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wUrJx $ 1 ur ' f H Am V- ' IJK-v-iil r ' tm pi . m- 1 ■ IK! rt Mj jr i •■■ ' w - “w fl ift Swirled within four circled seasons Swayed through the barren loneliness of other ' s boiled-over dreams Pushed inside the brilliance of laughter Pulled up to the summer-green contentment The life-leaf moves I Came In Hope Of Finding A Way To Expand My Own Reflection . . 2 . . . Rushes Through The Solitude Into Minutes Of Living 7 Into The Stretching Of The Soul ' s Dimension 9 10 and this is the interweaving of human living: of whose fabric each individ- ual is a part each is intimately connected with the bottom and extremist reach of time: and not one of these things nor one of these persons is ever quite replaced or duplicated . . . Agee Evens The 1970 Mules foot- ball team, under the guidance of first-year head coach Frank Marino, rolled up the finest record of any Mule team in recent years. They were 7-2, losing only to Lebanon and Moravian. Much of their success may be attributed to the superb job done by the experienced of- fensive line. Muhlenberg was in the thick of the fight for the Southern division championship until the last game of the season when Moravian whipped the Mules for the title. When Love Beckons To You — Follow Him Though His Ways Are Hard And Steep. Gibran All This Work — And For What? 16 ' $ ■ j ' Zvipmt. b m - ; i jp - ■ n--— - I V J Rebounding from a mediocre past season and the loss of three supposedly returning lettermen, the Cross Country team showed a surprising potential this year. Coach Flamish, in his first year coaching the 5 mile harriers, tallied the best record of 4-9. Rich Barrett broke the Cedar Park record three times, including a phenomenal 29:18 clock- ing of the route. The only real down of the season came at St. loseph ' s where the M.A.C.s proved to be nothing more than a post season obligation for the ' Berg runners. • Jj rat w 21 23 » ' ' ' % W $ | CONGRATS TO OUR mac SOCCER CHAMPS 25 Iced Fear Of The Unknown Clutches From The Glazed Snow As The Droplets Of Frozen Water Remind The Soul That Winter . Is Multi-Seasoned 26 hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell 1 hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell What can safely be called the " Era of McClure” is now over for Berg basketball. The 6 ' 5 pivotman left behind him a slew of records and the lasting impression that the school has graduated perhaps its top hardcourt performer to date. McClure broke the all time scoring record and most points scored in a single game with 44 against F M. The 70-71 season, however, was not a one-man show. In fact, several underclassmen, Frank Scagliotta, Jay Haines, Joe Paul, and Dale Hava, showed that the Mules would be al- most as tough without the smooth-shooting McClure. Coach Moyer led the Mules to a 17-8 record, without win- ning the Southern Division crown. But even without McClure, this could change next year. ess A Test Today - A Paper Tomorrow HELL A ) 33 . . . They Are The Sons And Daughters Of Life ' s Longing For Itself . . . Gibran Sol itude ! s A Silent Storm That Breaks Down All Our Dead Branches; Yet It Sends Our Living Roots Deeper Into The Living Heart Of The Living Earth. Gibran 39 43 44 m9H| All The Lonely People — Where Do They All Belong ..... I Don ' t Like Doing Anything That Interferes With My Not Doing Anything. Shultz ma i‘ ( vV 2 ilfiilir jgs 1 ft jT ) 1 P i ■Lutfll •— -L. S «■ .% Hi ’ M w ■ pM$ 7 J ». ■ 53 -j •; te :sS? Before Me Peaceful, Behind Me Peaceful, Under Me Peaceful, Over Me Peaceful, All Around Me Peaceful Navajo I ndian 57 61 ail 62 63 H MR rmm £ r-fr ' ; ” ' »• ' f W Ml li Vr- 67 Turn Around And You ' re 2 — Turn Around And You ' re 4 Turn Around And You ' re A Young Man Goi ng Out The Door 69 Under The Rising Golden Teardrops Of Sun ' s Breaking The Mid-Spaced Green Talks To The Heart Of Smiling Warmth 70 Can You Imagine Us Years From Today — Sharing A Park Bench Quietly — H ow Terribly Strange To Be Se venty Simon When The World Is Puddle — Wonderful Cummi ngs Only As Long As We Can Laugh At Ourselves Are We Nobody Else Cummings . 4 -; Know You What To Be A Child? Thompson It Is ’ » 0H S mw mn ■ %Wv Kni ‘ J ■£ ' I The Grind Of The Mind Or The Mind G rind 78 X y- 4j 1| J 0 «f- » - , » ♦ ' ' 4:”H ' « ; tfV A ' A • VV ' j, Hi 1 l ■ • % » ‘ .4S£M „ ■ , . , k I m I l dfpPs , ’■ . v $„ « ' .f Jt - “ -j ii . « .JP 6 ' ' ‘IP ' - r ‘ ‘ V W A. $ - . ■ ■ wm „ W ' a$P ' ' V% . • Hg£ -v ,| as ' 4. . M ' V I ' % 73 j 4K • 4 ' AM 0 m S V 83 PRETZE BSIS! r .....l.. U ffh W0f0m9m 1 Hi % A . ... ' j . a ' • ' ». Jk ■ JK » 4 b » if “ w " ’ There Are Give With Joy, Is Their Reward 1 H a, •«£ Vt " “t-’ - " ■■ ,vV- A ' .X , v 4 ' ' ? ' ' tz ,je ■ ?■■ ■ % W - ©:■ SSj? ... - s T ' ; - 4 „ . • 95 4 SJL ' i )L M fli glMpi, yL l : j 3WmW 4 J Lj y ’■■ ' t ' rR ' ii ' ' 2k vMp rm ijiSlit 1 mStM m-. H l " 1 1 .’ 4r v ' lf| ttlB .Sv 1 A ■ p ii|H| lr W nw :i «« " And Then The Rains Came — Per Usuai ■ Damn it I i V And There Are The Crowds — Together For A While — And Th drq-ft ' todoj ... ' . not -tonnorrouj.. f Ql Yf o mot e T77A r? 98 •I There Is A Beauty — Of The Tears Of The Leaves . . . ... As The Sunl ight Makes Them Mi rrors. HPVpPSSs MSC |Mi||M -r TQjfa f Hr N A ■ " " ' ' M‘ . Wm 1 ■ “ v li-: J! HB Jcf m JP mMm ' Pl, Hi j % J 4.J Inside The Swirled Pastels Of Summer ' s Wind Within The Orange-Crimsoned Circles Of Tree-Topped Breaking A Golden Midnight Of Warmth ' s Arising Walks With The Peaceful Blue Patience Of The Never-Always For The Shadowed Wanderer To Break The White Oneness And Return no Dean Dierolf Mr. Dedekind 113 Dean Nugent Jesse Achenbach Raymond Adams RuthAnn Alderfer Priscilla Andrews C. Randall Appel William Appel Gerald Arndt Stephen R. Arnesen 5-i : Kenneth Baab Everett Bailey Sara Baldwin Dr. Chen, Chemistry Katharyn Banks Sally Barbour Andrew Bargerstock Paul Bartlett Dr. Vos, English D r . Lohr, Psychology Rebecca Bast Ethel Bates Jane Bealer David Bechtel Jean Beck Robert Bieber James Bleakly Charles Blum Dr. Brunner, Foreign Languages Chairman Mr. Phillips, Foreign Languages Elisabeth Bell RoseMary Benigno Victoria Bessinger Joe Bohunicky Paul Borrell Jeffrey Bortz Mrs. Gable, Psychology Mark Boshko Dr. Ichimura, Foreign Languages Mr. Wagner, Mathematics Wendy Boyer Richard Brown Deborah Brown Richard Brueckner Mr. Tremer, Sociology )ohn Buckwalter Barbara Bulleit Sally Burger Dr. Oplinger, Biology Clayton Burton Glenn Byrnes 120 Susan Cain Robert Cannis Dr. Koehler, Mathematics Lawrence Cook Dr. Baldwin, Sociology Peggy Cooper Elizabeth Corfield Nancy Cunningham Ronald Czajkowski Linda Deibert Theodore Dick Carole Dieter Dr. Schaeffer, Biology Miss Watrin, Foreign Languages James Doupe Carolyn Duffield Judith Eisenhart Carole Ehrhart John Ellington Mr. Lane, English Dr. Vaughan, Biology Chairman Mr. Serfass, Economics Dr. Reed, Philosophy Chairman Eric Enge Carlene Evans Eileen Evans William Evans Bruce Fechnay Philip Finiello Frederick Flothmeier Carolyn Ford Dr. McLeroy, Chemistry Dr. Kim, Art Trexler Visiting Professor Dr. Staack, Religion Chairman Dr. Munshower, Mathematics Robert Foster Frederick Frisch Martin Frankenfield Susan Funke John Gehret Gerald Goldstein Robert Gottlieb Kenneth Gould Mrs. Griffith, Chemistry At -n » - Steve Gratias Edward Guldin Jay Hadley John Hankie Mr. Sternal, Art Susan Grady Dr. Stehly, Chemistry Henry Gursky Daniel Hahn Diane Hartner Carol Hauser Rebecca Heath Carol Heckman Lynn Henninger William Heisley Martha Hermann Mr. Hartman, English Mr. Malone, History Mr. Slane, Political Science Dr. Lund, History Mary Daye Hohman Dr Graham, Psychology Dr. Schlecht, Philosophy Anne Keller Gillian Kennedy Jeffrey Karl Garret Kaufmann Russell Johnson Sheryl Johnson Dr. Shive, Chemistry Mr. Sardo, History Robert Kimmerle Bruce Kilroy Mr. Moore, English Francine Kirsh Robert Kittila William Kladky Kimberly Knight John Knutila Barbara Kolar John Koopmann Katharine Gerlach Jeff Glasser Stephen Goldman Leonard Krick Ray Krings Lynn Kucher Paulette Kutzler Dr. Trainer, Biology Mr. Voyatzis, Economics Beth LaBar Terry Lampson Thomas Laquer Loren LaRose Dr. French, Education Chairman Dr. Nassar, Mathematics Nancy Larson AK»R£V M. ERSKI hfg.PWJ CAPUT AH6LORUH FELIX ORATOR HOHO DRAHATiCUS AMICUS OCCiKMrALiS MAtistfR cur oisciputic PAST OR GRE is PONTIFF MAXf H 1 5 VOX CLAnANTIS.UBi Gabriele Leichtl Michael Lester Thomas Lindmeier Dr. Thompson, Visiting Psychologist Mary Beth Loewen Edward Lowenstein Susan Lucash Ann MacKeith Ronald Make Wayne Lutz Guy Malick Dr. Wissler, Physics James March Dr. Baldrige, History William Mayerik Jack McCallum Kris Martin Jane Matthews Claudette Meliere Glenn Meyer Judith McDonald Harry McDowell Mr. Santore, English James Mickle Ellen Middlecamp Mr. Pierce Rev. Renninger, Religion ■ -- Dr. Francello, Sociology Chairman Dr. Johnson, History Rev. Dr. Nyce, Sociology Edith Mitchell Robert Mitman 147 David Moat Linda Moerkirk Alan Monheit )on Monteith Richard Munzing Mr. deGara, Political Science Dr. Boyer, Physics Chairman Dr. Richards, Economics Chairman Dr. Smith, English |ohn Paulus Dr. MacConnell, Education Susan Pearson Andrew Perry sAV ' .Vv? ' 150 Dr. Stenger, English Chairman David Poh Michael Pohl Ronald Pizzi Plumridge William Reaser Andrew Rehbogen Barbara Reid Diane Ricca Randy Rice Donna Riddett William Rinehart Mr. Di Giacomo Kenneth Rittle Peter Robbins Dr. Erskine, English William Robinson Stephen Rockower Victor Roeder ). Randall Roorbach Dennis Rohrbaugh James Romberger William Rowland Mary Ronemus Paul Rosenthal 153 Sarah Schaffner Judith Scheftler James Schlenker Karen Schlenker Lois Schneider Mr. Kipa, Foreign Languages Q r Diaz, Foreign Languages Dr. Graber, English Douglas Seidel William Selim (ill Sellman Mr. Stump, Mathematics Deborah Schultz Mario Seijas Kathryn Seyda Barbara Sheer Dr. Grimsrud, Physics Samuel Shames Barbara Shaner Robert Shirk lames Sheetz Philip Sherman 156 William Shimer Dr. lacovella, Art Dr. Weston, Biology Gordon Simmons Mark Smith Michael Sipala Timothy Smith Christine Siss William Smith Jack Snell Richard Snepar A. Michael Snyder Pamela Sauders William Spalding Cynthia Sparks )oseph Sparacio Ira Spitzer Gail Starr Frank Staub Renee Staudt Ellen Stock Rhonda Stock Ronald Sweitzer Donald Sylvester Gary Tabas Dr. Sinha, Psychology isil§l Mr. Weaver, Biology Robert Treut David Tribble 162 Dennis Tribble ]ohn Troxell Dr. Lee, Political Science Mr. Stinson, Foreign Languages Paul Vikner Glady Vlasca Robert Wacks J. Randolph Uhrich Cynthia Van Inwegen Lewis Trusheim Elizabeth Wagle Kathryn Wagner Robert Walborn Lome Walker Barry Waterhouse Mr. Gibbs, Director of Admissions Paul Werrell Karen White Tim Wieand Elliott Willis Carol Worthington 164 Jb 1L Mr. Ardolino Mark Zager Louise Zern 165 Glenn Zoski Karen Dey Richard Wurster Elizabeth Yarnall i 166 Student Council Student Court 71 Executive Council 70 Executive Council Union Board Freshman Orientation Women ' s Council Delta Phi Nu 169 Omicron Delta Kappa Resident Assistants WJA mkj i v ' m ' ;JT ■l , Vf 14 fid mm " , ; iflr - k ■ ' f i jrl y % ' 4 P - ■ i , tyj pr • “ », •■•• • - j[ - || ■5c - SL , Lc V JV ap«gia %r ' i Russian Club Esperanto Club Phi Sigma lota Institute Of Physics Students 172 Sigma Tau Delta Phi Alpha Theta Psi Chi Lambda Epsilon Delta 174 Ecology Action Festival Of The Arts Alpha Phi Omega Forensic Society Modern Dance Troupe Ski Club 177 Spanish Club Institute Of Faith Altar Guild Hillel College Choir Chapel Choir Institution Of Sound Muhlenberg Musical Association 181 Ciarla Weekly p 1 1 A Lr J Sl MM Wr 1 V . 1 A ' - ' M Alpha Psi Omega Mask And Dagger KJmPu wmm IMM MUHLENBERG COLLEGE w ■ I 1 WMUH Muhlenberg Christian Association I ' a % Alpha Tau Omega 186 Lambda Chi Alpha Phi Epsilon Pi 188 Phi Kappa Tau Sigma Phi Epsilon 190 Tau Kappa Epsilon i ■i -i -i— — • 194 . .. 196 I I I I I OU THINK W wE ' VJ] 5Kb IPE S ? z£- % 4 Professional Patron Mest Pharmacy Gold Patrons Mr. and Mrs. Edward H. Robertson Dr. and Mrs. G. Winfield Yarnall Boosters Mr. |ohn Knutila Mr. and Mrs. George I. LaRose Mr. and Mrs. I. Lester Mr. and Mrs. Richard Nash 199 Senior Biographies JESSE CHARLES ACHENBACH 200 N. 9th Street Pottsville, Pa. History Football (Co-captain), Lacrosse; Alpha Tau Omega (Worthy Senti- nel). RAY D. ADAMS III 1937 Beech Avenue Melrose Park, Pa. Natural Science Intramurals, Alpha Psi Omega (Business Manager); Mask and Dagger, Men ' s Dormitory Council, Pre-Medical Society, MET, MMA, Phi Epsilon Pi. RUTHANN N. ALDERFER 15 S. Church Street Spring City, Pa. Psychology Delta Phi Nu, Choir. PRISCILLA ANDREWS 2640 Hamilton Street Allentown, Pa. Humanities, Philosophy Arcade, Festival of the Arts. C. RANDALL APPEL 14 Candytuft Road Levittown, Pa History Intramurals; Sigma Phi Epsilon, Freshman Advisor, Resident Assis- tant, Executive Council. WILLIAM ). APPEL 416 Thatcher Road Springfield, Pa. Economics Soccer (Co-captain), Wrestling, Intramurals; Resident Assistant, Student Council, Phi Kappa Tau (Pledgemaster). GERALD C ARNDT Meadowcrest Park R.D. 1 Lehighton, Pa. Sociology STEPHEN R. ARNESEN R.D. 1 Box 470 Washington Avenue Princeton, N.) Economics Who ' s Who ; Union Board, Coffee House (Chairman). LYNN AUSTIN 32 Neponset Road Dartmouth Woods Wilmington, Delaware Economics Art Committee, Student Court Attorney, Delta Phi Nu (President). NEAL S. AXE 737 Tyson Avenue Philadelphia, Pa History Intramurals; Phi Alpha Theta (President); Pre-Law Society, Phi Epsilon Pi. KENNETH M. BAAB 820 Seventh Avenue Bethlehem, Pa. Sociology Weekly (Photo Editor), Ciarla (Photo Co-editor), German Club. EVERETT M. BAILEY, JR. 175 9th Avenue Col legevil le. Pa. Economics Basketball, Intramurals; Alpha Tau Omega (Treasurer). SARA JANE BALDWIN 101 E. Cambridge Avenue Linwood, N.J. Accounting Chapel Choir, Altar Guild, Business and Economics Club (Secretary). KATHARYN ANNE BANKS 1626 Greenbriar Drive Norman, Oklahoma French Phi Sigma lota; Pom pon Girl (Captain), Russian Club. JENA BARATELLI 952 Woodward Drive Reading, Pa. SALLY BARBOUR Deep Creek Road Perkiomenville, Pa. Sociology Hockey, Tennis, Basketball, Intramurals; I Haps Benfer Award; Freshman Advisor, Tutorial Program ANDREW BARGERSTOCK 3020 Greenleaf Street Allentown, Pa Economics Football, Lacrosse; " M " Club, Business and Economics Club. PAUL EDWARD BARTLETT 45 Eastwood Road Berwyn, Pa. Humanities Eta Sigma Phi; Aviation Club, MMA, MCA (President), Acolyte. REBECCA ANN BAST 1233 E. Grand Avenue Tower City, Pa. Spanish Phi Sigma lota (Vice-President); Delta Phi Nu, Education Society, Spanish Club, Ciarla. ETHEL CHRISTINE BATES 141 Tullamore Road Garden City, N Y. Mathematics Intramurals; College Band (President), Delta Phi Nu (Historian), Community Orchestra, Education Society. CATHERINE L. BAUMER 650 N. New Street Bethlehem, Pa. JANIE BEALER 1 Bradley Avenue Mt. Vernon, N.Y. Sociology Hockey; Chapel Choir, WMUH. DAVID W. BECHTEL 906 Port Carbon Street Pottsville, Pa. History Basketball, Intramurals. JEAN BECK 7018 Barnack Drive Springfield, Virginia English Sigma Tau Delta, Lambda Epsilon Delta; Student Court Attorney. ELISABETH MARIE BELL 1416 Elmira Street Williamsport, Pa. English Sigma Tau Delta; Delta Phi Nu, Executive Council, Education So- ciety. ROSEMARY BENIGNO 168 N. Passaic Avenue Chatham, N.J. Spanish Phi Sigma lota; Majorette, Jr. Year Abroad. VICTORIA BESSINGER 1300 Baltimore Avenue Point Pleasant Beach, N.J. Spanish Lacrosse; Spanish Club, Executive Council. ROBERT K. BIEBER 1569 Ralston Road Bethlehem, Pa. THOMAS N. BIRD 25 Drew Road Somersworth, N.H. JAMES A. BLEAKLY, JR. 109 Winchester Road Merion Station, Pa. Economics Intramurals; Phi Kappa Tau (Sergeant-at-Arms, House Manager). CHARLES E. BLUM 18 Lincoln Boulevard Merrick, N.Y Social Science Intramurals, Tau Kappa Epsilon GENEVIEVE BODNER 2214 Chew Street Allentown, Pa. Phi Beta Kappa JOSEPH C. BOHUNICKY Treichlers Cafe Treichlers, Pa. Economics Lacrosse, Intramurals; Phi Kappa Tau (Sergeant-at-Arms), Business and Economics Club, Executive Council PAUL BORRELL 217 Crescent Lane Cliffside Park, N.J. Economics Football; Lambda Chi Alpha JEFFREY H BORTZ 227 N. Main Street Alburtis, Pa Political Science Basketball (Manager), Intramurals; Young Republicans Club. MARK ALEXANDER BOSHKO 13 Ridge Street Sayreville, N.J. Russian Studies Lacrosse, Hockey; Russian Club (President, Secretary-Treasurer). DEBORAH BROWN 1412 Johnston Drive Bethlehem, Pa Mathematics Pom Pon Girl. RICHARD C. BROWN 217 Hi II crest Road Needham Mass. Russian Studies, English Russian Club, WMUH, Tau Kappa Epsilon (Pledgemaster). RICHARD FREDERICK BRUECKNER, JR. 18 Murphy Circle Florham Park, N.J. Economics Track, Intramurals; Men ' s Dormitory Council. Resident Assistant. 200 JOHN BUCKWALTER R.D. 3 Box 678 Flemington, N.J. English BARBARA M. BULLEIT R.D. 2 Red Oak Lane Gettysburg, Pa. Social Science Delta Phi Nu, Ski Club, Education Society SALLY J. BURGER 461 Hartung Drive Wyckoff, N.J. Spanish Phi Sigma lota; Women ' s Council, Executive Council, Spanish Club. D. SCOTT BURKHART 1 Community Drive Apt, F Shi II ington. Pa. Psychology Basketball, Baseball; Lamda Chi Alpha. CLAYTON H. BURTON III 1865 Eaton Avenue Bethlehem, Pa. Psychology Cross Country, Track; MMA, MET, MCA, Muhlenberg Ski Club. GLENN BYRNES 70 Glenbrook Road Morris Plain, N.J. SUSAN E. CAIN 511 Revere Terrace Warminster, Pa. English Cheerleader, Modern Dance Club (President), Mask and Dagger, Freshman Orientation Committee, Ski Club, Union Board Dining Committee. ROBERT FOSTER CANNIS 1050 Oak Lane Plainfield, N.J. Natural Science Intramurals; Sigma Phi Epsilon, Cardinal Key. THOMAS JAMES CASTORINA 72 Cliffside Terrace Denville, N.J. RICHARD L. CHALAL 15 Levering Circle Bala Cynwyd, Pa. Natural Science, Mathematics Soccer, Baseball; Intramurals; Cardinal Key Society, Hillel, Pre-Medical Society, Phi Epsilon Pi. JANE D. CHAPMAN 6411 Eppard Street Falls Church, Virginia PATRICIA A. CLEMENS 505 E. Mahanoy Avenue Mahanoy City, Pa. Music A. ERWIN COLVER 1019 Clinton Street Philadelphia, Pa. ROGER R. CONRAD 721 Cedar, Street Allentown, Pa. Chemistry Intramurals. LAWRENCE J. COOK 2103 Fairwold Lane Fort Washington, Pa. Natural Science Soccer, Intramurals; Pre-Med. Society, Ski Club, Men ' s Judicial Board. PEGGY K. COOPER 2059 N. Woodstock Street Arl ington, Virginia Social Science Weekly, Ciarla (Copy Editor), Freshman Orientation Advisor, Delta Phi Nu, Executive Council, Festival of the Arts. ELIZABETH ANN CORFIELD 50 Newcomb Drive New Providence, New Jersey Psychology NANCY E. CUNNINGHAM 2468 Congress Street Fairfield, Conn. French RONALD J. CZAJKOWSKI 203 Route 206 South Sommerville, New Jersey English Lacrosse; Sigma Tau Delta, Omicron Delta Kappa; Student Court, Alpha Tau Omega (Vice-President, Rush Chairman) RICHARD J. DANIEL R.D. 5 Bethlehem, Pa. CHANNING DAVIS 816 S. 12th Street Allentown, Pa LINDA L. DEIBERT E. Texas Road R.D. 1 Macungie, Pa. Sociology Union Board, Women ' s Council, Cheerleader (Co-Captain), Class Secretary, Executive Council. KAREN DAMMANN DEY 153 Maple Strret Ramsey, N.J. Psychology Psi Chi; Education Society, MMA, Student Council Guidance Committee, Executive Council, Weekly, Chapel Choir, Union Board, Delta Phi Nu, WMUH, MCA, Young Republicans (Secretary). THEODORE DICK 66 Cedar Lake Denville, N.J. CAROLE ANN DIETER 1114 Fourth Street North Catasauqua, Pa. Psychology Phi Beta Kappa, Psi Chi CRAIG A. DISE 5851 Stockton Road Philadelphia, Pa. Chemistry Phi Beta Kappa, American Chemical Society Award; Phi Epsilon Pi, (President, Treasurer), Cardinal Key Society. CRAIG DOUGHTERY 19 Laurel Drive Scranton, Pa. JAMES HOWARD DOUPE 6319 Waterway Drive Falls Church, Virginia Economics Wrestling, Tau Kappa Epsilon (Treasurer). OLAND JAMES DUFF 642 Walnut Street Emmaus, Pa. CAROLYN ANN DUFFIELD 1201 Turner Street Allentown, Pa. Spanish FRED STRANAHAN DURHAM, III 2201 Be II view Road Schnecksville, Pa. CAROLE LYNNE EHRHART 643 E. Queen Street Annville, Pa. English College Choir, Institution of Sound, Opera Workshop. ALAN B. EINHORN 208 Gribbel Road Wyncote, Pa. JUDITH ANNABELLE EISENH ART 238 Bay Street Glen Falls, N.Y. English Intramurals; Who ' s Who, Laurel Blossom Princess, Alpha Psi Omega, Sigma Tau Delta, Lambda Epsilon Delta; Mask and Dag- ger (Secretary), MET, MMA, MCA, Institute of Faith, Concert Choir, Institution of Sound, Phi Beta Kappa. JOHN V. ELLINGTON 29 Concord Avenue Cambridge, Mass. Accounting, Spanish Soccer (All MAC), Baseball; Phi Kappa Tau, Weekly (Sports Assis- tant). ERIC FRANK ENGE 106 Butternut Drive Hatboro, Pa. Sociology Intramurals; Alpha Phi Omega (President), Dormitory President. CARLENE SUE EVANS 615 Berger Street Emmaus, Pa. History Commuter ' s Club (Secretary, Vice President), Women ' s Council, Phi Alpha Theta. EILEEN V. EVANS 42 Redwood Road Springfield, N.J. Mathematics Delta Phi Nu, WMUH (Business Manager). WILLIAM JABEZ EVANS, III 44 Brookdale Place Cranford, N.J. Social Science Football, Alpha Tau Omega. BRUCE FECHNAY 18 Ball Road Mountain Lakes, N.J History PHILIP JOHN FI N I EL LO 15 E. Devonia Avenue Mt. Vernon, N.Y. BONNIE LEE FIRTH 1008 Elm Street Montoursville, Pa. FREDERICK E. FLOTHMEIER 4 N. Main Street Telford, Pa. Humanities Soccer, Track (Co-Captain); Alpha Tau Omega. CAROLYN L. FORD 1523 Woodland Road Rydal, Pa. English Basketball; Sigma Tau Delta (Secretary-Treasurer) ROBERT M. FOSTER 6 Eastwood Road Storrs, Conn. History Mask and Dagger, President MRHA, Executive Council, MMA, Weekly, Freshmen Orientation Advisor. 201 MARTIN PAUL FRANKENFIELD 613 Muhlenberg Street Allentown, Pa. Economics, Accounting Football. Track; " M " Club (Secretary-Treasurer) IOHN F. FREEHAFER R.D. I . Sheerlund Forests Reading, Pa. FREDERICK E. FRISCH 7 South Dudley Avenue Vent nor, N .| Psychology I.V Basketball. Intramurals. SUSAN |OAN FUNKE 40 Sparrowbush Upper Saddle River, N.J. JOHN RICHARD GEHRET 115 S. Franklin Street Fleetwood, Pa. KATHERINE ALLISON GERLACH 7722 Greenview Terrace, Apt 224 Towson, Md. English IEFFREY CLASSER 377 S. Harrison Street East Orange, N.J. Natural Science Intramurals, Pre-Med Society, Weekly. Hillel, Band, Phi Epsilon Pi, Bridge Club, Phi Beta Kappa. STEPHEN L. GOLDMAN 3025 Congress Street Allentown, Pa. Natural Science Football, Phi Epsilon Pi GERALD IRA GOLDSTEIN 500 Scott Lane Wallingford, Pa. Psychology ROBERT |. GOTTLIEB Osborn Road Harrison, N Y. Sociology Fencing. Phi Epsilon Pi KENNETH A. GOULD 530 East Cranberry Avenue Hazelton, Pa Sociology Big Brother, MCA, Institute of Faith STEVEN DENNIS GRATIAS R.R 1, Box 142 Perkasie, Pa. Psychology Intramurals; College Choir, College Band. Brass Ensemble, MMA. Opera Workshop, Muhlenberg Centennial Play SUSAN GRADY 7 Dolphin Drive Margate, N.| French Phi Sigma lota. EDWARD G. GULDIN 1238 Linden Street Reading, Pa Psychology Soccer. Intramurals, Resident Assistant. Phi Kappa Tau (Secretary) HENRY JOHN GURSKY 1308 Chew Street Allentown, Pa |AY STEPHEN HADLEY 918 Harry Street Conshohocken, Pa. Political Science Pi Kappa Delta, Phi Alpha Theta, Muhlenberg Forensic Society (President), Student Court Attorney, Pre-Law Society. DANIEL BRASE HAHN 8 Windy Hill Road Gians Falls, N Y. IOHN JESS E HANKLE 91 1 Sherwood Street Hanover, Pa. Biology Intramurals. Phi Epsilon Pi (Social Chairman), Big Brother, Pre-Med Society. Band. ROBERT PAUL HARRINGTON 128 Birch Street Hazelton. Pa. DIANE CHRISTINE HARTNER 3350 Manchester Road Wantagh, N.Y. Psychology Intramurals, Women ' s Council CAROL LEE HA USER 213 S. 15th Street Allentown, Pa. Psychology Psi Chi REBECCA HEATH 3121 Burlingame Road Topeka, Kansas Biology Vice-President - Walz Hall, Women ' s Council (Vice-President), Delta Phi Nu (Treasurer). CAROL ANN HECKMAN 1220 Roosevelt Drive Upper Darby, Pa. Sociology Who ' s Who, Homecoming Queen, Chapel Choir. Dorm Presi- dent. Senior Class President, Student Council, Alumni Reunion Committee, Women ' s Council. WILLIAM A. HEISLEY Box 40, R.D. 1 Marysville, Pa. Humanities College Choir, Opera Workshop (Board of Directors), Festival of the Arts. LYNN LOUISE HENNINGER Box 352, R.D. 1 Reading, Pa. Humanities Pom Pon Girl, Freshman Orientation, Executive Council. MARTHA VINCENT HERMANN 255 River Road North Arlington, N.J. THOMAS NORMAN HICKEY 4044 Walnut Drive Allentown, Pa. MARY DAYE HOHMAN 6 Hutchins Drive Ambler, Pa. Social Science Cheerleader (Co-Captain), Lacrosse, Homecoming Queen, Execu- tive Council. MARK TAYLOR HOUGH 57 Cherry Street Wrentham, Mass. Psychology Baseball, Golf, Intramurals, Hockey Club. )OHN PAUL HUNSBERGER 907 S. Poplar Street Allentown, Pa. CAROL A. HUPPING 15 Hemlock Street Merrick, N.Y. LAWRENCE MARK HURVITZ 18 Vassar Road Broomall, Pa. Natural Science Intramurals. Hillel. Ski Club, Pre-Med Society, Phi Epsilon Pi. NATALIE M. INGRAHAM 27 Cherry Street Montrose, Pa. Chemistry College Choir, Orchestra, Opera Workshop, German Club, Women ' s Council, German House President. NEIL LOUIS ISDANER Oak Hills Apis. S-408 Narberth, Pa. Natural Science Intramurals, Pre-Medical Society, Cardinal Key, Hillel, Weekly. MARK P. IACOBSON 1947 Audubon Dr, Dresher, Pa Natural Science Intramurals, Cardinal Key Society, Men ' s Dormitory Council, Phi Epsilon Pi, Pre-Med Society. MARK PAUL jARRETT 1596 President Street Brooklyn, N.Y Natural Science Intramurals. Pre-Med Society, Hillel, WMUH. Ski Club, Weekly. Phi Epsilon Pi, Phi Beta Kappa |. RUSSELL IOHNSON 715 Sunset Road Glenside, Pa. Social Science Pi Delta Epsilon, Weekly (Business Manager), Ciarla (Business Manager), Business and Economics Club (President), Ski Club. Union Board Dining Committee, Executive Council SHERYL S. JOHNSON 573 West Park Avenue Oakhurst, N.|. Psychology Intramurals; Delta Phi Nu; Education Society (Treasurer), Ciarla , Executive Council. JEFFREY S. KARL 2 Cayuga Court Springfield, N.J. H istory Intramurals, Phi Epsilon Pi, John Marshall Pre-Law Society (Vice-President), Cardinal Key Society. GARRET DAVID KAUFMANN 2557 Southard Avenue Oceanside, N.Y Political Science Tau Kappa Epsilon (Treasurer), WMUH ANNE TAYLOR KELLER 612 South Park Drive Westmont, N.| Spanish Cheerleader. Phi Sigma lota, Executive Council, Jr. Year Abroad. CYNTHIA |ANE KELLER 366 West South Street Carlisle, Pa Mathematics Phi Beta Kappa. Dr. |ohn A W Haas Award, Dr. H. H Bruning Gift Fund Prize, Concert Choir (Assistant Manager). Opera Work- shop (Board of Directors), Math Club. Delta Phi Nu. 202 GILLIAN KENNEDY Box 293 R.D. 1 Macungie, Pa English Volleyball, College Choir, Mask and Dagger, MCA, MMA, Ciarla, WMUH, Coffeehouse Committee. RICHARD V. KENNON 2819 Fernor Street Allentown, Pa. BRUCE G. KILROY 11 Palisade Boulevard Demarest, N.J. Social Science Football, Intramurals, Lambda Chi Alpha. ROBERT KIMMERLE 85 Minnisink Road Short Hills, N.J. English Sigma Tau Delta (Program Chairman), Alpha Tau Omega. FRANCENE KAREN KIRSH 184 Indian Run Parkway Union, New Jersey Spanish Phi Sigma lota (President), Delta Phi Nu, Education Society, Dorm Council, Spanish Club, Hillel. ROBERT NEAL KITTILA 67 Berry Avenue West Yarmouth, Mass. Economics Track, Lacrosse, Intramurals. WILLIAM PATRICK KLADKY 337 Atki ns Avenue Lancaster, Pa. English MET, Ciarla, Weekly. TOMMIE EARL KLEE 5929 Hobart Street Squirrel Hill, Pittsburgh, Pa. KIMBERLEY PARKS KNIGHT 97 Adams Avenue Haworth, New Jersey Psychology Intramurals, Psi Chi, Dorm President-Prosser, Women ' s Council, Executive Council, MMA, Chapel Choir, Institution of Sound. CHARLES WILLIAM KNUTILA 6 Slayton Drive Short Hills, N.J. JOHN DAVID KNUTILA 6 Slayton Drive Short Hills, N.J. Social Science Soccer. MICHAEL KOHN 407 Elliot Road Elkins Park, Pa. Political Science Weekly (Editor), Pi Delta Epsilon (Historian). BARBARA L. KOLAR 710 Shadowlawn Drive Westfield, New Jersey English Arcade, College Choir. JOHN F. KOOPMAN 54 Elliot Road Harrington Park, New Jersey History LEONARD SCOTT KRICK 103 Brandywine Avenue Downington, Pa. Economics Fencing, Tau Kappa Epsilon, Economics and Business Club (Vi ce-President). ROY G. KRINGS 56 Jenkins Street N. Merrick, N.Y. Social Sciences Intramurals, Alpha Tau Omega, Russian Club (Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary). LYNN DIANE KUCHER 339 Crawford Avenue Maple Shade, N.J, Sociology MCA (Executive Council), Altar Guild (Chairman), Chapel Choir, Institute of Faith. PAULETTE KUTZLER 1441 Dewey Avenue Northampton, Pa. Psychology Psi Chi, Forensic Society, Ciarla, Executive CounH, Student Court Justice, Faculty Committee. BETH LABAR 31 Bank Street Bridgeton, N.J. Physics Concert Choir, Opera Workshop, Society of Physics Students (Vice-President), Phi Beta Kappa TERRY LAMPSON R.D. 1 Hatfield, Pa. English Intramurals, Sigma Tau Delta, College Choir. ANTHONY LAPADULA 230 St. Cloud Street Allentown, Pa. THOMAS LAQUER North Shore Road Cape May, N.J. LOREN GEORGE LAROSE 143 N. Third Street Lehighton, Pa. Economics Basketball, Intramurals, Phi Kappa Tau, Business and Economics Club. NANCY ELIZABETH LARSON 31 Elm Street Lynbrook, L.I., N.Y. Social Science Delta Phi Nu, French Club, Business and Economics Club, Band, Ski Club. GABRIELE LEICHTL 967 7th Street Circle Emmaus, Pa. German, French Der Deutsche Verein (Treasurer), Weekly, Women ' s Council, Women ' s Commuters ' Club (President), Jr. Year Abroad. MICHAEL ELLIOT LESTER 109 Webster Street Irvington, N.J. Natural Science Basketball, Intramurals, Pre-Med Society, Executive Council, Car- dinal Key Society, Union Board Art Committee SAMUEL F. LIGHT Conawago Hill Mount Gretna, Pa. THOMAS LINDMEIER Thatcher Road R.D. 3 Quakertown, Pa. Economics Sigma Phi Epsilon. JAMES JOSEPH LIPTOCK 810 Fernhill Lane Whitehall, Pa. MARY BETH LOEWEN 1095 Lehigh Parkway E. Allentown, Pa. Psychology Modern Dance Club (Secretary), Pom Pon Girl, Executive Coun- cil, Freshman Advisor. EDWARD LOWENSTEIN 8900 Winchester Avenue Margate, N.| Natural Science Fencing, Cardinal Key Society, Phi Epsilon Pi, Ski Club. SUSAN TICE LUCASH 1669 33rd Street S.W. Allentown, Pa. German Delta Phi Nu. IOHN DONALD LUETZOW 56 Cedar Grove Lane Berkeley Heights, N.) IEANETTE M. LUTZ 770 S. Lincoln Street Palmyra, Pa Chemistry Delta Phi Nu, Chapel Choir, Band. WAYNE H. LUTZ 1410 Meadowbrook Feasterville, Pa. ANN MARGARET MACKEITH 54 Knollwood Avenue Madison, N.J. Mathematics Intramurals, Executive Council, Women ' s Council, Vice-President of Prosser Hall, Phi Beta Kappa. RONALD P. MAKE 1 Vassar Road Broomall, Pa. Mathematichs Intramurals, Phi Epsilon Pi (Secretary), Hillel (Treasurer), Execu- tive Council. GUY L. MALICK 1211 Evergreen Morrisville, Pa. Mathematics, Psychology Basketball, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Executive Council. ROBERT A. MANN 500 N. 7th Street Perkasie, Pa. Economics Intramurals, Economics Club, Sigma Phi Epsilon. JAMES WILLIAM MARCH 30 Wood Lane Locust Valley, N.Y. Political Science Track, Cross Country (Captain), Sigma Phi Epsilon, John Marshall Pre-Law Society, Weekly (Feature Editor). ANTHONY MARINO 84 Rosemont Avenue East Paterson, N.J Social Science Football, Baseball, " M " Club, Dorm Council, Lambda Chi Alpha. GEORGE CHARLES MARTIN 168 Noe Avenue Chatham, N.J. Social Science Basketball, Intramurals, Union Board, Alpha Tau Omega (President), Muhlenberg IFC, Weekly. KRIS H. MARTIN 306 Oakwood Drive Newfield, N.J. Biology Ski Club, Tau Kappa Epsilon, MET, WMUH. 203 JANE CHRISTINE MATTHEWS 19 Bowers Road Caldwell, N.j. English Lacrosse, Sigma Tau Delta, Pom Pon Girl, Modern Dance Club, Women ' s Council (Secretary). WILLIAM E MAYERIK 12 Montgomery Road Livingston, N.J. Econom ics Lacrosse, Intramurals. Business and Economics Club, Lambda Chi Alpha (Pledgemaster). JACK McCALLUM 21 E. 10th Street Mays Landing, N.J. English Basketball, Intramurals, Sigma Tau Delta, Executive Council, Ciar- la, Alpha Tau Omega (Secretary), Weekly. ROBERT CHRISTIAN McCLURE 1201 DeKalb St. Center Square, Pa. Social Science Basketball (Captain), Most Valuable Player. JUDITH ANN MCDONALD 100 W. Abbott Street Lansford, Pa. Natural Science Intramurals, Delta Phi Nu. HARRY W. McDOWELL II 284 Rudolph Avenue Rahway, N.J. Psychology Omicron Delta Kappa, Psi Chi, Student Court (President), MCA (Treasurer), Academic Policy Committee, WMUH, Band. CLAUDETTE C. MELIERE 203 Harwood Place Paramus, N.J. Natural Science GLENN MEYER 133 N. Chestnut Street Bath, Pa. Mathematics Baseball. JAMES D. MICKLE, JR. 718 Avondale Road Philadelphia, Pa. Natural Sciences Omicron Delta Kappa (President), Who ' s Who , Class President, Big Name Chairman, Student Council. ELLEN J. MIDDLECAMP 2166 Catasauqua Street Bethlehem, Pa. FRED HARLAND MILLER 7906 Newbold Lane Philadelphia, Pa Natural Science Intramurals, Pre-Med Society, H i Mel, Ski Club, Phi Epsilon Pi. KIM IAN MILLER 4614 Abbington Drive Harrisburg, Pa. English Intramurals, Union Board, Weekly (Editorial Assistant), Sigma Phi Epsilon (Recorder and Secretary). RALPH E. MIRARCHI 43 South Second Street Quakertown, Pa Biology Sigma Phi Epsilon, Ecology Action Group (Secretary). EDITH M. MITCHELL 126 W. Ridge Street Lansford, Pa. Chemistry ROBERT EDWARD MITMAN Durham Road Pipersville, Pa. Psychology Intramurals, Who ' s Who, Church Music Seminar Representative, College Choir (Assistant Manager), Opera Workshop, MMA, MCA (Vice President, Social Action Chairman), Institution of Sound (Director). DAVID T. MOAT 726 Fifth Street Whitehall, Pa. Biology LINDA ANNE MOERKIRK 3748 Highland Street Allentown, Pa. ALAN GOODMAN MONHEIT 1000 Sharpless Road Philadelphia, Pa. Natural Science Soccer, Intramurals, Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Epsilon Pi (Recording Secretary), Math Club, WMUH (News Director), Pre-Med Society, Big Brother, Ski Club JON ROGER MONTEITH 415 E. Gaywood Houston, Texas Psychology Wrestling (Captain), Tau Kappa Epsilon, Ski Club (Vice Presi- dent). LEONARD PAUL MORGAN 1209 Providence Street Scranton, Pa. RICHARD H. MUNZING 3 Ambrose Court Baldwin, N.Y. History Lambda Chi Alpha (Secretary) WILLIS H. MUSSELMAN 32 E. Broadway Gettysburg, Pa. History Intramurals, Phi Kappa Tau (Historian), Union Board, Student Council, Convocation Committee, College Council, Freshman Orientation Advisor. BEVERLY JAYE NASH 201 Rolling Road Broomall, Pa Biology Intramurals, Executive Council, MCA, Modern Dance Group (Publicity Chairman). MICHAEL A. NUNNALLY 1 Elm Drive Old Bethpage, N.Y Natural Science Track (Co-Captain), Indoor Track (Co-Captain), WMUH, Ecology Action Group, Bridge Club LOUIS JOEL OROCOFSKY 7000 Ridge Avenue Sandra Court Apartment 303 Philadelphia, Pa. CONSTANCE ELIZABETH ORNDORE 21 Cedar Lane Lancaster, Pa. Social Sciences Lambda Epsilon Delta, Who ' s Who, Chapel Choir, Union Board (Secretary), Women ' s Council (Secretary, Vice President, Presi- dent). JEAN ALICE OVERHISER 168 Engle Street Tenafly, N. J. Sociology Union Board, Ecology Action Group. ROSLYN JANE PAINTER 240 Hawthorne Road Washington, Pa. English Who ' s Who, Lambda Epsilon Delta DEBORAH ELIZABETH PALMER 105 North Main Street Earlville, N. Y. Political Science Intramurals, Business and Economics Club ANN MARIE PARZANESE 1152 North 11th Street Reading, Pa. Political Science Intramurals, Pom pon Girl, Tutorial Project. JOHN BERNARD PAULUS 20 St. David ' s Road Cherry Hill, N. | Natural Science Lacrosse, Intramurals, Phi Kappa Tau, Ski Club (Vice President), Ecology Action. SUSAN MARIE PEARSON 6409 Stoneham Road Bethesda, Md Sociology Phi Beta Kappa, Union Board (Secretary), Institute of Faith, Tuto- rial Project, Delta Phi Nu NORMAN PETER PEDERSEN R.D. 1 Box 461 A Hopotcong, N.J. ANDREW HARTWELL PERRY 2123 Kemmerer Street Bethlehem, Pa. History Weekly. RONALD EDWARD PIZZI 7116 Hilltop Road Upper Darby, Pa. Economics Business and Economics Club (Treasurer), Big Brother, Weekly, Phi Epsilon Phi, Bridge Club. JILL REGINA PLUMRIDGE Box F-2327 Freeport, Grand Bahama English Field Hockey, Homecoming Court, Junior Prom Queen, College Choir. DAVID MICHAEL POH 1088 S. Gardiner Drive Bay Shore, N. Y. History Soccer, Alpha Phi Omega (Sgt. at Arms), Young Republicans Club MICHAEL CHARLES POHL 1415 Frederick Street Allentown, Pa. Chemistry Intramurals, Sigma Phi Epsilon. SUSAN JULIA POHL 43 Damson Lane Naugatuck, Conn. English Intramurals, Sigma Tau Delta. Women ' s Council. ROBERT KENNETH POLSTER 26 Mill River Road Fairfield, Conn. History Football, Intramurals, Executive Council, Men ' s Dormitory Judicial Board (Chief Justice), Pre-Law Society, Freshman Advisor, Alpha Tau Omega. 204 IRA STANLEY PORTER 7839 Deerrun Road Philadelphia, Pa. Natural Science Lacrosse, Intramurals, Pre-Med Society, Union Board, Cardinal Key (Secretary-Treasurer, President), Ski Club. |OEL SCHMERKER PRETZ 61 South High Street Newville, Pa. Sociology Football, Track. WILLIAM JOH N REASER, JR. 196 Huston Avenue Stroudsburg, Pa. History Who ' s Who, Omicron Delta Kappa, Alpha Psi Omega, Phi Alpha Theta, Mask and Dagger (President), MCA, MMA, Pre-Law Socie- ty, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Institute of Faith (Chairman). ANDREW |OHN REHBOGEN, JR. 3511 Browning Lane Bethlehem, Pa. Physics BARBARA AKERLEY REID 369 Green Village Road Green Village, N. | English DAVID A. REMMEL 65 Darby Street Center Valley, Pa. DIANE MARIE RICCA 1601 Springfield Avenue New Providence, N. I Psychology Psi Chi, Executive Council, Dormitory Council, Women ' s Council (Treasurer). RANDY ROBERT RICE 1247 Fifth Street Whitehall, Pa. Psychology Baseball, Football, Scholar Athlete, Psi Chi TERRY E. RICHWINE 15 East High Street Lebanon, Pa. Economics Track, Intramurals, Sigma Phi Epsilon (President).- DONNA LESLIE RIDDETT 49 Mountainview Road Demarest, N. j. Natural Science WILLIAM E. RINEHART R.D. 4 Box 7 Stroudsburg, Pa. KENNETH EDWARD RITTLE 340 East Main Street Newmanstown, Pa. Chemistry Soccer (Captain), Intramurals, Phi Kappa Tau. PETER JAMES ROBBINS 15 Mapl e Way Mountain Lakes, N I Economics Basketball JAMES F. ROBERTS 2139 Cypress Road Bethlehem, Pa. Physics WILLIAM JAMES ROBINSON 19 Chapel Street, Garnerville, N. Y Biology Track, Ecology Action Group. STEPHEN JAY ROCKOWER 81 3A Cedarbrook Apts. Wyncote, Pa. Lacrosse, Phi Epsilon Pi, Cardinal Key, Mask and Dagger, F resh- man Orientation Committee, Festival of the Arts. VICTOR RICHARD ROEDER 351 Lakeview Avenue Drexel Hill, Pa. Psychology Band, WMUH, College Choir, Tau Kappa Epsilon (Secretary, Presi- dent), MMA, MCA. DENNIS EDWARD ROHRBAUGH 602 Delaware Avenue Wilmington, Delaware History Phi Alpha Theta, MCA. Opera Workshop, Institute of Faith JAMES A. ROMBERGER, JR. Box 256 R.D 1 Pottsville, Pa. English Wrestling, Sigma Tau Delta, Phi Beta Kappa. MARY LOUISE RONEMUS 70 East Railroad Street Nesquehoning, Pa. Chemistry Intramurals, Delta Phi Nu, Weekly, Tutorial Project. JOHN RANDALL ROORBACH 57 Chichester Road New Canaan, Conn. Psychology Football, Track, Lacrosse, Alpha Tau Omega. ARTHUR F. ROSENFELD 1746 S. Hall Street Allentown, Pa. PAUL ELLIOT ROSENTHAL 413 Briarwood Avenue Haddonfield, N. J. Natural Science Fencing, Student Council, Festival of the Arts, Phi Beta Kappa WILLIAM JOHN ROWLA ND 44 Crest Drive Murray Hill, N.J. Mathematics Intramurals, Senior Class Treasurer, Convocations Committee SARAH ANNE SCHAFFNER R.D. 1 Box 242A Cresco, Pa. Sociology Field Hockey, Intramurals, Cheerleader, Women ' s Council, Insti- tute of Faith, Tutorial Project. Executive Council, Homecoming Court, lunior Prom Court. MICHAEL WILLIAM SCHANTZ 16 North 13th Street Emmaus, Pa. JUDITH ANN SCHEFFLER 110 Old Mill Lane Stockertown, Pa. English, French Sigma Tau Delta, Phi Sigma lota; Delta Phi Nu, French Club. IAMES WALLACE SCHLENKER 170 West Main Street Silverdale, Pa. Biology Sigma Tau Delta, Phi Sigma lota; Delta Phi Nu, French Club, Phi Beta Kappa. KAREN EILEEN SCHLENKER 2853 Diamond Avenue Allentown, Pa. Accounting Commuters Club, Business and Economics Club. CHRISTIAN FRIEDRICK SCHNEIDER Elm House Allentown, Pa. LOIS J. SCHNEIDER 1416 Glenn Drive Maple Glen, Pa. French Field Hockey, Lacrosse, Intramurals, Phi Sigma lota, Delta Phi Nu DEBORAH L. SCHULTZ 146 Mallard Avenue Willow Street, Pa. Sociology Union Board, Freshman Advisor, Weekly , Teacher Education Committee, Festival of the Arts, Ciarla. MICHAEL JAMES SCHULTZ 37 Upland Avenue Metuchen, N. J. Psychology DOUGLAS THORPE SEIDEL 2849 Green Pond Road Easton, Pa. Classics Eta Sigma Phi, MCA. Mask and Dagger. Opera Workshop, College Choir. MARIO SEIJAS Caracas Venzuela Economics, Spanish Soccer, Intramurals, Phi Kappa Tau (President), Foreign Students (President), Spanish Club (President), Fraternity Council. WILLIAM DAN SELIM 120 Orchard Hill Lane Fairfield, Conn. Biology Football, Omicron Delta Kappa, Resident Assistant, Ecology Ac- tion Group (Treasurer), Phi Kappa Tau. D. JILL SELLMAN 1108 Ormond Avenue Drexel Hill, Pa. Psychology Intramurals, Psi Chi (Secretary), Executive Council. ROBERT LEE SERFAS 80 Gordon Drive Easton, Pa. KATHRYN LOUISE SEYDA 138 Booth Lane Ambler, Pa. SAMUEL MARVIN SHAMES 601 East Matson Run Wilmington, Del BARBARA JEAN SHANER 7112 Fairfax Road Bethesda, Md. History Intramurals, College Choir (Assistant Manager), Women ' s Coun- cil, MMA. WILLIAM LUTHER SHAUD, JR. 1027 Court Street Allentown, Pa. BARBARA L. SHEER 60 Coxeville Beaver Meadows, Pa. Economics Business and Economics Club, Der Deutsche Verein, Freshman Advisor. JAMES SHEETZ, JR. 802 Old Orchard Lane Bristol, Pa. Psychology Psi Chi. 205 PHILIP LUDWIG SHERMAN 1813 West Greenleaf Street Allentown, Pa. Political Science Pre-Law Society (Secretary), Executive Council, Commuters ' Club. WILLIAM WILSON SHIMER, |R. 401 Main Street Hellertown, Pa. History Intramurals, Phi Alpha Theta, Pre-Law Society (President), Phi Epsi- lon Pi. ROBERT EARL SHIRK 626 West Main St reet Palmyra, Pa. Physics Intramurals, Omicron Delta Kappa (Vice President), Society of Physics Students (Secretary-Treasurer), Student Court Justice, Phi Kappa Tau. ELISABETH MARIE SHOEMAKER 132 North Second Street Allentown, Pa. Psychology Psi Chi. PHILIP ARNOLD SHORE 201 Wembly Road Upper Darby, Pa. Natural Science Student Court Attorney, Pre-Med Society, Hillel, Bridge Club, APO, Phi Epsilon Pi SUSAN LYNN SHUNK 16 Oxford Road Scotch Plains, N.J. English Intramurals, Sigma Tau Delta, Tutorial Project, Big Sister, Delta Phi Nu. RONNIE FRANCINE SIEGEL 24 Hutton Avenue West Orange, N. J. English Who ' s Who, Freshman Advisor, Union Board (President), Execu- tive Council, Festival of the Arts. JAY BABCOCK SILKWORTH Rt. 3 Box 145 Kingston, N.Y. Biology Men ' s Dorm Council, C ar a, Weekly. GORDON BRENT SIMMONS 546 Crescent Avenue Glenside, Pa. Psychology Psi Chi (Vice President), Sigma Phi Epsilon (Vice President), Band. MICHAEL J, SIPALA 93 Union Street Emerson, N.J. Russian Studies Football, Intramurals, Lambda Chi Alpha CHRISTINE ANN SISS 363 smith Place Wyckoff, N.J. English Intramurals, Sigma Tau Delta (President), Delta Phi Nu (Secretary), Festival Of the Arts, Phi Beta Kappa. BRADLEY WILLIAM SMITH 58 Highpoint Road Westport, Conn. Psychology Lacrosse. MARK J. SMITH Wilson Circle Milton, Pa. English Sigma Tau Delta; Weekly (Managing Editor, Editor-in-Chief), Sigma Phi Epsilon. TIMOTHY SMITH 23 Milo Street Hudson, N.Y. WILLIAM EDWARD SMITH 2060-2 Westfield Bethlehem, Pa. WILLIAM LESTER SMITH, |R. 221 Alan Drive Clark Summit, Pa. Natural Science Golf, Ski Club (Vice President), Alpha Tau Omega. JACK DENNIS SNELL 4002 Woodvale Road Harrisburg, Pa Psychology Intramurals, Tau Kappa Epsilon (House Manager), WMUH, Week- ly, Young Republicans Club (Treasurer, Vice Chairman, Chair- man). RICHARD ALAN SNEPAR 15 Garden Oval Springfield, N ). Natural Science Class Treasurer, Class Vice President, WMUH, Cardinal Key, Festi- val of the Arts, Executive Council ARTHUR MICHAEL SNYDER 2100 Tremont Street Philadelphia, Pa. Political Science Pre-Law Society, Forensic Society, Student Court Attorney, Library Committee, Executive Council, Weekly, Big Brother PAMELA |EAN SOUDERS 116 West Chestnut Street Shamokin, Pa English Intramurals, Sigma Tau Delta, College Choir, MMA, Institution of Sound, Executive Council. WILLIAM E SPALDING T-11 Fountain House Whitehall, Pa Sociology Tennis, Intramurals, College Choir. JOSEPH C. SPARACIO 28 Refy Avenue Ramsey, N. J. Psychology Phi Kappa Tau CYNTHIA P. SPARKS 73 Barre Drive Lancaster, Pa. French Pi Delta Epsilon (Treasurer, Secretary), Phi Sigma lota; Weekly (Assistant News Editor), Russian Club, MMA (Publicity Chair- man), Chapel Choir, Delta Phi Nu. IRA EDWARD SPITZER 7323 Woodcrest Avenue Philadelphia, Pa Natural Science Football, Intramurals, Pi Delta Epsilon, Pre-Med Society, Phi Epsi- lon Pi IOHN A. STANGL 110 North 7th Street Coplay, Pa. Economics GAIL STARR 57 Bear Mountain Road Ringwood, N.J. Mathematics Intramurals, Education Society, Math Club, Dorm Council FRANK J. STAUB 252 Bickley Road Glenside, Pa. Biology Soccer, Wrestling, Track, Ecology Action Group (President), Circle K, C ar a, Weekly, Phi Kappa Tau RENEE SHARON STAUDT R.D. 1 Box 778 Hamburg, Pa. Social Science ROBERT M. STEPHENS 219 North Jefferson Street Allentown, Pa. ELLEN MARIE STOCK R.D. 1 Pennsburg, Pa. Russian Studies, History Phi Alpha Theta, MMA, MCA, College Choir, Russian Club RHONDA |. STOCK 612 Mercer Street Reading, Pa. English Tennis, Intramurals, Sigma Tau Delta, Women ' s Council, Execu- tive council, Phi Beta Kappa. KATHLEEN M. STRIMEL Rose Lane and Gwynedd View Road North Wales, Pa English Field Hockey, Tennis, German Club MICHAEL R. SWEENEY 635 Green Street Allentown, Pa. RONALD WARD SWEITZER 340 North First Street Lehighton, Pa Biology Intramurals, College Choir, Opera Workshop BARBARA ANN SWINSON Box 232 Martins Creek, Pa. DONALD L. SYLVESTER Lawrenceville School Campus Lawrenceville, N. ) Social Science Football, Wrestling, Baseball (Manager). GARY HOWARD TABAS 7800 Haines Road Cheltenham, Pa Natural Science Soccer, Who ' s Who, Omicron Delta Kappa, Class Treasurer, Class Vice President, Tutorial Protect, Phi Beta Kappa. EDWIN S. TALLMAN Box 126 R.D 1 Oley, Pa Social Science Intramurals, Lambda Chi Alpha, Ski Club, Russian Club. KATHLEEN J. TAYLOR 123 Seventh Avenue Haddon Heights, N.J. Psychology Intramurals, Ciarla, Tutorial Project. THOMAS R. TERRY 70 West Main Street Ringtown, Pa. Social Science Lambda Chi Alpha JAMES LINWOOD THACHER 88 West Landing Street Lumberton, N. J Political Science Wrestling (Co-Captain), Track, Who ' s Who, Phi Kappa Tau (Vice President), Student Council. 206 SUZANNE STOKEN THIELKE Phillipsburg, N. ). German MMA, Chapel Choir, Russian Club, Women ' s Council, Der Deutshe Verein (Vice President), Bernheim House (President). CANDACE RUTH THOMAS 16 Lancaster Avenue Maplewood, N. J English Sigma Tau Delta, Education Society, Ciarla. )AMES A. THOMAS 159 Franklin Street Verona, N. I English JUDITH ANN TOTTEN Ronca Park Apts. A-12 Northampton, Pa. Humanities ROBERT E. TREUT 257 Tuttle Parkway Westfield, N J. Social Science Football, Wrestling, Fraternity Council (President), Lambda Chi Alpha (Treasurer, Social Chairman). DAVID BRUCE TRIBBLE 9120 La Serena Drive Fair Oaks, California Natural Science Who ' s Who, Alpha Tau Omega, Chapel Choir, Class Vice Presi- dent. DENNIS A. TRIBBLE 9120 La Serena Drive Fair Oaks, California Natural Science Who ' s Who, Student Council (Vice President), College Choir, Chapel Choir, German Club, Student Affairs Committee. JOHN R. TROXELL 127 South 1 5th Street Allentown, Pa. Physics Society of Physics Students (President, Secretary-Treasurer), Commuters ' Club. LEWIS C. TRUSHEIM 575-A Front Street Plainfield, N.). Natural Science Intramurals, Sigma Phi Epsiion, Concert Band (Vice President). ). RANDOLPH UHRICH 523 North Seventh Street Lebanon, Pa. Political Science Football (Co-captain), Baseball, Ice Hockey, Lambda Chi Alpha (Vice President), Russian Club. JEFFRY ULMAN 336 N. Law Street All entown, Pa. ROBERT M. VAN IDERSTINE 31 Brookdale Road Bloomfield, N. j. Sociology Football (Co-captain), Lacrosse (Co-captain), Lambda Chi Alpha. CYNTHIA VAN INWECEN 20 Aigburth Road Towson, Md. Sociology Intramurals, WMUH, Executive Council, Big Sister, Ski Club, Weekly. PAUL LUTHER VIKNER 549 W. 1 23rd Street New York, N Y. GLADI ELLEN VLASCA R.D. 1 Laceyville, Pa. Natural Science Arcade, Executive Council, Tutorial Project. ROBERT ALAN WACKS 1201 Yardley Road Morrisville, Pa. Natural Science Tennis, Intramurals; Pre-Med Society, Phi Epsilon Pi, Hi llel , Bridge Club, M-Club, Festival of the Arts. ELIZABETH PEARCE WAGLE 39 Chestnut Hill Drive Murray Hill, N. J. History Lambda Epsilon Delta, Who ' s Who, Phi Alpha Theta, Student Council, Executive Council, Weekly, Curriculum Committee, Sub-committee for Curriculum Studies. KATHRYN A. WAGNER Green Lane Greenfields Reading, Pa. Biology Intramurals, Freshman Advisor, MMA, Women ' s Council. ROBERT L. WALBORN 18 Meadow Drive Camp Hill, Pa. Economics, Social Science Soccer, Football, Lacrosse, Alpha Tau Omega. LORNE D. WALKER 999 Vail Road Parsippany, N.J. Mathematics Basketball, Pom pon Girl, Modern Dance Club (Secretary- Treasu rer). MARY SHINTAY WALSH 28 Vi Cleveland Avenue Harrison, N. J. Social Science EDWARD A. WARNER 50 ' 2 Locust Street Hanover, Pa. French Intramurals, Phi Sigma lota. Bridge Club. BARRY WATERHOUSE 327 Indian Rock Drive Springfield, Pa. Biology Wrestling, Intramurals, Phi Kappa Tau (Steward). GEORGE WELLS 3555 Timberlane Street Easton, Pa. PAUL JEFFREY WERRELL 163 Dodd Street East Orange, N.J. Psychology Football (Captain), Lacrosse, Intramurals, Lambda Chi Alpha (Ritualist), Varsity " M " Club. RAYMOND JOHN WISPELL 613 N. 25th Street Allentown, Pa. KAREN AYRES WHITE 7 Wood mere Drive Eatontown, N.j. Social Sciences Who ' s Who, Student Council, Student Body President, Faculty Committees, College Council. TIMOTHY H. WIEAND 39 South Ninth Street Quakertown, Pa. JANICE L. WILLIAMS 1215 B East Marks Apt. 209 Allentown, Pa. Psychology College Choir. ELLIOTT HERSCHEL WILLIS 6396 Overbrook Avenue Philadelphia, Pa. Natural Science Intramurals, Weekly, Phi Epsilon Pi, Cardinal Key Society, Ski Club, H il lei, Pre-Med Society. PAUL WILNER 10804 Pebble Brook Rockville, Maryland CAROL WORTHINGTON 719 Wall Road Spring Lake Heights, N.J. English, Spanish Sigma Tau Delta, Alpha Psi Omega (Vice-President), Phi Sigma lota, Mask and Dagger (Treasurer) MCA Executive Board, Institute of Faith (Secretary), MCA Players. RICHARD M. WURSTER 3203 Putty Hill Avenue Baltimore, Maryland Psychology Tau Kappa Epsilon (Historian). ELIZABETH M. YARNALL 91 5 I ndiana Avenue Lemoyne, Pa. English Intramurals, Pi Delta Epsilon (Vice-President), Ciarla (Editor- in-Chief), WMUH, Weekly, Education Society (Membership Chairman), Executive Council. JOHN E. YINGLING 2935 Neifeld Avenue Baltimore, Maryland History Intramurals; Phi Kappa Tau, Men ' s Residence Council. DANIEL YOUNG 1344 N. Ulster Street Allentown, Pa. PAUL F. YOUNG 2717 Fairview Street Allentown, Pa. Economics Wrestling, Ski Club, Business and Economics Club. MARK ALAN ZAGER 151 Huston Avenue Stroudsburg, Pa. Natural Science Intramurals. LOUISE ZERN 321 N. 8th Street Lehighton, Pa. Sociology Intramurals, Basketball. GLENN DAVID ZOSKI 27 N. West Street Allentown, Pa. Chemistry Wrestling. 207 Holiday Inn Of Allentown . . your home away from home Muhlenberg alumni, parents and friends are warmly welcomed at Holiday Inn of Allentown. Our comfortable lodgings, our excellent dining room and lounge are at your service whenever you’re in Allentown. We hope to make your home-coming just that much more special! HOLIDAY INN OF ALLENTOWN ROUTES 22 309 1 in Pennsylvania to be owned and operated by Holiday Inns, Inc. Coat Apron Supply Co. Inc. The Complete Linen Rental Service Lehigh Valley Industrial Park P.O. Box 2268° Allentown, Pennsylvania 18001

Suggestions in the Muhlenberg College - Ciarla Yearbook (Allentown, PA) collection:

Muhlenberg College - Ciarla Yearbook (Allentown, PA) online yearbook collection, 1968 Edition, Page 1


Muhlenberg College - Ciarla Yearbook (Allentown, PA) online yearbook collection, 1969 Edition, Page 1


Muhlenberg College - Ciarla Yearbook (Allentown, PA) online yearbook collection, 1970 Edition, Page 1


Muhlenberg College - Ciarla Yearbook (Allentown, PA) online yearbook collection, 1972 Edition, Page 1


Muhlenberg College - Ciarla Yearbook (Allentown, PA) online yearbook collection, 1973 Edition, Page 1


Muhlenberg College - Ciarla Yearbook (Allentown, PA) online yearbook collection, 1974 Edition, Page 1


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