iackson Eleanor Krogman Hilda Leibold HTHLETICS Patricia Owens Walter Winter Edward Williams Mary Fehr BUSINESS STHFF Lawrence Beyer Elton Heist Iennie Ludwig Mary Lynch Shirley Peipher Hlice Rapp Edith Steian Ioan Thomas HDVISERS Mr. Kermit H. Schmehl 51 Ralph Greenawald Floyd Warmkessel PROOFREHDERS Ianet Coombs Ruby Dilworth LHYOUT Hnita Sigg Ruth Thiele Mr. Iohn E. Harris I FIRST ROW. le!! lo right: Bricker, Blatt. Geise. DeLong, Dresh. Davis. Hclam. SECOND ROW: Seidel. Shipe. Schmehl, Dellicker, Bair, Behm. Brown. THIRD ROW: Bosold. Evans. Fish. Beck, Buchter, Geisler, Folk, Miss Horton. FOURTH ROW: Schlegel, Cramer. Seidel, Bickel. Eisenbrown, Givler, Breitegam, I-Irlz. FIFTH ROW: Gass, Gassert, Seyler. Schoenncxgel. Doian, Becker. Du.nkle. Slevmfh Grade FIRST ROW, left to right: Rothenberger, Redccxy. Manwiller, Rohn. Wagner, Pritchard, Linderman, Wursl. rSaECCiND ROW: Wertz. Walters, McWcxde. Puff. D. Moyer, B. Moyer. Neurolh, V. Miller, B. Miller, C. Moyer, eitz er. THIRD ROW: Mr. Schlenker, Weidner, R. Rothermel, Miller, Reinerl, Reisner, Nagle, Weyandt, McKenlly, Piuuiz, P. Weller. SOURTHIIROW: Wolfe. Renlschler, G. Rothermel, Weaver, Updegrave, Oxenreider, Reber, K. Weller. Rapp, auenza nu PICTURE ON OPPOSITE PQGE if 52 1946 FIRST ROW, leh to right: Kotzenmoyer, Kreider, Gring, Lube. Leibold, Guenther, Helms, Spangler, Kline SECOND ROW: Miss Floyd, Klemmer, Krantz, Hunter, Kcrntner, Trumbore, Graeii, Trout, Shuryn, Sloudt Miss Messner. THIRD ROW: Haines, Guiierrez, Trexler, Icelow, Heist, Tecklenburg. Kutz, Kauffman, Larkin, Hartman George. FOURTH ROW: Large, Hassler, Harimcrn, Hoover, Heifner, Held, Sturdivcmt, Steele, Greene, Greih, Herbein 53 I FIRST ROW, left to righi: Bair, I. Dcxughlry, Noecker, Pfaulz, Ballhuser, Bulscrmini, Bright, Newpher, Bur- key, Borlz. SECOND ROW: Bissey, Burdcm, Deck, Bossert, F. Bair, Hnderson, Mrs. Roth, Hlbright, Bechtel, M. Hug- siadl, D. Hngstadt, Davis. THIRD ROW: Nagle, Seidel, Schitller, Reeser, Reber, Parson, Schlegel, Reed, Radermclcher, Rubrighl, Canto, Bingaman. H. Duughlry. FOURTH ROW: Plucker, Petsch, Scheffey, Hissmiller, R. Seidel. Beudle, Baldorl. Cramer. Rrmstrong, De- Sunlis, Bradley. Boyer, Degler, Dahms, Bertolei. Cen I1 Grade FIRST ROW, left to right: Neider, Hoover, Kearney, Kroyer, Larkin, Herbein, Hinnershilz, Sterner. SECOND ROW: Mease, Parker, Nagle, Moyer, Rclhn, Seidel, Noll, Shirk. THIRD ROW: D. Moyer, Kreider, Meier, Moses, LeVan, Hinkle, Kochan, Mulhurd, R. Moyer, Mr. Gerberich. FOURTH ROW: Mays, Hotlenstein, Hill, G. Koller, H. Koller, Newpher, Marbarger, W. Moyer, Sweilzer. FIFTH ROW: Ilg, Hoshauer, Liss, Klemm, Miller, Kline, Owens, Horning, Sloncrker, Thomas, Herbein, Mr. Brader. PICTURE ON OPPOSITE PRGE 1-V 54 7946 FIRST ROW, lei! io right: Foliz, Ferro, Heim, Weaver, Gordon, Frederick, Heiiner, Eddinger, Fuller. SECOND ROW: I. Fick, Husker, Gehris, Ulle, Gorman, Hcxcls, Gruber, Guldin, Geiger. THIRD ROW: Warmer, Weisser, Zimmerman, Tiilow, Young. Spuyd, V. Wcxliers, Spahr, Verrei, Wolfe Yoder. FOURTH ROW: Faust, D. Fick, Witmcn, Zetilemoyer, D. Walier, Seidel, Starke, Slonaker, Hcxrizell, Mrs Epler. FIFTH ROW: Wily, Greusel, W. Heffner, Haus, Elliott. G. Husker, Hcxins, L. Heffner, Fulmer, Held, Gerhuri Wnlley. 55 I FIRST ROW, lelt to right: Bergman, Oswald, High, Yerger, Wanshop, Strubing, Phillips, Hahn, Hngstadt, Helsi, Lantz. SEQOND ROW: Hunter, Ermold, Hartman, Buck, Biehl, C. Hdam. Boldt, Shipe. Roihermel, Fulmex, B. Sldam, Tobias, Young. THIRD ROW: Mrs. Martin, Rothermel, Yeakley, Gambler, Zelilemoyer, Noll, Yoder, Kauffman, Fies, Goll- schall, Katzenmoyer. Hessler. Verret, Mr. Hand. FOURTH ROW: Mervine, Fry, Riegel, Wenrich, Rothermel, E. Yoder, Kantner, Ziegler, R. Yoder. Kircher Weaver, Boltz. FIFTH ROW: Field, Oaks, Ketierer, Selig, Shuker, Hale, Zenke, Grifiith, Dunkle, Healh, Rapp, Shipe, Lein- inger, Iones. infh Grade FIRST ROW, lelt to right: Herman, Ludwig. Delp, Bricker, Spinka, Landis, Eckrolh, Sweitzer, Reedy, Vier ing, Haas, Gauby. SECOND ROW: DeSantis, Weaver, Finkbone, Cronraih, Buda. Labe, Pruizman. Marbarger. Seidel. Mal andra. Kutz. THIRD ROW: Bossler, Hunt, Naitzinger, Breitegam, Lynch, Kline, Dellicker, Large, High, Schaeiier, Lill Hertzog. Sweitzer. FOURTH ROW: Mr. Boyer, Chaley. Haas, Fick, Roihenberger, Reichari, Hrnold, Stuiilet, Neher. Lynch Hinkle, Early, Mr. Reinert. FIFTH ROW: Weller, Fehr, Bosold, Fick, Biehl. Kelchner, Shade. Kohler, Parzanese, Long, Kessler, Eckroih Hivner. PICTURE ON OPPOSITE PQGE 15- 56 1946 FIRST ROW, lefl to right: Trumbore, Hrnold, Kulz, Knecklle, Hill, Heitzenrater, Huggeriy, Schmeck, Lens Hoyer, Burrell. SECOND ROW: Hahn, Davis, Oyler, Weaver. Gernerl, Deeds, Folk, Hlthouse, Manwiller, Becker, Clark THIRD ROW: Miller, Bingaman, Boeshore, Wolford, Ferro, Warneke, Mengel, Slurdivuni, Strouse, .Flnderson Epling, Shullz. FOURTH HOW: Miss Willils, Hrlz, Grcxeff, Kring, Groll. Iones, Kelner, Snyder, Reirxhari, Tobias, Symons Kiedeisch, Mr. Lauck. FIFTH ROW: DeMcxrco, Brown, Fry, Feltenberger, Seidel, McKnabb, Hczrdinger, Haus, Senfl, Grcxell, Emsf Hivner, Kemmerer. 57 I FIRST ROW, left to right: Ieter, Hurst, Connolly, Rapp, Karbel, Snyder, Wolte, Pegg, Gauby, Potteiger. SECOND ROW: High, Meyers, Leo, Reinhold, Kane, Kemery, Greth. Faust. Reed, Kurzweg, Starke. THIRD ROW: Miss Rahn, Geary, Brokenshire, Brown, Hartranft, Spies, Henn, Rollman. Delp, Herline, Labe, Kurtz, Moyer, Manwiller. FOURTH ROW: Frickb, Schumann, McWade, Rapp, Gilbert, Heck, Wummer, Kremser, Brossman, Clark, Wolfe. Hamann, Rentschler. Slyhfh Grade FIRST ROW, left to right: Schoennagel, Trumbore, Biehl, Burdan, Human, Sands, Kantner, Foltz, Garlin, Heiiner, Brown. SECOND ROW: Kline, Boyer, Geiger, Brown, Epler, Brown, Heiiner, Wagner. DeSantis, Slonaker, Spanier, Santoni, Shirk, Yerger. THIRD ROW: Mrs. Ramsay, Deppen, Hinnershitz, Reed, Leininger, Weinman, Scarince, Hunsberger, Wil- liams, Lesher, Buda, Deck, Mr. Binkley. FOURTH ROW: Trego, Smith, Eckert, Fisher, Miller, Critchlow, Correll, Hevalow, McKently, White, Delp, Deist, Bare. PICTURE ON OPPOSITE PQGE ls 58 1946 FIRST ROW, left to right: Ieffries, Kinsey, Huber, Iones, Sell, Heist, Biehl, Godshall, Briedigam. EEQOIED R?W: Hackman, Isenherg, Oyler, Himmelreich, Canfield, Deflngelo, Berger, Dellicker, Hngstcrdt rc t, inse . PIEOY: Fry, Ebersole, Bare, Kline, Redcay, Tindle, Delp, Geiss, Gromis, Quinter, Bieber, Miller 91 e , uc . FOURTH ROW: Miss Moyer, Parzanese, Moses. Snyder, Davis, Reed. Klemmer, Brady. Whitcrcit, Gordon Dunkelberger, Eberly, Mr. Sherker. 59 I FIRST ROW. left to right: Wingert, Frantz. Bricker, Billmun. Botch. Hurst. Rothenberger, Clemens. Trexler. Rothenberger. Williams. SECOND ROW: Delp. Schmeck, Fish. Peniz. Weisser. Folk, Cordier. Schoener. Geisinger. Rothenberger. Schoermcxgel, Schell. THIRD ROW: Hildebrand. Klee. Snyder, Barr. Shcmer, Hinkle. Hill. Goltschull. Goodharl. Dowling, Dis- singer. Wolfgang. Miss Stuudi. FOURTH ROW: Noll. Slump. Greencrwcxld, Glass. Shomo. Newpher, Shoff. Shaver. Fick. Delp, Spcryd. Spinkcx, Bcxtdorf. Oxenreider. FIFTH ROW: Luiz, Dautrich. Brossman, Bechlel. Rapp, Knoll. King. Lengle. Bare. Olszewski. Iones. Hurd- inger. Brown. DiNclale. Seventh Grade FIRST ROW. left to righi: Breiriinger. Phillips. Huey. Schcxeller. Kurtz. C. Tobias. Rolhenberger. Brown. Weller, Reichart. S. Tobias, B. Koch. SECOND ROW: Dieirich. Dehcxrt, Dietz. Hoffman, Geary, Horyczko. Seidel. Irwin, Schmeck. Mervine. Yar- nell. Bowers. Hoffman. THIRD HOW: Degler, Mrs. Bresler, Folk. Snyder. Sellari. Brunner, Prutzmcm, Shade. Mcxlcxndru. Weidner. Moyer, Biehl. Salluda. FOURTH HOW: Fry. Kcxse, Dojan. Hunsberger, Trego. Scheirer, Wadsworth. Price, Mrs. Werlz. Tobias. Williams, Walschburger, Schultz, Nagle, Speicher, Mrs. Woods. PICTURE ON OPPOSITE PHGE -P 60 7976 FIRST HOW, left io right: Ellioil, Holland, Frederick, Shalier, Miller, Grim, Leighton, C. Meck, Brady, R Bdtxms, Haier, Leibold. SECOND ROW: Waldorf. Reed, Spangler, B. Meck. Keller, Hain, Trate, D. Hdcxms, Clinton, Hcxrtranft Schell, Deeds. THIFD ROW: Bricker, Hdcxm, Schoener, Koch,-Penlurelli, Keating, Bauer, Gardner, Gehris, Koch, Speicher Wi iams. FOURTH ROW: Guldin, Haines, Grelh, Wennell, Froniield, Hackman, Mills, Heim, Yeager, Roy, Rothermel Reddy. Wursi. FIFTH ROW: Miss Ebling. Kaylor, Yerger, Holl, DeLong. Sites. Mclinabb, Gardner, Wenfzel, Snyder, Can onica, Mattox, Hain, Hrnold, Knoll. 61 I -fi I gli 1 56111101 Song Om' 111011111115 lI7'L' lllvlfi 111 10T'11lff z'111'1111 To 11115, 0111' 111111m'1'11 1111115 111111111 11111511 1v1111.r 'ZUL""f'L1 j101111v1'1'd 0'1'1' T110 pa1'11s 111111 101111 111 1111. T110 bmi 111111 7u1'sd11111 gf1'z'1'.v, wc' 1101: T110 frisv 111'1011Vg1.v 111 1111. fplll' 10-V01f.1'I't'llU'Sll1f7'S f10fzU1'r d1'z'1'11e That bidex 11Z111Il1'1IIld C0111 C1101f11.v.' Tllfllf 11e1'0's a 1'o11.v1111f 5110111 10 11c1' 41lId 10 11r1' colors 110111. 11'c"11 Nm' 111' frm' 111111 103111 10 T1z1'110171e 81116411141 G0111, 62 Ac! Zfifias i35...' ix K :y,i,ffw:f Q.,.,,f " - fih SW 'Lv -W., .5 x.1,,s4:f nw. V' I FIRST ROW, left to right: Trexler, Mr. King, director: Oswald. SECOND ROW: Phillips, Mays, Rothermel, McWade, Hassler. K. Weller, Larkin, Haines. THIRD ROW: Dunkle, Wolford, Irwin, Helms, Rothermel, Greenawald. Kauffman, Winter, Burkey. FOURTH ROW: Shirk, Hrmstrong, Bertolet. Gass. Beyer, Reddy, Kurzweg, P. Weller. Hand Our band has made a fine contribution toward our athletic activities by iniecting spirit into the crowd at basketball and football games. With the color guard it has led the audience in the National Hnthem before each Varsity basketball game at home and at the play-offs at Northwest Iunior High School and Lebanon. Hn innovation this year was the playing of the alma mater of the opposing school while the drill team formed the letter of that school. The band rendered weekly service to the school by playing for the assembly programs. The organization participated in the Hrmistice Day Parade which started from the Hmerican Legion Hall. They also played at the school during the Open House program, and for the Senior Play. Our school was represented at the Hll-Berks County Band held at Wyomissing on March 9 by Ruth Trexler, Kurt Weller, Ruth Larkin. Walter Winter, Henry Gass, and Paul Weller. Qt Henry Gass, Walter Winter. and Iohn Burkey. Walter Winter was chosen for H11-State Band at Kittanning. Pennsylvania. PERSONNEL TRUMPET CLHRINET 'rRoMnoNE Winler Eargsller gi-Tigtrong Igigelgriracipald Hassler Beflolei Lane McWade BGYGY Heist Rothermel Redd!! Schultz lGC0bY 3115555 Rothermel MQY? H Phillips 9- k BQRITONE DRUMS Sh" Dunkle P. Weller SQXOPHONE Wolford Haines If-,Tn Kurzweg H9 ms FLUTE W - Trexler Builzlgxan HORN Oswald Oxenreider Sh-'fdlvanl 64 7946 FIRST ROW. lelt to right: Radermacher. Patf. Hdams, Miller, Dellicker. Larkin. Tobias, Bright. Sterner, Voeste. Kline. Rothenberger. Walters. Helms, Meitzler. Neuroth. McWade. SECOND ROW: Mengel. Hdams, Hoptley, Hoch, Ketterer. Sigg. Peirce, Dilworth, Heim, Kauffman. Eisen- brown. Trout. Trexler, Schmehl. Kroyer, Folk, Walters, Stockwell. THIRD ROW: Fink, Reisner, Burdan, Haines, Gutierrez, Roth. Bossert. Schlegel. Heist, Schlegel. Winter. Owens. Beck, Mays, Parker, Weisser, Reinert. FOURTH ROW: Wanner. Nagle, H. Seidel. B. Seidel, R. Seidel. Kulp. Held, Sturdivant, Hill. Boyer. Deist. Krogman. George. Weller. Rapp. G. Oxenreider, Beyer. Miss Horton. FIFTH ROW: Wolf. Gass, Hassler. Becker, Bickel, Newpher. Hmrstrong, Hoover, Givler. Hartzell, Geary. Dahms. Walters. Mertz, Fetterman. Hollinger. Heist. Warmkessel, Greenawald, Dojan, E. Oxenreider, Grim. ixvh Glhnruz "Music hath charms." It must have. to bring out ninety-six students at 7:45 every Monday and Tuesday morning. Members of the senior high school who meet the qualifications set up by the music director. Miss Hlta Horton. comprise this group. Twenty-one representatives were sent to the Eastern District Choral Concert held at Mt. Penn from which five members were chosen to participate in the Hll-State Chorus. Each spring. members of the group also participate in the Hlvin F. Kemp Night of Music. This year Muhlenberg had thirty-four representatives. One ol the highlights of the past year was the program of Christmas music given in assem- bly in conjunction with the Hrt Department. The chorus participates in approximately six church services a year as well as in other community and school activities. Hn operetta and spring concert are given alternately each year. P. S. M. H. P. S. M. H. COUNTY CHORUS EHSTERN DISTRICT CHORUS HLL-STHTE CHORUS Richard Boyer Ruth Larkin Richard Boyer Patricia Nagle Henry Gass Donald Fetterman Margaret McWade Donald Dahms Dolores Parker Norman Kauffman Elizabeth Folk Richard Schlegel Donald Fetterman Donald Rapp Margaret McWade George Geary Hrlene Seidel Elizabeth Folk Raymond Schlegel Richard Schlegel Bubre Givler Richard Seidel Henry Gass Richard Schlegel Beatrice Voeste Ralph Greenawald Mary Stockwell George Geary Hrlene Seidel Carolyn Helms Ruth Trexler Ralph Greenawald Mary Stockwell .Qlma Hoch Beatrice Voeste Carolyn Helms Ruth Trexler Norman Kauffman Mary Walters Hlma Hoch Norman Kauffman Margaret McWade Beatrice Voeste Mary Walters Walter Winter 65 I FIRST ROW, left to right: Mertz, Gutierrez, Reisner, Dilworth, Coombs, Deist. SECOND ROW: Reetz, Hollinger, Greenawald, Goss, Schlegel, Rapp, Givler. Erhaiing Under the direction of Mrs. Estella Roth and Mr. Iohn Harris, the debating team had a very successful year. The question was, "Resolved, that every able-bodied male citizen in the United States should be required to have one year ol full-time military training before attaining the age of twenty-lour." The question was discussed from three different angles. ill Would com- pulsory military training be politically beneficial? C21 Would compulsory military training be militarily advantageous? C35 Would compulsory military training be economically and so- cially beneficial? The team participated in panel discussions on the question at Shillington and Boyertown and were hosts at home to both of these schools. The team was also invited to speak at the Muhlenberg Lions Club and at the Hungry Club of Reading. 66 .v-4 1976 FIRST ROW left to right: Wurst, Pritchard, Manwiller, Bricker, Trumbore, Voeste, Peirce. Muthart, Bal- samini, Kline, Rothenberger, Peipher. SECOND ROW: Leibold, Spies. Wagner, Moyer, R. Hdams, Lynch, Rapp, Fehr. Guidotti, Neuroth, Mar- barger, Ketterer. THIRD ROW: Eschbach, Iackson, Gardner, MacLatchie, Sigg. Miller. Haines, Trout, Trexler, Schmehl. M. Hdams. FOURTH ROW: Mrs. Becker, Walley, Hoptley, Buchter, Pail, Dilworth, Meitzler, Owens, Schaeller. Evans, Bosold, Miss Rahn. FIFTTI Raw: Labe, Hunter, Luppold. Weyandt. Shipe, Gaspari, Savini, Mengel, McWade. Fish, Hartman, Cow ey rmg. SIXTH ROW: Davis, Hoch, Geise. Lerch. Tobias, Wertz, Coombs, Richardson, Slonaker, Fry, Folk, Nagle, Shuryn, George, Reinert, Reisner. SEVENTH HOW: Nickliss, Hartman, Graeff, Blatt, Bricker, Moyer, Walters, Stoudt. Krogman, Feltenberger, Fuller, Baer, Klemmer, Dresh. CEM itvzrrurz "I will do my best to lace life squarely and find and give the best," is the pledge of the Girl Reserves. The purpose of the organization is to promote loyalty, dependability, sin- cerity, reverence, and duty. Only girls oi the eleventh and twelfth grades are eligible lor membership. This year the group sponsored a contest for the purpose of selecting a new Hlma Mater. They also instituted a May Day celebration which will be held annually. H senior girl will be elected as May Queen each year. Hn award of a twenty-five dollar Victory Bond is presented annually to the senior member of the organization who has contributed outstanding service to the school. The advisers are: Miss Frances Rahn, Mrs. Evelyn Becker, and Mrs. Estella Rupp. OFFICERS - President , . . . . ,.,. ..,, , ...,.,.Mar1an Faller Vice-president ,. Gloria Rothenberger Secretary . ., , .,.Patricia Peirce Treasurer ,. ,, .... Kathryn Ketterer Iunior Treasurer . , .. .,..,. Kathleen Haines 67 I FIRST ROW, left to right: Mertz, Hollinger, Heist, Irwin, Deist, Grim, Mr. Brader. SECOND ROW: Seidel, Heist, Moyer, Muthard. Burkey, Kauffman. THIRD ROW: Boyer. Newpher, Owens, Mclfently. Rapp. FOURTH ROW: Bradley, Bickel, Hoover, Iacoby, Isenberg, Large. FIFTH ROW: Hassler, P. Weller, Gassert, Techlenberg, Fetterman, Heffner. SIXTH ROW: Moll, Hasker, Reetz, Dahms, K. Weller, G. Oxenreider, Warmkessel, E. Oxenreider, Fegley. "To create, maintain, and extend throughout the school and community high standards of Christian character" is the purpose of the Hi-Y Club. The objectives of the organization are "to develop Christian character in the members through daily nurture of wholesomeness in personalities" and "to give service to school, community, nation, world, and God." Ht the start of the 1945-46 school term, Hi-Y had a membership drive in which twenty-one new members were admitted, bringing the total membership to forty-one. On December twenty-first the organization sponsored a Christmas Dance which was well patronized in spite of bad weather conditions and a spreading epidemic of influenza. OFFICERS President . . . , .,.,,,.George Irwin Vice-president . .. .,.. .Elton Heist Secretary . . ,Robert Deist Treasurer ,, .. , .,.,.,..,. ,..,..,.Linn Grim Chaplain . Robert Hollinger Committee Chairman , . O8 . .,.,.,.. -Edgar Mertz 1946 FIRST ROW, lett to right: Reichart, Sthingle, Peipher, Kurtz, Geary. Hoffman, Phillips, Buck, Haines, Spies. SECOND ROW: Mr. Boyer, Owens, Graeff, Hoch, Paff, Richardson, Schmehl, Kelchner, Dellicker, Verret, Walters, Evans, Spade, Mr. Reinert. ITQHIRD ROW: Bickel, Heist, Cramer, Eckert, Deist, Irwin, Heist, Winter, Reed, Gass, P. Weller, Fetterman, ehler. FOURTH ROW: Herbein. Doian, Hartman, Hollinger, Greenawald, Gassert, Seidel, Rrtz, I. Miller, Kantner, Snyder. Nagle, Hauenzahn. Hall emit Fllighmag liairnls The Hall Patrol and Highway Patrol have been organized for the improvement of traffic con- ditions both inside the building and on the way to and from school. The Hall Patrol consists of six senior boys who are assigned certain positions in the halls in order to prevent congestion. Hwards for this service are given at the end of each year. The first year award is a letter and the second year, if it is the senior year, is a charm. Mr. E. Brainerd Reinert is the faculty adviser. The Highway Patrol has been organized in cooperation with the Reading Hutomobile Club to teach our students pedestrian safety. H list of highway safety rules is posted in each homeroom. Violators of these rules are tried by five student judges in the Traffic Court. Hwards are also given for service on this patrol. The first year award is a letter, the second, a chevron, and the third, a charm. Mr. Myron Boyer is the faculty adviser. 69 I FIRST ROW. left to right: Helms, Haines, Leibold. Dilworth, Fink, Balsamini, Ludwig, Steian. Fehr, Gu- tierrez. SECOND ROW: Doian, Reetz, Bickel. Coombs. Sigg, Peirce, Deist. Gass. Greenawald. Grim. THIRD ROW: Hauenzahn. Kehler, Greene. Hollinger. atinrml lllnnnr Svnrivig The purpose oi the society is to create an enthusiasm lor scholarship, to stimulate desire for service, to promote leadership and to encourage development of character. On March 7. 1946, the National Honor Society's annual induction service was held in the assembly. The membership is limited to 15 per cent of the Senior Class and 5 per cent of the Iunior Class. This year nineteen new members. the lull quota, were inducted during an impressive ceremony. Ralph Greenawald presided with the assistance ol Victor Kehler. Ioyce Fink. Ianet Coombs, and Patricia Peirce. who were elected to membership last year. Dr. William Fink of the English Department, State Teachers College, Kutztown, Pennsyl- vania. delivered an inspiring address. The 1945-46 students' handbook was prepared by the Honor Society members and will be revised for 1946-47 by this group. 1945-46 President , ,..,. Ralph Greenawald Vice-president . . , ..,. Patricia Peirce Secretary .. .... . ..... .,.. .,..,.. I o yce Fink Treasurer .. ,, .,,. Victor Kehler 1946-47 President ., , ..,., . ,,,, , ..Henry Gass Vice-president ..,.. .. ,Hrthur Dojan Secretary ,. ,. .. , .,.Carolyn Helms Treasurer . ,..,. .,..,. . Thomas Rauenzahn 70 1946 FIRST ROW, left to right: Peirce, Mengel, Krogman, Sigg, Thiele, Coombs, Geise, Meitzler, Slonaker, Neu- roth, Reinert. SECOND ROW: Mr. Gerberich, Mr. Schmehl, Peipher, Dilworth, Kehler, Schlegel, Mr. Lauck, Fink, Rapp, Hunter, Helms, Givler. Gbhseruvr Staff The Observer Statl consists of cr group oi students selected irom the eleventh and twelfth grades who are organized into Ioumalism classes. Each person not only tills a position on the staff, but also works as a reporter. lt is their duty to see that the paper provides an accurate account of school events, athletics, articles oi student interest and special features. The purpose of the publication is not only to keep the students, alumni and general public intormed of the activities oi the school, but to olter opportunities in creative writing tor the members of the stafl. This year we can thank Mr. Lauck tor keeping our stall busy and turning out a good school paper. STHFF Editor ..... .. ,... . .. .,.. .. ....,. .. .........Ianet Coombs Make-up Editor .. . .. .,.,..,.. Ruby Dilworth Headline Editor .. . .,., .,.. . .. ..,....,. ..,..,.. .,.... . . Ioyce Fink Hlumni Editor .. .. .,.. ,.,.,.. ....,.,..,..... . . -..Ruth Thiele Page Editors .,..,. .. ,..,.,...,,.,... .,., .. .,.. ...Hnita Sigg, Ianet Coombs Mary Hnn Slonaker, Ruth Thiele Copyreaders .,,. . .,...... Patricia Peirce, Ruby Dilworth, Eleanor Krogman Typists ....... ..... . .,.. .,., .,.. .,.,.,., V i ctor Kehler, Bette Mengel, Shirley Peipher Circulation Manager .. .,., .. ..,.,.,. ,..,,.,.,.,,. . .. ,,., . ,,.,., ,..,.,.......,....,..,..........,. ...Victor Kehler Exchange Editor ....,..,.,, ......... ..,..., R uth Thiele Hrchives Manager . ......... ......,., ........ ..,............ H n i ta Sigg I-ldvertising Manager .. ...... .......,........ .... . . ,......... ..... . . ...... . . ...... . ............., ....,......... Marilyn Reinert Eleventh Grade Iournalists: Ianet Geise, I-lubre Givler, Carolyn Helms. Fllma Meitzler, Donald Rapp, Marilyn Reinert, Raymond Schlegel, Ianice Neuroth. Faculty Hdviser ....... ...... ....... . ....... .... . . . . .. . . . ...L. K. Lauck Faculty Hdvertising Manager .. .... ., .... .. .....,........ H. G. Gerberich Faculty Circulation Manager ,......... .... . . .... ..... ,.,.. . ...... K . H. Schmehl 71 7 'UA I STHNDING. left to right: Reddy. Snyder. Rothenberger. Heim. Brady. Mr. Shaner. KNEELING: Eisenbrown. Svtagv Qlrrm Hlthough this organization is one of the hardest working crews at school. it generally re- ceives little attention or publicity. The boys are chosen by the stage manager. Mr. I. B. Shaner, from applications submitted to the office. The stage crew is one of the organizations that works continuously from September until Iune. Their work consists oi setting up and tearing down scenery lor assembly programs. achieving different lighting and sound effects. making the gym more attractive for dances. and manufacturing special stage properties. H11 of this work is done on the boys' own time. For three years of faithful service a charm is awarded by the school. 72 7946 SEHTED, lelt to right: Geary, I. Fink, Hdams, Mertz. Thomas. SECOND ROW: Voeste, Beyer. Summons, Stockwell, Fetterman, Davis, L. Fink, Hollinger. Svvninr lilag "HW, you're swacky," aptly describes Chuck Harris's opinion ol Penny Wood in "Iune Mad which was presented to capacity audiences on the evenings of November 29 and 30 Penny, an adolescent. becomes enamored of Roger Van Vleck, a college friend ol her Uncle Mervyn, much to the disgust of her pal, Chuck. The plot becomes more involved when Roger proves himself a wolf by making a play for Mervyn's girl, Iulie, which almost succeeds Milly Lou, a busy-body, further "gums up the works" by constantly tagging alter Mervyn The play amusingly portrays the problems and worries of parents in the upbringing of teen agers. Penny Wood Chuck Harris . Mrs. Wood Elmer Tuttle ., Dr. Wood .. . Eihe ......... ., .,., Milly Lou . . .. G. Mervyn Roberts . .. Roger Van Vleck Mr. Harris ,.,..,.,, , ..., ., Shirley Wentworth Ralph Wentworth , . Iulie Harris ., .,., ,.,. . ,. .. Properties and Programs Prompter .... .... . ., ,, , Director ..,.... .. CHST 73 I . ,. . ..., .. .Ioyce Fink .,., -George Geary ,.,.,.....Mary Stockwell , .Lawrence Beyer ,..Donald Fettennan Beatrice Voeste . Ioan Thomas .. -Robert Hollinger Edgar Mertz .,.,...,George Summons , ., Betty Davis ., , . .Luther Fink -Margaret Hdams , Richard Fegley . ... Shirley Iackson Miss Esther M. Willits I , SEI-ITED: Givler, Pritchard, Folk, Moyer, Reisner, McKerxtly. STHNDING: Reinert, McWade, Seidel, Large, Haines, Guidotti. Jluuinr Flag On the evenings of May 16 and 17, the Iunior Class presented "Lovely Duckling" by Bennett and Hannah. The play centered about Patricia Holmes who decides to make living, unbearable tor her father and his new wife. Pat's new step-mother turns out to be her former geometry teacher. To further complicate matters, Pat's sister, Gloria, arrives from Hollywood where she is a child-star. Because of a publicity stunt arranged by Pat's Hunt Florence, everything ends favorably. Pat accepts her new mother, Gloria lives with Pat as a real sister for the first time, and Pat is no longer an "ugly duck1ing," but a lovely one. CHST Rosie .. .... ,..,..., Margaret McWade Pat Holmes .. .,..., . . Charmaine Moyer Hlbert Davidson ., ,, , ,,,.Hubre Givler Bummy Post ,.,,. , .... -Hmelia Guidotti Myra Edwards .,.. ., ,.,.,.... Kathleen Haines Tom Holmes .,...... ..... . ..., .,., B arry Seidel Victoria Holmes .. . . .,., ,,.. . -..Betty Folk Freddie Hmberley .,., ,Edward Large Hnnabelle Wilson ,.,Mari1yn Reinert Florence Cartwright ,.,.,., , .,.,.,,.. Helen Reisner Gloria Cartwright .,..,. ,.,. . .Janet Pritchard Murphy . .,.. ,... , .... .,....Richard McKently Properties . . .,.. ..,, Ray Weidner, Royden Seyler, Marjorie Weyandt, Marilyn Wertz Prompters ,. Dorothy Beck, Ida Geisler, Marion Davis Tickets ,. ...,, . ...... .,...,. .......,.. ,.,.,..... ,..,.,....,....,.. . . . . ....., R aymond Schlegel Director .....,..,..... Mrs. lean B. Woods 74 ., .,,, .1 I . I . Hz, 4 2- . ,s f A 3215 K -'xr H - Lf w if - fwr vide -as V I .NWN A gl.: W 'vm - " ,' f- - V21 .. ,A fly? ,N , .. Y. 411.-A-.,.wf-,www-ffm X2 31- 'maui -, flefa .,f:mf-"QW f' .TE . 4 ,V A ,, if..-1,-,fs v:+.,w,1,w.-- a'-,.L-w-w.'wf- 1. ' f -' - ' y Y' my 5 , -'fifmfwv I '- ax -wk ff A '.'-fx:.wvg:,4't1nfA r -wr ' 4.1 we'"5a..v:1'7,sgv-15,52-,ig-,g,QF,:, , 'iflwf S f .,fJfL1121'f?'??Z9' E 3g,,5:3- ,'-3.4rWf3L2Q! -A 1. dw? f '. .uf H."-,Q-aff? I . , . . f , g . p:f??fQ3? If . Q. -vi , is ,, ' 3- 1 .W -1 x , w s . . 1 .. K 1 ' .ff-, gf,- .X K- g A . 1- " - ' cffxgf' --fi?Pk"15i?N5"?' V- -'M' 1 ' .I . . . 1 .. - -'4:"L-f2f'74v:4.J 'Swv , . 5 .. - ,k .4-Q R ,' P 5 , - 1 , . , sfgF1 ,. -1 M ,,k Q, i . Z, mf. M., A .4-4 ,V-KZQ KIQJ km. ew -V .- gf ff ' W, .. .-fs.,Xf,..x.f4,. . , ., . ,,:.,igF . X . , ,. ,,e ,,f,, 5- 4 ,3f,i2.f-if E4 iwffdf , -- I V ri' if fa Al- wr fy A' 3' V 1 4 ' f'.,f.5g1 gfjf' 5 ., . , R. w, , H ,gf',,:giggQgW:.,gg,4,5: i -3 5, 2J" .15f ' 1 f j --w V E .1 ,, K izlsgzifi ff ,ixfi Q 'L '. , f. -L HQQQ- 12' 5 . W- . A .g 2 u 2, if f wg Q . e , . ' 1 . , fi -Y ff, 2 af f 4' -'13 3.2.-mia. . . ' , K 2 e E. fgff . . if M 5- Ul f. 1' ,V w e hw . '- f?'t ' ' ' A Q ' ,A 4 ,. y y 2, . j.. af: V. . 555 f - ,- , .,. . ,W V . ' , 3. f 1 ,Q K 4.3 . - - . 'hi 7 . ff- wf gqf- .- gf ,, sf K . ,, 2 12 rf ' 'T-.5 T ai J ' -'gfx if 'ffiiig 1 t .A 51 7. - 45 2221 f , ' V "ff ' My 'K ' . - ffl " 1. Q' 'f -f yf 7 - 5 WT . S-, " ' if fx! 5 15 , V: -M . A A re '51 f, fwzl , A " ...A ., 4 , ,. Hn .'.,,'iY'F f . ' 9' A. .LW f ' 551' 1 1?' K A on-:if 1 . :K in p 1'i,5v-ffgxw L W ' A R f 't Y H ' ' .QYIWLC . A kr rf ' fgigiQiQY34fi', 7' J in F .. . . - - f F - P4 f M + rf .mg,? f' ff f f- ' J f -,, Vx . wi? 4 3 . - . v A' fi. g Z' r 'giidiflf W ' 2. as ' A ,, L. . .-,. E Y . . , , ., f . Jr ffnw.. .fs - f p 'A ,- . 5 I gill, S My ,X . 2 J: k A A L ..A, . . . A . 44 Q? . fa .w.3 . ' sh-.5 QQ g ,. ' 7' . ,. . -gf Q uw w 'W 'f -V A v I n H? 535- Cm fa' L' .V . ...Q.54:,:,s. +.mfm-f.wg.., ,.,.-.. . V. g,.?,,.,-.., .... W '4.wif..2,. ..-f , .,..,,...-gQ,.:..-. ,llflzlefies 2... I FIRST ROW, left to right: Moyer. Hdams, Nickliss, Krogman, Slonaker, Marharger, Rothenberger. SECOND ROW: Wagner, Pritchard. Bright, Herbein, Kroyer. Glhverlrahrrz Cheerleading was provided at all the football and basketball games during the year ol 1945-46 under the supervision of Mr. Shaner. The cheerleaders held several pep meetings in the gymnasium during lunch periods. Hwards are presented at the end ol each cheerleader's second and third year of service. H letter is awarded at the end of two years' service and a charm at the end of the third year. CharmaineMoyer, Margaret Hdams, Betty Nickliss. Eleanor Krogman. Margaret Marbarger, and Gloria Rothenberger will receive letters this year, and Mary Hnn Slonaker. cz charm. 76 1946 FIRST ROW, left to right: Spahr, Fink, Meier, Parker. SECOND ROW: Verret, Weidner. THIRD ROW: Warmer, Hottenstein, Seidel, Ketterer. FOURTH ROW: Sweitzer, Shuker, Bergman, Wadsworth. FIFTH ROW: Haas, Yoder, Davis, Linderman. Brill Gram Emil Glnlm' CEuz1rh Entertainment was provided during half-time at the football and basketball games by the twirling exhibition of the drill team. Led by a drum major and drum maiorette they formed the letters, both of our school and the opposing school, The color guard presented the colors in an impressive manner while the band played the National Bnthem before each varsity game at home and at the play-oils at Northwest Iunior High School and at Lebanon. Hny girl in high school is eligible to try out for the drill team. For the first two years of par- ticipation she receives a chenille letter, and for the third year, if it is her senior year, a charm. 77 I l fs RIGHT TO LEFT: Rothenberger, Mgr.: Mr. Clemens, Coach: Miller. Slonaker. Distcrsio, aeyler Oxenrexder Doian. Grim, Rauenzahn, Hsst. Mgr.: Mr. Hand, Hsst. Coach. 1 Harzitg Mankrthall Muhlenberg Township High School basketball team again copped the Berks County title after three play-offs-Wilson, tied for Central Division: Robesonia. Western Division champs and Hamburg. Northern Division monarchs. Lancaster eliminated our hopes in the first game of the P. 1. H. H. Class H play-otis at Lebanon. 1945-46 Nov. 27 Dec. 1 7 14 18 26 Ian. 4 8 9 11 15 18 22 25 29 Feb. 1 5 8 15 22 Play-oils Feb. 25 27 Mar. 1 P. I. H. H. Mar. 7 Kutztown Hamburg Hamburg 'Wilson Hamburg Hmity 'Mt. Penn Birdsboro Slatington 'Wyomissing 'Mohnton 'West Reading 'Birdsboro 'Mt. Penn 'Wyomissing 'Mohnton 'Shillington 'West Reading 'Wilson 'Shillington Wilson Robesonia Hamburg Lancaster 'League Games 78 M.T.H.S. OPP 44 17 44 ZS 57 32 23 27 41 22 38 18 57 30 67 Z1 40 37 31 Z6 39 32 38 40 47 21 32 26 51 37 43 28 45 24 71 31 24 27 57 28 45 27 41 31 43 16 31 36 1946 FIRST ROW, lelt to right: Qrmstrong, Mgr.: Moyer, Bradley, Becker, Weller, McKen!ly, Mr. Clemens, Coach. SECOND ROW: Boyer, DeSantis, Husker, Newpher, Oxenreider, Moyer. iluninr 'Harzitg Eaakrihall This year the Iunior Varsity squad did considerably better than last year by winning 10 out of 18 games. Their linal standing in the league was filth place. DHTE OPPONENT M.T.H.S. OPP. Nov. 27 Kutztown 28 27 Dec. 1 Hamburg 31 19 7 Hamburg 25 13 14 'Wilson 18 13 Ian. 4 'ML Penn 16 24 8 'Birdsboro 22 25 11 'Wyomissing 21 17 15 'Mohnton 15 28 18 'West Reading 20 24 22 'Birdsboro 27 28 25 "Mt, Penn 25 21 29 'Wyomissing 27 17 Feb. 1 'Mohnton 23 39 5 'Shillington 28 18 8 'West Reading 17 25 15 'Wilson 19 17 22 'Shillington 19 27 26 Wilson 31 25 'League Games 79 I AA FIRST ROW, leit to right: Verret, Mgr.: Hessler, Manwiller, Lantz, Hahn, Rapp, Mr. Hand, Coach SECOND ROW: Bosold, Kring, Snyder, Fry, Shipe. iluninr High Svrhnnl Eazkvthall The organization ot cr county junior high basketball league presented an opportunity for the junior high team to compete with other schools in our district. The team gained valuable experience in their eleven games played, although they won only tour tilts. 1945-46 M.T.H.S. OPP. Dec. 6 Pennside 22 28 18 Exeter 25 27 20 Mohnton 15 18 Ian. 4 Wilson 27 16 ll West Reading 23 37 18 Shillington 18 24 25 Pennside 24 21 Feb. 1 Mohnton 30 23 8 Wilson 32 23 15 West Reading 6 22 22 Shillington 14 29 80 1946 FIRST ROW, left to right: Geary, Godshall, Buck, Heist, Brokenshire. SECOND ROW: Verret. Mgr.: Klemmer, Burdan, Parzanese, Quinter, Pehlman, Mr. Hand, Coach. THIRD ROW: Dunkelberger, Hamann, Miller, Eberly, Gromis, Brady. "1Hnniw" Ztzwkrilmll Future varsity cagers, now only eighth graders, formed a competitive team under the trade name oi "Ponies." Hlthough these boys had only one game against another school, Penn side, they reported taithfully tor practice every week. Next year they hope for a more vigor ous work-out on the Iunior High team. 81 I FIRST ROW, left to right: Mr. Clemens, Hasker, E. Oxenreider, Large, Reetz, Shultz, Seyler, P. Weller, Greenawald, Warmkessel, K. Weller, Winter, Mr. Miller. SECOND ROW: Mr. Brokenshire, Owens, Bradley, Dahms, Bosold, Emst, Kutz, Weber, Spahr, Haines, C. Weller, G. Oxenreider, Hrtz, Doian, Mr. Hand. THIRD ROW: Muehlmann, Gassert, Newpher, DeSantis, Tecklenberg, Hrmstrong, Haus, Nagle, Elliott, Degler, Schetley, Seidel, Moyer. FOURTH ROW: Lane, Mr. White, Ferro, Leas, Marbarger, Iones, Horning, Hivner, Shipe, McKnabb, Show- ers, Thomas, Starke, Herbein, McKently, Zettlemoyer, Rahn. illnnihall Football's initial year at Muhlenberg was more successful from the viewpoint of experience than that of league standing. Because our home field was not completed, all home games were played at George Field. Ot the five league games played, we won two, lost two, and tied one. Captain of the varsity squad was Elwood Oxenreider. There were enough candidates tor the team to allow a junior varsity team to be formed. The squad played tour games, won one and lost three. Kenneth Hrtz was captain of the junior varsity squad. DHTE OPPONENT M.T.H.S. OPP. Oct. B Manheim 13 25 13 'Wyomissing 0 6 20 'Boyertown 13 13 27 Stevens Trade 0 19 Nov. 3 'West Reading 31 12 10 "Shil1ington 20 26 27 'Wilson 27 6 'League Games S2 1946 FIRST HOW, leit to right: Muthard, Iacoby, Cronrath. Leas. SECOND ROW: Weller, Hoover, Fry. Iones. Kohler. THIRD ROW: Mr. Brader, Coach: I. Schoennagel, Dahms, Miller. Reetz, E. Schoennagel. Swimming 1 mm Composed of fourteen boys who were coached by Mr. Brader, the swimming squad enioyed a successful season. H11 meets were held at the Central Y.M.C4H. in Reading. The events included breaststroke, backstroke, freestyle. relay and diving. Carl Reetz. captain. sparked the team in the 220-yard freestyle. Hny boy is eligible for the team. For a varsity letter he must, participate in three-fourths of all meets scheduled, score an average of two points per meet. and attend 95 per cent of all practices. If the second year of participation is a senior year. he receives a charm: if it is not, he receives a certificate and the third year award is a charm. DHTE OPPONENT M.T.H.S. OPP. Mar. 4 Shillington 43 16 25 Wilson 50 5 Hpr. 1 West Reading 19 40 u l ss I A. ,wu- FIRST ROW, left to right: Mr. Clemens, G. Oxenreider, Miller, E. Oxenreider, Doian, Mr. Hand. SECOND ROW: Hollinger, DeSantis, Bradley, Reber, Ernst. K. Seyler, Slonalcer. THIRD ROW: Cramer, McKently, Newpher, Moll, Haus, Weller, Kantner. Zgewrhall Heist, Winter, Moyer With the return of five lettermen, prospects are cheerful for the 1946 baseball season. The nucleus of the team remains in Oxenreider, pitcher: Doian, first base: Miller, third base: 'Win- ter, shortstop: Heist, center field: and possibly Seyler, left field, if he is able to play. H prom- ising crop of new material assures the rounding out of a smoothly working team. Hpr. 9 Wilson 11 West Reading 16 Wyomissing 18 Shillington 22 Mt. Penn 30 Wilson May 2 West Reading 7 Wyomissing 9 Shillington 14 Mt. Penn 0 S4 Hway Home Home Hway Home Home Hway Hway Home Elway 1946 4 -Ili sl. . . J" ps i FIRST ROW, lett to right: Warmkessel, Weller, Haslcer, Mertz, Iones, Parzanese, Gordon, Snyder, Bickel SECOND ROW: F. Brown, R. Brown, Miller, DeMarco, Shipe, Buda, Rapp, Gerhart, Mr. Buckworth. THIRD ROW: Bosold, Smith, H. Brown, L. Brown. Ferro, Herbein, Boyer. Gass, Dunkle, Kutz. FOURTH ROW: Klemmer, G. Greene, Rothenberger, O. Greene, Reetz, Greenawclld, Miller, P. Shultz, Bradley, Weyandt, L. Shultz. Irark H11 indications point to another successful track season. With the return ot seven lettermen, among them Ralph Greenawald and Lester Weinman, two consistent point winners, the team hopes to repeat its victories of last year at Hlhright, West Reading and Mt. Penn. Greena- wald, shot-put expert, took second place in the state meet held last year at State College. Hpr. 12 Mt. Penn Home 15 Pennside Ir. High Home 20 Hlbright-County Meet Blbright College 25-26 Penn Relays Philadelphia May 1 Wilson, Mohnton Home 4 West Reading-County Meet West Reading 8 Venzke Relays Birdsboro 11 Shillington-County Meet Shillington 18 District 3 Meet Lancaster Z5 State Meet State College 85 I FIRST ROW, left to right: Hain, Spangler, Hill, Schmeck, Wingert. Koch, Wurst, Geary, Gehris, Neck. SECOND ROW: I. Seidel, Hdam, Reddy, Hoffman, Dietz, Yamell, Penturelli, Hdams, Manwiller. Shaner, Brady. THIRD ROW: Schmeck. Schoennagel, Horyczko, Wadsworth, Ray, Wolfe, Snyder, Reinhold, Starke, Pei- h p er. FOURTH ROW: Warneke, Katzenmoyer, Trego, Fies, Ermold, Fehr, Buck, Sparr, Himmelreich, Isenberq, Moyer, Hdams. FIFTH ROW: Deeds, Pegg, Einsel, Hngstadt, Oswald, Geisler, Selig, B. Davis, H. Seidel, Nagle, Roth- ermel, Parker, Hoptley. SIXTH ROW: Miss Slifer, Bergman, Hartman, Eddinger, R. Davis, Wagner, Helms, Hartman, M. Faller, George, Shuker, Sweitzer, E. Faller, Hnderson. CE. A. A. The Girls' Hthletic Hssociation is an organization for girls who wish to participate in sports. The only requirement for membership is the desire to take part in one or more sports for the season. Volleyball, hockey, basketball, and softball are the major sports for senior high. The minor sports are archery. badminton, swimming. bowling, and tennis. Major sports for junior high are soccer, basketball, and softball. The minor sports are volleyball, tennis, and swimming. Hwards are presented to girls who have completed six games and two practices in three major sports or two major and two minor sports. The G. H. H. supports itself by holding dances in the gymnasium after school, and also by selling refreshments at the football and basketball games. OFFICERS President , ,. . . ,. .Marian Faller Vice-president Carolyn Helms 86 1946 FIRST ROW, leit to right: Mays. Helms, E. Faller. M. Faller, Fink, Hottenstein, Gutierrez. SECOND ROW: Fehr. Hill, Hartman, Herbein, Miss Sliier. THIRD ROW: Parker. Nagle, Lynch, Wurst. Girlz' Glrark The opportunities lor the girls' track team to compete with other schools are limited to the Shillington meet. Last year the team won the cup at this meet and this year is looking tor- ward to another successful season. The two participants upon whom they are pinning their hopes are Ioyce Fink and Marian Faller, both of whom are competing in the running high iump. Girls' track teams lormerly participated in meets at Kutzttown, Rlbright, and West Reading. but these events were discontinued in 1941. The events in which the team competes are the 50-yard dash. 440-yard relay. standing broad jump, basketball throw for distance, and the running high jump. 87 . I V 1 4- 6. 'c I, F r V , F w l 'ffl Qi. W? v l S 2 9'.,pj'F A 1 M-1 ' 1, ef-rw I FIRST ROW, lett to right: Parker, Mays, M. Fuller, Eddinger, Hartman, Ermold. SECOND ROW: Deeds, Fehr. Bosolnd, Helms, Shuker, E. Fuller. THIRD ROW: Hdam, B. Davis, Miss Slifer, H. Davis, Peipher. Hnllmg Eall This year the Girls' Volleyball Suburban League was inaugurated in the county. B cup will be awarded to the winning team and will become the permanent possession of the school taking top laurels for three years. When weather conditions were favorable, the games were held outdoors. This is a new sport at Muhlenberg which has been received with enthusiasm by the senior high school girls. Schools participating are: Mohnton, Mt. Penn, Muhlenberg, Shillington, West Reading. and Wilson. 88 1 ? , 'E' . . ' - mf " , ,, ,R .. n . -J Q 1 ,, O f .kvb L . :V Ez' ,ig ' Nw K if ,3- ' 2. .7 .Sf 52 'ti XJ- 5 45, -E54 I 4.

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